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File: 1671501222950.jpg (171.74 KB, 1800x974, 1670968837665.jpg)

No. 273177

Previous thread: >>>/w/262531
Discuss your (in)famous (ex-)Japan-vloggers here.

BEFORE POSTING: Please keep on topic. Post proof about topics before tinfoiling.
TRASH TASTE HAS THEIR OWN THREAD [Connor/Garnt/Joey]: >>>/w/18113



Lily - ChrisAbroad's ex and ex-friend/acquaintance to most Jvloggers




Rachel & Jun
https://www.youtube.com/c/RachelandJun/ [not updated as often]
https://www.youtube.com/user/RachelandJunExtra [updated more frequently]
https://www.youtube.com/user/JunsKitchen [Jun's Kitchen, not updated much]


Tokyo Creative
https://www.tokyocreative.jp/en/ [Actual home website]

Oriental Pearl


https://www.tokyozebra.com/ [Personal site]

Kelly Morita

>Chris fought in a chess boxing match and won due to the match being thrown by his opponent

>Sharla and Chris haven't broken up, they are touring through the white western world eating donuts for Christmas
>Chris fitness and weight continues to bother anons
>Chris is a bully
>Chris offers aid and comfort to a known sexual predator (Bald and Bountiful)
>Kim Dao holds invisible bowls of stone soup in her new apartment in Japan
>Norm is still terrible
>This thread is still terrible
>TkyoSam seems to have a lot of influence
>Emma and Chris might be a better match
>Lily has a super cool rockstar metal boyfriend

No. 273197

>Chris is a bully
>Chris offers aid and comfort to a known sexual predator (Bald and Bountiful)

No to both of those. Nice try.

No. 273203

He did offer aid to bald and bankrupt. >>>/w/268848 >>>/w/268856 >>>/w/268903

Go back to his subreddit/discord Chris simp.

No. 273209

No He fucking didnt stop with this stupid Ballin by Bankrupt shit

No. 273215

No he didn't.

No. 273216

Did you not read any of the posts I linked? Helping someone out with their vid is offering them aid. Stop whiteknighting.

No. 273244

Your whole OP is shit. Can't wait for this board to get nuked.

No. 273259

I didn't make the thread. It's the lily sperg who's made the last 5 threads. This thread has become a shitshow full of nitpicking, shit posting and Chris and Sharla worshippers so I wouldn't have bothered making a new one but here we are.

No. 273272

Bitch, please. Those threads all had better bios and the last 2 even linked posts. This was made as a shitpost.

No. 273275

Haha lolcow is dead, where will you go now redditfags?

No. 273282

>Those threads all had better bios
Not really. Half the OPs mentioned shit that wasn't even milk and when there was something actually milky it was brushed over. And then there's the constant bringing up of irrelevant nobodies.
They can go hang out in the guru gossip jvlogger thread.

No. 273285

You forget that anyone from Reddit, YouTube comments etc. don’t understand that none of it is milk, and that this is a forum and they can discuss them as they see fit.
Inb4 sjw san sperges about archaeological lies and bald, I’m being sarcastic.
I wish they’d go to guru gossip too, like that site is actually what they’re looking for.

No. 273365

go back to reddit and worship your burger king and his middle aged sexpat idol/friend there scrote

No. 273380

Not a simp, but good bait, retard.

No. 273464

>Not a simp
Then why are you defending him and saying he didn't help b&b when he clearly did?
What's your angle, anon?

No. 273468

File: 1672181222740.png (325.4 KB, 1080x865, Screenshot_20221227-222706.png)

One of them was lurking here and the rest of them migrated after this site was mentioned there. That's why that thread died a few months later. Now that it's been revived they can go back and the Reddit whiteknights can join them.

No. 273492

File: 1672209168403.png (649.11 KB, 1080x1478, Screenshot_20221228-062517.png)

I'm guessing that this is you? "Witness his greatness" kek
Also I guess you made him delete his comment.

No. 273533

Go bait somewhere else.

No. 273537

Go defend Chris and deny what he did somewhere else, braindead fangirl/boy.

No. 273540

File: 1672301816221.png (66.48 KB, 625x626, thisisbait.png)

Report and move on, nonnas.

No. 273550

Saying "stop coming here to defend Chris" is bait?

No. 273592

None of you newfags understand any lolcow terminology do you?
The only bait here is the one posting the image.

No. 273798

File: 1672596734011.png (682.16 KB, 1080x556, Screenshot_20230101-174143.png)

Turns out this shit was a lie >>>/w/235838 the tweet that lily replied to was from lovelymilky. Solaraeesther didn't have a twitter account until a few months ago and there's no proof that they were ever friends or even knew each other at all.

No. 273802

File: 1672597906718.png (792.89 KB, 1080x2135, Screenshot_20230101-181520.png)

Also she clearly worships Sharla, "one of the most amazing people on earth" so it's no surprise that she would drag anyone who said anything less than positive about her. She's likely one of the anons here that whiteknight the fuck out of her.

No. 273806

Anon screencapped her instagram.

No. 273808

There's a tweet from lily right next to her insta post supposedly of her replying to solaraeesther. That's what I'm calling a lie.

No. 273809

There's no @ in the poston twitter, so it doesn't look like she was replying to them at all. Not sure where you thought she was replying to an account that didn't exist. Not the first time Lily has subtweetee or other creators.

No. 273818

Fucking hell.

The anon who made that post tried to make it look like that tweet was from solaraeesther. Take a good look at what they said in their post. Why the fuck do you think I'm calling it a lie?

No. 273890

>Sharla was the one who convinced me to start Youtube and Only Fans
That's probably one of the funniest sentences I've ever seen. I can only imagine that conversation. Did Sharla just go up to her and tell her that she needs to start making pornography? It's one of those awkward convos that could only truly occur between two influencers. Though even Aki of all people has one these days so I'd imagine Chris being a bit conservative is the main reason Sharla doesn't have one.

No. 274042

The other girl must've mentioned interest at some point if Sharla "brought it up". That makes zero sense on Sharla's part.

No. 274488

In Sharla's new video:

11:07 - Chris can't remember what Sharla got him for Christmas, and she says he didn't like it. It seems between both Christmas videos that Sharla might be shit at buying him gifts. Chris even says in the podcast on from the 28th (around 1:45), "all the best Christmas presents are the ones I buy myself." Sharla also mentions on a few other occasions that Chris didn't like a gift she got him. She seems easy to gift for but unable to buy people gifts that aren't essentially for her. "I like cats, so here's a cat-themed gift!"

12:05 in the video: Sharla going back for more fossil controversy lol. At least in this case, she reiterates that she knows the rules for collecting fossils.

No. 274542

Tbh I get this. Neither of them really BEED anything so you wind up with stupid useless shit during Christmas or gag gifts. They are both adults. Say you only want useful stuff. Problem solved.

No. 274548

Chris hangs out with Nicholas Pettas who did a video recently without "what I've learned" YouTube channel. Dude is an unhinged conspiracy antivax, anti LGBT and every right wing stereotype you can think of.

Chris broad meets with bald who's a rapist and creep.

He seems to love to keep a great crowd around him.

No. 274565

Why haven’t you already established that Chris doesn’t care/analyse every human before meeting them?

No. 274571

No one Googles people and deep dives before meeting them. That's a chronically online mentality shit.

No. 274582

then why didnt he brag about meeting bald and bankrupt and had to go on the defensive after it was leaked he met him?

No. 274593

File: 1673117954463.png (707.56 KB, 1080x407, Screenshot_20230107-183011.png)

The link to the subreddit that discusses b&b was posted on the AiJ sub months before Chris met up with him.

No. 274594

what i've gathered from the last few days on reading old jvlogger threads

depressed and kinda ugly teens in their youth rely on internet for social interactions cause they can't get it in person

become 19 and go to school, get mildly attractive but won't shut the fuck up online.

because they never had any friends growing up they think society is the problem and they run away to japan to start a new life

backstab, scam and whatever shady shit they do

document their lives on youtube, blow up, try to stay relevant on youtube to make money cause working a real job is hard because they have some fake cosplay disease.

resort to onlyfans/digital begging.

past shit comes back to bite them in the ass, generally shitty takes, racism, conspiracy theories, sexual assaults.

plays victim to go away.

did i get most of it right?

it seems like japan is the mecca for these type of people.

No. 274597

File: 1673120209553.png (743.25 KB, 1068x288, Screenshot_20230107-192354.png)

Also in that same post there are two comments with links to vids about b&b.

No. 274602

File: 1673120861776.png (690.39 KB, 1056x452, Screenshot_20230107-193755.png)

Here is Chris saying that he lurks in his subreddit. He definitely knew about the b&b stuff so stop defending him.

No. 274608

>Did I get most of it right?
>It seems like Japan is the Mecca for these type of people
Yeah. Japan does seem to attract a lot of people with issues and some that are straight up degenerates. A lot of the twitch streamers there are also terrible. The American and Canadian weebs and japanophiles are by far the worst and they make up the majority of the jvloggers and streamers.

No. 274609

Anyone keep up with Paolo?
Generally makes interesting content but then posts really weird content of his baby all the time

No. 274614

He's been mentioned here a few times. If you're not posting anything milky type sage in the email field.

No. 274615

>Chris hangs out with Nicholas Pettas who did a video recently without "what I've learned" YouTube channel. Dude is an unhinged conspiracy antivax, anti LGBT and every right wing stereotype you can think of.

Post a link to it

No. 274620

You fake alpha milk trolls are the worse. Go back to reddit.

No. 274626

his only milk is giving his kid a retarded kira kira name and asking for donations after buying a boujee apartment in shibuya before
But he gave us Kimono Mom so it's overlooked

No. 274635

I never called Chris an alpha kek. Are you upset that I proved that Chris knew about the things that b&b has done way before meeting him and that he didn't give a shit and still helped him out behind the scenes? Posting a few comments from Reddit doesn't mean that I'm from there idiot.
This post and vid >>274608 has nothing to do with Chris, it's making fun of some of the worst jvloggers. Also I didn't make the vid.

No. 274641


chris is pretty smart to hide who he hangs out with but it's pretty clear he plays the victim when he gets caught with his pants down

No. 274652

No. The tinfoil is just retarded.

No. 274660

File: 1673153588102.png (938.81 KB, 1080x1016, Screenshot_20230108-043754.png)

Posting proof of Chris saying that he lurks in his subreddit and of his fans posting about b&b with links on his subreddit months before he met up with him is not tinfoil. You would have to be a retard to believe that he didn't know about it.
You're obviously a Chris fanboy.

No. 274700

kek nona what "weird" content with his child? it's all pretty normal family vlogger shit. if you don't like the family stuff I get that, but none of it is any different than normal vloggers with kids.

No. 274707

Ah ok, I thought you meant that Pettas was the "Dude is an unhinged conspiracy antivax, anti LGBT and every right wing stereotype you can think of"

No. 274713

Jfc. Let it go, anon. Stop derailing about old milk constantly.

No. 274722

>Old milk
>Shit that only happened a few weeks ago

Discussing milk of jvloggers in a thread for milk about jvloggers is not derailing.
This isn't a place for you to worship and defend your fave jvloggers and try and shut down any negative discussion about them.

No. 274730

Next you'll sperg again about years old archeological shit again. The state of this thread.

No. 274739

File: 1673222246283.png (629.43 KB, 1080x495, Screenshot_20221227-104620.png)

There's a difference between shit that happened over two years ago and shit that happened a few weeks ago, you retard.
>The state of this thread
Yeah the Chris and Sharla worshippers ruin the thread.

No. 274759

Uh huh.

No. 274787

The same thing is happening in other /w/ threads, I don't know why mods put up with it at all. It's clearly one or at most two people WKing and derailing and posting non-contributing infighting posts like >>274759 and >>274730. Then they whine about "milk" and reee about anons and it's the most boring thing on earth. I hope one day it's revealed who this absolute idiot is.

Chris 100% knew about Bald - everyone knew.

No. 274903

No one gives a fuck. You don't need to bring it up constantly when its been discussed and ignored since last thread. It's not going to make anons suddenly care. We don't need new dudebro takes from reddit about it every post either. Take a hint. Go back to reddit if you love it so much.

No. 274919

>No one gives a fuck
Who are you to speak for all anons?
What the fuck is it about Chris and Sharla that brings out all the raging whiteknights?
Like we all fucking know if it was any of the others that had done the shit that's been discussed recently we wouldn't have anons saying to shut up and stop discussing it.
Fuck off with your obvious bias towards them.

No. 274931

The fact that in the past thread literally it seemed like only 2 people were talking about it and one person was literally foaming at the mouth regarding it being dismissed. If no1 wants to talk about it that's one thing, but continually bringing it up because you're mad people won't talk about it is completely derailing and really doesn't make for good milk. This was already a discussion i the last thread and nobody really cared then either and mostly because anon keeps shoehorning any chance to talk or bring up reddit and then just spams anon posts about it as if we don't have our own retarded anons here to sperg about it. There's no reason it needs to bring up again and again. Anons can smell a vendetta, but that doesn't mean they are defending the cows either which anon seems to assume that means and they bait as such by saying anyone who doesn't talk about what they want is a fan.

Anon needs a massive reality check.

No. 274940

My point still stands. It's only those two that have people WKing them, it doesn't happen with any other jvloggers.
Like it's okay to talk shit about kimdao, Bronwyn, etc but not Sharla even though she's done worse shit than any of them.
It's okay to say that oriental pearl is a terrible person based purely on her hanging out with tkyosam. But a discussion about sharla being long term best friends with someone who's far worse and with a bunch of other shitty people is labelled "vendetta posting".

It was only brought up again because anons were still denying shit.
So why would anons not care about the jvloggers milk if they aren't fans?
What's the point of this thread if anytime there's any milk anons are just going to be like "don't care, don't wanna discuss it."?

No. 274944

the anon you're replying to just thinks she alone can decide what is milk and what is derailing. She's the same one who defends bumping threads with non-milk «discussion» posts if she wants to praise or admire her favorite cows. It's the same in Belle's thread and in Taylor's thread, where she gets even more aggressive over saged posts. I'll refrain from saying more but there's something messed up when one person gets a ban for «derailing» (which - nta - looked to me like answering this anon's angry baity questions) while there's cp on the site for hours at the same time. idk I find it all pretty gross, we don't need some dictator user screaming every time we want to discuss something here.

ftr: I used to defend sharla back in the day. she used to be annoying but not much more than that. I felt sympathy for her when she got divorced too - her ex sounded like a dick. And her thyroid surgery sounded horribly scary so I've never talked about her weight since then, it feels unfair to say anything about someone who's gone through that. But all that said, I think she's gotten worse recently and Chris is a problematic narcissistic moid, typical of moids in general, but it's fair game to talk about the shit they both do.

No. 274969

What did her ex do that was so bad? They always seemed not very compatible. A lot of her comments she seemed to fetishize asian men in general and she didn't seem interested in actually getting integrated to Korean culture being much more interested (superficially) with Japanese culture. Plus the whole publically complaining about her MIL and being public in general with a partner who was more private.
The way they treated Lily like they were highschool queen bee types was scummy. But the worst of it I agree is that she's becoming more and more over the top and Chris like since they got together. Chris himself is a narcissist and a bully who gets offended if you call him a Jvlogger and supports people like Bald.

No. 274986

No one is even defending them. Anon just thinks that if you aren't posting anything negative at all times about every relevant piece of a cow, means you're a fan. Don't blame the anons for not caring about what you think is milky. If they want to move on, let them. It's desperate to keep bringing it up when that stuff is in the OP. It's at the top of the thread. Most anons don't go 0 to 60 with assumptions based on reddit.

No. 274988

I don't know why you keep bringing up reddit.

No. 275125

>Anon just thinks that if you aren't posting anything negative at all times about every relevant piece of a cow, means you're a fan
I never said that.

Anons only complain about milk when it's about Chris or sharla. >>>/meta/46428 >>>/meta/46434 >>>/meta/46444 >>>/meta/46453

It's very clear that some anons are defending them. >>>/meta/46474 >>>/meta/47676

No. 275180

Then stop calling anyone who isnt a fanboy. Its utterly pathetic.

No. 275183

Meant to put >>>/meta/47674

I was specifically calling the anons who complain whenever there's a negative discussion about them fanboys/girls, and by negative discussion I mean milk, not sperging about their weights or anything like that.
They don't do it for any of the other jvloggers so they are either fans or friends of them.

No. 275396

>She used to be annoying but not much more than that
Wasn't she known as a two faced queen bee who blacklisted people over petty shit?
I'm not an oldfag, I've only been here since thread #9 but that's what I gathered from skimming through the old threads. I also remember a post about how she basically let kimdao take the fall for her lying about people saying racist things in Kim's vid.
I do remember anons nitpicking her a lot.
I felt bad for her when she got divorced as well but it seems like it was mostly her decision due to her not wanting to have children while her ex did and for reasons that this anon mentioned >>274969
She also never bothered to learn Korean despite studying it for years while living with a native speaker.
I'm also curious why you think her ex was a dick, she's only ever said that he was a great guy.
And yeah I hope that the nitpicking about her weight doesn't start up again.

No. 275423

Sure did. Totally true. No exaggeration or fake facts anons have been trying to push without real proof for years in this post at all. This thread is a travesty.

No. 275534

Are you the anon mentioned in this post >>>/meta/46431 that comes to sharla's defense and denies the shit she has done?
And anon really says that "no one is even defending them" kek.

No. 275542

Stop assuming everyone is the same anon and no.

No. 275550

Here's the proof of her letting kimdao take the fall. >>>/snow/146512 >>>/snow/146568


Nothing else in that post is exaggerated or a fake fact.

No. 275572

File: 1673573129094.png (819.17 KB, 1080x681, Screenshot_20230113-011826.png)

Noticed that she's online at around a similar time that some of the posts ITT were posted. I'm sure it's a complete coincidence.

No. 275578

I think Chris just has a thing for over the top drama queens. Which is why he is head over heels for Lily and Sharla but never tried to pursue Emma who would probably be the perfect match for him and turning him into a better more successful person.

No. 275596

The cows aren't posting.

No. 275634

You have no way of knowing that.

No. 275640

Just because people have differing opinions doesn't mean they are the cows posting themselves. You're just going to complain about cows posting before years ago as if that has anything to do with now. Get back on topic already and stop pointing fingers because anons want to move on.

No. 275647

It's not wrong that the Jvlog threads have had exaggeration.

No. 275650

Another anon also noticed something else that was suspicious >>>/w/247223 >>>/w/235204

Yeah I could totally see some random person coming here to say that a bunch of negative shit about a cow is "exaggerated and fake facts" for no other reason than them just having a "differing opinion". It's definitely not something that someone with a vested interest would do.

What has been exaggerated then? Elaborate.

No. 275656

oh god thanks, I forgot about this stuff! I know that's crazy because it's the main reason she's a cow. But back then I didn't really care to understand what the big drama was, now I get it. Yeah, she was and is a backstabber. I also tinfoil that Sharla was posting here defending Taylor, I think Taylor could never integrate but Sharla kind of could. I just don't know enough about how she types, her vocabulary, etc. to be confident about it. Tbh I can't really handle her voice so I mostly just saw her content in other jvloggers' videos.

No. 275783

this is hilarious cause its true.

No. 275784

this is an interesting observation, anon. It's not a slam dunk, but definitely suspicious

No. 275976

>Wasn't she known as a two faced queen bee who blacklisted people over petty shit?

Yes, she's always been known as such until simps started to camp the jvlog thread for the past months fighting against it. All the female jvlog girls who got excommunicated from the main group all shared the same factor - sharla was behind it. If you wanna see the bitch fighting glory days, find the old thread where mira's line messages got dumped where sharla was talking shit about an old jvlogger and the shit she says. She's fucking vicious, pure fat milk kek.
But the old jvoggers have mostly settled, disappeared, and gone their separate ways, so everything is pretty chill now.

No. 275985

File: 1673790106845.jpg (1.56 MB, 1439x2522, ABookInJapan.jpg)

I have to say Sharla is lucky to have Chris. I know people like her that take that petty miserable queen bee attitude into adulthood and they always end up miserable and alone. Without Chris she'd be a loner with too many cats in a messy apartment trying to act like a quirky teenager in Japan.
In related news it looks like Chris wrote a book and is done with his health journey (probably the lower views upset him). Will he do what it takes off screen to not gain those 7lbs he lost last year back or will he balloon up even further now that the incentive is gone?

No. 276005

You out yourself every time you mention nickname the cows.

No. 276042

I wonder how the book will do? I don't imagine it will do to well. I assume all the interesting stuff we know is in the vlogs.

No. 276044

Who asked for this? We've already heard the same stories over and over.
I wonder how many of those 80,000 words are "dreadful", "shit", "despair", "karaage"…

No. 276056

nta but what nickname?

No. 276074

Chris is way to brand focused for the book to be good. The stories in it won't be raunchy or wild enough to merit it's existence or differ too much from what we know on the podcast or youtube and he isn't an expert or super accomplished in the way that people will want to hear his life advice. The best biographies usually have someone growing up in harsh circumstances or from a wild streak and then going on to do something incredible with some level of advice or introspection. No hate to Chris but he's too normal. The peak of the book would be maybe JAJ1 at best if he's smart. Before being in JET he was a regular guy from a nice family who wasn't a troublemaker. I can't see why he's making a biography when there's Mandela, Obamas, Malala, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Goggins, Malcolm X, Hamilton, Anne Frank etc etc. Or even trashy ones like The Paul brothers It's not a format that'll work well for Chris.
His best bet would be a photography/blurb book on Japan in the style of his videos. It would make the best use of his talents.

No. 276086

No one cares if it's good as long as the book has a follower count and it might be good.

No. 276118

The filename. Don’t know if it’s the same nona but one poster here always posts loving updates about Chris with the occasional barb towards Sharla.

No. 276135

oh, ok, thanks, I didn't notice that.
It's a decent play on his username, he'll probably steal it for his own promotion if he reads this thread.

No. 276171

Anon is referring to giving Sharla nicknames.

No. 276184

but the filename is ABookInJapan?

No. 276185

I thought it was about the whole queen bee thing as if sharla was ever like regina geroge.

No. 277594

I fucking love the blatant double standards of these simps. They're saying shit like this >>>/meta/46444

>I feel like if we all had cameras on us and documentation of our lives 24/7 we could all be spun into being horrible people for one reason or another

>I don't buy that Sharla's some evil queen bee mastermind because of x, y, and z

Then they say "oriental pearl hanging out with tkyosam tells you all you need to know about her" after making excuses for Sharla hanging out with Norm.
And that Chris's ex is mean and a cunt based on some gofundme shit with zero proof, a lie >>273798 and joke/banter tweets taken out of context.

No. 277595

No one has ever defended Sam.

No. 277596

This is true. They have defended Sharla even though she's done far worse shit than pearl or lily.

No. 277597

Anons are just tired of anons not being able to keep old milk as old milk. These threads the past year are just anons infighting and reposting old shit. This discourse of complaining about who is worse is fucking irritating too. Just post milk of anyone. Maybe if people stop comparing cows milk instead and use the general thread for, I don't know, general cows and stop nitpicking who is allowed to be discussed as long as anons aren't tinfoiling out their ass or making up shit storylines, then there shouldn't be a problem.

Instead you would rather complain and derail about cows you don't want to hear about and try to infighting by bringing up people complaining about Sharla when the whole issue is people are tired of old milk being brought up just to link it to something that's barely related currently.

No. 277605

>Instead you would rather complain and derail about cows you don't want to hear about

Kek that's what the c&s simps do. I'm pointing out the double standards of some anons and that anons have lied about stuff while saying that old milk is "fake facts and exaggeration".

No. 277635

The anons in here who seem intent on controlling the narrative to fit their personal grudge reeks more of "queen bee" to me. We're not a hivemind here, so if you can't handle people poking holes or debating about your speculation, I don't know what to tell you. Doesn't mean we're all WKs. I see a lot of speculation/personal opinion that later gets posted as a supposed fact, but done kind of gradually so that other anons might not realize it even though it's obvious as day to some who've been following this now stale thread. I'm more interested in who tf from the Jvlogger cliques are so pissed off to be posting here because it really comes off as personal sometimes and not just someone here to casually shit on certain Jvloggers.

No. 277659

They have been.

No. 277660

Careful they're gonna think you're capping for certain cows like Chris and Sharla with that attitude.

No. 277666

What narrative? And what speculation/personal opinion has been posted as a supposed fact?

Who have been? What are you talking about?

No. 277707

So you are only referring to stuff that's been posted about Sharla? Funny how this only applies to her but you can say whatever shit about the other jvloggers. Sure seems like there's someone in here taking it real personally.

>I'm more interested in whoever tf from the jvlogger cliques are so pissed off to be posting here because it really comes off as personal sometimes and not just someone here to casually shit on certain jvloggers

That's what I was thinking a few months ago with that flood of vendetta posting and making shit up about a certain someone. Now that was something that came off as personal.

No. 277713

NTA, but barely anyone is posted besides Sharla.

No. 277726

File: 1674202362998.png (460.84 KB, 906x792, Screenshot_20230120-074117.png)

This isn't about the nitpicking that's been going on recently, if it was I would agree. I don't give a fuck about how she decorates her apartment, what she wears, etc. This is about old shit that anons keep saying is fake facts or exaggerated.

No. 277778

Let's be real she, Chris, and Norm generate the most drama. I mean what are people going to say about Paolo at worst he gave his kid a weird name but usually he is making inoffensive content and seems like a good dad and husband. Most of the other Jvloggers act fairly normal even the ones who don't like Gigguk and Sydney are more so pervy weirdos than making actual milk. The only jvlogger drama outside of it is boring Kim Dao nonsense and people shipping Emma and Chris even though Chris wants drama type women not her.

No. 277792

I jerk my cock to Paolo

No. 277793


No. 277961

Sharla is aging insanely fast. In the past year she's aged 4-5

No. 278365

File: 1674498966921.jpg (492.76 KB, 1536x2048, FnKlmT6WYAEY6Xl.jpg)

Go reee about women's ages somewhere else.

