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No. 47621

Previous: >>>/meta/45929

No. 47622

File: 1669237781506.png (103.09 KB, 275x156, 1AC7AAAF-8EA4-415D-911A-DB632B…)


No. 47623

File: 1669240535349.png (55.27 KB, 740x338, 555565212810.png)

I posted the videos as an example of the cringy and bizarre behaviour of what I assumed to be an underage/retarded Choachanner that actively wants other underage and deranged to flock onto their site another farmer pitched in and said it was a scrote from 4chan since from what I remember when the kpop critical threads were around they were mostly just Idol worshipping unhinged fans that brought in decent amounts of milk with all those scandals and tinfoils in the TikTok/Ytube shorts hate thread >>>/ot/1417602 which description is quite literally
>A place full of attention seeking, bra stuffing, body filters, fake stories, elsagate spamming, fake doctors and coomer bait, cringe fuel etc. Anyone else find this side of the internet to be particularly cancerous?
If Farmhands can ban me for that then why can't they ban other farmers for posting about
>I really love [insert kpop scrote]
>I never loved a 3dp moid before but [insert kpop scrote]
>[insert kpop scrote] image posting and "fanart" posting
>[insert kpop woman]
>[insert kpop scrote] ugly dog gif
While I'm probably over exaggerating on how they post since I just glance at them and just report when needed since I just view them as retarded pets that can sometimes be endearing as they have a containment center now.

No. 47624

Rachel and or her WK are shitting up the Rachel Aliza Leeds-Minkin thread as usual.

No. 47625

and now Blaine the Tranny has announced himself. there's no milk in that thread whatsoever either, just the cringe orbiter metadrama. do we even need it? it attracts trannies and weirdos.

No. 47626

cp in /m/

No. 47628

Lol truly is a mystery.

No. 47629

Why is Amanda Bret’s thread on autosage? I know her thread attracts a lot of newfags from her social circle but she’s interesting and milky. Not a lot of cows have had a guy from Tiger King die in their apartment.

No. 47630

It’s incredibly unnecessary! It makes it look like somebody is trying to reduce her visibility on here. Maybe I’m missing something? I can’t figure out what about her thread is so unique that it warrants an autosage while similar threads don’t? People shit up threads all the time. Her thread just disappeared one day and checking the catalog was not on my mind kek

No. 47631

There's a moid baiting on >>1406912. I bet he will post CP soon.

No. 47633

tranny in Kiwi thread

No. 47634

Porn on /m/

No. 47635

(samefag as reported tranny) naturally together, ugh

No. 47636

sainte the pedotroon ban evading (again…) and self posting in the lolita thread

No. 47637

Mass amounts of unsaging in PT and W. Jfc.

No. 47638

I am no longer permabanned, not sure why I eas, but it's still backwards. Halp.

No. 47639

Scrote shitting up ot celebrity thread seething about lesbians.

No. 47640

he's doing it again and may be posting on /ot/ as well now. reported everything.

No. 47641

yep here he is selfposting and ban evading for the 100th time

No. 47642

pretty sure >>>/ot/1421770 is him too given the time, pic and content of his dumb /cgl/ post.

No. 47643

holy shit it got deleted right when his /w/ post did so it must have been him, I didn't see what was his /ot/ post but I'm assuming it was just him seething

No. 47644

he was asking about small/unknown gaming channels, likely trying to find a new target.

No. 47645

ew that's even worse. it was concerning to me how he said he is looking for a girl to be his "uwu girl" and give his "mature love" to in the deleted /w/ post. dude is a pedo groomer for sure, I hope nobody responded with any small channels

No. 47646

luckily there were no replies. good thing too nasty fuck.

No. 47647

Anon blogpost shitposting back in Jvlog >>>/w/268161

No. 47648

crazed moid shitting up…all of /ot/ about how women should just git gud and kill men to prevent abuse.

No. 47649

Yeah definitely a weirdo. I'm glad mods are being fast today

No. 47650

samefag edgyschizochan is still ban evading and determined to die on her hill kek

No. 47651

Nitpicking from vendetta spergs about weight when the social media screenshot doesn't even have anything to do with weight or weight mentioned. Basically a lowkey shitposter like the tokyosam stuff. >>>/w/268271

No. 47652

Racebaiting schizo scrote is back in /ot/

No. 47653

I'm sick of twitterfags not linking to milk or archiving anything it's such low quality contribution which is part of why thread quality as significantly decreased over the past few years. How do you discuss milk when it's been deleted or gatekept by lazy "anons" who don't understand basic imageboard etiquette?

No. 47654

>How do you discuss milk when it's been deleted.
Precisely what I've been complaining about for half a year, it's being discussed still where those who can delete can't.

No. 47655

they're back

No. 47656

the gyaru thread is full of that nonsense.

No. 47657

>moooooods! please come ban these anons, they said my cow gained weight!!

No. 47658

Male in tradthot thread.

No. 47659

>someone discussed something i didn't like! mooooods, it's an ip-hopping samefagging nitpicking collage vendetta sperg! It's not on my approved list of topics so it's a shitpost!

No. 47661

Scrote namefagging and reposting his reddit shit in Jvlog.

No. 47662

Do you know where you are?

No. 47663

You do know the shit poster is Sam himself right?

No. 47664

NTA but why did the mod ban someone for posting legit milk of the most popular jvlogger hanging out with an accused rapist famous in the vlogging community for his right-wing views and predatory behavior?

No. 47665

ban evading pedo tranny back in the lolita thread
and one of his cow friends replying to him

No. 47666

It was a namefag, unfortunately. That is milk otherwise though.

No. 47667

Ah, makes sense. Thank you.

No. 47668

Why are there so many anons posting with reddit spacing suddenly?

No. 47669

Reddit scrote wont stop trying to get lolcow to discuss reddit comments >>>/w/268573 This isn't fucking reddit. Kerp your reddit shit off lolcow. We don't give a fuck what scrotes have to say

No. 47670

Because they are scrotes from reddit. Anons in /w/ already know of a scrote who self posts and spans reddit takes

No. 47672

Shameful behavior nonnie.

No. 47673

The only scrotes from reddit are the ones defending Chris and that was a comment responding to a comment about a statement Chris made about his association with Bald & Bankrupt.

No. 47674

Exactly trying to turn this into some reddit shit is retarded. Who cares about the screenshots, to an extent, but Chris meeting up with disgusting scrote Bald & Bankrupt is 100% milk for an otherwise milkless thread. It becomes nakedly obvious some anons there just do not want Chris (or Sharla) to be discussed in any non flattering ways.

No. 47675

Are we gonna have a town hall this year? Considering all the admin & site stuff going on I think it would be good time for clarification

No. 47676

Yes, >>47669 is literally trying to stop people from discussing a public statement Chris made about associating with a known predator, which is minimoding and derailing at best. Interestingly, they didn't report the op who posted about the statement in the first place, but only the comment highlighting what was untruthful about it. I think they're the same anon who always comes to meta to complain and get someone banned for saying something negative about Chris or Sharla.

No. 47677

Tradfag male posting in tradthot thread.

No. 47678

he is self posting again now, it's been 6 hours and his shit is still up mods pls

No. 47679

Cp and weird links on /m/

No. 47680

Discuss it on lolcow or go to reddit. These are 2 seperate sites for a reason for discussion. If it was twitter or instagram or something, sure, but theres zero reason we need scrote input when we are a female discussions board, not a male discussions board. Especially because anon keeps telling people to go to the reddit, so if thats the case, just stay in the reddit. What scrotes speculate have nothing to do with us. If you want to discuss shit with scrotes, go over there.

No. 47683

I'm not a redditfag but let's not act like no cap from reddit is ever pertinent to a discussion, nonnie. Can't help but feel this has more to do with the good name of Chris being besmirched than any sort of anti-Reddit, anti-scrote thing. Feels like you're maybe trying to redirect the conversation to be about how much reddit sucks, which is shooting fish in a barrel here, rightly so. but, Chris is a scrote hanging out with a particularly despicable scrote, why give him a pass?

No. 47684

If Chris made a public statement on reddit, it is completely on topic to refer to that statement. It doesn't matter if you don't like it and it isn't any different from Chris making a public statement on twitter or IG. There was absolutely no speculation.

No. 47685

Idgaf about Chris. We don't need reddit scrotes here.

No. 47686

File: 1669609934131.jpg (144.97 KB, 1080x373, Screenshot_20221127_202808_Chr…)

Not a single reddit post had Chris's take. Explain that. Instead even their mods said its off topic because Redditfags are trying to paint this as Chris being like Kanye basically. These idiots aren't any better than anons ridiculous takes. The tinfoiling is ruining the thread. Reddit scrotes ruin the thread.

Picrel: The only thing from the subreddit regarding discussion. Anons didn't even post Chris's response, so how is this anon posting anything important? The initial post would've been fine as an instagram grab. The reddit thing is literally the scrote who posts ITT and thinks women care about anonymous scrote opinions about the same shit. Their opinions mean nothing. This isn't reddit. No one said it wasn't milky, but random comments aren't milk and do nothing besides tell us make tinfoil.

No. 47687

The comment the complaint >>47669
was made about was not a reply to any of the caps. It was about the statement Chris made. How come anon didn't report the caps of random comments, but tried to get someone banned for pointing out the lies Chris made in his statement hmm?

No. 47688

this autist has does the same in other threads, reporting people who post proof instead of the posts starting an alleged derail. why the w mod allows it is beyond me

No. 47689

I want to moan about the jvlog thread for a different but similar reason; everyone there seems to be a social justice warrior. I understand that there is some milk in what they say, but the thread is a running commentary about Chris’s life and they scrutinise every single interaction he has, it’s obsessive. Whether they argue the ‘milk’ point or not, the thread is just an extension of his subreddit. He is not even a snowflake, no one really is in that thread. Can they please go back to Reddit?

No. 47690

This happens in cycles in threads on /w/ where it'll start moving really fast because anons will argue in circles about what is/isn't milk instead of agreeing to disagree and just talking about the cow. I always used to come back excited by the amount of posts to find it's just infighting. I can't help but think we need more farmhands specifically for that board because it's of a completely different culture to the rest of the farms due to the demographic who use it and refuse to integrate.

No. 47691

It's just not any different from someone constantly posting what PULL, CC, or GG would say regards to the same milk. Anon could've easily just posted the instagram photo, not comments from reddit. Its actively inviting idiots here.

No. 47692

Same anon, I remember being like; jvlog thread at the top? Must be some good milk… oh.
I guess that’s what starts the milk/non milk arguments.
I think if there is another town hall I will weigh in my 2c, I think it needs its rules refreshing or more moderation cos it’s true that it’s culture is totally different to the rest of lolcow.

No. 47693

Jodi Arias general thread, shitposting allowed? which board is keen.

No. 47694

Ever since Jake mentioned lolcow the thread on Jake and Kaya is really being shit up by newfags. Can mods please start actually handing out bans? Emojis, unsaged blogpost, YouTubers taking advantage of an abuse situation to do some self promo, etc. The thread is being ruined during some of the most delicious milk we've had all year between these two

No. 47695

/ot/ I guess

No. 47696

No. 47697

Advising an alleged rapist isn't milky?

No. 47698

It's obvious that a scrote is in that thread trying to subterfuge that they just grr hate reddit moids so much rawr when in reality, they just want Chris-sama to stop being criticized.

No. 47699

Banned moid ban evading in tradthot thread.

No. 47700

No anon, I just want redditfags to fuck off.

No. 47701

The redditfags are the ones who came to lolcow to defend Chris.

No. 47702

I still want them to fuck off

No. 47703

Uh, highly doubt it since its his reddit calling him out.

No. 47704

The comment that anon complained about was about his public statement and called out people for coming from his reddit to defend him here. His subreddit is defending him and the comments made there are identical to the ones supporting him here.

No. 47705

Some weird porn saw it on front page didn’t look like cp but still. Moid thread

No. 47706

cp in /m/…it freaked me out so bad

No. 47707


No. 47708

It wasn't his statement.

No. 47709

The photo of Chris hanging out with Bald and Bankrupt originally comes from instagram, and Bald had been mentioned in the jvlog thread months ago and before subreddit posts about Bald were shared. The statement Chris made on reddit was first referred to by an anon who brought it up in defense of Chris, not to criticize him. The comment nonnie complained about was a response to that OP and pointed out where Chris lied in his statement. No matter how much you try to derail this thread or the jvlog thread, or try to get people banned for discussing real milk, nothing is going to change the fact that Chris helped a self-admitted sex predator. You'd have to be some kind of scrote incel Chris simp to come here and defend a cow for advising and drinking with a 40-50 year old man who brags about sexually assaulting girls and women in poor countries.

No. 47710

Literally no one had been trying to derail. Instead anons are seeing a photo and coming up with the conclusion Chris = Andrew Tate and endorses rape. Wtf logic is this?

No. 47711

>Instead anons are seeing a photo and coming up with the conclusion Chris = Andrew Tate and endorses rape
Literally no one has said this. Nice derail again.

No. 47712

the ban evading pedotroon from the lolita thread is in there daily lately, is there no way you can rangeban him or something? here he is making another garbage selfpost

No. 47713

Scrote stink all over jvlog thread

No. 47715

thread is made! any problems my bad, first thread after years here, appreciate your patience my sweet farmers and farmhands ily

No. 47717

No. 47718

ihy whichever mod locked this

No. 47719

Why didn't any farmhand answer the anon when she asked about making a thread and tell her it's redundant instead of waiting for her to make one and instantly lock it? This board feels completely ignored.

No. 47720

Thank you to the anon that made the Yumi thread.

No. 47721

why would you assume that farmhands read this thread

No. 47722

Because they have done in the past.

No. 47723

That's what this thread is for, obviously. And we know they do because they sometimes fufill requests left here

No. 47724

Can we please get rid of the porny header gifs?

No. 47725

if there's nothing else to do, please consider a temp ban for the WK in Taylor's thread who REEEs over every post, provokes infighting by exaggerating anything ppl say, and finally calls a silly joke "infighting over grammar shit." ESL WK often can't into English, so they're sensitive about it I guess. Give the crusader a little break from saving damsels

No. 47726

gross porn gif or something in /w/

No. 47727

>complains about whiteknights every time someone says something you don't like
Now I see why anons come here and complain about the weird vendettas in some threads. Where's the whiteknighting? You didn't even link it.

No. 47728

Nta but there is some weirdo who actively nitpicks any take that's negative in that thread, or is intentionally contrarian/liberal with history to cause infighting. There has been for ages, I scroll past it all the time.

No. 47729

Then don't engage?

No. 47730

Male vent thread reeing women deserve abortion ban and lefties.

No. 47731

Okay, thank you farmhand. I too am having trouble posting with my shit internet.

No. 47733

I said I wasn't that anon but just scroll past generally, idk why you think I care for your advice but thanks kek

No. 47735

are you a retard? they literally made a point of saying they scroll past. some of you are straight up illiterate

No. 47736

Anons even go as far as saving under 18 photos of Belle to make collages of her to unsage nitpick. There's never going to be good milk ITT.


No. 47737

File: 1669831053158.jpg (314.65 KB, 1080x1677, Screenshot_20221130_095708_Chr…)

Really. >>>/w/245729

No. 47738

No. 47739

I just got a ban on a post from 2020 I didn’t make, is there a reason why? The ban was also issued in 2020. Was this a glitch?

No. 47740

Anon is having a meltdown and spamming now

No. 47741

Would any nonnie be interested in making a Spotify Wrapped thread?????

No. 47742

Put it in /m/

No. 47744

can this anon in the Belle thread stop sperging out every time someone has a photo 'saved on their phone'? I see them do this shit in loads of cow threads on /w/ (big shock) and they act like saving a photo is some weird thing. on an imageboard? kek. The whole Belle thread just got a massive chimpout posted, random pics of her as a kid 'proving' she's got plastic surgery (no duh) and a random photo of her mom mogging the shit out of her. Stupid thread full of nitpickers, obsessive jealous OF hoes, and WKs, detestable behavior all around.

No. 47745

Don't defend spam

No. 47746

There’s porn on the front page idk what board cause I didn’t click it

No. 47750

Just put your top listened to songs in one of these threads and discuss instead of clogging /m/ of with dead threads
80s Music Thread >>>/m/224599
Currently listening >>>/m/240113
Utaite Thread >>>/m/242317
Prog Rock thread >>>/m/194458
Brit Pop General >>>/m/194670
Folk Punk / Crust Punk General >>>/m/194672
Glam Rock General >>>/m/194669
Temporal Music Thread >>>/m/186847
Temporary(?) J-Music General >>>/m/193738
Metal thread >>>/m/192752

No. 47751

Kek I don't think you read past the first sentence they wrote did you anon?

No. 47752

That same anon spammed the entire thread.

No. 47753

There's an anon in the unpopular opinions thread being a nasty piece of shit troll.

No. 47754

In the draw board Dedede anon said they are permabanned, why? Not that I really like them I'm just nosy

No. 47755

How do you know are you a farmhand? They also said
>The whole Belle thread just got a massive chimpout posted, random pics of her as a kid 'proving' she's got plastic surgery (no duh) and a random photo of her mom mogging the shit out of her. Stupid thread full of nitpickers, obsessive jealous OF hoes, and WKs, detestable behavior all around.
It's like anons sit in /meta/ waiting to make unnecessary offhand comments kek.

No. 47756

I'm that anon, and yeah this. thanks for nothing farmhands you did it.

No. 47757

Their posting was reported as avatarfagging

No. 47759

File: 1669893647630.png (6.63 KB, 508x116, 1669893587531.png)

Please kick this farmhand out >>>/ot/1427371, thank you!

No. 47760

It's obvious

No. 47761

File: 1669894614202.png (144.82 KB, 667x334, idifuckingcheck.png)

seconding this. especially if it is the same farmhand as picrel because there was 0 reason for this. I checked as much as I could and I didn't see shit, also posted in this thread about it, appeal was denied even though I explained. what is the actual damage here?
at least reply so we can get some clarity, the random bans of farmers while scrotes/gore/cp is ignored is why the userbase is dwindling and this place is becoming a cesspool.

No. 47763

kek really it was a one off dumb joke relating to the tiktok post

No. 47764

kEk there's a bigger issue here but feel free to ignore it until it's you, dumbass

No. 47765

honestly it smells like troon in here bitching about something so harmless to create a divide between the site and the anons.
I checked and it was just a playful joke from the janny after being mentioned by a anon.
idk but the rage of harmless redtext gives me troon energy, like go back to 4chan scrote.

No. 47766

I seriously doubt the anon in the screenshot got permabanned kek (unless its just because the janny used a kaomoji / joking around, which some anons who replied to that post didn’t seem to take seriously either) Whatever I guess

No. 47767

way to get it completely wrong nona. take your own advice. or take it to the tinfoil thread because you sound insane.

No. 47769

what the fuck are you talking about you and the other retards calling the janny a tranny just because they made a playful redtext belong in the tinfoil thread.

Also daily reminder that the ACTUAL troon who spams here used to call the admin and moderators trannys all of the time. So yeah of course i would duspect he would be up to those posts again due to how unhinged they are. Enjoy agreeing with blaine.

No. 47771

you got banned recently didnt you kek.

No. 47772

janny is a tranny, sorry you can't cope your way out of this one.


me too, there's too many weird unwarranted redtexts when other shit stays up for ages.
the calls are coming from inside the house.

No. 47775

inb4 we all get redtexted cause the farmhands don't want to do their job or take any constructive criticism whatsoever kek

No. 47776

yeah when was the last time they gave us a heads up about maintenance and we didn't all figure it out for ourselves after bunkering on cc?
fucking kiwifarms has a better system and they're absolute retards

No. 47777

I agree we should have better communication for maintenance and down time. And to have more farmhands for different timezones. I feel they have been more active at taking down cp /other gross content recently but I only see that from my timezone so I’m not sure for other timezones. I know they said they can’t spill everything going on BTS because of certain eyes on lc, but I agree that at least for maintenance they can announce it

No. 47778

ANY communication besides "fuck you, banned" would be sick. I've been here for years and I swear it's never been this banhappy.
if they announce it on the discord wtf who is even in the discord, that shit isn't anonymous and who wants to check a second site just announce it beforehand?

No. 47780

I agree, I got a derailing ban for asking whether a cow took inspiration for her larp from a certain source, just because I explained the reasons why I was wondering. I think it's ridiculous to get banned for that when it never derailed anything. But /w/ moderation is fucking crazy so whatever.

No. 47781

Mods I humbly request that you delete my post from the twitter hate thread

mostly I do not want more meaningless discussion that ends in topics that are not even related to the original discussion(https://lolcow.farm/info )

No. 47789


No. 47790

There's no way to have an official source on this nonnie

No. 47791

You are probably responding to said troon.

No. 47792

No, half of it is blaine chimping out again.

No. 47794

yes (not blaine)

No. 47795

(read the tinfoil thread)

No. 47796

no it’s a go-to for when nonnies are mad at jannies but could also be baiters itt lol

No. 47797

I won't lie, you spamming this photo is giving tranny vibes. I understand being upset but if jannies already explained that you shouldn't have the thread, that it's redundant, why are you still pressed over it? It feels like newfaggotry + possible troon when you're insisting on spamming stuff like this.

No. 47798

No. 47800


No. 47801

You should delete this one too, you either don't know what spoonfeeding is or you're completely lost here.

