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File: 1492721594274.png (648.6 KB, 640x872, 1492670822927.png)

No. 373404

Thread #1 >>>/snow/93507
Thread #2 >>>/snow/131172
Thread #3 >>>/snow/151227
Thread #4 >>>/snow/167361
Thread #5 >>>/snow/176096
Thread #6 >>>/pt/310703
Thread #7 >>>/pt/320406
Thread #8 >>>/pt/331309
Thread #9 >>>/pt/342518
Thread #10 >>>/pt/351721
Thread #11 >>>/pt/356684
Thread #12 >>>/pt/362065
Thread #13 >>>/pt/367369

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram / Snapchat: mariahmallad

The basics:
>body positive, but photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantly
>Proven through twitteraudit that she has bought at least 20k followers.
>laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Samus costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplay
>spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned"
>claims she cosplays because she's passionate about the characters and the hobby, but is only in it for the money
>does monthly "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame
>has to beg for money, con passes, etc. despite making over $6k per month on Patreon
>known to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplays
>pretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwise
>loiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guest

In the last thread:
>A popular Facebook page makes fun of her using a picture made by our beloved drawanon, she replies with "Jojopose" pics and later makes someone else redraw it to save face
>More vk sweater pics which only show how much she ballooned up
>The Shampoo boudoir set comes out, it's awful
>Keeps on stalking JNig, then announces she may move to Arizona
>Might have gotten lipo
>An anon finds out her Facebook posts from the past years, which reveal huge daddy issues
>An even more porny boudoir set is coming out soon, this time with simulated cum
>However, she keeps on denying that she does porn

Thread pic: courtesy of drawanon.

No. 373417

I don't know about supportive family, Moomoo's dad was obviously a huge asshole. But yeah she's not doing well at all. She needs to take that 15k and funnel some of it out of food/booze and into getting therapy.

No. 373422

lmao, you guys have been killing it with these thread pictures

No. 373423

Not even trying to be mean but i always forget momo is in her early 20s. Looks like shes in her late 20s.

No. 373425

tfw your dad was abusive and you didn't even turn out like this

No. 373426

artfag anon here, honored to have my shitty drawing become the thread pic

I'd lol if Moomoo saw it, too bad its message would probably fall on deaf ears

No. 373427

You can't really blame Moomoo's parents anymore. This is just her simply refusing to grow the fuck up at this point.

No. 373431

Don't worry, she lurks here constantly. She's probably your biggest fan too, since she even had someone else redraw that one pic of her on a dirty bed

No. 373433


Well seeing as her mother seems to fully support her career in getting her tits out for cosplay it's a lost cause in any hope of her growing up. They are partially to blame for allowing her to become such a spoiled self entitled cunt, the rest is down to her own destructive behavior.

No. 373445

File: 1492726524556.jpg (194.09 KB, 1500x1500, 1492725918603.jpg)

Sage for total derail, but I swear it's like this girls white knight or even She Who Must Not Be Named herself just goes to every page and word searches her name or her nicknames.

I haven't mentioned that girl in MooMoos threads in ages and the second I do they pop up three days later just to say this stupid shit.

I wonder if it's a genuine sickness and this person honestly thinks he's doing She Who Must Not Be Named a great favour by heroically saving her reputation on Lolcow.

To the anon who replied to the person who said "because you lie" just go to the previous post and if her name is mentioned in it don't bother replying to the responding comment.

Sorry for the derail. But it's really sad I feel bad for whoever that is lol.

Only reason I'm mentioning it here is because this all took place in the Fetish thread.

And if this knight responds to this post I've tried my best not to mention her so hopefully he won't but I wish admin could do something about it.

No. 373453

In the L00nie thread admin confirmed that it is in fact L00nie herself coming to whiteknight and they stopped bothering with her because she ban evades so muchand everyone knows it's her posting.

No. 373459

Some of that green text in Op needs updating for future posts.

She doesn't fall back on Samus because she's too fat. Probably too fat for Wicke at this point too. And she makes well over 6k.

No. 373463


Oh okay, thanks I didn't know that. I haven't been to that thread in awhile because like I said in the first screencaps it's not fun to even try anymore lmao.

No. 373466

My only critique is that you made her upper lip too big.

No. 373504

Fucking dead at her using the one armor cosplay she has ever worn, that she didn't even make, wore one time, didn't even do any shoots for it besides whatever at the con she wore it too, as the example of "non-slutty cosplay"

girl pls

No. 373521


Seriously, when was the last time she did a cosplay where she didn't slut the character up and have her getting fingered, blowing or fucking some dude?

No. 373522

File: 1492738346454.jpg (174.6 KB, 768x1024, the cow goes moo.jpg)

Was asked to post original picture without blur & took critic from anon, incorporated it into this drawing.

No. 373530

File: 1492739643693.png (1.38 MB, 831x852, 1477782660499.png.abfaec27f523…)


the bats you drew on Moomoo's lilith looks better than Momo's own marker-drawn scribbles.

15k on patreon spent on magic marker shit hahahahaha

No. 373531

Christ. The drawing looks better than her.

No. 373537

omg good job art anon

I wonder how long before she whines about it and someone redraws it.

No. 373541

The shooping she did to the left picture is laughable, especially when you compare to the photo on the right.

So body positive.

No. 373550

The lillith Face is amazing
Great work annon

No. 373588

The door in the background bends too

No. 373589

She is such a hypocrite. She needs to stop riding the damn body positivity train because she clearly is not happy with her own appearance. If she was really happy then she wouldn't have shopped even simple photos like this, let alone get lipo done as some anon have claimed. I feel like she uses the body positivity image as an excuse to be a lazy lard ass. It sickens me that girls see her as a role model.

No. 373592

So much better anon! This is perfect.

No. 373593

Why bother commissioning costumes just to take them all off
I mean seriously

No. 373601

File: 1492756739309.jpg (77.72 KB, 750x1334, 1gAv7er.jpg)

From reddit
I don't want to see what's beyond the emojis…

No. 373609

She might as well cosplay the Pillsbury dough boy or something doughy because that's what her gut is reminding me of. Doughy and pasty…shudders

No. 373610

File: 1492759162214.png (Spoiler Image, 621.58 KB, 570x715, IMG_0012.PNG)

nothing but more fatboob

No. 373611

File: 1492759709861.png (2.67 MB, 1264x1978, Moomoopits.png)

Whenever I see this cosplay, it just reminds me of her dirty pits that day

No. 373613

posted in last thread at
>>370504 and >>370544

No. 373614

I was starting to actually think that the Lipo thing might be true, but the second pair of boobs under her first pair makes me now think otherwise.

No. 373618

File: 1492761823586.png (476.07 KB, 1080x820, 20170421_010003.png)


Reminds me of this

No. 373629

I didn't even notice that! That whole outfit was a disaster but she boulder even put the effort in to look nice??

No. 373637

File: 1492771802898.gif (348.89 KB, 500x400, anigif_enhanced-10846-14304751…)

No. 373639

How dare you make me cry (from laughter) this early in the morning.

No. 373640

Hahaha! I was gonna ask someone to Photoshop the picture and add a camilla wig and her face but this is better!

No. 373667

Can't name names since it'll give away who I am, but through a mutual friend they confirmed that she did indeed get lipo and plans on getting more surgery done.

No. 373670

So it was post-op shapewear after all? I guess that does explain the weird bruising.

No. 373671

Do you know what she plans on doing?

No. 373676

I too, through a mutual friend can confirm she got lipo.

No. 373677

bull, i want screen caps to prove this.
it CAN be plausible that she did it, but without proof she's just a fat drunk slob who abused shapewear

No. 373679

My guess is lip injections. Kek

No. 373683

Why are you so convinced that she WOULDNT get surgery? She's the most shallow person alive. Of course she would stoop low enough to get lipo with Patreon bucks. I don't see how that's not blatantly obvious anon. She's got the money to do it, the time to heal and she's proven she's lazy. Lazy enough to avoid actually working out.

No. 373685

I also can confirm she got lipo through a mutual. If we post proof we aren't gonna be able to provide you with future moomoo milk and confirmations straight from the cow guys.

No. 373692

Not the anon you were replying to, but my guess is on lip injections and nose job.
And she will of course get a botched job because she will just go to the nearest and cheapest surgeon with zero researches about him.

No. 373693

I agree with this. Sure. Definitive proof would be nice, but a lot of the proof is talking with others, which, would be ridiculous to expect them to record all conversations about Mariah. Or screencapping conversations, because then she'll just cut them out of her life, thus, depriving us with any inside information. It'll also just cause a mess if they know her in real life. I understand having doubts, but knowing how Mariah operates I would not doubt she would get work done. I could understand lip fillers, but lipo just proves how lazy she is.

No. 373694


Yeah, going to need proof of this. I'm sure that she would get lipo if she could, but unless you have proof it is more likely she is a fat slob who wore her shapewear too long. You know she lurks here, so she will eventually find out who leaked that she had gotten lipo done. You've already outed yourself if that is in fact true.

No. 373695

If she got Lipo, then she is doing a shitty job for keeping the weight down

No. 373696


Most people who get lipo generally gain it back. Because they don't alter their eating/workout habits.

No. 373698


Very true. If she did get it then she's not showing good results like at all. Lipo is not a permanent fix so whatever got sucked out will come right back.

She should have gotten it on her cottage cheese thighs.

No. 373702

Liposuction doesn't magically get rid of all the fat. They only do target areas. She probably only got her abdomen done, maybe "love handles" too.

No. 373704

She also could have gone to a shitty plastic surgeon too

No. 373705

Where are her nipples? Did she shoop them out?

No. 373707

I was thinking earlier about skeptic anons adamantly denying a surgeon doing a lipo procedure on moomoo because of her weight and while I understand skepticism of it being done at all I think citing 'doctors won't do it' doesn't really apply to Mariah who
1) lives in Vegas who I'm pretty sure has a few sketch doctors willing to do anything for money
2) already had cosmetic surgery (breast reduction) before she turned 20 so possibly while she was still a teenager

Moomoo isn't a stranger to going under the knife because she hates her body

No. 373708

I can't wait for 3 months from now where she gains it all back AND has a lumpy stomach. Getting lipo won't get that fat from around your heart, MooMoo, so you better start taking care of yourself.

No. 373710

They all sounded pretty sus, too. Saying things like, "Oh, no, that's where her corset rubbed against her!" Uuuuh, she's been wearing corsets non-stop, and has never had visible marks, much less scarring. That notwithstanding, corsets don't make those types of marks, so that line of thinking is stupid anyway.

It reeks of damage control to me. Or retards.

No. 373722

We can only remove 1,000ml of fat so she's not showing good results because she wasn't a good candidate to begin with. Lipo is more for body contour than weight loss.

No. 373726

I can confirm too, through a mutual friend of a mutual friend of a mutual friend through this guy's cousin…

No. 373727

File: 1492786671191.jpg (94.48 KB, 1317x324, Screenshot_20170421-071305.jpg)

Fucking hell

No. 373728

File: 1492786905417.png (110.81 KB, 272x275, 1490033078420.png)

Thank you Mariah for being such an endless milk transporting trainwreck.
She's going to get SO assblasted.

No. 373731


. . . What the fuck is the matter with her?

I know it's a fictional character, but she sounds like a fucking date rapist. I have no doubt that she really goes around talking about how much she wants to fuck people, since she she stupidly believes that it makes her "one of the guys".

No. 373733

Maybe she's the next Chel.
Next step: start dickriding Shadman

No. 373734

File: 1492787312475.jpg (62.95 KB, 537x306, 20170213_193428.jpg)

Ah moo

No. 373735

Since she's catering to the lowest denominator, she has to pander to the pedophiles too somehow!

No. 373736

File: 1492787690232.jpg (56 KB, 504x596, 1467773641898.jpg)

For fuck's sake Mariah

No. 373737


She already is pretty much Chel.

-Fat potato body that virgins think is "thicc"

- Shitty homemade cosplay

- Drama whore who gets into fights on twitter every week

- Blocks anyone who doesn't kiss her ass

- Acts like a cringey dudebro to pander to their neckbeard followers

- Markets herself as a sex obsessed gamer gurl/nerd, gets pisssd when fans treat her like fuck meat

Funny thing is, she got Shad's attention, which made Chel chimp out of course because it was right around the time she made up some bullshit sob story about how Moomoo was bullying her and cried to Loonie about it, despite the fact that she had been kissing Moomoo's ass for months and tried to act like they were best friends and got pissed that she ignored her the whole time.

No. 373738

That's assuming that dress she bought even fits. Taking bets now on her just using the wig with some cheap underwear to 'lewd' it up because the outfit is too small.

No. 373741


Is there any doubt in your mind that is exactly what she would do? Every time she fucks up trying to make something herself she just says "Fuck it" and slaps on a shitty wig and trashy, ill-fitting, lingerie and calls it a "lewd" version with shitty POV shots in a trashy motel room.

No. 373742

>"Those thighs aren't innocent"
>character is cannonly at the age of a primary school student

This makes her sound like a child predator and I just got creep vibes.

No. 373745

Holy shit she's disgusting. She's just Chel at this point.

No. 373746


Expect Chel has an actual child and still talks like that.

No. 373747

The next tick on the list is the awful free porn. With KBBQ in the place of the husband.
"It's just a cute bj set uwu"

No. 373749

honestly why would this cow even go for a costume thats just going to make her a whole lot bulkier than she alrdy is

No. 373750

she just wants an excuse to get at that Korean dick and fantasize that kbbq and her are an actual couple. news flash you dumb ass cow, he will never chingchong love you.

No. 373751

Next up:
>It's just a cute pedophilia set! uwu
I guess she milked the bbw demographic dry so it's time to move onto the pedophiles who are another profitable audience. Girls who sell out to lolicons are the fucking worst and often go hand in hand with the "I'm just like one of the guys!" personality for some reason.

No. 373753

Get ready for another shot of her stained underwear since you know every orfice in that sow is going to be leaking during her nasty ass porn shoot.

No. 373756

File: 1492789462834.jpg (23.18 KB, 300x202, IMG_3635.JPG)

I'm assuming that this is a picture of her and KBBQ

No. 373757

this is legit disgusting how can you even look at kanna as a character and want to see porn of her she's a fucking child
mariah you're sick

No. 373760

I can't wait for her friends to shit on her. Sinking to new lows there, Moomoo!

No. 373761

This honestly sounds like someone trying to justify molestation of s young kid. So fucking disgusting. Sure young girls are often used for fan service in anime but that doesn't you have to do the same. Mariah you were just talking about how you respect cosplay so much and you don't just do lewds. Why not listen to yourself and just do a regular cosplay for once.

No. 373762

File: 1492789867555.jpg (25.81 KB, 534x572, C97HwgdXcAAf54g.jpg)

No. 373763

Because if she doesn't sex it up nobody will pay attention to her, and she knows it very well.

No. 373764

(Samefagging) People pay attention to normal cosplayers because they're talented and/or attractive. But she's not talented and she's not cute, so the "lewds" emergency button is what's left to her.

No. 373765

Right? If she, god forbid, cosplays a character PROPERLY for once, everybody's gonna ignore her because she'll be a shit Kanna. Too bad for her that sexualising a literal child character isn't going to play to her favor, hopefully she'll get a shit ton of flack and it'll end up being the great fall of Moomoo.

No. 373768

I'm pretty sure that she is a pedo. Sure it's a fictional character, she will argue, but for someone saying that "her thighs are too thicc" it just makes me grossed out. She is gonna go down hill from this point.

No. 373770

Maybe I'm giving her too much credit, but I wonder if she's hyping Kanna to test the waters on how receptive people are to the idea of it. It's like when she was hyping Moana for so long, but suddenly hasn't said a word about cosplaying her after 1. People were trashing her and the original design that was made for her 2. Too many better Moanas who looked like they were islanders.

No. 373772


I'm sure that even her "Mom" Nigri won't even want to associate herself with her anymore if she goes through with this. She sounds like a date raping pedophile. Yes, it's a fictional character, but they are visually and characterized as a child.

No. 373773

In before "I'm cosplaying her as an adult my dudes lol"

No. 373775

Her usual fans will like her doing the loli dragon because most don't care as long as she's half naked and gaining.

Most will be grossed out she thinks a grade schooler isn't innocent and sexy (She probably knows this, but she wants infamy)

Pedophiles will be pissed she is cosplaying their dragon loli waifu because she looks like someones fat mom.
They want someone very skinny and built like a slim jim to cosplay her. Not some lumpy cow.

No. 373780

because when you look at an anime character you don't see a human being.

There is no ethics about this shit. It's not a human, and 2d pedos dont see them as human.

No. 373783

2d pedos are attracted to charas who look like children, have childrens bodies, but are 2d so they can get away with it. you sound like a pedo. Also learn to sage your stupid "its fictional !! its not real!!" stinky-esque shit.

No. 373784


It's some really disgusting moralizing that they do. They say "It's not like I'm looking at porn of real children, so it's totally fine!", as if it lets them off on the hook. It's scarily similar to how Moomoo acts about her "It's not real porn if I'm not naked!" bullshit

No. 373786

Are you the same anon who kept defending Shad's loli porn in Chel's thread saying that it's a "victimless crime"? Yes, it's not a real person but it's a character posing as a small child in features, body, manners. There's no way a sane person could look at her and say "Yep this arouses me".

No. 373790

Honestly I don't even care about 2D lolis and sexualizing them. It's not real, whatever. I do find it absolutely deplorable she is putting this on blast though. Like the majority in this thread, it's obvious that most people find shit like this reprehensible. How does she not see that she will lose a lot of support by doing this? She might make her neckbeards happy, but her well adjusted cosplay "friends"? The people around her that ACTUALLY matter? They will definitely at the very least look down on her even more than they have and try to distance their involvement with her.

No. 373791

File: 1492793449722.jpg (73.23 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1492525437434.jpg)

Calling it now. She'll 'age her up' so it's not pedophilia uwu

No. 373796

"friends" ?? who needs friends?? She has crusty men no one wants, bottom of the barrel incels jerking off to her pics!!! So shes winning!!

No. 373798

But she doesn't need to take her clothes off for attention!

No. 373799


where did she even comment this? I don't see it on her page at all

No. 373807

I think an anon said before she restricts posts to friends

No. 373813

Either she's getting smarter and resurrecting the post to certain people to weed out the people milking her. Or she's really a fucking psycho,sexual deviant. who am I kidding? Psycho,sexual deviant is the real answer here.

She's too stupid to actually set up a dummy post. Mariah legitimately thinks her fb friends are real friends.

No. 373814

Fucking hell "restricting" not resurrecting, fucking spell check.

No. 373816

File: 1492795327163.gif (2.2 MB, 357x238, disgustingsamus.gif)

No. 373817

The only people that think this way are the neckbeard lolicons that try to justify it. No normal person, even those that watch lots of anime, think it's okay to say "that cartoon that's depicted as a grade schooler and acts like a grade schooler has totally lewd thighs, she isn't innocent!"

No. 373818


Honestly if this is true be prepared for L00nie like clown lips. Surgery is a proven addiction once it's started (I know a girl who only ever intended on getting breast imants and now she has brow, lip and cheek fillers) and MooMoo has an addictive personality. This downward spiral is gonna be awesome.

There's so many pics of her out there that it's weird she would even consider it because you can't hide it. Especially all the Mei close ups with her turtle lips and weird alcoholic face.

Problem is it's going to skyrocket her to more fame because plastic is a trend I've been noticing more and more of lately on Instagram.


Anon who said that in the last thread here, yes she restricted her posts. I was screenshotting stuff from her Facebook page and immediately a day later I noticed she locked all of her posts that I could see the day before.

No. 373822

For anons who are on her Facebook, pay attention to her posts and if they're customized or not. If there is a gear on it that means she's customized a list of people who can see it and she may bait you to find out who is leaking shit

No. 373824

Anime has always experimented with murky waters and there's a technical defense that even tho she's 8 years old in human years she's apparently older in dragon years? I dunno anime always finds a way to cover their tracks.
Most lolis are "supposedly" 18 and sex laws are always different in so many countries.
But it is completely fucked up that she would be dressing up in a loli outfit and simulating this eight year old getting groped. MooMoo you're fucking disgusting if you've fapped to stuff like this. Get help lol.
Daddy doesn't love you but it doesn't mean you have to try and stay being the little girl he used to love.
…too soon?

No. 373825

>to appeal to pedos
what is the logic that a pedo attracted to tiny spindly kids gets anything from seeing a hefty leathery milf dressed in some young characters clothes

No. 373826

Lol cutting off people so she can remain in her safe little tiny delusional bubble. If she didn't have fuck boy friends and moochlette, if everyone turned their backs on her, this lolcow stuff would undoubtedly get to her and she would have a breakdown. She's so fragile lol.

No. 373830


I want someone to show her this the next time she bitches about some guy feeling her up at a party or chimps out about one of her friends having her ass filmed at a convention. You see how disgusting that behavior is Moomoo? Because that is the type of shit you and your friends invite by acting like this.

No. 373834

File: 1492797158182.jpg (162.08 KB, 1066x689, ss (2017-04-21 at 10.52.23).jp…)

No. 373837


Her arm looks like a stuffed sausage

No. 373840

Fucking this! Wasn't this fat turd just on someone's case recently about someone filming her "best friend"'s ass?What a fucking dumbass.

"I'm filming Vamplette and I'm gonna film her ass. I'm not sorry. That ass isn't innocent."

It means the same thing.

No. 373841

It's on a mutual friends photo, nothing that she posted herself

No. 373844

All someone has to do is get koreanbbq's attention and that will make Moomookunt chimp out. She's pretty much Chel.

No. 373845

This. Remember when KBBQ did that shoot with another chick and we had a week of glorious emo tweets from Moo? It doesn't take her much.

No. 373850

wasn't it mentioned recently in threads how moomoo completely dropped her guzma thirst once pokemon went out of the limelight
u lurkin again moomoo u sly dog?

No. 373853

Lets be real though, Moomoo isn't going to look anything like Kanna.

No. 373855

File: 1492799294366.jpg (61.29 KB, 564x784, DragonElMa.jpg)

why not do Elma? she's working age at least and doesn't look like an 8 year old.

No. 373857


Exactly. Somehow she gets to get away with acting like this, but the second it happens to her or her friends she tries to act like this hardcore "don't fuck with me or my friends" type bitch like she will actually do something.

No. 373859

I bare see anyone do Elma, she could definitely lean more towards her rather than a literal 8 year old.

No. 373860


But then she won't get the attention of her gross neckbeards. She has to be their "cute, thicc, loli, animu girlfriend"

No. 373861

I'm praying for the day KBBQ decides to date someone just so I watch Moomoo completely lose her fucking mind.

No. 373863

I am friends with her on fb and she commented on a mutual friend post about dragon maids

No. 373864


She'll probably cry to her followers about being suicidal and apparently unlovable and try to get them to throw her a pity party to boost her self-esteem. And of course the desperate neckbeard white knights will think they actually have a shot with her.

No. 373865

Why, does she usually look anywhere like the characters she "cosplays"?

No. 373869


Yeah, seriously, when has Moomoo ever been concerned with actually looking like any of the characters she "cosplays". In the end she just slap on a shitty wig and trashy, ill-fitting lingerie and call it a "lewd version" with shitty POV shots in a trashy hotel room.

No. 373880

File: 1492802238690.gif (933.85 KB, 300x195, NY.gif)

It makes me salty every time she brings up how much she loves him, she barely knows anything about him and she didn't even bother to play the game

No. 373881

But really, how is that different from any other character she claims to "love so much?"

No. 373889

I really wish KBBQ would meet someone else and drop this heifer. That'll send her on another drinking and eating binge and bring her huge gut back.

C'mon kbbq do everyone and yourself a solid. This chick isn't even worth your time. A fleshlight is better than her.

