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No. 605066

Join us for the ongoing saga of 42-year-old horrorcow Raven (née Diana Dawn) Sparks and her 32-year-old husband #5 Josh Bradley in their barren Love That Was More Than Love Shack mobile home in Jacksonville, Florida rural South Carolina.

Raven originally achieved notoriety for her outrageous horror goth appearance and exhibitionism, her immature and aggressively defensive demeanor which alienates everyone in her life, and her relationship with husband #4 Logan who was 16-years-old and 19 years her junior when they became engaged and was a school friend of her son Dorian who is 8 months older. She has disowned her son after subjecting him to a childhood of neglect and many years of emotional abuse.

Each successive relationship is The One™ which will rescue her from her terrible life and give her a "fresh start." Several of her relationships began while she was still married to and, in some cases, financially supported by the previous husband. She has moved across several states and twice overseas to be with men whom she met online. Once she is established in a new relationship she is quick to denigrate the last with accusations of neglect and abuse despite having been the manipulator, an example of how she continually rewrites her personal history to feed her narcissism and validate her victimhood.

Her addiction to finding new love is closely rivaled by her addiction to acquiring new pets, toys, and clothes which she soon abandons in her hoard (or rehomes in the case of her pets) once their novelty has worn off.

As in real life, she exhibits her Jekyll/Hyde personality online: superficially sweet to her sycophantic followers and crassly vitriolic to anyone who dares to disagree with her. An overwhelming number of her Youtube videos are rants directed at people whom she perceives as having crossed her and at "the haters" on lolcow and Kiwi Farms.

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In the course of the last thread:
>After having the last word with the haters and bidding the internet "THANK YOU & GOODBYE" in May, Raven posted a short video of pictures announcing their wedding in June and a video reviewing their skull-themed rings from Sapphire Studios in August.
>They had planned to wed on her birthday in September but changed their minds again and got married on June 10th, the first anniversary of "when they met and started dating" online, wearing clothes they bought at Goodwill.
>The ring review video was the debut of her new blue streaked wig which she has worn in every video and nearly every photo since, even on her drivers license. A few other wigs have appeared in photos, but she has not shown her own hair since the photos in the wedding video.
>In September Raven posted an hour-long update video but made no promises about whether she will return. "I don't know when I'm gonna come back or if I'm gonna come back fully. I'm happy staying offline. Between work, the animals, getting the house sorted there's just no time left in the day to sit around and be online."
>They have moved into a two bedroom trailer near Jacksonville, FL, which they are buying on installments and renovating with sloppy lashes of black paint.
>They both have jobs, she in a tattoo studio answering phones and the like.
>They have two new dogs (Loki and Pebbles) and three new sister cats (Miss Pretty, Jelly, and Marmalade Two).
>They got rid of Doja after he ate Stormy, an infant kitten they rescued after it was abandoned under their last trailer in Saluda. She crassly posted photos of what she claimed were the remains of its bones and teeth.
>A month later she posted a follow-up video in which she addresses the haters and doubles down on the story about Stormy's demise and why his death was not her fault. In the comments she reveals that the hater is Connie, the woman from the rescue who had previously fostered and has now adopted Doja. Raven accuses her of bullying her "for tarnishing the dog's name".
>Her claim that they moved to Florida in July was revealed to be a lie by highway signs, landmarks, location addresses, and weather shown in her videos which place them in or near Spartanburg, South Carolina.
>They celebrated her birthday with dinner at Red Lobster. She looked forward to finishing the leftovers of her enormous seafood feast over the coming days since she could eat only a few bites at the restaurant.
>While Josh eats the most amazing pizza ever from Sam's Club and plays in his new gaming chair, Raven tediously shows off the presents he gave her.
>They visited the Carowinds theme park in North Carolina where she wore the blue wig all day in humid, high heat and on the water rides. Josh appears distant and upset and barely speaks throughout the entire video. He was able to muster a weak smile for the photos of them taken by park staff.
>In her review of their outing she complains of the short rides, being swindled over the photo agreement, and the high cost of every thing. She concludes that the park would not be enjoyable if you are not able to splash the cash as they were, bragging that they spent around $500. They plan to return for the winter holidays or New Years if the rides are open.
>The Carowinds video and subsequent pics revealed that her legs are now plastered with a hodgepodge of edgy tattoos. Logan's wedding portrait and their wedding heart inscription have been covered. A tattoo of Josh's signature is emblazoned in red ink on her left breast.
>Josh's tattoo of his ex-wife's name has been covered by what looks like a top hat and sunglasses.
>At every opportunity she brags about how much they have spent. She showed off their new mirrored cupboard bed frame, revealing the burgeoning hoard around her. They have a new couch, TV, and other furniture. She gave Josh an autographed photo of Tim Curry as Pennywise as an early Christmas present. They spent $235 to get Loki and $330 to get Pebbles and $500 on pet supplies a cat tree.
>They bought a black 2006 Ford Explorer and graciously bestowed the ailing red Jeep to Julieann, Raven's only real life friend (who was first a Youtube follower) in South Carolina who had bought them groceries in their time of need last winter.
>Julieann, as Gothicgirl29, made obvious self-posts on Kiwifarms calling out Raven for dropping her as a friend "since money came in play".
>Raven was also called out by Kit for impersonating her in the Alt Cows thread in retaliation for Kit having been in contact with Logan after they had split up.
>When Raven returned to the Internet she still had one Patreon patron, but they quit before the end of September.
>On October 6th, the one year anniversary of her move to the US, she posted a video of footage she filmed the day she left New Zealand and a second video about TLTWMTL featuring a solo segment by Josh in which he regurgitates what she said.
>Her long-awaited hoard from New Zealand arrived in a shipping container in mid-October. She posted a photo of the boxes filling a room in the shack from unfinished flooring to cheap ceiling fan.
>Raven debuted a bedraggled blonde and auburn ombre wig in her Halloween photoshoot. She revisited her classic "rubber spider pursed between lips" pose.
>She and Josh entered a Halloween costume contest in Charlotte, NC, dressed as zombie nun and priest. She reiterates that she did not choose their costumes because of The Nun movie. They wore full head rubber masks, copious fake blood, and simple costume store ensembles. Days before the event she impatiently harassed the club on their Facebook event page with her self-importance. After their confidence in taking home the $500 first place prize was dashed with the appearance of a most excellent Edward Scissorhands, they were robbed of even being able to compete for the $200 second place prize due to the utterly incompetent staff. They mock the group of young women dressed as South Park characters who won; Raven says she doesn't remember seeing them when in fact the group appear in her video complimenting their costumes. She already has next year's costumes planned which are guaranteed winners despite being recycled from a past year.
>She took the opportunity of talking about Halloween to complain about New Zealand for "hating" Halloween and Americans and about Logan for ruining the one time they went out to celebrate by "acting like a child" when he practically still was a child.
>Raven didn't vote and felt self-righteous over it. Ryan commented in support of dropping out of the system.
>She "reviewed" a skull shaped soap she purchased from a popular Etsy shop. She won't be using the soap but will instead display it in the bathroom in its plastic wrap. Ditto for the sample soap.
>She showed off another Etsy purchase, an ugly pendant of fake teeth, along with a $2 Aliexpress skull ring she paid $21.95 for in an unboxing video filmed while she waited for Josh in their SUV outside Home Depot.
>"I'm the kind of person that likes cheap stuff. I've just always preferred to buy a whole bunch of cheap things rather than one really expensive thing. So if I can get away with it I always buy the cheapest thing I can find."
>Tragically, Marmalade Two, whom she loved more than Marmalade, was killed by their neighbors' dog in early November when all three cats escaped after people working on their shack left the door open.
>But Raven was not without an object for her maternal affection for long. Six days later she rescued a month old orange kitten abandoned under a bush next to a grocery store whom they named Pumpkin Pie.
>Fate, however, is a cruel mistress. Over Thanksgiving weekend she sadly had to return the kitten to its family after seeing their lost kitten fliers posted at the same store.
>Raven is looking forward to Christmas. Josh's family, who were so loving and accepting of Raven a year ago, barely gets a mention. "We're gonna have a big Christmas this year, tons of stuff. I don't know if we're gonna see his family or not, but we are definitely gonna have a nice big Christmas. And I've already got, like, 25 presents for him or something like that. I've spoiled him this year."
>She is so excited she couldn't wait until after Thanksgiving to bless us with her 2018 Christmas photos in which she dons two cheap velveteen bustiers accessorized with Santa hats and fishnet stockings while perched in a massive musty pile of garish tinsel garlands and ornaments retrieved from her New Zealand hoard.
>Just as the thread reached its post limit she posted a 16 minute long teaser video entitled Drama prelude with the description, "Stay tuned…but remember! This is MY life, MY decisions. Watch or don't watch, but don't you dare tell me what to do."

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Joshua Manning Bradley:

No. 605157

Great OP thread!

Hopefully we can get a summary of the new video. I'm not physically capable of watching that garbage.

No. 605291

small point of order: this never happened

>They got rid of Doja after he ate Stormy

I refuse to watch that poor old fella be slandered after everything else he went through. /autism

No. 605327


It's a summary of what she said. Validation of what she said is not implied. We all know that much of what she says is dubious.

No. 605350

Drama prelude

Published on Nov 27, 2018

Stay tuned…but remember! This is MY life, MY decisions. Watch or don't watch, but don't you dare tell me what to do.


[mockingly] Ooh! I just love making YouTube videos. Don't you just love making YouTube videos? It is so much fun to come online and just blah blah blah. Uh, sorry. This is gonna be old Raven, completely old Raven type video. I am so fired up here lately. There's so much stuff I want to talk about, but I'm going to try to keep this to one particular topic.

In saying that (that's a forwarning), can you believe that there are some people that are so stupid that they actually think that by making YouTube videos you are trying to, I guess, do like a welfare thing where you're trying to suck off of society however you can? Because it's not like you make videos and you allow advertisers to use your videos like a commercial or anything. Not that I really do that. I mean, I do allow advertisements but I don't do YouTube as a job. I never have. I do YouTube as a release, as something that I enjoy. Because, believe it or not, I actually really enjoy sitting here listening to myself talk, interacting with people.

I think some people are just jealous because nobody cares about their lives. They won't know what it's like to have, you know, thousands upon thousands of people watching you, caring what happens to you, caring about your life, and just from doing something that you love and you can do in the comfort of your own home. You sit there, you talk, and you make money off of it. I probably make more on YouTube then this idiot makes from working his ass off doing whatever the hell it is he does, you know. It was a comment that I recently saw, something said about how I want to leech off society, I think that's what it is, which is the most idiotic thing in relation to YouTube.

I've been doing YouTube for a very, very long time and I damn sure don't do it as a job. I could if I wanted to. I could buckle down, I could change, I could conform, and I could do what everybody else does and think about what content other people want to see and completely sell out. But I don't want to do that. I want to stay true to myself and do stuff that I want to do. If I want to make a video, I'm gonna make a video. If I don't want to make a video, you know what, I'm not gonna not gonna make it because I am my own boss. I do what I want to do. And if I want to do it it's because I wanted to do it. And I have fun doing it, and I love doing it. And I've met so many wonderful people that are doing it. And it's just a shame that some stupid people can't understand that.

Okay, so moving on, merry pre-christmas. I'm gonna upload this right away, so I don't even know if it's December yet. I'm recording on one of my phones, but let me check this one. It is Monday, November 26th, so it's not even December yet. But hohoho and all that. I love being in the holiday spirit. I love, I love Christmastime. I love the decorations. I love hearing the Christmas carols when I go to the store. I just love everything Christmasy, and I love the fact that I've gotten to celebrate Christmas again for the second year with Josh. And I love that I can have Christmas in the winter time as it should be, as I grew up with anyway. And this is our tree. It's a different tree from last year because I got all my stuff here. I'm too short to show the whole thing behind me like that, but we've got lights going around the ceiling. That's what the tree light does [she pans to the ceiling]. That's the only thing that we've reused. Those are all my decorations, my tinsel, my everything. That's the Christmas card, you know, lots and lots of presents behind it. Um, so yeah. I just thought that would be a nicer backdrop than like a plain wall, so I just sat in front of it.

Now, I have two other videos that I had recorded and I, I don't know if I'm going to release them. I mean, I want to release them because obviously I made them for a reason. There's stuff I said in there that I really, really wanted to say, but part of me is still in the mindset of "no drama no drama no drama" even though some people out there like to consider me a drama whore, an attention whore, someone that feeds off of playing the victim and all this stupid stupid stupid shit that only someone with no brain who cannot think for themselves would think about me.

And I'm not talking about the hate sites. All this stuff has come from somebody else, and they are very stupid. [laughs] That's an inside joke. Anyway, I know that they watch my videos. Josh doesn't think they do, but I know that they do, so that's why I'm saying all this because I have blocked them. And I blocked them on my phone and on Facebook. And Josh has blocked them on his phone and his Facebook. And so there's no way for these people to contact us except to spy through, you know, here like they do. Well, that's all good and all that. They really set me off because they try to say certain things about me, like that I'm on a high horse because I'm happy with my life. Just me, not Josh, you know, this is all about me as always.

Like, you're not allowed to finally feel like you accomplished something in life and be happy. You're not allowed to want to be self-sufficient so that you're not starving and asking for help from people. I mean, that's, that's, that just shows you how stupid these people really are because it's not being on a high horse to feel happy finally in your life after a lifetime of misery and being stuck at the bottom. We're not rich. We're not at the top. But you know what? I am happier with my life than I've ever been, and I'm allowed to say that. And I don't give a who you are. You're not gonna take that right away from me. I can be as happy as I fucking want to be and as content with my life as I want to be, and I'm gonna say it as many times as I want to say it.

There's nothing about…there's nothing cocky about being happy, and that's, that's the sad thing is that people can't understand the difference between happiness and cockiness, you know. Saying, "Fuck you all, I'm better than everybody else out there because we're buying a house." I mean, that's being cocky and on your high horse. But saying, "I'm so happy with my life, I'm so glad we made this decision, everything is going great, it's great to wake up every morning, it's great to want to wake up every morning." That is not being cocky and that is not thinking you're better than somebody else. These people need to really get it right.

As far as having a job, I do have a job as I've mentioned before. I just am not working right now because it's the holiday season started. I quit going in right around Halloween because this place that I'm at is small. There's not a lot of room for people. I'm not a tattooist. All I was doing was learning and answering phones, making appointments. This place is small. There's not enough room for that many people. So when it's rush rush rush rush, kind of like it is around the holiday season, they really don't need another body stumbling around not knowing what to do. It just slows everything down. So I'm going back after the new year. Um, that's fine. I mean, it wasn't like I was making thousands of dollars a week or anything. It was just something fun and nice and, you know, that coupled with YouTube coupled with whatever else I do, it's just fun.

But I hate the way people judge what they don't know. They judge what they don't live and they don't see. They just want to always believe the worst about somebody, and so they do. And, you know, I've played nice for a really long time, and I'm kind of sick of it, frankly. Frankly, frankly really sick of it. Um, you know, these people are just idiotic. That's the only word that fits. Idiotic, judgmental, and I don't need people like that in my life. Never have, never will. And my life is just better without. All I need is Josh, and I have Josh. And he has me, and that's all he needs, that's all he wants. Um, and we're happy, and that's it.

So, with the videos that I have made and with the stuff that I have done, I have…I've tried to break away from the person I was when I was really fat and miserable. That person was overly miserable. And I remember coming online just to make videos bitching and complaining and moaning and groaning about stuff all the time. That's all I did. I was letting out my inner anger through my YouTube videos, and it helped. It did. I'm not gonna lie. It made me feel really good. I got to just sit back and just let loose and people watched it. I mean, they probably watched it to mock me but they watched it still the same. I got feedback on it. I had people listening. Just I just got to get it out, and that was a form of therapy for me and it really helped.

But I didn't like the way that it portrayed me as being just a real, I guess you'd say, negative Nancy, like a real downer. Just, god this bitch is a miserable bitch, you know. I didn't want to be seen or thought of like that because deep inside that's not who I was, you know. I always joke around with Josh and I say, I'm an evil bitch, I'm mean and all that. And he's like, you are not a bad person. He thinks very highly of me and he thinks I'm actually a lot better than most people think I am because he hears the stuff I say at home and, you know, just the things that I say. I don't really want to get into it, but I've kind of convinced myself that I'm a really bad person because that's all I ever hear.

And for a while I was really angry all the time. Everybody has anger inside of them. I mean, it's lying if you try to say that you, you're never mad, you never have anything in you. Everybody has anger in them, and people have different ways of coping. My way of coping has always been YouTube ever since I discovered it. Before that it was admitting myself to a teenage psych ward and talking, you know. I was always talking to people, always having to get it out. And um, not even as a teenager, even when I was with my second husband. I mean, I was still going to those places and talking to counselors and stuff cuz it's just the best thing to do…[she pulls at a caught hair] a piece of hair, ugh.

Anyway um, so after I felt like I had another chance at life, which is after I lost weight and stuff and I felt like a human being again, I didn't want to be negative. I wanted to be good and happy. And everybody was like, oh my god, I see such a change in you. And this is before I made a conscious effort or decision to even want to change. They were like, you should…you know, you are a different person, I see so much growth in you, you're so happy now. And I was like, man, I really like feeling like this. I like this kind of attention. I like people thinking of me in a positive way. I don't want to ruin this. And so I shut my mouth and I stopped ranting. I stopped using my own outlet. I stopped acknowledging the stuff that bothered me and holding it in. It was all still there, I just had no way of letting it out. I had no venue anymore because my desire to not be looked at as that horrible person was stronger than my desire to get my anger out, if that makes sense. I mean, of course it does. It's not very hard to understand. And that's how I continued for almost four years now. And it's done its damage in a way because I am really angry inside because I have so much built-up.

I talked to Josh about it and there's not much that he can really say to make me feel better because it's not the kind of conversation where somebody can say something to make you feel better. It's just you talk, you let it out, and it's out there. So talking to one person doesn't really help the same as making a video and just, look you guys blah blah blah. Because this has been my go-to. I go to Josh first and then it makes me feel better for the moment, but then a bit of my anger is still kind of stuck back there until I can make videos about it.

And there's only been two other videos. And because I'm so scared to be seen as such a negative person that deserves to be hated and deserves to be bullied and deserves to be stalked I haven't released them. And I don't like how that fucks with my head because I've seen the stuff other people have posted and I've seen the stuff other people have made videos about, and they are way worse than anything that I've said. But I'm the one that's not allowed to say or do anything apparently. So like I said in one of my other videos, if I end up releasing it, I'm trying to get myself out of the mindset that I'm not allowed to be myself, I'm not allowed to have moments of anger, I'm not allowed to rant and vent about stuff if I need to, because I am allowed. And people that have a head on their shoulders will understand the difference between having a bad day and needing to get something out and being a bad person.

So I'm gonna leave that there. I'm not trying to say Josh isn't good enough because, trust me, he is. It's just I've been used to one way of doing me things for a very long time, and it's just I'm real funny like that. Like he'll tell you I've got these quirks that sometimes make him just want to bang his head against a wall because it makes no sense. It's just that's just the way I am. I'm really set in my ways about a lot of stuff, and I'm luckily I'm with someone that is really laid-back and easy to get along with. And he's just chill, huh, about everything, and he lets me be who I need to be.

So um, yeah. That is a prelude. This is a 15 minute prelude to my video. I don't want to make this like an hour long or whatever so I think what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna leave this prelude and I'm going to upload it. And then I'm gonna record the real video and I will upload it tomorrow so that way it's not just boom boom. I just haven't done one of these in a long time and, you know, like I said I've still got all this fear that if I do something like this people are gonna turn on me and be like, you are bitch, you've never changed, I don't know why everybody thought that you were this nice friendly person. I never said I was a nice friendly person. Everybody else was saying that they saw me nowadays as being a nice friendly person. Now, in saying that, I'm not bitch unless you bring that out in me. I don't just attack people. I don't just hate people. All I expect to do is be able to live my life, live my own life, not to hurt anybody, just to do my own thing and be left alone. That's all I want out of life, just to be left alone and left to do what I want to do because it is my life in the end. And people always have shit to say about it or try to control it or change it or make your decisions for you or tell you what you can or can't do or judge you. And it's just that that's exhausting, it really is, and I just don't want any part of that. I'm not a simpering, oh love everybody, oh I love my friends and I love my family and I'm blessed that have a blessed…I'm not one of those. I would never be one of those. But I do appreciate what I have. I do appreciate friends, you know, whatever family I have. I appreciate who deserves appreciating, and I don't care about people that don't deserve me to care about them. And that doesn't make me a bad person, it just makes me very selective of my energies and my attention, you know.

So um, I will cut this here and I will make the other video. The other video is probably still going to be long, but at least I'll have knocked off almost 20 minutes here. So thank you for listening to this prelude clickbait, you guys, and take care. I will see you next video. And um, yep. Yikes. I'm just gonna let loose. I'm not gonna censor anything. I'm gonna say whatever the fuck it is I need to say, and it's gonna be complete with flashes of who I used to be because um, I'm not playing nice today. Definitely not. And I don't care to. The only respect I have in the moment is respect for my husband in that room and just keep that in mind.

No. 605353

File: 1543353127726.png (386.9 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-27-09-36-40…)

"I'm going to try to keep this to one particular topic."

[shakes Santa hat pom pom for emphasis]

No. 605354

File: 1543353232696.png (459.37 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-27-09-39-59…)

"And this is our tree. It's a different tree from last year because I got all my stuff here. I'm too short to show the whole thing behind me like that, but we've got lights going around the ceiling. That's what the tree light does [she pans to the ceiling]. That's the only thing that we've reused. Those are all my decorations, my tinsel, my everything. That's the Christmas card, you know, lots and lots of presents behind it."

No. 605357

File: 1543353260732.png (347.62 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-27-09-41-34…)

No. 605432

Tin foil- gravy is talking about Josh’s fam. Because why would a random be in both of their phones? His brother and mum more specifically.

No. 605461

File: 1543364214786.jpg (9.52 MB, 5312x2988, 1538357604609.jpg)


Nah. His family is too tight, and they would only be relieved that he and Raven got their shit together.

I think it's Julieann and her husband.

No. 605478

I’d honestly think they’d only be relieved that he dumped raven off at the border. Remember they got married and not one pic of anybody besides these 2 gremlins.

No. 605484


What happened to the "larger and more proper wedding with friends and family later on in the year"? Not having one is unheard of in a traditional southern family. It's not like they romantically eloped far away. They got married in Aiken, a stone's throw from Saluda.

Is Raven still friends with any of them on Facebook? Or did she shut down the account she was friends with them on?

No. 605487

I agree.

No. 605523

Last year >>>/pt/468357

>I'd like to thank Josh's family. Especially his mom. Me and his mom, we're kind of like this [crosses fingers]. We don't talk a lot but whenever we see each other, like…I love her. She's so cool. And whenever we see each other we're just like, oh hi! And give each other a hug and stuff. We are just so much alike. And she's so easy to talk to and just get along with. I see so much of myself in her. And I don't know, I just love being around her.

>When I met her in person she came up and gave me a hug and it was just instant, instant acceptance, and I never had to feel like I didn't belong. And they were like, you're you're part of our family now. And they're so happy that I'm with Josh. And they think I'm the best thing that's ever happened to him. And I've never been told I'm the best thing to happen to anybody or anything. And they just love and accept. And you don't ever have to feel like you're not good enough or you want to prove yourself. They don't care what you look like or your past or anything like that. I've never been in a situation like that before, and it's such just a mind-blowing feeling. And I have to stop myself, I'm just gushing, "Thank you for letting me be part of your realm" all the time, cuz I'm sure they probably get sick of hearing that as well. But that's how I feel. Oh my god, I feel like I'm a part of a family for once, and it's just amazing, it really is.

>We all just kind of sat around talking and it was just really nice. Because I can't eat a lot, Josh is like, hey, everybody, don't be offended if she doesn't eat cuz she had surgery. And his mom was like, oh, it takes a lot more than that to offend us. And nobody really cares about anything petty like that. They're really just accepting and loving, and it just it feels so great to be in the midst of all that.

This year

>I don't know if we're gonna see his family or not, but we are definitely gonna have a nice big Christmas.

I wonder if she found out what it does take to offend them?

No. 605538

File: 1543370613027.png (150.15 KB, 800x867, Screenshot_2018-11-27-17-49-52…)


Not the haters!

No. 605539

File: 1543370707997.png (48.01 KB, 800x267, Screenshot_2018-11-27-17-50-05…)

You know you're a hoarder when you have to add a room onto your shack.

No. 605561

>she has not shown her own hair since the photos in the wedding video.
Speculation: given her overall tone and her bitching about everything, underneath all those cheap wigs is the "I'd like to speak with your manager" haircut.

Either that or Dorian. It wouldn't surprise me if she blocked her own son for calling her out.

No. 605572

Oh man that would be some fresh milk! I’d love to see raven seething and spitting fire about the Dorian, Logan, Isa/Issac situation.

No. 605573


She dramatically announced that he was dead to her before she even left New Zealand or soon after she arrived in Couchland.

No. 605575

File: 1543375629258.png (735.94 KB, 1280x800, yer hair is fucked.png)


This was the state of her hair after she bleached it twice. This was at least two dye jobs before their wedding, and she dyed it all black a few weeks before!

No. 605581

Jesus christ, her hair looks like ramen noodles.

No. 605595


She literally says that in the video!

@ 16:05 My hair looks like ramen noodles right now. But I was gonna bleach it one more time, just the ends to kind of try to lighten this up so that my hair dye will look more uniform. But I noticed in the shower my hair is doing this [she holds up a fried strand] and there's like a little piece of hair that was just breaking off and the bathtub was full of it, so I do have a little bit of damage. The first bleach sucked. I wish I had known better and gotten this and I would have just done this and it would have done this anyway, but I had to do it twice. It's never a good idea to do it more than once in one day or one week…this is how I lost all my hair last time…my hair is just snapping off. That's so scary. Thank God I don't have long hair anymore.

No. 605599

>a little bit of damage

If it's breaking off in chunks then it's not a little fucking damage, you retarded Hagraven.

No. 605646


[after endless waffling about green versus turquoise versus blue]

The Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde got rid of permanent black dye that had been dyed and re-dyed and re-dyed.

I've been scared to try anything else because the Nordic Blonde works so well. But I figured if I can find something here…this is eight dollars. [Feria Absolute Platinum] It's way cheaper than spending twenty, thirty dollars and having it sent and having to wait and wait and wait. So I'm really desperate to re-dye my hair because as you can see my roots are grown out pretty bad. [she had all of one month's growth]

I figured well, I have an extra black dye here so if this ends up being a ruined mess, if it even does anything, I'll just redo it black. I'd wanted to do my whole head blue, but not quite sure what I'm gonna do. Hopefully, if this isn't gonna work on the black side, hopefully it'll just stay looking like exactly like it did. And then when the boxes that I'd ordered last month come in of the Nordic Blonde I can just get rid of the black then and not have to dye over it to which it would be harder to get rid of it.

[after the Feria fails]

So me and Josh went to the store and we got some bleach. And instead of getting the kind that I just had that wasn't really working I decided to try two other ones. So I got this [L'Oreal Colorista Bleach] and have not put it on yet. I'm not gonna need to put it on. After bringing it home I looked it up online and it got really shitty reviews, like one star out of fucking five or something. It was really bad, so I'm gonna see if I can actually return this. I don't know how good it is but I don't think it's very good at all. If I can't return it I'll just keep it for touch-ups.

This, though, I found. This is the same brand [Schwarzkopf] that does Nordic Blonde. I'm pretty sure this is actually the same formula because it smells the same and it feels the same and the lightning power is the same. This is the 15.0 Extreme Light Hair Color Ultime Iconic Blondes. And yeah, this is what I'm gonna be buying from now on.

>she had already ordered Nordic Blonde at great expense but couldn't wait

>buys Feria for $8 which fails
>buys L'Oreal but decides not to use it after reading the reviews
>buys Schwarzkopf Ultime and decides it is just as good as Nordic Blonde

No. 605728

why she doesn't just do it the hairdresser way, I'll never know.

No. 605775

>Drama once again rears its ugly head

No. 605785

Her whole story about the kitten is so weird. No marks on her, but the neighbour's dogs must have killed it…by "stomping" on it? As though that's something any dog has ever done? What a bizarre story. Whenever she comes up with this insane shit it just makes me more inclined to believe that she kills her animals and makes up elaborate stories/scenarios about how they died. No one has this many animals die out of nowhere.

Again, she talks about having a picture of her dead kitten. Why? Who does that?

No. 605790

lost two cats so gotta adopt two cats with the same physical characteristics. watch her dump one of them because she never wanted both anyway. no more puppy because it was the devil's spawn… like socialise and train the damn thing, and walk it.

No. 605793

it's like neither of them know how to train a dog at all, yet josh is apparently such a huge dog person. this was a puppy, they aren't just going to behave. you need to socialise and train them. common sense.

so there goes another dog - she charged the new owners too, as we know she loves to do. rescue a dog and then sell them on.

No. 605802

Only halfway through and fuck I'm so sorry for this poor dog.

No. 605804

jesus fucking christ. she talks about how she stalked this lady who bought her dog, then made fake accounts and messaged all of her friends. then Gravy was surprised and offended at being told she was stalking and harassing this lady…she really thinks all the shit she does is normal. you can tell by how nonchalantly she says "i made a fake account and clicked on all her friends…"

No. 605814

All the animals she has now are precious and perfect!!

Until next week.

No. 605816

Vid summery:
*marmalade 2.0 got killed
*found orange cat, who has now been returned
*kitten needed a friend, so they got zero
*zero now needs new friends, so there looking to adopt 2 new kittens with marmalade 2.0 features

*pebbles was harassing Loki so it got rehomed
*12h later new owner wants to return it, but they have spent the money
*add got taken down from cragslist but gravy can still access it
*new owner clames she did not know about the dog being aggressive, or that it had been sick. Threaten with court, posts about it on th.
*raven makes take fb profile to stalk here and messages everyone who answered to the post

*Josh has a new job, he is now "the boss"
*Josh now loves cats and has never been happier
*raven is the only one that ever made him feel loved. She gave him all his happiness in life.

No. 605819

I wish we were flies on the wall when all this south carolina brokeass animal adoption facebook drama was unfolding. Anyone still have access to what she posts?

No. 605846

File: 1543395348229.png (452.7 KB, 712x1158, screenshot_580.png)

via KF, a farmer there has started digging into the woman's posts-
>Found the woman Raven sold the dog to and started going through her screencaps of the dramas. The base-level Raven vitriol made sense because the woman is pretty and has everything going for her that Raven doesn't. This is one of the emails Raven sent her.

No. 605848

File: 1543395458785.png (270.56 KB, 718x1268, screenshot_581.png)

>the dog was posted on the Greenville, SC craigslist
more specific location

No. 605858

Still hammering 'prostitute' as a go-to insult. The projection is real.

No. 605869

File: 1543398796693.png (76.82 KB, 824x152, screenshot_584.png)


KF also points out Raven's edited screencap.

No. 605870

File: 1543398825575.png (77.46 KB, 752x234, screenshot_582.png)

No. 605872

The audacity of this grown ass middle aged hag never ceases to amaze me. It's incredible that someone in their 40s can act like a middle school mean girl and think it's perfectly reasonable.

No. 605894

I hate how her reasoning that Pebbles had to go was because it was unfair to Loki because he was there first. She got rid of Doja even though he was there first.

Also, she likens Pebbles to a rat but gets on her high horse about the lady calling her ugly and mean names.
I was also shocked at how she dismissively said you can change animals names willy nilly. It truly shows how replaceable they are. Same as how she was rabbiting on about needing a replacement that resembled the old cats and that it would help her 'cope' with the grief.

No. 605896

Lol yeah and the way she's baffled that even after sending all these random friends of some lady screenshots and a bunch of info, that they don't take her side after giving 'evidence'.

Noone in their right mind would believe some crazy random who literally made a fake profile to stalk their friend. Why the fuck would anyone do that? I get she's trying to 'clear her name' in her head, but any sane person would just ignore them or try and fix the problem with the owner privately, not drag all their acquaintes into it on social media.

She seems to have really bad interactions with anyone she sells animals/items to. She was a cunt to the old woman who adopted Mr Marshmallow. And the person that bought that phone off her online.

I feel like she doesn't train the pets she gets, gets frustrated when they don't do what she wants, then onsells them to people and doesn't care or want to know about it after they act out or have issues.

Mr Marshmallow was super anxious and the new owner just wanted help from Raven to help find/settle him and she acted like an asshole.
Then this woman got a bunch of issues with Pebbles which probably wouldn't have happened if Raven trained her. She wanted to know about it and Raven just acted like an asshole again.
Nothing is ever her fault. She's so annoying. And everyone called it that she'd immediately replace them with more kittens.

They need a photo of this cunts face at every cat haven and pet store behind the register saying 'do not sell to this person' just like they do at bottle shops.

No. 605916

The lady she sold the dog to sounds like a bit of a dickhead as well, but the more into the screenshots I look, the more I just see a middle aged mother trying to be funny to her friends by acting like she got an 'ugly' pet by some junkies. She doesn't seem very intelligent and is definitely trying to ham it up for facebook, storytimer style, but it seems like Pebbles will have a better life than she did with Raven. Her pet wasn't the one she wanted and had behavioural problems, but she still took it in.
More than I could say about Raven.
Plus the edited screenshots do make her seem more harsh.

No. 605918

The library is open all ready?

No. 605925

Nah not a library mate at all.
I reckon the lady would still be a better home for Pebbles than Raven, I just thought a few things she said was a bit silly. Like the #ihatechihuahuas tag seemed silly.
But like I said, Raven did edit the woman's texts and screenshots so she seemed harsher than she was.

No. 605928

anons calling you raven posting from the library… Are you retarded

No. 605939

The lady who did the initial placement with Raven was trash, also. Raven is a garbage fire, so she tends to get involved with other, similar trash fires. It's not sus in the slightest because she's been doing this since she came our radar, and it's certainly not a sign that the library is open.

No. 605968

But what does Pebblesgate have to do with

>They really set me off because they try to say certain things about me, like that I'm on a high horse because I'm happy with my life.

Do we have a second video tirade to look forward to?

No. 605983


She did mention, I believe, that this was a prelude to another video?

>So um, yeah. That is a prelude. This is a 15 minute prelude to my video. I don't want to make this like an hour long or whatever so I think what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna leave this prelude and I'm going to upload it.

No. 606000

>You sheep with your ugly fake eyelashes and orange skin

Anyone with a fake tan and false eyelashes is a sheep apparently.
This made me laugh so hard because it's basically Raven's version of 'normies reeeee'

Anyone alternative is either a poser or copying her (remember when she went on about blue hair being too common after she had it) and anyone who follows normal trends is a 'sheep'
Raven just hates everyone.

No. 606015

It's so funny how she tries to act like she always makes sure to find them a great home. Like she acts like she wouldn't rehome her pets to any old person but in reality as soon as someone is interested, she says yes and pretty much acts like its their problem as soon as they query something about the animal.

I also had a chuckle when she started acting like some badass guardian for Pebbles.
Acting like she has her on watch on her secret profile and if something goes down she'll 'call the cops or animal control on this bitch'

KEK. And say what Raven?

This woman paid me for a dog, I refused to refund her the dog and she posted shit about me on her facebook! Now she's abusing it!

The police officer/animal control will most likely laugh in her face.
It's funny how she acts like this woman is a horrible bitch who's making up lies about her when in reality she's made a few jokes to her friends on Facebook (it seems some of her friends are even sympathetic to the dog) and meanwhile SHE'S the one making stalker profiles and messaging this woman's random friends.
Yeah the lady sounds a bit harsh towards the dog but she at least decided to see if it got better and decided to keep it after it settled it, despite it nipping her kid.

Also, Raven says constantly Pebbles was not nippy or anything at all but when she talks about it nipping loki she made it seem horrible and nippy.

No. 606021

I know the kitty and puppy ordeal is front and center but I’d like to also mention that gravy said she hasn’t worked since around Halloween. She said the shop would be too busy and she was taking up room, lol. Raven if you haven’t worked nor are going to work anytime soon then you really don’t have a job. If I only worked for a ew months during the holidays and then nothing then I wouldn’t claim to have a job. You were fired in the most hilarious way and you don’t even know it.

No. 606022

I know the kitty and puppy ordeal is front and center but I’d like to also mention that gravy said she hasn’t worked since around Halloween. She said the shop would be to use and she was taking up room, lol. Raven if you haven’t worked nor are going to work anytime soon then you really don’t have a job. If I only worked for a ew months during the holidays and then nothing then I wouldn’t claim to have a job. You were fired in the most hilarious way and you don’t even know it.

No. 606023

File: 1543424692907.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2018-11-29-00-59-52…)

She might sound annoying but you can tell already from this screenshot that her house looks a billion times cleaner than Gravey's.
Also, it looks like Pebbles will have two other little dogs around her own size to play with once she settles in so all is not so bad.

No. 606035

It's common that business slows down during the holidays and they let the most useless cost go. Meaning Raven. They probably got busy, hired her for a short while then let her go. They probably said if business picks up they might call her. We all know Raven is too retarded to understand nuanced conversation.

It's a plain ole home and not a hideous hoarder shack. And Raven and this woman are sort of retarded picking up a puppy and a small sized breed and expecting it not to nip. It's mouthing, idiots. It's a behavior you gently discourage and goes away. Despite being an over sharer on fb, we all know she can't be worse than Raven and it'll probably have a regular ole nice life with this lady. Poor puppy much have been stressed having to move homes. Especially since despite it nippy at Loki, it was most likely very bonded as well. It was playing. Small breeds are difficult in that they're too aggressive to make up for their size.

Anyways, enough I'll stop sperging and laugh about how beautiful this thread's edition. The terrifying behavior of animal swapping and hoarding is so consistent and unforgivable. I hope Loki doesn't do anything to displease the hag or he'll go too.

No. 606036

Because she thinks hairdressers are uppity pieces of shit as she's mentioned in a past video. Like I get that it's annoying for them to lecture you about fucking with box dye, but I guess a lot of them like to educate their clients about the horror stories of homedye jobs.
They also get annoyed when their clients do things they have said not to do as it makes their job harder.
Craven of course takes it all personally and thinks hairdressers are being dicks when they tell you they won't fix your hair after using box dye.
In real life, some hairdresser probably told her it would take a few sessions to lighten her hair and she was too cheap about it and wanted light hair asap.

No. 606042

I'm waiting for the video where she gets mad and say they lied to her about the job.
>They said they'd call me when it picks up again and I haven't had work for weeks!

Yeah, the woman did sound like an idiot. Shitzus look absolutely nothing like chihuahuas but I could see her being mistaken I suppose if Gravey only sent the puppy photos.
And being a shitzu cross, it looks like it adopted the underbite, so in a puppy photo it could maybe look a bit shitzu-ish.
Knowing Gravey, she probably sent the photos where the dog looked it's smallest and cutest so it peaked interest.
I've seen many ads online for small breeds where they often say 'dog is much smaller in real life, photos don't do justice' and shit like that.

Also, it's not like her house is a mansion by any means and for all we know she lives in a trailer like Raven, but it looks a lot more cleaner, that's for sure.
She does give me the vibe she's the type that likes dogs as an accessory hence the complaining about the 'grownup' size of the dog and the fact she complained about it biting her kid but posted a picture of it in a santa outfit a day later and called it her 'baby' suddenly.
Either way, she seems to have warmed up to it and I think everyone can see it's still a better home than Raven's by a long shot. She said Pebbles is there to stay, so all we can do is hope she keeps her word unlike Raven. And if she does decide to give it away, hopefully it's to one of her friends that said they wanted it, or her mother who she claimed to like small yappy types.

Still angers me that Raven had to adopt this dog in the first place when she says in this video that she knows nothing about dogs and says in many others that she doesn't like dogs. The only reason she got Pebbles was because she got Josh a dog and wanted a present for herself. She's incapable of getting just one pet. She always needs one for herself and one for her fucktoy. I know pets are sometimes good to get in pairs but she doesn't do it for that reason. She does it because SHE has to have a present too.

No. 606047


> I hope Loki doesn't do anything to displease the hag or he'll go too

I hope Loki attacks her while Josh is at work and the cats eat her remains and they all escape into the sunset together.

