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File: 1590966912271.gif (12.16 MB, 520x293, lilleejeanplant.gif)

No. 777937

18 year old beauty guru with subpar make-up skills. Has around 1 million (fake) followers on Instagram (it fluctuates with when they buy new ones to replace bots), 11.000 (fake) followers on Twitter and 2800 (mostly fake) subscribers on youtube.
Has around a 1% engagement on instagram, but those likes and comments appear to be from bots, fake accounts, and engagement pods. Never gets any RTs or likes on twitter besides from her mom. Doesn’t get much more than 1000 views on her Youtube videos. Some brands, such as Colorpop and Laura Mercier have, however, fallen for her snafu and send her PR. Recent drama channels exposing her have garnered more attention as of late, but the views die off quickly and return to bot numbers soon after the hype dies down.

>Her mom Laur creates all her fan accounts on IG. Many of them pretends to be grossly exaggerated versions of minorities.
>Claims she has her own beauty brand coming out in 2020 (@lilleejeancosmetics)
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and made some customs Lipsticks (as anyone can do) for herself, claimed they were a collab and that Bite would release them for purchase. Sperged out on IG and cancelled them when they told her to stop claiming it was an official collaboration (https://www.instagram.com/tv/BwaDTX1gyDc/?igshid=3t86d935d62o)
>Had a billboard of herself in Times Square for Covergirl, pretends she did an actual campaign with them, when in reality it was a campaign where anyone could upload their picture to their homepage and then get their picture on the billboard.
>Her batshit insane mother uploaded an obviously shooped picture to her IG (@lrtrueman) claiming Lillee went to the MET ball. It wasn’t until after the reddit call-out they began to claim it was fan-art.
>Her mother also posted an obviously shooped “Teen Vouge” cover with Lillee on the front page.
>Somebody on r/beautyguruchatter made a thread about Lillee Jean. Her and her mom sperged out, made multiple accounts and spammed threads.
>Most likely buys used palettes for her videos. Has new videos for sets that came out weeks ago


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (goes between private and public)

Other relevant links can be found here >>767646

>Tatiana continues to try and secure an interview but eventually gives up because Lillee and Laur are just that awful to deal with >>773532
>Lillee says her giveaway winners were contacted privately >>773287 raising questions that she is breaching NY guidelines on these contests >>773292
>Lillee claims all Animal Crossing fans hate her >>773478
>A fanpage for Lillee had to give up the page because of teh haeh :'( >>773590
>Runway Rogue sends a weird cease and desist letter to the person who made the reddit thread about them >>773837 It's written by a real attorney, shockingly >>773846
>Meanwhile, there seems to be evidence of Runway Rogue astroturfing on reddit. Scum attracts scum! >>773855
>Laur files a false copyright strike on Dees, which Youtube refutes on its own. Dees posts the complaint >>774139 followed by Tatiana posting hers >>774153 She continues to file them at Dees, including through her Youtube sock accounts >>774898 Dees later posts a video about 16 copyright claims she has gotten in 3 weeks >>777501 She later states to be pursuing action with Youtube due to the fraudulent claims made under fake names and fake businesses >>777802
>Lillee gets a fake artist to throw a photoshop filter on her for a commission >>774196
>Dees does a livestream giving an overview on Runway Rogue and Patricia Hartmann >>774326
>LJ posts what celebrities she allegedly most often gets compared to, which surprisingly doesn't include Hatchetface >>774589
>Not to worry about cybersecurity for Lillee Jean, Cyberguyesq is on the case! >>775228 Soon it will be illegal to call Lillee a scamartist >>775375
>GwendolynNikkie was suspended from Twitter for 12 hours due to apparently sharing Runway Rogue's e-mail address >>775499 Tatiana was also suspended shortly after >>775503 and then permanently >>775959
>An anon posts some summaries of old LJ videos >>775641 and >>775845 unearthing all sorts of creepy emotional incest between LJ and Laur
>Laur uploads a blog where she yells at Twitter for calling her ugly and old >>775782 She flips out at nearly everyone in the comments and cycles between closing and opening them >>775928 and also masterfully explains how fair use works >>776053
>Lillee is apparently the admin (highest paying member) of her engagement pod >>776032 and >>776041
>Tatiana has retained counsel to deal with the Truemans >>776389 most likely regarding the copyright claims and not the Twitter suspension >>776418 She posts a video about it later >>777520
>After a teen drew Lillee to try and get some clout from her apparent large following, she asked Lillee to remove the post once she was told how much of a scam LJ is >>776712 Lillee blocked the artist and refused to take down the art and dragged her through the mud in the process >>776895 and >>776902 The artist managed to report her >>776925 and finally got it removed from Instagram >>777758 though it remains posted on Facebook.
>LILLEE IS DEFINITELY BLOND, GUYS >>776963 and also a controversial queen >>776998
>In more truthful news, Lillee is around 4'8" according to her own measurement
>Lillee, the girl who told black people to "shut the fuck up" about racism, suddenly declares #BlackLivesMatter and urges people to do something rather than reading tweets… like sign a change.org petition >>777503 But don't worry, she's still only "slowly" pushing change >>777667
>Lillee wants to take down her Cameo because she feels bad making people pay for her time. Luckily, no one has ever paid Lillee for her time in her entire life >>777544
>Lillee posts a Q&A video >>777836 Anon summarized here >>777857

>>>/snow/833840 #1
>>>/snow/847048 #2
>>698862 #3
>>707075 #4
>>718259 #5
>>724333 #6
>>736259 #7
>>754981 #8
>>767645 #9
>>773135 #10

No. 777939

File: 1590967026663.jpg (252.88 KB, 1199x1723, 1590716709387.jpg)

Sorry I didn't use this image for the post but Laur is so god-awful ugly, I don't want to force all of /pt/ to look at her for a month.

No. 777943

File: 1590967315396.png (2.55 MB, 2294x2002, special treat for the pradips.…)

i know another anon did a brief summary of >>777836 but i started this before i saw theirs and i don’t want to have watched this boring, annoying ass video in vain. she’s doing a Q&A from a random list of a questions like you’d find on tumblr because no one would ever give a shit enough to ask her about any of this. highlights:
>claims her mom originally wanted to name her “tiger lily” but they didn’t because diamond earl got bullied for his first name being diamond and he didn’t want her to go through the same
>her ancestors were on church manifests coming from england when the pilgrims were around, somehow she thinks this means she’s “blueblood”
>says she gets her entrepreneurial spirit and humor from laur. ill just leave that alone kek
>thinks her best feature is her eyes, plays the victim about how people go crazy and tell her her eyes are ugly? i never see this happening, most people just think they’re average or made fun of her bugging them out like an unhinged psycho
>”i really do have very beautiful ukranian eyes” …that is a verbatim quote
>lets her narc mask slip when talking about how she gets attacked for nothing, but “that is a celebrity life”
>very eloquently explains that she thinks its good for her mental health that she continues to make content despite no one wanting her to because “if i wasn’t it would be like… not good”
>her first favorite childhood memory is riding a scooter alone (bc she cant ride bikes due to her uwu disney princess petiteness), then eating snacks and going on her computer. her second favorite childhood memory is playing dolls with laur. the fact that these are the highlights of her childhood actually makes me feel kind of bad for her like what the fuck lol
>when asked what she likes to do in her free time she says she’s always doing something and lists a bunch of random shit, one of which being “fixing up her dolls or playing with them”. none of what she lists involves leaving the house or interacting with anyone besides laur and diamond other than “dm’ing friends”
>she excelled “really well” in english, did “really really well” at science because science is “like… duh!” but she’s bad at math and thinks word problems in math are like sooooo pointless and confusing, right fellow teens? XD (hey lillee, heres a word problem you might want to analyze: if a predatory french diplomat started dating a shut-in baby-toothed goblin when she was 14, and he is 9 years her senior, how many years would his minimum sentence be?)
>asked what her favorite tv show was as a child, states she’s “still a child” and still watches all the same shows she did back then
>she’s so high maintenance because she likes egyptian cotton sheets and refuses to do her own laundry lol. her family is okay with her being a spoiled lazy brat because she “puts forward so much” by occasionally fetching something her disabled father can’t get himself or sending 10 emails for laur
>she’s a cat person over a dog person because she doesn’t want to have to stop and take a dog for a walk while she’s working, “it’s disturbing”
>she’s a clean eater because she likes to eat simple, non-fatty things, like chicken with a side of broccoli and cheese
>she stopped taking dance because she would be put in classes with people who were really young. i think by the looks of her tik toks we know why
>she has heated, sexual dreams. good to know
>winces and says “what the fuck” when asked if she takes any pills or medications daily (kek) showing off that good ol fashioned boomer stigma around mental healthcare
>thinks its normal to bleed through two pads during her cycle because “it’s hereditary”. pretty heinous to me that laur likely hasn’t taken her to a doc to help her regulate this or get her any relief
>her birth mark was a star shaped mark between her eyebrows because she’s just so speshul
>asked her ideal first date and she struggles to come up with much besides “i don’t require much!” because she’s probably never been on a date in her life
>mentions she has a nerve problem on top of her aforementioned numerous food allergies, an implied bout with anorexia, being pre-diabetic at one point, and her mysterious “autoimmune disease”. i hope we get a full blown munchie saga soon
>”how difficult is it for your to forgive someone who refuses to apologize? not difficult, i just say fuck you, bye, blocked” she confidently says, missing the operative word “forgive”
>lillee is so good at being HONEST! she tells it like it is and backs it up with FACTS, so people who think she’s a liar just don’t want to “see” that she’s actually the internet’s second most honest youtuber
>random ass boomer tangent about how animal crossing is mentally preying on children and influencing them to vote certain ways??? and says even though an article said players can be as old as 35, if its not a kids game “then why does it say 12 and up?” yeah i don’t know what else to say about that, she’s actually retarded
>she still believes in santa because one time she was in a car that broke down and she pleaded to santa to fix it and the car started again
>mentions a yogi tea she drinks makes her “go bathroom”
>notes she once got a 32 on a test because her immune system problems made her sick all the time and she would miss a ton of school and sometimes full weeks at a time
>wishes she was gifted at doing hair. well, washing it would be a good place to start lillee!
>has to sleep without underwear because her “tight pelvic walls” burn and clench according to her stress levels if she wears underwear i guess
>last book she read was two years ago and she forgot what they were
>one question is “what medical condition do you have” and she says “HIPAA law is screaming right now” even though asking someone about a condition/a person choosing to divulge their own conditions has nothing to do with HIPAA
>would name her son “sebastian” if she had one. yes i’m rolling my eyes too
>diamond and laur never pressured her to learn to drive, they let her do everything at her own pace because she can’t be forced to do anything she doesn’t want to

No. 777945

File: 1590967399943.png (80.83 KB, 1242x414, .png)

bonus weird ass interaction i saw in the comments

No. 777951

File: 1590968722888.png (623.62 KB, 1366x1571, 8602E8A9-5425-4FF8-9C95-BEE22F…)

>states she’s “still a child”
>how animal crossing is mentally preying on children and influencing them to vote certain ways??? and says even though an article said players can be as old as 35, if its not a kids game “then why does it say 12 and up?” yeah i don’t know what else to say about that, she’s actually retarded

Laur and LJ act so weird when it comes to minors. When Lillee was 18, they’d always bring that up and act as though it was just awful to bully poor 18 year old Lillee. Yet they harassed a 19 year old for being pregnant, excuse pedophiles grooming (LJ’s French bf), and use people’s ages against them. Pic related has examples of that.

Whenever LJ gets hate comments on IG she’ll go to the haters page and find whatever basic info they have to use against them. People having that they love Jesus in their bio, pictures of their kids, or that they’re psychology majors. She thinks pointing that out makes her intimidating or something. Also, I think a couple threads back she may have went through a person who left a mean comments page and commented on pictures of them with their kids. She’s so psycho.

Notice how on YouTube they just delete hate comments. Probably because YouTube commenters aren’t using any personal accounts, so Laur/LJ can’t dig through their account and use their lives against them.

No. 777952

WTH, lol a laur friend mayb¿? So weird she has interaction w/ old people,Like tiredlady or the friend of laur on tw

No. 777953

File: 1590968806253.jpeg (76.77 KB, 750x377, 2A5A9AFA-939C-47F5-8670-F72385…)

Also this comment of LJ being a 19 year old boomer

No. 777956

Anon, I think you forgot to add one of the best parts of the video to your summary - Lillee said she doesn't want to divulge her food allergies because she thinks her haters would poison her LMAOF

No. 777972

Ty anon, I rely on the recaps and this was perf

No. 777975

She is such a strange simulation of a person. It feels like she's never been around people her own age and has just interacted with her parents and dolls.

No. 777982

File: 1590980696962.jpeg (792.33 KB, 1167x1906, 4A87AD68-B19B-4EF7-AFB7-DDAB9D…)

Thank you for the excellent write up anon.

I’m still having trouble making sense of what she’s trying to say about animal crossing… children impacting the parental vote? What
Lillee please make an entire video making your case against ACNH, It will grab so much attention and I’m sure everyone will love that!

No. 777985

>notes she once got a 32 on a test because her immune system problems made her sick all the time and she would miss a ton of school and sometimes full weeks at a time
is anyone else getting munchausen by proxy vibes from this?

No. 777986

Wow her response is really tone deaf and just makes more clear how out of touch she is. Shes so fake woke and boring

No. 777996

No. 777999

Lmao is she seriously trying to say that parents will vote based off of what their children tell them, which was information gleaned from Animal Crossing?

No. 778002

Gypsy Rose Blanchard vibes loool

No. 778004

is this their new reason for homeschooling now?

No. 778016

File: 1590985093368.jpg (298.6 KB, 716x978, 20200601_011702.jpg)

Attic homeschooled kween

No. 778028


Lillee's reading comprehension is very poor, and it becomes starkly obvious when she does things like this, where she has fundamentally misunderstood a very simple concept: millions of adults enjoy playing Animal Crossing. Very, very simple idea, but it has gone totally over Lillee's head. I'm not even sure that she understands what, exactly, Animal Crossing is. I get the idea, based on the things she's said about it, that she believes it's similar to Club Penguin or something.

She seems to be at least somewhat aware of the fact that she's a dummy, because she immediately jumps to this bratty, defensive "well, all opinions are equally valid so you can't say I'm wrong" any time someone tries to gently correct her on some basic idea that she's gotten wrong. Her constant insistence that she did well in school and bringing up her Attic Academy GPA at every opportunity makes her look so insecure, like she's over-compensating because deep down she knows damn well that she's below average.

No. 778034

the worst part is that it's not even the game itself, it's shitty companies reactions to it.

No. 778047

For some reasons, I don't believe Laur hired a babysitter to take care of LJ, I don't see her leaving her precious little gobelin to a stranger.
I also don't believe Laur was working that much especially with the antic scam she did while being home.

Any Anon can give me some highlight on US educational system?
The memory LJ has from school seems coming right from preschool -or early middle school, hence the very basic math and the plain rhyme scheme that any toddler could easily learn.

No. 778093

File: 1591019356301.jpg (391 KB, 1080x2067, 20200601_084702.jpg)

Whatsyourvibez is now lilleejeanbeauty.

When she lists the "only" instagram accounts that she owns "because that's the maximum she could", I think its funny she forgets lilleejeancosmetics everytime.

No. 778099

File: 1591023623127.jpg (248.05 KB, 1394x793, schizo.jpg)


>page by @lilleejean

whatsyourvibez was one of the few socks where she admitted from the start that she was the one running it, but now that she's changed the name, it somehow becomes crazier to see LJ blatantly talking to herself like this.

Also, only 67 jeaniez have moseyed over to follow this account. A bonafide celebrity.

No. 778103

im not going to watch her video but what highlight do you want on the education system in US? the rules can be pretty lax about sending your kid to school or homeschooling them. i think lily left school around 8th grade, but also missed a lot of school before that too (i sperged about this in the previous thread)

No. 778110

Thank you Anon, I am aware of what we discussed on LJ missing school a lot and way before being officially homeschooled arround 15-16.
What she describes in her school memories, seems to me wayyy long before 8th grade though.
In my country basic math is done when kids are 5-6 yo. The plain rhyme scheme, when kids are 6-7 yo but it can be learn through songs before too.
Hence my question, in US how old are kids when they learn that?

Could it be Laur uses the "weak immune system" excuse so much that she actually almost never been to high school and barely made it to middle school?

No. 778111


To answer your question, anon: in the US, public schools are funded by the property tax revenue of the districts they serve; children who live in affluent areas full of large, high-value real estate get a well-funded, well-rounded free education that rivals that found in expensive private academies. Children who live in impoverished areas where property values are low go to crumbling deathtraps with one outdated textbook, jaded/overwhelmed teachers, and cops roaming the hallways.

Lillee's family doesn't appear to be particularly well off, but they seem to live in a solidly middle-class area of NYC, which probably means that she would have been getting a better public school education than a large portion of children in the country, if she had bothered to go. Keystone online courses would definitely have been a downgrade in quality, judging by how Lillee managed to "earn" a high GPA while remaining barely literate.

But Laur claims to have grown up in a rough area, so her lax attitude towards education might have something to do with having been poorly educated herself.

No. 778114

It's because BFFDees or some of the other callouts were talking about Animal Crossing when it first came out. (just like half of Twitter; it's a wildly popular game) Lillee is a shut in with zero interaction with other people aside from her mom and her online haters, so she naturally identifies AC with her haters.

No. 778115


Thanks Anon. So once again, she wasted a great opportunity to get some very decent education in her area.

No. 778136

File: 1591035367035.png (19.44 KB, 550x113, Annotation 2020-06-01 141555.p…)

Tatiana apparently got good news from her attorney and is insinuating she can pursue some sort of legal action.

No. 778140

The doll -playing with her mom in childhood, she said laur gave the dolls funny names and then the dolls ‘went at it’ (assuming simulating sex?) & she found it so funny. Why would you do this with your child, laur is a weird one.

I was getting munchie vibes but some of her issues do seem real though I wish I knew less about her periods than I currently do. Not that that can’t be fictional , I just sort of believe her on that issue purely for the fact she didn’t get that sort of info from Disney movies. Unless laur has coached her from childhood with those descriptions of clenching & narrow cervical walls & bleeding through 2 pads. Anything non period related though I 100% believe is over exaggerated for maximum benefits payments. I do feel bad for her for her ‘down below’ as she puts it problems but with that & everything else she seems to have wrong with her (nerves/immune system/allergies etc) I don’t think it’s too much of a tinfoil anymore that even though Lillee considers her half arsed makeup video attempts & the odd 2nd hand PR photo her job, that she must actually be claiming some sort of disability from the government. Is also suss that anons been saying recently about how you can get money just for being under a certain height & then all of a sudden lillee has discovered she’s not actually 5foot like she’s been shilling all this time but 4’10”. I’m sure she will be sure to update the powers that be her actual munchie status ASAP.

No. 778143

File: 1591038494806.png (1.38 MB, 1440x2560, 1562652335453.png)

I agree, yet to be fair, she never looked 5ft.
It's also probable she wanted to model so bad, she made herself less small. Or she is just so dumb she really doesn't know her height?

No. 778145

File: 1591038925089.jpg (205.55 KB, 703x938, 20200601_130837.jpg)

I haven't seen laur mention this directly but her sad little house-bound friend posted this with further explanation in the comments. I wonder if laur genuinely believes that the person that killed her sister is secretly paying bffdees to post about lillee. This is probably the craziest twist I've seen in the narrative they're trying to push.

No. 778149

She really needs to see a gynecologist or someshit. Airing out all these weird health problems about your coochie and period to the internet isn't cute, it's not informative or helping anyone, it's just disgusting oversharing.

I bet she gets constant Uti's from never showering and wearing nothing but those same pair of plaid pj pants and leggings which she probably doesn't wash.

No. 778150

Possibly an untreated STI if she was sexually active before Laur removed her from society. She really needs to see a dr.

No. 778155

what the anon said about public schools in the US is true especially in NY and the surrounding area. if there are a lot of public schools in your district you can switch to a different one, which i think was mentioned that lily did often.
level of education varies but there are a lot of different resources for special ed depending on the school. for kids who miss a lot of work or are learning disabled, you can be put on a track where it is slower or less advanced material. likewise for really smart students who preform well they can be offered classes beyond their grade level (advanced placement).
each year everybody has to take a standardized test at the end to show where they are in each main subject. this score, combined with their grades for the year, will determine placement in special ed, AP or standard track classes.
if lily was absent a lot and didn't do her homework, got bad scores in standardized tests, especially for math, she would get put in the most remedial of math classes. i had been placed in one for a year because i failed the standardized test and we were being taught like 3 grade levels behind. i have seen some kids in special ed of middle school get treated like they are in early elementary school depending on how severe is the disability. so lily could have still been learning more basic stuff even up until the 8th or 9th grade when she dropped out. it would explain why she seems to be far below even the age she purports to have attended school until, i truly believe she is learning disabled

No. 778156

Yeah it honestly is really fucking weird. She says she has: tight pelvic walls so she can't wear pants or underwear (does anyone here even know what she means with this? Googling it doesn't turn up any results), period-like symptoms 2 weeks before her period even starts and periods the color of hot cheetos. None of that sounds normal. I'd go with the untreated STI tinfoil but I honestly don't think she has ever had any kind of normal sexual relationship with anyone.

No. 778157

That's good tinfoil, that would explain why LJ insufferable ego couldn't stand to be with special kids and decided to be homeschooled.
Laur and LJ must have seen this placement as an insult.

This would also explain why she didn't wanted to take dance lesson, because "she would have to be with much younger kids".

But didn't Brenda got shot accidentally by her own husband?
TL is getting crazier and crazier.

No. 778159

I didn't even watch the video, and I already feel like I know way too much about Lillee's gynecological health issues.

Armchair diagnosing, here, but Laur had (or at least claims to have had) cervical cancer. It's not as common as HPV-related cervical cancer, but sometimes there is an inherited genetic factor for people who develop cervical cancer. Lillee's symptoms are consistent with that possibility.

Of course, it could just be that she's seen her mother use her "two-time stage-four" survival story as a means to gain attention and sympathy and is just parroting the symptoms that she's heard Laur describe.

No. 778160

>and I want to shoot at you

No. 778161

I feel like this was brought up by Laur several threads ago. Didn't she tweet something like "it's funny we're being discredited after bringing attention to a murderer for several years"? The implication was that all the call out accounts are plants by her sister's alleged murderer.

>if lily was absent a lot and didn't do her homework, got bad scores in standardized tests, especially for math, she would get put in the most remedial of math classes
This is what I think as well. With how Laur treats Lillee (more like a friend and less like a parent), it wouldn't surprise me if she let her skip school a lot. I think she liked having her daughter around all day for company while she was doing ebay scams and Earl was away working.

I don't think she has a learning disability, I think she's just below average intelligence like Laur and was always allowed to goof off. She was probably made to believe she was already so smart and didn't need to study. Her parents clearly don't prioritize education.

No. 778162

The fact that she doesn't know her own height really indicates to me that Laur hasn't brought her to see a doctor since puberty. Height is often measured at doctor visits through your teen years.

No. 778165

the pelvic wall is the muscular structure that makes up the vagina and surrounding connective tissues so if she has naturally tight muscles and doesnt see a specialist to help it at all (another healthcare neglect strike for laur!) wearing anything that places pressure on the muscles could maybe hurt. and shes probably more prone to cramping because of that too, which would explain early period symptoms during fluctuations of horomones. the fucking cheetoh period though? as far as im aware its not supposed to actually change the content of whats being shed during your period if all you have is muscular problems? i didnt think the two had any relation at all so thats a bit fucked.

No. 778176

Tinfoil but all this tight pelvic wall shit sounds like a low key brag about her pussy being tight. She's kind of like a covert version of Vick Shingles where everything is special.

For example she's a dwarf goblin and stumpy but to her, her midget height is so cute and small uwu
She thinks she's this tiny firecracker Aries with a big personality but she's a goblin with a horrible attitude.

All the 'health problems' are probably small minor issues that she and Laur have convinced themselves Lillee has because she's so delicate and special and also Laur is a hypochondriac.

In highschool she apparently lost weight and it gets blown up like it's an eating disorder by Laur when in reality, she was probably a normal fucking weight for her height. They always go on about her childhood diabetes when infact we all know that she got that probably from her shit diet as a child.

I have a feeling that Laur has a similar complex to Venus's mother Margo, where she thinks she can shill Lillee if she plays the innocent card right. It means money and recognition from internet creeps, plus the babying of Lillee means she can control her for longer. I'm not trying to say Laur is doing exactly the same thing as Margo (Like the looking for a rich dude to pop her cherry) but I get similar creepo vibes.

No. 778179

im the anon ur quoting about her remedial classes and yes i agree with her mom keeping her home for wanting company. abusive narc parents will do this to their child. she did probably tell lily she was "too smart for school" every time she was constructively criticized by her peers or teachers. sometimes even missing enough days of school can constitute holding someone back in remedial classes–in my experience you will advance to the next grade in standing, but repeat whichever class you failed once you enter the new grade. so i have seen highschoolers in a class that they failed during middle school, and repeating that same course every year because they continue to fail it. PL but i am speaking from personal experience with missing a lot of school due to health issues and trouble at home and sometimes even miss the standardized test entirely. if you miss that test you will be repeated in that course even if you got good grades in it all year. ive said before on here that its stupidly easy to keep your kid out of school and switch schools etc while avoiding CPS. you can also just tell the school you're homeschooling your child in NY state and the school will say "ok" without checking anything. my mom had done this and the school will not question a months absence if the parent explains it all away with homeschooling. this was at a good public school too, i imagine the ones lily went to cared even less.

No. 778180

Nitpick but she says her bad indigestion is hereditary and seltzer water really helps but it hurts her tongue.
Carbonated drinks are actually NOT recommended because they make indigestion worse. Also it makes her tongue hurt is such an overkill. Yeah bubbles can be uncomfortable and make you burp or burn a little but seriously fuck off.

No. 778184

It probably is. She brags about her pale skin and has her totally POC alts jealous of her pale skin. She probably thinks being tight makes her better than all the other whore, degenerate girls.

No. 778188

File: 1591046930531.jpeg (384 KB, 1242x2208, 2E04835C-7890-483D-BE6A-95D0C8…)

Laur is back to harassing the poor girl who drew the “fan art”, this time by threatening the girl’s mother and claiming that the artist has bullied LJ. No LJ, you’re the bully in this situation…

No. 778189

>She puts herself in a precarious situation dealing with an adult
What does it say after this? Who is the adult in the situation, Lillee? So… are they saying Lillee is dangerous to minors or what?

No. 778190

I don't understand why Lillee tries to play both the "I still play with my dolls and watch the same shows as when I was a child" but also the "I constantly have wet dreams and crave getting dicked down" narrative. It's such a juxtaposition.

No. 778192

She's trying to be venus

No. 778195

Sounds strange to me but I think I never visit a gynecologist
It is rare, but Laur gives him used pajamas, and each vaginal PH is different, perhaps he contracted some symptom related to that.
I don

No. 778197

oh,until someone said it

No. 778198

anon are you ok

No. 778199

Esl or xanny anon

No. 778200

i use translate, sorry i have bad english,
sorry if you didn't understand

No. 778202

Were you also in the momo thread? Just lurk pls

No. 778203

Are you Spanish anon? This is similar to conversations I've had with Spanish speakers.
Either way, learning the difference between he and she will make your posts way easier to read.