No. 47802

Damn, you are a retard. Didn’t post shit in the Belle thread becauss it is sucks and has no milk, everyone (including you nona) who participate in it are dumb af

No. 47803

nonny I'm screaming

No. 47805

begone summerfags

No. 47806

stfu newfag.

No. 47807

No one said you directly. You need to calm down. If you're taking it personally, maybe you are the one posting.

No. 47808

Breh stop trying to make fetch happen, it's not going to happen.(prime example of the tranny)

No. 47810

File: 1669919529391.png (Spoiler Image, 49.66 KB, 743x559, b81G0Ik.png)

I will address some of the issues that seem to be stemming from the redtexts and other things. Why does it always seem like we have to make these messages every few weeks. The circumstances have not changed. You want a little transparency, we'll give you some.

Unsure how often we have to say this, as farmhands we can't control what happens when the site goes down. We reach out to admin when things go down and that's all we can do until we hear back about it, which is often not immediate. We don't know every living detail about what admin is doing day to day, it just depends on the time that the site goes down and how busy she is with IRL things.

As for CP and the time it takes to delete them, let me first say that a lot of times CP is posted and within minutes, sometimes even seconds, it is deleted. A lot of farmers don't see that, which is great. We're doing our jobs. But there are very few times in which it stays up for hours, and that happens far less than when we delete it immediately. Also should note that there are many times we've caught rachelfags or trannies claiming we leave it up on purpose. I've attached some a collage of screenshots just to give some transparency on the process of what happens when cp is posted. Obviously not all instances of when pings occur will be in the collage, but just wanted to show some examples of circumstances when it does happen. When possible, mods will remove it immediately, when they see it. If they see it but are unable to remove it, they reach out to any possible moderators that can remove it at the time. Sometimes it's within minutes, other times the farmhands that can delete it are busy and unable to respond. For example, sometimes I can be away from my phone or computer for an hour, come back to a ping and find out that cp has been up for the time that I stepped way. A good example of that will be shown in the collage of photos. It's no secret we have a busier than ideal moderation team. Again, as farmhands, we have no control over that. We still have jobs and school. But we love the site so that's why we do this.

>Why not just hire a NEET without a job?

It all depends on who volunteers to do this. This is a very cumbersome job. You are essentially signing up to constantly have to sift through tranny sperging, cp and gore in the reports. We did have a mod join us recently, she's a genuine user of the site and has been doing a really good job when things get shitty. But not trying to blow smoke up anyone's ass. Re-opening farmhand applications could take a while. Knowing who to trust, while also trying to remain as anonymous as possible, is difficult to say the least. These are the circumstances we are dealing with while things are in this grey area where women's forums are being targeted. Obviously, as seen with KF, hosting sites are trying to buckle down on what they will allow to be hosted, so things are being backed up and migrated, which does cause the site to go down sometimes.

>Why does it seem like you redtext immediately but take so long to delete cp?

Most of the cp is posted on boards where there aren't super active moderators. Not only that, but the ones redtexting may not be able to delete the cp, they may not have perms for that particular board. There have been instances in the past where some of the mods with full perms have advocated for mods without perms – barring they had been mods for long enough – in order to get them the perms they need so they can fully moderate the site or at least the boards that get spammed with cp. But again, we really cannot choose who gets full perms. It's admin's decision depending on her own criteria of who gets full perms and if they have moderated (1) consistently and (2) long enough.

Anyways, about the redtexts. This goes back to what was said previously. Some mods are unable to leave ##Farmhand messages because they aren't fully farmhands yet. They have to communicate through redtext, which is not always ideal, but just know that a lot of these redtext bans that are full-on messages aren't usually long bans. They could span from 10 minutes to 3 hours, depending on if the post violates or if that mod is just using the redtext to communicate a message. I used to do this when I was a janitor but got scolded for it a few times. But when there aren't any farmhands around able to leave a farmhand message, sometimes it's necessary to make a redtext.

This is an imageboard. None of this shit should be taken personally. If a mod leaves a redtext, just dust yourself off and move on. But lately it seems a lot of anons want to be a special type of anon, with a special "niche" about them and a special name. So they act out when they can't do that. That's super embarrassing, by the way. Lately, a lot of users have been taking bans super personally and having their feelings hurt over some stupid shit that they did (or didn't) do. If it's not a super serious offense, your ban will at most be 48 hours. Ban evasion while continuing to do said stupid shit is going to get you an increased ban. So if you intend to ban evade, it's your best bet to just move on and stop sperging or whatever you were doing that got you banned in the first place. 9/10 we don't check your next moves after you've been banned, unless you decide to go back for more. If you continue to ban evade while acting out, you get permabanned. This site is not promised, it is never promised. If it were a forum, I would understand. But it's an anonymous imageboard.

We do check and read ban appeals btw. If you are an ass about it, then no your ban will not be appealed. If you were a newfag and broke a lot of rules upon initially posting, your ban will not be appealed (lurk moar). But if you made a mistake or we made a mistake in banning you, we will appeal it. If you explain what happened, we will likely appeal it. To note: CHECK if your ban is expired. We got a lot of ban appeals for bans that were already expired. You don't need to appeal it. If the ban is expired, just hit the back button and try to post again, it will go through. No, we are still not unbanning VPN IP addresses at present. That has been really helpful in mitigating raids.

I hope this is a sufficient enough explanation for everything that has been happening, it's truly the best we can do right now, given what we have to work with. For protection and good reason, moderators aren't 100% informed with every drop of information that goes on behind the scenes. It makes sense from a security perspective. Even ex-moderators squeal.

Lastly, what I said does not represent admin. Unsure if I'll answer any additional questions. No I cannot make this a banner or link this anywhere on the site. Best we can do as farmhands, is next time a /meta/ thread is created, link it. However, anons don't read. So they will still want to be spoonfed. There will be no tl;dr. Read it all or don't complain when a question was answered in here but you didn't read it.

No. 47812

i think people are more pissed that the admin doesn't say all this. it's obvious anything related to her is bs.

No. 47813

I mean, it's the farmhands that mod, correct? Why should an admin be the harbinger of the small ways the site is moderated when that isn't her role?

No. 47814

No it's the lack of communication from anyone that's upsetting. It doesn't matter who says it. At least now there is something as opposed to nothing.

No. 47815

You're completely correct.

No. 47816

but the admin needs to be telling us what she is doing with the site. admin is the one with all the power. she's making all the changes, granting mods rights etc. she's the one who we need to hear from, that's what we mean by transparency. mods saying this stuff is meaningless because they're just being the messenger. hell, farmhand just said not to blame them because they're just passing on info. no one wants any accountability and the person who it should be directed to is hiding.

No. 47817

>mods saying this stuff is meaningless because they're just being the messenger.
Nta but this is nonsense. I personally just wanted to hear why thet haven't given us any sort of message at all.

See >>47813

No. 47818

Ok, this is probably gonna be dumb but…can we please have a meta discussion about the absurd infighting that's been going on? There's something really off lately.
I try to ignore it mostly yet it seems to be spilling into different threads.
>containment thread for certain topics, especially it's hidden away kek
>harsher bans on nonnies that in-fight often, especially if it's a redundant topic. This way these measures wouldn't really add to modding because repeat offenders would be offed
>same with those that repeat one-note accusations a lot
Note how certain topics are already restricted or even considered baiting as-is because it helps the site focus more and gives less power to shit-flingers. Again, I know nothing, especially not about modding, though I don't believe things are getting better on their own because some things are now starting fights almost by default.
I'm fine with her being a phantom it's more that I'm worried whether she has plenty of time to talk to the mods and coordinate.

No. 47819

Also I'm not 100% sure, but it's like more tiktok shit has been being posted? Am I hallucinating?

No. 47820

Nta but wdym? Like beside the TikTok hate thread?

No. 47821

i wouldnt be surprised, some anons said that lc is being mentioned there more often.

No. 47822

Anons who get called out for their posts hate anons who come here and use the thread as intended to let mods know about certain reports/posts. That's the gist of this threads derailing.

No. 47823

really? did they link any examples?

No. 47824

Nta you can search up “lolcow.farm” on twitter or TikTok and you’ll see girls unashamedly posting about browsing here or having threads here

No. 47825

Yeah, that's mostly what I'm intuiting. It's not just the tiktoks being posted off the hate thread but something about the rhetoric some users are using and the rise of it lately.

No. 47826

To be honest I think Tiktok is REALLY popular with young adults and teens I wouldn’t be surprised if they were leaking into lolcow

No. 47828

That and the other half of them are the ones starting the infighting but somehow think coming to /meta/ early will put them in farmhand's good graces kek

No. 47829

if you read my post you'd understand why i said that. it's meaningless because they add no follow-up they have to relay everything back and forth and then explain how slow or no communication isn't their fault, when admin essentially put it all on them.

No. 47831

Suggestion: permanently move celebricows and unpopular opinions to /manure/

No. 47832

second this actually lmao

No. 47833

The spamming retard is back in /w/ and moved from Belle to Venus now

No. 47834

There's definitely something weird going on for the past month specifically. I was retarded yesterday and took the bait in the unpopular opinions thread regarding nose sperging, and I really do try my best usually not to argue too much kek

No. 47835

They’re in the jvlog thread too, or someone circlejerking the same comments about lily/Chris’s weight/Sharla etc.
I genuinely thought I had clicked on an old thread.
Mod suggestion: please permanently autosage this thread cos I am fed up of seeing it at the top with the same non milk obsessive discussion over Chris’s weight

No. 47836


No. 47837

theres cp on the homepage. one thread is in pt im not sure about the other

No. 47838

cp in /pt/, dont scroll

No. 47839

cp also in /ot/

No. 47840

It's all the same anons. Gotta be. They bounce around /w/ with exaggerated takes and constantly nitpicking about shit like nannies, pokemon, being out with friends, weightsperging.

They try to pretend to post as if they are whiteknighting sometimes too then blames other anons because they get called out just to call other people whiteknight. No way mods don't see this.

No. 47841

its gone now.

No. 47842

Thank you for this. Please keep VPN IPs permabanbed.

No. 47844

Sounds like you're suffering from a common delusion on imageboards, that you're one of only two or three posters on this entire site. Are the posters who pretend to be WKs and also nitpicking spergs with you now?

No. 47845

Didn't say that. The posters tend to have the same type of shitposting.

No. 47846

Nta, I agree with you and think it's the rachelfags mentioned by staff.

No. 47847

True, no one is expecting farmhands to give updates. Most of us are just expecting admin to actually communicate, especially with how the site has been going down for anywhere between a couple of hours to a week since the admin change. The last thing from her was some empty promise about how she would protect women's spaces.

No. 47848

>Mod suggestion: please permanently autosage this thread cos I am fed up of seeing it at the top with the same non milk obsessive discussion over Chris’s weight
You're telling mods to autosage the thread just as it's recently come out that Chris has been advising a guy who had two public rape allegations, has bragged about forcing hitchhikers to give him bjs and getting hot n heavy with teens, and said rape is a woman's fault on camera?

No. 47849

yeah, suspicious…
this anon has real issues. bald is disgusting, no way chris didn't know.

No. 47850

When it happens so frequently and the type of exaggeration and obsession posts/edits are made, you can see the pattern. Saying it's a handful of anons isn't really a stretch. No one said it's just one or two people.

No. 47852

This isn't the thread to argue about things like this. Anons in the thread are washing over this the same way they did the archeological stuff because anons takes on it aren't worth discussion as they are over the top and trying to force infighting anytime someone says something different. They don't want to have a discussion. They just want to blame and be unreasonable. If you're going out of you way to literally refuse to talk about what Chris even posted just because Bald is involved, that's a you problem and this is why some anons are just ignoring it. Then you have the anons shitposting in between all this about weightsperging non-stop and you can tell it's all bait posting.

So yeah, autosage the thread until anons can actually post milk and be willing to discuss it instead of "My way or the highway" mentality because that just goes back to what anons have said about people wanting to use this as a public discord/message board rather than a discussion imageboard.

No. 47853

The thread shouldn't be autosagged when you have milk like Sharla illegally excavating artifacts and Chris meeting with an alleged rapist.

No. 47854

This isn’t Reddit or Chris’s YouTube comment section, why not take your shit there?

No. 47855

The purpose of lolcow is to share and discuss milk, and you're saying people shouldn't share milk here, but should go to reddit and Chris' youtube comment section instead, which is for fans and where milk is moderated or outright deleted? So you want the jvlogged autosagged and you don't want anyone to share milk about jvlog cows. Yeah, not suspicious at all.

No. 47856

Nta why do you not want anons to discuss that milk? Why is it that whenever there's anything about Sharla or Chris some anons come along to try and shut it down? This wouldn't happen with any of the other jvloggers.

No. 47857


No. 47858

I envision a LC without minimodding and you're standing in the way of my dreams anon.

No. 47859

Ugh you lot are so fucking annoying. Stop spinning the “the purpose of lolcow is to discuss milk” bullshit.
I said autosage (you’re overreacting as if I’ve asked for it to be locked) the thread because it has become extension of his subreddit, this isn’t Reddit. Since you decided to take over you’ve brought all the redditfags and scrotes with you: there’s the one who keeps sperging about lily, the sperging about Chris’s weight, and there’s you and a few others who are the ultimate social justice warriors that reee over law breaking and the situation with bald.
My opinion isn’t suspicious, I just want you all to fuck off and remind you that lolcow is an imageboard.
Stop calling people scrotes just because they don’t have the same opinion as you.

No. 47860

Autosaging doesn't ruin a thread. Jfc. Tons of w threads are bumped multiple times daily from unsaged shit. This thread just has tons of shitposting too. Stop trying to pretend lolcow is your site or something.

No. 47861

Samefag but I forgot to mention that my original post wasn’t even about shutting down the conversation about bald, it was actually about the rest of the sperging.
I haven’t even posted in the thread because it’s a dumpster fire.

No. 47862

Ngl yeah… Newfags bumping threads on that slow board because they don't know how to sage has been a problem. Even if the thread was autosaged, it's not like it'd be hard for anon's to find it. Like when Pear's (anisa) thread was autosaged for the longest, and anisafags still managed to post in it, granted they've camped in the twitch thread now but, autosaging really doesn't kill a thread if anons are really dedicated about a cow.

No. 47864

It's damn suspicious because you've just tried to downplay Sharla breaking the law and Chris meeting with an alleged rapist while telling the mod to autosage the thread. Meanwhile, when we have someone Lily sperging or a nonnie talking about Chris's chiseled jaw and how hot he is now or how cute Sharla looks, no complaints about nitpicking appearances or non-milky updates, and no suggesting to have the thread autosaged. It only happens when something negative is said about Chris or Sharla. If there hadn't been any real milk for ages and people were just commenting on old pics of Chris, I'd agree with asking the mod to autosage the thread, but Chris's recent vlogs have mainly been about his weight and body, he has a boxing event coming up and he promised to have a six-pack by now, so comments about his weight are fair game and nonnies are commenting about recent updates.

No. 47865

You couldn't make it more obvious that you're a newfag. The fact that admin has been radio silent for the past year-ish is completely out of character for admins of this site.

No. 47866

It's annoying as fuck. You think there's milk in one thread, but it's just another anon shitposting that Sharla is fat and using some random photo to prove it or the jackass who keeps coming to the Venus thread and bringing up Margo like she matters at all. Then you have the utter shit that is the lolita thread where apparently everything at all times is milk when it's not.

Anons literally don't know how to use this site, not just the board, and I think a lot of it is on purpose because you have anons complaining about it. Lots of the posting and the quick run-through of threads lately is because anons are using the fact that they can get away with it and then they get pissed when "whiteknights' come to meta to complain.

No. 47867

It's an example. Calm down. It's not my fault no one wants to discuss the archeological stuff. Get your panties out of a twist.

No. 47868

But people were talking about it…? And why wouldn't you want people to be talking about actual milk? Who knew that anyone who's not a fan of rapists or vloggers who act like Logan Paul is an sjw. Never realized it's totally normal to be hanging out with a middle-aged man who brags about his sexual experiences with a 16 year old after he'd already had to face a rape charge and almost went to prison in his home country before.

No. 47869

Did you really miss the part about anons willingly ignoring it? Stop blaming others for the fact anons don't want to continue the discussion. Sorry, the archeological stuff lasted like 6 posts, and then anons went back to talking about dating. No one is shutting it down when no one gives a fuck to talk about it. Lol, stop being so mad about anons not caring.

No. 47870

Cp in /m/

No. 47871

I didn’t actually downplay that at all, if you re read what I wrote. I just called you SJWs.
The simple fact is, it’s because I’m fed up, not because suddenly there is ‘milk’. I haven’t posted in the thread for a while because the conversation goes between the same shit that I have no comment on. I don’t care about Chris’s weight, or Sharla’s for that matter. I don’t care about lily, and I really don’t care about their social media updates unless something of interest happens.
I’m complaining because there is no real conversation, it’s the same shit being reposted with the addition of whatever else has been plucked out of Chris’s video.
You keep thinking anons coming in and telling you to shut up is suspicious, it’s not, we’re just fed up of reading the same shit over and over - this isn’t PULL, hence why we keep telling you to go back to Reddit. Why don’t you make an unofficial discord or something? You can chat to your heart’s content (I’m being serious)

No. 47873

Thank you to the jannys who deleted the post of that scrote who posted his shit in the compliment thread.

Males really are so threatened by a female community just existing.

No. 47874

The jvlogger thread must be the only thread with nonnies who'll come to meta to complain when there's actual milk.

No. 47875

I like to think they get along when there's no milk.

No. 47876

Chris just left for LA where he's participating in a boxing event. People are going to talk about his weight and body. Sharla's been complaining about her diet and how she's still gaining weight on meds. People are going to talk about what she's been eating and how it contributes to her weight gain.

No. 47877

There discussing his body and then anons baiting hard by saying Sharla is fat and posting nitpicking photos and Chris isn't bringing up his weight 24/7 and losing/gaining 10lbs isn't milk enough to keep bringing it up.

If you're going to excuse this discussion, at least talk about other shit than his weight. Hes boxing. Talk about that, not how he looks in shorts or go in about his past health.

No. 47878

Can a farmhand put an end to the shit flinging in the mtf thread? That thread is a mirror image of American politics with everyone resorting to assumptions and extremes when realistically we should all be united against the tranny menace and it's cancer.

No. 47879

File: 1670115596132.png (165.19 KB, 2146x380, Capture d’écran 2022-12-04 à 0…)

be careful that /pol/tards might raid this website too in the future, they're already raiding crystalcafe

No. 47880

Jesus poor cc users (who are actual women)

No. 47881

It’s because there are some simps in that thread beyond normal WKs. The same people who lost their shit and tried to ban any discussion wrt Chris and Sharla dating before Sharla confirmed it. They want to date Chris, or Sharla. There are a couple of them in there for each, basically. Couple of fat white goobers in Japan get some nonas mouths frothing, waddayaknow.

No. 47882

Their mods are barely active, so they got a lot of work to do. I feel bad. Some like to post malicious links and I saw one miner fall for it after not paying close attention to how the link was spelled. Praying for the newfags.

No. 47883

Forgot to mention it was a different incident, but it could happen again.

No. 47885

I got called a simp because I don't agree and I'm not. I just don't care to jump to conclusions and blindly make up added milk. Stop being so upsetty that people don't agree with blatant vendetta tangents.

No. 47886

>every few weeks
Anyway thanks for writing a huge passive aggressive essay getting buttmad that the users of the site you run would like a little communication. Obviously we're in great hands.
Because then she'd have to admit she never left and shaymin isn't real.

No. 47887

File: 1670121917048.jpeg (39.22 KB, 720x696, FRTgpNMUcAEvzha.jpeg)

picrel you

No. 47888

This site is too slow for their simple minded reply addicted brains. Just ignore

No. 47889

seems like they've arrived, one in /ot/ and one in /g/

No. 47890

these failsons?

No. 47893

“Nonna’s you ARE the lolcows. Evil lolcows”
why does he capitalise evil? is he a satanist or something? cringe larp

No. 47894

The fuck are you doing on pol?

No. 47896

/m/ has a thread up with sus links and a pic with an underage looking girl

No. 47897

Moid or just autist derailing etc in mtf thread.

No. 47898

There's several anons here who "use /pol/ to own the trannies" not realizing the moids only hate trannies because they are embarrassed of their trap porn fetish

No. 47899

>Says the sex that has started all wars and commits 90% of all violent crime.

No. 47901

Autistic islam derail in the bad comics /m/ thread

No. 47904

Nta, but everyone has already known that moids from kf and 4chan come here for years. We literally get raided by them, and why do you think that anons will tell people not to post personal pictures and info? So yes, we all already knew that they target us.

No. 47905

Sounds like a bullshit explanation.

No. 47908

kek nonna. just answer the question, why even lurk on /pol/? I could understand KF or plebbit, since there's actual cow discussion on both but, why /pol/?

No. 47909

This anon >>>/w/270055 ain't ok. Declining to cap stories because there's nothing notable in them = "trying to turn it into something selfish." Give the poor person a break from caping

No. 47910

Nta but tbh you don't even know each other and besides, do you think that any one who is an anon here wouldn't be elsewhere? Remember where it all started

No. 47912

Ok, polfag "warning" us about polfags.

>Remember where it all started
SR and cgl. Your point?

No. 47913

>deleted posts
Must have been a certain troll

No. 47914

File: 1670199094231.jpg (34.58 KB, 600x400, DznsucVX0AAC37D.jpg)

It's rare that shart doesn't post something 24/7, so is she just quiet, or is the thread not updating cause it's been a whole day since a new post.