On another note, Sharla got a tattoo.
>inb4 someone says some stupid shit about tattoos being illegal when they aren't

No. 278415

File: 1674516257201.jpg (1.95 MB, 1433x3992, CloutChaser.jpg)

Well it looks like Sharla really is getting a good ROI from this relationship. Seems like she's focused on milking Chris' name for views and even is uploading his content like the Natsuki/Santa video he edited before he did. And people thought Lily was taking advantage of him. She better hope Chris stays because the only other thing I've seen her do this past year is hoard a bunch of tacky cat memorabilia. Otherwise it's trying to use Chris' name for views.
Is it a snake tattoo?
That's hardly something to hate on someone on but people don't really age faster or slower it's just a matter of health. As annoying as she can be I hope her health is fine. She gained all of Chris' bad habits but isn't transforming herself into an athlete to turn it around like he did.

No. 278424

girl has got no taste in tattoos.

No. 278453

> athlete

No. 278454

And she's in his videos. She was popular without him, so that doesn't even make sense. There are probably so many videos, like anons complained, that had Chris hidden behind the camera. Now they don't have to pull that.

No. 278539

Surprised it’s not a cat .

No. 278545

If you looked at the pic you'd see that she's using his name and pic and events in every single one of her videos the past three months. If you actually looked at Chris' channels you'd see she is only promoted in two Chris Abroad videos and one is him announcing their relationship. Chris' main channel she is not in the thumbnail or title of a single one the past two years. It's a pretty big disparity and it's pretty obvious she's milking his name to help with her views. She doesn't seem interested in making her own content anymore, just piggybacking off of Chris' hard work.

No. 278551

File: 1674597168862.jpeg (809.85 KB, 828x1713, 56A51581-7BF1-4DB1-8A65-87D306…)

She’s found her dream Valentines Day dress ppl. Tack-o-rama Shein purchase and way too tight.

No. 278554

she milked what she could from her korean ex husband too, so makes sense considering she has no hobbies or interests to show off.

No. 278555

Yeah..? I'm confused as to the problem. If they weren't dating it would be the same too but as collabs. They have shared bills probably too, so why not milk it since they are dating? You're acting like it's some scheme he doesn't know about, this is YouTube. Is this the over-exaggeration anons were mentioning upthread because this would be one for sure kek

No. 278583

You can't be serious. A normal collab? If American Pete or whoever tagged Abroad In Japan in every one of his videos and was even stealing his content he'd be rightfully called out as taking advantage. Chris collabs with Connor a lot but they at least make separate videos and make content for both channels. What Sharla is doing is just taking Chris' hard work and uploading it to her channel where she clearly doesn't want to make her own content anymore. I don't even dislike Sharla like most here seem to, but milking Chris this much for views is a little much…
I think Lily looks great in that dress and I'm glad she is living her best life after being maligned and cheated on.

No. 278592

It does look a little tight, but still cute.

No. 278597

Jfc, you're trying to make a big deal out of it for nothing.

No. 278617

I swear this is a response to any Chris and Sharla milk. Some people really don't like when people go after them. I also don't see the point of coming on a forum like this just to get offended on behalf of e-celebs, if anyone makes fun of them. Sharla is milking Chris for views and so she doesn't have to make her own content in a very unbalanced way, it's pretty cringey. Not pretending it's the watergate expose but it's milk and part of the Sharla pattern.

No. 278620

It’s tacky & looks cheap, but she looks great.
Please tell me this isn’t Sharla’s tattoo. It looks retarded and extremely macho for a cat lady.

No. 278629

It's not really milk. And anons just trying to make milk by assuming, when they're dating, and if Chris had a problem with it he would say something. If he's agreeing to be in the videos,its not some trick on her part. It's true that if they weren't dating it would just be seen as a collab because they're both agreeing to film in the videos which isn'ta surprise to either creator. This is just fake outrage to have something to post and complain about. This isn't a shut down of milk lol this isn't even milky. At least have some kind of real controversy to post.

No. 278653

NTA, but they never suggested that Sharla was trying to trick or deceive Chris, and their observations are perfectly suitable for thread discussion. What you're doing is minimoding and exaggerating, however.

No. 278665

Nta, but what are you even talking about? How is this even minimodding? Just report it if it is.

No. 278697


i've heard stuff about TT and tons of stories from people in my circles, and its pretty credible meat but i would 100% out people if i brought it out sadly. After being told alot of the dirt I lost interest in Trash Taste.

No. 278706

What kind of dirt is it and which members are doing it?

No. 278720

TT has their own thread.

No. 278730

"I have dirt but I cant talk about it UwU" post milk or stfu.

No. 278796

Fuck off sam, no one cares

No. 278847

Lily looks great.
Sharla wishes she could fit into that dress

No. 278848

what evidence is there that this is a pic of Sharla? smells like BS

No. 278849

she's almost never in his videos.
There's no place for a girlfriend in content that you're trying to make as similar to Top Gear as possible without actually doing anything exciting or risky.

No. 278854

That and Chris is actually working hard to make content. Sharla is just repackaging and stealing Chris' hardwork. She seems mostly in a lazy coast type of mindset lately.

No. 278856

That's at least her second or third snake tattoo. She's been getting tattoos every couple of years since 2013 or earlier. Her ex had a bunch of tattoos, but does Chris have any?

No. 278858

Go cry for Chris somewhere else.

No. 278859

Why would it matter if he did or didn't? He gets no say regardless.

No. 278862

JFC, sensitive much? Just curious if Chris had any since her ex had a bunch and even before she started dating him, she mentioned that she's attracted to men with them. Guess we're not allowed to talk about Chris or Sharla anymore in this thread.

No. 278893

Why tag 2 different posts about 2 different things lol This isn't a hivemind.

No. 278894

Go to her Twitter, retard.

No. 278898

He allegedly wants one but is afraid it might effect his opportunities in Japan. If you notice even Ryotaro blurs his dolphin tattoo. Chris also doesn't seem attached to anything so he doesn't have anything to tattoo. Sharla is more edgy and doesn't care to cater or accomodate Japan at all so she has a bunch of tattoos.
The only thing shocking is that Sharla doesn't get cat tattoos instead of snakes. Maybe she just loves animals that kill mice?

No. 278915

Only meant to tag >>278859, but accidentally tagged >>278858 first and thought I deleted it before I hit send. Sorry.
TY for answering my question. Sharla's had tattoos for 10 years or more and she's done countless vlogs at onsens and not just private ones, so I doubt it'd affect his work. I was wondering why Sharla didn't have a cat tattoo yet unless she has one she hasn't shared.

No. 278922

Japan should accommodate tbh. Their rules around tattoos when Yakuza aren't so thin in existence is just astonishing. Most places have been lessening rules, so I don't see why Chris won't eventually get one or even one to hide under clothes. Japan needs foreigners and they can't get money after shutting their borders for 3 years without accommodating the fact a good chunk of them have tattoos. I hope he gets one eventually.

No. 278931

File: 1674778122283.png (1.35 MB, 1192x1248, Screen Shot 2023-01-26 at 7.05…)

It's from her twitter

>Chris also doesn't seem attached to anything so he doesn't have anything to tattoo.
Not unless he decides to get some fried chicken tattooed on himself

No. 278944

I don't use that scrote platform, fuckface

No. 278946

I think on the podcast at some point Chris was talking about the tattoo he wanted, it was some saying from some samurai movie or something dumb

No. 278948

It's an imageboard, asshole. Sharing some random chubby girl's back and claiming it's Sharla getting some butch-ass 1990s lesbian tattoo isn't enough.
Thanks for posting a decent screencap nona. Sharla's tattoo is incredibly ugly and trashy.

No. 278951

Anon posted an image. You need to calm down.

No. 278958

I know anon posted an image, it was a bad image that didn’t actually show it was Sharla’s chunky back. If I posted a picture of a woman’s hands holding a giant turkey leg and said it was Sharla’s snack, would you believe me? It was a shit image. And please get a new line, WK. You always tell people to calm down like this is mumsnet.

No. 279031

>some saying from some samurai movie
i hope he does this, it's such a stereotypical white guy in japan type of tattoo kekk

No. 279405

Chris' latest video about walking across Tokyo with American Pete, is just full of him eating nothing but shit. Big fried chicken for breakfast, more fried chicken, fries and a caeser salad later on and then the end showing a greasy pepperoni pizza. People here were definitely right when saying Chris would basically give up his diet after the chess boxing and not having any more "fitness challenges" to film

Guess we'll be seeing the start of a "new" fitness journey later on this year

As for American Pete, is he referencing the "Paid in Full" from the Eric B/Rakim album or from something else?

No. 279407

You really can't take one thing and turn it into this storyline of him suddenly dropping all interest in working out or eating right.

No. 279414

>People here were definitely right when saying Chris would basically give up his diet
He never really went on a diet. He was eating the same while he was training. He was eating and drinking shit even in his vlogs about training. If it's showing more than before, it's probably because he's not exercising as much, if at all. Speaking of tho, did he finally pay the 500 quid he owes for not getting anything near a 6pack? Did we ever get confirmation that he was doing the boxing thing for charity, too, or was that something his fans here completely made up? Ludwig admitted to losing $200,000 on the event so it wasn't much of a success.

No. 279423

in his defense that taiwan chicken place is a tourist hotspot and makes for good video content and walking 25km is going to burn a lot of calories. he does look a little bigger in the face so maybe hes slowly putting weight back on again? Could just be from christmas though.

No. 279437

Way to take the whole thing out of desperate context

No. 279449

The paid in full thing it's from a story he told in one of CDawgVA's streams. It starts around 3:40.

No. 279492

> Dude is an unhinged conspiracy antivax, anti LGBT and every right wing stereotype you can think of.
Sounds based. Chris could learn from him

No. 279497

He shot that way before Christmas

No. 279535

File: 1675116723035.png (1.39 MB, 986x1525, Screenshot_20230130-215944.png)

b&b got his account back.

No. 279546

Lily can't be talked about but this guy can? Fuck off, anon.

No. 279548

Kek why are you so triggered over that post?
And what is your obsession with Lily?

No. 279550


Chris could benefit from paying to find his bmr and counting every calorie. He's not heavy enough for ozempic sadly.

Alot of people don't realize that they over consume, and snack etc.

No. 279560

lol Chris will never track calories…. he probably doesn't even know apps exist for that. and if he ever found out he'd make a video acting like he was the genius who discovered this one weird trick for counting calories

No. 279561

Tbh, she was more on topic than Bald was. Anons were trying to bring in his personal issues, not even living in Japan or being a Jvlogger, all because Chris and a group of other Jvloggers, who didn't get crap for meeting up with him too, met up with Bald. Who's basically disappeared and hasn't been seen repeatedly with any of them since. At least Lily lives in Japan, did vlogs, shaded OP cows on Twitter openly, and dated the OP.

One of these things is not like the other and it's BnB.

No. 279562

Sage your shit

No. 279563

I heard from my friend's girlfriend who is Sharla's sister's orthodontist's Bible study partner, back in Canada, that Chris was supposed to meet up with Andrew Tate in London when he was there, to make a video. Obv that didn't happen.

No. 279565

That would make sense given that Tate was both a chess master and kickboxing champion. I can see Chris wanting to make that video…. like a recap review with Tate. Would also make sense given the company Chris has been keeping.(samefagging)

No. 279569

From what I remember that discussion was mostly about Chris lying that he wasn't aware of the shit about bald when he definitely was.
Like this anon said >>>/meta/52119

>She's not even a public figure, let alone a vlogger

That's why she's not on topic either, it's a thread about vloggers and she doesn't even have any content and is a nobody.
All that anons want to post about her is shit like this >>>/w/189683 just a bunch of vendetta posting from Chris and Sharla's schizo fans.

No. 279579

Poopy pants

No. 279618

Stop complaining about Lily already. It's so obvious.

No. 279620

Nah. You insane weirdos can go back to wherever you came from. This thread has been ruined enough, we don't need anymore spergy shit.
>Lily did vlogs
This doesn't matter because all her content is gone and was never discussed here anyway

>shaded OP cows on twitter openly

This doesn't matter because they are far from innocent and so what if she did. Like who tf cares? She only really shaded Chris and anons here have said worse shit about him than she ever did.

>Dated the OP

This also doesn't matter because she was never in any of his content. It doesn't make her a topic of discussion kek. If she wasn't Chris's ex none of you would give a single fuck about her. The Chris and Sharla fans here are like those crazy K-pop stans.

No. 279622

Why do you WK always omit the fact that Chris helped B&B vlog in Japan?

No. 279624

Bald has less to do with this thread than Lily ever did. If anything, stfu about them both. It's all bait, both sides. This thread is yeah and should be moved to /snow/ and just thrown in the youtubers like i saw someone suggest. Waste of space on w

No. 279629

Didn't say anything about bald in that post so wtf?
And yeah this thread has been a mess since that damned dating discussion.

No. 279636

The comment was about Chris helping out B&B, not about B&B himself. Anon's screenshot >>279535 also shows Chris still following B&B, despite undeniably knowing about Bald's now. Seems to me you really don't want anyone else to find out about how Chris idolizes and helped out a guy who's known for bragging about and justifying rape even if that's what these threads are for.

No. 279659

Chris always knew and it's pretty pathetic that after he's tanked so many videos for algorithm reasons even removing a serious video about Abe's assassination because he couldn't monetize it enough but he's willing to risk his career to suck up to a mediocre scrote sex tourist who keeps confessing to sex crimes and sprewing bigoted things. You'd think Bald was the second coming of Kubrick the way Chris is going on the line for him. I'd be surprised if Chris actually disagrees with him. The vibe I get is more Chris wishes he was Bald but is too passive. We've seen tome and time again on the podcast that Chris acts weird is Pete says anything progressive.

No. 279856

Lmao you need to get some friends hun. Nobody gives a fukkk

No. 279858

/2X/ is back if anons want to derail about alpha Andrew Tate stuff. All these hypotheticals don't make for good milk because there's nothing real to discuss.

No. 279905

File: 1675378002847.png (1.18 MB, 1080x545, Screenshot_20230202-224521.png)

No. 280037

File: 1675453868115.png (1.03 MB, 1065x485, Screenshot_20230203-193855.png)

No. 280069

kek to be fair, most women in Sharla's age group call everybody "hun"

No. 280079

are you trying to say Sharla is hanging out with us hun?

No. 280080

Can someone please post some milk here at some point? Something about Norm would be greaaaat mkay?

No. 280093

whats the tldr on norm anyways(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 280122

It would explain that post and this one >>275423
It would also explain this >>277726

And this screenshot with the grey cat theme. >>>/w/235204

And Chris privating an old livestream only a few hours after it was discussed here.

No. 280141

Way to throw a fit and shitpost every time no one wants to talk about the Bald bullshit.

No. 280142

One of those posts is mine, I'm not Sharla. Stay in topic and post milk instead of trying to infight with everyone and hi cow.

No. 280160

Saying "I'm not Sharla" on an anon imageboard clearly crawling with jvloggers does nothing. Anon is not infighting, it's pretty clear they all lurk and post here.

No. 280165

I'd bet my rarest Pokemon plush that TkyoSam is the only Jvlogger who posts here.

No. 280166

He might be the only one that posts, but the others have definitely read through these threads
In the last couple threads, there was that Big Booty account that Chris was following that got found out that he suddenly unfollowed when it was made of note here. There was also that one video that got privatized after it was pointed out there was some relationship info in it

No. 280172

Sharla is cool, I don't care what y'all say. She just put out a video with lucky bags, that's like, so cool and stuff. I love her original ever evolving content.

No. 280174

Ha, yeah, very original video.
Does Nadine count as part of the JVlogger threads or is she still "too new". Either way, there's something off about her to me, she's got that Jimmy Fallon/Ellen constant fake smile and over the top "bubbliness"

No. 280176

So it's milk because you don't like LBs?

No. 280177

Never claimed it was milk
Just asking if she counts as part of these threads now, because for the last few threads, people have been constricting it to Chris, Sharla and Lily specifically. Anyone else gets mentioned and those comments get shutdown pretty quick
Also, what is/are "LBs"?

No. 280178

Nadine seems touched in the head. I think she's just super stupid.

No. 280179

>Anyone else gets mentioned and those comments get shutdown pretty quick
Such as? Anyone is free to talk about other jvloggers, but the people who complain whenever Chris or Sharla is mentioned never seem to bring any milk about anyone else, and whenever I've shared something about Norm or someone else, they shift discussion back to Chris or Sharla and how much they like them.

No. 280187

Multiple anons have mentioned Sharla's history of posting on sites like this. >>>/w/172778

Why are anons so intent on saying that she's not posting here?

No. 280189

"Dear Diary,
Today I shopped for SHARLA omg can you believe it? I got some Lucky Bags for her to open in a video when she gets back, and talk about lucky, Diary, because I think I'M going to get to be in the video! Wow, like, can you believe that? Gosh I hope Sharla likes what I got! She's so kewl! Well Diary I'm pretty tired so I'm going to hit the hay. I got my period yesterday. XXOO, Nadine"

No. 280192

The insipid music that plays during her videos makes me want to destroy a large appliance with a sledgehammer

No. 280203

It's nice to see her not milking Chris and stealing his content for once.

No. 280206

There's a difference considering most of her videos are promoted as vlogging and Chris tends to do visit trips and not as many vlogs even if he is still talking to the camera. Vlogs are automatically going to have people who are usually around you the most, for Sharla that's Chris who she obviously tags, but Chris doesn't really vlog/blog at all. That's why he's always in her videos, but his aren't always containing her. It's not milking him when the content is different to begin with.

No. 280210

Gee willikers in that case it must have absolutely KILLED Sharla to have to "vlog" for years without putting this one dude in her videos who is usually around her the most kek

No. 280217


No. 280244

does felix count as a j-vlogger?

No. 280262

this is not milk

No. 280264

it's more milky than fuckin Nadine

No. 280279

Its more milky than complaining about Lucky Bags. Them being pregnant is milk if Mikayla or whoever is pregnant being milk.

No. 280280

Yes him and his wife do.

No. 280283

what exactly is milky about this?

No. 280285

Well, babies drink milk

No. 280286

If a baby is born in Japan but the parents are not Japanese then does the baby get citizenship? Like in America. Are there Japanese anchor babies?

No. 280291

They are having a baby. That's a big announcement. Bait harder.

No. 280293

File: 1675617292305.jpg (5.56 KB, 225x225, index.jpg)

Yeah he vlogs all the time, and the last time there was milk about them this fucking site was down for days, so nobody bothered I guess. It was when one of their inbred dogs died and they immediately got a new one of a similar sickly breed (from the breeder and not a shelter, which would still be somewhat acceptable). I thought this was pretty distasteful and selfish of them, and how they treat their dogs like literal children etc. So I'm surprised they are having a real child now. I guess it has potential for milk in the future, but we will see.

No. 280295

Wow so he's fat now

No. 280296

I don't think we're dealing with an anchor baby. Feel bad for marzia, she's stuck with him now.

No. 280297

well he does hang out with chris

No. 280300

Why? Felix is loaded, she has her own stuff she does, they live in Japan now, so she's going to be taken care of so well during pregnancy and then aftercare facilities. They have been together for years too, so kind of looking forward to seeing how they deal with a baby. Considering who he is, I don't see why they might not get asked to visit specialty spas and stuff and do videos on those locations.

No. 280306

Oh no poor Marzia she's stuck with a handsome, rich, mature, fit, intelligent man who deeply cares about her. How can she suffer like that?
I'd actually agree about this. It's unethical that they are obsessed with this/similar breeds when the dogs have so many health issues and can barely breathe.
That's really only a "new world" thing. There's lots of Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, and Thai born in Japan even several generations down that have restricted rights and protections because they aren't properly recognized in either country.

No. 280318

>That's really only a "new world" thing. There's lots of Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, and Thai born in Japan even several generations down that have restricted rights and protections because they aren't properly recognized in either country.
You're confusing several issues and thinking of Zainichi Koreans who can automatically become Japanese citizens if they choose to, but since neither Japan (after 22 years of age) nor North and South Korea allow dual citizenship, and Japan allows them to have special permanent status which gives them more rights than other permanent residents, some choose not to naturalize and maintain their Korean citizenship. But that's mainly North Korean identified Zainichi Koreans, who even have their own schools and unis in Japan. Most South Korea-identified Japanese-Koreans naturalize or already naturalized generations ago. There are no communities of Thai and Filipino that have been living in Japan for generations like Zainichi Koreans. There have been a few high profile cases of Filipino parents illegally immigrating to Japan or overstaying their visa and having children who technically have Filipino citizenship through their parents, but do not identify as Filipino, and were given the option to naturalize after their parents were deported. Noriko Calderon comes to mind. The issue there is that naturalizing means they can't live with their parents in Japan for at least 5 years. In any case, there are no anchor babies in Japan, none of this applies to Felix and Marzia, and Felix's thread is either the Youtuber thread or TT thread.

No. 280379

He got that puppy before the other one died. They love and look after their dogs so who cares.

No. 280387

You're not allowed to be rational and positive here

No. 280388

I honestly think Sharla wrote this

No. 280393

Ignore the new world anon. That's something right wing retards bring up who warch Alex Jones.

No. 280394

Or talk about anything not Sharla or Chris or alpha male. Fucking retarded anons.

No. 280397

New world is actually the relevant term. Simply because the countries in the Americas specifically choose that kind of immigration law due to the nature of how they operated as colonies regardless of being French, Spanish, or English. Countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe tend to have a more deliberate and restrictive immigration as they weren't "founded" (people were already there) with colonization in mind. Not sure what that has to do with Alex Jones.

No. 280423

No. 280441

File: 1675676939770.jpg (444 KB, 959x2732, norm.jpg)

No. 280445

He really brings that unhinged, no filter 00s internet energy with his insane replies. Why make a video at all if you're gonna lose your mind at the most mild critique

No. 280453

Bro‘s literally calling the world capital of high fashion (besides Paris ofc) not chic lmao

No. 280479

It baffles me that this psycho has gone on so long without anyone trying to cancel or call him out publicly for this shit. Granted, it is pretty hilarious, but it's a mystery to me how he has fans at all still.

No. 280490

It's only a matter of time until MoistCritical or Sunnyv2 makes a video about him. The only other reason could be that he's influential or has dirt in YTber circles. Maybe Chris and Sharla are protecting him?

No. 280508

Norm is nothing. He doesn't dirt on anyone and his follower count isn't that big, not even a million. Discourse like this doesn't get the attention of people like Charley. Unless he plans to trend somehow on Twitter with his own hashtag, no one gives a fuck and even then that's a very light guess if anyone would care even then. He's just a typical meathead loser with an aggression issue.

No. 280543

He would absolutely blow up if Chyna's former coworkers at GABA publicly came forward and the WWE community became aware of what he did. They may be afraid of his lawyer wife if she's still married to him since he likes to threaten legal action. Still doesn't explain why certain members of the jvlogger clique have worked with him or been good friends with him for so long.

No. 280545

oh god he's still married? i thought he got divorced a long time ago. I feel bad for his wife, if he's such a toxic cunt to his viewers I cant imagine what he's like to his wife at home. Hope she divorces him and gets full custody. Unless he can't or (wont?) bc he's financially dependent on her kekk

No. 280561

I highly doubt that's why. He is a literal nobody in a sea of YouTubers. It doesn't take much to get the following he has at this point when you have people with over 50 million followers. Also people still work with celebrities like Leah Michelle even though she is known to be a complete bitch. It's no different from people working with him.

No. 280572

This can't be real. Norm is a fucking crackhead. He went off on that Italian guy for literally no reason whatsoever.

No. 280573

File: 1675742566567.jpg (17.72 KB, 340x184, norm.jpg)

just seemed appropriate

No. 280575

Why'd you repost op and you guys wonder why the threads fill up.

No. 280576

Milan is a fashion capital, Norm, you uncultured shrimp dick

No. 280594

File: 1675750133240.jpeg (495.29 KB, 828x1087, 6B620A17-B3F0-4F50-AEC6-A9707E…)

Looks like Sharla still associates with him, being featured and commenting on his latest short 12 days ago

No. 280597

Come back when they unfollow each other

No. 280638

>I highly doubt that's why
Why what? What does him being a youtuber have to do with Chyna and his former coworkers being afraid of his lawyer wife?

No. 280662

No. 280663

who is Chyna? like the wrestler? Thought she died.

No. 280665

I'm not 100% sure how to cross link to other threads, so not sure this will work, but specific post is here (>>>/w/224114) in the JVlogger 14 thread

But it seems Norm crossed paths with Chyna (the wrestler) at Gaba Meguro language school. Norm seems to have started rumours about her at the school among other staff and caused her to relapse on some issues pushing her back on a downward spiral that contributed to her eventual death.

Nothing is certain, but people seem to be set on this being what happened, although it does fall in line with the shitty way Norm responds to people on his YouTube videos

No. 280667

So Norm killed Chyna??? That's horrible

No. 280671

Not directly, but he certainly didn't help her recovery
He's always had the facade of a "nice person", but he is definitely a piece of shit

No. 280687

Wait.. so we don't have proof of this being what happened just that it's Norm so it's assumed? I don't like Norm at all, but that's kind of weird. No one came forward to say he said those things and not some anonymous Reddit poster claiming to be a friend of a friend?

No. 280715

She didn't relapse until after he got her fired from her job according to her friends.
Why is there this one anon who always insists that anything negative shared about the jvlogger clique -Chris, Sharla and now Norm- must be fake milk from a redditor? His GABA coworkers and one of Chyna's friends posted on PULL back in the day and provided some evidence that they did personally him. The screenshot >>280665 referred to is only part of what was shared.

No. 280724

That's what I mean, why PULL? These people usually make Youtube videos to out people. Why post somewhere thats not highly visited by a majority of people who probably watch the content. That poster can't even verify anything. Attributing Norm to her death is like saying we have something to do with cows deaths. Out of every bit of celebrity that exists around her, Norm is like Salt Bae at the FIFA WC.

No. 280726

You do know that this video was filmed 2 years ago right?

No. 280727

Nta, but it was? Lol

No. 280729

O he did not help B&B vlog… honestly stop making things up

No. 280787

Sharla has a history of being best friends with problematic people.
She definitely knows about norm's behaviour and has done for a long time >>>/w/207341 and clearly doesn't give a shit. Birds of a feather flock together.

No. 280790

We know. They haven't unfollowed each other. Chris too. Most of them. Cdawg. We don't need an update on this every few weeks. It's not new.

No. 280792

Anon I replied to said "still doesn't explain why certain members of the jvlogger clique have worked with him or been good friends with him for so long"
So I explained why one of them is friends with him.

