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File: 1494441912487.png (303.72 KB, 597x451, 1493691639866.png)

No. 382934

Thread #1 >>>/snow/93507
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram / Snapchat: mariahmallad

The basics:
>body positive, but photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantly, resorted to getting liposuction
>Proven through twitteraudit that she has bought at least 20k followers.
>laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Samus costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplay
>spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned"
>claims she cosplays because she's passionate about the characters and the hobby, but is only in it for the money
>does monthly "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame
>has to beg for money, con passes, etc. despite making over $10k per month on Patreon
>known to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations, alcohol, drugs and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplays
>pretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwise
>loiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guest

No. 382940

File: 1494442906745.jpg (36.46 KB, 590x325, mariahyoulyingcunt.jpg)

The shit she lies about is so fucking astounding. There is absolutely NO WAY she was at ~15% body fat; that's like a bodybuilder level physique. Pic related. Seriously, can't you make any of your lies even remotely believable, or is that beyond your limited intellectual capacity?

No. 382945

Preaching body positivity but got the fat sucked from her gut.
She just sounds self obsessed. When she was fit she was bragging about her body and making fun of fat chicks. Now that she's fat she just did mental gymnastics to think her current life style is a healthy one. Junk food, booze and drugs are a great way to make you feel good for a short moment.
As for her being a dedicated athlete, that is BS. She was a fat kid. If it wasn't for her asshole dad she would never know what it's like to be fit. Even then she was only fit for a short while even with all that support. On her own she has no will power for anything.

No. 382946


Wow. She just can't stay away from here, can she? Literally every time her weight is talked about here she runs to Facebook to post another horseshit "Love yourself" essay and how "she is happier than she has ever been". We all know that's a crock of shit Moomoo. How about you tell them all how you got lipo? Oh but wait, that would be completely contradictory to your constant "Love yourself and your body" bullshit you keep spewing. It really is pathetic seeing you go through this constant cycle of hating yourself and begging to strangers on the internet for sympathy and ego boosting. All you are doing is lying to yourself. You aren't happy with how you look, but you are also too lazy to put in any of the work to change it. No matter how much you claim to have been the "workout warrior" you were in college (Which, holy fuck. If you are going to lie, at least make it a believable one. 15 percent body fat? Who the fuck are you trying to kid?) you are still the fat kid who looks for the easy way out.

No. 382947

this is amazing on so many levels
mariah if you were happy with your body why did you get lipo? and before that why did you wear shapewear with every cosplay? why are you so obsessed with angles/lighting to make yourself look thinner?
this is such a 'stop picking on me! body positivity! build people up my dudes' attempt and it fell so flat lmao
and her explaining she had a breast reduction in 2011 (when she was about 15-16) shows anyone who still thinks she would've been rejected for lipo on ground of her age that she knows a way around that

No. 382948

File: 1494444783331.png (959.67 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5830.PNG)

No. 382949

File: 1494444821470.png (1.12 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5833.PNG)

No. 382951

File: 1494444902413.png (1.34 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5832.PNG)

No. 382953


What the fuck is any of this supposed to mean? Don't post caps without context

No. 382959


Samefag I am 26, but when you eat like shit and are lazy your body goes downhill pretty fast. I didn't have any problems until I hit 25 and that's when all this shit started happening. My body was like "bitch you need to stop" and it's only a matter of time before hers does too lol. Unless you're on drugs. I quit smoking weed and I think that contributed to everything because I was numb to all my health problems and then suddenly I wasn't, you know?

No. 382961

Wearing all black and a gym hoodie in a desperate attempt to convince everyone she works out.

No. 382963

r her 15 minutes of fame is up, she's going to be sorry she blew all of her money on food and stupid shit. She'll end up with no money and health problems.

No. 382966

She says if she lost weight and starves herself and got skinny again she would lose her thicc but like…I personally know a fitness model from where I used to live and she's my body coach…her ass is huge because of weight lifting and her thighs are thicc and her waist is tiny and she eats 2600 calories a day…girl ain't starving herself.

If you worked out and dedicated yourself to building muscle where your non existent ass is, you could eat three thousand calories a day if you wanted to just to maintain muscle mass,I don't understand lazy people's illogical way of thinking…do they not know fit is the new skinny yet?

No. 382967


I'm clogging the thread with shit posts today I guess because I'm triggered but I deleted my blogpost rant.

There's acne on her chin and neck in her Instagram story that I've never seen before. She's clearly not healthy.

She's promoting a toxic type of body positivity. Don't go telling people it's okay to eat shit and not work out, if you're gonna be body positive tell people it's still important to exercise but you don't have to be miserable doing it.

No. 382968

there's no way she can know what fat she will lose, but you're right, she can still have a nice ass and thighs, but who knows about her tits(she's probably talking about her tits tbh). tits aren't really muscular like thighs and ass so she'll probably lose those and especially if she's had them done they'll look awful.

No. 382979

I can hear the valley girl accent just by looking at this.

No. 382990

>Mariah's dad
Pick one. But yeah, she couldn't maintain that fitness and is still eating like she's working out constantly.

No. 382997

The mom looks good, way prettier than Mariah.

No. 383013

Most of the things she says in her rants make no fucking sense

No. 383024

File: 1494462638697.png (1.25 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5915.PNG)

No. 383025

File: 1494462675963.png (1.44 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5916.PNG)

No. 383040

That rant about her field hockey career is bullshit.

She was put in goal because she was always the biggest girl on the field and couldn't do cardio. Otherwise she'd have been on defense.

Mariah I've seen pictures of you on the field, literally the only thing that changed was the fact that your fupa busted your waist line so you can't wear jeans anymore

No. 383044


Of course she keeps trying to talk herself up like she was this amazing athlete that was about to go pro. Her whole life is living in delusions, thinking she is so much better than everyone. She has always been the insecure fat girl that has to make excuses for everything and thinks everyone who doesn't like her is just jealous of her when it really is because she is just a huge cunt.

No. 383045

I remember seeing the look on her face when she first started streaming and everyone in chat was begging for thicc suit samus. She was fucking lapping it up. I could tell she was going to go all out degrading herself to get any form of gratification

No. 383054

Loving yourself is not a. Pickng up false vibes from other people and talking shit about them. B. IS NOT DENYING HELP FROM PEOPLE WHEN RECEIVING CRITIQUE. THIS IS A SELF AWARENESS ISSUE. C. You trade friends for rallyers and you are constantly providing a false sense of pride, encouragement and overall security from your fans and their investments. Get a fucking job at that smoothie place if you want to be wholesome..

No. 383055



I'm not the best at interpreting lacrosse status but she seems to have been shit as a goalie as well.

No. 383056


She doesn't want fans, she wants rallyers. People she can whip up into a frenzy to attack anyone she doesn't like. So she pumps them with bullshit "Love yourself" sentiments and acts like the cringey dudebro they think she is so that all the desperate losers think they have a chance with her if they defend her honor.

No. 383057


Surprising no one it turns out she was a shit athlete and not the "potential pro" that she tries to claim she is. Literally every fucking thing about her is fake. She constantly lies to try to make herself seem like she is so far above everyone when really every thing she does is shit tier. I swear, a cow hasn't gotten this much under my skin since Suzy.

No. 383060

Calm down Anon, they're just cringy selfies.

No. 383066

TBH I feel bad for her cat. The unseen things that cat probably had to see.

No. 383069

"Skinny doesn't equal happiness!" Says Moomoo as she eats another cheeseburger and doubles her weight in a year.

Sure you can be happy at any weight, but surely she can't delude herself that being obese and gaining weight as fast as she does is a good thing.

Maybe for her feeder fans I guess

No. 383071

Ugh, her fans are so creepy

No. 383072


She dropped lacrosse for cosplaying because she's lazy and she sucked at it lol

No. 383073

Nah she quit lacrosse because she quit college because she's lazy and sucked at it.

No. 383074

Momo is so unfortunate. Can you imagining deluding yourself into thinking being fatter and unhealthier is good for you.

What a fucking liar. Enjoy being the only fat one in your group Momo.

No. 383077


What's hilarious is that she will be back next week with this same old song and dance. She'll continue to lurk here, see that she is still being called a fat piece of shit, and will post another long winded essay bitching about being called fat and how "people need to love themselves" all while continuing to not mention getting lipo and stuffing more burritos in her fat face and getting shitfaced drunk.

No. 383079

File: 1494474872962.png (28.91 KB, 548x222, still full of shit.png)

No. 383080


Taking photos while sucking in your fat gut at the gym doesn't count as working out you dumb cow. Not to mention how all you document is what disgusting garbage you are about to shovel into your fat mouth.

No. 383081

"I take pictures of myself at the gym and I tag along with my friends on a hike once in a while!"

Never thought I'd hate a human being this much

No. 383082

File: 1494475418620.png (1.13 MB, 712x811, grandma cosplayin.png)

I still can't get over that she's 21, she looks so hagged

No. 383083

I thought her team found out about her cosplay lewds and didn't approve of it so she quit? Or was that just a lie too?

No. 383087


As if she wasn't already an insufferable cunt, she keeps trying to clap back at anyone daring to criticize her "Its okay to be fat" bullshit.

No. 383089


It's fucking Moomoo. You really shouldn't take anything she says as the truth. She tried to paint herself as the victim as usual and claimed that she was bullied for doing "lewd" cosplay by the other girls on the team. In her own retarded delusions she thought that all the other girls were jealous of her and the attention she was getting and not that she was being an insufferable cunt as usual.

No. 383096

Yeah to be honest you have to take everything she says with a grain of salt. She claimed cosplay got her fired from her Starbucks job despite quitting herself and having that as her patreon goal ("I get x amount of money so I can finally quit my job and do cosplay as a fulltime job"). She lies a lot about shit and changes her story to suit her current agenda.

No. 383097

She reminds me a lot of Onision. Contradicting her own lies and forgetting to get rid of the evidence of past lies.

She's like the fat, granny love child of Onision and Asherbee.

No. 383098


She reminds me of Suzy. Always lying about everything to paint herself as the victim to gain more sympathy or to make herself look more popular than she actually is.

No. 383103

Suzy and Arin fucking killed Game Grumps and I'm still salty about it.

Good think OneyPlays is as good as jontron era.

No. 383105


To the anons that live near her: one of you should hit the gym at the same time she does and record/snap pics her "workouts" and finally expose the lies she's spewing.

No. 383106

You're lazy, because you're too lazy to enforce discipline and self-control, you inflated cow.

No. 383112

You know what is so sad and so ironic is how she might one day perhaps lose the weight, but when she does people will still hate her because her weight issue isn't as bad as her selfish and insufferable personality. She wants to keep deluding herself that she is being picked on solely because she is fat or she makes money, but lol no. That's the bottom of the pyramid and the only things she thinks to change in hopes that people will quickly get off her back for and be fooled by her fake ass.

It is also super sad lol that she has to post this as if she wants to come back with a revenge body to tell the haters off, so she isn't likely going to be happy even if she does lose weight because not only won't she be able to ride the thicc wave, but people will always hate her because she refuses to stop lying.

No. 383117

File: 1494488060531.png (9.22 KB, 288x289, selective memory.png)

No. 383118

File: 1494488353745.jpg (172.37 KB, 900x1200, C_hkZD7UQAAg-p8.jpg)

Also looks like she's back to shapewear.

No. 383119

fucking. clean. your. room.

No. 383120

I love how low she's angling that mirror to make herself look slimmer and taller. She couldn't even be bothered to straighten the mirror or hang it up on a wall already, what a joke.

No. 383121


the amount of editing in this picture is fucking hilarious. looked at the warped window.

No. 383122


THOSE BLINDS LMAO IS SHE SERIOUS ohhh no baby what is u doing

No. 383123

her window has workout lines guys

No. 383125

the vent is also warped.

No. 383126

did she get tips from yumi king? lmao

No. 383127

oh my FUCK look at this TRASHPIG
bitch no, just no

No. 383128

File: 1494491796909.png (1.33 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5968.PNG)


No. 383129

File: 1494491829445.png (1.18 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5970.PNG)

No. 383130

Those blinds sent my sides into orbit.

Her thighs look so….warped and lumpy. Anatomically confusing. She posts this crap after saying how much she loves being fat? WHAT DRUGS ARE YOU ON?!

No. 383132

Same fagging but is that her 18 cosplay tossed on the floor there? Bitch do you not own a hanger or a closet?

No. 383133


Your bloated ass aint fooling anyone moo. All that sodium and sugar you consumed these past few days have made you blow up.

No. 383135

Shes so delusional. Most female professional athletes never go below 18% bf since its too much hassle to maintain. When I was at 18% onseason my breastplate was visible. Lacrosse professionals seem to hover at ~20%. Nice try Mariah, even your lies are uneducated.

Sage for blogpost

No. 383138

Can she even make anything that's not a seam/dart-less spandex dress lmao

No. 383139

File: 1494494898251.png (660.9 KB, 589x565, round 2.png)


Dat warp

No. 383140

File: 1494495507396.jpg (16.64 KB, 300x235, 1343312262458.jpg)

looool why would she even post that

No. 383141

Also it's 80/20. If you're eating like shit then it's pointless to workout you dumb cow.

No. 383143

Holy shit those warped blinds this is hilarious moomoo

No. 383146

So… she wants us to see that the red waist band on the character fits her… hand.

No. 383148


Do you see that overflowing bag of garbage? Moomoo couldn't even be bothered to take out the trash. What a slob.

No. 383153

I mean, let me show you every single cosplay you've done where you've cut corners you dumbass twat

No. 383154


Lol. Is she really trying to act like all those cunty Facebook posts she used to make aren't online for everyone see now? We saw how much of a cunt you wee Moomoo, how you shit on other girls for being fat. Someone should reply those pics to her.

No. 383155

File: 1494507125074.gif (4.53 MB, 569x320, RuCh3i.gif)


She's wearing shapewear so tight her ass fat is just spilling out, and then you have her hammy as fuck arms just fat dangling. GURL, any serious/ intelligent person knows you're full of shit

No. 383158


Back to wearing shapewear Moomoo? What happened to all that bullshit about "Loving yourself and being happy with how you look"?

No. 383161

Someone dewarp this please

No. 383162

How the fuck is someone THIS deluded? I just don't get it. It has to be painful as fuck to be crammed into that tight ass shapewear. Let your skin breathe for fucks sake.

No. 383167

If someone has the time and motivation, someone should make a Tumblr documenting all of Mariah's shitty behavior and lies. At this many pages it'll be pretty overwhelming to anyone who wants to jump in, not to mention it'll be easier to reference to when she decides to lie and change her story.

No. 383169


It definitely feels like she has a new thread pop up every week at this point. Someone just needs to do an archive like Rantgrumps did for Suzy.

No. 383174

the funny thing is at the end of the day, her weight is inconsequential. There are and have been fatter cows. Her attitude about her weight and her hypocrisy makes her unbearable. I sincerely hope someone here is willing to work on something to help expose her because the longer she goes on the more infuriating she is. How can she be so deluded? We know she lurks, how does she even begin to think anything she does is okay. She makes me more angry than Suzy and Onion, at least it seems like people generally understand Onion is awful. This cow just gets worshipped for every single disgusting thing she does.

Sage for angry rant. Just. Ugh.

No. 383177

holy fuuuuccckkk why would anYONE post anything with warping this bad, how delusional are you??? ho my god

No. 383186

>tossing your clothes on the floor
Absolutely disgusting

No. 383187

File: 1494527819978.png (120.22 KB, 1393x550, 20170511_143537.png)

sure, Jan. Her fans are so effing deluded.

No. 383188

I can only imagine how tight that shapewear is. She looks like a can of dough that could explode at any minute. Not only is the warp hilarious, but her being on her tip toes and sucking and she STILL has to edit to look skinny. And why the hell are you standing on top of your fabric? Thats good fabric and you're just steppin all over it.

I'm sure it has already been addressed, but has any one told her that the claims of laziness were towards her cosplay, sewing, and cleaning?

No. 383190

woooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww holy shit

No. 383191

What's the point in showing off your body like this when your face looks like that? She needs proper sleep and hydration.

No. 383194

Is she seriously trying to be female Goten?

No. 383195

holy shit i just noticed she's on her tip toes mariah how can you even make a post saying you love how you look when you pull shit like this just for selfies

No. 383197

File: 1494529004117.png (1.92 MB, 1439x1371, 20170511_145503.png)

Why even bother editing herself/wearing shape wear when she posts videos that can't be edited that show her real size legs/waist/arms.

No. 383200


Suzy does the same retarded thing where she will edit her photos to hell and back and will then post a video where we can clearly see what she looks like. What is it about cows thinking they can get away with it?

No. 383205

Pretty sure that's just a raw piece of cut fabric wrapped around her hips.
Not lazy? You're fucking delusional, Momo.

No. 383209

guise, those pics are obviously not warped, moomoo just has shitty blinds cause her bitch cunt mom, who she loves so much, treats her like cinderella. that's why she'll never cosplay sexi cinderella~

No. 383210

fuck the warp lines, can we talk about how she left her upper arm the same width as her calves?

No. 383216

God i hope they link her old tweets

No. 383219

she is STANDING on the fabric too.

No. 383222

File: 1494533628517.jpg (512.69 KB, 900x1200, 17-05-11-16-13-21-844_deco.jpg)

Sure, jan

No. 383225

File: 1494533906511.jpg (209.08 KB, 1033x942, Screenshot_20170511-161721.jpg)

Also did anypne see this lol?
I know that people's relationships can change but the fuck

No. 383226

Wouldn't it be devilish if someone showed her mom all of moomoo's tweets when she was badmouthing her?

No. 383228

Omg these tweets are like mirror twin tweets of AxelAsh's mom hating statuses.
And if she takes so much on patreon why the fuck does she live with her parents and have them drive her around??
My parents are both middle eastern too (I'm assuming she's not mixed?) and they would (along w/ any other Arab rents) fucking exile my ass for posting naked whipped cream tits out pics on the internet, idk any Arab parent that would be cool with that.

LOL so much warp on those blinds, even the top blinds near her tits and bottom blinds near her ass are completely straight, then the blinds at her stomach are round as fuck

No. 383229

are you kidding me moomoo
you could have even tried to put the mirror literally anywhere else where you wouldn't be warping background lines with your shoop, but nah you are again, lazy.

No. 383231

Any anons going to this to get some candids/interact with her? I wonder if she will be on good behavior because her mother will be there.

No. 383233

Someone should print the screenshots of the tweets about her mom and hand them to her at moomoo's booth.

No. 383234


I'd love to see her try to explain her way out of it.

No. 383236


Everything else aside

…That carpet. :*(

No. 383247

you're a bit behind anon. she's been living with collette for a while now because her dad kicked her out (though she tries to make it out like she left of her own accord when really what happened is exactly what you described there) i'm also pretty sure she's mixed with her mum being more american than lebanese

No. 383253

File: 1494540188080.jpg (51.27 KB, 343x460, IMG_2565.JPG)

>the new momokun cosplay looks fantastic

Currrently wheezing

No. 383256

File: 1494540899722.jpg (24.17 KB, 236x272, 1478494634790.jpg)

my sides

No. 383270

File: 1494545521438.png (636.86 KB, 753x485, my mother's cosplay.png)

No. 383271

bless you, anon

No. 383274

File: 1494547135694.png (472.81 KB, 590x400, IMG_5199.PNG)

Every time I see her red-nosed Mei, I can't help but think about the stereotypical wide nose, fat faced Otaku men you see in manga and anime.

No. 383275

She looks like she's 30. And high. How can she possibly think this looks good?

No. 383276


Lets be honest my dude….she looks like she's pushing 40.

No. 383281

50. At best.

No. 383286

so unfortunate for moomoo that the only 21 she looks like is 21 stone

No. 383287

File: 1494552435412.png (827.72 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-11-18-26-52…)

The difference one year makes, holy shit. She looks 21 here but after a whole year of drugs and booze, goddamn, girl aged ten years…

No. 383292

File: 1494553837480.png (313.59 KB, 497x707, Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 5.57…)

Didnt she make a tweet awhile ago that was pretty homophobic?

