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No. 573602

Join us for the ongoing saga of 41-year-old horrorcow Raven (née Diana Dawn) Sparks and her 31-year-old husband #5 Josh Bradley in their Love That Was More Than Love Shack in rural South Carolina.

Raven originally achieved notoriety for her outrageous horror goth appearance and exhibitionism, her immature and aggressively defensive demeanor which alienates everyone in her life, and her relationship with husband #4 Logan who was 16-years-old and 19 years her junior when they became engaged and was a school friend of her son Dorian who is 8 months older. She has disowned her son after subjecting him to a childhood of neglect and many years of emotional abuse.

Each successive relationship is The One™ which will rescue her from her terrible life and give her a "fresh start." Several of her relationships began while she was still married to and, in some cases, financially supported by the previous husband. She has moved across several states and twice overseas to be with men whom she met online. Once she is established in a new relationship she is quick to denigrate the last with accusations of neglect and abuse despite having been the manipulator, an example of how she continually rewrites her personal history to feed her narcissism and validate her victimhood.

Her addiction to finding new love is closely rivaled by her addiction to acquiring new pets, toys, and clothes which she soon abandons in her hoard (or rehomes in the case of her pets) once their novelty has worn off.

As in real life, she exhibits her Jekyll/Hyde personality online: superficially sweet to her sycophantic followers and crassly vitriolic to anyone who dares to disagree with her. An overwhelming number of her Youtube videos are rants directed at people whom she perceives as having crossed her and at "the haters" on lolcow and Kiwi Farms.

Previous threads:

