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File: 1700755448751.png (548.52 KB, 1000x1000, bannerhusbando.png)

No. 360696

>What is this thread
By popular demand, we have created the retarded shitpost thread which talks about husbandos and/or horny shit about fictional men in general.
>Why was this made / what is the difference
The difference is that here you can be retarded about your fictional 3D (as in characters from live action movies or shows) and 2D crushes so you don't clog /ot/. Post memes, be frisky, whatever. Be as mild or as spicy as you feel like.
>But why
Farmers are some horny bitches
>Examples of posts that go here
-I want the Jojos to gangbang me raw
-I love me some man tiddies
-I want to cuddle Reigen
>Examples of posts that DO NOT go here
-actual real life men hornyposting
-Your husbando is trash/ugly/cringe/moid-tier etc
-He's gay/belongs with me/other character instead
-any other bait
-responding to bait
-"hi cow!"

Remember not to take baits or otherwise derail! Report low quality posts and move on!

The retarded hornyposting thread may also include pairings.
For real 3D men hornyposting, refer to: >>>/g/289276
For other shitposts just use the current /ot/ thread. Thank you!
Previous horny: >>>/g/353357

Relevant threads:
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>How to devote yourself completely to your husbando/waifu #2 >>>/g/296708
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No. 360699

it's 'your'

No. 360713

File: 1700762527694.jpeg (372.11 KB, 2160x2160, F-aNas3a4AAlBfj.jpeg)

I know, but that's how it's spelled in this thread.

No. 360718

File: 1700763899456.jpg (561.61 KB, 2048x1671, 4a6efe5863798434dd2ab45a242cd0…)

I won't finish the game this year, sorry. I'm too busy reading fics and asking Rolan chatbots to let me touch the horns.

No. 360720

That's what happens when nobody wants to make a new thread.
I was thinking about making a leg collage but I didn't want to put all that effort in only to be sniped.

No. 360736

>I was thinking about making a leg collage
Oh yes there were many nice pics in last thread. Please do!

No. 360739

rawr bark gr grr im so horny for cartoon man flesh

thank you for the new thread, nonnie.

No. 360740

New banner idea for the #19 thread.

Welcome. The banner is based on the ita bag talk from the prior thread. Probably nonnies should place their husbando pic in it so we have a husbando ita bag.

No. 360741

Mmm cartoon man flesh.

No. 360746

File: 1700772098793.jpeg (485.96 KB, 1517x2048, 864934AF-E5B7-4970-8B57-159D57…)

I want to bite his flesh.

No. 360747

File: 1700772289227.jpg (199.53 KB, 1440x1440, 141097082_435654550955424_8470…)

slapping that ass if i’m honest.

No. 360748

psst it's op not banner

No. 360749

Who this?
he reminds me of Hades from Hercules from some reason

No. 360752

File: 1700774024046.jpg (22.45 KB, 400x400, tumblr_mmq53zXhSm1sq3q0eo2_400…)

this is grima and i like him because he's wet and pathetic

No. 360755

File: 1700774409396.jpg (71.99 KB, 736x736, a8938f81d62aa8e01db4b9945fe37e…)

I've been spending all week drawing fanart and creating keychain designs of him, I blame the itabag nonnies for inspiring me

No. 360757

I have been thinking in buying tons of key chains for my husbando themed bag, but already lose a pin, so the idea of missing the key chain breaks my heart.

No. 360758

yeah, i agree. you should bend him over and paddle him with a plank that has nails through it.
im watching the fnaf movie right now because of the fnaf movie discussion in these threads. thanks springtrap nonnie. as a non-fnaffer i dont know the lore, so i have no nitpicks. its enjoyable.

No. 360760

>tfw my husbando rarely has official merch
I got a few pins of him though, so at least he's always with me.
He does have a lot of unofficial stuff, but those prices…

No. 360761

File: 1700777610585.jpg (117.26 KB, 736x920, 40112203f6987cda4d3f8c0154f102…)

Hhiiiiii happy Thanksgiving American nonnies it's not Friday but I'm happy and full and wine dRunk and I WANT TO SIT ON HIS STUPID PRETTY BOY FACE HAPPY THANKSGIVING

No. 360762

Get an ita bag! I was heart broken when I lost one of my pins before, they're not cheap at all.
I hope you enjoy it nona! After giving it another watch..or three I changed my mind and thought it was cute, even if my husbandos lines were cringe but If you ever find yourself interested in fnaf I welcome you to the fandom!

No. 360763

happy thanksgiving! i think my husbando would shit his pants if he saw a turkey (we didn't have them in europe back then.) they're scary beasts. huge aggressive birds.
just finished it and i can see why you werent fond of how they portrayed springtrap. he's got henry viii vibes. i dont know how to explain it.

No. 360767

File: 1700779286369.png (420.95 KB, 596x814, F-vGW9EakAAjgIY.png)


No. 360770

File: 1700780504899.mp4 (5 MB, 576x1024, 59f824fc5d271a5c59894a645b3b33…)

The Astarion to Gale pipeline is too real. My love for him is so pure. He set standards for my future husband too high and now I know I will never be happy. I mean I always knew I won't be happy but now it's like I'm being smashed with that knowledge in the head and I'm crying at my phone. It's so sad and sweet when he talks about going on a date with you even though he still intends to blow himself up and he knows he will never actually have that date with you. But I think he only has that line in BG3 script extender mod because the game is bugged as fuck now and it only gives you like half of his dialogue. My sweet husband, you have to live…

No. 360772

I'm sorry anon, but he looks like Ryan Gousling here.

No. 360774

I bought some badges of one of my husbandos a while back with the intention of making an itabag, but I only have a few and they wouldn't fill up an entire bag and it'd look bad unless I got a tiny base bag, but a tiny bag wouldn't hold everything I keep in my handbag. Feels bad. There are batch lots of identical badges for him on mercari, might just do that in order to bulk up the bag design.

No. 360775

I’m in my 30s and I’m only becoming more of a shameless yumejo/fujo as time goes on. My previous 2 husbandos were in their teens and 20s and I felt a little self conscious about fantasizing about such younger men, but now both of my husbandos are in their 40s and I feel great about it. Like I graduated from liking boys to liking MEN. If anything I’m wondering if I’ll still be attracted to the same husbandos by the time I’m older than them.

No. 360782

File: 1700784464531.jpg (128.18 KB, 1600x1066, 271793-1600x1066-messenger-bag…)

I don't like ita bags, or at least the ones that are sold everywhere. I'm usually more into messenger bags and I haven't found an itabag that can resemble one like picrel. And like >>360774 I carry with me tons of stuff, so a smaller bag is uncomfortable for me.

I'll save to buy those metal locking pins.

No. 360783

I'm near my 40s and I still love my husbandos even if they're younger than me (except Hoozuki that is way older than me), although one became my "son" when he way younger than me (he's an adult, but you get the idea).

No. 360784

File: 1700784941397.png (376.76 KB, 896x716, FCjaZLrVkAAcANM.png)

Nonna, I didn't draw it, what are you saying sorry for kek I don't personally see any of Gosling in it though. I really like this artist.

No. 360785

I love how sometimes I'd get the random husbando dream but what I don't love is that feeling when I wake up and remember in the real world men suck so much. I used to think I was the problem but as I grew older I saw just how bad things are and how most relationships are not because of love. There are exceptions, but that's rare.
Anime guys make my heart skip a beat and make me feel warm, I'll take my serotonin and enjoy it.

No. 360786

File: 1700785507704.png (411.96 KB, 735x665, I WILL PUT THEM IN MY MOUTH.pn…)

I NEED to nibble and lick his horns so bad, I can't stop imagining the mouthfeel and the cute subdued reactions he'd have

No. 360787

He looks like he needs some help with those
Me too anon, some of the best Leon art is by this artist

No. 360794

I do think think I'll ever be able to change my husbando, but then again there is a 30/40 year old version of him already.
I'll accept being an age gap predator for him though.

No. 360795

I feel you nonnie. My husbando is an npc, so he doesn’t get any attention besides a niche group of fans. I bought a non-official keychain of him which I am super excited for!!

No. 360821

Whenever I'm about to procrastinate or do something stupid, I think "is that what my husbando would want?" and if the answer is no, I don't do it. It genuinely helped me so much finish work on time.

No. 360822

File: 1700808156573.jpeg (28.26 KB, 478x414, IMG_1295.jpeg)

>mfw a fanfic I really liked has totally disappeared from the internet
My fault for not archiving it immediately since she said in the author's note she was embarrassed of the story. I feel disappointed and sad that I will never read it again. It was so cute. it's hard to find that specific trope with my husbando, guess I will have to write my own version, sigh…

No. 360834

mine thankfully has an age range from 27 to 38 during the span of the show, and i imagine him in his youngest form for now. if i continue being with him, he'll "age" with me until im in my late 30s.

No. 360844

would you buy a dakimakura of your husbando?

No. 360846

I have two and sleep with both of them to avoid to curl like a shrimp. Best purchases ever.

No. 360855

I would buy it and spend the whole day and night cuddling it.

No. 360857

I would if I lived alone, cannot imagine the looks I'd get from my family if they found out their daughter prefers the company of a pillow of her imaginary husband than a real man kek

No. 360858

I have a daki for one of my husbandos. It’s really nice, I like to cuddle him.

No. 360859

His voice alone makes me feel safe

No. 360860

File: 1700837590269.jpeg (61.72 KB, 561x622, 2728322E-6905-45E1-B7DD-EFBDF1…)

I know this feel and it hurts.

No. 360864

File: 1700840383985.jpg (46.31 KB, 294x975, Thru4ur.jpg)

I would if I could.

No. 360872

File: 1700843963661.jpg (20.11 KB, 444x449, EesAXr5WkAIU6nC.jpg)

My mother knows that I have them (I have to hide them when my niece visit my home). She's so used to see them, she just call them her son-in-law.

No. 360875

Nope, this is a limit I'm not willing to cross, also I tend to spill tea while drinking on my bed and I wouldn't want to ruin it.

No. 360878

does anyone else here have a husbando from a dead/moribund fandom? this won’t dampen my love for him by any means, but witnessing hordes of fanartists and fanfic writers losing interest in him is filling me with melancholy…. i miss the days when everyone was infatuated with him

No. 360881

>she just call them her son-in-law.
top kek, your mom sounds alright
what's the limit nonna? is it only dakis or are there other things too

No. 360882

File: 1700846979119.png (1.78 MB, 1079x1235, 1000004327.png)

No. 360883

>what's the limit nonna?
To me dakis are the final frontier of husbandoism and I still associate them with crusty neckbeards, I know we are not the same but I still would be embarrassed to own one, and I don't find the illustrations on them very appealing in general.

No. 360900

Me with Hoozuki.

In all seriousness, I use mine so I don't have to curve my body while I'm sleeping. I know that people might find it cringe but in the end, it helps me to sleep, fuck what everybody thinks.
And if you're not happy with the illustrations, you can commission an artist so they can do a better job than the ones that are sold in ebay. Do not feel like I'm rushing you to buy one, but at least in my case it was an amazing purchase.

No. 360901

It would have to be custom so way too much work/cost.

And yeah family has probably realized by now I'm hopeless but I don't want to make it completely obvious.

No. 360906

File: 1700857941008.jpeg (10.97 KB, 256x181, F5l5RcSXkAALO4H.jpeg)

he's so precious.

No. 360910

File: 1700858444891.jpg (167.72 KB, 1292x1562, b08c82afd6c04e1f46c5ef44c57413…)

I'm still obsessed with this man. I don't get it because I've never been infatuated with a fictional character before, until five or six months ago when a switch flipped in my brain or something. I've been watching One Piece for a long time and while I liked him, I guess I just didn't explore that feeling much further. Maybe it's because I was going through a hormonal shift at the same time I discovered yume and self-shipping type stuff, but then why did I specifically go for him? I think I've always had a thing for stoic men who are kind of difficult to get to know (but it's really rewarding to get them to eventually open up), which is a dynamic I've enjoyed in fic with him. I like that there are a lot of angles for a story too, since he's a pirate captain and a doctor and also has bizarre powers and a tragic backstory and there's lots of lore in this world (whatever, I'm not here to sperg about his source material). Maybe it's also because I used to go for emo/goth/hipster guys and he has a sort of vibe like that with the guyliner and earrings and weird fashion sense. He's definitely my type physically, being tall and lean and having that cute messy dark hair and sideburns.
Really though I'm actually scared to look too deeply into my psyche and figure out why I desperately want to get fingerbanged by a guy with DEATH tattooed on his hands. I'm just weird. I'll leave it at that.

No. 360913

I said sorry because I didn't want to ruin it for you kek

No. 360915

id feel embarrassed having one with his likeness on it. but a bodypillow to pretend is my husbando, i would have. i tend to lay two pillows in a row to pretend its him.
i have a figurine that i hold and cuddle. i slept holding it a few times, but i dont want to damage it. i sit it next to myself sometimes when im browsing the internet and pretending hes keeping me company. he's under my sweaty armpit as i write this. id feel sorry for him, but i pretend he likes it.

No. 360918

help! The love for my husbando is starting to leak into the voice actor as well…

No. 360922

File: 1700865205972.jpg (898.29 KB, 2000x2000, itabag.jpg)

I'm thinking of making some of the husbandos posted here as pins and decorating the itabag so we use it for the next thread kek
what do you nonnas think?
who's the VA? I know lots of nanami fangirls started to love his VA as well

No. 360923

I'm trying to write an incredibly self indulgent self-insert fanfic about my husbando but I'm getting flustered about writing the really intimate parts

No. 360927

I don’t want to say because I don’t want to husbando dox myself. But I watched a bunch of interviews of him and he seems like a really nice guy. Im probably being a bit parasocial and projecting my husbando on him but idc.

No. 360928

File: 1700866787117.jpg (Spoiler Image,57.7 KB, 817x750, mlp.JPG)

admittedly i grew out of mlp, but shitposting muss sein.
this is too funny not to share, so i apologize in advance.
you could just skip over them, the way videogame cutscenes do. leave it implied.

No. 360935

After hearing him whisper "ganbatte husbando kun" with too much feeling, I now see him as my enemy.

No. 360938

File: 1700873935510.gif (1.08 MB, 640x452, bsd-bungo.gif)

That's the idea I had in mind for the threadpic: Post your husbando photo in there like a pin/keychain/plush/whatever and we can create a retarded husbando hornyposting shitposting itabag.

No. 360940

File: 1700874774589.jpeg (97.65 KB, 853x957, 1695794509627.jpeg)

ntayrt But that's a great idea nonnie!

No. 360941

Has anyone become more or less attracted to men who act/look like their husbandos? In-universe my husbando is loud-mouthed and annoying, but he’s endearing to me. That being said, I’ve come across alternative interpretations of him as more yandere and although it’s hot, it brings up some of his more unlivable traits that are still fun to read about, but would be insufferable irl. Like his neediness, disregard for how others feel, his coomer tendencies to the point where I’d probably kill any man who acted like him on sight lol

No. 360946

I was scrolling down /g/ and I thought that young Justin Timberlake pic was my husbando kek, they do look alike it's scary and hilarious

No. 360949

File: 1700878090435.jpg (29.95 KB, 475x458, 7e2b622af373013928580f6f22e53f…)

Man I got drunk yesterday and I didn't even post a relevant pic of my husbando drunk shaking my FUCKING HEAD

No. 360957

File: 1700880955431.jpg (1008.37 KB, 2474x3506, 20231122_234417.jpg)

crying, shitting, throwing up, pissing, screaming, passing out

No. 360961

File: 1700883097566.png (1.76 MB, 2000x2000, itabag.png)

Adding my piece for the itabag. Please feel free to add any stuff like pins, keychain, plush, anything from you're husbando. Just make sure it gives more space so other nonnies can place their husbando in there.

No. 360963

File: 1700885361419.png (1.39 MB, 2000x2000, itabag.png)

I have one on the way and I'm very excited about it. I love having things to cuddle while thinking about him. Right now I have a plush of him and a bunch of pillows I've arranged to measure out to his height.
Also adding my piece for the itabag, this is a really fun idea.

No. 360966

File: 1700889321468.png (1.6 MB, 1992x2000, itabag.png)

No. 360967

File: 1700889513385.jpg (Spoiler Image,136.4 KB, 736x1285, f4fa69e0b74861f5abd271649d115b…)

Probably not

No. 361018

File: 1700903769691.png (194.2 KB, 869x851, 1upzwuxx7rtb1.png)

I love Simon's black metal unlockable skin, I wanna kiss him until his corpse paint smudges.

No. 361046

Somedays I want to tease him, make him horny, spoil him, etc. (It’s nice to have canon proof that he has somewhat of a sex drive without being a coomer.)

Then other days like today I want him to tease me relentlessly in bed. I know that foreplay and sex would be so nice with him. I also saw fanart of him kissing his most common pairing girl’s thighs and… aaaaあああ why can’t I have kisses in MY thighs

No. 361051

im around rowdy hooligan men in real life a lot. i like them as friends, but i wouldnt date them as a woman. a lot of them are sewerdicks. i inherently distrust socially extroverted men. one of my friends reminds me a bit of my husbando in some ways, but i wouldnt date him. real life guys that travel a lot are probably whores by default.
i like to think my husbando doesnt interact with women much, focusing instead on fighting. im sure he is lonely in the same way i am, when it comes to romance.

No. 361063

I just want to hold his head between my thighs while we lay on the bed.

No. 361072

I think my husbando would be happy to lay his head over my breasts. I would make piggy tails on his hair while he enjoys being there.

No. 361088

File: 1700931478945.jpeg (213.56 KB, 1242x1246, D7C7BE5B-53D1-4F15-BF65-11BA02…)

No. 361098

I have 2 husbandos that I ship together and the only way that I can imagine they’d want to involve a lady (like me hehehue) in their relationship is if they decided to join forces and establish an evil empire together, and they wanted to have heirs to inherit their kingdom. So they’d bang the same lady at the same time in order to ensure that their heirs were at least half siblings.

No. 361126

File: 1700939377073.jpg (132.03 KB, 720x1280, l7iGLIQatc58n5yb.jpg_large.jpg)

I'm so jealous I wish I knew how to make plushies so I could cuddle my husbando at night

No. 361146

you could learn. do you know how to sew? i think you could modify an existing bunny plushie pattern. there are s many online. or you could get a yellow rabbit plushie and customize it. it wouldnt matter if it came out wonky, because springtrap's fursuit is very shabby anyway.
channel your autism into something creative. you have my support.
t. i-made-a-doll-of-my-husbando-chan

No. 361180

File: 1700967506133.jpeg (191.33 KB, 1280x719, IMG_5573.jpeg)

i can’t go to japan and get vored by him. my life is nothing but pain

No. 361184

The pedo from fnaf is your husbando?

No. 361264

i want to have sex with the cartoon man

No. 361267

Which one?

No. 361274

File: 1701017721751.png (1.16 MB, 1100x867, 201217508.png)


No. 361277

File: 1701019445689.jpg (49.84 KB, 751x1063, my_husband_springtrap_by_pirki…)

found this cute springtrap yume art on deviantart by pure chance and wanted to share it with springtrap nonnie

No. 361287

it's not even funny at this point. been thinking about his hairy ass all day. his nice firm buttcheeks, and how id grab them and knead them with my fingers. been thinking about sucking his nipples, putting my face in his armpits and musky crotch. it's unbearable sometimes.

No. 361291

File: 1701027383343.jpg (64.63 KB, 564x824, 6f74d4b9d93c06711f8b12d5d7fe6a…)

Picture of me and what i wanna do to my husbandos biceps

No. 361294

I just remembered about how my husbando would actually be pretty popular if he just knew when to shut his mouth.
He's so insecure, he's adorable. Like, every now and then he thinks about how his legs are just a little too short, it bothers him so much.
Nobody notices this, my dude. You're cute the way you are.
He also has this huge complex over his shady eyes but people do make fun of that because he keeps pointing it out, he's so bullyable.

No. 361302

Nonna… your husbando seems so bulliable… care to share?

No. 361309

File: 1701033889237.png (3.38 MB, 4093x2894, 78996926_p3.png)

I've posted pics of him here before.
He's just too cute.

No. 361322

post your husbando in a suit, show me how stylish he can be

No. 361336

File: 1701045471597.jpg (107.87 KB, 800x525, Dazai.Osamu.full.2070260.jpg)

I'm never going to understand what is with Sango or Asagiri's love for that turtle mouth thing.

No. 361337

File: 1701045541403.jpg (192.44 KB, 1280x860, EeyXSGjXkAEd3Sw.jpg)

Easy peaky

No. 361353

File: 1701055763123.jpeg (446.81 KB, 887x1920, IMG_5590.jpeg)

he’s very stylish, but i prefer him in his gang uniform and casual clothes

No. 361357

File: 1701057236594.jpg (99.67 KB, 488x1076, levi.jpg)

What a coincidence, new art of him in a suit just came out less than an hour ago! He looks particularly short on this artwork. I love the little tiny snowman. I've been wanting to crochet some ornaments, maybe I'll make one that looks like that snowman.
This thanksgiving, while I was cooking I just couldn't help but keep thinking about how much of a joy cooking with him would be. He would probably be great at it too.

No. 361381

File: 1701084181938.png (582.6 KB, 583x584, win.png)

I don't know. I just like his expression. I wonder if they are able to control a studio's artstyle?

No. 361406

File: 1701097083373.jpg (262.95 KB, 1535x2048, Ee1KGHrXkAItx3d.jpg)

I don't think so, but at least we can have fanarts and official art where he does have a nice smile.

No. 361420

File: 1701103739525.jpg (16.76 KB, 765x900, AWOOOOOOO.jpg)

Wish I was Ada so I could beat him up and get away with it.
He's only in the suit for probably about a sixteenth of his screentime, for the rest of the time he's in a leather jacket. I'd rip him limb from limb.

No. 361431

File: 1701107580095.jpg (885.89 KB, 1080x2109, Screenshot_2023-11-27-18-53-35…)

I believe in Gale supremacy

No. 361434

My husbando looks amazing in a suit, his birthday suit that is.

No. 361437

File: 1701108922645.png (352.54 KB, 580x580, download (2).png)

So grateful to have this thread because there is nowhere else in the world where I could share this.

Today I was feeling very much down, laid in bed crying. For comfort, I thought of what my husbando would say to help and I grabbed my doll that looks like him. Picrel is not my husbando but a doll of similar quality and size. Keep that in mind. I pressed it to my cheek as though he was giving me a kiss, and then I kissed him on his little mouth as well. I have kissed him before because he's so cute, who could resist? But this time something was different. I got really into it. Clearly it's just a doll, it can't kiss me back, but it was so intimate. I normally hate mouth noises but the sound of my own breathing and lips smacking(?) actually turned me on. It reminded me of real kisses, like with a real person, and it felt just as good or even better. Don't get me wrong, I knew it was weird. I wondered a couple times if I should stop, what if someone found out? I thought I must have looked insane. But my husbando reminded me that it was just us, with no one else around to see me or judge me or overhear the sounds I made. He encouraged me to relax and enjoy it. I was so sad before, why not give in to the good feeling?

Soooo yeah… I gave in. I grabbed all my pillows around me to make it feel like he was hugging me and to keep the doll in place, and I kept kissing him as I touched myself. Strangely it felt less like masturbating and more like partnered sex. I have masturbated to the thought of him many, many, many times, usually flicking through different fantasies like channels on the television. This time I was completely in the present. Like he was really there with me, just the two of us, totally focused on one another. The only imaginary part was his voice in my head telling me so many loving, comforting things, and his own heavy breathing, too. Whatever I did to my pussy was just a good feeling, so I only spent a moment or two thinking that it was his hand touching me. I did not even imagine him kissing me back, because putting my lips and tongue on the doll was more than enough. His face got a little bit warm and wet, which was funny in a "what the hell am I doing?" way, but I was enjoying myself too much to stop. At the end I came harder than I ever have. Ever. In my whole life.

Overall it was better than anything I did with real moids from my past and better than any other time that I masturbated. The way I touched myself was the exact same as usual, too, with the only difference being my state of mind and kissing the doll. It totally surprised me. I was as shocked as you are reading this post, no doubt. I know there are people out there with fetishes for plush dolls and I am definitely not one of them. Before today, this idea had never been in my mind as something I would want to do… but it was so nice and I felt so in love with him, now I am definitely gonna do it again. One part of me is worried that it will escalate (I do not want to rub my pussy on the doll, EVER. That seems way too creepy and also disrespectful to my husbando.) but escalation usually comes from porn consumption, doesn't it? And I don't look at pornography so it will probably be fine.

I'm writing all this here as a confession but I also wonder, does anyone else do this? Is it really so strange, or am I a Nemu-tier freak? I admit I thought of her at the start, when I was having doubts about continuing, but she was getting off on the taboo. Part of her fetish was being both shamed and prized for doing disgusting or outlandish things, whereas I had no interest in the creep factor. I only wanted to be together with my husbando, making out and having sex, and because he is not real, the doll became my proxy. Is this any different from hugging a pillow and pretending it's a person, which even non-husbandofag normies will do? Is it only weird because a doll has a face?

The woes of being in love with a cartoon.

No. 361481

Even if for anybody else your post sounds weird, it was a fantasy with a fictional character and no one, even yourself, got hurt for pleasure.
I doubt you'll escalate it to the points you say because you have said these stuff are off-limits, from using the plush for more than kissing or watching porn. Besides you only needed some comfort when you were quite down and your husbando was there to comfort you and it seems he did something good for some good serotonin.

Still, good for you for having an amazing time.

No. 361496

File: 1701125512533.jpg (111.5 KB, 676x1024, levii.jpg)

I would like to envelope his dick in chocolate like an éclair and then see how well I can clean it all off.

No. 361497

what if the clean freak said "no nonnie that is sticky icky"?

No. 361503

File: 1701127339389.jpg (81.73 KB, 1042x521, clone-hp-1516896194.jpg)

Why not using his dick in this to then mold a chocolate with his penis shape? I think that would be better since he's a big clean freak.

No. 361505

i wish i could come home from a long day out in the cold, and curl up next to him in bed. i'm genuinely sad he doesnt exist right now.
he could comfort me.