No. 383295

how can a mirror get so revolting? it's not even in the bathroom so what liquids are getting sprayed on it??
>Do you see that overflowing bag of garbage?
yeah, her name is momokun.

No. 383298

No. 383301


Yup. That perfectly describes Moomoo.

- Got into cosplay for many and fame

- Uses patreon donated money to pay for expensive dinners and outing with friends instead of working on cosplay

- Thinks she has "made it" in the cosplay world and that she is super famous when she really isn't

And I would be surprised if Moomoo was actually struggling financially like the girl said most patreon cosplayers are.

But of course Moomoo will take this and play the victim like she usually does and cry about how "We should love each other and stop trying to tear other down" and send her rabid neckbeards after the girl.

No. 383307

File: 1494561047333.jpg (96.95 KB, 675x1200, i0GWK1i.jpg)

No. 383308


"But I'm happier than I've ever been! Now please excuse me while I post pictures of how I wish I still looked"

No. 383309

You legbeards are hilarious, picking apart someones life and every minuet detail of her life just to create drama. You guys seriously blast her for hair being out of place and reference her personality traits from 2013. There is some serious disillusion here stemming on an obsession of a cosplayer. You chicks are just as pathetic as her. ???(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 383310

You're not wrong. We however do it privately, in a space she doesn't need to look at if she doesn't choose too, and we can keep our reps intact because we aren't attaching a face to a horrible reputation. :^)

No. 383311

File: 1494561701663.png (1.77 MB, 1440x2067, IMG_9600.PNG)

Hi moomoo

No. 383312

File: 1494561811801.jpg (13.36 KB, 224x216, 1487186312887.jpg)

maybe you've missed the past… What, 15 threads? If you really think people could make 15 threads on 'old shit' you're as dumb as her. Don't be an idiot, there's numerous of screenshots of recent bs she's been pulling.

No. 383313

Hi Moomoo, go back to being a slob.

No. 383314

File: 1494562090452.jpg (25.81 KB, 326x450, WZvLvpj.jpg)

No. 383315


Hi Moomoo

No. 383316

File: 1494562316190.jpg (301.04 KB, 593x650, UjW9v4N.jpg)


No. 383319

File: 1494562554460.jpg (17.89 KB, 587x123, CikMVWp.jpg)

No. 383320

Oh my god lol. Why make a big fuss about "everyone does it, look at misty cosplayers!!1" if you're just gonna back down? I was looking forward to the backlash.

No. 383321


Figured she'd be a chick shit and back out. What happened to "Those thighs aren't innocent" and "Fuck SJWs, I don't give a fuck about their precious feelings" Moomoo? Typical of you to stick your chest out and act like you are a tough bad bitch ano turn tail and run the second someone calls you out.

No. 383323




No. 383324


What's a legbeard fam?

No. 383326


Lol she really didn't think any of this through. Is she really going to sit there and sell pictures to guys clearly using them to jack off to while her mom is there?

No. 383330

Op legbeard from earlier. I'm not her, I'm not a fan of her. She ruined her subreddit by becoming an admin. However, I've lurked on this board a while and the shit talk is outstanding to the point where it's becoming delusional.

No. 383331

File: 1494566253789.jpg (150.98 KB, 1080x675, U4QSZJH.jpg)

Leave. There is nothing here for you then. It's amazing you managed to last so long.

No. 383332

Why are you here then? No one held a gun to your head, take your shitty insults elsewhere you dumb cow lmfao. :")

No. 383333

No1 cur

No. 383334

Fun fact: Her nickname is Cannonball and she has a nasty habit of getting trashed hella fast at house parties and passing out in record time. While still drunkenly conscious she also has a habit of saying racist shit.

No. 383335

File: 1494567585845.png (71.75 KB, 1242x340, IMG_1807.PNG)

This was her response for the warped blinds kek
Lessons from yumi king confirmed

No. 383336


Sounds like Moomoo alright. We saw her get completely shitfaced and shouting in everyone's face about how "totally wasted" she was in that one video. She is totally the obnoxious bitch who tries to act more drunk or high than she actually is for attention.

No. 383337

moomoo keep lying to everyone but we all know you feel so shitty about yourself you have to lie about the most obvious photoshop of the year. It's pathetic and honestly hilarious keep up the good milk.

No. 383339

>"Did her as an adult"
>In her child clothes
>With childish poses
moomoo please fuck off

No. 383340

I feel like a good cosplayer would have made this outfit in a way that would compliment their body type(or maybe even modify the store bought one)while still keeping the signature look.
The wig is cute and she managed to not fuck it up (so far).
But ugh that outfit is so unflattering on her.

No. 383341

Agreed the wig looks good not tangled at all she should cut the bangs tho

No. 383342

>I feel like a good cosplayer would have made this outfit
She failed step one

No. 383343

Thanks anon! I haven't been on momos thread since the 5th or 6th thread. I was wondering why I thought she still lived at home. So they threw her out bc of the "Leeewdss"?

No. 383344

What happened to being all about those location shoots moo?
Shooting Kanna in the same bed you shot the other stuff just cuz this is your "adult version" is just pure laziness. Go to like a garden, a park, or something more interesting than this circle jerk hotel room boudoir shit that is done by everyone now.
Why did she have to go all the way to Cali for this again?

No. 383345

>on a bed
what is the storyline supposed to be here? child character goes to bed in hotel room… right.

No. 383346

File: 1494576008937.png (151.93 KB, 750x896, IMG_7985.PNG)

Lolol I wonder how much anger is writhing in moomoo rn to see Steff is actually invited as a guest to AX , where she had to pay for booth to make it seem like she was invited lmao

No. 383347

Also samefag but how much u wanna bet she's gonna hover around stellas booth to mooch off her too since she was all over her and nigri at katsu

No. 383351

Legbeards hopeless af and drama queens

No. 383352

File: 1494577738076.png (41.93 KB, 750x471, IMG_5208.PNG)

I'm not familiar with this anime at all and thought she was cosplaying some sort of failed Lolita Milktank.

I mean, milktank is basically Momo's spirit animal to a T.

No. 383353

File: 1494578438270.jpg (343.66 KB, 1365x1365, IMG_3244.JPG)

the wig


No. 383354

God. She probably is. Mooching off Stella and probably thinks "I know Stella! I have to be famous since I know a cosplay sempai!"

God, ahe really knows how to trigger a lot of us. GET BETTER AT CUTTING WIGS, MOOMOO

No. 383355

Ugh.. That horrid wig.. At least the location isnt a hotel room or on a bed.

No. 383356


she has to do it in a bed because she can't do the back up so she can't go out. also the reason she's not doing any lewds

No. 383358

Moomoo wearing a mumu

No. 383361

android 18 didn't get absorbed by cell for this to happen to her

No. 383364

Think of how poor Krillin would feel if Android 18 was that fat. Poor little midget with a giant hamplanet on top of him.

No. 383368

on the bright side, universe 7 would win the tournament of power if android 18 looked like that

No. 383372

>unnecessary problems
man can you believe the nerve of some people making unnecessary problems about mariah saying 'those thighs aren't innocent' about a child? what a hard life you have moomoo i'm so sorry
i wonder if she read here and saw that if she actually went through with it she'd be dropped so fast by her cosfriends out of them trying to keep their image up
lowkey disappointed we won't get to witness this future

No. 383374

samefag as above but
it seems that way yeah - her wicke (i think pov set but maybe standard) set came out and came to her dad's attention and he was Not Happy
also moomoo straight up what the fuck how can you even try to call yourself a professional when you botch a wig so fucking bad?

No. 383375

Does anyone in general even care about cosplay senpai's tho?

No. 383377


>that uneven trim on the wig

>damn patch is still fucking crooked

She doesn't like to take attention to details does she?

No. 383378


She claims that she does

No. 383382

I looked the girl in the pic up, because i thought she looked cute.
Guess how much she get's on patreon:

300! And this fat cow is get 15000, that's simply disgusting…

No. 383384


But she is not a toxic shitbag like Moomoo is. Her name is practically cancer in the cosplay community and no one wants anything to do with her. She think that she is super popular because she gets a ton a gross comments from desperate losers, but ask in anyone in the cosplay world about her and they'll tell you that she is a piece of shit that gives cosplay a bad name.

No. 383387

a tumblr cunt, so mad moomoo is reaching.

No. 383389

>I'm not a fan of her
And yet here you are, implying that in order to call out this cow we all must be "ugly and jealousss". Take your 7th grader tier insults and leave.

No. 383390

Real talk though. Plenty of screencaps we have of her are 2015 and she was still a sad angry girl who spewed vindictive vitriol. And even now, she is still the same but holds back. She still continues to start shit with people who dare say anything that isn't praise. She knows she doesn't need to be straight hateful, as long as she gets their username out there, her degenerates will do the work for her. Her photographer had to tell her to knock it off and called her out for having drama with someone new every week when she decided to go after that one cosplayer around Katsucon.

She's not being nit picked. She constantly acts like a shitty person and there's no end in sight for it.

No. 383392

Whenever I get salty over that I just remember that moomoo is an idiot and when she's busted like jnig, she probably won't have saved enough of that money to get out of her parents house. She'll end up stuck at starbucks the rest of her life, or doing fatty porn.

No. 383393

File: 1494602218458.jpg (18.08 KB, 584x99, 6mPpkZf.jpg)

No. 383394

Idk how twitter works but can there be more than one person using a screen name? Cause the one she posted is hers, there's no added letters or "rn" as "m".

No. 383395

one of the L's are a I.

No. 383412

File: 1494607360633.png (80.86 KB, 639x710, IMG_4651.PNG)

She's brushing her hair over ear on the wrong side.

Miss I'm the biggest Dbz fan ever can't even do ONE small detail!

No. 383413


No surprise she is kissing TeamFoutStar's ass

No. 383414


can she not ruin Android 18

No. 383420

This is important because not only does Momo get an absurd amount of money for these costumes, but she shits them out spending little to no money and the bare minimum of effort and time on them than most cosplayers who do it out of their own budget. She prefers to blow all that money on eating out all day/endless pairs of black leggings/shitty hotels to shoot in. Didn't that r9k post with Vamp as the suspected author mention how she actually BRAGS about spending less than $200 on her cosplays?

No. 383427

it's also conceivable she just looking up youtube clips not knowing tfs isn't the original dialog

No. 383428

Why do I got the feeling that she watches all of TFS and figures she's "da biggest dbz fan evar gaiz promise"

No. 383431

Damn she looks so unhealthy. Not really just her weight, her face just looks significantly more haggard and she has no light in her eyes. Even with the editing and atmosphere of this photo it's actually really depressing how bad she looks. :/

No. 383432

Damn her face is so busted you can't fix that even with excessive airbrushing. She needs to lay off the alcohol and sodium.

No. 383436

that's even if starbucks will take her back after she quit on them for cosplay kek

No. 383438

She made this her Facebook cover. I'm glad the first thing anyone sees of her cosplaying abilities is this awful fucking obviously busted wig. Too lazy to even try it on and fix it before shooting. I wonder if the people around her like vamp and nanabear don't tell her her shit is awful because secretly everyone wants to see her crash and burn.

No. 383439

Called it, the wig color is in a total fistfight with her skin tone.
Also, adjust your wig Mariah…

No. 383444

Whoever does her photos needs to light her face better, holy fuck. Dat super bright light directly above her head is so fucking unflattering on anyone.

Also I don't remember 18 ever making a soft open mouth fish face, I remember her being stone faced and regal.

No. 383448


Call me crazy, but I seem to remember hat one of the writers actually follows her in Twitter. Quite frankly surprised that she hasn't kissed even more ass into getting a part on the show or has tried to brag about it.

No. 383449

File: 1494612929926.png (Spoiler Image, 889.76 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5566.PNG)

after that "Skinny doesnt equal happiness" bullshit post I immediately went back to this post where she was like "lol i used to be fat but im better now so jokes on you."

No. 383453

I'm actually not sure how the pic on the right is considered an improvement…

No. 383455


That was a particularly funny rant because she tried to make it as this big "Watch out who you make fun of in high school, they might come back to be better and more successful than you" thing, like she made it and is in a place to be able to look down on all those who made fun of her.

This bitch has accomplished jack shit. She hasn't revolutionized or taken the cosplay world by storm. She isn't an inspirational or important figure in the community. All she is is some fat cow who takes her clothes off for desperate virgins to jack off to. The only "looking up" going on is her when she is pretending to put some guy's cock in her mouth while in a sleazy hotel room. She is universally recognized as one of the biggest cancers in the cosplay community who routinely picks fights and starts drama every week with other women. There is absolutely nothing empowering or inspirational about her. Even her "body positivity" garbage is complete horseshit seeing how she got lipo done and refuses to tell anyone while posting selfies in the gym as if she actually worked out to lose weight. And you know the second she gets thin that she will go back to being the cunt that she has always been by shitting on other girls who she think she is prettier than now.

No. 383476

jfc her face really does look like a turtle

No. 383484

File: 1494621309059.jpg (103.65 KB, 841x389, moomoopiggy.jpg)

The resemblance is uncanny.

No. 383486

LMFAO don't insult Miss Piggy like that though!!

No. 383487

File: 1494623220209.jpg (586.38 KB, 1538x2048, IMG_7402.JPG)

Looks like she got a new wig. Why wouldn't she use this for the actual professional photos she had taken?

No. 383488

Moomoo wearing a nice lace front that doesn't look like absolute shit? Am I dreaming?

No. 383491

i really hope she did this because we called out how she blatantly butchered her cammy for the last one and it showed how lazy she is
god damn tho couldn't she have done it Before taking that picture from behind that showed she can't cut a wig to save her life

No. 383492

Lol way to show your lurk there moomoo, change the wig AFTER we freak the fuck out about it.
Too bad she didn't do that for poor Misaka

No. 383493

Misato** fuck my auto correct is trained weird….

No. 383497


loooooool that's great

No. 383498

at least miltank makes that sick healing milk. moomoo just makes us sick with her milk.

No. 383500

Someone must have done the wig for her because no way she could make a wig look that nice and then get a lace front fro it

No. 383502

She must have borrowed this from someone or went to an actual nice wig store. And the color isn't clashing with her skin tone?!
Congrats Momo. You figured out how to cosplay.

No. 383503


So obvious she lurks here. She only makes wholesale changes when we call her out

No. 383505

>Palo Verde
So she's a summerlinner? Explains everything tbh

No. 383513

Looks like Vamplette is 17. Probably will be a lewd set of the two.

No. 383515

Vamplettes also has this wig but in black…maybe she cut it when she did her own?

No. 383516

File: 1494630275439.jpg (388.99 KB, 597x443, tbhIvGr.jpg)

Maybe its the stripes but did she get bigger?

No. 383518

File: 1494630292091.jpg (23.01 KB, 225x225, 1490473426199.jpg)

Lmao, good one anon

No. 383521

Good for moo for getting that shit fixed, but I would be lying if I said I don't prefer the shit tier quality things she produces. When things she does herself are bad it just goes to further show how inexperienced she is and how she wants to compensate for the quality the easy way by just doing porn shoots.

No. 383524

File: 1494631976229.gif (5.75 MB, 800x450, witchcraft.gif)

Moomoo, taking criticism and applying it?

No. 383525

File: 1494632212434.png (837.21 KB, 720x717, Screenshot_2017-05-12-16-30-49…)

Her fucking duckface triggers me. Like stop holy shit you can't even have a normal selfie with your mom without trying to look sexy and pouty.

Go get fucking lip fillers lol. You can still fake smol azn lips even with fillers just gotta pile on more foundation.

No. 383526


Honestly I wouldn't even judge her for them. I want fillers too and everyone has them like just do it fuck the backlash you already rant about it 24/7 but stop with that face

No. 383527


Any time you think she has gotten fatter you be certain that she has.

No. 383528

It is hard to see if she gets bigger or loses weight because of the lipo, shape ware and now photoshop. You can only rely on candids that her friends didn't take.

Also only ugly girls do the duck lips or goofy face thing in pictures. It's so they have the excuse of "haha, well I'm only ugly because I was making a silly face"

No. 383529

i know its mostly the contrast but vamp looks cute. also shout out to mama momo for looking great

No. 383530


Are any anons at the con to snap candids? How has her mom reacted to people jacking off to pics to her daughter?

No. 383533

she looks nice, a really good 17 actually.
I'd love for her to do bishie-boys. Seriously she needs to start doing mature/cool characters for cosplay, it suits her.

sage for very ot

No. 383535

File: 1494635506495.jpeg (130.78 KB, 633x907, image.jpeg)

I wonder how she feels when her friends end up doing the same character better than her.

No. 383536


And of course all of this is undone with "Be sure to donate to my Patreon to see me twerking as this character!"

No. 383537

Not sure what it is, but mooch actually looks really cute here. The minimal make up really works for her. And I think the hair style is flattering to her face.

No. 383538

What is it with Misato just like Mikasa where people can't be bothered to style their fucking bangs correctly

No. 383542

Anyone else find it weird that they're trying to one up each other? First it was Velma now it's Misato? (Excuse me if I'm missing some) It's weird, obvious and kind of sad.

No. 383543

File: 1494636779216.jpg (23.28 KB, 346x346, IMG_9735.JPG)

Imagine your mom helping you sell some photo prints of yourself with white candle wax dropping down your tits to fat neck beards knowing they're gonna jack off to them later

No. 383545

Most cosplay friend groups that focus on this as a hobby to improve on usually have an aspect of healthy competition.
But this is definitely them just trying to one up each other. We'll be seeing a lot more Misato cosplayers soon. Monkey see, monkey do.

No. 383546

anyone at lvl up that can sneak pictures? Curious if she is selling one of my pictures of her without permission

No. 383549

Looking so damn puffy and almost looking like her jowls are setting in. Mama Momo looks so much healthier.

No. 383552

I believe it was confirmed that Gabby was planning to do Velma first, but Moomoo did her rush job before Gabby. I'm sure Mariah did the same with Misato

No. 383561

That Velma wasn't Gabby. That was Sierra. They do kinda look alike so I can see the confusion

No. 383562

This is true except for it was Sierra, not Gabby

No. 383564

Gabby has never cosplayed as Velma. Also Gabby announced a Misato cosplay ages ago. She cosplayed as Asuka over a year ago she's actually a fan of the show with Steff. Don't see any competition here unless it's Mariah seeing herself as a threat.

No. 383565

Aside from the shit wig (which I don't blame her, she has never styled a wig before so whatever)

Its funny to me that Mariah HAS to do it first because she KNOWS that other people (her "friends" especially) will do it better. Because she does it first, she has that "advantage". It would look even worse if she copied them after they did it and it looked worse.
It just sucks that Mariah is so famous and her neckbeards are so brainwashed that they can't acknowledge that her cosplays aren't as good as those around her.

No. 383567

It's not that they can't see it's that they dont actually care about cosplay

No. 383572

File: 1494643529990.png (1.26 MB, 640x1136, IMG_6421.PNG)

No. 383574

File: 1494643551397.png (1.12 MB, 640x1136, IMG_6424.PNG)

No. 383575

File: 1494643571158.png (1.06 MB, 640x1136, IMG_6422.PNG)

No. 383576

File: 1494643599505.png (1.07 MB, 640x1136, IMG_6423.PNG)

She's Reyna be sexy again

No. 383577


No. 383578

File: 1494643627507.png (1.12 MB, 640x1136, IMG_6426.PNG)

No. 383579

File: 1494643668383.png (1.09 MB, 640x1136, IMG_6427.PNG)

Groping herself on Insta stories again.. tasteful

No. 383580

File: 1494643682672.png (1.13 MB, 640x1136, IMG_6428.PNG)

No. 383584

File: 1494645248864.jpg (623.74 KB, 752x549, 7tVKUqB.jpg)

Work out is working out!!!!

