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No. 801973

Previous thread: >>>/snow/795348

>Shayna caught eating out at a hamburger joint with Fupa
>Multiple twitter and snapchat accounts banned
>Typical mental breakdown imminent - says she's "working on her mental health"
>Begs for money for furniture and buys almost an ounce of weed instead
>Released and Easter bunny video where she fucks herself with carrots
>Also released 80s "workout" themed video and "Gaping Puppy Mattel" video
>Orbiter decides to help her release "merch". Nobody is really sure why.

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- do not include or harass Shay's family
- no nitpicking and blogposting

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http://twitter.com/dollymattel (suspended)
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https://twitter.com/dumdollymattel (suspended)
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https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/dolly_mattel/ (deleted)

KYLE NATHAN PERKINS (alias: Fupa; Fupapa):
http://youvebeenwarned.tumblr.com (deleted)

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No. 801975

File: 1556897149392.png (12.41 KB, 582x123, 2019-05-03 11_25_21-Barbie! (@…)

or, and hear me out on this crazy idea, you could just go to pornhub now?

No. 801978

previous thread

No. 801979

File: 1556900029222.jpeg (250.82 KB, 1242x449, 91C92A90-0807-4E10-B18C-9476C0…)

clearly she hasn’t seen the porn side of twitter. I’ve seen some crazy ass shit on there that I’ve never seen on tumblr. I’m talking bleach your eyes, I never want to see this ever again type crazy.

No. 801982

artistic like fucking yourself with carrots? all she cares about is the tiny chance that she might have a popular social media again

No. 801985

Shay doesn’t even watch porn so why would she be excited about a site with crazy porn shit? Just be honest shay. You’re just chasing your died out tumblr fame.

Also kek at her doing anything for more than a couple hours, let alone 6 hours. Who are you kidding, Shay. You’d probably screech into your phone for 6 hours about ~muh sex worker struggles~ and answer self-asked asks.

No. 801988

it's at the top of the OP

No. 801996

Seriously. I’ve seen tumblr-has-beens move to pornhub and make comfy money! Why would you not want to take advantage of a user base that’s mostly male with new men joining every day?

No. 801998


No. 802000

cus they won't enjoy your super funny irreverent posts

No. 802004

It looks like she’s wearing Fupas hoodie in her public Snapchat video

No. 802005

this… is… an imageboard

No. 802010

With fupa for the 3849723th time

No. 802014

shay doesn't want to be a sex worker she literally just wants to be an online ~influencer~ that people care about but since she doesn't know how to look good or say anything vaguely interesting or at least attention grabbing, she has to be a camwhore to drag in a few followers that will sometimes interact with her lol

No. 802016

There is a video of ribmeat with FUPA in the last thread. Stop asking about the cat. It's fiiiiine.

No. 802026


Did Rib look happy in the video I can't find it
I'm worried that her cat is depressed
It happened to my cat when I left for uni

No. 802029

File: 1556915679099.jpg (98.48 KB, 1080x765, Screenshot_20190503-213115_Twi…)

Sweet. More useless shit as she obviously doesn't own a single record.
People's gifts to her are just "this is pink".

No. 802033

yeah exactly. she wants to be a celebrity for being edgy online

yeah ok anon/shayna you're like totes funny

No. 802040

needs furniture, people get her more useless shit. lmao.

No. 802050

Sage your fucking autism and then reevaluate yourself before posting here again.

Hilarious. She doesn’t own a single record. This will just be another pink aesthetic piece for her garbage apartment. Right next to her hello kitty toaster.

No. 802062

Tinfoil she bought this for herself because she asked for records last thread and she didn't even own a record player at that time? Just mentally noted it because I thought it was strange she didn't seem to show a record player ever

No. 802067

Records dont fit in with her current aesthetic so how do we know. I kinda expect her to own 1 or 2 novelty Doors albums or something.

No. 802071

There's no way someone sent that to her. She ordered it herself

No. 802072

File: 1556931236026.jpg (426.52 KB, 1077x1233, Screenshot_20190503-195336_Twi…)

No one is going to buy these

No. 802076

I just noticed the heart filter floating above her head. So dark. So kvlt.
Also, wasn’t she talking about how much she loved god and went on this weird preachy rant for a few weeks? Now she’s selling merch with an upside down cross, looking like some black metal garage band’s self made album cover.

No. 802095

This is something she can totally do and make money off of but she’s not creative enough and her narsassistic ass would probably put her face on everything

No. 802120

I've seen FGM porn on tumblr and twitter. Like, women who have their labia sewn together and clitoris chopped off.

No. 802122

File: 1556960446717.jpg (448.96 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20190504_095831.jpg)

Looks like she's out drinking with fupa again. She wore that pink collar in public. Yikes. If it was black it would at least go with the outfit.

No. 802126

Not even a somewhat subtle collar
How trashy

No. 802127

lol. two ugly, nonsensical photoshops of her selfies and an uninspired logo slapped on clothing.

No. 802128

i think this is the filthiest we've ever seen her hair. this literally looks like egg in her hair. jesus fucking christ, shayna, not camming is not an excuse to avoid all semblance of hygiene

i swear. the "graphics designer" literally just traced one fugly pic and turned another fugly pic into greyscale. reminds me of the question some anon asked in the previous thread – who the fuck is going to wear a shitty cartoon of a naked ugly sex worker on a teeshirt?! where is the market for this thing lmao

No. 802142

God she is perpetually stuck in 2012 tumblr nobody thinks upside down cross witch house/tyler the creator blacked out eyes are cool anymore. It’s so dead and tired. Sex workers are pretty uncreative when it comes to art tho. too preocupied with stupid attention seeking and money grubbing to have any grasp on anything actually creative

No. 802148

I don’t know, I can see Fupa in these shirts. Probably with the sleeves cut off. Too bad they have to pretend not to know each other, kek.

No. 802150


So many layers of trash in one pic. She doesn't exactly have the toned stomach or cute shape to own so many cropped tops

No. 802163

eh she's not fat tho so who cares

No. 802165

Shay goes off about how cute her style is and how much attention to detail she has. So much ~aesthetic~ and yet she goes out at night (when people usually dress their best/hottest) and this is what she wears. The top is the only good thing here. Idk what tf those bottoms are doing with it, that cheap gaudy pink collar is clashing af with her bad attempt to do cute twin buns. She accidentally tries and fails at pastel goff and it's just

No. 802168

sage for potential nitpick but when will this dumb bitch realize she looks absolutely ghastly with pastels anywhere on her person

No. 802177

File: 1556986261157.jpg (265.44 KB, 1080x1281, Screenshot_20190504-170931_Twi…)

More useless pink garbage.

What's the betting she never uses the thing? Well she's drunk all the time so she shouldn't even be using it.

No. 802178

Unfortunately, those handlebars are probably about to meet the same fate as that frying pan

No. 802186

betting $5 now that if she keeps it locked up outside instead of storing it in her apartment it’ll be stolen in a week

No. 802187

she can always keep it at fupas lol

No. 802200

can't wait to see her outfits clash with this ugly bike

No. 802201

shay threads:
>"get a car crusty bitch!"
>buys a bicycle
>"useless shit!"

No. 802214

No. 802215


it’s useless because if you’ve actually read any of her threads you’d know she buys shit for aesthetic and not to actually use, not to mention she doesn’t exercise……. at all. she’s not gonna use that bike, if she does it’ll be twice at most.

No. 802216

She's just gonna use it as a prop for photos, not actually ride it.

That's my bet.

No. 802219

lol I've never seen anyone here care that she doesn't drive

No. 802220

Kinda suspicious that Shay got that useless pink piece of shit record player yesterday, and then today she gets pink and yellow bike that fits the style of what dumb tumblr girls think vintage is. Is this her latest attempt to rebrand? Vintage pink and yellow barbie? Lol when life gives you lemons, I guess

It’s hilarious that she’s trying to build up a following on aesthetics alone when she can’t even stick to her own schedule for a full week. Has there ever been a time when she wasn’t constantly and consistently late for / “taking off for my mental health” every other day of camming?

No. 802246

She’ll probably put a dildo on the seat and ride around like that and get her stupid ass arrested. Kind of like how she went out in public with no panties and then stuck her feet in the mud and masturbated. I’m still triggered by that.

No. 802251

File: 1557004882568.jpg (170.06 KB, 1080x733, Screenshot_20190504-162100_Twi…)

Yup, only bought it for photos

No. 802253

Lmfao right on the nose. She’s so predictable.

No. 802256

Wonder if she’ll take it outside or just do a “photoshoot” in her house

No. 802264

It'll probably be in her house because she can never do anything creative

No. 802266

On her snapchat she said she has some friends over helping put her bed together. We all know that "friends" mean Fupa

No. 802268

2 months later

No. 802290

File: 1557015624891.jpg (44.52 KB, 507x538, eE6rLPn.jpg)

No. 802291

File: 1557015674387.png (433.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190504-201832.png)

sage because not exactly milk but I wanted to check to see when she last broadcasted (tuesday. nice schedule there dipshit) and noticed she edited her profile for the first time in well over a year.

No. 802293

File: 1557015965029.jpg (347.76 KB, 1080x598, 1556669480380.jpg)

double post but this is her schedule for the week from the last thread. If she broadcasts tonight, she'll have shown up for 1/4 of her shifts.

No. 802297

She showed up Wednesday, I believe. She never puts out a new vid when she schedules it though.

No. 802299

File: 1557018328110.jpg (339.59 KB, 1080x1025, Screenshot_20190504-200510_Twi…)

Lol only one person liked this

No. 802323

"send me $25 more than I usually charge for my videos because I spent all the money I was sent on weed and pink garbage"

No. 802356

No show on cam last night. so she cammed for one out of four shifts AND didn't put out a video like she planned. Wow much success Shayna

No. 802396

She's just putting those schedule up on Twitter for looks, she doesn't want to work and just rely on begging

No. 802467

File: 1557084331312.jpg (Spoiler Image, 286.59 KB, 2048x1488, IMG_20190505_202451.jpg)

Looks like she won't fit in that bed..

No. 802468

File: 1557084443917.jpg (Spoiler Image, 127.17 KB, 1334x750, IMG_20190505_202515.jpg)

A lot of bruises on her legs.

From gross fupa sex or drunken escapades?

No. 802469

I feel like she posted this just to prove that she now has a bed lol

No. 802472

File: 1557086408871.jpg (146.58 KB, 1334x750, IMG_20190505_210010.jpg)

Nightmare fuel

No. 802473

It's wise of her to get sheets with a pattern that makes them look like they're smeared with shit. That way, when they actually are smeared with shit, it will be less noticeable.

No. 802475

Jesus Christ she looks rough. She doesn’t even look happy in the bedroom pictures, big yikes

No. 802485

My money is on fupa fuckin.

No. 802486

File: 1557089705189.jpg (Spoiler Image, 600.79 KB, 1080x1308, Screenshot_20190505-155458_Twi…)

Please no

No. 802488

I think I used to have the same bed, it should be an Ikea one. She has to lay horizontally.

No. 802492

She's not even got a real pillow and has it set up in a way that's not for sleeping.

What are the dimensions of this bed cos she honestly looks longer than it

No. 802498

File: 1557092166800.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, 0FB04968-060C-41FA-8B5D-CAAF3B…)

It’s this from amazon

No. 802502

it’s for fucking children in wow shay. You’re like 5’4” and sleeping in a children’s daybed, which by the way is not really meant for sleeping.

No. 802506


doesn't look comfy but i mean, its better than the floor.

what if she breaks it tho

No. 802508

It says the weight capacity is 250lbs. If her and fupa were both on it, it would collapse lol

No. 802509

how is a daybed not meant for sleeping? it's a bed.

No. 802517

sage for nitpick but i EXTRA hate when she poses like this. she has -0 ass and this pose is not flattering AT ALL and it almost kinda looks like shes missing an asscrack??? no actual ass, just an extension of her legs. you'd think after so many years of vanity she'd know her angles smh

No. 802527

She already does that though?

No. 802529

a day bed is meant usually for reading, hanging out, light napping, etc, for adults at least. For children who can fit comfortably in a twin daybed, sleeping on it all night is usually fine. For an average sized adult, it’s going to get uncomfortable quickly. That’s what i mean when I say it’s not really meant for sleeping, at least not all night.

No. 802550

File: 1557104476815.jpeg (346.77 KB, 1242x733, F32531ED-F52D-40C9-B22E-FE43A8…)

She seriously just jumps on popular fads for the heck of it. No creativity. I’ll bet she just started watching it recently too, just like with her Harley “cosplay” where she didn’t even know anything about the character or how to play her.

No. 802552

Fupa got her watching it when they started living together

What is she gonna do? Be fucking a dragon?

No. 802555

she's gonna wear a blonde wig and gag on 1 inch of dildo and etc.

No. 802557

she has no creativity and everything has to be pink so I have no idea how that would work with anything relating to game of thrones. Watch, she goes with some rapey shit or something.

No. 802558

lol, hitachis are so prominent in GoT aren’t they? kek.

No. 802599

Can’t remember if the BD she has is a dragon character, but if it isn’t, bet she’ll beg for money for a dragon one for a GoT vid. Even though she already hasn’t made the videos she’s “scheduled.”

No. 802605

Like this is something special? Hasn’t everyone seen her butthole already?

No. 802608

Her Instagram is gone again lol

No. 802631

Now we wait for the melt down

No. 802643

File: 1557155087839.png (15.85 KB, 583x127, 2019-05-06 11_04_09-The Bondag…)

capping before she inevitably deletes

No. 802648

ah the cliche antidepressant side effects

No. 802649

Oh here's her weekly excuse as to why she ”can’t” work. It’s always hilarious.

No. 802656

Since when is she on meds? If she's only just started then yeah they gonna fuck you up for the first few weeks, that's how it works.

She fakes her orgasms anyway so no change there.

No. 802657

At least she's on meds now. She doesn't seem to be on therapy though, meaning she will probably continue doing everything wrong and will prob go cold turkey off meds when gets frustrated enough that her life isn't magically better.

No. 802668

She's begging for manicure money on snap again. Didn't she just get them done??

No. 802672

File: 1557161742542.png (38.91 KB, 603x403, 2019-05-06 12_55_00-The Bondag…)

i thought she did less than a week ago but it seems to be the only reason she leaves the house lately

No. 802700

I've never heard of the puking side effect, but it's very easy to research anti-depressants that don't kill libido
It's a shitty reason to not get medicated especially when you're as unstable as Shay.
And like >>802656 said, she fakes her orgasms anyway

No. 802701

File: 1557168070504.jpg (181.65 KB, 1080x1152, Screenshot_20190506-193613_Twi…)

Medical marijuana? For what Shay?

The amount she smokes is clearly bad for her physical and mental health. How is she qualifying for this? Or is she just trying?

No. 802703

one day she’s selling all her vids for $50. Next day it’s $90. Today it’s a whopping $150. Do people not realize this or something?

No. 802706

at this point i feel like she could spend 3 hours washing and she'd still look dirty. she always looks like she's caked in a layer of grime.

surprised she hasn't pitched a crybaby fit about this yet. there's no doubt she's noticed by now with how attached she is to social media.

No. 802708

I’m pretty sure she’s broke enough to qualify for free health insurance from social services. What BS.

No. 802712


She already has a lack of motivation to work or to plan out any kind of stable future… naturally marijuana is the solution! maybe some wine too? lol

No. 802713

Um health insurance never covers medical marijuana so idk what you’re talking about

No. 802714

It also has to do with her piss poor lighting and the choices of colors she uses. I think she also uses her iPhone X for pics which is extremely sensitive to light and why it’s not a great indoor camera. I don’t think her apartment has much natural light either.

No. 802715

This and her meds seem like bs to me.
weird that she has never mentioned either before and then suddenly starts talking about both. Just seems like her latest attempt to get pity/avoid working

No. 802724

OK's medical law is super lax, most doctors put 'insomnia' as the main diagnosis if you don't have an actual medical issue on the recommendation form. You pay for the appointment-mine was maybe 20 minutes tops-and you get your approval. The state ultimately decides when you apply for the actual license.

My father had his card, he was in chronic pain before he passed and insomnia was still on his list of approved issues.

No. 802725

For extra tackiness, this “bed” is in what should be the dining area/breakfast nook of her apartment (right next to the kitchen). Why not put it in the actual bedroom to replace the shitty air mattress?

No. 802729

If she's really on meds, shouldn't she stop smoking weed?

No. 802730

File: 1557175107657.png (3.19 MB, 750x1334, 4C24A17C-49D2-402B-A70B-4B3B29…)

She looks so fucking wrecked and gross

No. 802731

File: 1557175202651.png (3.42 MB, 750x1334, 612318CA-FE68-4085-BFB4-A2CE21…)

Pt 2

No. 802732

Truly looking like a bloated skinny fat 40 year old trailer park mom of 5. Scary.

No. 802733

Nausea is a pretty common side effect of SSRIs so she probably just figured that meant puking or whatever

Nah not necessarily. Depends what it is but probably not

No. 802735

… do her pants not fit or is this supposed to be a look?

No. 802736

At least where I live, if you have a medical marijuana card you pay less for weed at dispensaries. Unsure how the laws in Oklahoma work.

No. 802737

she has them unzipped and unbuttoned so it looks really unflattering

No. 802746

File: 1557180639024.jpeg (848.61 KB, 750x1334, 573F742B-4E87-4C98-8633-372F41…)

What an attractive thumb nail on public Snapchat

No. 802748

It would at least be more accessible if not cheaper also

No. 802750

i’m starting to take pity on her. she seems like literally the unhappiest person on all of /snow/ and no matter how much she pretends this is her DrEaM LyFe it’s getting more and more obvious that she just wants to give up. she seems like the kind of person who wants to jump from point A to point Z and skip all the necessary tough steps in between. her mentality is literally stuck in her teens, she has no concept of adult responsibilities. owning an apartment doesn’t count because we all know fupa and her dad are helping to foot the bills. owning a pet doesn’t count because she’s happy to load it off to someone else to worry about.

like this shit is just depressing. i feel like it’s a real possibility she could turn into a luna slater type character and just let her life go completely sideways. just go home to your parents and fix your life shay ffs

No. 802753


I honestly think the shorts are too small for her so she couldn't button/zip them, but thought she'd try to go for that shorts undone "sexy" look but it ain't even cute with her wine gut flabbing over it lmao

No. 802754

File: 1557183964951.jpeg (409.34 KB, 1242x768, 0EE6FF7A-CFAD-4652-BEF9-4FCC5A…)

On this weeks episode of things that didn’t happen

No. 802756

Yeah, medication isn't going to do anything except dull the pain that might actually motivate her to get her shit together. This is probably one of those cases where medication alone might make her problems worse; most of her issues are the result of her lifestyle and bad habits/thought patterns that drugs can't fix. She needs to put actual effort into solving her problems if she wants to stop feeling like shit.
Well, she is pitiful more than anything else. Aside from some mild scams resulting from sheer laziness and parasitic tendencies, she's not particularly malicious, and without that it's sad to watch someone crash and burn even if it is the result of their own choices. Shay is lucky that she has her parents as a safety net, but she's also most likely fucked up any chance at a real career thanks to her online presence.

No. 802775

She walks around looking like a hot mess, people notice her. This person could have been mocking her, she wouldn't be able to tell.

No. 802776

So she got high before going to her medical marijuana thing. What a fucking idiot.

You can tell she's a major addict that she can't even turn up sober to try scam herself into getting medical marijuana. Fucking yikes

No. 802778

Even if she attempted to get it medically, wouldn’t the specialist be able to determine whether she needs it or not, and be able to decipher whether she’s faking it for the sake of non medical usage? I hope she gets denied even if someone paid for her doctor visit.

No. 802779

Like the anon somewhere above me said, it’s super easy to get your medical card in OK, so she probably will. I live in OK and just got mine last week. The doctors set up times, usually at dispensaries, and people pay anywhere from 100-200$ to have a 10 minute appointment with them so they can get the prescription to turn into the state. Pretty much anyone can get one. Just say you have insomnia, anxiety, or back pain. Most people here get them just so they don’t have to worry about gettin caught and arrested, obviously.