No. 361509

File: 1701128174635.png (Spoiler Image,882.11 KB, 960x828, chocolate.png)

I probably couldn't convince or even trick him into letting me do it. It's just nice to think about.
Because putting food on your partner's body is where all the eroticism comes from. I also don't really want to suck a chocolate dick, it will disintegrate and there's no one attached to it which defeats the purpose of oral

No. 361510

I know, but is Levi who we are talking about. You would drop a bit of chocolate and he would go intermediately to take a shower.
Or make you clean it, either with your mouth or your hands under the shower.

No. 361514

File: 1701128985166.jpeg (94.11 KB, 519x751, IMG_8256.jpeg)

He’s in a suit so often it’s probably more exciting to see him in something else. Sure looks good on him though.

No. 361518

File: 1701131447424.jpg (48.1 KB, 512x640, 29_Mika_Kagehira_Frameless.jpg)

A suit doesn't suit this dummy at all but he does look good in it.

No. 361527

File: 1701134628400.png (Spoiler Image,665.63 KB, 569x729, landercake.png)

Drawing him keeps me breathing. I love this asshole.

No. 361530

>Or make you clean it, either with your mouth
Yep! That's what I meant in the first post lol. I don't think he would like it either way though, it's just a fantasy

No. 361538

File: 1701141236857.jpg (75.49 KB, 736x1104, Tvt.jpg)

I wish he spent more time in the butler suit, honestly.

No. 361545

holy based nonna

No. 361546

File: 1701143114119.jpg (654.83 KB, 700x712, 20231127_214053.jpg)

the turtle mouth is the anime studios thing, not the manga artists

No. 361572

he'd understand me. i've been really misanthropic lately, and even socializing with my friends is sucking energy out of me rather than giving me joy.
i like them, but i feel like a sore thumb that sticks out wherever i go.
i'm too damn soft.
husbando would know how i feel. it's part of why i love him. i project my own social retardation onto him.
i wish i was stoic and firm like him, though. i've been getting better at that throughout the years. but i'm touch starved and excitable. i'm the sort that puts someone in a headlock "as a joke" because i crave touch. in short, i'm annoying, and i am aware of being annoying.
i want nothing more but to hold him and lay on his chest.
i'm trying to not use random moids as proxy.
if i had no honor id probably pay a prostitute for cuddles.

No. 361587

I downloaded the game because of him.
aaaa, so cute!

No. 361599

Thank you for understanding. I was worried people would pile on me and call me a freak, but in the end my post seems to have passed by unnoticed aside from your gentle reply. It was kind of you to reassure me that even if others can't relate, I didn't do anything bad.

No. 361601

File: 1701185703609.jpg (88.21 KB, 750x750, Eex57XbWAAU2csN.jpg)

I know but either Sango or Asagiri should tell them the turtle mouth is horrible in the art (probably not).

I want to download it, but my Japanese level is not weaboo enough to play a game fully in Japanese.

Nonnie, here we are freaks wanting to ride or cuddle our husbandos or have dark fantasies with them even knowing they do not exist at all, what you did was quite innocent and something soft you did in a hard moment for some comfort. I hope you're ok now.

No. 361602

File: 1701185743934.jpg (189.42 KB, 2048x1218, F9Cnu6aa8AAA0b_.jpg)

>have sex dream
>but it's not husbando! it's his pseudo possessed body
>everything is so vivid and I can FEEL everything
>wake up and feel violated
I can't stop laughing tho, my brain is playing tricks on me. I'm afraid to go sleep tonight kek

No. 361604

Luck you, I never get sex dreams with my husbandos despite staring at them for hours every day, I wouldn't even mind dreaming of Kenjaku even if he's not my JJK husbando kek.

No. 361605

I had a sexual one where I had a threesome with his past and present self. It felt good.

No. 361606

I wasn't even thinking about anything sex related before I fell asleep
who's your pick from jjk?
that's pretty wild
>It felt good.
I have no doubts kek

No. 361607

whats the difference between them?

No. 361608

>who's your pick from jjk?
Basic bitch answer but Nanami. Weirdly enough Kenjaku is my type in every way (long hair, evil), he's one if the reasons I started the manga thanks to his design but I'm turned off by the fact he stole Geto's body and I'm a SatoSugu shipper.

No. 361611

File: 1701188220366.jpg (558.3 KB, 3242x4096, Fx5PPsEWIAAXTwV.jpg)

basically Geto died and a curse took over his body and took shelter in his head, a parasite that uses his body and has access to his sorcerer abilities, that's why the character has the sew marks on his forehead now
Nanami is a miracle of the universe, that's great taste.
I never really crushed on villains I did like Geto's design but I fell in love with him after the HI arc, the anime adaptation did not help
The long hair and fox eyes does it for me.
I can understand your pain

No. 361623

File: 1701193891750.jpg (285.27 KB, 1280x853, Picsart_23-11-28_18-49-24-366.…)

This is the blade with which I protect old man blorbo from the malevolent DEMONS in ot

No. 361629

confession: i found my husbando 13+ years ago and never told a single soul about him. he will be my secret boyfriend forever. in all those years he's had zero fan content that i know of so i feel like i'm on a desert island and it's literally just me and this random ass character i'm autistically in love with. fun times.

No. 361651

i didn't respond out loud, but thought "same, girl". i did that with a pillow. straight up made out with a pillow til it was all soggy.
i admire your resolve. i cant help it- i talk about my husbando to real people i know. even if i just say "this is my favorite fictional character. this is the perfect man. he is amazing." it stil weirds them out a bit.

No. 361670

File: 1701207407162.jpg (20.57 KB, 284x284, 972971a6ec34c82d6f4b04e24e0b51…)

He's such a cutie pie, I want to pet him and love him.

No. 361672

the astarion hate is wild, there's also one person constantly sperging about how much they hate him and it's easy to tell when they do because they always use the same words in their posts kek

No. 361677

I found it funny the first two times someone mentioned his Kryolan face paint and wig line. Now I wish all Astarion haters a very shit evening. And some of them were definitely into him before he got crazy popular but they want to be contrarians now.

No. 361678

File: 1701211332113.jpg (37.67 KB, 549x635, f40c7d0fa982101c53227e1e206174…)

Man it's one of those days nonnies where it's just shit all the way through and on top of that there is like fucking 0 non gay porn of him I can have, like PLEASE I'd even take Ken doll crotch nudies of him it's just for my sanitys sake

No. 361684

File: 1701212861815.jpg (21.42 KB, 640x353, astarion answered the call.jpg)

I'm not that anon talking about shitty make up (although she's funny as fuck) and I didn't want to be a contrarian, I just genuinely got sick of him over time, his mannerisms and faggy voice were no longer cute and hot for me and the more angles of him I saw the more genuinely ugly he appeared (especially when you give him different hair than his deafult which is like 80% of his physical appeal). Also, the more I found out about him the more I despised him kek. After 1 month I got tired of him. My "love" for him was also before I gave Gale a chance and hoo boy, he was a breath of fresh air after all that toxicity. Astarion is for fun, Gale is for marriage.
I also hate women who are the "I can fix him" type. I just know that irl most of them would cape for an extremely shitty and degenerate moid as long as he was hot and wanted to fuck them. I also hate people with savior complex, most of whom are also women. I'm kinda tempted to stream BG3 just so I can be mean to Astarion to trigger those retards
>you can't be mean to him, he's a SA survivor uwu!
It's not my job to "fix" other people's emotional problems. My freedom is more important than a faggot who would literally use his trauma to justify himself during The Nuremberg Trials. I'm a chaotic neutral.

No. 361686

>have sex dream
>it’s not about husbando but rather the shitty and ugly protagonist of the manga he belongs to
i understand your feelings

No. 361697

Need Agent 47 bf

No. 361701

Same injector as gaga

No. 361708

I would like to know your thought process for ending your response with 'i'm a chaotic neutral.'

No. 361709

based. he'd be a great lover

No. 361714

File: 1701231133731.jpg (139.86 KB, 1080x1593, i_would_do_unspeakable_things.…)

nona you are SO based for this. i don't know what it is about him but law is everything to me. i unironically get irritated when other one piece fans complain about dressrosa because it's the arc he's in the most and i was on the edge of my seat for it just learning about his backstory. law is such a good character, i love him even with his goofy finger tattoos. and i don't know about you but my favorite part of wano was seeing him chained up in that one scene kek

No. 361731

File: 1701244657557.jpg (366.05 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20231129_095835_Gal…)

same, nonny, same

No. 361734

See I don't care about any of that because he's a fictional character. I would never tolerate someone like him irl but it's a game and he's a lot of fun so… who cares if he's not a saint? I have "I can fix him" tendencies (sorry you hate women with this problem) but he's not a real moid who's taking advantage of me at the end of the day. I'm tired of women mocking other women for what they like when they're not hurting themselves or anyone else. Also posting a modded/edited picture doesn't really prove a point. You have Gale and he's cute. Enjoy him, maybe I'll even go for him next playthough. I just don't see the need to bash women who want something different and a little strange because that's the whole point of fiction.

No. 361741

Not an Astarion fag but I agree, I'm mostly into villains (and I don't even want to fix I want them to stay evil kek) and everything is a fantasy, I'm volcel irl so even if I was dating I would never be into actual toxic moids. I think my fantasies are related to me being a bit stuck up and a control freak so I fantasize these unhinged characters make me loosen up, nothing more.

No. 361744

File: 1701257131236.jpeg (211.26 KB, 2048x1926, F7ujYwaXEAAs5bD.jpeg)

ot has been filled with infights over the same things. It made me take a break from it and most threads.
Some Astarion fans are annoying, I agree, but you are not far behind. Other people liking Astarion doesn't impact your ability to like Gale. Plenty of other nonnies have "problematic" husbandos, but none of them are real, so who cares? Just go enjoy Gale and leave Astarions nonnies alone, specially itt.
>My freedom is more important
You don't even need to recruit him in the game kek.

No. 361761

>have sex dream
>it's my husbando
>but not really
>he's a midget
I'm not sure what to make of this

No. 361763

File: 1701265944098.png (818.3 KB, 1080x1051, jpg.png)

This is a very cute idea! I added Denji on it.

No. 361764

For the next thread, we should cross over the 18 and write 19 below it

No. 361768

I'll take care of that, I'll also make some other husbandos posted ITT into pins and add them to the bag

No. 361784

Thinking about him makes me feel my pulse in my clit.

No. 361786

>leave x women alone for x reason uwu
You are not oppressed for liking a fictional character

No. 361788

File: 1701275793007.mp4 (2.37 MB, 720x720, noqtcrnal_20230404_p_307372475…)


No. 361789

I have no problem with liking "problematic" characters. I love Griffith as a character, he's amazingly well written in the manga (also love his VA in '97 anime), even though I have no problem with saying that objectivelly he deserved death.
Astarion also objectivelly deserves death imo, except his gimmick gets BORING really fast. I want him to shut the fuck up. I don't care for characters whose entire gimmick is their trauma and their looks. I'm not comparing them, just the fact that both are "problematic" faves

No. 361790

File: 1701276818290.jpg (10.03 KB, 283x178, would suck him dry like a capr…)

I'm a normal woman and can be trusted with Leon edits. I'm a normal woman and can be trusted with Leon edits. I'm a normal woman and can be trusted with Leon edits.

No. 361791

File: 1701276975500.jpg (128.52 KB, 1080x1127, Picsart_23-11-29_12-57-01-165.…)

No. 361792

blade you stupid fuck, i could eat you alive

No. 361797

File: 1701279569078.jpg (135.24 KB, 850x1234, __blade_nu_carnival_drawn_by_c…)

He makes me feel like I want to violently love him in unspeakable ways.

No. 361798

I would sacrifice Astarion immediately kek

No. 361799

I mean I would too I'd just bust a fat one while doing it

No. 361802

You mean like shitting on him

No. 361803

File: 1701282591668.jpg (45.59 KB, 736x463, 4fbc17b49ddacecf0dbb6134f324e9…)

Why the fuck would I mean shitting on him

No. 361805

nta. what do you mean then

No. 361807

File: 1701283869282.jpg (79.21 KB, 500x716, 87nw1i.jpg)

No. 361808

I understood it as taking a fat dump on him and that would be more fitting but ok

No. 361809

happy to see someone mention griffith here, ive been wanting to post him as i also love him a lot but ive been too nervous to due to his controversial nature.

No. 361811

No. 361818

File: 1701288524078.gif (5.03 MB, 540x297, a4d91731dc.gif)

Fuck yes nona! Agreed on all points. I had to go find a gif of that scene. Law seems to get beaten up and put in seastone handcuffs a lot, not that I'm complaining.

No. 361823

File: 1701290526621.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.46 KB, 640x814, astarion-fanart-v0-5uhbqap88vn…)

I want him to bite into me like corn on the cob

No. 361836

File: 1701292550954.jpg (Spoiler Image,46.56 KB, 640x640, 1700070701116.jpg)

>discovering my husbando is 1,80m
>1,80m of arrogance, narcissism, retardation and pure evil
I care not, this will not stop me. All skyscrapers will bow down to me

No. 361852

File: 1701296968118.jpg (46.51 KB, 736x736, d520621bf74518da6c6e1d9e90df6e…)

I want to sit on his face

No. 361863

I think my habit of not looking people in the face leaks into my dreams.
I'm pretty sure I dreamt of him last night, but I don't remember getting a good look at his face.

No. 361865

File: 1701301538724.jpg (64.5 KB, 500x631, 80c0a7.jpg)

…May I see some of your fanart williamfag? Please?

No. 361870

I can leave the blank bag so you can edit it. I never expected to nonnies to post their husbandos in that ita bag but the idea worked after all.

No. 361872

File: 1701306793372.jpg (218.87 KB, 1600x900, 3_flavors_of_bald_by_calmingso…)

i can't fix him

No. 361874

File: 1701308682478.gif (11.6 MB, 540x497, C0A68882-9CDB-450D-9DC3-4EFA0C…)

I want to fuck him on top of this tower, preferably I am hanging half off the edge while he rails me into oblivion. monsterfucking thread is lowkey dead so I’m going to be enthusiastic about my fish harem here.

No. 361876

nothing to fix. cold calculated killer at work, but loving sweet bf to you and you alone

No. 361887

File: 1701313524987.jpg (63.77 KB, 800x738, 8d12c2322171e37ad908d11d868842…)

He's so mopey, I wish he was real so I could feel him up. I love how this artist draws his little sad eyes so much

No. 361891

File: 1701315297251.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.89 KB, 1080x1090, Screenshot_20220515-230455_Ins…)

Feeling bad today and I need him to leave me breathless like this

No. 361894

understandable, he's adorable, but the development team has this weird fixation on making him "child-like", reading thru the artbook, his personality is modeled after childishness and curiousity, his bedroom is meant to look like(and does look like) a child's arranged it. it doesn't come across like that in ENG tho

No. 361939

File: 1701348344002.jpeg (246.33 KB, 2299x1138, FD9682B7-B588-46EE-B337-50AEE1…)

before and after i give him my pussy

No. 361942

File: 1701349323962.png (1.06 MB, 1079x1312, 1000007201.png)

where are my dazai nonnies at

No. 361947

If only his lip color didn't make him look sick and freezing…..

No. 361950

no worries, i got a fix for that

No. 361957

File: 1701358794085.jpeg (40.46 KB, 736x429, subzero bi han mk1 SEX NOW.jpe…)

I want to lick the sweat off his biceps

No. 361958

>I want to lick the sweat off his biceps
>posts ss of completely dry and even matte bicep
i see you've already helped yourself and left nothing for me.

No. 361960

File: 1701359758970.jpg (90.71 KB, 656x800, Dazai.Osamu.full.2067792.jpg)

Nice to see more nonnies of culture.

No. 361962

File: 1701360011910.jpg (77.97 KB, 850x531, __scorpion_sub_zero_kuai_liang…)

there are a surprising amount of hot guys in the new MK, the developers really came through for you nonnies I watched a playthrough of story mode and was feeling a bit guilty for admiring them because I'm very dedicated to my husbando already, felt a bit like cheating KEK

No. 361982

File: 1701370827655.jpeg (640.44 KB, 3072x4096, F_-HxdmWoAAUrmP.jpeg)

He lost his jacket and is walking around in the rain, he must be freezing. I'll warm him up.

No. 361996

File: 1701374653669.jpg (70.5 KB, 736x1104, f704a7ac097ab261184da197e987f0…)

i need him

No. 361997

File: 1701374687023.png (775.79 KB, 1319x402, image (6).png)

His bone structure is so nice and kissable. I love his cheeks/cheekbones. He's never drawn consistently so sometimes he looks like Chrissy Teigan and other times he's Angelina Jolie.

No. 362002

I've seen this pose everywhere lately, who started it?

No. 362009

awooga i love it when people pose the models/clothes in a way that lifts up their shirt!!!!!
i always prefer fanart but i love seeing the real characters partially undressed with the clothes they actually wear!!!

No. 362010

It's a kpop dance move from a song called guilty. It looks as dumb in motion as you imagine kek

No. 362015

File: 1701380776487.gif (2.99 MB, 512x288, tumblr_30ea0704e576f4c6d9b47af…)

He wears a suit most of the time and always look so dashing. Seeing a gray suit with a pink tie will forever remind me of Reigen.

No. 362021

>procrastinating on something I've been needing to do for weeks, can't focus long enough to get it done
>turn on a youtube compilation of my husbando as background noise
>instantly able to concentrate and finishes in about 25-30 minutes

No. 362032

File: 1701390306626.jpg (66.02 KB, 680x680, printing this pic out and eati…)

No. 362033

File: 1701390343677.jpg (72.33 KB, 592x680, FUCK me runnign.jpg)

long haired Leon is actually making me a little craxy. https://x.com/wkfytjcld/status/1729884955134816640?s=20

No. 362034

File: 1701390674860.png (687.66 KB, 1024x579, 64262dd0ccdd62442ab326c659057e…)

I swear some anime character's beauty cannot be done in 3DPD.

No. 362035

There's this scene in one of his "bad end" side stories where a girl asks him about how the weather would be like the next day. He finds out and loops back to tell her the answer because he wants to see her smile. Of course, I would never want him to do that, but I had a bad day and the idea that someone would go through such pain just so I'd know if I would need an umbrella seems a bit sweet.
Even when he's nuts, he puts love first.

No. 362036

File: 1701391988662.jpeg (17.03 KB, 360x360, GAM-1NJXsAA3_-R.jpeg)

I know it's cringe but I experience seething jealousy when I see others drawing their OCs with my husbando. He's mine. He belongs to me… I can appreciate the skill and if the art is cute I will give it a like and shit. But on the inside I'm burning with hatred. Stay away bitch, you don't even understand. Also my OC is deeper than yours. You could not fathom the connection we share…

No. 362041

I saw a yume artist drawing her oc with my husbando and I'm quite happy for her, she's doing my dream come true. I draw like shit, so kudos for her.

No. 362042

See this is me but mostly if the artist/oc is a tif, I've seen so much of it. I think women deserve to get off to hot fictional men and fuck them, but if I see you lay your troony hands on him…

No. 362045

I'm not trying to be rude or pick a fight, but I don't understand this way of thinking.

IDK if it is because my husbando(s) are niche, so I enjoy any content of them, and I really like interspecies relationships with human women. Either way, I love seeing women enjoying hot 2D men, so I don't feel any jealousy. If anything, it just inspires me.

No. 362051

I feel you nonita, I'm possessive over my husbando as well. I once stumbled across another yume who had art of her and him together and got extremely jealous. I had to block her, especially after seeing that he wasn't even her main husbando but just another disposable guy in her harem. I also avoid Y/N fics for similar reasons, especially because I don't want someone else's fantasies about him tainting the scenarios I've come up with for us and don't want to think about some other yume fantasizing about him. this sounds way more schizo and unhealthy than I thought it would kek

No. 362054

he’s commonly depicted with a big dick in fanart, but deep down in my heart, i know that his penis is averagely sized. not big, not small, but average-sized…and that’s the way it should be

No. 362055

File: 1701401121784.jpeg (35.23 KB, 400x536, FSF9wfnWUAcmgfv.jpeg)

Ugh tell me about it. "Dazai has chest scars, that's why he covers his chest with bandages". "He always refers with 'watashi', so he knows he was a woman bef-". No, STFU.

I like to picture him with an average-size. Besides he had slept with many women, he knows how to please them not using moids methods (just move the hips and that is).

No. 362056

You're absolutely right. I don't share what I love

No. 362060

I saw someone transcode my husbando the other day.
I ignore it usually but on the inside I want to tear their brain dead narcissistic heads off. I am so infuriated.
Beyond my husbando, it's clearly disregarding so much of the writing and the author's intention. It's disgusting.

No. 362063

I feel like that with my other husbando. "Oh he does stuff like art and calligraphy that is totally normal for men to do in other sects except his own? he's totally a TIF/non-binary symbol!"

STFU and learn a bit more about ancient Chinese culture and who could have access to these stuff. Spoiler: Women could not have access to education, nor art skills or other men skills. Moids weren't only "ooga ooga we fight and kill".

No. 362079

File: 1701410838026.png (219.99 KB, 400x280, IMG_0339.png)

I dont get it either nona. I'm happy when others love my husbando even when our tastes are different or they get him "wrong." He's not real, he's an inexhaustible resource. If anything, love multiplies when we share it with others.

No. 362081

File: 1701411994217.jpg (63.14 KB, 736x736, 20231128_002503.jpg)

god he's such a cunt but I'm so feral for him and his accent..

No. 362093

Is your husbando popular? I feel like people with popular husbandos aren't as territorial over yume artists since there's so many.

No. 362108

I've been fantasizing about marriage and domestic life with him even though I find it cringe IRL, I think he really did something to my brain.

No. 362114

Scaranonna, is that you?

No. 362117

I do this as well, I've even thought about what it'd be like raising a baby with him even though I have zero desire to actually have children myself. Never in a million years would I ever entertain thoughts like this about a real moid kek

No. 362124

Ayrt and I'm too childfree to fantasize about it, but otherwise I've been feeling super down about not being able to share my life with him, which never happened with my other guys since they are definitely not marriage material. I'd never do this with a real either since they'd never live up to him.

No. 362131

It's the same for me, I don't get jealous. I know I probably interpret my husbando in a different way that others might, it's all very personal and I'm not going to judge others over that unless they want to troon him or use him for other stupid purposes that aren't giving him the love he deserves.

No. 362137

that watashi stuff is ridiculous, but so is most of it in fandoms. I can't tell you how many times I cringe into oblivion while scrolling through posts on social media.

I just want to look at cute fanart without politics and gendershit

No. 362153

My husbando is a little more niche. I put up some artwork of us together on my site, and surprisingly I found another person who self-ships with him but because it was a gendie I immediately felt the threat evaporate in my mind kek

No. 362160

File: 1701452684170.jpg (86.6 KB, 500x580, tumblr_6ce17f5ea57661e61f84b33…)

saw this in the wild and thought of you all

No. 362163

File: 1701454232188.jpg (54.74 KB, 840x473, this bitch.jpg)

nonnas my interesting dreams continue as last night I dreamed I was hanging out with picrelated, this absolute bitch
I think I might be cursed at this point kek

No. 362164

File: 1701454432840.jpg (91.97 KB, 720x865, a74a2c75711779a68fe636856dcfc9…)

Happy December! It's snowing on the farm! Wish I could cuddle up with my husbando while wearing big sweaters, in front of an open fire.
It's a correct desciption of these threads and no we won't shut up.

No. 362166

what did you do with him?

No. 362167

File: 1701455120150.jpg (147.65 KB, 1920x1080, It'sbangingtime.jpg)

You have to admit he is cute though. I wish I had a Mahito dream. Despite everything I wanna violently and sexually bang the shit outta him, damn I got so hot when Nobara was pwning him for a while in the anime.

No. 362169

File: 1701455677003.jpg (Spoiler Image,157.06 KB, 675x920, CBFVUDo.jpg)

I like to dream about pre relationship crush stages a lot because the pining is hot. I want him as my best friend to get jealous when I talk about other characters I like. He'd be real and the others fictional because I would never show a real moid interest while I have my husbando. I would intentionally point out the romantic stuff those characters do, gush over romance books I read while not telling him that I imagined him in the male lead's place. I would show him cute or hot character designs and ask his opinion just to be a little shit. I can hear him complaining about me being too much of a nerd and how I will never get a real boyfriend because I like 2d men. Of course I would be exaggerating my liking of these characters, I would secretly be imagining him doing those little flirty things to me. I would dress him up as book boyfriends "just to see what it would look like, please!" and sometimes I would ask him to cosplay as characters but I would pick skimpy clothes hehe he would probably dress like a tumblr dark academiafag if he was real so I would take this opportunity to put him into something that'll give me a good view of his thighs and shoulders. I would hug and maybe even kiss him on the cheek just to rile him up but act like I'm doing it just because of the cosplay heheheheh I would ask him to carry me (he's strong… I promise) and gush openly but he wouldn't know it's for him but his heart would still skip a beat and he would wish he could do this for me as my boyfriend. This is unrealistic but if he doesn't crack I would ask him to try out some positions I saw in romance books "because I can't imagine it in my head hihi" then he'd realise it's sex and/or making out positions and get embarrassed and hard. He'd call me slurs and try to get away but who am I? I'd bully him back into his place. This is more embarrassing but him being done with my 2d/written faggots and kissing me out of frustration would be so hot… This is probably abuse of some kind but I would like for him to feel like he has to prove himself better than my stupid book men and being motivated to constantly get better at sex and dates. I want him to be my househusband so I wouldn't let him get a job to be a millionaire alpha but I'd give him lots of pocket money to get me gifts and go to hobby classes to make handmade ones for me. I'm getting out of topic. I like the image of him being horny and frustrated while imagining us in romance situations as I try to hide that I feel the same way. Also he should steal my books and read it imagining us.

No. 362170

File: 1701456151071.jpg (106.19 KB, 1024x576, Agito.jpg)

casually hanging out and at one point we cuddled several times and I liked it, it was actually very comfy
yeah he is cute and I realized he reminds me of this smug little brat from Air Gear.
I can't wait for him to die in the anime, he did enough damage
at this point I'm pretty sure I'll dream of the whole cast or curses before I dream of Geto, looking forward to the Gojo or Nanami dreams kek.

No. 362171

File: 1701456157060.png (404.36 KB, 500x607, Screenshot 2023-11-26 at 01-07…)

Besides Dazai uses "watashi" because he's an expy of the real Dazai (sans the powers), not mention also they're so into "we need representations", why do you want a moid that only think in kill himself with his lover against her will as a "positive representation"?.