No. 373894

Knowing Korean guys, he'll probably start dating a tiny to average sized Asian girl and Momo would try and get work done to look like a Kpop girl.

No. 373896


Nah. She'll go on a "fuck skinny bitches, real men want curves" rant to shame the girl and send her desperate white knights after.

No. 373898

Does anyone else recall those tweets she made about her ~daddy~ from some anime only being into lolis, and responding like "binds chest and puts on Lolita dress"? It had to have been over a year ago now. I guess seeing that and her now wanting to slut up a third grader doesn't surprise me.
Sage for no contribution.

No. 373907

If I made 6k i'd burn that shit out with concert tickets, travel, clothes, makeup, and fitness. I just don't get it. Why waste it all on fast food and booze?


No. 373909

Those "dirty pits" come from skin to skin contact and insulin resistance due to her obesity.

No. 373914

File: 1492808366828.jpg (154.3 KB, 1012x549, garbage-tier-ass.jpg)

saw this on facebook a couple days ago.

No. 373916

Seconding. I can picture the whole scene if I close my eyes.
>Passive aggressive rants on Twitter
>Neckbeards would be like "Are you okay?"
>"Yeah my dudes, I just had a bad day lmao"
>Later finds a way to meet KBBQ's girlfriend, faking friendship
>Instead she comes off as creepy and obsessive
>Takes a picture with her and posts it on Twitter with a caption like "sigh She's cute, I look like a potato next to her lol" only to receive asspats from her WKs, that being the asskissers and fat fetishists they are would go on a semicrusade against the girl saying "She ain't T H I C C tho" "Noo you're better"
>Moomoo smiles, biting on a tuna sandwich while laying on the couch as Vamplette vacuums the crumbs that fall on the floor

No. 373917

She definitely lurks here. An anon made a post about how she never tweets her friends anymore and she went on a binge and tweeted all of them shortly after.

Stop giving her advice and suggestions. I want to see the mess this becomes. It's entertaining as fuck.

No. 373919

More evidence that bait was set and she ate it.

No. 373921


. . . That is scary accurate

No. 373922

Reading some of the comments… half seem repulsed.
Someone also linked her lolcow thread.

No. 373925

File: 1492809117398.png (207.78 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5032.PNG)

No. 373926

I always feel so validated in my hate for her when people outside of this website go in on her.

No. 373927

She's very predictable at this point

No. 373928


I used to think that she was only hated here. Then I saw that where her pictures are posted, her shitty reputation follows and other people think she is a total cow as well.

No. 373930

>Momo is a no-no
Got a new tagline for myself

No. 373942

I love that her bad rep is everywhere she's mentioned.

No. 373944


And yet she has deluded herself into thinking that she is everyone's favorite "thicc, sex obsessed,animu, waifu". It's quite sad really

No. 373959

I never knew about momo/milk/farms until I searched momokun cosplays. The deception leaves a horrid taste in your mouth when you realize she's one of those ugly chicks who live and breath the internet. Only showing off edited photos so when you meet her you've essentially been catfished.

10/10 would not smash with baseball bat.

Sad too seemed like she would've had potential if she were remotely nice and real.

No. 373961

And to clarify. Her attention seeking and lying about stupid shit, all the cows on here, don't they all realize that none of this shit would be this way if they told the truth?
Her being average looking skinny and then finding this shit on her make her look so hideous.

Sage for derailing maybe and being a newfag

No. 373966

Type sage into the email field to actually sage

No. 373970

File: 1492823403668.png (658.96 KB, 1248x702, elegant.png)

So, uh, whatever happened to Moana? Was it too prude for you, Moo Moo Kunt?

No. 373971


Watch her suddenly say "Sorry dudes. Looks like Moana isn't happening lol. I really want to get it right and don't want to do it unless it is perfect." since it keeps getting brought up here. Either that or she'll just get a shitty wig and lingerie and call it a "lewd version" with trashy, groping POV shots of her lumpy ass and tits.

No. 373972

I hope she doesn't lewd Moana, that's like the opposite of what she stands for

No. 373974


Since when has Moomoo ever given a fuck about any of that?

No. 373980

File: 1492827268114.jpg (99.48 KB, 684x1000, C9-s5dHXkAEbWCT.jpg)

No sakimi chan, now she will really think that obese mei is canon

No. 373984

File: 1492827635519.gif (240.72 KB, 400x284, tumblr_nv69nwsw6h1uti1y8o8_400…)


I can see it now, her bent over with a wrinkled skirt and Maui's hook being used as a buttplug

No. 373988

That doesnt look obese at all, ana-chan

No. 373993

I thought this as well.
Mei is chubby, oh no.

No. 373995

File: 1492830615870.png (596.5 KB, 597x588, IpBTLlW.png)

Thing is, she isn't even chubby.

No. 373997

File: 1492830878393.jpg (122.23 KB, 1000x1080, YWqhzs4.jpg)

um sage but… pretty sure Mei is actually chubby

No. 373998

Me is at least thicc (actually thicc unlike moomoo) if not chubby

No. 373999

File: 1492831207134.jpg (224.9 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_4213.JPG)

This is meis early concept art for reference

No. 374003

File: 1492831880508.jpg (123.55 KB, 1115x829, C3AeBxdXcAEXuo1.jpg)

You are free to believe whatever bullshit you want. She is kinda thicc sure, but chubby? No fucking way.

No. 374005

File: 1492832206909.jpg (192.81 KB, 896x671, ss (2017-04-21 at 08.35.58).jp…)

Come meet the Trio

No. 374007

see >>373999 and cry about it.

No. 374009


Someone should go and roast her live. Without her neckbeards it'll be funny as hell because she wouldn't know what to say or do and possibly crack.

Im sure moochlette and kbbq would let it happen since the only reason they tolerate her is because she pretty much buys their loyalty.

No. 374010

File: 1492833229090.png (766.33 KB, 720x1193, Capture _2017-04-21-16-44-08.p…)

Look at how little definition and shape she has
Its sad

No. 374011

that hammy thigh KEK

No. 374013

File: 1492833557675.jpg (162.04 KB, 1365x2048, FB_IMG_1492833455074.jpg)

Even better one. Look at where her stomach is. And her fupa is sticking out.

No. 374014

God she's posing like PixyTeri did when she would flash her flab thigh and do that weird foot arch.

No. 374015

File: 1492833854545.png (897.66 KB, 720x1193, Capture _2017-04-21-21-01-50.p…)

look at that fat vag poking out of her corset. Ew.

No. 374018

File: 1492834216580.png (989.56 KB, 778x754, tumblr_inline_okgpm00NOA1tmsp4…)

Which part of early concept art you can't understand? Look I know that as a fatty-chan mei is the one character you will jump into, but face reality. That's just a really huge coat.

No. 374020

Doesn't help that Lucoa (her other planned cosplay) had the /ss/ subplot in the show.

No. 374021

Ugh, those fucking seams.

She needs to learn how to hem and how to iron. Lazy bitch.

No. 374022

God those thunder thighs are so bad…doesn't help that she isn't wearing underwear either

No. 374024

Right lol

No. 374025

Love how she has the sagging jowls of a 50 yr old woman. Fucking kek

No. 374030

Who else here actually knows her in person? I can't be the only person here who knows her IRL and lurks.

No. 374031


Please share stories, anon

No. 374032

How does she look like IRL? I think she has pretty eyes but that's it

No. 374034

looks 5'1 and 140 or something

No. 374038

Imagine having ugly low-tier men talking about you like that. Men whose standards are already so low because of their years of masturbating in their mother's basement and they don't even find YOU attractive. I mean usually that wouldn't bother me but I'm sure that bothers Momo since that's her only target audience (and the only men she can get).

No. 374039

I have ran into her several times in person at cons but I'm not acquainted with her. I have friends that are mutuals with her though so every now and then I hear some behind the scenes shit.

No. 374041

I heard that her crotch smelled like corn chips.

No. 374045

It's bad enough she's cosplaying a child but to make comments like a damn predator makes my skin crawl

Eventually it'll be
>Cute stalking set
>Kawaii date rape grope set

No. 374047

Amazing anon…

Saying a 8yo's thighs "aren't innocent, what the actual fuck Mariah? She's disgusting. She's actually a female neckbeard.

No. 374059

File: 1492844592283.jpg (73.05 KB, 711x992, bcd3266d102f8c775f65986abb0487…)

But why choose the least lewd character when kobayashi no maid-san. Already has a character whose defining trait is lewd and mostly wears casual clothes. It's clearly just because she knows it'll make people angry.

Why bother with such a controvertial choice when she could do a pov as lucoa and make way less waves. Its such a dumb bid for more attention.

No. 374060

She is already doing lucoa too

No. 374062

Yeah, she's just doing it for the attention/controversy. She's going to make a shit Lucoa, and an even more shit Kanna.

I feel like Mariah hit her peak last year and is just hide of riding the waves of it now. It's all down hill from here. She's doing whatever she can to stay relevant.

No. 374063

The design was pretty awful, covered up her tits and ass and was way over her skill level. It's never going to happen, especially now that the hype around the movie died down almost completely.

No. 374064

I knew her back in highschool and I have to say she has always been a raging cunt

No. 374065

Aren't her eyes just plain poop brown? Lol

No. 374066

Please do go into detail! Her cringe ass posts on that rpg site is pretty damning but any milk is welcomed

No. 374068

she doesn't have the tits for Lucoa

No. 374069

Yeah, not sure what that anon is seeing. Mariah has a dull brown eyecolor and huge eyebags.

No. 374075


It's the shape of the eyes. Not the color. Are eyes only attractive to you if they're light?

No. 374077

File: 1492851632986.png (466.14 KB, 768x570, snurble.png)

nah Mariah has snurble eyes

No. 374080

The most memorable moment was when a friend and I decided not to stand for the pledge. After the pledge was done she turned around and started telling my friend and i that we were being disrespectful and all that patriotic shit. Our teacher pretty much told her to sit down.

No. 374082

That's funny she would rag on you guys for patriotism. I remember being on a chat with her a few years back and she was giving this guy who'd just enlisted flack about how "evil" the military is and how they piss on innocent civilians and shit. Then she went on to ramble about how there's nothing wrong with steroid use and that it didn't conflict with sports ethics. Makes me convinced her dad uses them.

No. 374085

Also went to Highschool with her, can confirm she was and still is a raging cunt. I'm pretty sure she knows I post here considering the fact that she death-glared at me at OV. She was extremely bitchy and confrontational, she always wanted to be the star of every scene despite being a terrible actress. She bullied other students and tried to pick fights with half the dudes in our class. She had no friends and lashed out at anyone who had a different opinion than her.

No. 374093

Yes, she is fictional character, but I must wonder what goes trough Momo's mind when the first she says about Kanna is her her thights and that she is going to "lewd her up" (eww) aka potray her as something she is not. I'm almost upset because I can see this done as some kind (disgusting) fanservice to her fans and character destruction for the fans WHO ACTUALLY WATCHED THE SHOW.

No. 374095

File: 1492859321430.png (277.52 KB, 1119x376, IMG_8038.PNG)

Not to mention, despite being very old in dragon years, she is a child. Making what Momo said here even more disturbing. >>373727

No. 374107

she's doing a lewd 8 year old set i don't think moana is even close to being out of her tasteless comfort zone

No. 374120

Yeah, fair enough. I guess I shouldn't be shocked Mariah is that low after the whole cute groping set thing using characters from a game marketed to children. But with Kanna, is she trying for the loli-con angle? the time to aim for that appeal must have been like, 70 lbs ago, at least.

No. 374121


Not entirely sure I believe she is only 140……180…I'd believe. But no way she's only 140.

No. 374134

I'm 5'3 and was 140 a few years back and I wasn't REMOTELY as big as moomoo. Not EVEN CLOSE. I think my largest was maybe a size 6

No. 374136

I think they were referring to Mei with the 5'1" 140lb

No. 374138

I would hope so cause that bitch ain't even in the 100s anymore. She's well in the 200+lbs.

No. 374143

from the outline that anon did it looks 5'1 and 140, yeah. A girl that height would be on the chubbier side without having a lot of rolls on her back or some shit

No. 374150


anon, calm down. Mei IS chubby.
Not saying chubby is bad, most people consider chubby "thicc" and attractive.

Mei is obviously not FAT, or OBESE, or SKINNY. She chubby, normal, average. And seeing how most video game characters are built it's a nice character design, which is why she is so popular with real fatties i guess coughmoomoocough

saged because i'm done with stupid Mei talk now

No. 374155

Op here. Im not super close with. I hangout with her inner circle and go to a lot of parties and hang outs with her. (Im even in some of the videos posted in previous threads)

Basically the most notable thing is that 1: she is a pathological liar. And 2: she actually does have a drinking/drug problem.
She acts like a high school girl who has never had alcohol before, at all times. She acts more drunk or high than she actually is. After I joined this thread I started paying attention more and at a party I gave her a non-alcoholic drink and she spun it around and yelled about getting wasted then chugged it.
Which by the way, she is the loudest damn person at all times. She really does not like blending in with the background.
And every story she tells is different than the same story told by someone else

No. 374160

She talks shit on literally every girl that we mentioned in these threads (except Collette who is with her at all times)
She talks down on Collette too. Like she hypes her up sometimes when Collette twerks or does a hookah trick but she always makes back handed comments or tries to put down things she has done to make it seem like its not that great or big deal.
But every "friend" here is "omg I love them" until you give her more drinks. "They just wanna be me. Everyone is using me for fame. They're copying me. Why did they do this character, I wanted to do them before them. I want to be this character JUST because so and so said they wanted to cosplay her"
All that junk. She is so paranoid and self absorbed. That's why she goes through friends so fast.
Mariah, if you're reading this, you probably don't know who I am. And I hope that bothers you at every gathering and party for the rest of your young life.

No. 374162

File: 1492883939625.png (60.67 KB, 640x356, IMG_4569.PNG)

No. 374163

Do any of her actual friends even like her? Seriously she's a fucking bitch why is she still invited over??? Does she buy everyone alcohol and pot or something?

No. 374166


She is absolutely that obnoxious bitch who always tries to act more drunk or high than she actually is to fit in. Even in that video of that party she was at you could tell how much of an insufferable cunt she is and how after one beer she is shouting in everyone's face about drunk she is. She must be the one buying the alcohol because I don't see how anyone could stand to be around her.

No. 374167

One of my friends wound up at a party with her at sabakon and said she was yelling about how she dropped ecstasy

No. 374170

>drug problem


No. 374173


I'm guessing typical party drugs. You could probably start with ecstasy and molly and work your way down from there. No telling what she is on when she goes out partying as much as she does.

No. 374174

No, I generally prefer dark eyes, but her eyes don't stand out. They're saggy, droopy, and the creases/bags just look gross.

No. 374176

I don't know her irl but in the past threads we've had a lot of anons that admitted to know her in the cosplay circle, but also a couple of anons that were bullied by her in hs, I also distinctly remember an anon that was in her Japanese class and said she was a huge bitch that looked down on everyone

>"I want to be this character JUST because so and so said they wanted to cosplay her"
Yeah we had proof of her being a petty bitch. In one of the past threads we had a screencap of her saying on a fb status that she enjoys cosplaying a character people don't want her to cosplay just to ruin it for them.

No. 374177


Knowing Moomoo she was probably full of shit as usual and said it thinking it made her seem "hardcore" and "cool".

No. 374187

Pot, ecstasy, etc.
Literally anything she can get her hands on if and when she isn't drinking

No. 374188

I was at that party too. I might have shown up after that but that explains why she went from one party being a normal drunk and loud to the next being almost unconscious
Its the same part KBBQ almost hooked up with another girl in this thread (or at least from what I saw)

No. 374189

That's the party I gave her a non alcoholic drink lol
Im in that video

No. 374192


I have to ask then, why do you guys put up with her?

No. 374194

Seriously! Spill!!!

No. 374196

Sorry. I was talking about it's shape when she has eye makeup on. Other than that it looks horrible

No. 374197

No. 374204

PLS tell me someone is at the Lvl Up picnic. I wanna see if she just shipped those progress pics gimme some cankles and no knees pls lol

No. 374205



No. 374207

Honestly, I think it's because it would cause less drama and shit to invite than not to. Imagine if she found out everyone was having a party and she wasn't invited. She'd lose her shit and probably cause trouble to people's lives while playing up as being the victim online to her handful of neckbeards. There were a few people I knew in high school that nobody liked because they caused so much drama, but only got invited places because it would be less drama in the long run to put up with them for a couple hours.

No. 374211


Haha, wow. All of my suspicions confirmed.

Imagine being someone who thinks you're so well loved and everyone likes you when in fact the only people who can actually stand you are bottom feeders that you manipulate and emotionally abusive to keep them around your finger.

Mariah you're a sick puppy. And it bothers me you have so many fans, and it bothers me that Nigri noticed you. But like everybody else you've made aquaintances with, she will get sick of you too.

The clock on your career is running out and that makes me happy.

No. 374217

It just makes me wonder, who is she going to turn to once her career is over for good? Once all of her "friends" start realizing what a pile of shit she is and how she was just using them, they will turn on her. Her fanbase will die off and then she will have nothing left.
Maybe her mom will take her in but if she finds out everything MooMoo has done, maybe she will turn on her as well. Then MooMoo really will have nothing left.

No. 374220


I feel like it would be best to just cut her out. By continuing to associate with her, all you're doing is feeding her ego and allowing her to continue her bullshit. Sure, she would cause drama, but everyone knows that she is always the cause of it despite her always claiming to be innocent of it. She isn't worth the trouble at all and it would maybe finally sink in that she is a shitty person that no one wants to be around because she is so toxic.

No. 374221

File: 1492893230039.png (58.2 KB, 720x285, Screenshot_2017-04-22-13-30-27…)

I always said she was cosplaying characters because other people were doing them but now my suspicions are confirmed.

Android 18 was a strange pull out her ass, I didn't understand why she was going to cosplay her just because she looks nothing like her and the outfit will do no justice to her body, but lurking today and I found this :)

Wot. A. Petty. Coont.

No. 374223

This. Feeding her ego vs making her see that she's unwanted.

No. 374226

Yep always gotta do cosplays because Steff or someone else is doing them. Like wanting to jump the bandwagon to do Velma before that Thornchan girl. It's pretty gross.

No. 374227


Sage for samefag and because this is a huge reach but I wonder if the only reason MooMoo is friends with Gabby is because of how salty she is over Steff still.

In some hischool-esque fashion she probably tried to see if she could use Gabby to hurt Steff and eventually when she realized that wouldn't work she stopped trying. Sure she took her out for her birthday but that was after the con and probably to make it look like she wasn't a total cunt.

After all, it's hard to keep up friendships when you've only gotten into one for your own benefit.

Moo keeps shittalking her even after a year and a half when Steff critisiced her outfit at a con lol. How petty do you have to be to not let that shit go lol.

No. 374232

This tbh. Girl needs a fucking wake up call and once people start drifting away from her she'll hopefully realize it's not normal or KK to act the way she does when she is an adult.

No. 374237

I go for my friends. I hate her as a person but I can fully admit that her presence can sometimes be enjoyable, or at least it doesn't have a negative impact. People can have fun with shitty people, its just a very shallow friendship. Everyone in this group hooks up with one another, but doesn't care enough to get THAT close to anyone. Especially Mariah though.
But yeah. She usually pays for expensive shit. Like huge hotel rooms, etc.

No. 374243

Huge hotels rooms, shitty cosplay and makeup, boozing, drugs and probably lots of take-out too.

THIS is where she's putting all of her money too? Not that empty fucking house, or workout equipment, or investing into anything.

NOPE, I gatta waste all that patreon bux on boozin my "friends" so they like me enough to let me use them.

fuck I hope this all turns on her so fast.

No. 374244

So she can splurge on a nice hotel room to get trashed in but can't shill out money to rent a nice suite for a fucking photo shoot? It triggers me so much to see these models rent a room with 2 BEDS in it. Like really you couldn't afford the king room?

No. 374245

Please get some dignity, anon. If she mostly parties the same way that she does in the photos that we've seen, that leans on the embarrassing side.

No. 374247

Does anyone else think she just didn't watch the show and doesn't know HOW innocent Kanna is supposed to be? I mean, she's clearly a child visually-speaking, but if Moomoo just read some character info and saw "thousands of years old dragon with loli face" she might have assumed it was just another case of regular-character-that-just-looks-like-loli

Not that it isn't disgusting whichever way you put it
I just don't want to believe someone would be retarded enough to say this with full knowledge

No. 374250

To be fair, the mangaka sexualizes Kanna a lot. It's toned down in the anime at least but still.

Not that I agree with it or anything, but Kanna doesn't always act innocent with Saikawa.

That being said you still shouldn't do lewd shit of a fucking child. The character shouldn't even be sexualized in the first place, but unfortunately that's already happened.

No. 374251

I think sbe wat hed it but doesn't get concepta other than face value. Even from way back, she only seems to understand extremes and can sprout memes whenever she doesn't understand the material. She tried to come off as intelligent with her Camilla and smokescreen people with her authetic kimono to cover up the fact that she seems to know fucking nothing aborut FE and that she can't sew.

I'm sure she will interpret a thousand years dragon = legal age to depict nude, though it ia becauze she lacks appropriate context to the material.

No. 374252

*I think she watched it but doesn't get concepts other than face value.

Holy shit my phone.

No. 374253

I was about to ask if you were alright lol

No. 374254

If she is really doing drugs, explains why is looks like a thirty year old when she is actually 21.

No. 374255

Drugs and alcohol can destroy your looks quickly. I'm ten years older than Momo but I look younger than her. It's really sad how badly she's aging.

No. 374257

on her ig stories she's talking to the camera as if the people at the otaku picnic actually wanted her there and she was gracing them with her presence. God she's so fucking full of herself!

No. 374261


She really is insufferable. She swears she's gods gift to the cosplay world and that we should all be lucky to gaze upon her land whale ass.

No. 374263

I think it's mostly bad genes (she's just ugly), her shitty diet, and lack of skincare regimen. A lot of people who party still look alright because they also invest a lot into their appearance and have otherwise healthy lifestyles and most people her age are drinking and getting high. That being said, Moomoo isn't the type of person who can do moderation so maybe it is the reason.

Sage because this post barely has a point of view.

No. 374264

how much do we want to bet that her excessive drug use is probably the real reason she got kicked out of her house?

No. 374268

Anyone go to the picnic? Curious to hear what went on there

No. 374269


Knowing her, probably got sloppy drunk and tried to hit on anything with a penis.

No. 374279

No. 374281

So the one question thats been on my mind with her raping in the money from Patron. Do you think she's even remotely doing her taxes right? Or will she be getting raped by Uncle Sam in a year or two?

No. 374284

File: 1492918019527.jpg (45.28 KB, 250x343, NMDxw.jpg)

>using the word rape like that

No. 374287

Agree here. Genes and letting go. I drink a lot and still look early twenties despite being a decade ahead of moo.
Sleep. You need sleep if you're doing Molly kiss sleep goodbye. On top of that the dehydration and the emptiness left from Molly hangovers. Now how she looks makes sense. No sleep and drugs. And she looks like a big potato from the binge eating from sadness or drugs. Sad times. Can't expect a body to run well when you treat it like shit.

She's never going to recover at this rate.

No. 374291

Anyone think Momo is dumb enough to do meth to try and lose weight.

Saged for irrelevant.

No. 374293

I don't think she'll do super hard drugs like meth, just party drugs like molly. I could see her doing some cocaine but thats about it.

