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File: 1588731019713.png (1.14 MB, 1338x745, 1588682793680.png)

No. 773135

18 year old beauty guru with subpar make-up skills. Used to have 1 million (fake) followers on Instagram (now around 975k), 11.000 (fake) followers on Twitter and 2800 (mostly fake) subscribers on youtube.
Has around a 1% engagement on instagram, but those likes and comments appear to be bots and fake accounts too. Never gets any RTs or likes on twitter besides from her mom. Doesn’t get much more than 1000 views on her Youtube videos. Some brands, such as Colorpop and Laura Mercier have, however, fallen for her snafu and send her PR. Recent drama channels exposing her have garnered more attention as of late, but the views die off quickly and return to bot numbers soon after the hype dies down.

>Her mom Laur creates all her fan accounts on IG. Many of them pretends to be grossly exaggerated versions of minorities.
>Claims she has her own beauty brand coming out in 2020 (@lilleejeancosmetics)
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and made some customs Lipsticks (as anyone can do) for herself, claimed they were a collab and that Bite would release them for purchase. Sperged out on IG and cancelled them when they told her to stop claiming it was an official collaboration (https://www.instagram.com/tv/BwaDTX1gyDc/?igshid=3t86d935d62o)
>Had a billboard of herself in Times Square for Covergirl, pretends she did an actual campaign with them, when in reality it was a campaign where anyone could upload their picture to their homepage and then get their picture on the billboard.
>Her batshit insane mother uploaded an obviously shooped picture to her IG (@lrtrueman) claiming Lillee went to the MET ball. It wasn’t until after the reddit call-out they began to claim it was fan-art.
>Her mother also posted an obviously shooped “Teen Vouge” cover with Lillee on the front page.
>Somebody on r/beautyguruchatter made a thread about Lillee Jean. Her and her mom sperged out, made multiple accounts and spammed threads.
>Most likely buys used palettes for her videos. Has new videos for sets that came out weeks ago


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (goes between private and public)

Other relevant links can be found here >>767646

>"You know I have a theory! If we were all sperm'd in our parents stomach literally a year before shouldn't birth technically be the day the sperm said hello to the egg" >>768096
>Laur's private Instagram recently became public, unearthing creepy posts like one of her calling a toddler Lillee "a little minx" and "sexy" >>768301 and >>768317
>Lillee takes questions from her IG followers >>768644 Transcript: >>768697
>Lillee posts her tonsils on IG to ask what's wrong with them (mind the spoiler) >>769182
>Anons find that Runway Rogue, the company that Patricia Hartmann runs, is basically another Lillee with fake followers, instagram pods, and shoddy business models, putting Lillee's earlier trip to the runway with said 90s supermodel into an even more hilarious light, especially as the brand begins speaking out against teh boolies >>769539
>For Lillee's 19th birthday, a slew of her fake Twitter accounts get suspended or restricted >>769611
>Also for Lillee's 19th birthday, she outed her made-up boyfriend "Phillippe" as a pedophile! During an IG live, she claimed her boyfriend is 9 years older than her and they began dating when LJ was 14 with Laur's blessing, after they knew each other since Lillee was 9 years old >>769775 BFFDees recorded the moment >>769788 fuller video here >>769919 and Dee's breakdown here >>769950
>Laur and Lillee immediately backtrack and try and claim this is all the result of editing and chopping clips >>769905
>BFFDees posts some DMs from Laur which, by Laur's own words, mean that she was 16 when she married her husband, who was twice her age at the time >>769985
>But don't worry, Laur says LJ was actually 15 and a half when she began to date mid-20s Pheepy, which is fine >>770064
>Lillee goes live again to try and debunk everything >>770336 Summary: >>770350 and >>770351 Of note is her using the ever-common groomer's catchphrase "mature for her age" when explaining why it was fine to be in a relationship with a man 9 years her senior as a 14 year old (sorry, 15 and a half?) She also clarifies that LJ and Pheepy never had sexual relations until LJ was 18 and a half and that the NYC sex crimes unit was tipped off about the issue but dropped the case after one talk with Laur >>7715579
>Laur brags about getting to collab with a "top brand" on Amazon >>770480 but it's actually just a knock-off beauty blender maker >>770538 The giveaway is sketchy and short and only available on Youtube where she has considerably less of a following >>772691
>LJ does an Instagram Live with Nikhill, an Indian pseudo-influencer, who she speaks over and seems to be unable to parse his accent, cringe all around >>770692
>BFFDees really pushing for LJ to get banned from Instagram for her pedo comments >>771025
>Laur uploads a video trying to debunk everything as well, trying to turn all the blame on Dees as per usual >>771615 Any questions she gets on her own lies based on other statements she made get responded to with namecalling >>771787
>Lillee tries her hand at ASMR >>771658 despite shooting down an ASMR channel because all they do is "noise" not two months ago >>758302
>BFFDees releases another video going point by point on Laur's video debunking everything with Laur and Lillee's own words as backup >>772142
>LJ and Laur are still trying to take down videos from other creators >>772669
>Tatiana, a Youtuber, tries to talk Laur into getting to interview Lillee alone, which doesn't go well >>772733 A user called myozbubble responds with some insight into what it is allegedly like to work with Lillee and her momager >>772812 It doesn't take long for Tatiana gives up on the interview >>772903 Creepshow chimes in to say she's planning a video in response to the situation >>772907s
>Runway Rogue posts a heavily photoshopped image of Lillee to their twitter >>773060
>Tatiana shares her conversation with Laur >>773067 which reveals that Runway Rogue is both sharing all the people who contact them to warn them about LJ and her scam to Laur without blurring their info >>773077 and also demanding that anonymous reports provide all personal information to be taken seriously >>773078

>>>/snow/833840 #1
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>>698862 #3
>>707075 #4
>>718259 #5
>>724333 #6
>>736259 #7
>>754981 #8
>>767645 #9

No. 773141

I'm going to go ahead and add Tatiana's videos if anyone like to watch them.

No. 773142

No. 773143

No. 773160

Reading the email exchange between Tatiana and laur, I’m not sure what Tatiana expected.
She already messaged washed up model Patricia hours before contacting laur to interview Lillee, did she really think that it wouldn’t get back to laur?
They clearly talk to each other so I don’t get how that was supposed to just be between Tatiana and Patricia.
It’s weird to ask someone for an interview and extend an olive branch hours after doing that imo.

Plus what’s the point in interviewing a pathological liar? It’s not like she was going to get some novel insights from Lillee, it was always going to be lies and deflections. The whole idea was stupid to begin with.

No. 773162


I figured that the whole point of interviewing Lillee on a livestream was to catch her and/or Laur up in the web of their own lies on camera. At least, that's what I was hoping she planned to do. That's certainly what Laur was so scared of and why she kept waffling and saying Lillee was "too scared of the boolies" to do it live and trying to get Tatiana to hand over her list of questions.

No. 773163

I think that was why Tatiana wanted it to be live. Being able to catch Lillee in her own lies to an audience where she can't claim things were edited is useful when you're dealing with these sorts of people. Yes, Lillee is going to lie, but when you can easily point to the facts and other instances where she's said the opposite, it's a chance to have more documentation of how stupid they are.

No. 773165

Ok that’s fair enough.

The way Tatiana framed the reason for wanting to do the live was “to get Lillees side out there” which denotes she cares about people seeing it from her point of view. But yeah, I suppose she’s not gonna say “I’m just trying to catch y’all in a web of your own lies”

It ended pretty predictably though by it spiraling into a complete shit show as usual. But maybe Tatiana expected that it would.
Either way she has material for a video so it’s a no lose situation.

Still think it’s pretty ridiculous that she thinks Patricia somehow betrayed her by telling laur about the message. That’s common sense, Come on now.
That’s like if some stranger starts talking shit to you about your friend. You’re gonna tell your friend what the stranger said because you don’t feel any (for lack of a better word) loyalty to a stranger.
The fact that she’s getting so indignant that it happened is silly. That’s just a nitpick on my part bc really girl what did you expect

No. 773169

I’m not sure it’s so widely known patreecia & laur are on speaking terms. anyone coming in new probably just thought they bought tix to the fashion show & RR was a small indie brand.

No. 773175

>Still think it’s pretty ridiculous that she thinks Patricia somehow betrayed her by telling laur about the message. That’s common sense

lol no. that's not how companies are supposed to behave.

No. 773182

I think it's common sense not to have a public business rat on you to a private individual.

I've never heard of Tatiana before this drama, but I don't think she did anything wrong. It would be like someone telling Morphe that Jaclyn was bad news due to drama A, B, and C, and Morphe sending Jaclyn the message like, "Look at what this bitch said about you!" It's not professional in any way,s shape, or form.

No. 773184


Yeah this isn't about just friends anymore, or just Patreeesha. This is about Runway Rogue, an actual company. An actual company should never be sharing their private messages with any client, affiliate, or "contractor".

No. 773189

Patricia's intense, unwavering support of Lillee is just utterly bizarre. Maybe she tanked so many drugs in the 90s that it's scrambled her brain, but I can't understand why she still considers it worth latching her brand onto at this point. She must see by now that the support from 'LJ's million fans' isn't coming through with anything. Even if she likes LJ on a personal level, she would be wise to keep her brand well away from this trainwreck.
It's also funny to me that, as LJ's most vocal brand supporter, they subtly told her that she's too fat and ugly with that edit.

No. 773201

Laur never planned on doing the interview, neither did Lil Genes. She just was buying time while (trying to and failing) taking down Tatiana's video.

What kind of lawyer remains anonymous? Oh yes, the imaginary one!

Tatiana, gains followers with this crazy story (I have nothing against her, her video was entertaining, but she also have an interest in doing so), so is Primink, his video has now 4,5 millions of views. Same for Def Noodles and co.
This youtubers make tens times sometimes hundreds times views, what Lil Genes ever makes in her video.

This is not a good time for Laur and Lil Genes: with the lockdown, people have a lot of time to expose them, make videos about them, watch them, etc.

No. 773202

I don't understand why 'Lil Genes' took off, it's annoying to read

No. 773206

My partner and I (both French speakers) are trying to figure out what Peepee meant by "I love your hormones". If someone has figured it out, please tell me cause I NEED TO KNOW!!!

No. 773207

Same here. Never found it funny.

No. 773209


Some Anon suggested in last topic, they might wanted to say "phéromones" but it is the same in french/english.
So yeah, just lil genes and laur trying to sound smart and failing miserably…

No. 773210


Not native, so I will try to explain: it is because of her "down syndrome behaviour".
She thinks her genetics are above perfect, while she has microdontia and an obvious mental retardation + huge psycological issues such as extreme narcissism, etc
I find it funny: "little genes" , but hey, you are free to give her the nickname you want.

No. 773212

I personally think it’s hilarious. I don’t think it has any deep meaning, it just sounds funny. Glad it took off.

No. 773217

It was literally just a typo in the last thread anon, it's not that deep.

No. 773218

She's mentioned that she's so hormonal that she's going to "devour" peep before and has talked about being on her period (clearly implied period although she said "ovulating" instead of menstruating), and saying she needs to be "tended to sexually"… I think she just meant hormones but it's her weird speak that Laur also does. I think it's referring to her mood changing with her menstrual cycle, and that it makes her relationship with Pheepy more exciting, like the "devour" thing

No. 773221


I don't have the screenshot or link, but I remember her and Laur saying he meant "Pheromones". I think it was Dees newest video that mentions it? But don't quote me that could be wrong.

No. 773224

I saw the Pheromones comment in the last thread but to me it still doesn't make much sense … Maybe I am just too stupid … Or too normal

No. 773225

Not sure it's milky, but isn't it weird that Fashion Haunts (fake) magazine, did nothing since they wrote a LJ post? She is also in the website header. What year was it 2018?

Has it been commented yet?

Also their second post is about 2, 12yo girls with autism wearing prom dress…
BTW they seem to have a lot of autism posts, is it how Laur advertised LJ?

No. 773231

File: 1588781588771.png (515.98 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-05-06-13-11-20…)

Apologies if this has already been discussed but I caught this comment on taters Tatiana video and I'm quietly dying

No. 773232

oh my fucking god

No. 773234

Yes, I saw that on Kiwifarms. Lillee Jean is obsessed with Disney and her dolls, we all know that. This duo is insane… they should be in an asylum, not on Youtube or Instagram.

Pheepy is fake guys.

No. 773235

Philippe "Pheepy" is such an ugly and annoying name, I hate reading it now. Thanks Lillee, you always know how to make me angry.

No. 773236

I think the nickname sounds as retarded as Lillee does when she speaks, but I guess we have some 14 year olds on the board that think "Lil Genes" is hilarious because they have LJ's same maturity level.

It could also get confusing for new farmers or someone doing research for a video, since unlike Shay=Shat and Taylor=Trailor Trash, Luna=Tuna and Momokun=Moo it isn't obvious.

No. 773238

Just a random thought… They should have created a fake profile for Peepee called PhilippeLeRoi to go nicely with QueenLilleeJean… I see a missed opportunity right there

No. 773239

File: 1588786738992.jpg (363.66 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20200506-123906_You…)

The oil spill look is on hsr head.

No. 773240

I don't think 'Lil Genes' is the worst nickname in the world, but I do think it's fucking annoying when it gets used in place of her name every single instance, and especially repeatedly in a post. It's not THAT hilarious lol.

No. 773247

File: 1588788630679.jpeg (63.75 KB, 961x482, 48F8FD3E-42AD-4DE1-A870-D6418D…)

She has so much dandruff. Her hair is still straight so she hasn’t washed it in over a week

No. 773248

Yeah actual legit companies, which this clearly isn’t. So it’s stupid for Tatiana to expect her to act like a real company. She has what like 700 followers on twitter and is clearly friends with laur. For her to be surprised this happened is ridiculous.

I also don’t buy that she didn’t know they were friends, her whole “job” is to research Lillee and laur for a video. She would have seen Patricia commenting or she would be lurking here looking for info

No. 773249

What does that even mean kek

No. 773250


Her skin is so ugly, I know women in their 50 that have fresher complexion.

No. 773251

tatiana emailed the company she didn't personally send patricia anything. i know the last thread was almost a day old, but she didn't even get an email from patricia, she got one from "jim". patricia isn't even friends with laur, they are both trying to mooch clout from one another, despite both having none.

No. 773254

Lol look who’s she’s dealing with, and she’s surprised they’re not being “professional”?
Like I said, quickly doing the smallest amount of research on Patricia and her “brand” you’d see what she’s about.

She has gotten herself involved with people that are known to be unhinged.
If you guys want to buy the victim narrative, go for it. I’m not buying it. That’s not to say she deserves to be doxed or harassed but she’s the one that contacted laur for an interview after shit talking her to Patricia. And that’s who it is, Patricia. It’s not some brand. It’s a washed up model and expecting her to act “professionally” is retarded. And if she wasn’t aware of that she should have done her due diligence.
There’s a BIG difference between morphe and runway rogue, give me a break.

I don’t like Lillee and laur as much as the next person but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna kiss someone’s ass because they don’t like them either. If they do something stupid they’re gonna get called out, I don’t care who it is. It’s being objective

No. 773255

I’m using the term “friend” very loosely. It’s easier to say than “mutual clout chasers using each other”. Point is they talk to each other. Whether it’s for clout is irrelevant

No. 773256

Tatiana didn’t contact Patricia’s personal account, she contacted the brand. Not only is what Runway Rogue did unethical but it violates California internet privacy laws. Companies cannot give away your private information without your consent. It is insane for a brand to put themselves in this situation. Could Tatiana had done a little more research or asked the callout accounts before contacting Runway Rogue? Yes. Blaming her for Patricia breaking laws & FTC regulations to get private info for Laur is stupid though.

No. 773258

i only pointed that out because everything you're saying is wrong. you say >>773254
>they do something stupid they’re gonna get called out
but you're not applying that to lj and laur who are trying to get patrica's company to dox people for them, or to patricia for what >>773256 said basically.

No. 773259

Who says I’m not? Lillee and laur always get called out for the stupid shit they do as they should. I said it wasn’t right for them to dox or harass her.
Criticizing one person doesn’t mean letting the other two off the hook.

No. 773260

i'm personally glad tatiana didn't research anything. patrica needs to learn that her business is not her and she needs to operate her business as a business. asking for someone to give up their anonymity is a bad look, but like you said, giving out personal conversations goes into legal territory. and patricia is going to learn that using her business to fuel personal drama will end up costing her. i am actually wondering if tatiana did it on purpose to see how the PR would be since there is so much personal investment. if so, good on her.

No. 773261

Yeah the “brand”. Her “brand” is a running joke but now y’all expect her to act professionally?

Like I said, y’all can buy that narrative but I don’t. This is common sense.

Especially when this is what she does, she does research for her videos. She didn’t do her due diligence and now she’s butt-hurt she got “snitched” on by a joke of a “brand” who openly talks to the person she was contacting them about.

You live and learn but it was a stupid idea from the start.

No. 773262

I just thought… What if more big channels expose her and her mother (something that will most likely happen), she can't handle it and then she kill herself or kill her mother? I am literally addicted to this drama, I've never seen such delusional women in my entire life.

No. 773264

Tatiana did loads more research than Shannon or Primink before releasing a video. At least Tatiana credited where was getting her information too. Shannon has yet to acknowledge any of the callout accounts who basically spoonfeed her content. I’m not sure why you’re all the sudden hating on some 20 year old who just got involved in the less than 3 weeks ago, seems like there’s other bias here, anon.

No. 773265

There’s no bias. I don’t like or dislike Tatiana. I just don’t believe in kissing her ass just because she doesn’t like Lillee and laur.

I don’t even watch creepshows videos. I tried, but I found her annoying and didn’t like her video style.
So that’s an irrelevant point considering I didn’t even mention her.

Dee has thorough content on her YouTube channel, however she does come off as obsessive and I find myself thinking this lady needs a life. But at the same time she does catalog their antics so I can’t really complain.

Def Noodles and Primink I think made good thorough videos on Lillee. Primink was smart as to not get too involved with these people.

The point is, you don’t get a pass just because you dislike the same people as me. If you do something I think is stupid I’m gonna say it and if y’all don’t agree that’s fine too.

No. 773267

sage your posts if you're not bringing fresh milk

No. 773279

i expect anyone masquerading as a business to act professional or else they're going to get burned. end of story. patricia and laur could be sisters but that wouldn't change how she needs to operate i regards to her business. these unprofessional karens need to learn sometime.

No. 773287

File: 1588800091181.jpeg (115.36 KB, 750x279, FC273883-B926-424E-821D-138BE3…)

Someone has asked Lillee about the giveaway. I’m not familiar with FTC regulations as I’m not in the US but is it required to provide a winners list if requested? Lillee has already broken some rules I’m aware of such as not specifying how winners were chosen, the time that the contest closed and, because she opened the contest internationally, she didn’t specify that she was in compliance with the laws of Quebec. There have been suspicions that her giveaways have been scams and her keeping it quiet doesn’t help the situation.

No. 773292

File: 1588801189504.jpg (87.55 KB, 1149x440, WRkp3Vd.jpg)

According to the laws of NY you're supposed to post a list of winners. If the competition applies to Lillee's jurisdiction, she is indeed breaking the law.

No. 773296

Is that still if the prize was over $5,000 though?

No. 773303

I'm not sure if the two aspects are related or not, it's not especially clear. I'll read a few other websites to see if they're clearer.

No. 773304

Okay so I've found this link, and it expressly states, "New York has also adopted a regulation related to sweepstakes rules, requiring the sponsor to include the address where persons may obtain a copy of the list of winners once the sweepstakes is over (19 NYCRR § 132.5)."

It makes no mention of a prize value minimum.


No. 773316

Sorry i'm bringing this up again but what Tatiana did is actually a shrewd move-unintentional or not

This shows exactly what type of ttash clings to LJ and shreds the minuscule credibility Runway Rogue has as a company. Of course, everyone knew the company was garbage but this gives ammo to people who dislike the brand in yhe first place for whatever reason

No. 773333


Tatiana was not the one that received that email asking for the name and address, that was someone on Twitter under the name GwendolynNikkie. She posted it under Tatiana's thread.

No. 773367

I don't think anyone mentioned this on the last thread, but Laur said in her email to Tatiana that things are so bad in New York and "there's no food on the supermarket shelves," which I've heard her say on twitter before, but it's a pants on fire lie. Queens supermarkets have plenty of food, and they can easily drive 20 minutes to Long Island for even better selections.

No. 773378

It makes me mad when people lie about the all the food being gone, just to act pitiful and cause panic. It's not the fucking end of the world just because the store is out of steaks or x flavor of Hot Pockets. That happens regularly all the time, just buy something different like a normal person did six weeks ago. Nobody in the US is starving unless they made some kind of deliberate decision to starve.

No. 773384


Well, unless they're poor.

But Laur and Lillee certainly haven't been missing meals. Pair of stout Ukrainian fishwives uwu.

No. 773390

I thought Philippe was also Sleeping beauty’s prince? That’s also set in France. I think this is more likely where she got it from.

And sage for dumb shit, but Tatiana is uglier than LJ, teeth aside. I’m surprised she can have a call out channel with that face

No. 773394


Tatiana looks unremarkable, not ugly. She's just a normal person you wouldn't look twice at if you were walking down the street…just like Lillee as long as she kept her mouth closed.

Anyway, why would she need to look a certain way to do callout/gossip/commentary content? You sound mad, anon.

No. 773397

>You sound mad, anon.
It’s not that deep anon, chill. why can’t I say she’s ugly? I s2g anons on this site stan anyone who they think is on “our side”. Tatiana looks like mrs potatohead with kids makeup palette on

No. 773398


Saying she just looks normal is "stanning?" Don't strain yourself reaching, anon. I don't find her appearance noteworthy; you sound real bitter and mad about that. If you wanna bitch about the tater tot lady so bad, start a thread on /snow/ about her or something.

No. 773401


This is my last shitpost response to you. But you keep accusing me of being mad when the only one getting weirdly offended for this broad is you. You ok? Drink some tea. Don’t get in your feelings about random internet people

No. 773403


lol stfu and stop double posting. pressed af.

No. 773406

Stop filling this thread with useless bullshit. This isn't Tati's thread, make one if you want it so bad. If you can't demonstrate she's a cow, leave nitpicking her out of it.

No. 773413

Laur deleted her comments on her video, but Tatiana has them in ASMR form lol. Sharing here in case anyone wants the screenshots of the comments.

No. 773418

If the brand DID send her free stuff, she is keeping it all for herself instead of really give it away! #scam_again

>>773304 I agree, I have never seen a youtuber, blogger etc keeping the list of winners PRIVATE, especially for some few beauty products!
Does the brand knows about that?

It was so predictable indeed:
(from last thread)

No. 773419

File: 1588847099029.jpg (321.54 KB, 2063x1280, EXZCAS9WoAMCi47.jpg)

I think her upcoming look is going to be The Beret Girl from An Extremely Goofy Movie.

No. 773426

It was in feb 2020.
It looks kind of gross: they have a lot of kids with disabilities modeling from them…
(12yo and better teeth than lj)

No. 773434

Just for context on this, remember it costs a couple hundred (or more) to be featured. The parents pay some money for semi-professional pictures and the kids get to feel important. It's probably a fun activity for younger kids (especially with disabilities) to feel like they're "modeling" for a magazine.

I doubt most parents really see this as a "big break" as opposed to a fun time with some cute pictures of their kid.

No. 773445

Didn’t someone get the pricing from Fashion Haunts and the lowest level was $500. It’s a scam. The quality of photos is not worth the money. The parents could hire a professional photographer for less.

No. 773449

I’ve been following this since the beginning and somehow missed the info about Laur and Patricia being “friends”. Farmers connected them through Runway Rogue, Instagram pods, FNL and other scammy endeavors. Where’d you find this info, anon?

No. 773465

nice dandruff on her shirt. very professional.

No. 773469

How many cartoon character looks can she do without changing a single feature on her face?
When you look at the extremely high standard of MUAs and drag queens on YouTube these days doing amazing transformations, the fact that she won't do a single thing to elevate her looks above 6 year old at a Halloween party is just ridiculous.
She looks fucking nothing like this character if that's who she's trying to be. The hair is wrong, which she could easily get right with a straightener. She could have concealed and redrawn a higher brow or done an extreme hooded eye shape. But no.

No. 773472

File: 1588875115014.jpeg (17.81 KB, 551x557, images (68).jpeg)

Agreed 100%
She always does a watered down lazy version of whoever.

I remember her saying that Meg from Hercules was on her to do list and I can guarantee to you now it will be her wearing her crimped greasy Kaitlyn Bennett ponytail extension from the last video and basic foundation.
She might do a plum coloured lip but she will do it in the same shape as her normal lips instead of creating the character's shape. Same goes for the eyebrows, she won't bother to do them or she'll colour them in regularly instead of doing them the interesting shape they have in the cartoon. She'll probably do a boring wash of purple on the lids.

Any creative quirks on the characters she ignores completely, like you said, that goofy character has hooded eyes she could have drawn on but instead she just does a black nose and regular eye look.

Also I get she's a Disneyfag, but she literally picks the easiest and laziest looks to recreate. Like half the princesses ect don't even look like they have any interesting makeup features. And when she GETS the chance to do a weird look like she hulk, she still manages to make it boring or misses out on important features like the eyebrows.

It's lazy and untalented.

No. 773478

File: 1588877256277.jpeg (183.88 KB, 1180x1284, A0221C5B-AA66-44B0-B8BA-842276…)

Lillee doesn’t understand Animal Crossing.

No. 773480

The joke is that Beret Girl would be an extremely easy look to get right, especially for a photo. All she'd need to do is extreme cat-eye liner and a heavy, dark purple up to the browbone. You wouldn't even need shading skills, you just need to be able to look at the reference image for half a second to know exactly what to do to make it work.
Why would you bother putting heavy black lashes on that look? It's the opposite of what the eye is supposed to look like. Infuriating.

No. 773482

I swear to god I'd get more sense out of a fucking Ouija board, what the hell is she talking about? Lol

No. 773483


I got stuck on "people 10 are on this platform" for like 5 minutes and then gave up.

No. 773484

She’s trying to imply anyone who plays ACNH is a pedophile because young children play the game.

No. 773486

I think she might be saying that a few callout accounts have mentioned playing it and that she's disgusted because young people play the game. It's the usual 'my creepy bullying pedo stalkers' narrative she's been running with for a while.
Pretty hilarious though, imagine telling everyone that your education is good enough for Harvard and then being incapable of saying 'people aged 10' or '10 year olds' lol

No. 773487

But her being a grown adult playing with dolls is fine.

No. 773488

She says the same thing about people who like anime or have anime profile pictures. She is suspicious they are all haters from lolcow and kiwi farms. She said it on a live.

It makes no sense though because by her logic she's a giant creep since she's 19 and old enough to fuck an older guy yet the bitch is obsessed with Disney and American girl dolls.

No. 773491

Not to mention she never wears contacts of any kind to resemble said characters. Like with her Jasmin look, I get she didn't wanna brown face/make it ethnic, but a little bronzer and some brown contacts would have looked better than that green shit around her eyes. All the powerpuff girl looks she did…no contacts.
Blossom ended up looking like the ugly sister from cinderella which could have easily been avoided if she had put in some pink circle lenses.

No. 773496

But her mom used Watamote's heroine as her profile pic…

Hilarious. She posts an article saying that a game is super popular then says there's a "connection between people who hate me and animal crossing." Uh, everyone is playing it and talking about it, not just your hate accounts. It sold 13 million copies, dumbass. It's right there!