No. 47915

Anon there's a new thread here >>>/snow/1718262

No. 47916

File: 1670203423386.jpeg (457.12 KB, 1029x1031, 743A2AE5-57B0-400C-BCD6-0C0454…)

No way this isn’t samefag minimodding, I refuse to believe two seperate women are this veklempt over people talking about Chris Broad being friendly with a rapist. Jvloggers stay absolutely unequivocally retardo >>>/w/262531(wrong)

No. 47917

Ahh, thanks I had no clue it had already capped out.

No. 47918

weird porn picture on front page

No. 47919

cp in /m/

No. 47920

Way to cherry pick you know just as well I as do, moid founded/heavily majority moid culture. But if lets you get that supressed bully energy out gl babe

No. 47921

Probably the same anon who came here to get the thread autosagged after Chris's connection to Bald came out.

No. 47922

You linked multiple different anons.

No. 47923

Uh, no. Conspiracy fag, get help.

No. 47924

File: 1670207500101.jpg (23.5 KB, 562x503, Linda-Richman-562px.jpg)

Same writing style, sentence structure and word usage. She's not even trying from what I can see. Why are why having so many aggressive minimods now?

Talk amongst yourselves.

No. 47925

File: 1670209563249.jpeg (76.53 KB, 937x492, 58F5470F-0650-4A84-8E2D-F10A42…)

Ok, this was good

No. 47926

File: 1670210189197.gif (631.57 KB, 480x269, eating-popcorn-gif-4.gif)

They have no impulse control and I am here for it.

No. 47927

Sorry for not being nice and uwu sounding enough for your taste. However what you mentioned doesn't matter when both cgl and sr started out as a majority of women, which is why lolcow's the same. Imageboards being created by moids doesn't mean we'll have to accept polfags here without criticism.

No. 47929

Tranny is spamming ot again with nickado amd soyaks.

No. 47931

Funny that you guys are wrong lol

No. 47932

Male in /ot/ posting gore. He's also doing it in the pinned threads.

No. 47933

Moid thread spam on ot (many threads of random shit and porn) and a nikado porn spam on the grimes thread in snow

No. 47935


Shitposting Nickado nudes

No. 47936

Time to log off lolcor for a while I think if a moid is on a raid

No. 47937

tranny having a massive spamming meltdown

No. 47938

It's 100% the tranny again and begging other moids to join him, judging by the filenames and the same images.

That reminds me, if Admin ever updates the website, it would be cool if we could hide posts too.

No. 47939

We can hide images and threads, but it may also be nice to hide the actual posts

No. 47940

You have discussed it, farmers don’t care. Only you and your SJWs from Reddit do, take a hint.
I posted the bottom 3, the rest aren’t me. Try again.

No. 47941

lurking on polfag just to see moids seething doesnt makes you a polfag either you retard

No. 47944

Spam in ot

No. 47945

it's in pt too, still up an hour later

No. 47946

scrote bait

No. 47947

Moid thread in ot

No. 47948

NTA, since when is criticizing someone for defending hanging out with a rapist being a sjw?

No. 47949

Since always for scrotes that's why the idea baffles you and the other poster clings to it.

No. 47950

NTA, but you know this happened a week ago now, right? Almost? Nothing new has come from it, anon is right. There's literally nothing else to talk about. No one is just dismissing it, but the topic came and went. Anons are attempting to keep it going by baiting the thread with more reddit comments about it, but that's not milk.

Mods, can we make a rule about posting comments from Reddit already? They are clogging up the thread and it's just inviting more idiots from there to keep posting.

No. 47951

I am the anon they responded to (the ‘wrong’ redtext was funny i admit) and I agree, it’s a weird reason to be pissed about milk. Seems like a scrote or pickme refugee who didn’t hear that KF is back, or something. Supporting creepy fucks like bankrupt baldie isn’t part of farm culture, and yet they also tell us to go back to reddit. I think they’ve gotten their imageboards (and years, who tf still says “sjw” unironically?) mixed up

No. 47952

They just don't make trolls like they used to nonna.

No. 47954

If you all know it's someone not fitting in just ignore them and snidely dismiss their comments, it works best.

No. 47955

That's not what the anon said, they purposefully dodged the question several times… And then their posts got deleted and shortly after the tranny started spamming the board.

No. 47956

yeah cuz i think thats none of ur business ? like at least the nonnas got prevented why are u so mad abt that

No. 47957

no my posts were deleted bc of the farmhand, i dont know why maybe they thought i was a moid or infighting or smthg but i dont delete my post like that. at least they kept the screenshot post cuz they would be no reason to delete it

No. 47959

huh but i didnt said u spammed anything

No. 47960

The "reddit comments" were public statements from Chris himself, and his response to someone being disgusted by his association with a sex predator was only shared a day ago. By your logic, all comments Chris makes outside of his vlogs, including podcasts, twitter and patreon, should be disallowed. How convenient that you only say this when Chris fucks up and says something foolish outside youtube.

No. 47961

Ah someone else did so I was just covering bases really.
The cry to authority over something as vague as reddit comments is really something how long have you been dealing with this one? God bless ya for spelling it out but they'll just be obtuse yet again if they're the same person that's been doing this. I use they because I really don't know if it's a woman in love with Chris or a guy defending Chris(or himself, I don't know the cows well enough to know for sure).

No. 47962

No anon that isn’t it, you’re twisting what we’re saying. There’s nothing wrong with what has been said per se, it’s the repetition and the way you react when anons say enough, move on. Some anons in there are really obsessed, surely you can see that?
Like it or not you’ve attracted moids from Reddit, we don’t want that.
We’re not telling you you can’t talk about Chris, why is that so hard to understand?

No. 47963

You just described most of the threads on here btw, lil fyi for you hunny.

No. 47964

Not trying to be a bitch but surely you can see that you (and others idk) trying to stop discussion on this specific subject is as repetitive as anons who keep bringing it up? Threads will have an ebb and flow of what is talked about and if you try and steer it by saying shit tantamount to “shut up im bored!” that is meaningless chaff chat at best, minimodding at worst. Just saying.

No. 47965

It's been going on since substantial evidence of Chris and Sharla living together has been shared in the thread. Chris reads the thread and will delete or edit stuff out right after we post about it, and one of his simps on reddit linked to our thread before. It could be Chris himself, people connected to him, or simps from reddit or all three for all we know.
Do you know what minimoding is? Your lot have been telling people to stop talking about it since the very first posts about it and it hasn't been months or even weeks. Chris mocking a fan was only shared yesterday and the first responses were telling anons to shut up about it. People are talking about his boxing event and bet now. Characterizing his statements as comments from random redditors is also be deceitful. You simps think you can use reverse psychology by accusing everyone else of being simps who came from reddit, but you're only revealing yourselves.

No. 47966

It’s not minimodding to ask for a change in convo, it has been this: Chris is a misogynistic lying fatty who abuses natsuki, Sharla is an ignorant immature fatty who collects plushies and has no life, lily is still obsessed with Chris, apparently tkyoham is the best, and everyone from Reddit is allowed to overtake the thread and make any oldfag feel like a dick for asking for the conversation to move on from this. None of that is new information.
Notice how norm is talked about occasionally and the convo moves on? This is what I mean.
This shit would never wash with mods a few years ago.

No. 47967

Then continue the discussion! No one is doing you by them pointing out going on and on about chris MAYBE being a right wing loser just because he met up with the dude and he didn't even invite him.

No. 47968

I really wish mods would unlock the Chris and Sharla thread. This is exactly why it was made.

No. 47969

It happened yesterday and the convo has already moved on.
He advised the dude with his trip and filming in Japan, and there's nothing to suggest he didn't invite Bald to a drink. Bald doesn't just have right-wing views. He brags about forcing women from impoverished countries to do sexual acts on him and has been arrested for rape before. Then Chris treated his rape allegations as a difference of opinion and mocked someone because they didn't like seeing him supporting Bald. Thank you for proving that this has always been about hiding what Chris did.

No. 47970

Good, mock the "fan". He can unsub, not announce it and no proof he was even signed and not just a shitposter. This is why reddit content fucking sucks. You guys can't even prove the instigator was even a fan to begin with.

No. 47971

Chris's response was extremely petulant regardless of whether or not the guy provided screenshots of his subscription or not. Anyway, I wonder what the mods think about so much meta argument taking place over the jvloggers thread in the complaints and suggestions threads. I've participated so I'm not innocent or anything but it seems kind of crazy/telling that outside of sitewide complaints of CP, moid spam, and gore the only complaints that happen here are on threads from /w/ basically, mostly jvloggers. I wonder if we actually should contain all this in the actual thread rather than here? Like, what is being discussed here at this point that requires mod attention? Very specific granular issues with the discussion in a thread? Shouldn't this be more of a thing that you just report and see the chips fall where they may? I don't know, it just doesn't feel like days long arguments about one specific thread topic are what meta is meant for.

No. 47972

File: 1670291534806.gif (194.44 KB, 200x107, 200w (1).gif)

No. 47973

Old mods used to redtext and nuke obvious simping, bait and vendetta posting in the jvlog thread. Since the Sharla and Chris debacle, things have changed.

No. 47974

you're right. the same anon seems to live in a few threads on w, minimodding and screaming if people don't follow her(?) made-up rules. I never understand why mods put up with this person acting like a petulant child in meta over this stupidest shit. Now she's literally defending Chris hanging out with a rapist and trying to ban discussion of reddit screenshots. Just the other day I checked out Stefany Lauren's old threads and what did I find? Reddit screenshots. Because she posted cosplays and lied there. Lori's threads have Kev's Reddit chimpouts screenshotted, too. Pixielocks was discussed on Reddit and people posted those caps.z

It's completely valid to post screenshots from Reddit if the cows themselves or relevant discussion happens there. It doesn't 'attract scrotes' since there isn't even an anon link to the site.

No. 47975

Nta but the behaviour is so similar across threads it does seem like the same person. Or maybe it's just newfags thinking that by repeating the shit the see they seem like oldfags, no idea.

No. 47976

Yet who's getting redtexts constantly? Clearly mods agree. Either they are a really good baiter and all the anons keep falling for it like >>47921 idiots think it is, or anons can just follow posting rules. It's not hard.

No. 47977

>muh red texts
you are a really bizarre and sad person

No. 47978

Anon is defending a predator scrote by saying he doesn't "look old" when proof of his age was posted. But anon never "saw him creep" so no one should discuss him.

is anon a moid?

No. 47980

Infighting in Kaya and Jake thread? Complitely fine, please continue for 40 messages.
Conflicting opinions in m? Get redtexted and banned for a day.
It is clear your mods don't have any clue how to mod the whole site evenly.

No. 47981

Not every ban is a redtext.

No. 47982

Yeah well if people were banned maybe there wouldn't be half a thread full of "OMG UR A JAKE!!!" "NUH UH!! KAT IS SOOOO PRETTY" "OMG KAYA LAZY!" "HI COW"

No. 47983

The mod for that board might be AFK.

No. 47985

No anon I am not trying to hide anything. I just don’t care and am fed up of constant circlejerking. I am not complaining that you’re talking about bald, I want to make that very very clear.
No I am just complaining about this thread, surprisingly the other threads I post in aren’t as retarded as this one, even the shitposting thread in /ot/ is less retarded. I’m not a newfag either.

No. 47986

every anon in the lolita thread calling the site LCF is an obvious newfag and needs to be banned.

No. 47987

I mean yeah if you only have one mod per board. Even then it is stupid, no one checked the thread in 12 hours? It is not isolated case, seems like some threads are actively avoided by mods.

No. 47988

shit thread with a suspicious link on /pt/

No. 47989

one mod per board ?? they should put 2 instead

No. 47990

shit thread on /pt/

No. 47992

Yeah, these Reddit idiots need to go
No actual farmer types like this.

No. 47993

celebricow thread has derailed into retardation with racebaiting

No. 47994

Malicious link in the Friend Finder on /g/. DO NOT CLICK THAT. I recognize it from CC and a miner got infected. I even posted about this some time ago wtf.

No. 47995

idk what is going on here but the entirety of this thread is unsaged idiots shitflinging over some lolicon cosplayer

No. 47996

last time I tried posting in the ausfag thread I got banned and called a troon for no reason, not sure if he was posting on the same IP or at the same time but I was baffled then and still am now. can we post in it/bump the thread to talk about aussie shit or would that be considered necroing?
genuinely asking not trying to shit stir, was just a super weird reaction from farmhands last time and I'm not sure why.
cheers farmhands, still mad you shut down ariasdome but I hope you are well

No. 47997

File: 1670406425621.png (524.75 KB, 381x531, 1669944233248.png)

sorry to samefag, for context I posted Hilltop/an aussie artist and got put out to pasture and someone called me a schizo troon, I'm assuming the ban was for necroing but I also got a ban for NOT necroing a supposed pre-existing jodi arias thread and creating a new one so I'm genuinely confused and not trying to cop another ban and waste everyone's time. ty! again farmhands hope you're okay I know this job is a lot but I'm sure most of us can't imagine the shit you see on the daily (and this is probably the last issue on your minds). stay well everyone, farmers and farmhands both ily all

No. 47998

the unsaged scrote is still ban evading and whiteknighting the lolicon cosplayer, I'm sorry mods he's probably going to continue doing this until he runs out of ips to ban evade from

No. 47999

retards still fighting in the celebricow thread

No. 48000

the threads should've been banned like the kpop ones. they're absolute garbage and mods have made everyone well aware they're incapable of moderating them

No. 48001

File: 1670419781221.png (691.12 KB, 864x1675, Screenshot_20221207-142628.png)

respectfully, what is this moderation? What is being nitpicked? I didn't post any of these but that fake voice in the webm is beyond cringe. I didn't know she sounded like that.

No. 48002

Stated without judgement; that thread is moderated differently than a lot of other threads on /w/, or any thread on /snow/ or /pt/. What is considered nitpicking varies depending on the cow and it’s best to just lurk and see what redtexts pop up to know whether or not its a cow you can mock or not.

No. 48003

Those posts are shit. Thank God.

No. 48004

reeing about racefishing isn't milk. the thread was okay years ago but it's not anymore.

No. 48005

Her photoshopping and race thing is such old milk. Especially photoshop. Its just not milk to discuss editing anymore unless its bad photoshop extremes which she doesn't do. But pointing that out gets you yelled at in thread.

No. 48006

exactly. i feel like she hasn't done much in years, other than cringe. there's no drama to follow. the most noteworthy thing recently is her creepy older guy friend.

No. 48008

You can tell the vendetta posters who don't lurk at all. Someone went as far as to make their own YouTube video to upload here because they're that obsessed with her when she doesn't do much and hasn't in years. I can't imagine an expose video on her when the milkiest part is ancient lol What a waste of self posting for lolcow clout

No. 48009

what is that retarded crimmy thread in snow going to bring to the site? there's already been antisemitism and obvious moids camping in the thread, 'censored' loliporn posted to 'reference' what she's referring to, and the girl the thread is about is 17. it's going to bring a fuckload of retarded racist womanhating pedo moids to the site and nothing else

No. 48010

>ignores the ebegging schemes himeahri does
Literally that vid exposes her most recent manipulation tactics she does on her followers for donations but you guys just want to complain about nonnies calling her out for her bad shoop and asian larping.

No. 48011

anon, she literally referenced the title of the porn in her twitter post.

No. 48012

so fucking what? referencing it is not the same as POSTING it, dipshit. we already have a problem with paedophiles on this website. why would we welcome people posting content that will encourage them to come here, to follow a thread about someone who posts it, and likely to post it here themselves? use your fucking brain.

No. 48013

a censored image isn't encouraging anything. if anon made the claim without posting any proof, anons would bitch about that anyway. why are you in her thread if it's upsetting you so much? the threat of moids posting isn't a reason not to have a thread on an obvious cow. we'd have to shut down most of /snow/ and /w/ if that were how it was done. don't let them run the site and don't use them as an excuse to close threads you don't like, just hide and move on.

No. 48014

cp on /m/

No. 48015

its gone now but there have been a lot on cp raids on /m/ specifically

No. 48016

No one is ignoring it. It's just einse and repeat. Can't you guys wait for controversial milk?

No. 48017

More Elon Musk bait from retarded jvlog anons >>>/w/270767

No. 48018

The loli porn was not needed to be posted in any way shape or form, and why the fuck does that anon know so much about anime cp to begin with

No. 48019

No. 48020

the moids in the threads were orbiters and since have been banned, i also didn’t like the people posting loli hentai, doesn’t mean the thread needs to be shut down, just report that post specifically

No. 48021

It’s a weird thread, i get that there is milk but i really don’t want to see that level of nasty shit (censored and spoilered at least) even on the site. Like report this bitch to INTERPOL or something, she is too degen to even know about.

No. 48022

Nta, but unless its traced from a real kids, stop calling it cp. You literally water down actual victims when you call drawings cp.

No. 48023

you can literally look up the term in english and get those results. stop assuming everyone who's digging up dirt on cows is a moid. why would moids be calling her out for using lolicon terminology? avert your eyes if you're so offended by spoilered posts with warnings.

No. 48024

disagree. this take is weak, because you're basically saying pedos aren't pedos unless they look at cp or harm children. fanfics and art can be pedoshit and count as CP if the artist/writed intended on depicting their characters explicitly as minors.

No. 48025

I didn't say they aren't pedos. I'm saying calling a drawing cp isn't cp unless its traced over or edited from real cp which is a legit issue, not made up drawn characters with no child reference.

No. 48026

Exactly, I agree wholeheartedly. I wish the farmhands would moderate the jvlog thread in the same way.

No. 48027

i'm saying it is cp and should be illegal. why shouldn't media only consumed by pedos be illegal? do you think drawn bestiality (not furry) is not bestiality just because it's a drawing? that's kind of crazy.

No. 48028

theres some probably moid whos sperging about how shayna, luna, and kiki should have babies in their respective thread. guessing its all the same woman hating scrote because he said they should all have "miracle" babies. i reported them all.

No. 48031

The first post was me. I posted it for the fake voice she put on which is the worst I've heard in a while. I suppose I shouldn't have mentioned how much better she looked before the race larping, or how extreme the shoop has gotten if I didn't wanna get reported by the same anon (probably) who was defending that old man orbiter. It was a late night low quality post regardless.

No. 48032

is this crimmy or schizotroon blaine. Its hard to tell since you both ''love'' children.

No. 48033

File: 1670457898974.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1242x1445, inshallah.jpeg)

pakianon is very informative but they're legitimately obnoxious. the whole point of an anon board is being anonymous. the racist euro poster, racist anti rap poster, and pakichan are fucking annoying. you shouldn't be outing yourself EVERY POST. and that one chatter who text spoilers everything for no reason please fucking stop, your stupid text spoilers make me think i should read your dumbass fanfictions and i want to smash my head into a wall every time. good day

No. 48034

ban this schizoid

No. 48035

moid in /snow/ posting furry porn

No. 48037

Its technically not.

No. 48039

You guys get countless redtexts in that thread all the time. I don't understand how you can't learn to post things.

No. 48040

Literally as I say that, more nitpicking >>>/w/270904

We know she photoshops. You don't need to update every new photo with the same "hurrdurr photoshop obligatory post!!!!!". And you retards wonder why mods redtext or ban your shit.

No. 48041

File: 1670459769199.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 579.01 KB, 828x1451, 6A3D56D5-6A1B-4F65-AB98-34AA87…)

crimmy whiteknights

No. 48042

Hide the thread if the posts trigger you so much, christ.

No. 48043

Why when anons should just post appropriately? This is meta and posts like these ruin threads when its not even milk.

No. 48044

not true, bestiality porn is technically legal in most places. as opposed to loli porn which is illegal in most countries including us, uk and canada.

No. 48045

The point is drawings aren't real technically. There is a tracing/beveling issue on pixiv which is a real issue because it's disguised CP. This isn't the thread to argue about this, so I'm done. I'm not going to argue with anons who aren't even listening and think fiction is reportable and taken seriously [which unfortunately it isn't considering some of the content].

No. 48046

drawn depictions of childen are illegal in the US, UK ans Canada. where as live bestiality porn is legal. are you just dense? or can you not read.

No. 48047

>the racist euro poster
What's the lore behind this one? Tho the random text spoiling I think is done by multiple posters. Including me

No. 48048

why is this even a discussion..?

No. 48049

not really complaint, but I noticed that despite the frequency of the raids, mods are doing a much better at deleting them in a few minutes then compared to a couple days ago, did something happen that caused this change
did we finally get new mods

No. 48051

That's the first time I've ever been redtexted in that thread. Sorry but her baby voice just seemed like news to me. And I was clearly happy to take the short ban, so obviously not everyone on an imageboard is the same person/people like you both seem to think. I'm not disputing the farmhand's decision to give me a temp ban, but like >>48002 mentioned moderation depends on what gets reported. Browse any of the other threads on here and you'll often see what could be construed as nitpicking.

No. 48052

by you guys she means people who post nitpicks not the same anons. you're dense as hell. don't make compilation videos and shill your yt channel anymore.

No. 48053

whiteknight moid melting down in the crimmy thread yet again

No. 48054

thank you mods you've been so quick lately!

No. 48055

File: 1670516858205.jpg (79.94 KB, 800x450, cdc.jpg)

Porn with suspicious links in /m/

No. 48056

No one said you're all the same. Jfc.