No. 778204

Uhm, no anon. I'm here because in part this drama reminds me The Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, i'm curious.

No. 778205

>>778195 thank u

No. 778214

This isn’t munchausen by proxy like the 20 “omg it’s totally just like gypsy!” anons we get every thread like to say. Laur isn’t making Lillee and everyone believe that Lillee is sick. There’s a lot of weird things going on with the Truemans, but I don’t think it’s comparable to Gypsy Rose at all. Unless Lillee kills Laur one day…

No. 778215

My theory is that “tight pelvic floor” just means she thinks she’s too narrow for tampons when in reality she doesn’t know how to insert at the correct angle. And I didn’t watch the video, but bleeding through 2 pads sounds like she’s just not changing them frequently enough.

No. 778216

Oh that would be a great plot twist. But yeah - leaning in to made up illnesses is just a way to make Lillee seem more special and to try and stop people from calling her out, you're coming after poor little sick lillee you callous bastards!

No. 778218

also bleeding through 2 pads? there's a plastic layer on the bottom of sanitary towels that you can't bleed through, no one wears two pads at once. just use a fucking piss pad if you're bleeding that much. there's no way this little lady has ever used a tampon either. she does fixate on her period a lot, to be relateable or to seem mature? while also saying she's still a child, i mean yes she's mentally delayed but she is technically an adult now. her dropping some weird stuff about horny sex dreams during her q&a is unbelievable and serves what purpose? to horn up old guys?

No. 778230

i wouldn't put it past her intelligent brain to layer two pads right on top of each other but i believe she means to have one covering more of the front area and one at the back, especially useful if you're sitting or sleeping. basically a giant pad.

No. 778232

I mean it easily leaks through the sides and front/back when moving, laying down or sitting, but not literally through the plastic. I had a lot of bad luck with this growing up.

I think she wants to feel unique for having to go through basic heavy periods.

No. 778234

Can we stop talking about this goblin’s periods? It’s disgusting and no one gives a shit

No. 778236

Yeah, I don't see any Munchausen by proxy here. Laur and Lillee are narcissists with very little going on in their lives, so they constantly exaggerate and embellish any small detail they think will make them look unique, like the mysterious autoimmune disease.

The only similarities with the Gypsy situation is the isolation. I do think Laur purposely kept Lillee away from family members and encouraged her NEET lifestyle so she could keep her ~most beautiful possession~ dependent on her forever.

No. 778245

I honestly think she's trying to appeal to the creepy Indians and old guys on her social media. Whether or not her mother is pushing the narrative for the same reasons, I don't know, but she has definitely taken a step back developmentally.
I wouldn't be surprised if the goblin bitch was into ddlg. Then again, she's so boomer-esque I doubt she would know what it stands for. But I totally get that vibe from her. She posted that bikini tiktok on her Insta the other day and she's always mentioning needing sex and showing her feet in weird ways. I wonder when she's going to run away from Mama Trueman and start an onlyfans or whether she'll let mama take her pics and videos. She's halfway there.

No. 778249


If she really can't insert a tampon, she could have vaginismus, which is generally psychosomatic and caused by trauma. It's common among religious women who were taught to fear their bodies and revile sex and then immediately have to flip the switch after their wedding day. Maybe her controlling mother influences her sexual expression in some painful and confusing ways. If it really seems like she's playing to pervy old men for views that could always be at Laur's encouragement. Fine line between a momager and a pimp

No. 778253

Idk, the more I think about it, the more I believe Lillee chose this life of isolation by herself, or with only some coaxing by her mom. She's so comfortable to live in a fantasy world making up her own friends and boyfriend that it really just doesn't strike me as Laur trying to keep her isolated.
Now, maybe Laur urged her to stay home in a slight way somehow, but I'm honestly leaning toward Lillee being a natural hermit and her mom going with it because she's happy she wants to be home with her.

No. 778254

I think >>778176 is right about this one. It sounds like she just wanted to humblebrag about her tight pussy while making it sound like a super unique medical condition because she's sooo special.

No. 778255

Sorry if this has already been brought up, but my tinfoil/theory is that she gives me the vibes of those people that just look up symptoms, find what's wrong with them online (even if it isn't correct), and just start spouting it. It also plays into the theory that she hasn't seen a doctor for several years.
I think with almost everything she does, not just claiming her tight/narrow pelvic wall, she just looks up symptoms, reads one of the most severe possibilities, and claims it as what she has. Which honestly is something I only knew middle/high school to do, when I was also a middle/high schooler. I feel like the shoe fits.

No. 778257

File: 1591061988810.png (832.42 KB, 1071x1771, lunartjeaniezmgt.png)

Laur is threatening Lunart with legal action after Instagram took down the art post on Lillee's page.

Source: BFFDees https://twitter.com/BFFdees/status/1267623223631523842

(Sorry reposted because I didn't want to sage this)

No. 778258


They're such a crock of shit. All they can do is say words to sound scary, because they never have an actual case of anything they want to have a case for. Talking about a situation on Reddit, that has screenshotted evidence, is not against the law and would be thrown out in court if presented.
Luckily Lunart, from what I have seen on Twitter, is aware of their antics now and know they're not a threat at all. However, being a minor, I hope her parents don't try to keep her off the internet for getting into such a shitstorm, trying to prevent it from happening again.

No. 778259

"Our Client" wth, Laur ur dumb as hell.

No. 778260

Kek at Laur-legalese.

But I thought starting June 1st she was going to be represented by the new guy?

No. 778263

Threatening minors who drew you fanart with legal action is such a great look! Why are they so concerned about the safety of Luna talking to adults online when Laur was totally okay taking inappropriate pictures of minor LJ and the pedo French BF situation?

No. 778265

Don't forget about Lillee running a group chat with all of her fan accounts that are allegedly minors.

No. 778269

i like how in that birthday livestream she was really feeling herself and felt the need to tell her jeaniez that she "needs to be tended to sexually" out of nowhere but now we're finding out she apparently has such tight "burning and clenching" pelvic walls that she cant even wear panties to sleep and she's experiencing extreme, uncomfortable menstrual symptoms 3 weeks a month. i guess its hard to make anything make sense when every aspect of your life is either an extreme exaggeration or an outright lie.

side note but i get the feeling lillee is becoming kind of restless being a virgin shut-in. this increased talk about wet dreams and her """""sex life""""", her weird gyrating tik toks, her posting that video of her shaking her ass in her bikini etc. she's always posted thirst traps but its happening all the time now.

No. 778270

I feel it's a mix of her wanting to finally get a real boyfriend and wanting to show people that she totally gets fucked. She talks about sex all the time, she fucks all the time, don't you believe her anons??

No. 778272

kek the fact that she tries to push that narrative when she lives with both parents in close quarters and clearly is never at anyone else's apartment or even outside is so laughable and also kind of creepy. does she really expect us to believe laur just like… puts in headphones or something when pheepy comes through to dick her down? what the fuck lol

No. 778283

Not only does this make no sense because it's laur-speak, but it's not even clear what shes asking the girls parents to do? All Lunart ever asked for was that Lillee take the photo down, and it was taken down by Instagram, so….what exactly is Laur asking here?

No. 778289

To get this minor child of hers under control, of course, and stop terrorizing poor LJ! Or else legal action will be “persecuted”.

No. 778291

in her new video around he 4 minute mark she goes off about the George Floyd situation and complains about "people verbally murdering me" wtf even.

No. 778294

yikes. she starts whining about how oh so bullied she is and then
>"my god, so i can't draw, i can't blend, i can't even earn an achievement? its like people are verbally murdering me. its horrible. and you know, with what just happened to this… this poor man, um, of color… and to see people still on about this drama? i'm disgusted. okay he deserves justice."
then talks about her ancestors coming over and being persecuted for being jewish, and how because of that it scares her that people are doing 'white supremacist symbols'

its pretty tone deaf how she feels the need to relate everything back to herself, especially surrounding this. and egregiously tone deaf to refer to the valid skepticism and criticism she receives as her being "verbally murdered" and then immediately connect it to the george floyd situation and police brutality. we all know she's not actually doing shit to help or donating either because she's not a protester she uwu nudges change slowly #1change4change.

love that she says she'd want her superpower to be the truth/getting people to tell the truth though kek

No. 778303


"It's like that time in elementary school when I won a cheerleadering achievement and bullies accused me of printing it out.
No, it's illegal to sign a teacher's name on things"


No. 778307

Sounds a lot like she's still upset over that one time in elementary school when she won a cheerleadering achievement and bullies accused her of printing it out.Because they didn't know it's illegal to sign a teacher's name on things.


I hope with all of her wondrous inexperience she keeps talking about BLM and current events. It'll be a glorious trainwreck when she fucks up and the mob comes after her and mom-from-hell.

No. 778309

She's so stunted as a child by her mother, it's sad

No. 778310


"white supremus" LOL

No. 778311

The green eyeshadow was more poison ivy and unnecessary for this cosplay. She should have done darker lips and lined her whole eye with eyeliner as opposed to just the top lid. This looks nothing like the reference photo. She could have even drawn lines on her lips like they do with comic book style makeup like roy Lichtenstein, but no, she does this.
I don't see the difference between this and her Daphne look.

No. 778313

File: 1591098998967.jpg (66.54 KB, 558x556, brand manager.jpg)

That's typically why I seriously doubt Laur ever had a real job.
Everything she wrote is so unhinged, unprofessional and appears written by some angry retarded teen who place legal terms everywhere without understanding them.
>a woman who is 49
Why she keep saying Diane is 49? Is Laur so furious of Diane being so much younger and far better looking?
Just like Lunar has awesome drawing skills, noble attitude and so much more talent than LJ would never had.
Btw, I would sure want to look as great as Diane when hitting "49".

Looking sharp and sober on his insta
Both him and LJ are shamelessly using George Floyd death for their narrative and for advertising.

No. 778315

File: 1591101409834.jpeg (426.26 KB, 750x1076, AA7FE973-2C7F-4B64-8D7D-273F06…)

Lightsabers = unsheathed daggers
Boba Fett helmet = hockey mask

No. 778317

It is pretty evident how little she cares in this video. The way she talks about herself and comparing it to the violence and experiences that BPOC experience, the way she hasn’t even taken the time to learn George Floyd’s name (she calls him “that man” throughout and finally you can see her struggle to come up with “Mr Floyd”). Even to someone who doesn’t know about Lillee’s previous racist comments and stereotypical sock accounts, it’s pretty obvious that she doesn’t care about BLM beyond a surface level.

No. 778318

It’s too bad they’ve given up on the Shaniqua account because I would love to know what “Shaniqua” would’ve had to say about the protests.

No. 778319

There's a few comments where people have praised Diane's looks for her age and Laur has responded saltily 'if you really think so'
I also get the vibe she's jealous of Diane as well.

No. 778320

in the comments of her q n a vid she says rem slee can be bad bc ur not getting a full cycle of sleep which is entirely not true???? wtf i swear she just comes up with her own shit n run wit it

No. 778322


Before this ends up in one of their lol “police reports”, Im assuming anon meant the “mob” of public opinion on social media, and not an actual mob with pitchforks and torches.

Dry your undies, Laur. Nobody actually wants to be anywhere near you, Lillee or the attic of lies, dead dreams, vicarious living, and ill repute.

Period horror stories seem to be big money this week. Between Lillee and ALR, the comparisons to Biblical floods and hot Cheetos have abounded.

No. 778325

Why are you giving advice to the void? Welcome to Lille Jean anon.

No. 778326

There's no entirely about it. You literally do not enter deep sleep until rem (rapid eye movement) starts. Good god she's so fucking wantonly ignorant, it's bordering on retardation.

No. 778330

File: 1591114128332.jpg (630.26 KB, 1080x2340, 20200603_000639.jpg)

I was just observing her makeup in comparison to the reference picture, not actually expecting Lillee to take my advice. We are allowed to critique her shitty makeup skills are we not? I just find her takes on things so bland, it's hard not to comment on simple things she could have done to make it more interesting but chose to halfass instead.

I found her Rem sleep advice really weird too. I wonder how many other random myths she believes that attribute to her bad health and hygeine habits.

No. 778331

File: 1591116713944.jpg (191.93 KB, 784x1368, Untitled 1 (2).jpg)

I also think her answers are weird, but it is like the usual regarding her behavior.

The whole comment section is gold, it's to the point I can't tell if her "fans" are real insane ou just trolling her…

No. 778333

>philippa malabon sampaguita feline genitalia

yeah, that’s a troll

No. 778335

File: 1591119057293.png (168.21 KB, 773x259, Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 18.2…)

LJ really is the world's youngest boomer. Even beauty influencers in their late 20s and 30s are keeping abreast of TikTok trends because they know that those videos get views, and it will keep them on top of what their audience is into. LJ literally has and uses the app, and she has never seen TikTok beauty trends? I don't have the app and I have seen content about them. What is she even doing on TikTok?!

I would even say that the ship has massively sailed on cosplay. Pretty much every character under the sun has been done at this point, and at a one million times higher talent and resources level than LJ is capable of.

No. 778337

Something I noticed is whenever she says "I'll get back to you" or "I'll look more into it/I'll think about it", etc. she never does. She just does her own lame ass thing of incredibly boring identical looks and toned down, vanilla cosplay that no one wants to see

No. 778338

File: 1591121190701.png (220.16 KB, 1234x774, organic growth.png)

Her YT subs are up over 500% percent, but her views are only up 4%.

nope, nothing at all suspicious about that…

No. 778339

File: 1591122402788.png (450.8 KB, 1202x614, Screenshot 2020-06-02 at 19.27…)

So they're trying to sue Lunartseclipse

No. 778341

File: 1591122612402.jpg (144.58 KB, 899x1599, EZhs1nKWsAEHcUA.jpg)

No. 778342

Well they cannot sue HER, but her guardian(s) they can try.
It's an empty threat. Luna should ignore it, or turn it into the police for harassment of a minor.

No. 778343

File: 1591122693164.jpg (144.18 KB, 899x1599, EZhs1m_WAAMAdpG.jpg)

Apparently the Jeans are spamming her mum

No. 778344

File: 1591122755729.jpg (131.62 KB, 899x1599, EZhs1nBWsAQ0OZL.jpg)

No. 778345

File: 1591122864052.jpg (101.45 KB, 899x1599, EZhs1nKXkAU6ok1.jpg)

No. 778346

She said in the replies she blocked them

No. 778347

It's just the same load of bullcrap they've been trying since the start that inevitably goes nowhere. You can't sue someone for speaking to someone you don't like. That is insane and no lawyer would touch it with a bargepole unless they want to lose the case and become a complete laughing stock

No. 778348

holy shit they are insane. imagine being a mother and receiving this DM from laur. im confused, didnt that girl just draw a fan art of LJ? and then said she wasnt a fan? the mother of this girl should take legal action like getting a fucking restraining order against laur & lillie because theyre straight up harassing the lady's child who is a minor. i am blown away even by LJ standards

No. 778349

>I wonder how many other random myths she believes that attribute to her bad health and hygeine habits.
I feel like Laur just repeats disproven old wives' tales and Lillee takes it as fact, probably due to a lack of formal education for both of them. It's not as uncommon for boomers since they grew up hearing things like "shaving makes hair grow back thicker," but Lillee should know how to google this kinda shit.

This is pretty gross, even for these two. All because they didn't want to respect the wishes of an artist who was nice enough to draw Lillee. They obviously have no legal case, it's plain intimidation. Laur loves to prattle on about adults harassing poor little 19 year old adult Lillee, yet goes after an actual child who did nothing wrong.

No. 778352

I get so much joy knowing Laur & Lillee are being bested by a literal child. Any sane person would have moved on but Laur is such a control freak she can’t stand Luna speaking with her perceived enemies and not bowing to her superiority. Laur keeps sending unhinged DMs and Luna just keeps posting them.

No. 778353

>we would think you’d be concerned about your daughter talking to an adult
laur you supposedly let your 14 year old daughter get romantically involved with a 23 year old man. god they’re both fucking retarded.

No. 778355

File: 1591130558600.gif (524.25 KB, 275x155, 1552593046285.gif)

At first I felt bad for the little attic rat. But then I saw the "this is what lillee wants" video.
Enjoy being ruined before you even leave your house. Let her be dragged. Ignore the batshit braless momager. Go for lillee, that will cause the biggest explosion.

No. 778379

Laur just went on a 20+ tweet rant telling someone to untag her from a tweet thread with Lunarts including one where she stated that her Twitter is “not for personal issues “ yet Lillee is her “client” and the discussion was applicable to her. I don’t think she realizes that she kept the thread going by all her replies. Unfortunately she dirty deleted before I could get screenshots

No. 778381

ok but why LJ can't speak for helself?

mommy can't win all the battles 4 u grl,pls grow up

No. 778391

File: 1591143900837.jpg (522.56 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200603-002214_Sam…)

No. 778394

File: 1591143975121.jpg (553.86 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200603-002221_Sam…)

No. 778395

who is she replying to? i don't think this name has come up in the lore before has it

No. 778396

true anon, if they're making a bullshit lie, at least need sounds credible

No. 778397

It's a throwaway acct and Laur has blocked it now. I've lurked for awhile but seeing her attack that 15yr old when I have a 15 yr old myself I thought I would tell her what a dick she is. She didn't even respond to the message aimed at her and continuously commented on the message I replied to Lunar. Apologies if I should sage this or whatever, just wanted to post the SS and explain. Going back to lurking now.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 778399

File: 1591144547271.jpeg (528.85 KB, 750x1019, 5A078205-C4DC-4A87-B831-40E6E5…)

Lillee and Laur should really denounce this shit coming out of TL’s mouth. This lady is complete trash. Using a hashtag that has an important meaning as a prop to create drama for your “internet friends” is not ok.

No. 778415

File: 1591151039339.png (171.32 KB, 480x687, Screenshot_20200602-191701_1.p…)

One of the minor call-out accounts/Eggiez @aphiiidus made this. Still looks 100x better than LJ though.
Toppest of keks for her putting her own picture in there.

No. 778417

Wasn’t she an anti-O before all this? Tbh i can’t stand her. But i will admit, putting herself as the earring is funny.

No. 778422

Sage for comic sperg but i hate how she refers to this as "green phoenix." The character is Dark Phoenix, regardless of the color of her suit, and the white one is actually the most "demonic" (in lillee's own words). Just say you don't know anything about the character and go.

No. 778428

so I am new to reading about this lillee jean shit, and I just have to ask, are there actually people out there that believes her bullshit or does everyone know she's full of it at this point

No. 778430

File: 1591156642965.jpeg (197.57 KB, 1071x721, 1D22096B-4DF6-49BE-B149-766D3C…)

Lillee’s new debunking Instagram account is the Raphaeal sock account renamed.

No. 778432

When your DeBuNkInG account actually exposes your ass

No. 778434

Omfg they really don't know how to scrub their past. If you have to use the same socks, at least delete their old comments!
I think I know why they have to keep reusing sock accounts. I know with Gmail accounts, they require you to verify your email by adding a phone number and getting a confirmation text. After a certain number of accounts using that same phone number, it says that phone number has reached it's limit. (Blogpost, but I figured this out because I had a homework assignment where I had to email 20 people, well I decided to just fake it and create 20 emails to act like other people, and my phone number hit max at 15). My guess is that Lillee and Laur have created so many fake accounts, they've hit max on all phone numbers they have. Also, fake numbers don't work. I tried using a fake Google number for the last 5 and it told me it wasn't a valid phone number.

No. 778435

Now, that doesn't mean they couldn't be using Yahoo or AOL or some other email service, but I just know that's how Gmail goes. So if they're using Gmail, that's my theory.

No. 778454

I can’t stand the way she uses those one-use cotton rounds every single time. This could be an EASY 1change4change thing of hers if she just switched to a washable microfibre cloth. She doesn’t even need to protest & get violent to do it!!

Where on earth did they come up with this intereacting word?

Ahaha, that is priceless. They keep exposing themselves like this with all the renaming the accounts. I hope whoever is calling them out & making vids / legal defence is getting all this.

I’m pretty sure I had the same issue when trying to make multiple emails with Yahoo

No. 778475

File: 1591185584158.png (905.67 KB, 806x1361, A0A67F5F-211A-4482-9BC6-857105…)

Here’s one of their posts about a stalker

No. 778476

File: 1591185641704.jpeg (308.65 KB, 750x910, 69EFA87A-CDD6-478C-8D06-085788…)

This is the first time I’ve seen those “bloody edits” LJ always talks about and… come on LJ these are so stupid

No. 778477

File: 1591185720251.jpeg (518.67 KB, 750x907, B61CFE1A-72AB-47E1-8706-111256…)

No. 778478

File: 1591185851958.jpeg (400.86 KB, 750x904, ED0DC392-122C-49DB-8117-A517D5…)

No. 778488


LJ is so fond of posting fan edits but omitted the most creative ones.

No. 778490

>traumatized by shitposting
fucking kek even in an alternate universe where she built a following completely honestly and organically she'd never make it as an influencer because both she and laur get so absolutely assblasted triggered over the most stupid shit. she should just stop going on the internet altogether because her boomer brain really isn't built to handle it.

No. 778492

This photo literally proves that Lillee is exaggerating/lying about the picture situation. There is no picture in this collage of her as a baby with a bloody face.

No. 778494

The image that they clearly reported with the blur over it- does anyone have that image? I assume that's the so-called 'bloody' one

No. 778496

I don't understand. They make it themselves and pretend it is Diane's doing?
I have never seen any of this on the thread.

No. 778497

I don’t have a copy but I believe that was just Lillee’s face with Laur’s hair.

The edits were created by Oomancer (now known as Chatbot). They just like to exaggerate what the images were. I am not sure why Diane gets the blame here - maybe because she bought one of the items?

No. 778499

Basically Diane gets the blame for everything. It's their overarching strategy to pin everything on one person to make her seem like the insane one.

No. 778500

I've never seen the one they always mention with Lillee's eye's gouched out. She mentions the eye one all the fucking time and I've literally never seen it.

No. 778501

That's why I wondered if it's that reported one on their screenshot that they consider to be that image. Does anyone know if this instagram account still exists?

No. 778504

The lilleejeandebunked_ IG has more posts that "debunk" more things if anyone is interested. Some long posts on how she's being doxxed, debunking her being transphobic, the fake collabs etc.

I couldn't find it.

No. 778508

You haven’t seen it because it doesn’t exist. She did once share one pic (In a live iirc) where her eyes had black boxes covering her eyes and that’s what she claimed was her eyes gouged out.

I believe they succeeded in taking down Oomancer’s accounts for the most part.

No. 778512

File: 1591200040321.png (37.91 KB, 1228x261, masks.png)

LJ wants to tell people how to wear make-up with masks to encourage more people to use them. Because that's what people's complaints about masks are based on.

No. 778513

File: 1591200324947.png (2.07 MB, 750x1334, 043A7610-3266-4DBA-9080-BEC55B…)

Oomancer has a new account. You can find it pretty easily. I don’t want to link because I don’t want Laur flagging it.

The “eye gouged” out photo was from the r/delusionartist thread in 2018. Lillee showed the photo in a Periscope.

No. 778514

This is painfully boring. She debunks nothing. That's even the contrary: if it really was for some minor misunderstanding, no real influencer would have bothered to make this account.
Which makes me ask: why making this now? Very desperate move.
Where is her impressive brand manager? Did he flee like a rat the sinking ship? lol

No. 778516

He is a clout chaser, and eight now, Lillee Jean is the last thing he wants to be trying to attach himself to.

They are shifting the accounts because of how severe the backlash is going to be when they try to push her into the public eye to promote anti cyberbullying laws and the proof she's a racist, transphobic, narcissistic liar so easily accessible. They are trying to make it hard to search and prove what she's done, and will continue trying to block all proof by copywrite and claims of harrassment and photoshop.

Too bad Lillee and Laur can't shut up long enough to gain any traction.

No. 778529

File: 1591215514204.jpeg (829.45 KB, 1242x1743, B4A684DF-8DCD-4403-9AD9-418A44…)

Unsure if new milk or not.

No. 778536


Whoa, this is there first I've seen anyone claiming to know her from her school days! Nice find anon.

This is fascinating and sounds pretty plausible. Anons have speculated that she was bullied out of school, but it's even more fitting that her schoolmates were actually oblivious to her. The illness excuse for absences sounds like special snowflake syndrome. Public school might have been the only time she's had to confront the feeling of being average. When she was surrounded by her peers, she had to face the fact that some of them were better than her at various things. No doubt she couldn't handle that and retreated into isolation and denial.

I'm sure that a few people bullied her, as even this random classmate mentions that her behavior was bratty and bizarre. But I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of it was just her reacting badly to not being worshipped at school like she was at home.

No. 778537

man this girl fascinates me, lying so hard yet so obviously about stupid shit like this would be something i'd do as a 12 year old or something

No. 778538

Could be bullshit because no proof but it's definitely believable. Lillee is dumb as fuck and strikes me as the spoilt smug horsegirl who comes into class with McDonald's as a brag because they got the week off with their parent. Laur would have kept her home to hang out woth with her lonely ass and blamed Lillee's 'autoimmune' disorder on missing school.

No. 778539

The school probably confronted Laur about Lillee always being absent and thats when they pulled her out and started homeschooling.

No. 778540

That's glorious.
Some Anons pointed out the fact that from her lack of knowledge, she might have barely showed up in middle school >>778110 >>778155
So this tinfoil was true indeed.

No. 778541


It kinda confirms that her education pretty much stopped during middle school, which explains how inept she is at critical thinking and explaining herself. There's no way Laur would be critical enough of her to mark down her work, if they even bothered to go through the motions of home schooling.

No. 778543

Fun fact: this LJ former classmate has genuine followers and likes on insta and an actual career in modeling.

No. 778550


Inb4 Lillee says, "she's jealous", she has less than no reason to be.

No. 778565

File: 1591227679016.jpeg (213.32 KB, 750x859, C1A27322-86D8-4869-8F70-E84D12…)

Interesting… lillee has then had a few bfs? This guy and peepee?
Tinfoil : I feel like LJ used to be all mature and act like hot shit, suffered some kind of abuse maybe sexual… and then regressed to kinda try to feel happy like a kid again to protect her psyche.

No. 778568

File: 1591228174304.jpeg (351.09 KB, 750x882, 9F4666BB-0994-4D10-93E5-299E93…)


It looks like they never even seen her BF anon. Also could be a Lie to make her popular.

No. 778574

Is there any proof posted from this person that she actually went to school with Lillee? Has she posted her yearbook with her photo? I've seen enough people say "I went to school with that cow!" to be a little suspicious by now.

No. 778580

I’m suspecting that BFFDees is teaching out to this person so I am sure we’ll find out soon if it’s true.

No. 778581

Idk but I went to that persons profile and they have posts about living in queens so there’s a possibility they are saying the truth

Thx anon, rushed to post and missed that post, that also makes sense

No. 778607


>she had a ~17 y/o bf in middle school

So maybe that "acceptable" age-gap example she gave on her IG live about how she didn't think there was anything weird about a 12 year old dating a 17 year old wasn't actually off-the-cuff and really came from this old lie she used to tell all the time when she was still at school trying to impress other 12 year olds. 7 years later she still hasn't moved on from that, and the lies have just gotten more extreme and crazy, so now we get PedoPheep the Creepy French Diplomat admiring Lillee's hormones since age 9.

Her development is completely atrophied. Laur is a failure of a mother.