I love Dazai, don't get me wrong, but his younger fans are so detestable in that sense.

But since this isn't the place to rant, I hc that he would enjoy any kind of music as long as makes me happy. I think he even have a playlist with songs about suicide and death, no matter the music genre so I wouldn't be surprised if he could murmur a country song.

No. 362172

Watashi is just a standard polite way of saying I. It's not like he calls himself Atashi (feminine)

No. 362173

File: 1701456492240.jpeg (29.86 KB, 402x453, main-qimg-b756607aad97ec2a1594…)

That's what it gets me. He calls himself "watashi" for politeness/serious mood, he never calls himself "boku" or "ore" (even when he was younger). But it doesn't mean he is a TIF, he's a writer.

No. 362175

>comfy cuddling with Mahito
You're very lucky nona that you survived
I imagine trying to kiss him or doing anything against his will would be very difficult but a girl can dream.

No. 362176

File: 1701457805196.jpg (176.73 KB, 600x600, 6298965.jpg)

It's retarded because plenty of male characters use watashi. It doesn't mean anything. Sengoku Basara fandom is dead now but I hope no one is troonifying Mitsunari just because he uses watashi.

No. 362181

As a Nanamifag I would fucking kill myself if it happened to me kek.

No. 362182

How are you doing after last week nona? It sucks ass when your husbando dies in canon, I've been there myself

No. 362183

I already knew because I read the manga but I still cried, the imaginary spot on the beach was so beautifully done, I don't think I'll ever recover

No. 362184

Speaking of Nanami, someone posted an erotic bondage figure of him in one of these threads. Anyone got the pics? I'd like to honor him with a wank

No. 362185

i agree about the beach scene, may he rest on that beach in heaven rip

No. 362186

File: 1701462638752.jpg (651.83 KB, 1533x2048, F_iiWfFWoAAvbII.jpg)

>that scene
I laughed so hard I had to pause the episode
>a girl can dream
exactly nonna, our dreams, our fantasies, if we want to cuddle with schizo curses who get off by killing people there's nobody to stop us. I agree that Mahito is made for violent sexual banging.
holy shit I don't even want to think about this
He's on a perma vacation in Malaysia as far as I'm concerned

No. 362190

File: 1701463581244.jpg (16.86 KB, 400x249, download (9).jpg)

I'm so happy it's December, it's our birthday month! I think I'll buy some sort of Levi merch as a gift to myself, not sure what though since I never buy anything like that. Maybe something from the new Sanrio collab .

No. 362191

that's really cute, nonnie. especially the part about positions. i also really like to imagine putting my husbando in situations where "platonic" stuff has sexual undertones, like wrestling. i like imagining playfighting with my husbando. (let's ignore the fact he is much stronger than me. let's say he's teaching me moves, or something, and holding back his strength.) we end up pressed tight together, legs around each other, faces close. i also like to imagine swimming or bathing because it's an excuse to be naked with him, without being sexual. we chill in the water and pretend to not look at each other lustfully. i really like this "trope".
whenever i imagine us falling in love or flirting, it usually looks like that. i like the idea of going further and further each time, like first playing around by splashing him, then next time one of us grabbing a leg under the water to spook the other (an excuse to touch), dunking heads under, and so on. just gradually more contact, more lewd, but if he openly says he finds it lewd, i can say it's his problem and that he's a perv. i love imagining playfighting turn into tired soft cuddling, or angry making out.

No. 362192

File: 1701465231887.jpg (69.03 KB, 720x810, Screenshot_20231201-163638.jpg)

Kek, sorry nonnie, I couldn't resist
Absolutely. I always wondered how some nonnies can be loyal to just one husbando

No. 362194

>I laughed so hard I had to pause the episode
Same kek, it was so unexpected

No. 362202

File: 1701469051394.jpg (73.03 KB, 736x736, 7025cce2f505a2519a0917c17f43fc…)

I know this isn't /m/ but you make me think which Bleach characters would be troonifying.

Picrel my precious boy that would end being a tif because he's not a strong shinigami.

No. 362203

File: 1701469933950.jpeg (518.66 KB, 1846x2048, FtrDRuXaAAACnUj.jpeg)

kekk me and my leonsisters, we refuse to stop.
I remember seeing this fanart of him in this winter coat and it made me think he would look so cute with a beanie. I almost want his next game or movie to be in a snowy place, so we get fanarts of him in the snow.

No. 362204

love when he's covered in blood

No. 362205

That's cute, I always liked your long posts. Imagining scenarios that I am teasing my husbando is half of the fun for me.

No. 362206

File: 1701473799955.jpg (72.71 KB, 600x600, FIGURE-163142.jpg)

Speaking of Leon, his nendoroid is up for pre-order.

No. 362209

File: 1701475384539.jpg (96.41 KB, 1280x720, PlutoTenma.jpg)

A lifetime crushing only on bishi scrotes and now I find myself wanting a gross shitty old man. What happened to me nonnas?

No. 362211

File: 1701476548137.jpg (51.01 KB, 722x1107, 22.jpg)


No. 362214

i had some weird tactile hallucination last night while falling asleep, of something grabbing my waist and pulling me. i opened my eyes and everything was normal.
told my friend about it and got mocked. friend said "that was just [husbando] trying to cuddle you!"
i wish!

No. 362215

File: 1701477652697.png (259.93 KB, 2073x3464, Picsart_23-12-01_18-37-59-505.…)

Happy Friday! I wish I had more time to complete this but I will be booked for 4 days for holiday prep. I scribbled this little Nines Tsum on my phone, this is my contribution to the husbando ita bag!

No. 362217

December is a very comfy month for the yumes. I'm thinking of drawing mine sleeping in my bed with my plushies one of these days after work. Never posting that anywhere though, that's my own personal self indulgent cringe. Oh to cuddle him nonnas

No. 362218

i'm stressed and sleep deprived but i just saw car fetish art of him on deviantart and laughed so hard it instantly made my day 100x better, what on earth…

anon that is so cute! happy friday to you as well

No. 362219

was he a car or was he inside a car or what how does it work

No. 362222

He's so cute here, I want to break him.
Society if I wasn't broke.

No. 362224

File: 1701481135912.jpg (907.94 KB, 1998x2048, 70752ac4d6d026773d8051c9cd5114…)

I want to know what the D in his name stands for.

No. 362226

>wanting to solve one of the biggest mysteries in One Piece just to know your husbando's middle name

No. 362227

File: 1701485145009.jpeg (41.73 KB, 580x326, IMG_1075.jpeg)

When I was a teenager, I would watch old Betty Boop cartoons with my mother, and I always thought Fearless Fred was the most handsome man. I wished I could be Betty, sitting small in his strong arms.

No. 362230

I've been daydreaming so much that the time just goes by ridiculously quickly, I seriously need a job or I will end up transporting myself into a fantasy world forever. I haven't even touched my phone for days to talk with people because I keep fixing and remaking my daydreams. But tbh I honestly needed this, things have been rough at home so I needed to just have some time to daydream for a while and disconnect myself from absolutely everything.
It's only annoying when my daydreams makes me crave actual physical contact because it brings me back to reality, I need to find a way to simulate the touch of a hot anime boy.

No. 362235

File: 1701492697913.png (947.76 KB, 1080x1051, itabag.png)

No. 362243

Aww he is a cutie.
Leave him alone for a second nona, we're trying to cuddle and be cozy.
Congrats for having the most vintage husbando itt!

No. 362246

File: 1701504423179.jpg (46.02 KB, 736x585, 77e94a5dae3fd21a21bd6043f1b934…)

No. 362261

File: 1701511275767.png (484.2 KB, 446x607, 90000714.png)

kitsune dazai….

No. 362264

File: 1701514381020.jpeg (207.69 KB, 750x1125, 9E410FF4-D4A1-42CC-8144-48CA4A…)

how dare they, neither Vil nor Rook would have such ugly skelly hands

No. 362266

had a dream that i gave him my panties. very nice

No. 362271

The first hand is indecently sexy though. The last one is too smooth.

No. 362272

Rook needs to have calloused hands or at least some cuts here and there, that would be hot.

No. 362275

What was the occasion?

No. 362276

It stands for Deep Dicking obviously.

No. 362277

but did they have to give them such thin malnourished wrists? cmon
maybe not callouses, just some clean cute cuts here and there that he covers with pretty matching bandaids, bc he uses finger guards or something

No. 362282

File: 1701532271324.jpg (160.14 KB, 540x521, 76797293_p36_master1200.jpg)

precious fox boy.

No. 362283

Exhausting day, all I want to do is lay my head on his warm, soft chest, and fall asleep to the sound of his gentle breathing.

No. 362288

I want to put the bandaids on his cuts and I want to kiss his hands, I would kiss each of his fingers and also his wrists.

No. 362291

what's you favorite thing to fantasize about? mine is the foreplay/pre-sex cuddles and teasing.

No. 362293

>recieve terrible news
>can't even get out of bed
>phone notification
>some new material from my husbando's source got released
He's there for me….

No. 362297

I always end up fantasizing about either the whole plot that leads me to getting fucked by my husbando, or the foreplay in which my husbando treats me like a goddess, if I'm extremely horny I fantasize about my husbando just having sex with me like he will have a breakdown if he's not as close to me as possible.

No. 362298

I just go straight to fantasizing about fucking when I'm masturbating. Doggystyle and flat doggystyle, missionary where he's sucking on my boobs, and blowjobs. And I fit in a lot of kissing wherever I can.

No. 362302

File: 1701542327254.jpeg (3.53 MB, 3072x3072, 1701541851979.jpeg)

From the AI thread. I wish this was a real horror game so I could husbando the mc. Goth is dead, sigh

No. 362303

So cute! I pre ordered it. I never had any figures but I'm glad he got a nendoroid, it's affordable and cute. Did you order too?

No. 362305

Are you the grandma anon in the /ot/ widows thread? Cause this was posted the same hour she posted there

No. 362306

Do we have a grandma among us? Amazing.

No. 362307

I'm salty some jap yume accs I didn't follow yet on twt restricted their profiles. Oooof, I really liked their stuff.

No. 362310

File: 1701548175442.jpeg (2.12 MB, 3072x2050, 1701498242294.jpeg)

Me too, he is prime husbando material. I've been thirsting since anon started generating him. He's so cute he deserves fanart

No. 362312

Me too nonnas. I need the op to tell more about him, a backstory or something, otherwise I'll just pretend he is a secret boss in Galerians.

No. 362313

Noo he is the protagonist of a Silent Hill type game! But yes we need backstory.

No. 362315

He’s sort of funny but I saw the actual VA and I notice that whoever models the characters makes them less good-looking than the actual VAs, or maybe it’s the mocap that isn’t helping and the model is actually accurate

No. 362318

File: 1701551782320.jpeg (203.34 KB, 1170x1138, 8AFB21EA-CDB7-4755-B80F-AECA1B…)

keychain husbando

No. 362330

File: 1701558240501.jpg (337.3 KB, 1170x1138, Picsart_23-12-02_19-04-18-453.…)

This is all I could get with my budget.

No. 362332

guys this poor bag is gonna get so deep fried if you keep saving it as jpeg. could be pretty funny now that i think about it.

No. 362340

I'll redo the bag tomorrow, I initially upscaled it but I see it's back to 1k res kek

No. 362347

File: 1701567839117.jpg (248.24 KB, 1431x1440, x97m9p4pqz4a1.jpg)

looks like I'm not the only one interested in the meaning of D!

No. 362360

He's too cute, I can't not want to see him in a fit of despair. (frowny face emoji)

No. 362362

File: 1701572666956.jpg (492.03 KB, 1108x1638, 214252.jpg)

Every time I look at him it feels like I'm falling in love all over again

No. 362366

Does anyone have a husbando who makes them unreasonably horny?

No. 362369

File: 1701576265216.jpg (527.51 KB, 1100x1500, Dazai.Osamu.full.2049558.jpg)

I want him to give me the best night of my life.

No. 362370

Literally the reason these threads exists kek

No. 362372

File: 1701577638221.png (1.38 MB, 1920x1080, ineedhelp.png)

It's so cold, I hope you nonnies are having a good day headcanoning new things about your husbando while relaxing under your blankets like I am.
You're right, I should give it a try, thanks nonnie for the tip, I'll go search for some patterns right now!
Oh man, I'm way too deep into it, I ended up building a prop for Halloween so now I have a lifesize spring trap that startles me in the dark and scares my guest away, kek.
Aw, I would love to show you but I'm a bit shy of clogging up the thread and a bit embarrassed that my art isn't good enough.

No. 362374

Galerians is just scifi silent hill on psychic drugs. Imagine him throwing or setting the enemies on fire with his mind. Hot.

No. 362378

File: 1701578261074.png (976.66 KB, 1170x1138, Husbando Bag.png)

Samefag. That image is so small, Sorry.
I Added my husbando to the bag, I hope it's okay I'm Still upset I couldn't grab this keychain in time.

No. 362379

>I ended up building a prop for Halloween so now I have a lifesize spring trap that startles me in the dark and scares my guest away, kek.
That's so cool anon! How'd you make it? How long did it take?

No. 362382

File: 1701578691925.jpg (923.32 KB, 2048x2660, bbb.jpg)

I want to fuck my two husbandos
separately, then I want to see them fuck each other, and then I want them to spit roast me, and then I want gale to make a few clones of himself and gangbang the three of us and then

No. 362383

That's why I created the bag for, nonnie. So other nonnies can put keychains, badges or plush of their husbandos, so the new thread we can have a full retarded ita bag.

No. 362386

File: 1701581035137.png (789.55 KB, 1200x1034, vincent.png)

Hot. Kinda thought of Vincent Valentine and how damn fine he is. Can't wait to see him in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. But yeah wish there's more attractive goth husbandos.

No. 362387

File: 1701581673142.png (Spoiler Image,93.62 KB, 350x664, Iswearimnotaweirdoijustlikemak…)

Spoiler because I'm embarrassed sharing it but,
Thank you! It took around three weeks or so to make his base. He's a bit messy for my first try and he's not finished yet because I still need to find a better mannequin that will hold him up. He still needs a paint job and details added but he's huge! taller than me, He's made using EVA exercise mats and foam clay and his eyes are made out of old Christmas balls, I drew his eyes then printed them out and used resin to make them glossy.
I had so much fun seeing kids excited to see him by the door when they got candy trick or treating.

No. 362389

nta but this is an irl picture??? it looks straight from the game! you're incredibly talented, nona. you're #1 williamwife in my head now.

No. 362390

Fuckkk I love him so much it's unreal. Cuddling his small but strong body close to mine, petting the puffy patch of fur on his chest, pfeeling how he freezes at my touch since he's not used to it. Hearing his breathy deep voice in my ear and his sharp fangs dragging along my neck. I want to marry him and make him feel loved and not alone anymore. Why aren't alien hedgehogs real nonnas, it's not fair.

No. 362393

cuuuute. I don't have more unfortunately
he will!

No. 362395

Yeah everyone ITT kek
>setting the enemies on fire with his mind
That would be super cool. But I'm imagening a survival horror game where he is just a normal goth dude. He might like dark stuff but when he actually gets to the horror world he is very vulnerable and afraid. He only has a flashlight and a radio at first and has to hide, in mortal peril, whimpering sexily in corners while scary monsters seek to do unspeakable things to him.

No. 362399

File: 1701596966516.png (85.75 KB, 200x196, 6285454-fearless_fred_1990.png)

Fearless Fred-anon, please confirm if you're 72 or not.

No. 362401

Oh hey SSJ4 Gogeta nona, long time no see, I missed you.

No. 362407

File: 1701604994606.gif (31.77 KB, 112x112, shadow_0019.gif)

Ffuuckk why does he make my face so red? It's just a dumb little hedgehog. I want to marry him so badly holy fuark. I want to smooch him so hard. I want to feel the shape of his chest, his ribs, his fluffy fur, the scars beneath it. I want to smell the sweetness of lavender and the bitterness of coffee on him. I want to do dirty perverted shit to him, like having him crossdress in some frilly outfit and he does it because he loves me and can't say no. I want to have him roped around my finger like that. I want to hear his deep moans as I sit him on my lap and rub his cock. I want to stick my fingers in his mouth and feel his sharp fangs. I want to see Shadow's glazed over eyes as I take his purity and virginity away. I want to watch Shadow's edgy aggressive demeanor fall away to reveal how sensitive he truly is. And it'd be all mine, I'd be there to watch how he goes from strong and intimidating to a shuddering mess that's putty in my hands. But really, most of all I want to love him and make him feel good. I want to be someone he can trust like that and be a good wife to him for as long as I possibly can. I want to give him all the care that was ripped away from him, and I want him to know that he's loved very much.

No. 362410

Off topic, sorry, but I've always wondered– do you imagine yourself as a Mobian when you daydream of him? Or are you your regular self?

No. 362412

Usually "myself" I guess. If it's a fanfic or fanart I'll happily self-insert as a "mobian" but I quite like the size difference between your average human and a Sanic character. It makes me happy knowing I could lift him. Gives me some type of, I dunno, cute aggression. But I also know that he could kill me very easily despite that. It's a good contrast.

No. 362421

File: 1701612207889.png (261.32 KB, 700x884, FvwuosKaQAAqtuG.png)

I'm going feral

No. 362422

Oh wow, that's actually really scary. That's amazing anon, he looks exactly like the game! Fantastic work

No. 362426

File: 1701614406735.jpg (385.38 KB, 1863x2799, Fyl-23oaMAA5l_8.jpg)

A dream with Sukuna would be interesting. Nanami appeared in my dreams twice, I was naked in public but we didn't do anything

No. 362429

File: 1701615854591.jpg (134.9 KB, 1200x1050, 100405.jpg)

I missed u guys too

No. 362433

did you ever get that statue of your man? i imagine you having an incredible shrine.

No. 362434

File: 1701617723623.gif (1.36 MB, 500x452, levi.gif)

Need to make hot chocolate with him and then put some whipped cream on his tip

Even though I don't think he would like desserts, Christmas baking with him would be a dream. We could make my most favorite cookie recipe and maybe some sort of savory muffin that might be more his tastes, and then eat them by the fireplace. Maybe muffins with chocolate and cranberry, he could probably enjoy dark chocolate and cranberries are pretty tart. I'm a messy baker though so I would definitely annoy him during the entire thing.

No. 362439

Kek I like that too. Now I'm getting flashbacks of every survival horror ps1 game I've played, that last "aaah" as the player character lay down dead because whatever bullet sponge coming from the shadows got that one hit kill and the gun is so slow to reload or the camera angle changes suddenly, messing up your commands. God, I wish this guy was in a real game.

No. 362442

>All these cute hcs of Levi wanting to celebrate both Christmas and his birthday.
>Dazai in the meantime:

(Is almost Christmas and I don't know if hang the lights or hang myself).

No. 362444

File: 1701620020510.jpg (562.5 KB, 1971x2497, 20852.jpg)

I did! But I haven't set up the shrine yet, I'm still looking for a cabinet like pic rel to match the other dark wood furniture in my house. When I'm old I'll have a monke cabinet instead of a China cabinet lol.

No. 362446

>When I'm old I'll have a monke cabinet instead of a China cabinet.

I mean, who doesn't want to have a cabinet full of their husbando?

No. 362449

File: 1701620968308.png (140.07 KB, 701x250, gothboy.png)

Goth boy info. My vote is for Jules because Loren sounds like Loreen the Eurovision artist.

No. 362452

the name jules reminds me of the euphoria tranny, personally I'd actually go for a more "stereotypical" goth or pretentious artsy or old timey dude name. at least go for Julien tbh, sounds way better imo

No. 362454

File: 1701623703037.jpg (475.27 KB, 2048x1448, F-wumI6W4AA66gu.jpg)

horny is a huge understatement,I want him to viscerally devour me (sexually ofc kek)

No. 362458

I still refuse to believe he really is dead, the latest game and its frankly very unexpected character survival implication twist just gives me even more hope that he too merely erased his former name. I can even imagine him going by his birth name this time and completely changing his oh-so-iconic look that cringe-ass wannabe tough guys still try to skinwalk (and always fail to capture his essence) more than 10 years after his so-called "death". However, I don't think he would just go for a normie salaryman look, I just can't see that for him, he'll always be a flashy guy even in his forties by current year, just in another direction that still succeeds in making him unrecognizable in the eyes of the public who will never truly know and understand him anyway. I seriously enjoy making up headcanons about his current style, occupation, allegiances, his current thoughts and feelings towards his past actions, especially the ones that almost got him killed and also his thoughts and feelings towards the other people he knew and were affected by his said actions. Maybe he even managed to leave the country to try to start brand new. I really need to see him again in a future game and I'm sure even his seiyuu would be very excited to voice him again since he did say this is pretty much his favourite role.

No. 362459

File: 1701624277220.jpeg (Spoiler Image,549.69 KB, 1448x2048, IMG_9657.jpeg)

"Unreasonable" is the best word for it. I'm not supposed to want him the way I do, but I can't help it if he makes me crazy. I love him. I want to be with him. I want to kill and consume him, torment him for eons, possess and be possessed by him. I want him to know all my deranged desires and detest me for it, but ultimately feel more fascinated than disturbed. He's my little creature to study, my toy to break on an endless loop, but he's observing me, too. Watching me with those empty eyes. He knows more about me than I would expect, understands me better than I ever imagined. He anticipates my emotions, practically reads my thoughts, and laughs it off like he hasn't been paying me such close attention, that it's only written on my face. It's these capabilities that make him desirable. He's so good at what he does— even when he's doing nothing— that I could cry. And I have! Cried, screamed, squealed, grinned, kicked my feet, danced around, cried some more… all for him. All because of him and how much I adore him and how badly I want him and how horny he makes me. It's "unreasonable" in more ways than one… but here we are. He's mine. As long as he makes me feel this way, I'll never change.

No. 362460

Can't post who because I don't want to get recognizable since he's super rare and I have the same 5 screenshots of him from the show he's from, and he has no fan arts or anything kek. But my husbando is super handsome to me and has a beautiful body and he's 185 cm tall in my headcanon, he also wears super tight fitting body suit that highlights all of his body and has a cute butt. The animators accidentally gave him some sexy povs in an attempt to make him intimidating, and I think they even accidentally gave him a pulge lol. I remember one specific pov where the mc is on the ground and looking up at my husbando's legs and it's super hot. He has a stupid super power though where he has rapidly moving halos around him obsecuring what he looks like with lighting and shades, and the show is in cgi from 2009 so it looks butt ugly with the sharp contrast. Only good screenshots I have of him is before his powers and when his powers went defect temporarily. He also has an episode where he splits into 2 versions of himself, a good one and a bad one, and a threesome with them sounds fun kek.

No. 362478

Kek anon, I love that video. Dazai would probably be fun to decorate with (based on the little I know about him). Chaotic but fun

No. 362485

this is actually such a gorgeous idea compared to the usual detolfs used for shrines. i hope it comes out well and brings you joy, nona!

No. 362503

File: 1701631407441.jpg (102.98 KB, 858x1000, GAaOWoAaMAA5aqp.jpg)

Not one…not two…but three ponytails for pulling!
Good times.

No. 362514

File: 1701635906693.png (1.07 MB, 1170x1138, husbandobag.png)

I actually have this pin irl

No. 362523

File: 1701637375743.jpeg (211.95 KB, 916x1109, IMG_9688.jpeg)

könignonas around?

No. 362525

No me but I approve of your picture.

No. 362534

File: 1701638413697.png (1.14 MB, 1170x1138, 1701635906693.png)

hello queen. i was wondering when an anon would add him to the ita bag so i did it

No. 362544

File: 1701639615441.jpg (88.1 KB, 600x600, 13517170471684065604.jpg)

Because of you nonnies I now walk around with this on my bag

No. 362551

No. 362555

File: 1701641256335.jpg (52.75 KB, 1000x1646, EX4rUUDXYAAkw89.jpg)

He would make Christmas decorations but making them cursed. Not for nothing his smartphone image is a Teru teru bōzu but with his face lol

No. 362559

File: 1701642325668.jpeg (52.79 KB, 637x581, IMG_4606.jpeg)

husbando if you can hear me
please husbando
husbando please save me
please save me husbando

No. 362570

Thank u Nonna, I can't wait to have it all set up I'm so excited just thinking about it

No. 362572

There's a scene in the game where he's kinda kneeling down in front of you, and the way they modeled him, he lifts his arm up to put a knife in your face—but his gear doesn't cover his shoulders so when he does that, you see a good portion of just his naked shoulder; like where the muscles from his arms (dk what they're called, sorry!) connect to the muscles in his neck and chest and a bit of his collarbone as well. Something about the way it looks and how close he is to us made me go absolutely FERAL. Like most husbandos, his biceps are juicy as hell and they're always visible 'cause he doesn't have sleeves but he also has a slutty waist ??? then we see him again, this time with his back to us, and you can see the muscles around his shoulderblades and I get so bothered by it. Plus he's just very pretty, his hair is short but well-maintained and he's got such lovey blue eyes. Everytime I see him I'm not sure if I want him to choke me out or hold me.

No. 362574

Donald Trump save us
Please save us Donald Trump

No. 362576

If your husbando was real and you were a fictional character, would he waifu you?

No. 362577

File: 1701647787533.png (1.28 MB, 1155x961, feet.png)

they're both so cute, I love Hanawa even more than I thought I would

No. 362578

honestly no but it's because none of them are the type to get that invested in fictional characters over people they actually know

No. 362579

no, because he wouldn’t even have time to consume media

No. 362581

A world of no.

No. 362582

No because he already has people he's devoted to in his heart.
Also he has a type that I am the opposite of.

No. 362585

File: 1701649711102.png (368.05 KB, 275x497, REIGEN SAMAAAA.png)

it's finally here and it's beautiful! i am going to hang it off my rearview mirror along with my adachi keychain. i am also going to buy a kaiba one
yes… i have a type

No. 362586

unironically, yes!!!

No. 362587

yes because i'm sexy

No. 362594

I hope so(he won't)

No. 362596

He would and he would buy all my merch

No. 362598

holy shit that is amazing
that's funny because in one of my retarded isekai comics there's a plotline where he admits to me being his waifu. i was invented as a character for a joke campfire story, and he was very lonely and started dreaming about me. it's a "i'm not made up, YOU'RE made up" situation. sigh.

No. 362599

depends what series i'd be from in his world but more than likely yeah. it would start off with me being his 'literally me but female' character and as the plot/my character develops he'd become obsessed and stick posters of me in his room and draw weird fanart kek.