In the course of the last thread:
>The day after her mother's memorial service on April 15th, Raven posted a video entitled "Final update" in which she declares that she will be deactivating her Facebook account and leaving social media due to the haters. "One of us has got to stop, and the fuckin' people that stalk me are never gonna stop." She says that Josh has deactivated his account "out of respect for her."
>She included several photos of them in their Jeep and of the road in Saluda on their drive to pick up the rental car but no photos of the rental car itself or of their trip to El Paso.
>On her mother's memorial page, someone purporting to be Raven's sister posted a message to her saying, "Diana - Due to life, family, work responsibilities, we could not push these services out any further as we already extended a week. You were missed at the memorial and was asked about. The burial service is at 10:30an on Tuesday at Fort Bliss."
>After reading here, Ash Sangre unfriended Raven and wrote about being used and betrayed by Raven throughout their friendship of ten years. She posted screenshots of Raven's private messages sent from her Ruby Woo Facebook account dating to October 2017 in which Raven exhibits her fixation with lolcow, alludes to engaging in online relationships with men in the US with the intent of using one to facilitate her return, boasts about Josh and their mobile home (including videos), discloses that she and Logan lied to the court about the date of their separation to hasten their divorce, and reveals that she was on benefits for over a year until she left New Zealand.
https://streamable.com/2uy23 (videos of their mobile home)
>In messages from her Raven Sparks account from April 2017, Raven says that she was suicidal because she just had her heart broken by a man in the US. "I was three weeks away from packing the clothes on my back and moving to be with him." She says that Logan "hasn't been loving towards me since around 2013" and that they were "about to split. No one knows. With lolcow, I have to pretend we're perfect."
>Additionally, Ash disclosed Raven's admissions made in earlier messages from her Raven Bradley account (no screenshots): she cheated on Logan with many men in the US online and one in real life; she created a fake account as Josh to harass Claudia; she made disparaging remarks about Josh's family; she feigned her pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage caused by the car accident in December 2017 to guilt Josh; the accident resulted from Josh falling asleep at the wheel after working a 16-hour shift; Josh's mom was angry at Raven for repeatedly posting about the accident and blocked her; Raven had hoped for an insurance payout for her injuries until she realised Josh was solely at fault; she claimed that Josh lost his job with FedEx Ground when he failed a drug test after taking her oxycodone and that he verbally and physically abused her while taking her medication.
>Just as Ash was releasing her screenshots, Raven deactivated several Facebook accounts, closed her Instagram and Twitter and several Youtube accounts. She deleted or made private most of the videos on her primary account including all of the videos featuring Logan except two videos announcing their break-up, but not before anons had downloaded and archived them.
>Doja was discovered to be in the possession and care of Connie, the woman who transported him to Raven and Josh, and once again in need of a new home. She described Raven and Josh as "a short-term foster that didn't work out" while Autumn stated that he "went to a foster who is a shit person." When Ash implored people to not allow Raven to take in more pets and listed the reasons why, both Connie and Autumn replied that she did not know what she was talking about, and Autumn claimed that she "spoke to about 15 people. All who know her and have known her." The post was then deleted.
>Autumn and Connie are raising $300 needed for his eye surgery and neutering.
>On May 1st she posted a nearly 30-minute long goodbye video which she quickly deleted and replaced with a video twice as long. She vehemently denied many of Ash's claims. She ranted at length about the haters. She did not address whether Doja is still with them. She apologised profusely to her followers for her departure. "But there has to come a point where you have to rejoin the real world anyway, and I've spent the last ten years living online online online and not enjoying real life. And it's about time that I, I go outside and feel the sunlight and enjoy just living a real life. It's long overdue."
>She included screenshots of her medical records from the car accident to substantiate her injuries. She included a screenshot of the summary of symptoms she reported during an appointment in 2008 as proof that she was diagnosed with agoraphobia.
>She concluded her video by declaring, "You can't hurt me anymore. And that's, that's true winning right there. I win, you lose."
>She followed through with her promise and deactivated and closed the majority of her known accounts, including their wedding site and wishlist.
>On June 12th she posted a 50 second long video announcing that they had gone ahead with their nuptials, marrying on the 10th. The video comprised photos from their special day and of their marriage license and certificate.
>They will have a wedding for family and friends in September.
>On August 1st she posted a review of their skull themed wedding rings from Sapphire Studios: the 'Luna De Saturno' 0.15ct men's ring and 'Aphrodite' 1.85ct women's ring.
>She appears to have a tattoo of Josh's signature in red on her left breast.
>In the comments of both videos her followers say they miss her. She replies that she will be posting an update soon.
>In September it was revealed in the Alt Cows #9 thread >>>/snow/676104 that Dorian and Isa had wed on June 11th. She now identifies as "Isaac". She and Dorian moved in with Logan, and she is now dating Logan. Recent photos showing her embracing each of them are captioned, "Date night." A thread for the three of them was launched >>>/snow/682714 but was locked due to "obvious vendetta posting".
>Within two days of the thread being locked, Raven posted the promised update, "Alrighty then…!" which initiates this thread.

* closed accounts
^ deactivated accounts
https://www.facebook.com/Official.Raven.Sparks (community) ^
https://www.facebook.com/the.moon.follows.me.home (new primary account) ^
https://www.facebook.com/you.were.born.to.die.like.this ^
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https://www.facebook.com/Vv.Raven.vV (old primary account) *
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https://youtu.be/gwAiXPmMoJQ (unlinked birthday 2014 video about being cyber-bullied by a fake website, now in the archives) *
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj9C5ZUyNC5_kBK2A8-93hEIOfQ2F0S9g (10-part "My Story", some in the archives) *
https://www.youtube.com/user/LeonbergerLoverNZ (her pets and Ryan's dogs)

Archives of leaked videos from >>>/pt/400701 and others:

Social Media:
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Image Galleries:
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https://graphtreon.com/creator/_raven_ (ranking of her Patreon account)
http://a.co/158y4sg (Amazon wishlist)
http://a.co/aK3qVyK (Amazon wishlist of household items)
http://web.archive.org/web/20110528081201/http://raven-official.webs.com:80/updatedinfoaboutme.htm (select all as most of the text is clear text)
http://www.mywedding.com/ravenandlogan/stories.html *
http://www.mywedding.com/ravenandlogan/galleries.html *
https://nz.linkedin.com/in/raven-sparks-7451a1a6 *
https://nz.pinterest.com/vvravenvv/wishlist *
https://about.me/x.raven.x *

https://www.etsy.com/people/ravensparkss *
https://www.depop.com/starbl00d *

Joshua Manning Bradley:
https://www.facebook.com/j.bradley.80.six ^

No. 573603

No. 573608

File: 1536651143075.png (592.27 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-10-23-39-49…)


The documentation.