No. 802780

samefag, it’s a way for doctors to make a couple thousand dollars in a day so they’ll see anyone and usually prescribe since it’s the state that decides if you get your card or not, which they always approve it. The doctors don’t have to do anything.

No. 802796

probably because she's gonna cam on it and wants to be as close as possible to the cheap wine in her fridge

No. 802818

Weedfagging, but buds arent expensive here anyway. 35 a gram is the most I've seen so far, but there isnt a recreational option so medical doesnt get a discount.

No. 802823

Not to wk but this happens to anyone with colored hair honestly, esp in areas where it's less popular (I'm no expert but OK doesn't seem like the place for edgy snowflake hair)
It's so completely unremarkable that this happened cus it's just a matter of course tbh

No. 802840


as a girl with colored hair, this happens a lot to me (not to wk). It really has it's positives and negatives and people will always say their opinion even when I've not asked for it.

No. 802850

Its a shame what a wreck Shayna is. Medical marijuana is really great for some people. It helps with anxiety, Ptsd, epilepsy, cancer pains/nausea. Then there's people like Shayna, who abuse marijuana on the daily and only really want a medical card so she can get high legally just because she feels like it. Watch, she'll start scamming people for money to buy her new legal weed now. She sucks dude.

No. 802853

If she's on meds, they clearly don't work properly. Resorting to medical marijuana instead of trying to find a medication that works for your depression and lack of ambition is a pretty big no-no in the mental health field. Medications like marijuana can make these things worse if you don't try to pinpoint the problem with proper meds prior to being prescribed the marijuana, it can and often does make the root cause of the unhappiness worse. She's going to see a real dip in motivation and aj even worse (if that's possible at this point) skewed view of reality. Basically, she's being irresponsible about her own mental health and just wants to get high legally so she can forget about everything thats bothering her whilst she's high for a few hours, only to come down and realise again that her life truly sucks. Shes being super irresponsible.

No. 802854


She’s not doing it for anxiety or depression. She’s doing it to have better weed.

HOWEVER, if she’s smart, she’ll try to find a job at a dispo or grow op once she has her card.

No. 802857

Implying that shay has any work ethic to begin with. She doesn't want to work, even an easy job. She just wants to sit on her flat ass and ebeg.

No. 802909

Farm hands said it's not doxxing to say Kyle's instagram, which WAS "kpzo" but shortly after posting his burger from his story he changed it to "justagenericperson".

No. 802915

File: 1557249905779.jpg (150.54 KB, 945x927, SmartSelect_20190507-132510_In…)

Lol at his bio

No. 802918

File: 1557250432750.png (180.47 KB, 486x256, 70d627f37f8272afa52449fe1f29b5…)


Shaynasty. We know you lurk. If you're still planning on getting lip fillers, I'd strongly fucking advise you to save that money for under-eye fillers instead.

No. 802922

Probably would be cheaper to stop drinking and use some undereye makeup

No. 802925

Blows my mind that this guy is a father in his 30s.

No. 802926

Jesus what an old, haggard looking manchild.

No. 802931

jesus christ

No. 802932

>Somebody’s ex bf


Like that gives him clout or something?

If I were talking to a dude and found out he ever dated Shayna – even knowing nothing about her, if I just saw literally any of her selfies – I’d drop his trashy, questionable-taste, possibly-diseased ass immediately.

No. 802934

When I first read that part tbh my thought was that it's there just for show for his ex-wife so he can keep seeing the kids AND stick his chode in Shay.

No. 802940

File: 1557255184550.jpg (200.18 KB, 1079x881, Screenshot_20190507-115245_Twi…)

LEL with what money, Shay?

No. 802962

File: 1557258123788.jpeg (307.86 KB, 750x1037, 22A17352-69B1-4732-BDE3-D92597…)

well look like since there’s a poodle in her kitchen she can’t make any new photosets yikes

No. 802977

She’s not making any new photosets, she’s literally just screenshotting old vids and selling it as photosets.

No. 802978

File: 1557261762019.jpeg (998.51 KB, 1242x1800, F881D384-C3F1-48AF-8ACC-413815…)

She finally found out about her insta, cue the breakdown

No. 802980

her twitter profile pic is going to get her deleted again, what a fucking moron

No. 802982

I wonder how long till she decided to make a new one, hopefully in the next few days with another similar username as the last 9000 ones lmao, how will her followers find her

No. 802984

>professional looking business
make your own website then. this was mentioned to you a few weeks ago on cam. you won't get your own website removed because you pay to own the domain.

literally when someone recommended it she was like "I just don't get why I would need one? like what would I do with it?"

No. 802987

I don’t want to give her advice as her record for taking it and fucking it up beyond recognition. But a site that had her manyvids and only fans linked she’d not lose fans if she was deleted. It’s like £30 to host it, seems a no brainer

No. 802989

I know this is cow-tipping but I reported her IG. She hasn't shared the whereabouts of Ribmeat(cowtipping)

No. 802991

What the fuck, dumbass, how many times do people have to say AND prove the cat is living with Fupa?

No. 802993

shayna i know you lurk just photoshop that fucking cat into one of your pictures so people will shut the fuck up about it

No. 802995

I hope you got a perma ban because your constant autistic rib-meat sperging is embarrassing, and the cow tipping was the cherry on top.

Proof Fupa is really a teenage girl.

No. 802997

File: 1557264902029.jpg (537.36 KB, 1080x1689, Screenshot_20190507-163454_Twi…)

For doing what? Nothing?

No. 802998

Not that it has much to do with anything but fupa got a new kitten. Hopefully rib gets on with it.

No. 802999

oh my lord, why are you so obsessed with this damn cat?? Seriously, you have been on about it for the past several threads, please fucking punch yourself in the face for me thx.
Can we get a no talking about the cat rule in these threads? lol

No. 803001

These selfies are absolutely horrifying, and not in the ~uwu creepy cute~ way Shayna thinks.

No. 803008

Why did she put quotes around "marijuana" ??

How ghetto is her apartment??

No. 803019

is whatever that is supposed to fit like that? or did she just order the wrong size and did nothing about it as per. it looks so uncomfortable and unsexy

No. 803021

i don't wanna believe anon cow tipped since a) shay is too retarded to understand that breaking tos means account termination and she always does something to warrant that and b) rib is with fupa. almost every other anon pointed that out

No. 803047

They said they cowtipped…?

No. 803049

For the sake of your sw future shay, show pics of rib meat with time stamp! Make the madness stop(stop sperging about the cat)

No. 803058

imagine whiteknighting a self-admitted cowtipper. this is your life.

No. 803059

Anyone who’s standards are low enough to get off while looking at Shay doesn’t give a fuck about a cat. Her customers don’t care and neither should you.

No. 803064

File: 1557284537311.jpg (240.54 KB, 1069x643, Screenshot_20190507-200014_Twi…)

Lol her retweets.

You're not being discriminated against Shay, people (camwhores) just don't like you. So when you do dumb shit like constantly breaking TOS, they go out of their way to report you.

No. 803065

File: 1557284672855.jpg (229.24 KB, 1080x591, Screenshot_20190507-200242_Twi…)

Sage for samefag but I'm cringing at this "you're all helping me so much" positivity bs when she just tweeted about people being scared to promote her.

Also what business??

No. 803159

no shayna it's over. you're never going to be successful at this just cus some lonely and horny guys donate to you

No. 803168

This dumbassery will never stop. She found out that people pity her and donate to her whenever she gets deleted so she won't ever stop or get on a website that actually allows porn.

No. 803223

File: 1557342386952.png (65.23 KB, 640x487, IMG_2948.PNG)

it's like this was made for shay

No. 803224

Exactly. This is why she will continue this insanity. She will make 1000 accounts and it’s a never ending cycle for her to be a victim and cry and get sympathy bucks. Its worked for literally 6 months. How many times has she been on cam in 6 months? Why work when you can cry about life and get paid for it.

Eventually people are going to get sick of it. I’d be amazed if she keeps this going for another 6 months.

No. 803239

File: 1557346784541.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1242x2082, F483C5F8-9AAB-4521-9A07-469A89…)

Holy hell WHY would you post this on a sex work account?! Bitch you look like a full blown druggie!

No. 803240

File: 1557346832208.jpeg (124.3 KB, 750x1334, 75BE60EA-84F4-4BB0-8106-6B7090…)

Our dead eyed addict whore Shayna.

No. 803242

File: 1557346972151.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 125.48 KB, 750x1334, CE2E0488-3D31-4358-9AC8-5F9CAF…)

drugged addicted mother of 3 estranged children tries to get money by showing her pussy on this weeks episode of intervention

at least put some makeup on and TRY.

No. 803243

She can barely be bothered to put on makeup these days. She's getting real lazy.

No. 803244

File: 1557347102853.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 128.71 KB, 750x1334, 150F3A94-B47C-48FF-AE25-44A811…)

pure fucking nightmare fuel. this would drive me to drink if I had to look at this every morning.

No. 803246

Really wish she would throw out those hello kitty panties/stop pedo pandering.

No. 803248

I don’t even think it’s pedo pandering anymore, I think it’s more delusion pandering. She thinks she’s ~*uwu smol baby*~ and wearing those panties that are too small for her just helps solidify it in her deranged mind.

No. 803251

Jfc her stomach roll has its own crease from her slouching all day. Also her "signature pose" of putting her feet behind her head is her just lifting her legs up? Anyone decently skinny can do that.

No. 803254

File: 1557348742947.jpg (201.71 KB, 1080x557, Screenshot_20190508-150934_Twi…)

Needing those pitty points about her "mommy issues"

No. 803255

File: 1557348778910.jpg (178.24 KB, 1074x630, Screenshot_20190508-150920_Twi…)

She will use the prize wheel a couple times like that board thing

No. 803256

Remember the balloon game and Jenga. She is shit at cam games. Also she has a wheel spin thing on her phone so what's the point?

No. 803257

haha yeah right

No. 803261

File: 1557350428116.jpg (232.88 KB, 1072x797, Screenshot_20190508-162013_Twi…)

No. 803262

That's what you see on top of you during sleep paralysis. She really needs to work on her facial expressions, she always looks scared or constipated.

I don't know if some people refuse to read the damn thread or if they're just that retarded. Fupa is garbage, but he seems to take really good care and seems to care about the damn cat. Rib is much better off with him, in a bigger house, than she is with Shayna, who obviously cared so little she just dumped Rib on Fupa.

I know this is probably a nitpick, but I'm actually concerned about her undereye circles. I understand some are genetic, it's fine, whatever, but this filter used to mask hers, now it just looks like she got repeatedly punched. Imagine being so prideful, you're in the shitter yet you refuse to admit defeat, get a real fucking job and move on. It's sad. She's been on a downward spiral since these threads started, but her descent has accelerated.

This dumbass barely gets on cam, idk why she keeps dumping money into this black hole.

No. 803265

Who wants to make a bingo board for her cam session tonight and her custom videos?
>shows up an hour late for cam
>stays only for 2 hours
>gets annoyed with bored audience
>screams over basic tip
>foot in pussy
>picks her arms

No. 803270

dont forget playing with her phone instead of talking to people in chat.

No. 803272

On her snap she said she wants to sell rolled blunts for like $10 because "people love my blunts." She wants someone to name a strain of weed after her. She asked "if I get a desk and put my cam on there and cam, do I have a desk job?"

No. 803273

Hopefully her cat will finally make an apperance(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 803275

Make a drinking game out of it and you’ll be full smashed

No. 803277

Holy shit will you shut up

No. 803278

How are her feet so calloused when she only goes out like once a week? Unless they're just dirty…

No. 803297

Not to white knight, but some people are prone to feet problems etc if they have dodgy sweat glands. And by the state of her vaj etc that’s not… massively unrealistic.

Anyway. What the hell is fupa wanting with that attention seeking bio. Either he’s with Shay and vetting people or using her rep to get free nudes from cam girls. Either way, he’s shockingly more messy than her.

No. 803302

Just report the cat posts and move on, they’re clearly trolling at this point.

No. 803307

i think she gets a basic pedicure with no callous removal bc it typically costs more and those 5 extra dollars could go to pink wine

No. 803310

Shay’s threads have gone from cringy to downright disturbing. The fact that Fupa’s pathetic instagram bio highlights how much of a cream puff he is is hilarious, and also very pathetic. The disturbing part comes into play when you take into consideration that this adult man who has displayed predatory and cruel behaviour towards Shayna now has access to her underage fan base and brain dead orbiters, (fucking her in the ass while she’s sleeping, encouraging her to disassociate and deal with her anxiety by sucking his dick, and randomly slapping her in the face in bowling alley parking lot, on camera - are all predatory and cruel practices. Im not interested in arguing about whether these were consensual acts or if Shaytard was abused because that’s not milky - but with that being said, I think we can all agree (at least those of us who aren’t bdsm autists) that the above acts are pretty unhealthy and dysfunctional). Fupa’s whole internet tough guy persona is a walking red flag. The fact that he likes DD/lg and has been proven to be a serial cheater who hooks up with girls over the internet and moves them in after only meeting her less than a handful of times, are red flags. There is a mountain of red flags behind this man. Even after breaking up with her, Fupa is still piggybacking off of the Dolly Mattel tumblr fame by referencing being “someone’s ex” in his bio. This really goes to show just how low Shay’s self esteem is, that she is allowing him to do so.

No. 803315

She said on her snap that she wants to start a YouTube. Saying she needs other places to advertise since hers have become so "limited." Also, she said someone keeps reporting her snap

No. 803319

File: 1557359738900.jpg (255.06 KB, 1080x692, 20190508_185504.jpg)

Needing more pity points

No. 803322

You need to start posting caps otherwise it’s just baseless crap

No. 803325

and wtf is she gonna do on YouTube? Sure you can have channels discussing sex work, sex toys, things of that nature; but you can’t be nude and you can’t advertise sexual services. What is she really expecting? Plus being a YouTube takes work, something shayna is highly allergic to.

No. 803346

she hasn't been wearing her plugs for at least 5 days. I wonder if shrinking them back is going to be part of her "rebrand", if she does that again

No. 803351

She said on snap earlier she needs to go to the mall to get new plugs bc she’s left hers out to long and she needs to restretch them. And she said she wants to go bigger.

No. 803352

Okay we've seen this pose a million times. What's so special about it? Did some guy tell her it's cute once? It's not special my fat ass can do it. This is her only trick. Shay, please watch some porn.

No. 803354

She said all the fucking her in the ass when she’s sleeping and sucking his dick while she’s crying stuff to be edgy.

No. 803355

They don’t even care and it’s annoying as fuck

No. 803356

Can you cap the Snapchat already if you’re going to bring it up 24/7? This is like PnP all over again

No. 803362

This whole 'bring each other up' in the sex work industry is highly disturbing. Shay, just get out while you can and focus on education and a real career.

No. 803364

Isn’t it cam time?

No. 803367

Yes but she posted on snap her laptop needs to be updated and that’s gonna make her 45 min late

No. 803380

File: 1557375762299.jpeg (657.13 KB, 1242x941, 550BD6F9-122B-4665-987F-42F927…)

Ah there we go. Another glamorous cam sesh.

No. 803381

What an engaging scene for people who click on her……. Does she ever realize how uninterested she comes off

No. 803382

So she’s rolling a blunt on one laptop while playing music on a second lap top.

No. 803383

File: 1557376260879.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 605.14 KB, 1242x945, 1D9D04D0-9870-4C4B-9099-0D5780…)

Holy shit the SLURPING SOUNDS when she has 1/2 inch of this thing in her mouth are disgusting. She also burped immediately after and said her new medication is making her gag reflex a lot worse.

No. 803384

File: 1557376303429.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 495.8 KB, 1242x958, 64841F18-449A-4B64-A1D8-80643F…)

Before the dick sucking she did the most bizarre spinning the dildo around in the air routine before slapping it several times against her hand.

No. 803386

She’s smiling this blunt and continually coughing and saying her asthma is acting up…

No. 803388

File: 1557377199155.jpeg (707.42 KB, 1242x1292, 72CFE9EC-B953-43C1-B3DB-405186…)

Good lord this is… so odd to watch. Her sound cut out so she brought the crazy mic closer. Now she’s asking for help to set up the record player because she doesn’t understand what wires go where.

No. 803390

What’s her cam link? She keeps changing her names and links never get updated in the OP

No. 803392

Dollymattel on MFC.

No. 803394

I’m recording her but unfortunately I missed that spectacular blowjob

No. 803395

She says she has 40-50 records. Where?

No. 803396

In storage at Haus of Fupa

No. 803397

Talking about her PO Box. I wonder if she was smart and got one in a different zip code or if she just got one near where she lives.

No. 803401

File: 1557378274318.jpeg (794.42 KB, 1242x1225, FE3AD998-3D47-4877-A885-6949F8…)

Getting drunk. Patting belly. Then there’s this guy.

No. 803404

world class fan base shay

No. 803409

File: 1557378717780.jpeg (662.26 KB, 1242x1062, FF4ACB8A-C5AD-40CC-8588-33DB1D…)

Strip tease incoming.

No. 803410

Lol jk her webcam just cut off?

No. 803419

File: 1557379578259.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 498.05 KB, 1242x1059, F0E3C3EB-0800-4A5C-A2E9-779B78…)

This is. Bleak. She’s two mikes hard lemonades in and stumbling. Her mic keeps cutting out. She keeps knocking empty bottles together on the floor as she moved around.

No. 803426

File: 1557379767986.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 785.83 KB, 1242x1168, BDBE4C7F-0311-4587-B699-BB1C67…)

Someone bringing up a goal she hasn’t done while she ignores them on her phone.

No. 803438

File: 1557380018644.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 697.49 KB, 1242x1075, 0B058672-F8A5-44B7-89AE-1F035A…)

An entire look. She makes me want to take better care of my body.

No. 803439

File: 1557380245568.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 703.06 KB, 1242x1135, 990DE026-DC83-498B-8210-7E4917…)

No. 803457

File: 1557380892627.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 759.7 KB, 1242x1144, 59EBD728-F3F7-4703-8A73-EBF9D4…)


No. 803525

you can literally see the drunk in her eyes

No. 803597

File: 1557386716002.jpeg (56.83 KB, 960x540, 6886CA3E-5789-4295-A612-297C87…)

This immediately made me think of an old episode of South Park with the butt-faced people.

She has to be literally the worst ever at giving blowjobs. It’s embarrassing to watch. Especially when you add >>803384 to it.

No. 803790

She's getting a belly and needs to go up a size in her underwear, girl look after your body, your living depends on it looking good

No. 803805

File: 1557413607390.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 110.88 KB, 750x1334, 17037B93-1937-4D8A-A07E-A1E25E…)

That pimple thing on her ass is just gonna keep getting worse isn’t it? and another classic lazy mattel-she said she would post upclose butthole pics [which no one wants anyway] but instead was just lazy and posted pics she took on cam.

No. 803806

Depression medication doesn’t mess with your gag reflex, what a god damn moron

No. 803807

it might be a scar at this point

No. 803809

That's genuinely worrying

No. 803817

looks like she got new makeup in these pics, her foundation and concealer look less disgusting. progress?

No. 803835

Nah that’s just the snapchat filter, kek

No. 803884

She doesn’t allow screen recording or screen caps on her public Snapchat so no I can’t post caps unless I want to get deleted and not have access to milk. Go add her snap if you want to see caps so bad.

No. 803914

lol wow this really is deja vu from the pnp thread. there are other ways to screen record but i'm not bringing the topic up again. just stop talking about it if you're not going to post evidence. we have a couple snap anons already that are smart enough to record on a 2nd phone.

No. 803918

File: 1557424334591.jpg (279.12 KB, 1080x1323, Screenshot_20190509-125209_Twi…)

Oh pleeeeeeeeeease

No. 803922

File: 1557424583590.jpg (466.15 KB, 1062x1005, Screenshot_20190509-125612_Twi…)

No. 803940

I’m convinced this is the only thing she can do.