No. 48061

where is the new pro ana thread, blease someone make one xox

No. 48062

Eat a burger

No. 48063

File: 1670605950104.png (Spoiler Image, 494.75 KB, 1280x940, xmas.png)

not a complaint, I just want to send my eternal devotion to whoever made the jungle theme.

No. 48065

Weird porn in /g/

No. 48066

Scrote posting porn on /g/ >>>/g/303217

No. 48067

this is more me whining and tinfoiling but i swear celebricows is full of scrotes. griner transfagging, talking about how women get ugly as they age, advocating for plastic surgery. weird.

No. 48068

There's a lot of obvious new people who have made their home in certain threads lately. Just report.

No. 48069

Celebricows is known for newfags, scrotes and faggots infestation since newfags tell their friends about it. InB4 multiple anons has confessed about this before. It is why when thread reaches max posts that we see so many complaints that no one is making a new one.

No. 48070

What's with the autists posting hamsters in the vocaloid thread on /w/? Delete that shit, it's irrelevant.

No. 48071

I seldom post in that thread and try to wait to read it all when each new thread comes out.
Nonnies do an amazing job of making new threads, all milk is linked in the OP and I can just pick what I want to read from it.
I understand that’s my weird way of viewing the thread but it works for me.

No. 48072

retard in /w/ who shitpost in the western vocaloid thread

No. 48073

Can I make a thread in /ot/ for a country that’s not featured there? I’ve seen the Germany, Poland, Finland etc ones and was wondering if there are some nonnas from my country and if they want to discuss things in their native language.

No. 48074

Can someone please make a "What's the drama?" thread to discuss brief or obscure gossip/milk/etc. I want to ask about the current VCG podcast drama, it would be fun to have a thread to discuss brief skimmed milk such as this as it happens, especially when its too insignificant to warrant putting in another thread. in /ot/ if possible

No. 48075

you can talk about it in the personal cows thread if they are not big enough for a thread.?

No. 48076

the thread request thread is on /pt/…

No. 48077

Scrote reeing about ugly dykes in unpopular opinions thread.

No. 48079

Twitter and discord underage fags infecting up the vocaloid thread with retarded pronoun zoomer humour and screeching about "twansfobia".

No. 48080

holy shit looks like it's filled with raiding discord trannies, wtf is going on in there

No. 48081

Can celebricow thread be auto saged for like a month or so or can there be more moderation? The twitter/newfags are beyond insufferable and they love it there. Maybe they’ll forget about it, idk.. hell week if not? Move it back to snow?!? Please, anyone, janny, admin, I’m begging you do something. I try to be a good girl and not fight but they make it so hard. Worst thread on the site by a landslide, fuck it, sty it.

No. 48082

No. 48083

Scrote spamming m with porn possible cp

No. 48084

that entire thread is by, for and filled with those posters.

No. 48085

fujos absolutely losing their minds in the ftm thread, please get rid of them

No. 48086

Please take care of the unsaged noncon post and all the people defending "life updates" as reasons not to sage. Her grandma died. Has almost nothing to do with Taylor tbh and why tf is the thread now full of RIP for this? It's annoying. Go say RIP on her IG. >>>/w/271545

These are totally worthless posts.

No. 48087

Lmao at telling jannies to ban just the fujoshis when the mini Paki-chans are derailing just as hard as the fujos are. It takes two people to have an argument, anon, and I'd be willing to bet money that you're one of the retards participating in the argument yourself.

No. 48088

Read the room honestly, ftms are always mocked for being fujoshis, regular fujoshis aren't better just because they aren't trans.

No. 48090

Nice bait, LARPing as a fujo and being racist to make us look bad. Don't you have better shit to do?

No. 48091

Literally any kind of woman is better than a troon. Even Shayna. At least she didn't chop her tits off.

No. 48093

Scrote behavior.

No. 48094

Salty fag derailing >>>/w/271572 about a major death in the family for one of our cows.

No. 48096

A family member died and Taylor posted about it, but nitpicking unsaged posts about Taylor's weight and makeup is okay, kek,sure Jan
Hope a mod bans you for derailing in the thread. You nitpick spergs get so mad when anyone deviates from gym workouts and charities too.

No. 48097

i'm "derailing" and being "salty" bc i said this isn't milk? It isn't. It is a horrible reason to bump her thread and she probably wouldn't want it bumped over this. i reported the other unsaged posts earlier too, idiot. Go post on her social media and stop shitting up and bumping up her thread here. You don't give a shit about that old woman, you just want to flood the cow's thread with RIP. Not the place. Let her grieve and fuck off with your fake sympathy here. It's no reason for all those noncon posts.

No. 48098

reeee someone called Tom fat so I should be able to drown the thread with fake empathy. Taylor doesn't give a single fuck about you WK. If she does, she is probably scared about your endless crusade in her name. Fucking pathetic.

No. 48099

I know that the Kiwifarms thread is buried and seems to be auto-saged (rightfully so). But can the farmhands come clean it up?
>Full of obessive retards who don't think anyone can dare criticize josh/the site without being some kind of weird "Gay op"
>Constantly whiteknighting and finger pointing
>Obvious scrotes
>Racists bullshit- "Most men have a issue with their girlfriends sleeping with black men/ There's a difference between sleeping with a biracial woman then sleeping with a woman whose been with a black man"
And just a bunch of dumb obviously not from here slap fights

No. 48100

Not in those threads but I have no idea how you all even handle the constant nitpicking, even if it's someone who deserves it, the consequences of normalizing judging centimeters of womens' bodies will always fall on women with much less power and money.

No. 48101

Oh yeah that threads complete garbage lol.

No. 48102

Pointing out the difference.

No. 48103

I hope you get mental help, anon.

No. 48104

for what? following the rules of this site and suggesting that bumping her thread over her grandmother's death with no milk is a shitty thing to do? mods need to step up.

No. 48105

I report all unsaged non milk. I've never participated in nitpicking tom. what's your point?

No. 48107

that's not derailing. stop moralfagging.

No. 48108

Can a farmhand do something about the tranny-moid in the tinfoil thread? He keeps derailing and shilling

No. 48109

Can we ban all fujo-sperging outside of the fujo-sperging thread? It's getting out of hand in the fandom thread and FTM thread

No. 48110

We've got like a special needs janny on /ot/ banning people for venting int the vent thread, like literally no rules violated, "she" just banned a cancer patient for bitching about not being able to go outside. Cancer lady literally did not break any rules, she was venting in the vent thread.
The janny redtexted her with "seethe" which also seems unnecessarily cunty.

No. 48111

File: 1670748158671.png (21.98 KB, 1875x158, canceranon.PNG)

Came here to post the same thing, keep in mind this is from the vent thread
Are you letting jannies ban and redtext posts they personally don't like now? If not, please explain which rule she violated here.

No. 48112

That was a mis-ban. It was removed. Seethe wouldn't at all make any sense as a response to a vent about cancer, I clicked the wrong IP address when banning.

No. 48113

File: 1670748558129.gif (56.73 KB, 220x122, yeah okay.gif)

then who'd you mean to ban?

No. 48114

Seethe makes perfect sense as a cunty response, she absolutely was seething. The point is that seething is the fucking purpose of the vent thread.
Why'd you have to removed redtext saying "racebait" a couple says ago when a black woman was bitching about medical malpractice? If you're this bad at clicking posts, maybe you should stop redtexting.

No. 48115

get better excuses cuz the « seethe » redrext can totally apply to the post

No. 48116

and give her role as a farmhand to a less low iq nona

No. 48117

Every time that thread is bumped lately it's by her wk refugees from PULL who derail with stuff that has nothing to do with the cow.

Will never understand why they don't stick to her socials instead of posting here and trying to make the rest of us give a shit. This isn't a fansite.

No. 48118

I wholeheartedly agree. The latest argument is that an unsaged post called Tom fat and so they should be able to post unsaged "life updates" and RIP again and again about her cute grandmother. It's derailing and pointless. Milk is controversy, stuff to laugh about and actually discuss. A dead grandmother isn't milk and never should be.

and also, it would be nice if people stopped acting like this was never going to happen, her nana was really old, lived in a nursing home, and they all had time to prepare for the death. It's really sad, absolutely, but acting like we all need to give our respects and post RIP on a fucking imageboard about someone losing a grandmother is a bit much.

No. 48120

Pretty sure the fat thing means in general which is true. Anons unsage post talking about Taylor's invisible body checking constantly, so it does happen. Give it up already, this is a major life update compared to posting about baby drool which also goes unsaged. A mod isn't going to ban the grandma poster because its milk.

No. 48122

Stop taking things personally, nonnie, when referencing an anon site.

No. 48123

Bad images in snow please check

No. 48124

theres cp in snow fucking hell i thought i could avoid this shit

No. 48125

cp in snow for 15 minutes
uh mods?

No. 48126

30 whole ass minutes now

No. 48127

thanks jannies

No. 48129

thank you to nonas who bumped

No. 48130

Yo, someone do something about this tranny-loving faggot in the tinfoil thread, he’s moid posting again and again


No. 48131

File: 1670793815958.png (445 KB, 2284x704, Capture d’écran 2022-12-11 à 2…)

did anyone had an issue when clicking on /meta/ 5mins ago ? bc i was getting this instead, when i clicked on /meta/ it automatically downloaded a bunch of empty files, dunno how it happened

No. 48132

I'm convinced it is /the/ tranny

No. 48135

This happens to me too on mobile where I want to click on /meta/ and it requests to download

No. 48136


No. 48137

Samefag this happens on cc too sometimes

No. 48138

So you're out of the psych ward huh?

No. 48139

Please permaban the Miles fag shitting up the tinfoil thread

No. 48141

Touchy subject for you I guess, don't worry you can always try to 41% yourself again.
>Accuses anons of trying to get clout on an anonymous imageboard
Oh Blaine… you've been here so long and still have yet to integrate.

No. 48142

who's trying to gain clout on an anonymous forum. do you think that people who call you out are your enemies from the other forums?

No. 48143

you are so mentally ill and far removed from reality….wheww you need to go back to the psych ward now.

No. 48144

Can some mod please end the scrote apocalypse happening on the Jvlogger #170 thread? The Chris Broad boxing match has completely imploded the entire place and it's a scrote fest now

No. 48145

how do you know they are scrotes tho? i have a feeling most of them are nonnas, maybe a bit autistic but still. i mean you have to be on the spectrum to care about that fucking idiot and his ugly ass gf so much to follow a stupid boxing match

No. 48146

no it's def scrotes, you can just tell by all the weirdly specific martial arts lingo and tough talk

No. 48147

Redditfags have been here for months now and its so tiring. They just post bait.

No. 48149

File: 1670825900492.png (157.81 KB, 641x854, strangely petty.PNG)

so farmhands can reveal our ip for this, but not shanya's or onision's or anyone we actually give a shit about?

No. 48150

admin picked some retards this time holy fuck. that farmhand should be banned dude.

No. 48151

Unless rules have changed since I was a janny, this isn't allowed without admin's permission after lengthy investigation, this farmhand broke the rules bad.

No. 48152

I don't think shayna posts here lol

No. 48153

yeah she def had a vendetta for revealing her ip lmao, she just should have kept the redtext and thats it. while admin is here rn they should do a new recruitment for farmhand because these ones are starting to be annoying

No. 48154

Ok now I don't think that she did actually samefag, because the farmhand just banned me and called me a troonspammer and banned two other posts with the same accusation that weren't from me, she seems mad as shit.

No. 48156

How long until she nukes this thread? Wouldn't be the first time.

No. 48157

which thread is this

No. 48158

Cat hate on ot, which just makes it funnier

No. 48159

File: 1670829438005.jpg (120.01 KB, 1080x554, Rachelfag Troon spammer.jpg)


No. 48160

stop using vpns then jfc

No. 48161

We've got jannies petty enough to reveal someone's ip without even being sure who they are, if I wasn't using a VPN before, I sure af am now

No. 48162

they might think it was the troon spammer bc they use the same free vpn app on ios, i remember i tried one ip address from this app so i posted smthg and i was quickly redirected to the permaban page with « gtfo blaine tranny » as a redtext

No. 48163

IPs don't reveal anything though. vpns aren't for dox protection.

No. 48164

>innocuous post about a shitty boyfriend with a cat
Maybe we have been jumping the tranny gun to quickly

No. 48165

It shows that they're willing to break their own guidelines when they feel like it, we literally saw it last night, scroll up, that they banned someone for venting too hard in the vent thread and then tried to say it was an accident, this doesn't look good for anyone

No. 48166

hi rachelfag kek.

No. 48168

I can't wait to see what Admin says about since she's active again. I mean, she may not say anything but she also called out that farmhand for revealing an anons post history.

No. 48169

Okay, well what do you think cancer-chan was about then? Was that warranted?

No. 48170

You reap what you sow.

No. 48171

yes but still ip reveals aren't really dangerous is all i'm saying. and vpns are part of the problem here with all the spam these past few months.

No. 48172

File: 1670832041006.png (15.83 KB, 719x350, i don't know this man.PNG)

Same, I just got this, I think she's banning anyone using nord in north america now

No. 48173

Again, not everyone who disagrees with you is a fag in a dress.

No. 48174

What are you not understanding about "The rules were broken?"
If you break the rules, you get banned. So why should a janny with a recent history of "mis-banning" anons who then breaks the rules blatantly get away with it?

No. 48175

CP in /ot

No. 48176

CP in ot

No. 48177

removed, thanks jannys.

No. 48178


No. 48179

i was about to post the same thing…rachelfag immediately resorted to posting cp after being ignored for having their meltdown.

No. 48180

We should start fights with the farmhands more often, makes them actually pay attention to reports

this one was a bot, there were links

No. 48181

Reveal IP on whoever just posted the CP, was it anyone on /ot/?

No. 48182

>reveal IP for talking about cat piss
>not for posting CP
>during the middle of trying to prove cat piss-chan is the gore/troon/rachel spammer
this is getting weird af
I kind of started getting the feeling some of those posts were farmhand taking her status off to defend herself, too, if she's really the same one who banned cancer-chan she seems fucking weird

No. 48183

now that admin is here (check the maintenance thing) i would like to remove this annoying farmhand and give me the role instead

No. 48185

> making cutesy redtexts using emojis
> banning someome "mistakenly" with "seethe" redtext
>exposing ip address
Is there a Rouge farm hand?

No. 48186

I still can't believe this happened, Admin chewed out the anon who compiled the FDS Manifesto-chan's posts for abusing her mod rights and she even censored the IP on them, yet this janny just outed an IP and started fighting someone for allegedly samefagging based only on the IP value that could be shared by anyone using the same free VPN? What is this

No. 48187

i also said farmhand sold
should be banned from the site but i can still point out that vpns are a problem.

No. 48188

Anyone have a link to manifesto chan situation?

No. 48190

Racebaiting in Unpopular opinions thread.

No. 48191

now that we know what our IP addresses look like
to them, this explanation
makes even less sense.

No. 48192

There's a lot of weird moderation on this site lately. Some days a lot of threads are almost unusable because of the retarded moderation. Something is off and the general lack of clarity regarding the site doesn't help. The entire mod team needs to be replaced

No. 48193

Are you the retarded mini mod who camps on /W/ everyday trying to dictate what's milk and what isn't for every thread? Take your medicine, go outside and get some fresh air…it would do you some good jfc

No. 48194

Not a complaint but thanks for putting that little notification on, Admin-sama. That way I'm not gonna panic that troons killed the site when it'd be down. Really appreciate it. See you all in the CC bunker the 19th then.
Happy holidays !

No. 48195

how long is the maintenance estimated to last though? a few hours? the whole day? more than one day?

No. 48196

File: 1670861970260.jpg (217.53 KB, 522x515, farmhand and ips.jpg)

No. 48197

admin can fuck off. she replied to some shit from 2 weeks ago in a different thread while ignoring this whole mess with crazy janny.

No. 48198

One of these days, especially with the way its been handled behind the scenes lately, the site won't come back online after "maintenence". Just calling it now. Good luck getting a definitive answer to your question from the admin though

No. 48199

What thread?

No. 48200

Here >>48184

Where did admin say banners are being updated?

No. 48201

I'm honestly willing to bet that the maintenance won't even happen, at least not on the day it says it the banner.

No. 48202

No. 48203

same. plus the banner is annoying.

No. 48204

has Shayna actually posted or just tinfoil?

No. 48205

Can we please have a fujo salt containment thread? I only see a fujo/fujo cringe one. Can we just set up a thread specifically made to be a containment arena where the retards can fight and not derail the tif thread. Pretty please?

No. 48206

Make one?

No. 48207

i've said this about multiple threads. you can't have pro and anti be in the same thread, it doesn't make sense. like the consumerism thread on /ot/ you can't post anything pro-consumer without being shamed and arguments happening. the non-cow boards need to be more relaxed.

No. 48208

this website is made for you https://fujochan.org

No. 48210

This is such a minor conversational thing to be redtexted for too, it just adds to the color of a thread tbh. It's surprising to imagine any farmhand hunting up samefags in /ot/ threads who aren't even starting fights. like I get it, but so fucking petty over some minor shit. which farmhand is the mask-hating cat lady?

No. 48211

It's been 13 hours, evidently admin-san has no problem with her jannies breaking rules.
Cat shit and cancer are just the beginning, can't wait to see what bitchjanny starts tonight!

No. 48212

KEK 3 hours later and I realized admin answered my question literally in the post I linked

No. 48213

I'm baffled she addressed that but not the unhinged psycho janny lol.

No. 48214

yeah all the other times the site went down for "maintenance" nothing even changed

No. 48215

Man that farmhand has some terminal autism. They can do this but can't keep a handle on the trannys that spam CP? Lol

No. 48216

Motherless behavior indeed nonna.

No. 48217

>admin is silent for weeks until a few hours after "a mod" spergs out
hmmmm i wonder who the "mod" is.

No. 48219

It had to have been a janny and no one higher up, one of my posts was accused of being the tranny during the middle of the fight, which means they were banning anyone they disagreed with assuming that it was the troon using a vpn, surely anyone higher up would have been able to tell she was banning random people
There's also this one

No. 48220

Surely she can't be that dumb.

No. 48221

Some spicy shit going on in the zoomer hate thread, idk who to even report man

No. 48222

maybe admin pretended to be a mod and did it herself.

No. 48223

The admin at least can see user cookies based on the events of Keekweek, so maybe it doesn't apply to jannies.
Or, jannies can see cookies, and either that janny is technologically illiterate and doesn't know what cookies are to assume everyone with the same IP is one person, or what >>48222 said
I wouldn't doubt admin is catty enough to cover as a farmhand to remove any blame from herself (I mean, the "previous" admin complained about the userbase being "white" and "spoiled" and cuts herself, pretty obviously has mental issues) but it does go against her original stance in the manifesto-chan saga

No. 48224

File: 1670887622698.jpg (38.38 KB, 567x565, 1606274113531.jpg)

That would mean that admin herself was monitoring the cat hate thread for samefags for hours before the fight broke out, and then was so angry about a post about cat piss fumes, she posted an ip reveal, but was also aware enough that it was tard-tier petty that she pretended to be a farmhand
That is the cringest possible outcome here, frankly I choose not to believe it

No. 48225

This post convinced me that is what happened.

No. 48227

No. 48229

There's a girl in the prayer thread saying her cancer is back, just wanted to let you know in case you wanna call her a bitch or anything.

No. 48231

Okay so I'm late on responding to this because it caught me off guard when I was making updates yesterday. The full IP wasn't revealed, if you can see in the Farmhand post the last digits are censored. There's a lot of samefagging and gayOps in that thread and it's happening in this thread too. It wasn't a janitor who made the call, it was a experienced Farmhand.

I almost forgot to mention that we will be moving away from centralized service providers in the future, this is just a precaution in case a company decides to hijack our page and stop our services. If there is enough demand from anons, I could also potentially set up an onion address.

No. 48232

So an "experienced farmhand" revealed someone's IP in an off topic board about cats because its "gayOps" ? The state of the site….

No. 48233

>The full IP wasn't revealed, if you can see in the Farmhand post the last digits are censored

No. 48234

Lmao even, ntayrt.

No. 48235

Is this the experienced farmhand?

No. 48236

So you're telling me an "experienced farmhand" acted this way in the cat thread? What was the point of showing the entire IP but blurring one number? Like really, what was the point? Is that a thinly veiled threat? All the CP on this site and this is how you guys choose to manage the website? What was the point? You act like it's fine because one number was blurred but it doesn't explain or excuse that behavior

No. 48237

ngl the outrage right now is much more than when someone posted manifesto chans entire post history

No. 48238

gayops and samefagging in the cat hate thread? for what purpose? kek
>If there is enough demand from anons, I could also potentially set up an onion address.
i think this is a good idea to have, just as a precaution

No. 48239

There's a significant difference in the content they were busted for, but agree

No. 48240

Are admin names color-coded based on the identity of the admin? I thought newmin was purple

No. 48241

File: 1670891096208.jpg (3.19 MB, 4096x3072, 9.jpg)

I've seen anons mention manifesto Chan earlier today in regards to this situation so I do believe a lot of the outrage stems from everything happenening on this site in general. This was absolutely out of line and broke the camels back. The jannys and farmhands have gotten worse and the admins silence continues to be deafening, I'm surprised we even heard from her today and like other anons mentioned the timing of everything is very strange >>48222

Idk but when admin just posted this message, they posted it twice on accident. Admin in blue then admin5 in red

No. 48244

There seems to be a general trend of color-coding.
OG admin >>1014 is coded red
But the previous admin (the most recent oldmin) is usually coded blue but swicthed up a lot in this thread >>26555
Newmin generally uses purple >>29158

No. 48245

>Okay so I'm late on responding to this
This? You're late on responding to everything.
Anyway regardless of it was censored, none of the IP should have been revealed over something as petty as samefagging a post about cat piss. And even more shameful that it was an experienced farmhand.

