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No. 360163

This thread is for the discussion of transgenderism / trans ideology from a gender critical and radical feminist perspective. It was originally created by Admin as an amalgamation of the TERF and Transgender threads.

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry.

http://www.4thwavefeminists.com (404)

https://gendertrender.wordpress.com (suspended)

Inauthentic Selves: The modern LGBTQ+ Movement Is Run By Philanthropic Astroturf And Based On Junk Science



Documenting violent crimes committed by transgender individuals
This Never Happens

Parents and clinicians concerned about transgender youth

YouTube Channels
Elly Arrow
Magdalen Berns
Cathy Brennan / Ally Missandry
Dr. RadFem
Tanith Lloyd
Meghan Murphy
Posie Parker
A Woman's Place

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No. 360165

File: 1548461240421.jpeg (242.63 KB, 1200x1138, 1547046047578.jpeg)

No. 360188


The last thread still has 100 comments left, and anons were in the middle of a discussion. You did not add sites discussed in the last thread to the resource list or ask for contributions. And you dropped the italics from the OP.

No. 360279

File: 1548490090987.png (23 KB, 733x180, chrome_2019-01-26_02-37-16.png)

No. 360292

i'm so fucking happy there's a significant gender crit presence on this site

No. 360302

Same, anon. I'm also grateful that the gendercrit threads are gaining more and more traction and there are posters all over the globe telling different experiences. There aren't a lot of gendercrit spaces where you can be anonymous so it's a godsend.

No. 360312

Yeah, because being a woman means being miniscule and lesser uwu uwu uwu

No. 360332

File: 1548510375525.png (38.2 KB, 609x219, 992.png)

It's in the original dril corncobbing tweet that he's referencing, to be fair.

No. 360340

Like clockwork, there's always someone bitching about the OP.

No. 360357

No. 360366

>shoe liked
honestly even if he referenced a dril tweet, he's still in denial, just trying to pass it off as gender comedy

No. 360402


Just imagine if the same amount of attention, funding, planning, etc. put into pandering "trans kids" was put into kids who were gay. Or even bullied kids. No, it seems to only matter when the child is "trans".

>According to the UK’s only NHS specialist service provider of gender identity support for under-18s, the number of British children who want to change their gender has doubled in six months. The Tavistock and Portman NHS trust gender identity development service in London is under huge pressure, with many of the referrals – 151 from 2012-13 to 2014-15 – involving children under the age of 10, including one three-year-old and 12 four-year-olds.

151 kids under 10. 12 four-year-olds and one three-year-olds. Let that sink in. Three year olds can barely communicate. Their vocabulary has around 200 words and they understand only simple sentences.

>Primary schools are asking for training around issues of gender identity and one city council, Brighton & Hove has asked parents what gender their four-year-olds “ most identify with” for a council form.

the UK is too far gone with this shit. I can't believe what I'm reading.

No. 360492

Honestly I'm willing to bet that 90% of the youngkids that are told their trans are just normal kids exploring their own personal views on gender that really have no lasting desire to switch gender.

When I was a kid, we'd play games where we said we were boys because we were copying male characters or pretending to do jobs that we thought only boys could do or mimicking older brothers. If the trans thing had the same traction back then somebody would have definitely said I was trans, even though I grew up to be very happy and proud to be a female.

No. 360518

Will it be considered a hate crime to request a female gyno if the gyno is trans? With the state things are headed in, it seems very possible. I worry for my friends having children with this going on, do you think it will all blow over in a few years or get worse?

No. 360527

Luckily there haven't been trans gynos, at least from what I've heard. Many of them are in IT or sex work or just neets with a gofundme. Being a doctor for actual women would piss them off too much because they'd fight biology and med school and actual biological realities

No. 360573

I think the trans movement will hit a wall in a decade or so. I don't think it will blow over, so to speak, I think it's more likely that something will snap and the tides will change.

Sadly, I think the pushback will happen when it turns out that lots of very unlucky children were made to transition because they didn't match stereotypical gender roles. I think some unfortunate kids are gonna end up being cannon fodder. I think they're gonna grow up and hate what was done to them, whether that be stunting their puberty with blockers or giving them surgery. When people realise that children were sterilised and sliced up because they were a boy that liked dolls or a girl with short hair and that it made them depressed and worse off in the long run, they're gonna start to look back at it all the same way we look back on conversion therapy and lobotomies.

No. 360579

Regarding the three year old and the four year olds, this is nothing but child abuse from parents who wanted the "other" gender and think emotional abuse and forced sterility is the way to get it. These children should be taken into care, not helped to "transition". I can understand a teen maybe arriving at their own conclusions via peer pressure and past experiences, but a 3-4 year old has the same life experience and inteligence as a smart dog. They can't make choices like this.

No. 360585

>slowly shrank and transformed

You can't just close your eyes and will your body into shape…only your penis

I was just thinking about the term "female-presenting", implication is women have a button which we can press to subtract our breasts, hips, change bone structure and shape, facial structure, and fat distribution within seconds.
It feeds into the narrative that the only difference between a man and a woman is long or short hair, and everything else is a choice which can be made at a moment's notice.
Completely delusional idea obviously borne from a man's mind, who, overly focused on his dick, can alter the shape and size of that at a moment's notice, and projects such novelty onto women's bodies in the case of the AGP

Maybe I'm wrong here but their false notion that the body can "shrink and transform" seems to be a connected thought to general AGP. Obviously I am dick-free but I imagine all men are somewhat mentally disturbed due to the prominent role one of their body parts plays in their lives and general psychology. A man can't get through an hour without thinking about sex, when I was a kid the "fact" thrown around was that men think about sex every ten seconds. As a result of their disordered sexuality - animals go into heat, but human males are permanently sexually active - they are all generally disturbed and have BDD about their penises, and project their warped thoughts regarding bodies and sexuality onto both women and themselves, in the case of the AGP

In this research paper I will-

No. 360607

I’ve been agreeing with a lot of gender critical stuff recently, but there is one thing that seems to boggle me about it.

In gender critical feminism, there is no difference between the male and female brains, and that differences in behavior are all caused by socialization. However, whenever I hear a TIF commit a crime, comments usually say “the testosterone made her do this/made it worse” and “typical male entitlement/typical female submissiveness”

Honestly Gender Critical Theory made me believe in brain sex MORE, not less. (Since MTFs act like men and FTMs act like women despite hormones) when I was a TRA I didn’t even believe in brain sex at all.

Can anyone here explain?

No. 360608

I really don’t know why anons here are so insistent that brain isn’t affected by sex at all when literally every other organ in our body is. It doesn’t make us lesser for recognising innate differences we have

No. 360610

File: 1548566614745.jpg (373.76 KB, 1080x787, 20190126_202236.jpg)

Totally not a mental illness you guys.

No. 360612

I think it’s because TRA’s constantly use the “brain is wired like their gender identity” argument despite said argument even being debunked by TRAs themselves. It can also be debunked by how MTFs behavior is much more simmilar to men than women and vice versa for FTMs.

I saw a servey showing what kind of people were otherkin and it showed that more women than men were otherkin and more FTMs than MTFs were otherkin. (“Non binary” people, 80% of which are female, beat both men and MTFs in the poll, too.)

On /lgbt/ there was a poll showing which people used it, and it ranked from most common to least common: MTFs, Bi/Gay men, Straight men, Lesbians, and finally FTMs. Both polls can debunk the “brain in wrong body” argument without denying sex differences in the brain.

No. 360615

File: 1548569155370.png (88.53 KB, 199x308, 1530185751870.png)

>when ur lawyer uses ur HRT and transition as a reason you went on a meth binge and attempted to axe murder 3 people after ur waifu doesn't like you back
>is now in a women's prison


No. 360621

File: 1548570088743.jpeg (30.94 KB, 592x267, CdOYzsgUsAEK4fJ.jpeg)

Old but worth noting. There's that male threat of violence creeping through

No. 360623

File: 1548570972687.jpg (78.8 KB, 634x634, 4EC8F68500000578-6021987-image…)


He has been sentenced.

Transgender woman, 26, who stormed a 7-Eleven and hacked at strangers with an axe in terrifying random attack is jailed for nine years

A transgender woman who randomly attacked two people with an axe at a Sydney convenience store has been sentenced to nine years behind bars.

Evie Amati, 26, was jailed on Friday after ambushing Benjamin Rimmer and Sharon Hacker at a 7-Eleven in Enmore in the early hours of January 7, 2017.

She was found guilty of attempted murder in August last year after the NSW District Court rejected her claims she was suffering from mental illness.

She told the court that just before the attack she heard voices that told her to 'kill and maim' and 'start the rise of hell on earth'.

CCTV footage of the viscous attack showed Amati casually walk into the store carrying an axe - before standing next to Mr Rimmer, who was in line behind Ms Hacker.

In the video, Amati was seen swinging the axe twice into the face of Mr Rimmer, knocking him to the ground, before hitting Ms Hacker, who also fell to the ground.

Blood is seen gushing from Mr Rimmer's head, as he tries to evade Amati, and he removes his t-shirt to absorb the blood and seal his head wound.

The court also heard evidence from Amati's third victim, Shane Redwood, who told the jury, via audio visual link from the UK, that he was across the road when he saw a woman hit another woman with what he thought was a baseball bat.

Mr Redwood said it was only after approaching the store to offer his assistance that he realised Amati was wielding an axe, at which point she began swinging the axe in his direction.

Judge Mark Williams sentenced Amati to nine years in jail with a non-parole period of four years and six months at Sydney's Downing Centre District Court on Friday.



No. 360635

Hah. Don't know how serious you are, but I think if you raise and socialise boys to have nothing but respect for girls and women, they'll naturally learn they have to control their urges because their dicks are not the centre of the universe.

Maybe I'm foolish, but I think we're all born with inconvenient desires of all stripes - but the difference is that women face more pressure to clamp down on theirs then men do. Apply a similar pressure, and there's no reason men couldn't grow up to have more self-control.

No. 360639

>the testosterone made her do this/made it worse
Studies indicate a correlation between testosterone and agression.
>typical male entitlement/typical female submissiveness
This is a product of socialization, not gendered brains. Women are raised with constant warnings about how they need to be careful around men, and with a pressure to be more pleasant and attentive to people.

The gendered brains theory is often used to put women down despite a higher percentage of women having a university degree. You'll also see a lot of troons acting out stereotypes about women when they get on hormones, like believing their lowered sexual drive is normal for women, or if they change their behaviour to suit the trashiest stereotypes.

No. 360646

On the topic of female/male brain, a very interesting article I found on Posie Parker's website:

Do you have a theory as to why autism presents differently in boys than girls – is it two separate things, or are they different presentations down to the nurture idea – girls and boys being socialised in a different way resulting in different expressions of autism?
>It does appear to be associated with socialisation. Girls are encouraged more to acquire social skills/learn the right social scripts. It is suggested that ASD girls therefore ‘fly under the diagnostic radar’ for longer than boys because they appear to have normal social skills. Only when life gets more complicated e.g. on transition to secondary school – do the present with problems.

Could you tell us a bit about neuroplasticity please? I am guessing that accounts for many of the differences we might see between male and female brains and the nurture over nature element?
>Absolutely. We have realised in the last 30 years or so that our brains are changing as a result of the experiences we have (and attitudes we encounter), all of our lives (not just when we are very young), and that this will be reflected in our brains. This includes experiences with stereotypes for example.

Caitlyn Jenner referred to the idea of a female brain as fact, if I remember correctly, during her interview with Piers Morgan on ITV recently – what do you think of this?
>Yes – she said it several times. It is indeed the main feeling expressed by transsgender individuals, they have a female brain in a male body or vice versa. Or that they have been born in the wrong box. It concerns me greatly – it is the effect of an unshakable belief that there is a direct link between biological sex and social gender. Which is, of course, the mantra of 18th century (male) neurologists that still gets muttered!

Can you tell us how gender stereotyping and gender threat change the brain?
Could you explanation what gender threat is please?
>Stereotype threat is when you belong to a group (females, say) where there is a stereotype that that group underperforms at whatever task you are being asked to carry out (maths, say). This has been shown to affect both behaviour (you do worse than you should do) and the brain (less effective areas are recruited to solve the problems). Classic self-fulfilling prophecy.

Gina Rippon is Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Neuroimaging at the Aston Brain Centre, Aston University. I guess it's safe to say that she knows her stuff. But of course troons couldn't care less about facts.

No. 360649

No need to watch the video, just a quick skim through the comments and it's full of males and trannies being enraged by her… Who would have thought that /s
When Jordan Peterson gets emotional about topics, the video title says something along the lines of "Feminazi destroyed with facts!!! Peterson makes roastie cry!!!, but when a women does you have scrots complaining the she just whines, is babbling,"where's the science"…

No. 360650

Huh? Your whole post describes socialized behavior. Men are still entitled even if they transition because they've grown up as men. Women are still submissive even after transitioning because that's how they were taught to be growing up.

I can't believe how at the same time they repeat the "trans people are literally murdered every day!!!!" mantra over and over again while also constantly posting violent threats.
>Each day a terf murders a beautiful stunning twans woman!!! uwu
>All right so cis fuckers better watch out, if I see any of you cunts in Florida I'll fucking shoot you down

>I think we're all born with inconvenient desires of all stripes - but the difference is that women face more pressure to clamp down on theirs then men do.
This. Men are encouraged to be hypersexual perverts, while women are discouraged from expressing their sexuality. Every inch of female sexuality is made out to be a property of men and only brought up when it's appropriate for the male. That's why men freak out so hard over girls liking gay porn because they themselves can't enjoy it.

No. 360674

>you also can’t be married, have children under 20, or have started HRT yet. Have to begin with GRS/bottom surgery to get your gender officially changed in Japan
I can support this.

No. 360675

Holy fuck. There should be a rule where if a "transgender woman" does a crime they lose their woman status in reporting and get referred to as a transexual instead. They're not helping our crime stats

No. 360711

File: 1548596407400.jpg (17.53 KB, 720x240, 37278958_10106420285363584_477…)

Here's the specific court case itself - https://www.caselaw.nsw.gov.au/decision/5c4114d9e4b02a5a800be02b

Also some "applicant" brought a case against journalist Tim Blair of The Daily Telegraph but court procedures means it was against the company which owns The Daily Telegraph - Nationwide News Pty Ltd. Court found in favor of Nationwide News saying:

"Nonetheless, we are not persuaded that the ordinary reader is so lacking in intelligence or taste that he or she would be incited to serious contempt for, or severe ridicule of, Ms Amati or transgender people at large."

Just goes to show - trannies really do think less of us cisfolks.

No. 360721

File: 1548599330934.jpeg (11.05 KB, 275x223, 1539562699049.jpeg)

>Having ended the date because she believed the woman found her unattractive because she was transgender, Amati told her 'some people deserve to die'.
>'One day I will kill a lot of people and it will be your fault', she told her date, and later called her a 'psychopath'.
A murderous transcel. "B-But that never happens!!", they say. These are the people we're supposed to accept as equals and even date.
I have no words anymore, all I know is that many people have blood on their hands… and no, it's not the "TERFs".

No. 360742

Imagine hating women this much?

Skinwalk all you want, your toxic masculinity is showing, Blaire.

Also those bolt-ons, fucking yikes lmao

No. 360747

why is she poking out her tongue in the thumbnail is such a half-hearted way

No. 360750

File: 1548607540508.jpeg (28.86 KB, 360x432, E12FA626-222D-4DCD-9594-A3D212…)

blaire has run out of ideas on how he can milk his incel fanboys

No. 360754

kinda off topic but didnt he lose a lot of followers when he became more vocal about trans stuff?

No. 360755

god blaire it's not 2013 anymore lol. why do these tards still make videos on the meme sjw libfem types. talk about low hanging fruit

No. 360757

>women are actually more likely to abuse children

No. 360764

Yes, I'm totally going to listen to someone who's trying (and eternally failing) to cosplay as my gender on how to be a better woman.
Why does he use "we" in regards to women when he knows he's not involved in that camp?

No. 360790

But can’t socialized behavior be unlearned though?

Almost everyone on here is female and they appear to have unlearned female socialization.

No. 360794

Wouldn’t toxic femininity be women who force other women to be feminine and shame tomboys for being masculine though? (Ie. Pretty girls who make fun of ugly girls for not being conventionally attractive, or mothers who get mad when their daughter doesn’t want to wear a dress)

Toxic masculinity doesn’t mean “men who are toxic” it means “toxic aspects of masculinity”, therefore, “toxic femininity” would be “toxic aspects of femininity” rather than “women with toxic masculinity”

No. 360796

Yes but why would men (transitioned or otherwise) want to unlearn theirs? Male socialization works pretty well for the individual. And not many women get to think about their socialization, everyone here has done so because radical feminism is the only place where it is acknowledged and fought against.

No. 360800


Valid point. I think Blaire just wanted an excuse to rip on women… He obviously has no clue as to what the female experience is actually like. His arguments were painfully superficial.

No. 360801

Maybe they’d want to unlearn it because they want to be a nicer person?

Another reason why i’m confused about it is because some(not all, of course) comments on r/gendercricital (I like browsing there) believe that men might not even have the ability to have empathy, and how testosterone is a cause to why men act the way they do.

No. 360803

I see that a lot with people saying “but what about toxic femininity!?” When the concept of “toxic femininity” is already discussed in femininist cricles long before people even coined up “toxic masculinity”. In fact, it probably was one of the first feminist topics being discussed.

No. 360807

It’s funny because people like Blaire, as well as anti-feminist women like shoeonhead would be a perfect example of toxic femininity with how they make fun of how ugly and masculine a lot of radical feminists are.

No. 360808


One thing that really irks me about gendercritters is that currently we have nothing stopping from pedophiles and rapists entering womens bathrooms right now, they don't have to identify as women or whatever for that to happen.


I think there are some things i would consider toxic femininity such as intrasexual competition between women. But the thing is that women can also perpetrate toxic masculinity which is what most people yelling "toxic femininity" don't understand.

No. 360809

>Maybe they’d want to unlearn it because they want to be a nicer person?
What? That's definitely not how men work, look around you.

>men might not even have the ability to have empathy, and how testosterone is a cause to why men act the way they do.

Men are taught, and brought up in a world where supressing their empathy, if they do have any, is acceptable and even encouraged. Chicken and egg?

No. 360811

“Stop body shaming other women”
Jesus Christ this has to be the most hypocritical thing Blaire, or any other anti feminist has ever done.

No. 360814

And here we see a self-hating gay man who has some massive resentment towards women. Larping as the superficial stereotype of a man's perfect fantasy bimbo and being so bitter that he has the need to make an angry video to sperg out over an ad that has the extremely radical message of "raise your boys right and don't make them chauvinistic, entitled pigs". I get that it sucks that dicks turn men off Robbie, but don't take it out on women.

also god this video is so retarded.
>hurrr stop hitting your poor husbands and leeching on them you golddigging slut!!! omygod i can't believe how shallow women are it's the current year gurlfrends!!! toxic masculinity is a myth you catty cunts!!! blue haired feminists are the real problem!!

No. 360815

Wish the term trancels picked up steam. This shit is horrific, hating women so much you want to skinwalk as one

But robbie/Blair has to stop hrt soon since he said he wants kids of his own (with his own sperm. Can't get more male than that) but… still totally a girl and one of us right ladies? Still remember how he lost that debate with Candace Owens after she called him a man.

It's always that
>what about women who do ___!!!
whenever we hear about the stats of men being more likely to rape, abuse, torture and murder.

No. 360816

When most people cite “toxic femininity”, they refer to when women use toxic masculinity, which is very rare since not only is it rare for a women to be masculine, it’s also rare for a woman to have macho-ideal for herself that toxic masculinity does to men. I mean, have you seen a woman who gets embarrassed when people see her cry? Porbably not, because women are expected to cry when sad.

It’s funny since the actual concept of toxic femininity is much more common than women having toxic masculinity which gets mistaken as “toxic femininity”.

Women abusing someone wouldn’t be a “toxic femininity” crime because it doesn’t relate to femininity. Women shoplifting makeup in order to seem cool by her peers (tumblr’s shoplifting community) could be considered a “toxic femininity” crime because material objects such as makeup are a sign of femininity, especially when they are used as a status symbol.

No. 360818

> which is very rare
I don't think it's very rare at all, women often do think a guy should be always ready sex and interested in them, otherwise they're gay or something.

No. 360820

In my life most empathetic men I've met faced some form of abuse or had dangerous parents so they learned to watch for subtle cues more, I find that really depressing.

I definitely don't think it's because of testosterone, but society pushes the "silly boys, complicated women" image in pop culture. It's just like in that article an anon linked up in the thread, girls with autism aren't noticed early because they're taught more about social cues and interpreting how other people feel.

No. 360843

It’s not rare when they have toxic masculine standards for men; it’s rare when they have those standards for themselves.
You do make a good point, though. I should have considered it.

No. 360859

Imagine a world without "epic" YouTube "debators"

No. 360861

>I mean, have you seen a woman who gets embarrassed when people see her cry? Porbably not, because women are expected to cry when sad.

Yes?? I've been embarrassed about crying in front of others since childhood and to this day (although it's not really an issue since i'm much less prone to crying in public as I grew older). Same goes for everyone I know, I've hardly ever seen my mother cry, even when she experienced domestic abuse. Even growing up in primary school or high school my friends would make excuses for crying if ever they got choked up in front of others, especially if it was about a boy, or even another girl they had a confrontation with. I've been bullied by other girls solely because they witnessed me crying.

Feminity can certainly be toxic but it's very different from the toxic forms of masculinity. I don't really think they're two sides of the same coin as they're manifested differently. But even in popular culture, we have films like Mean Girls that deconstruct toxic feminine culture. Case in point: girls will often encourage other girls to dumb themselves down and reject any intellectual pursuit. Cady Heron started out as a smart but naive girl who was ultimately pressured into prioritizing petty/catty behaviour even after Janice explained that Regina had ostricized her by starting rumours about her being a "lesbian crack head" (which literally happened to me in real life lmao).

The reason that film became such a huge success was because it echoed the reality of teenage girls. Every girl in my school was obessed with the film and started their own "burn books" which led to the school principal calling an assembly and asking us if we had actually learned any moral lessons by watching the film. Of course the anti-bullying message went right over our heads and it didn't change anything.

No. 360884

How do I counter arguments such as this one?

>If you support women doing "whatever they want with their bodies," why are you against pornography and sex work?

No. 360888

If you need someone to help argue for you then it may not be your actual beliefs? Try exercising your own thoughts. If you work through your own mental dilemmas and contradicting feelings then you'll likely have a much more thoughtful response than anyone else could offer for a quick rebuttal.

You ever heard that old quote?
>listen with the intent to understand not the intent to reply

I'm interested in hearing your counter argument though anon!

No. 360897


just say you're against women being exploited and abused. there's a difference between a camgirl and a woman or girl who has been sex trafficed and forces into pornography.

there's a difference between a escort who chooses her clients and a woman who has a pimp that beats her every night and takes her money.

or you could talk about how the whole sex work industry is fucked and toxic, but you support women who manage to be independent.

No. 360898

File: 1548630129197.jpg (156.76 KB, 1280x960, 1548616467253.jpg)

Bit OT but this reminded me of one of those AGDQ after-party pics where they're at a restaurant and looking back at the camera.

No. 360901

what are the details about this fucking photo KEK

No. 360903

Looks like some sort of "sissy" event, these guys always dress in tragic sack-looking adult-sized kids' dresses.

No. 360909

File: 1548631288078.jpg (77.88 KB, 640x635, ZD0Qvz5.jpg)

It reminds me of pic related. It's equally as cursed too.

No. 360910

Not the person you are replying to but this is so important. It’s good to always think inward and if you have a hard time justifying something you want to support, then maybe you shouldn’t believe that thing in the first place. Because of this, my viewpoints on things changed a lot multiple times.

No. 360918

File: 1548632566533.png (305.15 KB, 444x499, xfXXnAj.png)

My response would be that I don't support everything any woman wants to do. If a friend told me that she wants to get breast implants I would try to talk her out of it. Same if she wanted to do porn or prostitution. The sex industry is explotative and I don't support it. I can disagree with other woman.

No. 360982

File: 1548644871408.jpg (91.32 KB, 855x955, o2wbm1cn60d21.jpg)


No. 360993


Why did you make me see? At least he lost the weight. Shame his gonna die anyway.

No. 361006

Good god

No. 361021

Place bets that he modeled himself after his ex wife

No. 361027

File: 1548652696835.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.12 KB, 360x640, 48427494_281034499272968_83502…)

I don't know if this is appropriate for this thread, but I'm sick of seeing this shit when I'm looking at things (especially lingerie)

No. 361028

File: 1548652708465.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.32 KB, 599x798, y1ykyxaidcox.jpg)

This is literally in his post history. There's ……more, too.

No. 361040

That's such a sad Hank Hill ass.
At this point troons are just lifestyle sissy fetishists, aren't they? It's so hard to distinguish between the two because there's no way to tell whether they're doing it for a few hours a week or 24/7 and forcing all of society to go along with it.

No. 361061

File: 1548658939326.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28 KB, 816x612, 49079358_833261593686564_36686…)

im going to post more because this shit is gross

No. 361062

File: 1548659036101.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.71 KB, 420x826, 50782985_230241047925828_15446…)

No. 361063

File: 1548659120347.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.34 KB, 390x520, 48423424_588150614956579_14431…)

this always makes me nauseous when I'm looking for cheap tights. Super spoiler warning for this one.

No. 361064

File: 1548659300576.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.22 KB, 633x994, 48408088_2170448256500430_6649…)

No. 361068

>comparing being a rapist to being a golddigger
also, those fucking tongue clicks, does he have tourette's or something?

No. 361114

File: 1548674709074.jpeg (127.75 KB, 592x783, 6E23EEA1-C6EF-4AD2-A827-3227AD…)


No. 361121

old news

No. 361123

Pornography and sex work is detrimental to ALL women for obvious reasons. Such as pornography warping sexual development and creating an unrealistic image of women and the sex work trade encouraging exploitation of women being forced into it. It doesn't affect just the people using their bodies to do it.

I knew he was a felon, I'm just surprised he was arrested for robbery instead of substance abuse.

No. 361128


>One month later, Baltimore celebrated Pride. Our streets were swathed in pink and blue. For every one rainbow banner I saw, there were trans flags surrounding it. Corporate sponsorships oozed heteronormativity, and social media was flooded with workshops for super fun “queer” things to do, like vogueing and anal sex. Mmm, no thank you.

>The Baltimore Trans Alliance sponsored a dance called “Queer Qrush” that was a “safe space” but which advertised that “exclusionary” lesbians would be “hung (sic) by their necks” if we dared to attend.

Posting this in case someone hasn't seen it, it's a fascinating read. Julia Beck, a lesbian, writes how she has to fight for lesbian rights in Baltimore to prevent them from being trampled by transgenders, and how nobody is willing to listen. As an additional bonus The troon chimping out in the comments getting his ass handed back to him is hilarious.

No. 362081

File: 1548686335250.jpg (389.63 KB, 1536x1811, IMG_9926.jpg)

No. 362082

lesbians are seriously the actual minorities in the gay community. gay men and trannies are taking everything over and women in general cant even have safe spaces, yet alone lesbians. I'm a lesbian and this shit is incredibly sad and discouraging to read. Men in general just want everything for themselves

>anal sex stuff

ew, no thanks. men are just gross

No. 362083

i want to exclude all men from women's spaces, but look at that. if women tried to do that, the trannies would be angered. women need to stand up for each other and stop this behavior of letting men get their way

No. 362087

they don't even let lesbians exist in their own spaces, trannies ruin lesbian platforms with "you all are vagina fetishists!! transwomen are real women!! girldick!!"

No. 362089

>Robbery with a firearm
>Possession of xanax and pot
He's been a busy boy. Weren't cluster B personality disorders really common within trannies?

>The frequency of personality disorders was 81.4%
>The most frequent personality disorder was narcissistic personality disorder (57.1%) and the least was borderline personality disorder. The average number of diagnoses was 3.00 per patient.

Fucking 3 diagnoses per patient? And people want to roll out the red carpet for them?

No. 362091

Seeing the way lesbians are treated makes me furious. The homophobic shit about how lesbians just need to try dick and "work past it" and you don't even have to touch it and just the tip, honest! And the way any lesbian who dares come out in a kweer space is immediately subjected to 20 questions about whether she'd suck dick or not so troons can figure out whether they can convict her of thoughtcrime.

Get the L out. Lesbians don't deserve this shit.

No. 362093

>The most frequent personality disorder was narcissistic personality disorder (57.1%)

holy shit.

in general population the prevalence of cluster b disorders (npd, bpd and avpd) is just 1.5%. and that's all 3 cluster b disorders. npd ALONE is 57% for troons.

No. 362095

My husband is at the doctors rn and the information form he had to fill out had a bunch of different gender identity options…
Wtf does this shit matter medically what the fuck l

No. 362098

anyone watch the (mostly not really) live performance of Rent on fox last night? the way they changed Angel's part to be transgender was so annoying. i knew they were gonna do it bc isn't the guy who played angel a drag queen who is a troon? the rest of the cast was just alright (the guy who played mark, tinashe and vanessa were the best imo) but god that guy who played angel did such a poor job. it made me kinda furious bc angel is supposed to be this character who brings everyone together and tries to be positive and warm- but of course they let some narc troon play him. i could tell that he isn't an actor, his singing was alright but he literally cannot act for shit (to be fair most of the acting wasn't that believable or natural looking) and there was ZERO chemistry between him and the guy playing tom. the worst part were the weird add-ins and changes they made to the script, not the stuff to censor things to make it more tv friendly but the pronoun changes and stuff that implied angel isn't just a crossdresser/drag queen (like he is in the original) but he's now TRANSSSS guis. it was absolutely cringey in the part before "I'll Cover You" where the guy was like "i feel more like ME when i wear dresses uwu~" i facepalmed so hard. to be fair some characters always refer to angel as "her" but it's the drag queen persona they're talking about. tom is still considered to be a gay male and many times angel very much looks like a man and is referred to as "he". it was so obvious they were trying to take a troon angle with angel and it was so tryhard and annoying.