No. 803968

So I just watched her open her gifts on snap (I don’t have another phone to record it sorry) but she’s such a brat. She literally never once says thank you only “oh it’s cuuuuute” in a dead ass voice with dead ass eyes. Also she said amazon should pay her for opening her presents from amazon on snap, Kek

No. 803993

I seriously thought when I read this that she was going to eat some fucked up mixture of actual superglue because of that brand name, Gorilla Glue.

I wonder if now that she has all these vinyls and she's working on a marijuana card she'll rebrand herself yet again to some pink haired bimbo hippie for a week since she's already forgotten about her goth look and never did buy any of the goth furniture she said she was going to get.

No. 803995

she's just throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks

No. 804036

ah, yes. Amazon, the multibillion dollar corporation that's been a household name for several years, will gain significant business from paying Shayna Clifford (a sick, broke, drug-addicted, shit-tier lazy camgirl) to advertise their existence while opening weird and illegal presents sent to her from creepy old men and brown-nosers.

No. 804064

Problem is that all of it is old shit and none of it sticks anymore because it’s old. She’s insecure and uncreative so she’s not going to try out anything new, or anything that hasn’t worked for her in the past; that’s one of her main problems. Her next problem is her lack of focus and nonexistent work ethic. Then the fact that she can’t take proper care of herself. She is not going to last as a sex worker, period.

Begin every other day and shoving your foot behind your head to show off your pimpled vagina doesn’t make you a sex worker.

No. 804066

meant to put begging*

No. 804092

i didn't say it was going to be successful

No. 804098

>'guize I need a good microphone to make my content better'
>this microphone literally captures sound at the sides the way it's meant to be set up
>literally says it on the box it comes in
I cannae

No. 804169

I appreciate the updates anon.
Not everyone has a second phone or a good enough phone to screen record.
Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

If anything it’s easier to make a throwaway account on snapchat, and do it yourself if it’s that easy.

No. 804212

She’s been buying followers on her new account (lilbarbiegrl). You can tell because she magically went from around 700-750 to 1300 in about 24 hours.

No. 804214

File: 1557447389889.jpg (1.2 MB, 1512x2688, Snapchat-1008690522.jpg)

Fupa got a friend for Ribmeat

No. 804215

Most of the stuff she posts isn’t milk and most of the screenshot-less stuff that is posted isn’t milk either so I don’t think it’s baseless to ask for proof. It’s really not that deep.

No. 804216


Ribmeat is fine. Please stop wondering if Shay will take the cat. Obviously Fupa is the caregiver and the cat is taken care of.

No. 804220

Thanks for posting this anon, now hopefully that idiot will shut up about it.

No. 804222

You can also tell by all the generic names with no profile pictures that either have no tweets or tweet spam. It's embarrassing. I don't get it, what's the point? You don't get any gains for having followers on Twitter, it's not gonna make you more recommended.

She also only has 500 odd on her "work" account so doesn't make sense.

No. 804225

damn, if only he could be as thoughtful and attentive to his children or something. rib changing her guardians is a total win for her, and probably shayna too kek. thanks anon for ending the ribgate!

No. 804243

the person who keeps posting about rib is obviously a troll tho so they'll probably keep on

No. 804261

Farmers will tinfoil details about non-milk, like why shay is getting a medical card for example, and the explanations are on her public snap. So farmers who actually bother to watch her public snap fill ya'll in on these details and they get told to go away unless they post "proof" of the "non-milk" or milk or whatever you happen to consider it as.

If snap anons stop reporting and correcting, sooner or later you will all have the wildest ideas of shay's reality when she is giving explanations to the internet.

No. 804267

Or just wait for the normal people that take screenshots? I don’t get why everyone’s so defensive about this lol

No. 804276

She said she spent $150 on weed and wants someone to reimburse her

No. 804279

Why does she ask people to reimburse her for stuff not even related to her work?? Like when she goes out to drink too.
I don't ask my employer to reimburse me for the shit I spend my money on

No. 804299

fupa may be a shit bag father but it's a relief to see ribmeat looking better then she was when with shayna. god bless the end of ribmeatgate

No. 804382

File: 1557465291825.png (199.07 KB, 2048x1990, Screenshot_20190509-231003.png)

Her Twitter is suspended, again. Reposted because I forgot to sage.

No. 804415

It was amusing at first but now it’s just annoying. What happened to her going to OnlyFans? Or why not make an account with pornhub? Bitch is dumb and it’s just boring and repetitive at this point.

No. 804418

Goddamnit Shay I bet the fake followers were the straw on the camel's back.

No. 804453

she obviously doesn't know what he word "reimburse" means, and thinks people owe her their money just because she's asking for it

lmao I'm glad she had time to waste her orbiters' money on followbots first

No. 804457

File: 1557470547323.jpg (667.48 KB, 1080x2133, Screenshot_20190509-234140_Twi…)

Welp, the other one got zapped too.

No. 804461

She posted on snapchat that she's going to cry herself to sleep.

Is right, this is getting old

No. 804465

She has repeatedly said she will block people who take screenshots. Over and over and over she’s said this. Watch her snap for yourself and stop asking for screenshots

No. 804494

and yet other anons can find and have found multiple ways to record their screens anyway

No. 804508

do you know where you are? This is an imageboard. This ain't reddit or gossip fb group or whatever. Adhere to the culture or gtfo

No. 804583

File: 1557492794360.jpg (59.74 KB, 305x517, 1501346637460.jpg)

Lurking the first thread and found this gem. Shaytard was all up in arms about Tumblr SWs who don't understand services that DONT ALLOW ADULT CONTENT. Can we just talk about the part that says "Stop blaming everyone around you and take a look in the fucking mirror." I guess it's easier to blame "Evil people" than examine how much you've violated the TOS.

Shay, take your own goddamn advice and get over yourself. It takes $10 to buy a custom domain name and $0 to maintain it. Come on. Oh wait, that would be work, huh.

Saged for old milk with new relevance.

No. 804600

There are apps that screenshot/screenrecord snapchat without being detected. Download one of them then screenrecord her snapchat. Ya'll are retarded, it's not hard to get around snapchats system. Stop making excuses, this is an IMAGEboard. Post pics or fuck off.

No. 804601

File: 1557495798281.jpg (454.32 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190510_084154.jpg)

Don't worry, snap Anon here! Now she's trying to buy other people's Twitter accounts? Which means when she gets deleted again they'll flag that person too?

Also, I was trying to upload a video but I couldn't do it here directly, anyone know how to?

No. 804623

She's already made another twitter @fuckdollymattel

Is she just getting suspended for ban evading or buying followers or what?

No. 804627

Now this one is “bondage Barbie” themed. Makes sense since she tied her leg up that one time.

No. 804651

omg shay just stop. she must be so lonely like people with literally anything else in their life would be like.. oh well and move on. shayna just keeps on and on! and ofc she's not making an account that would help with sex work cus begging on Twitter is her work

No. 804666

i use an anonymous dropbox account and then create a link
if it's sfw you can try streamable, but if there's nudity they will delete

No. 804697

I don’t understand her sudden obsession with twitter? She’s only been on Twitter for a few months and now she’s willing to pay someone for an account. That’s insane and shows how highly addicted she is to social media and online validation.

Any sane person would just move on. But Shay thinks she’s “sticking it to the haterssss” by cycling through this insanity weekly. She’s so fucking stupid and I wish one of her orbiters would rub a few braincells together and tell shay she needs to give up on Twitter and go to her OnlyFans that she created and leave it at that.

No. 804705

File: 1557508998230.jpg (755.14 KB, 1080x2158, Screenshot_20190510-102031_Twi…)

Of course she made a new Twitter

No. 804706

File: 1557509034787.jpg (562.86 KB, 1080x2158, Screenshot_20190510-102057_Twi…)

And she's having a pity party. (1)

No. 804707

File: 1557509059946.jpg (435.75 KB, 1074x1445, Screenshot_20190510-102106_Twi…)


No. 804710

>hasn't worked professionally in months
shayna, begging is not a career

No. 804713

she called someone Hitler when she was 20 though

No. 804717


'info that's non consensually put out there'

Dramatic wording there, what is this info that requires consent?

No. 804720


No clue, there's nothing posted about her by camgirls on Twitter everyone didn't already know.

No. 804722

probably the old private snap anons tbh. or she could mean cam show caps, but that doesn't rlly make sense as that is public to all adults if they choose to find it

No. 804740

She's on snapchat begging for tips, but she says she got suspended because of wearing the face harness in her Twitter icon. This thread called it, that was the kicker.

No. 804744

Her argument of "when I was a teenager" doesn't work when she's 21 so that was only a few years ago. Also she's being called out for scamming in her work. So she was an adult for these call outs.
She wasn't some stupid 16 year old. She was a stupid 18-20 year old

No. 804748

shayna you dense motherfucker

you were BANNED, twitter will keep BANNING you because you were BANNED

It's called BAN EVASION, and it's in their tos, now get the fuck off of twitter and go somewhere you AREN'T BANNED

No. 804756

I can't believe she's actually this dumb. She isn't even trying to use a VPN, she's delusional to think it's people reporting her at this point

No. 804759


this is fucking gold, thank you anon.

No. 804767

Today on: Things that haven't aged well

No. 804770

File: 1557515260450.jpg (376.7 KB, 1080x1280, Screenshot_20190510-140608_Twi…)

Another nobody

No. 804773

One with a dildo in their icon. Dumbassery rolls together

No. 804792

She lost part of her outfit for the custom she was going to film and is asking for Amazon gift cards to re buy it

Also she is going to be on cam in an hour apparently

No. 804872

And she’s still blaming other people, claiming it’s people reporting her that keeps getting her shut down.

No shayna, you keep breaking the rules. Ban evading, buying followers, putting a pic of you with a ball gag as your profile picture. You are not almighty, you are not exempt from the rules. Shut the fuck up.

No. 804873

So regretful. That’s why you retracted your apology and told people to just get over it, right? That’s why you targeted homeless sex workers and told them to stop begging online right? Yeah, you have so much accountability and are so regretful and try so hard to change.

Think again, Shayna. The SW community has basically blacklisted you; no one gives a fuck about your stupid irrelevant tumblr whore ass anymore.

No. 804875

What information was put out non consensually? Everything that’s posted is stuff that she said. The only reason threads about her continue is because she keeps doing dumb shit and never taking accountability.

No. 804876

>>>the only opinion of me that matters is my own

keeps making twitter accounts for online validation instead of just moving on

No. 804877


I literally don’t think she knows her own age anymore and has a really fucked up sense of time.

No. 804880

Yeah let’s see you take twitter down you nobody e-whore

No. 804881

File: 1557523392578.jpg (556.28 KB, 1076x1869, Screenshot_20190510-142133_Twi…)

I made the mistake of looking her up on Twitter, looks like she has some die hard female orbiters. Sage for WK sperg (1)

No. 804883

She lost it, for a custom that’s already paid for, and expects randos to rebuy it for her? Wtf kind of entitlement is this?

No. 804884

File: 1557523494546.jpg (423.64 KB, 1080x1336, Screenshot_20190510-142144_Twi…)

No. 804887

File: 1557523593957.jpg (301.54 KB, 1080x1011, Screenshot_20190510-142155_Twi…)

No. 804888

File: 1557523746272.jpg (442.55 KB, 1078x1229, Screenshot_20190510-142202_Twi…)

No. 804890




No. 804891

I have literally never seen someone go so hard for shay

No. 804916

She's been on cam for an hour and I don't think anyone's tipped

No. 804918

File: 1557526327688.jpeg (81.15 KB, 658x432, 87EA8B34-E1E9-49E0-B5B4-A6B238…)

im p sure she’s buying followers again..

No. 804919

File: 1557526495036.jpg (144.42 KB, 1080x800, Screenshot_20190510-151352_Twi…)

Tons of them are blank profiles like this, I wouldn't be surprised

No. 804921

I just refreshed her Twitter after 5 minutes and saw she gained 20 followers, a bitch is buying bots

No. 804936

besides being suspended for ban evading since I'm sure twitter just has her IP address blocked, buying bots doesn't help her either. but yes its totally the anti-sw haterz

No. 804938

File: 1557527918363.jpg (Spoiler Image, 259.99 KB, 1080x1135, 20190510_153842.jpg)


Just came across this in my feed, most of the community abhores her lmao

No. 804944


It's the first thing that shows up when you search her handle on Twitter top kek

No. 804949

>you literally look for every account

Well when you barely change your twitter handle, you’re not very hard to find.

No. 804957


how much money has she wasted?

Shay, please just go home.

No. 804963

Another 100 followers. I'm going to start tracking these this is ridiculous

No. 804986

File: 1557533258157.jpg (719.52 KB, 1080x2158, Screenshot_20190510-170711_Twi…)

Looks like we're getting brought up in the twitter sperg, kek.

No. 804991


She was like totally editing a video before her Twitter died

No. 804992


Also admitting she's into heavy IPAs kek

No. 804995

No. 804997

About 200 more in 2 hours lmao. Is there a way to exploit this free follower thing because WHY would she spend money on followers when she's been suspended so many times. Does she not learn?

Plus what is the point of it if they aren't real? How does that make her feel better in anyway? I guess it's just some fucked up psychological shit I can't comprehend.

No. 804998

File: 1557534506816.jpg (1.2 MB, 1512x2688, Snapchat-1678140734.jpg)

She will say anything to avoid delivering on promises

No. 805012

she says she is trying to move on from twitter but not before making a new account to get suspended from…

i wish her supporters would care enough to tell her that twitter is just not worth it right now. she is barely sticking to her cam and vid schedule, that has got to be irksome for people that pay her

No. 805013

How can you lose anything in your tiny barely furnished apartment?

No. 805075

um…no? she has like 4 things it's not lost omg

No. 805256

She's at 2000+ followers….
Who does she think she's fooling tho?

No. 805265

File: 1557583508148.jpg (224.74 KB, 1050x1640, Screenshot_20190511_100449.jpg)

Whoomp there it is

No. 805266

Whoever is buying them is wasting their money, she's gonna get deleted by the end of the week for BREAKING TOS

No. 805267

File: 1557583537930.jpg (358.42 KB, 1080x2015, Screenshot_20190511_100435.jpg)


No. 805273

she's being retweeted by accounts that have over 53k-1m followers

you can see accounts that rt her by looking at the replies of the tweets

No. 805275

Wtf are you talking about

No. 805276

File: 1557585299086.jpg (644.39 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190511_103421_com…)

Yeah… So many retweets from reputable accounts… /s…. Kek

No. 805280

File: 1557585824284.png (1.26 MB, 1888x1330, asvvds.png)

hopefully this makes better sense

when someone retweets something from you, and a person replies to that tweet from that other person's page, their account is linked to the reply. so she had a jumpstart in these followers from these porn accounts

No. 805282

File: 1557586091496.jpg (304.65 KB, 1068x1377, Screenshot_20190511-074721_Twi…)

Kek she made a "wow so many of u" post and people are already not buying it. (1)

No. 805283

File: 1557586114934.jpg (360.35 KB, 1080x1153, Screenshot_20190511-074729_Twi…)


No. 805285

sex work and drug addiction isn't a personality, shayna

No. 805287

Nice selfpost, don't cowtip. You even have the follower audit as your profile pic. She makes enough milk on her own.

No. 805288

Not a self post, chill.

No. 805289

your file names give it away, that acc was made literally today

No. 805290

I'm not the anon who posted the follower audit photos, they're probably whoever made that account but I just saw someone calling her out under her post. Breathe.

No. 805299

yes they know who you are seen as this is your 20th account. how many Twitters dya think she'll make? like just endlessly remaking over and over

No. 805304

well it's not a post we need anyway. it's not milk it's just some rando.

No. 805401

File: 1557602071647.png (282.11 KB, 750x1334, 4E924A15-45B1-4452-A7C2-CB6495…)

Next on: Things that never happened

No. 805403

Why are people always shouting things out their windows at her as they drive by? lol

No. 805413

Because it’s a quick and convenient way to end the story that didn’t happen. And then that way she doesn’t have to @ them on Twitter (since they are a big enough fan to call out to her) or have to put an identity or face to the fake person.
She automatically assumes this person is a “fan” and not a troll? When she assumes everything else is her hatersssss.

Her fake stories are so bland and obvious.

No. 805431

every time shay tells a fake story she has to put totally in it

No. 805450

File: 1557608827446.jpg (141.96 KB, 1079x508, Screenshot_20190511-160708_Twi…)

No. 805457

Aka she doesn’t fit in it anymore

No. 805478

File: 1557612859952.jpg (235.6 KB, 1080x1255, Screenshot_20190511-171407_Twi…)

Soooo stuff she regularly posts?

No. 805481

Aka the only two positions she knows

No. 805523

yeah shay we get it, you’re still dating Fupa. Just be honest about it.


Also lmao at how flat her ass is

No. 805541

Shooting a gun is the last thing this chick needs to be doing

No. 805546

This irresponsible bitch. She’s high all day long because all she does is “make porn and smoke blunts for a living” and definitely had a couple bong rips before going out to shoot. Great idea, Shaytard, getting blitzed and shooting a weapon in public. Watch out Tulsa anons.

No. 805551

So dumb. You don't wear a zip up with nothing under, or at least that low, when at the range. Hot brass going down your shirt as a novice shooter with a loaded gun is potentially big trouble. I'm all for people knowing how to operate a firearm, but obviously with her stance and grip fupa is not very informed either.

No. 805556

Fupa puts a pistol in his pants because he thinks it makes him look gangsta. He doesn’t know shit about shooting, at least not safely or well.

No. 805563



Yep. Called it. Shayna smoked a “big dab” and then shot a gun within two hours of taking the dab, and posted it on her public Snapchat for everyone to see. Dangerously irresponsible behaviour, and no surprise that she’s stupid enough to incriminate herself by posing it on her public Snapchat.

No. 805569

These are the type of people that make me scared to ever go to a shooting range lol

No. 805570

Ugh, they go to my range.

No. 805721

File: 1557670620595.jpeg (323.21 KB, 1242x675, CB5DFD46-2D60-4A6E-B5FE-9DA524…)

6k in 2 days. Yeah that’s not completely suspicious at all. Can’t wait for this one to get shut down too.

No. 805723

she’s really fucking lucky she didn’t get caught or stopped by any sort of law enforcement. guns of any kind and any sort of marijuana together (carrying, under influence, etc) is a FELONY in oklahoma.

No. 805737

this account getting popular just makes it even more likely that it'll get deleted lol

No. 805748

She's paying big accounts to retweet her content. She's still getting fake followers but I'm assuming she heard somewhere that paying for promos gets you more "real" engagement.

No. 805752

i mean she's still only getting a couple comments per post so i'm not sure what she's talking about lol

No. 805780

So what Shayna? It's just going to be deleted again hahaha
She has to be paying, what a waste of money. She's such a dipshit

No. 805840

File: 1557686673821.jpeg (227.16 KB, 1242x1413, A6452279-899C-4D2D-BE4C-5C3E39…)

A couple of her posts have gotten a few thousand likes and 30 or so comments. Most of the comments are porn spam or comments in spanish. Most of her posts get the usual amount of poor interaction.

The deletion of her accounts was getting boring and annoying but if she loses this one it’ll be kind of funny since she’s super excited about her online validation and semi-higher interaction

No. 805865

It’s because that’s literally what she lives for, online popularity weather it’s real or not.

No. 805866

I will never understand her music choices. They are so random. Also the lingerie is too big on her, it’s like baggy. She has no idea how to buy clothing.


No. 805912

Aaaand its suspended, again. She should change her handle and actually follow rules.

