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File: 1438060622723.jpg (422.83 KB, 960x1280, specsy.jpg)

No. 145748

To stop the whining in the aly-surrealrecov thread for MOAR ASH PLIX, I'm making this one. Also hoping the mpa skels from aly thread start to discuss their issues re "fat" people here instead.

Latest news:
Ash is now wearing specs
Ash still posts sickly pink kawaii pics on her tumblr

Mental health videos which were her project never happened and her iphone case business went the same way.

Tumblr: http://shred-my-anxiety.tumblr.com/
Tumblr (2): http://guts-spilling-over.tumblr.com/
public & anon-enabled (both)
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ghost.in.my.pocket
Twitter: https://twitter.com/goodbye_atticus

It's here. It's for you. Enjoy.

(No amazing PS header pic because I really cba).

No. 145749

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No. 145751

What's there to talk about? She's sad and lonely now and I just feel bad for her.

No. 145754

Hell if I know. Hopefully the thread won't take off. I don't follow her anywhere and what I see she looks dreadful. Still, they were complaining about no Ash thread ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 145757

Wtf is tattooed on her arm? A penis? Seriously

No. 145759

What tattoo artist in good conscience tattoos her? are they just pitying her because she's dying?

No. 145762

There's definitely not much to talk about when it comes to her. Everyone pretty much has abandoned her (for valid reasons, of course.) and only check up from time to time to see if she's still alive. She has no one to blame, but herself… And she's completely aware of that. She's aware of the monster she is.

No. 145766

Jackie's still around, though I can't understand why.

No. 145768

Seeing pictures of Ash right after you ate is so conflicting.
It makes me want to throw up because that shit is horrifying.
But then i realize that throwing up is one tiny little step closer to looking like that myself and i can't take any risks not even minor ones.

I always wonder how anorexics aren't grossed out by feeling/touching their own limbs 24/7

No. 145770

She has the heart from one of The Used albums. The heart is drawn in a very shakey messy grungy way so it does look a little odd at first. From what I know though is her tattoo artists are horrible and since she has no body fat it will always look like shit

No. 145771

is she losing her sight due to malnutrition?

No. 145774


No. 145815

She needs a new wig so bad, oh my god. that single frizzy 'hair' strand is fucking driving me craycray

No. 145819

Is that her wrist or the upper part of her arm in the op pic? Like, close to her shoulder?

No. 145823

I almost wish one of her creepy fans would buy her one. I bet hers reeks of vomit.

No. 145842

It's the heart from the cover of 'In Love and Death' by the Used. Same kind of thing as her Alkaline Trio tattoo but The Used were more whiny and emo

No. 145865

So is Ashley now a better person than Aly? That's scary…

No. 145883

The same thought occurred to me. Ash seems to have embraced her bitter spoopy skeltal self while Aly is trying to come off as rainbows and sunshine.

No. 145962

Jackie has limited intellectual capacity, and she hates herself. She probably thinks she deserves any manipulation… not that she'll recognize that she's being manipulated. She's an Ash fan (does Ash even see her as a friend tho?) 4 lyfe.

No. 145963

Poor thing. What about Ash's other friends? Are they still around?

No. 145969

Jackie is that ugly asian girl that flipped out when Ash posted a picture of her?

No. 145970

Ash whines until people buy her stuff.
Aly might kill people.
Ash is selfish, but Aly harms others.

No. 145972

No, that was Gina lol.

No. 145973

This is jackie

Can't remember her ig url, but she looks more retarded in those than her tumblr profile pic.

No. 145976

Links to Ashley's supporters? Do they still even exist? I don't think she has any friends left.

No. 145977

Aside from Jackie, ofc.

No. 146006

I wonder how ash would survive if she goes completely blind. Would she finally accept recovery then?

No. 146007

But ash DOES harm others. Did we forget about the phone call and how she went out of her way to post triggering comments to girls who were struggling? Ash is still a monster, she's just on her last legs and fading away.

No. 146011

I'm still not 100% sure the phone call was her. Erika has a lot of negative people in her life.

No. 146018

Erika mentioned that the call was local, a number she recognized and it was a "girl's voice". She also mentioned she only gave her phone number to her immediately family and ash. Ash was shitting on erika hard at the time on her tumblr because she chose recovery. I highly doubt her own mother made the call. It's not hard to connect the dots here.

No. 146021

Is there even a corrolation? I mean….a lot of people wear glasses and usually the older you are, the greater the need for them. I don't think it's just an ED thing.

No. 146023


Ashley's former minion. Wised up to her drama and cut her out of her life. Used to drive her around to buy binge food.

Former best friend. Wonderful person. Ash flipped out and tormented her with rude anonymous comments and phone calls when she decided to recover from her ED. She's doing quite well despite her struggles and you should all donate to her:

BPD and probable autist. White knight. ED status debated. Gets mad if you mention her dead hamsters, so do it.

Mentally challenged woman that Ashley is able to manipulate. Desperate for love and affection. Stupid as hell and incredibly sad. Born in 1979.

16-year-old ED girl with severe OCD that Ashley intentionally triggers. Used to eat precisely 6 brussel sprouts. Recently made the decision to gtfo off of Instagram and work on improving herself. Good luck, Little Sprout!

Annoying wannarexic white knight. Pretends to be ~*so disordered*~. Wants an ED so badly it hurts.
Important: Jess does not sell owls.

Ashley's creepy lover. Possible Canadian.

Adam- Ashley's bunny. He's ten years old and will outlive Ash.

Yustas- Erika's useless ADHD husband. Total piece of shit.

Rebecca Isaacs- Ashley's mom. In her 50s and has a Five Finger Death Punch tattoo. Waitress. Possible ED.

Peter Pratt- Irrelevant. Not the father.

Michael Isaacs- Ashley's deadbeat father. Useless.

Ashley Finch- Fake last name.

No. 146024

Your eyes stop changing at around 20 and then people usually go farsighted at middle age.

If Ash's eyes actually changed that much in her 20's something is not right.

Maybe Ash's eyes have always been sort of shitty but she's never bothered getting glasses until now because she wants that look. The optometrist told me I didn't really need glasses (but my vision is not 20/20). I told her I wanted them anyways because my work paid for them and she wrote me a prescription.

No. 146029

Here's the conversation with Gia:

No. 146032

That can't be true. I started out wearing glasses in 11th grade. I barely needed them, so the power wasn't high. Maybe -.25 or -.50 in each time. I'm 30 now and one eye is -2.75 and the other is -3.25, with astigmatism when there was none before.

No. 146034

Can anybody explain to me the Erika love? It pisses me off when mentally ill people that can not afford to bring children into this world decide to have fucking three. Those kids will be so fucked up but, no, Ash and Aly was way worse because they post ~triggering content~ and dumb teens might get anorexia.

No. 146039

She only has two, and idk. People love her because she's the opposite of Ash.

No. 146041

*in each eye

The eye doctor recently told me that eyes are more likely to plateau in middle age in terms of needing glasses for distance, and then the need for reading glasses increases instead.

But you're probably right that she may have needed glasses earlier and never got them until now.

No. 146042

I kind of agree, but you don't know what her circumstances were with bringing kids into the world. Maybe Erika was in a better place when she had her kids initially. Life can change pretty fast.

No. 146044

From everything that we've seen, her children are her life, and she does everything for them. She isn't just ditching them with other people and going off to party, she's taking huge steps to battle her past and get better for their benefit.
They look healthy and happy, and she does lots of things with them. I think those children are going to have better lives and grow up to be happier than pretty much any other kid you point at and choose.

No. 146050

The older daughter will be fucked up. She's old enough that this stuff will affect her.

No. 146054

The oldest daughter is four, right? She might have some faint memories but I don't think she'll remember Erika going into inpatient and such. Especially since traumatic events are sometimes blocked out.

No. 146056

No, the oldest daughter is 9.

No. 146059

Edeltraud is 4 and Mai is 9.

No. 146060

I bet she had them so she would have people that unconditionally love her. Breastfeeds them until they're 3 years old because she wants them to be dependent on her as long as possible.

Never thought she neglected them. Yeah, nah, those kids are fucked. It's not just the ED is the past relationships and abuse. This is a very mentally ill woman who should not have had children.

No. 146062

I don't understand you people. You're verging into those retarded anti-natalist arguments. All of us here are probably fucked up in some way. Would you rather have never been born at all? If you answer 'yes,' then why don't you just kill yourself? Because it's always better to have lived at some point than not lived.

I don't fucking get it. She wants to have children and she's dedicated her life to improving theirs. It's not the most ideal circumstance, but she's genuinely trying and sacrificing a lot, which is more than lots of parents can say.

Seriously, if you're going to pick on anyone, pick on those brown people that spread their legs and shit out a bunch of children that they don't take care of to get more money in welfare. Don't pick on the people who are making sincere effort to improve themselves.(use /b/)

No. 146063

Oops, my bad. Yeah, a 9 year old is more likely to remember her mom being inpatient, or going to a hospital. But maybe Erika has told Edeltraud that she is sick and trying to get better.

No. 146065

>those brown people

No. 146072

All of a sudden you have kids and you're a saint. I'm going to judge people for not being responsible and having kids out of selfishness instead of being both emotionally and financially prepared for it.

>brown people that spread their legs and shit out a bunch of children that they don't take care of to get more money in welfare

Erika is poor and begs for money on the internet. She is literally the same except she's white.

No. 146074


I feel the same way about Erika. She loves her girls, and that's obvious, but she cannot provide for them. I don't understand why she keeps going inpatient and then checking out again a week later. She isn't going to get anything out of these treatment centers if she doesn't stay. She needs to divorce Yustas, and get some type of housing allowance and welfare for the kids. She needs to get a job so she can support them. She keeps letting people disappoint her over and over and then seems surprised when they disappoint her again. Erika needs to woman up and take care of herself and her kids. She doesn't need a man. Kudos to her for recovering, but she has a long way to go until she is stable and able to provide a stable environment for those girls.

No. 146075


My thoughts exactly… Those brown people? You were doing real good with expressing your opinion until that point. Very unnecessary. What a racist little shit.

No. 146078

>brown people

No. 146089

File: 1438113238740.jpg (417.51 KB, 960x1280, asho.jpg)

So anyway, what else has Ash been up to?

No. 146092

File: 1438113349852.png (33.02 KB, 566x557, 1399675098541.png)

>yfw this is Erika posting

No. 146097

Erika's racist?

No. 146114

I think ed is only something jobless people can do. I tried to starve myself and after an hour of work i wanted to shoot someone and i went and ate a damn cookie.

No. 146115

It's definitely a lifestyle.

No. 146117

This seems like bait but I'll take it..
Erika can't stay inpatient because she's broke as hell and up to her ears in debt. She can't afford treatment and everytime she goes inpatient she racks up more debt.
And she can't get a job because her physical condition still doesn't allow her to work.
But if you'd actually read her IG you'd know that she is doing her damnest to recover and to make things work for her and her kids. Saying that she needs to "woman up" is downright insulting when she is working her ass off for a better future despite all the odds being against her.
Damn right I mad. Don't talk about things you don't know shit about. She may not be a "perfect angel" but anyone who's capable of basic human empathy can see that she is a good person.

No. 146118

>>146062 I'd rather not bring a child to the world that I know will have a negative outcome. By that damn reasoning you're agreeing with people that give birth for welfare because 'it's better to have lived at some point that to never have been born at all''. Also, being born isn't anyone's decision but the biological parent's, dumbass.

No. 146121

This reads like the character descriptions you see on the first page of a manga.

No. 146129

Nah, this doesn't seem like Erika. Seems more like a white trash single mom that feels entitled to endless freebees and pat on the backs because she brought some doomed kids into the world so she empathizes with Erika.

This might be Erika. At least it sounds like the same person that brings up her boring ass and posts the fundraisers.

No. 146133

That would be the shittiest manga ever.
Or the best.

No. 146135

> Neckbeard-Ashley's creepy lover. Possible Canadian

No. 146148

I can't find a picture of him, but he was some creepy /b/tard that came to visit her.

No. 146155

>Damn right I mad. Don't talk about things you don't know shit about.
Says the person who made the "brown people" comment without a second thought lmao

No. 146156

Keep OT race remarks in the war threads in /b/.

No. 146163


If that's Erika it doesn't sound anything like her writing.

I'm actually a huge fan of Erika, really rooting for her (I posted a link to her fundraiser once and also donated once) but I actually do worry about her kids. I do believe that she was in a better place when she had each one and did not struggle so much financially at that time, but I also think she's a product of severe abuse and was probably not emotionally ready to have a healthy relationship with an adult male, let alone have children. I think that it's clear she is a very loving mother and that's really important, but I also think that because she doesn't have her own shit together she's nurturing an unhealthy codependency on her kids. Notice how she'll say that the oldest will do things to "make her feel better"? That is her kid feeling like she needs to take care of her mom. And as the child of a parent who needed to be "taken care of," I can tell you that that is a situation that will fuck you up a little. Even if the youngest doesn't remember the period of inpatient counseling, both kids will grow up dealing with her patterns of dependent behavior unless she works to correct it now.

Sometimes ya gotta hide your personal shit from your kids. Boundaries, people. Boundaries.

No. 146164


>Seriously, if you're going to pick on anyone, pick on those brown people that spread their legs and shit out a bunch of children that they don't take care of to get more money in welfare. Don't pick on the people who are making sincere effort to improve themselves.

Actually it would be great if you just killed yourself, kthx.

No. 146179

Plz stop. This thread is about Ashley.

No. 146180

I agree.

No. 146188

No. 146190


Fuck I really like Professor Layton. And Assassination Classroom. And Flowers of Evil is my favorite manga.

Fuck you Ash stop making me feel gross about my interests

No. 146192

She probably tells them/let's them assume she's dying of a terminal illness (one that is not mental health related)

No. 146194

They still shouldn't tattoo her.

No. 146199

No. 146203

Yeah, I'm super happy for Erika at the moment because she looks great and seems to be doing great, but does anybody else remember that dingily-lit aerial photo of her laying prone and naked on the floor, completely spoopy, breastfeeding her child and using them as a prop to censor her genitals so she could post it on tumblr?

That was narcissistic and disturbing but it was obviously at her rock-bottom and thats the kind of fucked up shit anorexia will make you do. But we kinda have to remember all the fucked up shit Aly and Ash do is because they are still currently in the grip of serious eating disorders themselves, whilst Erika has had the chance to redeem herself. Though I do agree despite her mental health problems she has been a good mother and is a good person, unlike many other members of the ED community.

No. 146207

I agree, just saying shitty tattoo artists probably break the law and do them because they feel bad.

No. 146211

Erika's posted some pics she really shouldn't have IN THE PAST. Right now she's doing really well and her ig isn't even a bog standard ~recovery~ account. Her daughters look happy and well cared for. She's getting her shit together but it doesn't take a week to get well and sort out the shitty life situations she's finding herself in. She's trying and whatever's happened in the past is the past. She was younger and her head was really fucked.

People throwing shit at her right now should really lay off because she's working on her future, unlike the ED lolcows here who are doing fuck all to improve their lives.>>146203

No. 146223

Someone please explain to me how the fuck is this woman still alive

No. 146234

Yeah thats like exactly what I said

No. 146236

Erika looks like she's purging again.

No. 146240

because she's pretty. if she didn't have that face nobody would give two flying fucks about her. also has a way with words, especially in her IG descriptions.

No. 146242

If it makes you feel any better, Ashley tends to acquire similar interests to people she idolizes and to senpai who she wants to be noticed by. They're not usually interests she would have picked up on her own; a person needs more of a sense of identity for that.

No. 146250

Not to mention a large percent of behaviors are learned from parents…
Ive heard of girls getting EDs when their moms were simply dieting (because even regular diets can project fucked up thoughts like "my self worth is found in my appearance". My mom has BED and i had ana)
So i cant imagine what its like to have an anorexic parent…

No. 146253

I don't know who the fuck this is nor do I really care but how the fuck is she alive?

No. 146258

how new are you

No. 146260

This. She's a recovering pretty angel.

No. 146261

I just never payed attention to this girl until now. Seriously though she looks like a skeleton lol wat.

No. 146266


Given some of Ashley's past racist comments, that could totally be Ashley, in which case, the comment stands as relevant.

No. 146267

File: 1438131161358.jpg (81.64 KB, 380x506, tumblr_mzx15frA281sfezg7o1_400…)

No. 146268


I was thinking it looks like her gain has stagnated since she had to leave IP. I think she needed to stay there longer. It's a damn shame insurance makes that impossible.

No. 146269


It probably helps a lot that she's pretty, but she does seem to have a really kind personality as well. I also like that she doesn't fixate too much on photographing/detailing every single meal she has.

I waiver between thinking her writing is poetic and thinking that is sounds like someone who doesn't natively speak English. I can't tell if it's on purpose or if she just has a poor grasp of syntax/grammar that happens to come out flowery-sounding.

No. 146270

Apparently she was mute as a child so that might explain it.

No. 146273


oh right, she did say that, that is a very interesting consideration from a developmental standpoint.

No. 146285

Erika's pretty, but a lot of people think aly is too. The reason I like Erika is because I like her creativity and she does sound like a kind person. I didn't like her around the time she was on a nosedive and posting body pics which were basically bonespo. Her motivation to recover for real changed that.

She's written before that she writes as though she's brainstorming. Shots of her journals are the same.

I still don't get why she's being brought up here as much though. She IS actually trying and bringing up two children.

I'm not fangirling, I can honestly say I'd support Sprout the same way if she threw herself into treatment. I can't say the same about aly unless she changed that shitty attitude.

No. 146287


I think she's just being brought up as a good example of recovery. She's fairly subject to scrutiny, too, but I think she passes muster as a genuine person who is genuinely trying.

No. 146289

I think she's being brought up because Ash is half dead and her fans aren't really lolcow material.

No. 146290

Or that.

No. 146292

I suspected that. It's sad that she's so short of friends compared to previous threads. ("Friends"= online fans who buy her stuff).

No. 146297

Yeah sorry that is bullshit. There's a reason people who wear glasses need to get occasional checkups and prescription adjustments. It gets progressively worse, for some faster than for others.
She sounds very Northern European to me. Swedish to be precise. Many people I've met from there have had their grammar almost on point, but you could still see awkward sentence structures, mixing up singular and plural, using the wrong words to clumsily describe something. It would always end up sounding close but no cigar.

No. 146299


I also thought she was either Northern or Eastern European when I first started following her! I was surprised to read that she was a born-and-raised American.

No. 146300

She's like 3rd generation German.

No. 146301

One of the farmers is an opthalmist so s/he could tell us. Tbh, her lenses don't look very strong. Eyesight changes all the time. Every two years I get my prescription changed (gradual worsening).

No. 146302

Jesus fuck yanks can't even speak their own language

No. 146303

She was mute, though. Lol.

No. 146314


actually, eyesight tends to level/even out as you get older. Changes become less drastic. Many doctors actually recommend lasik when your vision becomes steady again/does not change very much/get worse.

No. 146317

what happened to the tinybunnee thread?? it's not in /b/ either

No. 146320

I'm an old bitch. I've gone from years of myopia to having ol' lady long sightedness as well. Not ready for those varifocals though, oh no.

No. 146386

Has Ash ever had her period?

No. 146393

I wanna start a creepy pasta series about her.

No. 146400

It doesn't work.
Pretty sure you need an account to view half their shit. Are you a member?

No. 146402

File: 1438147798663.png (51.83 KB, 1151x319, ashmpa.png)

It was a thread about Ash. One of them claimed to have seen her in real life and claimed that she was acting immaturely and barely clothed and was going out of her way to obtain stares.

No. 146404

Oh wow..
I'd stare too tbh.
I remember when she was hamtarochan on /b/ so she's probably always been set hung for attention/recognition.

No. 146408

That's actually a very good idea. You should do it if they're taking submissions.

No. 146419

late, but it's supposed to be a bone breaking out of her body. lol

No. 146420

Oooh, i see it now. Kind of stupid to take a photo with the plastic wrap still on, as we can barely see her shitty tattoo.

No. 146422

i didn't catch this untill now. but does ashley have any teeth? it looks like all gum

No. 146423

You're an idiot.
Its already established its the heart from 'in live and death', an album by the used. The original album art is by Alex Pardee.

No. 146425

I asked her for permission, but tbh if she says no ill just publish it after she dies.

No. 146427

File: 1438152548214.png (3.71 KB, 700x300, bone or heart.png)

can you post said picture
because i traced it and it looks more like a bone to me..

No. 146431

No. 146432

its just horribly drawn onto her arm
i got it now

No. 146433

File: 1438153651180.jpg (56.74 KB, 1160x611, Capture.JPG)


Ash wannabe Emma detected.
From same thread, yes I noticed you. Well done on your spine bones or w/e. JFC.

No. 146434

File: 1438153721015.jpg (4.82 KB, 184x273, images.jpg)

If a decent tattooist had done it, it would've looked something like this.

No. 146443

File: 1438154596746.jpg (223.96 KB, 736x736, 785ad870850f5bc4e383f5c7aff214…)

you could have chosen a way better picture

either way I'm not that big a fan of this particular Alex Pardee work so I guess its always gonna look bad to me.

sorry for further derailment.

Either way isn't it a danger to tattoo on someone so frail, might there be more risk of injury or not healing well.? It seems like Ash is never going to get the help she needs.

For anyone that has or had an ED, does Body Dysmorphia end at any point? Is there an ideal image they can finally see or does it keep getting more and more unattainable until you go ghost?

No. 146445

>you could have chosen a way better picture

I agree, but wank band, wank artwork and I couldn't be arsed to look far for anything amazing (if it exists). It was way easier to find one that was better than the scratch that Ash had.

No. 146456

I love Alex pardee.
Dude is pretty talented, but the tattoo has butchered it.

No. 146500

>For anyone that has or had an ED, does Body Dysmorphia end at any point?
for as long as you're sick or continue irrational thinking, no it doesnt end.
the only thing you can do is get therapy to help teach you the thoughts are irrational, my self worth =/= my body image, etc etc
i recovered from ED years ago and have been healthy weight but still have dysmorphia though its usually just a little voice in my head that i must dismiss

No. 146501

i keep thinking thats her forearm/wrist which i think would be much better placing for this tat.
but no its her humerus. ha ha

No. 146507

File: 1438182903961.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, ashchan.jpg)

She actually looks kinna cute here.

No. 146509

You need therapy

No. 146511

I am neither erika nor the racist-chan.
I wish admin would introduce post ID's. I hate how everyone always screams samefag at people who share opinions, it adds absolutely nothing of value to the conversation.

No. 146512

Oh, and I'm pretty sure the person always bringing up erika and posting her fundraisers is spoony. I saw her commenting on erika's IG asking if she could set up a paypal for edeltraud's birthday and if she could post it here so us farmers could donate. Later she posted about the paypal idea on the general ED thread I think? No one was up to the idea though because erika already has the fundraiser, etc. Spoony claimed to be close to erika in her own thread too.

No. 146522

who is spoony? the girl with those teeny tiny spoons?

No. 146534

If you think that is cute you might have serious mental issues to work out, anon.

No. 146538

Oh shit I need more screen shots from this thread

No. 146557

The whole thread is here. http://www.myproana.com/index.php/topic/448696-dearxatticusshread-my-anxiety/

Not that OP, but I was able to find it.

No. 146560

You have the same shit taste as Ashley lmao

No. 146576

Hi Emma

No. 146581

Spoony has her own thread here if you browse back a few pages.

No. 146591

such a cutie

No. 146758

Erika has been sending Mai away to different family members and even to her bio father who is in NY

No. 146765

Someone needs to post the pictures on Ash's IG since the top link is wrong and or she has me blocked

No. 146767

No. 146784

Don't get so explosive :^)

No. 146785

The link took me to a url with a slight mistake, it had part of the [Archive] attached to it, but putting her actual url in worked for me.