No. 374294

File: 1492920408681.jpg (135.02 KB, 480x640, PART_1492907062863_IMG_2017042…)

Vegas anon that was at the picnic, she mostly kept to her friend group which I believe was J-team (or just her regular friends, I didn't recognize anyone besides Collette). They were under a UNLV tent and at one point they picked up and moved about 20ft away from where the main picnic was at. She surprisingly was not wearing her usual leggings but worse she had on denim shorts showing off some of the worst cellulite I've ever seen on someone her age. It must have been pretty bad since I could see her cottage cheese thighs despite be being on the other side of the picnic area. Besides that she didn't really mingle anywhere else besides her own friend group, and she left about 2 hours after she arrived. I haven't seen anything from her Instagram stories but if she was acting like everyone was welcoming her she didn't really do anything besides sit with her friends. I don't think anyone besides her friends and farmers recognized she was there. Only got a few pics, here's the worst of them.

No. 374295

Christ, one thigh is the size of a normal person. And not in the good way. Of course the only people surrounding her are your typical looking incels.

No. 374297

all that ham on display god damn

No. 374299

I didn't know we were allowed to post pictures of wild hippos. That's a rare one, albino hippos standing upright and acting human. She's so "thicc" and that cellulite is so clear even with the potato resolution

No. 374300

File: 1492921479936.gif (989.46 KB, 418x234, vomit.gif)

>Wearing those shorts knowing you have that level of disgusting thighs

No. 374305


So there was one of these sometime ago on Ash's thread and with all these people saying they confirmed that moomoo got lipo through mutual friends and whatnot, I got curious. I'm sure others are too.

>by social media I mean online friends through Twitter/fb and such. Though I doubt moomoo has any of those. Or real friends, in general.

No. 374306

Jesus christ Mariah. You can see her cellulite from way back where you are, no kidding. She clearly hasn't lost any weight, she's still absolutely massive.

No. 374309

Gross. The worse thing than fat girls are sickly looking tweakers. I hope she just does it the right way

No. 374310


Fucking lord. She is even fatter than I thought she was. This isn't "thicc", this is just plain obese.

No. 374311

Can vouch for this Vegas anon, I came around 3-ish and didn't see her around

No. 374312

Yeah on her ig stories she was acting like she was going to see fans

Something along the lines nes of
>>>hi guys I'm on my way to the picnic! I can't wait to see everyone there!!!

Then when she left

>>>I had such a good time and I was so happy to see everyone there! Thank you guys for this I can't wait til lvl up!

No. 374315

File: 1492923141297.jpg (185.87 KB, 1264x1264, IMG_4576.JPG)

bunny bulma march-April 2016, picnic moomoo April 2017

No. 374316

She arrived around 2pm and left around 3:30pm.

No. 374317

Do the leggings not fit anymore? Lmfao! Those shorts are to small for her. The shorts are squeezing at the thigh.

No. 374318

No. 374321

File: 1492923412147.png (870.61 KB, 729x702, fuckingew.png)

you need to clean up on a lot of things Mariah

No. 374324

Yikes. I almost feel bad for even seeing this.

No. 374325

is this appealing? really?

No. 374328

I don't get why she didn't just clean the mirror before taking the picture, or pick up the crap in the back. It doesn't take much effort to not be a complete slob Momo

No. 374329

Her dirty mirror is triggering me

No. 374331


So obvious she lurks here. A pic gets posted of her gross cottage cheese thighs in public and she immediately posts a trashy "See?! Aren't I still sexy?!" pic.

No. 374332

oh dear god i thought she was wearing a diaper for a second there

No. 374333

her fat vag hanging low tho

No. 374334

and at least she was aware enough to cover up the lipo scars this time

No. 374338

it looks like shes wearing an overnight pad

No. 374340

God. I hate it when girls take pics when using a dirty ass mirror. Reminds me a lot of my ghetto ass cousins that think they look good. Clean the fucking mirror Moomoo! It takes less than 5 secs to clean it.

No. 374354

https://youtu.be/eMzNCTFUthA Haven't watched this yet but she just posted this

No. 374355

> that moana wig conveniently placed in the background

No. 374356

Fucking Christ. What the fuq is that. I honestly want to know what she thinks when she sees her pictures?

-hide Lipo scar
-mirrors dirty, just noticed, I'll just comment how it's dirty and add a cutsie noise
-thighs can't look cottage cheese if I force it to expand on my knees
-stick tongue out bc I think it's cute and sexy

If that's her thought process it's immature and sad.

No. 374357

>"Fuck 'em! Are they paying your bills?"

If an employer sees that, out the door a girl will go. Terrible advice.

>"I'm so happy with myself now! Can't you see me smiling?"

You've always been self-obsessed, Moomoo, and have had no shame. That didn't change with the cash rolling in and it definitely didn't change with your obesity.

No. 374360


>>> if they ain't paying your bills who cares what they say! I say fuck em!

Moomoo they do pay your bills you twat, mature response to just say fuck all the people who don't like you. You can tell this thread and the picnic triggered her so she had to make a nonsensical babbling video, she and moochlette have graduated from trolling and starting shit on fb to starting shit on YouTube. All the toxicity coming from cosplay community? Nah bitch it's just you.

No. 374361

Holy shit, she sounds so annoying and didn't really say anything informative in that video. Was it just bait for fanbois to ask her to do porn or

No. 374365

My eyeballs rolled all the way back into my head I could see my brains. Lemme catch you at a con Moo Moo I'll let you know how fucking dumb you are

No. 374366

In the comments they are actually trying to convince her to do porn haha

No. 374368

Are you Dasia?

No. 374369

File: 1492929408235.png (60.36 KB, 1076x397, Screenshot (113).png)

Before she deletes it

No. 374370


Here we go again. Another crying into the camera "I'm such a good person" bullshit video. It's so obvious that she got triggered by what was said about her here again. Even her "friends" have to be sick of this bullshit by now. Every week she is bitching on Twitter about hating drama or making some video crying about how she is "such a good person who just wants people to love each other". Wake the fuck up Moomoo, it's you who is always causing the drama. You are the problem.

And because we know you lurk here, you are a daft retard if you think your "Fuck anyone who doesn't pay your bills" bullshit will help anyone and it is proof that you are an immature brat who doesn't know shit about how the world works. But sure, keep thinking that, reality will be a bitch once it hits you.

No. 374371

Someone please save it in case she deletes it like her other videos.

No. 374372

Are you Moomoo?

No. 374373

That was so beautiful.

No. 374375

i don't even know what bs she's gonna try to spew to combat that lol. Now if someone can call her out on lewding the third grader that'd be great

No. 374378

Anon sociopaths like her don't care what she's called out on. She just wants attention and money. Lurking here and seeing herself as meat product have become second nature to her. Survival of the fittest. Pride or being human has nothing to do with her anymore.

No. 374379


She's probably hoping her white knights will defend her so she doesn't have to respond. Then again, this is Moomoo. So her retard brain will be trying to think of a comeback, only to settle on posting a pic of her doing a retarded Jojo pose and acting like that means she totally owned him.

No. 374380

File: 1492930339571.png (17.44 KB, 527x127, Screenshot (141).png)


The types of fans she has wouldn't care she's doing softcore dressed as a child… this is so disgusting and creepy why would you comment something like this

No. 374384

File: 1492931011342.gif (1.76 MB, 406x288, ewish.gif)

good god her fans are cringey.. wait, is that supposed to be pedobear in the icon? jfc

No. 374387

sage for OT but is that dragon maid show worth watching or is it typical "cute girls doing cute things" garbage?

No. 374389

File: 1492931377987.png (517.04 KB, 640x435, gondola.png)

>not recognizing gondola
get up to speed on the latest memes

No. 374391

keep this to download for posterity

No. 374392

File: 1492932371162.jpg (152.43 KB, 1500x1500, 1492932248516.jpg)


Speaking of cringey fans, these are the golden comments from MooMoo Instagram page. The picture in question is an afternoon lunch photo with her mom. I just…

No. 374393

So just curious, when do you guys think she got lipo? Like at around what time? I just can't get into this fucking conspiracy when you look at her and she still looks just as fat as she did in these previous months and is gaining even more as time goes by.

No. 374394


Of course, anon. We hurt her feelings so she needs to be validated by a bunch of losers with low standards.

No. 374395


No. 374396


Half of us are torn there's a few anons who are obsessively pushing the lipo claims because an anon said they talked to one of her friends with not proof but clearly we can see it's all Photoshop still.

No. 374397

Personally I really enjoyed it, there's a lot of pretty funny moments in it and it gets really sweet toward the last couple of episodes

No. 374399


Well there's some minutes off my life I can't get back. Plus her arms look so hammy lol the fat distribution areound her elbows is weird.

No. 374401

She replied and the comment thread with this guy is golden now

Can't screencap atm

No. 374403

File: 1492933522755.png (137.38 KB, 1179x919, ss (2017-04-23 at 12.44.41).pn…)

I got you

No. 374405

That last comment from her is such a non-answer. Why did she even bother to reply.

No. 374406


Lol. She is getting called the fuck out and the downvotes are coming. Everyone sees how full of shit she is and how she is trying so hard to avoid calling what she does porn. And she has abSolutely no answer for any of it other than "I guess we disagree" and "Sorry you see it that way dude" because she can't say shit because she knows it's true. Lol, this is just too fucking funny. I fully expect her to delete the video and reupload it before the day is over.

No. 374407

I want this vizzer guy to be my friend right now. Gorgeous shit.

Also does these hoes even know what boudoir was meant for before they started this 'boudoir cosplay' bullcrap? I bet they don't.

No. 374408

Amazing how she says how much she loves it but not so long ago said she did it only for the money.

No. 374409

Boudoir literally means "woman's bedroom"
Boudoir photography is sensual/implied pornography opposed to dirty or exposed porn.
Porn really isn't a dirty word and I don't understand why so much people are hellbent on avoiding it

No. 374410

After that other person's candid, I highly doubt she got lipo. She still look huge
I still think its that dumb as fuck "waist training" shit
Otherwise her stomach would be way smaller

No. 374411


Same. Dude is completely schooling her and she looks like a drooling retard by comparison. Dude is hitting her with heymakers and she's got nothing to say other than "I guess we disagree" and "Sorry you feel that way dude lol", total non answers because she knows she can't say jack shit cause she knows he's right.

No. 374417

Kay it's done, sorry, deleted prior post to rewrite it lol

No. 374418

why post your own comment on here she's just going to ignore it and think all the critical comments come from haters. feels like a PULL move

No. 374419

File: 1492935367464.png (17.3 KB, 838x110, ripperoni.png)

and the back peddling begins

No. 374420

I'm the anon that posted the candid from the picnic, I also got confirmation from a mutual that she had lipo. The reason she looks so terrible is because she really didn't wait to recover and just went straight back into partying and her terrible diet. So she spends thousands of dollars in treatment only to throw it down the drain because she's too lazy to stick to a proper diet even after she took the lazy route to not work out. She still has to photoshop herself to hell and back because she really is that unfortunate.

No. 374421

File: 1492935763572.png (18.74 KB, 804x108, what.PNG)

Same with Kanna lmao

No. 374422

what the literal fuck

look at that backpedaling

No. 374425

File: 1492936339992.png (298.68 KB, 990x508, Screenshot 1877d7D8.png)

oh my god

No. 374426

God I was expecting her to to pull the "dont worry my dude I'm doing an adult version" bullshit, if you're genuinely going to design and make a version of Kanna who is older? Fine! It can be a fun project, and allows more 'womanly' people to cosplay her.

But the moment you start doing lewds of her– read, taking photos in underwear and a wig, you're not actually cosplaying an aged up version anymore and its just right back into sexualising a child.

No. 374430

But… Maid isn't a maid? Why would she be in a maid outfit

When the only maid in the show is Tohru and she's putting a different character in a maid outfit (not in a group cosplay) it looks like she knows nothing about the source material and assumed all the dragon girls are maids

No. 374431

Kanna isn't a maid*

I'm dumb

No. 374441

File: 1492945586376.png (98.06 KB, 750x626, IMG_1623.PNG)

Well that's nice

No. 374442

>Paint on carpet
Ugh. Why not even lay out some tarp if you're going to do that shit? The thrill of possibly staining your carpet if you knock the bottle?

No. 374444

Looks like she's already gotten it dirty in a few places.

No. 374445

File: 1492946745659.png (278.11 KB, 853x2249, itsnotporngaizuwu.png)

I'm surprised she even replied and didn't just delete the comments right away.

No. 374450

this may sound naiive of me but maybe she's seen all the stuff on here and is trying to actually take people's advice and constructive criticisms.
this seems like it might even be a response to all the comments from her dirty mirror selfie, that or I'm reading too far into it/

No. 374453

Oh girl… get some bins, get some shelves, get a desk, get a drawer….. you have the money, why is your craft room so bare that you have to use the floor.

No. 374461

>I just don't consider boudoir or POV porn

>I don't know why people think I'm gonna sexualize a child

No. 374463

i don't think you realize how little lipo can actually be done in one go. we're talking 10 pounds, when you're as big as momo it really doesn't look that drastic. i'm not confirming that she has or hasn't, just that i know from experience from a an acquaintance that had lipo done years ago. she was also fat and i could barely tell. such a waste of money.

No. 374469


Seriously. I truly do not get the tongue thing some girls do in selfies. Taylor (Greg's smol space prince wife) is another one who thinks people like to see her fucking tongue, and I guess also COlette.

No. 374470

they think it's cute, and it can be sometimes. but when that's your default selfie face it's like duckface all over again

No. 374472

File: 1492955133552.jpg (137.21 KB, 640x1018, IMG_4487.JPG)

Anyone notice she had 24 items in her cat when she posted this?

No. 374473

are you that isn't just garbage moomoo

No. 374474

holy shit, she is all over the place, she is totally high as fuck in this tbh

No. 374475

File: 1492956661625.png (189.34 KB, 843x1067, slaughter.png)

That grating voice. The overabundance of "Like". "Likelikelikelikelike".
Anyway, the top comments all come from people assblasting her, capped in case she deletes.
Bonus kek: the last comment. Be prepared to the "Everyone tells me I sound like Mila Kunis teehee" bullshit.

No. 374477

not to meention lip only targets one area, like your tummy or hips. She can't get all her fat suctioned out of her, especially when most of it is in her ham thighs

No. 374479

How much you want to bet when she fucks off to AZ to be with Jessica she'll leave Colette with the bill to replace the carpet SHE fucked up? That's some nice looking carpet too, who their right mind thinks its a good idea to paint inside?

No. 374485

Goodbye security deposit.

Why not get $20 plastic bins and drawers at Walmart? They're cheap but at least you can organize your fabrics and keep them off the ground. The there's more than enough money to do it. You buy expensive fabric and throw it to the ground. I also don't see why she can't invest in at least a fold up table so she can stop working on the damn ground. I work on the ground when needed but most of the time I have everything on my table so I'm not hunched over for hours on end.

No. 374493

Because she buys most of her shit anyway. Why buy all that storage stuff when the majority of it will just be empty?

No. 374494


Unfortunately, the comments on her Facebook page on the video are all kissing her ass and telling her how great she is and how much they agree with her. Which means she'll just ignore all the YouTube comments and say that "See? Everyone loves me! I'm not as shitty and toxic as you all try to make me out to be".

No. 374496

ignoring boudoir can i just
>I don't consider POV porn
pov is a type of porn ya dumb slut
also we all know if this had been a woman moomoo would've gone in on her being like wow i can't believe you would tear down women like this and all of her whiteknights would be sent in

No. 374497


She does that shit all the time. Men can say whatever the fuck they want about her, treat her like fuck meat and be totally disrespectful. But the second another woman makes a comment, sometimes one that isn't even negative, she chimps out on her and gets her rabid white knights to attack her on her behalf. She is such a fucking coward.

No. 374499

You know if she had at least two brain cells to rub together she would of never made this video she would of just kept her mouth shut on the matter and she wouldn't look such like a hypocrite. However we all know the stupid idiot can't keep her mouth shut and everytime she opens her turtle mouth she looks more like a stupid idiot.

No. 374500

Why does she insult porn so much when she talks about how much she loves hentai and shit?

No. 374501


She thinks this video is proof that she is "such a good person who is such a positive force in the cosplay community and that the haters are all wrong about her" and not the cancer that any person with a brain stem knows she is. And her retard fans on her Facebook page are all eating this shit up and validating everything she is saying.

No. 374502


Because to her, only trashy sluts do porn and she thinks she is so above them.

No. 374504

this cop out backpedalling is such weak shit moomoo if you planned to do an adult version why the fuck did you say 'those thighs aren't innocent' about a child why didn't you just say from the get go you would be doing an adult kanna then you wouldn't need to say 'i'm not sorry'. the reason why people think you're going to sexualise a child is because you already have you fucking moron
she doesn't realise her mental gymnastics about this completely mimics lolicon culture in japan like you know why kanna is a thousands of year old dragon that looks like a child? so she can appeal to 2d pedos without bringing ethics/morality into it. the same thing can be said for your aging up bs you're not trying to not sexualise a child you're just trying to avoid getting flack for it (and you're not even doing anything to distinguish the fact you're doing an adult version other than the fact you have an adult whale body)

No. 374513

Lmfao! She just finished a set with fake cum all over her boobs and is still denying it's not porn?

I used to do freelance graphic design on several sites. Several porn sites. So I know porn when I see it and Momo, an FYI, just because your nips are covered and vag isn't spread out for the world to see doesn't make what your doing except from being porn. Its referred to as "teaser" sets and it's a popular genre (ex. Brooke Marks). In fact it's possible to sell those patreon sets to bottom dwelling porn sites and they would eat that shit up.

No. 374515

>I'm such a good person; positive force

Except good people don't say they're good people. That's something someone with a negative personality says to try to sway you. It happens often with people who lie (scammers doing charity work and taking all the money for instance).

No. 374517


Exactly. The fact that she keeps having to do this every week proves that she isn't and is actually a cancer in that cosplay community that highlights everything wrong with it today. Even her "friends" have come on here and talked about how much of a shitty person she is and only let her hang around because she pays for expensive hotel rooms and alcohol.

No. 374525

Does Momo try to avoid saying she's doing porn to avoid making daddy more disappointed in her then he is now

No. 374536

No, she's just a pathological liar. She is delusional, and has an ego that could rival that of Donald trump. During the entire time Mariah has been using her momokun persona, she has done nothing but lie and backpedal, she starts problems than stands back and says "oh it's not me! People are just hateful assholes and are jealous of me! The cosplay scene is toxic not me!" If Mariah were honest for more that a day than she would crumble mentally.

No. 374538

Holy FUCK Mariah's pettiness level are reaching obsessive levels.

Honest to god I'm average weight and her thigh is like four times my thigh. You need to lay off the beer and the burgers Mariah, at this rate your heart is going to give out when you hit 35.

And of course she has no problem with men being this fucking gross on her IG page. Where the fuck is your cosplay is not consent attitude now Momo? Regularly enabling this shit is what makes guys think cosplayers are cock-thirsty skanks, not making a prude ass callout post once a year.

If her stomach got lipoed, her thighs will stay the same size. And you can't take out 40 pounds of fat during one lipo session so it's not like her massive size would be noticeably smaller. Her gut has definitely gotten flatter which is just a telltale sign of lipo as the rest of her body has stayed the same size.

>I don't know why people think I'm gonna sexualize a child
Because you literally said that child's "thighs are not innocent", jfc mariah.

No. 374540

….I admit my apartment can look like a mess during my peak cosplay making time but that looks like a fucking DUMP. I would never let my fabrics go through punishment like that, just throwing them in a pile on the floor?!

Fuck, all kudos to the vizzer guy. I hope he lurks here and continues to put Mariah in her place. Getting told by an Asian guy must hurt her yellow-fever ass which is probably why she bothered to reply. If it was a woman pushing her like that she would've deleted the comments and subtweeted about how other girls are just jealous and she doesn't understand why they need to be so aggressive towards her.

No. 374541

>not making a prude ass callout
Meant that it's not combated by making a callout post, damn she drives me so crazy it affects my typing.

No. 374544

There were a couple of neckbeards commenting "Lol roasted" to that vizzer guy after Mariah replied… When really the one who was roasted is Moomoo, and the comments dragging her are only increasing as hours pass.
Twitter meltdown incoming

No. 374549

File: 1492971445314.jpg (701.66 KB, 1613x951, finish her vizzer.jpg)

he fucking ethered her holy shit

No. 374552

File: 1492971523045.jpg (16.36 KB, 200x303, doubt.jpg)

"lewd thighs"

No. 374555


The Twitter meltdown is definitely incoming. The negative comments are becoming too much for her to handle and after desperately trying to clap back at all them and failing, she'll cry on her Twitter about being bullied and how "girls need to stick together and not try to tear each other down". It's shit like this that will make her "Mom" Nigri drop her ass.

No. 374556

This is so beautiful

No. 374557

This is fucking amazing.

No. 374558

A part of me does pity her, because it seems like she never had a positive force growing up from what it seems reading her old Facebook posts. Her father constantly whispering in her ear about how she needs to be better, everyone is beneath her, anyone who doesn't agree with her are just jealous. It's clear it has stunted her emotionally, considering she grew up vying for her father's affection.

On the other hand, I'm sure she had people in her life who legitimately wanted to be her friend and tried showing her that you don't need to live your life full of bitterness towards other women; that life isn't some competition. Instead, it seems all she wants to do is use and backstab people to try and prove to everyone how much better she is. Mariah, no one is jealous because how much money you're making. You're just a pitiful child who just proves that money doesn't buy happiness. It's clear you're very unhappy and have an emptiness that you attempt to fill with shallow validation, alcohol, drugs, and food. You don't think about your future. You only think about what will immediately satisfy you to numb the bitter self loathing you have for yourself.

No. 374562

File: 1492972777009.png (53.02 KB, 846x265, oooh.png)

I think the negative comments really have overcome the positive ones at this point… The video won't last another day.

No. 374573

File: 1492973849294.jpg (20.6 KB, 225x225, 1490473426199.jpg)

Praised kek. Momo is bound to lose her shit soon with all this. I am glad to see actual guys call her out on this since she pretty much invalidates other women's opinions, especially when they are about her.

What's even more hilarious is how they are roastig her for coming off with a cunty and self-absorbed personality. I haven't read anybody say something bad about her body. Her personality is enough for them to stay away.

No. 374579

File: 1492975400928.png (589.58 KB, 729x702, vagpoop.png)

No. 374581

Are you 12 years old? "Vag poop"

No. 374583

At first glance it looks like she is wearing an adult diaper.

No. 374592

File: 1492976919018.jpg (21.52 KB, 440x480, snapshot-1.jpg)

sage for no contribution but lmao what is this

No. 374594

This behavior definitely confirms lipo. She went from having a massive gut that she was constantly trying to cover up and hide to showing off her bare considerably flatter belly in an instant? We're not stupid.

No one has pointed that we have been talking about the susposed lipo for over a week and she hasn't chimped out over it on like she always does over eveything (fit tea anyone?). I think she may have wised up enough to know that if she goes on too many anti-plastic surgery "be proud of your body just the way it is, my dudes." It will give us more than enough confirmation than we need. Or she's trying desperatly to hide it by kicking up more "it's just a cute cumming set, not porn gaiz" drama.

No. 374596

sam anon that posted this, on that post by my other friend around 4 or 5 people have posted not to lewd the dragon loli. xD

No. 374598

Uggggh no, I really hope she doesn't do Sonico. I've seen enough fat girls trying to cosplay her to last me a lifetime.

No. 374608

But her stomach isn't flatter tho anon, she's carefully hiding it with close and photoshop. The lipo would have only been 10lbs max like everyone is saying and that will make no difference to her size.

Besides, she's BIGGER than she's ever been, her trying to prove she's lost weight, lipo or not is hilarious because it's so obvious she hasn't and it's making her freak out.

No. 374609

Fuck clothes**

No. 374614


I didn't think the lipo accusations were true at first, but this is really shifting my opinion. Usually whenever she is accused of something here she immediately chimps out and screams about "the lies you people make up about me". But with this she hasn't said a word about it. So it really must be true and she knows she can't say shit because she will get called out about her "body positivity" bullshit. She clearly isn't the type to just ignore false rumors about her, since she responds to every thing that's said about her, regardless if it is actually true.