No. 280793

File: 1675874621151.png (587.31 KB, 1080x855, Screenshot_20230208-162422.png)

She commented on both shorts that she appears in.

No. 280794

No. 280819

It wasn't one person or just one post, but the post you're referring to was on PULL because that's where everyone was sharing about Norm at the time and he wasn't as popular on youtube as he is now. I'm not even sure if he had 100,000 subscribers back then and jvlogging in general wasn't as big as it is today. His wife is a lawyer and these coworkers and friends of Chyna may have not thought it was worth risking a lawsuit to put something on youtube. Your WC analogy makes no sense because Norm was a service leader or manager for the English teachers at GABA where Chyna was just a teacher.

No. 280822

So real celebrtries with big names were uwu scared of this random fucking dude becausehis wife is what, what kind of lawyer even?? I'm calling it, that post on PULL was bullshit and all these anons bought it. Nothing ever comes from credible sources here and it's so weird. These people would've used Twitter, Youtube, other mainstream to call him out. Not some random board you have to sift through. Don't be so gullible.

No. 280833

What celebrities are you talking about? The only celebrity involved is dead. Unless you think some lowly GABA workers are celebs? It wasn't one person or one post on PULL, and PULL and lolcow were "the" places to discuss jvloggers at the time, not twitter or youtube. You sound very angry.

No. 280840

Sharla is problematic herself and is seeping that toxic attitude towards Chris more and more. Chris was a lot more positive and creative before but the fitness journey at least helped him pull out of that rut since she didn't want to do it. It's interesting because that fitness scene and hanging out with people like Bald has me thinking that Chris is gonna go off on his own down the road.
I always thought Norm and Sharla would make a good couple but of course that'd cause a lot of drama and destruction wherever they go. We'll see what happens if Chris leaves.
Speaking of Chris JAJ 5 is in Hokkaido and he had a big rant about people who hated JAJ 4. He's still upset about the comments that didn't like him not doing anything regarding Okinawa and just bragging about being rich. Hopefully he at least understands the criticism but at the least Hokkaido being less resorty should keep it more interesting.

No. 280848

>Norm and Sharla would make a good couple
Sharla's classic mean girl personality that she hides off camera and Norm's public toxic personality - they'd be the ultimate cunt power couple kek.

No. 280849

>Sharla is problematic herself
Yeah we all know. That's why I said "birds of a feather flock together"

No. 280851

It's so mind-numbing to see one anon keep bringing up all her old shit every few posts. Like >>280849 said, we know. No one needs to recap a cow this much.

No. 280854

>Speaking of Chris JAJ 5 is in Hokkaido and he had a big rant about people who hated JAJ 4. He's still upset about the comments that didn't like him not doing anything regarding Okinawa and just bragging about being rich. Hopefully he at least understands the criticism but at the least Hokkaido being less resorty should keep it more interesting.

I doubt Chris will have learned to make a better product for JAJ5. He wants to work within the "YouTube algorithm" so he'll probably end up still making clickbaity titles and doing the "most expensive" style videos to get the maximum views.

No. 280865

I think most people would agree that Chris/Emma and Norm/Sharla are the logical pairings. In fact Norm/Sharla would be soo dramatic they'd roll over to being entertaining in an Amys Baking Company sort of way. Chris/Emma would be wholesome since they both actually don't just see Japan as a playground and have good ambitions and desires. They also play off eachother very well.

No. 280882

if you look at the guests Chris had with him on the original journey across japan you'd think he was fishing for a new girlfriend, he invited his Ex, Sharla and Emma. Emma never made her appearance because chris had already gotten with Sharla by the time it was her time to appear on camera.

No. 280885

No, no. Don't bring up Lily. It's against the rules in the thread. Chris has no exes. Only Sharla. She isn't on topic. So no, Chris didn't bring his ex.

No. 280905

They're referring to his ex from when he was still living in England. He didn't invite Lily on the trip because that would have gotten in the way of his affair with Sharla.

No. 280920

i hope you cop a ban for your retarded infighting

No. 280936

Nta, but how was that even infighting? I would think threatening bans when you aren't even a mod is moreso infighting.

No. 280948

nta - sure, jan.
Learn to read, I said "hope," and didn't threaten anything. And yeah that exaggerating shitposting, pretending anon can't even mention Lily and Chris has no exes, is a dumb attempt to provoke infighting. You know exactly why Lily shouldn't be discussed most of the time, but there's no cry to scrub her from Chris's history.

No. 280980

Not sure if this is the right thread, but who is this girl?
Her e-begging seems pretty sus(this is an imageboard)

No. 280982

damn nonnie you got the wrong person in attempt to be overdramatic, how embarrassing kek

No. 280983

She's a friend of Emma's.
Situation is something about having had pain in her spine and getting checked by a doctor while in Japan and some form of malpractice that has caused her to be bedridden almost all day.
The GoFundMe is supposed to get her a medical flight, a special condition flight rather than just regular air travel, to another country to receive a treatment to help her

No. 280985

I don't speak for all anons, but I actually do have interest in Lily's updates since she reared her head during the dating announcement, I like seeing how bitter she is and the lulzy stuff she does, and if anons are going to argue Chris's ex before even Lily can be discussed, then I don't see why they can't bring up Lily. Clearly, it was a shitpost, but continuing this derail about Lily being mentioned is absurd.

No. 280990

The overly shopped pic that might not even be hers and the extremely dramatic background story screams grift to me, too.

No. 280991

I just thought I'd add, it's not killing the thread to give updates on her sometimes as long as it's milky or at least an update of something she's doing that's interesting too. We get random updates on people like Paolo sometimes. Lily and other old milk cows like Rachel and Jun, Pearl, Kim.. Seems fine to me.

No. 280998

Bahahahaha Amys Baking Company nonnie you win the internet today

I totally forgot about that shitshow

No. 281008

File: 1676006308742.png (95.8 KB, 952x272, Screenshot_20230210-045739~2.p…)

See rules 6 and 7.3
No one was arguing that Chris's ex from the UK can be discussed wtf are you talking about?
Lily isn't a vlogger or a cow so why should she be discussed in a thread about jvlogger cows? She also has zero content kek. The other people you mentioned are still making content and are still vloggers. What exactly do you want to discuss about her? This interest in her is weird af.(minimodding)

No. 281011

P.S. also 7.1

No. 281012

I think the only person who keeps bringing up Lily is Sharla continuing to shadow-post here

No. 281029

I think so too. A lot of the posts about Lily come off as personal and I don't see why anyone else would be interested in discussing her.

No. 281031

I'm not Sharla and I'm interested because I didn't even know he had an ex. The whole backstory and old posts were informative IMO and seeing her updates now and then are interesting for me. If you don't want to read it then scroll past. All you do is clog up the thread when you complain about it and mods haven't banned any discussion or said she is off topic in months, so they don't agree she can't be brought up. They've redtexted more Elon Musk posts than anything regarding Lily.

No. 281046

Go and follow her twitter if you're so interested in seeing her updates. You don't need to post about her mundane milkless shit here. No1currs.

>They've redtexted more Elon musk posts than anything regarding Lily

Wrong. >>>/w/189683 >>>/w/247161 >>>/w/247166

Elon musk posts >>>/w/266450 >>>/w/270767

No. 281048

This (2) she really isn't interesting and has a tiny following. But we know from cases like creepshow that obsessions with ex girlfriends are very real. Nothin' like "proving" you're superior to his ex by being obsessed with their every move kek

No. 281055

Honestly Sharlas treatment of Lily is unhinged and reveals a lot about her character. She spearheaded a blacklist/excommunication of her for having the audacity to date somebody for years that Sharla eventually decided to go for after her marriage fell apart. That's literally Lily's only "crime". In fact the evidence points to Sharla and Chris having an affair while he was with Lily so if anything Lily should be the one acting like this. But the Jvlog scene is too dependent on leaching off eachother so they will always side with the bigger creators (Chris/Sharla) then add in the constant attacks on Lily's reputation from Sharlas camp and it's pretty disturbing. If Chris ever breaks up with her or ends up cheating again I can't even imagine what Sharla will do. Given her history and general off the rails mentality it could be the biggest drama in internet history. Especially if Norm gets involved. I'm not even sure if Sharla is self aware enough to know Chris has significantly more standing on both the Jvlog space but youtube as a whole than her but she is always the one to want people who she feels have wronged her be destroyed. I'm glad Lily herself and her Korean bf (who she fetishized and kept trashing his family online) are free from her drama now.

No. 281062

Oh hey Lily. Welcome back!(oh hi cow!)

No. 281080

Sharla had nothing to do with Lily or her treatment. Leave this is the old threads. Writting a wall of text all because she gets mentioned makes you look unhinged.

No. 281084

>Sharla had nothing to do with Lily or her treatment
You have no way of knowing that. It's more likely that she did given her history of doing shit like that. Like this anon said >>275976

No. 281085

Sharla used to post on PULL, so i wouldn't be surprised she would post here too.

No. 281094

Then it's just tinfoil like anon's tinfoil about blacklisting.

No. 281101

The old blacklisting shit mentioned in this post >>275976 is not tinfoil.
Saying that she had nothing to do with Lily or her treatment is also tinfoil because you can't claim that unless you are her.

No. 281103

Then at this point it's all derailing by that logic. Just scroll past what you don't want to discuss.

No. 281108

>Just scroll past what you don't want to discuss
Same to you. Stop coming here to defend your fave jvloggers.

No. 281112

I bet if I reply to you, you're going to assume I'm also that anon. Not everything is a defense of a cow. Go to meta to complain about Lily and beg mods to say to ban her discussion. Minimodding is against the rules if anons are autistic enough to post them >>281008

No. 281116

Saying that someone didn't do something when you have no way of knowing is defending them.

No. 281136

At the end of the day and after being treated like trash by Sharla Lily decided to better herself and learn to code and get a successful job and bf. Meanwhile Sharla lives for drama and recycles/steals Chris' content so she can get views. It's the secret of all the Queen Bee types they can never win if you decide to move on past a hs mentality and not engage them. Sharla has to move past her drama attitude but paradoxically if she did then she'd be an entirely different person. Lily won because she was never that immature. Even Chris is slowly trying to get away from Sharlas drama lifestyle and better himself by following fitness and listening to stoic thinkers like PewDiePie. Just wish he'd stop whining about the algorithm and negative comments when he makes a prideful mistake.

No. 281139

This isn't a contest, anon and you have a lot of tinfoil in here.

No. 281140

exactly, people have been desperately trying to milk a boring normie person which coincidently started when the newfag simps showed up. She's remembered for nothing except holding chris's camera 3 years ago. Her very average california white collar job life is not milk. She escaped the bitch clique years ago, so good for her.

No. 281142

File: 1676074693512.jpg (464.25 KB, 1080x1282, Screenshot_20230210_161549_Twi…)

She was never really discussed because she wasn't talked about in the 1st place. That's why people kept posting such old stuff to give people a quick reboot about what was going on. Everyone would've forgotten who she was if she didn't come in and make up cheating rumors. Just saying her name and enrages anons so much. Nothing new has happened with her thats milky anyway so maybe just relax because no one has actually posted anything new. She has a new boyfriend but I guarantee those pictures of her and Chris are still online.

(Just checked) For someone who keeps going on about how they love their new boyfriend she still has these photos of Chris up. Tell me you haven't moved on without telling me you haven't moved on. She's still this possessive over him. Most of the other tweets regarding them have been removed since anons posted them but not this one.

No. 281145

That's really depressing for her if she kept this up, but deleted other tweets.

No. 281154

Maybe when she was going through deleting old tweets, she just missed that one? Unless she says specifically one way or the other, no one here will have any idea whether she purposely kept it up or missed it

No. 281160

Yeah she wasn't talked about for a reason. There's not really anything to say about her besides "she was/is bitter about her breakup".
Anons were making shit up about her like the gofundme and taking her joke/banter tweets out of context. Also lied about this >>273798
Anons also say stuff like this >>277635 yet were totally fine with pushing a narrative against Lily and saying that anons were WKs for calling them out or just straight up accused them of being Lily.
She shouldn't have tweeted about it but it's pretty obvious that cheating happened >>>/w/247435

Who cares if she still has a couple of pics of Chris on her twitter? Sharla still has vids of her and her ex husband together. I guess she hasn't moved on and is still possessive over him.

No. 281165

A deleted gofundme is hard to bring up just like Norm deleting comments always goes unposted. Move on. I'm going to keep bringing up Lily when its needed so ignore it. Minimodding is against the rules, remember, based mods for >>281008

No. 281168

She made one tweet mentioning that Chris cheated on her with Sharla. As >>280882 mentioned Chris likely wanted to get with at least one of his guests during JAJ1. Then Sharla spearheaded the destruction of Lily's social life out of insecurity. I think having a one tweet reaction to being treated so horribly is fine. Compare that to some people who kept repeating tweeting about how they hated their husbands mother. Lily is a normal successful woman not a drama queen like some people.

No. 281169

Lol no Sharla didn't.

No. 281171

>listening to stoic thinkers like PewDiePie
pfffft… are you saying that Chris is listening to stoic thinkers (such as Marcus Aurelius) like PewDiePie does? Or are you saying PewDiePie is a stoic thinker? kek

No. 281177

It's hard to bring up because it didn't happen. Anons already lied about one thing.

Anon somehow knows that Sharla didn't do this thing.

No. 281178

You're right. The blacklisting thing was bullshit. My bad.

No. 281179

Exactly. Lies on both sides.

No. 281180

Whatever happened with Emma and Sarah(?) - were they actually dating at any point or not?

No. 281185

No. 281203

I had the same thought anon, lol at the thought of PewDiePie being a "stoic thinker" like Seneca

No. 281204

what was her name on pull?

No. 281205

It was back when Mira got blacklisted from the clique and she used her real name to answer questions on PULL. Back then no one knew the "100% hard evidence" the clique kept secret was Sharla ratting on mira while shit talking of course. No idea if she used a ghost account but it's possible since quite a few j&kvloggers got caught posting on there before.

No. 281206

But it's not for sure it was Sharla the same way we can't verify if it was another cow posting in an old Jvlog. I don't remember her name because I don't really care, but someone also pretended to be Sharla on lolcow around that time too and it all just seems so suspect in my opinion. It's all old and the past half dozen threads have been anons not letting old milk go and it's been detrimental to posting new milk and discussion. They shouldn't be getting filled this fast.

No. 281208

PULL asked her to post a cat pic with some specific words on her twitter to confirm it was her which she did within minutes. For a few a hours she was answering questions and giving insight to what the clique was thinking. Too bad pull went to the grave because they had endless screenshots of evidence and history of the cows on the cows' front page.

No. 281210

As if.. Someone couldn't based on the request?

No. 281211

The old milk was only brought up to show the Chris and Sharla fans that came here from reddit and elsewhere that she's not as sweet and wholesome as they thought she was.
Anons would let old milk go if the fans would stop saying that it's "fake facts"

No. 281236

thanks nonna
Why do you care if threads get filled?

No. 281237

oh, there's an (incomplete) archive so maybe this can be proven. I need to go buy food but maybe after that I'll check. The archive is linked on KF

No. 281240

When a thread "fills this fast" then someone makes a new one nonnie why are you so triggered

No. 281253

Samefag but the threads fill up because anons talk a lot of shit without actually saying anything, or posting any new milk, or even any images. On an image board. Yes I realize I just added to the problem.

No. 281259

She blacklisted Mimei. This was mentioned by Mimei herself and her husband. She also blacklisted Mira, although that's perfectly understandable, except Norm is exactly like Mira and Sharla is still friends with him.
She didn't "make up" cheating rumours. We were already discussing potential cheating here long before she said anything and Chris lying about when his relationship with Sharla started and then deleting evidence only added fuel to the fire.
Sharla's initial PULL post and cat tweet was captured on archive today. I saw it again maybe a year ago. I didn't save the link unfortunately, but it'll probably come up with some digging.

No. 281265

>still makes content

That's suspicious. Doesn't sound like blacklisting and more like people didn't want to collab anymore and a lot of TC stuck to its own collab group because they were already in a collab group.

No. 281275

Does anyone else think it's weird that there's no postings ever about the stuff that Sharla has done apparently like the PULL thing? But Lily's missing GFM is questioned? Lily wanted to cause drama a few months ago. Doesn't sound like someone who's grown like anons were saying. She just backed out because she was scared of the backlash as she should've been. Making accusations was insane of her. there's a few months where Chris was single. Lily just seemed mad he moved on quickly, but considering her possessiveness, Chris's interest in her was probably waning. Tbh, she was most likely a rebound due to the fact she was a fan anyway. She used him to try to get her own channel attention and she loved being able to flaunt dating an influencer and he used her for rebound. This is realistic compared to the extra context anons try to fill all the empty holes with.

No. 281291

I do. I've been saying it for months.

No. 281301

She also blacklisted ashiya

There's no postings about the PULL stuff because PULL was shut down back in 2020 I think. Apparently most of it was archived so an anon will probably find it eventually.
There's plenty of postings about the other shit she has done though.
I've followed Lily's twitter for years and I never saw anything about a gofundme so that's why I'm saying it's bs. Also an anon lied about her being friends with solaraeesther >>273798 by trying to make it look like a tweet she replied to was from solaraeesther. So I'm inclined to think it's just another lie.
It was dumb of her to tweet about cheating even if she knew for sure because she's a nobody and it's her word against theirs and all it did was make a bunch of schizo Chris and Sharla fans come here to malign the hell out of her.
A lot of stuff points towards cheating but it doesn't really matter though because it's impossible to prove whether it did or didn't happen.
>She used him to try to get her own channel attention
He only very briefly appeared in her Korea vlog and he wasn't in the thumbnail of that vid or any of her other vids so this in incorrect.

No. 281307

What a waste of time derailing something you can't even post, if you can't produce anything. Time to move on like Lily's gofundme.

No. 281311

Everyone needs to just shut up. Lily anons talk to themselves and the Chris and Sharla posters need to stop foaming at the mouth with the mention of it.
If you can't post proof of things like Gofundmes and PULL, and cheating, stop acting like it's all fact.
Holy shit. Shut down the thread. You're all acting like this isn't just a gossip board so things that aren't even verifiable or obviously going to be gossip, but if you can't post proof, fuck off and stop getting pissed about anons asking for proof as if its not in the rules.
Also pointing fingers makes you look like an idiot. Stop it.

No. 281315

I'm not the anon who first brought up the PULL stuff.

No. 281330

Has anyone else been watching Sundai Love's househunting vlogs? I love akiya shit but it looks like the series is coming to an end already which is a shame. I'm also judging that she decided to make an offer on a place which even she admitted is well beyond her capabilities to manage/repair. Unless the location is good (she didn't mention what prefecture it is in I believe) I don't think this was a good choice, sadly

No. 281331

No1currs if you are or aren't. Taking that comment as a specific accusation rather than a general reply makes you an idiot. Gotta not use the word you anymore either.

No. 281333

Sage your shit, newfag. Nothing you said is milky either. Go watch your favorite cows elsewhere if you love their vlogs so much. This is a gossip board. You can't even post a video??

No. 281341

archive link, all pages may not be archived, sometimes you have to skip around. Since I don't know when she allegedly posted, a rough date (even year) would be helpful.


the entire pull archive can be downloaded according to this post on KF, but I don't have time/desire for that rn. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/pretty-ugly-little-liar-pull.19193/post-7146180

No. 281345

idk about you guys but it would be more menhera for someone to scrub their exes from their profile( unless the ex did something awful). Or maybe I'm just old with healthy relationships to not give a shit, thoughts?

No. 281348

>What a waste of time derailing something you can't even post, if you can't produce anything
Saying this, while continuing to mention some gofundme shit with no proof, is pretty fucking retarded.

No. 281349

This is an imageboard

No. 281351

did you miss the part where I asked for some guidance regarding the year she posted? These pages don't load quickly, I'm not knowledgeable about when it happened.

No. 281352

Why don't you look yourself? I can't believe anons are still obsessed over 2 year old milk.

No. 281354

It would be. She took down most of their stuff besides this photo anons posted previously. Seems salty on her part, especially after her attempted callout about cheating that never happened. Sharla has videos that are monotized, so I understand not all the vlogs existing and to make sure its obvious people know shes divorced vs just broke up with a boyfriend.

No. 281357

you can change the titles of videos without changing their status. And everyone knew she was married so how could they ever think she just "broke up with a boyfriend"? You don't make sense - Lily is suspicious for taking things down, but suspicious because she kept a few pics of Chris up. And Sharla deleting vlogs is ok because she was married to her scrote and divorced? Doesn't your head start to hurt when you write posts like this?

>cheating that never happened

but anon, how do you know it never happened? You need to post proof.

No. 281359

Sharla's videos give her money through views. Lily was a nobody, so she deleted all her non-monetized videos. Obviously keeping things that make money up makes sense. It's like you're purposely ignoring the comparison. Lily has no reason to keep old photos up except to be possessive still. Sharla makes money on her videos, so she wouldn't remove the ones that give her ambient cash. Did I break it down easy enough for you to understand? It wasn't hard to understand the first time.

Also not going to be baited into nonexistent cheating that was discussed 4 threads and half a year ago. Go fight in discord about it or something. You don't like my opinion that they didn't cheat then that's not my problem. I'm always going to see no cheating and refer to it as such based on what was posted. Take it or leave it, anon, or do you want to cry in /meta/ about how that makes me a whiteknight and mods are boolies?

No. 281367

Lily keeping one photo she probably just forgot to delete, which shows the back of someone's head, is """possessive"" but Sharla keeping content about her ex up is ok because (checks notes) she makes money from it. Your bias could't be more obvious. If Lily made money from her old content you'd be calling her an evil witch profiting off her ex.

No. 281368

>anon talks about someone other than chris and sharla
Unhinged, you really like talking about this matronly cow so much?

No. 281369

Why even mention the cheating stuff again? Just stfu about it.

No. 281374

File: 1676176324560.jpg (573.96 KB, 1080x1838, Screenshot_20230211_202755_You…)

Other jvloggers might want to be careful, Paolo has been killing it. Compared to last year, he's been getting way more popular and the DITL style videos or BTS ones seem to get the most traction. I wonder if he's been getting requests at all from the gov. to create any content yet the same way Tokyo Creatives have been asked. Haven't seen Norm flip out about his numbers comparatively yet, but probably will at some point.

>My god. The state of this thread. I wish the mods allowed that split thread for this very reason anons warned.

No. 281378

>Lily was a nobody
Yea, this is the point. She was and is still a fucking nobody. She had 0 milk while dating chris and still has no milk. Go back to the threads when she was dating chris. There's 0 information about this nobody, so much that no one can even remember a single thing she made. Bless her for getting away from the greasy English muffin years ago and having a normal life now. Her normal life updates about what dress she's wearing isn't milk.

No. 281385

Pretty sure anons did that as a shitpost. It was mentioned.

No. 281392

>vendetta post
definitely not a shitpost, they nitpicked her body and dress.

No. 281397

lol god forbid anyone tries to talk about someone other than the 2 most boring ass jvloggers. there are definitely questions around Sundai (what is her mystery illness, whatever situationship she has going on with her friend Ash and rumours of him being married) but you wouldn't get any traction on them here because she's not chris or sharla(lolcow.farm/info learn to sage)

No. 281399

I didn't see anything wrong with the post about Sundai. It should have been saged and it's not "milk" but discussion is allowed and it didn't warrant the rabid response

No. 281410

It's pretty interesting how Paolo is quietly building the strongest Japan channel by following simple rules
- Actually interested in Japan
- No drama
- His content actually focuses on Japan instead of bragging about how rich he is (compare his Okinawa vids to Chris')
- Doesn't attack fans for mild criticism
- Doesn't hang out with sexual predators
- positive attitude
- doesn't bully the people in his videos
- understands his appeal as a jvlogger instead of trying to make himself a personality brand
Plus overall he seems like a good father and husband. I really wish more people would try to follow his path.
Lily herself isn't milk but Sharla is like a whole dairy farm and dragged her into it. Sharla has a few hardcore fans who don't take kindly to anyone in her way and Sharla has decided that Lily is her arch enemy who must be destroyed. Look at the way she did a very cruel thing of blacklisting and trying to destroy all her relationships and support when she was a foreigner in a foreign country. That's pretty horrible. Lily being more mature mostly tried to forge ahead with a positive attitude and better herself (like becoming a programmer). But when she bravely came out in one tweet about the truth of how Chris and Sharla cheated on her then it hit the hornets next and all the Sharla fanboys decided that Lily must be destroyed and keep doing bizarre things like attack her for wearing a dress that she looks good in. This is why Lily keeps being brought up.

No. 281414

Yea seems like the newer fresher jvloggers are more stable and doing better than the old clique. But probably they just do their own thing, and don't colab or try to be friends with each like the previous era kek.

No. 281428

He's also consistent.
He releases his videos at roughly the same time each week and has his "core shows" that draw in big viewer numbers. I'm not so interested in the stuff with his family/personal life side, but I always check into the Day in the Life and Behind the Counter series

No. 281430

You make it sound like Sharla forced Lily to make that cheating post.

No. 281500

Should've saged

No. 281501

oooooh neat, "ambient cash" sounds like a wonderful magical thing

No. 281503

I honestly can't be bothered to watch either Chris or Sharlas videos anymore. Chris's personality has become so corny and grating that I can't make it even three minutes into his "schtick" and Sharla is simply boring af.

I'm here for Norm drama and I want there to be more of it.

No. 281509

Why would "other jvloggers want to be careful" exactly? Who cares if Paolo's videos are doing good? It doesn't take anything away from other jvloggers nonnie. That's not how YouTube works.

No. 281541

If their videos aren't being featured through the algorithm it can actually have negative consequences for other vloggers to have their videos be seen and recommended. Do you know how YouTube even works? I almost never see anyone besides Paolo and then sometimes Rachel in Jun. I think the detriment that Chris, Sharla, Norm and others have is that they put out so much content that it's uninteresting when the next video comes out 2 days later. No one wants their feed clogged up by that many videos but I also understand that it has to do with monetization and revenue for them if they have more videos out but it has to be a certain length as well.

No. 281543

It is. This is why people like royalties on stuff they work on because random checks are awesome. Probably the same for people on YouTube where when they see that a video has his had a couple of views from years ago, that is still monetization into their YouTube amount that they can withdraw. Instead of only relying on the current videos that they have put out.