No. 146786

What kind of a fucking name is Edeltraud. Or Mai for that matter.

No. 146804


No. 146807

But she's American. It reeks of muh heritage, especially since not even actual Germans don't name their children that anymore.

No. 146809

Your point is (besides you don't like the names)?

No. 146811

It's embarrassing.

No. 146816

Agree. She's a total Euroboo.

No. 146817

Imagine being called "Traud" in Elementary school. It rhymes with Trout.

No. 146818

I mean I understand honouring your heritage but fucking name the kid something contemporary like Liam or Sinead (obviously whatever the German version of that is, in her case). Not something retardedly outdated like Muirdeach, it just makes you look like a tryhard.

No. 146819

Yeah edeltraud is one the ugliest names I've ever heard but right now most of the babies I know are given stupid made up names so I didn't even bat an eye.

No. 146835

No. 146837

Every time.

No. 146839

>Ayden/Aiden (Aidan?)
What the fuck Germany?

No. 146844

I'm anorexic, not blind. JFC.

No. 146847

So you are Emma, then?

No. 146848

Spoony wishes her eyebrows could look like Erika's.

No. 146854

Yes, I am. But
is all I've posted in this thread.

No. 146855

That's actually kind of funny. Continue on, then.

No. 146898

If you are anorexic you are automatically blind.

No. 146912

Ngl, the Ashley sighting posted on MPA made me lol in real life because it sounded like a "Celebrities, they're just like us!" feature that the tabloids have. And Ashley is sadly considered a celeb among the MPA/fetishists. And she's definitely a celebrity in her own mind.

No. 146915

File: 1438226682500.jpg (36.08 KB, 1161x221, jfc.JPG)


and you're fucking disgusting

No. 146916

Was the thread deleted or can only MPA members view it? All I got was a "the page you are looking for cannot be found" page. It had links to a bunch of other MPA shit, including a "thinspo with animals" gallery (lol), but no i saw ash thread.

No. 146917

It's still there. I made an account to read what goes on there. That thread's nothing new. I'll copypasta the text, it's not even worthy of a ss

No. 146921

"Advanced Warrior"? Ffs…

No. 146922

[pics of ash]

Is this you?

No. Her name is Ashley.

What are her stats she is one of the skinniest people I've seen on here maybe because she's so tall?

I really want to know her stats. She looks like she is at deaths door. I bet her BMI is sooo low.

That's gross

supposedly she's somewhere between 4' 8" and 5' 1" (ive seen people say different heights in that range, but none taller than 5' 1")

light-of-the-moon [to anared]
Perhaps some opinions are better kept to yourself…

Just saying.

Ashley is such a sweet girl, my heart goes out to her. I wish her only the best
She is beautiful in my opinion. Now and before
I just wish she would get help. Yes she sees a 'therapist' but I honestly believe she needs different means of treatment.


Who is this girl a celebrity or? And I don't think GreenTea was rude it's pretty obvious she isn't healthy and needs help. We are all entitled to our options I don't see her as thinspo but Im sure she's a wonderful person and she deserves a better life

I actually have an Ash folder on my computer :/

Breaks my heart. She deserves recovery, just like any other eating disorder patient.

I'm amazed she hasn't been sectioned under the mental health act. Even as an adult when you are a danger to your own life, which she clearly is, you are sectioned whether you want recovery or not

she looks thinner than a holocaust victim :/

i've wondered the same thing myself. this "therapist" she sees can't be all that good if they are literally allowing her to kill herself like this.
don't get me wrong, this is how i've always wanted to end up looking, but it is a total suicide mission & i'm under no illusions about that fact.
she needs to be in a hospital.

I've seen her on tumblr. Someone took over her old URL and made it a hate blog

What the hell? Why would they do that? She's obviously already hurting, fucking dickweeds. I wish her luck, she seems like a sweetheart and it breaks my heart to see people struggle like that, even if it's where she wants to be <3

She truly disgusts me. Inside and out.

This is her current Tumblr: http://shred-my-anxiety.tumblr.com/

She has a pretty lengthy history on the internet. While she is, obviously, very ill, she's also proved herself to be a generally shitty person through her actions towards others. Being sick doesn't make you blameless.

Not disputing how sick she is, but she also seems incredibly immature for her age. I have seen her in person about 2 years ago. I should have been struck by her weight, but I wasn't. I was struck by her obvious immaturity while out in public, as that is what actually drew my attention to her.

I've heard she's not a very nice person so I'm not defending her. I think the hate blog is taking it too far though

Omg. Was everyone staring at her like wtf?

I used to follow heron instagram, but i've never heard about the things that she's done…

What kind of bad things do you guys mean?

Anyone that buys her the junk food she has on her Amazon wish list she has had for years is to me constituting to this girls death.

Yes, everyone was staring. She seemed to be going out of her way to obtain the stares. She was barely clothed, and was being somewhat loud and obnoxious in her behavior- modeling/posing type of behaviors. I would have smacked one of my kids upside their head if they were behaving like that in public.


No. 146925

The threads they have there are really fucked up. I seriously don't know how it hasn't been taken down. Damaged spergs.

No. 146929

File: 1438228387533.jpg (68.25 KB, 1144x334, srsly.JPG)

How many people have YOU taught how to purge?1?!!1one

No. 146930

RE: "dilEmma"
>desperately attempts to be Ash
>publicly rips on Ash
This girl is a special kind of neurotic, isn't she?

No. 146931

and I suspect she secretly wishes she had her own thread here.

No. 146933

File: 1438229102080.png (30.04 KB, 1136x198, fnfghg.png)

Why does she keep posting this cringey tmi shit if she knows it's getting SS'd?

No. 146936

It's in the "thinspo" section for members only.

No. 146937

are you blind

No. 146943

Is she Emma Cee on VK?

No. 146944

Nope just horny.

No. 146948

File: 1438231239692.jpg (21.58 KB, 410x482, 1.JPG)

I doubt it. There're selfie body shots from last year and I can't imagine she'd wear there (pic)

No. 146949


No. 146950

How are people constituting to her death if they buy her food on Amazon?

No. 146955

Because she uses that food to b/p.

No. 146973

hi, dave
how is your fucked up skeleton fetish?

No. 147007

File: 1438237331465.jpg (106.81 KB, 400x400, hamtaro-chan.jpg)

Hamtaro-chan is that you?

No. 147015

Are those her eyes?

No. 147051


No. 147053

God I wish she looked like this, so cute.

No. 147057

File: 1438245561912.jpg (19.19 KB, 482x218, on wheels.JPG)

That person doesn't exist. How weird. Ashley with eyebrows. Headfuck.

Meanwhile, idk if she meant this comment to be funny, but it is. Ashley ON A MOPED.

No. 147059

Binge and purge.

No. 147130

I think we'd know if she was. Girl doesn't seem to have much interest in hiding her identity.

No. 147144

a moped is still a motor vehicle so why would she think she could drive that? Also she would probably just blow off once she hit 15mph

No. 147146

No. 147166

Jesus fucking Christ. I hope whoever this girl is, her heart stops on her next purge before she can encourage anybody else to take on her fucked-up habits to make herself feel better about doing it.

No. 147169

In my state, you have to have a motorcycle license to ride a moped, as it's considered a motorcycle due to the engine size. And to have a motorcycle license, you have to have a motor cycle permit. It's very similar to the car permit test.

I've seriously thought about getting a Vespa as an alternative to a car, but I'm too scared of getting into a serious accident.

No. 147211

Oh god I forget how disgusting I am until people get disturbed by this mild shit.

>puked in a popcorn bag at the theater and went to push it behind seat but it split and spilled all over me

>used to puke in the bathtub with me in it and came out smelling like puke
>etc because I'm already sorry for blog post

No. 147235

Vespa is pretty safe. Just stay alert for crazies.

No. 147236

Yeah you are disgusting garbage.

No. 147239

Well, I was already in a major car accident as a passenger and broke my knee in several places, so I won't be trying a Vespa anytime soon.

No. 147289

>mild shit
Yeah I think you're pretty fucking vile.

No. 147292

Is this supposed to be you bragging or something?
Putrid piece of shit.

No. 147300

File: 1438290473836.jpg (214.73 KB, 1000x650, the-1st-annual-edgy-awards.jpg)

you prolly smell like petrified shit LOL

No. 147303

I wish the fetishists would get to hang around a woman like this for a few weeks.

No. 147314

"I'd do things to get around them, like throw up in big cups and then hide them, both in the day room and in my room. I would throw up in the washing machine and run it through the rinse cycle—I did that once, I shouldn't say I did that regularly. But it's amazing what you'll do."

No. 147339

In the fucking washing machine? God damn it. I've thrown up in some weird fucking places but the fucking WASHING MACHINE?

No. 147340

Most laundry rooms have a drain in the middle of the floor. Puke in there, not the goddamn washing machine. Oh my god.

No. 147349

I don't get why everyone is attacking dilEmma (is it her talking about puking in the bathtub there?). Yeah it's grim and fucked up and its disturbing and out of the realm of possibility to think she wants to look like Ash but that's the nature of the disease. Why vilify her when she can offer insight and add to the content of the thread in discussion and caps from that pro ana site.

She's not done anything fucked up like Aly or Ash or that girl talking about teaching people how to b/p that we know of so why is everyone harrassing her?

No. 147351

Unless you're puking straight liquid, this is going to FUCK your washing machine.

No. 147358

File: 1438294496956.jpg (1.25 MB, 1500x1500, 1438162202260.jpg)


true that. If you're going to shame people on the site, it should be because they're harming other people with their bullshit, not because they partake in disordered behavior. bulimia is crazy, no getting around that, but to shame people for harming themselves through addiction doesn't really do shit. flexing your muscles over how vile a person is for their addiction. did you know that junkies sometimes shoot up in their neck?

No. 147365

Because she admitted to posting here. I'm sure if anyone else's identity was revealed here, someone would bring up something disordered or immature that they had done. I know if you guys knew who I was, you'd have a field day. That's why we're anonymous. It's better that way.

No. 147366

Emma here. I wouldn't even say anyone is harassing me. I have yet to receive any critical comments outside of this single, anonymous message board. I can't really take an insult seriously if no one is willing to attach some aspect of their identity to the statement.

No. 147385


It's from Jeremy Gillitzer's interview

No. 147431

No. 147435

Vespas are harmless. It's the loud nitro machines you should be worried about.

No. 147455

For local roads, it doesn;t seem as scary. But on the highway? IDK. Everyone in my family road bikes and they've never had accidents but I still have a lot of reservations about riding a scooter.

No. 147458

It's crazy drivers not giving a shit about cyclists and people on mopeds and scooters that're the problem. My partner's nephew had a scooter and was pushed off the road by some twat in a van. Fortunately only a shoulder injury, but drivers in the safety of their steel cages dgaf about space for anyone on two wheels. (Live in a city so there's always heavy traffic).

I'd hate to think of Ashley on a moped even if they allowed it. If Florida drivers are as insane as ones here, they'd be acting a dick just because of her appearance.

No. 147461

Omg, I ryped road instead of rode. Whoops, sorry.

Yeah, there's no way she can sit upright and maintain awareness. She'd have to be recovered and we all know how she feels about getting better.

Interestingly enough, getting a moped is extremely easy in Florida. If you're over 18, you don't need a permit or license or anything.

No. 147462

Apparently she passes out on a regular basis.

No. 147464

I read that comment Jackie made about that. It really is such a fucking shame she wouldn't even consider taking actions to make herself stronger. I know she'd never be healthy as such, but it's got to improve her quality of life even if she has a little more energy.

No. 147467

I wonder if she could just ask for help getting stable enough to stop passing out.

No. 147471

File: 1438307119566.jpg (30.95 KB, 500x500, ff8081811b33861c011b477ebb052f…)


No. 147474

I wonder what Ashley thinks of Terri Schiavo.

No. 147479

So is Ash a fan of Harper Lee or just Blink 182?

No. 147482

I'm the anon who wrote the bfs nephew scooter incident and live in a city. I'VE SEEN PEOPLE ON THE ROAD DRIVING THEIR MOTORIZED WHEELCHAIRS!!! They even have some kind of waterproof tent around them. They're batshit insane and speed around IN THE ROAD. That'd be Ashley 100%.

I'd say the latter. I can't see her being a big reader at school. Too busy getting her titties out for stickam.

No. 147483

File: 1438308426576.jpg (7.08 KB, 180x135, hammy-chan.jpg)

No. 147520

Her stylr has never changed

No. 147522

Neither has her maturity level.

No. 147533


She looks so old (like a dying granny) now that it's hard to remember how young she was (and still is) when she got sick.

No. 147542

I know exactly what you're talking about! The town where my grandpa lives has a very high percentage of senior citizens, and is seriously brimming with all manner of power scooters. It's not a large town, but I remember seeing multiple stores with huge showrooms full of them, like a car dealership.

No. 147555

If I were Ashley's mother, I'd make her carry a life-alert.

No. 147564

Holy balls, I only just realised that her tattoo is the top of her arm! I thought it was her forearm and she bending it somehow.

Ha, there's been one of those dealerships near me for decades. I remember when it only sold normal wheelchairs and people flocked from all over (!) to get a wheelchair, but now it's got all these fancy motorised ones. Some of them look like tanks!

No. 147571

I don't care what you do on your own, but sharing your dirty habits with others is the worst. You didn't even keep it a secret; How shameful. Were you even planning to throw out your barf bag after the movie?

No. 147593

File: 1438320710795.png (85.1 KB, 1143x563, rentablizzard.png)

I wonder if Ashley and her mom have this kind of relationship. Does Ash "rent" Krispy Kreme??

No. 147599

Jeeeeeeeesus Christ. What the fuck.

No. 147648


If I were Ashley's mom everything in the house would have calories. The toothpaste and water bottles would be mixed with heavy cream. Her choice would be to die with rotting teeth and dehydration faster then she already is or consume some calories.

No. 147656

So basically her mum is sick of waiting and is how helping her dumbass spawn kick the bucket?
Seems like just smothering the kid with a pillow would be quicker.

No. 147694

I know. I wanted to comment on that but I really can't find the words.

No. 147814

This is how people with EDs manipulate the family and make life hell for the other family members. Ithis isn't her family being considerate. Fucked up.

No. 147911


(Side note: Blizzards give me the most foul smelling farts known to man.)

No. 147928

If I were Ashley's mom, I'd drown her in the bath tub.

No. 147941

Ugh. Reminds me of this girl's instagram I was looking at. She was IP and was explaining to someone that the staff on the unit let her have a certain number of "controlled purges" per day. Some IP program. x_x

No. 147950

File: 1438365307977.jpg (25.75 KB, 400x300, f4cdddca1aa7ae59f4c7752dff91ec…)

Exactly as someone else has said, this isn't a family being "accepting," but rather being manipulated and giving up.
I understand that EDs make you do screwed up things, like shop lift groceries and hoard food, but this is just too much. Even more vile than that popcorn puke pustule. D:

No. 147966

OH MAN I was reading someone's Instagram (wish I could remember who it was, might have been the same person you're referring to) a while ago and she said the same thing, that she was in an inpatient ED program and was basically just allowed to purge when she wanted to. Or at least no one was really stopping her from doing so. She was purging even while she was on 24/7 one-to-one observation. She had been sectioned, but she was continuously LOSING weight while inpatient. She said she had lost something like 15 pounds since being admitted and was at her lowest weight ever…I was really shocked. I hope I'm not conflating multiple people's accounts here; it was a while back that I read this, and, like I said, I can't remember who exactly it was. Regardless, I don't understand how "treatment programs" like that even exist. What kind of professionals would just stand by and let people purge in front of them like that?!

I also remember reading someone's description of being in a residential program in the US, and they said that other patients would often just purge in the hallways or outside and shit. Seemed really lax. And pointless.

No. 148111


There are a lot of bad programs out there. There is one (Castlewood) that is known for some spooky shit. They find out you have good insurance and they keep you there forever. Plus, they were sued for implanting false memories in patients' minds. There are some sad accounts of families of former patients who have no connection with their daughters because the daughters are now convinced that they were sexually abused.

No. 148116

Maybe their daughters were sexually abused. Maybe Ash's dad put it in her pooper.

No. 148125

Erika just had a stroke.

No. 148133

File: 1438382630606.jpg (454 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-07-31-15-43-17…)

I hope she's okay.

No. 148140

Castlewood eating disorder clinic, located at Monarch Cove?
My God, that is just way too blatant. Reprogramming center confirmed.

No. 148155

Ash: Skeletor with an extra 'X' chromosome.

Needs a good meal, she does. Or several.

I love food, me. Anyone who deliberately doesn't eat is a retard.

No. 148169

No. 148176

If she divorced Yustas, she would get Medicaid. She wouldn't have to pay out of pocket for anything. Plus her kids would be insured too and she wouldn't pay anything for their health care either.

No. 148211

why would she divorce her HUSBAND for health insurance

No. 148220

Says it's related to the one in CA.
Anytime an article starts mentioning Michelle Remembers, Sybil and the False Memory Foundation, it's usually out of maximum damage control. None of the actual events sound too implausible, especially considering the fact that she was alone with her father.

No. 148226

because she cant afford it otherwise

No. 148262

Because her husband is a piece of shit who apparently brings nothing to the table (literally). I also don't understand why Erika keeps going to visit her mom. It obviously distresses her, DON'T GO. I haven't seen or spoken to my own toxic mom in 10 years. Sometimes you have to accept that having these people in your lives is HURTING you. Just because they are your relatives doesn't give them the right to destroy you.

No. 148265

Holy fuck. I'd never heard about this before. That article is terrifying. I almost went to Castlewood earlier this year (before I found out that my insurance wouldn't cover treatment, and there's no way I could have afforded that shit on my own). I was in a pretty bad place mentally and physically, I wasn't thinking clearly at all, and I would probably have been an easy target for manipulation. I feel like I dodged a bullet now. Damn.

No. 148272

I wish I could help her ;_;

No. 148338

No. 148350



>#7: You’ve heard of this directly from past clients? Or you’re inferring this from things people have said here? Castlewood does not brainwash people. If you have no Major Trauma, you have no Major Trauma. They are not in the business of creating it for you – what would they have to gain? Castlewood, Mark, Lori, Emily, Sam, Nancy, etc… they all are truly concerned about each individual client and helping them get back on the road to life. If that includes helping you with anxiety, that’s what they do. If that includes working through sexual trauma, they do it. If that includes dealing with past bullying issues, they do it. Nothing is a “just” at CW; there are no comparisons. No one’s past experiences are more worthy of treatment over another’s. “Brainwashing” a client into creating false trauma does not serve them whatsoever.

You have to wonder what the point of brainwashing them would be in the first place.

Then again, this place seems a little TOO friendly, they allow phones/laptops so girls can disorderly Instagram all their meals. Hell, they allow DIET soda.

…Can I live here?

No. 148353

The point of "brainwashing" would be to obtain that sweet, sweet insurance money. Or maybe it's just for the lulz. I'm sure the horror stories are overblown/made up. I mean, these are mental patients after all.

No. 148359

That sounds like a vacation. Ash should go there.

No. 148374


>Swimsuit (there’s a pool and hot tub if you want to challenge yourself)

>They have COMFY beds with big pillows and down comforters

No. 148382


Look at all the comments on this. I bet Ash wishes she had a stroke.

No. 148390

File: 1438403100227.jpg (29.17 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>You have to wonder what the point of brainwashing them would be in the first place.

Turning them into sex slaves for politicians with a skinny fetish, of course.

No. 148402

How the fuck is ash not seizing and stroking out all the time anyway

No. 148408

Damn good luck.

No. 148428

>I'm sure the horror stories are overblown/made up. I mean, these are mental patients after all.
I really, really hope you're trolling, anon ;_;

No. 148434

When she eventually dies she should leave her body to medical science. She could have some info in there that could be some kind of breakthrough.

I know we say she's nothing special, tons of skeletal ED patients, but the fact she keep going on with (relatively) little bad effects compared to people who weren't as "severe" is remarkable really. (NO, Ash, that isn't a compliment).

Possible CIA agent on this board ;)

No. 148443

Casttlewood treamtment centres have an instagram account!

No. 148445

I've wondered if she has some medical issues (e.g., seizures) that she doesn't mention because she wants to keep up the image of herself as being this freakishly invincible ~#1 Super Spoopy Skeleton~ creature. On one hand, I can see her milking something like a seizure for all it would be worth (pity, weeaboo shit, binge food, etc.), but I'm not 100% sure…I don't know, I guess it's just hard for me to believe that she isn't having more serious medical problems than she cops to.

No. 148454

>None of the actual events sound too implausible, especially considering the fact that she was alone with her father.

I take it you skimmed the article.

" On the last day of the hearing, Anna took the stand. For many hours, Tom says, she described a litany of traumatic events she claimed to have experienced. But now, she told the room that she had been abused not only by Tom, but by tutors, coaches, babysitters, even policemen. She described, Tom says, being a call girl by the time she left middle school. The memories of it all, she believed, had been hidden inside her alternate personalities. Tom’s lawyer asked her how many of these personalities she possessed. According to Tom, Anna started to list them, but lost count. With each disjointed description of her past, Tom says he increasingly felt like he was staring at a stranger wearing his daughter’s face. He couldn’t stop crying. “My little girl was so sick and so easily and completely dismantled,” he says. After the hearing, Tom says he tallied nearly 100 people whom Anna named as complicit in abusing her throughout her childhood.

The judge concluded that Anna’s testimony was too inconsistent, too contradictory with the other evidence presented, to be credible."

No. 148460

That's probably intolerance of lactose, jsyk. You might not be completely lactose intolerant, but you're likely mildly intolerant.

No. 148462

File: 1438411949445.jpg (76.26 KB, 490x604, neckbeard.jpg)

Do we know who this is? It couldn't be THE neckbeard, could it? (He legitimately admits to shaving his neckbeard in one of his selfies.)

No. 148468

Neckbeard looked a bit chubby around the face iirc. Hm…might see if I can find that pic in the past threads when I've got more time to kill.

(Also doubt he'd want to smell her "hair" ick).

No. 148473

Oh right, there was a picture of him, wasn't there? I forgot about that, whoops. I just thought, "Hmm… guy with a neckbeard paying attention to Ashley? Maybe…"

No. 148476

She's the one who sent him the ask though! Don't see her doing that often, if ever AND reposting it to her page. Could be the mug who sent her that jacket? Idk. Ew though.

No. 148478

File: 1438413683712.jpg (35.48 KB, 546x542, well well.JPG)

Hmm…she's reblogged him before.

No. 148484

File: 1438414080327.jpg (49.74 KB, 500x375, tumblr_nhfiwvSLBr1rc6x5po1_500…)

Possibly neckbeard? He's got a chubbier face here.

No. 148489


Please be trolling anon. :S

Seriously a dangerous attitude to have, because it means those who are abused in a facility are less likely to come forward.

There's a reason vulnerable sector checks are needed to work with the mentally ill.

No. 148491

Plus that attitude is the reason why certain celebrities and politicians here in the UK got off with child molestation over decades. "The girls were from care homes therefore disturbed and making it up".

No. 148492

File: 1438415137972.jpg (41.24 KB, 1279x216, tasteless.JPG)

No. 148599

Oh no! We've offended this "fucking nigger dwarf"! Life must be hard as such a shining, pure pillar of goodness!

No. 148632

Tired of these nigger dwarves.

No. 148654

No, I read that whole thing.
People don't want to believe that horrific things happen. Sounds just like what those Hampstead whistleblower kids. And things described by Ted Gunderson in the Franklin Cover-up, or Brice Taylor, Cathy O'Brien.
Terrible things happen because, you know, "That's ridiculous! Who would believe something like that?"

