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File: 1664748446093.jpg (175.86 KB, 500x500, cow collage.jpg)

No. 45929

No. 45930

Please come and moderate the pixielocks thread asap, there's a lot of unintegrated newfags and namefags at the moment. If you could kindly ban them and delete their posts, maybe

No. 45931

batshit underage posters in the pixielocks thread rn please mods

No. 45932

Now Blaine is also there, can you also ban and delete Jesus' posts and everyone else who is acting unhinged? it derails and takes away from the discussion. This thread is unreadable and unbearable right now

No. 45938

Jesus poster and friends are just ban evading and shitting up the pixielocks thread with their schizo ramblings still.

No. 45939

Please mods for gods sake permaban and delete the retard's posts:
He also made a new thread now

No. 45941

Retard made the new Jill thread >>>/w/253438

No. 45944

Troll all over /w/, you need to seriously delete and permaban all of their shit.
Honestly it might be more than one troll at this point, this is probably a raid because Jillian Vessey mentioned lolcow on her youtube video.

No. 45947


No. 45948

This is so retarded

No. 45959

We really need to do some shit about Jillian and all the trolls she attracted to the website. This might be the worst shit she has caused yet

No. 45963

File: 1664770831841.jpg (5.66 KB, 249x202, a4c3a362-17c2-4084-958d-26c25e…)

Mods I'm sorry for replying to the schizo tranny, I don't have enough memory to remember all the names he uses to talk to himself all the time and I wasn't sure if it was some anon joking or what. I will be more careful next time (I'm very embarrassed).

No. 45964

File: 1664771413841.png (49.31 KB, 1291x433, spot.png)

There are more but those are the ones I remember off the top of my head. Picrel is screencap from the bunker thread

No. 45970

Thanks nonna, now I know. I wish he never came back again and again and again to begin with, he makes this website unbearable with his shit.

No. 45973

File: 1664796893827.jpeg (369.62 KB, 1536x2048, D7FA99EF-5C69-4D1F-9E2E-D44011…)

He’s shitting up cc too. This is him and his tranny friend, he posted this pic of them yesterday on our board.

They both look like soyjaks mixed with human Eldritch Abominations. Disgustingly ugly.

No. 45974

He looks like a horse with a muscle wasting disease

No. 45977

>when your only accomplishment in life is spending the rest of your years on imageboards, for hours and hours every day

No. 45980

Lmfao this is just funny, no neither of those two are UH.
My god people will just believe anything that fits their agenda huh

No. 45981

Grovel harder

No. 45982

You find that shit hilarious too huh?

No. 45983

Autisic face blindness or bad faith post, both are just as likely from newfags these days

No. 45984

>Anything a southern woman would say

No. 45985

UH aka Erica aka Blaine is a Jewish tranny with a huge jaw and massive pointy Jew nose. It’s definitely him.

No. 45986

Ohhhh Erica, sorry I thought you meant Erika yeah that is him and emojitroon, he also goes by Nuzach.

No. 45987

Seriously wtf is going on today though?

No. 45989

Mods asleep

No. 45990

Jesus retard is back on /w/

No. 45993

pls do something about the absolute retard in the pixielocks thread

No. 45999

The tranny is posting some random woman's profiles in Jill's thread on /w/

No. 46003

can jills thread please be locked? he's still going, he's posting feet pics now and hes just been shitting up the thread on and off all day

No. 46004

That's retarded, it's like you want him and Jill to celebrate. Just report and ignore.

No. 46005

all his posts are getting reported and largely ignored but he's been in there talking to himself all day lmao, like its just stupid to keep the thread up when it's in this state. it attracts even more pointless and unhinged bs

No. 46007

I'm a retard. I read the rules and it's still not clear to me: are men only disallowed on /g/ or the entire site? It doesn't even say in the /g/ rules that men aren't allowed; I've just observed bans when they're identified.

No. 46008

Also I realize this isn't strictly on-topic for the thread, but I couldn't find a less disruptive place to ask.

No. 46009

Lmfao not at all you goofball, used to be it was don't disclose but now it's not at all.

No. 46010

I'm confused. "Not at all" to my question would imply men are allowed, but from
> but now it's not at all
it sounds like you're saying men are banned on all boards.

No. 46011

Oh yeah I am speaking to autists, I always forget that.
Men are not allowed at all. You will surely be notified if that ever changes.

No. 46012

They aren't allowed on any board.

No. 46013

Okay, thanks for clarifying. Strange that it isn't in the rules (or written explicitly anywhere else, as far as I can tell). I guess I am kind of autistic.

No. 46014

The rules need to be changed they imply currently one could if he didn't bring up his phallus, this is not on you.

No. 46015

The schizo troon is back as Jesus again in the Jill thread

No. 46017

I guess it doesn't really matter; as long as he isn't identifiable as a man then he cannot be banned for being one. I don't care either way; the point of the rule in my eyes is to ban male-centric discussions (i.e., bringing up his dong) and it succeeds in doing so since that is easily recognized and banned.

No. 46018

Mods please come and clean the pixielocks thread, its full of shit

No. 46022

Posted in the Belle and Ahri thread too as if we can't tell

No. 46025

Jesus sperg in Pixielocks thread

No. 46031

Please delete the tranny and Jesus posts from the Jillian Vessey thread, thanks

No. 46032

vendetta poster in the mtf thread

No. 46034

Selfposting spamming tranny in mtf.

No. 46035

So are we all just pretending the tard fight in the onision thread isn't happening? I can respect that. Maybe it should just be locked?

No. 46036

You are going to have to get more mods or something jfc. If the new site isn’t coming any time soon, it’s been almost a year now. So much newfaggotry and autism on the site. Lolcow is becoming more and more public

No. 46043

File: 1664893327132.jpeg (141.79 KB, 640x711, BC5079F0-FEE7-4801-A6DC-4F8E5D…)

I’m going to come back every day for the rest of my life and bump belles thread and tranny admin will never fucking stop me.

No. 46046

moid spamming gay porn in vent thread

No. 46049

it's been an hour jannies pls

No. 46052

File: 1664898757267.jpg (49.4 KB, 481x544, DrDYxX-V4AEnebN.jpg)

>tranny admin
Sage your shit and contribute you brain dead monkey, it's not hard to actually participate you Neanderthal, I could train your cat to be a better poster than you, how does that make you feel huh?
Being more useless than a cat?
Kick rocks scrote, you're too entitled a moid to make it here.

No. 46053


No. 46058

please mods, ban that gene person from the onision threads. They shit up every single thread and make it about themselves, and don't sage, or anything. ENTIRE THREADS full of them talking about themselves.

No. 46059

We need an extra amount of attention from mods on the Jillian/pixielocks thread since the cow in question has mentioned LC. We need to permaban newfags and WKs before they mask it better.

No. 46062

Trannies spamming up mtf general, thanks mods

No. 46064

Excuse me Mods. Can I post my husbando in the husbando thread or will I still be banned? It's fine if I'm no longer able to, I just want to know.
I ask because I was temp banned twice along with the second ban warning of a permaban for continued posting of him, yet the second ban with the warning was appealed when I explained myself so I'm just really confused now on what that meant. I sent an email and folow ups for an explanation on what I've been confused about but it's been 2+ weeks and I've no response so I hope this works. Thank you for your service and hardwork.

No. 46065

Out of curiosity, who's your husbando? Lmfao

No. 46068

nta I think it's obvious who it is haha

No. 46069

She seems curious as to why it's not allowed so it's not the first three that jump to my mind I would hope lmfao but fair answer, maybe it's best I don't know this one.

No. 46070

I say do it but don't always use his pics, use random cat pics or something so you don't piss off the haters.

No. 46071

>Lolcow Pro Move

No. 46072

please sweep the tranny posting in the kiwi farms thread, maybe close the whole thing at this point

No. 46073

Yeah OP can make a Keffals thread if they want but I think the kiwi konflict is ready for /manure/

No. 46074

File: 1664935043189.png (51.96 KB, 255x290, kittydevil.png)

bumping cp off front page (in /m/)

No. 46075

I reported it. It's in the waifu thread if it's still there at all

Careful nonas

No. 46077

It's still there

No. 46078

Wtf it's been two hours mods pls

No. 46079

Reported it 3 hours ago wtf is taking so long

No. 46080

Troon coping in the snow mtf thread about being a degenerate coomer rapist.

No. 46081

Tranny in the mtf thread, the self post/discord vendetta tranny posts are still up too

No. 46082

Ok is it just me or the site has been lagging on/off? Mostly input lag. It stopped for a while but for some reason seems to have crept back up today.

No. 46086

I just came across the porn/cp spam in /m/ that had been up for 8 HOURS! WTAF??? 8 hours!!

No. 46087

Jesus Christ it's still there

No. 46090

Its back and talking to itself in the thread

No. 46092

Is there still CP?

No. 46093

Paki-chan derailing Reddit Hate Thread.

No. 46094

Jesus has returned to the Jill thread, and has perhaps brought friends.

No. 46095

schizo ban evading autist is back on the pixielocks thread.

No. 46096

CP in /m/ again

No. 46098

Retard on the Pixielocks thread again

No. 46099

why is nothing being done about the schizo pedo tranny posts? I've reported so many he's made over the past few days and they're all still up

No. 46100

the other troon's rage spam of his own moobs and selfies in the MTF thread is still up as well, all farmhands did is spoil the image. Idk what they're up to, maybe someone new is being trained?

No. 46101

CP still up in the book general thread in /m/

Can janitors delete posts? It might just be a janny trying to do her best. There doesn't seem to be much farmhands around recently, considering that this thread still hasn't been pinned

No. 46103

Still up at general books thread. Posted 5 HOURS ago.
I'd be really interested if this level of "moderation" will stay as shitty as it is or is going to go even worse? Are all jannies from same timezone/have same sleeping schedules? How many jannies we have? 1? 2? even so much as 3? Because that is how is feels like atm.

No. 46106

please delete the autist talking to himself in the pixielocks thread again. hes samefagging to talk about foot or some unfunny shit no one cares about. also pLEASE PIN THIS THREAD CAUSE THREAD 12 IS STILL PINNED

goodnight, girls!

No. 46109

Incel moid in ot unpopular opinions thread seething that heterosexual virigin women are sexually maladjusted to try and shame women into fucking failson incels.

No. 46111

porn post on #85 MTF thread

No. 46112

someone is spamming porn in /snow/ threads

No. 46113

You guys should just close the site for some time until you get it together because it's not working out. Either that or ban VPNs. This shit is annoying.

No. 46114

I'd prefer if all images are autohidden at this point and you have to click to view. And maybe if a post gets enough reports it gets autodeleted

No. 46115

on god the admins are so incompetent its frustrating, they trying to make this site like 8chan

No. 46117

Scrote spamming his bbc fap folder. Proof scrotes are gay and have a complex.

No. 46118

In snow forgot to add.

No. 46119

The fuck are you talking about?

No. 46120

nta but banning VPNs is just giving into male bullshit, that's what the cucks want

No. 46121

>I totally have a folder of dicks for non-gay readsons!
Coping homosexual kek.

No. 46123

It’s the tranny, he always chimps out at the suggestion of banning vpns because its how he spams.

No. 46124

the tranny doing this has a huge track record of doing it on other boards and sites and I hope he kills himself sooner rather than later. it's not as if spamming a female only website is going to repair his actual, real life relationships that are ruined cuz he's a schizo troon

No. 46125

The schizo troon wants VPNs banned because then the TERFs have to expose their real IP and their internet activity becomes visible to their ISP.

No. 46126

>nooo, don’t ban vpns! Just let me keep spamming my gay fap folder and cp reee

No. 46128

imagine being such retard moid you think spamming your folder of bbc on a majority straight woman's forum is gonna cause chaos other than people being like "lol a tranny is feeling uwu really bad and posting stash"

No. 46129

Kys tranny, you tried this same “noo you can’t ban muh vpn spamming” in the last thread and got outed by mods retard. That’s not how vpns work, it doesn’t show your location, just general wide area, then you would have to pick random fights with women in a huge area to find the lc user.

No. 46130

Kek, the troon tried to claim in the last thread that you can’t vpns and that vpns would be collected for blackmail >>>/meta/45771 to try and convince mods/anons not to ban vpns so he could continue spamming his incel fetish folder. The post it’s replying to was deleted because it was the tranny and then the troon samefaged to try and agree with himself kek. Saying ban vpns really makes him seethe.

No. 46131

Hi mods, someone is posting some dick pics in /snow/

No. 46132

some retarded posters do genuinely not want vpns banned. they probably don't get how IPs work.

No. 46133

Samefag, it’s literally on every single thread

No. 46135

Apparently he keeps coming back to lolcow to do his unfunny retarded gayops becuase because we're all evil terfs and brought this upon ourselves for not accepting him with open arms and also being transphobic.

No. 46138

Consider what happened to KF where the details of it's users were leaked due to the site being attacked by troons. LC doesn't have accounts where it stores user details and email addresses. What it does have is IPs. A VPN hides a users real IP and if the VPN is encrypted it hides what sites they visit and what they download from their ISP. The troon wants the information of the women that post here exposed while he can continue to spam the site because he can reset his router to get a new IP, no VPN required.

Banning VPNs would not stop spam and would make the genuine users of this site more vulnerable to attacks by trannies.

No. 46139

i want to ban vpns simply to get rid of annoying shits like you. whether you're a troon or scrote or not.

No. 46145

Schizo troon is now doubleposting in Jill's threads (old one still dying) trying to spin a narrative about lolcow hosting cp

No. 46149

could a mod just lock Jill's thread for a couple of days? too many anons are interacting with the schizo troon and 90% of the thread is just shitposting and irrelevancy. As much as everyone wants to enjoy the milkmas, theres just too much shit clogging up the thread and it's becoming a pain to sift through what's actually relevant.

No. 46150

can admin let us know shortly in advance when the site goes down even if its only for an hour or so? it causes confusion and disruption every time

No. 46151

So if that wasn't the downtime for the site update, when will it be?

No. 46152

it's obviously DDoSing or something and not planned downtime.

No. 46156

I feel like if it’s DDoSing it would consistently down

No. 46157

Obviously admin forgot to pay the bills on time and used ~site development uwu~ as a poor back-up for why the website went down for two days

No. 46159

Whatshisface is in shay's thread

No. 46161

Here too



Also him

No. 46163

Not sure why you do this every time it comes up but it's always good for a laugh.
Can admin let us know … anything? In any timeframe? Ever? Come on, anon.

No. 46166

The anons advocating for this are literally doing the troons work
>Let's remove a number of women's right to online privacy because men are getting to us
Flawless logic

No. 46171

Tinfoiling idiot


No. 46173

Anon, that doesn't even make any sense.

No. 46175

Kek what the fuck? It's just me disagreeing with you, and I only responded because you replied to me.

No. 46177

I'm just going to wait a couple hours and see what happens to this post before I even say anything else.

No. 46178

all imageboards ban vpns because they are only used to spam.

No. 46179

nta but the update excuse doesn't make sense either considering how nothing on the site changed
only 4chan bans them, though the spammers still continue by switching ips through the mobile data on their phones

No. 46182

cp in /m/ again

No. 46184

Can obvious vendetta threads be deleted? Their faces are unrightfully posted here forever for non-lolcow behaviour because a retard was jealous of them? This could maybe prevent anons to start these vendetta threads because their data would be delted anyway. And a suicidal schizo is posting in /snow/

No. 46185

tranny jannies can't even delete cp, dickpicks, and the black problem threads under 10 hours so I doubt they can.

No. 46186

what is going on are they picking new mods or something. the lack of moderation lately has been super noticeable

No. 46187

Scrote posting cp in m.

No. 46188

that is true. My post was just meant as a suggestion for maybe later on. But depending on the thread these tranny pictures stay up longer while in other ones it gets deleted in under 3 hours

No. 46189

Cp link on /ot/ as well as bait thread and stupid cc esque threads

No. 46190

Is it possible to make it that when something gets reported x time from different IP addresses that it will be hidden and the jannies can approve it manually at least for the time being until the schizo tranny joins the 41%? I am an obvious non-techfag but the moderation takes too long sometimes

No. 46191

Retards replying to it

No. 46194

why the terf island thread on /ot/ have been locked ? are the jannies troonsing or what ?

No. 46195

Maybe the op was actually a baiter, but was weird that it was locked after being up for more than a day.

No. 46196

link is STILL there can the mods please do their jobs?

No. 46197

I know there’s like 1 mod rn but cc threads keep getting made >>>/ot/1366748

No. 46198

Yeah, the same type of retard that has been ruinig CC for some months now.

No. 46199

In pretty sure these type of threads are allowed on cc though? On here they aren’t as they can be repetitive and clog the catalogue. This thread can fit in the dumbass shit thread or something.

No. 46200

Samefag i also feel like it might be a bait post so if it does get locked or deleted they can be like TRANNIE JANNIEZ!!!1!

No. 46202

PLEASe autosage the lucinda thread, her fangirls will not stop bumping it. she is not even active anymore

No. 46204

This post was written by schizo tranny hands.

No. 46206

>how can I make this poor schitzochan's thread about me???????

No. 46208

I get what you're trying to say but this is the internet and nobody was even interacting with schitzochan other than someone asking her what her goal was with making a thread. No one gives a fuck about schizotranny or his feefees

No. 46210

These posts were written by schizo tranny hands.

No. 46212

my post is >>>/meta/46206 and I was agreeing with the post I replied to, since it's weird to talk about the girl's thread and be like "see u guys stop being mean schizotranny isnt actually schizo"

No. 46214

This post was written by schizo tranny hands.

No. 46216

This post was definitely written by tranny hands

No. 46217

Jesus back on the pixielocks thread

No. 46218

Anonymous Gene is back >>>/pt/894538
please delete lol

No. 46219

namefagging ban evading autist is back on the pixielocks thread. pls delete everything he says, we are having milk for once

No. 46221

Please can we get a farmhand to post that interacting with jesus in the pixielocks thread will get you banned? It's already annoying to have them in there spamming, but the anons who reply are giving me an aneurysm. It's shitting up the thread majorly. All the anons are doing is giving jesus exactly what they want, attention.

No. 46222

Modddss Jesus and other WKs are at it again.

No. 46224

the whitenight in jills thread pretending as if they are an active poster here when they cannot even be assed to try and integrate

No. 46225

jesus is in the jillian vessey thread again.

No. 46227

1h old thread on /ot/ by a moid with generic shit taste.

No. 46228

Saw cp/porn on front page.

No. 46229

CP in /g/ and /snow/

No. 46231

File: 1665225351791.jpeg (55.8 KB, 640x639, 6357D3D9-2803-4EE8-9029-FF33BC…)

Cp in front page

No. 46232

Still cp in snow

No. 46233

Someone is posting porn in /snow/ again

No. 46234

The amount of childporn i see here makes it an unusable site and severely traumatized me, it’s sickening. I hate to say it but the scrotes won, this website as an anonymous imageboard cannot survive, but the users that looked for a platform to communicate with woman can and honestly should move on to a strictly locked platform where men cannot be in.

No. 46235

Pedophile scrote posting cp in snow.

No. 46236

It's a scrote behind these posts, obviously, but is it a live poster or a bot? Os there anyway we can ban bots or something?

No. 46237

If the development of the new site is taking a year or over a year at least get 1 or 2 more mods who can “handle” this sort of thing. It’s sad and I like lc and im aware for what the site is it is targeted by retards and disgusting people but it shouldn’t “lose” to these things

No. 46238

Something needed to be done yesterday about this disturbing spam so this site can be useable for it's intended audience, which is WOMEN gossiping and talking about all sorts of things. At least there should be communication about what is being done about this big issue.

No. 46239

Samefag, but i wish Shaymin did have her townhall last month so we could at least be in direct contact and shoot off all our ideas and see what she thinks. It’s just frustrating

No. 46240

Yeah this. The whole situation is crap. It's like russian roulette opening LC these days. The worst is cp spam staying up for 8+ hours. No other site I frequent has this problem. I wouldn't stay around if LC wasn't special.

No. 46241

I don't understand why a single post of it spends hours up. I am aware humans sleep but is there really just one mod on the clock? I wish there was more communication on what's going on and when the site's getting its overhaul. I still don't understand either why the site was down for days last month.

No. 46242

The rumours were that admin was working on the site but nothing changed…damn it.