No. 573609

File: 1536651175535.png (786.66 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-10-23-39-16…)

No. 573610

File: 1536651242624.png (463.92 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-10-23-39-28…)


Yet another gazebo for yet another marriage.

No. 573612

File: 1536651284364.png (1.17 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-10-23-39-22…)

No. 573613

File: 1536651328693.png (667.79 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-10-23-39-43…)

No. 573614

File: 1536651357015.png (732.75 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-10-23-39-38…)

No. 573615

File: 1536651419874.png (65.84 KB, 800x274, 1528885207705.png)


What happened to Doja?

Comments on this video have been deleted since.

No. 573616

Sapphire Studios ring review

No. 573618

File: 1536651572314.png (1.33 MB, 935x737, 1533643123342.png)


Her new look.

Is that Josh's signature in red on her left breast?

No. 573620

Alrighty then…!

No. 573621

I know the transcript is coming, but interesting first thing of many to note in this hour-long recap of her absence: she never describes actually going to her mother's funeral, rather segues into all her bills and financial struggles. We know you didn't go, Gravy.

Warning ahead of time, once she gets into the animal stories part of the video, there is some awful content in there.

No. 573624


Thanks for the heads up sis, I can't stomach animal abuse. I hope this cunt gets mauled by her "babies".

No. 573627

Anyone keeping track of Craven's kill count?

No. 573633

To no one's surprise, she painted Doja as a terrible dog (golden star to the anon who once said she would brag about his farts) and said he killed her kitten, so he had to go. That good ol' recycled story about the bad dog who hates kittens, right?

Meanwhile, if anyone cares, Doja got a forever home with the rescuer. She decided to keep him. He is living a very happy live in a house with a huge bed, lots of food, another dog and… a cat!
Pics here ( https://www.facebook.com/connie.p.delaney/photos )

WB, Diana.

No. 573634

she really doesn't give a fuck about any of her pets, huh?

never introduces her dog to the new cat in his home. doesn't keep the room secure enough to keep out the dog. then gives away the dog she agreed to foster as a forever home. says she "hates" the dog for doing that despite it being entirely on owners to help pets coexist well.

she goes through pets like normal people go through toilet paper. it's scary and she shouldn't be allowed to own animals.

No. 573635

Crusty wig and dog blaming aside, it's good to know the fat lazy bitch got a job. (Unless she's lying about it)

See Cravey? You stayed offline and managed to get as job and buy a place. Good things happen when you don't sit online all day doing nothing but ranting.

I feel that something will happen though…too good to be true.

No. 573636

good, but also makes her lazy ass collecting NZ disability benefits for decades and saying she can't work bc "muh tailbone" seem even more shitty than before.

No. 573641

Oh yeah totally, it's like all those years of her saying that noone would hire her because of her tattoos and piercings (which is a self inflicted problem) and then shit gets dire and she suddenly gets a job. Credit where credit is due though. I can't imagine she'll keep the tattoo job though, she's too much of a psycho. Can you imagine if they start training up a younger female tattoo artist? I imagine Raven will suddenly have a lot to bitch about.

Hey maybe one day she'll outshine Vick as the best tattoo artist that ever tattooed, and they will fight online about it. Fingers crossed.

No. 573642

I wouldn't call snagging a disabled elderly man into a deal that he might well live to regret and will probably affect his future care, a good thing.

I don't know whether to believe this whole version. She might have let the kitten die herself (it was extremely young) then saw an opportunity to get rid of Doja. At any rate, she's lying about the door. And who sleeps so deeply through all of this in the day? Someone having a little opiate doze, possibly. She elaborates so much in a way only someone who is lying will do. At least Doja got freed.

