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File: 1692439398855.jpg (273.78 KB, 959x541, tumblr_o4xzt84FR91shdsrxo1_128…)

No. 316001

>FUJOSHI (腐女子, "rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.

>Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as series and games aimed at fujoshi like Hetalia, sports anime, and male idol anime.

>Discussion of BL games here is totally OK but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
>Discussion of Male/Male ships outside of strictly BL series is allowed.
>Feel free to ask for recommendations, but please specify what kind of material you're looking for (Genre, oneshot/series, doujinshi, SFW/NSFW etc).
>Being reasonably critical of BL is welcomed but don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos or how much you hate BL as a genre. Take it to Twitter.
>Be mindful of others and hide your spoilers. Use the spoiler image option and wrap your text inside spoiler tags.
>Reminder to ignore the baiting males and trolls who come to provoke. Hetero and pedo shit is forbidden here. Just report their posts and ignore.
>Be nice to each other , we fujos should stick together.

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No. 316004

>1165 posts in the old thread

No. 316094

File: 1692470048101.jpg (21.05 KB, 512x288, 45a8bcb48c680064e230971747dea8…)

Nonnies, use this thread after the old one finishes!
No, old thread had 31 posts left. It's okay to make a new thread by now.

No. 316125

The picture is amazing kek the Lamento guy looks cute

No. 316130

File: 1692476069906.png (712.39 KB, 529x688, tumblr_17dcb83baf7fb618dcc874c…)

I miss nitro chiral's april fools art…they said they're probably not gonna do it anymore (presumably working on more games?) but they were really well done so it's a bit of a shame.

No. 316131

File: 1692476137729.png (256.19 KB, 800x450, tumblr_210cbab2042b47555f8437f…)

Shout out to the one they did parodying the laugh salesman for slow damage's release, very cute Rei.

No. 316189

File: 1692487923562.png (907.6 KB, 957x537, puzzle5.png)

The mini-games were good.

No. 316190

File: 1692487981858.jpg (51.37 KB, 885x664, just guys being dudes.jpg)

I will now read your VN (after I read subahibi and collar x malice, those are higher on my to read list)

No. 316192

File: 1692488145137.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1654x2339, 96658673_p5.jpeg)

Join the fujoshi discord!

No. 316193

For the record, I'm trying to play Laughter Land and textractor just doesn't extract all the text the game spits out.

No. 316194

File: 1692488309243.jpg (520.1 KB, 1920x1080, there is no way my bbf is a gu…)

>seething and misery was the best part of the game
I've only finished the first route/chapter so far.

No. 316195

Fujochan.org is finally back

No. 316196

The first route is the best one honestly.
You can kinda skip the second one if you want to (the third automatically unlocks along with the second) since it's mostly just Choutsugai coping that he got raped by a crossdresser and his futa coworker molesting a fakeboi (obviously this isn't shown on screen though).

No. 316197

File: 1692488550155.jpg (77.83 KB, 271x502, barf.jpg)

Radioactive ffs. Never gonna join Groomcord ever again. Staying Anonymous works perfectly fine for me.

No. 316198

fair enough lol

No. 316199

I hope thread creation comes up soon I have a great thread I want to create nonas

No. 316200

File: 1692489033546.jpg (628.83 KB, 1920x1080, nekobuta.jpg)

>Choutsugai coping that he got raped by a crossdresser and his futa coworker molesting a fakeboi
Ugh. Can't have BL without ridiculous plots? So this game has trannies in it?

No. 316202

File: 1692489555694.jpg (23.29 KB, 232x299, 110184.jpg)

>So this game has trannies in it?
Sadly yes, it's not like Naoshi where he's just a gay kid who crossdresses because he's gay in the 1920s pic rel is straight up fakeboi tranny who gets fucked by a futa.
On the bright side she doesn't appear much but it's still cringe when they do and just added to Choutsugai's route being kind of shitty.
I notice in general Rinko's weak spot writing wise is rape routes though since Hanazawa's route in hashihime was also really weak.

No. 316204

File: 1692489977498.jpg (800.93 KB, 1920x1080, henshin.jpg)

Disappointing. Given how Choutsugai was presented in the first route, I'd have thought his route would involve lots of random sex with gay and bi men (living that Forbidden Colours high-life), not entanglements with genderspecials.

No. 316207

ntayry, i had this problem too with textractor. sometimes i could fix it by just cycling through all the sources but other times there really was no fix and id have to do some manual work to translate a string of text (or just guess the meaning rip)
how are you finding laughter land btw, do you think its worth playing?

No. 316208

Choutsugai is honestly the only saving grace of his route, it's interesting to see him get mindfucked and his personality is just generally pretty well done.
His love interest doesn't get enough screentime for us to 'forgive' or even get why Choutsugai 'forgives' him for raping him and the whole thing just feels kinda like filler as opposed to the first and last routes which feel like proper 'question and answer' arcs.
Also the side cast is just kind of obnoxious in Choutsugai's route? Shoutarou and Akira's neighbors generally felt like chill people who don't hold the story back while Uran is kind of overused? She's not terrible or anything but I kind of wished she didn't have as much screentime as she got.

No. 316211

I'm actually playing Absolute Obedience right now. I just wanted to see if I could get Laughter Land working, but seeing as textractor doesn't really work with it, I might just bite the bullet and use google translate app on my phone to translate when I start playing it proper.

No. 316212

File: 1692492922208.jpg (341.1 KB, 1550x2048, F30uo8uXYAA6Qg5.jpg)

Happy birthday to Koujaku.

No. 316215

>google translate on phone
aw man that's gonna be rough. i tried to do that with shingakkou before i gave up and used textractor. granted laughter land isn't super well known but if someone uploaded a playthrough or something thatd be helpful, literally anything to lighten the burden of having to use machine translation manually would be good. i wish you luck nonna, maybe there's a way go wrangle textractor into submission and get it to work properly for you

No. 316218

At least the manual google translate isn't hard to understand (I can't understand half the stuff coming out textractor). But I think the issue I'm having with Laughter Land is because it's a WillPlus VN

No. 316228

subahibi the GOAT btw

No. 316234

I'm playing it purely to watch Mamiya Takuji go insane and get dicked

No. 316257

I don't recommend using machine translation at all, but if you must, at least use Deepl and not google translate.

No. 316300

I would like to hear how Laughter Land is too and how the plot and characters are, I always wanted to play it but never got the chance and I suck at moon either way.

No. 316337

File: 1692549685232.png (249.23 KB, 1044x720, 1439201911557.png)

Fujochan has returned but all posts and threads younger than 7 months are wiped and not coming back…

No. 316339

A whole total of 2 posts, forever lost to time

No. 316340

That just means we'll have to make up for lost time there.

No. 316341

File: 1692551056415.jpg (391.68 KB, 735x1000, 1619382857256.jpg)

Be sarcastic somewhere else. It seems you haven't visited fujochan for months.

No. 316344

Why the hell do they not make any backups?

No. 316357

I stopped posting there the first time that happened, don’t get why anons here + the discord simp for this site so much

No. 316364

I at least want to support them in doing what they do and develop the site better with experience instead of just sitting on my hands and bitching about not having an anonymous fujo space. I'd much rather post on fujochan than deal with the unhinged yumes and antifujo NLOGs on this site all the time.

No. 316372

File: 1692561785363.jpg (1020.6 KB, 1920x1080, hahaha.jpg)

From what you're saying it reads like VN writers are obliged to include a rape route, but it doesn't make sense for indie games, where the writer is free to go in whichever direction they want.

No. 316375

File: 1692562751125.jpg (619.05 KB, 1920x1080, referencing devilman for a rea…)

I wonder whether anyone got mad at the 'kaiju infection = HIV, geddit?' allusions peppered throughout?

No. 316382

I don't get why you people don't just ignore when those losers come to shit up the thread. They keep doing it because fujo nonnas bite the bait every single time. Just don't give them attention and they will give up on us eventually

No. 316391

File: 1692565466447.png (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, smash.png)

True. But the anti-fujo receive protection from the mods or are mods themselves. Just look at what happened in the Psychology of Fandom Drama thread: >>>/ot/1663713
The anti-fujo are holy cows of this site.

No. 316392

Because every other thread on this site periodically gets derailed by people sperging about how much they hate fujos, often completely unprompted and by derailing the discussion. I like having a fujo imageboard that also has multiple threads with different topics including offtopic without people constantly having schizo fits about how much they hate the fujo boogeymen. And like >>316391 said they're proven to be under mod protection.

No. 316403

There isn't any other place but fc and this thread to discuss fujo stuff anymore, and as much as I like this thread I prefer specific ones for specific series I want to sperg about.
I don't like discords, even the 18+ ones are full of super sensitive people and I always feel like walking on eggshells when I talk there. Plus I prefer to post "in the open" and see more varied opinions. Always the same people in a discord group and I rarely like the same characters they like.

No. 316417

which threads do you guys tend to post in the most on fujochan? in the past ive posted a few times to the image thread and bl game general, but i find the extreme inactivity and slowness of threads over there really disheartening though. knowing some of you guys are there would help

No. 316420

Idk, I'm in a few game specific discords and every one of them is full of adult fujos with one or two male aspies who are clearly a little uncomfortable about it but don't say anything to avoid drama with otherwise pleasant fellow players who help them farm kek. I love guys like that. Smaller dcs don't attract troons really as they're less likely to humor attention whores who make everything about themselves and their twansness, at least for 50:50 male to female and female dominated subjects.

No. 316423

I've been in the fujocord that gets posted here every once in a while and it's honestly fine

No. 316435

glad i never played that yaoi kamen rider game

No. 316459

/ffs/, /f/ and /ot/.

No. 316634

File: 1692679705408.jpg (246.74 KB, 1181x1670, FzCmRE5WYAEwUzs.jpg)

any bl with these vibes? i'm already reading lala no kekkon

No. 316685

File: 1692704848463.jpeg (342.53 KB, 1559x2014, FyGJXPaaYAEZQJr.jpeg)

Maybe Yoake no Uta and Ignat no Hanayome?

No. 316705

File: 1692712491988.jpg (44.52 KB, 700x300, Mignon.jpg)

Ok the sex scene in that new Korean bl anime was pretty good. I was shocked at first ngl, didn't expect it to have so much movement.
I didn't care for the actual story too much, but the transformation scene was cool too.

No. 316718

i'm reading this right now. it feels a bit cheesy but i love it and i wish her previous work about the blind guy/assassin had gone on longer

No. 316729

Every route past the second one is weak in hashihime. Hanazawa is completely deranged even rape aside.

No. 316730

>Fujochan has returned but all posts and threads younger than 7 months are wiped and not coming back…
So nothing changes lmao?Also the admin there must be idiots.

No. 316735

This is basically why I refuse to use it.. constantly going down and the content is never backed up

No. 316741

Agreed, I still think Hashihime is great but it's pretty clear only Minakami's route is actually canon.
Kawase is my fave despite that…

No. 316775

Fujoshi are the most oppressed minority, confirmed.

No. 316891

File: 1692772577795.png (504.58 KB, 787x819, only minkfag defense.png)

>People fully admit that they wouldn't hate Mink as much if he wasn't fucking ugly and looked more like Shiki or Madarame
>For some reason people consider this a GOTCHA
I never got this argument, no shit people like the pretty characters more than the ugly ones, people used to pull this a lot with Miu and Teruteru (dangan) too for some reason.

Even still that doesn't save Mink from being a shitty character, people would just hate him slightly less if he was hot.

No. 316893

File: 1692774068652.jpg (638.2 KB, 1630x1229, 13803360_p0.jpg)

I don't like Shiki, I just think the endings make his route funny.

No. 316905

Mink was a good rape/abuser route idk why people didn't like it.

No. 316924

He’s good for meme value
I don’t like rape if it’s not loving most of the time and since Mink doesn’t give a shit about Aoba and Aoba just has Stockholm syndrome or whatever a lot of people came out feeling like they wasted their time in his route.

No. 316949

Actually Madarame is the hottest character in slow damage. The rest look like shit, Rei like a tranny on his first trial on hormones, Taku like the depressed uncle who you can smell from miles thanks to smoking 5 packets of cigarettes in a day, wears the same clothes everyday and never baths or shaves, and Fujieda looks like yet another webtoon rich CEO seme drawn with bad proportions. Towa at least is hot too and the deep voice nitro chose for him suits him a lot.
I really liked madarames route because I'm an abusefag and I liked towa showing his emotions and distaste for him at first. I understand those who don't like him but i can't stand the SJW chans on retardtter shitting on his fans for just liking a fictional character like him.
Minku looks like shit though, we have enough uggo moid 3DPDs at least let us be sparred with hot 2D ones lmao.

No. 316957

File: 1692788972911.jpg (407.61 KB, 1848x2048, 1662144667654202.jpg)

Anyone else here who ships vtubers together? I can't help myself even if it is nothing but delicious bait…

No. 317002

No, I hate vtubers with burning passion and I hate fujobaiting gross scrote vtubers even more. They're real people using overdesigned ugly anime avatars, not actual fictional characters with faceless voice actors. Most of them are wife beaters, rapists, groomers and overall insane BPD-kuns in real life too so that only makes it worse. It's comparable to RPF to me and RPF is for crazies so deep into mental illness they can't tell fiction from reality anymore.

No. 317042

Yeah the only specific thread I frequented that seemed somewhat active was the one of Vinland Saga.
Yeah I don't get it either. After the last time I expected them to make one at least once a month. I mean it doesn't even have that much activity to begin with so it's not like saving tons of TBs a day like with 4chan.

No. 317045

>Taku like the depressed uncle who you can smell from miles thanks to smoking 5 packets of cigarettes in a day
That’s kinda hot
>and Fujieda looks like yet another webtoon rich CEO seme drawn with bad proportions
Clearly you haven’t played his route and seen him with his hair down

No. 317046

Only Vtuber I kind of like is Marine but that’s only because she’s a fujoshi who freaks out her male fans by talking about omegaverse and her ships, the male ones (especially the English ones) just come off as cringelords to me.
I had a friend into moid Vtubers who would regularly donate like 300 bucks to them and then pretend to be a man hater, like good luck with that kek.
Basically though Vtubers are cringe as fuck.

No. 317060

I have and he looks even more generic and webtoonish along with his giraffeish neck. Can name you 20 webtoons with a seme w his looks.
And his route was boring af since it fucks everything for the rest of the guys. But at least towa was happy in the end so points to that.
Forgot to mention how funny it is that the same retardo pronoun chans who bully madaramefags forget how their white flag fujieda went full minku on towa

No. 317062

Do they even like Fujieda? I guess they tolerate him while ignoring the rape scene
Basically though they only truly like Rei they hate Taku for being ‘A LITERAL GROOMER PEDOPHILE’ even though Towa was coming onto him not the other way around and Madarame for being the main rape route character.

No. 317069

Fujieda design puts me off and do does his personality which I find very blunt but that's more of a nitro thing, not much focus on the characters but more on the main one. At least they focused well on Towa and his personality and character development. Only thing I liked in Reis route was his bad end which i found kino. His friends were hideous. I don't want to play ultra C for same reason having a real tranny LI goes too far. This trend needs to stop.

No. 317079

Do people really complain about LIs being problematic when its a N+C game? I'm just confused by how steeped in purity culture the N+C fandom is when the whole appeal of their games is that they're "problematic" (I hate using that word but you get what I mean). Even if I don't like a character, I can appreciate how the games try to appeal to people who are into different tropes, so there's at least something for everyone. I mean sure, it is annoying when you stumble upon rape in what seems to be a slice of life modern setting, but N+C games make it clear what kind of shit you should be expecting, and their games aren't exactly fluffy. I've seen antis stan Towa because he's their "quirky mentally ill edgy boi who self-harms just like them" and it's just baffling. Someone please explain what's going on in the Slow Damage fandom kek

No. 317088

Wait till they play paradise and masquarade kek. Pilslash is on a whole new level of schizo and "problematic".

No. 317090

File: 1692824426873.jpg (150.83 KB, 1006x705, vtubbers irl.jpg)

No. 317096

dmmd was very popular on tumblr back in the day, and so a lot of the fanbase for n+c games has trickled over from that. thats why you get this weird purity culture i think – certainly you'd never see an old-school fujo complaining about rape routes being 'problematic', even if they dont personally enjoy them

man this shit annoys me. mink is ugly. i personally think madadame is ugly. if they were prettier i wouldn't have magically enjoyed their routes, just like i didn't enjoy shikis boring route despite him being more attractive.
if anything it says more about nitro+chiral that their only darker skinned characters are rapists kek, but as usual these people would rather sit at home and complain about other fans rather than acknowledge that they themselves are a fan of something 'problematic'

No. 317097

File: 1692826807759.jpg (181.19 KB, 1041x1500, e2e055efeea32fd0260058899c8425…)

He is really hot desu. The reason why they shit on him tho isn't bc he is a rapist but because he fucked and dated towa when he was in high-school while he was like 30?

No. 317102

File: 1692829522905.jpeg (128.38 KB, 736x493, IMG_5956.jpeg)

has anyone else read choco strawberry vanilla? i quite liked it.

mine is cute and take is hot. don’t care too much about hiroi.

i assume they use the “i-it encourages pedophilia!” reasoning while him being a rapist is all well and good. it’s interesting how those kinds of fiction consumers can only differentiate between fiction and irl values in some cases and not all. anyway madarame is hot as fuck.

No. 317103

File: 1692829665403.png (234.21 KB, 960x1200, Madarame_sprite.PNG.png)

he looks like he smells like unwashed asscrack and stale BO to me anon im sorry.
whole time i was playing his route i kept wondering if this man ever even washes

No. 317107

Yes I agree I don't understand why nitro does that to their characters. They all look stinky but in slow damages case they did have access to showers and toilets.

No. 317110

slow damage was really bad for this bc towa goes pretty much the entire story outside maybe 2 scenes without bathing at all. that means he gets fucked repeatedly, stumbles drunkenly around outside late at night and gets beat to up on the regular without having a shower. towa genuinely strikes me as the type to wake up, swill his mouth with liquour in lieu of brushing his teeth and go to work reeking of cigarettes and death.
i get really autistic about characters hygiene but i swear to god every other n+c protagonist has better hygiene than towa

No. 317111

samefag but there’s no way he’s regularly changing out his eye bandages or cleaning that area up either. eugh

No. 317120

Still better than tnc guys hygiene. Shiki must be the only one that actually showers. I don't even want to imagine how the rest smell. Especially Keisuke. A combo of dirt, blood, sweat, piss, vomit and cheese.

No. 317121

lmao true but they have an excuse at least, i doubt there are any working showers in igra outside of the one shiki has access to. also akira doesn't drink or anything; i always got the sense he wouldn't be too stinky (i fear that youre right about keisuke though.) the slow damage boys meanwhile have 0 excuse

No. 317124

i loved mink's route kek the club scene was hot as hell

No. 317125

>fanart looks better than the source material

No. 317130

>I don't want to play ultra C for same reason having a real tranny LI goes too far.
That's fair, I still think UltraC is worth a read but I do think the trend of trannies in VNs (not only BLVNs but VNs in general) is kind of annoying.
I don't get it, but these people do sometimes play N+C games, honestly I wish tumblr types would just be banned from playing visual novels completely, they obviously can't take it so they shouldn't be allowed to play it for their own good.
>I've seen antis stan Towa because he's their "quirky mentally ill edgy boi who self-harms just like them"
It's so hilarious to see them project onto Towa while being easily offended by literally everything, I assume they all chose to ignore that he's a massive whore who enjoys being raped and the plot of the game is literally about his love interests (aside from Madarame) begging him to stop being completely self destructive so he doesn't kill himself.

No. 317132

File: 1692843547337.png (550.64 KB, 1140x462, haven't finished lamento sorry…)

At least he's not on the level of the TNC cast (minus Shiki since he showers)

No. 317133

>i always got the sense he wouldn't be too stinky
Akira has the vibe of a guy who drowns when he takes a bath out of borderline retardation.

No. 317134

Madarame is the type of guy who thinks smelling like blood, musk and 7 day unwashed bo makes him a badass.
Luckily for him that's pretty hot to me in the context of a BLVN.

No. 317135

File: 1692844768310.jpg (596.31 KB, 900x1266, shiki's stinky little brother.…)


No. 317137

that filename kek

wouldnt arbitro and kau smell fine? i imagine arbitro is the type of weirdo to have rose petal baths every day or some shit kek. and he would probably force kau to bathe every time kau comes back from outside

No. 317138

Aribito you could argue would smell okay or good, but to me he would spend way too much in his sex dungeon to smell good, but he's more based on assumptions since he doesn't get a lot of screentime.
Kau lives in the sex dungeon AND crawls around in the bloody dirty mud all day, the only reason he's not in the tier with Gunji and Kirawar is that Arbitro likely bathes him sometimes.

No. 317151

File: 1692854846936.jpeg (45.47 KB, 256x300, IMG_3654.jpeg)

Tnc characters got nothing on him

No. 317152

What his stinky boy levels at?

No. 317169

It must be one one of the worst sites I ever seen. Constant issues, zero userbase, lolcow recycle threads.

No. 317171

I like it as a backup solution if something happens to lc but it looks like it's the reverse so far. I still like fc, I don't get why the latest posts saved are only from April though, that's disappointing.

No. 317181

File: 1692871289118.png (61.87 KB, 269x273, Dare kono kapuru nonnie samas.…)

A nonna posted a ship collage in the previous threads and this one caught my eye. If any nonna knows this artist can you please tell me her name? And where this is from. I'm sure the artist is a bl mangaka and I read a work of hers that I really liked but I forgot the title lmao.

No. 317208

You can saucenao the thumbnail but it brings up a deactivated Pixiv account. Found it with yandex, maybe you can try digging more with that.

No. 317215

It reminds me of someone but idk who. It's a MC/Akechi fanart iirc.

No. 317216

anon you are so incorrect on multiple levels.
mink smelling good?? rin smelling like shit???

YES ANON gian is the only stinky blvn character i will accept

No. 317217

>mink smelling good??
I was gonna say, I just know Mink reeks

No. 317228

File: 1692884606478.jpg (106 KB, 1310x1112, FOEtYVbXsAMtlDD.jpg)

The data loss on fc makes me a bit sad. Image board threads are not meant to last, but fc is so slow and I and a few others made a good bunch of elaborated posts in some of the threads in an attempt to advertise some less discussed series a bit, but now nobody will see them anymore.

I know that lots of series have huge fujo fanbases but none of them are on fc it seems. I wish you could advertise the board without risking to attract assholes and radical wokes. Think that telling some selected few that you know personally or talk to a lot about it works best, but before anybody does this I first want to be sure that the board is and will actually stay stable and I am not sure if this will be the case any time soon.

No. 317265

File: 1692893856992.jpg (17.53 KB, 250x300, 60370.jpg)

wonder how seiji smells like

No. 317266

Prison settings make sense that they'll all be stinky. Also yura is notorious for her smell and piss kinks. Wonder what she'll pull on friendly lab that's coming out in an hour or two.

No. 317267

seeing tsuji santa shota art is certainly something

No. 317268

why the fuck are there nitrofags here discussing how their boysluts smell like what the hell did I miss

No. 317271

Did Aoba poop out Clears particles after he fucked him to death? Imagining Aoba crying while pooping out screws is hilarious but also kind of sad. Then having to carry Clear to a repair shop. Did he also clean the cum out or just handed him like that? Poor Aoba. Poor repairman.

Ironically Shiki ended up being the smelliest because his hygiene depends 100% on Akira now. Akira will have to change his diapers and wipe his ass and drool. He beat Keisuke even!

No. 317278

>googles who tf this is
>artist who came up with Sonico and Pochaco
kek no wonder Rin has large hips here.

No. 317281

>No insane yumespeds going on about fujos ruining their husbandos and if there are, they get ridiculed immediately and they can't go cry to the staff about it like they do here
>No anons with autistic rage issues constantly infighting about literally everything in every thread
>No antifujos constantly calling us pedotrannies
>No pakichan
>Allows multi-image posting
>Actually nice and polite staff
>A board for fujo meta sperging
>Threads for different topics and I don't have to share a thread with people obsessed with how nitro+ characters smell like

No. 317284

>Did he also clean the cum out or just handed him like that?
KEK, I was wondering about that too.
>Here you go, sir, can you try fixing my robot?
>Of course.
>…Seragaki-san, is this semen?

No. 317294

>mink smelling good??
He canonically smells like cinnamon, cinnamon smells good
>rin smelling like shit???
No one in Igura aside from Shiki showers, mix that with Rin killing people and he probably smells like trash and blood all the time.

No. 317296

I actually don’t really like his art ironically (despite being a fan of totono) but the Rin he drew is cute.

No. 317301

File: 1692898545696.jpg (456.75 KB, 1280x905, tumblr_pdei4xVqvc1tq5s5vo1_128…)

>Threads for different topics and I don't have to share a thread with people obsessed with how nitro+ characters smell like
We can discuss what other BLVN characters smell like if you want, doesn't just have to be nitro+

I bet Tamamori smells like hikkineet and old books.

No. 317302

>Aoba starts crying

No. 317304

Didn't Rinko officially state what each character smelled like?
>How do the characters smell?
>Tamamori-Despite being somewhat sloppy, he likes being clean (baths in particular), so he smells like yuzu (citrus fruit variety used in hot springs) and soap.
>Minakami-The gentle scent of old and new books mixed together that can be found in second hand bookstores.
>Kawase-Heliotrope scent from his closet refreshener and cigarettes.
>Hanazawa-Smells like oil when fresh out of the lab. Normally smells of cigarettes.
>Hakase-Because he’s attentive to his scent, he changes clothes as soon as he leaves the research room and applies musk perfume.
>Kaoru-After his end he sports the exact same smell as Tamamori.

No. 317305

>Everyone smells nice except for Hanazawa and kind of Kawase
The thought of Kawase forcing his cig smell onto Tamamori is really sexy.

No. 317321

Wasn't Kaoru in a basement for years? Imagine the smell.
Minakami did fuck a 4-5 day unwashed Tamamori. That's why he is best boy. Loves his bf stinky or not.

From all the yaoi games that I've played, the most unhygienic ones were always the ones yura worked on. Enzai from the stinkiest and most unhygienic, look and smell like shit, luckydog's Ivan and Gian hated baths so they went unwashed for months and the other dudes begged them to shower. Gian almost threw up sucking Ivan's dick. Pilslash ones aren't that smelly, paradise given the plot they should smell but they were clean, shingakko ones were allowed to shower once a week only, pedopriest commented on that before licking Michael's ass but he still licked it anyway. Dystopia no Ou has a hobo that looks like Mink but not that smelly, the rest were fine.
Omerta chinmoku no okite if you except the protagonist and his boyfriend who lived in a house without running water the rest were very clean. They had the protagonist take a shower before raping him. The OCD autist with the glasses raped him while wearing gloves and 2 condoms kek.
Parade's games pamper on moids so they are obviously v smelly.

No. 317334

Seiji night be the only parade boy that doesn't smell fucking rancid. You can tell all the others smell like sweat and piss.

No. 317342

File: 1692906163168.jpg (336.43 KB, 600x877, Mink.(DMMd).full.2654954.jpg)

even if he smells like cinnamon its gonna be mingled in with myriad gross body odours. this is picrel we're talking about. does this look like a nice smelling man to you?
also its been so long so since i played dmmd i forgot how ugly minks character design is kek

No. 317344

Hey I'm just going off of what Aoba said, and according to Aoba he got that Native American mysticism here I come I am cinnamon scents.
>i forgot how ugly minks character design is kek
He is pretty ugly, I like the dmmd designs a lot and I think he's intentionally kind of 'gruff' looking, but the pink headband was a really weird choice ngl.
Also I don't know how you would go about making dreads bishounen looking to be honest.

No. 317346

File: 1692906687523.png (540.99 KB, 700x750, Minku 2.0.png)

>minku 2.0
that one

No. 317347

File: 1692907022628.png (377 KB, 700x750, mom still picks his clothes.pn…)

Forget hobo, tf is that dudes design kek?
>he is 21
>not a virgin

No. 317348

He looks like a guy who wants to be an eternal shota but doesn't have the body type for it at all.

No. 317351

File: 1692908186036.jpg (414.57 KB, 1280x960, not even 170 cm.jpg)

>ugly manlets with hideous fashion sense
A line needs to drawn here. Unwashed smelly hobos are a thing, but manlets go too far

No. 317352

>but manlets go too far
Manlets are cute! CUTE!