No. 46243

File: 1665228610000.jpeg (165.68 KB, 640x1137, B39253B6-937A-48A9-A69C-F903A9…)

There’s still CP. tf mods wake up and sort it out

No. 46244

Yeah it has been up on /g/ for over an hour

No. 46245

CP in snow. Spergs get banned instantly but CP stays up for hours. Makes sense. Jannies just delete it please

No. 46246

It’s 8 am EDT where I am and I notice jannies aren’t usually up around this time

No. 46247

CP in /g/

No. 46248

first time seeing cp, hoping its the last :)

No. 46249

literal cp is still up and it has been 3 hours. Great job.

No. 46250

No. It’s not fair for the mods, they don’t get paid, it’s highly dangerous for them to do this, think of them ffs. The cause of the website is not important enough for mods, admin and farmers to get traumatized by these pictures. Imageboards are dead anyways and are mostly visited by creeps, female creeps are an infinite amount less worse than male creeps in general, but if they really want a platform to gossip about nobodies they should set up a strictly locked forum. Many imageboards have died because of pedos spamming cp, they had the common sense to surrender, yet why hasn’t this website? There are starting to form already many female only communities, lolcow’s original purpose is gone, so why can’t it be fully gone? It’s shit, awful, full of cp. let it go.

No. 46251

are you the fucking cp spammer or something? what a weird thing to post. “cp spamming is making our site unusuable so just let the site die” is exactly what the tranny pedo spammers want. why not advocate for better security measures instead? there are solutions for this shit that don’t involve traumatizing volunteer mods. whoever works on this site just hasnt bothered to implement them yet.

No. 46252

You know you could just leave on your own.

No. 46253

>are you the cp spammer
Schizo, kill yourself.
Posting will be very difficult if that happens, which again, makes the site unusable. Imagine caring about your gossip more than the safety of us. Seriously, you are one selfish retard. Are you the anon who used the word “handling”? Man you sure are a moron. I’m only pissed off because you are so inconsiderate.

No. 46254

says the addict who can’t even admit how flawed it is to keep an image board up full of cp. either turn this into a forum where users can’t be anonymous or take it down, how is it fair for mods to moderate the bazillionth abuse victim photograph? Who can even handle this? Unless you and your fellow selfish people are willing to donate regularly for this website thousands so they at least can get paid. But of course all you will do is spam here and ask mods to take down cp, as if they don’t know when they work on this website all they have to do is delete the terrible pictures.

No. 46255


No. 46256

and in /g

No. 46257

People are willing to donate and I have myself. If that goes towards Mods in the future then I have no problem with donating for that either. Nayrt but Admin hasn’t given any updates about what she plans to implement to the site to stop these things and I think there many options people have already said in this thread and previous ones. If admin wants to shut it down because she can’t keep up with it she can she’s able to do that. A lot of people like this site including Admin and she’s willing to keep it up so she should do some things to help combat this, and that’s not entirely on her obviously because these spammers are horrible and their whole plan is to keep LC down and hurt us. We’ve had Asherahs shut down because of this problem too. It just sucks. If Admin wants to take LC offline for a while and implement all these things so we don’t get spammed that’s fine. I think your idea of locking it up / making a new locked site is okay too. obviously people care about the mods well-being, that’s why we want some technical features implemented so they wouldn’t even have to be exposed to it either

No. 46259

It is still there watch out

No. 46263

T. schizophrenic pedophile tranny who is somehow always there when CP is spammed and then tries to blame it on a cow he tipped and/or scrote enemies of his from Discord.

No. 46264

The /ot/ thread made by a scrote is still there and now some dumbass has replied. I wouldn't be surprised if it were the scrote himself samefagging.

No. 46265

Report the CP so we can find it and delete it. I've been checking the report page for the past hour and it's not there. I've checked catalogs, not there. What thread is it in? There have been a lot of posts trying to cover it up, which is fine, but this also means we can't find it.

No one has actually reported it, it seems, unless other reports have been spammed to cover it up.

No. 46266

Hello Farmhand, could you please give us an update about what is going on behind the scenes? Will there be something done to prevent the recurring cp spam?

No. 46267

I know it sucks but you can use the extension that replaces all pictures on website with something else. At least no cp and you can open a thread when you know it's safe

No. 46268

Maybe report it when you see it instead of complaining that you see it and no one can tell the admin where to delete it from instead of just asking 'what will be done?'. From their standpoint, not much. Anything they implement has the chance of CP being posted somehow unless they have a massive staff to go through dozens of threads and force approve posts and that's unreasonable IMO considering the type of website this is. So what exactly is your idea, anon, to help with it?

No. 46269

Thanks farmhands for being there for us
I think the problem is that no one really wants to stare at that shit (it's very understandable honestly, it's very fucking disgusting and stomach churning) so it goes unreported, or at least that's my guess. It's easier to bump other threads to hide it and then mention here that it was posted, I think. So it's like, I don't blame anons at all but yeah modding this shit must be exhausting. I'm sorry you have to deal with it constantly

No. 46270

I personally always report it. There have been discussions on how to prevent this for months, even years. SO what is going on behind the scenes?

No. 46271

I'm 100% sure that it's the tranny who posts that shit and then he's like "but I just happen to post at the same time" like who the fuck is he fooling, same with the black cock spam

No. 46272

I reported both posts this morning around 8am EDT, so I don't understand how it went unreported.

No. 46273

Same. Also reported the moid in /ot/.

No. 46274

your report button is broken.. tell that admin to hurry up w her new code cuz this site is barely functionning now

No. 46275

I know there hasn't been much milk but can we take Amanda Bret's thread off autosage? Why was it put on to begin with?

No. 46276

Then why is >>46265 saying there are no reports for the recent CP?

No. 46277

It appears that multiple people reported it. There must be some error with the report function.

No. 46278

I need an irish thread please, or a thread for Ireland, Scotland & Wales together would be fine too. please noneens

No. 46279

Make one yourself? Doesn't seem that hard to make since you don't need to recap any milk.

No. 46280

I personally reported the one in /g/ about 2 hours before this post. Reported it literally as "child pornography."
Is there a limit of reports that can exist at one time? Maybe the threshold needs to be higher.

No. 46281

Can someone permaban anonymous Gene and that tranny please?

No. 46283

CP at the top of /pt/, reported but giving a heads up in case there's a problem with the reporting

No. 46284

Cp in pt

No. 46285

What is admins plan for getting rid of CP spam? It used to be don’t go on certain boards at certain times, but now it’s almost completely unavoidable and it makes the site so much unenjoyable to be on. I understand that resources are stretched thin right now but there has to be a better way than waiting on users to report them.

No. 46286

Incel scrote in snow buzzfeed thread coping about committing 90% of violent crime.

No. 46287

Tranny on Jillian Vessey thread again. It's unusable as usual

No. 46288

This might just be the faggiest thing I've seen typed out here in a long while


No. 46290

can we please stop doing the hurdur cp bump for random threads?

No. 46291

cp in ot

No. 46292

>no one has actually reported it
I reported it twice and even from different vpns to make sure you see it. Your system is broken. It was on the second page of both snow and g for hours.

No. 46293

cp posts have been up for 2 hours now on /ot/

No. 46294

again cp in ot

No. 46295

It is like Russian roulette opening this site and seeing cp or not

No. 46296

cp in ot & w. please get more mods.

No. 46297

reported it but /ot/ is actively being spammed with cp atm

No. 46298

Mods must like the cp because I see nothing being done

No. 46299

anon they're probably afk. we do really need more mods but i dont think it's their fault

No. 46300

/ot/ report just now. The post has been there for 43 minutes.

No. 46301

Nayrt but here (edt) it’s early morning and I notice mods are always asleep

No. 46302

This seems to be happening more frequently now than it has been in the past year. What's up with that? It's been every day this week so far

No. 46303

Because there is literally a very simple filter that can be used to prevent these posts that thousands of websites use, is easy to implement, and apparently free. We don't need staff to dredge through it we just need this filter

No. 46304

I think most farmhands must be american/canadian since the spam seems to happen during european timezone and takes hours to clean up.
Any european anons want to become farmhands and remove the tranny spammer's power pls

Incidentally some UK tranny was blogging about his discord drama in the mtf thread recently, it's british trannies doing it probably.

No. 46305

Reason #2938747582003 to never have a son is posting cp in ot.

No. 46306

There’s CP in /w/

No. 46307

Report cp to NCMEC since admin apparently isn’t going to do anything about it

No. 46308

Have there ever been non American mods?

No. 46309

God we need this so bad!

No. 46310

I think there's a chinese farmhand, no idea about any others as they are all cool and mysterious

No. 46311

this would be such an improvement, hopefully staff will look into it.

No. 46313

why in god's name would you assume they're all American?

No. 46315

Cp on m

No. 46317


No. 46321

Can we implement mass report buttons? Like if 30 anons all report the same thing that picture becomes non-visible and farmhands get to review the pictures later to see if they were rightfully taken down or not.

No. 46322

Schizo tranny Blaine is shitting up /ot/ threads again. The unpopular opinions one

No. 46324

GET A JOB ALREADY NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY go get a damn job with your sasquatch looking ass pushing 30

No. 46328

gay scrote with raceplay fetish spamming in /snow/

No. 46329

on /m/ as well, the porn and cp spamming are becoming like a daily occurrence right now and I agree with >>46321 something like a mass report function should be implemented

No. 46330

Hi Farmhand, could you please get back to us about this. Do you get our reports or not? Is something being done to prevent spam?

No. 46331

we also need word/image filters instead of the gay captcha that anons keep asking for

No. 46332

Yeah I’m >>46321 and I’ve said this suggestion and the word filter idea since the 24-hour cp spam incident when shaymin first got the job here. I don’t understand why they aren’t doing some big change like this. If they can’t code it then hire someone to code it. Does shaymin not understand how fucking stupid and dangerous it is to host cp on a public site?

No. 46335

tranny samefagging in vent

No. 46336

tranny hands inciting infighting in the vent thread

No. 46339

There was a nonnie on CC who installed if for a few sites. Maybe we should try and contact her? She was in their own /meta/ board talking about it a few days ago I think it's worth a shot

No. 46343

cp posted on /m/

No. 46344

Scrote posting cp in danofag thread.

No. 46345

cp on /m/, admins there are multiple neets here, I'm sure one could apply to become a moderator and do an excellent job for 18 hours a day

No. 46346

i am once again asking if admins/jannies are reporting the cp to the fbi.


No. 46347

autistic spam in the tinfoil thread

No. 46348

cp still on /m/

No. 46349

on /snow/ the "racist cokeheads" thread (the one redtexted) has a reply with doxing a girl and her poor mother and grandmother that have nothing to do with the vendetta.

No. 46350

Doubt. Can't delete under 6 hours, they aren't reporting shit. How HARD would it be to get one janny with different sleeping schedule than the rest? HOW HARD WOULD THAT BE?
Why even ask, admin doesn't give a flying fuck about this site, that much is clear.
Shame there is literally nowhere else to go on internet. Its all full of scrotes.
RIP lolcow, I will miss you, I do not miss seeing all this spam shit that mods are too lazy to delete. Maybe that was the reason all along, silently kill lolcow with allowing cp spam. Good job.

No. 46351

I wanna give them the benefit the doubt that they might be dealing with some some complicated attacks, troon discords have been specifically targeting lolcow for the past 3 months now, while cp/porn spam were sadly an occurrence, it was still a lot rarer, now it occurs almost every 5 hours or so

No. 46352

Man, trannies just have a cp stash at the ready to go turbo moid when the mean women make them feel ~dysphoric~. Not reporting cp, just commenting on the general state of degenerate trannies who are even more moid like than “cis” moids

No. 46353

cp is still being posted in /pt/ god I fucking hate what this place has become

No. 46354

I just reported it and hope the farmhands actually get the reports now.

No. 46355

This site is just a site for people to get CP from now and not much else.(tranny)

No. 46356

That's a massive exaggaration. It's still good old LC but with a big cp spam problem.
Btw "people" don't look for or post cp, subhuman moids do.

No. 46357

File: 1665411862197.jpeg (107.81 KB, 1080x1080, 8c2dbce12e43e5ce86f15e80b0cec7…)

i'll accept my ban for spam but do better mods, this shit is disgusting and the users of this site shouldn't be subjected to cp.

No. 46358

Bless you, fuck the mods and honestly fuck everyone who screams about blaming this on anyone other than them.(tranny)

No. 46359

Completely agree. Cute cow pics too.

No. 46360

Your heart is in the right place, sweet cow-nonnie, thank you for your effort but most of us use the catalog so, making new threads is useless imo. You're just polluting the board and give attention to scrotoids. What we desperately need is more mods (my euro ass would like to help but the applications are closed) and a better admin, obviously.

No. 46361

An admin that at least wants to be an admin kek(tranny)

No. 46362

File: 1665414299986.png (15.12 KB, 1038x76, E51EDAB3-9080-4C4F-94C9-534077…)

wow, crazy how quickly i got banned for offending mods by saying only men spam CP to the site but the CP in question stayed up for almost two hours. love you admins, keep doing the awesome job that you do!

No. 46363

Was that the same mod from yesterday who was literally slapfighting with their fucking modtag still on? Good god.(tranny)

No. 46364

i have no clue but they’re a powerhungry bitch lmao

maybe they should do their fucking job instead of banning people who don’t feel like seeing child pornography on the front page of a board.

No. 46365

I just love how it shifted from one person, to a group of people to well we don't actually know who's doing it. Real fucking professional for a site that's supposed to be about facts about drama. A place that's supposed to verify the milk and make sure it's more than just edited screen caps producing rumors has it's staff just spitting shit out of their ass.(tranny)

No. 46366

What? Is that your ban message?

No. 46367

don't respond to that person, it's probably a moid or a troon. those are the ONLY people and I mean, ONLY people that overexaggerate and act extremist like "OH GOD THIS SITE IS DONE". literally no one that cares about the site says shit like this

No. 46368

yes, because i wrote something along the lines of “you know who doesn’t spam cp? women”

No. 46369

I did suspect that. They WANT the site to be done, that's why they write such things.
Strange message, I would be really surprised if there are any actual women who spam photos of naked little girls here.

No. 46370

literally Elaine. are you newfags or is dementia settling in?

No. 46371

Never cared about this Elaine business, what did she do?

No. 46372

One mod actually confirmed there are certain users /ips that have like 10-15 posts only in their post history about the site wanting to host cp or something like that

No. 46373

it's the schizo pedo tranny, he tries to blame random cows and kiwifags for his cp spam
report and ignore

No. 46374

Nah, I'm not. But before the tranny came around, Elaine had a group of guys that literally were complicit with her in posting cp and animal gore. It was a huge ordeal on KF in her thread and it's kinda funny that you're saying that never happened, it's almost weird actually.

No. 46375

I mean, they aren't wrong. Didn't kiki post some and then there was elaine and I'm sure other spergs that just weren't publically outted. It's a common tactic to try to make the website look bad. It's really telling how many of you came from twitter or something and have 0 imageboard experience that this trash is some outlier in your minds.

&Every time this happens the CP spammers always post in meta pretending to be regular users concerned about the site too.

Honestly new threads shouldn't be posted as a way to hide it, there's no reason not to just bump existing ones. If the ban is long in duration vs a quick warning that's pretty retarded though.

Admin has already said before they report the cp spammers and work with law enforcement.

The only thing I hear here I agree with is that they should consider more mod applications purely to deal with it. Like take away all regular duties and just assign some spammer clean up taskforce. Probably easier said than done since there are likely tons of bad actors who try to apply to such positions, but it should still be being done.

No. 46376

Elaine Miller is an actual pedophile who was actually caught spamming Child Porn, before her third thread where everyone goes "Oh poor Elaine".

No. 46377

I know two other female cows who spammed CP to this site that haven't been mentioned yet, but if I bring them up suddenly I am "The schizo tranny" >>46374 is right, it's fucking clear what's actually going on here…(tranny)

No. 46378

File: 1665416166873.png (1.43 MB, 1462x1808, B312DF19-6013-4100-A674-4A836C…)

Farmhand posts from vent thread yesterday

No. 46379

Also let me know if I forgot any sorry just wanted to get this all here

No. 46380

It's not the tranny it's likely rachelfags or Elaine's group.
Right there, black and white, clear as fucking crystal.(tranny)

No. 46381

Regardless of all of this, it shouldn’t take HOURS for porn spam to be removed.

No. 46382

Is this the "mod slapfight" that anon mentioned kek okay

No. 46383

You need to see the other posts and how the farmhand kept rage deleting every post to understand the fight nature kek okay little mind?(tranny)

No. 46384

please clear this thread up mods, schizotroon is back

No. 46385

considering they said there are times when some mods are online that can't delete stuff while the mods that can delete it are offline, it makes sense that it would take long. but they need more moderation.

No. 46386

Exactly he is so retarded he immediately defends or inserts himself lol

No. 46387

Schizo troon is somewhere near, schizo troon is one to fear.
Maybe maybe it was the libel, shock and slander, this site is not a bible.(tranny)

No. 46388

File: 1665416483219.jpg (178.21 KB, 600x337, 8-Supernatural-Season-Ten-Epis…)

Once again I am right, your pathetic lot has lost a fight.
Chitter chatter useless words, whenever will you realize you are a herd.
You milk the cows, I milk you, complain all you want, you can't undo.(tranny)

No. 46389

I wish they would post this where we all could see it, I’m not an otfag and have especially been ignoring it because of the newfags there. They can’t blame us for having to tell us this stuff every few months as a reminder, since the majority of us never see this stuff.

No. 46390

Amazing, it only took like 20 minutes for the tranny to drop his mask and out himself just like that. i knew it.

No. 46391

they said they can't make banner announcements, so where else could they put it?

No. 46392

Farmhands unfortunately can’t implement code as they said in the post so they couldn’t make banners, we could make a thread with the info they have and pin it, because these complaint threads bury the info anyway, but only if they’re okay with that idea

No. 46393

Samefag and have it the info thread locked as well so it doesn’t get spammed with autism until new farmhand or admin messages get posted

No. 46394

Literally here. That’s what meta is for. Or create a thread for farmhand info.

No. 46395

if you go to the thread from the screencaps, the farmhand literally had to link a previous post they made from /meta/ to /ot/ so what do you mean?? your farmhand info thread idea makes more sense.

No. 46396

Thanks I'm gonna repost this to remind everyone the mods are correct.

No. 46397

I could make one, as we keep getting newfags or people asking the same questions over and over. Again if it’s not another load for the farmhands /admin to lock it though so it doesn’t get retard spamming (and keep complaints and discussion here) until their next announcement or posts it would be easy to link it when they want info

No. 46398

Again tho if they don’t want that and feel it’s redundant or clogging I understand

No. 46399

I'm for this if it's referencing/cataloguing things the mods/admin have said themselves. Link past posts like a thread summary type of thing

No. 46400

Yeah that’s my plan, pretty much screenshots and links to their posts. I’ll make it later today when I have free time with my autism, and mods can decide if they want it or not. I just know having screen caps being posted or links to their posts get lost with the nature of posts and threads

No. 46401

my only concern would be having a megathread of info that anyone with ill-intentions would use to their advantage

No. 46402

I guess so, again I’ll make it and see if farmhands want to keep it up. I don’t think it’ll be a big problem since the info is already all there and these “ebil masterminds” (not making fun of you but these retards trying to take lc down ) can comb through the threads if they really care anyway

No. 46403

Can we do something about the scrote who keeps posting random comments from reddit without context >>>/w/257207 They constantly spam reddit comments that have nothing to do with the cows, don't have milk, and are basically copy-pasting as if they were coming from PULL, KF, or CC. It's not interesting or milky just to see what other retards are saying on other sites about the same shit. This is LC. Go to the other sites to discuss gossip. We don't need their shit comments spammed here when there is nothing to discuss about it. Especially when anons purposely refuse to add in context about what they are commenting about.

No. 46404

Nta but I don't think that's a huge issue considering it's all public already. The speds that spam here are clearly on the lower end of the IQ spectrum so the idea they could even do anything with actually private information is pretty low. Imo the average sperg who does these things is largely motivated by their own desire for attention or some false concept of notoriety vs any actual desire to damage or remove the site. I'd even argue they'd get upset if LC did get taken down because they would lose the perceived attention they derive from doing this.

It's kind of like the mentality of an 11-12 year old being intentionally annoying even at their own detriment because it's the only way people acknowledge them. They quite literally lack the mental maturity to conceive of proper ways to gain this and can't fully conceive the real issues with their actions. I wouldn't even be surprised if some of these spammers are underage.

No. 46406

I don't get why they keep responding to stuff in /ot/ instead of here. Even just responding to concerns here and saying they can't give updates for confidentiality would be fine and probably would have avoided all of the speculation about the site everyone has been doing.