No. 374631

File: 1492980454988.png (237.27 KB, 767x708, youknowtherhyme.png)

which one is it momo?

No. 374648

Mariah is delusional enough to think the o e look made a massive difference in how she looks. Not to mention she's probably more proud of the status of the surgery mire than the result. She's wants to show off that she can eve afford cosmetic surgery, it's why she's blabbing to everyone irl she had it which has been leaking out.

As for when she got it, I gave a suspicion it was sometime after her last monstrosity attempt at Camilla. Not the kimono version but the time she had literal binder clips holding it up. As far ad I can remember she didn't ho to any other cons between hence sf wondecon and her sets had her mostly clothed/ covered up.

No. 374658

Exactly, her behavior patterns give it way. Even if we made some accusation that was totally out of left field, like she's hiding a dick or whatever, she'd immediately be making a twitter post about it.

No. 374666

Nigs is just as bad as Momo if not worse so stop with the ass licking on every other post about Nigri. Besides influence over cosplayers popularity are a couple dozen extra followers. Momo and Nigri are tied together like the talented trash porn they both put out there

No. 374667

File: 1492986831516.png (453.53 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4586.PNG)

Look who got more lipo! Fat disappearing in the stomach but legs and arms are the same!

No. 374668

File: 1492986858873.png (439.18 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4587.PNG)

No. 374671

File: 1492986936813.png (537.73 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4588.PNG)

No. 374673


Get fit my ass. You're still a lazy lard ass MalLARD.

No. 374675

She can't even lipo right. Those nasty ass thunder thighs with the cascading cottage cheese effect says otherwise.

No. 374676

Any doubts I had about her getting lip is out the window! You don't just get a waist like that after working out less than a week. The fat distribution is way off, her arms,shoulders,face and thighs are still fat. She indeed got lipo.

No. 374677

Fat leaves the way it came. All throughout. It's weird to see her stomach all uneven and lumpy. As if someone sucked the fat out and the left over fat I'd expanding. Also her arms and legs are the same size. That's not how weight loss works. Knowing this hoe she probably just put on workout clothes took the picture and took it off after.

No. 374680


Looks like she's sucking it in still

No. 374681

shes sucking in so hard

No. 374686

Oh shit that isn't normal lol. Yet arms stayed the same?

Way to smokescreen your fans, Momo. What a fucking liar. She probably got Lipo but then took a walk and a stretch to claim that it was the walk that lost the weight, not the lipo.

Liars often do that to try to reason that they aren't exaggerating through their teeth.

No. 374689

guys dont worry shes just trying to fit into her XL kanna costume

No. 374693


Jesus….why do the edges of her waist look shopped to hell and back.

No. 374695

Doesn't lipo areas after the fact get lumpy anyways due to the missing fat cells? Like the unevenness is gone once they settle?

No. 374701


So I'm not the only one who noticed! I was just about to point that out. If you zoom in on the right it looks choppy too.

No. 374702

No. I saw this land whale up close at Wonder Con. Her waist was no where NEAR that small.

No. 374705

It's not supposed too be lumpy so fast. They can't get ALL the fat cells. But visually they get what they can. If you start gaining weight it multiplies how fast the remaining fat gets bigger. So if you don't keep your diet down it comes back incredibly lumpy.
Fat cells expand and multiply after a certain point. Losing weight only actually reduces the size of the cells. You will always keep those cells. That's why it's so easy for formly big people to balloon. Fats weird.

No. 374706

If she was gonna shoop she should have done something about those thighs, arms, and back fat. Who do you think your kidding Mariah?

No. 374707


You aren't fucking fooling anyone Moomoo and anyone who believes you suddenly lost all that weight after a week are complete retards. It's so obvious she got lipo done. Fat doesn't just simply disappear from one area of the body and remain in the other. From that candid posted just yesterday we can clearly see that the rest of her body is still just as fat and enormous as ever. She is a real piece of shit for lying to people like this and I can't wait for all of this to blow up in her fat turtle face.

No. 374708

Watching her stretch and contort her body was terrifying. It's as if she moves, and the rest of her body moves after her.

No. 374709

Should have just gotten a Brazilian buttlift and help that poor depressed saggy butt

No. 374710


I was under the impression you had to wear a compression bandage around the waste when you did it?

No. 374711

File: 1492988619194.jpg (637.83 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_8618.JPG)

The face only a mo….wait, not even a mother could love this face

No. 374712


Dont go giving her ideas

No. 374713

Doesn't mean she took it off just for those 2 second instagram vids.

No. 374715

A bandage doesn't help if the cells under are just expanding. You're supposed to diet and wear it but seeing her huge beer gut and binge eating she probably loosened it or took it off just in case someone noticed in Arizona. Can't drink and party with a compressed abdomen. You can't eat or drink as much. Addictive personalities aren't good at rules and moderation. Any thing goes judging from how bad her personality is.

No. 374716

Just like I was saying. Two weeks ago she had to squeeze herself into a corset like an overstuffed sausage just to wear a track suit. and now she's suddenly she's flaunting her body left and right?

It stinks of plastic surgery over here.

No. 374718

File: 1492988955576.jpg (1.05 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1492988801884.jpg)

She's on her way to looking like Squidward if not already.

No. 374721

She's just making the fact she had lipo more obvious. The rest of her body (including her face) just gets fatter and fatter while her waist gets slimmer.

But that is 2 sessions in less than a month (so about 20 pounds of fat). Do you think she went to the same shady doctor? The man is making her midsection really lumpy.
That's a lil over 1000 dollars just this month in cosmetic surgery.
But hey, that cost means nothing when her porn shoots bring in the money.


Oh anon…. I can't unsee this now.

No. 374722

Legit, she looks empty inside. I haven't seen someone that empty in a while. And the fakeness oozes from her YouTube video. Insecurity oozes from her and I'm not sure why she posts pics like this. Approval from who?? Confidence comes from within.

Psa. Photoshop "helping people lose weight since 1990"

No. 374726

Noooooo this bra is so ill fitting and small cmon Moomoo 15k a month and you can't splurge on a sports bra that literally won't dig into your skin and hurt you

No. 374730

File: 1492989420417.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2083.PNG)

Samefag but holy shit her back fat is taking over her bra, that literally can't be comfortable

No. 374731

Getting lipo to help lose the weight then sticking to a healthy diet to maintain the weight loss seems fine. The issue is that she is lying about how she lost weight AND she couldnt even have the doctor lipo her arms and legs a bit to make her proportionate. Why spend the money on plastic surgery and not do it right???

No. 374733

Holy shit. Is that a pro wrestler??? She looks like a Chinese finger trap.

No. 374734

Let's be honest Anon. What has Mariah done right thus far?

No. 374735


Oh my god hahaha!
She is one lipo session away from being on one of those botched plastic surgery sites
Mira just stop. At least with your gut your body was proportionate

But knowing her and how much she lurks she's going to ask the doc to lipo her arms and legs ASAP. She is really spending a lot this month on cosmetic stuff. Seems like a waste of money however seeing as how she wont stick to any diet.

No. 374736


Because her lazy ass can't be bothered to ever do anything right. Quick fix to the gut and she'll shoop everything else conveniently.

No. 374739


Then when she gets fat again from her shit diet she can pretend she did it because she "missed being thicc"

No. 374740


Please god stop with even the joking of Thicc. Gonna ruin the damn word.

No. 374747


There was nothing good with that word to begin with. I hope the whole trend with using "thicc" to describe a body type dies out.
Sage for rant

No. 374750

Her face is fatter than ever. I'm back to thinking she got lipo.
The upper back fat, fat arms, huge thighs, fat face.

She never seems to film herself at the gym or working out but is always filming herself eating and boozing.
Her face looks so bad though. The only time I see people age this bad is when they are on drugs or drink way too much without giving the body a chance to recover.

No. 374751

So, what's the current lipo verdict?

I'm pretty ambivalent, because both sides a few days ago seemed plausible. But her constant peacocking of her waist is making me go towards lipo.

I'm curious what no-lipo anons think about this.

No. 374752

Christ. And I thought I had a really bad fat back. Either get a better sport bra or get work done on that back, Moomoo.

No. 374753

I'm convinced at this point all the non-lipo anons were really Moomoo and her "friends" trying to do damage control.

No. 374754

File: 1492991709254.png (67.93 KB, 640x510, IMG_4589.PNG)

Just to add on to how stupid she is. I hope the homeowner sues her for any damages to this house.

No. 374755

Jeee-zus fuck, if she keeps at this she'll start looking like an obese weiner dog like that Penny Underbust broad. What's the point of a small waist if you're still a fat shit?

No. 374758

My mom dyed a Halloween costume before when I was little in our washer, and there were no stains or effects on the washer itself.

No. 374759

"professional cosplayer" and she's never dyed fabric before.

Let's just all sit back and let that one sink in.

No. 374761


Jesus, I hate defending Moomoo but there are a set of instructions on the bottle to dye fabric by machine. She will need to run a separate wash immediately after with bleach unless she wants all her clothes to be tinted pink though.

No. 374765

File: 1492992506269.jpg (87.21 KB, 350x522, lipo-cost.jpg)

Here is an average guestimate to the cost of her lipo. She probably couldn't afford the arms/back fat yet
Maybe that's her next session?

No. 374766

I was one of those people who thought she was just using angles but fuck yeah she's doing lipo. Seems pointless because of how much she parties and eats.

No. 374767

That's not the right dye for that fabric…

No. 374769


Guess this explains why she's still living like a peasant

No. 374774

I was one of the non-lipo anons a few days ago and I'm honestly starting to think she had her waist done. I didn't think she did at first because it just looked like bad photoshop to me or something, but the way she's acting now has really made it clear that she's had work done.

No. 374777

I too was one of the non-lipo anons, and I'm pretty convinced now, though I think this is fucking stupid because she looks horrible. All that partying went all over her body and she's trying to suck it all out of her gut first so she looks… weird.

Her arms and legs are massive I can't get over this. She's going to balloon out again in a few months why bother? Gym pass is WAY cheaper and easier.

No. 374778


i also fucking hate how her pants are pulled almost all the way to her tits. show us your actual belly, the fuck you fronting for. i have chubby female friends who do this, and it looks ridiculous, your pants shouldn't cover your bellybutton wtf.

No. 374779

Gotta hide dem lipo scars

No. 374781

Yo, if she's truly lurking that's insane. She reads these comments and instead of fixing shit she tries to lie her way through it more without covering her tracks??? How stupid can you get? And reading all the negativity can't be good for your psyche since she doesn't have anyone to tell her otherwise. Only enabling lazy neckbeards.
Also someone have a screen shot to that weird comment about paying her bills and her friends car bills? What's that about? he says something about he tried to intervene but she wouldn't listen.

No. 374783

Except the one time she didn't It was so weird how there were so many anons immediately screamed "it's bruises from her corsets!" when she's been cinching her corsets to down right painful levels for over a year and never had any marks before?

No. 374788

I could have believed it was just bad shadows/bruise from something else. But seeing all that evidence stacked up, plus that weird bloating/body bandage thing she was wearing live not to long ago.

I guess people just couldn't believe Moo would actually go this far.

No. 374790

I think she's deleting the more critical comments in the video she posted because the one guy talking about how he paid her bills is gone as well as a few others.

No. 374793

I think the big defense for no-lipo anons is that she was looking hammy as fuck at Wondercon and in her Shampoo set, and therre just was not enough time to heal since then and now for a first go at lipo or even a second go at it. and this is the only reason i'm 75% for lipo and 25% for no-lipo

No. 374794

stop being dramatic. it was only a few anons that mentioned the corset and those first pictures were the first possible evidence of any surgery happening, not to mention she was looking fucking awful just a week prior. so people were of course skeptical at the start

No. 374795

I really think its funny that quite a few "cosplayers" call their underwear shots "boudior cosplay" as if it somehow changes the intention of what they are actually producing. These neckbeards are not paying you because they view what you do as "art" or they see something the rest of us dont which is just you in underwear. This isnt even just about momo I remember when sheena did her "Aerith boudior cosplay" which was just her in her underwear in a random hotel room and even after she labled it i still could not see the fucking apparent resemblance.

Reminds me of that time I got my head bitten off for refering to dita von teese career as a stripper and a rabid fan threw a load of accusations at me but then shut up when I showed her the interview where dita refers to herself as a "glorified stripper" which is where i got the info from in the first place.

I think if momo didnt protest it so much she wouldnt get the psuhback shes getting. TBH I dont see momo doing anything radically different than what nigiri or colette does.

Saged because this is a more general comment i guess.

No. 374797

She deleted the "do porn" one which had a lot of upvotes. I guess she saw it being screenshot here and decided to keep all of them just in case she gets called out. I should've screen those damn.

No. 374798

File: 1492998300296.png (415.73 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-04-23-18-42-34…)

No. 374801

File: 1492998365875.png (485.34 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-04-23-18-42-45…)

No. 374802

Venus Angelic is trash(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 374803

File: 1492998454950.png (83.51 KB, 758x368, jD30NzB.png)

sage for super off topic but i was going through her 2012 statuses and why did she get expelled twice?? Is this just her lying about it to seem ~edgy and cool~ or did it actually happen?

No. 374804

File: 1492998487852.png (396.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-04-23-18-47-25…)

No. 374805

Lipo. That has to be lipo. You can see the top four of the abdominal muscles. You can't have abs showing and cottage cheese on your thighs and you back looking like another pair of boobs. That's not possible. This should put to rest the Lipo nay sayers. What's up with her face though. Why does she look like she concentrating so hard??? She looks like she shit herself.

No. 374809

>Porn really isn't a dirty word and I don't understand why so much people are hellbent on avoiding it
I get why she feels like that and I think many people would diagree with the whole "porn isnt a dirty word" while its become more mainstream given its various implications and the gruesome shit out there its understandable why people do not want to be linked with it.
I think the problem is to her and many people who claim that "its not porn its X" these days porn specifically refers to people actually fucking on screen and nothing else where as porn, historically refers to a wider range of things including "boudior shoots". The thing is, especially given the nature of her shoots its going to be referred to as porn by some people regardless.

No. 374810

Edit: meant to say porn, to many, refers to more extreme stuff as well as people fucking on screen, not stuff like these shoots which is why there is such a disagreement like how momo feels about the whole thing.

No. 374811

Shit sorry guys didn't realize you already posted the instagram pics my bad lol.

Definitely looks dead inside. Guess money can't buy happiness when none of your friends want to be around you anymore lol.

No. 374814

Maybe she's trying to diet with laxities too, wouldn't put it passed her. She constantly spews shit from her mouth why not the other side.

No. 374815

File: 1492999716768.png (117.09 KB, 750x1170, IMG_2413.PNG)

I wonder if the person who is getting this commission by Moomoo knows what they are in for. This should be good

No. 374817


More like she commissioned it for herself from herself……

No. 374818

By definition her shoots are pornography putting aside the opinion of whether porn is good or bad. Her showing off solo ass pubs or being bent over to be fucked isn't anything else but fap material. Anyone who says otherwise is insane or has super low standards and wants to white knight in the hopes of getting some from these desperate hoes.

No. 374819

Would explain the brown grand canyon. In coming bleached ass crack.

No. 374821

Um thats pretty much what I was saying….

No. 374822


The hilarious but not so funny thing about this is that ever since I started following this bitch all these gross, cellulite ridden body positivity fatties show up all over my suggestions feed on instagram. Before it was all pets and instagram models lol. My eyes.

No. 374823

My b anon.
Sage for stupidity.

No. 374829

File: 1493001213359.jpg (149.33 KB, 750x1234, IMG_2157.JPG)

This photo of momo makes her look like a raw chicken.

No. 374836

I think she's trying really hard to suck in her stomach too.

No. 374837

I'd like to see how she responds to someone asking her genuinely about her workout routine/diet. She's posting all these "progress" photos and getting all the congrats for her "work", yet hasn't cashed in on the opportunity to talk about it, clearly because she hasn't done shit. It's very unlike her to not use it as a platform for body positivity.

Sage for not really saying anything new.

No. 374844

Her Twitter army and people who don't truly know her have come to her rescue. She's playing victim. It must be nice to delude yourself into thinking your 12 forever.

Mariah if you're lurking, it must feel good to be validated by people who don't know how ugly you are inside.

No. 374855


I'm sure some must know. It's just easy for them to get fap material from this cum dumpster so they tell her what she wants to hear.

No. 374857

File: 1493003173878.png (1.32 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4576.PNG)

No. 374859

File: 1493003215404.png (1.36 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4579.PNG)

Ew what is that?? Cheese? How is that diet related??

No. 374860

File: 1493003233223.png (1.31 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4577.PNG)

No. 374862

File: 1493003351882.png (1.35 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4578.PNG)

No. 374864

Also looks like a layer of butter/oil used to fry them. Ugh.

Cannot unsee her thighs in that photo from the park. She sure puts in some work to hide that.

No. 374870

The burnt shit in there makes me think she made some bacon prior to it.

Mariah is so hell bent on gaining the approval of everyone, it's rather pathetic. Girl, just admit you got lipo and people will stop giving you as much grief for being a liar. Though honestly, you've dug your hole pretty deep.

No. 374882


That isn't dieting Momo, that's a NORMAL breakfast for most people, a couple of eggs and coffee. You don't get asspats for eating like a human.

But lemme guess Momo, you also had some toast, creamer in your coffee, drank a veggie shake an hour later, had brunch, then gave up mid day because you did a "good job" and got a trashy lunch while you scheduled your next lipo session.

Sound familiar Momo?

No. 374892

Whoa whoa what's going on with those eyes? Lmao shit looks crazy.

No. 374901

Still using the WRONG material for a cosplay! It must hurt you moomoo to know that Yaya Han will never acknowledge your fake ass, using her fabric doesn't win brownie points. Guess your doing Eva even though you didn't like it just to piss off steff. You know? The cosplayer Yaya did pay attention too and even posted a picture of on her own ig account.

Learn to fucking see and pick different material! Pleather doesn't work on everything!

No. 374921

If this is what she considers "dieting" I'm scared to see what she eats on a daily basis

No. 374925

Out of curiosity what is the cosplay suppose to look like? I don't recognize it.

Ugh, the fabric bunched in the seam in the lower right corner.

No. 374927

This is a disgrace to Misato.

No. 374928

File: 1493007230868.gif (28.07 KB, 395x640, 1038361-misato_katsuragi.gif)

I dont even think that it is the original outfit. I think it is a bunny suit from the shape of it.

Pic realted for original.

No. 374929

File: 1493007248157.jpg (60.27 KB, 564x911, 595a9c8f55ebe3f8a4544059fa4f06…)

Misato Katsuragi

Seriously, I had hoped she'd never touch eva….

No. 374931

File: 1493007252331.jpg (380.42 KB, 720x1222, denialhasanameanditsmariah.jpg)

She disabled the comments.

No. 374932

Looks like it's supposed to be Misato's collar. Why would anyone commission Momo, though…

No. 374933

You're probably right. I was trying to figure that out but the topstitch on the trim is triggering me. Disgusting.

No. 374936


Welp, I guess I was wrong. I figured she would have just deleted the video instead.

No. 374939

She's concentrating on sucking in.

No. 374941

I'm guessing my friends last comment hit too close to home. Was wondering when it was going to be taken down. She reminds me a Trump.

No. 374943

which comment was that?

No. 374944

Vizzer, about being passive aggressive and flip flopping between empowering women and justifying her "work".
She shouldn't make a video to seem like it's for empowering women when all it's about is getting people to agree with her and justifying her delusions.

No. 374947

oh right, that was a good point, you really got her good with your arguments. Plus I bet all the likes in your first comment had her pretty salty lol her backpedaling post only had like one or two likes

No. 374954

plz no Eva Misato she is too pure

No. 374960

I kind of wonder if Vizzer's comments got under her skin more than usual because he's totally her type too…

No. 374961

I await a plug suit from her. I can't wait when it happens..

No. 374964

File: 1493009983599.jpg (51.44 KB, 450x600, szePAdW.jpg)

Also I'm sure this Patreon supporter had a specific outfit in mind but this is def not her sexiest. Eva has become too big of a brand, now, that there is a shitton of official figures of her wearing something else other than her main dress and the tank top shorts combo.
See pic. It's for their racing queen campaign.

No. 374967


I'm deaf so I don't know how she sounds, but she looks insincere to me, like she's trying to force her body language to be over-the-top peppy. A human version of her passive aggressive "lol ok whatever lol" tweets

No. 374969

God she's going like 1/3 meltdown mode with this sudden need for even more validation than normal. Guess those youtube comments got to her.

Who the fuck thinks this look presentable enough to put online?

No. 374970

I think it was one of the reasons. I didn't think that comment would get the traction it had considering the neckbeard army she has.

Unfortunately needy, attention seeking sociopaths aren't Vizzer's type.

No. 374971

File: 1493010806189.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2086.PNG)


No. 374972

Anon can you tell me if I'm right. But something's off about her body language. It isn't natural to be that squirmy when you're by yourself unless you're having to process your own words. It's as if she's not sure of what she's saying, whether it's right or wrong.

No. 374973

That poor cat in the background…UGH

No. 374974

File: 1493010984811.png (92.38 KB, 500x476, howumanagedstar.png)

>not the correct collar
>dress is not correct length
>what is up with that blazer..

No. 374975

You're honestly 100% right and her voice is doing the same thing too, over the top trying to seem way too happy and positive when you know it gets to ger

No. 374976

Who is this steff? If yaya payed attention to her she probably has good material, so I want to see.

No. 374977


Yeah, along those lines. On another inspection my first thought is that people saying she does porn has really, really gotten under her skin.

I think one of the earlier comments mentioned her acting like she had ADHD and she responded "closer than you think" or w/e. But to me she just looks pissed off and is trying to hide it by being all ":)))"

No. 374978

Has she ever mentioned Eva before? I know its just a commission but I honestly hate the idea of anyone cosplaying a character/ series they have no idea about just for the bux

No. 374979

Not shocking at all.

Also it's so funny how the other related videos are adult themed. I'm sure it's because of the title of her video, but it still makes me chuckle.

No. 374980

The ADHD comment just made me think she was tweeking tbh

No. 374981

Steff von Schweetz. Back when Momo blasted her private facebook post on her own social media.
Steff is ok for normalfag clothed characters but isn't special

No. 374983


Good fucking lord she is such a slob and that house looks so damn empty. I guess all her money really is going towards lipo and booze.


She got completely fucking schooled by him. It probably pissed her off even more that everyone was agreeing with him and not immediately coming to her defense like she hoped they would. She can act like nothing ever gets to her all she wants but it's was so obvious he touched a nerve with her and made her run off with her tail between her legs. And now she is desperately mass posting trashy pics for attention and validation that scream "Tell me I'm still pretty! I'm still you're thicc queen aren't I?! I DON'T DO PORN!"

No. 374985


She looks like a middle-aged, bitter alcoholic who had a kid at 16 and now tries too hard to fit in.

No. 374989


More power to you if you like showing skin and being a positive force. I love positivity. I don't like hypocrisy. And hypocrisy making money. You're basically scamming people and not selling what's advertised. What's sad is I can't even blame her 100% for the problem. You can blame the weebs and neckbeards for following titties and ass regardless of quality. If they saw Mariah on the street no one would think twice about just continuing on with their day. Fact.

I can be ruthless when I need to be and I honestly feel bad for her. There are ways to be body positive without being a cam whore. If you are a cam whore be one great, but don't confuse the two. They aren't mutually exclusive. Do what you do and make sure you won't regret it.(in which case she seems too)

Sage for rant

No. 374990

Her stuff looks really legit to me, super clean and nicely made. Even if it's not armor, styling wigs and sewing takes a lot of skill too. Even picking out the right fabrics can be a challenge and it looks like this chick does a pretty decent job.