No. 148664

I (and, I'm sure, many others) can vouch for this. I've unfortunately experienced several (non-ED-related) psychiatric hospitalizations, and I've witnessed and experienced some pretty fucked-up shit. No one except my own mother believed me, because the people running the show were ~respected experts and professionals~ and they would never, ever do anything like that, ever! I even posted a "review"-type comment online about the most awful treatment facility I was in, and the egomaniacal, control-freak Dear Leader of this cult-like institution responded to me in an extremely patronizing way, denied that anything like what I described could ever have happened, and implied that I was a pathetic, delusional failure for not having been "cured" by her program. Apparently the fact that I had some really serious issues with the program was all my fault and only happened because I was too far gone for them to help me. Too bad, so sad.

To be clear, I'm not schizophrenic, I've never hallucinated or had delusions, and I wasn't alleging that anything really far-out happened, like that I was sexually abused by hundreds of people or forced to take part in satanic rituals. It was more along the lines of professionals blatantly lying to my face, being extremely manipulative, using very inappropriate threats, letting a lot of important shit fall through the cracks, denying me access to medication/care for prior medical issues unrelated to my psych conditions, etc.

Anyway, not my personal blog, no1curr, I know, blah blah blah.

No. 148709

File: 1438456256935.png (286.16 KB, 571x546, Screenshot 2015-08-01 at 2.10.…)

No. 148778



No. 148781

File: 1438462551031.png (78.46 KB, 375x360, Illuminati.png)

Nightmare fuel. Thanks.

Once again, I didn't know ANY of this shit about Castlewood, and I'm so glad I didn't end up there. It looked so nice on the surface. Too nice, really. Who knows, maybe it would have been fine. But reading about their "Internal Family Systems" therapy and all of the people who discovered ~repressed memories~ scared the shit out of me. This is definitely the first time I've ever been GLAD that my insurance company was an ass and denied me coverage for treatment.

That place is probably run by reptilians. They're everywhere. Fucking Illuminati.

No. 148782

Ashley is a reptilian, but a retarded one. :(((

No. 148851

File: 1438466619157.jpg (31.77 KB, 260x300, Ashley's true father.jpg)

That would explain some things. Or maybe she's actually a reptilian-human hybrid. Either way, I think she's trying to bring other girls with EDs into the Illuminati fold. David Icke should get on this ASAP!

As for the rationale behind Castlewood's "brainwashing," it seems that they're trying to alienate patients from their families, fragment their personalities, and divorce them even further from reality. These tactics would leave the patients vulnerable and suggestible, making them easier to manipulate into joining forces with (or becoming sleeper agents for) the Illuminati.

No. 148979

Erika is having intestine removed.

No. 148990

File: 1438479481195.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-02-02-37-24…)

Oh no :(

No. 148995

Not fair.

No. 148998

Any medblrs know what those tubes are ?

No. 149001

File: 1438480393430.png (65.12 KB, 598x460, erika.png)

No. 149004

Breathing tube, perhaps one is for dialysis, one could be a drain or a catheter…

No. 149015

They look more like EKG wires.

No. 149017

Tube around her nose is nasal cannula for oxygen. Hep lock on her left arm for IV fluids. Blood pressure cuff on right arm. Green and brown ones might be heart monitor leads, so she might be on a tele monitor that shows her heart rhythm.

No. 149020


She says she has severe ulcerative colitis, but that would not have gone unnoticed. People with severe UC bleed profusely when they poop. I know, my mom has UC. Something about her story sounds off. You don't just wake up one day and surprise have UC so badly they are going to remove your intestines. Sorry but that sounds like bullshit to me (also she said Mai stayed with her overnight in the ICU…also unlikely. Most of the time children are not allowed in the ICU, and certainly not overnight).

No. 149022

Took a look again, she is definitely on a heart monitor.

No. 149024

I thought it was strange that Mai stayed overnight too…

No. 149031

Severe doesn't necessarily mean as severe as you describe. You're literally using your mother as a yardstick to measure everyone with UC against, which is frankly stupid as fuck.

I've got hereditary UC and aside from avoiding certain foods and having painful shits every now and then I'm fine.
My dad has UC too and he can't eat spicy Indian food but lives normally otherwise. She could just be referring to a lesser degree of severity.

No. 149036

No. 149037

Not to mention that people in recovery usually have digestive problems (some are constipated, constant diarrhea, severe pain after eating) that clinicians ignore because they usually resolve over time. Maybe Erika didn't realize how sick she was until she got to the hospital and was examined properly.

No. 149094

File: 1438490109959.png (189.4 KB, 658x320, Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 9.20…)

Pic related made me laugh way too much (is that header new?), and then
made me want to cry. Erika has been dealt such a lousy hand. It seems really unfair. Why is this shit not happening to Ash or Aly? Granted, Erika's a few years older than either of them, but still…she's come so far and seems to really, really want to recover, as compared to Ash, who I still don't understand how she's even alive.

I knew a young woman a while back who was anorexic and also had to get a lot of her intestines removed, but I think the issue in her case was that she abused laxatives. Not sure if Erika did any of that. This girl I knew was only like 22 or 23. We fell out of contact and I don't even know if she's still alive at this point. I just can't imagine having to deal with something like that (or having a stroke) happen to me at such a young age.

No. 149102

I just commented about this on the aly thread. Yeah, I loved it too when I saw it.!

No. 149120

Erika is only 28. She's still way too young to have to deal with this.

No. 149140

I've mentioned before the woman I knew who is closest in size to anyone I've seen. I wonder how she's still alive (still see her around). She's 41 or 42 and her ed really kicked in at 19. Once I saw her undressed (trying clothes on) and she has this huge (!) scar down her chest. She'd had heart problems as a child and had loads of ops. When I was friends with her (5 or 6 years ago) her kidneys were giving up BUT SHE'S STILL ALIVE.

Are there any studies into how some patients suffer more physical complaints than others and why?

No. 149141

is closest in size to Ash*

No. 149144

They're studying Ozzy Osbourne to find out while he's still alive. They should do the same for Ash. she could probably get some cash out of the deal aswell.

No. 149146

Yeah. It's fascinating (to me anyway) how some people survive the damage they do to their bodies and then others are wiped out in a short space of time.

Can you imagine the medical notes they've already written about Ozzy? Oh god.

No. 149154

I haven't ever seen or heard any explanation for why people differ so much in the physical complications they suffer. It's kind of bizarre, though. A good example is how some anorexic women stop menstruating at much higher weights/BMIs/body fat percentages than others. Some keep getting periods when they're emaciated while others stop getting periods when they're barely (or not even) underweight.

No. 149172

There is something off about her story (I'm not saying she's not ill). Mai for starters. In the later pics, she mentions still being in the ICU.. I guess I don't know much about hospital protocol, but kids and cosmetics seem weird.

I also know little about UC, but my family member has it. It's not a "severe" case, though, and it's pretty well managed. It does seem odd that suddenly she needs a colostomy, but who knows. Maybe she thought the pain was related to the ED or refeeding?

No. 149176

I'd just put it down to plain aul' luck.

No. 149186

The ICU thing's thrown me too. The two units I've visited (UK) were for critical patients and the gravely ill. Most were hooked up to machines, unconscious or in induced comas. There's a pretty sombre atmosphere in there, and visiting times are very strictly regulated.

I can't imagine a child gluing papercraft in one or a patient wearing a wig and make up.

Those units also look very medical and sterile…not sure of the word… whereas the pic of Erika looks like she's in a side ward and I can't imagine being critical one hour and having to have resus, then being fit enough to get dressed, do face and wig and play with child.

No. 149192

Another thing, over here as soon as you're admitted to a medical ward you hand over your clothes and shoes and have to wear a gown if you haven't brought your own pyjamas or w/e. Yes, they even give you paper knickers if you were brought in without any to change into.

You get your stuff back when you're discharged and they bring it to you in a Property of the NHS green plastic bag (similar to when you're leaving prison) and you get changed into civvy wear.

Unless you're on the psychiatric wards where they force you to dress in day clothes, you have to wear nightgown, pjs, robe. It looks weird how Erika's all glammed up unless she was being discharged.

No. 149228

FFS some of you live in different countries so of course protocols wil be different. Erika has a habit of over sharing, so I'm not doubting her story now because it doesn't suit your aesthetics. People thinking that she's lying is one of her greatest fears. She's not the cow, why is she being discussed? Stupid ass Spoony needs to stop posting her here. Spoony, I doubt that the people here are giving her a ton of money, so stop.

No. 149229

People who abuse laxatives have the worst complications, as do b/p anorexics. B/p anorexia is the subtype associated with the highest mortality rate, IIRC.

No. 149230

FWIW My friend was in the ICU for heart stuff but because she wasn't elderly (she was in her 20s) the staff let her do what she wanted (walk around and stuff) She was an atypical patient and was ambulatory. She just had heart leads on and didn't need tubes or a constant IV. It happens here in the states. Nurses have to care about elderly people and others who are on deaths door and they're less likely to pay attention to you if you "look" healthy.

No. 149235

The person posting in this thread with the name Spoony isn't me FYI, I would never put a name on on lolcow so whoever it is is probably trying to scam people or some shit.

No. 149236

Whut? Who are you even responding to and who's scamming people?

No. 149238

Agreed! How can some people get to skeletor status while some die of a random complication at slightly underweight range? Sucks… But spooky no less.

No. 149241

>People thinking that she's lying is one of her greatest fears.

How is that relevant here? Can't stop people posting what they think because the person in question doesn't like to be seen as a liar. There'd be no site here if that was the case.

No. 149252

IDK, some people's bodies just seem to be able to tolerate that shit more than others. Maybe their ~natural weight~ or ~set point~ or whatever (if that even exists) is lower than that of other people who end up with more complications at higher weights. It is scary, though. I've read stories of people who have died in much less severe conditions than people like Ash, Aly, or pre-recovery Erika.

Some of it has to do with behaviors, like purging and abusing laxatives. "Just" restricting isn't generally as harmful to your body as if you're doing other shit to abuse it as well. But still. There does really seem to be a lot of difference in how people are affected by being underweight/anorexic.

No. 149260


I like Erika, but I don't think she's telling the truth. Yesterday she was going to have her intestines removed. Today it's a stroke or brain tumor. How can someone who is having a stroke going to glue intricate paper crafts? The whole scenario just does not add up. The fact that she slipped her GoFundMe link in there does not help. I have no doubt Erika is sick (you can tell from photos that she is in a hospital) but I doubt the information she is giving out is accurate. Maybe this is why Yustas doesn't show up…maybe she's a hypocondriac?

No. 149262

slopoking here
i usually avoid this thread so I thought she was holding an umbrella everytime i scrolled by. i cannot believe that someone tattooed her.

No. 149263

Do they even do MRIs AND CT scans? I would think one or the other would suffice.

No. 149264


A person here >>148338 posted Erika's GoFundMe link under the name spoony and then I scrolled past on the front page saying "spoony needs to stop posting here" and I was like "wtf why is somebody in this thread pretending to be me".
I don't even know if that is Erika's real GoFundMe or why they'd link it under the name spoony so don't click it.

No. 149270

Damn, I've missed a lot of now-deleted posts here, lol. I also wonder what Erika's caption from that recent IG post, the one where there are comments about her language. I hate that looking at too many lolcows makes me doubt everyone, but she could say it's from the stroke?

No. 149275

I know what hospital Erika is in, and she is not in ICU. She's in a regular patient room.


No. 149294

First time I've doubted her to be honest.

No. 149304


Same here. I'm disappointed.

No. 149313

File: 1438539754477.jpg (53.18 KB, 781x323, update.JPG)

I don't get this. Is she saying she needs the money now for living expenses and not medical bills? How come she suddenly has the insurance when a few days ago she was saying she didn't know how she was going to pay for even taking her daughter to hospital when she fell?

No. 149327

I guess its a bit sketchy but fuck man she still looks sick as hell and frankly i believe her. Even if she ISNT having seizures, strokes, and UC complications, shes still very underweight and should not be working and should not Have to be frantically running about taking care of her kids.
Tbh im suprised they havent been taken away…….. That would wreck this poir woman.

No. 149329

Ashley reads this thread, we know. So Ash? Don't get all smug on your tumblr saying 'told you so.'
I'm certain that Ashley's idea of Erika being fake had to do with people fawning over her while Ash stewed over Erika's percieved wrongs like dropping Ash off at home alone ;_; and suing target.

No. 149330

This… She is clearly suffering badly from the ED, even if everything else is a lie (stroke, yustas, no rent money, all that) she still needs help and what else would she be using the money for ?

No. 149332


Yeah, but it's the kids that're at risk if she's blacking out at home. Did her husband find her and call the almbulance? Idk, I'd rather I knew my kids were safe and be in foster care than have a 4 year old suffer because there's no money to eat (apparently) and her mother could be dead on the floor for days.

I know I sound harsh, but it's true.

No. 149345

Looks like Joltography is wedging herself up Erika's ass again.

I don't think Erika is lying, but I do think she's exaggerating for sympathy. Her behavior is very characteristic of BPD.

No. 149352

For her childrens' sake, I hope they get taken away.

No. 149360

She'd literally die. I don't doubt her love and how good she takes care of them, but you have to admit she has a very bad co-dependency with them.

No. 149363

Yes they do. I've had both done when I had really bad neverending headaches. They usually do the CT first and then the MRI if anything looks suspicious.

No. 149406

She was talking about her mother being shipped off to the psych ward by the cops; maybe she was with her when it happened?

No. 149473

I'm doubting the mother being shipped off to the psych ward, too. What exactly would someone have to do to be dragged off to the psych ward when her daughter was ill enough to be hauled away for a possible stroke?

No. 149485

I just feel sorry for her girls. Mom is in and out of hospitals, being bounced around between relatives and friends. They must be terrified.

No. 149680

erika is getting her guts taken out now

No. 149686

File: 1438559186409.png (1.99 MB, 1276x1280, Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 4.42…)

Wow. Fuck. I feel so bad for her. I don't even know what to say. She's now going through a divorce while all these health problems are happening, too. I really hope her girls are okay, but I imagine they must be traumatized as fuck by now.

No. 149687

Fuck. Poor Erika.

No. 149693

Fucking hell.
I hope this puts to rest the people accusing of her lying.

This is fucking dreadful, all that effort put into escaping this disease only for this to happen. Poor Erika.

No. 149694

She's telling the truth…

No. 149703

She does look much healthier now (despite shes out cold in a hospital bed)

you can see her weight gain, Does anyone know how much she's gained back. The last I heard she got herself up to the 90lb mark

No. 149704

I don't think Erika is lying but everything is filtered through her own perspective which is the case for everyone. It's going to be one-sided because it's her Instagram. There are some anime here who won't be satisfied unless Erika posts her medical records, or pics taken while in surgery.

You think the foster care system in Fl is "safe"?

No. 149705

*anons not anime lol

No. 149712

>This is fucking dreadful, all that effort put into escaping this disease only for this to happen. Poor Erika.
I know. It makes me furious at the world for being so unfair. I don't even care if she's lied about any of what's gone on with her. It's obvious she's worked really fucking hard to recover - she's pulled herself back up after being on the brink of death, faced setback after setback and kept on going regardless, and yet the problems (health issues, divorce, crazy family, debt, etc.) just don't stop coming at her. Then you have people like Ashley, who has decided she's too special or whatever to recover and/or she wants to keep starving herself until she's the #1 spoopiest skeleton. She harms other people and doesn't do shit to help herself, and what does she get? Strokes? Seizures? Major surgeries? Nope, she gets to sit around all day being selfish as fuck and getting sent ~*~kawaii presents~*~ from her stupid fucking followers. Erika's in the hospital and she's still thinking about how she's going to get a job to support herself and her kids, and Ash just gets to wallow in self-pity and anime while being supported by her mommy (who I don't believe is nearly the monster Ash claims she is - I'd love to hear HER side of the story). Fuck, I just feel sick to my stomach right now.

No. 149713

One of my best friends was a foster kid and he's so fucked up from it.

No. 149719

i don't think anyone still sends ash presents unless she's made new friends recently, but i completely fucking agree. shit isn't fair at all. erika works so hard just to have all this shit happen to her. ash can rot in her fucking chairgrave.

No. 149723

I still feel like something's up, IDK. Maybe she's ashamed of some detail. She reveals a lot about herself, so then we start thinking that she's telling us EVERYthing, and we don't have all the pieces of the puzzle. Not that she owes us those pieces.

It must be serious if they're doing this on a Sunday night (US Eastern time). Hopefully it's not her whole colon. I have a sister with UC, but it's well-managed, so IDK about severe cases. But did she indeed confirm that it's UC? Horrible timing (EDs don't cause it).

No. 149725

Maybe she was just ashamed to admit that she was shitting blood. IDK I'd be ashamed of that too.

No. 149726

I wouldn't be surprised if pervs still send her gifts. I doubt she'd want to be telling her followers about that, of course.

No. 149728

I wonder how many dildoes Henry Roth has sent her.

No. 149733

File: 1438562408490.png (39.76 KB, 562x506, souniqueandspecial.png)

"i'm too special to get better but i can't explain why because no one would understand"

No. 149735

Erika can say whatever she wants, doesn't make it true. I agree that few doctors would operate on a Sunday night unless it was an emergency. Last she said she was going to an MRI of the brain. Too much weird stuff going on, conflicting stories. I actually hope it isn't true, because having a colostomy bag is no joke.

No. 149736

What about the photo of her in the bed?

No. 149738

I bet Ashley wants her intestined removed too so she can weigh less.

No. 149739

Im pretty terrified for erika to be honest…… Im kind of surprised they would operate on her? Unless her intestines are so damaged/dying that it would be more risky to leave it in… :( shes so fragile

No. 149747

Looks a lot like the photo she first posted when she was admitted.

No. 149748

Maybe she'll fake her own death.

No. 149750

Look closer. The wires are different.

No. 149752

>shes so fragile

Sorry anon, I fucking hate that word. Most anorexics LOVE to hear that. Why can't we just call them deathly ill?

No. 149753


No. 149755

File: 1438563459109.png (927.47 KB, 956x480, erikahospital.png)

No. 149757


I just can't imagine asking someone to take my photo in that condition. I'd be mortified, to be honest. All the drama. It just seems fake. If I was in a hospital dying of a brain tumor/stroke/rotting intestines, the last thing i would be doing is a)getting dolled up with make up, jewelry and a wig, and b)ask people to take photos of me when I look like I'm dying. I can't even imagine how that conversation went down ("Hi, I know I'm severely ill and going for surgery soon, but I'm going to lie here and look deathtly ill, and would you mind snapping a photo please?") Who the fuck does that?

No. 149758

Who took the picture though? Why are her eyes closed if she was still able to post it?

No. 149760

borderline personality disorder~~~

No. 149762

Ah dammit, you beat me to it!

No. 149765


Don't worry, it will be Ashley's turn soon.

No. 149766

If there's ever a time when Erika needs some financial help I think it's now.


I'm not well off at all right now but I'm going to send what I can.

No. 149767

I'm praying and wishing her the best, but I'm also sitting back with my bag of popcorn, waiting to see what happens next.

No. 149769


Dude you need shut up.
You ever considered that she's publicising/documenting this as a WARNING against people thinking of starting on this route? These pictures could save so many people from the same fate.

More people need to document their own struggles with recovery btw, let them see what the face of an eating disorder is really like instead of pale, delicate, carefully angled Tumblr girls in lace panties and cage bras with their extensions hanging down to their butts because their own hair is already falling out.

No. 149770

Thx Spoony.

No. 149774

Not saying Erika's lying, but now might be a good time to start taking screenshawtz.

No. 149777


Maybe she's just being a drama queen.

No. 149778


Is there any way to look at the EXIF data of the hospital photos to see if they were taken the same day?

No. 149781

No, Instagram strips it.

No. 149784


Blood pressure cuff has folds in the exact same places.Same position.Suspicious.

No. 149787

Could be because how they're stored.

No. 149789


True, but blood pressure cuffs are not always in the exact same position. Seems unlikely to be a coincidence that they are exactly the same, same position, same folds, different photos on different days.

No. 149791

The gauze under the blood pressure cuff isn't the same. And the wall behind her seems different somehow even though its whited out.

No. 149795

There might be something under or built into the blood pressure cuff where you see the fold

No. 149797


It's a disposable blood pressure cuff. Is this common in the ER?

No. 149798


The whited out background looks like the bed is in motion, like maybe they wheeled her to her room and she took the photo then?

No. 149799

They aren't in the same exact position. The gauze from her IV port is much closer in the right pic than the left, also you can actually see the port over the gauze on the left, where as the right pic you can't.

No. 149800


I'm going to guess the closed eyed photo was taken first, then the 2nd photo was taken as she was being wheeled to her room and that is why there are more wires.

No. 149801

"I might be having a stroke, let's waste time by taking photos."

No. 149803

I tried, no dates. There's also the possibility that the two photos could indeed have been taken at/around the same time and Erika just chose to upload that second one now. She posts old photos pretty regularly. I don't think it's beyond the realm of possibility that she used a previously-taken photo for her latest post and that she didn't intend to deceive people with it or something. Or, the "Bye guts" photo could have been taken more recently. Not that much would have changed since then, anyway. She may not even have gotten out of the hospital bed since the first photo was taken. Whatever - she's clearly in the hospital with two IVs, a nasal cannula, a pulse oximeter, and a blood pressure monitor, which I doubt a hospital would do to someone who was just faking.

She could be lying about a ton of stuff, but the fact that she was so deathly emaciated a matter of months ago and has managed to restore a significant amount of weight since then still really says something, IMO. In the same span of time, Aly, for example, hasn't appeared to gain a pound, and Ash isn't even trying.

No. 149805


Saying Bye Guts is pretty dramatic. I wonder when they discovered she needed her intestines removed…during her brain scan? That makes perfect sense.

No. 149807

To be fair, depending on the type of stroke you're having, they don't really do much but throw aspirin at you and monitor you. If she DID have a stroke, it definitely wasn't severe enough warrant anything more invasive, or she wouldn't be selfie-ing it up. But if she's getting her guts cut out instead, she might've thought her symptoms were stroke-like and that's why she went to the ER in the first place, and once they realized it wasn't the cause of her problems, they investigated further and found the real culprit.

I'm curious who took the far away pic though. Yustas?

No. 149808

This. You guys want so hard for Erika to be lying. Smells like Ashley in here.

No. 149810

It looks identical to ones I've worn in the hospital before.

More like "I may have already had a stroke and I'm waiting for the doctors to determine what's wrong with me." She didn't claim to be mid-stroke during the photo or anything. Things don't always move fast in hospitals, even in fairly dire situations. Doctors and nurses are often busy as fuck and are trying to attend to too many patients. She's probably been just sitting/laying around for the majority of the time she's been there. Yeah, it's a bit weird to have someone take a photo of you in that setting, but zillions of other people do it. I don't know, it doesn't seem THAT fishy to me. Maybe a bit attention-seeking, but who on Instagram isn't?

No. 149811

The way some people in this thread are cross-analysing Erika right now whilst she is literally in the ER, unconscious having her organs removed is absolutely vile.

I really want to believe this is all Ashley because I don't want to believe that lolcow users have become so cold and heartless.

Erika has done nothing to deserve any of this from all of you. Nothing. She has only ever worked hard at combating this disease, really fucking hard, and she's obviously making progress. If she wants to document this via photographic evidence then more power to her, maybe she'll be able to convince at least one girl not to go down this route.

Seriously, I feel sick.

No. 149813


People are way too gullible.This wouldn't be the first time someone stirred up internet drama for attention or money.

No. 149814

I don't think Erika is faking it, but I do think she's a bit of an attention whore/histrionic with posting pictures of her passed out on her hospital bed. I know whenever I've been in the hospital, I look like crap and taking a picture is the last thing on my mind.

No. 149815

Ashley and Henry Roth.