No. 46407

They link their ot response to the Meta responses where they did reply to these concerns here though lol

No. 46408

What? Are you talking about the VPN thing? That was just them saying that VPNs will get permabans and won't be appealed from a few months ago.

No. 46409

let me guess, a 2 year ban just to say womeN DO IT TOo. also it was up for 4 hours

No. 46410

Is deliberately lying and spreading false information about a cow you stan so people won't believe proven milk about them considered derailing and against the rules? A nonnie has repeatedly been doing this in the jvlogger thread. They also claim anything negative shared about the cow is part of a hate campaign when it's actual milk or usual cow discussion.

No. 46411

Now you’re reporting me here for disagreeing with you?
Christ anon, go and touch some grass

No. 46412

Kek so many (tranny)s in this thread.

No. 46422

File: 1665434891497.png (783.31 KB, 626x680, F138A357-E4E0-4291-B5C1-F1169C…)

Here is info thread I made:


Let me know if I missed anything. I will wait and see if Farmhands want to keep it up or not (as it is kinda spoonfeeding) but there have been the same questions over and over and I think it would be okay to have it one thread where people can find and see important posts easier for the time being

No. 46424

Nah, there's no disagreement, nonnie. You’ve just been lying, derailing and minimoding. First you claimed the “archaeology stuff” was taken out of context when all the caps and Japanese news article proved Sharla excavated ancient artifacts on public land in Japan without permission, possibly damaging an important archaeological site and angering archaeologists, didn’t turn the objects over right away and lied about how she found them. Then you backtracked and claimed that wasn’t what you meant, and what you meant to say was that Sharla rectified the situation when there’s absolutely no proof she ever apologized nor acknowledged her mistake, and caps actually show she told other people she didn’t do anything wrong and lied when she turned the objects in. Then you backtracked again and said the story was dug up by redditors from 2-year old tweets when it was never shared on reddit and was originally shared by an oldfag who discovered it through Japanese news. And now you’re telling people in the jvlogger thread not to talk about it anymore when it’s actual milk that didn’t get shared at the time, when there hasn’t been milk this proper in a long time and nonnies are just complaining about Satornini.

No. 46428

Firstly my OP was merely a post asking if others felt like I did anon, I wasn’t expecting you to overreact like this.
You replied to that post and said that I can’t be an oldfag, everyone in that thread gets nitpicked for their appearance etc.
I don’t know why you think I am wking her, I’m not, my original point stands; no one brought up the archaeological stuff until 2 years later so it is hardly milk.
I think you’re reading between the lines of what I am saying? By rectify I meant that she handed over the artefacts and unlisted the video, I didn’t mean she apologised otherwise I would have said that. She did what she was legally required to. Am I allowed to say rectify in that sense?
Again I didn’t mean that this info came from Reddit, read what I wrote?
You’ve repeated yourself about the laws she’s broken and the cultural ignorance, lying etc. 3 times now, I get it. While you think it’s outrageous I just don’t care because she’s not a cow worthy of 6 threads

Apologies mods, please forgive me. I won’t reply to this anon anymore

No. 46429

Elaine did, Kiki just posted diseased genitalia. I doubt any other actual women did though.

No. 46431

If a cow illegally digging for ancient artifacts in a foreign country, lying to authorities about how she found them, damaging an important archaeological site, pissing off the entire archaeological community of a county and making the news is not milk, then WTF is? It was only shared on lolcow until now because it was only ever covered by Japanese news, the vlog was immediately hidden and tweets about it were deleted before anons became aware of it. No one else is discussing actual milk in that thread, so why do you discourage discussion of milk new to lolcow? If you didn’t care, why did you respond, lie and backtrack multiple times? Why are you telling people not to talk about it?

This is just part of a larger pattern of an anon trying to mislead newfags and unsuspecting lurkers into believing Sharla doesn’t have a history of being a cow and snowflake. Whenever something that Sharla has actually done is brought up, an anon claims it was already proven to be taken out of context or faked in older threads when it never was and actual evidence, like screenshots and video, proved the opposite. Then the anon claims there’s some kind of conspiracy or vendetta against Sharla because milk was brought up and tells everyone else to stop talking about it. It doesn’t even have to be milk or something negative, either. In the same posts, you also suspected someone of secretly running a hate campaign against Sharla merely because they were right about her vacationing at a popular vacation spot after she shared a photo from that island.

No. 46433

some retard is spamming the /w/ lolita thread with unsaged milkless photos of lolitas they have some sort of vendetta against
might be the same one that was samefagging about them in the thread too, can a mod check on that?

No. 46434

Probably more like no one cares and you are mad everyone keeps ignoring or telling you to shut up about it already because it's not milk just to piss you off. When you act this autistic, no one will give a fuck about what you bring up. Go back to your stupid Santorini bullshit and ass-patting yourself for 'calling it'.

No. 46435

File: 1665471829303.jpeg (15.48 KB, 450x430, Hehe.jpeg)

Request to have "trauma" (in honour of all the newfags brought here by Jill) redtexted. I wanna watch that thread light up like a Christmas tree.

No. 46436

Sorry I do care about the illegal and immoral shit that I am forced to see when opening a catalog. You need penis to be upset to see that shit now? Are you sure you are not the tranny since cp never bothered you anyway?

No. 46437

Troon in mtf thread coping trad women are totes agp coomers just like men.

No. 46438

What does Belle have to do with it?

No. 46439

Any sperging about sage in non-cow boards should be a bannable offence.

No. 46440

ah, thought it was just me whose troondar pinged on that comment

No. 46444


This. Why do I get the slight suspicion that it's Oriental Pearl's petty ass sperging so hard on this uninteresting "milk"? I really just don't care whether she did or not, this forced outrage is tired. It's not worth it to rehash it back and forth endlessly. It gets more exaggerated each time, too. I feel like if we all had cameras on us and documentation of our lives 24/7 we could all be spun into being horrible people for one reason or another. I don't buy that Sharla's some evil queen bee mastermind because of x, y, and z. I also never had an image of her being perfectly nice and good with no dirt, I don't even particularly like her. She's whatever, but some anons are really thirsty for something to gossip about so we get this same old boring shit ad nauseam. Tkyoham is way more milky for being living garbage and leaving a pile of broken porcelain, skidmarks, and semen filled cups in his wake after finally leaving that flophouse he'd been holed up in for 3 years and there's more people that can corroborate that than the usual hearsay in the Jvlogger thread.

No. 46445

I think the samefagging ban-evading vendetta poster is back in the /w/ lolita thread, could a mod look into it again?

No. 46446

I was thinking that or Lily. She's the only other person who would be this ass-mad and going on and on about how fat Sharla is and everything because she's with Chris and then the massively defensive "DONT TALK ABOUT LILY!!!!!!!!!!" when she used to vlog, anons found proof of it finally, and she used to date Chris who is on topic which makes her on topic. It's the samefags from Jillian's threads too. I thought mods pastured most of them, but ban evading is one hell of a drug. I can't imagine wanting to write fanfiction of cows and being that desperate to do it.

No. 46447

More evidence of Sharla and/or her stans trying to stifle discussion of real milk involving their queen breaking multiple laws in a foreign country. And they say Sharla isn't a snowflake when the Jvlogger thread was specifically created to discuss Sharla and her clique's snowflake behavior.

No. 46448

No, most anons are just tired of how hard you try and how mad you get when no one bites your garbage posts. No one is a stan or whiteknighting. No one wants to talk about shit involving her and Taylor 6+ years ago and the archaeological stuff wasn't that interesting. Nothing came of it, so a lot of anons don't care.

No. 46449

If you're OK with bringing up Lily's milkless tweets from years ago, then you should definitely be OK with new milk about Sharla that was reported in Japanese news.

No. 46450

Bringing up stuff that wasn't discussed before is new milk for a thread.

No. 46451

Sharla illegally excavating and damaging artifacts and making the news in Japan was new to the thread. Thank you for proving my point.

No. 46453

And a lot of anons don't care about talking about it. Stop being pissed off that people don't reply to your shit.

No. 46454

You literally keep replying, a Sharla stan is not "a lot of anons," and you just admitted it's new milk, lol. Stop minimoding.

No. 46456

insane samefagging, infight baiting, and schizo tranny bullshit on the vent thread and probably all over /ot/ as well. Please wake up farmhands.

No. 46458

is it just me or there's a troon in the unpopular opinions thread?

No. 46461

The thread is for (ex-)jvloggers who still make content, who are still vloggers. Lily doesn't make any content and she deleted the 7 vids on her 5 year old channel. There is nothing to discuss and there was not a single drop of milk in any of the old shit anons brought up from her twitter. She's not on topic just because she used to fuck Chris, she never even appeared in any of his content.

No. 46462

not just you. fucky things happening in that thread

No. 46463

No. 46464

It's the troon kek. He's started talking about people thinking he's intersex like he did on crystal cafe too. He probably thought seething about pretty privilege would make anons think he is a normal farmer because he rees that everyone who doesn't think troons are women/hates men for the things they say and do are incels, so comes in with the incel pretty privilege seething to try and prove his point but anons called him retarded so he's just samefaging a lot kek.

No. 46465

She was never discussed previously, only mentioned a few times by anons with a vendetta against her like this one >>>/w/189683
The only reason you want to sperg about her is because she dared to suspect that your beloved Chris cheated on her in a tweet that was deleted after a couple of hours. There was no genuine discussion to be had, it was just pure vendetta and a-log posting and making shit up and spamming shit. I'm surprised those anons didn't get banned tbh.
And now you're all like "who cares? Anons don't wanna talk about actual milk of Sharla breaking laws and lying to people, anons don't care about it" Yet you want a nobody ex to be a topic of discussion over a fucking tweet. Absolutely retarded.

No. 46466

More than one anon has been bringing her up and it's been a while, a few weeks, since she last was. Stop complaining and changing these 'rules' for posting in a thread.

No. 46467

Cp in /m/

No. 46468

Vendetta posting and spamming shit is against the rules nonnie. She doesn't fit the criteria to be discussed in the thread. She isn't a cow, she's a nobody. How many times does that have to be said?

No. 46469

Thanks, nonna.
How hard would it actually be to have all pictures here under spoiler by default? Can't admin take a break from making the new board and do that or something? Browsing lc is not fun anymore. I know she's busy but jesus christ.

No. 46470

Discussing Lily's antics aren't vendetta posting lol

No. 46471

Sperging about someone who has no milk just because they said something unfavourable about your favourite jvlogger is vendetta posting. Are you retarded?

No. 46472

Rogue sex worker blogging about their occupation in the Jhonny and Syd thread

No. 46473

Some suspicious anon sorta proxy-doxxing in pixies thread right now, please remove their video link and the posts above

No. 46474

It's the newfags who've been trying to change the rules. The thread has always been about the jvlogger clique, including members who eventually moved out of Japan, like Sharla, which is how "(ex-)jvloggers" got added. That's why Lily (who's not even a vlogger hello) was never in the summaries and this was already explained in meta. Stop rehashing.

No. 46475

CP in /pt/ with links that say videos of kids as young as 5 years old. I want to barf.

No. 46476

there's cp in /pt/ that's been up for 40 mins

No. 46478

Can we all agree to start collectively shit talking newfags who can't even reply to posts? It's beyond retarded watching them quote an anon without posting who they're even responding to.

No. 46479

Does lolcow keep IP addresses of the people who post this shit? I copied and pasted the URL into cybertipline to report it, I hope whoever posts this stuff goes to jail.

No. 46480

im postive they do since there's ip bans but the scrote spamming cp is using a vpn

No. 46481

can anons stop bumping year old threads? you can bump threads without necroing, there are plenty to choose from. it honestly looks a bit suspicious when you're bumping 2 year old threads that haven't had posts in years.

No. 46482

Anon, give it up already. No one is going to make a new thread to discuss people who used to blog but don't anymore, especially when their content follows under 2 words in the title of the thread.

No. 46483

Newfags/redditfags aren’t trying to change the rules, they don’t know the rules.
The threads were, and still are to an extent, more of a containment. You yourself must be relatively new here; only newfags ree about who they can and can’t technically talk about in a thread. This isn’t a forum, jvlogging is dead, the clique are irrelevant. There is no milk. Go back to Reddit.

No. 46484

Can mods PLEASE do something about the JC Layna thread. It’s like all of Jonny’s ex’s and a bunch of newfags yelling at each other. I stg it’s like I’m on another site when I’m in that thread.

No. 46485

You didn’t link it but I agree, here’s the link https://lolcow.farm/snow/res/1648936
They’re also doxxing where a girl lives and she’s not even a cow.

No. 46486

I’m a retard, this thread.

No. 46487

Why would I link it? The farmhands know where it is.

No. 46488

Agreed, it’s a mess in there. There’s one or two vendettas posters, one of which I think is a dude, and a weird attempt at sort of doxing a cow adjacent

No. 46489

Her ex was the one who originally brought attention to her in that series of threads and had a meltdown there so I’m thinking he’s the vendetta poster. Either way it’s weird stuff.

No. 46490

It's all public information and she's mentioned due to being the main subjects gf. Why are you taking these leaks so personal? Go seethe in the camwhore thread as well why don't you

No. 46491

Someone really hates when people who are affiliated with cows is brought up and its so fucking annoying. Who the hell is the autist who keeps saying old flings aren't on topic? There's a difference when it's just random friends with no milk, but dating someone is literally on topic when it's involving the cow. As if there isn't always milk to look up regarding the direct contact love interests lol There's always milk.

No. 46492

I wish farm hands would reveal the posts made by taylor/sydney. That would be comedic gold

No. 46493

u been saying that for at least 4 JC threads now and guess what keep on wishing and cope.
Lelayna is the current girlfriend and it was her cuteholly profile that was discovered. does Taylor and Syd got her nudes all over google? i don’t think so. these were real leaks unlike Lelayna that got all these pictures and videos available on google for free. stop crying on lolcow, nobody cares.

No. 46494

The cuteholly discovery could have been great milk but you guys spoiled it by acting like fucking retards banging on the keyboard. That whole thread is embarrassing. Keep deflecting by saying we’re all crying tho kek

And if you think someone’s post history can’t be revealed, then you must be new.

No. 46495

Nta but VPNs kinda killed that era of lolcow, it’s pretty much impossible to catch people self posting unless they slip up and accidentally out themselves. The most recent “reveal” was Athena and she was only caught because of the edit tweet button you could see in her posted sc (lmao), not by IP tracing.

No. 46496

That's not true, almost all of the first post reveals involved VPNs.

No. 46497

Male moment in /m/.

No. 46498

>"Nta but VPNs kinda killed that era of lolcow, it’s pretty much impossible to catch people self posting unless they slip up and accidentally out themselves"
>newfag detected
Ever heard of Keekweek?

No. 46499

Opened homepage last image uploaded looks like cp was freaked out sorry I closed immediately idk where posted but it was posted as most recent image at the time of my comment here, farmhands?

No. 46500

just saw it and it's in the /m/ bad art thread, reported it so I hope mods take it down quick

No. 46501

Christ. Thanks for reporting I couldnt report it from homepage and just killed the window instinctively.

No. 46502

i didnt said that just that nobody cares kek

No. 46503

Kek you're the one having an emotional reaction. Im enjoying the milk in the trainwreck of a thread that's filled with wackos infighting

No. 46504

I think anons who make art and edits like banners, memes, thread pics as well as the anons who take time to make the threads are epic. Thank you for creating, losers. ♥

No. 46505

Without them, we would be ugly.

No. 46506

annoying derailer wont stop talking about eggs and fertility rates in the SHAYNA thread.

No. 46507

I don't think they're losers, some are quite talented.

No. 46508

they meant losers in an endearing way

No. 46509

Only a cow or their boyfriend or friends would come to lolcow to complain about actual milk being shared while trying to argue that old irrelevant tweets from their boyfriend's non-vlogger ex should be allowed in a fucking vlogger thread.
>especially when their content follows under 2 words in the title of the thread.
There's no link to her channel and her twitter was only added after it was pointed out that, despite all of the sudden Lily sperging, Lily wasn't even in the summaries even though one of the Lily spergs was creating them. That she's the only one listed with no youtube channel in a vlogger thread, and was only added years after she stopped using youtube and only ever had uploaded a few videos, says it all.
>jvlogging is dead
Then why are you in the thread and arguing about it here?

No. 46511

I hope Lily is brought up constantly just to piss you off personally. The fact that you are gatekeeping when she went out of her way to bring up Chris on her Twitter after the relationship broke news, as if that's not a reason to bring her up from self-inserting alone, is massively embarrassing on your part because you have this whole idea of what the thread is supposed to be all because you want it to be that way. I'm so embarrassed for you. Also, Im not >>46483 Lol Tons of anons are tired of your shit.

No. 46512

The Lily tweets that people are complaining about weren't related to Chris or any jvlogger. They were about her going on vacation, her dad dying, cooking, etc. That's not a reason to bring her up. A jvlogger breaking the law vs a tweet from a non-vlogger making soup. Unless you're a complete idiot, some deranged fan or the cow in question, you're not going to argue that a tweet about soup from non-vlogger deserves discussion while news that a vlogger broke the law doesn't. You're not fooling anyone, nonnie. Your agenda is clear as day.

No. 46513

So can't discuss anyone at all or talk about their past at all because you don't like it

No. 46514

If the thread isn't about them and it's not related to the people the thread is about, no, you can't. It's off topic.

No. 46515

It's also not allowed if it's not milky:
>7.3 Milkless social media statuses and images

No. 46516

CP-looking image in the MtF thread

No. 46517

its not, its gross that they used a kid for their shitty comparison but its not c;.p

No. 46518

it was removed

No. 46519

can you read? rule 7 isn't a hard rule, it's a tip.

No. 46520

Good thing lily was related to chris and even atracked sharla lol

No. 46521

Who fucking cares about her tweet that was quickly deleted and that none of the jvloggers gave a single fuck about? It wasn't reason enough to shit up the thread with a witch hunt.
When did she attack Sharla?

No. 46524

Schizos in the Jillian Thread.

No. 46525

We are genuinely losing brain cells in there with that schizo rambling

No. 46526


It's evidence of jack shit lmao. Seriously, what more can be said at this point? No1curr anymore. No new points or depth have been added, just people saying the same tired shit back and forth.

No. 46528

Except vloggers did care and unfollowed her which was milky too

No. 46529

Anons didn't provide proof that any jvloggers were following her and then unfollowed her after the tweet so we don't know that that actually happened.
And no they didn't care. None of them replied to the tweet or even acknowledged it in any way.
Also my point still stands.
And can someone answer this >when did she attack Sharla?

No. 46531

Shut up and stop complaining already. You're worse than the dating deniers. You're so fucking annoying about who's allowed to be discussed under bullshit personal reasons. If she wasn't on topic a mod would've said so, but they haven't, and no one had brought her up in a while anyway, so wtf drugs you on? This is meta, not a soapbox for you.

No. 46532

Okay so you were clearly making shit up about jvloggers unfollowing her and that she attacked Sharla. Good to know. No need to get all triggered about it though.

No. 46533

I just saw some CP in /m/ and reported it.

No. 46534

Requesting that the Sachie thread is moved out of >>>/manure/3445 and into /snow/. The original thread was posted on /ot/ a very long time ago when there was little to no milk about her. I suspect that most of the posts were Sachie self-promoting since she was interested in rebuilding a female, college-aged fanbase. I've been tempted to bump the thread several times this year ever since she and her ex broke up but since she's stuck in manure, and no one else was posting there, I didn't bother.

No. 46535

there is cp in the anime thread on /m/

No. 46536

Also reported it. I hope the report system works now, farmhand?

No. 46537

also reported it

No. 46538

Yumi King thread infested with scrotes or pick-mes suggesting Yumi needs a man immediately, that as a single mom she is limited to dating "widowers" who are traditional men (= "don't want to raise the kid") and basically suggesting that a grown woman needs her parents to run her life.

Please look at this post and the ones below, something is really off (esp the one about wanting a submissive wife)

submissive wife >>>/w/258275

No. 46540

Smells like a scrote, types like a scrote, forces some weird tradwife narrative on someone who got jipped by a fucking yellow fever asshole who gave her the illusion of actually being a normal dude and settling down. Multiple posts belong to this anon.

No. 46542

Racesperging in Taylor thread abd going on some weird, not even about Taylor, China spiel about whites and Chinesevand then brings in French somehow, wtf?


No. 46543

Came back I think >>>/w/258321

No. 46544

Do we have an anonymous chat room? I feel like that could be a cool idea. Sometimes it's hard to chat to nonnies when so many posts come in.