No. 773497

It really demonstrates how narcissistic she is, that she would see this bland as fuck article and tenuously find a way to link it to herself.
Sometimes this stuff she does reminds me of someone having an episode, making all these bizarre connections to random shit. Her mom does it too.

No. 773499

are you obsessed with her dandruff? you bring it up every time there's even a hint of white in a photo. i think here it's just pilling on the shirt.

No. 773502

Not the anon you were referring to but she does have a lot of dandruff so it's likely. There's always flakes of it in her hair in video.
Like almost every video there's either greasy hair, dandruff or both. It's so common.

I didn't even notice the dandruff until I turned up the brightness on my phone and I was like holy shit.

Even if it was just lint and pilling, it's still lazy and unkempt. Her black top probably hasn't been washed since her Kim possible and e-girl look along with the tartan p.j pants.

No. 773503

She's probably lurked here and seen the threads mentioning animal crossing or she's gone onto PULL or seen the profile pictures of the negative commenters on her YouTube videos.
A lot of people online have cute animal crossing characters as their profile pictures it's not that deep Lillee, jeez.

No. 773504


Yeah, it seems nit-picky on its own, but along with all her other sloppy ways it paints a whole picture of how little effort she makes, considering this is meant to be her dream career since she was in diapers, or whatever.

Even if the dandruff were a chronic problem because of a skin condition or something…get a medicated shampoo and wash your nasty hair. Check for flakes before you do your shoot, and if you missed some in the preparation, go back and edit them out while you're there fixing your shitty blending and smoothing out your blotchy complexion. Like, damn. Most people with an active IG account do all of that as a bare minimum, even if they're just some normal person and not an "influencer."

No. 773505

>something called Animal crossing

How can she be this much of a clueless boomer and only 19?
Like maybe it's not her taste in games, but most people on the internet under 30 know what animal crossing is. Even more so now because of all the memes about the new game. Also its hilarious how she is acting like it's a toxic fan base when she claims to play Call of Duty which has a way more toxic following.

No. 773507

Exactly. It's so distracting in videos as well. I understand there's things she can't exactly fix overnight, like her red flaky moustache, but surely she could buy some head and shoulders.

No. 773508

File: 1588882708890.jpg (73.72 KB, 723x532, LJ lol.jpg)

Ugh. No lillee. Nobody cares about your daily videos.
The few views you've got are from people who laugh at you.

No. 773509

I think she could easily have much less of an issue by just washing her hair more regularly. A lot of people say it's best to wash your hair as little as possible and it works for some, but Lillee lets her hair get far too greasy and she's just doing more harm than good.

If someone brings it up on a live or on Youtube watch her say she thinks it's just part of what makes her "unique " and "gorgeous in her own special way" and is "part of her brand".

No. 773510

girl your fat ass sits on the internet all day, how can you not know animal crossing

No. 773511

File: 1588885564213.png (978.8 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-05-07-23-01-43…)

There is someone claiming they won yhe giveaway

No. 773512

That’s the person who made the driving while praising Lillee Jean video. A very shady win - “random”.

No. 773513

Love her subtly adding the "random sort" there that she knows she didn't do. Why say it like that? Guilty conscience 100%

No. 773517

To be fair, she is probably the only one real follower who participated.

No. 773518

this scam could only have been more obvious if the winner was tiredlady

No. 773520

File: 1588888461906.jpeg (434.49 KB, 750x1143, BBA5B58C-B618-4EBA-9EE1-2DAEF1…)

Lillee and Laur have been blowing cash like crazy on followers! She was at 1.004M yesterday! I don’t understand how they keep up with this even if they’re using the cheaper sites (plus I wonder if she realizes that all these bots drive down engagement percentage)

No. 773521

Tatiana looks hygienic and doesn't make horror movie tier expressions like LJ, so

No. 773522

Oh my God shut up

No. 773523

I seem to remember one of the callouts or maybe one of Creepshow's fans shading Primink for picking Lillee's older art to giggle at because "that's not really fair, she's improved since then?"

LOL wtf is this???

No. 773524

File: 1588888983808.jpg (350.54 KB, 1536x2048, merida.jpg)

No. 773526

all of lillees art belongs in the bad art thread

No. 773527

All that time spent doing and redoing the hair and not once does she realize that the body looks like a lollipop taped to a flashlight

No. 773528

File: 1588889856971.jpg (94.88 KB, 1394x1458, lilz.jpg)

tfw you scam people out of a giveaway

No. 773529

I mean… it is objectively better, but my 10 year old niece could've made that lmao

No. 773531

Oh god who made this?
I vote this for next thread pic

No. 773532

New video by Tater on the whole trying to secure an interview situation is up. TBH I find this video so annoying that I couldn't finish it. Her first video was good but now you can tell she's getting pressed and she starts to sound as petulant as they do, going on 10 minute tangents that nobody cares about. But here it is for posterity anyway

No. 773536

File: 1588892395734.jpg (116.79 KB, 676x408, BpPLBSI.jpg)

Pretty insightful comment on Tater's video too

No. 773542

I know it might be obvious but she probably doesn't wash it often because it's soooooo long and it must be so heavy and annoying to wash and dry. But it's not like she can't do anything about it, she just chooses not to.

No. 773543

Tinfoil, but I think it's possible Lillee is also scared of what she would have to do to get away from her crazy mom. Lillee's lived most of her life in isolation and has no real friends her age or adults that she can get help from. Doing basic young adult things like filling out college applications, applying for jobs, getting health insurance, etc. is scary for anyone, especially someone incredibly sheltered who has no support system. Even if she wanted to leave, there's not an easy way to get out. She's never really had to deal with people or unknown situations.

I do think she enjoys the fantasy world that her mom has helped her cultivate, since it completely frees her of responsibility, but I think she's also stuck. Laur is completely unhinged and will go as far to try to get a random lawyer disbarred for talking to someone she doesn't like. Even if Lillee did manage to get some shitty retail job and move out (Queens is also expensive as fuck for rent), how is Laur going to take that? Suicide threats? Call Lillee's employer every day until she gets fired?

Even the commentator on Tatiana's video says she didn't get out until her mid-20s. Gypsy Rose was also in her mid-20s. Parents who keep their kids reliant on them to the degree that Laur has are awfully hard to leave without a lot of resolve. It's not just not going to school or not having social experience, Laur has made herself the only person in Lillee's world. It's got to be hard to break free of that.

No. 773547

It's funny that they don't even bother to make any new content in between victims. You would expect them to at least generate a few things to keep the site fresh, but I guess looking like an abandoned wix site is their look.

No. 773548

I do think it's entirely possible that LJ will have a series of mini wakeup calls over the next few years. To all of us it seems like she's just a mini me of her mom but we don't see what goes on behind closed doors and it could be that cracks in their relationship start appearing.
I think right now by most people's standards LJ is still barely an adult. I know she is TECHNICALLY an adult, but in terms of the way she comes across and even in terms of stuff like the brain development for people aged from late teens to mid-20s she's still on the borderline. I think the reason why most of LJ's most vocal supporters are boomers closer to Laur's age bracket is that they see a daughter figure in Lillee, rather than a woman in her own right.
However, over the next five years that young adult vibe is going to melt away and it's going to get even weirder than it already is the hold that her mom has over her life.

No. 773560

There will definitely be an awkward(but hilarious) pubescent transition phase between little girl camera slave and free thinking Lille (if that even happens). The point after this stage will likely resulted in a fresh, re branded cow, fat and ripe for the milking.

No. 773569


I have a theory, but I think if Lillee wanted to do the interview by herself, and contacted Tatiana privately and did one, her mother would absolutely blow a gasket. Her mom feels she's in complete control of any potential interview/appearance/etc because she's "her management" and she would put it under the guise that it was unprofessional for Lillee to do, or some other dumb reason, when in reality it's just her mom being a narcissistic control freak. Lillee has no actual way of doing any sort of an interview without her mom present or controlling the entire thing.

No. 773582


I generally like Tatiana and her previous videos, but this one had loads of rambling and off-topic talk. This didn't need to be anywhere near an hour long. She spend the first like 15min justifying her videos and her channel to Laur. Which I understand just saying she doesn't care about views or subs or whatever and just saying that Laur was wrong about that, but omg it didn't need to be this long winded of a topic.

No. 773589

Tatiana is not insane/delusional, she is not a lolcow like Lille Jean. Stop talking about here.

No. 773590

File: 1588912191381.png (316.73 KB, 846x907, ljfa.png)

One of Lillee's totally legit fan accounts decided to give up their account because of too much hate. Now the account is up for grabs kek

No. 773592

File: 1588912570786.png (39.65 KB, 603x231, ljfa2.png)

No. 773593


Hmm to turn that around; no one can hate her, no one can call out inconsistencies or point out that she has fake followers, it must ALL be Dees.

No. 773595


God, can they at least come up with a different story for once? This is the exact same thing that happened with "James Dee" the gay bff gurrllllll, "turni-po" the Indian fan, and "Cynthia," the middle-aged Black lady. They all cried about "all the hate and death threats" and then dramatically announced that they were going to leave the internet forever.

This is just Lillee thinking that, now that she has three whole real fans, she can retire a few sock puppets. Of course, they can't just abandon the accounts (that no one is even watching,) and just let them be forgotten; not before using them one last time to try to shore up this sob story about how she is the victim of vicious cyberboolies.

No. 773598


Yesterday I was reading the comments below her acting demo video. There were a few people with acting training and experience giving her some constructive criticism and advice. And her response to all of them was "I am not an actress, I am just goofing around and if I entertained you, it means I have done my job" … I just think this summarizes so much her personality… Ignoring advice and pretending she is just goofing around although I am pretty sure this video was supposed to be serious … Ahh, this girl will never get better.

No. 773602


So sage, dummy.

No. 773605


Sorry! I am new here. =/(emoticon)

No. 773611

I watched Tatiana's video today and she took ages to get into the content but something I noticed was she randomly said in the video was that she's been enjoying animal crossing during quarantine.

I don't know if Lillee aimed the animal crossing thing at her or not, but imagine watching a critique and the only thing you got out of it was that your 'hater' plays animal crossing. What a weird nitpick.

No. 773623

(sage and telling my life story, sorry for the long post)

I have a cousin that looks A LOT like LJ: physically (same hair, same skin colour, same blue eyes, old glasses, normal teeth though) and mentally, and also: only child.
She is 28 and has the autonomy of a 4 yo. She is not mean, but act a lot like it because she is completely selfish and delusional about life. She is so self-centered she keeps on hurting people's feelings without even noticing.
She never takes any liability for any wrong she does.
Her parent pay her everything and support whatever stupid things she is into (she is a master in emotional blackmailing and can be very tox_ix).
She is constantly playing the victi_m card and wants people to feel sorry for her.
Things are, they are not rich, and she's wasting a lot of money in useless items and want to live a luxurious life without working because she is convinced that SHE DESERVES it (she got trouble with ALL of her bosses for not coming to work, and got fired of almost all of her jobs).

She put zero effort on anything (she want to be a famous actress and brag non-stop about how great she is and how talentless others are!) yet act like she is the only one on earth having a hard time fighting for her dreams.
She is complaining no-stop about people being mean to her, when she got opportunities few had and sabotaged them!
When she fails: it is everybody's fault but her!

MY POINT IS: I have spend years and years in trying to help her, this was just a HUGE energy drain.
Took me a while to notice she doesn't not want to "get better", "be independant", "listen to good advice" or "change for better", she just want people to act like her parents, giving cash, and let her be 100% delusional by telling her how right she is about literally everything!
I avoid contact with her now. It sadden me because I would have love to be good friend with her but her tox_ic ways make me insane. She is like a vampire, draining all the joy you have.
I am writing all this, for all the comments that tell LJ to look for professionnal help: if she is satified with her lifestyle, she won't get it (sound plain, yes I know). She is really addicted to this kind of life and my guess is that it will last a whiiiile.(huge blog)

No. 773624

File: 1588936492871.jpg (71.86 KB, 643x820, 0a1.jpg)

No. 773635

I know plenty of people with that hair length and it's really not a bother to wash at the basic maintenance level… that's really no excuse
It looks even longer on her because she's so short

No. 773639

Exactly, and she also doesn't have a job and barely leaves the house. She could literally wash it twice a week and leave it to air dry for a morning and it would look a million times better than it does now most of the time

No. 773657

I get the same greasy vibes from Laur as well. They probably sit around the house in the same clothes and unwashed hair for days.
Although Laur's skin doesn't seem as flakey and dry. Their hair is identical though.
I wonder if Lillee will adopt the referring hairline like her mother.

No. 773687

File: 1588958131671.gif (707.85 KB, 191x191, 1559985173179.gif)

No. 773700

New video on Lillee & Laur’s racist podcasts. Nothing new but it’s put together in a well articulated format.

No. 773701

Also fucking dry shampoo if you really can't be bothered to wash…

No. 773717

Great video. The commentator did a good job at making her point and expressing it articulately.

I actually hadn't listened to the podcast before since I find Laur and Lillee's voice terribly insufferable, so I hadn't heard the story of Laur saying she was chased out by a Chinese shop owner with a meat cleaver for being white while trying to buy fish. And that this was such a common occurrence, it happened "many times."

Without blogposting, I'm familiar with that area of Queens, and Chinese shops absolutely do not have a "no whites allowed" policy. That's such a fucking shitty thing to lie about. The only way I can see this happening is if she tried to steal from them, kek.

No. 773721


>the story of Laur saying she was chased out by a Chinese shop owner with a meat cleaver for being white while trying to buy fish. And that this was such a common occurrence, it happened "many times."

LOL this sounds like some kind of whacky bit from a 1970s sketch comedy show

No. 773744

It really sounds like something that's she's greatly exaggerated after an experience where she treated shop owners like crap (like we totally know she would) and the shop owners were having none of it. Good for them, to be quite honest.
It's like that old adage that is something along the lines of if you are constantly meeting 'assholes' every day in your day to day life, maybe the asshole is actually you.

No. 773761

>Laur throws fit because she has to wait in line
>fish shop smells too fishy, they'll be hearing about this on yelp
>tries to pay for fish with fake antiques
>gets asked to leave store
>and then he ATTACKED me with a meat cleaver for being white!

No. 773770


> The only way I can see this happening is if she tried to steal from them

This was my exact thought too. She had to have done something to provoke them if this isn't a completely made up story.

No. 773774

laur is the exact kind of bitch to lie about this shit. she's the type to leave a 1 star yelp review for "RUDE STAFF!" because the ESL chinese cashier didn't make small talk with her.

No. 773801

File: 1588998854712.jpg (33.42 KB, 480x480, PicsArt_05-08-11.29.44.jpg)

It might be late but this… this is so gross, annoying, disgusting like i just wanna punch her whole face and burn her mouth.(a-log nitpick)

No. 773804

h e l p(not milk)

No. 773807

This is probably a joke, the YouTube account is named lil gene. Someone lurked here and made that YouTube video. There are also screen shots from this thread in the clip. For example the one of her butt (the one I posted in this thread).

It's slightly funny, but not to noteworthy.

No. 773809


Of course it's a joke, anon.

No. 773812

Saying you want to 'burn her mouth' is gross, annoying and disgusting. Like wtf? Get a grip you creep

No. 773815

That post should be deleted, as much as I hate LJ I don’t condone violence and such posts will only be used by laur to say bullies want lillee dead or some shit.

No. 773817

Don't be so sensitive. When anons say that they don't literally mean it. I think she has a punchable face for sure but it doesn't mean I actually want to assault her.
That Jamie Oliver tongue lipsy thing is very infuriating.

No. 773818


It reads like an old person's idea of how people talk on "black websites" like the farms.

Probably ridiculous, paranoid tinfoil, but mostly anons here are chill and just laughing at the Truemans repeatedly self-sabotaging their own goals, so when some comment pops up and it's, like trying way too hard to be over-the-top edgy or violent, I always suspect that it's one of the crazies that orbit Laur and Lillee trying to agitate.

I'm pretty sure at least one of the sealions tried it a couple of times, back when they were still trying to fabricate a villain for King McSteve to fight with.

No. 773819


samefag. I just noticed that even though the comment is weird and creepy, they used a photo of Lillee that is relatively flattering. >>773801 No crazy bugged-out eyes, or possum teeth on display.

I've convinced myself. I'm gonna believe my own tinfoil.

No. 773820

Not white knighting Lillee but I feel like when her mother told the Chinese fish market story, even she thought it wasn't a good thing to say. The way she was like 'oh my gosh, really!?'
It seemed like she didn't know what to say to that.
I've seen people say things I straight out don't agree with but because I'm non confrontational I'll say something like 'oh wow okay' or 'really? That's interesting'
It's not agreeing, but it's not telling the other person straight out 'no'

No. 773821

Lol. Of course I don't mean it, i just reaaally hate the tongue out like that, especially if it is from her. Relax anons.

No. 773822

File: 1589018005196.jpg (126.39 KB, 744x695, ahaha.jpg)

No. 773823

It's not being sensitive to think someone is being a cringy edgelord in violation of the rules of this board.
I also agree that it could be someone trying to create a 'violent stalker' narrative and I think that in particular should absolutely fuck off out of here

No. 773824

File: 1589019608539.jpg (57.16 KB, 758x512, U1.jpg)

Praise Lillee bringing us some light in a "dying world".

No. 773829

Tired Lady has got to be one of the saddest weirdos in existence

No. 773830

I wonder if Tired Lady knows Laur irl or she is one of Laur's internet friends. She's really odd.

No. 773831

She's a sad ill shut-in with a vendetta against BeautyGuruChatter because they told her to stop spamming the subreddit with her inane bullshit. Simping for LJ is her way of getting back at them. Nobody supports LJ and Laur without being mental and/or having ulterior motives

No. 773832

I wonder what that Patricia runway rouge lady's reason is for simping them then. Because they would be so bad for publicity.

No. 773834

Because she does exactly the same thing that LJ does, falsely pumping up their engagement to look more important than they are. It's kinda in PH's interest to act like what LJ is doing is completely fine.
As for the other stuff, I honestly think Patricia is just a boomer with a loose grasp on how all this shit works and has taken LJ's word for it on the cyberbullying narrative. The fact they have met in real life probably bolsters it.

No. 773837

File: 1589031437125.jpg (237.05 KB, 996x1672, EXlFVREX0AAP8XA.jpg)

Runway Rouge sent a weird cease and desist to the girl who made the reddit thread about them asking for name and address and potentially sharing info with Laur

No. 773838

File: 1589031480725.jpg (253.85 KB, 982x1544, EXlFVqZX0AIS845.jpg)

No. 773839

Thanks anon, where did you find this? Twitter?

No. 773840

File: 1589031627984.jpg (212.33 KB, 989x1424, EXlFWFKXQAAEkHM.jpg)

No. 773841

OMG the '90s supermodel Patricia Harrtman' bit is too fucking funny, my sides. Reckon she stood over him and made sure he added in that bit?

No. 773842

“look me up”

Did Dees confirm the email actually came from Runway Rogue? I’m having a hard time believing an attorney wrote this. It looks more like a Lillee Jean fanpage wrote it.

No. 773843

wouldn't it be illegal to pretend to be a lawyer? they're posting their bar number too, so I assume it has to be legit.

No. 773845

Fucking kek at that. "Make sure you mention my 15 minutes of fame from 30 years ago." Patricia doesn't even have a wiki page.

This whole C&D is laughable. What lawyer says "look me up"? "Govern yourself accordingly"? Absolutely pathetic. He might be a real lawyer, but there is no way what he's saying has merit. Runway Rogue already shared a DM to Laur, and then they go and ask for people's full names and addresses to anyone who dares to complain about LJ's pedo-pandering and bullying.

It's not misrepresenting anything to find this shit suspicious as hell, and it makes RR look worse for purposely attempting to cover it up.

No. 773846

File: 1589032983596.jpg (414.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200509-080224_Chr…)

These could have been written by Laur herself honestly.

>Cease and Desist NOW

>90s supermodel Patricia Hartman
>Look me up
>"So we can communicate with you" in giant, out of place bold
>sad and sordid vendetta

Absolutely none of this reads like an actual lawyer sent it. I did a quick Google search and as far as I can tell, this guy really is a lawyer kek.


No. 773847

File: 1589033178087.jpeg (165.59 KB, 750x390, C27F49D4-1A89-4479-9E79-DB228A…)

No. 773848

File: 1589033639072.jpg (571.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200509-081331_Chr…)

I was just reading the reddit and someone brought up a pretty good point concerning RR doxing people to LJ and laur and getting away with it. I'll post screencaps cuz I don't feel like summarizing it.
This makes me want to do some digging on the privacy policy myself.

No. 773849

This guy actually misspelled "Costa Mesa" in his own email signature, see >>773078

What a bizarre company.

No. 773850

File: 1589033751162.jpg (582.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200509-081342_Chr…)

I cant imagine in what universe RR would get away with doxing people, if their lawyer is as incompetent as he sounds, I'm betting this is some Onion-esqu "loophole" of fancy law jargon that doesn't actually hold up in a court of law.

No. 773851

From his website, he works in employment law. I work with lawyers and he's a little loose with his legal definitions. You can't call it malicious without more basis and you cannot say it's an intentional misrepresentation when he's quoting "It is suspected." S-U-S-P-E-C-T-E-D. Looks like this is a cluster fuck of hacks. He's proud of his boomer model girlfriend, but no one wants their 4 overpriced lipsticks from a no name model.

Unfortunately, having no legal basis, he might have the resources to waste the money and time of GwndolynNikkie. If he does, representing himself, it would be hilarious because that would be a really nice complaint action to take up against the state bar. I'm sure his malpractice insurance would love that.

No. 773853

tinfoil but I think they originally asked for their address to send an official cease and desist, and when they didn't reply, had to send it to them through the same email conversation they already had open >>773847

No. 773854

File: 1589036884848.jpg (202.76 KB, 1080x611, Screenshot_20200509-095816_Chr…)

Patricia's happy to be an afterthought, as long as someone notices her. She hooked her wagon to LJ and is still waiting on Laur to deliver on those 1million fans.

No. 773855

Someone on BeautyGuruChatter shared this obviously astroturfing Reddit account from three years ago that clearly belongs to someone from Runway Rogue. They are so embarrassing.

No. 773856


Lmfao what if that's Patreesha's reddit?

No. 773858

Probably is, or that idiot of a CEO.
It's really funny in any case to see them scrambling to find as many different ways to bring Runway Rogue up when literally no one shows a single dot of interest

No. 773859

File: 1589038068098.jpg (110.81 KB, 689x529, DHK1AG1.jpg)

only sort of related to lj and laur, but it looks like they're trying to do this, only they don't have the money for high quality bots

No. 773860

All these boomers need their internet privileges revoked, lillee included.

No. 773861

File: 1589038137441.jpg (112.38 KB, 732x528, uWFj4ke.jpg)


No. 773863

I believe it. There was a time when swagbucks would pay you 2 cents every day to watch 10 videos by that iTina or iMeagan or whatever that bitch's name was. There were also a ton of other 1 cent to watch & like, 1 cent to subscribe tasks. Just think of how many shadier, less reputable pay-to-click sites are out there. You don't even need bots, people will run their own personal accounts into the ground for a literal penny.

No. 773864

I've noticed a lot of shady accounts like this on explore. They always have generic emoji heart eyes or "wowww love this" comments. Laur and LJ wouldn't even be notable even if they didn't buy 1m cheap bots and supplement their engagement with trashy, racist caricatures.

Fake engagement is nothing new, they just took it to a ridiculous extreme and ended up looking like a parody. You can't fake your numbers to match well-known industry professionals like Norvina or Hung Vanngo and not have anyone call you out.

No. 773868

Yeah, I can see how Laur and Lillee might believe “everyone else is faking it so why should we be singled out for it” but don’t want to admit it. There are hundreds of thousands out there just as shady as her but no one bats an eye at them. Shes fun to gawk at because she is the uncanny valley of fake social media influencers lol

No. 773869


Honestly if it just stayed at her buying followers, this would have went nowhere. It was the fact that they were also caught having fake racial/lgbt stereotype accounts that grabbed everyone's attention. And then the absolute chaos that they created and then proceeded to balloon into what it is today is what makes them different than the rest of the influencers. Their personalities being absolutely fucked and them just constantly fucking up even more and digging their hole even deeper is what keeps attention on them. They're not just people who bought followers, they're people who need to be admitted in an insane asylum at this point.

No. 773876

I think the way they react crazily to everything instead of ignoring, Lillee's weird teeth And the random little lies like the catfish profiles and fake boyfriend is what makes them stand out.
If someone like Tana mongeau got caught out for buying followers she'd downright ignore it or wait ages to make an apology video and never address it again.

The problem is with Lillee, it's not just fake followers, they dug themselves a hole by pretending to be random fans and people found out. There's too much evidence with their stats and engagement as well to be able to just apologise without being embarrassed.
I'm sure there'd be people who would forgive her and she might even get a small fan base, but Lillee and her mother are much too proud and embarrassed to admit that and will just keep piling on the lies until the next lie is called out and then they threaten anyone who challenges Lillee's image.

Laur and Lillee won't admit to anything nor will they grow becauwe Laur wants everyone to think Lillee is perfect and doesn't want her to be known as the girl who bought followers.

No. 773878

Thank Anon.
Yet, even if they spend hefty amount of money in this scam, return on investment is not guaranteed.
I find LJ ugly and highly unsettling. We all know ow LJ dresses in an event, I doubt many high quality brands work with her…

No. 773885

File: 1589051400379.jpeg (303.92 KB, 750x655, 7948A506-1295-4E06-BBEE-9059D7…)

Hit a nerve

No. 773887

I love that no matter how many times they try and get people to talk about RR no one takes the bait and asks

No. 773889

We need a dedicated translator for these two. I do not fucking get how you can grow up in America and sound like English is your second, maybe even third, language.

What does she mean by "face mold?" These are animated characters on a screen not mass produced sculptures. Is she implying that animators have same face syndrome and that's her excuse for her very own boring, repeated looks?

No. 773897

By searching 'Runway Rogue' on Reddit I found one other dodgy account that just spams out random crap all the time, they may be an astroturfing account that is paid to disseminate marketing material on Reddit. They have posted a link to Runway Rogue once three years ago, around the same time as the other astroturfing account was also repeatedly asking about Runway Rogue products.


No. 773900

>Is she implying that animators have same face syndrome and that's her excuse for her very own boring, repeated looks?
I think this is it. A handful of cartoon characters have purple eyeshadow, so apparently that justifies her sameface looks.

None of those characters look alike outside of being portrayed as pretty and white, and even if they did, why would they all have the same makeup style? Megara has unique lips/eyebrows and Jessica Rabbit has a sultry 40s nightclub look. The issue isn't the colors, it's the lack of technique or attention to detail. She poses the exact same way with the same dull facial expression in every cosplay.

No. 773909

File: 1589064503171.png (899.54 KB, 1276x676, element.png)

Just these two alone look completely different.
>plump, round doll lips vs. sharp, well defined cupids bow and corners
>round oval face with no chin vs. Angular, high cheekbones, sharp chin
>sultry pouty face vs. mischievous grin/laughing
>eyeshadow to browbone vs. a more hooded eyeshadow look
>small rounded eyebrows vs. angular bracket eyebrows

Lillie is hopeless lmao. She could contour, redraw her lip and eyebrow shape, maybe actually follow the style of the characters makeup. Like you said, even if she worked on her posing alone it would help her so much. JRs pouty lips and narrowed eyes are such a calling card for her character. It's a shame she cant be bothered to focus on anything other than the color of their lipstick and eyeshadow.

I don't recall seeing JR with a psychotic gap toothed smile, bulging eyeballs and sucking in her cheeks for a duckface. Which you know is exactly what we will get kek.

