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File: 1624231820565.jpeg (295.29 KB, 1242x1304, 1624068223641.jpeg)

No. 1261047

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

Recent Milk:
>the cursed disgusting grey tongue pic >>1252222, >>1252499
>yet again fed her fat ass with a light snack, aka charcuterie board >>1252254
>whines about her own mother once again on her social media in regards to sEx WoRk >>1252324
>went on cam (surprisingly) >>1252548, >>1252626, >>1252641
>says this is her most profitable camshow to date (in her 6 years of sw), only made $408.45 >>1252714, >>1252719
>cries about fupa for the millionth time, trying to lure him back >>1253133
>her “friend” in Seattle Skyped with her whilst looking at apartments, believes she’s 100% locked down the apartment, while in reality all that happened was her application was approved >>1253482, >>1254287, >>1254351
>yells at her audience of 3 coomers because they (Jason R. Womack) are upset that she’s “leaving” Bumfuck, OK, then dirty deletes >>1254371
>”books” her one way ticket out >>1254472
>openly shames customers on her public and main platform because she’s a dumbass >>1254569, >>1258030, >>1258376
>begs for more money on her OF, claims she needs money for rent, transport for pets, and her storage pod even though she already paid for that a month prior >>1254752
>yet again posts about her real life father on her sex work account (where she posts incest fantasy porn) >>1258031, >>1259639, >>1260301, >>1260438, >>1260900
>claims she’s editing a vid in public where people would be subjected to seeing her depraved content >>1258320, >>1258341
>cries about her flight to visit her dad being delayed, acts like it’s the biggest inconvenience to her when most likely she just missed her flight >>1258645, >>1258827, >>1259009, 1259031, >>1259332, >>1259445
>mentions that her dad doesn’t even know that she’s coming to visit >>1258653


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No. 1261048

Sorry for the shit thread name + summary kek, wanted to get this out before previous thread got locked

No. 1261050

File: 1624232197291.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 617.26 KB, 1242x1213, 052B83EC-EB99-4B46-B5C2-40598B…)

she’s so nasty
Also thanks for the new thread anon.

No. 1261053

good job thank anon

No. 1261055

File: 1624232735285.jpg (245.43 KB, 720x855, Screenshot_20210621-004447_Twi…)

she's so fucking gross for tweeting shit like this while staying at her dads

No. 1261059

Half tinfoil but I personally have no doubts now that when she’s talking about her “sugar daddies” it’s just her biological dad and Womack.

No. 1261062

Gray hair too

No. 1261071

She's so fucking gross and skeevy. Does OF have scheduled posting, or she writing this stuff while she's at her own dad's house?

No. 1261091

File: 1624238220181.jpg (363.51 KB, 1079x1247, Screenshot_20210620-201650_Twi…)

No. 1261127

Imagine sitting with your dad while reading and tweeting this shit. Absolutely sick. Also kek at her saying she’ll release the other when she gets home… bitch we all know you haven’t filmed anything else so you’ll have to film it when you get home.

No. 1261131

Sage for tinfoil but I wonder if her dad “supports” her in an attempt to get back at her mom….I know they divorced when she was a kid but do we know if it ended amicably?

No. 1261139

Tinfoil that this is fupa

No. 1261142

you really think fupa would actually buy anything from shay and not just beg for it for free? lol

No. 1261144

Fupa and shatna both have said he’s never bought a single thing of hers

No. 1261152

Why would he when he can see even more of it for free than the average scrote? Kek

No. 1261199

Maybe he’s trying to win her back?

No. 1261201

No. This is a dumb tinfoil and you should feel bad.

No. 1261315

Why would Fupa give her money or buy her videos? She's the one who is always buxxing him

No. 1261318

File: 1624284963404.jpg (236.33 KB, 1079x720, Screenshot_20210621-091548_Twi…)

No. 1261319

File: 1624285022581.jpg (202.97 KB, 1080x693, Screenshot_20210621-091521_Twi…)

40 days to make an excuse to not move Shay

No. 1261321

File: 1624285161210.jpeg (537.33 KB, 1284x1229, 01D4F644-8BD0-482F-81D2-D3B452…)

if I looked like this i’d never take a selfie

No. 1261326

Really sad she thinks this is a brag. Her father is clearly concerned for her mental health since she showed up to his house disheveled, unwashed, half naked and drunk. Way to make his Father’s Day a stressful occasion, Shayna.

No. 1261328

God that's R O U G H.
I can't think of a single good feature she has left going for her.

No. 1261330

The way she styles her hair with the super damaged ends contrasting the less damaged roots really emphasizes how unhealthy her hair is. She's telling on herself with those ugly buns

No. 1261331

File: 1624287095861.jpg (428.31 KB, 1080x1681, Screenshot_20210621-095120_Twi…)

No. 1261338

what even was the original price for her onlyfans? because i doubt anybody other than womack and maybe greyhair would be willing to spend more then $3 a month for her shit nudes

No. 1261370

I believe it was $5

No. 1261371

God she does have to make everything about her. Like she really feels good that she got to be given so much attention on a holiday that her dad was supposed to be the focus. Shes so unlikable.
Also that sounds like he thinks your a trainwreck and wants you to be getting help because you clearly are unwell and stopped "taking meds" (not that she ever had them) and going to therapy. But cool, your dad probably offered to pay for your therapy Shay, so thriving.

Maybe be honest with your dad and tell him how you actually cope with being such a stupid, gross failure: binge eating, drinking, and smoking yourself into a stupor to sell porn for a whopping 3 bucks when not free on twitter. Not ready for that harsh reality though I'm guessing

No. 1261375

This gives me Halloween horror mental ward whore vibes. All the colors are so washed out what the fuck.

No. 1261392

Did you tell your dad that you threaten to stop taking medication in order to manipulate your pedo 30-something father of 3 to come back to you after dumping your stupid, pathetic flat ass over 400 times because you get legit jealous of him spending time with his kids? Did you congratulate your dad on raising a sorry excuse for a human being such as yourself?

No. 1261398

She looks like an obese 37 year old burnout trying desperately to cling onto what’s left of her youth. Bloated and tired.

No. 1261406

That waist to hip ratio is sending me

No. 1261425

File: 1624295412815.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.56 MB, 1224x1623, 4651F593-A334-4AA9-BEEB-9B2E5F…)

The state of her feet….

No. 1261429

She has the same shape as her cell phone, wow

No. 1261438

File: 1624296958390.png (52.63 KB, 760x379, Screenshot_20210621-133537.png)

it's even funnier when you check her manyvids profile where she lists her "measurements". Explain where the 8 inch waist difference is Shatna

No. 1261443

I can't take it anymore. This is the worst she has looked so far, and I mean it.
You know, I've seen women who were fat or bigger in size and they can look great and sexy, too. Look at the countless other fat women making big bucks on OnlyFans. But Shayna has nothing more going for her. 0. There is nothing left behind her tired eyes.

Back then, she was plain looking, too, but could participate in "teen" coomer fantasies because she was petite. What does she have going for her now? No ass, barely any tits, a prematurely aged face, badly colored hair greased up on top and frizzy everywhere else, yaniv smirk, child labor $4 SheIn and Amazon kids costumes, huge honker, no lips, yellow, calloused feet, neglected pets and a dirty, stunk-up house?

Saged for sperging.

No. 1261453

File: 1624298156185.png (1.16 MB, 1284x1229, mental-asylum-barbie.png)

She really does look like a lifelong resident of the special needs ward in a mid century mental asylum. It's honestly creepy.

No. 1261458

Holy fuck she's actually grey. Shaynus has always had a sallow olive skin tone but she's never looked this unhealthy before. Put down the bottle

No. 1261460

File: 1624299175394.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.85 MB, 698x932, 71A2E8F6-BE57-4ADE-A509-D347FB…)

The gif for the archives

No. 1261463

File: 1624299368721.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.49 MB, 768x432, 07CDA8CB-3330-48B0-8165-6ABD9E…)

Shaynus always had gray skin, no?

No. 1261465

File: 1624299495555.gif (2.48 MB, 768x432, 0C471B9E-3FFC-4BDD-B081-864FC2…)

Flat booty shaynus

No. 1261473

File: 1624299911751.jpg (292.34 KB, 1079x851, Screenshot_20210621-132452_Twi…)

Your content doesn't suffer because of your workspace Shayna

No. 1261482

kek anon

No. 1261496


I am actually trying, and I can’t think of how her quality of porn could even be less at this point? 98% of her porn is just her on a floor with her legs up shot with a cell phone.

No. 1261497

yes she has

No. 1261507

Yes but only in the past yr or two has it been really bad.

that reminds me of this post >>1261039 from the last thread. Unless she's exaggerating if she is suddenly getting super drunk on very little it's a really bad sign that your liver is starting to fail. People will go from drinking 1/2 a bottle of vodka to get drunk to suddenly only needing a shot or two (equivalent to her 2 beers) when this happens. For her sake I hope she's just being her usual dramatic self otherwise her drinking issue is probably way worse than she makes it out to be (to be expected tbh)

No. 1261516

I was so scared to zoom in on carpet and see a new ecosystem but for once it doesn't look like shit
The rest of the pic tho…well
This is a bad flex. She came to visit her Dad for father's day and he has to worry his daughter is gonna spiral even further. I mean she already (allegedly went into inpatient) and she gained 50lbs since he last saw her. He's probably super concerned

No. 1261519

File: 1624303094202.jpg (237.25 KB, 1080x707, Screenshot_20210621-141720_Twi…)

Because when you post free porn, that's all they care about Shay

No. 1261521

Moms a piece of shit for offering her advice and trying to get her to think about the consequences of continuing to engage in dangerous work.

Dads a saint for letting her ramble about how depressed she is but she’s doing, like totally fine and loves her job! And encouraging her to continue to see a therapist.

They both clearly care about her and are trying to help her in their own ways, wonder if the difference is her father gives her consistent financial support while her mother doesn’t.

No. 1261527

File: 1624303283753.jpg (157.25 KB, 1080x1040, Screenshot_20210621-142106_Tum…)

They'll just think you're special needs

No. 1261529

File: 1624303332518.jpg (297.88 KB, 1080x1508, Screenshot_20210621-142154_Tum…)

Lies. You block people on cam for speaking sexual towards you

No. 1261530

>Unless she's exaggerating if she is suddenly getting super drunk on very little
that's literally what it is though lol

No. 1261532

wow, it's almost like you're nothing to these coomers other than a couple of free holes to get off to! who would've thought!

No. 1261533

the difference is she is so desperate to have "mommy issues" to seem edgy. she's stuck in a 15-year-old on tumblr's mindset.

No. 1261534

File: 1624303660670.jpeg (1.18 MB, 828x1460, 895D630A-F396-4876-8CAF-625266…)

can’t believe she thought this was okay to post. That huge nose

No. 1261536

File: 1624303797806.gif (11.46 MB, 236x275, 1623031916025.gif)

>pov: shaynus is having "eye sex" with you

No. 1261537

Girl you’re a sex worker, that’s your sex work account, the only reason you have followers to begin with is because you show free asshole.

No. 1261539

shaymack is at it again. why is she wearing what looks like a sleeping top to go hiking?

No. 1261544

in tears over this

No. 1261547

File: 1624305270695.jpeg (212.13 KB, 527x1024, 6445E58F-2A60-4669-9560-024F25…)


No. 1261549

I honestly think this is the best she’s looked without makeup in a while, now if she wasn’t wearing that disgusting tank top and instead was in some darker colour; she’d be making progress

No. 1261550

Please call an eye dr rfn.

No. 1261551

anon, she legitimately looks like a 40 year old mother of 3

No. 1261553

File: 1624305907448.jpeg (850.98 KB, 1182x1721, 55D52484-C48F-4C96-B4C9-1B7CA2…)

She is so annoying

No. 1261559

File: 1624306256284.jpeg (136.06 KB, 493x573, 2FC23081-575A-4171-8C4F-E6C8D5…)

No. 1261566

She seriously 100% looks like a different person when compared to the first thread. It’s insane she’s the same girl.

No. 1261572

File: 1624306938140.jpeg (159.98 KB, 1242x403, C9E3D49F-5708-4E59-829E-F38A0F…)

Tell me you don’t have friends without telling me you don’t have friends

No. 1261577

it is so pitiful thinking about how bothered she was that no one on twitter cared about her normal pictures lol

No. 1261581

this is supremely KEKTACULAR, nonnie

No. 1261582

Is she incapable of smiling like a normal fucking person or is she just forever frozen with the Yaniv smirk? Like, we get you're ashamed of your yellow, worn down rat teeth but your pics all look the fucking same, bro.

No. 1261584

How long is she visiting her dad for?

No. 1261585

She's worn this top like 8 times in the past week. But, hey! So nice of all her MA frens to go out hiking with her! Oh wait..

No. 1261587

You’re not a looker shaynus kek… should be pretty evident at this point

No. 1261589

Imagine going to get a drink and you glance at the girl sitting alone at the bar and then she starts staring at you making this >>1261534 face.

No. 1261591

File: 1624308654563.jpeg (157.02 KB, 1125x397, 153F1FBB-B06C-4306-BA67-7D5617…)

She’s pressed asf sorry you’ll be spending your birthday alone with no true friends

No. 1261592

File: 1624308748498.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3464x3464, F2D736C6-B2D5-4784-BDB8-E29554…)

Nah she looks the same imo. Same big nose, same rat beady eyes, shaynus is just older and more greasy than before.

No. 1261593

I remember someone asking Shayna once why she was into BDSM, and she replied it was cause she "didn't have to do anything." She is the complete embodiment of laziness. And she's only gotten worse as the years have gone on. She refuses to do anything about the absolute sorry state her physical and mental wellbeing is currently in. She lives in squalor, her pets look like shit, spends thousands on Door dash cause she can't cook a simple meal, she only wants a sugar daddy cause she wants to just lay around and eat all day without worrying about bills, etc. It's honestly morbid curiosity to follow this thread at this point because she's unwilling to improve herself so she's only going to get worse.

No. 1261594

"34 24 32"

No. 1261595

>"I'll never post pics again!"
>5 people liked this

No. 1261596


how much you wanna bet her brother or dad told her to wear the bras, because you just know she’d have no problems with her family seeing her lopsided tits. i feel like there’s a lot being unsaid on her socials right now to make this out to be a wholesome trip. but she looks depressed and unkempt as ever in all the photos so far. the eyes dont lie.

No. 1261597

> visit dad for Father’s Day
> dad is loving and caring
> have dad take picture of me
> post picture to twitter
> where I post all my father/daughter incest porn
> that I star in!

Something just really gross about this

No. 1261598

I just think it's hilarous she made these tweets about how Father's day is about "Spoiling' sugar daddies but never said what she did for Wormack.
I also love how SHE was her dad's gift, yet on his day he was worrying about her mental health.

No. 1261602

The only difference is she hates other women, including her mom. i would be so devastated if my daughter turned out to be an OF slut who fucks men for free and sells $2 panty shots. she's disgusting. And shay definitely hates women

No. 1261609

File: 1624311705748.png (141.48 KB, 1174x486, Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 17.3…)

This coomer thinks that Shayna does activities in real life and just doesn't normally post them lmao.
Sweet summer child. This is her thrice-yearly outing. She posts every. single. time. she leaves her house.

No. 1261614

It's almost like her twitter is a sex work porn account and that's why and what all her followers are there for. Maybe she should make a personal SFW social media and make some actual friends and shit.

No. 1261624

This is her SFW account though, she tried starting one but absolutely no one cared, then she was suspended on her main account and had to move her work onto this one because she can’t make accounts of Twitter herself for some reason

No. 1261626

usually i don’t feel bad for shaynus but this is a new level of sad wow. we’ve seen her cam, she’s either uncomfortable or pissed off the entire time, but she literally has nothing better to do than e-beg with her coomers on what’s supposed to be a day with actual friends or family that she’s been hyping up for months.

No. 1261629

I really feel for her mom, I can't imagine how the worry of your child living a life like this would impact you. It probably keeps her up at night, the poor woman.

No. 1261632

Why does this sound like her dad was out with her stepmom and stepsister and he texted her asking how she was.

No. 1261645

>SHE was the gift

Wait, did she actually not buy her dad anything for fathers day? Not even a card or anything?

Guess she was too busy buying dragon dildos and ordering door dash to remember her own dad.

No. 1261647

File: 1624315979054.jpg (246.37 KB, 1079x771, Screenshot_20210621-175238_Twi…)

No. 1261648

File: 1624316015388.jpg (279.09 KB, 1080x889, Screenshot_20210621-175251_Twi…)

Gonna laugh my ass off when she doesn't move

No. 1261651

why exactly do you need multiple tvs, fatass?

No. 1261652

Her mother does support her though if I remember correctly she sent her $1k for moving?

No. 1261653

why does she need 2 tvs wtf???? i have 1 and even 1 is too much these days with most streaming services being online…

No. 1261656

What a consumerist retard. Wasting money on useless shit because SALE when she’s supposed to be moving to Seattle which is way higher cost of living than she’s used to. The tv would be like that gaming PC she spent a few thousand on and never used for streams ever.

No. 1261657

She never said how much the check was if I remember right

No. 1261661

File: 1624316651963.jpg (609.75 KB, 1080x1713, Screenshot_20210621-180129_Twi…)

That's your life now Shay

No. 1261662

Still support from someone she hates so much and puts on blast on twitter for trying to help her/care for her to her echo chamber of coomers and trannies. Kek

No. 1261664

Yeah but her biological daddy probably gives her more and he’s nicer about his concern for her wellbeing.

No. 1261667


not vouching for shaynus, but nonnie, you arent seriously thinking most people only watch streaming services on a computer do you? kek…. its called a smart tv…

No. 1261670


Uh oh, did daddy ask about your long term goals? She is so insecure about her “job” for someone who claims to be a thriving boss bitch.

No. 1261675

her saying she’s already planning her trip back for the holidays really makes me believe she’s definitely not going to be moving anywhere

No. 1261677

File: 1624318132992.jpeg (42.45 KB, 750x280, 6794011A-343F-4BEC-8173-ADD957…)

What was even the point of spending money to visit her family if she was planning to just get drunk and ignore them?

No. 1261678

I think everyone in her family has a job or schooling and she has no one to bug about her OF. Speaking of which, I’m surprised shatna isn’t shitting herself over OF moving away from porn content.

No. 1261679

Wait really? What does that mean exactly? Haven’t heard about that…

No. 1261681

File: 1624318732115.jpeg (226.69 KB, 828x551, D4D0AC63-D03E-47B6-B963-2E26F3…)

No. 1261684

Topkek they have a right to do that it’s their companies these obtuse ewhores are so entitled

No. 1261685

This doesn’t mean they’re banning porn like there’s no need at all to act like a victim about it. You know they’re just still mad to see famous women get paid millions of dollars to post cleavage.

No. 1261689

Uh the platform was MADE for celebrities/famous people to post their shit for fans. Not for people like Shayna to sell $3 porn.
I never see people whining about rich people joining youtube but they all do this with onlyfans.

No. 1261700

File: 1624320395531.jpg (119 KB, 1080x870, Screenshot_20210621-190617_Tum…)

Please stfu

No. 1261701

File: 1624320436551.jpg (152.76 KB, 1080x889, Screenshot_20210621-190701_Tum…)

No. 1261702

Where does Shay's mom live? Sorry for asking to be spoonfed, but there are so many threads now and I can't remember when it was last mentioned.

No. 1261707

It's so weird that when she's actually around people, her fucking family at that, she's begging for people to talk too. She keeps saying it's her last day and she'd rather talk to fucking coomers then interact with her family. I guess she doesn't have much to talk about so it makes sense.

No. 1261715

She acts different on tumblr it's weird. And seriously you're trying to get random incels to sext you while you're spending time with your family you havent seen in over a year that you say you're gonna miss. She's so wack.

