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File: 1527562565430.jpg (880.17 KB, 1565x1488, 1527021425045.jpg)

No. 596387

The Story So Far
Previously had a stoner blog known as shay-gnar and switched over to sex work when it became popular. (while still having minor followers >>>/snow/548764 )
!! ⦁ Recently changed her handles from DumDolly to Dolly Mattel, after watching RPDR for a week.
⦁ Definitely lurks the threads about her
⦁ Below average looking problematic tumblr / camwhore.
⦁ Got wasted on drugs and got caught cheating on her boyfriend and cried rape.
Claims to be a CSA and rape survivor and uses dd/lg and rape fantasies to work through her trauma. Recently posted that she wants to be raped >> >>>/snow/595159
⦁ Begs people online for money and gifts that she claims she is entitled to it because she's a porn star, even though she supposedly makes 55k a year
⦁ Uses drama as a way to market her content
⦁ Meets up with old men from tumblr for sex and films it.
⦁ Whenever anybody disagrees with her she plays the victim card and throws a tantrum.
⦁ Admittedly doesn't wash for weeks on end.
⦁ Has made numerous racist jokes, including calling a jewish person "baby hitler", and making a parody of Trump's "grab me by the pussy" claiming it to be satire.
Starts drama and throws a pity party when people call her on her shit saying every one is jealous of her "bomb ass porn"
⦁ Her niche is "i will fuck your dad" and punching herself in the face for 50 cents
⦁ Labia looks like a breeding grown for -something- due to poor self hygiene and over-waxing with no exfoliation and same day masturbation. ( >>487910 ,
>>487913 , >>487926 , >>487927, >>487935 , >>476771 , >>480326 )
⦁ Born in 1997 but still considers herself "19" for the last two years
⦁ Serious daddy and abandonment issues due to her always saying she will fuck your dad and your grandpa and is constantly viewed as a sex object by men. Speaks volumes to how replaced she feels. Someone "stole" her daddy. So she fantasizes about doing the same to other people.
⦁ Gets mad about her own contradictions making her look like an embarrassing hypocrite
⦁ Calls people out for wanting to get out of abusive living situations using a GoFundMe after she was just begging for donations to fix her hair right before the "most important thing for her career" up in Montreal (which she never managed to complete before the trip) (MV loft - all the other models seemed to be annoyed with her obnoxiousness) the way she speaks about abusive situations and people who were abused tells a lot. She fetishizes them and their abuse, no sympathy or empathy.She chastises people who live in abusive living situations and ask people for help, but exploits abusive situations in order to get people to give HER money. ( acts like it's different than making a GoFundMe because she compensates people with her "porn".)
⦁ Asked for donations and tacky wishlist items for her new "studio apartment" but never a bed
⦁ Claims to be gay/lesbian but showed disgust on cam when asked to go down on her "Gf" only caters to being a lesbian for guys and a shock factor She’s bi for the attention. She looks disinterested in any gif or other media that involves another woman.
⦁ Visited another dumblr whore Mia (Sadbaffoon) and looked unprofessional the entire time (at least she made Shay bath and shower)
⦁ Has a n(ew) BF? Neckbeard FUPA (Fupapa) @youvebeenwarned.tumblr.com
⦁ "Dates" a 60 year old man she calls Sir
⦁ Dry fucks herself (ass and pussy) without any lube and is lazy about all of her videos
⦁ Does the same thing in every video, just with a different outfit
Makes exaggerated sex faces and looks very disinterested in a lot of her videos
⦁ Frivolous spending as soon as she makes any money and then complains and asks for money right afterwards
⦁ Forces a baby voice in all of her media when previous stoner videos of her she's talking normally >> http://dollymattel.tumblr.com/post/173296089014/everybodys-favorite-stoner-princess
Constantly preaches "support girls supporting girls" and "don't support sex workers who bully other sex workers" when she literally does that almost once a week.
⦁ Her "fans" savagely attack any one/thing that is against shaynas word with absolutely no evidence as to why they're attacking someone
⦁ Thinks everything she says is important and worth saying(Shayna voices her illogical, hypocritical opinions.) She always rants about things, and a week later, she's voicing the complete opposite. She's done this countless times to the point that it's her personality.
⦁ Constantly tries to be edgy but just makes herself look even more (stupid and) embarrassing.
⦁ Has been gaining weight but still insists she's smol and skinny uwu
⦁ Sleeps on the floor in her "Studio apartment" has a giant tv but no bed not even an air mattress. Sleep on a pink(piss and shit on) rug on the floor Recently bought an Iphone X but still no bed
⦁ Previously filmed with hardtied and insex >>>/snow/547159 (I'm not quite sure what else to say about that subject)
⦁ allows minors to follow and comment on her instagram and tumblr
⦁ claims she was a child model and a ballerina dancer (was this before the "abuse" of being grounded?)
> 100% lurks >>>/snow/540546
⦁ **Recently went to mexico to visit Fupapa while he was "on job" should be visiting Shay in Seattle sometime soon?
⦁ Claims they are ~in love~ **
⦁ Recently started wearing a bit more dark clothes and claiming to be a "goth gf"
⦁ Still has sores in the nether regions
⦁ Still hasn't filmed the alien porno, in fact she's barely pushed any content since she started "seeing" Fupapa
Her Sites:
http://thesaddesthoe.tumblr.com http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com

archive photos: >> http://archive.is/dollymattel.tumblr.com

Previous Threads
>>>/snow/538195 there really is a lot of golden milk in this thread
**4.1 Don't post personal information that leads to real life harassment. No street addresses, phone numbers, or places of employment, unless the subject has published that information publicly on their social media.

4.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.**

Violating the above rules will lead to a swift permaban.

it is recommended to not be eating while viewing this thread

archived answered asks- theres so much more than these but just wow. (taken from previous thread)


(welcome to her blog-y she hates her mom -if ur new)

(how they found her blog)

(ask how her parents found out about her camming)

(how her mom doesnt understand her n how she shoved misogyny down her throat and how she doesnt get that shayna wants to be a cam girl n how her mom send her emails/txts for schools and jobs- boo hooo soo abused by an awful bitch)

(this literally makes me want to vomit- asked how her mom found her blog- she literally says "she’s the type of person to try and dig up dirt on me so she has an actual reason to be mad at me other than just being a bitch"-wow shayna)

(wow such a shitty mom… makes up but then proceeds to still bash her to her followers)

(y she is courageous for sticking up to her mom- lulz)

(barf- y she's a strong person bc of what she went thru w/ her mom)

(y her blog was private/ brother backs up mom)

(tells asker u dont need parents- more about her mom and how she compromised their lives- her mom lost her poarents when she was only 12)

(how thes dumblr loser minions perpetuate her delusions and warped thinking)

asked y her mom is such a bitch and how they better be blessed w/ a child like her


how other pples mom like her more

(how her mom is jelly)

(more boo hoos and how her mom told connors mom about the camming)

(her justifying her blog to her mom)

(ultimatums from her awful parents… blog or us)

(ask about suicide, her experience w/ her parents n what they were doing pushed her)

some other archived links from the deleted threads:

This ones long, talks about her childhood and rape
(section highlighted is of an ASK where she mentions kinks to overcome rape)
(mentions rape & mentions shaving her head)

Her eating disorder

Her weed allergy

No. 596389

No. 596473

Please no fighting about if she has implants in this thread. It doesn’t matter her tits are fucking weird regardless.

No. 596591

alright so I was curious about those other Tumblrs that she made when she was trying to run away from being called out on her main blog. I figured since new thread I would check in on them and give an update…

she hasn't touched "thesaddesthoe" since September 7 of last year, I guess she abandoned it after the ""drama"" died down.

"pinkpussypopped" hasn't been touched since January 28th of this year. not sure why she abandoned that one. Honestly that URL makes me want to HURL because we all know what her pussy looks like (red, not pink) and I don't even want to imagine which part(s) of it are popping at any given moment.

also how did we learn about "themosthatedgirlonthisdamnsite"? because there's only one post on there that says "it's me" so did she advertise this blog at some point? it seems super strange to me that she would make and claim this in the first place. like she just decided one day that she deserves this title, and that she's famous enough that everyone on tumblr must know about her and hate her. I'm not saying it's not her blog, because she is deeeefinitely a big enough narc to do that shit, but I'm just like, are you really proud of being hated? do you ever stop to think that even HALF of those people who actually do hate you have a GOOD reason for it? and instead of trying to fix yourself and your shitty attitudes towards women and sex workers (and life in general) you just make a stupid throwaway blog with one post on it to make yourself feel better?

No. 596597

also samefag but she's still describing herself as 19 and 5'3 on her MFC profile. not to mention listing a Twitter that has been suspended :) last time she broadcasted was May 16, so two weeks ago while fupapa was at work, but I guess she just never updates her profile.

I still wanna know what went down with her "girlfriend" from Tumblr whom she dumped and then IMMEDIATELY got with Fupapa after claiming that she was totally done with meeting people through tumblr. cannot WAIT to see how this newest relationship blows up in her face.

do you all think it will fall apart before or after he comes to visit and sees the shit ass place/way she lives? place your bets now

No. 596609

I'm pretty sure it's just dirt that accumulated in the crease of her tits, causing it to look discolored.

No. 596662

File: 1527602451809.png (80.63 KB, 640x675, IMG_1872.PNG)

She's honestly delusional.

No. 596665

is this current? where is she flying?

No. 596686

File: 1527604965476.jpg (22.2 KB, 241x823, mnrs.jpg)

Shayna needs to stop reblogging minors content and promoting these children's accounts to her entire audience and the dangers it consists of. Shayna keeps driving innapropriate traffic to CHILDREN and MINORS blogs and accounts!! Traffic from her own blog consisting of her audience, followers and her customer base consisting of people who get off on porn of her looking like little girls, age play fantasies, getting hit and punched, non-consent, rape, etc. towards the accounts and blogs of children and minors. She's helping real predators find them, placing them at risk. This is so wrong and needs to stop! This isn't the first time she's done this, she does lot of things that keep endangering minors, this is just the most recent example. By Shayna reblogging minors content, she causes a surge of inappropriate blogs including dangerous people, and unwanted traffic to this poor child's account!

Shayna's entire "thing" is sex work, age play; looking like a child, lolita, pandering to old men who are aroused by her type of content, and she is driving this innapropriate traffic towards them. Shayna does porn. Her entire gimmick is jailbait, dd/lg, pandering to pedos. She has stated herelf she uses her blog to market her porn. Shayna isn't just a nsfw blog, or even just a porn blog. Not only is she starring and producing pornography, it is her pornography's theme, it is done on an account she uses to MARKET and PROMOTE her content. An account she uses to INTERACT and grow her costomer base. Her target demographic are the last people she should be driving towards a child's blog who just likes to post pink things they like.

This is so wrong. Shayna has been called out for endangering minors by encouraging them to not only follow her, but to also interact and ask her for advice on various serious life topics and questions. Even her mother has pleaded with her telling her she is endangering these kids (links in thread description). The same account she uses to market her pornorgraphy with jailbait, dd/lg , incest, ca themes. It's one thing for her now as an adult to make the type of content/porn she does, things she tags as "age play", acting like a child, dressing like a child, etc regardless if you agree with that or not. But it is whole other thing for her to actually to keep putting REAL children and minors in harms way.

No. 596687

File: 1527605063015.jpg (38.78 KB, 522x278, 8kt.jpg)


Shayna makes this posts about who people reblog from, so she's completely aware and awake to the fact of where her images could come from. Yet she still reblogs content from minors and drives traffic to their accounts.

If she's going to go out of her way to acknowledge where and who people reblog from, and get on a soapbox and talk about minors in kink, she should heed her own advice, be responsible for once, STOP ENDANGERING MINORS, and stop driving her pedo traffic to their accounts.

No. 596697

File: 1527605791809.jpg (16.3 KB, 516x190, l9r.jpg)


She didn't fly, she's talking about being on the train. "Business-class" on train transit isn't anything to brag about, but it seems doing random normal things makes her feel special since she's so white trash. So this shit is prob huge for her, you know like paying rent, getting groceries, and upgrading your old ass phone.

No. 596700

To still have intense wrinkles, at her age, with a filter on.

No. 596711

Her hair doesn't curl the same since she's fried it and chunks fell out. She does french braids in pig tails and that is how it crimps like that.


She has incredibly bad wrinkles. They are very very deep, and will just keep getting worse with time. If she does ever get botox, it will just worsen and make her face even more problematic. Botox when you're young will always end up fucking your face worse than how it looked before. She's fucked.


Maybe she shouldn't lie, scam, start problems and drama, and do other really fucked up shady shit.

No. 596716

The same paci she stuck in her asshole? Being Shayna, you can safely bet she didn't sanitize it, shit, she wouldn't even fucking run it under water. GAG! She's that notorious for being unhygienic and dirty.

No. 596727

lmao!!!! she's seriously bragging about riding a train's business class? does she think that everyone else rides in the luggage car? what the fuck is she thinking lol that's like saying the commuter rail is high-end luxury

No. 596731

lmao yesssssssss she doubled down on the flu shot story. what a weirdo

No. 596743

lol business class on a train is cheap as fuck, why is she even bragging?

No. 596749

probably because fupapa flies business class and she thinks it’s the same thing, kek

No. 596760

Can you blame her for doubling down? Does she even have a high school education?? She probably thinks vaccines caused her autism too.

No. 596811

don’t be mean to autistic people by lumping Shay in with them, so rude.

Shay isn’t autistic, she just thinks she’s edgy and business savvy when she’s actually just a greasy white girl who makes half ass porn vids for a few bucks.

No. 596812

and she did graduate from high school, yes.

No. 596834

Doesn't really fit her 'youthful' image does it? Having trenches in your forehead so deep they're irreversible at 20-something

No. 596839

I find it hilarious that whenever she does makeup she looks older instead of looking more youthful. maybe stop getting makeup tips from 40 yrold drag queens.

No. 596846

this bitch needs to fix her brows wtf

No. 596847

Those pilled, grey, worn out socks. So sexy and alluring Shay.

No. 596864

"They were just actively trying to avoid me because I'm too special and intimidating" No, they just don't care and you're embarrassing yourself Shayna.

No. 596925

yeah and like why are people supposed to like you because you have a job? so does every other adult who isn't disabled or retired. get over yourself, you're literally nothing special for "doing a heckin business" just saying it like that shows how baaaaad at business you are lol

No. 597010

File: 1527626463605.png (1.37 MB, 1362x960, shayandfupa.png)

>a sim that looks like you

Challenge accepted.

No. 597012

File: 1527626511990.png (117.78 KB, 484x300, happycouple.png)

even sim fupa is a pervert, look at that hand.

No. 597015

thats so accurate, minus the hair, her hair is way more damaged and yellow

No. 597023

File: 1527627666225.png (1.04 MB, 1204x666, perfecthome.png)

There, that about does it for her room. now they can live in squalor.

No. 597056

this is perfect. ily anon

No. 597059

It's funny cos it won't let her sleep on that rug, nor even sit on it and all the pink kitchenware is legit useless, it's just decor.

Take a hint from your sim Shay, rugs are not for sleeping on.

No. 597062

Bitch you lost that relationship before the whole Trump campaign was even a thing, according to the story that changes all the time.

No. 597068

The tit vein on only one side, combined with the scar are forcing me to think she had some sort of work on her breast. It’s possible she had super uneven tits and only had a small implant placed in one to balance them out, I know a girl who had that done.

No. 597076

Posts like these should be saged.

No. 597092

“Medical grade makeup”????????????

No. 597095

She mean Dermaflage, it just doesn't sound as fancy if they know you can buy it online

No. 597100

Or she's been slapping on the same stuff they use to paint up corpses

No. 597105

Even down to the wrinkles and eyeliner touching eyebrows damn good job

No. 597160

Nothing about her appearance makes me more uncomfortable than her forehead. How? Why? I’d have bangs, or get Botox there like wtf, how you gonna sell your face with those terrifying deep lines?

No. 597168

It's how she got them even before legal drinking age, it blows my mind. My 54 year old mother has fewer deep lines than she has(although of course she doesn't look 54 she just doesn't have fine lines, she has full on creases), and that's extremely troubling. Perhaps she has some kind of skin condition or genetic thing she doesn't know about causing increased aging?

No. 597180

I’m pretty sure her forehead wrinkles are superficial are from her raising her eyebrows in all her selfies. I think if she relaxed her face the forehead lines would go away

No. 597182


It’s common for those that can’t produce enough collagen at a young age. I’ve onyl recently found this out myself after wondering why mine were so damn deep. Fillers also don’t work lol

No. 597184

Watch her google it, discover Ehlers Danlos and become an attention starved special spoonie porn star and use it to excuse her lazy shitty behaviour by twisting her 'symptoms' to vaguely make sense.

No. 597187

" I can fit my legs behind my head because muh EDS :)"

No. 597192

"My asshole isn't prolapsed because I dry fuck it, it's totes my EDS you meanies!"

No. 597201

Seriously people can end up with prolapses and other organ stuff if they have classic, she's sickly but I don't think it's that

No. 597236

File: 1527647245687.png (106.84 KB, 637x872, IMG_1875.PNG)

This cornball is trying to subtly show off her iphone X that everyone already had 8 months ago lol

No. 597250

she looks like a spoiled 10 year old that just got her first smart phone. is this her aesthetic or something?

No. 597252

wasn't she the one fucking herself with a black dildo with a MAGA hat on? fucking dumbass

No. 597261

she didn’t but she made a big joke about how funny it would be if she got a trump mask and fucked a black dildo while wearing it.

No. 597262

No. 597274

how narcissistic do you have to be to have your own porn name as your lockscreen

No. 597291

Her lips are super crusty in that video omfg. Also her ratty tooth smile?!

No. 597326

her hair is so fried and the curls only make it more obvious, brushing it must feel like actual barbie hair

No. 597392

Anyone else,think it's weird her and fupa were like all up each others asses and "I love u" but now since she's been home there's been like zero contact between them?
Sage if unimportant,long time,lurker,first time poster

No. 597394

At 5 seconds in you can see the filter temporarily glitch out and her jawline expand before it pops back to being smaller. kek.

No. 597497



Does anyone remember when Shayna used to talk about her "deformity" ? Don't know if it was her leg (with the really bad discoloration and scar), or if it could be something else like her tits. She said she used to feel super insecure growing up bc of this "deformity". I remember people asking her about it, all she'd reply was "I don't feel comfortable talking about it". It was a long time ago.

No. 597502

When she has to film porn outside to prove she leaves her apartment…

No. 597530

File: 1527688338917.jpeg (75.44 KB, 474x1024, 52825827-5D7D-4E60-B5CC-15522F…)

she’s going back to her more alternative look and we all know it’s bc it’s fupapa’s favorite. it’s kind of sad shay. just be who you want to be.

No. 597535

I wonder if/how she'd work this into her porn, she's had a very specific look/personality for pretty much the whole time she's made it.

No. 597552


>playing the sims 4 and not 3.

No. 597560

Fupa Daddy has been silent on Tumblr since he was called out for that pointless lie about Anthony Perkins >>595692.

No. 597583

what does this have to do with shay? stop trying to make infighting happen

No. 597597

Tbh I'm not mad at it lol
We've all been saying for months how she should go back to this look. A shame it took fupa to convince her but whatever it's a step up from the pink baby bimbo aesthetic she tries to portray

No. 597629

Yeah you can tell that flannel has been packed away since her ShayGnar days

No. 597636

and you can bet she don't own an iron. or if she do, it's pink and collecting dust. just another useless toy in her dollhouse

No. 597784

I think she meant business class as in an educational course, not a class on a plane/train. That would make more sense, considering she used the term “peers” in >>596861

No. 597789

But how would that make sense with "Old, Normal, Worker peoples" unless she considers mostly people her age and younger with a scattering of older people and people boosting their credentials 'old' which I wouldn't be surprised by. I get what you mean though, it does read that way and her traveling that day could have been to it as opposed to being it

No. 597790

kek he's back and he deleted that post, but it's still here: https://archive.is/YUrOF

Wonder what else he's lying about?

No. 597794

I messaged him about it so I'm not surprised lol

No. 597797

File: 1527708591282.jpg (14.92 KB, 529x216, youvebeendumped.jpg)

oh boy. looks like he's sick of her. shay, what do you think?

No. 597801

File: 1527708767382.jpg (36.01 KB, 510x497, youvebeendumped.jpg)

and these two. not sounding so enthusiastic about everything there fupapa

No. 597807

I did too. I also commented on the post earlier today that it's not possible, and then he deleted it.

What an idiot, kek.

The only person who reblogged it is literally 16. She's a Shayna stan too. So much for aDuLtS OnLy. These people are vile.

No. 597819

damn. yuck.

No. 597822

Shay must really be that insufferable for Fupapi to already be sick of Shayna and all that comes with Shayna.
Kek, good for you.

No. 597893

File: 1527715613112.jpeg (197.9 KB, 1242x678, 2FB9C183-019F-4923-9AC6-79F9ED…)

what happened to the ~*sass*~ fupapa?

No. 597894

File: 1527715639409.jpeg (113.74 KB, 1242x531, 4C79D5C4-084E-4CC2-83F5-BEBAAD…)

pt 2

No. 597935


I just can't with this guy, he's so so embarrassing. Acting like a 15-yo who just got a little popular on Myspace. While he's actually an old obeast….

No. 597936

SHAYNA, YOUR EYELINER WING ISNT SUPPOSED TO TOUCH YOUR EYEBROW. Please do something other than super thick wings and fake eyelashes with your eye makeup. Your foundation is too dark, your blush is too dark, and red isn't really the color for you when it comes to lipstick. Please apply a very basic and minimal amount of eyeshadow BEFORE you do your liner. Please reduce the thickness of the black liner on your eyelid, because the thicker it is, the smaller it makes your eyes look. The fake eyelashes are tacky and unnecessary, but if you want to wear them, find ones that are thinner and are going for a more natural look. Do not contour your nose because it just winds up making it look larger. You would look good with mascara on the top and bottoms lashes, and a light amount of mascara on the bottom lashes. Go for thickening mascara, and/or lengthening mascara. I would suggest a light brown shadow for your crease, and a light white/pastel color for your inner corner and do a simple gradient from the ends of your eyes, to the middle, and then apply the lighter color to the tear duct. Do not put eyeliner on your waterline, unless you are doing a light/white color. The dark makeup is shrinking your eyes. Also, please use eyeshadow for your brows instead of a pencil/gel/whatever you're using. The more natural the brows look, the better. You don't have the correct facial structure for such dark/defined brows. Lastly, your lipstick would look great in a nude/mauve color. Apply LIGHT contour on your cheeks and LIGHT blush, do whatever you want with your highlight on your cheek bones. Only apply a very small amount on the bridge of your nose if you apply it to your nose at all. Lastly, look for undereye dark circle correcting concealer to apply BEFORE your foundation. Again, your foundation needs to be at least two shades lighter. Lessen the thickness of the top lid liner. Use a moisturizer before applying makeup as well. Please take my advice!!! You would look so much better without the super heavy eye makeup(autism; emoji)

No. 597946

well that was a waste of a paragraph. you know she doesn't take good advice.