No. 362099

This made me wonder; do lesbians even do butt stuff? Generally whenever I hear people talking about anal sex there is a dick involved, and the lesbians I know only ever talk about clitoral stimulation and vaginal sex. I could easily have missed it because I don’t hang out in lesbian spaces myself but it just occurred to me. Tbh anal sex has always seemed to me like something men pressure women (and each other) into and women mostly do to please the man, even when the women insist that they’re super into it. Of course there are probably exceptions, but still.

No. 362100

oh god what the fuck? i'm going into a medical profession and since it's all biology based i thought i'd get to avoid that.

No. 362104

So they made the only two gay male characters in a play about gay culture… straight?

So woke!

No. 362109

It's not super common but I've dated a few girls who were into anal fingering.

No. 362115

It's funny that they call lesbians "vagina fetishists" when they're the ones obsessed with all things natal women.
Why don't they just leave so-called "vagina fetishists" alone and make a super special space for their "chicks with dicks" faction? If they are truly lesbians, why don't they understand that sexual orientation can't be changed, and quietly make their own community? Call it "t-lesbians" or something, date other trannies (and maybe bisexual women) and leave evil cis lesbians alone.
Oh, wait, I know exactly why. It's because they know they're not real women, they're obsessed with our every move, and they can't function unless we validate their sexual illness. Lesbian acceptance is basically the ultimate validation, so they're buttblasted that reality won't bend to allow them into the biggest, most obvious "woman's club" of them all (ie an entire sexuality). It's never been about acceptance vs bigotry. They will not die, lose jobs or be deported if lesbians reject their dicks or their ridiculous parodies of vaginas (aka gaping, nasty wounds marketed as "nu-vaginas"). It's just mentally ill LARPers trying to force themselves everywhere, and it makes me so irritated that this is given any political attention.
Also, it's odd to me that I never see "trans-men" or their supporters call gay men bigots who deserve physical violence enacted upon them for not wanting to fuck them. Men are actually allowed to sexually discriminate based on their natural orientation, but women are evil meanie TERF cunts and bitches if they don't allow penises calling themselves vaginas into their bodies.
It's almost like men are eternally obsessed with forcing their dicks everywhere and trying to control women. It's like we can't even have a single bastion to ourselves. But male socialization and its effects are totally just a TERF meme, right? I'm so mad, fucking hell.

No. 362120

And TRAs are still going to plug their ears and insist gender dysphoria isn't a fucking mental illness.
I'm tired.

No. 362130

They'll probably say that it's from a backwards darkie country and therefore doesn't count, those researchers are just ignorant bigots!!1!

No. 362139

You'd think Maya would of stayed hidden after all the tags on instagram and bans on twitter.

No. 362144

>that awful bimbo fetish getup and the bad Blaire White imitation hand gestures and jump cuts to pick the most presentable shots
Honestly this video looks like something you'd see on a CSI episode when they discover a serial killer's video manifesto and they made him a tranny to make him look more unhinged and the actor was directed to "act gay". Dude can't even emote at all without giving out his masculine looks by changing his expression or facial angle.

The actual contents of the video is just a milquetoast trancel taking out his hatred on women and shilling the r9k "traps are the future" thing.

No. 362166

Dude's a master of angles, hiding that manjaw like that. I still remember the horrific candid with Shoe.
And of course he dyed his hair blonde and started dressing up as a knockoff Barbie from the 2000's, that's how he hopes to achieve the "female look". Blonde, pink, cat ears, uwu uwu uwuu

No. 362174

>Also, it's odd to me that I never see "trans-men" or their supporters call gay men bigots who deserve physical violence enacted upon them for not wanting to fuck them.
Somebody hasn’t seen the Chase Ross “Topping Cis Gay Men” video or the “trans men on Grindr” tumblr blog.

No. 362176



No. 362184

holy fuck just when i thought this maggot couldn't look any worse. learn how to fucking dress like a normal person. only AGPs think looking feminine means looking like a trashy used blow up doll. he can't do makeup for shit either and none of his getup goes together, it all clashes. reminds me of a little boy stealing his mother's makeup and clothes. his voice is so masculine, and lol at him hiding his manly jaw in the thumbnail.

No. 362186

File: 1548701602342.png (75.69 KB, 1033x413, ytcom.PNG)

No. 362194

even if hrt did bring mtfs to the same level as real women it still wouldn't be OK. if you take just enough hrt to be as good as the top female athletes who have literally trained for years to get to where they are, you still are enjoying an unfair advantage based purely on being born male.

the only way it would ever be fair is if hrt brought you down to the level of the average cis women, not the top cis female athletes.

No. 362199

This link is important. Is it 100% reliable or are there loopholes that TRAs could use to argue against it? For example, the fact that it comes from muslim, Iranian professors, TRAs might argue that it's not legit because they're "notoriously transphobic"

No. 362200

Iran forcibly transitions gay men and women so they'll be "straight" so if you're gay in Iran your choices are either troon out (paid for by Iran's government) or be put to death.

So troons could fall back on their usual homophobia and argue it's actually those evil gays who are mentally ill.

No. 362205

File: 1548703105322.jpg (17.6 KB, 500x215, 986.jpg)

White troon fetishizes Muslim women being forced to break their own religion, actions that could end up getting actual Muslim women murdered in many countries.

No. 362207

File: 1548703138755.jpg (40.2 KB, 500x589, Ugh.jpg)

The troon in question

No. 362210

Imagine being so deep in the trans psychosis that you think hormones are some magical potion that significantly shrinks your already developed skeletal mass and organs in size. Oh yes, men have bigger lungs and a bigger heart that enable a better oxygen intake and more body mass to enable them to perform more physical activities but m-muh titty skittles make me ~just the same as a cis woman~!

It's been brought up to TRAs before and they just argue that the PDs are caused by the evil transphobic society not treating brave stunning troons right. They blame the society (or lesbians) for literally everything that would ever debunk their cult.

No. 362211

File: 1548703591544.jpg (41.48 KB, 878x617, DyBSFCUX0AEG_zF.jpg)

holy fuck this guy is bonkers

No. 362214

Sometimes it feels like the gender critical movement goes way too easy on FTMs. Whenever they do something shitty instead of getting angry at them I see people saying “I feel sorry for them”
I also see many people that ignore whenever they do cotton-ceiling or fetishizing shit.
Do you guys think that TIM and TIF discussions should be separate?

No. 362216

as an ex-muslim this makes me want to vomit. you really think your average muslim man who cares about haram shit in islam would be in a femdom relationship? he needs to give middle east a visit and try to do the same thing there.

the thing i noticed is western trannies are obsessed with victimizing themselves and always talk shit about western society as if they would be treated like normal humans in any other part of the world. middle east, any part of asia, africa, they wouldn't be accepted anywhere

No. 362217

Are you the person who posts like 10 times in one thread whining about how we're "ignoring FTMs" and makes the same fucking points every time without offering any milk on any FTM activist? If you want to talk about the weeb girls larping as anime boys you're free to go to the fakeboi thread. We mostly talk about TIMs because they're the ones doing the demented shit and being the aggressive, entitled party. FTMs just whine on twitter about being misgendered because a cashier couldn't tell that a plaid shirt makes you a man now.

And yes, most of the people in this thread feel sorry for FTMs because the whole trans movement is based on misogyny. Men taking over female spaces and females abandoning their femininity in order to avoid sexualization and belittlement. They might be "gender traitors" yeah, but there's a world of difference in cognitive dissonance between them and transcel/transbian/overall misogynistic TRAs.

No. 362218

i've known at least 3 anal-crazy gold star lesbians, although it should be noted that i run in fairly degenerate circles.

No. 362240

Ive wondered how trannies would fit in while muslims continue to rise, especially traditional ones. If they start getting killed by some of these extremists would they still blame western civilization? Or it'll always be the evil terfs?

No. 362250

This might have been mentioned before but this blog from a de-transitioned ftm really gave me a lot to think about

FTMs just don't make such a big splash as TIMs. Maybe it happens, but I don't see so much "choke on my man clit" on twitter
It's as if being raised as a woman taught them to not insert themselves into everything

Islam supports gender reassignment and forbids homosexuality, it plays out perfectly

No. 362266

Man investigated by police for retweeting transgender limerick

>PC Mansoor Gul told Mr Miller: “I’ve been on a course and what you need to understand is that you can have a foetus with a female brain that grows male body parts and that’s what a transgender person is.”

>Confirming that he had spoken to Mr Miller for 20 minutes, PC Gul told the Telegraph he made the remark about the foetus because he had “learned it on a training course ran by a transgender person last summer”.

This is what cops are being taught. This is really fucking worrying.

No. 362271

That course was run by Mermaids. They've mentioned before they "work with" the Humberside Police.

No. 362275

>"Cop said he was in possession of 30 Tweets by me. I asked if any contained criminal material. He said…. No. I asked if any came close to being criminal… and he read me a limerick. I said, I didn’t write that. He said, ‘Ah. But you Liked it and promoted it.’"
>After Mr Miller questioned why the complainant was being described as a “victim” if no crime had been committed, the officer told him: “We need to check your thinking”.

Imagine this much effort ever being spent on the millions of men who write about wanting to kill, torture and rape women.

No. 362276

File: 1548710254911.png (14.65 KB, 603x118, curb your child abuse.png)

The NHS is clinically retarded

No. 362279

File: 1548710650768.jpg (27.02 KB, 600x600, 42440916_10217251823235819_586…)

>The NHS says the effects are fully reversible
>fully reversible

No. 362281

The Humberside Police need to be investigated because something ain’t right over there. They seriously fucked up in the Ian Huntley case too, basically giving a known sexual predator free reign to rape and murder two little girls. Coincidentally(?), Ian Huntley is now claiming to be a woman too.

No. 362285

They're also the ones who fucked up the Rotherham case and said preteen rape victims probably wanted it.

No. 362286

Well to be fair they had real policing to do, like investigating guys who like limericks on Twitter.

No. 362296

That blog was fascinating but terrifying, thanks for posting.

No. 362299

And that's how we're gonna have hundreds of damaged adults suicidal and angry and prepared to sue when they learn the truth
>tell the public it's all 100% reversable
>suppress all stories and people who detransitioned and have a hard time with it
>suppress all other voices who are against it
>push permenant change to kids younger and younger

This is some fucked up agenda going on

I wish that got more attention what the fuck. At this point, people need to be their own police or create a safe neighborhood for themselves

No. 362308

File: 1548715582090.png (43.94 KB, 586x276, Harry The Owl Limerick Crimi…)

It gets better, they doxxed the guy too.

No. 362348

File: 1548724691796.jpg (114.47 KB, 881x765, IMG_4283.JPG)


No. 362351

It's amazing how morbidly obese people end up looking completely genderless. This thing could perfectly well be either or and I'd absolutely believe it.

No. 362355

File: 1548727073891.png (74.61 KB, 966x473, Screenshot_2019-01-29 r Gender…)


No. 362358

Dear god, no one should have to feel the need to justify their rejection of someone. No one is entitled to date/fuck other people, this whole ideology takes big steps backwards in terms of consent and respecting people’s autonomy

No. 362375

this triggers me so much, lingerie is meant to flatter the female form, it looks completely stupid on flat hank hill asses with no curves

No. 362378

It's hard to tell without context, but it could also be that they just want to be friends.

Either way, someone needs to step up their communication skills.

No. 362384

File: 1548733977502.png (33.55 KB, 928x367, Screenshot_2019-01-29 r Gender…)

No. 362385

>"Women would include trans women so it answers itself!"
Are they really this deep in denial and don't understand that there is a difference between them and actual women? I can't imagine the amount of mental gymnastics and denial this would take and they state it like they really believe it's a valid argument.

No. 363506

File: 1548742122308.jpg (68.01 KB, 552x537, IMG_4285.JPG)

The Sun never sets

No. 363507

The kid's prominent autogynesmile at the ripe age of 4 reminds me a bit of that tangent Karl went on about how upbringing can turn kids ugly.
Also, gotta love that name. "Star Cloud" is the true model gender neutral name because it sounds simultaneously a bit like a My Little Pony and a bit like a Transformer.

No. 363512

That clickbait. The byline even states that it's just a transgender woman and a woman who "dresses male some days"

>Puts on a pair of jeans

>I'm male today

It's not as complex as they are trying to suggest.

Good point about the expression though. I think that expression is "I tricked you into thinking I was a girl" but the joke is that very few men are actually passing, they tricked nobody. Like a wolf in sheep's clothing baring its teeth at you.

No. 363546

Could someone tell me like, who is pushing this transgender crap anyway? It just seems to me like its a giant bunch of incel skinwalkers, self hating gays, and mentally ill people/drug addicts.

Like what the fuck happened?

No. 363551

The world hates women and gays, it’s just a ‘progressive’ way to take away the rights of those deemed lesser
Bonus points if they’re a gay woman

No. 363558

Anon >>363551 is right that much of it is just plain old misogyny and homophobia in a new jacket, but I recommend you read the “Inauthentic Selves” Medium article linked in the OP if you’re curious about the financial resources and political influence this movement has amassed in such a relatively short time.

No. 363561

File: 1548751410769.jpg (42.29 KB, 800x530, Jennifer_Pritzker.jpg)

tfw JB Prtizker's cousin is a troon

No. 363583

This is jamjars now if anyone remembers him from tumblr. (…the last 30 seconds of this video.)

No. 363590

Abuse-enabling narc fakebois are out there, emiyann proves that, but it's just plain rare to encounter the tranny level of psychosis in a woman. Most just passive-aggressively whine.

No. 363592

his wig looks like one that's supposed to look like relaxed afro hair. it looks so off on him.

No. 363600

It's weird when a very gender conforming young man troons out, like the one glinner posted on Twitter yesterday. It's like they think it is a meal ticket. They obviously never had a "female brain" or thought they were a girl, or they would have had dysphoric responses to anything male appearing during puberty. The ones who have beards, male hairstyles and muscles - in other words, they strived towards maleness rather than just "accidentally" being "assigned male" - fakers. If there is a "sliding scale" of how genuine a transgender woman is, the ones like him, contra, and the one glinner posted on Twitter yesterday: Fake as shit sorry

No. 363605

File: 1548770697995.jpg (487.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190129-060330_Twi…)

Showed up on my twitter

No. 363606

File: 1548770727053.png (313.31 KB, 500x697, tumblr_pm119phsNb1uydr5c_500.p…)

Makes me want to read the web comic lmao

No. 363609

They're so weirdly obsessed with making sure women don't have access to ANYTHING that isn't 100% troon positive. It's very cultish.

No. 363610

File: 1548771279466.png (550.69 KB, 720x820, Dysphoria.png)

Also "jamie rose dee" and - I can't find it now but this guy was asking for money via his very male "deadname" on vemmo

No dysphoria about using your male names huh, probably because these particular people never had dysphoria. They are trying to make bank on the <1% of "real" trans people who actually had dysphoria and felt wrong in their bodies. Idk these ones are even faker to me than the midlife crisis type, at least having a midlife crisis is a recognized thing. The sudden decision to be a woman at 20 years old makes no sense

Here are the trans categories, they are usually one of these:

>midlife crisis/marriage escape

>Young men after money and fame
>children being abused by their parents who wanted the other sex
>conversion therapy for gay teens, see above
>autogynephiles and crossdressers/sissies who feel they "need" to transition or call themselves trans now
>sex workers who want a USP
>incels who can't get a girl/hate women in general/watch too much anime
>people with dysphoria (generally these are FtM and not MtF and it often results from PTSD from CSA/Rape in their youth)
>fakebois influenced by the internet, media and anime, peer pressure/group bonding plays a big role here

It's a strange timeline we ended up in

No. 363611

Oh noooo. Brave cartoonist there

No. 363613

I'm not familiar with them but looks like their comic got taken down of smack jeeves

No. 363615

I'm absolutely amazed at how everyone is defending a guy who decided to become a frail muslim trans woman uwu

No. 363623

Perfect, I wanna read this.

No. 363630

File: 1548772997820.png (732.62 KB, 708x1013, Screenshot_2019-01-29-15-29-00…)


Some 15-year-olds are redesigning her characters to be less troonphobic. She also gets a lot of hate, but doesn't back down. I like her.

No. 363633

Neither art nor critical thinking are this person's strong point.

No. 363636

Antisemitic? Are they talking about.. the noses?

No. 363637

File: 1548773316513.jpg (314.21 KB, 1080x1540, Screenshot_20190129-084422_Adb…)

I'm dying.

No. 363639

I wanted to send her a friendly anon message, but she shut off asks (probably because of harassment).
She's brave for doing this, and her use of color on that page is lovely. Also, all the hate art "fixing" the AGP crew is coincidentally ugly as shit, lmao.

No. 363654

Why, I wonder, is it ALWAYS male children that get pushed to this shit? We only always see male children being aggressively shilled as being trans, but for some reason the female transkids "blossom" when they hit puberty and browse too much tumblr. Munchausen moms who believe that a male trans kid is much more progressive than a female trans kid? I'm just genuinely curious as to why this is.

lmfao, me too.

No. 363661

File: 1548774482710.png (158.09 KB, 720x898, Screenshot_2019-01-29-16-04-42…)

The comments are so vile.

No. 363670

>antisemitic designs
Uuuhhhh, just because a cartoon character has a big nose doesn't mean it's meant to be jewish. These people are way over their heads.

>violent transmisogynist
So making fun of fetishist men is now literal violence and misogynist. This is 2019.

No. 363671

>Drawing is violent
>Sending lesbians death threats isn't violent

No. 363672

>just because a cartoon character has a big nose doesn't mean it's meant to be jewish
This is just Example N°1,000,000,000 of TRAs being actually racist, while attempting to be outraged at other people's supposed racism.

No. 363674

This is the kinda shit /pol/ lives for. It's all their hatrreds wrapped up in one package.

No. 363675

Aren't the TRAs being transphobic for judging the trans appearance? What about those early transitioned who aren't passing yet uwu

No. 363676

It's the Redkatherinee hate all over again.

No. 363678

Plus even if they were supposed to be Jewish… a lot of Jewish people have big noses. What's wrong with giving them a perfectly normal physical trait for their people to have as long as the character isn't meant to make fun of Jews?

No. 363682

TIMs fetishize female submission and misery.

TIFs fetishize….female submission and misery.


No. 363683

I honestly would be far more tolerant of trans women if they put a serious sincere effort into living/passing as female. I've known many and from my experience (and the population I see on the internet certainly backs this) the vast majority of them put no effort past growing their hair out and picking a female name. And of course you're a bigot if you expect them to present themselves as more feminine.

And that's the thing that gets me. The reality is that you're a man, meaning if you want people to see you as female, you absolutely have to look the part. Ffs actual women have to deal with being defeminized if they're not feminine enough, how the fuck are these people so entitled that they think they should be able to have beards and wear men's clothes but still be seen as women?

No. 363704

File: 1548778873244.png (849.97 KB, 768x947, screen-shot-2017-08-13-at-18-3…)


Their mothers cater to men as they've been socialized to, their sons included.

No. 363725

>The kid's prominent autogynesmile at the ripe age of 4

LMAO. His parents are obviously low iq morons, I doubt they'd be able to socialize him well. He'll probably end up autistic.

No. 363736

The idea that big nose automatically = Jewish is the only antisemitic thing here.

No. 363741

I wonder if there is a specific fetish or reason for women who are into transbian troons, especially the ones that wouldn't be very sexually desirable as a man to begin with due to social awkwardness, locking themselves in the room type.

I meant, if they can get some girls then happy for them, but I wonder how this happens? It just happened with my troon friend of a friend.

No. 363751

It's troon chasers. It's a fetish, there are women who like dressing up their male partner as a woman and stuff like that

No. 363761

>i love being used as an object. not even a human, just a subhuman tranny freakshow to laugh at and use to jerk off. please remind me im an inferior fuckhole.

Threw up in my mouth. And still we're told that they belong in our circles because they're women like us

No. 363766

Can I weeb rant for a bit?, with the remake/adaptation of Dororo to anime this year. It used to be my favorite manga and film bacl then.

Now in every editable website talking about Dororo, this character is retroactively edited to be referred as 'he'. I didn't check if people are making articles pointing out how she is a transman. The whole being raised as opposite sex or crossdressing girl/women to perform male-like activities is a common trope in classical works.

This just infuriates me so much, and I love how the character was a good GNC girl representation.

No. 363770

I guess maybe it's because it's seen as a spoiler and people are trying to keep it under wraps until the reveal? At least I hope that's why anyway.

No. 363777

Going on Wikipedia or TvTropes, there are full of these 'Dororo identifies as a boy' all over the places. So it's not as much spoiler preventing as much as people editing it to be trans inclusive.

No. 363799

I could cry at the moment.
This is the only place where i can write dow what i really think.

Here in Germany there is a school that wants to have an extra unisex toilet.
This is so much bullshit!!
Because it should prevent poor twans kids to be bullied if they go to the toilet they feel they want to go.

Sure, because children would not bullie someone who goes in an extra toilet.
It makes me so angry.
I can't articulate my hate toward this gender movement. I know why i don't want children.

I know many anos said it already, but i am so happy that this thread exist.

No. 363801


Utter shithole. Full of the greasiest, most autistic nerds. I'm not surprised!

No. 363805

Ranted about how people forget sexuality is based on sex, not gender presentation, and got into a discussion with a friend about lesbians being attracted to natal women and how if they’re attracted to penis, they can’t be lesbians (but can be bisexual). Got a “I don’t agree but I respect your opinion.” … That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact. All of this was in reference to cotton ceiling bullshit. Words really don’t have meanings anymore huh.

No. 363809

At least they didn't go full outrage and call you a terf. That's something. A friend of mine became an ex friend because being disgusted at the cotton ceiling somehow makes you a nazi evil killer… it's pure brainwashing

No. 363816

Rant incoming.

On TLC now there is a show about a trans mtf who took puberty blockers and got surgery. It's called "I am Jazz." I have no doubt in my mind that the mother of this individual skewed them towards that life. From the beginning, they state how the child wanted to be a girl from the age of two. How it wanted to wear girly swimsuits, etc. However I work with children and not a single one can recall actual memories from that time let alone be expected to have their babblings taken seriously. But it's not only that. Every step of the way, the mother has made sure to record the child in it's "transitional childhood" and reach out to as many media outlets as possible. In these child recordings where Jazz talks about "I know I'm a girl! But I am stuck in a boy body etc etc", they can be seen looking off to the side and making nonverbal cues that they are trying to recall a coached script. It's very obvious, they look like my daycare kids when they're trying to lie.
On the TLC show, the narc mother takes up more screentime than the subject of the series itself. And Jazz, before getting their genital removal surgery, spouted the most obvious tranny cue that they are just idolizing a sex out of mental illness: "I can't wait to finally be happy after the surgery."

It's different when I see a tranny who is an adult being a loser. But when a child is pressured into keeping the narrative going from the moment they remember, it is childhood abuse. What if Jazz wanted to stop all this and be a boy? It's already stated that the puberty blockers irreversibly changed their development and even if they didn't, the attention whore family would never let go of their claim to fame.

No. 363818

File: 1548789548730.jpg (229.8 KB, 1080x721, Screenshot_20190129-131710__01…)

Replying with an image from a transgender forum, where even some people from there see an issue. However this person amassed alot of butthurt.

No. 363822

File: 1548790479296.png (67.65 KB, 731x870, bullshit jazz.PNG)

It's been discussed before that Jazz's fame hungry munchie mother has definitely been implanting memories in his head. All of his stories about gender dysphoria at age 2 or 3 start with "My mother told me that when I was 3…". One of the stupidest things was him claiming that he knew he was a girl when he "unsnapped his onesie to turn it into a dress" when he was like 1 years old. There's an article about this and it's just crazy how people can look at this and not think that his mother is straight out insane. http://time.com/4350574/jazz-jennings-transgender/

Pic related, 2-year olds are not this coherent or able to have memories this vivid. They can barely speak full sentences and it's extremely rare to be able to consciously remember even vague things from when you were under 3-4 years old. Does a 2-year old really know what a penis and a vagina are? How the fuck isn't anyone calling this bullshit out?

I remember the scene when he was being consulted by the doctor about his upcoming sex surgery and the dad seemed horrified and the mother had this crazy stare that said "Yeah, get on with it already!". The motherfucking mother talked about her son's upcoming sex life when he was like what, 14 or 15? And not in a discreet way either. I can't wait for Jazz's tell-all book in 10 years.

No. 363880

File: 1548797823711.jpeg (263.13 KB, 1226x1334, CF4D2631-1FFA-4675-924B-AC7059…)

No. 363912

I can’t accept them because of the reasons why they believe they have a “female brain”. It’s insulting that they think they’re women just because they like a girly show or want to be dominated by some other man. Even if they “pass”, they still act like a lump of female stereotypes and dress either like a slutty blow up doll or a little girl. None of them are ever truly normal. It’s like if I believed I truly had a male brain and just decided to drink beer all day, drive a pick-up, beat up my wife, and rape someone’s daughter, all because I wanted to be the “stereotypical man”. They’re just mentally ill men trying to wear womens' skin and it’s hard to tolerate.

No. 363917

>that beard stubble
>all those robot figurines in the background
what a surprise

No. 363977

The confidence these people have is astounding.

No. 363979


You know this guy was the dude in high school anime club trying to con poor weeb girls into touching him with "where's my hug" bullshit

No. 363982

File: 1548804985026.png (531.79 KB, 1280x886, 32ce8cfb-a552-424d-b58a-0275fc…)

Holy fuck, I need to read this comic

No. 364099

You made me realize, they've probably tried retroactively trooning out Mulan as well.

No. 364127

Turns out the website the artist was hosting it on told her to take down that new "males aren't lesbians" chapter or get banned, and she chose the ban.

No. 364137

Good for her and not standing for troon bullshit.

No. 364199

It already happened, tons of bois on Tumblr sharing how Mulan made them realize they are transmen

No. 364214

File: 1548843777097.jpg (98.92 KB, 878x810, 1548820143898.jpg)

No. 364221

>The whole (Disney version) story is about misogyny forcibly making women fit a shallow mold and how one decided to prove that she could do whatever men would, even outperform them but had to dress up as a man to avoid fucking EXECUTION
Reminds me of a time when I angered some snowflake when I said that masculine women need role models too and it's annoying that every female character with traditionally manly traits is branded as trans. Imagine being this blind to sexism.

No. 364225

File: 1548847266256.jpg (29.01 KB, 480x480, b11jx4qe3ilz.jpg)

as >>364199 said its been going for a while now
>"Mulan’s gender journey over the course of the movie feels very familiar to me as a nonbinary trans person. First, in "Honor to Us All," the village women attempt to sculpt Mulan into an ideal woman — and more specifically, an ideal wife. It surprises some of my friends that this has always been my favorite scene in the movie, and that as a child, I longed to dress as Mulan in full bridal garb for Halloween. But this actually fits my experience navigating gender: I was a child who was excellent at embodying girlhood and wanted badly to become a beautiful, graceful, feminine woman… but it just wasn’t in the cards for me. Mulan, too, fails the test of womanhood when her meeting with the Matchmaker goes horribly awry. As Mulan acknowledges this failure in "Reflection," she poses a question that most trans people know intimately: "When will my reflection show who I am inside?" And what exactly would that reflection be? If Mulan isn’t a woman, then who (or what) is she?"

No. 364230

>that pic

le transgender weren't allowed to serve you fucking retard, Mulan just disguised herself as a man to protect her father it's literally in the first 10 minutes of movies aaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAH fucking hell

I hate how all these queergenders are manipulating information for the benefit of their dumb cult, fuck.

No. 364233

This poster makes me want to just give up and move to a remote island with no internet connection or touch with the modern world.

Anyone else extremely exhausted with the TRAs and how people swallow whatever retarded bullshit they feed them without an ounce of self-respect or criticism? Like 2-year olds walking up to their parents to discuss their gender identity and genitals with words too advanced for their developmental stage and people saying that the effects of HRT are "completely reversible"? I'm a masculine gay woman and the trans agenda being pushed everywhere almost breaks me constantly. The other day I saw a butch lesbian girl 10 years younger than me who had become a transman (of couse she's dating another transman and they're "gay boys") tweet that TERFs are literally the worst thing ever, how claiming that criticizing transbians is violent transphobia and it just breaks my heart over and over again. It always feels like I'm alone with this, if I'm not a tranny but "just" a non-feminine woman then I'm worth nothing. It's no wonder so many young butch lesbians are transitioning, the world places no value on a woman it can't sexualize in a heteronormative way. Are there any other gendercrit people here who have to deal with this as well? I need some peer support and this is literally the only place where I can look for it.

No. 364243

Ironically enough, tumblr seems to have a decent radfem/lesbian community with plenty of women who feel just like you.

No. 364246

File: 1548851412168.png (42.35 KB, 1030x469, e4alzixxuza21.png)

No. 364249


This is very sad. Just goes to show how "terf" is just a thinly veiled blanket for mysoginy. One comment even suggested we should kill all women in response. I'm so fucking sick of this bullshit movement and the handmaidens who helped popularize this terf = you should be killed narrative, they're only hurting women as a whole.

No. 364252

>Ultimately, Mulan is able to defeat the bad guys by playing on their misperceptions of her gender, and — in an unfortunately transmisogynistic scene — getting her friends to transgress gender, as well.
This just in, dressing up as a woman to sneak in to a palace by wooing the guards is not "transgressing gender" but also transmisogynistic for some reason.

>A woman is happy that her man isn't influenced by the male socialization (i.e. becoming a chauvinistic asshole degrading women) and is interested in doing things by himself and putting effort into their relationship instead, the woman even asks if their relationship is unhealthy and is clearly ashamed of being happy that her man is an introvert
Yep, earlier in this thread someone said that "terf" is just another term for "roastie" and it rings true once again.

No. 364255

That’s so utterly bizarre, this exact same post, word for word, was made in /or recently. I think it was either the confession or unpopular opinions thread

No. 364262

File: 1548852914829.png (98.91 KB, 844x1176, tumblr_pm3h9xXVUA1y607yro3_128…)

Oh good. I was checking her blog again and it looks like its up again.

Nows the chance to read it anons. Does tumblr take down this sort of stuff?