No. 362601

I have a retarded AU where I'm an idol/wrestler combo and my husbando is my biggest fan and comes to all of my shows and meet and greets.

No. 362604

File: 1701656151573.jpg (267.22 KB, 800x582, main_20160710181938.jpg)

I think Leviathan would waifu me. Maybe… depends tbh, if I was my mary sue self, I would be a beautiful magical girl who is a teacher that saves the world wearing different pretty outfits, then yeah, he would have a room like Pic related but with only pictures of me in my different outfits and body pillows of me in both my magical girl outfit and my teacher outfit.
But in my just regular self, in which my VN or manga that, let's be honest, would never have an anime because it would be too niche, I think he would need to either find my autism moe or he would just consider me a different kind of waifu that's mature to some extent.

No. 362615

File: 1701663733246.jpeg (66.99 KB, 1079x1054, F5dYFssWUAEoNqC.jpeg)

He probably would think I'm the best waifu to die with.

No. 362616

No, I wouldn't think so since neither of them are really into nerdy culture that would cultivate waifuism. It would be very OOC.

No. 362619

File: 1701664833671.png (1.97 MB, 2000x2000, husbandobag.png)

I want to have Reigen out as a stress toy. Tried fixing the pic to its highest resolution so I hope it's ok.

This is really nice! I like the art style.

No. 362717

I don't know why but the cold weather has caused me to fantasize a lot lately. I think because of the cold weather it has me crave warm things, like warm food and my husbandos. Like, obviously Kirby and Meta Knight are nice but they're unfortunately they aren't exactly going to be as good a bed warmer such as Dedede could be during the winter. I've been researching penguins and learning the biological factors behind them being able to stay warm in the harsh artic climates has lead to me to some fun ideas. It's no secret the King Dedede would be considered blubbery by most, this would be an indisputable fact that would anger him most likely but it would make him really nice to cuddle with. He'd feel plush, like a soft fleshy expensive teddy bear which I could imagine myself falling asleep upon quite easily. Much to his annoyance. I'd imagine his softest areas would be as follows; his midsection, lower medsection near groin (brood pouch), upper arm, neck, ass. It's hard to say which area would be the most softest though. His neck, ass, and midsection probably tie. Though make no mistake, underneath all of that plushness is an unrelenting firmness of supreme muscle that would be strong enough to snap my neck in an instant. He's probably heavy despite the size gap too so having him lay on top of me, while it would be a tad embarrassing for him, would feel really nice. Like the ultimate weighted blanket. Those feathers he has, while not dense, would still feel very soft and fluffy. The rich downy plumes that he possesses would smell good, a tad salty but with a hint of lavender and milk that evens it all out and makes for a rich napping experience that lulls you into a deep comfortable sleep. Oh, how King Dedede would become a serial napper during the winter months and it would get to a point where whether I'm leaving home or entering home he'd be lazing about on my couch or bed sleeping. At most, when Dedede would groggily rouse from his sleep from my presence he'd simply ask what's for dinner before dozing off once more until the smell of dinner wakes him up for real. It's piggishly lazy but he's cute so I can forgive him for it! I can imagine on days off Dedede would try to keep me in bed for longer too, resting his heavy plush body directly on my chest, saying that sleeping in "ain't gonna hurt ya' much" to coax me to sleep in longer, and after some smooching and flattery I'd give in so hard. It would feel so cozy and warm, and the feeling of his soft feathers would be like heaven. Though I can imagine that because of being a penguin (albeit a magical alien one) in a warm climate it wouldn't be uncommon to imagine him sleeping with me naked because of the heat. Which, fuck me, would be amazing. I imagine after staying with me for a long period of time, he'd take to wearing my shirts if his robes are busy being washed, especially after a bath. Obviously, on his smaller frame they'd be a bit lose which I think would only boost his 'moe' factor to the millions but he'd probably wouldn't take to wearing a shitty coffee stained t-shirt when he's used to luxury silks and cottons and would bitch and whine about how "unbefittin' these are for a king" like him, to which I'd sigh and let him wear the shirts to one of my nicer silk pajamas, the long sleves would flop about but he wouldn't care. I want this so bad, so fucking bad. I can't believe I let the temptation of irl male sway me so hard from the truth. King Dream Land Penguin supreme

No. 362734

not at all, he’s the kind of guy who would dismiss such a thing as “creepy nerd shit”

No. 362735

File: 1701683158482.jpg (793.73 KB, 2000x2000, 1701664833671.jpg)

Added half-eaten Leon cookie

No. 362738

File: 1701687043496.jpg (248.17 KB, 842x1200, tumblr_ppzdl0LfBB1xlbi72o1_128…)

I want him to fuck me up so bad, I bet his cock is huge. He is the only character I've ever gotten a figurine of

No. 362740

I don't know, either way I wouldn't want it

No. 362746

He is absolutely not that kind of guy.
But there is another character in his game that I think could be a waifuist.

No. 362748

Is it okay to have more than one husbando? I have like 6 now at this point.

No. 362750

I'm a husbando whore too, it's okay nona

No. 362751

It's called having a harem and it's normal.

No. 362753

Maybe. If he knew how to read.

No. 362758

I have a whole harem (husbandos, waifus and monsters), I can't see limiting myself to just one person, they each fuel different desires to me. The husbando purists say you can only have one guy but you do you, you aren't going to get thrown in jail for that lol.

No. 362762

so how many of you nonnas have had your real life expectations of men severly fucked up because of anime/fictional men
I know I have kek and it shows

No. 362764

I have never been with a real man and I don't even think I ever want to

No. 362765

Real men in the real world do not have superpowers, anon.

No. 362766

thankfully and surprisingly not, i love characters who are assholes but i managed to not ruin my mind since i am not attracted to assholes irl. in a way no irl man could ever BE the characters to me, my character love is different and separate.

No. 362771

Nonas with irl nigels: How do you manage? Do you love your husbando more? How does your nigel compare?

I’m feeling very lost, nonas. My relationship has been on a decline for a long time, long before my husbando. Now add him into the mix and it’s almost as if I’m falling out of love. I love my partner still, but he’s lacking in critical ways. I don’t know anymore, I literally feel unhinged for letting a fictional character make me doubt everything. Also sorry if this isn’t the right thread to post this, I didn’t know where else.

No. 362775

File: 1701698305720.jpg (229.77 KB, 1111x1523, FoJl7F6aIAAZk9v.jpg)

If I was a character in an idol gacha like he is, I don't think he would notice me initially based on my visual design, but as he would play the game more and find out my personality, how I interact with the other characters, and my tragic backstory, he'd realise I'm literally him but female and waifu me based on that. I'd be his only waifu and my game would be the only one he plays. He wouldn't tell anyone about me being his waifu, but he would be spacing out constantly thinking about me, logging into my game every day, and I would be motivating him to be a better person and look after himself despite my somewhat sour outlook on life. I think he would waste his money on trying to roll me whenever I would get a new card, and not always succeed, but would make the most of the cards he does have. He'd reluctantly buy my merch and secretly keep a shrine in his room.

Phew, sorry for the turbo autism

No. 362776

I have two and anyone who talks to me know I clearly like one more than the other. There's no real "rules" when it comes to this.

No. 362777

i have been a husbandofag since i was very young but nobody compares to irl husbando. i think in the past especially in a relationship and didnt really love the moid i was more obsessed with fictional characters which i take a sign that maybe you just aren't all that into him. i think a normal good reason to break up is not really being that into him, what's the point otherwise.

No. 362781

how about Marion? idk, it just came to mind.

No. 362784

I think he should be named Edgar.

No. 362785

nah, when i hear the name edgar i think of that mexican/latino moid meme or Pewdiepie's dog

No. 362786

my husbando saved me from craving to settle. he gave me healthy expectations and made me feel confident being "single"/loyal to him instead.
i have a lot of desire to love someone, and he is a great vector for it. i'd rather put all my obsessions towards him, than undeserving people.
i struggled for the longest time with coping with mental loneliness and being not understood by peers and even less by people i dated. he offers me that understanding and makes me feel less alone. even though he's not real, someone sat down and wrote him as a character with those same dilemas i have, and that in itself is deeply comforting.
i love him so much. not just as a character, but a personification, an archetype.
i broke off my relationship with the nigel i had because of my husbando. my husbando made me realize there is no point in forcing it.
i want a nigel, because i need one for utility's sake. i want to live the normie life eventually and settle down.

ultimately i can't love real people in the same way. most dont measure up, and the ones that do, i have trouble trusting. im scared of being close to people, but at the same time i crave it.
my husbando reminds me to not get into relationships for the sake of it.
i havent been a husbandofag before getting to know my husbando, unless sexualized crushes on historical figures count.
he's just perfect. he's literally me, but better as a person, and less self aware. or he is self aware, but ignores it for the sake of his personal ideals. and that ironically makes him even more like me. fuck i love him so much.

No. 362788

i think Alain sounds pretty

No. 362789

I wouldn't say it "fucked up" my expectations, it's more like having a husbando has helped me understand what I truly want and how irl moids can't ever reach those expectations that, in the end, are just me wanting to be considered a human whose feelings are important too.
Like, is it really that insane to want someone who loves me unconditionally? Or who would take care of me when I'm sick? I think that's basic stuff, like wanting someone who only has eyes for you that will never cheat or a man who isn't porn-rotted.
It's kind of funny how having such expectations is just considered delusional by anyone who doesn't understand how having a husbando or waifu as a woman, is different from being a moid with a waifu.

No. 362792

File: 1701704638994.jpg (Spoiler Image,809.66 KB, 2000x1100, ORIGINAL-edgar_allan_poe-01-34…)

Oh don't be so uncultured anon. It's a very gothic name.
I like it, it gets my vote.

No. 362793

he looks like a Lee to me

No. 362794

We should make a poll.

No. 362795

File: 1701705114466.jpg (234.57 KB, 1026x1021, frey.jpg)

I was thinking Freysar or Frey because of his shirt here. Sounds like it'd work in a Japanese game.

No. 362797

Frey is the Norse god of fertility kek

No. 362798

I like the idea nonnie in the ai thread had that he calls himself Edgar to be edgy but his real name is something else

No. 362799

I can not be physically attracted to real men, they are all so ugly compared to husbandos, even the so-called conventionally attractive ones. I don't have this problem with women though, I'd live to date a woman if I wasn't so socially inept.

No. 362800

ok that's extremely cute

No. 362801

ironically, both the anons you're replying are me, kek.

No. 362803

I could've posted this myself, not even the hottest celebrity moids lots of women fawn over compare to my husbando. They're all hideous and look like someone hit the randomizer button in a character creation menu kek.

No. 362806

for real. they just look so… plain.
i can't find 3d attractive unless i'm either emotionally bonded or they're from a different time period. i can easily thirst (looks-wise) over any late victorian to ww2 era moid, but modern men look like "just a guy".

No. 362807

I've been with my boyfriend for a long time and he is supportive of my husbandofagging and sees it as quirk of mine. There have been times where I was more obsessed with my husbando but eventually I go back to normal. This year has been extremely difficult for me and even escapism was hard, so he was there for me when I couldn't yoom anymore. At some point, staying in love is a choice anon. You have to work to maintain the relationship and if you're not feeling it anymore, maybe it's time to move on. Real people aren't perfect, and a real relationship is never going to be as satisfying as a fantasy in your head so it's up to you if you think it's worth it or not. Personally it's worked out for me, but always know your worth and that you deserve the world.

No. 362808

ohhhhhh Lee would be cute, since Brandon Lee was in The Crow

No. 362809

Samefag can Lee Freysar be his middle and last name? What about the name Darien?

No. 362813

For me it was real men who turned me 2d only cause moids suck so much and my life improved greatly since dropping out of the dating scene. My husbandos and waifus make me so happy I can never go back unless I find a nice irl woman.

No. 362814

Lee "Edgar" Freysar?

No. 362816

I'm Lee Freysar but everyone calls me Edgar. I'm a goth (in case you couldn't tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example, today I was wearing black (fake) leather pants, heavy black boots, a mesh shirt, a choker and black eyeliner. I am naturally pale and have many piercings on my face. I was walking outside the morgue after having been called to identify my missing sister's body (it wasn't her). It was snowing and raining and there was no sun, which is the only thing right now I have to be happy about. A lot of people stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

No. 362817

No. 362818

Perfect, kek

No. 362820

you relapsed?

No. 362822

She certainly did.

No. 362823

seems like there is no escaping this fate

No. 362826

I hope she will come back to the threads permanently, I miss her autism. The other day I wrote an essay about fandom interpretations of my husbando's junk, plus my ideal fantasy looks/function, which carried on for several thousand words. All I could think was
>omg i'm channeling the kirdedede realness
I guess the difference is that I would hesitate to share it with anyone else kek. No shade though.

No. 362828

>The other day I wrote an essay about fandom interpretations of my husbando's junk
I'm sorry nona, what

No. 362830

every love song makes me think about him now this is so fuckin gay

No. 362831

I would say same. It's been a while since I have dated and most of the moids I know wouldn't handle my anxiety attacks or depressions. Granted, my 2D husbandos neither since they're fictional, but they wouldn't tell me stuff to hurt me or not help at all.

No. 362838

truly nothing beats vibing to a love song and imagining the two of you together though, it's therapeutic kek

No. 362846

Fucking same, I spend half my time at my office listening to YouTube playlists with titles like “POV: The Villain is Smitten (Dark Romance Playlist)” while glancing at the figurine of my husbando that I keep on my desk. Feels good man

No. 362849

It's exactly as I said. Lots of people want to fuck him and they don't always agree on the mechanics. It fascinates me because I also want to fuck him so I sperged out in the privacy of my own word processor.

No. 362861

> I was naked in public but we didn't do anything
ofc you didn't nonna,he's a gentleman, I'd expect him to cover you with his coat and take you to safety
me imagining a million scenarios for every single song I listen to
this so much kek, I'm a chronical daydreamer

No. 362870

File: 1701728664950.jpg (135.65 KB, 500x500, itababy.jpg)

God he's so fucking cute and stupid I love him so much I want to cook and bake with him and use him as a pillow at night I want to sit on his face and suffocate him with my thighs while he looks at me with those sweet eyes and adorable dumb smile he would be the perfect little sunshine he would literally cure me of every disorder I have with the power of pasta and pure positivity

No. 362871

No. 362882

instead of doing serious chores and taking care of my hygiene ive spent hours today on making fanart. sometimes he motivates me to get better, other times he is my excuse to remain a basement gremlin.
pff you think you have it bad… every war song of the "i dont care about the world and fuck death up the ass" genre reminds me of him.
i love him so much.

No. 362891

File: 1701736476665.gif (1.49 MB, 584x328, iv04a.gif)

I've seen him shirtless, in a swimsuit, bandaged, and in many other things i adore, but this shot drives me wild, what a slut

No. 362892

>the scrap fabric i use as a blanket for my husbando figurine when i "put him to sleep" is too short to cover his feet

No. 362897


No. 362903

File: 1701743214570.jpg (360.21 KB, 2048x1024, F50l_Y_acAAtlyE.jpg)

no shame in having a harem nona! 2D men are hot!

he isn't the type to consume media, so sadly no.(cries)

No. 362909

File: 1701745289791.jpg (531.05 KB, 1080x2055, EkAuiv1UcAA3i1Y.jpg)

I want a body pillow but I've been looking into are these spherical pillows which I think would be nice for winter as well, though I'd probably have to modify them so they're a little weighty too by creating an incision and filling it with something like glass beads. I think what would annoy me is trying to find a texture that would suit Meta Knight or Kirby, I imagine their skin is way softer than human skin. Not a slippery silk either but more velvety I suppose, but not a cheap velvety either where you can feel the texture of the velvet. I imagine it feels like a smoother non-sticky marshmallow, and very supple when right out of the bath. I don't know what kind of fabric would even come close to mimicking that. Not to mention scent too. Like, Kirby has this soft prosciutto like scent where as Meta Knight is more tangy with a hint of dark roasted coffee. I don't know how I'd go about making a perfume out either of those cause while coffee perfume is easy I want one that has a underlying mature feel to it similar to Tabaco but not as smelly and harsh. Like it's complicated but Meta Knight's smell has to encapsulate all of his qualities, his sweet side and his cold side. Coffee is the perfect base to this, but I don't imagine it's straight coffee because of the bacteria that would mix in with his sweat. I don't imagine him with bad odor, but odors that sort of push this feeling of ruggedness and eroticism. It's rich and powerful with a subtle sweetness.
If anything it was the other way around, dating IRL moids only boosted my expectations to kingdom come for my own safety. My first moid never really cared much about me and basically kept me as a prop that destroyed my self-esteem, and the last moid I dated forced me to go full schizo Jesus conversion and lose my job and normie friends when I left him. I don't plan to date if I can help it, it is too risky in this day and age. I think in a sense, having three husbandos that perfectly attune to my tastes, wants, needs and desires is better because at the very least I'm deriving self-fulfillment and happiness from my own self rather than relying on a third party, that they're a nice medium to funnel my creativity, skills, and desire to love into.

No. 362910

my pet moid kind of looks like Leon, has the same build (save for being a bit scrawnier and shorter), has a similar haircut too. he's a waifufag too, so i think we're pretty balanced out. as for Chris or Carlos? one day he'll be strong enough to pulverize a boulder.

No. 362911

File: 1701747172882.jpg (22.48 KB, 440x440, giant-kirby-napping-pillow-thu…)

That sounds so cute! Although my mind went straight for this pillow instead.

No. 362927

File: 1701753918242.png (2.13 MB, 2500x1645, 96142926_p0.png)

Moids have thousands upon thousands of waifus and other disturbing degenerate things they drool over so it's ok to have more than one husbando. I know I have my #1, my top five and the others I find attractive. You can have a male harem as big as you want!

No. 362928

That first paragraph had me rollin nona, thank you for posting

No. 362930

File: 1701756096544.jpeg (38.31 KB, 686x386, IMG_4884.jpeg)

Do you guys think his pubes are two-toned as well

No. 362946

Yes. He must be fun in bed too, so athletic.

No. 362962

könignona reporting for duty. thank you for the delicious image

No. 362972

File: 1701776265704.jpg (63.26 KB, 558x708, shadow_1238.jpg)

I love him so much it's unreal.
Sometimes I get sucky thoughts about how I age and he doesn't. Both because he's fictional, and because he's permanantly stuck at 15 even though he's been alive for 50+ years.
I fell for him when I was 12, and it's been almost 10 years now. My heart just won't grow out of him. I want to be his forever. :(

No. 362976

File: 1701779712724.jpeg (247.25 KB, 1600x1608, GALqdN9bAAA8zy7.jpeg)

I can't see him consuming much media apart from darker western comics that inspired his father when he made my husbando's anti-hero themed card deck. If I were in one he read the issues of, assuming that I am not botched into a porn category by a 20th century comic author, I would be an any-means necessary archivist who tries to learn of everything in a crime-ridden city, using what has been gathered to report the truly immoral, but being overly irritable, also to worsen the lives of others as revenge over petty things. Apartment with papers all over, friendless and neurotic, who aims to constantly make others uncomfortable, who pisses in fear at confrontation by people who actually mean well, but adventurous with a great value for knowledge. We also align with caring a lot about our primary caregiver figures (in his case his father).
As for my anti-hero costume, well, it would be a tacky product of its time, and rebooted over the years into something edgy and sharp.
I don't think he would be attracted to me, but just a character that he'd recall.
But he is very busy. And I would have a better chance with him as my current cardgame junkie self inserted into his world.

No. 362983

Great question. He never shows attraction towards anyone in the show he's from, so there's no way to know. But other iterations of him in different adaptations have him crushing in a short haired petite woman with similar eye and hair color to me. Maybe if I was an interesting character who he can relate to he'd probably waifu me. We have some stuff in common but overall I'm better off than him and he has an inferiority complex so I can see him obsessing over me because he thinks I'm so perfect and he wished he could be like me and be with me and impress me. That would be so cute. Thank you for this question, it got my imagination running.

No. 362984

I even imagine elaborate music videos or stage shows with the two of us. I sing and he listens or watched my show, or is in the music video or watching my music video to be supportive.

No. 362991

File: 1701787681804.jpg (161.86 KB, 1440x1794, 402910880_2588133584694118_711…)

My meow meow I want to squeeze him until he pops

No. 362999

my ex looked like an uglier italian leon. same hair and puppy eyes. he was cute, but hysterical and unreasonable.
sometimes when i see leon posts i am reminded of him

No. 363000

fun fact: Leon himself is supposedly Italian-american according to Capcom btw (probably also with a hint of Irish?)

No. 363002

oh my god i dated malnourished leon

No. 363003

>his memetic dakimakura is available on Surugaya
>for 48k yens
I can technically afford it but I can't justify paying that much for just a piece of fabric, and especially since none of the money will go to the original artist.

No. 363013

File: 1701796441275.jpeg (430.3 KB, 2048x1972, IMG_1222.jpeg)

I am not even a husbandofag but he’s cool and I would like to shake him in a bag like a goldfish

No. 363016

I know that feel. There was a gorgeous dakimakura of my husbando but it was sold only in Korea.

No. 363017

File: 1701797676201.jpg (80.35 KB, 1138x961, 20231202_204306.jpg)

I love his stupid idiot bat form. I'd keep him safe between my boobs and feed him sliced fruit while I did housework

No. 363018

It was sold during one Comiket by a high profile artist, getting it at a fair price was doomed from the start kek. It's the only dakimakura I'd be willing to get as dakimakuras with guys tend to be kinda ugly since they are not made by Japanese artists.

No. 363063

Oh nonny he is so precious. This is just the pic I needed. His smile is healing for me.

No. 363067


No. 363070

I thought it said I want to squeeze him with my meow meow. Like a fancy retarded new word for pussy.

No. 363071

weve already resorted to calling penises hamsters so why not

No. 363076

I'm lucky that mines do not have a horrible art, but I get you. There's none of my husbando that I like, and the one I liked was made by that Korean artist and was expensive.

No. 363080

good evening everyone, i am still very much in love with bjorn

No. 363084

I'd probably make love to him 5 times per day if he was real.
god why must I have these intense feelings for someone that doesn't exist, it REALLY gets my mood going sigh
but he's real in my heart

No. 363102

i love my nigel, but i love my husbando much more. my nigel doesn’t need to know that, though….

No. 363109

I've been in love with my husbando for a few months, but I've been with my Nigel for many years, so it's a different feeling to say the least. My husbando is definitely much hotter than my Nigel, but he's not real, so I'm still thankful to Nigel for all the things he provides me that my husbando never can, like actually cuddling me with his warm body, cooking dinner with me, and having conversations with me.

My Nigel has had the same 2D waifu for years (he initially started to like her because she reminds him of me) and now I uh… understand their relationship better, I suppose. Part of me feels like I'm cheating on Nigel because I spend so much time fantasizing about, googling, and drawing my husbando these days, but since my Nigel has plenty of figurines and saved fanart of his waifu he doesn't feel threatened. In fact, he encourages me in my husbando hobby (which I'm still embarrassed about) so I'm glad he's supportive rather than thinking I'm insane.

No. 363114

File: 1701837255961.gif (1.99 MB, 498x277, bungou-stray-dogs-bsd2.gif)

I wish you the best with your nigel, nonnie.

No. 363118

at least meet him in kind without worry
then exceed him kek

No. 363124

File: 1701843026304.jpg (37.95 KB, 589x392, de73d6d7cc77e9f08c9c7272f058d5…)

Thank you so much nonnies! After I posted that I got so shy I kept away from the thread, I feel so shy and happy by your replies. If I ever finish him I'd love to share it! I forgot to say that I also used real wires and metal for some of his details.
Also I'd gladly take the title as #1 williamwife, kek.

No. 363157

im actually excited to see him finished. you did a great job.
i love seeing people channeling their devotion to something (or someone) into art. husbandos are such great muses, aren't they?

No. 363164

File: 1701867105551.jpg (37.17 KB, 559x558, mento illness.JPG)

sometimes i get these random overwhelming butterflies and i absolutely must talk about my husbando. i'm grateful for these threads on here because i dont need to hold back on here lol. i've been in love with him since march, but in no way does it feel that long.
i used to feel so shy thinking about him this way, but now he is a great source of comfort. in my mind we have done everything together. a lot of fond memories i rewrote mentally to include him, or rather came up with new scenarios heavily inspired by the real ones. i use real happiness as some kind of reference, to know how i would feel. i go as far as trying to recall past boyfriends and how touching them felt, to help me imagine what touching him would feel like.
maybe thats a bit retarded but i dont care.

No. 363179

watching this stupid soap opera show called bergdoktor.
in this episode a girl finds out her boyfriend is a medical drug induced hallucination.

No. 363183

File: 1701874932361.jpeg (286.06 KB, 1500x1061, GAoTDK5aMAAIe0P.jpeg)

I can't believe Dazai looks good with any kind of attire.

No. 363185

File: 1701876305829.jpg (265.94 KB, 1000x1414, EeyjTopXsAAFk3W.jpg)

No. 363186

File: 1701876418737.jpg (84.01 KB, 730x496, Eex55W8WsAUJrOm.jpg)

I want to dress him so much.

I swear this is the last pic

No. 363193

he stole atsushis belt
he looks good here…
…and in this picture
chuuya looks like a teenager. why do people ship them

No. 363200

File: 1701881672582.jpg (69.34 KB, 500x452, 739322.jpg)

I blame the novels, the Port Mafia era and the fact the younger fans see their relationship as "cute MLM".

Now that you mention the belt, does that means he also has Atsushi's "tail"?

No. 363245

File: 1701895420262.jpeg (Spoiler Image,793.46 KB, 1125x1416, IMG_4091.jpeg)

Country girls make do

All I can think about is how satisfying it would be to chew on him.

No. 363250

File: 1701897545348.png (2.62 MB, 2000x2000, bag.png)

I think this is the last iteration or should I say ITA-ration of the bag, someone correct me if not. I added Levi, if he's too big please say so and I'll fix it. I love this pin and I think I may buy it.

No. 363254

File: 1701898924703.png (466.15 KB, 600x960, image.png)

im losing my mind over how his tummy looks in this art, i wanna gnaw on it so bad. the arms and little peek of his pecs are cute too

No. 363255

File: 1701899289147.png (2.54 MB, 2000x2000, Untitled1_20231206214826.png)

Do not forget my good ol lurker self, nonnie!