No. 1261716

File: 1624322653484.jpeg (673.72 KB, 1242x1544, 0EF0CF23-A6A3-458D-BDE8-1962BC…)

Do you know how much chapstick and foot pumices this can buy? Wtf

No. 1261717

I wonder which follower "Daddy Loc" is

No. 1261718

No. 1261719

File: 1624322990824.jpeg (361.42 KB, 1242x840, E92189DB-101B-4221-B661-C065ED…)

It’s this incel loser

No. 1261721


No. 1261722

Shayna has spent $742.57 on shit she does NOT need, she begs for hundreds of dollars for the dumbest shit, yet she's trying to move.
If a coomer can give you $500 for a tv. why aren't you asking him to drop that into your moving fund.
Almost as if she's not going to actually move at all.

No. 1261728

shay just buy a couple foot masks and they will look clean for once in a few weeks

No. 1261729

im crying anon kek

No. 1261753

it really depresses me that she is going to waste this on a second television instead of a set of dumbbells and a yoga mat

No. 1261756

File: 1624326617648.jpg (539.8 KB, 1080x1785, Screenshot_20210621-205008_Twi…)

No. 1261759

What IS she gonna do once she ages out of online sex work? The lack of self-awareness posting this when sleeping behind a dumpster could be her reality. I hope I'm not still following her when she's 40, but I cannot wait to see what becomes of her. She is not aging gracefully enough to be an older sex worker. She has no education or skills, has a stank attitude that will bar her from entry level jobs, and is saving nothing. Maybe Fupa can hook her up with a job at AT&T if she's lucky or her dad will let her mooch as a NEET. Her dad is probably wealthier than her mom so she's kissing up to him to ensure she has a safety net for later

No. 1261765

I fully suspect she'll become an alcoholic lot lizard living motel to motel.

No. 1261771

Shayna thinks she'll end up being famous and rich from sex work, so when she does decide to quit, she'll do what she's doing now, except with money and fame.
Drink, eat, smoke, post dumb shit on twitter but actually get attention, post selfies but actually get attention for "Smiling". Or she thinks Fupa or some other weirdo will make her a housewife and take care of her.
I think she plans on doing this until those things happen.

No. 1261812

File: 1624334438334.png (432.93 KB, 462x556, vom.png)

>what if I wanna eat them

No. 1261821

This is amazing

No. 1261831

This HAS to be just unedited from when she was much thinner. She cannot be this delusional to think that's what her measurements are. As a former fatty, I'd say her waist is around 29-31". Fucking hell, even just looking at how there's maybe an inch difference between her waist and hips is a big enough indicator that that's absolute bullshit, yet her coomers lap it up because she's a girl showing them her tits and their brains are too malnourished from porn addiction to function.

No. 1261834

It’s a tinfoil but why do I have a gut feeling that in order to get this, she made “content” in her dad’s house? No one is giving her $550 without anything in exchange especially when her Twitter is free and OF is rock bottom pricing.

No. 1261836

File: 1624338284729.jpg (14.34 KB, 365x273, Wallace_and_gromit.jpg)

Oh man. I used to think she was just average, but she is very unattractive. I'm surprised she's able to barely survive with a face as tragic as hers. She reminds me of this fella.

No. 1261841

it’s definitely old, everything on her camming profile hadn’t been touched for at least 2-3 years up until a week ago, she was still skinny in her pfp but now it’s just her huge saggy ass and lunchmeat.

No. 1261842

She spent the last night with her father, that she hasn’t seen in over a year, drunk and glued to her phone answering dirty coomer asks that she begged to be sent to her while he presumably sat next to her. The best thing he could ever do for her is commit her first thing in the morning.

No. 1261857

File: 1624342713407.gif (4.68 MB, 540x540, 8BB064BD-2E92-4D43-903F-6970C3…)

Shaynus want a cheemsburger

No. 1261873

File: 1624344682563.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 962.34 KB, 3464x3464, 88CC2334-800F-4E87-B980-219915…)

Is that a birthmark/mole near Shayna’s asshole, or what?… did she really just shit on her dildo

No. 1261879

File: 1624345586035.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 833.26 KB, 2286x3458, DA94AC25-B2CA-4A62-B131-72A828…)

Shaynas feet look like they smell sour. The corn heels, and the peeling skin on the toes… she couldn’t even wash her feet before filming(unsaged nitpicking)

No. 1261881

File: 1624345817554.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 305.22 KB, 1242x1355, ED80098A-BC01-4289-845B-27A500…)

I put the detail brush setting over her ass, that’s literal poo(nitpick)

No. 1261883

File: 1624346074872.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 80.49 KB, 687x677, B6EC53DD-8C28-43D5-97E7-960484…)

No. 1261887

spoil the feet goddamnit i dont wanna see piglets this early in the morning

No. 1261895

That's shit and it also looks like she has toilet paper crumbs or lint around her asshole/vagina.

No. 1261946

This bitch is so disgusting. No wonder she doesn't have friends or a dude to lock down. The yellow, calloused, peeling feet mixed with irritated assne and literal shit smeared on her greasy ass with that ugly ass mug of hers looking back at you is triggering my gag reflex. I wanna rage quit these threads sometimes.

No. 1261955

I think this is the single most disgusting thing I have ever seen on lolcow

No. 1261961

please don’t bring up wallace, a respectable and wholesome man in this cursed thread

No. 1261965

One of the most rancid photos I’ve seen in a shay thread, what the actual fuck

No. 1261969

Annnd that's what constantly snacking before anal and then getting drunk before editing a video gets you.

No. 1261977

Nah she’s coping as best as she knows how. Aa meetings are everywhere shaynus.

No. 1261980

Anon you’ve captured the feeling perfectly

No. 1261983

Wallace is a respectable and hardworking man don’t you dare

No. 1261987

There's no way that's not actual feces.

No. 1261992

File: 1624364951294.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 728.37 KB, 3464x3464, DC925BFA-42C5-435D-A025-A06C7F…)

Yeah I’m a dumbass this was after and before the anal ‘scene’. I didn’t want to say it was shit right away because I wasn’t sure, oof

No. 1261993

File: 1624365512810.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.13 MB, 3464x3464, 192913C2-175D-4C87-B218-00C86F…)

It’s taking forever to download the video on Dropbox forgive me anons but this was horrifying

No. 1261995


Kek this is my new favorite gif on the internet. Good work, anon.

No. 1261996

that’s definitely shit and what the fuck are all those white pustules around her pussy? shayna’s body is like a petri dish of bacteria and diseases

No. 1262001

ghastly photos upon seeing the gag face, straight up miasmic after realizing that's still the scat dildo

No. 1262013

File: 1624369167595.jpg (25.31 KB, 250x382, IMG_20180914_173935.jpg)


The top right picture is giving me some serious Junji Ito vibes.

No. 1262017

File: 1624369601848.jpg (726.51 KB, 1080x1381, Screenshot_20210622-084631_Twi…)

No. 1262019

File: 1624369632818.jpg (231.43 KB, 1080x920, Screenshot_20210622-084711_Twi…)

No. 1262022

Did this grown ass bitch really bring a teddy bear to see her dad? The pedopandering is disgusting

No. 1262035

She does it everytime she flies

No. 1262041

Special Ed vibes

No. 1262045

I'm pretty desensitized and used to Shay being gross, but honestly seeing that one this morning… that was straight up foul. The shit, her whole area looks like a sloppy disgusting mess and then to top it off shes got bloody boils. Fucking actual horror level. I'm getting a litte sick thinking about it fr and like I said, I'm not squeamish at all.
Oh and dont forget she had to show off how gross and filthy her feet are in that vid too. What the actual fuck. Guys should be making fun of her and calling her a disgusting pig, not actually liking that vid.

No. 1262047

waiting for that old guy to reply with that monsters inc gif to this tweet

No. 1262054

File: 1624373795978.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3464x3464, B5ECF4BB-CF33-4327-B45A-7B8B76…)

He literally only has two replies: a sad emoji or the same stupid gifs

No. 1262060

File: 1624374455872.jpeg (137.53 KB, 676x1313, 37DC06AD-3CF2-4EA2-8543-6F2516…)

The airport security probably think she’s an actual retard

No. 1262061

File: 1624374508453.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 840.08 KB, 1242x1257, F2E76E1B-5F58-4CF1-B566-0B7A4E…)

And she had the audacity to call her corn feet “soft soles”

No. 1262062

When this is the best shes looked all week because the filter, the mask covering half her face, and shes wearing a sweater to cover up a bit. Kek

No. 1262063

That's a really unfortunate place for her forearm.

No. 1262064

jesus christ anon

No. 1262065

The way she feels the need to stick out like a sore thumb in public by showing off her special ed, too-small clothing choices is just another manifestation of her raging bpd. Strong 'main character of reality' vibes.
Only the image she has in her mind of what she looks like schlepping about the airport is clearly something that she's mentally filtered to the point it's unrecognizable. You know, since in reality she looks like THAT lol.

No. 1262074

I think she might be lying to not seem an actual alcoholic.

No. 1262077

This. Other of girls at least make different sets and have themed shoots etc. Shaynus can’t even be bothered to shower. She is the embodiment of lazy.

No. 1262081

She doesn’t want friends, she hates women and wants to be only picked by or dicked by every male.

No. 1262084

File: 1624377582218.jpg (399.65 KB, 1080x1394, Screenshot_20210622-105910_Twi…)

No. 1262086

File: 1624377645760.jpg (365.31 KB, 1079x1692, Screenshot_20210622-110039_Twi…)

No. 1262090

File: 1624378069759.jpeg (340.22 KB, 1242x1314, BFBA55D8-32EE-409C-8C89-C9B8D0…)

I just know these AirPods are going to get ear wax all over them because the bitch doesn’t clean her ears let alone shower

No. 1262095

File: 1624378327813.jpg (139.4 KB, 1080x698, Screenshot_20210622-111158_Twi…)

Those poor other people

No. 1262096

I feel the same way and I lurk the Luna threads. It almost makes me irrationally angry at just how okay she is with being this disgusting. Shayna, learn to fucking wash yourself, you lazy fuck.

No. 1262100

I haven’t felt a strong need to vomit because of this site since the Nikocado Avacado thread

No. 1262101

airpods are literally trash. you could have spent $100 on a way better pair of good quality headphones but you just want the brand name. pretty pathetic.

No. 1262102

Goddamn those poor people that have to sit next to an actual retard with a teddy bear having to smell her weeks old musk and mildew while she scrolls lolcow and and actively posting her pimple ridden ass on Twitter begging for attention. They'll probably have grease and dandruff on them once they exit that plane.

No. 1262114

didn’t someone send her a $200 tip so she could buy airpods at the airport before she left to nh? this bitch really can’t live a single day without spending money on the post pointless shit she doesn’t need.

No. 1262115

File: 1624380500370.jpeg (30 KB, 480x360, FA3EB1E0-0EF3-47B2-89BC-1097BF…)

The Man in the Middle vibes

No. 1262116

this retard definitely only wants them for the brand name, which is pretty stupid considering she doesn’t even have an iphone anymore

No. 1262128

I know we joke that she's looking rough but DAMN is she literally looking rough. She looks like a chainsmoking mom in the trailer park that has five kids. All that alcohol and lack of hydration has just killed her skin.

I don't doubt it. She showed up for Thanksgiving bralass in a see-through top one year, then she took the plane to her Dad's without a bra and keeps talking about how she forgets she can't just walk around naked at her Dad's house in front of him and her brother. She's nasty.

She's probably joking but it's true. No way she can secure an actual job after this when her name is attached to all her nudes.

No. 1262136

Are those white bits clinging around her asshole bits of toilet paper?

No. 1262191

kek not even pros

No. 1262197

I bet she is trying to actually fuck her dad or brother and wants them to find her hot or some deranged shit. Taking all her incest ”porn” into consideration.

No. 1262206

File: 1624391809405.jpg (322.44 KB, 1079x1035, Screenshot_20210622-145630_Twi…)

No. 1262223

i thought it looks like she has worms kek

No. 1262225

File: 1624393464427.jpg (Spoiler Image, 431.04 KB, 1080x1150, Screenshot_20210622-152415_Twi…)

No. 1262226

File: 1624393495281.jpg (335.92 KB, 1080x1026, Screenshot_20210622-152449_Twi…)

No. 1262229

from trying to sell them on her way there to begging to have them retweeted for free on the way back

No. 1262235

File: 1624394751374.jpg (234.76 KB, 1080x942, Screenshot_20210622-154522_Twi…)

Sure Shay

No. 1262237

I actually like the bow bag. It's actually really cute. I don't think Shayna has another piece of clothing or an accessory I like.(no1curr)

No. 1262238

File: 1624394906639.jpg (519.02 KB, 1080x1851, Screenshot_20210622-154543_Twi…)

No. 1262241

She looks like a drunk/high prostitute that forgot to get dressed before she left the house. That's pyjamas isn't it?

No. 1262253

2010 TJ Maxx clearance section Betsey Johnson bag, Shaynus is living the high life.

No. 1262259

You didn’t have to come at her like that nonnie, kek. It’s one of shaynas only decent accessory but it’s probably filthy and disgusting.

No. 1262272

Of course Shay's dog is one of those that pisses itself when it's excited/anxious. Combine that with Shayna's orifices constantly leaking as well and she's definitely not getting that deposit back. Can't wait for her to bitch about it and beg people to give her money for it.

No. 1262283

Her tits look like each belongs to a different person omg lol

That's So Shayna!

No. 1262287

Looking at the state of those sheets she clearly gets her cleanliness from her dad. Absolutely disgusting people.

No. 1262300

I usually don’t post but girl…… those feet…. those ass pimples… at least use photoshop wtf

No. 1262319

File: 1624401554270.jpg (199.95 KB, 1079x848, Screenshot_20210622-173858_Twi…)

No it won't

No. 1262321

late but how are almost all the replies about how bad she looks and not the fact that her dad is now her photographer for her degenerate sex work twitter?? so gross >>1261597

from trying to charge $10 for airplane shitter nudes >>>/snow/1259308 to posting them for free and begging for retweets kek

No. 1262322

Lol god shut up. And what do you mean "probably"? You gonna visit Fupa on his birthday and shit?

No. 1262329

why doesnt she move to ATL, its cheaper than seattle and seems like right up her ally

No. 1262331

no legal weed

No. 1262339

On snapchat she said that this will be her last time ever flying into Oklahoma hopefully and then said "I don't know why I would ever have to come back here." My screen recording app keeps crashing so take a look for yourself

No. 1262340

Anon, my sides. Please.

No. 1262343

Atlanta is too expensive for her unless she lives in a shitty area and you know she won't want to settle for anything in her budget.

No. 1262345

it's going to be nuts when Fupa just moves on to some other woman or whatever, while Shayna is still sitting around worrying about him.

No. 1262350

File: 1624404476958.jpg (191.83 KB, 1080x795, Screenshot_20210622-182752_Twi…)

No. 1262351

File: 1624404491994.png (37.83 KB, 598x176, Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 4.27…)

Odd. She deleted the tweet announcing she picked up noodle and replaced it with picrel

No. 1262352

Didn't that happen at her last apartment? She had to pay for deep cleaning the carpet or something?

No. 1262355

File: 1624404641497.png (417.34 KB, 587x595, Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 4.28…)

you're not funny

No. 1262359

Yeah that seems suspicious. Tinfoiling pretty badly hard but maybe they didn’t give her back bc shay was too drunk or something?

No. 1262370

maybe she wants to milk it for cash later (uber money, etc)

No. 1262371

File: 1624406614129.jpg (192 KB, 1080x844, Screenshot_20210622-190319_Twi…)

No. 1262374

This is just pathetic. Why would you broadcast to the world how much of a nonfunctional burnout you are? And at age 24 no less. How very…abject.

No. 1262378

File: 1624407485752.jpg (553.89 KB, 1079x2173, Screenshot_20210622-191753_Tum…)

Take your own advice Shay

No. 1262380

She's fully delusional if she doesn't recognize that 99.9% of her audience is solely due to the fact that's she's a woman of childbearing age.
Men will coom over literally ANYTHING with a vagina. Actually, she's a perfect example to illustrate that timeless truth kek

No. 1262383

File: 1624408625781.jpg (418.62 KB, 1080x1289, Screenshot_20210622-193633_Twi…)

Shay, you don't even like kink and bdsm. You only pretend you do to look trendy

No. 1262384

>"Sex work isn't something you can half ass"
>Gets on camera with shit, toliet paper crumbs and boils covering her genitals
And she only gets on camera a few times a week and constantly screams about how she's not making as much or getting as much attention as she thinks she deserves. It's been YEARS.

No. 1262392

She has to keep up appearances on Tumblr that she's still as popular as she was in 2016. If anyone bothered to look at her Twitter and the pathetic engagement she gets the illusion would crumble

No. 1262445

I can't tell if she fully lacks self awareness and is completely delusional or she knows and just bullshits to the max anyway. Either way it's astounding. Just because it's all she can (barely that) do in life so she has to make it her life, doesn't mean she gives it all her effort and time.

God her and the iNtErNeT pErSoNaLiTy thing. Like sweaty, you aren't. Your personality is so flat and boring and overall nasty physically and in attitude. No one on the street or internet outside of a fraction of the very low tier porn part of tumblr or twitter would or do know you.

Bitch can't even get her thread to pt. Even as a lolcow she's really kinda a nobody anyway. She's not an iconic, well known one.

No. 1262466

Yeah lol, shaynus had her 15, or more like 5 minutes of fame during her stoner tumblr days. She’s delusional beyond belief to think that she is hot shit or something.

No. 1262472

File: 1624421720580.jpeg (790.04 KB, 1242x2138, 6D47BEEB-C2EC-4493-B9AC-D630DC…)

Sage for Fupa but the bait they both throw each other publicly is hilarious. Fupa already on the prowl for a new fleshlight but getting ghosted because he’s repulsive.

No. 1262479

Translation - "When women rightfully reject me, I make them explain in detail why they don't want me. Then, instead of accepting those explanations, I argue and make rebuttals. Once my target inevitably stops responding, I choose to portray that as them being poor communicators."

I speak cluster B scrote pretty fluently.

No. 1262484

How old is this guy again? I can't believe Kyle Perkins has 2 kids and still acts like a teenager.

No. 1262488

I would not be shocked if Fupa were to come of out the closet one day

No. 1262492

The way this fat belly wrinkle forehead asshole talks really turns my stomach. There's just something so cringe and "ew", about a dude with multiple kids and a fetish for women to act like fucking childern, constantly acting like a 15-year-old girl who discovered Rupaul and tumblr.

No. 1262495

I feel like he'd fit right in as an autogyneophile troonsbian. He's already got the dd/lg fetish and the fetish for degrading women.

No. 1262506

File: 1624426987164.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1242x2166, 03F80F82-A1F2-4307-A65F-38F970…)

Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 1262507


and the tiny hands

No. 1262529

He has 3 kids actually and one of them is a daughter (ew). I think he’s in his late 30s at least

No. 1262607

Voter records etc are public and apparently, he's 35 (September 1985). Christ.

No. 1262615


I 100% believe Fupa will date a troon within a year. It's beeb building to this. Mark your calendars, ladies!

No. 1262620

> no scat!!!
So you’re out here doing it for free instead, got it. We love to see it, Shatna.

No. 1262643

That's fucking disgusting. I hope Kyle Nathan Perkins is abandoned by his daughter when she's finally old enough to estrange herself from him.

It's absolutely stomach-turning to think of your biological father having a private 'daddy' fetish. To publicly showcase it is so fucking degenerate and destructive to any sort of potential father-daughter relationship.
He should never be allowed around children in the first place, since he's one step away from trying to fuck them. Imagine how messed up in the head his kids are! Solely from having to grow up with an incestuous pedo as their closest thing to a male role model.

If he enjoys being a 'daddy', he should soak it up now. Once they turn 18, neither of his two kinds of 'daughters' are going to be fucking with him.

No. 1262666

File: 1624460568490.jpg (Spoiler Image, 549.56 KB, 1079x1246, Screenshot_20210623-100229_Twi…)

Back to this shit

No. 1262668

Incest and pedophile vibes

No. 1262689

… why is LARPing as a sassy black girl with the way he types. This man is embarrassing

No. 1262692

I think it’s unlikely that his kids are currrntly aware of Fupa’s disgusting escapades and I’m sure his ex wife has done her best to protect them from it, but judging by the photos on his FB a couple of his kids are getting close to teenager age so naturally they will probably be more aware soon. I feel so sorry for them.