No. 364263

its confirmed she browses lolcow

No. 364265

File: 1548853114701.jpeg (956.29 KB, 1242x1636, 72B0FFB5-10D6-4C03-B8A5-0457E2…)

Oh okay, cause I thought I was remembering incorrectly but yeah I found the post she made

Honestly I think it sounds like an unhealthy relationship, celebrating your partners social isolation is weird and can easily become controlling

No. 364266

File: 1548853284735.jpg (22.31 KB, 275x239, 1541520130935.jpg)

Another quality lolcow poster, lol.
Why do they bother to come here? Wouldn't CC be more her style?

No. 364267

This person is a farmer!! I remember seeing that exact same post in the "confessions" or the vent thread a few months ago!!

No. 364268

nah she belongs here, on a site filled with people obsessed over other people's antics

No. 364273

I think that the concept of fictional/historical women crossdressing to get by in a misogynistic society upsets TRAs so much because deep down they realise that’s what motivates the overwhelming majority of TIFs. They want to suppress the idea that any woman anywhere would adopt a masculine persona to escape from oppressive female gender roles, because it might lead to people looking critically at the gender roles themselves. Instead we’re supposed to believe that all “cis” women are perfectly content in our repressive roles and the only reason anyone would rebel is because she’s trans or nonbinary. Women as a class can’t challenge the status quo if everyone who challenges the status quo is automatically declared non-woman.

No. 364277

This is the most vile specimen I've seen in a while. and of course he posts in lesbian subs. I went through his old submitted posts and found this: https://www.reddit.com/r/socialskills/comments/4to7a3/towards_a_definition_of_creepy/
>I, like many socially awkward people, have on occasion been termed "creepy" by others.
That does not surprise me in the slightest.

i think this has been discussed, maybe in the kiwifarms thread? It looks like she was a poster there too.

No. 364280

i'll read the comic and buy shit to support her but i'm not going to lie and say this art is any better than the usual shit tumblr churns out

No. 364281

File: 1548855640794.png (138.57 KB, 962x537, wackyvorlon.png)

more creepiness from wackyvorlon.
this looks like a mock up from a site that makes badges like this, and it mentions canada (other posts mention he's from there) so he had to make this up specifically and didn't just find it lying around on google images or something. that makes it way creepier to me for some reason.

No. 364291

Great point anon and very true. The idea that being a particular sex is as easy as WANTING to be it also goes out the window when we consider that a huge number of women in history–if not the majority–would likely have loved to have been born male because it would mean escaping oppression, pain, sexual and domestic violence, the dangers of childbirth particularly when forced by men to have far too many children; it would mean freedom. That doesn't mean most women in history were trans. Passing over the overwhelmingly likely motives for women who did disguise themselves as males and poising it as a modern image-obsessed stylistic choice of self-expression is incredibly ignorant and dismissive towards the immense struggles of women's history.

No. 364315

It absolutely breaks my heart too. I’m bi but one of my best friends is a butch lesbian however she hides it a lot due to her dating someone who recently decided to ID as a queer nb pan person. She only mentions her lesbianism on her private blog and I feel very certain that if she wasn’t dating this person who pushes an agenda so hard that she’d probably be gendercrit. I hope she doesn’t feel pressured into shitty gender IDs. Anyway, like you said, makes me really sad esp seeing young butch girls feel the need to troon out bc of this crap. I don’t want butch lesbians to die out.

No. 364325

Casually mentioned Lupron is a chemotherapy drug to my handmaiden friend. She constantly rageposts about how blockers are TOTALLY REVERSIBLE and TERFS ARE NAZIS KILL THEM ALL and YOU WANT TRANS KIDS DEAD IF YOU DISAGREE.

She was shocked. She said "Wait, what? Since when?"

I linked her the Wikipedia page.

She went silent.

That was three days ago. She hasn't said or retweeted any EVIL TERFS DIE MUH REVERSIBLE BLOCKERS shit since then, even though normally she's posting that crap several times a day.


No. 364329

good… lupron is a good cold bucket of water for these idiots. doctors are literally giving terminal prostate cancer chemo to children. it's fucking sick.

No. 364348

I love the anons who just gently filter information to their REEEing friends like this.

No. 364359

Where the fuck are you shopping that they allow this "homemade" modeling of their clothing anyway?

No. 364368

I wanted to ask this too lmao

No. 364375

I've seen stuff as bad as, and worse than this on aliexpress.

No. 364376

What would it take to end this trans nonsense?

No. 364379

I honestly don't know. My first thought was a global scandal on the level of weinstein, but I don't think even that would stop it. There are too many people involved, and too many people making money off of it. Comparing it to a cult is cliche at this point, but it's true. People have bought into it the way they buy into religion.

No. 364383

Time. Wait until the consequences of all the unnecessary medical intervention, reinforced gender roles and supression of women surface in the next generation.

No. 364384

I believe it needs time and sacrifice, after huge amount of children being transed, to be left disappointed with medical problems. Surge of young detransitioners
That is the time people might see there's something up.

No. 364387

Lawsuits, backlash from the LGB community and women after they realized they've been used, and a lack of funding. Part of the reason troons have been able to get so much so quickly is because there are some extremely wealthy people pushing it. Google Jennifer Pritzker.

No. 364391

I think the rise of transrace and transspecies could do it. Troons hated it so much when Rachel Dolezal happened and countless people made the connection between her and them. But they don't have good arguments against it, every argument they have is flimsy and unconvincing.

And it gets even more unconvincing when you get troons who also claim to be transrace or transspecies. The moment one of them comes into the public eye, the whole house of cards falls down.

No. 364395

File: 1548869754806.jpg (419.29 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190130-083242_Tum…)

Man tumblr trans are nasty people. I'm not even a feminist, yet I sympathize with lesbians and TERFs. They preach tolerance yet at the same time they act like entitled rapey pieces of shit. Lesbians are women who love women. It's no better than straight guys who tell lesbians that they haven't had their dick, now it's some bearded dude in a cosplay wig saying that and it makes it okay somehow?!? Fuck entitled transcels.

No. 364399

>OP has never met a trans women

OP has probably met a lot of them. It was reading trans forums that TERFed me.

No. 364400

>Doctors who still have their conscience speaking out against it and exposing it as a huge scam and maltreatment
>Celebrities (especially those liked by young people) speaking out because they have a larger reach than regular activists
>A well-known TRA detransitioning (I'm looking at Jazz in 10 years)
>The trans insanity reaching the mainstream audience and being exposed to normies because no regular people outside of the Twitter safe space are going to tolerate greasy transbians talking about how FGM should be renamed because it reminds them they don't have vaginas

It's bound to happen at some point because when you cover up a lie with another lie like Mermaids are doing, it's built on a very shaky foundation. Maybe in 5 years, maybe in 10 years. But I HIGHLY doubt that this is going to last over a decade because we're going to have a ton of depressed 30 year olds who mutilated themselves permanently at the age of 18 after hanging out on Tumblr too much. We've already begun to have more and more news about the rocketing statistics of "gender dysphoric" kids being issued to trans clinics and doctors being suspicious of it. The whole concept of transgenderism is based on ~muh feels~ and pseudoscience, the TRAs' demands keep getting more and more insane, could you really see that in 20 years they've gotten what they wanted?

I was a dedicated TRA two years ago and considering transitioning myself, now I'm gendercrit and absolutely against this madness. If I could come to my senses, the rest could as well. The only thing worrying me is that it's possible that gay people and women are going to take the fall for all of this and blamed for brainwashing people, even when in reality it's all been a bunch of fetishist incel men in rainbow socks shilling their agenda.

No. 364403

I'm shook by reading this about Lupron. Read the comments too. It basically accellerates old age in people who are 20-30 years old. Crippling joint and muscle pain, fatigue, even aggression and irritability, and a host of knock-on, permanent crippling effects from stopping the natural hormones we need to function. Hormones cause secondary sexual characteristics but that is not their main function. I'm pressed


No. 364405

And not to be overlooked, lupron causes severe bone damage, bones start to actually crumble and break. And this has happened to people in their early 20s after being prescribed lupron. I will assume other hormone inhibitors have similar effects.

I'm so glad you broke out of it Anon and are now gendercrit

No. 364408

>I was a dedicated TRA two years ago and considering transitioning myself, now I'm gendercrit and absolutely against this madness.

Similar story here anon. I was a big handmaiden deeply entrenched in kweer communities. But I started noticing almost every trans woman I met was prone to psychotic freakouts. They were all compulsive liars, emotionally very erratic, and almost all of them had some sort of personality disorder, usually NPD. And it wasn't just the trans women I knew personally, but the famous activist type ones I followed too, like Katelyn Burns or Zinnia Jones. I started to wonder if it was just me who had noticed this and my search for sanity led me to radfems. Never turned back.

No. 364412

The more I learn about this stuff, the happier I am about having seen the light. In a decade there's gonna be a whole lot of people suffering from the effects of this shit and eventually killing themselves, and it will be all TRA's fault. Glad I won't be a part of this. Glad I won't carry the guilt of having endorsed such a twisted ideology that actually kills people.
After all, evil terfs making people kill themselves is just part 9,999,999 of TRA projection.

No. 364421

Troons will blame it on TERFs anyway. Kids are dying because of Lupron's effects because they didn't get ENOUGH Lupron because of the evil lesbI mean TERFs.

No. 364431

The lie can't go on forever. Right now they're thriving because being "woke" is hip, so most people just want to be hip and will parrot PC stuff without making any research out of laziness, but once someone will expose the phenomenon behind transing kids and Lupron, people will feel more inclined to google.

No. 364456

File: 1548877439158.jpg (51.28 KB, 760x760, no.jpg)


No. 364504

File: 1548884413445.jpg (32.85 KB, 689x175, DyMEg35V4AIDKmt.jpg)


This is locked behind a paywall but way to entirely miss the point about The Addams Family and Gomez/Morticia in particular.

No. 364517


Flawless post, anon.

No. 364527

Is Lupron seriously the main, or a common thing prescribed to trans people?

No. 364532

File: 1548888376928.gif (1.93 MB, 250x232, wrong.gif)

samefag oh fuck I've done my own research and it absolutely is they put kids on puberty blockers and this stuff and Lupron is basically what they inject you with if the other stuff is making your kidneys fail

No. 364535

No. 364536

It's used to prevent or halt puberty in kids. When you hear about kids being put on "puberty blockers", they're talking about lupron.

No. 364537

samefag. it also leaves kids infertile. fun times.

No. 364540

? Is someone crossposting?

No. 364541

wait a couple of decades for either the US to fall into another civil war
>troons die/ kill themselves from lack of HRT or medical "intervention"

or people see how the trannies end up de-transitioning dying in mass/ infertile/ deformed that people get sick and tired of lying to themselves.

No. 364542


Remember when that white girl on Instagram started the "blackfishing" debate? No imagine a bunch of white men calling themselves black women and act stereotypically. People will NOT have it.

No. 364558

File: 1548891129348.jpg (716.73 KB, 810x3141, Screenshot_20190130-153042_Twi…)

No. 364561

Um. What’d he expect

No. 364565

Imagine choosing your fetish over the career you spent years building. Pathetic.

No. 364566

On one hand I’m cackling, but on the other it brings me back the depressing reality that women are undervalued and unwanted in every industry.

No. 364571

Yet REAL women don't have the option to "save a fucking huge amount of money before hand"

No. 364581

i mean they are but kek he's not being rejected because they perceive him to be a woman. he's being rejected because he's a liability and these companies know they'd hire him and say one 'transphobic' thing about how an ass-length gold lamé dress and thigh highs aren't appropriate for work, and their office would be picketed and set on fire by hairy-backed retards in cheap lipstick

No. 364606

Seems like a good argument for taking on a male name. We can ALL be Bob Smiths! You thought Bob was a safely masculine name HR jerks? Think again, asshole.

also a valid possibility. I'd be wary of hiring a trans person if only because they seem to be involved in a disproportionately high amount of lawsuits.

No. 364706

File: 1548915727604.png (62.73 KB, 1007x249, Screenshot 2019-01-31 at 1.15.…)

I saw this on reddit on a "weirdest kink" thread. What exactly does this mean?

No. 364707

I'm going to go ahead and call it r/thathappened

No. 364722

B-but didn't women have it on easy mode?! All we need to do is to look pretty and smile and the world will come to us!

Suck it up my man, this is what being a woman is all about. Being belittled, thought of as a lesser person, having to work twice as hard to be seen as an equal, getting less money for the same job.

Some freelancing female IT professionals work under a male name just because they're not able to get projects as a woman. And of course all the writers who are made by the publisher to take a male name or use only their initials because nobody wants to buy books written by a woman. But thank god we have Bruce Jenner to tell us that the hardest part of being a woman is choosing what to wear!

No. 364723

File: 1548919330218.jpg (215.99 KB, 901x585, Crying.jpg)

So apparently Jazz's "vagina" burst open after the SRS procedure when he was leaving the hospital and he needed emergency surgery to repair the damage. This is some horrific ass shit and it's going to happen to kids across the country. This kid could have died but had the fortune of TLC paying the bill to get the best doctors in the country.

Imagine parents taking their kids to hack jobs to get SRS for them. Imagine the horror those kids could experience. How can this be the best option for this illness? Fucking madness, man.

Twitter thread about the shitshow here (NSFW, it has video clips):

No. 364724

Her husband isn't traditionally masculine in appearance and enjoys being submissive. Of course, the "likes to be a woman during sex" part is incredibly sexist.

No. 364726

they cry out when they get hit but they want others (specifically terfs) to get hit?
holy double standard batman!

but no seriously, they're not being the better person promoting physical violence.

No. 364728

holy shit poor Jazz, that is awful. I've heard bad things about the doctor Jazz went to, total quack taking advantage of people. Poor Jazz, never stood a chance with that Munchy Mother.

No. 364733

I think I finally hit peak trans.

I used to be a handmaiden, but that's been chipping away the past couple months and I need to keep face publicly since I'm a semi-popular artist. A few days ago I read how women are being called "menstruators". That really flipped the switch for me, I'm so fucking disgusted by this dehumanizing shit. I'm tired of seeing one lesbian flag for every 10 trans flags at pride. I want to make lesbian/wlw merch without being bombarded with "why didnt u make acetransdemi" comments. I want to be a lesbian and celebrate femininity in peace.

I wish I had the guts to draw stuff like >>363605 and redkatherine, but I know I will be crucified and my only source of income would go down the drain. I have no one to talk to about this because all my friends are the "punch terfs" type. I'm so tired.

I'm sorry for blogging.

No. 364738

pfft, really? "menstruators" (ie their mothers) are exactly the reason why they exist today, so dehumanizing women for that goes to show they're being non-human ironically.

No. 364739

The comment that stood out to me was
>his dad gave him 7 inches to get fucked with
(referring to the depth of the artifical hole created)

I can't imagine how humiliating it would be to have to actively dilate and care for your wound, which serves only sexual purpose and no health based ones- when you're only a tiny teenager. You were only just born 15 years ago and now you're dedicating your life to being a receptacle for a penis. None of the benefits of being male, and none of the benefits of being female either (such as natural beauty and ability or potential to birth a child)

He will 100% sue his parents by 2029

No. 364742

Obviously if a woman is unable to have a child she is still a woman. But his parents took his health and fertility from him. They made him a person with a huge gaping wound, reliant on medical care forever. They could have just left him alone. It's so sad. Taking someone healthy and ruining their lives. It's child abuse and it's baffling how this is acceptable. At the very least SRS should only be done after the age of 21. He can't buy a beer but he can take hormone blockers and then get severe and brutal surgery.

No. 364747

Plus none of us have the luxury of building a professional reputation and saving up money before ‘coming out’ as women, we deal with all of the things he’s complaining about in every aspect of our lives from birth. Even when TIMs seem to be a little more sympathetic towards women after getting a tiny glimpse of what life’s like for us, they always seem to neglect mentioning that part.

Fuck, poor kid. With his mother and all the other adult enablers surrounding him he never really stood a chance, did he? I hope he’ll be able to escape his munchie mom one day, let the psychological and physical wounds heal as much as possible, and live a decent life. The fact that this obvious child abuse is not just being broadcasted but celebrated is incredibly fucked up.

A lot of TIMs seem to really hate their mothers, much like incels.

>At the very least SRS should only be done after the age of 21
IIRC because of his age and blocked puberty there wasn’t even enough tissue to do the usual procedure, right? Even from a pro-trans perspective, blockers and MTF SRS seem to be mutually exclusive.

No. 364750

I genuinely feel really sorry for this kid. He's been indoctrinated since he was a toddler and pushed in front of cameras since he was what, 7? After over 10 years of media circus and talking about your upcoming surgery you just can't walk out at the last minute, especially when the fame-hungry stage mom is pushing you to do it. His body is ruined beyond repair, he will never be able to be sexually active due to the botched puberty and mutilated genitals. It's so sad and I can't believe how this is broadcast in front of people yet they aren't absolutely horrified. It's David Reimer all over again, I can't see him making it past 30 without detransitioning or suicide.

The "menstruator" debate and overall treatment of cis women by the men in dresses was what initially peaked me too. Was a ~nonbinary~ TRA, started noticing how other TRAs started demanding to stop using vaginas as the symbol of women's rights, how lesbians should sleep with transbians and how many transwomen were textbook NPDs. Afterwards I started questioning my beliefs and read up a lot of gender critical stuff and it really opened my eyes to a lot of misogyny that goes on in the world, especially the type I've internalized over my life. I think a lot of us were peaked by narc transbians, and I doubt the effect is going to stop losing momentum.

No. 364755

File: 1548928437406.png (90.72 KB, 768x684, pleasestop.PNG)

Checked the whole thread out, found this gem.
>I'm scared of becoming a game dev as a woman, should I transition to succeed with my career and not be treated as a worthless object?
>Of course you should transition, it'll make you feel better and help you avoid the burden placed on your gender!
Jesus fucking christ. Way to play into the patriarchy's hands despite being so ~woke~.

No. 364768

I find it hilarious and depressing that men can write lots of worse shit than that about their wives and even daughters how they want them to be mindless sex slaves and no one bats an eye but a woman does one creepy post about her husbans and everyone loses their shit!

No. 364770

sometimes it's much easier to pretend to be an "open-minded" they/them rather than a woman, especially a lesbian and worst of all, a gold star lesbian.

No. 364774

>IIRC because of his age and blocked puberty there wasn’t even enough tissue to do the usual procedure, right?
Pretty much. Jazz essentially had a micropenis which was unsuitable for the usual procedure. I believe they discussed using parts of the intestine instead.

No. 364777

That part when Jazz says he's feeling like something's bad and things are not right at the hospital and the family just takes him away instead of going back to the hospital to check things, what the fuck?

No. 364778

Wait no they took him back sorry I don't have lot of trust in this family sorry for samefagging

No. 364779

How much until the doctors who endorse tranning kids get prosecuted for crimes against humanity? Because the whole thing is pretty much Mengele-tier

No. 364781

Hbomberguy raises $340,000 for trans charity Mermaids


>Hbomberguy’s marathon 57-hour gaming session attracted the attention of the industry and celebrities alike. We meet the man trying to counter the tide of the manosophere and alt-right

No. 364782

I’m pessimistic that these doctors will be held fully responsible. Dr John Money got away with blatantly abusing David Reimer and forcing him to have sex with his own twin brother, and is still celebrated as a ‘pioneer’ in some circles. Today’s doctors, surgeons and psychiatrists have the excuse that everyone else is doing it, it’s what they were taught, they didn’t know any better, they believed they were helping. And they wouldn’t even be completely wrong about that because med students today are being taught that this is how you treat gender dysphoria and that non-hormone/surgery approaches are ‘conversion therapy’ and therefore unethical. I worry that it’s become too big for individuals to be held responsible.

No. 364794

I wonder if we will ever see some sort of great escape ála Venus/Margo or if he's a lost cause. This kind of shit just makes me so sad, narc parents doing this to their kids is just fucked.

No. 364795

No. 364800

This is excellent news.
However we're still in a sad state of affairs when stating obvious biological facts is something to be celebrated.
I wonder what the backlash is going to be like. I can imagine troons crying out the unfairness of it all, but they didn't think it was unfair of THEM to edge out actual women in other sports. Or scholarships or sponsorships or access to better coaching.
I wish more women would speak out about this, especially those within the industry.

No. 364801

How do you guys propose we fix this without fearing violence or losing our jobs?

Trans people are such a tiny percentage of the population but I feel all of this is progressing so ridiculously fast. Token trans people in films/tv/books, every bar I go to now has a gender neutral bathroom, laws being passed to allow self-ID/surgery/hormones/puberty blockers to be made easily available to anyone who asks for it, kids announcing their trans in bigger numbers and younger than ever, can't discuss any concerns with my friends for fear of losing them. I wouldn't mind but even giving an opinion on the subject puts you at risk of losing your job and getting death threats. Seeing all the people now who have to issue apologies or retract statements (that aren't even that controversial) out of fear. I feel like the only place I can express my opinion is anonymously online, that if I ever posted anything under a username that it would be one day found and my entire future would be at risk. I'm entering a STEM career at the moment and initially I thought I'd have lots of opportunities thanks to companies trying to encourage women in STEM but the industry attracts a lot of trans women who companies can hire as token women instead to fill their quotas and look "progressive". Most of them are autistic too and I could never keep up with that. People care way more about trans issues than they ever have feminism or racism. I've never seen people lose their careers and receive death threats for opposing feminism. I keep getting invited to marches and trans events and I wonder how long I can keep avoiding them before people call me out for not being an "ally" or whatever. I'm also afraid to have kids in case one of my children announces they're trans and I'll have pressure put on me by the school/state to put my child on puberty blockers or officially change their name or put them through surgery before their bodies/brains have developed fully (not required yet but that's the next step and I wouldn't be surprised if in a few years not helping your child to transition will be considered child abuse).

I'm scared, someone please tell me it's all going to be okay and the fad will end soon. Please.

No. 364806

how is this creepy in your opinion ?

No. 364812

Went to check myself online and it's not only used for cancer but to treat women with endo, to prevent girls from getting periods early, to help girls grow taller, treat fibroids, treat fertility problems. Now all of these women are reporting SERIOUS side effects (bone loss, hair loss, teeth loss, fibromyalgia, mental health problems, multiple women died). The common theme is that women and girls were being used as test subjects, fucking sickens me. Reminds me of how women had serious side effects and died from the first oral contraceptive trials and it's still on the shelves (just a weaker dosage). Can you imagine if the first trials of any treatment or drug so much as caused a fraction of this on men? There's no fucking way they'd get away with or or that it would be sold to the public. God, women still being used as guinea pigs and goes to show how little people fucking care about women.

No. 364815

Reminds me of how an oral contraceptive was being worked on for men, and they ended up dropping it. Why you ask? Because it had the same fucking side effects women’s contraceptives do and they deemed it unethical.

No. 364818

It was actually less. Acne and depression, iirc but that's so much worse than blood clots, migraines and death right? Ahahahahaha men.

No. 364891

Everything about this show is fucking terrifying. The kid never had a chance.

No. 364922

yes, i feel nothing but sympathy for jazz, even if he says some shit that enrages me, you can totally tell his mom brainwashed him into thinking and saying those things. he's been reduced to a money making freak show. he could've had a normal life, but now he's forced into these insane medical situations for #progressivism.

No. 364925

Is the surgeon… a tranny himself? Wew.
>"Girls get competitive about their vaginal depth"

No. 364927

Truly well written and illustrates my fears as well.

No. 364928

Stating biological facts like men and women are physically different will fuel Tim's and men that women (only normal women) are weak and useless too. It's fucking sad. We have to fight for our spaces and will still be deemed as lesser and inferior in the end.

Watch TiMs sperg over being banned act like its sour grapes and they'll say something like how women shouldn't be powerlifting anyway but instead be dainty feminine sex toys for men uwu

I hope jazz will escape the madness as he gets older, makes a video explaining the real story and find some peace. Him, Desmond is Amazing (that drag kid) too.

No. 364932

File: 1548960786209.png (146.46 KB, 554x439, 1447764203300.png)

All of you are dumb cunts who fail to see their own female privilege
I hate mentally ill men too but the fact that you girls are feminists debunk your own points, but have fun with your vagina worshiping threads cause that's all you're good for anyways.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 364937

What was even the point of giving him that depth? He doesn’t desire sex at all the guy is gonna be a permavirgin unless some sicko rapes him.

No. 364941

Even if he had sex, it wouldn't give him any pleasure. Fucking sad.

No. 364948

Jazz believes they will be able to experience sexual desire after the surgery, which is unfortunately not true. I am certain the protocols for how hormones are prescribed will change and I wouldn't be surprised if the public train wreck that is Jazz's life will be part of it. When you start a prepubescent child on blockers and then put them on synthetic hormones they are unable to experience sexual desire because they didn't develop how they should have. And as we have seen from this last episode of I am Jazz it also prevents the doctor's from being able to perform the normal penile inversion surgery because their sex organs aren't big enough (because testosterone is what causes them to grow in normal puberty). The alternative surgery is riskier and results aren't as good. Current preference for early transition sacrifices sexual function and fertility in exchange for passing better.

I don't think trans people are going away but protocols might change in opposition to puberty blockers. It might be better in the long run to go through some puberty, in regards to being able to save eggs/sperm, in regards to SRS, and for their future romantic lives.

No. 364958

on one of the last eps he said that his mom sets up interviews and appearances for him without even telling him before making these arrangements.

basically blackmails him into it i suppose by already setting up these arrangements and making him feel pressured.

No. 364966

i'm pretty sure his mom pushes him into looking for a relationship. like he says he wants to find a relationship but it seems really shallow and always in front of camera or in front of his parents, like he's expected to be looking for love.

No. 364972

File: 1548967222901.png (250.3 KB, 1788x920, file.png)

No. 364977

It looks like that twitter thread was removed (did anyone screencap/archive it?) but I found this video where Jazz says he feels an incision “pop” after the surgery. It’s hard to watch, I feel bad for him.

No. 364980

I read up on Money after seeing your comment and jfc it's so horrific! lives of two people ruined because he wanted to see how his theories would play out, that's not human in the least. reading about how he made the twins imitate sexual contact immediately reminded me of that scene in but I'm a cheerleader but a million times more grim. Honestly he deserves to be mentioned in the true crime thread, so fucked up

No. 364995

Those were far from the only side effects.


I wouldn't get vocal about it if you don't feel safe, but no one should bully you into attending rallies- especially when they're filled with predatory, violent troons.

No. 365000

Test isn't even good for men. The shit like literally kills them and makes them fug tbh. I want my bf to have as low test as possible - just enough to maintain an erection. Doesn't sound so bad to me.

No. 365001

I was just saying that there's more effects than acne and mood swings. This stuff sounds like another troon drug.

No. 365007

this shit just makes me sad

No. 365008

File: 1548969580730.jpg (385 KB, 1196x937, Screenshot_20190131-221549_Twi…)

How extreme does the binding have to be to damage your spine?

No. 365010

Still better than death? And still less side effects than the female version.

No. 365011

How? Low testosterone isn't comparable to BONE LOSS.

No. 365029

That wasn't my point.

No. 365031

No. 365073

>Her kid's been wearing a chest binder for 2 years now
>Mentions the child being in pain in the 8th grade
>Which makes the kid 14-16 years old
>"I wish I could afford the irreversible, mutilating, unnecessary surgery for my UNDERAGE CHILD, maybe I should start a GoFundMe!"
Munchie or just indoctrinated to hell and beyond? Either way this is incredibly dysfunctional.

I've used chest binders for my cosplays and I've never been in pain, even after a full 12-hour day of wearing them. So these kids most likely wear a shitty binder literally 24/7 and instead of their parents doing something about the possibility of a motherfucking disc disease they act like it's an actual sickness they just have to deal with. Get your kid to a psychiatrist for gods sakes! You wouldn't let them cut, so why would you let them voluntarily hurt themselves in some other way?

No. 365079

The short little part where the mom says "Smile before you go. Smile!" in somewhat cold and demanding tone to Jazz to take a picture of him while they're rolling him to an elevator in a wheelchair and he's obviously uncomfortable and in some amount of pain and his dad seems to be really concerned the whole time they're moving him around. That made me so angry. His mom is obviously the one running the show and using her son as a puppet. This is fucking terrifying. How do the producers of this show sleep at night?

No. 365100


Funny how men never feel genderfluid about things like scrubbing toilets or doing dishes or remembering birthdays or caring for children

No. 365106

Damn anon, you bring up a really great point. There are so many functions and traits that women have that aren't limited to fashion and having more sensitive feelings. But those are the two components always mentioned. Seeing you articulate this point so well really illuminates the farce of gender identity.

No. 365111

File: 1548983191805.png (179.74 KB, 500x281, A3AB546E-AD77-4E05-80A1-2E2602…)

No. 365125


haha, it's super cool to see you say this actually because that's the reaction I had the first time I saw a woman bring this up. It's such a powerful point and I love being able to share it w/ other women.

But for real, this is one of the things that strikes me most as a ~W Oh Cee~–what no one wants me to say is like, femininity in my home culture has different aesthetics and rules and womanhood is way more obviously tied to having babies and keeping house than in richer countries. So when I see male people talking about feeling genderfluid or nb or trans to me it's like…it exposes how it really isn't this transcendent universal "woman soul." It's culturally bound. Womanhood in my family means endless work and caring for others and I've never seen a trans woman talk in those terms. "I'm genderfluid because I love being the first to get up and the last to go to bed! I love running around during the holidays to organize all the gifts and menus and family drama!" No, it's always delicate feelings and wanting to be the bottom in sex and whatever. My grandma never wore makeup and did hard labor all her life and raised a bunch of kids and grandkids, and all this gender theory makes it sound like none of that is "womanly" because she mostly wore practical clothes and stopped taking shit around age 25. But that's what womanhood really is, for most women, and especially after youth–it's work. And it's the work no one else wants to do.

No. 365134

Yes, all of this! My family's version of femininity is caring for others out of generosity. There's no time for makeup or frilly dresses or being kinky. Obsessing over your boobs is the last thing on our minds, we want to figure out what to make our family for dinner first.
>But that's what womanhood really is, for most women, and especially after youth–it's work. And it's the work no one else wants to do.
hard agree, my youth ended very young for me. not because of children or anything, but because my family didn't want to care for me despite living in the same house.
it's funny, i started feeling like less of a woman because of these troons. i felt like i remember suddenly feeling pressure for wearing practical, comfortable clothes and not giving a rats ass about my face looking like shit because of acne. i stopped wearing makeup after like 2 months of attempting in middle school, that was enough. then as i got older and this genderfluid shit started coming up, i felt pressured to start wearing makeup and dress more classy.