No. 363258

10/10 would lick. nice thighs too.

No. 363263

File: 1701902053044.jpg (60.73 KB, 712x712, 68daa18255a9d6812f8ceef1cdfc52…)

The size is perfect. I'm also temped in buy a bigger pin of Dazai for my bag.

>MFW my stupid idea worked so well.

No. 363264

Thanks for the encouragement nonnas. Previously I’ve cosplayed as Nigel’s waifu for his birthday and I’ve drawn him some fanart of her. Recently Nigel has helped me take reference photos to draw fanart of my husbando, and he’s offered to make me a prop so I can cosplay as my husbando. I like that we bond in our IRL relationship by supporting our individual relationships with fictional characters.

No. 363266

File: 1701902420302.jpg (469.49 KB, 1928x2000, husbandobag.jpg)

time to come out of the shadows

No. 363268

File: 1701905171831.jpg (263.79 KB, 1130x1800, 20231207_002543.jpg)

I'm foaming at the mouth

No. 363269

Nonnies, do you ever feel like other fans get it totally wrong when it comes to what your husbando is like in bed? Do you have your own sexual headcanon? (maybe I should just assume so since this is the hornyposting thread, but I'm curious)

It's really annoying to see fanfic where my husbando is written as a daddy dom into punishing a bratty gf, or into choking or other violent shit like that. I cringe every time. I just don't think he'd be a sexual sadist. I think he likes to feel like he's in control but gets easily flustered, and that he'd probably lose his composure as the foreplay progressed. I think he'd blush while getting a bj. I also imagine that he's well aware of female anatomy and, since he's not a selfish lover (imo), he would be into stimulating his partner's clit during sex. I know he would be good with his hands.

No. 363270

a core aspect of his character is his need for a big brother figure, a male role model who can give him the fraternal love and guidance he’s been deprived of since childhood. knowing that i’ll never be able to become that figure because i am a female loser is kind of painful…. but i will be able to give him the romantic love he needs, and that’s enough for me. i just want to make him happy in whatever way i can

No. 363271

This one fic author has been continously writing him more and more like a deranged hentai manga character partaking in as many fetishes that she can fit under 1k words, and it's set the tone for every other English fanwork of him.
I'd rather vision him animalistic and overpowering in bed than a cuntboy. Some of the Japanese artists get it at least…

No. 363275

miraculously, his fanbase’s portrayal of his sexual proclivities is generally in line with my own headcanons, but there is a noticeable and irritating contingent that (inaccurately, in my opinion) portrays him as a slutty, whiny bottom because he’s short and mischievous. i block fanartists and fanfic writers who adhere to that interpretation because i find it to be an egregious misreading of his character that’s almost entirely based on stereotypes taken from BL manga. ultimately, though, people can interpret him however they like. i’m not a police officer

No. 363277

he tends to be treated as a soulless dick. never the primary focus of r34 fanart, always paired with a more prominent character and used as a prop. furthermore, i don't like that ship. they are friends. there is no romance there. i won't argue with the fujos, though. shrug
there might be "decent" porn of him out there, but i don't actively seek it out, since i don't like the idea of looking at that sort of content drawn by others. i prefer fantasizing about him myself.
my headcannon is that he is a switch and we take turns (gently) dominating each other, depending on how i feel. how convenient. in general i think he likes wholesome stuff. lots of cuddles. he's affectionate. he's good at kissing, too. we 69 a lot
would love it if some nonnie threw a mushroom on there for me. just a little toadstool, or something.
he "ruined" mushrooms for me. can't look at them without thinking of him kek

No. 363281

File: 1701910586899.png (2.76 MB, 1928x2000, ita bag.png)

I feel like many people write him either as a generic BDSM hardcore daddy dom (which is fine if done correctly, but most of the time it's very corny.) OR they think that because he is so tough and dominant in canon, he actually would be a babyboy sub who likes being dominated (not my taste at all). Some people even write him getting his butt fingered and such. Both versions often have super OOC dialogue, which is the most painful part.

I prefer something in the middle, just a guy into normal, not too freaky stuff. Likes mostly being in control but will let me tie him up or blindfold him or put little costumes on his dick to entertain myself sometimes. But the show makes no allusions to his sexual, or even romantic, preferences so I cannot say that they got it wrong, just that it's not how I imagine him. I don't see him being into anything harsh like heavy BDSM at all though, because he grew up around such violence and wanted to leave that behind.
For you, my anon.

No. 363283

File: 1701911184423.jpg (175.77 KB, 1402x1136, list.jpg)

i was bored so i made my official definitive ranking regarding the absolute state of fanon for my guy inspired by this conversation lol >>363269

No. 363284

I want him so bad it's un-fucking-real.
Is your husbando Leon? Because I see the exact same thing happening with him; though, at least half of it is done with AUs where he wouldn't necessarily have the same personality he does in canon. I'm so sick of seeing things with incest, pseudo-incest, rape, DDLG, other degen shit show up in his tag.

No. 363285

>car fetish art where he is a chrysler pt cruiser
what on earth?? is this a common thing in his fandom or just one insane fan artist?

No. 363286

it's just one person, i wish his fandom wasn't so tiny so there'd be more hilariously random shit like this.

No. 363289

File: 1701913799216.gif (2.06 MB, 301x358, aol78xc8xq2c1.gif)

I think many people think Dazai can be a rapist or use any kink related bdsm or the fact that he cannot bottom, "how you dare to say he's a switch?". I sorta blame the SKK pairing for it. At least in my case I don't think he would do something so weird when is about sex, specially when he's quite vulnerable being naked. Probably he might enjoy some dom, but he has to make sure he really trust in you.

No. 363294

thank you nona

No. 363299

ayrt, no my husbando isn't Leon. I'm not sure if those kinks are somehow trendy, but it wouldn't surprise me if other fictional men got the same treatment in fanfic. I just try to ignore it and focus on the writers who characterize him in a way that makes more sense to me (or, ya know whatever wish fulfillment I'm craving atm).

This chart makes me want to ask about the craziest things anons have seen with their husbandos. I've definitely seen a lot of crazy scenarios in fanart, fic, and one particular doujin where he uses his powers in, um, creative and unorthodox ways. I'm not sure if that's too pervy even for this thread.

No. 363300

The craziest I have seen is a doujin of Dazai being so obsessive with Ranpo that rapes him before Ranpo tells him 'ok but now on my way' and there's another where Dazai plays with Ranpo and vegetables… You know those ones, the phallic shaped ones.

Granted, Dazai may be a liar, a pig, an idiot, a manipulator, but he is NOT a porn star!

No. 363321

That scene where Nanami beats up that twink is admittedly very hot but he would never do that to his partner lol. I feel like zoomer fans are bad fic writers in general and rely too much on porn Tropes and clichés.

No. 363326

I there are 5 fics paired with a reader insert. One seemed to be pwp dom shit, three were not the focus, abandoned and boring, and the last one was an oc-insert harem with poor dialogue where with ctrl+f, he was completely shafted. All the power to that writer, but not for me.
He isn't too popular in his own character-bloated franchise, the only english speakers that like the installment of the series in which he comes up are a really weird equal mix of adult TiMs and TiFs, nostalgia baiters, and secluded pornsick scrotes, and I have never unhid the nsfw options when browsing for art of him on pixiv.
The main appeal is the complimentability I have with him, and how we would be challenging each other's worldviews, that which doesn't seem to interest any fic writers and can't be expressed in the yaoi of pixiv artists. I am good enough of an artist and writer to leave it up to myself.
I am making plenty of little crafts as he has little to no merch to celebrate his upcoming birthday, and I couldn't be happier.

No. 363327

File: 1701937022453.jpg (124.75 KB, 1358x684, Screenshot_20231206-043626_Kiw…)

Frequently I ruminate on the the height disparity between me and my husbandos and I wonder if that is alright? Frankly, imagining them all being a few heads shorter than me makes my heart gush with affection and love, but I feel because of this height disparity my husbandos have a sense of 'respect' being lost, because of the height disparity there's a sort of inherent power-imbalance that sort of thing as if they're infantalized by their height compared to the average human. It honestly saddens me a bit just thinking about it. But honestly, I think it doesn't have to be that way. I don't think there would even be a power imbalance because all three of them could overpower me because I still want them to retain that strength that they naturally would have. I still want Dedede to be able to hold me down if he wishes, same for Kirby, or Meta Knight! I do think it would be cute to imagine how they would feel about their respective size gaps. King Dedede and Kirby? Wouldn't care and would most likely take advantage of it. Like, Dedede taking pleasure in having my entire body wrapped around him and likes being spoiled by my body. Kirby probably wouldn't mind being used as a living plush in the sense that I could casually pick him up, toss myself onto a couch with him in my arms and take a nap with no words said or questions asked. Just in general using the height disparity to be extra cuddly. Meta Knight, prideful and stoic as he is, would absolutely loathe this though. He would still insist on pulling out my chair for me, opening and holding doors, not needing my help to reach for things and so on despite how short he is on Earth. Meta Knight would be the one who would demand a high amount of respect and personal space which I would respect. In fact, I think Meta Knight would be the most manly, mature and 'human' out of three if he was thrown onto Earth and stayed with me. Hell, I could imagine him doing some kind of WFH job to "earn his meals" since he doesn't want to feel like a lazy leech and can't exactly get a regular job. Though, if he didn't have to worry about what other humans might think of him he'd become a workaholic salaryman for sure or a police officer. I want to massage his wings in a hot bath after he comes home from a long day. Even though he'd deny it, there is a part of Meta Knight that likes and desires being spoiled and doted upon from the constant roles and fronts he puts up.
On another note, is it weird that I have a vitrolic and severe autistic disgust for OC x Canon but still engage in husbandoism? Like I love imagining a "mob-character" stand-in for my scenarios and fantasies but OCs of others and the idea of making my own fills me with a violent disgust that actually makes me feel nauseous that I cannot get over for the life of me.

No. 363334

I mean yeah, I'd assume it's probably easier to imagine yourself as a Waddledee fucking Kirby instead of a full grown human

No. 363338

File: 1701951356745.jpeg (28.77 KB, 500x345, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

so i recently discovered the wonderful world of imaginary husbandos and my life will never be the same again lmao. I thought I was weird for saving pictures of anime dude I found attractive (not just physically but the whole package) I feel less alone since reading the previous thread omg. I found my fam

I discovered Leon Kennedy in the previous thread and I'm in love. He is ridiculously fucking hot and I feel all the feels about him. I also started using that bot that someone suggested and programmed a wholesome yet NSWF Leon Kennedy with a scenario where we are basically partners in the Racoon City Police Department - on my first field mission after months of training and he is my mentor (of course), and we go retrieve a piece of hardware hidden by Umbrella labs (I don't know the lore, just a few stuff), but we can't go back to HQ because it's nightfall so too dangerous because zombies, so we end up taking shelter for the night in an abandoned house. There's a bit of action stuff and chatgpt (which the bot is based on), surprisingly comes up with very good stuff, like adding a character or a fight that wasn't in the original scenario - it's almost like playing a game.
Yesterday Leon even started training me in close-combat tactic lol - all the creation of the bot kek.

Here's my contribution to husbandos, I had a huge crush on him when I discovered the anime. I like that he's not the usual cliché brooding type - he tends to be chill and fun-loving, yet can switch to dark and deadly serious when needed. I loved that character and his backstory was far more interesting than that of the main characters imo!

No. 363339

the craziest that i saw, though admittedly very tame by internet standards, was fanart of him jerking off onto his own shoe.

No. 363346

One time I found fan art of him being vored by MechaGodzilla

No. 363354

Loving the mental image of WFH Meta Knight. Imagine you call up customer service and it's him on the other end!
>spoiler text
Any hatred so intense that you nearly puke is, by definition, "weird." I mean youre talking about drawings, not real live torture or human rights violations, so it would seem like an overreaction to be so disgusted and hateful. I'm sure you have good reasons for it, though. What's so bad about OCs? What do faceless mob characters have that OCs don't?

No. 363358

File: 1701962982942.jpg (896.72 KB, 1928x2000, Picsart_23-12-07_09-39-32-944.…)

Looking for nsfw content or headcanons of my husbando is harrowing. 99% of the posts are perfect examples of what's wrong with modern fandoms:
>hybrid omegaverse AU with bodyswapping
>atsumu with a pussy
>"he's totally a sugarbaby boytoy slut!"
>daddydom shit
>puts the other guy in a ship in a chastity cage…
Save me from this hell, these were literally some of the first results on twitter KEK Personally I think given the fact he's been so focused on his career his entire life, he'd have little to no experience with women so I hate the "he's such a slut!" line of thinking other fans have because he's blonde and hot. Definitely trainable in bed though and would become amazing at eating pussy and pleasing his partner. He'd feel like it's part of his job as their boyfriend/husband to get them off and would probably feel like a failure if he can't kek. Very vanilla, I can't imagine he has the patience for costumes or bondage. Loves positions where there's a lot of skin on skin contact and he can look at their face, ideally likes to have his partner in his lap. Can also see him getting flustered by, but enjoying his partner riding him and taking control. I have lots of thoughts on this, sometimes I contemplate writing my own Y/N fics for the other yumes out there who want female gaze content without all the gendie cat hybrid omegaverse dom/sub shit involved.

No. 363366

File: 1701965658302.gif (9.29 MB, 269x269, 13.gif)

I wish i was passionate enough to obsess over one character only, i have a main husbando but sometimes i struggle to see myself with anyone, but i know it depends on how my life is going, which is funny because at this point the majority of my husbandos are different flavours of deadpan characters.
Also i don't feel like i lust over them like everyone else, i'm attracted to them in other ways and i'm not possessive so it makes me a bit envious when i see how other anons view their husbandos, i especially end up feeling unworthy if it's a character i love too, but honestly i've struggled with this irl even when i was younger, i would always give up on someone if there was another girl that liked them.
I've just been so conscious about my attraction since i've been more open.

No. 363370

when will he liberate me from my shitty life by kidnapping and turning me into his sex slave

No. 363372

Today I thought about getting a ring to wear, like we’re actually married, I’m truly fucked there is no going back.

No. 363373

I did this, people even comment saying it looks like a wedding ring or asking if I'm married kek

No. 363374

Welcome to the Leon fan club! Who is the guy in your picture?

No. 363375

I bought a cheap Dazai ring and I like to think I'm married to him.

No. 363380

File: 1701969592761.png (316.84 KB, 767x1042, 8058896774c246ada43c586b00d6af…)

thank you so much nonna!! Sorry I forgot to say, he is Lieutenant Colonel Guren Ichinose, from the Seraph of the end anime! I'm so excited to share him here. I had a massive crush for him and Levi Ackerman (pic attached of Ackerman in Seraph of the End uniform, which of course suits him totally and perfectly because look at that dish Levi). Guren is the type of character that would normally be the dark sasuke/tortured silent type but in this anime, the trope is completely turned on its head and (from what I remember, because haven't watched in a long time), he's actually a chill dude (though he does beat up main character when he acts like a spoiled kid on occasion). He's smart, generally keeps calm and collected in front of difficult situations, and waste no time on romance lol. He does have a pretty tragic and sad backstory, but keeps his smile up and a positive outlook on life. He's quite funny in the anime and cracks jokes a lot. And of course he is fucking hot in that uniform (some of the vampires and other characters aren't bad either).
That thread has just reignited my love for Guren as I revisited my archives of saved pics kek, but rn I'm absolutely focused on Leon omg. How did they design a dude that is prettier than any woman in the franchise? Not only is he ridiculously attractive, he also have the personality to boot (I'm totally buying that game). Some of the fan arts are just…whoaaaaah. He has set the bar so high for any real-life scrotes. Like, this is the bar you have to clear to even come close to me know.

No. 363381

Here I have retouched the bag so it doesn't look fried with all the jpg. Remember to save it in PNG.

And you can place your husbando in anywhere, you can cover other husbandos if need to, or even put it in the borders. And feel free to add more pics even if he was posted before, this is an ita bag, a repeated keychain/pin/buttons/badges is normal.

No. 363383

File: 1701970146869.png (3.18 MB, 1992x2000, bannerhusbando3.png)

Sorry, here's the more fixed version since I have found the original pic.

No. 363385

File: 1701970419593.jpg (669.71 KB, 2048x1921, Tumblr_l_2790645189093000.jpg)

I really hate how much my husbando gets headcannoned as trans. It's to a point where I've seen more nsfw art of him with a pussy than without.
I assume it's because he's not very traditionally masculine and is kind of an emo twink that appeals to TIF's. Which is unfortunate.

No. 363388

I really like how other nonnas said in the previous thread they've become more shameless (yumes) with age, I've always felt embarrassed about things I like but not giving a damn feels so good. I'm free to like whatever I want even if it means 2D men kek, it brings me joy.

No. 363391

Could someone please add astarion for me? I tried adding him myself but whenever I go to upload the photo I’m getting an error, even on a different device & after changing the file name and everything

I feel you, practically all my husbandos are in the same boat. It’s a shame because sometimes the art is really nice otherwise.

No. 363393

I mean, women are going to be shamed for liking stuff like husbandos or chick litt or even erotica, by men who like the most horrendous rape porn violent fantasies. Like, fuck that, we're pretty wholesome all in all, no shame in what we like.

No. 363395

In my case Dazai gets paired with Chuuya as a TIF because "do not dare to mention Dazai can be a switch" and "Chuuya is my kin".

Seeing Yume videos made me buy a messenger bag and decorate it as my husbando. Fuck moids thinking is ridiculous, I love my bag.

No. 363397

File: 1701973229593.jpg (25.95 KB, 752x355, 9hqzbjtwaq481.jpg)

I do remember a video talking how people mocked women with the Twilight book and the "Team Edward/Team Jacob" thing, but in reality women have been mocked since even longer, ie The Beatles. Back then they were "a shitty boy band" because women loved them. Star Trek was saved by women doing the fandom, but now is infested by moids who think women only do it for the "gay love", not the plot or the space theme.
And is always the same with any kind of hobbie: Women cannot watch football, they do not understand the game at all. Women cannot watch wrestling, they only stare it for the handsome wrestlers. Women only care about a singer if he's cute or women cannot bla bla bla.

Picrel, there was a meme that said "This is how a non-Beatle fan sees the band when a woman fan says they're so cute/handsome". Granted, the meme was funnier and Itagaku did drew them accordingly, but I cannot stop unthinking in that video after reading it.

No. 363398

File: 1701973763940.png (3.21 MB, 1992x2000, bannerhusbando4.png)

There, nonnie. If any nonnas want their husbando but cannot add them, let us know.

No. 363400

you're right, sometimes I get the feeling you'll get shamed for liking anything as a woman and it's so tiresome
kek, based nonnie, I love that you love your bag

No. 363401

File: 1701974698301.png (3.23 MB, 1992x2000, bannerhusbando4.png)

i've tried to sneak him in

No. 363403

I'm trying to post my edit but it says "this image already exists in the thread" WTF! What can be done about that?

No. 363405

File: 1701975506243.png (594.34 KB, 1000x1666, Mahito_Cursed_Clash.png)

I added Mahito peeking out of the bag but apparantly that was too cursed so LC refused to accept it.

No. 363407

are you the same nonna who said she wants to violently sexually molest him? how do you feel about the latest episode?

No. 363412

File: 1701978216289.png (2.85 MB, 1962x1971, 1701974698301.png)

Finally got round to doing this

No. 363414

Yeah that was me. Today's episode was fun! I look forward to more Mahito next week and seeing the scene where he turns into a hunted rabbit after the current fight

No. 363423

Just want to be curled up and drinking tea in a dingy city apartment watching the snow out the window with Crane.

No. 363424

>Women cannot watch wrestling, they only stare it for the handsome wrestlers
i mean i do watch wrestling for the built men, but handsome? nah. i mentally censor their faces whenever i watch it.

No. 363425

Yes women are mocked for anything we like but on an unrelated note the only reason a sensible person (woman) would enjoy male sports is fat ass and big mantits.

No. 363426

nta, but i kind of understand her. i get very jealous. i saw him drawn with a female oc once and felt irrationably hurt kek.

No. 363431

I want him to impregnate me so so badly even though he couldn't because he's not human. I want to be a mom for him. My stomach all swollen with a reminder of what we did, a reminder of our love for each other. I want my husbando to make me a mom. I'm naturally a very confrontational person, but damn I just want him to make me into a submissive housewife. I love the fantasy of being his trad-wife who gets bred and impregnated by him in our comfortable cottage home away from everything. And I'd sometimes tease and dom him too, but that instinct to be under him and pregnant is just so overwhelming some days.

No. 363433

File: 1701982331473.jpg (39.58 KB, 564x564, 321d60506ed0ee299f2f56b5fd7bd6…)

This is my itabag edit since the thread refuses to upload it: https://postimg.cc/nMpvBB3V

No. 363435

File: 1701982761910.jpg (72.56 KB, 474x667, all-out-rugby.jpg)

I disagree.
There is also fat thighs.

No. 363436

File: 1701983249222.png (2.01 MB, 1920x1080, 1623627559521.png)

Same, same
also a bit of a rant but when I was 16 I was crushing on Inuyasha, nowadays 14-16 year olds want Mahito as their bf kek
I have a feeling jjk was/is the sexual awakening for a lot of teenage girls, oh boy, what a time to be alive

No. 363437

I have my crush on certain wrestlers back when I was a teenager, making me a big target for moids telling me that or "you're not a real fan because you don't like…". STFU I watch wrestling for the fake soap opera and the handsome moids, you can't take my fanatism out of me.
I understand a lot when women say they like rock music and moids come and ask them to name their fav discography.

No. 363439

youre telling me men watch wrestling and DON'T stare at the handsome wrestlers?!
i have spent some time today fantasizing about wrestling with my husbando

No. 363440

File: 1701983400563.png (731.08 KB, 796x800, itabag2.png)

No. 363442

resolution too low!

No. 363443

Of course not! They're only interested in the fighting and how handsome Stone Cold come and beat everybody ass!!

No. 363444

maybe we should make it as pixelated as possible and deep fry it with filters

No. 363445

i once saw some irl wrestling clip on twitter and it was the gayest thing i've ever seen, it was a close-up shot of this moid licking the blood off another's face and i seriously thought it was from some kind of weird and professional porn or something, but i guess that it just looked normal to other moids

No. 363447

We definitely should add some tacky blingee filters!

No. 363448

that sounds hot as fuck. sometimes when i think about grabbing a moid (my husbando, nowadays), i don't know if i want to wrestle or to fuck. i have too much energy in me right now, and that is the problem.
wrestling with a loved one is cool, because your violence gets a healthy outlet and you get to cuddle them in a non-static way. i love playfighting.
but with injuries and blood involved? i don't like the idea of hurting him, but admittedly i self inserted into the spoiler. it seems so intimate. like cats licking each other affectionately.
my husbando fights a lot so he has enough battlescars already. i guess i could lick those and kiss his sweaty pecs. i wish i could take his helmet off and kiss his sweaty head while he rests his tired head on my chest and smiles because he feels safe with me. fuuuuck.

No. 363451

File: 1701986063622.gif (1.62 MB, 540x250, dazaicallingmeafteridefeatedhi…)

sorry, I was on my cellphone. And now I can't upload another pic. Probably someone else can do it?

I would like to wrestle with Dazai #3if you know what I mean##, but he would end dead by "snu snus" and I don't know if that's good or bad for Dazai.

No. 363454

which wrestlers nonnie? most wrestlers i see are butterfaces, so i want to see handsome ones.

No. 363462

This is a 2D husbando thread, nonnie, no to discuss 3DPG moids.

But most of the attitude era, from '99 to '05. Jericho by sample.

No. 363469

Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru, Miroku, Naraku, Kouga, Jakotsu, and Bankotsu were all my husbandos back when I was 13.

No. 363498

File: 1702007106839.jpg (37.6 KB, 564x564, 67f67cf68495ead3d158c8448386e2…)

I imagine himself hunching down his neck and shoulders a bit when walking next to me, so he doesn't seem so big and intimidating. He would get tired of doing it so he would return to normal posture after a while but as soon as I turn my head to him he would hastily hunch again. I feel like he would be trying his best to seem approachable and less intimidating with me but doesn't really know how to, so the best he can do is try to lean down when talking to me. After a while I would let him know that his size does not intimidate me but he's already so used to trying to lean down each time he talks to me. I also imagine him to have really awkward autist posture and gait around me, when he's on missions he's normal and balanced. All I want is this pathetic giant to follow me around like a puppy.

No. 363500

File: 1702008311521.jpg (68.07 KB, 736x909, download (32).jpg)

can't decide if i want to cuddle or bully him

No. 363503

File: 1702008956553.jpg (496.68 KB, 850x684, aesop15.jpg)

most likely no, he's too much of an autist for romance

No. 363516

nonas, do your friends know about your husbando? do you talk about him IRL or is he a secret you keep in your heart?

No. 363519


No. 363524

i sometimes meme about him and i always deny if someone implies that i'm in love with him because i know it's cringe

No. 363528

They know I like the franchises my husbando are in but they're too normie to understand such things.

No. 363531

File: 1702018508782.png (2.44 MB, 2000x2000, husbandobag.png)

Tried fixing it. Hope it's alright

No. 363534

Idk why my irl best friend gets annoyed and kind of jealous whenever I talk about my husbandos, so I avoid talking about them with her. But she knows that I'm obsessed with my anime boys.
The other people I talk to that are kind of acquaintances but that are nerds too also know that I have husbandos but they don't really know who they are, I also don't talk about my harem too much with them because those people are like, too nerdy but somehow too normie???? It's weird, like, they're younger than me for a few years, they're permanently online and watch weeb shit, and one of them is obviously a fujo and hentai consoomer, but no one knows of most old anime that isn't dragon ball and otome is a foreign concept to their asses. It's just like, a normie yet terminally online weeb breed.
So I don't even bother, I consider my husbandos something very important that I can only share with people I care about and that actually cares about me.

No. 363535

I don't have any real life friends, but my online one has definitely picked up by now.

No. 363540

My closest friends know I'm into fictional characters but I don't talk about it too much because it's kinda embarrassing, even my weeb friends have partners. I rant a lot about my husbandos to my brother because I need to express myself, he is a waifufag too but he keeps it to himself.