No. 383590


Holy fuck she looks enormous

No. 383592

File: 1494646218002.jpg (342.1 KB, 545x441, eilCPmO.jpg)

oh my god, Anon, you can't just say that, my dude. She has been working out alot didn't you see that?

No. 383594

holy fuck i legitimately thought this was PT for a second hahahaha

No. 383595

File: 1494646959818.png (296.34 KB, 512x445, skillsonfleek.png)

Can she actually put work into ONE fucking cosplay?

No. 383596

…Is that a super tight, super short dress she's going to wear to cosplay as Gohan? I'm going to kill myself. There's no way that's going to fit her.

No. 383597


She's gonna wear shapewear underneath it. Watch her faint from not being able to breathe, but really it's because of "working out too hard, my dudes"

No. 383598

File: 1494647525306.jpg (537.49 KB, 582x573, 9uFOHU3.jpg)

No. 383601

why is she suddenly in to dbz? am i missing something here? like i don't visit her threads but from what i know she doesn't fit them (physically of characteristically) wtf is going on?

something about the 17 is laughable and i have no idea why

No. 383609

She claims to be a huge dbz fan and got a tacky ass sayian emblem tattoo on her back that we never saw again since she first posted it but idk it might be because some LV cosplayers did 17&18 and they actually suit the characters a lot more and also she's probably heard x cosplayer is doing these characters from dbz and we all know moomoo wants to be the first

No. 383610

File: 1494648723153.png (200.32 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7916.PNG)

Whoop forgot to add pic

No. 383615

she looks better blonde, the dark hair ages her the fuck out

No. 383617


Roxy is actually super hot imo. Her stuff will always take a shit on Mariah. I saw Mariah today and goddamn does she look big. Not only big but from the back she looks super square in that jean skirt.

It was really funny walking by and not really seeing much going on at her booth aside from neckbeards.

No. 383618


I hate saying MooMoo looks cute but she kind does. It's the wig, mostly, but still

No. 383638


So how many people would you sayngidited her booth? Was it a lot or was she largely ignored as usual?

No. 383643

Different anon, but every time I passed her booth there was maybe one person. Her booth is just so bland too, so that probably attributed to it. She's a nobody and it shows.

No. 383647


Lol. I figured as much. If Moomoo was half as popular as she claimed she is, then she'd have lines of people waiting for autographs and conventions would be paying out the nose to get her to do signings and panels. Instead she has to buy her own booth and pretend like she was an invited guest.

No. 383649

File: 1494652897136.png (210.26 KB, 1080x768, 20170513_012000.png)

Can't wait to see this trainwreck tomorrow

No. 383650

Looks like it is some sort of short dress

No. 383651


I'm sure all of one person will give a shit Moomoo.

No. 383653

She sounds desperate

No. 383654


I'd say that every time I went by there was maybe one person there passing attention to her. There were people there at times but I'm pretty sure it's because one of the cosplayers behind the booth was super hot. Definitely works out and was showing off her body. I'm sure if it was moo moo by herself nobody would drop by at all.

No. 383655


Proof that she is a nobody. She can't sell any prints so she has to practically give them away. Why else would she choose some basic ass DBZ trivia to get them?

No. 383656


Yep. That's Moomoo alright. She looks like a worn out cow so she needs someone who actually looks good to snake attention away from. She is like every cringey fat girl who tries to interject herself into a conversation they clearly were never a part of for attention.

No. 383659

She is actually huge. Is she still wearing shapewear?

No. 383660

I know people always comment on how stupid her poses and facial expressions are but this combination is absurd in its simplicity. I don't know why but I'm craking up so much. I don't watch this anime so I tried to google if this was some signature character pose, but it doesn't seem so, just usual dumb Moomoo posing.
Also why doesn't she leave a neutral expression or smiles all the way instead of doing that…face inbetween both things? I guess she wants to smile without her nasolabial wrinkles looking too pronounced (they are in her more natural pics and they obviously make her look old), but that mouth gesture contributes to making her upper lip disappear.

No. 383663


DBZ has a new series, Dragon Ball Super, so it's kind of relevant again in the anime world. And like the other poster said, she wants to try to "be there first".

But 18 is supposed to be a drop dead gorgeous young lady and seeing Moomoo attempt to pull it off is just sad.

No. 383664


She is the complete antithesis of 18. She clearly is only doing this because she wants to be able to say she did it before someone else she clearly doesn't like.

No. 383665


The fat cow is nowhere as beautiful as Eighteen, nor will she ever be.

Saged cuz I'm pissed.

No. 383667

File: 1494656926479.gif (1.13 MB, 362x204, tenor.gif)

…is no one going to talk about how she still has the hair part on the wrong side on Android 18? Whether she paid someone to style a new wig for her or not it's still incorrect. I always think of that scene from Mean Girls every time Mariah puts something on the wrong side.

No. 383669

I saw the gif on the front page and came mostly to say how badly I wish I had her face

No. 383673

if you wanted it that badly you'd prostitute yourself for cash and then get plastic surgery to emulate it

No. 383677

Steff was planning to do Android 18 and of course Momo being the petty bitch she is wanted to beat her to it.

No. 383680

Wow Momo made a monkey tail!! What a cosplayer! Much Work so Wow!

No. 383681

at least miss piggy knows how to properly apply false eyelashes

No. 383686

At least miss piggy knows how to dress for her body and has more class than moomoo

No. 383687

she is so fucking wide.

No. 383690

Can try, no promises since usually people hate when you take pictures of… pictures.

No. 383692

Do you think android 18 is going to be her new samus?

No. 383694


Oh fuck no…I thought that shitty Wicke was her new samus. Ugh.

No. 383695

It's Samus, Wicke, Mei, and Camilla that she's made her shtick but she doesn't seem to be rewearing them as often, though if she just made good quality outfits she could rewear them and focus on making one really good costume at a time. She's trying so hard to have a variety of different costumes now at the expense of having really shitty quality because she doesn't take the time to make them right. She's even trying to save time by putting together simple costumes from clothes she can easily purchase like 18 or Lucoa and even then she's fucking it up by still half-assing everything else. There should be no excuse for why she can't take the time to actually make the single element she's going to work on an outfit good when she's bought everything else but you can see that there's no passion in it for her, and she's probably going to toss those characters in the bin after this con and their shoots just like Lala, Shampoo, and all the other one-and-done characters.

No. 383699

I'm just here to remind Moomoo about her "Moana" cosplay

No. 383705

I'm actually so confused why she chose to do this cosplay. Everything about this outfit is making her look huge, there's no way for her to show off her 'waist' and nothing about it is flattering beyond the hair tone. I know she makes awful choices but this is just…really bad. If she's going to continue to insist on being 'thicc goddess' she really needs to learn to dress to keep up the illusion. How does she think she's pulling this off.

No. 383707

File: 1494680058312.png (114.97 KB, 1440x360, 20170513_085321.png)

No. 383709

Oh god this ass kissing is horrible..

No. 383711


No. 383712


The only film she would be suited for is a low budget porn parody. And seriously, no amount of ass kissing is going to make her want to fuck you.

No. 383714

File: 1494682472202.png (1.28 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4686.PNG)

Of course she is going to drink and get high…

No. 383716

File: 1494682520547.png (783.6 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4685.PNG)

HAHAHAHAHAHA you are so funny..haha not

No. 383718

File: 1494682558143.jpg (155.23 KB, 675x1200, C_rUVB8U0AA1q5C.jpg)

What is this face. She looks like she wants to smack this girl for asking for a photo.

No. 383720

Straight outta tumblr

No. 383721

File: 1494682715374.jpg (152.58 KB, 900x1200, C_qMbDzUAAAH9Ji.jpg)

No. 383722

SO this is what her female fans look like…

No. 383723

Mama moomoo looks so happy and pretty. I bet she wouldn't smile like that if she knew what her daughter wrote about her on Twitter. :(

No. 383724

File: 1494683024933.jpg (206.83 KB, 900x1200, C_rXUWpUwAA59Ca.jpg)

No. 383726


Makes sense that they are all land whales like her. They are the only ones that would actually believe her "Being fat is okay" bullshit.

No. 383727

fuck that enraged me, she's not that hot put your dick down, you'll never get any, how can you claim she'd be good in a film ahhhhhhhhhhhhh they look nothing alike wew

No. 383728


She is going to completely destroy her body before she even hits 30. I say let the dumb bitch drink herself to death.

No. 383729

You can have fun WITHOUT drinking Momo just saying..

No. 383731

In cosplay you don't need to drink and get high to have fun..I think she forgot something…OH YEAH she doesn't understand cosplay and she dose it for the cash

No. 383735

File: 1494685568798.jpg (82.16 KB, 400x565, 20170513_101900.jpg)

10/10, A+ model status.

No. 383737

>deluding herself into thinking she actually works out


No. 383738

that dude on the right looks like michael macintyre

No. 383739

pretty sure thats a chick…

No. 383740


Seriously Moomoo, lay off the alcohol. Your skin will thank you

No. 383741

I adore Android 18. fuck this fat bitch for ruining her. She better not do a nasty ass photoset either. ugh!! Why can't anyone just ignore this pig and let her fade into obscurity?

No. 383743

File: 1494687348702.jpg (380.15 KB, 800x659, notphotoshopmydude.jpg)

No. 383744

this is great.

No. 383746


Unfortunately, you are the prime example of why she does cosplay. It's not because she genuinely likes the series or characters or even wanting to be part of the community. It's so she can piss off people like you who tell her that she "ruined your favorite character" all while her neckbeard army defends her from any critism because they are too busy jacking off to her to see what a cunt she is. It all one big "U mad bro?" to her and she practically gets off on people being mad at her.

No. 383747

I don't come to /pt/ much, but when I do, it's almost a guarantee that this bitch will be wider than before.

No. 383749

That wig is 100% inaccurate and it triggers me. wtf

No. 383752

Yeah, I understand what you mean, anon. Just sucks cosplay has become this gross popularity contest and softcore porn when it used to be a fun and friendly hobby before patreon bucks and nude cosplay shoots existed.

No. 383757

i can't stop looking at her now you mentioned it it's so true

No. 383758

ALSO it's kind of wierd that she is now like NOW super into dragon ball? Same with metroid,Fire Emblem,zelda (remember that HORRIBLE linkel cosplay?) why don't these "fans" of hers see that?? She has the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to fandoms and cosplay..HOW CAN YOU BE SO NAIVE??

No. 383761

File: 1494692162534.png (206.57 KB, 750x1197, IMG_9549.PNG)

Lifeless look, horrible posing. God she really had no clue what she's doing

No. 383763

File: 1494692512182.jpg (54.13 KB, 960x540, IMG_4687.JPG)

Still triggers THE Fuck out of me..!

No. 383764


Didn't someone call her out on her poses and then she said that she would look into getting a posing coach? I guess she was full of shit as usual.

No. 383765


They don't care. As long as she is taking off her clothes, they don't give a fuck about anything else. Once that stops they'll drop her and move on to the next cosplay whore.

No. 383766

File: 1494693693003.png (458.87 KB, 599x579, momo linkle.PNG)


i hopped on this trainwreck after linkle so i had to look it up. jesus christ

No. 383767

File: 1494693803207.jpg (380.76 KB, 3000x2000, linkle.jpg)


she didn't even try

No. 383768

File: 1494693929186.png (438.24 KB, 504x779, Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 9.43…)

its REALLY bad

No. 383769

This is sucking on a new level…like HOLY SHIT

No. 383770


. . .Holy shit this is bad

No. 383771

File: 1494694108355.jpg (33.6 KB, 500x330, IMG_4242.JPG)


No. 383772

File: 1494694143297.jpg (26.48 KB, 420x252, 46087166.jpg)

No. 383773


No. 383774

File: 1494694175171.gif (497.99 KB, 500x236, tumblr_olx92bafx61tkutd4o1_500…)

No. 383776

Where in this cosplay happened the "sewing" part? Let me guess none..

No. 383777

File: 1494694404169.png (138.14 KB, 454x600, 5190022-gohan.png)

holy fucking shit this is worse than what I put together as my first cosplays. And honestly she couldn't get a hairdo resembling Gohan? Really? Se had to do the sideswept bang + straight long hair again? And make his training suit into an ill-fitting cocktail dress? And use his child outfit too? And MAKE THE FUCKING TAIL when he had it cut off at this point? This bitch just.. doesn't give a shit. at all.

I would write off her as just an average slut but the way she has literally no respect for the source material or its fans is really fucking enraging, she slaps together the worst fucking out of character costumes ever and gets 2500 likes at minimum, that's fucking horse shit. I hope this bites you in the ass hard Mariah, you'd deserve it more than anyone

No. 383779

And I thought my first cosplays sucked ass…OH WAIT this Isn't her first!!!

No. 383780

not surprised she wrote this tweet >>383649 because there's no way in hell anyone could recognize what she's trying to cosplay as lmao

No. 383781

File: 1494694863471.png (706.99 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4689.PNG)

Again she is 21 FUCKING 21!!!

No. 383782

Is this her silk wig?

No. 383783

File: 1494694898926.png (558.28 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4690.PNG)


No. 383784

File: 1494694932698.jpeg (22.33 KB, 247x640, image.jpeg)

i know she's cosplaying as this shitty genderbent gohan but what…what the fuck? why?

No. 383785

File: 1494694936318.gif (456.32 KB, 200x150, pZb5y_s-200x150.gif)

No. 383786

File: 1494694959531.png (666.92 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4692.PNG)

WHAT IS THIS ?!?? Didn't you learn Anything FROM MISATO?!

No. 383788

Looks more like raditz wig and even in that case its horrible

No. 383794

Looks like it to me.

No. 383795

goddamn how is she okay with showing the mess that is her home online. i'd be so embarrassed

No. 383797

christ her face, she looks in her mid to late 30s

No. 383799

File: 1494696094156.jpg (25.29 KB, 480x270, triggered.jpg)

That room. All those clothes on the floor. I cant.

No. 383800

File: 1494696107006.jpg (381.95 KB, 1176x2113, IMG_7465.JPG)

But can we talk about how awful her android video is…

No. 383801

HEM YOUR FUCKING COSPLAYS YOU DUMB CUNT!!!!!! Sorry. It fucking triggers me that she thinks this is okay.

She looks like my aunt before she lost all of her weight. God, and she is only 21. She is gonna die at 30 if she doesn't get her shit together

No. 383804

File: 1494696669496.jpg (397.6 KB, 809x594, mlQ5AIo.jpg)

i actually feel the nausea rising

No. 383807

File: 1494696809318.jpg (22.8 KB, 225x225, IMG_4684.JPG)

Also that generic music that Face "i don't give a fuck" and that HORRIBEL make up there a tutorial EVERYWHERE

No. 383808

That tail does not look attached, looks like the handle of a umbrella wrapped around cheap fabric. I have no idea how she managed to fuck up the wig so badly. Reminds me of that woman who claims she looks like a final fantasy character.

No. 383810

File: 1494696943858.jpg (7.61 KB, 275x275, 1494386531778.jpg)

Making a fucking GI is not HARD. She made this shit out of spandex. And the gi patterns are everywhere. I don't understand you just need to use google holy SHIT

No. 383812

Is it me, but there seems to be some sort of design on her boobs?

No. 383813

it's here too..did she try to draw the collar??

No. 383815

you can see the NIKE on her sports bra through the dress

No. 383816

I think its her bra showing through

No. 383817


>literally made it in a day

No. 383823

File: 1494699481831.jpg (491.78 KB, 717x669, gP7RmNi.jpg)

Vamplette, you can still run

No. 383826

christ why did she use that fabric? it looks like she bought it from a halloween store. Even the dumb picture looks like it's made of thicker gi material

and the wig

where is her eye for quality jfc

Also the print question is now a trick question??
>vegeta saga clothes
>tail from raditz saga??

No. 383832

she honestly looks done

No. 383833

She looks unhappy and done in the candids of their android costumes as well. Run away, Vamp. You put too much time and effort into your work to let it get dragged down by moomoo.

No. 383835

I think Moomoo just leeches off of her. She works an actual job on top of this patreon business and Moomoo probably sits all day making a mess and complains. Can you imagine?

No. 383837

File: 1494701100674.gif (897.32 KB, 500x275, tumblr_mz57dsPR4T1rqs8gpo1_500…)

All these people in pretty nice looking cosplay and then there's MooMoo. I'm amazed they even want to be seen with her in that horrible trainwreck of a costume.

No. 383840

File: 1494701536875.jpg (115.27 KB, 276x556, runvamp.jpg)

No. 383842

her face is so shiny moo get some fucking powder or setting spray
also this shows even better how ridiculous her claims of no editing on the blatantly edited picture are bitch is Boxy

No. 383845

She has gotten so fat that the only bras that can barely fit her are sports bras

No. 383846

File: 1494702730820.png (926 KB, 744x938, 1.png)

It's the same bra as in this photo. You can see through the fabric because it's cheap.

No. 383847

I kinda want to meet her and fake friend her but I don't know if I could stomach it tbh.

No. 383850

i mean if the /r9k/ anon WAS vamp then she 100% seemed over the fact that moomoo does nothing

No. 383852

why would someone posta photo like that? wow, disgusting.

No. 383854

She looks worlds better with minimal makeup and non–terrible hair. Why the fuck did she chop all of it and why does it look like an actual hay broom?

No. 383857


It's because she desperately wants to look like her "mom" Nigri

No. 383867

Jessica is going to drop her Real soon she acting more and more horrible..

No. 383876

So I can't really, but she's mostly had guys come by today. She's left the booth a few times and usually just looks at her phone. Super engaging.

No. 383878


I figured as much

No. 383880

What is this /r9k/ post anons keep mentioning?

No. 383883

File: 1494707890310.png (250.56 KB, 974x1516, VampIsFucked.png)

this one

No. 383884

No. 383916

No. 383919

You almost did it Momo you made almost to 17 threads hope you are proud!

No. 383920

They mean Dragon Ball Evolution, right?

No. 383926

Of course!the cheapest way possible!

No. 383931

i thought gohan temporarily grew his tail back in the vegeta saga tho
sage for dbz sperg and being late

No. 383934


Gohan only has his tail during the Saiyan saga. It doesn't come back after that.

No. 383935

File: 1494715133856.png (1.08 MB, 1060x1144, momo2015.png)

She has aged very very poorly over the past few years.

No. 383936

File: 1494715436212.jpg (68.03 KB, 640x480, gohan tail.jpg)

Great Ape Gohan defeats Vegeta.

No. 383941

ew, she's such a nasty ho.

No. 383945

She looks like a Hartley Hooligan here.

No. 383950

She asked a question in the dbz panel room to the voice actors and of course it had to be a sexual one. "Is Vegeta and bulmas relationship purely sexual" or some bs. What's hilarious is the voice actors called her a hoe in passing. It was like hoehan or something to that effect. I wish I wrote about it then because the crowd went "ooooooooooo"

No. 383953

File: 1494719127195.jpg (751.73 KB, 1366x1454, Screenshot_20170513-163700.jpg)

She got this signed from one of them….. it's too late for that champ

No. 383955

File: 1494719260313.png (196.29 KB, 540x301, 7c479d61-bd00-4382-a314-5ff07b…)

So she claims that she won't lewd the loli then does a "sexy fem" cosplay of a little boy?

No. 383957

I'm really self concious about having no muscle tone on my belly as a skinny person.
But then I see this, and I'm glad I'm just going from skinny to fit rather than fat to fit.

No. 383958

That tail is so ratty and disgusting

No. 383960

What is going on with her legs here? Are they edited weird or something??

No. 383962

as disgusting as her wig. God…

No. 383965

File: 1494720869474.jpg (51.31 KB, 609x307, AbBhwX4.jpg)

No. 383971

I guess he called her "go-ho". I would be so embarrassed if I was sitting with her.