No. 1262693

If she would just crop her whole face out, instead of leaving her dead fish gaped mouth with dry white lips, it would have been a decent photo I guess. I firmly believe her content would improve if she worked on posing and editing and cropped her face from it. But she won't do anything good for herself and it's too late anyway.

No. 1262713

Atlanta is super fucking dangerous, Shayna would get shot at the Murder Kroger and never be heard from again

No. 1262716

Did she take her masturbation teddy on public transport to stay with her dad? First teddy here >>1262017.

No. 1262718

Okay but imagine them doing what kids do and googling themselves/ their family members? It would be traumatic. It sucks more because Kyle Nathan Perkins from Tulsa, Oklahoma might not give a shit about his relationship with his kids, but they're the ones who will have to suffer from his fucked up choices.

Also, he does give off heavy sad e-boy vibes, which is a modern mid life crisis for sure, but to pile on top of that… it's not just the aesthetic that's cringy, it's his willingness to exist in a space entirely not meant for his age group so boldly. It's predatory. He's a weirdo all around.

No. 1262719

His children would probably end up in these threads considering that lolcow is the fourth result for a search of "Kyle Nathan Perkins from Tulsa, Oklahoma"

No. 1262724

She has started to strategically place her arms/hands to hide her fat crease. As if that’s gonna fool anyone kek

No. 1262758

Tulsa has a high murder / crime rate- and according to google is more dangerous than Atlanta.

No. 1262761

she never goes out anyway lmao

No. 1262776

google lied to you

No. 1262794

File: 1624477552793.jpeg (484.41 KB, 1242x1458, D52ECA6E-4E00-401D-A594-DCE3D8…)

Seriously shatna

No. 1262800

wtf. she literally just bought a second tv and airpods, both of which she'll probably never use.

No. 1262832

When going to the mall is spoiling yourself, damn this is bleak. Also what happened to that birthday trip someplace I don't remember now besides visiting her dad?

No. 1262837


Gurl you’re moving. Get some of your “sugar daddies” to send you vouchers for new home stuff, shit to spend when you move and order yourself an extravagant cake and bubbly to take photos of. She makes no sense; everything she buys now she has to move and could get damaged/lost… inc this fucking tv

No. 1262844

I doubt its as common for kids to type 'family members name from whereever' into google as you think anon

No. 1262852

Will she even take the tvs with her or throw them in the trash with her stuffed animals?

No. 1262867

honestly i cant wait to see her smash her tvs to pieces when they get messed up in the POD

No. 1262875

File: 1624484263520.jpg (Spoiler Image, 450.83 KB, 1080x1179, Screenshot_20210623-163726_Twi…)

So is she finally retiring that other white skirt?

No. 1262876

File: 1624484299443.jpg (Spoiler Image, 535.07 KB, 1080x1192, Screenshot_20210623-163714_Twi…)

No. 1262882

whats that line between her boobs? Anyway it's a decent outfit for shayna standards. I guess she's found a new pose that both hides her stomach and makes her tits look even.

No. 1262885

Sage because completely random and off topic, but do any other anons remember at the start of the Fupa Saga when we first figured out Kyle's full name and anons were dedicated to have the thread be the first result that pops up when you search his name, so anons would refer you him as "Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma" over and over until it finally was one of the first results on Google? That was one of the funniest things I remember from the Shay threads. Please tell me somebody else remembers.

No. 1262890

Oh yes, we remember. Second only to the first time she confirmed they were still seeing each other in a twitter meltdown after they had “broken up.”

Damn, if she keeps sucking in like that maybe she’ll eventually get abs. Anyway. Not as atrocious as some of her other stuff but still tacky as hell.

No. 1262904

File: 1624485939439.jpg (270.36 KB, 1079x1078, Screenshot_20210623-170537_Twi…)

No. 1262905

File: 1624486095234.jpg (463.92 KB, 1080x1109, Screenshot_20210623-170718_Tum…)

Looking like a long neck on tumblr

No. 1262908

File: 1624486308408.jpeg (753.16 KB, 1180x1561, E9278106-0EC0-406B-9332-1DE3D1…)

Only half?!? So she spent $400 on tacky clothing. I cannot stand this obese moron

No. 1262909

Thank god she seems to have learned to pose better. My eyes have been assaulted enough

No. 1262912

Her body proportions are so unfortunate…
The long neck covered in moles and rolls disgusts me. There’s probably old chip crumbs in her neck creases.
The lopsided boobs, the two different nipple sizes, the chapped yaniv smirk, the corn feet, the sweaty pits that discolor every piece of white clothing Shay has ever had, the life-jacket pouch of fat in her belly, and the flat hank hill booty covered in acne and toilet paper crumbs,

No. 1262914

I know this isn't the first time we've seen her do it, but it makes me feel ill that she just tries on clothing in the store without a bra, and likely without any underwear either. Rubbing your pork sweat and ass boils up against some fast fashion polyester garbage is totally "treating yourself", shay.

No. 1262929

more like $500

also, what store is she even at? forever 21? imagine spending $500 on forever 21 when you are suppose to be fucking moving to seattle in a month

No. 1262931

Ntayrt but i think you're v wrong about that, kids will always look themselves up and their immediate family is an extension of themselves

No. 1262942

can confirm—we'd do that it the time in grade school because it was one of the few activities that wasn't entirely blocked by school firewalls. I bet they'll manage to find Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma with ease, even if they only type Kyle Perkins.

No. 1262949

Yeah i just thought so too. Highly unhygienic, and since it shatna, she will most likely not wash the clothes she got before actually wearing them. Nasty af.

No. 1262952

File: 1624491283675.jpeg (297.04 KB, 1242x663, 8EC269BD-FC65-41A8-A81B-4DAC23…)

I’m cackling

No. 1262953

lmao jfc if it really is him i'm done

No. 1262954

omfg I can't wait for this

No. 1262957

Either him or Greyhair lol

No. 1262960

Oh shit, this is going to be good

No. 1262961

Please let this be real and not Fupa bait.

No. 1262963

Grayhair doesn’t live in Oklahoma unless he’s flying out to see her which I doubt. It has to be Jason R Womack

No. 1262964

I feel like she's saying the dude is going to pay for her dinner, if she's really going to go out with Wormack she's retarded. She's only doing this because Fupa was talking about talking to other girls earlier.

No. 1262967


No. 1262968

Is she really going to meet up with him?? Early milkmas if true. Something tells me she's lying for fupa points though.

No. 1262969

I thought that too but she said “take me out” not “pay for my dinner”. I don’t think anyone is taking her to dinner tho. I’m pretty sure it’s just a lie to not seem pathetic. Saying that, I hope I’m wrong kek

No. 1262970

Real bougie bitch hour
Quick who's buying Panda Express?

No. 1262971

this, I feel like it's fupa bait and dumb ass fupa bait at that. Seriously, "You are talking to other girls, well i'm going to have some stranger from online take me out to dinner on my birthday, ha ha!"
If she's serious this is low for Shayna. She's not doing it for money, she's not going to get taken out shoppin, she's doing this because she has ZERO plans and to make fupa jealous.
Thats just sad.

No. 1262983

hilarious that she said "letting one of my sugar daddies take me out" instead of "one of my sugar daddies is taking me out". as if she's deigning to spend time with a degenerate. you're in the same league as him, Shaynus, he's doing you a favour. not the other way around.

No. 1262986

agreed. especially if fupa still reads these threads– womack isnt someone to be jEaLoUs about. but i truly dont think anyone is taking her out. most likely sending money for her pitiful, lonely birthday.

No. 1262988

Funny thing is she's not even saying he's paying to take her out AND the dinner, if this is even true, her "Sugar Daddy" is just going to pay for her meal.

No. 1262991

It's probably fupa even though he isn't really a sugar daddy

No. 1262999

Most likely just Fupa bait. Second most likely is that it is actually Fupa and he might split the bill with her kek. Least likely but most hoped for is that Womack is finally getting his chance!

No. 1263000

it’s definitely womack, i can’t decide what’s funnier, these two trailer parks freaks dining in an extremely high class restaurant so he can LARP as a real sugar daddy or shayna risking her life for in-and-out.

No. 1263004

She used to call him one of her daddies and sometimes sugar daddy just so she looked like she had one and to throw people off the Fupa trail. But it's been made pretty obvious that she's the one that pays for their little outings and buys him gifts which is so pathetic for everyone. Like Shay is spending other scrotes money she had to e whore for to take Fupa out so he can pump n dump her weekly. Kek.

No. 1263018

Shay never called him sugar daddy and was adamant he wasn't a customer. I bet it's the one she just started following who's been buying her all the stuff this week. Maybe it's grey hair I think he says he lives in Missouri

No. 1263024

I thought she did on occasion. Like the rare times he'd buy her something. Or maybe she would be talking about another "daddy" while she was with him to make him jealous. Who knows with her.

Shes not letting that rando take her out. Does he even live in OK? And that old dude wouldnt fly states over to take her to dinner. Dude has a porn addiction, but also hus own weird life and shes not the only sad whore hes into.
It's Womack, Fupa, or no one. Any of those are sad but at least Womack would be funny too. We'll know this weekend I guess.

No. 1263029

it's honestly kind of sad how little Fupa has done for shayna, Has he ever brought her jewerly? Anything special? At this point it feels like Wormack has done more for Shayna.

No. 1263030

Missouri is literally an hour from where she lives in Tulsa. Womack lives like 2 hours away from her. It could be either. It's not fupa though. She would have made some boohoo post about how she was going to have the last birthday dinner with him or something. He's probably been blowing her off and she's trying to get his attention as if he's paying any at all to her Twitter

No. 1263034

Nobody is taking her nasty ass out besides Fupa. She’s either getting her money cashapped to her so she can go out alone or she’s with you-know-who. there’s just absolutely no way.

UNLESS she is really out with womack just because she’s moving out of state in which case I’d fucking scream.

No. 1263038


Kek I hope this was intentional. Real talk I hope it's grayhair and not Womack. I would fear for her safety if she met him. Seems like the type to dump her body in a river if she refused to go home with him

No. 1263051

I actually think the opposite, I honestly doubt womack can operate a vehicle long enough to get to shay let alone devise a murder scheme. That seems more gray hair NOT OLD

No. 1263052

Did she delete this lol? I think it’s either fake or it’s womack taking her for a FaNcY date at cheesecake factory

No. 1263056

It’s still there but she’s been RTing pics of her nasty raw chicken breast looking snatch for three hours. She definitely doordashed.

No. 1263060

File: 1624503750777.jpg (778.54 KB, 1080x1840, Screenshot_20210623-220208_Twi…)

No. 1263073

She didn’t specify the day but I don’t think she meant tonight.

No. 1263108

This is such a weird number for someone to send. Does anyone with a cashapp know how easy it would be for Shay to fake this by using her own balance and sending it to herself?

No. 1263119

she’d have to make a new account to send the money to herself.

No. 1263127

Why the FUCK didn’t she take the opportunity for lipgloss. I hate her.

No. 1263139

She was putting a potential customer on blast a few weeks back for simply asking if she's a little, and since this whole trip to her dad's was organised she's upped the DDLG act a lot. It's super weird.

No. 1263145

And she’s back on tumblr. She’s trying to pull in a new customer base by using the ddlg shtick that worked six-seven years ago. Problem is it’s not 2015 anymore.

No. 1263154

she looks like a fucking sex trafficking victim

No. 1263156

Shayna’s whole shtick is confusing as fuck. Which character is Shayna today? Is she a “laid back stoner girl” who burps and laughs while talking about spongebob? Is she a sexual anal loving bimbo? Is she a uwu anime gaming girl ?? Is she a little smol baby who can’t take care of herself and need attention ~uwu~?? Or is she a demanding bossy findom bitch who wants your money and doesn’t want to have sexual relations with you?

No. 1263157

Remember the first time they met and Shayna stayed in Fupa’s hotel room all day long whilst he was at work? He didn’t take her shopping or pay for her to go to a spa or even take her out for meal.

No. 1263158

You just know it's Fupa as a last hoo-rah birthday outing and to get "closure " before she leaves to WA. They she will get said and be like oops I'm not moving send money coz I'm sad

However for as much as I hate to see it, I hope she meets JRW one time in person, they will smoke shit covered pipes together, and she will move away with him still spending every cent of his unemployment to her. A love story if I ever heard one tbh

No. 1263194

Maybe if she goes out with coomack her delusions of being a high end boss bitch bimbo sugar baby sex worker will finally end and her psyche shatters to pieces?

No. 1263207

Anon please Applebee’s isn’t high class

No. 1263228

yeah and who the hell does that for a person they barely know in the first place? as if some rando ass would pay for you to go to a spa and pamper you the first time you meet. i mean fupa is a scrote who doesn't know how to take care of anything but as if any pushing 30 dude would pay for a spa let alone a shopping trip? food i can understand but still i have to laugh.

No. 1263237

It's not Fupa's fault that Shayna is boring and can't find ways to entertain herself. Look at her now, single and thriving, never leaving the house unless it's to get food and beer

No. 1263242

I mean they’re staying in the same room and fucking lol? Plus he left her there all day alone. If he wasn’t such a deadbeat/cared he could’ve spoiled her a bit.

No. 1263261

File: 1624548728283.jpeg (206.43 KB, 828x412, 0E4060C6-3300-4B4E-A830-90A965…)

Maybe you’re sick cause all you do is drink; smoke weed and eat junk

No. 1263263

File: 1624548852182.jpeg (16.67 KB, 290x174, 1102BF2E-2FC1-4EC3-99AE-59BBD9…)

Shayna please we are so bored with your shit

No. 1263266

She probably doesn’t feel good because she’s come back to her filthy apartment and all of the dust, dirt, and pet grime in the air is fucking with her.

No. 1263270

I'm betting she's going to her birthday dinner alone and she'll take a pic of her customary birthday dessert that every restaurant gives their customers and say, "Omg??? My sugar daddy bought me the most fancy dinner??? and all the servers totally recognized me as THE Dolly Mattel?? and then everyone clapped and showered cash on me??? Hffhsybbjhfj crying emoji "

Casual reminder that last year on her birthday she totes overdosed, u guise, muh mental healf

No. 1263276

Was it last year on her birthday when she was “overdosing on anxiety meds all day” and then faked being committed in a psych ward for 6 days? Wow.

No. 1263280

nta but yes it was around the same week

No. 1263290

I never got this shit. Isn't the point of OF/other porn sites where you sell your images and videos that… well, you sell your erotic content there? Shayna is always putting her bare naked ass tits and pussy on twitter for free. What about her thrivin' hustler mindset? She's a walking fucking embarrassment.
To add insult to injury, nobody except our two MvPs Grayhair and Coomack EVER interacts with her ugly selfies. What a glum fucking lifestyle. Even the most basic ugly OF slut gets a MINIMUM of attention on twitter because that's where all the braindead scrotes reside. You'd think she'd have at least a SMALL "fanbase" on there.

No. 1263293

Is this her trying to get out of her "sugar daddy" taking her to dinner?

No. 1263296

Yes kek. Of course it is.

No. 1263306

File: 1624556358911.jpg (572.64 KB, 1079x1860, Screenshot_20210624-123912_Twi…)

No surprise here lol

No. 1263309

>best I can do
damn couldn't even slide her some pity cash

No. 1263324

Airplanes are also petri dishes, which is where she could’ve caught something. Doesn’t help that she doesn’t take care of herself or her space of course… more inclined to think she’s making shit up to get out of doing any “work”.

No. 1263331

Her problem is that she is so addicted to male attention that she is prepared to give up potential earnings to get it. Everything she does revolves around gaining approval from low value coomers because she's that desperate for quick dopamine hit from being noticed by a man.

No. 1263334

File: 1624559228972.png (Spoiler Image, 2.9 MB, 750x1334, 1531115956242.png)

Does… Does anyone have the video of this of her with KYLE FUPA PERKINS? Cause like… Holy fucking shit… i NEED to HEAR this

No. 1263336

SPOILER THIS SHIT Jesus. I don't want to see Fupa chode while at work

No. 1263337

Look through the threads when he came to visit her

No. 1263338

i want to die

No. 1263339

File: 1624559576718.gif (1.18 MB, 540x540, 1560238061017.gif)

>unspoilered and unsaged peanut chode

No. 1263351

Goddamn i have already seen this but it still shocks me how small it is. if that’s what Fupa’s penis looks erect I don’t want to know what it looks like flaccid. JFC

No. 1263353

File: 1624561069587.jpeg (705.62 KB, 1242x1657, CDA517A7-1592-47C5-A189-890E6D…)


No. 1263355

File: 1624561117655.jpeg (302.01 KB, 1242x1026, 2B0786E9-2774-4AB8-9BB5-710035…)

She hasn’t started packing already….

No. 1263360

isn't a month like a long ass time to pack your shit? i only moved twice with comparably little shit bc i'm not a shopping addict amazon hoarder like shaynus is but of course if you have to take 5 dabs every hour to survive you also need a month to pack your boxes

No. 1263363

She's just reminding Fupa of how long he has until she takes the "next" step.

No. 1263364

File: 1624561917263.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 2829x2817, F9260F03-B06C-4F48-BF0C-F92D7E…)

She looks horrible kek

No. 1263365

Can you imagine selling yourself in exchange of cardboard boxes? Can’t relate lol

No. 1263367

Just get free ones from the grocery store wtf. Who BUYS cardboard boxes??

No. 1263370

This retard, and it's her 2nd time having them bought.
Like why didn't she save them and keep them in a closet.

No. 1263371

Good lord Shayna, put the heavy eye makeup back on!! Her Womack-tier eyes really are not the kind that can pull off being without lashes and concealer. She seems to think that the 3 remaining lash extensions she has left are hiding how heavy-lidded her eyes are. It's not even just that she's stoned, this is just her regular expression now… she's perma-fried at this point. Even when she was sober at her dad's, her undereyes were still sickly grey and she looks like she can barely open her lids.

No. 1263373

jesus she looks washed up. i’m forever baffled at how she simultaneously looks like a 40 year old single mother who’s children got taken away so she turned to drugs and drinking AND a 40 year old troon with a fucked up neovag

No. 1263374

it’s shocking that she’s been taking pics and vids for over 5 years and still doesn’t understand lighting, angles, or the fact that you can’t get away with just concealer and mascara on camera. this is beyond amateur and lazy. put some color in your face, you hag.

No. 1263379

She's got the wig looking greasy and stringy just like her actual hair

No. 1263382

File: 1624563805388.jpeg (285.1 KB, 1242x733, 6F58753C-B374-4715-A6ED-9AFD96…)

She also begged her subscribers on onlyfans for boxes kek

No. 1263383

You can literally order free boxes from USPS too, they drop it off right at your door. She just wastes money on any little thing because putting any thought or effort otherwise is too hard.

No. 1263385


Not to mention a shitton of businesses give away boxes rather than wasting time breaking them down. Came here for picrel because that's the dumbest shit I've seen all day

No. 1263387

File: 1624564354641.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 1242x1221, 69EF5D51-4717-4085-8035-0739CB…)

No. 1263392

Girl is way too old and haggard looking for this level of pedopandering.

No. 1263393

jesus christ im a dyke but her snatch makes me reconsider everything…why does she always insist on taking pics at the awkward stubbly pube phase either keep them shaved or grow it out, nasty af.

No. 1263394

I kind of feel like she's trying to snag Fupa 2.0 the same way she got Fupa. Her being back on tumblr, the DDLG shit starting back up, don't be surpised if she starts talking about wanting a "Daddy" and "Little space" or some shit.

No. 1263398

spoiler this nonnie i gagged

No. 1263402

File: 1624565405872.png (Spoiler Image, 669.21 KB, 802x876, Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-24 um 2…)

what the fuck is this between her cheeks?

you were too fast, i deleted a nanosecond after i posted. sorry you have been a victim of shaynus anatomy

No. 1263403

shadows, shit and spirts.