No. 48246

hi admin is it possible to make it so the banner appears just once instead of every fucking time i click around the site? it obscures the navigation links and it's really annoying. perhaps create a boolean/flag in localstorage that detects when the user has clicked the 'x'button? or can you display the message in a different way? idk if i can do this for another week

No. 48247

When I said I missed post reveals in the vent thread this is not what I meant

No. 48249

>There's a lot of samefagging and gayOps in that thread and it's happening in this thread too.
Can I ask how you guys know for sure that it's samefagging? Are the IP's different and you guys are guessing or are the IP's the same? Cause even if the IP's are the same it doesn't necessarily mean samefag because there's a fair amount of users who share the same IP because of using a VPN. I use Norton VPN and I once copped a ban because a farmer was using the same VPN as me, even posting in the same boards around the same time of day as me.

No. 48250

they don't go off IPs alone if you go over the kiki saga

No. 48251

Well something got fucked up then because I'm not the troon spammer.

No. 48252

Ayrt, thanks I hadn't read that yet but I'll give it a look

No. 48253

It was a different set of staff so it really has no bearing on the current situation which is clear incompetency.

No. 48254

But did the anon reply to your post and also had the same cookie, browser etc?

No. 48255

No. 48257

thank you!

No. 48258

Can a mod do something about this anon who just keeps infighting and giving retarded pet names to anonymous users over anything anyone says in this thread? >>>/w/272038 If you're going to derail about whiteknights, at least make sure the person is even whiteknighting. I followed the replies and the comment they are calling out was calling out tinfoil whuch an anon agreed was tinfoil. So why derail about whiteknights if not to shitpost and attempt to infight.

The anons on /w/ who think everyone is the same are absolutely unhinged and extra retarded.

No. 48259

NTA but how does the whole cookies thing work if someone's in incognito mode?

No. 48261


No. 48264

I hope the mod bans vpns. IPs don't reveal anything to anyone.

No. 48265

kek, it's funny watching you seethe over your fantasy weebcows. never gets old. Those aren't my posts but it's allowed to speculate why a middle-aged guy hangs around Skyleigh all the time. Seems like you are the only person who has an issue with that mild speculation and wants to infight over it.

No. 48266

Anons derailing and go on about whiteknights more in that thread than actually posting milk. Also tinfoiling over something like that without proof seems very vendetta. Learn2integrate.

No. 48269

This cat piss gay ops reeks to high heavens, thank god the admin is sniffing it out and getting as deep as she can…into cat piss.

No. 48270

>There's a lot of samefagging and gayOps in that thread and it's happening in this thread too
I fucking knew it

Lol of course the blaine tranny is part of that thread.

No. 48271

Is the dumbass shit and the vent thread frozen for anyone? They're both frozen for me but the other threads seem to be unaffected

No. 48272

cp in /m/

No. 48273

thanks jannie

No. 48274

Ntayrt but just because you've picked up on terms used here doesn't make you blend in. You stick out like a sore thumb here and in the thread you're sperging about. You learn2integrate.

No. 48275

It doesn't. If you're incognito and using a vpn there's no way of telling, someone correct me if I'm wrong

No. 48276

iirc incognito still saves metadata it's just not saved after the browser closes

No. 48277

Literally ignoring the derailing in that thread.

No. 48278

There are more factors for identifying people on the internet than just cookies and IP.

No. 48279

I don't have a link but look into fingerprinting

No. 48280

Wait then why can't they get rid of the trannyspammer?

No. 48281

it's different than other platforms because this is a IB/textboard format and anyone can post or spam as they please captcha would help but it won't stop deranged tranny spammers like blaine

No. 48282

Spammer in /w/

No. 48284

He ban evades
Shut up Blaine.

No. 48286

Because the range banning is probably based on ip. But that doesn't mean that's all admin and other positions above farmhands can see.


lmao you're so embarassing

No. 48290

I'm not, staff themselves said similar things multiple times already.

No. 48293

LMAO you haven't even been able to keep this shithole stable. An onion address? Why are you so incompetent and so determined to ignore the users and what site actually needs?
Also, thanks for being late just this one time. You've been a real champion about updates and communication.
Someone just hit the reset button and burn this place to the ground so we can try again.(Blaine)

No. 48295

>I almost forgot to mention that we will be moving away from centralized service providers in the future, this is just a precaution in case a company decides to hijack our page and stop our services.
This doesn't make any sense on technical level, there's no practical alternative to DNS you just have to try pick a good registrar accounting for their jurisdiction and bias.
If you want a backup source of trusted information people can go to in case the domain is confiscated make an official twitter or telegram.
If you mean having multiple hosting providers that's dumb since you'll be paying for unused capacity, just set up uptime monitoring and have automatic backups so you can move to new host quickly if they cut your service.

No. 48297

Why is "Yuri Kuznetsov" thread locked? This guy is a pedophile who steals identities of Russian teenagers and his orbiters keep raiding his thread with off topic. Burying this thread is what they wanted to accomplish.


No. 48299

sorry your site got taken from you null. but shut the fuck up.

No. 48301

The adhd sperg is back in the ND thread demanding people do shit their way.

No. 48302

Other people than null know shit about website running, there are programmer and web developer anons right here in the site

No. 48303

adhd should be in another thread. no one likes autists

No. 48304

Yuri swarmed it with soyjak scrotes white knighting him so staff got afraid of him and we'll they obviously care more about samefagging than CP spam so doing the math, they helped their pedophile friend by locking his thread, simple.(tranny)

No. 48305

Because no one but you was posting in it Blaine.

No. 48306

Can we have a new mod in the jvlog thread who's willing to do something about the Chris and Sharla scrotes? They're not even hiding what they are now. >>>/w/272101

No. 48307

I know, but no one that actually cares about the site would speak like this >>48293 objectively and I was assuming they were the same poster

No. 48308

Ntayrt but no it clearly was not and the admin just fucked up a samefag so clearly you're either purposefully blind or cannot extrapolate data and frankly you sound like a Clinton voter.(Blaine)

No. 48309

It's truly fucked up in there, reddit scrotes saying shit about farmers being soycuck redditors or some other reddit-tier shit. Unironic use of the term "SJW" wrt women saying Chris is wrong to tacitly support a known rapist. Basically it stinks of total ballsweat in there and could use a clean up. Yearning for the days of everybody in /w/ being at the very least a female with varying levels of autism, and not smelly weeb men.

No. 48310

It's never coming back with this staff, they'd rather call anyone who disagrees with the party line a tranny.(Blaine losing his shit)

No. 48311

They even used to have a twitter account but idk what happened but it got abondonned quickly, same with discord, it would be better to communicate thru discord since theres some hidden farmhands and admins. An annoying banner isnt real communication btw

No. 48313

I'm was just giving some advice.
Porkbun is good registrar so it's unlikely domain gets taken without warning. There are things admin could do to reduce risk depending on what problem is like false DMCA reports or CSAM reports.

No. 48314

File: 1670965229670.png (369.74 KB, 864x1920, Screenshot_20221213-215341.png)

RIP this site
what a joke this moderation is. Not my posts. Just my disdain for allowing so many dumb boring derailing RIP posts and then redtexting someone who just got excited about someone's bonehead take.

It's so rude not to respect influencers and their dumb videos in public! Now that's a take that isn't derailing or retarded at all!(Blaine)

No. 48315

the cc moid spammers are here now

No. 48316

nvm thanks that was fast

No. 48317

>the tranny getting redtexted left and right
>suddenly spam of porn and racebait
huh. makes u think…

No. 48318

Makes ya think it's not the tranny but an embarrassing admin having a mental fucking breakdown lol.(Blaine)

No. 48319

It's typical XY chimping out behavior.

No. 48320

Thank you, farmhand

No. 48321

They literally cannot help themselves. I blame it on society telling moids they deserve anything they want in life. They get so mad when they realize that's not true.

No. 48322

there's no way all of these are Blaine. Blaine has never cared about the moderation of some weeb's thread. He always shitposts and derails with certain tone and lingo. In fact, scrolling up, anything critical about mods and admin has just been tagged with Blaine.

these sound like a farmhand defending a chimpout:

kind of risky to post this at all, bc someone is very ban-happy. Anyway, what are gayOps, I'm not keen on googling it.

No. 48323

Where was post >>>/ot/1444444 in /ot/? Hopefully linking to it like this will work. But if not, can someone who knows where it was link it?

He does always do this but mods usually delete his posts like here:

You can also see it in previous /meta/ threads. There are other posts in this thread criticizing moderation but they're not redtexted because clearly mods know when he's posting.

Anyways, you can't be bothered to figure out what gayops is here but you're claiming none of those could be the tranny? interesting.

No. 48324

inb4 u gonna be redtexted as blaine again lmaoo

No. 48325

File: 1670970830797.jpg (411.82 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-12-13-17-29-04…)

Can't believe I caught a ban for this one. Must have been a farmhand that got banned from CC for posting their rape fantasies.

No. 48326

hacking ur computer now that I know ur ip address

No. 48327

I would have got it if it was an infighting or a-log ban or some shit, but 3 years with no ban reason? Mods and admin are so shady.

No. 48330

>implying you can recognize anons
You're the only one who stands out here, tranny.

No. 48331

>Where was post >>>/ot/1444444 in /ot/?
What are you even asking? This entire post is so confusing.

No. 48333

It's very obvious from his autist speech, male rage, samefagging and pathetic false flagging attempts. He did shit like this already dozen times before, chimping out everytime he gets banned. Also very interesting that you seem to know his behavior but claim not to know what gayops are.

How are you posting with a 3 year ban?

No. 48334

>Hurrr I know stuff
>Wats ban evading
Lol okay retard sit down before you get drool all over the class sweaty.

No. 48335

shaymin won't stop me from shitposting
I must have triggered them. Didn't know I wasn't allowed to be mean on /ot/ because some degenerate wanted pity for posting their bait rape fantasies and being rightfully banned.

No. 48336

Will there be a lolcow awards poll this year? Kinda miss those.

No. 48337

honestly nonny what cows have been really milky this year

No. 48338

Delete the kpoop spam in the vent thread immediately or i push the nuke button

No. 48339

Why does kpoop always bring out retards

No. 48340


No. 48341


No. 48342

NTA, but talking drama wise.

No. 48343

bro traveled in the future to tell us this

No. 48344

> Must have been a farmhand that got banned from CC for posting their rape fantasies

any caps??

No. 48345


No. 48346


No. 48348

Can farmhands lock the current MTF thread (so anons make a new one) with the spoilered OP pic since it appears to be bestiality

No. 48349

did admin removed the maintenance announcement banner ? it just lasted two days lmao

No. 48350

oh god forbid I don't want to google that at the library. No, I didn't know, I don't see that word here much. I skipped over a lot of the Blaine stuff but read enough to get a sense of how he posts + I work in a field of linguistics. Then we have Blaine himself writing in this thread and identifying his own posts, but he isn't red-texted. So forgive my suspicions.

I googled gayOps at home, I know what it is now, but I have never seen that word on lolcow before. Assumed it was 4chan stuff, basically wasn't wrong. Still doesn't excuse the cancer "misban" and the samefagging redtext in a cat hate thread. lol gayOps in the cat hate thread.

No. 48351

It's still there wdym

No. 48352

i mean the cat hate thread is controversial and blaine is where drama is… it's his "place"

No. 48353

idk i dont see it anymore when im actualizing pages

No. 48355

File: 1671009133911.png (357.35 KB, 863x1542, Screenshot_20221214-100851.png)

it's probably just someone posting from their phone, which is why they didn't care about editing out the IP. If 3y bans are being given for no reason attached to IPs like this, a lot of people will get banned for no reason. Are mods checking what the IPs even are before banning? I have no opinion about VPNs but do you want to prevent people from posting from phones? And no, I am not that poster, I'm in middle of nowhere, europe.

reposted because I got the IP wrong kek but I'm pretty sure 172.58.227.* is all or mostly mobile ISP

No. 48356

Wow almost lik it's not for no reason and ban evading won't make that anon any less suspect. It's always the same when someone posts their ban here.

No. 48357

it says unspecified reason in their screenshot

No. 48358

They don't need to give a reason. This is an anonymous imageboard, free to use. Anons don't own the site.

No. 48359

I know some nonny said it’s kind of annoying and I agree because it would show up for every page on mobile, they can put it back up but in a way where it can stay off when you click it once for the rest of the site?

No. 48360

The jannies aren't going to fuck you

No. 48361

>Anons don't own the site
Conversely I'm sure an imageboard devoid of anons would be a worthwhile endeavour kek

No. 48363

Scrote baiting in jvlog again >>>/w/272266 Asking for any about a cows wife and kid. Can't sage, integrate, and using emojis.

No. 48364

They posted then deleted another retarded reply like this

No. 48365

Bootlicker-chan hi babe! You've got to be a janny. And a dumb one, because you guys ask us for donations so the least you can do is specify why someone caught a three year ban.

No. 48366

porn in /ot.

No. 48367

Can the current MTF thread be locked or have the threadpic changed? It legit looks like an animal abuse pic and my tinfoil is a tranny made the thread because no woman would want that.

No. 48368

porn in /m/ + reported

No. 48369

Learn to the use the site. There's a hide image feature. Look for it.

No. 48370

>Bootlicker-chan hi babe!
go back

No. 48371

not a tranny but i would def say its a moid

No. 48372

It's so embarrassing when you guys tinfoil anons are mods.

No. 48374

File: 1671042187180.jpg (330.95 KB, 852x1306, Screenshot_20221214_102041_Chr…)

This retarded anin is basically outting themselves every time they post in thecMoo thread. They do this to "hi cow" if you follow the thread enough. Why are there so many retarded posters lately. Been doing it for over a week now.


Normal farmers aren't being this disgusting. Moo isn't self posting and anon is clearly just using it to "hi cow" comments they don't like.

No. 48375

But the posts sound nothing like him, it's a girl posting about dating a guy who takes shitty care of his cat, she didn't try to start a fight or post a graphic image, also they didn't start labeling the posts as Blaine until well after anons started chimping out about the ip reveal on meta. It doesn't make sense.

No. 48376

Larping exists

No. 48377

That doesn't explain why they waited to say it was Blaine until after people started complaining, wouldn't it have made more sense to call it Blaine in the ip reveal? Why would you want it to look like you were putting some rando on blast if you knew it was someone everyone hates?
Unless it's our experienced farmhand who 'accidentally' told cancer-chan to seethe

No. 48378

Possibly because they were trying to track down how many IPs were being used. Who cares? The posts were shit anyway. I don't know why anons are defending them.

No. 48379

>Who cares
People who don't like the idea that now farmhands can just ban us and drag us for literally nothing. She was on-topic. It's not about the posts, it's about how our moderation is changing, have you seriously been taking all of this as just the defense of a catshit story? The catshit and cancer are the canaries in the coalmine; jannies can now ban you for not liking your on-topic post that violates no rules, and apparently they can cover up any of their mistakes by saying you're a CP-owning transvestite.

No. 48380

Obviously it's not a human right's violation to get redtexted on lolcow, but it feels kind of strange that someone got banned for what appears to be just conversationally samefagging on a silly thread in /ot/, just like the seethe redtext in the vent thread. those just sort of feel like the farmhand equivalent of vendetta posting.

No. 48381

He's been caught trying to blend in before.

No. 48383

Okay so you think he was the cancerfag too?

No. 48385

Wow, look at how good he is at blending you guys

No. 48388

If we're going by "writing styles" which is bullshit, then neither was catshitbitch.

No. 48390

I caught a permanent ban on all boards for an "unspecified reason" for posting a picture of a cow from a party she just hosted in the cows thread. It was on topic, they outright deleted the picture but kept up obvious bait and spam from a whiteknight itt. mods are out of control lately.

No. 48391

If you're talking about the Belle thread, you deserved the ban.

No. 48392

How did posting a picture of her at a party she JUST hosted at her house deserving of a ban? It was saged and everything. Deleted my pic and gave me a permanent ban on all boards for an unspecified reason but decided to keep the obvious bait and spam. A lot of the boards on /w/ are moderated in a bad way

No. 48393

well obviously you're the tranny then

No. 48394

Yeah, that doesn't make a lot of sense. Since when is posting photos of cows from social media not allowed? Honestly it just shows how different the moderation style is across the boards. I'd love some clarity someday on why certain threads on /w/ are treated very differently, but at this point I just chalk it up to mod discretion and ignore the threads that seem unevenly moderated. It is what it is, I guess. I will say I've copped a couple short bans for talking about this subject on /meta/ kek so I watch what I say now.

No. 48396

Fucking explain to me how this bitch and her cat sound like the fucking troon, and then explain to me the cancer-anon and the others in this thread getting weird bans for not breaking rules, hardmode, you can't just say everyone you don't like is the tranny

No. 48397

You're so pathetic. Speaking in third person won't change the fact that no farmer would give a shit about defending a cp posting man like you. Keep proving your damaged xy chromosomes, I bet farmhands have a laugh at how much you sperg out and samefag over being found out everytime.

No. 48398

Blaine has larped as all sorts of things, he doesn't always post with an image, frankly I hope you get hit by a car Blaine.

No. 48399

You can't just delete your post and expect me to go away, answer my fucking question.

No. 48400

There should be unbiased moderation because it really comes off like that one moderator who was working closely with shoe. And the gall of the mod/admin team to act like this while begging for donations kek I really miss the way the site was 5+ years ago

No. 48401

tinfoil: the people that are still saying the cancer stuff was on purpose, despite the farmhand saying it was an accident and removing the ban+redtex, are not actual users here and are shitposters.

I've seen a few accidental redtexts before that have been removed and the anons that had them removed would come to /meta/ and say that it was removed. I was even banned for posting something in the MTF thread and the farmhand banned me with a cringe message tearing me down but she clearly misunderstood what I was trying to say, and other anons complained and said that they understood what I said so the ban and redtext was removed. I wasn't super indignant about it, I was just like "uhhh?? I don't think you understood what I meant". I didn't sperg about it over and over again even after the farmhand said it was a mistake and she misunderstood.

No. 48402

That doesn't sound like a mistake it sounds like a retarded mod like we have been seeing all over the site. She only removed the ban because everyone else itt was defending you and she looked like a retard for banning you

No. 48403

>She only removed the ban because everyone else itt was defending you and she looked like a retard for banning you
Literally the exact same thing with cancer-chan

No. 48405

I've been here for a while and mods don't just remove bans because people don't like the ban. That's not how they operate. I've seen them remove bans that have been genuine mistakes but even when people call them cunts or whatever they still don't remove bans even if the ban looks retarded, regardless of if people complain, unless it was a actually a mistake. They have no reason to admit it was a mistake unless it actually was one (shrug). why would they care enough to make a post unless they actually felt bad for the mistake?

No. 48406

Blaine literally admits that he is here and yet fucking retard idiot fuckups insist he isn't. Goddamn there is no hope for these newfags.

No. 48407

Just ignore and report, anyone that chooses to engage is a lost cause, truly

No. 48408

It literally just happened but ok. Mods are human, mistakes (legitimate mistakes) occur sure, but there's been A LOT of biased shitty moderation going on. There's been nothing but complaints about the admin and the mods she chose since she took over the site.

No. 48409

Just sounds like you're mad you can't get away with posting certain things.

No. 48410

Tons of anons are complaining but sure jan kek the mods have been awful so has the admin. Anyone who's been browsing the site for years will tell you there is a stark difference in the atmosphere and moderation style

No. 48411

File: 1671056527374.jpg (95.09 KB, 1773x1773, smiling-pepe.jpg)

Last admin said she was still here but helping new admin, plus where is any information on the fact that new admin got a new mod team? Not being facetious. We haven't heard anything at all about shaymin besides that fact that she's "transitioning over" but that was months ago. It sounds like you know a lot of info and are saying things super matter-of-factly. are you perhaps a rogue janny finally fed up with your admin?

No. 48412

I've been here since 2016ish(?) and notice the change, esp in /w/. So much minimodding and biased moderation. I don't understand and I miss the old lc, which was less censored and friendlier. Can you imagine if the anti-collage mod had been here when we were posting all the Aly food collages? I'm sure I even messed up and didn't sage some posts then but I never got any bans for discussing her or any other cow. There was no incessant whining about what is and isn't milk. Fangirling and minimodding weren't tolerated. idk it's a big change and at risk of sounding sensitive, it's like the whole place got meaner to the anons posting here.

and if I ever got wrongly accused of being a troon or someone who has posted cp and copped a ban, it would upset me a lot. It may be an anon board but some of us have talked about SA and other sensitive topics in /g/. Slapping a woman with a long ban for questioning mods - then accusing her of being a cp-posting troon - can you consider for a minute how that's awful? She can't even talk about the ban in meta because we have asslickers who reee about ban evading and how every ban is deserved. Blaine even said what he posted in this thread, whether he can be believed is another matter, but it sure looks like someone just marked a bunch of posts as Blaine and handed down 3-y bans while Blaine's own posts are not even redtexted.