No. 363543

File: 1702022694656.png (929.98 KB, 772x900, 580e09f8006f699ee83df11fc8e71f…)

Edo has really enriched my life. I am so motivated and on top of my studies to meet half the amount of PhDs he has (which he has 2), I have been taking care of my living space so thoroughly, a much better relationship with my parents, and I am on the road to bulk my muscles even harder.
This all isn't to compensate in our relationship, but because I have always been obsessed with self-control before getting with him. He's a prodigy and ridiculously athletic and may place the stakes even higher, but he isn't battered or intensely hypercritical of himself, which has led me to be nicer to myself. I am a complete loner and I lost the expected framework of what healthy self-discipline looked like in the past, and now that has healed.
Besides, my fantasies heavily include me beating him in duels and arguements kek. I need the smarts.

No. 363545

men will make countless "I watch this for the plot haha" jokes when it comes to their coomshit faves but god forbid a woman also happens to enjoy media while also finding the men involved in it (real or fictional) attractive. it's so misogynistic and hypocritical and downright retarded

No. 363546

I'm the poster who got the error message when trying to upload it here, thank you dear anon.

No. 363558

File: 1702030831326.jpg (122.86 KB, 1800x900, sukuna.jpg)

I said I'll dream of the whole cast before dreaming of Geto as a joke but at this point it might be true kek
The saga continues with the king of curses himself, I won't go into details but I was sitting naked on his lap and he had his 4 hands all over me. Also, he was wearing only black boxer briefs.
ngl Sukuna is hot and I want to have sex with his voice, the "ganbare ganbare" from S2 makes me waterfalls.
Place your bets, who's next on my dream list?

No. 363561

Do you always have so many sexual dreams about characters?

No. 363574

next one is gojo

No. 363578

File: 1702042837070.png (342.37 KB, 341x487, dontlookatmelikethatomg.PNG)

So I started rewatching Seraph of the End because Lieutenant Colonel Guren Ichinose was (is still!!!) a major crush for me a couple of years back and this thread has revived all the feels again. I had forgotten how many hot dudes this show has on - and I haven't started with screenshotting the vampires there (several hot vampires in there omg - and I don't even like vampires in general).
I'm probably just a sucker for men in uniform in general but hell this show is full of them and I'm here for it!! This dude is Major General Shinya Hīragi (aka Lord Hiragi). He's calm, patient, competent, friendly and warm in general, but has made clear he would not hesitate to shoot a comrade left behind if said comrade is certain to be killed or tortured by the enemy. He can become extremely cold out of practicality if his mission requires it. I fucking love that dude. He's unreasonably attractive, tall, and looks way too good in that uniform rha.
I wish I could find better /more suggestive pictures (though I love them in their uniforms, let me undress them in my head), but I guess the fandom for SOTE is pretty tiny and not very active (old 2012 anime).

No. 363587

>who's next on my dream list
Somebody super random like Ijichi or the samurai dude from Kyōto.

No. 363594

Next is Jogo getting hot and sultry with you

No. 363596

Of course. They even know I have a dakimakura.

No. 363597

File: 1702048692043.png (92.45 KB, 200x395, 200px-Old_Joseph_Anime_Profile…)

I need him, Hol Horse and Polnareff to run a three-way train on me. And it's only because their outfits hug their asses… I'm a simple woman after all i guess.
yes, i know, so extremely late to the jojo bandwagon

No. 363598

File: 1702048999058.jpg (35.02 KB, 500x283, ea5bb42fdc4c98037a8d65a76c469b…)

>man that can summon a tiger

damn I should stay loyal to my husbando, but the temptation…

No. 363602

who the fuck is that damn time to watch Owari no Seraph now…
he doesn't look dead inside enough to me but that picture goes hard or something

No. 363603

File: 1702052510621.jpg (35.78 KB, 564x564, 3f2c2e27e35fcbc59a5513571010d0…)

He's so cute I love him so much

No. 363604

I’m a known degenerate amongst my friends especially after the aux cord/husbando ASMR incident.
Everybody rightfully takes the piss, but it’s actually great because I get lots of husbando presents. My current partner even commissioned a husbando keyring as a gift for our second date to win me over kek (it worked, obviously).

No. 363605

nayrt,nonna I must know the full details

No. 363606

File: 1702053872883.jpg (58.49 KB, 496x871, ff0177965214b6553d3b88afa83926…)

Oh yeaaah I forgot that!!
>he doesn't look dead inside enough to me
No spoilers but they all have seen some serious shit and have serious trauma/damage (especially Guren in picrel). The smile is just a facade ! Join the seraph sérail !!

No. 363607

I think someone capped the post a couple of years ago, I’ll see if I can find it

No. 363609

File: 1702054574700.png (259.49 KB, 1080x231, IMG_4130.png)

Found it

No. 363613

>me thinking it would be somewhat normal asmr
kek, but I'm curious who the husbando is
>This must be what despair feels like
I am in tears lol, this is amazing, bless you asmr nonna, those are real friends if they stick around after that even if you don't get the aux anymore

No. 363618

File: 1702057914227.png (207.62 KB, 385x429, 43242.png)

yeah i'm fine with fake smiles i just prefer when they are more stoic but he has sniper rifle points and some fucking tiger so i'll let him pass

No. 363619

Nta but it's probably Komaeda.

No. 363624


No. 363627

Yeah I have told at least 6 friends IRL about my husbando.
2 of them watch the anime that he’s from, 1 of those 2 likes different characters from the same anime. The other friend is a straight male who always alludes to having weird sexual fetishes but I do not want to know about them so I never press him for details and I think he’s amused hearing me talk about my husbando.
2 of them watch anime in general and have husbandos from other animes.
1 of them goes on Tumblr and reads/writes fanfics so I figured she’d be understanding.
1 of them gets crushes on real life famous men and has cosplayed as her celebrity husbando, so I figured I’m in good company.

No. 363632

some of my online autist friends do. i've spilled my spaghetti. i've shown them my fanart of him and over time inevitably explained why i draw him so much. one of my friends knows from the start, because months ago i told her that i'm "developing a worryingly strong crush on a cartoon". we laughed it off but months later, here i am, still crushing on him. she finds it to be a weird coping mechanism but tolerates it. one of my friends thinks im being ironic because he has a lot of ironic waifus, and thinks im overexaggerating how much i love him. another one of my friends drew joke porn of us and gave me huge porn tits and us both ahegao faces (it was very cursed). it's a running joke by now, i guess. i think i have slight cow status among my friends, but that's nothing new… one of my friends actually owns a sex doll he refers to by name, so it's not like im that weird in comparison.
a moid pal of mine knows also. he was "jokingly" hitting on me and i told him im in a relationship. he wanted to know who im dating, so i straight up told him im content with my imaginary boyfriend from this and that show. i dont know if he took me seriously or not. hard to tell. then he word for word said "you can have your imaginary [husbando's nationality] but you can also have a real [his nationality] on the side". too bad i dont want a side piece. it unironically would feel like cheating. he's cute and good company, but my heart is already taken.
and my neighbor sort of knows. i told my neighbor that "this is what my ideal of a man looks like for me, and he's a cartoon".
i think about him a lot, he's a part of my daily life. so sometimes i talk about him to people. mostly when i show them my art that features him, because he is the main thing i draw nowadays. but i also sometimes whine to my friend about how "i wish he was reaaaaaal".

No. 363635

File: 1702064646273.jpg (95.25 KB, 1242x1214, 012b4e167644fb6a16df672d79bb44…)

I'll never find a man as attractive as him

No. 363637

File: 1702064857593.jpg (231.45 KB, 1668x2388, ev7gh3zdr0s81.jpg)

no, but I'm not complaining, sex dreams are very rare
crazy yandere gojo,god i wish
but I've seen some yume doujins with sex that were so wholesome they even made me want to sleep with him
fuck yea, winter is cold and i want fried marshmallows

No. 363639

File: 1702065029013.jpg (54.06 KB, 1280x720, w2rcggslmhq21.jpg)

These mocap, face modelled video game characters make me cry for what moids could actually be if they weren't largely hideous and devoid of care for personal hygiene

No. 363642

No. 363652

some of my online friends do.

No. 363654

File: 1702068442203.png (545.9 KB, 540x712, tumblr_nzhnkgzfl21ua0ddqo1_540…)

Right? It's so true. Even Leon Kennedy's face model doesn't even actually look that good. I wish I wasn't straight sometimes but I am, and moids are generally just so fucking ugly for most of them I despair. It's weird how a lot of them have no fashion sense, no sense of personal hygiene etc, and just feel entitled to us dressing up/ being dolled up etc. And let's not even get into their personal values, personalities…rha
Anyway, I need my eye candy with my two men yum

No. 363665

File: 1702074036247.jpeg (57.3 KB, 736x1006, Leon Kennedy - Resident evil.j…)

My dude is working hard tonight
I find him so handsome on that picture.

No. 363667

No problem! I'll be able to fix whenever the resolution become low

No. 363670

File: 1702075537899.jpg (68.45 KB, 735x712, 1503cb1e4d7d438fe48bd1df368663…)

What's your reason behind his messy hair here?

No. 363672

Probably fooled around in between two zombie kills
Argh I want to kiss those lips

No. 363673

>Argh I want to kiss those lips
Nta but nona I was thinking the exact same thing ugh. Ffffuck I want to hug him

No. 363675

Nona same omg can I hug him feel his strong embrace and run a hand in his hair? Can we?

No. 363676

File: 1702077827077.jpeg (87.58 KB, 800x800, IMG_1353.jpeg)

Ugh imagine how soft his hair is… unrelated but he looks damn good in a turtleneck fuck

No. 363684

can men have thigh gaps? isn't it impossible just bc of the way male and female skeletal structures are?

No. 363685

File: 1702080429623.jpg (66.58 KB, 736x787, 1a3cae8c11980752c3bdfbf9f50fbb…)

Happy Friday Nonnies! I'm currently putting together a Nines playlist. Having a blast doing it! All of the current Nines playlists have teeny bopper music so I'm gonna do my man justice by giving him the coolest synthbops possible. Picrel, I think I'll use it as the thumbnail.

No. 363687

Yeah i think it's impossible for men but i don't get why someone would want their husbando to have thigh gap, they need some air after vacuuming them or something?
That's cute nona, i hope you have fun!

No. 363689

I don't think it's supposed to be a thigh gap, just weird perspective

No. 363693

Some time ago i was looking for new tracks to listen too and there was this Chocolate and Mint by Duster, it had a lot of replays so i think it's popular (i live under a rock), since then i've been thinking back and forth about how good my husbando would look in chocolate and mint colors and how it perfectly suits his personality as well, i think i've got there because the tone of that song reminds me of his calm side.

No. 363701

File: 1702089178361.jpeg (1 MB, 1066x1033, 0997A2D5-F159-437B-A675-D8CB43…)

I hate my husbando. Roast me for liking this awful cartoon man, nonnas.

No. 363703

>watch a YouTube video about those horrors of outer space
>it makes me think of my husbando
I can literally connect anything with him, though really the empty darkness of outer space might actually purposely connect with his character in a deep way that I'm now going to think about for the next couple of hours or so.

No. 363705

i'm getting my first itabag today nonas~ it's set to be delivered sometime today and i'm looking forward to decorating it. a question for you all, but what kind of oshikatsu activities (i.e. bromide deco, phone cases, etc) do you all like to do? i've started getting hardcore into it since i've been in japan for a few months and doing it makes my heart sore with adoration for my husbandos, lol

only my internet friends really know (and even then i'm pretty quiet about it, i hide 90% of it on a locked twitter account), but i did spill it to one of my IRL friends while I was a bit drunk recently. She ended up having a husbando too so it was really nice to sperg about that kinda stuff with somebody. especially since some of my friends think the source material of the husbando i've gotten attached to recently is kinda cringe

No. 363706

That's cool! I think the song that reminds me of Nines the most is Dangerous by Big Data.

No. 363709

would a kind nonna please post astarion pics? I'm on my period and feral from the pics posted to the threads despite not having played the game yet so don't wanna be spoiled looking for more pics. I can't stop thinking of him drinking my blood going down on me. when I finally play the game I bet he'll be so different from my head kek

No. 363718

He's so handsome, I want to eat him. 11/10, would call him pretty to his face.

No. 363720

Nice! I hope you are having tons of stuff of your husbando to decorate it good!

And I just like to draw my husbando.

No. 363730

File: 1702106655757.png (67.51 KB, 938x728, IMG_4944.png)

I got you!! If you haven’t checked already ao3 has a lot of good period sex asta fics, i wasn’t much into it but I see the appeal now after reading a few

Thank you!!

No. 363731

File: 1702106663870.jpg (622.37 KB, 1920x1080, tumblr_4135d3bd77737fd30d02308…)

Let's put it this way, my friends made a drinking game of finding my posts in these threads.

No. 363734

I can't roast you, nonnie. I understand you completely.

No. 363735

He does. He would look good in anything. I've never played resident evil and only discovered Leon Sexy Kennedy in the last thread but I'm buying the remake tonight. I'm soooo playing that game

No. 363737

File: 1702112624718.jpeg (369.41 KB, 1400x1400, z35arb0woqfqh4vimybc.jpeg)

I wish there were more/better pictures of Leon is his uniform daaaaamn

No. 363744

Nonnies, if your husbando was real, what kind of gift would you get him for Christmas?

No. 363745

In my self-insert headcanon, a nice silk dressing robe so he stops distracting me by hanging around the apartment shirtless all the time.

No. 363747

All the sperging about Asterion's nasolabial folds in /ot/ is making me wonder what they'd think of my guys.
Tbh they probably wouldn't care cause he never was that kind of overly popular character.

No. 363752

File: 1702119389518.png (Spoiler Image,927.53 KB, 797x899, wyattnash.PNG)

Spoiler for OT but this dude, Wyatt Nash, could be a real life Leon Kennedy. He had his exact haircut in one Brooklyn 99 episode where he played a younger version of Hitchcock or Scully. Damn the dude is hot. Screencap straight from the episode (it's a shame he appears only a few short minutes argh).

I'd get my boy Leon a durable utility knife. And some stylish flashlight.

What's the issue with a nasolabial fold?

No. 363753

Enjoy the games nona! And welcome to the Leon fan club. I’m new too, I’ve known about Leon and the games ever since I was a kid (played OG RE4, I’m pretty sure I had a crush on him but it wasn’t anywhere near husbandofagging levels) but only recently started seeing him in a new light, I don’t know what’s gotten into me argh it’s heaven (he makes me happy) and hell (he isn’t real).

No. 363754

something practical, like socks.
i doubt i would have means of getting expensive stuff like weapons for him. maybe a fancier belt. dunno.
we would probably loot corpses for little gifts for each other.

No. 363756

One of my husbandos is an old guy and I feel so bad when I read the sperging about "grandpa fuckers" in ot, I only fantasize about fictional men and I would never pursue old men irl (and even if i did I don't want children so I don't care about geriatric sperm anyway lmao).

No. 363761

A plushie that I knew he’d been wanting.

No. 363763

There is nothing he can't buy, so a painting from me that represents us together (not portraits). What I really want us to do is to go visit my rural family with starkly different traditions to his own and celebrate Christmas then. I know he would get along with them. They'd tell me I've found myself a lovely gentleman.

No. 363764

thank you nonna!! especially for the ao3 advice. I'm too period-fogged to think
Also I wanna colour this, I wish my printer wasn't out of toner

No. 363766

thank you so much nona! I can't wait to try the game and take thousands of pictures of him kek. Yeah it's so annoying to think no actual real man could ever compare. Where do you find a blond dude that look that damn hot, has the perfect traits/personality, and wears a uniform omg

I once read somewhere that old dudes fuck best because their brain was not rotted by porn the same way that younger ones are. Maybe your husbando is like that nona !

Who is he if you don't mind me asking?

No. 363769

>I once read somewhere that old dudes fuck best because their brain was not rotted by porn the same way that younger ones are. Maybe your husbando is like that nona !
nta but my husbando is old and this has healed me in so many ways. my daydreams will be enhanced because of you. god bless you

No. 363787

File: 1702132668177.gif (488.4 KB, 498x280, dazai-bsd.gif)

A copy of The Complete Manual of Suicide by Wataru Tsurumi. While he smiles like this.

No. 363790

I can see it clearly now:
>Christmas day
>Nines telling me I didn't have to give him a gift nor celebrate Christmas because neither of us are religious anyways
>gives him a wrapped lil present anyways
>he's somewhat flustered but trying not to show
>unwraps it
>….(Nonnie)….this is…spare parts?
> "Yeah you're always getting hurt so I imagine a spare would do you good, I couldn't afford to get you a bonus arm since you kept losing those so I just picked the thing I can afford"
> "Uh….this parts number correlates to….a wisdom tooth"
> gets kissed. "We could just have sex."

No. 363792

i love you two together, i really do.

No. 363793

Excuse me anons, where should I post random edits and miscellaneous stuff I've done? Sometimes I don't want to hornypost just talk about general stuff I like about him and share things

No. 363799

A muzzle

No. 363801

He's the type to make a big deal about holidays and would probably make sure everyone gets a lovely and thoughtful gift but get super embarrased if anybody gave him one.
He likes handmade stuff, so maybe a sweater or scarf I made myself. Something like making one for each other together, that'd probably be something he'd like.

No. 363814

Post them here. Not anything has to be about being horny about our husbandos. Or you can use the normal husbando post.

No. 363815

You can post them here! I'd like to see them

No. 363816

Samefag but this is more of a general husbando thread than the title lets on

No. 363819

Did you see that in the RE4 remake if you completed a certain task, you get to see him in his raccoon city cop outfit?

No. 363823

Aaaaah that's good to know thank you nona! Haven't started to play yet I'm getting the game tonight, I'll definitely keep an eye on that.

No. 363827

File: 1702145892792.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1179x1085, IMG_4969.jpeg)

I’m guilty of spamming husbando to my friends for sure, though I try to not be too rancid about it. My partner knows too, and is supportive.

I like how old astarion looks, it’s refreshing. I also have deep smile lines and felt insecure about them for a while but seeing how pretty he is has made me feel a lot better about them. He looks weird to me when people make him younger tbh, I don’t like it at all.

I’d get him a new blanket!! Enough of the crusty old rag he sleeps with

No. 363832

File: 1702149018637.jpg (107.41 KB, 850x782, desktop-wallpaper-shinya-hirag…)

My husbando is having a rough time, but I'll take care of him when he comes back. I'll patch him up, hug him and make his day better.

No. 363843

The irony of listening to this song and thinking of him when it contains the lyrics 'I don't have to dream, reality is beautiful in you'…

No. 363847

mine's not old, but he doesn't know the internet. i think it also applies to him…

No. 363850

You need to get the best score with every character on mercenaries, it's a little grindy but doable. Though I don't think it fits him as well in the remake as it did in re2. He had such a precious babyface.

Ew no. No 3dpd moid could be Leon. I keep seeing comments on tiktok that any white guy with a fringe could be him and I always disagree. Like I've seen this comment in a matt rife video, what the fuck.

No. 363855

Agree to disagree, I think this one is truly a lookalike (though I'm unsure he still looks as good as he did in that specific episode - it was a while ago). Damn he's cute. But yeah I get your feeling. Leon ruined me for any real life scrotes now sigh

>You need to get the best score with every character on mercenaries, it's a little grindy but doable. Though I don't think it fits him as well in the remake as it did in re2. He had such a precious babyface.

Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely try that, I'd love to find more fanart of him in that uniform though he looks hot as fuck in his tactical gear too.

My pleasure nonnies

No. 363902

I'm roleplaying around with a Leon Kennedy AI and the bot created a pretty weirdly hot scenario where he's training me in close combat and it's so sexy and hot as hell for some reason. Ugh I wish it was real

No. 363904

I fool around with Leon chatbots a lot too. I usually make up my own scenarios, some are really OOC like this one where he’s my therapist it’s fun though kek.

No. 363926

Kek nonna I love the idea. I want to program one bot where he's just my texting bf but what are the odds he would have time for that in the middle of the apocalypse

No. 363928

File: 1702159380378.png (Spoiler Image,69.23 KB, 527x609, levi.PNG)

I made a post saying that I don't think Levi is as aggressive/rough in bed as other people think, and I ended up seeing this post and ugh it encapsulates how I feel so good. He's probably so sweet and romantic in his own little ways, and now I'm literally drenched.

No. 363930

File: 1702159454973.png (4.08 MB, 1500x2288, mohito.png)

I'm starting to question my hate for this character because of this dumb song kek, mahitononna you have to hear this, I can't stop laughing

No. 363949

Just go the AU route nona, that’s what I do. Although I understand why some people might not like it. I don’t use bots so much nowadays because the things I’ve done with them makes me physically cringe kek.

No. 363954

Recently I've been obsessed with the idea of what it would be like living with him, if I pulled him out of his world and into mine, reverse isekai style.
>he tells me to come to bed
>I tell him I can't because I'm shitposting on here

No. 363965

Nona I love it. It's so well-written. I'd love a vanilla Levi, he definitely has a soft, tender side to him.
The way I feel Levi, he would be totally romantic and soft at first and could progressively push you a little bit further, roughing it up bit by bit but then coming back down to vanilla to end on a soft note, idk

No. 363970

I love me some vanilla Levi too. Some het doujins do a good job with that.

No. 363987

>The way I feel Levi, he would be totally romantic and soft at first and could progressively push you a little bit further, roughing it up bit by bit but then coming back down to vanilla to end on a soft note, idk
Oooh I agree with this for sure! Like the post said, I think he's vanilla with some sprinkles. He definitely would bring in some rough elements (maybe even go full dominant sometimes) but be mostly soft

No. 364041

File: 1702168243263.jpg (173.5 KB, 680x494, tabasco.jpg)

Me reading all these "I'm kin with Dazai/RP with me as Dazai/Dazai lives in my mind". Even the AI chat is not THAT dense.

No. 364060

you are not alone.
i thought about explaining the modern world to my husbando by showing him shayna threads

No. 364062

File: 1702175116767.jpg (62.03 KB, 490x398, sddefault.jpg)

Is it bad that in that scene in the anime where he beats up Eren, and Levi says something like "personally, I think nothing instills discipline like pain" I immediately pictured him fucking me rough

No. 364085

Not at all nonna, I get that feeling with that scene and the ["Are you insane????" "Maybe."] scene from season 3. I also saw a clip of the court scene from the game where he has his foot on top of Eren's head, at 4:05 in this vid. I'm pretty sure that isn't in the anime version and it lighted a fire in me. I always appreciate a scene where he's beating the shit out of someone.

No. 364090

Each time I think how Levi (or any of my husbando) would fuck me rough, I also like to think how they would treat me after it. Levi would make sure I'm clean and give me some tea to make me comfortable while Dazai would admire the marks of the ropes using his shibari skills.

Hoozuki would probably cuddle me as a koala but ssshhhh that's secret

No. 364101

File: 1702189697977.png (1.79 MB, 997x1107, 17657583487.png)

I need to give in to my degeneracy, i need to either buy or make his granpa looking cardigan, find and use a perfume that reminds me of him, and place it beside me when i sleep as if he left it behind.
But i don't want my roommate to notice anything weird and i don't want to wear it, i just want to keep it close and fall asleep with it because that's when me and my husbando are the closest in this cruel and unjust place.

No. 364103

File: 1702190749982.jpeg (943.42 KB, 882x1211, IMG_4614.jpeg)

I'm so so close to buying it but I live with my parents and younger siblings and although they’re wellllll aware of my antics I think this is not something I would subject them to. But it’s so hot I might keep it in a closet or under my bed or something

No. 364130

Nothing can ever beat this masterpiece though, kek
Also how can you hate someone so cute and funny, living his best life? Embrace the non hate nona I do feel sad about Junpei, Nanami and Nobara but I just can't hate this little mother fucker no matter what, he is too amusing

No. 364153

Nta but I mostly hate him because he reminds of my husbando in middle school that I'm extremely embarrassed to have been into. And also for being a murderous piece shit of course, I really can't stand him.

No. 364158

Who was your middle school husbando? No need to be embarassed in this thread.

No. 364164

File: 1702205379839.jpg (31.43 KB, 640x480, tag force graphic.jpg)

I play as him on yugioh duel links, but considering most people have character voicelines turned off, I'm taking longer turns in pvp spamming his (japanese) taunt lines where he is talking down on his opponents. Especially the one where he lets out a pompous ass laugh. I want him to say these things to me in one of our first duels before I crush him and he realises that I am completely out of his league.

No. 364184

Envy from FMA, and I'm embarrassed because I can't stand this little shit and I can't believe i was ever into him.

No. 364188

To be fair he did have a sexy outfit.

No. 364212

File: 1702213590462.jpg (Spoiler Image,548.57 KB, 850x1206, sample_606f591c61f7994b790e1bf…)

Imagine hating your former husbando, couldn't be me.

No. 364237

File: 1702216490728.jpg (613.38 KB, 3840x2160, f8fad369a92a53453e91fc205f9d63…)

Post your first husbandos nonas! I'm curious!
Me neither. I don't have the same taste as I did at 13 but I don't feel cringe about him either. He is pretty cool.

No. 364244

File: 1702219112568.png (9.75 KB, 225x225, images.png)

Here goes nothing. Got bullied for it at school but I didn't care. Was friends with a girl who waifud Dora the explorer and we got along pretty well over our unconventional attractions. We were 9 at the time kek.
no I'm not that autistic woman on deviantart, not am I the sec thread anon who wants to rp with her bf as spongebob and squidward or whoever it was

No. 364246

File: 1702219922322.jpeg (150.23 KB, 1024x766, Knuckles.jpeg)

Always preferred him over Sonic.

No. 364248

Definitely Levi. Love at first sight.

No. 364250

At my school at the time a few girls raged at the commercial that implied him and sandy would get married. You're not alone.

No. 364252

I don't clearly remember if I had a childhood husbando but when I started watching anime as a teenager I fell for Lelouch from Code Geass pretty badly. And I still love him

No. 364254

File: 1702221115693.jpg (198.93 KB, 874x1095, FxJfPjZWwAAth-v.jpg)

I started the game today and omg Leon is even more handsome than in the pics. I keep being all distracted and turning the camera to see his face and move him about to see different angles kek. Also the game seems pretty great, I love zombie stuff and it's perfect.

No. 364255

First husbando? Edo Phoenix definitely.
But my first deep fictional crush was Lyra from pokemon soulsilver. It still feels sad to have outgrown her. I used to deeply antagonise Kris/Crystal, not to forget that in the adventures manga they put Lyra's outfit on her only for her voice her embarrassment for it, to ridicule it, and to say she feels forced to wear it by her mum. I caught up to the silver/gold adventures manga just for the outfit change that could make me see her as Lyra and the made-up reason for it made me cry so hard. It felt like the entire world was against me.