No. 46546

I just got an idea. Hear me out:
What if we had nsfw boards? They could be dedicated to porn made for women. We could have one nsfw board for straight porn and another for lesbian.

No. 46547

This would most likely increase the moid infestation significantly

No. 46548

Absolutely not

No. 46550

Go back to cc

No. 46551

>porn made for women
There's a fujo board in /m/, go nuts

No. 46552

can you fuck off already you dumb newfag?

No. 46553

File: 1665774595444.jpg (498.24 KB, 2500x2500, 1605489304931.jpg)

>how do you do fellow lesbians it would be great if we could look at lesbian porn together

No. 46554

Btw, I just wanna say that we had porn threads here and they were deleted for a reason

No. 46555

Are you nuts? They were deleted because porn is exploitative and gross. If you want to look at content produced from an industry built on the back of human trafficking, rape, exploitation of the mentally ill/poor/drug addicted, and pedophilia, fuck off to Twitter???

No. 46557

What? You need to learn how to read. Also if you're going to tell someone to go back to twitter, maybe don't use a million question marks at the end of every sentence.

No. 46559

Smells like scrote bait in the Twitter hate thread

No. 46560

I'm loling. Exactly right. "hear me out, ladies"

No. 46561

>>>/snow/1675563 autistic vendetta thread

No. 46564

CP in /m/

No. 46565

Late to the entire issue I know but the "gatekeeping yaoi" redtexts in the fujo thread are the most brain damaged things ever, did your own mod get caught in the infight or why the aggression over people complaining about an on-topic issue, and banning them instead of the people screaming and attacking them instead of addressing their points? What's next, banning "gatekeeping Pokemon" in the Pokemon thread because people complain about coomers ruining humanoid pokemons?

No. 46566

Sounds like you're into gatekeeping yaoi anon kek.

No. 46567

are you that sperg from that thread lmao, mutliple people were calling you a retard and a weirdo, why don't you take a shower.
I mean if theres mutliple anons calling you out…maybe you are the problem.

No. 46568

why dont you say what really happened.
You were complaining about straight people and hetshippers which has nothing do with the thread. You also said how someone can only be a fujo if they only consume 100% yaoi and if they consume anything else then they are fake-fujos, Then you started infighting with multiple anons and you said how we need to protect real life gay men.

You are the retard here.

No. 46569

There's a schizo who keeps rambling about trannies and Bible shit without saging in both the MtF thread and the KF thread.

No. 46571


No. 46572

what's the source on the newfaggot wave? were we posted on ovarit or something? feels like we've had 30+ new posters in the past day, retards filling in names, announcing they are new, blatant tumblr/ovarit transplants with their babbys first radfem essays, unintegrated spergs all over. theres been an influx over the past week(s) but its seems to be increasing imo

No. 46573

Can mods do something about the anon who keeps derailing and complaining about Lily being discussed in the Jvlog thread? All it does is shit up meta and shit up the thread itself. No1currs about the anon's stake in how the thread is supposed to be run, but there's no other thread to talk about people in Japan, who are weebs, and who used to/do vlog. There's zero point to keep derailing about it.

>>>/w/258681 And they post this shit to try and bait anons too.

No. 46574

Troon posting in mtf thread.

No. 46575

i just came here to bitch about this. i'm also tired of the blogposts in every other thread. it sucks because mods often have better things to take care of because of the spam, and it's destroying the quality of the site overall.

No. 46576

Actually no, an anon was complaining about how hetshippers treat m/m ships as lesser and m/f ships as "true" ships and anons chimped out at her intentionally twisting her words around simply for offending their precious hetero preferences in a thread dedicated to m/m. It's funny how I've reported aggro spergs multiple times for obviously baiting infight in that thread but nothing ever happens to them, yet any time someone actually debates them there's instant mod intervention with redtexts and all.

No. 46577

I've noticed it too. God please go back to tumblr for your sperging, I do not care about your essays I just want to laugh at ugly tranny mfs, I already know moids suck and ruin everything

No. 46578

.t sperg from the thread

No. 46580

Just reported Cp spam in the anime thread in /m/ and hope the moids involved suffer horribly. Interesting how the anime thread keeps being targeted btw.

No. 46581

> retards filling in names

No. 46582

babbys first radfems can go to 2x because we need more traction

No. 46586

I think some of it is just schizoposting. Someone just trying to start shit by not saging and also deliberately posting the most retarded takes.

No. 46587

the mental patient did escape the asylum as seen by the kiwi threads (as well as post above yours) so I wouldn't doubt that either

No. 46591

also interesting when he pops up so does sus stuff

No. 46594

In multiple threads on/w/ some anon keeps going on in multiple threads about haffu babies, mixed babies, stereotyping how they should look if anyone is mixed. Its fucking stupid.

No. 46595

just came to post this. already reported some of it.

No. 46596

Would be a lot easier to get them there if they could fuckin find it lol

No. 46597

That’s why they

No. 46598

fuck off fag

No. 46600

Anon infighting because their joke isn't funny and refuses to post real caps. Instead you get attacked for calling out non-milk photos >>>/w/258946

How hard is it to post real milk and not get pissed when anons call or the fake milk?

No. 46601

Imagine telling someone with a mixed baby like Taylor that she's not allowed to call her baby mixed because it bothers an anon and suddenly its fetishy and not a fact of her baby being mixed.

No. 46602

You are literally mentally retarded stop trying to minimod the thread and just hide it. You intentionally misinterpreted what that anon was saying so you could cry in meta, touch some grass.

No. 46603

that's not what we're talking about you moron.

No. 46604

File: 1665988434881.jpg (21.77 KB, 400x400, spa.jpg)

CP on /m/

bumping it off front page

No. 46605

File: 1665999104738.jpg (65.36 KB, 564x564, 0cd91cb735e7e851e345c6db41f82a…)

no complaints or suggestions, just a compliment, thanks for being so fast today and getting rid of the rats

No. 46606

Great picture, this is how imagine the farmhands when they're quick.

No. 46607

File: 1665999818904.jpg (30.97 KB, 750x737, 1595863922336.jpg)

What is the point of the "sage non milk on cow boards" rule if no one fucking follows it

No. 46608

It's just a newfag influx.

No. 46609

Just report the post for not saging

No. 46611

Can something be done about the wk in the HimeAhri thread? They constantly deny what is being said, infight, cry about no milk when shit is saged and does mental gymnastics. They're fake farmers

No. 46612

Thank you for enduring the CP spam and keeping our site clean farmhands, I know it’s not easy having to look at that stuff. I hope you’re getting the necessary support

No. 46613

Is Jillian’s video about LC still up? That would explain some of the influx

No. 46614

No1currs about your racesperging.

No. 46615

>posts nitpicks constantly
I wish the mod that would ban you for unsaged nitpicking would come back.

No. 46616

That’s not me kek. I wish you would get perm’d for your constant wking

No. 46617

She shouldn't even have her own thread. She's as basic a thot as most of the girls that have their own thread aside from specific ones like Belle anyway.

No. 46618

Why was the identity politics thread on /ot/ locked and OP banned?

No. 46619

Lily is OT and multiple anons have been complaining about newfags unnecessarily vendetta posting about her. Nice try.

No. 46620

some idiot in moo thread is defending lolicon and saying moo gets a pass to cosplay underage characters because she's not pedobait.

No. 46621

yes, the WK on /w/ is really relentless. inb4 she says "multiple anons have called you out for nitpicks reee" when she has zero clue who any of us are and if we ever nitpick at all.

No. 46622

I can think of ten reasons after just glancing at it really

No. 46624

Considering the same anon(s) who keep making up bad tinfoil and posting nitpicks keep getting here and there redtexts about IP hopping specifically calling it out, the argument can be made the same way. The only issue, is that these WKs haven't had a single redtext like that.

No. 46625

You could at least try to seem like you're not the exact same paranoid WK everyone has been complaining about, nonnie. IP hopping, bellefag, nitpick, tinfoil. Seriously, these are basically you're catchphrases and I wish they were redtexted at this point. WK(s my ass, it's just you) don't get banned because I doubt anyone is bothering to report it as infighting. But that is what it is when you lose your shit on people in Ahri's thread, or whoever else you're crushing on. Also seems to me the /w/ mod has eased up on the anti-nitpick shit. I see way less bans these days, seems way more normal.

No. 46626

There have been other anons, though, so you need to relax.

No. 46627

I am stupid, I can't, was it because of race issues?

No. 46628

File: 1666036230453.png (557.18 KB, 636x946, racebaitsign.png)


No. 46629

Nta, yes but also I feel like we already have multiple threads that talk about identity politics already.

No. 46631

>>>/ot/1377775 tard thread

No. 46632

Proposition to ban all newfags who joined after 2018

No. 46633

Not only is this person wrong if they raed a single medical journal but not a single pedophile would be attracted to an adult or an adult in general regardless of how they look because they aren't pre-pubescent. >>>/w/895593 These scrotes will harbor real CP. Not use an adult roleplaying as proxy.

No. 46634

what's wrong with you?

No. 46635

cp in /m/

No. 46636

can't see it, is it gone?

No. 46637

Thankfully yes

No. 46638

It's derailing and not on topic. 2 anons already got redtexted for it too.

No. 46639

Did we just get a new mod or something? Every cp picture I’ve reported today and yesterday got yeeted asap. Thank fuck.

No. 46640

Ban evading blatantly, yet these anons claim its all different people every time lol >>>/w/259179

No. 46645

I posted
It’s laughable how the farmhands/admin gauge samefagging by the minute it’s posted + blindly believing what a wk says. Just because I just so happened to post within the same time frame as someone else means I’m definitely that other person kek. Your system is trash and I suggest finding a better way to detect samefagging and ban evasion. Their incompetence to properly monitor shit is showing and I’m losing faith with the new farmhands and admin in their ability to maintain this site without running it to the ground.

No. 46646

You know they can tell, right? The image file is a giveaway enough. Stay mad and stop thinking you aren't obvious. Literally IP hopping like anons pointed out before, lol.

No. 46647

Cp link in /ot/

No. 46648

and yet you're here trying to defend your shitty point that's wrong you pedo.

No. 46650

they're literally gatekeeping CP.

No. 46651

Elaine and Blaine are in the KF thread trying to run some gayops over a KF user Elaine hates (cause she is also a woman with simps).

No. 46655

I never said I did not post the pics The one that got banned is a comment. I did not make the comment that got banned, learn to read for once you retard.

No. 46656

The photos were redtexted after and the post above them got redrext too for unsaged posting. What are you defending? No one said all 4 posts are you.

No. 46657

maybe lock the kf thread at this point, during the downtime it was worth it but now just attracts stupidity and trannies

No. 46659

File: 1666129863924.jpg (75.64 KB, 564x705, 767484e4ab0dfea99a431ac73c4e81…)

ty mods you guys have been epic recently

No. 46660

yeah its not worth it anymore, no milkies nor anything, tbh it was v interesting during the keffals war n shit, now since the website is back im gettin extremely bored of it

No. 46662

sorry, but the lolita thread is a mess. it's just full of anons who are white knighting and trying to define milk on their terms and derailing the thread to protect their cows. they keep demanding proof and then deflecting it, saying it's not milky to them. they clearly aren't here to participate in the thread other than trying to derail.

No. 46663

That's the whole of /w/ anon. I'm struggling to think of a thread where that hasn't happened.

No. 46664

Someone not agreeing with you isn't exactly a non discussion.

No. 46665

that's not what's happening. they are trying to shut down discussions because they're upset over who's being mentioned.

No. 46668

Cp in /m/

No. 46669

CP in /ot/

No. 46670

Cp. Beware

No. 46671

File: 1666271849091.jpg (116.13 KB, 564x564, ur_an_angel.jpg)

already deleted! thank you for being fast

No. 46672

gay scrote spammer on /ot/

No. 46673

Can you guys stay on topic and not complain about your redtexts due to 'whiteknights' >>>/w/259791 Keep that derailing in meta

No. 46675

There is obviously some kind of bot that posts the cp spam and they all use similar keywords (variations of “Lolita”), can admin autoban and delete these? It’s not a person posting this and it’s fucking disgusting. Are the IPs from VPNs? Are they first time posters? There has to be some kind of way to get rid of this shit permanently, I’ve never seen another site with this problem.

No. 46676

No. 46677

I am pretty sure there is both a bot, and the tranny, that post this awful shit, but blaming it on the bot exclusively is sus because it lets the troon off easy.

No. 46678

Ty for the update. Glad to know farmhands are doing something about it. Is it the same one that posted today? I saw the pedobear one a few weeks back and a different one today. Looking through history you can see that there’s different types being posted. Are they all the same person, different people, is one a bot? Is it really because of that one thread? People are so obsessive.

No. 46679

ayrt, the two I saw looked really “standardized” (like link spacing) and I heard there was a bot posting these. It’s really sad either way whether it’s a bot or human, either case mean someone made the bot and unleashed it on us, or a person has some vendetta. I hope the bot (if it exists) should be easier to take care of.

No. 46681

Staff have a new rule about permabanning vpn IPs that pull that shit. It's a cope, like everything else they've been doing - the last admin and second before last both tried to figure out how to fix permabans on shared IPs and couldn't so now they're pretending it's a feature not a bug.
And while it should be manageable, it hasn't been for the last couple of years. It's a mystery why incompetence but surely they'll fix it one of these days.

No. 46683

sainte, a ban evading pedotroon, in the lolita thread >>>/w/260039

No. 46688

Porn thread with links in /m

No. 46689

racebait in twitter hate thread

No. 46690

Just reported some disturbing content posted in /pt/. Navigate the site carefully, nonas.

No. 46691

its gone now

No. 46694

Spam racist thread in /g/

No. 46695

gore in /ot/

No. 46696

tranny posting gore in /ot/.

No. 46697

Porn in /ot/

No. 46698

nick avocado porn specifically

No. 46699

Samefag retard back to making nitpicking collages again


No. 46700

pedotroon ban evader back in lolita thread >>>/w/260581 >>>/w/260583

No. 46701

Troon baiting in ot confessions thread.

No. 46702

cp in m

No. 46703

Pedo scrote spamming cp in m.

No. 46706

blaine schizotroon loose in kiwi thread again false flagging against kiwi nobodies >>>/snow/1682343 and elsewhere in that thread

No. 46709

Troon hon from tttt in snow mtf thread.

No. 46710

someone posting links in /ot/

No. 46711

Cp in /m/

No. 46712

Tranny posting photos of real women in mtf thread to try and bait anons into calling them troons.

No. 46713

There's a tranny posting unsaged whinging in the mtf thread

No. 46714

tranny in the mtf thread please help

No. 46715

File: 1666598583276.png (29.85 KB, 540x450, D9057E15-FE62-44E9-8794-B26D3D…)

troon still shitting up the mtf thread c'mon jannies

No. 46716

Unsaged posts everywhere who are shitting up every thread. Do you work jannies.

No. 46718

i liek mudkips

No. 46719

Blaine back vendettaposting in Kiwi thread

No. 46722

This retard is literally self-identifying as a remilliatard and is still unbanned despite multiple reports. Remilliatard mod confirmed, not fucking tinfoil

No. 46724

sainte the ban evading pedotroon back in the lolita thread
pretty sure this post is his too:

No. 46725

Troons posting in vent thread.

No. 46726

and another one

No. 46727

schizo pedotroon rampant in kiwi and vent threads, send help

No. 46729

sorry mods he is a neet so he may be at this all night

No. 46730

Incel troon spamming vent thread with his beastiality porn collection while seething it's totally women who are animal fuckers and pedos and not the troon who collects animal and cp porn.

No. 46732

Troon posting real women in mtf thread again.

No. 46733

why is /w/ the board where wks are allowed to run the thread and shit up the thread? genuinely what’s the point of having a thread if mods don’t care that there’s someone wking and malding literally every other post (never banned or red texted btw, you only get that if you either don’t sage or tell a scrote to kill themselves) but the site actually just allows people to intentionally bring the quality of thread after thread after thread down because there’s anons here who just love sucking cows clits all day long. Nicole’s thread, Belles thread, Skyleighs thread and probably more I can’t remember all have this going on. Our smol bean Ninas thread had this too and the anon who wks these people and seethes and asks for “real milk” in response to LITERALLY every post sounds exactly the same across all threads too. Personally, this anon makes the threads much worse than an unsaged post or a woman telling a scrote he’s a retarded scrote, but what do I know. Our nonnie moddies know best. Kek

No. 46734

since when is posting two photos together "nitpicking collage," too? Last month I got a ban for that I guess, lol. I wasn't comparing them, just thought it would be polite to combine them.

No. 46736

Don't forget Benus and Taylor. At this point I tinfoil it's all the same person living on that board 24/7 kek.

No. 46737

The moderation on /w/ is really different for sure. The level of WKing there is really intense but then again the level of nitpicking is also pretty high. I guess the sort of audience that is drawn to random weeby egirl threads on lolcow is different than the farmers who want to talk about whores on Twitter, Luna, or MTFs.

No. 46739

Idk, looking through, theres quite a few anons even in Jill and the lolita thread who are tired of the same overdramatized, by anons, "milk" posts. Like I see Jvloggers being derailed by weight spergs, Taylor hasn't had milk, so its been arguing that she had a baby past her prime apparently, Belle has zero milk for 5+ months, Idk wtf the HimeAhri thread is even about except seeing it unsaged bumped constantly with "LooK aT tHiS phOtOshOp" constantly, lolita has anons asking to just sage ffs, its not hard.

Actually the unsaged postings all over /w/ that aren't milk, is s problem.

No. 46740

idk why ppl are so pressed if a group finds something milky enough to discuss, like HimeAhri's photoshop. So what? Don't look at it. There's so many cows I don't find interesting or milky, so I don't read their threads. With Taylor, there's one or two anons who exaggerate or distort what people say and cause infighting, just to report it and run crying to meta. It's so fucking odd.

When someone comes in hard, fighting for the whole thread to die, it's sus. What's the point, it doesn't affect you - unless (tinfoil) it somehow does affect you.

No. 46741

I think it has to do with the fact it's not new just because she posted a new photo and not so much the milk itself. There really isn't a reason to post every instance where she's doing photoshop and this goes for every cow, the repetitiveness isn't milky anymore.

No. 46743

Lack of sageing is an issue all across the site, tbh. I don't get why Lori's thread which is nothing but nitpicks never gets redtexted like the rest do, though.

No. 46744

I have seen anons callout ridiculous theories in there though and she has had redtext bans in prior threads.

No. 46745

We should have a hoarder thread in /snow/

No. 46746

when i go on the harry potter thread (idk abt other threads) some posts are missing (you can see they’re there bc of replies) and when you reload the page crashes, what’s going on?

No. 46747

Be the change you want to see

No. 46749

Do you have "hide saged posts" on? If not it's just crap from a tranny raid farmhands have deleted for our benefit.

No. 46750

pretty sure sainte the ban evading pedotroon is selfposting a screenshot from his fb in the lolita thread >>>/w/261340

No. 46751

butthurt coomer are invading the fujo hate thread

No. 46752

no it’s regular replies to posts, it’s weird bc i checked the thread on my ipad earlier today and everything worked normally. i could see the replies that wouldn’t show when i was on my phone.

No. 46754


Can we do something about the anons who claim anyone they don't agree with is a scrote or a WK?

No. 46755


Milk. All anons want is milk. Jfc the state of all the /w/ threads.

No. 46756

i got banned by an automod(?) on the 18th without experation or explanation, like right as i hit post it said i got banned, i appealed which got denied immediatly too. i usually only lurk and that was first post in a while, never used vpn (using a friends pc rn) and the post didnt go against any rules, im so confused? since im eu time there is no way an actual human staffmember banned me or denied my appeal since we know that some other things stay up for hours during eu day time.
i emailed staff but how long does a reply usually take? didnt get an answer yet either

i have half of the post still and the picture i tried to post, i literally dont get what happend, everything is within the rules

sorry if this counts as ban evading still i just dont know what happened?

No. 46757

Post your ban

No. 46758

File: 1666814107118.png (59.62 KB, 708x278, unknown1.png)

thats like half of the og post i got banned for, was in the mtf thread, found some weirdos in a lgtbq cafe in another town that i got suggested to go to, but it was more for teenagers but the reviews and pictures of that place have a bunch of old men dressed up

No. 46759

File: 1666814158598.png (167.38 KB, 669x642, unknown.png)


No. 46760

Sounds like blogposting

No. 46762

Just posting to make a point to say that Lily will always be allowed to talk about in the Jvlog thread because its okay in other threads to talk about exes like >>>/w/261491

In fact, there's less about this bitch and no one is translating lol

No. 46764

No. Lily's on topic as far as anons are bringing up exes of other /w/ cows when those threads also weren't for exes to be discussed. You gatekeep like a scrote, you know that?