Sage for no contribution

No. 374992

watch it become her new samus back up

"That cheap plug suit has gotten me more attention then you'll ever get"

No. 374998

Anon, you are right on the money. It took me less than twenty seconds into the video to ar that screechy hyped up whine of hers to realize that she's insanely bothered by this whole porn shenanigans. She desperately wants people to sympathize and go, "Oh poor baby, those boys keep accosting you because they think you do porn." Vizzer was completely right, and it doesn't just apply to Momo but plenty of other coswhores who try to bend their terms to hype themselves up.

Judging from the craftsmanship on that Misato, she still fucking won't change. She won't even bother herself to take her time and research how to make the costume properly, when that's the bare minimum if she doesn't want to even try to get to know the character. Even from her old posts, she rides on her own dick on how "great" and "special" she is because she's literally nothing. She's done nothing, absolutely nothing to contribute to the cosplay community, or any community, even those she once claimed to be a part of and took their credit to make herself sound more relevant.

She's catered herself to the very type of shallow, insensitive people who have given her assloads of money but will quickly take it away as soon as the next thing comes up, or people find another place to invest in. She got lucky that she came at a time and rode the wave of, "body positivity in cosplay hurhur" in order to justify her moneymongering, but even those communities loathe her for using their cause for her own personal gain. She's just always used to blinding people with the number of followers or invites as a token for her worth. Considering the fact she actually cares what people do here, she has nothing better to do with her time, especially when all she needs to make a costume at a five year old's crafting level is less than a day.

I'm glad she's bothered by the backlash. She wants to believe that everyone here doesn't know how to sew so that she can justify how "hardddd" it is to make a decent costume and forces herself into denial that anons here actually know well what kinds of corners she's cutting, or that everyone who dislikes her are automatically girls who are jealous when there's plenty of proof now that guys, even her type, are onto her bullshit. She refuses to believe that anyone here is capable of creating quality and tasteful boudoir shots as opposed to her crusty ass on a polaroid. And quite honestly, she continues to think that she'll get validation at no matter what she does, through all the lies about her weight, her crafting abilities, and her popularity, and in the end still come out and somehow think that she'll have anyone worth on her side left.

Sage because there's a fucking reason why lolcow has managed to get twelve threads of this. She's a trainwreck and it's crazy as fuck that it's almost only been a year of this.

No. 374999

File: 1493014637493.png (395.83 KB, 514x796, Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 11.1…)

regarding the craftsmanship of her costume. source friends with her on facebook

No. 375000

Every fabric she uses is the four way stretch by Yaya Han. I guess stretch is the only thing that will fit her since she can't stick to her diets

No. 375001

File: 1493014837277.png (1.26 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4590.PNG)

I forgot to add this pic, darts are in wrong

No. 375002

File: 1493014842010.png (39 KB, 506x159, Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 11.1…)

her "workout routine" someone asked for it and I cant find the og comment but it will barely do anything for her.

No. 375004

Am I seeing correctly that the armholes are really floppy?? They don't look fitted at all (even though I'm guessing that she's banking on that no one will see them through the jacket.)

And you're right lmao the darts are completely wrong.

No. 375006

Kek this bitch be lying her ass off.

Having lots of FitTea and squatting often? She must shit herself 24/7. And get the fuck outta here, you've never done a jump squat in your life.

I hope she posts a video of her full routine within a day without skipping any of the bits that she's mentioned.

No. 375007


>lots and lots of tea

codeword for lipo

No. 375010

Samefag, but it sounds like she threw in as many workout-related words that came to her tiny mind, into a paragraph without thinking about how it sounds to a logical person that does workout.

You can easily tell that she's bullshitting because that would wipe a person out fast without any rest days. Especially if she's not taking in many nutrients due to her shitty eating habits and drinking alcohol.

Not once did she even mention drinking water.

No. 375011

God fucking damnit Mariah, have you never seen darts on a dress?

You can see that vizzer got under her skin due to Mariah's response being quite meek and not her usual passive aggressive "Oh yeah?? say it to my face darling<3<3" boasting. And even better, other people backing his statements up. Mariah's not used to men rejecting her since her hugbox is built around male validation caused by her daddy issues so now she's freaking out about it. And the flood of half-naked photos following the whole exchange. She needed her fix of validation fast to mend to her damaged ego.

No. 375015


This is clearly a load of shit and proof she doesn't work out at all. She just jumbled a bunch of words associated with fitness and hoped no one would actually question it. A routine like this would have little to no effect if someone actually did it. And considering Moomoo constantly shows off the disgusting shit she shovels in her maw and bragging about how shit faced drunk she always gets there is no way any of this shit is actually working.

She is really avoiding just admitting to getting lipo done. Usually she would scream about "lies being made up about her" when she is accused of something. But she is clearly just avoiding the topic and hopes it doesn't get out how full of show she is. The thing about that is that the harder you try to cover shit up, the bigger it will blow up in your face.

No. 375016

3 sets of 15? That'll do fuck all to build any muscle/ "tone."
What the fuck is a "lower leg workout"
And hike before every meal?? If you want to pass out and smack your head on a rock. See ya Moomoo.

No. 375018

Props to her for doing Billy, but other than that, pretty average. I think yaya pays attention to her because they are friends, not because she is wow such an amazing cosplayer.
Her levi 'alternate versions' disgusts me and she looks like a tryhard.

No. 375019

Looks like Lena Dunham

No. 375020


Well clearly she must be doing 5 or six hikes then. Gotta make room for the live cow she has personally walked into the kitchen for dinner.

No. 375022

This really doesn't make sense considering her normal snapshats and updates don't reflect any of these mystical hikes she's talking about, especially the ones before meals.

What's really sad is considering how she lost all that weight before, I know she knows how to probably lose it but she might risk herself being triggered by flashbacks of her father beating her self-esteem down to a pulp during those workouts. I really don't think that she liked being fit because of the horror she went through to get there, but she's not doing any better by lying through her teeth about her fitness goals for now, or lack of.

No. 375028

"My own little technique"

Wtf does that even mean?

No. 375032

>hikes before meals
Do you wanna die? Because that's whats going to happen. Hike isn't just a walk down the street.

No. 375033

making hiking actually means "maneuvering around all of the crap on the floor"

No. 375045


Actually 3x15 is the typical fixed number for building muscle. But squats don't build your glutes they build your quads (front thighs). That's why her legs are so fucking huge but she has a flat ass.

If she at least incorporated Romanian deadlifts and hamstring curls into her routine she could balance out the ginormous thighs with a decent sized ass lol.

She clearly has no idea what she's doing in that sense.

Sage for fitness sperg

No. 375048


Sage for samefag but you also can't do squats everyday that's damaging to the muscle and shits not gonna grow. I abosoloutely despise people like MooMoo who spew this bullshit and then people go and try their routines and get upset that it doesn't work. Don't get your fitness info off the fucking internet unless you're looking through legitimate sources.

No. 375053


Okay WTF

In this video she already had a completed jacket for Misato on

In a couple videos later on her IG story she has a generic red leather jacket on her mannequin with orange scraps pinned to it saying she's "working on Misatos jacket"


Is she trying this hard to play off a bought jacket like she made it…

No. 375054

It's kind of alarming how bad she is at arranging a routine when she used to be so focused on working out in high school. Granted everything back then involved daddy yelling at her then but still, you think she would've retained a couple of things from then.

No. 375061

I recall her getting in an argument with someone on Twitter because she compared Eva to Pacific Rim or some shit iirc

No. 375065


OP here. He probably just told her what to do and didn't explain what muscles she was working so without him she's just kinda lost. Plus he's a bodybuilder and bodybuilders typically don't work on the glutes and the butt because it's all about upper body and big thighs.

But yeah, her routine reeks of bullshit. You don't lose a significant amount of fat unless you're doing cardio or starving yourself and we all know moo doesn't run lol. Hiking doesn't count. If it's not lipo then she's just not eating all day until she stuffs her face with 1200 calories worth of shit. As long as she's under her calorie intake she is technically still starving herself no matter what she eats.

But that only lasts for so long because that's literally a binge and purge type disorder. She will rebound again by next year and get even bigger.

No. 375086


She means lipo

No. 375103

File: 1493030457492.png (1.26 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4631.PNG)

No. 375104

File: 1493030551891.png (1.16 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4632.PNG)

No. 375105

File: 1493030650327.png (1.26 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4633.PNG)

No. 375106

File: 1493030707878.png (1.11 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4634.PNG)

No. 375108

File: 1493030781432.png (1.07 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4635.PNG)

No. 375109

File: 1493030846925.png (984.92 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4636.PNG)

This is very clearly a bought jacket who does she think she's kidding??

No. 375111

3 x15 would be for someone looking for mass. For momo it makes zero sense, a 7 x 7 whole body workout 3x ttimes a week (she has no need for a split) and 25mins cardio before each session would net her a nice shape change within a month. 1700cal built from chicken, veggies and brown rice. Water and tea, cut out all alcohol and soda. Id say she would lose 10lbs a month for a few months while het fitness would go up and even out to 5lbs of fat loss after that. Momo indeed should consider biking as cardio,OHP, NON atg squats, romanian deadlifts, kickbacks, hip thrusts, dumbell bench and flexing. It would take her 6h a week. Unfortunately she is too lazy and conceited.

No. 375112

Holy crap. Bought or not, it looks disgusting and wrinkly. Though I'm inclined to believe for sure that it's bought since that zipper on >>375108 looks decent compared to some of the ridiculous shit she's made before.

No. 375114

Samefag but I just wondered now, it's the mirror that's making her look longer than she really is, isn't it? I've seen a mirror like this before at a con backstage for masquerade, and it enlongated people because of the angle. Otherwise she looks super stumpy because she's under 5'5.

No. 375117

Her fucking house is disgusting. She has no shame showcasing how filthy she is.

No. 375119

Lighten up, my dude!

No. 375120

this girl's sewing skills are absolutely horrific she didn't even try to make it look neat or straight she literally can't make anything look professional to save her life

No. 375123

surprised no one mentioned how nigri goes hiking regularly to keep in shape
looks like moomoo is keeping up with the stalker obsession of trying to be exactly like jnigs

No. 375141


People who work out and take pride in it don't give a vague weak list like this. Tbh this won't do much in the way of losing weight especially if the hiking is a lie. You make bullshit up if you don't workout like this.
e.g. I would do a 1.5-2 hour workout to support my fastfood diet.
10 minute run for warmup
3 Sets of 4 different tricep/bicep/legs(depending on the day) and bench workouts
3 sets of failure for that group
3 sets of core
3 sets of oblique
10 minute run back.

"My own little lipo*."

3x15 is a good number for size and strength is a nice balance.
Any reps less than 10 builds mass/strength
10> you will start toning.
That is what i experienced anyways.

Squats do work the gluts depending on how low she goes. Romanians are better for the hamstrings.

Really that depends on intensity. If shes doing bitch weights or her own weights then go ahead and go everyday. But if the diet doesn't support growth then it will stay damaged. But that routine is light at best unless she's hiking some serious inclines.

sage for workout rant

No. 375146

Fat ass head.

Try longer and in your size, Moomoo.

No. 375165

Inb4 "I'm so proud of this cosplay that I worked so hard on! I made it from scratch"

No. 375168

File: 1493045576588.gif (841.12 KB, 450x254, giphy.gif)


if you keep saying you look 21 enough, it might come true

No. 375174

Why so mad, moomoo? It must suck being mistaken for a middle aged soccer mom when your hardly over 20.

No. 375176

So was she just up all night working on this cosplay? Can only imagine what she was on

No. 375177


sage goes in the email field.

No. 375199


Pretty sure she runs on pure spite at this point. That seems to be the only reason she ever does something, to rub in everyone's face how she is better than them.

Surprising that she isn't trying to do this one last minute in a hotel room at a con she is going to.

No. 375201

How many times do people have to tell you newfags this? Look shit up before you post okay? Every 10 posts it's sage in the name or you type it just thinking it sages the thread. Google is your friend.
im a pissy bitch today sorry

No. 375256

Well now I'm going to change my work out routine, y'all are roasting her while I take notes haha
Sorry for OT

No. 375311

Same. Thanks to the workout anons, totally gonna change my routine.

Sage for ot(sage goes in the email field)

No. 375333

You have to type "sage" in the email field in order to actually sage.

No. 375335

LOL you know us newfags are new to img boards sometimes and monkey see monkey do.

See sage say sage and magic.

saged for shitpost and too lazy to google

No. 375360


please lurk moar before posting when you're new

No. 375383

OT but has anyone noticed how many newfags are pouring in? Is it that moomoo's threads are getting THAT popular or is it something else?

No. 375385

>Bitches about newfags
>fergets to sage
forgive me.

No. 375391

Moomoo's an accessible entry-level lolcow, and her consistent milk makes her great reading material for casuals.

No. 375392

Yes, I think Moomoo's threads are in fact getting more popular from people posting links elsewhere. When in the last thread a popular fb page was shitting on her, some of the guys commenting posted the lolcow link very quickly, like he was actively following the drama. Plus she's attracting more and more hate, from cosplayers, randoms and ex-patrons that are turning on her.
Also >>375391 is right, Moomoo is a good lolcow because she produces constant amounts of milk, so her threads are never dead, and it's a fun read to everyone. It's probably one of the few threads with more actual milk and less arguing/internal fights/random spergs.

No. 375393


Even her subreddit became a shit pile once she became a mod there and immediately started chimping out and banning people. She barely even posts there since most of the them there just ask for leaks of her full sets and beg her to start doing porn (Which she already does, but it's more like just want to see her tits and pussy at this point)

No. 375408

I've seen her lolcow thread posted by commenters on her photos shared by other pages on Facebook.
Could be where some of them are coming from.

No. 375411


Despite her claims of everyone loving her and being a positive force in the community her shit reputation follows her everywhere.

No. 375412

Saw this during work. Not sure of derailing or not.

No. 375416

This dress is for who? I can't recognize.

No. 375421

Did she mean to reply to her own post or is that a mistake?

No. 375422


More likely she was too dumb to realize she could edit her post.

No. 375424


Jfc. Binding your chest with bandages damages your breasts very badly. I get she doesn't like them so she doesn't care, but she'll like them even less when they're really messed up from binding them badly. She should stick to sports bras if she's self conscious.

No. 375429


Surprising that she isn't bragging about having huge tits and making lewd sexual comments about them. Although I'm sure that her neckbeard followers will surely provide more than enough of those which I'm sure she will fully embrace. She does this shit all the time where she puts herself down publicly so that everyone will shower her with compliments and sympathy.

No. 375432

The breast binding thing really just seems she is trying to do damage control that she isn't a total hoe.

But she did have a breast reduction so who knows. But her breasts were probably hurting her back. It just seems more believable she wears tight sports bras so they don't bounce when she jogs. But she just had to add more too it. She isn't self conscious about her breasts. She shoves them and her ass whenever possible

No. 375440


She is trying to act all modest and pure despite being totally full of shit. She constantly shoves her tits and ass into all of her shoots and lets guys get away with making all kinds of sexual comments about them. As usual she is just looking for attention and being told how "brave and strong she is".

No. 375445

File: 1493078305094.png (77.84 KB, 640x606, IMG_4592.PNG)

The bad lipo and the scar on her tit, lipo scar?

No. 375449


It's hard to focus on her stomach with that fat spilling out of her sports bra, ugh

No. 375450

I can't get over how her back sports bra is just sausaging her back fat. That cannot be comfortable.

Pic2 looks just like a pack of six flabs.

No. 375451


i don't get why she didn't do what trisha paytas did and just pay the extra cash for her arms, I'm sure she has the money

No. 375452

jesus that sports bra is squeezing her so damn tight. yeah, i don't know what the hell that mark is but she's so damn weirdly lumpy all over.

No. 375453

She's using all her paetron money for lipo to prove all her haters wrong. You keep doing what you're doing


It's weird, in the right pic her legs, arms and back seem fatter but her "abs" are showing more? That just looks so weird. But it's funny. It shows that she is eating more than ever but thinks she can continue to get lipo on just one area of her body and hope no one notices

No. 375456

That scar by her breast might be from her former reduction?

All that fat bulging from her bra is hilarious. Seemed like it would have been more cost effective to get the arms done too, but then it would have been more obvious she got work done. More recovery time.

No. 375457

File: 1493079632254.png (155.05 KB, 750x941, IMG_0341.PNG)

"Gotta make sure all the thirsty virgins get a peek of my pussy. But don't you dare say what I do is porn or that this means I will fuck you. But please, continue with the sexual comments"

No. 375458

She looks like a dude about to flop his dick out

No. 375460


Jesus how do you rake in that much money off suckers….and not buy yourself a decent bed room set. She is totally fucked once the cosplay shit is played out. You can quote me on this, Dead by 26.

No. 375468

Too busy spending it all on lipo and food/drinks/hotel rooms for her new "friends". This girl is such an embarrassing mess.

No. 375475

File: 1493082749301.gif (1.64 MB, 300x225, 1485972270811.gif)

This looks like bad fat fetish art from deviantart.

No. 375476

This thread needs more sageing.

No. 375477

can't even get a fucking bedroom set, yet spends it on lipo along with fast food and beer. Ghetto ass bitch

No. 375481


When I first moved into my house that was the literally the first thing I made sure I had. It only cost me about 1700 and it looks pretty nice so it's not like it's well out of her means. How the fuck is it that Moomoo thinks getting lipo is more important than furnishing her house?

No. 375485

She won't even invest in furniture for her "workshop." So I'm really not surprised.

No. 375486

Sooner or later she's going to realize how huge her arms are compared the rest of her 'smol lipo body'

No. 375490


Exactly. She wontbeven take time out to furnish a room that is supposedly dedicated for her craft. Although why should she even bother since she is always trying to finish them last minute in her hotel room anyways.

No. 375491

do you think she did this because of
>>374356 >hide lipo scar
It is confirmed she lurks here so i wouldn't be suprised.

No. 375492

And now she's gonna furnish it and have pictures with furniture conveniently in the bg

No. 375500

I would love to see the type of furniture she buys. I am pretty obsessed with home decor and so I understand if she is doing it out of wanting to save for nice pieces. It can add up really quick. Also a lot of the times shit can take several months to be made/delivered so I get the whole sleeping on a mattress on the ground thing until then. Lol

No. 375501

It's really funny. When you start gaining muscle mass it pushes the overlaying fat out. So in effect she will have abs but she will also have all her other fat bulge out XD. It's really unnatural to see that kind of fat distribution. See how it spills out in her underarms and her thighs look fatter, can't even imagine what its doing to the backfat LOL. She building more mass under the cottage cheese marshmallow body.

Lipo looks like a nightmare now looking at it, especially if you're not smart enough to lose the weight properly.

No. 375502

pull gtfo

No. 375509


I can see it now, she'll just randomly decide to go furniture shopping with Colette because "lol time to go be an adult my dudes"

No. 375511

It's literally like Mariah is unable to focus on more than one thing. "Oh, people are talking shit and say I'm getting wide, time to get lipo in my mid section." And completely ignoring the fat spilling out of her sports bra or the fact that the fat in her arms and legs are swallowing her elbows and knees.

No. 375512


She is trying to act like that candid of her that was posted a few days ago from the picnic didn't happen. We all saw how much of a ham beast she has become. She really isn't fooling anyone.

No. 375520

Bordering on rcdart territory with the giant upper back bulging out like that. Christ, her back fat sticks out farther than her boobs…

No. 375523

File: 1493088740542.png (157.08 KB, 430x828, thicc.png)

i see it…

No. 375525

File: 1493089210538.png (101.23 KB, 515x570, oh god.png)

Oh god, I can see it, if she keeps sucking only the fat from her stomach she's definitely heading in right in this direction.

No. 375526

Her stomach looks like a healing bruise…

No. 375527

I am deep sighing over here because her armholes are gaping but her bust is suffocating because it's ill fitted…

No. 375532

I'm not completely convinced she's had lipo. I don't see the "Scars" can someone point them out? Trisha Paytas recently got lipo and she has noticeable scarring on her abdomen but where's the scarring on momo?

No. 375536

Guys, am I stupid for not understanding the anatomy, but why does she look like she has some abdominal muscles peeping through even though she's hardly lost any weight? Lipo won't do that, right? Those are just some weird 'workout lines', right?

Also holy shit, the rcdart comparisons are too accurate. I feel like I'm looking at an optical illusion when I see her proportions.

No. 375537

She sucked the stomach fat out hence the weird proportions. You can't "spot" workout. Fat loss is even so for her to lose that gut it had to be lipo. You don't lose a 10 pound gut from working out for a month with how she eats.

Check the previous thread. Towards the bottom you can see weird scars near her lower abdomen.

No. 375538

File: 1493092935639.png (988.45 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_ois34qLbE01vaaf3bo3_128…)


is this supposed to be sexy or smth?

No. 375549

Calm down ana-chans. Her sad excuse for a diet is going to fail for sure but eating low carb high fat is a great diet, there's nothing unhealthy about cheese. No way she's actually committing to low carb tho lol that shit is hard as fuck

No. 375555

I don't see how that makes them ana, but if you say so. I agree that Mallazy isn't going to commit to a low carb diet. She hardly commits to her cosplays.

No. 375560

File: 1493096695868.jpg (640.61 KB, 1366x2048, IMG_4346.JPG)

No. 375562


She's conveniently covering them with her underwear. And the times she's shown her whole stomach was in the bathroom with the lights off or poor quality lighting.

Like the other anon said, it's in her last thread. Or you can go to her IG and look closely at her photos.

No. 375567

File: 1493097735854.png (681.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-04-24-22-17-20…)

She's obsessed with pulling her stomach out for everyone to see now lol.

"Gonna show those haters I'm not fat!"

Bitch you lost all that weight in as little as three weeks. Even if it wasn't lipo that's so unhealthy and it will come back with an additional ten pounds.

Kind of sad she has to take pics in a gym locker room to try and prove she's losing it by working out. She might be working out a little but it's not the reason her tummy looks that dramatically different.

No. 375569


I might have a theory.
I know she's young, but she had a lot of fat sucked from her stomach in a short amount of time. What if those weird lumps is actually her skin starting to sag. Maybe this is why she wont get her arms lipo out. Because then she will be left with flappy arm wings.

It would be cool to see her go down to the weight she was in high school and her getting upset over the extra skin… it would also just be fun to watch her ballon up but…

Bigger! Badder! and UNCENSORED
… oh hey I think I came up with her new catch phrase when she gains more weight again

No. 375570


her arm literally looks like its the size of her waist at this point, gross.

No. 375571

Her body looks so disproportionate with that stomach and the linebacker upper body.

No. 375572


She is trying so hard to convince us we are wrong. All these body photos as we are discussing her weight loss.
"see my dudes? I have a real gym membership!"

No. 375573

Was this from wondercon last month?

No. 375574

Her face doesnt look that bad here. She would have looked decent if she didnt do the nude lips

No. 375575

the stomach does look like loose skin. Like iggy pop? thats all I can see looking at that stomach

No. 375576

No doctor in their right mind would perform liposuction on Momo. It's too risky and utterly pointless. You can't shape a blob. Liposuction is for getting rid of stubborn baby fat, thick thighs, etc.

No. 375577


She's trying to pass sagging skin as abs kek

No. 375578

Is lipo supposed to make your stomach all lumpy? Momo is showing all of these pics like they're impressive. Get back at us when you're on Nigri or Susu levels.

No. 375579

Nigiri is kind of a unfortunate though. Her skin is a wreck, her hair is fried and her forehead is the size of montana. Susu doesnt have the fanbase and money nigiri has so moo wouldnt bother trying to get as fit as her. Momo only seems to copy what the really popular cosplayers are doing.