No. 1263408

File: 1624565750330.jpeg (736.46 KB, 1242x1307, 2C3D276D-0EE8-4E5A-BB49-D7A832…)

No. 1263409

The fake ass baby voice she put on kek
From yesterday on onlyfans messages

No. 1263412

File: 1624566413087.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 589.52 KB, 1184x863, 5822165B-F47C-4E00-BF25-F001B5…)

Wash your ass shayna

No. 1263413

Tinfoil but this vid of for womack alone and its a promise or something. The way she kept saying “tonight” and the “i love you” in particular make me feel like she’s setting him up to spend a loooot of money on a dinner expecting it to end like this specific video. She knows exactly what he wants to hear and that if he hears it she could clean up just to deny him after they eat.
I’m honestly scared for her safety if he’s got the tard rage I think he does underneath the dopey simp act.

No. 1263415

File: 1624566465026.jpeg (359.45 KB, 818x851, 80FAB3FA-0A37-4CA0-A6CC-919A21…)

much sex appeal very bimbo

No. 1263417

this was probably a custom for Womack. Her lips are so fucking dry in this video.

No. 1263421

The cheap wig and the terrible editing in these photos is giving some real fucking eerie uncanny valley vibes. Like the head and body come from two different girls. I can't even imagine what goes on in Shayna's head to make her look at her content and go yep that looks good, very sexy, much pornstar!

No. 1263422

>I’m honestly scared for her safety
I could care less. kek.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. The only reason i would care if Shayna gets killed by an incel simp is that there would be no milk.

No. 1263430

I wasn't gonna say anything but she looks downright spooky, like a cheesy ghosthunting YouTube video thumbnail. unedited is better than this creepy mess

No. 1263440

The fact that she hasn't bothered to shave the pubes allllllll over her inner thighs is sending me.
Shayna, even when scrotes like bush, they still want you to shave the 'unsightly' parts. No one wants to floss their teeth while eating puss. If you're going to go for a natural look, you leave the hair on the mound and clean up everything south of that. You know, the part that actually matters.
She thinks that 'unshaved' means don't clean up or trim anything at all kek

No. 1263447

Yeah it's the hairs that go past her panty line and are on her ass and thigh area that are really gross. Not very sexy bimbo at all lol. Like just edit it out at least

No. 1263472

This is the dick she got fat in Tulsa for over the past nearly two years.

No. 1263474

A ark and desolate place.. and photoshop/shadows
My girl a alcoholic, she better hit up that abc store for free boxes. Lmao I bet she’s never been to the liquor store, she puts as little effort into her alcoholism as “work”

No. 1263475

She is so ugly and nasty, skimming through the video when she got up on the couch and showed her yellow feet and ass boils, my jaw dropped. The pics have all been posted, but seeing it in motion is a different experience. Can’t make it any further. Men have absolutely 0 taste or standards.

No. 1263478

exactly, she doesn't have a job or any other commitment that takes time. she has all the time in the world and just 5 pieces of furniture to pack. i'll bet money on the fact that she leaves most of her stuff behind, including that disgusting pilling couch, just so she can start afresh with new vibes and new furniture in seattle. because obviously in shatna's mind getting a new amazon tv and a change of scenery is exactly what's going to unfat her and unfuck her life

No. 1263482

Holy fuck that's disgusting, there is straight up dead skin hanging off of her toes.

No. 1263497

Men have 0 standards, that's true, but let's not act like she has a significant customer base anyway. Even knowing how easy it is to collect thousands of likes & rt's as a woman, Shay has only ever managed to rope in 2-3 coomers at a time. And the trashiest, most bottom-of-the-barrel coomers no less.
So even the majority of scrotes aren't fucking with a gutterslut like Shaynus. Which says a lot because like you mentioned, men will fuck anything.

(cut to the next time Shay inevitably tweets about how jealous she is that pretty girls get more likes than her when they don't even post nudes lmao)

No. 1263498

File: 1624572800210.jpg (557.45 KB, 1080x1849, Screenshot_20210624-171252_Twi…)

We all know she literally just wrote that and is trying to seem QuIrKy

No. 1263506

File: 1624573561304.jpeg (375.96 KB, 1242x1500, 8573505B-628B-4CCC-96B9-D390B3…)

No. 1263507

File: 1624573586505.jpeg (538.92 KB, 1242x1581, 91972AB1-EF60-4CDB-A6B8-FB0891…)

Is Shaynus finally going to move?

No. 1263509

Of course you've moved 10 times, you're fucking old

No. 1263510

Pretty sure that's called an RV you trashy old fuck

No. 1263514

The way she gags on the dildo like one inch past the tip is going to make me sympathetically vom. Is it because it was previously covered in fecal matter or is she wasted? We may never know!

No. 1263515

File: 1624573996899.jpeg (385.52 KB, 1242x977, 9835CE05-FBD9-42C3-AE65-DAE2F5…)

What’s new?
Poopy butt is probably still embarrassed from her last video

No. 1263520

File: 1624574338850.jpeg (293.22 KB, 1242x936, 22701FFA-0025-4565-80AE-E87DC1…)

A cheese pizza (presumably size large) and cheese breadsticks just for one person. She’s so fucking fat. Keep eating you fucking hippo, but it’s the meds right shay?

No. 1263524

Now taking bets on when she'll develop her second gunt roll.
My guess is 6 months.

No. 1263527

File: 1624574896224.jpeg (189.16 KB, 1242x1251, 05420CD0-DB09-4BF1-819F-69A3C9…)

My guess is 6 weeks

No. 1263531

Shayna your whole being is swollen, that hasn't stopped you yet.

No. 1263548

File: 1624576654579.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 304.78 KB, 638x621, 5DE76E8F-46FF-4CA7-AF41-7036EC…)

No. 1263561

File: 1624578205854.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 221.6 KB, 1242x1178, DC6BD253-2A5F-40C7-B388-8615BE…)

She looks mentally insane(spoil your shitty nsfw pics)

No. 1263563

what…the fuck

No. 1263564

File: 1624578375144.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 465.91 KB, 820x3024, F4A047EE-1668-40D5-9130-1F1850…)

The way she pukes in her mouth every blowjob makes me want to die

No. 1263567

Bud your girlfriend, woof….

No. 1263569

i’ll wager 10 months before she has the second pair of tits that women over 250lbs get on their stomach

No. 1263576

Look at those lovely lash extensions hanging on for dear life. The anons were right she doesn’t know how to take care of the most basic bimbo things.

No. 1263577

File: 1624579163222.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 687.66 KB, 3147x1906, BBD7ABBA-9DC4-4225-8C6F-35A19F…)

Shayna’s manboobs are tragic

No. 1263579

File: 1624579269104.jpeg (524.44 KB, 1143x1067, 12C657DE-B70D-4357-A353-E60C17…)

No. 1263583

Two threads back, she made a post about those gross dildos she got and said they were delivered. Yet, she hasn't posted then

No. 1263586

File: 1624579613054.jpg (605.48 KB, 1080x1663, Screenshot_20210624-190636_Twi…)

She has been on such a major daddy kick since her home visit

No. 1263587

And she chokes on barely just the tip too. She's just lazy and doesn't wanna put any effort into giving a bj so that's probably why she does that

No. 1263600

actual sleep paralysis demon

No. 1263613

When the outside matches the inside.

No. 1263620

Now that her face is so fat, you would think she’d go back to the wings that nearly touched her eyebrows. She has so much more room now, her wings look tiny

No. 1263621

i thought i was the only who noticed how it basically amplified while she was there and made that other blog. its kinda big weird.

No. 1263625

The scabbed ass boils, random dog hairs all over her oiled butt, what appears to be bleeding hemorrhoids when she pulls the dildo out, and the farting noises the machine make really make this video the whole package

No. 1263626

File: 1624583110685.jpg (246.27 KB, 1080x769, Screenshot_20210624-200426_Twi…)

Jason R Womack or Greyhair coming in clutch

No. 1263632

If she started talking to one of her sugar daddies, JUST because fupa made that post, thats so sorry, if it's Womack or Grey thats even sadder. So desperate.

No. 1263633

File: 1624584038123.jpg (947.66 KB, 1080x1827, Screenshot_20210624-202035_Twi…)

This is sad

No. 1263634

Nailed it. She's doing it on Twitter rn. She's trying to make him jealous and replace him because she can't stand to be alone for 3 fucking weeks kek

No. 1263635

File: 1624584086569.jpg (280.71 KB, 1080x996, Screenshot_20210624-202122_Twi…)

No. 1263636

wow, she hasn't even taken the stuff out of the packaging? this is actual shopping addiction jfc

No. 1263637

All that makeup most likely in the original bubble wrap it was shipped in when she got it, so she's never used it. What a waste of money

No. 1263639

kek @ that unopened chapstick in the corner

No. 1263642

"packing" aka flipping open the last cardboard box of overpriced pink garbage that you bought online & snapping a pic of the items still laying untouched in their original packaging.
Seems like the Amazon worker that tetris'd that makeup into the box is the one that really did the packing here.

She was just begging for money to buy cardboard boxes too so you know that box was just sitting there with everything already in it.

No. 1263645

Of all the dudes on Twitch, that's the one she chooses? smh.

No. 1263647

I'm not getting why she keeps doing bouncing between talking about "Daddies" and "packing" as if she's leaving today and already found Fupa 2.0. Fupa knows he has time girl, there's zero reason to be doing all this.
If she does move she's going to jump on the first scrote/Daddy that interests her online or off.

No. 1263662

kek that got me too. as if she won't need it between now and moving day

No. 1263667

She should NOT be putting that Burt's Bees away

No. 1263682

>because obviously in shatna's mind getting a new amazon tv and a change of scenery is exactly what's going to unfat her and unfuck her life

oh my sides but fucking accurate. she'll buy a bunch of crap to make her ~wokspace~ the same. say how 'free' or whatever for leaving oklahoma and continue to do nothing.

pic on the right looks like she fell asleep kek.

No. 1263691


i'm counting barely 4 inches here

No. 1263692

It’s because he looks over 30 and probably her dad

No. 1263696

Why can't she just go on Tinder or something like a normal person jfc

No. 1263701

Because everyone would unmatch her due to her being like "I am THE anal princess Barbie Bimbo uwu"

No. 1263704

File: 1624592215608.jpg (325.59 KB, 1080x1226, Screenshot_20210624-223650_Twi…)

No. 1263719


Sure, Shayna, maybe one of the next ten times you say this, Fupa will text you. Maybe.

No. 1263751

even though it's fupa bait, imagine if she wined and dined with wormack and he posts unfiltered pics of them together

No. 1263768


Can't remember if she got her second dose yet but regardless this bitch could possibly have fucking covid and won't stop going out for dumb shit.

No. 1263867

She just namedropped the first dude she saw streaming apex lul

No. 1263935

File: 1624632370153.jpg (338.6 KB, 1080x1172, Screenshot_20210625-094553_Twi…)

Oh please Shay

No. 1263948

why does she post this shit on her SW account

No. 1263957

says the hypocritical woman who also said women need a dick shoved up our assholes. so according to our lovely “bimbo” shay, rape jokes aren’t okay if the victim is a man, but us women need to stop complaining and just allow microtears, hemorrhoids, and prolapsed anuses happen to our bodies.

No. 1263962

what do you expect? she’s a pickme “all men are kings” hypocrite until her feelings or ego gets hurt. if she wasn’t fat or a bandwagon liberal, she and shoe would get along fabulously.

No. 1263964

I hope the next chick Fupa bangs can actually give a proper blow job that will make him completely forget Shayna ever existed because this is embarrassing as fuck.

No. 1263968

File: 1624635328475.jpg (347.83 KB, 1080x1418, Screenshot_20210625-103512_Twi…)

Is that what she's gonna wear to her and Womack's date?

No. 1263971

dolly also always looks hideous.

haha i have thought that as well. women like shay and june (at least i think she has alluded to doing anal a few times) who pretend to like the feeling of a reverse painful shit are just jealous of women who aren’t afraid to say no and have standards for men.

No. 1263980

File: 1624636172845.gif (2.32 MB, 498x488, tenor (2).gif)

>fancy steakhouse

No. 1263990

is her new "bestie" the troon?

No. 1263991

File: 1624637846278.jpg (218.3 KB, 1080x986, Screenshot_20210625-111714_Twi…)

No. 1263998

what smoking weed half of your life does to a mf

No. 1264000

Flashback to that snap video she posted when she first moved in with Fupa where she was gagging on the first 2 inches of his chode. I really don’t know why she brushes her teeth with dildos in every video

No. 1264002

With how badly she smokes weed, she’s probably fucked up her gag reflux with the constant hacking she does after a hit

No. 1264004

hey, cut your rarted weed sisters some slack. we are not shatna, we wipe our asses and shower. we have the capacity to be literate.

No. 1264009

tinfoiling that the sus "email" was an agent following up about the next stages in the application process for the seattle apartment, because there's no way she secured a place within a week of looking for one.

No. 1264019

File: 1624641055052.png (968.07 KB, 1080x1920, 1523066574768.png)

Speaking of "besties" has Colleen gone as downhill as Shay has through the years? I know they'll be meeting up soon and I'm too lazy to check her medias.

No. 1264023

Aw, yes, Shaynus Lurker Kunt Jr back at the hot takes again. Shut up.
>fancy steakhouse
>goes to Outback Steakhouse with Womack
So she was a bitter women hater before and a pick me men-lover women hater now

No. 1264026

File: 1624641992776.jpeg (51.37 KB, 232x400, 3A74BA29-A233-4CAD-98C9-374D19…)

Shayna is going to look like an obese man with a sissy fetish if she wears that kek

No. 1264028

File: 1624642141742.gif (347.74 KB, 220x146, ew.gif)


Girl… Texas Roadhouse isn't a fancy steakhouse.

No. 1264029

File: 1624642439726.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 948x1871, 29C530E9-CC59-4EBD-9645-0B4F23…)

the infamous star blanket makes a return!!

No. 1264032

Fucking ugly-ass ramen head. You can tell Shayna thought she was petite, cute and better-looking than her girl friend. Shayna, you’re uglier than her. She’s way better looking and it doesn’t matter if you’re “shorter” big nose ogre

No. 1264034

this is absolutely hideous. the sagging tits, the unwashed hair, can she even open her eyes beyond this anymore?

No. 1264035

File: 1624642654926.jpg (285.56 KB, 1079x942, Screenshot_20210625-123713_Twi…)

No. 1264036

File: 1624642800067.jpg (486.44 KB, 1080x1749, Screenshot_20210625-123812_Twi…)

No. 1264037

She’s probably too high always to get them more open. I kinda hope she’ll meet up with womack but i guess it’s fupapa more likely.

No. 1264038

A real bimbo wouldn't even ask cause the "daddy" would be buying you something new each time.

Bitch you said you were loaded and don't need handouts remember, so buy your own dress.

No. 1264044

File: 1624643055647.gif (2.8 MB, 137x137, 0339A931-0310-4426-A499-7A34F9…)

the only thing that would make this better is if an Oklahoma farmer spotted Shaynus waddling around in the wild with Jason R Womack. My sides.

No. 1264051

It happened with her and Fupa so I mean it’s totally possible. And it would make my whole year.

I still can’t get over that wild-cow spotting tho kek one of my fav shay moments.

No. 1264055

i really, really, really hope she means this one >>1258422
and actually wears it lmfao

No. 1264057

lmao this is the first time I've seen her smile in a way that looks genuine. And it's guaranteed because she's stoked she finally looks feminine next to that lady

No. 1264058

Put down the bong, anon

No. 1264059

lmao at how the inner corners of her eyes go upwards. Combine that with her garage door eyelids and intense eye bags and she's smoked her way into full-on downie face.

No. 1264061

lol it honestly kind of sounds like she's the one who's really excited about this. I guess when no one takes you out on a date for years, you take what you can get.

No. 1264062

Nah man OT but people who smoke all the time are gross and losers lmao. But I’m glad you’re feeling yourself or whatever I guess

No. 1264063

you think shayna looks more feminine of the two? can’t say i agree

No. 1264069

Based nonnie
Feminine ?? Shayna looks ugly compared to her friend. The ramen hair, yellow teeth and rodent face…. Her friend looks like she could be a model, plus it’s easy to look gorgeous next to Shatna…

No. 1264073

File: 1624645177342.jpg (195.87 KB, 1080x1193, Screenshot_20210625-131833_Tum…)

Oh Lord. Are we going to get more horror porn with Insex?

No. 1264074

File: 1624645261523.jpg (288.3 KB, 1080x1424, Screenshot_20210625-131917_Tum…)

Shut up Shay

No. 1264075

File: 1624645267337.jpeg (243.61 KB, 1195x1209, 47AA45E5-7B9C-41C9-B9D1-6420C1…)

No. 1264077

Anon, I stg, at a first glance I thought this was real

No. 1264078

Same, holy shit

No. 1264079

File: 1624645405602.jpg (163.27 KB, 1079x1041, Screenshot_20210625-132326_Tum…)

No. 1264080

Sage for ot but colleen’s boyfriend is a troon now kek

No. 1264084

Yup. She only gets drunk off of wine, beer, and spiked seltzers. Ya know, the junk food of alcohol. She'd probably lose a lil chub if she switched to liquor.

No. 1264087

This photo just bullied me into chugging some water and putting on my eye cream thanks anon love you

No. 1264090

File: 1624646225887.jpg (91.21 KB, 590x738, 1528571282495.jpg)

No. 1264101

>More feminine
Lmao no. At least in this pic, Colleen is tall, thin, tanned, great skin, makeup that's better than Shay has done in her entire fucking, dry lipped life, and hair that's actually healthy and compliments her skin tone. Shay would never. Shay is on a spiteful mission to make herself look as ugly as possible forever. Can't wait for the ugly pink frilly dress she'll embarrass herself in.

No. 1264118

Being shorter doesn’t make someone more feminine. Shay does not look feminine in those pictures.

No. 1264122

Kek I hope so! Insex tend to shoot with skinny chicks so I wonder if they know she's gained weight or she's catfishing with her old photos.

No. 1264126

Jfc I thought this was real for a split second. I need to get away from the farms for a bit kek

No. 1264127

Looking at the application process for Insex they ask about stretch marks and other scars, Shay is screwed

No. 1264134

Her bArE sOfT sKiN kek. You mean your nasty yellow calloused feet???

No. 1264136


honestly she doesnt have any real options anymore other than to just get into actual porn, except she is more on the “facial abuse” type level these days for sure

No. 1264138

Uhh, yall are the only ones saying "more". I said that looking small in comparison gives her a semblance of femininity when she otherwise has none. I never said she looked "better" or "more feminine" than the tall girl. Lrn2read.

No. 1264140

File: 1624649935756.jpeg (253.5 KB, 1242x1662, ED239FE1-3953-4A27-AF79-012FC5…)

>then beg idk
she sucks at her “job”

No. 1264141

im sure it puts shayna over the edge when she lurks the threads and sees old pics

No. 1264142

No she doesn’t. Being short doesn’t make you feminine when you’re ugly and have a ramen head

No. 1264143

File: 1624650092488.jpeg (611.17 KB, 1242x881, 7592E92B-052F-44A7-AECB-A66EFC…)

It’s official, shayna is an obese land whale mouth-breather

No. 1264145

nta but can you spergs stop taking everything so literally and move on

No. 1264150

But anon, someone said something about Shayna that could be constructed positively!

No. 1264159

I have a feeling she's going to wear that ugly ass Barbie box outfit with that tiara. Her "Sugar daddy" should be paying for everything, paying to go out with her, paying for the dress and the food.
Shayna just doesn't want to be alone on her birthday, thats what this is all about.

No. 1264162

Funny to see that she's not trying to LARP as Fupa's manic pixie goff girl anymore, kek

No. 1264183

File: 1624653638257.jpg (107 KB, 1080x326, Screenshot_20210625-154034_Twi…)

Get ready Womack

No. 1264185

Normally id think that its just her trying to make out she has friends but is alone/just trying to annoy fupa but my god, I hope shes serious and its Womack

No. 1264191

She knew Womack wasn't going to buy her a outfit, she's probably going to wear the shit she got at the mall anyway and this was all some fluff.

No. 1264192

Lmaooo she bought it with her own money didn’t she. Waiting on them pics Shayna. If she doesn’t try to flex the plate of $$ steak and JC Penney dress.