No. 773923

Isn't face blindness a sign of autism?

No. 773942

File: 1589093528906.jpg (369.15 KB, 1080x1813, Screenshot_20200510_025109.jpg)

Living for everyone laughing their ass off

No. 773943

File: 1589093857137.jpg (295.95 KB, 1080x1362, Screenshot_20200510_025731.jpg)

Responding to the tired lady

No. 773951

Video from Chelsea Hoffman about the drama surrounding lillee and peepee.

No. 773954

Is she impliying that we all bought 1M followers, that we are running scams over scams, and that we tried to doxx and delete everyone's account exposing us..?
What a shabby hypocrite!

No. 773956

Laur is making everyting worse with her shitty attitude - we all know that by now.
CH is admitting that she did the first video for attention. In this second video she talks about the alledged grooming situation.
Quite long for nothing new!

No. 773965

This is some shitty logic, holy fuck. Even if you wanted to classify this as a misguided teen making mistakes, Laur and Lillee still haven't admitted to any of it. They won't admit to buying followers, making racist socks, harassing other influencers, doxxing, or even say that an adult dating a child is wrong. Laur is an adult and has been managing Lillee the entire time.

Remember it was only about a month ago that she tried to doxx Creepshow, and less than a month ago that Lillee told her young fans she doesn't see anything wrong with predatory relationships.

This is not someone getting cancelled for having an offensive tweet 5 years ago, this is a pattern of shitty, bullying behavior that deserves to get called out.

No. 773971

Creepshow just posted this video

No. 773983

Am I the only one that thinks Shannon's arguement just sounds stupid? Saying a 25 year old has their life mapped out so they can date a 35 year old and expanding on that flawed logic so much… just jump straight into saying a 14 year old is a child and doesn't have properly developed decision making school and their brain is less developed. She didn't even touch on the fact that a 14 year old cannot consent and that a 23 year old must be a groomer

No. 773985


I agree a little bit. Like I understood the premise of what she was saying, but it got a little weird like she started scolding 25 year olds? She was like "You should be working full time or going to college", almost like she was demanding the exact same out of every 25 year old. Idk it rubbed me the wrong way.

No. 773988

File: 1589140057335.gif (3.19 MB, 640x426, tenor.gif)

>I don't recall seeing JR with a psychotic gap toothed smile, bulging eyeballs and sucking in her cheeks for a duckface.

Lol nah. For anyone who has seen Who framed Roger Rabbit, I'm sure they would be familiar with the character Lena Hyena who looks a lot more like Lillee.

No. 773995

I get what she was trying to do, but yeah, there's no need to compare age gap relationships between adults to a literal child dating an adult.

The most significant thing about the Pheepy video to me is it shows how weird Lillee's upbringing was. Even if the story is fake, it's disturbing that this kind of relationship was normalized to her, and that Lillee somehow got it in her head that her mom can legally consent for her. She immediately acknowledges the age gap in the video saying "that's why I don't talk about him, people always bring up the age difference" or something. She KNEW the 9 year age gap was weird for a 14 year old, but said it anyway and defended it.

No. 774029

>>773995 Even if the story is fake, it's disturbing that this kind of relationship was normalized to her, and that Lillee somehow got it in her head that her mom can legally consent for her.

That's a good point actually, hadn't thought of it like that before.

No. 774056

why does everyone in lj comment section talk about her eyes?? they’re just blue?? nothing special

No. 774069

Someone made this absolutely hilarious video about all the elenas in LJ’s likes. Anyone can tell she’s fake fake fakeeee

No. 774089

Beret Girl video is up

No. 774090

File: 1589176026904.png (17.63 KB, 880x122, Annotation 2020-05-11 014623.p…)

What the fuck does this mean?

No. 774092


Think she's trying to say that she has a strep infection and is also on her period, and that she thinks she looks "more pale" as a result, and hoping that other people will notice that.

Basically, she's fishing for sympathy and fishing for people to compliment her skin color. AGAIN.

No. 774094

File: 1589178009762.jpg (129.2 KB, 1055x852, stats.jpg)

They are back to buying subs for LJ's youtube channel, or maybe they never stopped, but just got impatient with the slow-and-steady method and tried to do a whole bunch at once. She'd been getting around 10-30 subs per day since the Primink video premiered in February, but all of a sudden on May 3, the subs jumped up to ten times that number. However, on that same day, her daily video views went down, and have stayed down, which makes no sense.

No. 774096

Periods and body hair are normal as fuck but why does she feel the need to hilight whenever she's hormonal or on her period? It's in quite a few videos now. Might be a nitpick but it feels borderline fetishy like the feet thing if you ask me.

I know she does it for woke points also but the girl mentions it so much it's bizarre.

No. 774098


I think this might be another manifestation of her delayed development caused by social isolation. Kids around middle school age talk quite a lot about their periods, though it's usually in private among their friends. It's like a rite of passage or proof of having a more adult body, but the novelty has mostly worn off by high school, when getting your period has become routine.

I'm guessing that Lillee never got invited to giggle with friends at a sleepover and compare bra size and shit like that. So now the whole world gotta hear about her hormones.

No. 774100

I wonder if she deleted a video, or if YT scrubbed ~6000 views right before they deleted ~200 subs.

No. 774126

Yeah she only started gaining subs and hit 7k months after the video hit which is very sus. She’s also buying comments

No. 774132


Looks like Youtube has already found and nuked some of the sub bot accounts. I don't know if the system for monitoring fraudulent padding of analytics is fully automated, but if it's a situation where there's suspicious activity and then an account gets flagged for review by an actual person, they're going to be able to tell immediately that Lillee has been buying subs, views, and comments. The last time they tried to buy a bunch of subs a couple of years ago, Youtube found and deleted them all within a single month, so I don't know why they think they'll be able to get away with doing the same exact shit again.

Youtube is kind of sometimey with how they enforce their TOS, but viewbotting/commentbotting on monetized videos is a no-no. Throw in the multiple instances of false copyright striking as well, and Lillee might be risking getting her channel shut down.

No. 774139

File: 1589206339253.jpeg (126.58 KB, 383x986, A8321019-CED9-48E7-B808-95665F…)

Laur filed a false copyright strike on Dees’ video. YouTube refused to remove the video. Dees tweeted the entire complaint, full of Laur sperging out.


No. 774141


Laur has the actual biggest boomer energy I think on the entire internet.

No. 774142

File: 1589207022357.jpg (24.47 KB, 680x157, LJ hypocrite.jpg)

1/ Say the one who has been running scams for years,
2/ Who is stealing PR and tricking makeup companies in giving her free stuff while she has no following.
3/ Ruins it for every instagrammers/youtubers with REAL followers.

Hypocrisy is reaching stratospheric level here!
This is seriously the most unlikable, annoying, fake ass ugly uncultured swine on the net.

No. 774144

"make it appear like she is an horrible individual"
Ah. Yes, yes "make it appear" …

No. 774145

I'm surprised she actually said since 2019 and not 2015. So they do know they made that up.

No. 774146

Idk if this is a tinfoil or not but I have a theory that Laur put in that "we have legal cases against her, as well as the FBI and NYPD Cyber Crime Unit involved" not for Youtube, but she knew Dees was going to read it, and just wanted to try and "scare" her again.

No. 774147

“We are suing”
“Pending legal case…I will be filing”

There’s no civil case yet Laur lies and says they’re actively suing people.

No. 774148


She's also been taking advantage of the COVID situation/lying by saying nothing is moving forward because the courts are closed, when it was never moving forward to begin with.

No. 774149

I don't know about LJ's account, but Laur is definitely gonna fuck around and get her YT channel terminated with this crazy bullshit.

No. 774150


Yeah, exactly, so for Dees and not Youtube lol. Just a lie to try and scare her, hoping she doesn't read it thoroughly.

No. 774152

I’m reading it again and noticed she says the NYPD & FBI are “involved” not the NYPD & FBI have open cases against Dees & her Animal Crossing cyberbullying ring.

Does YouTube usually send the entire complaint like this? It seems like Youtube was like please sue this crazy woman.

No. 774153

File: 1589209755918.jpg (174.34 KB, 2036x916, EXvt5YLWoAEW0bC.jpg)

No. 774154

File: 1589209788716.jpg (180.71 KB, 2052x916, EXvuAbsWsAMXS6X.jpg)

No. 774158


LOL Laur is a moron. She doesn't understand what "transformative" means, as pertains to copyright. She's making the case for fair use within her own complaint.

No. 774159

Surprisingly Laur is smart enough to file the strikes from her own channel instead of lillee's. Her account will definitely get suspended at some point.

No. 774160

File: 1589210889223.png (66.66 KB, 1182x664, 4671B730-B043-4AFD-AE15-ABFB8E…)

YouTube called Laur out or using her fake company to file the DMCA against Tatiana.

No. 774161


Isn't Laur's "corporate" email address just a gmail account? The only official website they have is Lillee's blog. This is such a good Monday, anons.

No. 774163

I don't know if I'd chalk it up to her being smart enough to think of it from that angle, I have a feeling she's claiming it from her own because she originally claimed her YT channel as the "management" channel and maybe thought she had more leverage to take it down that way, however, she changed that narrative later and started saying "this is my personal account" so idk my point could be completely moot.

No. 774168


I wonder if maybe Laur is using her own channel to file the strikes because youtube has already given Lillee's channel a warning about filing false DMCAs

No. 774169


Ooo that's a good theory

No. 774184

This is extremely enjoyable Monday milk. I was wondering how long it would be before a social media platform had an actual, demonstrable fight back. She's a fucking idiot because all she's doing is misunderstanding everything about what YouTube is asking for while simultaneously shouting "Look here at my client who is continuously breaking all your terms of service in a thousand different ways!"
If their accounts get taken down I would fucking die. It wouldn't even stop the milk from flowing because you just know they'd move to something else and keep the madness going

No. 774187

File: 1589219583993.webm (7.36 MB, 576x1024, lillee-jean-_1_.webm)

This is old milk, but no one posted yet. This is Lillee teaching people to do the same stupid basic seizure dance she does in every TikTok lmfao

No. 774188

Given that Laur is fucking insane and chats shit all over the internet I'm kind of surprised she hasn't come here and vomited all over the keyboard in these threads. Maybe it's because she's such a boomer that she genuinely thinks these sites are dangerous and will steal her soul or some shit

No. 774190


She tried on the first ever thread of them, starts here >>846853
Pretty sure they got IP banned from that point so they just have to watch and read.

No. 774191

File: 1589220600533.jpg (440.94 KB, 1080x1487, 20200511_121005.jpg)

No. 774193

Thank you! I had never quoted from a previous thread, so had no clue lol

No. 774194

This is the first video I've seen of hers, is it usually this…dull? Idk, she didn't go very in depth. Several other videos had loads of screenshots and really dove into the craziness that ensued. I feel like she just grazed over it and scratched the surface.

No. 774196

File: 1589222376278.jpg (112.63 KB, 1242x1176, EXtaAM6WkAIx9Ys.jpg)

Lillee DM'ed an artist from Italy to draw her, and while it is quite good, I'm laughing at how he made her hair kind of look like a rat's nest

No. 774199

still better than how she looks irl

No. 774200

Wtf, I have a filter than make a picture look exactly like that.
Did she pay for it or he just expect to suck some clout?
Also, comments are desactivated, keke.

No. 774201

File: 1589222935530.png (8.08 KB, 466x129, Annotation 2020-05-11 144822.p…)


No idea, it just says "DM for collaboration", so maybe? Then again, the poor guy could be fooled that her following is real and may have done this for free in exchange for the shout out she did.

No. 774202

File: 1589223023325.png (496.08 KB, 912x598, Annotation 2020-05-11 144958.p…)


She also turned off comments to avoid hostility. Lol does she not think it's that great herself and that he'll get a lot of hate comments?

No. 774203

tbh this isn't that good for this type of art, which explains the hair. the guy doesn't look like he's all that great so he likely did this for free because he thought she's got real followers.

No. 774204

File: 1589223135564.jpg (78.84 KB, 814x554, rob.jpg)

His drawing skills looks as good as LJ's

No. 774205

Why does this strike me as some selfish/jealous endeavour? Like she refuses to see him get more praise than her or something?
Could just be that she was avoiding comments saying she didn't deserve to get drawn, but idk I'm thinking it's the former.

No. 774206

based on this he definitely used a filter for >>774202 and just drew on the hair and touched it up. there's no way he could be so technical looking in certain aspects but not understand how to attach hair to the scalp…

No. 774207

God that's fucking scary. It almost makes it look like the images he does of people are faked by doing a filter, or tracing it or something. Idk how he went from that to making fairly realistic portraits.

No. 774209

Indeed, also the drawings have very suspicious grain that cannot be achieved with a pencil.
He is as lazy as her!

No. 774210

File: 1589223468898.png (838.64 KB, 939x862, Annotation 2020-05-11 145639.p…)


Yeah, these were his drawings from April of this year, so literally a month ago.

No. 774211

I also use a software with filters, you can achieve this effect in one click.

No. 774212

Lmao this is a filter
The queen of filters and tracing knows this which is why she turned off comments

No. 774213

File: 1589223506336.png (1.32 MB, 935x914, Annotation 2020-05-11 145640.p…)


And these are his drawings now. What an improvement.

No. 774214


She posted a screenshot of her DMs from him a couple of days ago on her insta stories, he contacted and offered to do it for her. He asked her to to pick a picture and she told him to pick one that "moves him" or something of the sort.

Are insta pods pay per post promotion? Maybe she doesn't want to pay to promote his artwork's post.

No. 774215

Can she be arround with nothing else than fake people and cheaters????

No. 774216

holy shit the one in the middle. he didn't even try to hide the fact that it's just cut off.

No. 774217


Sorry, forgot to put improvement in quotation marks, but yeah he completely used a filter. At least delete your old really terrible drawings from a month ago so it's not super obvious??

No. 774218

there's a very clear difference between the filtered faces and the parts he actually drew. god how pathetic. the pics are so small too (and drawn on printer paper). the poor girl on the bottom left wtf is going on with her boob?

No. 774219

No, she can't, because she's in engagement pods so she's only surrounded by the fakest of people at all times.

No. 774222

I take it he's in her engagement pod, and they faked a DM conversation when this was a planned collab from the get-go. Then she turned off comments because she knew how obviously fake it was.
I don't think she got anything out of collabing with him, I'm pretty sure it was just her turn to boost engagement for someone else, so she chose him, or he was picked for her to engage with. Idrk how these pods work, but that's my guess.

No. 774223


Most of the posts on this artist's IG get an average of 50-80 likes and usually under 20 comments, but the post with Lillee's "drawing" has 130 likes and 100 vague-yet-positive comments. I think Lils disabled the comments on her own post so she could request that the people in her engagement pod go and comment on the artist's page instead, to make it look like she has real fans.

No. 774224

For such a prolific artist, they rarely seem to sharpen their pencils.

No. 774225

Ok who has this filter and can replicate this “art” with our fav Lillee Jean photos please please

No. 774228

If anyone can find the original photo he used it'd be even better to show how obviously fake it is

No. 774230

File: 1589225599808.jpg (110.44 KB, 1084x1213, EXtaAM8XYAAGfVu.jpg)

Here's the original he used

No. 774231

File: 1589225635925.jpeg (256.63 KB, 826x1120, A47625BD-1F97-425C-948E-F4918B…)

I used picsart lmaof

No. 774232

He's a fraud obviously

kek the recycled pencil shavings that don't even match the pencils

No. 774233

yeah but it would be funnier to post the creepy hands crossed legs hair naked weird ass shit she posts done as fanart to make a point

No. 774234

File: 1589226305333.jpg (561.74 KB, 1274x712, mOUjZ1D.jpg)

Dude probably messes around with other filters (brightness, contrast etc) first to get exactly the look he wants but it's damn close to this with scribbled in hair for 'authenticity'

No. 774235

he clearly uses filters and erases stuff like the hair and then chicken scratches hair later by hand kek.

No. 774236

Explains why it looks like she's balding in it.

No. 774241

I love how she's suddenly a "dancing prodigy" and fit to teach other people when less than a month ago she busted moves like these >>768806

No. 774247

File: 1589232212171.jpg (344.28 KB, 826x1690, LOL ART.jpg)

1st filter: use a sepia or alike with grain
2nd filter: whatever drawing related transforming
1st pic Original, 2nd His, 3rd Mine.
And, yes he erased some part to badly draw her hair.

No. 774248


My guess is that he also prints off a low opacity picture and draws over it

No. 774258

File: 1589236427165.jpg (40.51 KB, 350x350, 300722.jpg)

>ultra detailed face
>sharp ass straw hair with zero detail
This is hilarious. Dude is trying to draw a scarecrow.

No. 774298

File: 1589251930635.jpg (247.79 KB, 1839x886, arte.jpg)


One of the callouts granted your christmas wish, anon.

No. 774299

the colored pencils have me rollin!

No. 774313


I went through his followers to see if i recognized some of Lillee's pod people and I think he's got less than a handful of verifieds, but on the post of her "drawing" there were a lot more, so she definitely brought the pod to him.

I'm guessing it was just another way to make herself look like she has really real fans that will make such astonishing "surprise" art! Calling it a surprise when it was requested and discussed is also hilarious.

No. 774326

Diane's livestream she did tonight is a good in-depth overview about Runway Rogue, Patricia Hartmann, the doxxing, etc.

No. 774335

File: 1589277076490.jpg (398.75 KB, 1080x1817, 20200512_044642.jpg)

These are months old, kind of makes it obvious she didn't receive them in PR

No. 774339

Essence is a low-cost shabby brand distributed in supermarkets (lipstick cost arround 2$, shadows 3$, 1$ pencils, etc).
It is the same company that owns Catrice and L.O.V.
Basically, I see it as a brand for little girls who want to buy really cheap makeup to play grown up.

It is also known to have a lot of problematic components: carcinogens, allergenics, endocrine disruptors, etc.
It is not true they are "cruelty free" because they have another company to run these tests for them.
They totally are into greenwashing and pretend they are "vegan" but "kind of" and not for 99% of their products.

Essence does NOT give the list of components in their product package, you can only find them in their website: how convenient!
And I doubt it is legal, but I am sure this is not ethical: why hide the list of components and make it difficult to search for it??

So yeah, "environmentalist" not so much…

No. 774340

Well good thing Lillee isn't one of those tree-hugging protestors and is all about only doing 1 change 4 change!

No. 774342

Omg she pulls that stupid "already dove in" card every time. Literally it's every single "PR" she gets.

No. 774345

I bought Essence makeup some months ago.
The eye shadows don't hold! Literraly, two minutes after you put it, it goes away in your crease. It also feel itchy.
The lipsticks have so heavy perfume, it makes me nauseous: it is like my lips are drinking a whole bottle of perfume!
It is unusable, had to remove it right away!
(Essence Nailpolishs are ok though and some years ago Essence had girly cute packaging)
This is NOT quality makeup.
Yet, really lowcost price: you get what you pay for.

It is something LJ would have known if she wasn't wearing her makeup 5 minutes for her lame videos and remove it right after!
Also, it amaze me, that she is (still?) planning to have her own makeup brand while knowing literally nothing about makeup!
And never bother to make some research, so lazy, so dumb, so annoying.((blog))

No. 774348

Just when you start thinking there must be some self awareness hidden in there, lillee chooses the rabbit emoji. You'd think she'd go for the dolphin emoji instead? You'd think wrong. Sad.

No. 774350

File: 1589281671088.jpg (146.65 KB, 1242x1172, EXtaAM4XQAIc6-O.jpg)


Okay I know we established that this is fake, but I just want to point out how hilarious it is that he's actively putting a close up of his drawings, proving how fake they look, because no one draws in those types of strokes lmfao. I mean when you zoom in it literally looks printed off, idk what he think he's achieving by posting their close-ups??

No. 774351

You can see where the filter made mistakes. Dude's an idiot.

No. 774352

I don't get why people with no skills (and somehow aware of it) make an insta where they display their (lack of) skills…

How narcissistic you have to be??

Is it some kind of weird Dunning–Kruger effect, where people know they are incompetent but also think that everyone is too stupid to not notice it?

No. 774353

> people know they are incompetent but also think that everyone is too stupid to not notice it?

I literally think this is exactly what is going on and I'm not even kidding. I genuinely believe these people (specifically Lillee and this dude) are somehow delusional enough to think we're all just sheep eating fodder and could never in a million years point out their fakeness, because we're just simply too dumb to do that.
I mean I really don't think Lillee telling lie after lie after lie is a joke to her, I genuinely believe she thinks we're too stupid and will believe it with her.

No. 774379

This does happen though. There are a ton of absurdly fake yet popular instagrammers, like ridiculous photoshoppers or obvious tracers. A lot of people do believe them for some reason. This dude is just especially egregious since he went from 4th grade art student to hyper realistic Diego Fazio in a month.

No. 774383

"A lot of people do believe them for some reason"
Ar they real people/followers though? (If so, are they above 12?)

I spend many years wondering why and how, so many unfunny humorits had so many people laughing during their shows…
Just to find out that some of the people were actually PAID by them to laugh out loud at every not amusing jokes they made…!

This wannabe famous insta "models-whatever" are living in the fakest virtual world.

No. 774385

File: 1589297619944.jpeg (161.65 KB, 750x952, FAD37CC9-84E2-41E9-A0FF-4FB6F6…)

Laur is still issuing YouTube copyright strikes on anyone who posts LJ’s ig live video

No. 774390

Which account was it? Tatiana's?
So many videos are popping it is difficult to keep track.
Can she create another account and re-upload them?

No. 774393

It was one of the callout accounts that only has like 10 subs.

No. 774395

File: 1589299207640.png (1.28 MB, 1440x1654, Screenshot_2020-05-12-17-57-12…)

New video on LJ premiering tonight

No. 774399


These videos are popping up all over the place, what is she doing? The jig is up, and she can't false DMCA strike the whole world.

No. 774409

They are like a cornered animal lashing out right now. They think if they get them all taken down, they can sweep this under the rug and somehow recover. If they were able to stop them popping up for a couple weeks, I bet Laur would delete the "apology" videos and act like it never happened.

No. 774428

Isnt this the person from Steve McBoomers youtube "show"? Not Cheshire but the other chick?

No. 774432

Her facial expressions are so cringey my god.
And she's doing that weird tongue thing.
I swear she's retarded.

No. 774456

Yes. She was part of the interview with LJ and Laur (where Laur was hiding off screen but couldn’t help but jump in so Lillee didn’t have to answer for herself). I’m actually really interested in seeing this - she has stated that she trusted what Steve had to say and when she did some digging herself after the fact saw things in a different light as she actually saw what was going on for herself.

No. 774460

Here's the video

No. 774461


I've seen the video but it was nothing new. Her format is amazing though and the skits where really funny. She didn't go in depth on the topics. I was hoping she would have her own story, but it wasn't clear.

No. 774487


She gives info we already know (The fake accounts, fake collabs, fake appearances, general backstory, etc). But I think she knows this which is why she puts up screenshots very quickly and overtop of each other, because at this point it's just a gloss over for anyone who has followed this.
She says she got involved with Lillee Jean, her mother, and the drama because she was friends at the time with Steve McRae. She assumed that Steve McRae knew them and knew what he was talking about regarding them, and took everything he said about them as truth. She ended up on the stream/hangout with Lillee and Steve because of this. She doesn't explain how that transpired, or how she ended up there, like if Steve asked her or whatever, she just basically says she trusted Steve and ended up on the livestream.
She talks about Defango, his doxxing, etc.
Talks about Pheepy and the whole minor/adult drama.
Gives a personal message to Laur that she ruined Lillee's career. Also feels Lillee and Laur have an obsession with becoming famous, as that is their way to "win" in life. Says they lack pretty much every trait or characteristic needed to be an influencer. Says eventually the money for buying bots is eventually going to run out.

Overall, even though it's information most of us already know, I think people should give it a watch because the skits, songs, and how she presents her talking points are absolutely hilarious. I personally loved this woman's video. She didn't really give any concrete or in-depth information into how she got involved, she just said she was friends with Steve McRae, and trusted him, and I guess it was just assumed he asked her to be on the show, and she agreed. That was pretty much the only part about her, but the rest was just recapping LJ and Laur.

No. 774546

God, what an insufferable voice on an otherwise decent video. I understand he wants to be seen as a woman, but no woman talks like this.

No. 774558

File: 1589351380478.jpeg (222.04 KB, 1280x1280, 38D575D3-D4F0-4058-8003-AB8DF0…)

It never ceases to amaze me how little self awareness this deranged toad has

No. 774576

Why are you guys sucking this chicks dick? I just wasted my time skipping through the video cause yall made it sound hilarious but it was boring as hell lol.
Can we stop posting videos from these tiny channels if they don't have any fresh milk at all? Who cares if this lady appeared in Priminks video for 5 seconds cause she's an idiot and was friends with Steve McBoomer

No. 774579

File: 1589372149010.jpg (100.54 KB, 591x598, lj sucks.jpg)

LJ hopelessly trying to have Essence cheap makeup to work with her!
What a creeper.
BTW: 2 likes, 1 retweet, kek

LJ is sooooo smart, she hasn't even noticed the brand is not on twitter.

No. 774580

Targeting lowcost makeup Essence because the expensive fancy brands don't want to have business with her?

No. 774584

File: 1589375068815.jpg (562.04 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200513-210038_You…)

Literally no-one cares how pale she is they just point out how she keeps mentioning it.
Also no-one thinks her eyes are too big, they think she bugs them out psychotically when she poses.
She's right about the teeth, but the other two features she's trying to humble brag about like she's some pale Disney princess and we are all so jealous of her 'big' eyes.

No. 774585

She made another post on YouTube pointing out her doppelgangers.
One of which was Elizabeth Olsen who she looks nothing like.

No. 774589

File: 1589376417125.png (1.85 MB, 1942x1282, delusional.png)

LMAOF she's nuts

No. 774592

File: 1589376723845.jpg (1.5 MB, 3264x2060, Same person.jpg)

True twins

No. 774594

Emma Kenney with blue eyes instead of brown is much more accurate than Elizabeth Olsen.
Lillee has a more bizarre mouth though.

No. 774595

Elizabeth Olsen has a smaller nose and visible cheekbones without sucking her cheeks in. The also have a different eye shapes.

Even when Lillee was thinner, she resembled Christina applegate and even then, it was only with blonde hair and cheek sucking.
Whoever told her she looks like Elizabeth Olsen is delusional.

No. 774597

God the grammar is absolutely atrocious. "I need a word record", "time's", never change "U" (that one might be intentional whatever, still. That Harvard-worthy education is really shining through.

No. 774598


> Whoever told her she looks like Elizabeth Olsen is delusional.

No one told her she looks like Elizabeth Olsen.
She probably thinks they're pretty and wants just one person to say that she looks like one of them.

No. 774599


The amount she constantly tries to push body positive, and "be yourself", etc. just further shows that she's giving a shit about what people say. She keeps having to try and convince herself that she's not bothered, but she posts all the time about how "I get told this and that, but I don't care! I swear I don't!" You're not fooling anyone Lillee.

No. 774600

She looks like the other chick in my opinion but it's mainly the hair colour. Then again, I don't think she's that pretty either so that's probably part of it. Pretty sure someone mentioned here that she looks like the ugly Gallagher girl from shameless.

No. 774601

She's not even that pale. Her shade is pale with the bright ass lights on her, but outside of the lighting, her photos with Patricia Hartmann and stuff at that fashion week event, I mean she just looks like regular fair skin. She's not like ungodly pale like I've seen some people. She's painfully average, with her mouth closed.