No. 149817

my dad had diverticulitis the year i was born, he had to have emergency surgery (he would have died if he had waited another day to go to the hospital)and they took out part of his intestines. he wasn't shitting blood or anything like that, it was an infection caused by irritation in his bowels. he has a huge fucked up scar on his stomach, but he doesn't need a colonoscopy bag or anything special other than to eat lots of fiber.

erika losing some of her guts may not result in a colonoscopy bag future for her, that sort of thing would be a worst case scenario. i hope it isn't that bad. then again it depends on what section of her guts is fucked up.

No. 149818


The Erika supporters should get busy donating her fund is only up by $10
Put your money where your mouth is

No. 149820

lol at joltography donating $5. $5 will buy you a lot of attention. ;)

No. 149827

I hope the fetishists are reading this thread rn. I hope they see Erika in that hospital bed and realize something.

No. 149829

colostomy, dear. a colonoscopy is a camera up your arse.

No. 149830

They're prob jealous tbh

No. 149831


>put your money where your mouth is

I am the one that donated last actually.
It's a pathetic amount but I'm not horribly well off myself.
I definitely going to donate more once I'm financially secure.

No. 149834

File: 1438567647838.jpg (29.7 KB, 278x255, fi1.307192516.jpg)

They have a lot to be jealous of.

No. 149838

>'hardcore barebacking: the aftermath'

No. 149863

cough-blueeyedbarbie-cough no cf pun intended

No. 149867

That's what I was thinking.

No. 149870

Wait, so what all do you folks think Erika's faking? Do you think she lost weight to the point of almost dying and then re-gained it for…attention? Money? Really? Or is it just the other health issues that you think she's faking?

No. 149873

I'm reserving judgement at the moment.

No. 149877


I have no doubt that Erika has health issues, but I believe she is greatly over-exaggerating the extent. I also don't believe she has a brain tumor or is getting her guts ripped out. I think she's over-dramatizing for attention.

No. 149882

Well, I definitely agree that it's good to be skeptical of things on the internet. It just seems like, at the very least, Erika has tried really hard to recover from anorexia, and that I admire. Who knows about the other stuff. I don't get the feeling that she's a blueeyedbarbie-level scammer, but I could be wrong. I'll admit to having a soft spot when it comes to Erika. Maybe it's those adorable kids. I really hope things turn out okay for them, regardless.

No. 149890

I'm wondering what it is Erika may have done to deserve this level of skepticism.

Has she ever been caught out lying?
Does she actively glamourise or promote her ED?
Has she scammed anyone?

Seriously guys, what has she done to deserve this from you? What exactly has she done?

No. 149902

Absolutely nothing, anons are just bored.

No. 149903

Ashley recently posted that it is "illegal" for her to drive because her BMI is below the minimum in Florida or something.

I Googled, but is that anything anyone has ever heard of? I agree she shouldn't be allowed to drive, but I've never heard of a BMI diagnostic for that…

No. 149907

I googled that too. I couldn't find anything.

No. 149916

I never doubted her before, but her latest photos and stories just don't add up or make sense. I can smell bullshit a mile away, and her story reeks of it.

No. 149921

She might not be sure of what's going on right now either. I'm sure it will make sense when she gets out of the hospital.

No. 149923

I also searched around after seeing Ash say that, and I didn't come up with anything, either. I call BS. Maybe a doctor told her that she's unfit to drive or something (I mean, she pretty clearly ISN'T fit to drive and would be endangering herself and others by doing so), but I really doubt that there's some not-to-be-found-on-the-internet BMI criteria for obtaining a driver's license in Florida. Stupid lie, Ash. Why? What's the point in lying about that?

No. 149924

Because she's the #1 BMI champion.

No. 149944

Indeed. I hate the word myself and it has a positive association (eg porcelain). EDs are brittle; they are dried and used up like dead grass.

No. 149949

I can see her convincing the doctors to have Mai stay if she had no where else to go or to prevent her from being home alone also how would Mai get home?
I stayed in an ICU when I was 12 because I went into the hospital with my grandparent and she was my ride home

No. 149951

Her idiotic remarks must be from her lack of food

No. 150003

File: 1438589056150.jpg (89.7 KB, 1905x1080, hi hello this is me.jpg)

I'm sure she thinks that. Or, that she'll be there when she finally croaks. But she won't. She's far from the world's first super-spoopy anorexic, nor, I'm fairly certain, will she be the last. She isn't ~the most extreme~ or the most anything. She's just making herself and others miserable when she could choose to (at least to some extent) do otherwise - it's pathetic, not remarkable.

>mfw she actually turns out to be immortal and I have to eat my words (and they make me fat)

No. 150096

I dont doubt she loves her kids
But i did see one post where she admittted she had the second kid when she was in a bad mental place, and that she was kind of using pregnancy as a coping tool

No. 150130

Erika's latest said they might be sending her home today

No. 150138


So they took her intestines out last night, and she's going home today! Less than 14 hours later! It must be a miracle!!

No. 150140


Also, Mai is wearing the same shirt in the latest instagram photo that she was wearing 2 days ago. Probably not a recent pic. She's probably at home already and laughing her ass off that we believed her stupid stories.

No. 150150


I wonder if she realizes that people spend a week in the hospital after a bowel resection, and an additional 6 weeks recovering. Curious as to what all her supporters think now.

No. 150152

She's getting a ride home with a service the hospital provides. I'm surprised she can even sit up straight if she's had massive surgery. Why isn't she staying in there when she's had an op following a heart attack. Shouldn't they be monitoring her or something?

No. 150153

Fucking hell, Jackie gave her 100 dollars. Ashley won't be pleased.

No. 150155

What's Erika's IG? The handle has changed since the last time I peeped

No. 150156

No. 150159

Thanku bb :* It didn't change I just thought it was fuzzy instead of fluffy oops.

…Her mom was taken off to the psych unit by police? The drama

No. 150161

I prefer fuzzy cats.


No. 150166

Donors have already given a lot of cash. I gave some first time around because I thought it was for medical treatment for her ed recovery.

I wouldn't now though knowing it's for living expenses. It's almost like begging at this point. I wouldn't give because her husband works. If he mismanages finances, that's for them to work out. I'm up to my tits in debt but don't ask for a bean. It just pisses me off when people like Jackie give money they probably can't afford, but through exaggeration they feel Erika deserves it more.

I won't go on because…her supporters. (I was one too before this last hospital visit. Now I'm not even going to go there).

No. 150172

Why does she say on instagram that she's going to start job hunting in a few days, but on her gofundme she says she's going to get disability?

No. 150179


No clue ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Why doesn't she get disability already? Idk how the system works in the US.

No. 150182

Yep. I am a big Erika fan and even I'm getting suspicious now.

No. 150200

While I agree that there's something about Erika's story that doesn't add up right, I really don't think they'd hook her up all those machines in the hospital if there wasn't something wrong with her. She can write whatever she wants on her instagram, but I doubt she could convince a bunch of doctors to treat her when she's fine. So, obviously, something was wrong.
I'm not a medical professional so I really can't say what her real situation might be though.
I feel really bad for her though, because she is obviously going through a lot of crap in her life now, so even if she is exaggerating, I hope things turn out better for her and her kids soon.

No. 150210


I'm guessing she was admitted through the ER for something (and given her condition, would not surprise me. She comes in complaining of pain/feeling faint, they will admit her). They kept her overnight and released her, which is why she is recycling photos. Decided to make it into a big drama fest to drum up sympathy, and more funds for her gofundme account.
I have no doubt Erika is suffering. She is obviously mentally ill and struggling. But it is not cool to lie to people about it. I was glad to see Mai is going to Brooklyn with her Dad to go to school. She needs stability. Hopefully a job is just what she needs to take her mind off the histrionics and self-absorption. She has way too much time on her hands.

No. 150214

>They're removing a chunk of my colon!
>I might have a brain tumor!
>Hey guys guess what, I'm going home!

No. 150220

I don't think she's lying. I think she's just super confused right now.

No. 150225

I hate to say it, but…me too.

I want to believe ;_;

No. 150226

Fucking hell, I know Jackie is easy to manipulate, but $100?

No. 150230

I couldn't accept it tbh, what with her being a bit mentally challenged.

No. 150234

>I hope this money helps you .. I'm glad we are friends, you been so kind to me, and I hope to meet you in person one day.. I would love to hangout with you..

No. 150236

File: 1438622744755.jpg (13.11 KB, 489x77, a.JPG)

She gave $25 before.

No. 150243

erika inherited all of ashley's minions that actually bought her stuff

No. 150244

File: 1438623366546.jpg (13.2 KB, 263x74, wtf.JPG)

what the fuck is this comment all about on the pic of erika in hospital with wig looking sad?

No. 150246

Someone who knows her irl?

No. 150247

I guess it's possible that she had some other type of surgery that didn't require as long of a recovery period, or that she didn't end up having to have surgery at all. Maybe she was confused about what was happening, or maybe the doctors realized that they didn't need to do anything as drastic as Erika had initially feared. Or, she could be lying - I don't know. I just know that I had a fairly intense laparoscopic surgery a while back and they only kept me in the hospital overnight, despite me being in complete agony and pretty poor physical condition. They almost didn't even keep me overnight. I got the feeling that they desperately needed to free up beds in the hospital. They ended up just sending me home with a bottle of Percocet, which I accidentally OD'd on because I was in so much pain I was barely even conscious of what I was doing. Anyway, in my experience, hospitals usually want to get people out of there as soon as they can (unless it's just an overcrowding issue in my area - ?), so I'm guessing what happened is that Erika's condition didn't end up being as bad as she/they thought it might be and they are indeed discharging her soon.

No. 150248

Could be BUT she'd just had a stroke and she's a low body weight? Wouldn't the hospital be in serious shit for negligence if she went home and croaked because she had another stroke?

No. 150252

So many people need to get off instagram.

No. 150253

wait i noticed mai has a different dad? what about traud? who is yustas

No. 150255

Mai is from her first husband who turned out gay. Yustas is her husband now and Edeltraud's dad.

No. 150264

True, but I don't know if it was ever confirmed that she did actually have a stroke - it seemed like that was her suspicion, but she didn't post anything about the results of her MRI/CT scan (or, if she did, I missed it). Maybe things just didn't turn out to be as bad as she had feared. I know I freak myself out about health shit all the time (OMG PAIN IN LEG = BLOOD CLOT = DYING) and it turn out to be nothing. I just don't go to the hospital because I'm a poorfag and am terrified of getting myself into debt. Someday I'm sure I'll die because I choose to ignore something that I actually should have gone to the hospital for…

No. 150265

suspecte stroke is not a stroke necessarily

No. 150270

How long before Ashley turns on Jackie again?

No. 150272

Why can't the dad take Traud too?

No. 150273

File: 1438625164404.png (13.56 KB, 702x288, kawaiiiiiiiii.png)

No. 150274

File: 1438625233024.jpg (10.79 KB, 259x194, images.jpg)

It's too complicated. I can't keep up. I used to want to know Erika irl, but even hearing drama after drama I can't deal with it. Writing convoluted messages and giving people reason to worry or doubt or whatever doesn't help.

YEAH! I was happy that my browser sent me to that tumblr by mistake last week. I thought anon had deserted it.

No. 150276

WHY is Mai in Brooklyn, and Traud with Erika? o__O

No. 150277

Bad punctuation. I think she means "You did this to yourself. I just can't [as in, "I literally can't even"]. Take care of your kids."

No. 150278

Erika's latest posts remind me of how Ashley's grandfather was going to have the plug pulled in 48 hours. He was indeed dying, but it was not that dramatic. You have to remember that both of them have severe BPD and they are telling what they believe to be the truth. You're seeing their view of the world, which is much more dramatic than the real world. It's not their fault, and they're not intentionally trying to deceive anyone.

No. 150279

Not too sure. Something to do with Mai having autism and going to a special school I think.

No. 150281

Mai really doesn't seem autistic to me.

No. 150283

if anyone should be sent somewhere safe, it's traud. mai is old enough to atleast deal with some things by herself, but traud is too little to even begin to understand what is happening to her mama.

No. 150284

Yep. I don' think Erika's lying, but I do think she's being maniupulative. She's also all over the place right now. In the hospital, having surgery, suddenly she's going home and saying she wants to work???

At least if Erika divorces Yustas, they'll all have Medicaid. I don't know if Erika has ever worked, because she would be getting SSDI (federal disability that you pay into). At least she would get SSI.

No. 150285

Right now. I'm regarding the whole thing as a bad tv drama that's getting more and more unrealistic. Maybe her husband doesn't like having the kid around and they sent her away. I reaaaaally don't know.

No. 150286


No. 150287


Tbh I'm not sure why people are suddenly shocked by the inconsistencies in Erika's stories. I still support her for trying but the dramatic exaggerating is just one of her ongoing issues and isn't news.

There's examples people have pointed out already along with things like changing her height from 5'4 to 5'6 (on her MyProAna account, where she portrays a very different image of herself, wealthy and proud to show off bones and not all that concerned about her kids). She's also said things like she's technically on the autism spectrum solely based on her IQ test or that she's immune from a BPD diagnosis based on IQ, which demonstrates a lack of understanding of psychometric tests. Not to mention denying her ED will affect her daughters because they're "too smart" for that.

The surgery/brain tumor stuff is just one of numerous inconsistencies but I don't even think this hospital visit is suspicious. She's been giving sporadic updates so she may have been medically cleared without needing surgery or had her tests come back okay, she hasn't confirmed surgery was actually done.

BUT even with the dramatics that doesn't mean she isn't sick or genuinely trying to get better, which I fully believe she is. She just has a tendency to embellish sometimes but she's not malicious.

No. 150289

File: 1438625855641.png (42.82 KB, 475x622, bpdizzle.png)

No. 150292


Mai doesn't strike me as autistic either. And one sure way to get an autistic kid to freak out is by bouncing her around to different people, and having to witness her mom being in and out of the hospital.
People shouldn't make excuses for her. What she did was wrong and she should own it. Being mentally ill does not excuse lying and drama. In that case every scammer and liar should get a free pass, because no one in their right mind pulls that kind of shit.

No. 150293

its a spectrum disorder so i guess there are levels… i just hope her real dad can take care of her. i hope erika can handle it too. brooklyn is far from florida…..

No. 150300

>Mai doesn't strike me as autistic
You're…probably not a reliable source if you haven't been living with her or Erika's family, anon.

No. 150303

No, probably not, but still.

No. 150304

I don't think she'll be living with her dad though. Isn't he still gaying it up around the US?

No. 150305

His mom sounds stable, so idk.

No. 150307

I know four different autistics. One is low functioning. Has weird speech and sounds like he's deaf when he tries to talk. One is high functioning, extremely bright, and amazingly skilled at bowling. One has Asperger's and is super sexual . One time he cammed me and was totally naked. I said that it was gross and logged off Skype. Haven't talked to him since.

The last person I know is midly autistic. He's the younger brother of the guy that is a crazy good bowler. When he was a kid, he used to get scared over everything and freak out at little things. He's doing better now and is a pretty normal person.

No. 150308

> Being mentally ill does not excuse lying and drama.
> no one in their right mind pulls that kind of shit.
ok but you just said -mentally ill people- so doesnt that mean they're not "in their right mind"

No. 150311

exactly! so mai can be any of those things…

also guys, lets not forget erika's is not a native english speaker and she often writes in elaborate flowery language. so we might just be misconstruing her words a bit.

No. 150313

She IS a native English speaker. She was born in the US. Second generation German.

No. 150315

man, it's almost as if there's people who are born to immigrants who don't grow up speaking english as a first language or something??

No. 150316

If you go to school you do.

No. 150318


That's precisely my point. If we're going to give Erika a pass for being mentally ill, we should give all the other scammers liars a pass, too, because scamming and lying is not normal people behavior (well, maybe lying is, but not if the intent is to upset people and make them worry about your dying and shit).

No. 150319

Erika's middle name is Hailey. She's not as German as she pretends to be.

No. 150324

lmao you act like every german name is Schnitzel Adolf Leifhaufen

No. 150325

No I don't xDDDDD

No. 150329

I notice she still visits mpa.

No. 150330

Right. Plus she uses British spelling when she's from Texas. The spelling and European writing style are an affectation. She's definitely a native (American) English speaker. The flowery writing is just stream of consciousness disorganized speech.

No. 150331


No. 150335

She doesn't post. It just says she logged in recently. Her last posts were sthing like December last year.

No. 150343

Does she still post? I'm willing to give her a pass for the horrible things she posted in the past because she's clearly in a different state of mind now. EDs make people delusional assholes and unless they have an underlying personality disorder that makes them an asshole they usually turn into completely different people after long term recovery.

No. 150344

No posts. She probably just lurks sometimes.

I haven't posted any ss of old posts because. like you said, she was in a different place then.

No. 150350

Fair enough. I'm sure she's just lurking out of morbid curiosity.

No. 150368


Erika's instagram is now private.

No. 150377

File: 1438631735487.jpg (542.77 KB, 1080x1920, image.jpg)

Why does this girl live in ashs anus?

No. 150383

There's a whole club up there.

No. 150388

Those piercings.
That terrible tattoo
Those lazy eyes


No. 150390

It must be spacious inside Ash's rectum.

No. 150392

Dat keloid.

No. 150394

File: 1438632581880.png (41.34 KB, 365x551, byefelicia.png)

Self explanitory. Wonder if Erika is reading here.

No. 150396

jfc she's hideous.

No. 150400

Way to go, fuckers.

No. 150406

She reads here, she has even posted here in the past.
I'm not surprised she's deleting her account. If I was in her situation, I would too.

No. 150409

Oh yeah! I must have forgotten about that

No. 150410


Still no mention of the medical lies. Typical melodramatic "woe is me" shit. Always sees herself as the victim. Edeltraud can't start Kindergarten because she's only 4, but I guess Erika will figure that out eventually.
If she wants to win back her fan base she needs to explain why she lied to the whole internet about having her intestines removed.

No. 150411

Maybe she meant PRE-K?

No. 150414

Well, she's deleted. I don't think it'll be for long, though. She NEEDS attention. That's what having BPD is about, among other things.

No. 150416


And her instagram is gone.

No. 150417


She deleted it once before IIRC. People who claim to love her should want her to unplug, the constant OMGYOU'RESOPERFECTANDAWESOME stuff feeds the personality disorder. The best thing for her would be to unplug, so she can deal with the problems in her real life, instead of being constantly showered with praise.

No. 150427

I do know Erika, she's confused medically because she has dozens of doctors telling her different things. Doctors see an underweight girl and always sell of the fear factor. Her kids are very well cared for and average. Her mom is definitely in the psych ward FYI.

No. 150432

If that's true, why not wait and see what happens instead of saying stuff like: "bye colon!"

No. 150434

Happened with her previous ig and tumblr too. And also her past fundraising site, she said she deleted it because of bullying, but if I had to guess it was a situation like this, where people had valid concerns. Thought she progressed a lot in recovery but she still has a lot to work on. Hopefully she actually changes her situation as far as giving her children some financial and emotional stability, instead of just feeling victimized.

No. 150435


What exactly happened for her mom to end up in the psych ward?

No. 150436

Erika was cool with this site bullying Ash and Jackie but as soon as it turned on her she flipped her shit.

No. 150439

Erika could have just waited it out a few days.

No. 150440

This is all just really fucking sad. I am guessing that she did read what was being said here. I honestly don't care if she has BPD and was lying about most of the shit that was going on. I still feel bad for her and her family, and I want them all to be okay. At the every least, she seems to have demonstrated that she really wants to recover from her anorexia, and the steps she's already taken toward recovery have been, IMO, pretty impressive. It's not even remotely easy to force yourself to gain weight after being in such a dire place as Erika was in. She really seemed to want to make everything better so she could be there for her kids. Maybe being off of social media will be a good thing for her, but I have to admit that I liked being able to check up on her and make sure she was still at least alive.

I don't think that she was "scamming" people by asking for money. She HAS got to be drowning in debt at this point, and, unless she was lying about everything she said about Yustas and her family, it sounds like she really did need the money. I'm not generally a fan of "e-begging," but if anyone would be in a position to do so, it would be someone like Erika. At least she wasn't asking for people to buy her gifts and useless shit. Sure, she could have used the money to buy…I don't know what. But she really seemed to be just scraping by and barely being able to feed herself and her family. I hope she gets the mental and physical health help that she needs and that she gets on some government assistance programs. I'm pretty sure she'd be able to get on disability without too much trouble, although that does involve months and months of waiting before you get any benefits (even if you don't have to go through any appeals process and they just decide to give you the benefits right off the bat).

No. 150448

This is just really fucked up. Really. Now that you've done this to Erika I am even less inclined to believe what you've said about Ashley.

No. 150456

I don't think she was scamming at all. She truly needs the money, but… I hate to say it but medical bills aside, her financial problems at this point are due to irresponsibility. If you know your husband can't manage money or pay rent then either he learns how or you take charge instead of acting surprised and helpless every single time he runs out of money. She could have sought help from social services much sooner, food stamps, low income housing, anything available instead of relying on crowd funding and putting their children at risk of being homeless and hungry. Not a wise decision.

I'm just glad she's seeking help now. I really hope she can turn things around for her daughters' sake.

No. 150459

Anyone else think it's really screwed up that Erika is pretty much giving Mai away? What about Traud? won't she miss her sister?

No. 150460

No one did anything to her. She didn't like being criticized for what she did to herself.

No. 150462

This site lead Erika to peruse recovery with so much strength and now she's lost her fucking support network. Her mom was bat shit crazy with mental health issues that drove Erika even deeper into her disorders. Jesus Christ you guys. What the fuck. Making fun of a kid's name? What the actually fuck is wrong with you.

No. 150465

I think she was admitting she couldn't care for them as well as she needed and did the right and adult thing. This is so fucking sad. Fuck.

No. 150467

She's not "giving her away". Mai is staying with her dad. Mai does not "belong" to anyone. She's being taken care of her dad, of whom she is 50% genetic material.

No. 150470

Don't think it was the kids' names. Erika was fine with the site until people started bringing up concerns about how truthful she was. Which has happened before and she just explained whatever she needed to. So something was up this time. And if you're implying that a website is responsible for her recovering then you're really not giving her any credit.

No. 150471

I bet your family was perfectly stable and your mom and dad lived together and you had enough money to eat.

No. 150472

Ok, but sending her off to hrr dad and taking her away from her sister is a little cruel. She's four. She's still a toddler.

I'm not saying she's not being well cared for, but I am a parent myself and if I did not have my son, I would be absolutely heartbroken.

No. 150474

No. My family was batshit crazy. Still is. And my mom was so depressed, she stopped paying bills and was really behind on mortgage payments. My perspective comes from being a parent now. I can't imagine being without my son.

No. 150475

From what I remember it had to do with her husband being a legal instant without citizenship yet.

No. 150477

Yeah, I bet it's killing her. I bet she's not exactly happy about it, but Jesus. She shouldn't be a parent in one comment. The next she's cruel for doing this? By here is no winning.

No. 150478

Love how some anons are trying to guilt trip the rest because they had concerns about what was actually going on.

Everyone always points the finger at lolcow when someone has a social media meltdown.

No. 150481

Ok well this a board, so everyone has an opinion and surprise surprise…those opinions are going to be different.

No. 150483

aw, I feel bad. I was one of the people who posted concerns about Erika maybe being a little too co-dependent on her kids (it's a lot of pressure on a kid to be "strong" and a "motivator" for an ailing parent). I still think that's probably true, but do want to re-iterate what I said in the same post, which is that I don't think it means Erika is a bad mom or doesn't love her kids. She definitely loves them and that's very apparent. I think it's a great idea for her to send Mai to her dad's if that's a more stable place for Mai right now. Making that decision shows real emotional maturity.

But it sounds like the observation hit a bad chord with her.

Well, sorry to not be able to follow her story anymore, but I do wish her the best. I hope she's able to gain weight and get stable and get some fulfilling work. I was really hoping she was just confused in the hospital and that we would get some explanation later and people would be satisfied. I wonder what really happened.

