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File: 1534791201839.jpg (224.4 KB, 1125x1125, Dk92IoyU8AYtTP3.jpg)

No. 283438

No. 283462


There's nothing wrong with perming your hair if you think it's hard/too time consuming to manage otherwise.

No. 283474

Are you black? I think its pretty stupid when black girls who relax their hair are called self haters.

No. 283487

they have really advanced technology for perming now too so it's not as gross and bad as it used to be.

No. 283490

I really hate how shaky and high pitched our voices get when we get in arguments.

Just saw a video about feminists confronting a man in a women exclusive train carriage and their voices were soo squeaky I cringed.

Sometimes I wonder if it contributes to not being taken seriously in discussions.

No. 283491

It does. People like to listen or actually listen longer to people with deeper voices.
(So don't try to imitate anime voices! lol)

No, but many girls really do raise their voices (unknowingly) in certain social settings to seem more appoachable, in front of guys they like or also at work (e.g. fake friendly retail).
One should try to speak a comfortable low tone but also somewhat loud, this keeps your voice from getting sore quickly.

No. 283494

I hate when people use kids in sexual/violent situations in movies just for "edgy" points. It's so unnecessary most of the time and when you try to say something people whine that it's "art that's supposed to make you feel"
For instance the movie Emilie with its unnecessary child predator esque shots are ridiculous whereas law and order svu uses kids but doesn't really put them in too gross of situations.

I know it's just fiction but if watching your film makes me feel like I'll be on a list somewhere that's gross.

No. 283495

Candy corn is gross

No. 283508

I feel like this is a popular opinion. Never heard anyone say candy corn is delicious.

No. 283514

No. 283515

What's worse, Hollywood has many cases of pedophilia so you gotta wonder if there's perverted shit going behind it.
Seriously the most fucked up thing I've ever seen was a scene where a priest fucks a boy, it made me sick

No. 283516

The pumpkins are better. Candy corn isnt big enough to satisfy my flavoured wax cravings

No. 283517

Game of Thrones is boring and bad.

No. 283518

leon:the professional Was pedoish but everyone loves that movie

No. 283524

I’m white but want a loose perm so bad. Straight hair gets boring.

When it’s done just for the sake of doing it it’s really stupid. I can deal with some awful things if they’re significant to character development or plot but even then things can be implied without being graphically demonstrated just for edge.

I’ve never seen the point of graphic rape scenes. It never adds anything to the plot or characters, it’s just jerk-off material for creeps.

No. 283525

get an asian digital/air wave perm. do it!

No. 283530

read the first book like a week ago and honestly it felt like i was reading a mexican telenovela from the 90s but all the latino names had been changed to vaguely english sounding ones. quite cringy, 2/10

No. 283532

feminists fighting for women to fight in wars are retards. i have no idea why they wanted that lol

No. 283544

I wish the books didn't have the fantasy aspect, I think the author writes realistic medieval settings better.

No. 283559

same book reading anon as above, god the very ending with the dragons sucking on daenerys tits, that was so obviously intended to be EPIC but it came across as so awkward to me, almost bad-harry-potter-fanfiction tier

No. 283561

I like his sci-fi and short stories.
GoT has been a fuck up for decades and idk how they thought making it a show would salvage the series he’s all but given up on.
Browne is cool tho.

No. 283604

I've been seeing people answering stuff they disagree with (mainly on /ot/ ) by starting their messages with "This… Makes no sense" and every single time I read that I just want to punch the person. It just sounds so condescending, the worst thing is the farmers who open their post with that are usually the retarded ones.

No. 283635

Brave new world is a shitty and boring book

No. 283641

mr bean/rowan atkinson is not funny

No. 283646

File: 1534854686730.jpg (84.41 KB, 640x640, 25036824_455671288164638_21006…)

i see every single uggo attention whore on instagram do their makeup like this with fake freckles and rosacea anime blush. this "look" just doesn't suit anyone. i also hate the cut crease/halo trend

No. 283669

This picture would be good if you removed all the red from her face

No. 283681

ugh I was doing this kinda look 2 years ago. I'm so ashamed.

No. 283754

Lmao at how she fingerpainted that house purple. True editing skills right there.

No. 283796

File: 1534883001071.jpeg (110.58 KB, 537x446, 373F97BD-A035-4612-89CD-E225FA…)

Is this an unpopular opinion? I hate bicyclists even when they use the bike lane. Because for some reason they feel the need to bike at the very edge of the lane, so in order to drive past them I will have to drift 1/3 of my car into the other lane in order to avoid hitting them. Not to mention a sidewalk was just built where I live and I don’t see why they can’t use it, it’s brand new.

No. 283803

I hate them too. I hate being forced to cross onto the other side of the road to avoid them, it's illegal but it's too dangerous to be close to them. They think the road is their fucking gym and don't care if it affects drivers.

No. 283805

as a fellow bike rider i agree. thankfully there isnt much pedestrian traffic where i live, so i just ride on the sidewalks. road bicyclers tend to be douchey edge bros and i cannot stand them. if you mention you just ride on the sidewalk they get really fucking defensive and upset that you arent using the bike lanes

No. 283824

i've almost run over people on bikes so often, and it annoys me even more when they ride on the sidewalk (it's illegal to where I live). honestly I just hate them in any capacity. Wait until you get bird scooters where you live, it's hell

No. 283865

Honestly some bicyclists need to learn how to signal to drivers what they're doing. I almost hit a bicyclist the other day because he wasn't signaling he was making a left turn and I was coming from the other side of the street.
I've almost hit another bicyclist a year or two ago because they felt like crossing the street when I still had a green light. The guy wasn't even wearing proper gear and he acted like it was all my fault.

No. 283868

Avocado tastes like mushed grass. Gross!

No. 283872

i think bikes are just as bad as a pedestrian. my city has a toooon of bikers but not really any lanes or rules for them. so often they will ignore red lights and just cross infront of pedestrians, turn in front of cars or even veer onto the sidewalk to take advantage of walk lights. they're super dangerous for both groups.

No. 283873

I think older woman and young man relationships are cute

No. 283883

A lot of white people like to claim any attractive non-white person who is attractive has had plastic surgery or is half white. Like whenever they see a pretty Asian girl they claim she's plastic. It's like white people believe they're the only race who can be pretty "naturally".

No. 283889

Dragqueens are disgusting looking and scary, same with instagram/youtube gay makeup gurus.

No. 283904

I completely agree. I have no idea why everyone seems to be fascinated by them. They look terrible.
Seeing men in wigs, heavy make up, and long nails makes me want to puke.

No. 283908

No. 283909

No. 283910

Cyclists can be tolerable, it's just that in most countries the infrustructure for cycling and a means of transport (as opposed to recreation) is inadequate.

No. 283913

File: 1534906919186.jpg (97.16 KB, 854x1280, IMG_4368.JPG)

I'm a female(not a troon) and I think passing trannys are hot. It's like getting the best of both worlds

I wish more guys would just transition but most of them turn out ugly and their cocks become small and flabby. I think most people would have less of a problem with them if they weren't so damn ugly and entitled.

No. 283916

you have a fetish hun. i'm not convinced you're not a troon though

No. 283921

I'm not a troon, idk why I think they're hot and unfortunately all straight trannys are hons while the passing ones are gay

No. 283922

I like the concept in 2D but the bodies of real ones gross me out, it just looks so unnatural.

No. 283923

They aren’t attractive except to you and other people with the same fetish.

No. 283926

The only time I’ve ever seen this is in regards to Korean/japanese celebrities who have all most certainly had work. Mostly because the kinds if procedures they get are all super obvious.

No. 283937

Bailey was way hotter before the fake tits.

No. 283938

Agreed. You can't post an attractive black girl anywhere without at least one loser screeching "She has white features" (even when nothing on her face is even close to white), or even exist as a semi-attractive black girl without certain people trying to find out if one of your parents is white or biracial (even when you are literally out of Africa). It's so lame. Anything to maintain a certain narrative, I guess.

No. 283941

this is where we get an interesting overlap of typical racists and virtue signalling sjws.
racists say it's photoshop or white features because of white supremacy
sjws say it's photoshop or white features because they feel guilty about finding aaliyah prettier than leslie jones

No. 283946

agree, it's even worse when you see what parts of the film were cut out

Also maybe not unpopular in ths userbase but I'm convinced some trannies are really just men that fetishize larping.

No. 283958

NTA but nobody cares, this is the unpopular opinion thread.

No. 283988

File: 1534932528028.png (341.93 KB, 391x489, Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 3.59…)

They both subscribe to white supremacy. If you've convinced yourself a "true" black person must look like Leslie Jones, you're already harboring very funny ideas about black people as a whole.
What's funny to me is, they want to claim even the dark-skinned, confirmed 100% black women like the Nigerian girl in pic related because they have thin noses and slender, lovely features, even though 99% of white people (and honestly, most people) look nothing like this unless they've had multiple plastic surgery operations.
But for "some reason", they don't want to claim the weird-looking people who actually do have a very large chunk of white ancestry, like Brittany Venti (she's like 60% white, IIRC), lmao.

No. 283998

Vampire Weekend is one of the most overrated bands ever

No. 283999

Stop the race fighting

No. 284006

Literally who?

No. 284035

I find vocal fry really attractive. Perhaps because nobody in my country talks like that so it has some kind of exotic appeal.

No. 284048

>cars parked in cycle lanes
>drivers shouting and even intentionally trying to scare/clip you on roads
>same drivers parked in the cycle lane telling you to get the fuck off the footpath

There’s just no winning with you cagers

No. 284049

You can vocal train, you know.
I have an already deep range but have been making a concentrated effort to speak from my chest for several years now and people mistake my voice for a guy's sometimes.

You just have to make it a habit to maintain the chest-talking for all situations, but it will stick. Good luck!

No. 284100

the "God is a black woman" is the stupidest shit ever,god have no gender not it have race , i know why they say that shit but is so fucking bad to me, also ariana grande doing the ultima cena with only black women, like honey jesus was a jewish man in israel he is not black go fuck your self

No. 284129

I agree with the first part, it sounds so cringey. And about ariana, I see all races.. not just black women lol. Everyone knows how jesus is supposed to look like, she just used women to convey the message in her song, it's not that deep.

No. 284152

File: 1534965116482.jpg (147.79 KB, 1024x681, IMG_4376.JPG)

There were less than 5 black dancers on that stage kek. Do these women look black to you?

No. 284277

all trad thots should be forced to marry incels with enough income to support a woman and they should be forced to take baby and cooking classes to take care of their husbands. these women deserve a taste of their own medicine.

No. 284278

BPD is a severely disturbing highly abusive personality disorder and the way they've pushed themselves to be victims in media in recent times is a slap in the face to their victims. I really wish some of these bpd cunts would actually just kill themselves. I know a bitch with textbook BPD who has attempted 30 times. How the fuck can you try to die 30 times and still not just fucking die and people still kiss her ass like the sun shines out of it. Why can't people see it for what it is? These cunts don't actually want to die its just a manipulation tactic for fuck sake. Don't even get me started on the bpd man faggots. They're even worse.

No. 284281

Jesus was not real anon.

No. 284283

File: 1534989863791.jpg (29.35 KB, 238x241, 1523307026448.jpg)

Female happy trails are hot as fuck. I really like mine and thought there wasn't anything wrong with them until someone pointed it out to me on the beach.

No. 284311

even if he was he was a real person from the middle east and not a god.

No. 284333

Agreed tenfold

How dare u

No. 284351

god that's way too cathartic to read. 99% of bpd people ive known personally and casually observed
-are really fucking manipulative and you wonder how tf they justify it. like how do they not realize they're doing it?!
-don't seem to express guilt in a way that isn't just self loathing. i hear about how guilty they feel a lot but it's never along the lines of "i realize now how my actions hurt someone and i feel awful that i caused someone to suffer. i never want to do this again." it's more like "oh so i really fucked up huh? and everyone hates me? guess i'll die!" like they don't actually realize what they did or why it's wrong, ALL they care about is whether or not it gets them approval. Normally guilt is at least half concern for the well being of others and half social embarrassment.

-they demand so much fucking empathy but don't seem to have much for others. they'll cry with pity for any little thing they go through, but when it comes to the suffering of others they're very quiet. it doesn't seem to cause them very much pain the way it would for an empathetic sensitive person.

i realize i'm just describing symptoms at this point but how is this shilled as a smol bean disease but npd and hpd are still seen as something to stay far away from. i guess because bpdfags are the ones shilling it and that's what they do best?

also if you're bpd and you're reading this, no you aren't evil, yes you deserve love, it's not "you" that people hate, it really just comes down to the fact that people don't like to be taken advantage of and emotionally abused. people with bpd have changed to the point that no one would even know.

No. 284394

>how is this shilled as a smol bean disease but npd and hpd are still seen as something to stay far away from. i guess because bpdfags are the ones shilling it and that's what they do best?

Yes its what they do best. Playing their favourite role: Victim.

No. 284398

yup. plus narcs fucking hate other narcs and never see themselves as narcs, so they have no motivation to band together and shill it

No. 284413

As a kid I hated the Toy Story movies because all the characters looked gross to me somehow. I still kinda feel this way tbh

No. 284421

Yes! Thank you. I even saw a popular twitter thread trying to justify abusive and shitty behavior because of their BPD (framed as "mental illness sometimes does make you act like an ass"), and it's just disgusting. They actively avoided using the word 'abuse', which is such a manipulative and shitty thing to do.

No. 284422

Hard agree. There is something gross about the characters. I remember Buzz looking tolerable. Something about the way they move, too. Icky.

No. 284426

I fucking despise bpd. It's terrifying and everyone I've ever met who had it was selfish and had no empathy for others. I was treated horribly last year in school by a girl with bpd because she was jealous that I got along with her friends better than she did. She never apologised and acted like she hadn't done anything wrong, and the friendship group took her side over mine because "it's not her fault she has bpd uwu she's having a hard time atm!!". It's unfair that people like that get a free pass to manipulate and hurt others because nobody wants to call them out on it. Sorry for massive blogpost, I don't really have anyone to talk to about this irl

No. 284427

lol yes he was
whether you believe in God or not, jesus is still a historical figure.

No. 284432

File: 1535023568578.jpg (52.57 KB, 715x666, elongrimes.jpg)

I absolutely love Grimes and Elon Musk as a couple because I like them both a lot. What happened the last couple of days makes me so sad and I really hope they work things out.

No. 284433

That’s weird, I also thought Buzz was the least offensive one.
I honestly cant’t say why the rest of them were so off- putting. I’d chalk it up to some sort of uncanny valley effect, due to CG animation being less than perfect back when the first movie came out.
That or just bad character design, idk

No. 284434

Katy Perry's voice is very unpleasant and her music has always been shit.

No. 284441

how can you like either of them??? their personalities are terrible. both of them are fake af

No. 284443

Not the anon but I like them the way you'd like sitcom characters.

No. 284444

>Unpopular Opinion Thread

No. 284445

Simply put I like her style, music and eccentricity and his space research.

No. 284447

The girl in the front with her braids over her face looks so cool.

No. 284476

File: 1535036159377.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 3000x2000, 170207-anorexic-model-catwalk-…)

Not everyone looks good skinny or underweight due to their bone structure/fat distribution. I've seen many anas before & after that look very abnormal skinny. Maybe everyone thinks they'll be hourglass if they're skinny?

No. 284480

The clothes look good on her tho

No. 284481

File: 1535037398861.jpg (1.19 MB, 2000x3000, IMG_4385.JPG)

The thing with skinny people is they don't look good half naked/naked but they look fabulous in clothes because clothes just hang off their body and their fat/boobs don't distract from the outfit. That's why very skinny models are preferred. Skinny people are like walking hangers.

No. 284497

I agree the clothes does look good on these very small frames.

No. 284499

>Maybe everyone thinks they'll be hourglass if they're skinny?
Lol this. I've seen so many people (especially men) say: ''just lose/gain weight/lift weights and you'll have the ideal hourglass body the media advertises!''

Nevermind the fact that not everyone has the same bone structure or fat distribution. There are things you literally can't change about your body shape without surgery, no matter how much you weigh or how much you workout.

No. 284501

File: 1535041295307.jpeg (6.9 KB, 225x225, lana.jpeg)

I don't have an issue with lip injections and fillers in general. I think women like Lana Del Rey and Megan Fox look really lovely. The problem is people like the kardashian/jenner clan, instathots, and beauty gurus that over do it and have shit doctors.

No. 284509

File: 1535044381386.jpg (99.72 KB, 640x640, ClKOCCcUgAAJerE.jpg large.jpg)

Yeah I agree. Lana still has a uniqueness to her look and her face is recognizable among others. The instathots just look like clones. Same big lips, same tiny nose, same squarish face, same almond eyes, same thick eyebrows…

No. 284511

Did she also get a nosejob? Sorry im out of the loop

No. 284512

I believe so, probably back in 09-'10 pre-fame.

No. 284518

yeah the differences is that lana had a vision for her face that was based on her natural face, so she did some adjustments and it's still clearly a version of herself. It's still a little fake looking for my taste but i'll admit she looks more sexy and glamorous like she wanted.

instathots don't make a more glamourfied version of their own faces, they just look at other instathots and try to replicate it completely.

No. 284601

I agree. If any of them were put into an arranged marriage they'd drop that shit so fast

No. 284608

In the topic of Lana Del Rey
Her music is terrible, and I don’t get why gay guys love her so much kek

No. 284622

I love her voice, but she can’t write lyrics for shit. And she’s terrible live.

No. 284639

Idk if this is an unpopular opinion on lolcow, but it is in my social circle/university.

I'm sick of having to take hardline stances on everything and be an advocate for everything and everyone!

I'm neither a man hater or a redpillchick-esque ~must serve men~ type. Some men are fine, some are shit, I'm ambivalent generally. But if I don't say "men are shit, they're all murderers and rapists and pedophiles" people who think that will say I'm a nazi with internalized misogyny or some shit. If I say "I really hate how it's hard to get ahead in my field as a woman" redpillers will scream "ok carpet munching libtard feminist" and there's just no middle ground!! It drives me nuts!!!!!!

I really don't think I should have to devote my life advocating for and caring deeply about people and topics that do not concern me or not affect me. No, I'm not going to devote every day of my life defending black people or trans people or gay people because it just has nothing to do with me. And when you don't they say wow you're not a real feminist because you didn't personally go to Saudi Arabia and lobby the government to allow women to drive. And even if i did the members of that group would be like "umm how dare you speak for us white cis hetero girl! know your place!" It's a lose-lose situation and hopefully once I graduate from college and find new friends it'll get better.

No. 284650

>their BPD (framed as "mental illness sometimes does make you act like an ass")

Personality disorders are not a mental illness kek thats why theirs a difference between bpd and bipolar.

>"it's not her fault she has bpd uwu she's having a hard time atm!!"

when are bpdfags never NOT having a hard time? You can't win with them. EVER.

No. 284665

>I'm neither a man hater or a redpillchick-esque ~must serve men~ type.
pretty sure you've just described most women.

No. 284670

samefag but also I'm sorry you had to deal with that. BPD's are exceptionally talented at getting people on their side.

No. 284689

Pawn Shop Blues say otherwise. Hard disagree

No. 284699

People love to complain when somebody says that a black girl with a slim nose might have gotten ps, because "many black girls have thin noses naturally too, racist!".
But then write that a black girl must be mixed because she's got wrinkles and black women usually don't have any because black don't crack…
It goes both ways, you know, so quit that.

No. 284709

BPD people are the absolute fucking worst. I'm the type of personality that attracts these cunts because I'm (or actually was, I've learned my lesson) easy to manipulate into their bullshit without seeing the red flags so I've definitely had my fair share of their shit. And I hate how people think it's a mental illness because it's NOT, it's a personality disorder. They don't deserve enabling, they need therapy and honest exposure to their flaws.

>like they don't actually realize what they did or why it's wrong, ALL they care about is whether or not it gets them approval.
THIS. I've had a BPD friend fuck me over multiple times and when they apologize, it's not a genuine apology for feeling bad for hurting me, it's an attempt at trying to get me back to validate them.
>Anon, I'm sorry I messed up, I feel so bad for doing that. Oh well I should probably just kill myself because I'm a piece of shit and everyone hates me, I'm worthless and I hate myself! Please console me and tell me that I'm a wonderful being with absolutely no flaws at all! No, you don't get to feel hurt when I fuck you up, I need to be the center of the universe all the time. Now get on your knees!

It's exhausting, it's humiliating, it's heartbreaking. A lot of BPDs are extremely talented at manipulating either consciously or subconsciously so you don't even realize you're roped in their mind games before it's too late and you're already calling the emergency services when they're sending you a message about killing themselves for the 4th time this month. At some point you realize that no, they're not going to do it and they're just playing it up because they know it works.

The worst thing is that after years of abuse committed by a BPD person either in a relationship, a friendship or your family you're so jaded and traumatized that you start to lose your own capacity to empathize with people. Is it going to repeat all over if you give a pat on someone's back when they're feeling bad? Are they going to start guilt tripping you into absolute submission too? Will you be staying up all night trying to talk them out of harming themselves and sleep in for work the next morning? It could happen, so you start distancing yourself from people emotionally to protect yourself.

BPDs are truly the lowest scum and everyone defending it as some sort of a "quirk uwu" should be catapulted into the sun for all I care.

No. 284747

I was in that thread. No one said she didn't have PS. What was said was, she doesn't have white features or a "traditionally European nose", because she doesn't. Slim noses do not belong to one race, anon.
I've also never seen anyone claim a black girl with wrinkles must be mixed, kek.

No. 284783

>I've also never seen anyone claim a black girl with wrinkles must be mixed, kek.

NTA but there are a decent amount of tweets from black twitter saying stuff like "their white side is taking over" whenever they see a mixed person aging ungracefully. So I assume that's what they meant.

No. 284785

That makes more sense, I've definitely seen that. I wouldn't count 50/50 biracial people as "black", though.

No. 284794

personality disorders ARE mental disorders, it's right in the DSM. they just aren't mood disorders.

No. 284796

I'm on Israels side after reading and watching stuff from a neutral perspective on the conflict. Thats an un-popular opinion/stance.

No. 284806

in america it isn't. i'm guessing you're european? why are you on their side? how?

No. 284815

Australian. I thought it would be unpopular in America because of the amount of SJW's that country produces but then again, USA is Israels best friend.

I'm on their side because Israel offered them a two party state and they refused, chose to fight for it and lost. They're sore losers not to mention Hama's are terrorists who play victim and keep their people in poverty.

I'd rather be dead in a jew ran state than alive in a muslim ran one. Funny how the only country in the Middle East which isn't a complete human rights disaster shithole is ran by JEWS.

really makes you thunk……..

No. 284817

The thing is, anon, America is a very religious country. I guess we gel better with Jews than Muslims? Either way, SJWs have never been the majority or even close, despite what media or SJWs themselves want people to believe. The average lefty is against the US being involved in any country's own conflict overseas, so it's not that they're particularly supportive of Palestinians or Jews, they just don't think we should choose sides in general. That's my observation from being born and raised here, anyway. Take it with a grain of salt of course.

No. 284829

Not American but I always had the impression leftists were the vocal minority while the population leans toward a more conservative, christian side, same as my country. Is that right?

No. 284832

The man-hating thread only gets interesting when incels invade it.

No. 284844

I'm from northern Europe and this is definitely an unpopular opinion here. I agree with you about Israel though for the same reasons as you listed.

No. 284849

My unpopular opinion is about the Jews in the bible. God fucking hated them because they were always portrayed as greedy little cunts in the first testamenet and King David thought his Kingdom on Earth rivaled Heaven or was better.

Jews don't believe in an afterlife from my understanding. God banished the Jews to wander because the cunts would not stop acting like the classist cunts they are.

Jesus was a Palestinian. Modern day Israel is a military zone for the US and UK to steal resources because there's no fucking way they'll go after Russia or China after the World Wars again.

No. 284857

>My unpopular opinion is about the Jews in the bible. God fucking hated them

That only makes me support Israel more lmao. Seems Jews have always been hated, from the very beginning. They deserve a state where they are a majority, away from prejudice.

No. 284864

Jews got punished in the bible for being stereotypical little Jews, they've always been thieves and deceivers. That is their legacy on this Earthly Realm.

Most Jews don't even agree with you about Israel. It's the dumbest fucking thing in the worlds. The Jews wandering days were put behind them 2000 years ago.

Israel is a military state. There's nothing humane or spiritual about it. The fact is that the state authorizes Christian relics to get destroyed all the time. Christianity is a religion of no creed, race or gender and those relics are a part of our collective human history and consciousness.

They're also tight anytime new scripture is found because no one fucking writes favorably about Jews unless they also want to justify being a cunt.

And before someone gets on my ass about WW2, Hilter wasn't just targeting Jews, where is the gay people land and the land for the short and long sighted. Fucking jews.

No. 284870

>Jews got punished in the bible for being stereotypical little Jews, they've always been thieves and deceivers.

and other white people are mad because they're not. The jew hate imo has always come from a place of insecurity and jealously.

No. 284872

Why would you be insecure not to be a Jew, what's the benefits lol

No. 284873

Don't Jews pretend they're not white and they are their own unique race? They're from Asia Minor lol

No. 284875


welp seems like there is something to be jealous of. The way white people tried to be wipe them off the planet. If they're so worthless and inferior why try to ged rid of them? They're inferior right? who cares?

No. 284877


cause they're thief's. They may as well be a bunch of fucking gypsies.

No. 284879

sounds like you really mad you're people aint the ones running the "show/scam". I think thats what it really comes down to at the end of the day.

No. 284881

Yeah, I'm really jealous the Irish aren't known for being sex predators in Hollywood.

No. 284884

okay /Pol/tard

No. 284887

No probs, it's a shame the Jews and Muslims can't get on like they did back in the Ottomon empire when they were exterminating Armenians. Oh wait, it's still the Jews funding Muslim terrorists against Christians, my bad.

No. 284895

it's a military state because they're at risk, they're literally surrounded by enemies - it would be completely moronic to NOT be a military state with the position they're in.The only reason the death toll seems so bad is because Israel is better at war. They build shelters and anti rocket technology for their civilians while Hamas uses their own as human shields and that's the big difference here.