No. 48413

It's literally him just talking to himself + trying to hide his seething with concern trolling, just report and try to ignore him.

No. 48414

>believing Blaine

anyways, his posts are usually deleted. Unsure why they decided to keep them up, but maybe as an example. He can't help but announce himself. You can look in the past threads, if some of his posts weren't deleted, he's been caught blatantly shitting on admin and mods even while namefagging and posting retarded YouTube videos. You think IP addresses are the only way to know? Come on Miss 2016. They did the same thing with kiki and creepshow even when they were switching IP addresses and using VPNs. They clearly know. Why are you only now suddenly questioning the legitimacy of them knowing a cow when a cow posts?

Stop being so gullible, it's embarrassing.

No. 48417

File: 1671061023672.png (4.75 MB, 1108x28800, 1662323701526 (1).png)

You are replying to him. I really wish a farmhand with lots of free time would just reveal his post history so it's easier to spot him when he's pulling retarded psyops like this. He did this exact thing ("guise blaine already announced himself magically at the same time I'm defending him and said the other posts aren't his so this must be true, I can't believe how farmhands are accusing totally random innocent anons of being him!!) and then got these exact kind of posts redtexted too kek. Like here

Pic related is another example, the redlined posts are mass deleted ones, aka his.

No. 48418

I'm not Blaine, you idiot. I am asking why his own self-admitted namefagging posts are not redtexted. But go on accusing women of being troons when it suits you. I just posted in the menstrual thread about my endometriosis surgery. So if this gets redtexted, that should too. Fucking morons.

No. 48419

If you believe what Blaine says about what he posts you have no right to call anyone else idiot, you are mentally challenged, simple as.

No. 48420

File: 1671061555582.png (3.33 MB, 1081x12619, 1662323673327 (1).png)

Here's him admitting to larping as a mother.

No. 48421

If these are all deleted, how do you have them? Are you a farmhand?

No. 48422

so he is or he is not posting when he says "you clocked me" or whatever? is that Blaine posting, or a fake? if so, why are those posts not marked? I did not say to believe the troon but I don't believe this mod's labelling either, not after the other crap.

No. 48424

No. There's a neat function called screenshots.

No. 48425

Blaine still posting to cope with the fact mirrors exist

No. 48426

Yes, but how did you know that all of these were him when they weren't labeled and got deleted?

No. 48429

Ntayrt but farmhands are human and make mistakes. I've been here for years and posted in the same thread as him (possibly accidentally replied to him) which made them think I was part of his samefagging. I had all my posts deleted that day but did not receive a ban. When I complained in /meta/ that I would prefer a ban that informs me of what I did that was against the rules over blatant censorship on an imageboard that claims to be "free speech friendly" I was apologised to. Something about percieving my posts as being "tranny adjacent" which is both paranoid and insulting because I'm a biological woman and I don't think it's good to perpetuate the notion we all think and talk the same, that's moid ideologue. This is regardless of my cookies, device, browser and IP being in line with my normal posting habits which if explored would tell you emphatically I'm a woman. I've also had one or two of my posts lumped into a reveal despite them not making sense in context of the cow because the cow was posting like a schizo. Just because you've read post reveals that happened years ago doesn't make the current or previous moderation team omnipotent, they're human like the rest of us and it's sad you put so much faith in anonymous strangers on the internet. Just to clarify I'm not trying to bash moderation I can see how schizo tranny raids can take their toll especially when not paid for your services, but I think it's ridiculous that anyone who has experienced similar mistakes immediately gets lumped in with him (yes I know he frequently spergs in /meta/) because of overly fervent anons who worship them as all knowing.

No. 48430

Because they all got mass deleted at the same and there's no other reason to delete them, nevermind it's obvious from the posts alone.

No. 48434

Samefag as >>48429
Apologies anons/farmhands whilst I was writing that sperg the creature looks like he's started more aggressively spamming. Given the chance I would've saved this post for a better time, but I don't want to delete it and give people the wrong idea.

No. 48435

Could someone please make another youtuber general thread

No. 48436

Shitposting on multiple /w/ threads including Venus's old thread, same retard as before.

No. 48437

Please ban the retarded unintegrated avatarfag on /pt/, they stick out like a sore thumb and I’d put money on them being a tranny/scrote

No. 48444

Scrote gore spam on /ot/

No. 48445

Scrote attentionwhoring and anons posting gore as retaliation >>>/ot/1446822

No. 48447

Would a rebooted Munchie/Spoonie/illness faker thread in snow be allowed?

No. 48448

Why was battle station thread removed?

No. 48451

Scrote WKs in the jvlog thread again, hope i get it right this time sorry

No. 48452

You guys have gotta stop calling these people whiteknights when it's obviously just baiting.

No. 48453

You haven't been in the thread long enough. We wish they were only baiting.

No. 48454

The same anons have been doing that for months now. No one is actually praising the cows ITT over the top like that other than the obvious shitposters. I haven't seen a single person actually WK, just refute info which isn't the same. The ones calling Chris handsom and stuff and keep hi cowing are all bait. Stop falling for it.

No. 48455

>I haven't seen a single person actually WK, just refute info which isn't the same
Refute what info?

No. 48457

Clean up the /celeb/ thread. 99% of posts in the last 24 hours have been retarded infighting. Ban them all.

No. 48460


No. 48461

Porn / cp in /m/ reported it

No. 48465

Anyone have any idea where we should post stuff about prettypastelplease? Looks like she is getting a boob job and I have a video vlog update she just posted and want to share to discuss with anons.

No. 48466

No. 48467

They came back

No. 48469

Moid spamming /ot/ and /pt/

No. 48470

>pedo tranny trying and failing to SHUT IT DOWN, BURN IT TO THE GROUND AND RESTART WITH MOIDS ALLOWED PLS for the Nth time

I flick my bean to knowing he'll never succeed kek.

No. 48473

No. 48474

There's a schizo tranny whose favorite persona is "concerned boymom". In fact, posts shitting on moid larva are very effective at drawing him out. He thinks he makes a convincing Karen, but his insufferable "y-you are all falling for my machinations, h-heh" smarmy redditor tone always clocks him instantly. Overall this is an amazing case study of how chromoids will never pass even if you could implant their retarded brains directly into female bodies, and how they will never grasp what it is that gives them away.

No. 48476

Admin, I’m a retard and just accidentally reported someone for being a scrote in the copypasta thread. Didn’t even realise what thread I was in. Pls no ban.

No. 48477

Is there any way to get in touch with the admin other than email?

No. 48478

moid is making stupid threads in /ot/

No. 48479

TkyoSam Apocalypse happening in jvlogger thread rn

No. 48480

>moid larva
PLEASE go back to reddit, you sound fucking retarded

No. 48482

File: 1671210283229.jpg (137.53 KB, 1080x2035, Screenshot_20221216_090159_Chr…)

Shitposter still at it in jvlog. They are just doing this to fill up this thread to start a new one. Same poster who is spamming venus's old thread for the same reason even though she has a new thread.

No. 48487

still spamming that shit >>48484

No. 48489

I really hope this is some scrote because if a woman is actually acting out like a toddler by spamming all this, wow. We don't need that broken chromosome.

No. 48492

kek, got one

No. 48496

Can we get a farmhand in Altcows to take care of the sperging and paragraphs long blogposting in there?

No. 48500

Someone please cleanse /ot/ of twitterfags
i know it's not possible but I can dream

No. 48501

Scrote in jvloggers thread again minimoding and complaining about a cow being discussed

No. 48504

This baitfag won't leave a jvlog >>>/w/272809

No. 48511

how is that bait, minimod much?

No. 48512

This is meta, mods will see the report. Don't have to explain anything to anons.

No. 48513

>>>/w/272642 Trying to hide their bait by saging

No. 48514


This guy won't go away and keeps just hopping around.

No. 48516

Cowtipper is back in the Heather Sparkles thread

No. 48518

pol moid larping in the unpopular opinions thread

No. 48519

>Don't agree with me = larping moid

No. 48520

I guess mods are asleep, he has been at it for hours

No. 48521

racist moid and retards taking the bait

No. 48522

Smells like balls

No. 48523

he got banned

No. 48524

>>>/ot/1449802 why the fuck did you close this? It's a fun thread and it does belong in /ot/. 2X is fucking dead and so is /ot/, we finally had a thread attracting some actual discussion and you ban it? Open it now.

No. 48525

File: 1671292159768.jpg (106.33 KB, 1080x1069, LOLCOr.jpg)

wtf open it now LOLCOR mods

No. 48526

File: 1671294337641.png (184.76 KB, 1200x578, please.png)

open the thread please, people want it back. It's a fun thread that fits /ot/

No. 48527

Bunch of spam about Hunter Biden laptop and LGBT rights in Victoria Bella Morte's thread starting here.


No. 48531

CP in snow

No. 48532

samefag thanks for deleting

No. 48533

What is 2X and why would they do that?

No. 48537

Do something about the jackasd trying to lock up the jvlog thread

No. 48538

Newfag detected. Go back to Reddit and Chris’s YouTube comment section

No. 48539

>What is 2X
This is so disturbing.

No. 48540

The thread had a bunch of shitposts. Gtfo, scrote

No. 48541

Vendetta posting, shitposting/bait & derailing in jvlog thread

No. 48542

Since you closed the NLOG thread, could you make /2X/ visible? I know there are men lurking but 1) you can ban them and 2) most farmers don't know the board exists and I think it being dead is worse (useless)

No. 48543

It's clear the same fag keeps ban evading and leaving those long winded bullshit posts.

No. 48544

No. 48545

Why must you call everyone a scrote? The thread has been like this for months, it’s not new

No. 48546

A scrote outted himself and we already know reddit retards post. Obviously there are scrotes and a few nonnas who are constantly shitposting. Maybe open your eyes.

No. 48548

Kek are you a farmhand? If not shut up.

No. 48549

Yeah, it’s tokyoham. I’ve been saying this for months but no one fucking listens to me.

No. 48550

There's a reason it's not already. Demanding it because you have some weird entitlement is just stupid.

No. 48551

That's not who outed himself.

No. 48552

No obviously not, I meant the shit poster and the one who always baits.

No. 48553

Tbh, I doubt it. I few of the posters sound like they come from Venus, Jill, Shay… They hop around.

No. 48555

Kek, the troon has come to chimpout here after spamming his gay nikocado fap folder on cc. They prove their regular male degeneracy every day, no wonder so many people are peaking.

No. 48558

CP in ot

No. 48559

wake up tranny jannies there is CP on /ot/

No. 48560

gay scrote posting his nikocado porn stash again on /pt/

No. 48562

Right when we were debating whether Chris and Sharla were together (not long before Sharla announced it) tkyoham tweeted that he thought they were together and they should just admit it. During that time there were posts in there like ‘tkyosam is hot, he has the best content’ (or to that effect).
I noticed it, posted screenshots and was ignored, which made me tinfoil that he was arguing with himself and a few people from Reddit.
He is definitely amongst the shit posters and Reddit scrotes.. I think he might even be one of the anons obsessed with lily - maybe she rejected him and he’s salty about it.

No. 48563

Stfu about sam. He's such an easy cop out

No. 48564

Why? It’s a totally valid speculation

No. 48565

Baiting anon infighting about neets

No. 48566

CP in /ot/

No. 48567

what do you mean by "an easy cop out" ?

that makes no sense nonny

No. 48568

New JVlog thread needed, need #171 otherwise we'll never get to the bottom of if Chris and Sharla are getting engaged

No. 48570

porn in /ot/ >>1451320

No. 48571

TERf retard in /meta/ >>48570

No. 48572

kill yourself tranny

No. 48574

Trans women are women ️‍⚧️(USER WILL NEVER BE A WOMAN)

No. 48575

File: 1671373967672.jpeg (20.68 KB, 204x266, 1649550430032.jpeg)

No. 48576


Start new J-Vlogger Thread, thread is locked

No. 48577

There’s a tranny spamming porn in the name of feminism. At least it isn’t child porn for once.

No. 48578

>At least it isn’t child porn
don't give him ideas

No. 48579

Why not make one yourselves?

No. 48580

tranny spaming porn on /ot/ please jannies move your asses

No. 48581

its gone.

No. 48583

can the anon samefagging unsaged in venus thread be banned… how is so much unsaged bullshit let thru on that thread.

No. 48584

Nta, Id make it a 5th time, but the derailing fags can have a shitfilled OP instead where “milk” is exaggerated.

No. 48585

File: 1671389460227.jpg (465.99 KB, 1080x1223, Screenshot_20221218_104900_Chr…)

Knew it! The fucking backpatting bullshit is constantly the same self-ego stroking anon. Yeah, someone else can make the new Jvlog thread. Sucks when every time these anons fill it up, overexaggerate milk, and the OP will probably talk all about Chris harassing Overtflow and Sharla attacking fans.

No. 48586

Let them make the thread, it’ll be so bad mods will lock it lol

No. 48589

not my job

No. 48590

I accidentally samefagged but I meant to reply to >>272891 honestly.

But all the points are nonetheless valid.

No. 48591

I'd make it but I have no idea how to do that tbh

No. 48592

samefag here - if anyone wants to explain to me or point me to how, I will make a new jvlogger thread. Sharla's new vlog needs some attention for her shitty basic fast fashion LA shopping kek

No. 48593

She got her hair done in Canada and then stay in Beverly Hills and just had to get her hair done there too. This new vlog is hilarity

No. 48594

Stuffing her face with Tim Horton apple fritters in Canada then Donut Man jelly donuts in LA

This vlog is golden…. too bad there's no JVlogger thread rn

No. 48596

if you can't make a thread you don't deserve to have it

No. 48597

that's pretty dumbass logic but okay. I guess we shall not have a new jvlog thread.

your logic is kind of like telling a child "if you can't ride a bike before you get one then you don't deserve one"
so please kys before you have children

No. 48598

Stop being as dumb as a scrote is and just write an OP, ntyrt.

No. 48599

what's an OP?

No. 48600

Jonny Craig thread has devolved into pure autism as usual. It's all unintegrated sperging from people on every side of the cows. Please ban that retard who keeps posting Layna's asshole, we've all already seen it 100 times and it comprises like half the posts in the recent threads.

No. 48602

Hey. Learn2integrate.

No. 48604

After looking at /w/, anons are trying to force fill threads to make weak milk cows seem more drama filled than they really are..after some threads fill, some of these girls or cows need to just go to general threads, like cosplay threads. NicoleEeveeDavis and HimeAhri are good examples.

No. 48605

How the hell are you going to complain about a minor posting down the shirt tit photos. But THEN ACTUALLY POST IT? Leave it on her instagram or edit the photo, jfc. >>>/w/273076

No. 48606

ok well I give up
back to lurking

No. 48607

lurk moar

No. 48608

It's not even about integrating at this point, it's about how2imageboard

No. 48609

I'm done trying to participate you cunt
Sorry for offering to make a new thread

No. 48610

Just lurk moar and don't get MATI because someone called you out for acting dumb. You should at least know how to use imageboards before you post.

No. 48611

aight. I'll never post again. sorry to offend. just wanted to know how to make a new thread. I guess I should try being psychic or something, maybe I could learn that way.

No. 48612


No. 48613

That thread should be nuked and sent to manure if this is the type of people it attracts mods.

No. 48614

you're trash

No. 48615

is the lolcow maintenance done or has it not even started yet

No. 48616

its literally in the rules to lurkmoar not anyone's fault you didn't kek. like the others said its lolcow.farm/info, stop being butthurt

No. 48617

i think they forgor

No. 48618

It might happen later? I know oldmin was the one working on the site update, she has a job & would probably be at work right now (pretty sure she's GMT) so I'm expecting it to be later or whoever is doing the update is a burger and just woke up

No. 48619

moid in /ot/

No. 48620

File: 1671469146583.jpeg (117.41 KB, 828x831, CF7A1A32-60BC-476D-9212-3C6AA7…)

they forgor

No. 48621

forgor about lolcor

No. 48622

anon, /w/ isn't the main board, it's for little cows. hide their threads and lurk more since you're new.

No. 48623

It's still a board and has rules?

No. 48624

sure, but the milk isn't the same kind as in /pt/. it's your opinion that the threads are boring, so hide them. and you seem new or retarded to insinuate that anons are trying to "fill" threads.

No. 48625

Illegal post!! Emoji!

No. 48626

they will never take me alive

No. 48627

File: 1671475410485.png (138.5 KB, 332x322, dumbassgrin.png)

so… about that maintenance

No. 48628

File: 1671477206525.png (Spoiler Image, 63.67 KB, 229x275, illegal.png)

wait, I need to know, has someone actually been banned for using an emoji via a jpeg? is this a loophole?

No. 48629

I once posted an emoji image and they just removed it but did not ban me

No. 48630

I hope not I was referencing the I forgor meme but did it use an actual emoji cuz I follow da rulez

No. 48631

It counts as a low effort reaction image. This isn't 4chan.

No. 48633

File: 1671479307990.png (42.31 KB, 171x176, C2AddqkXgAEsFv8 (2).png)

what is a "good effort" reaction image then

No. 48634

Still needs to be milk. This isn't some archive. Anons complain that certain cows aren't allowed archives like Taylor. But yeah, random media that never milk and the same stuff as the previous year, totally makes sense to post them for archive purposes.

If you're going make up your own posting rules outside of the site rules for the entire board, be consistent.

No. 48635

Fujos who can't handle the 4 year old fujo cringe thread in /ot/ are shitting it up with infighting.

No. 48637

Did we all get trolled by the maintenance banner?

No. 48638

File: 1671481387876.gif (94.81 KB, 200x176, 2456g.gif)

then how come everyone on /ot/ isn't banned huh

No. 48639

File: 1671481476388.jpg (37.67 KB, 750x900, xmas-puzzle-piece-autism-aware…)

Here is what I rate this post.

No. 48640

File: 1671481998591.png (85.3 KB, 480x280, C2Aq29jXgAA8RZT.png)

did admin LIE TO US???

No. 48641

>This isn't some archive.
just admit you're new.

No. 48643

Go eat your discharge instead of posting your ugly anime moid komaeda-chan

No. 48644

File: 1671483799068.gif (162.86 KB, 498x498, sonic-twerk.gif)

I do not sexually desire Komaeda so no.

No. 48645

Maintenance, yes or no?

No. 48646

obviously not

No. 48647

File: 1671485063227.jpg (393.75 KB, 1920x1080, FGAMNOgXsAA0lnK.jpg)

Admin does not love us

No. 48648

Can the anon(s) calling for alogging to be permitted in the Shayna thread be banned or something?

No. 48649

File: 1671486136861.jpg (32.19 KB, 700x420, 7004.jpg)

There are no set rules in this place, lolcur is lawless now!

No. 48650

File: 1671488303031.jpg (46.92 KB, 537x425, no.jpg)

honestly I've mostly given up even if I have 100s of ridiculous ones. I liked using them because my posts are boring. It's overcompensation.
Also, Komaeda posting would probably get you clocked as avatarfagging.

No. 48651

File: 1671489075637.jpeg (44.89 KB, 275x268, 7E6E046D-E1CB-46B8-91F5-9B3490…)

this post make me so sad

No. 48652

File: 1671489199698.jpeg (91.66 KB, 710x727, 8252819A-4959-473B-97F5-B197F9…)

No. 48653

There is a schizo moid who frequents the genshin thread, can the /m/ mods keep an extra eye on him? He derails every thread each month and I always report him but he rarely gets redtexted so I’m not sure if you ban him/see my reports of him.

No. 48654

some retard in the vent thread is samefagging because she can't handle negative comments. clearly underage.

No. 48655

File: 1671496793096.jpg (62.08 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I called it.

No. 48656

File: 1671497383397.jpg (48.35 KB, 641x745, pomeranian in car.jpg)

At this point I'd be more surprised if it does happen this year.

No. 48658

File: 1671498017808.png (586.68 KB, 680x765, caca.png)

this is just jokes pls no ban

No. 48659

Can mods perma these retards? I’m sure it’s like 3 or so people just circle jerking and not learning how to integrate.

No. 48660

File: 1671508303693.png (68.39 KB, 863x212, Screenshot_20221219-224726~2.p…)

oh hi, it's you.
>Anons complain that certain cows aren't allowed archives like Taylor.
Mooooom!! Anons don't let me spam "RIP gramma" and "what an adorable baby" in Taytay's thread! Read the rules you think you know so well. I marked the relevant ones for you.

No. 48661

File: 1671508424802.png (520.54 KB, 863x212, Screenshot_20221219-225239.png)

I know you hate collages so I made this new post to remind you of another rule you break constantly.

No. 48662

rule 7 isn't an automatic ban. this has already been discussed.

No. 48664

Please for the love of god don’t go back to that monstrosity. Just leave it as it is.

No. 48666

So when can lolcow return to it's original IP address?

No. 48667

Why did admin bother to do this? Nobody asked for this and now she’s tantruming because we don’t like it. Just leave it as it is. Not our fault you decided to waste two days doing nothing.

No. 48669

File: 1671811778176.jpeg (282.81 KB, 721x560, 8C25326A-801C-4575-B509-C9334E…)

Not my post but I wish this was at least communicated in a clear way where all the users could see it

No. 48670

Kek fuck off the new board was cute. All she needs to do is import a few old themes from current LC to satisfy you people who really hate new things

No. 48671

We can both agree that the layout was a matter of personal pretence, the main issue was that this change came out of nowhere and that the old threads weren't carried over

No. 48673

Issues were

1. no communication
2. too much change too fast, should have made it look like the old site
3. should have waited until you had moved the old threads over to put it online. You presented an unfinished product.