No. 606069

File: 1543431972659.png (261.89 KB, 524x819, methhead.png)

Image dump incoming of a post the lady made on facebook

No. 606070

File: 1543432005692.jpg (172.2 KB, 540x960, 46452239_2263946097218009_8542…)

No. 606072

File: 1543432033417.jpg (179.92 KB, 540x960, 46479287_2263946050551347_2059…)

No. 606074

File: 1543432055545.jpg (176.32 KB, 540x960, 46479379_2263946427217976_2469…)

No. 606076

File: 1543432080132.jpg (104.52 KB, 540x960, 46482706_2263949407217678_7725…)

No. 606077

File: 1543432101500.jpg (93.81 KB, 540x960, 46482808_2263949230551029_4278…)

No. 606078

File: 1543432130021.jpg (110.68 KB, 540x960, 46494691_2263949190551033_9020…)

No. 606080

File: 1543432165767.jpg (87.92 KB, 540x960, 46507803_2263949370551015_6078…)

No. 606083

File: 1543432701453.png (353.47 KB, 1464x844, coments.png)

Comments in that post.
In red is the lady who got pebbles

No. 606093

File: 1543433475998.png (365.94 KB, 519x1750, cutepebbles.png)

The whole spiel

No. 606104

What she said about Pebbles in the last thread:
>Our last family, uh, family member is a tiny, tiny little Chihuahua Shitzu, and that's….she's everybody's baby, but she's my baby. And she's brown with a little white on her chest, and her name is Cocoa Pebbles, but we call her Pebbles. She's two months old now. We, we only just actually got her a couple weeks ago. Those people lied to us when we got her because they said she was at least seven weeks old which we thought was that's still too young. You shouldn't give an animal away or sell an animal any younger than eight weeks, but twelve weeks is optimal. They need that time with their parents. I can't stand seeing people trying to get rid of animals at seven weeks, but at least I know and Josh knows that that's not a good age. We know what to do, how to treat them, how to take care of them. And so we figured if we don't get her, and we were like, she's too young, somebody else will get her, and they might not know what to do or how to, how to take care of her, so we figured at least if she comes with us we can give her a good life. [unintelligible] But we do give them good lives, and so we got her. When we got her we took her to the vet for a check-up right away, got her wormed and defleaed and all that stuff. And it turns out she wasn't seven weeks, she was closer to the five weeks. She didn't even have her teeth yet. She had some of her top teeth, no bottom teeth had broken through. She could barely see. She barely walked. She weighed two pounds, so she literally, like, fit in the palm of your hand. Now she's grown. She's probably closer to three, maybe four pounds, but she's still, like, itty bitty. She's, like, the smallest little thing, and she is so smart. She learned her name within the first week. She was almost fully potty trained within four days, believe it or not. We put down puppy pads. She'd go over there and pee and poo. She has accidents still here and there when she is playing or she's in an area of the house that's far away from her, her bed and her usual puppy pad area. Then she might, like, poop on the floor or something like that. But we keep her kind of in a small section right now while she's learning and growing. And her little tail is always wagging like that, and she's like cutest little thing.

And Loki plays with Pebbles, and he is so gentle with her. Like, she sticks her whole head up in his mouth, and he, he doesn't clamp down of course. He just kind of [hand motions] and he nudges her with his nose, and he gets real down low on the ground with her. And sometimes when she's sitting there he'll put both paws next to her like this and kind of, like, protect her, you know. He'll hold her like this, and she cuddles up, you know, in his tail or in his arms, and they're so close.

Strange how she gladly gives away her baby. I wonder what (if) has happened between the dogs (which were so close) that she had to give one of them away

No. 606129

Bless you OP for using my pic and thread name suggestion. I hope it fries Gravy's saggy old ass.

No. 606133

>sold her to pay the power bill
>I'm going to take this to the police just to make a believer out of her

No wonder Raven is hiding behind fake names/emails. I really hope Pebbles' new owner drags Raven to court over this because there's enough evidence to get a restraining order and when Raven breaks it (and she will) then it's a visit to Murica jail for her.

You know she has to be seething that people are laughing at her and calling her a meth head.

No. 606136

What is her deal with calling people whores. Raven, you sell your pussy for husbands. Stop it.

What an insane cunt.

No. 606138

Projection. Calls them all whores and prostitutes because that's what she was and still is. The idea of women being successful and making legitimate money is foreign to her.

No. 606140

Hahaha. I’m dying over this new thread. Everyone knew this was going to happen eventually. And now Gravey has a new hater to boot. This is priceless. The only thing that upsets me is she keeps having “dead cats” I think she kills them honestly

No. 606145

No one should ever reach that level of pathetic. But hey, if she can sell her pussy for a husband, of course she'll sell a dog for a bill. She needs to stop bringing in all of these animals when she clearly cannot financially support them.

I hope they do too. It would be the sweet justice that Hagraven deserves to get plowed in the ass by for many years of bullying innocent people.

Her appearance doesn't do her any favors either if they do go to court. She looks as abrasive as she acts and is too god damn old to be acting like a psychotic hemorrhoid from an imp's ass.

No. 606153

Ravens only insults are women are "Whores", "Sluts", "Cunts" and "Ugly". Funny how she's describing herself

No. 606155

It’s called projecting. It’s actually a real thing. Like you take what you hate about yourself and you want to project it onto other people. Like the saying goes “hurt people hurt people”. Except Raven isn’t hurt. She’s just a dumb whore. So you are spot on OP.

No. 606183

File: 1543444550296.png (956.94 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-40-24…)


Drama once again rears its ugly head

Published on Nov 27, 2018

Hello darkness, my old friend…


Welcome back. Okay, so here we go. Josh and I were gonna do an animal update video last weekend and we didn't end up doing one. And then all this shit's happened and more shit's happened and then this situation happened. So this is gonna be both of those in one. It's gonna be a bitchy video but also an animal update video at the same time. Our animal situation has changed and that is the reason for this video.

First of all, the worst news is that my little girl [pic related], my beautiful little split face, she has died. If you're on my Facebook you would have seen my post. But um, you know, we're doing a lot of house repairs here, you know. The walls, the floors, and the roof, and things like that, the toilets, and just we're fixing this house up. And we have some people here and they were doing some repairs in the house and they left one of the doors open and all three of the cats got out. And um, Miss Pretty and Jelly came back in and my girl stayed outside. And I called her and I called her and I called her. And usually she comes. Because I didn't notice right away that she was outside. We didn't even think about it. And she didn't come back and I was like, oh my god. And Josh drove around, called. She didn't come. I mean, we looked and we looked and we called all night. I couldn't sleep. I'd wake up and I think I heard meowing and come look outside. Was she at the backdoor? No. Was she at the front door? No. Go outside, call her, call her.

She always came right to me like a dog, you know. She she wasn't like a cat. She'd just come. I'd call her and no matter where she was she'd come running, come say hi, sit on my lap, lick my face. I mean, she was the sweetest sweetest sweetest thing. And she was just she was my baby. She was the one I loved more than any other animal I've ever owned, even my Marmalade. Marmalade loved me but she didn't love me nearly as much as this one did. And I love Marmalade. I miss her so much. But this one was just she was just top of my…top of the food chain here, on top of my list. She was just something else.

And we never found her body anywhere so I was like, okay she's not squished. Maybe she got lost. Maybe she's just having fun wandering the neighborhood and she'll come back. Maybe somebody's kidnapped her, I don't know, catnapped her. And um, called the vets in the area, asked if anybody has maybe hit a cat that looks like that and took her to the vet. Nothing.

Left a note at the next door neighbor's house and asked if they have seen a cat laying over there dead or something because they actually have dogs and the dogs are kind of mean and they've been at the fence. And Josh has tried to, you know, "Hey buddy, hey boy" like he does, and the dog snapped at him. And he was like, whoa that's not too good. And they said that uh, that they hadn't seen anything but they'd keep looking. And I was like, oh okay good, you know, there's still hope, there's still hope. And by this time it had been over a week that she was gone, and it had been cold, frosty, rainy. And I was like, man she's been out there without food or shelter or water. I mean, there's water in the puddles but I was still worried about her not surviving out there and just being out there in the cold. And I started to get real frantic and just like, oh my god oh my god oh my god, you know, I hope she's okay. And Josh was real upset as well and he's just like, god I hope she's okay, she needs to be here with us. And it's like part of our family was completely missing.

And then I got a text from the neighbor again like an hour later after I sent pictures of her through. I said, this is what she looks like, if you can keep an eye out. She said, my husband found her at the tree line, I am so sorry. And my heart sunk and I was like, oh my god. And um, she wasn't bloody, she wasn't torn open, she was just laying on her side peacefully. We don't know what the hell could have happened. The only thing we could think of…I mean, we know obviously her dogs, their dogs would have killed, killed the cat.

She was…these cats are not scared of dogs because Loki, Loki loves cats. And they walk by him and he would never hurt them. They don't run away. And some of them have even lay down and slept on him. He's like a big cat. And this one, my girl, was like the most chill and friendly out of all of them. And that's saying something cuz they're all friendly, you know. And she wouldn't have been scared of the dogs. She would have just walked right up.

And I think…I don't think they bit her because there's no marks. But I think that they might have stomped on her, like stomped on her back or her neck and broken her back or her neck. Since she was out there in the cold for a week she was stiff so there's no way of knowing where she felt loose or anything. And so Josh went and buried her, and it was like my heart fucking broke. She's…it just doesn't feel right not having her here. At all.

So I've been looking for another cat that's got the same kind of face to help me. I know some people are the opposite and they never want a cat again. I'm not like that. I want to be able to look and see somebody that looks like her. And in the back of my mind it kind of made me feel like at least a part of her is here with us. While we were looking for her Josh and I went to the store and we heard meowing and meowing and meowing under a bush. It wasn't Walmart. It was a little supermarket in a little town not far from here. And we went and looked and there was this itty bitty bitty little orange kitty there, and she was the cutest little thing. I mean, she was young. She'd looked like she was maybe a month old, maybe five weeks. She definitely was not too much. She fit, like, in the palm of my hand. At the end of this I'll add a whole bunch of pictures talking about everything that happened.

I will not add a picture of my girl. I do have one of her in the box because the neighbors packed her up in a box, wrapped her in a shirt, and let us bury her. I will not add a picture that. I know I did that with Marmalade. I was shocked and I was like, oh my fucking god. I couldn't believe it and I just, I just shared it. It just felt like the right thing to do at the time. I don't know what my reasoning was, but I know at the time I felt like it was right thing. But I'm not going to do that with this girl. Yeah, a good, good decision. Whatever.

So we took her home. I named her Pumpkin Pie. She's like a little slice of pumpkin pie. And she's orange like a pumpkin. And she was here for two weeks. And she was, she was even more affectionate than my girl. But I wasn't, like, attached to her like that yet. It hadn't been long enough. And I loved her but I didn't…I wasn't like, oh my god this is my baby, you know. She would just I would stand there and I would be unpacking my boxes cuz my stuff came. She'd climb up my leg, climb up my shirt, and just sit right here in my arm. Like, you had to sit here and hold her. Like she, she wanted to be held. You had to hold her. And she'd come sit on my lap and she just she was just the most cuddly little thing.

And because we had her we were like, well she needs a little playmate. And um, you know, remember we're down to three cats at the time, her and then the two we had, so it wasn't an over amount. So we ended up getting this little calico kitten that was two months old, and that's Josh's cat. And he named her Zero because he loves Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas and also because this kitten had been in this house and she looked like, you know, she had had really nothing. Like, she didn't really know people. She was hiding under the sink. She was terrified. She didn't purr, she had never had, like, wet food or that kind of…you know, she just had experienced zero in her life, I guess, and so it kind of fit. [she looks down] A little fat cat is standing here. That's why the camera is moving. Huh, Jelly. My little fat girl. She's such a happy girl.

So we brought her home and they fell in love. They were like sisters and they were so sweet together. And I say were because we went back, like, yesterday to the store and saw fliers all over where this family had lost their little orange kitten. The daughter had taken the kitten outside to play and she was like, I don't know, like three or four or something like that. And she went back inside and completely forgot about the kitten. And so Pumpkin would have wandered around looking, you know, for shelter or somewhere to hide, and that's when we found her. And knowing that she belonged to somebody we couldn't keep her because we had just lost my cat. And if somebody had catnapped her or taken her in, the way that we were looking for her, I wouldn't have wanted somebody to keep her. I would have wanted somebody to give her back because rightfully, even if it was an accident that she was outside, she belonged to us, and it's the same here. So we had to let her go. And that really sucks because she was she was adorable and she was so pretty and just I miss her, too. So in a way I lost two back to back.

I'm talking to a woman from a cat rescue now and she's actually got a semi split face and an orange one. We were just looking for one, but she's got two and they're bonded. They were rescued one day apart and they were both so scared they just kind of bonded together. They're three months old and they're gonna be spayed and neutered and get their shots and everything, and then we're gonna pick them up. So we'll probably have two more to show you if everything works out fine.

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Pumpkin and Zero

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Pumpkin and Loki

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Wow raven is the Mary Beth Tinning of cats and dogs I think. I agree with above poster that she kills them, whether for attention or convenience. She is an awful skank. I hope this woman has found out her real name and is using these threads as motivation to go to the cops. Anything to save a few innocent victims from this gross pigs clutches. What is it with cows and dead or “rehomed” animals?

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Now, for the big thing. Oh, and we still have Loki, of course, the white Husky, obviously. The big thing is we do not have Pebbles anymore. Pebbles is the little, the cute little Shi Chi that we had, Shih tzu Chihuahua mix. What happened with her was she was beating up on Loki and we thought that it was unfair for Loki to have to go through that because he was here first. He never fought her back, never growled at her, anything like that. But she would go up to him and she would bite him like right around his butthole, around his haunches, and she'd just shake her head and rip his fur out, just rip chunks of his fur out. And I've got a picture of her that I will add at the end where she's just sitting there and she's got a mouthful of his fur that she just ripped out of his butt. And she would also jump up. Even if he'd sit up and he'd kind of go like this she'd jump up and she'd bite his face. And she's made him cry a lot of the time. And I've seen her hanging off of his face, biting onto his gums and his lip. And he's sitting there crying and crying, and she's just growlingand clinging onto his lip. And for one, that wasn't fair on him. And for two, we don't want him to, you know, "Fuck, that hurts!" and react and snap and kill her. So we had to find another home for her for her own safety because she was getting too vicious.

She didn't do that with the cats. She did try to chase them down, but the cats have got like a six foot high cat tree and they can jump on it and get away. She was smaller than the cats. They were not concerned with her at all. But she beat up on Loki a lot and we couldn't get her to stop.

Um, we had a lot of messages from people who wanted her, and we wanted her to go to a good home because she's itty bitty. When we got her she was…I don't know if you guys remember us talking about it, but she was full of worms and she was younger than we were told she was. She had no bottom teeth. Like, she didn't have her teeth yet. We were told that she was eight weeks old. And when we took her to the vet, because when she yawned I saw she had no teeth, we took her straight to the vet like, oh my god what do we do? I'm not good with dogs. I don't know about dogs like I do cats, so I wanted to be sure that we were able to feed her properly and know what to give her to make sure she survived. And they aged her at about five weeks old so she was also really young. And everything worked out fine. We gave her wet food. We mixed wet food with dry food. We, you know, soaked everything down until her teeth came in. She was able to eat and she was fine, obviously. And she used those teeth way too much. Um, the person that we chose…oh sorry, rewind.

When we went to Carowinds for my birthday we put them both in a kennel. And she was so young she had only had her first round of shots. They took her in anyway. They said nobody's ever had kennel cough, nobody's ever gotten sick. But we had to sign a waiver just in case or whatever. She caught kennel cough. So we had to take her to the vet. That was over $200 in exams and medicines and things like that. So it cost us a pretty penny for her, to buy her in the first place and to take care of her. Her worming, her fleas, her kennel cough, her medication, all that stuff. So when I listed her I didn't list her for free. I did list her for I think um a quarter of what we paid for her. Not a lot, definitely not what she was worth, but um just a little bit to try to recover some of that money.

And like I said in my prelude video I haven't been working since around Halloween, and Josh has just changed jobs. He was working for this other company loading trucks and they would pay by the truck, but then they do it in a weird way where it wasn't even a minimum wage. He'd work six days a week. He'd work so much, like 50 hour weeks and then bring home not even a hundred dollars because of how many trucks they do, and he just couldn't stay there. And that made us behind on everything. Plus, though, that bill took our savings, so that's why we asked for some money so we can catch up on the power bill and things like that because we took care of the animal over paying bills because her health was really important. We didn't know what was going on with her. She was just hacking and coughing and she was so little. You need to be careful with little animals, you know.

Now he's changed jobs and gone from loading trucks to now he is the lead. He's actually got high qualifications and he has a really good job. He is the boss. He comes home, "Man, it's so cool. I get to tell people what to do." And he's, he is the lead and he loves this job so much, and that is so great to see because it's very rare in life that you actually get to get paid for what you love doing. And, and I'm really proud of him for that and I'm really happy for him. He gets to go to work and just to come home telling me how much he loves his job. And he's not just a laborer, he's the boss so that's even better.

But back to my story. So this woman said that she couldn't afford to pay the full amount that we were asking because Christmas is around the corner and she has two kids and blah blah blah. But that she swore she would give him a good home because she has a Shih tzu and it would be good. [she looks down]

Hey. I've got a big cat on me. This is, this is Zero. Let me see if I can pick her up. She just came over to say hi. This is Zero. Look at your little face, Zero. Look at the camera. Aw, she is precious. Hey. [she kisses her] She's purring. You miss your little buddy? I miss her, too. Hey look, Zero. There you go. Oh, look at your face. You are so cute. Oh, she's a happy girl. She is so soft. So I've got three kitty cats. I'm only partially wearing a dress so excuse me. But I've got big ol' kitty there, and Zero's right there, and Josh's cat Miss Pretty just walked over that way. This is my life. When I make videos I do only partially get dressed. I only put on a top because my bottom is not shown, so excuse that.

Um anyway, I move around a lot trying to figure out what the hell I'm gonna say. She said that she would give Pebbles a good home because she has a little dog herself [pic related] she has a little dog herself and they would play, and she loves animals, and blah blah blah. And I thought, you know, finding a good home for her where she'd have a playmate and she'd be happy is more important than making the money back, so I agreed to let her pay half of what I was asking which is probably one eighth of the money put into her which is fine, you know. She had a good home. Everything was great.

So we met her in a parking lot of a store. It was really hard to say bye. I stayed in the car. I didn't get out. Josh got out. And she was fine. She was like, aw she's so cute. And her daughter was like, oh my god. And everything, everything was fine. She paid us, took Pebbles, and we left. Got home and she texted me and she said, oh my god, you know, she's doing so great, she's gotten along with her dog, they're outside buddy-buddy playing around, and everything's good. And I was like, oh that's great, I'm so happy to hear that.

And then um either later that night or the next day she says, has she ever been aggressive towards people because she's growling at my son and she's like she wants to attack my son. And I said, no she's never been aggressive to people. I said, we got rid of her because she was doing that to our dog. He was so gentle he tolerated it is the thing. If there's another dog and the dog were like, grrr don't do that to me, then of course she would stop. But she was never taught by him not to do it. And um, another little dog she couldn't hang off of the same. But she never tried that with this chick's dog anyway from what I had heard and what she had said.

She was apparently showing aggression to this chick's son for no reason, unprovoked, just didn't like him. And I said, that's really weird because she's never never never nipped, growled, barked, or anything at us for any reason at all. And, you know, I've like, No! No! Done that to her, like, kind of in her face and she's never even grrr at me, nothing. Just what she does when she gets scared is she rolls over on her back and she's just [mimes paws in the air] submissive, that's what she does. And I thought that was really strange. She said that her son hadn't done anything. I said, I'm really sorry to hear that. I don't know what would be happening. Maybe um keep your son away from her for a little while because she's just taken to a new home. She doesn't really know anybody, and there's a man, a woman, a daughter, a son, and a dog. I said, it might be too much for her at the moment so maybe just kind of give her a little bit of space. And she didn't really answer me.

And then she wrote back again a little while later and said that no, I can't have her because she just bit my son in the face. And I was like, what?! Whoa, what happened? What was going on? And she said that her son was holding Pebbles and was eating a Pop Tart and doing nothing and she just jumped up and bit him in the face. And I was like, I said, I'm really sorry, that doesn't sound like her, I don't know what to tell you, I never saw any signs of that in her at all or else I would have warned you. I understand if you can't keep her but we just paid our power bill, we don't have the money to give you back. And she said, okay I'll look for somebody else who could take her, I'll just go ahead and rehome her. And I said, you know, that's fine, she is your dog now, but um I just I don't know what to say. And I just apologized and apologized.

And then she's like, well what was she sick with in the first place? Because I had mentioned that I was asking a rehoming fee for, you know, because we had spent so much at the vets. All this was on the post along with pictures of her, by the way. And she had asked me for pictures of her before she came and got her so I sent her three pictures of her because it's all I had in my phone at the time. So she had seen five photos of her because one of the photos was on my phone and on the ad. And she said, well what was she sick with? And I said, well she had had worms when I got her and she was much younger than we were told. Her birthday was in May…no. She's four months old now and it's November, so four months ago that's her birthday, July. July 18th, I think, is her birthday of this year. And I said that she had that and then she had kennel cough a couple weeks…it was a couple months ago and she'd be completely, she's completely fine now. And she's like, well I wish I had known that before I got her. And I said, you did know that, it was on the ad.

She started bitching at me saying that she didn't know anything, she didn't know any of what was wrong with her, and if she had known all this she would have never taken her. And she completely flipped out on me. And I was like, I said, look you knew everything. And she said, and I didn't even know what she looked like, you didn't even send me pictures of her, I don't think this dog is four months old, you lied to me about everything. I said, I didn't lie to you about a single thing.

And she's like, look I just want my money back. And I said, I told you we don't have your money, you weren't lied to, you were told everything. And then she started threatening me with small claims court saying that she's gonna take me to court because it was false advertising and yadda yadda yadda. So I sent her screenshots of the ad and of our email. I said, this is the email you said you didn't get with pictures you say you didn't get, and this is the ad that lists everything on there, you were told everything ahead of time. I said, if you wanted to know what precisely she was sick with then maybe you should have asked, you know. Conveniently it wasn't an issue to you until now, and now you want to know more details that doesn't affect her or your dogs now, you know. I'm paraphrasing. I didn't say that stuff word for word. It's all gonna be in the screenshots because I've screenshots of all this stuff.

Well, I didn't hear from her but I got an email from her mother…not an email, sorry, I got a voicemail from her mom. She was out there giving my phone number out to people so I had to change my number. She was threatening me with small claims court again saying that I lied about everything. And I was like, what the fuck does this bitch look like? So I went and I looked her up and I found her profile and lo and behold I see posts about Pebbles. And what she's saying on there is that we catfished her. We are not…we catfished her because that's not a Shi Chi, that's a straight-up Chihuahua, and she hates Chihuahuas. And it's like, first of all, that's not what catfishing is. Second of all, it's a Shih tzu Chihuahua mix so of course she's gonna look like a fucking Chihuahua. And I hate Chihuahuas. How stupid are you? And on the ad it said Shih tzu Chihuahua mix. It was right there. And at the bottom it said, yes this is a mixed breed. She's called a Shi Chi. Look it up.

Yeah, and then she said that she was catfished and the dog was not a puppy. She said, I got me a grown-ass dog, look at her, she's so ugly, she's a retard, and all this stuff. And Pebbles was maybe two and a half to three pounds and she was smaller than the cats. You could tell she was a puppy. She was a baby. She was definitely not over a year old. And if she's that worried about it it's nothing that a simple vet check wouldn't tell her, you know, because she, at four months old, probably wouldn't even have all her adult teeth yet, just saying. Which of course she wouldn't do that because she knows that she's full of shit.

And everybody on her friends list is falling for it, oh those people you should take them to court, what's her phone number, what's their name, blah blah blah blah and all this like I was in the wrong. And she's just going along with it about how what did she do to deserve this in her life, her life is so shitty and horrible. And she's trying to pawn off Pebbles on anybody. Oh just take her, take her, look at this ugly fucking retard, what the hell am I gonna do with this dumb bitch and all that, like just really down talking her. And she's like, this is what I was supposed to get, and she shows Pebbles puppy picture. And she goes, and this is what the fuck I got, and she shows her as an adult. It's the same fucking dog. I just included puppy pictures and adult pictures. One or two were taken last week or the week before I gave them…gave her to them.

And apparently we are meth heads. We're druggies and junkies and we spent all of our money on drugs and that's why we needed to sell off our animals to pay for our bills which none of that's true, either. She's probably more of a druggie we are. We don't smoke, drink. He smokes a Juul which is like a vape but he's trying to quit. We don't drink. We don't do drugs. We don't even go out of the house. And we didn't sell our animal to pay for a power bill. We used money that we got from selling an animal who was abusing our other animal to pay for a power bill we were behind on because we put that animal first.

So what I did was I went, I made a fake profile. I hadn't done this in a while but I didn't want it connected to me. She has no idea who I am. I made a fake profile and I clicked on every single person that was involved on those threads, on those posts of hers, and I wrote every single person who had something to say about Pebbles, and I said this: What you've been told is a lie. This is what actually happened. And I went down the list: We did this, we did this, we did that, we told her this, she said that, and here are 18 screenshots. And I sent everything through. And she still somehow convinced them that I was lying and she was telling the truth, that that wasn't even the ad, and she was never told any of that stuff, I must be doing nothing but sitting around all day spying on her, she's gonna call the cops on me for harassment, all this shit. Those screenshots were taken directly snap snap snap from my phone.

The ad was…I can see the ad. The ad was flagged for removal. It kept being flagged because I listed on Craigslist and for some reason on Craigslist they don't let you sell animals but you can ask for a rehoming fee. And I said I was looking for rehoming fee and we're not a puppy mill or anything like that. It was just we were looking to rehome an animal for the safety of our other animal. I didn't violate any of their rules but they kept flagging and taking it down so the ad wasn't there. But seeing as it was my post and I have an account I was able to open that post, look at it, screenshot it, and that's what I did.

So to share it with you guys I removed anything that was location wise and I removed her name and her friends names and their faces because all I need is for, you know, my other stalkers to go on and be like, oh my god she's so bad with animals and blah blah blah and then go find her and then try to build up this giant case about how I hate animals and I'm an animal abuser and all this other bullshit which is the furthest thing from the fucking truth. Like when we had Doja, trying to get him taken away because apparently all I do is get animals and I kill them and I'm so horrible and I sell off animals to make a profit.

When my cat had had kittens and they were spoken for before they were born. Marmalade had had kittens. They were spoken for before they were born. They were ready around Valentine's, a week before Valentine's Day. People came and picked them up. I saved that money and we used that to go out and have Valentine's dinner. But the stalkers put all that together to make it look like I sold them just to go out to eat which is not the truth.

And the same thing goes here. I did not sell Pebbles for the power bill. We needed to get rid of her to save her own life in case Loki snapped at her and hurt her or, you know, for Loki's state of mind because he tried desperately to get away from her. He'd try to climb on the couch but once she got big enough she learned to jump on the couch and he couldn't get away from her. And I know if I were him I would not want a little rat hanging off of my face either. Because I'm a person so it wouldn't be a dog it would be a rat biting my lip and pulling me down, you know. And it just wasn't a good environment for him because we could not stop her. We put her in timeout, we kept telling her no, squirted her with a water bottle. Nothing worked. And so it just it had to be done. And instead of going out to eat or buying drugs or cigarettes or piercings or tattoos we put it towards a bill. I mean, we did the responsible thing is what I think. But whatever. She's so fucking full of it.

And I do check her profile. I do. I check it at least once a day. Because if I see anything on there that looks like Pebbles is going to come to any harm or she's been tossed outside or she's suddenly vanished I'm gonna call the cops or animal control. Because she might not know who I am but I have her phone number and I have her profile and I have her email address. I have all her information that they could use to track her down. All they really would need is her phone number, and I do still have all that and her mom's phone number on my phone.

But it looks like she's resigned herself to having Pebbles. And even though she keeps saying we're meth heads and we lied to her, catfished her, and that this dog is over a year old, it's a grown-ass dog so she can't change her name. Cuz just yesterday somebody asked her she's gonna change her name and she said, well I can't because she's a grown-ass dog. Whatever.

We changed Loki's name. His name was Oakley and he looks like a Loki so we changed it to Loki and he knows Loki. You can change an animal's name because they're not attached to it like people are. Duh. And she's four months old. She could adjust to a new name like nothing.

But um yeah, I do keep an eye on her all the time because I want to make sure Pebbles is safe. But she has resigned herself to keeping her. She's like, well I guess we're in tight now, we're staying, look at her. But she's still, like, says stuff like, oh she's ugly. Like, she'll be like, she'll say stuff like, oh look at her she's uh, yeah, something else, you know, she'll say stuff like that. We know you think she's ugly. Not as ugly as you are. You should see this bitch. I'm not gonna show you what she looks like but fuck, she is really ugly. She's not one to talk about this poor dog being ugly, you know. She's not, she's not a prize herself.

And her son. It turns out the reason…she wrote this on her profile which I took screenshots of everything which will be here. The reason that Pebbles bit her son. She didn't bite him, she snapped at him, and it was because her son kept getting in Pebbles' face, like making noise. And she even said, oh Pebbles doesn't like my son because he keeps getting up in her face. How about you take your son out of harm's way and you separate dog from little boy before little boy gets bit. She's being irresponsible, caring too much about what she looks like and how she comes across, making fun of this poor little dog rather than taking care of her own child. The first thing I would do is tell my son, look this is a new dog, you need to respect him, give him…give her space, let her get used to you. You don't ever get up and in an animal's face because they could just jump up and they could bite you, they could hurt you. Just, you know, you respect all living creatures. You don't just get up in a fucking animal's face like that and then wonder, I don't know what happened.

And it wasn't that. It wasn't her snapping at him why she wanted to get rid of her. She wanted to get rid of her because…uh, because with the timeline, I followed the timeline. The reason she wanted to get rid of her is because she thought she had a Chihuahua, not a Shi Chi, and she doesn't like Chihuahuas. That is the reason, because she said she was catfished and lied to. She hates Chihuahuas and she wanted to get rid of her. After that is when her son was up in Pebbles' face and snapped.

So that's that drama. This was like, I was raging. I was so fucking angry when all this was going on. This was uh…it's been a couple days since. This has been, like, a major thing. And I just with Pumpkin and my kitty cat and all that I just haven't really been in the mood to sit here and just make these kind of videos. But then I got all fired up again with what happened yesterday with those other people. And it was like, man I really wish I could go into detail on that but I'm not going to for my own reasons. But uh, yeah. I just um…it just got me real worked up and real angry and I was like, you know what, I'm…I might not want to talk about this other situation but I am definitely going to say something about something. And now is time to go ahead and do a pet update video so I'm gonna do that and um fill in the whole story. So there it is. There you have it.

Um, people are fucking shit. People are horrible. I'm the one looked down on as being really bad for animals, I'm a bad owner. But that is not the case. I always look out for the animals first. That's why I go through animals because I want the animals to have the best possible home that they can here, and I know sometimes that is not the case. And sometimes if it's not a good fit you have got to do what's right for the animal. You cannot put yourself above them, and I don't. And whether that makes me look bad because I go through animals or not, I find them all good good homes and I make sure that they have a better home than what here for whatever reason. I haven't had to do it often but the couple of times I have it has been for a good reason and they've moved on. And now the ones that we have, they are just so…they are so precious. They are, they're everything. I just wish my girl was here to be here with us.

But um, Josh has become crazy cat man like I'm crazy cat woman. He loves having cats. They lay on him and he just lays there and he pets them. And he's just so happy and he tells me, I never thought I would I would be here having a cat fall asleep on my chest, just hugging me, and it's just such a great feeling. And when they purr on you and you just…I know it's like a comfort unlike anything else. And then Loki crawls up there and puts his head on Josh's lap and he's got me and one side and he's got a kitty cat on him and then he's got the doggy on the other side and he says it's the happiest he's ever been in his entire life. And that just, like, makes me want to cry, you know, because I gave that to him, you know.

Other people in his life haven't appreciated him or treated him like he deserves to be treated or, you know, acknowledged the stuff that he's done in his life and just, you know, he had never even had a simple thing as having his face touched and just told that he's beautiful or that he's done a good job. And I do that to him every day, you know. I tell him good job for the stuff that he's done or I'm proud of him. I'm happy, you know, I'm so happy when he's happy, and he is the center of my entire world and he knows that. And I gave that to him. Me, not anybody else. And to hear him tell me just how, how happy he is with his life now it's…that's like a gift in itself that you just…it's you can't compare it to anything else, I guess, being able to give that feeling to somebody else. And that's where my happiness lies.

So um, I guess that's all. Like, I feel like I want to keep talking but I really don't want to just keep blabbing and blabbing. But I will just end that there and just say, what do you guys think? I know I hate doing this, but what do you guys think when you read the screenshots? Isn't she's so fucking full of shit? Doesn't that just really make you want to rip her fucking head off? Like seriously, the shit that she's saying about Pebbles and the lies that she's making up. She doesn't even know what catfishing is. And she just sits there all cocky and bitchy. Like, who the hell does she think she is? Because she can't fucking read she's gonna go and blame everybody else, you know. People like that just make me sick. They really do. They really, really do.

I will see you guys around. Thank you for listening. And I do appreciate you guys. I do love you guys. And I will see you on Christmas probably to open presents. I will probably see you before that. I might actually make my Christmas intro now while I'm dressed up because I kind of like my makeup today. And then I will release some of the other videos. I don't really have a lot going on, don't…excuse me…don't really have a lot of videos coming up or not great content. But again it's just I just record things that are interesting to me, not stuff that I think other people are gonna want to listen to. I just released it just because I've recorded it so I might as well. I just don't see YouTube as a priority like I did when I had nobody so that's why that's changed. But I'll still be around for the people that have followed me. You guys deserve the occasional update here and there. I don't want to leave here. I don't want to leave anybody hanging, so that's why I'm trying to do updates here and there just to kind of keep people in the loop because, you know, believe it or not there are people out there that do care about me and my life. And um, they deserve updates and they deserve to know because they've been invested in my life and have followed me for a very long time. And so I owe it to you guys to tell you stuff that happens. So I will see you guys around. Like Josh says, I say bye and I keep talking for hours, so I'm gonna try to cut it now. Bye bye!

No. 606193

File: 1543445067687.png (852.66 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-54-29…)

"And I've got a picture of her that I will add at the end where she's just sitting there and she's got a mouthful of his fur that she just ripped out of his butt."

No. 606194

File: 1543445122926.png (402.21 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-37-08…)

"This is Zero. Let me see if I can pick her up. She just came over to say hi. This is Zero. Look at your little face, Zero. Look at the camera."

No. 606196

File: 1543445185319.png (327.21 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-58-21…)

"I'm only partially wearing a dress so excuse me. But I've got big ol' kitty there, and Zero's right there, and Josh's cat Miss Pretty just walked over that way."

No. 606198

What a cute soon-to-die kitten.

No. 606201

File: 1543445400623.png (533.27 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-41-00…)

No. 606202

File: 1543445434241.png (378.09 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-41-14…)

No. 606203

File: 1543445457120.png (285.48 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-41-28…)

No. 606205

File: 1543445479906.png (374.53 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-41-41…)

No. 606206

File: 1543445505688.png (381.67 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-41-55…)

No. 606207

File: 1543445529337.png (327.66 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-42-08…)

No. 606208

File: 1543445550425.png (306.12 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-42-22…)

No. 606210

File: 1543445572629.png (377.21 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-42-35…)

No. 606211

File: 1543445598233.png (321.28 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-42-50…)

No. 606212

File: 1543445621702.png (261.97 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-43-02…)

No. 606213

File: 1543445683188.png (293.47 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-43-16…)

No. 606214

File: 1543445705844.png (287.32 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-43-29…)

No. 606215

File: 1543445727356.png (387.25 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-43-43…)

No. 606216

File: 1543445750778.png (351.92 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-43-57…)

No. 606217

File: 1543445771808.png (179.11 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-44-10…)

No. 606218

File: 1543445794039.png (146.16 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-44-23…)

No. 606219

File: 1543445818172.png (145.39 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-44-37…)

No. 606220

File: 1543445839653.png (159.66 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-44-50…)

No. 606221

File: 1543445861519.png (192.51 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-45-04…)

No. 606222

File: 1543445885114.png (172.67 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-45-17…)

No. 606223

File: 1543445906695.png (215.71 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-45-31…)

No. 606225

File: 1543445927359.png (148.46 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-45-45…)

No. 606226

File: 1543445958659.png (162.93 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-45-58…)

No. 606227

File: 1543445986281.png (206.29 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-46-12…)

No. 606236

File: 1543446068964.png (126.47 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-46-25…)

No. 606239

We all know damn well that she didn't take that dog to the vet. It had worms and kennel cough, things that the vet would have treated it for from the get-go.

No. 606242

File: 1543446500566.png (185.33 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-46-38…)

No. 606243

File: 1543446531387.png (190.16 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-46-52…)

No. 606245

File: 1543446612856.png (145.53 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-47-05…)

No. 606246

File: 1543446638322.png (164.6 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-47-19…)

No. 606248

File: 1543446662513.png (191.77 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-47-32…)

No. 606249

File: 1543446683987.png (222.19 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-47-46…)

No. 606251

File: 1543446706920.png (241.91 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-48-00…)

No. 606252

File: 1543446729678.png (200.19 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-48-13…)

No. 606253

File: 1543446750273.png (130.66 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-48-51…)

No. 606254

File: 1543446772848.png (473.45 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-48-56…)

No. 606255

File: 1543446794679.png (278.88 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-50-19…)

No. 606256

File: 1543446831835.png (441.91 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-50-49…)

No. 606257

File: 1543446853790.png (362.96 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-51-02…)

No. 606258

File: 1543446877566.png (280.25 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-51-16…)

No. 606259

File: 1543446901695.png (245.14 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-51-29…)

No. 606260

File: 1543446924834.png (353.54 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-51-43…)

No. 606262

File: 1543446948424.png (131.55 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-51-56…)

No. 606263

File: 1543446970148.png (187.41 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-52-10…)

No. 606264

File: 1543446991068.png (237.75 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-52-23…)

No. 606267

I hope this lady finds Hagraven's youtube page.

No. 606268

>does not bark, not a yappy dog, will not snap
>it's too rough with our other dog
Can't keep her story straight again.
Is this the original craigslist post or the one she made afterwards?

Wow that woman was nothing but polite and asked simple questions and had reasonable concerns and Raven snaps again as soon as she has to fear giving money back and getting the dog back. Never change, Gravy

No. 606269

File: 1543447427676.png (262.54 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-28-08-50-36…)

No. 606276

I mean, yeah it's childish and mean to go off on the dog like that, but I definitely understand why she's that upset.
She didn't get the pet she thought she'd get, then it bit her son despite Diana telling her the dog doesn't bite. Then she got told it had several diseases and than Diana snaps at the woman, like the angry grandma she is, because she is understandably upset because of it all. The woman probably felt overwhelmed and lost because she paid for a dog that wasn't what was advertised and then Gravy started bitching at her.
I totally get why she got this upset and had to shittalk the dog and the situation with her friends.
But luckily it calmed down and now Pebbles has a loving family and loves a happier life than she'd ever had at Gravys pet horde that was more than a horde.

Also, I'd say those screenshots with the goth font are from Gravy posting at the local library trying to make the woman look bad, but she wouldn't censor the names of the people commenting.

No. 606293


All true but the kid shouldn't be getting in the dogs face and the mum should be stopping this. The kid deserved to get bitten

Raven is still a massive cunt though.

No. 606294


To add to the FL versus SC tinfoil, the woman who has Pebbles is from Jacksonville, FL.

No. 606307

The woman who purchaed pebbles made the posts about all this Private and now has her profile locked down. So I bet that Hagraven sent her loyal emo army to the rescue.

No. 606310


According to >>605848 Pebbles was posted on the Greenville, SC Craigslist. Greenville is 32 miles west of Spartanburg.


Lynley Bruner lives in Spartanburg. So what's up with the FL references on her Facebook page?

Tinfoil: Raven faked the FL references to support her claim she is living there.

No. 606323

Even if he was in the dog's face, Hagraven said that the dog rolls on its belly in fear and doesn't bite. That falls on Diana, not the mom.

No. 606352


Dogs can have completely different reactions to children than they do to adults, and Pebbles has never been around children.

No. 606361

I mean the kid was a little toddler, they probably didn't realise they were being too close. The mother definitely shouldn't have let them get so close to a new dog that is scared and settling in. I think it's rough to say the child deserves it though. Above toddler age, sure, but toddler and below, nah, even when they are trying to be gentle, their movements are exaggerated.