No. 573643

I don't believe in that spiel at all, and now she has 3 cats and 2 dogs, one being a big one.

Remember the tale guys: this little piggy wandered off, this little piggy farted too much, this little piggy ate his sister, this little piggy bit the last one and that little piggy go rehome… oh look a new little piggy!

No. 573645

The detail she described the kittens death in made me cringe so hard, why did she keep dragging out the gorey detail?? The most I was hoping for was that at the end of her spiel she’d say something like “it really affected me, so I’ve decided to not take on the responsibility of any other lives until I get past this and have a stable life”.
Obviously hoping for too much but god damn it she had those other kittens already que’d up and ready to go!
Her little brown dog is so unbelievably cute, if it somehow… agh…if anything happens to it I will be incredibly upset. I just have an image of it getting crushed in my head now from all of her horror stories.
She really doesn’t deserve these animals.
Lol at the fact that she’s in Florida now though, truly where she belongs.

I hope soon she’ll talk about the Trinity shenanigans going on back in New Zealand. I hope she doesn’t check here and that nobody harasses her, raven milk is my favorite aside from the animal abuse.

No. 573648

Fuck. Stop getting pets you cunt.

>Sometimes pets don't fit well with a home

>omg Doja is so lovely and I don't even like dogs
>he has health issues but we love him
>finds a kitten
>doesn't allow dog to meet cat
>doesn't safeproof cat's section
>doja kills kitten
>We got a bunch of new animals yayyyy
>Rinse and repeat

By the way I am >>573635 and in no way am I redeeming Gravey, just saying it's great she got a job and even then, there's a part of me that thinks she's lying about the job.

If it does exist, it's probably some shack owned by bikers.
Either way, she's still a shit person.

No. 573650

I'm thinking the tattoo job thing is either a lie OR she's just the receptionist. She has terrible eyesight and no experience with art or drawing. No prior job experience. Plus she barely spoke about what her job entails or anything about learning to tattoo. I feel like she'd boast about it if she actually was doing the tattooing. Like I said, she's probably just the secretary.

No. 573652

She says she's not sure about coming back online but towards the end she starts the crap about 'everyone in public comes up and says I'm so fabulous and gorgeous and they loveeee my tattoos, everywhere I go people say I'm amazing' then she goes on to say that she goes to the beach in a bikini top now because she feels confident now and she's not even jelly of thin girls.

I sense her ego has risen again, and the cycle of posting regularly will commence.

Also suprised she didn't mention the logan/lg/dorian threesome.

That will probably surface in an angry video.

No. 573659

She's probably fucking some guy at the studio, let's be real. And if she was motivated to get a job, it's because she needs pills. Call me cynical.

No. 573660

Exquisite timing that that story came out and then she's prepared this hour-long update to gloat about her mirrored bedhead, shiny car and finally getting a job.

No. 573685

>If it does exist, it's probably some shack owned by bikers.

If I were that place I'd be worried that people would think her shitty scrawls were representative of the quality of the shop, and if they would wonder about if the shop did them

No. 573693

How hard would it be to find the tattoo parlor? Do we know which trailer park in FLA they're calling home sweet home for now?

No. 573695



She's so fucking embarrassing. Imagine being in your 40s and being this cringe inducing.

No. 573704

I'm really uncomfortable with how much bullshit detail she's going into about this kitten that Doja allegedly ate.

Like Gravy, if you were ASLEEP like you claimed, everything you have said would be speculation. Lying cunt

No. 573706

How about the lasik? She has the money buuuut she's going to finance it because it's 'easier' - which is it? She qualifies for it except she has to have repeated blood tests because she's diabetic before she can qualify - which is it? Like at least try to get the stories straight.

No. 573707


No. 573734

File: 1536684693664.png (437.91 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-11-09-31-31…)


Alrighty then…!