No. 774602

The other girl has a really square jaw and a shorter space between her mouth and her nose, which gives a pretty big difference in appearance in my opinion.

No. 774603

She pushes that shit constantly yet replies angrily to anyone who makes teeth references in her YouTube comments. She used to copy and paste a link to an article about models and imperfect teeth at every negative teeth comment, but now she just responds defensively and mad.

No. 774604


That too, if you're genuinely not bothered, you wouldn't feel the need to justify yourself to anyone. You would just ignore it. But she's been sheltered and coddled her whole life, and probably told multiple times that her baby teeth are beautiful, and now cries herself to sleep that everyone outside of her attic-dwelling family hates them.

No. 774605

The jaw is definitely a difference as well as Lillee's weird mouth, but I'd say as well that the jaw comes down to weight also. Lillee is probably about 10 kilos heavier than this girl. In her old videos, Lillee wasn't as round in the face.
I also don't think Lillee's lips are as big as they look in photos, they seem to thin out when she talks.

No. 774606

Her top lip disappears when she smiles >>774592

No. 774608

She really is delusional.

Unlike her other boring features, her teeth are a symptom of a disease: enamel hypoplasia (which could be linked to celiac disease) or microdontia (which could be symptom of ectodermal dysplasia).
Also linked with her small height, (mild) retardation, etc.
Funny, she keep inventing diseases and conditions she doesn't not have, but refuses to look deeply at this!

No. 774609

And facetuned af!
This is not how she really looks like.

No. 774612

It's funny when she goes on about her eyes being too big.
In the skynet interview, Laur said the same thing, that people bully her and say her eyes are too big.

Big eyes to an extent are cute.
If you scroll down on the comments on Primink's video or any commentary channels for that matter, NOONE is saying her eyes are 'too big'.
They are saying stuff like 'why does she open her eyes so wide like that?' and 'her stare scares me'
She's taking it all out of context. I dont even think her eyes are that large, it's just the crazed carrot top face she makes.

No. 774615

Could she have prosopagnosia?
AND Autism?
Abnormal Body Posturing or Facial Expressions, Abnormal Tone of Voice
Avoidance of Eye Contact or Poor Eye Contact,Behavioral Disturbances, Deficits in Language Comprehension,Delay in Learning to Speak,Flat or Monotonous Speech
Inappropriate Social Interaction
Lack of Empathy, Lack of Understanding Social Cues, Preoccupation With Specific Topics (makeup, dolls), Problems With Two-Way Conversation, Social Withdrawal
Unusual Reactions in Social Settings, Using Odd Words or Phrases
Etc…(Armchair psychology)

No. 774616

Good grief this thread is in the toilet

No. 774617


Her facial expressions and tone of voice seem to be controlled. She purposefully raises her voice in her videos, idk if that's to mimic a Disney princess or if she thinks it sounds good. The facial expressions she's, I believe, purposefully doing because she knows people hate them so she exaggerates it. She has gotten significantly worse with her facial expressions ever since people started pointing out how hard she strains, so she's just straining harder.

Any type of social/language issues she's having are based off of her being homeschooled from her mom, who is not qualified to teach, and being isolated in the attic since who knows when and not having a lot of experience with the outside world. Even when she attended school, her and her mom have both admitted she missed tons of it, and eventually took her out because of it.

No. 774621

This. I wouldn't deny she's delayed or has health problems but honestly most of it comes down to Laur's shit parenting.

Homeschooling her so she becomes a weird horsegirl without social skills and feeding her junk as a kid so she becomes a doughy chunk. The teeth will always be a medical mystery but the armchairing about her health conditions is a bit too constant.

No. 774625

There's def something unhealthy and possibly dangerous for her in the long run with her teeth ans possibly her squat height and body. But, I think we should probs stick with her having below average intelligence due to being badly home-schooled, socially isolated and told her shit doesn't stink.

Honestly, has she legit never had a doc appointment? A dentist appointment? Or did Laur just end that all when they started to raise concerns? Seems most likely and pretty pathetic

No. 774629

I always get the vibe Laur is too cheap for that stuff or that she thinks she knows best so she puts off going to the doctors.
I remember she went on about Lillee's health in a previous video and she mentioned that Lillee had a dark mark on her neck but didn't take her to do anything about it until Lillee wanted to.
Same thing about the teeth. I think most parents would try and do something about their kids teeth if they were that bad. There are parents who struggle to pay bills but still manage to do some sort of payment plans for braces or whatever the kid needs dentally.

There's also weird telling things about Laur's parenting such as Lillee's diet. She tells the story of when Lillee 'wanted to eat nothing but vegetables and chicken' and she was okay with it and praised Lillee for being healthy.
But then somehow Lillee got too thin. But then she says it's their Jewish genes of gaining too much weight when they eat something as small as a piece of bread.

It's weird how some of her approaches to parenting are giving Lillee the choice to do whatever like going to the doctor or choosing her diet like she's some kind of free cool mom trying to be her teen's bestie, but then she's weirdly restricting and treats her like a 10 year old in other instances.

No. 774632

Exactly, they would probably think they are way too smart to go ask a doctor!
Especially if doctors would told them about everything that is deeply insane with their behavior.

No. 774634

I imagine she'd pull a Greg-style tantrum if a doctor told her anything other than her daughter being perfect. But then again, there's part of me that thinks the controlling side of Laur would love that Lillee has health problems and needs to stay at home with her.
She feels like a cross between Eugenia and Venus's mother.

>Don't tell me howta raise my kid!

No. 774637

>the controlling side of Laur would love that Lillee has health problems and needs to stay at home with her.

I agree but this alledged health problems can't be in conflict with Laur and LJ desire of international fame and prestige!

No. 774640

Boredom must be getting to us. All these health problems when LJ obviously studies from being somewhat unattractive and stupid.

No. 774641

File: 1589385560145.png (237.69 KB, 597x419, Annotation 2020-05-13 115811.p…)


The brand is on Twitter

No. 774644

I don't agree with this. I think they would try to milk health conditions for all they're worth if they had them. The amount of times she has brought up that she had pre-diabetes, has excema and psoriasis, among some other things. If they found out she had something serious, she would be trying to get on talk shows just to announce how hard her life has been living with these issues. They're constantly playing victim and trying to get pity points.

No. 774645

File: 1589385962723.jpg (20.52 KB, 250x230, 1.jpg)

Thanks Anon, you're right, I have been looking at their EU website.

No. 774647

Except she is a real unlikable nuts.
Hard to get pity points with that.

No. 774657

File: 1589391019444.jpg (55.58 KB, 486x680, EX4OK_3WsAQW9Ak.jpg)

Wtf is this makeup?

No. 774659


I actually don't think it's that bad, but not up to standard to be a professional influencer/beauty guru by any means.

No. 774662

Lillee’s French old man boyfriend didn’t do a very good job teaching her how to pronounce Bonjour or Montreal. I’m also really curious about the palettes she wished existed. I think she said Seal?

No. 774663

I don’t think Laur is too cheap for that, she has bought hundreds of thousands of fake followers which is probably way over what it would’ve cost to at least get braces or dentures. I think Laur genuinely thinks her teeth are kind of an ‘in’ and that will help her get ahead of the competition like some of the really successful models who got famous off a unique appearance like Shaun Ross, Winnie Harlow, Lauren Hutton etc. The thing is, apart from Shaun Ross, they are already model beautiful so even with their imperfections they’re still really good looking and it doesn’t take away much from their general appearance. Shaun Ross on the other hand just has a really editorial look. But lillee is just so plain, and nothing on her stands out really, so when she does open her mouth it’s just unsettling and reeks of 0 self awareness.

No. 774664


Also, to tack onto that, Lillee doesn't find anything wrong with her teeth (or at least she keeps saying so), and whatever Lillee says, goes, so it's possible she told her mom to leave her teeth alone. I don't believe the story that she went to an orthodontist/dentist and got "fitted for braces", I'm pretty sure she never even went.
Or, on the off chance, maybe she has seeked dental work, but it would be so much work to fix that they just put up the ruse that "her teeth are beautiful just the way they are!" instead of dealing with the years of work that has to be done to fix them.

No. 774665

File: 1589393933788.jpg (80.99 KB, 814x854, grossnails.jpg)

I have just watch enough to get screens at her ugly dirty nails.

Like what the hell, she literally got all day for cleaning them!
But you know, she is such a beauty-guru-insta-model-genius too busy trying to take videos down and doxx or scam people, to look decently clean.

She can't pronounce Bonjour or Montreal correctly indeed.

No. 774666

File: 1589394012632.png (104.57 KB, 253x279, 64273C66-C8AC-457A-826C-50AA29…)

That’s true imagine the amount of dental work to make Lillee’s teeth look remotely normal she’d probably have to be in 24/7 headgear lol

No. 774667

Yes, she said: "I definitively think they should extend the collection to New York, maybe Seal"
(end of the video)

kek. What?

No. 774668

There popped and account up that is 4 hours old and got in to a fight with a week old lillee jean fanpage. I can't screen shot , nor can I make heads or tail from it. Maybe someone else can?



No. 774669

File: 1589394940288.jpg (30.04 KB, 779x247, Untitled 2.jpg)

This video is gold, she is so aggresive at the very end!
LJ is also trying to be all poetic in the comments!

No. 774671


No. 774673

Ahah, yes, you are right.
But it is pronounced more like "soul" and certainly not "seal".

No. 774674

Pheepy probably pronounces it as “seal” in his French accent when his diplomatic duties take him to Korea, and it must have rubbed off on her.

No. 774677

She's just throwing colours together at this point and hoping it looks 'creative'
Also some nut in the comments of that video said she looks like Debbie from Shameless and Bryce Dallas Howard.

So now she's getting compared to redheads who look nothing like her.
What next, Amy Adams and Isla Fisher?

No. 774692

she'd probably say some shit like that kek

No. 774723

File: 1589418342051.jpeg (314.28 KB, 750x1006, E99FE3DF-B9DF-430F-8FFD-5C0052…)

Lillee actually states that Huda Beauty sent her these as PR. I wonder it they actually did as she didn’t use her typical “goodies” line. I think they just release a week or two ago so it is plausible that they were delayed given the current situation.

No. 774754

"HOODEE" She really can't be bothered to try, can she? If a company name is anything but Basic White Girl, she screws it up.

No. 774796

well i for one really dont understand why anyone would compare her to redheads. she's clearly an incredibly aryan porcelain platinum princess with very BLONDE locks.

No. 774799

One of hoooodeee's lip glosses is called femm-ay fatale. You think she'd at least ask mommy how to pronounce things.

No. 774800

Or pheepy since it’s the French word for woman…

No. 774801

I don't get it, PR is sponsored!
Is she really really dumb or trying to scam again?

No. 774805


I thought sponsored was technically if you got paid for it, but if you just got the free product it's not? Haha not sure though

No. 774828

If you get free products to make a positive review for the brand, you are definitively NOT neutral.
But, I guess, LJ who think she is above every law in the world, can't get it.

No. 774855

She indeed say "femmyyyy fatalaay" meh.
I can't find the PR mention, did she removed it?
Also this lipstick are so boring, they look ok and shiny, but once applied, they have no hue at all! Even with 20 coats it barely shows.

She acts like all awkwardly exited like she never seen a lipstick before in her life. Her skin is hideous. That's a lazy mediocre, attention wh0re video.

No. 774868

Her teeth are absolutely disgusting. I actually first came across her organically via her Safiya x colourpop swatch video and her piss yellow teeth were so off putting and she kept showing them it was disgusting
This is why it’s obvious she buys comments. No one looks at that shit and enjoys it

No. 774881

File: 1589485336413.png (140.18 KB, 622x507, ljtt.png)

This Lillee Jean fan account is harrassing people unrelated and doxxing people.

No. 774886

File: 1589487672560.jpg (149 KB, 1080x2220, EX_opmiWAAAIM8r.jpg)

Laur and LJ also target Tatiana's family…SMH
And, o, LJ is a KID now!

No. 774889

See, this is exactly why I don't feel any pity for LJ.
She is a horrible person with a disgusting temperament.
Ulgy leech teeth, low hygiene, rash skin, gross and unsettling in every ways.
I am sure she is so jalous Tatiana has an actual REAL boyfriend, kek!

No. 774890

File: 1589488456453.jpeg (455.49 KB, 1242x1690, E36A629E-DFC1-4017-B8E4-180719…)

Lmao Laur responded to Lillee’s comment from her Jeaniez management account instead. Seems like she forgot to switch accounts

No. 774891

Omg they are so f*cking dumb!

No. 774892

unlike that comment or theyll see your username and block you anon

No. 774894

I got it off twitter from a call out acc

No. 774895

They must think we all are Diane or Tatiana. SMH

No. 774897

I miss the time we were all Joe and/or Null

No. 774898

File: 1589492508274.jpeg (99.8 KB, 786x1024, F376B8A2-D72C-47FF-BAC4-DBA7A3…)

Laur’s filing copyright claims through her YouTube sock accounts.


No. 774902


Laur's grip on reality has always been shaky, but this really feels like she's fully slipped into crazytown. She's burning all her "secret" aliases with this nonsense; now every single person who has posted a video full of "all of this is A-L-L-E-G-E-D-L-Y" has 100% proof that Laur operates an army of sock accounts across multiple platforms.

No. 774904

that entire video sucked and her lights are so high exposure to make lillee as pale as possible that you can barely even see the product.

No. 774912

pr isn't the same as sponsored. pr is sent to influencers with no requirement to do anything with the products on their social media. sponsored content is contract work that has specific requirements for the influencer and usually involves payment in addition to the free product.

also not to be rude but can you relax a bit with your incessant sperging in this thread as of late? i can always identify your posts because of the esl and weird use of exclamation points. theres really no need to reply to almost everything in the thread if you have nothing to add or you're just a-logging, especially when you don't sage half the time.

No. 774920

is this a reddit use of this term? a-logging on image boards means something specific.

No. 774922

File: 1589501118882.png (1.92 MB, 1242x2208, 59A809A8-2A99-4249-97BE-BE5C9B…)

The curse of the saggy boobs and wrongly buttoned shirt has taken a new form

No. 774955

File: 1589520085781.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, screenshot (9).png)

Why does she think she's charming? It's pure cringe.

No. 774962

File: 1589526042877.jpg (199.86 KB, 1242x1228, typhoid lillee.jpg)

She really is just gonna use this top for every single mermaid sister and plop a different shake-n-go on top of her greasy hair.

Nothing about this makeup resembles the character. She looks ill, like she's about to break out in a cold sweat and shit her pants.

No. 774964

no, i mean a-logging. for example >>774889
the distinctive language and typing style makes it pretty easy to tell that there's a particular anon writing tons of posts like that throughout this thread because they have an overenthusiastic hate boner for lillee. its just getting excessive, especially when its not even saged.

No. 774966

that's not what a-logging is.

No. 774986

In these here parts that's called samefagging, not a-logging, newfriend.

No. 775001


How does she not understand that all of her "looks" look the exact same.

Theres literally no variance other than a different eye shadow color… Like fuck, youve been doing this for years now, can't you do anything else?

No. 775007

Besides, the make-up style. She's really reaching for a certain look tbh. Like there's a theme to how she styles her face, sucking in her cheek, raising the tips of her mouth and minimizing her upper lip. She's trying for a supposed "mature" facial structure considering her chubby face is in the middle of a childish look but also older than she really is with the somewhat prominent smile lines she has.

No. 775008

File: 1589540695273.webm (2.74 MB, 576x1024, lillee-jean-_2_ (1).webm)


No. 775009

File: 1589540883500.webm (230.89 KB, 576x1024, lillee-jean-_3_.webm)

She's just trolling everybody at this point.

No. 775010

File: 1589541016528.webm (10.1 MB, 576x1024, lillee-jean-_4_.webm)

This one is ironic considering the Lillee Jean army is only her.

No. 775011


As someone who is her age, it's pretty clear how out of touch she is. I kind of feel bad because she is really in desperate need of actual socialization. This Corona thing isn't doing her any favors.

I'm not sure how she can post this and actually believe anyone on Tik Tok is interested, other than to laugh at her, I guess.

No. 775015


She reminds me of a middle schooler that her parents just got her her first phone, or she stole her older sibling's phone, and started making stupid videos that she thought looked cool.

No. 775016


> minimizing her upper lip

What upper lip

No. 775023

you're right. she doesn't have an upper lip but makes one with a lipstick and pouts.

No. 775025

File: 1589545549982.png (895.33 KB, 491x857, lillie.png)

Nobody but her mom and herself stand up for Lillee.

No. 775058

NAYRT but that absolutely is a-logging: "A term used to describe one expressing disproportionate levels of hatred for someone"

No. 775059

I think she'd still look young if she had normal teeth and didn't tense her neck so much. It's the teeth and facial expressions.
Her skin is scaly and yeah shshe'sgot smile lines but I don't reckon that's what makes her look old.

No. 775069

File: 1589565410566.jpg (49.48 KB, 597x662, anactualsupermodel.JPG)

Wait….so Janice Dickinson is now in this?!

No. 775071

I’ve been ignoring the callout videos but if this is real I might actually have to grab some popcorn and tune in. Janice Dickinson is a savage.

No. 775073


Woah, why is she talking about this?

No. 775083

this is fucking hilarious. she’s gonna tear patricia apart.

No. 775110

(saged and blog post lol) All of these callout videos won't do anything to LJ and Laur. They refuse to even listen to constructive criticism. I think they both lack something that keeps them from being self aware, whether its IQ points or their own conceitedness. I don't think they're ever going to wake up and in fact Laur shows that she just doubles down even when she's wrong.

I don't think they're actually retarded but maybe LJ has a mild learning disability coupled with Laur's own half-literate teaching. The way that LJ absolutely cannot see/comprehend details that make up a whole (makeup details, the same grammar and typing styles in all of their "fan" accts, how to have a "flow" in dance, bugging out her eyes to make them look "big") points to that too, imo

No. 775129

I don’t think Janice Dickinson is actually involved. In one of Diane’s live streams, she read out letters supposedly written by famous people angry at Runway Rogue. It was a bad joke that went on for way too long. I’m sure this is probably another version of that.

No. 775132

That would make sense, in the video Janice says "Patricia! I hear you love to call yourself a supermodel. Well…"

No. 775138

File: 1589589144056.jpg (620.32 KB, 1080x1855, Screenshot_20200515-193246_Chr…)

Calling it now, its a cameo.

No. 775143


Dees is sneaky haha

No. 775144

that's still not what it is, it's not disproportionate in any way. a-logging is when anons wish death on cows or say they want to hurt them or watch them hurt or serious things like that.

No. 775146

Dees is out here paying $50 to get a celebrity in some drama, I'm dead

No. 775150

File: 1589593231454.jpg (530.07 KB, 1744x1539, clout.jpg)


In the last stream, she said she was gonna use the superchat money she got for something fun. Maybe this is it.


It's pretty clear to me that, at this point, the OG callouts aren't trying to help Lillee be better or get Laur to behave. It's just trolling and schadenfreude, because Laur is predictably fun to enrage and Lillee has thoroughly alienated everyone who thought she might be a good person caught in the clutches of a malignant narcissist. Even the pedoPheepy shit is more about Lillee telling kids that it's okay for them to date creepers than genuine concern that Lillee might be damaged from having been groomed by her imaginary boyfriend.

The new callout videos are just chasing clout because after Primink's video blew up, shining a light on how crazy the Truemans are is a guaranteed boost in views and subs, even for a smaller channel. People love to watch a train wreck.

No. 775181

I wouldn’t call the people putting out the latest batch of videos “callout accounts”. They’re established commentary channels that are commenting on a popular topic. TaterTatiana’s victim narrative is getting a little old. She inserted herself in the situation after all the history of Laur harassing people. I don’t understand why she’s acting shocked Laur is harassing her.

The OG callout accounts were moving on before PedoGate. I enjoy Dees & Oomancer’s stuff on Defango. They can be annoying but they seem like they’re having fun and I like their chemistry. Just based on Dees’ (and the other callout accounts) engagement, I’m betting they have a larger real following than Lillee. It has to piss Laur off no one’s buying her story of Dees being an obsessed murder/pedo/stalker and people generally believe what Dees has to say. I’d like to see Dees and Oomancer completely remove themselves from the Lillee Jean stuff but I don’t know if they’ll ever be able to do that.

No. 775187

The callouts definitely have more "real" engagement than LJ. The only interaction between LJ and her fans is when they engage her with praise. The callouts seem to actually enjoy talking to each other and not just about Lillee Jean. It makes LJ's social ineptitude more apparent. Her version of "friends" online are the Karen and Gretchen to Regina George.

No. 775190

>>775187 I wonder if Lillee Jean ever gets frustrated at the small amount of engagement in her social media profiles tbh. Idk a lot about narcissists, but if she is one, I'm doubting that she's content with the little or few people, or fans, flocking or crowding her posts.

She's obviously stalking at every site or threads or forums regarding about her. Likely comparing the numbers, or amount of people, on her own stuff and those made by others discussing the shit she and her mom has caused. Or Laur restrict Lillee's internet surfing?

No. 775212

>aren't trying to help Lillee be better or get Laur to behave.

why would they?

No. 775215

File: 1589651344610.jpeg (160.82 KB, 750x1334, 2B5B8038-0414-4436-A628-A7AE8C…)

Lillee’s telling people Tatiana’s videos claimed Lillee was a rape victim and that’s why her “legal team” is trying to have them removed.

People can just watch the videos and see this is a lie. Not sure if this strategy will pay off.

No. 775216


She is once again trying to keep up this "attorney" image. Even saying "he". When all copyright claims are under Laur's name.

No. 775219

File: 1589652098587.png (19.49 KB, 617x373, 737C920PI78936Y4.png)


> TaterTatiana’s victim narrative is getting a little old. She inserted herself in the situation after all the history of Laur harassing people. I don’t understand why she’s acting shocked Laur is harassing her.

Unfortunately I agree. I like Tatiana and her videos, but at some point you have to take blame that you inserted yourself into this mess, continuously made videos on it, and now want to dissociate yourself from the whole situation and are begging people to leave you alone? Like, she stuck her hand in fire and is now crying that she got burned.

No. 775220

File: 1589652172769.png (20.99 KB, 606x332, tatiana1.png)

Oomancer sums it up

No. 775224

lmao thats so dumb. everyone knows that laur and lillee arent above doxxing, tatiana shouldve expected them to do it. its obvious its a stupid idea to use your face and real name when talking about them on social media. if you need to heal and get in a better headspace UwU then just log off, it aint that hard.

No. 775225


She's not realizing the more she announces how upset she is, the happier they are because they feel they're winning in their fight back. Even if they can't get the videos taken down, I'm sure they're rejoicing that they're causing Tatiana's mental health any sort of harm. It's probably giving them even more fuel for their ammo to continue.

No. 775226

And I hate to call her dumb, but she was dumb enough to contact Runway Rogue with her real name, who has come over Twitter and announced that they will continue to support LJ. Like, you're pretty much asking for it at that point. You shouldn't just put your whole name and face out there when meddling with doxxers and people in support of the doxxers. She can technically have a lawsuit if she can prove RR shared her full legal name from the email to Laur, but she's more worried about her safety (as she claims) than getting RR in any sort of legal trouble. If this was some kind of bait where she is trying to get RR in legal trouble by having them share her name, sure, I'd cheer her on. But she did it without any intentions of that and thought this small ass company who has announced their support of LJ was going to stay ethical. Of course providing your real name wasn't going to go well, they have nothing to lose, no one talks about them anyways.

No. 775228

File: 1589654581790.jpg (355.67 KB, 1080x1950, 20200516_134246.jpg)

Is Laur stepping down???

No. 775229

File: 1589654796331.png (82.19 KB, 944x379, Annotation 2020-05-16 144703.p…)

Looks like a guy in their pod lmfao.

No. 775230

File: 1589654818099.jpeg (186.58 KB, 750x540, 29B2CC3F-0535-4D6C-B2C8-FAD2FE…)

Did we find Laur’s attorney?

He’s also in LJ’s engagement pod.

No. 775231

On one side I'm excited for June 1st because what if there's some sort of absolute shitshow that goes down because of this, but on the other hand, just seems like a pod person and he isn't actually going to do anything. Just posting her for clicks and likes.

No. 775232

File: 1589655472849.jpg (75.69 KB, 1080x573, Screenshot_20200516-135800_Chr…)

So eloquent, much smart.

No. 775233

File: 1589655495291.jpg (14.7 KB, 201x251, CSD(6).jpg)

That guy is holding a "For Dummies" book.
Sure, looks real serious.

No. 775234

After looking through his Instagram, does he seem…not all there to anyone else? Like mentally? He just has that look about him.

No. 775235

File: 1589655901643.jpeg (687.16 KB, 750x1092, 68FAC1E3-A9E5-45B0-9EF4-5079CE…)

He goes to conventions, corners celebrities and claims they’re ambassadors for his brand. Oh my.

No. 775236

File: 1589656064352.jpg (82.03 KB, 597x598, he will sue ur ass.jpg)

(sorry I had to post that)

No. 775240

wtf is cybereyte?

No. 775245

File: 1589657730854.jpeg (506.9 KB, 750x1063, 640A6EF4-1B97-426C-A364-A385B3…)

Very proud of his semester at sea.

Where do Laur and Lillee find these guys?

No. 775247

i disagree here. she's clearly doing this on purpose to look like sympathetic.

No. 775249

She’s doing another shitty live w her tits hanging out of her ratchet ass top she’s been wearing for days. Can someone volunteer to sit through it and give us a tldw? I cannot tolerate her for so long

No. 775250

SAS is great but god that's an awful tattoo

No. 775258

File: 1589663513687.jpeg (184.37 KB, 750x1334, EYJpI0XXgAEWilA.jpeg)

i wonder where she got "hate boner" from lmaof

No. 775259


She also said it again in her live, twice. She was saying she didn't have a hate boner for Primink.

No. 775265

I wonder if her new lawyer realizes she's a lost cause? In order to really push the cyberbully narrative, the vast majority of public opinion has to be sympathetic to her. The Court of Public Opinion is she and her mother are guilty and the aggressors

No. 775272

>>775249 Part 1

No. 775274

Part 2

No. 775279

File: 1589667489038.jpeg (122.04 KB, 750x384, 2FC6BA0D-C7B7-417B-99A9-B6848C…)

Bring your own beer?

No. 775280

I think it was supposed to be "be your own boss" lol

No. 775281

File: 1589667943136.png (29.37 KB, 593x197, lrt3.png)

Laur reopened her Twitter, and said whatever this means in regard to RR asking for that person's name and address

No. 775282

File: 1589668055082.png (46.07 KB, 595x458, lrt.png)

Also she's just tweeting…words?

No. 775288

File: 1589669859558.jpeg (104.42 KB, 750x529, 622D11B4-8D61-4762-ADD3-AC30C9…)

She’s tweeted about first amendment violations twice. Is she having a stroke?

No. 775300

It is so painful watching her interact with regular people. She is in desperate need of socialization. I'm always amazed by how haughty and condescending she is to the handful of people who give a fuck about her. And I love that laur was in there refereeing "anyone coming in here with bad intentions will get the boot!!!!!!!"

No. 775307

step the fuck away from the camera you ungodly bitch

No. 775327

The 2nd chick was in the middle of telling her story about being quarantined away from home in Mexico & Lillee just hung up on her because she needed to give “fans” more time. Yet she allowed the weird kid go off on Primink forever and invited him back. It’s obvious Lillee can’t have someone prettier & more interesting stealing the spotlight from her.

She has zero self awareness. She tells a kid not to contact her haters because they’re adults and doesn’t even stop to consider the hypocrisy. Lillee probably doesn’t even realize she’s an adult at this point. She’s obviously more comfortable interacting with 8th graders than other adults.