No. 281636

Well you clearly don't know how YouTube works nonnie. Just because the algorithm is suggesting one creator doesn't mean it's de-suggesting another creator. I don't know where you would get this idea.

No. 281638

The point was that there's no such thing as "ambient" cash. "Ambient" is not the right word. It literally makes no sense in this context.

No. 281642

"Ambient cash" sounds like a failed indie rock band. I think the term you were looking for was "passive income"

lol "ambient cash" - tell me you don't know anything about business and finance without telling me

No. 281652

Replace it with passive then. The statement still stands. Nitpicking rather than talking about the cows sure is productive. She still makes the money off her old videos whereas Lily never got any monetization and deleted her failed channel like she should. She wants to be an influencer so bad that its so sad to see her struggling and give up, poor Lily..

No. 281653

It kind of does. Have you not come across anyone you follow complain about their videos not being suggested on trending pages or that notifications no longer work 100% of the time? This isn't even a new issue, its been a few years, but not the thread to deep dive in to it.

No. 281665

Sharla doesn't make money from random tweets about her ex unrelated to her channel and yet they're still up.

No. 281667

The only reason you Lily WKs pretend to give af about her is so you can justify your vendetta sperging over Sharla lol. "Poor Lily", my ass. I don't think she needs to be discussed nearly as much as some of the anons try to make her a thing, but using her as a tool to fake outrage and project narratives that can't solidly be proven isn't any better.

No. 281676

Keep up. It's about youtube.

No. 281751

It doesn't actually.

No. 281755

What'd you reply to?

No. 281760

It doesn't actually.

So your argument is that when YouTuber A gets a million views on a video in a week or otherwise goes viral, that means YouTube penalizes YouTuber B?

You're smoking Fentanyl.

No. 281761

A post that was weirdly deleted but somehow still appeared there

No. 281762

You're talking about a totally different issue. The issue being discussed was whether or not YouTubers suffer because another YouTuber succeeds. Which is most definitely not a thing, no matter how much tin foil conspiracy BS you want to attribute.

No. 281764

Sharla is loaded btw, she's always lived in cheaper parts of Japan, has had multiple streams of income from YT and sponsors, owns an Airbnb, and oh yeah is banging a multi-millionaire.

No. 281767

>Keep up. It's about youtube.
>Lily has no reason to keep old photos up except to be possessive still. Sharla makes money on her videos, so she wouldn't remove the ones that give her ambient cash.
Sharla keeps her old tweets about her ex up that aren't linked to any videos, so she must also be possessive of her ex, according to the above logic.

No. 281769

Kek nona be real, Sharla is only tangentially ‘loaded” by virtue of her dating Chris, who is a vastly more successful Youtuber. No doubt that both of their success hinges on being in Japan, but Sharla is ready to leave. Time will tell if Chris will actually go with her.

No. 281771

Probably. Maybe they both miss their exes. Color me shocked that real relationships are like that sometimes.

No. 281783

I honestly doubt Chris wants to go for real. Unlike Sharla and 99% of Jvloggers he actually made a good friend circle in Japan and somewhat integrated himself there. He just wants to be in the UK a few months and even with all the pressure to leave he is still saying he wants to be there half the time. He's probably also smart enough to know he'll lose his income. Sharla was always more of whoa Japan is a quirky playground place which is the same attitude she has to the UK though not Korea. If she could afford it and Chris would agree she'd be gone. She kind of also gave up making content and mostly just steals/repackages Chris' antics for her channel now. Idk if she's loaded or not but she's probably not in the position to tank her and her rich boyfriends income. Maybe she realizes this maybe she doesn't but she clearly wants to leave.
I doubt either miss their exes. Lily clearly moved on and is doing well after Sharla and Chris' horrible antics. Sharla never really seemed into her husband and just tweeted in a cringey fetishizing way about him while simultaneously trashing his family and his mom and having no interest in integration with Korea instead just focusing on the superficial admiration for Japan in a touristy kind of way.
Ask yourself this. Why do you think Paolo isn't in their circle? Obviously Paolo isn't going to mesh well with the backstabbing drama queens trying to self promote but it also means they don't benefit from his growth. The Jvlog model they use is based on a web of frequent collabs so they get upset to anyone outside that web. It's also why they are so scared of the rise in actually Japanese run Japan channels. In every YouTuber space there's always nee generations that surpass the old when they get stale. People like Paolo do western catering better and the countless Japanese channels like Shogo, Mrs Eats, and Jesseogn do a better job at showing Japanese perspectives in a way that's also accessible to westerners. Ironically Ryotaro probably could surpass Sharla and maybe Chris if he really wanted to. But the videos he does is a small part of his busy life doing multiple successful ventures and business.

No. 281799

>nothing milk said
So long winded.

No. 281800

File: 1676390705366.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x1980, C4028F50-0840-4A74-A6B5-B6AFBD…)

Congrats to the newlyweds.

No. 281802

Sharla was rich before she started dating Chris you dingbat. She has 750k YT subs and huge sponsors and owns property. Are you like 16 years old?

No. 281803

>Why do you think Paolo isn't in their circle?

Because HE ISN'T and that's all? You tin-foiling nutter, not everything revolves around your selected clique of jvloggers.

>Ironically Ryotaro probably could surpass Sharla and maybe Chris if he really wanted to.

You're mental

No. 281804

Getting engaged isn't getting married nonnie

No. 281805

How long was she split up from her ex? I feel like it was not too long ago she married him.

No. 281806

She ‘owns property’ with her big ugly buddy & bought it after she started dating Chris, and is trying to monetize it. The airbnb wasn’t that expensive, especially for two (potentially 3 if you count Chris) 40 year olds to scrabble together the cash for. Other than that, she rents non-luxury apartments in a 2nd class Japanese city and wears sportswear. if you think Sharla’s lifestyle screams “loaded” then you’re the underagefag my friend. Never said she was poor but rich is a huge overstatement. Not that this is particularly milky, but her making money all has to do with being in Japan and she is soon to leave, by her own account. I do wonder what she and Chris think they’ll do in the UK, I hope they realize no one wants to see them shuffle around Kent for the next few years.

No. 281808

Not sure exactly but announced the marriage in mid 2018 then announced the divorce in mid 2019, less than one year. They'd been together for 5+ years before marriage.

No. 281809

Sharla is 36.

No. 281812

>Chris tries an entire restaurant meal again
>Chris talks about getting fit, again
>Chris goes to Japans X’st Y again
>usually with a collab channel, if it’s Joey skip that shit automatically and hard
>Bonus - Chris has Opinions on Japan again

All nothing of value lost if skipped. He was more watchable when he was reading hate Mail from his sofa.

No. 281813

Nitpicking away what you think she doesn't have doesn't mean she doesn't actually have anything that >>281802 mentioned. This anon is right. It's easy to tell you just want to nitpick Sharla for shits and giggles, but your vendetta is showing in how ignorant you are trying to be. How is someone not wanting to flaunt their wealth a sign of them not being wealthy? Also Japan has a lot more hospitality that's modest than over the top that's easily accessible. We don't even know if she has extra investments that she hasn't announced or will never announce. Anons mentioned passive income and that's something to factor in as well. Depending on where she moves, big if she leaves Japan regardless of her whishy washy hinting, she isn't going to be groveling in food lines.

No. 281814

Do you know what nitpicking means? Nona, we’re discussing whether or not Sharla is loaded. Obviously none of us know for sure because none of us know her personally, right? But nothing in her life indicates to me anything other than someone comfortably getting by. Who tf said anything about breadlines kek, you’re really defensive over whether or not some cow is “rich”

No. 281818

We don't know their wealth statuses so why even talk it then getting mad when anons have different opinions on how much they earn? No one is being defensive by pointing out the absurdity of assuming someone doesn't have a certain amount of money based on what they do or even wear if you want a better example, and Sharla isn't 40 and that's pretty well known too unless you know nothing about the cow at all >>281809 pointed out her age. I don't know why anons even try to find discussion in money when the entire thing just derails into accusations every time.

No. 281820

ROFL Paolo circle jerk.
He’s so bad at presenting I can’t make it past his awkward fake smile in the opening two seconds.
He’s great at exploiting his kid tho. Credit where it due.

No. 281821

And millions upon millions of people watch it with glee. Chris can make whatever he wants and get millions of hits without an effort. Paolo needs to make another tediously repetitive day in the life video to get any form of viewership.

No. 281823

Looks like Sharla won. Sorry Lily, sorry Emma, sorry Norm. Sharla won unless she somehow fumbles it at the last minute. She was already siphoning Chris hard work and quality content and now if their engaged soon to be married it'll be even easier. Sharlas audience will eat it up with British husband and two cats in Japan. It'll be a renaissance. From there she'll probably have a baby. Sharla congrats you won. The question now is will Norm try to get with Emma now?

No. 281824

File: 1676396615794.png (1.07 MB, 1300x559, Screen Shot 2023-02-14 at 12.4…)

>millions upon millions
almost as over-exaggerated as his fitness journey.

No. 281825

I mean all Chris videos constantly hit 1 million. HE out performances Paolo with his average viewerships. Paolo Makes beautiful, well produced videos, and is super constant unlike Chris. but the thing is if it’s not the “day in the life” videos, his views dropped significantly. Chris views consistently hitting 1 million. But more importantly why do you feel to have them complete one another they all can do well and succeed. you can choose who you like to watch, some people like Chris, some people like Paola, some people like both. It’s not a competition! What’s the big deal

No. 281828

In the second photo Sharla looks like she's going to eat him.

No. 281832

She is openly anti-children, so that won't happen. Her forced Chris and cat content will only last so long. She can milk her status for 1-2 years max., then she has to reinvent herself.

No. 281835

She divorced her husband in summer of 2018 and started renting an apartment in Morioka that September, but long before she announced her marriage, for reasons we still don't know, she pretended she and her husband were only engaged when they'd already been married for some time. Coincidentally, Chris and Lily visited her in Korea in July during the summer she got divorced.

No. 281840

How does Chris feel about kids? If he's genuinely anti kid that's a good sign but it'd suck if he has to sacrifice that and live getting his allergies provoked chasing after Sharla.

No. 281842

Can we start linking back to old threads instead of doing this again.

No. 281845


No. 281848

Chris used to want kids then then he changed his mind like 3 years ago I think.

No. 281859

Sharla has said she doesn't want kids over and over and over so the "whoopsie" kid will be pretty funny to watch. Chris will act like he discovered the miracle of childbirth and being a father and milk it for "meaningful" things to say on his videos and podcast.

No. 281881

>then she has to reinvent herself.
Like how Kanye did it?

No. 281889

Were you trying to make a point here? All but one two of those videos have at least a million views each(sage your shit)

No. 281901

Many women anti kids change their minds in mid 30s…(sage your shit)

No. 281903

learn to sage, and this is a misogynistic take. She doesn't want children and has expressed that many times throughout her 30s. Assuming adult women will change their minds just because they are a certain age is offensive.

No. 281913

god, this sounds like such a scrote thing to say
but sharla is in her late 30s and has expressed this for a long time
this isn't something she's going to 'grow out of and change her mind later'
world is different, women don't have to have kids because they're "supposed to" anymore

No. 281916

That would be a change between 18-25 to late 20s or 30s. Nobody wants kids when they're a young adult so it's a common change. But Sharla is in her mid-late 30s now. She's been with Chris for years. So if she is still anti children I don't think her mind will change. Especially since Chris is very accommodating to her. He's allergic to cats and puts up with them because he really likes her. Even if a part of him wants kids he'd sacrifice it for her. If you read between the lines on a lot of his comments he wanted to get with Sharla before he even went to Japan to begin with. For whatever reason he practically worships her so she'll get her way on kids and most things with him. Also while Chris is socially and economically conservative he doesn't seem to be pro-life. Sharla is way more liberal auntie type of vibe. If there is any accidental pregnancy then they'd probably deal with it. I think Chris' sister or her kids or maybe the Natsuki family will be the heirs to what will be a multi million fortune by then.

No. 281917

Sharla is already out of her "mid-30s" she's pushing 40 and the window is closing fast. Don't get your hopes up. It's just gonna be cat substitutes from here on out.

No. 281918

This is one of the most off the rails comments I've seen on here lol

No. 281919

>he wanted to get with Sharla before he even went to Japan to begin with

WTF kek

No. 281921

I don't think Chris gets on with his sister. He never mentions her(sage your shit)

No. 281925

File: 1676474822949.png (2.33 MB, 1116x1503, ABrideInJapan.PNG)

Looks like the actual proposal date was only a month ago rather than way back during the first England/Greece trip or just now. On Friday the 13th probably for the lulz on Chris' end.
Lily has been radio silent on twitter since the announcement, normally she tweets nonstop. Hopefully she is okay.

No. 281926

Who cares about Lily? She's still in love with Chris and needs to get over it.

Can we just try for five seconds to be happy for the middle aged YouTube normcore couple?

No. 281928

I just want to say, for shits and giggles, that in 2021 when countless anons were REEEEEEEEEEing here to PrOvE iT about ChrisxSharla, I was predicting this exact moment and getting told a million reasons why it would never happen. I feel like I deserve a cookie.

No. 281930

kek it was a theory a few threads back because chris once tweeted or said something along the lines of as a fan of sharla, she inspired him to go to japan or something kek
it triggered a bunch of people

No. 281931

She looks like a bitchy woman. I don't know how she has any fans besides normies that would consume anything.

No. 281932

She tweeted a few hours ago. I've followed her twitter for years, she doesn't normally tweet nonstop.

I doubt she's still in love with him.

No. 281933

kek such tinfoiling on Lily still being in love with Chris.

No. 281934

I mean, she does have a history of being a cunt but this sounds kinda personal. You a Chris fangirl or something?
Most of her fans are weebs/japanophiles who would watch any content about Japan.

No. 281935

Of course she has. She's bitter about it. Chris probably knew he wasn't going to marry a rebound.

No. 281936

Anons wanted proof, not 100s of posts of tinfoiling. Not the same.

No. 281938

We posted a shitton of proof and all anyone would say was it was inconclusive. The proof was there for anons who weren't totally delusional WKs and up Sharla or Chris's carbohydrate inflamed buttholes

No. 281941

Proof that wasn't concrete though. That was the issue.

No. 281942

many anons believed what was being posted but were put off by the c&s attack dogs in the thread

No. 281960

Sharla still in Korea when Chris and Sharla visited in late June and early July 2018.
Sharla in Japan in late July 2018 filming with Chris in Tokyo. Also in Japan in September 2018 and beyond.
Sharla says she applied for her Morioka apartment in September 2018, so probably went apartment hunting in July 2018 when she visited.
So the divorce was summer of 2018 and by July at the latest.
He said he showed Sharla's vlog to his sister.
Someone needs to post the cringey comment Chris left on Sharla's twitter or IG years ago about her looking hot.

No. 281961

Now that that's been done, can we move forward with fresh milk and stop going over already discussed topics? If anons can't be bothered to re-read old threads, they don't belong here.

No. 281972

Thanks nonnie.
I know this technically my own tinfoil.. but given that they were in fact dating, and now they are engaged, which one of you c&s spergs knows them irl? One of you definitely does.
Your trust me sis posts made me want to not believe anything because they were so desperate, but now that it’s all true, why did you come here to announce it? What was your intention? (Other than bringing back the jvlogger thread from the dead)

No. 281974

Anon, no one here knows them irl. There's just one anon who kept throwing things into the thread hoping something would stick and a lot of it did, but that doesn't mean they actually do know them irl. That's what happens when tinfoiling every little thing a cow does. You're going to be right at some point. It doesn't matter and it's derailing to try to out anons anyway or ask them to out themselves because anyone can claim they were that anon. Maybe it was me.

No. 281977

kek what bullshit is this
>Looks like Sharla won. Sorry Lily, sorry Emma, sorry Norm. Sharla won unless she somehow fumbles it at the last minute.
What a sick pile of trash this post is. Talking about a chubby moid as a prize and pretending other people are sad about not "winning"

No. 281978

Pointing how we don't even know if it was one anon or multiple anons who made all those guesses. Best to not even bother with that.

No. 281979

fair enough but it wasn't just chance, come on now. Even other sites documented the clues.

No. 281980

Yes and because of that other anons could come up with the assumptions leading to where we are now too.

No. 281981

Hmm I hear you, and that’s definitely true, especially as some of the conversation sounded like teenage fanfiction.. either they’ve got a super stalker fan or some people just are that intuitive.
I’m just annoyed people throwing shit were actually right, it’s just so cringe

No. 281984

The bragging about it makes it seem very teenage.

No. 281986

their lives are pretty easy to read and doesn't take a sherlock holmes to figure it out
Nonnies guessing they're dating is easy when sharla chose to live not far from chris and hanging out with him often, not hard to read between the lines
And guessing when they started to date was easy when sharla had that fanart of them together hanging in her house 2019 february or whatever in her house tour. Is this really hard? kek
Or getting right that little vacation in santorini, the most popular greek travel destination with the famous blue/white background… and chris proposing during their long travels during chrismas… which many couples do
these two follow stereotypical norms, not crazy nonnies can pick up or guess the obvious

No. 281990

It's funny how PewDiePie announces his wife pregnancy and then less than 2 weeks later CxS engagement news drop.
Bet Sharla is pushy to not be overshadowed .

No. 281991

Sharla photos include one from JaJ1 … cheating stinks rise top kek

No. 281994

Sharla actively denying that she was dating other men except when it came to Chris was the biggest giveaway, imo, but the way they acted together during JCJ1 caused some of their commenters who didn't know Chris was in a relationship with someone else, to ship them or suspect they liked each other, so it was inevitable people would go looking for clues.

No. 281997

For one thing I was bored and it's fun to trigger you Karens

No. 281998

They were boning on JAJ1
On two nights they ended up in the same room, first night Ian switched rooms because he wanted to stay out late but C&S were tired and were just supposed to "crash" and that was like the "tired cyclist" room… Ian actually ended up crashing in the van but mostly because he was trying to fix C's bike but he was also pretty wasted at the time as well. That was the first time they did it but the night after that one it happened again (under different circumstances)

No. 282002

Anon, no.

No. 282005

nonnies have solved more on less before
hell lolcow and pull figured out mira was the one socketpuppeting in comments months before she got excommunicated, and nonnies did all the work for the jvloggers basically
sharla and chris' lives aren't complicated kek

No. 282012

Straight from Sharla's brain, the obsession with exes and competing with other women is so psychosexual you may as well be fucking the other women at that point since they are on your mind so much.
Very common with cows to use men or perceived attractiveness to moids or whatever as some sort of "own" to other women who don't give a shit.
Stans will use that one Lily Tweet forever as proof for their fanfictions, when it's likely she gives zero shits especially since she has a boyfriend now.

No. 282013

For real. All Lily did was make one comment one time coming out that Chris and Sharla cheated. She probably wants nothing to do with either. But Sharla and least her stans dedicated years to try to destroy Lily. Lily clearly has moved on long ago and actually is doing well as a developer. Honestly Lily's life seems a lot more interesting than Sharla's who's personality revolves around owning cats and dating a celebrity.

No. 282024

Anon, yes

No. 282025

lol chris is not a celebrity nonnie

also you forgot her personality also is based on gachapon, Pokemon, and Elon musk

No. 282112

I wasn’t necessarily triggered, more intrigued, but I admit just hid the thread in the end because the conversation was ridiculous.
Sorry nonnas, it’s not that I couldn’t/wouldn’t see the evidence at the time etc. it was the sperging about it here I was specifically referring to. Should have made that clearer.

No. 282135

You should give up on your it was obvious to figure out because you’re dead wrong. they were very good at hiding their relationship until it hit too obvious at the very end!. I will point out some things that you got wrong, Sharla didn’t choose to live “near”chris, sharla was living with Chris since 2019.
We figured out that Chris was not in fact living in Sendai, but morioka with Sharla from 2019 to 2021 until they both moved to their current apartment in Sendai.
We spotted matching furniture and home utensils, and small slips on the podcast back in 2021, way before their trip to the UK. It was so unclear that many people called those who believed they were a couple crazy! So no it was not obvious especially back in 2020 when we first started to see the small clues!

No. 282136

Nice fiction

No. 282137

Agreed. That whole thing was weird. We don't know when they started sleeping together and all this extra jazz. Can we please, please, just leave all this in the thread from 2 threads ago? This is so boring to see having brought up and it's clearly some of the same anons who talked about it already. If you can't talk about fresh milk, just let the thread be slow.

No. 282144

This is Sharla posting here, we figured it out via IP(hi cow)

No. 282148

Who is we you, Jesus, Mary and Joseph?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 282149

Exactly, here they are in Matera Italy 2019. Per the podcast Chris was/they were attending a friends wedding. They have been frolicking in Europe long before their Santorini trip in 2022.

No. 282152

Because they're loaded

No. 282173

No we fucking didn’t.

I am >>281972, my comment was not supposed to invite yet another repetition of all the evidence/tinfoils. (Are you all autistic??)
Just forget I said anything, Jesus.

No. 282199

I warned you. Anons need to learn to move on. It's been 4 threads. Jfc. Really needed that containment thread for the Chris and Sharla shitposters who can't leave posts in old threads. Just report them for old milk or something. This thread is going to fill by talking about of crap again, and then the next thread. These summer vendettafags have killed this thread. You also didn't insult either cow, so you must be the cow by their logic. Can't even discuss anything

No. 282206

I thought this was the Chris and Sharla containment thread

No. 282223

Just take a look at the comments sections of their vlogs from their Mount Fuji trip in early September 2018 and Journey Across Japan 1. Viewers who didn't know about Lily or Sharla's marriage (she didn't announce her divorce until much later) also thought there was something going on between them and some even assumed they were officially a thing by the way they behaved. Our own thread thought they acted like a couple and that Sharla was interested in Chris even though no one knew she had divorced.
People were already looking for hints from Autumn 2018 or earlier.

Anyway, the best way to get discussion to move on is to introduce some new milk or topic about someone else.

No. 282231

NTA, but shipping people who work together of the opposite sex isn't just for Sharla and Chris. Even the Stranger Things cast had this issue for example. You see how many anons ship other versions of all these vloggers too. The comment section is the exact same as anons posting here before their announcement, just tinfoil and that's okay.

No. 282232

Yeah Chris is just a regular british guy, a lot of them are like him. He's no special and unique prize kek.
You don't need to make up a story that can't be verified, it's obvious that cheating happened otherwise he wouldn't have lied about when their relationship started. We've been over this >>>/w/247435

No. 282233

That sounds like obvious bait IMO about Lily. Stop replying to over-the-top comments. There's no other way to read it other than an anon trying to pretend to be a stan just to try and cause fights ITT.

No. 282235

This anon >>>/w/247435 was just telling the truth of the matter.

No. 282240

In Sharla last video she announces the engagement and cries of some anons mentioning she's fat.
She ain't exactly fat in my eyes but I guess attention seekers are attention seekers.

No. 282241

File: 1676675909592.png (376.57 KB, 865x432, Screen Shot 2023-02-17 at 6.16…)

You should link it, nona. Skip to the last few minutes for the semi-monthly haul of retarded cat shit. Say what you will about Sharla as a person, whatever, but her content is almost indescribably boring unless you're a cat mom. She should flip another house. I can't imagine she attracts many new viewers by flaunting the dumbest ass cat toys, whether that's in Japan OR the UK. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZcflO_zQkQ

No. 282243

I mean you might not like it but I do.
Why does every video need to be done cultural shite. I’ve been watching her for almost ten years and it’s nice watching her sit down and talk to me like a normal person.

No. 282245

If Sharla's only two options are "done cultural shite" or boring cat toys forevermore, then I guess her channel is doomed. I hope she has an alternate career path, for her own sake.

No. 282254

she's pretty chunky, but tbh if she talked more about her thyroid, her struggle, health & diet, etc then I think people would be more sympathetic and understanding to her. Hypothyroidism usually just causes 3~5 kilos of weight gain, massive weight gain is pretty rare. So it'd be interesting if she talked about her unique situation more, if it really is medical or not; and maybe others could relate. She might as well, she has no other content really. Plus people only know what she she shows, which is snacks and cats. And then there's chris who loves fast food, ramen, and chicken.
She was pretty skinny when she was preparing for her korean wedding and showed off her body on ig then, and i believe she said she was doing intermittent fasting which worked so who knows

No. 282258

>I eat healthy
>posts a bunch of fatty foods and sugar filled lattes
No need to lie Shartla

No. 282260

I always thought it would be cool if she shifted her focus away from cat toys and more towards sex toys

No. 282261

Shartla lol don't be mean

No. 282264

Should sponsor Tenga

No. 282266

Watching through her videos, she also has no idea what is and isn't healthy. Plenty of times she'll say something "feels" healthy or "I feel like it's healthy" and it's usually some junk filled food. She loves her muffins and thinks they're healthy but they're basically just cakes for breakfast
She's not the brightest when it comes to healthy/non-healthy foods and clearly doesn't understand how to manage her thyroid situation

No. 282267

…and she refuses to take medication for it despite doctor's advice.

No. 282268

Is she refusing?
I thought she just "adjusted" her doses for it

No. 282278

>Watching through her videos, she also has no idea what is and isn't healthy.
Wow she truly is Chris' soulmate after all.
That's Sydney and Akis niche. Sharlas audience would freak out if she did that and Chris is way too conservative to allow it. He let's her do what she wants on most thints but I doubt he'd accept that.
Medical issues can cause issues and change things but Americans/Canadians/Brits also massively over estimate their calories burned and underestimate what they eat. There's no magic the weight has to come from somewhere. But I doubt she actually understands things enough for this. I remember initially she refused to take any medication and would plan to do things "naturally" with Starbucks lattes. I mean even in the video she's trashing her doctor for not changing their medicine on her "internet research" which trumps the doctors years of education and probably decades of experience. It's unfortunately a pretty common attitude to take towards doctors in the west which is why so many doctors stop trying.
The Tokyo move is interesting. I wonder who is pushing it? I doubt Chris is pushing it since his brand is more North Japan and he travels all over and not in Tokyo that much. Plus he just built a dream studio.
Also I think she essentially confirmed she reads the comments here just because she is talking about negativity and weight comments which is more a thing here than on her youtube where her fans will defend her and thier will be filtering and blocking within her control.