No. 597955


Wow he's changed his tune, maybe he's upset about the current thread pic feat: His belly

No. 597979

Girl now you already know an admins gonna be up in here talking about your unsaged essay and emoji use

No. 597984

File: 1527720782490.jpg (111.1 KB, 513x681, l6777t.jpg)

She posted it originally over a month ago, but re-posted again today.

Lol, taking a break from tumblr? Saw that coming. Poor Fupa. When you try to join an ol community and want to explore "bdsm" dynamics and roles as a dom, but ends up with "that girl with frizzy hair hipster stoner who now thinks she can do porn with her pimply boiled infected cunt" who piggy backs on "kink community" to attempt to disguise the reality that she's just a selfish fuck who can't handle the fact her real daddy replaced her. But fupa's stuck playing daddy, is that what he really wants? It's obvious he isn't down for Shayna's leech-ness shit. Now that he's got an "audience" he's gotta be nice about it. Poor guys prob crying for help inside, but from his "gym motivation posts" with haters, he's one to "prove people wrong" so now he's stuck. How is he gonna get out of this shit. He's prob so happy they live in diff states, and he has the excuse that "he's busy af"

No. 597989

File: 1527721135418.png (Spoiler Image, 742.14 KB, 720x606, Screenshot_2018-05-30-18-58-21…)


No. 597996

>bragging about business class on a train

Hoe, that's not even $20 extra. You're not flying first class so don't brag like you are.

No. 597999

she went out, put her feet in the mud, and then walked BACK into her apartment with gross muddy feet? What. The. FUCK. I thought pissing on your carpet was grimy but this tops it. Her infected pussy mixed with her dirty muddy feet and greasy skin. This isn’t porn this is….I don’t even know.

No. 598000

Erghhh, dirty ain't wrong but it's the pussy boils that draw the most attention.

No. 598002

File: 1527721613805.gif (201.78 KB, 480x302, cartoons-comics-american-dad-r…)

No. 598004


She wears lashes everyday, it's her security blanket. Her problem is, she doesn't know how to apply make up, she's talked about it numerous times, any attempt at changing it up, she does weird shit like literally copies a drag queen. If you think it's bad now, you should have seen it then, she's regressing back to drawing her wings too big, it's already touching her brows so idk.

How can anyone even show this to the world? Like who lied to you and said porn was a viable option? Like who can even respect FUPA when they know he touches THAT? gross!

Exactly anon! When the pussy is the most disgusting thing that needs the most antiseptic and washing in the photo. Okay, I'm starting to think that Shayna is farsighted, or that her laptop's screen, her last phones' screen and this phone's screen is busted, cuz you can't explain ANY of the shit she posts.

No. 598005


No. 598006

next thing you know she’s gonna be redoing 2 girls one cup

No. 598007

File: 1527721748873.jpg (Spoiler Image, 623.64 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180531-000746_Chr…)

They're raging.
I don't understand who can fap to this shit.

No. 598008

File: 1527721799195.jpg (50.32 KB, 500x306, 23c9c3667c55916d90c5bff9345ab3…)

Filth really is her brand now. She's like fucking Divine these days

No. 598009

File: 1527721811209.jpg (65.55 KB, 382x382, 20180531_000838.jpg)

No. 598010

File: 1527721935641.gif (1.98 MB, 540x304, tumblr_p9kd68OVPs1rmiw96o1_540…)

When you put a sheet over a dog cage bc you have no furniture and you need somewhere to set your things on.

No. 598011

a couple of them are looking more like warts and they're clustering together. Yeah there are some ingrowns but that's not all that's going on down there >>598009 Her smile and optimism; gone. She's dead behind those eyes, I can forgive the brows because it's just so sad

No. 598013

Hahah, she'd be better off sleeping in the damn dog cage than the filth infested rug.

No. 598014

Of course he’s getting fed up with her. She was just a token bdsm fuck, and now he’s getting chewed up and spit out on anonymous forum.

No. 598015

What happened to that pink kid tent she put in her apartment

No. 598016

File: 1527722133751.png (521.1 KB, 975x1107, Screenshot_2018-05-30-16-14-40…)

Good portrait, makes her look 50

No. 598017

The name is pretty redundant honestly, Mattel sell dolls and everyone knows that so everyone associates it with that so why not do something a little more creative? It's like calling yourself 'Barbie Doll' or 'Sindy Hasbro'

No. 598019

Yeah ingrown hairs don't link together like that, something is wrong, why won't she see a doctor?

If my pussy looked like this I'd be straight to the doctor and definitely not show the whole damn world.
No one wants to see that in their porn.

No. 598020

What did she do to the body??? It looks like she put Shay's head on a giant bear body

No. 598023

Jesus I didn't even notice at first, that's hilarious.

No. 598024


Whoah the accuracy!! Makes her look?… she DOES look 50! This is forgiving though, at least the left out her deepset forehead wrinkles.

that's just a sheet over her dog cage silly

No. 598028

40 year old cool Mom strikes again

No. 598029

She probably didn’t have room to keep it up all the time, kek

No. 598031

Great accuracy on the crusty lips and wrinkles

No. 598032


So did she get a bed? Or was that her neighbor's bed the cat was on?

No. 598036


Those are some ghetto closets. Does she even wash her clothes? Also, now I get why she doesn't take pics in front of this mirror. But is her bathroom shitty too?

No. 598039

File: 1527723340061.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.7 KB, 720x406, Deez4duXcAEBvbe.jpg)

She's notorious for sitting super far from the camera lens to hide her nasty pussy.. but you can't hide that shit, a filter wont even help a little. EW

No. 598043

Can you imagine just going about your regular life, maybe on break at work, walking through the park to see a fully grown woman dressed as a toddler barefoot in the mud giggling and filming it. Suicide material right there.

No. 598049

File: 1527724146840.png (Spoiler Image, 43.06 KB, 640x355, IMG_1878.PNG)

My eyes are screaming at the texture of her vag

No. 598050

File: 1527724313721.jpg (128.91 KB, 590x735, dty.jpg)

This is the saddest existence. At least she knows she's not much of a speaker, she's not much of a looker either, and her pussy… dear lord. Ignorance is truly bliss. So sad when you'll do anything for attention, even when people are looking at you in disgust.

#2, when you don't ever buy groceries, so take photos when you do. kek.

No. 598051

Also her holes look so uncomfortable. All that dry fucking has really compromised the skin and I'd think she's probably pretty uncomfortable and very aware of it. Girl, you need those in later life, be kind to them

No. 598054

Is that an STD or something?

No. 598058

see this is why she's broke, she buys shit because it's pretty and blows all the very little income she does make on shit she doesn't need. It's nice to treat yourself but one does not NEED lemonade, one needs fucking FOOD Shayna. Some people care about you, I don't know why but they do, and would like to see you thrive but instead you exacerbate your already dire situation. It is really sad, and she tries to cover up that sadness with pretty pink bottles while she starves and sleeps on the floor with her unwashed blanket and bear.

No. 598078

File: 1527725557308.png (402.11 KB, 720x496, Screenshot_2018-05-30-20-12-08…)

Sadly anon she walks back home to do this gag

No. 598110

I really think it’s like hpv or herpes

No. 598116

I don't know about herpes because it'd hurt like a bitch and be more red I think, but yeah, it's gotta at least be a fucking yeast infection or something wtf

there's no way those are just irritated ingrowns, right…?

No. 598122

LOLLLLLL I never thought of that he's probably thinking this girl is more trouble/humiliation for him than she's worth

No. 598130

legitimately looks like she's on opiates or some shit

No. 598147

They both act about 12, maybe they're quite well suited for eachother

No. 598161

Nah, ingrowns don't tend to have that flat top and they don't merge in to one rough misshapen clump.

No. 598163

File: 1527731461301.png (242.09 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180530-204608.png)


But it's meant for filling in scars, apparently. She could use it on her wrinkles. unless they make something else, I don't think thats' it

No. 598170

That and she just doesn't have any other interests

No. 598173

her hand looks like a little alien creature with those longass nails

No. 598179

File: 1527732171181.jpg (40.81 KB, 381x254, surejan.w529.h352.jpg)

> conveniently hides the gross titty in most pics
>I'm so proud of my veiny tiddies they make me speshul

No. 598190

File: 1527733151898.png (391.92 KB, 1679x1197, Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 03.1…)

The one I was referencing when I said Dermaflage is literally a heavy concealer, my mother uses it for veins on her legs. They make multiple products including full coverage concealer palettes, she could however use this on both her wrinkles and veins. Dermacol is also extremely high coverage so she could use that if she buys the real stuff not the oil knock off.

No. 598247

I’m pretty sure she has molluscum contagiosum. It’s a contagious skin virus and you can pop the “molloscums” themselves but without really good hygiene and removal of the root they keep spreading. It’s rly common and since she never bathes it makes sense.

No. 598249

Samefag but after zooming in I’m like 100% positive that’s what her bumps are.

No. 598263

Imagine crawling onto your bare mattress with dirty feet like this because that's essentially what she's doing

No. 598264

Her feet were disgusting to begin with but now.. this girl has no sense. I’m seriously questioning her mental state

No. 598266

Why? Why would you post this? Wtf is that though? It has to be std nobody can tell me otherwise

No. 598269

File: 1527740897714.png (886.04 KB, 720x1055, Screenshot_2018-05-31-00-25-57…)

She's kept the curls/braids since fupapa, wash your damn hair girl.

No. 598271

It does look a LOT like it and makes sense considering, like you said, she doesn't bathe properly.

No. 598288

YES, I thought it was HPV at first but that seems more plausible. I'm surprised that the porn website for whom she provide content are OK with having girls with obvious STD issues. Her vulva is the worst it ever looked in those caps, I can't believe she isn't embarrassed and spreading herself like this. Whenever I get one ingrown I feel so gross lol

No. 598296

I screamed

No. 598302

Did broke ass, sleeping on her friend's couch, Angela really just send Shay $50 in a sad attempt to buy her friendship? I would love to see these two cows meet irl tbh.

No. 598305

She looks like Felicia day in this pic

No. 598316

It's strange how she paints her face up in harsh, heavy, drag makeup when she tries to push the innocent baby aesthetic . You would think she would adopt a soft feminine youthful makeup style, like a Korean type of makeup routine but what do I know

No. 598320

combined with them fuckin talons she looks like a slutty grandma or an aging drag queen

No. 598346

This really isn't even funny to watch any more.
It's just all gross and disturbing. Shay's lurking here right?
How can she just ignore ALL OPINIONS AND ADVICES!?
I mean it's her business how she does her make up ( I agree her current style is extremely unflattering though ), but how can you not think: "Oh, MAYBE I should do something about my pussy diseases and start showering daily because hundreds of people online call me dirty and greasy"!!???

I can't with this new "dirty toesies" video…
It might have worked with someone who looks extremely clean, cute and neat otherwise (idk who's into shit like that though). But not for someone like her!

I actually wonder if she even had to go outside for that or if that's the normal state of her toes.
I'm out…

No. 598366

That's probably why fupa is so unhappy

No. 598461

Makes you wonder how she explained the state of herself to him the first time she got undressed. Dude has to be desperate if he sticks his unprotected dick in that.

No. 598473


Has the "baseball bat" one she did with lovinglyhandmade even up yet? Clever man, divert all attention away from her diseased pussy whilst covering her deepset forehead wrinkles at the same time.

No. 598486


Someone as ugly with low self-esteem, recently obese, and still overweight, in need for attention, reveling in the ego boost he gets when his 16 yr old followers "support" him… I def wouldn't put it past him having gotten hookers when he travelling to Mexico. I wouldn't be surprised one bit, and would actually be shocked if he didn't. He's desperate enough to fuck Shayna despite all the warnings about her STD ridden cunt, truly ironic considering his handle. Chances are high FUPA used his per diem on hookers down there. Shayna's much cheaper than them, kek. Makes sense why he isn't doing what any sane and seeing-able person would do, he's most likely already contracted STD's of his own. They're a perfect match.

No. 598491


Honestly though, what kind of self respecting man would ever want a pussy like that. How the fuck could he ever show his face? Oh wait… he doesn't show his face! He's prob so fucking happy he can hide behind cropped photos. He can justify being with her bc noone really knows he's with her. Can you imagine how big of an embarassment he would be to his friends when they discover what Shayna looks like, then her pussy… OMG!! He would be he biggest fucking joke. He thinks he's something for dating a pseudo "pornstar" even though her "porn" is vomit fest, and a fucking joke. For now he can hold on to the delusions and think people say these things about her for other reasons. But what's he going to say when his own friends gag when they see her "porn" all those pimples, boils, whiteheads, and infections all over his "pornstar's" pussy? If her obnoxious and cringey personality doesn't turn them off first already.

Seriously, he says he's never looked at her vids, but that's a fucking lie. He's def seen it or at least the previews! He just doesn't want to admit that he has because then people will know, that he knows that her pussy is wreckt and rancid with boils and infections all over it. It's fucking sad how not only will he not acknowledge her pussy, but how he'll go out of his way to put it out there that he hasn't seen any of the videos of her diseased cunt. An attempt to put distance between him and he fact. He plays dumb, like bro, we've seen it. We know. From the looks of her most recent shit, it never clears up. Honestly, there's no way he could ever show his face now, I bet 1000% he would never be out and open with Shayna. He will NEVER want his identity be exposed with her. And not for the negativity, but because I don't think he's proud of her or being with her if people really knew one bit. On his blog and to her, he can say "fuck the haters". But he's not that dumb. Shayna doesn't realize it bc she lives her life on her blog, but he is hiding her, and hiding himself and any attachments to her. For now, he get's the good things, while not having to deal with any of the real bad shit, like people knowing who he really is, and his real self being with her. Aside from those snaps Shayna took of him, before all the shit blowing up, you think FUPA will ever be out in the open with her, take uncropped photos with her, etc… Cuz that's what Shayna wanted at first. To have someone to make content with also. How sad he uses excuses like "it's her thing" cuz he doesn't want to be seen with her and get sucked into her black hole.

It's seriously hard to comprehend how a sane, normal, seeing-able, self-respecing, self loving person could do this to themself cuz its just so horrific. But then I remember it's FUPA. That's why.

No. 598494


Reality and Shayna's reality can never collide for FUPA, or he's fucked. Try keeping her nasty pussy a secret when Shayna's fucking obnoxious self always needs to be the center of attention. If it does get serious, you think she'll say she does something else for Fupa's sake and saving face with his family. If she couldn't even keep it together with her own mom, and kept forcing her mom to accept her as a camgirl or not in her life at all(links in thread description).

No. 598566

File: 1527787011600.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 283.76 KB, 719x1280, 2F7A8E2B-653F-48D4-BAD5-9C8A36…)

Idk if it’s old but wtf ?isn’t she ashamed fr

No. 598572

Yeah that's old, from her shoot with that dominatrix

No. 598573

Its so weird to google her name against her aliases. Lol

she went from shy sorta cute blonde with no titties and great legs, to looking drugged and haggard with absolutely no mass at all lmao

No. 598588

Why does shay try to fit herself into this “pink bimbo” niche? She’d make much more money she wasnt so set on this specific tired aesthetic

No. 598592

No. 598611

that rug is gorgeous, I hope she didn't pee on it

No. 598628

when will shayna stop with her whole shtick of "i run my own business!" when all she does is make low quality hardly edited zoomed out dry fucking videos that only make 10 sales. :-(

No. 598680

>Soft cunt

Kek it's literally the opposite. Bumpy and crusty.

No. 598687

I kinda feel like do people even want edited content? Isn't half the point of going for camgirl content is that it's more real and amateur.

Most people I've ever spoke to prefer amateur stuff so why waste your time heavily editing something? You ain't a film maker, you're creating porn.

No. 598700

She pooped out Easter eggs on it.

No. 598702

$150 for 4 hours of work would be roughly $37/hr. That is asking a lot, dumbass.

No. 598704

Her descriptions are cringey, but still waaaay better than the actual porn itself. How sad.

No. 598705

if you watch her videos there’s no real heavy editing. It’s just simple clip trims, pan and zoom effects, and iMovie transitions. The only real editing she does is adding text. If that takes you 4+ hours you might want to fix that.

No. 598708

she loves that pan and zoom effect holy god

No. 598763

Because shayna is really the epitome of bad bitch. Such scare. Very frighten.

Do me a heckin scare Shayna.

No. 598764

This weak bitch actually thinks she can hurt someone?

No. 598766

Sameanon her tongue looks moldy?

No. 598770

This thread makes me gag i never thought that someone that looks so horrible and doesn’t take care of themselves would be so delusional and think she can get by on her looks

No. 598772

youre not very intimidating if you can’t even do your eyeliner correctly. what are you going to do, poke me?

No. 598773

Looks like oral thrush tbh. It’s like a cottage cheesy film on the tongue. Its most common with babies and rarely occurs in adults unless they have weakened immune systems or if you’re shay, just plain filthy

No. 598776

The fact that she makes any money and actually has a fan base just assures me that us government has failed

No. 598778

The reasons us government keeps building prisons? It’s people like this

No. 598814

Well she IS a biohazard kek, bitch is a walking around with an inflamed vulva covered in condyloma.

No. 598817

File: 1527803496637.jpg (126.34 KB, 675x1200, tumblr_oy71fqCCmA1rmiw96o1_128…)

~ Crunchy 40 yo realness ~

No. 598821

Herpes anon here, my outbreaks have NEVER looked anything close to that. They’re usually small clusters of flat red bumps. These look super raised and like they exist individually and she scratches them or something.

No. 598823

Lol. If she came at you with any force those disgusting things would snap/come off. And she's more scared of that then any person would be of her.

No. 598827

Christ her foot looks giant here.

No. 598839

File: 1527804429255.jpg (85.39 KB, 1080x1091, Screenshot_20180531-001248_Tum…)

Fupa didn't answer my ask lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 598870

Nice one anon just dont cowtip this fat fuck.

No. 598889

I sent a similar question that he’s also not answered. He will not address questions about her fucked up pussy. He’s pretending it doesn’t exist or??

No. 598897

“You’re perf” is so far below the bare fucking minimum… why does she post this stuff as if she’s lucky to receive such basic displays of affection lol it’s so sad what people think is above and beyond

No. 598901

omg her tongue looks like it's rotting in her mouth. does she not brush it along with her teeth? does she not brush her teeth?

No. 599019

File: 1527818851325.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1233, 4FDED2E6-316F-49DB-A3E1-09FA35…)

Honey those glasses need to go

No. 599021

wow, shes really lost a lot of weight. how??? wtf? kind of jelly of her quick weightloss tbqh

No. 599022

File: 1527819440550.png (76.25 KB, 231x586, Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 10.1…)

No. 599025

Same anon, How come does she has to pay for transportation for a job like this?? Is it even profitable money wise?

No. 599026

No. 599029

she's trying for a half assed IQ Kitty

No. 599030

Did she sign with an agency specializing in diseased vaginas?

No. 599036

its a reference to Trixie Mattel, a rly popular drag queen for annoying girls on twitter

No. 599039

Also, having to pay FOR your job is a huuuuge red flag. They should be paying for her travel expenses and whatnot

No. 599044

I was thinking the same thing. Another red flag is that she didn't name the agency even though she's signed with them and it's apparently official now

No. 599049

fupa will NOT be able to deal with that lifestyle choice, she probably signed her name away without reading ANY paperwork or fine lines, she'll be coerced within a few weeks of being out into doing hardcore B/G with everyone and their friend

No. 599050

Sounds like a classic modeling scam, but with porn

No. 599051

she'll probably do Hookup Hotshot

No. 599052

Holy shit I actually feel bad for her but at the same time what a dumbass, there’s no way this will end well. Didn’t she say she never wanted to do penetration? I wonder how long that’ll last kek.

No. 599062

“I haven’t done one film yet but I’m signed so that means I’m a big porn star now. here’s my thank you speech, id like to thank all the tumblr peasants for making me famous”

No. 599063

wait didn’t she say her first pro shoot was with hardtied? does that not count anymore?

No. 599066

her first scene is gonna be some teen anal shit, she’s boxed herself in. she’ll do scenes like that until her body doesn’t look like a twink anymore and her asshole is ruined since she doesn’t use lubrication. So, a year max?

No. 599067


heres the agency, very PROFESSIONAL lmao

No. 599070

ahh yes, looks totally legit!
god shay is such a fucking dumbass…

No. 599074

they are looking for girls that will do B/G scenes for cheaper than regular girls

No. 599078


Omg Shay D: This is concerning. She should really reconsider signing with this "agency". Why don't she apply for a bigger reputable company?? Don't settle down for less, specially with porn comp!!! Get those coins at least. Have fun with ending up being broke and physically/emotionally damaged beyond repair

No. 599087

That petite girl she shot the hardtied shoot with is signed here. "i asked her a lot of real advice on the business" damn girl, leech off of everyone and not do the work yourself.

Kek I can't wait to see where this goes.

No. 599093

>Dreams have come true

Does she not realize how many other girls get chewed up to be spit back out in this industry? There's nothing special about her she's not going to go anywhere with this. A few videos and that's it, that'll be her ~dream come true porn career~

Kek good luck being a professional porn star, Shayna

No. 599105

File: 1527824166469.png (Spoiler Image, 814.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180531-203608.png)

So official~

No. 599107

File: 1527824187799.png (Spoiler Image, 719.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180531-203615.png)


No. 599124

I'd consider that more like theatre makeup lol

I completely forgot it existed

No. 599125

My GOD what is Shay on?! Either she’s on some gnarly hard drugs or there’s something very broken in her brain and perception of herself. This is NOT ok! What is on her feet?! Does she have an intense humiliation fetish that compels her to post disgusting, embarrassing photos of her naked body? Her future is just ruined. She’ll never escape these images, if she ever ends up regretting what she’s doing

No. 599126

Lol it’s already gone

No. 599134

I would die! but he's not the type to like sign a model for multiplle shoots right? still what a scumbag. I was thinking along the lines of facialabuse or somewhere equally disgusting

No. 599182

This thread will be put on autosage if the cowtipping doesn't stop. This includes messaging Fupapa and posting about it.

No. 599223

File: 1527830428955.png (17.93 KB, 695x48, lolcow.png)

Awkward. I looked at another site (Twobigmeanies) that the guy run to see how much the girls get paid. I feel like this is incredibly low for having videos of yourself getting. abused and fucked on camera. You don't even have any powers on the content after that :/

No. 599226

Does she really make other cam girls and porn actressss look bad? I mean, we don't look at shitty receptionists or restaurant hostesses and think they are all lazy or foul just because the secretary at the doctor's office or the seater at Chili's was slipshod. Do people who watch and tip other cam girls and porn stars who put in the work and provide great content find Shayna and think, "Well, I was wrong about all those other girls whose work I enjoy because this lazy skank won't edit properly and appears diseased"?

If not maybe it's time to retire the whole "(insert cow's name) makes all the other (insert cow's profession) look bad" argument.

No. 599227


175 fucking dollars to get treated like a dumpster? wtf shay. that’s less than what teenagers make at mcdonald’s.

No. 599228

B-but, she's a pro-fesh-un-al. She's famous and you're not!

No. 599233

KEK I wouldn't call this porn I'd call it cheap prostitution. Shay, honey….