No. 317353

He looks so punchable

No. 317354

i dont remember august commenting about bathing before licking michaels asshole, good god. either i glossed over it or the machine translation missed that bit entirely. his H scenes are still criminally hot though. can't believe id ever get horny over a pedophile priest but somehow shingakkou pulls it off perfectly
i also don't remember gian almost throwing up over ivans dick in lucky dog KEK, you're making me so nostalgic to replay it nonny

No. 317355

File: 1692908666582.png (752.84 KB, 1084x826, funny preist man.png)


No. 317361

File: 1692910774217.jpg (317.05 KB, 721x899, Screenshot_20230824_220125_Chr…)

father august is the sole reason i have a priest kink now.
and to think JAST refuses to localise this game when hot anime priests are already a rarity

No. 317362

Sexy slut. They should slut out old men more.
>he's just in his late 20s ironically physically at least, real one is 60-70 kek
He teased Michael if he cleaned his butthole well when he last showered but it's been days since anyway so he just went ahead but he knew Michael did clean it. As if it'd stop that degenerate.

No. 317366

i always wondered how father lazarus felt knowing that he's the same age as his ex bf august but august got to remain young and good looking while lazarus became an ojiisan

No. 317369

Sex i want to smell priest August now. Wonder how he smells like. Sweat,olive soap and incense.

No. 317370

What's up with that VN? I don't remember the title but when it was announced and the first characters were shown some people said it looked like Kurahana Chinatsu's style. But the artist had a weird pen name and got replaced for the in-game illustrations because she caught covid. It was at a time when FE3H was pretty recent and popular, so it could have been her new project after that, and she clearly didn't mind drawing more BL because she did the illustrations for the JaPanese translation of Captive Orince and some of them were definitely NSFW, and she said on twitter she missed drawing BL and it's been a while, when referencing these novels. I wonder if the artist is really Kurahana Chinatsu.

No. 317373

Nah doubt chinatsu too busy with utanofag and three kingdoms. Iwish nonna, she should just go back to drawing bl. Her utafag official arts scream repressed fujo. I hate all of nitros artstyles after her.
Dystopia artist is probably a trace chan that copied her style,just search how many have copied and traced hakuokis artist style.
The reviews about Dystopia no Ou are good. The protagonist seems like a cute autist.

No. 317378

I'm pretty sure Daichi comments on how good he smells at one point.

No. 317398

File: 1692921570147.png (495.43 KB, 800x600, 49. woooooooooooooooooah.png)

Then that was the real reason behind throwing Michael in the lake. To wash away dick cheese before sucking him off. Makes sense now.
Seems like the downpour rain wasn't enough for Shiki tho. He still bathed Akira before raping him.

No. 317409

File: 1692929010300.png (356.04 KB, 831x638, king misalphist.png)

>no new chapter of takatora-kun in 3 months

No. 317421

i'm suffering sis

No. 317422


No. 317431

File: 1692942196828.jpeg (86.65 KB, 500x600, IMG_3664.jpeg)

Any omerta anons here? Which game/route was your favorite? Gotta say I was a sucker for Kiryu in both the original and code tycoon, Tachibana was quite entertaining too. I wonder when karin is gonna release something new in it’s bl branch.

Also enjoy this pic of Wong and Uozumi bc they’re both cute as hell.

No. 317483

Stop posting like a tranny.(infighting)

No. 317513

No. 317529

Stop posting like a schizophrenic.

No. 317538

Calm down sis.

No. 317541

File: 1692961953420.png (720.47 KB, 1024x578, 33. dua2 senyum.png)

My favs were kiryuu and ugajin. Liu was fun too. Tachibana became my fav in tycoon. I rly miss karin's games.
Wong and uozumi deserved more screen time they were adorable.

No. 317552

File: 1692965834292.jpg (690.06 KB, 1536x2048, Hikari.jpg)

There is a furuya usamaru exhibition running currently in Japan. He made Lytchee Hikari club and his exhibition is themed on it and it's full of homo art.
He keeps recycling and milking the same series especially the two homo schizos, so why doesn't he just write a bl since he is such a hardcore fudanshi? He should just follow Okujimas example who dropped shounen shit and is now happily doing bl and drawing dicks and his fujo wife supports him.

No. 317553

File: 1692966026040.jpeg (831.58 KB, 1125x1572, DFC5FB03-B88E-47A7-88BB-8F1C51…)

Soon (September)

Lurk more

No. 317564

But we're all pedotrannies in this thread sis, we need to act accordingly

The man is obsessed with beautiful men and he's really good at them too, I'm praying for him to take the Okujima route for good.(derailing/inciting infighting)

No. 317566

It's probably the small specific userbase it has but I noticed that the anons there are chill and nice which I like. I hate seeing someone posting a series or pairing they like and causing a shitstorm because others consider zoomer garbage or coomerish or whatever, it's like nu/a/ which is cancer because you are literally not allowed to say anything positive about like half of the anime out there otherwise you are [buzzword]. It's nice having a place without that shit in which anons can just scroll past such a post instead of starting a fight because someone likes something they don't like.

No. 317615

>But we're all pedotrannies in this thread sis, we need to act accordingly
Just join that 41% already. TRANNIES ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.(derailing/infighting)

No. 317645

This manga was trash honestly, I can’t see him writing BL and it being any better.

No. 317648

IMO it’s a good manga but I don’t see him going full homo, he has a bunch of other manga that are pretty hetero and his oldest art book is full of weird paintings of schoolgirls. I think he just likes pandering to the female audience once in a while

No. 317649

anon are you a diagnosed neurodivergent for not getting that joke

No. 317651

They’re having a mental breakdown in /meta/ on top of being the only person here bringing up trannies.

No. 317654

Our peaceful thread…gone, just like that

No. 317665

kek at least they were banned. i get tired of tranny accusations – they contribute jackshit to any discussion. just report the nona you suspect of being trans and stfu, mods will go through the post history and confirm it themselves

No. 317667

File: 1692986673424.jpeg (775.01 KB, 1125x1592, 5D0FF783-F374-41B9-A9F0-0535DF…)

Inumata telling Enma that he’s going to have a family and work, Enma tells him good luck balancing being a wagie and doing all the housework for his husband and kids

No. 317669

File: 1692986777265.jpeg (545.3 KB, 1124x1594, 606A4987-7660-4329-B821-0EF2E8…)

class rep tries to divert the argument with a conversation about going on a class field trip

No. 317670

File: 1692986900014.jpeg (836.62 KB, 1125x1586, 03121E83-D797-40D8-9E0A-06E76E…)

No. 317672

File: 1692987004263.jpeg (847.44 KB, 1125x1584, 690C744D-F313-41A3-A652-F0BF49…)

No. 317674

File: 1692987111850.png (62.81 KB, 523x221, C88537A3-41D1-462C-A1FE-505BDB…)

Going by the magazine description it’s a beach trip. Everyone has matching hawaiian shirts

No. 317675

File: 1692987168836.jpeg (37.4 KB, 100x100, 23E5623F-E237-4D72-AAE4-F22CE7…)

class rep thinking about something…maybe he gets another kissu

No. 317712

One thing that surprised me while reading this VN was just how often they mention the characters showering. Maybe because they have nothing else to do in the room, but there is explicit mentions of showering for both characters on every single day they're in there.

No. 317746

File: 1693001641801.jpg (62.93 KB, 438x438, tumblr_938f8ba86a03b077d77e4e0…)

Zeras design does things to me nonnas, I have a thing for schizo meganes in gakurans with emotionless black pupiled eyes. I keep searching for yaoi works with someone like him. Not a fan of his personality it's the looks that I want mostly but the schizo adds a spice to it.
Outsider had a cute megane autist like him but first he topped and second the manga was too fluff and generic for my tastes. Any recs for this desperate nonny very welcome nonnas.

No. 317747

File: 1693001764586.jpg (249.65 KB, 774x489, outsider-communication-destaca…)

*outsider communication
Sorry for samefagging

No. 317753

His route was the worst one in the game and it looks like the only reason it was created was as a filler to only add info from towas past.

No. 317754

Is there anyone here who did not like Fujieda ? I kinda dislike that he was in the true route.

Idk but he is supposed to be a lawyer yet he seems so dumb like taking out his anger on Towa because his parents did something to his sister.

No. 317756

Didn't like him too, he is no different than madarame in that aspect actually, using Towa as a hole to drill out his frustration and boner.
Ironically Rei had the best endings and it's funny that trannies like him because his route is actually anti-tranny.
>realizes he is not a tranny and was being stupid in the end because he is just a homo so he finally starts dressing like a fucking man and shaves that hideous unicorn haircut.
He learned a valuable lesson the hard way, he shouldn't hang out with trannies and just fuck Towa.

No. 317766

File: 1693017842651.png (963.12 KB, 1275x715, Screenshot_213.png)

you think picrel seriously looks better than his long hair?

No. 317767

Anon…those were cross dressers and not trannys. GC has poisoned your mind because his route is actually pro-tranny since he thinks that him being feminine makes him a woman and at the end of his route he forces himself to be masculine. Yeah I don't see that as being anti-tranny but I do see it being anti towards gnc people and being stereotypical towards gender. Also he looked beautiful with longer hair
Meanwhile the shaved buzzcut looked hideous on him, I think you are a minority who thinks that buzzcut is attractive.

No. 317770

They had to retcon the pro-gender roles message in the drama CD saying he wasn't trying to be masculine but some BS like "discovering his new self" kek it was obviously anti-GNC and even jap fujos were put off. Slow damage overall very disappointing story wise.

No. 317771

Yeah exactly so I was wondering why that anon was saying his route was "anti-tranny". Low IQ people shouldn't be gc or radfem tbh.

No. 317772

File: 1693020418709.png (881.78 KB, 893x878, Screenshot 2023-08-25 202830.p…)

To be fair he starts growing it out again, he actually looks quite pretty on the cover.

No. 317774

>Slow damage overall very disappointing story wise.
I personally find it to be kamige, but you're entitled to your opinion.

No. 317793

IIRC, he thought Towa was in on the family business as well, hence why he hated him so much.

No. 317813

File: 1693032980953.png (286.24 KB, 500x606, IMG_3684.png)

BL ships that make you go ‘how the hell was this a thing?’
>Prussia has a crush on Hungary and begs to go on a date with Italy
>gets shipped mainly with Canada for some reason???

Other one that gives me the main ‘how the hell did this get popular’ reaction is klance, but everyone knows that one.

No. 317815

I feel like the translators fucked up on making that apparent (probably because they changed the game’s perspective)
But that does track yeah

No. 317860

Why would he, wasn't he like 10. Is he retarded?

No. 317861


No. 317902

PrussiaxCanada is a result of 'pair the spares'.
I honestly have no clue why. I thought it was very weird ingame but like the other anon mentioned, maybe some important info wasn't properly translated. It could also be that Fujieda saw Towa as a child of privilege who benefited from the suffering of others. Maya died and his father was the head of the Takasato-gumi, both responsible for human trafficking (Maya more so) but neither of them were easy/available targets that Fujieda could take his anger out on, so he chose the next best thing.

No. 317903

>PrussiaxCanada is a result of 'pair the spares'.
Makes sense but it’s really popular for a ship that only exists for that lol
Also even with pair the spares I feel like you’re gonna have some open people…
Ie: Japan

No. 317904

it is a very strange pairing youre right. could it be as a result of prussia being a fan favourite character at the time & canadian fans not really having many shipping options for their country?

canada x france would make way more sense honestly, or having fun shipping dynamics between UK france and canada, but i never really saw many people utilising canada in that way.
and speaking of japan i swear nobody would write fics for him outside of one shots lmao, he got so neglected by the fans i feel kinda bad

No. 317905

Are you the translator for this?

No. 317906

>canadian fans not really having many shipping options for their country?
I feel like there's a couple, you could ship him with his brother or Cuba in addition to what you mentioned maybe? Cuba's not bishounen though so I get why people don't want to ship him.
>canada x france would make way more sense honestly
Agreed, they're two characters that honestly should get more screentime together in canon since a lot of Canadian people basically do consider themselves fully French.
>and speaking of japan i swear nobody would write fics for him outside of one shots lmao
Dude's just generally hard to ship due to him being a hikikomori for so long kek. I sometimes see people ship him with America since they're bros but it's not a terribly popular ship even then.

No. 317907

File: 1693070512404.jpg (120.55 KB, 1000x703, 2a1.jpg)

the sheer popularity of creek confuses me (at least before the show makes it canon and they become something of a fujo icon lmao.) i don't remember them interacting much in the show – not enough to ship them anyway. but them being more popular than ships involving the main 4 has always been funny to me (granted i also just dont find them very shippable or particularly appealing as a couple, i love that the show responded to their popularity though)

No. 317911

I like it post canonization (they genuinely have very cute episodes), but I guess all people need is a big 'vs' in the title to get them shipping characters.

No. 317916

File: 1693072772041.jpg (152.13 KB, 670x1352, EYGIA9HVcAAugkk.jpg)

it was the fanart for me. black hair/blonde hair you can never go wrong (helps that craig is always portrayed as being like…stoic and mean in fanwork)

No. 317921

>shaves that hideous unicorn haircut.
'Cutting your hair = character development' is such a shitty trope, I don't get why people praise it. It has no place in entertainment in 2023 other than in memes.

No. 317924

Still shit but he finally looks like a man here >>317766 this >>317772 is good tho.

I never listen to dramacds but that sounds very disappointing. A new writer is needed.

No. 317941

File: 1693079121438.png (262.91 KB, 960x1200, Rei_sprite.PNG.png)

>finally looks like a man here

What the hell are you talking about, a man having long hair doesn't make him a man? r u mentally retarded.

Even in the beginning of his route his appearance was still male, maybe flamboyant but still male. You are weird, didn't expect there to be tradthot fujos…expecting the unexpetected.

No. 317946

I know nothing about south park or creek. They made it canon?

No. 317949

>They made it canon?

No. 317960

Not my problem that you like males that inject estrogens,tranny, I don't want them to my fictional Japanese media, they are already plastered to my face daily on 3DPD media and getting them now on bl media goes too far. Learn to accept others opinions or go back and cry to your they/them Twitter followers.
Rei looks hideous to me with or without hair. Long hair can be very sexy, that tranny tho has no hair just a half shaved head with a pink rat tail hanging that he shaves off completely later on. He ends up with a shitty doja cat haircut but at least it gets better once it grows evenly so he did do good job shaving that rat nest off. And I did find his route anti-tranny because he could stay the way he was but he didn't. It showed that just because you act girly, use she/her and you like dicks as a male it doesn't mean that you want to become a woman. Unlike that bell tranny on ultra c it had a much better ending.
>not liking trannies makes you a tradthot
Back to >>lgbtqalphabet board
The game sucked for many people whether you like it or not.(take your meds)

No. 317963

Some people on this site just let trannies live inside their heads free of charge I see

No. 317968

anon ffs rei isn't a tranny. you don't have to like him and you're allowed to think he looks better with short hair, clearly that's what his route wants you to think anyway even though i agree with >>317921 that it's the shittiest write-in for 'character development' & it looks like shit anyway – but like. come on. BL is infamous for being full of ukes who look like women in all but the fact they have a dick: meanwhile n+c contrasts rei's very obviously masculine characteristics, propensity for beating people up and his broad frame with him using 'atashi' and showing his struggles with being called pretty like a girl his whole life. that makes him a tranny… how?
anyway your whole post reeks of bait so idk why im bothering to respond

matt and trey responded directly to the popularity of creek by making an episode of sp that talks about yaoi and fujoshi, and basically canonised creek in the process. it was honestly really cool, especially since most people would look at the fact that people were making creek ship art and just dismiss it as weird and gross

No. 317969

Meds. We really need to put the tranny topic to rest this is the BL thread ffs

No. 317975

It's apparently the antifujo thread baiting again. Report&ignore, the guys and gals over there just can't live without us. Kissies!

No. 317976

I still remember their studio went out and made a most on Tumblr asking people to submit fanart to use in the show for the TweekxCraig episode. Brendan Small did something similar with the convention episode of Metalocalypse too.

No. 317978

You are either a extremely mentally ill person or you are trolling. He never injected estrogen or called himself she/her the fuck are you talking about and he was always male presenting. Also his appearance is very common visual Kei fashion in Japanese media and bl. You are just making things up.
I reported them, I think they're that same troll who was previously calling other anons trannys for no reason and then got banned.
Yeah it really makes the site unusable sometimes

No. 317980

Please nonnies. I'm searching for an old manga, can't remember its name. It was something like Ilogenes (or not, idk).
It was a light BL/insinuated BL manga, one of the guys had black hair and eye color of a peacock feather (I think this was either said a few times or shown in the colored pages a lot), the other guy had blond hair and was more extroverted. I remember them being in some kind of military uniforms but the story wasn't outright about going to war. I think there was something special about the main guy, like special abilities, or he was sick or something, he was kinda frail. The art was very pretty and the story was kinda melancholic. I read this like 10 years ago, it was still ongoing and I'm trying to find it again so I can finish it.

No. 317982

Creek as a ship was popular due to the old episode Craig vs Tweek. Since South Park is popular in Japan, a lot of the fujos latched onto them because of that episode. Over a decade later, Trey and Matt found that it was a popular ship in Japan and made the yaoi episode. And of course it became popular again because of it

No. 317986

ah thats cool, i didn't realise it was directly bc of japanese fujos. it makes a lot more sense to me now since i feel like western fans tend to prefer ships like stan x kyle personally i like kyman but from a fujo perspective there's no real way to prettify cartman kek

No. 318002

File: 1693108430616.jpg (188.58 KB, 1600x900, tumblr_42ab79028422c7a326040d0…)

No. 318008

Tamamori is so cute

No. 318009

File: 1693115669952.png (348.21 KB, 500x392, crying because I will never ow…)

I love fujo plushies so much

No. 318016

Found it, it's Ilegenes

No. 318017

File: 1693121784712.jpg (138 KB, 2048x1451, 20230722_015217.jpg)

same anon, and the rich nui culture

No. 318023

File: 1693127719031.png (1.08 MB, 1200x600, lostinthecloud.png)

Just started reading lost in the cloud and it's so good! I was at first scared that the mc would be a total push over. I was glad that is not the case. I normally really despise school life stories, but it's almost more like a psychological thriller so that keeps it interesting.

No. 318040

File: 1693143352728.jpeg (644.26 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_3455.jpeg)

I hope this Akira plushie has little plushie testicles and a little X on his butt

No. 318069

>reading a manhwa
GTFO zoomer trash.(bait)

No. 318076

I don't have anything against manhwa in particular but I just hate this one specifically, it has the most boring romance tropes and stupid plot points but for some reason people love it

No. 318080

It was interesting in the beginning but it suffered the same fate of all dragged out manhwas unfortunately

No. 318081

I want to read a manhwa with a reverse couple. I'm so bored of the alpha semes and twinky submissive ukes roles. There was one I read with some popstars? but the art was very tumblr-ey and western-ey. Recs?

No. 318083

I'm still at the point where there isn't even really any romance. From what I understand it's slowburn so I wonder when it will actually start.

Oh no that sucks to hear. I haven't fully catched up yet, right now it is still interesting for me. But when it get's boring I will drop it.

No. 318085

I love this story so much! I still keep up with it, I only wish it would stop going on hiatus every other week kek. I'm glad their relationship is getting good development now though.

No. 318088

Ah to bad that there is so much hiatus between the chapters. Atleast I still have some catching up to do so it's not to bad for me! But last night I read like 20 chapters so i will have to take it slower kek. It's good to hear that you are still enjoying it and that there relationship is getting better in the later chapters!

No. 318089

File: 1693160747522.jpg (213.42 KB, 736x1000, 91w4Cmxwo8L._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

The switch couple of all time

No. 318092

This author has a lot of wasted potential she can write really dark shit but she makes mainstream ones now. Her art is very beautiful. I'm reading this one too, but 80+ chapters now and nothing happens. She drags it a tons. Her work with that schizo-sheep masker was kino.

No. 318093

File: 1693162438706.png (1.26 MB, 852x640, CbO1SVnUYAABs3D.png)

Nui lore if you will

No. 318094

File: 1693162594520.png (3.56 MB, 1152x2048, DvV6BosU0AAz21z.png)

I have a friend who owns it, I'm pretty sure he doesn't. I think the chibi figure of this outfit had a little penis though.

No. 318095

That depends on what you want. I don't prefer stories that are dark just for the sake of being dark, so I find this story a really nice change of pace from some of the other stalker Bls.
Yes, without spoiling anything, they finally start communicating better after season 2

No. 318096

Yes comparing with the stalker bs most have this one has a really good schizo character. But I'm waiting for some development i hope she can deliver the author what she truly wants to write, the editors don't help and pressure them, lezhin shitty treats them too. I like the psychological dark ones like you said, not trying to make them dark just to be dark. I read Ouroboros a month ago it would be my number 1 if it wasn't for the triangle relationship and the last chapters. But it is still good. I don't like her new one much. I'm searching for more psychological ones but so far the ones that I tried aren't good. I don't know why I'm still reading legs that won't work haha since it's not, so atm i'm reading cloud and a tree without roots.

No. 318105

I get it! Sorry if it sounded like I was telling you dark stories are bad, I enjoy psychological ones too. I'm desperate for recommendations as well kek. Half the ones I try are either too unrealistic, or a character pisses me off/is annoying/acts so dumb that it comes off as poorly written. I tried color recipe but the ending made me mad because the uke was dumb as hell and their relationship got no real development. Plus the seme was ugly and annoying to me sadly

No. 318114

NTA but thanks for the recommendation!

No. 318121

No need to apologize nonny I got what you meant! After killing stalkings success many artists want to make something similar. Which is not bad to have a work for inspiration, but they end up fucking it badly in the end and it ends up generic and copy pasta. I liked blind play it was popular for a while but the author went a little nuts so not many shared her work/no longer cared. Don't know many details about the drama but even though she was right to be angry about her work being on illegal websites she started to threaten the people there and shared their personal info but they were all underage so it escalated pretty badly so I can't take a side. But aside that I think it's not a bad work you can give it a try.
I didn't like color recipe too, for that reason. I did like nichan from the same author it was sickening but very dark and I liked the end kino. From dark manga that I'm reading now I read shintan kairou and toro no ori. Toro no ori latest chapters ruined it a little for me but can't tell yet final thoughts because its ongoing. Same with Shintan, ongoing and is very heavy but the ending will 100% judge it.
I do like manga but I prefer manhwas because longer chapters and more to tell if good writing. Manga sadly aren't long.

No. 318125

File: 1693175276177.jpg (35.67 KB, 350x470, Playtime-with-hakdo.jpg)

I recommend playtime with hakdo. It's a good reverse couple bl, plus it's relatively short in the manhwa sphere and thus doesn't overstay its welcome via bullshit drama.

No. 318128

File: 1693175993656.jpg (93.49 KB, 702x1000, 81sb8lrnIqL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

Tysm both!
I found this, that has a drama, I read a little, it's not that bad but I can't tell yet. They try to dominate each other. Weird relationship since one was originally straight.

No. 318178

Blind play author is based as fuck for doxxing that obese tranny jujucat. Jujucat is a well known bully in the translation/uploader community and basically spends their time harassing new translators or uploaders and nitpicking their work over the dumbest shit.

Jujucat is a obese catfish who pretended to be a Asian man and has started drama with other authors too.

I used to be a translator and I have some experience with that jujucat and she is a literal neet who thinks just because they have all the time and money to blow on uploading or translating that makes them above other translators. This bitch even had a fake alt account that she used to harass me and another translator but she deleted all information from that account once I called her out for that being hers.

Fuxk that obese tranny. She catfished and pretended to be a Asian male named Anthony and while her drama was happening with YD the actual guy behind the identity came out and said jujufat bitch was pretending to be them.

No. 318181

Man translators are so fucking retarded. Do they know they're illegally distributing and uploading pay-to-view content? Why do they feel like others need to respect their shitty rules and update schedules? I've seen so many scanlating groups getting into fights because one work was "theirs" and no one was allowed to translate it, bitch why the fuck should anyone care? If they're faster and better than you then no one has to care for your feelings and wait literal years for you to shit out some shitty translation. Same with uploading schedules "don't upload over me uwu" literally no one gives a shit!

No. 318195

Sangwoo scans does that ALOT. They'll translate one chapter for a new story and then completely forget about that story and not update for a year and then someone else picks it up and sangwoo scans loses their minds and tells them to not upload over them. They also do really gross redraws of lightsabers, like if originally it was censored to look like a white lightsaber why do you have to redraw it. I swear it looks so gross, those poorly drawn penis redraws.

No. 318203

What? Really? Wtf. I had no idea. I heard the drama differently like the illegal readers at a site were like justifying their actions for reading her manga illegally and she started sharing their private info and photographs. Didn't know it was just one person behind it and a tranny to boost. Why are fantranslators like that? Thanks for explaining nonnas! Im going to spend some of my remaining lezhin coins to her and learn more about the drama!

No. 318206

File: 1693221163585.png (279.55 KB, 422x679, FXY0GH-VUAAmZ1S.png)

And adding that I'm really sorry for what you have been through. It's awful. I've been through something similar, what I can tell is that many mentally ill people are in the bl fandom. Avoid fujos larping as men the most if you can, they act very predatory have a fixation about protecting minors and shit and do things for them and are very misogynistic towards women in the bl fandom. Can accuse you and start to harass you over the most minor thing like liking a series they don't like and deem problematic, liking a ship they don't like or by not using their pronouns. Be careful nonnies don't interact with them even if they act all nice and seem fun.
YD has a new bl historical story running that looks good called crazy about. I'm going to check it out and share how it was.

No. 318229

File: 1693228862884.jpeg (110.7 KB, 1500x2101, 60dcc73e28b2e59a3d3ec43d_1500_…)

Rei is cute with his hair short baldies are cute.

No. 318230

anyone else hate seeing dick in BL. i actually prefer lightsaber cocks (unless it’s something explicitly labeled as porn…even then the scenario needs to feel “appropriate” idk)

No. 318235

This happens a lot with scanlation groups it feels and it's especially annoying when it happens with BL mangas because they never get official translations so you're at the mercy of some group that focuses more on redrawing ugly dicks than actually translating the dialogue. So many of my favourite series have been picked up by some group, they translate maybe the first two chapters and then drop it. They don't even list it as being on hiatus, they just stop updating and remain ridiculously possessive over it. Nobody else can translate the remaining chapters because it's their project ree!!!!!

I don't care for them either. I really don't understand people who demand to see dicks and testicles on every page of the sex scene in 4K view and write paragraphs of bitching about how muh lightsaber cocks ruin the entire manga.

No. 318248

>Im going to spend some of my remaining lezhin coins to her
One thing I love about korean webtoons is that they usually upload on a site (either lezhin, webtoon or tappytoon) that's easy to navigate so you can spend like 5 dollars and read a clear, high-quality comic with a good english translation, and you can buy lots of chapters and skip all the translator drama, awful google translate shit and a thousand useless "translator's notes" (which are often just retarded commentary) on pixelated screenshots. Sadly you can't always do the same with mangas because there are a lot of publishers (so a lot of sites that aren't always too good to navigate), and many beautiful stories never get translated. I really just need to learn japanese.

I like seeing dicks (I mean, the sex scenes are a big part of yaoi/bl) but only if they're well-drawn, and most so-called experienced redrawers can't draw dicks.

No. 318285

I like it only if they're well drawn. Some artists should never draw dicks, like Kii Kanna.

No. 318393

does /fujo/ ever get tired of yurifags acting oppressed? if it's not whining about the "lack of f/f content" then it's opinions from an alternate reality where they are hated more than fujos. or they say things like "where is all the yuri! yuri likers don't get anythinig!" then make no apparent effort to go to like dynastyscans or the gl tag on mangago. sometimes i take pity on them and shoot them recs but in the end they always have a reason for not enjoying [x].

naturally you only ever see this in western spaces but it still makes me roll my eyes omg maybe yurifags don't have anything because they're too goddamn picky and whiny. i'm a yurifag myself btw i just hate the criers

No. 318396

I understand wanting more good f/f content, but a lot of the whining is nothing more than subtle(sometimes very unsubtle) fujo-bashing. Something something fujos being self-hating women, internalized misogynists, gay fetishizers etc for preferring to make and consume m/m material instead of f/f. It's easily solved by knowing the right fandoms where f/f dominates and making their own fucking art and fics if there aren't enough for their liking, but no, that's not good enough. Thankfully the fellow yurifags I interact with all like fujo stuff too and don't have this victim complex

No. 318397

As a yurifag myself, it is retarded. It's exactly the same argument irl fags or women larping as men trannies that say about fujo writers and fujos. Fujos shouldn't write stories about guys because they sexualize them, make unrealistic stories -arguments like that. Yes moid yuri writers can be super gross and unrealistic, but there are many good works out there be it games, anime, manga written by moids. Women trying to put down other women for liking or reading certain yuri media just bc a moid wrote them is petty. If they don't do a research beforehand and just read the mainstream yuri shit, then that's their problem. Same can be said for all the webtoons suck argument. Just do your research don't rely on reviews or comments you can find pretty decent works.