No. 365141

yeah uh lemme get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
BONELESS gender and uhhhh 2 liter of dilation

No. 365142

Thank you for this! 100% correct observation. They never want to do the dirty or unglamorous work we are forced into because of gender roles. “Embracing their femininity” always comes down to shallow aesthetic and sexual aspects. Or crying, for some reason. You don’t see them rush to help their mother in the kitchen or be expected to watch their younger siblings. These assholes probably don’t help to put away the groceries once they bring the bags inside. It’s amazing how they will speak of missing out on girlhood and making excuses for their terrible fashion and hygiene because they think they were deprived of the mandatory lessons they imagined we all had at puberty. Meanwhile, these guys all grew up around their mothers, sisters, aunts, female classmates, etc for their entire childhoods. It wouldn’t have been difficult to acknowledge the bare minimum of real life female interaction that occurred right in front of them if they were really a girl inside. Nope. They rather rely on movies and porn to navigate womanhood.

I can never forget the anon from many threads back who described the scene when they volunteered at a function(I believe it was LGBT event). She said that when it came time to pack up and start cleaning the venue, it was the trans women who did the bare minimum to help, preferring to stand around and talk with the gay guys while the females did the work. I could be misremembering, but I believe she wrote that the females actually doing the work also included trans men, which is not surprising.

No. 365147

These people have no conscience. We broadcast the torment of this child on national television for entertainment. What a sick society we live in where this is not only accepted by celebrated.

No. 365150

TLC is a modern day freakshow that gives anti-role models a public space to debase themselves in. People watch TLC because they want to be the opposite of everyone they show.

No. 365167

that sounds a little bit weird i'll be honest

No. 365168

direct video link. https://www.facebook.com/theposieparker/videos/2372358492884117/

What do you all make of the Stand Up for Women people from the UK working with the heritage foundation in the US?
I'm incredibly frustrated by it. It just confirms to TRAs that radfems ally themselves with the right, and harms our credibility immensely with other leftists. I understand why they made the decision they did, but I don't agree with it at all.
I think Posie has said and done a lot of admirable things with this campaign, but her approach to dealing with people can be counter-intuitive. Plus I haven't forgotten the "all tifs should be sterilized" tweet, which went against everything she's advocating for.

No. 365169

Also low test causes hair loss, decrease in bone density, and increased fat gains in men but w/e

No. 365174

File: 1548994383944.jpg (103.05 KB, 920x960, FB_IMG_1548994287979.jpg)

Oh god damn it

No. 365176

Fucking disgusting

No. 365204

Absolutely refusing to believe this is real. The alternative is just too much to fathom.

No. 365208

>I feel like the only place I can express my opinion is anonymously online,
Yep same, and I'm not even really a TERF, I just reject the idea of GRS on children, like poor Jazz. It's the only topic where a child's word is taken as gospel and leads to permanent, extremely damaging consequences. Adults can do whatever they want with their bodies, but forcing this on children is abuse

No. 365209

One comment I saw re: Lupron was that she was given 30mg in one dose where a man undergoing cancer therapy got 7mg. So your theory about us as guinea pigs holds water

No. 365213

When I was around 25 I lived in a mixed household including a gay man. One woman took care of everything including buying the toilet paper, every homely thing in the house was hers. In my prior house I was the only girl and ditto, all the homely things were mine and the boys never cleaned. I had to fix up the entire bathroom including scrubbing mould and repainting.

Anyway, in the house with the gay guy the toilet got blocked.
I mentioned it to gay guy and he says to call a plumber in. I google how to fix it and use the plunger+plastic bag method, it's fixed and nobody mentions anything.

Even an effeminate man, and that includes gay guys, draw the line at doing housework in any way, cleaning a house, furnishing it, and so on. They pick and choose what feminine traits they want.

Men with feminine traits is a good thing. But I wish they would join us in work as well as aesthetics.

No. 365226

I don't even know how deep my vagina is, it's not like I'm sticking measuring sticks up there. Tf?

No. 365229

chicken gendies

No. 365246

Am I misreading this or did he really think the lady used two tampons at the same time and then yanked them out when they were both half dry? How could they both be from the same woman if they were both still "warm"?

No. 365247

Yeah, what ~girly conversations~ include women competing over vaginal depth?

No. 365252

Only in US.
Most other countries use cyproterone acetate, which is much safer, but not sold in US, due to being a generic drug and no big pharma considering it worth it to pump money into getting it approved by FDA.
Other drug used in US (and to less extent worldwide) is spironolactone, a diuretic which can cause a heart attack.
Lupron is actually the most rarely used one, due to it's cost and not always being covered by insurance. I guess it's given to kids, because it's an injection, so you don't need to make sure they take the pills? Or maybe just milking parents out of the money?

No. 365266

>scrubbing toilets
Disgusting, I wouldn't touch one myself.
My bf does all the cleaning, cooking, dishes, etc. I don't even have to nag him or anything. I don't like such generalizations.
Only troons and immature fuckboys seem to be like you say.

No. 365273

hope this isn't real, i feel so bad for the poor girl, i hope she never knows any of this, so vile

No. 365275

Yikes, is this so? Same as radfems aligning themselves with the religious right on anti-pornography stances back in the day. Did nothing to help the cause and only fractioned feminism. Posie Parker always rubbed me wrong way somehow.

No. 365280

This is another reason why I hate the way people stamp you with EVIL TERF the moment you say anything slightly gc. It's easier for them to mark everyone as Literally Hitler abs dehunanise you with death or rape threats rather than potentially risk listening to a differing opinion.
I hate the way the left has become, it's no wonder the right laughs at us

No. 365282

Yeah I’m choosing not to believe this either BUT
>”I knew they had to be hers”
Literally no
If these dudes really rub their dicks on stuff from a public bathroom I hope it fucks them up eventually lmao

No. 365283

File: 1549028272195.png (70.84 KB, 650x355, Exclude not eradicate.png)

Nobody is saying trans people need to be eradicated, jesus. I've read a lot of these threads and all trans exclusionary radical feminists want to do is to, surprise, exclude transgender woman aka cis men from women's spaces. You ain't gonna die because you can't go into a woman's toilet or changing room.

No. 365285

I suspect they mean "girls" with quotes, meaning trans girls. I can imagine trans women competing about their neovaginas, like an inverse dick-measuring contest

No. 365292

I've been a radfem for five years and I have never heard a fellow radfem say anything about wanting to "eradicate" trans people.

Heard plenty of talk from TRAs about wanting to choke, rape and murder lesbians though.

No. 365294

amazing, pure projection yet again. the talk about "our position is not negotiable at all" is all coming from troons. they are the ones who won't compromise even a tiny bit, and always have been. why do they project so much?

No. 365297

this makes me wanna go and plant some tampons with fake blood and idk itching powder or something on it to public toilet trash bins

No. 365354

Well there’s the problem. If they bothered to engage in discussions and actually listen to what is being said, they’d know that feminists don’t want to eradicate trans people at all. Unless they think eradication means “encouraging people to consider other options before jumping straight into surgery and HRT”.

No. 365387

What credibility amongst leftists? Anyone who hasn't drank the Kool Aid is automatically a right-wing transphobe to them anyway. Absolutely done with this left/right political divide defining everything everyone ever does. Unless Posie Parker starts actively advocating for anti-feminist/misogynist causes, then she has my support. No left-wing organisation will host these talks, no left-wing voices will discuss these issues, and no left-wing Govt will listen to women. So it's either make an uneasy alliance or give up.

No. 365400

Projection. I used to be a TRA and what contributed to me hitting peak trans is the amount of violence in their community. It was all a perpetual "punch TERFs, kill TERFs, shoot, murder, stab, behead transphobes" and since I was depressed at that time, I already had a very low tolerance to violence and it made me sick.
Meanwhile, the "TERF" community is not nearly as violent. Even the radfems who hate troons the most don't indulge in all those graphic descriptions of how they would hurt TIMs… they don't even talk about hurting them. They say "I hope he an hero's" at max.
Also, I've never seen such a violent "minority". I'm a lesbian and I've never said "I'm gonna stab homophobes to death" or similar stuff - even though, unlike transphobes, homophobes do have more power and could really take our rights away… trans people have achieved more power in a decade than gay people have in 50 years.

No. 365405

Troons are protesting (and begging for money) against the powerlifting ban. "Rachel" McKinnon, of course, retweeted and endorses this.

No. 365406

Also noteworthy how it refers to transwomen as "female", then it talks about how the LGBTQ+ community deserves to be in sports… even though this issue is only about troons. Gay and lesbian athletes are good and can compete fairly, take the LGB out of your bs

No. 365409

>There are many models of strength-based sports which actively include and celebrate trans athletes, including Crossfit.

Go and do those then. Let women have this one thing.

No. 365422

File: 1549052366865.png (30.89 KB, 659x405, adult human female.png)

>Nobody is saying trans people need to be eradicated
Speak for yourself.
Most of you are at stage 4, UK peaked at 6.
Obviously no one will be killing troons.
We will take away their right to change birth sex on documents, there will be no self-id.
Laws should be put into place to prevent young people from being indoctrinated and getting access to hormones.
Any troon should report to police and be required to announce their transgender status, just like sex offenders are required to and there should be a public registry of such people (see Megan's Law).
No man should have access to female bathrooms and changing rooms, it should be a criminal offense to trespass.

No. 365465

File: 1549057138051.jpg (62.16 KB, 785x220, 003457.jpg)

imagine being against iran forcing gays and lesbians to transition while having a mindset like this. this is borderline conversion therapy talk

No. 365467

>Because people think being TRANSgender is TRANSitioning
Gee, I wondy why!

No. 365520


100% my experience as well. My world is pretty ~radical queer~ and the houses full of trans women/male nbs are filthy fucking bachelor holes. You know the kind– toilets stained, ring around the tub, trash cans overflowing. And like, no furniture, boxes used to sit on, definitely nothing like curtains or more than one towel. And parties, yeah, just like you said, it's always the female people (even if they're trans men) who organize things, who schedule things, who clean up after. Home w/ female radical queer people, like….they can be messy, I'm sure a lot of us farmers can be slobs, but they're rarely disgusting and they'll at least have an ounce of shame that male people never had instilled.

Even if you're the girliest Stacy in the world, you can only really be that ideal for a small chunk of your life. But you don't stop being a woman then–womanhood just becomes about caring and cleaning and cooking and working. That's 90% of womanhood, especially when we're talking about all women worldwide and throughout history. Trans women/nb people identify with a fantasy created by other men, for other men. And just like men prefer, the ickier necessary parts of womanhood aren't part of it. They'll still get done, just, you know, but ~afabs~

No. 365582

I just saw someone share a photo of another tweet (not mentioned who tweeted it) about TERF stickers with razors.. in Scotland? this time. Anyone knows more about this?

No. 365601

File: 1549067424177.png (436.31 KB, 1024x573, Untitled.png)

An insight into the mind of a "transgirl"

No. 365607

This sub is eye opening, just look in the comments. This is what they think being a woman is.

>I literally got linked to /r/traa from /r/anime_irl and now I'm a girl lol

>I don't just want to be a woman. I want to be a slut.
>All of the comments agreeing

>my female friend who has no idea I'm trans has been talking about sex toys with me I've never felt so validated
Feeling validated is just as easy as tricking women into talking about sex toys with you

No. 365634

File: 1549069821575.png (60.75 KB, 720x242, Screenshot_2019-02-02-02-05-24…)


Browsing that sub and the sister subs just makes me so sad and angry, because you'll find so many young teens and their parents who are all brainwashed. Why would you let your son drop out because of dysphoria? Not even bullying - just because the school refused to acknowledge his special pronouns. How coddled can you be? That's everything but oppressed.

No. 365641

This might be a dumb questiom but what even causes gender dysphoria? Is it a bullshit excuse for trans people to transition, or is it an actual mental illness? Is it a result of parents strictly enforcing gendered roles and hobbies/interests on their children causing them to be confused of their sexuality? Or maybe it's just from watching too much porn and anime culture?

No. 365645


for tif’s i’m pretty sure gender dysphoria stems from not wanting to be sexualized and for tim’s it’s not being sexualized enough (aka too much porn)

that’s the most basic reason i can think of but i’m just too lazy to launch into it
i know the reason i indentifed as a “trans boy” was because i was a massive fujoshi when i was a teen and hated the way people treated me as a girl fujoshit. this was the beginning of the great fujo war where girls would claim to be trans boy ‘man-loving men’ to escape being ridiculed and ostracized for “fetishizing gay relationships.”

sage for blogposting

No. 365661

I'm guessing when it's not pure fetishism, it's insecurity in how they live up to gender roles. A lot of TiM's are "failed males." They're usually ugly, out of shape, or they feel unaccomplished socially or otherwise. Maybe they can't get a girlfriend, maybe they work a shitty job and can't impress their male peers. Maybe they even have a tiny penis. Instead of confronting the gender roles that bring them down and realizing, "hey, I don't need to meet these societal expectations to be a man," they think, "wow, girls have it so much easier. Making myself look sexy and getting swooned over by others sounds like fun!"

No. 365700

File: 1549077987802.jpeg (58.61 KB, 750x231, 753AC75F-6B29-4581-9623-4A07A7…)

>>360163 they really are clueless

No. 365701

File: 1549078242838.jpeg (139.85 KB, 750x851, 1CB64E5C-AC7B-4CB2-B23E-9BA859…)

This twitter thread is dumb. They’re planning for on writing a blogpost about how TERFs are antisemetic and obviously haven’t done an inch of research.
Plenty of “TERFs are men and actually anti-women” bull in the comments too. How dumb can so many people be??


No. 365702

File: 1549079096153.png (145.52 KB, 630x1086, gorillawarfare.png)

Oh shit, this guy's thread was featured a while ago on KF. His lack of self-awareness is beautiful.

No. 365707

File: 1549079756404.png (711.33 KB, 1080x1671, Screenshot_20190201-215500~2.p…)

No. 365711

File: 1549080256791.gif (185.96 KB, 500x436, 1450844966741.gif)

Wow. Imagine being that retarded. He literally can't even keep his lies straight for 5 minutes.

In the tweet directly after the one you posted, which he posted 4 minutes after, he says "many people engaging in this ideology may not be aware of their proximity to white supremacy." So he says TERFs are white supremacists, then he says TERF ideology is simply in close proximity to white supremacy. But an ideology cannot be in close proximity to itself. So which is it? Terfism=white supremacy or terfism=close to white supremacy?

He'll say whichever works best in his current rant against women wanting a movement that excludes men, and women questioning gender dogma.

No. 365714

>doctor is trans

I want off this planet. Actually no, i want all the tranny men moved to their own island/city.

No. 365715


Spending more than five minutes taking in all this uwu headpats uwu kitten slut wuuuuuwuuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwu nyaaaaaaaaa bullshit really kind of helps with the feelings of total hopelessness and frustration in the face of the trans steamroller, though. It's like, oh wait, I almost forgot you're just a bunch of boring horny guys who never shit up about their boners and the boring ass things that give them boners

No. 365716


How do they deal with the fact that like…..post-Holocaust Jewish women were like the single biggest group of the terrible terfy second wave. Betty Friedan, Andrea Dworkin, Sulamith Firestone, Gerda Lerner, like…….modern feminism is like comic books and movies, Jews built that shit. Not a conspiracy, I say this as a Jew, the only thing more Jewish than feminism is like, latkes with lox.

No. 365718

yeah but dworkin kind of accepted them which was kind of dumb.

No. 365736

File: 1549083233139.jpg (96.22 KB, 487x810, tumblr_pm3y5fGCUw1tb2yjg_540.j…)

They are really committing themselves to these lies, arnt they?

No. 365768

talking straight outta their asses
pretty sure a TERF is anyone who disagrees with them

No. 365772

>imagine thinking cis means straight

Trying to ride on the coattails of the gay community while threatening to kill lesbian "TERFS" is one of the worst things TRAs do. Being gay does not = being trans in any world

No. 365776

>best person for the job
>fucked it up

No. 365778

Oh anon, this is late but I feel you 100 percent, especially on the part about saving face due to being an artist. It's tough wanting to express your opinions or support artists like that but knowing you can't because it's essentially career-ruining.

My friends are all the "punch terfs" types too, so I don't have anyone to share these feelings with either. There's probably more artists who share our views than we think, maybe…? I feel like a lot of artists openly express hatred of TERFs simply because they think it's the morally right thing to do, but they don't really understand the implications/darker side of it.

No. 365794


I googled this and apparently neovag can get yeast infections (although that’s treatable over the counter) and obv stds, but is it really necessary to waste a gyno’s time? They are obviously not trained to treat that demographic of patient, the TIM in question still has a prostate which actually does need to be checked, and the routine checkup a gyno does doesn’t even apply to TIMs. They should just have a separate category of doctors who specialize is postop TIMs.

No. 365802


it’s just another way for men to invade women’s spaces. it’s all a part of the fetish and the game of men having every single space that women have clawed for tooth and nail.

i just hope the next stwong twans womin uwu to see old-ass male gynos instead of female ones. at least a woman wouldn’t have to be subjected to looking at his festering fuckhole.

No. 365804

>a prostate which actually does need to be checked
Checked for what?

No. 365805


No. 365808

No one checks for that? "About 99% of cases occur in males over the age of 50"? Getting prostate cancer is neigh impossible if person is androgen deprived?
Have you asked your bf when he was last checked for prostate cancer? Or your dad?
When was the last time you had your Skene glands checked for cancer?

No. 365809

No. 365813

No. 365817

I don't want identifying as trans to be illegal, and I don't want trans people to not have human rights or anything like that. They're still human beings who deserve happiness and respect. But I don't think changing sex markers should be legally allowed, so I don't think males should ever be granted access to anything specifically reserved for or relevant to females, which I'm sure classes as #TransErasure

No. 365825

Wow Graham Linehan is actually kind of funny. Didn't expect that.

No. 365827

Though Emily really made it easy for him tbh with that navy seal copypasta tier tweet with no self awareness at all.

No. 365828

>I don't just want to be a woman. I want to be a slut.
Well, at least they're sort of honest about their intentions and about the whole thing being a fetish to them…?

The weeb incel troons are the saddest bunch, sheltered, lonely young men sincerely thinking they can become ~kawaii irl anime catgirls~ by popping estrogen and posting nudes of their hairy asses.

Pretty much this. And also when you claim to be a gay boi you can act slutty and sexually liberated because men are allowed to be like that without stigmatization. If you were a lesbian to begin with, you're now a straight guy with no extra baggage of being gay. It's all a mix of escaping homophobia and the social pressure placed on women.

>How to spot a troon…they are all fucking ugly inside and out. That is why 95% of them have an unrealistic cartoon version of themselves as a profile picture.

>a post-op trans woman isn't any different than a cisgender woman that has had her reproductive organs removed

No. 365843

is it the same photo of the right-wing stickers with razor blades? because that's where the original razor blade sticker image is from, when someone noticed the blades when they were removing a nazi sticker.

No. 365854

File: 1549107627011.png (43.67 KB, 898x394, Screenshot_2019-02-02 (x-post …)

No. 365861

I feel you anon the art community is riddled with brain dead virtue signalers all doing it for clout. God it's like I don't even mind someone having a separate opinion from me either but the way they just all recite the same shit they read on Twitter is so irritating.

There are just generally too many they thems in my field and I have zero patience for it.

No. 365892

I think a decent amount of actual dysphoria stems from trauma.

No. 365913

Funny, because most "terfs" I've met are actually conventionally pretty. They do themselves a big disservice by making it about the looks, when they're competing against actual women and they all look either like balding incels or botched blow up dolls (who still look manly).

I'm a semi-popular writer in a fandom, so I feel you (except I don't make money through that, so I imagine it's tougher for you). Personally, I never share any trans-positive stuff on my blog, and all the characters I write about are canonically "cis" so TRAs followers can't say shit. And when I write lesbian smut I make sure to indulge in details about the female figure and body parts. It's the most I can do, but it makes me feel in peace with myself somehow.

No. 365916

Where do you live that prostate checks are so rare that you had to ask what they were being checked for?

No. 365917

>Funny, because most "terfs" I've met are actually conventionally pretty

They like to think that feminists are ugly because, deep down, they're just misogynists that believe a woman's value lies in her looks and not her opinions.

They've got no logical response to "terf" opinions so they just go the playground "well you're fat you smell you're ugly" route.

Unfortunately for them, the terfs are generally more attractive than them so the superficial environment that gets fostered by the special snowflakes only hurts the trans movement.

Well done to the fat men with thin lips and receeding hairlines that transition to women after making it VERY clear that a woman is worth nothing unless she's pretty. I'm sure that definitely works in their favour.

No. 365918

I think the most logical reason a TERF wouldn't want to have a personal photo as their profile pic is to protect themselves from these freaks. You wouldn't want to wake up to yourself getting doxed by a bunch of seething men and their handmaidens.

No. 365922

I experienced something I could call "gender dysphoria" for a couple years and it was 100% because I couldn't come to terms with having a (female) body that was despised and constantly criticized for it's natural state, in society, media and all other ways you can think of. Too full of fat, too hairy, too smelly. Figured if I wasn't born as a woman/transitioned everything would be so much easier and that made me fucking depressed. I can't say every tif feels this way but might be the case for some.

No. 365932

>>365641 every ftm I've known transitioned as a result of sexual assault. I'm not saying this is the case for everyone, but of the few i know well it's true. Being female got them raped and so they want to make sure they aren't a target again.

No. 365941

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez made a statement saying she's privileged for being born a 'cisgendered woman' and troons are mad at her. For saying 'cisgenderED' instead of 'cisgender'

I can't stop laughing. It's impossible to win with these psychos.

No. 365942

It was proven to be a hoax by the police themselves last time. Guarantee it's a hoax this time too.

No. 365945

I checked out the KF thread for more information and is that hellsite just chock full of trannies? The first 3 pages are just some autists trollshielding and infighting if he's milky or not instead of actually looking into this crazy psycho. Most of them actually using the "she" pronoun for this beast too. I just feel as if every online drama community is also a troon central, it just speaks volumes of their personality disorder frequency.

This is honestly the case of every FTM I've met and I've met plenty. Happened with me too, not a sexual assault but a crazy stalker male who constantly degraded me for displaying any femininity. It's always about escaping the shitty treatment you get for being a woman, especially if you're a lesbian.

No. 365949

Ugh, that aside it still sounds like a trashy statement to gain popularity among the "woke" crowd.

No. 365952

Weird, I thought KF was pretty much troon critical. Aren't they the ones holding the biggest brigade against Jonathan Yaniv? I went to the stream where their admin called him, and first he put on stream many pictures and edits of him, mocking him

No. 365955

a lot of posters on KF are definitely tranny critical, but theres always a few handmaidens/tra's in the tranny threads

No. 365961

Nope, just a photo (instead of a screenshot) of the actual tweet. And the tweet only said that they encountered a terf razor sticker again. It wasn't one of the old ones.. so that's why I wondered if someone knew more. I reckon it's false info again though

No. 365966

I remember when he went to Charlottesville the night after the marches acting like everyone in the world was watching. He was tweeting shit like "Guys, I just witnessed the end of America" after someone's beer splattered on him. So fucking dramatic, I love it.

No. 365972


Yeah, they're lying, anon.

No. 365976

Wtf why does it matter if she added an -ed at the end?

No. 365981

Yeah, she said "I have no idea what it feels like to be born inside the wrong body."
Feeling unfamiliar in your own body is actually a symptom of high anxiety. Troons just confuse it for gender feels.

No. 366001

File: 1549132783080.png (425.79 KB, 1219x425, Screenshot_2019-02-02-12-33-12…)

This doesn't sound dangerous at all /s

No. 366069

No. 366090

This is why people simply shouldn't give into their request. First it starts off with "Just let us in the bathrooms!" and suddenly they're demanding for the eradication of females from female spaces and doing this insane language policing. They keep moving the goalposts and will never be satisfied.

>“This ended up causing a very split reaction that I, honest to god, did not expect,” HuniePot, the alias of Ryan Koons, wrote in a Twitter post. “This is a character we’ve been asked for hundreds of times. I was very much under the impression that ‘girl with dick’ (whatever you want to call it) was a pretty universal interest/preference/fetish among anime/hentai/visual novel fans. I can’t even keep track of how many hentais [anime or manga pornography] I’ve seen where some chick all of a sudden breaks out a huge cock; a fantasy fetish that can be enjoyable onscreen but that doesn’t necessarily translate to real life for everybody.”
LMFAO, this poor clueless guy. I can just see some rainbow sock troon screeching over this statement in embarrassment.
>Look you guys wanted a girl with a dick and that's what we gave you! I know you guys like that degenerate fetish shit so here you go!

It also reminds me of the age old "You go woke, you go broke" sentiment. There's no pleasing these people, they're not going to give you money no matter how hard you pander to their every crazy whim so you might as well ignore them altogether.

No. 366095

So now both crossdressers and futanari are trans? Lol
The whole point of futanari is that it's a biological female aside the slapped on dick for male fetishism, I guess that's what weeb troons want to be.

No. 366099

Exactly. I don't think any weeb would be into 6' foot ma'ams with a manly boxy body and shoulders as wide as an airport, a 5 o' clock shadow and a man voice. Nobody's into that. Not even troons, since transbians always look for bio women with petite bodies.

No. 366172

File: 1549150228350.jpg (1.02 MB, 1440x2100, 20190202_152822.jpg)

TIMs appropriating butch and dyke makes me so angry I don't even know where to start

No. 366180

i already hate this guy so much. i wish i was a dude that looked like this. i hope he ruins himself with hormones and weird looking 'boobs' on a man chest

No. 366217

Those fucking nails.

No. 366218

Men who say that they are women, mutilate their genitals and push to be allowed into lesbian spaces: fucking horrible

Men who do feminine things but still present as men and respect female spaces: fucking awesome, 10/10

Cis femboys >>> Entitled troons

No. 366232

key example Tim Curry

No. 366262

It’s the opposite, really. A lot of transgenders are deeeeep in the closet but their conservative upbringing has warped their mind. This is especially the case with FTMs and gay MTFs, transbians are just degenerates. I feel like if this isn’t challenged soon, the LGB will no longer exist.

No. 366267

There need to be more studies on the trans craze. I need to see how many trans people also have autism, have Christian backgrounds, and watch porn heavily.

No. 366271

>butch trans girl
So… a straight man who isn't a beer-guzzling Playboy-reading testosterone-fueled caricature of masculinity? Just a normal fucking straight dude?

I fucking hate transbians.

No. 366283

Lmao probably all of them.

CWC is all three.

No. 366286

>Wanting to look like the epitome of fuccboi

No. 366291

I honestly think all trannies are either porn obsessed or have autism. there's no way they have normal mental capacities.

No. 366304

>normal-looking man tells the world he's AGP
At least now sane people will know to avoid him.

No. 366339

lbr 90% of them are pornsick degenerates.

No. 366354

Anon love yourself pls

No. 366357

Where anime goes dysfunction and mental illness follows.

Anime should be made illegal honestly.

No. 366364

File: 1549177629366.png (325.34 KB, 523x832, tumblr_inline_ov7cvzaXRj1tlxxf…)

Newsflash: fingers are now tiny penises!

No. 366369

>those hairy-ass arms

No. 366375

subtract the porn and add sexual trauma and eating disorders for tifs.

this has to be the dozenth troon I've come across who's named himself Morrigan. Disgusting.

No. 366383

Eating disorders are a relatively common comorbid condition in girls and young women with (high functioning/undiagnosed) autism, and of course girls who are socially/emotionally/intellectually isolated and vulnerable are more likely to be targeted by sexual predators as well. I wonder how much suffering is being obfuscated by the trans craze, because once someone claims gender dysphoria it’s considered anti-trans conversion therapy to look into any other possible root causes.

As for excessive porn consumption, wew, good luck to any researcher looking into that. I’ve never seen anything men get so defensive about as porn and now liberal feminism is right there with them chanting about how empowering and feminist it is.

No. 366385

>Hitachi wand = fake massive dong
HAHA bitch where, show me a penos that can do anything even remotely close to what a clit-focused powerful vibrator can do. Absolutely delusional

No. 366392

Shout it louder for the people in the back

No. 366395

I think this
>Well done to the fat men with thin lips and receeding hairlines that transition to women after making it VERY clear that a woman is worth nothing unless she's pretty. I'm sure that definitely works in their favour.

Proves these guys know they are really men, and that their value isn't in their attractiveness, just in their maleness. Not that I think anyone should view themselves as ugly, it's just strange that trans women are the exception to the rule

No. 366396

>more death threats/threats of violence

>you don't get to use a dildo and then say you don't love cock!

>If you eat a piece of tofu it means you love steaks! Eat the damn steak, cunt!

I can't with these people

No. 366397

Let's put this another way: A straight woman barrages a gay man with abuse and threatens to beat him to death with sex toys, because she conflates anal sex to PIV and he's a filthy liar to pretend he doesn't want vagina

How about respecting other people's sexual preferences? Does it only go one way, we respect you but you don't respect us? Sounds very typical male entitlement to me

No. 366400

Lmao this "dildos are penises" is one of my favorite trans logical fallacies.

"Girldick isn't anything like a real dick, but plastic dildos are exactly like penises"

Other is when they expect lesbians to be attracted to non-passing bearded transbians, yet when lesbians say they like vaginas TRAs start mocking them by showing pictures of passing bearded ftms asking that oh so you're attracted to transmen huh??

No. 366402

no woman owes your ugly tranny dick anything just because they have sex toys. a dildo or a fucking finger is not the same thing as an actual dick, they are just objects being used for penetration.

trannies with the "piv isn't straight sex!!" thing is hilarious, ftm gaybois say that too. if they were saying "a post-op ftm with a surgical dick and a cis guy fucking is gay" i could understand it. piv is straight, you being a tranny doesn't change the fact that you are under the risks straight couples have, not the risks gay couples have

No. 366404

File: 1549188399521.jpg (299.99 KB, 921x853, troonism.jpg)

No. 366405

men are too retarded to realize that being stimulated internally feels good on its own and need to turn everything into 'why won't you fuck meeeeeeeeeee'

No. 366415


>guy refuses the drunken advances of his MtF friend

>friend asks "So, you'll have sex with [x], but not me? Is it because I'm trans??"
>he says "Honestly, yeah, dude"
>MtF storms out, goes home crying and tells family members and their social group
>guy gets messages about it from friends, MtF's family members, etc by next morning, all coming down on him for it

Some sanity in the comment section for once.