No. 284898

Don't forget to mention Hamas PAYS these poor people to be human shields. They're kept so poor and so desperate for money they can't refuse it. Can't believe Hamas terrorists are seen as victims when they refuse to co-operate and constantly try to attack Israels border then cry when Israel retaliate. No shit they're a military state.

No. 284899

And texting notifications to civilians before a strike. The problem is Western media and influence make it better for them to HAVE dead civilians. We should stay well out of it imo.

No. 284902


all organized religion is a scam and god isn't real

No. 284903

File: 1535133237823.png (101.58 KB, 1365x631, gaza.png)

The Gaza Strip is not a risk to Israel what a fucking joke. The people live in poverty, they are denied basic infrastructure and services. Hamas are a paramilitary group with none of the power of the Israel government. Israel bomb schools and hospitals where civilians congregate and then say Hamas are using people as human shields. It's pretty hard to use a human to shield yourself from fucking drones you mad bastards. What is the fairy tale you have in your head, that the IDF aren't full of pussies and cunts hiding behind killing machines. They're not fighting in the streets, Israel fights from behind a massive compound.

People in Gaza barely have access to their basic needs, but god bless those smart Israeli's for sending a mass text "Incoming, we are going to attempt to exterminate you so we can have more land, there is no where to run or hide because we control all land and sea borders."

No. 284904

It was Western countries that set up the state of Israel, we can't stay out of it, we created it. Then the West gets shocked that all these bullshit wars might create asylum seekers.

No. 284905

>The people live in poverty, they are denied basic infrastructure and services.

And why is that anon? oh yeah, because Hamas refuse to fucking let them.

No. 284907

they bomb schools and hospitals because that is where weapons caches are stored and terrorists hide out!! That's what is meant by "human shields". They do it explicitly because they know Israel will be less likely to strike a building full of civilians, use your common sense on this.
The majority of IDF soldiers that ARE on foot just stand around and patrol zones, they're told to not injure anyone and on the rare times they do shoot somebody that was throwing rocks and tires at them they're put in jail for it.

Maybe they shouldn't have voted for a terrorist organisation like Hamas to lead them if they wanted infrastructure and talks with Israel instead of all out war - unless ofcourse it wasn't a fair vote among the civillians????? Hamas actively turns away humanitarian aid from ISRAEL.

No. 284910

Palestinians are jew hating retards with a brainwashed terrorist mindset. There can not be any other explanation why they can't just take that war L and
co-operate like any other logical group of people would. Let them live in poverty I say, stupid cunts.

No. 284913

Hamas aren't a government!!!!!

No. 284917

Imagine throwing rocks at a soldier and being put in jail for it, what a weak fucking country. In NI you can dance on the police fucking range rovers and maybe only if you're being a big enough cunt will they then bring out the water cannons cause they're not fucking barbaric.

IDF soldiers will arrest fucking children or shoot at children just for being near a border crossing. That's inhumane.

The Palestinian's suffer daily at the hand of the warmongering zionist Jews. Your propaganda can't even keep up the horror stories other countries know about Israel.

Israel less likely to strike a building of civilians, is that a fucking joke? That's their whole shtick to take from the innocent.

Why would any sane thinking civilian be open to talks with a monster? Israel do not give a fuck unless you're Jewish and can displace the indigenous population.

No. 284924

How are the Palestinian's brainwashed? Where they not displaced in their own land because the UK and US didn't want a large displaced Jewish population?

They created Israel to home asylum seekers and be a military outpost to further the UK and US interests in the East. This is not rocket science.

Those in the Gaza Strip live in poverty because Israel blows up their infrastructure, disrupts their services, withholds goods, medical supplies, aid etc etc. It be pretty fucking hard to make a living when some cunt with a funny accent might kill you for sport, and also they can't trade internationally because of all the embargoes. You want them to be self sufficient you won't stop fucking bombing them? You just want them exterminated.

I've saw so many videos of Jewish cunts sitting behind their rocket defense systems, cheering as the Gaza Strip gets bombed. Gods chosen people amirite. Fucking bunch of cunts.

No. 284925

Also Hamas were preceded by the Muslim Brotherhood. Again this isn't a Palestinian Christian Organisation. It's a muslim paramilitary that was formed in 1987, and that pretty much means funding from Israel i.e. collusion, but sure go off. Maybe if the Palestinian's checked their texts more there wouldn't be so much death!!!!

No. 284931

>How are the Palestinian's brainwashed?

You are kidding me right? You ever watched an interview with a common Palestinian?

Anyway, can't wait to visit Israel. I know some of my university acquaintances will be in their feelings. LOL. "queers" for Palestine. kek. They'd rape, torture then kill you. Israel though? Plenty of gay bars, events and hotels.

No. 284932

Jumping into this discussion:
Israel is a terrible country.
If you want to travel there, already at the airport they divide the people into natives and foreigners - if any other country did that it would be considered racist. If you have a beard you'll get questioned (read: harassed), no matter where you're from, because you could be a muslim.

Christians get spit at on the open street by Jews, but Palestinians are truly treated lower than dirt. Being kept out by a wall, only let in after getting controlled strictly - and yet Israel is still whining about their past to states like the US or Germany. If you dare to critizize them - Nazi, how dare you, don't forget what you did to us! and so on.

Of course this isn't an excuse for terror attacks, but anybody who sees that will understand just how unfair the whole situation is and that Palestinians simply are desperate and hopeless. They know that the people on the other side are living in luxury, yet they don't even have enough water to get by…

No. 284934

Your /pol/ is leaking anon-kun.

No. 284935

>the way white people tried to wipe them off the planet
dude, literally no one likes jews.


they've been expelled over 200 times, everywhere from england to saudi arabia to egypt to italy. the idea that they're persecuted because of ~jealousy~ is literally the same retarded train of logic that leads people to accuse homophobes of being gay.

No. 284936

I've never been on /pol/

No. 284937

It's nice how Israel treats the tourists, it's just like the farce of NK showing around international delegates.

No. 284938

No one fucking wanted them after WW2 so we've got the shit storm that is Israel today.

No. 284939

>Israel is a terrible country
Its better than any other Middle Eastern country in terms of human rights. Its amazing that its so cool to hate on Israel but hating on any other middle eastern shithole gets you branded a racist.

No. 284940

Armenian Genocide, Jews and Muslims killing Christian's from 1914 - 1923. Barely recognised internationally, but god forbid you point out Jews weren't the only persecuted people in WW2.

No. 284942

Actually a lot of the Middle East was secular until the 80s when the US were back at it again setting up religious fundamentalists as heads of states, but sure live in your delusion.

No. 284943

True dat, the US you should absolutely hate

No. 284944

its always everyone elses fault.

No. 284945

yeah, but what we have is the worst of both worlds. because diaspora jewish people still occupy positions of power in just about every western country and disseminate the kind of nonsense which got them expelled unabated.

meanwhile the us has an incredibly powerful israel lobby which ensures almost constant interference in the middle east on israel's behalf, which causes destruction and displaces the local people (and ofc jewish-run pressure groups relocate these people to europe).

did you know israel has received $38 billion in military aid despite being perfectly capable of paying for its own defence?

No. 284946

Yeah and Israel is essentially a military outpost for the US. The biggest lobbiest groups in US are zionist jews. War makes the US rich.

No. 284948

The Jews are just a bunch of cunts that don't believe in the afterlife so they'll just settle for making everyone else's life Hell on Earth for them. We need God back to dispel them into the fucking Ocean instead of all the hotties in the Mediterranean.

No. 284950

you sound like some crazed biblical whignat retard lol. try to observe reality pls.

No. 284951

Obviously you can't understand a joke.

No. 284952

That's true, nobody denied that. But it treats Palestina like shit and is overall a lot, lot worse than Europe.

No. 284953

>If you want to travel there, already at the airport they divide the people into natives and foreigners

Oh no! so scary!

At least they won't force me to wear a headscarf or put me in prison for being raped.

No. 284954

What Christian's do that?

No. 284956

You know we're talking about ME countries. Christians are oppressed in every ME country.

but if you were a christian anon and you had to live in a ME country, which would you choose? hmmmmmm.

No. 284958

Just because they're not as bad as 3rd world muslim countries doesn't mean they're okay. Only the lesser evil.

No. 284960

File: 1535138238853.jpg (104.72 KB, 736x548, c34883bd1a0a6a9109c5299bb14499…)

You do realise those religious laws only came into effect recently? They were imposed by leaders the US military set up? Again, the muslims's have always been used by Jews as terrorists.

The Middle East is one of the richest places culturally and even Israel can't stand their cultural wealth, which is why you have them destroying relics, banning Christian's from Holy Sites etc.

No. 284963

>The Middle East is one of the richest places culturally

True. It's sad they're complete human rights shitholes. Why can't they be more progressive like Israel?

No. 284965

>The Middle East is one of the richest places culturally
Maybe this is the true unpopular opinion here, but I disagree. Culturally it's not one of the richest, it may have been some thousand years ago but a lot of ruins don't make a place culturally rich

No. 284966

They've only been turned into shitholes since around 1948, wonder what began to happen

I hate when my Mum tells me about her childhood of how she got to emigrate to Australia for a few years and on the boat trip there they got to visit the Middle East and India, when they were still considered exotic and beautiful desirable areas to visit.

No. 284967

What's culture to you if not exploring one of the first civilized empires on our planet?

No. 284968

>They've only been turned into shitholes since around 1948, wonder what began to happen
So its whiteys fault again. Whitey made sharia, made islam. Absolutely nothing to do with them at all.

No. 284975

Well I mean the whitey's did overthrow secular governments to set up religious fundamentalists who will buy our arms to use constantly in the on going civil wars in which the US and UK will play both sides. Peace isn't lucrative when your main exports are fucking weapons.

Paramilitary fringe groups can't do a whole lot without benefactors and people supplying them with intel and death machines, look at Hamas.

No. 284977

Agree. The middle east is no doubt very culturally rich but I wouldn't say it's ''one of the culturally richest places''. I think that's a bit much.

No. 284978

How can you say the region that born the Abrahamic religions is not one of the most culturally rich places? The fact that it is such a culturally diverse place is also why it's so violent, because humans are retards and do not have the brain power to process all the complex social relationships.

No. 284979

That's not true.
I study history and we read a piece by an Arabian scholar who traveled to Europe during the middle ages and he was surprised by how women were treated.
E.g. if the king walked through the street and a randomn woman walked by, he would stop, greet her and let her pass. And he totally didn't understand why a man, especially a noble one, would show respect towards a woman.
Now mind you, women in Europe also had very little rights, but they were at least regarded as human beings. Girls and boys married young, but a relationship, edpecially the consumation between an 8 yo girl and some old fart like it happens in the middle east still nowadays, would have never been okay.
The middle east was, is, and sadly probably still will be a very shitty place for a long time…

No. 285002

Hey Im posting this again since it mysteriously got deleted and I got permabanned from the site…

Any mods want to clear up why I got a 2 year ban for a topic that's not against the rules and wasn't bait.

Can mods confirm if there is a set limit for each different opinion on this thread? I'm sorry I forgot message boards/image boards become obselte when used for discussion.

Since I got banned for a non rule break I hope the other posters also got unfairly banned. Anyway I'll see you Jews over in pt and snow

No. 285003

File: 1535145024604.png (27.64 KB, 679x511, lolRjews.png)

Sorry forgot the pic.(Ban evasion)

No. 285016

We don't generally appreciate a 200+ post history of racebaiting posts and derailing. If you had read the rules you would know ban evasion warrants a longer ban sentence.

No. 285055

I'm cute

No. 285088

Every fat girl acts like Trisha paytas. They know they're fat but get butt hurt when anyone else tells them to lose weight. Kind of like how Trisha broke up with her bf because he said she should lose weight. Trisha is the embodiment of every fat girl on earth.

No. 285092

>memed up youtube ego is like the average such and such
Ehhh…not really.

No. 285093

You might need to get your old bans checked because I'm not the only anon that has to jump about on different IPs to avoid butt hurt mods. When I posted the second time for ban evasion it said I had been banned for a post in 2016 I didn't make. So no I never made over 200 posts specifically talking about the Ottomons and Armenians.

My unpopular opinion is that the mods do a good job.(Ban evasion)

No. 285094

Im convinced that every white girl in a non muslim country who does that converting to islam shit does it either for the arabian dick she’s after or they get some weird form of high from the attention from the people staring at them all of the time

No. 285099

I don't understand why she has to wear niqab. I grew up with lots of muslim girls and the question was more about hijab vs. no hijab, no one ever felt like they had to wear niqab (mostly Turkish girls though). Plus this whole "showing 0 skin", they were modest as well, but not like that… New converts really overdo it.

No. 285107

Damn, hijabis tend to be annoying but niqabis are downright crazy.

I agree with you, IMO it's usually a mix of wanting middle eastern guys and wanting attention. You don't need to convert to islam to get arab dick, but these girls want positive attention from the arab dick (and not to be just used for sex) and to be told they're special and pure. Yeah, they also get their kicks from being different and standing out in the streets, + victim status from "islamophobia".

I'm glad in France the government has banned niqabs.

She has to wear niqab so that deep down she can feel superior to other women.

Related: one pet peeve of mine is hijabis who wear a shit-ton of makeup.

No. 285110

>tfw everyone is just using the hola vpn and getting bans out the ass on all the IPs.

No. 285125

People who don't understand the appeal of pop music and trap are stupid. They go on and on about how it doesn't have any meaning and how is shallow…no shit dumb bitch that's the point. When people are getting high and drunk and partying should they dance to classical music?
There's a time and place for all music you stuck up cunts.

No. 285126

fucking this

No. 285139

Those people are so boring.

No. 285141

I don't understand people who like krap/hip hop but hate American rap. Even the shittest American rap sounds better than the best Koreans have to offer.

They just don't like black people and it's easier for them to relate to rap when tiny Koreans are doing it.

No. 285153

I find a lot of white people that are really into any east-asian pop culture tend be high-key racist to every race besides their own and east asians.

No. 285160

Jesus christ I swear fucking EVERYTHING is about racism to Americans.

No. 285171

What I've seen, at least with white weeaboos and koreaboos, is a hatred towards American media, specially music, which is quite ironic because k-pop and anime draw a lot of influences from America

No. 285172

Most of my friends are from North African Muslim countries including Egypt and I don't get why sheltered North European girls get such a boner for cosplaying exotic foreign cultures and religions and completely lose themselves in a relationship to appease some brown nobody whilst people who are actually from there act completely normal. Are you that ashamed of your own culture?

No. 285173

Disliking American media isn't racism, fam.
>Every form of popular culture is copying America!!!!!
This is literally why nobody likes your country.

No. 285184

Why are you so obsessed with fat people? Can you literally stop talking about them if you dislike them? Or you need a break between reading obsessively about weight loss and looking at pictures of other ana-chans?

My unpopular opinion: anorexic and bulimic people should be shamed as much as fat people. They get praised a lot unless they are almost dying but as soon as you put 10kgs over your normal weight people call you disgusting pig already and harassment and expected and normal(no, Instagram and Tumblr fat pandering doesn't count for real life and they are unpopular opinions by themselves). If you are gonna supposedly worry for the health of fat people, worry for the health of other eating disorder sufferers too.

No. 285194

Agreed. I'm a bit of a music snob myself but trap can be fun to listen to. Not every piece of entertainment has to be an artistic masterpiece.

No. 285207

File: 1535198867714.png (1.01 MB, 1024x685, 1512210464123.png)

95% of people keep fucking saying jealous when they mean envious. They should all go back to elementary school, retards.

No. 285208

Your post led me to googling the difference between envy and jealousy and learning something new, I hope you are proud of this mess you've done.

No. 285220


Bulimics are usually fat for some reason

No. 285224


No. 285229

Do you have any sources to back that up?

No. 285230

this is the most disgusting opinion on this thread

No. 285231

No. 285237

Cheesecake>pie>normal cake

No. 285244

working at a coffee shop isn't retail

No. 285272

speaking of Egypt we're all cool with the fact that from space the pyramids there and also apparently the mayan temples and shit match up with orions belt or some shit??
i legit saw a ufo while i was walking home one day and like the more people i talk to the more people seem to have a similar story.
like i dunno man unpopular opinion (??) but how the FUCK did them pyramids get there.
mind you i'm from a place where whatever it is i saw is weirdly common. in brazil too (any brazil anons see cute like lumos looking lights buzzing around and then bailed when they saw you see them?)

No. 285293

sis, chill and stop smoking that shit

No. 285349

Hijabs and niqab should be banned. If you want to bring that stuff to the west just stay in Syria.

No. 285356

Ancient Egyptians were not white or anything close to European, but Arab. Some pharaohs were black, and there were black people living there and mixing blood/culture as a result of location, but most of them were Arab (like today).
It's dumb that the US counts Egyptian people as white when they immigrate there, even when they vehemently insist themselves that they're black.

No. 285360

Arabs are Caucasoids. They belong to the Caucasian race. They are not negroids or australoids. To count Egyptian immigrants as black negroids is retarded and exceptionally wrong.

No. 285363

> even when they vehemently insist themselves that they're black.

Now you're just straight up lying.

No. 285371

I dunno about you guys but whenever i liked a fairly mainstream anime or just an anime in general,i usually never liked or want to join the fandom because anime fandom's are fairly toxic and batshit crazy.Weebs will try their best to shit on you if you dont like their insert godlike anime that has no imperfection and do no wrong,waifus,husbandos and all that crap.Whenever you got some of their favorite character trivia wrong,they will go on great length to prove that ur wrong and never in their lifetime to forget such moment,fucking weebs

No. 285374

File: 1535229548041.png (222.8 KB, 268x405, egyptian man.png)


They're not white. Ask any white person if they consider someone who looks like pic related with the name "Mohammed" white, and they will either be offended, or laugh in your face. Sorry, there's no changing the rules now.

No. 285378

yeah well I mean it is. if you like hip hop, pop, rock, all of that came from America. sorry bout it

No. 285382

It doesn't matter what individual white people think. Race is subjective but nothing changes that fact that Arabs are not negroids. They are caucasoids. That is why they are counted as 'white' when they immigrate to the US. Ask any actual African and they'd tell you that arabs are not black.

No. 285386

>scientific racism

No. 285389

File: 1535231521518.jpg (67.71 KB, 439x600, rami-malek.jpg)

Breaking news: Egyptians are diverse. Posting a picture of a black Egyptian man and saying "this is what Egyptians look like!" doesn't cut it, sorry.

Were did you get the idea that most people see ancient Egyptians as white Europeans? How is that an unpopular opinion except among Stormfronters? Some of you need to get out in the real world.

No. 285390

Notice I never called them Negroid or denied them being classified as Caucasoid. I just said they're not white. Arabs aren't white, Mestizos aren't white, Australian Aboriginals are not white.
Egyptians themselves don't identify as white. You cannot escape this simple fact. Ancient Egyptians were brown mixed with small amounts of black here and there, not white like the Irish or Dutch or Norwegian. Even the guy in the video says as much, it's kind of dumb to try to force someone into your race.
>Ask any actual African and they'd tell you that arabs are not black.
I am an actual African, lmao. I don't consider them black, I consider them brown Arabs who are mixed with some black here and there. If they came into my country, I wouldn't consider them as my own people, I'd consider them like the Lebanese, but darker and actually originating in the (northern) tip of the continent. That's literally what they are. Not white.

No. 285394

That man isn't black, he's just a typical Egyptian. Most don't look like Rami Malek.
>Were did you get the idea that most people see ancient Egyptians as white Europeans?
It's a common argument I see happening between white American people and black American people who both want them to be part of "their" in-group (and somehow, actual Egyptians never seem to get involved), and it's dumb. It's like no one wants to acknowledge that brown people are their own group, and sometimes they're mixed with other groups.

No. 285397

>Where did you get the idea that most people see ancient Egyptians as white Europeans? How is that an unpopular opinion except among Stormfronters?

the WE WUZ KANGZ N SHIET from wypipo is just as embarrassing as American negroids who think they were pharaohs. kek.

>I am an actual African, lmao. I don't consider them black

then wtf are you mad about? yes, Egyptians aren't "white" like the English or Irish but they still belong to the caucasoid race. They are not black. What are you actually outraged about?

No. 285400

How am I mad or outraged? All I said was they're not white and you started sperging about Negroids and Caucasoids.
It just sounds like you can't read.

No. 285401

To add, it's dumb that someone who literally has black and brown ancestry and no European blood, and actually identifies themselves as "black" would be forcibly classified as "white" instead of either having their own category or being put in "other/mixed", or being allowed to tick the box themselves as an immigrant. Shoehorning people to be "one of you" via made-up technicalities is silly.

No. 285404

"Caucasoid" isn't really a race as phenotypically and culturally diverse ethnicities all fall under this category - e.g. Europeans, South Asians, North and (some) East Africans and Arabs all are considered Caucasian.

No. 285405

Egyptians aren't white, but I fucking hate retards who erase the fact that Cleopatra/the Ptolemic Dynasty were white Greeks/Macedonians.

No. 285406

Generally, when people say "Ancient Egyptians", I think they mean the original people before Greek/Roman introduction, who were largely brown/black. Some are retarded and don't realize Cleopatra's reign was during that bit.

No. 285407

Its not that deep. Arabs are mixed with European/Northern African blood more than they are sub saharan African. They are caucasoids. I don't get whats so hard to understand. What the fuck are they meant to classify them as?

No. 285411

Again, it just sounds like you can't read.
>be brown, dark-skinned Arab mixed with black (aka Egyptian)
>say as much, openly
>get forced to call yourself white
>experience racism from actual white people because you are clearly not white
>get denied the right to establishments and systems made to help minorities because on paper, they insist you are white
He talks about it here: http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/09/07/egyptian-immigrant-wants-to-be-reclassified-as-black/
They're not European by any stretch of the imagination. Let them have their own category, put them in "other", or just let them pick. You can't "make" anyone white just for the sake of your feelings. Reality doesn't work that way. And like >>285404 said, Caucasoid =/= what is globally known and accepted as white.

No. 285413

um yeah white =/= caucasoid. I'm black myself and still failing to see the outrage.

No. 285414

There is no outrage. Please learn to read.

No. 285418

The british education system sucks and is a mess.

No. 285420

Trap music is so shitty jc

No. 285465

the tranny stuff kind of hurts my self esteem. not because im jealous of trannys but the whole concept of it implies im not a woman because im not skinny, my skin is dark, im tall and i dont have a baby face. so sometimes i feel myself thinking im not a real woman because of it.

No. 285468

I don't see what trannies have to do with that. Either side of the issue validates you - radfems know that your biology defines you as a woman no matter what you look like. Trannies think your choice defines you as a woman no matter what you look like. Either way not looking feminine isn't relevant unless you're a tranny desperate to pass, which you're not.

No. 285469

i think she's talking about how trannies push stereotypes really heavily. like, they aren't any mtf who just wear leggings and sweatshirts all the time. they need to be hyper-feminine. it kind of bothers me in a way cause some people seem to think that wanting to be hyper-feminine somehow makes you less of a woman. its' weird. the whole dynamic is weird.

i wish people could just dress like they wanted and wear what they wanted and act like they wanted and not worry if it made them a man or a woman or whatever. it would be a lot better for everyone…

No. 285508

Yes. Also, muffin>cupcake

No. 285509

If anything, that makes you more of a woman.

No. 285628

I think old(er) men are ugly and gross. Anything above 30 is already trash bin material. Men get bald, a beer bally and are just disgusting in general.

Guys from age 18 to 25 are just perfect, if they're in shape that is.

No. 285657

you, a woman, can have no typically womanly features, wear no makeup, dress like a tomboy, and it will still be obvious to everyone that you're a woman. the worst that would happen is someone might say "lel you look like man" or ask you if you're a boy or a girl. yet in order to even roast you like that it's obvious you're not a man.

a troon on the other hand? what happens when they wear no makeup, no girly clothes, no plastic surgery or body padding? do they get called a masculine woman or asked what sex they are?
NO! Because everyone just sees an actual man and assumes accordingly.


>i wish people could just dress like they wanted and wear what they wanted and act like they wanted and not worry if it made them a man or a woman or whatever. it would be a lot better for everyone…

holy shit this. i'm so tired of every outfit being construed as some identity politics crap.
i wear everything from mens flannel shirts and pants to retro dresses with tight waists because i'm sick of identity politics crap. ffs, clothes should be made to assist ME, whether functionally or aesthetically, i wasn't born to fill a stereotype in the form of clothing.

No. 285658

It's mostly confused identity thing. I've seen a Jap girl do it too and she's a very lost, confused person.

No. 286184

White weeaboos always whine about Japanese guys stalking them and bothering them in japan but you can low key tell they love it and are humble bragging.

No. 286278

Most white Girls are jealous of Asian girls but try to cover up their jealousy by saying they're mad because Asian women are fetishized

No. 286283

File: 1535415743479.jpg (56.34 KB, 600x800, 7bcb91dcc0f014ab68fa871f6c0352…)

Agreed, some men age well but most men don't. I'm ready to just be a cougar.

No. 286287

One girl you know irl and dislike isn’t the majority lel. Project your bitterness harder over a nonissue.

It’s worthless, like all pop music trends but it’s really fun.

No. 286327

White people are annoyed they failed to genocide a race of people that managed to btfo them in every field. That's why Jews are still hated to this day and whites gaslight to the nth degree.

No. 286333

How do you think whites are able to maintain "majority" status in America? Over time they couldn't say irish/italians/ germans aren't white unless they want to lose demographic power. It will be the same as more hispanics take over. The "white" passing hispanics ones will become de-facto whites.

No. 286343

Most white girls cannot even fathom asian girls being considered attractive let alone get jealous. You forget that the majority of people are racist and basic, they're jealous of Kardashians rather than kpop idols.

Weeb/koreaboo girls might be but I don't see why you'd gloat about that, the main reason is white men with yellow fever racially fetishizing and pitting white girls against them.

No. 286373

Tumblr pls

No. 286374

The flood of summerfags brought in a couple disgruntled POC here to lolcow.

No. 286377

Oh my god. Why does the conversation here ALWAYS manage to circle back to whites vs. asians?