No. 1264193

So ready to watch this trainwreck in motion

No. 1264194

if we don't get fucking milk tonight i swear…

No. 1264196

File: 1624654692529.jpeg (325.3 KB, 1242x1145, 4C9AFD5A-C392-419C-9314-BE2CD5…)

Top kek

No. 1264199

File: 1624655036829.gif (709.33 KB, 498x207, 2F868B12-3790-4C16-84E2-F9C9D9…)

This better not be a ruse

No. 1264201

So is her "sugar daddy" taking her out tonight and then she's spending her birthday alone?

No. 1264213

Imagine buying an new outfit with your money for a date with a random scrote. Your sugar daddy isn’t even a splenda daddy. He’s fucking salt.

No. 1264216

Hence why she looks so goddamn stoked in this picture. We are saying the same thing. She's not feminine, so when she stands next to someone Amazonian, she's visibly jazzed, grinning ear-to-ear at the thought that she might finally be a smol bean uwu.

No. 1264233

She begs for everything else, including moving boxes but she couldn't ask her sugar daddy to buy her a outfit?

No. 1264235

File: 1624657402036.jpeg (378.06 KB, 828x868, 0D0E2EF8-09AD-4DEC-B474-15FE35…)

No. 1264236

Lmfao is she trying to get out of the dinner date with Jason R Womack?

No. 1264238

The fact you are still talking to him speaks volumes.I'm starting to feel like this was all a lie to make fupa jealous and she's going to say she can't stop crying and she can't go on the date.
Is she even being paid to go?

No. 1264239

yeah shay its almost like he's doing it…on purpose, because you bait him daily on your twitter

No. 1264241

Anon this got me lmao

No. 1264247

Kek Shay why are you trying to send your birthday with your ex??
It's not like their breakup/relationship was chill and they're friends. All they do is shag and fight.

No. 1264249

she is acting like such a clown. stop talking to him and expecting him to care about your birthday!!!! you played yourself!

No. 1264250

oh i’m sure she did but he couldn’t afford it because her idea of a sugar daddy is someone who spends $100 here and there occasionally.

No. 1264251

he’s your fucking ex. you shouldn’t be hanging out anyway you dumb fuck.

No. 1264257

Kek I thought the point of her moving was because she wanted to get away from fupa forever. Now she was trying to willingly see him for her birthday?

No. 1264258

She really just admitted to going out on her birthday with fupa lmaoooooo How fucking pathetic. When he's the "reason" you totally for real went to a psyche ward last year on your birthday, right? Must suck to not have girl friends take you out and make you not feel like nothing but a cock sleeve to coomers.
Calling it now, this whole week of her constantly posting about her moving and packing was a total lie and she's not going anywhere. Compulsive, manipulative liar things.

No. 1264261

>hE mADe mE cRyYYy
Fucking good. I'm glad he did. You're fucking stupid and dependent. Literally the reason why everyone thinks BPD bitches are insane. Make some goddamn friends, loser.

No. 1264262


Thats right, keep spending money so you just break even with your “sugar daddy”. She is practically a whore for free at this point.

No. 1264268

File: 1624660082365.jpg (129.34 KB, 1122x765, 9fb6af176a82ad38e2775869439158…)

No. 1264269


She probably reached out to him under the guise of "I'm going show him that I'm ~mature and civil~ and we can have a 'last' get together" when really, it was her hitting him up to give him one more chance to beg for her back. I'm sure he probably hasn't contacted her at all with her baiting him and when she visited her dad, so this desperate moron REACHED OUT TO HIM. Thirsty af.

No. 1264272

File: 1624660440303.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1284x2227, CDA2B845-2F46-4BCC-8CC3-FC3D1A…)

anons, she’s going out looking like this

No. 1264274

I like picturing this scenario cause Shay thinking she's "mature and civil" only to wind up a blubbering mess sobbing on the phone after like 5 minutes of talking and him probably not having the "right tone" is sending me. She's such a emotionally stunted retard. Fupa has got to be tired of that shit by now. I know we all are. Shit is boring.

No. 1264276

absolutely pathetic

No. 1264277

Why does she do those two retarded face-frame strands of hair? Something looks so off about them but idk what

No. 1264278

File: 1624660521031.jpeg (95.25 KB, 676x1059, 2DD77013-4047-455A-918A-2573A9…)

squeezed in her sausage casing, she even got it color matched to real sausage casing.

No. 1264279

Her bar is set so low this is actually semi-decent. FOR HER.

No. 1264280

it’s because they’re not face framing pieces, it’s two pieces hanging by her ears like sideburns

No. 1264281

At least she brushed her hair. She sets the expectations so slow that this is an actual upgrade from her daily routine.

No. 1264284

not the 2013 sockbun

No. 1264285

Hol up..did she not recently say she no longer thinks kidnapping fantasies are hot because it happened to her for real..I can’t keep up with this bitch

No. 1264286


Her pillow face is looking extra… pillowy lately. She is definitely going to get way too wasted for a night of hooking and may the milk gods shine down on us.

No. 1264287

dont wanna know what it looks like behind that clutch purse

No. 1264288

I like that she actually matched the clutch and her shoes (laughing that she's trying to hide that gunt with the clutch tho lol) but yeah, those Steve Buscemi eyes are legit gross. All that makeup and not an ounce on that ugly mug of hers.

No. 1264289

only the best for womack

No. 1264291

she straight up looks like an alcoholic troon at this point. no woman would actually dress up for a night out and simply put on cakey foundation and nothing else.

No. 1264294

Womack hasn’t commented on any of these photos. Considering no real sugar daddy would even look at her it has to be him. Paying for a lavish $60 dinner bill lmao

No. 1264296


lol at her hiding her gut with the purse. theres no way even womnack wouldnt be taken back by how different she probably looks without the strategic posing and snapchat filters.

No. 1264298

She couldn't even be bothered to do any eyeliner or lipstick. Some "sugar baby"

No. 1264299

kek that was my first thought…not the foam donut hairbun!
i thought she looks really good but thats in comparison to ddlg outfits from amazon that fit 3 years ago and literal shit smeared on her pimpled ass. sad that the bar is set so low that this tacky dress that doesn't even fit her tits properly and her makeup-less face are an upgrade.

No. 1264301

Wait what. When has she claimed to have been kidnapped?

No. 1264303

Drinking and smoking on snapchat. Can't even be sober for Jason R Womack

No. 1264305

She didn't. She claimed to not be into hard kinks anymore because of Fupa

No. 1264306

I'm actually legit worried she is going to be murdered or raped. What a retard going out with one of her creepy coomers she has never met. I wouldn't be surprised if Fupa was telling her she was a dumbass and that's why they were fighting.

No. 1264309

its an imageboard

No. 1264310

I could be wrong but I swear I recall seeing tweets on a past thread where she claimed to have engaged in said fantasy but the person took it too far or something and it became too “real”

No. 1264314

Add her snap then

No. 1264318

File: 1624661562627.jpg (122.9 KB, 676x1313, 20210625_175223.jpg)

Such fashion

No. 1264319

last time someone checked his twitter was on private so even if he did comment you wouldn’t be able to see it

No. 1264320

Which means Shay can't even see the comments because she doesn't follow him

No. 1264321

File: 1624661713187.jpg (307.58 KB, 1080x1362, Screenshot_20210625-175510_Twi…)

No. 1264322

Its the fact she gets dressed up to see her sugar daddy but looks like shit when she's out with Fupa. This isn't even bad for shayna.Her face looks bad, no make up, looks like she doesn't have eyelashes but her hair looks clean and somewhat neat though.

No. 1264324

these shoes look so cheap

No. 1264325

oh shayna those shoes don’t even fit and you didn’t even get your feet pedicured. what a disgusting excuse for a “sugar baby”. I can’t believe anyone is paying for this, even if it’s only a minimal amount for a supposed “sugar baby”.

No. 1264326

We all know Shay won't show him, so there's technically no proof she's meeting with someone

No. 1264338

Shaynus Snapchat story for the anons who asked

No. 1264339

File: 1624663582378.jpeg (561.05 KB, 1242x1030, 1F3FECED-C2B4-45A9-A058-03671C…)

It’s the Payless shoes with the price sticker still on for me kek

No. 1264344

File: 1624663841054.jpeg (123.24 KB, 676x1313, A10F9A50-A508-487C-ACE4-6CE986…)

The bare toenails with dry skin shedding onto her cheap $20 heels with the clear strap covered in pork sweat and the crusty yellow heels. shudders

No. 1264345

She’s going to post -something- to prove to Fupa she’s out with someone. She’s clearly with someone …she wouldn’t get all “dressed up “ just to have dinner with herself. It would be embarrassingly pathetic. I mean maybe she is that pathetic but damn.

No. 1264346

i do believe she is actually meeting with womack, but i agree there is absolutely no chance she will be posting any pictures of him
she would never give lolcow exactly what we want to see especially for free lol

No. 1264347

Hilarious how when she did a body shot she covered her gut with her purse

No. 1264350

someone get accepted by womack asap if we’re getting a pic it’s gonna be from him

No. 1264352

We are going to get bathroom picture for sure though

No. 1264353

Womack will most likely not accept anyone requesting to follow him

No. 1264355

File: 1624664516972.jpg (310.1 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210625-184136_Twi…)

I think this is him. He's following it from his work account

No. 1264357

Nothing screams sugar baby more than a complete outfit from Rainbow that was purchased with your own money an hour before meeting your sugar daddy at Outback Steakhouse.

Didn’t even bother to do basic grooming or BiMbO things for him kek

No. 1264359

he’s retarded, anon. i’m sure he’ll let one of the ethots that lurk these threads following him, or better yet a catfish.

No. 1264360

Both the clutch and shoes look like the exact same ones I browsed for a school dance at JC Penney 6 years ago. Damn I wonder if her sugar daddy bought them at full retail price she’s soooo spoiled!

No. 1264362

File: 1624664829025.jpeg (163.49 KB, 1155x1063, E58AFC1C-059E-4093-A68E-D0509B…)

He posted this on his old twitter kek

No. 1264363

File: 1624664906313.jpeg (762.55 KB, 1242x1779, B9E58606-1A7E-49E1-9909-0C7C6C…)

Yup that’s his account and this is also his account

No. 1264365

File: 1624664981012.jpeg (255.41 KB, 762x429, 46773C94-3FA2-4378-AA95-193A6F…)

No. 1264366

File: 1624665101535.jpeg (367.35 KB, 1152x2048, B778B26C-ABB7-4767-8CC3-62CE89…)

They make the perfect Oklahoma trailer trash couple

No. 1264373

Holy fuck he's only 35 years old?? T

No. 1264376

Same it really is concerning tbh. She's said several times on twitter that she basically fantasizes about being kidnapped and raped. Having a fantasy is one thing,but sharing it online to your scrotes is a whole other thing. Womack was very in to it from what I can remember. SO if this is a date with womack (tbh I cant see it being anyone else unless this is a planned scheme to seem expensive (it hurts to write that)d and just ends up being fupa. idk Shayna just isn't in any condition to be doing irl sex work or full service sex work considering she's an alcoholic stoner and can't even edit the shit and tp

No. 1264384

Mood: set

I thought this was happening tomorrow, I’m so pumped

No. 1264385

One hour since last tweet…. would expect her to at least post drink pics. Is she okay?

No. 1264386

Christ. He looks haggard. I would've guessed 10 years older at least.

I don't think Shay realised he is the same age as fupapa either based on her tweet yesterday about not being attracted to guys under 40, even though that's an obvious lie.

No. 1264389

pretty sure he pumps shit for a living, guess that and a big honker ages you

No. 1264396

No. The company works with energy/oil companies aka fracking. Tbh, he probably is making a decent, stable paycheck, particularly for that part of the country.
And I also think Shay would actually enjoy mudding while drunk & stoned, listening to Dad-Rock. but it doesn't fit her aesthetic so she's gonna go be miserable in Seattle.

No. 1264403

I was just about to post this. Dude probably makes decent money for the area and is why shay latches onto him.

No. 1264405

Why would you hope for that? That manchild doesn’t deserve time or effort it takes to give a “proper blowjob.”

No. 1264410

Nta but the bar is so low that any blowjob from here on is likely a drastic improvement for him kek

No. 1264413

> Womack makes decent money and has a stable paycheck
hasn't it been discussed over the past several threads how he was on unemployment for awhile, had nowhere to live at one point, and expressed suicidal ideation on twitter before going private? doesn't really sound like a guy who makes good money.

No. 1264415

Dont know shit about the SW culture so question, is it normal for onlyfan girls to post so much about their johns? I feel like this could turn off a lot of potential clients to see her go from the “girl next door/onlyfans only” fantasy to actual working prostitute. Coomers are weird like that where they think taking pics and videos is more like a girlfriend experience/good girl type thing and this breaks that fantasy seeing her move on to full service sex work.(Derailing )

No. 1264417

Biden stopped fracking I think idk that’s why the gas prices are so high. He’s on unemployment and posted about wanting to commit sewer slide. He’s a deadbeat bum and he had no place to live. Read the threads

No. 1264419

File: 1624671298698.png (5.15 MB, 1242x2208, 369355FE-72AA-425A-9E3B-DBCFA6…)

She looks like a fucking ham even in the dark gloomy lighting kek so ugly

No. 1264421

Why is the public bathroom light off? This just makes it look like she spent too much time posing just right and the timer switched it off right as she snapped the pic. lmao

No. 1264422

He literally dropped in on one of Shay’s recent cam shows, gave her a bunch of tokens and left saying he was going to work and couldn’t stay. I read the threads.

No. 1264423

Ngl that looks like a steak n shake bathroom. Do they have those in OK?

No. 1264424

Definitely the bathroom of a Michelin star restaurant kek

No. 1264425

the Dutch angle and ghastly lighting paired with the fact that she's wearing a bodycon dress but is too self-conscious to show her silhouette. she's an unintentional horror parody of the things she wants to be seen as

No. 1264426

Probably got a one day job at the labor ready place kek that’s were meth addicts go to work a job to get their fix. Jason R Womack an ugly bum stop wking him.

No. 1264427

oh… that might be the most unfortunate photo i’ve seen of her in a while

No. 1264428

Shay you can just order Outback on Doordash kek.
God please dont tell me shes gonna wear that awful 80s pink ruffle get up she wore for the "Barbie" pics in public? Hows she even gonna eat it that after squeezing into it? Or just as bad would be anything from Shein she got. Shay couldnt dress classy if her life depended on it. Everything she buys is tacky and ugly. Like she buys the shitiest looking things from every site and has no personal style. She just picks random pink things. I dont think I've seen someone with such awful taste tbh. Theres people who do a style poorly or dont know how to put an outfit together or buy cheap quality stuff, but she buys garbo too small AND doesnt know how to style anything. No awareness or fashion sense whatsoever. It's like letting a 5 year old dress themselves really. Or a special needs kid at a thrift store.

No. 1264434

Are you stupid? The dress she is wearing rn is like a few posts above yours, damn anon.

No. 1264436

is she wearing a fucking spanx one piece

No. 1264437

File: 1624672482145.jpeg (190.16 KB, 1242x872, 40056D4B-6EDA-4571-8C28-9363F2…)

Most likely where Jason r Womack works to afford the large meal his landwhale wants

No. 1264441

Surprised there's no pics of her food or drinks

No. 1264442

confident bimbo queen using her arm and her amazon clutch to hide her fupa

No. 1264443

Those shoes are a hate crime. Tinfoiling that she's alone, doing the same thing she always does in a public restroom. If she is with Mack Daddy, she's spent so long in this restroom posing that he probably thinks she's taking a shit. Hot.

No. 1264448

Could also be all the weed he smokes and who knows how much and how often he drinks beer.

No. 1264449

that’s just a temp agency

No. 1264452

it doesn’t go into effect that quickly anon. the plan takes at least 5-10 years to end fracking and switch to other energy sources.

No. 1264453

I stand corrected, sorry, was still catching up. She totally was going to wear that ugly Dollskill satin shit though but she ponied up and bought herself a new dress which is hilariously pathetic when shes trying to build up this "sugar baby" date. Also no one is surprised she hit Fupa up trying to get him to go to dinner with her, she's just that predictable and stupid.
I dont understand the foundation only makeup thing, but I agree with anons that for Shay standards I guess she looks average ok as opposed to absolutely mentally challenged crack whore.

No. 1264454

Who cares
My bad nonnie I don’t know anything about it.

No. 1264455

Even when she tries to be "classy" she still looks cheap. Money can't buy taste, truly. Especially on an e whores budget. Still laughing that she bought her own dress after trying to build up this illusion that Womack or whatever is this great sugar daddy that's taking her out on a big fancy date. "Should I get him to buy the dress" lmao bitch you wish. You're as desperate as Womack is for this date just to not spend your birthday alone after Fupa turned you down. Even sadder if shes just been making it all up and is alone.

No. 1264456

nta but we’re all women here nonny its ok we won’t have to know about this when all men are in the mines

No. 1264460

Is it just me or are his comments passive aggressive? Like hes obviously a desperate boomer coomer, always commenting on all her posts. But his responses are funny to me because even he sounds done with her shit sometimes. "Buy one" as in "buy your own dress, you stupid greedy lowly whore" and "luck" without the good just seems bitter lol.

No. 1264462

File: 1624674304637.jpeg (351.39 KB, 1242x1360, DDD2F90F-5CAA-40DA-B194-1A49C3…)

No. 1264464

Next thread pic please

No. 1264465

Yeah the luck tweet was kinda rude imo kek Shayna probably pissed him off because she’s a greedy bitch who doesn’t even pretend to like talking to him. Shayna pissed him off a few threads back by saying men had to pay to talk to women like her something of that effect and it triggered grayhair

No. 1264466

I noticed that too anon

No. 1264467

File: 1624674602478.jpeg (131.58 KB, 321x541, DDB31B55-023B-4584-BEB5-8BC6FE…)

She’s still in the bathroom kek

No. 1264468

Nice belly band kek

No. 1264469

she's STILL in the bathroom? bitch does NOT want to be there lmao

No. 1264470

like other anons have said, she looks so trashy. her dress is basically see through lol

No. 1264471

It’s such a bad color. And for a second I thought she was full on nude

No. 1264472

Her edges look a mess and her face expression is weird

No. 1264473

Those linebacker shoulders. She looks like a hog. She really thought this was her bimbo escort glow up moment

No. 1264474

that is def not a high end steakhouse. just judging by the bathroom. most higher end restaurants i’ve been to usually have private, single stall bathrooms.

No. 1264475

Why does it look like she has traction alopecia?

No. 1264476

agreed I wonder if she realizes that with sugaring they pay for shits and spoil you but in return the idea is that you fuck them aka prostitution. I think she's in over her head. Hope she doesn't get stalked or assaulted or worse. She really should just back home. She can't be making much if she's resorting to this and moving sale scams. It's depressing to watch but also I'm indifferent she hasn't made a single effort to change and is an awful person

yup and they don't have those ugly bathroom stalls. She probably does think outback is fancy

No. 1264477

Seriously what does she have agasint make up? I think I see feet in the stalls too

No. 1264478

sis your entire areola is visible

No. 1264479

i'm howling at the thought of this thank u anon lmao

No. 1264480

Those poor women, imagine trying to pee and you hear this fat hog heavily breathing and the sounds of a phone camera snapping pics over and over again.

No. 1264482

sitting refreshing live reactions to shays nightmare date on a friday night might be sadder than shays date kek

No. 1264485

Too clean to be a steak n shake bathroom.

No. 1264486

Yet here you are nonnie with us kek

No. 1264487

While it’s still Tulsa, there seems to be a few somewhat passable steakhouses. She’s at none of them though kek the option for decent dining even by Oklahoma standards was there yet she still winds up at a 2 star place.(sage your shit, newfag)

No. 1264488

File: 1624676647488.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 326.67 KB, 2048x2048, 5FA0ACAC-C37F-4152-8E1A-C1B6A4…)


No. 1264489

File: 1624676649459.jpeg (439.45 KB, 750x1216, A172B479-E8FE-4622-8F25-F78FDC…)

me reading this thread in bed, not subtweeting my ex as I walk out the door to go on a date with a coomer to purchase cardboard boxes

No. 1264490

File: 1624676693986.jpeg (315.93 KB, 2048x2048, 89240885-B89C-4E8B-AEE1-7B961C…)

No. 1264491

The way she's standing is hilarious, like she's about to fall over or something

No. 1264492

I’m crying both of those pairs of feet are in open-toed flip flops. Extremely fucking fancy establishment I’m jealous.