No. 375581

I should have specified. Hate all three of these heifers, but Susu and Nigri have nice figures.

No. 375582

Not all doctors are in their right mind, anon. How do you think people end up on shows like botched? Mariah lives around Vegas, IO'm sure it's not all that hard to find doctors out there who will lipo a fatty for some quick cash.

No. 375585


She really is triggered by all the lipo comments. Otherwise I can't see why she would all of a sudden go in hard with all these "progress" pics.

No. 375587


Definitely lipo. No way in hell her gut shrinks like that in 3 weeks unless the fat was literally sucked out of her body. She can try to bullshit all she wants with her "diet" and "exercise" horseshit, but any with sense can see that she clearly had lipo done. Her arms are still as fat as ever and that candid a couple of days ago proved her fat hammy thighs are swallowing her kneecaps.

No. 375590

File: 1493101875789.jpg (157.23 KB, 900x1200, C-PENaAUMAAx2qt.jpg)

When you get lipo, but your stomach fat gets left behind.

No. 375591

Dear God that's disgusting… There's just so many weird lumps going on in there.

No. 375593

This massive blob, I mean "person", looks like it emerged from a redneck swamp area.

No. 375594

Is she trying to pass those sad fat lumps off as abs?

No. 375595


Yep. And a bunch of people believe her too.

No. 375596


She should've asked to get rid of some fat from her arms, damn

No. 375599


Yep. All her dipshit retard followers thinks she has abs now. And not one of them has the common sense to see that just three weeks ago she had a huge gut and the it's obvious she had lipo done.

No. 375601

but…that's not how abs work.

No. 375602


Fat and excess skin. Her fans probably never seen or felt real abs before

No. 375603

Ok but Where is her ass?

No. 375604


She never had an ass?
It has always been flat

No. 375606

Ewwww saggy fat skin all over. Why show that off?? Put your shirt back on

No. 375607

Her arm is as big as her waist. If this doesn't confirm the lipo, I don't know what will for some of these anons.

Also enjoying how her face is red from sucking it in so hard.

No. 375608

File: 1493106073491.jpg (53.25 KB, 422x624, 658e76d47c0b97df9a88c5b6f7dfa6…)

>That sagging, stretched skin
Lipo can safely take around 10 pounds (4,5kg) during one session. To have a visual reference, check out the image. To take into account that she's sucking it in in these pics and taking them from a flattering 2/3 angle, it's probable that she's lost about that amount of pure fat exclusively from the abdomen. And she still has flab remaining around her waist.

Anyway there's no way she lost the fat JUST around her abdomen by working out and eating right, her face, thighs, arms and upper body are still as fat as ever. If she lost it by changing her diet and exercising habits she would lose the fat gradually around her body, especially at her size. She just looks grotesque now.

No. 375610

it's pretty adorable you think plastic surgeons generally care about anything other than money.

No. 375611

I can't believe she's showing this off like it's something to be proud of. She's lumpy. I don't get it.

No. 375615

I can't believe how stupid her comments are! They actually think she's shredded when it's just lumpy fat! Three weeks ago she looked pregnant now her fans think she gained abs overnight? You know Its not wrong to get plastic surgery, what's wrong is LYING about it and than giving disastrous work out advice to her impressionable fan base is wrong and possibly dangerous! We've already established that she's a pathological liar, but goddamn it enough is enough!!!! Will that one anon who said they were going to make a video please do it? This constant lying Mariah does is out of control.

No. 375616

They're most likely too fat to see their own dick, I doubt they'll know what abs look like.

No. 375618

There's no way in hell that she lost this weight in a healthy way. She's probably using diaretics on top of it, although I don't know if you could safely use them after lipo?

If someone does make a video, I think the best way is for them to collect as many candid shots as possible of her, just like the park pictures so that there's no warping, angles, lighting, or shooping in their evidence. For anons going to Fanime or another con she's going, I would suggest collecting snapshots. Even if she's lost the gut from lipo, Fanime is still a month away and we can't guarantee that she'll stave from alcohol for that long for it to return, or if these gym shots are part of a one-week fad attempt to give herself credibility. She could ditch this routine by next week for all we know. And on top of that, even if she's lost weight in her midsection, her legs and arms definitely shows signs of disproportion that she's not willing to show. It also helps to have shots with actual proportions to her height.

No. 375620

File: 1493108963896.png (38.03 KB, 738x156, moo1.png)

Literally where, moomoo?

No. 375622

With the fake abs, wearing fuck boi clothes, admitting she binds and now the whole fake lesbian BS soon she will either say
"lol I'm just one of the guys in a chicks body" Or, if she is really needy of attention, she might turn into one of those fake bois "I'm a guy now but I can still do sexy female cosplays my bros."

No. 375624

File: 1493109400097.png (268.88 KB, 1174x820, moo2.png)

Definitely nothing on twitter besides her own use of the word dyke, guess she forgot to delete all these too when cleaning out tweets after another farmer capped a bunch of her hateful sperging

No. 375627

File: 1493110385752.png (687.65 KB, 1080x1080, 2017-04-25 03.52.45.png)

What even is that?!

No. 375631

Abs. Fat abs.

No. 375633

File: 1493111002915.png (372.69 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170425-110140.png)

someone asked what her workout routine is and this was all she said. STRUGGLING TO STICK TO YOUR STORY MOOMOO?

No. 375634

File: 1493111043071.png (130.02 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170425-110202.png)

also I guess this is a hint for where she's going to get lipo next

No. 375638

for someone who loves to play up how much she loves boobs and women she really enjoys shitting on lesbians
god i fucking hate these patreon girls pulling all this ~wlw~ shit when they're blatantly straight girls trying to capitalise on how much straight guys fetishise lesbians it's fucking disgusting

No. 375640

does she think that spot reduction is a thing? Or is she trying to use that as a disguise once she "magically" loses x amount of weight from her arms only

No. 375645

I mean that lump the arrow is pointing to. Is it just the lighting or us there seriously a lump there…

No. 375648

I think it might just be the light, if not, how is she not freaking out about a lump there

No. 375650

This. We have joked about her trunk arms all month, especially after the lipo speculation. Shes so self-conscious, so I reckon long sleeve shirts and magical arm size reduction is imminent.

No. 375663

You know nobody would care about this girl if she didn't lie about everything & and was honest about her fetish-pandering ways. Now she risks losing her fans (and most importantly her money $$$) with everyone turning on her. A mass humiliation of this girl is coming soon. She should reel in NOW & come clean and lay low for a little while.

I don't understand why some people purposely harm themselves and make things worse for them. Why? What's the point??


No. 375665

sage goes into the e-mail field, not at the end of the post

thb I don't think she's realizing what's going on

No. 375667

I hate to share this but maybe it's useful… I had laser lipo done last year and my stomach kinda looks like hers because it hurt so much that the doctor left some fat spots and I never came back to fix them… the scars are like 2-3 mm long so they're hard to notice/can be covered up and the recovery is pretty fast… unlike conventional lipo..

No. 375673

Thanks fellow farmer! No one is shaming plastic surgery (I too myself have had it), but her lying about it and scamming her fans by claiming she lost it by being active and marketing scamtea. What can you say about the garments?

Looks like its all coming together.

No. 375676

well you have to wear compressive undergarments so it drains all the remaining fat/lymph… I wore something similar to what she showed on her instagram when she flashed her boobs lol… I also got it done in my inner thighs and I wore something that went all the way down to above my knees, all compressive)

No. 375678

I don't think anyone here is actually against plastic surgery. People just think it's unfair and sets unrealistic standards when you have a large following to lie about this kind of shit. Aside from the smut she posts, there could be young girls following her even because she is a plus sized "model" that may look to her for some form of fitspo when she spouts out shit about working out, Fit Tea, etc.

Literally no one, not even herself, truly benefit from her lying. I will never understand how someone can be this lazy though to not even attempt to work out…she got bigger but she isn't so far gone that she couldn't change her ways.

No. 375702

Ahahaha, it is sagging skin! Holy shit, isn't Mariah only 21? She ruined herself, her arms are as thick as her waist because she was too lazy to just put in the effort and lose the weight. How embarrassing. She thinks this will make her more relevant, but she's already waning in popularity. The neckbeards will get bored with her eventually.

No. 375706

Can someone get a fitness guru to speak on this matter? Tweet one a picture of her or DM their insta.

No. 375708


Sorry I put in the email field and then typed "sage" at the end of my post

No. 375709

Why bother? She's doing a perfectly good job of fucking up her own life. If you seriously think anyone but her neckbeards are fooled by those "abs", and not cringing in disgust, well…

No. 375710

So has anyone actually gone out and publicly accused her of getting lipo done? None of her "fans" have brought it up and they all think that she suddenly dropped all that weight with just hark work and exercise and it just sickens me that she is just going along with letting people think that and not admitting the truth. Sure it's fun to see that she clearly lurks here and watch her respond to every allegation with taking her shirt off and pulling down her underwear as if she is making liars out of us, but the only way to put a stop to this is if her "fans" know the truth as well. Once they turn on her, then the meltdown shortly follows.

No. 375725

File: 1493129078477.gif (266.77 KB, 240x180, sixflabs.gif)

Right pic looks like she has something like a six pack, but made of fat.

No. 375728


Anon pasted her face a couple posts earlier. Not far from the truth honestly lol.

No. 375752

She's so fucking dumb. You can't "target" a specific area of your body and expect to lose weight there. If she was actually losing weight normally (aka not lipo) she'd know that you lose it overall, not just "waist" one month and "arms" the next. Smh for someone who used to be an athlete she doesn't know shit about working out. And of course all the neckbeards and dumb bitches who don't think walking is cardio will believe it.

No. 375763

it seems like back when she was an athlete she didn't take the time to learn proper workout routines, otherwise that would be obvious and she would just go back to what she USED to do to keep in shape back when she was.

I honestly think she lucked out when she was younger and because she was active in sports and life at the time she was able to keep of weight and stay healthy. But she was a young girl then too, and even though I don't think 30's is old… she's not even 30, and she's already doing THIS to her body? No proper workout, can't be bothered to actually walk/hike everyday, can't put down the booze.

Like, if she was smart and still wanted to have fun she'd smoke weed and go on long ass walks with Collette and cut out junk. Right there she'd loose weight, albeit slow but it will happen.

Sage of OT she's just… I can't believe she's doing this to her body gross, she'll be dead at 35 if this keeps up.

No. 375767

With the way she lives she'll be dead by 25! She does hard drugs, doesn't exercise, ways nothing but crap and drinks excessively and goes for up to three days without sleep. If that's not straining her heart than it's a miracle, I truly think if she keeps this up it will lead to a heart attack.

No. 375773

What really makes me nuts is that she used to be a heavy kid and lost it all around highschool time, and then she gained it all back. She of all people should know how to lose weight and how to keep it off, but I guess this shows that she really isn't all that smart.
Quick tip Mariah: Calories in < Calories out.

No. 375781

This is the most freakish thing I've seen in a while.

No. 375783

As a person who lost a fuck load of weight in HS and then put it back on in college, then lost it again in diet, then gained it again later, I can for sure tell you that working out eventually stops working.

Calories are king and the types of calories are even higher king. Cutting carbs to a minimum helped me lose an immense amount of weight and cure my ibs. Doing the same thing I was doing at 18 didn't work when I hit my mid 20's. I had to start eating right and eating less. It was the only way to normalize my size. I can't imagine what my motabolism is going to look like in 20 years if it's as slow as it is now.

No. 375785

Honestly, she probably wouldn't have to worry about her calorie intake if she was working the amount that she took in. She doesn't have a shift job, or anything that she has to truly structure her day around, she could easily have a full day started at 9 with good meals, plenty of workouts inside and outside that are easy and doable most 3-4 days and have your rest days be low impact.

OH and only drink on occasion (every couple of weeks) because, fuck it, have fun. Like how hard is that to do Mariah? Take some REAL tips from your idol since it's the only thing she's ever done right herself.

No. 375790

It sounds to me like you've never adapted your work out. Of course it's going to stop working if you're doing the same routine you started out with.

No. 375791

What I hate the most about her is not the fact that she had work done but the fact that she lies about it. When she started gaining popularity all she did was talk about body positivy and thicc pride. she clearly knows that she would lose fans over getting surgery because it shows her hypocrisy. she's way too deep into her lies now to even tell the truth now.
she is just mocking those who are working hard to lose weight with her "progress" photos and her work out "routines." it shocks me how lazy this person is. if she used to be really obese she should know better than to let herself go. i have many friends who have spent years losing weight and they start changing their habits once they notice that they are gaining fat again.

tl;dr Moomoo you are a fat and lazy piece of shit and you deserve all of this hate.

No. 375793

I can confirm if needed, but MooMoo hasn't sent out physical rewards to her supporters since December.

No. 375795


Oh course she hasn't. Why do her moronic fans like her again

No. 375797

Not quite sure. She is also building reward tiers that don't include the physical rewards. So I expect this is to allow her to be even lazier.

No. 375807

How the fuck does she keep getting money then? Is it seriously the shit-teir photosets? Because almost ANYONE can do that at the moment and clear bank apparently.

No. 375811

False, most people doing it dont make near what momo does. Name one cosplayer besides nigiri making more that mariah on patreon

No. 375814

Anon, you have to remember she lives in summerlin (one of the richest parts of vegas) I guarantee that there a few doctors who will do anything for the right price

No. 375816

Mariah lives in North Las Vegas if the address on Kiwi farms is legit, and iirc it's her parents that live in Summerlin.

No. 375820

I've had this suspicion for a very long time so that doesn't surprise me. she never talks about any of the physical rewards she's suppose to send out to fans. At least people like Sheena will tease their Polaroids to entice people to her patreon. Mariah does the bare minimum and yet gets enough money to fund her shitty cosmetic surgery that will be useless in 6 months.

No. 375826

None, thats why I want to know, how the fuck does she keep getting paid?
There are TONS of girls who look way better and actually fulfil their patreon rewards. How the fuck does she get enough money every month for shit lipo and partying, but can't pull off one decent cosplay, lewd set, or even send out reawrds? I'm fucking confused.

As >>375820 even say's Sheena-goblinears can do it, and she doesn't do that much for what she gets either.

No. 375828

She does get money but I doubt it's the full 15 k,

No. 375832

Proof? I'm not doubting your words, but we need to collect as much receipts as possible, so she can't say that we make things up and all the new lurkers and patrons can see with their own eyes what's going on.

Anyway, what's the date of release of the infamous cute cumming set? I'm so looking forward to the shitshow

No. 375834

File: 1493141613422.png (7.27 KB, 471x56, ~ proof ~.PNG)

Fine here ya go

No. 375836

Morbid curiosity. In one of these threads some anon said that her boyfriend's male friends (?) give her money on patreon to get the grotesque photosets to laugh at her. She's not unreachable like an actual model would be so there's a voyeurism factor, it's kinda like peeking into the bedroom of the girl next door while she's changing. Which is why the crude camera work and amateurish shoots work to her advantage. So she's essentially just fap fodder for desperate men who like to pretend that she's their bbw girlfriend. But hey at least she's not doing that icky porn because she's not disgusting right guys??

No. 375837

File: 1493141877538.png (Spoiler Image, 23.62 KB, 502x295, eww1.PNG)

Eww. Some insight into her fans and her fanning the flames of neckbeards and yellowfever. Samefag as above proof, just wanted to show her disgusting fans and how she cares very little in pruning her public image when you give her money.

the lesson to be learned here is that as long as you are paying her bills you can talk to her in a disgusting manner just like her dad.

No. 375839

File: 1493141939335.png (Spoiler Image, 10.63 KB, 502x163, eww2.PNG)

how nice of him. samefag as above

No. 375840

File: 1493142008990.png (Spoiler Image, 156.76 KB, 502x538, eww3.PNG)

This. this is a whole new level of insanity. Poor MooMoo is going to end up in a box somewhere.

No. 375844

His FB page is public and his comments on patreon are also public. Its just pages of him making comments about bellies. Yup, MooMoo is belly fetish material. It appears the belly pic was tweeted at her as well by him. And the deep dive revealed he takes pics of his stomach and tweets them at cosplayers. Wow. Sage for very OT.

No. 375845

Nahhh, I just think that the guy has a flabby stomach fetish. If he was more stalkerish I think we'd have seen more of him from before. This is just a bad case of asslicking and fetish shit, if anything.
But I guess we'll just wait and see?

No. 375851

lmao holy shit her fans are gross. He's like the obsessive inflation fetishists on Deviantart who don't realize how creepy they're being.

No. 375858

File: 1493143919222.jpg (324.54 KB, 1500x1500, 1493143650680.jpg)

Lol. I got salty that she deleted her tweets in an attempt at damage control. So I found more. These will all be saged. First up is MooMoo bashing her mom.

No. 375859

File: 1493144029677.jpg (272.73 KB, 1500x1500, 1493140843698.jpg)

Next up is random tweets a person calling her out on anime and her admitting she never saw Shippuden although she used to sperg about Naruto being her favorite next to dragonballz and the bottom tweet is gold because super Saiyan 4 was in Dragonball GT but hey she's the biggest fan ever right?

No. 375860

File: 1493144108359.jpg (428.05 KB, 1500x1500, 1493141070700.jpg)

And the last one isn't that interesting. She's just lying about being a bodybuilder and using jock speak in an attempt to impress some dude.

No. 375861

File: 1493144201413.jpg (232.44 KB, 1500x1500, 1493141146054.jpg)


Continuation of the conversation. Also, moo, you already look like a man. And if you most recently used the word Dyke that is fucking rude and you should apologize for that one. It's 2017 no one calls lesbians dykes anymore unless you're a white redneck from the south.

No. 375863

It's seriously ridiculous how fucking spoiled and ungrateful she is. I'd expect behavior like this from a 14-year old but 18? Nope. I get that 18-year olds are still really young but Momo is fucking pre-teen tier here.

>Super Saiyan 4 in DBZ
Holy shit I haven't even seen GT and even I know that it exists in GT and not Z. You have all day to sit on your unemployed, patreon-feeding ass Momo, what the hell is stopping you from watching the animes you claim to love??

Her using the word "dyke" in a hateful/demeaning way really pisses me off since she tries to play all that "ally" shit at any given chance, like defending the fakeboy who accompanied her and Collette with the Pokemon cosplay. I wouldn't be surprised if she came out as bi/pan to get more brownie points.

No. 375864

Yikes. I feel bad for her mom. In trying to appease her dad all the time, she probably started to hate her. It's sad considering the way things are now.

No. 375865

File: 1493144576095.png (1.61 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170423-170917.png)

It might not be because I found her tinder while in summerlin

No. 375873

File: 1493145963850.jpg (227.57 KB, 720x1085, Screenshot_20170425-114307.jpg)

Which explains why the address she uses for her fanmail is in the Summerlin area.

And just a few minutes up the street from me FML…

No. 375876

Oh shit son didn't know she had a Tinder profile as well. And I don't use Tinder but does it reveal your exact location from your phone or is it based off a home address? Cause I've heard that she shops at Downtown Summerlin if you were by there.

No. 375878


Fuck. She really has always been a huge selfish cunt. If I ever talked about my mom like that she'd beat the shit out of me. Sure, you could say she was spoiled, but by 18 that shit needs to go.

No. 375881


Lmao she came out as pansexual already if you look in her pervious Facebook posts.

No. 375883

pretty sure she tried claiming to be asexual for a while too

No. 375885

She opened that Po box and when she lived in her dad's house n summerlin. She lives near the old pig farms in north Las Vegas now.

No. 375886


She claims to be whatever bullshit special snowflake thing that will net her more brownie points.

No. 375888

She did claim to be asexual but didn't even know what it meant! Mariah only likes dick, she had never been into girls and only does shit with vamplettes because vamplette I see desperate for a sugar mama.

No. 375898


Didn't her Facebook say she was in a relationship to vamplette for a while?

No. 375900

Everything she does is for male attention. She just wants to seem like one of the bros and try to get points from girls.
Honestly most sane girls who aren't trying to ride her coat tails don't like her. The whole "be proud of being a slut and shaming the whole female gender" shit is stupid. Her pretending to be noble about it is stupid too. Being treated as a sex object is something most women want to go against. Momo is disgusting

No. 375901

It's not real. For months Mariah has been trying to get into a relationship with David, which is why he didn't go to katsucon because he told her he didn't feel the same way. At the time she was tweeting about how she had fallin in love and que worlds tiniest violin music but he didn't love her back.

No. 375903


This so hard. I HATED it when she was defending herself about being bisexual in the first thread and talking about liking girls.

Your boyfriend when you started getting noticed for cosplay was Eric. A firefighting bodybuilder. Then you moved on to Koreanbbq and state almost every other week that you love Asian boys and want an Asian Boy harem.

It doesn't matter what she's into I guess but still it irritates me when fuck girls on the internet pretend to be gay for attention. I came out to my sister and my mom over a year ago and they're still not comfortable with it. My sister was genuinely afraid to be alone with me. I have a boyfriend now and they seem very relieved.

I dunno I guess I just wish people would stop throwing around the gay card on places like Twitter where it's essentially a safe space and they know they will get praise for it rather than dealing with being gay in real life where you have to deal with this stigma that's still there.

No. 375904


Edit: I am bisexual no they didn't pressure me into getting a boyfriend lol sorry to not clear that up.

No. 375906


Lol watch her start obnoxiously making out with some rando chick on her Instagram stories now because of this.

No. 375907

File: 1493150932170.jpg (234.86 KB, 1426x516, Screenshot_20170425-130140.jpg)

We are getting to her boys

No. 375908


And of course she'll have an obnoxious caption along the lines of "lol I totally should have been born a dude. I love tits and asses way too much"

No. 375910

800-450 what? Paetrons?

It isn't hate Mira, it's people calling you out for your shit. I just can't wait for people to realize she is getting lipo and isn't body positive. Someone should post all the fat jokes she use to make towards other girls

No. 375913

I'm confused about the numbers too. I was thinking the other day she might lose patrons because of her making a spectacle out of her losing weight because the neckbeards like her fat. Obviously along with other people unsubscribing because her photos are trash.

No. 375914


Jesus, in the first 5 seconds I thought she was talking about pounds. 800 to 450 lbs.
I think she's talking about Facebook friends?

No. 375917

File: 1493151640635.png (178.18 KB, 514x118, 353654101.png)

yep, she did a friend purge. probably trying to root out anyone taking caps.

No. 375919

"I just want only the people who'll validate my pathetic existence."

No. 375921

Umm, she could stop airing her dirty Landry online anytime.

No. 375922

What's annoying about this is that she isn't even as much of a "tom boy" type as she tries to appear. She acts pretty feminine for her patreon shoots, and usually picks feminine women to cosplay. I think the only reason she doesn't try to appear more feminine (mainly style wise) irl is just so that she has an excuse to be with the guys. She'll never be "one of the guys" (I doubt she even wants that either), and has no excuse to be trying to fit in with them except that she wants special treatment - for doing nothing but pandering to them (mainly by trying to be their thicc goddess~), and having a vagina. Yet somehow she is better than all other women? Makes 0 sense. Momo try working on yourself (hint: not just your physical appearance). You don't get to be better than us just for existing.

Sage for no real contribution

No. 375924


I wish someone call her on her bullshit. Every week she is bitching about drama and how she hates being involved in it. News flash Moomoo, you are the cause of it. This shit isn't just falling out of the sky in front of you. All of it is your fucking fault and instead of just walking away from it and ignoring it you just start more shit. No wonder your friends are getting sick of you.

And I'm glad that you are starting to feel "betrayed" and alone because you brought all this shit upon yourself. All your lies and bullshit are coming crashing down. And only more and more of your "friends" will drop you and come here to confirm all your lies and all you'll be able to do is pull your hair out going crazy trying to figure out who it is. They outed that you are lying about your "exercise" and that you got lipo done and now you are scrambling trying to figure out who it is.