If Gravey had lied and told her oh yeah it's totally fine, she loves everyone, then the lady may have not realised and it's an easy mistake to make, especially if the lady's kids seemed to get along fine

Her childish antics on facebook seem a bit cowish (the way her friend says omg you should call Ellen!) But she seems like a nice enough person for the fact she decided to keep the dog afterwards.
And she even said she thinks the dog is cute in an ugly way.
I disagree, but there's loads of people who think chihuahuas are ugly. It's common. And she's not wrong that there's something wrong with its mouth. Especially in one of the santa outfit photos.

It's not shown how much Raven sold the dog for so it would be interesting to see how much she scammed the lady out of. I have a feeling the lady wouldn't have been so 'omg catfished' on facebook to all her friends if the dog wasn't as much money. She's trying to come across like 'it could only happen to me LOL' Like trying to be entertaining to her friends on Facebook and upping the ante.

No. 606383

Note that Raven only days the dog was sick but not with what, and worms isn’t really being sick. So until >>606210 the woman didn’t know it was kennel cough. Even in her bitchy reply Raven quotes the vagueness of the Craigslist post, and says well you didn’t ask what sickness it was like it isn’t Ravens fault for not being direct about the illness.

Raven also forgets that ppl take their pets to the vet for check ups and to get them vaccinated and all that. It is on Raven for hiding part of th story even if the women should have asked more questions, because the ones she did (like more pics) raven gets upset about too so can’t win with her.

No. 606391

File: 1543458479100.png (10.14 KB, 309x223, pebblesowner.png)

She did edit it to show Jacksonville. I pulled this from her profile before lockdown. Edited to take out her kids names and places of work.
Raven is such a lunatic.

No. 606411

I’m pretty sure when I checked the woman’s Facebook page to compare ravens screen shots I saw in a comment that she purchased the dog for $200. But please any anons correct me if I’m wrong im going off of memory at a glance.

No. 606425


Can those screencaps be believed? We know she doctored >>605869 and >>606391.

No. 606430

Raven clearly knows how to use Inspect Element, per >>606391 and >>606259 so unless I see the original wording to compare, I wouldn't assume she used all those insults.

No. 606434

im the girl who has pebbles now. and no i do not live in a trailer, i live in a brick ranch home on land and have 2 other dogs besides pebbles , i habe ginger who is 15 years old and annabell who is 1 years old, i was told pebbles was 12 weeks old, she has been taken to the vet and the vertran said around 9 to 10 months old. no i did not think about her biting my son aggressivly because we were told she was a puppy , most puppies nip and play but pebbles will straight up growl and bite your face off. if someone walks into our room at night she will attack your ankles, however… wehave her going through training and regaurdless of the situaton she is coming around and becomming a great pet.i treat her with love and care just like my other babies. we also had to treat her for kennel cough again along with my other two dogs. it is what it is though and even though i was lied too and harrassed, were makibg the best of it and im glad i chose to just work with her even though it was the puppy me and my kids were promised. we all love her though , hopw that anawers a lot of yalls questions .. oh and also i made my fb private because ravwn or whatever her name is admittingly said she was lookong at my facebook every day and thats creepy.

No. 606439

How much did you pay Raven for Pebbles?

No. 606440

sorry for all the typos , phone was dying and i didnt have time to read over everything before i posted it

No. 606446

i paid 200$ for her , and its true she did want 350 for her. but then she came back and said she would do 200$ , the picture she sent me was of a small puppy. i wish i could show yall the orginal post i had seen on craigslist but it was flagged and you can no longer see it. anywho ill get more in detail with it tomorrow for yall , ive got to get in the bed so i can function for work tomorrow:-)

No. 606448

Her name is Raven Sparks and the rabbithole goes really deep. This is her 14th thread on all of the drama that she causes and there are a looooot of people who she's scammed and called every name in the book. That includes her own son, the bitch is a psycho.

Sorry you had to meet her. She's going to bring up this incident for a long while and will most likely still try to harass you through your friends.

No. 606449

Hey Lynley. Thanks for giving the dog a forever home. Raven is notorious for getting new pets and losing or killing them, she especially dislikes dogs and has even admitted it in videos. Sorry that you had to deal with her messaging all your friends.

No. 606450

Welcome and feel free to dump anything you have on her.

You have to understand how many animals she crams into her trailer and how many animals she goes through because they die, get "lost" or she sells them. It's got to be stressful for the many dogs and cats she has crammed into that place. The only value she places on an animal is the attention it gives her and how it makes her feel. This pup went from being affectionate to her to developing behaviour issues, no doubt due to stress and lack of training/ home structure - and being ditched because she no longer gave Raven what she wanted. This is a constant pattern with Raven.

I hope you are kind to Pebbles, who hasn't had the training and care she needs. Once you understand that, it's a matter of helping her to catch up and learn to behave. It's not a bad dog, it's had a very bad owner.

Can you talk about the screencaps Raven posted in her video? Are these accurate things you wrote about the dog?

No. 606451

350 bucks is pretty steep for a mixed breed puppy that has health problems and is almost half a year old. Wtf. Is Pebbles even desexed?
Who charges that much? That's so Raven.

No. 606453

How many pets have died and disappeared while living with her since she returned to America?

No. 606457

> I made a fake profile and I clicked on every single person that was involved on those threads, on those posts of hers, and I wrote every single person who had something to say about Pebbles,
How the fuck to you admit to making a fake profile and messaging everyone involved in a conversation and expect to not come off looking like a fucking psycho tho?

>And we didn't sell our animal to pay for a power bill. We used money that we got from selling an animal who was abusing our other animal to pay for a power bill we were behind on because we put that animal first.

Even so, "we're behind on power bills" is a far cry from yesterday's "i'm doing so great financially, so much better than YOU" claim.

>He smokes a Juul

Of course he does. Does anyone use these who isn't trailer trash?

No. 606459

Not sure. Josh's dogs (2 or maybe three of them?) "lost" or "stolen", that poor, scared rescue Chihuahua "lost" or "stolen". The first little kitten that died, Doja re-homed back to the foster person, the tortoiseshell cat just died, and then the kitten re-homed back to its home and Pebbles sold. There are probably more I've forgotten.

No. 606467

I don't doubt she's absolutely horrendous with money, but yeah it's weird how she went on about having such a great life and out of the financial problems, and then in this video she says she had a powerbill, but in the exact same video says Josh is the boss at his job. The thing I find weird too, was she was complaining about his old job saying he would work for ages and some weeks come home with less than a hundred dollars. What kind of job does that? Sounds like a half assed lie. Internships are often not paid, but Josh's situation sounded sketchy. The powerbill thing was probably a lie so the lady would be stuck with Pebbles.

No. 606470

She should do a collab with Taylor Nicole Dean kek

Peas in a pod.

No. 606474

>And we didn't sell our animal to pay for a power bill. We used money that we got from selling an animal who was abusing our other animal to pay for a power bill we were behind on

So…she sold her pet for a power bill. No matter how the cunt phrases it, that's exactly what she did.

>Josh is the boss at his job

That sounds like some shitty "I'm self-employed!" crap or a lie.

No. 606505

Absolutely get the law involved if you can because Raven will not stop harassing you and everyone around you. She's already made you part of her Youtube vidoes and even edited your personal messages and info to suit her needs.

Raven is not the sort of person to just walk away, especially when she thinks she's been one-upped or laughed at. She's a scammer through and through and she's practically written the book on e-stalking and harassment.

No. 606508

I'm sorry you had to deal with this psycho but I do hope you will consider moving forward with legal proceedings against Raven if you are able. She runs through pets who she either rehomes or disappear or die and it'd honestly be good of we could staunch her flow of pets through her clutches. Plus, like previously mentioned, she will continue to stalk and harass you and your friends via fake accounts probably forever if nothing is done because shes a major creeper.

No. 606539

File: 1543475171651.png (889.82 KB, 1280x800, 1536685849425.png)


Lynley, here are a few pics Raven included in the video introducing Pebbles. Were these the pics she used in the ad or sent to you?


No. 606540

File: 1543475195441.png (781.85 KB, 1280x800, 1536685802720.png)

No. 606541

File: 1543475218438.png (358.51 KB, 1280x800, 1536685875014.png)

No. 606545

File: 1543476196699.png (779.68 KB, 1280x800, 1538881507226.png)

You might find watching how Raven and Josh interacted with Pebbles of interest.

This is a screencap from a video she filmed in August. At 15:30 Josh picks up Pebbles and she licks his face.


In her birthday video filmed on September 17th Pebbles constantly begs for Josh's pizza, and he has to keep pushing her away. At 16:50 she gets into it, and they yell at her to stop.


No. 606571

Thank you for coming to talk to us here, and I'm sorry that you've been sucked into Gravy's gravity pull. She is truly a disgusting, greedy hag. Its great to hear that you're making it work with the pup, just be careful because Raven has nothing better to do besides sit on her lazy ass and harrass you; our of jealousy and spite. Get the police involved if it is ongoing.

Also can I just say, that after digging for myself, it's clear that Gravy is super jealous of this woman? She is young, pretty, has a fiance who is a police office, a couple of beautiful children, probably exactly the life Gravy wishes she had.

Sucks to be an obese middle aged ugly used up barren waste of welfare married to a meth head/tard, huh hagraven?

No. 606575

Raven is probably jealous of her. Evident by her insults she made about her looks and the way she acted like the lady thought she was 'better' than her.
Raven is generally jealous of all women though or anyone who is actually happy.
She's a miserable cunt.

No. 606641

There was also the ragdoll Josh bought her as a present and another cat that they "found from a tree". Both of them were rehomed, when their landlord suddenly decided not to allow cats, when he had no such problem with dogs.

If I count correctly, since her arrival to Couchland, the Bradley bunch has had 5 dogs (not including Josh's strays) and 8 cats. 10 cats actually, if include those two new kitties that she said they'll be getting now.

10 fucking cats in one year, and five of those are no longer with them. Way to go, Gravy, way to go.

No. 606642



>That's why I go through animals because I want the animals to have the best possible home that they can here, and I know sometimes that is not the case. And sometimes if it's not a good fit you have got to do what's right for the animal. I haven't had to do it often [O RLY] but the couple of times I have it has been for a good reason and they've moved on.

Two months ago >>>/pt/573760

>The babies that we have now, we've had them for four months, and they've had their little misbehaviors here and there, but overall they're our babies and they're here, you know. It's I said about the house, when you walk in to certain homes you feel like, wow this is home, this is where I'm gonna stay, this is where I'm gonna be. It's the same with them. It's like, you know what, you're home. You're not going anywhere. I could say with all certainty they're here to stay. I couldn't imagine our lives without them.

No. 606644

Lynley, I'm sorry for the mess Raven is causing in your life.

We would very much recommend you take legal actions against Raven Bradley (née Sparks).
She is indeed a horrible person, and an animal abuser. I'm very glad Pebbles has you and your loving family now.

If you need proof, just take a look on the links to prior posts.
And specially this ones:

https://archive.org/details/MyStory4 (Raven admits on video to killing and torturing animals)

https://lolcow.farm/pt/src/1522164944530.png (transcript of previous vid)

https://lolcow.farm/pt/src/1486453122573.jpeg (says wants a pet free home, keep getting pets and discarding them)

https://lolcow.farm/pt/src/1487056774934.jpeg (sold kittens so she could buy dinner - and now the puppy so she could pay a bill)

(GORE ALERT) https://lolcow.farm/pt/src/1501026708101.png (Raven posted a picture of her dead cat on instagram)

Since she got to America - 5 dogs (including a BLIND one she tossed away) and 8 cats.
She needs to be stopped.

No. 606645

File: 1543496743184.jpg (159.96 KB, 960x960, 14291676_711330249016287_16410…)

Timeline of Raven and Josh's Animals

Josh started a Facebook group for local stray dogs and is a member of several others.

07/17 Marmalade is fatally hit by a truck when she follows Logan into the street. He had taken her to live with him at his mom's house after he and Raven separated.

10/17 A stray dog that had taken up residence on Josh's mom's property is fatally shot by a neighbor with an arrow.

11/17 Josh moves Chubby and Big Boy, both black dogs, to the first shack. They were originally strays that wandered onto Josh's mom's property while he lived there. They are not allowed inside the shack and are unrestrained on the property. A stray white dog, accompanied by other stray dogs, visits frequently for food. Raven wants to keep the white dog because it looks like a wolf.

11/17 Raven talks about how much Josh's dogs like her and her feelings about dogs. "I've said it before, I don't like dogs. Various things over the course of my life have made me not like dogs. I used to like dogs. I've tried having dogs. My little Skellie, I loved him so much. The Leonbergers were all right. They weren't my dogs, though, they were my exes. I've had dogs in the past that I've loved to death. And then we had the little fucking bitch that attacked my Marmalade, and she just kind of turned me against dogs. That, and then the neighbor's dog just was always barking and barking and barking and barking and barking and barking and barking. I don't like barking. I'm like, fuck dogs. But Josh had five fucking dogs. Then there was the one that got shot with an arrow and died. And he's still really upset about that. But he brought two of them here, and they like me."

11/17 A week later she complains, "I haven't got much sleep for the past three days. One of Josh's dogs is just outside just barking and barking non-fucking-stop."

12/17 Chubby and Big Boy disappear, but Raven does not disclose this until January 13th. "Josh's dogs vanished. They wandered off maybe three weeks ago. I don't know where they went. He's been going crazy looking for them. First the big black one left, and we don't know where he went. He walked all up and down the road. He looked in the ditches, he drove all over the area, he went to all the neighbors. Nobody knows where he is. And the little one was here and then I petted him, sat down with him, and then he just up and wandered off, too, like that same day. Right after I petted him he just took off, and he hasn't been back, either. So nobody knows where they went or what happened." Later in the video she spends time with the white dog and another stray.

12/17 Josh is pictured holding an unidentified small dog that appears to be elderly and blind.

01/18 Josh gives Raven a 5 month old male Ragdoll kitten named Cashmere / Cas for New Years.

01/18 Three days later Raven inquires about a tortie kitten on a cat rescue Facebook page.

01/18 On the same day they adopt Meg, a female tabby kitten that was found stuck in a tree, as a playmate for Cas.

I post a timeline of Raven's animals in New Zealand.

A few days later she posts a video about Marmalade.

01/18 Raven gives Josh a 7 month old female mixed Chihuahua puppy as a surprise "because he's been so sad about his dogs running away". He names her Astrid / Azzy. This is their third pet acquisition in 17 days. Three days later she makes a post voicing their concerns that Azzy displays signs of having been abused.

??/18 Azzy "is stolen" when Raven leaves her unattended in the yard, but she does not disclose this until 03/18.

02/18 Cas and Meg (now identified as male) are rehomed together. Raven asks for $50 for Cas. Azzy is not mentioned. Raven gives conflicting reasons having to do with both their old and new landlords.

03/18 They adopt an unnamed Golden Retriever Black Lab cross from the same woman from whom they adopted Meg. They return the dog a few days later when his family change their minds.

Raven posts a video defending her checkered history.

I update the timeline of Raven's animals in New Zealand.

Transcript of her video about rehoming Mr. Marshmallow and buying Loki and Dante in New Zealand.

03/18 They adopt Doja, an 11 year old blind and deaf male Pit Bull, from a dog rescue. Raven sets up a Facebook page about him. She and Autumn, who runs the dog rescue, solicit donations for his medical care.

??/18 They find Stormy, an abandoned newborn orange male kitten, under the second shack.

04/18 Doja is rehomed with Connie, the woman from the rescue who had previously fostered him, but Raven does not disclose this until 10/18. She says that Doja ate Stormy.

05/18 They adopt Marmalade 2, Jelly, and Miss Pretty, sister calico and tortie kittens. They had claimed them before they got Doja but agreed to wait until they were 12 weeks old to take them which was after Doja had been rehomed.

??/18 They buy Loki, a 2 year old white male Siberian Husky for $235.

08/18 They buy Cocoa Pebbles, a 5 week old Shi Chi (Shih tzu Chihuahua cross) puppy, for $330.

11/18 They sell Pebbles for $200.

11/18 Marmalade 2 is killed by the neighbors' dog.

11/18 They find Pumpkin Pie, a 1 month old female orange kitten, under a bush at a grocery store.

11/18 They adopt Zero, a 2 month old female calico kitten, as a companion for Pumpkin.

11/18 They return Pumpkin to her family after seeing their lost cat fliers at the grocery store.

11/18 They are planning to adopt two 3 month old unrelated orange and tortie kittens.

No. 606657

21 pets. In what, a year now?
She's beyond crazy.
21 fucking pets. No normal person has that much dogs/cats in a lifetime and she collects them like they're stickers.
There must be something done to stop her. She can't keep on purchasing/finding aka stealing pets to sell/lose aka kill them… what the fuck, I'm speechless.

Lynley, I'm so glad Pebbles is with you now.

No. 606660

I want to point out for new comers she also stoll $800 from a gofundme to get to Texas for her own mother’s funeral then pocketed the cash and didn’t go. She’s a horrible horrible human being. She’s done so much messed up shit since being in America that it overshadows her history of marrying a 16 year old friend of her son.

No. 606662

>I mean, sometimes we animals and they're just, like, they're just bad or they're they're not a good fit, you know what I mean? Like, nothing's ever perfect, and I know I get judged for rehoming animals sometimes. But just sometimes if, if an animal is just doing something wrong constantly or they have been grown up or raised a certain way or let run free a certain way, it takes a lot of training to unbreak that, or sometimes it's just that's just how they are, and it causes you a lot of stress, it causes them a lot of stress, and overall it's just not a good environment. And I'm kind of a, like, not necessarily a perfectionist, but kind of a perfectionist. I like things a certain way, and I don't like my animals to, like, jump on counters or, you know, on tables and things like that. And if there's a cat like the white cat we used to have that is always on the counters and always doing stuff, and you're always having to, like, scold them or discipline them, they start to get scared of you, and it's just, it's just a bad environment, you know. They need to be with somebody who either has the patience or ability to train them out of that or doesn't give a shit and lets them just do their thing, and that is not us.

Long but this sums up Raven with every single pet. They're cute and a novelty but if they don't behave exactly as she expects them to in her mind then something WILL happen to them. Rehomed, killed, "ran away", etc.

She has this ridiculous expectation in her head about the perfect pet that's her baby and loves only her and if that doesn't happen (as it rarely does) then suddenly the pet has problems, it's not a good fit, it attacked people, etc.

No. 606690

She needs to be known in the pet community in her area. I can picture her sitting on Craigslist all day looking for free pets to resell.

No. 606691

She wants a pet that is more than pet

No. 606697

File: 1543503885931.jpg (12.15 KB, 275x500, 1510668734196.jpg)


If my calendar math is correct, they sold Pebbles the same day or the day after Marmalade 2 disappeared, November 10th.

Nearly all of the disappearances and deaths happened when Raven was home alone.

Doja ate Stormy while she was taking a nap, leaving behind questionable evidence of his transgression.

Marmalade 2's body bore not a single mark, let alone the puncture wounds one would expect to be inflicted by a murderous canine. Dogs use their jaws to kill.

Maybe it's the meth talking, but do these events inordinately challenge rationality and statistical probability?

I kid about the meth, but not about my suspicions.

>The Cult of the Orange Cat & White Wolf

All but two of the 9 kittens she has acquired or inquired about since Marmalade died have been tricolors that look like they "could be her babies," even those she happened to "find".

>I've been looking for another cat that's got the same kind of face to help me. I want to be able to look and see somebody that looks like her. And in the back of my mind it kind of made me feel like at least a part of her is here with us.

>We were gonna keep one of Marmalade's babies originally and then spay her and then when that baby got older keep one of her babies and then spay her and continue on and on and on, keeping one of the bloodline for the rest of our lives because we had wanted to keep one of Marmalade's bloodline forever.


>And sometimes this beautiful big white dog will come. I really want him. He looks like a wolf.

No. 606706

Woah mind blown. She's obsessed with having another marmalade and a white wolf like dog (only because she has to have one. If given the chance, she'd be dog free and probably have like a million marmalade kittens)

She's such an idiot though, just because you get another animal that looks identical, it doesn't mean it will act the same. It's one thing to have an affection for a certain breed, it's another to obsess over an animal's looks and try to replicate it.

Thanks for the timeline. It's even more insane all compiled together, she's fucking awful. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

No. 606713

This is great, anon. Nice work.

Hagraven needs to be investigated by animal shelters cause holy shit she goes through animals more than she does money.

No. 606721

Yeah it's a shame there's no way to police craig's list. The personals where I am from often have warnings posted by people in the pet's section warning of scammers and backyard breeders eg-Raven types.

No. 606749

Cant pay bills, gets phone case for $100.

No. 606751

That's okay, she can always sell another pet. She has 4+ of them to spare.

No. 606752

What is her obsession with things that have gross-ass teeth on them? Vamp teeth, I could understand.. but why always flat, regular chompers?

No. 606766

Goddamn Gravy, wear a bra

No. 606773

That does NOT look worth $100. It's cool to maybe an edgy 15 year old at hot topic but even if you were into horror…100 dollars for that?
I've seen collector Chucky figures for cheaper.

Fucking priorities, jesus christ!
I can't pay my power bill so I'm going to spend money on new kittens and phone cases and shitty $35 necklaces that come in a shitty plywood coffin. I hate this tacky bitch.

None of her lies make any sense.
Not only is she paying for all these tacky overpriced things, but she's also somehow got money to add an extension onto the trailer, another whole room to fill with shit, there's 'maintenance men' fixing the place but she couldn't refund the money for the dog because she needed it for a powerbill? Even if she had spent it, she could have repayed the lady when Josh got paid. Or when her welfare comes in. I'm so confused as to why you would spend 100 bucks on a case.
It also proves she's lying about the maintenance men fixing the house. She just used them as an excuse as to why she lost the cat.
There is no maintenance men.

No. 606789

File: 1543510281735.jpg (65.19 KB, 468x960, 1538251797909.jpg)


Did you miss the new tattoo of plastic vampire teeth on her thigh?

No. 606793

And of course she has a Samsung Galaxy S9+
Diana you're like 80. You don't need such a phone. With the money for the phone + the fucking ugly case you could've paid your bill.

Tinfoil: she sold the dog so she can pay off her phone or the case

No. 606809

File: 1543511896723.png (962.44 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-29-09-00-38…)


The hoard overfloweth around her.

I will never tire of capping her kek worthy faces!

What has she done to her wig to make it fade like that?

No. 606811

File: 1543512029348.png (987.54 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-11-29-09-07-09…)

And never mind the case. What horror is happening on her middle finger?!

No. 606815

I noticed she mentioned the make of her phone too. Why is it that white trash cows always have money for nice new phones (latest models) or ciggarettes or animals but they can never hold down jobs?
I have an okay paying job, but even if I worked for NASA I wouldn't bother getting a fancy phone.

Also, she starts off rambling about how her old case was shit because she could keep all her stuff in it, but it made it hard to take photos, but then she buys a 100 dollar one that doesn't seem to have a wallet or card holding function and instead is purely decorative. It's almost like she mentioned the old case as justification as to why she should get a new one, but her reasoning is shit because the new one can't even hold cards or money.

No. 606821

Her wig is just old and I think it's the lighting because it's definitely synthetic. It's just gone ratty due to wear and probably not being washed or brushed.
Also yuck at her fat bloated face. She's like a fat spoilt child showing off her latest toy gleefully. No wonder she emphasized that she thought Lynley was ugly. Looked her up and she's like half the size of Raven despite having kids and looks like a century younger too.

Then again if I looked like an even fatter uglier goth version of Margaret Cho and Shrek's lovechild, I'd probably be jealous of her too kek

No. 606828

So correct on the Cho and Shrek hybrid. Someone needs to photoshop that for the next thread.

No. 606837

Fatter Cho with more tackier tattoos, add a bunch of face piercings and Shrek's nose…bobs your uncle, it's Raven.

No. 606861

File: 1543516184369.jpg (207.9 KB, 606x506, 20181130_022356.jpg)

Cursed image.

Haha didn't know how to photoshop shreks nose so I just took abad photo of cho and widened her nose with facetune and drew other shit on there.

I made her look like she was juggling a bunch of cats. Included some marmalade lookalikes in there.

No. 606870

Best thing I’ve ever seen. Spot on and you won the internet.

No. 606871

We need to add droopy Santa hats to her flappers to top it off.

No. 606873

Thankyou anon and FUCK I forgot to do her sharpie brows. Also wanted to include her flapjacks, but I am photoshopless. That original picture of Cho is so exploitable though, if any draw anons get inspired to Raven-fy her, that one particular photo is great because she looks unhinged. The juggling pose is great too because you can photoshop anything from pets to plastic gothic crap.

Getting back on topic, I wonder how long it will be until she takes that video down? She basically admitted to stalking that woman by making fake profiles on camera.

No. 607050

File: 1543537427346.gif (577.14 KB, 466x270, tenor.gif)


Merry fucking Christmas! It never rains but it pours.

"She makes fake emails and Facebook just to send me books of her talking shit"

haha, this is Raven in a nutshell

No. 607054

File: 1543538356192.png (159.03 KB, 1431x1073, IMG_0044.PNG)

Can y'all imagine being a cute, normal young woman with a cute, normal young family, just trying to buy a cute, normal puppy, and having the Hagraven herself coming at you like this? Like can you imagine being harassed and called an ugly prositute, etc. etc., then finding out it was RAVEN? An actual ugly prostitute? It would be so delicious.

Raven, you're pathetic.

No. 607072

I wish Youtube had image replies. I'd post this as a comment on every video Raven makes about "cyberbullying".

I guess when Raven says a pet is died, those creepy photos of the dead animal that she likes to post (eg, Marmelade, the tiny remains of a half-eaten kitten) are the confirmation that it really was death and not power bills that took the animal away from her.

I lol'd when she called her a meth head. I can see why other people would think she is, both due to her low-budget all over the place tatts and her erratic aggressive behaviour… and selling pets for power bills. Maybe she really is. Not all meth heads are skinny.

No. 607092

>spay her
>then keep one of her babies
>spay that one
>then keep one of her babies

Does Raven not understand what spaying is?

Well she did get into the habit of popping those pain pills after her wreck.

No. 607131

Easier to switch thru all her fb profiles and play farmville if she's got a fancy phone?

I'm with you on this one. My phone's a potato, but my power bill gets paid on time lol.
A decent case is nice tho, for functionality or to protect your phone from getting knocked around too hard, etc. Paying a hundred goddamn dollars for one tho.

No. 607172

It didn't even occur to me that she'd get a new phone already. Didn't she only get her last one at Christmas?

I guess """""Dmitri""""" has come through with the goods again.

No. 607208

The mystery Texan online bf sent her the phones just before she left NZ, remember? She sold the one she didn't want.

And she bitches that the phone doesn't "work" when she wants to show the glow in the dark effect.

No. 607492

Honestly, that freaks me out because it could easily be true. Not sure if you guys have seen her ancient (and deleted) video from years ago talking about how she used to turn cats inside out for fun growing up and how she realizes it was totally wrong and what not. Well, it takes freaking guts to do that in the first place so she could very well still be harming her animals. If I come across that video again, I’ll post it here.

No. 607493

Even if she lied about that it speaks to her personality that people can read "Turn cats inside out for fun growing up" and immediately think well yes, that sounds like something she would be capable of doing.

She takes morbid delight in animals being killed, the more gruesome the better. You can tell this by the way she goes into great detail how they died and what happened to them physically as they died and then she'll take and share pictures of it.

Anyone with a heart would be upset that an animal had to suffer or died in pain but to Raven she's more upset that it was HER animal rather than anything else because that animal gave her what she wanted/needed and now she has to find a replacement.

No. 607585

Right and even if it is true people that harm animals never “grow out of it”. They keep doing it or move onto bigger animals. Hagraven is a sick fuck either way. I hope she ends up with some karma for all the hurt and damage she has done.

No. 607644


Thread #5 summary

>She mentioned on Facebook that she cracked her phone and three people sent her new S8, S8+, and Note8 devices. In reality the crack was a tiny chip along the edge. She promptly sold the S8 and S8+ on TradeMe.

No. 607649

File: 1543607892381.png (200.01 KB, 800x582, 1522164944530.png)


I used to be a devil worshipper, and even had a small cult in El Paso. We killed small animals, and I had body parts all over my room. Little plastic eggs full of intestines, bones drying on the window. I’d torture the animals first, and then cut them open, rip out the insides, and sew them up (after stuffing them with cotton), and keep the bodies.


(select all as most of the text is clear text)

No. 607667

Agreed, well said. Smh…

Makes me nauseous, but I’m glad someone else remembered this as well. Watching her describe that stuff with a straight face on camera was even worse. God.

No. 607685

She tortured and killed animals and thinking of it now makes her CRINGE???!

No. 607689

File: 1543613350556.png (206.24 KB, 800x308, Screenshot_2018-11-30-13-22-09…)


It was one of the 10-part "My Story" videos which were basically her reading what she had written on her website.

No. 607873

This sounds like some major edgelord Soren-tier bullshit, especially with the addition of the "exorcism," but with all the dead animals piling up around her now you have to wonder.

No. 607881

Exactly, I thought she was just full of shit when she posted that before. Now though…

No. 607895

Yeah I thinking of what her ex-friend came along and said later, that the Texan sent at least two of the phones.

No. 607921

she must be reading the farms when it comes to her pets cause she just posted this gem:

No. 607947

Oh man look at Pebbles "torturing" Loki right there. Evil!!

No. 607963

That sick freak… I knew that her posting gory photos of her dead pets wasn't normal, but this takes it to a whole new level. She shouldn't be allowed to keep any animals after admitting that shit.

No. 607966

I don't believe for a second that she was part of an edgy ~satanic~ cult or was held down by multiple priests. I do believe that she dissected animals for fun like Jeffrey fucking Dahmer. She just needed a convenient excuse to admit it.

No. 608088

To summarize the pets she's had since she's moved to the US:


>nameless stray (killed)

>stray named Chubby (disappeared)
>stray named Big Boy (disappeared)
>stray white dog (unknown)
>another stray dog? (unknown)
>mystery old blind small dog (unknown)
>Astrid/Azzy (disappeared)
>Golden Retriever/Black Lab cross (returned to previous owner)
>Doja (rehomed)
>Cocoa Pebbles (sold)
>Loki (still with Raven)

>Cashmere/Cas (sold)
>Meg (sold or given away)
>Stormy (killed)
>Marmalade 2 (killed)
>Pumpkin Pie (returned to real owner)
>Jelly (still with Raven)
>Miss Pretty (still with Raven)
>Zero (still with Raven)

Did I miss anything?

No. 608095

No. 608098

Loki is such a kind and sweet dog. I already feel sorry for him. You know something bad is going to happen to him. Damn.

No. 608107

Yep. And what kind of person pretends to have been some animal torturer? I’m sure she did those terrible things to her former pets. Most likely why she’s so comfortable posting their gory dead bodies.

No. 608150


Those were not all hers.

The first three were among the strays taken in by Josh and his brother at his mom's house.

The stray white dog brought several other strays with him. Raven describes them in one of the videos I linked.

Meg was given away, per Raven's ad.

No. 608164

File: 1543686638061.png (771.73 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-01-09-15-05…)


Shack #2 and a different naked mattress than the one we saw in the Doja videos. They have a movie playing on her laptop/TV in every clip.

No. 608167

File: 1543686925908.png (281.24 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-01-09-16-20…)

Loki on their bed in Shack #3 while Jelly and Miss Pretty are on the cat tree and Marmalade #2 is on the floor arching her back.

No. 608176

File: 1543687317346.png (328.99 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-01-09-41-26…)


Correction, that's their couch.

No. 608181

File: 1543687417295.png (372.63 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-01-09-16-12…)


"Amber, did you fall or did you jump?"

Apparently Marmalade #2 did have her own name, but this is the first we've heard Raven use it.

No. 608182

File: 1543687451723.png (289.39 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-01-09-16-25…)

No. 608185

File: 1543687537349.png (374.86 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-01-09-16-40…)

Bringing home Pebbles in the foot well of their car.

No. 608186

Jfc dog hair literally everywhere. Their house is such a mess. I doubt she's properly grooming Loki too, poor dog is going to have knots in that pretty white fur.

Pebbles seemed like a normal puppy to me. All puppies are rambunctious and and want to play. Playing is how they learn when they're biting too hard.

No. 608189

File: 1543687677786.png (995.24 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-01-09-37-06…)

Loki and Pebbles.

Posting this to show the filth on their floor. They still had not acquired a vacuum by the time they moved into Shack #3?

No. 608190

File: 1543687761489.png (370.49 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-01-09-18-01…)

Loki and Pebbles tugging on a toy and wrestling.

No. 608191

File: 1543687856020.png (351.91 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-01-09-19-07…)

Pebbles behaves submissively in this clip, rolling onto her back several times.

No. 608193

File: 1543688000796.png (367.43 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-01-09-22-03…)

Pebbles lunging at Loki's face.

No. 608194

File: 1543688051888.png (359.11 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-01-09-18-33…)

No. 608195

File: 1543688199518.png (503.78 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-01-09-23-32…)

"Pebbles! Get out of Loki's butthole! You're going to get shat on!"

No. 608196

File: 1543688239890.png (1.14 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-01-09-24-01…)

No. 608197

File: 1543688311350.png (735.9 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-01-09-26-31…)

Those tattoos tho.

No. 608237

Most likely a shitty tattoo, almost looks like
Icky Vicky did it kek.
Or it could be a bite mark, but I doubt it.

No. 608309

File: 1543710756901.png (5.52 MB, 1242x2208, FA48C3D1-38BD-49A0-B7A4-0AE0AD…)

Another cat

No. 608330

If it has blue eyes like it seems to, it is almost certainly deaf, so she's really awesome for taking in a tiny special needs kitten and subjecting it to her trailer trash hoard lifestyle (not to mention her current animal hoard).

No. 608388

Sorry anon but Blue eyed cats aren’t deaf. It’s most certainly Siamese not deaf. I think you might be confused with blue merl in dogs. Breeding two merls together will produce pure white dogs with blue eyes that have a high change of being deaf and/or blind.

Regardless of any health issues it may or may not have this is completely insane at this point. Another animal for the trash trailer. slow clap.

No. 608392

Almost all blue eyed and odd-eyed (blue/x) white cats are deaf.

No. 608397

What's her deal with white animals? White fur on her gothly black attire. It's like she gives herself reasons to bitch about something.

No. 608429

Place your bets now. Lucipurr is going to be dead by Christmas just in time for Raven to get another kitten in a wrapped box she'll name Marmalade 3.

No. 608446

Same. If she can mistreat a blind dog, she's definitely going to do the same to that sweet one.

No. 608525


What happened to

>I'm talking to a woman from a cat rescue now and she's actually got a semi split face and an orange one. We were just looking for one, but she's got two and they're bonded. They were rescued one day apart and they were both so scared they just kind of bonded together. They're three months old and they're gonna be spayed and neutered and get their shots and everything, and then we're gonna pick them up. So we'll probably have two more to show you if everything works out fine.

Did Raven change her mind because we called her out on hoarding Marmalade clones?

No. 608550

Nah. She probably just saw the white cat for cheaper. She's like a stupid retarded child that sees something shiny anf wants it. Either that, or the breeder asked her too many questions or was a 'cunt' somehow (we all know how volatile Raven is with strangers) and she had a weird falling out.
It still makes me rage that she got another cat. Another cat and still no cat run or effort to give them more room.

No. 608552

The fur and lint everywhere actually triggers me. Fucking disgusting. Buy a vacuum cleaner instead of a fucking 100 dollar ugly phonecase jesus!

I bet all the animals she rehomed like Pebbles,Meg and Cass are relieved to not be living in such a cramped filthy shithole anymore.

No. 608553

She just wants anything that is an accessory. She wanted Pebbles because she was tiny. Except Zero who just seems like a fill in cat, every animal she goes on about is exaggerated. White animals give her boasting power. Loki looks like a white wolffff and this cat is so WHITE and FLUFFY. She gets the pet because she likes the look of it, and only cares about the behavioural habits or problems later. The only 'ugly' animals she gets are so she can boast about saving them.
Doja was an example and the kitten 'Miss Pretty' (which she said was ugly and only got it because noone would want it apparently.)

This bitch doesn't know shit about dogs though, so it wont be long until Loki is yellow. White dogs need a blue shampoo to keep them looking clean and let's face it, Gravey would rather spend it on a coffin shaped dildo rather than shampoo for her animal.

But yeah her obsession with white animals I would say is purely aesthetics. White cats are usually depicted in movies and such as luxurious and wealthy (the aristocats and evil rich bond villians have white cats) and well the whole white wolf thing speaks for it's self. Wolves are edgy and up Raven's edgelord alley.
If Raven was allowed exotic pets you KNOW she'd be getting them in a heartbeat. But she probably can't afford them, and doesn't have a license, so she resorts to getting them off Craigslist. A big white dog that looks like a wolf is close enough.

No. 608578

"The final member", what exactly are you talking about, Gravy? Are you saying that you aren't going to add any more living creatures to your hoard? Wishful thinking.

No. 608583

A lot of them are. IDR what age kittens' eyes turn their permanent colour tho. That could've happened too. And if it's a siamese cat instead like >>608388 thinks it is… Siamese cats are like the neediest ones. They're super intelligent, they're noisy, they get into trouble if you don't keep them busy, they behave like velcro, and Diana will probably get sick of that after like 3 months, sell it for fast food money, and claim that it was a terrible jerky cat when really… it was just being a cat.

y'all are right tho she needs another animal like she needs a hole in the head wow.

No. 608587

She keeps hoarding animal after animal and at this point she’s gone through dozens and dozens of them. They die or she gives them away. Why even bother adopting…

No. 608593

She's addicted to the rush of aquiring a new animal accesory and showing it off. Social media is the only thing she cares about, she does everything for the purpose of bragging. But like most hoarders, it's all about the rush and hope of getting something new. Psycho that she is, living things are not really alive and have their own lives and rights in her mind. Everything was put on this earth to serve her. I thank God she never had more kids.

I guess someone who cuts up pets would be attracted to accessories with blood, guts and teeth. Sometimes I wonder if she is an actual devil worshipper… But hey she worships herself! So that would be correct regardless.

No. 608596

File: 1543768587290.png (1.03 MB, 800x1067, Screenshot_2018-12-02-08-33-37…)


I think she changed her mind and got a fluffy white kitten because of Blackcraft so that she could use the name Lucifurr.

No. 608597

File: 1543768732415.png (96.48 KB, 800x486, Screenshot_2018-12-02-08-33-41…)


It appears to be a longhair and has no color points and lacks the body type of a Siamese.

Raven says that it is not deaf.

No. 608598


She prefers her cats be overly attached to her.

>She always came right to me like a dog, you know. She she wasn't like a cat. She'd just come. I'd call her and no matter where she was she'd come running, come say hi, sit on my lap, lick my face. I mean, she was the sweetest sweetest sweetest thing. And she was just she was my baby. She was the one I loved more than any other animal I've ever owned, even my Marmalade. Marmalade loved me but she didn't love me nearly as much as this one did. And I love Marmalade. I miss her so much. But this one was just she was just top of my…top of the food chain here, on top of my list. She was just something else.

No. 608599

>Raven says that it is not deaf.

I am 100% sure that I believe her.

No. 608605

The cat isn't derpy enough to be a Siamese and it's unusual for color points to have long hair although not impossible.

It's probably not a Siamese mix, but if it is once it starts showing color and loses Gravy's "aesthetic" it will immediately be re homed or disappear.

No. 608608


>it's unusual for color points to have long hair although not impossible

Persian, Himalayan, Javanese, Ragdoll, and mixed breed colorpoint cats with long or medium hair don't exist?

The reason she hasn't name dropped its breed is because it is mixed. She always brags about her pets' breeds at every opportunity.

>once it starts showing color and loses Gravy's "aesthetic" it will immediately be re homed or disappear

He would already display colorpoints, and colorpoint cats are her aesthetic (Mr. Marshmallow, Cas).

No. 608706

She has her own needs when it comes to the cats, but she also uses the animals to control the men in her life too. The repetitive cycle of bonding and grieving is doing Josh's head in right now and he doesn't even realise how she's using that to pull his strings. Oh that dog you liked? Gone while you were at work, here get busy bonding with another 4 or 5 options. She has no kids to manipulate him with so a revolving door of living things is enough to make this simple-minded animal lover's head spin.

>But um, Josh has become crazy cat man like I'm crazy cat woman. He loves having cats. They lay on him and he just lays there and he pets them. And he's just so happy and he tells me, I never thought I would I would be here having a cat fall asleep on my chest, just hugging me, and it's just such a great feeling. And when they purr on you and you just…I know it's like a comfort unlike anything else. And then Loki crawls up there and puts his head on Josh's lap and he's got me and one side and he's got a kitty cat on him and then he's got the doggy on the other side and he says it's the happiest he's ever been in his entire life. And that just, like, makes me want to cry, you know, because I gave that to him, you know.