No. 383972

>"Is Vegeta and bulmas relationship purely sexual" or some bs

jfc this is how you know she's a fake fan. anyone with half a brain who follows the series knows that this isn't the case and wouldn't ask something that is so heavy handed, especially now with dbs that their relationship is more than just sexual

sage for db sperging but god it pisses me off that she would ask something so fucking dumb

No. 383974

File: 1494723009766.png (382.35 KB, 476x594, Screenshot 2017-05-13 at 5.49.…)

~kawaii leg warmers~

No. 383975

I just…I don't even know what else to say. This is horrible. Like the kind of horrible that you can sort of almost feel physically.

No. 383977


Her wig and tail really add to the ratty vibe. It's pretty bad when people are like "best cosplayer ever" and she just looks so… mediocre

No. 383978


This dumb bitch….must be destroyed.

No. 383979

God the fucking toms she's wearing… she really couldn't make gohans brown shoes?? I'm surprised she didn't wear those rank moccasins, like the shoes on DBZ are iconic, like theres commissioners who specify on making dbz shoes
Lmao at her having to keep holding out her tail so people can see she made it

No. 383981

Shocked you even saw her at the booth. She's been gone over half the time. At least the cost layer next to her sits at her booth pretty attentively.

No. 383982

I hope someone made a video of it. Oh my GOOOD.

No. 383983

This was instagram. And, yeah, it seems like either she's wandering around and/or forcing her mom and Vamps to sell her merch since Vamps was selling her merch anyways..I noticed the second day no one is taking a whole lot of pictures with her. Also look at that pathetic booth, she was hamming it up with those banners, huh?

No. 383985

File: 1494725202391.jpg (12.98 KB, 286x450, 685465423.jpg)

she's crossing them to try and appear thinner.

No. 383991

File: 1494728159410.png (192.54 KB, 750x1162, IMG_2426.PNG)

So looks so fat.

No. 383993

>> daily reminder that these are her fans

No. 383994


Good lord she looks fuckin huge. Taking selfies at the gym doesn't count as working out Moomoo.

No. 383998


geez she's almost as big as she was in her "before" pic from when she was a teenager

No. 384000

The claws on her hand trigger me

No. 384003

File: 1494731461397.png (1.06 MB, 2472x2218, lol.png)

No. 384006

Holy shit, she's gone from parting her wigs to the wrong side to wrapping her skirt to the wrong side. In all the pics she posts she makes sure to mirror the images so that they look like her reference pics. See >>384003, left is pic she posts and right is pic from con that isn't flipped. This girl is a joke, she should really stop doing asymmetric designs if she can't even tell left from right or how mirrors work.

No. 384009

File: 1494733040316.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2250.PNG)

If you can't keep your black clothes clean then don't wear black clothes

No. 384012

File: 1494733298552.jpg (4.72 MB, 4048x3036, IMG_20170513_190213.jpg)

She arrived late to the con and left early lmfao. Also, this is her booth. So sad. At least vamp has a banner hanging. Although it's pretty bad also.

No. 384013


At least Vamp did the arched eyebrows, while Momo…

No. 384015

WErent they supposed to be selling t shirts?

No. 384016

Guess she was to busy pounding down the brews my dudes

No. 384017

my dude she was too popular she had to leave

No. 384019

This is actually 99.99999 percent of all cosplayers. No one pays for cosplayers to attend cons anymore when most companies get their booth help from modeling services like PUSH models. All those ugly bitches pay for their booths it's not because they are actually talented at anything except sucking dick

No. 384022


Lol that looks so pathetic

No. 384023

At the 6:37 mark, it goes by fast. Looks like Vamp manned her side of the booth and MooMoo wasn't even there on hers. She got Sinastri and her mom, it looks like, to occupy it.
Their booths was smack dab in the middle of the center.

No. 384027

holding her tail because it's the only thing that could remotely give away who she's supposed to be
just like with the camilla shoot how they had to keep on their small armour just so it wasn't generic asian dude fucking a fat woman in a purple wig

No. 384029

At the 7 minute mark you can see her sitting at the booth on her laptop even though she has one person looking at her prints, totally ignoring them. While Vamp seems to be friendly with her guests and showing off shirts.

No. 384030

I can verify 100% that she was only at the booth today about 40 to 50% of the time. There were some groups of guys that gathered here or there, but usually random people sat at her table when it was unattended. Vamp seemed to deal with it for the most part, her table seemed fairly steady.

When she was at the booth, she was at her laptop or phone unless someone asked for a picture. That's the only time I saw her up.

I should know, I'm a vendor right by that section.

No. 384031

File: 1494737443443.jpg (60.85 KB, 616x508, WILDSNORLAX.jpg)

No. 384032

Another note, when she was away she left a piece of paper that said back in 20 minutes. Today was fairly busy for us, so it's totally possible I missed a big rush, but every time I glanced over that way I never saw too many people. Biggest group was five to six people.

No. 384033

File: 1494737652716.jpg (182.19 KB, 1366x768, HAMMYARMS.jpg)

No. 384034


And this bitch is talking about opening a clothing line like a legitimate business. Holy fuck is that going to blow up in her face if she can't even run a booth for a few days.

No. 384036

File: 1494738001724.jpg (237.8 KB, 1200x900, C_v6Yk5VoAAYabE.jpg)

No. 384038



Moomoo is probably twice her weight kek

No. 384039


Lol at her again holding out that shitty rat tail because otherwise no one would have a fucking clue as to who she is supposed to be.

No. 384042

That's a microphone

No. 384044

Wow totally legit. Looks just like the picture.
What a hambeast, honestly.
I know she was skinnier in this pic but why does it look kinda shoopd?
As well as this one too. Her nose and jawline specifically

No. 384045


No. 384048

Is that her "Velma" wig?
That nest has seen better days.

No. 384051


It's from her Silk cosplay

No. 384052

File: 1494742345956.png (237.02 KB, 309x464, poop.png)

First axel brought us the poopbrooch, now Mariah has brought us the pooptail. Amazing.

No. 384054

File: 1494742660701.png (288.89 KB, 490x526, justsaiyan.png)

i feel like this picture honestly helps put things into perspective. momo can say that she "whipped this one up in a night!" but we know most of her cosplays take what two days max anyway? so all that, the guy's terrible wig, and their faces aside let's look at this.

one of these people spent a little bit of time working hard on their costume, it's got legit shoes, they tried. the other person makes a full time job out of this.

No. 384055

worse case scenario, the guy bought everything but i'm sure it was still less than $200 and is at least accurate

No. 384056


Lol holy fuck she has no kneecaps

No. 384058

What the hell does she do to her wigs to get them this nasty?!

No. 384059

…How do you fuck up such a simple costume? This is the worst thing i've seen in awhile. It's lazy from head to hoof.

No. 384061

She shooped her other fat pic, but is still huge in person. Oh man, she has no shame.

No. 384063

File: 1494745691258.png (1.42 MB, 640x1136, IMG_6568.PNG)

No. 384064

File: 1494745730434.png (1.19 MB, 640x1136, IMG_6567.PNG)

No. 384065

File: 1494745774584.png (1.39 MB, 640x1136, IMG_6566.PNG)

No. 384066

File: 1494745813708.png (1.25 MB, 640x1136, IMG_6565.PNG)

No. 384068

Her tits look like sagging meat flaps. Wear a bra moo. It's not flattering when they sag to your gut.

No. 384069

Christ she looks like an aged hooker

No. 384070

Those are not good tits.

No. 384071

File: 1494746240823.jpg (21.7 KB, 540x233, SmxnkBAC.jpg)

mfw I know where she got that dress because my work used to sell it and a lot of girls like her try to squeeze into it

No. 384077

File: 1494748623873.gif (8.69 KB, 400x300, IMG_5215.GIF)


All I see

No. 384079

Top kek anon

No. 384080

File: 1494752289100.png (789.76 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6607.PNG)

No. 384081

File: 1494752716245.jpg (19.49 KB, 240x240, IMG_4396.JPG)

"Professional cosplayer" my dudes …well done Momo

No. 384082

File: 1494752776129.jpg (31.81 KB, 500x284, IMG_0337.JPG)

She looks like a person of Walmart.

No. 384083


is this a still from a video? because i can't figure out why else she would post something like this

No. 384085

Tbh after the recent Shampoo, Misako, new Camilla, and the Dragonball cosplays (and I'd maybe add Wicke to this list), it's starting to feel like her first Camilla and Samus were good in comparison, and that says a lot. I thought professional cosplayers were supposed to do things the average cosplayer could not, like elaborate armors and weapons and wigs styled to the character's style, but the more funding she gets the lazier she becomes.

No. 384087

samefag but forgot the Maid Dragon ones, they were also terrible. She's actually done a lot of cosplays recently but none of them decent. Quantity over quality huh

No. 384089

why does the fabric look like it's tucking into her crotch?

No. 384092

I can't figure it out at all. Seriously when you fuck something up so bad other people don't know how you managed to do it, that's honestly something.

No. 384093

Those shots other people took of her proved she didn't lose any weight and she's still as fat as ever. It baffles me to see someone throw away thousands of dollars on lipo like that

No. 384102

why would you have a banner of you when you were significantly thinner right behind you everyone who comes up will have the before and after right in front of them and wonder why on earth they should give you money when it's obviously just going to pay for your gut

No. 384105

File: 1494768143272.jpeg (84.14 KB, 800x479, image.jpeg)

No. 384110

Gabrielle Cooke is just a more famous Moomoo.

No. 384114

holy shit lmao

No. 384117


God she is so fucking trashy. We get it Moomoo, you have tits!

No. 384118


Signs of the future, she'll be walking the pavement once her short cosplay career is over.

No. 384126

You mean less? They aren't the same at all but if you think so go make a thread about her this is moomoos thread not flabby Gabbys.

No. 384127

Yes, less, my bad. I was just replying to the anon who posted Gabby's pictures, though.

No. 384135

Does she WANT her tits to flop out when she's rolling around drunk? No bra and such a loose, low-cut dress… there's being an attention whore and then there's planning to flash everyone at the party.

No. 384136


And then she gets pissy when guys feel her up

No. 384139

is she wearing a fucking bookbag at a club? lol

No. 384141

File: 1494785820047.png (905.48 KB, 720x1033, 20170514_141558.png)

Sure, show her all those "nice" tweets you made about her. Then see what happens you cow.

No. 384144


Someone definitely needs to tweet those cunty tweets she made at her mom.

No. 384151

No matter how nasty the tweets were her mom doesn't deserve to be sent that vitriol.

No. 384152


I guess I worded it wrong. I meant tweet them at Moomoo

No. 384153

What the fuck, she looks like a dirty coke addict. Who puts shit like this online? Has she literally no self-awareness?

LMAO I was thinking the exact same thing, her tits are really nasty especially without a bra

No. 384161

Why does her mom look so much better than her? You can tell she's already going to look older than her mom in a few years, and that's pretty sad.

No. 384162

Her mom is so pretty. It sucks she has such a lying whore of a daughter.

No. 384165


Not even her mom is safe from Moomoo talking shit about her behind her back.

No. 384166

File: 1494790413084.jpg (286.38 KB, 405x532, e7QBbgy.jpg)

Who wore it better?

No. 384167

Moomoo's mom is a legit 9/10. Moomoo had the genetics to be an absolute qt, but then she SOILED IT with all that booze and drugs.

Seriously moomoo, I know you're reading this. Go clean for at least 3 months, and drop soda too. You're blasting at least 3k calories a day, tamper it down to 2000 calories max. You want more nerds fapping to you (aka more $$$$$)? Drop the weight. Your business is your body, whether you want to admit or not. You have the potential to be a pretty woman, which means beyond easy mode brand marketing. THICC is a fucking meme niche.

No. 384169

File: 1494790820689.png (150.89 KB, 750x908, IMG_6002.PNG)

What the fuck

No. 384170

Dude, why do you care? Let her continue her trashy diet and become a bigger trainwreck. I see Charms in her future, with plastic tits and lip injections. She's a shitty person and it shows on the outside.

No. 384172

Christ, she looks like she got fucking jumped before taking this.

No. 384173

wtf is that? Babadook? Her eyes look more dead than that cardboard face..

No. 384174

File: 1494791152325.jpg (320.67 KB, 405x557, b9v6gE5.jpg)

my dude those arms looking so developed

No. 384175

File: 1494791276552.jpg (554.84 KB, 891x626, SmfFtEk.jpg)

from the other night

No. 384177

File: 1494791593116.jpg (642.15 KB, 1001x633, z3il70h.jpg)

Not sure if repost but

No. 384178

File: 1494791819985.jpg (281.12 KB, 584x607, 23DBaOY.jpg)

No. 384179

Shocking, her mother doesn't look like a turtle… So it's papa Moo the turtle looking one?
That woman is very cute anyway. Exotic in the good way.
She looks like your typical sweet mom who always forgives her kids no matter what they do and how much they make her suffer, I feel bad knowing about those horrible tweets

No. 384181

Why did momo decide to wear some made up outfit for shampoo instead of something canon? Also isnt the Ranma a litteral camwhore yet her costume and wig looks well done and accurate.

No. 384183

holy shit you can actually see her fupa hang out here

No. 384184


Lol holy fuck that gut

No. 384191


Those hambeast arms. You aren't fooling anyone with your "working out" and "hiking every morning" bullshit Moomoo.

No. 384192

I managed to grab this pic of her mid photoshoot. You can see how big her thighs are

No. 384194

File: 1494794983795.jpg (2.21 MB, 2340x4160, IMG_20170514_133600377.jpg)

dropped pic

No. 384197

no wonder it doesn't fucking fit her, it's vamp's dress in the first place. imagine making 15k a month and not even being able to buy yourself a nice dress without mooching off of your less successful friend's basic bitch wardrobe.

No. 384198

Nah, she was doomed from the start. You forget how of her genetics are from her father, which probably shows in the psychotic tendencies and crazy bad aging. Her sister takes after her mom more. She's much, much prettier and actually cares about her body.

No. 384199

This is some Sasquatch spotted in the wild shit

No. 384200

>She looks like your typical sweet mom who always forgives her kids no matter what they do and how much they make her suffer

That's how I feel her mom probably is, with how MooMoo talks about her. She was probably endlessly loving, but her father never gave her any attention, so Moo started idolizing her father's love and being ungrateful of her mom. Until she can use her, that is, since her father has probably disowned her for her whoring ways and her mom has her back even though she's surely treated her like shit over the years.

The worst part is, I'm sure if her dad decided he forgave her, she would immediately ditch her mom and start treating her like shit again. That's just the type of person she is. She's a piece of shit to even her own family, she doesn't deserve anything.

No. 384201

She looks like a fat dude who drinks too much beer over the weekend, holy shit.

No. 384204

File: 1494797047947.png (375.92 KB, 2392x1400, lol.png)

No. 384205

>it's just angles my dudes

No. 384206

>working out my dudes

No. 384207

She didn't even show up to her booth til 2 hours after it started.

No. 384208

Those fucking filthy shoes AGAIN

No. 384209

>healthy diet my dudes

No. 384210

>is at the gym 4 days a week and a hike every week

Man it sure fucking shows

No. 384211

That Ranma is so fucking cute and Moomoo looks like a plastic bag next to her.

No. 384212

i have a theory: those are the most comfortable shoes she has right know for hot days. Moreover being this fat sure damages your feet so it's probably the only good pair of shoes she can wear.

No. 384213

Stop fucking samefagging

No. 384214

those 2 hams…

No. 384215

Moomoo has no kneecaps anymore. Like, damn.

No. 384216

a good theory, however she isnt poor so should at least get some nice looking comfy shoes. She has no real excuse

No. 384217

yeah, that's what annoys me the mos. she's just so lazy.

No. 384224

Hi Swimsuit Succubus

No. 384227

File: 1494800191897.jpg (91.37 KB, 800x1200, C_0M9AjVYAAO3KC.jpg)

"KA-NA-MA-ME-HA!!!!!!!" tweeted an hour ago.
She doesn't even look female in this

No. 384229

all those filters and the wig still looks like shit.
Congrats moomoo.

No. 384230

File: 1494800964212.jpg (56.81 KB, 576x1024, C_zMugEUQAAVmxS.jpg)

Also tweeted this 6 hours ago

sage your autism please

No. 384233

>gets no attention at con
>prints don't sell
>trying super hard to get more attention

No. 384237

Wow…the gene pool was not kind to moo. She certainly doesn't take after her mom.

No. 384239

/v/ is talking about here again…


No. 384240

No. 384245

Not found

No. 384246

No. 384248

File: 1494805302536.gif (560.54 KB, 500x213, alien-chestburster.gif)

No. 384249

her mom is beautiful. that being said i find it strange that her own daughter can't come up with anything more to say about her on Mother's Day other than "she's cute" and "she created me." how unbelievably self-centered.

fucking lol

No. 384250

File: 1494805552647.png (1.01 MB, 1200x733, 1476339405032.png)

No. 384254

File: 1494807616434.png (136.47 KB, 750x923, IMG_9758.PNG)

>I know he asked for the autograph, but can't help but think this decent armor has now been tainted
Why would you want someone so mediocre to sign your stuff? She's also in no way shape or form relevant to dbz aside from just dressing up as some characters. It's like having someone sign something just because they're also a fan.
>dude was screeching something about her being the "queen of instagram."
>at least he's branded now so another Momo neck beard cuck can be avoided like the plague

No. 384257

File: 1494808725500.png (301.66 KB, 415x430, turtleface.png)

She looks like a fat FaZeRug in drag

No. 384258

File: 1494808909656.png (401.59 KB, 414x513, professional cosplayer y'all.p…)

No. 384259

I mean first of all, moo is more famous but gabby is just doing better (guesting and judging at cons)
But gabby is actually nice and genuine. She actually enjoys what she cosplays unlike moo. And she isn't full of drama nor does she go around getting wasted. Nice try tho anon

No. 384262

Oh boy drama-chan returns. Got any new theories on how ss and momo secretly hate each other? How about some new screenshots of completely benign tweets claiming to be shade?

What is annoying is that everyone in the Ranma group clearly tried. They all had decently made canon outfits and momo shows up with a rat-nest wig and some cheap ass tube of fabric thats unravelling. She barely even posted photos of her with the group. No effort yet is the most popular one.

This cosplay actually doesnt look terrinle because she decided to buy everything. The pale lips fuck it up though. I dont get why she insists on that style of makeup.

No. 384267

I mean, she's had drama in the past with Momo and then sold out to her, but I wouldn't consider her to be like Momo at all

No. 384271

All her drama was Momo related so it was more Momo's drama than hers. The only thing they have in common is selling out for patreon. But even then Gabby is pretty tasteful about it and fulfills her rewards unlike moo

No. 384273

File: 1494813509377.jpg (469.39 KB, 851x597, uF8VLeF.jpg)

No. 384275


no offense but did you take this with a potato??

No. 384280


Why do I feel like she forced everyone to post their photos with her on Instagram to desperately prove how "popular" she is to us.

No. 384281

File: 1494816037855.png (128.78 KB, 640x828, IMG_6183.PNG)

This article came up on my feed today and it made me have a good giggle because all I could think about was moomoo

No. 384286

File: 1494816744475.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1646, 20170514_194738.png)

Does she really think no one notices this.

No. 384287

Wait, is he holding the 4x6 print she was talking about giving away for free in >>383804 ? I find it so hilarious that she's using a pic from like 50 lbs ago lel

No. 384288

No. 384295

not to mention the wavy-ass line dividing the wall and ceiling

No. 384297

File: 1494820205664.png (269.26 KB, 1190x744, mariah.png)

i got a tablet and i don't have much experience using digital tools, but i thought i would practice using it by drawing some of my favourite mariah pictures from the past couple weeks

No. 384299


Jesus those faces are fucking haunting.

No. 384300

When she was asking the dbz guys questions she kept name dropping someone she was having dinner with like it was supposed to matter to them. Then they later said they were going to hit said guy up. Was anyone there who remembers the name or wtf that was all about?

Also seeing her around the con looking pathetic was great. No one gave a fuck about her.

No. 384302

File: 1494820422806.png (1.87 MB, 900x1200, average momokun fan.png)

No. 384303

She was legit barely at the booth. It mostly looked like a mess of drinks as two guys say there most of today.