No. 46765

Cp or porn I saw on front page

No. 46767

CP/porn in /m/

No. 46768

Ironically, Blaine is online too rn

No. 46770

It’s still up

No. 46771

No she's not on topic because it's a thread about vloggers and she's a nobody with zero milk and zero content. Like this anon said >>46619 all you newfags wanna do is vendetta post about her. If you're so desperate to demonize someone who dared to slight your precious Chris and Sharla, then why don't you go and sperg about Oriental pearl? She deserves it far more and the thread could use some discussion about a jvlogger that isn't Chris, Sharla, or Norm.

No. 46772

crazy how quick mods shut down the shaytard thread in /ot/ but cp and gore will stay up for hours.

No. 46774

And theres no milk on Tom's ex who noby is even bothering to translate the photos posted from 7+ years ago. How is that on topic with your same logic?

No. 46775

I think they explained that when the scrotes post CP and gore, they flood the report queue at the same time to evade detection. Also farmhands have been a lot faster recently imo.

No. 46777

Conspiracy anon is having a meltdown >>>/w/261727

No. 46778

the site doesnt revolve around you or the fat obese prostitutes who hate-post in the shayna thread. You retards make everything about shayna and even dedicated a thread to her in ot and then get mad when it gets locked.

No. 46780

When did I say that the shit that's happening in that other thread is on topic? Also just because someone decided to post about some no milk nobody ex in another thread doesn't mean that it's now okay. You sound like a child. "If they did it, I can do it too!"
Did you miss the part about vendetta posting?

No. 46781

Lol vendetta okay anon

No. 46782

calm down lol

No. 46784

It's hilarious how Skyanon immediately runs to meta to cry whenever someone hurts their feelers.

No. 46785

kek as soon as someone posts actual information in one of your goddesses' threads, you reee here. Because you used to scream about screenshots, anon posted a screenie. The basic info was summarized but google lens it yourself. How dare an anon give some credence to the rumor that Tom can't keep his personal and professional lives separate!

No. 46787

it wasnt really, i had more milky stuff on those people since they had an online presence, plus like i said i got banned immediately i hit the post button, how would an automod detect that
if an automod even exists, maybe i got banned because system mixed a ban up with someone else who recieved it around the same time i tried to post cuz that happend before

No. 46788

You do know it's OK to take criticism and not think it's because someone is defending a cow, right. Unhinged sperg.

No. 46789

You brought up your personal stuff. Blogpost. No1currs about your therapy.

No. 46790

This anon sperging about blogposts is ignoring what you said about it happening immediately. That is weird and potentially a system mess-up. It happens. The MTF thread has a lot of blogposting in it, tbh, and its pretty lax moderation on that subject in that specific thread. I think it was a weird automod issue.

No. 46793

Or anon is lying to you guys and was ban evading to begin with. You act like the scrote hasn't done that before. Not only that, it was undaged, containing personal therapy bullshit.. People do alert these threads and report immediately you know that right. Also if it was reviewed and denied, you don't think there's a reason? Most appeals sit and don't get reviewed at all.

No. 46794

nah, this person is obsessed with defending Taylor (? against what?) to the point of accusing an anon of making a bad comparison collage. Obsessed enough to trash another woman's looks and call her a bitch in /w and /meta. >>>/w/262004
That is unhinged

No. 46797

As if anons don't call cows bitch all the time. Yes, the ex looks old and unkept unlike Taylor. Wishing it wasn't true isn't going to change that and if anons are going to post comparison photos, self made or otherwise, don't be mad when anons compare them.

No. 46798

she's not a cow. She was brought up to discuss Tom's habit of fucking his employees and promoting them. she also has plenty of recent photos on her IG but you're dissecting an ancient one.

Mods, this person is weird, this isn't Taylor's fansite or support group, and the nasty minimodding/WKing has spread to open misogyny on anyone who isn't Taylor. Seriously consider giving this person a time-out.

No. 46799

No one is whiteknighting by saying Taylor looks better.

No. 46801

I don't get why it was locked. I don't like Shayna, and the shaytards obsessed with her even less, but why could that thread not have stayed open?

No. 46802

cp in /m/

No. 46803

no there isn't?

No. 46804

Cp link on /ot/

No. 46805

cp on /ot/

No. 46806

its gone

No. 46808

For the safety of the kids being posted, and I know that their eyes are lined out, can we please remove this so they're entire bodies and everything aren't here. The accusations about this too are actually absolute lies and anon is using real kids as a prop to enforce a shitty joke a cow made years ago and using the kids photos as proxy.

Its weird, unneeded to post children to prove a fake point. I get wanting milk on a cow, but when it's heavily manufactured like this, it does harm to the cow and children (what if someone recognizes the kids still? That line over their face does noooothing) and pedos don't need faces to steal photos off this site for any disgusting use they can.

Anon claims they want to protect children yet they're purposely posting them and making up a story. You can't say you want to protect kids and then post them in context as if they're being harmed. Or a possibility of being harmed. I don't even think this user should have photos of other people's children on their device anyway. It's fucking weird.


No. 46809

i know people on here are paranoid for good reason but not everyone is a tranny just cuz you got a feeling

also it was unsaged (ìf thats what you mean) because the picture literally fits in the thread of old men dressing up in frilly clothing and saying they are women, thats the point of the thread
i had more milky stuff on them too. my appeal also got denied nearly instantly. if it was unsaged, i was ban evading or a tranny on the scope im sure my ban would have gotten a reason. i think it was a system issue now but it sucks because i doubt the email gets answered either, thanks though

No. 46810

Vendetta posting about a jvlogger's ex in the jvloggers thread again.

No. 46812

Exactly. They'd rather get mad at a bunch of anons calling them sensitive because of a shitty garbage joke that clearly wasn't to be taken seriously and obviously Ahri doesn't want to piss on actual kids, but going so far as to save photos of kids you don't know, blocking out their eyes, and posting them to try and create some weird pedophilia narrative just because you hate a cow so much, is fucking insane.

Anons claim there are WKs, but then do this shit instead. It's disgusting. No one said her joke was okay, but that it's not milk because it's old and it's clearly not true, so wtf is the point, but going and using children to force this is a whole other level of vendetta.

No. 46814

it was like one person, calm down. "anons say" - it was one loser who posted that. And otherwise I agree with you, it's a dumb fake story and the kids are not censored nearly enough.

No. 46815

I'm an anon who thought the joke was in poor taste but it doesn't mean I agree with the sperg who is genuinely trying to claim she's a pedophile kek.

No. 46816

It's not a vendetta as she is in topic, but the anons who hate her being talked about are trying to troll

No. 46817

She's a nobody with no milk and she's not a vlogger. How is she on topic in a thread about vloggers? Why are you obsessed with her? And yes it is a vendetta, if she hadn't made that cheating accusation tweet which is probably true by the way, none of you would care about her at all. She was never discussed in the thread previously, not even when she was making content. You Chris and Sharla simps need to get over yourselves.

No. 46820


No. 46821

Great response. Go fuck yourself pathetic simp and get over your obsession.

No. 46823

No. 46824

cp on /pt/

No. 46825

Cp in pt

No. 46826

File: 1667069601025.jpeg (69.58 KB, 660x660, 60C412B9-52E7-4BB2-A5F4-14DFC8…)

Y he flat

No. 46828

Why was the weekend thread opened and then locked?

No. 46829

CP just got posted idk where cause I closed out.

No. 46830

/pt/. its gone now.

No. 46831

Can a farmhand do something about the very obvious newfags brigading the gyaru thread? This happens every time someone talks about a specific cow.

No. 46832

Mods, please please do something about the anon who keeps making the Jvlogger thread summaries. They're literally trying to hide a crime that a cow did on camera that was caught by the Japanese press while vendetta posting about the cow's boyfriend's ex. This never would've been allowed in the past.

No. 46833

You're derailing another thread, anon, really? No one is hiding anything when they linked the posts and gave a little summary. Anons can go and read the larger summaries that anons posted with caps. You need to calm down.

No. 46834

>>>/w/250533 >>>/w/250534
Sharla illegally excavated for artifacts in Japan and broke multiple laws, lied, and was accused of racism by the archaeological community, and what she did was covered by multiple news outlets in Japan. Meanwhile, WK described what happened as:
>>>Archeological stuff happened and it's too much to greentext, so go read it yourself [anons kind of ignored it anyway because nothing really came of it and it got lost in between tons of threads, so it was new for now, but not actually new and all videos are gone]

No. 46835

samefag, there also wasn't "tons of threads" about it, so anon was lying as usual

No. 46836

You're unhinged.

No. 46837

You sound like you have a vendetta. Go on, do spill why someone as boring as Sharla can make you sperg about her archaeological mishap continually? You do know thread OPs can’t be edited, right?

No. 46838

Which is more milky and relevant to lolcow? A cow committing a crime or the ex of a cow tweeting about going into a job interview that has nothing to do with anything or anyone? I think the WK who keeps making thread summaries on lolcow to try to hide their cow's faux-pas and literal crimes while vendetta posting about their cow's boyfriend's ex, who isn't even a freaking vlogger, is the unhinged one.

No. 46839

I think you're both insane, a fair compromise.

No. 46840

Please autosage the new kiwi thread

No. 46842

Lame ass attempt at fed posting in the kiwi thread

No. 46843

Also racebait

No. 46844

Kek it is so true, all of /w/ is a straight up retard cesspool

No. 46845

Racebait in kiwi thread again

No. 46846

Anon having a meltdown >>>/w/262682

No. 46847

Vendetta posting is against the rules.

No. 46848

Nta but true. Mostly vendetta threads for literal nobodies. What kind of retard likes that stuff.

No. 46849

nta but vendetta would be posting a literal nobody with few followers. not just posting someone you personally don't want to discuss.

also the gyaru thread needs to be locked. it's full of sjw newfags.

No. 46850

>nta but vendetta would be posting a literal nobody with few followers.
That's exactly who they're vendetta posting about.

No. 46851

Anon shut the fuck up.

No. 46852

cp on pt

No. 46853

They're right. She's a literal nobody with few followers. Why the fuck do you want to discuss her?

No. 46854


This seems to happen multiple times a day :(

No. 46855

there's cp /pt/ that's been up for an hour

No. 46856

and funnily enough exactly to correspond with when the tranny is having his spergouts in the Kiwi thread. I had to see it not this time but last night. every time it is so upsetting.

https://www.missingkids.org/content/dam/missingkids/pdfs/NCMEC_0022-20_CSAM%20Brochure_Digital.pdf to post it again is a resource for people who have to cope with seeing this horrible stuff

No. 46857


I feel so terrible for the jannies

No. 46858

You're a good woman anon thank you for posting that resource.

No. 46860

Samefag, stfu. You guys ruin the thread and we are sick of you coming here.

No. 46861

Retarded raid happening in /ot/

No. 46862

We're ruining the thread by telling you to stop vendetta posting which is against the rules? Lol okay.
How dare anons ask that you stop sperging about some non-vlogger nobody in a thread about vloggers. Why don't you fuck off back to Sharla's and Chris's discords?

No. 46863

just wondering how much we can tell kiwifags to fuck off before we're banned? asking for a friend

No. 46864

Clean up the fucking Kiwifarms thread, there are a ton of scrotes from Onion Farms in there literally admitting they are from there and defending their autistic scrote site owner.

No. 46865

Seriously, the thread is filled with extremely low-quality posts that are obviously from stupid men. I didn't think it could be a bigger schizo cesspool than it already was.

No. 46866

Some retard in the JC threads keep posting a dumb racebait joke about Mexican moms or whatever

No. 46867

Cp in /pt/

No. 46868

theres cp in pt again

No. 46869

File: 1667245261009.jpeg (149.92 KB, 1859x120, 44607569-3853-47F5-8D25-339E54…)

Kiwitards read this challenge (impossible)

No. 46870

Thank you to miss for handling multiple nitpicks posts and derailing in /w/

No. 46871

cp in /m/

No. 46872

Just reported some CP in /PT/

No. 46873

Anon ban evading, IP hopping, and derailing all in one lol >>>/w/263066

No. 46874

Why are you making shit up? You're literally insane schizo-chan and farmhands can see the random accusations you just pulled out of thin air aren't true.

No. 46875

Why does this smell like mental gymnastics bait from Skyanon?

No. 46876

And yet anon is literally going on a tirade and having a mental breakdown about anons not agreeing with them.


No. 46877

Idk what it is or whether skyanon has decided to take another angle (eg. Instead of saying "no milk" acting like a vendetta-chan to derail) but it's ridiculous and came out of nowhere.

No. 46878

massive schizo meltdown and derailment in the /ot/ vent thread

No. 46879

shit thread

No. 46880

The kiwifags are here

No. 46881

404ed,, what was it btw

No. 46882

deleted. Just a shit thread (possibly bait since it was a "just met a mean woman today bros")

No. 46883

Yet anon got banned? Kek

No. 46884

Tranny in kf thread.

No. 46885

can the gyaru thread please be locked or autosaged until anons stop responding to bait and white knights? /w/ is a dumpster fire right now in general. but anons in the gyaru thread constantly white knight and don't get banned.

No. 46886

Probably because they aren't WKing.

No. 46888

You seem to have misunderstood, I was tinfoiling it was skyanon who got banned for trying out their new derailment tactic to get the thread locked. Because honestly who gives a shit about Skyleigh to that extent? Maybe it was just a vendetta-chan and they're both insane idk kek.

No. 46889

CP links on g and snow

No. 46890

cp in /snow/, mods please remove it

No. 46891

cp in snow.. what's with all the cp over the past few weeks? have admins posted about this? i assume its KF related?

No. 46892

nevermind, I'm retarded and it's been addressed/linked to upthread. perhaps a pinned meta announcement?

No. 46893

Like vendetta posters nitpicking like recent redtexts say

No. 46894

Can farmhand remove the video on ot in the tinfoil thread of the Korean accident? Many on the video must dead, even op says it. There is no point in having that up even if it's spoilered.

No. 46896

I hate it too. imagine having your death filmed and reuploaded.
reminds me of poor Bianca Devins and I hate it. the dead can't suffer any more but the families certainly can.

No. 46897

sorry to samefag, but me too. every redtext I get (so sorry farmhands I'm genuinely not trying to get banned) I feel bad they're taking time out of their day when there's literal sociopathic troons spamming the absolute worst and they have to deal with it. I'm so sorry guys, your work is appreciated and can't be understated. I hope all farmhands and farmers who have seen any of this are alright (if that's even possible)

No. 46898

Guess you've never seen a cow derail their own thread with nitpicks kek.

No. 46899

Retard racebait on /ot/ reported the thread

No. 46900

Fast mods ty

No. 46901

tranny massively samefagging and vendettaposting in kiwi thread

No. 46902

not really "KF-related", that's not fair to KF, it's one tranny who tries to insert himself into both communities. he first did it because he thought that he could get himself made a farmhand by offering to protect the poor women against the stuff he was spamming himself. obviously this didn't work, now it's just some sort of game to him, he'll do it, deny doing it, blame it on people he hates, schizopost for hours. he's both incredibly malicious and manipulative and extremely mentally ill.

No. 46903

Embarrassing hi cow

No. 46904

Sus looking link posted. accompanied by pedobear

No. 46905

its gone

No. 46906

File: 1667405666204.jpeg (438.28 KB, 828x1389, D0199513-C883-45B0-A99E-1935A1…)

Is lc bugging out for anyone else lately? It got all crusty like this for me but now it’s normal. It’s been loading kind of weird too but maybe it’s just me

No. 46907

Site has been intermittently really slow for me. I wonder if we are getting DDoSed.

No. 46908

If we were wouldn’t it just not be loading at all or showing that “site not working cloudflare is working” page? I feel like it’d be consistent. Maybe it’s just Admin doing some stuff

No. 46909

there's some retard (or retards plural?) in the /w/ lolita thread hi cowing, dumping random milkless social media pics to derail, and constantly not saging their shitty posts
are the people who shit up threads even getting banned? there's barely any redtext on /w/ lately

No. 46910

File: 1667425022426.jpeg (119.77 KB, 1280x760, 01A7D9AA-80C9-4138-99BC-0C8F63…)

UNLOCK THE PSYCHEDELICS/HARD DRUGS THREAD. "possible fedposting" yeah the fbi has a giant budget to spend on tracking down random people who say they did drugs online with no proof. just add in a warning not to give sources for drugs. also, people are already in the weed thread in illegal areas. are you going to ban that too? i was so excited to have a place to talk about drugs without being a retard spamming it elsewhere, not even two posts in and you take it away. what the fuck farmhands.

No. 46911

Who tf keeps using sad faces and other faces. Pleasestopthankyou. ♥

No. 46912

report the post for emogi they must learn

No. 46913

The anon who mass nitpicks across /w/ keeps ban evading. Mods are already aware of their IP hopping.

No. 46914

I might risk a ban over insisting this, but even if I appreciate putting a red text on the video, wouldn't it be better to just remove it? Isn't it any different than the moids who spam gore?

No. 46915

File: 1667439486406.jpg (93.88 KB, 1080x1080, communityIcon_x4lqmqzu1hi81.jp…)

bumping cp/borderline cp off front page (it's in /m/)

No. 46916

File: 1667439519943.jpeg (7.98 KB, 276x183, download (13).jpeg)

No. 46917

There's someone posting a debit card and another retarded post about terfs

No. 46918

in /ot/

No. 46919

Racebaiting scrote in mtf thread also not saging kek.

No. 46921

CP in snow nonnas

No. 46922

File: 1667453109501.jpg (265.63 KB, 1600x2000, IMG_8605.JPG)

/snow/ needs urgent attention. Nonas, please navigate the site carefully.

No. 46923

File: 1667453460453.jpg (51.02 KB, 564x564, 363f2771f98a75fb7c5442a5e73667…)

saw this too late, there are two CP threads on /snow/

No. 46924

Chymping scrote posting cp in snow.

No. 46926

It's gotten so frequent lately, or is that just me having terrible luck? Fucking disgusting. Just installed ublock origin so I can auto-block images on here just to be safe. Hope that helps some of you nonnies.

No. 46927

Is it gone yet?

No. 46928

Gone now!

No. 46929

Thanks nona!

No. 46930

File: 1667462589511.jpeg (26.52 KB, 828x142, 9F02744E-70C7-4247-9385-3B8C0B…)

Firefox app users go into the = at the bottom right corner of the app and scroll down to settings and there should be an option to block images

No. 46931

OT but a genuine thank you to all the nonnies who alert the mods here when they see spam/CP. I’ve gotten in the habit recently of checking this thread before I go anywhere else on the site and I can’t count how many times it’s saved me from seeing something awful. I know upthread there’s debate in how useful it is posting here to alert the mods about illegal content vs reporting but I for one love your work and hope that this system keeps going.

No. 46932

cp in /pt/

No. 46933

File: 1667485524116.jpg (27.55 KB, 275x275, 1660994793205.jpg)

CP on front page

No. 46934

Cp in pt
Moids in snow

No. 46935

I stg, every time a bunch of redtexts show up on /w/, these cp raids happen.

No. 46936

File: 1667491751216.jpg (260.74 KB, 1080x813, Screenshot_20221103_090720.jpg)


Not only is the OP messy as hell with usernames that aren't all milky, but anon is doxxing people in the OP by saying where they work and what city (even if its just assumed) when its not even a cow and just some random from a discord group. Isn't the rule that everyone needs to have milk behind them not just the fact that they associate with possible cows? Bringing in random people and doxing them isn't milky

No. 46937

File: 1667492112173.jpg (390.35 KB, 1080x1101, Screenshot_20221103_091412.jpg)

Not only that but the OP says that there's milk behind the people I tell the sized and bolted yet they aren't following up with putting what the milk is after these names.. They're assuming just because they're in a discord that they need to be in this OP when most of them don't actually do anything at all and anon's not following up wit's not following up with proof of anything they've done. The only ones that are noteworthier at the bottom of the OP. It honestly seems like a lot of the OP was a straight up vendetta just a post names to have people use lolcow to attack them. Clearly seems like a personal army issue here.

No. 46938

File: 1667493177892.jpg (817.72 KB, 1051x1866, Screenshot_20221103_092742.jpg)

Just to add, more irrelevant names with no milk info like anon promised.

No. 46939

And you absolutely felt the need to post those screenshots here instead of just linking to the thread because…?