No. 599243

Shayna's tongue looks like what my dying mother's tongue looked like after she got a thrush infection while on nuclear-grade antibiotics. We all know she isn't on antibiotics because her vaginal area still looks like the Toxic Avenger is trying to burst out of there. She is one of the grossest people physically and I cannot understand why anyone fucks her or engages in sex work with her.

I also cannot imagine why she thinks porn is such a great career choice. Like it's a fun way to make easy money. I got linked to a Kink video where Princes Donna was subjected to so much abuse in a gangbang that she went into clinical shock. In one of the more interesting highlights, one of the porn actors shoved his entire foot up her vagina. Princess Donna is one of the more well-known and liked actressss in the BDSM fetish porn world and she still was so abused in that video that I suspect she needed stitches afterward and no even the most avowed pain freak thought it was hot. The video almost made me a SWERF. This is where Shayna will end up, except in a lower-grade studio,and it outlines how very stupid she is if she thinks she will be able to maintain control, use safe words with impunity and still get paid, and come out of it okay. Her stupidity transcends just the arrogance of youth.

But even so I bet Princess Donna at least has a goddamn bed to sleep in as she recovers from the sort of abuse the Red Army heaped upon German women after the fall of Berlin. Shayna will just have to curl up on her pissy carpet.

No. 599271

God I know exactly what video you’re talking about. I’ve (shamefully) seen it many times, it does get me off. No I’m not biologically male, thank you. I didn’t realize Donna didn’t consent to all of that, thought it was just a hardcore act. Obviously have some problems I need to work through… used to be a lot like Shay, and thought I wanted that level of abuse.

Just curious, did Donna herself come out about the abuse in that one or are you just assuming? I don’t know much about her and never thought to look into it

You’re right. Shay will be in that position sooner than she realizes, and the worst part is she thinks it’s something she wants

No. 599296

I do, It is a FETISH

This is sad. Her feet look filthy and does anyone know what the sores are? There is a fetish for this type of porn, so she probably earns more $ doing these sets than what an attractive teen would. Ditto 500 lbs and over women that do Nudz. Never underestimate the fetishes of Men. The bet is filled with shaven teens/young adults, less so with women that show off their sores/ infection and filthy feet and surroundings - Trailer park/Homeless chic is probably harder to find.

No. 599380


ahahahahahahhHSHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!I used to think she was somewhat smart for staying indie, but she's just really dumb AF and had been trying, and just now getting signed. The delusion is real. She's officially lost it. Shayna, do you not realize how many girls get signed to agencies. As soon as production and house sees her fucking pussy, she is so FUCKED! You're already the laughing stock of tumbler, MV, and hardtied! The shock factor and allure of getting to see someone humiliate themselves and have a diseased boil, pimple, whitehead infected snatch and still make "porn" is basically what kept ur lights on and fed you!!!! MV, handmade, and hardtied already knows this girl. You shouldn't even be paying for a single thing for LA! Not air fair, room/board, or costume, makeup… anything! What kind of ghetto directory are you shooting for!?! If she's going there out of her OWN expense, all they are doing is gladly taking her on to take a bigger cut out of the shit she does and will do than whatever MV took, or her own production cost ever took out. Of course they'll still keep her on, to do the bottom of the barrel work no other girl will want to do. It'll be interesting to see if she'll be eager to please everyone on production or be entitled where that shit don't fly… mixed with her floor licking status, and her obnoxious and annoying personality, yikes! Obviously Shaynas whole "gimmick" is getting punched/hit/bottom of the barrel/nasty vagina/ so you already know this over eager rodent will do anything and everything, but will she complain the whole way or suck it up and just break down on her flight back to her pissed on carpet. Except you best bet, she will be added to EVERYONE'S "NO LIST". Working with her is literally the worst thing anyone can do. Career ending. She posted that "drawing blood" post shortly after her trip with Fupa. BBuahhaahahahah oh Shayna, you really haven't experienced much real love in your life have you? This obese hick with a Fupa, who got made fun of his whole adolescence, and been ostracized his adult male life, that he'll revel in the attention random girls and 16 yr old followers send his way on his tumblr blog, and will gladly tell his "gf" to get into the REAL porn industry, and not just that, but BDSM porn. His girlfriend that says she's been a VICTIM of RAPE and CHILD ABUSE/ CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE, AN EATING DISORDER, WAS TRAUMATIZED by bein grounded and being home alone, and all the issues from when her real daddy replaced her etc. etc.. (links in thread description).(pure autism)

No. 599387

>gets signed with PROFESSIONAL porn agency
>has to beg for money to fly there

Shouldn't they pay to fly her out if they're going to hire her? Or at least deduct the money out of whatever they pay her for her time/work.

No. 599407

This is sadly common with lower tier porn production companies. You pretty much cover your own travel with the small fee and use the work as promo for what really makes you money, whether that's escorting or camming or whatever.

No. 599436

whenever she has her claws that close to her privates I can ONLY assume it's covering up the pus and sores underneath.

No. 599437

holy shit. that is NOTHING. I actually had to reread it because I thought I had missed a zero. 1750 would be much more realistic for 4 hours of (brutalizing) work as well as compensating for the travel to and from that she's currently paying for. and hopefully just enough to make up for the emotional damage that will be done. like, how can she not feel creeped the fucked out by this? that is DIRT cheap.

No. 599446


Yikes even when I was doing porn for low tier companies I was still making at least 150/hr with a minimum of at least 2 hours for shooting scenes. I can’t believe she’s paying out of her own pocket to travel somewhere and not even make ends meet with the compensation for her shoot. That’s really pathetic and sad.

No. 599447


Lower tier is right. She's such scum-licking status. This just shows how bad she's been doing. She isn't getting crazy offers and haven't been asked to be featured on larger productions, or else she'd be doing it on her own and make more money. She's been actively seeking out production houses and agencies to sign with because she needs the work. She hasn't done shit. She rarely cams anymore. She doesn't know how to engage with an audience. Worse, she often gets called out for sitting too far from the camera to hide her infected pussy, and when she does sit closer, she gets asked and called out about her infected pussy. Her personality on cam is shit. She has zero cam regulars, her rooms never fill up at all, and all she does is complain. Her comfort zone is MV and tumblr. And what's even worse is, her being notorious for having outbreaks on her vagina is sadly what pays for her bills now. Although all mostly negative, the curiosity, the shock factor of a trainwreck or freak show is what's pushing her content now. She only engages on tumblr, where she already has the reputation as a joke. She really has a false sense of success and security. With MV, she had control and was able to edit herself and was able to present her best, and even that was shit. Shayna is not photogenic. She looks truly awful on camera, especially on video. On MV she can control what the audience sees. On every single one of the shoots she's ever done where someone else produces, she always looks so bad to the point she wont even promote any of this "professional content". People in porn aren't picky, you have to look the part, you have to drop clean, and anyone can do it. But judging from any of her "pro porn" she does not shoot well, and the camera def does not even want to be her friend. Any frame from the shit from MV, the shit she records and uploads herself could be a reference photo on venereal diseases.

No. 599466


There's no way she's doing it for that. Even for her! Is this a guess, or is this what she's really doing it for?


All this attention, albeit negative, has really gone to Fupa's head. Tehe! Bro, nobody wants you or Shayna. You're "gf" has been plastering and perpetuating humiliating shit of herself on tumblr, rebloging each post 10000 x a day 10000x for over 6 years. ALMOST 7 YEARS! More fucked up, she was a hipster stoner blog for YEARS, and subjected her EXISTING and UNSUSPECTING followers (containing children and minors) to her porn and SEX WORK. It's math. People ARE going to see it, by choice or not. And if you did happen to see it, sorry that people happen to be offended, disturbed, horrified, or find it amusingly entertaining. Fupa loves the horror genre, he should understand this concept. It's hard to look away from a trainwreck, freakshows are oddly fascinating, and like watching a horror flick, people wanna know what happens to characters. Like watching Hoarders, My 600 lb Life, or watching to see if they can fix someone's fucked up face on Botched.

No. 599469

I wouldn’t be surprised if she thought $175 was a lot of money. We see how she lives

No. 599472

File: 1527865801098.jpg (101.89 KB, 750x1125, tumblr_oxjj37PIwE1rmiw96o1_128…)

She just re-blogged this from 7 months ago, but damn does she have bad cottage cheese on her thighs. Her cellulite is just going to keep getting worse and worse with time.

No. 599473

File: 1527865821257.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.54 KB, 714x1072, tumblr_oxjj37PIwE1rmiw96o5_128…)


No. 599480

She probably sent the ask to start with

No. 599483

Girls like that are cute to guys when they're in their teens and early twenties. Once you have a 38 year old who is possessive, aggressive, manipulative, selfish, accusatory and squares up to any woman who even glances in his direction; it gets ugly and boring. Hope he's excited for all the accusations of cheating and arguments because he didn't read her mind and silent treatment because she didn't get what she wanted when she wanted, because if you encourage her behaviour that's all you're gonna get from her. And it's not out of confidence it's out of being spoilt and insecure and it's pretty sad when a man can't protect himself or his relationship and is so insecure and unhappy about said relationship that he listens to the negativity surrounding it, but like…so hot though, right?

No. 599484

She could have such an amazing body if she would just spend some time at the gym and eat more healthy.
Hell, even that light case of cellulite could be fixed in less than five months if she would just MOVE HER LAZY ASS SOMETIMES

No. 599489

Her welcome photos got far fewer likes than the others girls you see just scrolling through, so I don't know how long she'll last with them

No. 599497

Googled it and can find nothing on her going in to clinical shock but some iffy stuff about consent. Still, I think if that extent is what it takes to get you off you may benefit in life in general from therapy, or going cold turkey for a few months and then trying watching something else.

No. 599504

The cellulite is the least of her problems

No. 599518

Dude… Everyone has cellulite, lmao

No. 599519


Wow…they already deleted it. Hahah! Why would they delete a photo she took of herself. The comment wasn't even mean.

No. 599532

What if she's just gone batshit and has told all of the companies she works with about "hater pages" and stuff like that?

I mean, this is the same girl who went to Montréal and said (on a live podcast i might add) she had no goals for the future and then blurted out "ive got a crazy hate form out there dedicated to me"

No. 599592

Jesus CHRIST that is some depressing shit. Even with how unpleasant she can be I hope she never goes down that road. But she's young and thinks she's on top of the world, so who knows how far she'll go.

No. 599608

Looks like severe dehydration to me. Smoking weed will dry you out and we know her self care routine is shit.

No. 599613

I hope she enjoys being shit out, drugged out, and used up in a year, tops. She has neither the face nor he body to last longer than that. The people she’s going to make porn with aren’t top tier, no matter what she tries to play off and she’s not going to be a contract girl. It’s going to be bottom feeders all the way.

No. 599644

cellulite is almost universal to some degree. it's just the fat distribution pattern for female bodies. men's fat cells are striated diamonds so they grow evenly and smoothly whereas women's fat cells are columnar so when they grow the dimples in between them increase. unless a woman has 0% body fat (she dead) there is a good chance she will have at least a little cellulite.

No. 599646

even if she had a shit face and body, even if she had a LITTLE bit of worth ethic/enthusiasm to perform then she could be better. but she's such a pillow princess. she'll never change from missionary and that shit is boring.

No. 599653

File: 1527889062464.gif (5.23 MB, 320x240, popcorn.gif)


this will be a disaster that I can't wait to witness.

No. 599660

Is she pulling a hannah hays? (vid related)

No. 599668

How is shayna similar to this girl?

No. 599698

Is dolly clinically retarded?

No. 599701

what the fuck

No. 599711

The only girls I know who are that thin with cellulite that bad (everyone has a little, Shays entire backleg is gross and lumpy)
a) used to be fat
b) are naturally thin but have the diet plan of an obese woman
Shay, like someone has pointed out before, is textbook skinny-fat

No. 599750

we all know shay's diet consists of pink wine and goldfish with the occasional cheez-it

No. 599785

File: 1527900235434.png (849.49 KB, 594x854, Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 8.44…)

super ot but those extensions… oh honey

No. 599829

only goes to prove the quality of the actresses that sign with the agency lol

No. 599853

her acting makes Shay look like an Oscar winner. Never thought I’d say that.

No. 599921

You know what just occurred to me? And this sounds stupid, but Dolly and Fupapa always talks about how she wants him to give her "cute" bruises and shit…yet….she came home and she had no bruises on her face so….we know where Shays preferences actually fallbon her kinks

No. 600053

No. 600055

File: 1527938407038.jpg (14.22 KB, 257x185, lolll.JPG)


well, I see no lies here lmao

No. 600083

I can’t wait for her to get some professional photos taken of her. She won’t be able to hide a single wrinkle, spot or under eye bags with filters and because she’s working for an agency there’s nothing she can do about it.

No. 600084

the agency's website allows you to "book" models, but right at the top it says they're not an escort agency, which is what I assumed booking was for. does anyone have an idea what you book a sex worker for if it's not escorting? or did they just put that to cover their asses legally?

No. 600086

They’ll probably just photoshop her tbh

No. 600087


it does not look hard to get signed by this agency at all, so I really don't understand what she's so proud of. Have fun making $175 for 4 hours of work. Great "business deal", Shay kek

No. 600090

It just means booking them for a shoot/scene

No. 600148

You book them for a shoot.

No. 600150

the pro photos she does have, she only cherry picks a select few of them to show to her fan base, so it’s misleading. Why do you think we’ve only ever seen two photos from her MVLoft shoot? Or only those few photos from her shoot with LHMP (lovingly handmade)? Because she cherry picks what she wants people to see, and when her horrible pics show up here she acts like it’s some conspiracy against her. Like no honey, the majority of stuff that you’re in just has you looking like a cum rag. Sorry you’re ugly?

No. 600233

File: 1527962949110.png (148.48 KB, 1826x1302, Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 2.08…)

kind of tempted to apply just to see how easily i'd be accepted lol

No. 600242

File: 1527963377230.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 74.42 KB, 750x555, A3C1860F-92D0-495B-AEC2-D1D04C…)

She’s back on cam. How does her body look this bad?

No. 600244

lol go for it, I'm guessing they'll take almost anyone considering successful applicants have to cover all the costs

No. 600245

Seems like she's actually trying to be (more) enthusiastic for once, she's probably realised that if she wants get work through the agent she has to put some effort in

No. 600251

File: 1527964150970.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 282.6 KB, 750x556, 701F7C7E-7808-4A69-A214-B89BC7…)

No. 600257

I am cackling. and her pussy still looks swollen. it doesn't even look hairless either, I'm not sure why she continues abusing it so much for a prepubescent look she can't even achieve. if she just kept it very closely trimmed (I use my electric trimmers it takes like two minutes) it would be SO much healthier/better looking and even lower maintenance.

No. 600261

File: 1527964805528.jpg (Spoiler Image, 196.9 KB, 1057x789, hiding.jpg)

Dolly Mattel camming, but like always, sitting far from the camera, and consciously hiding her boil infected pussy the whole time.

No. 600264

It’s like a shapeless mass

No. 600267

I don't understand how this is going to work when she shoots scenes, they're going to want to film closeups

No. 600274

-No one is saying anything or tipping, so she says

"im so fine that people can't even take their hands of their dicks to say hi"

Packs a bowl, faces away from the camera then takes her hit??

"Does someone want to tip me to drink wine?"

-No responses

"it's officially 11:45 so I can drink"

-Whole time still hiding her vagina

She's so incredibly awkward, and her attempting to come up with "cute things" to say is painful

No. 600276

File: 1527965649037.jpg (Spoiler Image, 277.29 KB, 1424x1120, 4tr5.jpg)

These were capped about 5 mins apart from each other(span of over 20 mins). She's still hiding her pussy. Yes, people have came and gone in the chat as well as greeted her.

No. 600288

File: 1527966674919.jpg (Spoiler Image, 117.39 KB, 1505x547, dfgf.jpg)

She got up to move around started doing some ridiculously embarrassing "dance"?. Very awkward, mostly swaying back and forth with her back turned to the camera. She's still trying to hide her pussy and trying her hardest not to turn straight forward and face the camera directly. Even going as far as to twist awkwardly to pick up the wine bottle and to drink it.

No. 600290

File: 1527966762960.jpg (Spoiler Image, 390.36 KB, 1465x1273, 344t.jpg)

More of her on cam, …still hiding her pussy.

No. 600292

File: 1527967001068.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.65 KB, 555x530, fgt.jpg)

Got a glimpse of what she was hiding when she was turning back to sit down.

No. 600295


>"the best dude that I ever dated had stupid amounts of drugs. like stupid."

Does she mean the drug dealer that she attributes some of her "trauma" to? The one she said "she called for drugs" and claimed "took advantage" of her in her CSA story when she was a minor and she said he was "like 30"?

No. 600331

No wonder she's trying to hide it. What little she had in chat would leave immediately.

No. 600349

File: 1527973222819.jpeg (61.21 KB, 540x540, C6D4223A-FD0B-491C-A9BB-244230…)

that rat face tho

No. 600356

So what exactly is cute and baby-like about drinking wine out of a bottle? At least be classy and get a glass bitch

No. 600382

The lengths she's going through to make sure you can't see her vagina are incredible. She's super self conscious right now.

No. 600389

I swear she must have some wisdom teeth pushing on the rest of her teeth because they've looked more crooked lately. I also can't believe she still voluntarily uses that little eyeliner stamp. Looks tacky and reminds me of an edgy 13 year old scene kid.

No. 600395

That's what keeps her man attracted to her, she's obviously gonna keep doing it lol

The hair hasn't left curl mode and she's kept her bangs on the side. Funny part is that she is claiming her hair is naturally curly, when a few years ago she told her blog she always braided it when it would be wet so she could have curly hair lol

No. 600399

No one cares

No. 600410

She's mentioned wanting to get cosmetic surgery for a while now; face lifts, lips, wanting to do something about her chipmunk cheeks, and I'm sure her wrinkles. I agree, she doesn't have very flattering facial features, but getting plastic surgery will just fuck her face up even more. Large lips would look awkward on her, especially with her cheeks.

No. 600465

Shayna's "foot over her head pose", the only one she ever does… during her cam sesh earlier, she was taking pics of herself and someone commented "nice pose" when she had her foot over her head. She said "Thanks, I've been like working on doing it since before I can even remember."

Just kinda gives you an insight into her head. She must have thought it was impressive since childhood and made it a goal to be able to do it so she can show people. Along with the other shit she does, being obnoxious (voted most loud, annoying everyone at MV trip), exhibitionist, blog, porn, speaks volumes about to how bad she needs to "show off" to people and have attention, of any kind.

No. 600478

File: 1527987547032.jpg (55.21 KB, 518x652, i73.jpg)

Shayna has always been saying and doing dumb shit that she thinks makes her look cool and edgy for attention. Hitler @ age 15, then shoving easter eggs up her ass and shitting them out on the carpet she sleeps on @ age 20.

No. 600484

jesus christ i keep forgetting how young she is

No. 600485

File: 1527987974290.jpg (88.55 KB, 581x455, dreamsandwishes.jpg)

Her dreams and wishes and aspirations 5 yrs ago.

No. 600487

Holy shit she said this? I know the posts are 5 years ago but damn.. You'd figure she would have deleted shit like this from her blog.

No. 600507

p sure that's asscne. gross

No. 600508

Has he even reblogged a pic she has posted recently? he seems to only reblog her old style pics kek

No. 600557

There are guys with fetishes for girls who look like they have herpes. Don't be shy Shay, flaunt those pussy boils, it's the one niche you could actually make money from.

No. 600563

are there actually? I know pozzing/bug chasing is a fetish within the gay community but are there other STD fetish communities?

No. 600566

Seriously though?

No. 600568

It’s just unfortunate that she ages like shit

No. 600574

like a fine cup of yoghurt.

No. 600598

I could see it being a 'safe version' of pozzing porn. Like if you're into diseased puss but don't want to catch something from it, ingrown hairs look close enough to get off too I guess. But even if they'd love her, it'd require she prove that it's NOT some terrible infection, so she'd never make it

No. 600605

Shes currently on cam

No. 600607

Pussy sores? I don’t think that’s a thing and if it’s is I haven’t seen it.

No. 600612

She talks about the same things every time she cams she’s really not an interesting person

No. 600618

File: 1528001984913.png (999.21 KB, 1136x856, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 12.5…)

she looks so exhausted, please shay get some rest

No. 600619

It's hard to get a good night's rest when you sleep on a pee sprinkled, mud and poop specked rug on the floor.

No. 600621

File: 1528002097135.jpeg (651.89 KB, 1242x913, 78B921EF-A8BE-4196-B52B-225F61…)

22 people. What a killing.

No. 600622

File: 1528002128308.jpeg (609.02 KB, 1242x906, 52C63E5B-40B4-488F-86AE-B9B82A…)

Her only pose

No. 600634

I thought she bought a bed?

No. 600640

Anyone think there’s hope for her? Like, if she drastically altered her lifestyle, started taking care of her skin, exercising, and eating healthy? Maybe she could reverse the aging, maybe she always looks like shit because she’s bloated from drinking and from all of the junk food/dehydration. Obviously her for head has always been fucked, but maybe she could save what’s left of her looks. Shay, visit the gym, drink more water, take a multivitamin and invest in some quality skin care instead of ugly ass pink things

No. 600641

File: 1528004977208.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 89.4 KB, 640x718, 6BF9348B-CA70-426A-8778-7939CB…)

Her ass is so flat/weird looking it looks like a shoulder

No. 600643

File: 1528005090759.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 82.54 KB, 640x723, 61D1A68F-F821-424C-951C-29BB6D…)

Also there she was pretending having trouble putting her shorts over her ~big~ hank hill ass but all we could see was the pimples all along her crack

No. 600645

Girl has eyebags down to her cheeks and a red alcoholic nose

No. 600647

He’s not wrong though cause she looks so much better here. Her bimbo baby thing makes her look so creepy and ages her.

No. 600667

That rug is so disgusting. In all pictures of it, you can clearly see the difference between the spot she always sits/films/sleeps. It’s so dingy and matted.

No. 600684

File: 1528012411931.jpg (50.36 KB, 542x594, Screen-shot-9524492.jpg)


More on her reason why she idolized Hitler.

This along with dropping the "n" word, talking about drugs, her "drug dealer", sex, claiming to always be high or drunk, and other shit that she thought made her looks cool back then.

She hasn't changed much at all. It's just going from different gimmicks of shock factor. Must feel inadequate to always have to do something "shocking" and "edgy" just to get people's attention.

No. 600685


If she shamelessly and voluntarily posts photos and vids of her diseased pussy looking the way it does, I don't think she worries much about anything she's posted on her blog, and there's a plethora of things.

She legit got into sex work using the same account she's had for 6 years, using her existing followers(including minors) as a customer base. She lives in a bubble of self perpetuated delusion, and tumblr's the main component. She even sacrificed her relationship with her family bc of it. So it would take a lot for her to ever delete her cherished tumblr. Morals, ethics, and family was never a big enough reason.

No. 600686


At least she kept her clothes on this time, instead of consistently trying to strategically hide her crotch.