No. 805913

File: 1557694341760.png (352.25 KB, 1125x2436, 4C255DE8-F44E-4687-BA22-6C092C…)

Welp lmao

No. 805915

her getting her twitter deleted is basically a meme at this point

No. 805919

Didn't want to say anything before, but having "fuck" in your user name is probably against their TOS. Kek

No. 805920

Now I’m just waiting for the fake crying and her talking about how petty the sex worker community is and how it’s all everyone else’s fault

No. 805928

OT but it isn't

No. 805937

File: 1557697514233.jpg (825.01 KB, 1063x2143, SmartSelect_20190512-174201_Sn…)

No. 805938

File: 1557697581222.jpg (633.92 KB, 974x2054, SmartSelect_20190512-174327_Sn…)

Crazy how she posts stuff like this yet still trys to pretend like she has an ass

No. 805939

File: 1557697663680.jpg (835.6 KB, 1057x2155, SmartSelect_20190512-174423_Sn…)

No. 805941

File: 1557697695890.jpg (967.51 KB, 1066x2129, SmartSelect_20190512-174437_Sn…)

trying not to cry at the bar lmfao

No. 805955

Topkek there goes hundreds of dollars in followers Shay

No. 805956

It’s where all her “tips” go; beer/alcohol, fast food, and followers.

No. 805962

She's already asking people to make her a new account, jesus.

No. 805966

I’m…… why???????

No. 805968

So she can have more fake attention for just 3 easy payments of $29.99

No. 805984

I’m sure it’s great having only middle eastern and Hispanic men who can’t speak English giving you attention. This whole thing is absolutely hilarious.

No. 806009

god her life is bleak, distraught over twitter and her only friend is fupa who she can't openly date

No. 806012

New Twitter name: itsdollyagain

No. 806013

anon, stop being so jealous that she's THRIVING

No. 806023

Anyone wanna take bets on how long this one will last and how many accounts she will continue to make before giving up.. if she ever would stop

No. 806025

How many has she made and lost? 10? She will keep doing it until her fan base gets annoyed with it and she can’t milk anymore sympathy bucks. She says it’s her “haters” but if she truely believed that, she would petition twitter to get her accounts back. So she knows she’s breaking the rules. It’s just a way for her to be a victim and beg for money. So she will keep doing it for awhile.

No. 806031

File: 1557706223401.jpeg (544.95 KB, 1242x1046, B6F91E30-34AC-4171-AE93-6B7DF2…)

If you go to the old one (fuckdollymattel) she now only has a little over 2k. Does twitter purge the fake followers after a suspension?

No. 806032

Still shows as suspended for me.

No. 806035

It is still suspended, but the profile is still there.

No. 806042

File: 1557708542846.jpg (421.37 KB, 1080x2158, Screenshot_20190512-174844_Twi…)


No. 806043

Already at 100+ super real followers

No. 806045

It's ridiculous how she thinks this is a witch hunt against her. Shayna if you weren't breaking rules people reporting you wouldn't would have no effect. It's not them, it's you.

No. 806046

>on the streets
You’ve literally never supported yourself tho lmao

No. 806049

literally nothing stopping you from making an account on a site actually for sex workers and going on cam/making your skanky content

No. 806051

File: 1557709667303.jpeg (528.9 KB, 1242x1326, 9B84F178-1032-435E-848D-BC71A1…)


No. 806053

>as a kid

No. 806054

File: 1557710073162.gif (27.49 KB, 220x163, tenor.gif)

No. 806055

>As a kid.

You were a young adult not a child. And she's said several times that she won't apologise which means she doesn't care or is regretful. She's still the same person.

No. 806056

you have your dad, you have Fupa, there are plenty of places you can run to. Here she is trying to claim she’ll be homeless, does the victimhood ever end?

No. 806061

basically if she loses her Twitter she'll be homeless. yep checks out

No. 806070

>all i want is 2 mind my own business & continue 2 run it
then, go on the website designed for sw? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
this is going to keep happening to you because you were banned, you absolute retard

No. 806071


Yup, the apartment will kick her out if they find out she doesn't have a twitter with 2.5 fake followers

No. 806072

Why is this chick not making a ph or camming regularly. If it's that dire she should be producing content and camming 24/7

No. 806083

Maybe her not getting the point is proof she’s autistic

No. 806105

Her getting banned is getting so boring. Be less retarded, Shay.

No. 806108

It's getting so boring, she could at least move to another platform

No. 806141

If she’s really so concerned about her “career” she needs to make her own website (domains are relatively cheap), start posting content on pornhub or any other porn site to get her name out there, start working professionally again(if she hasn’t burned all of those bridges already) and actually start doing her job and get on cam? She needs to Actually give people incentive to give her money when she ebegs instead of offering up the same musty ass 0.50 cent videos

No. 806152


kinda feel like if she would just acknowledge her shitty past, issue a sincere (at least appearing to be so) apology and quit scamming so blatantly camgirl/sex worker twitter would slow down the witchunting so her accounts would last more than a day

and if she would just gain her followers organically, twitter would quit suspending her. it's really not that much work to get followers, shay lmao. isnt it hurting your stats, bank account and ego a lot more to have to constantly start over? lowkey pretty sure if she would have just laid off (and apologized srsly those callout hoes just want you to address shit) the first time she remade, she'd be in a way better position "branding" wise.

No. 806153

But an apology from Our Beloved Lady of Pussy Pimples will never ever happen kek

No. 806207


her body in that pose and with that "waist band" looks like an actual traps'.

wow. much barbie.

No. 806227

Let's be honest, people just don't like her. Her character is very unloveable, she has no friends or family that cares for her. She has a shit attitude and no one wants to associate with her. I don't think an apology will change that. She needs to start over, at this point she gave up on camming and porn and just rely on begging on twitter.

No. 806230

File: 1557758672902.jpg (304.1 KB, 1080x1547, Screenshot_20190513-074415_Twi…)

Lurk harder, Shay.

No. 806233

File: 1557758767163.jpg (370.04 KB, 1080x1464, Screenshot_20190513-074549_Twi…)

Twitter sperg (1)

No. 806234

at the end of the day tho isn't she just losing her accounts because she's ban evading?

No. 806235

File: 1557758870875.jpg (450.12 KB, 1080x1350, Screenshot_20190513-074558_Twi…)

Twitter sperg (2)

No. 806236

File: 1557758988923.jpg (646.51 KB, 1080x2158, Screenshot_20190513-074755_Twi…)

Twitter sperg (3)

No. 806239

File: 1557759081746.jpg (653.38 KB, 1080x2158, Screenshot_20190513-074729_Twi…)

Twitter sperg (4)

No. 806241

File: 1557759143703.jpg (618.21 KB, 1080x2158, Screenshot_20190513-075219_Twi…)


No. 806242


No. 806243

Exactly what I said.

No. 806246

File: 1557759483197.jpg (651.11 KB, 1080x2158, Screenshot_20190513-075614_Twi…)

Jesusfuckshayshutup.jpg (6)

No. 806247

File: 1557759505426.jpeg (791.12 KB, 1231x1443, 710F39F4-FC52-4D3D-A117-5C2977…)

It just gets worse. The victim mentality never ends.

No. 806248

Trying to claim she’s being gaslighted. Wow shay, just fucking admit you’re a shithead and apologize. That’s literally all people want. But we know you’re going to take it back two days later because apologizing doesn’t work for your image.

No. 806250

the first person on her follower list is 17 years old

No. 806252

File: 1557759693401.jpg (412.01 KB, 1080x2158, Screenshot_20190513-080111_Twi…)

Already deleting tweets, Shayna?

No. 806253

File: 1557759779607.jpg (144.69 KB, 1080x770, Screenshot_20190513-080256_Twi…)

Simmer down, jesus

No. 806256

File: 1557760005705.jpg (216.3 KB, 1080x866, 20190513_080625.jpg)

No. 806258

File: 1557760354806.png (11.42 KB, 582x101, 2019-05-13 11_11_57-Dolly(@its…)

lmao okay

No. 806259

File: 1557760979314.jpg (385 KB, 1080x2158, Screenshot_20190513-082016_Twi…)

I love how calling her out is gatekeeping

No. 806260

File: 1557761018449.jpeg (382.4 KB, 1242x698, 979D16E2-3252-4AD4-B1A7-E74E04…)

“I sacrifice everything, I’m always the victim even when the only reason I’m getting tormented is for idiotic mistakes I’ve made that I could fix but I refuse to”

No. 806264

People literally tried to explain it to her and she decided to get defensive instead of tucking her pride away in an effort to save face. It's her fault she's getting banned, losing business and getting called out, but playing victim gets her more pity tips I guess

No. 806270

>>806260 but she hasn’t sacrificed anything besides isolating herself to the point where her only social validation is from fake internet people or orbiters who jerk it to her half-ass videos. At this point when does she realize that maybe this line of “work” isn’t cut out for her. Nobody wants her in the “sex work” industry according to her so why does she even bother? The world may never know but either way the milk runs on

No. 806271

Shayna, do you REALLY love being a sex worker? Do you REALLY love getting on cam and flirting with customers, perpetuating THEIR fantasies as a means to SELL them a good time and EARN their money?
Because you’re not acting like you really love your job as a sex worker. People reporting your twitter profile does not impact your ability to get on cam more consistently, make more content, explore other venues of income, etc, all good ideas that have been suggested on this thread.
Do you really love a job that you’ve had to give up friends, family, and your home, for? Are all the social sacrifices you’ve made worth it to maintain this cycle of e-begging and constant meltdowns?
The secret to having a good life is to live in a way that you enjoy. Do you really enjoy the way you’re living?
No wonder the camhoes want her taken down so badly… she’s horrible, problematic representation for the sex work industry. People see her because she fits the dominant beauty culture, and she makes all sex workers look bad.
If this therapist that she’s supposedly seeing today is worth their weight in salt, they’ll pull the rug out from underneath Be shaytard and put things in perspective for her. She is only a victim of her own choices.

No. 806277

I’ve never seen someone this deep in their sunk cost fallacy

No. 806281

I’ve never seen someone this deep in their sunk cost fallacy

No. 806283

File: 1557763745692.jpg (384.13 KB, 1080x2021, Screenshot_20190513-090819_Twi…)

Why does she always end spergs with "im here 2 run a business" THEN RUN ONE AND LEARN TO DO DAMAGE CONTROL

No. 806285

If she was really here to run a business she’d be spending her time camming and trying to not look like a rat instead of wasting her time arguing online on a twitter account that will most likely be deleted within the next day

No. 806290

at first I was like YES GOOD and then I was like holy shit this therapist is in for a RIDE

what is it that you do at this point? beg on Twitter 24/7 and cam twice a month?

No. 806309

>a business I love uwu
>does hardly anything on cam besides be on her phone, looks disinterested most of thr time, hates it when people are sexual towards her on cam while working as a sex worker, doesn't take care of her body - the only thing she needs to care for, doesn't understand other platforms exist for sex workers, doesn't understand that breaking twitters tos means banning and a ruined business

she was only in love with the idea of being a successful cute cam girl who makes loads of cash while working her own hours from home. She already even tried porn with one of most worst companies in a genre desperate for actresses and failed.

just go home and back to school shay. This victim retardation is too much

No. 806322

This person was nicer than Shay deserved, and Shay is still not getting it.
Just be the victim forever… its working so well for you.

No. 806355

File: 1557770811778.jpg (494.27 KB, 1564x1564, 20190513_130253.jpg)

Another super valid point. She can NEVER keep a schedule. If she worked, let's say, EVERY Tuesday/Saturday at the same time every week. Her customers would know she'd be caming those days/times and if her Twitter/snap was deleted it wouldn't affect her "business" as much. That's why successful businesses have set open hours, and not just randomly open, or mostly closed in her case.

I think her smoking weed every waking hour is a big reason she is late/doesn't get online.

No. 806364

Waiting for the angry victimized response to this measured and valid explanation

No. 806369


She doesn’t enjoy being a sex worker. She can barely call herself a SW anymore since she gets on cam once a month. She’s just pretending at this point because she “won’t let the haters win. “ she’s doing it out of spite and doesnt want her friends and family to be like “ we told you”.
If she’s really going to a therapist, that therapist will tell her to take a long break from the internet and focus on finding a job that is healthy mentally and good on your wallet.

No. 806371

I’m certain I was scammed by this girl about 3 years ago

No. 806374

is this a selfpost? if not it's most likely a farmer because the account has zero followers and also follows dawn

No. 806377

spill the details; receipts would also be good.

No. 806382

Not sure what to call it. I once bought her something off her wishlist and sent her a message saying, hope you like your present and I got blocked

No. 806391

do u have any receipts/screens from amazon on it still and the message u sent before she blocked it?

No. 806406

File: 1557776183904.png (145.49 KB, 1112x309, oops.png)

for curiosity reasons i went searching. found another minor among the porn bots, sissy accounts, random anime bros, dudes with their kids as a header and some orbiters here and there. most of her followers are really legit blank accounts and ارسلي زبك وفديو وانت تنيك واحب مقاطع, Ricardo95983102 then mygf_loves_feet‏. a lot of the following bots have dick pics for icons im p sure lmao.

anyway for someone who is "running a business" in the adult industry they cant be bothered to clean out her followers of minors. they prob get hidden by all the bots. also press f for our warrior toeman420 and our friend jim who is following the wrong whore.

anywho heres a video she just posted.

No. 806407

I’m sure purchase recipe is still on file. I deleted the blog years ago. I do wonder how many times she’s done that to people or maybe something on my blog rubbed her the wrong way and that’s why she blocked? Who knows

No. 806408

nobody knows who you are or what your blog was so this info isn't really contributing anything

No. 806409

Sorry y’all I have no real proof just the memory

No. 806434

You're cool, I dont know why that anon is being so aggressive. I'm pretty sure other farmers have come forward and said that they bought shit for Shay when they were former fans, and she ignored/blocked them.

I think she's genuinely paranoid and assumes anyone that isn't one of her fat, female orbiters or some creepy guy is looking to troll her.

No. 806440

nobody is being aggressive lol it's just not useful without receipts

No. 806445

this video is sooo unsettling for some reason. I think the filter makes her look scary kek

No. 806449

It really icks me out that she puts those gross talons in there

No. 806457

we saw she doesn't have any hand soap in her bathroom either kek

No. 806458

Posts videos like that; then wonders why she cant keep an account very long…

No. 806475

File: 1557784532713.png (Spoiler Image, 3.12 MB, 1242x2208, 9FDB7153-0C87-4234-BFCD-998608…)

Kill it with fire.

No. 806481

>i don't want to work a REAL job because anything above minimum wage won't hire me after even the most barest of google searches because of how terribly i've run my own name into the ground.

nice little lie tho, it's not gonna work ma'am. just say you don't want to act like an adult and be a petulant filthy overgrown toddler for the rest of your life next time maybe, save yourself the time.

just give it up and go back to school.

No. 806486

This whole thing with 30 year old prostitutes acting like little girls is so creepy.

Acting shy/kawaii/sweet can be attractive, but looking like a meth head who took up drinking while wearing stained Hello Kitty underwear in a dingy flophouse? Hard pass, this ain't it, fam

No. 806487

she's 20 and i don't think she's a prostitute but yeah the ddlg stuff is gross

No. 806492

She’s 21 tho????

No. 806493

okay that's still not 30 lol

No. 806496

Yeah but she could pass for thirty without a snapchat filter, that’s what makes it a joke anon.

No. 806501

File: 1557788333706.jpg (215.27 KB, 1080x1438, Screenshot_20190513_185801.jpg)

She doesn't buy followers

No. 806502

File: 1557788357041.jpg (268.88 KB, 1080x1549, Screenshot_20190513_185826.jpg)

Another 17 year old

No. 806505

File: 1557788574992.jpg (483.95 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190513_190237_com…)

And a 14 year old follower….. Jesus christ

No. 806506

Shay; vet your followers, this is stupid and dangerous and you could face consequences if this child buys your porn.

No. 806508

No. 806515

File: 1557790883725.jpeg (323.05 KB, 1242x1061, 20393D06-A035-4FD3-B850-6B31E4…)

trying to prove how totes real her followers are. Stop lurking here Shay.

No. 806522

File: 1557791296013.jpg (Spoiler Image, 661.84 KB, 810x2577, 20190513_184359.jpg)

Trying to prove how real they are and these are the comments. I'm dying.

No. 806527


She really doesn't like sex work. She likes that she can be a lazy, gross, dumbass and scrape by on pity money and minimal sales. Minimal effort and enough money to get by. She won't give that up for a reg job, if she could even get one.

I'm convinced she really doesn't like sex or this work. She never bothers to get into anything sexual she does – she won't arouse herself enough to get wet and actually use toys (or maybe she just can't due to her sores or some other dysfunction with her body). She hates people being sexual towards her/interacting with customers or people in general if they aren't just boosting her delusional ego or validating her. She has little to no sex appeal. She avoids camming like the plague. Hardly ever does a new half assed vid. Literally everything she does in her sex "work" is the bare minimum or to get validation. That's why she won't let her twitter go. She's whack. If her therapist is real, hopefully they can direct Shay from her retarded path of delusions and attention seeking.

No. 806529

thats like 4 minors in one go. now i wonder what it was like before the twitter account deleting party

No. 806537

File: 1557793792598.jpg (658.53 KB, 1080x2021, Screenshot_20190513-172554_Twi…)

Ah yes, a tweet that screams "I'm running a business".

She's really just looking for people to take care of her daily expenses, not working or providing a service.

No. 806539

What about get on cam, work and THEN go out with your tips money??? It's unreal how she beg for booze everyday.

No. 806540

Umm this is from her snapchat yesterday though, where she was crying about how her account got shut down. So she’s lying to get money. She could just…work.

No. 806542

File: 1557794701822.jpeg (1017.79 KB, 1242x1799, 14AD77E2-2A30-47A8-9ECF-7B3428…)

She also claims someone just sent her $200. I’ll bet anything she’s at home, crying, drinking, smoking, and watching her shitty life crumble around her.

No. 806548

Oh damn I didn't even notice that

No. 806549

This probably did happen. She has a bunch of enablers but that doesn’t mean she can fully support herself. This girl running her business into the ground

No. 806550

It's probably all getting spent on more fake followers kek

No. 806555

Tinfoil, but what if she is just reposting old photos of screenshots from past gifts.

No. 806557

She most likely is. That’s why anon put that she claimed someone sent it to her just now.

No. 806558

That's been tinfoiled a few times. Since they aren't dated and no other info with them, it's possible she recycles screenshots of money she gets sent. People also tinfoil she sends herself money sometimes so it looks like she gets sent money all the time. Though like >>806549 said, she does have dumbass orbiters that continue to fall for her shit and feel bad for her. They're bottom of the barrel tumblrina leftovers like her.

No. 806560

File: 1557797345775.jpg (735.19 KB, 1080x1920, 20190513_202823.jpg)

Those pictures are definitely from the other day. And wow. She looks bad today.

No. 806563

Out in public with just an unwashed crop hoodie with no bra
Girl needs to wash herself and cam/make videos. She's a social media addict

No. 806573

File: 1557799087384.png (Spoiler Image, 3.5 MB, 1125x2436, A6835568-C72A-4DE6-976E-8ECFFB…)

couldn’t have pulled the panties up just an extra half inch?

No. 806575

She looks like a dead eyed teen mom with severe depression

No. 806580

Or literally taken 5 seconds to airbrush it in a free face editing app

No. 806586

She's on snapchat chugging beer. Because that's attractive Shay

No. 806587

File: 1557801532488.jpeg (111.24 KB, 1122x738, A063D49C-8775-4B26-9941-908CEC…)

Showed up on twitter timeline, found it hilarious because Shay never really pops up in my world outside of here and now she has a few times in the last few days.

No. 806591

Everyone gets their info from lolcow these days, huh?