No. 46940

In case mods don't want to visit and they can see it at face value

No. 46941

The absolute state of /w/

No. 46942

reason 2495201 to close /w/ forever

No. 46943

racebait in /ot/

No. 46944

racebait thread(s) in /ot/

No. 46945

Even ignoring the lazy OP that thread is a mess of infighting an no new milk. Some farmhand redirection to the actual topic would bw greatly appreciated.

No. 46946

is it gone yet?

No. 46951

moid in vent thread with his black gay porn as usual

No. 46952

Imagine having terabytes of gay porn saved and thinking you are owning anyone but yourself by posting it, kek

No. 46954

Scrote in tradthot thread.

No. 46955

Troon keeps posting 'hi blane' in the tradthot thread and chimping out over women criticising tradfaggotry.

No. 46956

he's now just straight up trying to change the thread topic to himself by posting 4chan threads about him kek. he's dumb as fuck

No. 46957

Porn in /m/

No. 46958

there needs to be a search engine for posts and not just threads similarly to how 4chan has one. literally nothing comes up when i google even when i use quotation marks before: and after: site: etc. its getting on my nerves please admin i think it would be really beneficial. also the google search engine we have is literal ass sometimes threads dont even show up on there and ( this one is my fault alone ) it takes me forever to load the catalog to ctrl+f search it

No. 46959

Seconding this

No. 46960

YES, this so much

No. 46961

File: 1667557593292.png (136.78 KB, 521x642, babyghostkitty.png)

Thanks for deleting the porn so fast this time mods, even if it is EU timezone. Did you get new hands on deck?

No. 46962

That’s so cute

No. 46965

I use the search engine right at the bottom of the website weekly and it never fails. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to use your eyes and just LOOK. It's LITERALLY right next to catalog.

No. 46967

File: 1667570422096.jpeg (32.81 KB, 342x147, 7F5D4BCA-F117-4FFB-BCE5-0761F0…)

The search could be updated a bit tho too

No. 46968

The one annoying thing about the search engine is that it doesn't show the newest threads first. Like if im looking for the celebricows thread, I don't know what the number of the newest one is, and the search results are all from last year.

No. 46969

Yes, it's there, but it's worse than what for example 4chan has

No. 46970

You missed the point. The search engine we have is bad.

No. 46971

File: 1667573525115.jpeg (125.25 KB, 287x780, 5D2B0B35-0F3F-4FAF-AB51-BECF7D…)

why are you so mean and aggressive the search engine "LITERALLY" does not show posts for me to "LOOK" at, only threads…
i obviously know where the search function is retard i literally said
>the google search engine we have
>we have
>as in nonnies on lolcor
was that too difficult for you to understand ?
just like you said sometimes it doesn't hurt to use your eyes and just LOOK, perhaps even read!
sometimes i just want a post from say 6 years ago or maybe even a few hours ago, but i find myself not being able to remember which thread it was on. can't go look in my history as i've visited a hundred other threads which, i obviously can't go through each one or i cba to anyway.
the search function is not going to show me what i want and instead shows me threads with the closest title/subject by order of most frequented, or on google itself using the tricks i mentioned before, a thread with the words i've typed that show up on multiple different posts. or no results show up at all!
i would like something like picrel but more simple without the extra slots like email tripcode image sizes etc. but i understand that may be difficult and time taking to code i assume

No. 46972

kinda sad that you wrote all of this and I'm not gonna read a word of it

No. 46974

Stay on 4chan if you like it there so much

No. 46975

What is wrong with her asking for that tho? I think it makes sense. The search on here is kind of janky especially when you get duplicate or shit threads coming up in results

No. 46976

The userbase sucks ass but the features they have are convenient. That’s why I want similar ones to a site I actually use.

No. 46977

where should we have our general french lolcow thread? they're usual streamers, not yet e-thots or weebism so is /pt/ alright for it?

No. 46978

/ot/? That’s where the other country threads are

No. 46979

Did you find this site yesterday

No. 46983

Cp in /m/

No. 46984

Ugh it’s like everyday. Fucking disgusting scrotes

No. 46986

Can we please go back to having the specific posts that got you banned being on your ban page? I'm tired of "you've been banned for an unknown reason for over a year". What's even the point of having an appeal if you just ignore it?

No. 46988

jonny craig thread in shambles as usual. i cant even explain what they are arguing about because everyone is so retarded and its completely irrelevantt o jonny craig.

No. 46989

Please nuke/autosage the kiwifarms thread, there's some schizoposting going on in there every other day. It's low quality and attracting retarded moids like the vtuber thread was.

No. 46990

They will since they know the thread attracts some weirdos. I don’t think a mod that has that ability is active yet

No. 46991

File: 1667655192547.jpeg (321.37 KB, 1080x1920, presidentobamadbzcharacter.jpe…)

i have read this exact complaint for five years but where did all of these idiots come from? half the boards are unreadable due to them being taken over by boomer moms and men. please go back to reddit

No. 46992

I have a feeling it’s because we can call people faggots and trannies without getting banned (unless you’re a scrote or a tranny kek).
I miss the old days, which ironically makes me sound like a boomer.

No. 46994

triggered scrote spamming guro on /g and /ot.

No. 46995

moid spamming guro in both /g/ and /ot/

No. 46996

Retard is posting his boring ass overly used gore anime porn pictures.

No. 46997

kek now he's posting some ugly incel moids face. Are we supposed to be disturbed by an inbred retard looking pudgy moid holding two guns like some faggot cowboy?

No. 46998

The only thing that moids hate the most is knowing that no matter what they do, they're hideous and cringe

No. 46999

was it bad that I was laughing at the outlandish gore?? in the mind of a moid they think posting it makes them look badass but it’s just a fictional picture of a poor anime girl being torn to shreds, how is that supposed to scare or intimidate anyone online? kek

No. 47000

Lol no nonny me too. You have to be like an edgy 16 year old or something. The fact it’s probably a grown man is more pathetic and hilarious

No. 47001

moid repulsive pig made a thread in /ot/

No. 47002

I suspect the people who are dumb enough to reply to the thread is just the moid bumping his own thread. If not, can we ban those too?

No. 47006

I presume it's the same moid posting really poor quality racebait right now.

No. 47007

Hi farmhands there's a spam thread posted in /m/. Didn't look close at the photo but I don't think the girl pictured is an adult.

No. 47008

Non nude cp photo with links and the top of pt

No. 47009

CP in /m/

No. 47011

Some retard made a low effort Shayna thread when the current one had over 100 posts left, it should be locked so someone less retarded can make a new one

No. 47012

Blaine is back in the kf thread

No. 47013

Male who calls us whores is back.

No. 47015

File: 1667744573543.png (217.62 KB, 1240x1568, 22D71D32-05DD-4703-BA23-6D5CE9…)

>”tbh I think you deserve it”

I think you just need to kill yourself

No. 47017

There's a massive romanianon infight and derail in the vent thread. There's so much of it I don't know who to report.

No. 47018

can the retard posting dead links and pics of aaron carters social media from 2018 in the celebricows thread get the banhammer already? they're an absolute brainlet and they've been spamming the thread for hours with tinfoil, old tweets they're too braindead to read the dates on, and non-milk

No. 47019

Sorry for spoon-feeding request, but who is this Blaine and what does he sound like? Seems like he's behind a lot of moidposting.

No. 47020

He’s probably going to reply to this with some troll or spam or whatever he is just a creepy tranny who spams sites with incoherent garbage as trolling or whatever. He is mostly on the kiwi thread atm. He would go on /ot/ or /snow/ threads for hours every single day as well and bait nons to start infighting a lot. There’s a kiwi thread that sums up a lot of his posting and in some previous /meta/ complaints threads as well

No. 47021

Samefag there have been a lot of moids beside him coming to lc lately, because of Jillian or TikTok or whatever else as well

No. 47022

I see. Is that him or some other tranny here?


No. 47027

CP spam in /m/

No. 47028

There's CP in /m/
Fuck pedo troons

No. 47029

I know this has been said a million times before but the disgusting freak spamming cp should just fucking rope already. How fucking ghoulish and deranged do you have to be to think that's even remotely okay, let alone a worthwhile thing to do? I fucking hate pedophiles so much I hope they all eat shit and die. How does he even manage to ban evade, I assume it's gotta be the same one or maybe two creeps doing it. It's so gross. Lol sorry for the alog but peedos make me seethe.

No. 47030

it's ok anon, I am pretty sure the fbi has his deets idk what they haven't knocked his shit in, there is more than enough evidence of his degeneracy by now, it's crazy he is still allowed to keep going.

No. 47031

along with the cp in /m/ there is some weird bot thread with suspicious links on /ot/

No. 47032

Two hours have passed and the cp still isn't gone
Don't worry, he'll end up killing himself. All pedos feel miserable because they can't connect with anyone since they're freaks

No. 47033

Wtf is on /ot/?

No. 47037

File: 1667799623456.jpg (38.49 KB, 875x668, FRIXjRJXEAIlQz0.jpg)

ban the scrote spamming porn/race-bait in this thread and all over. seems mainly in ot

No. 47038

This is so obnoxious, mods please wake up

No. 47039

Why are normal posts getting banned but porn stays up for ages?

No. 47040

The new mods are fucking retards who dont even understand the fundamentals of board culture, imagine being a farmhand but not even knowing what the definition of cowtipping is. Pathetic.

No. 47041

Literally banned for ten seconds of banter and genuine advice on job applications lmao. When did jannie go full retard?

No. 47042

Are you reporting it? No one is linking it.

No. 47044

ban evasion is super easy on here because the admin never even bothered banning datacenter vpns. Even if they do all you gotta do is shill out some mysterium sheckles for a residential vpn or go on airplane mode for 30 seconds and your good not even 4cuck has managed to stop that

No. 47045

>yeah the fbi has a giant budget to spend on tracking down random people who say they did drugs online with no proof
This is actually surprisingly common, anon.

No. 47046

that's not how that works…

No. 47047

banned for mods misreading sarcasm (on /ot/ even), it's killing the vibe in here

No. 47048

i agree blaine should rope already

No. 47049

Like >>47046 says, your conspiracy theory sucks. The only reason those types of tips get sent to them is biased reasons. Same reason they say over and over again to stop reporting lolicon as CP because it actually makes it harder to find real CP on their end due to false flags.

Do any research at all.

No. 47050


Ok (reported)

No. 47051

mods here are a little autistic and definitely newfags with secret vendettas against certain posters

No. 47052

Lol wat

No. 47054

No. 47056

Chances are really good you're replying to him right now (trying to spread it around that he's a /pol/ jannie as if that were something to boast about, in his typically transparent samefagging style.) Blaine is the tranny who posts unadulterated schizophrenia on a few threads here every day and who's responsible for at least some of the really vile shit that gets spammed here. But you know that.
He's back in the KF thread right now (unsurprisingly exactly around the time he was posting his /pol/ mod fantasies in /meta/) posting about kiwi namefags getting doxed that nobody cares about.

No. 47058

Not explicit cp but definitely a suspicious thread in /m/

No. 47114

Cp in snow. I have reported

No. 47115

Also on /m/

No. 47116

No. 47117

please permaban anons who bump threads uselessly due to /cp/. it doesn't hide it or help anyone.

No. 47121

What the hell happened over the last few days, admin-sama?

No. 47149

File: 1668063220810.png (14.83 KB, 1405x118, 1668025178564.png)

Explanation from >>>/ot/1402202
Idk why a janny updated us and not admin-sama but thank you janny

No. 47150

they didn't pay for the site is what this means. sites under maintenance aren't even accessible 99% of the time.

No. 47151

This is so fucking retarded. Site news via redtext from a janny in /ot/ , are you serious. RIP LC. Dead cow walking.

No. 47153

Bleak. The unhinged troon/cp spammer runs wild and other threads turn to shit due to twitterfags and infighting, meanwhile jannies ban for the stupidest reasons.

No. 47160


Ok (reported)

No. 47163

I still think we should have to enter captchas when uploading pics. it could help deter the spammers and imo would be worth it

No. 47164

Tbh it does seem like a bot too, the cp spammers

No. 47165

sorry if not the right thread but just curious why is ♥ allowed but <3 gets redtext?

No. 47166

You need to put a # infront of it, without it, it is just an emoticon instead of a symbol

No. 47167

Its the troon, it was deleted but he posted on crystal cafe that he also plans to implement spam bots on that site too. He is using bots to spam cp, its incredibly fucked up.
Now i wish i screenshotted that post, but the other anon who were there when he posted that can testify.

No. 47169

i saw it too, i can testify

No. 47170

Hi farmhands someone posted csam pictures and links in /ot/ about five minutes ago. Thanks in advance for clearing it up.

No. 47171

Mods please do this. I would happily take 1-2 extra seconds to post if it meant putting damper on the csam spam

No. 47172

>>>/ot/1403936 wat

No. 47173

Lots of unsaged, non milk posted bumping threads in/w/.

No. 47174

Moid is back in /ot/ posting about wanting a girlfriend again. And nonnies for some fucking reason cannot help but reply to the thread, again.

No. 47175

Im starting to wonder if the nons in that thread replying are even actual women or the moid bumping his own thread and then retarded newfags replying and taking bait. This is so disappointing

No. 47176

Samefag the replies are really fast in there from the trolling posts. I think it is males.

No. 47178

File: 1668134590304.jpeg (143.27 KB, 652x310, E0A6091F-41FC-4712-963F-F0D170…)

Newfags or trolling males. Annoying either way

No. 47179

There are way too many "i hate women and women dont know how to have fun!" posts going on in the moid attention begging thread on /ot/. Reeks of balls over there

No. 47181

before any retards reply to this: it was in reply to a comment about redtexting the male’s posts to expose samefagging. That’s what tips me off about this post being male or a newfag who doesn’t know that

No. 47183

are you the moid himself or one of the nonnies begging to get him to notice you?

No. 47185

you can’t complain when cp gore or rape gets posted then because talking to a retard moid and spamming retarded shit is “so hilarious”

No. 47187

LC posting has been slower than usual this week and then BAM a thread on /ot/ about to break 300 posts in only 3 hours? Damn what the hell

No. 47188

It's like the same couple of tard anons just spamming that thread.

No. 47189

I feel like back just a couple months ago (or maybe pre-covid) most anons would have ignored moid threads, I don't know if those anons are just new or fucking what. I don't know why they're still here if they dislike women so much and prefer to interact with men though.

No. 47190

The culture here has changed so rapidly and it makes me sad.

No. 47191

File: 1668149400720.png (41.15 KB, 500x606, 16645214671201.png)

Edited this for the fucking newfags. for me it all went to shit after the bunker, can literally remember that we got a couple of raids just because of newfags replying to scrotes.

No. 47192

Scrote spamming cp in m.

No. 47193

One of the posters said she was 18 years old. I don’t know how long she’s been in here or if she just found lolcow. But the demographic has definitely changed

No. 47194


ok (moid thread)

No. 47195

Would you believe it! Some tranny is spamming poorly shooped shemale porn in /ot/.

No. 47196

No one is using this. Shut the fuck up

No. 47198

you’re the one who has been angry at people shitposting in that thread all night, which btw probably reached beyond 500 post with other anons shitposting as well, crying and bitching about people not doing what they’re told like a complete wailing autistic retard. take a rain check, no one gives a fuck about you on here, you have no power like the janny trannies, everyone here is an adult and can do whatever they want

No. 47201

File: 1668175774117.png (588.91 KB, 1104x969, 1655478428824.png)

Original TAYRT like I give shit on being a janny with an absentee admin, I just hate when dumb newfags proveke scrotes which ends in a fucking raid. picrel dumb newfag responed to a moid and screenshoted it and posted it in the lolcaps threads literally seconds later Nikocado Avocado spam along with gore popped up because I yes really want to see that everyday and so do you since ur an aduwt ♥

No. 47202

isolated cases. that is always bound to happen and you’re trying to blame something that happens nearly everyday on anons raiding the thread how? this is an imaegboard with “women” who post here, we are always going to have to deal with this bullshit regardless. you’re ridiculous and can’t spell for shit, get off the cocaine you white dusty ED trailer trash

No. 47203

OMG I'm so sorry for not being an American and instead being person that has English as their fourth language along with having dyslexia. You do know that there is a bot that does that? spams daily porn links and etc, that is from a tranny that got dunked on here by newfags and in response he made the bots that posts here and on cc.

No. 47204

we already know about that, I feel like you’re the newfag who keeps calling other people newfags for some reason

No. 47205

pre-covid maybe but even then …

No it didn't. There was a steady slide. Things started when we had the absentee admin. Then oldmin came along claiming to be an OG and immediately proved they weren't. That was when the decay really accelerated. All the shit now has been like this for at least the past couple of years. And all the tards we used to bully, the obsessives who live their whole life around (trannies / moids / whoever) are now ingrained. Even with shaymin not existing outside of myth and legend, there's not that much difference between now and last year.

No. 47206

Just don't respond to scrotes, it's easy. Why give them the attention?

No. 47207

Pickmes that’s why

No. 47208

Them complaining about "no fun allowed" is the same as pickmes claiming anything is empowerment because they chose it, kek.

No. 47210

selfpost in the personal cow thread

No. 47211

cp in /ot/ careful anons

No. 47212

Pedos need to fucking die.

No. 47213


No. 47214

cp in pt

No. 47215

i think the userbase is changing. there are obviously way more younger users now, likely because of tiktok. randos making tiktoks about us causes newfags to flood in and bring their shitty tiktok culture here. you can see the influence in /w/ most of all. hate it or not, it's clearly much different than it was even earlier this year.

No. 47216

Cp on /pt/
Reported it

No. 47217

Get rid of phone posters and most of the outsiders will vanish and the autism will decrease by 2%.

No. 47218

Why don't we just have a captcha to stop the excess spam?

No. 47219

boomercore. Why not print lolcow on a dot matrix printer and mail it out then?

No. 47220

Can we get a captcha required for posting images?

No. 47221

Agreed, someone in the moid post yesterday was claiming they were 18 and calling everybody else old. I only see stuff like that on tiktok

No. 47222

File: 1668220715834.jpg (1.09 MB, 2048x1255, Sekio.jpg)

There would be less rats here if they were weeded out. At least until our Lord makes an appearance.

No. 47223

exactly. i also keep seeing a lot of posts about random shit that only terminally online tiktokers care about cropping up in tons of threads.

No. 47224

whats wrong with being 18 and using tiktoker? yall act as if the average imageboard user is 30y ceo girlboss stacy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 47225

it should be, because you zoomer retards ruin everything you touch thanks to your lack of proper socialisation and your cottage cheese brains

No. 47226

You don't integrate that's what is wrong.

No. 47227

Something needs to be done against bots. Implementing captcha shouldn't be too hard.

No. 47228

Agree with this too. It might not stop all of the spam but it should weed out most of the zoomer newfags who don't have an attention span past five seconds.

No. 47229

because 18 year olds have more in common with 14 year olds than they do with even 20 year olds and if you use tiktok you're even more mentally stunted. if you pay attention to threads, you'd notice many anons are already in the workforce and out of school and even anons who aren't don't have the brains of a middle school student.

No. 47231

Belle thread has some weird shit going on again, the subtle edit anon is either back, or not, or something. It's tinfoil I know, but I truly think that thread is filled with dumb shit on purpose to just try and get it closed permanently. I mean Belle doesn't have that much milk, outside of the fact that she doesn't look as good in candids as she does in highly posed flattering pictures (and she pedopanders) but that thread is always active with WKs and this incredibly strange, incredibly subtle edit anon. Who the fuck knows.

No. 47232

agree, i spot them by their "yall/ain't/girllll/bitch"posting kek.

No. 47233

some schizo made a retarded thread in /ot/ and keeps replying to himself

No. 47234

schizo in ot

No. 47235

Why won't mods lock the Belle Delphine bait thread? All photos in the new one so far are from an anon editing them.

No. 47236

Please explain what's been white knighted in that thread. I have yet to seen anyone defend her besides not agreeing that the edits are ugly because she doesn't look like the edits to begin with. No one is trying to get close except the people complaining that there's no fucking milk.

No. 47237

Previous threads had an obvious WK who talked about how she never pedopandered and couldnt help looking so uwu loli style or whatever. Guess they’re not in that thread yet, but they’ll show up once she posts another gross pic of her cosplaying as an erotic version of some disney character.

No. 47238

You aren't a kid when you're over 18 and she never looked under 18 doing porn. Get your head checked.

No. 47239

Am I the only one who feels like the flood detection is pretty useless?

No. 47240

File: 1668297054022.png (136.69 KB, 1488x500, KiwiFarm blocked in Germany an…)

> Featured on Nov 12, 2022 at 10:21 AM: I am blocking Germany and Austria. Ich blockiere Deutschland und Österreich.