No. 608709

>Diamond painting
Hot garbage, in kit form.

No. 608717

File: 1543791850781.png (519.15 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-02-14-57-25…)


>True to her mantra of "preferring to buy a whole bunch of cheap things rather than one really expensive thing" she ordered two smaller canvases free for the cost of shipping

>Reads reviews after ordering and regrets not upgrading to larger canvases
>"After I work on them I will record that and show you what the final product looks like."
>In the background Josh is heard smoker's coughing while the TV drones on [pic related of dialogue picked up in the subtitles]
>Films nearly the entire video in portrait mode

Amusingly one of the recommended videos is "40+ Cats/Kittens Rescued from Hoarding House" posted by Cole and Marmalade.

No. 608724

File: 1543792858857.png (438.53 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-02-15-16-21…)


Looks like she had to ditch the blood spattered fake nails in order to do it.

No. 608732

But Josh is just simple minded and not an animal lover. An animal lover would sell their wedding ring, Xbox, whatever of value they may have to help an animal in pain and Josh just posts pics of the suffering. Even to put them to sleep and end the pain. I put my baby to sleep (14 yo with renal failure) and ended her suffering for $180 on an emergency basis, after hours. I don’t care what your situation is you find the damn money. He’s just as awful and deserves whatever hagraven brings upon him. They both deserve an arrow.

No. 608739

File: 1543797314235.png (2.25 MB, 1242x2208, 1507152479221.png)


It was his brother Joel who posted the pics. He and their mom were equally responsible for the dog's care, in as much as a person is responsible for a stray.

Stray dogs and cats wandering onto a person's property and not leaving (or making that property a stop on their circuit of wandering if it gets fed) happens regularly in rural areas. How much is that person responsible for the animal's care when they are not the de facto owner?

Saluda County doesn't even have an animal control department or shelter.

No. 608740

File: 1543797443100.png (82.19 KB, 540x408, 1507189478070.png)

Reposting her reaction as a reminder that Raven "doesn't even like dogs".

No. 608747

That's not really true. Not to blogpost but I have plenty of shitty family members who love animals and have many of them, but are too narcissistic or just too damn ignorant to make the sacrifices needed for their care. I see Josh as being one of those people.

No. 608749

File: 1543799556840.png (176.67 KB, 640x1136, 1510692726366.png)


And before anons accuse me of white knighting: explaining the prevailing attitude of rural America regarding stray animals is not excusing it. The fact that the county government has so little regard for animal welfare says it all.

I realize this scenario is shocking to anons who have never lived in such an area. I have and have witnessed this sad reality. People will feed strays but draw the line at investing money into their care unless they have the money to spare which often they do not being working class. If the animal is lucky a well-equipt farmer or vet in the area will altruistically offer their services free to strays.

As >>>/pt/463894 observed, "He's really super into dogs. He's in a bunch of dog groups, he posts about dogs in non dog groups, and he started a group for stray dogs in Saluda, but nobody gave a shit."

No. 608800

Anybody with a conscience that really cared about an animal, as in an “ animal lover”, would do what is right and they would know it without some stupid backwoods thinking. And I have always lived in that type of area. An area where people bring their dogs to the woods and shoot their dogs to end the suffering. Brutal but it ends the pain. It does not mean Josh really gives a shit because the area he was raised in is backwoods stupid. He doesn’t! Proven by Hagraven and his actions regarding their pets.

No. 608835

Does their family have guns? Why didn't his brother do anything, cause he was so upset he posted about it.

No. 608841

She wants her animals, her men, her kid and her 'friends' to be obsessed with her and give her attention/presents 24/7 with no reason to give back.
She doesn't like independent animals she wants them to want her.
She gets bored of partners when they don't praise her enough.
She hated Dorian as soon as he got older and didn't do everything she demanded. She ditched Ash even though she stood up for her on social media, and the only thing she said that she regretted of their friendship is that Ash didn't end up sending her makeup.
She literally takes and takes and expects the world at her feet.
She's the most self centred person I've ever heard of. It's insane she can't see it and thinks because of her shitty sob story life (which is greatly exaggerated) she deserves all the love and praise in the world.

No. 608875

I don’t know if they own guns but if they do then they are absolutely horrible people for not ending that dogs pain. All I’m saying is if you truly are an animal lover you will know it is suffering and do something about it. Just like if you hit a dog or cat with your car, somebody that cares and has a conscience will stop to help it. Not post pics and let the animal die slow and painfully. Even if your a simple minded redneck.
>>608740 This is hilarious, raven even told Josh she doesn’t like dogs and he still doesn’t see the revolving dog door happening before his eyes. He’s as simple minded as they come.
I don’t know about most people but if I had a chance at a partner that had such an aversion to dogs, being a dog person I’d take a pass on them. It’s just another reason why people actually get to know one another before moving in and getting married. You work out the conflicts in life or move on. Josh is just another piece in ravens hoard, a brainless, worthless shell that she can control.

No. 608889

Something I noticed was that when she got Pebbles she boasted that she was so clever and 'already has learnt her name' but then she called that lady a dumb bitch for keeping the name and sperged that 'animals aren't attached to their names like humans are, you can change them if you want'

No. 608901

File: 1543844435903.png (717.04 KB, 720x959, 1511005391854.png)

To expand on the timeline I posted in >>606645, here are their quotes in full.

From thread #8, more about the dog that was shot, how much Big Boy and Chubby liked Raven, how much she loved Loki #1, and how much Raven dislikes dogs barking.

Nowhere in the videos or in Joel's post was the dog given a name. Josh was at work when he was shot.

November 12th 2017 >>>/pt/463264

R: What else? There was something else, um fuck fuck fuck. I don't remember. Oh my god, it was important too. And then they said I killed Marmalade.

J: Yeah, I know what happened that day. I mean…

R: Yeah, I wrote as soon as it happened. Oh, your dog. I got bashed because I shared the photo of your dog. It's because I hid it from you at first because I didn't want you to have to see it, and they're like, "Oh, she hid it from him so she's…she has to get attention from everything, doesn't she? He doesn't even know." It wasn't that…

J: I didn't know but she knew…

R: Yeah, well, I told you that I made a post, I just didn't want you to see it so I blocked you from it.

J: …because you said they were saying, "She hid it from him so he doesn't even know…"

R: They were saying like, you didn't know at the time and I was only posting at the time to get attention for myself.

J: I know the reason behind it, the same reason my brother did it.

R: And because I said I don't even like dogs. That made me sad. Like, why did she even need to say that? I said it because it showed that it was like a shocking event.

J: Because it was fucking unreal. He ended up dying in the next morning, by the way. I got up to go to work and he was dead. I couldn't take him to the hospital, the emergency vet, they were closing and too far away. I had to go to work in a few hours. I was up to 2 or 3am, wasn't I. I had to be up at 6:30am. I got no sleep that night. And that was a terrible thing. He was the youngest dog there, and he died first. He should have outlived all those dogs. Man, that was sad.

R: Those fucking people.

J: They're just cruel people, that's what they are. They're just unhappy with their spouse and their jobs so they need…they find the need to go ahead and make other people…try to make other people feel like shit.

R: Oh, and we've got doggies here. He has two dogs. And sometimes this beautiful big white dog will come. I really want him…

J: He's like a wolf.

R: But he keeps leaving. He's fucking gorgeous. He comes here for a couple days and then he leaves for a day or two, then he comes back. He could put his paws on my shoulder. He's all white, white and kind of cream, but he's…he looks like a wolf.

J: He does, he has the face of a wolf. It's pretty cool.

R: Yeah, I love that dog. He's so fucking pretty.

J: He's big, he's long, too. I'm sure he's full grown.

R: And I've got no problems with his dogs. They actually love me, too.

J: Surprisingly fast, too, cuz…

R: Within like a day.

J: Within like a day, the first time they met her they were fucking all over her.

R: You know animals know people are good or not, animals can sense, they don't always…

J: One of those dogs took a while to get around my brother.

R: Over a month, you said.

J: Yeah, about a month. And they came up to her right away. And I was like, huh? What?

R: He lay down, put his head in my lap, and now they come up to me. Sometimes, like when I get out of the truck, your boy comes over to my side more.

November 20th >>>/pt/466579

Even his dogs. Like, I've said it before, I don't like dogs. Various things over the course of my life have made me not like dogs. I used to like dogs. I've tried having dogs. My little Skellie, I loved him so much. And then, like, the Leonbergers were all right. They weren't my dogs, though, they were my exes. I've had dogs in the past that I've loved to death. And then we had the little fucking bitch that attacked my Marmalade, and she just, she just kind of turned me against dogs. That, and then the neighbor's dog just was always barking and barking and barking and barking and barking and barking and barking. It's just I just get tired of noise. I don't like noise and I don't like barking. I'm like, fuck dogs. But Josh had, like, five fucking dogs. Then there was the one that got shot with an arrow and died. And he's still really upset about that. But he brought two of them here, and they like me. Like, one of them he warned me, he said, you know, he's really shy, he didn't even let my brother come near him for a month, you're probably not gonna get close to him. Second time I saw him, like, cuz the first time we just dropped something off and I didn't really…I wasn't out of the car, but the second time, which is the first time I was out of the car, he came right up to me. He comes and puts his big paw on me and lays down on my lap. And I always go visit with him and sit with him and pet him. And then there's a little one that even Josh didn't like before cuz he was like a little asshole, kind of real skittish as well. He comes right up to me, too, they all do, they're all, all over me. And so those two are here, the little one and the um, and his big boy. And so I, I go out there and pat them, make sure they've got food and water and everything. We just brought them here yesterday but they're doing really good, like, they're really, really happy here. And it's like we've got our own little family, you know. Everything's, everything's just amazing.

November 26th >>>/pt/468357

Sorry if I look, I look really beat, but I didn't get much…I haven't got much sleep for the past, like, three days. I'm like…I've got, like, bags under my eyes, just half my makeups falling into the bags under my eyes, so it just doesn't look very good at all, it kind of looks really shitty, but it was worth it. One of Josh's dogs is just outside just barking and barking non-fucking-stop. And then Josh snores, and he talks in his sleep, and he kind of does this [motions with her arm] and then he elbows me in the face. So I don't really get a lot of sleep here, and so I'm just like, ugh. But um, anyway…

November 29th >>>/pt/469952

I mean, his dogs love me, you know. I'm not a dog person, but these dogs that have taken a month or more to get used to even his own brother who was living with him loved me by day two. They were, like, laying their head on my lap and stuff, and it was, like, wow that's pretty amazing.

December 2nd >>>/pt/471431

I want to show you guys this. I've got bones for the doggies. I'm gonna give it to them in a second.

But there's the white dog that comes around here every few days. He stays here a few days and then he leaves. Don't know who he belongs to, he thinks he partially belongs here. He has beautiful… [opens door] And he gets so happy. He's big, like a wolf. Aren't you? I know, you're so excited.

And there's Chubby [short black dog]. And there's this big boy here [Loki]. And there's Big Boy [large black dog], who's not big compared to this big boy [Loki]. He likes to grab my hand sometimes. Hey, you grab my hand in your jaw sometimes and you could hurt me so bad. Oh, look at how big he is. Good…aww, he's up to my face. Alright, alright. You guys want a bone? You're chompy, there you go. Where'd you go, little one? There you go. You're so gentle. Where'd the other one go? I lost the other dog. Chubby! You're gonna miss your bone.

[to Big Boy] I know you're a pig, I know you're a pig, you just want everything for yourself, don't you?

There he goes. Come here, get your bone, you're the only one that didn't get a bone. Here. Here you go.

Look at that beautiful boy. He looks like a wolf. And he's so nice. Like, he's so gentle, he's not mean, doesn't growl or bark, he's just gorgeous. I wish he would stay here full time. Kind of um, I started calling him Loki. That's my breath cuz it's cold out here. But yeah, he just…I don't know, he's obviously taken care of. [dog coughs] Well, don't eat so fast. He's obviously taken care of cuz he's tame, but I don't know, the owners around here…Like, that's where this dog came from, and the little one, they just wandered into Josh's yard one day and never left. The little one's got owners somewhere, but the owners, they don't care about him at all. And the dogs…his mom has a red nose pit bull that's probably about a year old, really hyper, a really strong, muscular happy dog. He's obviously belonged to somebody. Owners don't care, they don't go looking… [pans to paper plates on the ground] They bring trash into the yard, by the way. I'd be so scared seeing if anybody [phone rings] me at night. [dogs crowd around her] I know you love me. I don't want to drop my phone. Oh, you're scratching me. Ahhh, that's my booby. He's tit height to me, he's so fucking big.

But yeah, I just wanted to share. [phone rings] Josh is texting me so I better go see what he's doing. Bye bye, bye bye, doggies, bye bye, doggies. Aww, I know. You're so nice, aren't you? Alright, I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go in. Oh man, doggy paw, ugh, it's on my booby.

From thread #10, the entirety of what she says about the disappearance of Chubby and Big Boy and about the strays.

January 13th >>>/pt/480770

Also, Josh's dogs vanished. They wandered off maybe three weeks ago. I don't know where they went. He's been going crazy looking for them. Like, first the big black one left, and we don't know where he went. He walked all up and down the road. He looked in the ditches, he drove all over the area, he went to all the neighbors. Nobody knows where he is. And the little one was here and then I petted him, sat down with him, and then he just up and wandered off, too, like that same day. Right after I petted him he just took off, and he hasn't been back, either. So nobody knows where they went or what happened.

Personally I think that they just wandered off to the next home because I, I think I told you guys that the way that he got them in the first place was they just wandered into his yard one day. They just kind of wandered in and decided they wanted to live there and stay and they stayed. He was always outside smoking. He was always outside with them. And when I came here and it got colder and then the accident happened we've been inside more than outside. And maybe they just got kind of like, alright, well we're not getting enough attention, on to the next place. And they moved on to the next place. That's the only thing I can think of. Because the big white dog, the beautiful white one, he does that. Like, if I'm not outside, me personally, if I'm not outside with him enough he'll just, like, take off, and he won't come back for a couple, like, a couple of days, maybe a week or two, and then pop in again. But if I'm outside with him more often he's here quite often, so he, he just loves attention.

He came by the other day when it was really, really cold, and, I mean it was freezing. Our taps froze. The water outside froze. It was, it was freezing cold. And this white dog shows up with a mini pack of dogs with him. And it was the coolest thing ever because I know he knows that he comes here and he can get fed because that, that's just what we do. And these are not his puppies. They were dogs of all ages, all sizes, and he led them all here and we fed them all. And it was like he brought his little friends here on the coldest fucking night to give them food. It was just the most amazing, like, wow kind of moment, you know. There was a little brown and white hound dog. She came back with him. So I've got a little thing here to show.

[cut to a video of her outside with the two dogs]

The beautiful white dog is here again, and he has a little friend with him. But I don't know where the little friend went, little puppy, maybe he's around back eating. Oh, there he is. It's a little girl doggy. So I don't really have any dog food for them, but I've got some wet food here. Hey! Here you go. Hold on, boy, there you go. Oh, you're gonna take the whole can with you, huh. All right. The pretty boy here is so pretty. You are so pretty just laying there. I'm gonna go say hi to you. You're so pretty, too. I don't know who you are. Oh, you poor little thing. I know, you're so cute. Oh, you want love. Oops, you just made me hit you in the head. Hey boy, look at you. Oh, don't sneeze on me. You sneezed on me. Big old paw. Jesus, you are a big boy, aren't you? Tummy tummy tummy tummy. I think you were in a fight. Look at your face. You need to stop fighting. Look, she likes you. Look at you two. [dog sneezes again] Are you allergic to me? You're big on those. Aw, you're a pretty boy. I love your ears. I love your white fur. You are so friendly, aren't you? You could turn around and take a huge chunk right out of my arm if you wanted to, but I know you won't do that. You're such a big baby. You could just lay there and get petted all day long, couldn't you? Ooh, just shocked myself. Hey! Are you gonna follow me? Oh, you coming with me, huh? Look at how big you are. You are such a big doggie.


And then it was a black and white puppy, two brown puppies, and it was an adult dog that looks like he had been in a dog fight because his muzzle was completely scratched up. He was all torn up and bleeding, and he was shivering, and he was trying to come inside the house. And I don't know, I don't know where these dogs came from, but I know he definitely brought them here. They…there's no other reason for those dogs to have been with him unless he brought them here. And nobody knows how dogs are, how they communicate, but that was the first time I've ever seen anything like that. Me and Josh were both like, wow, that was really cool.

January 18th but filmed on New Year's Eve >>>/pt/481692

The beautiful white dog showed up a couple, like what, an hour ago? And he had four puppies…well, one dog and three puppies with him. Like, probably the puppies might have been about six months or so. They weren't little, but they weren't adults. And um, it's like he knew that there's always food outside for the other dogs. And he brought this whole pack of dogs with him to, like, feed them. And it was the craziest thing, but it was so cool. We went out there and fed them all and they're drinking water. And they're real skittish and bony, and one of them had been beat up, his face is all torn up and…But it was just amazing that this dog just brings these other dogs here and shows them where there's food. Like, what the fuck. So that was uh, that was…I just burped, sorry. [she leans away and fans the air and laughs] It's a Christmas miracle!

No. 608913


So are we to believe that Loki #1 visited them repeatedly over the course of three months accompanied by five other stray dogs, but Chubby and Big Boy never once returned?

>I don't like barking.

>One of Josh's dogs is just outside just barking and barking non-fucking-stop.

>Look at that beautiful boy. He looks like a wolf. And he's so nice. Like, he's so gentle, he's not mean, doesn't growl or bark, he's just gorgeous.

I bet Loki #2 doesn't bark, either. Has she said anything to that effect on her private Instagram or on Facebook?

No. 608914

>He ended up dying in the next morning, by the way. I got up to go to work and he was dead. I couldn't take him to the hospital, the emergency vet, they were closing and too far away.

These fucking excuses make me so mad.
Sorry for the blog, but two years ago the hamster of my bf and I had a stroke in the middle of the night. We called every vet, every animalhospital in every city around us until we found someone that could come. We didn't give a shit about the money it would cost for someone to come to us in the middle of the night to put a hamster to sleep.
And those fuckers let their dog out there to die…. unbelievable(blogging)

No. 608939

The closest emergency vet is about 30 minutes miles from Saluda.

"Emerald City Animal Hospital is part of a emergency rotation group of local hospitals in Greenwood, South Carolina. We are available to take emergencies from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm during weekdays, and 8:00 am to 11:00pm on weekends."

The next closest hospitals in the rotation are about 40 miles away in Columbia, SC, and Augusta, GA, for emergencies between 11pm and 8am.


It is possible that their services were not available a year ago.

No. 608941

Wanna know the truth about raven? Just ask, I tell the truth. And after she has constantly harassed me talking about how I wont see my brother again, I'll expose her no good, animal killing, fake persons ass. Wanna on3 how it all started, just ask

No. 608943

Hey yo, Joel Bradley.. I'm asking.

No. 608944

Can you provide some sort of proof that you are who you say you are? Like photo evidence of Raven contacting you?

No. 608948


You could also post a message to us on Facebook saying, "Hi, anons." You can delete it after we see it.

No. 608952

Seconding this. We've had people do that before where they tell us "I'll post this phrase on my Facebook as proof" and then do it and delete after. Doesn't have to be "hi anons" or anything that will expose you, just something seemingly random like "Watering my plants today" or "Thinking about going to the farmers market."

No. 608958

How do you know she keeps on killing animals? (I mean we all know she does, but why do you suspect it?)
When did you see Josh the last time? We were suspecting that she won't let Josh meet his family again. In the last thread before her internet break an ex friend of her posted a lot of the shit she said about your family.

No. 608977

Why doesn't she want you to see Josh?

No. 608982

you can also contact the farmhands to verify yourself and they can give you a tripcode for posting, helps to make it very, very clear that you're you. welcome!

No. 608986

I'm totally taking this bait because we all know Raven enrages people so much you actually have more of a chance of this being real than not real.

Joel we have about 10000x questions. You can just give us a run down of what Raven was like in the beginning, your brother, meeting her, etc. We love origin stories here.

No. 608987




Let's not get ahead of ourselves until he is verified.

No. 609064

So if this really is Joel then we know Raven is already screeching because her life is all about the Haydurs. Tinfoil but I kind of think this is raven. This would be a perfect set up on her part to keep josh away from his family. All she needs to do is show josh that post and he’s so controlled that he will believe it. Funny stuff going on here with the traditional big family holiday coming up.

No. 609070

OK, I'll bite with something more or less tame.

Do you think Josh is aware that Raven is probably killing the animals that have disappeared around her since she came into his life?

No. 609093

And… crickets. Too good to be true, me thinks.

No. 609097

I figured. Guess I'll have to look forward to Onion's court decision. The pebbles milk was enough for such a boring cow anyways.

No. 609130

File: 1543882064366.png (646.49 KB, 800x1070, cult of the white wolf.png)

I bet Loki #2 doesn't bark, either. Has she said anything to that effect on her private Instagram or on Facebook?

No. 609267

So precious they'll get "lost" anytime soon

No. 609351

File: 1543939349715.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x1835, 6E46B3D1-8FD3-4999-A5BA-CD6E8B…)

More posts, this one is funny considering she very active right now on fb

No. 609352

File: 1543939390247.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1242x1706, 39434D73-B604-48F3-81A3-BCF395…)

New fav

No. 609353

File: 1543939516402.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1623, 3380FDA4-FBA4-4771-B633-75A9D4…)

No. 609354

File: 1543939547291.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1242x1769, C24D7892-8396-43F8-8DE4-CEED27…)

No. 609356

File: 1543939597442.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x2008, AFC3541A-5351-45CB-B4A2-BB480A…)

And finally this ugly man

No. 609358

Trying to distract the fact that she got rid of her dog to pay for a phone case.

No. 609367

Oh Gravy. You're Josh's source of negativity. And of everyone who has the misfortune of meeting you.
You… on an lonely island? They don't have Slimjims there.

I imagine her just laying there like the whale she is, screaming at Josh to bring her more food while he's only skin and bones.

No. 609368

What do you mean? Josh beats her for opiates!

No. 609371

Is that a flea on its paw in the first photo on the right?

He looks the most alive when he's not looking at her lmao.

No. 609801


>Claims she was once studying to be a veterinary assistant

>claims to not know anything about dogs

>has lost and killed countless pets


No. 609802

File: 1543988546943.jpeg (45.18 KB, 375x500, images (18).jpeg)

When she went on about being on an island, all I could think about was Toot Braunstein when she got beached and screamed at everyone to bring her food.

No. 609804

She said in her last video that she usually gets a new kitten to help 'deal' with loss and here she's saying 'she didn't think she'd get attached'
I don't understand. If you didn't think you'd get attached, then why buy it?

No. 609807

>i wish people had more patience with their pets.

The same could be said for you, Gravey. You are like the most impatient person when it comes to animals so shut the fuck up.

No. 609842

She's so unbelievable stupid.
Buying new pets with the goal that they look like a recently lost pet just shows, that she feels nothing.
A normal person, first of all, wouldn't immediately search for another pet because pets have value and can't just be replaced like a dishwasher (except you're Diana). And even if they'd do, why get a pet that looks like the recently lost one? Wouldn't that just hurt more?
Diana just thinks "oh, kille–LOST orange kitty…. need another orange kitty"
She's a textbook sociopath.

No. 609848

File: 1544005236677.png (623.48 KB, 800x673, send in the clones.png)


Raven's desire is not unusual. Cloning pets is big business, and people have long bred successive generations of their favorite pets which is how we have many of the breeds that we now have.

Raven takes it a step further by collecting multiple lookalikes as an extension of her need to have all the things and in an attempt to fill an emotional hole. The fact that she is aware of her maladaptive behavior yet persists at the expense of her animals' well being is the bigger problem.

No. 609858

Yeah but I bet Barbara Streisand spoils and treats her cloned pet well. Raven tries to find a lookalike and then takes it home to a shitty trailer and confines it to one room with a bed, 2 rooms max, with a bunch of other strange animals she's hoarded from craigslist and expects it to be devoted to only her and HOPEFULLY has the same personality as her old one.

Cloning is fucking weird and I'd never condone it myself, but like I said, leave it to the rich and famous, I'm sure they still love their animals/clones. Raven on the other hand has fuck all money and lives in a shitheap. She can't even care for the animals that she so desperately wants to find copies of in the first place let alone the replacements themselves.

No. 610085

File: 1544047001198.png (36.15 KB, 800x225, new cam.png)


A new webcam for her renewed Youtube career!

No. 610087

File: 1544047117171.png (31.76 KB, 800x226, reborn fail.png)


Sorry, Lorelei. Back to the hoard with you!

No. 610131

so, so hard to turn the phone sideways. are webcams even made anymore?

unfortunately lorelei got loose due to it being someone else's fault, and well you know what happened to the ungrateful bitch.

No. 610162

File: 1544055094218.png (496.82 KB, 800x982, bye lorelei.png)

No. 610168

Holy shit kek

No. 610176

I’m confused what happened to the creepy baby?

No. 610234

She was last seen in a pile of plushies on the floor of Raven and Josh's first trailer.

No. 610257

This is OT but Ithought that cloned dogs only lived out the lifespan they had to them when the original pet was cloned? For example if the dog was cloned at 12 the pups would only live for three or four years? I'd sage if I could.

Raven Bradley, vet tech and animal murdering Satanist!

No. 610259

She has quite a new model phone. Why on earth does she need a webcam?
I'd understand if she actually put in effort for her videos but they are shit so what good is a webcam?
And webcams aren't usually that great in quality, most people film off phones and actual cameras.

Me thinks she's going to try and get a job as a cam girl or maybe she's camming for Ryan for slim jim bucks. Or she's trying to find her next prince charming online. Why else would she need a webcam? She doesn't have any real friends she can Skype.

No. 610516

Oh god now I even feel bad for creepy baby doll(emojis)

No. 610578

>try and get a job as a cam girl

I'm both amused and horrified by this idea. Someone has to pay to get the rest of their particle board floor covered with cheap stick tile.

No. 610814

At least it wasn't a real baby, anon. Better she only treats actual objects as objects.

She has an easier time throwing people away than throwing objects away.

No. 610912

Hmm, sad that both the Pebbles' owner and supposed Josh's brother didn't visit us again. I hope at least the woman who currently owns Pebbles was legit.

No. 611194

I mean Pebbles owner gave us most of the info we asked for. She probably just didn't wanna be mentioned again, I don't blame her.
Josh's brother was either a troll or Raven.

No. 611232

I know I'm late to the party, I haven't been on here for a couple of weeks..

In her video about going to the store and finding the kitten
>It wasn't Walmart
Fuck I laughed, she definitely doesn't want to be known for frequently visiting her favorite place.

And the situation with Peddles
>Definitely didn't sell him for what he's worth

Doesn't see animals as pets only objects who can put more money in her pocket

No. 611242

I wonder if Ravin just buys cheap junk and says she brought it for some ridiculously expensive price so that she doesn't come off as a cheapskate

No. 611260

File: 1544264495249.png (29.59 KB, 800x205, Screenshot_2018-12-08-02-17-08…)


[pic related]


Are you new here?

>"I'm the kind of person that likes cheap stuff. I've just always preferred to buy a whole bunch of cheap things rather than one really expensive thing. So if I can get away with it I always buy the cheapest thing I can find."

No. 611701


No, not new.

I'm talking about her buying ridiculously expensive stuff like the $100 phone case.. Or her and Josh's wedding rings where many people found websites that had the same rings for a fraction of the price she claims to have actually spent

No. 611705

Yeah and same with that bear that Logan bought. Everyone found cheaper ones online.

I think she has cheap taste and likes cheap shit in general but her buying stuff for a more expensive price is usually because she's brainless and doesn't research shit so she probably just clicks on the first thing she sees on a facebook link rather than googling the same item and checking out various sites. There's also the theory that with gifts like the bear and ring that she does make a fuss of the price because it's from whoever her current squeeze is and she wants them to prove their love through expensive items.

I'd say the phonecase costed a heap because it's probably from an etsy shop or some shit, she went on about it being personalized.
I still don't believe that garbage should have costed that much nor do I believe that cunt should even be spending money on a case in general.

No. 611730

File: 1544349587137.png (39.16 KB, 800x228, Screenshot_2018-12-09-01-58-22…)


But she did actually buy (or cajole others into buying) those expensive things, and she brags just as loudly about cheap things.


She posted the link.


No. 611996

File: 1544440140672.jpeg (97.67 KB, 1280x719, 91C33A9C-BB67-4A0A-99A9-6A7608…)

What kind of grown ass fucking woman INSISTS on opening Christmas gifts early… but right here's the kicker… then INSISTS on "REPLACING" them?! She bitches and fucking moans about how Josh now OWES HER a FURTHER 14 more gifts because her inpatient ass couldn't wait until fucking Christmas like an adult. Jfc. I just can't, it's pathological hoarding and consumerism. How does she not feel ridiculous and disgusting sharing this so candidly? The words don't even register as wrong. This is a woman old enough to be a grandmother holding up cheap stuffed animals and crying about how her husband now owes her more crap. There's just no awareness

Also sorry but my eyes are shit, is this another trashy scratch-job tattoo or necrotic pock mark? I couldn't help but notice and like everyone else I'm convinced she's on meth

No. 612004


I DIED when she said that. REPLACE THEM? REPLACE THEM? WHAT??? And that Josh "owes" her. Sorry I know I'm just parroting what you've said but holy shit I can't with this psycho.

Also top kek when she's showing off the goat plushie and says she didn't buy it because of anyone else >D

No. 612006

Favorites video

Published on Dec 10, 2018


What kind of farmer NEGLECTS to post her new video?!

That spot is one of the poorly executed flies in the spiderweb tattoo >>606789 and there's a shadow or spot of a colored light from the disco tree topper on her arm.

She's wearing the same outfit and is surrounded by the same assemblage of hoard as in the phone case video >>606749. She couldn't even wait until December to open her presents!

No. 612018

she also copied emilyboos old glasses and shes since changed hers nd now ravens copied the new ones. will she ever grow up?

No. 612020


She says that she filmed this before her hoard from New Zealand had made it to the shack which was during the second week of November. Did she even wait until after Halloween?

No. 612022

>can't wait to use my new slippers
>have to wait until it's really cold
>goes quick to slippers because bitch can't bother lifting her feet when she's walking

Calling it now that another cat soon has to go because it played with the eyeballs dangling off the shoes.

>Spent $50 on a stuffed animal because she had to have him cuz he's so cute

How many stuffed animals and dolls has this woman. This is sick.

>says he got her 25 presents and now owes her 14, because she opened that many

Diana wtf. WHO needs/wants/demands 39 (!) presents for Christmas?! From one person??
She's probably raging at him, yelling everyday to "replace" her presents to "make it even".

No. 612023

File: 1544450273730.png (87.08 KB, 800x429, Screenshot_2018-12-10-05-43-48…)

She bought the phone case in October.

No. 612055

Imagine being that much of a cuck you spend your life working so a fat woman child at home can get toys and new pets. Josh lost his beloved dogs, keeps getting other dogs sold and has his paycheck blown on ugly jewelry and Wal-Mart wigs.

No. 612056

File: 1544457062209.png (939.96 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-10-07-32-11…)


Favorites video

Published on Dec 10, 2018

Firmoo glasses #DBSN62358A

Get your first Firmoo glasses for FREE at http://bit.ly/FREE_FIRMOO (Limited supply)


Hey, guys. This is just a really quick video about my recent favorites. There's been a lot of stuff that we've gotten, accumulated over the past few months and I haven't been online to show. I'm gonna have two parts to this video. This one is just stuff and the other one's gonna be clothes. Like, I've got this awesome dress here that I'd like to show and this coat that I have and some other dresses and shirts and things like that and belts or whatnot. But I will show those in a separate video when it's not bad weather and I could stand and find a place to set up my camera to do a full body video.

I've got these awesome slippers that I'm dying to use but I'm saving them for when it's really, really cold. I had wanted these so badly and I finally just bought them for myself months ago. They're of course zombie slippers with a little eyeball dangling. And they're all right. They're not crazy comfortable, but they're super cute. So I haven't worn them yet because I tend to go through slippers really fast. I wear out the bottoms. And I guess it turns out I scuff my feet when I walk. I never really realized until I got the flip-flops, the sandals that aren't thongs. They kind of fit over your whole foot like this. And when I started wearing shoes like that I'd walk in them and my shoe just fly off my foot and I'm like, oh shit. I just don't pick up my feet. And so my slippers wear out really quickly. But as soon as it is freezing cold I'm gonna start wearing these because these are just too freakin' cute. They're all right but they're not, they're not as plush as, say, the ones I got from Walmart. But they're adorable and they look like they'd be really warm.

Secondly, you guys have probably seen this online. This is from Kill Star. This is one of their Kreeptures. And this looks reversed to me. I don't know if it's reversed when I play it back. But this is adorable. He's bigger than I thought he was going to be. I think this was about fifty dollars. And I got this a few months ago. I'd seen him online and I was like, oh my god I must have him, he's so cute. And I know a couple of other goth Youtubers have these. I didn't get it because of anybody. I got it just because he's soft and he's cute. And I'm actually really, really impressed with the quality and how soft he is and how big he is because he's bigger than I thought that he would be. They also have a kitty cat but I just I really liked him. I've got a Baphomet tattooed on me and I have some necklaces and I just I love him so much.

In keeping with the stuffed animal thing, this was an early birthday present from Josh. [pic related] And this was adorable. I had seen the package because he's not very good at wrapping and he doesn't disguise the items and so I felt it and I was like, that's an item of clothing because it feels like clothing, it's really soft. But I opened it and I was like, oh my god it's so cute. This is like a super realistic octopus and Wild Republic is the brand. And it is unbelievably plush and soft and I absolutely adore this. This is one of my favorite stuffed animals, not only because he bought it for me but just because it is so freaking cute.

Another early birthday present he gave me…or sorry early Christmas present…that was an early Christmas present, this is an early Christmas present. We're so bad. We get so excited about what we buy each other that we're like, well we could just open one present and then replace it and then get more and replace it. And right now he's got 25 presents up there, and I think I've got, like, I don't know how many. He owes me 14…13 because we've opened that many. And I've been able to replace his but he hadn't gotten around to replacing mine yet. So we originally would have had like 50-something presents under the tree and now he's having to rush to get me mine to make the amounts even. But we just get…I get so excited because I'm like, oh I got him this, I got him this, I got him that and I just really really…I get impatient and I want to see what he thinks.

And he got me some amazing stuff for my birthday. I got him some amazing stuff for his birthday. We haven't even talked about that yet. I got him a ton of shirts. I got him the Surround Sound 4.0 Bluetooth X Rocker Chair that was like 200 bucks. I got him, I got him that. I got him a gaming laptop and I got him an Xbox One…no, Xbox One X? Is that the new one? I got him the new one. And then like a $50 Google Play gift card to go along with it and some other stuff. But he had an amazing frickin' birthday. I spoiled that boy. He spoiled me, too. But he made out like a bandit this year.

He got me this for an early Christmas present [Tardis jewelry box] and this was frickin' cool. I felt the weight of it. I was like, what could that be? And I had completely forgotten that I'd wanted this. But it's got drawers here. When I get my stuff…my stuff's still…it's in America but it just hasn't been delivered yet. When I get it I'm gonna put my jewelry in here cuz I've got a lot of jewelry. It opens up in there and you put your rings and your necklaces. This is so cute. I love this so much. This has a place of honor on my dresser. Um gosh, I've got some necklaces and stuff, too, but I'll show that I guess with my clothing thing.

Next up is yet another item from Firmoo. Now, I had gotten sunglasses from them before and I wasn't too impressed because they were really light and flimsy. They offered me another pair of glasses and this time I really wanted just glasses because childishly and stupidly of me when I thought I was about to get LASIK I started treating these [points to her Prada glasses] like that I'm not gonna need them, doesn't really matter, so I wasn't as careful with him as I should have been and now they're all scratched up and kind of not so great. So this came perfect time. I chose a cat eye design just because, I don't know, I'm not too good with figuring out what design fits my face. I found these [Prada] and I love them, but before I got these I used to like cat eye stuff. Now, I didn't add any extras to these. I could have added to thin the lenses out because I'm blind so the lenses are quite thick. I don't have the anti-glare, anti-shine, none of that. So you can see how high that prescription is. They're like magnifying glasses. I'll put them on so you can see what they look like. It's gonna take a while for my eyes to adjust to them so I can't really see clearly at the moment. I can see but, you know, when you switch glasses from something old to something new and stronger it takes a little bit to adjust to so I'm not quite sure how they look on me. Josh seems to like them. But um, I do like them better than I liked the sunglasses. I think that if I put the money into it…[she puts on her old glasses] ugh, this is definitely a bit weaker. With these everything's, like, right up in my face. But I am happy with these. I think if I put the money into them and I actually paid for all the upgrades and stuff these will be amazing. So Firmoo is actually a really, a really good option if you need glasses. And they always sends you the glasses kit and a dusting cloth and this little bag. And in the bag always comes this little repair kit as well. You get your nose pieces, you get your little key chain with your screws and your screwdriver, so it's really cool of them to add in that. But these don't feel as cheap as the other ones did, and these cost around twenty-five dollars so they're very very very well priced. And if you're on a budget and you really need glasses…

These here were a thousand dollars in New Zealand. They're Prada frames and my…you know, they've got the smaller lenses and anti…they've got all the bells and whistles and that's because I had insurance over there at the time and that insurance I had to spend a certain amount in order to fit into a certain category. They have like gold, silver, and bronze category or whatnot. So since my prescription is so high they suggested that I spend a bit more to fit into the gold category which would have made my payments like twenty dollars a month or something like that. So it was really, really cheap in payment form. But if I paid for them out front they would have been outrageously expensive. But I do keep these because I really like the shape of these. It's just the lenses that I always have to replace. But hopefully soon, as soon as I get to a doctor and I, you know, get my insurance I can go and I'll have LASIK and I will document all that. So that is still in my plans. But for now, especially if I lose these, these are a good choice. And I'm really grateful to them for coming to me right at the right time.

Almost done here. Um, let's see. I got some more Pop Funko's because I'm always collecting them. I got the Pale Man from Labyrinth. I also have the Fawn but I forgot to bring him out. I'm not sure where I stuck him. I just I have everything kind of on top of the entertainment center right now, and I thought that I…I forgot that I had him, actually. So I do have him as well. The Pale Man is pretty cool looking. He looks a little plain, but he's pretty cool looking. And this, I didn't even know they came out with this, but I got the new Oogie Boogie. And he is disgusting looking. He's got all his crap all over him. And when I saw him online I was like, oh hell yeah I've got to buy him. And so I bought him right away. I'm not really too interested in anything else on the back of this. Snowman Jack I would probably get. And the Harlequin Demon. Oh, maybe the clown. I'd probably get most of these, actually. Not the Sally. I've got a lot of Sally's. And not the doctor. I don't really care about him. Dr. Finkelstein, Finkelstein, whatever. The other ones I do like, though. But this was the one I would have had my eye on anyway so I'm quite happy to have him. I can't wait to get the rest of my collection back and see what they all look like together because I think that'll be pretty cool cuz I do have a lot of Pop Funko's.

Two more things to show you guys. One is this new brand that I had found. I'd actually found this months ago and I've tried to make a video just for this. But each time I'm not happy with it so I'm just gonna throw it in here. It's a brand called Myth Cosmetics. You guys might have heard of them by now. When I bought from them they were virtually unheard of and now they're, like, sponsored by all these celebrities and stuff. But this is what the box looks like. This is the best color they have. This is called Poison Quartz and this is a color I'm wearing right now. So I actually bought two extras of these along with what I already have open. So they have only a few colors right now. The box is really nice. I'm pretty impressed with it. This is what it looks like inside. And so it's pretty cute. This reminds me of Black Moon Cosmetics the way that it kind of, kind of fades into the color. So the two colors that I love are Poison Quartz. And then this one is Siren Song, and this is like a metallic kind of purple color. This is a beautiful color. This is my ultimate favorite all time red. Before this it was Red Rum by Jeffree Star. That was my favorite red. But this is actually a better red than Red Rum. Red Rum is lighter and pinker when you compare it to this. I had…one day before I left I did half Red Rum and half of this, and you could instantly from a distance tell the difference. And Josh was like, wow that one on that side it's really light. And I was like, man that's Red Rum. So I'm gonna see if I can actually grab it and do a swatch on my hand really quick. Okay, so this is Red Rum and this is Poison Quartz. So you can see right there it's different. So I'm going to do a little a little bit of Red Rum on my hand first. I still do love the color. But this is Red Rum. Another cool thing about this [Poison Quartz] is the wand is different. It's like, it's like a pipe cleaner that's kind of twisted and separated. It works really well, though. But I haven't ever seen a wand like that before. And this is Poison Quartz. So you can see Red Rum's at the top, Poison Quartz is at the bottom, and there is a big difference in the color. Big.