No. 806607

Let’s place our bets now, Shays hammered so she’s probably not going to get on cam

No. 806619


It's getting hard to tell of it's retarded farmers or the obsessive sex worker girls. Either way, it's pathetic and dumb and they need to stop. Shay is nasty, scammy, and an absolute loser idiot, but it's gotten ridiculous. Let the trainwreck derail on it's own. She doesn't need to be reported and "cancelled" over every fucking little thing. She's a fuck up plenty on her own and her "business" / "career" has been a half assed mess since the beginning. She's always gonna have her orbiters until they finally lose interest and move on and there's always gonna be a few pathetic dudes that will jerk it to her stuff. Cancelling her isn't going to do anything because she's not successful anyway.
Its gotten really tired. She already doesnt have friends. Most other SWers dont care about her anyway. Besides that, she's dumb and stubborn in her grimey, lazy, needy ways that she'll continue to remake accounts forever. Im not WKing. Im just saying the stupid bitches reporting her need to get their own lives too.

No. 806623


It makes sense though, cause if you Google her, the message boards or discussions about the boards, come up first.

No. 806625


How much are therapist appointments in America? Isn't mental health care extremely expensive? How is she affording this?

No. 806629

Shes on cam rn. Shes fucking wasted. So far shes just sloppily dancing to music, per usual.

No. 806632

Her father probably

No. 806635

She is so awful. I couldn't handle it anymore. She's totally ignoring people who are trying to talk to her and are tipping her, because she's on her phone… Like… Get your life together.

No. 806642

File: 1557810200509.png (291.43 KB, 391x365, gremlin.png)

No. 806643

Shes got 2 orbiters and one or two horny dudes that popped in and she ignored. Such a lively chat. Really thriving on cam tonight.

No. 806644

I don't usually catch her live, does she always sound so drunk and on the verge of tears?

No. 806646



No. 806648

Holy tits she’s so drunk, didn’t even put on make up

No. 806651

File: 1557811851151.jpeg (747.06 KB, 1242x970, FF04F4BB-5E61-40AB-8268-D3079D…)

Yowza. She looks like she’s about to burst into tears.

No. 806653

File: 1557811956778.jpg (4.02 KB, 382x27, rv9UeUj.jpg)

dont do my girl marina dirty like this

No. 806654

File: 1557812011291.jpeg (827.74 KB, 1242x1036, 3DDAA60B-2AB2-484B-AE90-4C14BC…)

Very enticing

No. 806661

update pls. i’m sure it’s riveting.

No. 806662

nothing is happening. You can barely hear her either.

No. 806664

File: 1557813238860.png (3.89 MB, 1242x2208, EE98E4DF-8BF0-434E-88D3-1CB9FC…)

Trying to think of which stuffed animal she’d want if she could have anything. It’s exceedingly boring.

No. 806665

I can hear her loud and clear..nothing you're missing to be honest. She bets her new twitter will be shut down by tomorrow.

No. 806666

Holy shit she drank some water

No. 806668

File: 1557813642985.png (9.94 MB, 3264x3264, THRIVING.png)

A summary for anyone who doesn't want to watch.

No. 806669

File: 1557813710130.png (1.35 MB, 1304x976, Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 1.59…)

The way she is sitting is so unflattering..

No. 806670


JFC Shay…go get a job at a dispensary or a glass shop. I know you want to prove everyone wrong and be a sex worker but you look MISERABLE. And it’s not sex work just because you’re on camera on a sex cam site. You actually have to be…sexual.

Her ego will be her downfall. Get over yourself girl and get a jobbbbb.

No. 806673

pretty sure she has makeup on, just not as much as usual eyeliner wise.

No. 806675

She looks hollow, go home to your dad and stop trying to be a SW. It's definitely not mentally or physically working for you.

No. 806678

File: 1557814324671.png (Spoiler Image, 951.92 KB, 913x713, ick.png)

Oh man….
*repost forgot to spoiler

No. 806692

File: 1557818144962.jpg (27.72 KB, 480x360, IMG_9723.JPG)

Bitch looks like this spider

No. 806733

You're right I think Shay would be a good fit for these jobs. They wouldn't care about her internet reputation. Shops like that always want a conventionally attractive (aka young, thin, white) female like her to work for them. She could even go to work high and "smoke blunts for a living". But she's way too lazy.

I think there's a greater chance she would actually be recognized in public if she worked retail. Then she won't have to fabricate Tumblr-level fantasies about that on Twitter kek

No. 806734

Samefag. Tbh I can't tell if she's depressed or lazy at this point

No. 806754

File: 1557835839223.jpeg (9.5 KB, 259x194, download (5).jpeg)

In regards to her twitter

No. 806756

File: 1557836114839.jpeg (92.54 KB, 1118x1310, F67288F9-C01A-4E4A-9B5A-10F94B…)

No. 806758


No. 806764

Can someone pls tell her that her ip is banned?

No. 806767


this is absurd at this point. her twitter being deleted really is a meme

No. 806768

I’m just waiting for her to wake up and sperg out on Snapchat. It’s like clockwork.

No. 806791

On snap she said she's on the verge of giving up and wants someone to make her a new twitter

No. 806794

Tbh, even she cant be this stupid. It's her orbiters that are. Shes milking this nonsense for as long as people keep donating money to her for "suffering". Easy gig. She makes a Twitter, it gets deleted, the losers donate. I'd keep making the twitters too if it was paying off. Until people stop paying her for her troubles it wont stop.

No. 806796

Exactly. Purely milking the situation. See how she is barely working? You would think she would bust her ass to prove that she's never giving up, that she can make money through her actual work. But this sob story is her meal ticket right now.
Does she realize how pathetic she looks?

No. 806805

File: 1557843976330.png (975.68 KB, 1125x2436, 68677BD1-5B23-420D-A0AE-6C52D4…)

No. 806806

File: 1557844016362.png (3.56 MB, 1125x2436, 8BA1F140-2601-473F-BEB4-7710AC…)

No. 806807

I honestly can’t believe she’s STILL trying to blame it on other people. Wow.

No. 806808

tbf she shouldn't apologize for the shit she's getting 'cancelled' for (i.e. not the scamming, freeloading, or pedobait). Give them an inch with this kind of thing and they'll take a mile.
>People see her because she fits the dominant beauty culture, and she makes all sex workers look bad.
Sorry to break it to you, but sex workers make the sex work industry look bad…it's genuinely insane to watch a bunch of catty hoes rip on each other to try and gain some sort of sense of moral superiority. Also, 'dominant beauty culture', really? What is that even supposed to mean? Your entire post is buzzword salad.
>I'm convinced she really doesn't like sex or this work.
If she does like sex then she definitely doesn't show it to her followers. She should have gone the sugar daddy route so she'd only have to do sex work for one person rather than many; she probably thought that she could turn her tumblr followers into easy money and figured out that it takes much more effort than she's willing to put in.
99% probability that she's on one of her parents' plans

No. 806821

>twitter gets deleted
>my life is ruined

No. 806825

File: 1557846119170.jpg (496.33 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190514_095929.jpg)

Before/adding to what she said before this. >>806806

1/2 she wants someone to take time out of their day to get an email, set up a new twitter, and use their phone number.

No. 806827

File: 1557846208071.jpg (607.72 KB, 1080x1863, 20190514_100030.jpg)

2/2 and then she gets pissed when someone wants to be paid (or whatever) for the time they take to do that. Shay, people's time is worth paying for. You always want to be paid for your time, stop trying to play a victim.

No. 806828

Because I know you lurk here shay,

1. Fuck Twitter. There are so many other platforms out there. You can still advertise on Tumblr, just keep it sexy but sfw. Get on pornhub.
2. Get the fuck out of Tulsa. It is dragging you down. You wanna restart your career? Do a few professional shoots to get your name back out there (REBRAND!! Your name is linked to too much bullshit). Once you have more of a following, THEN get back on Twitter, with a new brand and new content. By then, all the sex worker shit will have blown over.
3. Start researching your cam interaction. It is seriously lacking. Flirt with your fans! It's what gets them tipping. Your games are so boring and you always look so disinterested and bored. Stop getting so fucked up on cam. Have a few themed nights with new games. Learn from other cam girls.
4. Go visit another camgirl friend and film some new content with her to get people noticing you again. That way the friend can also promote you while they promote themselves, even if you aren't on Twitter.
5. Create a goddamn website. Fuck. Business 101. How are you so dense about this. There are so many free website builders out there. Have one main site that links all your other shit and where you can post your cam schedules.
6. Pay attention to your sales. You keep fucking fans over. Sometimes you sell all videos for like $40 and other times you sell all videos (the same exact sale) for $90. Come on. We're not stupid.
7. Make a cam schedule and fucking stick to it. Stop with bullshit excuses like "I'm going out tonight for beer! No cam, sorry, tee hee". This is your job. Your cam schedule should be your priority if you want to maintain regulars and get positive feedback /referrals. Your fans have lives. Jobs. If you say you'll be on and they make the time to be in your room, respect them man. At least pretend to, by being there and on time. Your fans are paying your bills and buying your food. Come on.

You're really on the verge of losing a lot of regulars because of your piss poor work ethic and disregard for your fan base. Either smarten up or move on to something else.

No. 806830

>attach your phone and email so when I inevitably get banned again you get brought down with me for helping me break ToS!

No. 806831

she's actually mad like it's so obvious that begging on Twitter is what she thinks her job is. she's pretty much saying that's her business lol

No. 806834

She's an idiot. She keeps doing the same shit on twitter over and over again and then wondering why her account keeps getting banned. If you feel like your life is over because you dont have a twitter anymore, there is seriously something wrong with you. You're horrible at this job Shayna. Go home. Go to school. Become an actual adult and work for a living like the rest of us. She cant keep doing this shit for the rest of her life. Shay, if you were going to he successful at sex work, you would've been by now. Give up.

No. 806836

Fucking entitled cunt.
She goes on and on about how fucking "valuable" her time is and she should be paid to give advice to swers, etc. But then she says this to someone who just wants to be compensated for their time?

Fuck outta here, you twat

No. 806837

lol it's gotta suck being an orbiter and seeing this. people were sticking up for her ever since her accounts started getting suspended. every single time. maybe she's acting so ungrateful because didn't get enough beer money out of it this time

No. 806838

>hey I'm willing to help and do this labor if you pay me

Also Shay:
>Don't DM me on Twitter unless you're offering me money! I won't respond to you for free!

No. 806842

New Twitter @perfectlilbaby

No. 806843

File: 1557847716266.jpg (745.76 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190514_112454_com…)

Posted and quickly deleted

No. 806847

File: 1557848136294.jpg (551.42 KB, 1080x2021, Screenshot_20190514-083417_Twi…)

Sperg pt 1

No. 806850

File: 1557848251124.jpg (621.94 KB, 1080x2021, Screenshot_20190514-083430_Twi…)

Pt 2

No. 806851

Doesn't she bitch about people asking for handouts from SWs all the time? I guess asking for free labor is okay when she requests it…
Goddamn it Shay, get off of twitter and wait for the heat to die down you hopeless idiot.

No. 806853

File: 1557848302297.jpg (542.36 KB, 1080x1655, Screenshot_20190514-083503_Twi…)

Pt 3
(i love how NOW she's willing to apologize)

No. 806855

She doesn’t seem to get it. It’s not what she did in the past. Her past has nothing to do with repeatedly violating tos. what got her banned in the first place?

No. 806856

File: 1557848673384.jpg (189.94 KB, 1080x644, Screenshot_20190514-083512_Twi…)

Pt 4

No. 806857

All the fake followers on her 22k account

No. 806859

Okay I am legit sorry to ask this because I hate being a newbie, but I've looked through some of the older posts and I still don't understand what these awful things she's done and supposedly apologised for are? There's some mentions of her crying rape, which I assume is involved, but is there a link where I can learn more about her backstory? (Thanks)

No. 806860

Sorry anon but probably no one is going to provide links. In this thread there are posts about past shit, in addition to discussion about her scammy gross ways. Just do the work and read shit like we all do.

No. 806861

you're probably right but i thought it was worth a try. thanks for being nice. i'll keep reading

No. 806863

>i love doing nothing and begging for peanuts on twitter

No. 806865

No. 806866

there's also the thing about her doing the trump "grab me by the pussy" porn and asking for a black dildo or something but honestly that's less of an issue than her recent scamming (but it's was the sjw's like to fixate on and what i think she keeps "apologizing" for)

No. 806873

The things that she's done that she should apologize for:
>scamming clients out of laziness (e.g. failing to deliver on her promises in cam shows and giveaways)
>being a leech and a scoundrel (ctrl+F 'Dawn' two or three threads back)
>falsely accusing her parents of being abusive
>making videos with descriptions that sound like straight-up CP
>neglecting and abandoning her cat
The things twitter is 'canceling' her for:
>calling someone 'baby hitler' as a teenager
>making porn in protest of Trump or something
>being vaguely 'problematic'
>not groveling towards the other SWs trying to tear her down for the three reasons above
>subjecting everybody to some seriously disgusting moments in her videos/camshows

No. 806875


I mean lolcow admins/culture sees the site as discussion and contribution rather than being informative, so newfags do have to go digging, but we should definitely have a better intro to Shayna. I don't really like insulting OPs but maybe it should include the typical introduction to the cow like most others such as >>806873 did. It'll help newfags know what to look for and get the basics.

No. 806878

Why was her Twitter suspended in the first place? Before she started having to make new accounts and all.

No. 806880

More reasons to cancel Shay:
- She has consistently exposed minors to NSFW content over the entirety of her internet career.
- Pedo pandering porn / romanticizing CSA in her video descriptions and presentation of her relationship with Fupa.
- Lies to her audience about literally everything, from her BS twitter stories to the details of her life; she can’t keep her stories straight.
- Recently committed a felony by shooting a weapon off in a public place under the influence, and filmed and posted it on her public Snapchat.
- Obvious substance abuse issues. Weed/alcohol/Xanax

She’s been self destructing for a long time now, her downward spiral has been documented on the now 33 threads on this particular cow. At this point, being cancelled would almost be an act of mercy for this overgrown child masquerading as a woman. She’s so deep into the sunken cost fallacy that she’s screwing up her life. If she won’t make the decision to get her shit together and get off the internet before she becomes a serious danger to society, then people are going to continue to cancel her and try to make the decision for her.

No. 806881

there was some anti-porn account mass reporting people in porn (even those with hundreds of thousands/millions of followers) and shayna got the boot because the majority of her followers were fake

No. 806889

Yeah I thought so. I wasn't sure if she got flagged for something else, so thanks for clarifying.

No. 806890

Next thread someone should compile these two lists for a better top of thread synopsis.

No. 806911

File: 1557855384699.jpeg (564.99 KB, 1242x1206, 2519A46F-DD37-4247-A1E0-BF1C15…)

I know shay KNOWS for a fact her accounts are being suspended because she is breaking the rules by making new accounts. She KNOWS her accounts are being suspended because she’s been permanently banned from twitter. She’s only saying she is being targeted because she gets to play the victim and gets paid for it. She’s fully aware of what’s going on.
If she truely believed she was being wrongfully targeted, she could easily petition twitter. She hasn’t even tried.

No. 806929

File: 1557858373173.gif (876.44 KB, 480x270, 24FE7A53-77EB-4066-B91C-38C05B…)

>a serious danger to society


No. 806931

Usually when you get suspended on Twitter, they email you explaining why, so she should know 100% why her accounts are getting deleted

No. 806938

must be the same anon that thought fupa was a dangerous criminal and not posting for edge points on tumblr

No. 806941

Get your white knight ass out of here.

No. 806943

nta but how was any of that wk'ing?

No. 806945

It's probably one of the cam whores who's responding to:
> Sorry to break it to you, but sex workers make the sex work industry look bad…it's genuinely insane to watch a bunch of catty hoes rip on each other to try and gain some sort of sense of moral superiority. Also, 'dominant beauty culture', really? What is that even supposed to mean? Your entire post is buzzword salad.

So when you say that all of these sex workers are immature themselves, you're WKing and defending Shay. Stay sensitive, cam whores.

No. 806952

Shay needs to take all of this advice.
She really did ruin her career just for a little Fupa chode.
Before him she was getting Pro shoots, traveling, and making slightly more content. Yes, the pro shoots were mostly bad and cringy; but she was/should have been meeting people and networking.
Now she is stuck in Tulsa pretending not to be dating him, while running her career further into the ground; pretending she is still 'someone' but the writing is on the wall. Its almost a little sad.

No. 806958

Or maybe it is just an anon that understands the dangers of shooting guns while intoxicated? That's dangerous behavior to others in society, and extremely irresponsible to post on Twitter for her underage followers to see.

No. 806963

le epic concern trolling, should i think of the children? you are reaching and it's funny. she's a nothing, with literally no followers because you tards keep reporting her dumb ass. society doesn't know who she is, nor do they care.

but sure, by all means, this is WK'ing.

No. 806967

Kek I agree, implying Shayna should be a felon for shooting a gun at a range after taking a dab is such a fucking reach. In that case, everyone who's ever been in a fight should be labeled as "committing a felony" because they're guilty of assault

No. 806990

File: 1557866043515.jpg (683.44 KB, 1080x2005, 20190514_174256.jpg)

I agree with you anon, Shay is a moron at her most sober times, let alone when taking a giant dab (as she showed/claimed in her snap).

Case point, super glueing a glove to your arm. There is double sided tape for literally $3 meant for this.

No. 807000

i don't think she's a danger to society but this is a hilariously retarded thing to do

No. 807003

It’s white knighting because you’re still claiming it’s people reporting her that’s getting her taken down. It’s not. She’s made 4 twitters in a week.

No. 807004

nobody said that except shayna tho

No. 807034

Shayna's dumbassery doesn't make what the other biddies in SW twitter any less retarded and certainly doesn't make the tumblr-tier post I was replying to any less retarded. Disliking a cow doesn't mean that you have to support the other people who dislike them, you absolute mong. If you spent any time here you'd know that the people surrounding a cow, friends are enemies, are usually trainwrecks too.

No. 807044

she doesnt know when to stop does she? im sure it will have like 2k of fake followers by at least 2 days from now if it doesnt get deleted.
anon i think no one cares about the "felony" she committed somehow. some of your points are valid with ur shitty WK aside but there's more legitimate issues about shayna that >>806873 said perfectly. if we are gonna worry about people shooting guns while drinking then we should arrest 90% of the hill billies in Alabama.

twitter needs to really cancel shayna over the REAL issues not being "racist" when theres more then that.

joking tinfoil: the wk is FUPA or the anon who said fupa was a dangerous criminal and not a pathetic manlet a few threads ago.
she could even buy thigh sock glue for this?? anything but super glue.

No. 807074

Guns aren’t toys. While Shayna being stupid and shooting under the influence might not seem like a big deal, it is dangerous behaviour. She could potentially hurt someone.
Is she a danger to society? Probably not when she’s getting fucked up in her shitty apartment and only ruining her own life.
But when she takes her irresponsible and reckless behaviour public, she becomes a danger to public society. What gives her the right to endanger everyone around her by getting fucked up and playing with firearms?

No. 807080

dude shut up. she’s at a shooting range, she’s not out in a field shooting small animals for christ sake.

No. 807085

She’s gonna start opening fire on civilians in her marijuana-induced stupor lmao

No. 807102

Twitter isn't her "business" omg this is so tired. Like others said, make a fucking website with all links and content posting. Put your fucking ~graphic design~ uwu aesthetic skills to work. THEN use a new IP and shit and put up links to the cam sites, webpage, etc. POST ONLY YOUR CAM SCHEDULES WEEKLY. Keep it the bare fucking minimum and an actual goddamn business page, you absolute dumbshit. Use tumblr for your validation posting and ranting and bs stories. Problem solved. Your orbiters are going to fall off supporting your begging, lazy, stupid ass soon enough because you don't actually work your business.

No. 807103

File: 1557882662130.jpg (623.04 KB, 1080x1681, Screenshot_20190514-180758_DU …)

Not news because we all know she's a slob by now but check out that collection of giant convenience store cups on her counter (from an unmilky video of her taking a dab)

No. 807104

you are ridiculous. this is prob the fucking cat anon stirring a new brand of shit.