Remember Null: "this dude keeps fucking emailing me saying his tiger parents have him locked in the basement because of this thread"

Remember from CECA Loather: "Then I wonder how his parents found his thread.


So you mean to tell me that his parents use Yandex, Yahoo, Baidu and other search engines to look up their son's name?

If you are reading this, Bryan, jangan risau lah! Semuanya akan baik-baik saja!"

> CECA Loather


> To answer the question by Cask of Amontillado: "Then who are the heroes? Bryan's parents?" Yes. They did. My father, See Keat Hock, wants to frame the entire family as heroes and protagonists.


Analog Devolved says my mother is a tard-wrangler who believes the stuff coming from them and parrots BatteryIncluded/Koncorde opinions just like my father.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 47241

Sir this is the Lolcow Complaints Thread.

No. 47242

Oh, you’re the whiteknight I am talking about. Honestly, your defense of this adult woman (who looks adult, because she is? Not the point) dressing like a little girl In a pornographic setting is very moidish. Go try your pedopander WKing schtick on literally any other thread on this site and see how much women disagree with you.

No. 47243

No. 47244

No, another anons have pointed this out before. Get a grip.

No. 47248

File: 1668304138039.jpeg (33.23 KB, 200x202, 2CD3C6BE-5991-432A-B4F4-7D2D27…)

No. 47251

Mine and your definition of rapid are obviously different. Sure it's been getting progressively worse for years, but it's taken an absolute nose dive this year which is what I was specifically referring to.

Ntayrt but she shoved gummy worms up her coochie dressed as a 9 year. I don't think there's anything interesting to discuss recently, but if anyone needs to get a grip it's you.

No. 47252


No. 47253

NTAYRT but I would say true, especially in the past few months shit has gotten exponentially worse. Maybe a new migration of users?

No. 47254

So.. we should rehash old thread discussions because you guys have no new milk? No and she didn't look 9. She looked over 20 years old. A costume doesn't suddenly make you a literal child. Are you guys this stupid? Do you actually look at children and think they look like Belle???? Stay the fuck away from kids, anon.

No. 47256

stop defending lolicon you freak. as long as it's not real it's fine then right? great.

No. 47257

The only people who do this “ackshully YOU’RE the pervert!” routine are pedo scrotes and pedopandering NLOGs. Which one are you?

No. 47258

An adult cannot be lolicon or a child and pedos don't use them as this made up substitute. This reach isso old, like Belle.

No. 47259

lol, lolicon defender

No. 47262

Please start banning whiteknight spergs who derail any discussion because they don't like you opinion. Apparently everyone in /w/ is a whiteknight unless you're an unsaging autist.

No. 47263

>pedos don't use them as this made up substitute
yes they do. there was a screencap of a pedo messaging a 'sex worker' admitting this and the sw saying she's glad it helps him or some shit like that

No. 47265

Anon, no.

No. 47266

>it's not actually something that these people act out for the most part
Is that supposed to make it any better kek, it's not like pedophilia is defined by actions alone. Why would an adult even be turned on by any concept/idea, even if made up or done by a larper, of a child in the first place

No. 47267

cp in /m/

No. 47269

I didn't say that anon, I specifically said there's nothing interesting to discuss. And idk why you're the one telling me to stay away from kids when my post is predicated on the intentions behind what Belle did and not her actually looking like a child? If you don't see something morally questionable about selling porn dressed as a child whilst inserting children's sweets into your vagina I doubt you can go within 100m of a school yourself kek.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 47270

Why is the Amanda Bret thread auto saged

No. 47271

An outfit or a cosplay doesn't make you magically look like a kid and she didn't look like a kid. She looked like an adult LARPing as a cartoon character and being disgusting while doing it. How the hell does she look like an uwu child when you guys also complain in the same breath about how old and ugly and fat she is. Pick one and stick with it. Either she looks like pedobait all the time because of her body and looks or she's old and it'v obvious [which is is obvious she's old, especially since her body looks nothing like a child's, even moreso after getting implants]. Pedos aren't into after puberty kids and tits are a sign of maturity. Logic all out the window with you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 47272

Suggestion: start banning retards for arguing about lolicon in the complaints thread. I cannot believe someone is ass hurt and having a multi day tantrum because it was pointed out that drawings of anime children having sex is fucking weird.

No. 47273

No one said that wasn't weird or okay. They are saying Belle looks like an adult and only autists see her dressed as a fictional kid and relate/think it's a real kid.

No. 47275

Newfaggotry from new jannies who don't understand that it's always been allowed here.(newfag who doesn't know the rules)

No. 47277

Why is accessing the site with VPN suddenly blocked? I'm not a ban evader, I just don't want sites tracking me.

No. 47278

What's up with the site going down multiple times today?

No. 47279

I thought it was just me. Weird.

No. 47280

Thought it was just me too. Site is acting really weird.

No. 47281

same for me as well, it stops working for half an hour and then starts back

No. 47282

dude i almost shit myself just now. it wasn't even the usual cloudfare for me but the black screen of death, ''this site couldn't be reached'' chrome message. scurry

No. 47283

gay moid emptying his bbc fap folder in the vent thread

No. 47284

Don't worry, I'm sure we'll get an explanation soon. Like, a screenshot of someone who heard a rumour in discord being posted by someone else and then the explanation comes in a redtext.
Or we can just assume staff's interest in maintaining the site is right up there with their interest in actually communicating with us.

No. 47286

I had the same issue and found changing away from my DNS (cloudflare's) helped. At least for now it seems. I'm not techy enough to know how it may have helped, I just changed a bunch of my settings until I got the site stable again haha (I'm on brave mobile and have most of the settings set to most aggressive)

No. 47287

cp posts and moid ban evading

No. 47288

>changing away from my DNS (cloudflare's)
Nta but how do you do that?

No. 47290

File: 1668469941165.jpg (347.19 KB, 1569x2048, jasonsituation.jpg)

Please block
>it's giving
>whew chile
>girl/gurl i-
>"tell me you('re) ____ without telling me you('re)____"
and whatever else like CC has blocked the word 'nonnie(s)' from appearing. Thank you.

No. 47291

won't happen till new site comes because farmhands do not have that function also lol

No. 47292

Sorry if stupid question but what's wrong with nonnies as compared to nonnas/anons?

No. 47293

Some spammer shit stirring in the /ot/ celebricows thread with random pics and fighting with anons.

No. 47294

was that the blaine anon i keep hearing about? it’s all deleted (thanks mods if that was you)

No. 47295

File: 1668497752637.gif (2.91 MB, 1536x2048, Belle fag editing like a retar…)

Mods, the Belle-fag editor is also in Venus's thread and editing her photos as well and who knows how long they've been doing it. I don't doubt they've been editing multiple cows posts at this point. This is fucking ridiculous.

Anon's edits:


No. 47296

Best reply

No. 47297

tl;dr blaine's a schizo tranny who won't leave this place and shits up threads with his schizo ramblings, anime image spam, and cp whenever he's pissed.

No. 47298

yes its that troon.

No. 47299

Doubt it

No. 47300

NTA but there was earlier. the posts are deleted now, look at the greened out replies. It was someone who kept yelling in all caps and using weird pics

No. 47301

thank you for locking the racefishing thread. it was only going to devolve into racebait from scrotes and newfags.

No. 47305

samefag, but anons are just posting the same stuff in other threads now.

No. 47306

Oh god twitter truely has come to our humble basket weaving forum

No. 47307

you just noticed this now?

No. 47308

>thank you mods for locking the thread, the plebes could never handle the responsibility of discussing such a sensitive topic, may I now kiss your asshole some more?

No. 47309

somebody angy

No. 47310

I don't care that the thread was locked, I actually agree with the initial redtext in the thread. What I don't understand is the attitude that the LC userbase is now too dumb to discuss certain issues. It's unnecessary self censorship that appeases a small twittertard minority that can't handle reading something they might disagree with.

No. 47311

I'd be lying if I said yes

No. 47312

there's been racebait all over /ot/ you idiots. and there have always been banned topics, are you new? got /ot/ anons need to leave.

No. 47313

celebricows attracts a lot of weird posters, if you’ve ever lurked in the thread i don’t see why you’d doubt it. also there was definitely someone there trying to start shit but as other anons said they’re deleted now. there was weird gifs and hostile comments shitting up the thread

No. 47314

If the posts were deleted, it was most likely the schizo tranny. It's less policing the thread and moreso not giving him the attention he craves.

No. 47315

>waah!! wahh!! please let me racebait!!
Go back.

No. 47316

There was a person on cc crying about this too

No. 47319

There’s some retarded infighting going on over alcoholism in the Jake Munro thread

No. 47320

How long does it take a report to be looked at?

No. 47321

Still waiting for oldmin to come off anon and admit she never left. Pretending there'd be a new admin who was a shaynus fan was pretty funny and set the bar low for expectations, I'll give her that.

No. 47322


No. 47325

Sorry my admission an Asian fishing thread is full blown twitter spec made you hostile anon. Clearly I've never noticed anything previously, am pro racebait threads, and must be new here kek.

I miss being over-policed. Granted, I would've been banned a bunch of times already but the cancer from /ot/ (particularly the celebrity cows thread) and /w/ only continues to spread. Hellweek when?

No. 47326

lol i didn't mean to tag your post, sorry for being a dirty phone poster love. absolutely my bad. of course twitter needs to get out.

No. 47327

Cp spammer in /m/

No. 47328

There so much unsaging going on, wtf is up

No. 47329

File: 1668652709524.png (813 KB, 1125x829, 1659240672580.png)

Sorry for being a spicy bitch anon, I was confused but as a fellow phonetard I do the same thing all the time. And agreed, they need to fuck off colonising (kek) our imageboard. Picrel.

No. 47331

Mods please ban the absolutely retarded unintegrated twitterfag in the Vicky Shingles thread, she keeps bumping the thread with unsaged sperging about “muh racial slurs” and accusing everyone of being the same person

No. 47332

God the sooner twitter ceases to exist the better

No. 47333

no worries. the racefishing thread would be twitter AND moid bait, but also there's something kind of weird about it to begin with.

No. 47334

Someone (possibly the cow itself) is blatantly whiteknighting in the /w/ lolita thread for two days now.

No. 47336

Tranny in MtF thread yet again

No. 47337

Troon posting in mtf thread.

No. 47338

Complaints about whiteknights should be banned. Most of the time is you idiots who don't even understand what whiteknighting is

No. 47341

do explain, then. what is a wk?

No. 47342

I think posts where someone is solely accused of being a WK or solely accused of nitpicking should just straight up cease to exist. Report WK posts and nitpicking posts and let mods sort them out, it's retarded how quickly threads fill up these days with infighting between WKs and nitpicks.

No. 47343

I don't think they should be banned, but I agree not all "whiteknighting" screaming is exactly whiteknighting. Still, they should be banned for not integrating in the thread.

No. 47344

If you go into a thread and claim very obvious cow behavior is totally normal and not milky, basically beg for the conversation to be shut down, while simultaneously shitting on the website and it's users for being gossiping meanies who are just jealous uwu and obsessed uwu, then you are likely white-knighting.

No. 47345

Or trolling

No. 47347

Can't even be neutral because >WhiTeKniGhT!!!
Its so derailing and not a single anon uses it right. Someone not agree with foaming at the mouth vendetta or just hate postibg, and someone else being calm and logical, is not whiteknighting.

No. 47348

When its nitpicking and you're called out, thats a you problem, not someone whiteknighting. We don't need 0 to 60 reddit types.

No. 47351

>Can't even be neutral because >WhiTeKniGhT!!!
>Its so derailing and not a single anon uses it right. Someone not agree with foaming at the mouth vendetta or just hate postibg, and someone else being calm and logical, is not whiteknighting.

The fucking irony of this WK autist (whose English sucks) posting about "anons" not using a word right.

No. 47352

She does have a good point but you're also very correct.

No. 47353

You need to chill

No. 47355

What the fuck are you even talking about? I'm not talking about nitpicking, I'm talking about clear cow behavior. No idea what you're even saying in the second sentence but if anything is redditor-like, then it's going on lolcow to cry about gossip and cyber bullying.

No. 47356

Probably posting useless social media. I see this constantly in places like /w/, especially when anons post comments from other websites. Also when people who scream WKing get upset about updates, but then use the threads as archives for all their useless posts like "SHE DID NEW PHOTOSHOP!" . Theres cow behavior and then theres obvious vendetta posting, not to mention the weird editing over cows posts thats bern happening lately.

No. 47357

posters like these are usually the wks

No. 47358

whats the point in having rules if they're ignored when you report them being broken?

No. 47359

I can see both of your perspectives and agree that there are fags on /w/ sitting in threads derailing and minimodding to defend their favourite cows, but there's also weird vendetta-chans who're posting useless social media updates and spending time editing cows uglier for God knows why. At this point it's so pervasive I've been tinfoiling both sides (not including the normal anons who chime in) are working together to get threads locked. It's way funnier to imagine the schizos infighting as working together kek.

No. 47361

racebait thread >>>/ot/1412600

No. 47362

i wish /ot/ could be locked or deleted. it's literal cancer.

No. 47363

So why are you using the board then?

No. 47364

Funny way of typing /w/ (joke)

No. 47365

/ot/ bring the incels

No. 47366

if you don't like having a place to talk about things with a group of anonymous (mostly, let's still assume) women then just stick to KW now that it's back. they talk nonstop about cows there, why bother being here if not for the occasional talk with just other women about other topics?

No. 47367

cp in /m/

No. 47368

No. 47369

Nope still there

No. 47370

Can a mod tell the Jvlog thread to stop derailing about 4 year old cardboard cutout Elon bullshit that has no direct milk or ever to the cows. It's not like they met him and tons of people follow Elon for meme shit. Theres no other milk here.

No. 47371

ban evading tranny cow back in the lolita thread

No. 47372

Whatever mod camps in there already redtexted a completely innocuous saged post showing that Sharla owns multiple Elon Musk Art prints, when anons were discussing whether or not she or moreso Chris likes Elon. What rule was broken there?

No. 47373

Isn't there a thread in /ot/ for all these idiots to go talk about Elon Musk? It's leaking into so many threads outside of this too. Just seems like a weak attempt from scrotes to derail threads about their precious Elon Musk.

No. 47375

File: 1668767630922.jpg (27.4 KB, 613x238, 12945.JPG)

People who just post "this." or even worse, these reddit-tier gifs should be redtexted, imo this falls under rule 4 as low quality posts, it clogs up discussions and contributes nothing

No. 47376

Retarded politics infighting in the MtF thread

No. 47377

No mod camps in there ffs, you just don’t understand that lolcow isn’t a subreddit where anything goes. How is whether Chris and Sharla like Elon Musk milky in any way? The whole thread is cancer.

No. 47378

What rule was broken? It isnt milky, but the redtext is completely arbitrary. Considering the days long pet shop derail only caught a couple bans.

No. 47379

Nta but not all bans are red texted so to say only a couple of bans were handed out can be untrue. Only a couple were red texted. Sometimes it’s there just to make a point. I received a red text before and was never actually banned.

No. 47380

File: 1668785442024.jpeg (229.45 KB, 1170x364, 1B0D0014-8E90-4031-8D3A-130995…)

If you want to be spoon-fed here you go anon.

No. 47381

Posting old photos. Anons have been doing this in multiple threads on /w/ too across multiple threads. It wasn't relevant or interesting and they dont go out and hang and talk and chill with Elon Musk. They aren't friends and don't know him. But lets derail about obvious framed meme Elon Musk photos and a cardboard cutout. Clearly autistic derailing from 2019 all because Elon is getting attention over Twitter right now. It's not milk, not old milk, not new milk, not even milk. Please tell me why Phil DeFranco follows Elon too, please. Clearly he loves him too, right, right?

No. 47382

I guess the site update will never come.

No. 47384

And to add, saging doesn't obsolve these rules. It's still nitpicking if its saged. Same with repeated images being posted.

No. 47385

I personally don’t think any of that applies to anon answering other anons Q about whether or not Sharla likes Elon (or “memes” him, Sharla being a massive memelord scrote now?) and sageing (its with an e, redditchan). Or else many threads on this site would just be dead? Do you think Shayna would be on her 100+ thread if all you were allowed to post was “milk”? It is discussion. It wasn’t repetative, and it wasn’t nitpicking. The question was does Sharla like a controversial figure, and it was answered, and anons could move on. It wasn’t an OT derail at all, especially if all that pet shop sperging didn’t all qualify. Or all the shit in a previous thread about whether or not Lily visited her dying father. Trying to frame it as scrotes derailing to talk about Elon is just stupid. Sharla had a framed picture of him, and I guess a lifesize cut out? He’s been in the news lately, Chris was asked about him, all this shit is related to jvloggers and their personalities. Frankly I find it interesting that Chris may be a techbro rightoid, but I guess there is no discussing that in the jvloggers thread for some reason. Even though cow’s political leanings are discussed elsewhere on the boards…weird.

No. 47386

File: 1668791558147.jpg (30.07 KB, 823x634, IMG_3270.jpg)

Lmao even

No. 47387

See about saging >>47384

No. 47388

imagine minimodding and dictating what others should talk about while writing like this and never learning when to use an apostrophe

No. 47389

Anins asked why saged nitpicking or "useless photos" get redtexted. It's because it still has to follow site rules. Saging doesn't change that. No one is minimodding. I can't believe I had to dumb this down further.

No. 47390

I hear what you’re saying anon but.. isn’t that just the nature of lolcow? Not every cow will have milk so threads lay dormant, if the discussion in the thread is just anons nitpicking or arguing over irrelevant shit like: where Sharla buys her animals or liking Elon Musk, what does it really contribute?
As above, no one’s trying to dictate what people can and can’t talk about. Farmers (well, myself anyway) come for milk, not to talk about how current affairs affect the cows in a particular thread.

No. 47391

Milk matters most is a majority mood.

No. 47392

Exactly. Places like /w/ have so many threads with useless shit just because anons need something to connect to a cow just to fill up a thread. No one wants like >>47385 said. Theres no reason Shayna needs all those threads because yes, a lot are just useless posts. Look at how many Jvlog threads with no substance we've gone through as a /w/ example. Same with Venus and that shitpost Belle thread. No one is saying you can't post, but the quality and bar have been reset so low because of these "its just a gossip site" anons.

No. 47393

You've got a point anon, it isn't milky and I definitely believe a thread can just die or be dormant. The Shayna threads are fun imo, but they're definitely stupid and fill up retardly fast. It is more to do with the fact that /w/ is moderated in a very different way than /snow/, my two cow boards for comparison. But I get your point, I agree it isn't milk. I guess my point is that milk is loosely defined everywhere else on these boards except /w/. But it's whatever, I hate to try and defend shitposting about pet stores and Elon Musk.

No. 47394

lunas thread is just a bunch of back and forth of borderline infighting thats been going on for like 24 hours now

No. 47395

>As above, no one’s trying to dictate what people can and can’t talk about. Farmers (well, myself anyway) come for milk, not to talk about how current affairs affect the cows in a particular thread.

I don't even read that thread, I just see this freak in other threads, their posts are so obvious.

No. 47396

The problem with the jvlog thread is that the mod has allowed countless milkless vendetta posts about a non-cow and that suggests they have a bias for Sharla.

No. 47397

Lily wasn't off topic. Stop throwing a tantrum about it. You are the epitome of trying to stop a real milk discussion.

No. 47398

Probably the same anons in/w/ and /ot/ who keep bringing up elon musk.

No. 47400

If an old tweet about Elon Musk by Sharla deserves the redtext, so does old selfies and ancient tweets about nothing from Lily, regardless of whether or not you think she's a relevant jvlogger. How is an old selfie or tweet about vacation or cooking food on topic or milky in any way?

No. 47401

why is the yumejo cringe thread locked up ?

No. 47402

You're so embarrassing

No. 47403

I know anons might hate me for saying this, but this is exactly why I wish PULL didn't collapse. PULL allowed these kinds of discussions which helped keep this site clean, tbh. They had threads dedicated to milkless discussions like cow's fashion, looks, likes/dislikes and a collection of other odd topics. Plus what classifies as milk has changed over the year, for example, photoshopping used to be considered good milk many years ago, but is now so commonplace that it isn't anymore. Only 5% of posts on snow/ or w/ are actual proper milk; the rest are just speculation/ banter/ arguments/ nitpicking.

It's difficult to even say that letting threads die completely would even fix much of the problem. The number of anons/posters would also go down, and actual future milk might also go unnoticed/unposted due to the lack of interest. PULL kept this balance by allowing its members to post, screenshot and have a constant conversation going. When milk developed it'd be transferred over to the threads here. It also acted a great containment site for autistic posters.