Published on Sep 10, 2018

Email: Starbl00d@live.com (zeroes, not oh's)
Paypal: Starblood@live.com (oh's, not zeroes)

Theme - Carnival Freaks by Myuu

I will fall and rise above
And in your hate I find love
'Cause I'm a survivor
I am a fighter

I will not hide my face
I will not fall from grace
I'll walk into the fire
All my life I was afraid to die
But now I come alive inside these flames

This is the very, very long awaited update video. I have been emailed and asked and asked when am I going to come up with the update video, when, and when am I gonna tell everybody what's happened. And I've held off because I haven't really been ready to talk about certain things, and in a way I'm still not, but there's just so much and so much and so much and so much that keeps happening that I want to just go ahead and make this. I've tried to make it a few times, but I didn't feel like I was quite ready, the videos were quite right, so I just deleted them. But hopefully this one will go up, and I can finally post it. Just a warning: it's gonna be very long because obviously it's been a while since I've been heard from, so be prepared to listen to a lot of blabbing.

First of all, the biggest news of all…it's kind of like a bundle…and that is that Josh and I have moved again. And without giving away our exact location, we are in the Jacksonville, Florida, -ish area. So we've moved a couple of hours away. Well, quite a few hours away. We've moved away from the area we were in, and we're still not in a big city, but we are in a…we're in a town that is about 30 minutes away from a pretty big town, 15 minutes away from a bigger town than we're in, and about an hour away from a really big city. So we are right in the middle of civilization. Well, we're not ourselves in a big city. We are very, very close to big cities, so we have access to a lot more than we did before. And aside from that, along with that, we have also bought our own house. And I'll explain more about that in a minute.

You might remember last time I was really online online is when my mom died, and we were struggling to get them to go to her funeral. We couldn't pay the power bill. We didn't have money for food. We were just struggling left and right. And Josh and I understood that that was just…it was no way to live, that was no life for us. We do deserve better than that. And it's just not…it's not fun to struggle that way. You never know what emergencies might arise, and we were not prepared for anything. Part of that is because I came here so suddenly. We didn't really have the time, either of us, to kind of get our lives together and get ready for this huge move that we've made by me coming over here and starting a new life here. And that was because when Logan and I had our talk in New Zealand. Whether in our heads we knew it was over, when we voiced it everything after that happened boom boom boom. We talked about it, realized, you know, the relationship was over etc etc. He wanted to move to his mom's. We had two weeks left at that house for me to figure out what I was gonna do. Josh and I discussed it. He wanted me to come here. I wanted to come here. And Logan went to his mom's, and I went to my ex to wait until I could, you know, get some more money together, Josh could get at least a little bit more organized, and then I could come over here.

Josh had been a bachelor for a while. He was just used to taking care of himself. He usually ate out, didn't really own anything, you know. He just lived very simply as most guys do when they're young bachelors or whatever. And when I got here, whatever money I had I used to buy the rest of the stuff that he wasn't able to get before I got here. Before I got here he moved out of the house he was in, and he got us a separate house, one that he liked better. He didn't like the place he was living in before. He had, he had been wanting to move out of there because he didn't like his landlords. Landlords kind of…it's really hard to find good landlords, especially around, you know, this area. They're all kind of…they've got that southern laid back-ness to them, but in saying that, to them it also means they don't need to fix anything or take care of anything or help you. They just want your money. And so if anything is wrong, good luck getting them to fix it. They won't really lift a finger to help. So he just didn't want anything to do with that guy and where he was living. He got a new place, got a new better paying job, and, you know, tried to get his life ready for me to come. And it was a lot to do on his side to go from living alone, taking care of yourself, to having to get your life ready to take care of somebody else now, somebody else coming to stay with you. And he did it.