No. 282279

I feel bad for her but tbh Sharla is on her way to being one of those fat people talking about how it’s glandular, even as they continue eating like shit. Thyroid, aging, whatever - we’re talking a matter of a couple of hundred cals impact on your BMR. She lives in one of the most walkable cities of the entire world. All she needs to do is stroll around more. Maybe make a video while she is at it of something other than plastic googaws for her cats.

No. 282284

Chris doesn't have her on some leash, wtf misogynist "he won't allow her" crap is this?

No. 282285

It's because of her religion actually, her religion don't believe in taking medication

No. 282286

I think also ppl on reddit talk about her weight and she's a total beast mode Redditor

No. 282287

but every time she walks she ends up back at Starbucks whoops funny how that works

No. 282288

Sharla doesn't read the comments here, she's referring to comments she gets on her videos she posts on YouTube, you muppet

No. 282289

Kek you may be trolling but I think she is a total redditor. The Elon love, the pretend veganism, the arrested development, the burgeoning weight gain. All the hallmarks of a classic Redditor.

No. 282290

File: 1676696567623.jpg (327.84 KB, 1080x1816, Screenshot_20230218_140027_Ins…)

Looks like another Broad is in Japan!

No. 282292

What is her religion?

No. 282300

They're trolling, she's not religious and just thinks she knows better.
She making decisions based off of what she found online.

No. 282301

ngl, thought that was Sharla in the thumbnail, instead it's Chris' sister.

No. 282310

So did I. I think I'm gonna be sick. Why are moids?

No. 282318

Chris's sister didn't always have blonde hair. She's been making herself look more like Sharla for some reason.

No. 282323

Honestly I have to agree she's definitely a reddit type personality.
Lmaooo why does his sister look exactly like Sharla?
I guess Chris and Garnt do have something in common after all.
She needs to learn to trust trained medical experts rather than random online forums. She wants to just bulldoze the medical opinions of her doctor but she's not in Canada anymore. Most doctors there are less likely to just bend to patient demands and "research".
You know that's a good point. I can't imagine how things would be if she were in the UK or Canada. Most people lie to themselves about weight gain and exercise. She and Chris are rich enough to hire actual professionals to get her on a diet and exercise plan if she really wanted to but she doesn't want to and probably knows deep down that she isn't being healthy. Plus given how she talks about her doctor and her refusal to take medicine I doubt she'd stick with it. That said by Western standards Sharla isn't fat and she has more of an excuse than most of us. I just don't see her changing her ways though and I predict an actual ballooning if they ever leave Japan.

No. 282324

I wonder if Sharla and Chris sit together to read mean comments.
In the livestreams that Pete did to show that JAJ5 was totally not scripted, Chris kept ranting about people not liking the one in Okinawa and his scripted content.
You'd think that after 10 years or whatever long Sharla has been on YT, they'd know not to focus on the comments. And if Sharla doesn't want unsolicited advice, she should stop talking about her weight on camera. If you see her eating mac n cheese with Cheeto dust and drinking Starbucks all the time, after whining about how little she eats, it's hard to be sympathetic.
Same with Chris. People gave him good advice after seeing what he was eating and he decided to ignore it. Only to say that he had just learned about CICO, after his deadline.

No. 282327

Did anyone else think Chris and Sharla being in a relationship would make for good and interesting content? Looks like some of us have been disappointed lol.

I understand they've just announced their engagement… Will the boring and insufferable content intensify?

No. 282328

Didn’t she lose her thyroid? If she’s not taking medicine for that this is why she’s gaining weight.

I’ve never been slim but I lost my thyroid at 18 and it is a fucking bitch to stabilise and you need to keep an eye on it.(sage your shit)

No. 282329

It's clear that C and S check this place, we have incidents of C even deleting(private )a video after someone discovered proof of C/S living together.

No. 282330

That'd be really sad,of all people trying to imitate Sharla style kek

No. 282331

Sharla comes out like the same ,only Chris benefits due him showing a side he never shows but in general they are not a couple that will draw eyes towards them.

No. 282334

They’ve both really fallen off in my opinion. I have zero interest in watching Chris “chessbox” or any of the fitness shit. Good for him but it’s not relevant to Japan travel. Sharla, well, she had a brief moment of particularly good content when she was doing work on the Airbnb, but for the past year or so she’s really doubled-down on generic “lifestyle” content. Like, day in my life, apartment tour, whatever. I think they’re both priming their audience for a transition out of Japan focused content because they do plan on leaving at some point. But see, all their shit still has a residue of Japan, meaning it still has some relevance to their followers. Even if they moved to Korea , or Hong Kong, those countries are still interesting to most weebs. Kent though? Not a chance. They’ll have to do better than “my little hobbit house tour” and “Fitness Journey to New Malden” or whatever

No. 282335

you nailed it nonnie

No. 282336

Sharla's a Scientologist

No. 282337

Chris's sister looks like if Sharla and Chris had a daughter, actual wtf

No. 282339

Oriental "look at me speak Japanese" pearl has multiple videos that have millions of views.
Chris getting a million views on most of his vids isn't saying much, weebs/japanophiles will watch any shit about Japan.
I think they're referring to Chris talking about watching her vids before he went to Japan. That's where her nickname of "bread girl" came from.
Lily wasn't a rebound, Chris had been single for many months before he got with her. He broke up with his Japanese ex back in early 2015 iirc. It's funny that you say this "Chris probably knew he wasn't going to marry a rebound" when he is Sharla's rebound.

No. 282343

Its 2023 are bitches still doing the sideways look selfie like gag me with a spoon

No. 282356

It's just you, anon, go be gross somewhere else.

No. 282357

Holy fuck, she looks so much like Sharla. This is hilarious

No. 282359

kek are you blind nonnie? she looks exactly like Sharla but with 15% of Chris (in the eyes mostly)… >>282337 was totally right, use your eyes

No. 282360

I mean their latest vid together on aij got a million views. Clearly some people liked it. Of course not you. you’re special.

No. 282361

I jerky my cock to Paolo and tkyosam instead.
Weeey better content

No. 282362

Chris used to make cultural content.
Now all he does is meet Ken Watanabe and eat sushi with Ryotaro. Such easy low tier garbage.

No. 282363

How much do you jerky that cock

No. 282365

God I love this thread.
I used to think I was the only person in the world who had no friends and no life. Now I know I’m not alone. I’m going to celebrate by deploying ip tracking software and spamming every account with hentai to celebrate. YEAH BABY

No. 282387

>"As for bad news, I got my most recent blood tests results back from my thyroid doctor and they're very bad. They're getting worse and worse and I'm feeling really hopeless because my doctor isn't willing to change anything about my medications…"
She refused to take the medications and never followed the recommended diet, so what is the doctor to do?
>"…which is very disheartening and disappointing because having thyroid problems means you gain a lot of weight and it's weight that you can't lose with diet or exercise. I don't know the science behind it. It makes absolutely no sense to me. But regardless of how little I eat or how much I exercise, I just keep gaining weight."
>"I know lots of you guys also struggle with thyroid or other adrenal hormonal issues and it's nice to have you to be able to relate to me because lots of people just tell me to diet. 'Stop eating shit!' 'Workout more!' but I eat very healthy. Regardless of what you see on youtube, I show you guys the fun snacks and stuff in videos, but that's like once a week when I film. At home I eat a very strict, healthy diet. I walk a lot. I exercise. And it's not doing me any good, unfortunately…"
Sharla must suffer from some form of amnesia that makes her forget what she eats and doesn't know what it means to actually exercise. Anyway, she's going to the USA to meet with a specialist because her Japanese doctor isn't willing to change her medication. Like >>282323 said, if she or Chris is willing to spend that much money to see someone in the USA, why not hire professionals to help her maintain a steady diet and exercise plan if she can't do it on her own? Sharla and Chris both seem to be allergic to eating healthy and proper, regular exercise.

No. 282393

I really did kek at the "I don't know the science behind it" line. It's because there is no science behind it. CICO always applies, and if your thyroid has brought your caloric output down, you need to decrease your calorie intake. Simple as that. I feel for her, but the likeliest issue is that she is eating like she did with a working thyroid. It sucks, but if she wants to lose the weight she'll need to eat far healthier than she currently is. it's just that simple. I don't necessarily think she needs to lose the weight, it's her body and I don't care, but no use crying about it on camera if you're not really taking any steps to fix it other than thinking what you eat is healthy. Trips to LA and England where she likely thinks she can just eat what she wants because it's a holiday are going to continue to put her on the back foot.

No. 282398

When you say "jerky cock" are we talking about like beef jerky or turkey jerky? Just trying to understand the texture

No. 282399

I’m not invested in the weight stuff but fucking hell take your meds for the thyroid because it literally controls your godamn endocrine system and you will be so fucked if your levels aren’t right

No. 282404

shes probably just doing a virtual consultation. She didnt imply in any way that she was going to visit the US to see an American doctor. Stop squeezing everything for milk when it isnt milky. Adjusting levothyroxin dosage is an extremely tricky matter, and Japanese doctors may have different trained approaches than western doctors, because japanese peoples bodies inherently are genetically different.

No. 282410

Chris videos used to be Abroad in Japan but now is just Chris Broad Does Stuff sometimes vaguely in Japan look at the drone shot.

He's just not that interesting enough to make the show about himself rather than, you know, Japan

No. 282416

American doctors are also bullied by their patients and mostly give up/give in to demands whether it's alternative medicine or refusing to get on scales. Japanese doctors are used to compliance and aren't being pressured to change things on patient's whims or research. Sharla is just going to keep looking until she gets a doctor that tells her what she wants to hear and nothing in her body will improve on the health or fitness side. People in the medical field see this story 1000 times a year.

No. 282433

Sharla's voice and demeanor are such a combined irritant to me that I'm not sure I can catch up on all this in her own voice. Thanks for the summary because I just hate hearing her talk. I also don't normally agree with >>282404 but here I kinda do. Japan does have strange approaches to medication (psych meds but also meds deemed to be stimulants in any way, like thyroid meds). It's probably not a bad idea for her to get another opinion on her medication from a Western doctor if she can afford it.

I'm pretty lukewarm on Sharla but she's never really been a fitness or fashion content creator so there's no reason to scrutinize her body unless she's gone back to preaching about veganism. Thyroid issues don't look like fun at all, I genuinely feel bad she had that happen to her.

Chris is another matter, he makes his body/health a main talking point so it's fair game.

No. 282434

oh samefag
lol I don't know if I agree that having Japanese genes means there will be a difference in your thyroid meds wtf. I just think, like you say, they could have different approaches for prescribing meds.

No. 282435

The thing about thyroid meds, especially if you’ve just had the damn thing explode, is it takes months of careful monitoring to see changes and what works for you.

Your first six months to a year once you lose it is establishing a base line on an estimated dose and maybe changing it every three months if your looking dicey. After that you’ll need checking every 6-12 months for a couple of years

And even after that you’ll be getting some issues with your weight and with thyroid brain fog(sage your shit)

No. 282437

The amount of medfagging..

No. 282439

I thought it was against the rules.
Would be funny if the mods actually started modding this thread for some reason

No. 282441

File: 1676763397472.png (544.77 KB, 1080x1135, Screenshot_20230218-233305.png)


No. 282442

File: 1676763459830.png (577.2 KB, 1047x785, Screenshot_20230218-233428.png)

No. 282446

File: 1676765458400.png (2.98 MB, 1226x1836, HIPyNgg.png)

>She didnt imply in any way that she was going to visit the US to see an American doctor.
She hasn't implied it, but she is in LA now, so maybe she's going to see a doctor there and will put it in a video later
Although, again no proof of what she is there for, just that she is in LA. Who knows, maybe she's there just to drink more Starbucks

No. 282459

This is all in old threads.

No. 282462

There was no careful monitoring. She's been eating crap this entire time that would've made her gain weight with or without a thyroid problem. She claimed she only eats "snacks" once a week as seen in her vlogs despite what people think, but she's been regularly eating junk in Japan in everyone else's vlogs and streams and according to her own SNS updates, including food and drink she admitted she wasn't supposed to have. You can't have that many "cheat days" a week. She's been eating even more shit throughout her US and UK trips, which she just got back from before her recent tests. She did the exact same thing before her previous lab work. She ate poorly throughout her summer UK trip, which she sort of admitted, so her results were very bad despite showing improvement before, and that's when her doctor suggested she eat healthier, which she never did. And she refused meds. So she didn't even try what her Japanese doctor asked her to do. There's nothing wrong with getting a second opinion, but the way she's criticizing her Japanese doctor and complaining that nothing's worked is just stupid.
Sharla has made multiple health and diet and exercise related videos in the past.

No. 282463

Everything you said was wrong. Lol but I will just correct you on one, it was Chris Idea to move, and had to convinced Sharla per the podcast .

No. 282464

>they do plan on leaving at some point
They'll never leave. Japan is the lightbulb and they're the moths. Every 3 years Chris says "just 3 more years and I'll leave". Sharla lived in Korea and couldn't handle it and ran back to Japan and Chris. You can take them out of Japan, but you can't take Japan out of them.

> health and diet and exercise related videos in the past
She lost a bunch of weight for her wedding in Korea through diet and some exercise. It worked, she was skinny for a few months before she divorced.

No. 282465

Do you live with Sharla? Are you her friend? Do you hang out with her? How the hell do you know what her diet is? The 30 min videos is not a livestream of her life weirdo.
Also I know it hurts your little weeb heart to criticize anything having to do with japan, god forbid.
But since you are not her friend, nor her doctor, you should probably shut the fuck up.

No. 282466

Looser unit

No. 282468

This is her after her trip to the UK >>226732 all she vlogged was afternoon tea and bouncing around bakeries. What she claims and videos doesn't make sense. But gaining 10 kilos after bakery raiding in the UK does make sense.

No. 282474

Stop tinfoiling constantly. Kthx.

No. 282475

Guess you didn't read his tweet, he's still lying about when they started dating. And this is funny >>282442 seeing as she moved back to Japan in September 2018 >>281835 >>281960 which is months before he ended his relationship.
She still has half a thyroid.

No. 282477

Sharla stop reading this horrible image board, it's just a bunch of bitter old hags(sage your shit)

No. 282478

Yeah that artwork was quite revealing.

No. 282487

There's going to be a video of Uncle Roger and Chris together making fried chicken(this is an imageboard)

No. 282488

There's going to be a video of Uncle Roger and Chris together making fried chicken.
Watch this space. You'll see when it happens you heard it here first and maybe you tards will FINALLY start believing the shiz I bring here. It's infuriating(this is an imageboard)

No. 282490

This should be unsagged since it's new milk.
>Chris "Nobody knows for sure!"
How can you not know how many years you've been dating? Why is he acting like they could've only started dating in 2021? This might be the final nail in the coffin for me. It makes no sense for Chris to pretend to not really know when their relationship started and to suggest a completely different number unless there's something very inconvenient about the truth. He must also think his patreon members are complete idiots if he's basically admitting to dating Sharla as soon as she moved back to Japan, which was fourth months before he broke up with his ex and right before JAJ.

No. 282514

This is the second time he's lied about it >>>/w/235072

No. 282516

Chris has always seemed so gay to me. like when him and Pewdiepie (can't find the vid or I'd embed, sorry nonas) went to this abandoned building together. they have more chemistry than PDP/Marzia or Chris/Sharla have kek
maybe it's cause they're both moid misogynists? who was that comedian who said he could never fuck someone he respects so he only fucks women?

No. 282533

Which episode? The last one didn't mention a move?

No. 282534

I don't know how Chris's brain works. He signed a 5 year lease on his studio in Sendai (which he spent 6 figures on in USD) and now he wants to move to Tokyo? Is he going to move the studio piece by piece and break his lease (which is very bad in Japan especially for a gaijin) or is he going to commute to Sendai just to make videos there? What in the actual fuck are they thinking? And this, after saying for years he'd never live in Tokyo because he prefers Northern Japan and then he'd list a laundry list of reasons why it's better to live north. Chris is such a dishonest sleaze.

No. 282535

He also benefits dating Sharla because she's actually fluent in Japanese so he never has had to actually work hard to speak the language since she does all the difficult things with life stuff that requires being able to speak and write.

No. 282536

Wasn't her Japanese so bad that she falsely accused a bunch of Japanese people of being racist against white girls?
Either Sharla is pushing the move and Chris is taking the heat for it or Chris is really desperate to build a celebrity persona which would be easier in Tokyo. Though it seems that wasn't actually in the latest podcast we'll see if it's in the one today which has interesting implications if it is. Sharla just announced the move yesterday.

No. 282538

Go to past threads for old discussion please. You guys keep coming out with topics we've been over.

No. 282539

Nah, her Japanese is not good. She lied about being a translator once but she was outed when it came out she was working as an assistant and somebody else was the translator.

No. 282540

Their move that was just announced is an old discussion? Unless you have the lifespan of a dragonfly I wouldn't think so.

No. 282547

Referring to
>Wasn't her Japanese so bad that she falsely accused a bunch of Japanese people of being racist against white girls?

No. 282549

That is just pertinent to the discussion of whether or not Sharla is fluent in Japanese, which this anon brought up out of nowhere to randomly compliment her, apropos of nothing. >>282535

No. 282550

NTA, but no one is complimenting her by saying she's better at Japanese than Chris also that instance was years ago and she's gotten better since and can even quickly speak which is a lot more than even Paolo does who I've also seen anons celebrate in thread. He absolutely benefits from it, but he also didn't need her either before.

No. 282551

My point isn’t really whether or not Sharla’s japanese is good, the point is that some anon randomly with no context just complimented her by saying she speaks it better than Chris. Sure, who cares? Her friend Ushka speaks it better than her. Then some other nona disputed it, then some minimod came in to only tell off the anon who said it wasn’t good. Nothing about Sharla’s language skill is relevant to anything being discussed right now. And what does Paolo have to do with any of this? This thread is bizarre.

No. 282552

It was a 3 year lease. also r people not allowed i to change their minds? Who told you that he can’t afford to hire the company he built it to take it apart to move it? He has the money to do so.

No. 282554

She does though. Anon stated a fact, it's not exactly a compliment. This isn't the issue you're trying to make it out to be, anon.

No. 282555

Again you r making assumptions from 1 ig post?

No. 282556

He could probably afford to break the lease and most Japanese pay a first and last month rent on top of all the extra 10x costs before move-in. Renting laws are not the same globally, so I don't know if anons have the mindset of Burgers or something, but this move isn't that extreme for people who have money to do it. Also, we don't know if they would keep the house and just move temporarily and then rent out the other house. There's so much we don't know about this, but anons are going on weird tinfoils.

No. 282557

You’re so dumb, go back and watch that we bought a house in Tokyo video. ushka doesn’t speak Japanese at all Sharla had to translate for her lol

No. 282558

Chris is less fat than Sharla now, also a fact. Why come in and start just spouting facts in a cow thread where it is completely irrelevant to an existing conversation? It isn’t milk. And yet weirdly the only thing that gets minimodded is criticism for Sharla, and not nonnies coming in just to drop random irrelevant compliments. And again, bringing up Paolo makes zero sense. why are you arguing about complete nonsense and filling this thread?
>>b-b-but people like Paolo a-a-and he no speak as gud as Sharla

No. 282559

Are you a mental case? They just announced their move to Tokyo literally this weekend. Keep up and stop minimodding.

No. 282560

It's fine to say Sharla is not as good in Japanese as she claims, but it's totally fair to point out how much better she is than Chris. She literally moved to Japan in high school to study the language.

No. 282562

It was a five year lease. That's a fact. Per the podcast him telling Pete about it when he first got it. I'm not going searching through that mind numbing bullshit to find it, but yes it was a 5 year which is typical for a commercial lease in Japan.

No. 282563

The move to Tokyo doesn't make any sense for either of them unless Chris is trying to become some kind of NHK World presenter like Peter Barakan.(sage your shit)

No. 282564

Or it would be because it offers more government-funded video opportunities. It doesn't make sense because none of us know right now. Also, usually they travel to places like this for videos, so being in the area isn't a bad idea.

No. 282566

Say what you will about Chris but yeah he's looking good lately. He's not good at cutting weight but he did put on a good amount of muscle and his face looks less puffy. I find the whole thing about his lifestyle change weird though. Sharla is let's say not interested in fitness and it's actually one of those things that add tension to some relationships when one partner gets fit and the other goes the other direction. Especially given that Chris cheated on his last girlfriend I'd be a bit worried if I were Sharla.
It's incredibly wasteful and absurd especially since he always whines about money. Imagine doing an expensive renovation to build your dream home/office that only you would want that way, only to abandon it to move across the country a year later and have to disassemble it. A move that doesn't seem to benefit you and is in a city you have stated to not like that much. That's why I think Sharla was the one pushing the move. But who knows really?

No. 282569

You know he was working for years for the Tohoku Tourism Board right? That's where Ryotaro came from originally, and how Chris secured his visa. (No he did NOT get it through Tokyo Creative like dumb anons thought)

So perhaps that whole thing has fallen through as his content has drifted away from a focus on Tohoku. So it's time for a change. not everything is a tinfoil conspiracy anons.

No. 282570

That's why I suggested it. It might be just another move and Sharla still does videos for the government too, she was editing one before the England trip I think. It was in one of the old threads in a vlog anon broke down. Since Japan is opening up for foreigners again, I could see Japan trying to get as many popular foreign YouTubers to draw in people through whats' available near the tourism areas of Japan and not so much out in the country unless it's shrine-level locations like Kyoto.

No. 282578

>Wasn't her Japanese so bad that she falsely accused a bunch of Japanese people of being racist against white girls?
That wasn't a case of her Japanese being good or bad. There was no way she could have misheard that much, including the profanity. It was more outright lying and completely making up what the women said for drama and attention, which is far worse than simply misinterpreting what was said due to poor listening skills.
>but no one is complimenting her by saying she's better at Japanese than Chris also that instance was years ago and she's gotten better since and can even quickly speak
She can't and her Japanese has gotten worse. We discussed this during her Airbnb tour where she really struggled. She's also never been fluent, despite living in Japan since she was 19.
Yes, very bizarre, and they went to meta to complain about it.
NTA, but Sharla and her friends have shown her eating all manner of sweets and junk food on youtube, twitter, IG, twitch, etc, which she expressly said she wasn't supposed to have back when she shared her results after the UK trip over the summer. She said she's on a low-carb, no-sugar diet and she supposed to avoid pasta, then was then eating fries and pasta and drinking cocktails on Pete's stream the following day or just days after. She's done this many times. >>282465 clearly wasn't aware.
Anon >>282535 said she was fluent, which she isn't and why others were responding. She visited Japan in high school, but moved after. She went to university in Chiba, but her program was for foreigners and in English.

No. 282579

>She can't and her Japanese has gotten worse. We discussed this during her Airbnb tour where she really struggled
To have words to explain the type of architecture she wanted built. That's not something that they outright teach to you. Specifics aren't common, so she used a word close to slats, but ended up having to draw a photo. That's not her not being fluent enough, that's not knowing specific terms which isn't crazy and doesn't make her unknowledgeable. Anons ITTs are in no way masters at the language either, so I don't know how any of them would even know or just take one anon's words. This is some dumb derailing about language.

No. 282580

If you don't speak Japanese, which you clearly don't, you can't judge how fluent someone is. She struggled with basic words. Some of us can and do speak much better than Sharla, actually.

No. 282584

Well at the very least she can read fluently, she reads books in Japanese and passed N1

No. 282588

Read what books? Passing N1 doesn't make you fluent at all and she absolutely can't read fluently if she doesn't know "fence" or "ladder," and struggles with basic speech. You're really showing how little you know. I wouldn't be surprised if you're that one anon who claimed she can read fluently because she read a basic sign back when we first had this discussion about the airbnb vlog. What does this even have to do with her and Chris moving to Tokyo?

No. 282590

NTA, but they didn't even mention Tokyo. What's your damage?

No. 282593

N2, not N1. plus it was 10 years ago

No. 282594

Sharla saying they are moving to Tokyo "soon" at the 4.19 mark

No. 282595

The discussion was about Chris and Sharla moving to Tokyo. Keep up.

No. 282598

>It was more outright lying and completely making up what the women said for drama and attention, which is far worse than simply misinterpreting what was said due to poor listening skills.
I feel like Kim Dao was the instigator there iirc, she was leaning over and whispering to Sharla, which probably influenced Sharla. And Kim was the one who made the big "racism in japan!!!" video, right? Well, not defending Sharla, I just blame Kim for 2/3 of that mess and Sharla for 1/3.

No. 282599

Good for them

No. 282600

Fuck she’s still wearing that ugly hag jumper. Her style is as ugly as their apartment

No. 282602

They deserve each other, they both look like potatoes, watch them both get fat in the second marriage year.

No. 282604

I really hope you just have a faulty memory and aren't just trying to shift blame, but you should watch the video again and read our old discussion. Sharla was the one "interpreting" for Kim and Taylor, who don't really speak Japanese, and telling them what the women were saying, and Kim seemed to genuinely believe her. Kim is at fault for not apologizing and admitting she was wrong after taking the video down when she realized she'd be duped.

No. 282605

Why "good for them"? Chris has been saying for years he'd never want to live in Tokyo. So what's the deal.

No. 282606

Because he spending more time in Tokyo because of work then in Sendai. sharla businesses are in Tokyo. they are spending a lot of money going back-and-forth and she comes in every month. So logistically it makes sense to live in the city that they work and not spend a ton of money and time away from home. For example If you are spending two weeks out of the month in a city that you don’t live would you not just move there?

No. 282607

Sharla doesn’t want to move, she hates Tokyo. It was Chris idea, he has said so many it was he that wanted to move to his Patreons in the recent months. Anyway why r u are so concerned about his decision and his money? You do realize Chris is a millionaire right? so if he wants his Waste his money move every 3 months that his business.

No. 282608

Go be salty outside

No. 282610

They've both always been very vocal that they don't like Tokyo and prefer living in more slow pace northern Japan. I think their sex life is suffering. This is the type of things couples do to "Spice things up" - first the fitness, then the traveling, which didn't really work, now the inevitable big move to a more lively place. Anyone whose been in a relationship that's sliding downhill knows these signs. the engagement was also timed exactly like how these things go. the Divorce will happen in less than five years.

No. 282611

They are moving. Who cares? Omg.