No. 807105

She literally just doesn't want to work. Period. She only wants a twitter so she can have her begging money. Otherwise she knows she will have to get on cam and actually WORK for her money. She shouldn't even be called a sex worker. She barely does anything considered any type of "work". She just wants people to give her money for no fucking reason. Then she found this way to be victim to get pity money and won't stop.
Just another example of scamming. I used to think she was just dumb but after how many times this has happened… like other anons have said, she for sure knows why she is getting deleted. She's retarded but when it comes to scamming she knows what works.
If anything this is what she should be called out for right now. She has not changed at all. Literally all she needs to do is go on cam as a work schedule. That is it.

No. 807123

You read my reply wrong. The last part about WKing was meant to be sarcastic, I don’t give a shit about supporting Shay’s “enemies” and honestly as much as I hate Shay, I wish these dumb cam whores would stop making twitter threads on the same shit. Not that it’s their fault for Shay getting deactivated, but the ~woke sex worker community~ is so fucking cringey and a joke tbh.

No. 807125

This is it basically. At this point she probably loves the pity from orbiters that she’s been getting, “since the evil cancel culture community keeps getting her accounts deleted!” Before this she’d just ask for money to get beer, food, her hair, but now she makes it sound like life or death, “my business keeps getting ruined” which evokes sympathy. She’s making more money now off of pity donations I’m pretty sure. But obviously it’s going to get old and she’ll have to do something else—better start thinking now, Shay.

An actually useful twitter thread would be one exposing her for scamming.

No. 807127

I can't even pinpoint all of the scammy things this chick has done, there's so much. Charging $90 for videos she usually gives out for $50 is definitely something she does often. Then the ebegging.

I bet camwhores aren't calling her out on these things because they do it themselves, kek.

No. 807141

This comment made me laugh out loud, good job anon
She puts everything online and making it apparent how she's put on weight. We know she's drinks a lot but all the IPAs that she's been sperging about these past few weeks are just empty calories. Whenever she's on a date with fupa she's eating cheesy, greasy bar food with him. Now she's revealed herself to be drinking huge sugary soft drinks. I'm guessing all the dabs she takes is making her thirsty huh

No. 807162

As someone who is a stoner and a successful college student with a job can we stop blaming marijuana and just blame shays substance abuse issues cause that’s her problem…. self medication. I know plenty of stoners who live normal and successful lives. Sorry I know I’m
WKing for stoners but not for shay(no1curr)

No. 807171

Eh, yes I agree somewhat. I know a lot of functioning stoners, but some people just can’t function successfully with it. Sage bc blogpost but I personally can’t smoke and carry on with my day so I usually just do it before I go to sleep. It’s a depressant and Shay’s constantly mixing it with alcohol and makes no steps to eat healthy, do her job, and she’s now supposedly on medication. Tulsa has been absolutely horrible for her. AT LEAST when she was in Seattle she made a tad more content and the begging was for hers nails for the most part. And it makes sense to bring up her codependency between alcohol and marijuana because she’s getting munchies and ordering Uber eats and greasy foods while downing bottles of heavy IPAs which are only contributing to her weight gain(If you know its a blogpost, dont post it.)

No. 807180

For somebody who’s on the internet 24/7 I’m completely baffled that she has no idea what a VPN is at this point, she could avoid being IP banned entirely lmao

No. 807191

>I can't even pinpoint all of the scammy things this chick has done, there's so much. Charging $90 for videos she usually gives out for $50 is definitely something she does often. Then the ebegging.
The way she prices her videos is so inconsistent that it may as well be a scam. Like most of her scamminess, it seems to be from pure laziness- she probably doesn't keep track of the price point that she should be selling them at.
>I bet camwhores aren't calling her out on these things because they do it themselves, kek.
Those were my thoughts too; you'd think that they would know about the truly shitty things Shay has done and would be a much easier way to 'cancel' her; they might be worried about their own scamminess being dug up.

No. 807195

https://www.manyvids.com/Video/1210768/Smoking-Hot-Secret/ new vide

Really? Part of it is she stole her mom's lingerie? Nice Shay

No. 807200

Oh vom. Why does she insist on being gross.

No. 807202

File: 1557930469665.jpg (244.37 KB, 1080x2021, Screenshot_20190515-071434_Twi…)

I-… This bitch really doesn't realize she's selling a fantasy

No. 807204

It’s hard when there’s no receipts of it though. There’s no”hard proof” from customers that they’ve been scammed. But there is hard proof of her being problematic so they use that.

No. 807205

i can't stop laughing at this lmfao.

>sniffs cigar

>gets turned on

what the fuck even? This is lazy, poorly executed, and makes no sense. But at least it's funny.

No. 807207

This video heavily implies that she’s underage, enough to need a babysitter which is just….barf

No. 807210

i mean they get all their evidence from lolcow anyway, there's plenty of receipts here if you're willing to do the work of finding them

No. 807212

File: 1557932240555.png (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 1938x664, Screenshot (500).png)

how does she manage to choose the worst possible angles. also looks like she has a rash on her thigh?

No. 807215

lmao this is so weird and cheap. was it just me or was the volume like weirdly low?

No. 807216

No all her videos are like that. She bought a new mic and has no idea how to use it.

No. 807222


Does she just put out a vid a month to try to prove the "haterz" wrong? Because the amount of effort she puts into most of these vids is just embarassingly low… same cheap outfit, same pink dildo. Random cigar. Cringey, quiet dialogue. Yikes.
I wouldnt give her credit for it, but I can kinda deduce a "daddy" fetish from it. Which is gross and played out overall.

No. 807257


If I saw those pics without context I would swear that's a shaven mans ass

No. 807265


What ass? I cant find it?

No. 807272

File: 1557945229065.jpg (633.51 KB, 1080x1606, Screenshot_20190515-133341_Twi…)

Everything about this is so bad

No. 807274

File: 1557945315431.jpg (469.69 KB, 1080x1464, Screenshot_20190515-133517_Twi…)


No. 807278

This isn't high school nobody cares if you smoke weed.

We can't go 1 thread without some annoying ass stoners going "b-but I smoke weed and I'm not lazy!1!"

No. 807288


Ah, the daily begging goal returns. She must be in her monthly "rough patch". Kek. Bad cam night, people not buying her enough beers. Whew.

No. 807297

Shay really did steal panties from her mom once tho.

No. 807302

Another twitter down

No. 807303

her newest twitter is still up, she's lost her newest instagram tho

No. 807305

No. 807306

I'm getting "user not found"

No. 807307

File: 1557949957973.png (301.71 KB, 620x463, 2019-05-15 15_52_40-Ur DreamDo…)

did she block you? it's still up.

No. 807308

Oh she changed the name from baby to dolly

No. 807310

This is already gone lol

No. 807327

File: 1557952543512.png (529.48 KB, 1080x1697, Screenshot_2019-05-15-16-34-34…)

No it's not. Still up.

No. 807338

This angle is really bad; she looks massive.

No. 807343

Not to sound like a wk since she's still pedo pandering, but I think this is a custom she's making available to everyone, so it's likely someone else's concept. Kinda makes it weirder that she's trying to market someone's specific fetish for her general audience?

No. 807356

I feel like she probably doesn’t actually get customs but just says a video is a “custom” every so often to make it seem like she’s getting paid more and someone’s coming to her for something specific so it makes her seem special. Just my thoughts though

No. 807372

No the custom was with that white outfit, she made that very clear because she claimed she lost a part of it and couldn’t make the video till she got a new one.

No. 807376

Lol reminds me of the trashy lower class white girl from everyone's hometown who just happens to not be fat, and she has somewhat of a decent face so she thinks she's super hot….But she just actually goes around town in cookie monster pajamas and a monster energy hat with her 27 year old jobless bf, she eats cheetos and sleeps and watches tv all day, probably has 3 kids, and lives in a trailer and smells musty. Like girl, go get a hobby and a life lol. Just because someone will fuck it doesn't mean you are hot.

No. 807377

very manly, but even gay guys would scoff at that Hank Hill-esque abomination. It's so sad, but that's what happens when you sit on your butt all day doing nothing.

No. 807378

the weight gain won't be bad for her, she could use some mass on her ass, she's got a very straight and apple shaped body. The problem is her eating the wrong crap and not burning her energy off or making it useful by exercising

No. 807380

She really doesn’t have the frame to gain more weight

No. 807392

It looks like she's trying to flex her ass but it looks more like she's clenching to hold in a fart

No. 807396

I thought she said she bought this “outfit” with money that was sent to her for a custom? The guy said she could choose her own outfit for it, so she bragged that this is what she got.

No. 807411

Everybody has the frame to gain more weight. She just needs it in certain places where she won’t get it. Larger shoulders than hips, not much waist difference. she tries to claim she’s hourglass but she’s not. tbf her hips and shoulders are roughly the same, with her hips being only slightly smaller. So she has mostly a straight shape, which means most of the weight will go right to her tummy, as we’ve been seeing. If she worked out she might be able to get some definition in her hips and ass but we know she won’t.

No. 807413

Wasn’t that a while ago though? You only get 3-4 weeks delivery time for customs on MV, so if this was the custom it would be way late by now. Hmm.

No. 807426

She said on snap that if her Twitter gets deleted, she's taking a break from it

No. 807430

Lol why not just stop putting her eggs all in one basket

No. 807431

Good. Only took what, 10 twitters for her to get it?

No. 807432

why not just make her own fucking website where she can post whatever she wants and own it forever?

No. 807433

I’m saying it won’t look right because of her frame but please keep going on about all the changes she needs to make to her body that will never happen lol

No. 807437

>>>”If she worked out she might be able to get some definition in her hips and ass but we know she won’t.

Of course she won’t. That would take, you know, actual work.

No. 807444

I’m shocked she hasn’t picked up another drug habit to curb the junk food cravings yet

No. 807463

File: 1557972712122.jpg (356.69 KB, 1080x871, Screenshot_20190515-211131_Twi…)

All those "supporters" and only 1 like and retweet

No. 807497

Sending “bathroom nudes” is certainly not an incentive for people to send money, especially when she just posts all the crap on Snapchat or Twitter anyway. Nothing is personalized or “exclusive.”

No. 807500

File: 1557992548180.png (Spoiler Image, 88.93 KB, 1253x417, well you know.PNG)

none of it makes sense to me. shes home alone but shes not but implied to at an age to need a baby sitter. the description was enough for me. for those who dont wanna bother clicking the link the to vid >>807195
also reposted with spoilered image cuz its a mess.
also lmao she did a different angle this time outside of her usual. im terrified to see it in full.

No. 807534

She posted pics of that outfit after somebody bought it for her for a custom, she’s 100% recycling content now and posting old customs

No. 807550

File: 1558012701529.jpg (743.04 KB, 1080x2021, Screenshot_20190516-061740_Twi…)

Looks like we're back to buying followers, kek. This Twitter is doomed too

No. 807551

File: 1558013056076.jpg (Spoiler Image, 540.8 KB, 1080x2021, Screenshot_20190516-062320_Twi…)

Samefag but it looks like she just posted whatever video she made for the beer buyers on Twitter anyway, ffs

No. 807558


She asked on snap for someone to make this Twitter. She said she'll send this person updates to post. Wow

No. 807559

File: 1558014139144.jpg (147.49 KB, 1079x451, Screenshot_20190516-084226_Twi…)

No. 807562

And she isn't paying them, I'm assuming.
To basically be her manager

No. 807578

imagine wanting to immortalize yourself on the internet by being a rat who gets naked in Tulsa bar and airport bathrooms.

I can't take her seriously when she says she wants to be successful or that she is professional when she does stuff like this.

this seems kinda common for cam models, especially the token site ones. They usually have a dedicated enough simp around to mod their cam rooms or run fan pages for them.

No. 807583


Difference is, those models work, kek

No. 807594

File: 1558021612015.jpeg (440.62 KB, 1242x1420, 80F7D899-1308-4ACE-A064-733D38…)

“Apologizes” when making the account, is now right back to this shit.

No. 807596

>everyone knows her name
uhhh the delusions are strong this morning

No. 807599

>everyone knows her name
uhhh the delusions are strong this morning

No. 807600

LMAO this bitch. Honestly she's so full of herself. Not only is she doing things that have been done for YEARS, but A LOT of SWs have more talents than her. I have asked friends of mine if they know who she is, and they always say they have no idea. Dolly seriously needs to take a step back.

No. 807601

it's shayna, not dolly.
the only people who know who she is are people that find her from lolcow.

No. 807608

Ahhh yes. Ass boils are going to catch on in 2020.

No. 807612

>doesn't let that bother her

yeah okay shay, the hundreds of whiny tumblr posts about how people are targeting you say otherwise

No. 807634


Looks like Timon or some other ratty like cartoon character. I know Timon is a Meerkat, but still.

No. 807639

File: 1558031582747.jpg (518.24 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190516-133215_Twi…)


No. 807643

This shit is going to get her deleted even quicker. Why is she so god damn retarded?

No. 807645

Perfectlildolly isn't showing up, anyone know what happened?

No. 807651

Changed the name again. Does she think this will stop her getting deleted lol?

It's now dollyxmattel

No. 807657

File: 1558034892359.jpg (144.4 KB, 1066x922, Screenshot_20190516-202556_Twi…)

She couldn't afford $80 sandals (posted on snap asking for that amount)

She literally has fuck all money to her name, bet she runs it down to 0 all the time. Yikes. Thriiiiiving!

No. 807658

Someone should actually trademark dolly Mattel and send her a cease and desist(don't encourage cowtipping)

No. 807664

File: 1558036393215.jpeg (317.28 KB, 1125x2276, 87F2DF49-6088-46BE-BEE9-DA8DAD…)

Those “$80 sandals” are actually $28 lmao.

No. 807667

I don’t think anything at forever 21 costs $80 anyway, kek

No. 807670

Scammyxshay could be her next twitter.

No. 807671

I did think that as they're plain and and she only shops in forever 21

No. 807672

Imagine being 21 and you can't even afford sandals from forever 21, how embarrassing

But ya know, shay is totally the real life Regina George guys!

No. 807692

Snap anons, what recording software do you use? I’d love to put it in the new thread so other snap anons can see, or just buy her snap and be a steady + reliable source of snaps

No. 807708

Mobizen. And she does not have a for sale snap anymore. Just a public one.

No. 807709


DU recorder. I haven't bought Shaynas snap, but I have used it to record other snaps. It does not alert the person that you're screenshotting.

No. 807710

On snap they were from aldo I believe not forever

No. 807714

File: 1558046532968.png (602.24 KB, 750x1334, 3DA61A87-282C-48C5-AD21-F0BAFA…)

If I’m correct these are the shoes she bought. They do look a lot like those forever 21 ones though

No. 807720

She’s gonna wear them once and then go back to walking around with her yellowing bare feet. She has tons of nice shoes that she never wears. Shes such a fucking scammer, wow.

No. 807721

File: 1558047661606.png (4.72 MB, 1125x2436, E9E18BE1-4DBB-4E1D-BE82-6B66CA…)

I’m sorry but these ugly things are not worth $85. You can get some really nice, sturdy leather boots for a little over that price and they’ll last you a lifetime. Besides, this might be a nitpick, but those look awful with her horrendously long toenails. Who lets their toenails get this long? How can she wear shoes with these nasty things?

No. 807726

That's why they're open toe. Her toenails no longer fit in a normal shoe

No. 807727

Bitch got some long ass toenails wtf

No. 807728

File: 1558048453897.jpeg (127.38 KB, 1334x750, CFBCAB08-165E-44D6-8381-FE0949…)

good lord I hope she didn’t go out with that face(nitpicking)

No. 807732

File: 1558049696302.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 165.56 KB, 750x932, 560F59A8-96ED-414B-8C6F-27A579…)

There is no way Shaytard spent $250 at the mall. The most expensive thing she got was those shoes, which she didn’t even pay for. The fact that she’s asking to be reimbursed for that much is just mind boggling. Her followers have to be complete morons to support her scam ass.

No. 807735

I think she is wanting reimbursement for other people's money she's spent… Lol. She's fucking ridiculous.

No. 807738


Imagine spending that much on shoes that don't even fit properly. kek. I guess it wasn't her money. Supposedly. Which tbh I feel like she didn't get a "daddy" to pay for them and she just said that. Guess it could be some weird foot fetish dude tho.

No. 807739


top kek. It's a recycling process of some dumb fucks money. She gets mall money from orbiters and incels, then asks for more money from them after she blows it so she can pretend like she didn't.

No. 807741

File: 1558051318248.jpeg (525.04 KB, 1242x1134, D9FCBC50-B2D2-4A3C-9CCA-0AF925…)


It’s this dumb fuck who’s like, obsessed with her.

No. 807742


Oh yeah, her one of like 3 male retard fans. lol

No. 807743

Idk what she seeing in these shoes. Gorgeous? They're plain as shit. This pugsley dork is often the only person who comments on her shit.

No. 807755

File: 1558054318085.jpeg (602.44 KB, 1242x870, A0F49F0E-E0F6-4C7E-9B0B-F7CD16…)

Why would anyone want to make their blatant alcoholism this known? Does she seriously think it’s cute?

No. 807757

I think she's still in early stages so she's in denial about it still. She probably doesn't recognise it.

Also as a massive weed head she probably views at as normal to do such a thing every day.

I don't know why anyone would be happy to constantly give her money for booze and weed. It's just sad. What kinda weirdo would feel fine fueling someone's addiction?

No. 807758

you know you're ugly when you can't post even one picture without a filter

No. 807759


Yeah I was gonna say that these shoes are plain af. Like the generic wedge sandals you see at fucking payless and Walmart in the summer lmao def not worth 80 bucks and honestly basic trailer trash bitch, but I guess that's fitting for Shay.

No. 807761

>what kinda weirdo


No. 807762

Also she's prob with fupa and he's buying them

No. 807763

I've never understood how people can go out to bars daily/nightly. Or more than once or twice a week at all. Like having a beer or glass of wine at home at the end of the day, sure. Not healthy, but still within some reason. But going out and spending money and drinking multiple drinks at a bar all the time? Idk just weird to me.

No. 807773

does she just like, never have underwear on when she goes out? also could you imagine going about your day and running into that prancing around the bathroom.

ppl don't have to buy the video shay, it's probably the same as the one already posted and you put this out for free. idiot.

what's funny is that drinking out costs more than buying from a store but she likes to waste money since it's not hers.

No. 807778

I guess when you don't have a job to get up for or any other responsibilities it's ok. Is she just like going out alone too?

No. 807780

Why does she think chugging beers with a dog filter on is cute?

No. 807785

File: 1558059136137.jpg (47.04 KB, 263x447, Screenshot_20190516-210917_Chr…)

For people asking how to screenshot her Snapchat-

if you use Mobizen, DO NOT use the screenshot feature! You have to use the video record function. I just tried it and if you video record you're fine, but the camera sends a notification instantly. Hope this helps get more anon's in this and other threads to share the milk.

No. 807791

Did she just have her camera or phone propped up on the toilet??? Fucking disgusting

No. 807796

it's one thing when you're going out to blow off some steam with friends, but she's either going alone or with fupa so it's pretty depressing lol

No. 807811

This style of shoe is really popular rn and is sold everywhere. She literally could've gotten these exact ones at Target for $25. Maybe even at Walmart for $20. Why is she such a clown?

No. 807831

The bathrooms at Woodland have a ledge for your purse behind the toilet. Still fucking gross.

No. 807897

File: 1558102667180.png (15.49 KB, 584x145, 2019-05-17 10_15_50-Ur DreamDo…)

lol classic

No. 807901

File: 1558103701837.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.11 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190517-093426_Twi…)

This is so unflattering. Why would you post this?

No. 807903

You don’t get hives from depression medication youd more likely get them from handling weed. Moron.

No. 807908

i doubt she has hives at all but why would you get them from handling weed?

No. 807909

Its far more likely she would have hives/an allergic reaction to a medication than to marijuana. Antidepressants can be the culprit of a wide variety of side effects. She's been smoking weed her entire life, she never had a reaction such as hives before from weed, I doubt it would just appear out of the blue.

No. 807910

That being said, I think shes full of shit and just doesn't feel like filming or working. Classic shayna.