Whatever happened to Shayna's gf? I thought she was only going on vaca,

No. 600719

She needs to use some of that fortune she's making to invest in electrolysis

No. 600725

She should be more concerned with her hideous or rather non-existent fashion sense. Her face wouldn't be so noticeably bad if she could use makeup, had healthy hair, could dress herself and people weren't compelled to reel away from the ridiculously ill-fitting and unflattering underwear making her ass weird and saggy looking.

No. 600728

Nah she posted begging for a $500+ pink tufted one but never got it. Surprisingly.

No. 600879

I can totally see her going down the path of alt-right/white master race porn lmao

No. 600934


She's so weird about repetition it almost makes me wonder if shes actually autistic. Like she's gotten hooked on this "punch me in the face" and "bruises" shit, because she thinks its appealing to him. Now it's all she ever says to him.

No. 600937

Her face literally makes her look 40 in this picture. Also where is her upper lip.

No. 600938

we will never see her without this snapchat filter, I hope they get rid of it so she has to start using something even worse lol

No. 600953

Forget not vaccuming, she's standing on the same rug she sits her bare ass on and sleeps on IN THE SHOES SHE DID THE MUD VIDEO IN. The fucking mud video man, all that mud and shit and general natural detritus and she's sitting in it and never cleaning anything, the shoes are still dirty. I know they're probably stained but we all know she didn't even wipe them down

No. 600956

File: 1528048956717.png (52.11 KB, 655x439, what2.PNG)

No. 600960



No. 600977

It’s such a shame, I do think her body looks nice her. I think the only reason she can scrounge up a living for her camwhoring is because she was genetically blessed with a decent body without putting very much work into it, and she’s also white, fairly young, and bottle blonde.

I almost wish she wouldn’t have succeeded or gotten attention for it because hopefully she would be in a different place now. Maybe she would be doing something meaningful for herself.

But instead she lives in a studio apartment with a dog cage and no bed. She sleeps on a dirty carpet every night and has no friends that we’ve ever actually seen. She has a damaged relationship with her family and is addicted to drugs and alcohol. She’s uneducated and doesn’t have any real life skills. She has a horrible, chronic skin infection on her genitals but either cannot or will not see a doctor for it (pro tip girl, Planned Parenthood will help you even if you don’t have insurance.)
She thinks that being flown to some nowhere town in Mexico to be fucked by a fat stranger is the highlight of her year.

She’s sacrificed everything for this life of hers; her family, friends, health, and now she will have very little chance getting a real job because she’s doing actual pornos. And what does she have to show for it?

No. 600989

I think her eye bags (or face wrinkles in general) are kind of a lost cause to be honest. I don't think her skin could bounce back no matter what.
She could be a butter face though if she wasn't so lazy.

No. 601001

I cannot WAIT for him to arrive and see the absolute filth and squalor she lives in.
Is he gonna have to share the rug with her?
Or maybe she’ll take the cage, and he can have the rug.

No. 601083

She’s going for that whoville aesthetic

No. 601152

File: 1528058617792.png (547.96 KB, 344x914, Capture.PNG)

I know Fupa wants her back to her old aesthetic but I can't help thinking that this is not the best way to go about it. He spams her with this shit. Fucking idiot. Probably hiding a marriage and going after immature women on tumblr, trying to mold them like some controlling freak. I wish Shay would stop trying to be with anybody and just work on herself. Especially since this guy is a fucking idiot.

No. 601155

File: 1528058710310.png (632.22 KB, 433x883, Capture2.PNG)

And more, just to show how obnoxious he is being about it.

No. 601163

File: 1528058821840.png (11.65 KB, 473x251, kekkkk.PNG)


No. 601169

Dude's probably still trying to live out his teenage dream of being with an alt girl

No. 601221

File: 1528061767536.png (601.45 KB, 720x805, Screenshot_2018-06-03-17-33-09…)

A pool float… And a tablecloth…

For what!? Her dog crate and a new accessory for her carpet?? Lmao

One-time useless material items that will never see the light of day

No. 601224


No. 601228

samefag but i PRAY that this is her birthday video idea. weird feedee/fartee fetish shit. I think it's the funniest niche. she makes a whole cake and then sits her crusty ass down right in the middle and farts. omfg just picture, like her weird frosting blowjob video but even worse and cringier if that's even possible. and imagine how much more infected her pusspuss would become with all that frosting and food stuffed up there.

No. 601232

lol it's more likely that she's just gonna rub cake on herself (like she's done before) and then do her usual vibrator routine for the rest of the video

No. 601254

Oh Jesus it’s summer party Barbie part 2.

No. 601276

It's not sleep problems making her look that rugged.
I know people laugh at her "supposed weed allergy"… but this picture makes me want to cry seeing how exhausted she looks. She probably hasn't mentioned the chronic diarrhea that usually is a part of CHS, but this girl is no doubt spending every morning and large parts of her day vomiting and sh*ttin her guts out. Her body doesn't get a chance to absorb any nutrition, not just because the food she eats doesn't have much nutrition to begin with, but her GI tract being out of control.
She'll keep looking more tired and more thin, and eventually she'll balloon up…

No. 601410


imyho I find her pretty - I mean she looks good in this picture. I know I'm going to get made fun of for my shit taste - but if it weren't for her pussy and general ratchetness I'd fuck her with someone elses dick.

No. 601414

this is spot on. She literally started in sex work because people on tumblr were asking for nudes and she realized she could make money from it. So she just followed the basic ass tumblr formula for becoming a sex worker and then she just continued to half ass it and coast along with the followers she previously had from her popular stoner blog. It’s pathetic. It doesn’t show any thought or work ethic, so idfk how she can claim she “built up” her “business” because she didn’t think it out or anything, she just did it to make a quick buck.

No. 601429


For as desperate and as hard as she tries to always do things for shock value, Shayna's fucking boring af. Anytime she voices her opinion, or tries to be "intellectual", it's cliche, or illogical, or contradictory and always laughable. She's just not very intelligent, nor does she have any depth. & it's not just bc of this "dumb-bimbo" aesthetic, she just trully isn't. She's tried so hard her whole life to be "special" and dreads to be "vanila", yet she's so basic.

>get to know me & realize… then don't wanna be around me anymore

She should really take some self inventory if this is the case, especially if it's become a trend. Maybe they just see her true colors, and realize all that psycho, selfish, entitled, delusional shit is real when they get to know her. That's really fucking sad.

No. 601437

>sex work is my savior… sex work was my bravery… sex work was my compass in chaos.

How very convenient she also uses "sex work" as a reason and excuse to attempt to explain and justify the shitload of her selfish decisions and shitty behavior. Why she can behave the way she does, without taking any accountability, and even as far as to blame ohers for her own actions consequeces.

Her gift of always playing the victim, putting the blame on others, and her ability to live and uphold these delusions is astonishing.

No. 601711

File: 1528124999822.png (145.4 KB, 720x706, Screenshot_2018-06-04-11-05-12…)

Welp.. That girl/guy called her out on here for not actually shaving her head and now this gets said lol

No. 601724

It's fried. It'll grow back. I hope she shaves it. Maybe she can do a Sinead OConner inspired porno, equipped with a shaved head and ripped up pictures of the pope, since she loves being edgy and making political references

No. 601729


kek thats nothing. Shes getting paid pennies for this shit.

No. 601743

if she shaved it that would just mean we would have to see her badly wear that stupid wig even more often

No. 601754

She doesn't have a face that could pull off a bald look
It works with some people. Maybe with an English or Irish heritage but I couldn't see her being able to pull off a good look. Especially not with the makeup choices she has.
She definitely hides with her hair and she would always have that atrocious wig on, albeit it would probably look a bit better with nothing to bunch it up over her head.
Shaving your head forces you to look at other qualities of your face.
She could try though, it's just hair. It'll grow back and be back at that length within three years

No. 601755

that, and also she'd play it up so hard. talking about how serious her "trauma" was that led her to shaving her head. talking about how much of a victim she is. it wouldn't stop.

No. 601765


Girl talks like she had a mental breakdown and pulled a Britney 07'. More like, every other girl had that hair style at the time, and begged her parents to take her to the salon to get the side of her head buzzed. With her new do', her trucker hat and studded belt, she can now impress the cool kids at school. You basic af.

No. 601768

File: 1528129507562.jpg (34.88 KB, 522x336, 6t3.jpg)

No originality whatsoever. Didn't she already do a video with frosting and baked goods? & Pink fur coat? WTF, it's hideous, we've already seen it.

No. 601780

Yes shay that’s a great idea.

(tbh I just want to see her ruin her shitty faux fur coat and then complain about how she “needs” a new one)

No. 601781

the frosting video is weirdly creepy. She can’t give a blowjob for shit, and the faces she makes are so creepy.

No. 601821

Wonder if Fupa will get her anything for her birthday. Can't even spend money on her while she's with him, how stupid will she feel when "Daddy" doesn't want her rapidly aging boil covered pussy anymore?

No. 601993

I genuinely do think he’s married, with the lack of attention he gives her and how private he is about it.
Can only see her when he’s on business trips? Thats a huge red flag.
I had a coworker who did this, he was 35 years old with a daughter and wife but was just so bored with it, he’d hit on young girls online and saw them on business trips. He eventually got caught.

No. 602021

I really do too. It's obvious he's using Shay as as his fantasy wannabe alternative girlfriend to get his youth back. Probably married and bored, too bad his "hot young girlfriend" looks like a diseased 45yr old.

No. 602025

File: 1528150703217.jpeg (827.02 KB, 1242x1291, 281CB09E-2F79-46C2-B8D7-270A85…)

hey Shayna, in case you didn’t know, most dolls don’t have eyebrows that touch their eyeliner wings. Just saying.

No. 602026

File: 1528150731149.jpeg (872.74 KB, 1029x1309, 963DE0D7-E173-4150-A660-13D05C…)

We have come full circle….literally.

No. 602028

why does her neck look so chunky like that? is she like straining the muscles in her neck and shoulder to pose her face or something?

No. 602029

But damn you got the crunchy plastic hair look down pat.

No. 602030

I remember when shay was with mia on cam on night and mia told shay she should let her do her eyebrows because shay was making a big stink about mia’s eyebrows. Obviously that didn’t happen and her eyebrows are like fucking half circles. It’s unsettling

No. 602031

What I don't get is her bangs are actually long enough now to be styled normally, why does she insist on the ridiculous piece-y damaged as all fuck curl?

No. 602032

kek she looks like she has dirt rings around her neck.

Also, Shayna, if you look like such a doll, why not post without the filter?

No. 602035


She uses a snapchat filter on almost everyone of her photots now, that is so sad. It literally skews and contorts her face. Girl, you do realize you don't look like that irl.

No. 602061

Pretty sure it has a literal dirt line in her neck crease from makeup and not bathing making her look like she has a serious neck roll. Omfg

No. 602063

it's always the same filter too. her shtick is getting tired and boring af, like switch it up once in a while ffs

No. 602075

I'm tempted to pay her to stop using that stupid filter

No. 602076

Jessi Slaughter tier goals lol what a waste of skin this chick is

No. 602087

He's no catch so at least hee more or less stayed in his lane. i.e bottom of the barrel

No. 602088

One of the dolls from Goosebumps? The possessed ones?

No. 602110

File: 1528159204685.jpeg (136.08 KB, 1242x326, FB11A7A5-1AF9-4B87-93B3-E8B123…)

okay but where are like the 4 other videos you claimed you were editing and would come out soon? Like the two from Mexico, or the spacegirl one, or any of the others you claimed you were shooting?

No. 602124

File: 1528161387979.jpg (185.37 KB, 1029x1309, shay_meitu_1.jpg)

I tried, I think I made it worse

No. 602125

samefag but I tried to give her more of a 'doll' look and kinda sorta gave her better brows.

No. 602129

File: 1528162022074.png (Spoiler Image, 354.49 KB, 720x786, Screenshot_2018-06-04-21-24-09…)


I just……

No. 602130

File: 1528162048135.png (490.76 KB, 720x414, Screenshot_2018-06-04-21-27-10…)


..only see this

No. 602135

File: 1528162514979.png (Spoiler Image, 352.4 KB, 639x372, ohgod.png)

I should really know better than to unspoiler anything in this thread while eating.

uncanny though.

No. 602136

I just don't understand how or why this is sexy or some shit.

All it does is make me think of someone jerking off to an anatomy text book… kinda. Or a graphic life-drawing class pose.

Not a damn thing sexually appealing about this.

No. 602142

I am too high for this, i am crying and laughing too hard and now this image is forever burned in my brain lmfao

Round of applause and acceptable knee slaps to you! Haha

No. 602144

File: 1528163457794.png (Spoiler Image, 148.46 KB, 681x312, Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 9.49…)

How adorable! those sores and pimples are so barbie like .

No. 602148

STD Barbie comes with REAL infected sores you can pop yourself! you can play doctor with STD Barbie, but she'll put up a fight!

No. 602153

How long until she tries to start acting like a "goth" clout to impress her fupa. It wouldn't surprise me if she tries to spin off into toopoor since she's getting into peep.

No. 602162

She’s already been reposting shit from her past life as an emo stoner tumblr queen, so it’s clear she’s moving back into that to appease him. plus, he never tags her as anything but “part time GOTH gf”, very clearly showing that he doesn’t exactly enjoy the pink bimbo persona, but puts up with it so he can get his dick wet.

Tbh they’re both sad attention seeking people. And once they both are out of the puppy love/tumblr cute relationship phase they’ll start seeing each other’s true colors. They won’t be able to validate what horrible people they are anymore.

No. 602166

brows are infinitely better (not dark brown, actually feathered at the fronts instead of being completely solid lines) but jesus you made her look like the preserved corpse of Eva Peron lol

No. 602167

I legit thought that was her asshole for a second, I can't decide which would be worse

No. 602168


No. 602172

it would be awesome but it would have to be spoilered so it’s a no go

No. 602173

If someone covered her vag with something it would be fine

No. 602206

At first sight i really didn’t see anything. but I zoomed in and well, fuck? Like, wtf? Are you fucking joking? What did I just see exactly?? Im sure it wasn’t ingrown hairs

No. 602213

I can maybe believe some of her sores are just ingrowns, but some of them last so long, like these >>602144. No fucking way those are just ingrown hairs.

No. 602214

File: 1528175877528.png (271.25 KB, 638x368, ohgod (1).png)

ten minutes in MS paint created this. I made another cover that's just a huge gaping mouth over her bits but this one stays true to the Pale Man theme

No. 602218

it looks so dry and not aroused in the slightest
Why do people who don't actually like sex/jerking off get into sex work? It baffles me

No. 602222

File: 1528177162249.png (Spoiler Image, 341.07 KB, 639x372, stillhorrifying.png)

I don't know if there's a way to maker this SFW.

No. 602230

I tend to get ingrowns when I shave, but they dont look like… that. They just kind of look like red bumps and go away in a few days.

Hers are very large and very raised, and look like warts or a skin infection. Please Shayna, go to a doctor. They will help you.

No. 602265


This! Where do all you people see ingrowns and sores?
That shit is FULL GROWN WARTS!!! Fucking genital warts. It's an STD, do something about it girl

No. 602275

File: 1528184800554.jpg (54.47 KB, 590x350, horrorpussy.jpg)

No. 602376

File: 1528209697882.png (Spoiler Image, 765.48 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-05-10-40-14…)

How can you do sex work… And only be able to swallow an inch??? Lmfao

No. 602377

This is unsettling.

No. 602379

looks like a scene out of one of the saw movies

No. 602380

File: 1528210400015.png (Spoiler Image, 836.01 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-05-10-40-19…)

It only gets worse when she starts beating her meat kek

No. 602429

How can she possibly think this is sexy?

No. 602431

File: 1528215929689.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.29 MB, 540x304, seizure.gif)

She's convulsing! Fupa help her!

No. 602433

File: 1528216008242.png (Spoiler Image, 618.56 KB, 1045x555, hahahaha.PNG)

No. 602434

File: 1528216082606.png (22.19 KB, 266x660, wwhat.PNG)

Everything about them is repulsive.

No. 602435

File: 1528216131821.png (11.63 KB, 276x385, alrighthenny.PNG)

No. 602436

File: 1528216245629.png (32.5 KB, 496x551, dummies.PNG)

Rape "play". shay is not a kid, you lardy fuck.

No. 602437

File: 1528216415628.png (30.57 KB, 451x396, ummm.PNG)

Is he joking? There are cam models busting their asses working 12-24 hour days regularly or churning out 6 videos or more in a day. When this stuff is over for her, she's gonna have a real hard time adjusting to the normal notion of hard work that doesn't involve leisure time on tumblr or smoking weed all day long. Shay is not a hard worker. She does the bare minimum, and Lard Ass praises her.

No. 602438

Samefag, but she already had the filmed material prepared anyways from her trip to Mexico. She didn't have to do much at all to edit them. so don't act like she filmed all day long and then edited all night long fupapa.

No. 602439

File: 1528216660048.png (Spoiler Image, 1.39 MB, 1402x629, wahahah.PNG)

Her butt is so funnily shaped to me. I haven't ever seen anything quite like it.

No. 602440

Her dodging every bit of the water is hilarious. I bet you that was the first shower she has had since Mia. I still find it funny that when she cammed with Mia it was just Mia forcing her into the shower.

No. 602441

It’s pretty sad that she can’t even give a damn handjob. The last time I saw her do one it was dry and really really awkward to watch. Eek.

No. 602442

Jesus I know we say she has a hank hill ass but this is just ridiculous

No. 602443

I want to believe hes joking but I doubt it. She has to be his first cam, porn, whatever she thinks she is to believe that.

I know Cam girls who travel for shoots for their patreons, go on cam at night and work on customs and cips in their spare time. THAT is hard work. This girl would cry her first hour into the daily routine of any actual hard working cam girl.

No. 602445

"she does a great job of caring for me, and I do a great job at making her laugh"

"shes a really good kid with a lot to offer."

"im just happy i get to hang out with her"

Yeah shay…. No red flags at all

No. 602446

File: 1528216976668.png (Spoiler Image, 894.73 KB, 853x590, mmmm.PNG)


No. 602451

Her elbows look like they’re bending the wrong way wth

And seriously who chooses this angle? You’re giving a blowjob why would you want the camera that far away? I have a feeling she doesn’t even practice angles and just puts the camera wherever and goes “I’m a porn star who cares” and just shoots it not giving two fucks.

No. 602452

File: 1528217787637.jpg (63.02 KB, 380x750, sleptin.jpg)

looks like she slept in her makeup and just went over it with more makeup in the morning, kek.

No. 602456

also looks like she got a light that she doesn't know how to properly use. so naturally, she uses it to take smoking videos.


No. 602461

No wonder she's always using that filter, her skin is practically gray, she looks exhausted, her hair is a stringy mess, her eyebrows look awful with her once again touching her eyeliner to them, and she's breaking out under her nose.

Oh and lets not forget that neck strain to try and hide her puffy face and chin.

No. 602463

she really strains her neck trying to pose her face. relax bitch lol

No. 602464

Her ass looks like an actual pointed triangle wtf

No. 602517


this video made me really sad because of the clash between her image and what she actually seems to like. she's a naturally goofy, dorky person, even her o-faces are more parodical than sexy, she has some taste in music and an okay body that looks much better in alternative fashion. she has strengths that she can play to and niches she can effortlessly succeed in if she wants to make money off of sex work this much. if she played to them she wouldn't even seem this dumb or talentless because she'd be in her element. yet she willingly insists on swimming against the current, adopting an aestethic she doesn't look good in, can't properly follow and frankly doesn't care to know much about/is unequipped to perform well. it's so obvious her heart's not in it from everything she does. why does she insist on it? does she think being a contrarian with an ill-fitting gimmick gives her character? shay, you already have some of that, better build on it instead of going against the grain because otherwise you'll end up with actual psychological and financial problems in your later years.

sage for pitying a gormless chipmunk because she played Trollstigen in a random video.

No. 602552

Ew mustache zits her skin is so bad

No. 602568

it’s probably from hitting her dirty bong. The grease from her skin got on the glass and now she has zits on her upper lip. Clean your stuff, damn girl.

No. 602660

“Actually being loved” hahaha

No. 602676

Definitely sounds like he's not actually that into her, but can't do any better. So here he is trying to downplay the relationship and string her along to keep her on the bench for future potential sex dates as well as to feed his ego, as he "needs to feel loved". You just know he's sliding into other girl's DMs trying to find other hookups on his travels. Not to mention his potential girlfriend/wife situation at home.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't she not be ingesting the water in Mexico? Even if it is her just licking it off a dildo?

No. 602683

Mexico water is the type you don’t even want touching your skin. Similar to flint

No. 602740

The worst thing about your comment is she posted those pics last night. She just looks that haggard after a long day of doing nothing.

No. 602742

Ah but she thinks her looks and 'Teehee I'm just a dumb little baby who doesn't know anything' act will take her through her inability to do anything but fuck her loose, dry, asshole.

No. 602780

yeah, even if you go to a really expensive tourist area/resort, the hotels will have warnings not to even wash your tooth brush with the tap water - use supplied water bottles.

there are usually signs all over touristy areas saying not to consume the water, icecubes, don't get it in your mouth, etc, etc.

usually the consequence is severe diarrhea, iirc there's even a common joke that it's the curse-revenge of some old god or something lmao

so yeah, she has to be pretty dense not to know that (and why wouldn't fupa know/tell her? idk)

No. 602784

It's like it reeeeeally wanted to be round but its just too long

No. 602827


Moctezuma II, variant spellings include Montezuma, Moteuczoma, Motecuhzoma, Motēuczōmah, and referred to in full by early Nahuatl texts as Motecuhzoma Xocoyotzin, was the ninth tlatoani or ruler of Tenochtitlan, reigning from 1502 to 1520.

Montezuma's Revenge is a colloquialism for traveler's diarrhea in visitors to Mexico. The urban legend states that Montezuma II initiated the onslaught of diarrhea on "gringo" travelers to Mexico in retribution for the slaughter and subsequent enslavement of the Aztec people by Hernán Cortés on Aug 13, 1521.

No. 602846

File: 1528244591492.jpeg (50.99 KB, 750x134, 5A82BC97-F154-4955-BD42-652F93…)

No. 602954

File: 1528252998969.png (116.98 KB, 718x327, Screenshot_2018-06-05-22-42-33…)

"does someone feel like giving me birthday presents because i cant afford to treat myself or"

No. 602957

File: 1528253031733.jpg (14.48 KB, 277x111, lolll.JPG)

lol shes scrambling for money rn

No. 602962

first off, why would you make that face? or even think that face is sexy? second, how does rubbing your clit with those witch claws feel good in any way? wouldn't you just be rubbing it with your fingertips while your giant 2 inch long nails stab your vaginal opening? that doesn't sound or look pleasant in the least.

for fucks sake at least do practice shots. instead of just taking any old shot from any old angle, using the first take, and then calling it top quality content that you worked soooooo hard to make. actually RIDE the dildo don't just sit there and slightly bounce while stabbing your vag with your witch claws. this girl is the epitome of everything NOT sexy, how does she keep making money?

No. 602972

she can't ride the dick. you can see there is no muscle on her quad, and we all know what her glutes look like. she doesn't have the strength to lift herself like that. that's why she's a pillow princess.

No. 602994

that’s so sad. I’ve seen bbw cam girls and girls on mv who are 3 times her size that are able to ride dick better than some thin girls. If she gave effort and actually practiced maybe she could one day.