I'll show you guys this color. This is a beautiful color. This is a purple with glitter in it. I'm just gonna put some on the side of my hand here so it's easier to see. So that's what that looks like. It's not gonna focus that clearly, I'm sorry, but that's it. I just fucking got lipstick all over my hand. You can see the shimmer in it when you spread it out, I guess, like that. And the bad thing about this lipstick, the thing that I do hate is it's not kiss proof. It's supposed to be long lasting. I guess it is marketed as kiss proof but it is most definitely not, not even after you…it doesn't really say on here. "Avoid oily foods." But I don't have…I don't eat oily foods really. Even after it dries you could still wipe…like, I could probably go like this and it comes off. Now, the purple, the purple does last better than the red. The purple doesn't come off as well. I can kiss Josh and not leave red on…or purple on him. But if I have this color on and I kiss him he'll have red all over him, so it really sucks. I wish that the formula was better, more long lasting. I would love it a whole lot more. But as far as color goes this is, like, my ultimate favorite favorite favorite color. It is so beautiful. And if you guys can get your hands on it I would totally recommend it.

My last item are these shoes. These are amazing. Well, they would be amazing. They're actually more of a letdown. These are the YRU…frickin' dog hair everywhere. These are the YRU glitter light up shoes. They are wonderfully glittery. But the problem with these shoes is, see they light up, they're supposed to last like 50,000 steps or something. This is the right one. It lights up just fine. It's nice and bright, lights up really well. But the left one is very temperamental and usually it does not light up. And as you can see it…well, it is lighting it but the lights are much, much dimmer and they're not going through all the colors. Usually they don't even do this. I can stomp, stomp and pound and they don't light up the same at all. Now, these shoes are crazy expensive. They're like 150 dollars or something like that. And they are so hard to find, super super super hard to find. And you would think that for shoes that are that expensive they would be made better and they would actually work. But a lot of people have issues with these shoes not working like they should. If you look up reviews for them most people will say that one of the shoes doesn't work and it's usually the left one which is the case here. So I'm just gonna wait for either the lights to stop working completely or something because it would look awful stupid to walk around and you've got one shoe that lights up a one that doesn't. But check out that glitter. It does not flake off or come off. It is really rough and chunky, though, but it doesn't come off. And I think these are, these were like the pride of my collection if they only worked like they are supposed to. This is just half the lights don't work. These would have been the coolest shoes ever. I just wish that they worked. Such a shame, really. Beautiful, though. And you can see how bright they should be. So you can imagine in a club or in the dark how awesome it would be to walk around with these just flashing and reflecting off the glitter and stuff. Like, they're not very comfortable though. They've got these horns back here that dig into your ankles. And I have to lace them up differently because they like to come unlaced here. But I'm still glad I got them. And at some point I'll be able to use them better. Just right now they're not so great.

But I guess that's it for this video of my favorites, small favorites. And like I said when the weather's better and when I get a chance I'll put on the clothes and I'll go outside and I'll do, like, a favorites outfit video for you guys. Until then I will see you next time. I hope you enjoyed this. [waves]

No. 612057

File: 1544457118824.png (923.83 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-10-07-29-31…)

"They're of course zombie slippers with a little eyeball dangling. And they're all right. They're not crazy comfortable, but they're super cute."

No. 612058

File: 1544457195209.png (872.1 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-10-07-31-24…)

"And I know a couple of other goth Youtubers have these. I didn't get it because of anybody. I got it just because he's soft and he's cute."

No. 612059

File: 1544457258288.png (900.22 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-10-07-33-23…)

"This is one of my favorite stuffed animals, not only because he bought it for me but just because it is so freaking cute."

No. 612060

File: 1544457430030.png (758.3 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-10-07-35-36…)

"And I had completely forgotten that I'd wanted this. This is so cute. I love this so much. This has a place of honor on my dresser."

No. 612061

File: 1544457487380.png (973.96 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-10-07-36-14…)

"So you can see how high that prescription is. They're like magnifying glasses."

No. 612062

File: 1544457623873.png (928.29 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-10-07-36-44…)

"I chose a cat eye design just because, I don't know, I'm not too good with figuring out what design fits my face. I found these [Prada] and I love them, but before I got these I used to like cat eye stuff."

No. 612063

File: 1544457677492.png (859.09 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-10-07-38-40…)

"So you can see Red Rum's at the top, Poison Quartz is at the bottom, and there is a big difference in the color. Big."

No. 612065

File: 1544457761970.png (1.06 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-10-07-41-09…)

"So I'm just gonna wait for either the lights to stop working completely or something because it would look awful stupid to walk around and you've got one shoe that lights up a one that doesn't. But check out that glitter."

No. 612073

This is the tackiest thing she's ever bought. Where is she even putting all this crap with her NZ hoard?

No. 612075

>I got him the Surround Sound 4.0 Bluetooth X Rocker Chair that was like 200 bucks. I got him, I got him that. I got him a gaming laptop and I got him an Xbox One…no, Xbox One X? Is that the new one? I got him the new one. And then like a $50 Google Play gift card to go along with it and some other stuff.

How is she affording all this? Her youtube doesn't make that much money, her patreon is empty, she has no job..

No. 612077

I know right?
A woman at her ago running around with blinking sneakers… embarrassing.

No. 612079

Didn't she say she works at a tattoo shop as a receptionist?

No. 612085


>As far as having a job, I do have a job as I've mentioned before. I just am not working right now because it's the holiday season started. I quit going in right around Halloween because this place that I'm at is small. There's not a lot of room for people. I'm not a tattooist. All I was doing was learning and answering phones, making appointments. This place is small. There's not enough room for that many people. So when it's rush rush rush rush, kind of like it is around the holiday season, they really don't need another body stumbling around not knowing what to do. It just slows everything down. So I'm going back after the new year. Um, that's fine. I mean, it wasn't like I was making thousands of dollars a week or anything. It was just something fun and nice and, you know, that coupled with YouTube coupled with whatever else I do, it's just fun.

No. 612089

The odds of Raven actually getting a job are slim to none and if she did she was making minimum wage and she said they let her go within the past 1-2 months so it was a temp job. Not enough to pay bills plus buy

$200 chair
$400 Xbox One X (going off Amazon pricing)
$500+ gaming laptop (they're not cheap if she got a legit gaming one)
$50 Google Play card
+ $$$ for whatever else she got him and spent on herself

She'd have to have used up every single paycheck she earned over her time as a receptionist to afford all of that plus help pay off the shack.

No. 612093

She probably uses Josh's money to buy him gifts. Oh and then sell pets to pay the actual bills. I can't wait till the sell that poor husky so it can get a better life it deserves.

No. 612096

She makes me sick at how entitled she is. How anyone could be with her is unfathomable. She’s just a mentally manipulative being.

No. 612116

I think that too.
And then she can manipulate him into spending that much money on her aswell. "I bought presents for over a thousand dollars for you, you have to spend the same on me" "oh and don't you dare buy a few expensive things, buy me 100 $10 gifts!"

No. 612120

File: 1544466268869.png (531.08 KB, 800x901, Screenshot_2018-12-10-10-14-49…)

Obviously this is not directed at the hate sites since she no longer visits them.

Is this a lead up to a video about the other drama she hinted at in the Prelude?

>>They really set me off because they try to say certain things about me, like that I'm on a high horse because I'm happy with my life.

No. 612167

She's not on a high horse. She's fucking trash and miserable. She lives in a dilapidated trailer with nothing but fire hazard garbage clogging up every inch of the nest she's created. She also bitches about fucking everything. She can't even enjoy Halloween because she's only thinking of cash as validation.

Anon, even most child experts agree that you should not give your children over 3 gifts for x-mas. They are more likely to engage and appreciate the gifts you get them if you keep it to a minimum. Josh is such a shitty parent.

No. 612280

File: 1544486216542.png (2.81 MB, 1242x2208, 1C27B888-67AE-4237-92B4-F097E9…)

Did it snow in “Florida”? I know it snowed in North Carolina.

No. 612287

Ryan. It's always Ryan. With a side of Josh's meth money.

No. 612329

File: 1544497641166.jpg (55.1 KB, 625x450, enhanced-27983-1503549844-14.j…)

… A hand job is still a job…

>Diana wtf. WHO needs/wants/demands 39 (!) presents for Christmas?! From one person??
Diana Dursley lol.

No. 612338

In the new trailer extension. They've built a toy room just for her toys.

I swear to god I would have the worst anxiety if I were Josh, having to plan for the next lot of consumer sacrifices to Moloch, the Cow God of Tacky Hoarding.

No. 612414

File: 1544521661469.png (118.87 KB, 800x680, Screenshot_2018-12-11-01-43-49…)


South Carolina.

No. 612415

File: 1544521920824.png (836.58 KB, 800x1031, Screenshot_2018-12-11-01-50-20…)


She's not trying at all.

No. 612417

She isn’t smart enough to track all her lies and follow through. She probably got fired from the tattoo parlor job and will never go back there..

No. 612420

Ofc the dog is outside WITHOUT a collar. Buying one is too expensive, need 346 of those ebay gifts instead!

No. 612425

It is a good dog and will listen to her and Josh and knows not to leave the yard. Until it disappears …

No. 612440

Dogs don't need collars all the time, especially when they're home or and well raised.

No. 612443

Yeah you are right, but if you have lost a dog, sorry a FEW dogs (and cats!) before, then getting a collar and tag is a good idea.

No. 612448

that's very true, that or a good fence so he can still run around freely.
Dogs like this need a lot of exercise and they won't get it from being on a leash since the owner will never be fast enough for them.

No. 612453

File: 1544531766133.gif (919.23 KB, 245x245, tumblr_mzmqn2DHaE1qh59n0o1_250…)


He's probably chipped.

>A two year old white Siberian Husky named Loki, and he is an indoor dog. He's a sweetheart. He's a big teddy bear. He's just gentle, and he loves everybody and everything. He is so sweet, and he is smart, and he's crate trained. He lets himself outside to go pee, comes back in when he's done, you know. He's a good boy.

No. 612454

Nothing about that says chipped.

No. 612456


The quote was in response to how well trained he is to not run off. But the fact that he is so well trained indicates that he was well cared for by his previous owners, and caring owners usually chip their dogs. They charged $235 for him, too.

No. 612462

File: 1544535156089.gif (2.16 MB, 498x278, wrong.gif)

>indoor dog

No. 612463

File: 1544535470829.jpeg (20.48 KB, 223x226, 27D24872-16DE-4E97-BC8D-05FCD6…)

>let’s himself out to pee

So she doesn’t even give this dog the proper exercise? Does she think it’s a cat? This ain’t right man.

No. 612465

File: 1544536437758.png (665.56 KB, 800x1036, Screenshot_2018-12-11-05-50-06…)


And he's only 2 years old.

No. 612470

Yeah a fence would also be a good idea. She just never changes the situation to fix the problem. She just keeps being shitty and replaces animals when they die.
Happy to spend money on plastic crap and a whole room for her shit, hundreds of dollars of shit for her caveman for Christmas but won't spend a penny on fencing or hell, even another extension on the house for her animals instead of her junk. No collars or toys. The only thing I've seen her get is a cat tree thing. She's unbelievably selfish it's incredible.

No. 612471


>ignores collar in the post above

Have you looked at the pics and video screencaps? If anything her pets have too many toys. To keep animals engaged and stimulated it's best to rotate their toys and enrichment. Raven has everything strewn all over the floor.

No. 612472

The way she complains about one of the sneakers not working as well and continues to bang it against her hand repeatedly and repeating that one doesn't work as well again and again and again is so braindead. Like we get it, get on with your shitty favourites.
Honestly the way she drones, it's like she's high or something.

No. 612473

I get that you don't agree with collars but if Josh's first lot of dogs that had mysteriously wandered off had collars, they'd probably be found. Microchips are obviously the best option and more efficient than collars, but if you have an outside dog, it's good to have a collar with your mobile number on it, because people that find the animal are more likely to ring you and return the animal straight away and you avoid a fine, rather than taking it to a vet or pound to read the chip and you gets landed with a big fine.

I'm not trying to argue though, that's just how it is were I live.

No. 612475

I never noticed the toys because her own shit is strewn amongst it making it difficult to decipher what is a dog cat toy and what is her trash.

No. 612482

In before she makes up this excuse for why Loki had to be rehomed/sold.

>If it hadn't been for Loki being so submissive my baby kitty would still be alive! Because of Loki not living up to being a wolf like I thought him to be he lured all my animals into a false sense of security and it got them maimed and killed so I couldn't look at him anymore because he reminded me of all the dead animals. I even had to rehome my precious baby Pebbles because Loki wouldn't stand up to him and assert dominance! I don't feel safe in the trailer in the wilds of Florida without a proper guard dog and Loki has shown he's not a good fit for that so I've sold him and we're getting an attack dog.

Cue selling off that dog after it "eats" her pets in a month or two.

No. 612486

Dogs don't need to wear a collar to go outside if their owners property has a fence. You can trust your dog and train it, but it's overall caring about it. Raven lives in a trailer surrounded by woods.
No need to argue about that.
She lets the dogs outside, doesn't give a shit, whooops they ran off. Sorry Josh, gotta buy 3 new ones.
Letting them run outside without collars just shows that she doesn't care about the animals and that she doesn't want someone find them and bring them back.
She "lost" so many dogs and cats, let alone since she's back in the US, and not a single one ever came back to her or was found.

No. 612492

>They charged $235 for him, too.
That doesn't really mean that he's chipped. The price could be because of his breed, color and behavior. Also sentimental reasons.

Hagraven lets him out unsupervised and unleashed because she's a lazy animal killer who just wants a sob story and to get rid of things that Josh gives attention to, not because he's possibly chipped.

No. 612504

>ignores collar in post above

Except you didn't, you passively aggressively mentioned it in greentext.

I think it's a case by case basis. Some owners don't need collars because they train their animal and supervise them. However, I'd like to think if most people had the same situation as Raven, you know, having pets run away a lot, they'd get microchipped, build a fence or at the least get a nametag on the collar.

No. 612546

Exactly. I didn't mention the dog not having a collar in a thead of a responsible dog owner. I did it in a fucking RAVEN THREAD. Not only should her dog have a collar whenever he is outside, but also a leash. But yeah, he's smaaart and traiiiiined well. Until he's not ofc.

No. 612562


Raven cares very much about Loki, but not because of his intrinsic value as a living creature or as a companion. He is The Dog That Was More Than a Dog, and the entire saga has been about control. She chose him because he is as not-a-dog as she could find and thus tolerate and fulfills her decades old white wolf fantasy >>606697.

I bet he doesn't bark, unlike Chubby and Big Boy who annoyed her to no end. They also threatened her sense of control over Josh because they were a reminder of his family ties and that he had a life before her. Removing his dogs is an extension of isolating him from his family.

Above all Loki is most valuable to her as a method of manipulating Josh by being a symbol of her love and devotion. She selflessly overcame the trauma of what happened to little Stormy and sacrificed her desires to make Josh happy!

>I did not want another dog, period. But Josh, Josh loves dogs. He is a dog person, and he was always like, I miss having dogs. And I, I told him, I don't want another dog. But I thought that was really unfair on him because, like, well, I'm a cat person, he's a dog person. He still loves cats, but he also loves dogs, and it wasn't fair of me to completely take that option away from him. So I looked around. I found this one, and he fell in love with him. That's his buddy. That's his boy.

Is Raven nefarious enough to have disappeared Stormy to frame Doja (or worse, fed Stormy to Doja) in order to get rid of a stinky, snoring dog that did not pan out as a Gofundme cow and was instead a drain on their finances?

Azzy had to go because she, too, was a drain on their energy and potentially their finances, if they had pursued treatment. And the shack is only big enough for one victim to be the center of attention.

And considering her history, the fact that Amber/Marmalade #2 disappeared on the same day or the day before she sold Pebbles and died without a mark on her body niggles at my mind.


>I get that you don't agree with collars

Where did I say or even imply that?

If Raven got rid of the previous dogs as suspected, collars would not have mattered.


The green text referred to >>612470 ignoring the collar.

>case by case basis

In some areas license, rabies, and ID tags are required by law.

In the City of Spartanburg

- Dogs and cats must wear city license and rabies tags at all times.
- Dogs and cats must be restrained on their owner's property at all times.
- All animals must have access to clean water at all times.


The county doesn't appear to have tag regulations.


Animals are not chipped anew for each successive owner. Chip data are entered into a registry. When an animal changes hands the owners are responsible for updating its registration.


>The price could be because of his breed, color and behavior. Also sentimental reasons.

So you agree that the former owners probably valued the dog enough to have had him chipped?

No. 612571

It depends how she let them go though. If she simply opened the door, then some form of identification would have helped bring them back. If she killed them somehow, like poison ect then yeah, nothing would have helped. Not even microchips. Although I cannot imagine that fat dwarf of a woman burying or disposing of such large dog bodies.

No. 612573

File: 1544559157648.gif (880.75 KB, 275x179, 1439017028138.gif)

It ain't that serious, anon.

No. 612713

>Is Raven nefarious enough to have disappeared Stormy to frame Doja (or worse, fed Stormy to Doja) in order to get rid of a stinky, snoring dog that did not pan out as a Gofundme cow and was instead a drain on their finances?

I thought this was basically accepted canon at this point

No. 612736

File: 1544586018430.png (Spoiler Image,606.81 KB, 750x1334, 866739E5-D410-4E5A-98B9-67BEF4…)

Wish I could sage cause I doubt anyone cares but her attempt to explain literally everything away cracks me up so I’m posting anyway.

No. 612791

does she have autism?

No. 612799

She's so full of shit. Even if he had gotten her double his amount of gifts, she would have whined about the value of it all. Like because she got him electronic gaming devices ect, she'd probably get pissed off he didn't buy her stuff to same amount of money.
She'd be like 'I got Josh an Xbox and all these games and he got me clothes and toys, it's so not even'

No. 612801

they don't run away anon, they DIE

No. 612847


I bet in 6 months or less she’ll attempt to gaslight us all by saying “I never said I moved to Florida I said we MIGHT be moving and those hate sites took it and twisted my words and ran with it”

No. 612851

"we're both about numbers" like what does this even mean?….

No. 612860


I suspect she rehomed Chubby and Big Boy while Josh was working long hours at FedEx.

"We need to rehome them because our landlord said they are not allowed indoors and it's just it's too cold for them to be outside."

No. 612872

Like I said, autism.

No. 612877

It means their relationship is mostly transactional lol.

The Xbox could've come from Rent-A-Center, and if so when she falls behind on payments it's gonna be funny af. My mom's friend used to live with us and was a total Rent-A-Center devotee (mostly because her adult son was a spoilt brat who had to have every new "real gaming system", so my wii didn't count lol, and our ikea furniture wasn't good enough for them either lol) and we were getting collections calls and letters to our house (because ofc they used our phone number) YEARS after they had moved out. The other stuff as well, just because her credit history is shit doesn't mean she couldn't have gotten a shitty high interest credit card. That was another thing my mom's friend used to do. She's also probably getting money from Ryan, using Josh's money to buy Josh's gifts, and also… maybe this is what she needs a webcam so badly for now. Gotta start camming to pay off them debts.
Seriously remember when like a week ago she had to sell a dog to pay her power bill, and now she can afford all this.

No. 612885


She did diagnose herself with aspergers in a vid years ago, went through a checklist of sypmtoms she had and called herself an 'aspie girl' …then never mentioned it again

No. 612889

I just love self diagnosing cows. They have somehow figured out how to skip over all that pesky neurological testing that the rest of us idiots actually do. I don’t know why cows think it’s on trend to have aspergers or any various amount of mental illnesses like a pair of jeans.

No. 612906

Cows that claim to have aspergers are always types that see themselves as super intelligent.
Raven is no exception haha.

No. 612907

Raven doesn’t ha e Autism or Aspergers. She is Bi-Polar in every sense of the word. Not only that, she’s just self centered and cruel.

No. 612917


>Seriously remember when like a week ago she had to sell a dog to pay her power bill, and now she can afford all this.

Josh's birthday is July 7th which makes her having been able to afford >>612089 even more questionable. They moved into shack #3 in June at the earliest which is presumably the earliest she got her job.

No. 612924

She suffers from being a piece of shit. Garbage human being. No diagnosis needed.

Rent-a-center. Definitely. Their debt is through the roof I'm positive. With Josh living with his mom all those years and Raven being a massive hoarder, they're going to file bankruptcy a few times and get the more important items repossessed. Fitting.

No. 612946

rent-a-center is evil, they have zero qualms about wrecking your fucking life. it's pretty interesting, actually. they jack up the prices on absolutely everything about 3000% and then spread payments out per week. so let's say that xbox Gravy got would have been $400, at any rent to own place it's going to be more like $900, with interest of course, because your credit is nonexistent, and you end up paying more like $2000 for it when all is said and done. if you miss a week they get on your ass immediately to pay up. they sue asap and if they win, which they generally do as people are too stupid to read the fine print on their contracts, they can and will garnish wages in some states.

their repo men are pretty scummy, like most repo men, and they will escalate a situation in their favor to get the cops involved. it's a complete racket and tbh i have no idea how they're allowed to operate, but I'm absolutely gleeful about the fact that Raven is dealing with these scum-sucking leech lowlifes.

No. 612953


Her explanation of being upsold her Prada glasses exemplifies her poor economic sense. She can barely calculate months in her videos as it is.

>These here were a thousand dollars in New Zealand. They're Prada frames and my…you know, they've got the smaller lenses and anti…they've got all the bells and whistles and that's because I had insurance over there at the time and that insurance I had to spend a certain amount in order to fit into a certain category. They have like gold, silver, and bronze category or whatnot. So since my prescription is so high they suggested that I spend a bit more to fit into the gold category which would have made my payments like twenty dollars a month or something like that. So it was really, really cheap in payment form. But if I paid for them out front they would have been outrageously expensive.

No. 612970

i love it, she doesn't even realize that they were still expensive. 'twenty dollars a week' adds up way faster than she thinks and totally solidifies this idea that she's bought everything at rental joints. she's so stupid where money is concerned that i'm almost positive she's never handled a real bill in her life. her paypiggies–excuse me, husbands–do all the heavy lifting where it counts.

how long before she misses a week? literally, all you have to do is be twenty four hours late and they start harrassing you. normally i loathe them because they prey on the poor but i love the fact that this is all in her future. silly, stupid josh. what a prize he's got.

No. 612989


Did you catch the best part and why she got the $25 pair from Firmoo?

>…childishly and stupidly of me when I thought I was about to get LASIK I started treating these [points to her Prada glasses] like that I'm not gonna need them, doesn't really matter, so I wasn't as careful with him as I should have been and now they're all scratched up and kind of not so great.

And she thinks insurance will pay for LASIK!

No. 613040

>he owes me

This is what it boils down to. She probably encourages him to open gifts just so she can double her own gifts.

>Oh Josh you HAVE to open this. Ok now that you have I'm opening this and you owe me another to replace it.

Any grown adult and even most children can wait until Christmas day to open their gifts even if they're sat under a tree for an entire month or more but not Gravy-train.

No. 613049

love it. she is so much a child, she hasn't got the faintest about how the world really works. no wonder that she constantly gravitates towards actual children or mental defectives for partners. must be so much fun for her to be the person to give them their first intro to the cold hard facts of life. can you imagine her screaming and crying at you about her beloved plastic tchotchkes, and being the guy who's got to quickly figure out the best way to shut her up? or make up for those extra presents that she was too impulsive to keep from unwrapping? she's a disaster.

and of course! lasik is TOTALLY covered by insurance! i wonder how long before she starts to want fillers and botox and the like and thinks that'll go on insurance too? never change, raven, never change.

next go-round, hoping she'll leave the slowbus folks and the children alone. maybe a UO but she's one of the few cows i'd rather see on disability because (not sure why i think this way, but) then she'd have less chance of trapping these guys. they might see her as a pump and dump but i don't think they'd willingly stick around and wife her up. i refuse to believe that she does anything in bed other than starfish, and yet landing dummies appears to be the one thing she's good at, which is honestly puzzling to me. i haven't met a narc yet who could keep their act together for two days, let alone two years. must be the other reason she preys on the people who are obviously weaker in some way.

got to be about time that the honeymoon is wearing off for josh, what with all the bitching and complaining she does. i'm honestly amazed at the ceaseless amount of griping she does in her videos. it's non-stop. sounds like it gives her a real dopamine hit to bitch, though.

No. 613124

hey, not a regular to the raven thread, but i see you guys doubting that lasik can be covered by insurance? it can. at least i know that the insurance "blue cross blue shield" does it, where you only pay $250 for both eyes.

No. 613150

File: 1544650346233.png (238.68 KB, 800x1007, lasik.png)


Insurance covering it at all is rare.


BC BS has many different plans.

The first search result for BC BS starts at $945 to $1,995 per eye.


No. 613194

elective surgery is generally not something that your insurance is going to cover for you, anon. they may help you, but good luck with that.

No. 613222

LASIK is never covered by state funded insurance. Only implants, provided you have cataracts or certain eye disease.
Private insurance can pay a portion for lasik but you have a nice copay.

No. 613469

File: 1544707222026.png (780.29 KB, 800x1077, hi raven.png)

Nice to see you and Josh are keeping up with the thread!

No. 613563

i wasn't speculating or wondering, I'm stating it's already been done by someone I know. The insurance took off a large potion of the cost, + $300 they are usually given for glasses. The cost ended in about $250. I'm sure it can vary depending on the insurance, the plan, the place you're getting it done, and what is wrong with your vision. All I'm saying is it is possible. Said person was only near-sighted.

No. 613643

just stop. most insurance does not pay for lasik at all, you're still speculating by assuming they have the same insurance as someone you know, which is retarded.

No. 613648

> you're still speculating by assuming they have the same insurance
i never said that lol. brush up on you're reading comprehension

No. 613670

if you weren't, what does someone else's insurance have to do with this? nothing.

No. 613739

Glad Josh was able to find space to squeeze in between all the hoard shit.


No. 613909

File: 1544792115648.png (452.5 KB, 530x423, Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 6.53…)

Man that cupcake pillow looks so out of place in the rest of the hoard… and everyone in that photo looks like they've given up.

I'm surprised she didn't try to snap up pic related. Sure she probs hasn't got a fireplace, and it's not the "cherry vanilla" scent she claims everything else in her house is, but it's not like she doesn't already intentionally buy shit she won't use because consumerism. Because it represents a brand that she loves more than the love of love (probably) and also the sold-outness of it makes it lucrative to have.

No. 613914

File: 1544794133671.png (371.25 KB, 716x557, 1506662605492.png)


It was one of the many items she bought on TradeMe during her last few days in New Zealand, and for only $34.95! She took it on the plane with her. "I had my cushion that smells like cupcakes cuz, you know, the smell, like, relaxed me and stuff."

Peep the uncapped cherry vanilla body sprays to her right in >>612057.

Has she ever mentioned KFC? And now that they have moved up in the world, Taco Bell has been replaced by Red Lobster.

No. 614690

File: 1545052094705.png (579.3 KB, 800x986, Screenshot_2018-12-17-04-55-50…)

"These babies are going to be with us forever :)"

Lucipurr is turning out to not be pure white like she thought. Good thing for his sake he fits in with the Marmalade aesthetic.


I just noticed the stash of Slim Jims behind her.

No. 614691

File: 1545052233518.png (1023.82 KB, 800x1072, Screenshot_2018-12-17-04-53-37…)

Introducing Bowie, Raven's bid to prove us wrong.

No. 614692

File: 1545052299740.png (889.67 KB, 800x1070, Screenshot_2018-12-17-04-54-01…)

No. 614693

File: 1545052337935.png (899.95 KB, 800x1070, Screenshot_2018-12-17-04-53-47…)

No. 614694

File: 1545052385209.png (821.2 KB, 800x1071, Screenshot_2018-12-17-04-54-13…)

No. 614695

File: 1545052455335.png (910.76 KB, 800x1074, Screenshot_2018-12-17-04-54-19…)

No. 614698

is raven watching too much tnd? keep your fucking animals separate, you dumb bitch.

No. 614702

>these babies are going to be with us forever
Until she thinks she can get $150 for it and DM's that person.

>he's warmed up to Josh
>he mostly clings to me though

And next up to go "missing" or die is Bowie. If there's one thing I've learned from watching Raven it's that anything akin to "(pet name here) loves me the most" is practically a cursed prophecy on their life that something is going to happen to them. Loki is the only one that's lasted this long and that's because he's ignored by Raven.

No. 614704

She didn't get him because he had been abused, she got him because he has heterochromia. Is there anything at all she does that isn't based solely on appearance? Even her husband (and her previous husband as well, come to think of it) she latched on to because he has long hair.

No. 614707


She constantly posts pics of Loki and praises him. He's not so much a pet as he is a token of love from her to Josh.

She couldn't be more obvious about choosing her most recent pets to prove us wrong. She was set to adopt two more Marmalade lookalikes until we called her out on it, and she got Lucifurr instead. He was "the final member of our family" >>608597 until she needed to disprove the haters again. Bowie is not of value as a pet to her but as proof that she is a good person.

No. 614722

Poor thing. From one abuser to another… fingers crossed Gravy gets sick of him quick and sells him to a loving family.

No. 614737

Another dog…..wow what a surprise. A trailer full of red lobster left overs, pet hair, and trashy toys. You made it Raven. Congrats. The life you always dreamed of. The people living with clean houses that have foundations, clean arteries, average intelligence, and pets that live an average lifespan must be so jealous.

No. 614839

File: 1545091615715.jpeg (156.79 KB, 639x766, 10671302-6AC4-4F1D-A9A6-21651B…)

Don't forget cheap!

No. 614841

Why not just shit all over yourself since you might get hit by a bus at ANY MOMENT!

No. 614848

An abused dog… Well, so she already has a convenient reason to get rid of him once she gets bored with him, doesn't she? "He growled at Josh because he doesn't like males! We had to sell him" or "He bit one of our kittens! So shocking! Here are the photos of the wound".

Btw. she's now uploaded a video on Youtube where she lets the little white kitten basically walk over the dogs, steal/play with their chewing toys, etc… I wonder if the dogs are at peace during their feeding time at least - probably not. That's literally an "accident" waiting to happen. Especially when there's a new dog in the house who's not yet used to all this.

I also love the title: Our FINAL family members. How long is this "finality" going to last, Raven?

She needs to be banned from adopting any more animals in her area. It's a trainwreck. Won't anyone stop her?

No. 614849

How's that working "the best" for her? Since she's getting fatter and fatter.

No. 614853

File: 1545092861749.png (88.24 KB, 800x501, Screenshot_2018-12-17-16-23-05…)


It's a fine line between savior and hoarder.

No. 614862

The foreshadowing made me sick, like it just seems so scripted and premeditated. You just know Bowie's going to go first… she talks about how the kitten has "no fear" (more like no self-preservation because you tore it from the mother before it had the chance to learn how to anything) and then dead-pan goes on a tirade about how "you're a tiny little kitten any one snap from a dog's jaw and you'd be killed! But don't worry… MUMMY'S ALWAYS WATCHING and mummy will make sure that doesn't happen!". I love watching her self-destruct but the animals make it hard not sperg, they don't have a chance. It was funny hearing her admit with zero self-awareness that she lives in a filthy hovel and never cleans because nobody ever comes over anyway! Stay classy granny, God speed Bowie… I'm not going to go into the weird need for complete possession of everything, the pets need to only love HER… that trope is discussed enough

No. 614867

A lot of dogs are territorial around food. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them snaps at the kittens because there is no space and they all eat together.

No. 614916

So soon after acquiring a new dog tho… did someone suggest that she feed her pets better food?

Poor dog. Why does she keep not only getting dogs, but getting breeds that are higher energy when she's so sedentary?

No. 614921

File: 1545138758626.png (397.08 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-22-59-37…)


Our final family members (update)

Published on Dec 17, 2018

So, after my last pet video I mentioned we were supposed to be getting two bonded kittens. She never wrote me back and I ended up finding the most perfect baby of them all. Here is the update I said I would post after we got everyone. It seems like a houseful but in reality it's only one more than what we originally had


This is our new dog Bowie to go with Loki because Loki is lonely and he needs a friend, someone his size who could keep up with him and play with him. So he is the newest newest addition. He is one and a half years old.

[Lucipurr] That's the other new addition. Instead of getting two kittens like I had mentioned, we got a kitten and a doggie so everybody's matched up. Jelly and Miss Pretty are from the first litter, Zero and Lucipurr are young, and Bowie and Loki.

So let me try to see exactly what Bowie is mixed with. Hold on one second. [cut] Okay, he is a Husky Eskimo Spitz and German Shepherd mix. He is fearful of males because the people that had him abused him…that the twenty-year-old son abused him. He was rehomed to these people and the woman wrote the old owners and said she needed to give him up because he…her son was beating him. And so he's very male-shy, but he loves me. This is our second day with him. Hey, Bowie! And you see why his name is Bowie. Look at those eyes. Look at those eyes! So he is house trained. He is not crate trained but he sleeps with us. Him and Loki get along just fine.

Excuse the mess. There's dog fur everywhere. Let's look at my little Lucipurr here. This is my boy. Mommy loves you! He is always with me. He is never far from me. I know. He is fearless. He is not scared of anyone or anything. This dog has been here one day, not even 24 hours yet. We got him yesterday. Actually it has been 24 hours because we got him yesterday morning. And my little boy here doesn't even care. Let me pick him up. Hey! So he [Bowie] gets a little excited sometimes but he doesn't try to hurt the cats. Loki doesn't care.

But he is, he is so special to me. He is like my Marmalade mixed with my little girl that was just killed mixed with little Pumpkin. He's just the spunkiest, cutest little thing ever. He's a little fluff ball. He was a little young when we got him. He was seven weeks, six or seven weeks, but he's growing up. He's a healthy little thing. And he will play. He never hisses or bristles up. He doesn't know the meaning of being scared or cautious. He's just like, whatever. He walks everywhere. He does whatever he wants.

And he is super loyal to me. He's always on my lap. He always comes to me and loves on me. Like, he makes me feel so loved. He is by far my favorite animal in the entire world right now and probably ever. No disrespect to my past animals. I thought my little girl was, but it's like everybody that we've had since her has been…since Marmalade, actually, has been more and more and more and more affectionate and lovey. But he is, more than even anybody else.

Marmalade loved me but she would still go to Logan sometimes. My little girl, she loved me and she would come running when I called her but she would go to Josh sometimes. Not as much as Marmalade would, but she would still go to Josh sometimes. Pumpkin, Pumpkin just wanted affection from anybody so she would go to anybody that gave it to her. And this boy, he walks across Josh but he only sleeps on me. He only comes up to me. He follows me around. He cries for me. He's just he's the most amazing kitten ever.

We still have Jelly and Miss Pretty, the two adults. We still have little Zero who is Josh's little calico, and this boy and that boy [Bowie and Loki]. And they just came in from being outside playing so that is why…and they were playing the mud yesterday so there is mud all over the couch. And white dog fur even though he has gotten brushed. You…this is a blanket I have on the couch to try to protect it; it doesn't matter. Cat paws, cat claws, paw marks. There's fur. We just give up. I have fur and toys and bones everywhere. Ugh. Nobody comes over so it's not really a big deal. We have the house animal proofed the best that we can.

This is our little family and this is the little update I promised. I have…if you follow me on Facebook you will see there are nothing but pictures and videos of this little guy. He is just the cutest, most adorable little thing. And just his attitude. I wish you guys could see him more often and how unafraid he is of everything. He just runs around and it doesn't matter if there's a new cat, a new dog. He hasn't been around a new cat but we did bring him here and he didn't care about these cats. He wasn't like, oh my god where am I?! The new dog came in, sniffed him up. He doesn't care. He's just like, meh. He'll do this: he'll play, he'll walk…uh, he was on the couch yesterday when we first brought this dog in. He doesn't know this dog from anybody.

[she interrupts herself to scold Loki who is standing over Lucipurr and trying to take a chunk of rawhide bone from him] Loki! You greedy little thing!

And um, so he'll try to…see, he doesn't move. He doesn't care. He'll eat and drink out of the dogs' bowl with them. He's never known fear or anything. But he walked across the couch and he walked right in front of him [Bowie], right on his paws. Today he was laying down right here and Lucipurr just jumped up and just walked on his back and then just lay down at his tail. Like, do you not realize you're a tiny little kitten and one snap of a dog's jaws and you would be gone?! But he doesn't care. But that's okay because mommy looks out for him. I watch everything he does and I'll be damned if anything happens to him.

So uh, there you go. Um, I guess I will talk to you guys later. Look at this little boy [Bowie]. He's so pretty. And my big boy [Loki] is so pretty. My little boy is the prettiest of them all. Lucifurr [sic], you're not a dog [he is batting around a large chunk of rawhide bone].

[she scolds Loki for trying to take it away from Lucipurr] Loki! Hey! Stop that! No! No! He's playing with that! You have your own piece! Greedy! You're such a selfish little thing!

[to Lucipurr] Hey! [Lucipurr touches Loki's paw] You holding hands with the doggy? That was so cute. What's up? What are you looking at? [to Bowie who is staring at her] Whatcha lookin' at? [she pans to each animal] Loki. Bowie. Lucipurr. So playful.

[cut to Lucipurr sitting next to Loki who is lying on his side while Jelly walks into frame]

[cut to Lucipurr lying on a red sheet while Raven strokes him while the TV plays in the background]

[cut to Lucipurr and Jelly curled up together asleep in front of Raven's laptop while a movie plays in the background]

[cut to Raven holding Lucipurr aloft in one hand with the Christmas tree in the background] You are so loving, aren't you. Look at you. You're so precious. You don't even care, do you. [Lucipurr stretches out his front paws towards the camera] Awww, stretch. Here you go. Mommy will put you down. Here you go. [she sets him down and he meows and purrs] I know.

[cut to Loki nuzzling Lucipurr on the floor] He was just looking Loki in the face.

[cut to Lucipurr and Zero curled up together asleep against Raven's arm while a movie plays in the background]

[cut to Bowie and Loki sitting on the floor] Oh my goodness. Wow, you are so dirty. You are so dirty.

[cut to Lucipurr purring and Raven stroking his head] Your nose is always so dirty. Why are you so dirty? There's one happy little kitty cat.

No. 614922

Sure Gravy, who else but you should be contacted when there's an animal who needs a home.
Fuck her for thinking she's animal-Jesus, here to save every animal. She's exactly the opposite, all she does is lead poor pets into their death.
That she doesn't even feel one percent shame, guilt or disgust towards herself is alarming.

No. 614923

File: 1545138889908.png (428.99 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-22-51-30…)

"This is our new dog Bowie to go with Loki because Loki is lonely and he needs a friend, someone his size who could keep up with him and play with him. So he is the newest newest addition. He is one and a half years old."

No. 614924

File: 1545138988300.png (402.93 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-22-51-49…)

Lucipurr fearlessly darts between the dogs' legs while they are eating.

No. 614925

File: 1545139046137.png (329.45 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-22-52-59…)

"Hey, Bowie! And you see why his name is Bowie. Look at those eyes. Look at those eyes!"

No. 614926

File: 1545139214199.png (377.65 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-22-53-51…)

"Excuse the mess."

No. 614927

File: 1545139264162.png (404.57 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-22-54-11…)

No. 614928

File: 1545139372668.png (398.82 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-22-55-39…)

"Let's look at my little Lucipurr here. This is my boy. Mommy loves you! He is always with me. He is never far from me."

No. 614929

File: 1545139470734.png (360.16 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-23-02-16…)

"They were playing the mud yesterday so there is mud all over the couch."

No. 614930

File: 1545139560664.png (374.29 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-23-03-30…)

"And white dog fur even though he has gotten brushed. This is a blanket I have on the couch to try to protect it; it doesn't matter. Cat paws, cat claws, paw marks. There's fur. We just give up."

No. 614931

File: 1545139786129.png (473.81 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-23-04-21…)

"I have fur and toys and bones everywhere. Ugh. Nobody comes over so it's not really a big deal. We have the house animal proofed the best that we can."

Note the trip hazard tangle of power cords next to the dogs' water bowls.