No. 318406

File: 1693329507412.jpg (106.47 KB, 937x1331, FSv0iXAX0AENLnH.jpg)

I don't care about yurifags that much, they tend to mind their own business and gravitate towards coomer series with an all-female cast so I barely interact with them. By far the most annoying people I have to share a fandom with are hetfags who victimize themselves for being straight and being into straight romances. They genuinely pretend as if they're an oppressed group because AO3 and fanart tags feature more m/m couples than het couples, like fujos were committing straight genocide for being so active in the fandom and producing the kind of content they like themselves instead of catering to hetfag tastes. You see them constantly on Lolcow too and they're probably lurking this thread even as we speak, reading this post to screencap it for the fujo cringe thread just to mald and seethe about misogynist fujocoomers ruining their hetships. Literally nobody in my fandoms are as entitled and insufferable as them, they ship trashy wattpad crack ships yet act as if theirs is the more canon and sophisticated one just because it's m/f even if the characters never spoke to each other and throw an autistic tantrum if someone doesn't agree with them. And when a m/m ship gets more popular they immediately have to act like fucking babies about it and cook up all shorts of homophobic "bi headcanons" and spite ships to cope and accuse of it being predatory/fetishizing/whatever-izing to get it off their sights.

Went on a tangent but had to get it out of my system. Yurifags are cringe when they're the kind of psycho polilez himejos but we share a common enemy with them and I love watching them go off on hetshippers kek

No. 318407

im not a yurifag although i probably would be if i found yuri content that caters to my tastes, but tbh from my perspective i imagine it gets really annoying seeing only mxm ships talked about. if they only know fujos through tumblr or ao3 it's no wonder a lot of them dislike us.
they also have to deal with way more scrotes being into yuri content which honestly must be horrific, meanwhile fujo spaces at least here and on places like fujochan have a much nicer girls only feeling. idk if anything like that exists for yurifags

No. 318411

I don’t get their argument when there’s a yuri or yuribait anime like every season practically, meanwhile there’s barely any BL anime and the best you’re gonna get fujobait wise is some joseimuke that’s a tie in to a shitty idol franchise or something.
With that being said, there is obviously more BL manga (but there’s plenty of yuri as well) and BLVNs are higher quality generally.

No. 318416

I feel you anon. Retarded ESL rant but I made the mistake of getting a little too invested in a shonenshit series(JJK) and I have noticed that het shippers are straight-up unhinged. Women who ship Gojo and Utahime keep trying to aggressively prove how much of a straight man Gojo is. They see Gojo being a fuckboy who shlicks off to gravure idols as a win. They obsessively stalk Satosugu content and try to use any dead dove material that they can find to cancel fujos. They keep labeling fujos as "mlm fetishizers" while claiming to be "queer" when 99% of their own content is Utahime barefoot and pregnant with Gojo's spawns and age gap shit. There is one scrote leaker who recently suggested that he enjoys stsg - hetshippers instantly turned on him and dug out one super old tweet in which the leaker was malding over Amber Heard. It's telling how they never brought up that tweet earlier but decided to use it at the moment they learnt he likes a homo ship. They also joined hands with moids to mass report his account kek. Hetshippers and moids imo are a bit like tradthots and rightwingers. They unironically think that fujos are pushing an "agenda".
I see this retardation in nearly every shonen fanbase which is why I have decided to stick smaller fanbases when it comes to non BL media.

I enjoy both m/m and f/f and this is what I have observed as well. Yuri pandering is more prominent in weebshit. Meanwhile, even the slightest homobait sends moids into a rabid fit of rage like it happened with Shinsekai Yori.

No. 318423

I'm powerleveling hard with this but I'm in the Genshin Impact fandom and the hetshippers are insufferable, through and through. The game leans very strongly towards same sex ships because Mihoyo (the game's developer) already has a history of multiple lesbians, both implied and canon, in their previous game and with Genshin they chose to heavily pander to fujos as well, leaving the only straight ships be with the playable characters vaguely flirting with the main character whose gender you can choose so they can be turned lesbian/gay if the player so wills it. In conclusion, the most popular ships in the fandom are m/m and f/f because that's simply how it's designed to be. So what happens is that hetshippers just pick two completely arbitrary characters and ship them together with some of the lamest tiktok YA book club relationship dynamics and remain extremely smug about it, just barely being able to keep their resentment of same sex ships at bay. If they could they would absolutely do the same as their Chinese counterparts and report the game to the fascist authorities for "promoting the homosexual agenda" just to rid the game of m/m content. In the west they just have to resort to calling them "fetishizers" to get the internet kangaroo court of good morals jump on them but it's just the same petty shit repackaged.

No. 318427

Where the FUCK do I go nowadays to find other fujoshi to roleplay with? F-List? Tumblr? Twitter…?

No. 318432

>meanwhile fujo spaces at least here and on places like fujochan have a much nicer girls only feeling
yeah being surrounded by tifs with @'s like 'ratpissbaby' who will screech at you for not being le epin mlm is so comfortable and cozy. get real, "girl's only" spaces online are pozzed regardless of the content they're based around

No. 318433

Go back to your containment thread

No. 318434

what the hell are you talking about

No. 318436

I used to be active on dreamwidth but people are really fucking lazy there, drop threads like three comments in, cry on their retarded Twitter knockoff about being overwhelmed, and screech about how hecking homo faggy gay they are. u hate how rp is a dying hobby.

No. 318438

Character AI has all but killed rp. Sorry anon

No. 318439

File: 1693346127246.jpg (Spoiler Image,105.9 KB, 552x748, 1671070633785-0.jpg)

off-topic but is there anywhere I could find romantic 3d BL content since tumblr died?
I don't like 2d.

No. 318440

>"3D BL content"
That's just gay male content then, not BL. You're in the wrong thread.

No. 318441

I've never watched them but bl dramas exist. This isn't really the place to get recs for 3dpd

No. 318443

File: 1693347681625.jpg (34.58 KB, 326x319, 1688942406414.jpg)

anon come on, i specifically mentioned lolcow and fujochan as female friendly spaces bc youre not likely to run into aidens or 'bl is queer representation!!' people here. i excluded places like twitter for a reason, id appreciate it if you didn't complete misinterpret my post and make it into something it's not

No. 318447

It's most likely the tranny sperg again, don't get baited nonny.

No. 318450

Try Asian BL dramas. Vikirakutan might have some. YouTube has some web originals as well. I can't think of any recommendations but try going on wikipedia or Google. There have been some western stuff that features m/m but it's always second fiddle to hetshit or tras. Shadowhunters comes to mind. When it comes to fandom I suggest trying to find pockets of older fans and blacklisting any and all tra words and rhetoric you can think of (if your on Twitter or Tumblr still). I have no idea about Instagram. Pinterest can be a good source of pics. Best of luck.

No. 318452

File: 1693355033794.jpg (1.12 MB, 1104x1500, 2c7c696e021cd2d98fdf139670acfe…)

Nonnies, a bl series with a couple with that feel? I read some djs and felt nostalgic.

No. 318453

For western (if you're desperate) Heartstopper and Red, White, and Royal Blue. Otherwise just go with Asian BL dramas.

No. 318470

no matter where you go you will deal with fandom puritans and/or aidens. id take this >>318438 nonas advice and just hope rp ai gets better kek

No. 318474

>>meanwhile fujo spaces at least here and on places like fujochan have a much nicer girls only feeling
This site is full of men, if you haven't realized you are delusional. Not in the this thread because they have no interest in BL, but the stalking board are obviously mostly dudes.

Also fujochan is dead

No. 318475

>does /fujo/ ever get tired of yurifags acting oppressed?
Always, yurifags like to pretend they are oppressed then the truth is that F/F couples can be happily portrayed in media without anyone flinching their shit while BL is constantly put down and ostracized. They wonder why "there isn't more fan F/F content" and I don't realize the reason is because people who like M/M/ are constantly shunned and derided and our content censored.

No. 318476

File: 1693366240214.jpg (231.34 KB, 800x1137, bokunopapa3_12.jpg)

How do people feel about these… I guess more "real" BL?

No. 318477

The best example of Yurifags fake oppression is how gundam, an historical "fujo" franchise, had his first official gay protagonist as a lesbian couple.

Meanwhile people still think Shino and Yamagi were straight.

No. 318478

They are fun to read on a rainy day, but I prefer the more dramatic stuff. Too much "normality" gets boring if I read these types of stories back to back, but they are good palate cleansers if I read something that is really sad or extreme.

No. 318497

Kek, there is even a "fujo hate thread". No idea why the girls on this site delude themselves thinking is a female only site when it's the doxxing site most famous on the web.

No. 318504

File: 1693378253478.png (1.56 MB, 950x1248, 0289c4cc68da0dfb7bb738b9b8ba65…)

God Slow Damage is such a gorgeous VN, It hasn't even been a full year since it came out in English but I already am thinking about replaying it.

No. 318528

I think you have me mistaken for a different anon, that is my first post in this general.

No. 318529

Sorry for doubleposting, forgot about this one. I was really burnt out from doing RP in ff14 and all the drama that surrounded that. I just want to find another nona who will duo RP with me in private so we can go absolutely insane with a super developed story with a smidge of smut in it. I also hate how RPing is a dying hobby. Character AI is certainly not helping it.

No. 318555

File: 1693400107432.jpg (110.82 KB, 1325x623, viki.jpg)

Then go to forums for drama discussion.
Lots of the ones from Japan are based on manga or novels. When the latter, you can try finding them on NU:
You can still see plenty of drama content (gifs etc.) on Tumblr.

No. 318560

i think gundam and other recent anime like lycoris recoil aren't a very good example because none of the couples are canon either, for gundam the lesbian relationship is "up to interpretation" and yurifags were constantly cucked with the weird suletta harem format. it's true they're still heavily pandered to and yuri is seen as a safer option but their ships are still in some sort of weird limbo where it's kinda canon but also not really, same shit happens to fujo couples. japanese people are still iffy about any sort of actual gay ship unfortunately

No. 318561

sa but i think yurifags have more success with western media not anime

No. 318564

when i was in my "wanting to look and feel more adult (by consuming "more mature" media)" stage i loved them. now i don't care, they're mostly pretty dull. i just want sex and high drama and maybe murder

No. 318587

yeah, canon lesbian ships are everywhere now and they still have the gall to complain that m/m dominates the market (see caitvi fans complaining about not enough content when theyre the most popular lol ship)

No. 318592

>i think gundam and other recent anime like lycoris recoil aren't a very good example because none of the couples are canon either, for gundam the lesbian relationship is "up to interpretation" and yurifags were constantly cucked with the weird suletta harem format. it's true they're still heavily pandered to and yuri is seen as a safer option but their ships are still in some sort of weird limbo where it's kinda canon but also not really, same shit happens to fujo couples. japanese people are still iffy about any sort of actual gay ship unfortunately

You didn't watch gundam right? The anime ending is extremely unambiguous with the rings and the in law comment. The "up to interpretation" was just a twitter bandai exec coping and even then they basically have been releasing nothing but yuri pandering stuff with the staff full support. Meanwhile series like Hikaru have been heavily censored.

And yeah, cartoon and videogame are full of lesbian ships and then retards come complaining "why ao3 mostly is M/M???"

No. 318616

Yeah for a long time already actually. I genuinely cannot tell if it's tumblr addicts or whiny otaku that feel oppressed for not getting pandered at, probably the latter.
Even on 4chan I see them talking about their oppressive history as if they were traumatized for not getting their yuri ships confirmed when actual yuri always existed but they pretend it didn't and was only baited to hurt them specifically.
I also feel like a big part of the shitposting is coming from them and it doesn't help that no anime is safe from shitters going into the threads to ask whether a series is "yuri" and shit on it if you say no, even if it's a very obvious sausagefest.

I also honestly hate them invading fujo spaces. Like I cannot find a single damn fujo discord about anything I like that isn't filled with yuri and genderbending. Sometimes I really want the early 00s back.
Like I don't have an issue if a fujo also likes yuri. But please for fuck's sake they should make an own discord then I only care about canon lore and canon genders.

No. 318626

OC self-shippers and self-inserters are probably the most irrational fans I personally met. Usually aggressively defending their ships to the point at which they block or even attack everybody that gay ships no matter how much sense it makes. They also take everything very personal because they personally insert themselves into a story where they don't belong to. I even saw some fans losing their shit on twitter because another fan that talked to them shipped a canon character with someone else than her/that user.
I genuinely believe that people like that are mentally ill.
>And when a m/m ship gets more popular they […] cook up all shorts of homophobic "bi headcanons" and spite ships to cope and accuse of it being predatory/fetishizing/whatever-izing to get it off their sights.
It took me a long time till I made this connection but once I saw it everything made sense. That shit is sadly everywhere, because people who are into het are the majority and besides actual yaoi fandoms a fandom is never entirely fujo, so you have them in and they tend to poison everything because they can often not stick to their ships without demonizing others or turning everybody bisexual, even if the characters in question are canonically gay, which is already rare enough so I rather not have them being erased too to get another generic het-normative guy/housewife with kids pairing.

No. 318629

>Women who ship Gojo and Utahime keep trying to aggressively prove how much of a straight man Gojo is.
The problem is that het is always seen as 100% canon until proven otherwise. So for a guy to be het all he needs to do is to talk to a woman once and not confirm to be in love with a guy, while a guy basically has to fuck another dude on screen to count as gay.
Even intimate behavior and chemistries are hand-waved away with "friendship" or "dudes being dudes" (or girls being girls for women). Partly it's not their fault alone though, because media has conditioned them to think so. It's because media did always treat m/m and f/f relationships like this. Not gay, no matter how close they are, but the rando of the opposite gender that appears in episode 22 gets confirmed to be the future partner five seconds after they get introduced.

It's why I think that we need more canon surprise gay shit in non-gay series.

No. 318783

To be honest I think fujo themselves are part of the plot. Exec know they can give us crumble and we eat them, but they can't do the same for otaku

No. 318825

File: 1693523440002.jpg (68.63 KB, 480x554, boy and his dog.jpg)

It's the worst, especially since the kind of hetshippers who'll accuse fujos of being delusional will treat their ship as indisputable canon if they so much as look at each other. Even guys with canon feelings for each other get their relationship handwaved as "symbolic" or some other bizarre cope. Pic related

I'd love more gayness in "regular" series, but since moids act with such hostility towards any indication of m/m romance I feel like the best we'll get is a supporting character getting an unnamed bf in the epilogue or something.

No. 318829

>I genuinely believe that people like that are mentally ill.
The self inserters are mentally ill for sure, but a lot of hetshippers averse to gay ships are just plain homophobic. I know people groan at the "you dont like yaoi so ur homophobic" meme but it's a fact that a lot of people hate gay ships because they just find gay relationships if not disgusting, then just lesser in value than straight relationships and are completely unable to draw enjoyment from them. They wouldn't be jumping through all those "bi headcanon" mental hoops and "why are hetships so oppressed" pity parties if they didn't feel so strongly about it. And you can bet they would be the first to pull that "well I don't need to have myself represented in media all the time because I'm capable of empathizing with different people, hmm?" when discussing how alienating it is to not have same sex relationships in mainstream media.

The amount and magnitude of truthbending I've seen them do to explain away the gayness of ships that are practically canon is often staggering. These people would set themselves on fire before letting an anime boy be gay, over their dead bodies would they let any media be pozzed by those nasty fujos. As for your example, it's maddening but also hilarious that they will perpetually write these copium fueled posts about how what Kaworu and Shinji have is just "obsession and a parasocial relationship, not romantic attraction" but will gleefully accept Shinji x Asuka or Shinji x Rei, both being the most fucked up ships based on entirely hostile situations that could never in a million years foster a relationship from either side.

No. 318831

>I know people groan at the "you dont like yaoi so ur homophobic"

I mean why is it a meme? Yeah, the reason people dislike gay ships is often homophobia.

No. 318865

Then why do some gay men seem to hate gay ships?

No. 318867

because they hate women and things women enjoy. imo misogyny plays just as big if not bigger of a role in fujo hatred as homophobia.

No. 318869

Because most men gay, bi or straight don't care about shipping, they just want to see characters fuck.
Obviously there's some who are into shipping, but on average it's mostly a thing that women are into.

No. 318870

Seriously though men are so fucking misogynistic with their hatred of shippers, it's so obvious it's another way for them to hate on women while pretending to be 'concerned for people online' or whatever.

No. 318872

File: 1693540333721.jpg (407.24 KB, 1079x1006, TJ31a6j.jpg)

To be honest, I don't care how shitty the new one piece ends up being. I will be watching it to ship luffy with zoro and sanji

No. 318890

Can you guys stop posting 3DPD here

No. 318899

It shouldn't be just a meme, it should be considered a fact. People always do the "oh just because I don't like BL doesn't mean I'm homophobic" but leave out the part where they consider same sex relationships to be inherently degenerate, morally wrong and unnatural and that's why they don't like seeing them. Like a normal, non-homophobic person wouldn't be so bothered by a gay ship existing and you can't really use the "but it's just the annoying yaoi fangirls that ruin it for me!" when you wouldn't have the same amount of energy for hating people being similarly enthusiastic about a straight ship. They also carry the signature bigot trait of considering everything a power struggle and a zero sum game, like to them fujos creating fan art and fanfics means that's less fan content for their straight ships. Often when you point this out to them their reaction is scoffing "Well I guess I'm homophobic then!" yeah you are, now do something about it. It's not a goddamn badge of honor.

No. 318904

No rule against it. It's a thread encompassing all sorts of media.

No. 318913

addicted (the cn drama) is my favorite bl drama
also if you want to talk about 3dpd fujochan has a rps board

No. 318917

>Discussion of Male/Male ships outside of strictly BL series is allowed.

No. 318920

Guess we'll just have to bully them out like we did with the shotafags. Go post your 3D shit in a place where it's wanted.

No. 318922

I don't mind 3D shit here, stop backseat-modding as if this thread belonged to you.

No. 318925

The only Blue Lynx project that is not dead.

No. 318926

Well some people do mind, just like they did with the shota stuff. You can post your shit here and cause an infight, or you can just make your own damn thread. I'm pretty sure there's already a 3DPD fags thread around.

No. 318928

>some people
Another tactic to stop others posting what you don't like? Grow up. How hard is it for you to hide posts? If you want to set rules, start your own imageboard. You can't do that on a site that doesn't belong to you, where you're a nobody.

No. 318930

File: 1693571067899.jpg (44.32 KB, 474x308, 55Ppv6w.jpg)

There is a rule against shota, there is no rule against 3D. If people want to infight over it then they can have fun getting reported.

No. 318931

Some straight girls also dislike shipping. Also what are you even basing this on anyway?

No. 318933

Straight guys are also into shipping, see Naruto, or Bleach or whatever. Then you have homophobic straight girls too that dislike gay shipping because it makes their husbando gay.

No. 318934

We literally have a fujo hate topic on this channel Mods constantly allow fujo hate but never do the same fur yume and stuff. As the other anon said even other women hate fujo ships at time. Meanwhile straight shippers don't get 1/10 of the same hate.

It really just boils down to that, it's two dude so it trigger people. There is no hate movement about yuri shippers big as fujo hate.

No. 318942

>We literally have a fujo hate topic on this channel Mods constantly allow fujo hate but never do the same fur yume and stuff
Apparently there's a well-known mod who actively interacts with the husbandofag shitpost thread in a positive way, so there's your answer as to why that is. The new admin brought in somethingawful tier mods and no site improvements.

No. 318949

mafuyu the slut

No. 318960

Mafuyu is cute and the best part of given

No. 318961

Straight men hating gay ships is almost expected to the point I don't care, but honestly other women doing that feels so shitty. Fujo aren't mean to Yume and their husbando and mostly leave them alone, so them constantly shitting on us is really fucked up.

No. 318970

who even posts to the fujo hate thread anyway? aside from like, pakichan. every time ive seen thst thread while browsing /ot/ it's always filled with infighting about trannies i swear

No. 318972

Aidens aren't men

No. 318979

Well this explains why you get banned and redtexted in literally less than 5 minutes if you disagree with certain husbandofagposts whining about fujos. I'm so glad Fujochan is back.

Yeah, I admittedly find yumes cringe and often Rancefag levels of mentally ill but I can't bring myself to care enough to hate them. The only reason I'm even annoyed with them is because they actively aggro all over fujos for defiling their husbandos.

Men, pakichan and the husbandojanny.

No. 319014

Yeah this is a good point. It's why I sometimes shake my head (or at least thinking about it) when I see the next fujo hype over a painfully hetero series where at least one of the guys will confirm that he's het by talking about sexy women or having a love affair at least once per episode.
Nothing against the series themselves which can be great, but it's sometimes painful seeing the coping of those that still ship or even believe it could become canon later.

No. 319019

File: 1693603814777.gif (Spoiler Image,1.81 MB, 245x245, 1671070633788-2.gif)

Nonna watch Eyewitness, I hope nobody spoils it for you so just watch it. It's from Catherine Hardwicke and extremely underrated.


No. 319020

Since when have fujos had to care about canon? I don't give a shit if a character fucks women left and right in the show, I'm putting a dick in that mouth online and feeding into the likeminded fanbase. That said I get what you mean though and I'm usually turned off if some male character is made to be a painfully straight slimy moid, but just as often I won't let it stop me from shipping him with another male character.

No. 319022

This is why I was so baffled when some series have actually pulled that shit like some comics I read (think More than Meets the Eye being the most popular case and in that case it even did it multiple times in a series that is primarily bizarre robot action comedy). I also give kudos to that marriage proposal at the end of Samurai Flamenco, though it was sad that it didn't lead to a canon pairing.
This is something I never get. If you go as far as to make two characters basically married, why not going full out? The gay haters will have already dropped your show by that point.

I would be interested to see if the popularity is actually taking a huge dip after such reveals. Personally I believe that most people don't care enough to drop a series because of this and that the endless rage we see on the net is just a very loud retarded minority that most likely doesn't even spend money on anime/manga/comics in the first place.

The rage itself and the ways in which they cope to explain the gay away is certainly ridiculous though. But I noticed that these people are always talking about gayness ruining "their" stuff. So at lot of them must be people that somehow believe that all media in this world was aimed at them specifically and personally for some fucking reason.

No. 319023

Yeah good point. I think it might rather be the personality traits that annoy me and make me fail to see the chemistry.
Like even if a guy would run after every sexy man passing by I would probably consider him stupid and not feel like shipping him with another gay dude I like. They are usually also painfully superficial, though don't want to imply that it's impossible to write good sluts. But usually they work better for me when they are straight-up hedonist villains in that case.

No. 319024

File: 1693605527106.jpg (48.45 KB, 346x484, neighbor-guild-member-ch1-manh…)

Asking for: 1.yanderes manhwas. 2.isekai or gamer manhwas.

Thanks for any suggestions.
(Already read all the mainstream yandere manhwas).

Manhwa in the picture : the guildmate next door.

No. 319025

File: 1693605790680.png (13.2 KB, 200x327, thumbnail.png)

I just read manhwa about stray kids (a kpop group) and now i don't know how to feel….
Can we please put stays in a mental hospital

No. 319026

I don't like aidens but this so retarded and we need to stop blaming them for everything when the majority of uploaded and translators is yaoi communities are aidens like jujucat.

No. 319027

>when the majority of uploaded and translators is yaoi communities are aidens

No. 319029

I'm too lazy to show source but basically go on Manga sites where you can find the @ of the uploaders or if they have any social media account you will find out they are either in support of trains or they identify as nonbinary/trans/genderfluid etc.

Of course NOT all of them but it is enough.

No. 319030

What the fuck? This is hyunjin x who? I can't tell who the other guy is

No. 319032

It's hyunjin x seungmin LMAO. At first I was so confused because seungmin is so ugly irl yet they made him look like some handsome stud in the comic. Anyone who stans that ugly ass group is mentally ill.

No. 319033

SEUNGMIN???? HES FUCKING UGLY…AND PEOPLE SHIP THIS??? oh my god, I think stays are catching up to armys fast in mental illness department

No. 319044

Not all Aidens are antifujo "MLMs" but all antifujo "MLM"s are Aidens. It's just how it is. I know plenty of he/they fujos who are nice, reasonable people but every time I see someone repeating the "umm the fujoshi are fetishizing gay men like me" rhetoric it's never an actual cis gay man.

No. 319061

Do you really believe actual gay men hate on gay ships? Anyone who claims they're a "gay man" hating on evil fetishizing mlm fujos are always aidens.

No. 319062

Most aidens dont really even care anymore, most of them have lost their power (to cancel others). This isn't 2014-19 anymore. Majority of aidens don't care anymore or call that out. The only way you will be able to find a Aiden who does that is if you purposefully keep searching for people like that and then pretending like it's a pandemic of aidens doing it. Same goes for a anon in another thread talking about how she can't search for male art because she sees "cunt boy" which obviously shows tht she is purposefully searching for content that upsets her because cuntboy art is extremely small number and niche.

No. 319094

>Since when have fujos had to care about canon?
Since like 30 years ago, Card Captor Sakura and Eva discussoins. Not everyone is cucked or like being treated as secon class citizens.

No. 319095

>Most aidens dont really even care anymore
Lol bullshit. You can't go on twitter one week without someone he/they girl with blue hair complaining about "feticizer". And let's not even get in shirt like trigun, it's aiden putting vaginas everywhere.

No. 319096

File: 1693650500011.jpg (149.47 KB, 600x750, 73784977_p32.jpg)

Too bad the mods killed the fandom sperging thread >>>/ot/1663713

Can't even have a dedicated space for meta.

No. 319101

>cuntboy art is extremely small number and niche
I disagree tbh, that anon was probably exaggerating a bit but I run into it all the time. JP artists are generally pretty good at tagging their art so it's pretty easy to avoid on pixiv and twitter but I often see it while browsing toranoana and other sites that sell doujins.

No. 319102

it entirely depends on the fandom

No. 319106

>which obviously shows tht she is purposefully searching for content that upsets her
No, it just pops up like a jumpscare because fujo artists are the ones drawing it out of nowhere while not tagging it. The only way to increase the chances to avoid it is to block every tif kek.

No. 319117

Anon be very honest with me and tell me how do you constantly stumble upon that shit. I'm someone who is chronically online and spends a lot of time looking at nswf yaoi or husbando art and the chances of me stumbling upon that is extremely rare.
What kind of weird obscure sites do you visit.

No. 319119

NTA but I literally opened my social media feed this morning to see cuntboy fanart being reposted and I don't even follow any cuntboy artists or accounts. It's uncommon but not that niche, there are a lot of occurrences of reading a fic and suddenly being subjected to untagged magical pussies popping up since they refuse to tag them out of fear that nobody will read them if they did. The trans headcanons on the other hand are more common with underage fans, I don't really see adult troons forcing vaginas and top surgery scars on characters and those things are usually tagged.

That said, it's a relatively loud minority that makes everyone uncomfortable and it's usually done not necessarily by Aidens but also the non-Aiden straight girls who can't get off to porn if a penis in vagina isn't involved.

No. 319125

agreed in written works it's even more common.

No. 319126

I agree it depends on the fandom. In some fandoms I'm in, I won't really see any woke cringe, but in others, it's completely unavoidable. Hands down the worst fandom I'm in is vocaloid. I love vocaloid a but dear God, the number of 'trans miku' stand is staggering, and that's only the tip of the iceberg, kek. But then other fandoms will be much calmer. It completely depends.

No. 319131

was it a character from disco elysium, tf2, homestuck, cookie run, genshin impact or south park?

I've noticed it's abnormally popular with chinese fujos but ya, other than that it's mostly just a troon heavy fandom problem.

No. 319134

File: 1693672724186.png (856.64 KB, 600x851, IMG_4951.png)

>togainu no chi figure announcement in 2023

No. 319135

I follow fujo artists on twitter, mostly focused on game characters. That's literally it.