No. 602996

but we all know she won’t ever put in any effort so why even bother

No. 603118

She’s desperate to buy furniture so fupapa doesn’t think she sleeps on a dirty piss soaked rug

No. 603137

I keep thinking about how one of you said Fupa will sleep on the rug and she will sleep in her cage when he visits. I am so embarrassed for her because seriously, where will they sleep?? Omgggg

No. 603177

I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a cheap ass by the airport hotel room for them to stay in.

No. 603277

this might be OT but does anyone know if she even has a washer and dryer to do laundry?? Or if she even does laundry?? I bet she just wears the same shit over and over again without washing

No. 603300


She probably has a coin laundry room shared for the whole building. I doubt that crappy place she is in has one in the unit. I also doubt she actually even knows how to do laundry.

No. 603301

File: 1528294919939.png (1.15 MB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-06-06-10-21-00…)

Please tell me this isnt sitting on top of that damn dog cage with a mf tablecloth…..

Girl… Just quit. Lmfao

No. 603304

she did /okay/ with the cakes. clearly didn't measure the batter properly because the small one has risen so much more than the big one, plus they look overbaked. it's gonna be hard to stack them unless she knows what she's doing. but lmao at using the dog cage as a countertop. get yourself some furniture shay, stop spending all of your money on drugs and unhealthy food

No. 603314

I thought the same thing and if she wasn’t who she is I’d actually feel empathy

No. 603324

File: 1528298524900.png (5.82 KB, 589x218, Opera Snapshot_2018-06-06_1622…)

She does mean to eat right?

No. 603325

lmao she better. otherwise I would not be surprised if her vagine just straight up died

No. 603327

its going to die anyway lets be real

No. 603329


I judge the hell out of god damn adults who can't even bake a simple cake like this without a box mix and ready made frosting. Also are these actually gonna get cut into 12 layers or something because lol good luck arranging something that thick into a 4 layer cake without it looking like absolute shit.

No. 603336

they’re really over baked and why are they still sitting in the pan? I’d die laughing if she didn’t grease the pan and can’t get them out now, kek

No. 603346

Her new agency will teach her to suck dick properly, no worries. Those dudes are all so respectful and kind-hearted where women are concerned. /s

No. 603347

Hi Shay, we don’t feel like visiting your shitty tumblr so please post images next time thx(hi [cow])

No. 603358

The anon posted a link cause the link is a video

No. 603361

wow you’re fucking dumb aren’t you

No. 603363

She’s gonna be doing the shit even new girls won’t want to touch, she’s gonna be bottom of the barrel getting used by men and just accepting it as normal. This girl is going to be wrecked by 30, no doubt.

No. 603394

File: 1528306017247.gif (832.4 KB, 245x185, 797bac76eb08481399f3d179d56721…)

She says they are the first cakes she's ever made. Shay can't cook, can't do her makeup, can't dress herself, has horrid hygiene, and she's dumb as hell. What does this girl do well?

No. 603399

well, she scams money from dumb old men pretty well. I’ll give her that.

No. 603405

lol really is that why she doesn't even own a bed and has to beg her followers regularly

No. 603417

The way Shayna inhales smoke and immediately blow it out, then talks about how she's sOoOoO sToNeD triggers me. What a waste of money/weed.

No. 603419

well I didn’t say she was successful at USING the money. just at actually getting it.

No. 603424

nta but why are people always so raging in this thread lol calm down

No. 603459

File: 1528313654129.png (817.18 KB, 434x880, roughassnigga.PNG)

If she was raking in thousands of dollars scamming or something, I could believe that. But the bitch pays her rent and bills and buys weed, then begs. I don't know how that qualifies as successful at getting money. Just saying, no offense.

Here is everyone's favorite, Fupapa. Looking R O U G H

No. 603465

File: 1528313841140.png (104.15 KB, 275x271, F845E3A9-6E26-4C7D-BB08-5DE5B8…)

He’s one ugly fuck even without showing his eyes

No. 603469

Good God. He looks 45 with the fashion sense of a 15 year old
You got some choice taste, Shay

No. 603472

I swear Shay needs to let him know that no amount of working out is going to help that man's face. He needs to stop using his per diem on cheap Mexican hookers and dumblr hoes and save up for some plastic surgery instead.

No. 603475

The deep nasolabial folds, the undereye bags, the rough skin….. he definitely looks 40+

No. 603483

File: 1528314767891.jpg (24.29 KB, 460x346, emodad.jpg)

He legit looks like if the emo dad meme got chunky and grew a beard.

No. 603489

For a moment there I thought I stumbled on the onision thread, but then i remembered emo dad doesnt look have as edgy or haggard as onion boy.

No. 603527

lol at chest and tricep Tuesday. we all know you don’t ever have leg day so why even name it dumbass

No. 603528

the fact that this dude looks better than him is sad

No. 603546


These 2 frames are from the same video!? I agree it looks like DollyMattel could have vaginal warts. She is clearly strategically covering her infection? boils? warts? with her fingers in the first frame, and uses that frame as the thumbnail to sell that video. Yet even in the preview, you are able to see the boils and warts in the other scenes.


This isn't even funny anymore, this is false advertising. Her paying customers have already complained of feeling scammed, wanting their money back, some even in these threads. Yet she continues to make porn while she has these infections and flareups, and uses advertises the video with gifs and photos where it isn't that noticable. She hides her pussy during cam sessions, she hides it during her self produced videos, what even is this anymore? You cannot have a career in the adult industry if you're constantly hiding the main asset its built around. Look for an alternative means of income, and if she's adamant in still doing porn, wait until the infection clears!

No. 603587


Her solo videos are laughable, and the last thing close to sexy. Her hardtied video with kenzie, was awful. She does not know how to work with other talent. Her selfishness and entitlement transcends her personal life, and is obvious in her scenes with other people.

For her pussy to look the way it does, you would think DollyMattel would try her hardest to compensate in other areas. Like learning how to reciprocate and eat a pussy or learn to suck a dick. Her scenes with Kenzie were huge turn offs. She just looked gross, fake moans that got irritating, and her lack of any effort made me want to X out several times, if it wasn't for shots of Kenzie's glorious ass. Lucky for DollyMattel, her scene partner did great and salvaged what she could.

No. 603589

File: 1528320839076.jpg (176.92 KB, 649x1280, cake.jpg)

too bad she looks like a crackhead who poorly photoshopped her face.

No. 603594

hey shay lets see that pic without the filter, hmm?

No. 603597

Super sad picture in my opinion :/ She baked her own birthday cake and will be eating it alone on her bd. Will also end up with another dollar store quality "porno"

No. 603599

File: 1528321322420.jpg (15.73 KB, 502x273, x.jpg)

Rude? No. True? No. She goes out of her way to take photos from angles to make them appear larger, and uses filters in all her photos that distort her face to do the same. She doesn't think it's rude, she loves hearing this. She always talks this way in attempt to hide her ego.


She need's the filter. It's become a security blanket.


She literally has no friends. None.

No. 603602

it’s like the real life version of pity party by Melanie Martinez. Except I don’t feel bad for Shay in the least bit.

No. 603603


#sendasks Ha! He's in need of more 16 yr old attention and validation. Formerly obese and still overweight. Made fun of his adolescence, still ostracized as an adult. He's living the dream!

No. 603604


Wearing bottom lashes look so weird on her. Ew.

No. 603607

I swear to god I can’t look at this mans face without my gag reflex being effected. Very few things gross me out but this guys face does exactly that

No. 603615

File: 1528322433325.jpg (38.33 KB, 469x242, xd2.jpg)

She reblogs these photos from when she was shooting her hardtied video, but she doesn't ever promote the ACTUAL photos, videos, or anything of the ACTUAL shoot, and took days to a week to even post a link after it was already released, and only after being called out on hiding it. Yea it's because she looked humiliatingly bad in them, and her pussy had another outbreak of boils. What is she going to do when she can't cherry pick her own content?

No. 603621

He seriously looks like he smokes a pack a day and drinks cheap beer like it's water.

I love that he and Shayna both look like they're 45.

No. 603631

I really wish this mother fucker would stop putting daddy on his own photos. He's the kinda person to like his own selfie, lmao.

No. 603640



Also, I spy what looks to be a decent Halloween tattoo on fupa. What a shame, I love that movie but people like him make it tacky.

No. 603652

hes one of those people that thinks basic knowledge of serial killers and horror movies makes you edddgggyyyy

No. 603730

File: 1528332415349.jpg (34.8 KB, 277x556, bulimia is cool.JPG)

remember kids, bulimia is COOL.

No. 603733

Last year on her birthday she was begging her followers for money to buy props to film her bday video, she also baked cupcakes she ate by herself, at home with no friends. This year she has done the exact same, except a cake, and threw it up. Still begging, still no friends. The only thing that has evolved are the baked goods.

Also what happened to her hair? Did more of it fall out? Why does it look like that?

No. 603737

File: 1528333207963.jpg (24.54 KB, 515x213, yh34.jpg)

wow, her life is so sad

No. 603739

why does she have to keep telling people how much she threw up wtf

No. 603769

Lmao it sounds like a puke fetish video

No. 603780

TBH I can't wait for the first videos to be leaked already, I wonder when her first shoot is
that cake is BURNT no wonder she puked it up. how awful.

No. 603782

>just threw up
>drinks juice and smokes a blunt

um wut

No. 603841

i wonder if she owns a toothbrush

No. 603847

That poor throat of hers, ouch.

No. 603918

Fupapa looks like every bloated 40yr old pill head ever.

No. 604088

File: 1528375260893.jpg (107.03 KB, 537x989, tumblr_p9xph9F8GU1rmiw96o2_128…)

Her feet

No. 604095

Looks like she hasn't gotten around to washing them after that other video.

No. 604097


LOL! Her rug is so matted up. Wasn't it once a shag carpet?

No. 604127

omg yup lol now it looks like fucking felt. I can only imagine what it smells like, sour and rotten

No. 604151

Thinking about that rug and how many crumbs must be on it, how ratty and dirty it is, how it must stink of piss and sweat if she’s sleeping on it still especially now it’s summer and getting warmer, makes me actually itchy. It’s no wonder she’s diseased

No. 604155

I know, I don't understand why she won't just buy a bed… surely she doesn't like sleeping on that?

No. 604170

she probably thinks it’s edgy, like sleeping in a dog cage or a princess tent. she’s incapable of having a separate life outside of her porn.

No. 604239

File: 1528385558059.jpeg (132.11 KB, 1242x784, 4C3F5B5D-A7A8-4F74-9D40-CCD72D…)

No. 604240

File: 1528385572014.jpeg (121.46 KB, 1242x778, 9700B5CD-6E41-4D83-9638-E13CBB…)

No. 604259


Ohhhhh so they're both racist fucks, cool and edgy!

Idec after this comment for anything he spews. He could've been professional and gave a real damn answer. But, instead he shafts poc for…… Shay…. Who has no color whatsoever. Unseasoned dumbasses. This doesn't make you edgy, this makes you look like a racist pos. Congrats, a donald trump/Hitler lover and a racist fatass. 'Merica extreme eyeroll

No. 604274

File: 1528386887652.png (698.57 KB, 720x891, Screenshot_2018-06-07-11-49-04…)

When you have no food to eat and no real man's attention, of course you believe your Trixie.

But, maybe.. Just hear me out.. Maybe you're just a broke bitch with pride too high to admit your failing miserably?

No. 604277

File: 1528386953353.png (20.66 KB, 476x371, stoplying.PNG)

Haha, Shay cannot ride dick dude. We know it for a fact.

No. 604279

File: 1528387001593.png (Spoiler Image, 517.1 KB, 428x708, um.PNG)

No. 604284

File: 1528387096614.png (Spoiler Image, 23.53 KB, 457x433, bwahahah.PNG)

Hahahah except total power exchange and this consensual non-consent shit aren't the same thing you fat fuck. Go find a different definition, lardy.

No. 604285

lol is that his attempt at a compliment

No. 604287

File: 1528387180134.png (Spoiler Image, 9.91 KB, 478x230, play.PNG)

No. 604291

Isn’t yellowing a sign of foot fungus or some kind of athletes foot?

No. 604292

File: 1528387351903.png (Spoiler Image, 594.09 KB, 754x936, sunshine.PNG)

Look at who Fupapa is reblogging now kek.

No. 604295

I don’t think shayna actually likes this guy shes just desperate. But that’s where she should settle

No. 604299

File: 1528387499749.png (504.42 KB, 348x797, whitetrash.PNG)

Shay looks so trashy. Holy shit.

No. 604300

She actually looks less dead here but still very disgusting

No. 604304

I agree. She probably covered up her dark circles. Sitting on that carpet in shorts though. No wonder she has asscne.

No. 604312

Maybe, but I think those are just big gross calluses, which are often also yellow.

I can't believe how bad this bitch is at upkeep.

No. 604316

what is she smoking that's so opaque?
this is my own ignorance about stuff that can be smoked but it looks like she's hurling mayonaisse

No. 604318

It's the thickness of the cannabis smoke paired with the low resolution of her camera. So it looks weird.

No. 604332

It’s her hitting the blunt really hard and not fully inhaling it.

No. 604343

I think he's just so old, out of touch, and ignorant that he thinks "poc" stands for point of contact and not people of color. he is pretty thick

No. 604345

Her neck is so discolored from not showering properly/at all
I feel like I can smell her stank from here

No. 604347

he's referencing the time(s) they had shower sex and she put her leg over his shoulder and it made her calves sore. or something. Idk there are screenshots from when they were together talking about it. That's the most she's ever exerted herself for sex I'm sure

No. 604446

Wouldn’t that be more a stretch for your hamstrings?

Well he wouldn’t know, he doesn’t do leg day.

No. 604452

No. 604459

this was posted twice already

No. 604504

>it looks like she's hurling mayonaisse
Laughed entirely too hard at this, thanks anon.

Oh shit, I think you are right? This is both hilarious and sad. Just how old IS fupapa?

No. 604510

She looks like the pure definition of white trailer trash in these pics. Girl looks AWFUL and dirty.

No. 604526

whats up with her always wearing that greasy bandanna? it doesn't make her hair look any better.

No. 604533

File: 1528404844320.jpg (27.87 KB, 549x220, whatsignorant.JPG)

why is someone asking you to post more people of color, ignorant? his blog has mostly white people on it, whats ignorant about asking to post more poc? i don't get it.

No. 604562

>i-it was a joke guys!! I totally knew what POC was! You're the ignorant ones!
This guy is really pathetic

No. 604564

there’s nowhere he can go with questions like this that doesn’t make him look like a giant twat. for someone who physically presents as middle aged, you’d think he’d be less of a tard about super obvious bait and potentially exposing himself.

No. 604572

Aww Fupapa keeps posting gifs of eating girls out.
Something he’ll never be able to do with Shayna

No. 604579

I can sadly imagine him going down on her for the first time and him feeling the texture of her boils with his tongue and then cannot hold his vomit back.

No. 604581

The thought of someone touching her crotch with their mouth makes me want to cry. That's so disgusting.

How are they ever going to do close ups of her? Seriously.

LOL! "there's tan people in there! just scroll!" He does not discriminate, there's all shades of albino, beige, white, cream, & translucent.

No. 604594

i scrolled through his blog. only found 2 POC. one asian chick and one possibly black girl. i guess that covers the quota, he's totally NOT racist.

what an idiot

No. 604600

This imagery just turned me straight

No. 604627

File: 1528411341016.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.35 KB, 537x603, face.JPG)

cut her face out, take off the awful over filtering, and its actually a good picture.

No. 604628

its just so washed out color wise. this is why we use contrast colors shay.

No. 604633

This is so sad… can you imagine buying balloons and making a cake just to celebrate your birthday alone in your room making porn?

No. 604642

lol i dont think any normal person can imagine that. maybe some super anti-social people or straight up sociopaths but otherwise, no.

No. 604650

File: 1528412803892.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.88 KB, 488x246, 20180607_190454.jpg)

yea she should have went with an edit closer to this if she is trying to make it look aesthetically pleasing and not harsh on the eyes

No. 604674

>Look through my blog.


It's 99.98% white, but okay. So woke.

Like idc, it's your blog, post whatever you want, but don't lie, FUPA Daddy.

No. 604676

File: 1528414513488.png (41.4 KB, 499x239, Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 7.34…)

kek she has these beady little rat eyes, I don't know why people keep lying to her.

No. 604677

File: 1528414536249.png (183.65 KB, 291x401, Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 7.35…)

No. 604685

This is pretty "aesthetic" minus the fact she looks weirdly bird chested here for some reason. Usually her boobs look alright ish though.

She looks better with minimal makeup tbh, minus her dried out looking skin. I don't know what it is about her makeup, but it's way too harsh for her features and makes her nose look larger and everything look rough. Total Baby Jane vibes every time.

No. 604702

File: 1528415819533.jpeg (798.54 KB, 1242x1260, FB00B35A-F302-4CB5-AAA7-972B5F…)

No. 604708

Ok sorry if this is a dumb question but is the thread img actually fupa? Like that’s something he actually posted of himself on the internet?

No. 604712

Yep he posted that on his blog. He deleted it after we dragged him for it but there's uncropped screen caps from his blog in the last thread.

No. 604759

File: 1528419868852.png (Spoiler Image, 656.08 KB, 720x1142, Screenshot_2018-06-07-21-00-56…)

Isn't she supposed to be back in Mass for her birthday??? So like… Why not bug your real life dad for birthday gifts? We all already know that fupapa isnt going to do anything for you lol

This girl is delusional to believe anyone is going to actually gift her anything purposeful

No. 604762

Oh yeah, and she's officially cut out all mentions of a tumblr LMFAO

No. 604779

Is it just me, or does it look like he's wearing orange lipstick? I know it's probably just the filter but it seriously looks like orange lipstick. So manly Fupaddy

No. 604798

Maybe they're Dorito stains which Shay loves

No. 604837


"""ballet dancer""" where??? shay literally where??

No. 604872

File: 1528428812821.jpeg (95.89 KB, 608x1200, 3B5FCD29-EBCB-41BA-8F34-FE80FB…)

ffs, fix your damn dark circles girl

No. 604879

Well if thats not proof shes sleeping on the rug.
Lights, check
Pillow, check
White sheet under her ass, check.

Buy a damn bed with all of them coins ya got girl. Lol

No. 604906

File: 1528433954570.png (97.49 KB, 1080x935, Screenshot_20180608-005737~2.p…)

At least she knows she's a cow kek

No. 604935

File: 1528437172096.png (117.45 KB, 720x1075, Screenshot_2018-06-08-01-49-29…)

I don't even have to type out all of whats wrong with this… Lol

No. 604946

File: 1528438275423.jpg (339.7 KB, 2048x1038, IMG_8932.JPG)

You guys think she'll make Fupa boy food on her bedroom floor like she did with this mess? Also peep the cake batter all over the blanket 😩

No. 604995

Does she just shift the cage around the room as a table?

No. 604998

Love the random hello kitty toaster (?) and religious candle in the BG. very aesthetic.

No. 605029

does she have an oven or did she bake these in a toaster oven? i suppose most apartments come with an oven in the unit, but the fact that she has one and yet doesn’t have a table, chairs or even a bed to sit and eat on is pretty depressing

No. 605072

File: 1528460414740.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 194.18 KB, 750x907, D59DED73-3FBB-4F58-BF6F-43E918…)

As if you don’t already do that all the time Shay

No. 605077

Maybe she likes being humiliated so much that she gets off on this thread

No. 605132

I also said this haha

No. 605134

I really cannot believe she sleeps on her carpet every night and still doesn’t have a legitimate bed. any idea on when fupa is coming to visit?

No. 605198

so RPDR has a new season, why hasn't shay been talking about it like her life depends on it?

No. 605252

File: 1528478188012.png (13.34 KB, 287x428, shutuupshay.PNG)

No. 605253

File: 1528478256454.png (10.46 KB, 274x329, Capture.PNG)

How does she keep working with Infernal Restraints? She clearly has some form of infection on her vagina. I am surprised they haven't had her clear it up first.

No. 605255

File: 1528478336046.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.16 MB, 540x304, wtf.gif)

I think she is fucking a dildo in this, but the angle is all wrong and she looks so fucking weird WTF? Is there too much nudity in this to make it a banner?

No. 605256

File: 1528478431137.png (9.23 KB, 289x399, riiight.PNG)

Ahh Shay bet you can totally relate to this! Your childhood was SO rough sorry.

No. 605257

File: 1528478467594.png (16.78 KB, 273x406, selfsent.PNG)

No. 605261

File: 1528478588520.png (7.94 KB, 269x276, um.PNG)

Her bathroom isn't cute enough for her to put the puke scenes in, guys.

No. 605263

File: 1528479143016.png (31.82 KB, 543x577, bwahahah.PNG)

V inspirational, fat ass!

No. 605266

File: 1528479344107.png (390.58 KB, 534x837, Capturedd.PNG)

Nah, you've been pushing Shay to change the way she looks for real. It hasn't been a joke, my lardy.

I have such a strong feeling that Fupapa is married and this is some outlet for him to pretend he's young and cool.

No. 605268

File: 1528479465219.png (769.57 KB, 427x879, jeez.PNG)

And then right below it, this stuff again. I don't know how Shay stays with some old ugly man who constantly brings up her old appearance. Regardless of whether or not it looked better on her, no boyfriend should be doing that. She has really low self-esteem in order to allow this.

No. 605270

File: 1528479549176.png (90.27 KB, 462x663, neckbeards.PNG)

Shay's neckbeards are a weird bunch.

No. 605273

File: 1528479639589.png (467.62 KB, 462x850, righhht.PNG)

That's why you respond with low-effort gifs. You are stringing her along, dude. And I don't know how you manage to do it. But y'all are pretty much made for each other. Two huge dumpster fires.

No. 605275

File: 1528479745346.png (11.09 KB, 485x254, youloveitthough.PNG)

Yeah, except you love the attention Fupa. And you wanna know what's weirder than that? Living a double life to fuck an infected pussy from tumblr. And even weirder than that? Your fupa, dude. It's weird and gross as hell.

No. 605280

File: 1528479991788.png (806.26 KB, 733x556, thelips.PNG)

Mmmm those crusty ass lips!

No. 605281

File: 1528480133333.png (1.02 MB, 803x652, eatthatcake.PNG)

These faces are too good.

No. 605282

File: 1528480217198.png (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 1121x585, nightmarefuel.PNG)

No. 605283

File: 1528480253622.png (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 1113x742, nightmarefuel2.PNG)

No. 605284

File: 1528480276816.jpeg (85.76 KB, 640x493, A2854633-2874-49AD-AC80-5884C2…)

Aww he doesn’t even realize she doesn’t have a bed. Won’t he be in for a surprise.

No. 605288

File: 1528480540308.gif (965.69 KB, 312x312, 41B6A280-B919-4986-BB99-2D979B…)

Yikes @ those thin crusty lips yet fat full face.