No. 47404

What can a thread do if they think their mod is connected to a cow or at least a fan?

No. 47405

Damn do I miss when all the racebait and shitposting had it's designated containment zone.

No. 47406

That’s such a good point anon, it’s been so long since PULL was around. I remember the disguised link to KF in redtext when it closed, that in itself kinda shows how much lolcow has changed.
As annoying as it is I guess there isn’t anywhere else for them to go, unless they want to go to the moid infested cringey discord server.

No. 47407

Sounds like someone got a ban and doesn't like it

No. 47408

those are suggestions not rules. the issue is that milk is defined by the people in the thread, and regulated by mods. example someone said vamps boyfriend update wasn't milk in moo's calves thread, despite that being exactly what the thread is for. /w/ and /snow/ in particular don't have the same standard as /pt/ does for cows, that's why they exist. they're for lesser cows and generals. the modding on /w/ and /snow/ used to be far more lenient and should be. we can barely have discussions without people reeing about things that aren't supposed to be hardfast rules.

No. 47409

Degenerate sex spamming cp in m.

No. 47410

there's cp in /m/ that's been up for an hour

No. 47412

Yes she was. It's a thread about vloggers and she's not a vlogger. There's no milk, she's not a cow, she's a nobody. Vendetta posting and spamming shit is against the rules, you all should have been redtexted or pastured like this anon. >>189683

Half the anons in that thread have a bias for her. We have anons saying shit like this >>46444 whining because anons wanted to discuss actual milk about her. Yet they wanna make out that Lily is a terrible person over a tweet about suspecting cheating which was probably true.
You can't have it both ways, anons.

No. 47413

Can /w/ and /snow/ just be merged together again? Most of the cows on /w/ are slow moving as it is or inactive, if they're gonna be given the same moderation as /snow/ cows, then I don't see why we really need a split between them.

No. 47414

I think that makes sense.

No. 47415

Is it gone now, nonnies?

No. 47417

>inb4 "muh covid" excuse
>inb4 I like having them segregated because it makes it easier to keep up with cows
There's maybe like 4(?) threads that are somewhat active in /w/, I feel like having a whole board for them is just unnecessary. Especially since anons who follow slower cows like Heather Sparkles manage to find those threads and post in them every once in a while. I don't think /w/ anons would really have it that hard to find their cows in the /snow/ catalogue considering so many have gone inactive, or are more active at least discussion-wise on kiwifarms anyway.

No. 47418

thankfully yes

No. 47419

Anon I literally copied and pasted from the rules of /w/…
Obviously there will always be a time when something that doesn’t quite fit that will get discussed, that goes without saying. It’s when that issue turns into anons continually fighting, which happens frequently in the vlogger thread. It’s that which contributes nothing so anons like me will moan about the non milk discussion.

No. 47420

>the issue is that milk is defined by the people in the thread, and regulated by mods
Exactly, but vagueness and social aspects are hard to gasp for autist, hence why you have such relentless yelling about the rurus whenever discussion happens that the minimod doesn't like/isn't interested in. And no, I don't even read the jvlogger thread or most of /w/ threads.

No. 47421

Someone shitposting in gyaru thread >>>/w/1176

No. 47422

This anons gets mad every times a redtext pops up on /w/ lol They don't like the posting rules. Rules are what they make it and what they deem milk, not by mods.

No. 47423

Those are posting rules. Your saged shit doesn't magically make it go away.

No. 47424

Okay, if that anon is wrong, what is defined as milk in the rules?

No. 47425

File: 1668882748226.png (45.85 KB, 758x137, Screen Shot 2022-11-19 at 1.31…)

1.5 is a rule that I have never seen enforced, weird.

No. 47426

No. 47427

Disgusting CP in /PT

No. 47428

bad stuff posted on here

No. 47429

subhuman scrote posting cp in /pt/

No. 47430

cp in /ot/

No. 47432

Anons literally doing all this in Venus, Taylor, Belle, Sky, and other /w/ threads all have these anons who call others "WK" and samefags when pointing out these rules and then they spazz out when redtexted and suddenly mods are cow fangirls. These newfags destroy these threads and fill them up with such useless shit. Telling someone to sage is the same thing as minimodding. There have been minimod redtexts. Maybe if anons didn't complain about WKs and derail about mods being farmers, you'd catch the redtexts in the threads that get filled too fast.

No. 47433

The jvloggers thread was far more heavily modded when it was in snow, but the modding was also more even. The current mod lets people post irrelevant and derailing vendetta posts that would've never been allowed in the past, and that's caused the culture of the thread to completely change. It's now filled with non-milky posts that are basically fan posts that belong in the comments section of a cow's channel. On top of that, the mod is now redtexting if it's something only related to Sharla and even sharing their input. Just compare the early jvloggers threads to the latest ones and you'll see how much has changed. Now, it's all about how great or a chad someone is, and the slightest criticism or sharing of genuine milk of a cow and will get people rheeing.

No. 47434

You really hit the nail on the head anon. It's not that I think the Elon posts are so milky and it's ridiculous to redtext them, or that all criticism of Sharla is valid (tbh I like Sharla, but she's included in that cow thread for a reason) but that thread is truly moderated in one direction. If you derail 'in defense' of Sharla, it's all good. Lose your shit talking about how veganism is so hard in japan, about how pet stores are actually a good place to buy pets, whatever…all acceptable derails. A screenshot of her with an Elon Musk cutout that answered a question about whether or not she liked Elon? How is that redtexted when shit like this isn't minimodding?
and this insane chris anon who fawns over his every move…
it's just uneven, and multiple anons have brought it up. obviously an imageboard is a dictatorship but the 'rules' don't apply evenly, so it's annoying when the minimod anons cite the rules as if they are some 100% standard.

No. 47435

>still being this mad over Lily being discussed
Anon, move on. You sound so sad

No. 47436

Are you in here all day? Remind us, what is relevant and milky about an old tweet about making soup from the ex-girlfriend of a cow? How is shit like that allowed, but a post answering a question about a cow liking a controversial figure that includes evidence and relevant images gets the redtext (but the post asking the question itself somehow doesn't)?

No. 47437

Scrote shitting up celeb thread in ot.

No. 47438

Minimodding used to get banned a lot more often, but I don't see it much these days either

No. 47441

This makes no sense, calling out whiteknighting isn't minimodding and it's the newfags (aka fans & friends) who excessively whiteknight their cow in the first place. In some cases they only seem to visit threads for that purpose. You can spot them by the twitter lingo and literally crying about the very purpose of lolcow, yet farmhand(s) seem to let them run free for months.

No. 47442

cp in /pt/

No. 47443

2019. It's old shit.

No. 47445

There's more than one anon. Why the fuck do you guys keep insisting out isn't? Multiple people are tired of luke warm SM posts. No one needs an update on every thing a cow does. You can't argue this isn't an archive then post as if it's an archive

No. 47446

Yet, the posts that originally brought up Sharla and Elon weren't redtexted, only the one that was answered a question about it. Not to mention, non milky SNS posts about other cows and even non-cows from 2019 and earlier have been allowed.

No. 47447

we could weed out a lot of undesirable posters if we made posting wojaks a bannable offense

No. 47448

How many times do anons need to repeat that not all bans are redtext and bringing it up is fine until it derails into obvious shitposting which is what other posts after it became. Elon Musk isn't even the same as bringing up Lily because Lily actually has milk with the group. Elon Musk is a fucking loser and only relevant because of everything that's going on with Twitter. Mods did what they did. Move on about it already. Just take the ban, if it was you, and continue on. It's EM. Defending even talking about him on lolcow in threads that aren't about him, seems massively stupid to do with scrotes roaming around.

No. 47449

Some newfag in the Himeahri thread unironically said she has a good body because straight moids think so KEK, I can't with these "anons".

No. 47450

NTA in the thread, but I read it as the anon saying she doesn't have a bad body because it's basic in terms of what scrotes like. You're reading it absolutely wrong and wording it here differently.

The comment says:
>Her body looks good actually and is very attractive to straight moids
Anon wasn't saying they think her body is nice or good to them personally. Just sounds like bad English.

Then you have this anon that they are replying to:
>She's a tubster, no wonder she's always surrounding herself with obese people
When the photo has someone who's smaller than her, so what even is this comment? Also I'm looking at the photo anon posted and it's blurred at her waist and arms. It' looks like someone dragged them out to make her look fatter.

No. 47451

This is an female imageboard no self respecting farmer is going to utter that sentence regardless of how you want to phrase it. And when cows photoshop themselves you'd better believe anons are going to be critical of their candids. If tubster offends you enough to break down the whole interaction you haven't been here for very long, or only visit that specific thread.

No. 47452

Anon, not every farmer is going to agree a cow is ugly and you have to learn to deal with it, but that comment wasn't the anon personally thinking they are pretty. They are pointing out that scrotes wouldn't care. You don't need to get so defensive over it. It's not even whiteknighting lol

No. 47453

cp in /pt/

No. 47454

Nta what milk does lily have with the group aside from a deleted tweet from 3 months ago that none of them cared about?

No. 47455

point 7 isn't a rule, it just says those things contribute nothing. posts like that are banned on a case by case basis.
t. former mod

No. 47456

cp in /pt/

No. 47457

cp in /m/

No. 47459

Can I please know why I'm being put on farmcow? First I got multiple bans with no posts or reasons linked now I am in farmcow? What gives?

No. 47460

I never said we have to agree. I don't even personally think she's a tubster but I'll defend another anon's right to their opinion. In fact the anon that prompted me to make that post called someone a tranny because they took it personally whilst simultaneously using moids as evidence for why they're right. That's both defensive and ironic but pretty typical for /w/'s standards.

No. 47462

I'm not the one who made the Musk posts and the majority of Lily posts aren't milky or relevant to anything, even if you consider her a cow for some stupid reason. Lily making soup, doing dishes, posting selfies years ago don't get the redtext. They're more irrelevant, off topic and non-milky than even the Musk posts.

No. 47466

Can the schizo newfag in holly's thread calling everyone a moid, incel, what-have-you pls get redtexted and banned. I stg they're like a parody of radfem-chans.

No. 47467

infighting in threads is off the charts right now almost every thread I've gone into we've either got some cunts baiting or a couple schizos taking everything personally

No. 47468

Thanks for clarifying anon

No. 47469

For the love of god please do something about the racebaiting and lanasperging in the celebricows thread. Pretty sure it’s a tranny too.

No. 47470

NTA they are replying to, but this type of reaction when anyone wants to discuss something but anons hate it, is fucking ruining threads.

No. 47471

>lily lily lily
You have a problem when people talk about stuff you don't like. Elon god redtexted, but Lily didn't. Why don't you email admin, anon. Mods don't fucking care about Lily discussion after 6 months because they don't agree it's off topic. You desperately say everyone else is defending the cows but you are going to neck for Lily for no reason.

No. 47472

Nta but I agree with >>47462, the thread is meant to be about milk from jvloggers. It’s more like an ode to PULL, mods don’t give a shit cos they probably find the arguing funny to read.

No. 47473

came here to say the same thing, it's literally just one person, they're using the same words and images. i know infighting has been nuts like >>47467 has said but this seems to be easy to nip

No. 47474

>You have a problem when people talk about stuff you don't like.
Kek anons were trying to shut down discussion of actual milk because it was about Sharla. >>46428 >>46434 >>46453

The double standards >>46444

Like this anon said >>46512 the agenda is obvious.

No. 47475

Used to not be as bad, but every thread now seems to have anons screeching "moid/scrote" on every other post for some really innocuous shit.

No. 47476

it's kind of gotten really shitty all over the internet, on even the normie sites I visit I see people complaining/pointing out how aggressive users have gotten. discourse in general has been on a steady decline since about 2015, and I think the pandemic sent it spiraling into total ragebaiting. Not that imageboards were ever polite but its gotten worse, yeah.

No. 47477

It's literally just one sperg and one falseflagging moid.

No. 47478

? I'm talking about the entire site

No. 47479

You're so mad about Elon Musk, lol. Go back to Reddit.

No. 47480

I didn't say anything about Elon musk, neither did any of the posts I linked. Also I'm not a redditor. Stop making shit up just because you don't have an argument.

No. 47481

Nonnie, these people must be new if they think whats currently being said about cows is "aggressive/ ott mean". Just check 8yr old threads like Kota's where she was thin, and most anons were calling her a ham with a meaty jaw. I've been finding it odd how suddenly anons are gatekeeping what other anons can say or criticize. If this shit keeps up, we'll end up like PULL where you have to make sure your comment doesn't offend other anons before posting. Lolcow has actually gotten tamer over the years. Literally any negative comment or criticism ends with some random comment saying : you must be "insert insult".

Anyways, if mods review and don't ban certain topics or anons then it's likely they don't deem it a ban-able offence. Anons need to stop duking it out in this thread when others don't agrees with them. Just report suspected rule breakers. If mods don't ban them, then their is literally nothing you can do… Squawking wont and hasn't changed their verdict.

No. 47482

I think the site has gotten a bit gentler on cows but nastier to each other. /ot/ has a lot more infighting than like, two years ago.

No. 47483

>Lolcow has actually gotten tamer over the years.
Except for the current Holly thread

No. 47489

PULL immigrants came here in droves when it shut down. They changed the tone of several threads because they still think this is a place to post non-milk updates on their faves, write fanfic "hypotheticals" and wk them under the guise of moralfagging.

This type of activity attracts the actual cows themselves to become active steering negative discourse into infighting (while dropping self compliments, kek) in hopes of getting their own threads closed or autosaged. More often than not it brings on the streisand effect and the cow's thread gets bigger.

No. 47490

>If this shit keeps up, we'll end up like PULL where you have to make sure your comment doesn't offend other anons before posting.
Exactly this

No. 47491

Hypotheticals aren't any different from people tinfoiling.

No. 47492

Super secrect spam >>>/m/256609

No. 47493

Wait you don't have to do that right now?

No. 47494


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 47495

We can't even describe a man, who's medically obese and describes himself as such, as fat, anymore without some wk chiming in.

No. 47496

You do if you don't want some retard crying about your offhand comment, resorting immediately to personal attacks and tinfoil.

No. 47498

Not denying that something changed and I wholeheartedly agree with everything else, but PULLfags have been unwanted guests here almost since the very start. Back then it was really retarded nitpicking of appearance (sperging about nasolabial folds and calling skinny or normal cows obese and then blogposting about their own weight) that they mostly spread.

No. 47499

That shit is basically the entire Lori thread in /w/, outside of the one milky instance recently of Kevin's arrest. other than that it is deranged "look at this fat old bitch!" and weirdly absolutely no redtexts for nitpicking.

No. 47500

I wish encouraging anons not to post during dry spells of milk was a thing. The occassional SM update is fine and all but most of it is just anons repyling to nothing burgers, I know /snow/ and /w/ are supposed to have laxer rules regarding cows but tbh the cow boards as a whole have been a shitshow in terms of low quality posting and lack of milk. Hell, most of the cows on /pt/ aren't even legacy cows anymore… I'd argue they're no different than the cows on /snow/. Wish we had more active and crazier cows like Ethan Ralph or the entire cinematic universe that is the Tranch.

No. 47501

can something be done about the "Your a moid, your a troon, your a man" shit in the Holly Thread? It's clearly being done by one person as well. I repeated one but i'll continue to report, it's kind of weird and annoying.

No. 47502

Let's move Shayna to /pt/

No. 47503

Apologies I was joking that I've been walking on eggshells for a while in some threads.
I'm very sorry to hear you have to deal with that.

No. 47504

File: 1668997236206.jpg (263.72 KB, 1920x1080, Nemo-Seagulls_.jpg)

This. It's exhausting to make a comment and then get "REEEE MOID MOID MOID MOID" from some anons. Jfc it's that serious nonnas. Holly's thread is just the overexaggerated example of how assblasted some anons get. Can we get a filter for moid/scrote or something?

No. 47505

samefag meant to type "it's not"

No. 47506

I was being genuine in my empathy for you, it's so mindlessly annoying and they just use it to discredit comments they(might be down to one poster now idk)don't want to read.

No. 47507

It's probably that one mentally ill kiwitroon who likes to have heated conversations with himself posing as "lolcow wamminz with radically different opinions", hoping to false flag some real pickmes into agreeing with him. He also thinks that making frivolous accusations of moidry is gonna muddy the waters and make him not clockable, even though everyone can always tell it's him.

No. 47508

Maybe next time you pull retarded psyop falseflagging like this, don't use the same images, Blaine.


No. 47509

Troon has been shitting up the site more too thanks to kiwi and rachel thread.

No. 47510

Samefagged fight in ot vent thread.

No. 47511

yet again ban evading tranny posting in the lolita thread

No. 47512

I'm not sure if this is also his post or just a whiteknight with bad timing

No. 47513

/w/ is Constantly filled with non milk because a non's just post constant social media and it devolves into nitpicking and not milk whatsoever. We don't need to hear that you think someone's fat for the 100th, notice that she's doing photoshop again for the 100th time. Anon's don't know what milk is and the excuse that they can do whatever they want as long as it's saged is so weak and pathetic. This is exactly why they throw fits when they get a red text.

No. 47514

Seriously. No one cares that they changed the flags in their bio. That's not milk.

No. 47515

Great example of a thread that's going to absolute shit because it anon's constantly post random stuff and add extra context: jvlog thread. There's been no reason we needed to go through 6 threads in 3 months. There was not that much milk. Anons derailed the fuck out of those threads and anon's who constantly got a redtext would come back and ip hop and derail again about why they don't like your take personally and how wrong you are. Imagine 600 of those posts. These anons aren't here for milk. They treat this like a discord server or a private text group. Lori's thread is shit too because of them

No. 47516

Her thread and shit like shoe's are what happen when you let nitpicking be at least 75% of a cow's discussion milk-wise, then you get this ridiculous bloat of 100-something threads with a lot of repetitive comments that all say "X is fat, ugly, and no man would have sex with her."

No. 47517


No. 47518

No need to apologise I got you anon! I agree sometimes you're better off modifying your language if you can't be fucked dealing with the sperging.

No. 47519

Lori's thread is unique because calling people "fat old bitch" is exactly what she is infamous for doing and still does. Even calling everyone on this board fat and old to make herself feel better.

It has more to do with raising a mirror to her face and actions, and nothing to do with actual nitpicking.

No. 47520

I know it was a joke

No. 47521

No, you guys think its some gotcha at this point. We don't need every thread pointing out shes fat when she still isn't. You really don't understand anything anons have been saying. I open anons start openly reporting posts in there now if they are nitpicking like this.

No. 47522

Is there a reason none of the tranny jannies bother to clean up altcows thread? Every fucking day there is a flood of blatant blogging and infighting.
How fucking hard it is not to write that 5th response to clear troll as well? Where did the newfag invasion come from?

No. 47523

Holly’s thread needs a janny bad. White knighting Ross fan girls and Armchairing gone wild. Jesus Christ.

No. 47524

cp on /m/

No. 47526

nta but no. people say it in lori's thread because she always posts social media shit as direct replies to the thread. it's basically bait. learn what sarcasm is, autist-chan

No. 47527

Agreed. It’s just shit-flinging from either side of the argument and wild speculation. Anons are going in circles calling each other moids and cluster bs. It’s getting ridiculous

No. 47528

i woke up and saw her new thread have nearly 300 replies just to find out there was no new milk and it's literally all unsaged infighting. it's such a shitshow thread.

No. 47529

Troon and retarded anons replying to him in the MTF thread in /snow/.

No. 47531

Infighting, tinfoiling, armchairing in the Holly thread. Too many posts to report individually.

No. 47532

The jvlog cows getting called fat are getting called fat because their recent vlogs are about diet and losing weight. I agree that random comments about their weight are just nitpicky and a waste of space, but not when people are talking about specific things that the cow said or did in their recent vlogs. Chris talks about his medical results and obesity, an anon gets upset when people refer to his obesity and how he's going about losing weight. Sharla talks about being on a strict diet, an anon gets upset people point out she's always eating junk food and just getting fatter. The defensiveness is 100% WK behavior and we never had that in the past.

No. 47533

Because you go on tangents about it. Hes been doing this for 6+ months now. Nothing new has happened. All you guys are doing now is "SHARLA FATTER THAN HIK SO OBESE CHRIS WILL FAIL". How the fuck is this interesting? Anons can't hypothesize in Taylor but this is okay? Stop making up your own rules. Nitpicking is nitpicking. You don't get to make it mean something different.