No. 282613

Only N2. Even that creep Hidinginmyroom is N2 and he can't even survive in Japan without his ex-wife. If that's the case Sharla isn't adding much in the Japanese skills front to Chris' life unless he literally knows nothing after ten years. Especially if her skills have deteriorated.
This is a lolcow gossip forum. Why are you so shocked that people are mocking him for making ridiculous decisions. I think the studio and move after a year might be the biggest youtuber waste of $ I've ever seen. It should be mocked. Also Sharla is way more pro Tokyo than you're pretending. I doubt Chris is forcing her to go. If anything it's the other way around.
The fitness was because Chris was approaching the verge of lifelong complications according to his doctor. He would have had to be on permanent medication. Then he met Nick Pettas and ended up liking it. You can see probably the ideal to him is to have a partner like Nick's wife who does the fitness things with him. Maybe the move is to spice it up but it seems like they have less in common since Sharla is like the old Chris and fitness is now a big part of Chris' life.
Sharla was always the queen bee constant drama type. Who really knows if it's language or her just stirring up trouble.

No. 282616

my bad, I skimmed the video, you're right, anon!

No. 282617

kek I'm not a fan of this couple but to make it about their sex life is pretty weird, nonna. everything you listed is part of normal couple life together.

No. 282619

>Even that creep Hidinginmyroom is N2
Don't bring Daniel-san into this

No. 282635

>Who really knows if it's language or her just stirring up trouble
She clearly did it on purpose and let Kim take the fall >>>/snow/146512 >>>/snow/146568


No. 282641

NTA, but the video is still available and anyone who hasn't seen it only needs to watch it to see there's no way Sharla, who I think was calling herself a translator at the time, could innocently misinterpret that much just due to poor language skills and come up with that bs. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4fbrbt
Moving to Tokyo would temporarily benefit her channel since it's largely devoted to shopping hauls and cat goods. I don't think she particularly loves Sendai. She hasn't done much about the city and barely showed their Tanabata festival, which is their most famous event, when she said she'd been dreaming of going for years. I think she and Chris have more youtube friends in Tokyo, too.

No. 282651

When Chris and Sharla did that video where they went to Fox Island, way before they started dating, and you could also read about how they Owl Cafe weren't supposed something about animal rights? Is that

No. 282652

or Fox Village

No. 282657

I dunno if I'm the only one, but I've always found her Japanese off and wonky for someone who's lived in Japan over a decade. I noticed it when she used to vlog with her ex in Japanese and I was pretty surprised kekk. Her enunciation, intonation, and I guess even her pronunciation always sounded so completely foreinger-like, but it's something you'd eventually iron out over time but seems like she never did. Funny enough, there's so many people who lived in Japan far less than her, and their enunciation/intonation is so much better and smoother.

No. 282660

I lived in Japan for three years and people said I barely had an accent. (I'd studied for only two years in college before that.)
Sharla is defective.(No1currs)

No. 282661

C&S are moving to Tokyo, the capital of Japan, which is the country where they both live.

No. 282669

This is 7+ years old ffs.


No. 282670

The anon didn't mention Tokyo.
>>282584 They mentioned language. Maybe follow the links to replies.

They are replying to this, also not anout Tokyo and just complaining about language. >>282580 It's even replying to another post about language. The replies aren't about Tokyo. Retard.

No. 282671

you're clearly the retard - >>282661 was replying to a direct thing about Tokyo
grow up and get laid and touch grass

No. 282672

Follow the replies.

No. 282685

Sharla is what happens to people who stay immersed in the foreigner bubble - time doesn't help them get better and oftentimes their Japanese gets worse the more time goes by since their last formal lesson.

No. 282707

Wonder what will happen to Chris' studio if they move to Tokyo, he must have spent so much money on that thing.(sage your shit)

No. 282715

damn, that expensive boujee studio is barely 2 years old isn't? what a waste kek

No. 282720

Not like he's used the fucking thing for anything useful

No. 282734

If such is the case then good luck if he tries it with Sharla.
There's a lot of dirty dishes one can pull up from her kek

No. 282742

Wow it’s the Kwisatz Haderach of Japan.

No. 282753

Don't bring Dune into this

No. 282758


Just watched the vlog and anon didn't mention that fact that she is going to the US, actually going not a virtual consultation, to get her medication tweaked, so she is taking the medicine, but the Japanese doctors and their medicine for thyroid issues, or lack of thyroid, isn't working. I don't care about discussing if she is on it or not because the vlog said she is taking it and needs to adjusted, but by another doctor and probably not the ones she keeps seeing in Japan since she has to keep traveling out for procedures and all. Barely 2% of people in Japan by statistics have thyroid issues, so she's most likely not seeing people who are familiar with the problems over there.

No. 282759

That's not the proof you think it is.

Same and this was to replace an old roller tower she has with a bell and this one she just bought won't wake them up in the middle of the night and she is donating the one with the bell. It's a smart cat toy and a bell ringing the way the blue one she is donating was.. Damn. That would absolutely be annoying. I'm glad she takes care of her cats.

No. 282775

No one is criticizing her for trying to get a second opinion. She's being criticized for blaming her weight gain on her doctor when she's been eating very poorly and didn't take medication asap. I doubt her American doctor will approve of her Starbucks addiction, either.

No. 282792

Nta he privated the livestream only a few hours after it was shared here and there was also Micaela deleting her reddit account after some of her comments were posted here. They're all lurking here and probably posting too.

No. 282808

Or cow tippers, fans, friends checking up on them and letting them know what they find. It's not definitive they lurk. Their stuff is posted on Reddit, GG, LC, Youtube comments which we've seen anons post basically what is said ITT under videos. They don't need to be here to see the stuff people are saying when its all the same shit everywhere.

No. 282810

Why are anons so determined to say that they aren't lurking here? It's fucking weird.
Anons have already mentioned Sharla's history of lurking. >>>/w/172778 >>>/w/207341

No. 282818

The apartment evidence, lie about the relationship timeline, and Micaela's reddit posts, all of which were edited or deleted right after they were discovered, were only shared on lolcow.

No. 282821

pull actually found Micaela's reddit first and were combing through it a couple of days before it got leaked on here
but i guess the jvloggers are too old to find it on discord kek

No. 282822

a reddit account isn't something that is "leaked" it's public okay

No. 282824

Yeah it's a public account, but it wasn't connected to Micaela until the PULL thread and when it started getting mentioned here leading Micaela to deleting some posts

No. 282826

i don't think she deleted or edited posts, she just deleted the whole account itself after a friend told her about it. Once the account got revealed here; it lasted like what? 6 hours and some? Pretty long probably only because she was in the hospital, and assuming someone within the jvlog group desperately couldn't reach her.

No. 282830

Considering that PULL had the account for like 2 days before lolcow got it and then it was deleted; imo shows that it's the jvloggers themselves who lurk here and not so much others cowtipping. Especially since PULL is considered to be the nicer bunch kek.

No. 282831

delete your fucking dup posts chode

No. 282834

Those posts aren't even connected or show proof its her. Anons asserting it or just saying it like its fact doesn't negate the fact.

No. 282858

Because of exactly the reasons that anon said. You really think they care what is posted here? They only wanted to hide their relationship, which is fine as they don’t owe anyone anything. They have mods on Reddit who probably lurk here and tell them what’s being posted, not that hard to believe since everyone in this fucking thread is from Reddit.
They are now openly engaged, end of milk.
Why are you c/s spergs so creepily obsessed with every single detail of their lives? Why do you keep arguing about the same things that have been done in previous threads?
Inb4 you accuse me of being wk/cow/minimodding, I’m just sick of you autists who think repeating and arguing the same things is “discussing the cow”.

No. 282860

It's so old. A few anons suspect that it's underage posters which kind of explains the weird obsession with older women liking Pokemon and stuff.

No. 282868

Why are you so upset about anons thinking that they lurk here that you have to go off on a sperging, raging tangent and accuse me of being a c/s sperg when I never said anything about their relationship or their lives in that post?

No. 282869

Did you read my post? You know I’m referring to this whole thread(s) rather than just your one single post.. right?

No. 282874

And what did my post about them likely reading this thread have to do with anons being "creepily obsessed with every single detail of their lives"? You really said "Inb4 you accuse me of being wk/cow/minimodding" after straight up accusing me of being a c&s sperg kek. Again, why are you upset over some anons thinking that jvloggers come here to read this thread?
And yes I do think that they care about some of the stuff that is posted here.

No. 282876

Notice that when I talk about c/s sperging it is a separate paragraph (albeit not with a space between because redditspacing was something mods used to redtext for)

No. 282879

So why accuse me of being a c/s sperg in response to that post?

No. 282882

Anon I feel you’re just arguing with me for the sake of it (or that I’ve hurt your feelings). I replied to your comment with my opinion, then I went on to talk about ‘you c/s spergs’ as a general comment to the thread. Take it personally if you want to, but it wasn’t aimed at you personally

No. 282884

>It wasn't aimed at you personally
"Why are YOU c/s spergs…"
Holy fuck are you dumb? Also it's fucking hilarious that that was the post that made you go off about "creepily obsessed spergs", a post that had nothing to do with any of the discussion of their life details and was only about them probably reading the thread. Instead of one of the actually weird posts like this one >>282610

No. 282888

I’m not sure what you’re misunderstanding here - I’ve explained what I meant.
I came here to catch up, I got to your post and it made me say what I said because you tagged 2 posts that said to the effect of “Sharla posts here”, which doesn’t actually contribute anything at all. If you refer back to the first paragraph of the reply to you maybe it will make sense to you now?
Why are you so insistent arguing this with me? What’s it going to achieve?

No. 282896

Me tagging two posts that simply said "Sharla has a history of lurking and posting on sites like this" made you say "why are you c/s spergs so creepily obsessed with every single detail of their lives"- an accusation that doesn't make any fucking sense with regards to my post because it had fuck all to do with it. For many of the other posts ITT it would make sense sure, but not mine.
What I want to know is why are some anons so insistent on arguing that they don't lurk here? What's that going to achieve? It's not contributing anything either.(oh my god, just stop)

No. 282899

Anon, no. This has got to be a joke. Is your reading comprehension this bad?
I said the first paragraph of my original post to you. This was my reply to you, the second paragraph was not personally about you
Why does the fact I said c/s spergs enrage you? If you’re not one then who cares??(you too, you’re both shitting up the thread)

No. 282912

God the above messages are so tiring. This thread is so pathetic.

No. 282986

Since when did PULL come back? Micaela has announced she will be returning to youtube btw. Nothing she shared we didn't already know from her twitter and Japanese TV.
If they have mods or friends who alert them to our posts, they would obviously visit lolcow themselves to confirm exactly what was being shared. We already know that they used to visit during the Mira drama.

No. 282999

After the original site shut down PULL moved to discord. Not as good as the original site because there's no front page summaries or histories anymore, but still a lot people who discuss stuff. Jvloggers are too boomerish to have discord and so don't lurk there; because Micaela's reddit would've been deleted faster because they had it for a couple of days.

No. 283013

>Jvloggers are too boomerish
Wtf? They're in their 20s and 30s. Are you like 12?
Discord isn't some fucking cutting edge technology. They've probably just got better things to do. Emma streams on twitch ffs. Why do you think Discord is so special lol

No. 283023

They've clearly never played a mmorpg where the target demographic is 30/40s. You'll never guess what app "boomers" use to communicate kek.

No. 283047

I think anons need to realize that these are millenial age cows.

No. 283056

Boomers are people who are 58+ in 2023 folks.
Please tell me you aren't this stupid. "Boomer" refers to the "Baby Boom" generation who was born between 1946-1964.

Ryotaro isn't even a Boomer ffs.

No. 283088

y'all are pedantic nitpickers, boomer is now colloquially used for anyone olderish who aged out of what young people do. It's used in a memeish way to make fun people over 30 too, y'all are behind(infighting, derailing, nobody cares)

No. 283272

cool then words don't mean anything anymore apparently since anything means anything for whatever you want it to mean then(still infighting over nothing)

No. 283406

Pretty much. I really don't get why people go to the doctor if they're just going to ignore and trash the doctor's advice, do their own thing, and then bash the doctor when it doesn't work out.
The more I think of it the more bizarre the Tokyo move is. It doesn't seem like it'll be good for content at least what the older fans like. We will probably see less Ryotaro and even Natsuki as well a lot of his appeal was going to less overdone parts of Japan. Tokyo will likely lead to lazier content that every jvlogger did. Sharlas main reason to go to Tokyo is her investment property which is a bizarre thing to even say in a country where properties lose value and are often demolished and replaced between owners. I guess it might be good for foreigners who like cats too much to stay in though? At the very least it means they will stay in Japan for a few more years unless Chris spontaneously decides to rebuild his expensive studio again in England after just a year again.
On a side note Chris mentioned on a recent podcast about how he's going to run a popup bar sometime in the near future. I could see him maybe using the Tokyo move for non youtube business reasons.

No. 283416

I wonder if they'll move to Japan to try and become jvloggers. Chris doesn't event follow them on Instagram, yikes…(learn to sage)

No. 283427

File: 1677256130029.png (395.69 KB, 3128x1150, sldlVpf.png)

About the "pop-up" bar he'll be doing


February 26 to March 1

No. 283430

Tokyo is looking to make a lot of sense now for both of them. Tokyo is a hub for businesses and business handlings. Chris moving there and having an HQ for this Kyoto thing and also somewhere he can create weeb content at the same time, also how easy it is to travel to anywhere in Japan from Tokyo due to its centralized location. Sharla has her stationary business in Tokyo as well as helping take care of the Neko Inn. I don't know what anons are talking about how it's a terrible idea, when everything they both do business-wise seems perfect for Tokyo. He will probably try to setup another bar too, maybe move all his studio stuff to help decorate.

No. 283453

I think people are saying that it's terrible for their channel's content and that on Chris' end its ridiculous considering he just built that studio. If they want to open hypothetical businesses then it's a good idea as the majority of their fanbase will go to Tokyo.
They are more so travel vloggers than Jvloggers. As for Chris he doesn't want to collab with them because his sister looks too much like Sharla and he doesn't want to deal with the trolls. I doubt he hates her like some are speculating especially since he went to her wedding and likes most of her posts.

No. 283468

This sounds more like a fan meeting event, which is fine, but doesn't seem that interesting filming-wise unless the documentary is only for patreon members. I could see smaller vloggers and streamers going to promote themselves. Hopefully, the clientele won't annoy the Gion locals who're already sick of tourists.
I agree Chris and Sharla have more opportunities in Tokyo, but I don't get how this move benefits Chris in any way when it comes to the Kyoto pop-up, which is in a day, like you're suggesting.

No. 283475

If it's a pop-up, then it might not be there forever. Chris might have a main office in Tokyo prepared.

No. 283477

Please read >>283427 next time before responding. It's only for one week, starts tomorrow and in Kyoto, which is why I don't understand why >>283430 thinks the move to Tokyo "makes sense" for that specific event.

No. 283494

>If it's a pop-up, then it might not be there forever.

That's the literal definition of a pop-up, genius

No. 283506

>Please read before responding.
If he's going to move to Tokyo and make a main office for future pop-ups, it ties in with Tokyo. The pop-up might be a test to see if it's even popular, then which means more pop-ups, making Tokyo the HQ for running these pop-ups in the future. I think you missed the whole point anons have been saying about moving to Tokyo as a generalized location. It's the main access to everywhere they could want to film, including places to scope for such things as pop-ups. It saves Chris money if by chance he shares Sharla's studio for her stationary, but I could easily see them renting out a bigger space for both businesses with enough room to separate the two for their own functions. Maybe then rent out the old stationary space. If they keep finding empty bars around, I can see the pop-ups involving a lot of the retro gear from his studio.

No. 283525

just stop. this isn't how pop-ups work even if they are wildly successful.

No. 283531

>It saves Chris money if by chance he shares Sharla's studio
He already said he's going to have his studio rebuilt even bigger in Tokyo. It's not a saving money thing. The whole move seems like it'll be ridiculously expensive while simultaneously damaging his initial brand. We will not see as much Ryotaro post move as he is connected to Tohoku Tourism and wants to develop his home prefecture. There's not much for him in Tokyo. The collabs will be more do with Trash Taste types and more basic channels so the content will change. Sharlas content can be anywhere in Japan to be honest but it's been pretty lazy and bland lately mostly just milking Chris and Flanderizing herself regarding cats.

No. 283556

A central HQ is not how pop-up organizers work? Please tell me about how it works then, anon.

They have money, so why care about your personal opinion on their move finances? The cost isn't an outright issue if it saves longterm, but even then, they can afford it. He also already has a bunch of set pieces. He doesn't need to completely redo the studio. Also, how would it have to do with more collabs? There's so much to do in Tokyo by yourself with a camera, he doesn't need collabs like TT. Not sure where you're getting that Ryo won't show up when he still travels to film with Chris as is. Tokyo won't matter.
>derails about Sharla's cats
Literally can't have a discussion in here without anons desperate to add posts like this about cows.

No. 283580

>They have money, so why care about your personal opinion on their move finances
Chris is constantly whining about money and taking down or altering his videos to appease the algorithm claiming he needs to in order to survive. It's interesting to see that and then he suddenly does some big money waste like this studio. Plus in general wasting a lot of $$$ if lolcow behavior. A lot of people have been complaining for months maybe years that Chris is shifting the content to the more trash taste audience as we see Joey and Conner more than Ryotaro and now Chris is moving towards trash taste and further away from Ryotaro. It's pretty clear to see what will happen. The cats? Sharla has made that her main personality. I like cats but she's going overboard about it or more likely is just using them because she doesn't want to put her real self out there as much anymore which is fine but not the best content.

No. 283591

I don't think you understand what pop-ups are or read what was in the screenshot. You don't need to be based in Tokyo or a specific central location to do a pop-up. The whole point is that they're temporary and you can do them in locations where you're not based. He could easily organize the same event from Sendai, which is exactly what he's done, if he hasn't moved to Tokyo already and he's doing it in Kyoto because his friend happened to have a bar there. I already acknowledged that Chris and Sharla have more opportunities being based in Tokyo and my entire post has been about the pop-up, which is going on as we speak, so what you said about everything else is completely moot. It's clear people are responding before actually reading what they're responding to.

No. 283599

No shit. The idea of a company HQ is really pissing you off and it's hilarious.

No. 283616

This thread is like eavesdropping on the most boring people from an OCD support group on their coffee break

No. 283621

kek it's true, the milk really did dry up after the reveal that Sharla and Chris were dating. And yet still somehow it ends up with loads of infighting and long ass posts about two very boring people who tbh, have gotten progressively more boring since they started officially dating. queue somebody responding to me and getting defensive over them, inexplicably.

No. 283625

It's just constant tinfoiling about stuff that hasn't even happened.

No. 283631

glory days of drama, cattiness, scheming, and sides are gone kek. They just grew up and settled down. The fresh jvloggers are smarter, chill, and know how to stay out of trouble.

No. 283659

Does anyone know why Chris deleted his last live show? It was posted briefly and then deleted. I noticed Tkyo Sam mentioned that Chris announced that he and Sharla both didn't want children. I wonder if he said something Sharla didn't like?

No. 283663

Ever since people here started combing through his live shows for proof he lived with Sharla he's been super nervous about live shows and deletes them a few days after. He doesn't want anything to slip through his crafted image and a 2-3hr block of him rambling live will be hard to deal with.
I wouldn't say they're boring necessarily. Sharla is boring in terms of personality but she does a lot of lolcow things and loves drama. Chris is interesting but also a bit of a bully and does a lot of lolcow things. They come up a lot because they're the biggest lolcows is the Jvlog space. But the discussion is dominated by people being upset at Chris and Sharla and then others who argue with them trying to deny and gaslight about whatever dumb thing they did. No matter the topic and it will usually end in someone saying no1cares and trying to claim that the event happened so long ago so it must never be discussed again. Ironically making some of the thread more of a lolcow than Chris and almost as much of a lolcow as Sharla. It's pretty interesting compared to most threads.

No. 283667

>Ever since people here started combing through his live shows for proof he lived with Sharla he's been super nervous about live shows and deletes them a few days after. He doesn't want anything to slip through his crafted image and a 2-3hr block of him rambling live will be hard to deal with.
If he were smart, he just wouldn't do live shows and only do pre-recorded Q and A's

No. 283688

Not everything is about this thread, please.

No. 283704

Never once criticized Chris for making the decision to set up base in Tokyo and even said there were more opportunities for him there. Some are so defensive about Chris that they don't even bother reading what Chris himself wrote.

No. 284129

Michaela having her parents visit her again in Japan is funny when we've read her true feelings on her secret reddit account.

No. 284255

Anyone remember when people posted images of milk to this board?

Me neither

No. 284273

Sharla’s doing a Patreon exclusive Q&A with Chris, “nothing is off limits”.(this is an imageboard)

No. 284278

someone ask her if trans women are real women

No. 284280

No. 284286

Ask if they are furries, I'm low key convinced at least Sharla is

No. 284301

This is an imageboard.

No. 284305

What's the point in that, when she's likely going to virtue signal and not give the milky response you're hoping for? You can count on pretty much all big youtubers in the public eye to avoid saying anything contrary to the most "socially acceptable" public opinion. I do think you nuts should ask her directly about the dating timeline so we can settle this debate once and for all. I'm tired of anons speculating and pulling conclusions out of their ass based on flimsy observations, I want them to tell it to us straight. "Nothing is off limits", she's probably eager to address the rumors.

No. 284306

Anon probably doesn't even have access to the Patreon Q&A. She's posted on Patreon since and not a single anon has bothered to say anything about it. I stopped posting about it because anons literally ignored anything Patreon wise, even if it meant updates on her and Chris traveling which is crazy because a photo of a place on Instagram makes anons tinfoil to oblivion.

No. 284307

File: 1677864199217.png (1.15 MB, 1080x967, Screenshot_20230303-171120.png)

I like how she put the pics from his Korea trip when they were both still in relationships and his gf was there kek.

No. 284308

So anon doesn't even have access most likely lol and just posted >>284273 based off of her instastory kek So much for hoping anons would ask about things.

No. 284309

Kek that is funny. Having to go all the way back to before you actually dated to find pictures where you both look cute, what a shame.

No. 284366

Pics are almost 5 years old
People all look the same till they hit 30 and then its downhill. They both look so different now. They both just like those pics because they look thin

No. 284367

Remember when anons would lose their shit here for saying they were dating lol

No. 284430

File: 1677977631547.png (307.73 KB, 1080x772, Screenshot_20230305-003106.png)


No. 284438

Anon, take your alpha male reddit conspiracy shit and fuck off already. He's not even wearing the yellow ones your comparing it to. Wtf is your issue?

No. 284489

at least they posted something with an image to an IMAGE BOARD lol
99% of people who post here just fight and post stupid words

No. 284492

What did they post? It's been removed now

No. 284509

File: 1678061759753.png (1.17 MB, 1366x768, sharlamelanincream.png)


No. 284515

Stop attempting get anons to take these posts out of context. That's a fucking mud mask and has nothing to do blackface.

Reddit moid/anon trying to get people to believe Chris is a Proud Boy by making up some bullshit because he owns a shirt made by a brand that unfortunately got opted as main wear for the PP when Chris's shirt wasn't even yellow like anon collaged together. Everything alpha male shit is just bait. Anon had their post removed as bait.

No. 284519

mud masks, so what

No. 284534

File: 1678074486427.jpg (118.07 KB, 446x224, gyaru02.jpg)


No. 284606

why? that was funny, they were just reacting to the stupid mud mask post
Do you not know what Kogyaru are?

No. 284609

>old photo
>wasn't milky to begin with
>it was a shitpost

No. 284617

yeah but it's still funny kek

No. 284620

ntayrt but the one who doesn't know what kogyaru are is you kek. Also the girls in your shitpost are yamanba and ganguro, not gyaru per se… although they got lumped together even by the JP media kind of like how emo and goth are related by being under the same umbrella but let me stop sperging here.

No. 284644

take your medz

No. 284660

I'm not going to watch it right now, but I'll properly greentext later

No. 284665

File: 1678214075183.png (1.32 MB, 989x1022, Screenshot_20230307-182616.png)

She said that she met his family a couple of months after they started dating at 19:24 so she must have been with him during his trip to the UK in early Jan 2019. She just admitted that they started dating while he was still in a relationship with Lily as he didn't break up with her until the end of Dec 2018. At 27:05 she says they started dating at the beginning of 2019 while they both look awkward af kek. I guess she was the one who took the pic of him from behind.

No. 284669

Seems like anons who said cheating happened were right.

No. 284670

Emotional cheating at least 100%

No. 284673

If they started dating at the beginning of 2019, its not cheating if he broke up with Lily like anons suggested that Nov.

No. 284679

>She said that she met his family a couple of months after they started dating at 19:24 so she must have been with him during his trip to the UK in early Jan 2019.
nah, if she said they had been dating a couple months already in January 2019, that means they must've started dating in November or so. if he broke up with Lily in November he and Sharla immediately started seeing each other. Read into that what you want but it does sound pretty cheaterific.

No. 284680

File: 1678220026366.png (1018.6 KB, 1080x2012, Screenshot_20230307-194904.png)

The only time she could have met his family "a couple of months after we started dating" was Jan 2019. So she was lying about them just starting to date at the beginning of 2019.
Also it seems it was actually early Jan 2019 when he broke up with Lily.

No. 284682

The bad news was probably hearing about the dating, not specific of when she got broken up with. Lily's post doesn't explain much. Also would go in hand with an anon saying how her father or whoever was in bad health.

No. 284687

File: 1678222047002.png (401.27 KB, 1080x1308, Screenshot_20230307-204126.png)

Nope they were still together in late dec 2018. The "pretty bad news" was likely about him dumping her. She didn't tweet about her father until early 2020.

No. 284688

if they were cheating (which imo seems pretty likely) then Lily deserves kudos for keeping her shit together on that subject until they were official. A lot of spurned lovers would immediately blast that shit everywhere and take Sharla and Chris down a peg or two.

No. 284689

I thought we already established some time ago that Lily and Chris broke up no earlier than December 2018? A couple of months means 2-3 months and that's only if Sharla is telling the truth. You know what also coincides with a couple of months before January 2019? Journey Across Japan 1. I hope we don't get WKs going ballistic here again.
This also proves that Chris completely lied in his own Q&A about when his relationship with Sharla began, which he edited immediately after it was pointed out here, and the anons who insisted that the art Sharla commissioned wasn't couples aren't and that Chris and Sharla hadn't already been dating for a while were completely wrong. >>>/w/243675 This needs to be included in our next thread summary.