Srsly why did you have to do this just in time for Christmas? Let us enjoy our jolly lolcow Christmas in peace before fucking everything up.

No. 48674

File: 1671814108732.png (228 KB, 1023x669, Screenshot 8.png)

many nonnas from crystal cafe are complaining they can't use original.lolcow.farm, mostly from France, Canada, Germany and a few other countries
can something be done to fix this ?

No. 48675

New layout also looks like shit on mobile

No. 48676

Utter shit

No. 48677

shaymin will prob spend her worst christmas time kek

No. 48679

No. 48680

> 2. too much change too fast, should have made it look like the old site
Yeah honestly I usually don't think criticism of the way it looked is reasonable, but if someone had just added a blue CSS with the useless buttons hidden, I feel that would have smoothed things over a lot.

But like you said, with zero communication lots of things that aren't actually problems will suddenly become problems.

No. 48681

is there any update on the discord about the case of the site addresses and how many nonnies can't accesses the site now

No. 48682

No. 48683

is the screenshot from discord of the admin threatening to delete the entire website real?

No. 48684

File: 1671818048174.jpeg (181.33 KB, 828x1363, 35C3BF1A-3A37-467A-B77C-89E0AA…)

I just checked the discord, wtf is going on.

No. 48685

so it is real? and that’s actual admin? lmao

No. 48686

This. I don't dislike the new site but the old threads have to be migrated for it to be worth it. The old site is/was fine and didn't need to be fucked with to this degree, until the new site was actually done.

No. 48687

If true she is so fucking weak.

No. 48688

Yea, se-n is shaymin. Idk why she would make the announcement in a discord server with like 15 active members that she locked earlier this year and not pin it on the front page of the website so more people can see it, but she’s always been absolute shit at communicating.

No. 48690

if that's real, i feel kind of bad for shaymin. it must be tough to run a website where the userbase gives you shit for everything, and it makes sense why she would feel frustrated. personally i didn't even hate the new layout, i thought it had potential. i just wish she had communicated better and maybe took some time to explain to us less tech savvy anons what exactly the changes would entail and why they were being made, we are just kind of autistic and don't like change

if admin needs any help i think a lot of us would be more than willing to volunteer at least as jannies or whatever we could do. and i hope if shaymin really feels she cant do this anymore that someone else will take over because i would really miss lolcor

No. 48691

yeah that’s exactly how i feel. it’s a shame

No. 48692

What happened to shaymin yesterday was one of the reasons why last admin left, she essentially had said no matter what somebody always had something to complain about and people were quick to talk down to her when things didn’t go their way but it was impossible to make every single farmer happy. People don’t realize being admin means you have to sacrifice your own time and money to keep the site going, it’s like a second job but you get paid in petty complaints. Don’t get me wrong the lack of communication was awful and I can’t blame anons for being upset but she got shit on hard by some nonnies yesterday all for just trying to do her job.

No. 48693

How much money does it take to run the site and what languages/skills are needed? How many mods do we usually have?

No. 48694

Are there any un-expired invite links to the discord? I wanted to join in case this site goes down again, but the discord link doesn't work anymore.

No. 48695

There are stlll nonnies who can't access original lolcow, any updates on how to help them ?

No. 48696

Honestly victim noises, you're the admin just make the updates and ignore the whining about petty things. In two weeks nobody will care about the new layout or whatever.

No. 48697

Maybe don't do an awful job if you can't handle criticism? I agree that some was way out there, but a lot was completely reasonable considering how she refuses to communicate with anyone outside of the locked down circle jerk discord.

People have been telling here to communicate with users since she took over, but she never did.

No. 48698

Oh come ON. Next admin needs thicker fucking skin.

No. 48699

The huge kerfuffle was mostly regarding the fact that admin straight up said she would "scrap all the old threads" (her words not mine) in favor of the new layout.
And also admitted the layout change (chao chan mirror) was bc they are unable to correctly code tintboard. They were even saying kpop is allowed. Let's not try to act like it's "just because of a new layout" she was willing to erase 6+years of board history in favor of a kpop riddled chao chan clone

No. 48701


No. 48702

>for just trying to do her job
I don't think anyone here doesn't respect the amount of volunteer work the admin and mods put in, but switching to a new empty site without warning was a really weird decision lol, it makes sense why nonnies were upset.
I feel like the solution is to work on the site until it's 100% ready to go before it's pushed to a live version. Kinda seems like common sense but shrug

No. 48703

nta but didn't she say "scrapE the old threads" as in, move them over?

No. 48704

That is not what she said at all. She said she would "scrap all the old boards" and that older boards wouldn't be migrated. People were upset about her trying to erase years of board history and clone chao chan AND bring back k pop stans. It was not just a new layout!

No. 48705

File: 1671823345689.jpeg (109.4 KB, 828x421, 82457677-A6AE-4531-A0F6-F496B0…)

Yeah the new layout is ass but this is not what happened. Admin made a post on the meta thread answering questions saying she was moving all active threads from snow, pt, and w to the new site and said she would do ot and g if the demand was high enough.

No. 48706

"Move all active threads" yes like I said she was erasing years of threads and cherry picking which ones to keep, even contemplating erasing certain boards all together like/w/ ALSO there was a new sneaky addition to the rules saying they can reveal the IP of any user ay their discretion

No. 48707

Your misunderstanding . Any thread that was active was getting moved. So if the Mariah thread had 108 threads for ex all 108 were getting migrated. If a thread had died none of them were getting migrated.

No. 48708

is there copy or fork that lolcow uses?
it looks pretty different from example site on the tinyib repo

No. 48709

> ALSO there was a new sneaky addition to the rules saying they can reveal the IP of any user ay their discretion
That was already a thing, they use that to expose selfposters.

> like I said she was erasing years of threads and cherry picking which ones to keep

Did she say that on discord or what? I didn't see it anywhere on /meta/?

No. 48710

can we put a rest to semantics, the real issue is that many users still can't access this site and the adminds still haven't given us a valid answer

No. 48711

sis fucking relax its christmas

No. 48712

Not to mention bringing back the goddamn kpoop. Didn't we already learn our lesson? If you allow one, you allow thousands. Chaochan exists. Keep kpopfags out of lolcow.

No. 48713

oh right, christmas isn't a thing in my country so I was confused

No. 48714

I think she took the site down for now because it's not ready yet, it's still in maintenance.
Emphasis on I think, not sure if she gave up when she brought back this lc.

No. 48715

Then why would she launch the site shortly before christmas? So she can go "it's christmas waa I'm busy waa" when people have issues? This is so fucking stupid

No. 48716

maybe she wanted the users to hear something from her before the holidays?

No. 48717

Then she should have made a post and not a broken ass website

No. 48718

File: 1671826484131.jpeg (449.46 KB, 1365x2048, 1661818731618.jpeg)

ok let's step back a bit. does the site really need to be migrated to a new format? does it have to do with server issues or that there's more features with the new design? basically doing so is already hard-mode because most high traffic websites took months or years to design. even then they're usually an ongoing WIP, bugs galore especially when not based off a tried-and-true framework. I don't blame shaymin for trying to "update" it, it's just for almost everyone it'd be biting off more than they can chew.

No. 48719

Even if we go back to this place permanently they still need to fix the issue that is making the site inaccessible to like half of the users

No. 48720

wait, some people can't access oldcow? I thought it was just the new site. kek, I didn't know that, that's distressing.

No. 48721

also following for a updated discord link so we can see these updates. If anyone in the discord has a link please do share

No. 48722

I'm literally replying to you on some shitty Japanese proxy rn just so I can see the site kek yeah it's worrying

No. 48723

I also thought the new layout was okay. The only main issue was that the website looks like a huge mess on mobile and since most of us use mobile it made us think the new layout was shit.

Though I also agree that there should be a bit more of an announcement for these kind of big changes, especially for those users who aren't on the discord.

No. 48724

This. Can we get a town hall, an AMA, and QnA, literally anything from any farmhand or adminchan to let us know about lolcow and its future? I can’t believe we’re using screen shots of ambiguous discord posts in a dead discord server to get updates.

No. 48726

tbf making a post here right now would be as useful as making it on discord because most of europe and half of america can't even get in here according to cc anons

No. 48727

File: 1671827447344.jpeg (198.68 KB, 828x1028, 899D3EE0-76B7-4E7C-B007-E01A88…)

There’s no way to invite new people, Shaymin closed the server in august I believe bc of the KF drama (she was supposed to delete the whole thing but that never happened kek).

No. 48728

She said she's done and is giving away the site though

No. 48729

see >>48674 >>48679

No. 48730

It needed to be done. tinyboard is over a decade old and is no longer in active development.

No. 48731

any updates on the issue of nonna's not being able to accesses the real lolcow

No. 48732

to be honest Shaymin seemed too nice to look over lolcow. Even the new site was cutesy and nice. Not that there is anything wrong with that, nonnies are scary hahaha

No. 48733

No it fuckind didn't and I know you're a farmhand or someone on staff because only you guys keep repeating this line that makes absolutely no sense. OG Admin customized the code for lolcow anyways and you could've just kept working on it? How is breaking the website in favor of another broken website better than a "spaghetti backend"

No. 48734

either way the main issue was that the new site was buggy and unfished and didn't have any of the threads from the real lolcow

No. 48736

she really does seem nice and it was obvious the new site was a WIP. she shouldve maybe made a FAQ about the changes so anons wouldnt have freaked out but everyone was way too mean to her and i feel bad lol

No. 48737

that section was almost word for word copied from the kpopchan. starting to think its either a big conspiracy or just plain laziness

No. 48738

Sorry didn’t want to seem like “”””bootlickerchan””” so deleted my comment. I guess I just think she was too nice and thought she could handle looking over LC and didn’t expect this reaction. It’s a shame

No. 48739

File: 1671828605383.jpeg (200.01 KB, 828x816, 7A49FFB7-67D4-4BB1-9D4D-9CE2D2…)

Samefag again but it was cute she took after them at least. Again RIP Shaymin era of LC

No. 48740

No. 48741

samefag just saw that the server is closed from a nona up above

No. 48743

File: 1671829392971.gif (1.05 MB, 200x269, 1669235339247.gif)

Hang on, I feel like I missed something here, I'm confused. Correct me if I'm wrong but so far here's what happened:
>lc supposed to be offline on 12/19 because of some maintenance stuff going on
>it's actually not offline that day but the next day
>offline for a few days, came back online with several changes yesterday
>new themes, a new layouts, but none of the previous threads remains and not everyone could access the site or post there
>lc from right before maintenance is preserved online, admin says she'll slowly but surely transfer the old threads on the new site
>anons start complaining for good and bad reasons alike, mostly because of lack of communication, maybe also from withdrawal
>admin is upset, says on discord she doesn't want to stay the admin and if someone else doesn't take over the website it'll be offline for good
>anons panicking
Is that what happened? I feel like I missed something between the moment the website was online again and the moment when the admin said she wants to give up on lc.

No. 48744

admins please give us an update to the current address situation, when can we be moved back to the original ip address so that other users can finally accesses lolcow

No. 48745

That is exactly what it seems to me as well so I am gonna say yes

No. 48746

> admin says she'll slowly but surely transfer the old threads on the new site
As usual it was said in some meta thread nobody read, so most people just woke up to a blank site with no information on what was going on because as usual admin refuses to talk to the userbase, which is confusing because she got incredibly butthurt about negative feedback from that userbase so I guess she reads what people say and just ignores everything except for personal attacks?

Anyway a bunch of ESL people read that she was scraping, ie converting to the new site, threads and thought she meant she was scrapping, ie deleting, the old threads, which added to the confusion.

No. 48747

am I the only one that doesn't see the new layout?? I'm confused lol

No. 48748

We should have had a telegram or something similar, I believe one of the previous admins had like a tempcow thing

No. 48749

The new site was taken down last night and we're using the old site again.

No. 48750

I got half of the info I posted from CC after the facts, I felt like I missed some stuff because of different timezones and such but apparently I know everything by now… So now what? We wait until the admin changes her mind or until someone else becomes a new admin?

No. 48751

it was a weird black and purple empty thing with basically no threads, but several buttons on top like 'watched threads' and rss feed as well as some other more customized options idr but the main issue was the lack of threads/data imported over, it was basically empty

No. 48752

Maybe admin will start to communicate with us lol

No. 48753

Pretty much. Several nonnies have contacted her to take over apparently, it doesn’t seem like she’s replying right away

No. 48754

seconded- I mean someone could make an unofficial one and share the link around these threads so we can congregate and post updates in one place.

No. 48755

oh I see. istg why does wild shit happen everytime I'm NOT on lolcow.

No. 48756

We should have had a townhall too

No. 48757

Someone made a livejournal community or page or whatever for cases like this but it wasn't updated for the current case so I don't know if it's still worth posting a link.

No. 48758

strange, I'm kinda curious to see how it'll look like though. if it will look like a traditional imageboard then I'm all ears, but otherwise I'm not down for a "modern" looking imageboard

No. 48759

File: 1671830551044.jpeg (301.42 KB, 828x793, 025FC9AF-0ADB-4234-BE40-16A275…)

It looked like this (Sorry I cropped it when I first took it and it had one of the themes on)

No. 48760

File: 1671830580984.png (358.65 KB, 828x1792, 66F79911-73A6-42B1-B290-C6B279…)

No. 48761

There's other instances of lynxchan that you can visit to see what it looks like.

No. 48762

File: 1671831000616.png (54.33 KB, 1332x666, Capture2.PNG)

Was about to delete this, the landing page when you first come onto the site

No. 48763

umm… yeahh… looks quite hideous I'm sorry. especially the top bar. why do they have to modernize it? it looks like a tumblr page or something

No. 48764

i enjoy the cow animation on the new homepage, it's so cute

No. 48765

I really hoped maybe Shaymin / her team could work out the kinks after feedback. (I know the feedback was crazy and anons screeching for valid or not valid reasons but I personally want to give her another chance if she changes her mind.)

No. 48766

It had some cool features like site stats and a "board" thing that showed last replied to threads from across the site. There's a couple more neat things under the hood, like there is a settings page that lets you customize your appearance and you can load your own CSS and javascript.

Even for regular users it felt like a big improvement, aside from all the default CSS looking kinda bad.

No. 48767

I'm not eatin' the icons on the top banner honestly… neither the other icons down there. couldn't they leave the text? that cow is pretty cute though

No. 48768

okay those additions sound quite exciting, but really they could just add those without modifying the overall look

No. 48769

this admin can barely do css and you guys are still talking as if theres any hope for this place. i mean if it makes you feel better then by all means but it is a bit sad to read ngl

No. 48770

Most of the reasonable criticisms shaymin got would’ve been avoided had she just let users know what was going on. She could’ve added a “visit /ot/ for more info” on the banner that was added to the top of the site before the maintenance and pinned a thread in ot talking about updating the site software and why she felt it was the best choice and explaining everything that it entailed (like having to move over old threads and why the new site was empty).

No. 48771

I forgot to mention that you could also upload 4 files per post and the site also accepted mp4, with a max size of 50mb (I don't recall whether that was per post or per file).

No. 48772

File: 1671831596768.jpg (1.65 MB, 1500x1000, 07ISWwL.jpg)

whoever takes over the new site:
I can't do a ton because I'm in school and out of practice but I have some casual experience with web design (HTML/CSS) and I would be willing to do what I can to help. I don't want to lose lolcow, especially 2X.

No. 48773

You could also play webms on mobile

No. 48774

I think we should make a thread for nonnies who want to volunteer helping with the site since Shaymin wants to let it go

No. 48775

If anyone wants to see what lynxchan is like here are some other image boards that use it

No. 48776

YES AGREED 100% I do know some html/css but I don't think I can manage the site that well because, well, as I said, I only know some, I'm not an expert

No. 48777

please don't tell me the new website is going to be mobile friendly…

No. 48778

Anyone know what else is going on with the site? Is she going to reverylt it and after a month hand it off? Or continue fixing the other site? I'm confused on what's next if anyone knows

No. 48779

I could make it, idk what to put in the thread desc lol I’m not even technologically literate but I want Lolcow to survive and I don’t mind Shaymin trying again if she wants to I think it’d be nice to have a thread for tech nonnies who want to step to the plate

No. 48780

Yeah, the new site isn't bad, people just lost their mind because the preloaded CSS looked bad and it was wiped clean of old threads with no information on anything.

If admin had just written a post explaining why we change software and what will be better and posted updates on what the current struggles are and what she might need help with (make a CSS that looks like current lolcow would be an obvious thing that anyone can do) there would be some speds freaking out but I think most people would be happy and get used to the different user interface.

That being said there were apparently problems under the hood, for example I was banned before I could even post and someone posted that the ban system was broken (true? who knows, admin never says anything).

No. 48781

i'd be willing to help work on the new site too and i'd be glad to be useful in any way i can. i know veryyy minimal CSS but i've got a lot of free time and i'm willing to learn whatever other skills would be needed. sounds like there are a lot of anons willing to help out so maybe we could even work as a group if we have no other choice and shaymin is serious abt quitting?

No. 48783

Maybe I'll make a thread in ot

No. 48784

Please do!!!! I believe in the tech nonnies. I believe in Shaymin stilll too even if her communication skills weren’t the best

No. 48785

honestly I'm down to learn more html/css. it's fun. we can definitely manage a website if we work as a team. teamwork makes the dream work.

No. 48786

please do then link it here !!

No. 48787

This is honestly a good idea. If you do would you please consider adding a TLDR of what lead to this point in the OP, a lot of anons still don’t even know the site owner has threatened to step down.

No. 48788

It's not that simple. What admin is using is a premade imageboard engine, she didn't make the whole thing from scratch. Which means that if you want to transfer your existing imageboard, lc, that's using an old engine/software full of messy code, you have to learn a whole new system kind of.
But looks wise, all those things can be customized and I'm sure with time it would cease to be an issue, that's the least of her problems.

No. 48789

I'm all for the new website. We don't need the old threads. Anything useful is archived by people. If the new website meant mods/admins would stop switching, it would be for the best. Maybe the current engine really is all that bad. I'd rather have a functional website where users have to re-add some stuff over no website at all. I hope the admin sees it and just goes with her plan rather than pulling the plug. You don't need to manually move old threads. Just leave original. on the side for a week and users will move relevant stuff manually (just give a site-wide notice). It will be fine.

No. 48790

This was the thing Admin said- that she would bring over some old threads from the drama boards and keep this site up as an archive which is totally fine. This place is alive because of user based content , I don’t think that would be an issue. Hell the kpoppers were having a blast on the new site already

No. 48791

Same user you've responded to. I don't think she should try to bring the drama threads manually, because, frankly, most of them are just derail. I think it would be best if users manually brought over relevant receipts and so on. It would improve the website's quality and would save her work. I fear she will get too frustrated and will indeed give up on the website.

No. 48792

No one cares about how imageboards look, only people who didn't grow up with how shitty they used to be care. The best way to deal with the site is just use a template, have the site run with people posting their usual garbage while the old threads get added in. Either way, the site has to be upgraded, its a janky as it was back in 2014 just with less people. People need to stop harassing the admin and stay offline for a while. I swear some of you are cows yourself for how terminally online you are

No. 48794


Maybe we can discuss about it there >>48793

No. 48795

i honestly liked the more options I wish we had more time to get used to it and the UI being polished after that. Especially if it helps with raids and spam

No. 48798

yeah if she isn't comfortable communicating with the users, I'm sure we can find some nonnies who would be willing to be her PR team
(I already volunteered to help with HTML/CSS, but I'd gladly do PR as well.)

No. 48799

I'm slowly working through the odin project to learn to code, so I'd be willing to try and do what I can on the technical side, and I can volunteer to be a farmhand or whatever else is needed. looks like there's tons of nonnies who want to help so far!

No. 48800

File: 1671836215626.jpeg (285.77 KB, 818x958, E3F709DA-1944-4328-B224-18CD18…)

No. 48803

File: 1671836542872.jpeg (189.37 KB, 734x413, 808E8076-072C-42E0-8891-FC3179…)

some theories for no immediate replies from Admin about taking over the site:
> this, too, the situation was posted about on KF by now so who knows what kind of scrotes are going to try to run ops now

If she doesn’t reply immediately there could be other personal reasons but keep in mind the process of even finding someone who will take over that isn’t some degenerate

No. 48806

same, i was just scared that the userbase might change and that the old threads won‘t be migrated. the layout and functionality was not yet all the way there but nice

No. 48826

She hid from the userbase for over a year, is totally incapable of communication and made a bunch of changes without informing anyone whilst running shit into the ground by not tackling the glaring moderation problem. The biggest issue being she just tried to erase years of history in favour of an imageboard made for zoomers and kpopfags. We already have terrible trouble with integration, why make it worse by welcoming fags with babby's first imageboard, and even make sageing more obvious for them? That website wasn't made for longtime farmers, it was made for newfags and would've just alienated the old userbase and completely changed the culture more drastically than it already has. I'm not usually this harsh but she's acting like a baby threatening to pull the plug over her own incompetence. It's a thankless job, and I appreciate that she's kept the site up the past year, but she's definitely given farmers something to complain about. At this point she needs to take responsibility instead of cutting her losses and just pass the site into someone more capable who understands the target demographic.

That has always been a rule referencing when moderation knew how to post reveal and did so for legitmate reasons.