No. 319136

How will this figure even work? Will it be two sculpted characters or just a flat-backed figure with no dimension past/behind the curtain and Akira is in a "setting" with bg and floor?

No. 319152

I really want to tell everybody that uses the term "malewife" to shut up but I can't without starting endless arguments and getting kicked from every place I frequent.
I fucking hate meme speech so much and somehow nobody is capable of saying "man" anymore when they talk about m/m characters, it's all malewife and housewife and other shit.

No. 319159

I'm guessing it'll be a flat backed figure. I'm just glad we're getting more BL themed NSFW figures, it's been a long while.

You'll take malewife out of my mouth over my dead body nonnie, let people have fun

No. 319161

>Most aidens dont really even care anymore
Keep telling yourself that. Despite losing power to cancel, they're still good at screeching at evil fujos fetishizing poor MLM like themselves. Gay men don't give a fuck about fujos

No. 319162

Shiki turned into your average galge rapist faceless protagonist kek
Aldnoah nonny!!

No. 319170

I think in general gays guys and fujo don't intersect much (except gay guys in to BL which I think are fairly indistinguishable from fujo?) and they are such a tiny minority. Aidens and Straight guys are the one causing problems, Aidens with the feticizer arguments and straight moids because they hate seeing gay shit.

No. 319171

File: 1693682752322.jpg (103.68 KB, 1334x280, slaine.jpg)

I love slaine

No. 319172

The gun blowjob was to coom for. Hw is so bulliable

IIRC the artist does bl or not?

No. 319175

True, but straight guy shipping is primarily about the girl they like the most getting with the bland MC they project themselves onto, not necessarily the relationship itself. If you look at their "discussions" 99% of them revolve around which waifu is hottest and deserves to get with MC most.
Yumes hating fujos and vice versa is so funny to me. Ladies, we're all fantasizing about anime dudes here in one way or another. Get some perspective!

No. 319178

I think it depends on the fandom. Surprise cuntboy is more common in fics since the zoomers writing them don't tag it, and shows up in western art too since many artists don't let you know that they transwash a particular character and you won't know until you get blindsided by badly drawn pussy art. Jp artists do it too but at least have the decency to always specify what it is

No. 319181

Many fujos dabble a little in yumeism here and there, but many of the anti-fujo yumes are just straight up homophopic and angry that some women are making content they don't like instead of catering to "normal" hetero tastes. It's just not the same. I have nothing against non-toxic yumes but some of them are just..

No. 319184

>I'm just glad we're getting more BL themed NSFW figures, it's been a long while.
Me too. TnC was a delicious game. It's good to respect the classics

No. 319197

>shounen-ai thread locked immediately
>redundant threads on husbandos spanning multiple boards allowed to stay up
>including one just theorizing how they smell
fujosisters how do we rat out the vendettachan janny

No. 319198

Sorry for sperging, but I genuinely grew to hate this (IMO) newer type of yume fandom where fans that aren't fujos believe (or pretend) to be fujos, flood every fujo space and straightwash the relationships by turning one or both of the male characters female.

This can happen through
1. actual genderbending
2. full transwashing
3. some unholy mixture in which they are drawn with hips, tits and moe girl face but are still seen as male (for some reason)
4. they leave the characters male and they still look male but the fans refer to them as "lesbians" and use female pronouns

I hate this shit and it frustrates me how hard it is to find actual fujo fandoms nowadays.

I know that het and yuri fans can have their fun and if someone would pull that shit with them they would get banned right away, but modern fujos are too obsessed with woke shit so we have to pretend that gender wasn't a thing and disliking a female "yaoi" pairing because it's literally not the characters that you like, nor the stuff that you were searching for, is something*phobic.
I know that real fujo fandoms were a thing in the past because I witnessed it, but today most western fujos aren't even fujos anymore.

And no, I don't have anything against het or yuri. But when I join a fujo space for a series I actually want to talk about fujo content, not cowtits, not moe girls, not transwhatevers and neither any sort of gender mixture or genderbent characters that are basically just self-insert OC moe shit.

I am tired of pretending that two generic lolis were the 30yo+ villain dudes I love.

No. 319199

go back to the discord

No. 319201

We're just barely tolerated on this site so nothing's gonna happen. But that thread was kinda redundant tbf. The danmei thread never got nuked since it's specific enough

No. 319202

didn't the lolcow discord get shut down years ago?

No. 319203

I already gave up and migrated to Fujochan and once they fix the image uploading I'll be there permanently. This site has been going to shit for the past 2 years with tiktok teenagers, kiwifags and moids all over and the biased yumejanny running free with absolutely no communication from the rest of the staff put the final nail in the coffin. Just look at the "cow yourself" thread and see what kind of people we're dealing with here.

No. 319204

I would use it if it wasn't so dead and didn't go down every other month, all the pictures getting deleted. They need to make it useable first before anything related to board culture

No. 319205

This show was so good; I'm in love with it. The nostalgic Twilight aesthetics are so captivating, and the non-pandering, non-progressive™ portrayal of their relationship is something I believe will not be produced by Western media more often. Thank you for recommending it to me. Based on the other comments here, I'll probably just go to fujochan too.

No. 319206

One of my favourite ships gets the genderbending treatment all the time because the bottom is a beautiful, semi-effeminate man. I like the character specifically because he's a man with delicate features and how he works with the top with both being men, and turning him into a woman makes the top seem borderline abusive due to the hetbending tipping scales of the power dynamic being drastically. I fucking hate it and so many yumefujos post their art untagged so I can't even filter it out, and if you bring it up suddenly you're oppressing them and policing their sexuality and whatever dumb buzzword soup they spit out. Yurifags and hetshippers got jealous of fujos having a thriving community consistently creating immersive fan content for their ships so they wanted a piece of that cake, but due to not being fujos they had to bend the ships into het or f/f to be able to leech off the foundation fujos laid out. Never forget that fujos saved comiket, due to never being pandered to we have to create our own and everyone else is always up there to profit from our labor and we need to realize it and push back.

No. 319210

File: 1693692092853.jpeg (525.26 KB, 1488x2646, E3B10A05-36E9-4345-8F90-50E082…)

I try to follow as few westerners as possible and still get shown shit like this on the regular

No. 319211

God these people make me feel so enraged

No. 319215

I seriously had to read this around 8 times to even begin to understand what the fuck they're even trying to say with this word salad but I'm not surprised at transbians and their handmaidens trying to cancel fujos because not having everything revolve around their greasy dicks is literally genociding them. Just what amount of hoops do you have to jump through to come to the conclusion that ackshually BL couples are "transfemme coded" and that's why it's… transmisogynistic? Am I even getting this right, I'm not online enough to understand.

No. 319216

File: 1693693939898.jpg (97.05 KB, 421x600, 157237l.jpg)



The fuck is even 'transfemme-coded'?!

No. 319218

what the fuck does that mean? is she hammering on about feminine ukes

No. 319219

Yeah I think it's the 2023 version of "the uke is so girly compared to the seme he might as well be a girl with a dick" like I've seen so many people describing the ones in Gravitation and Okane ga nai.

No. 319220

This ties in with the whole “academic aidens who read too much yaoi trying to rewrite the history of shoujo/BL manga to include modern western trans ideology” psychobabble

No. 319223

Same. I would love a board like fc if it wasn't so damn dead and actually working.
I am using it since it was still fun and posting more will encourage others to do so too. But now that you cannot even post pics anymore I lack the interest to post much (it's an image board after all). And fuck knows how many months, years or decades it takes till they figure out how to allow pics again without being flooded by a shitposter.

No. 319224

I genuinely don't understand what any of them are saying. So because sometimes a gay 2D man has.. female? traits? (or some the reader classifies as such) the story can be misogynist if he's treated badly or something?
What does it even mean? How is violence against 2D men or whatever they are talking about misogynist? If anything it would be the opposite maybe, though even that is stupid because it's fiction and there are other factors at play.

Did one of the fans you follow retweet this? Otherwise absolutely install add-ons that switch off the recommendations and algorithms.

No. 319229

Yeah it makes me insane. I feel like people lost the ability to ship without self-insert for some reason. This is why all the transfans absolutely need to transwash characters otherwise they cannot enjoy a ship.

The point of shipping for me is that I play god and observe and enjoy or even play with the characters but aren't one of them. I wouldn't even belong there, it's an own world, probably even a wacky sci-fi or fantasy. Taking one character away and replacing him with (you)-in-disguise is erasing the cool chemistry canon characters have.
It's a plague that affects basically every androgynous guy, every flamboyant or fashionable dude and every non-human, because at some point fans started to headcanon that not-human implied "genderqueer", "trans" or "hermaphrodite".

>jealous of fujos having a thriving community consistently creating immersive fan content for their ships so they wanted a piece of that cake

This is it IMO. Yeah. They want fandom sperging but almost all dedicated fandoms are fujo centered so they join but like something else and this is why they have to sneak their shit in.
>everyone else is always up there to profit from our labor
It makes me mad because the latest case of "look, lesbians!" and "they are trans!" I have seen were comments on a fanart done by an actual fujo that was supposed to be m/m and looking like m/m.
I cringe at the thought that somewhere people are probably liking my own m/m fanart in discords too and talk what a good femme or trans pairing it is.

No. 319236

>Yumes hating fujos and vice versa is so funny to me. Ladies, we're all fantasizing about anime dudes here in one way or another. Get some perspective!

I don't think it's comparable, yume hate fujos WAY more than fujo hate Yume. As you said, fujo may also engage in husbanding themselves, but Yume have more in common with straight guys shipping Naruto and Sakura, except they self insert as Sakura or shoujo harems.

No. 319237

>The point of shipping for me is that I play god and observe and enjoy or even play with the characters but aren't one of them. I wouldn't even belong there, it's an own world, probably even a wacky sci-fi or fantasy. Taking one character away and replacing him with (you)-in-disguise is erasing the cool chemistry canon characters have.

It's why I can't enjoy stuff like P4 ships. It's all focused on the MC of it's all very boring for me.

No. 319253

>I already gave up and migrated to Fujochan
How do you migrate to a site that gets like two posts per day?

No. 319269

The Persona main characters all have distinct personalities so I can ship them with characters but I get what you mean. It's still subtle since they're silent characters and it only get really obvious once you play several games and notice how the P3MC is less positive than the FEMC or Joker or Maya for instance or if you check spinoffs and anime adaptations. I hate when male selfinserters make them as ooc and gigachad as possible because of it.

No. 319276

It got locked because we already have this thread you mumbling retard. The thread subject literally says "boy's love general". And good riddance, who tf uses the term shonen ai nowadays as if it actually means something.

No. 319291

I don't understand any of these tweets kek.

No. 319302

This is for the best, trust me.

No. 319303

Sometimes I'm severely tempted to post the most braindead takes I've seen antifujos drop on this site in various threads and armchair them for shits and giggles but I guess they're seething hard enough without us being as obsessed as their containment thread. Except we don't go to husbandofag threads just to hatescroll them and seethe like they do here, the shit I have to witness is in completely offtopic threads that have nothing to do with anime men.

No. 319313

File: 1693754877735.jpg (111.27 KB, 1004x677, fghjjjj.jpg)

Sorry not really a bl discussion but I was wondering if any of you who are up to date with Sleeping Dead could please tell me if those two female characters are important in the story? Is there anything romantic between them?

No. 319333

File: 1693763440035.png (2.48 MB, 1400x1990, IMG_1500.png)

So the older woman is the great-aunt of Mamiya (bald). She died before the story begins but it’s about him using her scientific research to try reviving the dead. He lives in her house during this and manages to bring Sada (other guy) back to life and he gets stuck living in the house with Mamiya. There’s this page about her in the manga.

No. 319335

Nooo, I wanted them to be together so bad, she looks and seems to be such a cool character. Thank you nonna for answering

No. 319336

File: 1693764225048.jpeg (815.24 KB, 1240x1754, p4.jpeg)

So later Asada Nemui posted an extra on Twitter about Sawako that revealed she was a lesbian with a gf and Mamiya was completely oblivious to the relationship between her and the “live-in assistant” that had a room in the house. The pic you posted is from an extra about Sawako and her gf/sugar baby after the first one blew up.

No. 319390

File: 1693781578548.png (1.25 MB, 634x900, 111322357_p0.png)

>Anime Shinji is the girliest
Not surprised.

No. 319406

File: 1693786854004.png (133.68 KB, 760x1100, Zolu.png)

I have no interest in watching the live action, but I'm glad it seems to be converting a lot of people into Zolu. I've been on this ship for years and am always surprised it's a rarepair. Pic related is from one of my favourite Zolu doujins

No. 319494

This is really cute.

No. 319497

I love them, they're probably the bulk of what I read as someone who seeks out a lot of original BL manga, but they usually don't stick in my brain for very long unless they're particularly amazing. Usually 1-2 volumes that I use as bedtime reading that I don't have to focus too hard on but still enjoy the simple fluff or daily life struggles. Like Hallmark but for fujos.

I will say though, I hate how English "fujos" (usually not self identified fujos but like, teenage liberal "queer" girls) will complain that there isn't enough "wholesome queer content" when I feel like I've been drowning in these fluffy adult BL manga lately.

No. 319534

It's criminal how good Shinji looks in women's clothes

No. 319536

File: 1693842236597.png (123.94 KB, 492x488, 9B643580-01B6-4625-862A-8205D4…)

I mean.

No. 319600

>super girly high pitched voice
>daddy issues
>basically becomes Misato’s live in maid
>falls in love with the first bishounen he meets
>looks so much like his mom that Fuyutski makes him crossdress as his mom to jack off
Even for a typical uke character he’s pretty feminine

No. 319601

>>looks so much like his mom that Fuyutski makes him crossdress as his mom to jack off
I watched the anime as a kid more than 15 years ago so maybe that's normal but I don't remember that scene.

No. 319604

>but I don't remember that scene.
I already posted it, it’s from one of the spin-off games.

No. 319608

Thanks for the addition nonna!

No. 319613

I'm dumb I thought that was a screenshot.

No. 319617

I absolutely loved it. To be honest, I enjoyed Koby x Luffy more just because I thought they were cute and their actors were closer in age. Glad they let Koby's character actually do stuff for the beginning rather than be forgotten for a couple of episodes kek

No. 319659

>looks so much like his mom that Fuyutski makes him crossdress as his mom to jack off
What's the funniest part is that I didn't even question this line, you could've just dropped the embed and I would've fully believed that this is something that Anno or other NGE writers would've done with him.

No. 319673

File: 1693860292584.png (190.47 KB, 438x488, IMG_1504.png)

np, I’m like stupid obsessed with this manga and I love that the author made the extras showing that auntie wasn’t lonely and crazy like her family assumed

No. 319674

File: 1693860449759.png (492.14 KB, 960x452, shinkawo.png)

Shinji was made to be an uke, but I have a soft spot for seme Shinji. Girly tops are the best. Though I guess Kaworu counts as one too

No. 319691

Koby is played by a TIF right? Like yeah she's cute, but she doesn't look like a guy at all.

No. 319711

This edit is so cursed.

No. 319726

I think so? But I think the pairings cute in and out of live action.

No. 319729

Does anybody else have that mental illness that makes you get into villain randos and side characters that nobody else cares about?
I hate how this is always happening to me.

The only positive part of that is that I could technically brag by being THE artist of [guys fans might not even be able to name] simply for being the only artist that cares enough to draw these shitters.

No. 319736

Not completely like that, but I only ever draw something if I like the character and he's also super unpopular. And I like to complain about not having enough content but basically having him to myself is awesome. Drawing popular or main characters just feels redundant, they usually already have enough artists and it makes me feel like I won't have anything to add. Hope you continue to have fun with your niche pairings nona

No. 319801

The nice thing about this is that the unpopular ones are uncharted territory so you as their first or most avid fan are basically the one defining and interpreting them. Lots of times it's fans and their fanart that are influencing how other fans perceive characters or ships.
It feels good that I can do it and I try my best to make those guys likeable or make others understand why I like them. It rarely happens but biggest joy is someone else starts to like such a character because of you, or if you (rarely) see some fanart for them because you helped making art of them a thing.

It's very rare to begin with and even when it happens you won't influence many people, but it feels like doing a good thing. Every character deserves at least one person that tries to understand them.
>And I like to complain about not having enough content but basically having him to myself is awesome. Drawing popular or main characters just feels redundant, they usually already have enough artists and it makes me feel like I won't have anything to add.
A perfect way to put it. Yes it's so fun and different from drawing popular ones! I mean a bit frustrating because you cannot really talk and fansperg much about them with others and you probably find no fics, but this kinda makes up for it. Don't stop drawing those rares either, nona. I sometimes end up finding artists for rares that save my life.

No. 319972

Anybody here still reads Owari no Seraph? The author just obliterated the main ship with nonsense and the story isn't getting clearer (it's getting a lot worse imo). I knew shonen shit was never going to have a gay pairing but I didn't expect the author to just start throwing random shit and make the annoying self-insert gary stu (Yu) the main character yet again when the actual interesting character is always there on the side kek

No. 319983

Shonen authors would rather sink their own story than take the gay route. We should know this by now

No. 319990

> The author just obliterated the main ship with nonsense
? I just read the chapter and I don't see it. It'not like he paired him with a woman

No. 319996

File: 1694021483640.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.15 KB, 431x300, 1693756121686171~3.jpg)

What are you talking about? If anything, the mangaka took the very literal definition of soulmates and put it into the two MC's. A bond formed beyond the physical boundaries is read as very romantic to me.

No. 320014

File: 1694026555829.jpeg (504.26 KB, 1280x1280, IMG_3946.jpeg)

Is there any manga with this vibe?
Father and son fighting over the same guy? It can end with incest or not I don’t really care.

No. 320024

Ennead (great art, unique for a webtoon, but currently in a boring season 2) and webtoon Kang's Yeesu (shitty art, shitty plot, so bad it is funny if drunk or bored)

No. 320025

I know but he chose such a convoluted and lame way to avoid the gay shit kek

Idk anon I don't really see it as a romantic thing, more like an excuse to get rid of the two characters by making it one (and then have that character get with the girl love interest most likely) and also keep the annoying personality of one of them (the one who gets absolutely no character developmemt).

Not sure about you anon but plenty of people can already see the shallow Shinoa/Yu ship becoming canon.

No. 320028

File: 1694033199229.png (923.16 KB, 600x800, thumbnail.png)

>Father and son
>Look roughly the same age

No. 320040

If you don't mind bad manhwas, there's the Servant. Every character is dumb as hell though, as a warning.
Just look at the image in the original question, finding a man in a bl who's actually gonna look 40(and is a love interest) is rare lmao

No. 320059

File: 1694048931809.jpg (191.56 KB, 714x1458, owarinoseraphch119.jpg)

I'm still confused about your assumptions, even moreso regarding how you believe Yuu/Shinoa will be made canon. Yuu turned her down twice, and before you say "he's an airhead, he doesn't know what type of love she truly means", Mika point-blank specifically talked to Yuu after about marrying and having kids with her. To which Yuu said what the image shows.

I think you're too doom and gloom. They're not getting rid of anyone. Yuu is still Yuu, Mika is still Mika. They're two different entities still, as shown in the manga's prologue at present(-ish) time. They shared a body for eons before, because one body was too weak to carry on. Loving someone to give them a name and thus life, and loving someone so much that you'd give them your body, is more poetic form of love rather than the good old kiss, makeout, and have sex you'd see from many bl.
In my opinion, I think ons would end with this poetic love in the forefront, not him getting the girl. Sure, it's not gonna be the romantic love between two boys that we expect, but I don't think it diminishes the value of that love.

No. 320115

I hate that scanlation for this manga is practically dead. We get like a chapter every 6 months or something. I know I shouldn't complain because it's free and all but I wannna know what happens!!!!!!

No. 320159

He has bags under his eyes and sharp cheek bones! Clearly he's over 45+, nonnie you silly billy

No. 320216


I read this back in the day & am still yet to find a more toxic couple in all of BL. 10/10, they should stay together forever to keep the rest of the population safe from their nonsense. It was very enjoyable and the movie was also quite good.

If anyone has any recs for toxic adult relationship BL manga, please drop them. I'm so sick of stories being either le wholesome bbys who are in tru luv or rape-fest 3000.

No. 320243

You could learn enough japanese in those 6 months to read it.

No. 320244

Admittedly I have a personal vendetta against this series but the seme in Yoake ni Furu is really jealous and pushy/manipulative (also ugly) and the uke just kinda accepts him and his abuse for some reason. It was a strange one.

No. 320253

File: 1694175298317.jpeg (465.2 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_1289.jpeg)

Hey nonnies, have you all been watching the live action one piece? I could never bring myself to watch the moid brained coomer tier shitstain of an anime that was the original version but my god. This show is the most beautifully crafted femgazed work of art I’ve ever gazed upon in my life. All the men are fucking hot, they’re not obnoxious unlike their original versions, and there’s such blatant yaoi bait at every corner I could cry. There are some good fics for the LA on Ao3 but sadly I can count them on one hand rn. I just need to see Luffy and Sanji getting pounded by Zoro in about fifty or so positions. Maybe more. Heh. Waiter! Waiter! More yaoi please!

No. 320254

I can't imagine zoro as a top though

No. 320255

No offence but that sounds like a you problem, anon. I love a calm, sarcastic, dominant but secretly caring and soft top and that’s definitely the vibes I got from LA Zoro.

No. 320259

Its a height thing for me.

No. 320260

Because he’s shorter? I would probably have agreed with you in the past but there’s a little something something about a lanky guy getting bent over by a shorter and stockier dude kek

No. 320261

kek the only thing I saw of it was a blond guy's fat abs and buttcheeks in 4k and then Zoro barging in the room, my sister yelled at me that "it's not what you think!!!1!" because it was a typical "dad comes in" moment. She will not stfu about Zoro being hot.

No. 320263

Lmao I’ve been watching the series with my own sister and we’ve been going absolute monkey mode over the unnecessary ass male fanservice scenes like the one you mentioned; I haven’t had this much fun watching a show in ages. I love objectifying men!

No. 320264

She's 10 years younger than me so she wouldn't dare watch anything with too much fanservice with me though. Which is understandable but she's doing too much, the little retard paused the episode which the buttcheeks right when the camera focused on it just so she could yell at me to get out. I don't give a shit about One Piece either way and she's showed me a shit ton of spoilers unprompted long ago so I care even less. I've seen people saying that the adaptation is way better than other live action anime adaptations and I'm not sure that's the only good one. It's just that the average zoomer aren't looking for the Nana, Hana Kimi, Hana Yori Dango, etc. dramas on streaming services. It did feel like it tried very hard to be faithful to the original not just in terms of characters and designs and storyline but also in terms of humor and tone and and it's filmed like an over the top tokusatsu show instead of having 99% of the budget spent on flashy CGI so I guess that's why it's not an abomination. Action movies nowadays rely too much on CGI and not enough on practical effects and I think people have missed this kind of things and like it more than movie excesses think.

No. 320267

I agree with you nona but I did giggle at the part about your sister, my seven year younger brother pulls stupid shit like that to make me feel awkward as if I give a fuck KEK I just stare him down until he stops being irritating

No. 320268

not a fujo, but honestly surprised how decent it was but I think it has to do with the fact that I'm not a one piece fan in the first place.

No. 320281

Just finished binge-watching Eyewitness and I'm swooning so hard. I want people to gush about this series together!

No. 320291

File: 1694198316422.jpg (388.29 KB, 2048x1152, FxsCC6IaMAA2rAL.jpg)

is meta stuff okay to discuss? i follow this artist on twt (@MHblackdoooogMH) for her otokonoko content and it was a bit surprising to see her post this relatively normal looking pic with her friends. made me kind of envious too. why couldn't i have been born in china or japan or something and have impromptu fujo events with irls (my few irl friends that did read bl gave it up in highschool and went full normie lol kill me)

No. 320292

I've never seen One Piece but got curious about watching the live action after your post nonna. Only about 5 minutes into the 1st episode but I'm liking it so far. 2 very qt guys so far

No. 320293

I went to BL cafes that had events about manga I like a lot a few months ago and the fujoshi there looked so normal or ever stylish regardless of their age range. You had women with their friends, their toddlers despite really racy manga pages being projected on a big screen so wtf, their boyfriends or husbands. I even saw two guys going there alone and just collecting merchs. I got jealous back then but it was fun and the women who go there alone talked to me and we traded coasters. I want to go back. Shout out to the middle aged very elegant looking ladies who were talking about Happy Shitty life next to me like professional art critiques.

No. 320295

are you in the us?

No. 320297

Not at all. It happened in Tokyo I'm sorry I forgot to mention that, but I was on holidays so it was pure luck that the events were about two manga I really like. Do you think it could happen in the US? Don't you guys have really big anime cons? I'm sure it could be possible to meet grown, normal fujoshi irl there and hang out after the con for dinner or whatever but idk how that works since your cons seem to always happen in hotels.

No. 320301

Turns out most adult fujos look like normal women unlike what seething men say, who would have thought!
Jokes aside it's really a pity because now it's hard (almost impossible) to get a irl community of fujos in the west, a bit because BL is not as popular as in Japan or China and because we're plagued by genderspecials screaming about muh fetishisation. BL/yaoi were created also so women could have their own space to explore romance/sexuality/fetishes safely and it's sad this community aspect isn't there in the west anymore.

No. 320334

He is so fucking ugly. 3DPDfags have the worst taste.
Seriously go lust over the 3D scrotes in one of the million scrote threads we have. This barely counts as bl discussion.

No. 320341

Take a shot everytime kiryuu in omerta says “bossu”

No. 320343

No. 320503

File: 1694293117661.jpg (234.73 KB, 1080x1087, F5jwsHsWAAAhjLz.jpg)

Well I finally started watching it because of you guys and I actually enjoyed it. I promised myself to never watch one piece since it has just to many episodes and the female characters seem to be grosly sexualised. It was so pleasant to have a serie where there are a lot of hot male characters and the girls are cute too but are not grosly sexualised like in anime. I ship Luffy and Zoro the most, I love how beefy Zoro his arms are. I don't care much abour Sanji, but that's more so because his hair really bothers me kek.

No. 320517

just a reminder to my lovely friends here that moids are low primitive creatures with zero empathy and it's absolutely okay to sexualize them and put them in gay situations and being a fujoshi is extremely based. they're made to be bred by other men and should only be seen as a source of enjoyment

No. 320548

How some people even live, you sound like some reverse 4chan incels who never had a relationship.

No. 320549

nice false flag retard

No. 320551

You can't pretty much have closed off communities in this modern era, for better or worse. Like shounen are consumed by women too, Bl are published like non BL (Like hikaru), it's all muddled up.

No. 320552

File: 1694316260038.png (Spoiler Image,717.7 KB, 1600x1396, 104881138_p2.png)

No. 320553

What are you trying to prove with this behavior, and to whom? You literally sound like someone who's waiting for fujos to agree with your take so you can screencap and shit on us in a different thread. Fuck off

No. 320554

Thoughts on RPF? I feel delusional but I can't help it.

No. 320555

I don't like 3D men but knock yourself out nona

No. 320557

I think it's creepy but if it's like celebrities I don't think it's a big deal, chances are they're never going to see it and if they do they can cry to their millions of dollars.

No. 320558

Depending on who they are it can be so much more interesting and emotionally engaging than fictional characters tbh, real people are more complex and can be taken more seriously.

But ofc you have to be more mindful about 4th wall breaking, tinhatting, being delusional, etc to mitigate the inherent cringe.

No. 320560

File: 1694318756008.png (Spoiler Image,413.28 KB, 1431x1218, image0.png)

Why should I have to live in fear of being boolied by some autistic tradthots in a thread I've had hidden since the day I found it? Half of those hypocrites would be calling that kind of art based if a big tiddy femme fatale for them to self insert as was the one doing the choking, you know what their problem is. Hide their thread and chill out, don't force your insecurities onto us.

No. 320561

I don't think it's all that bad. I used to like it when I was a teenager. It's been losing popularity in the west outside kpopfags and terrible minecraft youtuber stan zoomers, the smaller communuties can be both a blessing and a curse.

No. 320564

No. 320565

if someone shits on us for thinking moids are literal cavemen (actual fact) why should i care about their pick me opinion? we're on a female only board, is being a radfem a bad thing now? i didn't even say anything controversial

No. 320581

I'm fully RPF these days, nona.