No. 605293

lol does he expect people to take him seriously when he describes himself as a 'bad mf'. He has the brain of a young teenager who spends too much time in hot topic

No. 605294

File: 1528480899246.jpeg (289.97 KB, 1252x1252, 78FA515B-5B1D-4362-B6A6-318D86…)

hahaha so true anon

No. 605299

so many rednecks do french inhales now so tacky

No. 605305

File: 1528481611050.jpeg (101.47 KB, 640x873, 57B5B97D-F4CB-4D90-9C4C-60F96E…)

LMAO he really doesn’t know…

No. 605306

File: 1528481716493.jpeg (70.9 KB, 394x750, 6596947B-8578-4E17-AA73-7E85F7…)


No. 605307

she looks like a sad clown. or maybe a mime. but damn like she's crying and everything. I'm half convinced she's just drink as fuck in this and that's also why she puked afterwards. poor alcoholic dolly, please go to AA it will 1 help you and 2 get you out of the house ever

No. 605312

Did he take a bunch of pictures on the same day or does he just always wear the same outfit

No. 605324

wtf anon, never noticed until you pointed it out but he literally is always wearing that shirt. between him and shay, the musty smell must be fucking overwhelming

No. 605327

Looks like he deleted this off his blog kek

No. 605331


B-but anon, appearance doesn't define a person! Fuck anyone that makes Shay feel that way

No. 605351

Even the cake doesn't distract from the fact that her pussy is covered in boils. Why does she insist on making "porn" looking like this? This is fucking disgusting. Who the fuck lied to her and told her these were only ingrown hairs? These are infected Shayna!

No. 605370

No. 605374

File: 1528486079182.jpg (661.04 KB, 1080x1735, Screenshot_20180608-201150_Tum…)

I've not seen the furniture that her cat is sitting on before, could it be her elusive bed?

No. 605413

Is that the same spoon she used to eat her "cum"

No. 605430

It’s the only logical thing. She post thing and she knows she gonna get made fun of for it. She willingly making herself look bad

No. 605433

File: 1528490045114.jpeg (58.2 KB, 640x187, 672600AE-77ED-4509-9D5A-576310…)

No. 605441

You can see her dog cage behind the cat, that's just another blanket on her floor.

No. 605444

This guy doesn't like Shayna for the weird pretend personality that she has nowadays. Don't date someone if you are in love with who they used to be.. wtf. Also I can't believe this dude is in his 30s and still uses Tumblr, wears nasty ass cut off band t-shirts, brags about going to the gym and is dating a 21year old. Like what the fuck man. It's nasty.

No. 605445

He’s so crusty and gross too.
Looks like his diet is monster and Doritos, and has lunch lady arms.

No. 605451

It's not the bottom of the cage though, it's the top? I doubt she does have a bed but this image does make me wonder

No. 605469

Totally right, my bad. Could have draped it over something too or maybe she finally got herself an actual piece of real furniture after all this time. Maybe miracles do happen.

No. 605477

as if she wouldn't puke on her rug/bed/toilet for $$$$ lol

No. 605503

just a guess here, but I think she recently bought a bed in anticipation of fupapa's visit

No. 605504

I wanna say that is an older picture before she moved into her current place.

No. 605507

File: 1528494879893.png (405.33 KB, 720x1081, Screenshot_2018-06-08-17-52-55…)


No. 605508

Talk about not knowing your audience.

No. 605521

I feel like if she did finally get one she wouldn’t shut the fuck up about it to prove to us she has one

No. 605523

Samefag sorry but they’re not on her wishlist anymore.
Maybe she finally did spend her money right for once.

No. 605542

File: 1528498009533.png (118.9 KB, 750x912, IMG_3012.PNG)

If this is furniture, it's grey and makes me think she bought a cheapy fouton off Amazon.

No. 605544

Or maybe she took them down so Fupa wouldn't see proof of her asking people to buy her a proper bed

No. 605552

did anyone notice how after being with fupa and having actual sex, she now does penetration videos? before she only used to fuck her ass and refused to do vaginal penetration. what's up with that

No. 605554

she clearly goes along with his requests, as shown by the fact that he has her sleeping in the cage. fupa obviously has refined, exquisite taste in STDs.

No. 605582

File: 1528502624285.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 393.09 KB, 1563x1563, 3FB04ACC-4D8F-4695-8904-4FBE0E…)

This is from her Snapchat story a little but ago. She literally posted these right after the other

No. 605585

File: 1528502823665.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 759.72 KB, 750x1333, B49E66DA-50CB-45EE-BA6D-5E5F2C…)

Oh and also this one where she attempts to shop out the sores on her asshole and ends up just blurring the whole thing out

No. 605593

Looks like she finally realized she can try to edit shit and just sucks at it.

No. 605604

Did this nasty ho seriously put the bottoms of her shoes onto her naked body? Bitch, what the fuck!?

No. 605615

she very clearly tried to blur her asshole for whatever reason

No. 605619

File: 1528506858854.jpeg (64.57 KB, 520x1024, 1C0738D4-914A-4DC4-8951-FE58CB…)

When you try to blur out your dark circles but just make yourself look more washed out. Just use fucking makeup girl it’s not that hard.

No. 605625

It's kind of sad, because even though this is so heavily edited, you could kind of see that she has the potential to be cute if she had just taken care of herself, Instead she's got dark circles halfway down her face, dry leathery looking skin, and premature wrinkles.

Hey, at least she's not doing that god awful winged eyeliner that connects with her overdrawn eyebrows anymore though, I guess?

Can you imagine taking as many gym and "after workout" selfies as this dude and still look this doughy and undefined? What exactly is he even doing at the gym?

No. 605702

File: 1528515325530.bmp (2.77 MB, 918x1052, birthdaygirl.bmp)

No. 605763

She would have a nice enough vagina if she would see a doctor for her boils, or whatever they are. I think she has chronic yeast infection tbh. She doesn't go to the gynecologist because she's too afraid they'll tell her she has an STD. The stuff she has going on down there could easily be solved with an antibiotic and if it is herpes, she could easily take an antiviral to get rid of it/prevent it from reoccurring. As an adult in the sex work industry Shayna, its your responsibility to protect people from contracting stuff from you. You need to realize you're putting everyone you sleep with in danger and go to the damn doctor. I can't imagine that this is fun for you either..

No. 605787

Shay should consider getting her pussy lasered- it's gross but my vag used to look just like hers for years and the only thing that fixed it was laser hair removal.

No. 605788

she can’t even take proper care of her vagina after waxing, you expect her to be able to handle lasering?

No. 605837

i really hope this becomes the pic for next thread

No. 605859

She's ghetto photoshopping her pics now? Except she just outed herself. This is 100x worse than a wavy wall!

No. 605920

File: 1528555214917.png (108.58 KB, 720x881, Screenshot_2018-06-09-10-27-19…)

According to Fupapas lard ass we are; Abused, Bullied, no self esteem having losers.

Yeah, okay. Little news flash fat fuck.
Bullies exist so snowflakes like your rat faced, pimple infested, infected coochie having, straw haired cum dump of a girlfriend can be put in their place. Shes NOTHING but a walking talking infection. Nobodies jealous of that.
You're walking, er waddling around acting as if you're dating a well known porn star when in fact she's a walking posterboard for who NOT to sleep with.

"Why are you doing this?"
"Why Not?"

(even though it doesn't mean shit, im still saging here too incase it doesn't work)

No. 605922

File: 1528555321283.png (135.55 KB, 720x998, Screenshot_2018-06-09-10-29-38…)

No. 605924

Another Tumblr showed her facetune like yesterdayish. I can't find the post to cap it,sorry

No. 605931

File: 1528556151525.png (112.9 KB, 717x363, Screenshot_2018-06-09-10-47-49…)


Uh oh, she's talking about you kind anon lol

No. 605938

File: 1528556986738.jpeg (26.42 KB, 352x242, tennis-walker.jpeg)


>Anonymous cowards

He's the one hiding his face. Cropping it out or covering it with cringey stickers in every photo. If he's so brave, show your ugly face then, Lardy!

Maybe anon didn't buy it, and just had it added from one of the times it was leaked. And if they did… it's the same reason that people watch shows like Hoarders, 600lb Life, or Botched! Just be happy someones actually buying your shit. You don't always buy tennis balls to play tennis, you can also use them on your chair legs / walkers.

No. 605944

She's dense.
She genuinely believes her genitals are normal.
She thinks people buy her porn for her! Lmao
People buy your porn for the same reason people watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo! Shock value that you could display yourself to TONS OF PEOPLE in the shape you're in. You are unhealthy and too far gone to fix it. You could have literally just moved out of Mass, found a job where NOBODY would've been able to witness your raging infestation and your life would've been fine. Not to mention real life health benefits, a 401K and a greater chance of having more than a Studio apartment.

We didn't do it to you, you did it to yourself. Don't dish something if you're not prepared for both the positive and the negative, scabes

No. 605958

File: 1528559400001.jpg (19.66 KB, 517x186, dr.jpg)

Didn't she say she wanted to take Fupa to her to MA.

No. 605996

File: 1528562925832.png (124.41 KB, 1440x976, Screenshot_2018-06-09-11-47-28…)

wonder why she took 'em off. maybe she's finally taking yalls advice.

No. 605999


Think about all that nasty build up on her nails and under. Shayna's so gross. She doubt she even washes her hands.

Wait… so she doesn't take pics of her bathroom bc it's "ugly"… but she'll take photos of her pussy looking the way it does…
Must be a hideous bathroom.

No. 606000


When you finally have a "Daddy" that has a tumblr to be "cute" with, but instead you both are vomit inducing from how nasty you both are and have now become a joke and epitome of "trainwreck" to the corner of a community that doesn't even want to associate with them. I kinda feel super bad for them. I think they legit think they're being cute.

No. 606014

File: 1528565439532.png (845.77 KB, 437x869, okayfatty.PNG)

No. 606016

File: 1528565552435.png (18.43 KB, 540x347, eggy.PNG)

Oh Lardy, you low IQ edgelord. Can't wait for your wife or girlfriend to find out what you have been doing.

No. 606017

File: 1528565654157.png (32.71 KB, 541x531, what.PNG)

No. 606018

File: 1528565747655.png (15.45 KB, 542x317, ummmm.PNG)

You let your girlfriend buy cheap clothes and didn't take her into Mexico City when she visited you. She stayed holed up in a hotel room. But yeah, get back to that money because you clearly need it lardy.

No. 606019

File: 1528565852915.png (19.19 KB, 542x328, lame.PNG)

No. 606020

File: 1528565930578.png (21.91 KB, 526x340, yourreality.PNG)

Your reality is being fat, ugly as fuck, hiding a wife/girlfriend, fake flossing, and fucking ugly dumblr whores. Checkmate, your rat faced fuck.

No. 606021

Have the balls on his septum fell off? Looks like he's wearing a nose clip

No. 606022

File: 1528566107893.png (221.89 KB, 507x872, Capture.PNG)

Anon asked Lardy if he was a "programmer" on tumblr, and then this happened.

Fupa's job likely does not require him to expend much brain power. That is a good thing because he is dumb.

No. 606023

File: 1528566165345.png (795.93 KB, 512x804, ipuked.PNG)

What are you hiding behind your fat torso and large blockhead, Fupapa?

No. 606024

File: 1528566271371.png (7.59 KB, 266x270, surejannnn.PNG)

No. 606025

File: 1528566381311.png (11.1 KB, 256x356, yuck.PNG)

Damaged goods. Yikes. She is so fucked. This "I am a baby" mentality grosses me out.

No. 606033


Fupa's loving the attention, obese goth as a kid, always been ostracized even as an adult. Hick voice, bigger tits and wider hips than his pussy boiled/genital warts tumblr joke of a g/f.

No. 606036

Everything about Shayna's life is "for show". You would think for someone who likes to boast, brag, and plaster the internet with their photos, she would at least wait until her genital warts or whatever those pussy boils cleared up first. Do something to make her face look at least a little bit appealing, and not date an obese hick with bigger tits and wider hips than her. The delusion is real. It's astonishing how she's able to believe and keep up with this alternate reality she's been living in.

No. 606044

File: 1528568017432.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.53 KB, 531x603, 456.jpg)

the type of shit Fupa's been reblogging. Better keep him away from your non existant g/f or friends Shay, or you'll have a repeat of walking into your bf and gf cheating on you with each other.

No. 606056

He wishes. He probably had nothing going on when he was younger just a overweight loser

No. 606063


If I'm not mistaken he works in communication.

No. 606074

File: 1528571282495.jpg (91.21 KB, 590x738, ced54fa410d78f35c9228e4e217b4c…)

I bet he has eyes like pic related.

Mouth-breathing creep, he'll need a CPAP machine as he ages

No. 606076

File: 1528571435222.png (5.65 KB, 293x227, hmmm.PNG)

She claims she has been blood tested. Not sure why her vag looks like that then.

No. 606077

File: 1528571523500.png (21.55 KB, 282x580, k.PNG)

I wonder if her dad knows she calls some fat, likely married loser "daddy" too.

No. 606156

I doubt Fupapa is married. Look at the guy and his complete lack of social skills. The amount of time alone he has to answer his Tumblr asks is proof enough of him being alone.

My guess is that he has a flatmate or that he might even live with his parents. Some people choose to stay at home despite having a job due to having someone else doing their laundry and take care of the house. That would also explain why Shay hasn't been over. She might not even know.

No. 606242

I also doubt that he's married, I mean look at him. I'm betting he really is a dorito basement guy and Shay just doesn't know. Or she does know and she's so desperate for attention and love she's taking it anyway.

No. 606247

I'd put my bank account on the line to say that he's a divorced dad that gets his kids every other weekend .

No. 606253

Then giv me your money because that one seems so far fetched. If he’s not married, it’s either female roomie or parents. But probably his parents.

No. 606254

lol he’s only in his mid 30s, who would have kids with his emo ass anyway? Look at this dude, do you guys really think he’s married and can handle having a side chick? HELL no. He can barely handle anon hate on fucking tumblr. But suuuuure he can handle married life and having a side chick.

No. 606259

god bless you anon

No. 606260

I’m almost 100% sure this dude lives alone in a dingy ass apartment that he barely ever cleans because he’s hardly home. Do you guys really think this FTM looking emo ass motherfucker could get MULTIPLE chicks? Really? He’s lucky he could get a bottom of the barrel whore with an infected pussy.

No. 606271

I know him, I just can't post proof of anything without breaking anonymity.

No. 606273

You guys seem to have never seen the white trash of America. I’ve seen worse people than that get married and have kids, etc. Standards aren’t high. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was married to some chick from his home town.

No. 606274

Well what else do you know about him?

No. 606277

Then why fucking post about it?
Nothing is more annoying then
>just kidding can’t tell you for my own sake
Don’t fucking post about it to begin with if you can’t provide proof.
Don’t be that guy.

No. 606282

File: 1528585174174.jpg (732.56 KB, 1440x2446, Screenshot_2018-06-09-17-54-08…)

What am I supposed to do? Post pictures of his family that I don't have? This is his kik if that is any kind of proof.

No. 606288

So… is he married?

No. 606289

File: 1528585593243.gif (1.91 MB, 333x200, 5okv.gif)

Got more info then??

No. 606290

As far as I know, he's divorced.

No. 606292

This proves nothing. If you know him personally, what's his first name? That shouldn't give you away if you're telling the truth.

No. 606293

Unblur whatever's blurred, post more proof if possible, and confirm/deny his marital status. Kthanks

No. 606295

No. 606297

If he's on Kik, he's 100% cheating on someone, kek.

No. 606300

Wow, someone married that? She must have been huge

No. 606302


I'm sorry but why do I need to unblur his username as proof?

No. 606305

Ew is he one of those dudes that just dirty-talks internet girls all the time?

No. 606309


More like a healthy mix of "I need someone to feel sorry for me", talking about going to gym or his weightloss in general, flirting and shit talking everyone.

No. 606310

Do you know if he flirts with other girls currently besides Shay? Are you a girl he flirts with?

No. 606311

Sorry for him for what?

No. 606312

that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.
Either post proof or gtfo

No. 606322

File: 1528586546336.jpg (246.27 KB, 1679x848, oldshit.JPG)

this is just a quick screencap of her blog rn. shes back in MA and mass reposting her old stoner hipster shit, kek.

No. 606323


Fuck no I'm not, and not that I know of. As far as I know he's more of the "obsess until they leave or I'm tired of them" type but who knows he could have changed since I've known him. He definitely wouldn't admit to flirting or talking to anyone else.

No. 606332

Has he ever told you what he does for a living? Or at least dropped hints?

No. 606333

File: 1528587134671.png (205.45 KB, 368x376, lmfsoafdjkn.png)

people who say "this money" do not have any money it's a fact

he seems like the type that got bullied in high school and was a virgin until he was 27

he looks like amberlynn reid's girlfriend lol

No. 606335

The girl he was "with" before Shayna was hooked up with another edgelord before him and while they were together the og edgelord was still talking to her and sending her gifts and she hid her girlfriend from him. They split and two weeks later is when he got hooked up with Shayna.

No. 606337

Just something in the communication field, I don't honestly remember, I met him 6ish months ago and that's when he told me.

No. 606340

Don't do Becky like this at least she knows she's a NEET

No. 606342

kek and he already changed the photo and name

No. 606343

File: 1528587603010.jpg (23.62 KB, 640x360, 1009-en-yuucas-lvshooting-1415…)

He looks like the Vegas shooter

No. 606345


Holy shit, you're right. He loves serial killers though. I'm sure he thinks that's a compliment.

No. 606363

Using Kik when he loves Shayna ~so much~. Kek what a sleaze bag.
Congrats Shayna he’s cheating on you

No. 606366

He did say in a previous post that he's lost a lot of weight, if I recall correctly. It was in regards to us making fun of his fupa. He was saying he had lost a lot of weight, he doesn't have a fupa, but it was the compression leggings pushing up the loose skin?

Makes you wonder how fat he used to be considering he's still pretty doughy, yet thinks he's hot shit. His body type now reminds me of those old alcoholics you'd see with the skinny legs, beer guts and man tits, and weird scrawny arms. What a babe.

No. 606371

Shayna claims they talk on kik so that they can see when the other person recieves/reads the text. They're both so clingy and controlling, it's insane.

No. 606385

since when does kik automatically mean you’re cheating on someone?? I thought that was tinder? Having a kik doesn’t prove jack shit so wtf are you idiots trying to pull? Either show proof of your claims or atop making them.

No. 606393

He wouldn’t have changed it so fast if he was innocent

No. 606396

maybe he didn't want you spamming him with bullshit and that was his way of throwing you off?

No. 606398

Why are you grasping straws to defend fupa

No. 606399

Where are you people getting "married" from? The dude isn't married, some of you guys are so fucking delusional? Look at the facts. He's not married. You guys aren't about to uncover some Illuminati conspiracy theory. The guy is just a regular old loser bachelor.

No. 606400

At least it proves he's lurking (as suspected anyways) I still find it amusing cause Shay's close up warts were posted and here he is still being with her.

No. 606402

Kik is used mostly for hook ups

No. 606403

that still isn’t proof. That’s just an extremely vague assumption. So either show your proof or stop making up complete falsities, it’s boring.

No. 606404

okay but it’s not proof he’s married, or has a girlfriend. So wtf why is everyone having an autistic fit over trying to prove he’s married without ANY ACTUAL PROOF

No. 606406

half of you sound about as delusional as our trophy cow Shayna.

No. 606410

Yeah, I doubt he's married. Just cuz he's in his 30's doesn't mean he's married. There's a higher probability he could be, but I don't think he is… look at him.

I think he lives with his sister. He mentioned something about it in a super old post.

No. 606414

File: 1528590890843.jpg (29.71 KB, 264x354, 6y.jpg)

When you add the last part in to just to prove that Fupa IS willing to touch your genital warts and boiled infected pussy.

No. 606415

File: 1528590928622.png (3.88 KB, 519x180, whysomad.PNG)

No. 606417

She has an iPhone.

He's supposedly getting money, but he's still using a poorfag Android? KEK

He only changed his display name; you can't change your username on Kik. No one here can spam him based off what we can see in the screenshot. That's why Kik anon scribbled out his username.

No. 606427

“this is what being a findom is right? just asking for money and calling the people who give it to me pieces of shit? I’m so great and professional at this wow”

No. 606428

I'm sure someone on pc can google face search him. If he has pictures on the internet/on any app, It'll tell you. Facebook, linkdin, tinder, any arrests, etc.
Granted you'll have to know his name, and the kik anon said it to be Kyle. Look around google for his face with the name of Kyle and see where that gets you.

Its crazy what you can do when you post photographs for the public eye.

No. 606436

File: 1528593008442.png (75.37 KB, 674x310, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 9.10…)

No. 606442

File: 1528593447296.png (Spoiler Image, 1.72 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (7).png)

who really finds this sexy? why does she make these weird faces?

No. 606458

She thinks she looks "cute" and "little", when really she just looks stupid. Everything about her is so off putting, from the stringy fried hair, wrinkled face, dead eyes/complexion (seriously the pink makes her always look gray and washed out), giant claws, majorly fucked up and boil covered genitals. She's disgusting.

No. 606474

taking a wild guess here and assuming she was saying something like “thank you daddy” during this part.

No. 606507

File: 1528599333540.png (103.05 KB, 720x330, Screenshot_2018-06-09-22-52-19…)

"y'all care about me more than i care about me."

No. 606513

File: 1528599791797.png (1.11 MB, 1356x925, poshmark.png)

Apparently Shayna is selling some of her old stoner wear on poshmark. Maybe this is where she bought those secondhand outdated prada heels after all?

Note that she's hasn't updated her tumblr link or profile photo, but the listings are all new as of yesterday.


No. 606527

she already deleted it. don't you have something better to do than lurk here shay

No. 606533

File: 1528601641391.png (87.79 KB, 500x756, Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 11.3…)

from a long time ago but truly a gem when you compare to her current state

No. 606544

Wow. That is fucking crazy to read knowing how she is now.

No. 606545

Damn, she deleted it within only 20 minutes of it being posted here? She checks in here more than I do.

No. 606585

Jesus Christ this girl is a living breathing contradiction. Shay, what happened? You used to have some brain cells left in that unfortunately shaped head of yours

No. 606586

seeing old pics of shay frustrates me a little because we all know she was spoiled and had everything she wanted in life while living at home and she gave it all up to get insecurely naked on the internet and ruined her chance at ever making a comeback. She really threw a life of opportunity away lol.

No. 606588

Is she really laying in cake? Girl, you have acne on your ass and pussy, tell me how this is a good idea? Is this supposed to be sexy? I feel so sorry for her parents. She’s absolutely rancid and embarassing

No. 606591

Nobody ~cares~ about your life Shay, shit if I was you I’d legitimately kill myself. We don’t care, we just think it’s mildly entertaining watching you single-handedly destroy your life for absolutely no reason. When you’re a little older, unable to find work, aged like rotten milk, regretful and ashamed, you’ll understand exactly why you were a giant laughingstock cow (and you’ll realize you were never “famous”).

Nobody is jealous of you. Nobody cares about the life you are choosing to destroy lmao

No. 606600

Im cringing at the fact she ate cake, sucked a dildo and then shoved it in her crotch.