No. 48838

I couldn't have said it better myself, nona. It's like you read my mind. Integration has always been an issue on lolcow, especially as of late due to the shoutouts we've had on twitter and tiktok. The new website was a terrible mistake. Every aspect of the move was instantly alienating to any farmer. Shaymin might as well have put a scrolling banner at the top that says, "welcome to newcow, zoomers and kpoopers!!!!"

No. 48841

admin why can't you just fess up that ian is still the only one who can actually change things on this site and that you're currently waiting for him to respond to you so he can fix the DNS issue? and that that's why you wanted to a lynx transfer. people would be more sympathetic if they knew ian was the reason everything takes so long on here. just saying

No. 48843

actually it's kind of sad what you're doing to the userbase. people are openly trolling the gullible anons on here who don't know how shit works and it's probably kf moids or other dudes who know how silly this shit is. everyone is laughing at the site right now and the anons trying to sincerely help you. you need to stop being a fucking sociopath and get a spine and stop lying about this shit

No. 48844

> make it worse by welcoming fags with babby's first imageboard, and even make sageing more obvious for them? That website wasn't made for longtime farmers, it was made for newfags and would've just alienated the old userbase and completely changed the culture more drastically than it already has
yeah sure grandma I sure hope you walk to work in wooden shoes because only spoiled babies would want to wear more modern stuff and wooden shoes have worked forever and you wouldn't be a hypocrite would you

No. 48846

I didn’t love the new design but shaymin was doing a good job overall (except removing old threads and adding kpop), I know it’s hard work but I appreciate her work. I’d love to contribute to lolcow (not as a farmhand) somehow

No. 48848

Nta but you are a part of the problem.

No. 48849

It isn't one thing that influenced my decision to quit. You can fix moderation and the code in theory, but you can't fix autism. I don't want to deal with it anymore.

No. 48850

I'm sorry things went that way. Do you think you can trust the mod/janny staff to keep things afloat for now?

No. 48851

Hey, why do you refuse to talk to us until we think the site's ugly and lame. What's up with that.

No. 48852

when the host of the houseparty wants everyone to go home, we gotta go

thank you very much for having us! & hope you have a merry christmas

No. 48853

sorry it went this way admin, thanks for the work you’ve put in and i hope you will place the site in good hands

No. 48854


No. 48855

This is a free website. You're lucky you get any uodates at all and it isn't all done silently. Not like you have an account you need to worry about.

No. 48856

I said some pretty autistic things in the past, i'm sorry
You did a great job, i could never do what you did, thank you for keeping this mess of a website working for so long

No. 48857

admit you fucked up instead of blaming other people

No. 48858

Just fix the site

No. 48859

She didn't address these posts so I guess they are true after all

No. 48860

Tbh, admin should just pull the plug. The state of the raids, the stress to keep up bans from shitposters on all biards, moderation needs, dealing with constant banned retards coming back over and over. Anons not understanding what milk is anymore and think nitpicking is the new milk. It's okay. These people probably have gossip.discords they already belong in. A ton of /w/ posters claim they get stuff off of other websites like Reddit or Twitter anyway.

Only real board that mattered was /pt/.

No. 48861

The new site would have helped with moderation and spam this whole ordeal was just disorganized.. we just needed things to be announced in a way everyone could see it so nobody would be confused or freaking out. She has repeated herself a couple of times already but of course not everyone got what she said because it was mixed within /meta/ threads

No. 48862

I am sorry admin, but there was barely any communication from you and oldmin over the course of this year. A lot of anons pointed out that you cared more about the server than the website itself. I just hope that now you will learn something (good or bad) from the experience.
It could have easily been fixed with a proper moderation, anon. Mods should always ban and warn redditors and other social media refuges, it's always been a thing. They would shut up and stop posting.

No. 48863

They are. You can look up and see that lolcow is still on the old server and lynxchan lolcow is on a new (much cheaper) one. The dNS stuff can't be fixed because she doesn't have control over the domain or the server that old lolcow is on. Which is why she has to scrape posts as well instead of just migrating the database and can't update themes or banners. It all makes complete sense. Kind of ridiculous that everyone has been played by her like this. Sad day for lolcow!

No. 48864

You're absolutely pathetic, Admin. Go ahead and hand the site over to someone else, I'm sure even the first person you find will do a better job than what you've done. Regularly late on server bill payments resulting in hours to days of downtime because you don't visit the site enough to notice when it's down, zero communication whatsoever, this bullshit with the botched migration etc. etc. I think you might unironically be the worst admin we've ever had. The sole thing I can thank you for is stepping down instead of doubling down on your retardation.

No. 48865

This sounds like a Farmhand kekmao wow the downfall right now

No. 48866

i disagree. i think lolcow is worth preserving. there are still a lot of people who like it here, good threads, and some good cows. it's important to have a site where women can say what they want without facing consequences for it, also the anonymous posting format makes this site endearing especially for those of us who don't want to use social media. i don't think discord is a viable alternative at all and i would not sign up for it.
yes there are problems with raids/newfags/lack of integration/autistic community, but i think more mods could fix this, and a lot of people have said they would be willing to be jannies or even take on an admin role if applications opened again (i would too). maybe i'm too optimistic, but i would be really sad to see lolcow go, and i think it could be salvaged if someone were autistic enough to invest the time into fixing it.

if lolcow does die, though, where would we go? crystal cafe?

No. 48867

She's worse than I thought. And people are not even picking up on this because they don't know Ian. Probably just think you are tinfoiling

No. 48868

Don't worry lolcow won't actually go down until next month. That's why she's saying she's pulling the plug in a month. Because she just won't pay the bills. She can't shut it down before that because she doesn't actually own the site lol

No. 48869

I understand it. I remember when they killed PULL. I understand why lolcow might share its fate. I still think websites like this have an important place as they're healthy for female self image when the female online ideal is shown to be falsified and therefore unattainable. I guess there's still /r/InstagramReality, albeit I hate their policy of not allowing naming. I guess I'm sorry you paid to host a website and all you got out of it was harassment. Merry Christmas.

No. 48870

I know it's so frustrating lmao I keep trying to tell anons how obvious this all is if you just know a bit of the old lolcow lore and have coding knowledge

No. 48871

oh kek that's good, then at least i can archive all my fav threads before then

No. 48872

The real autism was becoming admin of a site you don't give a fuck about only to shut it down in a year.

No. 48873

not surprised if a certain someone was posting itt currently. It smells

No. 48874


That’s because a lot of the new users are newfags who don’t deserve the old culture of the site. I want it to burn. The fact that most of them were able to piece this together is sad. It’s been like this since she took over. I guess she must have sucked Reginas clit hard.

No. 48876

And then have the nerve to play the victim like we are so "autistic and mean" and acting catty "its a free site you're lucky i did anything" when she literally begged for donations. Crying about giving up the site and how difficult moderating it has been but won't open applications and won't respond to anybody serious about taking over the site. Shes just fucking butthurt because nobody liked her shitty chao chan board. I don't feel bad for her at all she needs to hand it over since she's clearly not up for the job and the site has been in decline since she took over.
Also for people saying the Jannies have always had the power to reveal IP for any reason at their discretion is a fucking liar and IP reveals would only be done for certain occasions, the mods were clearly trying to shoehorn this new rule so they can take away the anonymity of anyone for any reason, like in the cat hate thread

No. 48877

The donation shit was what did it for me in the end. She's literally asking users to pay for her to be Admin of the site. She is doing NOTHING else. The only thing she was doing was making a bad Lynxchan board while asking anons to fund her. I'm sure she didn't use all the donations just for the server bills either. She's literally just paying Ian for the title of Admin. It's pathetic.

No. 48878

Girl, stop the chao chan vitriol. The problem is that Shaymin can't code for shit and only realized halfway into the server transfer that she needed Ian's cooperation. It's fucking embarrassing for all of us.

No. 48879

>I don't want to deal with it anymore.
You've barely even dealt with anything considering you've been absent most of the time.

Saying this as someone who was in full support of the new site, you need to take some responsibility for that autism. From the start you have literally refused to communicate with us at all and for a long time the only posts we had from you be were a post of you shunning an ex-mod and a post about how you would "protect women's spaces". If you had just explained what was to be expected (how the site would look and why the update would help the site) for the anons who didn't know then the feedback wouldn't have been so bad. And please don't give that same bullshit excuse of "we can't say anything to protect the site" that a farmhand gave, because it would've been fine just to say that the site would look different. Anons we're very, very childish and retarded about the site change but you also fucked up big time and you're just as retarded for not being able to see that this would happen.

When oldmin made big changes like this (the removal of /2X/ and the addition of /w/) she stuck to it even if anons complained because that's just what you have to do when you're in a position of leadership sometimes. It's a shame that a Shaynafag has such thin skin. I'm done something now, but it needed to be said.

No. 48880

kek i know for a fact that the choachan admins arent happy about being dragged into this and think this is embarrassing

No. 48881

Samefag but I also need to point out that the first time newmin got complaints was when multiple boards shut down and /m/ disappeared. And why did everyone complain? Because admin didn't say anything. Iirc the only update we got was on the discord from someone who was just a discord mod. Barely anything was said here.

No. 48883

How? That's not just a given that it would be fixed. This fake idealism is stupid. The mod team would be the same, the raids would be the same, the real posters would still shitpost. What exactly would be different in a years time?

Users should pay the bills.

No. 48884

And the /m/ was never fixed.

No. 48885

There is no chao chan vitriol, the issue is that she's been fucking dead silent and allowed the site to go into a state of disrepair and only now pipes up to cry because nobody liked her shitty kpop board

No. 48886

Users should pay the bill on this website otherwise I don't believe they have any reason to put in suggestions or changes at all. Unless you're gonna be paying to keep the upkeep of the site going, you don't deserve any say and how the site operates.

No. 48887

I know this is old but she wasn't samefagging I was defending her because you retards sperg at people over nothing, and I'm 27. I hope admin nukes this site tbh, anons that tinfoil over everything and accuse anyone they disagree with of being the troon or a samefagger or pakichan or whatever have ruined this site, it's just annoying to post now because every 10 posts one of you faggots starts crying "samefagger!" "newfag!" "tranny!" Like shut the fuck up and accept the fact people can disagree with you.

No. 48888

No. 48889

Good riddance. You will not be missed. Nobody wanted your shitty kpop board. I hope the next admin actually understands their userbase.

Seconded. I couldn't have said it better myself.

No. 48890

File: 1671848290673.jpg (13.47 KB, 275x201, 1648334730109.jpg)

being completely honest I haven't run into one bug here in months.

No. 48891

How's that boot taste kek

Anyway I hope the site is ran by somebody competent, also way to alienate your user base admin

No. 48892

Shaymin took that donated 1k and she is running with it.

No. 48893

No. 48894

That's fine, I respect that, but do the right thing and aid in the transfer of power and do NOT ragequit and drop off the face of the earth as has been your MO in everything so far. More than anything else, I am baffled that after all this time you never fucking realized that the ONLY thing all anons wanted from you was clear communication. We shouted it at you from the rooftops at every stage of your adminship and you always ignored this. Then when anons become distrustful and critical of you, you play victim? Absolutely childish behavior. Act like an adult for once please and help us hand this over to a new owner. That is all we ask at this point.

No. 48895

nayrt we mostly just wanted better moderation and I feel like that could have helped with a lot of the autism, get more retard wranglers

No. 48896

Why would we pay the bills for a silent admin? Multiple anons said they would donate if admin would just communicate.

No. 48897

But this is why you're missing the point. In the end it doesn't really matter how lynxchan looks, the thing is she would never accomplish the server transfer because she needed Ian. Also she's a dumbass because she won't explain why lynxchan would be better than tinyboard so laywomen like you would stop whining about "copying a kpoop board"

No. 48898

Ian probably wants to sell the domain for a lot of money so whoever wants the site would have to somehow contact him and also have some disposable income.

No. 48899

This, pretty sure those two have long left lolcow behind.

No. 48900

You must be retarded to unironically post this. An imageboard with no anons is hardly an imageboard at all. Do you really expect the newfags that new site is designed to appeal to won't just use a better alternative for their cancer, like twitter for instance?

No. 48901

Multiple anons have been wanting to help her not just with donations but with moderation, she's just stubborn as hell and doesn't actually want to let go of the reigns but wants to cry and pretend like she does. She won't have townhall or any communication, hates the site and cries that there's no help and its so hard on her own while shunning the users here and refusing any help. She's having a temper tantrum like a child. I wonder how many users decided they won't come back after yesterday. Shes an imbecile and im totally not surprised shes a shaytard

No. 48902

>How's that boot taste kek
Fuck the admin she's a dumb bitch for ruining the site even further and choosing winter break to do so. Just because I'm criticizing the users doesn't mean I'm riding the admins dick, try not thinking in terms of black and white it makes life a lot harder.

No. 48903

She literally allowed kpop and it was one of the first and only threads made immediately by kpoptards. Cant even get the real lolcow threads back up but she's gonna green light the k pop fags and allow that to be one of the first threads made on the new board. It was an issue and anons were clearly upset with her trying to change the culture of the entire site

No. 48904

>She won't have townhall
Thanks for reminding me she promised a townhall on the ko-fi page and it was supposed to happen in September.

No. 48905

Admin, are you planning on taking admin applications at all or is this you just blowing up the ship you piloted into an iceberg? Haha, silly me, asking admin a question. We all know she never communicates. My best guess is we'll wake up one day in a couple weeks and everything will be gone and that will be the end. What a fucking legacy, shaymin.

No. 48906

God, this sucks. Women only spaces being extremely limited aside, the ability to use social media that hasn’t been completely commercialized to the point of becoming soulless & predatory has only grown smaller and smaller. I really hope Admin actually gives power up to someone else instead of taking the whole ship with her. I can respect her not wanting the job anymore, but not giving someone else the chance would really cement her horribleness.

No. 48907

Who knows if she's even checking the email she told people to send admin applications to.

No. 48908

File: 1671849067412.gif (2.56 MB, 275x211, 1649050939531.gif)

winter break? doesn't she have a job?
if it were up to me I'd ban all sorts of things like the celebricows thread, "kys" and pathologizing other nonnies, and literally all 3D moid crush threads and sanction public kpop executions. it'd be a truly dark era.
please admin me.

No. 48909

"If I cant have it nobody can" vibes from admin. Fucking childish to want to nuke years of board culture because you personally suck managing a site that was there long before you were. She should be embarassed

No. 48910

The K-pop thread was entirely filled with anons from Choachan trolling the regular farmers too. None of them actually want to stay on lolcow they just think it's funny that people get upset. They freely admit this on their thread on Choa. Admin literally got trolled by kpopfags into thinking this site leans more towards liking K-pop just like how she got trolled into thinking people hated the GC threads.

No. 48911

Goes to show how far removed she is from her own user base. Somebody like that should not be running this site or any site for that matter

No. 48912

Can't believe Ian still owns the old server, what a sad day for women

No. 48913

Samefag, I asked on CC and someone said they haven't got a response yet. Just in case you lack the common sense to see this too, Shaymin: the faster you respond to applicants, the faster the site will be off your hands.

No. 48914

Oh by the way, the "tinfoil" about shaymin and oldmin being the same person isn't a tinfoil. It's a fact lol

No. 48915

Tranny itt

No. 48916

Shaymin, some anons who can't access this site want you to check your email.

No. 48917

There is no shaymin there never has been a shaymin and there never will be. It's always been the same stanky attitude hand posting admin as always. Sorry guys.

No. 48918

Okay you all rushing her to respond to your admin apps like She has to make sure no retard males trannies or whatever the fuck isn’t applying either. Letting the (somewhat valid) tard rage get to you

No. 48919

No. 48920

The same one who shitted herself because being admin was so stressful and openly hated the user base here because she was a zoomer wokey POC latinx discord user?? Not surprised if so

No. 48921

I'm gonna need Shaymin to prove this is false or else what is even the point of having a new admin? You can't improve the board without Ian

No. 48922

tranny definitely itt

No. 48923

You try this every single time when you fuck up and want to derail the conversation or discredit people who say the truth about you. It's honestly fucking creepy and pathetic the way you try to control this website and the users with your shitty little psyop missions

No. 48924

You guys need to stop with these tinfoils. It's one person handling all the code and it's only passed hands a few times, and it's about a dozen farmers promising to help and never pulling through. Anons are all bark and no bite. Good luck finding someone who wants to pay at least $200 in server costs monthly (not including maintenance, not including the time spent volunteering and moderating). If you really think that "Ian" is protecting this site or owns any assets then you are about to have a wake up call.

I also never said k-pop was allowed again. You all went with old placeholder text and lost your minds. A bunch of people acted surprised despite the banner announced a week beforehand. This is a thankless job, and I'm honestly just disappointed in myself for spending the entire week on both backends instead of spending time with my friends and family.

No. 48925

File: 1671849708135.jpeg (110.39 KB, 736x736, 24CAC144-BB31-4BD5-9372-C788BF…)

>It isn't one thing that influenced my decision to quit. You can fix moderation and the code in theory, but you can't fix autism. I don't want to deal with it anymore.

No. 48926

Yes, that one.

No. 48927

You probably have a good candidate sitting in your inbox retard. You had months to find a replacement people have been inquiring about helping you for months

No. 48928

File: 1671849797007.jpeg (123.89 KB, 1125x1118, 1670188044024.jpeg)

All I want for Christmas is a stable lolcor with no drama or infighting

No. 48930

so why didn't you tell us that admin? Tell us that the kpop shit was old? Why not reschdule the whole thing? I don't get it how are we supposed to know any of this?

No. 48931

>Good luck finding someone
uh, sorry? you are speaking like you won't be involved at all, which, you know, you have to be since you hold all the permissions and info?

No. 48933

sorry but cows aren’t people, cccfriends are

No. 48934

Funny how you aren't addressing your communication issues, retard. I don't care about your family.

No. 48935

Can't have that with retarded zoomers crying victim about running a site they asked for

No. 48936

you sound psycho

No. 48937

did you forget when that tranny literally was pulling psyops all the time over the summer and before that?

No. 48938

Then why are you 1. scraping threads instead of migrating the database 2. using two different servers from different providers

If you are doing 1 without a good reason you are at least incompetent

No. 48940

exactly, this comes right back to having no fucking communication. Admin has always expected us to read her mind about her plans for the site even when no one could reasonably guess. And then when we say, "hey, what the fuck is going on?" it's
>REEEEEEEEEEEEEE farmers are too autistic i quit!!!

No. 48941

i would unironically pay the server costs to keep lolcor up tbh
go spend time with your family and have a good christmas!!!

No. 48942

but who wants to moderate and clean up tranny spam and cp

No. 48944

no you won’t

No. 48945

I want to print this out and mail it to admin on letterhead

No. 48946

The fact that it is an anon site is why anin had to be careful of who they allow in mod team. It's not as simple as just taking volunteers. I have a feeling a lot of anons really don't know what goes into moderating a site like this.

No. 48947

anons are forgetting what this site is and who would be the first to apply like cows and flakes…shayna..

No. 48948

And how will she do that if she just ignores them?

No. 48949

It’s been a literal day, less than that even

No. 48950

>then you are about to have a wake up call
So you are planning to just kill the site. Great. So great.

No. 48951

I'm sorry you feel that way. Sure, we knew maintenance was going to happen, but it wasn't stated fully what, so everyone was shocked for the new site layout and lack of thread migration from the get-go and some misleading text place holding. A little bit more communication and transparency to the users would be helpful, and maybe reach out for help when you need it, as it appears that there's a few interested in modding. You'll have to sift through shit, but there is bound to be some good nonnies.

No. 48952

But they were sent hours ago. If she has time to bitch here she has time to respond.

No. 48953

The fact that you spent two weeks doing that and breaking the site instead of working on your css/html skills so you could at least make a site that doesn’t show ban logs says enough.

I know just the medication for this solution. Take these once a week and call me in a week if you feel any better.

No. 48954

She's had the entirety of her time as admin to go through applications and find potential candidates. She literally asked to take on the site herself and bit off more than chew. Am I supposed to feel bad that she would have to go through a vetting process like literally every other admin? Foh

No. 48955

Admin, go be with family, play some video games, watch a crappy tv show, read a book. I'm sorry, but the site isn't worth it. Imageboards aren't what they used to be and female only disagree online only bring harassment from men so it's impossible to police the raids indefinitely.

Thank you for hosting ever in general. Give it the month and let go.

No. 48956

Why is the instructor cute lol I’m getting distracted

No. 48957

File: 1671850577663.jpg (330.34 KB, 1345x2048, Totally not an autistic kpopfa…)

uhhh you know you are the top of that list, right?

No. 48958

perhaps you cannot explain this attraction?

No. 48959

ban logs are public on lynxchan and you can see them on choachan too

No. 48960

The people who are going to volunteer are people who are going to want to actually possibly take personal information from posting information and run with it. It is not as easy as just taking volunteers and making them do a test. You don't know what they're doing outside of your interactions. We don't know if people might have been giving information about who's posting. Knowing the information of the anonymous users Is something that has to be dealt with carefully.

No. 48962


No. 48964

shut the fuck up. if you don't care about lolcow that's fine but a lot of us love it and trying to talk an unstable admin into nuking the site is beyond shitty.

No. 48965

Like I said I don't feel bad she would have to go through a vetting process A VETTING PROCESS. Not the same as picking at random. Shes just lazy and doesn't want to out the effort, would rather bury her head in the sand and cry about her stress shits on discord