No. 286400

Lmao who is this one bitter anon freaking out about the whites?

No. 286422

Long distance relationships are about as serious as a grade school crush.
If you’ve only spoken online you’re not in a serious relationship. It’s not love and it’s not deep.

people who are stupid enough to practice things like Wicca/voodoo/Santeria/magic crystal users should be prevented from breeding because they’re so stupid.

No. 286424

Stop replying to that anon, it's most likely that weeb from last thread and they're just trying to cook up the annoying race debate again.

Anyways, here's my unpopular opinion:
Grapefruit is really disgusting and I can't imagine that people actually like it.

No. 286432

All Disney movies are boring. Even the ones from the 90s.

Disney is overrated and only fat women in their mid 20s and children like it.

No. 286450

Most people like grapefruit?!

No. 286452

Pretty sure its the same person or the same few people at least, they start these same fights on 4chin, same typing style and everything, it always revolves around how all white girls are hideous and masculine and all asian girls are perfect feminine waifus who can easily steal any man they choose, or arguments about how all white girls are secretly jealous of asians and all white guys secretly prefer them,no exceptions

I remember they were straight sperging about how all white girls should give up because asians are all perfect waifus and there's no reason why a man would be with anyone other than an asian girl and men only have eyes for them no exceptions. Im not even mad, im shocked someone is this obsessed with trying to prove how horrible white women are and how perfect and superior asians are, its probably some asian girl whos boyfriend left her for a white girl

No. 286455

I figured it was some fat neckbeardy guy with too many bodypillow waifus and a grudge against all the girls who wouldn’t date him in highschool.

No. 286457

Ever since the asian/white dating dumpster fire of a thread was locked, some retard kept sperging in the unpopular opinion and /g/ threads. Constantly. It's either a delusional weeby 4chan neckbeard, some bitter, envious asian girl or someone trying to make asian girls look crazy by pretending to be one. Either way, it's embarrassing and pathetic.

No. 286458

People who hysterically hate weebs and can't shut up about how much they hate everything related to anime are cringier than crazy weebs who lack self-awareness. Especially when they're taking the tumblrette activist route and trying to "justify" their hate for all things Japanese with reachworthy moral policing like "all anime is pedophilia". Same goes for the anons who obsess over hating fujos and claim they're "fetishizing homosexuals".

Most of them are just self-hating ex-weebs projecting their own issues onto everyone else.

No. 286460

Where do you find these hysterical weeb haters?

No. 286462

>Ever since the asian/white dating dumpster fire of a thread was locked,
Where is that thread? I can't seem to find it.

No. 286464

No. 286485

she just said, tumblr

No. 286487

>taking the tumblrette activist route
You mean this? It's not really clear that that's what they meant then.

No. 286503

nta but if you mean on the site, look in any weeb cow's thread.

No. 286510

i hate the fall.

No. 286517

Original anon who posted this answering you that they exist everywhere, but talking about this board it's especially PULL and the PULLfags who migrated here and exist in the limbo of trying to deny their weeb past and putting themselves over others weebs at the same time. Can be identified by fart-huffing blogposting about how they "grew out" of anime like it's the biggest accomplishment of their life and they're the first ones to realize that not all anime is amazing.

No. 286569

fuck that person. do people forget that women are humans and think we're hairless plastic fuck dolls all the time or what. you look great and all women are super gorgeous and hot with their nautral body

same. i noticed everybody talks about it being their favorite "cozy" season but it just seems depressing and obnoxiously windy to me. i also dont care for the colours.

No. 286572

>every woman is naturally gorgeous!
Do people honestly believe this shit deep down? I thought it was just a shitty platitude people like to tell each other.

No. 286574


Honestly I think it's insulting. Saying oh "everybody is beautiful" just devalues actual beauty, while reinforcing the ideal that beauty = value.

I'm not beautiful and that's fine by me. It doesn't make me any less valuable and it doesn't mean I want people to tell me how pretty I am to reassure me of my status in a social hierarchy based off of women's attractiveness>achievements.

No. 286576

Are you guys missing the key word "body"? What's wrong with hair on women's bodies?

No. 286577

here comes the esl not wanting to read peoples posts thoroughly and going off on a tangent about unrelated shit

No. 286578

Please point out to me how I interpreted your post here
>you look great and all women are super gorgeous and hot with their nautral body
wrong then. Happy to learn.

No. 286579

Is this going to be a new in-joke now?

No. 286581

that wasn't my post but as >>286576 said did yall miss the word body? how crazy is it to imagine that someone has a different perception of beauty than you? i dont see anything wrong with hairy bodies either. no one's forcing you to shave or not shave

good lord, leave it up to batshit farmers to spin shit on an anon who says something positive to another. both of you look insane lmao

No. 286583

>did yall miss the word body?
Explain how that statement was only meant to apply to body hair. Because I think you're really streching it

>how crazy is it to imagine that someone has a different perception of beauty than you?

Should be my line, numbnuts.

>someone doesn't like happy trails

>fuck that person

No. 286585


No. 286586

ntayrt, but not liking happy trails and outright insulting a stranger are different things.
I don't find fat guys attractive, but I'm not so invested that I feel the need to insult them on the beach. There's just no reason.
Feel free to tell people irl to go shave, though. It's not illegal, just rude.

No. 286589

>outright insulting a stranger
They just pointed out the happy trail. It's blunt but doesn't quite qualify as an insult. If you like the happy trail what's there to be upset about?

No. 286595

tbf op hasn't told us what they said or what tone they said it in. You can tell by intonation alone whether someone means to insult you.
It's a bit silly to assume the opinion of others cannot affect someone's own opinion of themselves. Is it emotionally weak? Probably, but that's how most of us work before we harden and become completely comfortable with ourselves. Even a completely neutral trait like hair colour can be drawn into question when an easily affected person is told that it's a weird colour or something. People don't like when other people don't like them.
You know, the "muh social species" thing is true.

No. 286596

Why are you so angry? Stop embarrassing yourself already. No1currs except you.

No. 286598

I like Jeffree Star and genuinely don't care about the racist stuff he said 10 + yrs ago.

No. 286608

Yeah, I can’t help but enjoy that freak show either.

No. 286611


>shit Kiki Ostrenga wishes people would say about her

No. 286616

>y u mad tho?
>lol idc!
If you don't care, move on and stop replying. Not that hard. Resorting to this is quite pathetic.

also, I know it's you, mod. Banning people for pointing out your inconsistency is pathetic. Banning people so you can have the last reply is even more so..

No. 286625

File: 1535468903996.png (184.34 KB, 294x306, 453345436.PNG)

I hate how so many people on this board have the need to praise some other cow while talking shit about another. It's seriously annoying that people are willing to throw away all the shitty things cow A has done just to put down cow B, especially if they're just as bad. I feel like screaming into a pillow every time someone does it.
>Cow B is so ugly and disgusting! At least Cow A knows how to carry herself and isn't AS bad as her! Yeah, Cow A is MUCH better than Cow B!
>Meanwhile Cow A has multiple threads about her and in her thread people are talking how at LEAST Cow B isn't like this!

No. 286640

I completely agree, anon. This isn't even an unpopular, though. He's far more loved than hated, but the people who hate him are super relentless about it.

Also, almost every person I know IRL who trashes him over that shit used to make insanely problematic jokes before they went full SJW. My guess is this applies to a good chunk of those who hate on him period. SJWs are so fhcking hypocritical it's disgusting.

No. 286654

I relate to the second half of this, but not the first. I hate him and don't fully know why. Him associating with shane dawson made me dislike him even more.

No. 287823

emojis should be allowed on this site

No. 287832

I hate homeless people. One of them literally took a huge shit in my outdoor chair last night. There’s even shit-covered toilet paper all over the place. They should all be thrown in an incinerator. I’m so disgusted rn fml

No. 287833

No. 287834

are you sure it was a homeless man and not some drunk idiot? it's fucked up someone shit in your chair but not as fucked up as thinking "homeless should be put in an incinerator" imo.

No. 287838

same. momokun's thread certainly comes to mind, they will either praising fucking vamps or the other costhots who thinks they are hot shit for coming after momo

No. 287839

agree that this is disgusting and not justified whatsoever but imagine that one day you could become homeless.
I can't help but feel that society has failed homeless people. I know that this is idealistic, but imho nobody should be homeless. Own place to stay should be a human right, even if it is a tiny room with shared kitchen and bathroom.
The fact that some shitty people wind up being homeless does not change your mind. It's terrifying how homelessness is dehumanising. I remember being in a small store with newspapers and this old gentleman went in. He was clean and dressed as nice as he could, bit obviously homeless. He politely asked the cashier if she has some new sudoku books. She was extremely rude to him. It broke my heart cause he was so nice and just wanted to buy himself one nice thing he could still afford. It was years ago and I still feel like shit for not saying anything. I wish I did something, I wish I helped him.

No. 287878

>I remember being in a small store with newspapers and this old gentleman went in. He was clean and dressed as nice as he could, bit obviously homeless. He politely asked the cashier if she has some new sudoku books. She was extremely rude to him. It broke my heart cause he was so nice and just wanted to buy himself one nice thing he could still afford. It was years ago and I still feel like shit for not saying anything. I wish I did something, I wish I helped him.
Damn this is so sad, hearing stories like this always break my heart…

No. 287880

Anon, do you live in the city? Here, It’s a cesspool of homeless people screeching at women and leaving trash and needles everywhere. And yes, it was a homeless drunk. I usually don’t care if homeless people hang around, but this is too much. I want quarantine them and throw them off the bridge. I’m tired of putting up with bums.

No. 287889

NTA but I've hidden the Moo thread ever since it became apparent that the main posters there are other tiddy costhots who just like to cannibalize each other hoping for that next juicy spotlight for dat betabux.

No. 288092

Instant coffee tastes way better than freshly brewed

No. 288094

I understand, anon. Homelessness is horrible. Not all homeless people are druggies and alcoholics too. Most are people living paycheck to paycheck and ended up sick and lost their job. It happened to my mother. it happened to A LOT of people… It's horrible that homeless people are treated with zero respect.

All you can do is try to get more info, volunteer and help out. There are some amazing people out there trying to do even a little difference by making blankets and clothing donations.

No. 288095

I've had some great instant coffee (esp from Korea and Japan) but i'll always love instant brewed more. Esp depending on how you prepare it. I like the slow brew/slow drips more than machines.

No. 288097

I guess this is a good place to post this but I really, really dislike costhots and want them to go the fuck away. they have done nothing but bring shitty men to the cosplay community who expect female cosplayers to let them grope them or talk dirty. it's fucking nasty. so many of my favorite cons are filled with costhots now and there is zero fun about it anymore.

No. 288098

whipped cream is disgusting and i can't believe people eat that shit

No. 288099

File: 1535679450985.jpeg (46.98 KB, 400x496, 2266319B-CFE9-4A80-9037-7FAE85…)

the mouthfeel is horrific
Especially that garbage that comes prewhipped in a goddamn can.

No. 288104

whipped cream is only good in small amounts, like a spoonful.

my unpopular food opinion: sour cream is fucking disgusting. i work at tex mex resturant and people DROWN their shit in sour cream and i die inside every time. moderation people, pls

No. 288106

A little bit of sour cream can be good, but more than a heaped teaspoon or two seems excessive. It’s pretty rich.

Another unpopular food opinion: adults who are picky aren’t necessarily assholes but I hate eating with them if they’re cooking for everyone of coming over because we’ve cooked. (My husbands aunty once said we ruined Christmas lunch because there was rosemary on the roast lamb, get fucked Leonie)

No. 288114

Men are shilled as super hot into their 40s and 50s, but I agree they start to expire by 30. Especially if they are out of shape and have a bad diet. Men just think they're always attractive, even when they're fat and bald.

No. 288115

It is the most useless calorie dense thing. I always have to ask no whipped when i treat myself to a frappe. It's like, why would i order a milkshake and put more crap on it ?

No. 288204

Users who reply to bait should be banned indefinitely.

No. 288247

I am so sorry about what happened to your mom. She's better now, right? How did she escape the hell of homelessness?

You are right, I would love to help.
I think I'm gonna start donating.
I have AVPD so I'm scared of becoming a volunteer (I know one non-profit organisation where you become an guardian angel that helps a homeless person get back their life on track - while I love this idea, I'm also scared cause I'm not good even with 'normal' people, and I cannot stand the thought of failing someone who needs my help because of my issues).

No. 288305

anons who are quick to find other farmers through instagram/twitter icons are worse than the anon who posted their icon. we get it, blur it out or something, but what's worse? the fact that they didn't blur it or the fact that you spent your time trying to find out their identity?

No. 288323

Oh wow. I rarely browse through pt or snow anymore. When did this happen? Sure, anon fucked up by posting their pic accidentally but I agree it's really invasive and creepy of farmers to try to search for that anon on social media. Like yes, people have lives outside of being anonymous on an imageboard. You do too. We shouldn't go above and beyond to be nosy and stalker level on each other just from one slip up.

No. 288428

Led Zeppelin is boring af for the most part.

No. 288643

Trisha Paytas is kind of cute and I like to watch her videos from time to time

No. 288645

Sentret did nothing wrong, he doesn't deserve to be hated :(

No. 288647

it's happened on several threads actually. definitely luna and abby brown, and i think maybe aly and the altcow thread?
what usually happens:
>anon posts a screenshot and forgets to blur her pic
>"you forgot to crop, [farmer username]"
>other farmer finds selfie and posts
>the farmer who forgot to crop is either fat,sjw, has bad makeup is kinda ugly,or has tacky style, or maybe nothing but you could reach that they have one of the above
>"wow it goes to show that some farmers are even bigger cows than the cow they're roasting!!"

No. 288650

I love her old candy haul vids with shane

No. 288671

Yeah that's the epitome of autism. Someone posted a screenshot from the cow's twitter and forgot to black out their own profile image? Why would anyone want to go through figuring out who they are unless it's the cow themselves doing this retarded detective work?

No. 288754

I find completely shaved/waxed pussies revolting. Trimmed is good, but I can barely glance at 100% clean ones without feeling a bit of uneasiness. Why would you make your pussy look like it belongs to a child?

No. 288759

For me, there is just something really off about a grown ass woman not having any pubic hair. I think the mainstream of the porn industry, as well as costhots are making this shit worse.

In general, i'm sick of women having to be bald babies while men can be hair apes. there can be an in between.

No. 288760

>Why would you make your pussy look like it belongs to a child?

because men are sick. And they want women to be a combination of sexy/slutty , but also have some features of underage girls. We all know that women grow hair once they reach a certain age. If you keep groomed/trimmed, there is no issue with oral sex. Also, i think because of porn, they want to always see everything, but it led to men thinking that women are always naturally waxed 24/7.

No. 288761

Thank you for your kind words, anon. She basically was put on a long waiting list. Luckily i live in a city where you have a little bit more chance to escape homelessness if you try really hard, but you really have to claw your way back up to the top.

She got a low income apartment and government assistance because she was really sick. She died a few years later, but i'm just happy she didn't have to die in the streets like so many homeless people do.

No. 288762

I just think he's a piece of shit human being altogether who slept his way to the top and still says sexist things about women. The very audience he caters his makeup too. I think he's full of himself and thinks his shit don't stink.

Also, for some reason his makeup quality of lipsticks doesn't seem up to par, i dunno.

No. 288780

I don’t shave at all because if I ever sleep with a guy who has an issue with it, I know to dump them immediately. I’m not a naturally hairy person anyway so it’s not crazy enough to get in the way of oral

No. 288783

I don't hate men but what I hate about them is if they don't like their looks they won't even try to change it. I have a Male friend who always complains about his acne, teeth and hair but he refuses to do anything about it. He says he hates his hair but keeps going to the same 5 dollar Chinese shit salon to do it, he won't go to the dentist, he won't wash his face or use sun screen. He has a unibrow and I fixed them up a bit then he complains they look to feminine now. I hate that men think that not looking like shit means they're gay.

No. 288842

Donuts are disgusting.

No. 288843

i hate the style of singing that it seems like most young female artists are using these days. i was watching a bunch of those videos where people explain their lyrics and sing and almost all the girls on there sounded the same. the people that come to mind are billie eilish, madison beer, melanie martinez, etc. i don't know how to describe it but its so put-on and i feel like most people can sing like that. literally the welcome to my kitchen vine

No. 288846

i agree about fried ones but the baked cake ones are nice.

No. 288850

you mean very lazy breathy voices ? tbh I kind of envy Billie Eilish's voice but I 100% get what you mean anon

No. 288964

This is the worst one I've seen.

No. 288965

GOD yes I keep getting her shitty song in my recommended on YT holy hell

No. 288970

She was a cringy vlogger like 10 years ago so she probably has contacts at youtube promoting her stuff.

No. 288974

I prefer mine completely shaved/trimmed because when it gets long it gets super uncomfortable.. like actually painful? I just have really sharp pubic hair lmfao I never had sex so I don't know if it will affect someone else.

No. 288979

what is it with people associating a grown woman who chooses to shave her coochie bald to a child? that skeeves me and i don't see the correlation.

No. 288985

seriously i hear that so much but the only time you'd mistake someone for a child because of that is if they have a childlike body anyway.

i wax everything but i have big wide hips and fat muscular thighs with stretch marks. i don't think the loli lovers would be convinced.

No. 288990

Strong fat and chubby guys, with a good bone structure, are more attractive than fit or lean guys.

No. 288995

I'm not even attracted to guys with any considerable muscle (weak and bony boy master race) and I agree.
Bearmodes are aesthetically nicer. Although I admire the effort that goes into a bodybuilder physique.

No. 289104

agreed. feel this way about most classic rock too. i get its importance at the time, but bands like led zeppelin, ac/dc, and the like are too formulaic for me

No. 289114

It’s a bit of a stretch imo.
It’s weirder that anyone cares enough about someone else’s pubes to have an opinion like ‘it’s to look like a child’. Plus it’s super condescending to be told you’re doing it for whatever psychosexual reasoning they’ve come up with, and not because you have a preference for your own vulva.

No. 289117

in my experience it's women who are too lazy to shave who complain about "it's like a child!!!!!"

No. 289118

nah, it's a preference. I think completely bald women are gross, but that's for me and my wife. it's all totally personal and to each their own.

No. 289140

anon, it is not a preference to think it looks like a child vag, all that is, is putting other women down for doing something that men also happen to like, like shaving their legs.

it is a preference to like it but there is no need to put other people down over it. me and my partner hate all hair on all of us other than our heads, we both shave everywhere including the peach fuzz on our faces, but i am not about to say anything rude about girls who choose not to shave.

No. 289145

>being this insulted by someone's critique of common sexual practice that affects women and girls and feeling this victimized by a few women's thoughts about it being infantilizing, despite 'going bald' being the default in society rn

No. 289147

women with bpd should be sterilised or banned from having children.

No. 289148

everyone with bpd, you mean. all of them. men with bpd are no better and are more of a risk because they can make and ruin a million more kids than women can

No. 289149

Yes women with bpd sterilised and men with bpd castrated. That would be my perfect world.

No. 289151

I wax mine bald because I have SO MUCH HAIR it straight up gets tangled and pulled on by my underwear. From the front all the way to my asshole and above it, if you have the patience you can braid it. I got so tired of it. Don’t care I’m associated with “children”, my mess was not sexy in the slightest.

No. 289165

it's not about being insulted, it's about women putting other women down for their choices. it's my choice to do something that's socially acceptable and other women shouldn't put anyone down for it. it's the same as people putting down women for wanting to be stay at home moms.

also it's not really infantilizing, women just generally have less hair to begin with, it's just an extreme.

No. 289179

the site is full of autistic femcels who think in absolutes and get personally offended when they see an opinion they don't like.

fuck man it wasn't this bad 3 years ago. the site has gone to pot.

No. 289184

Yes. Perfect example for me is the dog hate thread. I love dogs, so I’m just hiding the thread. I imagine it’s just a bunch of infighting because that’s what so many ot or snow threads devolve into.

No. 289188

"Uplifting" other women shouldn't have to come at the cost of never providing constructive criticism or conflicting opinions.

No. 289189

It's the amount of underage/young tumblr and pull users we've gained over the years. I lurk 2 little threads on PULL that aren't a thing here and I can tell a handful of the users there post here because of their godawful retard-tier typing and it's easy to tell which user it is. I'm still here after 4 years (yeah im a loser i get it), but I wonder truly how many of us og oldfags are still around.

No. 289213

File: 1535885903785.jpeg (358.62 KB, 1080x1080, D043C9CC-4BF9-4798-AEF7-45B8BC…)

this art style is so bland and uninspired, i don’t get the appeal. pic related is by Ilya Kuvshinov, who is very popular, but i see so many artists online have styles very similar to his. i don’t understand the insatiable demand for a billion pictures of the same expressionless face on the same androgynous, childlike girl with the same short black haircut/bob.

No. 289214

Unpopular opinion-i don't find kim kardashian hot at all.
Before or after surgery.

It's not even me being a kardashian hater or anything, I can see how kendall is kinda hot….it's just kim and kourtney look like average arab women. I've seen so many random arab women walking around with too much makeup and they all legit look like kim clones. I find her unremarkable.
Like she isn't ugly but I don't get the fuss.

No. 289218

apparently this guy's been caught being a tracer and just adding filters to some photographs to make them look drawn, the only thing he does is give the model "anime eyes"

No. 289219

I don't get the hate on Ariana Grande.

Yes, her uwu I'm so sm0l shitck can be annoying and she definitely had ps, but she's also one of the only actually talented singers from the younger generation. Everybody else just raps or uses autotune.
Imo her talent outweighs her character flaws. Or at least for me her doing her job well is more important than her being a nice person.

Also, I don't think dressing a bit cutesy like she does at 25 is that awful.

No. 289225

I feel like most of the hate comes from the fact that she was quite thin(she's clearly gaining weight), cute and short. She fits the ideal of what most lolcow anons want to look like so it makes sense they would hate her and love to see her fail kek

No. 289227

He doesn’t filter photographs, that’s another guys that imitates his obnoxious bug girl style. Illya draws everything but yeah he just copies photos or anime/game screenshots most of the time. He is incredibly unimaginative and I wouldn’t be surprised if he just uses model photos or design doll at this point

No. 289231

Of course you do, you aren’t black so you don’t care

No. 289232

Jeffery star is only of the ugliest people ive ever seen. He wears a shit ton of makeup and still looks like a homeless crackhead.

No. 289237

Amina and micky are equally annoying. I don't understand why Amina is praised so much over micky. They have been arguing about the same shit for more than 4 years, you can tell Amina kind of enjoys the drama because 3 years later she's still bitching about stuff said to her and lies she got caught in years ago. Both of them are gross and into pedo pandering as well. I don't even think micky needs a thread because she's so boring, it's like one anon posting in there with a vendetta.

No. 289242

Definitely agree and ny time you bring Amina or her tendency to play the victim you get jumped on with "hi micky"
It still eludes me how her thread is banned but her twitter is full of cringe and she's as milky as the other sex workers on here

No. 289243

>Amina a banned topic

I just assume it is because a mod or someone close to a mod has a hate boner for Micky. Amina's personality is actually worse than mickys I think. Amina thinks she's some hot shit sex working academic, everytime someone tells her that her plans will blow up in her face she just calls everyone stupid and goes on about how she's a "grown woman" and she can do what she wants, then when her plans blow up in her face she plays victim. Everyone told her the idol thing was a retarded idea but she didn't listen and then when it blew up in her face she played victim and bashed japan, the same is going to happen with this sex work gig.

No. 289246

I hate how it's become popular to resort to calling people pedophiles when they call out suspicious behavior or tell little girls they shouldn't wear shorts or skirts that barely cover their ass

Obviously there are situations where there might be pedophiles who do this. But it seems like a mom can barely have her child wear covering clothing without people going "why are you sexualizing the child's body you pedophile!!"

No. 289248

are you okay anon?

why would pedos want children to show off less of their bodies?

No. 289249

the background is filtered anon, are you blind?

No. 289250

That's the point…it's annoying when people call others pedophiles when they don't want children to run around in barely anything

No. 289251

i've never seen anyone do this.

No. 289252

Nta but I get what she means. People who have legitimate concerns with little girls being sexualised are attacked for not being progressive enough and they totally warp other people's words. Normally the conversations go like
>Wow I don't like how sexualised pageant kids are. Kids don't need fake tan and lashes and do be twerking onstage. Let kids be kids. It's creepy.
>Sexualised? If you think kids are sexy, you're the problem. My 10 year old pole dances for fitness, if you think pole dancing is inheritantly sexy that's disgusting. Putting children in bikini contests and dressing them like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman isn't sexualising them, you're sexualising them.

No. 289256

I think you're looking too far into it. Relax, it's the unpopular opinions thread, don't see it as a personal attack

No. 289257

that still doesn't sound like a popular opinion.

the moms who would dress their kids like that or do pageant stuff are going to bitch at you regardless with that "my child my choice" nonsense.

No. 289258

It doesn't matter
This is an unpopular opinion thread, this was my unpopular opinion, carry on

No. 289259

nta, but I think anon is right. I see too many women trying so hard to not conform to standards they kneejerk about things other women do. that's basically what all the women ITT did. it's really just because they're insecure about their choices so they need to fall back on "it's gross" or "it's like a child" or "it's what men want".

idk, it just rubs me the wrong way.

No. 289260

lmao, people are going to discuss it, you can't just say "move along" and expect people to just do that.

No. 289261

While we're on that topic, beauty pageants, esp for children are beyond disgusting and need to be banned. I don't know how they're allowed, since they're obvious pedobait and only encourage the whole 'a girl is only taken at face value.' but it's disturbing to see 8-10 year olds in drag makeup and heels. wtf

No. 289264

Circumcision is fucking disgusting, and mainly because it's usually only done to children. Every country/culture that practices it does it to children, it's rarely ever men just doing it to themselves. It's always for stupid shit too, rite of passage, religious reasons, etc. A lot of the same places that do it mess with little girls' genitals as well and the ones that don't, only don't for arbitrary reasons, which is scary.

I know it's a meme to hate men, but I'm talking about damage done to children, and the main issue is consent. The fact that it's so normalized is weird and fucked up and honestly scary.