No. 1264494

File: 1624676777207.jpeg (211.36 KB, 750x578, E5CE12F6-EA8B-4FB3-9794-3A5027…)

kek! she’s taking nudes with someone in there

No. 1264495

and there's someone in the stall behind her too, the bitch really has no shame

No. 1264496

kek the highest rated place in tulsa OK is only 4.7 stars

No. 1264497

The fact there is someone in the stall, clearly aware the person in front of their stall is snapping pics, ugh

No. 1264498

shaynus you took enough pics for your 2 splenda daddies, you can stop sucking in now

No. 1264499

One of these days she’s going to get caught and kicked out of the restaurant and possibly become a registered sex offender. Someone’s child could easily walk in at anytime.

No. 1264500

It kind of looks like she's wearing a waist trainer or cincher or something underneath and if so and she still looks like that… woof

No. 1264501

That’s why I said passable by Oklahoma standards lol Bitch looks like she’s in a Baja Fresh bathroom so she isn’t even at one of those places. That’s how low value she is.

No. 1264502

A two star place for a two star girl. I'm dying at the thought of her hiding out in the bathroom to avoid spending time with her "date". She'll fully smell like Lysol and toilet water by the time she finally emerges for her steak

No. 1264503

That smell would be an improvement too kek

No. 1264504

Kek I wonder if any nonnies could figure out which restaurant it is from the bathroom pics. I’ll give it a shot too

No. 1264505

My god, how many people have been in and out of those stalls since she’s been in there

No. 1264506

It’s morning for me and was actually very nice waking up to some milk finally lol.

No. 1264507

I wonder if womack told shaynus he loves her yet kek

No. 1264508

File: 1624677242181.jpeg (166.05 KB, 1662x1247, D31D0E73-E1BD-4BA3-B13D-823788…)

I’m not saying this is where she’s at but she’s definitely at a strip mall tier “steakhouse” like this kek

No. 1264510

Anons, I am in tears. She was assumedly standing in there for so long the lights went out until, most likely, someone else walked in and they came back on. Then she just kept snapping long enough for them to piss and clean up and leave, and she has not moved an INCH. Can you fucking imagine?
>come into the dark bathroom
>jump scare as you see this fat hog dressed up like this shitty steakhouse is actually somewhere worth getting dressed for
>she doesn't not show even the tiniest bit of embarrassment and keeps taking selfies
>you finish and wash your hands and she is STILL taking photos, unmoving
I'd call the fucking manager, kek.

No. 1264511

Any anons want to hunt down this raggedy ass dress? Is it more Amazon couture?

No. 1264512

Whoremack is the crossover this thread deserves.

No. 1264516

It's $7 on ebay

No. 1264518

File: 1624678011450.jpg (180.58 KB, 720x1379, 20210625_222601.jpg)

forgot pic

No. 1264519

she probably thought she was flexing on them because based on the shoes it’s an even more overweight older woman but she’s probably spending time with her family and shaynus is begging for chode change in a tan tubesock and shartbun

No. 1264520

hers is glittery and has cups. she also said she bought it today so it was obviously in person.

No. 1264523

my bad on it being the wrong one, but I dunno why you would believe anything she says about what she does

No. 1264524

it's the same shitty bar she always goes to kek >>>/snow/1252258

No. 1264525

It’s been 3 hours, and no pictures of the ~fancy steak dinner~
All she just showed off a gross public bathroom, really living the classy bimbo life shaynus

No. 1264526

I found one super similar on Dolls Kill but it’s not quite the same, either, but this is supposedly something she ran out and got like today, right?


So, she most likely went to the mall and went into one of those trashy stores like Agaci that appeal to cheap sluts that go to the club.

No. 1264527

Kek good find anon! I am cackling

No. 1264528

Is she out with fupa or are these pictures fupa bait?

No. 1264530

She didn’t get it at dollskill, she said she got it today. I don’t believe anything that comes out of that hog’s mouth but we all know she has like three outfits. She must likely got it at a strip mall. It looks cheap like her.

No. 1264532

what's the likelihood of her being out by herself and lying about it?

No. 1264533

File: 1624678765526.jpg (404.93 KB, 1170x1286, IMG_3442.jpg)

found it

No. 1264534

Extremely high

No. 1264536

I'm gonna go with fupabait, god this is fucking sad shayna.

No. 1264537

I’m betting this scenario, to be honest. If she was out with her “sugar daddy” aka Jason R Womack she would at least show off her and Whoremack’s dinner and maybe a pic of his hands at the table so she doesn’t look like she’s alone.

No. 1264538

These tiles don't look the same anon

No. 1264539

Here >>1264419 and >>1264490 here are two different places

No. 1264540

screaming and crying. she’s at the same prison tray charcuterie bar. there is no steak dinner or sugar daddy she’s just hiding out at the same tap beer bar for fupa bait(sage your shit)

No. 1264541

It’s the same as , >>1264419
I think the tiles are different by the sinks.

No. 1264543

yeah i couldn't find any pics matching the other tiles, but the stalls look the same in both of shay's pics so i assume it's the same bathroom.
unless he took her out for drinks after eating in hopes of smashing? eugh don't even wanna think about that possibility tho

No. 1264545

Ahh I see she went to the steakhouse and then the shitty bar she always goes to. Makes sense now.

No. 1264546

samefag, my bad. i didn't even realize the floor is completely diff. she had to have gone elsewhere after

No. 1264547

my tinfoil is that shayna lied about the sugar daddy crap yesterday to get Fupa to feel some type of way and contact her. They got in a fight, so Kyle said nevermind. Shayna knowing she lied realizes how stupid she looks so she got dressed up pretending to go meet her “sugar daddy” to make Fupapa jealous and she’s in the bar bathroom taking nudes and cry texting Fupa to take her back.

No. 1264548

File: 1624679438150.png (2.82 MB, 2396x2208, autism.png)

I'm probably autistic but I think it's the same place anon, "high end restaurant chain"

No. 1264550

that is the same bathroom, yes, but i'm wondering where the teal floored bathroom is hmmmm

No. 1264551

>prison tray charcuterie bar

I follow this thread for the poetry

No. 1264552

It is, but anon pointed out that the bathroom here ,>>1264490 is the bathroom of the charcuterie place she always goes to. So she went somewhere else after the steakhouse. Both anons are right.

No. 1264553

oh shit my b i totally missed this post

No. 1264554

So in theory Shayna, an alcoholic who is Big Sad about her ex not wanting to hang out with her on her birthday, is taking her date, a big spender coomer from the internet who has paid at least 3 whole dollars to see her naked, to a bar. What could go wrong.

No. 1264556

Yup. And she also got drunk and smoked before even leaving her cave. Is she going to get blackout drunk the first time she meets someone from the internet?

No. 1264557

idk a more likely theory to me is she baited in fupa and met up with him at their spot after the supposed fancy dinner date. Both scenarios are sad af though

No. 1264560

File: 1624680771003.jpeg (163.13 KB, 750x492, 3A9714E3-1057-4B98-B203-4C9AD4…)

Hope Womack had a lovely night as well

No. 1264562

That's a good point! I guess it just depends on if she's more manipulative or pathetic today.

No. 1264563

File: 1624680872720.jpeg (133.4 KB, 750x400, 517E536C-7982-4CAD-A6AA-DA29EE…)

Wonder if he paid up the 1k

No. 1264567

idk the way she seems so nonchalant about it, I went into this fully expecting/hoping it was Womack but now I’m 100% convinced she was completely alone the entire time. Imagine how fucking sad your life has to be to sit alone in two separate restaurants and take nude pictures in the bathroom and lie about being wanted on your BIRTHDAY just to impress a fat, ugly deadbeat dad and 3 pornsick retards. god

No. 1264568

File: 1624681296305.jpeg (25.73 KB, 384x384, 891E1937-D015-4996-8BE9-34BFFD…)

No pictures of the food. She definitely went to the bar alone (like she always does) probably got food at another restaurant and pretended to have a date with Jason R Womack. That’s really fucking sad. Kek

No. 1264570

I think you're right. It was Fupa bait all along. Happy Birthday, Shayna

No. 1264577

Yeah seems like that. I’d feel sad if it wasn’t shayna lol. Imagine lying you’re on a date with ugly coomer?

No. 1264581

Shayna went the “steakhouse” just to go to the restroom and take pictures. She then went to her typical bar spot and proceeded to get wasted like she does every other day there. There was no sugar daddy. She admitted she faught with Fupa a mere hour before her supposed date. If she was with another man she would without a doubt post something that would show that to shove in Fupa’s face. The only pictures she took were of herself in the bathrooms.

She 100% did this as a last ditch effort to get Fupa back and it’ll probably work until after he gets his chode wet and then he’ll dump her again.

No. 1264582

File: 1624682661325.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.47 MB, 1242x1629, 5A1E9C89-F495-4DB6-8420-B2B8E7…)

Shayna took her birthday photos right before her “extravagant” birthday dinner with her “sugar daddy” kek

No. 1264584

Couldn't even be bothered to shave for the Womack fantasy

No. 1264585

This is absolutely special needs and you cannot convince me otherwise

No. 1264588

she needs to stop paying for those extensions, they don't last long and don't look good at all.I assume its all the crying and wiping her eyes that makes them fall out, but even freshly dome they look bad. She has the type of eyes that need big lashes

No. 1264589

File: 1624683513034.jpeg (551.67 KB, 750x1049, 987E909D-C390-414F-A97E-91D2A5…)

yep this is 100% mental disability tier

No. 1264590

Just googled pictures of Fleming’s in Tulsa and other customers are just wearing t-shirt and jeans.

I’m cackling at Shaynus thinking it’s such a upscale establishment that she gotta dress up like a cheap hooker.

What’s next Shayna? Wearing your Sunday best to Denny’s?

No. 1264594

File: 1624683987273.gif (2.38 MB, 498x278, df2182fc943676dc6cc51371efc04b…)

Holy fuck I love farmers. Absolutely great recall anon. HELP!!!

No. 1264596

I thought this was a farmer edit because it's just so bad but holy shit

No. 1264603

This is the most pathetic image I've seen yet. Could this count as anti-porn?

No. 1264606

My heart skipped a breath. When worlds collide.

No. 1264617

Oh God, this is just like her fake mental hospital stay. If you're gonna lie Shay, at least be consistent. You tweet every single thing you do yet no pictures of your meal? No anecdotes from your date? You couldn't even bother to make up a conversation? Weak.

No. 1264627

File: 1624691668374.jpeg (64.76 KB, 600x856, DDE859CF-2057-45DA-B925-24387E…)

“I love giving strangers fuck me eyes and making them think they have a chance with me!” gigantic kek, why does she look more like a fat picrel every day. if there was another woman in the establishment she went to under 200 pounds and under 70 years of age, she wasn’t even the hottest girl at her solo Tulsa strip mall birthday dinner. im embarrassed as fuck for her.

No. 1264631

Her eyes look absolutely dead. It's actually scaring me.

No. 1264634

The lack of make up (or lip chap) makes it looks like she's posing with a nightgown on.

No. 1264642

Silent Hill monster yeez

No. 1264647

File: 1624696730633.png (Spoiler Image, 264.48 KB, 259x420, BB.PNG)

I was trying to think what her pose reminded me of and i found it. She poses like a body builder when she tries to hide her belly.

No. 1264648

Shayna Clifford here thinking she’s a bikini fitness model.

No. 1264664

How are we back to this again? This is like when no one believed she was still secretly seeing fupa the first time.

It's so obvious she went out with fupa, is referring to him as a "sugar daddy", and said they got in a fight because she thinks it's throwing us off their stench. If they actually got in a fight and didn't make up she'd be pissing and moaning about it like she always does, and if she'd gone out with anyone else she'd have been way less nonchalant about it.

I don't even know why the Womack meme is taken this seriously, they will never meet. Ladies you are getting too removed from the obvious and repeat cycle in hopes of some wild milk. In reality shatnus doesn't learn new tricks.

No. 1264669

Nah we know Shart was never gonna meet with Womack, its just funny to see how it would pan out if it did happen. Our girl is so predictable we gotta make up different scenarios to keep us entertained.

No. 1264670

>said they got in a fight because she thinks it's throwing us off their stench
I can believe that it's actually fupa but wouldn't it be really weird, even for Shay, to post about a fight that didn't happen knowing Fupa would read her posts about it? I imagine he wouldn't like her lying about a fight with him online.

No. 1264681

Not getting tattoos is probably the best decision she's making. Unless she really leaves Oklahoma, then it's a tie.

No. 1264691

Which one is more pathetic, whoring yourself for a 20 dollar steak and some beer, or pretending to whore yourself for a 20 dollar steak and some beer just to make your neckbearded ex jealous? Holy shit

No. 1264702

No. 1264719

File: 1624712969828.jpeg (512.39 KB, 1242x971, CD5FF9B9-ADAD-4CCD-8B61-F4B40D…)

Fupa posted this around the time Shayna was out so he’s either trying to throw us off the scent by pretending he had a “night in” or Shayna really did take herself out in attempt to bait him

No. 1264729

File: 1624715726135.jpg (125.38 KB, 1080x1844, Screenshot_20210626-145252_Twi…)

Happy birthday shit head.

Tryna throw her mum under the bus again even though everything she said was reasonable and actually sweet.

You're an asshole Shay.


No. 1264730

File: 1624715752862.jpg (197.21 KB, 1080x1517, Screenshot_20210626-145307_Twi…)

No. 1264732

god, she's insufferable. her mom is being beyond reasonable considering how fucked up her daughter's life is. also, is this what she considers a "screaming match"?

No. 1264733

She completely ghosted her mom when she visited home and yet expected a sweet happy birthday text? Why would she screenshot this, this is so sad (not even getting into the fact that this is her "professional" account)

No. 1264736

gosh I feel so bad for her parents. what a tragedy to see your daughter ruining her life like this

No. 1264737

Why does she expect her mom to give a fuck about her birthday when she didn't even visit her? Holy shit. Love and affection goes both ways, Shayna.

No. 1264738

This. Shayna keeps trying to make her mom seem unreasonable and mean but in all the messages she posts it's always her who is the rude one.

No. 1264744

File: 1624717486416.jpeg (387.03 KB, 857x1079, 1616773474753.jpeg)

re-reading this thread over morning coffee before my shitty retail job is sad too, dont worry anon. shay is my morning paper.(sage)

No. 1264745

Shayna is so milky my god.
She didn’t take any photos of her fancy dinner. She didn’t take photos of fancy cocktails. Nor any shopping haul. We know she’s obsessed with flexing.
Now forcing drama with her mother. Her life is so pathetic and sad. How has she not an herod.

No. 1264757

It's not even a guilt trip. You're a petty, immature shit that blocks their mom after mom has sent money and things to help you move and just wants you to stop embarrassing yourself online for $3 - free. You went home, but didnt even tell her. And yet she still tried to send a happy birthday text. Shay pobably unblocked her hoping for a message today too because she's such a little cunt. It would've cost nothing to just not respond to the text or keep her blocked. But nah, let's start your precious all important birthday on a real negative childish bitch note and blast your mom on your public whore twitter first thing.

No. 1264759

>Shay pobably unblocked her hoping for a message today too because she's such a little cunt.
She totally did this

No. 1264762

File: 1624719257339.jpg (93.44 KB, 720x556, 20210626_075235.jpg)

Here it is, ladies. The r/thathappened story that confirms she was just out alone. Couldn't even come up with a somewhat believable or reasonable fake story. Kek

No. 1264763

She probably unblocked her mom thinking that she would get given money for her birthday.

No. 1264765

Shayna, with all the disgusting things you've said to your mom, constantly blasting her, disrespecting her publicly, asking random online coomers to insult her, now you've GHOSTED her to surprise visit your dad (very obviously trying to get a reaction out of her) and blocked her on and off and now YOU'RE the one that's mad at HER because she … [looks at clipboard] still decided to send you a birthday message, reminding you that she loves you despite all of your cunty actions.

This bitch doesn't deserve loving parents. The disrepectful things she says and does to her mother are the kind of things that would be dynamic-changing in a normal parental relationship. Mama Saurault, just let go. She will never treat her bpd. She will never look inside herself and realize that she's the problem. There is no rekindling this relationship. She's a failure to launch… or I should say failure to thrive.

No. 1264766

Delusion. Convince yourself.

No. 1264768

>someone wanted to contribute to the bill
>the waiter wanted to pay for part of hers and her sugar daddys meal
>the waiter was not only flirting with an ugly retard like her while working, but also in front of her date

Suuuuure Shay.
What really happened was she went out alone, told the waiter it's her birthday. He might've pitied her and just been a little extra nice to her because of that. Might've said "that's a nice dress" completely professionally and just to throw her a basic compliment. Brought her a free dessert as restaurants do.

She's so wack with her lies and delusions I just can't.

No. 1264769

And then everyone in the restaurant sang happy birthday to me and all the older men wanted to buy me drinks!! The waiter said he recognized me from online and gave me his number!! Then in the Uber the driver kept looking back at me with fuck me eyes and said my uber was free because I'm so beautiful and got out and opened the door for me!!

No. 1264770

oh my god, this is so embarrassing

No. 1264771

What the fuck, can’t shaynus see how big of an ass she’s being? Her mom clearly cares about her and is only worried, she doesn’t deserve that shitty attitude thrown at her.

No. 1264772

Samefag to say oops, I meant Mama Clifford. Got my threads all mixed around for a sec.

No. 1264773

Wondering if she told the waiter it was her birthday and they simply comped her dessert like a lot of places do, especially if you’re sitting alone

No. 1264774

that literally doesn’t happen. she really doesn’t get out much does she?

No. 1264775

KEK this is so sad. Shayna. Pls stop. You’re so embarrassing.

>unblocks mom and expects birthday text
>sad mom sendS text expressing her sadness

Amazing. Enjoy your lonely pit in Seattle.

No. 1264776

For someone who says their mom is "guilt tripping" and "making things about her", that sure seems to be exactly what Shaynus has been doing to her mother all her life.
She's the dictionary definition of a selfish ingrate. Just because you're the offspring doesn't mean that everything is about you 24/7. Your parents matter. Their feelings matter, you selfish cunt. And the audacity to claim "guilt tripping" when she's out here blatantly trying to get a rise out of her mom. She knows what she's doing by ignoring her mother and showing off her visit with dad. Normally people do that shit when they're angsty 11 year olds & their parents are freshly divorced, but this is Shaynus. And the whole blocking/unblocking thing… transparent. You wanted your free gibs from mummy for your birthday. Since mum didn't give her money, she's looking to instigate a fight instead. And then hide under the "birthday" crutch even though she's instigating all of this.

No. 1264781

Show the fucking pictures bitch. This dumb whore is too stupid to even steal food pics to flex on social medias. You post every single happy hour beer from dinky bars but not high end restaurants? Might as well admit you sat alone in your hovel again lol

No. 1264783

Multipurpose use on this, think it’s the true face of Katherine Harlow. Sage for OT.

No. 1264784

>waiter who makes minimum wage and probably hates his life contributed to my bill, that's just how pretty i am guys!

not even trying at this point

No. 1264785

>You post every single happy hour beer
It kills me how she was live-tweeting such an embarrassing night yesterday without an ounce of self-awareness because she live-tweets her entire life.
Sis is constantly telling on herself, then acting shocked when people don't take her word that she's ~thriving~.

No. 1264797

And this is exactly how I know she went out alone kek. She’s posted every prison charcuterie she’s ever had yet suddenly no pics from last night?

I’m cringing so hard about the waiter thing. She really is delusional enough to think that he found a pile of pork meat stuffed into sausage casing attractive?

No. 1264798

This is so wholesome

No. 1264800

it must feel so weird walking about life with this amount of delusion in your brain. i’m not sure which is sadder, her expecting people on twitter to believe the story or her thinking she’s attractive enough for something like that to even happen irl? and at the frequency she claims it does too?

No. 1264807

… does she really think this makes her look good?

Yeah Shayna, obviously your mom is hurt that you purposefully cut her out of your visit.
That was your intent was to hurt her by doing that.
Mission accomplished, you got what you wanted.