No. 375927


She can never be one of the guys, but she can't be in a group of female friends since she hates every other girl. The only girls she enjoys are the ones who kiss her ass or can benefit her. Even then she is really catty towards them. She is even passive aggressive towards Nigiri, calling her the "mom" of the group and reminding people Nigiri is old and she is young. She also has a problem with Vamplette and commented on her slim body a few times.

No. 375934


If this is true she wouldn't have to do a friend purge if she was honest. It isn't other people Momo, it is you. BE HONEST and stop picking fights with a new target every week. People are getting fed up.

"Hey my dudes… I haven't been truthful. I am really self conscious over my body. I know you all really love my body being overweight but I can't handle it. I am working out, but not as much as you think. I'm dropping fat because I'm getting liposuction constantly. I am trying on my own, but getting it sucked out was so much easier for me. I am kinda lazy… yeah but having 30 pounds off my stomach is really making it easier to do crunches now. I'm sorry for all the people who took my work out advice to heart."

No. 375936


But anon she just needs her safe space surrounded with people who only give her ass pats and don't criticize anything about her because she needs to stay delusional :/

No. 375937


She is the stereotypical bitch who "can't be friends with other girls because they are too catty, cause drama and prove why she can only be friends with guys". You know, despite the fact that she is the catty one who is always fighting with other women every week and she is the one always causing drama through lying and other petty bullshit. She isn't "one of the guys", she is an insecure cow who feels threatened by other women so she acts like a trashy slut around guys to get their attention and trash other women to keep them from encroaching on her territory.

No. 375945

She cleaned her friends list on fb. Went from 800 to 440 I guess

No. 375947

CICO is king

No. 375949


Now watch some autist lurking on lolcow use this as a way to try to hook up with her. Sigh

No. 375950

Holy FUCK the people she deleted are going to be pissed. she had half of vegas hating her before, watch ho much her stock plummets now! Lol, oh Mariah btw a lot of the people you did keep hate you too, they are just the ones who are smart and don't say mean shit to your face or screencap stuff lol. if YOU weren't such a hateful cunt who lies all the time you wouldn't be all alone. Even without your fb friends leaking your info, we would have guessed you were having surgery because of that shit lipo job. Your a fucking bitch and I hope you finally get what's coming to you.

No. 375956

tmw GT was the shittiest saga of the DB series and it's even become non-canon and a 'mistake' by Toriyama since Super was released. Yes, SSJ4 was a cool concept but honestly, SSJGod is cooler and less awkward.

sage for a late as fuck comment.

No. 375964

Lmao, what's the use when she's going to air her dirty laundry anyway in her public Twitter?

No. 375968


Exactly. She'll just do the same shit next week and bitch on Twitter about feeling "betrayed" and how alone she feels, how she can't trust anyone and not wanting to deal with drama.

No. 375975

moomoo taking tips from asherbee apparently here's an idea moomoo: don't be a cunt and you won't be posted anywhere
it's amazing the lengths these cows go to like instead of changing their shitty attitude they'd rather just burn hundreds of bridges

No. 375980


Why should she when she has a sea of retards willing to defend her and go after whoever she tells them to. Look at all the comments on her Facebook, no one calling her out for how many times she has bitched about "hating drama", how she is usually the cause of it. Nope, they just look to blame everyone else and tell her how perfect she is and "Fuck those jealous bitches who can't handle a strong woman".

No. 375983

She'll add 400+ again in no time just to prove to the haters how many people like her.

No. 376012

It just shows what sort of people her fans are, the ones expressing how upset they are and wishing she stay 'curvy' with these new working out photos. They want her to remain overweight.

No. 376015

Exactly, because she surrounds herself purposely with those kinds of people, even if they don't like her she knows they'll suck up to stay on her good side. And if they don't she blocks and deletes everyone/thing else that says boo, the latest video proved that when after ALL the shit people threw back at her for her stupidity on "i don't do porn gaiz", she's still "yeah, whatev's bruh, i do what i want bruh" and deletes the hate. Why change what ain't broke right?

No. 376203

File: 1493177374009.jpg (15.64 KB, 275x183, 1450069100254.jpg)

her leg is bigger than the girl's waist

No. 376207

guess he has a fetish for fat bellies lmao

No. 376210

Her stomach looks like an old fat woman's with all that saggy skin. No clue why she would show this off so much. Likely is obsession with her own just-purchased lipo but it must have been cheap and shoddily done to leave her so lumpy looking with loose skin.

No. 376214

she has a fucking mommy belly from afterbirth lmao

No. 376224

her workout lines anon

No. 376251

Damn you survived the purge haha
I got unfriended haha

No. 376255

File: 1493179432942.jpg (176.73 KB, 250x250, UpDaC0e.jpg)

Momo, while you purge your friends from existence, remember that you will receive less grief if you got anger management. Also stop talking shit about people.

No. 376287

This was probably egged on from the anons here saying they know her and are in her circle. Guess this means those anons weren't just bullshitting either.

No. 376296

How funny would it be if Nigri was posting in this thread daily.

No. 376303

File: 1493181650164.png (170.41 KB, 586x655, 84bb5dbed4f48f6bf744ff1a246ab8…)


No. 376305

omg that'd be great, wouldn't be surprised if kbbq's dropped by here a few times too

No. 376311

Another anon mentioned needing to wear shapewear as part of aftercare for lipo. It's definitely possible she hasn't been wearing it as prescribed. That might explain the weird lumps.

No. 376312

Jesus her arms are so huge it's so disproportionate. I cannot, absolutely cannot believe all those people on her FB are buying that she magically grew 'abs'after a few weeks of workout when she has such huge arms and legs.

No. 376320

Her butt is disappearing?? She never had an ass to begin with!

No. 376324

Never had a butt to begin with!

No. 376326


I saw a comment on I think IG saying "how do you have abs with such fat arms?!" but everyone else is like "goalzz" and "don't lose those bewbs"

No. 376344

File: 1493183154784.png (419.25 KB, 556x486, momopop.png)

oh god you're right.. fucking ew. Also her arms look even bigger with the image flipped

No. 376358

Damn, she really culled her friends list. I was never friends with her, but I thought we'd have more mutuals leftover, especially since some of our former-mutuals defended her a couple times on some FB posts.

No. 376366

ugh her arms are so fucking digusting

No. 376374

Her hammy arms are a horror show. Definitely seems like those will be the next spot for lipo given she said she was planning on focusing on those in the next month or so. Can't wait to see how lumpy and loose her arm skin will look after.

It's kind of hilarious watching her on this witch hunt, cutting off people who are on her side in a sad attempt to weed out "haters". If there wasn't any truth to what was being said, why is she so paranoid suddenly?

No. 376384

Her friends list keeps getting smaller and her posts are still getting posted. It would be something else if she made a personal FB that she only gave to her close friends and info was still getting leaked. It would make her so paranoid

No. 376391

File: 1493185289930.jpg (102.76 KB, 960x640, 18157117_1324164574334337_2956…)

No. 376393

except iggy is always in incredible shape, how dare you

No. 376394

Look at all those sexy mouth-breathers that jerk off to her not-porn.

I'm so jelly.

No. 376397


Oh goodness… all the guys there are so… wow. There is not an attractive person in the group

No. 376401

I'm pretty fucking convinced at this point that she got lipo. Losing weight wouldn't make you look this odd in one area of your body otherwise.

No. 376402

omg keep your legs together momo, that's disgusting

No. 376406

File: 1493185999299.jpg (102.57 KB, 960x640, 17991251_1324164604334334_5886…)

No. 376409


if that is her dog I feel so bad for it. Grabbing it by the collar and forcing it near her face so it can be an accessory. That dog looks so done.

If that isn't her dog…. that is so fuckin weird

No. 376410


I love how paranoid she is getting and how there isnt shit she can do about it. More and more of her lies will be confirmed and more of her secrets will get leaked and she'll pull her hair out trying to figure out who it is until the point where she is just cutting everyone out.


Yup. These are the exact type of sweaty neckbeard mouth-breathers that she markets herself to. She must feel like a queen to them. And for fucks sake, close your gross ham beast thighs Moomoo.

No. 376411


15k a month and she still refuses to buy decent looking shoes. Moomoo looks like those panhandlers that grace every intersection in Vegas.

No. 376415


She looks like the kind of fat, ham beast homeless women who loiter at the public library all day.

No. 376416

File: 1493186666721.png (79.93 KB, 155x204, halp.png)

No. 376418

Cut out everyone except for dear mama Nigri, of course.

No. 376420

Those shoes look as black as charcoal.

No. 376421


Considering her shitty relationship with her actual mom, I can't see that ending well either.

No. 376424

Nigri pleeeaaaassse be posting her stuff I'd die a happy tinfoiler

No. 376427

She has clearly only targeted Nigri as a way to climb the cosplay social ladder. Just look at how quickly she's willing to abandon collette in their new house to move closer to Nigri and her circle. She's hungry to be part of the cool cosplay clique.

No. 376429

Imagine how sweet the milk would be if Mariah moves all the way out there, blows all her money on bad plastic surgery/moving along the way, and then Nigri dumps her as a "friend". Her fanbase already seems to be slowly turning against her as it is.

No. 376435


I dunno, it seems like her Facebook is still filled with people kissing her ass. And she is constantly re tweeting people who kiss her ass on Twitter. But I guess literally anywhere else where she can't control the comments is where she gets shit on.

No. 376489

File: 1493195463441.png (172.96 KB, 750x1249, IMG_2851.PNG)

What's going on with all the weird post number replies?

I can't even see what each post is responding to if I click on them

No. 376497

they had to reset the numbers because of a bug

No. 376502

Thanks anon
Just realized I forgot to sage too whoops

No. 376536

I hate how she's handling a dog that isn't her's. There's a picture of her smashing the dog's face against her's and it clearly isn't enjoying it. That's just asking for a bite. Shibas are pretty independent dogs and hate being forced to do things they don't want.

No. 376591

>>375907 i thought she was talking about her weight for a sec TBH

No. 376594

fitness queen

No. 376595

Colette looks like an old woman here.


No. 376661

holy shit is there just a bunch of newfags, the same person replying to op over and over instead of individual anons or a glitch on lolcow because there's legit like 20 posts here all going to op
sage for ot but what the fuck

No. 376663

lol woops just saw someone else mention this too as i was scrolling my b

No. 376716

File: 1493229318899.png (519.91 KB, 582x638, Capture.PNG)

>wcw cuz body positiviteeeee
>uses 4 pre-lipo momo pics

No. 376719

I always liked how when she would wear her cheap ass samus suit, she was always covering up her stomach with a side pose. That is what she always did in most of her photos.

No. 376722

And also the most flattering images where she has a thin waist and a flat stomach with padded tits and ass. Apparently body positivity is calculated angles and body shaping garments. Yeah.

No. 376754


she looks kinda good as mei in this one. smile looks genuine and the glasses suit her face, makes her nose look a bit smaller and her face shape a bit rounder.

No. 376766


That's what's really disgusting. That people think of her as some kind of role model they should look up to. Not only is she full of shit and content with lying to people and just letting them believe whatever they want to make her look good, but she is universally recognized as one of the most toxic individuals in the cosplay community. That she represents all the petty infighting, drama and negative stigmas that are currently associated with cosplay. No one wants to mention how she uses and throws away people like pawns to advance her popularity. Or how she is a constant source of drama that is always attacking and bragging about how she is better than other women because she doesn't take off her clothes every week despite her bullshit "Us ladies need to stick together and stop trying to tear each other down" facade.

Nope, it's always the "Like, omg she is so brave and inspirational for not being one of those skinny bitches. U go girl #gurlpower #thicc" horseshit.

No. 376796

File: 1493234689182.png (67.27 KB, 720x270, Screenshot_2017-04-26-12-21-25…)

Well, that's ironic.

By the way she deleted her ask.fm after we started screencapping it.


No. 376800

I'm dying to know what exactly Momo does in her daily life. It really Pisses me off that she has so much money and unlimited free time yet has done nothing productive with it. If she had a side job or went to university full time I could give her an inch of slack, but we knew she's unemployed and uni just isn't believeable. Just… how is her house still empty? Can't she at least get better clothes or fix her fried hair so she doesn't look like a fuckboi hobo? She sure as shit isn't working out or improving her craftsmanship. Picking fights on Twitter and getting high/drunk is not a valid way to spend your time. So Momo, wtf are you doing with you life?

No. 376802

File: 1493235299953.jpg (107.13 KB, 675x1200, C-OovZVXYAA3Gxt.jpg)


Ooh found some drama. I'm only posting it here because the girl actually wants MooMoo to go after her, and considering the fat cow lurks here, she will see it here first than on Twitter. Even tho that one tweet already got a few retweets. You're welcome.

This is beautiful people talking mad shit all over the place the post in question doesn't even belong to the Twitter poster lol.

No. 376804


Samefag here I got a bag of popcorn waiting for passive aggressive subtweets or screenshots from the girl with Moo going ham in her DMS. She will either try to ignore this or try to do it as discreetly as possibly by attacking someone involved behind the scenes.

No. 376807


this screams self-posting

No. 376810


Ohhh this should be a good one. I got money on "bitchy passive agressive subtweets about how she hates drama and how girls need to stick together instead of fighting".

Maybe if we are really lucky we'll get the "empty don't fuck with me or my friends threat and everyone attack her" response.

No. 376811

lololol how much does she lurk here jfc

No. 376812


"Doesn't believe in target weight loss"

"Very obviously got lipo in one area and tries to pretend like it was just exercise and diet that did it"

How about you go fuck yourself Moomoo. We all know you are goi g to cheat and get more lipo done anyways.

No. 376813


Ever since it got out that she had gotten lipo done it appears she has been lurking here more than usual to try and figure out who "betrayed" her. It's also why she has been constantly uploading those "progress" pics, it's her response to the people here accusing her of lying and getting lipo done.

No. 376817

Betting on momo replying with a "sweetie if you have a problem say it to my face :)" followed by subtweets.

>I'm dying to know what exactly Momo does in her daily life. It really Pisses me off that she has so much money and unlimited free time yet has done nothing productive with it.
This. If I didn't have to work a day job to earn my own damn money to fund cosplay I'd have so much more time and energy to make my costumes, watch/play the source material and take care of my body. She probably sleeps late and just farts around online when she's not out partying.

No. 376821

File: 1493236633608.jpg (118.8 KB, 640x922, IMG_8097.JPG)

Sage for slight OT but idk how Moomoo is gonna fit even in an xl size Kanna cosplay since the sizes run small on prebought cosplays off of eBay. Also here's a pic of a really good older version Kanna cosplay who didn't have to lewd her up to look good, just for future comparison for when Moo realeases her piece of shit "boudoir version".

No. 376824


My guess is that she stays up all night drinking and doesn't wake up until well into the afternoon where she spends most of the day stalking twitter and here for any mention of her. It's why she is always trying to finish her cosplay last minute in her hotel room at the con she is at, because clearly she didn't spend any of that free time working on it. She obviously doesn't go to the gym (At least until recently) and just figured she could just get the fat sucked out instead of actually having to work out and eat right for months because she is such a lazy cow.

It's also funny when she tries to pull that "Say it to my face" bullshit to sound tough. It's the same with her "don't fuck with me or my friends" bullshit threats as if her fatass actually intimidates anyone. She and everyone wants to think she is this hardcore bitch who isn't afraid of anyone and will stab a bitch, but anyone with eyes can see that she is a chickenshit coward who wont do shit unless she has her white knight mob backing her and ready to attack on her behalf. Anyone who wants to take her on downs t have shit to be afraid of because at the end of the day she will always cower back to her "fans" with her tail between her legs and tell them to attack whoever she doesn't like.

No. 376825


Nah she called Tasha a thot and I creeped her tweets, apparently this girl is friends with Tasha or at least aquaintances I dunno.

But she said she wanted Moo to come after her only reason I posted.

No. 376827

Watching anime all day isn't like a really great use of your time lol. But she should be making better cosplays and doing better shoots (it's technically her job) as well hitting up the gym, keeping her place clean, making time for family/friends (and not only while drunk/high), and doing something to better herself (learning a language, learning to code, etc.)

I think a lot of NEETs are losers who don't do anything worthwhile with their free time though.

No. 376830

If you're a cosplayer I think the bare minimum would be that you at least know the characters you're cosplaying in order to have an accurate portrayal of them so for a "pro" watching anime would be productive. Momo never knows the characters she cosplays because she can't be bothered to take that 2 hours out of her busy day of slacking off to watch a couple of episodes. She's using the show's fans to gain those patreon bucks so she could at least do that, even having it play in the background while working on a costume.

No. 376838

IDK. I mean sure, anime and gaming aren't necessarily productive in the big scheme of things, but if your livelihood is based around them, you should probably research them at least and use that material to better your craft.

But to be honest, most people that actually play games and watch anime I feel aren't spending all their time pandering to thirsty neckbeards on Patreon. I used to cosplay and I just never understood how all these girls had the time to stay up to date on games and anime…then I realized they don't, it's all a farce. Then I quit bothering with cosplay cuz I like gaming more anyways.

No. 376839

File: 1493238771569.png (351.78 KB, 853x480, 9503dd0f43f336e09ed06ea88fcb12…)

>wrenching the dog close to her by the collar so it's forced to stay there for shitty photos

No. 376845

File: 1493240253310.png (4.82 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0416.PNG)

No. 376847

Those dogs should have bitten her damn hands off then moved on to her ugly face.

No. 376848

that poor shiba looks so uncomfortable being forced into her lap like that.

No. 376852

Is this a fan meeting or something?

No. 376853

Poor shibe is in a literal chokehold.

No. 376855


I'm assuming they were cooked and eaten by her after this photo was taken.

No. 376858

I don't think watching Anime or playing games is productive even if you're a cosplayer. A good idea is for her to actually learn how to edit her photos, spend time researching and putting together creative photoshoots, or learning something like web design, marketing, or business management which would really benefit her if she wants to keep this up long term.

No. 376861

She wishes. It was a public event for the Vegas community.

No. 376864

File: 1493243150819.jpeg (681.21 KB, 1916x1445, image.jpeg)

Can't wait to see her claim that she made it herself.

No. 376865


Yes all those things are important. But Moomoo constantly sss herself as "just like one of the guys". That she is actually a fan of the stuff she cosplays. That she like anime and video games and is completely obsessed with them like her "fans" are. Except we know that she is full of shit and only cosplays characters because they are popular at the time. Which of course sours some of them because cosplay already has this stigma of girls only doing it for attention and cosplaying characters they don't know anything about for attention. If Moomoo is like she says, not one of those girls, then the least should could do is do some research and learn more about characters she plans to to cosplay instead of just immediately slutting them up because she doesn't know anything else about them.

No. 376866

File: 1493243264544.png (92.29 KB, 750x877, IMG_9494.PNG)

I feel like this is the body moomoo wishes she had but never will

No. 376867


If it was a fan meeting, one or maybe two people would have show up. Seriously, how many times has she bragged about meeting so many fans at conventions only for us to find out she was largely ignored and got drunk with her friends the rest of the time?

No. 376868

File: 1493243478548.jpg (981.58 KB, 900x1600, 2f5c0803-3438-4634-a7f0-fbd1b6…)

Heres my friends gross ex posing with Momo with the name of his hentai page. He is in love with her just because shes thicc and basically left his ex to jack off to hentai and pictures of MooMoo.

No. 376886

ew, he looks the type. Glad she got out.

No. 376887


Yup. That's the exact kind of loser I picture when I think of the type of people Moomoo caters to.

No. 376898

Her lip is so chapped looking here good lord you think that she'd use some of that 15k a month to get some damn lip balm!

No. 376908

wtf. This is what fat and LAZY ass people do instead of dieting and working out. She's a moron and she's ruined her body before she's 30.

No. 376924

She sounds exactly like those flabby assed bitches who think women lifting weights = masculine.

No. 376939

She's probably dehydrated because she doesn't drink anything other than soda and booze

No. 376947

File: 1493250991765.png (85.28 KB, 640x746, IMG_4599.PNG)

>It's no time porn! It's fetish modeling! But Instagram be hating on my booty and I had to censor hurhur!

No. 376957

>edits everything but those laugh lines

No. 376958

I really want someone to call her out on this bullshit. This isn't no fetish, this is porn.

No. 376959


Her lips get me every time. If she's going to spend money on lipo, she might as well get her lips done.

No. 376964

My bad anon fucking phone

No. 376966

This. Is. Porn. Moomoo!!

No. 376973

>15k a month and she still refuses to buy decent looking shoes
or clothes in general. or lingerie. i swear to god she owns one pair of underwear. if i see her exposing those nasty ass calvin klein undies one more time…

No. 376974

We'll need spoilers for these incoming Cumilla pics. Things are gonna get ugly real fast.

No. 376978

I simpatize with her chapped lips though because I'm the same. no amount of lip balm can help me. Sage for rambling

No. 376981


You can't argue it anymore Moomoo, this is porn. You're not better than anyone.

No. 376988

Have u tried aquaphor?

No. 376997

Get a product with something soothing in it and up your water intake. Sometimes chapped lips are a sign of the start of dehydration. (Or just the climate you live in too)

sage for ot

No. 376998

Everyone tells her it is porn. She is aware it is porn. But if she calls it fetish modeling she can still lie to herself and her sister.
Her only argument is "whatever dude."

No. 377001


Exactly. She got completely schooled in her comment section when she made that video sobbing into camera about how "Its not porn u porn u gaize! I'm such a good person! Fuck anyone that doesn't pay your bills" and the only response she could manage was " I guess we disagree dude. Whatever lol"

No. 377008

File: 1493256856529.png (155.57 KB, 750x1084, IMG_5082.PNG)

CHecked the google drive link with her sets to see if Cumilla was leaked. No luck yet but saw her old "mega milk" set and couldn't help but enjoy the irony. The milky, milky irony.

No. 377021

Like >>376988 said, aquaphor is a gift from the gods for your lips.

sage for beauty tips

No. 377025

Never heard of it before and thought it wouldnt exist in my country. It actually does. I will try it, thanks!

Yeah climate here sucks

Sage for lips kek

No. 377113

whatever even happened to asherbee? didnt she just fall off the earth?

No. 377117

God no. Not even close.

She's producing her own milk >>>/pt/368757

No. 377122

oh its like its 2013 all over again
thank you anon, I haven't been active here or on cgl in a while and always wondered what happened to her

No. 377130


the new banners are good but this one should be made into one. ironic indeed

No. 377132

File: 1493264305065.png (231.18 KB, 490x274, Screenshot 2017-04-26 at 10.37…)

the pink dress is supposed to be this btw

No. 377134

File: 1493264405400.png (354.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170426-233701.png)

kek someone shop momos face on

its an ad for a streaming service where your "fans" pay you to sit on ur ass, how fitting

No. 377183

Why won't she just resort to prostitution now

No. 377186


Her "Cumilla" set has been added to the drive. Be warned, it's contents are truly. . . haunting to say the least. "Highlights" include the previously mention "Simulated cum" on her tits and her ass getting oiled up like a greased pig.

It pretty much is porn. Most of it is ass shots while topless with no view of her tits of course. But yeah, it basically looks like a porno.

No. 377187

record time. usually takes 2 days

No. 377188

File: 1493273923744.jpg (11.83 KB, 275x283, C7KPTRfU4AACx-s.jpg)

No. 377191

File: 1493274566120.jpg (12.93 KB, 500x314, Computer-Guy-Facepalm.jpg)

This is porn, moomoo. It's porn. I can't even believe you're playing like it isn't. How??

How can anyone be this delusional

No. 377192

File: 1493274642821.png (Spoiler Image, 17.51 KB, 375x219, IMG_5083.PNG)

That rippin 6 pack tho.