No. 289266

nta but i've personally had more instances of people sexualizing children while trying to falsely call out sexualization of children. these people have taken disgust in children wearing swimsuits at literal public pools.
i totally get the "my 10 year old pole dances" thing is concerning.

No. 289268

It annoys me seeing pale skin women complain about being pale, it like they forget how shit naturally dark tan and dark skin women get treated. At least their are many countries that find pale skin attractive, no place on earth finds skin as dark as mine attractive. I'd kill for pale skin tbh

No. 289269

this seems more like a personal complaint than anything else. people have the right to be upset/insecure about traits they have that you want.

No. 289270

…Or maybe it's just, you know, an actual preference. I'm the anon from original post and I was talking from the perspective of a lesbian. I don't go around telling women "Your cooch is like a child lol", I didn't say "Don't shave at all", but I'm allowed to think "I don't like this" and eventually post about it on an anonymous imageboard in a fitting thread. Just like a straight woman can think "I don't like penises that look like this or that". It's not that deep.
What's with all the infighting about different opinions these days?

No. 289271

Your opinion is the popular one, anon. It's always embarrassing to see other dark girls gush over light skin anyway. The anons on /g/ are right, they look sickly and weird.

No. 289273

I'm not even dark skinned and I agree. I have skin that's pretty light for the color it is and every time I see those milky white girls who have almost translucent skin complaining about it I want to smack them. I'd kill for it too.

No. 289275

but why? there are downsides to being super pale- not being able to enjoy the beach because you'll turn red if you don't put sunscreen constantly, you drown in pale colors and can't wear dresses/skirts with those colors. why police insecurities?

No. 289276

I'm talking specifically about people who put others down. Saying "i think it's gross" isn't the same as saying "it's gross". Just get over it, telling any woman why she does something and putting them down for it is a red flag for being insecure.

No. 289277

some anons just think that their insecurity is more important, epsecially if it's "not the norm".

No. 289278

did you miss the last 3 or 4 threads???

i don't think anons were talking about you anyway, but about the annoying people who were arguing your point objectively, there are a lot of posts where anons are simply disagreeing with you and then having other anons bitching at their opinions.

No. 289279

Her cutesy style is whatever since her market audience is young teen girls anyway, but what she wore to Aretha Franklin's funeral was pretty tasteless imo. That dress looks like something you'd wear to a club, not a funeral.

No. 289281

What you find desirable might not be what other people find desirable. Milky, almost translucent white skin is only broadly considered attractive in Asia, it makes sense that western people who have it would complain about it - unless they're into kpop, Japan or something like that

No. 289285

>Saying "i think it's gross" isn't the same as saying "it's gross". Just get over it, telling any woman why she does something and putting them down for it is a red flag for being insecure.
A very bold statement to make on Lolcow. It would be funny to see your posting history…

No. 289286

saying it's infantilizing isn't putting women down. get over it. shave your cooter, no one cares, but stop acting like you're being attacked for it by 3 anons just because they think it's not attractive, when it's literally expected by everyone and preferred by almost everyone for women to get rid of their pubic hair, ffs

No. 289287

too bad this isn't reddit.

boohoo someone sounds upset that no one else likes their hairy snatch.

No. 289289

File: 1535902597658.jpg (85.56 KB, 640x425, 1525136938772.jpg)

Unpopular opinion: Frosting does not taste good on cakes. I WILL debate you.

No. 289290

File: 1535902627289.png (476.3 KB, 737x870, diffstrokes.png)

No. 289291

FFS, shut the fuck up about fucking pubes. It's cringy for women and men to complain about what women do with their bodies.

These are the exact kind of absolutes I was bitching about when I said how shitty the site is getting.

It's fine to shave and it's fine not to shave, but arguing because someone was offended that her hairless cooch was compared to a child's is really cringy.

No. 289292

i like chocolate frosting only, because it just tastes like sweet chocolate. all that buttery sugar shit is terrible, fondant is the literal devil tho.

No. 289293

the original opinion was that someone found it infantilizing. anons chiming in about how offended they are by ONE lesbian's personal preference and opinion for hair on vaginas as if one lesbian's opinion is so hurtful and offensive, is the cringy part. damn, you're dumb.

No. 289294

Just stop already. Who the hell cares.

No. 289295

>no one likes their hairy snatch
So much for "It's wrong to put other wymyn down, it means being insecure!"
So it was, in fact, hurt feefees all along

No. 289296

>thinking that's the same anon

go back to your girlfriend you dyke cunt.

No. 289297

I don't agree there. I personally think all skin colors can be beautiful (facial features are the most important thing), but it's entertaining to know that despite all the attacks on brown/tan/dark skin, a large chunk of pale-skinned people will actually pay money, increase their chances of incurring skin cancer, and fuck with the overall health of their skin just to achieve my skintone, or at least get uncomfortably close to it.
People are just never happy with themselves, no matter how much appreciation they get.

No. 289298

Cake always tastes better w/o frosting. But all cake that isn't chocolate tastes like shit anyways.

No. 289299

see >>288754
she didn't say that, she said.

>Why would you make your pussy look like it belongs to a child?

that is just a weird condescending insult.

No. 289300

Ah, a robot

No. 289301

Very unpopular opinion, The use of "pick me girl" and "doing it for men" is just as toxic as an incel REE'ing at women for their choices, I don't give a fuck if you're another woman, you can go fuck yourself if you're going to put me down for my choices

No. 289302

It's popular because it's a mix of anime and semi-realism, so the girls can appeal not only to weebs, but to normies as "attractive" without being aggressively uwu.

No. 289304

this weirdly virulent response to mild criticism by anonymous people on the internet is probably why you're being called a 'pick me' girl, because it isn't a problem for women who make these choices and don't act like annoying martyrs when one person says they don't like them. when you start defending them like people are threatening your family is probably when you'll be called a 'pick me', etc, because i've never had that problem, and i make tons of choices that those types don't like.

lmao, i lasered off all my hair, and i'm not insulted at all. if she thinks it looks child-like, i can see what she's getting at and i'm not offended in the slightest. why do you care about what one lesbian finds revolting? why are you weirdos so irrationally offended? if she genuinely thinks they look child-like, then it makes sense to question why women are doing it, from her perspective.

No. 289305

>semi realism

is that what filtered photos are called these days? seriously though, it's garbage and the fact that some of you can't tell that the bg is just a photo is embarrassing. it has a reflection of a human in it ffs.

No. 289306

The marker of a "pick me" isn't just her choices. It's her proselytizing to other women and having an attitude about about how her choices are the best.
It's not the girl who wants to be a housewife for the man she loves (I'd love that lifestyle tbh, it seems so comfy and idyllic), it's the girl who makes rambling posts on FB about how she's "not like the other girls" and how modern women are slutty gold-diggers who are ruining society because they don't respect men enough.
If you were called a pick me, it's probably because your attitude was fucked up.

No. 289307

i wish i was this edgy.

No. 289308

Calm down. I wasn't defending it, you sperg. And yes, semi-realism has existed for a long time. Where have you been? On your 75th deviantart furry OC?
Chill the fuck out, seriously.

No. 289309

>anonymous people
you realize the unpopular opinions thread isn't just in regards to the site right?

eh, some tumblr type libfems just like to throw it around like they do for the word nazi.

No. 289310

Aww, are you a butthurt pick me girl? This is maybe the worst site of all time to complain about women complaining about other women. The whole "any criticism of women's choices is ebul and caused 100% by internalized muhsoggyknees ur just as bad as incels" meme is shit. Unless you have a really cute pussy wiyh no discoloration, shaving yours will make it look way worse.

No. 289313

I was going to say the exact reverse, chocolate cakes aren't that good. I like chocolate way more in other things.

No. 289314

i know what semi-realism is and it's not fucking adding a shit filter to a photo. gb2 the art thread and tell people why it's bad to not use black.

No. 289315

seemed pretty clearly inspired by the talk being had like literally two posts above it, but yes.

it's edgy to not not flip out and piss your pants trying to make yourself into a martyr over what a minority of women think? ok, lol

No. 289316

>two threads above

you mean posts right newfag?

No. 289317

A lot of woke man-hating types on this site give me huge "I'm not like other girl" vibes

No. 289319

No, but it is edgy to lel about anons caring what people thing but also flaunt your devil may care attitude as if it means to those same ~anonymous people~ in the same breath. you're trying too hard.

No. 289320

they gotta do what they gotta do to get that feminist male fuccboi dick.

No. 289321

File: 1535904593761.jpg (51.96 KB, 1000x708, tmb_142890_8793.jpg)

So, you know what it is, but you still chose to flip out and talk about the background when I was obviously talking about the art style?
My mistake, you just can't read for shit, then. I recommend reading books more often than bitching on Lolcow and Tumblr about some Russian weeaboo.

No. 289322


No. 289323

his style isn't even semi-realism it's just shitty persona tier anime shit in black and white.

No. 289324

What would you consider semi-realism?

No. 289326

hmph. what cakes do you even like if you don't like chocolate? vanilla is a disgrace, red velvet (no k-pop) is overrated, yellow cake is disappointing, caramel is weird, and strawberry ain't shit.

No. 289327

>inb4 people ITT start fighting over cakes too

No. 289330

ti think semi-realism needs an extra level of detailing to be considered as such especially if it's going to rely on really stylized proportions. most of what people consider semi-realism is just anime.


this 100% proves my point, many of these pics are just anime with more shadows.

No. 289331

File: 1535905041157.png (1.08 MB, 1060x736, sr2.png)

>his style isn't even semi-realism
Anon, this is just straight-up cope. You're not wrong to dislike him, but it most definitely is semi-realism. He draws in both monochromatic/Persona-looking anime style, and in a more realistic style, like the image in >>289321.
It's derivative and uninspired as fuck, but at least be realistic in your crit or you'll just look like a jealous Tumblrina.

No. 289333

File: 1535905226696.png (487.94 KB, 599x372, 19889324.png)

Post examples of what you mean. I specifically said it was a blend of anime and semi-realism, too. It'd be retarded to think pic related is the exact same thing as >>289321.

No. 289334

Chocolate cake barely even tastes like chocolate. You're better off eating a brownie or a muffin.

No. 289335

Yeah his """style"" is def semi-realistic. But i think what the anon was trying to say is that his ass was caught tracing/copying/putting filters on photos then painting over it slightly so i guess that loses all his artistic credibility to even have a style?

I hope that makes sense, but yeah I agree his style is semi realistic but he bearly even puts in work to the point many people dislike him.

No. 289336

that's what i was trying to say, anon is arguing with other people about semi-realism now. idc what his style is supposed to be, he's just stealing photos.

No. 289337

>they gotta do what they gotta do to get that feminist male fuccboi dick.
kek, so in your mind, women are trying to get 'feminist male' dick by -not- pandering to men on a website populated exclusively by females? makes sense.

No. 289338

I'm not talking just about this site, ig is a cesspool of wannabe bad bitches putting other women down for their choices, fuck your nicki minaj wannabe ass if you're gonna shit on other girls for their "attitude".

I completely agree with the "not like other girls" being "pick me" but even on this site if you so much as enjoy a certain type of content you're belittled for it, what I'm complaining about is toxic women thinking they're in a mean girls chick flick.

nothing to do with shaving but way to prove my point, you're either retarded or underage pls go back to tumblr/cgl ktnxbye

No. 289339

Nope, you said "his style isn't even semi realism" after you got embarrassed about being so obsessive about his traced BGs that you misread my and other people's posts. Nobody argued that he's not an uninspired, copying fuck.

No. 289340

i'm not that anon, i'm a different anon from earlier.

No. 289342

No. 289343

>same typing style since >>289213
Okay anon

No. 289344

i'm not the one who posted it, why are you acting like i'm the same anon? i don't even have a typing style, i just don't capitalize anything, is being a lazy fuck really a style now?

No. 289345

also to add i don't even know who tf the artist is i just thought it was stupid that people were claiming there was no filtered photos.

No. 289346

I'm neither of the anons being replied to there, just >>289302. Even the first one said he copies photos and is unimaginative. No one who's not a brainlet would say his work is original.

No. 289347

File: 1535906183732.jpg (18.88 KB, 450x254, sure jan.jpg)

No. 289348

i was just commenting to people who specifically said the artist doesn't filter photographs when the pic that was posted is obviously a filtered photograph.

No. 289349

you're not even in the conversation?

No. 289352

>Anyone who disagrees with me is a mean, underaged tumblr tard ;n;
>M-my point had nothing to do with the shaving argument, i-it was purely a coincidence that I made my post in the crux of it!
Right. Sometimes other girls deserve to be shit on. If I was a tumblr tard I'd probably be triggered by that notion. You really did choose a terrible site to bitch about this on kek criticizing womens' choices is literally what this site was made for.

No. 289353

Is that anon who confessed to enjoy causing fights shitting up the thread? I always worry that someone is instigating when there are sperg-level defensive replies to everything.

No. 289355

nta but that is not what the site what made for, it's only been in the last two years that femcels are using it as a safe haven.

No. 289358

i think that anon means that given that it's an offshoot from cgl, it was all about picking at women. i've been here for over 3 years now and i've only seen it get better wrt treatment of female cows and snowflakes, unrealistic expectations, etc. while you're complaining about imaginary 'femcels' just because you lot want to cry that you're victimized by one lesbian's opinion of your vulva and the site is sooo terrible as a result, the site has gotten better, as a whole, in terms of how farmers treat/see other women, imo.

No. 289359

File: 1535907080434.jpeg (113.36 KB, 460x576, Lactatia.jpeg)

I don't think little boys should be involved in drag. Drag queen culture is sexualized and raunchy, it's not something kids should get into. There are better ways to let your son break out of gender norms and get into makeup artistry. You don't need him to call himself "Lactatia" (wtf) and surround himself with adults who may or may not be predators. I feel like in 30 years, we're going to be hearing about how this kid was groomed and passed around in the industry all this time, but no one said anything because it was all about being "progressive".
I also don't like how sexualized little girls often are in dance groups and child pageants. I don't get how it's allowed. Not all "art" is inherently sacred and non-exploitative, and I think we can all agree child exploitation is bad.

No. 289360

I don't know, but there's a troll for sure.

No. 289361

…? What do you think the site was made for, anon? It's called lolcow. Men can absolutely be lolcows too, but we're predominantly discussing women here.

No. 289362

no one is talking about vaginas you nutjob.

>imaginary femcels

then why do we have unironic femcel and tfw no bf threads?

No. 289363

I agree so much. I'm kinda grossed out by kids being encouraged to get into drag. I grew up in the 90s and a lot of people who did drag were trying to escape their homophobic households. it was always underground and really sexualized. A lot of drag queens are usually high or on drugs, but for some reason people think drag should be mainstream and kid friendly now because ru paul says so.

No. 289365

no shit it's for discussing lolcows but anon wasn't referring to that and you know it. anons need to stop treating the site like some kind of non-conformist radfem man-hating stomping ground. that's the real issue, and it's made obvious by this thread. anons can't even point out their issues with specific opinions without getting dogpiled by people missing the point and getting triggered over women who aren't anti-male political lesbians.

No. 289366

you probably had garbage american chocolate cake. Real chocolate cake from france or italy taste amazing. Even Japan makes good chocolate cake.

No. 289367

the entire discussion that we're currently having stems back to the vagina discussion. stop. and people have been leveraging the 'femcel' insult against anyone they think 'hates men', even if the topic isn't even about men or hating men, at all, whatsoever, which is why 'femcel' isn't used against women for being alone or seeming alone, it's just used to describe anyone vaguely 'feministy'. the reason they're being called 'femcels' has literally nothing to do with being alone and you know it.

uh huh. issues with what specific opinions, exactly?

No. 289368

samefag, but i am using hyperbole, not speaking literally. it is getting really bad though, the site is for shitting on lolcows not shitting on eachother.

i just feel like recently you can't say anything certain things that aren't anti-men without getting a bunch of people sperging out at you. this entire thread is full of that.

No. 289369

you're the only anon who thinks the discussion is about the vagina discussion.

No. 289371

Nope, I've had chocolate cake from all over. I will agree Americans fuck it up extra bad, though. They always use too much milk or sugar.

No. 289373

i said it stemmed from, not was specifically entirely about, though it was likely partially about it. and no, i'm not. this anon >>289352
said so herself, too. if it isn't, ok, but i highly doubt it. i don't know how you can complain women saying anything that isn't 'anti-male' are being sperged against when just a few posts ago anons were shitting on lesbians, calling them dyke cunts, telling them they have ugly hairy vaginas, etc, because they were personally offended about her opinion on the vagina thing.

No. 289374

Is this because I asked how to get more tanned on /g/?

>it like they forget how shit naturally dark tan and dark skin women get treated.

There are no black women there I live so how could I tell? I only see very dark people in commercials etc, so I'd say people probably don't find them as ugly as you might think.
>At least their are many countries that find pale skin attractive
Maybe in Asia, but certainly not there I live, so that's of no use for me either.

If people call you ugly or even bully you because of a trait you have, anybody is allowed to complain about it.

No. 289375

Anon, the topics you're talking about are about men. The vagina one is literally anons who are upset that other anons (not just the OP) implied that women who shave just do it to please men and that it's infantilizing. The argument about pick me/doing it for men is undeniably about men.

I'm personally sick of conversations devolving like this too, because they always turn into shitty fighting. Handmaiden and femcel get tossed around too much and it needs to stop. The conversation always has to revolve around fucking men, whether it's hating men or liking them too much. I use the site to escape this shit.

No. 289376

Imho the "dyke cunt" and "hairy snatch" anon was a robot, only incels and porn addicts are that triggered at the thought of a woman not having a bald vagina and I've never seen a farmer using dyke as an insult

No. 289377

NTA but I honestly feel like all the sperging is just someone trying to incite arguments.

Anon is perfectly fine in not liking hairless vag, and the other anons who held issue with having their vags compared to children's were fine pointing it out.

The issue seemed to happen when people (someone) started being super shitty to both sides.

I also find it ironic that the art argument immediately stopped once this convo started, yet there is a similarly aggressive anon in this argument as well.

Also this >>289376 I almost wonder if the person arguing with everyone is just a robot because they sperg out and resort to those kinds of insults.

Sage because tinfoil, but it just always strikes me as odd.

No. 289379

You actually sound like the incels who assume every poster in the man hate thread is also one of those hybristophilliacs in /g/

Then what the fuck was anon referring to? Genuine question. If this site wasn't created for making fun of (predominantly) females for their bad choices, what do you two think it was created for?

>anons need to stop treating the site like some kind of non-conformist radfem man-hating stomping ground. that's the real issue, and it's made obvious by this thread. anons can't even point out their issues with specific opinions without getting dogpiled by people missing the point and getting triggered over women who aren't anti-male political lesbians.

>the site is for shitting on lolcows not shitting on eachother
>i just feel like recently you can't say anything certain things that aren't anti-men without getting a bunch of people sperging out at you. this entire thread is full of that.
Poor bitch. "Everyone who disagrees with me is a man-hating radfem polilez" types like you who really just want an uwu girly hugbox should move to cc or maybe even /tradfem/.

No. 289381

I agree with this tinfoil. both because I've seen anons claim to start infighting on purpose on /ot/ for fun, and because I remember a few months ago a really weird anon who would always get extremely spergy when anything pedophilia related was mentioned. she'd always go off the handle because others were fucking with her and calling her crazy. I think she got banned though, not sure.

ntayrt but give it a rest, you're just finding reasons to argue with her. I can clearly see that she said it's for lolcows and was just pointing out that >>289352 thinks the site is some kind of edgy secret club. We can be civil to eachother, we're not the cows we laugh at.

No. 289383

You could really hurt yourself with all the reaching you're doing. Just let it go, and stop the obvious samefagging. No one cares about this but you, the discussion isn't even active until you start chimping out like this. Get a new hobby.

No. 289384

Cheetos taste awful.

No. 289385

We shouldn't have to be civil towards eachother if we don't want to. It's okay to be mean to eachother.

I'm not samefagging at all wtf? I've only made a couple posts.

No. 289386

I 100% agree that the thread reeks of samefag. I'm usually the first one to tell anons to knock off that accusation, but a lot of the more recent convos say otherwise. Unless all the super defensive anons in 3 different convos left abruptly, and it's just a coincidence that someone is displaying the exact same kind of behavior on the latest active convo, I'd say I have to believe we have a massive case of samefag.

No. 289387

Ah, i see. that's all good. I hate pie myself, except pumpkin pie. I'm just picky in general about sweets. I agree too much milk and sugar will ruin any dessert.

No. 289388

Honestly I just stopped replying because spergy chan wasn't getting the point.

My point was being bitchy to other women for their preference is wrong, her argument was being bitchy was the essence of this city despite me not saying it just about this site, why bother arguing with someone that's clearly autistic and or underage

No. 289389

city lmao, meant site

No. 289390

File: 1535909599169.jpg (33.02 KB, 1024x576, c5df239ae3de9c82fe61383f142fda…)

>we shouldn't have to be civil to eachother

uh anon, you're describing infighting.

No. 289391

i think that's why people think sperg-chan is a samefag, you stopped replying so they moved on to a new conversation. and it's not about a specific kind of opinion because they clearly started arguing about artfag shit too.

No. 289393

Welcome to the City of Lolcow

No. 289394

Which one is the samefag in the art convo? I don't get it.

No. 289395

Still not autistsic or underage. The fact that you just so happened to post that right in the middle of an argument about preferences in this very thread made it sound like you were mostly talking about this site.

No. 289398

>>this weirdly virulent response to mild criticism by anonymous people on the internet is probably why you're being called a 'pick me' girl
It gets so fucking annoying always seeing these spergs whine about
>MY choice!!!11!
to any slight bit of criticism. Yeah no shit it's your choice, other women disagreeing with you isn't going to stop you from doing what you want at the end of the day. They sound like loons when they constantly try to shut down contradictory opinions because it doesn't 100% agree with their choices. Can't believe some people are really that weak and thin-skinned.

No. 289399

Spergy chan please stop, you ruin every thread with this shit

No. 289405


i'd say >>289339 >>289343 >>289394 anons. they keep accusing everyone else of samefag, and clinging onto a different part of the conversation, just like the anon is doing now.

No. 289406

Holy shit, stop accusing everyone of samefagging. I only made one of those posts and I wasn't the one arguing about art shit either. I argued with one anon, maybe one or two others who replied to me. That's it. First time I've gotten in an argument in one of these threads in months.

edit: my internet is shit, didn't mean to delete that last post.

No. 289407

That was my first and only post in this entire trainwreck. Ironically, it's probably anons like you who always ruin these threads with infighting because you can't handle a differing opinion.

No. 289408


i think anons hold issue with things like >>289398 where anon is purposely reviving a volatile argument.

No. 289409

I find the whole concept of cosplay cringy

No. 289410

I'm >>289339 and >>289347. I didn't accuse anon of samefagging because I obviously can't prove it, I'm just convinced that they were, and lied to save face. This is an anonymous board, so it'll never matter, so I just stopped replying after they damage controlled more.
Didn't read anything of the vagina conversation. Not all arguments are connected, for fuck's sake.

No. 289412

File: 1535910631995.png (138.49 KB, 297x307, 1491650926678.png)

sure it was anon, first time on the site as well I bet

No. 289416

>didn't accuse anon of samefagging

you did in your second post, good lord. maybe if people actually had more cognitive function this thread wouldn't be so shitty all the time.

No. 289418

(actual samefagging?) can anyone else see this post? why is it here? i didn't make it.

No. 289419

File: 1535911021490.gif (2.95 MB, 480x270, manlet.gif)

Where did I even use the word "samefagging"? Just because I posted a screencap, or because I said "You said [x] because you couldn't read", only for them to deny it? Are you an idiot? Stop dredging that argument back up, you're shitting up the thread. I wouldn't even be surprised if you're the same person who's mad they got called out.
>inb4 "See?! You're accusing me of samefagging NOW!"

No. 289420

>replied to someone saying they're not samefagging with surejan.png

nta but you didn't use the word sure, but you're just arguing semantics now.

No. 289422

Look, even if I was right, what anon did wouldn't even be the same as samefagging.
Samefagging = Pretending to be multiple people and agreeing with yourself.
I inferred that anon said something, and then when they turned out to be wrong, they insisted they "never said that" and "weren't that anon" to save face, even though we're on anonymous forum.

No. 289423

>I didn't literally accuse anon of samefagging i just posting the fact that I doubted they weren't!

That's the same thing anon jfc. No one needs you to literally say "samefag"

No. 289424

>first time on the site as well I bet
No, obviously I frequent /ot/. How else would I know that's always you faggots who derail to sperg about opinions you don't like on the unpopular opinions thread, of all places.

Just delete the duplicate post and forget about it, anon.

No. 289426

it said wrong password when I first tried to, then disappeared anyways.

No. 289427

See >>289422. Are you a summerfag? You don't even know what samefagging is, fucking hell.

No. 289429

have you lost the plot anon?

what the fuck was the "sure jan" about if not a response to >>289344 saying "i'm not the same anon"? >>289344 was responding to >>289343 accusation of samefag, and you reply by doubting them, that's the same as accusing them.

No. 289430

what are you talking about? you just said >>289410 you never accused anyone of samefag. >>289347 is clearly accusing anon of samefagging.

No. 289431

I posted the definition of samefagging, and you still don't understand?
To be a samefag, you have to literally agree with yourself. What I'm describing is literally disavowing your own post, not samefagging. Doubts aren't accusations unless you're so oversensitive you can't handle anybody not taking everything you say at face value, either.
I wish certain people would fuck off back to PULL or wherever it is they came from, christ.

No. 289432

They are talking about when you accused someone of being a samefag and then denied it in >>289410 post. Even though in the same post you go on to say you thought they were samefagging. You should probably learn better reading comprehension before you throw around summerfag.

No. 289433

What the fuck are you talking about?

No. 289434

No. 289435

>literally doesn't understand samefagging
>accuses someone of accusing someone of samefagging
>gets corrected and explained to on what samefagging entails
>still doesn't get it
>"uhm fix your reading comprehenshin"

No. 289436

You must be retarded. You can't be helped. I'm done.