Like… That makes my genitals go back up inside my body hahaha

No. 606707

I wouldn't kill myself if I were Shayna. She has a lot of potential to be a good person, a decent person, but she's so full of insecurity and mental illness she can't even admit that she's pretending to be something she's not. Shayna doesn't even know who she is. She thinks she's convincing the world that this DDLG Shayna is who she is, but it's not. I wish the girl would take the advice she reads on here. Seriously. She lurks on here and she won't take some of the good advice I've seen on this website. She doesn't need to kill herself, but she does need to start being honest with herself. She's not happy. You can see that every time someone posts a picture of her. You can see that every time she dates another scum bag. She doesn't love herself enough to do better, and she makes herself look like a fool. She doesn't have to be this way though.

No. 606716

No. 606747

She said she got those heels thrifting, she got it along with the other ugly pink shit she got that day. She thrifts a lot, Prada heels from more than 2 seasons ago. She's always going to be white trash.

No. 606751

She didn't have brain cells, she posted that when she first started posting kink and porn to her existing followers who were there for smoker content and pics of Jim Morrison. Followers including a lot of minors and children that she subjected to kink, nudes and porn, followers she exploited, with hopes of making them her sex work customer base.

No. 606758

File: 1528640975530.png (349.5 KB, 720x871, Screenshot_2018-06-10-10-20-33…)

So her prices are all fucked up because she's a dumbass you guys. Lol

Shayna, you can't do math because you're dumb. You have literally trained yourself to be a dumbass. Being dumb or incapable is NOT attractive. No man wants a dumbass girlfriend/wife. If he does want someone like this, its because hes toxic and good for nothing.

You literally cry when people slur you using the word cunt, but you turn around and slur others with the same word. You now call yourself dumb and claim its because of attractiveness?

You're only of the most average girls ive ever seen… And i live in the Midwest LOL your looks and your attitude have NOTHING to do with comprehensive situations.

You don't know math because you didn't apply yourself, he passed your ass because HE didn't want to be stuck there through HIS summer. This world doesn't revolve around your disgusting axis-shaped ass. Grow up and stop the dumbass shtick.

How the fuck are you expecting women to support you or swers after seeing you and your medicore masturbation material? You make it seem as if swers get into this job for easy cash and freeloading homed goods. If someone is jealous of that, they're in a worse off position than you Shay. You give off this persona that swers live in their aliases, and its simply not true. Get it together you dumpster fire.

No. 606759

Fucking disgusting. Lack of ethics, lack of morals, incredibly selfish. She's only ever cared about herself. Encourage children to ask her for advice about life and boyfriends/girlfriends, then fucking exploit them for sex work. Absolutely cruel, deceitful, immoral, pathetic, vile, and disgusting. Don't let that little blurb she spat fool you. She said that for herself so she can get away with doing and saying dumb and harmful shit without getting "Schooled" and "put into place" from people in the community. Like always, not wanting to take accountability for anything. It's not about the "kink" Shayna. It never was. It's you.

No. 606760


She's capable of understanding she's not good at something… why is she so incapable of grasping that this industry is NOT for her. She looked hotter with her clothes on and thinking about what she could look like naked was left to the imagination. Knowing how diseased and boil infested she is is seriously a sin and an outright crime on humanity.

Calling her "porn" mediocre!? You're very kind anon. Her "porn" and very sight of her nasty vagina would make any phallus retract back into one's stomach, and dry out any pussy and fuse itself shut.

No. 606766

File: 1528642030256.jpg (238.5 KB, 720x1002, 2018-06-10_10.44.38.jpg)

Its not "being kind" its being honest.

Medicore, at best.

No. 606767

My phone keeps suggesting medicore and not mediocre and its ridiculous lmao

No. 606769

But barbie is smart. She's supposedly very smart.

No. 606786

File: 1528645222094.jpeg (186.32 KB, 1242x602, 59817309-18BE-4849-B5E2-19F0EB…)

once again, Shay trying to make her ED “hip” and “cool”. Wtf girl you said you wanted to help women and support them. Going around talking about how cool your ED is is not fucking cool???

No. 606802

Maybe her end goal is to be like that one "Human Barbie" that tried to exist on light and air and called herself a Goddess.

No. 606805

Barbie was an astronaut, a doctor, in college I know a few women who have laughed and said they wanted to be like Barbie in their fields (a strong smart beauty). Idk how the whole stupid baby thing got mixed up with Barbie, maybe Shayna is bad at making connections.

No. 606806

is that the same chick that superglues her fingers together for photo shoots because it’s “more like a doll”?

No. 606820

File: 1528649027789.jpeg (355.61 KB, 1242x997, 5A8D6310-C29C-4039-80A8-F5C808…)

was this really warranted fupa? I don’t think they were being rude, so wth? Most dons would be happy to talk about how long they’ve been interested in bdsm and how they got started.

No. 606822

Tbh it sounds like shayna wrote this for him, kek

No. 606827

I'm tempted to post her shit porn on a Reddit porn board just to see the reaction of the dudebros when they see her condyloma/sore vagina and ass kek

No. 606829

As immature as that is do it, it would be funny to read what people outside of our hivemind say.

No. 606830

No. 606834

File: 1528651853151.jpeg (177.61 KB, 1348x1238, 3F2CDA1D-9225-4339-B7E1-545CDE…)


Shay, if you are reading this:

Please use aloe vera gel or other moisturizer after you shave. You make your living with pussy so take care of it

No. 606843

Triple this, Bc i think we all know the outcome. Lmao

we r juss jellous hattrz

Sorry for bursting bubbles, but shes the only apparent "barbie" who has an IQ of 79. Meaning she will never be an Astronaut, Doctor, Lawyer… She has no qualities or qualifications worthy of any of those fields. Its sad that the only reason she looks up to barbie is because "barbie can be anything she wants", ya know… Cause it has nothing to do with the fact shes plastic and has no feelings or emotions. Shay is out here being one of those people who believe she's deserving of a trophy for coming in last place.

She rubs her pussy on a carpet full of mud and debris while shoving shit in her ass. The only difference between her and any other person doing it is the fact shes not afraid to film it, but really she should.

If you're willing to post pictures of your infected coochie, the entire world has the right to see it. Dont want to be made fun of? Keep it offline lol

No. 606844

Yup and honestly would not be surprised to see Shayna go down the same psycho air headed route

No. 606849

Fkn do it m8

No. 606865

File: 1528655492263.png (940.16 KB, 720x1143, Screenshot_2018-06-10-14-26-54…)

"i ripped my claws off for Fupatty so i could finger my dittle for onnnlllyyyyyyy him
#nobody will ever see my fingers in my puss but him"

Ya ok lol

No. 606900

Lol what a little liar

No. 606901

Plus you can’t just rip off acrylic/Uv gel nails. You would literally rip off your nail underneath. You need to soak them in acetone and then use a dremel to sand them off. Does she think everyone is as dumb as her?

No. 606904

Will she ever stop pretending she's fucking Britney Spears like girl, you don't even have enough followers to get "recognized on the street"

No. 606912

That proofs nothing lmfao he used the same username as Tumblr so it wasn't even hard to find him.
Also, I'm pretty sure he mentioned having kik in one of his tumblr asks some time back

No. 606920


Any link or suggestions?? I have mixed feelings about going through her videos, I get second hand embarrassment everytime kek

No. 606922

I'm surprised it doesn't seem like she's trying to market herself already on big platforms like Reddit, it would be a good way for her to connect with clients and build a fanbase. I guess she's just a sexworker for tumblr and she knows her videos ain't shit.

No. 606933

I'm pretty sure after Fosta/Sesta Reddit shut down the sex worker boards, so she cant even if she was smart enough to think of that as a marketing tool.

No. 606934


You don't have to do any actual digging,
just search the previous threads, they have all the links to her videos.

No. 606939

There is many alternatives tho

No. 606943

But that requires being clever, creative, resourceful. Which she is not.

No. 606950

File: 1528662294413.png (71.68 KB, 720x1109, 20180610_162439.png)

Her poshmark has been deleted. Lmao damn
Lurk much shay?

No. 606988

You can too just rip them off wtf. Yah it might tear up her nails a little but it’s not going to rip them off. Jesus y’all just wanna find any excuse to call her a liar.
There’s no regrowth on her nails. This is probably a new set she got for her birthday. Y’all are fucking reaching lately.

No. 607012

I do nails for a living and i can certainly tell you that she's clarified shes worn acrylics for 3+ years. If she "ripped them off" her nails would be soft, ripped and bleeding. Acrylics on that long, without letting your nails breathe? No no. And then, at that point, you're not supposed to reapply them due to the fact it'll just rip any of whats left of her nails clean off.

No. 607042

I have a friend who goes to shitty nail shops and gets them almost as long as Shay’s and she rips hers off on the regular. If a bad nail tech is doing her nails with cheap products it’s 100% possible they pop off pretty easily.

No. 607056

NTSA, but do you even know what acrylic is? You would wreck yourself, I only pay $20 for my sets, so yeah I go to cheap places, and the one time I removed them on my own it took a 4 hour acetone soak and some real tears with a nail file. Your friend probably isn't getting acrylics.

No. 607063

File: 1528671022337.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 383.82 KB, 1600x1200, EE3FD7FD-12B6-42B2-B819-BE5EFF…)

Judging from her fake nails basically dangling at the tips of her fingers Shayna’s nail beds are small (pic related) so the surface contact with the acrylics wouldn’t even be that much therefore easy enough to pop off
She could also just be wearing press on though since they’re so darn tacky /nail sperg

No. 607072

Or you guys can shut the fuck up about NAILS

No. 607080

File: 1528672781171.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1242x1577, E2FC0B3B-C831-4FE5-8D7B-0E77BF…)


No. 607081

File: 1528672806542.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1242x1574, 1735D1A2-3BCC-4B1C-A8FE-82A541…)

No. 607084

Yikes, she looks legitimately downsy here

No. 607086

She kinda looks like momo

No. 607091

her hair looks like combed yarn

No. 607097

Meth face

No. 607101

seriously why are her eyebrows that fucking long? She looks like a clown

No. 607104

File: 1528674605624.png (838.24 KB, 720x973, 20180610_194857.png)

Yes she looks ridiculous. One day she will look back ans cringe at the way she's doing her makeup (and dressing herself)now. Her eyebrows should stop where the red line is.

No. 607106

Is it just me or does have bulimia cheeks

No. 607115

I will never not get irritated by the fact that she just curls her fried, overgrown fringe as opposed to going to a salon and getting a real haircut.

No. 607116

This shit should be spoilered gross

No. 607118


So did you post Shayna on reddit? I would love to see what outsiders think of her porn

No. 607125

I’m sure her dad is super thrilled that she flew out to MA, seemingly hasn’t spent any time with her family, and then goes off and takes pictures for her blog.

No. 607130

Kind of extreme, she does some cringy stuff worth laughing about but nothing that means she should kill herself.

No. 607131

Shayna please stop doing that to your eyebrows. Your wing shouldn't be so vertical and your eyebrows need to be, smaller?? Smaller overall? No ones eyebrows should look like that. Stop dragging them out so far, stop making them so dark. I wish I could see you just so I could give you a decent makeover and tips as to how to do your damn makeup. I seriously would. Cuz girl, you need direction.

No. 607132

Calling her porn mediocre is more than generous.
Her porn is laughable, it's lower than mediocre. It's slapstick comedy.

Bc he's not a dom.

She looks like a rodent. Wasn't she referred to as the internet ferret starting a few yrs back? Very fitting name.

No. 607133

File: 1528679090471.jpg (22.13 KB, 513x245, les.jpg)

Finally admits it. Maybe pretending to be a lesbian/bi isn't edgy enough for her anymore.

No. 607146

File: 1528679502490.jpg (27.01 KB, 258x325, 56y.jpg)

Perhaps, she knows and is completely aware that she makes a joke out of herself attempting to make "porn" with her boil, genital warts, diseased and infected pussy. But feels too compelled to do the opposite of popular opinion. In that case…

Please keep it up, and keep making comedy shorts with your disgusting rancid pussy and all of its pimple, boil, warts, and whitehead glory. Please Shay! You're doing such a great job!!

No. 607156

Why is she so bitchy toward a supportive message? It doesn’t come off ‘bratty cute’’ or whatev it’s cunty

No. 607161

you only spoiler stuff when there’s nudity, dumbass

No. 607162

Seriously! Wtf is with the attitude?

No. 607169

it was a joke anon, that her face is offensive to the eye.

No. 607183

File: 1528683536056.jpg (41.29 KB, 286x468, daddy.JPG)

its sad that a girl who isn't even 21 yet doesn't want a relationship, but instead wants someone who will take care of her, like a CNA does for an elderly person. she wants someone who will do everything for her and tell her what to do. she doesn't want to have to make decisions or be a fucking adult. how can you claim to be a professional who runs their own business, yet want someone to literally wipe your ass for you and brush your hair and tell you how to live your life? if youre incapable of making simple normal life desicions, why would you think you're capable of running a business?

its also super creepy that she WANTS someone to do things to her without her consent (while shes drugged/sleeping, or both). its pretty clear that she views rape as good, like they want you so badly they just HAVE to rape you kind of thing. like shes just SO irresistable that rape is the only option. no CSA or rape survivor would ever have this mentality, sorry. i know plenty of rape and csa survivors use CONSENSUAL BDSM as a coping skill, and thats fine. but hers is not consensual.

its also pretty annoying that shes all suddenly back into reblogging her old pics, when before she wanted to pretend like those weren't her and told people to stop harping on it. but now that shes with fupa shes trying to act like she loves that part of herself again and is all into serial killers and snuff films. pick a fucking personality, shay.

No. 607184

File: 1528683724924.jpg (26.63 KB, 289x217, KEK.JPG)

this just speaks for itself. kek.

No. 607185

Oh fuck off Shay with this textbook straight girl bullshit

No. 607186

It could be that she’s a pillow princess and doesn’t particularly like the effort of sexual performance so she’s into somnophilia so all she has to do is sleep but it still comes across as so creepy.

No. 607187

>becoming successful
>moving on up
>threatened by my success
you sleep on a rug, make money by shitting out plastic eggs, and "date" a 30 year old that looks like the las vegas shooter. no one is threatened by your success shay

No. 607219

File: 1528689558241.png (Spoiler Image, 1.51 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-06-10-23-48-01…)

Found her real nails, kek

No. 607223

File: 1528689908312.png (1.91 MB, 1440x2544, Screenshot_2018-06-10-23-49-51…)

Also her eyebrows used to be better

No. 607227

she should just get shellac, it fits her ~aesthetic~ more that her claws imo

No. 607258

File: 1528692783601.png (Spoiler Image, 230.08 KB, 640x217, 1486062389487.png)

i regret lurking and finding this, i'm gonna go bleach my fucking eyes out of my head. This is straight nasty.


No. 607263

She was definitely cuter during her stoner days. It's only been a couple years and she looks so awful now in comparison. No joke, is she doing any drugs other than smoking? I don't get how she got so dried out and diseased looking so quickly.

Her living situation and video settings are sad in comparison now too. She used to have a cute, comfy looking bed. Now she lives in a sketchy looking studio apartment with a bathroom so dirty, she's embarrassed to show it on cam. This is the girl who will show her pussy boils and muddy feet with no shame, filming and sleeping on a filthy, matted rug on the floor. Just how disgusting is this bathroom?

No. 607270

She used to be so cute

No. 607271

What in the ungodly fuck, how could she put that on the internet! Is she blind???

No. 607272

Oh my God is that a bleeding boil?? I have a high threshold for gross and that is making me gag. How could you publish that to the public???

No. 607275

Listen i always thought my ex's privates were in bad shape but shays are on a whole new level

No. 607292

It's really sad that she changed her aesthetic and personality just to fit in with dumb whores on tumblr. She's still so ingenuine to this day and her life revolves around maintaining the pink bimbo baby schtick when it's obvious she's not truly happy and doesn't know what she's doing. She looks half dead all the time, hardly produces content anymore, and doesn't know how to take herself out of the mess she's made. I personally think fupa will bring her back to reality tbh

No. 607302

The funniest part is the aesthetic on tumblr used to be 'edgy stoner' before it was 'dumb bimboes'
So who are you really, Shay?

No. 607328


I personally prefer a vagina that looks like it's attached to a woman, and not a prepubescent girl, and I'm trying really, really hard to focus on that instead of that giant, weeping pustule. Mother of Christ, that's gross.

She genuinely has no shame. Did she, at one point? I wonder.

No. 607352


That is one hell of a ingrown hair she has there. I had that happen to me once and it is the absolute worst. I'm guessing we wears underwear that rubs the infected area, making it heal a lot slower.

No. 607354


… That doesn't look like an ingrown hair

No. 607486


Yeah, the bed that came with the apartment, not to mention any other furniture pieces that you ever saw. She didn't even buy her cage, nor her stuffed animal hammock, those were from her wish list. She's legit delusional white trash that likes to pretend to believe that she's "successful'. When in reality, she knows damn well she's a fucking joke. She knows she's lucky to have her nasty boils and genital warts bc it's the only reason people are curious enough to watch her "porn". Freakshow.

No. 607489


Ha! I remember that! The only close up she did, and it was MASSIVE! It was not an ingrown hair. That's from when she still had her bush. That is a LEGIT boil. You know, the same shit that grows on her pussy and ass now. Except it's multiplied 100,000,000 fold.

No. 607491

Nah, she's totally happy with it. Where else can she be an entitled, selfish, self serving, annoying, immature adult child without taking any responsibility or accountability for any of her actions whilst calling it an "aesthetic".

No. 607514

I remember watching her on cam once and when asked why she likes bdsm so much, she straight up admitted it's because she doesn't need to "do anything". Pussy boils or not, she sounds like the worst possible sex partner anyone could have.

No. 607531

There is a white head within whatever that big red growth is. It looks irritated like she was trying to pop it without success before. That isn't normal. In no way, shape, or form is that normal. That's not an ingrown hair. I really hope she doesn't give that sadbaffon girl an STD.

No. 607533

File: 1528724537534.jpg (100.22 KB, 550x930, haha.jpg)

Lol @ the tag! When you're gawking at photos of beds on tumblr bc don't own one.

No. 607535

Well I have no right to tell you that what you had wasn't an ingrown hair, I'm glad you think she just has some sort of infection that unfortunately decided to strike on her genital area. You can't be having sex with people, protected or not, when your vagina is in the state that Shaynas is always in. Because although I don't think it's an STD, certain non-std skin issues that affect the genital area CAN STILL SPREAD FROM PERSON TO PERSON LIKE AN STD. Shayna, it is very clear that you lurk on this website. Ignore the hate and please read what I'm saying. You need to go to the gyno. I know you're afraid they're going to tell you that you have an STD, but honey, it's better to find out and receive treatment then continue to do what you've been doing. I know that you probably have a lot of tenderness and pain due to the bumps on your genital area, and as an adult in the sex work industry, you owe it to yourself AND to OTHERS to get tested for STDS. You would be better off finding out you have herpes, go on the antiviral, and get the pain to go away. It would clear up your issue faster and protect others against catching it from you a lot easier. I don't think it's herpes, but it's not fair to others that you insist there's nothing wrong with your vagina when there CLEARLY is. I'm not saying this to be mean. As a woman with incredibly sensitive skin, I get razor burn and ingrowns a lot. It never looks ANYTHING like what you have going on. Please go to the gyno. You are responsible for that in order to protect yourself and others. No one deserves an STD because you can't be responsible and go to the damn gyno.

No. 607554


>everything about this bed

… like the fact that its existent

I've seen her popping her ass zits live on cam before. No wonder why her infections spread and never clear. There's a screenshot of her popping it on and be cam a few threads back.

No. 607583

another boring ass vid from her boring ass shoot with that dude who looks like he belongs in blue man group or some shit


No. 607601


found that for you, anon. >>494459

No. 607693

Aww look, she has a little fupa of her own! So jiggly

No. 607695

Can't believe he touched her puss with his bare hands

No. 607715

Lol that’s not what a fupa looks like anon. Literally all women have that little pouf at the bottom of their tummy because that’s where normal female organs are. You know, the womb? A fupa would be lower. She’s not and hasn’t ever been really overweight or anything, so she wouldn’t have one anyway.


No. 607721

>all women have that little pouf at the bottom of their tummy
>you know, the womb?

not that anon but what the fuck are you talking about

your womb shouldn't be causing a hump in your anatomy wtf you might want to see a doctor or check your birth control, anon

No. 607724

Lmao read a damn book. It’s extremely average and normal for women, skinny or fat, to have lower belly pooch. If you don’t, you’re lucky. But it is very common and is not the same as a fupa.

Go look at some non photoshopped average women for once.

No. 607737

File: 1528740979250.png (18.32 KB, 506x399, wow.png)

There you have it folks. All that traumatic "grounding" and "babysitting" Princess Gonorrhllea had to face and the story of her boils, warts and varied venereal diseases. It's a mystery/horror/comedy genre.

No. 607746

Do…do you mean a pubic mound/mons pubis?

No. 607754


That photo of her without a set just shows you how dirty and disgusting her nails are underneath. That is a lot of visible dirt. She doesn't wash her hands. She doesn't clean herself. All that build up and a breeding grown for bacteria and germs then plays with herself.

I had the same reaction anon! Put the glove back on!

No. 607755

no, I mean the little bit of belly fat TONS of normal, average women have on their lower stomachs, not the pubic mound. it’s normal for women to have a bit of extra fat in their lower bellies. It’s NOT the same as a fupa or a pubic mound.

Seriously, a quick google search will help you here.

No. 607756

Shayna is undoubtedly disgusting but that’s not a fupa, ffs. There are some severely insane self-hating women in this thread, or we had a sudden influx of incels. Seriously, calm the fuck down.

No. 607757

Jesus thank you.

No. 607758

File: 1528741938472.jpg (27.1 KB, 498x273, part2.jpg)

Part 2 of if she was a Disney Princess

No. 607764

I noticed she especially gets into the "fuck your dad" mood every time she goes back to MA. She was being a bitch to her followers the other day over nothing. Must suck to be in the house with your real daddy and the new family & daughtr he replaced you with. So she's gotta take it out on tumblr.

No. 607766

I gotchu fam.

Okay, so thinking about this since the amazing news broke, but. You have to wonder wtf her new agency thinks about the state of her puss. I mean, all they had to do was look at literally anything she’s posted online so I guess they’re just hard up for talent who don’t know what they’re actually supposed to be paid? I still don’t get how they hired her when she is so obviously not interested in taking care of her business.

No. 607767

Reading her shit I always thought she had a legit Electra complex.

No. 607770

So, the movie Lolita, just an even more horrible version of it?

No. 607771

It's porn. There's a very low standard and a very few mandatories. Test clean, and that is it. Regardless of how she looks, she's just another cow to milk. Also, the "agency" she signed with is very very small and virtually unknown. Most likely, they saw that she already put out her own content, and that she's been doing it for years, compared to a girl that's got no experience, that prob looks appealing to them for now. The proof will be in the work. Shayna shoots and tests really
badly. She looks awful on camera. Even if she looks like shit, they still won't think they're taking any losses. Just more cows to make money. There's also "no lists". If certain production or people aren't willing to work with her. But it's gotta be real bad for someone to turn you down in porn.

No. 607773

Maybe they’re looking for talent they don’t have to pay as much that is willing to be exploited for extremely cheap and won’t question it. Aka Shayna.