No. 377193


What is it going to take to get it through her thick skull that this is porn? She's living in a goddamn fantasy world…

No. 377199

THANK YOU i thought nobody would ever answer

No. 377200

File: 1493274913945.png (Spoiler Image, 679.78 KB, 480x630, fuckingkillme.png)

time to bleach my fucking eyes

No. 377201

File: 1493274943705.jpg (Spoiler Image, 337.71 KB, 720x1011, Screenshot_20170426-232413.jpg)

Stray wig fiber or hairy asscrack? You decide!

No. 377202

Ar least the photographer did a decent job with editing and lighting. They even shooped her ass into a butt shape. You know her ass ain't that round and smoothe.

No. 377207

the last one he is just fucking her from behind how can she even try to deny this is porn? disgusting.

No. 377208

File: 1493275349712.png (Spoiler Image, 342.5 KB, 493x491, 111100321320321321321321321.pn…)

no way her butthole is still /barely/ covered so it's totally not porn mah dudes

No. 377218

File: 1493276624847.gif (316.54 KB, 245x169, 1384880190917.gif)


The only positive thing I can say is about her eye makeup. She extended the inner corner of her eye with eyeliner and colored it in with a white pencil to make it look almond shaped. It would look good on someone with a better technique.

No. 377222

someone should ask exactly what "fetish" she's supposedly modelling for.

No. 377223

File: 1493277265290.png (Spoiler Image, 3.86 MB, 2355x1578, Hairy.png)

Why is her ass so hairy? You can afford a razor, Momo just shave!

No. 377226

File: 1493277688336.jpg (53.9 KB, 600x600, 5aa.jpg)

I wish it was possible to unsee something

No. 377227

File: 1493277742964.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.1 MB, 1628x1625, IMG_2638.JPG)

that's a lot of cottage cheese on that thigh moomoo.

No. 377229

urgh, look at all the fat loser neckbeards in the back. I'm sure moo must feel very validated.

No. 377230

File: 1493278138464.png (333.02 KB, 538x538, fuckingkillme.png)

No. 377232

File: 1493278308099.jpg (32.22 KB, 300x375, average momokun fan.jpg)

No. 377233

The funny thing about this is that the person who posted this A) Talks mad shit about her behind heer back B) Never gets anything done C) Cant make anything for plus sized people and D) is the person that showed MooMoo the post Steff von Schweetz made about her.

No. 377253

whoever was doing this shoot w her was really unenthusiastic he's literally just placing his hands awkwardly on her (can't blame him honestly)
looking through and holy shit it's all the same as always mariah you can't just give people your outtakes of poses and call it a day do more than doggy and up close shots of your tits and face the only way you can say these aren't porn is by saying porn actually gives you more variety than she does

No. 377255

File: 1493281816409.png (431.29 KB, 534x485, what the fuck.png)

samefag but really mariah? didn't think to cut this one out?

No. 377256

That's the same face her sister will make when she sees this

No. 377259

"Haunting" is the right word for sure. This set makes me exceptionally uncomfortable, probably because it's mostly extreme closeups of her ass and that wig doesn't flatter her turtle face at all.

No. 377260

I just lost my damn appetite.

No. 377266


I cannot believe people pay 50 bucks for 15 pictures with four of the same poses. What a con artist.

No. 377272

Gotta hand it to this bitch though. She's able to con nasty losers out of their money and though she doesn't deserve a cent, those idiots deserve to be scammed. I don't know which is worse.

No. 377273

Her sewing is really fucking bad too lol

She made momos shampoo dress and didn't even roll the hem to prevent fraying

And she made her really bad Lala blazer

Girl is not in a position to be doing paid work for other people

No. 377286


Surely her family has seen the shit she does by now? Or they choose to ignore it with disgust lol.

No. 377294

They have seen it, she made a post earlier when she released her Camilla with "candle wax" about how she had to take it down due to her family not approving.

No. 377299

Ok we got "No cum but looks like cum" and "ass Oli" whats next?

No. 377305

File: 1493289341945.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9.08 MB, 5158x7728, Mariah_Mallad_20171890.jpg)

Even her ass has given up

No. 377315

Seeing these pictures makes me want to poop.

No. 377351

File: 1493301088691.jpg (594.03 KB, 800x800, the_pig_end_of_the_fair_by_shu…)

Found another one of her "lewds"

No. 377352


Must be from her "cute farm girl groping POV" set

No. 377354

you just gave her an idea for some sort of harvest moon themed set

No. 377362


Which of course she'll do her usual "I've always been such a huge fan of this" bullshit.

No. 377366


Perish the thought!

Don't give her ideas

No. 377368

I know this is off topic as fuck, but I've had this song stuck in my head for a week and I am fully convinced this is Moomoos theme song. I could easily see her covering this song unironically.

No. 377370

File: 1493305168034.png (141.96 KB, 720x669, Screenshot_2017-04-27-07-50-36…)

I'm salty that I can't see the set lol. I am not the anon who begged for the Velma set in the previous thread, but I did respond to their statement by saying I couldn't see it either.

Both Velma and this new set are missing for me on my Drive. Am sad.

Anyways, I don't mean to push the Mooriah and Steff issue because no one here seems to know who she is, but the trash talk and the bitterness coming off this bitch lmfao. Steff cosplayed both of these characters recently. Bitter much?

What is her problem with her? It can't really be just because Steff didn't vote for her in a masquerade contest there's gotta be sooooo much more to that story.

No. 377374

Well, you've got me hooked on Sarah Dunne. I didn't know I needed this.

No. 377375

I know Steff is a crybaby but from what I see she's never shat on anypmr the way MooMoo does. This just seems like projection cause Guzma is fucking worthless and she ACTS LIKE YURIO when she's mad…

No. 377376

honestly, what a boring set. there's only like 3-4 poses altogether and half of it is just her ass in the air.

No. 377377

Jesus, the sheer aggressiveness and bitterness coming off from these tweets. This isn't the way to talk about characters you dislike, or anyone. She's such a hateful bitch. I can see why no one wants to be her friend.

No. 377378

i think you're getting confused with when people were posting older posts from her facebook. she said that after she first started doing "lingerie" photos a year and a half ago, not recently

No. 377382

long story short, steff made a private facebook post about how mariah talks shit behind her back and treats her like crap at cons, and one of mariah's ass kissers sent her the cap and mariah went on a tirade about it on twitter. which ofc caused even more drama

No. 377392


Out of the entire post about her experience at Katsucon, maybe two short sentences were about Mariah, and they weren't defamatory at all but of course Mariah took it as a personal attack and chimped out.

For someone who is all about "positivity" in the cosplay community, she certainly has no problem creating drama out of nowhere. If only she put the effort it took into starting drama into her actually making her outfits…

No. 377393

File: 1493309111439.png (543.35 KB, 613x600, 20170427_120344.png)

Wow, so erotic. Not even remotely tired or bored looking.

No. 377395

mariah you have the shittest taste in the universe those are both complex characters that are easy af to love she's such a shallow bitch even to fictional characters
sage for no milk just tons of salt

No. 377397

A bunch of her stuff has ended up on the likes of R34 sites. But it's still not softcore porn, right?

No. 377399

This is honestly ten times cuter than anything Mariah has put out

No. 377402

I looked at the comment to see what sparked that rage and it was just ssuccubhs saying "he's jojo posing" on a photo mariah rt'd of gladion.
What the fuck???

No. 377404


She seriously gets triggered by the stupidest shit.

No. 377414

I'd love to see her do an animal crossing villiager lewd
Fucking kek,
Can you imagine?

No. 377421

In one of her photos you can clearly see her asshole. The view is just interrupted by that thin line of thong.
I knew she would do full out porn and deny it is porn just because you can't see a clear view of any genitals. Didn't she also simulate doggy style too? How is that art?

No. 377422

Except for Vamplette who's too far deep in Momo's ass to escape and probably won't want to because she gets more attention thanks to her now.

No. 377435

God she looks like a witch with them smile folds and big ass nose

No. 377446

This picture was removed from her Instagram, ig is cracking down hard on this ho.

No. 377450

sorry if this seems like blogposting, but god. i don't mind her body, i think her body is attractive actually. i love me some thick girls, and i'm a chubby chaser as well, so it works out in my favor no matter what size she is tbh.

but goddamn her face. her face isn't necessarily ugly, but she always looks so soulless. there's just something strange about her face that i can't put my finger on it. the creepy circle lenses and bad mascara she uses in cosplay do not help in the slightest and make her look demented. i would not want her to shaking that ~thicc~ ass at me and look over over her shoulder with that uncanny valley Kailyn-looking potato face and dead eyes in shitty red contacts trying to look sultry.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 377455


Yup. Looks like it was.

Here's the thing Moomoo: YOU CANT POST PORN ON INSTAGRAM! Regardless of whatever retarded delusions you have, what you do is considered porn and you can't post them on public websites like Facebook and Instagram. And no amount of "omg they are such prudes" is going to change that you dumb cow.

No. 377456

>sorry if this seems like blogposting
>starts talking about how you like to fuck farm animals
yes, that's blog posting.

Her face is absolutely ugly, but I agree with you regarding her lack of expression. She always looks fake. The only time she ever has a genuine expression on her face is when she looks bored out of her mind, like in >>377393 .

No. 377460

The level of pettiness against Steff here is just insane. Bitch is a stalker.

Her cumilla set is the worst one yet. Awkward cropping, shitty editing, bad lighting, unfocused photos. And a couple of shots with cum– I mean ~wax~ on her udders.

No. 377463

File: 1493316815798.gif (3.43 MB, 240x196, giphy (6).gif)

No. 377464

I agree with ya bud. I like larger girls, but there is some work they have to do and some basic genetic lottery they have to win for me to be into them. cottage cheese celulite is unattractive regardless of the body its on. Girls who can be big and soft while keeping their nice body. MooMoo fails that by not moisturizing, by not doing squats and deadlifts to compensate her fatty parts, by drinking booze, and by refusing to shave her bits. She is lazy and disgusting and her face is wrecked and the expressions aren't making it better. Shockingly you have to take care of yourself regardless of size. I know its a hard concept for her to grasp, but its the truth. Effort is attractive. If you put effort in people will want you.

No. 377466


Shame they couldn't crack down on her all together, she's nothing but a trashy sellout now.

No. 377469

She's everything she use to make fun of
Fat, has to take off clothes for attention, petty, mean, and jealous of other girls.
You keep doing those mental gymnastics Momo

No. 377472

Most adult women have some cellulite and you're not going to find a fat woman who doesn't have it irl.

No. 377477

Men who are used to jacking off to internet images have no idea what a real women's body looks like.

No. 377481


you both better be lesbians. this is a no boys allowed imageboard.
at the very least learn to sage your shitty blogposts. is it summer already?

No. 377487

File: 1493321127671.png (164.54 KB, 627x414, ignore.png)


also she's obviously going to be a cottage cheese celulite ball, she sits on her ass, eats high calorie food and drinks high calorie alcohol and gets lipo to lose it.

also top kek to her face, the most expression she's shown is on that milk photo and even that's gross

No. 377493

File: 1493322025844.jpg (66.44 KB, 356x374, girl.jpg)

Way to be bitter Moomoo

>talking shit about Gladion

lmao as if she knows anything about him

No. 377498

At this rate we really can expect a cute doggystyle set. I mean, she's pretty much there already.

No. 377514

So is BBQ her permanent pussy whipped fuckboi to use for her cosplay couple and POV photoshoots? He's been in quite a few of them already, no doubt he'll appear in more.

No. 377530

i'm a mere bitchy a drama-loving, chubby-chasing, hog-fucking lesbian. lolcow is win-win for me because i can gossip about female lolcows while also yankin it to their shitty nudes

but yeah this is blogposting and i will politely sage and get outta here. momo is a bitch and butterface so would not fuck anyway

No. 377536

Absolutely. Every time Mariah cries about him having another fuck toy he goes running back to her. Despite her ham planet status she must be A+ at boning.

No. 377538

I'm hoping he will just drop her soon. Same with Collette. As soon as her "friends" dump her and stop justifying what a horrible person she is her world will start crumbling down.

No. 377560


Oh I'm aware of that but the drama stems from way further back than that. I just didn't think someone could still really be that salty over thinking they deserved to win a cosplay contest with shit tier cosplay.

Just goes to show you should be nice to everyone because if Steff and Yaya are actually close (I've seen mutual posts on their Instagram page about eachother) then that means Yaya will never be nice to her now lol. Maybe MooMoo blames Steff for Yaya hating her that's probably why she's so vicious and bitter towards her.

No. 377562

Are you kidding? She can't even get off her lazy ass to make her own food. She's probably a dead fish who makes a lot of fake noises.

Must be A+ mooching, more like. She seems like the type who's desperate to keep male attention around, so I don't doubt that she buys him things and pays for his meals/hotel stays/gifts. It's something a pathetic girl like her with daddy issues would do.

No. 377570


I sincerely fucking doubt the Moomoo is a good lay. All that fat sloshing can't be good for anyone and she probably wouldn't know the first thing to do with a dick. The one thing that actually makes her "one of the guys" is that she takes all her cues about fucking from porn.

No. 377576

File: 1493333816686.jpg (402.42 KB, 937x599, P5fLdNq.jpg)

This was February 2016, just adding to he pile

No. 377581

File: 1493334192415.png (Spoiler Image, 557.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-04-27-15-58-43…)

That's a puckered asshole
Yet, its not porn

No. 377583


"You never know who someone might grow up to be"

Yeah, it turns out you are still that fat, trashy, lazy cunt of a girl Momo. Except you now have an undeserved sense of ego from catering to basement dwelling neckbeard losers who treat you like fuck meat.

You haven't grown or changed at all. You are still this obnoxious bitch who thinks she is better than everyone else who hates herself, her fat body and other women because they remind you of how shitty of a person you still are and are immediately intimidated by anyone who is prettier or more famous than you and you just use and step on and abuse anyone you deem beneath you.

So you can go fuck yourself with your bullshit faux inspirational bullshit. Everyone knows you are a toxic cow who will turn on and bully the same people you claim you are trying to uplift.

No. 377584

File: 1493334610242.png (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 666x1000, Capture _2017-04-27-16-06-10.p…)

Not porn, my dudes

No. 377585

Ugh, she needs to anal bleach asap since she has the money for lipo!

No. 377586


She'll look exactly the same in the very near future because we know her 'working out' plan will shut down once she gets towards her convention goals. She'll prance around like the trashy cunt she is at the summer cons boasting about how she worked so hard, how being positive and having good vibes is important then it's back to gaining again.

No. 377588

File: 1493334838044.jpg (34.82 KB, 591x231, 4GpqxAw.jpg)

So, my dudes, people are lewding up a character that is LITERALLY OF AGE as we speak versus a child character.
See how much you pay attention

No. 377589


And that bullshit "You never know who someone might grow up to be" quote is usually only attributed to those who have achieved greatest and considered the best of all time, something you Moomoo has never nor will ever achieve. And those success stories usually leave out the parts where people became sociopathic dickheads to everyone in their life to achieve that greatness, something you Moomoo have in strides. No other name in cosplay is as radioactive and toxic as yours Moomoo. Everyone knows what a piece of shit you are, how you get into fights every week with other women on Twitter, how you constantly lie and play the victim to absolve yourself of any fault or guilt and how despite how you "hate drama" you are always the center and cause of it.

Sorry for the rant, but this bullshit "I'm such a good person and role model" stuff gets on my nerves.

No. 377591

i hate this bullshit 'treat someone kind cause you never know who they'll grow up to be' because it's not about you being kind it's about you being fake to get in someone's future good books if they're successful
it just shows so much about mariah because 1) that's how she thinks of people - things to use and 2) she believes she's successful and people actually care about her like bitch i'm betting the people who bullied you Laugh at the trashy shit you do
no wonder moomoo's so bloated she's 100% salt

No. 377592


Except no one cosplaying Misty is thinking "Those thighs aren't innocent" like a fucking date rapist you dumb fucking cow.

No. 377595

File: 1493335816241.jpg (33.9 KB, 640x480, 1492266574621.jpg)

No. 377598

I've got huge thighs but my partner often says I how glad he is that I don't have cottage cheese skin.
It's all about the squats - squats are the one thing I keep up and I really think it does keep the cellulite at bay or at least shrink it
sage for blogpost

No. 377600

She always had weird looking thighs.

No. 377602

Thank you for confirming what I said earlier. Sage for OT

No. 377604

her thighs always reminded me of a horse in those Samus pictures

No. 377605

File: 1493336526213.jpeg (49.59 KB, 640x306, image.jpeg)

Looks like her 'friends' are following suit. They're trying super hard to find out who keeps posting here. Hope Gabby can get out of it while she still can.

No. 377607

Theory: Mariah didn'y have liposuction. She had liposculpture.

For an example: Look up Dr Frank Lamadrid on ig.

No. 377609

File: 1493336958312.png (Spoiler Image, 521.56 KB, 534x476, no.png)

Jesus her brown eye is so damn large.

No. 377611

Cellulite has nothing to do with squats or exercise, you were just lucky with your genes. Cellulite is just "holes" in the connective tissue where the fat peaks through. Obviously being fat makes it worse, but if you have cellulite, you have it at any fat percentage. Unless you have zero fat, but then you are dead.

God why are so many women so ignorant about their bodies and play into mens dumb beliefs about the female body. Cellulite =/= fat, unhealthy, lazy

No. 377614


This seems more likely after giving that IG a good look through.

No. 377615

Two wrongs don't make a right you stupid fuck.

No. 377616

it's not so much men's belief as it is terrible cellulite running in my family
but mb then
sage for OT

No. 377617


Someone please post a picture of Nigri cosplaying Ash as a reply and tell her to stop being salty and no one made a comment talking about thighs being innocent. Please. Lol

No. 377634

saging for body blogpost, but I'm about Momo's height and weight about 105-110 and have to be careful about cellulite. Like, certain positions when sitting or standing can make it visible on the back of my thighs. It's a fucking curse.

Regardless, Momo has shit genetics all around–cellulite, that nose, those turtle lips… she is not as blessed as she likes to think she is.

No. 377651

I love that each photo conveniently is cut off where her lipo scars would be. There is no full body shot from the front. These photos also prove her "abs" are just lumps of fat

No. 377652

??? Just because other people do the same shit doesn't mean people don't get annoyed as fuck when they see shit. What even is this logic.

"I got arrested because I stole thousands of dollars, MEANWHILE PEOPLE ARE STEALING HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS AND FREE HMMMMM"

No. 377654


She is trying to frame it as she is the only one being singled out and people just being haters or jealous bitches. As usual Moomoo is trying to make it all about her.

No. 377657

File: 1493341268713.png (460.42 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170428-025921.png)

holy shit
someone accused her of liposuction and of course her neckbeards jump to say it's all "hard work"
how naive can you be?

No. 377668


They don't care as long as she keeps being their main source of fap material and idol of their dreams they want to fuck one day.

No. 377671


Logic….how does it work.

No. 377683

I love how much she rides her own dick here. Congrats on coming full circle, bitch! You're fat and nerdy again!
It's hilarious that she thought she looked even remotely good as Samus. Her wig looks awful. The entire costume is zero effort. She's so damn lame.

No. 377686

How long has she been putting in this "hard work" exactly?
Makes sense that fatass neckbeards wouldn't know how losing weight works, though

No. 377688

Is the top comment implying that lipo should make your arms and legs skinny too??


No. 377702

File: 1493345156950.png (460 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170428-040353.png)

they just don't know how to reading comprehension

No. 377715


Passive aggressive tweets about that girl for the win lol.

No. 377717

File: 1493345969282.png (498.7 KB, 494x762, Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 7.17…)

I am betting she will claim them as her own

No. 377722

I thought those were cheetos at first

No. 377724

Funny, I thought those were carrots.

No. 377727


I thought it was sweet potato lol

No. 377729

at first I thought they were hotdogs, then some kind of homestuck horns

No. 377742


I fucking called it

No. 377743

pfft like she even knows what a carrot or a sweet potato looks like

No. 377750

everyone on the comments were commenting about them being carrots

No. 377751

Evidently she didn't purge the right people lol

No. 377767

I'm sure Moomoo doesn't give a shit about what she'd have to do to be considered fuckable by you.

No. 377778

TBF she probably does as any amount of criticism causes her to chimp out.

No. 377793

What the hell is this wig

No. 377795

File: 1493352696965.png (1.83 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2146.PNG)

Samefag forgot the photo

No. 377798

Did she just reuse her Shampoo wig?

No. 377799

File: 1493352932063.png (183.37 KB, 350x350, Mikantsumiki.png)

that wig is so ratty and cut up it looks like its supposed to be for mikan tsumiki

which i could see her doing for the lewd "not porn" shoots she does

No. 377802

jfc Moo look up basic wig care please for the love of god

No. 377804


My poor, porr waifu.

That wig jesus fucking christ. Soon it will become dreads.

No. 377809

That wig is a fucking dumpster fire.

No. 377810

File: 1493354242575.jpg (2.23 MB, 2062x2478, Katsuragi.Misato.full.2042039.…)

my queen no deserve this

No. 377821


No. 377824

Just dont give her ideas since mikans outfit is easy and lewding her up isn't difficult.

No. 377825

I had to visually picture it. I want us all to suffer together

No. 377827

How the fuck did she put that wig on, look in the mirror and think "yeah, that's pretty good"?

I honest to god hope she's not sanding insulation foam next to her fucking sewing machine. That thing is going to be so clotted with dust.

No. 377828

Why 3D print such a simple fucking thing

And then SOMEHOW screw it up even more with those Saturn rings


No. 377829

No amount of shapewear can hide how gigantic her hips/thighs are now. She looks massive in that ill-fitted 'Misato' dress.

No. 377831


I had no fucking clue that this was supposed to be Misato until it was pointed out. Did she seriously look in the mirror and think "Yeah, this is good enough". Seriously Moomoo, your "cosplay" are shit tier and you need to stop trying to finish hem last minute.

No. 377833

File: 1493358404717.gif (495.28 KB, 500x279, giphy (3).gif)

No. 377834

File: 1493358665531.png (545.71 KB, 1280x720, prisonmehface.png)

No. 377838

File: 1493359505221.jpg (32.97 KB, 578x220, P7S8qec.jpg)

Sure, Jan.

No. 377839

File: 1493359554235.png (232.76 KB, 519x514, there truly is no god.png)

No. 377840


Fuck off Moomoo. We all know you are full of shit and only do cosplay to spite other women in a sad desperate attempt to prove you are better than them.

No. 377844

>She said while purposefully choosing characters her "rivals" want to cosplay to be "better"
I fucking hate this ~cosplay positivity~ act she's constantly trying to pull while being one of the most toxic and spiteful bitches ever.

No. 377845

What's the point in 3D printing a shape like that??? You could easily sand a pair of those from a block of polystyrene foam or something. It's such a waste of 3D printing plastic. She's always trying to appear more "professional" by using high-tech/expensive materials but she has a complete misunderstanding of when to utilize them or how to handle them. If you wanted to print the horns you could've at least fucking printed the whole shape and not add some half assed EVA foam rings post-print.

No. 377846

And why 3d print it but not include the rivets in the horns? Which btw she is doing backwards, the lines go in, not out

No. 377848

After all the random, easy cosplay things she's fucked up I feel like nothing more needs to be said except, "it's momo."
Watching her fuck up with so much income she could put into learning and legitimately creating things properly is 1000x more painful for me than the shit Ash puts out.

Tinfoil hat but I wouldn't be surprised if she's drinking while constructing some of her stuff. Would explain why she can't sew a straight line…ever…

No. 377850

The black lines on her Misato cosplay, the jacket.. its killing me.

No. 377851

paint on the orange parts tho..

No. 377852

File: 1493364764982.jpg (84.34 KB, 720x960, momokunmisatofail.jpg)

No. 377853

the black parts done in sharpie pain me.

No. 377854

Killing me softly with her cosplay..