No. 807912


If only there were a compendium of knowledge one could search for cross reference of "urticaria" and "anti-depressant medication".

PS Sage your ignorance.

No. 807913

she smokes it 24/7 tho lol

No. 807914

File: 1558104901039.jpeg (816.17 KB, 1242x1212, 1B163858-36F9-46A4-81C0-A36EBA…)

Wow, 1,000 followers just overnight. That’s not suspicious.

No. 807915

If she even is broke out in hives, it's probably because most Anti-depressants say to NOT drink when you're on them. And she's been drinking heavily.
I get itchy semi-hives when I have 1 drink with my meds.

No. 807918

Wonder how much money she’s going to pour in for fake followers before getting nuked for ban evading once again

No. 807919


Welp, she can say goodbye to this account then. I bet she spent her "reimbursement" on followers.

No. 807921

> she never had a reaction such as hives before from weed
didn't she claim to be allergic to weed for awhile?

No. 807922

File: 1558106124207.jpg (268.41 KB, 1080x1439, Screenshot_20190517-081429_Chr…)

Shayna… No.

No. 807924

She really can’t help herself, damn. I’m just waiting for all her puppet accounts to get shut down so we can watch the inevitable mental breakdown where she blames everyone else for her failures.

No. 807928

for attention, yes

No. 807933

It's the only milky thing she does anymore

No. 807944

Her tits look 100% fake here. That plus her rashy pussy is so uncomfortable looking.

No. 807947

her tits look fake? uhhh

No. 807951

Oh god fake tit scar anon is back.

She didn’t have breast surgery, we’ve been over this in about 5 separate threads.

No. 807954

She just posted on snap and her hands look give free

No. 807955


No. 807960

Yeah because it’s an excuse not to work.

No. 807979

File: 1558115212536.jpg (447.64 KB, 1077x1413, Screenshot_20190517-124557_Twi…)

Shay, it's not fat. It's infected

No. 807985

Yeah I’m sure a camera man that shoots porn has only ever shot 3 girls with fat pussies and decided your infected cooch was the one that was his favorite.

Does she not realize they do and say those things to make you feel good so they get a good shot? Is she really just that gullible?

No. 807987

File: 1558116125948.jpeg (310.34 KB, 1242x523, 0A8D1B79-D2D0-4657-9A16-571DD1…)

oh yeah gotta get in that daily woke post don’t you shayna? Gotta stay relevant and follow the crowd with your fake positivity?

No. 807995

she posts this same tweet in a different way every time she remakes a Twitter. gotta grovel to keep the pity money flowing

No. 808013

I don’t think you’re right but regardless, throwback to 2016 when shayna claimed to have a pot allergy lmao


No. 808015

it really doesn't matter because she is lying either way.

No. 808023

I've only seen that shape in breast and areola after augmentation. so yeah they look pretty fake

nta but go on

No. 808030

Anon they exist. I have that shape too, it's just not that common.

Her titties don't look fake, just small and firm.

Sage for this bullshit

No. 808033

she is soooo delusional it's uncomfortable

No. 808045

File: 1558128827640.png (14.34 KB, 591x174, 2019-05-17 17_33_48-Ur DreamDo…)


No. 808047

I’m sure all the young girls kidnapped, and forced into sex trade on a daily basis, appreciate you kinking their trauma.

Such an edge-lord like her girlfriend Fupa.

No. 808049

Please upload blowjob video DollyMattel(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 808053

Pretty sure she posted this ages ago on her Tumblr/original Twitter. Still trying for those edgy points.

No. 808055

This is another recycled tumblr post of hers from when she like first got into this ddlg shit. It’s copied like word for word I’ll see if I can find it. Still chasing tumblr fame

No. 808058

File: 1558132945055.jpg (841.52 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190516-233114_Tum…)

Sorry I'm late posting this, shes begging for RTs on tumblr.

No. 808061

Lmao this is a super old recycled post from her tumblr. I can’t with this chick. How unoriginal can you be? Move the fuck on from tumblr Shayna.

No. 808076

Get the fuck out of here

No. 808077

Lol why would you want to see that anyway? It’s so fucking cringey every time she attempts.

No. 808081

she says this literally every fucking time she gets her shit deleted.

>everyone hates me and wants me off the internet but my ugly neckbeard supporters keep my alcoholism and reckless spending on frivolous shit alive and well! send me an amazon giftcard and you'll get all 400 videos of my infected, dry pussy!

like fucking clockwork. i could probably make a simulator bot of her and have it be spot on

No. 808082

It always baffles me how her job is selling nudes and sex yet she always posts this shit on Twitter for free. Why should anyone bother?

Isn't it supposed to be pay for the privilege yet we all know the inside outs of her body and ain't paid a penny.

No. 808084

She's at her favorite taproom again. 3rd night in a row?

No. 808085

Perish scrot

No. 808086

File: 1558140761493.jpg (59.74 KB, 576x1024, IMG_20190518_015240.jpg)


No. 808087

File: 1558140863360.jpg (137.99 KB, 1060x870, Screenshot_20190518-015352_Twi…)

Baiting for likes again.

No. 808088

She looks like a balloon with fake eyelashes stuck on. What is she doing?

No. 808091

Classy as always Shay

No. 808092

So is she at the bar alone or what proof is there that her and fupa are still together

No. 808094

Bc how sad to go to the same bar alone every day yiked

No. 808097

shay please stop buying lashes off AliExpress

No. 808099

Read the threads.

No. 808103

Funny enough she actually buys expensive ass lashes but 1) doesn’t know how to wear them and 2) never gets the right kind for her eyeshape

No. 808107

File: 1558143078440.png (3.62 MB, 1125x2436, 41023622-59D6-4952-954F-DAC4C9…)

Not really milky but she posted this picture before without mentioning her quirky uwu anecdote at all. It took her like 3 weeks to come up with that lame fake story kek

No. 808113

That’s old actually and the idiotic story was posted before on tumblr too.

No. 808114

My bad, must’ve missed it. Still cringing though.

No. 808115

Oh yeah still terrible. Why repost this shit to twitter?

No. 808124

Isn’t paying for engagements explicitly against Twitter rules? She never learns, kek.

No. 808136

She’s throwing made up/edge-lord garbage in hopes she will go viral or get a ton of retweets. But she’s an idiot with no self awareness.

No. 808159

File: 1558147933431.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 785.42 KB, 1224x2193, 3DDB6F0B-B39A-4258-994A-E22D32…)

Im always confused why her butthole kind of gapes when she’s just standing there spreading a little..

No. 808172

Shayna Clifford really went from ~muh 200k followers~ to posting her butt hole for 50 likes… not even retweets, LIKES! My avocado toast gets more interaction than that kek

She really should just "disappear" and rebrand as a no-face profile, all that substance abuse truly intensifies the butterface

No. 808193

She’s damaged some muscles by dry fucking herself is my best guess.

No. 808196

She puts her bung hole through lots of abuse. Think back to all the times she has shoved something up there dry style with no form of lubrication whatsoever.

No. 808299

>showing your asshole for 50 likes
Working at McDonald's is more dignified and profitable than this.

No. 808310

No she doesn’t. She showed her favourite/go to lashes on cam a couple weeks back. They’re the $3 kind you get off eBay that are hard to work with, in the white box with blue Chinese writing. She’s got the method down though, gotta give her credit.

No. 808365

File: 1558182362563.jpeg (803.98 KB, 1242x1042, 40B57C74-E5DF-4B7C-BCBE-2A046B…)

Another almost 1k followers overnight.

No. 808369

She never learns. At this point it's like she tries to get deleted for pity tips

No. 808379

Now anon a butthole can be naturally like that. I got a natural gaping butthole more so than Shay. Dunno why but that's just the way it is and always has been. Not damaged, just elastic.

You can tell when one is damaged when it's prolapsing.(Blogpost)

No. 808380

Wow thanks for telling us about your asshole, anon. Real insightful.

No. 808382

You're welcome. Just letting that anon know it can be completely normal

No. 808385

Wow yeah it wasn’t a compliment you retard.

No. 808386

I know anon, my you're welcome was supposed to come across as sarcastic but there ya go.

No. 808410

why are you retards clogging the thread with this just stfu

No. 808495

right, not to mention how much she discounts her videos to get something in the present instead of saving up. does she still think ppl wanna pay for her ~personality~ lol.

No. 808538

File: 1558204350143.jpg (201.33 KB, 1125x955, Image-1.jpg)

what a bizarre excuse lmao

No. 808548

A tornado watch doesn’t even mean anything lmao just that conditions are favorable

No. 808563

tomorrow it's gonna be "oh the sun is out today so I can't film a video sorry! just send me your money so I can get drunk"

No. 808601

I can't find the most recent fupa threads. Can someone link mesry

No. 808602

every single thread is linked in the OP. find it yourself. honestly

No. 808612

If you’re “stuck inside all day” wouldn’t that be the perfect excuse to actually film? That’s like saying it’s raining outside and there’s a flood watch so lol sry guys can’t film???

No. 808615

Any excuse not to work; thats our girl Shay

No. 808638

Why would a tornado watch keep you from filming…inside your house? Wtf Shayna do you think you’re gonna get swept up in it and go to wonderland?

No. 808641

Plus the tornado watch is only four hours long… leaving 20 more in the day that could be filled with work

No. 808650

File: 1558216612042.jpeg (333.96 KB, 1242x790, 046D8DD2-E56E-4B3E-835A-EB4B9D…)

Totally can’t film in this weather, but can order delivery. Okay shayna.

No. 808651

is she going to act like this all summer and fall long? because tornadoes and thunderstorms just kind of come with the oklahoma package lol

No. 808662

"Other people out in the real world can work, but not me inside my apartment! Teehee send me your money for NOT working, so I can make someone else work and bring my lazy ugly ass food!"

No. 808665

File: 1558217956618.jpeg (313.91 KB, 1242x695, A381860F-43E4-4C7F-9D6E-E0E040…)

Watch her beg for money for a new bong now. Bet.

No. 808672

Yeah like she doesn't just have several pieces laying around. She's insufferable. It's so hard to watch her ramble on snapchat, it's clear she has no interactions outside her snap/ Fupa.

No. 808680

File: 1558219453883.jpg (97.72 KB, 1073x352, Screenshot_20190518-174408_Twi…)

So she can't film a new video, but she can take pics?

No. 808716

As disgusting and worthless as this little tranny looking rat is, I guess your internet could cut out while livestreaming on cam during a storm.

No. 808720

she was supposed to be filming a video, not camming

No. 808727

Her not being able to work because there’s a tornado watch is fucking bullshit lol. It’s the lamest excuse ever. Cant work but can take selfies in lingerie and order takeout. A tornado watch doesn’t mean anything except to maybe pay attention to any new news alerts which she can definitely do while WORKING FROM HOME. Goddamn why does she even bother to make schedules at all, or promise anything at all because at this point her word means absolutely nothing.

No. 808739

File: 1558227457540.jpg (386.95 KB, 1080x1834, Screenshot_20190518-195651_Twi…)

I'm sure she'll be selling used toys on depop

No. 808740

File: 1558227504161.jpg (297.62 KB, 1080x1067, Screenshot_20190518-195705_Twi…)

Yet she uses the same Hitachi in every video

No. 808747

Okay but did she ever send any of the clothing that people bought? Kek, probably not.

No. 808770

selling used sex toys?? isn't that a health code violation to the max??

No. 808779

Especially considering that she has something going on down there and her toys are probably the cheapest silicone and other cheap ass materials. I guess some nasty dudes might want to buy her stuff (shudder) butI hope nobody with a vagina does. Peak unsanitary conditions lmfao.

No. 808790

Does she think the world stands still in a tornado watch? We have a joke here about knowing it's time to finish up your Walmart shopping if you now have a warning. Not freaking out and demanding shelter unless it's eminent. You don't stay stuck in your home during a watch. No one would get anything done when watches are sometimes a daily occurrence. How did she act with fupa?

No. 808800

It's Shay, she doesn't follow any rules

No. 808804

File: 1558238332790.gif (19.27 MB, 370x640, SmartSelect_20190518-225429_Vi…)

So she is caming on that day bed all the time, in front of a large window, at an apartment complex that there is a 100% chance of children living at as well? She's complained she's never lived on a first floor before so she's really not thinking this thru. Super great move Shayna, possibly being registered as a sex offender is totally worth it.

And what happened to her keeping her SW shit in the bedroom, and separate from the rest of her life? She has only been filming on that day bed lately. Kek

No. 808807

Her apartment is really…sad
TV on the floor, no tables or other furniture except her sex worker bed someone else bought.
This is b e a k

No. 808811

god she's living like a man, fairy lights aside unless he fancy i guess

No. 808822

this looks so sad. zero furniture… No tv stand. She can always get second hand stuff.

No. 808823

Can she not even spring for a $20 console table or tv stand from Walmart? Jesus this is like a barren crack den.

No. 808832

…. that’s not how you become a registered sex offender…. you can also clearly see in her next snap that she has blinds. This thread is really just grasping at straws lately to keep having something to talk about hey?

No. 808838

Isn’t the air of desperation a common theme in these threads? I’ve grown to accept it.

No. 808847

She was literally taking pictures on her patio with no underwear on. Doesn't seem every far fetched. Indecent exposure can land you on the sex offender registry. State to state it varies, some can be for a certain amount of time or permanently, but it CAN happen.

No. 808851

Agreed people like to reach for the fucking stars in this thread. Do people honestly believe a woman in her underwear (so not entirely exposed) on her OWN patio will get dinged with indecent exposure? A white woman at that? Pffffffft come the fuck on. People like this are what make her threads hard to take seriously at all. Makes us all look fucking awful. People take stuff like that as reason to take EVERYTHING on here with a grain on salt, which is probably against your agenda but you’re too stupid to realize that.

No. 808852

it's lucky the world has concerned lolcow anons to bring attention to this very pressing issue!

No. 808854

Samefag sorry. But point still stands even if she didn’t have undies on. She was on her own patio. I’d be willing to fucking bet money that no woman has been charged with indecent exposure when they were on their own fucking patio which is also likely in the back.

No. 808861

Are you kidding? Nobody cares, this is some concerned mother-tier hysteria.

No. 808917

3 years of her supposedly lucrative, 55k a year sex work job and this is what she has to show for it? This is how she lives? I am…disgusted.

No. 808926

File: 1558267890018.jpeg (537.28 KB, 1242x880, 0D1D2C09-FF22-4089-AF17-957CA1…)

Almost another 1k followers overnight. She had about 2.6k and now she has 3.3k. She needs to stop, fr.

No. 808933

whys the desc say 18? has she always lied about her age??

No. 808935

It clearly says 18+….

No. 808941

File: 1558269669137.jpeg (160.46 KB, 1242x316, 49DD1BB9-FB38-4A0C-A292-BE09B3…)

So original, so much thought put into that. Seriously I think putting her legs behind her shoulders (since she can only actually put one foot behind her head) is her only “trick”.

No. 808942

File: 1558269997855.jpg (31.84 KB, 380x414, 01-380-golden-eagle-head-beakx…)

she begged so hard for money to furnish this crack den and then bought ¾oz of weed with the money instead of using some for a table or ANYTHING. I have no sympathy for the way her scammy addict ass lives

pic related

that's what gets me. she claims to be ~sooo successful~ yet we all see how she lives and how she BEGS for money for EVERYTHING 24/7. She doesn't have savings. Most people earning "55k a year" living in such shitty dumps as she does would be able to save up a really good chunk of change. But she lives there BECAUSE she can't afford anything else, because she does not save her money at all for anything ever.

please tell us, Shayna, what makes you think you're successful? what measure do you use? does scraping by on the bare minimum of scraps thrown from others out of pity feel successful? or is it… something else you have going on here?

No. 809018

File: 1558282849565.jpg (198.64 KB, 1080x1480, Screenshot_20190519-111651_Chr…)

Doxxing her customers again.

No. 809019

File: 1558282897148.png (8.26 MB, 1125x2436, 3E0E3710-C33A-4C52-AF00-5777D2…)

This is so unflattering. The excessive drinking is most definitely catching up to her. I don’t understand why she loves to destroy her body.

No. 809048


Scammy Mattel back at it again, so she’s been pumping the furniture money she’s been begging for into weed. I can almost guarantee she doesn’t have any cookwares or kitchen utensils either as she always goes out to eat. This is just depressing.

No. 809059

Weed… and booze. And Uber Eats

No. 809061

Right?? Those IPAs aren’t so cute

No. 809063

She’s breaking out everywhere and is getting a beer belly. Holy wow.

No. 809066

File: 1558287394956.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, 50E3EA18-5C74-4A51-89C5-18707A…)

No. 809072


god her life is pathetic, that screenshot caught her at the right time

No. 809077

File: 1558288922062.png (380.96 KB, 626x445, Screenshot_41.png)

it looks the same to me

No. 809078

File: 1558289030650.png (Spoiler Image, 2.06 MB, 1326x745, Screenshot_42.png)

No. 809079

File: 1558289159980.jpg (167.13 KB, 995x1009, Screenshot_20190519_140538.jpg)

Crack ho realness

No. 809081

Came out “perfect”, yet still uses the shitty heart filter to wash everything out

No. 809105


All that yummy IPA Beer is putting weight on her

No. 809106

Right? I can’t believe she’s still squeezing herself in kids underwear

No. 809135

her hair literally looks like a dirty worn out mop

No. 809189

I don’t even think this retard knows how to apply eyeshadow. Seriously. You put basic bitch black winged eyeliner on and slapped on some lashes, like you do every other day.

No. 809190

when grandma does crack and drinks too many IPAs

No. 809191

don't forget the too-light foundation caked on with no bronzer or blush kek

No. 809192

File: 1558302521211.jpeg (693.68 KB, 1242x987, 36D93BDD-8D7D-4600-9D6F-BFB1FD…)

another 1k followers since this morning.

No. 809198

Bitch where

No. 809201

18+ means it's an adult-only account and you need to be 18 to follow. are you guys really that dense?

No. 809203

File: 1558304082899.jpg (693.86 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190519_173818_com…)

That makeup… Kek

No. 809210

Doesn’t she realize drinking all day is going to completely dull the effects of her anti depressant meds? No point even taking them…

No. 809232

File: 1558307188659.jpg (232.69 KB, 1080x927, Screenshot_20190519-180613_Twi…)

We'll see what happens

Why a knife next to silver?

No. 809233

She wants someone to buy her a pill organizer off her wishlist. Because she forgets to take them

No. 809237

Because the blade is silver. Seems kind of obvious.

No. 809238

Silver would really complete her whole crackhead granny look

No. 809258

My guess is so she doesn't know that but Shay this is true. You're taking an antidepressant but regularly using a depressant (alcohol) so it just cancels it out.

No. 809259

I'd love to see the Trainwreck of silver hair.

No. 809261

Can't wait to run into fatty matel at hopjam.

No. 809263

I hope she's with fupa at this beer Festival cos the idea of going alone to such a thing and Snapchat ring yourself chugging the beers is tragic

No. 809269


NTA but to be fair, without zooming in that "+" looks an awful lot like another star in that emoji…

No. 809272

It's such a common thing to put in NSFW profiles though

No. 809275

Someone needs to catch her and fupa out there lol

No. 809278

pls wild Shay and fupa pics pls

No. 809282

as great as that would be, I would hope farmers arent that fucking crazy lol

No. 809284

File: 1558312656897.png (Spoiler Image, 445.05 KB, 621x548, 5638202054839219043.PNG)


She's drunk and taking pictures of her tits in (what I assume) is the bathroom of a bar…again.

No. 809287

File: 1558312788854.jpg (68.34 KB, 1024x576, D6-ABb5WwAE5z6-.jpg)

No. 809289

File: 1558312837654.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.68 KB, 1024x576, D6-ABb0WkAAMhVj.jpg)



Nothing says a classy, professional nude like the dog filter on snapchat.