No. 366424

id like to know how much anime they watched as a teen tbh

No. 366428

It doesn't even make sense and I'm sure they know it doesn't, but they still keep using it because they've bullied everyone into submission and can throw around whatever stupid excuses they want to. Like anon >>366397 here said, imagine women demanding gay men to have sex with women because PIV is just a form of anal sex, you stick a dick in a hole and doesn't matter which one you jam it into. People would think you've lost your mind and call you out for being homophobic and erasing their sexuality. But when it comes to women, you're just supposed to agree with it and roll with the punches.

lmao, good one anon.

>Some sanity in the comment section for once.
Of course there is. Unlike women, men are free to reject advances from ugly, insane troons.

No. 366429

The comments give me faith.

>I find it funny that's it's ok for Kat to dislike her current genitalia but not ok for OP

No. 366434

>Unlike women, men are free to reject advances from ugly, insane troons.
that's why people were so supportive of op, if the exact same story was from a lesbian rejecting a mtf they all would be screaming "vagina fetishist!!! punch a terf!!"

No. 366455

I love when they call us “creepy vagina fetishists/vagina cult” for pointing out the difference between men and women
As if 1: the entire existence of men isn’t them being obsessed with their own dicks
2: they are literally the creepiest thing I can imagine, irony

No. 366461

Straight homophobic man's "arguments" against lesbians 101

No. 366470

File: 1549206685963.png (321.17 KB, 720x1015, Screenshot_2019-02-03-15-06-10…)

On the topic of "TRAs and homophobia", get a load of this trainwreck on a tumblr post.
OP just wanted to make a post about lesbianism… little did she know.

No. 366471

File: 1549206730490.png (125.17 KB, 720x832, Screenshot_2019-02-03-15-07-05…)

The TRAs attack.

No. 366472

File: 1549206765573.png (108.48 KB, 720x774, Screenshot_2019-02-03-15-07-19…)

No. 366473

File: 1549206824469.png (35.16 KB, 720x282, Screenshot_2019-02-03-15-07-37…)

(Yeah, thankfully people in the notes weren't having it. Faith in humanity restored)

No. 366474

File: 1549206898854.png (122.01 KB, 720x815, Screenshot_2019-02-03-15-09-03…)

No. 366475

File: 1549206977120.png (148.92 KB, 720x852, Screenshot_2019-02-03-15-10-02…)

TRA got dragged hard and left.

No. 366476

File: 1549207022793.png (92.53 KB, 720x561, Screenshot_2019-02-03-15-10-17…)

Last cap.

No. 366479

>>guy gets messages about it from friends, MtF's family members, etc by next morning, all coming down on him for it
This is the weirdest part of it, to me. Not accepting rejection is typical male behavior and not at all unexpected but the fact that so many other people get involved is bizarre. If OP had rejected his friend for being ugly or fat, nobody would’ve tried to bully him into dating him anyway. At most they probably would’ve thought OP was kind of a douche and the friend had dodged a bullet.

What is it about trans people, particularly TIMs, that makes people think it’s okay to bully someone into dating someone they’re not interested in? Why are sex and relationships suddenly a basic human right as soon as someone comes out as trans?

No. 366506

File: 1549211491630.png (111.66 KB, 456x810, tumblr_pgkk8tBdPK1ucoa7v_540.p…)

Breaking report-transwomen started the whole LGBT movement and community, more at 11.

No. 366522

transing post-humously is so disrespectful. also, peep this bit from the wiki article:
>Though generally regarded as "generous and warmhearted" under her Marsha persona, Johnson's dark side sometimes emerged under Johnson's "male persona as Malcolm",[42] often resulting in Johnson being hospitalized and sedated.[28] During those moments when Johnson's violent side emerged, according to an acquaintance Robert Heide, Johnson could be aggressive and short-tempered and speak in a deeper voice and, as Malcolm, would "become a very nasty, vicious man, looking for fights".

the people who wrote the article are heavily pushing that marsha was a totally female troon, but then attribute any of his outbursts and negative emotions, anger, volatility, to his male side, and call him malcolm. funny, huh?

No. 366547

this reads like a meme mocking them… If I didndt encounter this myself already, I'd think this is satire.

No. 366608

File: 1549226503303.jpg (50.4 KB, 345x345, ab.jpg)

>Trans Identified Male
How have you guys not started saying this

No. 366615

I thought TIM stood for "this is male"?

No. 366616

Tiktok is full to bursting with female enbies, tifs and handmaidens but literally the first time I see a tim on the for you page, he's reeeeing about terfs. http://vm.tiktok.com/e8Ewfp/

No. 366617

He should save up for a dentist before SRS.
Btw it never fails to amuse me how troons spend all their energies REEEEEing at a small group of women that simply doesn't buy into the gender bullshit… when there are men out there actually killing them. Troons are truly too dumb to live

No. 366620

Actual serious politics aside for a second, this guy thinking he looks cute with all the camp posturing and zoom-ins and then laughing about 'being emotionally unstable' has me rolling. What a mess this whole trans movement is.

No. 366622

Samefag, he was only getting started apparently:
He's ranting about how puberty blockers are harmless in part 2.

He straight up has a dead tooth, he gets really close to the camera in another video and it's really obvious. I nearly puked.

No. 366623


of course the only thing that should be claimed as 'child abuse' is whenver your parents worry about your poor life choices of being a trannie… God, why do they make everything about themselves

No. 366635

File: 1549230545392.png (Spoiler Image, 702.78 KB, 720x1280, q9xaiaH.png)

Screenshot of the dead tooth for anon who asked and deleted.

No. 366651

File: 1549232266059.png (147.04 KB, 374x335, grandpa is not amused.png)

His ancestors in the painting are disappointed at this degeneracy.

No. 366665

File: 1549234270152.jpg (193.42 KB, 651x934, delusional.jpg)

I refuse to believe they don't realize how ridiculous they look

No. 366666

how can you look in the mirror and think this looks good? are men capable of inducing visual hallucinations while sober or something?

No. 366676

They probably thought him mentally handicapped and were just being nice.

No. 366686

Yeah, the men whistling/yelling were clearly mocking him as well with that ridiculous Party City wig on his head. Troons all think public harassment is a sign of accomplishment though, joke vid related.

No. 366689

Lmao I was thinking of that exact same video too.

Every time I read one of those "I went out in girlmode for the first time [pic of some greasy incel wearing a $5 wig] and got catcalled and hit on soooo many times!"-stories, I honestly think they're either made up or these guys are too dense to realize they're being mocked.

No. 366733


works on my end. try refreshing your browser?

No. 366748


so if trans women want to be treated like women, why is it a crime to point out how ugly they are? a major part of living as a woman is having the world tear you to shreds over your physical appearance. but you have people falling over themselves to tell some shapeless, receding hairline, yellow-toothed, cheap Claire's makeup wearing motherfucker how beautiful and sexy he is. wouldn't it be more ~gender affirming~ to drag them for constantly looking a hot mess?

y'know, like how they do to "TERFs".

No. 366761

File: 1549250376336.jpg (222.48 KB, 1080x1083, future TiM.jpg)

I feel like a really alarming percentage males that began identifying as trans within the past few years have done so because they believe shit like this.

No. 366774

considering how many buy into that "women have it easy" myth, yeah
but I would also say the fujo/trap era in anime and hentai also massively contributed to this

I'm sure this is the average man who hardly works out, eats crap, puts only the bare minimum in hygiene and his only fashion is a t-shirt and shorts so I'm sure he would be surprised to find out how even hot women (especially gold-diggers) have to invest in a lot of surgeries, products and time to look good. Probably doesn't have a gf either to even get that clue.

No. 366775

Sorry meant that instead of fujo

No. 366778

crossposting basically from the goth thread but is no one else kind of amazed that raven's logan appears to be going 'genderqueer' or maybe is a transbian now or whatever? he was suuuuper anti-feminist metalhead whatever (as many transbians are actually), and is wearing boho skirts and painting his nails pink

No. 366792


And Raven posted pics of him wearing her favorite plaid dress, thigh high stockings, and a face full of makeup with his legs propped open.

No one wants to discuss him in any thread. Stop trying to make it happen.

No. 366823

It sickens me that troons think catcalls are a badge of honor.

You can take the guy out of the masculinity, but you can't take the masculinity out of the guy.

No. 366933

This thread shows up in the catalog but not on /ot so hopefully sending this makes it reappear

No. 366934

Genuine question, why do troons take the names of the women they know? A guy I used to go to high school with has fully trooned out and he’s calling himself the same name of the girl he had a crush on in high school that rejected him. It’s really ducking bizarre and disgusting

No. 366939

Because they're not "being themselves", they're trying become another person.

No. 366983

I saw a troon in person for the first time in a long time. I live in a fairly liberal city in the UK. You can hold hands with your same sex partner without too many couples, but I've never seen a mtf her before. It's been snowing, so naturally everyone is wearing a lot of layers. But this 6ft fat troon was wearing a mini skirt, a bustier top, thigh highs and cat ears. He couldn't have been more of a stereotype. He also had a shitty Halloween blonde wig. It was so bizarre.

No. 366998

Oh god, sounds like the comic that was posted in here earlier

No. 367003

File: 1549297922009.jpg (142.09 KB, 1600x604, folie à deux.jpg)


>Everyone thought we were lesbians, now they KNOW we are gay men! :)

the fuck

No. 367017

I think it’s a NPD thing, where they try to take over and ruin parts of the lives of people who injured their ego in some way. Not all trans people do it but the ones who do are creepy as fuck and should probably be on a watchlist somewhere.

So stunning and brave! My personal favourite sighting is still the one who thought it would be appropriate to wear a skimpy Vocaloid/idol/magical girl costume to his hospital appointment.

No. 367023

>>366983 i meant too many comments, not couples oops

No. 367024

File: 1549300439811.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 47.7 KB, 980x551, mgid_ao_image_logotv.jpeg)

Ok so I follow Olympic weightlifting, so powerlifting isn't the same thing but I heard one of the US powerlifting organizations banned mtf lifters from competing in women's competitions. It's only logical, of course vox and their outsports put out an article trying to make the false equivalency that "black women often have thicker bone mass than white women" as if that had anything to do with men competing as women. And then all the handmaidens trying to support these poor men.

And no, the image isn't directly related. Just down the rabbit hole to find a ftm bodybuilder. Those nipples are completely in the wrong place.

No. 367028

So sad, the girl on the right was quite pretty

No. 367036

File: 1549301677647.gif (2.95 MB, 360x360, wigdog.gif)

I just want this madness to stop

No. 367038

What the fuck is the troon brigade's hangup with black women? Is it because most troons are white men?

You never see them making these false equivalences with any other race of women. Or, for that matter, you never see TIFs spouting some shit about how Asian men are shorter than white and black men so TIFs are real men too or whatever. It's always focused on black women.

No. 367052

It's because they're racist, and want to use the whole "black women = masculine" BS spouted by their fellow racists as a stepping stone for their own benefit. Seeing that nonsense was what really made me hit peak trans, honestly. These are men, often misogynistic, racist, narcissistic men, cosplaying as women. That's what they will always be, and they will never fully let go of their outlooks, no matter how well they may play the oppressed, downtrodden victim and suicide bait us for not coddling them.

Since they're entirely self-absorbed in every way, they're almost completely incapable of actually empathizing with women, so they unironically think comments like that are okay.
They really think they're smart, but their true ugliness always leaks through. Sadly, their brainwashed followers will agree with anything they say. They could all become woman-killing, Ed Gein-copying, inceloid Neo-Nazi rape gangs, and western news outlets would make it seem like it's all transphobic society and the evil TERFs' faults for making them strike back against us.

No. 367098

Ew that's so fucking gross. All I can imagine is that happening to me or someone I know.

No. 367110

This almost reads like an incel post, it’s strange.
If they think this is all there is to being a woman they are fucking nuts.

No. 367198

No. 367199

Someone has recently just invited a TIM to my girl only group chat for a club in my uni recently and all people are supportive of him. He doesn't seem harmful though, but I feel sorry for him.

He definitely had some issues back then and was very depressed, very quiet too. For some reason after 'social' transitioning he seems very happy and social. it's good for him though but I wonder if this wouldn't be a permanent fix.

Of course I can't voice my opinions because it's a group if alt/metalhead kids with half of them being vegan/vegetarian progressive type who's welcoming to everyone. I also don't think all TIMs are creepy, but I feel they're just escaping something deep down in themselves and I want to help

Any ideas?

No. 367204

Skinwalking. They're not trying to be a woman, they're trying to hijack a persona and become a character they created in their head.

To be honest, time will tell. If he turns out to be a toxic narc, people will reject him, though passive aggressively. I've had to deal with two troons (a MTF and FTM) in my hobby group but so far they've been harmless enough. Thankfully not every single tranny is a deranged psychopath lashing out at people, but I would be vary of 1-on-1 interaction. That's usually when they turn uncomfortable and/or overshare.

No. 367209

Not troon but I feel the need to clarify, definitely. But as someone who used to have a massive oversharing/ issues in 1-1 conversation I can say this is can be caused by lack of self esteem and desperation for emotional support. It became quite a habit that's hard to stop but therapy is definitely needed to get past that.

A lot of troons might have that because they became troons by self-hate in the first place. Transitioning covers up the real issues they may have.

No. 367248

Just want to share a personal story of someone I knew becoming trans. This happened about 4 years ago and at the time i wasnt wrapped up in all the information. I was just pretty neutral to the whole trans movement.

>have 2 friends that are dating, male and female

>one is a US resident and the other Canadian
>both are staying in Canada
>bf (canadian) gets an amazing job offer in the US
>they finish up what they have to do here and both move to the USA
>immediately get married so husband can live and work in usa
>6 months later he troons out into a "woman"

even my less aware self at the time, always thought that was a dick move. The wife used to be normal but has completely fallen into sjw/trans-idealogy think.

No. 367624

I go to a fairly prestigious uni in the UK and I study law. Today we were learning about marriages, civil partnerships, divorce and nullity ect and how 'transsexuals' come into it. Outdated and politically incorrect language was used the whole time and it was glorious. Controvserial topics such as it being deception not disclosing your transgender status was also discussed. No one was objecting. It was amazing.

No. 367789

lifefuel. thank you for sharing anon.

No. 367851

This was in my recommendations lol. I feel so bad for her, why the fuck do men do this to women? Imagine springing this on your wife when she has a newborn because you're not getting enough attention. It's always women who are expected to stay with their partners when they transition, I've never seen the reverse happen.

No. 367861

File: 1549401336737.png (582.72 KB, 1852x1512, 2019-02-05 22.09.21.png)


This comment on the video from a girl who had a tranny bf is really interesting, although it's kinda long and hard to read.

>When we turned 17 I would stay the night with him at his moms and we would sneak in to the bathroom in the middle of the night and I’d do his makeup and put bows in his hair so he could get off.

>Then senior prom night came and of course I bought a velvet dress and he loved it so much that after prom was over we went to his house where I would be staying for the night and he asked me if he could try it on.. it made me sick to my stomach.
>Anyway I took my dress off and helped him into it, it didn’t fit right but he still looked at himself in the mirror and felt pretty. He just wanted me to tell him he was pretty and explain in detail how I would do his makeup and hair so he could get off. So I did.
>We were both 18 and had been together three years and hadn’t had sex or anything for that matter so I was hoping prom night we would do it. He had always made promises like “we will do it when he have a nice bed and plenty of time”
>I started to go crazy. Every night he’d want me to dress him in my clothes and put bows in his hair and lipstick on him and all this stuff and I was getting nothing. To this day seeing a man dressed in woman’s clothes freaks me out just because of what I had to do for so long.

>eventually I had to break up with him because my dad died unexpectedly and I wasn’t handling it well at all. He wasn’t there for me. He left me alone all the time and actually his twin brother held me all night while he was out drinking with friends and I was crying. Then he told me I was going crazy and needed to go to a psychiatric hospital and admit myself.

>I have dreams of dressing him up and I can hear his “girly voice” in my head. He always talked different when he was dressed up and it gave me chills

No. 367906

Because they feel entitled to them, they treat them as property. And it's not only about transvestites, but all men in general.

The guy was nuts, not trans though.
Why would she stay so many years with him?

No. 367962

She was a teen, she had no relationship experience and she had hope that it would change. It would be different if she was in her 20s but when you're a teen you make stupid choices.

No. 368102

File: 1549432899390.png (64.05 KB, 1020x367, 345.PNG)

troon doesn't like having his experiences appropriated by ftmtf woman

No. 368121

i want to set myself on fire
they have to be fucking with us at this point

No. 368126

Lmao they're starting to eat each other.

No. 368127

Troons and nbs arent on the same team lol never were. It was bound to happen

No. 368128

File: 1549438076619.png (5.96 KB, 651x119, chrome_2019-02-06_07-26-05.png)

Not sure if I should be snarky or supportive/open-minded with my answer

No. 368177

I like milk so snark

No. 368185

remember when Andrea James a TIM TRA stalked and harassed J. Michael Bailey author of the Man who would be queen a book considered heretical literature among the trans community
Andrea James also posted photos of Bailey's young children online,calling his young daughter a "cock-starved exhibitionist." and would later on went on to produce, star in, and make a film about the reworked, all-trans Vagina Monologues one year later.

No. 368186

Oh you were visited by the anonymous thought police. A great snark opportunity.

No. 368187

Oh, I decided to just get it over with as soon as possible and replied with a why not and reminded them that it's my blog lol

Wish I was more creative, but at least I didn't back down like I would have a few years ago

No. 368188

offtopic, but why do you want to set yourself on fire? it's them who's the idiot, not you.

honestly it's female socialization how online often when women see other people behaving like shit and we internalize that and want to hurt ourselves over it. like i get it you're not serious but to me it's interesting how women's first reaction to other people's bad behavior and stupidity is "kill me"

No. 368216

File: 1549453837744.jpg (249.57 KB, 1080x801, 77r6.jpg)

>Jazz Jennings on his surgery
I feel so bad for this kid he's just a child that had this forced upon him

No. 368220

I was watching a video about facetune
>facetune is bad
>if you have body dysmorphia it isn't going to help
>but if you don't have dysmorphia it might even give you it because of the jarring difference between your photos and reality
>but i found something cool! It helps trans women edit their photos to more closely match how they feel! That's great!

Ok so so dysmorphia is bad but dysphoria which is a very similar thing is great and should be encouraged? With that logic we should think the people with BDD who facetune to hell and back are doing a great thing? No? Only the trans women?


No. 368221

Towards the end of this video. The whole video is about something else and she just has to shoehorn in the trans reference, which goes against the message of the whole rest of the video. It's like we (as women) are acting as paid shills for these people when that happens.
Our real opinion is at odds with the TRA narrative, some cognitive dissonance happening here

No. 368223

>you're a gender confused person

staring blankly into the distance

No. 368226

Because nb are usually women
guess what all the people they have issue have in common
Terfs: Women
Lesbians: Women
Nb: Women

Weird that y'all hate women so much when you're supposed to be one

No. 368227

Dysmorphia and dysphoria are two very different things, even if they can seem similar.
Going by your logic, should we treat women with PCOS using psychotherapy and convincing them to feel okay with effects of hyperandrogenism, including excessive body hair and facial hair growth?

No. 368228

NTA but yes, as someone with PCOS, we should encourage women to love their natural bodies and body hair.

No. 368231

It's more the idea that if a woman has body issues we should fix it with therapy/get over it, but if a man does, here is an army of rabid supporters and free surgery…that bit is just irritating. We should all do whatever we can to feel good about ourselves, but if editing photos is bad for women but good for men as posited in that woman's video, that seems like double standards.

No. 368232

Definitely, love who you are every day. If small things help you feel good, then they help, but self hatred gets us nowehere

No. 368233

I got an anon a few months ago asking me "So you're a terf now?" Even though what I reblogged was neither pro nor anti-terf. I just don't even bother responding to anons like that.

No. 368237

No matter how much I loved myself others hated me. And those were not even the guys that were the worst.

No. 368238

>deformity or abnormality in the shape or size of a specified part of the body.

>a state of unease or generalized dissatisfaction with life.

The way body dysmorphic disorder is described, they really should be using the word dysphoria. Since the dysmorphia is imagined, ie. dysphoria.

No. 368240

Uhhh except women with PCOS literally have abnormal/harmful hormone profiles that cause a host of painful physical symptoms.
Troons that don't recieve their preferred hormones have zero biological symptoms because guess what? They have the normal, functioning hormone profiles of their sex and body. In fact, they get MORE physical side effects/problems when they start using hormones.

No. 368241

Poor kid. I had to check his twitter to see if it was a real tweet and it is. He also gushes over his mom…no honey, I sadly don't think she is a helpful figure in your life.

No. 368243

I imagine that anon as one single crazy troon checking all the reblogs of each radfem on tumblr.

No. 368247

Haha, that's what I thought as soon as I saw the other anons screencap. More likely, it's followers we've had for a while who are TRAs and can't resist questioning our perceived thought crimes. I do know troons on Twitter will mass ban anyone who follows gender critical Twitters though. I've encountered a few, and they were usually some random troon who I didn't even know existed who had me blocked.

No. 368274

>Andrea James also posted photos of Bailey's young children online,calling his young daughter a "cock-starved exhibitionist."
>calling his young daughter a "cock-starved exhibitionist."

I'm so sick and tied of tims and their undercover pedophilia. I want this nightmare to end

No. 368275

I'd say to just ignore him. Don't give these people the satisfaction of acknowledgement.

Caps? This is disgusting…

Tbh I don't even think there's Jazz behind that account, more like a marketing/pr team. All his tweets sound like ads. His life is the Truman Show, with the mom pulling the strings.

One day I witnessed a woman being eaten alive in the comment section of a facebook group about plastic surgery, because she dared to make a slight comparison between BDD and dysphoria. She said something like "You feel like you're in the wrong body, you can't help but try to fix what bugs you and plan for surgery, because the way you look actively torments you during your day", and she had a point. Except that unlike SRS, a nosejob or lip filler or whatever can actually look good and natural and functional and you won't need a lifelong commitment ex. dilation.
A TIM in the group started sperging and calling it offensive to "compare the suffering of transwomen to something so shallow".
As usual, self awareness and empathy: none.

No. 368287

File: 1549465814531.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1557, Screenshot_20190206-143522~2.p…)

>promoted post of photography project that seeks to raise awareness of older transgender community
>literal sissy costume dress
I'd rather not have awareness of this

No. 368293

their was also some homophobic comments about Bailey's son as well

No. 368294

This literally sissy's first babby outfit. Disgusting.

No. 368341

The two problems respond differently to different treatments. Treatment for dysmorphia is ineffective for dysphoria, and vice versa.
It's also possible for an individual to suffer from both of them.

The issue is, dysphoria is likely very overdiagnosed, and many people who transition and/or identify as trans are never diagnosed properly (or at all).

No. 368375

anon theres no such thing as dysphoria, they're just fetishists who live in their sexual fantasies. trannies have like reverse dysmorphia and can easily see themselves as things they're not. for people with dysmorphia being faced with how they really look is a nightmare. for trannies it's fine because they're all living in their weird fantasy and the fact that they look disgusting doesn't even register to them. they think they look great.

No. 368416

>fetishists who live in their sexual fantasies
>that they look disgusting doesn't even register to them
>they think they look great
Yes. TIMs, MtT, sissies and all these mentally ill degenerates. They don't have dysphoria.
They are not transsexual/transgender, though, in the medical sense of this term. They ride on the fad called "trans" umbrella.
>theres no such thing as dysphoria
It's very much real, just not as widespread as media make it seem.

No. 368671

File: 1549518826116.jpg (2.19 MB, 810x8205, Screenshot_20190206-215235_Twi…)

Hot mess of a Twitter thread

>that's a TERF talking point!!!

No. 368675

>that Paypal e-begging

Every fucking time. Gotta love how shittily they treat detransitioners too. For a bunch of big bad bigoted ugly meanies, "TERFs" treat detransitioners with more respect than trans people do.

No. 368746

File: 1549535057482.png (16.04 KB, 1348x104, ouch.png)


No. 368749

Case in point: this entire Twitter exchange. >>368671

Whenever there is a sympathetic voice for a detransistioners in trans spaces, it is ALWAYS a ftm. Never mtf. And then the mtfs will go out of their way to attack the ftm and accuse them of being a TERF! I also noticed how among trans YouTubers, ftms are the only ones talking about supporting gender non-comforming homosexuals, the reality of transtrenders and the danger of undergoing hormone therapy when you are confused or have other mental problems. This is something males never do unless they are trying to downplay or “debunk” these facts and they are consistently heartless towards the victims of trans ideology.

No. 368753

Gender non-conformity is accepted for women, that's why TIFs are aware of it and talk about it, because that's an option for their kind.
Toxic masculinity ridicules and bashes any non-conformity and femininity in men. Even being gay is less acceptable for men, because having sex with other men makes them "less" in the eyes of other men.
There's no analogical concept to a tomboy among men, especially the younger ones, where they will face most hate that will shape their minds for the future.

No. 368771

My god these people just keep tripping over themselves and going in a roundabout. If we could harness the energy they put into repeating points that contradict themselves, we wouldn't need any other natural source.
>Gender dysphoria is a real thing!! That's why we need free body altering medical procedures and surgeries NOW because THIS BODY IS NOT MINE
>But gender dysphoria is caused by the society around me! The society is transphobic and misgenders me because they have expectations of how a female body should look like! I'm NOT in a wrong body!
>Repeat these two points ad nauseam and call people TERF when they're trying to break your infinite loop
Gotta love the invalidation of detransitioned people too. Someone was dysphoric to the point they actually went through with the whole process and saw how it is like for x years, but the moment they realized it was the wrong thing to do they need to hand in their trans card and their experience is deemed invalid.

There's only so much you can do to fight against it when you're still deemed as a second class citizen, anon. The women who ARE fighting against it are silenced immediately because they're not 30-40-year old white men in dresses. Whenever I talk about this with men, they simply don't get my point at all.
>Why do you resent trans people so much, anon? They're not hurting anyone!
Said the straight guy to me, a gay, gender-nonconforming woman. I sometimes feel like the only way this madness will stop is when the trannies start demanding men to date them too, but because the worst and most aggressive TRAs are transbians it's probably not going to happen. The gay troons are usually meek and self-destructive and have enough chasers to go after their twink asses, but the woman-hating transcels in cat ears are fueled by their desire for sexual power.

No. 368810

File: 1549548294885.jpg (490.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190207-060432_Twi…)

No. 368813

Why do they keep trying to spread this lie in particular? Was Manchester's police loudly and visibly rejecting it as a hoax the first time not embarrassing enough for them?

No. 368889

Some more details on what happened, spoilered for the squeamish:
But 36 hours after the surgery, she endured a complication in her hotel room.

“Her wounds were definitely separating and a blood blister began to form,” her mom Jeanette Jennings said in the show. She also sent a photo to the surgeons.

Dr. Jess Ting visited them at their hotel and found that the color of the skin along the edge of the wound looked “dusky, kind of bluish.” He advised a followup surgery and a few nights at the hospital which was featured Tuesday night.

One and a half hours after surgery, Ting and Dr. Bella Avanessian visited with Jazz’s mother to give an update.

“Number one, it was the right decision to do this,’’ he said. “As we were getting her on the bed, I felt something go pop. And she said, ‘oh that doesn’t feel good.’ And when I looked, the whole thing had split open.”

He explained that she required more skin grafts and he sewed some things back up.

No. 368924

I want to live in a ocean side cave on a cliff in rags with no communication with the rest of the world, far away from any humans, all alone, for the rest of my life, after reading that shit. Truly. Honestly.

The poor kid, he’s now mutilated for the rest of his life. Should have waited for years longer (after the fad dies out and his prefrontal cortex has fully developed) to even ponder that kind of decision. And now it’s going to look totally fucked up and can lead to serious health problems. Infections, cathadars, incontinence, scarring from graphs, etc. His parents and manager enabled the shit out of him on this. He can’t even grasp the long term effects, he thinks it’s no biggie to have your surgically-created vagina to split open at the stiches.

[vomit intensifies]
thanks for the spoiler, anon.

No. 368954

This is terrifying. And it was always going to happen, too. The second his parents decided they cared about attention more than their child's well-being was the second this kid was fucked for life.
At this point I kind of want Jazz to stay in his bubble and never learn about how fucked up his situation actually is. I think it'd be too much.

No. 368956


I get what you're getting at, but if gender nonconformity is so accepted in women, why do so many gnc women feel as though their only option is to become men?

No. 368958

Mental illness, a lack of incredulity, wanting to be a special snowflake, and/or having a particular circle of friends.

No. 368962

Honestly most of it seems to be wanting to opt out of womanhood because they have suffered sexual abuse/get sexually harassed. Why you get so many NB women but men rarely ID that way.

From a male perspective "easy mode" is being female. From a female perspective just not being female is "easy mode".

No. 368981

>why do so many gnc women feel as though their only option is to become men?
I don't see that happening. Maybe you are surrounding yourself with this kind of people and spend time in such communities.
I see many more just being tomboys, the ones liking other girls being lesbians, and if that's their thing, going for a butch aesthetic. At extreme they go for "they/them" pronouns, sometimes bind, but very rarely reach for testosterone or seek any other permanent changes.

No. 368993

today when i went to do some make up shopping there was some old troon looking at the make up products and i honestly felt bad for him he had shitty lipstick smeared on his face and looked ridiculous is this old man lonely or why weren't there anyone to stop him from looking like a total loonatic in public

No. 369222

I can see the opting out of womanhood angle but aren't a lot of them doing it to virtue signal about how woke they are for not giving trannies dysphoria by being women?

Sounds like female compassion and interest in making people feel better is causing them to erase themselves to make men feel comfortable.

But you are right, men aren't becoming nonbinary. We will probably end up with womanhood being offensive again. Men will be the supreme thing we all have to cater to. Yay.