No. 384304


>red shoes

come on mariah

No. 384306

this is an amazing idea for her though she just needs to always take pictures with people bigger than her so she looks good in proportion

No. 384307

File: 1494820812319.png (15.13 KB, 496x141, hmm.png)

Cue upcoming rant about not doing porn, it's "fetish modelling"

No. 384314

Pretty positive moomoo spends her money at clubs for VIP booths and the works. Those can cost up to thousands. Could explain her being frugal, gotta save up for partying and pigging out and buying nonsense.

No. 384315

I love you anon.

Oh man, she looks absolutely horrible. Kanna was such an awful choice for her.

No. 384318

File: 1494822512672.jpg (32.3 KB, 400x400, $_1 (7).JPG)

C'mon mariah, if you were going to buy the cosplay at least buy the complementary shoes you lazy bitch.

No. 384320

File: 1494822708251.png (405.86 KB, 288x679, red shoe throwback.png)


Gotta save that money

No. 384321

File: 1494822747720.jpg (48.84 KB, 623x418, LjPKpHk.jpg)


No. 384322

File: 1494823319674.jpeg (25.57 KB, 640x426, CF76BC59-3CEC-486F-85B8-351E62…)

her original intention was to lewd up kanna, so maybe she think that justifies her excuse for not bothering with the shoes. She is so old and too frog like to do kanna, pic related someone who does it better than she does. Momo should consider cosplaying as that white hair chick from the Incredibles

No. 384323

File: 1494823636078.jpg (95.29 KB, 640x640, IMG_4808.JPG)

Wtf, she didn't even try with the wig. Does she have a skewed up view on how big the cosplay community truly is? I feel as though her constant need to be the next Nigiri is blinding her from how delusional and how terrible her cosplays are.

No. 384324


Her facial features and those horns make moomoo look like a literal cow.

No. 384325

File: 1494823765720.png (800.03 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7350.PNG)

She's doing a live video right now

No. 384326

File: 1494823789532.png (777.14 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7351.PNG)

No. 384327

Does she make silly faces to hide the fact that she is really actually just undortunate looking?

No. 384328

File: 1494823999328.png (472.92 KB, 427x517, d56498l.png)


Ew she's wearing her hat she never cleans

No. 384329

File: 1494824063584.jpeg (144.01 KB, 957x1300, B0D807A7-F475-4B65-B576-768D63…)

She do look like a cow

No. 384331

No. 384333

Her face looks so fucking muddy here…has moomoo not learned to apply foundation/self tan in her 21 years on the planet?

No. 384334

It's so fucking linty…like how?

No. 384336

>>384297 I want this framed on my wall

No. 384337


This is perfect.

No. 384338

Looks like we found the image for thread #17

No. 384340

Cows are cute though. Moomoo is not.

No. 384343


oh i'm flattered anon!

No. 384344

File: 1494825330335.jpg (290.66 KB, 600x450, snapper2.jpg)


More like a cow crossed with a snapping turtle.

No. 384347

File: 1494825974285.jpg (112.74 KB, 600x450, IMG_4815.JPG)

I got you anon. I know what the people want.

No. 384349

File: 1494827490775.png (519.68 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4694.PNG)

Turtle goodness

No. 384354

I saw her wandering around the con earlier today and heard her complaining about being exhausted from "smiling too much". I guess that's what booze and partying all night does to you so she can barely muster the energy to fake being friendly with all five of her fans.

No. 384357

Not to defend her, but my face hurts from smiling too much if my friends make me laugh really hard all day/night. It's a mark of a good time, really. This is reaching.

No. 384360

Except it's not really reaching when she said it's from posing for photos at her table. She did not look like she was having a "good time".

No. 384361

File: 1494832660821.png (745.47 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4695.PNG)

"I don't care about my haters" MEME " i know the wig is messy so shut up! It was hard"

No. 384362

She is such a delusional, entitled, narcissistic brat. She truly believes everyone should kiss up to her, compliment her terrible cosplay, and her awful body. She truly believes she is somehow exempted from criticism. She truly is insane, especially from reading the previous thread with the screenshots about her lying about being athletic and doing Olympic level sports. She's not right in the head. She is mental as fuck.

No. 384363

Now it makes sense with this context. I just assumed she was having fun doing the bare minimum as she always does and getting attention up the ass for doing so.

No. 384372

File: 1494838574941.jpg (66.49 KB, 1170x653, dd63d86372c280dc30715b3a8254c1…)

You don't have to look like a horrible daughter for ignoring your mom on mothers day if you make your mother work for you at con.

No. 384378

Question: why do you come to this page? I actually mean this out of cirousoity, not attacking.

This girl got in between the guy I was seeing and I, talked a lot of shit to him and friends of mine, and now that she thinks she befriending them, I keep hearing about all the shit she does. Until she apologizes for that, I'm going to keep coming here and enjoying this because it's hella satisfying.

No. 384379

Im here because I'm mad what cosplay becomes because of people like her..

No. 384385

I'm just a petty bitch on a different continent who likes watching delusional cows bumble around. Not into cosplay myself but many of my friends are, so there's some second-hand annoyance from that angle as well.
I get the feeling that Moo has more personal acquaintances posting in her thread than any cow I've ever seen, though. Usually it's a bunch of internet onlookers but these threads seem to be full of people who actually know her. She's a rare cow to be both social enough to have so many acquaintances and transparently shitty enough to have so many of them dislike her.

No. 384386

I just think she's a hypocritical bitch. Her shitty personality and lazy craftsmanship is what mainly draws me to her threads. Unlike a lot of posters here (from my perspective) I don't actually care that she sluts up in cosplay. I don't have a problem with cosplay porn but her constantly shitting on sex workers and denying she's doing the same thing is tiring.

She's also extremely milky. Every time she does something I think she can't possibly top how awful she but every thread I'm proved wrong, it's like christmas every two weeks.

If she wasn't such a terrible person and this thread was just about a fat girl in bad sexy cosplay I probably wouldn't hang around as much.

No. 384395


No. 384396

At first just because I missed Pixyteri drama, but then she was apparently shitty to some of my friends in the Overwatch fandom and her cosplays and body are motivation for me to never slack off and half ass like that.

No. 384406

Holy fuck this is SO SO GOOD, NEXT THREAD PIC!

No. 384407

Why won't she cosplay one of the turtles from TNMT how would fit?

No. 384408


No. 384412

I hate to defend her but I used to have the same cheap ass mirror and those things are warped/wavy as fuck. It's like a fun house mirror, depending on where I stood would completely change how my body looked. I think the extreme angle she has it tilted at is what's doing most of the work for her here.

No. 384415

Read other posts. It's not the mirror. We aren't dumb. Look at the blinds and the wall behind her in the mirror, it's so fucking warped.

No. 384422

She looks like a woman in her 30s who's into ABDL.

I love how her concept of "adult Kanna" is simply Kanna's usual clothes but with lacy knee highs and red heels

No. 384423


No. 384424


her face proportions change constantly. sometimes i'm jealous of how big her eyes are in comparison to a fairly small face, then pics like this remind me that it's all angles and fakery.

No. 384425

not sure if troll

No. 384427

I'm scared of the pic on the far right.

No. 384428

I'm sorry but I could tell from those backwards words she's singing blvd of broken dreams lmao

No. 384429


The source is scarier but it was a bit too blurry and grainy to use as a good reference. I couldn't leave it out tho

No. 384430


I'm here because I was bored browsing the web at work, and stumbled upon this thread. Now I visit whenever it's dead during work and the hours roll by as fast as moo's weight gain.

No. 384433

I live in Vegas. Not that the cosplay community was amazing before she got into it, but there's definitely been a marked decline since she hit the scene. She has been awful and offensive to me and a ton of my friends.She brings absolutely no positivity to Vegas events. It pisses me off that some of my friends hang out with her, although luckily the majority of my friends want nothing to do with her. I don't mind the Patreon and the lewd photos in principle: sex sells, and cosplayers that sell it make no impact on my fun. What I do mind is that such a dishonest, two-faced, awful person is seeing such success and doing nothing to earn it. I know in the end her Patreon money will run out and she will never be able to find a decent job due to stupidly using her real name. I just wish that time would hurry up and get here.

No. 384436

I know some of the other people mentioned in this thread personally, even if we're not close enough for me to ask them Moomoo milk questions, so it feels more "local" as far as drama goes.

No. 384438

I'm also just a petty bitch who's here to watch her inevitable downward spiral. It also pisses me off she makes so much doing nothing and that people just kiss her ass or just encourages by not saying anything

No. 384439

I smelled her bullshit from the very first post she made to the AX page on facebook. A lot of people called her out on there too but one of the admins was friends with her so she never got in trouble. I've been following the moomookunt chronicles from the very beginning. Bitch can only walk on so many eggshells before they cave from her massive weight. I want to be here to see it too.

No. 384440

Yea, but Mariah sells sex, plus a lot of people support her despite her transparently poor personality. You said yourself "sex sells". I guess i'm one of few anons that isn't so surprised by her "success" (well i'm a bit surprised by how big the gap is between her and other cosplayers in her lane. You could just call her lucky, but i'll call her talented, though not at cosplay).

>she will never be able to find a decent job due to stupidly using her real name.

Yea that is dumb, but she could be planning to change her name (unless i'm giving her too much credit that she actually thought this through).

No. 384441

Just here to watch her inevitably implode on herself.

No. 384451

Also from another continet and I'm happy that we got less people like momo here.
She is also a motivation for me to never do this shit.
Also it's fun to her bullshit. Probably the only thread I really check anymore.

No. 384474

Just here because I find this whole thing fascinating. Don't care about cosplay, live in the American South, but love watching this dumb fat girl flail about. She's terrible at what she does, she's gaining about five pounds a month, she's wrecked her lipo, she dresses like a fool, and she's gonna keep posing with fat ugly Asian dudes until the only place she can post her lewds is Big Cuties.

She gets too much money for what she does but us old fags have seen this shit before and she is gonna crash and burn financially, socially and physically and she's gonna do it in a way that destroys her future. No job will take her, all friendly bridges will be burned and the damage to her body is gonna make it look like Picasso painted her.

In short, she's a terrible person and it's fun to watch terrible things happen to terrible people and she is standing on the corner of Barely Tolerated Blvd and Social Pariah Avenue and someone or something is gonna push her off the curb (or she'll fall off on her own because she'll be drunk and ranting about how positive she is). I wanna be here when that happens.

No. 384483


Poor woman is probably happy Mariah is being nice to her on mother's day, even if it is to help her sell nudes to gross fat men.

This gave me the feels, I'm sure a lot of people would kill to have a mom as kind hearted as moomoo's mom.

No. 384490

I really like watching her shitty antics. She's an awful personabd cosplayer and I can think of a million other cosplayers that deserve that patreon money.
Also I like watching shitty people get torn out of their internet hugbox by these threads. Literally every cow on this site deserves a thread here because of their own actions, so it's hilarious when they come here and are shocked/have people trying to defend them. It's amazing that anyone thinks Momo is worth defending at all when she has the most threads out of anyone on this site.

No. 384495

She seems incredibly oblivious, though.

No. 384499


She doesn't strike me as the kind of parent who uses social media regularly. I remember growing up with Facebook and Twitter and having to block my parents so they wouldn't see anything too edgy on my timeline. Of course I wasn't a total cunt to them like Moomoo is to her mom, but there are some things you don't want your parents to see or read unless you want a litany of questions.

I'm sure Moomoo's mom was completely oblivious to her having a Twitter or Facebook.

No. 384501

File: 1494879232036.jpg (19.34 KB, 221x216, 1483875145152.jpg)

>carrying pixel pantsu on your badge

No. 384505

I explore cow. She's local, I'm local. Got a bit more curious and just wonder how "this" is considered a cosplay star if you will. People can bitch about Yaya all you want, but at least she's made a business for herself and knows construction doing rather elaborate costumes. The reason I stick around has to do with Momo's lack of craftsmanship or general health.

Call me old school, but for me a cosplay worthy guest (or star or idol) is someone who does something remarkable that requires talent (skits? craftsmanship? good business management?) and takes care of themselves since they are their business. Momo is just another product of, "Oh, I can flash my bits and dress up in nerdy costumes if I barely pay attention to nerds… AND I make money?!" There's no talent, it's like chasing a temporary star. Eventually there's a downward spiral and that's why I check in.

No. 384507

Yeah, there was a dealer selling those and pixel I <3 and a picture of an animu girls ass (I think there was a variation that was eat and not <3). I cringe when people walk into public stores with ears and tails and collars, but where are you gonna wear that necklace?

No. 384519

Not gonna lie, I'm kind of disappointed she didn't follow through with that Kanna lewd set. It would have for sure blown up in her face and sent her ass spiraling downwards big time. I feel like it was partly due to the fact that a lot of people spoke up on here and she came and lurked and thought better of it. It basically saved her from losing fans…oh well. Maybe next time.

No. 384522

I just like observing drama, and since PT isn't releasing much milk these days, I needed another coscow to observe. Momo has some pretty good milk.

It's going to be glorious to see this one burn out. Pretty much like >>384438 >>384441

Oh lord, you would have loved PT in the glory days watching the dumb fat girl flail around. I sort of wish PT would have been a Patreon slut.

No. 384523

Mariah's body language is so uncomfortable it must be quite a reality check to see these gross af dudes in person. Being faced with the fact they have literally no interest in you other than the jo material you provide and having to stand next to their hulking gross bodies is such a sad existence lmaooo

No. 384528


Ohhh it is so fucking hilarious seeing her come face to face with her fans and seeing that they they aren't the Asian fuckboi supermodels that's she wishes they were, but instead the prototypical basement dwelling neckbeards that stink of Doritos and Hot Pockets. In all these pics you can see her trying to create as much distance as she can without appearing to push them away. She looks so fucking uncomfortable around them and it is totally hilarious because these are the type of people her behavior and actions attract.

This is your life Moomoo and you have no one else to blame but yourself.

No. 384530

I'm on the same petty bitch boat, but generally she is just one of the worst people I've come across in the community. She tries to come off as holier than thou with her cosplay positivity panels, when they are nothing but recycled garbage that's too broad and subjective so that no one can challenge her opinion, as opposed to conducting a panel on being able to share a skill or professional tips on how to present yourself as a professional cosplayer. She doesn't make deadlines, she mocks people behind their backs, and she hides behind the, "I'm thicc and proud" facade to make people think that she's anything worth admiring. She's the epitome of what's wrong with the community, which could very well accept plus-sized cosplayers who actually are capable of doing good work, or sex workers and models who put effort into their branding and quality of their products, and cosplayers who are deserving to have their work recognized and supported by their followers, who actually receive their backings.

She's abused a lot of what the community has to offer. I also blame her fans, but continuing to stir the pot by refusing to show that she has respect for herself and appropriately present herself on social media is largely why this is her fault. Cosplayers who follow this pattern like her refuse to accept that they have any responsibility for adding to the toxicity of the community. She has more resources than many other cosplayers to challenge this and set a better example.

It's been interesting to see the amount of people who loathe her grow in the span of a year.

Sage for rant

No. 384531

Ive heard of elbow cleavage but Bicep cleavage… Shame, had potential

No. 384534

My tinfoil hat theory is that while moomoo was on her laptop during the con she was reading/refreshing here to see what we were saying (since we know she cares) and she stumbled upon that r9k thread we suspected was vamp since it was reposted and perhaps it set her off. Hope not and that Vamp is okay, but it seems plausible Moomoo would see that and flip out.

No. 384537


What happened with Vamp?

No. 384539

No. 384543


So I'm guessing her and Moomoo had a fight?

No. 384544


Whatever it is, I actually do hope she's ok. I feel bad for her. She is talented, she has a passion, she's artistic, and is stuck in this friendship with Mariah that's toxic if she says, toxic if she leaves.

Good luck Collette. LA people are rooting for you to make it out.

No. 384548

I kinda feel bad for Vamp, knowing that she tries but sees her nasty friend who doesn't put in any work succeed over her. Vamp just needs to learn how to do her makeup better tbh, like watch some drag queen videos cause they know what's up.

I honestly can't wait to see Moo's fall from grace. She's looking like hot garbage these days.

No. 384551


She really doesn't have any excuses. She knows how toxic and shitty Moomoo is. If she has any thoughts about her future and her aspirations, then she needs to leave Moomoo and don't look back. She is the type of person who will drag you down if you ever try to uplift and better your situation, being a passive-aggressive bitch who will try to make you the bad guy the whole time. I don't give a shit how "fun" she is sometimes and how "she isn't always like that". She is a toxic person who only makes everyone around her worse. If you want any hope of bettering yourself, then you need to cut negative people out of you life.

No. 384552

File: 1494891087243.jpg (23.85 KB, 465x302, WhosWhoMadamMim2.jpg)

>>384297 this finally helped me place who her looks remind me of

No. 384557

Uh no we're not. Vamp can take her quasimoto twerking ass back to Vegas and cry about it. I'm actually irritated she thought anyone would want pictures of her. She's worse than moomoo

No. 384559

don't you ever disgrace the magnificent, marvelous, mad, mad, mad, mad madam mim ty

No. 384560

If that /r9k/ post was vamp then it seemed like she does want out, but since she's living with Moo and has that weird clothing line in the works, she's too tied up to just to up and leave

No. 384561


As far as I can tell, the clothing line is still in the development phase. They haven't sold anything yet so Vamp can still leave before it's too late and find another partner since it is clear that she is the creative force behind it. That is unless she and Moomoo have actually have already signed all the legal documents. But barring that, she can just up and leave.

No. 384565


I feel like Moomoo isn't smart enough to sign legal documents about the business, although it'd be possible for Vamp to suggest it and Moomoo to just go along with it

No. 384574

my dog passed away recently and coming here helps distract me from that because there are some hilarious posts.

No. 384575


Didn't that r9k post mention that she was afraid MooMoo (if not a troll or someone else) would 'sic people on Vamp? I feel like Mariah isn't that well liked to have that kind of ability

No. 384576

Well just look at anyone that tries to criticize her. Their twitter mentions fill with Momo's gross followers almost instantly. I'msure she's talking about that

No. 384578


Exactly. Anytime someone says something she doesn't like about her she subtweets them and let's her followers feast on them. She doesn't specifically say "Hey everyone, attack this person", because that would make her look petty and bitchy (Which she already is but her fans just ignore it). But by doing that, she is effectively telling her fans to go after the person.

No. 384582

I met her at AX before she was popular. She had like 300 likes on her page. I defended her from being called fat and I tried being her friend because we had a lot in common. She blew up on the internet and suddenly thought I was a leach trying to get her fame (which I didn't even realize she had any at the time)
I still tried to be her friend and my friend told me all the things she had said about her to other people. And I got mad about her treating my friend like shit and never giving me the chance. So I found these threads. I originally came to defend my friend who kept being brought up in them, but then I got more interested in how shitty moomoo is. My friend who gets mentioned in these threads don't know I lurk or comment here. Its become a guilty pleasure. Partially here to make sure people don't bring up my friend/defend her but also I've just gotten addicted to this drama. Its like watching a dumb tv drama and I get a new episode everyday

No. 384583

File: 1494898417366.jpg (525.19 KB, 931x590, aos7q7N.jpg)

No. 384585

Also I come here because she's a cheap trick who takes advantage of people. I love seeing her cry over things SHE did but it's always someone else's fault in her eyes.

No. 384591

What the hell is she doing with her hands?

No. 384597


Probably reaching for food

No. 384598

File: 1494901563187.png (151.03 KB, 334x334, a0568d534bcd244c558de9e7c2fa5.…)


No. 384599

File: 1494903799680.png (491.1 KB, 600x600, gotosleep.png)

No. 384602

last year but damn look how much she bloated up 5:29 mark

No. 384603

Vamplette is in the predicament of having to stick around in hopes that she'll manage to survive and get recognized through Moomoo, but suffers blow after blow by being pushed aside.

Moomoo's pretty confirmed here to have lurked, so I can't imagine her staying silent and lacking the tact to mention to Vamplette how she's mentioned here as second-rate, forgettable, and a moocher.