No. 614932

I get what she's saying, a fat bitch I knew once said the same thing about watching her weight.
'I could get hit by a bus tomorrow'
'Life is too short'

I bet she's never had a full week of heathy eating or exercising, let alone a fucking day. Yes some artificial cleaning products/facial products are stronger, but don't shit all over chemical free products and exercising (which isn't even related) because you are fucking lazy.

No. 614933

File: 1545139909169.png (317.67 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-23-05-58…)

"Loki! Hey! Stop that! No! No! He's playing with that! You have your own piece! Greedy! You're such a selfish little thing!"

No. 614934

File: 1545139956276.png (376.15 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-23-06-46…)

"You holding hands with the doggy? That was so cute."

No. 614936

File: 1545140105373.png (372.32 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-23-05-25…)

"Whatcha lookin' at?"

I'm looking at the air freshener and detritus on the filthy table.

No. 614937

File: 1545140161957.png (263.81 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-23-07-20…)

No. 614938

File: 1545140192999.png (330.36 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-23-08-05…)

No. 614941

So she doesn't care about the house looking like shit because noone comes over and she doesn't care about exercising or eating healthy because she could die anyway.

She whines about everything, even when treated to a themepark or gifts or a dinner somewhere and to top it all off she's rude, jealous and fucking HIDEOUS.

Can someone please remind me why any man wants to put his dick in, let alone MARRY this beast?
I know there's desperate, but then there's this.

No. 614942

File: 1545140348473.png (801.62 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-23-08-19…)

Jelly and Lucipurr

No. 614944

Don't whinge about the hair and claw marks if you continue getting more animals then, ya dick.

No. 614945

File: 1545140419990.png (998.07 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-18-04-54-14…)

"You are so loving, aren't you. Look at you. You're so precious. You don't even care, do you."

No. 614946

File: 1545140583445.png (995.85 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-23-08-48…)

Obvious focus on their mass of Christmas presents is obvious.

I hope none of her cats make a snack of the copious loose tinsel on the tree as they are known to do.

No. 614947

File: 1545140648350.png (915.01 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-18-04-54-33…)

"Awww, stretch."

No. 614948

File: 1545140706495.png (785.83 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-23-11-13…)

"Mommy will put you down. Here you go."

No. 614949

File: 1545140736524.png (434.17 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-23-11-22…)

No. 614951

File: 1545140763795.png (387.57 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-23-12-02…)

No. 614952

File: 1545140787624.png (418.8 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-23-12-15…)

No. 614953

File: 1545140817620.png (591.25 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-23-12-40…)

Lucipurr and Zero

No. 614954

File: 1545140902987.png (392 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-23-13-20…)

"Oh my goodness. Wow, you are so dirty. You are so dirty."

No. 614955

File: 1545140947095.png (318.37 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-17-23-13-50…)

"Your nose is always so dirty. Why are you so dirty? There's one happy little kitty cat."

No. 614957

File: 1545141243257.png (312.28 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-18-05-04-47…)

Bowie comes so close to trampling Lucipurr several times, and I tensely held my breath each time and shook my head at Raven's nonchalance.


Note the water spray bottle used to discipline the cats.

No. 614958

File: 1545141352546.png (71.98 KB, 800x371, Screenshot_2018-12-18-05-10-44…)

No. 614971

The way she says "mommy" is sickening. And her tone of voice when she scolds Loki for being "greedy" and "selfish" when he is going after the chunks of rawhide bone Lucipurr is batting around that Loki already chewed on (which to a dog makes them his) is so cold and almost menacing. I don't even want to imagine how she must have sounded when she scolded Dorian when he was a child.


Loki is wearing a collar with a bell on it.


To the right of the Christmas tree is a closet full to bursting with clothes, her infamous skeleton print dress hanging in the front.

Every time the TV is on it's some horror movie or gruesome crime show.


Josh doesn't look to active, either. Whenever we see him he is glued to his phone or his X Box.

No. 614973

File: 1545143743371.png (43.65 KB, 800x251, Screenshot_2018-12-18-06-32-34…)

Raven, you distinctly miscalled him "Lucifurr" at least once in the video.

No. 614992

File: 1545147244018.png (764.49 KB, 800x946, hi ryan.png)

Ryan weighs in.

No. 615006

>Marmalade loved me but she would still go to Logan sometimes. My little girl, she loved me and she would come running when I called her but she would go to Josh sometimes. Not as much as Marmalade would, but she would still go to Josh sometimes. Pumpkin, Pumpkin just wanted affection from anybody so she would go to anybody that gave it to her. And this boy, he walks across Josh but he only sleeps on me. He only comes up to me. He follows me around. He cries for me. He's just he's the most amazing kitten ever.

What the actual fuck?
Does she seriously want her cats to hate on everybody but her? What's the matter when cats go to other people living with them?
>Pumpkin, Pumpkin just wanted affection from anybody so she would go to anybody that gave it to her
Just like with other women, what whores those cats were! Come to other people, when Gravy was the one that deserved it all, disgusting!

No. 615135

Exactly my thoughts, this is completely crazy. It sounds like as soon as the cat doesn't ignore the entire world except for Diana, it's not good anymore and needs to go. Poor Lucipurr is gonna have an unfortunate fate as soon as he grows a little older. If she's such an expert with cats she should know that this behaviour will most likely not last…

No. 615138

And that's exactly why Josh has no family anymore.

No. 615233

Ugh she's so clueless about animals. That kitten looks how many weeks old? "She loooooves me. That's MY baby. Fearless!" lol bitch, it's a kitten. One of my cats was super cuddly as a kitten and when she grew up she was the biggest bitch and you couldn't touch her. Just because a few weeks old kitten is acting a certain way doesn't mean it's gonna be like that forever.

I think she gets rid of the animals when they stop being over-the-top clingy for her. She always HAS to mention "this is MY cat and it loves ME ONLY". Pathetic.

No. 615235

She brags now how the kitten is brave and "doesn't move" when Loki is around but I can already see the status on FB "My FAVORITE EVER BABY (YES, I loved him more than my precious Marmelade) was KILLED, STOMPED BY LOKI!! That's why we had to sell him! Thankfully we sold him for $200 so we can pay the bills but yeah… MY KITTEN WAS STOMPED TO DEATH!"

No. 615246


It's Bowie that's excitable and that came so close to trampling him already.

And the state of that room. I can just see Raven teetering in on a pair of those ridiculous platforms next to the door wet from the snow and ice and slipping, or becoming tangled in the looped extension cords on the floor, and falling onto him herself as he's always at her feet following her.

Even simply that number of animals gathering together in such a small space in anticipation of feeding time is hectic to manage safely.

No. 615250

It's actually scary to look at those dogs interact with the kitten. She doesn't even know the dogs that much + they're probably frustrated because cmon it's not like she takes them on walks everyday. It's an accident waiting to happen. But Raven "will be damned" if anything happens to her FAV FAV FAAAAV kitten.

And the way she tells Loki he is selfish…. bitch it's a dog! And the kitten was playing with HIS bone, the fuck?? Ughhh

No. 615302

I was moved by Loki nibbling softly on the kitten, as that's the way some dogs show affection. She got really lucky there that he's so OK with cats, as nordic dogs generally have a pretty strong hunting instinct and can be very energetic, so they can hurt other animals (especially small ones) by accident.

But I would be worried about Bowie, as he's new in the household and I don't think she mentioned if he's even used to cats or not.

No. 615379

File: 1545244705598.jpeg (783.71 KB, 1241x1893, 9CA74DC7-D8A8-4281-83A9-DD6D26…)

New post 1/3

No. 615380

File: 1545244728884.jpeg (953.83 KB, 1242x2003, CC847778-499A-4878-A092-941E43…)

No. 615381

File: 1545244846563.jpeg (845.02 KB, 1242x1907, 9EFBD43A-4285-41F5-88B3-2394E4…)

No. 615383


>I wear wigs because my hair is thin and had fallen out after my surgery

Surgery? What surgery?

No. 615384


No. 615385

Wow she's on the late train, only finding out about all the Davie shit now.

What's this post meant to even mean?

>Davie is a pedo. I mean I know I dated a 16 year old, but it's different. You can hate on him, but hating on his looks is unnecessary!

proceeds to make it about herself

She sounds really Onision-ish in this post. Also kek at her trying to insult Logan by adding cough cough like she never loved him at all. He probably doesn't give a shit and is glad his money is no longer being pissed away.

No. 615388

Your hair couldn't possibly be falling out from you bleaching it all the time, nope.

No. 615394

Right! Wtf is she talking about? I’ve never heard of hair falling out because of surgery. ED’s, cancer, alopecia yes, but bariatric no. Somebody knowledgeable please correct me if I’m wrong.

No. 615397

It can due to lack of Nutritional Value. Because in the beginning you don’t eat like you normally would so you lose the vitamins and nutrients. It grows back but she damages her hair on top of that, so she’s probably bald by now.

No. 615447

File: 1545255327828.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1242x2012, 6DEA4492-370C-44AC-B0A7-55A8D3…)

Another post?

No. 615449

File: 1545255352717.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1242x2027, 1C595BF6-212A-41A1-A1AD-BE584C…)

No. 615453

File: 1545255497328.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1242x2005, 4DA29485-C29C-46FF-8096-47DF8D…)

No. 615456

File: 1545255617888.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x2019, B36820CF-7AA4-4337-AAE1-FC9F9E…)

No. 615458

File: 1545255734336.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1242x2010, 341371BF-016C-4098-B903-C778CF…)

No. 615459


Her sleeve gastrectomy was March 26, 2015.

No. 615460

File: 1545255826223.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1242x1980, 4D31187B-3507-43C7-BC4F-7F2909…)

No. 615478

What kind of sick fucking narcissist reads about what those women went through and thinks "yeah but you don't need to make cheap shots about his appearance"?

Who the fuck cares if you see similarities in the insults about him and insults about you? Look at the big picture, Raviana, whatever you're called, because it's big enough to fit even you in the frame and still have a lot more going on.

I know other farmers will have top keks with Raven's looks but I'm happy to stick to just the fuckery she goes on with - more than enough milk for me there.

And what grown woman doesn't understand why sexual abuse doesn't stop at things that people are outright physically forced to do? That when it comes to minors, there's a complicated area of coercion, persuasion, and exploitation.

If a child wants to fuck an adult, it's up to the adult to not take advantage of that. That includes teenagers, Craven. Just because you didn't literally kidnap and tie him up doesn't make it OK.

No. 615479

Nice to know she's still keeping up with us. She even anticipates the screenshots.

She loves the attention.

No. 615482

File: 1545258128739.png (793.91 KB, 1080x1920, 1515119447021.png)


>We had two cats that we were lied about so we ended up finding them better suited homes.

Cas and Meg?

You posted two conflicting stories when you rehomed them, and now you're telling a third.

From the timeline >>606645

01/18 They adopt Meg, a female tabby kitten that was found stuck in a tree, as a playmate for Cas.
>>>/pt/479526 [pic related]

You described her as having just been rescued. How could the person you got her from lie about her when she didn't even know her?

Cas was 5 months old and you estimated Meg to be around 3 months old. Their bad habits were that ingrained at such a young age?

02/18 Cas and Meg (now identified as male) are rehomed together. Raven asks for $50 for Cas. Azzy is not mentioned. Raven gives conflicting reasons having to do with both their old and new landlords.

But the person who adopted Cas did not mention Meg in their comment >>>/pt/577784.

No. 615488


Is this >>614958 the "tryhard insult"? She has deleted it.

No. 615490

>He's really a pedo but he's also been harassed about his looks and I feel like I'm just like him in every way
Okay Raven

No. 615508

Lol she acts like we are doing her a favour by not calling her Raven because apparently it's a nickname she's hated since she was 13….
yet she legally changed her name to it.

Wait what? I'm confused.

No. 615515

Barely any of your 'haters' call you Raven anyway.
It's usually Craven, Gravey, Goffik gran ect.
Don't flatter yourself.

Also noone cares about you living in a trailer or eating rubbish like slim jims. The only reason it gets brought up is because-
1- Your trailer is way too fucking small to accommodate all the poor animals and junk you hoard.
2- You bitch passively aggressively about putting on weight/judge other women by their looks but simultaneously claiming you are not bothered by it all.

She really thinks she's a victim, holy shit. How many times has she justified all the pets now in posts and videos? I'm losing count.

No. 615528


If she doesn't want people to think she is responding to the "hate sites" then why did she delete the comment?

No. 615550

Classic craven 'I don't care haters' attitude.
Vick does the same thing.

No. 615637

"Too much Slim Jim to handle"

I needed that laugh. We know there's no such thing as "Too much" of something for you Gravy because you're a consumer whore and always need more.

No. 615674

No. 615699

Wow, she's rambling like crazy. She seems to be really triggered by this debate here and maybe by the Pebbles' owner taking part in the discussion. She sounds pretty unhinged. How's that happy life and marriage going for you, Raven?

No. 615704

Yeah, I wanted to post about this myself. She's making up YET ANOTHER story, now about these poor cats (while at the time, she claimed they had to re-home them because of their landlord). And of course, now one of the cats had to attack her for added drama. I hope she also produces some "proof" of the attack. Time to put that fake blood from your Halloween fiasco to use, Raven.

No. 615711


>now I prefer the smaller ones

Those look like the jumbo size Slim Jims in >>605357. Whatever the size she has a big stash of them. Maybe it was an early Christmas present. I can just see her sniffing the boxes, "I know they're here! I can smell them!" and then tearing open the wrapping in a frenzy.

No. 615714

File: 1545313570849.png (2.77 MB, 1242x2208, 1518969039997.png)


Lies on top of lies. She said their new landlord did not allow pets, but they adopted a dog a month later from the same woman they got Meg from and took in Doja a couple weeks after that.

>Lying about the temperament of your animal to get rid of them is never a good idea.

She didn't mention anything about the cats' bad behavior in her ad.

No. 615728

2) you can post whatever you want; you aren’t going to change our minds; nothing you do will convince us you are not a trashy animal hoarder; we will see yet another marriage blow up in the next few years; I suspect all/most of us do not get close to five marriages
3) if you life really was so perfect you wouldn’t feel the need to come here and you really would stay off of social media

No. 615742

> Adresses pretty much all we've talked about in the past two threads.


No. 616276

Also, how does she think that it's normal to go through all these animals that she mentions in her Facebook post? Does she think everyone else who decides to adopt animals does this and there's nothing wrong with it? No, it's absolutely not normal and she's basically admitting her failures. She should be ashamed of herself. So delusional.

No. 616302

That's the insane thing about Raven (and so many cows). Their self awareness is non-existent to the point that it's hard to comprehend.

Sure, I can see one or two pets not being the right fit or needing to be rehomed due to circumstances beyond someone's control. But every single pet either dying an untimely death or being sold after a matter of weeks/months? A string of pets over decades? Constantly having to introduce your followers to your new "babies" because your old ones died or weren't cute enough/clingy enough/trained well enough? That should be enough to make anyone take a look at their behaviour and expectations and do something about it. It's so hard to understand how she refuses to see the pattern in her behaviours, but not surprising given she has the exact same pattern with family members, men, and friends.

Gravy is a shit person for so many reasons, but the pets thing gets me. She shouldn't be allowed animals. She has no idea how to treat them or what to expect from them, and when they inevitably fail to live up to her (impossible) expectations, she dumps them by either killing them/letting them die, or SELLING them when she got them for free in the first place. It's nauseating.

No. 616407

File: 1545422735854.png (1005.08 KB, 800x1078, Screenshot_2018-12-21-12-01-05…)

Just let them cover everything in mud, then!

No. 616419

The Love Shack is going to stink to high heaven and be coated in a mix of dog shit and mud. You know Raven doesn't know how to operate (much less actually own) a steam cleaner.

No. 616480

Lmao can you imagine how dirty their little room is?? Ewww Raven this is what you left Logan for?! At least he provided for a real house kek

No. 616527

File: 1545439730895.png (955.69 KB, 800x1081, Screenshot_2018-12-21-16-46-17…)


No. 616528

File: 1545439785823.png (840.5 KB, 800x967, Screenshot_2018-12-21-16-46-49…)

Hi, Raven!

No. 616627

File: 1545456635136.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1242x2113, 12515735-35E6-470D-A47F-706B59…)

Uh oh. Joshie has better quit giving early gifts or he’s going to have to make an emergency run to hot topic Christmas Eve to get another 9,451,999 gifts to replace!!
In all seriousness, I can totally see her stomping her fat foot, crossing her arms and giving him the droopy eyed death stare until he gives her an early gift each day leading up to Christmas. I can’t imagibe the torture he must endure. I’ll bet he gives them to her to shut her up so he can get a moments peace.

No. 616674

File: 1545475291043.png (348.59 KB, 800x1048, Screenshot_2018-12-22-02-37-44…)


$12.99 on Etsy.

She probably makes him buy stuff only from her wish lists.

I just realized her tattoo of Josh's signature is intended to look like he carved it into her flapjack.

No. 616723

No. 616738

I still don't understand why the food and water bowls are in front of the TV and on carpeting. The living room area is so small that it'll just take one wrong step and you're making a mess. If they don't have mold growing under those carpets soon I'll be surprised.

No. 616760

No room in the kitchen maybe? Or maybe it's an attached kitchenette or some shit?
Years ago we had our kitchen redone and had to move the cats' food and water to the front room, but we at least put their bowls on trays to protect the floor. Damn.
Shit like this makes me doubt their "house" is worth very much or that they're putting a ton of work in it or anything. Nothing gets taken care of properly.

So uh idk wipe them down with towels or something? You think dogs want to actually spend their existence cold and wet like that? I get that you live in balmy South Carolina/"Florida", but it's still december. Damn.

No. 616763

Does she even know what baphomet is outside of edgelord fuckery?

Kek that Walmart sells baphomet themed crap.

No. 616771


We haven't seen the kitchen area of Shack #3, but I did notice their spice rack appears to be on the floor and close to the couch and there's a kitchen appliance in the background


No. 616772

Exactly. You don't have to give the dogs a bath every time they go out, but at least wipe them down a bit before you let them in, for christ sakes. She's such a lazy and irresponsible pet owner.

No. 616802


Since her tirade >>615447 she has edited the video title and description to add:

Our family members (update) Meet Lucipurr and Bowie

If we come across any other animals needing a home, we WILL open our home to them :-D

No. 616807

It’s a simple $10 at Petsnart to buy a huge pack of pet wipes to clean them off and make them smell good. But no. She’d rather spend it on her hoard of chapsticks and lame ass furry slippers

No. 616813

Fuck me sideways her tattoo looks AWFUL!
Damn son.

No. 616863

That’s ominous and concerning. I rescue and could not imagine this bitch taking in some of the pups and kitties I’ve come across. I really hope people in her area become aware of this serial animal killer. These poor babies definitely deserve better than a gravy hoard of animals. I hope she gets karma before taking another “pet” in.

No. 616938

Literally all her tattoos look like shit. Placement, quality and no general theme. Just like Lainey. The only tattoos I've seen that are worse are ones done by Vick or actual stick and poke jail tattoos.

No. 616946

Yeah there's so many cheap solutions to her problems but yeah, she'd rather spend it on herself and on crap.

Another example is those sticky lint roller things. What, like two bucks at walmart? Nah. Much better to vlog shitty vlogs where she can show off all her new pets and plastic crap and make excuses for the white dog hair everywhere.

She is seriously the most selfish, dirtiest cunt ever. I imagine her trailer stinks of cat piss and there's dog hair and mud everywhere. She always tries to call other women dirty cunts as well eg-that Ali girl and Dorian's girlfriend, yet apart from wanting fucking cherry bodyspray, she seems to have no interest in hygiene.

Here's a hint Raven,
You don't like cleaning? DON'T GET ANYMORE ANIMALS. Focus on your own hygiene first you dirty bitch.
Animal hair, chipped nails and filth everywhere ugh.
I bet her breath smells like absolute shit and her piercing sites probably stink too.

Ugh what a trashbag of a woman.

No. 616995

I doubt she goes on a cleaning supply run to walmart or any of other so called cheap perks Raven claims about the US. Of course she's just impressed about food prices and plushies. Fatass. You can go to the dollar general and get a giant bag of cleaning supplies for almost nothing. She's so disgusting. This woman can't even throw things in the trash much less actually scrub things or clean up hair. I love that she's so retarded she loves white pets and black clothes. She can look as gross as she is inside.

No. 617000

Which is funny because she'd always bitch that Logan and Dorian were pigs and she couldn't clean because of her tailbone.
Screeching at Dorian to do the dishes and bitching at Logan to change the litter tray even though I'm pretty sure she mentioned in a past video that Logan didn't want any more cats.
She's so lazy holy shit.
I honestly think the whole job thing was a lie. She can't even pick up after herself let alone go to a job where she actually has to work.

No. 617003

Which is funny because she'd always bitch that Logan and Dorian were pigs and she couldn't clean because of her tailbone.
Screeching at Dorian to do the dishes and bitching at Logan to change the litter tray even though I'm pretty sure she mentioned in a past video that Logan didn't want any more cats.
She's so lazy holy shit.
I honestly think the whole job thing was a lie. She can't even pick up after herself let alone go to a job where she actually has to work.

No. 617013

File: 1545588559194.png (331.74 KB, 1280x800, 1537420795660.png)


She has already criticized Josh for his trash on camera rather than take 30 seconds to tidy up before filming.


>That looks really bad. You've got two Monsters and your Coke Zero and your XL.

No. 617064

TFW all you beg for online is a damned garbage can.

See anon she doesn't BUY normal cleaning supplies she ebegs like tuna hoping others will buy cleaning supplies. How much lazier can ya get?

No. 617072

File: 1545602578661.png (220.03 KB, 800x1168, Screenshot_2018-12-23-13-54-46…)

I was checking the OP links to see if she has deleted or reactivated any accounts and noticed she happened to have been using her last.fm account yesterday for the first time in three years.


No. 617073

File: 1545602732492.png (262.71 KB, 800x614, raven pwned.png)

The risks of being a social media star!

No. 617083

File: 1545603750884.png (792.34 KB, 1280x800, 1536685683400.png)


The only cleaning product to make an appearance in shack #3 has been this lone bottle of OxiClean three months ago. The Febreeze air freshner >>614936 doesn't count, Raven.

A selection of products and a mop make regular appearances in the background of Luna's kitchen catwalk photos. Her mom probably leaves them out as a hint.

No. 617090

The current trailer looks so dark. Have we seen a visual confirmation of any windows? I think it’s possible she is literally living in a shed. I have only ever seen one room even animals and their belongings are always crammed in same room. If it’s not a shed I think it’s a studio type of situation. I could have missed something though. Wish we would get that house tour she promised way back when she moved to “Florida” lmao.

No. 617103


They painted all of the unpaneled walls flat black and have purple and black curtains, even over the window in the door >>614926.

She said it's a two bedroom, two bath mobile home and that they are building a new room onto it for her NZ hoard.

No. 617140

File: 1545608470533.png (1.68 MB, 1242x2208, E21D084B-F59D-42BC-A780-943A86…)

It’s the 23rd of dec, you just needed to wait a day and a bit…

Josh’s gifts are all toys and memorabilia. First one here is a script for Child play, a chucks movie

No. 617142

File: 1545608510142.jpeg (536.54 KB, 1152x2048, 932B37CE-FFBB-4B6A-8AD2-A5F674…)


No. 617145

File: 1545608568416.jpeg (513.92 KB, 2048x1152, DB7E6EB2-8495-4149-9B97-CC63DF…)

No. 617148

File: 1545608661481.jpeg (618.49 KB, 1152x2048, 467AE551-3CA7-414C-89D7-B492C9…)

No. 617150

File: 1545608723863.jpeg (441.1 KB, 2048x1152, B88303E2-F340-44A4-9EF6-DBB526…)

These really look like gifts for herself but ok.

No. 617153

File: 1545608790419.jpeg (391.57 KB, 2048x1152, F6B20F60-A92A-43FB-8FE7-F0A242…)

I think this is just fan art she got?

No. 617156

File: 1545608860833.jpeg (401.61 KB, 2048x1152, 360D53F1-17A8-4D17-B6EE-5A860B…)

This is signed but it looks like stuff you get if you went to a con.

No. 617159

File: 1545608930325.jpeg (374.74 KB, 2048x1152, 4A727828-BB18-4B5D-9671-7E4E01…)

No. 617162

File: 1545609114916.jpeg (407.16 KB, 2048x1152, F99965A2-2301-48C6-B741-B8B398…)

No. 617163

File: 1545609205853.jpeg (669.11 KB, 2048x1152, 3B1D82A8-CFAD-4B5B-A219-DB5EF8…)

Not sure the point of these, it’s art on a page of a dictionary?

No. 617165

File: 1545609270289.jpeg (572.68 KB, 1152x2048, 2947A9FF-7902-4003-8307-9C3B8B…)

No. 617166

File: 1545609373842.jpeg (428.64 KB, 1152x2048, D45A7439-7A05-4290-A4D0-C732E5…)

No. 617167

File: 1545609477961.jpeg (311.11 KB, 1152x2048, 6A60F7E5-952F-47D8-B57D-093E59…)

They took this one out in another pic I won’t post since it isn’t interesting.

No. 617168

File: 1545609520780.jpeg (252.27 KB, 1152x2048, E955B8B3-DAC1-47EA-868F-FBB337…)

Other side has a leprechaun

No. 617169

File: 1545609608067.jpeg (299.58 KB, 1152x2048, 5B15764F-F4A7-49BE-B528-9E2F1D…)

She just got generic stuff from the games, instead of one particular one that he may like the most.

No. 617170

File: 1545609691327.jpeg (287.78 KB, 2048x1152, 70910BA9-54CE-4A24-AB65-0A576A…)

Not sure what’s in this one? They didn’t seem to open it

No. 617171

File: 1545609719119.jpeg (279.47 KB, 1152x2048, 095D3A7B-94B1-4F62-9C47-FBFAFA…)

No. 617173

File: 1545609852935.jpeg (339.84 KB, 2048x1152, CDC5253D-C2E7-438A-AAFA-489C17…)

No. 617174

File: 1545609964842.jpeg (291.51 KB, 1152x2048, 32818BAC-75DD-4ACA-8A56-D1FE37…)

No. 617176

File: 1545610098069.jpeg (351.24 KB, 2048x1152, 07627088-A35A-42FB-8448-733D1D…)

No. 617178

File: 1545610184861.jpeg (621.69 KB, 1152x2048, F97BC9E1-C758-4B4C-A027-48FEA2…)

Last of his.

No. 617179

File: 1545610207130.png (2.57 MB, 1242x2208, F44999C4-BA2D-4017-A1D9-4F7BCD…)

No. 617180

File: 1545610327142.png (5.12 MB, 1242x2208, EF38BF34-193D-4F41-AE32-2FECB6…)

No. 617181

File: 1545610340522.png (286.93 KB, 800x714, 1506470060179.png)


When they "met" he had a pic of Chuckie as his Facebook background. She latched onto that as something of which she could Buy All the Things for him and he would always be appreciative, thus (in her eyes) strengthening their bond.

Where's the $130 talking Chuckie doll she bought on TradeMe before she left NZ? [pic related]


She used to buy All the Dragonball Z Things for Logan.

And there's a window, anon >>617090.


Febreeze and Nag Champa incense!

No. 617182

File: 1545610454157.jpeg (699.39 KB, 1152x2048, 9B4D1C57-39BF-47FD-88ED-2F905D…)

No. 617183

File: 1545610556345.jpeg (543.54 KB, 1152x2048, D2D62BFD-A390-4CBD-833C-656ADE…)

No. 617184

File: 1545610653659.jpeg (465.97 KB, 1152x2048, 3B64F365-44EB-4C39-892A-D1AD4B…)

No. 617186

File: 1545610815028.jpeg (454.41 KB, 1152x2048, E5713292-EFCD-45D5-88A9-19B176…)

No. 617187

File: 1545610836441.jpeg (534.97 KB, 1152x2048, 03C5F414-D030-4089-9A06-07E655…)

Cheap skater dress

No. 617188

File: 1545610919907.jpeg (702.57 KB, 1152x2048, 96C47497-DC22-4BD2-B9B7-928F9C…)

No. 617202

She's such a fucking weird abnormal bitch. Look at her trying to explain on facebook how they have to have the exact same number of presents and how it's totally fine and normal that he has to go get her more. "And no I'm not being a spoiled brat", yeah you already know how people view you. You're not un-self-aware. You're just so fucking ratchet and trashy that this tacky, wasteful bullshit is that important to you. God damn it I hate these horror toys. I can't put myself in that headspace where being an adult in your 30's and 40's and all your gifts are TOYS!!! Not a single thing that's useful or beautiful, apparently nothing for their oh so beloved pets (not a pet owner but heard people do this). Piles of ugly blood spattered collectible objects and dressup gothic shit for never leaving the house. Bitch ask Santa for a BROOM, MOP, VACUUM, SPONGE AND SOAP.

No. 617210

File: 1545622452620.jpeg (252.58 KB, 2048x1152, B3BD38F8-2EC4-4947-BB28-504A1C…)

Looks like we can post again so here is more

No. 617211

File: 1545622556992.jpeg (451.85 KB, 1152x2048, F6D248D8-0A3A-4048-84EA-D6C9C0…)


I got my dog a gift yes, and they usually need toys to keep them thinking. But you can see it’s more about quantity here

No. 617212

File: 1545622593834.jpeg (684.42 KB, 2048x1152, 125819BF-0CB5-475C-93D3-365BF0…)

I’m glad they both got ugly socks

No. 617213

File: 1545622659024.jpeg (524.24 KB, 2048x1152, EFBDEF1E-2D0D-402A-8859-156298…)

No. 617216

File: 1545622772057.jpeg (402.04 KB, 1152x2048, 25BEA925-FCAE-4844-B7CE-B49DEE…)

No. 617218

File: 1545622899884.jpeg (499.71 KB, 1152x2048, 65330C24-CE3D-4E7F-A8AC-D01BB6…)

No. 617219

File: 1545623003514.jpeg (277.9 KB, 1152x2048, B2FB8106-99EF-4FF4-B124-938A8C…)

No. 617222

File: 1545623066884.jpeg (538.21 KB, 1152x2048, D4FF00BE-3B2A-4C9E-AA7A-DF6301…)

This is that last one, the other 2 things she posted is the dr who jewellery box and the necklace she already opened before.

No. 617267

No. 617273

File: 1545642431030.png (362.54 KB, 800x1123, Screenshot_2018-12-23-16-22-44…)


This is a straight up cheap polyester Halloween costume cape!


No. 617284

Yeah but I didn't know the quality was THAT bad.
I guess since she only posts close-ups when they're fresh, and she edits her photos so they look more vibrant.
Kek she outed herself with her really shitty tattoos, so funny bc she's always on about how nice her tats are, how great the quality is, how well done they are, and all the comments she gets from walmartians.
I never believed any of that horseshit, but it's even more funny now, that she would make such preposterous statements seeing the shitty scrawls up close.

No. 617288

lmfao, same reaction as you anon.

No. 617303

Everything Raven got as a gift looks like stuff you'd buy your goth-phase teenaged daughter. The only redeeming stuff is the animal specimen coasters

No. 617305

That’s because it’s the only things that have a purpose, not likely they will use them as oasters tho. They got each other junk.

No. 617308

Lol, isn't that Britney Spears Fantasy? That shit is so overpowering and sweet, I've never met anyone over 13 who wore it.

No. 617318

She has the mentality of a child. It's about the number, not about any meaning or what the effort or thought or whatever is. All this games and movie shit she got, easy to just head to the Bethesda or Amazon site and pay a few bucks to have it delivered. FFS, she acts like a spoiled tween.

You know what I bet that nice* southern boy would like for Xmas? His wife to make him chicken fried steak and fucking biscuits and gravy for dinner.

(*He's not so nice.)

No. 617324


She got some for her birthday, too. Gotta collect 'em all!


>He also got me this which is Britney Spears Dark Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy. I was originally in love with the regular Fantasy, and somebody had bought me a Midnight Fantasy in a smaller bottle, and I was like, oh my god, I love that more, so he got me this which is cool. This would probably last me a couple of years because I still have one from four years ago that's not empty yet because I used it so sparingly.


And those are at least Pennywise "Pop Funkos" (will she ever say it correctly?) #3 - 5 in her collection.


Another cheap polyester dress from Amazon.


No. 617334

her taste is so bizarre. trash through and through.
i mean, fucking monchhichi? i can see getting one or two of these tchotchkes/toys as nostalgia presents for each of them, ngl, we do that too.

but all they got for each other is literally crappy toys and stupid blankets with chucky shit on it–wtf? chucky movies are fucking terrible, lol! i guess the script is a cool idea. if it's real. that shit is often a scam.

No. 617335

File: 1545672331877.jpg (183.39 KB, 960x720, 035-100215-75-Tequila-Rose-wit…)

Raven, remember a year ago when you were so excited to get Christmas presents for Josh's dear mom and sister who lovingly accepted you as one of the family? And when his mom generously bought you a tree with all the trimmings for your barren shack you said, "Even just having her, you know, as my mother-in-law, that's like the coolest Christmas present, too." Lolcow Farm remembers!

So what's she gonna do for the next week now that she has already opened her presents and assaulted the internet with her tinseled titty photos? Ah, yes! We have the tedium that is her annual Year in Review video to look forward to!

Don't forget the Tequila Rose!

No. 617337

Does she actually like Doctor Who or does she just like the look of the shitty merch? it's weird because usually someone who buys merch will at least talk about the show it's associated with, but Gravy is like the poser goths who don't bother to listen to the music.

I feel like she just points at shit randomly and says 'gimmie!' I'm sure that in some strange way it all makes sense in her delusional brain, but to an outsider looking in, it's a mess and a hoard of crap.

No. 617338


sorry. but i have fond memories of ranking her out over this cheap shit.

No. 617347

Fake weeping angels?

No. 617399

The white trash Christmas is genuinely entertaining. If they each just bought one simple gift each and used the money they saved to I don’t know pay bills then she wouldn’t have to live in a shack and constantly complain about money and how the world is always against her. Enjoy your thrown of tacky trash. lolcow will refer back to your gift list when in January a pet gets sold to pay utility bill.

No. 617414

File: 1545689477271.jpeg (735.3 KB, 1242x1526, 8404BE4A-111B-4254-B8E2-824AF2…)

I think she watched it with Logan, same with supernatural. He was a tumblr tier weeb who got her into these things.

Anyways new video!! It’s over an hour long so good luck guys

No. 617418


Same reaction as you anon! Much goth right? I bet her house smells of Sweet Pea and filth

No. 617430

I'm one hour and five mins into listening to her latest vid

'If Josh ever hurt me I'd just kill myself, I've nothing else to live for'

No. 617439

Right before she said she would kill herself if he did anything to her, she also says that she as gone through his phone, email, Google, and Facebook. So healthy.

"I have…somebody…I have a couple of people that are….friends? with Logan, are on Logan's friendlist or something like that…and they were reporting to me up until last month when I said stop, I don't give a shit what that psycho little family is up to, so I haven't had any updates since then…"

You mean since Logan found the last of your sockpuppet accounts and deleted them? Kek.

This video is a goldmine. She goes back on a million things she has said previously about her relationships with Logan and Dorian. She tries desperately to make Dorian jealous of her new life in the trailer park and make them feel bad for not contacting her or telling her they were getting married (before referring to Dorian's gf as a bitch and a slut again, wonder why they didn't tell you?!).

And not to sperg, but I have lived in four different countries, and NZ is the least pretentious of them. Things here are really laid back. And it is damn rich for Gravy to accuse someone of being bullied and therefore moving to another country. She's such an idiot and so blind to her own actions.

No. 617462

Thought dump

Published on December 24, 2018

[I have downloaded the subtitles and will be able to work on the transcript later this morning]

No. 617465

File: 1545714960322.png (57.45 KB, 800x297, Screenshot_2018-12-24-21-01-52…)

Isa is a slut bomb who used Dorian to get to Logan.

No. 617466

File: 1545715040038.png (237.34 KB, 800x1059, Screenshot_2018-12-24-21-02-00…)

Will she ever escape the haters?

No. 617467

File: 1545715074140.png (96.77 KB, 800x461, Screenshot_2018-12-24-21-02-15…)

No. 617468

File: 1545715169437.png (84.02 KB, 800x454, Screenshot_2018-12-24-21-02-43…)

Ever the tease!

No. 617477

Does this Darth marcus have a post history? Smells a bit samefaggy or sock puppety otherwise.

No. 617479

Can someone comment about how she made fun of me for living in a trailer? I'm blocked.

Also "muh small stomach. A slim jim lasted me 3 days alone"
I got my bf 2 shirts and a video game. I thought that that was a lot. Jesus christ, how materialistic this woman is never ceases to amaze me(not your personal army)

No. 617487

Who are you? Also, no.

No. 617489

File: 1545729881167.png (243.54 KB, 800x509, Screenshot_2018-12-25-01-21-28…)


Every time speculation comes up about socks, no one thinks to check out the account?

No. 617505

I'm really thinking that it was Gravy who "revealed" the scandal about Dorian and his wife here. They're not contacting her, they're not posting here about her, nothing. She posted about them here just to stir shit up because they forgot about her and moved on.

No. 617513

I think so too. Staff have said they will follow up on looking at that but it hasn't eventuated the two times I've asked.

An unlocked Isa thread would be a magnet for her, I think.

If any farmhand does want to look into this and wants a reminder of the suss posts, ask us here and we can point them out.

No. 617516

I always wondered exactly how much she has posted period. She’s bitchy and spiteful enough that it wouldn’t surprise me if she posted on other cows threads too. It’d be interesting to find out.

No. 617527


Judging by the lack of milk when The Three Friskyteers locked down their accounts we don't have any farmers who have access to them so, again, there wouldn't be any milk.

No. 618161

I'm losing it over how obvious it is she's on the gear. The rambling, nostalgia, scattered thoughts and inability to finish a single sentence, post-nasal drip (yeah sure ya tweaking old hag, totes just trying to digest your food)… icing on the fucking cake is COMPLAINING ABOUT HER NOSE DRIPPING - sure Gravey, definitely dog fur and not the fact you found your caveman hubbies stash. Gotta fill those endless days of absolutely no responsibility with something (we all know she doesn't care for the hoard of pets). Has to be a recent development because she's still looking like a Christmas ham. This manic episode is off the charts… I hope she films the comedown, it's gonna be HARSH. Junkie saga is now farmers, let's all hope she keeps documenting it!

No. 618258

She’s always been like that
They couldn’t afford anything decent
Josh just uses Pain pills with anxiety chasers

No. 618404

I second this. I have been around a lot of perscription addicts and Josh totally acts like Xanax and OxyContin are his best friends. People who are addicted to and abusing those drugs just look numb all the time like Josh does.

No. 619457

File: 1546247911482.png (423.94 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-31-00-57-06…)


Thought dump (read description)

Published on Dec 24, 2018

Merry Christmas everyone! I know I said that I'd upload a Xmas video, and I'm working on it. I recorded half but didn't have everything in front of me so when I gather it all I'll upload it. We had an early Xmas again (on the 21st) so we didn't record it again. I guess we never will haha…Anyway we had a wonderful day and heaps of amazing gifts! If I'm too lazy I might just make a quick video with pictures only. As I've been saying, Youtube is less and less important to me.
Now, about this video: WARNING!!! There is a LOT of repetition. I wasn't aware when I made it just how much I repeated certain things. All this has been on my mind for a long time now and I had made this video a while ago but never felt the time was right to upload it, as I talk about some things I've never spoken about before now. (Note: The "situation" I mentioned that sparked this was https://youtu.be/j_BE8pFvZRM. Josh wasn't home to make it with me though as we had planned). Yes, I still get bullied, but no, it doesn't affect me the same anymore. I don't get sad or depressed, but I definitely don't have time to deal with that petty bullshit and therefore at any time I might just remove the ability to leave comments, because frankly, my life is too important to me to waste it entertaining this bullshit. I really don't even want to be online most of the time at all anymore. There's too much negativity in the world and I just can't be a part of it.


Hey, guys. Be prepared. This is going to be a very long video and very long-winded. I've got no idea exactly what I want to say, how I want to say it, or how long this video is gonna be. I need to monitor the time though because my phone usually shuts off at about an hour in, and I have a feeling this video might just approach the hour mark so…ugh, let's see. I haven't done one of these just open talking talking and very brutally honest videos in a really long time. Excuse me if I look a little tired. I haven't slept yet. Josh is asleep. I just I've had this running through my head for a while now and I've wanted to say it so I'm just gonna put it all out there in this video and just kind of get all this stuff off my chest if possible. Um… [she looks at herself and grimaces, pic related] Uh… [pause] See, I'm already stuck. I'm already stuck! Video over! Just kidding.