No. 369248

File: 1549598761379.jpg (38.32 KB, 1177x363, lt8yvJa.jpg)

crystal cafe:

where talking about biological sex is the same as being alt right

No. 369250

wow, so alt right, but condemns pol and talking about bio sex is nazi shit? could this be anything but a larper?

No. 369254

Goddamn, that went to shit fast. This is what happens when you don't keep scrotes out.

No. 369294

I like that not only does he pretend to be a woman, but also an alt-rightist.
These people don't wanna actually pass for anything at all eh?

No. 369301

>stanning intensifies

No. 369351

File: 1549621375149.jpg (399.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190208-022133_Twi…)

Though i do feel bad if this story is true.

Why dont TRAs get as passionate about hating the men that do this sort of thing instead of the "evil terfs" and their literal violence of misgendering

No. 369356

We are both an easier target and a bigger threat. Men beating up trannies is a threat to them individually but solidifies their position as an oppressed minority, whereas the literal violence of terfs questioning and vocally opposing their bullshit weakens their position and makes other people reach peak trans too.

No. 369359

Boohoo. Male on Male crime. Not our problem.

No. 369361

I guess you want no compassion from anyone else than women when such crimes are committed against us.

No. 369363

I mean, I do feel sorry when MTFs get beaten up by men personally, but it has to be said that they certainly don't extend the same sympathy to us. When was the last time you saw troons even bothering to acknowledge that women face violence?

No. 369364

Face probably just looks busted up like that tbh

No. 369472

File: 1549635933516.jpg (166.84 KB, 1080x693, Screenshot_20190207-112444_Chr…)


KF finally started a thread. The entire article is there.

Jazz spent 3 fucking weeks in hospital.


No. 369474

File: 1549636310662.png (434.73 KB, 800x828, Screenshot_2019-02-08-06-30-10…)

No. 369479

I'm sorry for CC, what started out as a project for a nice, comfy imageboard for women ended up as a branch of 4chan's /tttt/, mixed with reckless scroteposting. Not taking a strong stance from the beginning with these people means allowing them to shit all over the place and destroy it just a minute later. That's why Lolcow is doing so well: we take no shit. No males allowed, no exceptions.

>as long as it's functional
He really doesn't get it, does he…

No. 369481

Imagine training since a young age, finally getting into the higher ranks and then a dude in a wig beats you.

I really want to know how they'll fix this issue because MtF shouldn't be competing in the same category as women.

No. 369486

File: 1549637143327.jpeg (206.69 KB, 750x563, AD297F4D-FF49-458D-B519-498499…)

Wow. I wonder which of these is the troon? /s

Once again an all female tabletop gaming cast infiltrated by men. I fear that I couldn’t set up my own without being berated about inclusivity.

No. 369496

Genuine question; why do so many mtf’s have the same block of frizzy hair? Is it a genetics thing that men’s hair grows this way, a trend, or just a lack of styling knowledge and a “that’ll do” attitude?

It’s either a greasy slither of thin straight hair or a 4” wide frizzy block and nothing in between lol

No. 369498

what I find odd about gender critical theory (when it also denies brain sex) is that it appears to have a similar end-goal (abolition of gender) to transgenderism with only semantic differences. as in, in some cases, gender critical feminists claim to be okay with perverted men playing dressup as girls and otherwise behaving the exact same way as long as they call themselves men, no? and the same sort of thing would be true of biological women. I know in this stage transgenderism is presenting as an extremely vulgar enforcement of gendered roles but it's really going to diffuse into so many meaningless labels that they cease to be useful. hence, abolition of gender, just with semantic differences. if everyone's gender is as unique as a name, it literally becomes irrelevant (and this is NOT something I want or agree with). It feels somewhat moot without some modicum of gender existentialism included is all.

I guess the real objection gender crit feminists have with trans stuff is the lack of distinguishing class by genitalia? this is all beyond me, can someone fill me in? not trying to start shit, I would really like to learn about this.

No. 369501

I honestly don't think they'll fix it until the Olympics podiums are completely taken over by 6'2" men claiming to be dainty women athletes.

No. 369521

I'm gonna identify as a 10 year old and compete against kids. Size, bone and muscle mass doesn't matter, they say.

Because TIMs are, without exclusions, beta incels who don't know how to take care of themselves.
There are men who know what to do with their hair and make it look good, but they're polished, clean "Chads" or "normies". Never troons.
You just know they're the greasy neckbeard type who used to have short (or worse, long) unkept hair.

No. 369530


The end-goal of transgenderism isn't to "abolish gender", it's to establish that it's not your sex (biological characteristics) that determines your gender (set of behaviours that a given society associates to your sex) but that it's your gender that determines your sex. This means that if you are born a female but express typically male behaviours such as playing with trucks and wanting to dress like a boy, you are a transgender male, and your body should be altered so your sex (female) reflects your gender (male).

Gender critical feminism says instead that gender is a made up social construct, and not conforming to these behaviours that society expects of your sex (being gender non-conforming) doesn't make you less of a biological man or a woman. This is the direct opposite of transgenderism.

People are free to have a fetish that involves dressing up as the opposite sex as long as they recognize that's what it is, a fetish, and leave it in the bedroom where it belongs. The real problem starts when men who get sexually aroused by pretending to be women start believing that they ARE indeed women and invade female-only spaces that we've spent decades creating, and start undoing the progress feminism has made with regards to women's rights (getting catcalled and seen as a sexual object is totally ~validating~ am I right ladies?) without ever having experienced the sex-based oppression women are forced to endure from the moment of our birth, just because they're horny.

No. 369537

When a perverted man dresses as a little girl, then he's just that, a perverted man. Feminists don't approve of him, regardless what he claims he is. But when he says he's exploring his gender identity suddenly modern society thinks he should be allowed to do that in public because if his mental health.

As for the other stuff:
>to transgenders being a woman or man is either based on outdated and restricting stereotypes that dictate the way we present ourselves
>or it's a feeling- if it's just a feeling why does the distinction even matter? Why does it matter to be perceived as a woman or man by society?
>that often tells us the root of the problems those people have, mostly trauma and issues with society, very conservative parents or just a fucked up view of both sexes
>however, biological sex is not something we can remove, it's still a truth that stays with us and is important for our health and treatments
>society still perceives mtfs as men and ftms as women, because of the sexual dimorphism between humans
>you shouldn't adapt your behaviour to stereotypes for your gender, nor change your gender based on stereotypes around your behaviour

I went off track, but basically the difference is that trans people would achieve this "erasing of gender" through making the words "woman" and "man" meaningless in language while gender crits are aware of the meaning and consequences of the difference between genders, the difference in physical strength puts women in danger and that's the reason women founded shelters, fought for private space and are separated from men in hospitals and prisons. Anyway, the other anon explained it much better.

No. 369566

They just have no idea about how to take care of themselves. It's definitely not that men's hair grows that way because non-mtf men with long hair usually have normal hair.

No. 369571

>This means that if you are born a female but express typically male behaviours such as playing with trucks and wanting to dress like a boy, you are a transgender male, and your body should be altered so your sex (female) reflects your gender (male).
I don't think many people believe that, though some happy-go-lucky libtard parents might think that transing their gender non-conforming children is a good idea. It's the other negative extreme of enforcing gender stereotypes on children, the previous practice being correcting their behaviour.

>to transgenders being a woman or man is either based on outdated and restricting stereotypes that dictate the way we present ourselves
That's true for perverted men, transvestites gone too far, and the rest of the pack.
But I wouldn't agree that gender incongruent people are all like that. It's true that many of them express themselves in (very) feminine manner, but they also often sport just jeans and some top or t-shirt.
>or it's a feeling- if it's just a feeling why does the distinction even matter? Why does it matter to be perceived as a woman or man by society?
In case of gender identity in transgender people it's rather complex thing. We are women and we just know it, we don't need to argue it in any way. We can point out that we have our birth genitalia, our behaviour, nature and nurture, how people treat us, and so on, but it's all just reassurance of our identity as women. In case of transgender individuals they don't have such reassurance in objective facts. Their biology and how they are treated contradicts that, but doesn't stop the fact they can feel uncomfortable with it and no amount of therapy nor drugs will rid them of these feelings.
>society still perceives mtfs as men and ftms as women
That depends on social group, but I would say they are often primarily perceived as what they look (men, women, or visibly transgender) or their perceived gender (with distinction of being trans).
>you shouldn't adapt your behaviour to stereotypes for your gender
That's a tricky part, because being non-stereotypical can be perceived as invalidating to such individuals. It even is/was perpetuated by medical professionals, that would refuse to help if the person wasn't stereotypical.
>nor change your gender based on stereotypes around your behaviour
Absolutely true, and it's a big problem right now, especially among women since they can decide on destructive surgeries relatively early after starting identifying as transgender/non-binary.

No. 369581

File: 1549652055785.png (976.45 KB, 900x605, current mood is that guy in th…)

(Cached version because Daily Dot seems to be down atm: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:https://www.dailydot.com/irl/trans-people-2018/ )
>2018 belonged to trans people
>While it’s nice to see work that talks about bathroom bills, dunks on transphobes, or shouts “trans women are women” to the high heavens, that’s all beginner’s stuff. Public conversations on transness are moving beyond the 101 material. These days, we’re debunking topics like “rapid onset dysphoria” and discussing the stigma against trans people in the dating world. We’re talking about the Tumblr NSFW ban’s impact on trans artists and trans women sexually expressing themselves online. In a changing and growing world that’s making more room for trans folks, we feel the need to express ourselves, be it politically or artistically.
Notice how the article ONLY talks about trans women, more specifically transbians, and glorifies their ~amazing efforts~ which is mostly fetish-indulging smut and social porn. Not a peep about trans men (i.e. biological women) and the art they might have created. It just underlines how this whole movement is all about degenerate men wanting sexual power.

I don't think any GC feminist wants to "abolish gender", they want to abolish societal gender roles that are detrimental to both women and men. As you put it, being gendercritical is about getting rid of genitalia-based classism.

No. 369585

>In case of gender identity in transgender people it's rather complex thing. We are women and we just know it, we don't need to argue it in any way. We can point out that we have our birth genitalia, our behaviour, nature and nurture, how people treat us, and so on, but it's all just reassurance of our identity as women. In case of transgender individuals they don't have such reassurance in objective facts. Their biology and how they are treated contradicts that, but doesn't stop the fact they can feel uncomfortable with it and no amount of therapy nor drugs will rid them of these feelings.
Have to disagree with this, I don't seek reassurance that I'm a woman, neither in my body nor in the way people treat me. Being a woman is not a part of my identity or personality, it's just the way my body is. I don't have any fixed idea of what a woman is because women can behave and present themselves in any way they want. I have faced some problems specifically because I was born as a woman, but rather than identifying through them I see them as hurdles that need to be overcome or removed.

What you say doesn't question why transgender people feel like a woman or a man, it can't be confirmed through MRIs or differences in their hormones or bodies (obviously not talking about intersex people and specific cases of anomalies), it's a state of mind.

No. 369589

File: 1549653051043.png (Spoiler Image, 496.89 KB, 620x735, anavalens.PNG)

Okay I happened to check out the twitter of this article's author and dear lord, he's not even being subtle about his fetish. What a fucking deviant. His Twitter is also filled with misogynism disguised as "TERF callouts". At least he's being transbians with another troon so his NPD ass isn't ruining any woman's life. (reposted for spoiler image due to NSFW content)

No. 369593

File: 1549653562508.png (141.05 KB, 484x242, shark noises.png)

>Not a peep about trans men (i.e. biological women) and the art they might have created.
Trans men don't generate clicks.
Straight trans women don't generate clicks.
Written by a trans woman.

Yet you know you are a woman and no one is going to convince you it's different.
>What you say doesn't question why transgender people feel like a woman or a man
Because I don't know, and probably no one knows for sure. I don't think research found any biological reasons either. There's suspicion that it might have something to do with exposure to hormones in utero, but it's still nothing sure.
They also don't always "feel like" women/men. They know what sex they should be, they identify with their perceived gender, and if they choose so, they pursue to express themselves as the gender they identify as.

No. 369601

I don't concern myself with what movement label I belong to, and I support abolishing forced gender roles while I am against transgenderism. I'll try to elaborate on my perspective:

Sex needs to stay as a concept due to medical and otherwise scientific purposes but ultimately we shouldn't be limited by things we can't choose such as race and gender. Gender roles have served as means to certain ends in history but we're at a stage where we don't seem to need or even want them anymore. It's causing people lots of identity issues to be nonconforming and I don't think it's weird not to want to be confined by stupid learned behavior. From my understanding Radfem agrees with this sentiment. The thing I personally oppose is the erasure of a female identity as a whole bc people should be free to identify with their sex if it's fruitful to them. It becomes toxic only when you force it on people.

Trans people indeed do reinforce gender roles bc they want to "pass". Not only that but it is extreme maltreatment to affirm mentally ill delusions. Imagine if we applied this to dudes on the street who claim to be Jesus. Not to mention transitioning doesn't drastically improve suicide rates, even extremely biased (in trans favor) self-report statistics show that this isn't actually helping in a meaningful way. Perhaps there is brand new data or data I've otherwise overlooked that proves me wrong on the success rate of transitioning as a treatment. I'm open to corrections on this matter

Anyway. Now imagine if we didn't have a society that shits on men that want to express femininity, men that aren't sexual "alphas", women that aren't submissive, women that want to pursue a childless life, etc. We wouldn't end up with this many school shootings, perverted trannies, and any other such extreme reactions to being told you are invalid. Gender roles are toxic to a lot of us.

No. 369605

>Yet you know you are a woman and no one is going to convince you it's different.
Because a woman is an adult human female? It's not a part of my identity, it's just my body. I can perfectly understand people with body dysphoria, but everything else is a product of society and the way it treats the two sexes.
>Because I don't know, and probably no one knows for sure. I don't think research found any biological reasons either.
So you think they just naturally feel that way and socialization has no part in it when biology found no reason?
>and if they choose so, they pursue to express themselves as the gender they identify as
Yet there should be no such thing as gender specific expression, it's just the stereotypes society commonly accepts nowadays. Just because a woman dresses like a msn commonly would doesn't mean she's presenting herself as a man and wants to be identified as one.

No. 369608

Having trouble accepting something shouldn't be treated by changing the thing in question. Especially considering these kinds of obsessions tend to be a symptom rather than a cause. They'll find something else to want to kill themselves over.

Weird that other mental illnesses don't get treated by lying to the patients about reality.

No. 369611

I haven't seen it mentioned here so if this is something that everyone already knows about then I apologize.
A few days ago, Twitch streamer HelenaLive was banned from Twitch for "hate speech". What did she say exactly?
During a livestream, she said that there are only two genders. That's it. Even if you drink the trans Kool-Aid, how is what she said wrong? Transpeople don't become some magical third gender when they transition. They identify as male or female. Also, she said that she supports transpeople so she's baffled about her ban.
It's crazy and also a little frightening how easy it is to get banned or suspended for saying anything that might make trannies feel threatened. Just look at all of the gender critical feminists and other people who have lost their twitter accounts, blogs or websites all because of wrong think.
Also, some of the comments in the video I linked are interesting. Someone mentioned that Fornite streamer only getting a temp ban for beating his wife on camera (and I vaguely recall other men livestreaming while abusing their girlfriends/wives but I can't remember names or details) and some dude showed dead bodies on stream and got unbanned on the first day of his week long ban and that he constantly says racist things about white people. I guess Twitch and other platforms are okay with violence, racism, and dead bodies, but saying that there's only two genders is over the line?

No. 369613

It's "hateful" towards nonbinaries, not trans people.

No. 369615

Where did I ever say they shouldn't be treated? See the issue is that now the push is to paint this is a normal state and not a mental illness. And that you don't need to have dysphoria to be trans.

No. 369616

the chad ftm
the virgin mtf

No. 369622

File: 1549658278999.jpg (251.16 KB, 1382x745, Untitled.jpg)

Ugh, came across this specimen in the wild. No, you don't pass as cis.

No. 369634

I wasn't disagreeing with you. I was adding to your point.

No. 369635

do not tell me that universal has employed this thing. is he supposed to be some sort of potterverse creature?

No. 369649

>there should be no such thing as gender specific expression
Yet there's such a thing as sexual dimorphism, and as long as it's present the expression will always be gender specific. Even if the differences are fading (no longer dresses vs pants), female jeans are often very different to male jeans, there exist female cuts and sizes of various garments that men would not fit into.
>So you think they just naturally feel that way and socialization has no part in it when biology found no reason?
David Reimer (John/Joan case) was socialized and transitioned since infancy as a girl, despite being born a boy, yet he failed to identify as female.
For the same reason I don't believe gender incongruent person wouldn't be born with predisposition to different gender identification, despite being socialized in a way aligning their biological sex.
The fact that biology haven't found a reason doesn't mean it won't be found.
>a woman is an adult human female
What is an adult intersex human? A hermaphrodite for example. Someone with both or neither reproductive organs, infertile. Someone confusingly in-between. A 50/50 46,XX/46,XY mosaic at that.
Is there more to being a man or a woman?

It certainly should be treated (and diagnosed properly first and foremost), but it's not a mental disorder as far as I know? It's not classified as one in either DSM-V nor ICD-11.
It certainly is an abnormal state though, and a medical condition.
>the push is […] that you don't need to have dysphoria to be trans
This is absolute bullshit, I have to agree with you.

No. 369654

>It certainly is an abnormal state though, and a medical condition.
idg why you guys are believing this. at best, it's abnormal psychology or whatever underlies OCD that needs to be treated with shit like CBT and/or anti-depressants. it's not a distinct medical condition different from like, ocd. i'm sure lots of them have depression and is partially a result of being depressed on top of abnormal psychology.

everything that addresses it as if it's an actual, unchanging condition like schizo, doesn't even fucking work for them

No. 369663

YUP I highly suspect this is indeed the case. There is some other issue in the mental department and it's causing obsession over gender identity.

Doctors are mutilating their bodies and forcing them to conform to a social construct while silencing people that see it for what it is.

No. 369665

Sage for doublepost
Trans people being egged on to change genders reminds me of gay conversion therapy, especially considering forcing hormones on gay people was a form of punishment back in the day.

No. 369670

>What is an adult intersex human?
Stop appropriating intersex struggles to justify tranny bullshit. Handmaiden gtfo

No. 369676

>Yet there's such a thing as sexual dimorphism, and as long as it's present the expression will always be gender specific. Even if the differences are fading (no longer dresses vs pants), female jeans are often very different to male jeans, there exist female cuts and sizes of various garments that men would not fit into.
Does a fat woman express her feminity suddenly differently because she can't wear the same shape of clothes? That's not what gender expression is, you can make skin tight jeans for everyone but they'll greatly vary in shape and size.
>David Reimer (John/Joan case) was socialized and transitioned since infancy as a girl, despite being born a boy, yet he failed to identify as female.
Anon… Do you know what you're talking about? He had XY chromosomes, he had surgery because his dick got electrocuted and burned, he realised it when he started entering puberty. Don't you realize how much this speaks against your argument?
>What is an adult intersex human?
Are you really bringing up very specfic genetic anomalies? They usually chose to present themselves whichever way is more suitable for society (again enforcing that those norms are a product of socialization) and their struggles are completely different and related to their actual bodies.

No. 369679

For real, seems like some troon came to sperg.

No. 369680

I don't think their points were correct but why not actually engage the arguments rather than going (hi scrote).

No. 369682

And the guy who beat his wife on stream only got a temp ban.
I think it's safe to say that currently, troons and enbies hold more power than women, black people and gays combined.

No. 369689

"their" on a female only board, kek. Scrotes are insta banned either way.

No. 369730

He looks like a caveman from that geico commercial they've started airing again.

No. 369732

Listen, the site isn't actually exclusive to women. Men do and can post as long as they don't reveal their gender. Read the rules and you'll see this.

I said "their" bc I don't actually know if this person was a male or female or a tranny or what. Meanwhile, you're still sperging instead of delivering intelligent arguments to refute their points which is what should be happening unless you want to look like an idiot.

No. 369765

Anon, are you a newfag? It's already obvious you haven't read this or previous GC threads. You're the one starting to look like an idiot.

No. 369766

It's interesting the around 1/4 of intersex people refer to themselves as intersex rather than man or woman. Most exibit the physical traits of one sex more than the other and decide to refer to themselves that way because of the way society perceives their looks. It's not even remotely the same to somebody who has a healthy male body claiming he's a woman.

I responded, I suggest you take your own advice and join the discussion instead of letting others do the work for you and bitching at anons.

No. 369810

File: 1549670937971.jpeg (30.16 KB, 750x135, 40EF63D2-88A0-4D72-9300-738DA0…)

Saw this on tumblr, thoughts about this??

No. 369850

File: 1549674426440.jpg (42.94 KB, 1100x619, gynandromorphic-cardinal.jpg)

Gender incongruence doesn't react positively to standard methods of dealing with mental disorders, like psychotherapy or antidepressants and antipsychotics.
There's not much research on conversion therapy, even less in adults. Here's what I found:
>The treatment approaches […] echo previous claims for the pathological basis of same-sex sexual orientation. They were also similar to the practice of LGB conversion therapy from the 1960s to the 1980s in which psychodynamic and behaviour therapies were used.
Interestingly there's one case of an adult treated for OCD, in who the gender identity aligned with their sex, but for barely 4 years, when he returned to identifying as woman.
Overall, the general stance of medical community is that reparative therapies are ineffective and unethical.
CBT can help with management of dysphoria but doesn't get rid of it. It's primarily used for treating anxiety, depression, etc. in transgender patients.

Just to be clear, I'm against transition and suppression of puberty in children. Conditioning them to be trans and putting them through surgeries is sick.
They should be taught and be explained that they can be gender non-conforming, not that they can change their gender. For some transition might really be the only option, but it shouldn't be offered until they are at lest 16.

>David Reimer
He was unaware of being reassigned to female, and only started identifying as male after being told by parents at the age of 14.
His female socialization and exposure to female hormones since childhood didn't change his male identity.
If his identity was innate and couldn't be replaced through socialization and hormones, then I don't see why there couldn't be people with innate and incorrigible identity not matching their birth sex.

Regarding intersex people, their identities are very often chosen by parents.
I was rather curious about determining whether someone is a man or a woman when you can't determine whether they are functionally, biologically or genetically male or female (or neither).
I'm not interested in "justifying tranny bullshit".
Example was completely unrelated, sorry if you felt I appropriated intersex conditions. Have a bird instead.

I actually know one such person, they can be a bit nuts, their family inflicted heavy gendered roles on them. Nowadays he identifies as a "cis is".
Another person I befriended briefly had a boyfriend who was intersex and assigned male by parents and given testosterone. He wasn't content with his life in adulthood, having alcohol problems. He didn't seem to want to do anything with his gender, completely given up.
Do you think intersex people can be transgender (dysphoric and transitioning)?

Personally I think there's a difference between biological sex and societal gender ("roles") (of which might be many, interesting example being fa'afafine and fa'atama in Samoa). Western society is extremely harmful in this regard, drawing strict lines between masculine and feminine, and putting men on a pedestal.

Depends who you ask, you will get different answers.
Some bisexuals will exclude transgender.
Some identify as pan to virtue signal that they support transgender and non-binary identities.
There are also bi people who don't use pan, despite not having anything against dating trans people, because they believe it's transphobic to distinguish transgender individuals from cis ones (even if some might have genital or appearance preferences).

No. 369852

the second part to this is sad too. his narcissism and probably jealousy of their baby getting a lot of attention made them split up lol.

No. 369874


He was aware he was male by age 9. He started living as a male at 15.

You can read about how horrific his abuse was here: http://www.hawaii.edu/PCSS/biblio/articles/1961to1999/1997-sex-reassignment.html

A boy being raised as a girl realizing he is a boy isn't anything like a mental illness.

No. 369881

It’s obvious she’s holding back her true feelings because as she said in the video, her family and friends are all close to her ex-husband. She should just cut him off completely and try to get full custody of her child. It sucks when families break apart, but it’s better for a child to grow up with one sane parent rather than bounce between two parents, especially if one of them is a troon.

No. 369882

I was browsing reddit the other day when I stumbled on a post on r/Turkey where the topic of the Armenian genocide came up and it was so bizarre the people their in that subreddit genuinely believed that it didn't happen or the numbers were inflated
even when the truth was right in front of them they choose not to believe not because of lack of access to information but because they choose not to believe it because it clashed with their entire worldview
so what I am saying TRA are like people who deny the Armenian genocide

No. 369884

I genuinely love you anon and want to have your babies

No. 369887

No. 369890

It was just a great analogy ok

No. 369892

ok then thanks

No. 369897

File: 1549679717154.png (36.9 KB, 159x204, 74418 (4).png)

this fucking exchange, lmfao

No. 369899

it was a minor misunderstanding on my part
really isn't that funny

No. 369911


>"Lmao my mutilated penis looks so terrible you guys! haha!"

Fuck that's sad. Of course he can't be honest, or that would mean admitting that trans children is a bad idea.

And to think that he's only going to suffer more complications as time goes on. If this thing doesn't get infected and kill him first, he's going to be in pain the rest of his life. How much you want to bet he gets addicted to pain pills?

No. 369915

>you can't find things funny that i don't find funny, how dare you

No. 369929

I'm from Turkey. Ot but since you mentioned it, Armenian Genocide is being denied because of political and historical reasons, and Armenians are also still in denial of Khojaly Massacre which happened within the last 20 years. People think that AG didn't happen because that's what they are taught, it is a very censored topic, nationalists come at anyone who speaks up about it and the "the numbers were inflated" thing is because the numbers don't match up with the population of Armenians in sources from early 1900s and the number of people who were deported. I wish both parties owned up to AG and Khojaly so that Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan can be at peace, but no one in the government is willing to do such a thing.
TRAs are still delusional tho

No. 369939

hey I know this is off-topic but what are your thoughts on the KARA-BOGA meme

No. 369944

It's absurdly funny but it's kinda cringy when they drag the meme out too far imo

No. 369949

I saw it being using on reddit and without the context people had no Idea what was going on
the whole exchange was just so cringe inducing

No. 369967

File: 1549688723024.png (486.96 KB, 708x532, jzz.PNG)

should've spent that fauxgina money on a rhinoplasty

No. 369972

its not the kid's fault
he's been indoctrinated in this since he was 3
his body and mental state is just broken due to the hormones,puberty blockers(since childhood) and surgeries

No. 369997

No. 370010

>thread bitches about troons all the time
>one outsider comes in abd spouts bullshit they interpret completely wronly, like the Reimer case
>only maybe 2 anons bother to call the bullshit out
Seems like dogs who bark don't bite.

No. 370014

Because TERFs supposedly enable violence against transwomen or maybe even incite it when we say they are men. The people who say that are misogynists who like to blame women for men's actions, when women are stating facts.

They don't realize that gender is WHY gender nonconforming men are assaulted for being gnc, and if we got rid of gender (and homophobia) instead of redefining it to mean some undefinable inner essence, people wouldn't be assaulted for being gnc.

Although sometimes they may just assault trannies for being delusional, I can't rule that out, but I think it's mostly homophobia due to associating crossdressing with homosexuality, and gender policing.

they might not say they believe that being masculine makes you a boy, but if you pay attention to how people who believe gender determines sex talk, you will see that they really do believe your gender identity is based on which sex stereotypes you prefer, unless you state otherwise.

No. 370037

>John/Joan case
Dr Money, who was in charge of this study, firmly held the theory that babies were gender neutral and if they were brought up as the opposite sex and get hormonal treatment since birth, they would identify as the opposite gender. He believed that nature played a very small role if any, while nurture completely defined gender identity.

There are 3 problems with this study: A) The study sample is way too small to make statistically significant conclusions. B) Money has distorted the facts to further his own agenda. C) The research environment was not controlled. If anything, it proves that gender identity has an innate component. David was a cis boy raised as a trans girl, which caused him distress even before he could understand what was happening. From a very young age, even before puberty had started, he knew he was supposed to be a boy. The main reason David gravitated towards masculine-coded behaviors and preferred boy things over girl stuff is - because inside, he felt like a boy and wanted to be one. Since participating in those activities is "what boys do" it was very validating to him to do the same. So it seems strange that TERFs love to use the example of an individual who has experienced gender dysphoria since childhood in order to discredit the gender dysphoria trans people experience.

But for the sake of the argument, let's assume that study was statistically conclusive. Several questions arise: if one's gender identity is determined in the womb, at which point in the foetus' development does it form? By which variables is it influenced? If "male brain" and "female brain" phenotypes exist, do other phenotypes (eg. enbies) also exist? Is it possible that those phenotypes don't match one's biological sex? What role does nurture (gender reinforcement) play and how big is it?

Let's not forget that in nature and science, you very rarely deal with absolutes and universal truths. When observing traits in populations, you'll usually deal with majorities and outliers. Most people are overwhelmingly attracted to the opposite sex, but a small minority is homosexual/bi. Most people are right-handed, but a minority is left handed and even fewer are ambidextrous. Most people are born male or female, but a minority is intersex… and so on. I'm not convinced that the same cannot be said for cis and trans people.

>The end-goal of transgenderism is […] that it's your gender that determines your sex.

Who the fuck even believes this shit? I can see people confusing GNC with transgender like another anon mentioned. However, the most common response I got when asking is "Living as the gender I identity with makes me happier than living as the sex I was born with". Nobody believes that vaginas magically turn into penises simply because you are ftm. Sounds like you're confusing gender expression and gender roles with biological sex.

No. 370047

You have got to be trolling.
This sounds like religious propaganda.

No. 370056

File: 1549703503064.jpg (54.08 KB, 572x303, 9e2.jpg)

Not all trannies believe gender determines sex but some do. Unfortunately I can't find a screencap of a troon saying something like 'I am female. (female as in 'having a female gender identity'). Therefore my body is female', but listen to enough of them and you'll find one saying that.

I don't make shit up about trannies, because I don't have to. They really say absurd things like that.

No. 370058

You contradict your own arguments.

No. 370061

So, inadequate sample sizes and flawed methodology are always a concern, as are conflicts of interest. You aren't fundamentally incorrect to raise these concerns and this scrutiny should be applied to every study. I don't see the problem with criticizing things even when if it leaves us with one less flawed study to cite(!) Not a problem.