No. 384606

Momo's dumbass question at 2:21

No. 384607

Her shape wear is working overtime.

No. 384608

late reply but where can i cop it? looks shitty on moomoo but i like the material and color

No. 384609

Holy fuck
Calling her Gohoe and then fucking shutting her down every time she speaks
That's priceless

No. 384611


Lol that was hilarious seeing her just completely shut down like that. You can tell that she kept trying to jump in with some dumb comment or antecdot and they just weren't having it. It was made better with the whole room laughing as well.

See Moomoo? This is what it's like when everyone isn't kissing your ass.

No. 384612

File: 1494907172843.png (7.08 KB, 456x101, kek.png)

No. 384613

Oh my god, I watched this thinking that people would be exaggerating, but oh my god they completely interrupt her and steal the show back. It's so perfect. I love their answers and their rebounding from some of her dumbest questions.

"Gohoe" is absolutely priceless.

No. 384614

File: 1494907448601.png (371.12 KB, 617x529, goho.png)

No. 384616

You can hear that she's clearly annoyed with them, "Can I ask my question now?" And they they are clearly taken aback by that too, cause they are like "….we were just joking around."

Glad you are a disrespectful shit to everyone.

No. 384617

You know on the outside she's going to cackle and rave about how it's their little inside joke because they're soooooo close, but inside it fucking eats at her because she knows they don't respect her and as a narcissist she doesn't understand why. I think that's where her drinking and drug problems stem from; it all started out as having fun and partying but it's her escape knowing 16 threads and growing are of people who don't like her and think that she's perfect. Probably also eats at her knowing that people who know her personally of some capacity come on here to shit on her.

No. 384619

Haha wow I missed that gem! amazing.

No. 384620


Look no further than that Facebook page that roasted her with the "fanart" someone here drew of her. She tried to be all "haha good one guys", like she was in on the joke, but she was actually seething and forced someone else to draw a more flattering picture of her. She can try and act like she was having a laugh but she definitely got her ego bruised at that panel.

No. 384623

Who is this Justin she keeps name dropping? The way she literally said she had dinner with him before asking her question makes it seem like someone famous she wanted to show off she knows?

No. 384624

this guy, my dude

No. 384626


It seemed like they knew who she was talking about. Maybe there is a Justin that works at Funimation?

No. 384627

>>"She works hard"
>>Momo shakes her head in disagreement

So I guess she's aware that she doesn't even try.

No. 384630

File: 1494911763231.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4696.PNG)


No. 384631

did you doubt it was going to happen tho

No. 384633

I'm stupid. Who is this character ?

No. 384634

No. 384635

I hope it happens because I'm working on the same costume and we go to a lot of the same cons.

No. 384636

Is she going to buy it or make it?

No. 384639

Same here. I'm gonna be at the same con she's at in two weeks. Wonder what shitshow she'll put on for this one.

No. 384641

First she copied Gabby by doing Lucoa and now copying another friend working on Elma? Lmao

No. 384642

Justin rojas. He does social media for funimation so funi voice actors would probably know him

No. 384643

She's thinspo for me and a motivator to actually try and do my best at making cosplays.

No. 384644

I think the reason Momo sells so well is that she's willing to do really slutty and trashy shoots and because she's not very attractive, guys think she's approachable. I doubt it's going to last longer than a few years though, her shtick is going to be old when her "fans" realize she's not going to get nude or do hardcore, ever. She peaked too early, that's a bad sign.

No. 384649


They are all pretty much waiting for her to get naked. And they will be sorely disappointed when they find out that she is never going to do that and they will just move on to someone else. And of course Moomoo stupidly believes that she can keep doing the same lazy poses and half assed cosplay and continue to make money off these people. Eventually they will want to see something new and at this point the only new thing she can do is get naked.

This whole clothing line thing with Vamp is going to totally fail, as Moomoo thinks her "fans" are going to want to buy merch from her. They already don't pay for her photos on Patreon and we just saw that she can't sell her prints for shit, so what makes her think people will want to buy clothing from her?

In the next couple of years this will all come crashing down on her and she will be lucky to get a job in retail if she hasn't resigned herself to amateur porn by that point.

No. 384652

>she's not very attractive, guys think she's approachable


No. 384655

Yeah Justin is the main social media manager at funi. They OBVIOUSLY know who he is and have worked with him many times, they shut her obnoxious name drop down HARD.

On that note, self centered cunt has no right to go full bitch and act like they werent giving her a chance to ask her question, maybe instead of namedropping justin you should have asked your question if its so important you NEED to get it out

No. 384656

So who's cosplaying this semen demon?

No. 384658

File: 1494921663400.gif (793.72 KB, 275x184, 1477979093044.gif)

No. 384661

File: 1494922529734.jpg (76.26 KB, 500x373, IMG_4075.JPG)

She kinda reminds of a famous YouTube star from Germany…oh and btw MEDDL LOIDE

No. 384663


WOW how obnoxious fuck

No. 384665

at least madam mim can shapeshift into a buxom lady. moomoo can't even achieve half of that with shapewear lol

No. 384666

she probably doesn't know anything about android 18 so she doesn't know what pose to make that's in character. but she tooootally watches dbz right, my dudes????

No. 384667

She probably knew, but assumed her daughter was just being a normal girl using social media to keep up with friends.


Literally all she has to do is cross her hands or put them on her hips. Especially with the version of 18 she's doing.

This shit is cringy at least watch a YouTube clip of her in action moomoo

No. 384668

just noticed it, I cant unsee it now. WTF

No. 384670

You'd be suprised how desperate someone can get and how their morals can change in order to maintain a life style they want.

I think there is a good chance she could go nude, just depends on how fast the money drops and how addictied she is to her lifestyle or what ever is making her look like shit

No. 384671

File: 1494927778735.png (Spoiler Image, 126.86 KB, 502x485, moomoodraw.png)

sage because all the drawanons make me want to draw again

No. 384673

Jesus christ anon, I love it

No. 384674

Nose is not potato enough, she looks more like Pixyteri.

No. 384680

so it's even older than her Velma wig, that's why it looks so bad. I'm wondering if she buys cheap eBay wigs too…I always have more of an issue with cheap wigs vs. quality ones in terms of hair tangling.

No. 384686

File: 1494940558172.png (792.58 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7704.PNG)

No. 384691


This is so fucking embarrassing

No. 384693

My God that name drop is so obvious and pointless it has 0 relevance to what she says about Goku and ChiChi and 0 relevance to the Vegeta and Bulma question.

I love that she asks "So you know Justin Rojas?" and the guys, in a somewhat sarcastic way maybe, answer "I've heard of him" and Mariah is just "Oh, you've heard of him?" Like bitch you know what you were doing, especially when she says they were at dinner. And I love that the VAs get a little protective over the possibility this Justin guy is getting his dick wet with Mariah, and she goes to say "Oh it was dinner with a bunch of people! Yeah he has his eye on another chick!" GURL PLS

No. 384696


It just serves to show how pathetic she is that she has to name drop to feel like she is super important and better than everyone. They clearly saw what she was trying to do and they immediately shut that shit down.

The funny thing is that those "connections" she claims to have mean absolutely dick. She acts like she is super best friends with everyone at Funimation and is always hanging out with them when really, just like with Nigri, she is just a leech that stalks them and tries to claim that hey are best friends.

No. 384697

File: 1494942992829.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9600.PNG)

This just in, moomoo couldn't keep her word and flashed some ass in her kanna shoot. The fat cow really can't go a day without showing off the little of ass that she has

No. 384699

If it's the same Justin Rojas from Funimation then I believe he is married. Which makes that kind of worse. Just so weird for her to even bring him up.

No. 384706


It's just another name for her to bring up to say "I'm practically best friends with this person so that makes me better than you". Just like with Nigri, she doesn't actually care about these people, just the illusion of status that they allow her to believe she has.

No. 384707

>she's not going to get nude or do hardcore
Ahem… anon…

No. 384710

Ayyy another german fag here

No. 384712

File: 1494944811895.png (328.38 KB, 767x708, IMG_0151.PNG)

eheheh, and here I thought she was going to disappoint and all my reposting would be in vain

No. 384716

Imagine the name drops she does not caught on camera. She probably name drops Nigri as much as possible and shows off pictures.

No. 384718

i bet you can cut through that foundation like a cake.

No. 384720

I was wondering why I was seeing screenshots from media accounts in German. Heeeeeey!

Momo is internationally hated.

No. 384722

File: 1494946460584.jpg (107.02 KB, 400x400, IMG_3543.JPG)

An meine deutschen cosplayer: Momo ist der Elektrojude!Auf dem Aldebaran Momo verbot!(Nutzer wurde auf den Strafplaneten verbannt)

No. 384723

File: 1494946796965.jpg (106.55 KB, 899x900, IMG_4290.JPG)

Is Momo Master in Roundhousekicks i doubt it….ALWAYS KAGGNAZIS AND HÄIDERS!

No. 384724

I'm from Switzerland…hope this still counts..as always meddl loide

No. 384725

That was honestly my favorite part. It's so pointless to name drop when you're in line asking a question at a PANEL. The panelists don't care. Unless you work with them or have actual connections, it's pointless to try to woo them and you're wasting their time. You can talk up and down about how great x is and you've had dinner with them but in the end you've brought nothing to the conversation and all they'll do is go 'wow cool.'

Now if it was a 1on1 conversation you can totally try to woo them but with those two? I highly doubt it since they've been in he spotlight for years so they've probably met a ton of people just like Momo before and know to keep them at bay.

No. 384727

No, that was gross. I mean, it's kind of funny because it happened to Moomoo, but it might as well have happened to some other female cosplayer.

No. 384730

Fuck that, if you act obnoxiously you should expect the same treatment back. She had it coming.

No. 384733


She was being an obnoxious cunt who thought she was the biggest name in the room. She deserved it.

No. 384735

she looks like a 50s greaser
emphasis on grease

No. 384736


Not leg beard anon and I actually love these threads but that's a bit hypocritical to say since you don't like moomoo, you could just as easily no look at her shit since everything she does frustrates you so much.
But I digress sage for no contribution and replying to an old post

No. 384755

tbh I also think so, I think we should make a poll or a bet.

No. 384757

Her attempt at doing a masenko is trash. >>384174

No. 384758

I kind of agree with you… I mean, those "respectable", adult voice actors called a girl "hoe" in front of a big crowd for lulz. It's funny because it happened to Moomoo, but eh, this specifical thing felt somehow off

No. 384760


A Dragonball melvin dweeb here. Your hands are supposed to overlap for the Masenko. But when has Moomoo ever been concerned about being accurate with her cosplay.

No. 384763

File: 1494956778908.png (703.96 KB, 601x601, AAAah.PNG)

oh my god

No. 384764

thank you
I had to re-draw the nose a few times, I'll potato it more next time. Tho I'd say PT has a much longer face than Moomoo, who is roundish and bloated.

No. 384769

You can use Franklin the turtle as inspiration next time

No. 384770

I swear I asked my friends if that was them because I never heard anyone else talking about her here
Glad to know that ther are more people who don't like her in Germany (or Swizterland kek)

No. 384773

Axel Stoll auf Lolcow. Cool.

No. 384774

I think she did do kanna lewds and probably won't upload them until the drama dies down or as a random attention grab.

No. 384775

If it was anyone else, I'd agree. But since its Mariah and I know she deserves to be publicly humiliated, I think its great.

No. 384778

This is what I think anon. I think there's no way she didn't end up not lewding

No. 384779

Wie Stoll sagen würde:"Es gibt keine Zufälle "

No. 384781

File: 1494960188259.jpg (659.8 KB, 1273x1248, IMG_9771.JPG)

Her nose is so horrible. She looks like Bert or Ernie.

No. 384784

File: 1494960796288.jpg (11.24 KB, 225x225, IMG_4697.JPG)

Momo and kalli would be PERFECT for each other…She takes drugs and kalli as well AND she is going to need a wheelchair real soon…

No. 384785


No. 384788


Yeah if Justin is married that whole conversation was extremely unprofessional and not the way to handle things. Hoo girl. Just an idiot aren't you?

Why even hint or insinuate that a married man was having dinner with you just to impress people who don't give a fuck about you…wow…

I was having second thoughts about the thread lately because there was a lot of weird sperging about things that were so insignificant but this is actually pretty huge. Imagine if that Justin guy actually had to explain that shit to his wife lol "she has his eyes on another lady…right now?" Oh you mean as if hes not going to stay married to the girl?

What a dumb slut.

No. 384792

Momo Wingler

No. 384793

Please stop derailing. Move the discussion to /int/.

I wonder why she keeps taking unflattering pics. Is it for "lolsorandum" points?

No. 384794


It wasn't gross just because it wouldn't have happened to any other female cosplayer. I keep deleting my Bardock Obama shit because no one here likes him but Christopher Sabbat does and they've talked about her and they don't like her haha. There's a screen cap of Bardock and Chris making plans for AX and Momo got pissed and butt in to the Twitter convo because they lied to her saying they weren't going and no one responded. Bardock was getting sick of her hoe ass shit hence the public fallout on twitter and he introduced her to Chris at a party once but she was a drunk mess.

She's just a giant, needy, drunken attention hogging mess. And Chris knows it he just won't say it publicly because it's no one's business.

No. 384795

Bardock is a broke faggot and his only claims to 'fame' are his elliot rogers-esque twitter crusaides against women and stolen memes. He resonates with betas and adult losers who are mad they werent cool in highschool.

No. 384796

It's never they fault

No. 384798

File: 1494962541392.png (117.24 KB, 720x536, Screenshot_2017-05-16-12-16-03…)


It doesn't really matter what Bardock Obama is to a lot of people on here though. I'm just saying he knows Chris and they've hung out a lot together and because of that very public rant and bash about Patreon sluts being prostitutes I'm sure Chris is very much aware of who and what Momo is. You've completely missed my point.

Meanwhile, Momo said this about her fans on twitter after some drunken rant about a comedian who entertains people because he's said and she said it hit close to home. Does she have regrets about her neckbeard following? Interesting.

No. 384799

I met her at the show actually. She was realistically really nice and even waved to me the next day even though I wasn't really paying attention. I know she was at her booth quite a bit and watched Momo's booth a bit as well. She seemed pretty attentive, just not super busy.

No. 384801


He's *sad. She said he's sad inside and his comedy is sad but funny and she understands it because she feels it blahblahblah lemme screencap the rant hold on

No. 384802

I have always thought Colette would be a decent person but she got swept up with the patreon and coshoe thing when Mariah took off. She's been cosplayig for so long and I'm sure the idea of making it her full time job was appealing, but it just wasn't going to happen with her trying so hard and being friends with Moo

No. 384804

File: 1494962753968.png (636.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-16-12-24-34…)

No. 384805

File: 1494962777854.png (697.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-16-12-24-57…)

No. 384806

File: 1494962796573.png (399.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-16-12-25-01…)

No. 384807

So Momo we Know you are going to see this… You know you can change but you are lazy and to egotistical to ever get out of you comfort zone…enjoy your fame while it lasts because reality is going to hit you HARD.Also safe some money and humble yourself and don't try crocodile tears! You know li koavs?you know why people like her cosplays?No? Well because she is actually a nerd! Not a gamer gurl that needs to flash her tits every 5 minutes! She also loves what she does and it shows unlike YOU shiting together a cosplay in the FUCKING hotel room!

No. 384809


She absolutely has regrets about her fans after meeting them this past weekend. She got a rude awakening that showed that most of her fans are sweaty, overweight basement dwelling virgins that stink of Doritos and Hot Pockets and the not the Asian fuckboi supermodels she hoped they would be. You practically saw her in every picture trying to create as much distance and as she possibly could without appearing obviously disgusted by them.

No. 384810

Justin has worked at Funimation for five to six years, if not more. He's in charge of their social media and his role has expanded the past two years. Yes, they fucking know him. She's legit just being dumb here.

No. 384811

Who is this girl in the middle? I saw her quite a few times during the show…

No. 384812


>or maybe I'm just really high right now

jesus girl get a grip

No. 384813

Why doesn't that swimsuit succubus girl have more patreons? I swear its like guys like stupid ass thiccc!!!! or extremely tall skellies for some reason

No. 384815


So the last two paragraphs seem like she's writing about herself, "your dad was right" "you've become everything you've hated"

Well, MooMoo everyone at Lolcow said that in the last thread. Your old tweets say so you used to make fun of overweight people and shit on girls who got naked for social media. Your new self was just so money hungry and fame hungry that you had to ignore your own moral compass just to get a taste of it.

I'm sageing because it's fake deep it's not that mind blowing it's just obvious what she struggles with.

No. 384816

That's not Justin Rojas.

No. 384817

She does have more patrons than momo. The only people with more patrons than suucubus are people like j-nig. She's the cuter arab between her and momo so clearly momos fans like fat. I'm sure
Momo is aware of that hence why she stopped trying to play up her arab heritage for fetish points. Not sure why your brought her up though.

No. 384818

Succubus is Arab? I thought she was a Latina mixture.
Regardless, she's been mentioned and posted of in these threads before & another anon said Mariah had more patrons than her unless that was only valid months ago.

No. 384822

File: 1494964891622.png (320.47 KB, 720x724, Screenshot_2017-05-16-12-59-01…)

Lmfao this doesn't look like an alternate "sexy maid" costume like she said she was going to do. This looks like child Kannas clothes. Okay, Momo.

No. 384823

Missing the bow on the headband. Couldn't even fucking adjust the balls on the hair so they're together. Jfc

No. 384824

What about this is adult? Her shitty hooker makeup? The fact that she's sitting in yet another hotel?

No. 384825

File: 1494965653123.jpg (25.3 KB, 346x450, IMG_1448.JPG)

The thought of her ruining her for lewd shoots and poo quality cosplay makes me shudder.

No. 384826


she is really reinforcing that it's an adult kanna so that when she lewds the dragon loli she can feel justified in doing it.

No. 384828

>writing out the entirety of a guys show and explaining basically every joke in the performance so her audience don't have to watch it
nice going moomoo i'm totally not bitter about you throwing bo under the bus so you can have Your Moment why not just say go watch it it really struck a chord with me?
also this is exactly like her little nightmares review shit you're not deep moomoo literally everyone who watched the show can see how bo's struggling under the weight of his audience's and his own expectations

No. 384829

It was never valid. At one point momo was making more on patreon because she charges $50 for disgusting photos while sucubus charges $20 but momo has never had more patrons. Even though you can hide the money you're making you can still see how many patrons. As for the arab thing i just assumed it because Loonie was calling her a terrorist and spy for ISIS or whatever. Anyway i still dont see why she is relevent to anything momo does aside from that one ranma cosplay at wondercon.

No. 384830


She keeps doing these long winded essays acting like she is so deep and revealing shit no one is thinking when really it's obvious to anyone who watched/played and she just comes off as a pretentious twat.

No. 384831

This may sound really stupid and kind of cringe-y, but I really dislike the costume and the art she used as a base. I don't really want to see a genderbent (at the oldest possible) 9 year old with boobs. Momo why?

No. 384832

>Taking anything what loonie says as a fact
For future reference, don't believe what loonie says because she disses every girl that looks better than her and who is more successful and relevant than she will ever be. She sometimes comes here to sperg over, but her messages are so predictable that you know instantly who is behind them and is better just to ignore her.

No. 384854

yeah her thread is finally maxed so i'm hoping it can just die with the shred of relevancy she may have left.

plus, like others have mentioned, arab is such a broad term for such a huge area.

No. 384869

that's nanabear, the same girl who had her face next to moomoo's butt during the Lucoa shoot. She also does Patreon I believe, her Instagram/Twitter is nanasushibear if I remember correctly.

No. 384871

Oh my god this is so fucking embarassing. This is badly written and trying so hard to be deep and philosophical when any dumbass could get that message by watching the show and seeing Bo with a literal sad clown make up on his face or his lyrics that spell it out for the public.