No. 778608

File: 1591241870754.png (186.24 KB, 686x806, lovejeet1.png)

i was doing a deep dive into some of the earliest posts on lillee's old account (back when she was using the jeaniezmanagement instagram) and found some odd stuff. in the comments of some of the earliest posts, i noticed comments like these, seeming to address this "@lovejeet9563" account as pheepy. the comments he supposedly left that she was replying to in these were deleted.

No. 778609

File: 1591241901602.png (191.63 KB, 1340x410, lovejeet.png)

looking at that account, this is what shows up

No. 778610

File: 1591241978706.png (412.15 KB, 668x1792, lovejeet2.png)

in the few instances i did see his comments in her comment sections undeleted, they were exchanges like this. very esl and seem like lillee's typical pradip stans

No. 778611

File: 1591242098377.png (73.37 KB, 634x344, lovejeet3.png)

then a couple of weeks later, the lovejeet9563 account stops commenting and i stop seeing replies from lillee referencing that account, and i started seeing random replies of hers to the "@princephillippe" account. any of you guys have an idea as to why she would have been calling that random guy's profile pheepy? even if it was an old sock account that they switched names of or something, then why would pheepy's handle have been "lovejeet9563"? just seemed really odd.

No. 778612


>maraschino blushes

I can't handle this level of second-hand embarrassment.

No. 778614

File: 1591242586677.png (3.07 MB, 1536x1896, igbaddie.png)

deep dive anon again one last time, nothing milky just sharing this retarded pic of lillee i came across and a random comment from laur that made me LMAOF

No. 778622

Damn anon, if this is all true with that Redditor, you hit the nail on the head. That makes perfect sense why that 12 and 17 age came to Lillee's mind first and she "found nothing weird about it". She (and Laur) tried backtracking after pretty much everyone disapproved of that, which I think was her first encounter with people dogging on her for that specific age gap.

No. 778635

File: 1591252438086.jpeg (320.74 KB, 1242x810, 6B63A72E-805D-4455-8992-BAE4D8…)

Whatever happened to Lillee not having any sexual inter reaction with peeper until she was 18 and a hAlF

No. 778636

She is 16 here, talking about a 25 yo man yikes

No. 778638

What the fuck is her obsession with chicken and vegetables?
I mean I get that she got obsessed with losing weight due to her pre-diabetes (or her just being a fat kid), but there's other healthy foods available to eat. She strikes me as someone who read one health blog about strictly eating chicken and vegetables and it became her "thing".

No. 778640

She’s not really a clean eater tho
She’s always eating pasta or those cheap ass $2 hospital meals. Since we all know she tries to act like hot shit, chicken and veggies is probably how she defines fancy food. Remember how that’s what she was eating at that drunk elephant hotel? That’s just what her white trash brain thinks is fancy, just like her pedo bf

No. 778641

True, I didn't even think it could be her way of "fancy" eating. I just assumed she was trying to act like she was healthy, but she didn't actually know any healthy foods besides the basic "chicken and veggies", so she stuck to that like glue as a way to totally show how healthy she eats.

No. 778642

"Guys I'm so totally healthy! I eat chicken and vegetables! And chicken! …. And vegetables! Do I sound healthy yet??"

No. 778656

And when she says chicken and vegetables you KNOW it wouldn't be boiled chicken and actual cooked vegetables. It's probably chicken nuggets and frozen vegetables or chicken covered in cheese or gravy and frozen vegetables or like someone else pointed out, one of those microwave chicken meals that are high as fuck in sodium.
She doesn't look like she even looks at fruits and vegetables.
Laur made some bullshit excuse that due to their Jewish genes they can get fat easily off just a piece of bread but she obviously overeats.

No. 778663

Sage for crazy tinfoil, but a lot of anons are wondering about the gap between november 2016 and july 2017- where LJ was completely AFK.
This time period is arround 9 months.
We know she wore heavy makeup and very inappropriate clothes starting in middle school, but what if she actually get a bf or some weird older guy and got pregnant, then went offline because it became noticable and would have ruin her "princess disney image".
Then came back online, after Laur put the baby on adoption/or the baby didn't make it, idk?
The body she had then (before 2016) was thinner than now - some women can't have their thin body back after pregnacy, and she is really letting herself go.
Would also explains why she couldn't go back to school.

No. 778664

Would explain her shaming ppl for being pregnant lol

No. 778666

She is also shaming people for bullying & harrasing kids online, so yeah it's their logic.

No. 778667


These are all very interesting and should be brought to Diane's attention.

No. 778682


Lol this seems far-fetched. Giving birth doesn't make you fat for the rest of your life – most women are too busy with taking care of their newborn and everything that comes with it to have the time to lose weight (and a LOT of people have no clue how losing weight works either!). But no one magically loses the ability to lose weight because they had a kid.

Lillee is 4'9" and spends her days at home barely moving. If she were 110 or 120 lbs, she would still barely be able to eat 1400 calories to maintain. To lose any weight, she'd need to eat below that. She just ate too much and refuses to eat less and that's why she's overweight.

No. 778693


This is an interesting angle…. I don’t usually care to speculate too much on these types of theories, so I am going to address this more generally. A significant traumatic event could result in behavioural changes, such as regressing to more childish dependence or ‘brattiness’. Often it’s a way of avoiding or processing whatever adult behaviour/act got the person into the situation in the first place. In the case of an unplanned pregnancy for example, acting childish dissuades the person from being viewed sexually by anyone else or as a responsible parent.

It’s very shiny tin-foil but I can see a few markers of why it’s not completely out of left field. If this is the case though, personally the only reason it would matter is because she advocates age-gap relationships. If two 15-year olds make a mistake, get pregnant and give up a baby—whatever, it happens, it’s nobody’s business. But if these are statutorily-questionable relationships and the result is something as traumatic as an unplanned teen pregnancy, it’s pretty fucked to be attempting to willfully perpetuate that cycle by claiming it’s an okay situation for young preteens/teens to put themselves in.

No. 778694


Agreed with this speculation, but I think a Lillee pregnancy is really improbable.

Lillee seems like she's never faced real consequences for her actions. She thinks everything she does online is totally justified, including all the lies and delusions. I don't think she's familiar with consequences at all.

On top of that, Laur would have an absolute meltdown if that sort of thing happened to her perfect precious Lillee. Either they'd go after the guy who got her pregnant, or if Laur somehow approved of him, she'd go batshit over losing the baby. Either way, it's completely unbelievable that Laur would keep this secret without somehow using it to try and get sympathy. #JusticeforBrenda

Lillee is certainly being abused by Laur, but Laur would be very vocal if anyone else hurt Lillee or if she'd gone through trauma (as defined by Laur)

No. 778710

I wonder if she really did get catfished by some creepy foreign dude and even after she found out she just kept up the lie. His comments don’t sound like lillee or laur to me

No. 778711

Personally, I think there’s no way lillee isn’t a virgin. The way she talks about sex is not normal for a sexually active woman

No. 778712


That's the feeling I get as well. The way she acts and talks sounds like someone who wants to pretend they have sex. The fact no one seems to have ever seen either of her supposed boyfriends or found any actual accounts/evidence says enough too tbh.

No. 778714

I know it was discussed in the last thread and most people disagreed, but I do wonder if there really is something to younger Lillee having inappropriate relationships with older men. Pheepy himself is obviously a lie, but aspects of the relationship might be real. It wouldn't shock me if Laur encouraged her to cozy up to some local talent scout/agent in exchange for roles.

Lillee's demeanor and reasoning in her Pheepy livestream is just creepy as hell to me. As soon as people call her out on the weird age discrepancy, she goes into a tirade about how it's not illegal for a bunch of incorrect reasons. She's very ready with her rebuttals. It definitely sounds like Laur coached her with a bunch of bullshit on why it's okay for her to date adult men.

No. 778718


What dissuades me about this theory is that she never brings up relationships. She's definitely the type of person to brag (if her middle school classmate is real, she even bragged about her supposed boyfriend back then), but all we've seen/heard is some really basic sexual comments about Pheeby, the weird hormones gift, and a few really standard love messages.

I feel like if she truly had something with anyone, she would be telling stories of some kind about that relationship. Instead, the only relationship she's admitted to is the one with the totally-not-fake Pheeby and she's never talked about their dates or anything either (if she's had an actual relationship before, she could just tell about one of those dates and act like it was with Pheeby. We know she's not above lying).

Plus, she sees nothing wrong with age gap relationships with a minor involved, so there's no reason she wouldn't have spoken up yet. In the Q&A asking her about ideal first dates she struggled to find an answer too – if you're dating someone, it would be easy to answer "hmm, I don't know about ideal, but in the past I've done X and Y on a first date".

No. 778721

Agreed. She talks like a caricature of Samantha from Sex&the City. Who says "I need tended to mentally and sexually"? She treats it like it's some mystic thing. She's a never kissed virgin. Which is not a bad thing, like who cares, but she fakes it so poorly.

Side note, why did she call that Indian guy pheepy?

No. 778722

Well her dad’s a literal pedophile. Might explain why she thinks it’s normal and made a bunch of excuses for it in her live

No. 778734

Actually, that's a good point. I wonder if Earl was also a "family friend" that knew Laur for a while. Lillee may have copied the story for her own prince charming and changed a few details. Her ardent defense would make sense if she grew up hearing Laur yammer on about their ~forbidden love~

No. 778735

So is pheepy really an Indian?

No. 778736


or tinfoil theory, pheepy is not a french diplomat, but a friend of earl, who took an interest on a young and naive Lillee and the parents made up some bs that he's an impressive french diplomat and let him take advantage of her and she's too dumb to know otherwise

she thinks she's got this charming older boyfriend, the parents do NOT have the best track history themselves, or they have some weird "sellout" thing with lillee and she thinks she really has a french diplomat bf, but they have to keep it hush hush of course, and made up all these bs stories about france and sent fake gifts etc

No. 778737

I don't see that happening, mainly because Lillee has always been aware of the sockpuppets. She was almost definitely the one making all those "fan edit" pics on her fanclub pages. It follows that she'd be aware of the fake boyfriend as well. I think she's aware all the flowers/cards are from Laur.

It's easy enough to make insta sockpuppets, but making up a fake identity for a real person sounds impractical.

No. 778740


oh I don't think he actually gave her gifts, I said I think they're fake. I just have a really creepy insidious vibe.

It's one thing if she pretended to have a recent bf, it's cringy but it's more expected of her age, but they have been lying about this for years now, consistently. That's why I tinfoil if there is ANY real actual male in her life that could have potentially been intimate with her at any point, it's probably an older friend of Earl's and the parents just go along with it because they've normalized age gaps and they are weirdos

No. 778741

I personally think 'Pheepy' was created to create the illusion that Lillee was taken, so Laur could keep her little baby all to herself. It's fucking gross, but that's just what I think.

No. 778748

there is literally a Sherlock Holmes story about this, A Case of Identity

a rich lady’s stepfather in disguise tricks her into an engagement

No. 778749

Ooh that's interesting. I do still think that LJ knows that 'Pheepy' isn't real, but thinks it's more of a fun thing to do with her mom. I think her mom is the one with the more sinister motives behind it. If LJ is 'taken'she won't get a real life boyfriend.

No. 778751


I think this is all there is to the age gap thing. Lillee and Pheep’s “relationship” mirrors what we know of the relationship between Laur and Earl, with a bunch of romanticised Disney Prince Charming tropes tossed in. Lillee’s entire socialisation since middle school has consisted of her parents and Disney movies and Pheep is what you get when you combine the two. Laur probably thinks Lillee is mature for her age just like Laur herself was (that age-old groomer line) and Pheepy being imaginary isn’t going to take Lillee away from the attic, so she doesn’t see any harm in it.

No. 778754

File: 1591309631443.jpg (108 KB, 798x578, Untitled-1.jpg)

lol I think it's totally that. Like her fellow white trash cow Chris Chan, she thinks Chicken with Vegetables is the kind of fancy dinner you'd only get at a 5 star hotel.

No. 778762

Im howling I thought this was edited for a sec. Really makes you think

No. 778768

File: 1591318409429.jpg (193.1 KB, 1757x863, payhertatiana.jpg)

Tatiana has raised more than 50% of her legal fund target in 1 hour.

Laur and Lillee and a million Jeaniez couldn't even raise $20 for St. Jude cancer kids. They are going to hate this, and we're just in time to start a long weekend Franzia bender freakout.

No. 778769

Anons, woah y'all making deeper all the drama, good info btw.
buuut, i don't think 'Phedopheepy' exist,
it's part of the whole circus they made

No. 778770

>Over 2k donated
>only 6 donors
Tatiana must have some rich followers god damn lol

No. 778771


Or the Truemans have rich enemies. A single anonymous donor contributed most of that in one big chunk. Somebody is for sure fed up with their shenanigans, maybe one of the bigger YTers that have had run-ins with her or heard about what they've been up to with their false DMCA bullshit decided to help out.

No. 778775

File: 1591321526941.png (578.75 KB, 552x842, 1.png)

No. 778776

File: 1591321560974.png (253.72 KB, 890x826, sucki.png)

No. 778778

hahahahahaha WHAT THE FUCK lmao I actually cant be surprised after seeing the black ladys shaniqua profile that she hasnt made private yet

No. 778780

idk why she auto-praising her skin so much? why so narcissistic LJ

No. 778781

File: 1591322411778.png (568.52 KB, 648x1254, 40933FF0-23F8-4263-84A3-1643ED…)

Nothing too milky, but Lillee’s Most recent IG post got this comment from a fishy “boutique”. Is Lillee about to get scammed agai?

No. 778782

File: 1591323683511.png (1.28 MB, 2264x1217, lj fake fans.png)

Also, Lilleejeandebunked_ deleted all their posts. I got some screenshoted, but not all. The posts were so long I didn't screenshot them all but I did get the one posted earlier on the stalker who posted edited images, one about doxxing, and one about fake fans. There was a very long post debunking Lillee's transphobic comments when she called a person it. Iirc, her "debunking" was that the person was a troll and that why she called them it? Unfortunately I didn't save any of that one. There were more less interesting debunkings, like debunking her fake lipstick collab and the fake billboard. I don't know why she'd delete the account if she truly wanted to dispel rumors.

No. 778783

File: 1591324013812.png (1.27 MB, 2492x1347, lj doxx.png)

* deleted all the posts, not the account. The last image slides in this post were just close ups of the Mylife site.

No. 778784

File: 1591324170032.jpeg (458.71 KB, 1242x1848, D644361A-0F2B-482D-93FB-AAD007…)

Found this on my phone and thought it was interesting after the current discussion…

No. 778798

Lillee deleted the account because it was a long suspected sock account she renamed. >>778430 it was evidence they were running the early fan accounts.

No. 778829

Why is she standing on her tip toes like an autist?

No. 778830

To appear taller?

No. 778831

She does it in most pictures. She's mimicking the effect wearing heels gives- height, lengthening and thinning the leg, lifted butt, generally better posture l, lifts the chest and pulls the stomach in.

No. 778833

The sandals have a heel on them. Her posture is awful and she doesn't seem to be trying to look better in a photo. I think she's on the spectrum.

No. 778834

Not very high heels.
But anyway, why is her dress so misfiting? She is always incapable of picking flattering clothes on her own.

No. 778835


Anons, am I crazy or does this "dress" look like a nightgown? It's kind of shapeless, and something about the straps and hemline is just giving me Victoria's Secret. It looks like something that would be part of a 2-piece set that includes a matching robe.

No. 778836

File: 1591367821244.jpeg (44.58 KB, 580x580, m_5e3806619ed36df2f7cff13e.jpe…)


me again, forgot to attach my example pic

No. 778837

Nah you are right. It's so night gowny. She needs a good bra and better posture and the cut of the dresses/designs she chooses are awful for her midget height. Honestly as well if she wants to wear heels she needs to stop with the ugly boomer kitten heels and get some nice pumps or wedges because these weird half assed kitten heels with the too short night gown style dresses make her look like a 40 year old trying to be 'trendy'

No. 778838

Meh, it also looks like a shift dress you could get at Target or Free People.

No. 778840

She's a goblin with a shit dumpy figure but if she was too lazy to lose weight, she could probably pull off a thicc kind of look if she wore higher heels and had some shapewear, a push up bra and dresses that weren't at such a weird length. She'd probably need to fake tan and up the makeup, but she's weirdly obsessed with this mix of boomer/child fashion so she'd never experiment.

Trisha Paytas before her lipo and surgeries was able to kind of pull off what I'm talking about. I'm not saying it looks amazing because she looked kinda trashy, but she was able to disguise certain features and exaggerate others.
Ultimately what she needs to do is lose weight though but what I'm saying is the fashion certainly does not help.

No. 778841

Ultimately what she needs to do is go to a psychiatrist (and a dentist and a gynecologist).
But I agree on the fact that somehow beauty guru are expected to look great.

No. 778844

File: 1591370551431.jpeg (106.72 KB, 719x773, FE4DF20B-B0EB-48A6-8291-43D769…)

After the callout accounts pointed out YouTube is purging subs from Lillee’s channel…Lillee says YouTube removes subs to vet them and then puts them back.

No. 778847

How does she come up with this stuff

No. 778848

File: 1591372685088.jpg (13.91 KB, 712x129, 902.jpg)

Looks like they're maybe making another try at a Wikipedia page for Lillee.

I wonder if this is the super-secret news Laur can't talk about until July 1st, or the super-secret news she can't talk about until the end of next week? I don't know why they want this so bad; people are just going to immediately edit the entry to include a cited section with reference links to all of their well-documented scamming, lying, controversies and harassment.

No. 778853

They seem unintelligent enough to believe that you’ve “made it” if you have a wiki article about you.

No. 778854

Anyone can write on wikipedia, can't wait to see LJ article edited with some real facts about her.
And by the way, she made it on Atrocious YT wiki.

No. 778857

File: 1591378555397.png (171.81 KB, 786x832, B4B4B8CF-98D8-4995-82D4-C6006A…)

Laur has a new sock account and she’s in the middle of a franzia freakout

No. 778859

File: 1591378715290.png (211.24 KB, 796x858, 0E8369FD-475B-4718-A684-C4ADFE…)

she’s also hashtagging random Dianes and Texas in what I guess is an attempt to dox Dees/Diane.

Yea Dees totally sounds like she’s from Texas and she most likely used her real first name. G8 investigating there.

No. 778860


The whole "you stalk LJ so you have a crush on a teenager" kinda strikes me as iffy too. I know 19 is technically still a teen, but personally I'd call her an adult by now, not "kiddify" her like that.

No. 778861

That and the fact Laur refers to Lillee as 'my kid' like all the time.

No. 778862

LJ is Laur's baby for life. She will stop at nothing to keep her perfect possession with her forever.

No. 778866

>Laur marries a 31 year old man when she's 16
>lets her daughter date a 23 year old man when she's 14
>completely fine with numerous middle aged men commenting on her daughter's suggestive photos when she's underage
>draws the line at another adult criticizing her 19 year old adult baby
Does Laur like, remember anything? Kek

No. 778880

She called 18-year old Lillee a child when she freaked out in the first thread on /snow/

Lillee is an adult and mature when she is in the company of men almost 10 years her senior, but a baby and a child when people are being mean to her on the internet.

No. 778887

Exactly. She picks and chooses whatever narrative fits the scenario.

No. 778894

Lillee still refers to herself as a child too. In the recent q&a video when asked "which cartoons did you like to watch as a kid?" She started her response off with "well I'm still a kid". That and the fact that she doesn't contribute to the household in any meaningful way(i.e. cooking, cleaning, rent) is extremely disturbing. The more that comes to light about her situation, the more I think you guys are right and laur really doesn't want her to become an adult.

No. 778898

File: 1591388330785.jpg (44.04 KB, 988x402, lolsuit.jpg)


This is 100% because PotaterTot is a couple of donations away from fully paying for her lawyer fees. This is also proof that there is no new management team headed by that clout-chasing IG lawyer, because there's no way Laur would be allowed to froth at the mouth in public like this if there was even a halfway professional manager looking out for Lillee's interests.

Laur has probably been ranting and panic-suckling directly from that boxed wine teat all day. I hope Lillee and Diamond Earl have a safe corner in the attic.

No. 778900

File: 1591388579119.png (58.16 KB, 587x240, gfolikujy.png)

Laur is telling people to kys while calling bffdees a murderer

No. 778901

Damn I hope Lillee and Laur get their asses handed to them in court. This is too good.

No. 778903

I was beginning to miss Laur’s bad grammar tweets and nonsensical hashtags. #murderer #trashbag #bffdeeslikesteenagers

No. 778904

I’m trying to figure out what her obsession with AOL is. She keeps mentioning it in her tweets.

No. 778906


I speak semi-fluent Laurish, so I believe what she's trying to say is that Diane is a relic of the old-timey internet era that was AOL.

This is meant to be a dig at her age….again. Because Laur is low IQ and only has three weapons in her arsenal: you're too old/young to have an opinion on Lillee, you're too fat/ugly to have an opinion on Lillee, or you are too pregnant to have an opinion on Lillee.

No. 778908

Or you're too anonymous. Except if you're not anonymous, in which case she'll go to the ends of the earth to ruin you

No. 778916

File: 1591392534983.png (270.33 KB, 725x378, ac3.png)

>So what people that are garbage so meth addict.
Laur's writing reminds me of that one indecipherable /v/ post.

What's the #murderer about, anyway? Does she really think Dees is a plant by her ex-brother in law to silence Laur from talking about her sister's death? I know Laur likes to shit on people with mental health issues, but these are seriously the rantings of an unwell person.

No. 778925

Yes she genuinely does belive that. Someone else posted about her alluding to it early on in the threads not to mention whatshername posting this >>778145

No. 778942

File: 1591409501003.jpeg (49.57 KB, 750x226, 71B867A1-26F2-4818-9F51-E1F627…)

I searched for the names in the state Laur was tagging earlier and came across a woman who’s maiden name was similar to what Dees says her name is. This person has 3 emails linked to her name, one being an AOL acct and another from Awesomenet. I searched for Awesomenet and found they’re an old ISP provider.

Laur googled Dees’ name, found some woman with awesome in her email address, has now convinced herself the woman is Dees and is tweeting out this non involved parties’ name accusing her of murder.

No. 778943

Get a life

No. 778945

Sorry, anon. Go back to debating Lillee’s height and sexual experience. Sorry for providing actual milk.

No. 778946

Anon, this was actual milk lol. Get with the program. Laur is falsely doxxing another woman, it needs to be brought to attention.

No. 778947

Laur didn’t get the identity from the NYPD like she said she did. Shocked.

Is the entire NYPD SeX PoLiCe story a lie? It was suspect Laur started sperging right after anons discussed calling in a tip. We know she lurks here.

No. 778948

Laur definitely needs one kek

No. 778969

Good find anon. This isn't even the first time Laur has brought a random person who shares a name with a hater into the drama. Laur isn't doing herself any favors doing this, she's just going to get more eyes on her craziness.

No. 778972

Telling people to kys is illegal in most country. I really hope Twitter does something about that.
I am amazed in how they keep on making their case even worse.

No. 778973

kill yourself

No. 778974

Hi Laur.(hi cow)

No. 778979

Your avatar is visible anon

No. 778983

File: 1591443684019.png (179.25 KB, 1080x1597, Screenshot_20200606-212833~2.p…)

Lol I'm a dumbarse and showed my avatar so reposting lol
Buy why is LJ denouncing herself on these ~~ex fan accounts? What is she trying to do? They're obviously all her or Laur, she's never had real fans and the spelling and syntax are as atrocious as ever. And she's using her current self made fan accounts to "interreact" with the ex fan accounts. What's the end goal here lol

No. 778984

File: 1591443707812.png (321.73 KB, 1080x1629, Screenshot_20200606-212839~2.p…)

No. 778985

File: 1591443772543.png (663.78 KB, 1080x1625, Screenshot_20200606-212848~2.p…)

No. 778986

File: 1591444098457.png (921.39 KB, 1080x1625, Screenshot_20200606-214836~2.p…)

No. 778987

Well, we already know she recycles accounts, she had a fan account change to Lilleejeandebunked_ and once someone noticed that she deleted all the posts on the account. She is going to probably recycle these accounts too.

Perhaps Lillee also realized how fishy the fan accounts look, so she’s shutting them down and trying to make that look authentic. Notice how the reasons the “fans” aren’t fans anymore don’t go into any real depth of what Lillee has done and have the same reasons. It’s a very strange thing to do, but LJ and Laur’s decisions never make sense

No. 778989

With the insta engagement pod, she doesn't need the fake fan accounts anymore.
Is she trying to deleted the proof she has no real followers?
She can't even break more than 3 likes on most of her twitter post.

No. 778991

Laur & Lillee would never admit they’re at fault for anything. If these were run by them, they’d be exiting due to haters not Lillee actually lying. Some of the accounts are run by Laur/Lillee or people in the engagement pods Lillee admins. Some bored orbiters got involved too. The callout accounts said they were being contacted. I suspect when no one was impressed with their pooptouching they closed up shop.

No. 778993

File: 1591448572219.png (682.35 KB, 935x550, Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 14.0…)

LJ said a load of scribble for her Black Lives Matter post and instead of making a donation or sharing resources that are actually meaningful, she bought nearly 10,000 likes for her own post instead.

No. 778995

>Lady Liberty does not peak
poor lady liberty can't cum

No. 778996

I swear to god I've never seen someone write as weirdly and badly as Lillee. Like I've seen plenty of morons writing bad takes on Facebook or whatever, but they don't tend to actually think they're making lofty, beautiful statements like LJ clearly does. It's so cringey to witness.

No. 778998

Why the fuck is it a picture of a Barbie? She couldn’t find a real PoC?

No. 778999


Sage for tinfoil, but my assumption is that shes turning some of her fan accounts into hAtUrs so people will talk to them candidly and she can grab some screens for her next big fake legal pursuit. With Potater Tot lady raising her full legal fees, im sure the pressure is on to find something.

That is pure speculation, as its hard to put a finger on why Lillaur does anything ever.

No. 779001


That was my tinfoil as well; take these fan sock accounts, set a couple of them up with some vague flounce speech about why they are leaving the Jeaniez fandom, and then wait for one of the callouts to contact them via DM so they can use that to generate "proof" of all the shit they've been making up to discredit Diane.

The thing is, I'm not entirely sure that the callouts are even reaching out privately to people who claim to be Lillee's fans anymore, if they ever did. Now that there is so much proof floating around on twitter and 3945872 expose videos on YT that millions of people have seen, why would any of them be wasting their time messaging one random 13yo at a time to warn them? I'm pretty sure Diane already has at least one mole in Lillee's secret group chat feeding her screenshots.

No. 779008

File: 1591459154696.jpeg (211.66 KB, 750x690, 9CAC441F-1854-455A-9A57-F74D76…)

You’re probably right.They said the accounts were contacting them.

No. 779009

File: 1591460042344.jpeg (408.52 KB, 750x1206, E08C4291-7904-4FC8-9585-DA3860…)

There’s also this Instagram post from one of the most active fan accounts. It’s weird because the screenshot shows Diane being really nice but the caption says she was harassing the account which contacted her, not the other way. Typical Lillee move of discrediting herself with the evidence she attempts to provide.

No. 779010

>"youre 14 so i don't want to message you"
>this coward won't even message me lol

No. 779027

Yeah, so all the "ex fans" did was make Diane look more credible. By ex fand, I mean batshit insane frumpy momager Laur.