No. 320602

File: 1694347631247.png (188.86 KB, 1148x723, 97918159_p0.png)

She mostly draws a sickeningly cute shota and then a guy who's constantly being raped and tortured by his stalker, all ocs. Lots of yandere, guro, and puke if you're into that, and some opm stuff (really only genosai) on her other accts. I love her work.

No. 320604

The fuck is up with this person's hamster child scat art?

No. 320627

File: 1694364209044.jpg (Spoiler Image,534.91 KB, 1009x1200, 98915394_p3_master1200.jpg)

No. 320671

That's exactly what they're doing, nonnie. They keep coming here with the shota/ryona debate time and time again just to milk outrageous screencaps to prove what degenerate pedos fujos are. It's always the same tired old song and dance, they start gushing about how they want to see "shota moids raped and beaten" and immediately aggro and sperg all over the place when they're called out for their bait planting. Don't interact&report, maybe the mods would ban them for once.

No. 320682

Sure that’s probably true and all but why can’t the edgelords posting weird twitter shota artists just stay in the BL discord or fujochan instead of contributing to drama getting stirred here? Just because I’m a fujo and read BL doesn’t mean I want to see it.

No. 320685

exactly. don't post like a baiter if you don't want to be treated like one.

No. 320687

File: 1694388942403.jpg (122.3 KB, 1080x1339, 20230910_135638.jpg)

we still can't post pictures on fujochan. and these are all spoilered or tame as fuck anyways, don't be a baby.

"wuh someone who likes something more extreme than coffe shop aus and office love stories?? sus!!!" paranoia is going to ruin the thread. either take that energy to meta to complain about how that thread should be 1. locked or 2. there should be a self shipper cringe thread to make things even or go back to /ot/ to fight with them one on one. don't fight with your own and don't bring up their retardation itt. some of us don't care!

No. 320688

Retard. Majority of the fujos in this thread aren't the coffee shop/office romance types. People aren't taking issue with your taste it's your posting style. You're just asking to start a fight.
>don't fight with your own and don't bring up their retardation itt
what is this mentality? we shouldn't call out your bullshit just because we're both fujos?

No. 320693

>we shouldn't call out your bullshit just because we're both fujos?
yes. but what bullshit? no one is asking for a fight, we're minding our business in the only fujo discussion thread we have and now you're blaming us for a fight you started? I'm not >>320517 by the way though I do think she's baste. calm down for real, anon.

No. 320698

You’re talking to two different anons, dummy. Not everyone here is on your side. Just because I read edgelord shit like LHC it doesn’t mean I’m going to fan arguments and dump a bunch of guro in the thread to piss off normalfags.

No. 320701

>Ennead (great art, unique for a webtoon, but currently in a boring season 2)
kek the author is currently chimping out again on twitter

No. 320707

File: 1694405258746.jpg (481.66 KB, 1620x1948, 1693426431447228.jpg)

Recommending this here. "Mato no hoshikuzu/Stardust of the Demon City". Follows romance between a triad leader who sells opium and a corrupt policeman. Good for anyone who wants heavy gangster drama. The characters are very hot too. We need way more early 20th century China as a setting, there's just something so romantic about it.

No. 320713

Kek really? What for?
I really like the webtoon, but it's sooo slow and the author seems to have issues keeping it up (maybe it's too detailed and she can't handle all the work idk).

No. 320720

File: 1694417925315.jpg (45 KB, 370x404, tumblr_ca1fd0e69e034d6ad4e7a05…)

i loveeee the one piece live action so far and i'm crashing hard into zoro x sanji rn. i love enemies to lovers, i love their stupid designs, i love their backstories that i just consumed from 200k+ words of fic today.
>e, zosan, smell kink lmao
>e, zosan, fingerbanging and male squirting

No. 320733

This, the posting style is so obnoxiously edgy and obviously intentionally provocative so of course people will consider it baiting infighting which, let's be real, it likely is. Yawn, ignore, report, scroll.

I want to hear details too, what is it with webtoon authors having public meltdowns?

No. 320736

Meh, this site is full of schizo posting. Dunno why people pretend to be so holy and through when we there is a whole board dedicated to stalking and harassing people.

I only want to talk about BL, but lolcow is a internet fuck up

No. 320742

>I want to hear details too
I looked it up and apparently she's upset that someone told her they didn't like one of her characters (I think they were referring to an asshole character that's annoying, rapey and ugly tbh). It's true that the person didn't have to tell the author directly but the author should be able to handle some bad comments/criticism at least, there's always going to be someone who doesn't enjoy your work. Also idk if the translator got it right but the author called the person a "foreigner" and ranted about what country their from (?) and it's not the first time I see asian manga/webtoon authors talk shit about "foreigners" while their works get licensed/translated and the foreigners also pay their work. Not sure if that's right for Mojito but some authors are definitely cow-ish.

No. 320750

it wouldn't be a female board without stupid moralfaggotry involving uh… drawings on paper

No. 320759

File: 1694448263502.jpg (633.72 KB, 765x1966, mojito meltdown.jpg)

Here's the entire melty. It's translated via google so it's going to be inaccurate. It's funny how she doesn't defend any of her other characters who get this much hate, but she'll die on a cross for the most moid and scrote character in the manhwa. Lord knows Isis has been called so many misogynistic things and she does nothing, and apparently Isis is one of her favorites? Fucking joke. It's obvious FG is her pet character. And while I get getting mad that people are posting their hate on your own thread, grow the fuck up. It comes with the territory of being an author. Block and ignore and vent it out in DMs or to someone IRL. If anything ,this is going to backfire on her hard and people will use those screenshots as evidence.

No. 320769

I mean it's just her rambling about her characters and defending the ugly one because it's her darling. It's not terrible but it's immature (especially the "I hate you too" bit and her weird fixation on foreigners) and if your character really is so nice and perfect then the readers would have loved it just like they love all the other characters who are actually interesting. Authors need to fucking learn how to be professional.
And also whoever the angry person is they're right kek I love all the characters in Ennead except that one because he is just so annoying and the focus he had felt out of place (he kind of just comes out of nowhere and gets lame sex scenes that are waaaayy too dragged out). Also bearded men are vomit-inducing to me so that's also a reason kek

No. 320787

Not my thing but Henry and Glen Forever is unironic punk rock and underground comix kino

No. 320794

Yeah but in her rantings, it shows her clear bias towards that scrote since she hasn't done this for anyone else receiving vitriol like Horus or Osiris. He's annoying and worst of all irrelevant to the plot because the author has no idea how to pace. She's just butthurt her favorite isn't as beloved as she wanted, and starts thinking it's stupid foreigners who wouldn't "get it". I laughed when she started to screech out that Seth was worse because genocide.

No. 320798

I agree. Also kek at her going "this character is actually so nice he saved Seth and that was just normal sex afterwards" like did she read her own story? He bought Seth at the slave market and forced him to have sex when he didn't have the strenght to fight back, and Seth repeatedly shows his disgust for him and random homosexual sex, and rape (and being ashamed of admitting being a victim) is like the whole reason the story happens and it's a big aspect of Seth's character. The way she wrote FG's scenes with Seth look predatory and abusive, she went out of her way to make it seem like it (and also she made FG's personality really annoying) and if that wasn't what she intended to do then she needs to be better at writing. She says everyone feels sympathy for Seth but that's because he actually has depth even if he's clearly evil at some point. FG is just a plain asshole that's there to fuck things up, if it wasn't for this chimpout I would have thought she hated him because in the story he's just so unlikable, scrotey and irrelevant.

No. 320830

FG must be her self-insert

No. 320840

Samefag but me too nona they’re so fucking cute I never thought I’d like a sunshine + loyal guard dynamic but the fics have me by the neck already phew

No. 320887

i think going to the creator directly and telling her house much you hate her character is bad…but i also wish he didn’t have that ugly beard. his scenes could be hot but that scruff ruins everything

No. 320899

>his scenes could be hot but that scruff ruins everything
Same, author really shot herself in the foot by adding a bearded man and trying to pass him off as hot. I keep thinking he looks like a cheap recolor of APH France kek
Also I looked the english version up and the translators are on hiatus while the author isn't for some reason?

No. 320900

Why is ennead suddenly so focused on some random litetal who non-egyptian god? Most of us wanted egyptian mythology yaoi. Making anubis fuck seth is more in line with this manhwa.

No. 320903

i just gave up on the series. the author has no idea what she's doing anymore. and season 1 was so good, its sad to see how it ended up. oh well..

No. 320905

This happens to be her second chimpout over FG. He's clearly her fave but is too cowardly to say

No. 320909

I really fell in love with the first season and I agree that now it's kinda stuck on some nonsense and all the useless FG scenes wasted a lot of chapters. I hope it'll pick up the pace again (and that FG doesn't appear anymore) because I think the author can write well. I really am still reading exclusively because of Anubis, I love him.

No. 320910

>I really am still reading exclusively because of Anubis, I love him.
She did your man very wrong by making him a literal retard and relegating him to some Tom and Jerry role.

No. 320955

File: 1694545641101.png (355.5 KB, 495x620, woofwoof.PNG)

I know anon, I know… I still have hope, my dog boy is so beautiful she can't just ruin him!!! (huffing copium)

No. 321007

Commenting on someone twitter directly is definitely stupid but authors who rant about "foreign" after getting OFFICIALLY LICENSED are hypocrites. You have agreed to have your work shared and translated and read, you can't complain if people from other countries comment on it (esp in this society where everything gets shared)

No. 321041

Brace yourself, nonna. It's likely Mojito is going to ruin him with a rape scene since everyone is supposed to have a piece of Seth. She says it's all for punishment for Seth's sins, but let's face it, she just wants to see him get raped because she can't write anything else to punish a character. Anubis doesn't deserve that bullshit

No. 321301

anyone reading any good webtoons? i'm keeping up with ennead + the rogue prince is an omega (or something) and i want more…

do those "i reincarnated as the evil duke's daughter?!" stories exist but for bl?

No. 321370

What's The Rogue Prince about?

No. 321391

I've been reading a lot, but most of them are bad if I'm being honest. I mostly read for art or drama though, but here's some:
>Payback, good art, generic story
>Bane of My Existence, okay art, cute couple
>The Servant, okay art, shitty story
>Double Trap, great art, killing stalking wannabe
>Lost in The Cloud, okay art, good story
>Comes in Threes, bad art, messy story
>The Grand Duke's Boytoy, good art, boring story

No. 321408

Who cares nonna it’s hot kek I didn’t sit through Seth’s absolute assholery throughout the entirety of season one to NOT watch him get violated by every god under the sun in the next one. It’s cathartic as fuck lol (obviously not a view I hold irl before anyone makes dumbass assumptions)

No. 321431

File: 1694731582354.jpg (361.14 KB, 1000x1450, FwacrS4aEAAtwx-.jpg)

it's in the title pretty much. the uke + crown prince (blond guy) is born an omega in a kingdom where only alphas/betas can rule. his mom is forcing him to larp as a beta so he can become king. the seme (black-haired guy) is an alpha, and a prime candidate for the throne, but he's also obsessed with the blond. as of chapter 18 he doesn't know his uke is a uke…

i'm getting lazy. it's basically one of those political court drama webtoons (think your throne but with way less chess mastering) except with abo dynamics.

No. 321438

File: 1694736856010.png (615.59 KB, 928x963, Screenshot_71.png)

>>Double Trap
this is so messy kek i love it ty nona

No. 322113

File: 1695048033942.jpg (34.19 KB, 564x645, 6a55ab6be72262882ebaee6923e625…)

anyone else feels like there's nothing good to watch lately? i don't really see that many new fujobaity shows either, and frankly i'm kinda tired that some of the last ones either insisted on adding straight romance and cucked the bl ship or they were just shounens so nothing good to expect in the first place… there seems to be an increase in live action shows at least, red white and royal blue was more fun than heartstopper and had less gendie bullshit inserted besides the neutral bathroom comment, and i'm also grateful that games like baldur's gate 3 allow me to live my fujo fantasies but i'm really missing my anime boys. manhwa/manga is not really the same experience

No. 322130

File: 1695059973586.jpg (308.9 KB, 1116x1600, 28b9d8ab8c3c189361ff79c3780900…)

I think Sk8 was one of the latest big fujobait shows and that was already 2 years ago… Blue Lock has a big fujo audience but I felt like the anime's quality wasn't nearly as amazing as the manga, sadly. Buddy Daddies was pretty recent but I haven't actually seen it and I don't think it caught on as much as people hyped it up to. Hypmic S2, Paradox Live, and some new boys choir project are airing next season at least. I'm a lot more out of touch than I used to be, but I feel like TV anime is so oversaturated with hastily made 12 ep uninspired, underfunded generic adaptations that it's harder to find, or even hear about, things that are well made.

No. 322133

last time i watched any anime at all was like 2021 i think. there's just nothing worth watching anymore in general, not just fujobait series. my weeb media consumption is only manga nowadays. i miss all the good stuff we got in the 00s and 10s, but i guess the good run had to end at some time

No. 322142

Wasn’t even THAT into the manga, it wasn’t terrible and the art was nice but even then it was a little too shouneny for me.
Most of what I read these days are manga and visual novels though which are usually too niche to get much in the way of fanfics.

No. 322145

Everybody says this. Even most /a/nons do, it's just that the new trends have attracted spergs that like isekai and other shit enough to defend them in every thread and claim that you were a newfag if you think that old seasons were better (they fucking were, look at Spring 2006 or something if you want to get your mind blown).

The last genuinely decent season was spring 2021 (Odd Taxi, Nomad, 86, Vivy etc.) and no idea about the second last since every season since 2015 or so feels like garbage. Talking about average quality here, so a few great shows like the Rakugo or Dictionary anime won't change much.
>but i guess the good run had to end at some time
This actually makes me feel nostalgic for once. The early and mid 00s were the best, followed by the early 10s and late 90s. It was those moody, gritty, shocking and daring anime from the early 00s that made me get into anime in the first place. Back then these people were the majority and more stuff like this was made.
Even harem romances had some tragic twists or emotional reveals back then. Now almost everything feels like an animated safe space.

No. 322146

I really dislike how ugly anime is now a days. Way too much bloom, washed out colors, terrible cgi and the style itself is just unappealing to me for some reason. A good example would be comparing og sailor moon with crystal.

No. 322156

File: 1695068221840.jpg (228.81 KB, 1115x1600, z4svZKJemkWBh7sqpdjg1652977095…)

I love shounen so it scratches a nice itch for me.

Agreeing with pretty much everything you said and adding that I think 2012-2014 was a golden era for cute boys/fujobaiting shows: Tiger&Bunny, KnB, Tsuritama, Free! seasons 1 and 2, and Haikyuu!! were all from those years. The next couple years had a lot of attempts to catch the same audiences like Sanrio Danshi and Cheer Boys but only a handful got as big of fujo followings. Also for an extra layer of meta, I think Hiroko Utsumi's influence is a huge factor in all of this. She is a solid director who always aims for fujo audiences and has hit the target EVERY time. She seems to be working on another anime project lately so I hope that fits in with her portfolio well.


That reminds me, I've always wished for Itoshi no Nekokke to get an anime, but I also kind of like gatekeeping my fav mangas from non-manga readers lol. I do love that Rakugo is so universally loved as it was written by a known BL author. It's like when someone from your home town gets famous.

No. 322158

>A good example would be comparing og sailor moon with crystal.
Good example. Yes. This.
I cannot watch most series for how ugly they look and how samey the designs are. They barely even look human anymore. I feel like men look less like men and women less like women, it's just characters that rather look like kids but not even that really. Just unappealing as hell and I am not even talking about bloom and all the other annoying post-processing or how almost every anime has the same ugly backgrounds.

No. 322161

I legit think that Utsumi and Okada are some of the very few active people you can rely on if you want fun and I swear I am not biased because one of them is writing fujo content or because they are women. Okada makes such vastly different stuff. You might hate some of her works, but nobody can deny that it always sticks out and it's something special. Producing some bad shit is normal when you test your limits and direct vastly different genres.

Trigger or rather Imaishi and Ikarashi are also personally people whose stuff I am always looking forward though, though it's most likely nothing fujo. Imaishi is the guy that could make it work though, series like Kill la Kill were fun for the omnipandering they did.

I think it's just that too many big names have left the industry at some point or that many good mangaka have ended their series and that the few good manga now are often niche that nobody will ever adapt.
>She seems to be working on another anime project lately so I hope that fits in with her portfolio well.
Bucchigiri. It looks fun, I am looking forward to it.

No. 322167

Yes, you get it nona.. Watching by director tends to be reliable and is usually how I choose to watch things now. While it's a bit sad watching all the mediocre stuff stack up, I'd rather spend my time with creators that I at least trust to bring something interesting to the table.

No. 322180

It's definitely not just you. Fujo pandering in anime is al time low for some reason.

Biggest thing is Blue Lock but it's mostly in the manga. Tsurune S2 erased all the gay.

No. 322185

It's not just fujo pandering. Any female targeted stuff is at an all time low in anime. But a lot of shojo and BL get drama adaptations these days. Anime is basically turning into an even moidy-er medium than before while they're trying to port over the female audience to live action stuff. It makes me sad

No. 322195

I think it's just fujo pandering because a lot of shojo are getting anime adaptions recently. Albeit, it's all romance, but still

No. 322338

File: 1695150208385.jpeg (63.89 KB, 385x469, IMG_4293.jpeg)

Bachira a cute

No. 322394

File: 1695195574719.gif (231.62 KB, 480x480, pizza pizza.gif)

we are late night fujo spergging yall

No. 322445

Fuck it we yaoi
Anyone else mainly a fic reader here?

No. 322493

Yeah this. I rather watch a trainwreck or something trashy than the generic shlogs of the season. It's why I like originals so much. Not only no spoilers, you know it actually ENDS. It might have a shitty end, but at least it will tell an actual concluded story instead of being an adaption of the first two volumes of a series with 27 volumes that every former fan has already dropped by the time the anime starts because the author forgot what the story was about at some point.

No. 322495

Yeah this. Even formerly female targeted genres like Magical Girl anime are actually seinen now and most of the actual shoujo series that get adaptions feel like seinen, at least to me. Like the many "super pretty girl falls in love with a gamer/nerd/random guy" anime we are getting these days.
Well the issue is that I don't even want or need fullout fujo/gay series, I just want series with male characters with a good chemistry and no canon het. Think the problem is that now more shows than ever must have a cast that primarily consist of girls and since the self-inserting runs rampant now other male characters are seen as rivals so they are either evil, shittily written because the author doesn't care or they die.

No. 322507

No, but mainly doujinshi reader so kind of related

No. 322511

Both of this. I prefer non-romantic shows with good characters and chemistries and enjoy the fujo content from talented fans or draw myself.

No. 322561

Don't forget westerns constantly complaining about "why x shounen doesn't have female characters". I'm like jesus, why can men have cute girl doing cute things but fujos can't have the other way around. No one asks for guy in K-on.

No. 322565

Suddenly and urgently miss the gay kappas. Mabu's confession was really iconic.

No. 322567

idgi either, it's like the lack of female characters in an all male series makes them suddenly insecure? like where is my obligatory self-insert type of deal. i would say this is mostly a western weeb problem because in their deluded mind watching a series with an all male cast would make them look "misogynistic" and "not lesbian" enough kek but i know it's not unheard of japanese female fans groaning when joseimuke series don't cater to their shoujo fantasies. for instance twst was supposed to be an all male series but they started adding more and more female characters and even made one of the main characters in love with the mother of another, imagine if they tried to pull this shit in a waifu series. it's unfair because cgdct can stand on their own without adding random unnecesary male characters but they only remember about "realism" when it's about fujobait. cgdct series are also extremely unrealistic because none of the girls are talking about boys and romance but no one seems to point that out. meanwhile when it's an all male cast they need to make sure multiple male characters are skirt chasers or in love with a random girl

No. 322608

>made one of the main characters in love with the mother of another
Most people I saw took that as roundabout fujocanon for Lilia and Crowley who is 100000% about to be revealed as Malleus's dad. The mom appeared for 2 seconds before getting killed off. And they point blank said Lilia loved the dad as much as the dead mom he proposed to, if he didn't the egg never could have hatched. They were literally in a polycule and now the femboy, the deadbeat manwhore dad, and the autistic son are the last ones standing.

Yana forcing canon polycules, bisexuality, and bizarre old man yaoi down my throat out of nowhere upset me more than the mom parts. I liked Lilia and Crowley being the dmz of twst with no prominent ships, I never ever wanted to see them of all people have angsty hate sex.

No. 322611

File: 1695315251780.png (743.97 KB, 1600x1574, D2B5-0FU8AE_pJk.png large.png)

old men yaoi is good though

No. 322616

File: 1695315539728.png (335.47 KB, 640x2466, cringe.png)

Not when its corny ancient jimmy buffet fae creatures with kids they neglect

No. 322626

I think Sarazanmai was the last anime I watched from start to finish, it was pretty fun.

No. 322629

I hate polycules so fucking much. In the past I was okay with them in fiction, but in the advent of fat, ugly, autistic D&D retards spreading it around like the word of God in every platform they infest, I have come to despise polycule in every scenario, real or fiction.

No. 322639

Right, still think threesomes are hot as long as it's all guys but polycules are embarrassing. And in this story all their business is going to be aired out to the entire school, if I were a student at an evil all boys school and my peers found out I'm a polycule baby with unironic autism and my best parent was a fishnet wearing femboy I would kill myself so fucking fast.

No. 322640

literally who told him this looked good?

No. 322641

This is so based though

No. 322671

No. 322673

This game is making me relive my old SephCloud days. I am in heaven right now.

Threesomes are hot and fine. That I don't care about. It's the polycule shit that bothers me. And kek, same I'd be jumping off the highest tower from that school if that were me

No. 322674

There was an amazing Samurai Champloo fic I read in 2006 or something that had the three main characters a threesome but most scenes were between the two guys and that was just how the dynamic worked. It was so good I wish I could read it again. It had such random specific well written (in my teen opinion) stuff in it

No. 322675

File: 1695342142405.jpg (43.25 KB, 750x408, Tumblr_l_170310936754.jpg)

Gomen for western shit but anons… I've waited over a decade for this. I'm gonna cry.

No. 322677

I was more interested in the tumblr sexymen ice king

No. 322679

Betraying your fujo roots smh

No. 322750

seeing a hot twink western ship is so rare, they look so good together and i'm glad this shits on people who shiped marshal lee with fionna kek

No. 322756

>all their business is going to be aired out to the entire school, if I were a student at an evil all boys school and my peers found out I'm a polycule baby with unironic autism and my best parent was a fishnet wearing femboy I would kill myself so fucking fast.
I know almost nothing about twst so this out of context has me literally crying laughing

No. 322767

Is fujochan dead? It gets even lower posts than before

No. 322773

We can't post pics anymore and that means we can't start new threads anymore. And a lot of posts from the past 7 months disappeared so I think anons have less things to post. I still go there and post from time to time but yeah it's calm.

No. 322792

what happened to the image posting

No. 322838

It's to prevent retards from spamming gore and CP. Because that's why fujochan was down for several weeks and it's likely that some men will try that shit again.

No. 322849

might as well archive it and disallow posting altogether. what is an "image"board without images

No. 322864

File: 1695411348261.png (413.12 KB, 598x525, 1695080767315151.png)

>some men
more like cerb-men…

No. 322875

I don't mind it for now. It forces actual discussions to happen instead of having threads that are just pictures and very little interactions.

No. 322876

File: 1695413514035.jpg (449.7 KB, 746x1000, Tumblr_l_25116567612385.jpg)

Holy shit, same. I don't normally subscribe to an adversarial view of other ships but Finnceline and Fiolee fags were so obnoxious back in the day. Even better though is how hard /co/ is sneeding about it. They keep crying about how it's woke propaganda and "filler" that doesn't advance the plot. Some of them are even asking each other for fanmade edits of episodes that remove the scenes with Marshall and Gumball. They also complained that they made human Marshall black, even though he's voiced by a famous rapper. Their whole shtick is that Adam Muto ruined everything and violated Pen Ward's vision. Except Pen literally still works on the show as a voice actor and I'm sure Muto occasionally asks him for his feedback. They have this weird perception of Ward as some kind of uncompromising incel who hates gays and diversity as much as they do? When in reality he's not even straight himself kek. The meltdown has been truly glorious, like a mini version of the YOI meltdown on /a/.

No. 322881

Do random men even know what fujo chan is? Feels like it's mostly likely some yume who hangs around here.

No. 322884

I've seen retarded anons on /v/ post about it and about crystal cafe for some reason.

No. 322885

It's most likely someone who lurks here as well, but I don't know if yumes or some paki-chan tier anon could be that unhinged and have a collection of gore and cp to spam. Keep in mind that there's the Blaine troon who spams shit here too and he seems to like seething at fujos.

No. 322886

marceline is black of course marshall lee is gonna be black too lol and bubbline is canon so of course gumlee is canon this is the dumbest shit to have a meltdown over

No. 322888

no and they don't really care. while lolcow gets cp and gore spams because it houses kf, troon, soyjak, and manhate threads on top of housing staff involved in kf drama, fujochan got them because of lolcow. it was never the moids.

No. 322890

File: 1695415254986.jpeg (298.72 KB, 1440x2048, IMG_3645.jpeg)

Ore ga Mitsuketa, Konbini no Koi ended. It was so sweet and nice, I feel like the last chapter was super rushed though. I guess the author had to end it. At least she got to wrap up the story.

No. 322891

I'm happy to finally see GumLee being as officially canon as Bubbline. I love both of these ships. Also a FioLee and Fionna/Marshall Lee/Prince Gumball shipper.

No. 322910

>this is the dumbest shit to have a meltdown over
I.e., the exact sort of thing /co/ spergs have meltdowns over. As far as they're concerned, it's not worth freaking out about unless it's absolutely frivolous.

No. 323042

File: 1695501342666.png (5.56 MB, 1638x2048, F6M3BnhaoAAFbec.png)

He got a lot of selfcest art though

No. 323076

You crazy kids and your old man yaoi.

No. 323091

File: 1695528632230.png (935.76 KB, 1082x750, b95d40e6b97e3eccfae1cdd8ae364b…)

They knew exactly what they were doing
Honestly Fionna and cake is the most female gaze show I've seen in a while
Like the main character is a borderline neet, with a talking cat and has chuuni dreams about being sailor moon with a sexy ice boyfriend and the side characters are her two homo friends.

No. 323099

File: 1695533091333.png (337.39 KB, 1140x738, I like to be mindfucked specif…)

No. 323109

File: 1695537753842.png (287.25 KB, 950x570, degen.png)

older and/or bigger uke, age gap, and puke would be in the super goon tier.
crying and self harm is only hot to me when an underage boy or extremely pathetic man is doing it, else it's too faggy compared to my beloved numb thousand yard stares and detachment. also women kinkshaming is out of style again right sisters?

No. 323113

File: 1695544330486.png (283.21 KB, 950x647, my-image.png)

Harada likers assemble.
Stalking is a personal favorite of mine, I'm fascinated by it as a concept and love it in BL.

No. 323117

File: 1695547962167.png (268.81 KB, 1140x484, my-image.png)

thanks for the fun tier list, nona

No. 323121

File: 1695550736274.png (348.03 KB, 1140x723, unhinged.png)

I think I need help probably

No. 323126

File: 1695551696762.png (327.88 KB, 1140x556, my-image.png)

I'm also a Harada fan kek. Scat, extreme underage, gore and asphyxiation are my hard No's and squicks but serial killer AUs and character deaths are just boring shit wattpad writing that I hate.

No. 323129

>also women kinkshaming is out of style again right sisters?
I'm judging you for using the scrotebrained term "gooning" instead, don't do that shit unless you want to be clocked as a tranny. It reminds me of that degenerate discord clown pedo.

No. 323130

File: 1695552710444.png (266.11 KB, 1140x562, my-image.png)

Thanks for the link, nonna. This was really fun.

No. 323132

File: 1695554258383.png (329.7 KB, 1140x556, my-image (1).png)

n+c and harada with asada nemui influenced my tastes

No. 323150

File: 1695563441393.png (329.38 KB, 1140x554, my-image (1).png)

No. 323158

Inaccurate. She's not a NEET, she's had 7 jobs in one year, which makes her perpetually jobless, not a loser NEET.