No. 150486

Well this way the weirdos who followed her won't be able to contact her and beg for attentions anymore.

No. 150487

Way to go, you couple of salted cunts.
I really believe in Erika too.

No. 150489

This comment hurt my vagine.

No. 150490

I think most likely she went in because she had something wrong initially. Going to the ED department and being emaciated = admittance. She probably had a thorough work up and the doctors started saying that she could have this or that, and she took it an extreme level instead.

There's NO way she would have major surgery and then be out the next day. Minor surgeries are done outpatient but abdominal surgery is one week guaranteed in the hospital, plus 6-8 weeks of recovering.

No. 150491

I believe that 9/11 was an inside job, but I don't expect everyone else to.

No. 150492

(and if you say it wasn't an inside job I'll delete my social network accounts!!!1)

No. 150496

Erika here, one post, the kid thing is just hurting too much. I am usually all for criticism, but yes, Mai leaving is breaking me. It hurts. It really hurts. She will be visiting at least once a month, her father and I are on very good terms and he's more than happy to be a part of Mai's life. The school system where he lives is fantastic. She deserves that. I am divorcing my husband and looking into moving further north, somewhere less expensive, ideally very close to my ex so that we can manage some sort of co parenting.

My mother apparently lost it on my adoptive father for not having enough money and no life insurance..which would leave her broke if he died and she insisted that being in his 70's he's on deaths door and the world revolves around her…she threatened him physically and he called her doctor who called the police and enforced a 72hr baker act.

Medically..I don't like talking about my pooping habits. It's a little embarrassing for me I guess..I'm eating a lot more and a lot of new foods in recovery, I'm not used to changes. They suspected a stroke upon admission, but during the bowel X-ray we found a serious impaction and infection. There are no words for the pain involved and yes I had been having blood in my stool for a while, but I also have internal hemerhoids from pregnancy(totally love talking about this) so Bleeding was t abnormal. I was put on heparin for one reason or another, I was very incoherent throughout the stay, mostly due to stress, malnutrition from a twisted intestine and a whole slew of sleeplessness and illness. I thought about posting the actual imaging, but the doctors don't just I've them to you, it's more of a request basis and a royal pain in the ass (ha). I think a break from it isn't necessarily a bad thing. I have a lot going on and it does suck, yes. I will be applying for disability as soon as I recover a bit. We don't qualify for other government assistance due to Yustas's citizenship status. We are ok on food, I utilise Aldi (very inexpensive market) and local coops. It's the other bills. Co pays etc. I have insurance through the marketplace, my kids have Medicaid as they are both citizens and that was never an issue. Traud had some dental work that was pricey, but well worth it. Previous poster was correct- it is pre-k. She loves kids, loves school play, she will love it and it will give me time to figure out working further in the future. I'm not mad, just a little hurt. I named Mai after the song "Komm lieber Mai", Edeltraud is a beautiful name with a strong personal meaning, my family is German, though most moved to Danmark.

I still am not BPD, just diagnosed with PTSD, Panic disorder, Major Deppressive Disorder..and a few other non personality disorders. :/

I don't come on here, but I was DM'd this thread. I'm pretty busy irl, I don't lurk mpa, no. I loathe the idea that I ever did. I don't want to post a ton and be seen as attention seeking, I was just hoping to show all aspects of my life, personally, bluntly, and openly. Sometimes it's not all sunshine and flowers. I know a lot of you are great people, I'm just in a position of great emotional stress and need to take a step back. I will not fall back into anorexic or disordered tendencies. Well wishes, and healing, Erika.

No. 150497

Laparoscopic! It is often outpatient.

No. 150499

I think you were doing a good job of showing the reality of eating disorders.

No. 150508

Erika, you don't owe anyone such a personal explanation, but I hope this puts some of the chatter to rest. I'm so sorry that your children were brought into this discussion at all. I just want to say that I really hope everything turns out okay for you and your family. I think taking a step back from the internet and social media is a healthy step to take. I need to do it myself, honestly.

No. 150512

File: 1438637853421.jpg (10.44 KB, 240x45, mpa.JPG)

You need to change your password or something because someone's using your account to browse/lurk.

No. 150513

Bless Jolty, the protector.

No. 150515

What did shithead do this time?

No. 150516

Someone DMed this thread to Erika. Just guessin' what kind of retard would do that thinking it'd be a good thing to do when it wasn't.

No. 150517

I am doing a bad job of not posting once but one more thing..I promise ._.

I never wanted Ashley to get bashed and I still for the love of life hope she can pull through. I forgive whatever happened with anything and STILL miss her non disordered talks. She is a person under that. She is young at heart and I knew I had to cut ties to recover. I still care about her, she's a living, breathing human. She's someone's daughter. Jackie is an amazing woman, I don't know the disordered side of her, just her. I don't care to dig around, I'd rather get to know someone from them. I truly hoped maybe..maybe my ig (mistypes are usually my autocorrect being a hinderance, sorry) helped save some girls struggling. I wanted to give hope. My daughters weren't my saviours from illness, they were my inspiration to live. They showed me love and forgiveness and most of all innocence. They love everyone unless proven otherwise. They are amazing kids. Typing that alone makes me feel so much better. I want to stay focused on living. Mai is excited about school, my ex gave me an iPhone back when they first came out and we were still together, he continues to keep me on his plan so that we can talk/share/FaceTime etc. we will have that when she's in school. I'm so excited for her opportunity to go to a real- honest to god amazing school that is utilised to teach kids from all walk with great care. Not only will she be in a great school, but I can get my finances in order and become the mother I want and need to be. I'm not nearly as complicated as the Internet makes me seem, and I can papercraft just about anywhere. I spent time in the icu and pcu, I gifted papercrafts to the kids on the oncology floor. It's simple, it's complicated, it's what you make it. The only important thing here is living life. Happiness is a side effect of love and care.

No. 150518

You're probably right.

HAHAHA way to go, idiot.

No. 150519

In May I attempted to delete the account and said f it. I don't want to be here. No worries.

No. 150520


It was definitely her. I know she probably means well, but she needs to stay the fuck off of social media. Is she really BPD or autistic?

No. 150524

When she said what her diagnoses were, one was BPD but she disagreed. She said she thinks she's autistic. I agree. I mean, who sends a message to someone saying THEY'RE TALKING SHIT ABOUT YOU GO SEE IT when any non autist would know it's not a wise thing to do. Maybe say something but not send her to the fucking thread when she's ill.

No. 150527

It wasn't her, it was someone I didn't follow actually.

No. 150530

If you PM the administrators, they will delete your account for you.

No. 150534

File: 1438639105806.jpg (64.14 KB, 718x478, ff.JPG)

Someone who mustn't find enough ~dramu~ here as it is.


She deleted her 2nd account, or changed the name back to forestcat or w/e. This was the post. Not sure why she'd be "terrified" of being diagnosed manic depressive, but hey ho.

No. 150536

erika we still love you : ) bless

No. 150538

Sorry for deleting those posts after I posted them, I moralfagged out.

No. 150540

No. 150550

This thread is beginning to smell like corpse again. I bet it was Ashley who messaged Erika with a side account.

No. 150554

She always did get pissy when HER thread was derailed by Erika chat.

No. 150557

If it wasn't TFC trying to play Autistic Guardian, it was probably Ashley using the last of her energy to harm Erika before she finally joins the skeleton army.

No. 150558

File: 1438640196256.jpg (113.83 KB, 1024x768, nowig.jpg)

Revenge… -rattles-

No. 150559

aw, well, I'm sorry to see you go and I really enjoyed following your story. You don't owe anyone shit, but having to "prove" yourself is unfortunately always a side effect of making a story public. A break from social media might be helpful! If you decide to come back I would just totally ignore spaces like this one. Everyone has an opinion and wants to share it, doesn't mean you have to hear it!
Good luck with everything!!! I hope we get an update from you someday.

No. 150564

CUE: Ash rushing in here IT WASN'T ME!!!

No. 150573

Hey Erika, I'll be sorry to see you go but I actually think getting away from this place would be really beneficial for you.

If you ever find yourself in a place where you require immediate support don't hesitate to re-open your Instagram or any other social media, I know that I for one will try to be there for you if you ever require a little cheerleading.

I want to say that we all have your back… but, some users here have behaved absolutely appallingly towards you and I feel sickened because of it.
I know how crushing it is when people stop believing you and start accusing you of being untruthful and pointing fingers, it only encourages you to open up less which is the worst thing you can do. Just remember that the assholes on here are an absolute minority.

Good luck for the future, keep kicking and screaming towards your recovery x

To the assholes; you're fucking scum that needs to stop scraping into every corner trying to look for drama. If you're that fucking starved of activity go take up a hobby you fucking leeches.

No. 150574

>you're fucking scum that needs to stop scraping into every corner trying to look for drama

Welcome to lolcow!

No. 150577


Ha no, this is fucking PULL behaviour.
We're supposed to only be selecting the choicest of cuts for cooking, not desperately grasping for slithers of threads to pull upon.

You're a bottom feeder and probably from PULL tbh.

No. 150580

Erm…okay, but you're wrong :)

No. 150588



The emote says otherwise.

No. 150590

Fooken loooove the fact all drama boards try to state they're morally superior to other drama boards … Like, no. We are all trashy, desperate, evil lil' fucks, DWI.

No. 150592


No. 150593

What did moral high ground anons think was going to happen?

No. 150594

Right? I'm only here to feed my conduct disorder.

No. 150595

This is Emma right?

No. 150596

File: 1438643962765.jpeg (49.35 KB, 1275x1650, correct.jpeg)

No. 150597

See above img

No. 150598

Sounds like a new person.

No. 150600

No. 150603

File: 1438644290198.jpg (27.11 KB, 445x448, doll.JPG)

So is this. Whadayathink? The mouth needs a bit more work I think. Like make it smaller or sth

No. 150604

that should say "over-the-top living doll edits" but I can't even crop.

No. 150606

Erika still hasn't addressed why she told the internet her intestines were being removed, when they weren't :-/

No. 150607

Think she put it down to the pillz making her not know what the fuck was going on.

No. 150608


That sounds….convenient.

No. 150609

Why Erika deleted her GoFundMe?

No. 150610

Well Erika's gone now, Can we stop derailing the Ash thread plz.

Someone stir drama with Ash

No. 150611


Interesting how someone can put on make up, jewelry, and a wig…and papercraft…yet be too fucked up from the pillz to know that she isn't going to have her intestines removed.

No. 150613

You're going to set the moralfag off again with that comment, you bottom feeder, you.

No. 150614

No one was contributing. Besides, it's fraud to solicit funds under false pretenses.

No. 150615

wait, she lied?

No. 150616


She told the whole internet she was having her intestines taken out…and it wasn't true.

No. 150617

Jackie donated.

No. 150618

eh she might have been told that it was a possibility due to the blockage and infection by a doctor, and if she really was mentally out of it, might have thought the doctor was saying they were definitely going to take out her guts.

No. 150631

it wasnt? she said she had something done laproscopically

No. 150634


Even if she had done this via laparoscope, they wouldn't have sent her home 14 hours later. It's obviously not true.

No. 150639

how do you know they wouldn't send her home though? don't state things as facts when you have no idea.

No. 150640

Recovery from Laparoscopy
When your laparoscopy is completed, you will be observed for several hours before you are released from the hospital. The timing of your release will vary. It depends on:

your overall physical condition
the type of anesthesia used
your body’s reaction to the procedure.
In some cases, you may have to remain overnight.

Generally, you will be taken to a recovery room. While there, you will be checked for any reaction to the anesthesia or the procedure. Your vital signs will be monitored.

When the effects of your anesthesia wear off, you will be discharged. However, if you received general anesthesia, you will not be permitted to drive yourself home.

After your laparoscopy, you can expect to feel slight pain and throbbing at the surgical sites. Any pain or discomfort should improve daily. Your physician may prescribe medication to relieve the pain.

It is not uncommon to have shoulder pain after your procedure. This occurs when the carbon dioxide gas causes an irritation in your diaphragm, which shares nerves with your shoulder. The carbon dioxide may also cause some bloating.

You will be told not to lift any heavy objects for about a week.

Typically, you can go back to eating your normal diet when you feel hungry.

You usually can resume all normal activities within a week. You will need to return to your physician in about two weeks.

No. 150642

Not Erika, just chiming in. I had an abdominal laproscopic procedure. It was ountpatient. I spent 5-6 hours recovering and I was out by the afternoon. I checked into the hospital at 8 am.

I had a LOT of pain from the C02. Mostly in my back and shoulders. The painkillers helped that and I was back to my normal self within 3 days. I had a tubal ligation as I didn't want any more kids.

No. 150643


No. 150646

Maybe Erika just got a tiny portion of her intestine removed. You guys really love to blow things out of proportion.

No. 150647

In her instagram photo Erika said she was waiting for a ride home. This was 14 hours after the supposed procedure. It is true you can be released just a few hours after SOME laparocopic procedures. Having your intestines removed is not one of those (google Colectomy. It says 1 week hospital stay, and an additional 6 weeks recovery time).

"You'll stay in the hospital until you regain bowel function. This may take a couple of days to a week."


No. 150648


Yes, because people just get tiny bits of intestine removed, like, for fun. And then go home right after. God, people will believe anything…

No. 150650

Maybe she had a very small portion removed for a biopsy?

No. 150651

Ash is somewhere, cackling gleefully at the turn this thread has taken.

No. 150652

Twist: Ash passed away yesterday.

No. 150655


Most intestinal biopsies are done by colonoscopy. Even if she did have a "small" section removed, she would still have intestines that were sewed back together and would need to be monitored in the hospital for a couple of days.

No. 150656

Imagine ash haunting the apartment after she dies. Her mom should move the fuck out after she passes, I know for a fact ash's gonna be an angry as fuck ghost.

No. 150659


I don't think mom can afford the apartment without Ash's SSI money.

No. 150660

That's true. I wouldn't want to be the next tenant, listening to my haunted toilet flushing and making vomit noises at wee hours in the morning.

No. 150663

Karma's going to get me so hard for this thread, I can already feel it.

No. 150664

That's troll's remorse for ya.

No. 150666

It was the blockage and tissue around it. It was minimal :/ not like my entire guts. I deleted the fund because I felt like a pathetic beggar after the original posts. I had a nasty infection.

No. 150669

You don't need to defend yourself. This is what they do.

No. 150670

I also AMA'd after the heparin nurse told me she'd kill to have to take shots in her arms because of low bodyfat. I just really, the whole thing is triggering and stupid and I already feel like crap over my mom hurting my dad, my husband being him, there's a lot to it. But again, poop talk isn't fun. Haha Erika's full of shit- literal puns and whatnot. Just…I'm really going to miss Mai, I'm scared, I'm scared of divorce I'm just fucking scared. A shitty blockage really is the least of my cares at this point. I haven't been single since 2003. I'm just scared.

No. 150672

Of course thats terrifying. Everything all at once. But mama you came so far! Can only go forward from here :)

No. 150674

File: 1438651234842.jpg (177.04 KB, 1536x772, image.jpg)

no way anon she is gonna live forever

No. 150676

You don't owe anyone here an explanation. You're only going to provide more ammo by posting here.

No. 150677


You can't have surgery while on heparin. You'll bleed to death. Just sayin' Erika, just fess up and admit you made it all up. You're just digging your hole deeper and deeper with all your bullshit lies.

No. 150680

THIS. stupid lying BPD bitch. so stupid how anyone believed her lies for so long

No. 150683

hi ash

No. 150684

Are you a doctor? No? Then shut up.

No. 150685

Another anon who had a laparoscopic surgery here. Some of you guys are really misinformed. I had surgery in the afternoon and was sent home the next morning. I'm almost positive I was given heparin (it was that or something similar, I was in a post-surgery, pain-pill haze, I confess, so my memory of it isn't perfect) to prevent deep vein thrombosis, along with having these weird cuffs put on my legs that kept squeezing and letting go. DVT is a serious concern after laparoscopic surgeries. Look it up. Or just read this:

No. 150686


A photo of the incision or it didn't happen

No. 150688


A person upthread said she knows Erika IRL.Maybe she can verify if she had surgery?

No. 150689

Jesus fucking Christ some of you people legit need therapy

No. 150690

File: 1438652033479.jpg (231.66 KB, 1136x1600, Madeline.jpg)

Go back to your chairgrave, Ash.
>And poor little Ashley cried, "Boohoo, I want to have my intestines operated on, too!"
Seriously, did you ever read Madeline as a kid? You're just like one of these salty cunts who got jealous after Madeline got attention and presents after having to have her appendix removed.

No. 150691

I was only given blood thinner shots after my c-section and I had those cuffs on your legs that inflate, just like you.

As far as I know, if you're on blood thinners like Warfarin, they do make you stop it a few days before surgery. Getting it afterward is a lot different than being on it long term.

No. 150692

Severe therapy.

No. 150693

And I had lovenox. I didn't have any cuffs or blood thinners after my tubal, but I guess it depends on what kind of laprascopic sugery you had. >

No. 150694

Not every surgery is the fucking same.

No. 150695

"Some forms of lying prevalent in people with BPD include the following:

Faking a medical condition in order to reduce responsibility."

No. 150700

That's why I said it must depend. Obviously it's not going to be all the same.

No. 150718

Do you know anyone with Munchausen by Internet? Maybe you don’t know yet. Here are some clues to help you detect a person faking an illness:

– Near-fatal bouts of illness alternate with miraculous recoveries.
– Continual dramatic events in the person’s life, especially when other group members have become the focus of attention.
– The claims are fantastic, contradicted by subsequent posts or flatly disproved.
– The person would not be capable of posting if they were as seriously ill as they claim.
– They describe their misfortunes with inappropriate happiness to attract more attention.
– As they don’t understand the disease they are faking the symptoms are exaggerated like a caricature of the illness.
– They will blame the lack of sympathy from group members for causing their condition to worsen.

No. 150728

File: 1438654888993.jpg (150.82 KB, 960x960, image.jpg)


uhh what? how salty are some people here thinking everyone who thinks erica is lying is ash? please

No. 150732


Not Ash either. Not sure how to post a photo on this site or I would.

No. 150740

this sounds like her

No. 150801

I'm not a Erika fan or whatnot, but based on the fact that she has a history of stroke, I'd assume she's on an anticoagulant (i.e coumadin). These patients pose the risk of throwing a clot when it's discontinued, so sometimes a bridging anticoagulative is given (i.e lmw heparin) before and after the procedure. The pros and cons of this are debatable, but just thought I'd share. I understand how it would sound really odd.

No. 150824

American-German is not the same as German-German, for one. Second, if she grew up speaking German it'd show when she spoke English, for example she'd use certain phrases characteristic of PA German ('the milk is all'). Third, I've seen a lot of yanks use British spelling to look cool.

No. 150827

>armchair diagnosing
fuck off

sometimes cunts are just cunts

No. 150829

Oh and half of those symptoms can be caused by plain ol anxiety.

No. 150846

There has been way too much actual contacting of the lolcows on this board lately. God damn summerfags, go back to school already.

No. 150853

Someone get me up to speed on this. Who is this Erika? Why does she have a plethora of mental illnesses, two kids (one out of wedlock) and a husband for whom people say he's a good-for-nothing?
Why is she airing out her dirty laundry and writing novels on the internet? Why does she look all edgy when she's a mother? Why is she posting her children online?

And most importantly, why do all these people think anyone wants to listen to them talk about being mentally ill?

No. 150866

>Why does she look all edgy when she's a mother?
Moms can be cool too.

No. 150870

File: 1438666849240.gif (961.62 KB, 500x250, serveimage.gif)

No. 150891

Fuck. I don't want to see this shit right before going to sleep. I suppose I brought it upon myself, though.

No. 150892

Emma's face isn't that offensive, come on now anon.

No. 150921

I have this urge to defend Emma because she reminds me of myself at that age.

No. 150959

I love that movie so much.

No. 150961

Illegal immigrant?

No. 151029

File: 1438681292311.jpg (24.86 KB, 275x309, ClutchingPearls.jpg)

>two kids (one out of wedlock)
>out of wedlock

No. 151032

Not trying to be rude here, but why does Erika and other anons that support Erika come into Ashley's thread to talk about herself/Erika? From an outside view, that seems like Spoony esque attentionseeeky imo.
If you really want to talk about Erika and support her, and start charity funds for her, why not in /b/?
Thread didn't even get to a good halfway milestone before Erika was mentioned.
Why was this thread created if Erika is going to be brung constantly.
>Inb4 Ashley
Nope, just confused

No. 151033

Can't really answer that. I was the one who made this thread because people started wanting to talk about Ash in the aly thread (and the thing about hoping the ed bragging would find a home here instead). I wish I hadn't now that this all kicked off and won't be making another when it sages.

Erika probably gets mentioned because of her link with ash, but that was so long ago. I honestly didn't think she'd figure as a major part of this thread but didn't understand why there were people wanting to talk about ash when there's really nothing more to be said.

Two theories:
- Erika fans made their way here because of connection.
- Boredom at lack of Ash drama.

100% regret making this thread. Lazy bishes can do their own next time.

No. 151043

> regret clicking a few buttons to create this thread
Its really not hard. Calm down

No. 151050

I'm not stressed about it, anon. I know making a thread isn't hard, but the people complaining there was no Ashley thread need to know it's a piece of piss.

Tbh, I feel bad (not stressed or suicidal or w/e) because I really wanted to leave Ash alone in her twilight months. Also didn't expect the ~dramu~ surrounding Erika freaking out, but y'know, idgaf what people do with their igs.

No. 151076

More and more I've been thinking Erika might need her own thread. That way people can keep tabs on her all they want without derailing the other ED cows. Now, if she belongs in /pt/ or /b/ I'm not sure. It seems as though people here are pretty divided.

No. 151077

> hoping the ed bragging would find a home here instead
Yeah, that didn't really work out for you, since bragging didn't relocate. The annoying "ED HERE!11" got called out by a farmer, one apologized and promised not to mention it and I think the rest kind of silently agreed.
Ash was the only one who wanted another Ash thread, tbh. Kind of glad that the focus was stolen from her pathetic existence but it's a shame that this cowshit ~dramu~ occured.

No. 151079

Pls no.

No. 151080

Eh, Erika isn't really a cow, but more of an attention seeker. No lulzy business there, Plus people seem keen on wanting to kiss her ass. I think it should go in /b/

No. 151083

Ash decided that it would be oh so edgy to make a Cecil the lion joke. I really don't think that there's anything nice in this husk's head.

No. 151086

Why is that bad?
, I'm not going to expect everyone to have strong feelings for the lion to not make any jokes at all. So if I wouldn't expect it from moat people, I wouldn't expect it from lolcow either.

No. 151140

its just a fucking lion?? this case is over-extaggerated anyways

No. 151144

Erika is relevant to Ashley. Ashley did horrible things to Erika.

No. 151150

Agreed. Animals die all the time.

No. 151153


Ashley DID horrible things to Erika.
But right now, other than Ashley fuming over no attention and her mind is on death's doorway, Erika has nothing to do with Ahley recently.
So Erika/her fans self posting about her ED is irrelevant.
Did Ashley give Erika her ED?
Did Ashley make Erika have a stroke?
Did Ashley indirectly/directly send Erika to the hospital?
No, she didn't. As much of an asshat walking/rolling proana Ash is, keeping her thread alive is irrelevant a d we could have a dedicated thread to Erika in /b/, that's it.
Sorry to seem rant based, but I'm coming straight out and saying it.
Plus, wouldn't it be good for Erika to disassociate herself with Ashley by not posting in her threads?

No. 151154

Ehhhhh. I really don't think Erika or her fans have done anything worthy of having a thread. Plus, if you separate them I think the topics will be… less interesting? If that makes sense?

No. 151163

Plus Erika's fans are the exact same people as Ashley's fans.