Good god these two are an endless source of milk.

No. 779035

New video. Bonus, Lillee responds to hate

No. 779036

File: 1591475974525.png (624.79 KB, 750x1177, 73E5D160-BC1C-446A-B63C-7744EE…)

No. 779037

File: 1591476178652.png (2.22 MB, 1334x750, AB247543-C7C7-42EB-9875-8C5CC1…)

And it’s virtually the same look, and another recycled wig. Anybody else really annoyed by how she doesn’t use wigcaps? She just puts her hair in a low ponytail and puts the wig on it. Is that too much effort for her?

No. 779038

File: 1591476278667.png (1.96 MB, 1334x750, 1FEB99FA-42CD-4F5A-872A-AFCC65…)

Ok, one more post. I accidetally paused on this

No. 779039

File: 1591476474286.jpeg (203.6 KB, 750x410, 7F52F6FA-A16E-4E3D-B154-965FC8…)

The fallout from her cheap knockoff palette stained her face. She had to cut to clean it all off but acted like it wiped off with a little oil.

No. 779040

That bra is BARELY on

No. 779041

File: 1591478600959.jpeg (66.7 KB, 945x1209, EZ26GLnXgAEmutR.jpeg)

Lillee confirmed for having the herps.

No. 779042

summary of the new video cause I have no life
>decided to make this video because the other sister's videos did so "good" she wants to do all the sisters
>uses random products to "wake her skin up"
>says to pull the cream up from your nose to your temples to create lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness
>all of us are a little bit puffy right now because we eat shitty frozen food because of the quarantine (speak for yourself Lillee)
>recently cleaned her makeup hoard, tells us to do the same - especially in these times. make sure your makeup doesn't have corona guys
>got sent a palette by Yilena Luxury Lashes, not for a review but just as a "hey you wanna try it out?"
>uses cotton pad under her eye to prevent fallout
>last look that she uses a "feasible" bra for, the rest are gonna be a bra (wait what) or a bandeau top
>talks about how shipping is too messed up to create a shell bra
>starts going in with red eyeshadow, it looks like she has an eyelid rash
>says she's gonna keep a sharper edge to this look, it isn't sharp at all
>"She's like ugh, drama. So I wanna give her that influencer… infused… look, while still being really beautiful at the same time." what.jpeg
>fingerpaints blue eyeshadow on her lid, looks like she's tugging on her skin hard af
>stops using the cotton pad for some reason, there's fallout everywhere
>likes this glitter cause it's not chunky glitter which is safer for the eye
>lines her eyes but leaves it open and doesn't fill it in
>fills the liner part with some iridescent liquid stuff
>looks like shit
>keeps referring to everything as "she" and "Miss" in this video. "she's gonna get blended with Miss 212", stuff like that
>realizes the liner looks like shit, puts black liner on it instead
>"I'm actually going over my outer line. I changed my mind, I don't want it there anymore. And, uhhhh, just coating over it. So… Sorry if you did that step. You know me when I get in my zone, I just… Sometimes we do that, sometimes we don't!" just admit it looked like shit Lillee
>is amazed that her fake lashes are bendy
>says she's going over her brow and makes it look "much darker" so there are no "golden" hairs poking "up". your hair isn't golden, stop
>tries to remove the blue fallout all over her face
>her skin gets as red as her flaming hot Cheetoh period because she's rubbing so hard
>has super special skin, so even if she slaps a bottle of oil on her face, she doesn't break out
>applies concealer all over her broken out skin
>"Ew, hormones." Pheepy disagrees
>applies concealer darker than her other concealer and foundation for a "gleam"
>applies Essence blush. it doesn't show on her skin at all
>applies contour to her nose, nowhere else. it doesn't show on her skin at all
>adds highlighter. it doesn't show on her skin at all
>adds liquid lipstick. it does show on her lips but doesn't match the colors of the eyeshadow so it looks terrible
>fiddles around with the wig, leaves one thin strand poking out for some reason, making everything look lazy and unpolished
>pulls some "sexy" faces for her indian fans
>"UGH, drama. That's me everyday, heh." lol sure
>pulls some retarded faces for nobody, she's just dumb
>the end

No. 779045

goddamn it pheepy.

No. 779047


They’re probably closing the fan accounts to fabricate evidence of her ‘haters’ harassing her wider community. LJ has made a bunch of posts about the hate people get just for supporting her, so it looks like they need to have some proof to back that up. It serves two functions; it makes the following look more real (wow! She has like 5 whole real human fans who have their own opinions and changing emotions!) and it strengthens the case of all spectators being asswads who want to shit on anyone who even looks at LJ.

Whether or not it’s successful in either endeavour is debatable.

She does seem to have a few real fans, but based on their interaction with her, they seem either very, very young, or as socially adept as LJ herself. It’s almost understandable how They get taken in by her; you’re a follower of someone you believe has 1mil+ followers and they start liking and responding to your every comment and message, interacting with you personally. If you’re not asking yourself critical questions like “how does she have time to respond to every single comment”…. well, you may end up running a Lillee Jean fan page.

No. 779048

If she knew actually anything about Judaism, she would claim it’s a Jewish thing because Hasidic Jewish women wear wigs without wig caps, just over a low ponytail. But of course LJ and Laur just larp as Jews when it fits their victim narrative

No. 779049

I cannot get over how she mispronounces maracuja oil multiple times in that video… she says “marajuha” or “marajuca”. She also says micell-E-ar water a couple times instead of micellar lmaof

No. 779051


You and 90% of the population, Lilz. It’s probably the most ordinary thing about you.

What does she think Epstein Barr is? Aside from mono, it doesn’t really cause a sustained illness itself. It increases your risk for other illnesses. It’s like HPV—you don’t know you have it, but some day it may give you cancer.

I’m guessing she confused it for Guillain-Barr syndrome, which is a very different thing.

No. 779075

File: 1591487948590.jpeg (210.75 KB, 750x590, B46E8B7C-4CA9-4DAB-A660-E2043E…)

Laur shames sex workers and defames Lindsey Graham

No. 779080

Is Laur retarded or what? What kind of behavior is that?
How boring and miserable does your life have to make a fake twitter account and defame someone else?

No. 779081


So much has happened that I lost track, but it's been a while since Laur has pulled this kind of freakout, I've missed them!

I think for a she had been holding herself back from doing these socktweet tirades because she thought with all the traffic coming from the drama/tea videos about Lillee, they could play for sympathy and gain a real following. Now that it's obvious that there's not going to be any army of Jeaniez that they can sic on their haters, Laur is back to her favorite weekend pastime.

No. 779087


Does she mean Lindsey Graham, the senator? I wasnt even remotely ready for this! . What in the absolute hell??(emoji)

No. 779091


not american anon my bad but there is apparently some drama/tea concerning her so laur thought it tasteful to include, as always


No. 779100

File: 1591492032780.jpeg (222.94 KB, 1152x931, 8758533B-DF2A-4882-8DF1-54BB9C…)

10 episodes of doxing rando Dianes. Should be g8 fun!

No. 779106


LOL where is CyberManager, Esq.? Laur is setting fire to their whole internet boolying narrative! What about the legislation?!

No. 779111

>I will be uploading YT link
I can't with this boomer

No. 779115

File: 1591496415497.jpeg (237.96 KB, 750x784, 45C25FE2-1821-4EB4-8CFF-D91E7A…)


We’re half a box of Franzia away from #9 spam

No. 779142

Haha…what a surprise, she’s swatched the palette that she was totally sent to try out before recording the video. No-one is buying it lillee.
She’s still using Single use cotton rounds. So much for 1change4change.
I did NOT want to be looking at those tubes titties but that mermaid bra is so Poorly fitting. Starting to think they just buy everything they own 2nd hand on eBay and don’t bother even checking sizes. You get what you can afford & that’s it.
I can’t for the life of me understand why she even thinks that she is this amazing MUA when she is just repeating the same thing over & over. Does she honestly think each look is new & different & so highly skilled that is mere mortals would never be able to replicate?

No. 779146

File: 1591523920250.png (26.24 KB, 489x315, Screenshot_17.png)

I can't wait, she's perfect for them.

No. 779147

File: 1591524015421.png (89.7 KB, 1297x652, Screenshot_18.png)

How is she such a boomer?

No. 779151

File: 1591534391619.jpg (52.21 KB, 704x478, lol makeup.jpg)

Thanks for the summary Anon.
>>realizes the liner looks like shit, puts black liner on it instead
>"I'm actually going over my outer line. I changed my mind (…)

This proves she doesn't bother to prepare the looks before, as she is doing more or less the exact same boring thing, but gosh she is lazy.

Is she aware she's the only "MUA" who can't clean makeup? No one ends up having so much eye shadow powder on the cheeckbones and below the eyes.

No. 779165


Even Youtubers who only do makeup videos here and there for like a GRWM still don't make a huge mess of fallout all over their face when they do the occasional amateur beauty content.

No. 779171

Tired Boomer has launched 2 vids, and Laur is insulting everyone on the comments (the usual you know).


No. 779172

It's 3 vids, 2 are about Diane lol. And they call us the obsessed ones

No. 779174

File: 1591559786724.jpg (383.42 KB, 765x2389, Laur at her finest.jpg)

Indeed you're right my bad, some comments, Laur is in that mood again.

No. 779175

File: 1591560385688.jpg (332.11 KB, 755x1674, laur again.jpg)

Sorry for bad quality but I screened it fast in case it get deleted.

No. 779178

“Savior of African American People”

Jesus fucking Christ

No. 779180

Lillee don't catch the irony, fuck she's autistic

No. 779181

"normally don't respond to hate comments" yes u do, boomer.

No. 779201

>spend more time with your family
>you sound like a teenager
>have another drink
Does Laur only use insults that apply to herself? I can't comprehend how she doesn't see the irony here.

No. 779214

No. 779220

thanks anon never heard of projection before

No. 779222


Laur is a fucking baboon. I hate getting mad at the internet but it's hard not to when Laur's involved.

No. 779251

File: 1591613011053.jpg (170.83 KB, 792x1199, EZ9wsQvUYAAQ7ms.jpg)

LJ is so famous that when she goes out for the first time in months, she immediatly bump into a real fan that is totally NOT Laur, because that's how famous she really is!

No. 779253


But the fan didn't want to take a picture with her…of course

No. 779254

Lol it's so fucking fake, what real fan wouldn't get an actual selfie with her?

No. 779256

File: 1591614580450.jpg (97.77 KB, 880x609, laur is everywhere.jpg)

1M fans Beauty Guru with no one beside her mom to take pic of/with her.

No. 779258

Are her and her mom wearing identical outfits?! Grim

No. 779270

File: 1591623287276.jpg (166.3 KB, 750x1334, _D9NsjkP.jpg)

I would just like to point out that neither Lillee nor Laur is registered to vote

No. 779288


The ridiculousness of it is even more extreme, considering this is the fan account with the backstory that they are a teen from India.

LJ split-screen guested a Pradip on one of her IG lives who tried to tell her about colorism in his country, and Lillee interrupted him with this super high-pitched whiny voice and fake-cried about it while wearing a bunny filter. It was so hilarious, I wish I could find the video posted on a previous thread. Anyway, soon after that, this fan account started making posts saying that they hated their "ugly Indian skin" and wanted to be pale white like Lillee.

So this poor, brown Indian kid takes a trip halfway across the world to New York and just randomly runs into Tha Alabaster Eyeball Queen herself!!! What amazing luck!

No. 779293

File: 1591632048809.jpg (592.04 KB, 1392x2422, -1204.jpg)

Three different fan accounts post their Lillee edits at the exact same time.


No. 779296


These are all troll accounts

No. 779301

The few pictures where she's outside are also clearly suburban Queens or Long Island (like that Sephora). That's some unusual sightseeing for a tourist.

I truly can't tell anymore if she's still making fan accounts or if these are trolls. They're such low effort edits, I could see it being either one.

No. 779309

Kek at file name.

Also, LJ always wears dresses that are too short, but it is kind of ok (but gross) because she is young. What is dumpy Laur doing showing her saddlebag thighs in a trashbag dress?

She looks like a lower-class middle-aged mom wearing Walmart clothes and running errands between her 3 kids' soccer practice, gymnastics class and daycare.
Lillee Jean looks & acts like a Boomer. G8 job Laur!

No. 779326

LJ tells you to sign BLM petitions and wear a mask

No. 779327


Samefag but what's up with her upper lip?

No. 779329

she's always had that funky red rash. could be a multitude of things that cause it. The strange thing is she won't do anything to clear it up

No. 779335

File: 1591654673941.png (122.12 KB, 1313x645, yikes.png)

>just because someone is black, doesn't mean they should be shot!
Really taking a hardline stance here. I don't get why she keeps talking about these subjects when she clearly has no real opinion except "racist murdering is bad." There are plenty of protests nearby she could join, but those would involve leaving the house.

Of course there's also a mini freakout in the comments where she has the nerve to point out a minor spelling error. That anon who mentioned psychological projection was right, kek.

No. 779340

File: 1591657218398.jpeg (162.11 KB, 750x693, D79E28FF-B87C-475A-A94D-334C78…)

>This is about a man who got murdered on television
She can’t even name George Floyd.

>HOW DARE YOU attempt to take my civil rights away of enjoying the internet as you do
I aged about 30 years reading that.

No. 779342

What an insufferable little brat.

No. 779343


>murdered on television

I don’t know what she heard or looked at? it was a phone recording

No. 779345

Since she hasn’t apologized for her previous comments or apologized for blackfishing with the stereotype Shaniqua profile, this whole three minutes reeks of clout chasing. She is honestly the most disgusted person.

No. 779347


Her civil right of enjoying the internet?!

Ah, yes. A devastating oppression most felt by the civil rights activist, Lillee Jean.

The more she talks, the more she shows that she is truly the most self absorbed person ive come across in a long, long time.

No. 779348

File: 1591660399013.jpg (172.05 KB, 1392x799, bots.jpg)

it has to be a troll, right?

yet she's not wearing a mask in >>779251

No. 779349

Everything she writes sounds so boomerish, complete with caps lock ranting for emphasis and random commas. It really is obvious the only person she interacts with is her mom.

It's so bizarre to me how after years of blogging, making youtube/ig channels, and posting on twitter literally every day, she doesn't seem to have a single real online (non-sock) friend. Not even a few other beauty bloggers to collab with. Shit just feels depressing.

That picture is from a couple of years ago, back when the fake fan accounts were in full force.

No. 779350

Yes, the account is spelled Lil-lie not Lillee.

No. 779354

File: 1591663115136.png (698.71 KB, 1125x2436, C39B401D-B41F-4F0A-9030-FCE3B0…)

This troll account is pretty on brand in the comments

No. 779355

Anon your pfp is showing.

No. 779357


She always sounds like a 12 year old trying to come up with a rebuttal in a middle school debate

No. 779358

On the bright side, anon youre jacked

No. 779359

Virgin Lillee vs Chad Anon

No. 779360

File: 1591668796966.jpeg (162.03 KB, 750x500, 09E9014D-4887-4BB6-A4B1-9362EF…)

She must be talking about it being on the news. She’s so ignorant on the situation that she only really knows about George Floyd, so that’s all she mentions…. not even by name though.

No. 779363

Wait so…

Does she think the entire incident was streamed live on FOX or something and that no one stopped it while it was broadcasted live is the issue?

I know everyone is saying she's like a dumb boomer but holy shit I'm in tears

No. 779367

Off topic but that weird pale moustache patch she has is so distracting…I wondered if she bleached it or something, but hasn't she been weirdly proud about body hair and stuff before? So strange, I've never noticed anybody else with the same thing

No. 779369

I feel the same way about it, it is so distracting. Along with being a little disgusting. I think it is from using too many products all the time. mot having a consistent skin care routine

No. 779379

2012 Lillee looks like how 19 year old Lillee should look now. She's aged so poorly

No. 779381

File: 1591679376870.png (692.65 KB, 3158x1246, 1.png)

wow there is so much retardation in the comment section of this video i feel like i should post a few here for posterity.

90% of her replies right now include this sentiment and i know she's trying to seem humble and like she cares so much about BLM that she shouldn't be the focus right now, but it genuinely just comes off like she's excited that theres an excuse for people to lay off criticizing her for a bit. especially when theres literally a 20 comment thread between her and some primink fan where she's continually defending herself in every reply, then ending the comment "BUT… lets focus on what REALLY matters, BLM! not ME!"

No. 779382

File: 1591679495580.png (119.36 KB, 2234x466, 2.png)

lillee showing she has absolutely no idea what is racist, offensive, or appropriative by worrying that somehow supporting black brands right now could offend people?

No. 779383

File: 1591679537405.png (96.14 KB, 2220x444, 3.png)

last but not least, laur and lillee being profiled kek

No. 779394


Did Lillee forget to log into her sock account to talk herself up, or has she really committed to talking about herself in the 3rd person?

No. 779395

Obv she assumes any black owned make up brands wont cater to her skin tone, black people dont make pale princess looks so in her mind it would be literal black face if she attempted

No. 779401

File: 1591692550496.jpg (71.54 KB, 928x527, petulant beauty.jpg)

(screeenshot because her ugly face is so hilarious)
There are so many things to say, but sage for pointing the fact that she brags about making a demonetized video because "she is such a nice person" lol.
Except she barely make some few $ with her channel and +400 videos already online.
I know I am just pointing the obvious and stat websites show estimated revenues for any YT channel, but lol, she earns almost nothing with it anyway.
So yeah "demonetized video" is just for clout and deranged narcissism.
Kek again.

No. 779413

Lillee does ASMR
Why would she not change out of that dirty, stretched out pj top?

No. 779416

Why is Lillee putting add in the middle of an want video? Isn’t that a big no-no?

No. 779418

File: 1591708829360.jpeg (128.56 KB, 732x782, 98F068ED-4EDB-44C2-B9E3-AD61F8…)

Why does Lillee always respond to horny comments like this if she’s in a totally real relationship?

No. 779423

File: 1591715075156.jpg (74.1 KB, 641x544, she makes it about herself aga…)

Aaaaand full on the Godwin's law, my good people!

>Religion should never equal persecution

"Being persecuted" instead of "Persecution", maybe?
Or does LJ think Nazi is a religion??
>love for the inside

No. 779428

Dees talked to middle school anon last night on her stream. There's not much we didn't hear before. She reiterates she didn't really know much about Lillee, wasn't aware of any bullying, and Lillee was only in school a couple days a month because of her "autoimmune disease."

No. 779431

not to defend lil jeans but i think shes referring to nazis persecuting jews for their religion, not that nazi is a religion? she probably doesnt know that nazi group wanted to exterminate many other groups that didnt have to do with religion, and just thinks the nazis mean "anti jew"/religious persecution. funny because she is jewish, and she should know, the nazis didnt give a fuck about jews "religion" so much as they perceived jews to be genetically inferior. along with gays, mentally challenged, romani, etc…..

No. 779435

It’s telling this chick had all her classes with Lillee & worked on projects with her but never knew of or saw any bullying. Dees was being pc but in reality if Lillee’s bullying was so severe she had to be removed from public school then her classmates would have known about it. MS Anon didn’t have juicy details or gossip but the interview was good and revealed a lot. Lillee had a 17 year old bf at 12, Lillee dressed provocatively for a child & Lillee’s classmates knew who Laur was because she was always at school with the administration. Laur pulled Lillee out of school because they were starting to ask questions and sending CPS to the house not the bullshit story they give about bullying.

No. 779442

>dirty ass nails
>heavy mouth breathing
>trying to school on skincare even though she looks like shit
>advertisement halfway through video
>whispers with her weird puckered muppet mouth the entire time.

I don't know what is more distracting, the weird face she makes at the camera with her mouth or her nails. Her nails are extremely filthy.

No. 779447

This. They lie about everything and have a ridiculous victim complex. Lillee thinks her civil rights are being infringed upon because someone told her to take responsibility for her racism. I highly doubt she was bullied or even that anyone in school noticed her, which is pretty much what MS Anon said.

The boyfriend thing is so weird because she's been telling this story since at least middle school, and even other middle schoolers thought it was creepy at the time. If it is a flat out lie, she's been dedicated to it for about 7-8 years. I still wonder if there isn't some truth to it, and maybe Lillee was oversharing too much about it at school, which led to some CPS calls and Laur removing her. Teachers are mandated reporters and would have likely reported it.

No. 779450


> I highly doubt she was bullied or even that anyone in school noticed her, which is pretty much what MS Anon said.

You've hit the nail on the head, anon. Lillee and Laur both want to be very important; it's the thing at the root of every single lie they tell, from their famous relatives, to Laur being Prop Mistress to the Stars, to Lillee having auditions with movie studios and collabs with big cosmetic brands. It's the same thing with the devoted fake fans and the lies about receiving death threats, because only someone very important and amazing would have so many haters and so many devoted Jeaniez. Lillee is forever saying that the hate is "just something you have to deal with as a celebrity."

The fact of the matter is that there is nothing remarkable, either positive or negative, about Lillee. No one loves her or thinks she's amazing (except Laur,) and no one would even notice her enough to develop any kind of feeling of hatred about her under normal circumstances. No one cared until she and Laur got so crazy buying a ridiculous number of fake IG followers.

>If it is a flat out lie, she's been dedicated to it for about 7-8 years.

I sometimes wonder if Lillee and Laur have been lying about their lives so frequently and for so long that they've actually started to believe some of their own propaganda at this point. The cognitive dissonance would explain why they both flip out so spectacularly and double down any time someone proves that they've lied about something.

No. 779451

bc she's virgin and horny, and her bf doesn't exist

No. 779456

File: 1591733864200.png (83.17 KB, 1190x350, esl.png)

unreal that she claims to have excelled in english when everything she says sounds like esl word salad. like what the fuck does this even mean? it annoys the hell out of me that she always says just "rather" instead of "rather than"

No. 779458

File: 1591734734384.jpeg (55.3 KB, 750x467, E0A68080-ADC8-4E28-9B68-71F57C…)

If what middle school anon was saying was true, Lillee barely has a 7th grade education. Makes sense she can’t string together a coherent thought or use basic words correctly.

No. 779460

>I sometimes wonder if Lillee and Laur have been lying about their lives so frequently and for so long that they've actually started to believe some of their own propaganda at this point.
I believe this. Neither one of them seem to have real friends or any kind of outside influence from non-crazy people. They've been in an echo chamber for years, spending time and money on fake followers and making up fake people. The initial sock accounts weren't just random fans, they had background stories. The lies were always pretty detailed, albeit completely ridiculous and easily discernible.

They definitely believe some of their own stories after years of living this batshit insane lie. There is no one in their lives to oppose them or bring them back to reality.

No. 779471

Sorry, was just passing by this thread and have nothing important to contribute but
>thinking being a midget is a psychological condition
excuse me, wat?

No. 779510

Of course it's a creepy Indian.
I'm surprised Laur gets butthurt over comments that she sometimes misreads as hate and will turn up in the comments ranting and raving, but doesn't care about comments like this and lets Lillee respond to them.
It also proves again how fake Pheepee is. Anyone with an actual boyfriend would ignore the message or say 'I am sorry, I'm taken' but Lillee seems genuinely interested.
I guess Laur likes the idea of free stuff more that the safety of her daughter.

No. 779533

If lillee had an honest offer for a sugar daddy laur would 100% encourage her to go for it. there’s no way they’re not going broke buying all these followers

No. 779566

Incorrect. Laur clearly wants LJ to be her personal possession forever

No. 779575

File: 1591824088045.jpg (450.74 KB, 1080x1986, Screenshot_20200610-162152_You…)

No. 779577

Do we know what exactly is wrong with Tired Lady? She's gotta have some kind of mental disorder to be THIS obsessively attached to two random idiots on the internet

No. 779579


Judging by the state of her house, she seems to have a problem with hoarding, which crops up in people who have OCD and tracks with her strange fixation and erratic behavior online. Something about the Truemans' drama probably resonated with her particular set of triggers and now she literally cannot let it go.

No. 779581

File: 1591825155242.png (431.95 KB, 1230x1395, insane lady.png)

I just checked the video and Jesus Christ Tired Lady is nuts. Lillee only responded to every comment TL left like "Thanks bb ily XO LJ" too. Tired Lady needs some self respect.

No. 779584

The person she was replying to had they were a psychology major in their bio. Lillee is a creep and needs to bring people’s personal information into her rebuttals.
Black people in the US are literally being verbally murdered, just like Lillee Jean!

No. 779594

why she replied like a alzheimer cunt?

No. 779599

File: 1591832223513.jpeg (337.15 KB, 750x986, 982F868B-8528-4A41-A30F-0DE911…)

She wants to be a victim of bullying so bad.

No. 779603

This is exactly what Tired Lady did on Reddit to get her banned from BGC. Lunatic

No. 779604

File: 1591835576354.png (75.6 KB, 2195x520, insane lady2.png)

Pretty sure they would flip their shit if someone had said this to Lillee

No. 779605

And then Laur and Lillee would go on a tirade that people were trying to poison their food with cancer or some shit.

No. 779656

Just the same exact look again.

No. 779658

File: 1591863395756.png (39.12 KB, 599x288, Screenshot_19.png)

>To call someone else a Jew without being that IS slurred
Is she trying to say if you're not Jewish and call someone a Jew that is a slur?

No. 779674


I think they are saying that if you call a Jewish person a Jew it is not a slurr but if you call a non-Jewish person a Jew - it is.

No. 779677

Sage for bringing nothing new. I am really wondering if all the comments on her videos may have the opposite effect and bring her actual clout when she doesn't have any.
I agree she must be held accountable for her actions and all the stupid things she does and says, but watching her videos and leaving comments, may not be the best solution - even if it's kind of fun.
What if no one watch her next video, how many view will she gets?
not telling anyone to do this or that, but just wondering
I have seen the difference when one of her video goes unoticed, has barely tens of views, but with the other ones posted here, she got some few thousands views and still way lot of comments she shouldn't not have.
I think the whole story if both fun and sad, but we know she will use all the comments she doesn't like to feed her fake cyberbullied narrative, but what if people start ignoring her for some days?
Will she gets more mad? Because I am sure she prefers negative attention than no attention at all -just like tired boomer who lives through this.
Is there a way to watch her videos on youtube without been counted as viewed?

No. 779678

Omg this dumb bitch. At least google something for once in your life. There are Jewish ethnicities, but she seems to be claiming that it’s only a religion…that she doesn’t practice. Sooo…how does this make her Jewish?

No. 779682

It’s already been established they buy views and subs for Youtube. She’s probably only getting a few hundred organic views. I agree that it’s stupid to leave comments on her videos. She deletes any valid criticism and only leaves up “hate” comments to further their cyberbully story. Farmers don’t usually interact with her stuff though so I’m not sure you’re speaking the right group.

No. 779688


If your mental state is so fragile that 9 dislikes is enough to send you on a cross-platform posting spree about all the ~hate~ you are getting, maybe posting publicly on social media isn’t a good choice for you. And the fact she is whinging about her suffering on a post about someone who’s death was the result of systemic discrimination and violence is so painfully and deliciously obtuse.


They didn’t ask about your mommy and daddy, LJ. They asked a question about Judaism, not how you came upon your Jewish identity. Leave it to Lillee to make any conversation about the gifts and lessons Laur has bestowed upon her. Do you not have any of your own opinions or ideas, Lillee?

Judging by her explaination in that response, I’d love to see her try to explain Ashkenazi vs. Mizrahi Jews.