There's nothing deep omg. Reads like a fresh college kid essay trying to hard to impress her teachers.

No. 384880

don't flatter her
it's highschool tier at best.

No. 384881

File: 1494975095328.png (252.48 KB, 908x450, fishing for compliments.png)

No. 384882

File: 1494975378277.jpg (85.39 KB, 1024x683, cO7pa8sfcScPD_dq0u1mjy-zbwyn92…)

No. 384883


Lurking again Moomoo. We constantly talk about how there are better cosplayers than you and now you are trying to be like "See? I support others in the community! I'm not a toxic shitbag!"

No. 384884

still unable to find what makes this "adult" .. just cause u say it is doesn't make it so, my dude.
have fun in that hot water u'll soon find urself in

No. 384887


I'm sure she desperately asked around her cosplay friends circle for the ok and ran with the first yes she got. And considering most of those friends post here it would be hilarious if she went through with it because of someone here.

No. 384889

This looks like a turtle in lolita clothes.

No. 384891

Why do I feel like she will be at TeamFourStar's booth 24/4 at Anime Expo?

No. 384892


i'm here because i enjoy talking shit about bad cosplayers and entitled cunts.

No. 384894


It's not like they would even know who the fuck she is. She'd just come off as another cringey, autistic fan of theirs and they'd just move along. She can't hit on any of them or do her usual cock hungry slut routine since most of the cast is either married, gay or in a committed relationship.

Doesn't mean I wouldn't like to see her try and fail so goddamn hard. They see her name dropping and trying to make references and just be like "Yeah, okay". They are even more connected with Funimation than she is since they are actual voice actors and any attempts by her to be like "Do you know ___? I just had dinner with them" would just be laughed at.

No. 384895


wow, so that outfit actually zipped up?

No. 384897

That is a good point I am just worried that if she comes up to them dressed as Kid Gohan and tells them she does "basically sex" shoots. Please Mariah, do not do bourdoir or whatever you call it shoots while dressed as Kid Gohan.
I have seen her before at conventions and while some would say she tries hard, she just has no filter. The only "try hard" thing I have seen her do is try not to let it show she knows her makeup jobs are terrible as the heat starts to make her face look like it is melting.

No. 384904

ok but when has she brought attention to anyone other than herself and her group of (semi) well known cosplayers she's trying to leech off of
retweeting the followers who eat your ass brings them the amount of attention as those you pose with in your pictures. you're not talking about/showing off anyone without a precedent that they must pander to you to be worthy but please do keep on with your 'i'm a positive influence and totally not only interested in myself'

No. 384905

samefag but i forgot to elaborate on the rt followers/taking pictures with people
she only gives them airtime when it pertains to her and doesn't ever elaborate on them or tell people to check them out and her followers don't give a fuck about anyone else if mariah doesn't specifically say she'd like them to do something
while she's actually doing the people a favour by not giving them her shitty following it's still the most basic of signal boosting that may as well count for nothing lmao

No. 384911

File: 1494981107736.png (120.47 KB, 750x1253, IMG_2257.PNG)

This wig makes me so angry

No. 384912

Looks like she threw a mop on her head

No. 384913

Chris Sabat likes Bardock Obama? But why….?

No. 384914

It looks like she has a mop on her head. Ouch.

No. 384918

So where are these super talented cosplayers she wants to bring attention to?????

No. 384920

she posted them on her ig

No. 384921

Of course every one of those cosplayers have well over 1k followers. How about showcasing others who don't have the kind of following they do. Her comments on each of those IG posts also feel rushed and forced just so she can say she actually is supportive. How fake can you be?

No. 384923

File: 1494984158368.jpg (32.33 KB, 350x262, t9bXTo9.jpg)

idk if it's photoshop or lighting or just her unfortunate anatomy but her nose/mouth area looks like a terrible anime art snout

No. 384924

She looks so much like the grinch its terrifying

No. 384926

Momo is literally Bo's song #deep. Hilarious that she's trying to prove she's enlightened and has deep thoughts like "is Bo sad?" or "do Vegeta and Bulma love each other??"

No. 384928


She obviously got triggered by all the comments here about her being a cancer in the cosplay community who never supports other cosplayers. So now she thinks she'll "show us" by doing the exact thing we just accused her of not doing and acting like she had been doing it th whole time and that people are supposed to forget all the shit she said and did before.

No. 384929

read the bit where she says "talented people that really deserve it", clueless anon

No. 384930

Did anyone show Justin Rojas the momokun name dropping him?

No. 384931


Are they even really friends? Or is this another case of Moomoo being full of shit?

No. 384932

> laying on a bed with leg out hiking up skirt attempting bedroom eyes
> "I'm not sexualizing her!1!"

What ARE you doing then?

No. 384933

This seriously could have been a beautiful phone wallpaper if it wasn't for that wig. Yet again her lack of caring and her lack of attention not just to detail but MAJOR focal points fucks things up massively.

No. 384935

I'm just waiting for the day she pisses off someone really huge, that she comes blacklisted

No. 384936


I already know what's going to happen. She is going to attempt to kiss up to someone really important, get ignored, send her fans after them, their fans will outnumber hers and she'll just get swarmed by hate.

No. 384938

Instead of putting your email in the email field, put sage instead.

No. 384941

File: 1494988491919.jpg (13.72 KB, 640x356, FB_IMG_1494553955952.jpg)

No. 384943

File: 1494989137752.png (99.69 KB, 545x573, kawaiitrashbag.png)

Ya'll think Momo will like the fanart I'm making of her?

No. 384944

How the fuck can someone be getting that amount of patreon buxx and not think it's about time to set aside a bit if cash to tone down that Nigel thornberry growth of a nose???

No. 384945

I think we missed this.
A gif of her deepthroating a Lucoa cosplayer's horn

No. 384946


>only does lewd cosplays

>only followed by creeps

"uh uh guys i wasn't planning on doing creepy things with my cosplay. i just booked a shoot inside a shady motel. g-g-guys i was an adult veersion of her!! that was my plan all along i swear"

No. 384948

No. 384949

Why though?

No. 384950


Jesus Christ……

No. 384951


God she is such a fucking creep

No. 384953

Ugh, her and Nanabear need to fall into a canyon the next time either of them go hiking. What an embarrassing video.

No. 384957

fucking perfect anon

No. 384961

File: 1494991954460.png (472.24 KB, 414x595, 1492554440590.png)

No. 384962

She easily looks 10 years older than her actual age. I wonder if her and her mother get mistaken for sisters often?

No. 384964


you're right, I will

No. 384965


no, she gets mistaken as the mother, and momo's mom is mistaken as the daughter(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 384966

File: 1494992506268.png (916.8 KB, 1014x539, dat photoshop.png)

lmao I think she uploaded THE WRONG ONE. I just realised the one she uploaded on twitter is more edited then the one she uploaded on insta. The insta one is on the left (and shows her premature aging).

No. 384967

Who's the chick she groped?

No. 384968


No. 384969

Dat arm cellulite. Can't shop yourself on video moomoo you should stay away from people who are recording.

No. 384971

It looks like someone copy/pasted a 45 year old from Orange County's face after a few bad surgeries. And her thighs are fucking enormous. I don't get this bitch. How can you get mad at people not believing your weight loss progress when you post things like this? I bet she couldn't breathe at all with that belt on.

No. 384972


So when is the trashy "lewd pov groping" set coming?

No. 384973

Momo you are cosplaying a nine year old. Cut that out.

No. 384974

I'm amazed no one has made a joke about MoMo looking like some hooker the Turtle Hermit would call up to dress up as 18 to fulfill his perverse fantasies.

No. 384975

Just went to look myself and this is hilarious. She looks like she's in her late 30s in the unedited one

No. 384978

File: 1494994487847.jpg (168.7 KB, 1210x1204, IMG_7558.JPG)

I can't believe that face is 21 years old…the amount of editing is laughable. 30 beauty cam filters later…

No. 384980

File: 1494994964742.png (29.02 KB, 562x237, emokun.png)

No. 384981

Vamps hasn't been on social media lately. Maybe she told Moomoo to fuck off?

No. 384982

>Such a body positive role model

No. 384983


Yup. Looks like her and Vamp are having troubles. How long until Moomoo sics her rabid neckbeards on her and play the victim?

No. 384984


Moomoo's business plan was probably

>You make everything

>I pretend I did

No. 384985


I give it a day or two. Gotta fit in some more vague 2deep4u tweets

No. 384987

Thank you anon

No. 384989


This is why you don't announce shit until everything is rock solid locked in Moomoo. You didn't stop to think that maybe your business partner wouldn't be okay with you just sitting on your fat ass and reaping the benefits of all her hard work?

No. 384992


Yup. I forsee her doing some vague tweeting about how she "can't trust anyone" and feeling "betrayed".

No. 384996

Oh dear lord.
>The exact same outfit and hairdo the character wears as a child, thus no way to tell that the cosplay isn't supposed to be an 8-year old girl
>It's the adult version!!! I'm not gonna sexualize a child!!!
disgusting, moomoo. You hit a new low.

No. 385002

she looks way too good
needs more turtle face

No. 385005

File: 1495001730316.png (570.12 KB, 1080x1115, 20170517_020905.png)

Anyone else think she might use the jacket in the shoot so you can actually tell who she is supposed to be

No. 385024

I hope so
Maybe Vamp finally grew a back bone and realized how much of a fucking loser Momo is.

No. 385025

I think she is going to have psychosis REAL SOON

No. 385027

I feel so embarassed for any convention that has their name connected to her Twitter handle…

No. 385029

File: 1495008939001.jpg (54.95 KB, 400x300, 1434774010817.jpg)

jesus christ

No. 385031

File: 1495011105461.png (984.24 KB, 824x646, oh dear god.png)

No. 385032

Has she ever done a cosplay video like that ? Or is this another attempt to be just like J-nig?

No. 385033

She did the Wicke one sometime last year.

No. 385034

This is what I fucking see in the corner of my room at night when I have sleep paralysis

No. 385035

fuck i laughed and simultaneously got spooked.

No. 385036

And once again the lighting ages her 15 years. I feel like whoever is shooting her is lighting her out of spite at this point.

No. 385037

the left one what the fug

No. 385039

Wait, what? All this time I thought Momokun was a middle aged cosplayer, for real. Is just that when you see her in person she just looks 30 to 35. No kidding :( I thought she was empowering old people or something. Now that I think of it, is she seriously 21? What if she's lying about her age

No. 385040

Holy shit, at 44:47 when Momo tries to grope the girl recording, she immediately nopes and pushes her hand away
How fucking creepy of her, she bitches when men grope her at parties but tries doing the same to other girls?

No. 385041


Pretty sure she sharted this manky cosplay out for LVLup Expo just because she heard there would be DBZ related staff there. Shitz weak. The finishing and wig is just… beginner mode.

No. 385042

Someone please drag her for saying how she works hard and is human like everyone else, and how things said on the internet hurts and whatever other bullshit she spewed in her fucking instagram story tonight.

No. 385057

File: 1495022307209.jpg (212.54 KB, 1024x683, 17-05-17-06-55-32-549_deco.jpg)

I swear she's Spike from the land before time wtf fucking busted face for her age

No. 385058

Moomoo is so gross in this ugh

Ot but I wanna get a fish eye lense now cause that really makes a difference for vlogs!

No. 385059

She's such a fucking pig, my god…

No. 385060

File: 1495022925211.png (706.75 KB, 391x1031, long lost twins.png)


I see it.

No. 385061

File: 1495022928885.png (Spoiler Image, 229.44 KB, 1104x1765, IMG_3357.PNG)

I can't wait for the new video!!!

No. 385069


Exactly. Somehow it's okay if she does it, but if a guy does it at a party to her she will "lay their ass out". That girl immediately said nope to any of that. There was no joke to be in on. Moomoo was being such a fucking creep.

No. 385071

You're a gem for including the ratty moccasins, drawanon. Bless.

No. 385073

holy shit anon nice work
we're never gonna run out of thread pics with this constant stream of masterpieces, 1000/10

No. 385080

Kind of like her genderbent Kid Gohan?

No. 385084

So does MoMo have no reasoning skills or does she think the person she is complaining about currently won't say anything? Because the only thing I know about her is that she was super close to MoMo for a while. And that means she more than likely has more ammunition than anyone on Lolcow or any other outlet could have. Momo, just let the relationship end.

No. 385089

Left and right really confuse this dumbass huh

No. 385091

God….so fucking cringy…

No. 385092

File: 1495031108590.png (114.51 KB, 1241x793, IMG_0496.PNG)

No. 385093

Wow some pot is calling the kettle black, huh?

No. 385094

File: 1495031447772.png (251.9 KB, 1242x1452, IMG_2741.PNG)

Pretty sure this was a response to this.
Literally what does she expect when she panders to gross neckbeards.

No. 385095

File: 1495031898245.jpg (21.16 KB, 926x51, thatcheapspandexsuit.JPG)

>Fame doesn't mean shit to me

No. 385097

So what about all the times she bragged about being famous? She must have a massive short term memory.

No. 385099


So what about all the times you bragged about being famous and how "you have more attention and connections that we could ever hope to have"? If you don't care about being famous then why did you name drop Justin Rojas at that panel? You are full of shit as always Moomoo. Stop acting like you aren't the biggest fame whore in the cosplay community.

No. 385104

File: 1495033390359.jpeg (20.05 KB, 323x240, cc98f9f119c214b348cf966365b801…)

It still amazes me how much of a literal turtle she is.
Michelangelo from TMNT boudoir set when

Nose tip needs to be shorter, rounder and with nostrils exposed, but good job on the ~bedroom eyes~

No. 385106

No. 385107

So I'm guessing that all these passive aggressive tweets are either about vamp, Gabby, or that other big girl that was at her booth all of lvlup nanabear? I'm guessing the third TBH I think that girl only came to the con to cosplay with Mariah tbh. But vamplette and Gabby are being unusually quiet. Didn't see Gabby even near the booths during lvlup so it wouldn't surprise me if they "friend broke up" a second time like they did last year.

No. 385109

I mean to be fair, his comment is a bit gross. But her response, lying, is not the greatest. Probably would have been better to just ignore him instead of putting your foot in your mouth again, MoMo.

No. 385110

File: 1495034534803.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.39 MB, 2392x1812, image.jpeg)

Saged because crappy pencil doodles
I wanted to show off pretty CG but my computer shat the bed, sorry

No. 385111


I just puked all over my desk…my dude.

No. 385112

My job here is done

No. 385113


Lol. Fucking perfect

No. 385114


I guess after meeting her fans this weekend and seeing that they are all a bunch of sweaty, overweight neckbeards she is now going to shut down any talk that treats her like fuck meat.

But who are you kidding Moomoo. Those are literally the only guys who find you even remotely fuckable. So if you piss them off, you can say bye bye to your Patreon bucks.

No. 385115

I mean, just doing bourdoir sets constantly does not exactly help. It also does not really accomplish anything if it seems like an easy way to take off the crappy costume you made.

No. 385117


I know that. But this seems like her realizing the types of people she attracts and saying "Ok, all these guys are clearly gross losers and I can't give them the slightest impression that I am actually obtainable for them"

No. 385130

File: 1495037646629.jpg (113.6 KB, 1280x855, 2.jpg)

I honestly thought she was okay back when she was "thick Samus". Chubby, but not bad.

Goddamn this is what Patreon and having a horrible personality does to you.

No. 385132

This is exactly why Mariah has a decent fan base. She's not your conventionally attractive person, but not atrociously hideous. She's overweight, has poor hygiene, and acts like a ho. Neckbeards aren't intimidated by her because she's not some gorgeous woman who's leagues above them.

No. 385137

imagine if she'd toned up a bit and actually put time and effort into her cosplay

instead she ballooned and put together the shittiest last minute garbage

vamp has some nice work, she could've learned from her, i don't understand how this is her job and she sucks so bad

like what does she DO all day when she puts so little effort into her appearance, health, and her cosplay, which is all what she's paid a decent amount for?

No. 385138

she's always looked and acted like poor man's jnig. at the very least she wasn't so fat, but her personality was much the same, she just held her tongue more online since she didn't have shit to back it up. now that she's got all these horny neckbeards tossing money at her, it's like the flood gates opened.

No. 385143


She spends most of her time going out all night getting drunk, high pigging out on expensive food and sleeping in. All that bullshit about going to the gym and hiking every week isn't obviously true since we see how haunting she looks when she isn't shooped the hell out of.

No. 385146

looking at them now even though she looks better here she still looks way older than her 20s

No. 385152

her gloves in that Samus photo piss me off lol.

No. 385156

Could be steph since momo always has beef with her. Gabby was near momo's booth during lvlupexpo

No. 385160

you mean like Olivia Munn, looks like she got the fake tits out, nose job, deflated her lips and is on her way to fame and fortune.

No. 385163

I cackled

No. 385164

File: 1495044824297.jpg (350.42 KB, 387x591, whevcrP.jpg)

What the fuck. From instagram. Is she like…purposely acting infantile?

No. 385165

File: 1495045015188.jpg (442.75 KB, 765x601, NlbZQXc.jpg)

No. 385166

File: 1495045480034.jpg (376.16 KB, 498x657, SGLZwMK.jpg)

No. 385167

No. 385168

What a whore

No. 385169

The face only a mother could love

No. 385170


Who is she?

No. 385171


allso I found Nanasushibear's personal FB but unable to confirm her friends so I dunno if MooMoo has a personal fb

No. 385172

I don't mean to armchair diagnose, but that's a very typical characteristic of a Narcissist: "Only I have the amazing insight due to my amazing superior brain, I must point it out to the plebs so they can admire my genius."

Another typical Narcissist trait.

Fucking brilliant. I love the drawanons on here!

No. 385173


her boob veins are extra visible here

No. 385177

It seems like they decided to draw her right arm in this picture, for some reason it looks off.

No. 385178

The sad part is if she didn't balloon Samus could have actually worked with her party life crap. She could have done shoots at bars and actually been in character, Samus has been implied to be a bit of a party girl in her down time.

No. 385196


No. 385198

It's also really obvious how much she underestimates hiking as an activity. "lol I just partied for two days straight without sleeping and then went on an 8-hour hike my dudes look at me looking slightly tired lmao"
If that were true she'd be tweeting from the hospital, or not at all because she'd still be unconscious in a ditch somewhere. It's one of her most blatant lies ever and I can't believe nobody called her out on that.

Same with Misato. She could even have used her gross living space as a backdrop and it would have been appropriate for once but no, she went for the most generic scenes and poses possible.

No. 385200

>"If you touch me I will beat the fuck out of you hurrdurr cosplay is not consent"

No. 385202


. . . So much cringe

Does she even know this guy? Because I thought she was going to "lay out" anyone who touched her without her permission. So obvious she practically gets off on being treated like fuck meat and being degraded.


Exactly. She just says a bunch of shit that sounds like she works out a lot and her retard fans eat it up. But if she did half the stuff she claimed she does she would have died from exhaustion weeks ago.

No. 385205

Her fans are fat people who can't see their crotch or feet. They aren't going to know shit about hiking or dehydration.

No. 385206

Her arms are growing to the thickness of her thighs

No. 385209

I don't know why but I expected her butt to jiggle more

No. 385212

That's Dpiddy, a famous youtuber. He gets permission from cosplayers to have them in videos so everyone knew what would happen. Not to whiteknight momo but he definitely asked first.

No. 385213

OT but don't people get tired of his videos? He just does the same gimmick at different cons.

No. 385214

That is because she has no ass,anon. All the photoshop and waist trainers have played tricks on you

No. 385215

Kek. Took her a second to feel it because the slap had to make it through the fat first.

No. 385216

Not to derail but isn't he the reason for the massive influx of deadpool cosplayers and them being fucking annoying as hell and also for beta fags thinking it's okay to be creepy as hell towards cosplayers cause hurhur he does it so it's okay??? (Even though he asks for permission)

No. 385219

File: 1495058477739.png (Spoiler Image, 1.68 MB, 1349x707, nightmare.png)

i don't think im sleeping tonight

No. 385220

Of course he did, but it's still cringy.