No. 289438

File: 1535912073029.jpg (118.56 KB, 1440x958, Cvj3QSKVIAEOHl8.jpg)

lol what does any of this post mean?

No. 289439

File: 1535912198833.jpg (55.07 KB, 474x458, reading.jpg)

No. 289441

It's really not hard to understand. What that anon did wouldn't be samefagging, so the whole argument about someone also being vaginanon is moot.

No. 289442

I'm a different anon but what did you mean when you posted >>289347? Are you not accusing >>289344 of samefagging? Samefagging is when someone pretends to be more than one anon, not when they agree with themselves. If you think that >>289344 and >>289213 are the same anon, you're accusing them of samefagging. Go read the bulletin in /pt/ or /snow/ or something.

No. 289443

No one is talking about anon being vagina anon, they're talking about >>289442

No. 289444

File: 1535912407740.jpg (54.17 KB, 749x515, i see you sinning.jpg)

No. 289445

what the fuck are you talking about now? is your brain broken?

No. 289448

>Samefag- A poster that pretends to be multiple people within the same thread in order to validate their own ideas or move the discussion into their desired direction.
From the /pt/ thread. So, yes, it means agreeing with yourself while pretending to be someone else. Something I suspect a certain lowercase poster has been up to ITT, but it doesn't really matter.

No. 289450

>No one is talking about anon being vagina anon
Read the thread

No. 289451

Anon you just argued for like 20 minutes about how you never accused that person of samefagging. That's what people were talking about the entire time.

Also why is that your interpretation of that? Samefagging can just be posting the same opinion or disagreeing with other people and posting multiple comments. It just means pretending to be different people.

You sound like an idiot. Jesus…

No. 289455

What are you even talking about? You sound legitimately retarded.
You said to read the /pt/ thread definition, and I quoted it directly, and now you're going on about how it can be interpreted any way you like (as if the words "in order to validate their own ideas" aren't right there).
I didn't "accuse them of samefagging", I just voiced that I doubted that they're "not that anon" with a fucking reaction image. Give it a fucking rest already, goddamn.

No. 289458

>from 50 minutes ago

Are you kidding me?

No. 289459

This conversation literally started from >>289405. Can you not follow a discussion?

No. 289461

To add, I'm not even that anon. There's just too much stupidity going on in here.

No. 289463

are you like autistic? why is it so difficult for you to understand "doubting the aren't the same anon" is the same as thinking they are samefagging?

you clearly can't read. if you think that
>pretends to be multiple people within the same thread in order to validate their own ideas
means they need to be agreeing with themselves.

the conversation hasn't been about that for a while now, it's about the other anon being a nutjob and trying to redefine samefagging.

No. 289466

Dude, what's happening rn? If someone says "I'm not x anon, and they actually are" then they're samefagging. Samefagging is just pretending to be multiple anons, it's not that hard. You don't have to agree with the original opinion. Is it suddenly not samefagging to pretend to be two different people in a thread arguing?

No. 289467

>pretends to be multiple people within the same thread in order to validate their own ideas
When you pretend to be multiple people in one thread and post shit in agreement with yourself, that is, in fact, samefagging.
Posting something, and then denying ever posting it to hop out of an argument is not samefagging, by /pt/'s own definition.
This isn't rocket science. You're either high, or in special needs to not get this. Either way, seek outside assistance. I'm finished with this conversation, and hopefully the next thread is less cancerous.

No. 289470

>Is it suddenly not samefagging to pretend to be two different people in a thread arguing?
It is, and that's exactly what's happening now.

No. 289471

Anon, samefagging is one person pretending to be multiple anons to deceive others. Stop being retarded. Do you really think that if I argued with myself in the thread to cause infighting and derailing it isn't samefagging simply because I don't agree with myself?

Samefagging is when a farmhand sees your IP and realizes you're pretending to be more than one anon. The sticky is literally garbage and has the term double posting on it. Stop using it like it's law.

No. 289477

literally this. if i make a thread and just reply to myself the entire time it's samefag whether i've agreed with myself, argued with myself or told myself to kys.

this is something that selfposters do all the time, they will post something in a thread about themselves and then reply to it, sometimes negatively, to get the thread attention. they don't need to be in agreement.

No. 289479

If I make a post, turn out to be wrong, and then tell someone else "I wasn't that anon", that's not samefagging, just lying on the internet. Your example isn't comparable to what's being talked about.

No. 289480

yes it is. get i through your thick skull.

No. 289481

No. 289483

Except it's not. You've literally put this thread at a standstill with your autism. Let this die, the art thing ended hours ago.

No. 289484

i made the original artstyle post and just came back to this thread. wtf is this lmao i thought i was getting some actually interesting replies. this board has really lost it

No. 289486

File: 1535915110738.jpg (26.37 KB, 322x322, 90909090.jpg)

This is what happens when one (1) person gets triggered by the "Sure, Jan" meme lmao.

No. 289487

why are you clinging so hard to the fucking sticky definition. that's not what it means.

if your definition is right, why did anons earlier accuse random people of samefagging throughout the thread? because by your logic they can't be samefagging if their posts aren't agreeing with eachother.

No. 289488

Who gives a shit? You've been obsessing over samefagging all thread. It's tired, start a samefagging thread if you want.

No. 289489

>Tfw I look into this thread and there's an (x) amount of anons arguing about an argument for almost 2 hours.

For fuck's sakes

No. 289490

>who gives a shit

idk how about the anon who's been replying for like an hour?

you need to shut the hell up. and stop replying to everyone who doesn't agree with your narrow definition of samefag.

No. 289491

You have been arguing for well over an hour at this point. Just stop fucking posting. Everyone is sick of it, and no one cares except you.

No. 289492

sorry buddy but i haven't been arguing with you. my last post was a while ago and i was just waiting for the sperging to stop.

No. 289493

Seriously, I wish this would end so I can actually discuss things without wading through a samefag debate.

No. 289494

It would end if people would stop fucking replying. For someone who doesn't care she's sure replied that a lot.

No. 289495

Thank you for at least admitting you're part of the mess, but now it's time to put a stop to it. Quit posting. Sperg out elsewhere.

No. 289496

It's more than one person perpetuating it, and I wish you'd all fuck off.

No. 289497

No. 289498

Yes. Now go.

No. 289499

it isn't going to fucking end because anon clearly thinks anyone who tells her to shut up are the ones who were arguing with her. I hate these kinds of anons, they're the absolute worst.

No. 289500

It's obviously two retards shitting up the thread, and possibly samefagging. It's annoying as fuck.

No. 289501

Just stop replying mate and it will stop.

And lighten up, there's no need to be paranoid.

No. 289502

That's what I said, like twice now. Who's paranoid?

No. 289503

But anon, it's not samefagging if they're arguing with each other!

No. 289504

Cooked fruits are fucking disgusting, especially applesauce.

No. 289505

Make a new /ot/ thread already.

No. 289506

just don't engage her and she'll stop.

>apple sauce

fucking throw down!

No. 289507

File: 1535916330220.png (251.12 KB, 540x621, tumblr_paa1i0Z38J1v6ij7to1_540…)

Anime style looks better than western cartoon style.

No. 289508

Apple sauce is fucking disgusting, I agree.

No. 289509

is this that unpopular? i feel like it's unpopular to like cartoons in general, but anime is designed to be appealing to people.

No. 289510

File: 1535916609522.jpg (39.45 KB, 680x380, 1ac.jpg)

I think Red Letter Media is the first and best movie reviewers on youtube.

No. 289512

were they the first? i disagree with "best" either way. too reddity. i don't like any movie reviewers on youtube tho.

No. 289516

wtf was that argument up thread? i get that everyone was annoying, but the one trying to claim that samefag has this really narrow and specific definition so she would be right was super weird and spergy? i hope she gets permabanned.

No. 289517

Don't reply to the autist. This argument is not starting again.

Their stuff got really boring after a certain point IMO, but I agree that they're one of the best.

No. 289518

Why are you calling her an autist? If anyone replies to they they are the ones who are autists.

No. 289519

No. 289520

Agreed. that was horrible.

No. 289521

Probably not the first but I agree they're the best. They just have great chemistry with each other and they're of the few reviewers I actually find funny. I really love dry humor and just don't vibe at all with the more obnoxious YTers like Nostalgia Critic or the AVGN clones or whoever.

They're obviously not the most analytical or thorough critics on YT but that's not really the point of their reviews. They're just a bunch of guys sitting around talking about movies but they're consistently more entertaining than any of their imitators.

No. 289522

nta but i read it as the ones who were arguing up thread are the only ones who would reply (and are autists).

No. 289524

Ah. I'm just assuming the only people who would bring it up right after the thread is finally getting back on track, esp. out of nowhere, are the same autists from before, which is why I said not to reply.

No. 289527

i'm the OP, sorry for bringing it up, i had just read it briefly and was really confused about how smug anon was acting, i didn't really notice how she was replying to everyone who mentioned her later on. sorry!

No. 289528

Doesn't really matter, let's just let the thread move on.

No. 289538

idubbbz is trash

No. 289543

i couldn't agree more. i don't like h3h3 either or his creepy girlfriend. all of them try too hard.

No. 289550

Tumblr has established itself as the shittiest social media platform in most people's eyes but I think twitter and Instagram are worse.

No. 289553

absolutely. i wish someone would take down the ~untouchable~ idubbbbbz down a peg

No. 289558


Holy shit yes, especially because of the whole stan twitter + black twitter + kpop stan twitter going on. It's so obnoxious. And instagram isn't any better with all their irrelevant and addictive updates. I just left twitter and instagram all at once.

No. 289571

Seconded, I'm still on Tumblr but my Twitter account lasted like a week. It feels like you can't avoid the woketards and kpop shippers on there

No. 289573

h3h3's girlfriend always look like shes secretly being held at gunpoint. So cringy to watch that schlub mug at the camera while she awkwardly reacts.

No. 289595

I have really mixed feeling about circumcision. I don’t have a penis so idk what it’s like have a foreskin, but my husband has issues where his is too tight around the glans. (If he could take the time off work, he’d get the surgery)He insists that if we have a son one day we circumcise to prevent the problems husband has but I feel like it’s kind of cruel.

What is femcels? There’s no such thing as a female incel, considering incels are a no-girls allowed club for men with depression to jerk each other off and share pro-rape garbage.

No. 289604

Do you know the term incel was originally made by a woman to describe herself? You don't know shit lmao

No. 289674

source please, and who gives a shit? words evolve and come to represent different types of people when they're co-opted by them?

No. 289697

ntayrt but https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/apr/25/woman-who-invented-incel-movement-interview-toronto-attack

I agree with you tho, meant to reply the same. Incel means a specific kind of a shitty male. As a subculture, femcels are not really a thing. Never met a woman that wants to hurt and subjugate men because they won't fuck her.

No. 289759

we literally had a thread where the OP admitted she wanted to do just that.

No. 289761

i would try to explain to him that even if his is too tight, it doesn't mean your sons will be. and since he's choosing to do it, he should let his son choose too. preventative surgeries like that are really scarring for children and their psychology.

No. 289763

Do some anons seriously not know what samefagging is? Of course it's not just "agreeing with yourself", do they think that pretending to be someone else coming to your aid isn't samefagging? What the fuck?

No. 289768

anon no! that is a terrible reason to circumcise! if you got breast cancer you're not going to remove your daughters breasts just incase are you? that logic is insane. please don't let your husband project his issues onto your child, epsecially if he doesn't go through with the surgery himself. i'm shocked that someone would think like that.

No. 289771

It wasnt because men didnt fuck her though lmao, nice strawman
Tbh I've met more men who are pro circumcision then I've met women, I've also met more anti circumcision women than I have men
Guess no one hates men more than men

No. 289772

yeah that's a tough one wtf. normally i just say leave that decision to males because well, i don't want men having any kind of influence over what any woman does or doesn't do with her vag, so i'll exercise the same respect to men and their dongs…but if you're a man and you have a weird neurotic misguided reason being pro or anti circumcision it becomes anon's business as a future mother

No. 289782

File: 1535945026886.png (127.97 KB, 1075x697, Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 8.22…)

anon you just reminded me of my favorite samefagging thread of all time.

No. 289786

well that's the point. anon's husband should let their son decide what to do with his dick. it's not anon's husband's body. leaving it on isn't going to kill his son and if it turns out fine great, if the son decides it's an issue, it's his choice.

No. 289787

yea, pro-circumcision men are just displaying toxic masculinity, like anon's husband who's already deciding for their unborn son. that is really fucked up.

No. 289832

I have always thought this. I wish more western stuff would use the anime style, since that would also take away some of the stigma that anime has for being cheesy or perverted. I still know people who think all anime is either kids’ cartoons or hentai.

No. 289842

idk what western shows you think can really get rid of that stigma, most westerners think cartoons here are either kid's shows or rick and morty.

No. 289854


Insists was too strong of a word, I should have phrased it better.
His preference that we circumcise if we have a son isn’t about masculinity of whatever, and the comparison made by >>289768
was daft. Mastectomy and circumcision aren’t comparable procedures.

Husband just feels that it would be better for the child, because having a foreskon has been miserable for him. He’s pretty firm in his opinion but not forceful or weird about it.
It’s hard to get opinions from people that aren’t politicised or heavily biased because of a single bad personal anecdote. (Eg husband)

No. 289855

That’s only like, five crazy women with a fixation though. Incels are actively indoctrinating the same way isis and white supremacists do.

No. 289857

i wish idiots like you would understand that people aren't comparing things like that literally.

circumcision is still a surgery that you have to put your child through, any surgery causes a lot of stress on children that they can't express very well and can lead to mental trouble later on such as ADHD etc. and circumcision itself has a high complication rate and a fairly large death rate considering what it claims to prevent.

just actually let your son decide when he's old enough. your husband will listen to him about it and it will be better for him not to resent you for forcing an outdated procedure on him as a child.

No. 289858

i mean it starts out like that, there's no way to say that it won't grow. look at tumblrinas, they started out as 5 crazy people too and now they are the norm.

No. 289860

Wow so unexcessarily emotional anon. Calm down. It was a hypothetical discussion about a child that’s not even conceived yet..

No. 289864

Eh, I think they’re all hysterical and just as bad as the people they hate but they aren’t murdering or raping anyone.
A few users from incels have requested advice in getting away with rapes, lots of confessions of stalking and harassment. The rabid man hating women are very angry on the Internet, but they aren’t calling a murderer their god and idol.

No. 289865

this sounds….. incel

No. 289867

it just really makes me mad that people put their children through necessary genital surgeries without their consent. the lack of consent is what is the big deal. don't try to fix a problem just incase. especially if it's something like that. some men who are circumcised as kids are frustrated and upset because they didn't have the choice in the matter.

not to blogpost but when i was 4 my mom got my ears pierced because she thought i would just want to anyways later on and i spent my childhood getting a ton of infections in the holes and it was awful for me. i never wear earrings now at all either. i was so pissed at her for both causing me issues and doing it without my consent because she thought i'd just do it later anyways.

i just don't think parents should be allowed to make those decisions for their kids.

No. 289871


how the fuck does that sound incel? i'm a child psychologist and this stuff is pretty common knowledge, why do you think the rate of child circumcision has fallen so drastically.

No. 289872

The thing is though, his concern is health related. It’s not cosmetic like an earring, and seeing as a baby can’t give any informed consent, that would be our job as parents. Babies can’t consent to anything but we don’t ask them if we can change their nappy.

No. 289879

both things are considered modification. in the end you're making a decision based on something that may be an issue. they don't even allow preventative tonsillectomy anymore, why would you put your child through any manner of preventative surgery, especially for something that isn't life threatening/ruining, when it's just as easy to let them decide to do it later.

No. 289880

it's a common incel talking point, i was triggered, sorry

No. 289885

it's okay. i'm just really concerned about anon's idea of forcing a preventative surgery that is psychologically damaging onto a child for preventative reasons. shots aren't surgery and don't damage the child, earrings didn't really damage me in the same way either, but anon is either going to be traumatizing her baby with invasive surgery, or causing tons of stress on her child with anesthesia. and why? her husband's penis gets uncomfortable sometimes? some women's inner labia are long and uncomfortable, but they don't want to cut their daughters off.

No. 289887

Probably because nobody can discuss it calmly without putting in their own personal bias long enough to have an actual conversation about the negatives of it.

Like, present something other than your own trauma about your ears and I’ll happily take on board your opinion.

No. 289889


honestly i am more triggered that anon's husband wants to control his son's dick.

No. 289890

You’re way too emotional about this.
It’s a hypothetical, and was about getting information from other people. So far, you’ve acted like my husband and I are sociopaths because his foreskin has caused ED level pain and has torn due to it being restricted and he’s concerned and thinks it would be best to prevent it. present some information and go off somewhere else.

No. 289891

File: 1535954004598.jpeg (15.19 KB, 302x225, 79429AAA-6504-4DA8-A052-E4BC33…)

You guys project so much omfg

No. 289892

i already said what i had to say, and my ears were just an example of why that kind of thing is wrong to do without consent.

honestly you seem like the one who is most offended, you claimed my post >>289857 was unnecessarily emotional when i simply explained the mental issues it can cause.

i'm done with this conversation because you're not willing to listen to me reasonably. maybe try to research on your own the negative effects of not circumcision, but any kind of surgery in general on children, that's a big part of the issue.

No. 289895

>not knowing that circumcision causes ED in men


No. 289896

Emergency department..

No. 289897

NTA but tbh you sound more over emotional than her Besides, she mentioned she's a psychologist, so she probably sees these results first hand. She seems to be arguing against any kind of unnecessary medical surgery in general anyways, not personally attacking you.

No. 289900

File: 1535954326487.jpeg (143.7 KB, 1000x750, 48AC1004-0164-4536-A065-1CD6F7…)

I unronically think Nanalan’ is fucking adorable

I know it’s pretty weird and I can understand why people make fun of it but it’s oddly wholesome and it does a good job capturing the innocence that a toddler has. Idk. I’ll watch clips of it when I’m sad.

No. 289903

lol i agree, anons in the moo thread should stop hating!

No. 289904

yes!!! i can't believe it. nanalan has always given me an inexplicable protective instinct. i love her.

No. 289906

Im sure she’s got some valid points it’s just ridiculous to act like husband and I are planning to chop a kids dick off to please husbands control issues.
I’m unsure about it and wanted some opinions but jfc, it’s become ‘husband wants to control his sons genitals what a creep you are both giving this baby mental illnesses’ because he doesn’t want his kid in the emergency room bleeding from the dick because the foreskin has ripped while trying to clean it.

There’s been so much baseless assumption

No. 289910

oh my god SAME
I love her and Peppa Pig
Both are so cute and wholesome

No. 289912

The peppaxgucci shit China is selling atm is a blessing.

No. 289915

That's super common with american men though anon, just get over it, she's talking about surgery it could literally be any part of the kid.

No. 289917

File: 1535955083638.jpg (427.89 KB, 2448x3264, jb27pz254w711.jpg)

big need

No. 289918

nta but i think it's fair that your husband is concerned that your son will be in pain and stuff. but to me, it makes better sense for you and your husband to just be aware that your son may have those issues? like instead of circumcising immediately, it's probably a better idea to just pay attention to your son if he says it's causing him pain. idk your husband's situation, but many issues like that can be resolved during puberty if parents would take their kids seriously when they say they are hurt.

this way seems like a good compromise because it doesn't really discount your husband's concern, but it also doesn't put any pressure on anyone to do something that your child may not need.

circumcision seems kind of scary to me and i wouldn't do it to my child unless there was a known problem.

No. 289925

That’s how I’m looking at it. Personally I’d rather not circumcise unless the kid comes out with an obvious medical need for it.

My main concern is if the kid does end up with the same condition and it could have been prevented. I’d feel so guilty, (especially since the kid will likely have ADHD/ADD regardless of surgery because husband and I have it)

No. 289927

File: 1535956754239.jpeg (28.83 KB, 500x375, 48A42F4D-4928-42ED-AC0F-E4EAF3…)

Tfw we aren’t even American lol
even if it’s common for dudes to be creepy about it there, why assume so when it was outlined as otherwise?

No. 289935

i see now that there's a criminal absence of good, cute, uninsulting, unironic nanalan fanart and now i kind of want to make some

No. 289978

Holy fuck. Is this real?

No. 289983

File: 1535973831902.jpeg (30.5 KB, 354x354, 94A52E06-4C35-4925-B741-E5B0AD…)

She’s ascended memes and become something bigger. China’s biggest gangster.

No. 289995

I feel the same but for BBC's "In the night garden". I'm so mad they removed the show from my country's Netflix and now finding all the episodes is damn hard. It unironically helped me to sleep

No. 290011

File: 1535987125250.gif (1.28 MB, 268x150, tumblr_okvwdoLgJz1qj6i7po3_r3_…)

I miss western 2D like pic related

No. 290022

i dont think thats an unpopular opinion, not in the artist crowd at least thats for sure, by the way that gif looks really familiar but i cant think of the name. wheres it from?

No. 290031

Not that anon, but it's from the animated film Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas.

No. 290035

I guess you're right but I don't really see people gushing about them the way they do about SU

I wish 3D didn't take over so much

Yep, that's right
Please watch it if you haven't

No. 290230

This looks so good!

No. 290364

child abuse and animal abuse should be punishable by death

No. 290365

>child abuse
Maybe depending on the severity
>animal abuse

No. 290367

queue pissed off vegans

(not disagreeing with >>290364 but jfc this post is like baiting)

No. 290373

If it's repeated behavior that spans years, yes, I agree completely.

No. 290375

Imo, death penalty for pedophiles, rapists, child-killers, and repeat drunk drivers.

No. 290380

Kill em all 1989
410,757,864,530 DEAD PEDOS

No. 290382

ntayrt but if you have a person who is repeatedly abusing animals, they obviously have psychological problems and is a danger to others.

No. 290383

Maybe but I don't think that warrants death. Doing that doesn't mean 100% the person is a danger to others either. Being put on a list and being sent for some counseling seems more reasonable to me.

No. 290384

Remember that dog that was found with her mouth taped shut and her tongue stuck out of it? The caught that dude and he was given more time for having a gun than he was for leaving a dog to die in a torturous way. His reasoning for doing it (from what he said) was that "the dog kept barking".

(Just warning you, there's relatively upsetting photos of the dog with her muzzle taped shut, but this has the whole story).

I think people like him, people who knowingly go out of their way to cause torture to an animal, need to be checked out and put on a list. I agree with you 100% on that. However, I think people who continuously torture animals need to be taken out because you never know when that sense of violence will turn on a human.

No. 290385

adding to my post above, I totally think pedos should be a one and done type thing. The second someone is proven tot-none of that lethal injection bullshit. If you're willing to hurt a kid, you deserve to get taken out like the pile of shit you are.

No. 290386

A bullet is cheap, housing/feeding/protecting/trying to rehabilitate a monster are expensive.

Automatic death sentence for pedophiles when?

No. 290387

i don't think they'd kill all pedophiles because then most of our government and the majority of every religion (mainly their leaders and the higher ups) will be gone.

No. 290390

I don't agree with you, I don't think it is just to punish for a crime that has not taken place (especially that heavy of a punishment).While the dog story is sad and the dog didn't deserve it, in the end it is just an animal. Serious punishment for an animal is kind of silly to me.
I don't think pedos should be killed unless they have directly harmed a child. Thought crimes are not real crimes.
I guess this is the unpopular opinion thread though. But the death penalty should only be given to the worst criminals imo, not to every other scummy person.

No. 290391

I think most people care more about skin color than race. For example most people have no problem with light skin blacks or Indians. I think most racism stems from people just not liking the way certain races look. Most people are colorist but it is mistaken for racism.

No. 290392

True. The Catholic Church has too much money to face consequences for being a bunch of pedophile protectors. Ideally though, within 24 hours of being convicted of touching a kid sexually or owning any sort of child porn the perp should be shot in the gut.

No. 290394

Hey if a pedo who hasn’t offended yet wants to get himself castrated he can live in his special offenders village for sickles monsters.

No. 290395

animal abuse and killing is just as despicable as human abuse and murder

No. 290396

If someone takes pleasure and viciously abusing something, rather it is a human or a animal they should be killed. No good person would do that.

No. 290397

>thought crimes

We all know even though they're not directly molesting children, they're still jerking off to child porn which is just as bad as molesting the child themselves.

No. 290399

Or they’re just planning the best way for them to get the chance to rape a child.

Pedophiles do not belong in any society except an island with nobody but other pedos. Even the ones who haven’t hurt a child yet, they’re biding their time and contributing to child pornography by consuming it. No reason to let them offend before removing them from decent people permanently.

No. 290400

nta, but… it really isn't. at all.

No. 290401

how is it not? they suffer just the same and feel just as much pain.

No. 290404

They believe the Christian meme that animals don't feel pain and humans are the most important

No. 290406

File: 1536039307720.jpg (138.86 KB, 675x1200, IMG_4454.JPG)

lilith levisis is beautiful and I'm jealous of her looks and life style

No. 290407

No amount of pretty will take away the trash. Instathots should clean tf up. If you’re gonna be nothing but a jerkoff fantasy for dudes, why show everyone just how lazy you are while doing it?

No. 290409

smells like selfpost

No. 290411

Because only women notice in the first place. Guys who go to her pica to fap don't give a sngle fuck.

No. 290412

Either way, I assume they aren’t showering if they can’t pick up garbage. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 290417

File: 1536042249297.jpg (69.73 KB, 507x338, ew.jpg)

I think body hair is disgusting, on both men and women. For men especially though, yet its a norm that they leave their armpits and hairy legs go. It's so gross to me. It looks dirty and itchy. Looks like a breeding ground for sweat to accumulate. I wish my boyfriend would at least wax his armpits, it would look so much nicer. Idk why there's a stigma around men that they're not "masculine" if they shave armpits and legs. or anything else for that matter below the neck. chest hair is fucking gross, thank god my bf doesn't get that.

No. 290418

me too! me and my fiance both shave.

No. 290419

Is it an really an unpopular opinion? I actually hear a lot of that IRL and I read this opinion a lot on reddit, most people find body hair disgusting and expect their partner to wax or shave. I personally like men with nice armpit hair but I hate hairy chest, I find happy trails sexy too. I also have the look of bald genitalia, dicks look absolutely ridiculous without any hair.