No. 151170

I don't think that's true tho

No. 151171

Sounds likely

No. 151173

File: 1438705307906.png (97.32 KB, 586x361, nedashirts.png)

Erika's fanbase came from Ash, though. Jackie, theforestcat, Emma, all came from Ash and are still friends with Ash. There's so much overlap and lasting drama that there's absolutely no point in separating them.

No. 151174

I'm sure there's a few more fans that I just can't think of right now.

No. 151176

That, and Erika is deleting herself from the Internet.

No. 151180

I guess I was more thinking of her Instagram supporters and the people here who seem to love Erika and hate Ashley, but you're right about those "big-name" Tumblr/Insta sycophants

No. 151184

its not his kid so maybe he doesn't care

No. 151187

the point isn't about animals dying it's mostly about how retarded this asshole dentist is, luring an animal out of a protected habitat, to poach it like and idiot

No. 151190

He'll never work again. Probably get his lights punched out a lot through his lifetime. Fucker will pay.

No. 151267

LOL TBH I'm glad. I wouldn't want such a scumbag to be my dentist/doctor

No. 151273

Yeah, he's pretty retarded, but there are a lot worse things than killing a lion and I'm sick of hearing about it.

No. 151275

I mean yeah duh, but people will continue to post about it when they see it for the first time or something

I read like one article of it and was just disgusted and didnt seek it out anymore

Just ignore it

No. 151279

Age: 20
Born: 1989 or 1990
Age: 24
Born: 1985 or 1986
Marriage date: December 10, 2010

5 years with her retarded husband is too long.

No. 151281

how is he retarded? she prob stressed the fuck out of him

No. 151301

So this thread is still exploring Erika.

I know whatever she writes has to be taken with a pinch of salt most of the time, but a couple of years ago she commented on mpa that her husband was very, very supportive. Perhaps trying to put forward a good relationship image, but she blames him for (red text coming up) triggering her ED so that's…um…not supportive?

No. 151306


Maybe he supported her development of an ED.

No. 151308

File: 1438716282102.jpg (38.2 KB, 946x121, ,.JPG)

No. 151310

Her later posts on Instagram sounded as if her psychiatrist convinced her (or helped her realize) that Yustas had done something to trigger or enable her eating disorder.

No. 151311

She said that he was responsible in a post ages ago. Something about after giving birth her saiyd she should get a boob job and lose weight. Obviously can't do ss now, but it sounded like he was making her insecure about her post pregnancy body.

No. 151312

Gah, sorry. Misread your post. Thought it said "her latest", not "her later". Okay.

No. 151320

Exercising 4-6 hours a day? Who was watching the kids? Most moms can't even take a dump alone. Where was she finding the time??

No. 151322


I agree. Can you imagine being married to that kind of mind fuckery? I'm beginning to think the reason Yustas just blows her off is because she's a drama queen. One can only take so much of it before they mentally check out.

No. 151324

But she claims she's been anorexic since she was four years old. It's not fair to blame him for "causing" her to relapse. I'm sure he said things that were triggering because when you're that sick literally anything will trigger you. Even if it hadn't been a stupid comment about her breasts it would have been something else. She has to take responsibility for her actions. You can't control what people say to you but you can control your reactions. People with EDs need to learn they can't make everyone around them walk on eggshells.

No. 151326

How can a fucking four year old be anorexic? When I was 9 I started restricting and I've heard of anorexic 8 year olds but FOUR?! Give me a break.

No. 151327

yeah pretty much this. She's attention seeking and it must be so exhausting to have a drama queen wife who is always sick PLUS having kids to raise too?

No. 151329


So true. I always feel like the mental anguish that people who love people who have ED have to go through must be awful. You are watching people whither away and there is nothing you can do. You try to help them, they refuse. They sabotage all your efforts to help them. I would think mentally checking out would be the only kind of survival mechanism.
I see it with addicts, too. One can only drag someone to rehab and AA before they just wash their hands clean of someone. We'd like to think that if you love someone enough, you'll keep trying, but everyone has a limit. At some point you just have to let go to maintain your own sanity.

No. 151335

This is why ashley's mom has allowed her to get to the state shes in

No. 151336

I don't know why you all care about this trainwreck anyway. She'll be dead by the time she's 25.

No. 151337


Although I dont believe erica's claims. I think she is lying for attention maybe she was anorexic at 9-12 or something but 4? she would be all over the news

No. 151339

I dont care about erica. It's just funny how people lick her ass here

No. 151340


Who cares, the girl will be in her casket soon. Tbh I don't feel a tad bit of sympathy for her if she does die. Any of these lulz fucks with ED or fatties. Espesh when they're doing shit like this 'feel sorry 4 meh' pfft

No. 151341

Erika is 29. Ashley is 25 in November.

No. 151342

I know. I don't feel sorry for her at all.

No. 151344

I think Ash is too far gone for help, but I have hope for Erika. I just hope she doesn't mentally screw up her kids. They've been through a lot, and I hope she knows they are watching her every move. She's going to regret it if they grow up to be just like her, and then she'll be the one crying and struggling to keep someone she loves from killing themselves.

No. 151346

"Mama, I wish I was skinny and pretty like you!"

No. 151354

super stupid of her to have children honestly. Her kids are really likely to grow up ill like her

No. 151373

I think she's doing a pretty good job of avoiding that.

No. 151387

No. 151393

By teaching the kids about nutrition and by getting help.

No. 151401


It doesn't matter. They will learn to imitate her behavior. It's like people who are alcoholics thinking their kids don't know, or won't remember their parents passed out drunk. Good luck with that. Do as I say, not as I do….doesn't go far with kids. They aren't stupid. Plus odds are they will inherit their mother's mental illness. Genetics are a bitch that way.

No. 151405

Well, the kids are already born so…

No. 151408

I just hope she does get her major issues sorted out. Even if her kids grow up not imitating her behaviour (they don't always), I'd hate to think that throught their teen years/adult life they'd be missing out on living because they had to care for a sick mother.

No. 151409

shit - through = throughout*

No. 151427

File: 1438724264134.jpg (65.95 KB, 432x580, herpaderp.jpg)

Why is it always this "deer in the headlights" face? Is that really her best look?

No. 151434

No. 151435

File: 1438725309898.jpg (42.38 KB, 540x540, 11352026_406616476204539_95267…)

My question is when she got so bad at makeup.

No. 151436

File: 1438725399812.png (515.69 KB, 732x481, asscushion.png)

No. 151441

She says she's "fine tuning" her makeup. I think she's trying to do the ulzzang thing, but very poorly.

No. 151445

I'm still amused that Erika was ok throwing Ash and a few others under the bus but as soon as we started discussing her she tucked her tail between her legs and ran. Doesn't feel so good, does it?

No. 151453


She ran because she got busted as a liar. Don't fear, though, she'll be back. She loves the ego stroking too much to stay away.

No. 151457

It's all a huge shame. I wanted to believe her so badly.

No. 151465

File: 1438727287005.png (289.73 KB, 960x1280, 1415375629246.png)


No. 151466

File: 1438727335217.png (1.3 MB, 1242x627, 1415356475655.png)

RIP Sweet Angle

No. 151469

I want to know how someone so emaciated was able to produce breastmilk o_O

No. 151471


The baby was probably dry nursing, meaning she was suckling but no milk was coming out. Toddlers nurse for comfort, not nourishment.

No. 151472

She nursed til the kid was 3 or 4

No. 151473


Who took this picture? Yes, I'm going to lay here stark naked while baby nurses, and you just take a picture, mmkay?

No. 151474

So I found out Erika's maiden name is Peterson. Much German.

I was able to find out that she was born in 1986 in Texas. Interesting enough, they were married in Texas in December of 2010.

Wonder how Erika ended up in Florida, and how she became friends with Ash.

No. 151476

File: 1438728186841.jpg (125.59 KB, 468x821, image.jpg)

No. 151477

What, exactly, did she get "busted" for? Y'all retards who were saying she was lying because she couldn't possibly have had a laparoscopic surgery and been released soon after or that she couldn't have been given heparin were just plain wrong…

No. 151479


She never denied she was lying, either. She showed no proof that it was true, and her story doesn't add up anyway. You really think a person in her condition, who (according to her) might have a stroke or brain tumor, or severe ulcerative colitis, is going to be kicked out of the hospital 14 hours after having INTESTINAL surgery?? It's so ridiculous, it's laughable.

No. 151496


Maybe the MRI/CT didn't turn up anything severe afterall?

She said they did laparoscopy to remove the blockage… that's an outpatient procedure. It sounds like this:


No. 151507

She did this photo as an artistic statement. It was something about the stigma of mental illness and being a mother.something deep and artsy or another. I think it got the point through and that she never glamourized her thinness to her children ever. They both are very healthy and extremely happy looking. Y'all just looking to hate people to hide your own shit. Erika is also Yustas's brother according to the Internet.

No. 151511

Remember when tfc called her face fat? That's the pinch face pic. Erika got a little starchy for a while.

No. 151519


This is for adhesions. An adhesion is not a blockage. An adhesion is when your intestines are stuck to your pelvic wall (or to other organs). Remember she said she would need to have her intestines removed, and said "Bye guts?" Doesn't sound like an adhesion. Plus we have to remember because she has special medical needs, she would be observed more carefully after any procedure.

No. 151523


I don't know why it's so hard for people to accept that she lied.

No. 151525

Adhesions can cause blockages. And she said her guts were twisting, which could also be explained by it being an adhesion.

She said some of her intestine needed to be removed. Blockage and scar tissue is "some of her intestine". Like, you can argue that it sounded more severe than it was because she didn't give much detail, but that's not lying.

No. 151528


People have 100 different excuses. She was confused by the pain pills. She actually had a less severe surgery. At the end of the day, posting a photo of yourself looking half-dead with the words "bye guts" (after telling everyone you need to have your intestines removed) is just drama whoring. Lying, exaggerating, she misled people to think she was much sicker than she really was. There is no mistaking here that what she did was intentional. It's ok to say she lied.

No. 151532

Don't waste your breath people are stupid

No. 151543

File: 1438733089743.jpg (180.18 KB, 1280x960, image.jpg)

It was nowhere as serious as you guys are making it sound. I was scared shitless(punny). I have disgusting swelling and almost no pain. It heals incredibly fast but I'm fine. I don't even require bandages at this point as the air is helping it heal faster. The heparin was to prevent dvt…which is actually extremely serious. Having a locked up bowels that need attention isn't anywhere near as deathly as it sounds, unless of course you have an allergic reaction. I was born in Daytona beach FL. My grandparents are German. ?. I don't know why I am replying again…the kid comments are just really stinging. I did not plan my pregnancies. I never thought I'd have kids. My anorexia developed at around age four as per documentation due to sexual abuse and a mother with weight issues and a bio dad who was obsessed with it. My kids are awesome. They do kid things, they don't have an alcoholic mom passing out every night or a physically abusive household. Anorexia does some *really shitty things to your head. Yes. I regret my past. I do not live in an anorexic or bulimic or restricting or wtf ever mindset anymore. I may however, eat too much peanut butter, but my doctor is totally cool with that.

No. 151544

Also the docs made it sound wayyyyyyyyyy worse than it was, I didn't know how bad things really were, possible "anorexia did this to you" guilt trip. It had nothing to do with AN except maybe that I was adjusting to foods.

No. 151546

So you're saying what you've put them through is okay, because at least you're not an alcoholic? You realize you have an addiction yourself, and it can't be healthy for young children to watch their mother waste away while being bounced around to different homes when she's in and out of hospitals and treatment facilities. I don't understand why you minimize the impact your actions have on them. This is traumatic, no matter how much you try to rationally discuss the situation with a toddler and special needs child. You can't justify it by saying it's fine because at least you don't hit them or drink.

And desperately trying to win back lolcow's affection (frantic attempt to avoid abandonment) isn't helping your argument that you don't have BPD.

No. 151549

Agreed. Also you are the one who made it sound serious. You could have just said it was a minor procedure to begin with, instead you wanted everyone to believe you were having your intestines removed. Not cool.

No. 151554

I NEVER said it was ok. Never. Never. I hated it. It broke my fucking heart and that is why I am damn near recovered physically. I HATE what anorexia and the mind set did to me and my family, I am just extremely blessed they had places to go, one being my daughter's biological father and his mother who is are both fantastic and caring people.

No. 151555

This is the pic that tfc called her fat over?

No. 151556

I don't need to win anyone over. I just don't want my kids being dragged into this. End of story.

No. 151557

tfc is hella chubs so idk what her problem is.

No. 151558

Well, I'm glad you're doing well.
Please excuse the salty cunts; they're just vicious now that Ash is all dried up.

No. 151559

It was one before that. That was her sarcastic response which I think she later deleted.

No. 151560

Don't ever listen to them, Erika. The original people who were on the earlier threads are long gone, the remainders are the regulars who frequent these sorts of boards.

No. 151561

Now I understand why these people clump together.

No. 151565

Does Ash even know about what's happened?

No. 151574

But when you make your story public. post pictures/info about your kids, and set up a fundraiser entitled "Mama's Hope For Recovery", your kids automatically become part of public discussion.

I am a parent myself and I understand what you're saying. My advice is that if you don't want people talking about your kids, then don't share info about them anymore.

No. 151578

please, please stop feeling the need to justify yourself. nothing good will come from this. whoever linked you to this page didn't have your best interests at heart.

No. 151581

This is the best part of my deletion. I might just push aside the trauma shit and start a boring to most private mama blog to stay social to an extent.

No. 151583

That might be a good idea :)

No. 151584

1. ignore this thread
2. keep doing what you were doing before
3. fuck the haters

No. 151585

at least this way you're done with the sycophants and ed clowns.

No. 151587

Do it, Erika! The best thing for you to do is not come here anymore. I'm willing to bet that all this negativity is coming from one or two people, but regardless of that, just ignore it. They're obviously just trying to stir things up and you're better than that. You're doing great. Keep it up.

No. 151593

you should post their username.

No. 151597

Do ittttt
The web is a great distraction whens it not being a shithole
Again good luck

No. 151605

that's still putting your kids online. in 4-5 years mai is going to start using the internet and she will enevitably google herself.

No. 151623

(Just reloaded the page and I see I'm a bit late with this comment, but I'm still going to post it, because I'm pissed.)

Fucking morons ITT with their internet MDs…I still can't believe how hard it is for some of you guys to wrap your mind around the concept of laparoscopic surgery. From yet ANOTHER anon who has been through one, please, just stop harping on that point. You're making yourselves look dumb as fuck.

I'm not even touching anything about the other "lies." Just saying, about the surgery, SHUT THE FUCK UP. And yeah, I mad. I don't like seeing someone accused of faking shit they didn't fake. And you guys act like seeking attention on the internet is a crime in and of itself…well then every single one of you with a public social media account is guilty as well. Go after some ACTUAL lolcows, for fuck's sake, and stop reaching here.

No. 151627


You mean like you.

No. 151630

This is a fucking farce.

No. 151640

File: 1438741045890.jpg (17.66 KB, 300x360, Waaaaah.jpg)

Ooh, ouch, sick burns. I'm sensitive, d-don't make me cry…

No. 151643

why won't you stop attention whoring on here? it never ends. stop talking about yourself if you wanna lel b privat

No. 151654


Yea, only people with BPD care about correcting false misconceptions about them. The only defensive people on the planet.

No. 151657

No. 151658

You're looking pretty desperate there, bud.

No. 151666

Lets not forget that Erika was once your "recovering angel" and that none of you are doctors.

No. 151689

Calm down, Ashley.

No. 151691


No. 151693

Calm down, Ashley.

No. 151694


No. 151695

It'll be okay.

No. 151696

File: 1438747887255.png (91.3 KB, 314x328, Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 9.09…)

>none of you are doctors.

No. 151703

Half of the damn diagnose is something most people experience at least once.
>feigning illness to get out of responsibilities
Are you saying people don't normally do this? LOL. Now granted they don't make a circus act out of it and post it online for everyone to see, but every single attentionwhoring tumblrina has done this and calling in sick to get out of work is not that uncommon either.
>muh high/low self-esteem periods
Every young woman ever has had this. Feeling ugly one day and pretty the next, when you got your hair done, is nothing unusual.

Fucking armchair psychologists.

No. 151705

Erika denies being BPD.

No. 151709

She doesn't seem like it.

I worked as a receptionist in a public mental hospital (my country still has conscription and those jobs are usually given to people who do civil service), and you can't just go off a list. If she had it, trust me, you'd KNOW. We've had a girl who would always try to run away from her ward, get pissed out of her mind and start walking down the railroad tracks (still in service, so high chances of becoming a human pancake) threatening to kill herself. Someone always had to go chase her down.

No. 151716

Doesn't mean Erika can't be BPD. It's a sliding scale.

No. 151718

It's not fucking autism. Only 1% of people in the world have it, and they all seem to be addicted to something and mental to the nth degree.

No. 151722

Erika's ED combined with the other symptoms she's shown are clear markers of BPD.

No. 151726

An ED is an addiction of sorts, and drama whoring qualifies as mental. So I think we're covered.

No. 151728

Specific Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder

A person with this disorder will also often exhibit impulsive behaviors and have a majority of the following symptoms:

Frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment
A pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships characterized by alternating between extremes of idealization and devaluation
Identity disturbance, such as a significant and persistent unstable self-image or sense of self
Impulsivity in at least two areas that are potentially self-damaging (e.g., spending, sex, substance abuse, reckless driving, binge eating)
Recurrent suicidal behavior, gestures, or threats, or self-mutilating behavior
Emotional instability due to significant reactivity of mood (e.g., intense episodic dysphoria, irritability, or anxiety usually lasting a few hours and only rarely more than a few days)
Chronic feelings of emptiness
Inappropriate, intense anger or difficulty controlling anger (e.g., frequent displays of temper, constant anger, recurrent physical fights)
Transient, stress-related paranoid thoughts or severe dissociative symptoms

No. 151731

File: 1438750369185.png (13.47 KB, 566x160, bunnies.png)

No. 151822

I agree with you, actually. What's the trick?

No. 151826

The trick is the skeleton inside you wanting to join the skeleton army.

No. 151827

We've all grown so used to how terrifying she usually looks in her pics that our relative idea of what is good looking for her are totally fucked.

No. 151829

Near death emaciation. So cute.

No. 151839

That's not an ICU the BPD is strong with this one.

No. 151840

So much this maybe she's ill but she's a pathetic attention seeker, she's better at getting sympathy than Ash hence people liking her.

No. 151842

You're obviously BPD and ashamed to admit it, your constant sob stories and fake persona are a dead give away. Lolcow is not a support network, you're just funny tp laugh at now.

"though most moved to Danmark"

Top kek we know you're a native English speaker.

No. 151889

OK Sherlock, I'm curious - how did you deduce her location in the hospital from such a spare photo of her in a hospital bed in front of a nearly-blank wall? Have you ever been in a hospital? They do this crazy thing where they move your bed around to get you from, say, the ER to the ICU, or the ICU into surgery. The beds even have wheels.

Fake incision marks from a fake laparoscopic surgery, amirite? (I have scars in nearly the same places from mine; they only kept me for like 12 hours after my surgery and they gave me a blood thinner to prevent DVT, but hey, I'm probably lying and have BPD, too)

No. 151892

Ashley, no matter how many people you try to bring down with you, you are still the worst.

congratulations. you won the biggest scum award. you won. wow.

No. 151903

I think this too. I think she's sick and had surgery but is also BPD as fuck

this pretty much. annoying to see her come here again and again to bawww' so people can tell her 'oh it's ok :'c feel better princes'

I have BPD and before therapy I also engaged in annoying attention whore behavior but not to this retarded extent

No. 151906

File: 1438777457207.jpg (29.54 KB, 448x293, icu.jpg)

Get your panties out of a bunch, it's clearly not ICU due to the lack of ICU machinery behind/next to her and the fact people don't go to ICU for a few days and then just get let out. Pic related ICUs have a lot of stuff in them and yep I know, I have been to one.

Sure, she might have had that or she could have cut her stomach but obviously someone who is as delusional as her wouldn't do that amirite?

Inb4 Ash, just someone who can see through other mentally ill peoples BS.

Amen, sis, I can see the attention seeking behaviour too.

No. 151908

Another thing, lol at the filter she used on the 'ICU' pic to make herself look sicker.

No. 151913

While I agree that Erika is an attention whore (Come on now, she's like the Spoony of the Ashley thread), I'm not totally surprised that people suspect she may have a mental illness (not denying it either). Some people (and most if not all of the ED snowflakes we've seen around) want attention whether its because they are sick or not. Some of them turn that way after they develop the ED, and if and when they recover, they still long for that attention and asspats.
See Lay for a non recovered example and Erika for an actual recovered example.
>Inb4 Ashley or someone who hates Erika

No. 151914


No. 151915

I don't know why people insist she's not a lolcow when anyone else doing the same shit and coming off anon repeatedly to desperately try to make themselves look better would be fair game.

Remember when she was like in love with lolcow and writing those long heartfelt thank you letters here because omg you saved me (yeah the exaggerated idealization doesn't scream BPD at all). she thought lolcow was the bee's knees when her friends were being dragged through the mud but the minute someone is critical of her for valid reasons suddenly lolcow is cruel. Hmm.

No. 151918

I just kept my mouth shut in the previous threads when everyone was in Erika-can-do-no-wrong mode, but I never understood the unconditional love for her. Her ED causes her to crave attention like any of these other spoopy lolcows but everyone here just ate it all up. I always had my reservations about her.

I'm not saying she's a horrible person, I'm saying I think she is ill, as in she's no special snowflake when it comes to these chicks.

No. 151919

I had my gallbladder removed laparoscopically and they kept me longer than Erika was kept. I was healthy weight, no other complications

No. 151920

Not an Erika fangirl, although I supported her and was disappoint with recent events BUT I think the attention thing is also due to the fact she's desperately lonely. I'm a tough old bitch and really love a solitary life, but she's obviously insecure and needs people for input, support or w/e.

Don't go blasting me with all that bullshit about how I've been manipulated by her. Just throwing that out there. Her desperation comes across as wanting to be loved and wanting to be pitied, but I don't think she's doing it intentionally. It's mentalness and I'm not excusing anything she's ever done because of that. I'm saying I can kind of see why she does what she does.

No. 151924

LOL you can't even see anything that's in the damn room aside from that bed.

No. 151926

Different surgeries (and people, and doctors) are different, wow

No. 151927

All I said was what happened in my case. Nothing else, no implications

No. 151934

Sorry, I'm just a bit annoyed with the people acting like there's no way a situation like what Erika just described with the surgery could happen. Took it the wrong way.

No. 151936

I have to agree with you. My boyfriend's dad was in an ICY after he died for a minute (he came back and is ok!) and there was an insane amount of equipment around him., rven after he was off the vent

No. 151937


No. 151939

I believe she had some light surgery, but I don't believe that she was in ICU. Definitely not when she was all made up and not when she was being prepped for surgery. Who took that pic anyway?

I was bashed way up in thread for describing the IC units I've visited saying different in different hospitals. That pic >>151906 is just like them. People there are really seriously ill and need INTENSIVE care. If you're in a hospital where it's all relaxed and you can put your wig on and make up and make things with your child in ICU, I'd wonder if you'd really entered a creche instead.

No. 151940

Good to hear he's still with us #medicalwin

No. 151941

Thank you, I have no idea why so many girls just think an ICU is empty and you can take your kids there..

No. 151942

Because Erika could never exaggerate the truth and can do no wrong! Didn't you know that by now anon?

/s just in case

No. 151946

The odd thing is there is absolutely no explanation for what happened to him. His lungs filled up with fluid and he had to be resuscitated. Doctors don't know why. He does have a bad heart and has had a bypass and a replaced heart valve, but his heart is as ok as it can be considering.