No. 775332

lol ok so you want to debate what "disproportionate" constitutes? I get it, you hate LJ because she makes other mentally handicapped wannabe influencers look bad, but for normal people it doesn't have to be a death wish to be disproportionate. LJ and Laur are funny, not rage-inducing.

No. 775344

Saged for old milk but I find it sooo fucking hilarious how Lillee created this persona of a dreamy French bf who was so besotted with her to appear like she’s desirable and loved. Now, everyone just thinks he’s an old ass pedophile creeping on underage girls.
I am 900% sure she has never had a bf. That “I need to be tended to sexually” reeks of virginal desperation

No. 775346

File: 1589678919366.jpeg (247.15 KB, 828x1131, 612D1817-18DD-443B-A863-D32777…)

fanart of primink with LJ on the left Lol

No. 775347

The little boy brings up the shaniqua account and lillee says it's owned by her stalker and it now has her photo, so it was obv dees the entire time. I was looking through lillees her old insta posts and saw that she's on cameo (only thirty something dollars to be addressed by the famous LJ.) She sent "shanaynay" one congratulating her on finishing "beauty school" and reminiscing on how she's supported her since 2014. I wish one of the call outs would send her this video so we could get a convoluted, totally real explanation of it all.

No. 775350


>using her only black Disney toddler doll

>you 'actually stuck to something!"
>mentions "Actually stuck to something" again, but this time pretends it comes from Shaniqua's friend who bought the cameo for her birthday
>Compares Shanayay's attention span to a cat
>casual racist

No. 775352

Some Anon should archive these.

This video is to congratulate "Ra-qell" because she is graduating to middle school (lol)and LJ is giving advice on make-up & social issues.

@0:25 - In 7th grade you can "start adding mascara" to your make up because you are "older and more mature"
@1:00-1:25 - Mentions people get weird in 7th grade and could be a friend in 6thgrade and suddenly "turn their backs on you" a year later. She knows because it happened to her.

I thought the Tinfoil-Trauma anons were over-reaching, but something obviously happened between her 6th-7th grade years that caused her arrested development. She was obviously a bit immature before then (still playing with dolls) but her repeated "7th Grade!!" thing plus the abuse tinfoil does make it seem more sinister.

No. 775353

they made her look cute smh

No. 775354

Definitely needed a smile showing the fugly cat teeth.

No. 775363

off topic to what ppl are now discussing, but i just found a video make by lillee jean that 44 min long analysis ariana grandes “thank you next” music video and completely trashes her saying it has no beat and it’s not catchy and it disrespects every single movie she references

No. 775365

File: 1589687283515.jpeg (738.13 KB, 1242x1486, 3F695DC5-688E-41B9-B207-913F82…)

Went through his profile. I didn’t think it was possible but he seems to be an even bigger clown than Laur and LJ, complete with fake clients and followers. I wonder if he’s even a licensed lawyer. Recruiting a dumbass as an attorney may be the final nail in LJ’s coffin

No. 775366

It was veryyyy obvious how jealous she is. She trashed her song and then recreated Arianaa’s look from the video. Like girl pick a lane

No. 775369

The video was heavily discussed months ago and tweeted out by the callout accounts. Lillee and Laur say it was a satire video, similar to “SNL”.

No. 775370

He’s a licensed attorney in Ohio, not NY. Laur’s doing this to intimidate people and she’s going to get this idiot in trouble for practicing unlicensed law.

No. 775371

I can’t believe he’s licensed anywhere. He seems mentally challenged and I can’t imagine any legit professional touching laur with a 6 foot pole

No. 775375

File: 1589693214525.jpeg (74.15 KB, 750x327, 319808FE-A48C-4A85-AF07-51BA3F…)

She’s already saying he gave them legal help. New legislation means there’s no criminal cases. Laur, Lillee and CyberEytes Esq are passing new laws making it illegal to call Laur & Lillee out on their bullshit because the police don’t care a bunch of people exposed them, while not committing any crimes. Good luck with that.

No. 775387

Yeah honestly, that's pretty bizarre. I don't know any 18 year old adults that are still that hung up on middle school, or that would describe a 7th grader as "older and more mature" than a 6th grader. Same goes for her bringing up accomplishments from her childhood (like getting an A on a one page writing assignment). It just seems super stunted.

No. 775388

This “lawyer” is legit in the same universe where LJ is a world famous celebrity. Trash imposters attract trash imposters. This might just be the final ammo that pushes Laur to face legal consequences. I can’t wait for her to strong arm this retard into threatening random people with legal action and him getting his license revoked as a result of practicing outside of his state, if he even has a license

No. 775389

Don’t forget that elementary school talent show where a guidance counselor rightfully told her she can’t sing. What adult is so pressed over shit that happened more that a decade ago? I don’t think she’s had any consistent schooling or a social circles so she clings to the small snippets she can recall from her limited experience in the outside world

No. 775390

It's basically impossible to fail out of law school and plenty of idiots pass the bar. Someone being an attorney doesn't automatically translate to being smart or professional. I'm far, far more shocked that he was an adjunct professor for a couple of years, even at his TTT school.


No. 775392

This is all talk, I bet nothing will happen the 1st june.
This lawyer is shady af, he presents himself as "an associate" in a law firm that never has heard of him ALLEDGELY lol
He's registered as solo practitioner:

I really wonder how much he'll get paid, but it would
be hilarious if it would be a pro bono deal in exchange of some clout.

No. 775394

He’s not getting paid lmao if laur had any money she would have hired a lawyer ages ago and bought bras for herself and her daughter. It’s quite pathetic how they prioritize bots over actual clothing and mental health insurance

No. 775397


Oh yeah this dude is fucked if he's giving people in NY legal advice. Unfortunately, we have to have people comfortable enough providing their real name to make any cases against him. Several people aren't using their real name in this clusterfuck of drama because everyone is wary that anyone Laur works with is going to give her their name.

No. 775399

File: 1589719529547.png (34.53 KB, 729x212, andrew.png)


> Andrew is also a Cyberspace and Internet Attorney and at the forefront of spreading awareness around the new ways in which technology is being utilized to commit crimes.

> This includes cyberbullying
> He is also on the Advisory Panel for The Cybersmile Foundation, one of the world’s largest anti-cyberbullying, non-profit organizations, based out of the U.K.

I bet Laur got a boner reading all of that. This is the exact thing she's looking for, doesn't matter to her if he's illegally giving advice to people from outside his state. She's been trying her hardest to do all of this herself, now she has someone in this field that can put all of this into fruition (even though he can't because it's illegal).
I don't think anything is going to happen June 1st either, like this anon said >>775392 but if this guy wishes to keep his license, he needs to shut Laur up immediately saying that he's giving her legal advice. Or even better, drop her ass completely, but he's shady, so he's the exact type to work for Laur. It would be hilarious if he somehow didn't know giving advice to people in other states was illegal and that Laur blabbing her mouth all over Twitter is going to get him into some serious trouble.
I'm honestly hoping something happens June 1st just to see Laur's plan to have any sort of attorney or manager crash and burn, and have her go ballistic over it.

No. 775408


I've met people that have mindsets stuck in school, but she is far worse than them. She's so deep into it that she's still relating to them and are on their level. It's not like she's just recalling points from it, she's talking to middle schoolers on her live stream and acts like she completely relates to them. And like you said, noting the difference between a 6th and 7th grader is bizarre as fuck.
Posting her paper (that was riddled with grammatical errors) just because she got an A on it, as well as repeatedly bringing up a talent show event from elementary school truly shows how little she has done or experienced in her life. I guess no one told her that individual grades don't matter, especially not to a college (not like she'd ever go to one anyway). (Side bar: How funny would it be to see Lillee attend a college on campus?)
Also, the completely fabricated life she created just screams a middle schooler trying to act cool for anyone who will listen and is making up straight bullshit like she's related to a celebrity or goes on extravagant vacations every weekend. Dating a French Diplomat is something only a little girl in a fairytale could think was the coolest thing ever. But now you have this little girl stuck in a fairytale with an internet connection, and it birthed Lillee Jean.

No. 775409

No one donated to her fundraiser, but she also didn't say anything about it the entire time. That's not how a fundraiser works, you don't just put up a donation button and people flock to it (Unless you're MrBeast), you have to bring it up every now and again throughout the stream. Amateur.

No. 775413

File: 1589722367601.jpg (134.44 KB, 928x591, Untitled 2.jpg)

He looks as hopeless as them.
Definitively a fame-and-fortune-seeker.

No. 775416

What is the drama going on with Primink now? They say on twitter Laur is trying to doxx him. Any Anon has more info?

No. 775418

Lillee said some stupid stuff about Primink in her live. Nothing about doxxing. Can you post what you’re referring to, anon?

No. 775419

Saged for tinfoil

I expect Laur's personal accounts to either disappear entirely or receive some extreme pruning. They have to make LJ and Laur likeable if they are going to have a shot at making gaining any traction on having laws passed with her as the face of them- and since they have ruined her image in the makeup world, this is how they plan on rebranding her. Makeup will be "her first love, but having been victim of cyber bullying herself, she chose to use her platform to take a stand against those that would hide behind their computers."

No. 775423

I’m new to the drama of this girl but I swear
She was born to be a lolcow. I believe her mother groomed her into being an internet laughingstock. I can only hope.

No. 775424

Andrew says he’s taking over as Lillee’s brand & reputation manager, essentially taking Laur’s job >>775228 but Laur acts as if he was hired as part of the Jeaniez Management team >>775365 He has to make Laur disappear to make Lillee likable. Laur won’t willingly give up the spotlight.

No. 775425

lol nah. the only "PR" this simp is going to provide is replying to every single "bully" all over LJ's social media.

No. 775428

LJ did say something about him yesterday, and from this previous tread some people are trying to doxx him:
'It's kinda sad really. That people have to go so far to finding out who he is, just to ruin his life'


No. 775432


This was similar to my thoughts. As soon as I saw this, my first reaction was that there was no way Laur was giving up any sort of control to this dude, she has to control everything and everything has to go her way. So this dude is either going to be bossed around or end up leaving because Laur is trying to use him as a puppet. That is, if he is planning to do anything at all.

No. 775435

That’s quite a reach, anon.

Lillee lied about Primink being sued by numerous people in her Live. That was all. The tweet you linked is over a month old and provides no evidence (or even mention) of Laur or Lillee trying to dox Primink. Lillee and Laur do enough shitty stuff we don’t need to make shit up. They’ve never attempted or threatened to dox Primink as far as we know.

No. 775451

File: 1589738728651.jpeg (137.37 KB, 750x855, BA00FCA1-D995-4DB0-8694-DA39C3…)

I think I found the tv pilot Laur and Lillee were bragging about being a part of.

No. 775463

The fuck is “until you’ve walked two moons in their shoes” supposed to mean? Looks like this Andrew guy is not only a lawyer and a brand manager but also a genius copywriter.

No. 775464


I think he's trying to use moons as distance but they don't…work like that

No. 775467

He means "spend 2 nights/days in their shoes" or alternatively, 2 months.
It's the name of a Young Adult book from the 90's I read in like 4th grade. Kek

No. 775471

File: 1589748132600.jpeg (171.63 KB, 750x429, EBCC1DF6-4E5D-44BD-98CA-C84BEE…)

A Cybersecurity specialist who got his Facebook accounts hacked.

No. 775476

File: 1589751459975.jpg (666.11 KB, 1080x2017, Screenshot_20200517-130158_Ins…)

Why does she have a disposable mask on in her house? Such a waste.

No. 775477


To top it off, the mask is inside out kek

No. 775480


It's her only way of trying to convince people she goes outside. This is the closest thing we can get to "proof" she ever leaves her attic. She'd never actually take a picture wearing the mask in public, or even outside her house.

No. 775498

File: 1589761783040.png (207.78 KB, 601x805, Gwen.png)

GwendolynNikkie (the one who was asked for name and address from Runway Rogue) got her account suspended for 12 hours because of Laur's reporting, along with one other person.

No. 775499

File: 1589762128651.png (64.27 KB, 604x819, suspended.png)

Revoking my anon to show that it was because of the tweet about RR asking for it. I don't plan to appeal since it's only 12 hours, but I have an inkling it was Runway Rogue who reported and not Laur. Could be either though.

No. 775503

File: 1589763096476.jpeg (367.73 KB, 750x836, F05D4AF3-AA9B-453A-952F-E186A9…)

Tatiana’s account was suspended too. It was probably a coordinated flagging campaign by the LJ Army and not just one person.

No. 775507

Yeah this is one of Laur’s classic flagging sprees.

No. 775514


>he has an undergrad degree from Hofstra

W E W L A D S.

also, i'd halfway bank due to locality, this is likely someone who's an acquaintance of some sort already.

No. 775526

I do hope you tweet about that again without reposting the email. People deserve to hear what a trash company they are.

I wonder if there have been any posts in the Lillee Jean Army Facebook group about mass flagging these two accounts. Laur and Tired Lady usually post in there urging everyone to flag accounts and tweets.

No. 775530


It looked stained to me. Maybe she used it twice? (that's why it's inside out?)

Is she doing the duck lips under the mask?

No. 775542

Probably not that interesting but in the love Lillee said she can’t tell it’s Diane behind the accounts because they all fight with and @ PayPal. That is some MEGA level of projection since this is what laur has been accused of doing. She is so fucking stupid that she repeats the exact some accusations that people levy against her thinking she’s some hot shit

No. 775543


No. 775547

This is glorious.

So basically the show will be about:
- LJ getting harassed by Diane and Tatiana
- LJ and Laur shamelessly lying, playing the victims (but nothing about their harassing and doxxing history)
- LJ fake crying (just like in the fashion whatever interview)
- LJ becoming the face of cyberbullying because she is so inspirational
And once again, LJ rebranding and new reputation will be built on a pile of lies, just like this Anon said >>775419

Btw Primink has now close to 5 million views, I heavily doubt Laur is doing nothing about that.

No. 775549

I don’t think they’re smart enough to follow through. Both of them have the impulse control of a 2 year old. Despite being called out heavily for making fake fan accounts, Lillee continues to do so and Laur is back to harassing content creators. I think this will blow up in their faces and the “lawyer” will probably step away once ppl report him for practicing outside his state. Also I don’t think Lillee can be likeable. Her mannerisms would have been slightly endearing if she was younger and didnt look like a dirty hobgoblin but she’s ugly and has a very objectively ugly attitude. I can’t wait for this shit to go down

No. 775554


I saw a video of LJ from a few years ago and it was not as cringy as the new ones. Her voice had a lower pitch, fewer creepy expressions and overall more likable personality. I think she was about 15 in this video and I think she was quite alright for a 15-year old. I am not sure what happened in the last few years but it made her content worse.

No. 775556

I agree. I don't hate her, but wow, she truly is unlikable. Also I don't wish her harm since her life already is horrible (even if she somehow loves it this way),
and I don't mean her life is horrible now, I mean from years before all this drama.
But, hey, still watching all of it with popcorn. I don't feel sorry for her. Especially because I think Laur doesn't have 100% of the responsability of LJ being like that.

I agree that she was in a way better mental health when she was 15 and it has been deteriorating fast.
Her troubles with socializing worsen somewhere middle school, and she has no story to share from this time.
It seems she missed school a lot, way before she was officially homeschooled arround 16 (some Anons already said this)

I also think she'd rather have people criticizing her, than being ignored. She definitively loves playing the victim and loves pretending that is because everyone is so jealous of her.

No. 775566

I also watched the old video (the New Years one I believe) and holy shit she was worlds away from what she is now. For the most part, she just seemed like a normal 15 year old (apart from the weird teeth). Her voice didn’t sound weird and cartoony and she was a lot more laid back. She seemed to have more shame and self awareness as well, like she was actively being socially conditioned by her peers and not egged on by her mom whenever she so much as farted.

I was also puzzled when I first saw the video because most people may be arrested when they switch to homeschooling, sure, but she seems to have regressed. Every kid goes through hard times in school but most boomer parents tell them to just suck it up. Laur taking lillee out of school was the worst possible thing she could’ve done for her. E

I also think back to how she behaved in that fashion haunts interview. Lillee’s lack of social skills was jarring. She is talking about herself the whole time, Ik it’s an interview about her but she wouldn’t even let the lady interject to ask more questions about her. On top of that, she has her shoes off and the lady doesn’t while she’s positioned on the chair like a child, not a professional doing part of their job. I noticed too that she holds unbreaking eye contact the entire interview which strikes me as odd. When she started crying it was really bizarre. When most people cry, it isn’t instant like that and they try to hide their tears but she descended rapidly into a shameless pity party and the interviewer looked so uncomfortable.

I wonder if she will ever change

No. 775567

File: 1589814107435.jpeg (273.38 KB, 750x562, 7C71AF1F-AFBA-4621-8F85-94C325…)

Another lazily “inspired” look. Didn’t fill in her brows, didn’t use contour to chisel her cheekbones (and even when she did contour, she wiped it away with her foundation brush rather than blending properly) and does the same old look as always.

No. 775569

It’s unfortunate that Laur is so anti-therapy (remember poor voicemail anon who dated suggest it?) Lillee has stated in a few videos that she gets anxious and it’s pretty clear that she has a lot of paranoia around illnesses. If Laur truly cared about Lillee, she would redirect some of the bot money towards getting her help to deal with her issues. There is nothing wrong with therapy but Laur always seems to use mental health as an insult so we all know that will never happen.

No. 775578

She really thinks she looks like Elizabeth Olsen… This is no longer funny, it's sad.

Honestly, I would not like to be her and have thousands of people making fun of me.

No. 775581

Totally fake crying so she can play the victim. Was indeed super awkward.

I don't think she will stop being delusional. Laur and LJ are living in this pretty disney world
where she is a princess super insta famous artist beauty guru makeup etc.
When in reality she is a massive lolcow with no talent, everyone makes fun about.

The sad thing is she could have had a good life. Even with no graduation from high school she could have done internships in cool makeup stores if she had WANTED to.
And from there: learn a lot about makeup, cosmetic industry but also how to intereact with people and learn some humility.
By working in makeup store, she would also have a lot of free products and discounts. And
would not need to scam brands to get free makeup and stuff.
She could have gain real followers since 2015-2016, and by now, would be having real fanbase…

Btw Tatiana is back on twitter and coming for LJ, lol.

No. 775582

Laur can’t allow Lillee to seek therapy because they’d immediately notice how dysfunctional her relationship with her mother is.

No. 775584

File: 1589820008146.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1231x1740, 1FF9194C-B739-4DCD-9944-25E64C…)

Saged for possible tinfoil but this Disney obsessed whack job is definitely Lillee herself. They also type the same and she conveniently has the same Ariel obsession as Lillee around the same time

No. 775589

The next damn look containing peach or pink with barely anything else, I swear I'm going to scream. It all looks the same. I don't understand why she bothers to make these tutorials when they LITERALLY ALL LOOK THE SAME.

No. 775594

I had never seen the fashion haunts interview until now and it's really bad. She's talking about her life story like she's on Ellen or Oprah, the way she's acting.

She makes jokes the interviewer doesn't laugh at and she's sitting waaaay too close, it's weird.

No. 775608

The reason why she opens her eyes like that (crazy eyes) is because she wants us to appreciate the beauuuutiful green/bLuE color we are jealous of. No one noticed that?

No. 775613

Must be tiring forcing yourself to have bug eyes all the time

No. 775615

That's kind of like saying "If she had changed everything about herself and her life, she could have been successful". Lol.

The beauty guru market is insanely oversaturated with a lot of extremely attractive, funny, interesting and talented people. If she had gone to cosmetic school perhaps at best she could have a semi-successful micro-channel.
The truth is that at this point Lillee Jean has had millions of real eyes on her, via videos from Primink and the like. If she had any skill at all, she would have been able to convert more of those into real watchers. Even if they started out hate watching, she could have turned people around with a little bit of grace. But no, she really is the lolcow that keeps on giving.

No. 775617

wow, such '''blue''' eyes

No. 775623

Based on the half decent Shoop work on the hair I'm putting my money on a farmer thinking they're being clever and trying to show lily her "potential" while fake stanning. It's fucking weird but there's a ton of farmers who do this for cows/flakes and think it's not obvious. I think they get the same satisfaction out of it as you get from playing those doll dress up games or sims or something. I highkey suspect it tons but this is the first one I care to point out.

No. 775630

I’ve kinda suspected most of these fan accounts with half decent edits are out of the Creepshow/Primink art community, trying to get inside info or something similar to what Dees did. There’s also one established MUA twitter account that’s now gone private which is suspicious. Look for “I was a Lillee Jean fan account” exposing videos soon.

No. 775633

Hmm I think that might be the case. It makes 0 sense for these supposed nameless faceless fans to just sit all day and make weird edits instead of defending her etc. The only two rationales for it are that they are either Lillee herself or fake stand trying to get an in

No. 775641

No one asked for this and this is old milk, but I'm bored in quarantine so here's a summary of LJ's video "WANDER BEAUTY NEW YORK CITY VLOG":

>Opens with Lillee from an unflattering angle in her eternally dark attic wearing bunny ears that look like they were from a kid's costume

>there is of course no explanation for why she is wearing them
>she shows her outfit, the dress actually is kind of nice, (I'll give her that) with shoes that pair horribly with said dress
>camera finds laur who is standing in front of a dirty mirror complaining about how dirty it is
>Laur lets down le greasy locks in an effort to make herself look decent on camera
>Honestly what happens next is not something I know how to describe, lillee just starts acting like a socially inept home schooled kid for several seconds
>cuts to random footage of uninteresting trees and the bridge she goes over while music plays that sounds like the soundtrack of that Pharoah video game from the 90s
>Wander beauty store seems pretty but you can barely tell because all her introductory shots of the place are just super zoomed in shaky pans of the decorations
>starts walking in by all the mirrors filming while quietly singing to herself during which her mom is the only one talking to the people she's supposed to be working with
>audio quality suddenly turns atrocious
>get a peek at laur's full outfit her dress is very shapeless but at least she's wearing a bra and her sandals look like orthopedic shoes
>lillee then tells laur that her armpits stink and then says it's okay it's an "essence" and laughs about her poor hygiene, what a capable professional young lady
>lillee starts being "qUirKy" and dancing around awkwardly against a plant while normal, well adjusted people contrast her in the background
>Spanks her butt?? God knows why.
>lillee starts filming laur while laur is filming lillee and she says "this is the millennial relationship, this is how we connect" cough emotional incest cough hilarious execution of the forever funny "millenials=lovefone2much" bit, I must say
>next is a shot of lillee looking out the store's floor length window, laur comments "this must be how kris jenner feels" clearly very proud of her daughter's fraudulent fame while lillee makes very awkward eye contact with someone about 2 feet away from her walking by on the sidewalk
>shot of L&L hobbling in their wedges
>another awkward homeschool interaction that is very hard to describe with laur
>lillee starts getting filmed doing makeup by a girl who is just wearing casual clothes but is honestly way more attractive and put together than lillee
>lillee ravishes in the attention being on her
>lillee and laur get really close and emotional incesty in the outro and the video ends

No. 775644

anon i don't even follow this thread but this summary had me keking hard, what a clownery

No. 775647

I get that LJ is short, but that dress was baaarely covering her bits and she isn't aware enough of her body to be graceful in heels and a short dress. She flashed people in the store multiple times

No. 775651

Laur has compared herself to Kris Jenner before and takes pride in the momager role but she has to be the sloppiest momager I've ever seen. At least those overweight southern pageant and dance moms can at least manage a blow dry And a brush through their damn hair.

This bitch walks around like big ed with his mayonnaise hair.
It always looks greasy.
And in videos where she's talking with Lillee you'd think Lillee would at least do her hair or makeup for her before she gets on camera. It's like watching a less entertaining Jewish version of mama June and Honey boo boo.

No. 775653

This video just proves how she has never gotten “invited” to a store or event like she keeps saying. Literally no one gave a shit about her and she was just entertaining herself like the socially inept toad she is the whole time. They both went to a random store opening where no one gave a shit about them. I wonder how incredibly stupid they must sound to the passers by kek
I’ve been to the glossier store opening and they do give out free samples and you can pay to get a makeover by their artists. Thats what this looks like too. That’s probably what she does. I’m guessing the reason why they don’t do these “events” anymore is a combo of them running out of money and being told off by the management. Most of her event blogs are really awkward and obnoxious so I can imagine others getting frustrated by their weirdness and constant bickering
This TLDW was legitimately hilarious tho good job!

No. 775656

File: 1589848803180.png (2.16 MB, 1920x1080, lj1.png)

I skipped through the video and my god, this shit is so creepy.

No. 775665

Ewww wtf are they even doing?? And this is what they do in front of the camera.. I wonder what happens behind closed doors pukes
There’s something very incestuously creepy about a mom feeding into her daughters delusions of having a boyfriend. It’s almost like she’s created fantasy characters to replace LJ’s need for human contact. They are both grade A psychos are I’m surprised no friend or family member has ever tipped the authorities on these two

No. 775666

>a mom feeding into her daughters delusions of having a boyfriend
is that really what it is? they're just lying on purpose. lj is really ignorant but she's not mental.

No. 775669

File: 1589853903320.png (1.3 MB, 1190x1268, wander beauty.png)

god, they both look so cheap and trashy. laur's wearing a deep v-neck and lillee's ass is hanging out the entire time. neither of them are wearing makeup or have fixed their hair.

No. 775671

Lmao in what world is being an attic dwelling shut in who blows off money on bots and staunchly defends their delusions of being a celebrity not considered “mental?” Ignorant would be if she didn’t blatantly lie so much. She knows what’s up and would rather stay in her fantasy land than face reality. That is extreme sociopathic behavior

No. 775673

File: 1589854889274.png (2.26 MB, 1242x2208, F6695237-03FF-4AE6-A156-3B42F4…)

Such an ugly, shapeless body. She looks like peak trailer trash. She’s also been wearing this dress in all her videos, Tik toks and photos for the past couple of weeks. She probably smells like grease, ass and cheese all the time

No. 775674

She's got screaming knee-babies

No. 775675

Is she a little person? Im being serious.

No. 775676

she looks like a midget with all that sucking in and kek at that beefy arm

No. 775677

Her feet are really odd too. Really small but extremely puffy like a ball at the end of her legs. Her whole body is so disproportionate and shapeless. Considering her below average height, she better start watching her weight before she turns into a laur-sized beach ball

No. 775678

Another example of her being so fucking pretentious. She’s trying to virtue signal by saying “look we are all human, we have flaws…… even me….” but that message only comes across if she’s actually what people aspire to look like otherwise it’s just sad.

No. 775679

mental as in mentally challenged. she isn't retarded.

No. 775689

dear god, out of all the disgusting threads and horrors i've witnessed over the years on this site, this is literally the one that makes me stop eating mid-meal… EVERY TIME

She's the literal embodiment of grossness

No. 775700


i wonder how old Laur's shoes are. that is an early 2000s clunky sole if i've ever seen one. they've got no style at all.

No. 775702

File: 1589866615523.png (374.81 KB, 452x381, 0tYJWAS.png)

Jesus, Laur.

No. 775704

This is legitimately the most disgusting shit in this thread thus far pukes
Her saggy tits are spilling out and this trashy whore hag doesn’t even have the decency to wear proper clothing. Word of advice laur’s since I know you read here: your and your daughter’s bodies aren’t made for such clothes. Please save our eyes

No. 775705

It's weird how much of a middle aged woman her body resembles despite her age.
In her older videos when she was 15 she had chubby arms but wasn't that trollish. She looks absolutely awful.

No. 775711


Thank you for the good summary!