Um, what I've been thinking about is kind of, "Who I am today". My, I don't know what you'd call it, my mental states currently. Um, I don't really know how to put it. I was in the shower, I was taking a bath, and in my head this was perfect. I was like, I'm gonna make this video. I have it, like, exactly as it is in my head. It is 100%. I should just be talking right now and videoing it. And of course when you sit down to actually make the video you're at a loss and you have no idea what the hell you were saying because whatever was perfect in your head when it was in your head doesn't come out of your mouth the same way. So this is gonna be a bit of a struggle for me, especially as I haven't been open in a long time. I told Josh I was gonna make this video and I couldn't even explain to him what it was gonna be about. He asked me, what's the video gonna be about? And I was like, uhhh stuff. You're just gonna have to listen to it because I don't even know how to explain it. And I was thinking to myself, if I don't even know how to explain it how the hell am I gonna do it? But I'm gonna try. I'm gonna try. Now, I'm gonna get into a lot of personal stuff. I'm gonna be just out there with a lot of information right now like I haven't been in a very long time.

So um, there's no way to really explain what's going on in my head and what state and stage I'm at currently in my life without going into detail and talking about people and things that I normally would not. There's something that happened yesterday and I want to talk about it. I'm gonna make the video with Josh probably this weekend, and that's what sparked this whole thing because I'm really pissed off. And it's something that happened in person with somebody in person. And it's kind of a situation I had gone through in New Zealand but a little different. A little different, not much. And I was thinking to myself, well I can't really post about it because of, you know, people watching and what they're gonna say. And then I was like, you know what? Why the hell am I letting people online dictate my life for me? Why? Why am I doing this? And that is what sparked this whole thing. And when I went to go take a shower all that was running through my head. And it's like, the more things change, the more they stay the same kind of, kind of thing.

You know, over the years I've gone through a lot of changes. When I first got online way back in 2006, 2007-ish MySpace days I didn't know anything about the Internet. I've always been kind of naive and I haven't really thought ahead about a lot of stuff. I'm not, like, that Internet-smart and all that. I've just made the dumb mistakes you should never make online and I haven't really thought twice. I just always had a very innocent and naive outlook on things, you know. I go online, I say what I want to say, take pictures, and I always felt I shouldn't have to worried about how I present myself or what I do or what I say because everybody else is doing the same thing. I guess it's that's kind of close to how my mentality has always been. And I did that, you know. I got online. If I had something to say, I said it. If I took a picture, I took a picture. I wasn't interested in being famous or well known. I was just having fun being online.

And the fact that you could go on, you could talk to anybody anywhere in the world was the most amazing thing to me. That you could just hop online and be connected. Any song or book or TV show or movie is right at your fingertips. Anything you want to know you could just look it up. And I got started on computers really late. I was about…God, I was probably close to 30. Yeah, I was about 28, 29 before I started really using social media. I'd used emails before, chats here and there, but as far as, like, a social media profile goes I didn't get started until I was almost 30. So I started quite late, way behind on everything, you know. And I made a lot of, I guess you could call them, mistakes. They're not really mistakes but they're mistakes as far as other people see them which is fucking ridiculous.

Now, when I got started online people somehow took notice of me. I made a YouTube because the guy I was dating at the time, which was my husband before Logan, we were online and he wanted to see me. He wanted to see me moving around and talking, and I had a camera that could record like 30 seconds of video, maybe two minutes if that. And so I would make these videos and just spitting out blood or saying hi and then that's about it, you know, dumb little shit, counting my piercings, you know, [softly] "I've got this…" And I was so timid and shy back then. My voice was really light and kind of whispery because I was just really, really nervous to be on the camera. And plus I was staying with this girl and I didn't want to be heard being an idiot on camera [whispers] you know, whatever. And that and the bloody stuff, cuz I was, like, making my own blood to do bloody horror things just for fun. People took notice of me. And I didn't get any bad comments back then. I don't remember ever being bullied back then. But people would report stuff. And then I started getting this attitude. Like, I was a real in-your-face kind of girl back then. I went straight from, I'm not gonna…sorry, I'm gurgling…I'm not gonna shit talk online to, I'll throw down right now if you want to, if you're gonna hate me so much you're gonna report everything why don't you meet me in person and I'm gonna, you know, kick your ass. And, you know, this is a real woman, real women have curves, I'm not fat. I mean, I was so annoying. Like, I really was. And those of you that have followed me since then will know how I was back then. I was just kind of feeling out, stretching my wings, and just I was really in your face back then, you know.

And I moved to New Zealand and, you know, over the course of time I just got really depressed and I would use YouTube as, like, my sounding board, you know. I hate it here, I just want to die, I hate my life, I'm gaining weight, I don't want to go outside, I don't want to do this, I don't know what to do with myself, why can't I just die in my sleep. And I was miserable. I was really, really sad. I felt like my life was going nowhere. I was so lonely and, you know, I vented everything on DeviantArt, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube because I just had nobody to talk to. And so the people that were there for me were there for me. And I would just post. And just by talking to the camera it made me feel so much better. And so I would talk to the camera and I would post this stuff and just get it out there and kind of feel justified from my feelings, you know. Like, being in a new country in a relationship that wasn't working out and being alone, you know, feeling like I gave up everything and, and I had nothing in the end. You know, like, you know what I mean? Um, my homesickness, all that. Like, it made me feel justified. It really did. And so that helped a lot. But it gathered me some attention. I didn't know it at the time. Then I moved on. Shit happened. There was the Cj situation. Then there was the Logan situation.

Now, the Logan situation I'm gonna take this time to explain kind of what I think happened. And I should know what happened cuz I lived it. But, you know, sometimes when do you do stuff and when you feel stuff you don't really know logically to put it into words what happened, you know. I don't know if that makes any sense or not. You can do stuff but not really sit there and dissect the reasons behind things, I guess, I guess is a better way of putting it.

When I was in New Zealand, like I just said, I was alone. And I have said this in my older videos so, again, people that have followed me for a long time will remember me saying this stuff. I started feeling like nothing was real, you know. I was…I went from being this social butterfly that was partying all the time and I'd go out dancing and I'd hang out with friends and I'd go to concerts and I'd meet band members and things like that to um, being indoors, being alone, not knowing anybody, not having friends, not ever going out, not caring about the way I looked, getting diabetes. Like, just my whole world changed. And after spending years and years indoors by yourself, leaving once a week to go grocery shopping, it does stuff to your head, you know. You might not think it does but it does.

Holy shit, my nose. It's just I keep scratching like right here. Like, my nose itches and I don't know why. I feel like I've got, like, animal hair in my nose which I probably do because Loki sheds like a motherfucker. He's got, like, white dog fur everywhere in this house.

Anyway, so like, I…you know, I've explained this in older videos and I've explained most of this early stuff before but, like… [burps] Excuse me. Yeah, I just ate and, like, my food doesn't want to go down, so in order for my food to go down my esophagus I usually burp and then it allows air to go up which allows my food to go down. It's the only way that I can breathe, so excuse me.

Anyway, so I already have some mental problems, you know, some stuff that fucks with the way I think and the way I see stuff. On top of that you add seclusion and isolation. And I'd drive, you know, I'd be driven to the store and I'd look out the window and there'd be people outside playing or mowing the lawn and it was like I was watching TV, like that life isn't real. That's not real. And I started to feel like nothing was really real, like everything was surreal. It just didn't feel real to me, you know. Does that make sense? Like, like I felt like I could do anything and there'd be no consequences for my actions because nothing was real. Like, I really felt like I was going crazy almost because I was so out of touch with reality from spending so much time by myself and having nothing and feeling like I had no one. It was just nothing was real anymore.

And I remember when I met Logan. He liked me because he thought I was hot. And at the time I thought he was hot. I, I've never known age. I, I don't pay attention to age because I don't feel my age. I, I'm mentally and emotionally stuck like as a perpetual teenager, young adult slash young adult. And it's really hard for me to come to terms with how old I physically am because I just don't feel it. Like, in my head there's no past, present, future. Everything is kind of now. So I remember in my past like it happened yesterday or it's happening now. Everything is there at once for me. And, you know, I can remember being a teenager and what it was like and what it felt like. And I can remember being a young adult and I can remember being the age I am now. I just, I just don't feel it.

I'm 42 years old now and I had told myself growing up once I hit 35 at the latest I'm gonna have to tone it down, take off my piercings, and dress normal and look normal because I don't want to look like those stupid old women walking around and you look at them [coughs] and you're like, oh my god who the hell does she think she is? You're not a kid anymore, grow up grandma, you know. I didn't want to be one of those people people thought that kind of stuff of. And as I got older and older it became less important to me to blend in with everybody else. And I just…the years have kind of passed by and I haven't really taken too much notice of them. I don't feel any different than I did when I was a teenager. I don't. I, I just don't. And so therefore when I meet people of different ages I just I don't see it. If I like that person, I like that person.

And, you know, looking back I know I've always been like that because I used to babysit when I was like, I don't know, maybe 14, 15, and I was friends with the kids I used to babysit. And the oldest one was like 11 and there's no reason I should have gotten along with them but I did. They were cool kids and I wasn't like, I'm a teenager and I'm babysitting. It was just like, oh hey, what's going on? And I've just always been like that. Like when Dorian had his friends over I got along with his friends and it wasn't like, oh god look at the pathetic older mom trying to be cool and hanging out with the teenagers. I just genuinely felt like I got along with them. Like, they seemed so mature and not like little kids. They seemed like we were on the same level and we just got along. And it's just always been that way my whole life.

And I mean even Josh. He's ten years younger than me and I don't feel it and he doesn't feel it and it just doesn't seem like that. He thinks of me as being younger than him, and I think of him as being older than me because that's just what it seems like.

And when I met Logan it was like that as well. I didn't feel like he was younger until later when little things started popping up. But at first I didn't feel like it. I wasn't planning on getting into relationship with him. It just happened. And that drew me under heavy scrutiny from everybody who didn't understand and who considered me like some kind of dirty pedophile and still considers me a pedophile because of it.

And um, I've mentioned before I have had a bad habit of lying to myself. My life hasn't been a great life. And it's either you try to make the best of it or you sink with it. And so my way has always been to kind of sugarcoat stuff to make things better than they are so that it stops me from falling into, like, a massive depression which I'm kind of prone to doing, you know. I look at the bad side of things because that's just what I'm used to. And even if things aren't bad sometimes I feel like they are bad because I just, I'm just waiting for the  worst and I've never really had anything in my life that had happened to me that made me feel or think any differently. It was like I was completely justified for thinking everything was going to be bad because everything always was bad. Nothing my life has ever worked out for me until I got here. But I'll get into that later.

When I was with him I tried very hard not to make it into a mother-son relationship because he was so much younger than me. He was the same age as my son and his mom was younger than me. His whole family was younger than me, you know. I don't really know what happened and why we stuck together because he changed right away. He really did. And I was left alone online trying to justify our whole relationship, why we, we were together. I had tried to split up with him before, he had tried to split up with me before. And whenever one of us tried to leave the other one will be like, no don't go. And like I've said before, I think that it was just we were familiar with each other and we didn't want to let that go. And then as my own bullying got worse I had no way to save face from that and just be like, nah you know what, everybody online that's trashed me is right, he's a kid, what the hell am I doing? I just I couldn't do that. And I figured we were stuck in it, he figured we were stuck in it, and that was just gonna be our life.

I, I never had the support from him. He never really acted like he cared about me, you know. Of course we're gonna go back to the fact that we had one Christmas together as husband and wife. He didn't care enough to even get me a Christmas present. You know, all those years we were together he didn't think Christmas was important enough to save for or whatever. Neither did my own son but that's something else. Um, he never wanted to be online. I did say, you should get online, make it…it'll be nice to have you online so I could have support. We could show a united front to all this bullying. I mean, you are with me because you want to be with me, right? And he'd say, yeah but I don't want to be online. But once we split he had no issue being online so I kind of think that maybe he knew he was gonna fuck up and so he didn't want to be online and end up getting caught so he just would rather have not been online than have been online and supported the person that he was married to.

Um, when we were together I was also depressed because he, like, he didn't care. He told me loved me and that he didn't want to leave me and that I looked fine and I hadn't gained too much weight even though we both know I had. Only later when I lost the weight did he admit that I'd gotten really fat and really gross, but he wouldn't tell me that when we're together of course.

And it was like nothing I did was good enough. I tried in so many ways to keep him happy and to be a good wife to him and he was just so [unenthusiastic] "mmm." Like, he didn't care about anything. We couldn't get along like we should have, and it was just it was miserable. Probably for both of us but I'm not in his head. I don't talk to him. He didn't exactly try very hard. But, like, in the end he wasn't even talking to me. He was just grunting. Like, I'd ask him something. He'd just be like, mmm. How are you feeling? Mmm. Like, can you open your mouth and talk? I mean, I'm just getting grunts.

And if I tried to make a joke or laugh with him and Dorian they'd both look at me like I was stupid. They'd just be like, you're not funny. And I just I was so alone even then. And I couldn't tell anybody or talk to anybody because I was under such scrutiny.

And even after I lost weight he didn't care that I lost weight and that I cared about the way I looked or I was trying to be somebody he could be proud of. Like, I didn't have that support at home and I damn sure didn't have it online. And I was miserable. When I lost weight, though, I was happier than I had ever been…not, you know, in a long time, anyway, because I was like, I could finally lose weight, maybe he'll care about me. Maybe, you know, as everybody online. They try to judge how good you are as a person by the numbers on the scale, you know. And I'm, I am more than just the readout on a fucking scale. And even that is hard for me to come to terms with because you have it drilled in your head so often that you have to be skinny, you have to be skinny, you have to be skinny, you have to be skinny. And people dog on you for not being skinny and it's like…it's, it's just really fucked up.

And I've heard the whole "you're fat" thing even way back when I was definitely not fat. My mom used to tell me I was fat. My brother used to say I had elephant legs. And, you know, I pretty much heard that a lot through my youth was that I was overweight and needed to lose weight when I was not overweight. I was just average. I was about…my heaviest was maybe 115 pounds until after, of course, I had my son and then I gained weight and then I averaged around 130 until I got a little older and then I more or less around 150 until I got to New Zealand and then I went up to 230, 232. And it's like I became less of a person because of my weight and the way I looked.

So when I dropped that weight or started dropping it I was so happy. And I went online and I started censoring myself because before that, when me and Logan were together, you know, I went through….because I was so upset all the time I hated. Like, I blindly hated anybody and everybody. I hated any female, anybody who was happy or in a better relationship than mine which was, like, everybody. And I just I was so full of hate. My posts, my videos were just rant this, rage this, rant this, bitch this, attack this, you know. I was a miserable person and it showed. And I didn't know how bad the stalking was at the time so I didn't really kind of censor myself. Everything there was out in the open and it all came back and bit me in the ass. That and everything I said prior to that.

And then when I lost the weight I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders as well because I thought, well I can, you know, I can be happy with the way I look now, maybe people will get off my back, maybe I could do this, maybe I could do that. And I felt like I had my whole future open, you know. I suddenly cared about life again and I could do anything without this extra weight bogging me down. And maybe I could feel like a human being again instead of this tub of lard that didn't even want to look in the mirror. I didn't really want to get dressed, put makeup on, and take care of the way I looked. I just I hated looking in the mirror. I hated myself. I hated everything. And when I lost weight I wanted to keep that positive feeling. I wanted to keep that always because it felt so good to feel like that after all the years of just this depression and misery and anger that I had inside of me.

And I did. I posted and I was happy and I was like, yeah, oh my god! Like, I was so happy in my own skin and I felt like I could take on the world. I could do anything. But then a couple of things happened at the same time, and that was the hate sites were still on me. They were like, oh she cheated, that fucking fat bitch, or whatever, because I got surgery even though it's not cheating because it helps you but you have to live with it the rest of your life. It's not, like, a quick fix. I mean, it fixes you but then you have to live with that and you have to continue on that. You can't take a break from the surgery. You can't say, oh I'd like to pig out today, I'll just go back to my surgery tomorrow. I mean, you can never eat a full meal again and that's forever. And um, it's just something that is…it is really hard but I don't regret it. I would never take it back, you know, undo it. I love the fact that I had the surgery even though I never made it down to the weight I wanted to be. I'm still glad I'm not who I was because I don't honestly know if I would still be here if I was still that weight.

Um, so that happened and Logan didn't give a shit. And I would go to him and say, look I can fit into this now, I can fit into that now, don't you care that, you know, I'm wearing proper makeup now and I am combing my hair and I care about the way I look? And he's like, well, I mean, I live with you so I don't really see the weight you've lost. And I'm like, holy shit I've lost like 50 pounds in like three months and you tell me you can't see that? I was losing like two, three pounds a day and that shit is noticeable. And I saw right there that he just he didn't care. And I, I had a moment of like, why the hell am I doing this hoping that he'll love me and care about me when it's obvious he doesn't. And I couldn't tell anybody that, of course, because all eyes were on the fucking relationship. And I had no outlet. I had no nothing. And I had to fight to keep that happiness. So I put on a happy face and I censored everything and I was like, I'm not gonna talk bad, I'm not gonna rage or rant. I'm just gonna be positive, be happy. I want to be a different person. I don't want to be that same person anymore. I want to be somebody better than who I was.

And when my real happiness faded I just had a fake happiness. And I kept convincing myself I am happy, my life is good, everything is great. And I tried. I tried to tell myself that was true. I tried to live it. I tried to believe it. And while I had changed, at the same time I hadn't. You know, I still felt the same anger creeping back in. I felt the same insecurities. I felt the same loneliness. It was like I had made this huge step and I tried to repair my life and in the end it was all for nothing because I still didn't matter to the people I should have mattered to. And I still was just as alone as I ever was.

And then the big downfall came where, as you guys know, I caught Logan watching porn. I…well I found out that he had been watching porn and not just once, not just twice, not just three times, but since the first year we were together consistently behind my back with phones that I gave him so he contact me or, you know, do whatever else he wanted to do. And nothing I did was good enough for him. He said I was boring and porn was better. And that was a huge blow and it really sucked. And it broke my heart at the time because I had been going through so much just because I was with him and he couldn't even respect me at all. And he knew that the relationship I had had before that ended partially because of the same reason. And it was like he knew that I don't like porn in my relationships. Um, it's all right for some people. It's not all right for me. And he knew and he swore to me he wasn't into it and he was. And to me there was no going back from there. And it was for the best in the end because we were not suited to be together. I don't know how he felt cuz he never talked to me. He never said anything, even if I tried to instigate a conversation.

But I know I was so lonely and I was so miserable. But anybody that was around us or that saw us or pictures, we had to pretend. And he got tired of pretending. I was tired of pretending. On my fucking birthday I tried to get a picture with him, you know. Can you give me a kiss on the cheek or something, you know. And he was bitching and complaining. And I was like, you know, I shouldn't have to bargain with you or plead with you to take a picture with me on my birthday. Like, what, what kind of fucking relationship is this, you know. And it was just it just wasn't what I wanted or needed and it probably wasn't what he wanted. He probably just wanted, like, like what Josh said, he probably just wanted to quick hookup with a MILF, you know, an older woman and didn't expect to get drawn in. And then he was stuck in it and I was stuck in it and then due to all eyes being on us we were both kind of trapped and didn't know how to get out of it and so we stayed. And I, I had to pretend again to be somebody that I wasn't just like I had to pretend before that. I had to censor myself and I just had to watch what I said.

No. 619462

File: 1546248531904.png (402.53 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-31-00-59-56…)

And pretty much ever since then I've been like that. Like, if I get mad about something or something irritates me I feel like I can't say it because I don't want to come across as being this negative bitchy person like I used to be because since I moved here with Josh I 100% am actually happy now. Me and him have ups and downs, you know. We get into little arguments here and there. Everybody does. But I do not ever feel like he doesn't love me. I don't ever feel like I have to lie to myself and pretend that he cares about me. I'm not gonna make this into a gushy Josh video because you guys already know how I feel about him. But for the first time in my life I feel like I don't have to lie about anything. So this is what's causing this divide in my head because I'm like, part of me, you know, is still used to having to censor myself. And now I've, I've had this cheerful "I'm not an angry person" kind of front going on since March of 2015. And I'm still angry about some stuff. I mean, everybody gets angry. I've got stuff I want to say sometimes and I want to feel like I can say it. I scroll down my feed and I see people raging and bitching and moaning and just talking out of their asses and stuff worse than I used to say and they don't care. They just they have the freedom to do and say what they want and I haven't felt like I've had that freedom in a very long time.

And I'm still adjusting to stuff and I'm still getting used to the idea that I can, I can do whatever the hell I want to do and that if I have stuff that irritates me and I want to complain about it or rage or rant about it I don't owe anybody an explanation. And that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm a miserable or bad person just because there's something that doesn't sit right with me. You know, I have this whole different way of thinking now that's clashing with the way that I've trained myself to be over the last almost four years and that's what's with my head a little bit right now. There's things I want to talk about, there's things that I want to post, there's things that I want to mention and I can't because…or I feel like I can't because everything I do and everything I say is watched. And it's like, I have support now. I've got a husband here that will sit by my side, be in videos with me, or have my back through everything. So why am I so afraid to just open up and say whatever the hell I want to say? I want to be who I was again, not the miserable person, but I want to be who I was before I knew people were watching me, you know. Like when I could just sit down, open my mouth, and just say whatever I want to say, good or bad, without having to pretend that I'm good all the time. Nobody is good all the time. And even the people that don't ever post one negative thing in their entire YouTube history, they still get bashed and talked about. So nothing I do, I know, is gonna change that. The only thing that's changed is that I have a real relationship now and I have support now and I don't have any reason to be afraid anymore. So I'm struggling to stop being scared, you know. I'm struggling to stop looking at the scales, you know.

Um, I have put on between…I'm used to kilos so I'm trying to count pounds. I've put on about 15, 20 pounds in total since my lowest weight after my surgery. Now, I hovered at different weights, 160, 170. Currently I'm less than 180. I'm between 170 and 175. And usually after the surgery you gain some weight back. And considering it's been almost four years, even if I round it up and go to a 20 pound gain that's still not that bad and I shouldn't be unhappy with that.

I mean, Josh has gained probably about 20 pounds since we've been together. I don't see it, you know. I look at him and I, I don't see the extra weight. I mean, he's a little jiggly now. He, he sits there, bounces up and down, I need to go the gym! And we have a good laugh over it. And I still love him the same. I don't look at him like, oh my god you're fat. And I know he prefers meat. He wouldn't want me skinny even though he'd love me no matter what. He wouldn't prefer me to be as skinny as I would prefer me.

And the reason I would prefer me to be that skinny is because you're led to believe that you are pretty worthless unless you are skinny. And I've got to ingrain in my head that I am more than just the numbers on the scale. How much I weigh does not dictate who I am as a person and I have a right to be happy, be myself, and not have to feel like I owe it to anybody else to be a certain weight, you know. I still look in the mirror and I'm like, oh my god I feel like I weigh, you know, 235 pounds again, and my mind is trying to run away with me and make me feel like I look like shit. But, you know, I know while I'm not skinny, I'm not that person. I don't ever want to be that person again. Josh isn't concerned with that, you know. I have someone who actually does love me for who I am and I'm not used to that at all.

Um, I'm gonna touch base on something that I had previously not talked about. And I'm doing this just as a kind of way to prove to myself that I can do this. I do have a right to say whatever I want to say regardless of if people are watching me and judging me or not because they will watch and judge no matter what I do and what I say. And I've got to get over this fear of not being able to just be myself because I miss being able to have my say and not prefacing stuff by saying, I don't mean to offend anybody, this is no offense. You know, I used to not care because I kind of took it as something that people should know. That doesn't necessarily mean I'm trying to offend anybody. I'm just having my say, you know. And I have a knack for saying the wrong thing that rubs a lot of people the wrong way but I don't mean any harm by it. And I've become this overly apologetic, fearful person that no longer speaks their mind or has the kind of interesting videos that other people used to like to watch. Now it's just all, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm not an evil person. And, and that's not me. I'm not an evil person but I'm not the simpering scared person, either. I, I've always been highly opinionated. I've always had a lot of shit to say. I've always stood true to my own feelings and I, I've always liked to talk about it. And I want to be that person again. I want to be able to say what I want to say without having to fucking feel like I have to censor myself.

So I will touch base on this topic like I said. I had a couple comments that I deleted on one of my other videos. I'm not quite sure which one. And it was saying, oh, you know, you're talking about this and this and that but you haven't mentioned your son, it's kind of fucked up that you act like you don't have a son blah blah blah. And my response to that is essentially, I don't have a son. He's dead to me. And I'll tell you why. I must have talked about this before because people seem to know what happened. I don't remember if I have talked about it, but I'm pretty sure I did back there in one of my blabbering stages when I first got here because, again, I went through another stage when I first got here. Like yeah, I could say anything. You know, I could do anything. And then fuck you all, huh, who doesn't like it. And um, that wasn't a front but it was a little overly cocky. I don't like being…I'm not a cocky person. It's just sometimes I just get so irritated I'm just like, you know what, fuck it, and it just comes across wrong. I want to, I want to be able to find a good balance between all the different personas I've been since I've been online. I want to be able to be open, honest, not fearful to say what I need to say. Be myself but not be scared, not be cocky, not be over-the-top. You know, I just kind of want to find that, that balance, you know, where I could just do what everybody else does and just be me and just not have to second guess myself or overthink anything that I say.

Anyway, what happened was at some point either before I got here or right after I got here Dorian and his wife [she snickers] went to the hate sites and she started getting on there talking about me, and he offered to give away my secrets and talk about me as well, give them everything that they wanted. And I don't know why he did this, what, what convinced him that it was a good idea to betray his mother and go online and feed the trolls, feed the people that had wanted to bring your mother down. But he did and he lied his little ass off. He, he got so much attention from them, and so did she, that they went crazy with it and he completely slammed me and he elaborated on shit, changed stories about shit, lied about shit. And, you know, I might not be the world's greatest mother but I always did try to look out for him like I've said many times. And this whole fight with him had started…not to go into old shit again, but it was just because I was worried about him and I didn't want him being in a different country. And I wanted him to work and be able to sustain his own life and know that he was safe. That's it. Bottom fucking line. And, you know, I got turned on for that, you know, because he tried to go behind my back and run away and things like that. He couldn't even just man up and come up front and just tell me, you know, he wanted to leave or be with her. He lied to her and he lied to me.

And she had issues with me from the start, talking behind my back. And I don't go for that. I don't care how old you are, you don't disrespect me in my own home. And I hadn't done anything to her to make her hate me. I warned her to keep an eye on Dorian because he tended to lie a bit and, you know, I didn't think that was good for their relationship, you know. I've been a bit of a busybody just because I know how my son is. And if he's gonna have a successful relationship it needs to not be based on lies. And I tried to raise him with good values but none of those stuck with him.

And I'm his only family, period. He doesn't have Grandma and Grandpa anymore and doesn't have his dad or their parents. It's just been me. And he felt no shame and no sorrow, no second thoughts about throwing me under the bus on a site that I very nearly, very nearly killed myself over. And he knows how long that's haunted me. And that was the worst thing he could have ever done. And everybody says one of these days he's gonna come running back. I don't personally believe it but I'm not gonna contact him. I did contact him once when my mom died to tell him, and I had thought maybe he would have asked me how I was doing, say hello. He didn't. He, he answered me about her but he didn't even ask how I was. And me writing him and telling him was more than he had deserved because also after we were in that car accident that…and we got off very, very lucky from that, that we weren't killed dead, that people weren't killed. I mean, it could have gone way worse than it did. I ended up with some pretty bad injuries but I survived like nothing happened. And when he found out that I was in a car accident, instead of asking me how I was doing he blocked me. And that just showed me right there that he didn't care if his own mother lived or died. And so that's why I was thinking maybe he would have asked me how I was doing since the last thing he heard from me was that I was in a car accident.

Aside from that I have had somebody come to me and tell me that now Logan has moved in with Dorian and his wife. Dorian got married, like, the day after I did. That's a huge coincidence. I don't think that they had it planned. I know I didn't have it planned. But that's a major coincidence. Of course he didn't tell me he got married or anything like that, you know. I'm only his mother. But yeah, Dorian is living with them…or Logan is living with them. And one of the very last things he and I have said to each other was he had sworn that he wouldn't ever speak to Dorian again because he had betrayed both of us and he had done a lot of shit to both of us and we were just gonna just cut him out. And Logan running back to him like the spineless pussy he is…or sorry, like the lying bastard he is. And I was upset because he broke a promise to me. And that's the last thing I said to him.

But now they're living together. And not only that but Logan is also fucking Dorian's wife because apparently this bitch thinks that she's poly and she thinks she's a dude now. And Dorian and Logan are both not gay but they're with someone who essentially thinks that they're a guy, and they're in this weird kinky relationship thing together. And that's really fucked up because Logan lived as Dorian's stepdad for almost, almost six years. And I know they didn't call each other stepdad, stepson. But Logan and Dorian had just met when Logan and I got together. They knew each other for maybe two weeks, if that. They met once at a party. Everybody's under the wrong impression that they were really good friends, but they were not. They had just met. So for the majority of the time they've known each other they've been family because Logan was married to me. And now they're sharing the same girl. That's just really wrong. And I know Dorian. And I remember before we had our last falling out he came to me and he told me he did not like the fact that she had guy friends that she thought it was okay to kiss and sleep in bed with and things like that and, well if I can't get cuddles from you I'm gonna go to them. He had a really hard time with it and he asked me for advice. And when he confronted her with it or tried to express himself and it didn't go down well, he turned it around on me and said, well my mom says this, my mom…even though I actually didn't say any of the stuff he said I said. It got her riled up against me, well what the fuck does she know. Like, I wasn't even involved in that. I told him that if he had issues with that he should talk to her because that's not gonna be a good relationship if he can't even talk to his own girlfriend. And he turned around and said that that was all my words and my doing which it wasn't. But she believed him anyway like she always did.

And now he is stuck in this relationship where he has to watch his ex-stepdad fucking his husband wife thing. And I know that he's always felt a lot like me, like not good enough, really lonely, you don't have anybody, jealous, don't like to share. Dorian is definitely not poly so I'm wondering how long he's gonna be able to put up with this and what the deal is. I'm wondering if maybe that's why she broke apart my family as well because she wanted my husband at the time. But you can't make someone go with you that doesn't want to go with you so he obviously had his own little interest going on. And I'm just so glad to be out of a situation where there can't be a female around without the person you're with wanting to get in there, you know what I mean. I don't have to deal with that now because I'm with a real man, not a horny little boy. So I'm glad to wipe that chapter out of my life. And it just shows you how twisted and fucked up that whole situation is. I want no part of it. I don't want to talk about it. And this is why I do not mention, oh I miss Dorian, oh I miss Dorian. Because to me I've got no son. No son of mine would throw me under the bus the way that he did and say the things that he said or allow that kind of shit to be said. He was never like that before he met her. He changed completely. I always had his back. I was always there for him, even if I didn't always show it in the right way. He was my number one.

I've shown Josh, like, as I'm going through all my stuff here, I've shown him, I've got this, I've got this, I've got this, I've got that, I've got Dorian's, all his school papers, his school pictures, little things that he's made, that he's brought home, little stuffed animals that he's had. I've got his very first little bunny rabbit. I have pictures of him galore. I've got so much stuff that I've collected because he was my son, you know. Whether I showed it in a traditional way or not I always loved him and I always just wanted what was best for him. And every time I said that it was just twisted into something disgusting and hurtful. And I never tried to be like that with him. Yeah, I've got a temper problem and I've got a big mouth. But all I wanted was for him to get up and work and be able to take care of himself or come to America with me so I know he is safe. I even offered for her to come. He didn't want it. I said, get a job so that I know once I leave you will be safe. And I'm the bad guy for that. And now she's fucking both of them and that is pretty foul.

What else. If, I will say this, if he got tired of that situation and felt he had no way out I will be here if he decides to contact me. He is my son after all. But uh, I'm waiting for the day, like everybody says, that he will realize he needs his mother and what he did was wrong and fucked up and that he did way worse than I ever deserved. I did try really hard to do whatever he wanted me to do, do what was right for him. I asked him, what could make you happy, what can I do to repair our relationship and to give us a good mother-son relationship. He told me and I did my very best, my very very very best to give him the kind of home life that he really wanted. And nothing I did was good enough. Nothing I did. And um, I tried.

But now as far as I know, or I was told because I have somebody that…I have a couple of people that are friends with Logan or on Logan's friends list or something like that. But they were reporting to me up until like last month when I said, just stop, I don't give a shit with that psycho disgusting little family's up to. I don't care what they're doing. So then I haven't had any update since then. But before that I was told also that um, Logan's going up and making friends with all my enemies, so he has made friends with every single person that has fucked me over, betrayed me, hurt me, threatened me, or whatever. And that just goes to show also what kind of person he is because these aren't just people that fucked me over. They tried to fuck him over. And I, I was the one that was always hated way worse. And he's got no respect, not even for the relationship that we did have, to cut these people out completely. He's just gone sucking up to everybody. You know, he has no respect for anybody or anything. And I'm just so glad not to be part of that life anymore.

I'm probably gonna get a lot of hate for what I just said, what I just explained, but you know, old me doesn't give a shit so new me doesn't give a shit. This is what has happened. This is why I don't talk about him. I do think about him because he made a huge mistake not coming back with me. Everywhere I go I see stuff that he would love, like he would die for this stuff. I go in…like, the Hot Cheetos that he loves or the food or, you know, just everything around here. I found myself saying at least once every time I'm out of the house, god Dorian would have loved this, Dorian would have loved that. I know Josh is probably tired of hearing about it but he would have had it made. He really would have. He would have loved so much shit here.

And it's like he's forgotten that he's an American. He's convinced himself that he's a New Zealander because the little bitch that he's with has forgotten she's an American. And what that is is because she's so full of herself and pretentious people in America didn't stand for her shit and bullied her so she ran off to New Zealand where they're all pretentious. 99% of them are pretentious and full of themselves so she fits in totally well. So she's convinced herself she fucking hates America and it's like she's convinced my son he hates America, too. But um, if he was here he'd be in seventh heaven. He really would. And he's missing out on a lot of stuff. Like, I can't even believe it. I think about that all the time.

And I wait for the day that his life falls apart to see if he really will come. How long is he gonna be able to tolerate sharing this person right after they got married, which as far as I know polyamorous people don't get married because they don't have one-on-one relationships. I don't know anything about poly cuz I've not, never been interested in it. But why would she marry him if she wanted to fuck around? It doesn't make sense to me. And why would he accept unless he was so lonely that he feels like he can't get better which is also how he thinks. And I just think he made the biggest mistake of his life when he met her because there was problems there from the start. He never stood up for himself and instead he tried to blame, blame shift everything onto me. And now he can't even be married to someone and have, like, a real marriage, a real one-on-one marriage, and that is really sad. It really is. That, that's not the first marriage or the marriage I would have wanted for any child of mine. But you know you got to learn some way and you can only hold their hand for so long. He obviously doesn't want anything from me. He obviously doesn't care if I'm alive or dead. So he can just deal with the consequences of his choices and his mistakes and his actions or whatnot.

No. 619463

File: 1546248617869.png (395.79 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-12-31-00-52-52…)

Yeah, I've, like, gone off on so many tangents. I don't really know what else to say here. I have a lot of anger towards my past marriage because I see a lot of things differently now and I see a lot of things for what they really were. Whereas when I was in it I honestly thought that he loved me and cared about me and I thought that I loved him and cared about him. But when we split up and I started seeing maybe this isn't love. I thought at least we had a mutual respect for each other and we'd be friends or friendly. But he has shown me that he is incapable of respecting anybody which I should have known by what he did to me. And again, porn might not be a big deal to you guys or a lot of you guys but it is to me. And that is the number one rule in my relationships and he knew that. And if he didn't agree with it then he should have gotten with me pretty much. But to lie behind my back like that. It was just really low and really fucked up because I thought he was better than that.

And everything happens for a reason, as cliche and stupid as that is. I hated that relationship in the end and I hated having to lie. I hated having to front. I hated having to be the only one to talk about the relationship and to be like, oh yay we're happy! You know, I hated being the only one having to talk about both sides of it. And, like, on anniversaries or birthdays I've had to be like, hey can you go on and say something so I can have it on my wall? Then he'd log on and say something and log back off and, you know, I had to mother him so much.

Like, you guys already know that I would get on his profile and reply to stuff for him. 90% of it was by his okay or he is asking me to. That was sometimes answering his mom, sometimes answering other people, applying for jobs. I had to write his CV's out for him. I had to write his cover letters. I applied him…pretty much, except for the first job, I got him every single other job he had because I'm the one who talked him up as him to employers, and he just had a follow through once he got there, you know. He wouldn't even do that himself, so I did that.

And the only one he didn't know about in the moment was when Josh's ex wrote trying to start trouble and uh…but I did tell him afterwards what had happened. I said, yeah she wrote you so I logged on and I wrote back as you. And I told him, the only stuff that I said to her as you was stuff that you have told me yourself. I didn't just lie and say, oh I'm a shitty person, I wish I could have treated her better. I didn't make that shit up. He told me that. He said, oh I feel like a shitty person, I wish I would have treated you better. So I did that. He didn't care that I wrote her and talked to her. At least he told me at the time that he never cared that I wrote for him because he didn't want to talk to anybody. Probably now his story would have changed because that's kind of person he is but that's not my problem anymore.

With Josh, though, he can get his own jobs. He's actually highly qualified for a lot of stuff from his time in the Army and from previous experiences. Like the job he has now, he's actually, like, a lead. He's, like, the boss and he's like, it's so cool because I get to tell people what to do, you know. He makes more than twice the minimum wage. He makes pretty good money there and he loves his job. He really does. And they love having him there. And that is really, really good. I'm, I'm proud to be able to be with somebody that's got qualifications like he does and can do stuff. He can make phone calls and he can talk to people. He can, he can do things himself. I don't have to hold his hand and mommy him and be like, you need to do this. I mean, I have to remind him of some stuff because he doesn't think about it. But it's nowhere near like what I had to do before. Like, I don't feel like a mother to him. I feel like an equal partner.

And it's done so much for my mental state to be in a, in a healthy relationship like this. And it's just it's, it's changing me slowly away from being the scared person that I was, I'm gonna get cheated on or whatever. He really does not care. And I've gone through my moments and I have gone through his Google and his Facebook and his emails and everything when I've had moments of fear or doubt and he hasn't given a shit. He's just, eh whatever. And I haven't seen a single thing. He doesn't talk to anybody that would worry me or whatever. He, he's, he's involved in me and his games. He shows me he loves me every day. And he loves playing his games and he goes to work, and our animals, and that's it. He is completely content with his life, and I know with him it's not a front because he did all that on his own and was always like that before I even met him. Nothing's changed, you know.

Logan had friends and then he decided to stop hanging out with his friends or his friends decided they didn't want to hang out with him once he got with me, so he lost a lot of friends once we got together. And he used to tell me that he missed having friends and I would say, well you can go have your friends. But they didn't want anything to do with him which that had nothing to do with me stopping anything.

Whereas Josh, he's been like me. Like, he's been more of a loner and he'd rather just stay at home, be alone. And, you know, there's been a couple of times he's asked me if he could see my messages and I was like, there you go. Because if you've got nothing to hide from each other then it shouldn't really matter. And I don't talk to anyone, either, so he could look at whatever he wants. I keep my laptop logged in because I'm lazy so I have my emails, I have my profile of everything already logged in. You just click the button and there you go because I can't be bothered typing in passwords every time. So we are completely open with each other. And he does get on social media but he knows how to be married. He knows how to be in a relationship.

And he still tells me I'm beautiful every single day, even if he's not feeling good or he's tired or even if we had just been having a little argument or something. I'll go get dressed and come out and he'll be like, you look beautiful. And it's like, aw you're so sweet.

And right now my brain is just adjusting, you know, trying to go from being in your face to pretending to be somebody I'm not and be happier than I really am…not happier but less confrontational than I really am to, you know, not being so "well I can do whatever the fuck I want to do and if you don't like it I don't give a shit" disrespectful, kind of cocky disrespectful. Just being able to be laid back and be like, look alright so today this happened and this happened and that happened and this is on my mind and blah blah blah. And just just be able to talk and be me without having to think somebody's watching, somebody's gonna pick on this, somebody's gonna screenshot that, somebody's gonna take this clip, somebody's gonna re-upload this video, somebody's gonna fucking, you know, harass me or bully me over this, somebody's gonna have an issue with this. I need to stop thinking like that because these somebodies out there don't matter. I've said and felt variations of this over the past few years but I've always slid back because I want so badly…or I have wanted so badly not to be seen in that kind of light. I've just wanted people to just understand who I am and how I am and stop judging me in a negative way or making me feel like I'm the world's worst person because I am who I am and I can't change a lot of who I am. And I shouldn't have to because it physically isn't hurting anybody.