But let me get this straight:
>you assert the dr had a bias towards gender being a construct unrelated to sex and that probably affected the interpretation of the findings
>biological male is pushed into living as a female
>he feels stressed the fuck out because of it and gravitates towards things relating to his male sex
>this situation is somehow analogous to transexual dysphoria

The kid didn't feel "dysphoria" the way a trans person claims because his situation is the literal opposite of what trans people experience. You are correct that this potentially points away from gender identity being completely "nurture" but as the study is such bogus it's really hard to even draw that conclusion.

All this does is possibly point at gender not being a construct, but tied to sex. If you're going to draw the first half of the conclusion, you better admit the other half too. It does absolutely nothing to show gender dysphoria occurs due to biological sex being inappropriate because… that isn't what the boy was trying to get away from. I understand you're trying to entertain the idea that this study was reliable in the first place, and the questions you bring up aren't inherently wrong either. I largely agree with your criticisms of the whole thing and am interested in finding scientific evidence to help us get to the bottom of this stuff as well.

But as you said, the dr is sus and the study is very, very shitty. I don't think radfems should be using it as evidence but a trans counter-gotcha can't actually be done here either. Call me when trans people's issues arise from their dicks getting burned off during circumcision, are forced to live as women in the jankiest ways possible, and are abused by a pedophile who makes you practice sex with your twin and takes pictures of you. I could go on.

Anyway you could have made a decent point until you decided to play devil's advocate and grant the study validity for the sake of argument to twist it into being pro-trans. That interpretation is plain flawed.

No. 370062

You've either not been in these threads long enough or you haven't been interacting with the trans community lately. Gender determining sex is a thing now. Was it before? No. Now? Yeah you have people saying that since the identify as female that makes their body (sex) female. "I identify as female but my sex is male" is actually becoming less common and less acceptable among the newer trans activists and might get that person labeled as a truscum (pejorative for trans people who wronthink). This is where terms like feminine penis and masculine vagina come from and they aren't jokes.

When you bring up the Reimer case it seems you don't realize that many radfems straight up don't believe many trans are actually experiencing dysphoria (and dysphoria isn't considered a prerequisite to being trans anymore). I'd say they're also less concerned about the small quantity of 'legitimate trans' than protecting women as a class, so sad stories of individual 'true trans' people are unlikely to budge them.

lolcow has been radfem for years and is abhorrent even to people from fucking 4chan, I don't know what kind of reception you're thinking you'll get. Keep it up and get slagged with being a handmaiden or troon soon enough.

No. 370064

Dr Money is a fucking creep and the therapy he had designed for the Reimer twins should absolutely count as sexual abuse. In case you weren't aware he had the two simulate intercourse as children thinking it would solidify the sexual roles they would have later on as adults.

No. 370068

Fully aware. What gave the impression that I wasn't? I tried to be concise with my post bc I didn't want to post too big of a wall of text.

Here I try to point that very fact out in my earlier post:
>abused by a pedophile who makes you practice sex with your twin and takes pictures of you

But yeah that is part of why I don't think this is a good study for anyone to cite. I don't care to legitimize any argument just bc it's going to serve an agenda, even a feminist one.

No. 370070

File: 1549705840123.jpg (24.47 KB, 400x400, myfeelings.jpg)

Ah misread, sometimes lolcow loads oddly on mobile and I can't get to the tippy top of a post or bottom of post.

Poor people like Reimer and Jazz never stood a fucking chance.

No. 370073

On the topic of Jazz, the whole debacle and recent complications are worrisome in that they suggest a lot of misinformation during the (medically overseen) transition process. Since Jazz was started on puberty blockers when prepubertal and then put on synthetic hormones Jazz isn't just sterile (never produced sperm) but incapable of sexual feeling. Jazz has never had an orgasm and thinks this will be possible after the surgery. Why wasn't Jazz informed of this?

No. 370074

File: 1549707011497.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.61 KB, 640x629, imsorry.jpg)

No harm done. I often either post too few words or too many, dunno how that happens.

On a more constructive note, a good addition to the next OP could be some links to specific studies that help us make sound arguments against trans ideas. I can see there are some general sites being linked but actual scientific study pdfs to reliably cite could also be valuable. It just pains me to see a pedophile's pet project being used as ammo. I can point to various studies that are similarly shitty (usually pro trans self report survey garbage) and are bad examples, but not really any good ones. Better to have an argument to support our ideas rather than only rip on theirs, so would love to see some delicious data.

I'll full admit I don't have much to contribute in that realm tonight bc I find it hard to find reliable data on this topic for either camp. I can definitely put time into looking into it more tomorrow. "We just don't really get this stuff" seems to be scientific consensus as far as I've seen; although I am still heavily against things like the erasure of biological women and mutilation of young bodies. We don't consider children able to give consent for sex, we shouldn't be allowing them to self sterilize either. I want what's best for women and people dealing with gender problems. We shouldn't be following a path of mutual triggering if we want things to get better.

I do know a lot of the anons in this thread are lesbians tired of being told they now have to have sex with people they consider men (as do I)and other women similarly wronged by weird libfem ideas. I understand and also feel the deep resentment so I don't fault people for making emotional arguments and general reeing. Just think we can add some more substance to the conversation at times. The burden of taking charge to fix shit will always largely fall on the victims of a situation because a change in outcome only primarily benefits the victim. It's shitty but it's also just how things are on this bitch of an earth.

No. 370077

I think conversation is hampered by lack of good research. Some of it gets blocked or never gets funded due to concerns over bigotry. Part of it is that so much of the dramu happens in spaces researchers might not be able to observe or think to observe. And lastly, the trans community evolves really quickly, as does their language. Its hard to pin down a moving target. You want to do a study on dysphoria and the trans community has decided you don't need to experience it anymore, or that there are multiple different kinds of dysphoria, and now your topic is outdated.

No. 370082

Porn is just voyeurism in video (and picture) form

Except with bonus misogyny, unrealistic standards and bodies and misinformation

No. 370098

yep, aliexpress. Sometimes I go out of my way to find these terrible pics to have laugh

No. 370114

i love how shocked he is that his workplace found out because when i clicked the video and heard his man voice, i laughed out loud. lmfao.

No. 370118

Thank you for the link, I wasn't aware of all the details regarding his early rejection of reassigned sex. I'm aware the study was sick and full of abuse.

Interestingly I find a lot of similarities with experiences and stories of FtM individuals. Refusal of dresses as early as 3 or 4 years old, playing with boys' toys (e.g. belonging to a brother), playing and identifying with boys, some even assuming male name for these purposes.
This reassures me in my opinion that some people can have strong predisposition for a gender identity that doesn't match their birth sex.
Have you heard about "cis by default"? https://www.jefftk.com/p/cis-by-default

The outcome of the study is pretty solid and simple. A sex reassigned person conditioned to identify with reassigned sex won't necessarily identify with it.
It's a retrospective individual case study of a sex reassigned individual who rejected his reassigned sex, so A) doesn't apply (it's not a cross-sectional or panel study), B) is irrelevant, it's a different study, C) doesn't matter (see A).
This is not the flawed Money's study.

Semantic dispute.
>"I'm Alice"
>"this is my car"
>Alice's car
>"I'm Bob"
>"this is my house"
>Bob's house
>"I'm a woman/female/feminine"
>"this is my body/penis"
>Woman's/female/feminine body/penis

Regarding gender determining sex, I will agree with the previous anon. Who the fuck even believes this shit?
If you confront a transgender person, they will (sometimes reluctantly as it's an uncomfortable subject for them) agree that they were born in their biological sex, have their birth chromosomes, and were correctly assigned male/female at birth based on their birth appearance.

>All this does is possibly point at gender not being a construct, but tied to sex.
Why are people so fixated on sex? Sex is just tied to few sequences in the genetic code (not even the whole chromosomes, not only on X/Y chromosomes).
>All this does is possibly point at gender not being a construct, but tied to biology.

No. 370123

>Refusal of dresses as early as 3 or 4 years old, playing with boys' toys (e.g. belonging to a brother)

Anon, I genuinely want to know, how do you think this proves any of your points. The only reason these are seen male behaviours is because these items are gender coded and marketed that way, if you let a child run wild and choose their own clothing/toys they will pick things irrespective of the gender it is marketed towards. This may be difficult for you to grasp, but the clothing and toys kids like is dependent on their personality, not sex (or as you keep saying ‘gender identity’)
My son likes traditionally feminine colours and pretends to cook and have tea parties, but that doesn’t mean he identifies as the opposite sex - that’s just his personality.

No. 370145

Jazz’s mom is such a narc, she practically neutered Jazz and still has the audacity to question him on why he isn’t “open to love”. Jazz’s mom lolcow thread when?

No. 370146

If you want to address the issue, address it in context. It's cool if a girl prefers pants to dresses and likes to play with trucks. But something is off when a year later she says she's a boy and to call her John, rejecting any attempts of correction.
I guess your son doesn't throw a tantrum when you try to dress him in trousers, crying that he wants a dress?

No. 370147

He does, because he’s a fucking kid and kids are stubborn. Just because a kid throws a tantrum doesn’t mean there’s something wrong, and you’re still not addressing the fact that the only reason these things are male is because they’re marketed this way. And when I was a kid I was absolutely anal about being called Micky, but that didn’t take away from the fact that I was a girl - I was just being a kid. And so was my brother who one day decided that the name Jake is infinitely cooler than his name and would scream and kick a fit if anyone referred to him by his real name. Children testing boundaries and choosing items that you believe are only allowed to the other sex does not mean that they are a different gender identity

No. 370149

My cousin thought he was 3rd evolution of that green starter Pokémon of second gen (the one with red haired antagonist). He refused to be called anything else but that Pokémon and would only talk in the way the creatures do, by repeating their name over and over. Does that mean he was transpokemon?

No. 370152

>But something is off when a year later she says she's a boy and to call her John, rejecting any attempts of correction.
Oh definitely something's off. She's having trouble accepting puberty, idolizing the freedom a lot of boys have, enduring sexual harassment and constant belittlement brought in by women being deemed as second class citizens, suppressed homosexuality, pressure from her peers due to ROGD, possibly OCD or Autism that causes a neurotic hyperfixation on gender, the list goes on. "Gender dysphoria" is a symptom, not some neurological disorder.

No. 370155

uhh, I will bite
From ICD-11, https://icd.who.int/browse11/l-m/en#/http%3a%2f%2fid.who.int%2ficd%2fentity%2f344733949
>HA61 Gender incongruence of childhood
>The incongruence must have persisted for about 2 years.
>Gender variant behaviour and preferences alone are not a basis for assigning the diagnosis.
Such behaviours become relevant when the feelings persist and don't resolve with adolescence. And so is the case with FtM individuals.

>trouble accepting puberty, idolizing the freedom a lot of boys have, enduring sexual harassment and constant belittlement brought in by women being deemed as second class citizens, suppressed homosexuality, pressure from her peers due to ROGD, possibly OCD or Autism
>in 6 years olds
I don't know what you are smoking anon.

No. 370157

>trouble accepting puberty, idolizing the freedom a lot of boys have, enduring sexual harassment and constant belittlement brought in by women being deemed as second class citizens, suppressed homosexuality, pressure from her peers due to ROGD, possibly OCD or Autism
>in 6 years olds

Well yeah, NTA but even as a 6-year-old I could tell boys and girls were treated differently for no real reasons and it was always upsetting. So the "idolizing the freedom a lot of boys have" and "constant belittlement brought in by women being deemed as second class citizens" are not weird at all.

No. 370160

Nta, but even 6yo girls not treated the same way boys are. Could be sexual abuse, too. Little boys often harrass little girls in school (even in pre-K). That's not insane for a little girl to conclude I'm a girl>girls get annoyed/harrassed/teased>if I'm not a girl I won't be harrassed>so I'm not a girl now.

No. 370163

This still relies on the idea that certain toys/activities/clothing are sex exclusive, and most kids that show discomfort with their anatomy, in particular reproductive organs, is because they were sexually abused (which has been shown in studies time and time again)

You have yet to even try to convince me how certain objects and activities are truly sex exclusive other than ‘well, cars are sold in the boy section!!’ or ‘girls should emulate mothers so they need baby dolls’

No. 370164

File: 1549725380415.png (302.69 KB, 500x280, 1539187621343-20180713_Aaron-3…)

I skimmed through the last posts quickly so I don't know if this has been posted yet but wtf:

A trans disabled person is being a model now. Apparently, he was homeless so kudos to him for finding a way to get money but still…this is absolutely sick.

No. 370166

this is appalling. his mom is eerily obsessed with his romantic/sexual life and his genitals.

>"you have to try a few different ice cream flavors before you pick one you wanna suck one on the rest of your life"


No. 370167

It's the whole blanket of reasons why women feel dysphoric in general, doofus.
Autism has been proven by multiple studies to be linked to transgenderism, and naturally autistic traits surface from a very young age because it's a life-long condition. For example, here's one.
Here's a study about OCD in transgender-identified patients. https://journals.aace.com/doi/pdf/10.4158/EP161223.CR
>idolizing the freedom a lot of boys have
Gender roles. Boys are free to be rambunctious, loud, independent, assertive, considered often more intelligent, have toys centered around being active etc. A lot of trans people I've met have come from homes that push traditional gender roles on their kids, for example refusing to buy their daughter pants because they're "for boys". Vice versa GNC boys might have trouble being accepted for being "too girly" and emotional.
>suppressed homosexuality
You remember that study about pre-adolescent kids showing gender dysphoria, 90% growing out of it by adulthood and some of them growing up to be gay?
> http://www.sexologytoday.org/2016/01/do-trans-kids-stay-trans-when-they-grow_99.html
And that bible-thumping mom in a trans kid documentary talking about how she tried to pray the gay away from her young (6-7yo) son before making him trans?
>Peer pressure
You'd be surprised to see how many times GNC kids are told they can't be their birth gender because they're not stereotypical enough. I remember another trans kid documentary where some child said that when she was 7 she was told by her peers that she can't be a girl because she's too boyish.

No. 370169

Oh and also
>Sexual harassment
Escaping your gender is a defense mechanism for a lot of sexually abused kids.

No. 370170

File: 1549725640835.png (232.82 KB, 639x752, EaNweVx.png)

Countdown to troons declaring menstruation emojis transphobic.

No. 370171

>how DARE they imply that all girls menstruate and associate the womb with girlhood!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE LITERAL VIOLENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 370175

File: 1549726535677.jpg (875.58 KB, 1440x1437, 20190209_103447.jpg)

I don't remember ever talking to my mom about puberty lol

No. 370186

he sounds so entitled, I'm glad his mom doesn't support his delusions

No. 370191

the fuck kind of fantasy is this guy living in. is that even a thing? moms taking to their daughters about puberty and properly educating them about sex? these troons are repulsive, its like they got their idea of what life is like as a girl from a 1990s girlscout handbook, or a lifetime movie.

No. 370201

>"I don't feel bad for you because you chose this."
Wish more mothers did this instead of pressuring their kids into hormones/surgery.
Indifference is TRA's worst nightmare.

No. 370202

another fucked up thing is jazz has no Idea whether or not he's really attracted to men
he's been told he should be attracted to boys because "he" is a girl
its just a horrible situation he's in

No. 370203

my mom only ever told me about periods, and seeing how trannies dont get them i dont see what else his mom could do?

maybe buying bras but thats really something you could do on your own just using your eyes, theres no reason a grown man needs his mom to do that shit for him. same thing with makeup, my own mom doesnt use it much so couldnt help me get an instagram look or anything. just look up some tutorials online or something jesus.

No. 370206

Learn to be a girl? I thought it was innate in your uwwuwu girl brains? His mother has no idea how to teach this freak about his freak ways and botched body, what the fuck?

No. 370246

This is one of the fallacies troons usually repeat and it drives me nuts. You have a "girl brain" yet you bitch about not having any idea how to be a girl because you didn't grow up as one. I wonder where they got the idea what being a girl is like?

And here's the answer. They get all their "inside information" on how to be a girl from movie and shallow experiences with females in their lives. Think back to Yaniv and how he was legitimately disappointed when he didn't see any girls showing off their tits and vaginas in the women's changing room. Because movies and porn always make women changing their clothes a sexual experience, when in real life they just want it to be over with as quickly as possible and often hide behind towels or stalls. And remember the one troon who wrote a length piece about how tormented he has been during his life for being a "closeted transwoman" (an effeminate gay guy), and during a feminist class talking about the challenges women face dismissed their experiences because #notallmen?

No. 370285

You addressed these points well. Totally agree with you, and there is statistical evidence to support it too. Around the end, you even tread the similarities between transitioning and gay conversion therapy. It's a broadened, more punishing version of that forsure. Nonconformity is punishable by depression and castration.

I consider trans people to be victims of malpractice influenced by the libfem ouroboros. I can't laugh at stories like this anymore because our futures are threatened by this ideology and a mother bullying her sick son over his delusions instead of getting him help is sad to me. Not that she could find a doctor not afraid of calling transhit mental illness anymore…

Where are you from? My family educated me on reproductive health and both my parents have been available if I had any questions about anything I don't understand. My mother helped me learn more about genital hygiene and taught me to wax/shave/epilate as well. These are definitely things I think a good parent should support their child with.
School does teach biology but you can't rely on that alone considering it's an "uncomfortable" topic at school and some kids try to shut off due to embarrassment.

No. 370443

Yeah, he went on dates with a variety of guys, and didn't feel anything for any of them, and yet, he fell for the first woman he has went on a date with. I wonder, maybe he would just become normal dude who is into some feminine things? My boyfriend loves cooking, desserts, pastel colors, etc., and yet, he is straight.

No. 370458

Wasn't he with that Arabic kid or something?

No. 370467

Fuck that's dysfunctional. Jeanette is a complete stage mom that talks to her kid like an actor and by god she becomes mortified and has these really frustrated gestures when he starts talking about his date with a girl. After pushing him so hard to date boys during her rambling speech. The mom thought he was growing up gay because he was effeminate, so she decided he was trans to make him straight. The plan backfired, he's into girls after all. My fucking god this is disturbing.

No. 370481

This is literally disgusting.

No. 370491

>Indifference is TRA’s worst nightmare
This is so true. TRA’s want positive or negative attention, because not matter what it leads to them getting coddled and praised by handmaidens. If no one paid any attention to them they would die from attention withdrawal. #IgnoreTroons2k19

No. 370504

"Jazz liked dresses at 3, therefore Jazz doesn't follow gender norms and is a girl!"
"Jazz is now a girl and therefore must follow gender norms and like men!"

Lmao okay mom, what's next for your little science project? It's just sad that this kid never got a chance to actually be a kid and instead got shoved into the spot of being the youngest person diagnosed as trans, clearly just for the mom to use as a bragging point.

No. 370507

Kids like him will be the ones to sue their parents and finally open up the discussion to reconsider the science. Studies won't be funded rn because people are so biased.

No. 370509

I was 12 when I noticed this for certain. I was in a geography club and the teacher said we would have a competition amongst the group to determine who she sent to district competition. I won but she said the boy who got 2nd was who she was sending because he was "more consistent". Then why say the competition we were having was the deciding factor? It was clear to me then, it was all for show and she was set on sending that kid regardless and just didn't expect him to lose to me. She didn't even act apologetic about the whole thing and how shitty it made me feel. This was in the 90s and so I wouldn't be surprised if even women teachers favored boys over girls subconsciously.

No. 370510

File: 1549752377104.png (440.62 KB, 1404x2048, Screenshot_20190209-164307.png)

Fucking hell I hate this shit

No. 370512

Why spoiler? Just a shirtless man.

No. 370515

More often than not parents avoid talking to their children about puberty and sex bc it makes them uncomfortable.

No. 370527

Transwomen do not fucking belong anywhere near lesbian spaces. It's a disgusting violation on women. Lesbians are already hyper fetishize by men and this shit makes it worse

No. 370528

That's unfortunate. Parents should offer guidance on these kinds of things.

No. 370533

Google is a thing, they just want someone to baby and praise them. My tranny brother is always harassing his roommate and employees of makeup stores to teach him how to paint his nails and do makeup instead of just looking it up.

No. 370548

>my tranny brother
Oh shit… I'm so sorry, anon

No. 370566

My sympathies anon. Do you have any other cringy stories about him worth sharing?

No. 370588

there are a lot of actual women who grow up without a mother or with a distant/negligent/abusive one. my mother never taught me shit, i spent most of my childhood with my father, which really fucked me over in adult womanhood.
i hate these stupid whiny men. "you chose this" is right.

No. 370589

>my tranny brother

You should tell him you're either born a woman or not. Biology depicts everything

No. 370607


it makes me wonder if they use makeup store employee and other women as "validation" of their fetish the same way that sissies do, and that's why they don't want to learn by themselves

No. 370638

Meh, I've met women with deeper /stranger voices tbh. You know it's okay to admit a troon is passing (at least from neck up), nobody is going to revoke your terf card.

No. 370654

>Do you have any other cringy stories about him worth sharing?
Not all of these are tranny related but.
Sometimes if I'm having a good time with one of my friends, and he is in the house, he will invite himself over and interrupt the conversation to make things about him. He'll ask my friend what she thinks of his nails and how she feels about bitcoin, in that order. He also invites himself to going to places, for example, once he invited himself to his roommate's date. She felt too awkward to say no, and apparently he ranted about LGBT politics and bitcoin the entire time.
Apparently he has been looking for love, but falls for obvious catfishes and has been stood up 10+ times. He has gotten a few first dates, but never a second.
He walks around the house in the tackiest women's clothes, not really fetishy but like what a grandmother would wear. He is 2k in debt and spends all his money on makeup, clothes, and his car (my parents cover his other bills). He shaves his balls over the toilet and also never cleans up or even puts the seat down, so you see a bunch of hair there if you walk in the bathroom after he uses it.
There's probably more but I despise him so I avoid speaking to him.

No. 370663

The Bitcoin autism is just the cherry on top anon, gee whizz I sure do wonder why he has no luck in love with that sort of personality

No. 370678

I hope you move out soon anon godspeed

No. 370701

>Like, imagine a teenage girl having to go through puberty after her sister did

This is full-grown man isn’t it?

No. 370714

I think so. I’ve met three TIMs who weren’t sissies in the Stephonknee sense but were fixated on getting girls and young women to dress them up and do their hair, makeup and skincare. They’d mask this by getting involved with niche fashion communities and acting like perpetual clueless newbies, except that when people showed them video tutorials or wrote out detailed guides they’d hardly even acknowledge them. They always wanted to meet up IRL and have a girl pick out their clothes and do their makeup for them. Afaik none of them ever actually managed to get a girl to dress him up but one manipulated his way into a hotel sharing situation at a con and tried to force some ~girly makeover~ shit on his female roommates who fortunately didn’t go along with it. Afterwards he claimed that one of them sexually harassed him and tried to ruin their reputations in the group. When that didn’t work he went full narc rage and tried to ruin the entire group’s reputation in the wider community. It pisses me off that people still refer to him as a woman when recounting this entire episode. I’ve met dozens of women who didn’t know much about hair and makeup but none of them ever went on a screeching rampage when other women didn’t feel like giving them a makeover.

No. 370728

The girly makeover fetish is so popular and I don't get why. Can someone explain the psychology behind why misogynist, fat, unkempt adult men want to be groomed and dressed up by cute girls?

No. 370741

Is he a Lolita? I want all the milk on this shit.

No. 370753

Because women have always done everything for them in their lives, cooking, cleaning, organising, making sure they do their homework, etc etc so they still expect spoonfeeding in every aspect of life. It would’ve hilarious if it wasn’t so intrusive because it’s like deep down they still see themselves as men, and look down on actual women as servants.

No. 370789

File: 1549804274820.png (545.17 KB, 699x1278, trans prison wing.png)

Some good news.
Now if they only prevented criminals from identifying as women at all.

No. 370838

File: 1549812991685.png (41.92 KB, 653x336, Screenshot.PNG)

No. 370849

God I hope this happens. Keep them away from real women. They can all be gross degenerates in their own cells.

No. 370856

Reporting a man threatening a woman with physical harm and harassing her online gets you nowhere, but calling a troon for what it is? The fucking swat team will come kicking your door down and take you away from your kids. The UK is completely fucked.

No. 370857

It's like something from dystopic sci-fi.

No. 370875

File: 1549817541808.png (150.32 KB, 720x420, Terrifying mums.png)

It's the mums who are the problem! And the lesbians! And the cis women, who are all TERFS!

An article of interest to you guys, didn't know everyone in this thread is British!!! According to this article there are no feminists who are Gender Critical in the US or elsewhere in the world at all!! Seems legit!

Also maybe people are more outspoken about it in the UK because both men and women literally get called up by the police, sued and jailed for stuff they post on the internet in Britain whereas Americans have freedom of speech so it's less of an issue! These are not connected things!


No. 370877

Like for example this screencap right here! I wonder why people from the UK are outspoken about this issue! I can't think why!

Ok I got all my sarcasm out there. Seriously though, I hate that all these "theories" are thrown about to distract from the fact that since men do around 96% of all the murders and rapes, women shockingly prefer to be segregated from men when they are doing things like taking their clothes off alone in a cubicle with no security guards or cameras

No. 370896

Because that's what happens in their yuri schoolgirl animes. No, seriously, I think I've got it sussed:

>wants to be desired (this one is a near-universal part of human psychology)

>is an overweight ugly unkempt creep who nobody could ever desire
>is lazy/childish and wants other people to do all the work for them
>has deeply internalised gender roles

So they want people to desire them, but don't want to put any effort in. What's the solution their unconscious spits up? Become a cute girl! Every misogynist knows that women have it easy, especially when it comes to sex and relationships. Obviously these creeps are also gonna want women to do their hair and makeup, their whole life is based around putting in as little effort as possible, and like >>370753 pointed out sexist men see women as servants.

I actually think troons are very similar to incels. The above factors also hold for incels, except they're not delusional enough to think they can switch genders, so they just give up and wallow in self-pity while hating women out of misplaced jealousy. It's a bad sign when you're more delusional than an incel.

No. 370917

I googled Stephanie Hayden and Google's first suggest was "man" kek

No. 370999

Time to delete the UK what the actual fuck. They have the power to arrest and jail people but telling them they're a man sends them to suicide and they still say they're a powerless minority. What more do they want?

They say women have it easy when it comes to dating yet when they try to get dates, they're still incels. I wonder how they handle themselves knowing they're women but can't get a date, something all women can do in their fucked up sexist mind

No. 371015

>>370838 oh ffs the police budget is so bad at the moment that domestic violence, theft, burglary, stalking ect is seen as low priority but they waste money on this?!

No. 371068

File: 1549832548482.jpg (253.93 KB, 1080x1231, IMG_20190210_220048.jpg)

Did any German anons watch Polizeiruf tonight?
Twitter is already mad about it lol

No. 371084

File: 1549833566735.png (14.05 KB, 583x169, what.png)


No. 371100

More like time to delete troonism from the UK and everywhere else. A woman was held in a cell for calling a man a man. Let that really sink in. We need to to be vocal and fight against this.

No. 371113

is this 1984

No. 371176

Not German but curious, what happened?

No. 371184

>every woman who doesn't like us [men] should be punched


No. 371192

i see this veggie all the time on twitter and it makes me gag. like just let some things be exclusive pls this is just like the push for plus sized models. like i dont want to look at fat girls on the runway, the whole allure behind modeling is that these are the peak of human beauty. why taint it just cus ur ugly and mad abt it lol

No. 371227

>I wonder how they handle themselves knowing they're women but can't get a date

Unfortunately, this one can be answered with two words: "cotton ceiling".

No. 371329

Anecdotal, I know, but I talked about puberty with my mom after having classes about it in school. She was open to talk about it. This was back in the 90's too, I guess i was just lucky to have a chill mom. But I know that's not common for a lot of families, even today. A lot of people have no one to talk to about this shit, and wind up having to Google things.

No. 371444

My German is rusty but I’ll try
>police series features TIM character played by female actress
>TIM character is suspected of murder with the motive being that he’s envious of a woman’s (the victim’s?) body
>Lady Bitch is upset that this reinforces negative stereotypes of trans people and makes them look bad

Fun fact: actual women are grossly overrepresented as perpetrators of murder in crime shows. We commit less than 10% of all murders in real life but many shows have us at >20% if not close to 50% when the writers are feeling particularly inclusive.

No. 371516

>click on a Ms Magazine "feminist news roundup"
>the first news story is about trannies

Christ. Is Feminist Current the only major feminist site that hasn't been ruined by this shit? Because it feels like it is.

(Fuck, dunno why I put Feminst Frequency the first time I posted this. It's 5 Am and I need sleep, I guess).

No. 371532

I'll give you a quick rundown. Sadly the male "terf" (who also insisted on using "he/him"-pronouns and who called the troon a "mixed creature" lol) turned out to be the bad guy, but otherwise it was brilliant, definitely not made by a sympathizer.

>tranny suspected for murder of 2 women

>a walking stereotype, owns a flower shop, always heels, tights and dresses
>caught by his pregnant wife while in drag
Just like it happens irl as well: dude gets married, impregnates wife, but then turns out to be a degenerate. He also felt sorry for himself, because he was no longer allowed to see his children.
>modeled his "pussy" after his dead prostitute friend
>police officer asked him whether he was jealous because she got the read deal and he didn't
>his therapist was a tranny as well, non-op, made officer touch his dick
>is prescribing hormones for money to people who don't fit the criteria (which is: living one year as the other gender + no other mental illnesses)
>believes they're only sick because they're women forced to live in mens bodies and therefore trooning out is the cure
>tranny was diagnosed with narcisissm and violent tendencies

The actress was a real (albeit rather ugly women, tall, with very strong features, but nevertheless clearly 100% female) which I find rather insulting. But I guess her own fault for accepting the role.

No. 371534

>That rundown of what happened
lmao so it was the most accurate description ever, right down to the NPD diagnosis. The writers are based.

No. 371536

Even Feminist Frequency has been ruined by it lol.

No. 371538

I forgot something:
He had a fight with his friend, she said he's just jealous because she has a bf and he doesn't and then the tranny immediatley breaks a bottle and threatens her with the sharp end of it.

Exactly, lol.

No. 371546

why does he need to learn to be a girl if he's already a girl though.

No. 371551

That's the ever present mysterious paradox of troons anon.

No. 371553

My mom "teaching" me to be a girl was giving me The Talk, which all kids get, and then explaining to me what periods, which troons don't get, are.