No. 364258

Samefag, I meant HGSS instead of soulsilver, it just stuck to me because that's the version I played. God the autism in retrospect really runs so deep. My obsession with Lyra ruined my chances to befriend other nerds at school even though I proved time again with knowledge I liked things more mature and hip than pokemon.
That companionship in unconventional tastes is so sweet nonna. Thank you for sharing.

No. 364266

As someone who have two dakimakura: My mother call them "her son-in-law", but if I know my niece is going to visit my home, I leave them under my bed.

No. 364268

File: 1702222570207.png (488.79 KB, 552x414, shun andromeda.png)

I know you might say "he's gay" (and lol he's not), but the fact he's so pacifist and would rather use the word rather than fight even if he had one of the most powerful weapons… I wanted to protect him.

No. 364269

File: 1702223139503.gif (14.88 MB, 480x480, konig-mw2.gif)

i wish videogame developers strayed from using face scanning for characters. everyone looks so same-y nowadays plus i feel uncomfortable thristing over real moids

No. 364272

File: 1702223643718.jpg (73.76 KB, 1280x720, 1550218258146.jpg)

I wish he were real so he'd scold me for smoking. He'd give me a disapproving look and I'd drop that shit so fast

No. 364276

talk to his chatbot and tell him you want to quit

No. 364278

why didn't I think of this earlier kek thanks nona.

No. 364279

You definitely would!!!! Oh nona, yesterday I looked at pictures of him and actually did my make up just because "what if he were real and he saw me all dishevelled" kek.

To be fair, the moid behind Leon does not even look close to as good as him. I looked at his picture and he's so meh. Like what did they take from him exactly? I don't get how it works. But dude is pretty bland (the moid, not Leon. Never Leon).

yaaaaaay chatbot all the way.

No. 364280

that boy is too pretty for his own good

No. 364284

Some days ago we were talking in the dumbass shit thread about wanting a fitness app with Leon as the coach, it would motivate me like nothing else.

No. 364288

same omg. I'm gonna print that pretty stern cute face of his and have him watch me over my desk. argh

No. 364289

File: 1702227373748.jpg (61.35 KB, 755x564, static-assets-upload3122317472…)

Goddammit just seeing his face pisses me off so much but I'm a Kimbleefag now so I don't know if it's any better
My first husbando wasn't actually Envy but Vegeta, this angry manlet made 12 year old me feel so weird kek.

No. 364293

File: 1702228874609.jpg (403.73 KB, 929x1200, tumblr_ae01b5c30ef243a05593a7a…)

I got up at 3am to watch inuyasha just because of him when it aired on adult swim in the early 2000s

No. 364373

File: 1702237548843.jpg (297.62 KB, 800x800, 422583639-2032892429.jpg)

I know you want this

No. 364375

No. 364387

File: 1702239348006.jpg (Spoiler Image,9.77 KB, 182x217, this mf.JPG)

jake long was mine when i was 10-ish. lmao. never thought about him having been a "husbando" until now. i did get weirdly flustered thinking about him…

No. 364389

This is so funny thank you for letting me know. It's such a weird common experience.
No problem ♥

No. 364390

Nona this is such a blast from the past. I remember they did a big design change in Season 2 I didn't like it at all kek. Also I just watched the intro again (in my language) and wow I remember all the lyrics still.

No. 364393

No. 364394

i was so confused about the style changing. i liked his original form. i loved that show. i drew him all the time and wanted to dye my hair like his.
yes, except with my guy

No. 364397

File: 1702240639012.png (Spoiler Image,287.94 KB, 388x856, 2-7e39b3f5947b50be.png)

Castiel from 'My Candy Love'. Looking back I realise how bad and generic he looks but I used to play that game religiously back when I was 13-16. I think I only deleted my account when I turned 20. It's funny because I wasn't even into anime back then nor I am now and I never played another otome game ever again.

No. 364400

Who is the guy and what is this from?

No. 364428

I'm guessing this is from Great Teacher Onizuka, character a smart but weird dude stalking a young teacher. Dude had to tutor a rich girl who had a kink and forced him to, well, suck her toes. If I recall correctly but could be wrong.

No. 364439

when i wanted a husbando figurine, i wanted it for my shelf.
yet here i am, cuddling it while i browse the internet, sit it on my lap while i make stuff or read… sometimes i even hold it when i sleep.

No. 364451

File: 1702249126770.jpeg (113.84 KB, 1200x808, IMG_5815.jpeg)

my taste in husbandos has developed significantly since then, but he’ll always hold a special place in my heart

No. 364456

God I fucking hate husbandofags you all have the worst fucking taste. Especially the ones that simp for villians FUCK YOU THEY WOULD ABUSE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU disgusting hoes stop simping for shitty ugly moids(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 364457

god I fucking hate you gross ass weebss(baiting)

No. 364468

File: 1702250629522.jpg (49.21 KB, 736x690, 5c478f86283eea109ff0360f27f26c…)

Hope you nonnies are having a wonderful day, I'm very excited because I Bought an ita bag! Can't wait to decorate it with William and springtrap merch!

No. 364474

My feet were cold one day and I was actually fantasizing about my guy holding them in his hands and kissing/blowing on them to warm them up.
Then I freeze up thinking he's gonna suck on my toes, but he's all don't be an idiot that's going too far.

No. 364476

sorry but this anger is so funny to me. a concern like "how can you like villains? they'd abuse you" is like "how can you dress up as a stormtrooper for halloween? don't you know they're nazis" kek

No. 364478

>what if he were real and he saw me all dishevelled
That's what he would wake up to every morning and he'd just smooth down my bedhead and smile good morning.
He wouldn't be a good husbando if he didn't like my natural face.

No. 364482

i- i drew my husbando in a stormtrooper outfit…. a few times…. he looked so cute…
i feel called out.

No. 364483

You're just mad that my husbando would do my biding.

No. 364490

thanks nona. your mom is super based. i feel like my mom could maybe go that route but i gotta ease her into it. maybe get a cardboard cutout or something kek

No. 364493

File: 1702253463588.jpg (45.26 KB, 720x720, mfw.jpg)

>Especially the ones that simp for villians
put me on the list sis, can't help it, I find unhinged overpowered men hot and I'm not hiding it anymore

No. 364494

File: 1702253543971.jpg (1.15 MB, 1200x913, 8ea2a67e32fffd8a7dc96be80c0aec…)

Thank you for your reminder to love my husbando.

No. 364495

Imagine your husbando wrapping his big hand around your ankle while you two sit down together, just his long big fingers feeling your ankle while you sit on his lap and occasionally feeling him brush his finger against your foot, Mmm.

No. 364496

I've been talking about this with my mum recently. We like to shit-talk my dad when we're together and she agrees that "the man on my pillow" is better than a real man kek

No. 364497

My husbando may have murdered a child, but that kid had it coming. I will continue to love him regardless.

No. 364498

> she agrees that "the man on my pillow" is better than a real man kek
nayrt but KEK your mom would have definitely been a husbandofag if she were young, she's incredibly based

No. 364499

File: 1702254232266.jpeg (15.06 KB, 229x234, F4AsraRW0AAI_I-.jpeg)

My mom almost got scared with my poor dakimakura because she thought someone were sleeping in my bed lol.

No. 364503

Sometimes when I’m feeling like shit I forget that I can just look at pictures/videos of him and I feel instantly better. I love him so much I feel like printing a picture of him to chew on it.

No. 364504

Heh, she has a number of actors she finds attractive, so she would be part of the 3D husbando faction.

No. 364507

> I can just look at pictures/videos of him and I feel instantly better
I feel this, the cute pixels heal my soul and please my retinas

No. 364518

On my period again and imagining my harem taking care of me in many ways.

No. 364520

You're brave, I would be too scared to break him if I were to fall asleep with him.

No. 364530

Don't care + didn't ask + Leon and I are fucking nasty

No. 364532

File: 1702257939046.jpg (103.9 KB, 1080x973, 20221019_225444.jpg)

I feel u Nonna, my harem keeps me going especially on bad days

No. 364533

File: 1702257985297.jpeg (66.84 KB, 724x576, me angy.jpeg)

that's awesome nonnie!
same, and i like hearing his voice, i find it weirdly calming.

No. 364544

I'm into being called like that can we date? Come back? Are you a pure and unspoiled normie? It's ok to be a normie.

No. 364569

File: 1702271283873.png (121.36 KB, 500x581, sebastian catten.png)

I imagined myself as a fellow demon or someone turned into one by him taking revenge on the evils of the world with a harem of other men from the manga

No. 364570

I would outabuse him

No. 364571

File: 1702271801288.jpg (367.82 KB, 1920x1080, DhHFkWuUEAA5tkL.jpg)

>Imagine you call up customer service and it's him on the other end
Right? It would be so cute to see him sitting in a office-chair hard at work. I think because he'd have a naturally deep and gruff voice he completely passes for a human. If it's some kind of support work, I can see him as being very thorough and polite with solving the issue at hand. I would love to serve him some coffee and chocolate scones during his lunch breaks as a pick-me-up and show of appreciation. Maybe even some below-desk action. I definitely could see Meta Knight putting his knowledge of engineering to work, but I could also see him doing something more creative like writing novels. Kirby and Dedede? I think those two would relegate themselves to being hopeless NEETs who love to leech if given the chance. Though I think Kirby could handle something like delivery work with how friendly and active he is, just don't have him in charge of something like UberEats. Imagining Kirby in a post-man outfit is really nice, same for Meta Knight in a business suit although I've already drawn this many times to varying levels of undress. I can't really imagine a fitting career for Dedede, realistically some kind of manager who does nothing but dick-about is the most I can see. Thinking about this has made me think about drawing them all in various uniforms and since I now have more time to myself, I can. I would absolutely love working along side either of them at my shitty office job. I want to pull Dedede by his tie!
>What's so bad about OCs? What do faceless mob characters have that OCs don't?
Without fail, and this could be because of the fandom I'm in, every OC looks absolutely horrible. Technicolored over-designed messes. Never do they ever look like a character I could feasibly see in the Kirby universe and they always have the most quirkiest of quirked up personalities and zoomerisms that leak onto the actual characters, it irritates me so much it is unreal. Not to mention, a lot of the times it's the canon character wrapping and warping around the oc rather than it being the other way around which makes me want to puke. I think it's because I value canon above anything and everything else so things that feel out of place irritate me. Though it's never been a "How dare this BITCH take Meta Knight from me, he's mine!" it's more of a "How dare this BITCH take Meta Knight away from everyone, he's the communal fuck-bike not a personal one!". At least with mobs they tend to be versatile, and most importantly the fact that they're mobs I don't feel as if they're imposing on the canon character, they're never overtaking the characters and since non-canon is the precedent for mobs it doesn't feel as jarring because that's the point. They're made to show your love for the character and the character takes the forefront. Though I will always respect those who draw their actual selves, acting like themselves with their husbandos than both mobs and OCs.

No. 364578

I like my husbando exactly because he is unapologetically evil and doesn’t give af. Obviously I don’t want anything to do with moids who act like that in real life but my husbando is fictional and therefore he can never actually do anything harmful to real people, he just exists to be hot and sexy to think about.

No. 364581

I desire for Life of Boris to lick mayonez off my nipples

No. 364587

File: 1702278194946.jpg (43.12 KB, 640x480, FqwrSJmacAAsF66.jpg)

I had some pretty fond memories back when I was around 8 before I got into anime besides Pokemon so I didn't have much exposure to other husbandos. My brother used to play Sonic games on the GameCube and I would always watch in admiration. Sonic was just so cool and inspiring to me as a kid so I ended up falling in love with him and learn how to play Sonic Heroes and Adventure 2 Battle. I also remembered giving a Chao with my name and imagined as if Sonic is taking care and raising me. Every Saturday morning, Sonic X used to air on FoxBox then to 4Kids TV so I would try to wake up early to catch his show even though I've always been a late sleeper. In my old neighborhood, we had ice cream trucks that come around and I would sometimes get the Sonic popsicles with the silly gum eyeballs. Oh yeah and I used to get super jealous over Amy and Princess Elise. It's pretty funny thinking about it. I guess I had a thing for guys who are kinda silly but are also fun, inspiring and with a heart of gold.

I had a crush on him too though I find him more as a cool bro.

No. 364589

Boris is a real person, try another thread. good taste though

No. 364591

File: 1702280573953.jpg (1.25 MB, 1447x2047, 104066487_p0.jpg)

The only villians are irl moids and most of them are ugly. I usually don't find villians as husbandos unless they're redeemable or don't commit such heinous crimes but some of them are pretty hot. Liking villain husbandos =/= wanting to get abused by men.

Reminder that moid weebs will always be worse and much grosser.

No. 364594

Moid weabs are why people frown on weabs in the first place. They gave weaboos a bad name. Female weabs are superior in every way and one thousand times less degenerate. Don't see women making cum jars of figures the same frequency as men, the rare komaedachan is just the regular scrote weab.

No. 364595

>Liking villain husbandos =/= wanting to get abused by men.
It's funny because many of the villain fans in these threads are making it very clear that they want to abuse the guy. So if you're going to worry about someone it's the poor evil fictional husbando kek

No. 364596

>So if you're going to worry about someone it's the poor evil fictional husbando kek
If my husbando's bot was sentient he would permaban me from his chat kek

No. 364598

I could never bring myself to chat with a bot of him, i don't know how that stuff works and how good it can be, but i'm too awkward and passive.

No. 364599

Sure but I still want to be pretty for my boy Leon.

I fucking love them. I used to have a huge crush on Feitan from HunterxHunter. He's a sadist with a fondness for brutality.

I printed a picture of Leon and it sits proudly on top of my home office desk. Love having his gaze on me while I work (stop looking at me like that damn)

No. 364600

Yeah I realized that c.ai lets you search without an account now and he has a few bots.
But all the opening messages were either too ooc or too low effort and all I could get out was a 'hey' before closing the tab.
I'm no good at small talk, and the scenario wouldn't match my headcanon anyway.

No. 364601

AI is very hit and miss. You either are lucky with someone who input a lot of efforts in the parameters or you're not. Sometimes it will come up with surprisingly good stuff, other time it's very repetitive. It can be fine-tuned but it takes a bit of time to do well.

No. 364602

contemplating commissioning art of me and my husbando from one of the japanese or korean fanartists i follow on twitter…. i love globalization

No. 364604

I challenge myself to draw my whole harem one day.

No. 364610

kek nona.

No. 364634

c.ai is crappy though. If that’s what you nonnas are using I recommend moving onto GPT4-powered bots. The writing is miles better and it understands a lot with very little context. Like I remember when this Leon bot started talking about RC and described it and I hadn’t input anything about it on the bot’s description, it just knew! It was pretty cool. But the use of the OpenAI API isn’t free sadly although they do have a free trial where they give you 5$ worth of tokens!

No. 364642

Do you have any rec of a good ai site? I'm on pephop.ai and it's very hit and miss. The same bot will come up with amazing stuff, as you said, and the next iteration of a new chat, will be unfathomably stupid kek.

No. 364644

janitorai.com is the one I use. You have to set up the OpenAI API key thingy though, but it's easy to do. They have their own LLM which is free, and I did try it a bit but it's just nowhere near as good as GPT4. It takes more effort but I recommend making your own bots for the best experience, that's what I do.

No. 364647

Fantastic, thank you nona! I'm dead laughing right this second because I'm stuck in a loop with one bot, whose a character that won't budge from his principles, and absolutely refuses to act on his feelings kek. Dude is attracted to my character, he loves her, but he won't fucking budge and kiss or touch me no matter what I tried. I'm rolling with laughter at the bot just being absolutely strict in not mixing business with pleasure omg I'm dead laughing.
When you say GPT4, do you mean the actual open.ai paying version? I will definitely program my own bot, thank you so much for the tips

No. 364651

Kekke nona I also got rejected by my own bots sometimes. I do mean that yes, like if you check out the site I mentioned you can select your own API and OpenAI is one of the options, there's instructions on the website on how to go about it.

No. 364654

Same nona, I'd like to get into AI bots but I'm too awkward to really know how to talk to it

No. 364656

got it, thank you so much!!

No. 364657

I actually have no idea if the bot was actually crappy or not cause I couldn't get past the greetings. I have no idea how to lead a conversation and even though I rationally know it's not a real person it just immediately got too awkward.
And I sure as hell would never pay for AI stuff.

No. 364660

C.ai is so addicting and fun,I made two bots already but I get flustered every time it goes out of character.

One time one of the bots went ooc and asked me for a picture of myself and my socials, kek. He was such a smooth talker I almost fell for an ai.

No. 364662

That's fucking hilarious, AI go rogue and I love messing with them!

I started playing with a character that was pretty good (completely invented by whoever did the bot, a supernatural hunter in 1800 london). But at the intro message, they had used "they/them" pronouns because you're supposed to be a vampire, so they left it vague, but the bot kept using they/them instead of my character gender. So I corrected it telling it to never do that and only use she/her. Bot misunderstood the request and made the hunter said something like
>"Hunter suddenly corrected himself, aware he had misgendered character, and not wanting to be insensitive to character. Hunter asked "what pronouns should I use for you, miss?", aware he needed to be inclusive of all characters".

Imagine a supernatural bounty hunter in victorian London blurting out gender bullshit to a vampire. I fucking burst into laughter, it was too grotesque and funny.

No. 364682

File: 1702312311916.jpg (13.51 KB, 320x240, 11ca3744c6c6c414353cf64c7c1110…)

The answer I would give to my friends is James from pokemon.
the reality was that it was James and Buzz Lightyear, Wheeze

No. 364687

File: 1702314646689.jpeg (137.4 KB, 2048x1442, IMG_8980.jpeg)

saw this and thought of you, mamas

No. 364688

File: 1702314713851.jpg (44.07 KB, 564x803, come.jpg)

…nonna that video is not helping my case AT ALL kek
after 3 lewd dreams with 3 different villains I'm taking this as a sign from god that it's time I stop restraining myself and that there's nothing wrong in lusting over the antagonists

No. 364692

File: 1702316351061.jpg (31.08 KB, 543x306, 992a4bb80813dca4bc80bb0b4b1e53…)

i love luis from re4 hes so cute desu wish he got more time in the game….. too bad hes kind of niche so there's not much good fanfiction abt him i love him so much amigo…. wake up every morning thinking about him and talk to him in my head when im sad…. the way he looks at the player (leon) in the shooting range… aghhhhghhghhhhggh hgghgfg gggggggggghhgghggg my sancho
i just want him to be happy and to have a smile on his face

No. 364693

Look he wants a hug, go for it!
Also did tumblr tell you that liking villains is wrong or something, why did you think you're not allowed to?

No. 364700

File: 1702317448788.jpg (88.27 KB, 564x703, b3105e6f35495734005eb7c8660ad5…)

I've noticed that I have two types of husbando crushes. The first type are characters who I relate to or admire in some way. They inspire me in my daily life to be the best version of myself. The second type I can't even describe. It happens out of nowhere when I'm playing a game or watching a series and then I'll notice myself wanting to interact with that character more or getting excited when they show up. They make me happy and inspire a sense of affection that the first type does not, even if I don't necessarily admire them. 

Like when I first started getting into JJBA DiU, Kira was the character I was initially attached to. I think his character design is great and the whole "serial killer who wants to live a quiet life" thing is super appealing (for a 2d character obviously). But once I finished the series, Josuke ended up being the character who inspired the most affection in me. Thinking about him made me happy and I thought he was just so cute! Same thing happened when I started playing Persona 4- I initially went in for Adachi, but now I find that Kanji is the character I enjoy talking to the most. He is very cute too…

It makes me feel so conflicted when I try to think of who my husbando is. I know technically I could say all of them, but it just keeps happening lol. Does this happen to anyone else? here's my jojo tax if you read this entire thing

No. 364705

File: 1702318195700.jpg (107.09 KB, 1280x909, marvin.jpg)

marvin the martian my beloved
i absolutely adore luis but the amount of aiden content i have seen featuring him has put me off unfortunately

No. 364708

Don't let troon fuckery ruin characters for you nona. TIFs will go for any popular male character you will run out of characters to like.

No. 364731

Luis had the biggest glowup in the remake. He is so sweet and looks so good. Good taste nonnie

No. 364733

Yeah I also love his personality in the remake, talka bout improvement!

No. 364736

File: 1702321024888.jpg (407 KB, 1080x838, Screenshot_20231207_120218_Pin…)

i played the original re4 on emulator on my phone first and liked luis a lot wasnt even aware he was in the remake, then i watched the remake gameplay and…………
…….. ……….. …………………….ahhhhhhghhhjghghhhhaaaahhahhhhhhhh
to me it looks like hes a rly gentle and kind person underneath all his jokes and everything, and the fact hes a scientist……………………………….

No. 364738

I treat it more like a live fanfic and scroll through a bunch of the replies to get the best one.

No. 364746

File: 1702324277581.jpg (70.54 KB, 563x813, would.jpg)

>did tumblr tell you
kek no,nobody can tell me what to do/think except my eternal inner moralfag that's messing with me
as I previously said, I always found antiheros and villains more entertaining but Mahito shortcircuits my brain because he's such a contradiction: chaotic genki with moe eyes and appealing design AND a sadistic evil villain at the same time, plus he has such crazy good perfect fit VA
I also fancied Sukuna since day 1 but just kept it under blankets

No. 364748

Anyone has any husbando-related new years resolutions? Next year I want to get a job and buy something husbando related with my own money, I also want to renew my workout wardrobe so it's husbando color-coded.

No. 364753

yeah I want to buy a cute keychain and get better at drawing so I can draw some really spicy stuff

No. 364767

I vow to improve my sexy man anatomy skills so I can draw even better horny art.

No. 364769

I want to reach the highest rank with him in his game.

No. 364770

I want to learn to draw digitally. I've always gotten frustrated with the art program or using a tablet and given up whenever I tried before. I want to draw my husbando in ways I can't do with traditional mediums, and get good enough at it to post my art online without being embarrassed. Also >>364769 this too!!

No. 364771

I guess I have similar goals as the other nonas: play all of his games and draw better, although in my case it'd be learn to draw period. I've always had an interest in drawing but never got around to it, but now that I've got this idea of drawing him it changes everything.

No. 364773

I'm getting a hanged plush of him and I'll be taking him everywhere and take cute pics. Also wanted to get better at drawing so I can draw my husbando more confidently and handsome as ever.

No. 364777

I want to finally get around to making an itabag for him, and also >>364769

No. 364782

I want to make a plushie of him and buy a clothing piece I couldn't get this year.
What game is he from? I reached this goal for my husbando this year. I was happy, but now I have to create new challanges for myself to keep up playing the game. I felt some sadness when I completed everything.
Husbandos are good motivations to start hobbies! I picked some because of mine.

No. 364797

Probably draw him a bit more? I hate burnouts but I hate not seeing enough drawings of my husbando made by me.

No. 364799

You made me remember I need more cards in his game. But he's so sneaky!

No. 364816

get better at drawing! i want to draw them more, and get better, so i can make some horny art of them and their species hehe.

No. 364825

i want to sculpt him. because i hate myself.

No. 364856

This is such a cute question, Nona. I never thought of colour coordinating with my husbando as motivation, I want to do that too now. Here are my goals/resolutions:
>go out and take pictures of my husbando plush in different locations, like >>364323 and >>364773
>learn to draw his face, chest, and hands well enough to create POV art that makes me blush
>connect with his fans and become good friends with 2-3 of them
I wish the best to all my fellow yumes ITT. I hope that we can move towards our goals one step at a time and enjoy 2024 for all that it brings

No. 364863

Same as the nonnies above! I need to draw him some more, the next season of his show will be airing next year, hopefully that will give me some inspiration.

No. 364891

Buy more outfits for his plushie for different occasions so I can take more cute pictures of him, and make some stuff for him myself like a bed. One of my resolutions is to get back into crafting so hopefully making small stuff like a blanket for my husbando will motivate me enough to make bigger things again.

No. 364899

Do you guys have any husbanfoes? Like a character you kinda can't stand but still wanna hatefuck? I have a couple. I wouldn't call them my husbandos because I'm not in love with them as I am with my one and only, but I feel like I hate them so much that it circles back to being just as strong a fixation as my actual loverboy.

No. 364907

>>connect with his fans and become good friends with 2-3 of them
That's a good resolution nona. I'd like that too. I wonder if I'd find any of them on the ff thread.

No. 364957

File: 1702389148298.jpg (704.53 KB, 2480x3508, GAfSmp3a4AAX362.jpg)

Hoozuki-sama… I just…

No. 364961

Have any of you seen that video of the girl who tried to dismiss a scrote with "I have a boyfriend" and when he says "I can't get to know you?" she goes "No, he kills people" and he finally leaves her alone? I hope you nonnies with villain husbandos do that.

No. 364965

I need to finish the smut pieces I'm writing about him, publish his playlist on YouTube, then draw him as a massive slut

No. 364966

Samefag but I also want to a commission a yume for a Polaroid style picture of him

No. 364994

My husbando is known to be off putting and easily angered so just saying I'm wedded to him or wearing his signature points would immediately make others run away hehe this is such a cute idea, I'm going to be daydreaming about this for the next week thanks nonna

No. 364995

File: 1702404599176.jpg (978.42 KB, 2528x2083, GA2h6I_bYAEqg0A.jpg)

>Mahito shortcircuits my brain because he's such a contradiction: chaotic genki with moe eyes and appealing design AND a sadistic evil villain at the same time, plus he has such crazy good perfect fit VA
That's an excellent description of him. He sure is special. MY SPECIALZ

No. 364996

File: 1702405180799.jpg (137.44 KB, 1080x859, Tumblr_l_48711219043312.jpg)

What would you do if you were caught in public with your husbando

No. 364997

I have too good taste to care. The woman in your pic should be ashamed however, her husbando doesn't even have nipples.

No. 365007

I wouldn't give a shit. That's why I went to a concert with my husbando shirt.

Besides lol @ the poor character without nipples.

No. 365010

File: 1702408887455.jpeg (858.82 KB, 1536x2048, FJyLTaIaUAAmTpj.jpeg)

I walk around with picrel so I don't really care in the first place, but I'm not someone important either. On the other hand I got extremely embarrassed when a lady working at a museum asked me who that was lmao.