Even that relationship people hated. He was legal. He wanted to be with me. Even the cops said there was nothing that can be done. Morally it was probably wrong if I was like any other woman my age but I am not, and so it was just wasn't anything like what it was made out to be.

And I'm like a big kid which I get judged for. But other people it's okay. You know such-and-such, she's got problems and she's like forever a kid but that's okay because she's like that. But not Raven. Raven is just delusional. Whatever. I'm tired of being judged for who I am and I'm tired of being made to feel bad for who I am and I'm tired of having to apologize for who I am. I'm too damn old for this shit. I have a right after everything I've, I've ever been through, I have a right to be happy and to be myself unapologetically, just be myself and do what I want to do because nobody out there has the power to affect my life except for me.

And if I got a rash of bullying again or whatnot all I would have to do is just run to Josh and he would hug me and hold me and make me feel better, get offline again, spend some time with him, come back on when I feel ready, and that would be it, you know. I shouldn't need to be afraid of what I say because somebody isn't gonna like it or they're gonna run away with it. Oh my god do you know what she just said, oh my god do you know what she just did. Who cares if I said that or did that. What are you gonna do to me? What are you gonna do? Nothing. What can you do? You can talk shit online. You can come to my page and you can comment and talk shit. That's about it. I'm not alone anymore. I've got support. I've got somebody who has my back and that, that makes a world of difference. Now all I have to do, the only battle that I have right now is with myself in my own head, breaking myself out of the habit that I've been in for so many years of my life and finding myself again, not being scared of anything. What I say, what I do, or what I look like. It's, it's my life. Nobody else can affect it. Nobody else could hurt me.

Josh is the only one that can hurt me now and I really don't see that happening. If he did hurt me I would probably just fucking kill myself. I wouldn't try again. I, I don't really have anything else in my life. I don't have my parents anymore. I don't have my own son. I've got some friends but I don't really trust a lot of people. I damn sure wouldn't want to burden anybody.

I just um, I just I'm, I'm the kind of person that wants love. I want to be loved. I want to be in a relationship. I want to feel like I matter to somebody because I've gone most of my life feeling like I don't matter to anybody, even when I've been married. And if this, this did end that would be it for me. And I feel confident in saying that because I feel confident that this isn't gonna end more than any other time in my life. This is just this is it and this is a great relationship. And I'm so happy not to be where I was with somebody that doesn't want to be with me in a country that didn't want me.

And um, that's about it. I'm sorry this is so long and just up and down, back and forth. I've just had a lot on my mind. Me and him are gonna make that video and I'm gonna go all out in that video. I do have another ranting video before I decided to make this one. It was a couple weeks ago and it's a whole, I'm sorry I don't mean to offend anybody. And it totally isn't the kind of ranting video I used to do because I was so worried about coming across as too angry and too bitchy. But I will still upload that whenever I get this out there for a while.

It's just really sad that in this day people out there have the power to make you second guess yourself and make you feel like you're a bad person just because they don't agree with the kind of person you are, how you look, the choices you make, how you live your own life. And I've never agreed with that mentality. I still don't. I will die not agreeing with that. If your life isn't hurting anybody, then nobody should have the power to make you feel ashamed of it, you know. And if you don't like my age and my choices and my attitude and my weight, my style, my piercings, the fact that I like dollar store shit, I like cheap shit. I'll take free stuff. I grew up poor. I like dumpster diving, you know. I don't actually dumpster dive but if I see something on the side of the road I'll grab it, you know. I like cheap shit and I've been like that my whole life. Why should I be made to feel ashamed of the fact that I like cheap things? I have a couple of things that are worth a lot of money. I have a couple things that I paid a lot of money for. But overall I'd rather have a hundred things that cost a dollar than one thing that costs $100. I mean, I like kids stuff and I like toys and I like stuffed animals and I love Walmart. And I don't care because I love it and it brings me happiness, so that's all that should matter. I'm tired of being…having to feel ashamed for dumb shit. You know, it doesn't affect anybody else but me and it's affecting me in a negative way and making me lose myself. So now I'm going right back. I'm gonna be working on this. I'm gonna be trying to find the balance, the perfect balance to be the person that I want to be without having to second guess anything. So stay tuned. Thank you for watching. I'm sorry not sorry about this being long and I'm excited. I, I think I can do this.

No. 619469

File: 1546249311166.png (112.76 KB, 800x541, Screenshot_2018-12-31-01-36-16…)


Her fans always feel the need to walk on eggshells.

No. 619470

File: 1546249360712.png (275.52 KB, 800x1132, Screenshot_2018-12-31-01-37-23…)

No. 619471

File: 1546249382062.png (176.36 KB, 800x740, Screenshot_2018-12-31-01-37-41…)

No. 619476

That has to be a Raven account. The phrasing sounds like her and she has added random "text speak" to make it not look like her. No one else cares that much about L/D/LGFs sexuality/relationship. Sad.

No. 619495


>No one else cares that much about L/D/LGFs sexuality/relationship.

Except for that one farmer who still spergs in Meta about the thread being locked.


No. 619497

Did she rename her public account?


No. 619501

that's me anon, and I'm only butthurt because I made the thread. no conspiracy just a burned arse.

No. 619509


This shit is amazing (and thank you for transcribing it). The TL;DR is literally "WAAAAAAHHHH My teenage child-bride acted like a child!!" And also "MeMeMeMEmemememeMeMEDorianMEMEmememeLOGANDORIANISAMememeME"

More seriously, it is amazing to me that a woman who went around proudly declaring she HAD NO SON!!! on multiple occasions is complaining when the Non-Son doesn't contact her or ask how she's doing during her many life events.

No. 619526

>What's hilarious as hell is he/she/it has been copying my tattoos too lmao…
Wait you mean like you did with EmilyBoo for so long? Pot meet kettle lol.

>I was in the shower, I was taking a bath
Yah sorry i still don't believe this bitch washes regularly or at all.

Gotta love when she's complaining about logan acting childishly like he wasn't 16. Also turning away from camera and shit like… not everyone wants their entire life plastered on social media. I get a couple IG selfies or whatever but it's like Raven is trying to be some sort of mallgoth Kardashian or something.

No. 619590

I'm waiting for the day, like everybody says, that he will realize he needs his mother and what he did was wrong and fucked up and that he did way worse than I ever deserved.

It was tinfoil before but without a shadow of a doubt I know now that Raven's the one stalking them and posting about them all hanging out again here and probably elsewhere as well. She knew when they got married, she knew Logan was hanging out with them again, etc.

She's petty and spiteful enough to leak that information here in the hopes that Lolcow would do her dirty work for her and harass them into hating/leaving each other so she could sit on her dog hair covered couch and go "I told you so!" on their FB's and wait for the day her son comes groveling back to her asking to sleep on the floor of the shack.

Face it Granny, even if whatever they have doesn't work out they'll still be better off in another country outside of your clutches. You probably thought they'd miss you dreadfully but they don't and that just pisses you off because all you have is a shack full of Christmas trees and an audience of one to vent to.

No. 619596


Either Raven or a farmer (and not a kiwi) dedicated to this thread. Who else would know all of those names and details?


And that account is still liked to her and Josh's accounts.

No. 619653

There is at least two of us, and tbh I don't care about the thread so much as wanting to know why it got locked down so quickly and suddenly, why there was no explanation, etc. Shit was really weird.

She sockpuppets about as well as Miranda does. Her compulsive need to write essays really doesn't help her cause.

No. 619662

like I just wanna know if Raven was the one posting the story here.

No. 619690

She's 180 pounds? I don't think her height was ever posted but she's pretty short. She's still seriously overweight, bordering on obese, and that means she only lost 45-50 pounds with gastric bypass. I'm assuming she's around 5'2" or so, meaning she'd still have to lose at least 50 pounds to even come close to a healthy weight for her height. Yikes.

No. 619693

>And, you know, there's been a couple of times he's asked me if he could see my messages and I was like, there you go. Because if you've got nothing to hide from each other then it shouldn't really matter. And I don't talk to anyone, either, so he could look at whatever he wants.

So he has asked to read her messages, and she doesn't see this as weird?
Probably because she does this herself to him as well.
The way I see it this means he does not fully trust her, or he wouldn't have asked.

No. 619700

Of course she does. She is as insecure as a loose nut. Pun intended. They both are a match made in hell.

No. 619722


>I keep my laptop logged in because I'm lazy so I have my emails, I have my profile of everything already logged in.

But to all of your accounts, Raven?

In the leaked videos she practically bragged to him about having dozens of accounts which she probably rationalized as being necessary to defend herself against the haters.

Two paragraphs above she says that she has looked at his accounts.

>And I've gone through my moments and I have gone through his Google and his Facebook and his emails and everything when I've had moments of fear or doubt and he hasn't given a shit. He's just, eh whatever. And I haven't seen a single thing. He doesn't talk to anybody that would worry me or whatever.


She is 5'1". Knowing someone who is also half Asian with the same height and body type, I did not expect her to weigh 175.


If it was Raven who posted, I'm surprised that she wasn't able to get on their friends lists or at least screenshot everything to keep the milk flowing.

No. 619725

File: 1546325286647.png (1.08 MB, 800x1070, Screenshot_2018-12-31-22-44-21…)


Her public account is back.

No. 619759

He does it because he met her as a cheater, so he is perfectly aware that she has less than zero qualms about cheating and moving on. So of course he is insecure and doesn't trust her: she is demonstrably and apparently untrustworthy.

No. 619792

Have we ever for certain found out if he was still with his ex as well? I remember there being speculation and some evidence that at least Claudia thought so. What a great pair, neither can trust each other and both think it’s normal to go through each other’s email/sm accounts. Part of having a healthy relationship is having some privacy and some different interests. We know this isn’t a healthy relationship but they both think it’s normal. Hopefully they stay together because nobody else deserves their poison.

No. 619805

File: 1546363370688.jpg (1.57 MB, 2250x10000, 1498892472986.jpg)


He and Claudia had broken up months before, but because she couldn't believe that he could fall in love and rush into a new engagement so quickly she wondered if he and Raven had been talking while they were still together. [pic related] from the "Ugh" video in thread #4.

No. 619825

File: 1546367283760.png (78.5 KB, 299x537, 1498898347901.png)

While looking at the screencaps from the "Ugh" video I noticed that Raven had been messaging Isa from Logan's account (Denney Strother was her last name).


No. 619834

Whoa, nice catch.

What the fuck was she saying to Isa as Logan?

No. 619843

File: 1546370528222.jpeg (189.12 KB, 714x365, D2E5CBB6-1A00-4CDA-AF14-C4FD06…)

She isolated him from the rest of his family by moving to a whole other country and she expects that to endear him to her?

No. 619844

File: 1546370664260.jpeg (347.39 KB, 625x613, 32A7FB2E-F9F1-4684-8D5E-9EC298…)

Also, nice double standard; funny how bullying is so wrong and uncalled for when she reckons it happens to her but if it happens to someone she doesn’t like it’s caused by their “pretentiousness”.

No. 619872


March 2017 was around the time she posted the video of Dorian and Isa's private messages.


You could have just copied and pasted, anon.

No. 619890

I really hope it wasn't because that would just compound the fuckery x1000. Imagine something that fucking milky and staff lock it down.

Didn't we already know this? I remember she bragged about doing it with his family as well.

No. 619891

File: 1546376991449.png (447.4 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-01-01-12-42-49…)

Raven's come-back videos from after she faked her suicide are still up >>>/pt/47011. Compare and contrast to what she says in her latest video.

A message to friend and foe alike YouTube (15 minutes thereof)

What's happened to my videos YouTube 1

No. 619893

File: 1546377300814.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1125x1856, CD16EA14-A796-4F3F-B062-58464F…)

No. 619905

File: 1546378486134.png (73.26 KB, 800x383, delorian plus one.png)


No. We didn't notice it at the time to call her out on it because Isa's last name had not been posted. Her last name was leaked in one of the Q&A chat messages (anon missed redacting it) but I had not gone back to look at the caps from "Ugh" until today. Her last name may have appeared in the video of her and Dorian's private messages, but I missed out on seeing that video.

And kudos to whichever anon predicted [pic related]!

No. 619909

>He and Claudia had broken up months before, but because she couldn't believe that he could fall in love and rush into a new engagement so quickly she wondered if he and Raven had been talking while they were still together. [pic related] from the "Ugh" video in thread #4

Poor Claudia. I have always felt bad for her, but honestly, she dodged such a bullet by her relationship with Josh ending. He has revealed himself to be a truly garbage person, and she seemed really sweet. I am sure it was difficult for her to believe she could have fallen in love with such a shitty individual, but she seriously lucked out by getting out when she did. I used to feel bad for Josh because he clearly didn't (and doesn't) know what he has gotten himself into, but I have come to believe that Raven and Josh truly deserve one another.

No. 619913


This pic has everything!

>Tequila Rose

>cheap wig
>replacement headband he bought after their car crash
>overpriced Baphomet necklace from Amazon
>her Josh tattoo and their overpriced wedding rings
>her too small "FUCK" shirt she wears in devotion to the haters
>his Chucky t-shirt
>their new couch
>ten pounds shopped off her face and ten years shopped off Josh (that thinning hairline tho)

Happy New Year, my fellow momos!

No. 619918


>I used to feel bad for Josh

After he said in the same video, "If Claudia were here I would [unintelligible] and punch her in the fucking face … I would let her fucking have it" and that he wouldn't care if he went to jail.

No. 619925


Yeah, I hadn't seen that video until today, so any sympathy for him and his undeniable slow-wittedness (whether due to natural dumbness or drugs or both) has been completely eradicated. He is truly a shitty, garbage person, married to an even worse shitty, garbage person, and I hope he and Raven remain tied each other in their (literal) trash palace.

No. 619926

Does the GG thread have any milk we don't? My login has expired.


No. 619928


>trash palace

Next thread title suggestion noted!

No. 619940

No. 620033

Copy-paste wasnt working on my phone but thanks for the snark anyway, I never seem to escape it on this one thread.

No. 620079

>Happy New Year's 2019

Last part includes a tirade about he Dorian-Isa-Logan situation. Raven claims to have a source of information close to Dorian who is telling her 'things'. Josh looks dumb as ever.

No. 620084

Wow, so she hit her "fav" cat and he was mad at her for 2 days.

No. 620087

She's listing off their gifts to each other (again) in latest vid, does she have her own income now or is she buying him gifts like a gaming laptop..with his own money?

Also 'I have explanations for how every single one of those animals went missing'- What a dodgy sentence

No. 620109

File: 1546448154934.gif (3.07 MB, 300x326, wtf.gif)

I love the little cough she does toward some vape, like it's hurting her throat. Couchie just looks at her like "the fuck?" as he blows it in her face. Relationship fucking goals.

No. 620115

Incredibly dodgy sentence. Like you're not fooling anyone, Raven.

No. 620116

Josh already has that hostage face Logan had and she is pushing him to be with her on the video.

> I know you don't talk much, but you're the good husband, the different husband, the one tha has given me everything i've never had in my life.

Josh flinches

Nooo pressure, right?

No. 620123


Jesus christ, how obnoxious.
And of course the "cough" is as he is inhaling, when there is no smoke.

Lovin this progressing look of "why am i with her" look on his big dumb face.

No. 620128

Her own income has always been 'Ryan' or 'prostitution'. Other than that, I'm going with the rent to buy or whatever bullshit other anons have suggested.

Not just the look he gives her, but then the expression afterwards - "so this is my life now …"

No. 620132

Funny how she metions that we did not go after Isa and Dorian/logan because we 'pick sides' and 'she is the bigger fish'.
How did you know that Diana, since you are not visiting the hate sites again?

No. 620138

Cracked me up. Re: The Isa Trinity Thread - A few comments on there definitely seemed like they were repeated during the Raven sperg video about them. Maybe it was on Kiwi Farms, but I remember someone saying they were a mutual friend and Isa's intention was to use Dorian to get to Logan and Raven seems to be saying the same. I'm guessing the admins locked the thread because of suspicious activity, but couldn't get a confirm like they do with many self posters. Usually Admins have a field day with tagging self posts so my best guess is that Raven may have had a friend posting for her so it couldn't be linked.

Thing about cows is that we only go after those with internet presence, Diana. They're not active so we're not going to listen to fake "I'm a friend" vendetta posts or stalk them in real life. No one gives a shit if a fucked up girl decides to fuck two guys as a man. Who cares? Now a pedo, that preys on idiot men, posts constantly the most vile shit possible, easily wrecks relationships faster than she guzzles down slim jims and is a serial animal abuser is going to get negative attention here.

I love that she also accuses Logan of hanging out with people who fucked her over. Maybe he's just rebuilding the relationships that were fucked because of Raven's existence.

>Ex step-dad

Raven you fucking pedo. Logan is more of a peer than he was ever a dad.

The funny thing about her anger that Dorian was giving away secrets and lying is that Dorian dispelled the grossest rumors about Raven. He did her a favor by saying she never forced him to take nude pictures, he doesn't remember being starved and a few other things. All he ever did was say that she copied tattoos, but a vain bitch like Raven probably would have rather he lie about nude pics and say her tats were 100% original.

Anyways thanks for the transcript >>619457 transcript anon. I had tons to say and quote but god does she ramble on you just forget about it. She always makes herself look like the worst person without anyone spilling anything on here.

hahahaha. I can't read more into that face of Josh's other than complete annoyance. The way he vapes in her face is hilarious. And yeah the Claudia ordeal definitely should be a reminder of how Josh earned his misery. He wanted to punch his ex-girlfriend (fiance?) to show off to his fat fuck ugly goth girlfriend he cheated with. Balding fuck.

No. 620225

This made my night. Bless you Anon.

No. 620227

File: 1546478524136.png (413.25 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-01-02-16-28-37…)

Happy New Year's 2019


Published on Jan 2, 2019

We were already semi-drunk during this video, so please excuse the nonsense :-P
This is nowhere near my usual kind of New Years "look back on my past year" video!


Happy New Year's 2019. I'm not doing my normal New Year's video because I didn't really have a lot to say. Josh and I were supposed to go to Carowinds this winter for New Year's but, as you guys know, we have Bowie, who's sitting over there in the living room looking at us, and Loki, who is conked out, and this little guy right here. We have our new pets and we just didn't want to…I mean, the cats would be fine here. They're a bit scared because there's fireworks going off really close. But the dogs, we didn't want to stick them in a kennel having just got Bowie and definitely didn't want to leave them here, especially outside during the fireworks, so we need to rethink a plan for next year. We figured their safety and well-being was more important than us going out and getting drunk with a bunch of strangers or whatever.

So we're just sitting here. We have a big ol' bottle of Frangelico and we're drinking it. I have to take it slow because of my surgery I haven't really drinken [sic] anything. [they clink their Tequila Rose shot glasses] He's on his, his second sip. This is first time he's had Frangelico, so I'm introducing him to all my favorite old liquors. But it is really good. If you guys haven't had it, it tastes like hazelnuts.

Josh: [nods] And coffee.

Raven: Yeah. It's delicious but it's really strong. [he takes a sip, sets down his glass, and puts his arm around her shoulders, pulling on her wig in the process]

My uh, my baby boy is on my lap as always. I don't know if I can… [she tilts the camera towards her lap, Josh reaches over and pets him] He's never ever far from me. We went through a little three days where he was mad at me because he [Josh laughs] he jumped up on the couch and he stuck his face right in my eggs and bacon and he started eating it and I was like, whoa no! You know, and I gave him a little paddle and he was like, oh mommy hit me! And he ignored me for, what, two days? He wouldn't come…

Josh: Two or three days.

Raven: Yeah. He wouldn't come near me. He wouldn't sit on me. And I was like, he doesn't love me. But he was…he punished me for punishing him. And after that now he's fine and he's my baby again.

So uh, Josh is finally in a video. How has this year been for you?

Josh: [mumbles] I don't know. It's been strange for us. A lot of ups and downs.

Raven: Lots of stuff has happened.

Josh: Yeah.

Raven: There's a lot of stuff that we will not talk about publicly because it's private, but it's nothing to do our relationship or anything. It's just other stuff that we don't want to get into. But um, we had a…you know, my mom died. Let me move my camera up bit more. My mom died. We moved. We got a car. We, we went through a lot of changes this year, a lot of stuff has happened. I lost my kitty cat. I got another kitty cat. [to Lucipurr as she picks up her glass] You cannot have that, boy. [she tosses back her shot]

Josh: We had to give him back to his owner.

Raven: Her.

Josh: Her, yeah.

Raven: And we got this baby here who is my baby boy! [she lifts him into the air and brings his face to hers] Look at him! Hey! [she loudly kisses him and snuggles him] He doesn't care what you do. He's just so lovey. He's my baby. [Josh leans in and loudly kisses him]. Yeah. He's just purring away. He is the coolest kitten we have ever had. He's just so laid back. He just doesn't care about anything. I love him so much.

Josh: He stays right here.

Raven: Yeah. Lucipurr! And his name is LuciPURR, not LuciFER. A lot of people thought it was Lucifer, but it's not. It's Lucifpurr. I saw it on a Black Craft Cult advertisement. And it was a white kitty cat and his name was Lucipurr and I was like, oh my god that is the coolest thing ever. [Josh smiles] And this little boy purrs all the time. So I thought that was, like, the coolest name. And he comes…he could be anywhere in the house and I call his name and he runs right to me like a dog. It's so cool.

Josh: Yeah. And he chills with the dogs, too.

Raven: Yeah. He loves the dogs. He'll just, like, go and lay down and cuddle right with all the dogs. It is so sweet.

But anyway, let's talk about this, this year. This is our second year together…well, second New Year's together. Can I have the bottle. And you don't really do a lot of talking in these videos so I would like you to talk a little bit.

Josh: I don't talk much.

Raven: I know you don't talk much. [she pours herself another shot] But you're, you're the good husband and the different husband and the one that's giving me everything that I've never had in my life before, so it'd be nice to hear from you this New Year's.

Josh: I don't even know what to say.

Raven: How does it feel being married again? How does it feel having a life with somebody and everything that we've been through and your new job and…

Josh: It feels great. I love my new job.

Raven: …dealing with uh, the bullying [he wipes his eyes and his face with his fingertips] and um, things that you're not really used to in your life [Josh grunts] and just being with some strange girl who moved from overseas? Now we've been together over a year. We've been married half a year. How does it feel? How does it all feel?

Josh: It feels good. I love us and I love my job. But the bullying thing kind of died down. That was really a waste of their time. [he half-heartedly chuckles]

Raven: Yeah. It was uh, it was different to bring you into that.

Josh: Yeah.

Raven: But we don't, we don't check. We don't look. We hear stuff occasionally but it's just, whatever. I'm personally just tired of being online in general. It does nothing for me anymore. [Josh removes and replaces the mouthpiece of his vape with his lips and vapor leaks out] We look at stuff and we're like, ah that's a load of shit, that's a load of shit, look at this person, this person, this person, and when people…It's just [she coughs and waves the air] there's so much negativity online [he takes a hit and exhales a large cloud in front of them] and it brings you down after a while just reading all this bad stuff constantly. And sometimes it's good to take a break from it. It really is because too much negativity, it does get to you.

Josh: Yeah.

Raven: And uh, it's always a hard choice to make: your own mental state versus followers and fans and people you don't know, you know. I hate to abandon people like I do but sometimes you just, you just have to you. Yeah. It was good when we shut everything down for a while and got away from everything.

Josh: Yeah, it was. It was better.

Raven: Yeah.

[long pause]

Josh: Why'd you cough. Cuz of the Juul?

Raven: Well, yeah. I inhaled right when you…

Josh: That was the in…that was the incense.

Raven: Uh, I don't know. I, I inhaled and I got a whole bunch of smoke in my face.

Josh: [quietly] Sorry.

Raven: That wasn't nice. Um, kitty cat's over there with the dog right now. He's, he's cuddled up to Loki. I don't know if there's a way to show it. Unplug my phone. [she rotates the camera]

Josh: [chuckles] Yeah. That's perfect.

Raven: Lucipurr! Whatchu doing? [Lucipurr gets up, runs over, and jumps onto her lap] Look! Oh, there he goes! [laughs] Here, boy. See, he's gonna come see mommy. I give him a treat when he comes to me like that because it's super cute. This is a kitty cat treat, not a doggy treat. Doggies have bones.

Um, yeah. [coughs] I don't really have a lot to say. [Josh hits his vape and exhales to the side] I couldn't read that. I just got a text. Um, I don't really have a lot to say anymore. There's…because there's so much that I don't want to talk about. I want to keep my personal life private now. It's done me no good being open, like, so open about everything. But um, all I can say is that I'm still in the best marriage I've ever been in.

Josh: [kisses her shoulder, then swats away the stray wig hairs stuck to his face] Me, too.

Raven: I actually feel like I'm loved and appreciated and cherished.

Josh: You are.

Raven: And I think that [she squeezes his chin] Josh is the most beautiful human being I've ever laid my eyes on, in person or not in person.

Josh: I feel the same. [they kiss]

Raven: And you are the coolest kitty cat. You are the best little kitty cat ever. And we love our little family. We have uh, six animals right now. It doesn't feel like it. I got one to sleep right here on my leg, one on my lap, one of the pillows, and one on the couch right there. And then the dog and then the dog.

Josh: [leans forward and picks up Zero and kisses her] Zero! This is my girl, Zero. She's beautiful.

Raven: He loves her. She has a cute little face. We took her in and she was so young. She, she goes and suckles on one of our older ones. She, like, she tries to knead and suckle on her cuz she was taken away from her mom too, too young.

Josh: Yeah, she was.

Raven: Bowie gets along with the kitty cats. He's a good boy.

Josh: Yeah, he does. He's a good boy.

Raven: He listens really well. He listens better than Loki does. Loki's got a stubborn streak in him. It's probably the Husky. But um, we have a good, a good little family, a good little home here, and we're trying to make the best of our life and what we have.

Josh: [drinks his shot] Ooh hoo hoo hoo!

Raven: And we may not be rich, we may not have a whole lot, but we have a whole lot more than what we had at this time last year.

Josh: Hell yeah.

Raven: Last year we got…we didn't have a bed, we didn't have a vehicle…

Josh: Well, we had one but…

Raven: We didn't have, we didn't have the Jeep yet.

Josh: Oh, yeah.

Raven: So we, we didn't have anything this time last year. [he kisses her shoulder] We had like, what, two plates, two bowls, one set of silverware, if that, like four knives, four forks, for spoons…knives, forks, spoons, yeah. Four butter knives. [he kisses her shoulder] And it was just rough. But we made do. What was important to us was that we were together, more than any material objects. Now we have each other and we're married and we have stuff and we have pets.

And no matter how many people come to us and say that we're bad owners, I'm a bad owner and I kill and lose animals.

Josh: We're not. We're not.

Raven: I have explanations for every single animal that's gone missing. And they are all happy and healthy.

Josh: Yeah.

Raven: And shit happens sometimes and it doesn't mean that you've killed them or lost them on purpose. I've lost one animal and that was my mistake. Somebody took her. Aside from that…

Josh: Azzy?

Raven: Yeah, yeah. I admit that I fucked up by leaving her outside when I went in to take a piss. But damn, you know, [he kisses her shoulder] mistakes happen. Sometimes it's just, it's just one little mistake and something happens and what can you do? You can't take it back. And everything else, it wasn't our fault. It's just unfortunate circumstances. Shit happened. But we do our very best to give these animals the best home that they could have. And we've got past and present owners of pretty much all these pets. Where we got those two from [points off camera to Jelly and Miss Pretty] and Amber, you know my little girl that died. [he kisses her shoulder] We have their old owner on my friends list. Got Bowie's owner on my friends list. Loki's owner, I have her email and her…she has my cell phone number. We have each other's numbers and she's on my Instagram. And his owner, [points to Lucipurr on her lap] his old owner is on my friends list as well. So we keep in touch with everybody. And um, it's just ignorance and hatred, blind hatred that makes people say these nasty things.

Josh: Yeah.

Raven: But it's not going to stop us. And as long as we're under the legal limit, which we are, we'll keep getting as many animals as we damn well feel like because this is a good home for them…

Josh: Yeah.

Raven: …and I don't care what anybody says. But I'm, I don't want to talk about animals any more. I think I… [pause] Yeah, I don't know.

Josh: What?

Raven: I feel a little buzzed. [they laugh]

Josh: Me, too.

Raven: I think that's why I'm blabbing. I feel a little drunk. [he kisses her shoulder] It is awful hot in here. It's awful hot in here! [laughs and fans herself]

Josh: But they're fed every day and they're watered. They don't get abused.

Raven: Yeah.

Josh: They love us.

Raven: [motions to Lucipurr] Obviously. Does this look like the face of a cat that's, that's in a bad home or is abused? I mean, look at him.

Josh: He wouldn't be…I'm sure he wouldn't come near us.

Raven: Yeah. And he is purring and purring. And the dogs are miserable if they can't get as close to us as they can. Like, right now we're trying to keep them on that side of the couch, you know, because right here there's not that much space.

Josh: They keep trying to get near us.

Raven: And they get as close as they can because they want to be with us at all times. And those aren't abused animals, you know. They, they're not like Azzie. She, she was abused, and not by us. She cowered.

Josh: Yeah. It was sad.

Raven: She was scared to move. They're not scared to move. They just prefer to be as close to us as they can. Even Zero. She comes around and likes to sleep with us.

Josh: Yeah.

Raven: They just…they, they have an amazing home here. They really do. And they get, not only they get…do they get really good expensive food. We give them grain-free really good food.

Josh: Yeah. Health food.

Raven: But they also get treats. Like, sometimes we won't…we'll be down to our last bit of money and we'll go, let's get the dogs a bone. We'll bring them big old meaty bones and shit, you know. And let's get the cats a toy or some treats. [he kisses her shoulder] And you just wanted to spend almost twenty bucks on treats on them yesterday. They're spoiled because they are our children…

Josh: Yeah.

Raven: …you know. This is our family. This is our life. And everybody in this household gets spoiled. [she pulls his hand to her face]

You should, you should talk about what you got for Christmas. I didn't make a Christmas video. I just really, I really didn't feel like it. But…

Josh: Some amazing stuff.

Raven: Um, do you…I don't understand if you remember everything you got. Cuz on YouTube I didn't talk about what we got for Christmas yet. [she sips her drink]

Josh: A bunch of shirts, hoodies. I got the original Child's Play script autographed by Brad Dourif. Certificate of auth…

Raven: Authenticity.

Josh: Right? I'm sure that came with it.

Raven: Yeah, it did.

Josh: A bunch of signed pictures and posters with certificates of authenticity.

Raven: Got uh, Tim Curry's autograph and Bill Skaarsgard. Some It pictures. All of your new shit up there.

Josh: I got the horror plushies, the horror Legos.

Raven: He got mostly It stuff, Chucky stuff, and horror stuff. You, you got a lot of expensive hard-to-find shit this year cuz this was a year I had the money to buy you lots of stuff. We…what we do or did is we started buying stuff in, like, July and so we've been saving it over the course of the year.

Josh: It's a good idea.

Raven: And um, I got, I got some cool stuff, too. I got Pop Funko's and two dresses and this awesome hooded, hooded cloak, like veily tall hooded cloak, and this necklace here that I love. I got a preserved octopus and a preserved bat. And my pride and joy is I got Rain the Living Dead Doll. I'd been after her for so long.
Josh: You got Umbrel, too.

Raven: And umbrel, that was early, earlier in the year. And Pennywise Living Dead Dolls. I love Living Dead Dolls.

Josh: You got Cuphead, too.

Raven: Yeah. But we were at the store together when I bought that. You didn't buy me that. I bought me that. Um, the Rain, it turns out that they re-released it. I didn't even know that they did that. And this is the re-release. And I went and I wanted to know what the difference was between the re-release and the original.

Josh: [takes a long sip] Ho ho, shit!

Raven: And it turns out that the re-release, it has got glass eyes and, as a whole, she is way prettier. It turns out the original Rain is actually really ugly.

Josh: You got the Xenomorph bust, too.

Raven: That was my birthday.

Josh: Oh, yeah. I'm buzzing a little bit.

Raven: [laughs] You can't just look up there and point out everything and say that's what I got. Half of that shit was birthday presents. I got Doctor Who socks and he got Pennywise socks and Child's Plays socks.

And his Christmas present that I couldn't wrap so I gave it to him early also was the 4.0 bluetooth surround sound X Rocker gaming chair. That shit was expensive.

Josh: It's nice.

Raven: And it's like fifty pounds. It's comfortable.

Josh: I got a mini Nintendo, too.

Raven: Oh, yeah, a mini Nintendo. And then for his birthday…

Josh: I can show it. Hold on. [he gets up]

Raven: For his birthday I had also got him the Xbox One X. Is that what it's called?

Josh: Yeah.

Raven: One X? And I got him a gaming, [he holds up the mini Nintendo and they laugh] I got him a gaming laptop. Fuckin' what brand is that? Lenovo something? Lenovo red and black gaming laptop.

Josh: It's MSI.

Raven: Oh, never mind, that was what I was looking at. It's an MSI gaming laptop.

Josh: It's nice, too. [he sits down]

Raven: [she holds her hand to the side of her mouth as if she's telling the audience a secret] He does it every New Years. But besides that…

Josh: Cuz I have an Xbox One X. [she laughs]

Raven: We've done pretty good. This is probably the year that we've splurged the most. I don't think the other years are gonna be this big.

Josh: Yeah. Thousands of dollars.

Raven: Yeah. The other years aren't gonna be this big. Really there's nothing else that I could think of to get him so we have to go to wish lists next year.

Josh: Google Play gift cards.

Raven: I also got him…for your birthday you got a $50 Google Play gift card and for Christmas I got you another $50 Google Play gift card.

Josh: That's what I want the most, Google Play gift cards.

Raven: And my friend Samuel, who is like a brother to me…

Josh: [nods] Yeah, that was really nice.

Raven: …he was so sweet and he sent me a doll that I love and that I had wanted for a long time. And he sent him an awesome Dragon Ball Z figurine. And that was really, really sweet of him.

Josh: Yeah, that was really nice.

Josh: And my daughter from another mother, Arianna. She's a girl that I met when she was 15 years old. She was such a sweet little girl. I used to drive her around. She'd ditch school at my house sometimes. And she was, she was a sweetheart. I used to wish she was my daughter. She sent us a really nice card as well. So that was really sweet. We haven't given our address out to hardly anybody, only people that we really really really really trust cuz, you know, stuff and stuff.

Josh: People.

Raven: People. But um, though those were really really nice gestures. And it would be great if they could come visit us at some point. I would love Josh to meet my friends and stuff cuz he's gonna be around for the rest of my life. Or his life, whoever dies first. Probably me cuz I'm not healthy.

Josh: Don't say that.

Raven: But yeah…

Josh: [he touches her headband] You got a bunch of bows, too.

Raven: No, I didn't. Oh, you gave me one bow for Christmas. And it stands up…

Josh: It's an odd all.

Raven: …so I have to figure out how to wear it. And on the bow itself is written, like, "die, kill, murder" and all that stuff. It's pretty cool. It's cute. And I got him a horror wallet that's got bloody handprints on it and it's got his name written in bloody fingerprints that he hasn't used yet. [she looks at him] And a Chucky doll from the 1980s, the original Chucky…

Josh: Yeah, the OG one.

Raven: Child's Play 2? or 3?

Josh: That one's from 2, I think.

Raven: Child's Play 2 doll. And some It pictures and the, the um, Dragon Ball pictures printed on dictionary pages. Lots, just so much stuff, so, so much stuff. It was amazing. It was a really great Christmas, great year. And um, how long has this been going on? 20 minutes of nothing. Um, I guess that's about it because I can't think of anything else to say without going in circles. Do you have anything to say? You never say much. You need to talk more. Talk.

Josh: I don't know. Happy new year. [they laugh]

Raven: So what do you, what do you think about the Logan and Dorian situation with uh…

Josh: I don't even want to talk about that. [she snickers] It's a damn shame.

Raven: [she picks up her glass but does not drink] Not many people have wanted to comment on that.

Josh: Good.

Raven: A lot of people have kind of steered clear of that topic. That is very shocking. I, I was debating whether I should mention it or not. We talk about it between us a bit because we're just like, what the fuck, Logan, are you thinking? He could have found anybody else, doesn't matter who. But to go after his stepson's wife and live in the house. And so Dorian essentially has to watch himself being cheated on nonstop.

Josh: I just don't understand it.

Raven: I don't understand it, either. And I feel really bad for Dorian for that…

Josh: I do, too, actually.

Raven: …but he has to learn. I know…

Josh: He's being an ass but I actually feel bad for him.

Raven: Yeah. I know that's not the relationship he wanted and that's not the marriage that he should have had. [he puts his arm around her shoulders] He should have been married and been happy and, you know, like this, and been in love, or been with somebody that loves him enough to want only him. That's what it should be. Marry someone that loves you enough to just want you.

Josh: Yeah.

Raven: And I, I'm afraid he's stuck now and he doesn't know how to get out of it. I don't know. There is a friend of his that is not supposed to be talking to me that is very close to him that has filled me in on a whole bunch of stuff. And I better not find out that Dorian has killed himself over her. Because that's another topic I don't want to get into because if I say anything she'll be like, oh my god she threatened me, I'm gonna go to the cops. Cuz that's what she does. [she takes a drink]

Josh: Or he.

Raven: She knows she's a she. That, that whole "I'm a male" thing was just attention whoring stuff. And if it wasn't for the fact that she's an enemy of mine, the hate sites would have been all over her. But they have to choose a side, and their side is I'm the most important one so they're not gonna go after anybody else.

Josh: [fussing with his shirt] This shirt looks weird.

Raven: They're gonna take their side even though secretly, or not so secretly, they hate them, too. But I'm the bigger fish to talk about or whatnot. But that situation trumps all, in my opinion. It's just uh, for every reason it shouldn't have happened. Dorian should have been in a, you know…no matter what he's done to me in the past, Dorian should have ended up being married and being in a good relationship. [Josh tosses back a shot and grimaces] And it should have been worthwhile to him to have done what he did to me because true love and all that. He was in love. He was made to feel like she really cared about him and wanted to be with him and only him and um, you know, basically something worth throwing your mother away for, not some girl that was cheating on you in your own house.

Josh: Yeah.

Raven: That shouldn't've happened whatever reason. But it's not my life. I have my own life. And uh, we're happy. Happier than I've ever been.

Josh: Me, too. [they kiss] Ah, is it kiss proof?

Raven: Jeffree Star. I put it on specifically because I knew I was gonna drink and I'd probably end up with lipstick smeared all over. Cuz the other ones, as much as I love them, they're not kiss proof the same. But yeah. Um, so we're watching Supernatural so we're probably gonna continue watching Supernatural. I don't even know what time it is.

Josh: It's probably 11:30 or so.

Raven: Lucipurr! That cannot be comfortable.

Josh: It's a quarter after 11. [sighs]

Raven: Yeah, it's almost, almost the new year. [they kiss]

Josh: Love you.

Raven: Love you. I guess that's it?

Josh: Yep.

Raven: Well. Say, bye.

Josh: Bye. [they wave]

Raven: And happy new year.

Josh: Happy new year!

Raven: Happy new year! [then in a goofy low voice mocking him] Happy new year!

Josh: Shut up. [they laugh]

No. 620228

File: 1546478741582.png (391.08 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-01-02-16-24-26…)

"…dealing with uh, the bullying."

No. 620232

File: 1546478939350.png (289.55 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-01-02-16-20-25…)

The shack looks a bit cleaner than it was in the last video.

No. 620233

File: 1546479012424.png (389.4 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-01-02-16-19-47…)

"Um, kitty cat's over there with the dog right now. He's, he's cuddled up to Loki."

No. 620234

File: 1546479034405.png (350.08 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-01-02-16-20-16…)

No. 620238

File: 1546479251353.png (414.69 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-01-02-16-54-24…)

Josh kisses her shoulder, then swats away the stray wig hairs stuck to his face.

No. 620240

File: 1546479301519.png (416 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-01-02-16-54-01…)

No. 620242

File: 1546479396855.png (412.9 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-01-02-16-37-05…)

No. 620243

LOL, Josh looks so miserable throughout the video. I agree that it's reaching Logan levels now. It's so fascinating that she doesn't seem to see it.