No. 284690

They both talked about JAJ and agreed Chris was a cranky asshole the whole time and she didn't like him that way yet. They laughed at people taking "friends" out of context even.

Even if they told they truth, anons will just complain and still claim cheating.

No. 284691

If they started dating a couples of months before January, they started dating while Chris was still with Lily, so that is cheating either way.

No. 284694

Chris was at least emotionally cheating.

No. 284695

They were already official according to them and aren't 10 years old. Do you really think they only got physical a couple of months after they started dating and met with Chris' parents?

No. 284696

what do you think "at least" means

No. 284697

I thought it was obvious, but your "at least" is why I responded.

No. 284701

They didn't though. They started in Jan.

No. 284709

Screenshot with subtitles, nonnas, this is an imageboard.

No. 284712

File: 1678230554809.png (1.58 MB, 1080x871, Screenshot_20230307-230428.png)

Nta at 9:50 during the proposal discussion Sharla says "almost five years" so they clearly started dating in 2018.

No. 284713

amazing how often that has happened here for years right kek despite the fucking annoying naysayer newfags

No. 284715

Damn, so basically Lily was onto something, her intuition was right, and there was some truth to the rumor(s) she heard. And for about a year, the Sharla/Chris simps have been trying to tear her apart over one single tweet that seems to have been true. Good for Lily escaping that clique.

No. 284716

Well at least she can be relieved that Chris was indeed trash.

No. 284717

Gosh Chris looks rejuvenated meanwhile Sharla seems to be his mother in law or something kek

No. 284725

kinda sleezy tbqh, I wonder if any of their fans will catch that they started dating when he was still with Lily.

No. 284727

Probably not, Lily was never a huge presence in the jvloggers world. We’re probably the only ones who give a shit.

No. 284728

and some of us don't even give a shit

No. 284729

Honestly if they were together almost 5 years and kept the subterfuge going that long to hide it from their fans, combined with how it started from infidelity (if that's true) then it just makes me dislike both of them so much, they just seem so shady, dishonest, and gaslighty

No. 284734

Yeah honestly there's something really weird to me about two white people in their 30s having a consensual opposite sex (ergo legal all over the world) relationship and hiding it for so long for absolutely no reason. Certainly wasn't so they could get their story straight kek since they keep slipping up literally every time they discuss it, most recently >>284665
kinda just seems like they are dishonest people. I could understand it more if one of them was an offline camera shy type, but they both have reasonably popular channels and vlog their lives constantly.

No. 284739

>two white people in their 30s

wtf does them being white have to do with it

No. 284740

No one honestly cares.

No. 284741

Pretty sure no1currs.

No. 284742

We still haven't had a clear answer to when him and Lily broke up.

No. 284746

The answer has already been posted. >>284680

No. 284749

Amd what if they broke up that September like I remember an another anons suggesting like 4 threads back? I'm talking a concrete time. Lily never said what month and Chris hasn't said what month and Sharla hasn't said what month he was single either. We actually only have tinfoil which sucks because it's always going to be "THEY CHEATED" without actual real proof because anons are just assuming him and Lily broke up based on their own assumptions. We have a date for Chris and Sharla, early 2019, but for all we know he broke up with Lily that summer maybe.

No. 284750

One of the only other people involved in this also said they cheated, though. It isn’t purely speculation - Lily said they did. And if she were jilted from the start why didn’t she expose Chris then? Put 2 and 2 together and it definitely seems like they either cheated or Chris just immediately hopped on Sharla the second he could. One is pretty dispicable and the other is just more mercenary. The fact that Sharla and Chris lied about when they started dating and hid it from people for what, years? Points to something they felt was worth hiding. Were the only place online who is giving them any shit. Why did they hide it when everyone just loves them together?

No. 284751

Lily didn't give a timeline either though and she pussied out and deleted her post. She just wanted to be a part of a possible scandal. It's very clear with how she's begged people to work with her too. Clout is one hell of a drug. She never followed up with a single ounce of proof on her part either.

No. 284752

Anon this isn't tinfoil. Proof that Chris and Lily were still together at the end of 2018 has been posted. >>284687
The date for Chris and Sharla is Nov 2018 seeing as she met his family after a couple of months of dating which could have only happened in Jan 2019.

No. 284753

Idiot she said they started to date early 2019. Clearly she was just rounding up

No. 284754

No she, she met his family June 2019 would be when Chris went back to the Uk.

No. 284756

But Anna was wrong those picture of people are posting are stupid. Sharla went to the Uk June of 2019. You can tell him one of her IG picture where she posted about the engagement they went to Italy to a wedding doing that trip as well and it was summer time she did not go to UK in December 2018 because she was in Korea wrapping up her life there. You guys are shit detectives

No. 284757

Also, there are multiple trips they are talking about in the video. Anons aren't listening. They mentioned that Chris and her were both in Greece, place that around when they went there, they might've met the parents the second time going and then they went to Greece after. There's more than 1 UK trip they mentioned and like you said, the secondary trip seemed like the one they met and then they stayed with them again recently before the dating announcement this past year.

No. 284762

she went to the UK and Greece in early summer of 2022. But her first time in the Uk was when She went to the UK summer 2019 and they also went to a wedding in Italy during that trip.
This is it a hard puzzle to solve. But people want to make it a big thing, so they can pretend to have discovered a secret, but they’re shit detectives.

I will say it again Sharla went back to Korea winter of 2018 and stay there until she moved back to in January. We know this because those who were her Patreon back in 2018 saw her live feeds where she was in Korea in December and January and she was having a hard time because she was wrapping up her life in Korea and ultimately leaving her cats. She spent Christmas in Korea she spent the New Year’s in Korea and then move to Morioka.
Chris went back to the UK communication end of December and stay there till February. He broke up with Lilly December 2018 but she waited till January 2019 to announce it. We know this because in a Patreon video dated December 2018, Chris announced that he was single.

No. 284763

Other than knowing that a picture of Chris showed up in Sharla‘s apartment in April 2019 there’s your proof that he cheated. his relationship ended December 2018 and he most likely started his relationship as sharla early 2019. Only thing we know is that he didn’t have a long gap in between relationships. But I suspect that his relationship ended in his mind way before he finally told Lilly about it

No. 284764

I think that might have to do with the story she said about how they were sitting on the stairs in Tokyo and she asked Chris if they would make a god couple and he said yeah, they probably would. They weren't dating at the time and this then goes in hand with Sharla commissioning prior to their announcement just like anons said. It was in the video too, this whole story.

No. 284765

They went before 2022, anon. There's been more than one UK trip. They literally talk about it.

No. 284766

It's pretty obvious that he cheated on Lily. Just like it was obvious that he was with Sharla. Just like it's obvious that he was knowledgeable about Bald and Bankrupt. There's a handful of people dedicated to protecting their image on her that deny everything.
It's pretty wild all the hate Lily got for mentioning one time that she was cheated on. Chris is a cheater, a liar, and has some toxic views on women. Where as Sharla is a bad person for countless reasons throughout the threads. Lily is just a normal person/fangirl who got wrapped into it.
Also others have mentioned it but it's pretty sick that Chris and Sharla went to such lengths to hide their five year relationship including monitoring this thread, edit videos, forcing others to cut slips from their podcasts, and general gaslighting. All for a boring couple in their mid 30s.
On a side note. I know the podcast isn't as discussed here but does anyone get the vibe that they're trying to phase out Pete Donaldson and replace him with Sharla? On his off days it's only Sharla as the sub now and Chris is seemingly getting more tired of him especially when he says his politics which are usually more progressive than Chris'general right wing views.

No. 284768

She couldn't even back up the claims.

No. 284773

It's always a "slip up".

No. 284774

How can she prove something someone told her of what they personally saw. But she said she always had a feeling Chris liked Sharla - nonnies have noticed this before, and even some of their fans have noticed this too when Sharla visited him and some shipped them since. This with their questionable timeline and them 'hanging out together' adds into it.

No. 284775

Why the fuck would she round up early 2019 to Jan 2023 as almost five years? Seems more likely that she slipped up. She moved back to Japan in 2018 >>281835 >>281960 and apparently started dating Chris straight away kek. >>282442

No. 284778

A timeline. Anything.

No. 284780

NTA but I know South Asian and Muslim families can get really weird about even adults dating so it could be more understandable that they kept their relationship secret if they were a part of those communities, perhaps that's what anon meant.

No. 284800

Because she suspected.
There was little way for her to get proof but as we see this latest information it seems she was on to something.

No. 284801

I think Lily tweet (now deleted) said that she saw Chris acting weird when Sharla got separated.
To me that's guilt .

No. 284806

She never said anything about sitting on the stairs in the vid, she just said they were hanging out in Tokyo. Stop making things up.
Also you're assuming that the commissioned art is of them in Tokyo, it could easily be Sendai or Morioka. I don't see any Tokyo landmarks in the background and I don't think Sharla ever said that the art was of them hanging out in Tokyo before they decided to become a couple.
And even if she wasn't with him in the UK in early 2019, she said that they had been together for almost five years around the time of the proposal which was the 13th of Jan >>281925 which implies that the relationship started in 2018.

No. 284807

File: 1678281530651.jpeg (29.22 KB, 275x243, 01321.jpeg)

originally from here >>234477

Not only she knew something was off but someone told her they personally saw Chris cheating. And of course she can't prove something someone saw.

No. 284808

File: 1678281554482.jpeg (26.35 KB, 275x227, 023894.jpeg)

No. 284809

There's a screenshot of that tweet >>>/w/234483

No. 284812

Even her friend said a few months AFTER the breakup. Lily, that doesn't mean cheating. Means he moved on.

No. 284818

Lmao what a lie. They clearly didn’t hold hands in public for quite a while. They were open about that in the Video. Makes sense.

No. 284820

So if there was no cheating then why do they both look so awkward at 27:05-27:16? >>284660 And why did Chris lie about when their relationship started saying that it was a year or two after JAJ if it was actually the beginning of 2019 when they started to date? They definitely have something to hide. This anon was probably someone from their inner circle and was spilling the beans >>281998

No. 284824

Because they are. They even talked in the video about Pete editing it himself the part about living with a Canadian. I'm starting to think only 2 anons warched and did not skim the video.

No. 284827

I really don't know how anyone gives them any credibility or benefit of the doubt after all the lies they keep getting caught in. Not even just relationship stuff but like for Chris it's the Bald and Bankrupt drama and Sharla has so many from lying about the racism, lying about stealing sn artifact, lying about her doctors, and lying about her job. Chris makes good content and Sharla is a profilific lolcow but they're definitely not good people.

No. 284828

They are both awkward to begin with. You gotta stop reading extra subtext into posts.

No. 284829

>baldandbankrupt reddit sperg
Here we go again.

No. 284830

Oh no I mentioned an example of Chris lying when talking about his shoddy credibility. What a crime, the bad things Chris does must never be mentioned again.
Anyways the track record of them both are that they are compulsive liars who will lie about things they don't even need to lie about. Idk if Chris was always like that but it's gotten worse with Sharla. Honestly I think they should both try to mature a little especially Sharla.

No. 284847

the coordinates of some random place in Arkansas, USA? What does this have to do with anything?

No. 284851

As in it's not interracial or cross cultural or literally anything that would cause controversy anywhere in the world (I don't care about that stuff but I know it can be a big issue depending where you live)

No. 284855

You're so sensitive and jump to conclusions.

Report the attempted doxxing

No. 284857

>You're so sensitive and jump to conclusions.
NTA, it's normal and expected to question someone's credibly if they have a history of lying. What isn't normal is taking them at their word and getting "overly sensitive" and mad at other people for not being naive and doing the same.

No. 284858

He didn't hide that he was with BnB. Reddit started that. He admitted he was with him but gave no shits about the guys past becausehes not BFFs with him. I don't see a single other person who was there getting shit over this. Its very clear no1currs except anons who need drama to talk about. Then talk about the other jvloggers who were there too. If it's such a big deal, why isn't it? Shut up about old milk.

No. 284861

It wasn't a friend who told her. Lily's "proof" was hearsay from when she was lurking a past thread where some random anon claimed to have seen them holding hands.

No. 284864

Chris lied that he didn't know about Bald's past as he'd been informed multiple times on his own subreddit, which he regularly checks, and where he regularly comments and posts. Chris' deceit about Bald was only brought up as one example of his history of lying, but it's interesting that you chose to fixate on it and continue to discuss it, while getting mad at other people for talking about it. If you're going to complain about other jvloggers being present at this meet-up not being mentioned, why haven't you named these other people? Ben is not a jvlogger and Pete wasn't established as one, either, not to mention, Pete wasn't the one commenting on Bald's vlogs and praising him to to other people, and informed of Bald's rapey past by his own fans. Would you happen to be the same anon who tried to accuse Pete of organizing the meetup and claimed Chris only tagged along when Chris never suggested anything of the sort and had been aiding Bald with his work before the leaked photo of them drinking together?

No. 284869

Telling him after the fact isn't helpful. In that case, it's truthful he didn't know prior. Good job, Reddit. This is why we need reddit anons to stop coming here.

No. 284871

We have multiple instances of Chris being informed before the fact and have proof of him mocking someone for unsubscribing to his channel for his association with Bald. I hope you're not asking to be spoonfed.

No. 284872

>I'm talking a concrete time
JFC have any of you thumbsuckers ever been in an actual relationship before? Breakups don't have to happen ON A SPECIFIC DAY. They can be messy confusing rolling blackouts of despair and clinging and getting back together and separating until it's finally over. Having overlap with other people is a normal thing, it HAPPENS ALL THE TIME to adults. Please grow up and move on. This is borrrrrrring.

No. 284875

Exactly. So can falling out of love, so the cheating thing might not have happened.

No. 284878

Totally - it's like this board is exclusively populated by junior high school virgins

No. 284882

For all we know they broke up that summer after JAJ and lived together until they each could find a new place. Lily not correcting someone saying "your man" doesn't mean they were still dating. We've known Lily is possessive. Not correcting someone and begging for collabs shows how sad she is for attention.

No. 284883

Yes, the woman who was cheated on and didn't constantly lie about everything is the one in the wrong. Lily is so wicked for being mildly upset she was cheated on.

No. 284884

First it's "cheating isn't wrong." Now it's "Chris broke up with Lily over the summer!" Stick to one narrative please.
>Totally - it's like this board is exclusively populated by junior high school virgins
That sounds exactly like what a junior high school virgin would say.

No. 284886

Lily can't even prove anything, got laughed at on Twitter for it, and deleted her post. She's friends with shit stirring cows, or was, so completely disregarding people like Michaela who we know has tried to start rumors. If we are all tinfoiling, then I think it stands that she might've fed Lily that bullshit to try and cause issues with Sharla because she's salty.

No. 284889

Yeah, generally two normal adults don’t claim to have started dating years after they actually did (Chris), commission artwork of their brand new boyfriend (Sharla) or hide their relationship for years (both of them). So I wouldn’t appeal to normalcy in this case. Lily said she thought she was cheated on, she would know a hell of a lot better than any of us if she was. And yet anons still expect her to provide a timeline or something and act like her tweets (a cow’s tweets) are somehow not milk, or its just tinfoil, or whatever. If they cheated, it’s milky. Nobody thinks they should be like kicked out of Japan or branded with the scarlet letter but its worth discussing, cuz two cows cheating is milky

No. 284890

The artwork is about a time they were in Tokyo and she asked Chris if they'd make a cute couple and he said yes which she said surprised her. The photo wasn't while dating, it was while they were still friends before it evolved into dating. She described it in the video and it matches with the dumb little story about them sitting on stairs she came up with about the commission.

No. 284891

No one has said isn't milky but the fact that we have to fill in the blanks with tinfoil isn't exactly good milk.

No. 284894

If Lily actually did all the stuff they want they'd just be like "oh wow no1cares" and call her obsessed and a stalker. She's obviously moved on from her cheating ex bf Chris and Queen Bee drama queen Sharla. Everyone can clearly see that they cheated just like how we all knew they were dating or how Chris knew the Bald and Bankrupt reputation.

No. 284896

If she moved on she didn't even have a reason to post it and could have completely ignored it altogether. Instead she posted something trying to get attention.

No. 284897

>That sounds exactly like what a junior high school virgin would say.
I guess you'd know

No. 284898

well she did say she kinda moved on

No. 284899

This thread is in need of a serious Sharla WK cleanup. They have been fucking it up for years now. Each time there is new evidence posted they are here making spam posts and lying about past proven milk to try to bury it. I'm sorry your fave is a proven slut, get over it ffs.

No. 284900

Well _I_ think they should be kicked out of Japan

No. 284901

NTA, but when Sharla shared the commissioned art, she said she had to wait to share it until after they publicly announced they were together, and the timeline Sharla shared in the recent Q&A also confirms it was commissioned after they started dating. You'd also have to be an idiot to think it was anything but couples art, but anyway.

No. 284902

Wasn't his birthday for it April 2019? If they started dating early 2019, the Tokyo event she was talking about was before then, how was it only after dating? She said the photo wasn't of them dating when she answered questions about it before and that it was a birthday gift. They even both agreed they evolved to dating in early 2019, no "are we dating" talk or asking, it just became a thing, so anons looking for dates are sol.

No. 284903

It's not about the photo, but when and what for the art was commissioned. It clearly wasn't commissioned for a friend given the timeline Sharla just shared and the fact that she said she kept it a secret because they hadn't publicly announced they were dating.

No. 284905

That's why anon said it matches the story about Chris confessing they'd be a good couple. Obviously it was for them as a couple or a couple prospect but she gave it to him probably hoping it would be more. They both agreed Sharla initiated it.

No. 284906

They were dating when they ate the vegan hamburgers from Burger King omfg

No. 284907

They were already together when it was commissioned according to the timeline Sharla's just provided.

No. 284912

Did they bone when they went to Fox Village?

No. 284915

This fucking snore fest goes round and around in circles like groundhog day

No. 284918

JAJ was in early Oct to late Nov. Chris broke up with her at the end of 2018 that's why she tweeted that 2019 started with some pretty bad news. We've been over this multiple times.
Sharla said that they had been together for almost five years at the time of the proposal >>284712 so they may have officially started dating in early 2019 but it's clear there was an affair going on in 2018.

No. 284920

I really wonder what Chris and Sharla are going to do post marriage. It's pretty obvious a lot of the fun they have is the drama of it but when everyone is married then there isn't much opportunity for it. Sharla loves drama and used to publicly insult and trash her MIL. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a tweetstorm over something about Chris' parents or sister said. Chris on the other hand is less into drama but likes being naughty under the hood such as when he tried to cover up his Bald hangout (the one youtuber meetup he didn't spam) or cheating on Lily or his diet. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets caught with a fan one day.

No. 284921

>t. hopeful Chris simp

No. 284923

"Pretty bad news" honestly doesn't indicate she means the breakup. That's why it could've been sooner. That's such a loose string, anon.

No. 284925

File: 1678335047274.jpg (301.71 KB, 850x1265, 1648362098989.jpg)

No. 284928

She said that the breakup happened after JAJ. >>284807
What else could "pretty bad news" have indicated if she then decided to get a fresh start and move to a different city? Remember she was living with him in Sendai.

No. 284933

I don't know who in this thread needs to hear this, but it's not Sharla's fault you're a failed Jvlogger kek

No. 284934

It was suggested they lived together until they could move which a lot of couples do. I could see them breaking up earlier too in that case and then waiting for Sharla to come down to move in with her.

No. 284935

This. Chris likely just moved on quickly and had already been falling out of love or realizing the relationship with her wasn't as expected. They both seemed fairly unhappy and a bad fit for each other. It feels unfair but it's pretty common in relationships, and i've been on both sides of it. Secondly, didn't Sharla say that she hesitated to announce anything at first until they were both sure it was going to be a longterm, official thing, given her last failed marriage? It can be pretty humiliating coming out of a failed marriage/relationship that you were so sure of. It definitely makes things awkward for a while.

No. 284936

And as far as I saw, neither Chris or Lily seemed mad until Lily made that tweet then deleted it. Otherwise, she seemed fine with the breakup too. Nothing indicated she was salty and the anons who suggested she was also suggest she "didn't care", so I don't know what story they want. I personally am on the side of cheating didn't happen and everything just went quick. Especially when you have chemistry like Chris and Sharla had. They both talked about how they just clicked and it just kind of happened which is how relationships tend to work a lot of the time as adults. Anons want a clear black and white and it's not, not a single relationship as an adult is. According the Chris and Sharla, a lot of the group knew they were dating too which now makes even more sense why some of them unfollowed Lily when she made that tweet because she was just out of the loop and trying to cause trouble whereas everyone else knew when they were dating past Lily.

No. 284942

Definitely. When it happens like that, if you're the one getting left behind, it can certainly feel like having been cheated on because you wonder just when they lost feelings for you and want to have something to blame specifically that's out of your immediate control. You want answers. On the side of those who leave, becoming more distant is definitely a thing but it doesn't always mean cheating. The physical/emotional distance tends to be a sign that one is reconsidering things and you're not sure when you're going to take that first step, but one might feel frustrated, empty, or even guilty for having a change of feelings. People tend to try to get away from the source of that as much as possible.

No. 284957

Chris and Sharla's PR team working overtime in this thread I see

No. 284958

This annoying anon who types in all caps and does thissss because they are old and thinks it makes them look like a cool Stacey, who also insists breakups "don't happen on a specific day" until it's "finally over" (so…on a specific day when you know it's over) and relationships have overlap (cheating) "all the time"

Yeah not suspicious at all

No. 284959

Can someone please explain why Chris said they started dating over a year later than what Sharla said, why Sharla was also vague about when they started dating, and how the beginning of the year is a couple of months before July-August? Thanks.

No. 284962

probably just one of those couples who started hooking up and/or had feelings for each other while hanging out together and fell into a relationship. There was no first date anything so no official starting date. And they have good reason to be vague and hide when it all started too.

No. 284965

>It was suggested they lived together until they could move which a lot of couples do
Yeah that's why Lily said she was going to move to Tokyo around April.
As Chris's friend dogen would have known if he had ended his relationship so this confirms that he was still with Lily till the end of 2018 >>284687

No. 284972

Surprised anyone buys C or S words.
The track record of lies is off the chart.

No. 284980

kek this graphic was from back in the day when they were still lying about being together - a true Lolcow classic

No. 284981

your "annoying anon" is right tho. anyone who has actually been in a relationship knows what they said is true. also, overlap doesn't necessarily equate to cheating. you have a very simple mind nonnie.

No. 284990

Nta if you're in a relationship and then start a new relationship behind your partner's back that is cheating kek.

No. 284991

Yeah wow it really is a bunch of children in here

No. 284995

Seems more to me like Chris moved out first and she was stuck in the old place bc he moved in with Sharla,so no.

No. 285001

They did just relay a story in her Q&A of him digging himself in a deep hole over trying to make sure she doesn't suspect he was planning to propose. If that story holds, it seems like he might be the type of moid who makes shit up to keep suspicions off of him and gets himself in trouble with it.

Sharia's "almost 5 years" comment just sounds hopeful. Like once you hit 4 years, it's "basically 5 years" and once you hit 8-9 years, it's "basically a decade."

No. 285003

she's just badly doing math - 2018 to 2023 = 5 years, if you don't take the start month into account. It's pretty clear they started dating in 2018.

No. 285004

>overlap doesn't necessarily equate to cheating. you have a very simple mind nonnie.
Glad we're not friends, anon. Overlap with romantic or sexual activity is cheating, unless your partner is ok with it i guess.

No. 285005

He's just an idiot and they both seem to not really know. They said they don't have an anniversary for that reason because they just kind of became a thing. There wasn't a talk of "Are we dating?" or asking the other out. That would make sense then why they can't agree on a date. Also men are idiots. I don't think they are lying, they just don't know and don't care. A lot of couples do that where they just say they got together years ago or forget what number they are even on.

No. 285006

Yeah wow it really is a bunch of cheating deniers in here.

No. 285019

There is a reason why the punishment was death for this shit lmao.

No. 285027

It would be weird for them to have an exact date, I agree with that. But Chris saying they started dating "a year or two" after JaJ was absolutely retarded, and was less a moid just not remembering when they started and more someone trying to move on from a topic and not reveal an exact year. That's what is retarded, everyone knows what year they started seeing someone. Was it one year after this event, or two years? that's an obvious answer for anyone who isn't trying to still obscure the truth of their relationship. And why obscure it? Because you have something to hide. I think it's blatant that Chris and Sharla had crushes on each other while they were with other people, and I think it's easy to read between the lines that they may have cheated at the very beginning of their relationship. Or else you'd just be a bit more honest about it. If they said some shit like, we liked each other but we were both in relationships, and then those ended, and we got together - that's some Jim & Pam shit, no one would have an issue with that. It's the fact that they act all sly about when they started that makes some anons wonder.

No. 285032

Maybe reading too much into stupid shit they say is an issue here. 1-2 years would be 2020, well past Lily. That would just prove cheating didn't happen. This is the problem. There's no fucking date. Making assumptions only off of what they post really shows that we have no clue what happened and probably neither does Lily, so assuming cheating is the easiest answer when its clearly the wrong answer.

No. 285033

It was a lie according to Sharla's Q&A and the commissioned art, and immediately edited out of his clip as soon as it was discovered here. People typically only lie about when their relationship started for one reason. How do you confuse the beginning of your relationship by 1-2 years?

No. 285034

But Chris and Sharla obviously didn't start dating in 2020, as per their new video. Chris was just being weird and lying for some reason, what is interesting is why he was lying. Why would Lily not know? Do you think a woman wouldn't know when she broke up with her boyfriend? We can only make assumptions off of what they post because no one here knows Chris and Sharla or Lily, and that is the discussion we're all having. Because the milk is in whether or not they cheated, and that what these boards are for, discussing milk. You can't assert for sure that cheating is "clearly the wrong answer" just like no one can say for sure cheating did happen. we're all just having a laugh about whether some cows did or didn't cheat.