No. 779696

File: 1591889135449.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, 3C08E38A-1B84-46C4-9256-41D5B3…)

She’s still going with this YouTube vetting her subs thing.

No. 779712

Is that even true? I've never heard of any other youtuber talking about "vetting subs"

No. 779728

Tired Lady's comic book villain back story is legitimately that people on BGC told her she was fucking annoying with all her spammy, desperate posts. Since then she just looks for anything that confirms her "BGC are big mean boolies" narrative, even if that means fangirling for a fucking psychopath.

No. 779745

I wish somebody could find whatever usernames she used before Tired Lady, I can almost guarantee that she's been pulling this same obsessive aggressive shit on other sites for years.

No. 779762

File: 1591915801495.jpeg (447.79 KB, 1231x1828, FA6CED0A-7E1D-49A9-B473-0E0630…)


About TL—

It seems like TL gets really attached to one person at a time, tweets a bunch of irrelevant-to-the-conversation stuff at them, and then moves on to someone else. Aside from LJ, her longest fixation was on a UK-based writer and historian, and it doesn’t seem like they actually know each other (despite TL’s invitation on a weekend getaway).

This seems like a pattern for her. She goes all in for one person, then gets bored and moves on.

Included some of my personal faves and highlights in screenshots.

No. 779765

really, she and LJ are perfect for one another. LJ is so desperate for real fans that she encourages this crazy motherfucker and tired lady is so crazy that she'll obsess over anyone who gives her the time of day

No. 779766

File: 1591916780390.png (1.76 MB, 1334x750, 10913654-C297-4E78-AA8E-E1993D…)

I just don’t understand how it’s possible to be this sloppy with makeup. She has to be doing this on purpose! Also I find it funny that she went on a big rant about how she decided to look up how to pronounce maracuja because she didn’t think she was saying it right (this has been brought up here several times) yet still ended up mispronouncing micellar and Lollapa-Blue-Za.

No. 779768

The blue on her nose almost distracted me from how she looks completely naked

No. 779774

There is no reason to be that messy. She also wastes a lot of cotton rounds for someone who touts being an environmentalist.

No. 779775

Why does she try to look naked in her pics and vids? It’s honestly ugly and gross

No. 779776

gosh, she's so ugly

No. 779779

probably for the same reasons she doesn’t wear bras on her livestreams and always puts her feet in pictures

No. 779801

File: 1591932052363.jpeg (95.29 KB, 750x1201, EaR9W-iWkAAloAN.jpeg)

Dees just posted proof that laur was running the account from >>779115 (to no ones surprise). it's a screenshot laur posted in a conversation showing the analytics option next to the tweet, which is only available for the owner of the account to see. Guess shes a master hacker after all lol.

No. 779802

Lmfao Laur just keeps playing herself.

No. 779804

File: 1591932450513.jpeg (366.15 KB, 828x1269, 9A165EA9-8A2D-44C2-9A69-5F6B58…)

I really think Lillee peaked at 14 (blonde hair)

No. 779809

Yep, 14 or 15 for sure. It's only gotten worse from there and it's just going to keep getting worse,

No. 779815


I've heard of peaking in high school, but Lillee is the first person I've seen peak in middle school.

What a tragic life trajectory.

No. 779816

That top right image doesn't even look like her.

No. 779824

If I saw her in the streets, I’d hit her with a car.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 779838

Just digged this old gem for the kek.
It's a behind the scenes video of her Photoshop at the infamous fashion haunts magazine. She looks so different when not filming herself lol.
Sorry, don't know how to get the video out of Instagram.


No. 779842

The cringe.
She doesn't even bother to learn how to pose in a non-awkward way.
The lighting is just mediocre.
The result looks so retard. It definitively not comes from a professional photographer.
How much did she pay for that?

No. 779843

nobody reads magazines,less of LJ..
why she paid 4 this?

No. 779848

I keep laughing at the disco ball on the creased backdrop

No. 779849

File: 1591980501575.jpg (411.69 KB, 1915x1077, call the cyber police.jpg)


>Hello, is this the cyber police? I'd like to report a verbal murder

No. 779852


I used to live with a girl who was a model when she was a teenager. I can tell you that this is not how a model should pose for pictures. She would laugh her ass if she sees this video.

The entire thing just screams unprofessional. What is the deal with the disco ball?

No. 779853

Shouldn't the photographer be giving her direction?

No. 779854

I think it's interesting to note that the fashionhaunts website has barely uploaded since they did the whole lj interview bulshit. Only 2 posts since January, one was in February and one is a bullshit stolen article about a gay couple, posted this month. Lj and the novel her mom wrote is still on their front page as well. Tinfoil but maybe it's another runway rogue situation. Two fake nobodies teaming up and faking it together. Just seems odd

No. 779855


Most fake nobodies aren't used to getting called out on yikes internet, so finding this thread was probably demoralizing and humiliating for them. Cows always think their thread is a big deal even if they're barely mentioned (like so many of Lillee's other "allies").

It's at least possible that they are just artistically incompetent but think they're doing something big, and don't view their own business as a scam. Delusional rather than intentionally malicious.

No. 779857

File: 1591986808988.webm (8.61 MB, 1280x720, lil j.webm)

End of her most recent video. How is she not embarrassed to put this out

No. 779858

We can hear the photographer saying "let's moving" and lj stays still lol. And then laur yelling with her annoying boomer voice "Woohoooooo, that's fantaaaastic!" Then, there's the stupid music and I stopped watching bc it was so cringey.
Proof LJ didn't model much and is such a noob, this setup is ludicrous btw.

Anyway, I work sometimes with models (not a pro photographer but a decent one), I give some directions but not too much because I like it spontaneous.
It mainly depends of the model personality: shy people need more directions, but with very experienced models/or extrovert/comedians, poses are usually perfect and natural, so I don't have much to direct (just some basics, like: turn a bit more your head this way, look this way, flattering bodyposes, etc, stuff like that).

No. 779859

I don't know the context of this screenshot but this looks like another case of "lillee and laur have never read a book and can't even find one in their house to use for a photo"

No. 779860


Wtf is she doing with her voice on the lower parts. At 0:11-0:13 she downright sounds comic. Her voice is too pitchy on the higher notes too. She wouldn't be horrible with some vocal lessons… but obviously she thinks she's an amazing singer which is why she put it in the video anyway lol

No. 779861

What even is that anime ghost pamphlet? It looks like some educational booklet from the pediatrician

No. 779862

Wonder if Lille can read beyond this level

No. 779864


This video has huge "Eloise Frazer" vibes from /w/

No. 779866

she sounds deaf

No. 779867

she sounds like she's trying to do a bad britney and shakira impression at once

No. 779875

Do you guys think Laur is actually going to release her 10-part exposé on Bffdees today?

No. 779876

She's unironically singing like Miranda Sings

No. 779884

File: 1592008627682.png (367.43 KB, 965x659, image (3).png)

This is someone who has never had friends or forged a meaningful connection with anyone because of Laur. But don't get me wrong, I don't feel sorry for her, she's an adult now and this is how she spends her time.

No. 779890

File: 1592013523531.jpg (149.5 KB, 1080x1920, 104052077_107151237620101_6718…)

How is she going to accomplish this with her fake 1 million followers?

No. 779893

This has to be a troll, LJ is so dumb

No. 779894

I kind of got the impression that fashionhaunts was an ark music factory type of operation, where you pay them to play at being a model for the day.

No. 779895

Will someone plz archive this for those anons not on social media?

I've never done full-face makeup in my 30+ years of life, but I'm pretty sure I'd be better than this. Everyone is taught to color in the lines in preschool/kindergarten, No Excuse…real boolies don't really exist at that age.

No. 779907

i went to the same school as her, and im only 1 year older so it's very possible i knew her. she has our middle school, IS25 (adrien block middle school)'s fucking public school dance class listed as experience on her backstage account

No. 779910


This would have the potential to be really hilarious, like that time that The Austrian recreated Lillee's wonky-ass butterfly look and did it 5000% better. >>764795

Lillee has, like, three orbiters that seem mentally ill or mentally slow. If she actually goes through with something like this, she'll pick someone like Tired Lady or that mouth-breather Miss Lucid Dreams, because there's no way she'd highlight anyone who is prettier than her or made her look bad in comparison, and literally anyone normal would definitely out-perform her at applying her signature peachpink sameface.

No. 779916

Of all the makeup tutorials she has upload,i never see her tapping the brush that's why the excess powder falls on the cheeks,and the application is not a lightmotion,her hand is also in the wrong position she's like stabbing the eyelid area.
Even after all these years playing the MUA influencer she's just a messy and amateur ugly gremlin. How sad

No. 779943

File: 1592056089784.jpeg (176.73 KB, 750x366, 913C2BA4-424D-4455-83F5-40511F…)

TL went on a Lillee Jean isn’t racist rampage in the middle of the night. Sure posting on Twitter is fine but has she actually done anything to actually fight racism and make a difference? Has she donated, gone to a protest or even apologize for her own racist comments?

No. 779948

interesting, do you have any yearbooks from then?

No. 779951

She’s retweeted a few petitions and articles. Lillee doesn’t highlight black artists or black owned brands. She doesn’t push back against racist brands. Her and her mother still stan J*. Lillee did the bare minimum and still hasn’t acknowledged or apologized for her numerous racist remarks. For fuck’s sake, they haven’t even removed the racist podcast because they stand by them.

No. 779961

it's this kind of shit that makes me think LJ really does believe her own lies, or that laur is underplaying how many of her followers are bought.

No. 779962

File: 1592066918525.png (143.79 KB, 205x461, laur.png)

Lillee would never do stuff like that. She already believes that she ain't getting any opportunities because she's white and brands only want POCs these days, as Laur told in a DM to oomancer back in the day.

No. 779968

File: 1592071605595.jpg (136.65 KB, 895x561, Untitled.jpg)

Some anon already gave this link :
LJ dolls collection, sorry to mention it again, but compulsive shopper/hoarding much?
Not only she has hundreds, maybe thousands, of dolls, but she also bought very similar ones.
It is so weird her parents had to file for bankruptcy and she remains with such collection.
I don't understand neither why she refuses to show it on her video, if she made this account?

No. 779969

Collecting is not hoarding, anon. It does seem that she may be a compulsive shopper though.

No. 779971

I know, but some are really cheap ones from walmart, not so interesting for a collector.
Also in some of her pictures, the background is super messy, she also doesn't want to show her bedroom for the same reason (dirty/messy place, bed never done, etc), seems kind of hoarding to me.

No. 779974

I don't think it's wrong to collect dolls, but I think it's wrong to lie compulsively and create a fake life

No. 779976

What about all those Anons who claim to know her, why didn't any of them publish a yrbook?

No. 779990

MS Anon in Dees' stream said she didn't have it anymore, but Dees confirmed she did go to the same school. The stuff she said was all pretty consistent with what we know anyway. There was no big juicy gossip.

I think it's believable. A lot of people don't keep yearbooks, and she didn't seem to be lying for clout since she's anonymous.

No. 779997


She’s got some mid-1990s ‘collector’ Barbies, but non of them are in boxes or in particularly good condition. Nothing wrong with that if you’re just a casual collector who prefers styling And posing dolls, but it’s funny how she claims to have a collection of mint condition dolls.

It all makes sense, considering TL seems like the kind of person to have a box of Beanie Babies set aside in place of a retirement plan.

No. 780013

File: 1592100180988.jpg (56.45 KB, 1080x510, PicsArt_06-13-09.00.43.jpg)

What is this "PRIMINK STAN" account? This is pathetic.

No. 780018

just another 12 year old coming onto lilees channel after watching the primink video and obsessing over interacting with her. Literally about 90% of her comments lately after the primink video are just 10 year cowtippers who feel bad because shes so boolied!

No. 780033


I thought she created it and was another sock puppet.

No. 780038

File: 1592111086975.jpg (142.57 KB, 1246x769, thanos.jpg)

This is such a weird Instagram. It's mostly reposts from her main account with random Disney screenshots alongside and sometimes her dolls sprinkled throughout. Why does she buy engagement for this account? Half the captions make no sense, either. Thanos with heart?

No. 780039

can someone please explain what the hell is going on in the OP gif?

No. 780043

Look towards the end of the last thread

No. 780068

Has LJ just forgotten June is pride month or is that too many social issues for her brain to compute?

No. 780081

File: 1592144089629.jpg (44.95 KB, 765x300, tinybrainchallenge.jpg)

I think the comment is coming from a troll, but sigh not only she knows nothing about what is trendy amongst people of her generation, but she CAN'T even do a 2 second google research for this trend.
Gosh she is so lazy and stupid.

No. 780099

From the captions to the pictures themselves, it's bizarre how childish this account is. Her writing style is even different from her main account, with a lot more punctuation errors and emojis. If I randomly came across it, I would think it's run by some underage ESL girl, not an adult collector.

Laur seems to think anyone who looks at Lillee is a pedo, but Lillee is an adult who is clearly making posts aimed at young girls on Instagram. Gives a really gross vibe considering their grooming views.

No. 780157

File: 1592175759344.jpeg (101.85 KB, 750x392, A993D25C-25D5-4DC3-96EE-7CD312…)

I missed one. Not even going after the person who commented, but someone who liked the comment. Kinda weird.

No. 780180

Lillee and Laur must have no friends at all to not know how common it is nowadays to post pictures of your children on social media. It's sad how out of touch they are.

No. 780182

This has such a weirdly unintentionally threatening tone. If I didn't know Lillee is just retarded I'd think that she's threatening the mom who liked that comment to either unlike it or she'll sell the kids pics to pedos or some shit lol

No. 780194

hi i was same middle school anon. i don't have a yearbook from back then (i can try digging at my parent's house) but i'm not even sure if she would be in it since i graduated a year before her. i was just commenting since she's probably in walking distance from me rn and its terrifying when it hits too close to home

No. 780196

since u know she was the stereotypical horse girl?

No. 780224

File: 1592200066738.jpg (344.19 KB, 1080x1945, 20200615_004655.jpg)

Luar is back to making everything about brenda

No. 780241

File: 1592213245005.jpg (485.49 KB, 1080x1558, 20200615_102426.jpg)

Someone decided to make a parody of LJ's makeup look and Laur thanks her

I was expecting her to get blocked immediately

No. 780244

“you are being used by a white lady to systematically bully a young woman”

wow it’s almost like she heard those words on the news and thought they sounded woke enough for lj.

imagine laur and lillee being the cross you choose to die on.

No. 780250

File: 1592220924447.jpg (131.63 KB, 825x903, 654313459670510324536342.jpg)

Does LJ really believe she is credible with the PR?
Does she know what PR stands for? lol
What kind of brand would send free products BUT NOT expecting a review and NOT reposting the influencer they are working with?
She has no clue on how basic business works.
Can any Anon tell me more about refusing to clearly disclose which item was PR? In my country it's a fraud to hide such info, and even if it was not, it's very dishonest to hide it.

Her looks seem to worsen and getting so messier >> 779766
to a point it looks like she hates doing makeup now.

No. 780251

She used to put in specific brands at first but people began pointing out she didn’t get PR from them. Her vague PR disclosures are just a twisted way of saying she bought the product imo “they didn’t really pay me in product either,” which means YOU paid for it, right?
I think last year laur admitted she bought the Natasha Denona palettes despite LJ claiming it was PR. Same with karity where LJ was saying they sent her PR in the description box while Laur was posting about getting it from CVS lmao
So now she super ambiguously says she gets PR to pretend she’s legit without mentioning specific brands so people cannot confirm

No. 780252

It’s not unintentional. They used to do this with kids all the time but calmed down recently after the Primink vid. Guess they’re feeling bold again. It’s their safe version of ‘wait until you see what we have in store for you and your family’ with added plausible deniability to silence their haydurs. Classic cartel-like tactics. I bet they keep all these pictures saved on their computer. They probably have a full petabyte of data just on suspected haydurs, then another of Lillee w/ peach eyeshadow.

No. 780253

She said she got the Milani fruit fetish box (kek at the name) as PR, I am sure she lies.
Btw it costs 85$ in US and 115€ in Europe, the rest of it sums at
+202$ without the box.
I have noticed the average she spends on solely makeup for each video is arround 300$.

Milani is reposting all real influencers they really work with:

Tinfoil, but definitively has shopping addiction. She's in denial by pretending it's PR (or she's a collector with the dolls). LJ's family is probably broke but have no choice to keep faking it.

No. 780254

File: 1592223597020.png (1.4 MB, 1242x2208, C7F88BBA-8643-4A02-9A2E-8B575E…)

Lmao she’s throwing a fit on her stories because shocker, all her fan pages are fake :0
sweety no one likes you and we were all warning you but keep making a fool out of yourself to supply us milk

No. 780255

File: 1592223857981.png (64.1 KB, 602x271, Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 13.2…)

Lillee and Laur 'subtly' coming up with a reason not to get LJ to the dentist

No. 780256

So much wiser to waste all their money on makeup, wigs and fake followers.

I don't understand what's it about, they spot a mole as it's only them in the group?

No. 780257

Dees warned Lillee these pages were trolls weeks ago. Dees is focused on another problematic influencer (who may be worse than Lillee) and instead of being g8ful their alleged stalker has moved on, Lillee and Laur are trying to drag her back into it. They’re proving the only relevancy they have is the haterz.

No. 780258

A lot of makeup companies send PR to influencers with no expectation of review. Paying specifically for a review of their products is costly, and it's cheaper to simply send off the merchandise and have them use it and make their own opinions of it. This is pretty common practice in the beauty guru community. See Nikkie's differentiation between where she gets the products she uses on her channel, for example.

No. 780263

They may not ask specifically for a review -maybe for legal reasons or for not having to pay anything- but still expect to get exposure.
No brand would waste their products plus the shipping on a fake influencer who will do a sloppy look.

>which means YOU paid for it, right?
Exactly she's still pretending she got it for free, when she didn't.

No. 780288

File: 1592242784848.jpg (101.66 KB, 782x690, getsomemelaninlillee.jpg)

Lillee is recycling her old, dusty, all lives matter tweets because of course she can't help but insert herself into a conversation that isn't at all about her. Gotta make sure no one forgets to praise her fair princess alabaster porcelain white skin.

No. 780300


1) Good news, POC! Lillee Jean has given you permission to think you’re beautiful!

2) “I don’t see race…. But stfu about slavery.”

3) Mediocre grasp of English strikes again. Is she not letting the things listed destroy the world? Is there another, even bigger, existential threat that only she knows about? Is this a post about her moral superiority over everyone who protests wrong?

No. 780310

Forever disappointed that she forgets about the native, or as she calls them the "american-indian".

No. 780314

She really misses the point on everything relating to racism/colorism. I bet she saw a "black is beautiful" ad from the 70s and got offended.

No. 780318

No. 780393

File: 1592280243420.jpg (366.26 KB, 1080x1870, 20200615_222517.jpg)

Accidently posted this in an older thread, but Lillee's 3rs grade education is showing again here.

No. 780436

File: 1592297764527.jpg (237.62 KB, 1549x1426, 1398765431234981234.jpg)

EFL here, but it is north wales?

I am bored and made a tribute of LJ last video, btw don't get why it is a "gemini makeup" and why gemini should have different and uneven eye shadow… but kekkekkekkek

No. 780441

> Northern Wales
> Koala bears

Next thing she’ll post is about how global warming has been forcing leopards out of Antarctica or something

No. 780442

I'm pretty sure she means New South Wales, but her post makes it seem like she thinks koalas are in the northern region of (regular old) Wales.

No. 780445

File: 1592302786599.jpg (125.94 KB, 1220x825, junestats.jpg)

Look how the subscribers abruptly stopped subscribing on the day that her channel reached 10k. Guess they bought another "guaranteed minimum sub count" package, like they did to keep Lillee treading water at 1M followers on IG.

I wonder if that loss of 27k views on June 7th was from YT nuking bot views, or if she deleted some videos.

No. 780462

File: 1592316901472.jpeg (937.01 KB, 1154x7288, DE1E6633-DFDB-40AD-9B8E-256A45…)


Your post got me curious about her SocialBlade, anon.

Interesting how many months her subscribe count is a perfectly rounded number. I included months where the numbers aren’t rounded, so it doesn’t seem to be a socialblade reporting issue. It seems much to coincidental for a bunch of months in a row for her channel to be growing in perfect multiples of 10…. Guess you can’t buy bots a la carte.

(If this is has been addressed, please correct/ignore.)

No. 780466

File: 1592317889990.jpg (248.02 KB, 1296x1204, lj vs real influencer.jpg)

LJ loves so much to brag about her fake GPA, but it must suck to have the exact same social grade than another youtuber (Asmrist I like) with only 18 videos, when LJ has 429, similar total views, X3 more real subscribers, X2 higher in social blade rank, real fanbase, engagement and clout, all of that with a only one year old channel. Lol

I don't even mention the earnings but the correct amount for LJ must be on the very lower estimation.
Side note: LJ channel category being "comedy" : so accurate.

No. 780473

Holy shit her foundation is way too light for her

No. 780477

That’s actually common for everyone on YouTube as they changed the way they report their statistics. So they only show the first couple of numbers and the rest are 0.

It is very interesting that her new subscribers came to a complete stop though!

No. 780482

she probably buys her foundations online without color testing.

No. 780484

I'd say it's from her weird pristine dainty white skin obsession rather than a color testing mistake.

But, yeah, she looks like a mime.

No. 780485

I always assumed she didn’t properly colour match. Because she never actually blends her foundation down into her neck I didn’t think she actually wanted to look as pale as possible as she always leaves her actual skin colour clickable.

No. 780486

why this pale makeup make her look 8 years old????

No. 780487

She is terrible at makeup, so no wonder she leave the neck out of it.
She has been bragging so much about her "pale princess skin" even said she was bullied for it lol, and made this weird fan account (now recycled) from an india girl who was ashmed of her dark skin and amazed at LJ super white skin.
The lighting is also strongly overexposed to make her whiter.
But maybe it's both? Idk.

No. 780488

because tweens don't know about color matching foundation or blush/contour/filling in eyebrows and love colorful looks

No. 780489

File: 1592327157687.jpg (73.48 KB, 960x540, m4lq1ig95zd01.jpg)


Strong Baby Jane vibes.

No. 780491

File: 1592327238205.jpeg (276.38 KB, 750x1107, 1566952428096.jpeg)

Considering her fake fan accounts just love her pale skin, I'd say the light foundation is on purpose. She also clearly uses a white ring light to look as washed out as possible.

No. 780501

File: 1592328751338.png (77.82 KB, 221x209, ew.png)

No. 780503

That's just sunblock, anon.

No. 780510

when the sunblock is literally the same color as ur skin lmao

No. 780537


Nothing sexier than sunbathing by the tailpipe of momma’s 1998 Pontiac Sunfire.

No. 780561

File: 1592393253685.png (507.72 KB, 454x961, Obama.png)


No. 780567

File: 1592398692433.jpeg (360.74 KB, 750x979, 6E4CC014-49CD-472E-8BE8-B7B593…)

Laur & Lillee’s super smart brand manager accused a Portuguese woman of being a troll account because her name is “Kill Rossow”. The callout accounts pointed out she’s a very real person who’s running for a city council position.

Only the best for LJ

No. 780577

can u explain this post for a non-american

No. 780585

File: 1592408976069.jpg (86.04 KB, 675x900, EZnNS3CXgAIDrL8.jpg)

Obama’s half brother Malik posted a forged Kenyan birth certificate (Kenya wasn’t a republic until 1963-64).
LJ somehow thought this was Obama’s US citizenship proof of his Hawaiian birth certificate (probably bc of the BLM, she knows nothing about), posted from his daughter Malia and # to Michelle Obama for 2020.

Why does this guy always smile like that. Armchairing psychology, but he seems not alone in his head, paranoid schizophrenia much?

No. 780592

Hey not on twitter, but can any anon ask him who's this "one of his client".

No. 780594

Lillee is his “brand management” firm’s client. He already said this on Instagram. He’s not their attorney.

No. 780606


Laur is being intentionally vague about what his role is. She probably wants to scare people with her famous internet lawyer.

No. 780619

I don't understand anything lillee says on twitter, her replies to other people are so fucking weird

No. 780626

File: 1592425814854.jpeg (408.44 KB, 480x1244, 7FF34C68-4AAD-42DE-87CA-A1EF3D…)

Posted all on a black website

No. 780627

File: 1592426139854.jpeg (283.55 KB, 653x816, FC135EA9-6C58-4149-9987-B754F6…)

I doubt she knows what a radfem is

No. 780629

File: 1592426949223.png (56.92 KB, 480x481, Screenshot_20200617-134323_1.p…)

She is soo nOt a RaCiSt guise. Look, she likes Disney Princesses of all backgrounds!

No. 780633

**Think before you type, guys. Think. Your words can do more damage than you know.

i thought english was your best subject, lilz? the fact that she has the nerve to brag about shit like that and "being able to get into harvard," meanwhile she's so remedial at even the most basic of grammar and sentence structure that she constantly sounds ESL is fucking embarrassing.

No. 780641

File: 1592429452533.jpeg (198.35 KB, 750x409, F74E06F1-299A-43F7-9AE3-F6E2AC…)

Again with the lie about police reports for someone showing up at their house. Laur sent Dees both police complaints she filed. Dees showed them in one of her videos. They were both filed in November 2019 (against Sonia & Katie). I will never understand why they choose to lie about the dumbest shit that’s easily disproven.

No. 780642

LJ now has a tumblr and blogspot for debunking all the rumors and to exposing Bffdees as the vicious cyberbully they see her as. Pretty much just debunking older things, looks like they picked up where they left off with the deleted Instagram account for defending LJ.

No. 780643

File: 1592430004069.jpeg (207.72 KB, 1024x2196, 059FAC06-1102-4EC3-B957-BDB339…)

No. 780644

A whole bunch of contradictory horse shit. Really not worth iit unless you want to have a laugh

No. 780646

File: 1592430116770.jpeg (552.32 KB, 1024x6016, E4BC80F3-B09C-41BF-B61D-E71CF7…)

No. 780648

File: 1592430237663.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1024x11290, 36EA4F30-986C-4369-AA93-DD0B77…)

No. 780654

If you phone in with a complaint, they’re obligated to make a report.

Trust me, police departments know people like Laur. They call every day for every reason you can imagine, from stalking to the neighbour cutting his grass too close to the property line. They use law enforcement like their personal bodyman and human criticism shield with a gun.

Throw a report number at them and they’ll usually accept that, thinking that it means there is an active investigation into the issue. Most of the time, they just write it up and never look at it again. That’s what Laur’s report is; it’s a ‘cool story, bro now please go home’ report.

No. 780662

Channel type is "Comedy" LOL!! Because she's a joke.

No. 780675

I mean… BFFDees is intelligent, has good logic and valid arguments, almost always. But why get involved so deep, why so far in? LJ and laur are literally crows.I understand, that everyone here for some reason wants to get to the truth, but it scares me to think that BFFDees will be exposed.
these larvae must stop, and the solution is not to expose someone who seeks to know the truth. (ESL, I USE TRANSLATOR SORRY)

No. 780697

If Laur hasn’t found Dees by now, she’s not going to. Even if she doxxes every brunette grandma in the continental US. Jeaniez Management Inc’s plan is to discredit Dees, it’s not working either. Dees & Oomancer have a pretty good following, they’re making enough off their YT channel to donate weekly. They cover other stuff while keeping everyone updated on LJ & the LJ extended universe. I personally enjoy watching them succeed and hope they continue to grow. It drives Laur & Lillee insane they couldn’t achieve what Dees & Oomancer just stumbled in to.