No. 323186

File: 1695577508092.png (283.69 KB, 1140x566, my-image.png)

I actually prefer basic, of-age fluff, but if I'm reading something dark then here

No. 323233

File: 1695585755571.png (287.28 KB, 1106x448, lol.png)

>Extreme underage
I can't believe this is even a category

No. 323246

File: 1695589458057.png (345.75 KB, 1140x647, my-image.png)

Not sure what eating disorder entails but if it involves vomit that's a huge no for me. I hate vomit, especially hardcore "blowjob and I accidentally vomit" shit.

No. 323259

I believe that's called a FREETER. Still a loser though

No. 323265

File: 1695596023726.png (270.02 KB, 1140x568, my-image.png)

I'm pretty vanilla, most of the stuff on this tier list squicks me. Also, in addition to "depends on the writer," I'd also say depends on the ship. I do like vampires and enemies-with-benefits, though, so the few things I ranked positively have to do with those.

No. 323410

File: 1695638571012.png (248.72 KB, 1140x404, my-image (33).png)

Breath play and dubcon are one of my top faves. Weirdly enough even though I'm open to almost everything, forced feminization has always been an ick for me.

No. 323411

Actually I realized I don't have a problem with bestiality in fiction if it involves magical creatures like dragons. But dogs ew never

No. 323422

I wish more people were capable of enjoying anime and comics without self-inserting too, it's the plague killing the industry. Why aren't relatable or fun characters and a good chemistry or story not enough these days? Nobody needed self-inserts when I was a kid. I watched He-Man, Captain Future or Takarajima and enjoyed the run and rooted for certain characters or empathized with them and was excited about the story. Even series with female leads like Rose of Versaille aren't for self-inserting and Oscar is so noble and perfect that the next-best male hobo is mostly likely sharing more personality traits with me than her.

But now 90% of the whining in fandoms and 100% of the really shitty anime and cartoons are about self-insertion. You also see this with male audiences and crying about "ntr". Nowadays "ntr" just means "MC I self-insert into not fucking the girl I like", even when the series makes it very clear that it isn't meant to be a self-insert show or even a romance.
I am probably wrong but feel like this is a modern issue. MCs of the past were, at best, ideals, like someone unreasonably strong and cool you want to be like, but I rarely saw literal (you)s outside of shitty romances.

No. 323435

It was really good! Rare instance of a BL where the main love interest is equally or even less important than the supporting cast, which worked out surprisingly well considering the story was more about self improvement and self respect than anything else. I didn't mind the rushed ending too much, the second to last chapter I felt was quite good, actually. I like that after all the work Hanamaru did on himself, he was able to confidently say exactly what he wanted from a relationshop and not settle for less, and they were able to both get what they wanted with time and patience. (I also loved the way the author portrayed Americans kek, I wonder if she's ever been here because some of the American characters were way too accurate.)

No. 323475

Listen I know we're trying to do the no-shame thing here but if you put scat or "extreme underage" (?) in the top three tiers, you need to have your head examined. Also "beastiality" is not the same as monster-fucking, for those of you who put that anywhere but the bottom tier. There's a difference between a werewolf seme fantasy and plain animal rape. "Beastiality" implies that the character doesn't pass the Harkness test imo.

Seconding the anon who bullied you for saying "gooning" unironically. If you're going to show off the fact that you have such scrotoid taste, you don't really reserve the right to be fragile about it.

No. 323480

File: 1695678067445.png (269.9 KB, 1140x564, my-image.png)

i definitely feel like this is very tame compared to a lot of BL fans. like i love and respect you girls but this is why i can never really call myself a hardcore fujoshi lol

but also to be fair, a lot of it does hinge on if its well written or not

No. 323484

I know what beastiality is. I put it in the "Like" category for a reason.

No. 323485

I had no idea Tsurune got a second season! How did it erase the gay?

No. 323496

>also women kinkshaming is out of style again right sisters?
No. Bestiality and vomit is too much, sister…

No. 323506

File: 1695694705556.jpeg (53.06 KB, 1280x720, 1661098219681.jpeg)

>Ackshually, I like when they don't pass the Harkness test!

No. 323528

File: 1695701909477.png (328.28 KB, 1140x553, image.png)

my tastes are pretty tame lol after reading alot of doujins

No. 323537

it wasn't unironic. it's a word that came from reddit other people have been using as a joke for like years, just like "incel" did.

>plain animal rape

do any anons with beastiality in the top 3 actually like that? genuine question. I for one only like it when it's a guy getting raped by an animal as a particularly dehumanizing form of humiliation or torture. I've never seen BL where a guy is the one fucking the animal, that's an example of something that would be too scrotey.

No. 323538

>thinks fucking an animal is scrotey
>thinks getting fucked BY the animal is ok
Asking a genuine question to you as well, even if I did start this off like a joke, but can you explain your reasoning for this? Are they not both on the same furry-zoophilia type thing?

No. 323539

File: 1695703211918.png (290.45 KB, 1000x1000, 87195589_p2.png)

anon noooo I'll give you beastie but puke is kino… its not as much about the vomit itself and more about a boy caring for or worsening the experience of another boy with debilitating nausea.

No. 323540

irl it's obviously terrible but as I said it's a trope I only ever see used for humiliation purposes, i.e. a guy being restrained by a schizo sadist who brings out a pig to rape him. it's always noncon or dubcon.

No. 323542

But what about a pig fucking a guy is hot? Are there not other ways to humiliate someone that doesn't involve an animal, or is it just one of those you go too far and seek crazier kinks when you're bored type of thing.

No. 323546

how deeply dehumanizing the act of being fucked by a literal animal against his will is. you're thinking too much about the pig when the pig is an npc here. it's similar to mob porn but several steps further into campy absurdity. it is edgy but gore and amputationfags don't have a whole lot of room to judge.

>you go too far and seek crazier kinks when you're bored

somewhat contradictory statement: I don't like it or seek it out for the sake of edginess, but I really enjoy edgy over the top scenarios and do find them sexy.

No. 323549

File: 1695705903245.jpg (58.83 KB, 615x778, 6fe167fb3651f68739ac36e1a0f110…)

I just want to let any anti-fujo anons lurking know that I do not approve of this. I like to see BOYS fucking BOYS, not pigs fucking boys or whatever the hell these schizos are talking about.

No. 323550

File: 1695706215400.gif (1.54 MB, 498x286, tap-dance-dance.gif)

keep tap dancing house fujo they'll think you're a disgusting freak seconds from chopping your tits off no matter how hard you ride their dicks

I am a free woman oink oink

No. 323551

File: 1695706693725.jpg (26.49 KB, 320x480, 9b2fad12208f10efc5e75106aa285c…)

anonymous yumetards, tifs, men, and tradthots aren't worthy of fanservice. you have nothing to prove to them. like what you like, even if it's edgy.

No. 323552

File: 1695707691082.jpg (324.77 KB, 900x1276, Daisy-Jealousy-Chapter-2-31-MR…)

Based. I like it when it's due to overstimulation, especially if it's just cum being puked up. Alcohol induced is also good. The appeal to me is the complete loss of control and embarrassment that comes with it. Picrel, he pukes immediately before and after this page lmfao

No. 323554

>house fujo
My sides.

No. 323558

future troon comment.

No. 323559

File: 1695709828860.jpg (Spoiler Image,486.73 KB, 1134x1601, illust_93105785_20220331_23425…)

if you want recs you can just ask normally, nonny. you don't have to be a tsundere.(why)

No. 323562

File: 1695710294164.jpg (80.92 KB, 1110x431, 1680903144316.jpg)

Have fun I guess but I want you to know that wanting to watch men get raped by animals is degenerate even by fujo standards. I really dislike the retarded porn addiction meme but when your fetishes get that bizarre I think it's time to reevaluate what you're jerking off to. Like it can't possibly be healthy at that point, sorry.

No. 323567

File: 1695713350587.jpg (15.08 KB, 218x259, -9k8zii.jpg)

….you're a not a Fujo..but a zoo.

No. 323568

What did we say about giving losers attention?

No. 323570

You're sick in the head.

No. 323571

you get it. it scratches the same itch that omorashi does but better, sickfics are like crack to me.

No. 323572

File: 1695717864992.jpg (29.77 KB, 500x500, drama boring.jpg)

seconded. please ignore on-topic posts you dislike or think are bait and curb the pointless twitter reaction picture replies. bad to fight over darkfic tier lists that were supposed to be for fun, and even worse to do it just so you can let the anti-fujos who watch this thread like hawks know you're one of the good ones. if you want one to pick you make an anti-fujo honeypot discord and get to grooming.

No. 323582

I also agree, especially the latter part. I don't like vomit irl but it's so good in doujins/fan art.
Yesss, sickfics are top tier. They do something for me that nothing else can.

No. 323584

File: 1695726997559.png (256.65 KB, 950x568, IMG_1300.png)

Very fun thread game nona. Thank you for making this. The clip art is cute.
>if you want one to pick you make an anti-fujo honeypot discord and get to grooming.
Major keks.

No. 323627

File: 1695748878386.jpeg (300.14 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_5782.jpeg)

No. 323629

>Complains about unnecessary reaction images
>While using an unnecessary reaction image

No. 323630

Could've been 110% hotter if he wasn't sitting on a shitstained toilet. Gross gross gross

No. 323631

You could take him off the toilet pretty easily.

No. 323653

they made his dick look about 4 inches long what a weird decision

No. 323655

Ignore them, they're so far into degen territory they're comparing normal fujos to being black coons dancing for massa
>inb4 racebait, I'm black, mods pls
What's he from?

No. 323657

The tweet has the game tagged, it's Slow Damage.

No. 323659

File: 1695755140156.jpg (288.43 KB, 1536x2048, 20230926_140425.jpg)

that's towa, anon…

at least it's clean on the inside

No. 323661

I'm sorry nonnas, I'm not a visual novel person. I used to play a lot of otomes so I want to get into more BL ones. Any recommendations for beginners/are shorter?

No. 323672

I'm relieved I'm not the only one who thought it was fucked up when anon compared being a degenerate to being a slave (even as a joke). Honestly I'll be pissed if you get redtexted for pointing out the implication there. Between that, the bizarre fetishes, and the Ledditor lingo, I get the strong impression that beastiality-chan is either a scrote or a mentally ill tourist from /y/.

Like imagine thinking that having restraint when it comes to porn/fetishes is the same as being an Uncle Tom. That's some fucking scrote shit if I've ever seen it.

No. 323674

File: 1695762382122.jpg (8.21 MB, 2965x4179, DRAMAtical.Murder.full.1702058…)

The toilet being able to open makes this figure even funnier than it already was.

I personally consider Dramatical Murder to be essential reading. Some people will say it's overrated, but it is a very solid, very bizarre, fun read. It was the first BLVN that became big worldwide and the game that birthed the first erotic male figure targeted towards women.

No. 323675

having restraint is not what's weird, although derailing thread to moralfag after happily participating in an extreme content challenge that includes what you're so outraged about as an option is retarded. but what is weird is performative restraint because you're afraid the lurking anti-fujos will make fun of you. fujochan bans moids yet has a board dedicated to extreme content, sometimes you can hate things normally without branding them as something no one but prostate havers could possibly enjoy. the unhinged fic writers and japanese artists behind it are fujos, women, who slip it in between their normal yaoi. take a joke.

No. 323680

Kek agreed. Climate on this site is changing, and they're trying to make what people used to call "cow behavior" normal. It's mostly tourists from /y/ but also the depths of twitter.
It hasn't gotten to the point of being derailed yet. No one's being "performative" with their restraint, you're the only one here who's so schizo about anti-fujos being in the threads. Did you get posted in the anti-fujo thread before and now you're paranoid? Who cares if some random woman on a site calls your tastes shit. Which they are btw. Not every fujo thinks the same.

No. 323682

File: 1695764855338.png (166.61 KB, 529x351, 1695542505979918.png)

eh? the moralfagging started with >>323549's paranoia. sperging about posts from a day ago, adding nothing to the conversation but scrote this /y/ that waku waku psyop is derailing. nothing screams twitter more than mini proship antiship wars, I won't be participating in it anymore.

No. 323684

Seconding Hashihime. Seconding DMMD too but begrudgingly

No. 323686

>What's he from?
Haven't gotten around to playing it, but wouldn't Slow Damage be considered pretty degen(scrote) by these standards?

No. 323689

That person wasn't moralfagging, just expressing an opinion. But thank you for the suggestion none the less.
>proship vs. antiship
Pls nonnie, no one's brought that up in a month. Please don't bring it back, that shit is so immature
Thank you for the suggestions!
I looked it up on vndb (haven't played it), it seems pretty standard-bl edgy. There's no underage, scat, etc. in it. I mean, I consider rape to not be my thing, but if it's a good game it's a good game.

No. 323690

That and TNC both kek not to mention Degrees of Lewdity my beloved token western BL game

No. 323693

towa the type to only own one pair of cum-stained grey boxer briefs that hes never washed in his life. the toilet suits him well

also sorry but why is he not all scarred up lmao the scars are meant to be like his whole personality

No. 323694

ah sydney my beloved

No. 323703

>nothing screams twitter more than mini proship antiship wars
How is "beastiality is degenerate" at all an issue of shipping? No one even brought up shipping.

No. 323705

My friend just pre ordered this. I am laughing so hard.

Dramatical Murder, Toganu no chi, anything Nitro chiral is king imo.

No. 323725

Are there any other games like DoL that don't have shit art, and better gameplay? At this point I feel like I have to make my own mod for an anime portrait

No. 323779

No >>323682 nonna is right.
This whole infighting moralfagging derailing "you need help" moralfag blogposts are very anti-proship twitter-tier behavior. I vote for the freaks to stay (as long as they always spoiler and warn for their shit) and for the moralfags to gtfo here!

No. 323780

same kek I hate moralfaggots

No. 323791

File: 1695824625510.png (268.52 KB, 1140x562, my-image.png)

I never say never regardless of the tag, even if I dislike it with passion. If it's good I'll read it and I'll just ignore the shit that I don't like. I'm a gamefag mostly so many of these tags are often in bad endings in bl visual novels, especially the dog rape humiliation one. In naked butlers for example it was meant to be funny while in koibito yuugi it wasn't meant to be funny at all. I didn't enjoy nor like any case of these as it just isn't my cup of tea, but it seems to be to others since it's often in games, otome included actually lmao. I just move on or skip sometimes it depends my mood. As long as it makes someone else happy and nobody's hurt irl why not pamper to weirdos too lol I don't know that my motto.
Scat I only came upon this one once, in room n9 but I censored it in the settings. Langmaor bl games have shotas which I don't like as well but the writing is good so I swallow it. Laughter Land is from my fav games. I liked Harada's niichan too, it really depends on the writing and on the approach, ending really.
Unfortunately to this day I can't find a good incest bl. Otome and shoujo have very good and memorable ones but bl…be it a game or a manga nope can't seem to have liked a work as much. Seeking brother x brother not much into fatherson or uncle stuff, blood related really siblings hit different. The writing is important, not telling that there aren't a lot out there, but they just end up being shit or too generic. Kyuugo was writing a twincest one that seemed pretty kino and promising, but it got discontinued, insert cryemoji here. There's kokoro o korosu with nbr step siblings that I did like but it lacked something idk maybe bc it was rushed. Sorry for the blog.

And don't like moralfags either, shoo shoo.

No. 323793

>like beastality
>surprised when problematic kink is taken as problematic
I actually think retards like that should be the ones to go. Either that or accept that you'll get judged. Even moids make fun of their own for being furries, not a woman thing

No. 323797

That's some twitter talk here nonnie. Disgusting and appalling yes sure but isn't the whole point of anonymous boards this? Post stuff you normally wouldn't post to avoid moralfags like the one who is shitting the thread above? Aren't most of us here after all because we are called "gay fetishist" or whatever the fuck they call fujos nowadays? Let's not become twitter 2.0.
I don't give a shit about moids if I wanted I'd just go to /y/ and stay there that's full of weirdos with yucky fetishes that may be more accepting and less judgy to shit like that lol, but no I'm here as so do many others bc it's a fujo board only and the rules CLEARLY state no excessive moralsperg and to be nice to each other and to stick together as we should. It wasn't a simple ew that's disgusting reaction, but a whole infighting blog that keeps escalating. Not the first time happening it happened a few threads ago with a moralfag nonnie who hated shotacon shit. She did get banned after all but there's a few new ones now that immigrating from twitter and bringing the twitter etiquette and attitude here. It keeps happening more often lately. We can't have a fag ruining the fun for everyone else just because she doesn't get off 2D dolphins, bara or rape whatever. Yes I don't like nor get off these either and many here don't too but imagine everyone here moralsperging about it every fucking time.

No. 323807

Nta. I come to this thread to discuss sexy guys dating/fucking other sexy guys. If you want to post about animals fucking people, make a different thread about it. Moral questions aside, it just isn't on-topic for the thread.

No. 323814

I agree. Even danmei has a different thread for danmei fags like me. Some things just won't have a big overlap.

No. 323815

From that point of view yes agreed and you are right, there's a dedicated furry animal thread on /y/ after all so. The issue is the moralfagging behavior, it could have been a different kink, the issue is that a nonna just posted her list like everyone else did, didn't post any furries or animal shit content, that's why I found it pretty unfair that she got jumped up,moralfagged and kinkshamed like it was fucking twitter just bc she reads weird shit in her bl. She isn't hurting anyone by that.

No. 323816

File: 1695836227259.jpg (530.08 KB, 1426x4096, 20230927_123231.jpg)

If it's not on topic why do all men with large animal companions no one can communicate with but them have uke auras?

Jokes aside it was an item on a tier list a couple tards took way too seriously. There was no more danger of the thread getting spammed with it than with gore or any of the other lovely things on there.

No. 323817

File: 1695836621121.jpg (82.62 KB, 600x450, Shingakkou.-.Noli.Me.Tangere.6…)

in english when

No. 323819

>isn't the whole point of anonymous boards this?
Not lolcow. We're fellow fujos, but sharing an opinion on something deemed taboo is not bad. The word "problematic" is not just twitter speak, it's literally to mean something that's seen as a problem. Which of course certain kinks will be seen that way. Half of this shit posted her by fellow fujos would be milk if it were posted by anyone else. Besides, I wasn't one of the anons fighting back against it, but I just think calling anyone who doesn't like weird kinks a moralfag is stupid
It was like two anons who gave an opinion on a tier list. People into weird kinks need to grow a backbone.
Is this fanart or an actual bl? It looks like one of those chinese mobile games kek

No. 323823

Anyone else here read Legal Drug/Drug & Drop. I've only read Legal Drug so far but I really like it so far. I'll check out the second part soon. When Clamp writes BL it's so fun.

No. 323827

I liked it a lot but it's on eternal hiatus unfortunately. And it went on hiatus as soon as the plot started to focus more on the biggest mysteries too.

No. 323833

This. Beastiality isn’t even BL while shotacon is, they’re not really fair comparisons.

No. 323835

>In naked butlers for example it was meant to be funny
I’m aware it’s a scrote game but what exactly is funny about animals raping anime dudes?

No. 323837

It's great but like the other anon said it's been on hiatus forever and it left on a massive cliffhanger to boot. Sucks but what can you do.

>It was like two anons who gave an opinion on a tier list
>t. still derailing about it days later
Please don't tell me you thought calling the tier lists of anonymous freaks "problematic" would make them change their ways. I knew that tier challenge would be an awful idea because the twitterfication of lolcow has become so dire we can't have fun without several days of infighting following anymore. A waste of time and thread space.

No. 323842

Very ot but kek @ problematic being auto redtexted like triggered and terf to make fun of people who use these obnoxious buzzwords yet here anons sit using it unironically. Oh how times have changed.

No. 323845

To this day I really don't get that fucking dog kink. Some otome have shit bad endings like that too. In naked butlers the protagonist tomoaki was humiliating the guys but it was done in a somehow comedic way like they weren't that against everything he was doing to them they just went along with it. Meanwhile, in koibito yuugi the protagonist yuta was tied up screaming and was forced by the yakuza to get recorded, getting fucked by a dog, so that his crush would later get disgusted watching it and dump him and also sell it to perverts. The story behind it was that the yakuza dude was raped in the past and after that he started to hate gay men except his twin brother so when he learned that his best friend was in love with yuta he did that in a bad ending. From the same company, masquarade game that will soon come out in English, has cows in kek but not fucking just tongue raping two love interests and then there's the demons gangbang in shingakkou and the zombie dog in pigeon blood. Not sure about paradise or the dystopia something.

No. 323849

File: 1695844074428.jpg (281.22 KB, 800x600, I like his hairclip.jpg)

>Some otome have shit bad endings like that too
Yeah I forget the one but it had one of the love interests getting his dick licked by a dog and I was extremely repulsed.
>Meanwhile, in koibito yuugi the protagonist yuta was tied up screaming and was forced by the yakuza to get recorded, getting fucked by a dog, so that his crush would later get disgusted watching it and dump him and also sell it to perverts
That's some depressing shit, the protagonist is so cute too…
>has cows in kek but not fucking just tongue raping two love interests
I still don't get why they decided to translate that game, not only does it look too old for most modern BL audiences but it has a bunch of stupid shit like that and people shoving coke bottles up their assholes.

No. 323852

Samefag, but worry not, you can completely avoid these endings. If you aren't autistic like me that is. You need to play them if you want to 100% complete all the cg and get the bonus cg or the voice lines. In some games extras won't unlock if you don't finish everything.

No. 323854

You're better off learning Japanese at this point…
>people shoving coke bottles up their assholes
Sign me up. There needs to be more object insertion in BL.

No. 323860

Yes kusonoki something. It's the same company actually but the otome branch. In their other game, mashou megane heroine fucks a gorilla (willingly). In kusonoki heroine fucked a dog too, again willingly. I don't understand why yumes would like this shit.
Yes yuta is really cute, he goes through a lot and far worse actually. His brother shuuhei is on a whole different level of schizo and did very gross stuff to him like molesting him and drinking his piss and locking him up to protect him from perverts. In his bad ending he mindbreaks him so bad that he can no longer walk or talk and just how to fuck and suck his dick basically sex slave but now retarded. Picre is best boy,he isn't as normal too but he is the least fucked up in the brain one. The blonde is a slut and a rapist piece of shit. He gets raped by the yakuza dudes in yakuzas dude bad end because he raped yuta before him lmao. Yakuza dudes friend is weird too and a rapist. His sisters are perverts and were molesting him and bullying him when young so he grew up unhinged. The martial arts idiot is just an idiot and a rapist. Then there's yakuza dude, his ending is the dog one and he has a dramacd where his shitty behavior is explained no dogs there. His brother has an end too he is bipolar and has bdsm fetisj so he rapes yuta and then sends cds of him fucking yuta to blonde slut just to piss him of that he snatched yuta from him.
It's worse than koibito haha. Probably copyright thing with the voices, koibito and shingakkou can't be bought voiced online, physical copies only.

No. 323893

It's like how people use nonnie now. No one nowadays.
This thread just moves slow. It has not been derailed.
>You're better off learning Japanese at this point
nta, but speaking of which, does anyone in this thread know Japanese enough on a level to translate? I used to be able to read simple stories, but I've lost my skills over time of not studying.

No. 323895

gabi in the back looking goofy asf

when my japanese reading level gets high enough i want to translate this damn game myself. my current reading level is low enough that it will take me probably a year at least of studying to get to a good level, plus shingakkou has a lot of complicated religious language, but like. this is a genuine goal of mine if it doesn't get picked up foe translation & its something I'm committed to. i love shingakkou

No. 323922

File: 1695861314756.png (297.39 KB, 1406x625, Screenshot_208.png)

late but here

No. 323926

Yeah, they just use everything else that's equally retarded: nona, nonna, nonners, nonita. I even saw a nonitchka once (has a good laugh at that one). It used to bother me, but I don't mind anymore. It's harmless.

No. 324110

>Meanwhile, in koibito yuugi the protagonist yuta was tied up screaming and was forced by the yakuza to get recorded, getting fucked by a dog, so that his crush would later get disgusted watching it and dump him and also sell it to perverts
Holy shit 00's BL was something else. However even reading this it still doesn't even come close to the beyond degenerate shit I've witnessed in a lot of mainstream hentai VNs, in a lot of them dog rape seems to be considered a cornerstone. PIL/SLASH games always look ugly as sin and have a very gay porn for gay men vibe so I've never played them.

No. 324183

File: 1695943529105.gif (2.19 MB, 540x304, tumblr_f8ec48bf24036fb07736ae7…)

She's me fr fr

No. 324230

Yeah, I just couldn't bring myself to care for them. It might be that I've come to loathe this franchise's artstyle years after I stopped watching.

No. 324231

nta and I'm not even a fujo, but I thought their relationship was handled well, and it seemed less forced then bubbline.

No. 324232

Yeah the art style is a big hurdle for a lot of people, especially because too many other series have done a shitty job of imitating it.

No. 324255

they are so cute

No. 324291

Is the first big gay male couple in cartoon? Usually it's always lesbians or asexual dads

No. 324293

Am I crazy but most gay couples in western media are always white boy/black boy?

No. 324309

I think shiro and uh his dead bf and then that literal who were the first but that one didn't go that well kek. For all the screeching about gays in western cartoons, there's barely any relevant male x male couples. There's also the two policemen from gravity falls and the gay dads from she-ra but they're minor characters. The dragon prince has (or had?) a more relevant gay character but his husband is irrelevant. Meanwhile we have multiple big canon lesbian ships with plenty of interaction such as catradora, korrasami, pretty much everything from steven universe, lumity, caitvi, bubbline. Gumlee is basically an extension of bubbline and that's why they're getting so much screentime. I don't mind that they're making so many canon lesbian ships, it doesn't even compare to the huuuuge amount of canon het ships, but i wish they were more open to including canon gays too.

No. 324311

I think the reason we see more lesbians in cause spicy straight/queer women are usually over represented in animation, while there seem to very few gay men.

No. 324331

Yeah, I think it's because many women in Western animation are lesbians or at least "queer". It's weird, but I think women in spirit are himejos or fujos at heart kek. Half the writers for Fiona and Cake are women, and old sketches from storyboarders on Adventure Time showed they shipped them in production.

No. 324333

No, it's because the gays = pedophiles myth has always been more associated with gay men than with gay women. You can even find retards on this exact site who say that exact thing: gay men specifically are pedophiles, while lesbians can do no wrong. Additionally, lesbian relationships are inherently seen as less sexual because men don't believe that women have sexual agency or desire when a man isn't present. If your media is male-dominant, it's going to reflect that men are disgusted by gay men and titillated by gay women. That's why all of the female Batman villains just ~happen~ to be bisexual.

No. 324338

File: 1696011977685.gif (4.87 MB, 540x339, Tumblr_l_60226693795058.gif)

No, not by a long shot. If they hadn't changed the rating and kept the show PG, it would've been more groundbreaking, but they changed the rating. I'll even go so far as to say that Gumlee is part of why they had to change the rating, along with all the on-screen deaths. You can only show gay people in children's media if they're either elderly background characters or attractive women. I guess this is more mainstream than any other portrayals of gay men in western animation, but that's about it. Pic tax.

No. 324349


Sorry anon I meant that it wasn't some side character or literally whos. Usually male homosexuality is treated as a cameo or accessory.

No. 324351

No, it's because despite yurifags acting like constant victims, people are typically fine with two girls kissing (of if the are not they don't make too much of a fuss) while two guys tend to anger straight dudes.

No. 324353

>hat's why all of the female Batman villains just ~happen~ to be bisexual.
Kek pretty much a lot of "strong female characters" nowadays are bisexual. It's like some authors can't write a male/female interaction where the attraction works in favor of the woman. If she's a strong woman she's a lesbian.

No. 324362

What's the reason tranners are so prevalent in JP Media then? I always see them and okama over gay guys.

No. 324365

two words: trap fetish.

No. 324368

Trap characters are also almost always underage characters. It's not a coincidence that all of the trap characters draw are moe blobs that could be basically "futanari" characters. It's all fetish based.

No. 324370

Japanese male otaku are clearly pedophiles, anybody who says otherwise is delusional.

No. 324372

People are only fine with two girls kissing in media because they don't see it as a real relationship, nor do they see the characters as sexually unavailable to men. I mean, look at the way men still talk about wanting a "bisexual" girl just so they can see two girls makeout. Even if it's still shown in media, it's harmful to lesbians. I think the fights over lesbian vs. gay representation are pretty dumb.

No. 324374

No anon I mean Okama and clear transexual, not "trap" characters.

Most of the F/F relationships in media are done by women themselves. See She-ra.