No. 290421

>people who are stupid enough to practice things like Wicca/voodoo/Santeria/magic crystal users should be prevented from breeding because they’re so stupid.

This this and this, especially the fact that my parents are immigrants from one of those countries that believes in voodoo magic but don't practice it. I use to get into arguments with my parents during my young edgelord atheist days about it because me and my brother who were non spiritual/religious and born and assimilated in the US finds it ridiculous and dumb. But however, I do get weird vibes and heebie jeebies from people regardless of how friendly who actually practices it because most those fuckers are mentally unstabled and dangerous.

No. 290427

I know some people from highschool who still do this. All of them are mentally ill with some form of depression. They run tumblr blogs where its socially acceptable to be an outcast to fit right in. Now Sephora is pandering to them with a "witch starter kit" lmao. they hate it though

No. 290428

I wish small town citizens would give more of a shit about how they look and their surroundings
I know I know, it sounds superficial, but honestly? I think people just feel better when you can walk around and see neat,clean, well dressed, in shape people, vs constantly feeling like you live in some disgusting ghetto or honky town and everyone around you looks like they just got off the crack pipe, oh and kept their places cleaner too, I'm poor as fuck but poor doesn't mean dirty or you have to let yourself go so I don't get why so many people have that thought process, or even better when you're not trash like them you must be some rich high maintenance bitch because you actually decided to brush your teeth, shower,do your hair and wear something other than a cheesy cheap hot pink shirt with weird country sayings on it in bubble letters you got from the flea market and annoying swishy tight nike shorts
Maybe I'm just bitter, but I miss my town and city, everything looks so put together, clean and happy now it just seems no one cares anymore and would rather the world fall apart

No. 290447

I've been living in a small town the past year for school and all the locals are cunts. They really resent anyone from a bigger city I think they can sense I am not use to everything closing at 8pm and there being fuck all to do. Everytime one of the locals talks to me is to talk shit about some other local and how everyone in the area hates outsiders. I really hate small town mindsets and even more confused why there is a university up here

No. 290448

I’ve met a few first gen immigrants and I doubt I’ll ever meet anyone more enthusiastic about doctors and dentists ever again.

It’s one thing for a bunch of people living in a remote place and primitive lifestyle to believe in magic but it’s different when people have access to so much information and instead choose to use chicken blood, crystals, or words to cure diseases.
Wiccans are mostly old goths who have no personality outside of spooky tropes and an unhealthy attatchment to Harry Potter.

No. 290449

my friend's mom died with the support of her family because she refused to get real treatment. instead they did weird voodoo trying to get rid of the disease. they are still convinced it was working to this day.

No. 290451

That’s a fuckin tragedy and I cannot even imagine having to watch that happen.

No. 290454

extremely sad and unfortunate. i'm almost glad the whole family bought it, because it would be even more devastating to see your mom/wife let themselves die like that knowing it's bullshit.

No. 290460

Ngl I’m enjoying all the ackshual witches on my social media feeds crying about ~normies~ appropriating their culture for superficial reasons around Halloween, because I know for a fact that most of them only got into it for aesthetic reasons in the first place. Most of them aren’t even practicing Wicca, they’re what I’d call fandom witches who got into it through Harry Potter, magical girl anime, AHS and other pop culture stuff and really just want to be edgy.
In the end it’s a good thing that none of them take it all that seriously though, because it means they do accept real medical help if they really need it. Mostly they’re just obnoxious on a conversational level.

No. 290463

I'm tired of black girls always trying so hard to label mixed women as black(Meghan markle type bitches) then getting butt hurt when mixed girls are picked over them in everything. You idiots bring it on yourselves.

No. 290467

im so sorry to hear that. Reminds me of people who pray the sickness away. No one should have to be denied modern medicine if they can get it.

No. 290468

I look at eugiena Coony for thinspo not because I want to look like her but because if she can get that thin and not die then I should be able to get to my goal weight.

No. 290469

I feel bad for black ladies. there is a lot of self hatred for lighter skin women (ie rihanna's skin tone and tyra banks) for some reason. I wish they'd pick each other up instead of putting each other down because of darker or lighter skin.

No. 290472

Meh it's usually the light skin girls being dicks to dark skin girls, while the dark skin girls just smile and kiss their ass. Black people really need to stop sucking up to mixed people and trying so hard for them to be grouped in with black people. Most mixed people go through a phase where they want nothing to do with black people then once they see white peoppe aren't going to accept them they start going to black people for praise.

No. 290479

Thiiiis! I dont understand why us Black people are always kissing ass to mix people. Like yeah, slavery did play a role in how we view each other but at the same time this shit is so obvious it should be no more. Mix people are mixed so it makes no sense when they want to associate with only ONE of their races and then feel some type of way when they dont accept them. Thats why i think they should just be in the mixed/biracial category instead of claiming black.

No. 290497

File: 1536071066699.png (665.12 KB, 980x768, 154645353531.png)

>mfw I'm black
>mfw when I said Meghan Markle isn't black, some white Britbong and other assorted non-black farmers started yelling at me, basically called me a black Nazi and said she's black because she probably experiences racism (because being black is only about getting racist treatment I guess, kek)
>mfw the Disney princess thread had me and at least one other black anon clearly stating Zendaya is mixed, not black, so there's nothing wrong with her playing a character from a European fairy tale, but white (specifically, they claimed to be Eastern European and German) anons started getting angry and insisting she's black and that it's the same thing as casting a white guy as Nelson Mandela
>mfw whenever I talk about this with other black people online and off, both in and out of the USA, the majority recognize mixed people as mixed, not black and will only accept them out of sympathy for not fitting in (with the minority who actually, unironically claim them as black either being mixed themselves, people who are actually not black at all but decided to pop into the conversation, or some self-hating dumbass who gets memed on by everyone else)
I only ever see black people denying mixed people being black, honestly, while non-black people want anybody with an itty bitty bit of black ancestry to be considered black. The one drop rule was invented and enforced by non-black people, after all. Funnily enough, I see a lot of mixed people try to force their way into our group with a weirdly arrogant, entitled attitude that they'd most likely never exude with their non-black side's people. It's like every racial group is allowed to have a defined identity except for us. The black race is not a dumping ground, and I'm tired of Halseys and Logics trying to push their way in. Mixed people are their own people. I don't care if some people think me and Yara Shahidi look exactly alike. A black person has two black parents, just like a white or Asian person has two parents of their respective race. That's just how it is.

No. 290507

sorry to derail, but i'm mixed, (just not white) and i know what you mean. white people always always act like i have to pick a side and it's always the same side, as if i need to somehow feel guilty if i don't. it's weird and frustrating. it's like they don't understand that people have identities outside of whether or not they experience institutionalized racism. it's almost as if people have identities based on their culture, and not what outsiders assume their culture is.

also how tf can they justify that? both reasons are stupid and racist, but in the opposite ways. white people need to stfu and sit down for once.

No. 290515

As a slavic caucasian eurofag I despise Americans using the term "white people" when they mean exclusively anglo-saxon people and act like Europe is just Germany/France/the UK, especially because western Europe is garbage.

No. 290519

I had a Slavic friend insist he isn't white, only western Europeans can be white and that it's wrong to call, say, Russian people white, lmao.

No. 290529

wtf is this race purity bullshit

No. 290531

I don't like the most popular webtoons on line's webtoon app. Like I made a comment on a popular webtoon because I thought it was getting boring by each episode (though I liked it from the beginning)and got a lot of downvotes. Comments section on each webtoon is a mess too, same cringy and repetitive things. If it weren't for a few webtoons I like, I would've deleted the app long time ago.

No. 290535

File: 1536080760676.jpg (283.43 KB, 1242x1512, 1504632480646.jpg)

Is it "race purity" to plainly say pic related is not a white person? If not, why is it suddenly "race purity" to say they're also not a black person? Why is it some special sekrit club with rules to be considered white or Asian or Arab or Mestizo, but black people need to take in literally anybody and call them black?

No. 290536

That's rich coming from an eastern european, you guys are the reason why amerifats call us europoor.

No. 290537

We didn’t make and enforce the one drop rule stupid cunt. Read a history book. Your actions have to consequnces.

No. 290538

>for some reason
You bitches love playing dumb don’t you

No. 290539

I don't think it's unpopular but people look at you funny when you say it IRL.
I'm glad I wasn't born black or arab, they seem to have so much trouble with their identity, I always see them going from hating themselves to thinking they're the best people in the world.

No. 290540

File: 1536081226660.jpeg (625.39 KB, 1242x919, 320F75A1-176E-4921-9D6D-B5908B…)

I’m tired of this couple on youtube and their played out concept of “waaah my in-laws hate me because they are racist!” It was kind of interesting at forst, but jfc enough already.

No. 290541

Thank you, at least someone is sane and knows that these people lie out of their asses every second a black person is mentioned.

No. 290542

Which webtoons would you recommend? I haven't read that many. I loved Annasumanara and Stalking Killing (not even a yaoi fan - not interested in shipping or gay erotica, but love it for the psychological horror aspect).
I gave Tower of God a try cause an ex-friend forced me to (it was shit IMHO). Also read a bit of some retarded comic about poor orphaned girl with magical vagina that everybody wants to rape, including her ~twue love~.

No. 290543

And who’s fault is that? It’s ok, your days are numbered. Karma will come in the form of an opiate pill or being dumped in a shitty nursing home with all minority staff. Only a matter of time.

No. 290544

Maybe not that unpopular but:

Smoking is the ultimate deal breaker. If I find out someone smokes I lose respect for them, and if I found them attractive, I don't anymore. Smoking is worse than taking hard drugs to me because at least you're not blowing cancer clouds into people's faces.

No. 290545

Lol are you implying minorities are going to abuse me in my nursing home because that's just what minorities do or something?

No. 290547

It's not just about skin color though. French here, when it comes to Black people, the ones who come from specific African countries don't give a shit compared to the ones from the Caribbeans. I have other examples but I don't want to powerlevel too much.

But tbh with the kind of racist shit some of us are told, no wonder people look at you funny. I can see where you're coming from but if you told me that irl I'd suspect you were racist and tried to avoid you for the rest of the day.

Same. I think it's unpopular because every time someone smokes right next to me and I hold my breath and go away they're super offended. Even though they're the ones making others feel nauseous and cough. I have a manager I've never seen smoking but he smells like tobacco and it makes me want to throw up every time I see him. I wish it were socially acceptable to tell smokers to stop smoking in public and bother others with their shit.

No. 290548

Smoking doesn't bother me at all. I actually like the smell because it reminds me of the city.

No. 290549

I agree with this so much, I absolutely HATE having to sniff someone elses drug, go fuck yourself in private and get away from me

No. 290550

The funny thing is mixed men don't usually get lumped in as black because black men won't allow it kek

The moment a light skin guy with soft curly hair is called black they're mad but if a black woman does the same thing they will just call her self hating and jealous. You will never see mixed men taking the spot of a black men because black men will never let that happen.

No. 290551

Same. I love the smell of cigarettes. It reminds me of when I would go to China during the summer when I was younger.

My ex smoked. I don't think his smoking bothered me as much as it should but I think it makes people taste awful when you're kissing them.

No. 290554

WELL you just mentioned why! People call them jealous no matter what a black woman does, so why is it their fault?

No. 290555

File: 1536083108601.jpg (21.55 KB, 500x478, m47mpihqiG1rtuz5do1_500.jpg)

Seeing non-black people with dreads, cornrows, microbraids, etc wouldn't be annoying to me if these same people would actually speak up when innocent black children and adults get kicked out of school or work for wearing these same styles, or their natural hair.

I don't even care about the "cultural appropriation" thing (except when they try to pretend they invented things by giving them dumb names like "boxer braids" or "Bo Derek braids"), it just annoys me that they can somehow only open their mouths to say "It's just hair!" to us, but not those who are actively making life harder for the people who invented those styles and use them for protective purposes.

No. 290556

Usually white people who wear those hairstyle aren't the most educated ones, they probably dgaf about black people.

No. 290557

Yeah, you're right. It just sickens me that they want to copy what we do without actually contributing anything of their own, aesthetically or in the activist sense.
It especially kills me when they say black people who wear weaves or straighten their hair are "totally the same", as if we don't get in trouble at school/work, get called "unprofessional", "unkempt", "nappy-headed" and have our personal space invaded by all manner of hands when we don't do those things.

No. 290558

Smoking around others is definitely fucked up and inconsiderate. I personally really like the smell of it, but potentially giving strangers and loved ones cancer with your bad habit? No, thanks.

No. 290559

You need to go to Tumblr or SJW Twitter if you think this is an unpopular opinion

No. 290561

Black Sabbath is overrated too. I really like Greta Van Fleet though, they're compared to Led Zepp 24/7 yet I can't listen to a Led Zep album without getting bored through it.

Pink Floyd is a great band but The Dark Side of The Moon is vastly overrated, while the Division Bell just stands here with masterpieces like High Hopes and Marooned
(/end music sperg)

No. 290562

It's racial purity when you're angry if a mixed person considers themselves black and yell at them for trying to "push their way in" and if you're really asking why white/black mixed people would be grouped as black rather than white it's basic genetics kek

No. 290563

Nope, Tumblr/Twitter are always just mad because of cultural appropriation. I don't care about one culture being inspired by another, I just hate it when racists (or people who are complicit with racism) want a piece. I don't know about you, but I prefer racists to be at least halfway sensible.
If you like black fashion, music, dances and hair, cool. Why not make yourself known and visible when it counts so these same people can keep putting out fun content for everyone to enjoy? If you hate black people or don't care if they're discriminated against, why not avoid sticking your nose into their content? Why insert yourself into what they make for themselves? Just partake in your own culture if you dislike us so much. Don't try to have it both ways, it's hypocritical.

No. 290566

But when a mixed person calls themselves white, it's okay for white people to laugh them out of the room or deny them? Why's that?
>if you're really asking why white/black mixed people would be grouped as black rather than white it's basic genetics kek
Two halves of different components can never equal a whole of one component. There is no genetically sound basis to the one drop rule, just racism and ignorance on non-black people's part. Sorry. 2 + 2 ≠ 5, lmao.

No. 290568

If mixed people aren't black they aren't white either. Just something else I guess.

No. 290569

Are you implying the world isn't black and white?

No. 290570

Yeah, that's why I said mixed people are their own people. I don't know why that person started complaining about something as simple as that being "race purity bullshit", lol.

No. 290571

Idk there was a retard last week saying mixed people are europeans because they're as much white as they're black.

No. 290574

If they can participate in black roles in movies because of their 50% African ancestry, why not white ones because of their 50% European ancestry, too? The people from last week who were having a meltdown about mixed people who have European ancestry playing Europeans were pretty happily calling them black, and definitely wouldn't agree that they're their own people, kek.
They just couldn't stay consistent with their own logic when it was thrown in their face. Doesn't seem retarded to point that out.

No. 290576

Should they be able to play none of these roles in your opinion?

No. 290579

Honestly? More movies and movie roles should be made for mixed race people. They don't have enough representation, and it's silly to pigeonhole them into one group.
If that's not going to happen, though, they should be able to play either role without backlash. If black girls can put up with biracial girls being used to represent us in media, white girls can do the same without dying, lmao. The theatrics in that thread were just so over the top.

No. 290581

Tbh I don't understand how this thread got so bad. People started saying she looked to much like an instashot to pull off a cute character like Ariel, someone noted how hypocritical it was of SJW to accept a black girl as a white character when they lost their shit over ScarJo playing a tranny and then some black anon started screeching that she isn't a black girl and she really is a white european and then it went to shit.

No. 290583

She's not a black girl, though. She's mixed race, with a large chunk of European ancestry. The white girl who brought up SJWs was sperging out because people pointed that simple fact out, then started ranting about "aMurRiKaNs" touching her beloved yuro fairy tales. After that, people started pointing it out even more to trigger her, and she shat her pants screaming even harder and tried to say you're no longer a white European if you aren't born in a European country, and genetics don't real, only feels.
Then it turned into Americans trolling salty European autists.

No. 290584

Lol sounds like a touchy subject for you anon.

No. 290585

Uh, okay? I was just recapping the events of the thread. Anyone can go check it out if they're curious, lol. Sorry if you were one of the people who got emotional.

No. 290586

I feel like more and more mixed girls are going to start taking roles from white women because the exotic/instathot look is becoming popular. Ya see more and more white girls trying to look half black or latina(Ariana grande). Mixed girls fit the Eurocentric standard of beauty but they're exotic at the same time. Most dudes these days are fetishizing mixed, Asian, Arab and Latina girls and white girls have become "out of fashion". Ya know men treat women like fashion accessories lol

No. 290587

Every time I see a "sexiest women alive" list it's mainly white girls, so idk, I feel like mixed women are more a porn category than anything else.

No. 290588

File: 1536088986134.jpg (59.54 KB, 600x763, ng.jpg)

It reminds me of those "In the future, the average American will look like this" articles. It's like they're either prepping for that future, or they're trying to speed it along.
It's weird because people still tend to date/marry/have kids within their own race in reality.

No. 290589

Most people date within their race but every decade there's a new race of girls that is considered "trendy". Before it was blondes, then it was Asians and now it is racially ambiguous instathots. Remember when every black guy saw having a white gf as a trophy?now they all want latinas and Asians as trophy wives and trash talk white women.

No. 290593

why can't women just be attractive? why do people have to play these mental gymnastics of "ooo these races of women are hot these races of women are not if a woman is attractive while being a race I consider ugly she must be mixed!"

it's not just with blacks either, anytime 4chan sees an attractive woman they claim she's hapa, they did it with katya lischina and katya got pissed and posted her family on IG, or just post a brown haired, brown eyed woman with pale skin on 4chan or reddit and they'll claim she's hapa even if they don't know shit about the girl at all, or even better they'll claim the only reason why women like emily browning are attractive is because they "look asian"..yeah

and I know, I know "but chan culture isn't the rest of the world most men still worship white women!!" whatever, they still need to chill with pinning races of women aqainst each other and going beserk about how only asian women can be attractive no exceptions

No. 290595

I saw in a documentary that said that’s what original humans looked like.

No. 290598

>whycant women just be attractive?

Because men care a lot about social status. For example a man will date an ugly ass Japanese woman just so he can brag about having a Japanese Gf.

No. 290600

The sad thing is women by into this shit too. You'll many Woc online bragging about how white men want to fuck them rather than white women, it's pathetic, they're the one who makes mediocre white men feel like god's gift to women.

No. 290601

To be fair you see plenty of white women bragging about how black men prefer them or bragging about how they're treated like white blonde angels in east Asia. They get off on the attention just as much anyone else kek

No. 290602

It's just as sad and pathetic, women should never act like a man wanting to fuck them makes them better than any other women.

No. 290604

File: 1536091206891.png (315.81 KB, 600x640, Naomi.png)

When did I say that? Whether a mixed person wants to call themselves black or white is their own business and not ~pure black~ or ~pure white~ or ~pure asian~ people's job to decide.
If a person is half black and half white, they're most likely going to have darker skin. I didn't say it meant they "belonged" to either group. Naomi Campbell is partially asian, yet blacks "claim" her (which is a stupid concept anyway). You're really going to tell me she doesn't look black?

No. 290606

People like that are cringy, they only think in stereotypes for each race of women.
To them:
Asian girls = K-pop idols or IRL anime lolis (or single-lidded, flat-faced Downs syndrome sufferers)
White girls = Porn stars with blond hair, blue eyes and giant tits (or manfaced, wrinkly, prematurely-aged hamplanets covered in bad makeup)
Black girls = Rap video/IG thots with huge asses, thick lips and natural sex appeal (or morbidly obese, wide-nosed, monkey-faced, man-like creatures who are bald and only wear fake hair)
Latina/Mestizo girls = Curly-haired, tan chicks with big hips and sexy accents (or fridge-shaped, short, smelly el goblina memes)
Mixed girls = Goddesses with all the good points of either races (or literally none of them, ie literal monsters)
No in-between. They mask their autism as "preferences" a lot, too.

No. 290607

Most mixed people don't want to be considered black though, hell most of them don't even like black people. It's just something forced upon them by white people and their one drop rule.

No. 290608

Anon she definitely look like an asian goddess and she would be the perfect to play Wu Zetian! Or Mulan maybe.

No. 290609

Why should someone who is neither race, but an amalgamation of both, have the final say and insist that they are just one? That's just backward.
If white people can't have darker skin, are all white people who tan trying to make themselves look a little closer to black?
Naomi Campbell isn't half-Asian, either. She just has a half-Asian grandmother, while the majority of her bloodline is obviously made up of black ancestry. If you posted someone like Kimora Lee Simmons, maybe you'd have a point (but not really, since somehow, everyone recognizes her as what she is - a mixed woman).

No. 290610

But mixed people will always be seen as being more black by white people and being more white by black people.

No. 290611

>Most mixed people don't want to be considered black though, hell most of them don't even like black people

Whew, where did you get that from? A lot of mixed people have a black parent/half their family is black. Unless you count having an ancestor of another race 3 generations ago as being mixed.

No. 290612

I don't know, I've seen a lot of black/white mixed girls considering themselves black rather than white but I guess it heavily depends on the person's environment and the people they come in contact with.

No. 290613

Mixed people are only seen as black when it's convenient for white people….for example, If a mixed person does something illegal, if they want to cast some white passing mixed girl for a role of a black woman or if they're butt hurt because a mixed person is taking something white people think belongs to them. No one in their right mind would look at someone like Meghan Markle and think she's black kek

White people know the difference between a mixed person and a black person that's why they're the first to screech "she's only pretty because she's mixed!", if they see a cute mixed girl.

No. 290614

File: 1536092029483.jpg (23.87 KB, 480x360, llll.jpg)

Idk, it's really sad that you'd probably erase this woman's Chinese ancestry and insist that she's black just because she has dark skin. The one-drop rule is retarded.

No. 290615

I'm mixed, and based on my experiences and upbringing I'm more inclined to consider myself black rather than white, I see that more often too. But you're generally considered "other" by everyone. Neither group will fully accept you, and like >>290613 said, you're whatever is convenient at the time. It's utter bs.

No. 290616

I've never seen a white person say a mixed person is really white, it's not a matter of convenience it's a matter of having eyes.

No. 290617

If you have ever been raised around black people and their colorism, you'd understand what I mean. The mixed people just really hate that they're half black and love the attention they get for having lighter skin, looser curls or they just pretend to be Latina. Most of them don't actually want to be grouped in with black people.

No. 290618

File: 1536092119856.jpeg (282.14 KB, 500x750, biracial_500full-jael-strauss.…)

So, this person is black to you?

No. 290620

File: 1536092331888.jpg (29.62 KB, 600x450, Bustedfamily.jpg)

We're talking about people like Naomie Cambell or Zendaya here anon.
What an ugly family, thought.

No. 290621

Runway models should be skinny to keep focus on the clothes. Run way models should not be average weight or curvy, it just doesn't look right. The skinny Bitch models of the 90s looked so much better now all the models are average weight girls like Kendall Jenner.

No. 290622

Naomi Campbell isn't biracial, it's dumb to even put her in the same sentence as Zendaya.
Fun fact: Most African-Americans are 20-30% white. This mixed race conversation only becomes relevant when it's actually a 50/50 split.

No. 290623

>If white people can't have darker skin, are all white people who tan trying to make themselves look a little closer to black?
lolwut? I never said that white people have to be pale as snow.

>Naomi Campbell isn't half-Asian, either.

Again… didn't say that… but if her dad isn't purely black then she can't claim to be black by your own standards, can she???

Idk why you seem to think mixed black/white people have these insanely distinct features that set them apart from any other race. They generally either look black or white, with some exceptions. Why are you so pressed if a mixed person wants to say they're black?

No. 290624

>they're the first to screech "she's only pretty because she's mixed!", if they see a cute mixed girl.
correct me if i'm wrong but aren't black guys notorious for saying this?

No. 290625

Don't play dumb lol…you know there's a difference between someone like Halle berry and someone who looks like Naomi Campbell.

No. 290626

This is starting to remind me of those racial purity debates on /int/ where people call anyone with brown eyes and dark body hair a 'shitskin' and post photos of their own hands and eyes to show how white they are.

No. 290629

The main reason some mixed girls manage to look white is because they fuck with their hair.

No. 290630

I'd rather have clothes looking worse on models than an industry destroying women for the purpose of displaying clothes in the best way.
TBH can't wait till we get an/gynoids that can be used for fashion shows.

No. 290631

They both identify as black.

No. 290635

File: 1536093203837.jpg (117.76 KB, 540x720, tumblr_n0r816cuZ21tpnjd6o1_540…)

>lolwut? I never said that white people have to be pale as snow.
You inferred a mixed person who has darker skin is to be grouped as black. Since most biracial people aren't even close to Naomi's level of dark skin, I'm not sure where you were going with that.
>Again… didn't say that… but if her dad isn't purely black then she can't claim to be black by your own standards, can she???
Her dad's mom isn't purely black, but she married a black man, and they had him, making him something like 2/3rds black, and so on. It's not the same as Zendaya, lmao. Percentages matter.
>Idk why you seem to think mixed black/white people have these insanely distinct features that set them apart from any other race. They generally either look black or white, with some exceptions.
They….kinda do have distinct features. They look like a combination of both races, typically, because that's what they are. Most people can tell the difference between the girls in pic related and a pair of actual black or white women. Please don't pretend otherwise, you're not going to fool anyone.
>Why are you so pressed if a mixed person wants to say they're black?
I'm not pressed, I've just used common sense: Two halves of different components can never equal a whole of one component.

No. 290638

Are they? I'm black and I've only seen white guys say it.

No. 290642

Smokers are the most unaware and selfish people i've ever come across. I have a coworker who chain smokes and once i had to leave work early because of a bad cold. He offered to give me a ride, then immediately lit up a cigarette as soon as we got into the car. iw as like 'can you not… because i'm having trouble breathing' and he looked offended.

He is always late from lunch because he has to smoke. I hate how smokers kinda get special treatment by bosses if they also smoke.

No. 290643

>mess with their hair
>implying theres only black/white mixed people
>never mind all the other races that can also be mixed with each other and have straight hair naturally

I hate how Murricans cant think beyond the whole stupid black and white thing.