No. 780725


>"If anyone wonders why I'm barely active anymore…"

No one was wondering that. The only person that interacts with that account is Laur, and isn't this the same exact flounce speech that all the other "fan" sock accounts have made before Laur and Lillee retire them? "oooh teh boolies are boolying me too much so I can't be lillee's fan anymore byeeeeee"

No. 780740

Wasn't Laur supposed to post her bombshell doxxing proof about all the haterz by now?

No. 780753


the Jeaniez Management account is back on the “Exciting news coming July 1st!” train. She did that last month as well like it was a threat, and never produced.

No. 780754

File: 1592489235571.jpeg (260.11 KB, 1242x873, 4B900123-BCE8-497F-BB70-A79B37…)

Sorry, Samefag, forgot image.

Probably not important but whatever.

No. 780757

File: 1592490605288.jpeg (415.23 KB, 750x940, 239B1D72-FD33-4BA5-A9E8-3F6F37…)

Looks like Laur has another tactic on Twitter. Interestingly enough Tired Lady also claimed to have some password resets at this time. A bit of tinfoil but I suspect that Laur and/or TL had done that to manufacture drama and a cyber bullying narrative.

No. 780766

Laur constantly posts something to the effect of "big news coming next week" or "this ends Monday." It's an attempt at intimidation, like all her bullshit police reports or attorney cases.

Not surprising at all. The new "fan" accounts that are supposedly undercover agents are probably just Laur trying to drum up pity.

No. 780767

File: 1592495696832.jpeg (Spoiler Image,383.17 KB, 828x1214, AC2C2573-8940-4498-AE7D-CF7751…)

Is this what I think it is?

No. 780769

Naked ass minor Lillee probably posed this way by her perverted mom

No. 780770


she ain't naked anon she has a black/dark purple wrap around her chest

No. 780771

last time it was the knock off beauty blender sponsorship. maybe this time it'll be micellar water for her to mispronounce.

No. 780773

ur blind anon? or what?

No. 780775

Thank god

No. 780777

File: 1592498741764.jpg (53.25 KB, 831x363, LJ 40yo.jpg)

What kind of proof do we have on LJ real age?
This can be found on the public adress record, I erased their adresses, phone numbers
and any irelevant information, though all of this can be found on the net and are not private info since they display their full name on LJ website:
(sorry for the bad quality screenshots)

1/How comes there's such a large error on LJ's age estimation Especially when Laur age is correct by two years and same for her husband.
If it would be estimated on Laur's wedding, LJ's age estimation would still be arround 30, not 40.
How does this websites work?

2/How comes several records don't even get LJ second name correct? It's not Lillee J., but Lillee R. on several records.
They get her parent second name correct, or ignored it if unknown.

We know about LJ locked in the attic, but tinfoil what if there is a second LJ locked somewhere in the basement.
I am aware if weird tinfoil and I am not believing it 100%, but hey, nothing would surprise me from them. Feel free to enlighten me about the records.

No. 780783

because those sites are largely inaccurate, anon, lillie is not some orphan-tier middle ager larping as a little girl (even if she looks like she could be)

No. 780785

>>780777 someone went to school with her like 5 years ago or something.

No. 780787

It’s probably >>780642

No. 780794


This has been discussed ad nauseam. This website is incorrect

No. 780802

I'm of the opiniom Laur and Earl probably opened lines of credit/accounts/businesses under Lillee's name prior to her being legally able to do so. They've been in the scam game along time, and they have been repeatedly booted off antique/auction sites for scamming. Yet they continue to reappear. It is the equivalent of the restaurant that failed the health inspection opening under new management.

No. 780828

I know everyone says this, and this is anecdotal, but… I’ve been using those sites for years and haven’t come across one that was wrong yet. I’m with the anon who thinks it was from Laur opening lines of credit in Lillee’s name.

No. 780832

There’s photographic evidence of Lillee as a young teen in 2010s. Her middle school graduation photo which has the date on it and the Korean Dance YouTube video which was uploaded by the public school. Middle School Anon was verified by Diane and she’s a sophomore in college. This theory has been discredited over & over. You’re reaching Laur levels of conspiratorial delusion, anon.

No. 780833

Wait what korean dance YouTube video?

No. 780849

NTA but here it is. She's the one in the front row who looks like a marshmallow

No. 780853

The credit card thing is a lot more likely than Lillee being secretly 40, kek.

For what it's worth, I've seen websites like MyLife be inaccurate before. Most of those websites pull from various public records. Whether the website is accurate depends a lot on the information the individual has given, and we know Laur has a complicated relationship with the truth. She could have filled out some random document at some point with a fake age for Lillee.

No. 780858

That’s what I meant. I know Lillee is 19.

No. 780868

File: 1592524640734.png (10.88 KB, 462x97, Annotation 2020-06-18 195445.p…)

This is a comment on that video. Laur being obsessed with Lillee being a "little, tiny blonde" is so creepy. It strikes as super possessive.

No. 780869

sorry to break it to you but my age is listed wrong on those sites

No. 780871

Are we this bored anons? Look Lillee is 19. Sure, sure, she looks like a decaying hobgoblin, but she is a 19 year old. And that's…. really sad. Just imagine her at 25, or 30.

No. 780908

Agreed. Also I think those sites gather info from things like voter registration and drivers licenses or leases…adult documents that LJ has definitely never filled out.

No. 780914

she’s totally not racist, guys! She did Korean dance that one time!

I guess it’s a cool thing that she took part in, and it would be great if she started doing that kind of stuff again. It would get her out of the attic and humble her a lot.

(The best part about that video is that you can tell some of those kids are there because their parents probably told them they have to pick a sport to play, and Korean dance seemed like the easy way out.)

No. 780936

File: 1592546804823.png (202.8 KB, 595x495, Screenshot_22.png)

Laur defending Jeffree Star and confusing calling somebody out on something for cyberbullying

No. 780937

File: 1592546945153.png (108.92 KB, 599x865, Screenshot_23.png)

>Repeated harassment, is considered stalking. The means, using somebodies name, or hash tagging their name, spelled correctly or not, if identifiable to the person (their real name), is considered stalking.
If you say Lillee's name 3 times in front of a mirror the cyber police come and arrest you for cyber stalking

No. 780942

They're literally just trying to get Jeffree's attention any way they can for some clout. How embarrassing.

No. 780943

If their mental health is so terrible, and they're having PTSD, nightmares, living in fear, any or all of that, then they need to get off of the internet. That's pretty much their only solution here. Lillee's ability to be liked is long gone, and the "harassment" will never stop, considering Lillee is an absolute piece of shit and a psychopath.
They say people should stop "cyberbullying" them, but they're too delusional to realize that's not going to happen, so they keep trying to tough it out I guess hoping one day Lillee can exist on the internet without hate. Unless they're lying about all the mental torment they go through and just want to take the sympathy route out of things instead of admitting all of their faults.

No. 780948

File: 1592557593414.jpeg (320.6 KB, 816x1418, CC296C14-A9F3-454B-ACE4-EA6886…)

Tbh I wouldn’t consider her ‘petite’. She’s just short.

No. 780949

File: 1592557642413.jpeg (151.42 KB, 828x1394, 52CF945B-BD90-4463-8523-8790D0…)

Also.. did she edit her waist to look slimmer?

No. 780950

File: 1592557668880.png (63.48 KB, 523x170, tenor.png)

Does anybody know if Lillee gains anything for being an "official partner" on Tenor? https://tenor.com/official/lilleejean
Nice ogre feet, Lillee

No. 780952

she's petite if you go by the short woman section at the Macy's!

No. 780953

She’s not. She short yes but obese. It’s truly an unfortunate body type

No. 780954

File: 1592559076461.jpeg (55.31 KB, 230x319, 81AB6C9E-4676-407E-87DA-7B10DB…)

Yeah.. her waist looks warped af

No. 780955

What about Laur doxxing random women and telling people to go kill themselves on twitter?

Odd she buys so many swimsuits considering she has no swimming pool and never leaves the attic.
Oh wait, I am sure this old creepy indian weirdos will love it.

No. 780956

imagine warping her waist but not airbrushing her weird gut.

No. 780967

Yes but can’t you see all her workouts lines???

No. 780969


Swimsuits are super cheap directly from China on EBay. You can get them for under $5. I’m willing to bet that’s why she has so many. Maybe that’s why she means by Mario’s special “private label” brand.

It is kind of hilarious how desperately they cling to this “petite” thing. The only way she is considered petite is clothing sizing, which has nothing to do with weight. Their are plus-sized petite sizes. The funniest part about it is that she doesn’t even shop in the petites, evidenced by her ill-fitting, too long, frumpy wardrobe.

No. 780970

wtf, the "chad lillee jean"

No. 780988

I thought she was super into the ~body positivity~ and no photoshop thing? Her waist sure looks different here compared to all the dancing videos. The jeaniez must feel so betrayed.

No. 780991

what with that weird vertical line going down her abdomen

No. 780993

Photoshop to make it look like she has some kind of muscle definition when we all know she’s dumpy as fuck

No. 780994

It looks like maybe diastasis. Basically where the abs muscles are separated. Its common in women post pregnancy, but genetics and weight gain could be factors. When she stretches herself out like this, it exaggerates the line. She thinks it makes her look fitter, but…i don't know. I never got behind the lillee pregnancy tinfoil, but her unfortunate genetics have done her no favors. She's got the FUPA too.

No. 780995

It’s called the linea alba and it’s totally normal- unless you’re pudgy like lillee

No. 781001

I’m only going to nitpick this because “petite and winning baby” is obnoxiously fully of herself considering she shopped the photos.

Shave your legs. I know your the blonde haired, blue eyed skinny legend that we could only ever aspire to be, but I can see your bush from here.

No. 781006

Lol even her knee looks frumpy. She should take some walks around the nighborhood to lose some chub. It'd make her midget-frame a bit less shocking. Then again I guess Laur fears the supposed stalker would stab her precious item if she ever left her sight.

No. 781010


In her slight defense, she measured herself and is 4'8"-4'9". Pretty much any amount of weight gain, even as small as 5 pounds, can show heavily on someone that short because the weight has nowhere to go. I agree she's a bit chubby, but I can't blame her considering she's that short.

No. 781011

Sure, but she's been pretty much more or less maintaining the sameish overweight-frame that she could probably easily lose a decent amount of if she was just more active. Problem there of course is that LJ and her mother are mentally and physically stuck in their attic so it's never going to happen but it wouldn't be unrealistic for her to look a bit more thicc-ish and less chubby with some slight effort.

No. 781012

1change4change, but let's buy cheap garments from shady and unethical fast fashion factories/brands that outrageously underpay their employees and are the second largest polluter.
So inspirationally wow Lillee, environmentalist much…

No. 781016

she only weighs that much because she's a lazy NEET that doesn't go outside except in her driveway to posts these cringy pictures. being short doesn't preclude you from stay in shape like everyone else.

No. 781019


The sad part is Laur probably intentionally stokes these fears in order to keep Lillee within her influence. She already has Lillee convinced that she needs security to go out in public and that the haterzzz would poison her if they found out her allergies.

Laur probably figures she has struck gold with this influencer thing, she can make Lillee think she’s famous, keep her locked in the attic, and make her afraid of the outside world all at the same time.

No. 781021

Maybe she should start doing the basic minimum chrores to stay in shape.

No. 781024

File: 1592596827875.jpeg (106.05 KB, 384x512, 1567693066824.jpeg)

Not edited (or maybe but less).

No. 781028

Imagine being immature enough to think body hair (or lack thereof) is important. And stupid enough not to sage your nitpick.

No. 781031

File: 1592599148969.jpeg (607.07 KB, 1242x1210, 58BC66B0-ECD9-400C-90A9-3F2F14…)

Diane says her attorney is working with YouTune to get Laur and Lillee’s accounts terminated

No. 781033

Not really. She weighed herself some time back and she was 120-130 lb. She is obese

No. 781034


What’s the difference between that, her teeth, her height, her hair on her head, her dirty nails, her weight, her voice, Her smile or her eyes? They’re all fair game for comment. At least it’s something that she could easily change if she wanted to.

Oh. They probably don’t offend you personally.

Saged for your enjoyment, anon.

No. 781041

That weight for her height would put her in the BMI range for overweight, not obese. Calm down anachan.

No. 781043

It’s a BMI of 29 so she’s almost obese, lillee is fat no need to defend against it. >>781041

No. 781045


Agreed, this has come up a few times. Her BMI is probably somewhere between 26-28, in the ‘overweight’ category. Obese for her height would be over 140lbs. Lillee is a lot of things, but obese isn’t one of them.

No. 781047


I wonder if this has any legal standing against Lillee's YT account, since technically none of the copyright claims were through or under her name, at least that I can recall. Also, most of the clips they tried to claim were under Laur's reuploads on her YT and Instagram lives, so idk if anything has enough weight to get Lillee's YT account taken down.

No. 781048


I'm guessing that YouTube would be able to link the sign-in locations and the email addresses/phone numbers used to make the sock accounts back to Laur/Lillee without much trouble, given that Diane was able to do so with relative ease with the sock accounts that Laur uses to troll on twitter.

No. 781049

She’s her manager and has filed multiple claims under that capacity. Most of her claims named Lillee jean. Lillee herself has filed a false claim against WCT. I think youtube should be able to connect all their multiple socks and give both of them the boot

No. 781050

I think they will at least look into her account. She obviously buys views and subs and there’s some clear fuckery going on in her comments. She is also breaking TOS

No. 781054

With this new video, she does her second look, a lined crease. She's slowly doing things differently, but she just needs a hater to steal makeup looks off of first. Also LMAOF at her now wearing wig caps after it's been talked about here.
NTA, but i don't even see the leg hair you're talking about.

No. 781084

It's largely the angle, but this picture really makes her proportions look like she has a growth defect.

No. 781087

Sorry bitch, but who puts on a graphic liner look to a lid with no primer, shadow or any product on it…Lillee obvs. The derranged show reel of her posing at the end is a high point, esp when her crown falls off.

No. 781089

File: 1592613109946.png (455.71 KB, 951x458, image (4).png)

Harrowing image from an upload in 2016 'Doing My Mom's Birthday Makeup, Talk Through' - the makeup is still shit but her voice is deeper and far more mature here. She also has bleached hair and more sexy makeup. Did her mom make her regress as a career move? I mean she's still shit in this vid, but far more natural and compelling than her condescending baby voice videos.

No. 781108

you didn’t sage, retard.

No. 781110

Why does she wear a wig the same color as her hair

No. 781112

My favorite thing other than catching up on cows, is the idiotic in-fighting.

Anon, you beat me to the punch and I love you for it.

No. 781113

she’s blonde????? Are you blind! Not the same color!


No. 781118

Her hair is probably too long, thin, and frazzled to style into anything resembling a modern hairstyle.

No. 781145

The weird baby voice in her current vids is likely what happens when you never have face-to-face interaction with peers and people your age.

Kind of reminds me of CWC, who sounds much more normal in videos made in highschool / college.

No. 781156

File: 1592648221093.jpeg (372.4 KB, 750x844, 1C9EAF6C-7F94-4535-B962-B45F03…)

Laur’s going to start streaming. This is a g8 idea. It won’t turn to absolute dogshit when someone pops up to ask her hard questions she can’t dodge. I can’t wait!

No. 781162

Laur wants to be famous so bad it's pathetic.
She's this specy of awful mum who dreamed to be a celebrity so bad when young and went to every casting but fail miserably bc the ugly, shitty attitude and no talent at all.
And now is using her kid to reach the fame she never manage to achieve on her own.
It's sad LJ can't see that. Laur not only will never let her shine on her own, but will also sabotage her anytime she can.

No. 781165


Laur really thinks she has fans.

No. 781169

But anon, lillee jean tha queen requires laundry done for her

No. 781171

Cleaning her hair, nails, makeup palettes and tools would be a good start. Tidying her own damn bedroom too.

No. 781173

File: 1592662399612.jpg (166.95 KB, 638x989, trashwithtrash.jpg)

LJ is… reposting pictures and video from 2 years ago??

No. 781175

File: 1592662991928.jpeg (535.73 KB, 750x1052, 26868A92-C420-42F8-A09A-8C7B1B…)

One of the new callout account caught Instagram removing 10k likes from Lillee’s most recent posts

No. 781185

It's even funnier thinking that Laur took multiple photos of Lillee posing with garbage bags in front of a donation bin. There must be so few chances to get those pics when you never leave the house.

No. 781189

Lol I was going to say, in her defense she did say she needed to do it again. However, I realized, why wouldn't she just do it and take more photos? Lmfao it's so sad realizing she has less than 15 photos of her on the outside world.

No. 781190

I hate how she always puts an apostrophe in "guys". It's not "guy is" or "guy was", it's just guys, Lillee.

No. 781191

Right? Exactly. This is such a common, mundane task, but she had a photoshoot taken at it by her mom because they literally never do anything. I'm surprised we haven't seen any pictures of her buying milk at a grocery store. Probably because that's her mom's job, so she's never actually been grocery shopping.

No. 781192

File: 1592668745932.png (77.46 KB, 480x608, Screenshot_20200620-085644_1.p…)

Tori Skynet is taking Laur to court for harassing her (actually) minor child.

No. 781198

These lolsuits are so dramatic. If she really had a case, she wouldn't announce it on twitter or have contact with the person she's suing outside of court.

No. 781199

this is so lame but i hope it is true lmao.

No. 781200

File: 1592671767160.jpg (257.26 KB, 1080x744, Screenshot_20200620-114317_Twi…)


Laur is shitting enough bricks to build her own house. She and Lillee spent all day Friday tweeting about cyberboolies and the only engagement they got was from the 3 or 4 people that consistently interact with them. Rossow might as well be a callout or troll. He got them involved in cyberbully day- which happened to fall on Juneteenth. It didn't help her image at all when she and her racist mother made it all about them.

No. 781214

File: 1592677432148.jpeg (74.3 KB, 750x834, 6612ED37-B1D4-42F5-BF3F-ECBED3…)

Looks like Tori deleted her account after getting called out by BFFDees and Oomancer for seeking attention while hurting the people legitimately being harassed & pursuing legal action.

We called Tori being a cow herself back in October.

No. 781215

File: 1592677899082.png (128.31 KB, 480x559, Screenshot_20200620-090755_1.p…)

Proof that LJ/Laur commented "hate" on the original BGC post on Reddit.
If you can't see it in this screenshot, LJ/Laur posted a screenshot of BGC in LJs first debunking video as proof of the hate against her eyes. What they posted shows a red upvote arrow that only the logged in user would see.

No. 781217

File: 1592678115313.png (164.86 KB, 620x444, Screenshot_20200620-113034_1.p…)

Screenshot "Debunking" that actually does the opposite.

I love these cows so much.

No. 781221

They could've also just upvoted that random "hate" comment, it doesn't confirm that they themself posted the comment

No. 781223

She is so fucking corny

Youre right but Im wondering why she would downvote every other comment but that one.

No. 781225

Also samefag but I dont think the "Reddit legal team" (or the mods of the subreddit for that matter) would delete such a mundane comment.

No. 781226

Maybe to highlight it? Tons of people have made comments about her weird psycho stare so I don't think they'd have to write one tbh

No. 781228

Reddit automatically upvotes any comment you make so I think it’s probably likely that’s what happened. You can see they downvoted the other negative comments so why not that one, it makes no sense. Plus they went in hard with the narrative that people were making fun of her eyes ( which no one was).

No. 781229

Yeah anon I know lol, she definitely wrote the comment herself

No. 781232

File: 1592680944721.jpeg (287.18 KB, 750x882, 6E5C00D6-5921-4A6B-9438-ECEB63…)

No, they definitely do.

No. 781237

File: 1592681737054.jpeg (47.92 KB, 683x179, 991FAA35-AE0F-4DE9-BB6A-A67A21…)

This is the profile that made the post about her eyes- seriously read the comment history. Definitely laur or lillee.

No. 781260

>HATE on my eyes
>What is wrong with the girl's eyes?
She is so desperate to be a victim, holy shit. Every real MUA/influencer gets comments like this, even on the more PC discussion forums like BGC. There are a couple of deleted comments on most threads. The reality of being a beauty influencer is people are going to discuss your appearance, especially when you're making crazy faces for no reason.

Her eyes look totally normal when she's not bugging them out into sanpaku eyes and making bizarre expressions. Compare her expressions in >>779804 and you see just how weird it is.

No. 781284

File: 1592688626818.png (266.73 KB, 1874x1144, Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 5.23…)

That account is one of their socks, no question

No. 781286

This one types very similarly to Lillee. Lillee in her day to day posts have worse grammar and spelling, but this account isn't much better.

No. 781289

File: 1592689172494.png (152.81 KB, 1864x554, Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 5.23…)

Ginshouse's only comments that AREN'T about Lillee are on a post in the Teen Mom subreddit

No. 781296

File: 1592690458580.jpeg (47.52 KB, 763x429, F6A31009-05DD-40D2-BC55-8D57D8…)


Not to mention it was created the same day as the original thread.

No. 781324

Oh now I get it…

“What’s wrong with the girls eyes” comment literally meant to say “What are you all seeing that I’m not seeing, my eyes look fine to me.”

No. 781331

File: 1592701960123.jpg (203.65 KB, 1080x1075, Ea-ry_BXYAIvovu.jpg)

So much for "kids are a separate issue" or that she's distancing herself from bullying minors. Laur's right there harassing minors and telling them "no one likes you".

No. 781352

File: 1592712577736.png (80.7 KB, 480x460, Screenshot_20200620-210508_1.p…)

This thread moves so fast I don't remember all the details from the first /snow/ threads but here is the years for their THREE bankruptcy.

Saged because old milk but new confirmation.

No. 781353

“Class action on twitter”?!?! This crazy bitch is still trying to sue twitter kek

No. 781370

But Anon, aReN't NYC cOuRts aLl cLoSed?

No. 781387

File: 1592754080926.jpeg (568.24 KB, 3464x3464, 30C3A3B3-4B5F-45E5-A90A-E47BB2…)

Dees posts extremely cringeworthy screenshots from LJ’s chat with minors with laur telling them she’s a “cool mom” and gross stories about her g8ness. You can tell it’s her by the no punctuation and double spaced after a period

No. 781390

I seriously doubt Laur had any cancer at this point.
Also, how comes Earl had a spinal surgery when LJ was 4 or shortly after? Shouldn't that be really recent (one year ago or so)?
Hard to keep track with all their piles lies, and sigh so much for pity points, this is beyond pathetic.

No. 781393

She seems to make shit up all the time so I doubt she’s Jewish or a cancer survivor. I just can’t at how massive of a narcissist she is and just how pathetic all this is. Imagine being 19 and having your mom pretend to be you to throw herself a pity party on your Instagram account. People criticizing LJ makes them pedophiles. What does pretending to be younger to prey on a chat of minors by telling them gross personal details to fish for sympathy make laur?

No. 781400

File: 1592757750336.jpeg (181.91 KB, 750x766, 8D4BD87B-53AD-4CFB-B69E-C33107…)

It looks like Instagram is on a big bot purge again. This is in addition to the likes that one of the callouts notes were being deleted from LJ’s Instagram pics.

No. 781414

Just tinfoil but I think Lillee got a few decent Adsense checks in April/May from the traffic Primink brought to her channel. Lillee was buying a lot of new (cheap, drugstore) products and she’s even spruced up her old wardrobe. They probably “invested” some of this money in larger 20k + IG follower purchases & YT subs. Her video views have returned to pre-Primink #s though so I forsee Lillee dipping back below 1mil and not being able to replace the YT followers which are being “vetted”.

No. 781417

Damn she's full out schizo now

No. 781419


This reads SO much like the shaniqua account verbiage and punctuation. Same quote-markless accounting of dialogue, same pet names, same over-applauding of mundane actions.

No. 781423

Is Summary Anon about? LJ's most recent video is kind of long, but it's so densely packed with bonkers batshit craziness that a greentext TL;DW would be beneficial for those whose eyes tend to glaze over whenever Lillee starts chirping in her phony Disney voice.

One watch-through was almost more than could handle.

No. 781432

File: 1592770565494.jpg (163.35 KB, 1838x943, fullschizo.jpg)

No. 781437

File: 1592774329436.jpeg (165.52 KB, 1942x1072, 998821F7-4701-43C5-A261-F97184…)


Another episode of “The many faces of Lillee trying to explain her feelings but not being articulate enough to do so.”

This one followed “its like..when I upload a picture that I drew and someone says ‘’no girl!’ and im just like: makes this face

No. 781439

File: 1592775293486.jpeg (50.64 KB, 500x417, 57C228DC-0CEE-4D84-AAF6-DE711D…)


Damn she’s looking more and more like Hatchet Face

No. 781440

File: 1592775707897.webm (4.45 MB, 1280x720, lillee is a nut (2).webm)

Lillee could honestly do the crazy youtuber shtick like Trisha Paytas/Nikocado Avocado pretty well.

No. 781463

lmao imagine letting a chemo patient drive home right after treatment…i love the way laur lies. if she had had cancer we would surely have been hearing about it this whole

No. 781471

File: 1592790955472.png (166.42 KB, 749x914, 95F58052-A29F-4AD0-8383-9D920C…)

Just further proof she has fake fans. A pathetic 217 real Jeaniez

No. 781475

And 208 of those votes were people who voted no

No. 781484

Laur has consistently mentioned that she is a "three time cancer survivor"

No. 781486


Allegedly she had cervical cancer 3 times and that's why it took her so long to get pregnant, and why Lillee is an only child.
It explains why Lillee is a prized possession of Laur and why Laur now makes constant jabs at pregnant women.

No. 781491

File: 1592803923198.jpg (563.89 KB, 1077x1649, Screenshot_20200621-214406_You…)

She couldn't find a photo without dandruff…?

No. 781496

How do we know its dandruff and not lice?

No. 781497

For lice your hair has to be clean. Sometimes she doesn't wash it for days on end.

No. 781500

what the fuck is she talking about? is this because shane dawson just did a video about the "demon in his house" or whatever? she's so lame

No. 781502

File: 1592812883775.png (387.18 KB, 2566x1252, a curse not a gift.png)

lillee and laur can now see ghosts and the future! add that to the list

No. 781517

>Many women in my family have had the sight as they call it

Ma'am that is called Mental Illness

No. 781541

This honestly doesn't surprise me, kek. A lot of narcs with inflated egos seem to think they have some kind of magical power as well. Anything to be more "special" than other people. Margo just posted something like this the other day.

Lillee also believes some falsehood in relation to the "humans only use 10% of their brain" myth, but with a measly 1%. I feel like Laur just repeats old wives' tales and outdated junk science and Lillee believes it unequivocally.

No. 781566

File: 1592842831758.jpeg (108.62 KB, 750x225, 70D0AA9E-17EC-4E64-81D9-4FBBF1…)

Lillee and Laur regularly shit on Wiccans & tarot as being satanic. At one point LJ even said Lauren Elyse was trying to curse her with tarot readings. This is a weird shift even for them. It probably has something to do with Fashion Haunts Magazine’s ghost hunting show on YT? I vaguely remember FHM saying the show was picked up by whatever scam network Lillee was trying to work with.