No. 371578

File: 1549894986247.jpg (610.18 KB, 2048x1648, jailed_for_calling_man_a_man.j…)

No. 371585

File: 1549895692905.jpg (176.17 KB, 749x946, Metro-trans-article.jpg)


If this happens I am never donating my organs. I don't want a troon to have my uterus.

No. 371588

How is this real life

No. 371602

How would IVF even work in this scenario? Actually having the womb in contact with the “neovagina” via a(n also harvested) cervix is just asking for infection, and I can’t imagine that implanting a uterus with a fertilised egg already inside would work at all. Are they planning to cut him open multiple times? Inject it? I’m no surgeon but the entire thing seems extremely dangerous and far too much trouble for what it’s worth. It sounds like just another money grab for unethical surgeons hoping to cash in on the transgender trend. Hope they have decent malpractice insurance.

>If this happens I am never donating my organs

Same here. No way am I letting some mentally ill man take my organs just to live out his disgusting fetishistic fantasies.

No. 371608

A bit of a blogpost but I overheard a group of teens (maybe 16-17 yo) talking about how people seem to have a troon phase nowadays, and they all agreed that it'll prob only last a few years max and then they'll see that it was just them figuring out who they are as a person and that people shouldn't try to fix their problems by transitioning. One of them was a GNC girl and it was the highlight of my day that she was agreeing with them, I'd suspect that she'd be the prime victim of this movement. Made me feel hopeful for the future.

No. 371616

>Work in IT
>See a female developer celebrated for some achievement
>Get exited
>It's a tranny
This is so ridiculously exhausting and happens all the time.

Imagine a world where this amount of work was put into researching treatment for endometriosis and cancers related to the female reproduction system. Nah, it's better to put our resources into getting troons to give birth!

No. 371628

I always hate it when i see a woman with similar interests and goals only to find out it's a tranny. Makes me feel like the only people i share interests with are troons. All. The. Time.

No. 371683

File: 1549906867551.png (635.19 KB, 2048x2025, Screenshot_20190211-110644.png)

No. 371686

It's accurate.

No. 371705

Most cyberpunk is written by pretentious fetishistic white guys who rarely bother to write realistic female characters (and I’m saying this as someone who enjoys the genre) so yes, this is actually pretty accurate.

No. 371711

Troons love comparing themselves to black women and gay people but the moment another group compares themselves to troons it's pure evil: https://www.reddit.com/r/IncelTears/comments/apfskb/again_the_transphobic_analogy/

No. 371733

They do that so they can also chimp that women commit crimes too! whenever any man does anything horrific. Women just don't commit crimes as often and it pisses them off

>Surgeon Christopher Inglefield founder of the London Transgender Clinic, believes transgender women deserve a uterus implant

No, the fuck they don't. Over actual women who could benefit from it? The UK has fallen hard on this bullshit. Where is the opposition politically

Troons bodies are different. Are they seriously thinking just to push up their organs to make room for a new one that doesn't belong in a male body.

Read some comments from the Daily Mail on this topic and I'd say almost all the people said
>not from the NHS
>take away the doctor's license
>this isn't life saving having children isn't a right
>babies born pumped full of synthetic hormones will be disastrous
>Wil otp out of donor registry if this comes
>denying women ifv but this is ok
And my favorite
>please stop

No. 371765

>troons refer to us as menstruators
>derail all conversations about reproductive rights to include their dicks
>complain when we focus on topics relating to female genitalia
>get big mad about pussy hats and silence protests and discussions that relate to our wombs
>still want our wombs harvested for their own use and expect us to be fine with it

>Imagine a world where this amount of work was put into researching treatment for endometriosis and cancers related to the female reproduction system

We haven't even fully moved past the whole ~you're not sick this is hysterical lady pain~ diagnoses that women get lumbered with when they're having issues. They can fuck off if they think they can have my womb after a lifetime of dismissing and diminishing it.

No. 371809

>We haven't even fully moved past the whole ~you're not sick this is hysterical lady pain~ diagnoses that women get lumbered with when they're having issues.
Fucking this, it still takes you years to get a diagnosis for endometriosis, something that causes 10% of all women painful and chronic issues with their periods and sex, sterility at worst, and even with a diagnosis all the doctor can do is shrug because the disease is barely researched. The same goes for POCS. PMS was thought of pseudoscience up until maybe the 2000's. I remember when I started my period almost 20 years ago and I was told that PMS is just, as you put it, hysterical lady pain. But troons wanting to give birth with donated wombs that could be given to a woman that was rendered sterile due to an illness or birth defect? That's where you should put the money into!

No. 371887

I struggled to convince a doctor that my periods were too heavy and that I needed help because "some women have heavy periods and just have to learn to manage them." Only during wisdom teeth removal did everybody find out I had a blood disorder that prevented my blood from clotting properly.

Funny how medical advancement hasn't included taken women's pain seriously but does somehow include giving men wombs.

I hate that giving men the ability to birth a child in an overpopulated world full of children that need a home might one day come before helping women living pain-free lives.

No. 371932

Thankfully, judging by the comments nobody wants this, especially paid for by the nhs. And alot of women would oto out of donating their organs. People would rather help sick people like with cancer or other illnesses than give troons more time of day.

There's this silent overwhelming majority that will anonymously object to trans anything.

No. 371947

thanks. kek they nailed it

No. 372030

I really hate the echobox that's been created about transitioning, I ended up getting pressured and stuck with thinking I was FTM years ago and started hormones (luckily I stopped very early on as they obviously destroyed my mental health and exasperated my body dysmorphic disorder to the point i developed a ED) I wish detransitioned women could talk about how all this nb, ftm shit really just stems from misogyny and doctor malpractice without everyone jumping down their throats shouting some bs about transmisogyny. Sucks to see people I'm close to that are clearly fakebois or lesbians in denial all starting hormones now.

No. 372043

Has anyone noticed that transwomen online talk about being girls way more than natal women, even when you just compare personal social media accounts? It's gotten to the point of annoying me, it feels fetishy.
I don't even have a problem with trans people who are chill about it, I'm just so tired of people inserting their fetishes in places and being creepy assholes, and people who deny reality or step on women. I have no problem being polite to avoid causing issues in shared spaces, but jesus christ, the attitudes of the Tumblr types are so annoying, as are stupid chan traps. It's just in different ways. I feel like I'm walking on eggshells but they aren't.
I've also noticed that a lot of people will cool off when you get them in private, and are more willing to be reasonable, which makes me think people get group hubris and virtue signal in public.
Being a woman is walking on eggshells, but especially around anyone born and raised male.

No. 372073

I've been marked down as an organ donor for 15 years or longer, but if this shit were to ever start to happen, I'm not gonna donate. Fuck that. I want my organs to go to people genuinely need them, not to fucking freakshow science for freakshow people.
That's because A) they think a womans value is only when you're young, and B) real women tend to hide ourselves online more, especially in male dominated spaces, because it invites insults or outright harassment and stalking.

No. 372232

No. 372235

File: 1549978676163.png (61.49 KB, 916x648, upload_2019-2-11_22-42-44.png)


There's an enlightening unpacking and analysis of the legalese going on in the KF threads.

No. 372357

What is it about trannies that cause them to attach themselves to real women so hard?
Sage for rant, but this tranny from my current MMO (I know) suddenly started latching onto me super hard ever since he found out i'm female. I have a low voice and don't act super feminine so I imagine they don't see me as a threat but still good enough to fulfill their sissy best friend fetish.

No. 372554

File: 1550010676048.png (175.83 KB, 528x662, hj.png)

We're all a few posts away from being Nazis, it's just that us silly women can't see it and we need a man to tell us!

No. 372643

File: 1550020770948.jpg (378.15 KB, 1524x1148, tumblr_pmac3eVNqr1qj78uj_1280.…)

Oh hell now they are starting on the "im not like other girls ~uwu~" shit

No. 372672

Ah yes, the old "everything I don't like is white supremacy" argument. Someone better tell all the gender critical black, brown, and Asian women out there that they are a party to white supremacy. Somehow.

No. 372684

Honestly I hope this turns out well. Not just for Meghan but hopefully a ruling in her favor could possible change regulations for large social media platforms.

Legalities are so far behind when it comes to the digital age

No. 372685

he's word for word referencing a tiktok meme.

No. 372689

File: 1550026393190.png (32.82 KB, 500x390, IrmbQAuLuhYjjXCT5zDmduGp0Ogj3y…)

i wonder if troons think about the fact that a lesbian woman would choose a trans man over a trans woman to date at a rate of nearly 100%

No. 372693

I just want to find a true female-only space that isn’t a gossip image board, is it really too much to ask to not be surrounded by sissies and their handlers?? I’m sick of these men, but more than anything I’m sick of the women that have absolutely no backbone in even online spaces and let men take over and push us around all in the name of progression. Sage for it being a rant, but I feel like this is the only space in the entire world other than my own house where I can voice these frustrations.

No. 372695

Troons and tik tok go hand in hand so I’m not surprised

No. 372706


Glad you were able to stop early, anon. Do you write about your experiences anywhere? I think there are a lot of us who had EDs w/ weird connections to being gnc/ftm/nb. It's heavy.

No. 372707

Is that pronounrespecter? Her and larps were the shit but I thought they stopped posting?

No. 372711

File: 1550030960945.png (879.26 KB, 1983x2048, Screenshot_20190212-110838.png)

This is hard to read because this person didn't use any fucking punctuation, but do these degenerates ever stop lying? THEY are the ones that call themselves these names, THEY are the ones with a disproportionate amount of resources/funding compared to LGB people, THEY are the ones hoping to see naked women and girls in changing rooms.

I'm so sick of this shit.

No. 372718

"2017 feminism"

No. 372801

>Make fun of us for having baby faces
I smell projection, no one does that

No. 372846


TiMs fucking wish we called them traps just like their Japanese animes lol.

No. 372864

Baby faces? What the fuck. Most TiMs look like the dudes they are, and TiFs can sometimes pass better, but even they usually look like women, and not because of baby faces.

No. 372907

File: 1550069618014.jpg (59.75 KB, 514x903, gcfemyt.jpg)

No. 372909

That’s gorgeous. Who are these youtubers? I need some people to follow to escape the echo chamber of California

No. 372910

Top is peachyogurt, bottom is Magdalen Berns. I dunno who the middle is.

No. 372912

Wow that's really awesome.
Didn't think I would see Teri mentioned here, she gives me life when she cuts through the bullshit.

The Korean radfem movement is truly admirable and so much further ahead than the west. They actually make changes in their lives (destroying their makeup and never wearing it again, risking their careers by not being feminine, and staying the fuck away from male relationships) that most western feminists will never do.
On the topic of makeup, I find it extremely bizarre that even most western radfems still wear makeup/style their hair/shave their bodies. It feels really disingenuous and weak that they would still continue to participate in some of the easiest things to stop doing. If you're unable to do that, how can you actually approach and go through with anything else in radical feminism?
Middle is Teri Strange. Really recommend her videos.

No. 372914

>baby face
Lmao, excess estrogen in men causes their skin to become like leather and creates premature wrinkles. The delusion of these men is so extreme, why are they obsessed with the idea of becoming teenage girls

No. 372924

Korean radfems are awesome and inspiring, agree. I like how so many are throwing away all their beauty products in a country so fixated on a certain female beauty standard. But I don't think you have to do that to do good feminist work. Meghan Murphy manages to be kickass and wear makeup. We need all types of activists.

No. 372930

I agree… Last year it was so comfy, but overtime the scrots just took over. At this point I just report almost every BS thread regardless if a woman or scrot made it. It honestly disgusts me especially since if I want to go on a imageboard with men in it I would go on 4chan. Honestly I hope someone purges cc because it's a fucking dumpster fire at this point.

>make fun of us for having "baby faces"
LOL!!! People get made fun of for having a baby face regardless of gender! Even if they do make fun of it, it's what people idealize and hope their faces become once they hit late 30's - 40's. What a reach and a humblebrag…

No. 372934


Here is an interesting interview with two Korean radfems btw.

No. 372951

Shaving and wearing makeup can be for your own amusement. I don't like visible body hair (on anyone) and I've thought this since I was a child. Makeup and shaving goes into the same category as washing to me, it's not a chore. I understand it's more traumatic for women with a lot of body hair though.

No. 372958

How is creating micro-abrasions on your body and covering your lips and face with chemicals daily amusing to anyone? Also please don't say it's for self expression or art because almost every women follows the exact same makeup trends and it's almost exclusively used to look more attractive than being creative.
Why wouldn't you invest in something that doesn't actively harm you for amusement?
Also is half of the population missing out on "washing" hygiene because men don't wear makeup or shave their bodies?

No. 372959

File: 1550075386405.jpg (25.16 KB, 930x558, 2761.jpg)

Interesting article I found.


"Hannah" Mouncey is a literal 200 pound man trying to play women's football against people half a foot shorter than him.

When the Aussie government decided that trannies can't play women's sports unless they have the weight and testosterone levels of an actual woman, Mouncey pitched a hissy fit and said it was "body-shaming", when clearly he's just mad he can't cheat anymore.

I can't believe people let this hulking gorilla play with women in the first place. All he did was grow his hair out!

This isn't "gender dysphoria", this is men finding creative ways to steal what little opportunity women have.

No. 372961

Nayrt but I personally still shave bc i like how it feels better. I let my leg hair grow back at one point and it just annoyed me but I also have other sensory issues when it comes to certain textures. Unfortunately, I will admit I feel pressure to wear makeup to work. On a daily basis I don’t wear it but I just hate hearing people tell me I look tired or sick or whatever. I know that’s my own deal to get over though.

No. 372965

I don't shave my legs, but I do shave my underarms because I noticed that (for me personally) it reduced body odor and made my deodorant last longer.

Saged for OT

No. 372989


He shouldn’t be allowed to play period. I hope I don’t come off as sounding like women are delicate and weak, but there’s no way this man wouldn’t hurt someone, intentional or not. I mean for Christ sake look at how men play with each other - if it weren’t for referees they would be stomping on one another and kicking each other in the head if they could get away with it.

And that Guardian article is pure rubbish. Nothing about this literal fridge of a person’s desire to play football equates to my personal reality as a woman and I can’t imagine any other fem feeling like her body is somehow shaped by his issues. Would people be singing the same too if a trans man wanted to play with men? I don’t think so. But it’s okay for a trans woman? Sure, Jan.

Sorry for the rant.

No. 372993

That's true to an extent. If you personally want to do those things, that is your choice. It is the societal expectation that women have to wear makeup, be hairless, and be conventionally beautiful that is the issue here.

Do you really like wearing makeup/shaving or do you feel the need to? Can you go without it without feeling uncomfortable? It's not something that many women think about because it's so ingrained in cultures around the world. I've know women who would get extremely upset if they had to go somewhere without makeup on or if they couldn't put on a full face of makeup.

No. 373046

dif anon but really? for me I noticed the opposite happening. are bodies just that weird?

No. 373051

I think it's only an issue if you think you have to do it. But saying that being unshaven, no makeup or skincare ect is "better" suggests that whatever men do is better. I don't want to look like a wrinkly, hairy grizzly man ever. If I was a guy I'd shave and wear concealer and use moisturizer too.

Breaking out of things you think you "need" to do is great, but I'm not going to make myself more gross because it means I'm a better feminist if I am. I think men should shave everything and wear makeup too, it's not a gender thing for me.

Also we have a problem where men think being clean and attractive = ready for sex, but that is specifically their issue and I'm not gonna change how I look to try and avoid them thinking what they will think anyway. Men think sexual thoughts about children, those children aren't dressing up, doing their hair or wearing makeup. People should just look however they want.

No. 373069

>saying that being unshaven, no makeup or skincare ect is "better" suggests that whatever men do is better. I don't want to look like a wrinkly, hairy grizzly man ever.
What kind of logic is that lol. Upholding beauty standards created by men because you don't want to look like a man, and you want men to fit into those made up standards too… ok then.

No. 373074

>saying that being unshaven, no makeup or skincare ect is "better" suggests that whatever men do is better
nta but this is the most bizzare train of thought i've ever encountered.
not sure if anyone says not shaving and wearing make-up is better, rather that femininity and associated rituals are made up with the reason to contain women and make us feel insecure about our native state and so recognising these rituals for what they are and ditching them is a way to resist that push.

No. 373097

File: 1550088761938.jpg (40.2 KB, 696x463, 696x696.jpg)

After protests, an estimated 500 attend East Bay library's 'Drag Queen Story Hour'

Drag Queen Story Hour originated at the San Francisco Public Library, and has inspired similar events around California and the country.

"There is nothing wrong with reading a children's book that display diversity and different gender identities," Bella Aldama said. "We are all different, and everyone deserves respect and love. We are not trying to teach or brainwash anybody. Drag is just a form of gender expression."

(continue reading at)


No. 373098

Why do you equate not wearing makeup or not shaving as gross? Do you really think your natural body and face are gross?
Why do you need to be beautiful?

No one on here is saying you CAN'T wear makeup, but you should understand the reasons why you feel compelled to wear it. I would really recommend going without makeup or shaving for a month and see how much of a "choice" performing femininity is.

No. 373104

If not shaving or wearing make-up makes you look like a man then that's your own problem, anon. People have no problem recognizing me as a woman when I go without make-up or shaving.

No. 373105


Even if she loses, the case will hopefully bring mainstream attention to the GC issues surrounding TRA. Unfortunately most of the media articles thus far downplay the issues and omit Yaniv's name. Perhaps we should start name dropping him in the comments of the articles, eg. Jonathan Yaniv dot org.

No. 373143

Sorry to drag this debate, but I personally love makeup so much. I love drawing on my face, creating cute eyelooks, using glitter, matching my blush with eyeshadow, applying makeup is so relaxing imo. That being said, I hate how men treat me when I wear an amount of it noticable to them, like one of the anons said, they seem to think it makes us "ready for sex". Disgusting. I wish we could somehow change how our society views makeup, how it treats it like a chore exclusively for women.

No. 373158

you sound like a scrote explaining why he thinks makeup is evil. let girls ENJOY wearing makeup, and let ones who don't not feel ashamed. i don't wear makeup to compete with other women or to feel like i'm better than them, i just like wearing it. and if i had it my way, men would be able to wear makeup/shave if they so desired. these are CHOICES, i am against taking these choices away. people do absolutely not have to wear makeup or shave, but they are certainly free to, as long as it's their choice.

No. 373161

File: 1550097329598.jpg (102.89 KB, 700x685, 1428984159410.jpg)

>actually still pushing the 'choice' feminism meme on a female imageboard in 2019

No. 373165

this is fucking dumb i s2g

imagine wanting to take women's choices away lol. like do you just want to ensure no woman ever wears makeup? damn, let me do my fucking makeup if i want to. you sound like an entitled male. pathetic.

No. 373172

no, do what you want, but 90% of women don't actually want to wear makeup despite their claiming up and down that they do love it for ____ reason. it's a cope, one i admittedly understand because we got the shit end of the deal, but let's not rationalize the tools of our oppression to ourselves as if it should be handwaved away bc a few women 'like it'. it sucks ass and is a chore and makes life more complicated and there's absolutely no way to actually quantify how much is years of social pressure and obligation vs genuine desire. wear and defend your stupid makeup but let's not pretend it doesn't suck ass, is bad for your health, and that majority of women wouldn't actually choose not to if they were raised free of the social pressure and free of the punishments that'd come for not wearing it regularly

No. 373181

No. 373191

Bodies vary. But think of it logically: hair is pourous, and it's the perfect hiding place for bacteria. It's like having a pair of sponges on your underarms. When you remove it, odor-bacteria has fewer places to live.

I think both sexes should shave their underarms for this reason.

This is what I think, too. Makeup is expensive, time-consuming, bad for your skin, and a crutch for your self-esteem. There was a time when makeup was creative self-expression, but not anymore. We live in the age of Instagram Face, where everybody uses their makeup to try and match the same ridiculous standard set by the Kardashians.

Makeup should be subtle. It should bring out your natural beauty. Instagram Face borders on drag, applying so much crap that the person is unrecognizable. And of course male-run makeup companies benefit from people buying that much product.

A lot of people won't admit it, or maybe don't even realize it, but we don't want to wear makeup. We're indoctrinated from childhood to wear it.

When makeup was first invented in Ancient Egypt, both sexes wore it. Now only women are socially obligated to. It's fucking unfair that we have to slather this crap on our faces to be considered passable, but men don't have to do shit.

I don't wear makeup unless I'm attending a formal event or wearing a costume. That's how it fucking should be.

Saged for OT

No. 373193

sage for non gc radfem sperging

I've mostly stopped wearing makeup for the last six months. I've only worn it on halloween and when I'm home and want something to do. Creating silly makeup looks is fun. I have all this makeup I've invested in that's still within it's expiry date. I'm not contributing to makeup culture in any meaningful way but I still get to play around with it for shits and giggles. I think the #escapethecorset movement is admirable, and it's part of what inspired me to cut my hair and not wear makeup in public, but it's a reaction to the specific stifling beauty standards women deal with in Korea. While things in the west obviously aren't great, it's not as overwhelming as it is over there and I don't know that a scorched earth approach would make any kind of a difference here. Women not wearing makeup here is not the norm, but it's also not a social taboo.

No. 373195

File: 1550100608627.png (30.46 KB, 134x150, 24753 (3).png)

no. it's pathetic to do makeup because some bitch ass men make you feel bad for not wearing it. tell them to fuck off and and cry more if it's so offensive to not wear makeup. this is a dumb excuse lol, and why assume 90% of women are wearing it out of pressure when so many women build social media presences from how much they love doing makeup. i love doing my makeup in the morning, idgaf what others think. grow up and stop doing makeup just to please men lol

No. 373199

>Women not wearing makeup here is not the norm, but it's also not a social taboo.
you're both delusional if you think women don't face punishments for not wearing makeup. employers admit they are like, 60% less likely to hire a woman that doesn't wear makeup vs one that does, and same goes for promotions.

No. 373201

I like doing my makeup sometimes because it can be a fun and creative process, but I rarely leave the house with it on or wear it day to day. It's pretty sad that some women are so insecure due to societal pressure that they feel like they need to plaster on a literal mask every day to look presentable. I think that's the main issue with it, aside from the fact that it's also terrible for your skin.

No. 373203

Well, if you enjoy wasting your time, destroying your skin, eroding your self-esteem, and lining the pockets of corporations that benefit from manipulating women, so be it.

Just know that you were indoctrinated into enjoying it, into finding dissatisfaction with your normal, bare face.

No. 373214

>employers admit they are like, 60% less likely to hire a woman that doesn't wear makeup vs one that does, and same goes for promotions.

You're right, but things in Asia are a hell of a lot worse and reach beyond makeup into your facial features and weight. You can get by as a fat and/or ugly woman in Europe or North America and while people might treat you more poorly than a woman who conforms, you can still have a decent quality of life. In Asia you'll never hear the end of people's direct criticism or unasked for advice and opinions. The plastic surgery rates in Korea are insane. I'm not surprised there's been such an overwhelming backlash against beauty standards as a whole among women there. I don't blame them. It sounds fucking exhausting.

No. 373216

Woah, I also only shave my under arm because it reduces body odor for me too!

No. 373228

Shaving only makes me smell worse, I literally stink like a teenage boy if I shave.

No. 373231


At first glance I thought these were cute, and I think in the abstract events like this that expose kids to gnc people are good, but to be honest I feel like stuff like this might have fucked me up as a little girl. I don't even know how, but like….drag already makes me feel like the butt of the joke a lot of the time, as a kid when you're still absorbing all the bullshit of womanhood, I feel like there could end up being a lot of little girls who sit in the audience and feel shitty and don't know why.

Honestly, it'd be cooler if there was a series of like, butch women in the arts doing events. It'd be a lot less "fun" but I feel like I would have benefited so much more from meeting an Alison Bechdel type as a little girl than a man playacting ultrasexual femininity.

No. 373246

Getting drag artists to read to children is really weird to me, specifically reading to children is the bit. Like why is this a thing. Drag has nothing to do with children, do they think it is inspiring for 1% transgender children while 50% female children see it as parody? Kids like this stuff, like panto and slapstick, but it certainly isn't life-affirming.

No. 373261

Yeah, it grosses me out tbh. Being a Dragqueen is a persona for nightclubs and adult places. It shouldnt be anywhere near children. That's like getting porn stars and sex workers specifically to read to kids.

This isn't progressive at all.

No. 373264

OT but same. I stopped shaving my pits for that reason. i found over the years that shaving made me smell worse there, even with the best, natural deodorants. I apologise for OT but shaving your underarms didnt work for me and it took me a long time to stop feeling ashamed. i'd rather have hair than smell like a basketball player, even after i showered.

Agreed. Drag queens are not right for little girls growing up who ALREADY have self image and body issues. They should be reserved for night clubs where they belong. I honestly find drag queens sexist as hell, but i feel like the minority in a lot of my fb groups. ugh

No. 373266

I don't wear makeup often, but when I do, it's generally because I like doing weird shit to my face. Having crazy eyeliner or dark red lips is fun for me. I understand, at the same time, where you're coming from, because yeah, the makeup industry itself can often be so fucked up. In the case of Korean women, I think it's great they're starting to disregard makeup, because their culture is so obsessed with a certain look, even moreso than western countries, it seems.
Same here, letting my pit hair grow seems to cause a little bit more body odor. I don't even bother shaving my legs anymore though, and I've never shaved my crotch. And I never will.

No. 373274

and why is it always fucking men pornifying themselves rather than dressing up like bea arthur or tootsie or something

No. 373278

>bitch ass men
>radfem uses bitch as an insult

No. 373280

>A Feminist Sex Worker Explains What Happens on the Job

>Andie Macario (cam name: Lila-Rose) is 28, non-binary, lives in London, and started doing sex work three years ago.

>Andie finds most of their clients through Backpage, Twitter, and sometimes Facebook, and has reclaimed the pejorative term “slut” by getting it as a tattoo. We sat down with Andie to ask them all the feminist sex worker questions we wanted the answers to.

No. 373282

That's actually an old video, for some reason Vice took it down. Glad to see it's back up, because it's a video I show people when I want to point out how fucking stupid lib fem pro-sex work and "non-binary" people are. This idiot babbles about how she works her own hours so it's "empowering" yet she starts the video talking about cleaning up a grown mans shitty diaper. So empowered!

No. 373419

I agree completely. My problem with events like this isn’t that children are exposed to men wearing makeup and skirts, like all the drag fans I know keep claiming, it’s that drag queens practically always embody a mean-spirited caricature of womanhood that’s going to make little girls feel even more shitty about themselves than they already do. If it’s simply about gender expression, why are most queen personas aggressive, catty, oversexed bimbos? Even if they tone it down for the children, they’re still going to pick up on things like that. Kids are incredibly sensitive to social pressure.

Characters who aren’t screaming bimbos or catty ‘mean girls’ with huge fake breasts don’t have to be any less fun and I think it’s telling that the drag community is so resistant to stepping out of that comfort zone.

No. 373462

Radical Feminism Thread


As requested in the town hall meeting. Apologies for the delay!

No. 373477

Jack Dorsey is being taken to task over Twitter's policy on misgendering. Fucking glorious!


No. 373483

File: 1550148900107.png (200.91 KB, 800x1173, Screenshot_2019-02-14-04-51-14…)

Is this the beginning of the push back?


No. 373484

File: 1550148936119.png (206.58 KB, 800x1173, Screenshot_2019-02-14-04-51-26…)

No. 373485

File: 1550149060445.png (114.96 KB, 800x711, Screenshot_2019-02-14-04-51-35…)

No. 373490


This article on After Ellen discusses and includes several images of Yaniv but redacted his last name. It does have links peppered throughout that lead to articles that do name and shame him.

Also, "Twitter is now banning people for saying things like “sex and gender are not the same.” On Feb 4, Twitter informed prominent trans activist Kristina Harrison, that saying “sex and gender are not the same,” breaks their rules on hateful conduct."


No. 373492

But I thought sex and gender being different was the official troon party line? They can't even keep their own stories straight anymore, they've moved the goalposts so often.

No. 373498


I posted an article about the Korean feminist movement in the Rad Fem thread.


No. 373546

I think the most recent line is that gender determines sex, so anyone who identifies as female has a female body even if that body includes a penis and testes. Biological sex is a social construct now.

No. 373572

File: 1550163341645.png (22.63 KB, 1023x150, what.png)

Do they really think that non pregnant/non postpartum/non breastfeeding women leak milk?

No. 373573

I used to take seroquel (antipsychotic) and i was none of the things you mentioned. It made me lactate..sooo weird. So ya it can happen but it's rare

No. 373577

you sound like a libfem that isnt aware that a huge part of feminist history is rejecting compulsory feminity and disobeying the beauty standard put in place by men.

Also, while I understand that SOME make up can be fun (like literally drawing on your face, etc), I really doubt that contouring or doing "natural" make up etc is fun.

Make up and performative feminity don't empower you against men, they empower you against other women who chose not to do it.

No. 373578

Regrettably, I have seen a webm where a mtf was producing milk.

No. 373631

File: 1550172676895.jpg (43.95 KB, 1200x675, 1787803728-gntm-kandidatinnen-…)

Germany's next topmodel is already annoying on its own, but that they insist on shilling troons as the most talented out of dozens of girls is so insulting… And all of them are constantly chearing "her" on, while being critical and petty to each other.
They're being held to completely different standards.

No. 373634

>It's a big "fuck you" to patriarchy to let them have access to your body, in exchange for money
>Yaass, girls! In the end, sacrifice your bodily autonomy like many women are pressured to do under our shitty society! But instead of actually trying to solve the problem, make sure you ask for some $$$ to dry your tears with! Fuck the patriarchy, we're winning these battles one at a time. It's your choice, and you're a woman, so you are a fierce feminist goddess! Don't you forget it! uwu

That reminds me, I remember seeing this idiot libfem on Twitter try to say female slaves were "empowered" and "had personal agency" because some of them were given scraps in exchange for having sex with their slave-masters. I was already wary of the sex positivity bullshit, but that was the final nail in the coffin for me.

How many of these sex workers would want this life for their daughters, I wonder? Their daughters, by the way, not other peopole's.

No. 373643

Because the fashion industry is fucked. But it has been like that for a while. The women praising troons just so so ou