No. 809291

File: 1558313729100.png (1.48 MB, 666x896, 2019-05-19 20_54_51-Window.png)

w…why would you post this? you can see where she was sweaty and her sunglasses wiped half the foundation off her nose

No. 809292

She just had five Jell-O shots and said she puked on snap

No. 809295

>teehee alcoholism! wanna see my butthole for a twitter follow?

No. 809300

She's gotta stop telling on herself with these unfiltered photos. Her skin looks so dehydrated.

No. 809317

This is Luna level of crust. You can see where her foundation wasn't caked on the side of her face and hairline

No. 809324

Lmfao is that Fupa in the reflection of her bottom sunglasses lens?

No. 809327

Pretty sure that’s her shirt

No. 809328

File: 1558317422181.jpeg (583.57 KB, 1242x1789, 08B6F4F5-39C8-46E4-B2F9-C983BF…)

Her interactions. This is seriously comical.

No. 809330

Lmao I think it is. Her grimy drunk ass really gave fupa away like that.

No. 809334

File: 1558317776925.jpeg (826.75 KB, 1242x1132, E112C5BC-981A-46E4-8BE9-EB0D2C…)

Then up your brightness, there’s our favorite wigger Fupa!

No. 809340

Fucking amazing

No. 809341

anon I'm crying idk why but this is so funny

No. 809344

lmao, it was only a matter of time before we confirmed that they are still seeing each other.

No. 809347

Hahaha. Like it makes it less tragic that she's not there alone but them both trying to hide they still see each other and failing miserably is hilarious.

Shows how much fupa cares about his kids. He'd rather still hook up with Shay and risk losing access to his kids. What a disgusting prick.

No. 809349

The best laugh I’ve had all week. Lmao
We all knew they were together but to be outted by a reflection in her sunglasses as solid proof. Fantastic.

No. 809351

Dating her and keeping her out of his home wouldn't be grounds for much affecting the kids. It's only in the home that's a problem. It's more sad shit than anything.

No. 809360

This is amazing. She literally got outed because of the reflection in the sunglasses!

No. 809361

This is some of the best farmer sleuthing I've ever seen. Good show anon.

No. 809364

File: 1558320189693.gif (4.67 MB, 512x283, 1479174574013.gif)

Fucking unreal. All this time they've been claiming they're not still seeing each other and yet here we are. Wonder how Fupa feels about Shay's descent into Luna-tier living and hygiene.

No. 809371

funniest shit ever

No. 809373

how do we incorporate this into next thread pic? whew lawd this is hilarious.

No. 809378

There was that one time where they slipped and posted pics of food and it was obvious they were at the same restaurant

No. 809390

Right? I hope this bitch tries silver. Its the fucking hardest color to achieve and maintain. This will be a bigger disaster than the pink. Also how is bubblegum pink going to be any different from what she has because we all know sge failed at rose gold. Shay give your hair a damn break and go natural or brunette for once.

No. 809391

Tinfoil but tbh what if Fupa just feels bad for her/guilt sees her? Because shes such a fucking mess and hes the reason she came to OK. Like hes nasty and pathetic but I wonder if he just pities her and hangs out with her because she has no one else in her life? They just drink and eat so its not really out of his way lol

No. 809392

I can see that yeah. but let’s be honest, Shayna is trash and a quick nut for Fupa so I’m sure they fuck around

No. 809394

I don’t think he feels bad. She had multiple opportunities to get out of Tulsa and she got an apartment there. She could have gone back to Washington or back to her parents. Or she could have stayed in Colorado. She chose to live and stay in Oklahoma. What’s to feel bad about? Fupa uses her. Since he couldn’t use her for her internet fame and he got the wrong kind of attention, he’s using her as an easy lay.

No. 809413

It makes sense why she went back to Tulsa. She has no money to move to a new place. Dawn paid for her to move to Colorado and to go back to Tulsa. Where would she stay in Colorado? a homeless shelter? In Tulsa she knew she could live with Fupa, at least while she begged for apartment money. If she went back to Mass it would be much more difficult for her to stay on her bullshit.

He doesn't need to feel bad for her, but she's totally a helpless leech who can't do anything independently.

No. 809421

did she get her philtrum pierced or is that a zit? it's been in a bunch of photos recently, just wondering.

No. 809423

98% sure its a zit

No. 809436


She's super broken out currently. You know if she got another piercing or did anything like that we'd get 10 posts about how badass Barbie brat she is.

No. 809503

On her snapchat she said her flip flops broke and wants people to send her money for new ones

No. 809514

File: 1558362121597.jpg (Spoiler Image, 252.55 KB, 593x1054, 20190520_092122.jpg)

Old pic of shayna, still trashy as ever. Old habits die hard(nitpicking)

No. 809522


Trashy but at least hair wasn't dead, also before the alcohol bloat

No. 809533

She deleted it now that she is awake and sober.

No. 809536


she deleted it because she woke up and read her thread and realized it, kek

No. 809537

It’s still up? I still can see it.

No. 809542

it's definitely deleted but sometimes the tweet stays visible for some people. I don't see it at all. just her complaining about being super hung over lol

No. 809546

No, it doesn’t, some of you are just incredibly fucking stupid and it makes everyone in the thread look like proper retards.

No. 809570

Shayna take your broke ass to old navy and get some flip flops for $5, jfc

No. 809590

File: 1558377353455.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 630.02 KB, 1242x926, D02C971A-7FD4-480C-A69D-24A75C…)

3k in 24 hours. For fucks sake Shayna, we know you’re buying followers. Why make it so obvious when this is this reason your last 5 profiles have been shut down?

also kek at that extreme back arch

No. 809592

i have followed shay for while and am not normally taken back by her bs but like… not only that, she can get like as many pairs as she wants even goddy hot pink. imagine be that scammy and lazy. wew.

No. 809596

File: 1558378619779.png (530.24 KB, 1125x2436, 2429515A-AC8D-4BCD-9B3C-132401…)

Is it just me or is this an excessive amount of money to spend in one meal, for what I assume is a single person? No wonder she’s getting pudgy when her diet consists of greasy takeout and excessive amounts of beer. Shayna, you won’t be 21 forever. Get a grip, woman.

No. 809598

Nah thats the price for 2 meals at least. She blows through her money way too quick cause her orbiters keeps funding this crap.

No. 809605

When you don’t go to the grocery store you need leftovers I guess

No. 809611

Midwest anon here, this is actually closer to the cost of food for 4 people. Average cost of a restaurant meal here is about $10. That's an excessive cost amount for one person.

No. 809633

it's probably cuz she exclusively orders from doordash or postmates or whatever so they jack up the price after the delivery fees, etc.
i've had starbucks delivered with doordash before and before my promo code it was like $17 for a $5 drink

No. 809639

Does she even know how to cook?

No. 809656

no. The only proof that she's ever made something has been a cake for a porn vid.

No. 809657


Anon, go outside and take a breather


There was that time she attempted to make chicken parm or some shit for Fupa and it was never spoken of again…so no. I don't recall ever seeing her with cookware or utensils unless you count the frying pan she shoved up her ass

No. 809666

one time she burned a cake she baked

No. 809690

I know it's been said a million times but she'd do soo much better if she took nudes faceless.

No. 809716

File: 1558396877609.png (39.55 KB, 596x146, Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 7.59…)

Disgusting. Please do not exhibit your grossness in public spaces like that.

No. 809717

I love how she says ex-boyfriend like she and Fupa arent still together. top kek

No. 809724

Someone knows we're on to her, kek. Hi Shay, your lurking is sad

No. 809730

Imagining fupa doing this is so disgusting and hilarious but also pathetic. So much to unpack with her made up stories she posts to try to seem so uwu sexual and edgy.

No. 809733

This probably happened the same day they were in the grocery store and apparently multiple people were telling them what a cute couple they were.

as in it didn’t actually happen

No. 809734

you just know they looked like freakin trailet trash tweakers doing this lol

No. 809820

File: 1558403872355.jpg (419.59 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190520_215554_com…)

Real followers guyzzz cmon she's dolly Mattel, she doesn't need to buy followers! /s

No. 809844

My tinfoil is that it was Shay’s decision to fake-breakup with Fupa. She wouldn’t care about being a homewrecker, but she does care about getting money from her cucks, and everyone knows that’s easier when you’re “single.” She probably saw that her income was dropping when she was with Fupa and seemed less attainable, and that it was harder to beg for things when she had a boyfriend whose house she was living in. Lots of sex workers hide their relationships or pretend to be single because it’s easier to manipulate men when they think they might have a chance with you. She also got to play the “my boyfriend dumped me” pity card for a while, but all of fupa’s sadposting made it pretty clear that he wasn’t the one who did the dumping.

It’s just more of shay being Scammy.

No. 809866

She's at PF Chang. She spent more than $10 on just one menu item. Where do you eat where the average meal is $10, and on her budget she should be eating there.

No. 809893

It’s exactly what dawn told her when they lived together, and it seems to be at least kind of working if she’s still able to successfully scam still

No. 809909

>Where do you eat where the average meal is $10
literally any fast food place like mcd's, chipotle, wendys, taco bell, etc. pf changs is definitely out of her budget

No. 809938

can yall stop derailing about what she's eating? it costs so much because she uses doordash. period. end of topic. even if she got mcdonalds it would be expensive that way.

No. 810221

She was scamming when they were together too. the truth is desperate men will throw money at anything with a vagina.

No. 810245

I’m sad to say that I live down the street from her now. That’s right I’m in Tulsa… P.F. Chang’s is one of the most expensive restaurants we have here, she could be eating literally anywhere else and save money. It’s also in a district here called “Utica Park” where all the wealthy people of Tulsa like to eat and shop. She’s making money if she’s eating there so any poor me shit is a pure fabrication. She also is much closer to a lot of new restaurants that opened up and have been mailing out coupons for discounted meal rates… she is 100% pampering herself and that is absolutely a fact.

No. 810246

Utica Square*

No. 810248

The storms in Tulsa have been super dangerous this past week. They even canceled the schools here that are still in session. Yeah. She’s totally selfish. I really really hope I don’t run into her. Honestly digusted to live in the same city as her now..

No. 810301

Or she's not making that much and likes to mismanage her money by spending it like she actually makes 55k/yr. Nothing new from "I pretend to flex" matel.

No. 810312

she's not spending her money. this is Fupa's idea of a fancy date night lmao

No. 810572

She just posted on snapchat saying she had an anxiety attack and ripped all her nails off. Now she wants someone to pay for her to get them done again

No. 810589

File: 1558464447679.png (14.58 KB, 591x168, 2019-05-21 14_47_12-Ur DreamDo…)

No. 810636

File: 1558466717147.jpg (115.11 KB, 374x375, 201905208227106621150674131.jp…)

Higher exposure on the fupa spotted for those with crappy quality

No. 810710

Fupa really splashing out with the elegance of PF Chang’s what a baller

I love all the CSI “enhance” Fupa-hunters in this thread, you guys are amazing for real. Thank you for the absolute top kek.

No. 810721

The reveal of the sunglasses reflection slip up is absolutely legendary.

It tops all their bullshittery like the matching snaps showing the same table of food and anything else they could do tbh because its just too fucking hilarious.

No. 810724

File: 1558474314704.png (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190521-162324.png)

She cropped her face out from this pic haha

No. 810727


Is she sucking in her new beer gut or is this pre-beer gut?

No. 810733

sucking in so hard she probably couldn't breathe.

No. 810738

I’d say she and Fupa are still fucking and casually hanging out but I wouldn’t say dating I’d say she’s more into him than him her personally

No. 810759

This is probably bullshit. I'll be expecting a picture where her nails are shown intact

No. 810764

O yah hes totes seeing other girls either behind her back or shes just that low to be fine with it

No. 810792



Shes sucking it in so hard that it would make her neck and face look really weird. Same with her shoulders, hence why theyre pushed back. Y'all know what I mean as Im sure everyone not rail thin has tried to suck in their gut before lol. She's trying so hard here. I think even she is starting to realize she's gaining a bit of weight.

No. 810794

how is it a "heckin steal" when you run this scam literally every other day

No. 810795

Right? This bundle doesnt even include the lifetime snapchat!

No. 810797


Obvious try hard sucking her beer gut in aside (peek the neck yikes)… that filthy knee on her stockings tho omg it's one albiet still gross thing to have dirty feet on your socks but the knees too? People grimey as her should just avoid wearing white if they can't stop being disgusting. Another example is her sweat and who knows what else stained white tops.

No. 810798

Her neck looks disgusting. I think that's the worst part of being slim is how gross it makes your neck look.

No. 810799

File: 1558484476003.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 905.48 KB, 1242x1161, 16E7D214-E2B3-4085-8B3C-D648AA…)

So one person gets all her videos for $50, then she asks for another $50 but that person only gets some nude pics? How does that make any sense?

No. 810807

This is what constantly smoking weed and being drunk does to your brain.

Also what happened to her utensils from last time, she just throw em out despite others paying for them. Proves she never cooks eh.

Does 50 not seem a bit steep for what? A wooden spoon and some baking trays? They probably have to be pink

No. 810812

Shouldn't the cost of the material she needs be included for this custom?? Cheap broke bitch just go to dollar tree

No. 810815

File: 1558485694178.jpg (103.3 KB, 1080x689, Screenshot_20190522-014018_Twi…)

Sounds silly? Nah, sounds like alcoholism.

She's going to visit her family and her main thought is "I'm going to get to legally drink in my home state"

No. 810823


relevant to the anons a bit ago asking about if she has stuff to cook with and if she ever cooks. Looks like she only ever cooks box mix cakes when she has to do food fetish vids kek.

And yeah, $50 for baking utensils? Bitch if theres a Target within ubering distance, Im sure theres a dollar store. $5 will get you a mixing bowl, spoon, measuring cups, baking pan, etc. Or take your trash ass to walmart so you can get the other 5 bucks worth of ingredients and still only need like $20 tops. Scammy Mattel strikes again.

No. 810826

Is there some kind of penis shortage in Oklahoma? Why would even one woman want to sleep with sad divorced fupadad, let alone several?

No. 810833

Familiarity probably. Even though Shay claims she'd love to be kidnapped and raped in a van. Like no, you wouldn't.

No. 810836

File: 1558487247168.jpeg (1.14 MB, 2139x3679, 4E498108-2CA6-4047-A812-E3DEE3…)

Crusty Mattel is peaking rn

No. 810840

$10 says she gets 'too drunk, to cam'.

No. 810851

The begging for money to go out drinking and eating every night and then doing absolutely no work is pathetic.

No. 810853

As a revoked supporter of hers, its really shameful seeing this path she's going down. Shay when you're lurking and see this, get some help, seriously.

No. 810857

when was the last time she actually cammed lol

No. 810858

She doesn’t have bowls or utensils ??? KEK what a sad life

No. 810869

What made you stop supporting her? Spill some milk anon

No. 810870

File: 1558492287168.png (43.62 KB, 561x127, Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 10.3…)

bit more than a week

No. 810880

File: 1558493571082.jpg (480.79 KB, 1080x1054, Screenshot_20190521-195046_Twi…)

Found it a bit amusing that even her orbiters shade her for using her laptop as a rolling tray

No. 810888

and she is still late, of course

No. 810889

File: 1558496987141.png (253.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190521-234703.png)

double post, bt this is the girl who shits on poor people who start gofundmes to escape their horrible housing situations, then turns around and begs on Twitter for $1000 for a flight home for her birthday (not including the money she'll demand for her birthday itself.) her argument was "if you're not saving all of your money and stop smoking/drinking/having any fun then you can't beg for other people to fund you" like THATS ALL YOU EVER DO SHAYNA

No. 810892

The more important point here is that her parents aren’t willing to fly her out so she has to beg her orbiters for it lol

No. 810893

also how TF she gonna rent a car at age 22?

No. 810895


She’s prob taking fupapa with her

No. 810905

KEK how the tables have turned. Shay isn't even asking for things for a good cause.

No. 810907

You can rent a car at 22

No. 810912

That note looks like she typed it herself. She probably bought herself this tray.

So her parents aren’t funding her trip? I have a hard time believing this. I’m sure she asked her dad and he bought her a ticket. She’s just scamming for rent money and beer money. She won’t be working while she’s gone so she has to get money some how.

No. 810925

there's no way her parents arent flying her out and providing a car if she needs one. gl shaytard fans

No. 810932

Sage for OT but I need that tray

No. 810943

in general the age is 25, though some places charge a fee for not being of age

No. 810951


Her work ethic is complete shit, and she makes her own fucking schedules and duties. God she'd better hope some desperate old rich idiot will wife her in the future. She'll never survive supporting herself with a real job

No. 810956

Did she ever get on cam

No. 810957

I found lolcow and all of her past shit and realized I'd been a dumbass. Also I sent her money a few times (nothing big, 5-10$ a few times) and she didnt say anything, not even a thank you

No. 810970


fupa steadily growing.
what is she gonna do when she reaches actual chubby territory?

No. 810979

it’s good that you learnt though, anon. it would probably be fine to give tips if she was an actual cam girl but seeing as she isn’t…(emojis)

No. 810989

NOPE. she didn't post an excuse on Twitter either.

No. 811005

File: 1558528530611.jpg (135.64 KB, 1080x477, Screenshot_20190522-073218_Chr…)

Seeing as she only got two likes I can only imagine why she didn't get on. Almost 7,000 follows and ya get TWO LIKES 19 hours ago. kek

No. 811024

She couldn't stop her retarded writing style for 1 second to write a fake anonymous message to herself. These cows always tell on themselves with that move.

No. 811034

This. She's the only one still typing like it's 2010 Tumblr.

No. 811083


Is that scribble next to it supposed to be a sheep as in "ewe"?

No. 811094

It’s the two hearts emoji. Definitely sent this to herself. Can buy alcohol and weed and a stupid mirror tray, but trying to scam people into paying for her to go see her family. Wow.

No. 811110

File: 1558540759191.jpg (314.13 KB, 1080x2158, Screenshot_20190522-085908_Twi…)

Lol no cam excuse but she's already doing her morning shit posting

No. 811140

Thought she didn’t like being seen as a Domme

No. 811156

She definitely sends herself her own money to look like she actually has a solid fanbase.

At this point she might as well try to get on some government support program if she really wants to live off of doing absolutely nothing. Not that I encourage that, but considering how many tumblrinas have "disabilities" these days, I wouldn't put it past her to try and leech off of the government.

No. 811170

Not to mention the fact that everytime she tries to pull this off, she has to beg for submissives to approach her because none of them are coming to her naturally.

Shit, she can't even pull of this uwu daddy babydoll shit either. She looks creepy half the time, cos she wears harsh makeup, long nails, and always makes 420 a part of her image. It's a confusing and ultimately dumb way to brand.

No. 811192

The state of her home and pussy that she proudly posts on the internet will probably convince some social security worker that she’s mentally ill enough for tugboat money

No. 811220

She's blaming new meds for making her too anxious to cam yesterday, kek

No. 811227

Soon enough those new meds wont be new anymore and she'll need another excuse

No. 811236

Well she's already blamed the fucking weather for her indoor job. She'll reach for any bullshit excuse.

Reality is probably too drunk/high or hungover

No. 811245

File: 1558560822445.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1794, 38121585-E8FC-45A1-9A55-F7E2D8…)

…is she for fucking real

No. 811247

“Dolly mattel memorabilia”
>sells dirty weed jar and grinder for $200

I’m officially so done with her, holy shit

No. 811248

meant $100

No. 811249

but it's so… crusty…

No. 811251

This chick should work in trading her real love is money

No. 811255

She was literally complaining on Snap several days ago that her grinder is dull and doesn't close correctly… So she's charging $100 for a broken grinder and a jar you could probably get from Walmart for what, ten bucks?

No. 811256

didn't she try and sell this before?

No. 811257

That jar at Walmart is $3.95 I do believe. Purchased one recently. And her grinder couldn’t have been more than $40, and she admitted it’s busted. Scammy Mattel

No. 811258

iirc she said she would "decorate" people's grinders for them with dollar store stickers if they paid her since her's is so "aesthetic"