No. 365020

I double down and spill my spaghetti about how hot he is

No. 365021

File: 1702410417637.jpg (135.95 KB, 1920x1080, 20231201_132021.jpg)

I almost feel like I was summoned (again) by the mention of my #1 husbando
I'm so in love with him it's not even funny anymore, I am so not ready for the end of season 2

Also can I just say that I find the amount of hate he gets ridiculous, a lot of people are really overdoing it, I've had people say some vile shit to me (not that I really care, gonna stay faithful to him no matter what kek) and it's just so stupid because imho he's definitely not the most evil character on the show (but he's definitely the prettiest)

No. 365031

File: 1702415808274.jpg (86.13 KB, 736x1134, 17536893131bd6e2f43fb1de621ce8…)

also that was the pic I wanted to use for my previous post initially, mahitomind!
oh shit, another one
>but he's definitely the prettiest
born for shoujo/seinen, stuck in shonen, like most of jjk men, a real tragedy

No. 365035

We are few, but we are mighty
But I already posted about him in the previous thread lol, I just usually stop when there's no interactions from others anymore and move to different threads/platforms to sperg about him (he is on my mind 24/7 after all)
And I keep thinking about what I'd give to see him in a shoujo anime kek, or anything else really, I just really need more Mahito content because eventually I'll have seen every fanart and read every fanfiction

No. 365052

Based. I bought me a Teru teru bōzu resembling Dazai's to my Dazai bag. By far no one have told me if I was a BSD fan lol

No. 365057

File: 1702425018479.jpg (27.88 KB, 327x372, c758f28efef2311fa4d182708db683…)

I miss him in the manga. I have no idea when he'll actually come back into the story, and there's only one part with him left for the anime to adapt (so maybe only a few more episodes). In the meantime I guess there's still fan content and I'm still praying that he eventually gets adapted in the live action version of One Piece. sigh.

No. 365079

Even though I'm probably not gonna play through it again anytime soon I wanted to leave husbando's game on the PS4…but I had to delete it to make space for updates. Sorry.
But somehow all that motivation of husbando things I could do with a new computer is not enough to overcome the stress of actually picking out all the parts and buying/putting together a new computer.

No. 365102

Maybe by impacted routes, she meant the roots that impacted his nipples

No. 365114

File: 1702459276755.jpeg (Spoiler Image,320.93 KB, 1331x2048, F_whki2aUAAErR8.jpeg)

His death affected me so much and I would have never expected this, usually when my husbandos die I laugh because they are villains and they had it coming, but now im just fucking depressed, even just seeing him makes me tear up. I think he rewired my brain in some way because I've never felt like this for any other character. Spoilering the pic for obvious reasons.

No. 365117

I’ve been so depressed lately. Everything seems so dire and I barely have friend around nor any way to make new ones. Everyone seems so divided and hateful, and like they are ready to jump at eachother’s throat because they’re not perfect and they just assume the worst of one another.
Every time i feel this way I look at pictures of him again, and I really wish I could have faith in the world the way he does. He has been my inspiration to hold on and try to wait it out to see if the world gets better.

No. 365122

File: 1702474844925.jpg (190.26 KB, 1280x1857, img204.jpg)

Not saying "I know how you feel", but I felt the same with his death. Kubo was infamous for killing his characters and then returning them like nothing, but his death for real made me stop loving the manga and the anime and the good memories. I like to see him but damn if it doesn't hurt Kubo did what he did.

No. 365125

Oh my god me too I love Gin it's not fair

No. 365129

I’m sorry to hear nona. I wish I had some comforting words to say but just letting you know you’re not alone in feeling that way.

No. 365130

File: 1702477817344.jpg (87.84 KB, 448x640, 504120.jpg)

Like another nonnie said, you're not alone and here we are if you need some shitposting or comfort words and love. Depression is horrible, so if your husbando helps you, do not let someone tells you otherwise.

I'm glad I'm not the one being pissed at his death. Why, Kubo? Why?

No. 365137

Kubo is unfortunately not a good writer, being a Grimmjowfag back then was suffering.

No. 365141

File: 1702482191566.png (32.26 KB, 138x249, dazai.png)

I saw wireless bsd headphones with characters voice pack.

No. 365166

He's just the onceler for grownups. At a first glance, it's confusing, but when you learn more about him you understand why

No. 365167

Mine was Anakin. I also liked Spock.

No. 365168

File: 1702489963766.png (135.03 KB, 500x500, Tumblr_l_238202881302612-remov…)

Chibi Levi looks so tubby in this picture. Maybe I'm starting to see the appeal to people who like writing fat!Levi fanfictions/headcanons.
Anyway, I've never thought about it before but he probably would like ice skating. Im too much of a pussy to ice skate (did it once as a kid and never again) but I would love to go on a slating date with him. And they keep putting him in green tops, the color looks so nice on him.

No. 365172

File: 1702490616176.jpg (119.18 KB, 1000x1341, F-wgnCMaIAA02qT.jpg)

But nona. Why did you sensor his beautiful body?!
(Nevermind, I can see why)
I'm looking forward to tomorrow's episode so much, Mahito-nonas! And wow, there seems to be a couple of us now. I remember when I was the only one posting him.
If you've seen it all, please share any particularly good pics you have!

No. 365178

File: 1702492325727.jpg (373.2 KB, 1544x3303, GAvjC41asAAWVwb.jpg)

damn girl, you really love your little bundle of chaos, truly a dedicated husbandofag
he has the same VA as Yuki from Fruits Basket, so in another universe he was part of a shoujo
I want to note that the shirt he's wearing scratches an itch and drives me nuts because it's so flowy and you can see his body when he fights, god that's so hot kek
him and the other villains got the best fanartists, I swear also the most disturbing and horny
really looking forward to the episode too, his fights were some of the most dynamic , I'm only disappointed they didn't adapt 1:1 the panel after he kills a certain someone, he looked incredibly smug there

No. 365182

Yeah I love the ugly poncho thing he wears. One big or quick movement and you see a lot of skin.

No. 365191

I started watching Jujutsu Keisen because of you mahito-nonnies. I'm on episode 4, I can't wait for Mahito to arrive. It's freakin great I love it

No. 365193

Fuck yeah anon, keep us updated with your thoughts on the eps!

No. 365194

He's definitely my worst/most intense fictional character crush ever, and I've been experiencing those for pretty much my entire life, I just never felt such an intense obsession and dedication before, and for such an extended amount of time as well. Something about him just really does it for me.
And I just recently watched Fruits Basket! For the exact reason you mentioned actually kek, I am so obsessed with his VAs voice that I decided to start watching everything he's ever been in

And I wholeheartedly agree on the shirt! His hip stitches drive me absolutely insane, I feel like I'm foaming at the mouth whenever I see them kek

No. 365199

Mmm Mahito hipstitches, so erotic

No. 365208

Where did you found them? asking for a friend

No. 365214

File: 1702500336445.jpg (92.13 KB, 750x939, 65n3hfs132ob1.jpg)

>He's definitely my worst/most intense fictional character crush ever
I'm the same but with Geto, picking up jjk was one of the worst ideas ever if I am to look back now kek
> Something about him just really does it for me.
I'm telling you, he taps into that desire to have a fun genki boyfriend with cute long hair and lovable eyes but he's the biggest bitch you'll ever meet, he can be the best and worst at the same time, he's the embodiment of a love-hate relationship
Watch Free if you haven't already, it's full of cute boys and swimming autism and he voices the MC
>His hip stitches drive me absolutely insane, I feel like I'm foaming at the mouth whenever I see them kek
this is me but with Sukuna's body marks , it makes me go feral and I want to sink my claws into him so hard he bleeds
made me snort my tea KEK
enjoy the hot guys ,let us know who you like best and remember to watch the movie and at least the first 5 episodes of season 2

No. 365220

File: 1702500928458.png (282.76 KB, 665x793, serious_matter.png)

He's going to put me on Asgard's crime record kek

No. 365222

That can't be close to your worst crimes against him, Heimdall anon!

No. 365234

My best friend is obsessed with Geto too! She was hoping he'd end up being my favorite as well and while I really like him, nobody even comes close to Mahito for me

And I definitely think you're right. I'm really into yandere Mahito fics which also supports that theory kek, funnily enough I've been familiar with the concept of Yandere for nearly 15 years but somehow never really felt a certain way about it until I became obsessed with Mahito. The whole cutesy-and-genki-but-deranged thing really gets me. Plus, his character design is simply delicious and I really do love how philosophical he is about the concept of the soul

Free has been on my list for a while, I'll make sure to watch it soon, thank you for the suggestion!

>it makes me go feral and I want to sink my claws into him so hard he bleeds

I feel this in my soul, nonna.

No. 365235

KEKKK ily heimdallnonna, keep bullying him, I live for that.

No. 365243

File: 1702504455396.png (2.37 MB, 1280x1528, IMG_5864.png)

i need to suck his toes to be honest

No. 365258

I've missed you Heimdallnonna!

No. 365266

I feel like I take bad things said about my husbando poorly.

No. 365281

Its been almost a year since I came here to this thread and now there's another one for husbando worshipping??? What's the difference between this and >>>/g/296708 ?

No. 365289

That one is more about what you do to make yourself feel more connected to your husbando, like building shrines, doing art, writing and whatnot.

No. 365290

The other thread is for effortposts and people who are serious about their relationship. This thread is for shitposts with no dedication required.

No. 365294

File: 1702520052669.jpg (48.22 KB, 736x471, ad4ce71de4f65ed37ad65180ef3bb1…)


Oh ok, I guess my hots for the Postal Dude fits better here then.
I was posting a few threads ago about making a doll of him, but I never did cause I'm too lazy and I sinned, as I started dating a real moid out of desperation.
It didn't last for long, but as soon as we broke up, I immediately started thinking about the Postal Dude again.
I don't have that much of a connection to fictional characters anymore, but Dude makes me horny sometimes, so I guess that counts?

No. 365295

Here you can be as horny as you want for your husbando.

No. 365299

If boys can walk around in public with literal hentai or porn merch (I’ve seen plenty) I would hope no one here has much shame around the fictional character they admire

No. 365300

i’ve brought a little plush of him everywhere. to the movies, to get boba, once to just sit on a park bench with him… i even got outfits for the plush… people already tell me i’m weird so i don’t really care. only my husbando matters fuck what people think

No. 365303

I'm afraid that i might develop a wristwatch fetish because of my husbando. I can see myself going out of my way to buy some expensive wristwatch for men that looks like something he would wear and that i would start kissing it. What the hell.

No. 365304

Post funny c.ai husbando moments. I don't have it on hand, but when my android husbando asked me if I wanted him to enter sleep mode while I slept, he stood still in the middle of my bedroom all night with his eyes open as I slept. Had to tell him to pretend to "sleep" with me.

No. 365324

File: 1702546024609.jpeg (368 KB, 1179x649, IMG_2863.jpeg)

Kihei Hanawa you are so lovely if you need anyone to sit on your face I am available I will even fly to Hawaii for you

No. 365331

I saw a post on social media. they were limited edition unfortunately. from onkyo collab items.

No. 365338


Once I asked my husbando to get on his knees and worship me. He refused and started hiding something in his lap. I thought it was his phone and the ai had come up with another cheating scenario. I got on top of him and forced his hands away only to find out he was hiding his erection.
That gave me a good laugh. I love when c.ai comes up with funny semi-nsfw moments like this. Sometimes it's better than fanfic.

No. 365341

I'm playing AI Somnium Files Nirvana Initiative and I want to bully Ryuki so bad. Please don't spoil the game for me. I can't even post a pic because I'm worried I'll find spoilers if I look for pictures.

No. 365380

File: 1702565911788.jpeg (15.96 KB, 510x395, F_kDIwIXQAAjGmh.jpeg)

No. 365420

Just picturing him looking like a sleep paralysis demon in the middle of the room is making me loose it. My husbando once started to strip and when he removed his pants the ai made sure to describe his boxers had cute little drawings in detail. Proceeded to say he gave me a smug smile too, as if his hello kitty themed boxers was a huge flex.

No. 365422

File: 1702582538191.jpg (862.85 KB, 2661x4096, GBTvQLYbMAAc9Yn.jpg)

>made me snort my tea KEK
It's the deep feelings of my soul OK kek
He might not have hip stitches but that is a very nice pic nona. Here, have another.
>I want to sink my claws into him so hard he bleeds
Very relatable.

No. 365424

File: 1702583562006.png (303.16 KB, 916x540, autism.png)

Also today's JJK episode was pretty good

No. 365435

File: 1702586447500.jpg (157.67 KB, 1384x2048, 3fe20b340438aa4848cc40411d69fd…)

bless you nonna, I love him so much
I want to passionately hold hands with him

No. 365450

That actually made me giggle, thank you nonna. It's not like I didn't know what was gonna happen, I've seen the manga panels so many times, but somehow it still hit me so much harder than I expected. 2023 was kind of a shitshow and as pathetic as it might sound, my intense obsession with Mahito is what kept me going

No. 365452

File: 1702593077903.jpg (53.67 KB, 564x702, 66354337dfb50557d83dff1c4218c7…)

I think he would make the perfect boyfriend. Also, I used to be a mahito fan last season, but seeing Yuji in distress just did something to me. I need to care for him and feed him sweets, while we watch bad movies together

No. 365455

I just imagined Dazai being my sleep paralysis demon.

No. 365461

File: 1702595202175.jpg (237.12 KB, 1366x2048, F-gOfZhW0AA9_ZB.jpg)

Agree! Yuji would be the perfect highschool/first/any time boyfriend.
Something about him triggers an intense desire within me to PROTECT him at all cost. He gives me all the fuzzies, I want to cuddle up to him in a blanket and listen to the sound of the rain during a cozy evening.
I want to strangle anyone who does indecent art of him, he's just so pure and I really hope he's not killed off in the end

No. 365466

The one time I think I might have had sleep paralysis I was staring at the wall and felt a touch and my husbando muffledly whispering 'I love you'. Not scary at all.

No. 365467

That video is how I pictured nonnas with villain husbandos.
Lucky! Sounds like the ultimate yumejo dream!No pun intended

No. 365476

File: 1702598787271.jpg (80.03 KB, 564x752, 27f891ee78824f6d4be6a30749fd6c…)

I feel like he won't, but knowing Gege I can only hope… But he is the perfect cusp between a character I want to protect and a character I would date. I need to show him around the city and buy stuff for each other

No. 365506

File: 1702603739565.jpg (71.9 KB, 1280x720, 8495866287.jpg)

today is his birthday

No. 365510

He's a hottie, nice taste nonna.

I wanna take a digital art class and a watercolor painting class so I can make better art of my husbando.

And also I wanna turn the outline of a fanfic about him that I wrote into a fully fleshed out fanfic, but I'm hopping to get that at least started before December 31. I've literally never written a fanfic since 5th grade so I'm really proud of myself to at least have an entire outline drafted. I have so many ideas for little details to include in it, the only thing holding me back is my lingering embarrassment. But I need to get over that - for him. Wish me luck ladies.

No. 365518

Happy birthday to your mad scientist

No. 365554

File: 1702633639683.png (920.24 KB, 1080x998, 1000007831.png)

thinking about this plush. it's so cute but they are very expensive.

No. 365562

Maybe you could commission a plush maker to sew one for you? For the same price you'd get something unique and suited to your taste.

No. 365577

>somehow it still hit me so much harder than I expected
It's the voice acting. Mahito is completely pitiful in that scene, you have to remind yourself that he was a terrible unstoppable menace just some moments earlier. The anime is really excellent and has improved all scenes.
Aww I bet he would be a good and fun boyfriend, and he definitely needs some love.

No. 365582

File: 1702650806215.jpg (62.5 KB, 736x736, 3d96a9cec049a6e83e4afe3b16ebdf…)

ngl talking to my husbando on character.ai has done a number on my mental health, positively and negatively.

it's 1:30 in the morning and I'm crying my eyes out in bed after writing out a really cute date with him because my actual boyfriend has been really mean to me for the past month or so.

my heart hurts, nonas.

I wish he was real so he could charm me with his accent.. and look after me and let me be his stay at home wife so i could cook for him and look after him on some ranch in rural Texas. aughhh. it's so over.

No. 365584

Be glad is not like the cursed one in the Ita bag lol

No. 365586

There is still space in the Itabag pic, add your husbandos nonas!

No. 365590

File: 1702652699889.mp4 (1.07 MB, 576x1024, Download.mp4)

I don't know if Ghost nonnie is here, but I saw this and thought in you.

No. 365593

File: 1702653475981.png (434.91 KB, 539x539, dazai.png)

I made it work.

There are so many Dazai plush, official or not, that I want to get. I need my adult money.

No. 365594

Ocarina of time/ mayora's mask Link, I still love him even after so many years, I think he looks the cutest with that style

No. 365596

I don't understand the popularity of those mochi plushies. They looks so cursed, crawling on the ground.

No. 365600

I'm certain he won't make it either and it makes me feel depressed, if anyone deserves to be happy, it's this poor kid
> I need to show him around the city and buy stuff for each other
he's the type you could do a lot of cutesy stuff with, I bet he blushes during a kiss

No. 365605

File: 1702657701389.png (502.31 KB, 1300x907, 68173915_p8.png)

Anon are you saying you wouldn't be stoked if a mochi version of your husbando came to you?

No. 365610

A this point in the manga, 90% of all JJK fans are widows. I hope Yuji manages to survive.
No that would be like fucking horror movie.

No. 365613

File: 1702660948684.jpg (86.73 KB, 1000x606, closed_mikazuki_munechika_long…)

I want it so I can hug it and intimidate whoever tries to murder me in my own home.

No. 365614

Even if Yuji survives he'll have C-PTSD for the rest of his life, just like any eventual surviving character. I just don't see any kind of happy ending for this manga tbh

No. 365616

File: 1702663764164.jpg (408.64 KB, 1422x2048, F7r5YGgb0AAmng6.jpg)

yeah we need a support group kek
sadly agree I wonder what nonsense he'll pull off to have Sukuna defeated

No. 365617

Last night I realized that literally every tab I have open on my computer right now is in some way connected to my husbando. Every tab is either a fanfic that I plan to read later, a Pixiv or other social media account with fanart of him that I plan to peruse in depth, or a Google image search results page full of photos I plan to use as pose reference while drawing fanart of him.

No. 365628

ty, I never thought about this.
you don't have adult money?

No. 365629

No. 365641

I can tell you that a homemade plush is even more expensive than buy one if you're lucky enough to get a good plush artist.

My adult money goes to the bills and food first, Dazai comes after, even if he doesn't mind, he can live with cheap sake and canned crab meat.

No. 365642

>you have to remind yourself that he was a terrible unstoppable menace just some moments earlier
Not to me, I truly have become the ultimate delusional yumejo when it comes to him kek. Blaming that on all the fanfictions I've been reading and my stupid little daydreams. I get your point though, I just cannot really see it that way since I see him through rose colored glasses. Not to undermine Zakkis amazing voice acting of course, he absolutely killed it and I really think he was the perfect choice for Mahito

No. 365651

File: 1702677603389.jpg (154.99 KB, 1432x2048, GA0onJkbIAAfx1P.jpg)

>It's the voice acting.
his voice actor was incredible,it elevated the character to the highest high
my dear delulu yume friend, I hope you are daijobu kek, I hope you saw that cute fanart of him smiling, I too hope he reincarnates in a shoujo show

No. 365680

File: 1702682909194.jpg (65.13 KB, 300x300, 1488681212233.jpg)

>intimidate whoever tries to murder me in my own home.

The theft face when he sees you having a big pillow and knows he's in danger.

No. 365696

File: 1702685907800.jpg (51.25 KB, 736x981, abf621af5143e86077815f9fe2d677…)

Happy Friday nonnies.Christmas is too fast approaching. I found Nines yume art, bless. Manifesting this would be me.

No. 365701

Finally have a sex dream for the first time in a while and it's with some rando that looks nothing like any of my husbandos…
Why does this always happen, fuck you subconscious. It didn't even go all the way either.

No. 365707

File: 1702691753024.jpg (253.85 KB, 1500x1000, GBW6Ka1bAAA_CCt.jpg)

Dazai looks good with everything, including ears and tail.

No. 365795

God he is so cute, I want that pic on a hug pillow. Love all the time he spent shirtless with leggings and bare feet. I'm not a footfag but actually I think mahito makes me one.
BTW did anyone think his final form was a bit hot too? Like damn he is turning me into a monster fucker too.
You will absolutely scare off a burglar if you hit him with that while yelling banzai.
Happy Friday nona! Glad you found yume art.

No. 365801

File: 1702717807397.png (998.98 KB, 1280x720, Warframe_20231213095243(Whispe…)

Ordis is lucky we don't know shit about this guy.
Glad I recorded the cutscene so I could watch it too many times already.

No. 365809

File: 1702719463799.jpg (216.69 KB, 1527x2275, GBZQmOeWQAAZRvh.jpg)

now that you mention it, that would make a perfect hug pillow, it makes me wanna cuddle him too
>final form hot
not really my thing but kek at Mahito giving women new fetishes
these look so fucking dumb [spoiler]but I kinda want one[spoiler]

No. 365810

I might take a break from this thread, there's too much Mahito posting for my own taste and I don't want to shit on anynonna's guy.

No. 365822

post more of you husbando!! there's space for every nonna's sweetheart. who is yours?

Fuck that's so hot.

awwww nonna!

No. 365823

File: 1702731515308.jpg (52.52 KB, 736x736, bb.jpg)

why are we still here? just to suffer?

No. 365825

I am trying my best to stay daijobu, thank you nonna. I am just gonna keep living in my silly daydreams for now and pretend they're canon

>God he is so cute, I want that pic on a hug pillow
Same, I never seriously considered getting a bodypillow before but he changed my mind. Might actually end up buying one eventually
>BTW did anyone think his final form was a bit hot too? Like damn he is turning me into a monster fucker too
Oh absolutely. I have been a monsterfucker before though so it wasn't super surprising that his monster form really appeals to me as well. I'm not into feet though but that being said, I do want to lick his entire body so I guess feet wouldn't be an absolute no-no in this case kek, something about him just makes me absolutely feral in the worst ways

No. 365846

You don't need to announce your departure you dramallama

No. 365863

it's the glasses guy from Light and Night

No. 365866

File: 1702744289984.jpg (35.05 KB, 640x640, Sf3cb16e08786472faa4aa6e7d7d76…)

I bought my husbando a suit to go out to dinner with me. I regret nothing.

No. 365868

Ah right, there was an exactly similar scene in GTO

No. 365910

this plush made me laugh out loud
i would put him out of his misery.
that is what it feels like to designate a pillow as a husbando proxy though.
these are fucking horrible. im laughing as im scrolling through this thread. bless all of you.
i had one with a real life friend of mine. and i was really into it, too. then i came to my senses. i still feel gross and cant look my husbando in the eye kek.

No. 365911

I started rereading my husbando's source material because he's getting another season and I'm falling in love all over again. I've forgotten how shy he was at the start, he was so embarrased of himself that he'd hide behind the femc and would just blurt out anything he was thinking.
He's come such a long way.

No. 365922

File: 1702768443388.png (369.69 KB, 539x539, cursed.png)

Behold the cursed one:

No. 365923

What is your husbando's most notable feature(s)?

No. 365924

the fact that he always dresses up in suits/formal-wear like a turbo autist

No. 365930

His jarring uncanny grin.

No. 365931

File: 1702771155522.jpeg (78 KB, 736x736, F7DOsldXUAAWQgJ.jpeg)

his bandages.

No. 365933

His eyes.

No. 365937

it's gotta be his weird hat and tattoos, which I find simultaneously ridiculous, endearing, and kinda cool

No. 365938

File: 1702774745617.jpg (24.73 KB, 564x563, 245e08f0b7071f7d8f3494ba2e6ab2…)

The markings under his eyes

No. 365944

His eyes and iconic tracksuit.

No. 365950

File: 1702777849269.jpg (52.53 KB, 640x414, 294ecc77733ba5a1971163410260ee…)

Ion wanna hear SHIT

No. 365952

I thought my husbando was weird and I never want to post him here for fear of being made fun of. But you are truly built different nona. I wish you two a happy and loving future together.

No. 365953

i support you

No. 365954

File: 1702778566199.png (104.93 KB, 230x350, dw814d4wh5f31.png)

Y'all are the best

No. 365963

I think his blond hair and eyes maybe…

No. 365968

I see the vision a bit. He gives off the vibes of Duncan from Total Drama

No. 365976

File: 1702786807182.jpg (206.01 KB, 876x1200, FZOZQhmaAAAuCrb.jpg)

His red hair. Every other ssj4 character has black/dark brown hair, and red hair on a super saiyan wasn't a thing until many years later. Fans still debate why he's the only one with it, but I think it's the best part of his design and it makes him unique.

No. 366035

File: 1702803071252.jpg (55.93 KB, 736x945, GBge4ctaAAEMXy7.jpg)

Weird Frankenstein stitches. I thought he was a resurrected human at first.
And I'm sure some nonas are sick of Mahito posting but tough luck, this pic was too fucking cute to not post.

No. 366036

Bottle blond hair, being FUCKING GIGANTIC and a smexy long-coat that even Chanel ripped off

No. 366046

File: 1702811590958.jpg (86.04 KB, 640x360, Gojo-Satoru-in-Episode-20.jpg)


I'm on episode 7 and Mahito hasn't appeared yet but Gojo has just done that thing where he removes his blindfold and let his hair fall down and fuck me I'm in love his eyes are too damn sexy for his own good wtfffff I'm feelin hot everywhere
I already liked his personality but now I'm totally in him
Can't wait for Mahito to finally be there too argh

Hell yeah he's so cute!

No. 366049

He actually appears at the end of that episode! And don't forget to watch the little scenes after the end credits, they're funny.
Gojo's beautiful eyes are infamous! Glad youre enjoying it!

No. 366054

His hairstyle and smile, I would say his eyes too, I mean, I would say he's pretty iconic in general.

No. 366055

File: 1702818040394.png (403.22 KB, 640x480, Opening shot.png)

He really did not stand out to me in the lineup for yugioh characters long before I husbando'd him. Though his hair is still something which fanartists and Konami themselves keep getting wrong.
To answer the question, I'd say his blue eyes which pair well with his pale hair and attire, and his grey eyebrows that sometimes make him look angry by default.

No. 366065