No. 607775

in all of her pro shoots she looks horrible since she’s not able to manipulate the camera and lighting and angles. it’s pathetic.

No. 607786

This is seriously how she views her life. The delusion is grand. Almost diagnosable. It's actually such a haunting thought to think of her delusion broke.

Tbh, getting into porn is very easy. Drop clean and be willing. There is no aptitude test, or a psych screening. If you go in and you have all your teeth and no track marks you'll get a job. A lot of girls seek it out on their own, and a lot also get recruited. There is never a shortage of willing and eager young girls looking to get into the industry. It's interesting that she's actually paring with an agency. Staying indie if you're good enough and are able to network, book, and make the connections yourself is a much better option and gives you the most freedom without having to pay out &'s to anyone else.

No. 607789

but Lolita is literally about a LITTLE GIRL who basically gets brainwashed into a sexual servant to her stepfather. If she claims to have gone through CSA, wouldn’t she notice and understand that that movie is not cute, and is not intended to be a cute love story? Is she really just that stupid?

No. 607792

File: 1528744181056.png (12.27 KB, 264x393, 3.png)

No. 607798

PRINCE! not Prince/princess like she claims. Looking for a male life partner only, thanks.

No. 607804

She went to mass for her brother’s graduation

No. 607816

That's not even a dolly bed, that shit is straight up grandma tier. She has such bad taste.

No. 607834

If she put time and effort into getting a better new vanilla job and put all her time into that I'm sure she would start to look and act better and appear happy is amazing what that can do to someone who's fallen into this type of stuff due to sex work all she has to do is pull herself out of it

No. 607888

Right, but when everyone can see the kind of lame porn she puts out on her own…I don’t know. The other people in the ‘agency’ don’t look nearly as filthy as she does. This is a chick who can’t even be assed to wash her neck half the time. I can’t see people chomping at the bit to do scenes with her. I don’t know much about the actualities of the porn world, are talent allowed to have a list of people they won’t work with or is that only for bigger names?

Also, are there anons here who do work in porn? It kind of sounds like it. Would any of you work with her?

No. 607917

that's not from the womb you retard, that's literally just fat ? she's skinnyfat, aka thin but not toned

I think you're the one who needs to do a quick google search, jesus christ

I never said she had a fupa? but your WOMB doesn't cause you a skinny fat pouch under your stomach what the literal hell

No. 607961

really, go read an anatomy book or something anon. you sound stupid and are derailing. It’s normal for thin women to have a little bit of fat on their lower belly area.

No. 607962

File: 1528754778745.png (349.13 KB, 720x1137, Screenshot_2018-06-11-17-02-10…)


No. 607969

Are you illiterate? I'm not saying it's abnormal, I'm agreeing Shayna is skinnyfat. But if she worked out and ate properly she wouldn't have a pouch, it has nothing to do with having a womb. The only reason women get fat there is because female hormones can distribute it to that area (literally "female fat distribution") just as men can be prone to 'beer bellys'. But it isn't a fucking bump caused from the position of your womb – which if you would read up the quote chain - was what was being replied to.

I honestly can't tell if you're trolling, confused or just blind. I'll happily accept the infighting ban if it means educating you on female anatomy or reading comprehension - the punishment is worth having one of our users being slightly more intelligent.

No. 607992

her pussy looks so nasty and red and inflamed and irritated on the thumbnail oh my jesus

No. 608015

Yah no it is completely normal for skinny, active women to have a small amount of belly fat in their lower abdomen region. And yes, that's the truth. A large majority of skinny women have a tiny bit of tummy fat. You clearly don't know what you're talking about. The only way a woman doesn't get the fat in their lower abdomen region is if they work out and do abdomen/ab exercises regularly. It is known to be the most stubborn area to lose fat. Women will lose fat everywhere else EXCEPT in their tummy. It's stubborn and hard to rid of. I don't know what sort of weird ass idea you have that"skinny women" tend not to have a little belly fat, because that's completely untrue lmao. Flat stomachs aren't really a thing in most people my guy.(derailing)

No. 608017

The punching and slapping gives an excuse for her natural inflamed genitals to look that way

No. 608021

That bloke looks like such a goblin, could you even imagine letting him go near you. He looks like a dodgy plumber or something.

No. 608047

no one here is even talking about what you're sperging on about, anon. we honestly don't care about you defending your stomach pouch, or anyone else's

lmao at this point they should just come up with some kind of bdsm humiliation play where the start of every video is them doing special effects make up to create boils on her pussy, so everyone thinks the real ones are fake. no amount of slapping/punching can mimic the inflammed mess that is her infected looking puss

No. 608085

Hey look we have an incel over here raging because he’s never seen an average thin woman who has gasp lower belly fat! And can’t fathom that it’s normal. Get off the thread douchelord.(derailing)

No. 608128

stop fucking arguing about stomach fat

No. 608132

File: 1528764720055.png (224.74 KB, 720x940, Screenshot_2018-06-11-20-50-47…)

Jesus Christ

No. 608135

lmfao I’ll bet you anything this was made by an underage follower

No. 608137


idk what's more sad; the possibility of somebody making a playlist dedicated to an unkempt nobody camgirl, or the more likely chance that she made that playlist herself on a throwaway account and then logged out to take a screenshot to prove to people that she has dedicated fans

No. 608139

> don't google her
how much you want to bed she made this herself

No. 608148

It’s not. The created by has a username and her Instagram is linked to this Spotify. She definitely looks underaged though.

No. 608151

YouTube. Not Instagram.

No. 608162

Uhm yes they were? Lmfao.

No. 608215

Imagine looking up to this chick.
I'd go on to say people who idolize her are just as sick and in need of help as she is.

No. 608243

>is this what fame looks like
Oh honey. She thinks she's famous?

No. 608261

File: 1528771897902.png (451.48 KB, 720x1035, Screenshot_2018-06-11-22-44-58…)

Can someone please tell me how its worth it to be a sex worker if you're constantly having to beg for dollars and coins to do even the basics??

No. 608262

Samefag, but i completely forgot that she's turning 21, she's gotta pay for a new ID and she's planning on going to the dispensary for the first time.

Sad she calls people out/harasses those who earn/raise money to leave abusive situations, but she tries to earn money to blow on liquor and weed

No. 608263

She just bought a plenty ticket to LA so she can have a photo shoot with her new agency, so she’s scrambling for money now, kek

No. 608264


No. 608268

She's a sophomore in HS. Great job, Shay. You have a 15-16 year old girl obsessed with you.

No. 608272

And she’s flashing it around like it’s really something to be proud of. She’s so fucking toxic it’s unreal.

No. 608278

Oh look! one of her many impressionable child followers she subjected to porn, and exploited for sex work. Even this minor knows not to "google" her torture others with images of her boil and warts infected toxic pussy and asshole. Shayna's disgusting, reveling in the fact that she's "famous" in the under 15 demographic. Basically users that were 12 when all they wanted to see was hipster content, but then got subjected to her nasty porn.

No. 608283

File: 1528774087877.jpg (Spoiler Image, 605.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180611-222756_Tum…)

Hold on, is this new? Does she have a bed??

No. 608284


Shayna must really hate herself every time she goes to Mass, and is reminded of… the truth and reality. Where she's just an entitled attention whore that got replaced by her real daddy so she'll settle with getting attention from disgusting men with wider hips, bigger tits, and higher pitched voices than her. AKA, FUPA.

Even the internet knows of the delusion she lives in. Like that's fucking sad. When you run out of people and places you can lie about yourself and your life to. She's lucky she found an ostracized obese goth kid who gets a chubby from any sort of attention. TBH, he prob already knows how fucked up and delusional she is, but is still willing to do it bc this is the most he's felt special in years.

No. 608287

She took photos in MA. Prob her siblings bed, or guest bedroom. She legit looks and gives "divorced mom trying to regain her sexuality and independence" vibes.

No. 608288

there's not really a lot to show that it's a bed and not just a new blanket/cloth on the floor, either

No. 608294

she lurks here. if she actually got a bed, she’d have made a post about it.

No. 608298

Doubtful, where's the stupid string lights?

No. 608306

she has big forehead wrinkle because of the shape of her caveman brow bone. She could use some FFS kek

No. 608357

No. 608358

No. 608408

She’s nasty but her tits are honestly not bad. They’re ruined though when you remind yourself how fucked up her snatch is

No. 608446

her outlook on life so tainted this dumb bitch is a danger to herself and others

No. 608449

No respectable dad is watching you shay

No. 608516

File: 1528805593637.png (1.04 MB, 1440x818, Screenshot_2018-06-12-08-04-59…)


No. 608652

She's so fucking annoying.
I cant believe she calls this is how she markets herself.

Who the fuck would want to buy her SC after that?
Super obnoxious, and if that's not bad enough, she shows her pussy with several visible boils and that's in bad lighting. Who the fuck would want to see that shit in lights.

This girl is embarrassing when she drinks.

No. 608824

File: 1528831528864.png (31.48 KB, 640x409, IMG_1942.PNG)

Maybe she's starving because you never actually have someone watch her while you're gone.

No. 608865

The saddest part, is I wouldn't put it past her if all she did was leave him at home with no one to care for him the times that she leaves.

No. 608869

She can’t take care of her own pussy why would she take on a pet

No. 608874

And she actually wants a dog one day, which, yanno actually requires exercising and going outside. Cats are independent to a certain extent but you can't just leave a dog like she would.

No. 608887

Why have her and fupa started saying heckin/heck in every other sentence? Is it some tumblr trend or?

No. 608936

Shayna has always used heckin.

No. 608949

it’s a meme thing, she started saying it after she got obsessed with dog memes and calling them “poobers”. I think she thinks it’s cute and funny or something.

No. 609032

File: 1528847527223.png (697.83 KB, 1024x576, hatchetface.png)

Why she look like hatchet face though?

No. 609050

why is she drooling so much??? ew.

No. 609110

That poor girl having to 69 with her and having her gross pussy right up in her face.

No. 609152

Bahaha those super fake moans the second the dildo even comes close to her ass

No. 609285

File: 1528871082582.png (183.37 KB, 720x1139, Screenshot_2018-06-13-02-24-14…)

This shouts volumes haha

No. 609323

how dare you do hatchet face dirty like that

No. 609428


I agree anon! At least her 2nd video with hardtied was with someone. The first one she did solo was so bad. She looked weird with a gag on, it made her double chins worse. Even the cameras and production kept cutting away to it from the parts of her pussy bc it was such in a bad state with all the boils, pimples and warts. It lacked all the closeups and "money shots" of pussy that are always in a porn, so Shayna's seriously so lucky she had that other girl as a scene partner. The other girl however had to suffer bc of Shay.

That Kenzie girl looked great and salvaged what Shayna lacked and ruined. Those moans and noises from Shayna didn't even make sense. Kenzie was way too short being matched with Shayna for the type of rigging and rope work they did. Shayna was way too tall to be partnered with her, plus Shayna's selfishness and lack of awareness for what they were doing made it even worse for Kenzie. Did Shay not realize she was rigged with someone else and were dependent and at each other's mercy? Their looks clashed so bad. Kenzie needed the heels to get her height closer to Shay's, but Kenzie's sexy/sultryness made Shay's "look" even more awkward and out of place. Like Shay's dumb feet positions she prob thinks are "cute" and her super cringe facial gestures that make her look like she has downs.

No. 609441

Two adult women on the shoot. One acts like an adult woman. The other is pretending she is a young child. Of course Shay fucked it up, that's fucking weird.

No. 609535

File: 1528907240853.png (94.15 KB, 640x804, IMG_1944.PNG)

Aw, she's asking for a new bed for her birthday! She spilled juice on it! Not to mention piss, sweat, mud, and tears!

No. 609554

Is this because someone here recently pointed out how matted and dirty it had gotten? I bet she hadn't even noticed until then

No. 609564

If Fupa is making so much money, why cant he buy her a new rug for her birthday?

Who wants to bet he gets her nothing or just some cheap ass crap and spend the whole day talking to other girls on tumblr?

No. 609597

>needs a new rug because she spilled juice on it

I mean, we know it's not because she spilled juice on it, but you know, Shay, most people would just fucking /wash/ their shit

No. 609600

File: 1528911819567.png (401.21 KB, 750x1334, E9CC0353-26B3-4FDF-8901-0A3BA4…)

What’s worse is it’s literally $22 like come on girl that’s shit you get for yourself in the meantime, while you wait for someone to buy you a nicer one. That’s coming from someone with a way smaller group of clientele

No. 609602

This is so embarrassing. She can't even own a simple piece of furniture for a few months without getting her fucking pussy/ass boils/piss on it. SHAY YOU NEED HELP. YOU NEED A BED, A SHOWER, SOME MEDS, A NEW GYNO, not another carpet to piss and poop easter eggs on.

No. 609609

So is Fupa going to drink out of sippy cups too? I imagine her opening her kitchen cabinets to expose her collection of plastic plates and sippy cups. A grown ass women.

No. 609617

Fupa is probably the kinda guy who only drinks from giant 7/11 cups full of diet coke. He will be fine.

No. 609632

I don’t get why she has to buy a whole new rug? Can’t she just put it in the washing machine like a normal person? Or does she not own one of those either

No. 609638

Can't use amazon gift cards to pay for a laundry mat anon

No. 609640

No seriously though she probably doesn't even have laundry soap or dryer sheets. Doesn't seem very cute/bimbo like to have clean, nice smelling stuff, huh Shay?

No. 609709

File: 1528917549168.jpeg (447.04 KB, 1242x893, A1E5D628-3106-487E-BD13-CA692F…)

She is so god damn desperate and clingy. I wonder how quickly fupa will get annoyed with her.

No. 609721

Bruh is insecure as fuck. He needs constant validation like that to make up for how cringey and gross he knows he is.

No. 609725

File: 1528918569893.png (12.4 KB, 621x224, splendafupa.PNG)

At least Fupa is planning on getting her something. I hope he buys her some soap, water, and vegetables.

No. 609733

You can buy a cheap mattress and frame right off of Amazon, but she'd rather have this shit. If she wanted to be cute she could spray paint the metal pink. But I guess I'm using more brain cells to think that up.

No. 609748


I got a very nice queen mattress from Amazon from a company called Zenni - was only $349. If she was a sane person she would set her sights on a real bed and then decorate it to her "style" instead of drooling over $500 cribs.

No. 609810

This sounds so self-sent, good god.

No. 609835

Lmao now if that's not an ask written by Shayna herself I don't know anymore.

No. 609847

A 22$ rug……. wow what about asking for something nice?

No. 609917

Mattress stores have sales all the time. Most of them advertise queen sets for like under 200 she could just go buy a mattress from there??? I'm just dumbfounded by how big of a fucking idiot she is

No. 609919

and a $17 sippy cup, clearly her priorities are in order

No. 610128

File: 1528944336957.jpg (20.45 KB, 255x307, hhah.jpg)

This girl is boring and basic af. The only thing that remotely garnered interest was from once being hipster/stoner blog from 2014 that started posting nudes with her huge hairy bush. That was a while ago, after starting sex work and shaving it off, the only thing to hold your interest is that the same of a trainwreck and the curiousity if they are really boils, pimples, warts, or what, and the trully baffling thought of… why? The novelty of this dumpster fire wears off fast.

No. 610133

File: 1528944582552.jpg (136.08 KB, 650x1280, eddrugs.jpg)

she looks like a true trailer trash bulimic meth head in this pic. #aesthetic

No. 610150

You forgot poop, anon. She shat out those plastic easter eggs all over that rug too.

No. 610163

Tbh once she washes it it would probably Haven piss and shit stains everywhere.

No. 610164

No. 610172

My money's on him sending her a message on tumblr and no actual gift, then both of them get messages about how bullshit that is, he deflects with a "fuck off our relationship is perfect" and she tries to spin it as "daddy's attention and love is the best gift he could possibly give me anyway uwu~"

No. 610212

Her face looks so blurred in this pic. I saw one of her tumblr girlfriends recommend the app Facetune and it's obvious she's been using it lately ON TOP of the damn snap filter lol

No. 610270

You can’t do Hatchet Face like that, at least her body didn’t look like a prepubescent boy’s :(

No. 610328

File: 1528964182869.png (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-06-14-04-15-07…)

And pull the trigger

No. 610331

File: 1528964628197.jpg (39.34 KB, 700x700, IMG_2462.JPG)


there's no possible way this can end badly for shayna, not sketchy behavior from "daddy" at all /s

No. 610362

The sheer thought of Fupa taking out the clip but forgetting the bullet in the chamber wether its airsoft or real is sending my sides flying if they end up a true whitetrash liveleak video, but atleast Shay would finally get her pussy destroyed from the inside like shes wanted rather than just repeatedly slapped over er already festering vagoo.
Fupa make us proud

No. 610595

File: 1528998305210.png (Spoiler Image, 496.42 KB, 531x828, 55kayear.PNG)

Since you make so much money Shay, go get your nails done on your own dime. Why do your followers have to send you money for shit you should be able to afford yourself?(images like this need a spoiler)

No. 610598

File: 1528998381328.png (11.41 KB, 261x325, fifty.PNG)

I feel like that is kinda cheap for the length she gets and all. I go to a really expensive place for nails though, so I could be wrong.

No. 610603


She looks kinda creepy here. Barefaced, but the filter she always uses makes her look weird.

No. 610604

File: 1528998713502.png (7.7 KB, 267x265, nails2.PNG)

Cheap ass bitch. No wonder your nails look so jacked all of the time. The forms are always hideous.

No. 610607

File: 1528998812119.png (986.34 KB, 857x926, daddyissues.PNG)

How does one still have dark circles after using this filter? She does look a lot better, but it's hard to truly believe that when she always filters her face.

No. 610610

File: 1528998876417.png (13.97 KB, 212x506, notinhighdefinition.PNG)

Not in high definition, Shay.

No. 610612

File: 1528998947343.png (16.4 KB, 220x480, iwasaslutinhighschoolteehee.PN…)

"oh yah when I was young I was a freak too tee hee", bitch seek help.

No. 610615

Okay because schools would have been totally alright with another student giving her handcuffs. I bet the entire class stood up and clapped for her as well.

No. 610616

File: 1528999120383.png (7.31 KB, 221x255, thatsamazing.PNG)

And you haven't acquired a single skill that can be marketed outside of sex work, like video editing, social media strategies, affiliate marketing, etc. She's gonna be so fucked when she can't market herself like this anymore lol.

No. 610618

>implying $40-$60 is not a normal price for nails

You anons need something better to nit-pick. Talk about her boil-y puss or her poor hygiene, not the price of her nails.

No. 610619

File: 1528999238895.png (31.49 KB, 230x851, creativity.PNG)

So creative! How does she come up with this stuff??

No. 610623

that is cheap for those long, nasty talons. she's always talking about how she's got it but she's truly just average as fuck. that's why I pointed it out. She ain't shit, so she should stop pretending like she is.

No. 610625

honestly anons, those talons look like they could be press-ons from the halloween store. if she went to a good place to get them done, for $45 she could have nails that actually allow her to wipe her ass without shoving one up there. i do get what you mean now though.

No. 610626

File: 1528999499985.png (19.29 KB, 255x603, whatthefuck.PNG)

Girl, people your age are in college or graduating it. they aren't thinking about how smart they were in high school anymore. it's sad that she hasn't moved past that yet. your high school grades are not a marker for your current intelligence.

that is true.

No. 610628

File: 1528999593402.png (7.93 KB, 269x296, businesstactic.PNG)

Not a very good business tactic if you have to explain it's usefulness, eh shay?

No. 610630

File: 1528999648501.png (13.88 KB, 265x422, okay.PNG)

I love how she just alters her past to suit whatever narrative she has in her own head.

No. 610634

File: 1528999724444.png (5.32 KB, 279x227, Capture.PNG)

No. 610636

It's really embarrassing that she has to ask randos for manicure money because fupa won't pay. We all know he loves to be the ultimate daddy and do everything for her, but I guess not when it comes to this. Sad

No. 610640

File: 1528999892102.png (13.56 KB, 437x264, butithought.PNG)

Funny you mention that.

No. 610643

File: 1528999941811.png (10.42 KB, 448x235, bwahaha.PNG)

No. 610647

File: 1529000014229.png (595.3 KB, 462x706, boardboy.PNG)

He could be a hunchback. So lean and hot!

No. 610650

File: 1529000192713.png (745.9 KB, 445x875, fatboyangles.PNG)

btw fupa, I can still see your titties.

No. 610717

In adult clothes he doesn't look nearly as gross. Now if he just took the edgy ring out and took care of his beard

No. 610759

this is straight up pedo bait at its worst. ffs shay have some decency.

No. 610763

she looks creepy because she doesn't know how to properly light her face with the ring light she just got. it looks like its too close, and its causing really weird shadows that make her face look skeletal. its like holding a flashlight under your chin, it casts weird shadows and makes your face look creepy. practice with your lighting before taking crappy videos, geez.

No. 610765

He's posing so hard here compared to other photos. Did Shay teach him? Suck in that gut and flex those fupapa!

At least it's not the HotTopic bargin bin anymore, but the khakis/blue button down combo is pretty ugly too. The shirt would probably be alright with different pants though.

No. 610794


He's really trying so hard
What 40 year old regularly posts selfies to hipster websites?
I love how he keeps trying to prove to us wrong sadly he's failing.
Fucking disgusting freakshow

No. 610847

This doesn't even sound like an answer, more like he's trying to avoid the question altogether. We know you don't have the money it takes to be an actual daddy and pay for your baby's needs.

No. 610926

Has anyone else noticed that she's absolutely in love with how her newer birthday video turned out and she's posted like 300 pictures from it and made it her icon and banner? Her hair just looks godawful and the whole set is washed out and harsh on the eyes. She really needs to fix her damn hair and get it permanently straightened lol

No. 611050

File: 1529023052286.png (53.32 KB, 1080x677, Screenshot_20180614-203548~2.p…)

she will be on cam soon, can someone take screenshots?

No. 611057

How is he gonna handle her having a 'nail daddy' when he can't handle her getting any attention from other men? (despite that literally being her job he's immature and jealous). I'm sure the world are gonna love seeing how he can't even pay to spoil his own little.

No. 611060

He’s totally wearing shape wear/compression stuff. Just like stormys ex in the cam girl thread.

No. 611062

I hate how she takes the fact literally EVERY kid plays pretend and makes it something that is ~so speshul teehee~ about her whilst also making it sexual. Makes me feel physically sick.

No. 611064

I agree and don't know how he agreed to letting her make that post bc it just makes him look bad

No. 611066

File: 1529024026732.png (1016.76 KB, 1200x597, Screenshot_814.png)

No. 611074

File: 1529024940772.png (Spoiler Image, 599.09 KB, 709x551, Screenshot_817.png)

No. 611075

File: 1529024976479.png (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 1139x717, Screenshot_818.png)

No. 611080

Are you even allowed to show drug use on Mfc? Cos she's just rolling a blunt

No. 611082

File: 1529025303886.png (570.79 KB, 713x546, Screenshot_819.png)

shes doing more than just rolling a blunt, her whole show is around smoking.

No. 611083

>what exactly is your target audience?

No. 611085

File: 1529025411847.png (89.26 KB, 321x165, Screenshot_820.png)

I am uncomfortable