No. 324390

She-ra was made by a lesbian

No. 324397

Seconding all of this. I hate that even media for children is influenced by men's tendency to view lesbian as a display for them, and I hate that retards online act like gay and lesbian representation are diametrically opposed. I want both, I just want lesbians in fiction to stop being filtered through the male gaze.
At least Princess Bubblegum and Marceline are characters in their own right and their relationship doesn't feel male-gaze-y the way that Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy does. I like Bubbline a lot, but the fact that the characters are relatively feminine and both presumably bisexual does unfortunately mean that it fits into this weird pattern of "female female relationship, but don't worry, they're still appealing to and sexually available to men." Idk. Bi/bi and femme/femme romances are fine, I just wish there was more variety. But I also don't want to come across like the representation we get isn't "good enough."

No. 324398

A self-hating lesbian who sawed her tits off after her wife cheated on her with a scrote. Unfortunately.

No. 324399

True. Or as a punchline, a la Family Guy or South Park.

No. 324407

File: 1696039473755.png (Spoiler Image,1.65 MB, 1920x1080, 1696010853330062.png)

Speaking of gays in cartoon, what was this about? Castlevania.

No. 324410

god that artstyle is so repelling

No. 324419

File: 1696046738270.png (1.11 MB, 689x700, awrherhsdfh.png)

It's a shame because the games had beautiful art, and I understand why the can't have the same level of art for an animation, but it is a shame.

No. 324421

We need a yaoi in this style. Fast

No. 324423

File: 1696048864545.jpg (1.49 MB, 1920x1080, 38c567af39a6e05042b0a6af1b6013…)

The artist's name is ayami kojima(小島文美) btw, if you wanna look her up she has some great art.

No. 324428

Japan has a longer history associated with crossdressing in entertainment (onnagata, a comical side effect of oversexualization of women and sexism leading to men taking female roles and then getting sexualized themselves), plus rigid gender roles = gay and gnc people are more pushed into transitioning, plus plus different religious influences leading to taboo/"degen" things having different cultural perceptions, especially towards anything related to sex and sexuality. There are a lot of other small things I think went into it but tbh I would end up writing an essay and derailing the thread.

No. 324431

File: 1696051335131.png (28.69 KB, 480x480, 739228bc3981c1a419c8c5480d5baf…)

It's their weird attempt at replicating Ayami Kojima's art, but on an ATLA budget and level of animation quality. Not sure why they didn't just ask her to help with the show. Maybe she was out of their price range kek.

No. 324442

File: 1696056802222.jpg (560.9 KB, 1920x2160, BDp1dmpHNISrDs9i.jpg)

its not replicating her art-style, this is the default Animesque art-style that western studios uses, picrel are stills from 2 separate series that employs more or less the exact same style.

No. 324443

This show is my guilty pleasure, I love it

No. 324449

File: 1696060515704.jpg (437.31 KB, 1000x1422, Dreaming Vampire - Chapter 1 -…)

Wouldn't be surprised if pic related was going for that vibe.

No. 324451

>Maybe she was out of their price range kek
I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. That reminds me of Fire Emblem Three Houses having Kurahana Chinatsu as a character designer but all the in-game art, like the portraits and S rank art at the end of the game, were made by the incredibly incompetent art director and other IS employees so everyone was saying that Kurahana herself was a bad artist even though it was obvious for anyone familiar with her that it wasn't her style at all. Same shit with the Utapri mobage having the art style from the anime. Some Japanese famous freelance artists are most likely just crazy expensive.

No. 324481

>The pillows are not even on their heads, BG artist and animators couldn't bother to line up the BG with the characters.
>They draw strands of hair but his beard is just geometric shapes glued to his face.
>Nipples are empty circles
I hate this animation.

No. 324663

File: 1696151841860.png (1.99 MB, 1000x1417, 14bd70ffd263a156e676778f36f480…)

Shinji x Shinji selfcest kinda hit different

No. 324666

correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't manga shinji more confident and a traditional shonene hero and may as well be a another character.

No. 324672

He’s still pretty similar to anime Shinji with the deep depression and all that, but he has a couple of traits changed
>grew up with his aunt and uncle instead of his teacher, because of that he kind of hates when people just view him as something to be pitied and nothing else
>actually gets along and has fun during the dinner party scene with Asuka, Touji and Kensuke instead of going like ‘why are they so loud…’ like anime Shinji
>tsundere for Kaworu, but Kaworu’s an extreme autist who strangles cats so can’t really blame him there
I wouldn’t really say he’s the typical shounen protag though, just Shinji with a bit more bite and slightly less extreme self loathing.

Which is probably why he tops his anime counterpart in this, much to manga Kaworu’s (or Karl if you prefer) chagrin.

No. 324759

Shinji hates himself way too much for this to go well kek. The Kaworus on the other hand would totally bang.

No. 324780

Anime Kaworu encouraged them to fuck each other, can't really see Karl and Kaworu having anything above a decent friendship though kind of like how Touji and Kaworu tend to get along in the spinoffs because they both are super annoyed by Asuka but nothing really beyond that.

No. 324796

god i wish there were a doujin of the kaworus and shinjis swapping, like manga kaworu/anime shinji or qworu/manga shinji. there probably are a few out there just haven't been scanned tbh
he is different in a lot of ways like >>324672 said, but is still recognizable as the same character as anime/rebuild shinji. manga kaworu is waaay different from his other iterations though aside from being a shinji simp

No. 324802

>manga kaworu is waaay different from his other iterations though aside from being a shinji simp
how so?

No. 324816

File: 1696200444154.jpg (Spoiler Image,97.31 KB, 672x425, shinji homophobia arc.jpg)

i think the best explanation given by the creators was that anno(who made the anime) wanted kaworu to be the ultimate human, while sadamoto(who made the manga) wanted him to be proto-human. manga kaworu is creepier in the way rei was and doesn't understand his feelings or anyone else's, especially shinji's, and pursues him aggressively despite him(shinji) not being receptive at all. kaworu even kisses him, using the excuse of wanting to stop him from hyperventilating, leading to picrel

No. 324843

File: 1696219005018.jpg (132.02 KB, 500x716, heterochromia shaun.jpg)

>god i wish there were a doujin of the kaworus and shinjis swapping, like manga kaworu/anime shinji or qworu/manga shinji.
Agreed, even if they switched back at the end it'd be interesting. Closest is a doujin where all the Shinjis get morphed into one Shinji and then fucked by all of the Kaworus
and this one where there's just one Shinji but he's dating all the Kaworus, because of that he's kind of weirdly bipolar to Karl.

No. 324845

HEAAAAVY autism, probably his most iconic tism moment is him strangling a cat because he said it was going to die anyway.
I really like how they gave him a slightly different tone of voice in this video because of that

No. 325029

How do you find fujo friends that aren't TIFs or sperg out about things? Most of the stuff I like unfortunately is niche, like older games, but a lot of the fans that have taken roost for those series either don't speak the languages I do or fall under one of the above categories.

No. 325055

Find fans for stuff you like that are much older. It's not a foolproof plan or anything, but I've noticed that people who are 25+ and still in fandom are relatively stable and easier to deal with. Say you're uncomfortable talking with younger fans, and vet them a little to see how old they are when you talk to them.

No. 325220

File: 1696404297745.jpg (37.69 KB, 537x328, yume.jpg)

Anyone else feel like the new mods are actively trying to encourage homophobia lately?
Like, people are pretty regularly posting homophobic stuff and not getting banned but meanwhile if you so much as post BL/yaoi outside this thread you have a good chance of getting banned.

No. 325223

File: 1696405122329.jpeg (35.43 KB, 640x640, 1662520130123.jpeg)

Look for fujos who aren't from anglophone countries. I'm a burgerfag, but my closest fujo friends are Russian, Filipino, and Mexican respectively.

I haven't personally encountered anything like that. Kind of the opposite. They've finally started redtexting fujo infights in the TiF thread, making it marginally more readable. Little victories.
Fwiw I'm not opposed to people analyzing the correlation between BL and TiFs, but I just find that anons approach the issue with zero nuance whatsoever. They either think that fujos are all future TiFs no exceptions, or that there's zero connection between BL and TiFs. The former are straight-up puritanical, and I recently saw one say outright that the only acceptable way for a woman to engage with sexual media is for it to be monogamous and heterosexual and for her to imagine herself as the woman. That's straight-up trad shit, chiding women for how they masturbate.
Is there one goddamn person here willing to acknowledge that a lot of trannies are nerdy autists who become delusionally over-invested in fiction, and that any kind of nerd community related to gay stuff is going to have a disproportionately high number of troons? Like duh yaoi and yuri are popular with trannies, but the issue isn't with the art itself, it's with mental illness. Healthy people (or at the very least people being properly treated for their mental illnesses instead of enabled) do not respond to fiction by sawing off their tits or cocks.

No. 325224

File: 1696405284489.jpg (193.69 KB, 1162x1606, 20231002_122437.jpg)

I'm gonna keep doing it anyways cuz I like it and other anons do too. that one out yumetard mod is asleep 18 hours a day and can only ban way after it happens.

maybe one mod is one of anna slatz's beta orbiters?

No. 325227

File: 1696405568737.png (9.62 MB, 2414x3816, F69bSNfaIAAzBL_.png)

>that the only acceptable way for a woman to engage with sexual media is for it to be monogamous and heterosexual and for her to imagine herself as the woman. That's straight-up trad shit, chiding women for how they masturbate
That's mostly what I'm referring towards, there's been a lot of trad types lately bitching about women reading BL at all and something about how gay men cannot be trusted around children period.
I agree with your point though that it's worth discussing the correlation between fujos and tifs, but what a lot of them ignore is that most women in fandom are into BL in general as are most women who troon out, so it's more just them acting like the minority is the case for absolutely every woman in fandom.
>I'm gonna keep doing it anyways cuz I like it and other anons do too

No. 325230

File: 1696406778176.png (443.69 KB, 720x373, FD85BeQWUAIrcj1.png)

Yeah don't worry anon, that retard got banned. Althought realistically she'll probably just used a VPN and continue sperging about how "da gheys r grooming muh childrun!" and how the filthy fujos need to stop looking at impure drawings.

No. 325233

File: 1696409842277.jpg (661.82 KB, 1920x1080, gk.jpg)

There will never be a gay harem of soldiers centred around a middle-age man again and it feels sad. Golden Kamuy was so special.

No. 325241

Moid detected

No. 325242

nta and I'm not too familiar with Golden Kamui but I swear I've never met any male fan of this manga. I only see millenial women reading it and posting their super gay fanart on social media.

No. 325243

We had two threads about the manga here, lurk more.

No. 325245

Ayrt is an unhinged retard assuming the first anon was a gay man self inserting as fucking Tsurumi or something kek. GK filters moids even harder JJBA used to before it got popular with reddit and eventually normies at large.

No. 325253

File: 1696426954706.jpg (115.56 KB, 567x800, Ikemen-Oni-to-Tengoku--Kyuu--v…)

I'm not really into old men yaoi, but I really loved this one and I'm really happy a new volume is getting translated. Highly rec for anyone looking for something that starts crazy and toxic and slowly turns into healing.

No. 325268

I love the uke, I started reading it just because of the cover of the first volule he's just my type.

No. 325270

Newfag detected

No. 325273

Don't say that, you'll make me sad. I'm happy about Dogs Red but I thought it was going to be about adult hockey players. We need another mangaka to make peak once more
Seconding this. I'm usually not into manipulation plots, but it eventually took a turn from it and turned really sweet. I love them both so much

No. 325276

Just wish it had a little more/longer sex scenes tbh.

No. 325290

It's a prologue nonnie read the sequel manga they had a bl Cd release too!

No. 325300

File: 1696449446878.png (328.84 KB, 1140x553, canvas.png)

Hope its not too late to post! If any reccs come to mind, feel free nonnas.

No. 325433

>Written by a moid
>on a magazine for moids
>moid character design

keep telling yourself that, moids(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 325457

File: 1696520617733.jpg (34.5 KB, 564x475, 9f95f9f3dbcefd5a660f8fb96d2c45…)

Who cares, true fujos can make yaoi out of dirt

No. 325469

It's been like that for a long while, I remember it being discussed in the lesbian thread way back before other threads started noticing it. Racebait rarely gets banned now either. Lolcow has gradually become more right wing and conservative and all the """gendercrit""" refugees from tiktok have made them even worse for the past year. That's why I like Fujochan so much, I don't have to deal with homophobic yumes or tradfags and people there tend to be pretty open minded.

So nothing has changed, I haven't read the fakeboi thread since like, 2020, because I got tired of it being basically an anti-fujo thread focused on calling masculine women ugly and ruined and botlike behavior posting "it's because of yaoi that she trooned out!!!" over and over again. And it leaked all over the site too, it was today or yesterday when I once again witnessed some peabrain saying that short hair on a woman is "TiF-coded" and I can't open /ot/ anymore without at least one thread being derailed by sperging about how fujos are misogynist aiden eggs. Imagine letting us live inside your head this bad.

No. 325499

They have a fucking BL cd?

Also, I'm so happy that he's probably going to propose

No. 325501

Late but all the "gendercritical" tards are the ones pushing the trad shit now that they're seeping out of their containment threads. OT but it's sad to see women who used to champion gender nonconformity as a normal part of the human experience are now full blown christcuck retards pissing and moaning whenever a woman dares to be anything other than a lipstick-brained bimbo tradwife. I have a feeling a lot of them are former ayydens who're overcompensating for their yaoiboy roleplay with trad roleplay.
>That's mostly what I'm referring towards, there's been a lot of trad types lately bitching about women reading BL at all and something about how gay men cannot be trusted around children period.
Tell one of these morons that "all men are inherently pedos" applies to their husband too and watch the sparks fly out of their heads kek

Bitching about women reading BL is such moid behavior. I find most otome/yume stuff distasteful but don't give yumes shit for liking what they do, nor do most other fujos. A little reciprocity would be nice.

No. 325511

>OT but it's sad to see women who used to champion gender nonconformity as a normal part of the human experience
Honestly, they never truly believed so. They claimed to be supportive of gender nonconformity but in fact they only used it as an excuse, lamenting over one more lesbian tomboy being lost to transitioning was always just a way to sperg about how disgusting they find "trannies" i.e. homosexuality and gender nonconformity. Now they're just gotten lazy about hiding it since the overall levels of bigotry have been getting steadily higher post-pandemic and now they're comfortable calling any non-trad woman an "Aiden egg" straight up.

>Tell one of these morons that "all men are inherently pedos" applies to their husband too and watch the sparks fly out of their heads kek

NTA but this is so fucking funny, they'll fearmonger endlessly about how "the gays" will rape their children but when you remind them of the majority of victims of child abuse being girls, they short circuit and start calling you a tranny and a scrote and come up with weird tinfoils about gay men arranging gang rapes of women for their own amusement. Some schizos actually have admitted to hating gays because they honest to god are paranoid over their Nigels leaving them for a gay man in a dress, it's like those yumes mad about gay ships featuring their husbando but IRL. I have to wonder what kind of moids they date if gay men upstaging them is a realistic fear for them but girl needs to love herself a bit more kek.

No. 325593

>I have to wonder what kind of moids they date if gay men upstaging them is a realistic fear for them
this sounds hilarious to me, like being afraid your nigel is secretly gay? girl, there is a way bigger chance your moid might cheat on you with a younger woman not this. straight moids, aka the large majority of moids, would never sleep with another man or a tranny

No. 325594

acting like gay men are the biggest enemy and asslicking straight men is the weirdest shit and honestly quite offensive to the millions of women who had to suffer because of the latter. it reeks of insecurity and pick me mentality if you genuinely see gay men as competition or a threat

No. 325595

I honestly don't give a shit about real gay men because I tend to hate real men kek. Plus the (male) gay community has always been very misogynistic, even now they fully support buying women's uteruses. Gay men also hated fujos in japan kek.
But I haven't seen all this homophobia you talk about, just women being rightfully angry with men, straight, gay or trannies. If anything anons here hating fujos love to suck gay men's asses because they're being "oppressed" and "fetishized" buy the evil evil girls reading bl made for girls.

No. 325603

File: 1696577815351.jpg (365.29 KB, 950x1377, DARAKU-KAZOKURON-c2-1.jpg)

>Gay men also hated fujos in japan kek.
I actually tend to hear that they don't care, or in the case of gay artists, actually like fujos because they financially support the art. The only time I've see them say they don't like fujos is when fujos are shipping anyone gay they know irl or asking dumb shit like "are you a top or bottom" which imo is the normal response to someone being invasive and weird. I once had a girl I used to know tell me she shipped me with my gf and had fanfics about us and it was fucking weird, idc if she was also gay or whatever, it's just weird to say that to someone's face. Basically just don't be gross to someone's face and they won't care.

I also generally dislike males on principal these days, but I did make a gay fudanshi friend once, he was very socially autistic but we had similar taste in ships so it was fun and we had mutual respect for each other. I used to spend more time in 4chan adjacent /a/ spaces and I'd take the company of the gay guy over the company of ANY straight male otaku, or straight men in general. At least the gay guy I knew was never sexist to my face and also never tried to fuck me (the bar is on the floor lmao but still). Bisexual men somehow managed to be the worst in my experience because at least with the gay dude he still had a concept of romance, the bi dudes were like turbo coomer versions of the hetero guys where they would pretend to understand BL but were just interested in the typical moidy femboy stuff (though this was when they were still called traps lel). I think most of those guys are actually troons now.

Sorry for blogging, here's a manga I started reading, the concept is more interesting than the average parenting story imo.

No. 325604

I agree, gay men in general are the lesser evil if you have to choose between them and straight moids. Also japanese fags don't give a shit about what fujo do, and some of them even collab with them. Generally speaking, what fujos like is different from what barafags are into so they don't have a reason to bicker. Even in the western sphere it's usually other women, aiden and trannies who cry fetishization (the fact that aidens believe fujo would fetishize them in particular is pretty funny) and some dramatic fags just repeat what they heard from them. Some of the more unhinged earlier yaoiz fangirls of the 2000s used to harass actual fags instead of sticking to 2D and that's why they received more backlash

No. 325605

File: 1696581563731.jpeg (36.48 KB, 399x561, images (1).jpeg)

Sweet lord in heaven, is this "straight men vs. gay men" discussion going to become a tradition at this point in these threads? We have these discussions over and over and over again. If you want to see debates of this issue either re-read the past threads or make a new thread specifically about that. It's getting so tiresome at this point.

Anyway, to return the topic back to yaoi: fujosisters, what are some of your favorite BL dynamics? I personally like it when the "bottom" (as much as I hate that word) has a more hot-headed, feisty, domineering personality (basically, tsuntsun), while the top is meek, docile, or even wimpy. The contrast is just chef's kiss.

No. 325606

I remember reading some stories about older japanese fujos saying that at the time BL/yaoi was getting popular among women, gay males would mock and insult fujos because they weren't okay with women writing about gay men (as if that mattered), eventually this stopped. It was most likely just a thing in japan though, in the west they don't care. I still don't think highly of real gay men just because they're the "lesser evil" though, they can be really bad to women who genuinely care for them (especially when straight men are involved). Let's not stereotype gay males as these poor romantic soft boys who can do no wrong, males are still males and trust me even if they're gay they don't see you as equal.

No. 325607

File: 1696584124610.png (223.54 KB, 702x413, Screenshot_20231006_171733_Chr…)

Hope I'm not too late to the party kek.

Nonnies, what does this say about me? I want to know why my brain is like this. Underage exposure to hentai?

No. 325618

I don't think anyone here is seeing them as poor uwu softboys, most of us are aware that they can be very degenerate and bitchy. However trying to twist it as if they're more evil than straight moids just because they're not attracted to women is not only retarded and untrue because straight moids are 100x more likely to assault us and kill us, but also something a pick me tradwife would say to defend her unwashed nigel

No. 325626

That's true I guess. I do hate all men so it's not like there's a huge difference to me.

No. 325645

File: 1696604539717.png (321.39 KB, 1140x465, my-image.png)

I think I have pretty regular tastes for a fujo

No. 325678

File: 1696620993024.png (285.85 KB, 647x494, IMG_4523.png)

What are you guy's favorite and least favorite types of seme (or uke) respectively?
For me
Schizo autist white hair boy (who usually turns yandere later)
>Least favorite
Stoic borderline emotionless blonde guy who rapes the uke

No. 325683

Favourite kind of seme would be a big guy who's a "service top" and will literally act like an obedient dog, bonus points if he's paired up with a sad mentally ill uke.
Least favourite would be the typical tall beefy model guy you see in most korean webtoons who's full of himself and rapes the uke at least 20 times in the story (and the uke falls in love uwu). I don't dislike seeing rape in BLs but that trope is so overused and the characters are so annoying that I'm getting tired of it.

No. 325684

Spicy yandere, either very devoted like hua cheng or batshit insane like binghe or cha wookyung from sadistic beauty. I mean hua cheng himself isn't a classic yandere but he's still extremely obsessed with dianxia. Also for a second favorite, I haven't really seen this one because the tsundere characters in BL never FULLY admit to their feelings and tend to be kinda passive in relationships (a turn off for me) but a tsundere character who realizes they're head over heels over their love interest and do everything to protect them, even if they're still cranky and mean spirited at times
>Least borderline
Those manhwa dark-haired semes built like a brick whose entire personality revolves around being rich, muscular and fucking the uke. No spice, no sugar, just a fleshlight. Sometimes they're also rapey and abusive but without having the charisma. The uke in these comics is usually just as boring and useless. I need to point out that some manhwa semes also have yandere traits, but they feel like tryhards. Wookyung is the only one who actually impressed me tbh.
>Special mentions
I hate both crybaby ukes and obnoxious tsundere ukes who never admit they're in love or that they're gay. Also "oblivious to my feelings" trope, idk it's just kinda annoying. Straight-turned-gay can work only if it feels genuine like no this guy won't start dating or thinking about women again, he only wants his new bf.

No. 325687

i just crave more slut ukes. i fucking love sluts

No. 325688

Underrated. Slut ukes who know what they want and need, especially when paired with a virgin top.

No. 325689

its really so good. its also the best dynamic to get some blushing and moaning out of a top. im so tired of sex god tops who make no noise or expressions during sex. literally the opposite of sexy

No. 325690

Actually now that I'm rereading what I wrote I realized just how important it is for both characters to really love each other, even if it's too intense. Obsessed, devoted, I'd kill everyone for you type of scenario.

No. 325691

I love service top puppies too. Although I prefer them paired with more traditionally bishounen ukes.

No. 325692

Based. Slut ukes are fantastic.

No. 325694

I love tops who moan and make ahegaos too, it's a shame they're not popular.

No. 325697

you're speaking my language nona

No. 325708

File: 1696631052778.jpg (37.73 KB, 736x536, F6u-BQxXIAIWD8p.jpg)

Cool and collected seme who's actually obsessed with his uke to the point of self ruin, can barely hold it together when around him. Super loving, but it's the kind that can get overwhelming. Preferably has medium-to-long hair and is fit, but not super muscular
>Least favorite
Bored guy who doesn't care about his uke at all, rapists who just want to fuck (even if they develop feelings after)

As for ukes:
Is sweet with his seme but still has a backbone. A little mentally unstable and needy, but can still emotionally support others too and leans on his seme for personal support. No preference for hair color, but also like it when he's reasonably fit and not super short/skinny compared to his seme
>Least favorite
The ones that are drawn and act like retarded shoujo heroines, constant victims who need saving, can't do anything of their own accord. Half the size or smaller than their seme, and this is mostly just a manhwa thing but I hate it when they have giant lips that don't fit the rest of their face kek

No. 325712

>favorit seme
I like the big nerdy and messy but kind of hot guy that appears to be meek and innocent but becomes a sex beast on bead that makes the uke pass out from cuming like 10 times
>Favorite uke
Slutty sex pest, optionally has experience with sex work, that deep down actually craves a deep emotional connection. Still a sex addict though

No. 325725

I don't have tropes I really gravitate to, but I can pinpoint things I don't like
>least favorite seme
The same one as >>325683. I've read too many where it's the same business suit, bad-boy with slicked back black hair and a rape fetish. It's so copy-paste. I think I just hate rapist seme's in general, or rape really. If you're gonna make it dub-con/non-con, just have the guy be a straight up freak or rude. I don't need a backstory, I don't need him to be in love, I don't care. But on the flip-side, I hate super boring seme's with no personality. One's that aren't developed outside of being the uke's crush.
>least favorite uke
One's that are damsel's in distress or are stupid. One's that are super feminine and like 5 feet shorter than the seme/act basically like a generic anime girl. One's that get trapped in abusive relationships and won't leave the person even though their friends tell them they're in an abusive relationship.

No. 325749

>Favorite seme
Overprotective "older brother" type. Voice of reason
>Favorite uke
Self destructive dumpster fire of a human being.
>Least favorite seme
Ones not committed to the uke/cheating seme/wandering eyes seme… Basically just hate the third wheel trope with a burning passion. For both seme and uke honestly.

No. 325754

File: 1696657562117.jpg (852.08 KB, 1858x1007, cohabitation.jpg)

Season 2 for my OTP's anime aired today and the quality is so much better than S1 and they had a cute scene of them being domestic together. I feel spiritually and physically rejuvinated. I can't wait to see them in the cute unique style of the ED for this season. I wish all nonas here an abundance of content for your OTP.

No. 325755

File: 1696657562784.jpg (397.6 KB, 600x800, 57021328_p0.jpg)

Holy shit anon, I like Kiribaku for all the same reasons you do. Shoco was my favorite krbk artist, but a while back she DFE'd all her fanart and shifted focus to originals. I still support her though.

My least favorite is anything that's really predictable and stereotypical, basically. I'm not fond of overly stoic or overly aggressive semes, and I don't like constantly crying, prepubescent-looking ukes. Luckily those archetypes aren't as common these days. I enjoy pretty much anything unexpected, especially when a really stoic or conventionally masculine character turns out to be the uke. I like when the seme is a big sweet dumb guy, like a man with the brain of a golden retriever. Another favorite is when the uke is some variant of "jerk with emotional baggage." Idk, for me the most important thing is the chemistry between the characters, and not so much their individual traits (though those also matter a lot to me as well.)

Sorta unrelated, but I really love when the characters break up, are miserable apart, and then get back together. Especially if they get back together because of some kind of dramatic event, like one character being seriously injured. Spicy meatball.

No. 325759

Any ramujaku or gendice yet?

No. 325761

File: 1696663594035.jpg (348.17 KB, 1912x1080, gendice.jpg)

Gentaro and Dice had a quick little moment together, typical Gentaro messing with Dice stuff, but no substantial RamuJaku yet sadly. I'm also looking forward to seeing RoSasa, they only showed up for a second.

No. 325762

>If anything anons here hating fujos love to suck gay men's asses because they're being "oppressed" and "fetishized" buy the evil evil girls reading bl made for girls.
What threads are you reading? They always go on homophobic tirades and get weirdly intricate in detail when describing anal sex in "disgust", as if it's portrayed as super realistic in the comics to begin with and most of the time isn't just symbolic "yaoi hole" shenanigans. Like they really focus on the anal sex part and I guess it's probably just one anon who's either trying to be a comedian or suppress something.

Bi guys are the absolute worst and a ton of shit they have done (like being degen pedos) gets attributed to gay men. And I don't mean to whiteknight gay men because all scrotes are scrotes at the end of the day and can't be trusted but gays are the only kind of men who know how it feels like to be oppressed by straight men and they at least can share some of that perspective and experience with me and sympathize, so it's really telling when these anons hate gay men specifically and dead ass go around saying that "actually, they're worse than straight men". How? Because they don't want to fuck you? I'm sorry but as much as I am offended by misogynistic gay incels calling vaginas rank smelling fish holes it's not dangerous and life-risking like the misogyny of straight men who will rape, physically assault, dehumanize and murder me in whichever order. So I don't trust them to be homophobic "just" towards gay men, they hate lesbians just the same.

No. 325764

Gay moids are all bark and no bite, trying to live in their regina george cyberbully era. I think it's kinda funny that they don't hide their hatred of trannies and that's also why trannies, especially transbians, act like they're the biggest enemy kek

No. 325765

I love slut ukes so much and I'm glad they've been getting more popular in recent history. Before I turned fujo I was always put off by ukes being too passive and "doll-like" but nowadays you get all kinds of bottoms for any taste. Slut ukes are fun and fit with a lot of different kind of semes which makes them versatile characters to write for.