No. 781574

File: 1592843758649.jpeg (118.41 KB, 609x449, E1F09AD3-C808-4BA6-8B9D-C64760…)

Found the posts from Twilight Passages, scammy Sandy’s paranormal investigation channel.

No. 781576

I think it also has to do with the new pr box she got. That coupled with her toddler brain probably makes her think seeing ghost is something g8 she in reality, she sounds totally psychotic

No. 781578

fat kek at those photoshopped fangs

No. 781580

>she can seance
Lmaof she has no idea what this word means.

They contradict themselves all the time, none of what they say makes sense. Laur can regularly harass underage children on youtube, but anyone who looks at Lillee is a total pedo. It doesn't surprise me they think they have ~the sight~ while simultaneously believing Wiccans are evil devil worshipers. They're like stereotypical school bullies who will make fun of you for anything.

No. 781588

File: 1592851446835.jpeg (349.8 KB, 750x970, CCE7BEE4-70D4-4185-AA28-629316…)

Laur, Lillee and FHM were all sharing FNL’s info in Feb/March claiming they were going to be on the network soon. Laur/Lillee’s in the comment section of FNL’s posts begging to be noticed. This isn’t how someone who’s partnered with a network would behave. It’s embarrassing and FNL barely acknowledges them.

No. 781590

File: 1592851607968.jpeg (220.33 KB, 750x835, 7C3C9D27-C274-4FF5-99C6-F45B28…)

More network begging cringe from Laur/Lillee.

kek at these idiots thinking a bunch of Turkish bots are going download an app

No. 781591

Exactly and they're definitively deep on the schizo spectrum.
But it can also be they're so desperate they try to target any possible niche, in this case: Goth/Emo/Wiccan etc.
Just like they did with the Asmr failure, the Disney/Marvel cosplay disaster, the dancing/workout horror and so on.

No. 781601

Haha, at first it looked to me like her mouth was more open and she was poking her little tongue out.
I vaguely remember her doing this ‘look’, I’m pretty certain the fangs are painted onto her lips.

No. 781610


Laur and Lillee have been leaving these attention whore comments on nearly every one of FNL's and Twilight Passages' posts since mid-May. They really thought Lillee was gonna get a show on this fake, pay-to-play "network," and they're getting desperate now because Sandy Foley hasn't called them to head over to Jersey to start filming.

These two dummies never figured out that Lillee getting a show was 100% contingent upon her having real fans and getting those real fans to download their scammy app.

Their buddy Rocco even spelled it out for them here >>781590

>"@lilleejean we adore you too. I wish all your followers would download the @fnlnetwork app"

No. 781614

File: 1592863248808.jpeg (204.72 KB, 750x361, 3B524E5E-6AAB-43BA-936E-57F90E…)

Laur is having some sort of a meltdown on her sock account

No. 781621

She's really set on blaming Dees for Brenda's death. That's honestly pretty sad.

No. 781623

File: 1592868207396.jpeg (724.91 KB, 1125x1982, B397866B-AE96-41BF-94E8-A6D89E…)

Laur showing up, without being tagged, pretending she is not only NOT Jona, but wants nothing to do with this “circus.” Smooooth cover.

Dees doesnt even have to dig when this stuff falls in her lap left, right, and center.

No. 781625

File: 1592868759298.png (23.22 KB, 606x165, lrt67.png)


No. 781626

File: 1592869029635.png (59.5 KB, 599x474, 64r7dcgh7.png)

Does she not realize that this person wasn't claiming to be Tatiana's lawyer, and was just @'ing them? Lmfao

No. 781627

…and she wasn't even tagged!

No. 781630

So, I couldn't really figure out a way to demonstrate with screenshots, but it looks like both @iamlaur67 and @jeaniezinc have been shadowbanned for spamming #lilleejean

She's been posting old photos and retweeting shit from 2017 like crazy for hours to try to drown out all the callouts, and none of it is showing up in the "top" or "latest" categories, when you search #lilleejean


No. 781631

File: 1592869732076.png (88.14 KB, 834x238, Screenshot_24.png)

And she's now gotten a "Wicca product" in the Therabox sent to her. (Tub Tonics Divination Soaking Salts)

No. 781632

File: 1592870023981.png (61.96 KB, 591x638, Screenshot_25.png)

And now they do sage rituals?

No. 781640

lol, nobody talked about esoteric things, only here in lolcw.
Now she'll talk about Wiccan stuff, because she's so hungry up on this thread.

No. 781642


"The beans are dry" just made me laugh at the visual of a really funny ritual of someone pouring cooked, sloppy red beans all over their floor

No. 781646

I had the same mental image of Laur & LJ dumping scoops of red beans & rice in the corners of their attic before they read the rest of the ritual specifying dried rice & beans.
Also trying to burn McCormick spices sage.

No. 781659

Lillee did not let us down with her inability to pronounce words correctly. Nitchy for niche and my new fave was her talking about white “colon” clay (instead of kaolin). Girl, do not put colon clay on your face.

No. 781668

File: 1592878503401.png (2.29 MB, 828x1792, F9FB09DF-A42B-4698-A34C-D0403A…)

I cannot confirm, but this is terrifyingly accurate to her. Can anyone confirm??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 781671

read the rules before posting newfag https://lolcow.farm/rules

No. 781672

This woman is actually blonde, anon.

No. 781676

that's stephanie pratt>>781668

No. 781677

Laur’s spam is showing for me


No. 781680

?? That's Stephanie Pratt, anon

No. 781692

File: 1592887773227.jpeg (261.49 KB, 750x982, 06081DDB-B177-42D6-91EB-8F7984…)

Laur’s telling people Dees was hired by her sister’s murderer. She’s been hinting at it for months but this is the first time we’ve seen Laur actually say it. This is so incredibly disrespectful to her murdered sister.


No. 781709

This is just sad, is Laur just this deranged or is this just her using her sister's death as a shield again?

No. 781710


If lillee can see ghost, why can't she talk to her ghost aunt and ask who kill her? looool.

No. 781729

File: 1592917550499.jpeg (134.61 KB, 750x488, B428C0DC-6581-4E62-896B-44554E…)

Tatiana and Diane having attorneys has sent Laur into full mental breakdown mode.

No. 781758

I’m convinced this guy and his new wife have a no-contact order on Laur. Laur made up some fake story about the Justice4Brenda websites/FB/twitter getting hacked shortly after The Arpanet covered the story and deleted them all. Only account left is the Bissell Justice one. Laur was harassing this guy for years leaving reviews on his business page saying he was a closeted homosexual etc. It all just stopped 2 years ago. Laur doesn’t just stop unless there’s some sort of legal or police intervention. I know Dees lurks here. She probably doesn’t want to contact a murderer but it may be worth contacting the local PD wherever he lives. I’m actually worried about her safety with Laur working her idiot supporters up over this.

No. 781762

File: 1592931850228.jpg (374.34 KB, 1080x921, Screenshot_20200623-120319_Chr…)

No wonder Laur hates him so much, his shop has better quality antiques than any of the garbage she has dug out of dumpsters and scammed with.

No. 781763

I think you're right. Laur is unhinged and has been obsessed with this case for over 20 years, there's no way she would just give up on it.

Looking at the case itself, it's honestly pretty sad since there was a lot of evidence against Brenda's husband. I do think he got away with murder, and that probably didn't help Laur's mental state, but Laur calling anyone who disagrees with her a murderer is the most outlandish, slanderous lie she's told yet. You can't just accuse people of being party to a fucking murder because you don't like them.

No. 781765

I thought Dees was hired by a Makeup company to take LJ down? They are insane, seriously. I feel sorry for any neighbors they have, they are the type that constantly calls the cops for minor things.

No. 781780

>I thought Dees was hired by a Makeup company to take LJ down?
That sounds pretty unlikely. I don't see why a makeup company would care that much about a random instagram scammer. There are a ton of "influencers" who fake their followers, but Lillee initially got attention because of her ridiculous photoshops (the Met Gala shit) and her mom's horde of fake, racist sock accounts that they still won't admit to.

No. 781781

That was said by LJ herself anon

No. 781782

she's saying she thought that was the story laur made up initially.

No. 781785

My bad, I'm a dumbass.

No. 781794

File: 1592947091570.jpg (166.67 KB, 1160x1080, 20200623_161709.jpg)

Everytime she sings in her fake opera voice, she makes these faces.

No. 781798


uh oh, anon. now laur and lillee are going to start crying about how the pedo cyberbooly stalkers are making obscene and deviant edits of her copyrighted trademarked face. they're going to open up a case report with the US patent office on you, watch out.

No. 781801

File: 1592952984098.png (958.18 KB, 1244x2262, Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 5.56…)

She posted this on her stories a while ago about "opera" voice

No. 781806

File: 1592955987021.jpg (Spoiler Image,229.3 KB, 1080x1646, 20200623_184430.jpg)

I wonder how pheepy feels about her posting shots of her in her underwear for her followers?

No. 781807

Uuhhh is Laur taking pics of her "kid" in underwear to post online?

No. 781809

File: 1592957467360.png (33.24 KB, 230x154, 1243wgre32.png)

Does she have shit on her leg?

No. 781811


>Shitty Jean Trueman

No. 781812


Maybe the diabetes is back

No. 781817

lol. i cannot with you anon!

No. 781820

File: 1592962868687.jpeg (210.91 KB, 746x447, B1606CCA-5DB0-4306-8EA4-C73659…)

So Laur is stating that if BFFDees gets a restraining order that she’ll have Diane’s info. But what can she do with it other than dox or further harass her? I’m sure Diane isn’t worrying about Laur breaking the law.

No. 781826

I thought Laur had Dees’ info when she filed a lawsuit against her and all of twitter?!! Laur’s losing the plot.

Did Dees ever say she was filing a restraining order? Seems out of character for someone who regularly says she doesn’t do lolsuits. This Brenda shit has Laur shook.

No. 781829

File: 1592965911623.jpeg (440.42 KB, 750x1046, 43F0014A-1229-463C-8785-3E05B6…)

Laur’s having a bad night. People are looking up her propmaster claims and…SURPRISE…they’re bullshit.

No. 781830

No way! You mean Laur isn't best mates with Johnny Depp And hasn't met Will Smith?
Kek, what a family of liars.

No. 781832

She’s not getting a restraining order, not has mentioned it. Her and Tatiana have only spoken with lawyers related to the fraudulent copyright claims. Laur has said several times that she knows who Diane is and is waiting until the courts in NY open to file her lawsuit.

No. 781834

File: 1592968184390.png (77.29 KB, 480x604, Screenshot_20200623-200127_1.p…)

Straight from the trolls mouth

No. 781838

Laur being charged for violating a restraining order on a previous victim of her online harassment is the most insane ending to this story and we need it now.

No. 781842

File: 1592973030201.webm (3.84 MB, 640x360, youcantfknsinglillee.webm)


When is she gonna add "opera diva" to her list of talents?

No. 781858

File: 1592982037265.png (695.05 KB, 627x599, Screenshot_27.png)

How does LJ look back at her videos and not see how embarrassing and bad this is? That greasy hair styled into bangs is so bad. Someone help this girl

No. 781871

It's all coming out of her nose lmaooo if she closed her mouth the sound would be the exact same, how can she fail at everything???

No. 781883

The person with the best case against Laur is actually her sisters husband. She has literally built websites defaming him and is now spreading the rumor he's hiring people to harrass her and her daughter because she's a loud mouth that doesn't know when to sit down and shut up. She's definitely guilty of slander and harrassment there.

No. 781884

I honestly believe that she has zero idea how cringeworthy her videos are. The last two especially, I could hear her sniffling up her snot several times rather than taking a pause to blow her nose. It honestly goes beyond cringe to just plain old disgusting.

No. 781886

This sounds exactly like Miranda Sings lol

No. 781887

File: 1593003750439.jpg (201.03 KB, 603x1777, LJ BS Twitter.jpg)

I could screen LJ's entire twitter. Since I have nothing else to do right now, here's a little selection :

1 >Twitter is the most toxic platform
Then get away from it. Because it's like… DUH!
Still into the "cyberbullied narrative" but mixed with "demons". I can't wait to see her add some satanical elements in her stalker story.
I don't understand the "people cancelling at each other". Some anon help please?

2 So, LJ just find out about Kpop and BTS band, yet as usual, she tangles everything.
No logical thinking, no nuance, etc. But she doesn't forget to make it about HER again.

3 >It's easier to love, then hate. Simple.
Whaaat..? Is that advice or criticism?

4 Gross. Disturbing. Opposite of cute.

5 She will never get the irony of the answer.

No. 781888

Lillee is saying incredibly outlandish things to get attention. It’s hard to be the victim of cyberbullying when no one is paying attention to you and everyone is going after your lunatic mother.

No. 781889

Lol “love, then hate” beautiful grammar taught by her Harvard level education!
Also I hope that the kpop community catches wind of this bc if she thought she was being “cyber bullied” before just wait

No. 781892

File: 1593008154506.jpeg (129.1 KB, 1080x647, 388D99E5-D9C6-4BD7-A6E0-918E7F…)

Lillee just got sent a therapist curated self care box to review, all while her mom makes fun of mental illness

No. 781898

Laur making light of mental illness while believing everyone on twitter is hired by her deceased sister's husband to kill her really speaks volumes. She must realize she's not all there, but chooses to deflect and call everyone else crazy instead.

No. 781900

I know everyone tries to tinfoil that LJ is retarded and her mom is behind everything. But honestly I think Laur is the retarded one, and LJ is able to take advantage of her, because we've all seen how bratty & conniving she can be.
All it takes is "Mommy ur da bestest! Pwease help I bullied" and Laur lacking any ability for critical thought goes to bat for her, at school, online etc.

No. 781901

Lillee is definitely behind a lot of Laur's flip outs and she's manipulated her mother into treating her like a little princess. The thought of lillee being the brains is absolutely terrifying. One of the callouts posted a picture of pinky and the brain in relation to Laur and Tired Lady, Lillee is right there with them in buffonery

No. 781902

If so, fucking hell.

No. 781903

I agree, in the beauty wander video (the plant dance), Lillee acts all bratty ans says "well I can't do everything", when Laur is not doing what Lillee Jean wants.
She expects Laur to do and fix everthing for her.
Calling her "the brain" is a bit much though.

No. 781904

This was also glaringly obvious in Defango’ s stream. She was bullying her mom around and clearly said a couple of times that laur does what she tells her to do. Lillee Jean is absolutely the lazy, talentless toad with a crazy paranoid mom who she manipulates into doing her bidding.
Laur is to blame for coddling her to this extent though

No. 781905

how about both of them are retarded/crazy and theyre enabling each other

No. 781906

Lillee is definitely taking advantage, but I think Laur raised her to be a brat and have no responsibility. Lillee herself even said she doesn't do basic chores. A good parent wouldn't let their adult daughter get away with that.

Laur raised her spoiled as hell and probably wanted to be the "cool mom" who was best friends with her child, especially since she didn't have friends her own age. Getting married young and doing nothing but sitting around scamming on ebay is lonely.

Now that Lillee's been coddled so long to the point she didn't even have to go to school, she obviously wants to keep this lifestyle of her mom doing everything for her. Nothing is expected of her, she doesn't have to leave the house, and she can keep making mediocre beauty videos and Laur will keep buying followers.

No. 781910

AYRT Absolutely, Laur enabled her monster daughter. They are both trash.
But I've always felt it was LJ pulling the strings because she is smarter than her mom. She is behind her peers and sounds uneducated because she is, she was homeschooled by someone with a very low IQ and high gullibility. LJ is smart enough to learn how to manipulate and take advantage of Laur.
This isn't a defense of either of them, but I think Laur is being played like a fiddle for LJ. I'm sure LJ is behind hyping up her mom about Brenda, and she just sits back and makes videos that only farmers watch. While encouraging her mom to be a rabid attack dog escalating the situation, and Laur is too mean-spirited, single-minded, simple and doting/enabling to ever take a step back. They will be tied into this dysfunctional relationship until death.

No. 781916

True. Yet there are some major flaws in Lillee and Laur perfect fake little world.
1/What will happen when money is irrevocably out of reach?
They can't just ask for credit cards and file for bankruptcy whenever they want. Sooner or later, this is going to have consequences.

2/How is Lillee supposed to be such a great influencer if so far, she isn't modeling for any brand, any real magazine, she doesn't go to any audition, she has no actual contract whatsoever with anyone in the entertainment/fashion/makeup field, not even fancy travels or countless cool events in NYC she could attend to?

No. 781919

No wonder she got so pissed when people were accusing Laur of manipulating her. She wants the credit for being the smart one. Not a very high bar to reach, but for 3rd Grade cheerleader Lillee, she's practically a mastermind.

Her desperation to be Regina George is hilarious.

No. 781931

Saged for a long-ass tifoil, but here's a sort of headcanon I've been building in the back of my mind for how I think Laur and Lillee got to where they're at.

>Laur grows up in a household where her prettier (possibly nicer and/or smarter) sister gets more attention and approval, either from the family, within their wider neighborhood/community, or both.

>Laur develops an inferiority complex and displays compulsive lying and bizarre attention-seeking behavior. She has trouble making friends and does poorly in school due to being a dummy and also because of this disruptive acting out. Her parents focus even more attention on Brenda because Laur is a fuck-up and exhausting to deal with.

>Brenda goes off to marry Scott Wolf and run their (seemingly) successful business. Laur thinks she's in a competition with her sister and clings to the first person who shows her the slightest bit of attention; cue mediocre musician Diamond Earl who has been lurking about the high school parking lot looking for easy underage pickings. Laur's parents have had enough and kick Laur out to "live on the streets."

>Diamond Earl fails to become a famous rock star or whatever Laur had expected from him, so she gets a job as a legal secretary and starts building her identity around this delusion of being "The Youngest Legal Administrator in New Yawhk."

>Brenda and Scott's marriage is starting to look rocky, but instead of Laur getting her time to shine as the sister with the better life, the family rallies around Brenda and focuses all their attention on expressing their concern for her well-being.

>Brenda is murdered and the media picks up the story of the suspicious circumstances surrounding Scott and his shady business associations. Laur is, of course, devastated about the loss of her sister, but she's also got this other baggage and a personality disorder or two, so she becomes obsessed with exposing Scott as the murderer and being the one who is personally responsible for bringing justice for Brenda.

>Scott is never charged with Brenda's murder, and when the trials are over, the media mostly loses interest in the story. Laur can't move on and gradually becomes more and more unhinged as she tries to center herself in the story as the noble champion of a lost cause and a tragic figure of great importance. The rest of the family are fully fed up with her and distance themselves from Laur altogether.

>Having been iced out of the family, Laur becomes fixated on building one of her own. She and Earl have trouble conceiving, whether because Laur's cancer was actually real or for some other reason.

>When she finally gets pregnant, she deems it a miracle, and when Lillee comes out with blue eyes and vaguely blondish curls, Laur is overwhelmed with pride at having produced a non-ugly baby with features she always wished she had.

>Laur leaves her position as Janitor at Law and starts digging around in her dusty attic for old shit she can sell. Her new identity as Antiques Business Owner/Prop Mistress is born, but like everything else Laur touches, her stupidity and delusions of grandeur get in the way of any actual success. It starts off with Laur exaggerating or lying about the provenance of some piece of junk she's trying to sell for more than it's worth, and it eventually devolves into outright scamming.

>As Lillee grows, Laur instills in her a belief that she is an amazing miracle just for existing, and that everything she is or does is perfect. The rest of the world is rooted in reality, so this creates problems when Lillee proves to be of barely-average intelligence, no particular talent, and kind of funny-looking. In order to cope with the discrepancy between what she's built up in her mind and reality, Lillee adopts her mother's habit of disappearing fully into delusion and compulsive lying. Her peers find her personality irritating and her stories unbelievable, so they stop paying her any attention.

>The antiques scamming is rapidly catching up with Laur and Earl. They go through several cycles of closing up shop, declaring bankruptcy, and starting over with a new business name when they get backed into a corner. They are maintaining a facade and scraping by on maxed-out credit cards.

>Lillee,frustrated by the kids at school failing to acknowledge her as Tha Queen and the teachers failing to praise her low-effort schoolwork, pouts and cries about not wanting to go to school with all the mean bullies. Being an unpopluar dummy brings back old memories for Laur, so she indulges her daughter by letting her stay at home to watch Disney movies, play with dolls and makeup, and fabricate adoring internet friends to talk to. Lillee learns that all she has to do is make that fake sad face and squeeze out a few crocodile tears and Laur will allow her to do whatever she wants and rabidly shout down anyone who dares to question it.

>Lillee eventually sees that the fantasy she's created in her mind is much better than reality, and expresses her desire to become a booty guru and retreat from the world permanently. Laur, strapped for cash and desperate for some way to be important and/or associated with someone else important, immediately discards the failed identity as Antiques Prop Mistress to the Stars, and fashions herself as the new Kris Jenner. The school is getting suspicious about all of the absences, so she yanks Lillee from school, and they both jump head first into making Lillee and internet star.

>After over a year of isolation and immersion in the delusion, Laur and Lillee are in a feedback loop of undeserved positive reinforcement. They can't understand why Lillee's isn't being inundated with fans and money and brand deals and fame and love. They try to boost her analytics with a little bit of fakery, and when that doesn't work, instead of trying something else, they keep upping the ante, buying more and more bot followers and creating more and more fake fan accounts.

>They eventually go way too far, and the outrageous number of fake followers finally attracts attention, but everyone can clearly see that everything about Lillee is a lie. Lillee and Laur, who have been living and breathing the lie for about 2 years now, are so far removed from reality that it creates huge cognitive dissonance, and they both flip out in a hilarious spectacle that creates this whole entire mess.
(tism tinfoil)

No. 781932

Holy moly. Sorry anon but nobody cares about your fanfiction

No. 781936

not gonna lie, that was pretty interesting to read. i feel like a lot of what you said is probably true. having to reconcile between real life and laur's delusion is probably what drove lilie to be crazy herself, in the codependent state we see her in now. laur is the only thing left for lillie keeping her delusion intact, and vice versa.

No. 781955

Its a lot to read, but I completely agree about Laur having a major inferiority complex surrounding her sister. In an interview post Brenda's death, her parents bragged about just how perfect Brenda was. Laur has said (to be viewed with as much weight as you give anything she says) that her parents were terrible to her and her sister was basically her mom. Her parents also discussed how Brenda had decided not to have children because her marriage was going poorly(they go so far as to say she and Wolf weren't havent sex). It would make sense Laur wanted desperately to take Brenda's place in her parents life, and she was so successful she even had a child!

No. 781983

I have almost the exact same tinfoil kek.

Laur may have been difficult, or maybe Brenda was the golden child, but I definitely think young Laur started lying for attention and it never got addressed. Her family would have been in the age group that disregarded mental health, and Laur seems to have some deep-seated issues whenever the subject is brought up.

No. 781991

File: 1593058447843.png (2.36 MB, 2540x1544, Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 12.1…)


Lol. In terms of actions / mannerisms, for sure. And I wouldn't call Trisha or Nikocado "mature" by any stretch. But there's a level of self-awareness that you have to have to consistently be an effective troll and to withstand the insane amounts of vitriol that they receive on a daily basis. Lillie is not cut out for that.

No. 781995

File: 1593061525629.jpeg (260.99 KB, 750x1037, 589E275B-BCF2-48F8-A624-947686…)

Laur’s spamming on Twitter has caught up with her. Real managers don’t get their accounts put on a temporary suspension.

No. 782013

I agree with 90% that is good tinfoil.
I differ on the part where Laur is sad about her sister's death.
Laur posted once on twitter that if she had super power she would punish her sister's murderer INSTEAD OF saving her sister's life.
That says a lot about how much she trully cared about Brenda, whose tragic ending only serves her to attract attention and gain pity points.

No. 782016

Laur’s been RT’ing her own accounts for some time. Twitter doesn’t care if you have multiple accounts but if you use those accounts to create artificial engagement, they’ll suspend them. All the harassment, mass flagging, violations of ToS and Laur’s going to lose her accounts for spamming the LilleeJean hashtag.

No. 782054

File: 1593106347741.jpg (52.86 KB, 607x441, witchcraft.jpg)

Fear Diane: the great evil witch who has the power to stub people's toes!

No. 782059

File: 1593110476425.png (265.4 KB, 750x1334, 2F924B88-631B-4BEB-8A2F-8F43C1…)

I was going to look at the new Natasha Denona collection to possibly buy, but Lillee states that she received it as PR. If that’s true, they are definitely devaluing their brand.

No. 782060

are you new? Lillee always says that brands sent her PR but she usually just buys them second hand lol

No. 782061

According to Dees, Laur's on purge mode. Deleting all her tweets about her sister and the tragic murder.

No. 782064

I just tried searching for “Brenda” “sister” “murder” “face” “Wolf” on Laur’s TL and almost everything is gone. I’m starting to to believe the restraining order tinfoil.

No. 782069

File: 1593114390626.png (4.38 MB, 1125x2436, 90161109-FA89-44EC-A406-7F2698…)

Someone must have given Lillee some extra caffeine, as there is a total Lillee Bingo going on in her stories. Some highlights that made me laugh:

– Says Dianes friends are paid or severely need help.
–If you do criticize her, "you should take care of your baby, cat, dog, or sexually neglected husband."
–Flip flops between "spread love" and calling Diane "Pussywig"
–promotes her tumblr
–fortunate teller mode: her friends and supporters will be DM'd as well as brands and cyberbullying organizations.
–Diane uses five fake accounts at a time
–Diane is a bad paid troll because LJ is here and growing
–some shit about karma and spreading love
–a ton of weird footage of her feet between needing a pedi and a demo of old stretches she did in PE
–Her period is comin right up.
–Condescending explanation of her immune system malfunction.
–some bogus deep-ity about what art is
–she has to examine her dolls (then lifts dolls skirt to expose crotch) for spiders (?!)
–Wont show likes and dislikes because she doesn't condone a mob mentality against her.
–Diane has her blocked, thus she is a failed troll
–Diane is a Taurus of caprisun and is afraid of Lillee
–then a bunch of shit about dolls

No. 782071


I like how she said Dianne will make fake fan accounts of POC and how she'll cry about cyberbullying when… that's exactly what she and her mom do. The lack of self-awareness is honestly staggering. Of course she ignores the fact that a bunch of Diane's followers have posted photos of their hands/some even their faces because that doesn't fit her little narrative that everyone is as pathetic as she is.

Her ego is disgusting. Keeps going on about karma and how her YT and IG have been growing… Like yeah, those channels tend to grow when you purchase likes and follows for them lol.

No. 782074

Another highlight was her continuing to claim epstein Barr is an “autoimmune condition”
Sorry LJ, you aren’t special for having the herpes

No. 782076

the fact she mixed up gullian-barre with epstein barr is so funny, it proves their lie better then any medical tests could

No. 782078

I would bet that she pays for expedited shipping because this palette has been on sale for 2 days now. If she received if in PR then she should have posted about it sooner (if she wanted to take advantage of the biggest perk of PR which is getting your content up first).

No. 782079

File: 1593121133330.png (810.42 KB, 782x980, .png)

jesus christ she's ranting and raving like a psycho and her pupils are HUGE. is she on fucking meth?

No. 782080


They wasted all that money buying subbots to get her YT/IG following over 10K/1M, but they either forgot or can't afford to pay for the rest of the necessary fake engagement. Her views/likes are at the same number she had before Primink.

No. 782081

If you search the Natasha Denona hashtag on IG it looks like people who ordered this received it today. People who got it as PR posted swatches & looks 2-3 days ago.