He took it as a wake up call to lose weight & eat better, as he also had a blocked carotid artery a few years ago.

No. 151950

Yeah, it took cancer for my dad to quit smoking after decades (he started at 10!). Fortunately he beat it ~arm strength emoji~ and I went to vaping instead! It's like you know what you do is bad for people, but until it affects you or someone close you don't really think it's going to happen.

You gotta look after your body. It goes wrong sometimes, but it's a pretty good healer if you sort your lifestyle out eh.

No. 151954

I know ICUs aren't empty. I was just saying that you can't see shit aside from Erika's bed and a tiny bit of the wall behind her - you can't see whatever machinery her tubes and wires are hooked up to, for example, but it's obviously there and is just out of the frame (unless you think she's, I don't know, staging this in her home or something?).

I'm honestly not sure what would happen if a person went to the ER with their little kid, was admitted to the ICU, and didn't have a way of getting their child to anyone/anywhere else safely and immediately. The hospital wouldn't just tell the child "sorry, no visitors allowed" and kick them out the front door on their own, but I don't know how they would handle it.

No. 151955

I'm saying from that angle you'd still see a lot of machinery and they put the kids into temporary foster care so yeah she's full of shit.

No. 151956

>people don't go to ICU for a few days and then just get let out
Actually, yes, they do. All the time. It's happened to me twice now. Last time I was there, there was another guy on the unit who left AMA not even two days after a heroin overdose because he was technically medically stabilized and was adamant about getting out. Honestly, in many places, they can't afford the bed space to keep people much longer than absolutely necessary.

No. 151958

Then you went to a shitty hospital. If you honestly think it's common to go staight to ICU for 2 days then get let staight out you're full of shit too.

No. 151959

I was on a medical ward one time and a girl had a heroin OD. They gave her that injection in her foot, put her on my medical ward and in the morning she left. A dead friend of mine used to OD on heroin so much (that's what killed her). They'd do the same. She rarely stayed in more than one night and she was always sent to a general wad. Just sayin'

No. 151962

Yeah there's an injection that counteracts opiates these days other anon is bsing.

No. 151964

Okay, she's full of shit and has lied about everything. Whatever. I still hope she gets her issues sorted out and that her kids are alright. She undeniably was making real progress on recovering from her anorexia, unlike some people (e.g., the initial subject of this thread), and I know what it takes to do that on your own. I still admire her for that.

No. 151965

She's literally just as bad as Ash with her ebegging and lying but ok.

No. 151966

Erika posted her PO Box address last week on ig. I don't get why some people are sad they won't be able to get updates from her any more. If they were so concerned, you'd think they would've written the address down. I bet a lot of people did, so it's not like she's losing all her ~support network~

No. 151967

Erika posted upthread that she AMA'd…she wasn't discharged by doctors and probably should have stayed in the hospital longer than she did

No. 151969

Yeah, to cover her tracks and get more attention cos she's full of shit and in general people actually ill enough for ICU don't AMA. Some of you girls are so naive it's hilarious.

No. 151970

And Ash has managed to haul herself up from being nearly dead to being far closer to a healthy weight over the past few months…? Amazing - where have I been?

No. 151971

Nope but they both whine and lie on the net for attention/sympathy/money it's like the BPD olympics out here.

No. 151973

I hate to say it, but Ash is really better off dead. She is not only beyond help, but she is a bitter, mad, spiteful person.

No. 151976

I wonder how many girls think any negative comments MUST be Ash when it's obvious they're very similar people.

No. 151977

I agree. I don't think erica is better off dead but she's an annoying attention whore who needs to go to therapy/stop coming on a chan board for asspats

No. 151980

That sounds like Ash, not Erika.

Just because some things are too horrible for you to believe happened, that doesn't make it false.

No. 151981


Erika is slightly different than Ash. Erika wants to get better for her kids. They are her motivator. She has hope.Ash has nothing and thinks the world is out to get her.

No. 151985

What? Ofc she got abused as a kid or whatever but she's got an ED and PTSD you'd have to be a medical anomaly to have those mixed with desperate validation seeking behaviour and not be BPD. Not all BPD patients are alike, not all are like Ash. Some are loud and some are quiet, extroverted or introverted but you have to be low IQ not to realise she's a manipulative liar. It might not be coming from a bad place, probably a maladaptive trait developed in childhood but this girl is a liar and BPD as fuck. Think what you want.

No. 151986

Like half the anons arent BPD too :P

No. 151988

Well no because statistically that's very unlikely, BPD isn't that common and is a very serious mental health issue.

No. 151990

I'm down as BPD and I've only got 5 of those things on the list and definitely don't crave attention, seek attention, and I'm not a clingy as fuck person (the antithesis of tbh).

It's different with everyone I suppose. Idk why Erika would deny it if she had the BPD diagnosis. It's not like she hides the multitude of other disorders.

BPD is too readily diagnosed imo. Bipolar is as well.

No. 151994

No. 151996

But BPD is very different for each person, it takes aspects from a few different PDs. I have a PD but people sometimes presume BPD because of the differences in traits one may have.

No. 151997

Sounds like her.

No. 152000

Borderline tendencies, at best, but any girl that self-harms or has an ED gets marked down for that.

No. 152002

not that anyone should self diagnose online but have you ever taken PD tests online just to get an idea of what PD you might lean towards?
well if you have done such surveys, havent you also felt some questions are stupid and subjective and could easily vary day to day?
so say the one day you go to a shrink for a review, and maybe it a rainy day and you spilled coffee on your shirt and you tripped coming upstairs, well that sounds pretty crappy and dont you think that will lead you to have certain crappy behavior at the therapist? and wont that lead to a misdiagnosis because your "world views" are so damn negative

No. 152003

The need for attention, lying, need for validation and sympathy with an ED is totally BPD sorry this doesn't fit your image but none PD people do not act like her. Look at the figures.http://www.borderline-personality-disorder.com/co-occuring-disorders/eating-disorders/

No. 152005

It takes a long time to diagnose anything never mind a PD, you don't just roll up and get a diagnosis, christ.

No. 152006

To expand they have to though your whole life history and have mulitple sessions lasting a while and even hospital stays.

No. 152011

Uhhh no they don't.

No. 152013

What quack diagnosed you?


"No single test can diagnose borderline personality disorder. "

Hence why no psych would ever see you once and say you have it.

No. 152016

I have a hard time believing that Ash & crew are diagnosed borderline and Erika not.
I had multiple sessions but they did not require a hospital stay.

No. 152018

Yeah hospital stays aren't always happening but not uncommon.

No. 152019


I love when little emos do those tests and post their results on their ig or tumblr. They answer questions so they know their results are going to say everything's severe.

No. 152020

Plus "the doctors said I'm too smart to have a personality disorder" sounds like something someone with a personality disorder would say.

No. 152021

File: 1438788204630.jpg (93.24 KB, 968x615, pt.JPG)

No. 152023

So according to this, this person is about 15 years old and shy.

No. 152025

File: 1438788513039.jpg (95.47 KB, 947x599, eye roll.JPG)

OMG so fucked up

No. 152030

Just to curb the bickering on length of ICU stay:

Here is a study by NIH putting the mean at about 3.8 days. That means some people stay longer (and there is likely a shift in the mean toward length b/c of long-term cases), but plenty of people stay less than that length of time. The internet!


No. 152035

Oh no I have all of them!!!11

No. 152041

The book "I hate you don't leave me" is pretty good

No. 152044

Honestly, as a BPD gurl and an owner of the book i didn't like a lot of it plus the cover is retarded/stigmatizing anyways

No. 152056

She's been very defensive whenever someone mentions BPD and is in total denial despite the fact she meets all the diagnostic criteria, every single one. My guess is she's afraid to admit she has it because she's terrified of being like her mother, who also has BPD.

Her mother allegedly enabled and contributed to her abuse. Acknowledging the BPD would be admitting she's more like her mother than she'd like to think she is, even though they both act out very differently so that's not something she needs to worry about.

She really has a poor understanding of psychometrics for someone who's been through so many shrinks. Her excuse that she's exempt from BPD because she's too smart is nonsense and an insult to people with BPD. The fact that she thinks her IQ alone is a diagnostic test showing she has autism is another sign she's not educated in this area.

No. 152064

Oooooh, I see. I missed the part about her mother having the disorder. I can see why she wouldn't want to believe she had it herself now. The denial was puzzling me because she seemed so not wanting to be given that label.

No. 152073

I mean that's just a guess but it makes sense. She might not be lying about it. Some psychs are reluctant to make an official BPD diagnosis or tell their patients they have it due to stigma. It could be true she's not officially diagnosed (meanwhile any psych she sees can still tell she has it), or maybe she is diagnosed but her doctors didn't tell her. Either way she sure as hell has it.

No. 152088

Except if Erike ever decides to go on disability. she'd have to get all her diagnoses from her doctors and they'll be sent in to the SSA.

No. 152093

They'd probably still withhold BPD so she wont run away from treatment, sometimes having BPD is an insult to people.

No. 152096

It all makes sense, Erika's all euroboo to seem smarter, she says she's too smart for BPD her neurosis is pretty strong.

No. 152108

A lot of shrinks hate dealing with BPD. There have been too many cases of borderline patients getting way too attached/stalking/generally being resistant to treatment and some therapists avoid those patients because they're just not equipped to handle them. It's hard enough for Erika to find treatment as it is so a diagnosis might do more harm than good in her case.

No. 152146

I'm surprised Ash hasn't weighed in yet. ASHLEY!! WE SEE ERIKA ISN'T A PERFECT ANGEL NOW!! IT'S OK!! UPDATE UR BLOG.

No. 152147

My grandparents are German too, but I don't run around being all Euroboo. I bet she only married Yustas because he's Russian and that's her fetish.

No. 152163

File: 1438806355450.png (45.29 KB, 834x640, suchsmart.png)

From Erika's old tumblr.

I love people who take online IQ tests on the regular and assume they are representative of one's intelligence.

If you were intelligent, you'd be able to deduct that of course you are likely to score higher the more often you repeat a test.

No. 152165

Did you notice she talks with a slight accent, definitely not Florida or Texas in her YouTube videos? I think she deleted them all but she seemed to be putting on a character voice, all breathy with a vague accent. Best description is she talks like Marilyn Monroe singing happy birthday to the president. Reminds me of Jenna from 30 Rock trying to hide her origin and saying "camera" funny.

No. 152166


I think Erika is bright, and highly creative. She seems to have a gift for art. It's too bad she can't pour all that self-destructive energy into some kind of artistic outlet.
I doubt she has an IQ of 170, but she's probably smarter than the average bear. Many people who are extremely smart suffer from mental illness. My family is plagued by bipolar and depression, and we all have high IQs (130s).

No. 152167

LOL. You don't just go up 5 points in IQ. When I was a kid I was tested at 7 and 10 and my IQ went up by under a point and they were acting like it was a big deal, because usually you don't go up. Both tests were administered by actual psychologists.

No. 152169

Right? She's gone through so much testing that she's just gotten better at taking the tests. It doesn't actually mean you got smarter.

No. 152180


I had the same impression. It reminded me of Dakota when she went weeaboo and started talking with a fake accent in her videos even when speaking her native language.

No. 152182

I'm pretty sure she said that she's been tested by psychologists. Not "online IQ tests".

They were idiots. One point is well-within margin of error of testing. The actual margin of error varies by the particular test itself, but is typically around 5 points.

No. 152192

If she was 'extremely' smart she wouldn't post on lolcow and do fake accents on yt videos, she's 'smart' at best.

Why would they test her IQ multiple times as an adult? Smells like more BS.

No. 152197

Maybe because she had a stroke?

No. 152214

They'd need her previous IQ…

No. 152221

I don't understand how are these websites not illegal.

No. 152232

File: 1438812483470.jpg (424.83 KB, 1280x1136, thatsnotcreepyatall.jpg)


Her husband, presumably.
You can see a man's shoes in some of her thinspo-esque pictures.

No. 152234

oh my gosh, this is so sad. She has no body fat, wtf..

No. 152264

>Why would they test her IQ multiple times as an adult? Smells like more BS.
It's called a neuropsychological evaluation, which is done with many tests for mental disorders such as autism and also for other neurological deficits, or simply as a baseline. I find it extremely believable that Erika has had multiple evaluations of this nature since she's prone to strokes and her disorder itself causes fluctuations in her neuro-thing.
You people are getting way ahead of yourselves with this shit. I believe everything Erika is saying; however, you need to take it with a grain of salt and understand it's from her perspective. Same as we can tell the real situation with Ashley and her mother from her perspective, although it seems the complete opposite of real.

No. 152289


Why is she wearing shoes? I am perplexed by this.

No. 152293


Yeah it just reminds me of those anorexia fetish porn sites.
Or those VK pages of males creepily fawning over deathly emaciated women.

No. 152294

Looks like a skeleton dog
Jfc why doesn't she just end herself

No. 152300

You're an idiot.

No. 152305


No. 152345

Could be from her stroke or listening to Yustas speak all day.

Anyone remember how she claimed to have DID aka multiple personality disorder.

No. 152355

That's a rabbit hole you do not want to gaze into.

No. 152358

I like rabbits.

No. 152366

Yeah. I raised that here once. People said she was confusing it with dissociate disorder. Not something someone bright would do really.

No. 152368

IIRC, she vaguely explained once that she had DID, but didn't have different alters. I'm not sure how one can have DID without alters, but I'm pretty ignorant on the subject.

>Hence why no psych would ever see you once and say you have it.

Oh, you might be surprised. And even if a chart just says 'possible BPD', anyone who reads said chart treats it as a BPD case.

No. 152370

File: 1438824576721.gif (982.06 KB, 390x259, ridiculous.gif)

>she vaguely explained once that she had DID

No. 152439

This board is BPD too. You went from idolizing Erika to devaluing her.

No. 152446

Nah, not all of us. Seems like the board is swarming with summerfags eager to play armchair psychologist. The hivemind here is laughable, though.

No. 152448

No. 152457

I can find articles supporting whatever shit I decide to believe today too.

No. 152459

Lol, right? There's literally an article for anything you can think of.

No. 152513

Holy fuck that's sad. Say what you want about Erika but she has come a long way since that photo.

I'm guessing that like 95% of farmers have some sort of mental illness that isn't "just" depression or general anxiety (not trying to trivialize those issues, just saying that they're quite common) - not necessarily BPD, but something.

No. 152525

Does Erika claim to have autism too?

No. 152529

I don't remember her ever saying she has DID. I only remember her saying she has dissociative episodes. It's hard to understand WTF she's saying sometimes, but it sorta sounded like out-of-body experiences when she got super stressed/anxiety-attacks?

Mah googlings find this which is one of the types of "dissociative disorders:" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Depersonalization_disorder

No. 152565

No. Not that anon but DID is more likely a fictitious disorder than real this girl is full of shit.

No. 152580

Yeah, that's what I remember. I don't remember her saying anything about the alters thing.

I can get dissociation with anxiety, and (for me anyway) it's like you're not in your body. Not out of your body, but you can't relate to being the body. Difficult to explain. Everything around you feels pretty much the same, like it's all unreal and a film being played out and you're watching it from underwater or sthing.

Not as dramatic as it sounds because in a weird way you get used to it. It's annoying but you don't freak out about it and just accept while it's happening.

No. 152581

(From what I've been told it's the brain's way of shutting off when you feel too much anxiety. I've never read up on it because I cba).

No. 152711

DID is NOT just having dissociations. I dissociate (and also 'depersonalize') from some 'triggers' like people screaming loudly at me I suddenly don't feel my body/feel far away etc. DID (Formally known as Multiple personality disorder) is the disorder where you have "multiple personalities".

Also what you described is more like depersonazation ('un real'/can't relate to being a body/film)

No. 152716


I honestly never disliked erica a lot but never really liked her either. I am BPD and I recognize these traits:

- need for approval
- need for asspats in general
- weird attention seeking posts on social media
- exaggerations of her conditions/state (I do believe she is ill though)

I'm not Dignosing but she really does have a lot of BPD traits. And with her family history (BPD mom) and abuse history/eating disorder this becomes even more likely.

I hope Erika gets help for these behaviors as well as her eating disorder. BPD has been a lifelong battle for me and will be for Erika as well if she gets diagnosed (I got told I had 'traits' at around 17/28 and diagnosed officially at 19/20)

No. 152717

Also I want to add that I understand why she would deny it, I don't usually tell people I have BPD because they judge you and think you are a serial killer/a horrible person or something. too much stigma

No. 152738

I know what DID is. I've read so much shit about MK/Monarch programming, watched youtubes of people who "claim" to have it, read "When Rabbit Howls", "Sybil Exposed" blah blah. I get it.

I depersonalise AND get dissociation. I didn't say I get DID. I can't explain how it feels, and yes it's more than I tried to explain. My psychiatrist said it's dissociative disorder, not DID. I get depersonalisation as well and it's a different sensation.

I was saying that sounds what Erika has, plain ol' dissociative disorder, not DID. I don't believe she has Dissociative IDENTITY disorder that involves altars.

No. 152740


No. 152755

oh ok, yeah that's pretty much what I was saying too

No. 152802

Stress related dissociation is literally one of the criteria for BPD.

>transient, stress-related paranoid ideation or severe dissociative symptoms

She doesn't have DID like she claims and really it's strange she knows so little about mental disorders considering all the treatment she's had. In the context of all her other symptoms it's most likely related to BPD and not a dissociative disorder on its own.

No. 152803

same anon you replied to. I agree with you completely

I posted here about her BPD stuff >>152716

No. 152811

Symptoms of one thing (depression, anxiety, w/e) overlap with the disorder thing. I'm this anon >>152580 and this is me too >>151990. The dissociation is one of the 5 things that apply to me on that list.

I don't think it's a stigma as such having that diagnosis, but it pisses me off if ever I say it (tbh this is the only place in years and years I've ever done mental personal blog)/have said it, people PRESUME I'm neurotic about abandonment and being alone and shit, when really I prefer people to actually piss of, lel.

Anyhoo, enough about me :D Erika meets more conditions than me on that list, so don't see why she hasn't been told she has BPD.

I used to think the wig thing and the way she used to write was her acting out some alter thing, but with no disrespect here, I find Erika's mind way too messed up to try to figure out.

No. 152813

>>152811 (me)

Also - does anyone understand all this Orion business she used to write about? Orion keeps me safe or sthing? I used to think that was an alter thing until I realised she wasn't DID after all.

I was always dubious about the times she'd take a pic of her sat on the toilet or in the bathroom with a faraway look saying OH I'M DISSOCIATING SO HARD RIGHT NOW. Sorry, but if you're in that state taking a selfie of a vacant look on your face? Um… y'know?

No. 152836

Yeah, like what?

IMO I think it's munchausen. Her starving herself keeps her looking frail and ill, more believable when she claims an illness or checks into a hospital for whatever. Munchausen folks love being in the ER and in a hospital bed. Her being so dangerously thin allows those visits for whatever the fuck to be more frequent and she gobbles up the sympathy and being ill like a drug

No. 152838

because she's an attention seeker/lies about her illnesses/exaggerates for sympathy

No. 152843

I notice she delete her account on mpa.

No. 152857

I wonder if she has a lil narcissism thrown in. I showed my husband her instagram before she took it down, he said why are there so many pictures of her? I want to take pictures of the things I see, not myself. I agree. No one wants to look at 10K selfies of anyone, why would anyone want to look at 1000s of selfies of themself?

No. 152858


I agree that she thrives on the attention. Notice how her mom got sent to the psych ward, and suddenly she has a medical crisis? Wouldn't want to have to share the spotlight with mom. It's all about MEMEMEMEMEMEMEME

No. 152861

She says she was a victim of Munchausen by proxy from her mother so maybe she's continuing it because she saw her mother getting secondary gains from keeping her sick

No. 152862

She'd probably say it was part of her body dysmorphia.

No. 152865

She did seem to be at a hospital more than the average person. Maybe some of it was connected to her having daughters, but in the past year didn't one of them have a crisis with diabetes and the other week the younger one had a bang on her head and went to hospital? Wow, some people actually like hospitals. Ew.

No. 152869


That's what she claims, but most of the pics are of her face.

No. 152872


They like the attention, the head pats, the sympathy. Perfect scenario for the attention starved hypocondriac.
One can always hope that karma catches up. No one in the hospital dying of cancer is having a good time.

No. 152881

File: 1438883576502.jpg (48.9 KB, 921x767, madeanouchie.JPG)

and when you can't show your boo-boos to a doctor, just show them to the interwebs.

No. 152888


How exactly does one explain this to their kids? See mommy hurting herself on purpose, but that's ok…you won't do that, will you? (answer: they will) Children learn what they live. You need to set a good example for them, unless you want to be taking care of them while they self-destruct when they grow up. Because they do grow up…and it gets harder.

No. 152893

ffs, they're not that deep. Unless she has haemophilia or re-opens them every minute, blood would stop easily.

No. 152894

I'm honestly shocked she's a MOTHER but still has to seek attention by showing her cuts on the internet (where it will be FOREVER) that her children may find. She's so immature for a mother

No. 152896

[i]cough[/i] Erika [i]cough[/i]

No. 152899

I thought that when I read her comment. Unless she cut an artery and it was pumping out you can stop bleeding really easily. And…er…they look like they've stopped bleeding to me? I only thought under 15s posted their cuts online. I STILL DON'T GET WHY PEOPLE DO THAT.

No. 152902

File: 1438885242039.jpg (24.21 KB, 987x142, oops.JPG)

This would not be a good idea. I really hope that when she sorts herself out she gets her tubes tied (if she can conceive again).

No. 152907

I thought she was a Coumadin or another blood thinner? (prior to the laprascopic surgery)

No. 152912

That's an old pic though.

No. 152913

huh? not sure what you mean

No. 152915

File: 1438886793978.jpg (213.38 KB, 1199x660, eww.JPG)

The SHOW YOUR BINGE HAUL thread on mpa is disgusting. I can't look at all the chocolate without feeling ill.

Anyway, a question…

You know how Emma here was talking about purging, and the people on mpa discuss it freely without it seeming to bother them talking about puke? Am I odd (non purging person) to find stuff like this really gross? Why do they want to talk about puke? This was Erika's purging bowl. I can't even type that without wanting to heave.

If she comes here reading this stuff, I hope it reminds her how disgusting binge and barfing is.

No. 152916

File: 1438886859424.jpg (76.71 KB, 991x893, learntoreadkids.JPG)


You're never too old to cut words into your limbs.
Your children need to learn how to read anyway, so it's a win-win.

No. 152917

What does it say? Nierenelo?

No. 152918

Fucking spoilers, please?

No. 152919


No. 152921

That image is so BPD it's almost a parody.

No. 152925

Jesus fucking Christ, this is sickening.

I'm pretty sure it says 'nie genug.' That means 'never enough' in German. It's also the name of a rather popular song.

No. 152928

Oh yeah, she likes the Cure. It looks like what you said, only the G's all spilling with blut.

No. 152940

I was wondering about that. Unplanned pregnancies happen but when it happens multiple times it makes me question whether it was a freak accident or just irresponsible. I've seen women with like four accidental babies so it could be worse but still even with failure rates if you're using birth control responsibly it's unlikely to have an oops baby more than once.

Her first baby was with a gay guy right? Was he closeted at the time or was it like a drunken experimentation or what? Makes me wonder if it's tied to the impulsivity of BPD with reckless sexual behavior.

No. 152946

It happens, however it seems to happen a lot more with people who aren't using birth control properly. like the idiots who think the pull out method works.

If you take bc and your guy uses a condom at the same time, it's nearly impossible to actually get pregnant. come on now.

No. 152952

My bf and me have used the pull out method for years and I've never had a pregnancy scare… Should I be worried?

No. 152956

I got pregnant 10 years into using it. So yeah….be careful.

Tbat said, my boyfriend and I knew the risks and I didn't want anything hormonal. He also tried getting a vasectomy but the doctor didn't want to do it because he was 28, not married, no kids.