This one video convinced me she never leaves the house. The number of pointless shots showing bushes and street signs is astonishing to me. Why would she think those shots need to be in her vlog. We (functioning adults) see enough bushes and street signs in our daily life, no need to watch those on youtube, too.

No. 775712


It is weird. She looks 12 and 40 at the same time.

No. 775713

File: 1589878415951.jpeg (351.64 KB, 1242x1230, 8C9DD43C-FCB7-4398-9C6D-6CD093…)

I googled this event out of curiosity and apparently she tried to pass it off as some kind of collab between her and Wander Beauty. From LJs website:

>“On June 3rd, 2019, Lillee Jean was given an amazing opportunity by Wander Beauty to do a photoshoot with them emulating everyday looks, and cleansed faces!
>Lillee demo’d a classic on-the-glow look, as well as a simple nighttime makeup removing routine.
>We are so grateful for Wander Beauty owners Divya Gugnani, and Lindsay Ellingson for this opportunity, along with the amazing Sarah Brovda who seriously rocks! >Below are some pictures of the shoot, and a VLOG Lillee recorded of our journey’s into the city.
>I also linked below our Wander Beauty POP-UP store post, which is the location of this photoshoot!
>This blog post WILL BE UPDATED when content goes live.”
(nearly a year later, it still wasn’t)

So is this another Bite Beauty type situation where they paid for a makeover at the event, got photographed by a hired person who was there to take pictures of everything and later pretended like LJ was invited there to do a photoshoot?

> That zipper working overtime
> That messy strap
> That grease
Much photoshoot, very professional

No. 775714

omg more of this fake invite shit. and another ~exclusive~ brand pop-up/line

No. 775719

Uhhmm where's the Janice Dickinson video?? I was looking fwd to that

No. 775726

Tell me that attic doesn't look like crime scene photos of Joseph Fritzl's house. It's uncanny.
She fusses round her mom like a 13 year old who doesn't know they're on camera. Even early teenagers would want to look more mature on film.
Both of their outfits look one tiny move away from revealing their genitals.
At 5:09 you can see how the shop assistant has no idea who they are and is reacting as if they're just a couple of annoying shoppers, not 'special guests'. It's the same all the way through, the people in the shop don't even smile or introduce themselves or anything. It's definitely not a normal PR invite at all.

No. 775727

I could feel the annoyance of the employees through the screen the entire time I was watching it.

No. 775733

File: 1589892669382.jpeg (412.83 KB, 828x978, D20B8931-1275-4AE8-B381-1FBFED…)

Another instance that Rachel M is obv a sock account

No. 775736

File: 1589893376513.jpg (113.61 KB, 1061x1080, PicsArt_05-19-07.51.41.jpg)

Poor girl, imagine being so close to Lillee Jean and her mom… I'm sorry for all the people in that store, the whole place must have smelled like shit.

No. 775737

File: 1589894048904.gif (7.37 MB, 520x293, wttffuucckk.gif)

Jesus christ, I can't help but find them both so creepy. You weren't joking about her being socially inept.

No. 775739

File: 1589894555634.png (3.98 MB, 2547x1415, Annotation 2020-05-19 152025.p…)

I don't know if it's cultural differences or what but my mom would NEVER touch me like Laur was acting with Lillee at the end of this video. Hugging her from behind, resting her head on Lillees shoulder, giving her shoulder a little kiss… This is how couples touch each other wtf

No. 775740

Yeah, nope, I have a fantastic relationship with my mom and we've literally never done this or anything close to it. Never seen my friends who have great relationships with their moms do it either. It's fucking weird.

No. 775741

I'm going to therapy, seriously. I am traumatized, thank you Lillee.

No. 775742

File: 1589895526913.png (3.98 MB, 2552x1435, Annotation 2020-05-19 152025.p…)

Good to know Laur is not only emotionally incest-y but also physically weird around Lillee lmfao

No. 775743


Makes me wonder if they're ever wary about fan accounts. I know they're narcissitic and think they're the greatest thing to ever grace the earth, and probably think "how could we not have fan accounts?" But at the same time, if they make several of their own, I wonder if when one pops up that isn't them, they slightly doubt it themselves that this person is actually a real fan or just trying to get info them.

No. 775744

Yeah same. Very close to my mom and we hug and kiss, but never in this weirdly lingering way. It looks exactly like how I would act with my boyfriend.

No. 775745

They just radiate annoying Karen energy. Revlon BLOCKED these two. Like you really have to be fucked if companies start doing that

No. 775746

I'm pretty sure they used to block "Lillee fan accounts" back when they first started getting talked about

No. 775747

This is a fucked up relationship. Maybe the reason why they seemingly have no friends and family is because of their incestuous shit. Laur has alienated her so LJ is incapable of leaving. Imagine how traumatising it would be to interact with them irl

No. 775749


What do you mean? Patricia Hartmann is best friends with Laur, and one of Laur's best friends is the reason they met Pheepy. And what about all those friends Lillee talks about missing during quarantine??

No. 775750

Her dad is literally a pedophile. Like what more proof do you need that this family is extremely fucked up?

No. 775751


Not sure if that was to the reply above you, but I was being sarcastic lol

No. 775752

The more I see how they act in front of others, the more im cemented in believing that they did indeed pay patreesha BIG bucks for the NYFW invite and continue doing so by buying her shit. She also roped them in to her other scams like fnl and fashion haunts so it seems more like her scamming them out of money using her “star” status than vice versa

No. 775753

Oh yeah I get it lol. I was just generally reacting to anons calling out their relationship. This isn’t the only fucked thing that happens in the Trueman household

No. 775754

File: 1589897286767.jpg (67.55 KB, 759x759, PicsArt_05-19-09.05.08.jpg)

She hasn't improved, this is literally the same makeup with two different lipsticks. Even my 10 year old niece can do that.

No. 775755

The contour and brows from her “old” technique look much better on camera. All the new techniques she’s learned have been from anons calling her out - blush, covering lash glue & not blowing on her lashes kek

No. 775757

sage ur posts plz

No. 775758

File: 1589898403359.jpg (86.65 KB, 1080x1080, PicsArt_05-19-09.26.19.jpg)

Ok, this is scary as hell. Laur looks like Pennywise.

No. 775759

God damn, her mother needs to invest in some dental work instead of paying Patricia Hartman for "invitations." In all her pictures talking, it looks like she's as old as her mother because she has no teeth.

This is how kids act on camera when they're 4. It's so embarrassing. And Laur is hideous. Those shoes…man thanks >>775641 this is pretty hilarious. Especially how gross she is with admitting she smells like pits. Kris Jenner most likely smells like $500 fragrance, not ass.

No. 775763

right? this is okay maybe when you're 5.

No. 775765

Yeah it's definitely weird seeing laur and lillee interact. I never interacted with my mom in that kind of way. I do that with my boyfriend. I think this may be far more disturbing then what I originally thought (Her mother living her fantasy world through LJ).

No. 775767

Poor Lillee… She's only 19 and her life is already fucked up.

No. 775773

File: 1589906678259.gif (12.16 MB, 520x293, why.gif)

Thank you anon for bringing this trainwreck video into our attention kek
This is what she does after telling laur that her pits reek

No. 775774

This is literally the kinda shit I did when I was a RANDOM XD 12 year old. She truly is stuck in 6th grade

No. 775775

Imagine dating a French diplomat and acting like this. No one was ever going to buy Peepy. Of course instead of him being imaginary she puts a pedophile angle to it. This stuff can't be written to be this bad.

No. 775777

Agreed. Apart from the lower eye, the old side looks way better.
I even prefer the spiky lash she used on the old side.
It actually looks like she has done a makeup look as opposed the the new side where it just looks like her eye is done with a bit of foundation.
There's no definition to her cheekbone, her brows are washed out, just boring as fuck.
At least she used to have a bit of colour.

Also it's ridiculous at how she tries to justify her high pitched Disney channel wannabe voice by claiming she was putting on a deeper voice to be more mature and popular in her old videos.
Her voice wasn't even deep back then, it was just less fake sounding. She's crazy if she thinks she sounds more real and authentic nowadays.

No. 775778

I have noticed how Laur swears in every video she's in. You'd think she'd act more polite/nicer on camera but no. No wonder lillee says the F word so much despite her 7 year old attitude.

No. 775781

1 million followers on Instagram and 506 followers on Tik Tok, of course.

Also, her Tik Tok is gold. It's like a mix of disgusting, embarrassing, funny and sad.

No. 775782

Laur uploaded a new vlog and the milk overfloweth.

-upset people are calling her old & ugly
-shoehorns dead sister in topic
-tracing IPs and hoppers. everyone is getting sued
-has Diane/Dees’ identity. Knows where she lives and what she does. Repeatedly says Diane in 49, even though Diane is clearly in her 30s unless she’s had extensive plastic surgery.
-says they’ve never defamed anyone even though they’ve called numerous people pedophiles with zero evidence
-says they’ve never doxed anyone even though there’s a pile of evidence showing otherwise
-goes in to great detail about her attorney giving her legal advice even though he’s not licensed in the state of NY, which she admits.
-says they’re filing federal defamation charges kek
-brings up Katie, Tatiana, Primink & Creepshow
-says she’ll continue to abuse the YT copyright system
-she’s very upset people are calling her old and ugly - please stop now.

No. 775783

Laur is old and very ugly.

I am not insulting her, I am describing her.

No. 775785

both her and lillee's grammar is so bad, "lillee jean's laur mom update"? shouldn't it be "lillee jean's mom laur update"? I'm ESL and still better at english than these trainwrecks

No. 775786

I think that is the reason why Laur hates Diane so much. Diane has a beautiful smile, she is very pretty for her age… instead Laur is just like an ogre.

No. 775788

Why in the world does she always bring up her murdered sister

No. 775789


It's the only thing she can hold on to that is actually sad and can garner sympathy. Even the callout accounts don't touch the subject of her sister, and when it was her death anniversary, brought attention to it. Every other aspect of her life is a shitshow and laughable, but her sister's death is untouchable, so she reaches for it every chance she can get, probably hoping it will get more people to her side.

No. 775791

Starts off with "I am waiting to go to the doctor". I doubt she's even at the doctor, I feel like she just went and sat in her car to start filming to try to debunk that her and Lillee never leave the house kek

No. 775792

"I get the vibe that most of you don't have the relationship that Lillee has with me", that's okay Laur, I don't want my mom to start smooching up on me, acting like a boyfriend would, creating a fairytale for me to live in, thanks though, I'll pass.

No. 775793

"Why don't yall write to the companies and ask to be put on the pr list" MY SIDES imagine having 1 million tots real followers and need to go begging for pr

No. 775794

-LJ: are you vloggin?
-Laur: who? me? no!
-LJ: Fuck I can't do it all!
- LJ: When I raise my armpit it smells like :
make a gross face
-Laur: Bathroom?
-LJ: it's ok it's like an "essence"
weird smile and retarded giggles

Next 2 seconds:
cringy dance and raises arms as much as she can

No. 775795

"One day she (Lillee Jean) is gonna have kids".

OMG, NO. Poor kids, imagine having a mother and grandmother like this duo. Lol, that is bad luck.

No. 775798


She keeps saying she doesn't have to prove who her lawyer is, what her company is, what her previous job was, etc. which makes me laugh because the only reason she "won't" prove it is because she can't lmfao. Lillee and Laur pull anything out of their ass to prove what they say is real, but when it comes to legitimate questions and inconsistencies, it's all of a sudden "I don't need to prove anything".

No. 775800


Nah, no man who is up to her standards will ever touch her…

No. 775802

File: 1589911003786.png (726.03 KB, 595x831, 03da9348ef47a559b090897903698a…)

"I don't want to tell you how to it works, because I don't want to give my secrets away." I'M SCREAMING. Mrs. Legal Secretary doesn't know anything about the law, so she's trying to pass it off like it's a secret.

No. 775803

I'd totally read/watch another one of these with your commentary.

Did anyone else hear Lillee say she was going to join the Mile High Club and Laur just laughed.
Do you think she knows what that really means or does she think it just means being in an airplane?

No. 775805

She didn't strike Primart because he's a tea channel? That's her only explanation. What does that mean? I mean I'm pretty sure the real answer is that she knew it wouldn't actually get taken down with a copyright claim, but what was her reasoning there?

No. 775808


>Smacking her mouth like a cow chewing cud in first few seconds & throughout video.

>Chooses an angle that shows the turkey waddle of a neck
>Unbrushed hair
>I'm not ugly!!

She also claims since this is America she can say and do whatever she wants…but evidently call-out accounts can be FEDERAL LEGAL CASE for the same thing?

No. 775812

>-tracing IPs and hoppers. everyone is getting sued.

She means a VPN? Good luck, I am from Europe!

Don't get it neiter, but Primink never left any info about his ID, no face, etc. Laur is (old and ugly and) enraged she can't find wo he is.

No. 775819

Yeah. I'm a colombian girl and this woman wants to sue me for what? Giving my opinion about a public figure? Then why this Lillee Jean wanted to be a famous influencer? This is a clownery. How many people she wants to sue? All of us? Jaja.

No. 775820

she deactivated the comments lmfao

No. 775821

File: 1589916125889.png (56.5 KB, 729x624, E29D336D-A8D8-4DF2-9706-B2E19A…)

This is why she turned off comments

No. 775823

she is so jealous of her, I can't stop laughing

No. 775824

She is such a coward!
She threatens everyone, claims she want to talk, but then again, tries to silence everyone.

Seriously, it is amazing how she makes the situation even worse.

No. 775827

File: 1589917345799.jpg (46.26 KB, 782x487, crazybitch.jpg)

Such class, much wow!

No. 775829

File: 1589917474489.jpeg (219.67 KB, 567x1072, 5F8FD427-5B25-45CF-BE14-690906…)

No. 775842

Laur has either pulled that "49" from her ass, most likely, or Diane is the best looking 49 I have ever seen.

No. 775845

Here's some more old milk summaries while I procrastinate, this time the vid is "DRUNK ELEPHANT New York City MERCER HOTEL VLOG DAY 1":
>cute cat enjoying sunlight, wish the whole video could’ve been this
>first evidence of lillee Jean: her thumb interrupting the shot where she is just filming the sun. A shaky shot of the sun. (I don’t get it, how does a shot of the sun set the scene or show where you are, there’s no point) as she and the grand poobah herself (Laur) take an Uber to the hotel
>Camera turns to LJ wearing an abercrombie and fitch kids sweatshirt that she wears as a crop top…. Lj is at least a decade behind on pretty much all of her outfit choices
>cuts to lillee in the hotel room, her bottoms are literal pajamas shorts
>shakes butt in mirror bc she’s hip and wants to give a little treat to all the middle-aged, Indian jeaniez
>goes into the bathroom and a lot of drunk elephant products were left for her, I don’t think she actually gets PR from them anymore and that she’s likely still just using the products she got from that one event
>she looks at the products then in complete flabbergasted euphoria that is so fake it’s painful she goes “th-thAnk you drUnk elephant this is.. BEAUTIFUL” her voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard here, it’s truly torturous
>cut to her saying she’s arranged her area which basically means she put all the makeup she owns into the hotel room’s drawer. Which, side note, only people who never stay in hotels or travel do this if they’re only staying a night.
>knocks over drunk elephant products, actually makes one tiny edit? I was shocked by the effort
>shows shots of hotel bathroom and her being our beloved zany lil genes by stepping and moving her feet slightly weirdly while walking around the foreign bathroom
>says she ‘applied’ a robe (the hotel robe) and calls it wonderous, robe is just a generic white robe. Another thing only people who rarely stay at hotels do.
>spins in said robe and almost flashes the camera in the process, acknowledges that she almost flashed the camera but she leaves it in (probably as another nod to the Pradips)
>says she is ‘shook’, any attempt at slang from her just sounds weird
>starts saying ‘slay’ actually means salad, at first listen I thought it was a clumsy attempt at original comedy but I looked it up and turns out it is an afrikaans word (slaai) that does mean salad but is pronounced like “sly” not “slay”. Another word to add to the growing list: badouche (Badescu), seal (Seoul), and hoodee (Huda). (Any word that doesn’t sound English is incredibly difficult for lillee to grasp)
>starts washing her face and leg humping dry elephant and their products
>rubs in the "slay", she accidentally leaves a big chunk of product on her lip for a while, it kind of looks like food. Starts talking with chunk of product chilling on her lower lip.
>Moves the chunk of product to her chin so now it looks like a little chin wart.
>without reason begins to over-emote and twitch like she is carrie about to snap at her mom with one more mention of “dirty pillows”
>after rubbing the product into her eyes, she complains that it's stinging because it's in her eyes. Honestly don't think lillee is totally in the wrong here because it is supposed to be a makeup remover.
>her hair isn’t up while she’s washing her face and it keeps dipping in water which is a pet peeve of mine but hey, at least it’s getting cleaned for once even if it’s accidental
>she bends down to wash off more of the cleanser and you get a close up of her greasy scalp and jagged part
>then after she was bending over and getting her hair all wet and in the sink only THEN does she tie her hair back just to apply a creme which she “cocktails” with an oil
>honestly don’t get why she did this but, she only reviewed like 3 products and wasn’t at all informative. Also, her skin is consistently bad she’s a bad ambassador for a skin care company.
>room service is the most boring meal imaginable, she is staying in a fancy 4 star hotel in NYC and she gets roast chicken and potato
>video ends

No one cares but I wish she had more vlogs. Seeing her out in the real world is so bizarre but entertaining; she's such a spectacle even when she isn't in the comfort of her attic.

No. 775846

I absolutely cannot sit through her video, so anon I just want you to know I appreciate you so much and you are doing god's work.

No. 775847

This is the trip where she brought her toddler doll(s) to the hotel and set them up on the bed.

No. 775848

The comments to the latest video of Laur are open again

No. 775850

Some Anons should screenshoot everything. 100% she will delete it all of later.

No. 775853

"I live in America and I'm entitled to write whatever I want to whoever I want".
WOW Laur, how interesting, and quite convenient that the constitution only applies to your old ass.

No. 775858

File: 1589924323115.jpg (259.4 KB, 1564x898, momanger.jpg)


I wonder how Lillee feels that even with her 8.5K (fake) YT subs and her 10K (fake) twitter followers and her 1M (fake) IG followers….

Laur's disheveled, pants-free, unscripted ranting videos still get the same number of views as Lillee's pink same-face tutorials that she works so hard on for 18 hours a day. Laur is constantly making a spectacle of herself and stealing Lillee's spotlight.

No. 775876

File: 1589933483611.png (2.42 MB, 2048x1536, 2FDCDC75-163C-4F34-9ED4-662452…)

I actually lol’d when that product was left on her lip.
On another note, I’ve noticed this before in her tiktoks but her black cat is always covered in grit & fluff. Am assuming the cat is old and can’t manage to groom itself properly (The other cat seems to be ok) Any normal pet owner would run a brush through the cats fur to help it but I guess lillee can’t even groom herself never mind taking care of her animals.

No. 775882

New video about her

No. 775904

laur touches lily the way a mama touches her baby or young toddler…and lily bites her mom's face, the way a baby does

No. 775905

File: 1589942638162.jpeg (226.32 KB, 1242x1460, 297287E5-CA1B-4D0D-B6E2-FB2863…)

Lawyger is not representing the Truemans. Laur lied. Shocker.

No. 775920


I'm still waiting for the FBI to show up at my door for ~doxxing~ their addresses on Laur's antique websites all those threads ago.

No. 775923

File: 1589955069425.jpg (737.61 KB, 1080x1449, Screenshot_20200520-011126_Twi…)

Why is her shirt backwards and inside out?

No. 775924

Any beauty anon plz comment-
I noticed in Laur's last video that it looked like she had a similar "pale mustache" on her skin that we have associate with LJ's "pale white skin" vs her redness/psoriasis in the rest of her face.
Are they using at home wax/bleach kits that could account for the weirdly light mustache on both of them? LJ has said she was proud of being "fuzzy" but maybe not so proud?

No. 775925


Can you give the link please?

No. 775928

File: 1589958056932.png (1.04 MB, 1440x2452, Screenshot_2020-05-20-08-59-01…)

Why is Laur so harsh to this one person who commented and how does she know so much about them? Or does she assume this is Diane again?

No. 775929


It's Sonya.

No. 775942

The red scaly moustache on LJ isn't from hair removal or bleach. It's from using drying skin care. I honestly don't think she cleanses and moisturises unless she has to do a video.

No. 775944

There's a video of Chris Chan dancing to sensual seduction by Snoop Dogg and no joke he dances exactly like Lillee does for her til toks.

No. 775945

File: 1589966502948.jpg (21.08 KB, 214x282, lawfordummies.jpg)

>That requires someone of my skills.
Btw isn't it illegal to pretend be a victim of cyberbullying?
Laurdemort and LJ are also the ones harassing and doxxing people.

He sure is confused…It seems he can't untangle the mess he is in.

No. 775950

Her torso looks blocky af and it doesn’t help that she obviously isn’t wearing a bra again

do they just not wear bras in the trueman household or

No. 775951

She…can't even tie a scarf properly???

No. 775953

This looks so pathetic. Like a toddler wig a middle aged woman’s body and face got dressed up by themselves for the first time

No. 775954

it's one of the callouts that Laur threatened to call the CPS on while she was preggo.

No. 775955

File: 1589973614640.jpg (44.59 KB, 828x363, EYbAQ25WsAYkUyF.jpg)

Super skilled lawyer admitting LJ is indeed buying her followers.
No wonder anons were questioning his licensing.

No. 775957

File: 1589974894618.jpeg (100.5 KB, 1212x886, ERWeRR_UcAAXBpR.jpeg)

Look, this is Ashley Graham with Crazy Eyes Trueman. How is she not ashamed to put that face? She looks really insane.

No. 775959

Tatiana’s twitter account is permanently suspended

No. 775960

She keeps getting people suspended or banned off of platforms. Other than being a hobgoblin that will be foreveralone.jpg.. when will the both of them get their comeuppance? It's getting ridiculous.

No. 775962

No cowtipping. Also not your personal army.

No. 775969

No hate to Tatianna and it's bullshit that she's been suspended but I wish she'd plan what she is going to say before filming. I can barely follow the convoluted story

No. 775971

i can't understand why she went for green eyeshadow?? i guess she thought it would go with the scarf but no iteration of daphne has ever had green eyeshadow
i get she wants to put her own spin on the cosplay she does (and just does the same look over and over again) but if she just did it accurately she might actually cultivate a genuine following

No. 775972

I’m still trying to figure out why she’s wearing her shirt inside out…

No. 775973

File: 1589980039771.jpeg (279.85 KB, 750x406, 7D8DE6C8-8E3E-4757-870C-9F3979…)

Her nails remind me how little kids’ fingers & nails are always filthy. It’s just unappealing.

No. 775974

I wondered the same thing about the green eyeshadow. For me, the annoyance isn't even that she does her own spin on things, I get more annoyed that she chooses to cosplay characters with no creativity full stop. It's either a lite watered down interpretation or she chooses the most basic boring character she can. Just like more than half of the Disney princess characters she chose, Daphne is an awful choice.
She doesn't even look like she has any form of makeup except for winged liner in the 70s cartoon.
In the new cartoon she's a same-faced pixar looking bitch with the exception of green eyes added.
Then with the characters that have make up, she does a realllllly light version of it.

If she's such a Disney/superhero/cartoon fan, why doesn't she try and do more creative looks? Like a lot of the Disney villains have interesting faces and colours to work with.
Hades, Ursula, scar from the lion king. Bonus points if she invested in contact lenses and not just shitty wigs.

The problem is though I could see Lillee 'not identifying' with those characters because she's such an innocent princess uwu therefore not taking them on as looks, or even of she did, doing a half assed job like she did with the she-hulk cosplay.

No. 775983

File: 1589982003099.jpg (233.69 KB, 1024x793, ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg.jpg)


How their saga will end

No. 775985

Just missing two saggy pairs of tits

No. 775986

Hahahaha why does the scarf look like that?
She looks like she has jaundice

No. 775988


And piles of drugstore makeup and dolls on either side.

Photoshop anons come through!

No. 775989

Don’t forget that naked ass Ken doll that she calls her “boyfriend”

No. 775990


It's the answer to foregoing haircare altogether.

No. 775991

thanks, now im watching the documentary.

No. 775994

File: 1589986416487.jpeg (440 KB, 1242x811, 6AC39191-1A1A-44B6-A50B-523B33…)

Comment on the reddit thread. Probably bite/revlon/makeup geek but who even is surprised at this point

No. 775995

It was probably the only 'purple' top she owned and probably has some print or writing on it, so she's improvised by turning it inside out and backwards to resemble Daphne's outfit. Too bad it's the completely wrong colour. Daphne wears purple not burgundy. Probably also the reason she added the green scarf too, to distract from the top and make it look more 'scooby doo'

No. 775999

From her reddit history it looks like she's in law… wonder if maybe it was the law firm they were claiming to be represented by?

No. 776004

File: 1589987650054.jpg (1015.95 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200520_231223.jpg)

I know everyone likens onion to carrot top but everytime this bitch makes this face it's all that I see.

She could legit be his long lost daughter. Maybe Lillee should do a recreation of this doppelganger instead of Elizabeth Olsen. I'm sure it would turn out really spot on.

No. 776006

Could just be the legal team of the brands tho

No. 776030

End? They're literally living this in realtime currently, just without the pedigree.

No. 776032

File: 1589996810364.jpeg (69.89 KB, 749x382, 485E4FE2-360F-4313-856D-DF3A4F…)

Someone from Lillee’s engagement pod spoke out on the informOverload video

No. 776034


Omg if this is real, could you imagine taking orders from Lillee? Lmfao

No. 776035

I wonder if this is a pay to play group. That could explain how Lille and Laur are affording to constantly replace bots.

No. 776036

I don't know much about twitter, but it's so odd to me how easy it is to get someone suspended. Surely they would have safeguards against spam reports? Couldn't anyone with a bunch of accounts just spam report anyone they don't like?

I know this is small tier drama, and twitter likely doesn't care about the individuals involved, but there's no way this kind of fake reporting hasn't happened before to more well-known accounts.

No. 776038

Is she talking about the groups on instagram that people with checkmarks are all in?

No. 776039

They use the Lillee Jean Army Facebook group to plan mass reporting sprees. Someone leaked screenshots of it previously.

Twitter/YouTube are reporting issues with accounts being taken down erroneously due to staff shortages because of the pandemic. Laur’s just taking advantage of this. Tatiana’s account will most likely be restored but it will be awhile.

No. 776040

no, its groups that people with barely any followers are in. everyone in these groups needs to comment + like each others posts to create more engagement to boost their posts/seem successful

No. 776041

File: 1589998833726.png (619.17 KB, 750x1334, 803AB997-D56E-441F-BA2F-BD1674…)

She’s the international manager for a Dutch engagement pod.

No. 776049

I think they make the highest payer the “admin” lmao this bitch has such a sad and pathetic existence. Imagine PAYING for every little bit of the minuscule clout you have

No. 776050

File: 1590002838982.png (122.83 KB, 583x493, nsfjnrfsjfkfnr.png)

love how creative they were making the logo
btw i wanna look at the page what's the @?

No. 776051

You mean Instaland?
You have to be logged to see everyting.

No. 776052

Wasn’t Io which means “Indian Ocean” bad?

No. 776053

File: 1590003571121.png (166.3 KB, 1040x641, nfksjnfdkn.png)

i meant the engagement pod page, i found it https://www.instagram.com/instaland.helping/ . also here's laur trying to explain fair use lmfao

No. 776055

Great job! I was looking for it. Any anon knows how much LJ is paying for be an admin?