No. 290648

it's cause cigs are drugs. they got offended because they needed their fix.

anyone who smokes below age 30 is a fucking moron imo, they've never been alive during and pro-smoking campaigns like the older generation was. and the fact that they are actively choosing to ingest poison is beyond me. they always defend by trying to compare it to alcohol too, even though alcohol is only an issue if you binge drink, smoking injures you no matter what.

No. 290650

This dude was in his early 50s and massively overweight too. No idea why guys do that to themselves. Sad because he has a family, so he's choosing to kill himself faster.

No. 290653

Smokers at work are the fucking worst. They take so many lengthy breaks, they consider their smoke breaks to be an addition to their proper breaks rather than a part of it, it's the first thing they do in the morning after arriving on time. And worst of all they do it in GROUPS, they absolutely refuse to smoke alone, so the non smokers are stuck with the overflow of calls etc that they aren't around to take.

Management have tried making them stick to their normal breaks, made limits to the group size, etc but overall it's still a pain in the ass and it's still special treatment they absolutely don't deserve. I don't know why the addictions they chose to develop should be accommodated.

No. 290658


You guys sound fun

No. 290660

Triggered much smoke-chan?

No. 290661

I forgot about that, non smokers get break tax essentially whereas smokers can have double the break time, be supported by the other smokers and nobody complains. Same as the type who go to the bar at lunch with the boss and come back 2 hours later. We getting taxed for trying to be healthy here

No. 290663

i'm always openly disgusted over smokers so they know to stay away from me.

No. 290666

this is a huge issue with preventing others from starting. a few people i knew took up smoking explicitly due to things like that.

No. 290668

Neither of the anons you replied to but smoking is inconsiderate and gross, there's nothing fun or likeable about it. At least alcohol and weed have some kind of appeal but cigarettes do nothing but fuck your shit up. I feel like ''lel you guys must be fun at parties'' is just something people tell themselves to feel better about their own bad choices

No. 290670

me in the background

No. 290672

I have fun outside of work because I'm not being paid to stand around like a leech.

I also don't smell like shit, which is nice. I would probably be allowed to stand outside if I wanted to, but I can't stand the smell so…

No. 290676

being self destructive =/= being dumb. lots of so called geniuses have been heavy drug addicts or alcoholics (and smokers too obviously). i agree that bothering others with your smoke is a shitty thing to do but this "smokers are dummies becuz they hurt themselves" thing is so simplified.

No. 290677

Yeah it's not unpopular at all anon. People almost seem to think smokers are worse than abusers and pedos nowadays.

No. 290683

Zendaya says she's black. Wtf are you talking about two halves of different components can never equal a whole of one component? Appearance isn't math, not all genes are dominant/recessive. Both of those girls look black. Darker skin, big lips, textured hair. Girl on the left especially. Gtfo with your ~actual black and white women~ shtick. So many mixed girls talk about how they felt alienated because people like you wouldn't accept them as being part of an established race. Tbh you just seem like you're jealous because you're darker than them and black guys lust after biracial girls.

No. 290685

intelligence isn't common sense anon, no matter how intelligent you are you have 0 common sense if you smoke, which does make you dumb.

No. 290688

you sound a bit upset anon, coming down off your nicotine maybe? a smoke break would help.

No. 290689

Not as upset as people who think they'll die because they smell smoke on someones clothes, when they inhale carbon monoxide every day from cars. We're resorting to "umad" now?

No. 290692

OT but damn, she's cute, whoever this is

No. 290693

Okay. Intelligent but dumb.

No. 290694

sorry anon you're right, i should have taken your route and been autistically passive aggressive.

i'll go back to hating smokers more than literal nazi rapists now.

No. 290697

I smoke but they have pretty valid points.
It’s rude to light a smoke in a car with someone, it’s shitty to take a bunch of smoke breaks at work, and it’s generally unpleasant for people to walk down the street and have smokers not even blow it up away from pedestrians faces.

I can choose to do something stupid for myself, but some little kid leaving the supermarket with their mum doesn’t choose to have my smoke blown in his face. Take it away from other people and away from buildings. Also fuck they people who just toss their butts. That’s dirty af.

No. 290699

i would be fine with smoking if we had good smoking laws like other countries. many countries have laws against smoking in public and also have glass smoke booths outside so you can still smoke without bothering others.

smoking anons always get so mad when you complain about them but no one would care if it wasn't something they had to deal with. smoking cigs isn't just done in private like other stupid drugs.

No. 290703

I used to smoke because it was self-harm without the obvious shaming. Before I smoked, I cut or starved, but when people noticed I felt obviously guilty that I’d caused them pain. Smoking was like a guilt-free way to kill myself, tbh. I quit last year when I found a reason to live, and now I can’t stand the smell, or people who smoke, mainly because I see their self-destructive ways and immaturity. Honestly that’s what it boils down to, they’re hurting and don’t care if they hurt you too. That’s what (drug) addiction does to you.

No. 290704

It doesn't matter what she says. She is biracial. One parent is black, the other is white. She looks like a combination of both.
>Wtf are you talking about two halves of different components can never equal a whole of one component?
You're honestly too much of a brainlet to have this discussion with. I will say this: Genetics are real.
>Both of those girls look black
You're either delusional, or you've never seen a black person in your life. Congrats.
>Gtfo with your ~actual black and white women~ shtick.
No, you gtfo. You started replying to me, so if you don't like what I have to say, quit attempting to engage with me.
>So many mixed girls talk about how they felt alienated because people like you wouldn't accept them as being part of an established race.
They shouldn't feel alienated, they're their own race altogether. Complete stranger's feelings also aren't my fault.
>Tbh you just seem like you're jealous because you're darker than them and black guys lust after biracial girls.
Projection much? Darker than who? Weren't you just arguing mixed people have darker skin and look exactly like monoracial black people, kek? In any case, I have light skin, and my boyfriend is white. Never have been into black guys.

No. 290707

My state has been introducing laws limiting wherenyou can smoke and making harsher punishments for littering the butts which is nice.
I don’t like smoking around anyone who doesn’t smoke. It’s not hard to not inflict my shit on strangers, especially when heaps of them have little kids. People get too offended about being reminded that it’s unhealthy and a bit gross, but there’s literally no justification to smoke at the bus stop or outside the mall doors like an ass.

No. 290708

>jealous of mixed girls

Isn't it funny how black girls always get called jealous when we acknowledge that mixed girls are not black but no one calls white women jealous when they state that Hapas and half black girls aren't white….

It's as if as a black woman you have to accept any bullshit people throw at you so they won't think you're being jealous.

No. 290709

Yeah i smoke too (not much but still) and i never let it affect people around me. Only smoke outside on my own property (no other people around), and shower/brush teeth afterwards.

No. 290712

haffu here, white girls always get jealous and call us white to try to downplay the fact that we're asian as well since they're jelly of being asian.

No. 290718

"You're just jealous!" is such a lame, lazy excuse, too.
It's also such a joke when these types of people try to hang black men over black women who say things they don't like, as if they (or really any men) are some kind of prize. Like….If some musty dick with a stereotype of leaving behind single mothers, higher rates of domestic abuse, a lower graduation rate and less financial stability than their female counterparts is really that important to you, be my guest, I guess? Lmao.

No. 290720

>mixed people don't get enough representation.

I dare you to say this to a black woman's face.

Hollywood has a history of only casting mixed women as "black". There's a saying that if your lighter than a brown paper bag you get accepted in certain old black organizations. It's only within the last 60 fucking years that dark-skin women get the exposure that need.

No. 290721

Stop gaslighting.

No. 290722

i think they mean just that. they don't cast mixed women as mixed they just put them into a category based on their appearance. making that distinction would be good for black women too.

No. 290724

Anon, I am a black woman. I think you misunderstood me. I mean they don't get represented as what they really are: Mixed, not black.
The one drop rule is stupid and needs to be phased out. Black girls and women should be represented by black girls and women, and the same goes for mixed girls and women. Hollywood is full of shit for conflating the two, and we shouldn't be smashed together.

No. 290725

literally when has this ever happened

No. 290726


This, I get pissed when mixed girls always talk about how they marked "black" on the census and act smug about affirmative action while shitting on black men and women. We don't like claiming them, but because we are too compassionate (which I truly, think is our downfall) we accepted them, since they historically had no were else to go.

No. 290728

i think people just need to stop accepting it, like when asians get cast in movies that are explicitly about a different asian culture than theirs. you can just lump people who look the same together and act like they're interchangeable.

No. 290729

They hate black people because usually they are raised by a white mother & white family who puts that shit in their head. This gets more obvious when the father is absent/in jail/ dead.

I've seen this first hand, I live in the south.

No. 290730

Go get lung cancer.

No. 290731

all the time. white weeaboos get super butthurt about anyone who is part asian in the slightest. it also happens on fucking tumblr, there's a term for it, white passing. if you're pale and part asian you're "too white" to be oppressed. i have been told that first hand by people.

not only that, but that same kind of discrimination happened in older age groups. my mother constantly was asked if she was my maid/nanny because i "looked too white" this happens to mixed babies as well with their white parents.

No. 290733

>you're just jealous

Every. Single. Time. We make an argument, our opinions are cast aside, and we are just "jealous". This is why POC can't stand white femininism and white women.

No. 290735

IMO, it's either going to take more women speaking up (specifically, black women speaking against it, and mixed women asking for their own stories and roles), or mixed race actresses turning down black roles. The latter probably won't happen, since I doubt they want to risk their money, so the former is more likely.
Like >>290550 said, black men straight-up don't tolerate being replaced by biracial men. The same outlook needs to be used both ways if things are going to change.

No. 290737


I see, I'm glad we're on the same page.

No. 290738

>white weeaboos get super butthurt about anyone who is part asian in the slightest.
please give men an example of this ever even happening

>it also happens on fucking tumblr, there's a term for it, white passing.

that's…not "white girls jealous of you being asian", it's just typical sjw bs and I've seen more woc feminists use terms like white passing than I've seen jealous white roasties say it

>if you're pale and part asian you're "too white" to be oppressed

boo hoo, what does this have to do with jealousy anyway? they have a point since colorism is heavily intertwined with racism

>my mother constantly was asked if she was my maid/nanny because i "looked too white" this happens to mixed babies as well with their white parents.

again, jealousy, your original point, not someone just asking if your mom is the nanny

No. 290739

More and more black women are speaking up, I follow Chrisse on youtube and she's wonderful.

No. 290740

and then they get all pissed off when someone points out white women being jealous of something.

this whole thread is full of tumblr logic. white anons speaking for minorities and then telling us we are wrong.

No. 290742

NTA, but it sounds like anon struck a nerve. Have you been doing this shit to hapa girls, and now you're upset that it's actually spoiling your demographic's reputation?
>white roasties
Nvm, you're probably just a robot in womanface.

No. 290743

You don't think that maybe, just maybe all the countless white weeaboos using asian names and pretending to be part asian on the internet are jealous and butthurt? We have threads for girls pretending to be part asian. And white women on the site kneejerk all the time when you mention being hapa/haffu. Kind of like you're doing now.


No. 290745

>Have you been doing this shit to hapa girls, and now you're upset that it's actually spoiling your demographic's reputation?
anon claimed white women were jealous of hapas for being asian, and also claimed "white women are mad at hapas" I asked for an example, not just racists with shit excuses and no signs or proof of jealousy at all
>Nvm, you're probably just a robot in womanface.
I used it ironically, did you even read the post I was replying to at all?
look I'll post what they said
>haffu here, white girls always get jealous and call us white to try to downplay the fact that we're asian as well since they're jelly of being asian.
I wanted proof white women were calling hafas white out of jealous or whatever, not just "but but someone asked if my mom was the nanny and crazy sjws on tumblr said im not oppressed!!!"

No. 290748

>just maybe all the countless white weeaboos using asian names and pretending to be part asian on the internet are jealous and butthurt?
jealous, maybe, but are they the same people claiming that hapas are white?
>white women on the site kneejerk all the time when you mention being hapa/haffu
again, where? I'm not even white first of all, I was actually quite curious on where this happening and sadly I didn't get a legit response, I didn't "kneejerk" just because I asked for proof that you claimed white women call you white out of jealousy

No. 290749

so you're a triggered white bitch who didn't get enough attention on /r9k/ then?

no one said anything about white women being inferior to anyone, just pointing out how white women put down mixed races.

No. 290751

>just pointing out how white women put down mixed races
yes, people of other races put down people of other races, it's not a white only thing
you claimed it was about jealousy, which you have yet to prove the same white women who are jealous of asians are the same ones putting them down
similar to what anons were saying earlier, how the "you're just jealous" thing is a dumb and lazy argument

No. 290752

oh yes anon, >>290725 was pure innocent curiosity! forgive anyone who thought otherwise. no one needs to prove anything to you because you can just do some research yourself. it's obvious that you're going to tear down any examples to fit your narrative.

No. 290753

Look at all the fucking salt in the Tsuruko thread if you want an example of this in action.
Honestly, any thread of hapa or hapa-looking girls (in this case, Tsuruko is supposedly only 1/4 Asian but looks a lot more) here or on PULL will have "S-She just looks white" cope. I don't doubt hafu anon at all.

No. 290756


some users on PULL even deem full asians as too white looking.

No. 290757

Lol she deleted it so quick.

No. 290758

why so defensive?
>no one needs to prove anything to you because you can just do some research yourself
I tried, I can't find anyone or anything who are racist against asian women out of jealousy

>Tsuruko is supposedly only 1/4 Asian but looks a lot more
look, I know you're about to get extremely triggered but on what planet does she look very asian? paper cut lips, thin stringy hair, biggish nose, pinkish undertone, those aren't asian features at all, even other asians in the threads think so
>here or on PULL will have "S-She just looks white" cope.
cope of what exactly? get over yourself, attractive features make a woman attractive, not your race unless you're purposely appealing to racial fetishists

No. 290760

>says x never happens
>proceeds to literally do x


No. 290762

>insists something doesn't happen
>proceeds to do the thing they're insisting doesn't happen
Now that's what I call gaslighting

No. 290763

literally the first comment from an asian is that they though she was haffu so…

sorry anon, i didn't realize you were special needs.

No. 290764

>says x never happens
I said it never happened out of jealousy, like you claim, not that 100% it never happens at all, nice strawman though

No. 290765

>Now that's what I call gaslighting

That's their forte anon.

No. 290766

File: 1536102284038.png (622.64 KB, 476x597, tsuruko.png)

Fucking hivemind.
I guess this is anon's idea of an Aryan queen, lmao.

No. 290767

>insists something doesn't happen

re read what I wrote, it wasn't about it not happening, anon claimed white women claimed hafus weren't asian out of jealousy, I wanted proof, not "someone said a part asian girl with white features had white features, look at those jealous white roasties coping!!!!"
>literally the first comment from an asian is that they though she was haffu so…
on the tsuruko thread? I don't see it

No. 290768

yeah… you sound crazy, I notice your arguing style around here. No arguing just strawmanning, samefagging and putting words in the others mouths to hell and back, then posting a picture of some girl and claiming that's the anon or the anon thinks this or whatever, I would rather debate mentally stable people, thnx

No. 290769

File: 1536102499348.png (605.18 KB, 613x615, 011.png)

>white features
Are you sure this is the hill you want to die on? Claiming this person does not look Asian? Are you completely sure?

No. 290770

1 - never said they didn't look asian, just said they had white features, you can have x features but not look like x race
2- this picture proves my point

No. 290772

you don't think any of those girls are jealous? not a one? despite all the anons in that thread calling out anons for being obviously jealous of her?

also they are not saying "she has white features" they are saying she has no asian features, debating her fucking eyelids for fucks sake and accusing her of lying.

i swear, the only """"proof"""" you will accept is someone confessing that jealousy is their reasoning.

No. 290773

1. Multiple people ITT think you're full of it. It's not samefagging, we're all in awe of your bullshit.
2. No one has strawmanned or put words in your mouth, you're just backpedaling now that you've been BTFO. You said >>290725, not "when has it happened out of jealousy".
3. That is a picture of the girl you're claiming has white features. If you read the filename, you would realize that. The person who said you're special needs must have been spot on.
You're the only one who sounds crazy here. Kindly exit.

No. 290775

>despite all the anons in that thread calling out anons for being obviously jealous of her?
wow because an anon said "you're all just jealous!!!" that's proof everyone is jealous of her, sure showed us
>" they are saying she has no asian features, debating her fucking eyelids for fucks sake and accusing her of lying.
your point? you even said yourself girls lie about being hapa and now you're crying people don't have automatic dna tests with their eyes?race isn't easy to tell, and she does look white, even other asians think so, this is lolcow

>i swear, the only """"proof"""" you will accept is someone confessing that jealousy is their reasoning.

well yeah, if you're gonna claim someone is jealous you should have proof, you can make assumptions that someone is jealous but you wouldn't be valid until you give valid reasons to explain why you think they're jealous

No. 290778

>No one has strawmanned or put words in your mouth
they did, I called them out several times, read the argument
>you're just backpedaling now that you've been BTFO. You said >>290725, not "when has it happened out of jealousy".
your point? I did ask when it happened out of jealousy and I still have yet to see this happen out of jealousy…
>That is a picture of the girl you're claiming has white features
and she does, are you dumb? you realize I look at the tsuruko thread correct? her eyes, lips, cheek and jaw are caucasian, why are you so triggered when people point this out? race can be hard to tell at times, and this is that case, yes she has white features, she is part white, why this pisses you off is beyond me
>If you read the filename, you would realize that.
the file name is 011 first of all, and I never said it wasn't her, I knew it was her, hence why I said "that picture proves my point on why I think tsuruko has white features", so much for pwning me, check yourself

No. 290780

if you have to ask why weebs would be jealous of haffus you shouldn't even be in this conversation, but i'll explain with simple greentext

>weebs want to be asian

>weebs are obsessed with japan
>weebs have high octane yellow fever
>weeb girls lie about being part asian because being asian is desirable to them because japan
>weebs think that japanese people are gods

there are many more reasons i can give, but the glaring obvious one is that they fucking pretend to be part asian because they are envious of people who are asian. arhipop has literally commented about kpop stars for not looking asian enough because she wants to be them. saying shit about how they look less asian than her.

why would fucking anyone fight tooth and nail to prove that haffus are lying? please tell me. there's a such thing as something being beyond a reasonable doubt. so please anon, provide me a logical explanation of why weebs doing all of the above does not constitute jealousy.

if you're going to deny my point you certainly need to defend yours and just saying "u dOn'T hAvE rEaL eViDeNcE" is not doing that.

No. 290781

it seems you are the one that wants hapas to pretend to be one race

No. 290783

she means >>290766 file name where you accused her of posting a picture of some unrelated girl. take a deep breath and try to remember how to follow conversations thanks.

No. 290784

No. 290785

File: 1536103672327.jpg (109.88 KB, 1080x1080, 1486337961421.jpg)

i have no real horse in this race, just passing by to say that in her non shooped pics and not-selectively-chosen non-shooped pics, her features look white. and so many cosplay weebs and insta weebs say they are partially asian. not that you even have to be to have 'asian' looking features. there are countless cows that are white that filter themselves to oblivion in trying to look asian. i don't know why questioning that is "WOW U R JEALOUS".

my fiance is not asian in the slightest, even had genetic testing done for funsies, he just has incredibly asian looking eyes despite being english and mediterranean. that's not to say she couldn't totally be asian, just that most of her features don't really look asian without shoop.

imo, pic related is incredibly Caucasian looking and she's still trying to look asian in it. if she styled herself like a white person, i doubt people would stop and question if she was anything but white

No. 290786

>literally forgot what image/post they were replying to, then confused it with an image posted AFTER their own post
>says "Your point?" and goes on to lie about what their own post says
Holy shit. Just stop posting, anon. You must be high, or drunk, or both. I don't want to believe this is how someone functions in daily life.

No. 290787

>weebs want to be asian
and how would that make them tells hapas they're not asian?
>weeb girls lie about being part asian because being asian is desirable to them because japan
so you admit this happens correct and now you're triggered because people don't look into their crystal ball and can automatically tell
>arhipop has literally commented about kpop stars for not looking asian enough because she wants to be them. saying shit about how they look less asian than her.
>why would fucking anyone fight tooth and nail to prove that haffus are lying?
so which one do you want? do you want everyone to just straight believe people who claim to be hapas or?
>she means >>290766 file name where you accused her of posting a picture of some unrelated girl
I never- I'm not even gonna finish that sentence, you already linked, you read it yourself, I never said unrelated girl

No. 290788

She has a small nose, round head and almond eyes. She doesn't have the typical long jaw, big/long nose and sharp features whites have.

No. 290789

nta but no one's trying to say she doesn't look white, we were trying to point out that people in her thread were claiming she doesn't look asian at all and therefore isn't so she shouldn't claim being part asian.

that is literally what people have been saying. saying she has some white features isn't an issue but anons are saying she has NO asian features and therefore shouldn't talk about being asian. like, are you stupid?

No. 290790

>I never-
Then what exactly did you mean by "some girl"? Holy shit. You fucked up, just take the L and go.

No. 290791

>says "Your point?" and goes on to lie about what their own post says
you claimed I was backpedaling and tried to prove I was backpedaling which you failed poorly at
>>says "Your point?" and goes on to lie about what their own post says

ah the strawman strikes again, where did I lie

>i don't know why questioning that is "WOW U R JEALOUS".
again, I will bring up my original point, being jealous or wanting to look like a certain race vs claiming people do x y and z to other race out of jealousy, which you have yet to prove

No. 290793

anon you are arguing with someone who is trying to defend you, are you okay?

No. 290794

the only asian feature pictured, tbh, that i see there is the very crease of her inner eyes. beyond that, her eye shape, nose shape, mouth shape, face shape, etc, are all found in lots of whites and aren't exclusive to asians and don't seem particularly asian to me, imo.

No. 290795

>small nose
I feel bad for you if you think that's small
>round head
that's a universal feature, present in all races, just like a lot of asians have square jaws
>She doesn't have the typical long jaw, big/long nose and sharp features whites have.
Oh so you're just one of those people who think all whites are gross masculine oldies and all asians are pure innocent feminine goddesses and when a white woman is feminine it's because she looks asian, plenty of whites do and don't have those features, plenty of asians do an don't have those features, the only feature exclusive to asians is monolids, yellow undertones, and asian noses, and even then natives tend to have those features as well

and when you look at asian skulls, asian skulls tend to be sharper and square, not all asians are kpop stars

No. 290796

I was just going to point >>290793 out.

Anon, if you are trying to defend your reading comprehension or any other legitimacy in your argument, try not to get extremely confused by people actually defending you.

No. 290797

>Then what exactly did you mean by "some girl"? Holy shit. You fucked up, just take the L and go.
sure, I'll admit I could've worded it better but I was referring to the anons argument style, not this particular situation, go back and read

No. 290798

>ah the strawman strikes again, where did I lie
Oh my god.
>You said >>290725, not "when has it happened out of jealousy".
>your point? I did ask when it happened out of jealousy
And what does >>290725 read?
>literally when has this ever happened
So, you're lying or you just can't read. Choose one. In any case, it's obvious that this sort of rage and insisting a girl with Asian features looks "just white" can only come from jealousy.

No. 290799

All races can have these features but Asians are more likely to have them. That girl is clearly a hapa. She actually looks more Asian than white.

No. 290800

Her nose actually looks too narrow and raised for an Asian. I would expect it to be broader/wider and flatter.

No. 290801

I bet you would say the same if we put jennifer lawrence in weeb-styling

No. 290802

>You said >>290725, not "when has it happened out of jealousy".
>your point? I did ask when it happened out of jealousy
And what does >>290725 read?
I asked when did jealous white girls claim hapas are white out of jealousy and "cope" which you have yet to prove, thanks for proving my own point though
anon claimed jealous white girls do x y and z
I asked when it happened and an explanation on how those white girls were jealous
get your shit together
>In any case, it's obvious that this sort of rage and insisting a girl with Asian features looks "just white
she does look white though… it doesn't take some big bad jealous white roastie boogieman to see that

No. 290804

File: 1536104454724.jpg (57.46 KB, 604x514, _____.jpg)

>"Go back and read"
>can't keep track of posts on an imageboard, and attacks people who are trying to defend them

No. 290805

> She actually looks more Asian than white.
she really doesn't, anon. where are your ideas of white people coming from? are you guys all from like, huge, beaky nosed white countries where white women only have 3 foot long faces?

agree with this. without styling, she'd look considerably less asian, though most of her features seem primarily white. it's obvious she's trying to look more – not less – asian.

No. 290806

File: 1536104499068.png (165.93 KB, 320x350, 1485786397849.png)

"she looks so asian and you're all just jelly"

No. 290807

Can we stop derailing the argument to be about how people look, it's about the attitude that white girls have about haffus who don't look full asian.

Please can someone tell me a reason why white girls in her thread got so upset about her being part asian?

No. 290808


No. 290809

Two people pointed it out already. >>290796 >>290793

If you can't figure out what you fucked up on in >>290791 post then I am done. I don't want to pick on someone who is special needs.

No. 290811

File: 1536104913439.jpg (1.2 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_4459.JPG)

Nah Jennifer Lawrence doesn't look Asian at all. Even without styling this girl looks hapa.

No. 290812

>Please can someone tell me a reason why white girls in her thread got so upset about her being part asian?
they weren't. those "white" girls were just doubting it cause uh oh she looks white
I didn't fuck up, you did
I'll explain myself for the what 10th time now?
I asked for proof white women were claiming asians were white out of jealousy
not two separate things of white women being jealous and white women just claiming asians look like, how many times I repeated that? but yeah.. it's me who fucked up, right

what I asked: proof white women were claiming asians weren't white out of jealousy, which I never got, just sjws being sjws or weeb girls who want to look like kpop idols
explain to me where I fucked up, since it's sooooo obvious it should be super easy to point it out

No. 290816

Are you high? We're pointing out that >>290785 anon who you quoted >>290791 was defending you. The quote you used from them below is literally saying "i don't know how pointing out the fact that she doesn't look asian means people are jealous.

>>i don't know why questioning that is "WOW U R JEALOUS".