No. 285075

>we don't have proof they cheated, but it's totally fact they do

This is stupid as fuck. Fuck Lily. Who cares? I hope she was cheated on at this point because having this back and forth for months when everyone acknowledges we have no proof of yes or no, then what the fuck are you all infighting over? Move on to new milk. Their timeline is stupid, they are dating now. Attempting to backtrack and using unverified attempts at proof do nothing to prove cheating happened. Can't believe Lily, Chris, or Sharla, but what is talking to me is the cows unfollowing Lily after her attempt at pity clout. Everyone knew but her and her trying to cause a scene, at least to me, will always tell who's lying. If she was in the right she wouldn't have deleted it because no one was harassing her about it, they were sympathetic in her replies, so obviously she was lying, got caught, other people like Pete and Rachel and Jun unfollowed her, because they knew cheating didn't happen. Lily clowned herself. Clearly she wasn't right or in the right.

No. 285076

Ironically the only one who hasn't been caught in several lies is Lily. I really don't get why people are desperate to make her out to be a monster just to make Sharla look good. Even if you take away all the drama around the cheating Sharla is still the most drama filled mainstream Jvlogger. They obviously cheated and they get off on the drama. Most people deserve better than that.

No. 285078

>Fuck Lily. Who cares? I hope she was cheated on at this point
Wow Chris and Sharla fans are unhinged.
Sharla accidently admitted that cheating happened "almost five years" >>284712 2018-2023 = five years.

>What is talking to me is the cows unfollowing Lily

There was no proof posted of them unfollowing her.
Also she said that she had suspected that he cheated >>284807
She did not say that she knew for sure that he did.
She deleted the tweet because she was warned that it might blow up and end up with their fans attacking her, which is what happened ITT. This was posted about in a previous thread.

No. 285080

so you've never broken up with someone, then gotten back together, then broken up, then gotten back together, or had a weird gray area time when you were "working things out"?

Yeah it's like I suspected, most of the people in here are dumb simps who've never had a boyfriend before. Keep trying gurlz.

No. 285081

Chris has always been terrible with time frames. I remember he would refer to something happening "months ago" on the podcast when it was like two weeks earlier, etc.

Honestly he's just kinda dumb.

No. 285082

What fans attacked her? She was getting sympathy left and right. Also good since it didn't happen. Assuming it happened doesn't make it true. She probably thinks it happened during JAJ, but they both said nothing happened. I bet you must think they are lying again kek How convenient that everything is always a lie unless its from Lily. Who else said they cheated, please.

No. 285083

lol sharla has been doing the same thing about how long she's lived in Japan for years. she adds anywhere between 3 and 5 years to the total, i imagine next time someone asks her, her reply will be "i've been living in japan for 20 years"

No. 285084

Exactly. Seems less like hiding and more like he's a fucking idiot. For an we know the editing is because Sharla was upset he forgot and less about oopsie woopsie, he slipped. Anons really come off as Qs almost with all this.

No. 285085

omg nonnie this is so true

No. 285086

Also you dummies have to remember that Youtube time and real time are different. When someone says something happened months ago, it very well might have, even though you only saw the video about it weeks ago.

Please touch grass.

No. 285087

Seems like he's also been terrible at keeping it in his pants. I wonder what Sharla will do when he cheats on her. Suddenly a lot will come out. Once a cheater always a cheater.

No. 285090

I feel Lily's disappointment that anons won't let go of might be her catching wind of them dating and she probably figured after her, they would get together and it was a bummer, but still doesn't mean cheating.

No. 285091

This is why she deleted the tweet >>>/w/234496

>What fans attacked her?

Kek are you serious? The Chris and Sharla WKs were saying all sorts of shit about her. Calling her a schizo/unhinged, a cunt of a girlfriend, saying that she was manipulating Chris, taking her joke/banter tweets out of context and using them to say that she was mean.

>Assuming it happened doesn't make it true

Yes and saying that it didn't happen when you have no way of knowing doesn't make it true either.

>They both said nothing happened

Do you honestly think that they would admit to cheating if it happened? They've both lied before.

No. 285094

we can tell Chris wanted to bone Shartla for a long time now

No. 285095

We'd been saying that right here forever but nobody believed us


who remembers

No. 285098

By your logic, Lily would've had to be lurking to care because no one said anything anywhere else about her, anons made that very clear in their case as to why she shouldn't be talked about kek Everyone commenting on her post, which ladted not long anyway, was asspatting. One person said that without proof she should delete it because she might get backlash, but no one actually gave her backlash.

No. 285103

You're forgetting Sharla's friend, who honestly sounds like one of the Lily spergs here.

No. 285104

This is stupid as fuck. Fuck Lily. Who cares? I hope she was cheated on at this point because having this back and forth for months when everyone acknowledges we have no proof of yes or no, then what the fuck are you all infighting over? Move on to new milk. Their timeline is stupid, they are dating now. Attempting to backtrack and using unverified attempts at proof do nothing to prove cheating happened. Can't believe Lily, Chris, or Sharla, but what is talking to me is the cows unfollowing Lily after her attempt at pity clout. Everyone knew but her and her trying to cause a scene, at least to me, will always tell who's lying. If she was in the right she wouldn't have deleted it because no one was harassing her about it, they were sympathetic in her replies, so obviously she was lying, got caught, other people like Pete and Rachel and Jun unfollowed her, because they knew cheating didn't happen. Lily clowned herself. Clearly she wasn't right or in the right

No. 285105

"Shartla" haha, that's pretty good

No. 285109

Even her friends knew Lily was lying.

No. 285110

Lily looked good in that dress though

No. 285111

File: 1678418230875.png (448.19 KB, 711x775, 1659417813062.png)

just remember that this is the lily we are talking about

No. 285112

The funny thing is all the Chris and Sharla stans would probably get everyone to move on by now if they didn't act so over the top of work so hard to trash some random woman who's only crime to all this was being cheated on.

No. 285117

Yeah, not bad at all. The colour of the dress wasn't great though

No. 285119

File: 1678419545886.jpeg (174.73 KB, 946x2048, FnHdTRSaEAAokF_.jpeg)

And like a fool, I should've added a photo of it. This is an image board at time

No. 285122

>her friends
Ah, yes. Sharla's completely sane, morally upright friends. You have Mira (our former sockpuppet queen), Bronwyn and Toph (harassed Mimei for something that didn't even involve them), Kim (cheated on her bf and still pretended Sharla's racism claim wasn't fake even after realizing it was and removing the video), Chris Okano and Sunny (harassed employees and screwed over an artist), Taylor R (trophy wife who lives off of income from and downplays her husband's mag for adult men that's featured 12-14 year old girls in bikinis), Quinlan (illegally dug for ancient artefacts with Sharla, then made racist comments and blamed actual archaeologists when called out), Norm (married man with a history of creeping on women, threatens anyone who criticizes him) and Chris (fan of an Andrew Tate enthusiast with a rape charge). Yes, I'm sure they have great judgement. But technically, that IG post from Sharla's friend doesn't claim that Lily wasn't cheated on. Only that she's delusional for thinking she's a victim or an innocent party. It is proof that there was backlash to Lily's tweet, tho.

No. 285124

>our former sockpuppet queen

Imagine if all these autistic naysaying simps were around back when oldfags were piecing together Mira as the socketpuppeter - every 5 posts it'd be a newfag sperging "NO PROOF". Then god bless the nonnie uploading the screenshots sharla and mira bitch talking about the others behind their backs confirming all the hardwork the oldfag nonnies did kekk

No. 285125

It's nuts to see it laid out like that. Man the Jvlog sphere was a mess. Now it's just Sharla, Norm, and Chris acting like that. Say what you will about those pervs on Trash Taste, or American Pete, of Emma but they at least are normal people not constantly seeking drama. Chris I get the vibe is he's caught between the worlde of the old and the newer Jvlog spaces. All while being the only one who actually tried to make Japanese friends.

No. 285126

wow angry anon, how many times do you want to post this and slander someone who was cheated on?
>If she was in the right she wouldn't have deleted it because no one was harassing her about it, they were sympathetic in her replies, so obviously she was lying, got caught
Absolute tinfoil and lack of understanding about why people delete shit.
>She doesn't have prooooof
What proof would you like Lily to have posted years ago? You wanted her to put trackers on C and S? Spy on his email and phone? Many people have inklings about cheating and the full picture is clear only in retrospect. And if she had looked at his phone and had proof, you would be here reeeeing about that. Your precious Chris cheated on his gf. Get over it and go outside.

This is clear vendetta posting about Chris's ex and I really hope Mods take a look. Why is this being tolerated?

No. 285128

ikr? i'm starting to believe that the C&S anons just despise anyone who posts here and doesn't lick C & S's feet. Also they have a weird side obsesson with Paolo.

No. 285129

>Yeah it's like I suspected, most of the people in here are dumb simps who've never had a boyfriend before. Keep trying gurlz.
Wtf mods, please.

No. 285131

File: 1678421975903.png (284.61 KB, 1079x1164, Screenshot_20230310-035223.png)

Nope she deleted the tweet because she was warned that she might get backlash. She changed her mind about "not caring much".
>Just remember that this is the lily we are talking about
Oh wow. A non native English speaker who made an awkward attempt at a joke/banter. Maybe it's some weird french humour.

No. 285135

Sorry, I forgot her other lovely friend Einshine, who groomed and had sex with underage girls.
Paolo has more subscribers and already reached 3 million. That's probably enough to make them hate him. I believe Chris has shaded his content before as well.

No. 285137

No Venus thread to discuss new milk wth is going on(wrong thread)

No. 285138

Paolo is like opposite of Chris. Or at least what Chris has become and he probably resents him for it.
Chris negative vs Paolo positive
Chris bullies his collabs vs Paolo helps his collabs shine
Chris wants to be the main focus vs Paolo understands that people want to see Japan
Chris cheater who is friends with predators vs Paolo great family man who loves his wife and son
Chris turned an Okinawa JAJ series into three videos bragging about his wealth in a hotel room vs Paolo made great videos that showcased unique parts of Okinawan culture.
I honestly think that Chris is jealous of Paolo almost as much as Sharla is jealous of Lily.

No. 285139

I bet it grinds Sharla's gears that her fiancé used to hump someone with that body

No. 285140

Remember when C did that video in the Tottori Sand Wastes and they took the train there and anons found Sharla's water bottle next to Chris's bed and you could tell they were selectively pointing the camera, and the clear evidence of Chris sleeping next to someone else in the hotel room and still people were saying that Sharla wasn't on that trip and they were just friends?

But she was on the trip and they shared a hotel room and nonnies here figured it out.

No. 285144

I don't know about other anons, but I definitely don't want to look like Lily. She's so flat and has no curves at all. Not to say I want to look like Sharla, but Lily looks like a fucking boy in a wig.

Deleted just to add she looks like a brunette Lori and if Lori looks like a troon..

No. 285146

Lmao "Paolo helps his collabs shine"
You do realize they're paid PR collabs right? All those companies including Kimono Mum paid him to feature. Still top business dude, can't fault him for that.

No. 285147

Girl was either a psycho or a weirdo

No. 285148

What does this even have to do with anything? They both do travel, but focus on different ways of vlogging and different types. Paolo has been focusing on the things people do such as work or how they do things and Chris does destinations, challenges, events.

No. 285150

Paolo is what happens when you have no personality and need to make generic day in the life videos to succeed. Anyone could replicate them at any time. He's great at them though.

No. 285152

That's not the same anon, and I'm pretty sure you already knew that though. I can't wait to see the tinfoil about this post too because I messed up my reply.

No. 285153

Chris would probably like a less curvy (fat) figured woman considering where he decided to live.

No. 285154

His videos are good, absolutely. Personally like him over Chris. I like seeing the inner workings of different establishments and I can only watch someone eat the same type of food at different restaurants in different places so many times. Chris also never has any good stories and is boring. If he's going to talk, I'd rather it be something interesting or teaching something.

No. 285157

Slurp that Paolo cock

No. 285158

Slurpy slurpy num nums

No. 285160

I used to watch Paolo until he started exploiting his child for views. Started to make me uncomfortable.

No. 285161

Chris is what happens when you have no personality but try to make up for it by bullying people that appear in your videos.

No. 285162

In past 6 months there's only 4 videos with his kid, not including the New Years celebration with his whole family, not focused on his kid.

No. 285167

>All while being the only one who actually tried to make Japanese friends.
I really doubt he made more Japanese friends than Micaela, Loretta, Mimei, Life Where I'm From, Life in Japan, John Daub, his french friend who also vlogs, Paolo, Internationally Me (who's back though maybe not a fair comparison). Even Connor is making more of an effort to befriend and hang out with regular Japanese people. There's an abundance of newer foreign jvloggers who only vlog in Japanese, including Ukrainians and their refugee families. I do think Chris tried to make a genuine effort in his early days before he became a full-time youtuber, but he mainly surrounds himself with other foreigners and even his crew is foreign. Befriending people like Ryotaro and Chiaki, who've lived abroad, speak English fluently and communicate with him in English, is not the same as making regular Japanese friends. His knowledge of Japan is also surprisingly superficial for a guy who's lived in Japan for 11 years and has traveled across the country.
While it's not everyone's cup of tea, there's nothing really generic about filming the lives of an all female Japanese construction firm, a Japanese firefighter or space engineer, people and subjects that get no foreign attention. It's Paolo's non-Day in the Life videos, like convenience store food reviews, that are generic. Travel vlogs, wacky challenges and Weird Japan videos are also youtube staples.

No. 285168

If you think him having a sense of humor is bullying, maybe it's time to go out into the world and make some friends

No. 285169

Chris is the only one who has seriously made some Japanese friends. Paolo just exploits everyone he meets for views then moves on. Have you ever seen him bond with someone he's interviewed? The moment he gets his video he heads off back home to Wolverine.

No. 285170

I wonder if he and his wife are planning on doubling their ad revenue with another kid soon? Make da big moneys!>>285162

No. 285171

I wish I had children I exploit in vlogs. The shite content practically makes itself. People lap up that garbage

No. 285173

Credit where its due to Paolo. Even with the creepy fake smile and copy/paste of generic day in the life videos, folks suck it up through a straw. He knows what the people wants and hes going to give it to em. Shame he couldn't give his son a real name tho.

No. 285175

what the fuck? I linked two posts that have nearly the exact same text, and you claim they are two different anons?
>This is stupid as fuck. Fuck Lily. Who cares? I hope she was cheated on at this point because having this back and forth for months when everyone acknowledges we have no proof of yes or no, then what the fuck are you all infighting over?

in both posts I linked…

No. 285179

Only in lolcow a brigade could be form that turns blind eye to cheaters kek

No. 285180

He has a bully's sense of humour and usually nobody is laughing. A good recent example was when he tried to keep insulting Ludwig and Ludwig didn't play into it at all and Chris just ended up looking awkward. Pete Donaldson also shuts it doen whenever he tries to insult him. He's also afraid to do it to Joey. But whenever he thinks he can get away with it his humour is just being a jerk to other people.

No. 285181

I'm sure if Lily or even most other jvloggers got caught cheating then they'd be demonized. Especially Lily. It's just that there's a couple people who worship Chris and Sharla so they get very upset at even mild criticism of them.

No. 285183

File: 1678454246215.png (377.82 KB, 1080x1029, Screenshot_20230310-130911.png)

Judging by this old tweet Chris is almost as sensitive to criticism as Norm is.

No. 285185

File: 1678454843850.png (794.22 KB, 1080x3036, Screenshot_20230310-125151.png)

He could have just ignored this guy.

No. 285186

File: 1678454892475.png (677.95 KB, 1080x2713, Screenshot_20230310-125318.png)

No. 285187

File: 1678454964963.jpeg (898.37 KB, 1179x1758, 738DA6B7-2ADA-40EC-8766-182D80…)

No. 285188

Jesus dude you really spent 30 minutes digging out this comment? What the hell do you for a job to have so much free time?!

No. 285189

Gross, and kek who could’ve predicted Sharla would be participating in thot pictures with her uggo friend? I bet they’re both super jealous of PeachMilky.

No. 285190

How old r u? Lol

No. 285192

Her friend Sola is pretty hot, not enough to spend money on OF, but I'm curious how these shots look.
Doubt Sharla does any lewd work, and if that one photo is any indication, maybe she stays in the shadows for most of it

No. 285193

Someone copy pasted the same post, anon. Stop being an idiot.

No. 285195

They both look fine here lol

No. 285199

Her friend looks like any number of skanks on OF, and Sharla looks like somebody’s auntie after one too many red wine spritzers. It’s incredibly cringe for her to post this at all, let alone on International Women’s Day as if this shit is empowering. I feel bad for them tbh, they look stupid and it devalues Sharla’s “brand” as a family friendly jvlogger to post some thotty pictures that aren’t even flattering. And her friend is just going to slip down the OF pipeline of lingerie > nude > porn, and be ultimately one of a thousand women who regret trying to make this “easy money” a few years from now.

No. 285200

I didn't ask for a breakdown of how ugly they are to you. There's not much even happening in the photo to sperg that hard.

No. 285201

Getting girls to call each other misogynists when they don’t support everyone and their mom turning to OF is simps biggest win

No. 285203

If you think Chris has a good sense of humour maybe it's time for you to go out in the world and meet some people with actual senses of humour they didn't borrow from the lowest common denominator BBC presenters on TV

No. 285204

I don't see anyone ITT saying its good they are doing OF.

No. 285206

NTA, but all british humor is tease humor. He's british. His friends say shit back to him too and he gets insulted as well. Your one way thinking is so bad when anons can see the videos and see how the whole group bounces around being dicks now and then. Chris's weight is something R has even booolied Chris over when doing food vlogs. You must not have friends you can be this comfortable with. Even siblings can have this dynamic.

No. 285207

I was talking about the comments of Sharla’s post. Not sure it’s relevant enough to post screenshots tbh but there are many.

No. 285208

The pic looks like it was staged and posed very carefully for Shartla to:
- Not expose too much or look too thotty
- Hide her figure by laying flat and being covered by the other thot
- Pose in a way that hides her chin/neck
- Wear a dark color that blends into the couch so you really can't differentiate her bod from a piece of furniture

Also her arm looks shopped

No. 285210


No. 285211

What'd they say? It looks like it's been removed

No. 285213

Just shitposters

No. 285215

This pose was.. posed! How could they!

No. 285216

Lmao the angle says everything, she's hiding the double chin and fat.

No. 285218

It was posed specifically for the reasons anon listed, are you incapable of reading beyond a sentence?

No. 285227

File: 1678479783787.png (467.49 KB, 1080x1605, Screenshot_20230310-201210.png)

More Chris being sensitive to criticism. He's a lot like Norm in being way too bothered over what some nobody says in his comment sections. While he's not nearly as unhinged and doesn't threaten them, he still posts about it solely so his fans can blast them and say "don't worry Chris you're so amazing!".

No. 285228

File: 1678480022314.png (75.13 KB, 1018x205, Screenshot_20230310-201239~2.p…)

The full comment.

No. 285230

File: 1678481647425.png (480.65 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20230310-203224.png)

Turns out that Chris was the one who talked shit first before the whole John daub drama from a while ago. He then decided to play the victim after editing it out of his livestream.
>>>/w/167781 >>>/w/167783

>>>/w/167786 >>>/w/167819

No. 285236

yes, that anon will cherrypick and misconstrue everything in order to infight

No. 285238

All of the vloggers listed have Japanese friends and are more integrated in Japanese society than Chris.

No. 285242

Chris would be the type of guy to take a shot at John Daub who was the OG male Jvlogger, Chris undoubtedly felt threatened. He probably had something to do with that company ripping John off and stealing all his content.

No. 285243

Well, that and the Bald stuff explains why he's been ok with Norm threatening to doxx commenters for even non-critical comments and being gross to women.

No. 285250


Maybe some people on here are junior high virgins but you have the English abilities of an elementary school student.
"Cheating isn't wrong" is not a narrative it's an opinion. You may disagree but it's still an opinion.
"They broke up in summer" is more like a narrative.

No. 285252

So it's pretty clear that Chris and Lily broke up after JAJ and that Chris had been withdrawing before that, hence she was the blindsided one rather than it being a mutual understanding of "it just doesn't feel right anymore".
And if during JAJ he realized he had feelings for Sharla, possibly, ok. That might be considered emotional cheating but that happens. Chill the hell out, people. If he did realize that, then it's good he ended his relationship with Lily.

Chris's content is often quite good and well made. Other than that, I honestly don't know much about Chris and his bald and bold drama and I don't find his personality that attractive but this, the "possibly he cheated but only if Sharla went to meet his family in January and not in June" bullshit is so dumb and useless.

If Sharla said almost 5 years then that could also have been a miscalculation. I've literally been wrong about the number of years I was with my husband before we got married and since we got married multiple times.
Add a fucking pandemic to the mix that made everybody forget what date it is and it's bloody hard to count the years.

No. 285254


Why the fuck are these two unmilky individuals filling up this thread? Have these been slow news days for you guys?
I just watched a video of a boring everyday couple talking about boring everyday couple things. Then I go on here and it's like Anna Karenina all of a sudden.

there was better milk when y'all were trying to junior detective your way through the Aegean sea. That had some intrigue. This is literally like a TV show after the will they won't they couple finally gets together and the whole thing loses the sexual tension.

No. 285257

>Other than that, I honestly don't know much about Chris and his bald and bold drama
Chris praised, met with and advised a sex tourist who he knew idolizes Andrew Tate and brags about forcing women from poor countries to perform sexual acts on him.

No. 285258

Also Chris had something to do with WW2 because..because ummmm yes it’s his fault

No. 285259

Fat cow Sharla hiding behind her skinny friend kek. Why is Sharla pimping out this chick so much lol

No. 285260

Are you still beating that bald and bankrupt lame ass drama huh? It happened months ago and nothing came of it, he told him where to visit in Japan, & had a drink with him hardly and endorsement . You’re digging for lane ass shit to make him some sort of controversial figure. digging up old things he posted in from 2019, only reflects poorly on you.
Lily, Girl get a life.

No. 285262

>Digging up old things he posted in from 2019, only reflects poorly on you
This is funny considering you Lily spergs went and dug up her years old non-milky tweets.

The whiteknightery ITT is off the charts.

No. 285263

Fuck off, scrote. She has an actual hormonal imbalance. She might be dealing with it in a bad way but it's still not cool to call an ill person fat cow.
(And she doesn't look fat in that picture.)

No. 285264

Are you huffing glue

No. 285265

No, coke, I'm rich.
tf do you even mean to say?

No. 285268

I didn't dig it up. I responded to >>285252
who brought it up. I don't know what 2019 has to do with anything since it only happened a couple of months ago.

No. 285269

Ok Solar whatever your name is(hi cow)

No. 285270

How would Chris have something to do with WW2? He wasn't born yet nonnie, learn your history

No. 285271

Because she refuses to take her doctors advice and is flying across the world to find second options that reinforce her desire to do nothing.
If the bald and bankrupt drama is true which is likely then it's not some tired old story. It'd be the worst thing Chris or most YouTubers have done. You do realize that supporting sex trafficking is wrong right? Even if it happened two months ago.
If he wasn't so image and algorithm focused he'd be acting the same as Norm. He probably looks up to Norm for being bold enough that he is willing to trash people like that. He also wishes he could be more like Bald when it comes to women.

No. 285273

Asshole it was a joke to make apoint someone blaming Chris for some thing and then to do with dumb ass

No. 285274

It happen in November of last year! we are now in March, they are not friends, they don’t collab together. he went out for a drink with him, that is it! Y’all r rehashing old news because they have a hate Boner towards Chris. grow the fuck up

No. 285275

What are y’all arguing back-and-forth about? There are no teams, this is a gossip sight! But all y’all lame ass does is type shitty post like, Lily spurge? digging up old tweets?
bring something you to the table
. y’all just keep arguing over the same shit over and over again. Fine you You don’t like Chris, you think Lily is great, you think Sharla if fat..
OK move the fuck on you fucking crazy

No. 285277

He helped him with his videos. As well maybe you don't care about sex trafficking but most people don't share your opinion. Chris knew and didn't care at best and actively supported Balds actions at worst.

No. 285278

There’s a ton of Chris is the devil commenters on here. I’m sensing lots of bitter smaller jvloggers who failed to make a successful career. While the dude goes from strength to strength kicking ass you get to circle jerk in a forum over and over lmao

No. 285279

If you fucking hate Chris so much stop watching his shit, don’t give him views and shut the fuck up.
You are not bringing anything you to the table you are lame you are still as fuck Lilly.
No one wants to argue about algorithm people want to see new gossip new shit you bringing nothing to the table but old fucking tweets from 2019 you lame bitch.

No. 285280

This was two years ago and started when Only in Japan John Daub channel made an obnoxious veiled remark on Twitter and was surprised when Chris saw it and responded to it.

No. 285282

No he did not help him with his video. He told him where to go in Japan on his visit, And you know that. you r making wild accusation and implying that you know what Chris is thinking?you are making things up because you don’t like Chris and that’s fine, don’t like Chris.
IMO Chris made a mistake by joining him for a drink and I criticize him for that. But to imply that he is somehow supporting self trafficking is sick.
That’s Why I have very high suspicion that you are his ex because of this weird hate boner, wild accusations and silly connections that you’re trying to make. you have a vendetta.

No. 285283

File: 1678501303030.png (437.41 KB, 500x666, scrotesimp.png)

the smell of reddit scrote simps have returned

No. 285287

Apparently, Chris' simps haven't been feeling confident about his work output that they need to come to a gossip forum to go ape shit on anyone who talks about him. Too bad they don't realize just how deranged they're making his fanbase look.

No. 285291

>Will be leaking addresses of comments on here very soon

This video is sponsored by NordVPN. Staying safe online is an ever growing difficulty and you could be exploited by hackers.

No. 285294

Except Chris was told numerous times about it and even mocked fans who were upset about sex trafficking. Please take off the rose tinted glasses.

No. 285295

I don't really see the big deal about sex trafficking

No. 285296

>Will be leaking addresses of comments on here very soon

can't even sage, expects anons to believe they know how to track IPs kek

No. 285297

Sure, Chris mocked people who are upset about sex trafficking. Of course he did.

No. 285298

File: 1678504953010.jpeg (37.95 KB, 500x389, scroteloser.jpeg)

ikr kekk

No. 285311

File: 1678514948372.png (775.05 KB, 1170x2532, E858A5BF-7534-4FF4-94AB-F95970…)