No. 776060

In the comments on Laur's latest video Tired Lady appears to discuss what could be Diane's real details and indicates that they have been trying to doxx her privately. It's fucking wild.

No. 776064

File: 1590008309359.png (192.38 KB, 2672x634, Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 3.58…)

No. 776065

I googled the name, it shows pictures of women looking nothing like Diane.
They are so dumb and insane, they will doxx again someone who has nothing to do with the drama.

No. 776071

I believe Diane confirmed on her Twitter that it wasn't her name. My first though would be that I would just fuck with them and tell them that that is, in fact, my name and they should continue trying to expose me with it, but my second thought was that a poor woman with that name would get doxxed for no reason, and that's not a good thing.

No. 776072

Diane claims her name is Diane Preston Strauss and there are no google results for her name other than her personal accounts. I can see Laur doxxing someone with a similar name because she’s done it before.

No. 776088

File: 1590015286703.jpeg (202.16 KB, 1180x2048, 9EBFE5E2-17EC-4EFA-BFEA-FB2AF9…)

No. 776090

didnt she say people who use cartoons as their profile pics are freaks?

No. 776091

Yeah she is a freak lol

No. 776094

File: 1590016293355.jpg (125.7 KB, 1080x1440, PicsArt_05-20-06.03.13.jpg)

She showed and clapped her "boobies" to a lot of kids on Instagram.

No. 776095

This is gross and she comes off 1000 times more unhinged than she even normally does

No. 776096

I can't get over how blatant Laur is. The callout accounts initially started because she created an army of racist socks to hype up her daughter. Her response to every piece of criticism is just "no u."

Is she just that slow, or does she not even care that her bullshit makes no sense?

No. 776097

Literally no one wants to see her saggy old lady tits except horny Middle Eastern men who will fap to anything even remotely resembling a female body. This is the future wife of a “French diplomat” y’all
Guess no fake bf can cover up for trashiness that runs in the family

No. 776107

can't be showing ur boobs to minors when ur over 18 lily smh

No. 776115


She deleted the live, those videos are on Bffdees account.

How can a mother allow that? What a family of perverts…

No. 776121

Is there a full archive of this video? I went to Twitter but only clips so far.

No. 776131

File: 1590031578981.jpg (261.06 KB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_05-20-10.17.11.jpg)

Why is she always trying to move her lips like a baby? This is not normal…

It's like the Benjamin Button movie, she ages in reverse.

No. 776133

i think she's hiding her teeth but idk, considering she's proud to flaunt it.

No. 776134

She has Laur’s fake confidence where she acts super “cocky” to prove she’s unfazed by it when in reality she’s hard pressed

No. 776135

Like, just stop being a fucking brat and also everything you bitch about. Stop flashing your flesh bits in lG live and get it together! It’s sad, she needs to get away from Laur before her whole life is ruined!(newfag)

No. 776136

it's already ruined. all of her dirty laundry are in the internet and one google search could lead to multiple threads, vids, and etc. about her. She's stuck. Unless she can make up for her behavior, along with her mother's since they are a team, then good for her but she's too blind to see the wrong she has done.

No. 776137

Hey new friend please read this before posting next time


Hope you enjoy your stay

No. 776142

I reckon the only way out of this is if she pulled a Venus and detached from her mother altogether. She'd have to admit a lot of shit as well, but I feel like people would respond and forgive if her crazy mother was out of the picture.

No. 776143

if she could leave, she's already far up in her fantasies. Laur is fueling both the image she had wanted but couldn't achieve and also Lillee's aim for popularity. If one leaves the other, I don't doubt it'd be a shitshow. Mom and daughter fighting each other, pointing at the other on whose the worse in the circus.

Also Venus had her ex-husband who managed to help her escape, or so I have read about her. Who would pick up Lillee Jean? Not Pheepy considering he's likely an imaginary friend, or worse real but a pedo.

No. 776150

File: 1590046507157.png (Spoiler Image, 4.29 MB, 1125x2436, 91B672FE-F8F6-49B4-A400-312C37…)

Some family-friendly, wholesome, pod engagement LJ has herself supporting.

No. 776152

File: 1590047766762.jpeg (797.89 KB, 1242x1438, E51D922D-3FC6-4CC5-8958-756733…)

Correction: now that I’m buying views beforehand
Idk if anyone noticed but whenever she got back on during her live yesterday, she would give a nod to laur to “let her know she was back on”
She’s so transparent lmao, finding preemptive excuses for why her views suddenly shot up “NoW tHaT yOu jEaNieZ kNoW”
Good to know her Jeaniez are old ass Middle Eastern men who don’t even follow her and she invited them on with kisses and flirtation like the desperate virgin she is

No. 776155

File: 1590052237593.jpeg (665.61 KB, 1242x1724, FB2E1A91-EC22-471C-A33C-FC7EAC…)

Reddit anon from before detailing Lillee’s true crazy. Both these women need to be committed.

No. 776156

The picture is the "I am calling the police meme" lol

About this engagement pod: insta limits the number of likes and follow per account and per day.
The return on investment is only for the admin (who pays how much? I really want to know).
But for the followers, it's not a good deal, as it's like be at the bottom of a pyramid scheme.

I agree, all she got is international shame, not sure it worth all the money she spent on it…

No. 776158

Can you explain the engagement part more? How is it a better deal for the admin?I can’t wait for lilllee to get to laur’s age and begin claiming she was the youngest social media “manager” in NYC - funny how the only “job” she will ever hold is one she paid to get kek

No. 776163

It is here:
I am not sure I can explain it well (EFL) but:
Instaland has this package, when the customer (LJ) would pay to be the "admin" of an engagement pod. This pod is supposed to have relevant accounts related to the influencer's field.
So the instagrammers who are hoping to increase their engagement for free (or some affordable amount), are following LJ, who is the admin, and liking and commenting her lame posts.
Except LJ can only like, follow and comment very few of this accounts due to Instagram limits.

And it kind of makes sense as only the admins are paying more.
Yet, all of the instagrammers in this engagement pod are just getting the scraps of the engagement.
While Instaland makes a lot of money selling fake fame.

Anyway, this is making all this account extremely shady, I doubt anyone would get PR with that.

No. 776165


the only way out of this mess and the only way Lillee's quality of life will ever improve is if she becomes self sufficient and cuts off her mom. I think laur was aware of this early on in Lillee's life and made damn sure that she didn't teach Lillee the necessary life skills to become independent so that she could keep living vicariously through her.
Venus had more resources and support and is of at least average intelligence, even if she doesn't have much of a formal education. Also, her videos actually got clicks and brought in adsense money which helped her leave. Lillee's content only gets clicks from a few people who either pity her or want to see the freakshow. Venus had hundreds of thousands of legitimate viewers.

the only other option is to wait it out little edie style until laur croaks in the future, at which point lillee will probably be at least middle aged and have an even more limited capacity to develop herself mentally and intellectually than she does now.

No. 776170

Venus was also, in a way, good looking back then to her target audience and was somewhat decent with her crafts. I think that helps. Lillee, on the other hand, is not. I think that's also difference between them.

No. 776174

File: 1590063422266.jpg (17.13 KB, 727x128, jyhtgrfeds.jpg)

Any anon can translate that?
Why would anyone talk like that?

No. 776175

File: 1590063808697.jpg (28.43 KB, 332x527, wtf.jpg)

Her last tiktok is beyong gross and weird:

No. 776176

constipation or diarrhea but idk…

No. 776177

her cat is dead inside

No. 776187


Oh, man… Poor cats, they look traumatized.

No. 776188

I can hate on her and judge her for a lot of her life choices, like probably 99% of it, but you guys don't raspberry your cats belly? It's so fluffy, I just dive my face into mine. I mean, hers is shaved/losing hair, so it doesn't have the same fluffy factor, but idk I don't find this weird lol

No. 776190

It’s scary how much she’s obsessed with talking about her digestive system and hormones. No class whatsoever

No. 776191

She loves talking about periods and body hair and body odour too. Surprised she doesn't tell us what colour her discharge is on the daily. I mean there's nothing wrong with educating people on bodies but literally nobody asked her. She's nasty.

No. 776192

I don't believe her point of posting these things is to educate people though. She seems like she's trying to be relatable, but is stuck in her middle school mindset where everyone is still talking about their bodies. Adults, for the most part, have moved on from this.

No. 776194

The bodily function stuff seems like a misguided attempt at being an “empowered feminist woman”. She acts like criticism of her constant talk of boobs, period blood and messy shits is misogynistic—nawh, we just don’t need to be constantly reminded of the gross things we all deal with on a daily basis.

No. 776196

Bald spots on the belly aren’t normal, are they? It could have ringworm for example and she’s rubbing her face in it.

No. 776201

Some cats get bald spots on the belly from overgrooming but that shit would be funny as if it was ringworm.

No. 776233


Yeah I was told by my vet that bald spots are a result of overgrooming most likely.

No. 776259

File: 1590108722956.jpeg (202.01 KB, 946x2048, 84C0F2C6-989E-4B40-99B4-E756ED…)

The UK fan account who contacted Tatiana’s boyfriend and posted about hurting herself before deleting her Instagram account just got called out by Dees for pretending to be 15 when they’re an adult.

No. 776264


See >>775876
She Is NOT grooming that cat, it’s always covered in lint and fluff from the dirty attic.
It’s deffo more likely the cat has some sort of skin problem

No. 776266

nta but over-grooming means the cat is licking itself too much, not that the owner is grooming it too much. it's an anxiety behavior.

No. 776267


Laur clearly knows the law, since she thinks the burden of proof falls on the defendant. She's gotten great legal advice from instagram and is gonna sue all the h8trs and win!

No. 776269

Oh yeah Lillee totally shot herself in the foot with that pod because Laur’s gazillion socks looked less shady to the onlooker. It was only when you clicked on them that you realized the fuckery. However, anyone with some digital marketing knowledge, especially in social media, can easily weed out the fake verified pod accounts that make up 99% of Lillee’s comments section. The few non-pod comments are all negative so literally anyone can tell that she’s manipulating her engagement considerably. Idk why she doesn’t give up at this point. She joined 900 pods after they got called out for their sock accounts commenting over and over. These pods are clearly not working and cost more money and effort so she should just go give up at this point

No. 776289

File: 1590140611080.jpg (341.67 KB, 1411x1466, LJ PR Toofaced.jpG)

LJ is claiming to get PR from Toofaced. Is it me or the package looks used and not clean-clean?

This won't surprise anyone but Toofaced is filled with bad reviews in every posts on their insta and here:

No. 776302


No. 776303


Well, Too Faced got into a lot of drama from giving a super shady contract to NikkieTutorials where she only got $10k out of the entire profit of the palette she collabed with them with, and they got the remaining millions. It set a lot of people off from them. And then the CEO's sister came out with a bunch of transphobic comments against Nikkie when she came out. On top of the fact that their makeup is pretty subpar quality and not worth their price. They're shitty drugstore quality with a Sephora price tag.
Apologies on the derailing, but there's loads of reasons why Too Faced has shitty reviews everywhere. They're shitty makeup owned by shitty people. If anyone even contacted them about Lillee, I doubt they would give a shit, they've never given a shit about their reputation before. TF is probably the only place she can consistently get PR from.

No. 776312

Every damn time I have to read that '1Change4Change' disclaimer I shrivel up just a little bit more

No. 776313

On the note of '1Change4Change', has anyone seen her actually do anything with that half assed sham of an initiative in months and months?

No. 776322

what's that about? what does it mean besides the description LJ gave on the description box?

No. 776324

Thanks Anon for the infos. Once again she is advertising for a non-ethical company that scam people. Amazing.
>Sometimes I show products not cruelty free, because I cannot find a replacement for it generally, OR because you Jeaniez still are subscribed to a beauty channel, and want to see the newest products.

Sure it is NEVER her fault! Nobody wants to see "the newest products" from her and especially if it comes from a shitty company.

>I also am pretty unbiased with products, for unless they cause literal harm.

Has LJ done one single genuine and honest thing in her whole life?

No. 776330

File: 1590162866547.jpg (104.31 KB, 784x641, kjhgfdazerty.jpg)

NAYRT: LJ fake organisation so she can say she really is inspirational:

No. 776331

File: 1590163089701.png (162.96 KB, 800x787, 1563042286188.png)

Same, anon. It goes back to the "passionate environmentalist, but not a tree-hugger" shit. It's such a cheap way of pretending to care about environmental/animal abuse issues without actually doing anything. She's basically saying "I support it when it's convenient for me" and trying to get brownie points by doing the absolute least. If you have an opportunity to showcase products and influence the purchase of those products, why would you use that platform to hype products you don't believe in? She clearly doesn't care about the issues, but still wants to be seen as woke.

And remember she doesn't believe in protesting at all, apparently. All protesting is angry and disorganized. I wonder how she thinks women got the right to vote.

No. 776333

her shitty grammar rly takes the point away
> rather plastic shopping bags, bring a reusable tote!

No. 776335


> With a 98 average

There she goes again thinking people care about her high school scores. News flash: No one does.

Saying she's not a tree hugger is a great way to start motivating others to start doing things for the environment. "I started this environmentalist thing that's supposed to help the environment, but don't claim I'm a tree hugger! Just a person who wants the environment to be better, but I'm not one of those wackos that loves the environment so much that I'd actually make significant changes in my life, don't group me with those people."
Like wtf tree huggers isn't a bad thing? Sure there's extreme people, but someone dedicating their life to helping the environment shouldn't be an insult.

No. 776340

It's weird, she seems to have some kind of shame about the tree hugger thing. I noticed in her interview with fashion haunts magazine she went all cringey and shy and said something about having a hippie phase and started laughing awkwardly and the woman interviewing didn't laugh along with her at all and was like 'we all have changes' or some shit. Lillee genuinely seemed embarrassed but the interviewer was like….wtf ok.

It's weird how she's okay with being associated with toddler hobbies, autistically obsessed with disney and marvel, dating older guys and other bizarre things but being called a tree hugger or hippy makes her cringe.

No. 776341

Nitpick, but you're not supposed to blend liquid eyeshadows, right? They dry too quickly to be blended. I've never seen anyone do that before.

No. 776342

I think "tree-hugger" is kind of a boomer insult for any environmentalist/hippie. It sounds like something Laur would say.

Saying you "don't believe in protesting, only action" just completely misses the point. We have things like the EPA because of tree-hugging hippies.

No. 776343

She sounds like one of those women scared to use the word feminist because she associates it with angry protesters. She probably thinks people will start likening her to Greta thunberg or some shit.

No. 776344


This is true. I have only ever heard older people use the term "tree-hugger". I don't think I've ever heard anyone around my age group use it at all. Tree-hugger is an insult for old(er) people when being environmentally conscious wasn't a normal part of anyone's lifestyle, and if you actively supported environmental change, you were considered a tree-hugger. Nowadays, being environmentally conscious is much more normal and talked about, so tree-hugger is pretty obsolete for the most part. But she's raised by a boomer, and has only had contact with said boomer, so of course she'll be using that term.

No. 776346

I think Lillee acts/is embarrassed about it because it was a phase, not because of what the phase was actually about. If she started becoming environmentally conscious/passionate later in life, she wouldn't consider it embarrassing, but because it was a phase in her teenage years it's considered an embarrassment, just like it would be if it was any other phase.

No. 776347

summary anon needs to post a summary for that infamous fashion haunts interview. it constantly gets brought up but ive never managed to actually watch it because it simultaneously makes me cringe and also bores me to death lol

No. 776350

Yeah but she doesn't seem embarrassed about her supposed 'heavy makeup/ultra skinny/blonde' phase that she talks about. She keeps bringing it up. Like she talks of it negatively, like she was growing up too fast or something but she doesn't seem embarrassed about it like the hippy thing.

No. 776351

This is a personal pet-peeve but it really annoys me when people, who speak only one language, don't use that language correctly. And before you say anything, I have heard Lillee's French and I can say she isn't a French speaker. I can understand making mistakes while texting your friend or even writing a comment but this is on her blog. Surely someone could have proofread and edit it.

And also coming from someone with higher education from a very reputable school - people only care about your field and your skills, not your grades. Grades are only good for a nerd flex.

No. 776355

The 98 average “grade” is from a non-accredited online school for losers so she can stop harping about that.
Disregarding her illiteracy, her live-streams and online reputation alone will be enough to keep her veryyyy far away from any reputable college or real world job. She done fucked up and now that the job market is even more constricted, she will find herself unemployed, illiterate and talentless when this farce is over which is already nearing its end

No. 776356

Like most of this weird shit, I'd wager it's because of Laur. She acts some kind of walking Archie Bunker stereotype, constantly berating and looking down on people for any perceived flaw. She probably got a hate-boner for environmentalists at some point and it got carried down to Lillee.

No. 776357

She mentioned her grades in her fashion haunts interview too kek

She was like home schooling is harder than public school by the way

No. 776358


I can imagine homeschooling being hard when your teacher lacks the knowledge.

I just never understood why anyone would want to be homeschooled. There are so many things in school that homeschooling cannot offer - people your age you can socialize with; clubs you can join and discover new interests and hobbies; school trips that leave lasting memories and make you discover new things. Not going to school is a missed opportunity in my opinion.

No. 776359

Homeschooling has some advantages but I think in Lillee's case it was a terrible idea. She has no friends or siblings and her parents are a lot older and out of touch.
Being publicly schooled also allows you to get checked socially. Like bullying can be harmful, but there's no siblings or kids her own age to tell Lillee to quit being a dickhead so she never learned not to be a horse girl.
Laur claimed they put gum in her hair and Lillee never said anything but I think she's lying because Lillee is absolutely the type to bitch about shit like that.

My theory is that Lillee was becoming her own person as a teen, losing weight, wearing heavy makeup and Laur didn't like this because she's a crazy helicopter parent, so she took her out of school and basically isolated and spoiled her with delusions so she wouldn't 'lose' Lillee. I could see Lillee living with Laur until her 30's unless they have a falling out.
Not to say Lillee is not a shit person, but I really believe Laur has stunted her for her own reasons.

No. 776360

File: 1590171003420.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1242x1532, E2D03012-ECC6-4E07-9016-384ED7…)

She looks like a 40 year old bridge troll who eats plastic dolls with her meth teeth

No. 776361

I can see Lillee not liking school because she wasn't popular or smart. As a kid, it was probably a lot more fun to hang out with her doting mother who supported her fantasies than be around kids who didn't notice her.

Laur probably encouraged this because she didn't have any friends herself and wanted her daughter to be her best friend. Besides Laur's famous law clerk job, she seems to have been running ebay scams for a while, so she was probably sitting at home doing fuckall. She was likely pretty isolated herself and didn't want Lillee to have her own life away from home.

Lillee now has her mom supporting every aspect of her fake influencer life, including buying a massive amount of followers. She's an adult now and has never had to have any real responsibility. Laur is financing her model-actress-bootyguru fantasy and she can dick around doing whatever, as long as she stays joined at the hip to mommy dearest.

Even if she realizes by now that she missed out on a lot and did want her own life, it's probably kind of scary after living several years cooped up in your room with your mom handling all the bills/adult shit. I think it'll be a few more years before she wakes up.

No. 776362

God she looks hideous. A pant less, bra less booty gooroo

No. 776363

>Laur probably encouraged this because she didn't have any friends herself and wanted her daughter to be her best friend.

That's exactly the vibe I got.

No. 776364

I think she was a bitch in school. If you look at her thank you next podcast, she made fun of laur bullying some girl. I can imagine Lillee being bratty and pampered which most mean girls in school are but they’re also pretty and command respect through that. Lillee is an ugly troll so her attitude likely opened her up to “bullying.” I can imagine her gettting even more insufferable as she was buying bots for her blogging account. I can perfectly imagine laur and Lillee thinking they can teach all these bullies a lesson once she is famous and rich so they frisked her out of school.
I also don’t believe for a second that she was homeschooled for only 2 years. She is terribly illiterate and at least someone from her school days 3 years ago would have surfaced after her numerous scandals but none of that has happened so far

No. 776365

I also think Laur encourages Lillee to like immature things like Disney and doll collecting under weak guises like 'they are worth money some day' and telling her to 'be herself' without the heavy contour because she doesn't want Lillee to grow up and leave her because she'll get empty nest syndrome.

No. 776366

I cringe when I see her wasting disposable cotton pads to put her eyelash glue on while also claiming to care about the environment (but not too much). Not to mention her love of excessive PR packaging, non cruelty free brands, and need to over consume (but she needs all that free makeup for content that no one is watching). Lillee’s greenwashing is pathetic.

No. 776367

I think this is spot on. She has purposely kept her daughter illiterate and immature. I can see Lillee yearning for a bf at one point but mama Trueman solves that by creating a fake French prince for her daughter. Certainly no real man can trump that fantasy! It’s like laur has created imaginary counterparts of every thing that would come between her and Lillee. Though it’s still perverted and gross, it would explain why she’s perfectly fine with Lillee flirting with strange men in her lives. Getting dicked down by foreign men as an outlet for Lille’s sexual frustrations is better than her getting away from laur with a real man, according to her demented thinking

No. 776368

They were both extremely strange in that video. Lillee seems really preachy about the burn book reference because she's soooo above bullying and they both seem to dislike Ariana Grande because she holds the bitchy stereotype and they seem to think she condones bullying or something. Ariana Grande is no doubt probably a bit of a cunt, but she didn't invent bullying, and mean girls was actually a great film with a good message.

No. 776369

The thing that creeps me out about the fake boyfriend is that I am unable to tell if Laur cybers with/sends Lillee gifts ect without Lillee knowing, or if they both made him up together and play out this fantasy lie to the public.

Either way it's fucking sick and creepy.

No. 776370

I think laur and Lillee are both big bitches. They are just salty that they look so unfortunate that no one takes them seriously. This is why they’re jealous of actual pretty girls like Ariana and we’re grasping at straws to discredit her. Also their pop culture knowledge was so pathetic that I would have almost felt bad for their ineptitude if they weren’t being so condescending. I wonder how hilariously cringeworthy they are at “events” interacting with actual people

No. 776371

Lillee has posted about going out on dates with him so unless she was fooled by Laur in a very convincing fake moustache, Lillee is at least partially in on the lie.

No. 776372

Lillee knows what’s up. Her mom probably normalised these creepy delusions for her daughter to the extent that she thinks they are okay. Now that she is an adult, she is way more comfortable living this fantasy than confronting the fact that she is mediocre, ugly and talentless. We alll know how narcissistic Lillee is and considering how blatantly she lies, she just doesn’t care about faking anymore and thinks she “deserves” all this fake fame and French bf so she just continues to play along

No. 776373

You are right the pop culture references were so outdated. They both say she's not their type of music and Laur says she doesn't like rnb but then says she doesn't mind Aretha Franklin.
She doesn't even name drop Mariah Carey who would still be a bit of a dated reference, but still relevant since people compare those two artists today. She name drops Aretha Franklin, who I wouldn't even classify as rnb.

Also, you make good points but sage your posts.

No. 776374

what's really pathetic is that ariana is one of the less really attractive pop stars. and she has a ton of actual drama/controversy to talk about.

No. 776375

I wonder if he's real but the French diplomat thing is fake. Because lying about that shit with your mother is fucking weird especially when she talks of needing physical contact and the gifts with I love your hormones on them

No. 776376

He’s not. Everything about Lillee reeks of a desperate, horse girl virgin desperate for sexual attention. If she had a man, she would be plastering his face everywhere but still lie about him being French. He does not exist.

No. 776377

This. She puts everything online, tries to disprove everything about her, I mean anything she can share, she'll share it. But all of a sudden when it comes to her boyfriend she goes "Oh, no he's private, can't show him off, not even a photo of us with his face blurred out!" like of course he's not real, she'd pay to have him plastered on a billboard with her.

No. 776378

the one consistency of lj (other than her doing the same fucking makeup look every vid) is that if you don't see it, it's not real. the logic behind him and his origins and story and crap are so, so simple. it's bragging and excuses rolled into one!

>i have boyfriend!

>but he's not here right now
>he lives in a different country that happens to be regarded as romantic and fashionable
>he also happens to be super rich and is a diplomat
>but i can't prove that because he's so high profile
>but also we had a taboo relationship
>again, can't prove that for his privacy
>but please watch me jiggle my totes size 2 ass all over tiktok and give everyone constant updates about my body hair growth times!

No. 776379

Lmaof this was hilarious
But yeah, Lillee overstates a lot of disgusting details about her life and plasters them all over the web. But suddenly, James dee and peepee are private? Why doesn’t she guest James dee on her lives? Why doesn’t he help her get a lawyer and a bra of he’s such a rich guy? Guess we’ll never know

No. 776380

File: 1590174566307.jpg (128.22 KB, 1012x658, pricing.jpg)

Not the same company, but LJ spends at leat 1K/month on her bots and propably more with the engagement pod.

No. 776382

She can't swatch correctly. No MUA would apply makeup that way, like she does on her arm. It's dumb and useless.
I am sure the product is not new, it dries fast because of low quality but also probably because it has already been opened and used before sending it.

No. 776387

Tatianna is pursuing legal action against LJ. Screenshots to follow

No. 776389

File: 1590177038168.jpg (138.78 KB, 855x391, HrcrAy8.jpg)

No. 776390

File: 1590177093377.jpg (43 KB, 601x118, E3l800F.jpg)

No. 776391

Lol this milk gonna be good, I’m waiting for laur’s sperg out.

No. 776392

what is she suing them for though?

No. 776393

Admittedly I'm running on limited knowledge, and I have no legal background, but LJ and Laur have repeatedly made attempts to de-platform Tatianna, filing several false DCMA claims on YouTube (which is illegal) and have had her Twitter suspended for the last few days. I would have thought that level of targeted takedown abuse is something that can be combatted legally.

No. 776394

Aggravated harassment I assume? Laur has been relentlessly bullying her and filing fake copyright strikes. The copyright strikes in themselves are grounds for a lawsuit

No. 776395

Their fundraising raised $300 so I’m positive there will be a lot more money people will willingly spend on getting Laur’s ass sued. Hilarious considering how she has the “fbi” involved so we’ll see what they do about this lol

No. 776396

Isn't Tatiana one of the people Laur or Quasimodo called a pedophile over the gross pheepe shit? Doesn't that count as slander or defamation of character or something?

No. 776397

In a similar way to the Fair Use case from H3H3, this is something that could really start to gain mainstream media interest.
Many people on YouTube have a really strong impetus to protect other creators from being unfairly de-platformed via DCMA abuse and other means. If LJ and Laur don't start to play REALLY carefully, they seriously could be in for the ride of their lives.

No. 776399

Aggravated Harrassment of the second degree is a class A misdemeanour. Laur and her baby adult are potentially looking at prison time and the whole fake company and strikes could get her in a hurt load of other shit

No. 776404

File: 1590178586618.jpeg (368.48 KB, 1242x657, 80BD86C7-C3EE-4A2D-8FB4-6CA98D…)

Followup from that - perjury, especially repeated cases, will probably land Laur’s ass in jail. Do they have wifi access to buy bots in jail??

No. 776406

Laur filed at least 6 copyright claims Youtube denied and that’s the ones we know of. She said in her weird car vlog she was going to continue filing them against Tatiana until Youtube removes the videos or Tatiana does. I’m not a lawyer but Laur was admitting she’s using the copyright claims to harass Tatiana. It seems like a pretty obvious case.

No. 776409

I hope dees and tater have the videos saved. Her twitter and YouTube sperg outs are damning proof

No. 776415

File: 1590181025246.png (360.32 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20200522-135649.png)

Lillee posted this last night. Oof.