You don't even know what that meant. You sound like that insane anon who was arguing about samefagging a few days ago.

No. 290817

>top left corner she looks white, maybe french, if you showed people this girl and told them she was french or irish or whatever they wouldn't doubt it
>top right corner, she does look hapa but mostly because the pose causes her eyes to look similar to monolids
>bottom left corner she doesn't look asian at all, she actually looks similar to ciara bravo who is white
>bottom right she looks like a FAS white girl cosplaying
what are you trying to prove

No. 290818

If you think the bottom-left photo looks anything but white, I don't know how to help you. I said jennifer lawrence because she has fat eyelids and no other asian features, just like this girl

No. 290819

The easiest way to trigger white girls is to mention Asian girls. The butt hurt is real….there is no need for you to be jealous of Asian women, all races of women have something that make them pretty.

No. 290822

>We're pointing out that >>290785 anon who you quoted >>290791 was defending you.
your point?
>You sound like that insane anon who was arguing about samefagging a few days ago.
anon half the people who argue here are insane, let's not turn this into an anti loli anon thing where all anons or other anons and all those anons or anons or whatever

No. 290823

File: 1536105243857.jpg (41.22 KB, 761x775, JkGD2S3.jpg)

>Even without styling this girl looks hapa.
are you blind? go outside and you'll see a million white girls that look like pic attached

No. 290824

she's still styling herself in these photos, and the one with the least amount of styling that is actually clear (bottom left) looks completely white.

No. 290825

>they're just triggered and jealous of asian girls!!!

No. 290826

>they weren't. those "white" girls were just doubting it cause uh oh she looks white

I'm talking about quotes like >>>/snow/242159

>I don't mean she made up the 1/4 asian thing, but I don't think it's needed. If she looked asian, ok. But she doesn't.

No. 290827

Honestly, I didn't think this was true till I read all the gaslighting here and the Asian hapa thread that was linked. They've been trying to hide it for a long time huh?

No. 290828

There is nothing wrong with pineapples on pizza.

No. 290829

who cares, we're not debating if she looks white, no one actually cares if she looks white or not, this isn't her thread. we were using her to point out this behavior, which is butthurt triggered white girls.

No. 290832

Also, melted cheese goes extremelly well with coconut.

No. 290833

Are you okay anon? Really? You asked me to explain how you fucked up and now you're dismissing it. You're absolutely insane.

Nothing you say is of any value because you can't even respond to anyone without automatically arguing with them even if they are trying to agree with you and defending your points. Please get some help. I'm honestly worried about someone like you, you might have dementia or something.

No. 290834

what does that even mean? that anon wasn't exactly specific either on what they meant, sounds to me they were just pointing out she doesn't look asian

No. 290835

this local place near me has a pina colada pizza which is ham, pineapple and shredded unsweetened coconut.

No. 290836

yet where are they though and where is the proof they're even white rather than just pointing out a girl looks white somehow makes her a triggered jealous white girl? please show me where all the triggered jealous white girls are in tsurukos thread

No. 290837

NTA but the crazy anon was asking for examples of people saying she shouldn't say she is asian.

No. 290839

Meh it's pretty obvious that they're jealous. Especially since anytime it's brought up they go screeching about how Asian girls are plastic etc

Asian girls are the only race of women who are of equal competition to white girls and they hate it.

No. 290840

>You asked me to explain how you fucked up and now you're dismissing it. You're absolutely insane.
I asked you how I fucked up, you refuse to give me a clear answer , and now you claim I dismissed it when I explained it or asked your point and how it was a mistake
>Nothing you say is of any value because you can't even respond to anyone without automatically arguing with them even if they are trying to agree with you and defending your points. Please get some help. I'm honestly worried about someone like you, you might have dementia or something.
you say…as you respond to me, ignore me if you think I'm just some big bad crazy loon or whatever

No. 290843

Sounds fucking delicious anon.

No. 290844

File: 1536105782393.png (252.77 KB, 540x479, tumblr_opcezeC1hO1tsee73o1_540…)

>your point?
Every time. I swear, you probably say this every time you lose an argument and get proven wrong on all fronts.

No. 290845

that person didn't say she wasn't asian though, they even said themselves she didn't makeup being asian

oh and I am that "Crazy anon"
and no accusing people of being insane and gas-lighting them (while ironically people claimed I was gas-lighting earlier) isn't an argument

No. 290846

Right? And she's the one who asked for the example, she can't just say oh my bad, I have an ally, she seems really mentally unwell. Especially reading >>290840 when anon literally pointed out that the mistake was her attacking >>290785 because she thought it was someone else. She still can't understand that >>290785 was trying to help her point, and yet she goes off on them >>290791 accusing them of being the one trying to prove the jealousy.

No. 290847

you claimed it, you prove it, I didn't say the person wasn't defending me, I ask your point because you claimed I made a mistake and I sure as fuck like to see it

No. 290848

People in-fighting at an unpopular Opinion is so stupid.
It not a Very Popular Opinion or Universal Opinion or even Change my Mind About My Opinion thread.

No. 290849

what does that even mean? there are incredibly beautiful women of all races. there's really nothing incorrect about saying that a lot of asian women are getting plastic surgery nowadays though? it's literally booming and becoming so unbelievably popular and normalized in asia. like, waywayway way way way way even more so than people in white countries.

you sound like you have real azn worship though to say that asians are the only people in competition to white women and you sound super fucking racist against blacks and mestizos/natives/hispanics to say that shit, because there are definitely beautiful women of all races that are just as beautiful as whites. wtf does that even mean

No. 290850

I remember the last two threads and how some anon started posting photos of random underage Asian girls in school uniforms to prove how "ugly" they really are (even though some were actually pretty). Obsessive and jealous as fuck (and a little messed up considering anon was probably a grown woman herself).

No. 290851

anon, please explain what you meant by the below from >>290791 post.

>i don't know why questioning that is "WOW U R JEALOUS".
again, I will bring up my original point, being jealous or wanting to look like a certain race vs claiming people do x y and z to other race out of jealousy, which you have yet to prove"

No. 290853

>. Especially reading >>290840 when anon literally pointed out that the mistake was her attacking >>290785 because she thought it was someone els
ah yes, this thread will just turn into a big thing of "omg she's so crazy!!!" as if everyone involved was just in tip top mental condition as well
I didn't think it was someone else either, you can't even give me a certain quote I said that proved I thought the anon was someone else, you have no point

>She still can't understand that >>290785 was trying to help her point, and yet she goes off on them >>290791 accusing them of being the one trying to prove the jealousy.

I did understand but also responded to stuff they said as well, unless you can read my mind or whatever, where tf did I pretend it was a different anon?

No. 290855

I am 100% in the opinion that a crazy person lurks this thread regularly. The arguing style that this anon is using has convinced me. She's clearly the person who was arguing about the samefag definition a few days ago, and she's clearly the same anon who does this every few weeks.

I have not seen in any other thread someone who can't even follow her own train of thought. She seems to legitimately forget some of the questions she's asked people to answer and then gets mad when they do. I'm really at a loss for words and will hide the thread from now on.

No. 290856

At this point, "unpopular opinion" threads are just containment threads for crazy bitches like us.

No. 290858

what thread?
>Especially since anytime it's brought up they go screeching about how Asian girls are plastic etc
the only time I've seen this is when anons claim asian women are naturally neotany and only post pictures of women who've had work done to prove it, even then it wasn't "screeching about how asians are plastic", it was just pointing out shit logic in trying to claim asians are naturally x and only use examples of asians aren't naturally x to prove it

>Asian girls are the only race of women who are of equal competition to white girls and they hate it.

uh no, none of the white women I know never had issues with asians, not all women are crazies constantly pinning themselves against each other, leave your house for once, and ~gasp~ some asian women and white women are even good friends, shocker

No. 290859

There are beautiful women of all races but you know that Asian women are actually a direct threat to white women because most men find Asian women attractive. Stop being petty and fighting for the attention of men.

No. 290860

it is! i was really lucky to find such a good pizza place. i really don't understand all the hate people seem to have about pineapple on pizza, there are tons and tons of foods that incorporate sweet and sour and savory flavors that are delicious.

No. 290861

well you suck at ~detecting uwu~ because I've been busy with work within the past few weeks, this is the first time I've infight in over a year probably
I didn't forget either, nor am I mad, but I do notice you
>constant arguments about how all anons they're against have the same typing style therefore must be the same person, similar to the ALA thing which went on for days and the person still popped in claiming everyone is the anti loli
>muh typing styles!!!
you'd have a better point with handwriting, half the population uses the same typing style
>diagnosing the person they're against despite others in the thread saying equally crazy things

No. 290862

you have a legitimate mental problem.

answer >>290851 question.

No. 290863

>what thread?
inb4 "your point?"

No. 290864

You did the same thing earlier. I am legitimately afraid for you.

No. 290866

>fighting for the attention of men on a female only imageboard

asians are pretty, just like all the other races, but tbqh, it's a meme. men are memeing themselves to death about asian women being submissive, all naturally white goddesses with white features and naturally really big eyes. that's not to say they're not pretty, but the men that you're talking about that love asians so much are worshipping at the alter of popular celebrities and asian pornstars and such. they're pretty at the same frequency as caucasians, blacks, mexicans, etc.

it's the same as their newly foudn fetish for russian women, where they idealize all asians or russians based on their extremely narrow impression of these people. it's the same for every meme subgroup of woman they latch onto.

No. 290867

>most men find Asian women attractive.
most men find attractive women attractive
>Stop being petty and fighting for the attention of men.
you say..as you claim asians are a threat to white women because men find them attractive

that's giving a bunch of kids firecrackers and matches and telling them not to light it because firecrackers are bad, what a hypocrite you are

No. 290868

i'm sorry anon, the person we are arguing with is actually creeping them the fuck out. there seems to be something deeply deeply wrong with her brain. at first i honestly thought she was just stupid or trying to troll but i'm starting to feel like we are bullying someone with a disability.

No. 290869

There was a thread on lolcow a while back asking people what race they wish they could be and everyone answered East Asians. I wouldn't be surprised if most farmers had a deep jealous hate for Asian women, especially skinny Asian women.

No. 290870

then you're a pussy
I have a mental problem…you say…as you tell me to answer a question I asked in my own post
the irony

No. 290875

I actually wanted to look through it and see if the anon was as crazy and jealous rather than a strawman like most of the arguments here

haven't seen it yet though where they were posting ugly school girls anyway

No. 290876

I am asking you to explain what you meant in your response.

>again, I will bring up my original point, being jealous or wanting to look like a certain race vs claiming people do x y and z to other race out of jealousy, which you have yet to prove

that, which is something you said, doesn't make any fucking sense because the person you are responding to literally said the opposite of what you think they did.

No. 290877

…Anon, they're asking you to answer this part of the post
>anon, please explain what you meant by the below from >>290791 post.
They are asking you to explain what you meant in the post marked >>290791, specifically the following:

>i don't know why questioning that is "WOW U R JEALOUS".
again, I will bring up my original point, being jealous or wanting to look like a certain race vs claiming people do x y and z to other race out of jealousy, which you have yet to prove"

What did you mean by that?

No. 290878

anon, can we stop interacting with her? she's freaking me out, i feel really bad for her actually. she reminds me of those homeless people who's brains are fried from drugs that yell at people on transit.

No. 290879

then you have a victim complex issue is you think I'm terrorizing you or whatever on fucking lolcow out of all places
>that, which is something you said, doesn't make any fucking sense because the person you are responding to literally said the opposite of what you think they did.
you don't understand, and that's okay
I'll say it slow for you

what the anon did: claim white girls tell asians they aren't white out of jealous
what I asked: when did it happen
what I got:two completely different scenarios that didn't prove the point at all

No. 290880

I don't even know what's going on anymore. I wonder how someone like this must argue in real life.

No. 290881

No. 290882

oh it's the "she's crazy don't reply!" anon who acts like they're being terrorized when they willingly partake in debates
you're a big baby really, you remind me of a girl I knew who started pretending to have panic attacked and needed to be babied when someone disagreed with her

No. 290885

NTA, but were you that girl?

No. 290886

>anon didn't even say they're ugly
>they were talking about noses, not the overall appearance

No. 290888

your point?

No. 290889

no what you don't understand is the person you responded to isn't the one who said any of those things.

No. 290890

it was a strawman,like I thought
it also looked like they were mocking yellow fevers who think all asians are kpop stars by default

No. 290891

I don't feel terrorized I am legitimately concerned for you. I hope you get the help you need. You have a very deep-seeded mental disorder.

No. 290893

>what you don't understand is the person you responded to isn't the one who said any of those things.

then what I said wasn't meant for them, anyone with a brain would know who I was talking to

No. 290895

And they had it rig it against other girls in order for them to be seen at the top.

Daily reminder than white men are obviously covertly racists, but it's the white women who help pass generational racism down. I'm sure all the WOC here have witness and experienced the "white women crying" syndrome, where if a white women starts to feign being assaulted/ "cry", others look at the women and men of color and attack them, assuming they did something wrong.

No. 290896

>anon didn't even say they're ugly
>they were talking about noses, not the overall appearance
Read the post
>oh yes just look at all these cute adorable asian girls with their perfect features and tiny non-existent noses
What do you think they meant by sarcastically using "cute" and "adorable", and saying "perfect features", not just "tiny non-existent noses"? Are you just hoping that if you pretend to be retarded, you can make everyone around you retarded, too?

No. 290897

right? farmers fetishize and idealize asians to the point where they imagine all of them look like kpop idols and questioning that at all earns you "YOU'RE JEALOUS". it's amazing. it'd be like saying "white celebrities and white models aren't representative of all white women, lots of white women are normal looking" and then spazzing out at that, lol

No. 290898

yeah.. same arguing style, don't worry I'll count down until you start arguing with everyone who talks to me (or who you suspects of talking to me)
or even better you can start writing novels now about how I'm some mysterious mental case because I got into an argument on the internet once despite me being more poise and calm than most people arguing me

No. 290899

your point?

No. 290900

We get that's that what you said, but why did you say that to >>290785?

>>290785 is making the same points you have been making and isn't the one you were arguing with.

This doesn't have any basis in reality because you literally said it to them in your original post.

No. 290901

> Are you just hoping that if you pretend to be retarded, you can make everyone around you retarded, too?
anyway, I did mention again it looks like they were mocking yellow fevers, but the original discussion was about noses

No. 290902


Do you realize that you are just basically admitting people have told you this before? I agree that you are a regular poster here.

No. 290903

>but why did you say that to >>290785?
I didn't part of the post was for one, another was for the others, my bad for not linking, you have mental issues if you want to put this much effort into a misunderstanding

now, if only you put this much effort into getting life than you do as making a huge of a deal because I forgot to link another post I was responding too…

No. 290904

>yeah.. same arguing style

you just tried to call out people saying that >>290861

No. 290905

>>290785 here, just want to say that reading through her posts, i'm pretty sure english isn't her native language, so that would probably explain the misunderstandings.

No. 290906

>Do you realize that you are just basically admitting people have told you this before
no but nice strawman, I've seen the same anon, same arguing style and everything else, with only one defense about how the person they're against is a mental case even if the person said nothing that~crazy~ at all
> I agree that you are a regular poster here
just like you and half the people here, am I the anon you're accusing me of being? no

No. 290908

if you forgot, then that ends up being what you did, how is this so hard to grasp. no one knows you meant to link to someone else if you didn't.

No. 290909

because it's funny that's why
I say arguing style, they said typing style, most people on the internet have the same 5-10 typing styles

No. 290911

It's obviously a much bigger issue than that.

No. 290912


No. 290913

no they actually said arguing, you changed it. read their post. >>290855

No. 290914

wow anon, if you can mentally diagnose people just from getting an argument with them on the internet you should be on dr phil with those psychology skills!

No. 290915

>no argument? just say "lmao"
I've changed my mind, you're not pretending, you simply are.

No. 290916

if it was just her being ESL, she wouldn't respond to stuff like >>290912

i have no fucking clue what is up with that, it's like she can't accept someone pointing out that she made a mistake. she got mad at someone who pointed out it's impossible to read her mind and responded with boohoo? i don't get it.

No. 290917

how dare I laugh at joke that wasn't even an argument to begin with
if I act offended I'm crazy
if I react in apathy I'm crazy
no winning huh

so which one is it?

No. 290918

>it's like she can't accept someone pointing out that she made a mistake
but I did, nor did I think it was a mistake but I admit I should've been more clear

> she got mad at someone who pointed out it's impossible to read her mind and responded with boohoo? i don't get it.

you don't have to be a mind reader to know who I was talking to

No. 290920

>i should have been more clear
>you don't have to be a mind reader to know who i was talking to

if that was the case then why should you have been more clear? i feel like i am talking to two different people.

No. 290921

>if that was the case then why should you have been more clear?
because I assumed people would know that I'm responding to the person whom the wording was pertaining to, but everyone here is like a child, I have to kindergarden teacher explain things to them

No. 290924

Are you Austrian?

No. 290925

just admit you got confused ffs. there's no way in hell that you were even talking to the second person you quoted in this post >>290791

it's obvious you didn't know what they meant because you are ESL, but you're too much of a jackass to actually just admit that you had to come up with some story about how you forgot to add the information in, but you didn't. you posted one sentence, took the time to copy a quote from them and now somehow that means everyone else is a child.

No. 290928

vodka anon
>but you didn't. you posted one sentence, took the time to copy a quote from them and now somehow that means everyone else is a child
that's because I was responding to them, what's your point? because I didn't worship them for defending me or whatever? again why are you making a huge deal out of this? are you that desperate ?

No. 290929

So another eastern europoor anon. lol

No. 290930

you seriously changed your story again? i cannot with you. this isn't because you aren't a native speaker, you are simply just not smart.

No. 290931

>I was responding to them

>I forgot to link another post I was responding too…

so which is it?

No. 290932

I didn't change it at all, the fuck
"I was responding to one anon and also responding to another in the next sentence"
get a grip

No. 290934

all of this is just blatantly incorrect, and goes against what you just said.

No. 290936

No. 290940

If you have to ask, you'll never know.

No. 290941

File: 1536109489452.jpg (62.82 KB, 1024x576, r6syv2f6jxrlhryq5fxrqofj7do56c…)

>it's 3-4 AM in anon's whereabouts
>they have been arguing in circles and contradicting themselves in /ot/ for hours
NEET life.

No. 290946

I would if you'd understand
just like the other infighters? or does it only apply when you want it to?

No. 290950

FFS just read all of your posts.

you're the one saying all of this.

No. 290951

you claimed I was incorrect
I asked how

No. 290952

Evidently, some NEETs are a little less unhinged than others.

No. 290953

Asians have nicer hair than white people. It's very silky and thick.

No. 290954

(Ntayrt) it's nowhere near neet hours for the bulk of the posters here. 9pm at the latest in the US.

No. 290956

it's been explained a few times but let me just one more time.

you cannot claim to have been talking to 2 different anons, and then also claim you only were talking to one.

you claimed unambiguously claimed two different things happened.

No. 290957

Latinas do too

No. 290958

I have gross thick fluffy Japanese hair and I absolutely hate it. It runs in my family so at least I am not alone, but my boyfriend has straight silky hair that he never needs to style. Meanwhile I have to get perms/straightening or be stuck with a fluffy mess.

No. 290959


Not to be That Guy, but…
Not all Asians have hair like that.
I've seen plenty of coarse, but thin hair, and hair that's not perfectly straight on E. Asian people.

No. 290961

File: 1536110482108.jpg (15.31 KB, 236x363, 36495fb0058dfd78ec79be2b73967e…)

like actual neets or just thrown around insults?
it's nice texture-wise, I like curly Hispanic hair though, asian hair looks healthy but I like hair with more character

No. 290963

>you cannot claim to have been talking to 2 different anons, and then also claim you only were talking to one.
I was talking to one in one sentence
and another in another sentence, still confused? your fault

No. 290966

you only wrote one sentence.

No. 290967

sorry I don't write in MLA format on lolcow?

No. 290970

>again, I will bring up my original point, being jealous or wanting to look like a certain race vs claiming people do x y and z to other race out of jealousy, which you have yet to prove

this doesn't contain more than one train of thought, it's unambiguously impossible that was directed at more than one person.

No. 290973

>this doesn't contain more than one train of thought
it was what we were fighting about correct?
>t's unambiguously impossible that was directed at more than one person.
because I said "you" how many speakers have said "you" when pertaining to everyone and now you want to play dumb?

No. 290978

what did she mean by this?

No. 290981

figure it out your own, make a brainstorm table if you need to

No. 291027

actual neets. people who aren't neet can't argue online until 5am on a tuesday night.

No. 291034

Neet means not in education or employment
If anything people who stay up around that time aren't neets, just insomniacs

And tell me what the others or doing? You mean to tell me everyone is infighting as well? Are they neets or does it only apply when you want it to?

No. 291042

File: 1536115382155.gif (3.78 MB, 353x269, 4F73B9D8-6938-46BF-A3DD-53ED7F…)

This thread is such a mess omg.

No. 291043

lmao wut? Insomnia is way, way less likely. You're up all night arguing about bullshit because you don't have school or a job to go to in the morning.

>You mean to tell me everyone is infighting as well? Are they neets or does it only apply when you want it to?

Most of the posters here are American. The latest time in America right now is 10pm. 7pm on the west coast. Prime time, not neet hours.

No. 291046

there's no use trying to talk to this cunt just read her posts. she's a smug, nutty russian bitch with no life.

No. 291056

I dont work tomorrow and I take night classes, you realize not everyone lives a bitter miserable schedule right? And what are you doing exactly? Shouldnt you be at work or school every awaken hour of the day or you're a neet?
Someone's triggered

No. 291066

sure sure, that means you don't need to sleep yeah?

No. 291078

i found it quite entertaining tbh. i posted a few snarky comments and she'd always blame other anons as if only 1 or 2 people thought she was fucking daft.

No. 291081

File: 1536118901125.jpg (39.31 KB, 381x254, sure.jpg)

Whatever you say, NEETie nonnie.

No. 291083

don't bully her anon, she might get confused and thank you!

seriously what the hell is wrong with this bitch. is it cause she's from russia?

No. 291123

then what are you doing since you're better than everyone else then apparently

No. 291163

wow, these threads are ruined every single time a new one is made. every time.

there is someone who posts the same shit about ''asian girls being superior to white roasties xDD'' and it's always so specific to the point where it's almost bait.

it's 100% the same person and it's just annoying. how have they not been banned for race baiting yet?

No. 291167

I just got done with my trip to Japan and tbh I don't see why everyone makes a deal about the women there, or any foreign women visiting, being fat or ugly when the men were fucking GROSS.

Even when I saw fat Japanese women they were put together and generally looked presentable. Many women wore nice dresses and skirts with heels.

Meanwhile, Japanese men were either lanky uggos with shitty hair or fat themselves. The only guys who looked dressed were pretty-boy types who wore heeled boots and makeup. I genuinely did not see any men I would be attracted to, which begs the question why so many women worry themselves over wanting to appear fuckable to men who don't give a fuck about their own appearance and aren't worth the effort.

I hate how so much focus is put on our appearances in general when maybe not every one of us is WANTING that kind of attention anyway. I don't want to fuck all men so idgaf about their shit superficial opinions. It's so fucking entitled.

No. 291181

how tf are you still awake?

No. 291183

I don't think the mods see it as racebaiting when it comes to white people. There's a constant string of bashing white people in multiple threads and those anons never get banned for shitposting bait.

No. 291186

I noticed this myself.
I'd like to think it's just robots/incels trying to stir trouble but I'm afraid that there are genuinely anons that like to put other women, in most cases, white women down to make themselves feel better, and it's utterly pathetic.

No. 291188

I once got banned for saying to report any weird racists in /snow/ threads for people like Himeka, most likely because I mentioned the racebaiters were probably white. Meanwhile, AFAIK, posts like >>290539 and other anti-black things go free, so I'm pretty sure it's not a matter of "bashing white people" being allowed.
I think unpopular opinion /ot/ threads are just a free-for-all.

No. 291191

It must be exhausting caring about your race 24/7. Sad!
I think most dogs are ugly and cats at cuter, softer, more lovable and all in all the superior pet. The only exception I would give to dogs would be Corgis but that’s because they look so stupid it’s endearing.

No. 291202

File: 1536150628523.jpg (26.08 KB, 474x343, lh.jpg)

>most dogs are ugly
Shit tier opinion.

No. 291211

it could also be that we only have like 2 mods at the moment and they are busy with having to baby our shitty admin.

No. 291212

Simple. I'm not the anon you're accusing me of being.

No. 291214

File: 1536153442279.jpg (48.62 KB, 375x462, 375px-Gatto_europeo4.jpg)

Dogs like these look like old men, I really don't get their appeal.

That being said, there are plenty of ugly cat breeds too. I don't think either animal is 100% of the time cuter than the other, idk, it's hit and miss with both.

No. 291219

I think cats age better than dogs, if that makes sense. Very few dog breeds retain their neotenic features whereas cats do.

No. 291231

I'm the opposite, I find cats very boring and unappealimg. Their faces are so flat and emotionless. They do not register as cute whatsoever.
The dogs that I find the cutest and best looking have very exaggerated features: pugs (I hate that they suffer with so many health issues and I hope that the vintage pug race restoration becomes mainstream so we will get healthy dogs), chihuahua, miniature pinscher, dachshund. Generally, I find the big eyes, long noses, whiskers and skinny legs very charming in dogs.

No. 291246

i agree. my cat is tiny and still looks like an older kitten but she's 13.

No. 291262

You like retarded looking dogs, awful taste.

opinion: Akitas are better than Shiba ken.

No. 291267

File: 1536162294339.jpg (125.47 KB, 1024x684, canstockphoto12961496_1024x102…)

Imagine thinking pic related looks anything other than repulsive/pitiful. Forcing other living beings to be this deformed should be illegal.

No. 291273

People who hate dogs have something wrong with them, and I don't trust them. They were literally bred to have symbiotic relationships with us and love us.
I have the dog hate thread hidden because I don't even like scrolling past the ramblings of such raff. I really hope they don't start shitting up this place and screeching at anyone who says they like dogs here just because they were given a containment thread.