No. 782082


I think most beauty youtubers take at least 2 days to plan, film, edit, and upload a video, so we can assume that most got their PR at minimum a week ago.

No. 782083

this actually genuinely looks kinda disturbing lol

No. 782084

File: 1593123357171.jpg (150.23 KB, 1071x1902, Screenshot_20200625-170455_Ins…)

No. 782085

File: 1593123391936.jpg (153.54 KB, 1080x1952, Screenshot_20200625-170457_Ins…)

No. 782086

Like moths like daughter. Just add some more wrinkles and a bigger sag. Disgusting looking toads both of them

No. 782103

This is coming from the family that slut shames? I know they're hypocrites but what a joke. How long before LJ makes an OF?

No. 782109

Can anyone tell me what video the thread gif is from? Someone was asking me but I couldn't find it, is it still up?

No. 782116

Wander beauty vlog

No. 782119

File: 1593139457173.jpeg (351.89 KB, 750x856, F79CB963-1420-4CFF-8C7A-E3B12D…)

Full Franzia freakout.

Laur chastising someone’s language when her daughter called someone “pussywig” this morning and Laur herself called someone a twat earlier.

No. 782141

So is Diane Null? Do she also own reddit? She’s completely unhinged.

No. 782182

At least Diane knows how to wear a wig, using a wig cap and not letting all her greasy hair fall out. Also are they shaming her for having new wigs rather than reusing the same ones like Lillee does?

No. 782196

It's from thread one or two

No. 782198

pretty soon she'll change it to diane being the owner of the something awful forums, since he's in legal trouble right now and actively uses kiwifarms.

No. 782201

Is someone making a back up of her rant on insta stories?

She doesn't make any sense in there and is very unhinged.

No. 782204

File: 1593158495088.jpeg (618.27 KB, 750x1195, BB4CBCFD-A566-4E8F-9379-41BD20…)

Lillee screwed up dying her hair, but don’t worry guys she totally fixed it!

No. 782205

File: 1593158651314.png (2.75 MB, 1334x750, 81D4C25B-1A36-4625-81B4-EB795B…)

She looks even more insane. She chose the exact hair color trashy crackheads have

No. 782217

It's an improvement from the original color. Her mousey light brown has no dimension and washes her out. Lipstick on a pig,though.

No. 782222

File: 1593167730297.jpg (36.51 KB, 612x372, spider lj.jpg)

Blonde was the best for her.
Even if it would have been done correctly, this color looks terrible with her skin tone.

Btw LJ's attic is full of spiders. So many, she should name them…

No. 782223

I hate to talk shit about someone’s tits because you get what you get, but how in the FUCK does this teenager with no kids have such saggy, deflated tits?

No. 782234

Ugh, this color was super popular with wine moms in the 2000s where I live so it always reminds me of middle aged women. It instantly ages anyone that has this hair color by like 20 years to me. Doesn't help that Lillee looks like she has some mad wrinkles when she grimaces like that and saggy as fuck tits.

No. 782240

Probably because she almost never wears a bra

No. 782250

File: 1593174675726.png (138.68 KB, 750x1058, 1491227567198.png)

No. 782251

I never wear a bra and my tits don’t look like a tube sock

No. 782253

File: 1593175649836.png (214.44 KB, 594x535, Screenshot_21.png)

What the fuck is Laur talking about

No. 782254

File: 1593175748710.png (56.03 KB, 593x417, Screenshot_22.png)

Is this something to do with this?

No. 782268

File: 1593180384788.webm (18.62 MB, 1280x720, schizophrenia.webm)

Clip is stolen from the other farms. I honestly can't tell if Lillee truly has some kind of psychotic disorder that makes her think she sees ghosts or if she's just lying about it to be more quirky

No. 782269

Wearing a bra doesn't stop sagging. It's most likely just a combination of her natural shape and being overweight.

No. 782270


this color actually suits her very well. even tho it's that trashy shade that you see on the high school girls who wear cookie monster pajama pants and fight in the parking lot, smoking cigarettes while pregnant. i can't hate on the shade as pretty much anything is better than how her hair looked before. but i can hate on how she dyed it, apparently like four times but still managed to miss some of the roots around her forehead. ultimately tho she looks more normal now, weird to say.

No. 782271

I think she just has tuberous breasts

No. 782273

File: 1593181963993.jpeg (120.8 KB, 600x1147, 713ADF36-A3A8-4E3E-AD1C-9ADA5D…)

It looks horrible on her, but definitely fits her personality. I think she looked the best blonde, pic related. Seriously what happened to Lillee that her skills and taste went down so dramatically?

No. 782274

File: 1593182176783.jpeg (71.96 KB, 450x600, BFCC87F6-0B42-49BD-9FF8-337D01…)

This too

No. 782275

File: 1593182381723.png (284.24 KB, 1006x362, Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 10.3…)

Saged, but this needed to be pointed out:

Lillie Jean has a total of approx. 1.8M video views on her Youtube channel across 439 videos. That's a measly 4k views per video on average (mean). Remember, she's been posting videos since December 2015. That's 4 and a half years on the platform.

Meanwhile, Primink's video on her has 5.6M views. 3 times as much as Lillie's has on her entire fucking channel. And over a thousand times more than she has on her average video. And Primink's not even been around for 2 years.

No. 782283

She's trying to bring attention back to herself. Laur is in actual legal peril because of accusing Diane of being hired by her ex brother in law to stalk she and Lillee. The attention has left LJ and is now firmly centered on Laur. Lillee is jealous and is trying to get the attention back on herself. 3 or 4 times she's made outrageous statements and followed it up by "now watch, the story/tea/drama is going to be that Lillee is XXX" I think she believes she's being really smart and trolling the critics, ala Trisha Paytas, but she's so desperate for validation she praises herself for being so clever immediately after. Her views have taken a nosedive again after pedogate, so she's trying to drum up drama.

No. 782290

The new hair color is a dreadful move. She looks way older, it will scare all of the bob vagene from India and ruin her "grown-baby concept".

No. 782294

File: 1593190518073.jpeg (178.13 KB, 998x559, D75B5B19-606A-4093-BA1F-759650…)

She says she had to use color corrector twice and redo it. The cost of all those boxes of color plus all the color corrector, she could have gone to a salon and had it done correctly. Her hair is going to be so damaged too. It really just shows Laur & Lillee’s impulsivity.

Also kek at Lillee’s grandma stalker getting more views than Lillee with 8k less subs.

No. 782296

Hair salons in NYC were just allowed to open on Monday, and it’s not easy to get appointments. Agree that she shouldn’t have tried doing it at home, though.

No. 782301

Even with the dumb duck face, she looks so much better in these. She's not making bizarre expressions and her clothes actually fit. Compared to >>782085 where she's trying to look "sexy" in baggy pajamas and granny glasses. I wonder if she tries to look weird on purpose so the haterz will give her attention.

No. 782303

File: 1593198124184.jpeg (195.22 KB, 750x808, 678C4BDD-8E6C-4B9F-9463-2EA1F8…)

Laur’s attorney is doing a g8 job of taking over their social media accounts.

No. 782304

>I decided not to address you
How can someone be this dumb

No. 782306


LOL what really happened is that she had no valid response and that made her feel stupid. So she stewed angrily for 4 days before she couldn't take it anymore, and then went back to have a childish tantrum. She's half a step up from calling this person a "dumb doo-doo head."

No. 782312

File: 1593201801965.png (1.77 MB, 1135x1147, 0brvrdeiv2q0.png)


God, she looks like a completely different person. I know people look different with age, and have different angles, I get all of that, but these two pictures next to each other look like people who aren't even related.
I know we've beat the discussion of her regression to a pulp, but it seriously still blows my mind that it's this severe. How did it get this bad?

No. 782317

I know everyone talks about how her look esp mouth/face is different, and I've been wondering if she was wearing a "flipper" in the past which caused her face shape to be different, in addition to her weird cheek sucking thing.

No. 782320

there was an old TikTok where it definitely looked lie she was wearing fake teeth
Contrary to popular opinion, I really don't think old LJ was pretty or talented. Was she better than now? Sure. But she looks very weird, overly sexed-up and that horrid duckface is pure cringe. I think LJ is a case of a supremely isolated, anti-social brat where she has no friends to emulate or learn acceptable behavior. She had few friends her age in middle school so she had no idea how to act like a kid. Now, she 's way too old and utter isolation has cranked up her arrogance tenfold so she thinks acting like an adult toddler is cute

No. 782322

File: 1593204786687.png (104.15 KB, 275x271, 1591297942921.png)

>I think this was her getting ready for the #emmys or #grammys. Idk

No. 782333

It's not that she was prettier per se, she just looked more normal, albeit her style was a little too mature for someone her age. Her recent pictures are full of way too wide smiles (while tensing up her neck for some reason), thousand yard stares, and other weird poses.

No. 782336

File: 1593209907430.jpg (755.67 KB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20200626-161728_You…)

She made sure to pick a blonde color to correct with. Now she can say she is a champagne blonde

No. 782338

her pics from this era kind of remind me of courtney stodden. the fried hair, the ducklips, the uncomfortable sexualisation of a minor.

No. 782340

I can totally see that comparison. The mystery of what the fuck happened to this girl between those two pictures is up there with JonBenet Ramsey on my list of shit I want to be solved before I die.

No. 782348

File: 1593213519739.png (711.66 KB, 1560x511, Screenshot_25.png)

LMAOF, did someone send Lillee some pleasure toys?

No. 782355

File: 1593214499652.png (38.47 KB, 606x290, Screenshot_26.png)

Nvm, they were emails. Still thinking Diane works for her sister's killer

No. 782362

File: 1593217338407.png (56.18 KB, 595x424, Screenshot_27.png)

Laur was only pretending to be retarded!

No. 782363

Ugh, for all their policing of haydurs language and behavior, Laur and Lillee sure love to throw around cuss words. Pussywig, bitch, asshole, everything's fair game to them. Anonymous people on this board don't even insult them like this.

No. 782364

File: 1593217907369.jpeg (72.01 KB, 750x174, 545834B4-5768-4CE9-90CE-F8DF07…)

Holy shit they’re so contradictory. Make fun of wigs one day, wear them the next. Also we already know they’re dumb but talking about how your email is getting signed up for sex toys pubically is only going to give more ideas to the haters, so dumb

No. 782365

i rewatched some of her first videos recently and i can't fathom how she even sounds like a different person. maybe it's just the tone of her voice, but her delivery wasn't as bad and laughable as it is now. what's more impressive is that this was years ago, not the other way around

No. 782369

Lillee's bottle red isn't great but it's still better than the black shoe polish Laur rubs into her hair. Just let yourself go gray, lady; it can't look any worse.

No. 782371

The power of decent contouring and good lighting. Compare this old picture with any of her later make-up videos, and you can see which one looks like it was done by a professional.

No. 782373

Laur knew Jeff was a dangerous psycho killer so she purposely lied to an account she thought might be Diane? So Diane would go public with it? Even though Jeff is a crazed murderer? Make it make sense.

And Laur just won Jeff/Diane #1/Diane #2 ‘s defamation cases for them with these tweets. Defamation requires you prove the person accused knowingly made false statements. Laur just fucking tweeted it for the world to see.

No. 782376

Thanks anon! I knew I remembered another vid where it looked like she had full teeth. Flipper confirmed.

Also anon, please type "sage" into the email field if you're just commenting and not adding any new milk.

No. 782377

File: 1593225590985.jpeg (340.97 KB, 624x974, B80DC52F-12E0-4F50-A0D8-33C710…)

If someone else were to graphically describe Brenda’s murder like this they’d have a fit. She only goes into violent detail for shock value and pity points. Laur constantly pisses on her sisters memory

No. 782380

Laur’s been sperging about lawsuits and attorneys for a year. Now all the sudden she demands proof Diane has an attorney after Diane has said point blank, more than once, she’s not suing Laur…her lawyer is to protect their YT channel.
It’s either the attorneys being involved it Laur getting caught committing a bunch of crimes while shitting on her dead sister’s memory but Laur is terrified. I’m living for watching Laur get knocked down a peg.

No. 782383

File: 1593229007375.jpeg (178.19 KB, 750x390, 27D0E882-0229-44D9-B6DD-8551F6…)

Lillee also speaks like this. Honestly, a disgusting and vile way to speak about a murder victim.

No. 782389

File: 1593231038734.jpeg (292.2 KB, 750x691, 423266AA-D92C-434A-B97A-5A9891…)

Laur admits that she’s going to fraudulently report tweets again. But she’s also done with BFFDees.

No. 782394

File: 1593233201506.jpeg (148.54 KB, 750x927, 5B703DCE-1553-4A9E-861E-59F173…)

30 minutes and a dozen frantic tweets later…she’s still talking about Dees.

No. 782395

File: 1593235351118.jpeg (242.33 KB, 750x781, 87F83CD6-F253-4E18-98ED-FA3782…)

No. 782398

File: 1593236712134.png (183.94 KB, 480x551, Screenshot_20200626-223652_1.p…)

Looks like bffdees account are locked. #lilleejean hashtag is much emptier.
Is this temporary? Are they heading up to a 4th of July Bulliversary? Other shenanigans?

No. 782399

The callout accounts lock their accounts when Laur goes on reporting sprees.

No. 782407

Super stupid tinfoil ahead:

She mentions "Serafina" is another name Dees goes by >>782362

In the new Last of Us game that just came out, the WLF (otherwise known as Wolf >>782377) stays at a base called "Serafina".

Is someone fucking with her using Last of Us terms?

No. 782417

Should've called themselves Abby Armstrong

No. 782432


he killed brenda and later erased brenda's memory? i am so confused what she means by this

No. 782435

It's hard to keep up with Laur ramblings. Wolf is Brenda's husband's last name, and her married name.

I'm guessing she means "erased Brenda's memory" as in "concealed anything to do with Brenda."

No. 782437

lmao thank you for clearing that up, i thought laur was about to go down a rabbithole of saying her sister's ex husband hypnotized people and erased their memories or some shit

No. 782445

Surely Laur isn’t stupid enough to not realize that having your email public and using your email address to purchase followers from sketchy websites will increase the amount of spam you get.

No. 782447

File: 1593274679469.jpeg (215.39 KB, 750x550, EA3A22ED-CF1D-43D3-B499-D5AF13…)

They’ve shown no proof about the emails. How would they even know restaurants are getting emails?

No. 782450

File: 1593275344447.png (91.35 KB, 827x244, Screenshot_28.png)

Plus, they'd show these spam emails as proof of real harassment (even though it's just basic trolling, signing them up for sex toys and hat websites). So they're not real or either regular spam Laur mistakes for Diane's doing. Anyway, pic related is so sad, 10.5K subscribers, 1 like.

No. 782451

Laur ordered takeout while blackout drunk and tried to blame it on a internet stranger.

No. 782462

Apparently she’s now a Dermalogica affiliate (but how much commission could she actually earn of her fans are mostly all bots?) She also states that she’s received pr from Karity and Palladio (not sure if I spelled that correctly as I’ve never heard of it before). She’s actually been saying PR in the last couple of videos rather than “goodies” - I’m wondering if Laur has somehow managed to get a few brands to believe their scam?

No. 782466

File: 1593282438021.jpeg (152.44 KB, 750x376, AD6E4774-A122-413C-BBF6-2BC777…)

Dees showed screenshots of Palladio & Therabox saying they were dropping Lillee in her latest video.

No. 782467

This is shitty, but Laura needs to back off on the justice for brenda thing. On the off chance a news agency actually looked into it and into doing a story, they will find the whole mess with Lillee Jean and the pedophilia, Laura's unhinged rants, the scamming, using her daughter. Which story is juicier?

No. 782471

That looks like a generic PR response. It doesn't say they're dropping her.

It's been a while since I looked into the case, but I doubt there would be any stories about it anyway. It was over 20 years ago and there was no concrete evidence. Laur's seemingly less crazy family also tried to bring attention to it, but it certainly doesn't help that Brenda's biggest advocate is delusional.

No. 782475

File: 1593290598451.jpeg (274.32 KB, 750x662, 5FBC70B0-4A70-4B5E-A1C3-2BDC0C…)

I think Laur has backed off it in the last few years. Which is why people are tinfoiling there’s a protective order. Laur’s earliest sock accounts, Cinda Perry, Blaise Daniels, Liz Gardner, Ray Williamson weren’t for Lillee…they were used to spam the Justice4Brenda content.

No. 782486

#BLM is more powerful than any brand can handle at the moment and LJ/Laur on video saying black people should shut the fuck up would shut down any hopes of sponsership in the foreseeable months and into next year. Maybe they're lucky that they are nobodies because that would have destroyed them.

No. 782533

File: 1593320745616.jpeg (197.78 KB, 750x400, AEF2FE5B-779D-4FB8-BF22-B4A556…)

Laur’s sperging again. She spent an hour threatening Dees, calling her a scam. Now Laur’s crying about being bullied. I thought I missed Laur’s freakouts but they’re all just sad & desperate now.

No. 782535

File: 1593321200004.jpeg (374.24 KB, 750x953, 02E5C4B7-E7DC-49DB-B083-34C850…)

Laur has spent a year threatening anyone who “udders” Lillee’s name with NYPD & lawsuits.

No. 782542

Lol check out how she screenshotted that only 26 seconds after it was posted. Laur is obsessively refreshing the page waiting for what Dees has to say.

No. 782559

LJ is retweeting everything again, related to cyberbullying, even posts from 2-3 years ago…
(guess she didn't fixed her hair carnage)

Any Anon familiar with US laws? In EU cyberbullying laws can't apply to "famous/celebrity" - even wannabe ones.
Therefore what would be classified as cyberbullying toward anonymous, wouldn't be considered as so toward someone who goes by "model, talent, performer, singer, actress, artist, etc".
As they would obviously be judged and commented on their appearance/performance.

No. 782568

File: 1593349935277.jpeg (206.29 KB, 743x824, A7064601-D2AB-467E-A6E0-2969C1…)

Hmm…. >>777951

No. 782570

Celebrity status doesn’t change anything except making Laur’s fake defamation lawsuit harder to win. As far as cyberstalking laws, it all depends on the state and the age of the victim. The people who sent Lillee gory images etc can be charged. Laur could be charged for both of the woman she accused of being Dees. I haven’t seen the callouts do anything illegal.

No. 782574

File: 1593354253669.png (1.82 MB, 750x1334, 8D03A4ED-598B-469C-A150-DB0CEC…)

Why does Lillee announce her IG lives weeks in advance? No other influencer does this. Is her account restricted? No money to buy 500 viewers?

No. 782575

Could they actually charge the people who sent images to Lily with something criminal? I live in the US, but I never heard of this kind of thing being illegal.

No. 782578

It depends on the state. We never saw what the emails said but even if they didn’t include direct threats, just the images could be considered criminal harassment.

No. 782585

LJ said someone send her gory picture of her as baby with blood, yet it looked like a red birth mark on the head (and not gory blood).
At this point I wonder if someone did send her gory pic or not.

No. 782588

File: 1593360140318.jpeg (193.44 KB, 750x421, E9B67DE5-CBB0-42D5-A063-89F5E0…)

Please stop holding Laur responsible for doxing and threatening randos on twitter.

No. 782591


This is the bloody baby pic Laur & LJ keep talking about, for reference: >>778478
As noted by Laur here: >>778475

No. 782592

Even if Laur and Lillee were fairly normal and didn't bully/harass/doxx random people, Lillee is an ig verified influencer and Laur is her manager. Lillee is actively trying to become famous. How is it stalking to talk about a public figure? Almost all of the content on these threads is stuff she's posted herself. She's not some random nobody girl who works at McDonald's with a private ig.

No. 782601

I think it has to do with her engagement pods, but she does have a small group of tweens that follow her that she definitely wants to show up so she can fill time with and have her ego stroked for everyone to see. Sadly, the majority of them are super young and likely bullied pretty badly, so a super popular instgram giving them the time of day is worthy of worship.

No. 782620

File: 1593380668465.jpeg (249.38 KB, 750x604, C1CAD2E7-47C7-42BC-96EC-65B91D…)

Laur doesn’t want people to move on. She wants people to be less successful than Lillee.

No. 782626


>She wants people to be less successful than Lillee.

A tall order, considering the mildew that grows on bathroom tile is more successful than Lillee.

No. 782637

File: 1593387114354.jpg (198.23 KB, 1080x1759, 20200628_182718.jpg)

I can't decide if she fried the absolute shit out of her hair, or she's trying to drum up views for her video about "fixing" it. The way she's posting, she's already used 2 treatments of Oops in very short time frame, but is doing it again?

Is she stalling until she can get it professionally fixed and claim she did it herself?

No. 782640

File: 1593389302941.jpeg (408.66 KB, 1125x1566, 0B90D23A-85D0-4708-B5D4-F27788…)

Massive fail trying to form some sort of alliance here, Laur. I applaud this polite way of telling her to fuck all the way off

No. 782647

File: 1593394672910.jpg (728.01 KB, 1080x1917, Screenshot_20200628-203723_Twi…)

Laur's desperately playing the poor pitiful victim. What is she up to in that little tiny brain?

No. 782653

It's because anyone with a brain looking at her timeline can see all the vitriol and lunacy she's spewed. She's pushing it all down with 'helpless' begging so it's the first thing that antibullying groups/persons that she keeps tagging/responding to will see.

No. 782656

She looks like a 70 year old in this photo.

No. 782657

Give it a week and she'll be back to calling the FBI.

No. 782662

Literally nobody is tagging her in any of those screenshots, so she's intentionally digging up Diane's tweets to create this "woe is me" narrative. None of the tweets in those screenshots are particularly critical/harsh either. All Laur's doing is making her look more insane and making HERSELF look like the stalker. Good job, Laur!

No. 782663

Cierra got ripped to shreds by Dees & Oomancer. You know what she did? Removed her videos showing people’s Facebook profiles & publicly apologized. Dees left her alone after that. Did Laur learn a valuable lesson? No. She tries to drag this chick back in her fight with Dees.

No. 782665

File: 1593403548041.jpeg (355.26 KB, 570x896, 98EE3604-C86A-4CF0-870F-783BC7…)

She’s so desperate to be the victim. She’s showibg proof of cyberbullyingstalking with just Diane’s tweets, yet no proof for her claims of Diane being hired by Wolf or Diane spamming their emails. Note at the time of Diane’s tweets Lillee was 18, so a legal adult.

No. 782666

File: 1593403783013.jpeg (301.4 KB, 750x660, 82DDEC83-CAFB-4EB3-9EFA-431332…)

You can’t doxx a nonexistent management company. This is public information anyways

No. 782669

File: 1593404096235.jpeg (211.71 KB, 750x466, 00A933E2-6ADD-4BFC-9303-117C9F…)

But this one might be serious, reverse goatse hacking is against the law. Can’t believe Diane stooped down to Laur’s level

No. 782671

File: 1593404477460.png (294.5 KB, 500x879, Screenshot_29.png)

You can already tell how bad it is. Any predictions for the video anons? I think she'll try and show us her knowledge on Japan and end up saying something racist against Asians again. She'll end up posted on /cgl/ and cry about another black website harrasing her

No. 782677


I looked up all of Laur's DBAs and posted the results here long before then. #WeAreDiane

No. 782686

File: 1593412948710.jpg (200.47 KB, 1242x1240, sdfghj.jpg)

She looks like a cheap porn star. Probably the worst look she's done, I feel.

No. 782690

Puts the choker on upside down.

No. 782692

I thought she was ~blonde~, why the wig?

No. 782701

Why’s the bow so tiny

You can really tell they’re scrimping on costume costs given that this definitely looks like the cheapest one they can get

No. 782707

She probably gets the cheapest set/only the top half of the costume so she can sit there in her unwashed plaid on pants.

No. 782714

Color oops only works if you follow the directions. You have to wash and rinse your hair for 20 minutes after applying it to remove all of the dye pigments or the color will reappear. Lilleejean obviously doesn't know how to properly wash her hair under normal circumstances so she fucked it up. Color oops will also make your hair smell like sulphur for weeks.

Now she has damaged orange hair that smells like rotten eggs.

No. 782720

File: 1593440894362.jpg (124.5 KB, 1546x1080, 20200629_091736.jpg)

Her hair is It orange right now, apparently with a bleached section in the back from using a differebt color remover…and she's not done messing with it herself.

She's trying to be upbeat in the video about why/what happened to her hair, but she's obviously very stressed out, she's even more manic than normal. I get that she's scared to get COVID and says she is afraid of crowds and people, but for her sake, I hope she gets someone who knows more than just what the back of a box says to fix it.

No. 782724

File: 1593441279102.jpg (515.18 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20200629-092913_You…)

This is the worst outfit/effort by far. This costume is a Party City bargain bin outfit. It would be one thing if she wanted to do the cosplay thing and actually did more than ordering a cheap AF costume off Amazon.

No. 782731

Why is Laur so afraid all of the sudden? Does she have bigger and darker to hide?
Something close to the craziest tinfoils posted here or on twitter, wouldn't surprise me from this family.
The money credit card tinfoils seems obvious now, and they can't go bankrupt whenever they planned, Laur and LJ may have received some nasty recovery mails. They can't manage the consumption loan problem much longer.
But what is there is something else?

Self medicated on SSRI antidepressant? Brain troubles getting bigger? Looks even more out of control.

No. 782732

You can see the clip in combs and the fringe is too long. She could have fixed it and made it look presentable for the video. It wouldn't have been cosplay convention quality, but it wouldn't look this ratchet. For someone who doesnt have to work or have places to go, you'd think she'd be less lazy.

No. 782734

She's burying her posts, making #bffdees come up with her begging to be left alone, and hoping someone from #cyberbullying looks at her page and sees how "desperate and scared" she is. They desperately NEED to spin all of this as Diane's fault, Laur's outbursts have done irreparable damage to lillees career and reputation. Even if she quit youtube, if someone Googles her name, all this comes up.

Or the hair thing has really upset LJ and she's actually acting like a mother and trying to protect Lillee from the callouts attacking her about it.

Probably the first, I don't trust Laur not to be a snake.

No. 782739

Kek this was my thought too. It's always just the same selfie angles, she doesn't really try to pose or look like the character. These "cosplays" are so blatantly low effort, it's obviously just an excuse for her to take more pictures of herself under the guise of cosplay.

And WHY is she always naked when doing makeup? Why wouldn't you wear a tshirt or something? No other MUA does this.

No. 782740

She’s a disgusting, sexually frustrated attention whore. Gotta appeal to al the Pradips who watch her

No. 782745

It's just bizarre how she goes topless while looking so frumpy with red skin and some kind of hair bonnet. At least take some flattering shots if you want to do lewds. Shit like >>779766 is just gross, even the Pradips have to be confused.

No. 782746

Maybe Laur stole all of Lillee's clothes so she can't go out anymore kek

No. 782752

Whoa, she really went all out on this one. I cannot tell, am I looking at a photograph of Lillee or is this a still from the cartoon? What a stunning replication.

No. 782756

File: 1593462893343.webm (2.55 MB, 1280x720, lilsm.webm)

She looks like an extra from 2 kawaii 4 comfort.

No. 782760

these kinds of anime cosplays really don't work without the huge contact lenses imo

No. 782762

Nitpick but the fact she insists she's a warm toned blonde when she's a cool toned brunette really gets on my nerves.

Saged for tism.

No. 782767

File: 1593466207789.jpg (11.86 KB, 270x187, lilleewithmo