No. 776417

Proper psycho

No. 776418

File: 1590182632010.jpg (33.61 KB, 601x125, I8OqQlJ.jpg)

I assume BFFDees has some level of intel here.

No. 776421

Is there actually a case here? Obviously I think Laur filing these bogus copyright claims is scummy as fuck, but if anything, YouTube should be the ones telling her to stop abusing their report system.

And even if Laur was mass reporting Tatiana's Twitter account with her numerous socks, is that actually illegal? Twitter still made the final decision to suspend her over nothing.

Don't get me wrong, it'd be great to see Laur get held accountable for her incessant bullying, but what kind of legal action can you really take against someone reporting your YouTube videos? Just seems like a slippery slope.

No. 776422

It’s considered perjury to falsely file copyright strikes. The key here is that laur not only used her own personal name, she filed it through her fraudulent corporation and a sock account as well and YouTube sends the original claim over to help creators who want to sue. So there is definitely a claim and laur could serve time since this is a repeating pattern and she has confessed on video that she’s filing these claims to harass tater into removing her videos

No. 776430

I am not at all familiar with YouTube culture, but that seems a little far-fetched. Tatiana's video did use LJ's livestream, so Laur can just say it wasn't a false copyright strike because her material was indeed in the video.

I highly doubt anyone would serve jail time for filing a copyright strike on YouTube, perjury or not. Even if someone filed hundreds of fake strikes, I just don't see that happening. Are there any cases where content creators have taken action in similar situations?

No. 776433

When filing a copyright claim, I believe you have to affirm that you believe the video is a legitimate violation of copyright, and you understand that a false claim is grounds for legal action. Laur has made several videos acknowledging that she is abusing the system to get videos she doesn’t like taken down. She agreed to the terms when she filed the claims, I think that’s where perjury comes into play.

Feel free to correct if this is not accurate.

No. 776434

This is true. She has committed perjury over and over. She would have somewhat of an excuse if she had filed only one claim. However, she has repeatedly filed claims maliciously even though youtube clearly told her she was wrong. So she committed perjury and if found guilty, will serve NY state’s penalty for lying in court. Idk exactly what that penalty is. I think it’s a prison sentence + fine

No. 776436

File: 1590189226335.jpg (2.02 MB, 3403x2139, IMG_0965.jpg)

'I look really sunkissed' - bitch where? For a MAGA baby maybe. Latest video is the same tedious cringe with non-looks as you would expect from our greasy attic goblin.

No. 776437

fair use is a thing. unless tatiana uploaded the stream or lillees videos in their entirety without transforming them at all (ie adding commentary) then there wont be an issue with copyright

No. 776439

From what I understand, once a content creator agrees to the claim, then the claim is settled between the two parties. Because YouTube is just a hosting site it has nothing to do with the legal matter between two creator's on the platform. If Tatiana wants to take this to court then she can

No. 776440

Tatiana said a few days ago that she wouldn’t be pursuing legal action because she didn’t want her personal info revealed to Laur and lillee. Either she was outright lying, or something happened that changed her mind.
She also posted screenshots on Twitter (before it was suspended) of the complaints she sent to the FTC and BBB regarding the email from runway rogue asking her for her full name and address. I didn’t get screenshots before her account was taken down.

No. 776441

I mean, going out on a limb but I’d guess her twitter account getting suspended and Laur admitting on camera she’s going to continue harassing Tatiana until she removes her videos is what changed her mind,

No. 776442

She made the posts about not taking legal action after laur’s video and account suspension.

No. 776445

Hi, I was homeschooled one year due to bullying just because I dyed my hair of blonde… a very stupid reason; and some girls started calling me bitch for that.

Ok, I've never seen someone like Lillee Jean. She is a complete disaster and her life is ruined. I don't think we should blame homeschooling, but Laur instead. She totally transformed Lillee into a dependent person by creating a fantasy and delusional world for her, never letting her have a normal boyfriend or friends to interact with.(no1curr that ur bullied)

No. 776446

Why is this one anon so hell bent in making excuses against Tatiana and discrediting this lawsuit? She said she wasn’t going to pursue legal action…boo fucking Hoo…well now she is because guess what? People are allowed to change their minds. And yes she does have grounds for a lawsuit due to laur admitting on camera that she will continue the harassment
Now let us all focus on the milk

No. 776447

Most blog-posts don't admit to being an autistic snowflake in the first sentence. Kek. At least you know enough to sage victim-fag.

No. 776448


what is wrong with you?

No. 776449


Thank you for insulting me without knowing anything about me. Don't be so mad, anon. I just want to share my point of view on this situation.

No. 776451


There is definitely a correlation to her being socially retarded and homeschooling. Plus, many abusive parents exploit homeschooling systems to enable their control.

No. 776452

Tatiana has enough evidence to get a no contact order and probably scare the shit out Laur with her lawyer. Laur’s not going to jail for for filing false copyright claims. If she violates whatever order Tatiana and her lawyer get, which will probably happen because Laur has absolutely no impulse control, then Laur might face criminal charges.

Anons aren’t trying to shit on Tatiana or her lolsuit. They just understand the reality of the situation. Laur’s not going to jail and acting like she is makes us no better than Laur with all her empty legal threats.

No. 776453

Damn you’re right. Well let’s see what happens. It’s just fun to point the cannons at laur for once

No. 776454

Wow! Much insight!
In 10 threads, nobody has ever suggested home schooling and/or Laur's overbearing personality/abuse/emotional incest is related to LJ's stunted social growth!

Lurk moar. Make your saged comments without referring to yourself personally. No1curr about you.

No. 776455


Homeschooling doesn't stop you from hanging out with friends and going to parties, you can be social if you want to. Your post doesn't make sense.

No. 776456

This Tatianna development is some of the freshest milk we've had in weeks and you guys are just rehashing the same boring ass shit, my god

No. 776457


You're right. Some of these anonymous are very violent without apparent reason. Just let's move on.

No. 776458

Looking forward to laur’s sperg out once she gets legal paperwork. I hope she incriminates herself further (if that’s even possible).

No. 776459

She filed another copyright claim just now so she’s just making it worse at this point lol

No. 776460

I thought it was established Laur is judgement proof?

No. 776463

That’s not a defense. Also laur has some sort of savings or some income which is how she is able to not only replenish bots but buy subscribers and views on YouTube. Lillee is also a part of like 20 engagement pods so Laur/Earl definitely have some money, if not much. Buying PR packages, tickets to fashion week etc is also expensive. I think the general consensus is that most people can’t figure out where she gets all that money . Maybe it’s all credit card debt…honestly time will tell lol

No. 776464

She wasn't the one that received that email, it was GwendolynNikkie. She filed because RR sent her personal Twitter DM to Laur.

No. 776465


After the bankruptcies, it would be years before any banks or credit card companies would approve her or her husband for credit of any kind. I've always suspected that they had maxed out their existing credit cards and racked up a bunch of debt they couldn't afford to pay back thinking that Earl would be getting disability checks as well as some kind of big insurance or settlement money after his accident. But insurance companies and the government are notorious for dragging their feet and doing whatever they can to avoid making payouts, or finding reasons to reduce the amount they have to pay out. So they had all that debt, but no big checks from State Farm or whatever to pay anything back. Thus, bankruptcy. But, I imagine that, if Earl's accident was indeed someone else's fault, the payout eventually came in, too late for them to have avoided the bankruptcy, so Laur now has some income to waste away on fake engagement.

Just in the past couple of months, their spending seems to have jumped up dramatically, so I also suspect that Laur had started using Lillee's identity to file for some little measly My First Capital One card to keep them tided over until they finally got Earl's disability and insurance settlement money coming in.

No. 776467

Laur is judgement proof. Tatiana can file for a lien as part of the settlement process. Based on what Dees & Tatiana have shared publicly, which isn’t a lot, it doesn’t seem like money is Tatiana’s goal. She’s just trying to legally end Laur’s harassment.

No. 776468

it does if you're homeschooled from a younger age and don't make friends. and even if you begin later, not being at school gives you less time to even interact with school mates, let alone keep good friendships. there's tons of evidence that homeschooling is detrimental to social development. issues with social cues, need for attention and even less ability to respect authority. there's a reason why it's illegal in many countries.

No. 776473

I’m just very confused about their financial situation. Laur has been blowing money like crazy this past couple of months with bots, YouTube and IG live views as well as YT subscribers. Where tf is that money coming from? Surely not just from Earl’s disability checks. Also they live in queens. It may be an attic but that’s still expensive af. Laur is one shady bitch

No. 776474

>blowing money like crazy
not really, this stuff costs at most $200 a month, maybe. there are shitty sites that will give you 10k likes for $30

No. 776477

Maybe they were able to file for unemployment and get the extra $600/wk or whatever from the government.

No. 776480


Maybe laur is pulling an onision and writing off the bot buys as a business expense, cant imagine she doesn't do lillees taxes for her

No. 776506

Do you really think Laur has $200 to blow every month? From what source, exactly?

No. 776513

Their incomes has been questioned many many times. My guess: they live on loans and are in hundred K$ debt already.
There is no way they had their savings lasting with the way spend money, also they don't spend it like rich people do.
But like anons said, time will tell us.

What about a restraining order first?
I am not familiar with usa laws in NYC, but I always though that if a lawyer thinks it is a winning a case, he will not ask fees and get paid with a percentage on damages. Is it true?

No. 776515

>I am not familiar with usa laws in NYC, but I always though that if a lawyer thinks it is a winning a case, he will not ask fees and get paid with a percentage on damages. Is it true?
It depends, but that's usually the case for things like personal injury where lawyers know their client is gonna get a fat settlement. I don't know what action Tatiana is taking, but it sounds like she'd be using a litigator or entertainment lawyer, which bills differently. There definitely won't be a settlement if Tatiana brings any action against Laur. At most it'll just be "stop filing fake copyright strikes against my client," but that would only apply to Tatiana's videos.

YouTube would have to step in to get her to stop doing it against everyone who mentions LJ. I'm surprised YouTube isn't sick of it yet.

No. 776520

There's lawyers for everything. Some lawyers are incredibly picky with their cases and only handle huge lawsuits. There's ambulance chasers who have paralegals/legal secretaries do all the leg work then there's law offices who will take your case as long as they can bill you without much hope for a percentage of a payout afterwards. Simple services contract.

I doubt taters has any damages to claim other than a small amount, so she'll probably go with an attorney who does this work for the hourly charges. More importantly, she's probably doing this to piss Laur off and get the revenue back from the drama. It's a great angle for a shit storm. Imagine all Laur's threats of suing and she's the only one hit with a lawsuit?

No. 776522


I also think that Tatiana is doing it to annoy Laur and maybe in hopes to teach her a lesson. I am looking forward to seeing Laur's reaction if the lawsuit is real. Imagine Laur bursting at Tatiana after she said in her last video that Tatiana is not important to her.

No. 776527

Thanks Anons.
Usa is famous to get massive amount for damages, but maybe it is just for some very few cases.
Isn't Yt policy not getting involved in private litigations?
I know it might not happen, but I really would love some cops to investigate at LJ house.

No. 776579

Many Redditors and twitter accounts are saying they’ll donate to Tatiana’s crowdfund. Funny how laur kept saying to Diane that I hope these people will pay your legal fees. Well, they are so Lillee needs to worry about her russian bots, “verified pod friends” and army of pradips when she gets slapped with the lawsuit

No. 776586

File: 1590269917868.png (1.89 MB, 1242x2208, B500AE97-A474-4888-B603-59EFB0…)

Latest insanity from her insta featuring her puss yellow teeth and retarded expressions

No. 776592

She looks like my bipolar aunt when she’s going off the rails

No. 776593

Why is she looking at that naked ass doll like that kek crazy ass bitch

No. 776594

Because it is skinny.
No, really.

No. 776596

What? Is this from that psychotic video where she was poking fun at anorexia and being jealous of a Barbie doll

No. 776607

Just noticed that 6 days ago LJ posted a series of "fan art and fan edits" with a really quite gorgeous anime-style drawing of LJ as Beret Girl as the first picture.
This talented artist does not follow Lillee Jean, and has only liked that single photo of her own work. It is really obvious that LJ asked for / paid for that edit and did not receive it from a "fan".
All the other "art" in the album is shockingly low effort crap that LJ could easily make herself.
Just another bullshit log to add to the bullshit fire.

No. 776608

Adding to that, the artist never posted that on their feed. If they were a “fan” they would post it on their own feed. Lillee is so full of shit and her ego is so fragile she needs to fake every single small thing

No. 776609


They have recent bankruptcies and don't even own a home or anything that can be used as collateral, anon. No bank is giving them a loan for $5, much less tens or hundreds of thousands. They are living off of a combination of Earl's government disability, whatever insurance payout money came in from the accident, taking out credit cards under Lillee's name, and cutting costs by re-selling the random wig/skincare PR Lillee gets sent from time to time and the used makeup they buy for Lillee to use once in a video. I wouldn't be surprised if Laur has also figured out some way to sneak back onto eBay and/or Etsy to continue running her antiques scam under yet a new name.

No. 776610

Lille’s future is so fucked. Even if she manages to escape her delusions, her illiteracy, stupidity and debt will ensure she will never have a good life. The audacity of laur to tell ppl that they’re jealous of their relationshit. Sorry laur, but I’m glad my mom equipped me with the education and skills to leave the house at 18, go to college and get a job. Unlike your perverted ass who has an incestuous obsession with Lillee and is a raging joke on the internet

No. 776611

What about the car the cow was foaming in during her video?

No. 776613

I think I missed some tea.

What is the drama with Laur's antiques?

What accident did Earl have?

No. 776614

Go to the old threads

No. 776615


It looked like a mid-sized car that's at least 5 years old, if not older. Cars rapidly depreciate in value as soon as they've been driven off the sales lot, so even if they have already somehow paid off the car note on it, it could only be used as collateral on a small short-term loan. However, they'd still need to be able to demonstrate some kind of long-standing, reliable income to get anyone to fork over money to them, and no one in their household has that, so I don't know how that would work.

No. 776617

May it the car they have in some pics? A late 90’s early 2000’s dodge neon?

No. 776618

Credit cards in lillee’s name was my first thought . In UK as soon as you turn 18 you get shit ton of offers for credit cards, they really don’t care if you can afford to pay it back or not (In fact they make more money if you can’t pay it back as they can then charge VERY hefty fines ,late payment charges & extortionate rates of interest)., assuming the same sort of thing happens in the US.

No. 776619


We are living in the age of the gig economy. Laur and Lillee seem to be attached at the hip and mostly house-bound, but I wonder if Earl is maybe doing Uber or Lyft or something for some extra cash. After having spinal fusion surgery, he probably can't do any work that requires lifting or lots of movement or standing on his feet for long periods of time, but driving would be fine for him.

Of course, if he got caught working, he could lose his disability check, but the Truemans tend to be short-sighted, so…

No. 776626

I was homeschooled and I can use a semicolon correctly.

No. 776627

Why did she get a wig that is so close to her hair color?

No. 776630

File: 1590284237573.jpeg (142.47 KB, 750x1281, BECCBDF6-B01E-467F-B8B3-F1340B…)

Dees outed one of the fan accounts as being fake after they lied about being bullied.


No. 776631

Poor lillee. She’s so desperate for fans it’s insane.

No. 776633

Tinfoil but LJ might be receiving benefits for being a little person. You don’t need to have genetic dwarfism to qualify. You just have to be under a certain height (4’10” or shorter)

No. 776639

Lillee is not a dwarf, stop with this stupid tinfoil.

No. 776641

Agreed. She’s ugly and has a goblin body but that doesn’t impede her ability to get a job

No. 776646

Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think this has been posted ever.
In this absolutely gross video, Lillee and her mom kiss on the lips and act like the perverted incestuous inbreds that they are at around the 0:49 mark. I’m ABSOLUTELY gagged and not in a good way. This is so so so gross pukes

No. 776648

File: 1590295266201.jpeg (541.97 KB, 1242x699, 8DDE5A5C-9905-456C-B6D9-1CE362…)

No. 776649

File: 1590295360030.jpeg (486.06 KB, 1242x699, 3D8B5FDF-6D2C-4599-B48A-E27C6F…)

No. 776650

…..really anon? they both look sweaty and unhygienic so yes its gross to watch them be all cuddly but the kiss itself was literally a quick peck on the lips. this is nitpick af

No. 776651

It’s real gross between an almost adult daughter and a mom. Idk it was very very weird to watch this interreaction

No. 776653

File: 1590296277384.png (4.04 MB, 2084x1312, .png)

jesus can someone please get this little goblin some dry shampoo? i've never seen her hair look clean

No. 776654

They pretend to be body positive and 'all sizes are beautiful' but in the thank u next video, they say Ariana is too skinny, that she looks terrible as a blonde (And Laur grabs Lillee's hair and says THIS is a blonde)
They poke fun at Pete Davidson's teeth, they say Kris Jenner looks old.
It's so hypocritical, and it makes sense Lillee is jealous of a damn doll.

No. 776659

>They poke fun at Pete Davidson's teeth
no fucking way. that's too rich.

kek, tell em

No. 776660

NTA but it's gross as fuck if you kiss your parent/child on the lips. At any age. Kiss on the cheeks or the forehead. Lips are for romantic kisses.

No. 776661

Agreed. I’m surprised that has caused a disagreement because when I saw that I was extreme grossed out. That kissy cuddly behavior, especially in teens, isn’t normal. This family is incredibly fucked up and together with the pedophile dad, generational perversion seems to be their thing

No. 776663

I've seen this come up twice now but is Lillee's dad actually a pedophile?

No. 776665

File: 1590305945980.jpeg (134.7 KB, 611x415, 60E7BFEC-3395-454B-9720-AA1D35…)

Yep. Laur said in a dm to Bffdees that she married him at 16 when he was 32, and “knew him for a lot longer.” That is the textbook definition of pedophilia

No. 776669

i always think she's trying to emulate her hair to be curly or perm-like. But it's different cause she clearly didn't brushed hers and it's messy.

No. 776670

oh, laur. got married young to someone old and likely unattractive at a young age of 16. now it's somewhat understandable as to why she's bringing Lillee to her doom with this charade of theirs.

No. 776673

Tinfoil but the reason for Laur’s incestuous obsession with Lillee is likely that she married the first guy she met who has now turned into a vegetable and she’s an ugly old hag who can’t find another man so she lets out her sexual frustration on her daughter (disgusting ik but nothing surprises me about laur anymore)

No. 776674

gonna continue with that theory of yours. Tinfoil time.

laur prob hasn't explored her sexuality since she was busy getting fondled by some pedophile. she's confused at the same time understand what she is doing (or abusing) to the boundaries between mother and daughter in a way, more or less, similar to how she's being handled by her husband. But with an added twist of having a daughter living laur's fantasy. Idk.

No. 776675

Honestly I think laur is just psychotic. Like I’m genuinely baffled that she hasn’t been committed yet. She obviously passed whatever multitude of mental illnesses she has on Lillee. I’m pretty sure it’s some form of late stage schizophrenia coupled with genetic perversion because I absolutely cannot comprehend why a 52 yo braless hag would bark at strangers on the internet and be so mediocre, pathetic and ugly yet have such an inflated sense of self. This woman is a danger to society

No. 776676

I thought the same thing when I watched the thank you next video.
Her facial expressions and wide bugged out eyes she makes at Lillee seem deranged.
Like even just her body language screams someone that is not all there.

No. 776677

Everytime she shows her ugly wrinkled ass on camera or spergs out, she cements my belief in her being absolutely off her rails.I have seen my fair share of Long Island stage moms but never in my life have I encountered someone so absolutely and hopelessly insane

No. 776678

Crazy stage moms are usually assholes and competitive but even so, tend to yield results by pushing their spawn through tutoring and constant classes/practice.
Laur just buys followers and tries to shill Lillee as some golden child prodigy.
Both are harmful but at least the stage moms actually win things and don't make up weird fake achievements.

No. 776680

laur wanted lillee to be isolated from the world to easily manipulate her daughter, that's kinda obvious.

No. 776681

The kiss definitely gives me the creeps somewhat but even more so the fact that Lillee has a lingering hand on Laur's bare upper chest.

No. 776682

“yEwwe hAve hooge lips”

No. 776688

It’s not stupid. I have a coworker who is really short and she still receives benefits even though she works

I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that laur and LJ will use any excuse to get money because they’re broke

No. 776689

LJ is 5'0 anyway so just drop it

No. 776693

File: 1590323565767.jpg (239.45 KB, 683x1024, gettyimages-1155102043-1024x10…)

NAYRT Says who? LJ and Laur on their website. So why wouldn't they make her slightly taller?
LJ really looks short and weirdly proportionate, even if she is not "technically" a dwarf.
When she wears this kind of dress, it is legit to assume she is shorter than what we are told.
I also would assume she might get mental disability benefit too.

No. 776694

It’s tinfoil and you’ve been told it’s stupid. Please stop. Laur & Lillee think Lillee is absolutely perfect and wouldn’t admit anything is wrong with her even to get disability money.

-Lillee isn’t a midget. She’s short
-The video with them pecking on the lips is tame in comparison to all the other weird shit they do.
-Earl groomed Laur which explains why Laur though the made up relationship between Lillee and Pheepy was fine and defended it. There’s no proof Earl was a pedophile since they were married at 18. He’s a groomer.

I’ve been following these threads since July and all these recent posts are off the wall. From digging up old milk which has been discussed before to whatever this is >>776660
I have my own tinfoil we’re going to see lawyager & Lillee using these posts in whatever anti-bullying campaign she creates June 1st.

No. 776696

I'm of the opinion they not only follow these threads but want people to find them/have people interact. There has been an influx of hate filled posts and rhetoric that stands out because it isn't the bulk of posters. But they will 100% cherry pick those posts to prove how horrible people are to her- even if they are ultimately behind the posts.

No. 776704

File: 1590333135756.jpg (25.12 KB, 310x360, Untitled 1.jpg)

What happened there?
Seems that some comments were deleted.
(her last insta post)

No. 776705

Probably her making a mountain out of a molehill as per usual

No. 776706


>Laur & Lillee think Lillee is absolutely perfect and wouldn’t admit anything is wrong with her even to get disability money.

I'm not the anon you're responding to, but I've also been following since the July reddit post on BGC. I agree but also disagree with this. I agree that they don't bring it up for money reasons. There's a lot of issues with the Trueman family, but being money hungry just doesn't strike me as them. They're way more invested in fame, and with fame comes fortune sometimes so I guess indirectly you could argue they want money, but besides Laur's scams (which I think was just so they could continue living in Queens), they really aren't doing a whole lot to make it rich. I think they're just narcissists that want people to see how perfect they are. But I disagree that they don't want to admit that anything is wrong, because they've been using her medical issues as pity points. She's constantly bringing up that she was pre-diabetic, that she has psoriasis and excema. I can agree they aren't bringing it up for money, but I disagree that they aren't bringing it up at all, they just do it for attention.

No. 776707

File: 1590333619010.jpg (79.18 KB, 1076x565, Screenshot_20200524-102101_Ins…)

No. 776708

I'm so sorry to ask anons, but I've been scouring the internet, the previous threads multiple times, using ctrl + f to type in every keyword I could think would give me the answer; where does Lillee say that Pheepy is a French Diplomat? I remember it happening, but don't remember if it was a live, or on a video, or in a comment section. Please help, I've given up on the search.

No. 776709

Lol you can tell Lillee was raised by a boomer when she doesn't know what a shitpost account is. She literally always talks like a boomer and it's so funny. Being legitimately offended at a shitposter is such boomer energy.

No. 776710

Thanks anon.
I agree. I don't see why she gets so mad.
Like she doesn't believe he could be working at funeral, but we have to believe she has 1M legit fans!

No. 776712

File: 1590335245202.jpeg (128.54 KB, 1242x873, 926021B4-1E02-4008-98F5-12A1E1…)

One of the callout accounts contacted the artist who made the beret girl painting Lillee was attempting to pass off as “fan art”.

No. 776713

That was perhaps the only one out of all she didn’t make herself. She’s such a desperate loser

No. 776718

No. 776721

I feel bad for this girl (LunartEclipse), she has awesome drawing skills, real talent, unique style.
But shady accounts like LJ are ruining it for artists with a much modest yet real following.

No. 776723

did anybody notice that tatiana has been sharing fan art over on her instagram and featuring it in her videos? and shortly after she did, lillee started sharing fan art and edits on her page. i could be reaching but we know from the ariana grande video how jealous lillee gets of other girls so maybe?

No. 776726

She finally got some, she couldn't wait to share.

That is LJ's greatest fault in all her scamming/lying- she has no self restraint. 100k followers and no one would have noticed her, 1 million and she's suddenly on reddits radar. Imaginary boyfriend? Exaggerated everything about him until she screwed herself over. She brings up things she reads here in her videos as comments from her other videos constantly- but those comments don't exist. Get a few pieces of fan art? Post everywhere.

No. 776733

File: 1590344968384.jpg (762.84 KB, 1080x1925, Screenshot_20200524-112849_Ins…)

frozen meal, the dinner of a true global influencer

No. 776734

her talking about funeral stuff got me thinking, why didn't them sitting shiva for their great aunt at their house EVER come up again? that clearly never happened

No. 776739

File: 1590347412226.jpg (302.7 KB, 1080x1573, 20200524_150726.jpg)

This image has been posted before on previous threads but all this pedopheep stuff coming up make this so much grosser. Even though he doesnt exist, still gross. She wasnt even 16 yet here.

No. 776745

This looks so disgusting. This family is proper white trash, from the racism, incest/pedophilia down to their $2.50 unseasoned hospital meals

No. 776750

Not the same anon arguing about dwarfism but she legit looks like a midget here.
Kinda like Trisha paytas, I think it's the short hammy arms.

No. 776752

She never said he's a diplomat

No. 776754

This photo is trashy for a number of reasons, but also, look at the Gatorade bottle and trash behind her.
I bet she smells like ketchup.

No. 776758

That's a bottle of water. You should be talking about the bowl of cereal (?) that's been left there.

No. 776765

That's why I believe they can't be rich.
Laur and LJ really look desperate for money (and fame) but terrible at budgeting.
They don't have their priorities straight (invest in fake bots and makeup instead of health and dental care). The inside of their house look cheap and ugly.
They don't have any class. Nor a network, relations, places to hang out, etc.
Also rich people don't care about PR and free products from low cost scammy brands.

No. 776774

They are definitely in this for money. After blowing off money on her various scams, laur turned to her most prized possession to turn it into a cash cow. That’s why they are so desperate for very small bit of PR

No. 776796

Money and fame. Laur is doing what Margo did to Venus, forcing her kid into the spotlight and then trying to sneak in with her own videos and “fans” to get popular by association. Laur bought followers for her own account too.

No. 776800

Yeah laur also bought more followers for her twitter than she did for LJ’s so this is clearly all about her. Narcs like her only care about themselves

No. 776802

The "Fan art" has been deleted from LJ's Instagram!

No. 776804

No surprise. Some people did contact them and the skill level just was a sure fire sign that they had nothing to do with LJ. Lillee probably deleted it to cover her ass before the artist came after her

No. 776806

Tinfoil Laurs parents probably send her money every so often and she probably says it's for lillee. It's not uncommon for parents to send their adult children money in the US.

No. 776815

File: 1590368933138.jpeg (551.74 KB, 1242x1217, B88DF7C1-7D25-4164-8931-6A8D62…)

Back to dissing other types of content again after shitting on ASMR. Also, back to claiming she has dysmorphia and mukbangs are bad for it?? Wasn’t this toad eating like 12 eggs on her insta story 2 days ago lmaof

No. 776816

wouldn't be surprised if she does a mukbang afterwards.

No. 776822

Sry but I had to