As for semes I have a lot of favourites, I like the puppy service top, the overprotective nice one and the borderline abusive jerk full of himself, just all ends of the spectrum. But I agree with >>325749 , I hate cheating scumbag semes with passion and third wheel tropes suck so much ass.

No. 325768

>Gay men can sympathize with women
>Gay men don't wish to use womanhood as some cheap gross costume (drag) and don't want to use women's body for their own selfish reasons (surrogacy)
I agree with you anon, straight men are worse because they rape and kill women, but let's not pretend like gay men wouldn't stand there and watch.

No. 325770

This isn't the thread for this stupid debate spinning around hyperbolics, anon. If you can't read reasonable critique of fearmongering homophobes masking their overall disgust with homosexuality with "manhate" and hatred of fujos for liking m/m ships calling them "misogynist faghags" without going "ackshually, let's not pretend gay men wouldn't watch you get raped!!!" then I suggest you not reply at all. Not the time or the place.

No. 325835

Seconding all of this. Well said, anon.

No. 325836

File: 1696708868903.png (782.48 KB, 823x867, I feel like this is a neg... .…)

The most classic quiz

No. 325841

File: 1696709797360.png (214.14 KB, 612x536, very edgy.PNG)

Well would you look at that kek

No. 325846

File: 1696711434474.png (527.09 KB, 562x560, Screenshots_2023-10-07-15-43-2…)

Holy shit, blast from the past

No. 325852

Damn are we soulmates?

No. 325854

File: 1696717732071.png (830.03 KB, 873x805, the most classic quiz.png)

Come oooon, that's not how i answered at aaaaalll. Seme nonnas, pls punish me for the bad result. Also, i never heard of this test before. Glad to get familiar with the classics now, kek.

No. 325855

When i answer the first question it just brings me back to the first question again instead of the second, what am i doing wrong?

No. 325857

I think one of the first questions does repeat. Does it happen if you answer it again. Also remember it from back in the day. I got badass uke back then but now I got clueless uke, kek. I get dumber with time.

No. 325860

Tried the new vesrion too rn, the results seem the same, but taking the test itself is more boring imo.
Kek, nonna.

No. 325861

>the fact that aidens believe fujo would fetishize them in particular is pretty funny

I wish someone would tell them

No. 325878

File: 1696727584291.jpg (458.4 KB, 1280x1791, mrm is down so I had to get th…)

>pls punish me for the bad result
I feel like innocent ukes only really work for silent protagonists where the reader/player has to fill in a lot of their personality and act all sweet tempered to their fave, otherwise they just come off as dumb shits.

There's your roast nona.

No. 325885

File: 1696731267242.jpg (252.5 KB, 1200x1200, marroncream homo.jpg)

Sanrio's doing a TWST style thing where the boys are knights to their respective sanrio character, a lot of the designs are fugly vtuber tier but there's a few decent ones that have been shown.
Marroncream boy being my favorite thus far.

I remember they tried this sort of thing in the past with sanrio boys but the anime was godawful so hopefully they'll do a not shit yume/fujobait series this time.

No. 325886

File: 1696731347079.jpg (281.23 KB, 1200x1200, gyaruo who reeks of cigarettes…)

Other favorite is the Usahana boy, who of course got annoying people in the replies because he was drawn by someone who did hypmic incest doujins (oh the horror)

No. 325887

You weren’t joking when you said some designs are Vtuber tier. But fuck, I’m a consoomer and I love it when companies slap their logos on hot anime boys, so I guess I kind of get why coomers are always consooming as well, but in my case it's okay because I’m a woman tbh.

No. 325888

File: 1696731535267.jpg (170.68 KB, 1080x1182, tumblr_9234c643b276ba3b796f5ab…)

I was wondering if anyone in the thread was also keeping up with this! The western fandom is already obnoxious but I'm planning on contributing some art to it. I'm curious what kind of media it's going to have. You already posted one of my favorites but I also love this guy too.

(I think I'm going to use this series to cope that Show by Rock!! is currently dead lmao)

No. 325889

File: 1696731727376.jpg (431.8 KB, 1600x1600, uglyass.jpg)

I think it's going to be a series of music videos as opposed to a gacha based on what I've heard (thank god)
But yeah I don't know why they gave their main mascot's knight (hello kitty) the most shit design next to kirimichan.
He's fairly cute, I own some acrylic standees by his artist and it's funny that he looks like a fate character.

No. 325890

how does the keropi knight looks?

No. 325891

Hasn't been released yet, people are guessing he's going to be in the same court as Badtz Maru (because of hapidanbui) so we likely won't see him for a bit.

No. 325892

the hair of this one is so fucking ugly, how to draw manga tier

No. 325894

File: 1696732518209.jpg (272.77 KB, 1200x1200, vtuber design starter kit.jpg)

It gets worse.

No. 325895

I genuinely despise this one

No. 325896

I always hate shark teeth characters but that mixed with the vtuber design makes me immediately hate him.

No. 325897

he looks like he has STDs

No. 325898

File: 1696732865738.png (28.91 KB, 445x410, Sanrio_Characters_Badtz-Maru--…)

I hope the Badtz-maru boy gets gay with a possible Hana-maru boy.

No. 325899

File: 1696732935290.jpg (253.26 KB, 1200x1200, needs rape correction.jpg)

I'm going to rank all of them based on who's mostly likely to have an STD when all the designs are out now.

Right now I think melo boy is in the lead from his faggy voice and slutty off the shoulder cardigan.

No. 325902

File: 1696733508892.png (347.56 KB, 2100x2800, edgy vtuber.png)

That would be cute but I think they're just sticking to main mascots.
Ironically despite also being one of the leads the Badtz Maru knight has a very boring design.

No. 325903

File: 1696733607745.jpg (266.96 KB, 1200x1200, you're a basic bitch.jpg)

Aaaaand last one out thus far is Purin's knight, who's fine but kinda boring.
His mismatching shoes are kinda dumb but I guess you could chock that up to Purin stealing his other shoe to chew on (which is cute if that's what was intended).

No. 325904

lol true.
He's cute. I wanna see his chest and feet oiled.

No. 325905

Yeah he looks like a Togainu No Chi character put through a youtuber blender.

No. 325906

AHAHHAHAHAH thank you so much, nonna. I kinda agree too. They're a bland template.
>I'm going to rank all of them based on who's mostly likely to have an STD when all the designs are out
Lmao please do, i'm curious to see this.
KEK vtube Shiki

No. 325907


No. 325908

File: 1696734156596.png (3.8 MB, 1519x2048, F72lpDlaAAAcHNF.png)

I'll accept the others but insulting our gyaruo slut is RUDE.

No. 325909

he's ugly i hate his face and his clown attire

No. 325910

and also his tumors i hope he gets checked out

No. 325911

I want to take him out to get a cold, delectable treat..

No. 325912

Oh hey, I was just looking at those doujins the other day..

No. 325913

File: 1696735332808.jpg (36.24 KB, 640x360, Shion.jpg)

He really is so cute. We really need more gyaru cuties like this.

No. 325914

File: 1696735594552.jpg (133.2 KB, 638x377, tumblr_e49533131dbf8699f84aa4e…)

Agreed, I love Shion too for what it's worth.

No. 325920

Yikes autistic vtuber designs have ruined anime. This reminds me of the new fire emblem game, clashing vomit of colors and mismatched patterns everywhere. They also look like yumebait, not fujobait so i'm not interested

No. 325921

File: 1696743972852.gif (59.74 KB, 300x400, inc.gif)

I guess this tracks kek. All of the answer options were unhinged, so I often had to default to the least insane option. Whoever wrote this quiz has severe autism (affectionate).

No. 325924

hypmic is all about hitojaku now, so there probably won't be any ramujaku.

No. 325926

What's the difference between yumebait and fujobait?

No. 325927

Yumebait characters tend to talk more about girls and how to impress girls. Fujobait is all about the sexual tension between the male characters

No. 325929

Also yumebait characters usually don't have strong chemistry with a male character. Depending on the format, if it's a gacha they'll directly pander to the player, a vtuber would flirt with his viewers, if it's an anime they'll bond with a random girl

No. 325946

Fully agree, they look very otome and yumebaitish with hideous over the top vtuber designs. I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking this.

This. I also feel like yume characters have certain design elements to them that makes them easy to clock, like a lot of butler/prince motifs for example similar to the stuff idols wear. Yume characters also are only interested in talking to the (you) main character and don't have a lot of personality since you're supposed to fill in the blanks yourself for your perfect husbando. In fujo properties the characters all have established personalities and relationships with each other and their designs tend to be more relaxed.

No. 325953

Realistically any place that hates gay men/male homosexuality tend to hate fujos, see 4chan ever since /pol/ took over it makes discussing BL impossible. This is also true culturally, the more a country is homophobic, the less you are likely to get BL works and BL works are given budget, etc.

All people see it's two dudes in love and immediately flip.

No. 326016

>fav uke
Arrogant, "confident", either extremly self possessed or completely self destructive, tall, slender and masculine (for BL standards)
>least fav uke
Tiny, too effeminate, looks like a child, very shy, passive
>worst seme
Overtly cold, uninterested, or straight up abusive


No. 326022

File: 1696799517643.jpg (353.95 KB, 1031x765, Screenshot_20231008_231155.jpg)

So I while browsing podcasts on Spotify I stumbled on this one. And it never occurred to me that there would actually be a bl podcast, especially where the hosts show there faces. I think I will listen to it when traveling to work tomorrow kek. Btw I tried to embed the youtube video, but it's not working. I guess because it's a youtube live video?

No. 326036

I’ve been sick of shark teeth since Grell Sutcliff in 2010 kek
Can’t see this dude as anything but a gym leader

No. 326037

This looks like if the gender special kids that draw self insert OCs knew how to draw in actual Anime style.
So fucking ugly

No. 326156

File: 1696914331294.png (506.09 KB, 1100x620, F7vq0IbbkAAhIuG.png)

This kuji line is so so cute omg
You can tell they're going for fujos with the lineup though haha.

No. 326161

Did you watch the video since then? How is it?

No. 326182

File: 1696945212622.gif (1.39 MB, 437x498, shocked-surprised.gif)

I'm sorry but platform crocks??? That show your toes???? What world are we living in that someone drew this—penciled, inked, and colored it—and thought: "Yeah this looks good."?????

No. 326183

I'll take crying ukes over seeing one of my favorite ships being hetbended…..

No. 326197

File: 1696950303160.jpg (74.23 KB, 828x759, FxgZ4BYWwAABGaY.jpg)

negl I don't hate my favorite ship hetbended as long as the artist also posts normal art of them. it looks exactly like this every time.

No. 326198

File: 1696951351152.jpg (539.83 KB, 1600x1600, 20231010_101815.jpg)

Now that you mention it they look like something Jill would wear kek I support his creator and her incest djs though

Speaking of incest, I'm happy the My Melody boy snagged a cute Kuromi brother to be shipped with ♥

No. 326199

NTA but every time I see my ships being hetbent it's exactly like that, the bottom is made into this hypersexualized babe with huge tits out and it's like I like BL specifically because I don't have to see this shit all the time.

No. 326203

But if you point out they call it lesbophobia lmao

No. 326205

Actually they accuse you of "biphobia" since the top is still male, it's the new go-to accusation from hetfags who hate m/m ships and want to hetbend them.

No. 326208

File: 1696953485541.jpg (21.7 KB, 540x524, dog249.jpg)

ew. there are plenty of those "people" on lolcow that are either closeted or know better than to go mask off twitter mode and say it. biphobia, aphobia, and transphobia are my 3 least favorite buzzwords because in reality all three are just based.

No. 326210

I say this as someone who is also a yume for a certain husbando (not from a BL series) but how would hetbending a fujoship benefit anyone?? Even if let's say I had a crush on one half of the couple, why the heck would switching the other half into a woman make my experience more enjoyable in any way lmfao. I'm convinced people who do that are either some breed of tradwife with shoujo brainrot or people with a husbando feminization kink. Any so called lesbian who does that is probably not a lesbian because she would make both of them women instead and I don't think she would enjoy seeing penis in vagina porn. Same for those who come with feminist arguments that they want to see more women in BL, maybe just don't read BL?? Or make both of them women??

No. 326212

Let's be real, when they say they "want more female characters in BL" they mean "I want more het couples in BL" in other words they're just not the target audience and they should look into other genres instead. A lot of modern BL has good female characters and treats them like human unlike the stories from bygone eras in which women were just used as plot devices to cause love triangles or jealous ex storylines but seeing how the entire premise revolves around two men falling in love it's sort of expected for the focus to be on them. But a lot of het fans just can't accept that there are stories that aren't made for them.

No. 326223

i really don't understand. something tells me there's more het content out there than gay stuff. why do they try to co-opt our stuff?

No. 326230

1.They think fandoms revolving het couples and het romance are too cringe/normie/wattpad-tier for them so they remain in fujo spaces
2.They want to turn a man into a woman for fetishistic reasons (AWOOOGA BIG BOOBA)
3.Shoujofag who somehow got into a BL series by chance because they enjoyed the plot and the characters, but deep down they think the romance would work better if they were a het couple
4.Regular fujo-turned-coombrain who enjoys any sort of porn and any flavor of shipping (this may include loli, futa, cow tits)

No. 326231

I honestly don't mind hetbended ships.

No. 326232

No. 326234

I like hetbending only when they hetbend the seme

No. 326235

I'm only really interested in bl or gb bend.

No. 326238

genderbending is only good when they turn both guys into girls

No. 326239

that's even worse to me, better they turn girls into guys.

No. 326244

I mean, I don't like genderbending, but I'd still rather it be yuri or lesbian stuff than hetshit.

No. 326245

kek imagine the meltdowns if someone fujobended popular het ships

No. 326246

Genderbend is only ok when it is a fujo reincarnated as the male MC in a BL Visual Novel after dying from overwork.

No. 326247

do popular hetships even exist? outside of canon ones?

No. 326251

Well, KataraxZuko was pretty popular in ATLA.

No. 326257

Basically all of these. The coomers like 2 and 4 are just annoying but easily ignored, the 1 and 3 are what really piss me off because they're taking all the work fujo authors have finessed for literally decades and think it should all belong to them just because straight content is more mainstream. It's not my fucking fault that most hetships are hot garbage and always written as more or less a lazy self insert fantasy, go create your own content. Honest to god I seethe over their behavior so much it's unreal, especially the way they act ~oppressed~ for preferring het in fujo spaces.

There are plenty of them but like I said above they're all based on self insertion and/or misogynist tropes and lack of depth.

No. 326264

File: 1696975634763.png (90.63 KB, 465x877, who cares.png)

Draco x Hermione and whichever shounen love triangle ship didn't win are crazy popular.

No. 326265

File: 1696975760937.jpg (319.67 KB, 780x1095, __gilgamesh_arthur_pendragon_a…)

I see that for fate ships sometimes.

No. 326267

I honestly believe people who like NaruSaku are just hardcore contrarians. Nobody can like that ship unironically.

No. 326269

Uhhh…you sure about that one?

No. 326270

all the het ships in naruto are equally bad bc kishi can't write women

No. 326271

all shounen ships are bad because shounen characters are cringe and/or badly written.

No. 326272

File: 1696976734208.png (Spoiler Image,419.35 KB, 540x589, 4361182458.png)

And I'll take normal hetbending over making one character a TiF literally any day. Makes my blood boil when TiFs make a gay ship straight and pretend it's somehow woke. Also TiF art is repulsive and bad on a technical level in addition to that.

No. 326273

Naruto sucks in general. I'm shocked by how shamelessly the early arcs ripped off HxH. Sasuke is literally just Kurapika with a blander character design.

No. 326274

we can hate both hetbends and trannyfication

No. 326275

>9 years ago
Holy shit, it felt like centuries just passed reading this.

No. 326301

I feel like the concept of "shipping" in fandom, as in actively participating with fanart, fic, doujin, analysis, etc. skews way heavier towards gay ships because het ships either just get canonized or it becomes self insert waifu/husbando wars, like the other anon said. Think of like, My Dressup Darling. It's a very popular romance series but mostly people will self insert as the guy, so they're supporting the ship by technicality, but mostly because they just like one character. Not even to mention normie tv, most major series will have a couple somewhere, but because they're expected to get together people are less incentivized to make their own fan content where they get together.

No. 326334

I'm not fond of hetbends, with one exception. I really dislike mpreg, and if I'm looking to read a fic with pregnancy in it, I greatly prefer a hetbend to mpreg. No shade to anons who are into mpreg, but I just can't suspend my disbelief and suppress my squick at the idea of assbabies (even if there's some kind of lore included that circumnavigates that aspect). Otherwise, I dislike hetbends.

No. 326346

Are you playing what in hell is bad nonnas?

No. 326354

Isn't it an Otome game?

No. 326355

It is but they made a he pronoun option for Aidens.

No. 326356

It's still an otome game, it doesn't make it automatically BL just if the faceless self insert character with no canon personality can be vaguely male.

No. 326375

I don't touch otome filth

No. 326380

From what I saw they changed the dialogues and cgs too. It's different the sex scenes between male and female protagonist.

No. 326387

mmmm based. all i heard is how the game sucks ass and is only good for porn like genshin impact with a decimal of the popularity.

no matter what the mc is always a faceless bottom in the sex ones that don't even show any real action, thats a deal breaker for me.

No. 326394

dangerously based post

The game seems like a scam anyway, apparently the launch went so disastrously bad the servers went down, the game had a ton of bugs to the point it's barely playable and accounts got banned over dev mistakes. It's just another otome rape porn game of mentally ill demons strangling a self-insert female MC, just this time a huge gacha cash grab with the most unfair gacha rates yet (and no pity) so a hard pass from me. It's clear that the "male MC" was a shoddy afterthought because there are reports of the MC suddenly being referred to as a "she" and has their female parts brought up midstory kek.

No. 326552

File: 1697111853535.jpeg (879.45 KB, 900x1186, F7VzE35akAA7jrL.jpeg)

same, imagine crying about this

No. 326567

back to the yumejo thread where you belong

No. 326572

Why are you playing a fujobait game of you want hetshit?

No. 326583

File: 1697127797916.jpg (623.85 KB, 863x1200, img.jpg)

Me, nonna you are brave for sharing this. Ike is my oshi and I like shipping him with Vox or Luca (although with Luca I like them more shounen ai / fluffy than anything explicit). I don't like Vox and don't watch his solo content, but I like his dynamic with Ike.

I only like IkeAkuma when Vox is drawn as a simp for Ike like picrel, where Ike puts him in his place by making him flustered / rejecting his flirting. I find Vox moidy and coomerish so it feels satisfying to see him get humiliated and flustered (kek). For Lucake I like the dynamic where Luca is completely oblivious and shows Ike physical affection without thinking about it, while Ike gets flustered.

I also like PsyBorg (Uki and Fulgur), yes I am cringe but I am free. They def make bank on fujobaiting but I don't spend any cash on them, just watching their compilation is enough to make my cringe brain happy.

On the side note, when I ship male chuubas I'm very aware that at the end of the day these are irl moids and are definitely disgusting, but I detach their character design from their human part if that makes sense. Like I keep their base personality and how their characters are presented, but they are completely separate entities from the human behind their motion capture- I don't associate my ship with how they actually are? Kinda hard to explain my tism.

I do 100% get why people think Vtubers are cringe, I usually just keep it to myself irl.

Autosage for blogposting + no1curr

No. 326586

File: 1697128239134.jpg (Spoiler Image,448.43 KB, 800x1200, 97901674_p2_master1200.jpg)

samefag as >>326583 and also wanted to share my fav art, spoilered just in case you don't like sub!vox ikeakuma

No. 326630

I can't say I like the EN side of vtubing too much, all the male vtubers that do some sort of fujo pandering go way too hard on it and are overall too gross and coomerish for my taste.
That being said, I do like Chronoir - for anyone that doesn't know, they're a JP vtuber duo that have established character lore together and they usually try to ''detach'' their characters from their irl selves, at least way more than the average EN vtuber. Most people that ship them just focus on their (clearly romantic but not blatant) lore rather than any flat-out RPF angles.
Their lore videos are pretty high quality too, video related is a short episode animated by A1, and they have more stuff on their channel.

No. 326633

I don't get the point of hetbending. I'm not interested in gaybending either, as in making the woman in a straight relationship male, because I know the original character is still female and I still "see" the character as a woman even if she was given a male form. It just comes off as a yume cope with homophobic undertones because really why else would you do it? I understand doing it as a one off "what if" piece but the people who really get into it and make it a routine when getting into ships and write whole ass fanfics about PIV sex make me suspicious.

As for vtubers, they're fully comparable to RPF to me. I only see the disgusting moids behind them and am utterly unable to separate them from the character because of them doing the disgusting boyfriend experience pandering and mixing their real life attention whoring in it. But I can understand why anons like them and how they're able to see them as just characters, it's just not for me.

No. 326700

File: 1697175713614.gif (2.3 MB, 640x360, chronoir-kanae.gif)

Did you or anyone else here watch that one stream where Uki and Suha were basically ERPing drunk on stream? To me that stream was more gay than anything Psyborg has ever done together. I think Uki has been dating other people irl lately and didn't really pursue anything with Suha after, but him telling Suha straight up "if we meet irl I'm going to kiss you" was crazy and felt way too real, I felt very embarrassed watching it lol.

Chronoir is also great but it's like, almost too good lore wise. I love reincarnation and trying to save a doomed loved one type stories, so it almost feels like a waste that such a beautiful concept is used for two guys who are very clearly just friends and good-natured coworkers. I definitely see the Chronoir from the MVs and anime as completely separate entities from them as streamers and entertainers. Like the lore stuff is the performance and the streams are actors behind the scenes, even though on the surface they look the same. I felt the same way about TakaMori, "grim reaper/pheonix that will always revive" is just too perfect of a concept to be wasted on fake-gay coworkers..

No. 326704

File: 1697180536451.jpg (398.25 KB, 1920x1920, average_isekai_protag.jpg)

Don't you guys think it's kinda funny that the average isekai/harem protagonist looks exactly like an average BL uke? Honestly even if they are generic kirito clones, I think they're cute

No. 326705

BL ukes ain't that ugly and void of personality.

No. 326706

File: 1697181583509.jpg (478.88 KB, 1920x2160, 20230619_130243.jpg)

Sometimes they can be legit cute in character so it's a bit sad to see it wasted on an audience that won't appreciate it. Then again, some do get a strange second wind fujobait later on.

No. 326707

I remember this happening to SAO and Re:Zero, too. Its weird what gets into male relationship love drama.

No. 326708

I'm convinced some scrotes could write way better BL romance than their usual tropey wish-fullfiment hetero romance

No. 326709

well they are meant to be self inserts for the average japanese young male, short, lightish skintone and black hair.

No. 326710

Everytime I see this, it urks me that some of them aren't isekai and one of them isn't even the main character, but a satire of kirito clones.
Weirdly enough, pretty sure that one has a canon gay mc, though bogged by gb fuckery.

No. 326719

Also I don't really associate this type with Isekais/harem specifically, most of them have coloured hair.

No. 326791

AYRT and I know exactly what you're talking about, I remember there were compilation videos on youtube with all the clips. I get that Uki was drunk but that was pretty bold, not to mention him making other innuendos to Suha than just "I'm going to kiss you" kek

I do like PsyBorg dynamic though because it feels really genuine, and I'm sure irl they're just good coworkers. But they fujobait really well on stream and I enjoy all the fanart. Not to mention other women on NijiEN ship them openly too which is based imo

No. 326806

I want to get back into Enstars, but I'm devastated that there's no transcripts of all of the stories online. Both translations and raws. Is there a series that's similar with cute men interacting with each other, preferably with little to no Yumeshit?

No. 326809

hint: you can plug the enstars english wiki into the wayback machine and access all the old game's translations that way.

No. 326810

There's the other game by them, Helios Rising Heroes. As well as Twisted Wonderland(not really yume, but some people treated as such). Also seconding what >>326809 said, but adding that certain people on twitter post translations or have it on their blogs.

No. 326813

I have always thought this, it's the way the character designers for these series shy away from making them too cool so they get faces that have the same proportions as the cute girls in their series. Bottom right looks so much like Miyano from Sasaki and Miyano lol.

No. 326814

i really don't understand how moids are okay with self-inserting into the most bottom bitch looking boys on the planet

No. 326815

I guess because if he was actually cooler and more handsome than they are then they would feel emasculated, they need the self insert to be a cuck they can shove aside and take the waifu for themselves.

No. 326816

I guess its the same reason shinji is far more liked in Japan then the west, its easier for a Japanese male to self insert as.

No. 326818

File: 1697221758626.jpg (76.49 KB, 700x700, duckvember___flippant_by_splat…)

This reminded me of the state of the 2017 DuckTales fandom, which was intended to be Disney's new flagship cartoon like Phineas and Ferb. and despite the casting of big name celebrity voice actors, significant investment for the animation and marketing, it only achieved moderate success and was cancelled in its third season. Its only lasting influence is limited to a crackship between two side characters(drake x fenton) the entire show throughout its run would have cost hundreds of millions and dollars and this is it's one and only legacy, literally no one(no young child or autistic 30+ year adult man) even thinks about this show other just a handful of fujoshis who want to see two ducks fuck.

No. 326823

File: 1697223597544.png (245.98 KB, 888x790, twincest bros.png)

We did it twincest bros.

No. 326824

File: 1697223676568.png (2.95 MB, 1600x1600, drawn by my favorite artist th…)

Also Cogimyun is a trap

No. 326828

based file name and melody looks so cute

No. 326831

He's adorable. Why are these designs so hit or miss?

No. 326832

Issue with projects where multiple artists are involved, some designs are great and then some are fucking garbage.
Also I just don't like how the art styles clash…

No. 326833

they've got a different artist on each design so less consistency is expected, but they should've at least given all the artist clear guidelines for the design? it feel like they just approved whatever the artists came up with

No. 326839

I guess it’s kind of like the Hatsune Miku collab with Pokémon.

No. 326845

are you being serious? that looks like an underage boy.

No. 326846

To be fair they do complain a lot.

No. 326848

and? he's adorable. like a sheep. so cute

No. 326849

I said he's cute, not that I want to fuck him

No. 326850

are you trying to pick a fight

No. 326851

the best part, newfag. calm down.

No. 326852

Twst is great but you have to completely ignore the retarded western fandom. No yumeshit in game meanwhile Rook asks other men on dates and his tsum sniffs their chairs.

No. 326855

File: 1697232451743.png (23.96 KB, 201x201, a8a.png)

No. 326859

>one of the only western artists I follow is being chased off twitter by proanti drama
you hate to see it, sisters.

No. 326865

Kagamine Len looking ass leg warmer things.

No. 326868

Kek, based.

No. 326880

File: 1697246354699.png (673.81 KB, 422x600, 263698l.png)

I have a friend who's really into 70s BL and was talking about junekei (so like, june magazine aesthetics) and stuff and she mentioned this BL which I googled
And I feel bad but I can't stop laughing at their sparkley shoujo eyes mixed with their pointy yaoi chins.
I like a lot of 70s manga art (including BL) but man it does not work well for older character it seems… most of what I read is modern anyway though.

No. 326881

File: 1697246439302.png (816.41 KB, 516x579, bjorn andresen post yaoi surge…)

No. 326917

the children have forgotten what a shota is

No. 326936

paris fgo

No. 326983

>Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! Anime Hits Japanese TV in January 2024

No. 326984

I'm more weirded out how 4chan terms keep getting mainstream attention.

No. 326985

I read some of the chapters from the manga when the anime got announced and I expected something more scandalous given the premise. I'll probably watch it anyway since the art in the anime looks better.

No. 326987

File: 1697276938089.jpg (133.21 KB, 1070x584, mal.jpg)

This is also a Japanese meme, so they are only translating accordingly.

No. 327012

To me, this is just what men looked like in the 70s

No. 327062

I keep seeing these designs everywhere, but I'm still confused on what this is kek. They really all do look like bad vtubers. So it'll be a mogabe visual-novel style (in the TWST or enstars type of way), but without the gacha? It sounds promising, but how much fujobait do you think there will be as opposed to yumebait?
Please take it to the fandom drama thread, no more pro vs. anti stuff here

No. 327063

File: 1697305789489.jpeg (97.91 KB, 519x519, haram.jpeg)

The AI thread has a gay shipping stream rn:

No. 327070

this is in poor taste…

No. 327073

what the Hell!!!