No. 385221


"Meth. . . Not even once"

No. 385222

It's like the intro to a video of granny porn.

No. 385223

I can see the veins. Ech.

No. 385224

of coooourse not, anon, this is an adult version. did you forget?

No. 385225

File: 1495060206741.png (611.39 KB, 569x456, melting.png)

No. 385227

File: 1495060336297.png (Spoiler Image, 576.64 KB, 747x377, moomoo dreams of burgers.png)

What a waste of lipo

No. 385228

And isn't that Nanabear "looking" at Momo's prints? Seems 100% staged

No. 385229

No. 385230


Fucking haunting.

No. 385231

So much cringe. My friends love this guy and his videos were funny at first, but got so boring later.

No. 385233


It is. They set the scene up with D Piddy

No. 385235

Man those guys suck. Although I did get banned from a con for socking one in the face so… I guess I should feel bad?
And in the comics, unless it is an alternate universe, doesn't Deadpool make sure consent is given?
Despite all his random behaviour, I mean.

No. 385237

Go away Luna. No one likes you enough to even continue your own thread you're so predictable and boring

No. 385238

She doesn't look 30. She's just an ugly woman.

No. 385245

Wow what an awkward pose for someone so self conscious about their arms.
To make it worse, what a terrible bathing suit choice for someone so self conscious about their stomach they decided to get lipo.

No. 385247

Now that looks like a cheap xl sex doll deflating.

No. 385248


I don't believe for a second that she is working out or hiking. She is fatter than she has ever been before.

No. 385257

File: 1495065327954.png (Spoiler Image, 264 KB, 700x1152, mm.png)

quick draw of moomoo I'm loving all the drawfags in here

No. 385258

You really captured her stiff poses anon

No. 385259

File: 1495065721915.png (75.12 KB, 750x415, IMG_9631.PNG)

Is THIS suppose to be the "THICC" everyone claims her to be??? Cause if so, WHERE IS HER ASS?

No. 385280

Nah. This is fat. Not thicc.

No. 385281

God the back of her legs look fucking terrible… this is what I never understood about "successful" cosplayers… they gain so much but they don't bother to take care of themselves with hobby that's so image conscious

Lmao u even got her sodium eye bags gj drawanon

No. 385284


is that a tit vein? if so, nice attention to detail

No. 385285

The back of her knees are fat.

No. 385289

don't you know? fat is the new thicc

No. 385291

Bitch that's disgusting

No. 385301

why is her face a shade darker than her body. Go to Sephora and get the right shade…

No. 385302

it looks dirty…

No. 385304

File: 1495073514407.png (Spoiler Image, 1.55 MB, 720x1277, moomo.png)

No. 385310

jfc she looks like she's melting.

No. 385313

File: 1495073881016.jpg (92.43 KB, 1200x1500, FB_IMG_1495072213348.jpg)

Moomoo fanart

No. 385320

She should stick to the silly funny girl breaking character rather than the "sexy" thing she's been trying. She is just… not… her bedroom eyes look tired, her slightly parted lips are dry and turtley… the only moments I could bare of that fb video were the ones where she decided to be silly.
She should also try being nice… that's probably help her go a long way.,.

No. 385326

File: 1495074754417.jpg (87.09 KB, 474x473, 1491932301632.jpg)

No. 385328

Holy fuck, this is truly her worst to date. Like, shit, my dudes, she looks 40!

Ya know what, moomoo. I take it back. You are talented. Talented at looking like dried up 40 year old hooker.

No. 385330

File: 1495075112986.jpg (1.43 MB, 400x237, AcYS2pD.jpg)

No. 385331

mariah's bloodborne self insert

No. 385339

I like how Sean Schemmel responds to her question with a serious analysis of Toriyama (a guy who has been known among his friends in the industry for never thinking his stories out) and Mariah goes: Lol but lemme gossip tho.

No. 385340

Is it wrong of me to be more upset by her hideous nails than her face?
Her face is what it is because of her lifestyle. But those nails just really bug me.

No. 385341

No. 385342

She's actually starting to look like PT here

No. 385347

No they really really bother me too

No. 385348

Wow I am amazed she did not edit those tummy ripples out.

No. 385350

U got it mane

No. 385351

File: 1495077906937.png (235.39 KB, 400x243, mumu.png)

No. 385352


i love u

No. 385355

I've never seen the appeal behind those nails and she just has hands that make how ugly they are just more apparent. I think it's her fingers. I don't really know how to explain it. It's like when you have two people wear the exact same outfit and they are the same body type but one looks horrible and the other does not.
… Jesus does she wear them with all of her cosplays?

No. 385356


No. 385357

File: 1495079108279.png (152.3 KB, 400x243, mumu2.png)

Just for you, anon

No. 385358

I used to have fake nails, but never to the length hers are (mine were squared off, small). Hers make her look like she has talons at the end of weird meat claws. As someone who has big hands, I always knew long nails would look hiddy on me.

But it's all about self-awareness, something she really lacks.

No. 385361

File: 1495079982520.png (154.16 KB, 399x242, mumu3.png)

Was missing something

No. 385364

Does gabby have her own thread yet?
Someone just opened up a thread about Sierra. Figured Gabby would have one by now if this chick does


No. 385367

Holy shit, this is perfect anon. My sides.

No. 385368

anon ask yourself if they are relevant aside from the MooMoo thread.
Where is your proof of Gabby being cringeworthy. Nowhere.

No. 385369

Yeah but this place is full of weebs so they'll use "30 y/o" as an insult.

No. 385372

I don't know man, I'm about 30 and I think Mariah looks 30-35 easy. She has a lot of heavy lines in her face for being as young as she is and it really ages her. Probably from alcohol/drug abuse and general lack of self care.

Now I'm not saying that having a mature face is a bad thing, because just look at her mother, who is absolutely radiant, but clearly an older woman. Mariah not only looks older than she is, but she's unfortunate looking on top of it.

No. 385373

Seriously fuck off. Start a thread about Gabby then good luck finding any milk from someone who is not a cow.

No. 385374

I think that is the problem. Those kinds of nails are so gratuitous.

No. 385378

Unless you got proof, otherwise Gabby pretty much belongs in the momo thread

No. 385381

File: 1495082964854.png (91.65 KB, 487x387, lol.png)

So the Kanna thing is a set right? She keeps saying "I'm not gonna lewd her" but "lewd" to Moomoo is being naked with whipped cream on her tits so who knows. She might settle for a kawaii groping set

No. 385382


Lol she is so buttmad

No. 385383

File: 1495083549007.png (13.94 KB, 526x223, behindschedule.png)

You know even if her and Vamps actually go ahead with the clothing business, and even if their products are decent. It doesn't matter because I doubt half of their customers will even get what they ordered.

No. 385384


Exactly. She can't even ship out Patreon rewards. What makes people think she will actually deliver on merchandise?

No. 385385

You act like she's anything more than a price mark up middle man charging $25 for a $3 shirt

No. 385386

>Those arms
Fuck. She's going to get elephant skin soon in them.

And seconding the anons talking about how old she looks, I was seriously shocked when I learned she was only 21 because she legitimately could pass for a 35-year old. Especially now after a year of alcohol+drugs+sodium binging.

No. 385387

Chris, look at her thighs. At first glance she looks like a double amputee with elephantitis. There is not a single visual marker on her bent legs that would indicate where her knees are. She's at the point of no return. Once you've eaten your way out of having visible kneecaps your legs will never look good again. There is no amount of gym or skin lift or lipo that will help her now. If she loses weigh her knees will always have saggy skin.

No. 385388

File: 1495084390460.png (408.97 KB, 392x591, imagine this thing hulking tow…)

No. 385389

This… is not human.

No. 385390


What happened to all that time you spent at the gym and hiking Moomoo?

No. 385391

File: 1495084874587.png (Spoiler Image, 549.24 KB, 519x410, devolving.png)



No. 385392

File: 1495085052732.jpg (26.62 KB, 600x600, B0CyZ90CQAAaDXj.jpg)


is her skin yellowing by her fucking fat rolls

No. 385394


Eww it is. Go check out the video, it's in every shot, it's on her elbows too.

No. 385396

Wouldn't be surprised it was an effect from the lipo. It's like a clear line all around

No. 385397

File: 1495085902403.png (568.25 KB, 539x512, ew.png)


It could be bruises from when they threw those water balloons at her? Or shitty fake tan. Or liver failure.

No. 385398


Considering all the drinking she does,I'm betting it is the early stages of liver failure.

No. 385399

Maybe it's an awful application of concealer for her stretch marks?

No. 385400

File: 1495086366488.jpg (1.76 MB, 1266x1584, IMG_7582.JPG)

The yellow skin is actually really freaky. At first I thought it was a filter but now I'm not quite sure what the fuck is wrong with her skin

No. 385401

It's either natural depression of her skin because fat folds or it's unnatural due to the lipo

No. 385402

Neither of them deserve their own threads, that's why they're here.
Both are irrelevant unless its Mariah drama

No. 385403

File: 1495086854954.png (333.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-18-00-51-05…)

No. 385404

So I came in to try to rationalize this: My skin has a yellow tone when it's slightly tanned (compared to the ghost-white legs i have that never see the sun and don't tan even when they do). It goes yellow before it turns brown from a tan.

But then I realized it was only on her stomach so, no, unless she's somehow only tanning her stomach this isn't something normal, wtf?
I'm going with this anon's theory of it being from lipo (I don't think fat folds will turn your skin yellow unless you're boil leg james levels of disgusting)

No. 385405

File: 1495087185125.jpg (79.27 KB, 539x362, AhtSHWy.jpg)

Some updates from patreon

No. 385406


No. 385407

Christ I can't wait to see the whale in a navy blue tanktop barely mustering the effort to get a fucking beret

No. 385408


Welp, lipo bruising it is I guess

No. 385409

File: 1495087430889.jpg (366.81 KB, 561x592, dI0xoqq.jpg)

You just in luck, anon. Here's a sneak peak from KBBQ's instagram

No. 385410

Yo she is going to look HUGE in this

No. 385411

File: 1495087531636.jpg (26.38 KB, 543x285, pjkHZVY.jpg)

Also, for shame, Mariah~
She's been replying in the Comm page of her patreon and alot of people are going 50 tier and not receiving the benefits. This guy commented 2 months prior and she said she was shipping their items out…two months ago.

No. 385412


Watch her try to play up the "Arab" card even more, making her even more of an insufferable cunt.

No. 385413

File: 1495087792616.jpg (33.9 KB, 640x480, 1492266574621.jpg)

What kind of irks me about this situation is that people who contribute so you can go to cons are not able to get older sets, not able to even get recent benefits but she goes to LVLUP, makes a booth, sells prints and even promises free small prints for a quiz. How do you think these people feel that they pay each month for this bitch and she can't even print extra, push them in a envelope and send them out???

No. 385414

Shame backers can't file against the Patreon for not delivering what's promised.

No. 385415


Her sets end up online hours later for free anyways.

No. 385416

those POOR, POOR patrons! These men invested their hard-earned from mom money on the promise of many high-res photos of a hippo's bumhole, and this awful girl took advantage of them!

No. 385417

I mean, it ain't even that hard to get butthole pictures from girls, neckbeards just dont have any game and are pathetic.

No. 385418

Vamplettes been mia for awhile. Think they broke up?

No. 385419

File: 1495089515721.png (299.55 KB, 523x280, kneechub.png)

While her lipo bruises are pretty horrible, I'm kind of both horrified and amused by how fat her knees are. I mean, just look at the back of her knee. Amazing.

No. 385420

That's what got you?
Not the fact that she has asscheeks for triceps?

No. 385421

File: 1495089672474.png (414.95 KB, 463x539, totally not shopped my dudes.p…)


She's got no knees now, someone's gonna have to do a timeline.

Also this mess is back, and conveniently no mirrors to betray her.

No. 385422


Her tits look more like asscheeks than anything else.

No. 385423

File: 1495089930547.jpg (105.63 KB, 601x491, C-1pbm8XYAIrWlL.jpg)


Oops wrong post reply. But Vamps just retweeted this so maybe.

No. 385424

I mean yeah, knees are usually nothing but bone and here's are just lost. her back knee indent looks so deep because of the fat.

No. 385425

I hope so

Vamps if you're out there, get out while you can!
Momo will only drag you down the failure hole

No. 385426

Vamplette, while we may have said some not so great things about you, you're so much better than Momo, seriously. You have some real talent that you've been squandering away in Mariah's shadow and it's a shame. Cut her out, escape the drama and her toxic personality, and get back to doing good cosplay again. Don't let her guilt trip you or bribe you with her patreon bux. You're perfectly capable of making good cosplay, go cosplay, for real, and maybe stop trying to cash on shitty twerk videos?

No. 385429

Goddamn so at first I commented her arm was the size of an average girls calf. But I realize that it's closer to an average girl's thigh. Her whole arm is the size of a healthy girl's leg.

>I work out 4 times a day at the gym

Wearing gym clothes at the gym doesn't count as a work out. Even tho I'm sure you get winded from stuffing your body into those two size too small leggings.

No. 385430


4 times a week*

Sorry for retarded spelling errors.

No. 385432

File: 1495094089778.png (86.23 KB, 1080x352, Screenshot_2017-05-18-03-53-30…)


she's surpassed into "wow, you're so confident!" territory

No. 385433

am i wrong in thinking it's a velour or velvet material in light purple? someone help me out here pls

No. 385435

It's just some basic velvet mini-dress, anon, shouldn't be difficult to find all over the internet. Google.

No. 385437

No. 385438

Do you have pictures of vamplett before her cosplays became bad?

No. 385440

When will the Thicc meme die. It's mostly fat girls lumped into this and occasionally actually heathy girls that work out (even then their are better ways to describe them.

it encourages shitty life styles like momo has. Im not fat Im a Thicc queen teehee.

It is a way for fat fetishist to not feel ashamed for liking bbw, chubby chasers etc ( I think that is a large part of momos fan base)

If the meme dies I believe Momo would lose at least half her revenue imo.

No. 385441

i cannot get over how fat her legs are. those odd dents. she nearly has rolls behind her knees. wild stuff man.

No. 385442

When I first started keeping up with the Moo threads I kind of chalked the lipo shit up to being just some lolcow rumor mill stuff, but holy shit this is the only explanation for all of that discoloration in the video.
I could see her impulsively getting lipo and then panicking about her audience's reaction. So then she started really churning out those work out posts to chalk the look of her waist up to being just results of her workouts (even though it wasn't much worth much of a brag imo, it just looked way smaller than the rest of her body).
She really has gotten bigger. The video makes that super obvious with her arms and legs. With what we see her eating and drinking on social media alone, her waist will soon catch up with the rest of her body.
Most cows have not been able to keep my attention for very long but I keep coming back to check on this one. It's worth it every time.

No. 385443

Pretty sure I have seen them at stores like forever 21

No. 385450


He's liteally refering to moomoo at the start.

No. 385452

Allowing lewd content on Patreon was a fucking mistake

No. 385454

Seconded. Vamp actually does seem genuinely nice when Mariah isn't involved from what I've seen of her solo interactions with people.
Also further proof she lurks, remember when she did that gross Mei POV that made no sense and everybody said Soldier is normally paired with Ana or Reaper? Well, there you go.

No. 385455

This is some premium shade at Mariah, too accurate.

No. 385459

Her thighs stick out further than her ass does….

No. 385461

fucking lolled.

No. 385463

They sell these dresses everywhere. F21, H&M, Target, Nordstrom, Macy's, etc

No. 385464

the fat bugle behind her knees, oh my

No. 385465

File: 1495114009901.png (61.4 KB, 143x349, 143px-Ana.png)

I'm not familiar with Overwatch so I had to google Ana and my first thought was "she's gonna fuck this up" no way will any details be accurate seeing as even past simple designs have proven to be too difficult for those meaty claws. Also the pre-cringe of knowing that this fully clothed character is going to be literally bursting out of the costume for "thicc" and "sexy" reasons ugh

No. 385466

I think she's doing the young Ana Amari skin from the breast plate
although she could easily pull off a grandma if she wanted to

No. 385467

Grandma Ana is still pretty, though. So nah, she still couldn't pull her off. Also I can't wait to see how bad KoreanBBQ fucks up the sniper rifle after seeing his train wreck of a pulse rifle.

No. 385468

File: 1495114618239.gif (1.48 MB, 1500x2000, ana_captainamari_horus_by_stic…)

Even if she does the "younger" version you can bet it'll be equally awful and without shop it'll be hard to tell the difference

No. 385470

As stated before when you get Lipo the existing fat cells will expand elsewhere and multiply if you don't correct your diet. Also Lipo doesn't get all the fat cells so the ones left in the stomach will expand and get lumpy. She's expanding in her face and limbs now since most of the belly fats gone. She's going to look like some kind of freakish starfish with a lumpy mid section since she's not taking car of herself. Moo moo has no foresight and I'm sure the doctor told her this before and after the surgery. Smh. This Lipo is a disaster.

No. 385471

My Momokun my dudes

No. 385472

File: 1495116155733.jpg (125.13 KB, 838x482, 5-misconceptions-about-liposuc…)

No. 385475

I highly doubt Mariah is hiking. Most likely a park she went to had some mountains in it and she walked near them. It could be possible she goes to a gym four times a week. That does not mean you are exercising, Mariah. That just means you are there. It could, however, be possible she is doing whatever exercises she is doing wrong and therefore damaging her body as opposed to he- Oh wait, it is MoMo. If anything that IS what she is doing and then instead of regulating her diet even a little bit she gets the fattening stuff out when she gets home.
Also while you can argue Chris Sabat and Sean Schemmel talked to her like crap but at the same time while they were improving some schtick you can hear her muttering "Can I ask my question?" Mariah you should have just stuck with the question about Super. It would have helped you save whatever little face you have left.

No. 385476

cellulite is caused by fat though. while the resulting issue is from the connective tissues above the fat, it's the fat that causes them to dimple out. cellulite might look worse immediately after, but actually goes away in about a month or so after the fat is gone. i'm sure other info in this is wrong too but that's what you get when you reference stupid "fact" image macros.

No. 385477

As far as I know Gabby is just another Patreon thot. But if you have milk, go ahead and make one

Looking 30 when you're ten years younger is not exactly a good thing anon. It has nothing to do with being "weebs".

It's funny because Ana is supposed to be 60, so for the first time Moomoo might have the right face for a cosplay

No. 385479

There is a high chance it is makeup used on her stomach. I guarantee she probably tried to contour in fake abs/used makeup on her stomach to create an illusion it isn't bulging out. Considering that's all she had been doing, which is pretending to have abs from her "work outs". It is very unlikely that the discoloration is from something health related.

No. 385480

So here is my try my dudes

No. 385481

File: 1495117678822.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_4706.JPG)

Not my best..

No. 385482

Why Ana? Besides Making another vomit inducing POV with KBBQ'S Soldier which has already been done with Mei. Ana is one of the most serious don't fuck with me female characters in the game, so when she sluts her up its going to be even more proof she has never read the lore or even paid attention to pregame banter. And this is on a game she has openly bragged about spending over 100 hours playing.

No. 385483

I doubt she's smart enough to do that, I don't believe she even knows what contouring is.

No. 385484

She should know better, but she probably believes working out one area will work. I used to go to the gym with this girl I worked with who was pretty large, but still managed to have boobs bigger than her stomach. She only used the crunch machine because she thought it would legitimately make her waist smaller. I feel like whatever Mariah is doing at the gym is on par with that.

Sage for blog.

No. 385485

TBH this captured her likeliness a lot

No. 385487

File: 1495118088116.png (85.47 KB, 750x863, IMG_4907.PNG)

Nah, she knows what contouring is.

No. 385490

That could also be possible. Just, knowing Mariah and how she likes to cut corners and not do things properly, I assumed she would naturally do certain exercises wrong. Like not lifting with your legs, but with your back. Her lifestyle is honestly not doing her any favors.

No. 3