No. 1264812


Went to check if any coomers even interacted with this embarrassing confession and it’s already deleted. Wow, she is a pro at making herself look terrible. Definitely only unblocked her mom because she was expecting gifts. From the woman she hasnt seen in over 2 years, and ghosted after flying to her town. She is a terrible daughter and should he ashamed. Like it’s your fucking mom.

No. 1264814

File: 1624725838070.jpeg (148.73 KB, 750x982, 4421F03E-708A-42FB-8116-731D28…)

from her twitter birthday post… yeah thats nasty.

No. 1264817

File: 1624726306906.jpeg (998.34 KB, 1242x1617, 510E7B2F-17FC-497A-9708-2AE072…)

This is embarrassing kek

No. 1264818

File: 1624726363420.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 226.06 KB, 960x1280, E2590C7E-5E42-429B-843D-4AC361…)

No. 1264819

These shoes are a hate crime

No. 1264820

File: 1624726571486.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.52 MB, 1242x1635, EDB3F7EA-3B0D-45B6-B16C-839CD6…)

Facetune teeth whitening tool working overtime kek

No. 1264821

The bottom of her shoe is disgusting…

No. 1264822

These shoes are so fucking ugly I can’t…open toes with ungroomed feet, nothing says bimbo like not wearing lingerie under your Marshall’s dress. The disservice to herself is karma on its own.

No. 1264823

She really outs herself by posting the text conversations because everyone can see how reasonable her mother is being.

No. 1264825

The fuck is between her little toes? Did she have to lotion her feet into those shoes? Kek

No. 1264826

She really wants her coomers to rally behind her about her mom being sUcH a BiTcH!!! when anyone with a brain can see here she’s lucky to have a mom who still cares after how disgusting her daughter is
>”see fupa!!!! people definitely think im pretty!!! “

No. 1264827

it's sweat condensation building on the plastic

No. 1264833

File: 1624727802882.jpeg (779.83 KB, 1242x1482, 8BB04B04-2587-4D58-A657-67C8BB…)

No. 1264845

this still manages to get me every single time kek. today has just been hit after hit on this thread

No. 1264849

No, they've both done it before. He probably has told her to, even. Remember that he doesn't want his wife knowing he's fucking with Shatnus and she publicly sperged out about it before when she was being spiteful. They think they are clever

No. 1264852

she doesn't deserve a caring mother like she obviously has, god. this makes me incredibly sad

No. 1264854

That poor fucking woman, holy shit. Imagine going through labor for this shit

Yep, and now she's throwing a hissy fit because she didn't get it

No. 1264866

I feel bad for Shayna’s mother always being ridiculed for trying to be in her daughter’s life. Nonetheless on her daughter’s sex work account that has pictures of her daughter’s gaped asshole. Disgusting. Seriously, cut Shayna out of your life. She is an ungrateful piece of shit who should have been aborted.

No. 1264868

File: 1624731861329.png (1.92 MB, 960x1280, 89A704EB-28AA-47EF-A887-856064…)

Shaynus posted this on her dead tumblr and got 17 notes. Kek. Can she just give up her “tumblr fame” already?? Literally no one uses that app anymore.

No. 1264869

File: 1624731965929.jpeg (1.02 MB, 3072x1630, 3B35565C-A727-4777-8E64-0AB050…)

apologies in advance for the ‘tism but I decided to compile all of GHNotOld’s favorite e-whores (from today’s mass tweet at least) Shayna is at least in the bottom 3 most busted, but the bar is low and depressing.

No. 1264871

This little look into her interactions with her mom is so milky. Like you just know she's such a petty, rude little manipulative weasel to the people in her life at all times. She deserves to spend her birthday alone.

No. 1264872

all of them look like they need a shower.

No. 1264874


She just didnt grow or mature at all throughout her relationship with fupa so the only thing she knows how to do is revert back to her habits before she met them. The tumblr and soon the InSex hints (if she even gets approved anymore in her current state)

No. 1264875

her foot looks like it's about to explode

No. 1264876

her fat foot squeezed into these cheap shoes looks so fucking stupid

No. 1264877

File: 1624732372194.jpeg (1.7 MB, 3072x3072, F7EC4F84-C63D-4DFB-9A5D-562222…)

Replying with the collage by itself

No. 1264879

Shaynus probably just got her “sugar daddy” to pay the tab and went to the steakhouse alone and sent him pics and called it a “date”. Probably just sat the bar, ordered beer at a winery, took a bathroom picture then promptly left to go to her favourite trashy bar after. Agree with every anon saying there was no actual guy with her the entire night. And honestly, if she was dressed up like a hooker and drinking alone someone might have actually “contributed” to her bill because that’s just sad to get that dressed up and go alone.

No. 1264882

he has a type kek they all look extremely unhinged, bpd and massively retarded

No. 1264885

I thought the bottom left was charms for a sec kek

No. 1264888

He obviously gets off on seeing mentally ill women degrade themselves. The fact that wanted this for his own daughter is just disgusting.

No. 1264890

Looks like he goes after the “more approachable” less attractive ewhores that he might have a chance with because of their low self esteem

No. 1264896


I wouldnt be shocked if he’s going for a similar look to his own daughter that he bought lights and a camera for, for her sex work.

No. 1264903

Now you say this, the more I believe someone did contribute because they thought she’s been stood up.

Spesh all dressed up and typing furiously on her phone…

No. 1264911

That and low budget e-whores are more likely to give you attention because they need the money. Girls with $20 onlyfans won’t interact with you. Which is why he only talks to girls with $3 onlyfans kek

No. 1264926

She's really outting herself because she's back at this place having a birthday beer on snapchat. Snap anons who can screenshot go take a look. She's at the same exact place right now

No. 1264931

File: 1624736867634.png (7.48 MB, 1242x2208, 831765AD-16F2-444F-BD0F-13260F…)

She looks like shit

No. 1264933

File: 1624736957390.png (5.43 MB, 1242x2208, 0E742376-7369-425F-95FB-BF8EDC…)

Same exact bathroom ….
That’s so fucking sad that she had to lie about being taken on a date

No. 1264935

File: 1624737390450.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 52.15 KB, 558x671, 3E782FF5-5366-45BC-BD5A-A59DDD…)

No. 1264936

Her life is so depressing she has to lie about it on social media kek shay keep being you

No. 1264939

her face looks more and more like a bulldog every day now

No. 1264941

Shayna should have just stayed with her dad for her birthday. It’s less depressing than being alone at a bar in Tulsa Oklahoma looking like a busted can of biscuits.

No. 1264942

Shes trying to match the ugly purse but she still looks bad. She just doesnt know how to style clothes and put herself together. If you're going to wear a "cute" outfit, put some makeup and accessories on and do your hair. The just rolled out of bed look brings it all down so badly.

Definitely the same bathroom. She's so fucking sad and awful at keeping up her charades. Taking herself to the same bar two days in a row for her birthday kek thriving

No. 1264944

Not the little hoe on the prairie patchwork mini purse PLEASE.

No. 1264946

Can she go to any establishment without flashing her tits and posting it for free? It's so embarrassing and this place isn't a single person use bathroom so anyone could walk in and see that shit. Love the toilet paper on the floor too, very fittingly trashy.

No. 1264947

she didnt even inhale the cart lol what a waste… literally pressed the button and sucked on it and blew it out right away. she wastes weed because she cant even get high quickly by holding it in tf. saged for weedsperg

No. 1264948

She always does the same full body selfie every time in the bathroom, she lacks confidence to actually pose correctly to take a picture in public. At least she does the world a favor by keeping her ugliness indoors

No. 1264952

File: 1624738534790.png (8.42 MB, 1242x2208, E1AB6CE7-A8D9-44E6-AAF1-08DA98…)

shay posted a coom show
takes a while to download on Dropbox forgive me nonnies

No. 1264956

File: 1624738829789.png (1.2 MB, 1111x955, lol.png)

holy fuck i didnt notice until you said it and looked back at >>1264467. you can see she is definitely wearing one like pic related, lmaoo

No. 1264960

File: 1624739008473.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1242x1960, 6D435279-E02E-4284-8959-8082B8…)


No. 1264963

File: 1624739513179.jpeg (241.75 KB, 1242x588, 8CDB2065-4BAE-4B89-BB38-FAD661…)


No. 1264965

So shes just gonna do the dispensary and door dash.

No. 1264970

I would say I can't wait to see her "Look" but it's probably going to be the mess she wore to the bar, no makeup and maybe she'll do the bun again.
Also, I have a feeling if she's with Fupa it's going to be drama.

No. 1264982

File: 1624741177044.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 3464x3464, 792A20F3-11B2-452F-83A6-C99CFC…)

kek same bathroom

No. 1264984

She posted two bathroom selfies last night in different establishments >>1264548 and >>1264490 She went to a steakhouse then left and went to the shitty bar. However, its pretty clear she did both these things alone for a birthday dinner so still sad as hell. Especially now that she’s back to the bar for a second day in a row.

No. 1264987

No. 1264988

he what now

Shayna and Jason R. Womack have the exact same nose. also I'm dying that this anon shopped them in front of Outback and she ended up at Fleming's (which is owned by the same company, Bloomin' Brands). real high-class shit, Shayna.

No. 1264992

The tp on the floor behind has sent me

No. 1264995

So did she bully fupa into going out or did womack entice her with a night of free booze.

No. 1264998

File: 1624742285371.jpg (61.93 KB, 586x553, ... ha ha ha ha ha.jpg)


Incoming stories to make Fupa jealous, like how she's going to get hit on by 5 guys in the club and how they all tried to take her home but she conveniently said nooo. (because she's lying and has no proof to show anybody.)

No. 1265000

i think that anon meant "he is into girls similar to his daughter" (creepy)

No. 1265004

So has her hairline always look like that or am I just noticing? She always looks like she JUST woke up now. I don't even think it's the eyelashes or eyeliner, it's like her eyes are always swollen now.

No. 1265011

Her eyes are beginning to resemble her distended vagina

No. 1265018


Anon is asking about the lights and camera purchase.


Yes, last thread a nonnie posted one of his tweets where he said he was so supportive of sex work that he bought his daughter lights and camera for her sex work. He’s fucking gross.

No. 1265027

The way she has to throw out her back to keep her ponch from hanging over her skirt

No. 1265037

Honestly this is really depressing. Imagine not even taken your birthday as a day to just be a normal fucking person and celebrate it. I know shes alone, but she didnt have to degrade herself for her 3 coomers today. She has no problem taking off days. I just dont get it. She already did the awful Barbie birthday content. I don't know why she bought a what is a nice by her standards dress and stuff to just go do this gross, sad shit in. When she doesn't even like doing sexual stuff. So wack.

No. 1265038

she's so deranged for taking pics in this ugly ass public bathroom to post them publicly on the internet. there's a poor unsuspecting lady in the stall right behind her. and for what? these pictures are terrible, the bathroom is hideous, she looks washed out as fuck in this lightning too. she really has got to be drunk all the fucking time

No. 1265044

>it's like her eyes are always swollen now
She has alcoholic's edema. It's bloating caused by long term alcohol use. You can see it in her face and around he wrists and ankles.

No. 1265051

I really don't get why she posts the same tired titties shots in every public bathroom she hits up. Same pose, same face, hell it's usually the same bathroom. It's boring.

No. 1265055

I almost forgot that greyhair helped his own daughter become an ewhore and now I'm throwing up in my mouth all over again, what a sicko

No. 1265059

Bulldog Barbie

No. 1265066

No shame, anon. Took Shayna and my morning coffee out on the porch today for the big birthday reveal

No. 1265107

File: 1624751595762.jpg (227.03 KB, 1080x1015, Screenshot_20210626-185314_Twi…)

No. 1265110

food, booze, weed, and sleep… what a life…

No. 1265112

Wow, it's a brand new day for our girl!!
So happy she's doing new and exciting things for her birthday.

No. 1265114

If she's actually going to the club she is definitely going with Fupa. That means a fight is about to pop off either tonight after she gets too drunk or tomorrow when he tries to leave her.

No. 1265127

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does this lmao.

No. 1265135

wtf she was rubbing her pussy and it looked like she pulled up her hand to smell it

No. 1265136

File: 1624755428038.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 154.93 KB, 1125x1154, 71B07A93-04B8-47AF-8A69-21AF89…)

my bad forgot pic

No. 1265139

Women like Shayna get men like Womack telling them that it's so0o hawt when they eat/sniff their fingers after sticking them up their snatch & ass. Backwoods degens love that sort of shit.
This dumbass just hasn't put it together yet that normal men do not.

No. 1265140

Spoiler this

No. 1265145

Can you spoiler the image you dumb fucking bitch? Or at least get a new fucking hobby instead of waiting for other people to nitpick her pussy.

No. 1265152

I'll get hate for this but even though she looks cheap and tacky, this looks really good for Shatna standards.

No. 1265163

File: 1624759178185.jpg (488.55 KB, 1080x1248, Screenshot_20210626-205906_Twi…)

She put on more makeup for the club and not her "sugar daddy date"

No. 1265165

File: 1624759216139.jpg (176.59 KB, 960x1280, 20210626_210007.jpg)

Looking like a ghost

No. 1265166

I'm not hating, but she really doesn't look good, even for her standards. Shayna looks exactly the same as she always does: she crammed her body into a dress too small, didn't put on any semblance of makeup that would at least make her look a bit more put-together, and wore a sock bun à la 2010. The only difference I'm seeing is that she washed her hair.

Shay is fat, ugly, and disgusting and can't look great with her current body (face included, kek) as anons have stated for dozens of threads, but she could look much better– even as a fatty– with minimal effort. Just putting a bit of eyeshadow, mascara, bronzer, and blush on her face would make her look less rodent-like. Honestly, she's such an enigma. I'm not sure if I should be horrified or impressed with her misplaced confidence.

No. 1265169

Idk why she wants to leave Oklahoma when she's gotten so good at pulling off the white trash trailer mom look.

No. 1265173

her foundation has never matched less

No. 1265191

So she hyped up her birthday with the "sugar daddy" for ages.. when it was to make Fupa jealous all along.

My bet is she hit him with the "Hey I'm going to meet this guy for dinner.. unless you want to be my date?" and gets all dressed up for him thinking he'll fall all over himself to keep her from being with anyone else since threatening to move didn't work. Fupa declines so she gets upset.. and then has to go with her lie, fully expecting that the "sugar daddy" would've been Fupa all along.

She takes one selfie in the steak bathroom then has to sit by herself, overdressed and out of place for her Party of One birthday dinner then goes back to the bar to get drunk until she feels less like a failure and can come with some ridiculous story about the waiter paying for her instead of her made-up sugar daddy.

No. 1265195

I wish Fupa would post all her unhinged texts once she's gone. Come on, Fups, we won't bully you as much if you do.

No. 1265196

he won't. then his wife would know how long he was still talking to her.

No. 1265207

If he did that, I’d probably be so full of milk I’d never come back to Shay’s threads again. It would be the end game for me honestly kek. What could top that? Nothing.

No. 1265209

File: 1624766025567.jpeg (52.98 KB, 360x450, FCE3B40F-8E82-43FC-8BB9-114BAA…)


Hey, leatherface, bronzer isn’t just for tan people, it’s so you don’t look like the mortician did your makeup.

No. 1265211

She looks like a trashy Walmart mom you’d see in hick towns during the summer. Why does she do that retard open mouth expression when all it does is show her fucky teeth and create lines on her face making her look way older? Secondhand embarrassment

No. 1265213

File: 1624767269598.png (6 MB, 1242x2208, B3688F97-1DAA-4D62-8279-1D1901…)

kek she really has no ass just back

No. 1265215

File: 1624767501135.png (6.92 MB, 1242x2208, 8CC3F094-BB76-4D20-AA21-00AC16…)

No. 1265218

So “the club” she was talking about earlier is just her wOrK rOoM with tiktok lights, got it

No. 1265221

>get microblading done
>still have to draw in your eyebrows

What a waste of money.

No. 1265225

Is it the snap filter too or is she wearing falsies over her extensions that totally didn’t fall out lol

No. 1265228

File: 1624769022385.gif (334.61 KB, 497x159, f21.gif)

but seriously… how old is she now? my memory is telling me somewhere in her early to mid twenties but my eyes are telling me a completely different story

No. 1265229

The full mask of foundation but not even a swipe of lip balm? So ~bimbo~, yet you hate lip gloss? Her actual aesthetic appearance really is unwashed alcoholic twat.

No. 1265230

File: 1624769321676.jpeg (177.35 KB, 1181x1257, D161A0AD-154D-4A38-B9ED-2E4915…)

kek she can’t even afford designer jeans but she’s such a high end luxury bimbo uwu
what a trashy outfit to wear on your birthday

No. 1265239

These would have been cute on a playmate in the early 2000s but that’s it. Definitely not cute on a 24 year old alcoholic sex worker living in Oklahoma.

No. 1265242

Low maintenance ugly girls wearing Playboy merch lol… oof

No. 1265251

this could have been cute if they were full length jeans or the top was long sleeve. Shayna has no idea how to pair things like you show off either the top or the bottom but not both otherwise you look cheap and trashy like this
But because it's shayna she should just cover everything

No. 1265252

those changes wouldn't have really improved anything

No. 1265258

For girls with a nice body unlike shay, yeah thats a pretty standard rule of thumb with clothes

No. 1265259

She’s born in -97 so she’s 24.

No. 1265267

Shayna has set the bar so low that I'm relieved to see the return of eyeliner on her

No. 1265268

Seriously. After seeing her swollen butthole eyes for the last month, it’s actually nice seeing her tacky too-heavy liner.

No. 1265279

Why do you keep calling his _ex_ wife his “wife”

No. 1265289

Thoseshorts are giving her a pretty tragic crotch bulge in that left photo

No. 1265318

Truly, she looks more and more like a troon each day.

No. 1265353

fupa-wife confirmed?

No. 1265394

Her poor mom seems so sweet and concerned. I feel so bad for her!! Shay is such a shitty daughter. I would disown her by now. Poor woman is going to die from stress.

No. 1265412

It’s ridiculous how her mum is just being clear about why she says these things any good parent would want their kid to do more than beg for money online and cater to bottom of the barrel men living in squalor. How dare she actually want her daughter to have a good life and still wish her a happy birthday!!!

No. 1265417

anybody wearing playboy merch, oof
coomer culture is poison

No. 1265418

At least it’s not ahegao merch. So tacky.

No. 1265433

they represent the same thing

No. 1265457

uhhh where the fuck's her dog? no one else find it weird that there's been no mention of her?
i bet she left her at the boarding place out of laziness/convenience, piece of shit. although noodle would definitely be in better care there.

No. 1265479

If everything went well with Fupa, I feel like she's going start spending her moving fund again and she's going to stop mentioning moving or mention it less, until they break it off again.

No. 1265516

File: 1624809482344.png (28.3 KB, 601x193, 01.PNG)

from discord

No. 1265517

File: 1624809505785.png (12.8 KB, 681x78, 02.PNG)

No. 1265518

guess that means she didn’t actually do anything last night and was lying for Fupa attention. how pathetic.

No. 1265521

File: 1624809760178.png (14.79 KB, 628x123, 03.PNG)

No. 1265532

It's Pride everywhere, you dumbass.

No. 1265536

So lackluster when she said it was an amazing day kek Confirmed she had a boring, sad, lonely birthday cause if anything actually eventful happened, she'd plaster it all over Twitter thinking people actually give a fuck. I'm happy her birthday is done and over with so she can finally shut the fuck up about it. She's extra annoying in June.

No. 1265539

Was wondering the same. She removed the tweet of picking the dog from the place and tweeted she will smoke a lot to get rid of anxiety or something?

No. 1265543

It’s not that deep retard. It’s just an explicit modeling magazine

No. 1265555

ntayrt but umm yeah we all know what Playboy is. and it's cringe.