We were ok with having a baby and I don't regret it. I love my baby more than anything in the world. But my advice is, don't rely on it.

After I had my baby, I opted for a tubal. Best decision ever.

No. 152957

Should have prefaced my post by saying that my boyfriend is the only guy I've ever been with, we've been together for a very long time.

No. 152959


This is disgusting. Who does that? And she had children?
Listen, I used to be a cutter. I am bipolar, and guess what? I did it in places no one could see. It was my secret. I don't understand people who cut in very visible places, it just seems to be a pathetic attempt at attention whoring. And for a parent to be doing it is even worse.
I am discovering now with my own kids that genetics are a bitch. A lot of mental illness is hereditary, and I hate to say this Erika…but you will be watching your own kids go through this shit in another 10-15 years. The best thing you can do is STOP setting a bad example, because your kids are watching and learning everything that you do.

No. 152960

Don't know if she was underweight at the time but apparently unplanned pregnancies in anorexic women aren't uncommon because some of them mistakenly assume if they're not menstruating they can't get pregnant. Or they take the pill too soon before purging. Lack of education and awareness. Anorexia affects fertility but it doesn't guarantee no babies.

I did know one woman who claimed she was taking the pill perfectly and got pregnant several times. Even if that was true why wouldn't you switch methods after the first two pregnancies or so?

No. 152962


Sounds like you may have fertility problems down the road. The pull out method does not work, and you can use google to find out why.

No. 152965

>it just seems to be a pathetic attempt at attention whoring
welcome to borderline personality disorder

No. 152967


I used condoms almost exclusively, and the only time I got pregnant was when I didn't use them. If used correctly, and consistently, they work really really well.

No. 152972

She has actually said she doesn't believe her kids will have issues because she explained her situation to them and they're "too smart" to get an eating disorder. That some serious denial.

No. 152974

Are you a fucking idiot or just a teenager? That's the sure fire way to get pregnant. and your boyfriend sounds just as fucking stupid.

No. 152983

So much for her 170 IQ.

No. 152985

If one of Erika's bbs got an ed, she would maudsley method them back to health.

No. 152987

We're both in our late twenties and live together. We don't have any problem with the possibility of getting pregnant, it just hasn't happened.

No. 152990

Maybe you should go to an OB/GYN and figure out if there's an issue.

No. 152992

Erika loved it when Ash phoned her and we all flipped out.

She loved the threads about Ash.

Erika loved it when theforestcat called her fat and we all called her out.

She loved it when Onefixation was called out for creeping on her.

She especially loves it when we talk about Yustas!

She loves it because it's like we're saying she's better than the others.

No. 152993


I see what you did there… sehr klug.

I actually like her (though I do think she's cluster ii af and also I find this BPD and disturbing behavior talk interesting), but her stating that your intelligence level is reason for why you can be diagnosed (autism spectrum) or excluded from diagnosis (BPD, her kids not being scarred for life) has always really bugged me.

No. 152995

Her kids are gunna be so scarred.

No. 152996

File: 1438891142143.jpg (105.4 KB, 848x159, nohomo.jpg)


He had already come out as gay to Erika before they procreated.

No. 152998


You can't teach someone not to fall ill. Even people with much lower IQs know that.

No. 153001


there is no way she has a 170 IQ (ridiculously high number. thats like a genius) IMO at most she is 'bright' but she seems really average to me

No. 153002

Poor kids. They're the real victims here.

No. 153003

Meant to add that they are growing up in a bad enviornment and most likely will be screwed up themselves.

No. 153005

I thought the withdrawal method was only something old time Catholics did. That's why they have so many kids. I've gone 20 years+ using either the pill or bf using condoms (I'm old, not someone who started sexing insanely young) and never got pregnant. Never had a condom "split" either. Can't people even use contraception properly? (Answer obv no).

Can someone who knows their medical shit explain the seizures she was having pls? At first I thought she was having epileptic fits, but then I saw that video and it's something I've never seen before. Hey, thanks in advance :D :D :D !!!

I get too bored trying to do IQ tests. I haven't got the concentration, so I'm probably some kind of retard.

No. 153009

File: 1438892343668.jpg (7.72 KB, 259x194, artificial penis.jpg)

Pic related.

No. 153011

Modern day birth control is easy to get a hold of, either in the form of pills or condoms or other methods. People are just too fucking stupid. There is no reason for unwanted pregnancies in 2015.

My friend's younger sister (at 18) got pregnant because she seriously thought the pull out method worked. Why do only stupid people breed it seems?

No. 153015

I'd probably go for that implant if I was younger. I knew I didn't ever want to breed when I was in my teens and told my doc I wanted to be sterilised when I was 21. He said no because "I might change my mind". I didn't.

No. 153016

I didn't use any bc because I hate anything hormonal. Also I didn't really care a whole lot about preventing and I was willing to accept what happened. Worked out great for me and I asked my OB to have a tubal right after my son was born, so I'll never have to worry about getting pregnant again.

Not everyone who uses the pull out method is stupid or unaware.

No. 153018

You can thank lawsuits for that. Too many people swear up and down they want something permanent, then later on change their minds.

No. 153019

but why not use condoms? more effective than just hoping you don't get pregnant from pre cum/cum

No. 153020

Because educated people know better lol.

For real though birth control failure could theoretically happen to anyone yet the unplanned pregnancies I've seen are disproportionately uneducated poor women. Sucks for the kids. And for society in the future as highly educated people choose not to have children or wait longer while the stupid ones have way too many.

No. 153021

Initially, my boyfriend and I did start using comdoms. Then I was on the pill for a year. We got used to doing it without condoms. Got really sick and diagnosed with autonomic dysfunction + hypertension (not due to bc pills). Decided I was done with hormones for good, ditched it. Decided I didn't like condoms much since switching to the pill.

After 10 years, I ended up pregnant and was very ok with it. Had some issues during my pregnancy, but nothing too terrible. I actually quite liked being pregnant, but I knew I did not want to have another kid again so I asked my OB if I could have a tubal and I had it done. I don't have any regrets.

I'm also in a position where I can afford a kid and I enjoy being a mom very much. It worked out for me.

No. 153022

So she knew he was gay. Still both her pregnancies were unplanned. I have to think it was lack of proper birth control use on her part if it happened with two different men.

No. 153026

I guess it just annoys me when other people say "oh well you must be stupid, har har har".

No, I am not dumb. I know what happens when you don't use protection. But I also didn't mind being a parent. My son is very well cared for. He's always laughing and smiling, and he is my pride and joy :)

No. 153027

You knew that at some point you would've wanted to get pregnant, so it wasn't a stupid decision to not use contraception. Erika saying she was hoping for an "oops" baby when she had two children (one with autism), a shitty second marriage and mental health issues coming out of her ears WAS stupid. She can't afford to keep two now, imagine if she had a third as she was hoping?

I find it hard to imagine they'd have sex. What was he doing with her if he wasn't into women? Fucked up.

No. 153028

Lol, ignore that stupid trip. it was a stray consonant.

No. 153032

Yeah, you're right.

Why would Erika want an oops baby? attention? I mean…babies are little humans. They need love and nurturing and Erika cannot provide that for her kids.

No. 153037

A baby can't abandon you. Once it grows up yes, but then just have more babies.

No. 153044

That's a really bad reason :/

No. 153055

munchhausen bpd nonsense

No. 153064

I know they aren't real, but what about those real life baby dolls? Like the one Raven had.

No. 153069

Less people would use pull out if PP didn't list it on their site as valid birth control, I'm sure

No. 153076

imagine her driving, keeping that bleeding hand on the wheel

No. 153094

File: 1438897489852.png (463.54 KB, 480x401, air_water_test_large.png)

yea i went to PP and they said condom is only 85% effective. pretty sure thats because of human error…

No. 153098

File: 1438897950444.jpg (41.42 KB, 1132x197, 9.JPG)

At the time she wrote that about the oops baby, I think partly she saw breast feeding as a weight control/loss aid, so…

Self mutilation pics really piss me off. Someone on ig is hacking away like her arm (actually not sure where it is on her body) like it's a leg of pork. Really severe shit. I report it evert day and it's still there.

No. 153101

Not everyone loses weight breastfeeding, though. Yeah, it burns calories. And because it burns calories, it can make women hungrier. There's also the stress of worrying about keeping your supply up.

No. 153103

she said she made "lots" of milk and only ate oatmeal and berries.

No. 153108

That sounds like bs. Pretty sure your milk supply starts drying up when you eat too little. Maybe she didn't bf at all and said she did because it's what only cool moms do.

No. 153110


Some women like being pregnant because 1)some women actually get relief from their depression during pregnancy. The hormones, I guess. 2)They love the attention they get from being pregnant. Everyone treats them extra nice and with gentle care. 3)Babies need you! You are 100% in control of them. It's once they get old enough to say NO that there becomes a problem. Children by nature worship their parents, and someone who is an attention whore will love this stage of life.
But alas, they do grow up.

No. 153112

Still amazed Erika managed to get pregnant twice, despite accoridng to her, suffering from anorexia since she was 4.

Wonder if she also made up about being a mute when she was younger. How do we know now what is truth and what isn't?

No. 153115

how can she even have developed properly during puberty if she was anorexic at 4? top kek

No. 153116

I have nooooo idea. The more I think about it, the worse Erika seems.

No. 153118


Maybe she was just a picky eater. Most 4 year olds are picky and don't like to eat. I guess they're all just anorexic too.

No. 153126

yeah I went from liking her to disliking her once i noticed all of her lies and shitty attention whoring

No. 153144

Erika just seems lonely and miserable. She wrote about being depressed. She wrote about hating herself and it feels like she needed validation that she was hurting because her shit husband wasn't there. Erika also stated that she'd been in remission several times and has proven to be a great mother to her kids. How do I know? I lived with her for a year and a half. Erika is incredibly talented and a very caring person. Her psychotic mother ripped her family apart and it left her in a state of shock. She's been in treatment and is doing very well. Have you ever been to a Florida hospital? Have you gurus analysed the rating system of hospitals in her area? I watched this girl work two jobs to support her family back in 2003. She only lost it when she married Yustas. She is finally starting to make sense again. I seriously worried for her sanity for awhile, but she pulled through and fought like hell. Telling her to kill herself? Not cool. This thread seems like it's just trying to hurt her intentionally and it's really fucked up for someone, especially a mother who is actually recovering.

No. 153148

Yes, it's all Yustas..sure…

No. 153151

Never claimed it was. Her mom was always batshit insane. It was her mom who went to the ward after Erika had bowel problems. We still talk on occasion, I followed her IG. She was a legit awesome chick when we were closer. I just hope bitches like the ones here don't try to bring her back down.

No. 153164

She grew up in catholic school hahhah

No. 153176

is that the fucking scars.andwanderlust girl? I know she supposedly has every mental illness going but her whole instagram is her stapled up and bleeding or freshly hacked up.

No. 153187

Actually yeah I'm from Florida and I've been in the hospitals several times and don't see your point about them

No. 153212

That's the shit that belongs here, not someone who is in recovery and possibly sensitive to shitmongers.

No. 153235

No. 153240

File: 1438908117783.png (290.58 KB, 558x828, bpd.png)

No. 153243


No. 153247

She looks like she could be Emma's retarded sister. I swear BPD has a "look".

No. 153265

Always those fucking cheek piercings.

No. 153309


Erika needs to stop blaming everyone for her problems. Her mother may have been crazy, and she may have had a shitty upbringing…but so what? So do a lot of people. No one is picking up that razor and carving shit on her arm. No one is making her starve herself to be pretty. That's all her. It's very common for people with BPD to blame everyone else for their own problems. Sadly, NOT owning up to your own role in your own problems, is not going to help you recover.
It's not her mom's fault, her dad's fault, her husband's fault. It's Erika's fault. She has the ability to recover and grow past her personal tragedies. It seems she's attached to playing the victim role (woe is me…) and that is not going to help her recover and have the kind of life I'm sure she dreams of.

No. 153323

Last I saw she was at least 25lbs heavier. Seems like she IS doing something about it and owning her shit.

No. 153334

Maybe I should have captioned this. It's Emma a few years back.

No. 153350


I saw this article just now and thought of Erika. I am also the product of toxic parents. I have a great life, though. It doesn't have to be the legacy you pass down to your own children.

No. 153358

I know having toxic parents and relationships were Erika's greatest motivators to recover…God I hope she can leave Yustas and her mom and just let the past sink. She genuinely loves those kids so much but it seems like the imprint of the poison aka her self inflicted acts are those of the negative messages from a toxic upbringing. I study psychology. Bpd doesn't mean the end of a personal life. We don't really know her well enough to do more than assume and that really only gets you nowhere.

No. 153364

You sound like you havent had a mental illness or a bad experience with someone who did

No. 153368

Maybe she means anorexic behaviorsmor thinking since age 4. It wouldnt surprise me really. Kids that undergo pain have to learn to deal somehow….
And its not like she was underweight since age 4. She obviously has been at healthy weight in other point of her life… Havent you seen the pics.

No. 153370

Are you implying that we should leave Erika be a victim because she has a mental illness? She's an adult, even if she does blame her parents, she has to move on at sor point. Whether if that's easy for her or not, we'll never know until she does.

No. 153372


I actually did. I am bipolar, and was raised by a narcissist. I was severely abused as a child. The emotional abuse scarred the worst. I have kids of my own now, and I broke the cycle. My kids have loving parents. I haven't seen or spoke to my mother in 10 years. I still suffer greatly, both from my own demons, and scars from my childhood. But I broke free. And anyone who wants to can do it as well.

No. 153379

This detail is really just fucking sad. This woman is recovering.

No. 153391

Okay fine, she's recovering. Therefore people need to stop bringing in X, Y, and Z because she has to move on.
She not going to move on, and will just keep coming back on the internet for asspat if people keep saying,
"Don't worry Erika! This is not your fault! Blame your parents/husband for your upbringing!"

No. 153430

No, I'm saying her PAST needs to be dropped so she can stop coming online and seeing shitposts bringing her already damaged mind back down. She is doing an amazing job considering it hasn't even been a fucking year. Jesus Christ. This shit needs to be dropped. tl;dr this shit has crossed many lines. Fucking with moms who are working on themselves is for reals not cool.

No. 153449

I agree. I haven't posted in a week and I'm seriously disturbed by this thread. Some people here went WAY, WAY too far. I wouldn't be surprised the really disgusting posts were made by
anorexic sociopaths who get off on destroying people.

I wish this wasn't lolcow so this thread can be deleted, this shit got really dark.

No. 153457

THIS. BPD and bipolar girl here. I also had a toxic/abusive childhood and for so many years I blamed everything on other people when the abuse was over. Oh I did bad in class? Parents fucked me up! Oh I messed up a relationship! Other persons fault etc. only when I started going to therapy and realizing that I DO have control over my own life. Like yeah ok maybe my upbringing did fuck me up but is that an excuse to ruin my own life? Hell no. I still struggle with relationship issues but now that I understand my own problems better and don't blame anyone for my issues have I actually had a decent, functioning life. Erika coming here is toxic in itself for her, it's not good for her to continuously seek attention so desperately. It only makes her condition worse IMO bc she LOVES the sympathy/attention and it is addictive . So she will only continue. She needs to take agency of herself and her actions and people here blaming everyone else in her life only make shit worse for her

No. 153467

by that reasoning, why even recover then?

No. 153486

What? Not that anon but, the point of recovering is to move past your difficulties. With someone like Erika, if she keeps blaming her folks, friends, husband, or anyone she'll never truly "recover". She's just going to blame people for her short comings a lot longer.

No. 153488

Because she WANTS to and IS recovering. She is doing it for her children and herself. She doesn't need pats she needs positive support. That's different than pats on the ass. People in recovery need support and she doesn't have the parental or adult support she needed. She is taking great steps to better herself. This thread is lame and pathetic. She knows she's sick and she is trying to fix it. She's not a perfect angel, but she has inspired others to recover too. I have been following her since tumblr and her progress is amazing. I was not a big fan of her either, but I am now.

No. 153511


Considering all the exaggerating/attentionwhoring she got from her last hospital stay, I'd say she's far from recovered. She has an addiction to "positive attention" and will stir up whatever is necessary in order to get it. I feel like the internet is a bad place for someone like that. It just feeds the narcissism, and makes her feel like she has to go to great lengths to stir up the drama necessary to keep people focused on her.
I don't think she needs "positive support." It's her journey, and her journey only. She needs to spend less time online looking for head pats ("positive support") and more time focusing her attention on the real problems she has going on in her life.

No. 153554

It doesn't sound like she has any IRL friends/support except Yustas and her kids. IG was her only social connection, and now that's gone.

I just feel bad for her. That has to be so lonely. And it's hard to better yourself without any encouragement. Especially if you have a lot of self-hate like she does. I really hope this doesn't fuck up her recovery. She's made such progress.

No. 153567

THIS, she lives for the asspats and attention tbh was there even a recording of that 'phone call' people say Ash made?

No. 153570

What? There was no recording. Why the fuck would she record a random brief call she got in the middle of the night?

No. 153604

So much this.

Erika doesn't have irl friends or really anyone for that matter. She was never narcissistic? She never took compliments well..we DM'd often and she was never anything short of kind and caring. I received mail from her that was all hand made and with a lot of thought. She just seemed really lonely. As for the pictures she posted of herself, I personally loved to see her face brighten up my IG stream of self motivation quotes and food pictures tbh.

No. 153606

Grasping at straws? Who records phone conversations? Isn't that like..wtf lol go take a nap or make a sandwich, you're head seems a little off kilter for someone feeling mighty here.

No. 153607

Lol, "you're" …maybe I just want a nap and sandwich. Thanks.

No. 153614

Bodies are weird. Women who are starving in famine-stricken countries manage to have babbies. Some anorexics continue to menstruate at ridiculously low weights/BMIs, also.

No. 153618

>now that's gone.

She didn't have to delete it, she chose to delete it. Even Ashley has chosen to ignore this site.

No. 153619

I thought it was on the answer phone lol so I have no idea why people believe her she's the exact kind of person to lie about that.

Yeah she was she couldn't resist coming here for ass pats and plastering herself online.

No. 153620

Erika seemed to think this website only spoke truths when she was not the target. I find that amusing.

No. 153622

File: 1438934616689.jpg (Spoiler Image,120.73 KB, 974x621, 1.JPG)

No, but the wanderlust account is another ig account I can't believe doesn't get banhammered.

I'm talking about https://instagram.com/insurvivalmode/
who keeps flip flopping with private and public (private at the mo).

Don't click the spoiler if you don't wanna see gore. YES, this is a TRIGGER warnin'

No. 153629

Fuck man. Thats horrible. :/

No. 153630


The only reason the call even became a thing is because farmers really really want to believe it was ashley. I don't think it was made up because Erika just posted about it in one post on IG and avoided talking about it otherwise, despite farmers fucking clamouring for her to implicate Ash. She didn't encourage attention about it.

I don't know whether it was Ash. I 100% believe Ash is capable of that and not very many people have Erika's number so it could be her calling from her mom's phone or something. But I think if Erika knew for sure it was her (or made it up lol) she would've given more hints or just outright threw Ash under the bus.

No. 153634

File: 1438936582812.gif (1.77 MB, 320x180, wtf.gif)

Why did I click that omg

No. 153636

Judging from that gif, I'm gonna let my curiosity slide and not click it.

No. 153637

Holy shit that's bad :/ I don't get why some people post pics of self harm is it just attention seeking or what

No. 153638

That cutter posted a pic of how she has these giant band aids to keep the cut open so it can't heal. Then she gets confused when they go all septic.

Idk why they post them. Some are like the anorexics and it's like a competition who can cut deepest. They post these really deep cuts like the girl above and the caption is "JUST A BABY CUT :("

No. 153654

As a "clean" for a decade cutter I can say that imo a lot of these girls and guys post these pictures to share their emotional pain and the release they get by doing so since it's an oddity to rid of trauma-pain through the endorphin rush of cutting. It's like taking a straight shot of grain alcohol and feeling an immediate buzz. Daria Morgandorpher's "Sick sad world" of addiction for treating inner demons. That picture is seriously disturbing, I can't imagine how fuckednup someone has to be to go that far.

No. 153657

What I wonder is how these people survive this shit without literally bleeding out. That image has scarred my eyes. I didn't even know that shit existed. Makes Ashley look like a barfing angel.

No. 153660

>Of every 100 women whose partners use withdrawal, 4 will become pregnant each year if they always do it correctly.

>Of every 100 women whose partners use withdrawal, 27 will become pregnant each year if they don't always do it correctly.


I used the pull-out method for 3 months and ended up pregnant. A couple of years later, my husband's bare dick spent about 30 seconds inside me before I stopped being retarded and grabbed a condom. Guess what? I got pregnant again! I've been sexually active for 10 years and have NEVER had an accidental pregnancy while using condoms or the pill.

IMO the pull out method is like driving without a seat belt. Some people never get in an accident, some do but don't get hurt. Some people get in accidents while wearing a seat belt but die anyway. But, statistically, you should wear the god damn seat belt!

If you can afford it, get an IUD. They almost never have negative side effects, they don't screw up your hormones like the pill, they're waaaaaaaay more effective than just about anything other getting your tubes tied, and you don't have to get a new one for years.

No. 153679

Idk but, probably it's because some starving women in poor countries have been used to not eating as babies, so J want to guess the body sees it as normal and menstrates on the regular. While some of the anorexic we see and observe loose their periods because they were once at healthy weights, so you could kinda say the body detected something wrong? I could be just talking out of my ass though.

No. 153684


Huh? Are you stupid? The whole point of recovery is for yourself. You don't recover for asspats or attention. And like I said one important thing for recovery is not only to stop blaming everyone else but also find a way to stop seeking attention obsessively. It hurts you

Also TY for understanding guys

No. 153696

Just look at Aly #recovery is the new pro-ana and best way for attention these days.

No. 153755

This kinda makes sense to me I was really underweight (bc of addison's disease) when I started menstruating and was regularly for 2 years and it stopped for a year when I got diagnosed/started corticosteroids and gained weight. I think a lot of the time anorectics stop menstruating bc of the strain on the body from purging/using laxatives/etc rather than their weight

No. 153812

Reminds me of coldnessinmyheart.

No. 153815

Reminds me of a delicious roast that is all ready to be seasoned and cooked.

No. 153822

There's worse on documentingreality, like that girl who cuts her face. I hate that ig take down accounts that're anti-proana and anti-pro self harm, but they let this gore slide.

BTW, who's the person that made the youtube Ash is talking about on her tumblr?

No. 153823

https://instagram.com/insurvivalmode/ TRIGGER WARN TRIGGER WARN

If you can deal with the gore cutz, please report the pics. She's on public again.

No. 153825

(scuse the ashley double video post)

No. 153826

>Wow!!! You have to be the thinnest person on youtube and the most sexiest i have seen. You look amazing and congrats for getting so light and being able to stay alive. My guess is 22kg. Stay strong

No. 153828

that vid is just a slideshow, are there any videos of her in motion? i'm morbidly curious to see how it looks, you can probably watch all the tendons and muscles moving, ugh

No. 153829

There're a couple on her tumblr. The ones in her "therapist's" office.

No. 153831

This breaks my heart. She was so pretty.

No. 153832

If it's even possible, I pray she recovers back into that girl. I'm willing to bet she'd be so much nicer…

No. 153834


there're one of two of her with Jackie on socialcam, but I can't post the link. for whatever reason it's telling me the socialcam site's suddenly not secure???

No. 153837

Tried to power through and report as many as I could while still keeping my dinner in my stomach and not on my keyboard.
This girl has a boyfriend and talks about having to cut/bruise herself + b/p when he's not around or before he gets home. How does someone like this have a partner? There's no way in hell I'd be able to deal with someone this self-d