No. 1265575

File: 1624813664201.png (5.65 MB, 1242x2208, D50F09EC-84CF-4426-A3E4-66B1F5…)

Shayna did go to the club presumably with Fupa and he’s out of the camera shot. But it looks like she’s dancing all by herself which is really sad and pathetic

No. 1265587

tf was that "dance"?? lmfaooo

No. 1265589

Her “sugar daddy” dinner dress would have been more appropriate for clubbing. She looks like trash

No. 1265590

This. Where the fuck is noodle!? Where Is the picture of a happy noodle excited to be back with Shay? She tweets fucking everything but the one thing that probably would’ve resulted in cute likeable pictures she didn’t bother? Wonder if she just left noodle at the boarding place with no intention of going back.

Tinfoil maybe she was just saying she was boarding noodle but she actually rehomed noodle because she couldnt work out how to get noodle to Seattle?

No. 1265594

Does anyone know what Fupa sounds like? You can hear her talking to someone.

No. 1265597

It actually is kinda weird. She kept going on about how much she was gonna miss Noodle before her trip and every time she was doing anything with her, then said she was gonna pick her up on her way home but deleted that and now shes said nothing about Noodle or that's cats even. Probably too distracted to make a show of her stupid birthday but she cant do a performative "omg I missed my pets" or a stupid story or something about Noodle coming home? Really odd

No. 1265599


I bet you anything this irresponsible twat did NOT get her second round of the Covid shot.

No. 1265605

Lmao dancing alone at the club as a woman… how pathetic

No. 1265612

i hope this tinfoil is true, poor dog deserves a home where vacuuming is a thing and the decor aren't sex toys

No. 1265624

Still, I feel bad for Noodle. She loved Shatna and abandonment is a horrible thing for dogs to go through. She's probably just ignoring her pets like usual until she finds some way to use them to wring money out of her followers

No. 1265627

Definitely with fupa. It was a one minute shot of the ceiling lmao. She can’t show around too much because she will accidentally catch Fupa dancing with a tranny. We all know she’s just pandering to the lgbq crowd but no way she would show up there by herself. And Fupa seems to have a lot of faggy friends kek

No. 1265636

She posted Noodle, Ribmeat, and the new cat on her snap a day after she got back. She was smoking on the porch/balcony with them all out there. I didn't get a cap because it wasn't milky.(unsaged)

No. 1265647

lmao the dog doesn't give a shit. as long as it gets food, it will love anyone. but that said, i think shatna is just too scared to post any pictures of her pets after she's been dragged by us and twitter for the sorry state of rib and noodle the past couple of times. especially since some retarded anons tried to contact spca for her

No. 1265657

This is the dumbest tinfoil I’ve read on here. She literally took pics of her going to get the shot, she brought her filthy stuffed animal with her like a true sped.

No. 1265660

Shaynus hasn’t been active on onlyfans or twitter and she still has her name as “birthday barbie” even though it ended. she’s probably with fupa because if she wasn’t she’d be bitching and moaning about wanting to move or about her evil mother

No. 1265661

File: 1624819886741.jpeg (647.57 KB, 761x1653, AA181A3E-CE1F-4ECD-B11D-741D4A…)

She deffo didn’t go out with Jason R Womack I know his dumbass would have said something alluding to it.

No. 1265666

Can you dumbass anons with Alzheimer’s shut the fuck up? She literally posted pictures of her getting the j&j vaccine which is one dose

No. 1265688

Unless she specifically told him not to so her “haters” wouldn’t find out

No. 1265691

I caught that too, anon, it has to be him

No. 1265701

He hides the fact that he’s her Splenda daddy so it’s no surprise he’d have to hide he took her to dinner. Pretty sure farmers have fucked with him and his girlfriend (he cried about it and suicide baited and then went private) so it’s safe to say we will likely never know.

No. 1265703

It didn't happen. End of. Get over it Womack anons, it's never happening

No. 1265714

Honestly my tinfoil of her "Sugar Daddy Date" us that she went alone and videochatted who ever this is while sitting there by herself getting wasted. He probably fund3d the food and drinks but she got nothing else for her time.

No. 1265732

Yeah, I don't know why anons think Shay would ever meet up with Womack. She is an idiot but I don't think even she would meet up with someone like him unless thousands of dollars were involved, and in that case she would be bragging. Womack is just a dumb hick sped that buys her door dash gift cards.

No. 1265758

Drunk Aunt Gladys dancing. How nice of Tulsa to have a Pride just for her birthday y'all!

No. 1265770

No she got Pfeizer or Moderna because she posted about her getting her second dose

No. 1265821

File: 1624833965028.jpeg (238.72 KB, 1242x521, AD190FCD-7B36-4376-B3EC-19A425…)

true he’s dumber than a box of rocks

No. 1265827

idk i think she was with a sugar daddy and thats why we didnt see any pictures, he didnt want her posting them. if she went out to dinner by herself she would have been able to take as many pictures as she wanted and most likely would have cropped them to make them look like someone else was there and posted them.

No. 1265828

File: 1624834467160.png (Spoiler Image, 613.64 KB, 824x607, Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 3.52…)

sage for womack sperg but this is coconut kitty. some woman who edits herself to look 15 and poses in lingerie. these are your loyal customers, shay(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1265835

She could have taken pictures of both meals, she didn’t have to show his face even his hand or feet to show she’s with a male. She doesn’t have a sugar daddy, only a Splenda daddy Jason R Womack who cannot afford expensive gifts from luxury brands.
We know who coconut kitty is anon

No. 1265839

She never went with a sugar daddy. It was all fupapa bait. Notice how she’s not sperging about her lame birthday, she’s getting his chode wet- yet again.

No. 1265844

are you new here?

No. 1265870

File: 1624839697345.jpeg (156.23 KB, 1242x1003, 461E5C9A-1A16-446B-846C-58840A…)

$115 down the drain

No. 1265871

Back to blowing her moving funds

No. 1265875

I watched some videos with his voice but they're short so it's hard to tell. But considering she admitted to originally planning to go with him, it wouldn't surprise me if they made up or if she "happened" to see him there. Think we can safely assume whether she went alone or with Fupapa, it's sad and pathetic either way

No. 1265892

I remember his voice from the video where Shay made a joke and he's like "shut up I'm the dom". He sounds like a bitch, exactly how he looks.

No. 1265903

Yea you can hear him multiple times in the video. It’s him. She’s been quiet today too so you know she’s hanging out with him. What a loser lmao

No. 1265909

All those anons working overtime to make Fupaless in Seattle a thread pic and we're back to Seattleless in Fupaland.

No. 1265911

Looks like we have our two possible next thread names.

No. 1265921

I guess we will know on the 1st as she will have to give notice to her apartment

No. 1265925

File: 1624846502723.png (663.39 KB, 656x702, foilin.png)

The Fupa heartbreak storyline has already been played out to death. Personally, I'm crossing my fingers for the Fupapa->Fumama tranimorph pipeline.

No. 1265926

@ 55 seconds in it sounds like the woman talking in the background says "kyle says hi"

No. 1265927

Also it's the same club they used to go previously when she was pretending to not be with him but actually was.

She did exactly the same Snapchat back then just filming the lights and her retarded dancing alone.

No. 1265929

It actually does lmao.

Give up Shay ffs. We all know you're with him.

No. 1265930

I believe this is the club where she did something "completely embarrassing" and is for sure the club where anon posted that photo of Kyle with the drag queen and alt girl a while back.

No. 1265933

kek great ears anon.

No. 1265937

Did Shay and Fupa go to clubs together when they lived at the Fupa mansion?

No. 1265940

This picture, my bad he was not in the photo, just flirting with the girl who posted it.

No. 1265941

File: 1624847912896.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.41 MB, 3464x3464, 30139B94-2E3B-4287-ABA1-04C541…)

more photos from onlyfans

No. 1265943

At the 55 second mark she says fupas name

No. 1265946

File: 1624848228346.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 920.95 KB, 1213x991, 9E8B4E61-1DA8-43C0-805B-F47491…)

No. 1265948

File: 1624848323604.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 918.71 KB, 1223x906, 57CC1098-76DD-49CB-B54A-BD5E02…)

Her face looks so retarded in the second pic

No. 1265953

Shit you're right, it does sound like she's saying "Kyle come on!" like she's trying to get him to dance with her

No. 1265964

What has Fupa done for Shaynus that keeps her coming back? I don't recall him ever saying he loved her. She has a mom that still cares for her despite being a walking argument for abortion, but she thinks Chodemeister is the only person who really cArEs n understands. This is so exhausting.

No. 1265986

Probably just a combo of him being her bpd "favorite person" and him being the only man who has ever wanted to """date""" her irl.

It's actually pretty sad to think about how limited her experience is with relationships at age 24. Despite tearing open her orfices on the daily, she's never known love. And likely never will. No one normal dates sex workers.

She probably knows this on some level. She roped Kyle in because she was still young, thin, and had a follower base that he wanted to latch onto. Even still, he doesn't really want a relationship. He's just a typical man who will string her along for as long as he can stick his dick in a warm hole.

No. 1266002

I have a feeling she's at a gay bar with Fupa since he's been awful fruity lately.

No. 1266005


Turning gay from fucking Shats nasty snatch.

No. 1266010

It’s not a gay bar, it’s a club in Tulsa called St. Vitus, it was just an event for pride month

No. 1266032

beautifully written anon

No. 1266044

> Despite tearing open her orfices on the daily, she's never known love.

Pure poetry

No. 1266079

Shanya is an asshole and should be glad someone cares, but her mom could have said something like "I'm not sure you'll get this message if I'm blocked but happy birthday." The "blocked for the crime of wanting the best…" is slightly manipulative.

No. 1266103

I thought this at first too. Like, oh, that's kind of bitter and passive aggressive to send someone on their birthday, even if you're upset. But then you have to put it into context with all the stupid shit shatnus pulls, her frequent attempts to manipulate and gaslight her mom, that she probably only talks to her when she wants or needs something, how she just took her mom's money she sent to help shat move and then spit all over her…

Honestly, I agree with anons who think her mom would be better off cutting contact entirely.

No. 1266105

She’s right tho. Shayna’s lifestyle isn’t something you’d want for your daughter- Her BPD is completely unchecked which means she is willing to degrade herself and further worsen her mental state for the attention of creeps and she’s on the road to irreversibly destroying her physical health. I doubt Shayna has health insurance, but who do you think is going to pick up the bill in 10 years time when Shayna has alcohol and diet induced health problems? Probably her Mom.

No. 1266109

I guess I'm skeptical, because being manipulative is usually a behavior you learn from somewhere. And there are mothers who love to complain and play the victim but they still keep the shitty person around so that they can be seen as the poor good person. I know I'm indirectly giving Shayna benefit of the doubt, but that's not what I'm trying to do. Just saying that maybe Shayna is a pos AND her mom is a passive-aggressive (lesser) pos.

No. 1266127

I truly don’t understand why she doesn’t just get on tinder and get her weird validation there. Sign up for a dating app you pathetic bitch.

No. 1266134

I'm right there with you anon. I hate when Shayna posts a screenshot and a anons go on a "poor momma Clifford!!!!"tirade. Her mom does sound like she's probably manipulate and overbearing. I honestly think it's no accident she had a child like Shayna. Yes, Shayna tells on herself in the fights she posts, but we don't need to coddle the mom she's not here.

No. 1266146

Exactly. The enemy of my enemy is my friend approach is pretty short-sighted.

No. 1266165

when the milk is so dry anons start arguing about whether or not someone has a manipulative mom

No. 1266171

Kek, right? Her brothers turned out fine, didn't they? Sometimes the apple is just rotten.
Her calling it "pride day" is so fucking funny.

No. 1266174

Her face in the top right is somehow the most grotesque thing I've seen all day, that giant flopping tongue and the beady little rat eyes.

No. 1266182


Fupa's obsession with anal from Shay is… Suddenly cast in a new light.

No. 1266214

Especially with how much of a troon/sissy she looks like from the back fuckin kek
When she was skinny anons would say she looked like a twink, now shes got a massive back and man's ass.

No. 1266218

it’s possible, but i don’t think it’s a coincidence that shayna’s the only daughter and that she’s also the most fucked up sibling. tinfoil and slight armchairing but i wouldn’t be surprised if there were some sort of fucked up family/sibling dynamics going on here. i don’t think shayna would have turned out this way if she had a happy and fulfilling home life. probably her parents are partially to blame for this, though i’m not saying shayna doesn’t need to take responsibility for her own life as an adult woman. but she’s clearly trying to fill the void (and her holes) with food, alcohol, drugs, and fupa chode. pure escapism.

No. 1266224

everyone I’ve ever met who did this ddlg shit had a fucked up relationship with their actual dad
shayna’s mom may be a complete cunt, but it seems likely the seeds of her craziness start with daddyo

No. 1266225

The only thing Shay complained about in her childhood was having to watch her brother after school

No. 1266228

The only reason Shay hates her mom is because she doesn't kiss her ass like her dad does. Shay's mom wants an actual career and life for her, while her dad enables her and let's her do what she wants

No. 1266229

>i don’t think shayna would have turned out this way if she had a happy and fulfilling home life.
By all accounts Shayna pretty much DID have a happy and fulfilling home life. One passive-aggressive comment from Shayna's mom, out of all the messages she's ever posted with her mom, isn't enough evidence imo to "bust" the mom as some overbearing parent. Shayna will shit on her mom over her dad at any given opportunity and it comes off moreso an extension of her greed (Dad gives her more money) and misogyny. Let's not pretend her mom is shit off of one text when so many have been posted, and of course, the dad who spoils his daughter with whatever gets a free pass.

No. 1266230

If Shay's mom didn't send her a text on her birthday, Shay would've been pissed and went off on twitter. It's dammed if she does and dammed if she doesn't for her mom

No. 1266236

File: 1624895937726.jpg (524.83 KB, 1080x1523, Screenshot_20210628-105857_Twi…)

No. 1266245

This. It seems like the internet and her brief encounter with tumblr “fame” fucked her up more than anything.

No. 1266247

why are you making all these assumptions as if you know anything about her family? kek. the autism is palpable.

No. 1266255

> the internet and her brief encounter with tumblr fame
Especially since she had it when she was a minor. From smoking weed. When she received a camera from some rando to start camming underage, her mother intervened, and she got pissy about that too even though it’s beyond reasonable. Even if mama Clifford wasn't a saint, she was and still is just being her mother. Shayna is insufferable on her own.

No. 1266311

this bitch needs to switch from beer to liquor to cut down on at least SOME calories but i guess what we’ve got is better than black out shayna every day

No. 1266326

She hasn't talked about moving since her night out, I think her and Fupa are back on.

No. 1266332

More than likely. I wonder what her excuse will be

No. 1266359

did you read my post? it’s just a theory. obviously i don’t know anything about her family, and i could be completely wrong. all I’m saying is that there’s usually a reason people turn out this way. having incest fantasies, drug addictions and posting photos of your gaped asshole online aren’t exactly indicative of someone who had a happy childhood.

No. 1266367

Ntayrt but go read past threads. Shayna has talked about her “traumatic” childhood: her parents divorced and dad remarried quickly, and she didn’t like having to babysit her brother after school. Her childhood was painfully average if anything. In her teens she turned to drugs and tumblr to make up for her mediocre life and got stuck in a cycle of delusional thinking and compulsive lying.

No. 1266439

File: 1624907650057.jpeg (1.21 MB, 3464x3464, 3043E167-C498-4911-8BED-A18876…)

She’s out with Fupa

No. 1266443

File: 1624907717178.png (8.67 MB, 1242x2208, DFF13190-549D-41C1-86E4-946799…)

Those shorts kek

No. 1266448

"The apartment in Seattle fell thru and I'm rly upset about it but at least I can keep saving money while in Oklahoma n maybe move in the future!!!"

No. 1266461

I bet she posts about her outings because she hopes fupapa will see the posts and come hang and realize he's madly in love with her, those photos are clearly meant to show her followers where she is atm. She's so fucking stupid and careless with shit

No. 1266473

She's got to be crushing some sort of internal organ in those shorts. I don't know why she's so resistant to getting clothes that actually fit her.

No. 1266483

Busted Can of Biscuits Barbie, so bimbo.

No. 1266484

fupa and fupa number two

No. 1266488

she just wants to make it seem like she has a life outside of getting high in her apartment

No. 1266494

File: 1624910927901.jpeg (285.26 KB, 1242x788, 94E264B9-FC4A-4513-875E-1D4FFE…)

Onlyfans comments from Jason R Womack and some dude

No. 1266495

File: 1624910995036.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1019.62 KB, 2391x3464, 44B5BC34-075F-4ADD-8C03-05B59E…)


No. 1266503

So fupa is back because shays cashed up. She is just hopeless at this point, repeating the same fucking cycle hoping everyone else is as brain dead as her so they don’t realize.

Wake up Shay, you’ve done this before!

No. 1266509

Did Fupa even buy her anything for her birthday? Was the gift him basically? Or taking her out to eat and to the gay club?

No. 1266514

As disgusting as she is I’m rooting so hard for her to leave this dumbass behind

No. 1266517

Don't forget some gas station snacks.

No. 1266519

lmao you nonnies gave me a sensible chuckle

kek at the ungodly amount of blur that she's using instead of just taking 30 seconds to shave the stray pubes covering her inner thighs

No. 1266540


And dont forget the hypocrisy of not accepting her mother having an opinion/expressing what would make her happy for her daughter - while expecting her mother to just accept everything she does and fully support her every terrible decision. Unfortunately that is not how real life relationships work. Especially with parents there’s always going to be a moment where you need to compromise and agree to disagree. You know, for the sake of actually having the relationship? Parents dont need to agree with everything their kids do and visa versa, but it doesn’t mean she has to be such a cunt and broadcast it on her sex work socials every time her mom tries to talk to her. Shaynus won’t entertain anyone unless they’re in her echo chamber of “being a $3 whore means im an independent boss bitch”

No. 1266546

>not accepting her mother having an opinion
But anon, what about SHAYNA? What about SHAYNA'S feelings?? That's the most important.
Her mom is so selfish for vocalizing her own feelings, as if her daughter should care or something.

No. 1266551

Don't post shit like this Shay, Womack is gonna find you kek.
She tried really hard to make it seem like she's alone. Maybe she is though. Who knows. But really who cares at this point. The Fupa milk is so curdled. And when shes out alone it's just sad.

No. 1266570

Since Shayna is likely with Fupa Kyle and has scammed her fans for "moving money" again, and we're talking about thousands, when do you think they'll argue and she'll break down? Again. Also, how much will she bux him with her moving fund money before she threatens to leave again?
My guess is one big argument in about a week, plus she'll spend 100-200 on food for them plus 500 on some shit she doesn't need.

No. 1266573

tbh she should always wear shades, they hide the eye bags

No. 1266611

File: 1624922567019.jpg (272.27 KB, 1080x832, Screenshot_20210628-182245_Twi…)

No. 1266614

Seeing her live-tweet her whole existence will never not be funny to me.

No. 1266635

Yeah, I don't get it, I have never seen someone do this. Even if she was popular, who CARES?
"I'm going to do my makeup, take five dabs, eat some snacks and-" it's like who gives a fuck?

No. 1266646

File: 1624925131340.jpg (512.24 KB, 1080x1407, Screenshot_20210628-190519_Tum…)

I love the hashtags she uses. Such delusion

No. 1266653

Eww, her audience is so gross

No. 1266669

File: 1624927565800.jpg (403.13 KB, 1242x1548, 1622670425502.jpeg.jpg)

I feel this needs to be reposted now that her costar is back

No. 1266684

Lmao sending out a good vibe to the anon that made this. Fupa's shit-eating grin, the clock hands, the repost-ability… it's the gift that keeps on giving.

No. 1266685

topkek it baffles me as well. she blogs about her life every hour like she’s important or something
>graphic design is my passion
Thanks nonnies, it’s obviously not good but I think the lack of skill makes it a good shitpost

No. 1266706

File: 1624930654745.png (Spoiler Image, 4.94 MB, 1242x2208, 799E2AE0-1128-4783-942A-4D8B09…)

I’m not sure if this video was posted on here, but it’s from January and she looks HUGE. I imagine she’s heavier now that we are almost in July https://www.dropbox.com/s/57mratzn3w4gzme/videofromjanuary%20.mov?dl=0

No. 1266711

File: 1624931018880.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 786.8 KB, 1242x1304, 0443F939-61AB-45AD-AB89-54BF95…)