So I got here. The first place we were in, it was, it was a nice place. I really liked that place. But it was…there was problems with it. The landlord lived right across the street, couldn't be bothered coming over to fix anything that they said was wrong with it. I will not even go into detail with exactly what was wrong with that place, but there was a lot. And we just we were really, really unhappy there. And since we couldn't get them to do anything about it, we decided to move. We moved into another place that was suggested to us. And we thought that that place would be good. This one, the landlord lived like…the landlord's son lived right next door to us, and that place was even worse than the first place. And I won't go into details about how bad that was, but it is almost one of the worst places I've ever lived in. It was just wrong on all levels, and they wouldn't fix anything. But they could tell us off if we had, like, a box that needed to go to the dump that was sitting outside the front or the back door. You need to throw that away! Like, we're going to the dump this week, you know what I mean. How can you see across the yards that we have something, but you can't walk over to fix this, you know, fix even the screen door or anything like that. And we knew we needed to get out of there. And we discussed it, and we were like, you know, a big change has to happen. We have got to get out of this area, and we don't want to rent anymore because we're paying all this money to these people who won't fix the places up, they won't do anything to help you. And, like, the first place we needed a new stove, and they wouldn't replace the stove, so we had to buy a new stove, and that should be under them, not under us. You know, things like that. Floors caving in and just problems that they refused to fix for the amount that you're paying to rent a place, so we decided we wanted to try to buy.

What we did was we found this old man that wanted to move away because he's disabled now. He can't walk, and he can't take care of the house himself, so he wanted to sell it. He asked for a very small deposit, like way smaller than a bank would have asked for. Still a couple thousand dollars, but, you know, manageable and a pretty average monthly rent payment or whatever. And we drove out. We looked at the place. We fell in love with it instantly. It felt like home, you know. Some places you walk into you and you know right away, this is my home. Like, you could just see yourself living there. And that's what this place was for us. And we, we had our heart set on it. We worked with him. We've saved, we saved, and we went to the bank, and we got some help from the bank, got all the money together, and we gave him the deposit, and he signed the papers. We will sign a contract and stuff. And I mean we don't own it yet, but we are, I guess, renting to own. But he's, like, 76 years old or something, and he can't walk. There's no way he could take care of this, so he's not coming back. This this is our place, and we're not ever gonna have to leave or move or worry about anything. And it is such an amazing feeling to know that you own your own place, that you're going to own your own place. We'll have this place paid off in six years. In six years it'll be completely ours.

And it is a trailer because, like, almost everything around here are trailers. And I don't really care. I like trailers. The last two trailers we lived in were pieces of shit, but this one is not. This one is really nice, and it's spacious. It's, uh, it's got two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a built in room on the porch, shed out back, and it's got lots of land, so we own land as well. It's got this lot and a lot behind it, so if we wanted to we could actually build onto the lot behind us and rent that out or whatever. But we've got plenty of space here. It's almost an acre of land. And it is really really really nice. It's really nice. We can paint it, we could decorate it, we could do whatever we want with it. We don't have to worry that they're gonna raise the rent or we're gonna have to move out. It's just so much freedom, and it is an unbelievable feeling. I cannot tell you how great it feels to know that we've taken this step. And in less than the time that I was stuck in New Zealand we will own the rights to this place and the land completely free and clear.

As for how we afforded that, we started looking for work, and Josh actually got a job. He got a pretty good paying job, and I also have a job. I'm, of all things, I am working in a tattoo studio, so that is, like, a perfect fit for me. And I'm so happy. We are busy all the time. We're working so much. We don't have hardly a chance to breathe. I mean, we come home and it's just like, I don't want to move, I don't want to do anything. So the house is still not completely done which is why I'm not gonna do a house tour as of yet because the house isn't where…we're not done fixing stuff up and painting or whatever we're gonna do at all yet. I want to have the house looking completely finished before I do a tour. So I don't know when that's gonna be, when we're gonna have any free time for that, but that's where it stands right now.

What else. We went to a theme park the other day, and I'm gonna put together a video that we…we actually had planned to go there while we were still living in, like, the last place we were in. We were gonna go for Josh's birthday, but we just never, we never got a chance to. We were just too busy trying to do all this stuff and try to make the right steps to better our lives and to have a better, easier life so we weren't struggling anymore. And we just put it off and put it off and put it off, and now it's close to my birthday. And it's the first…this is my 42nd birthday, and it's the first birthday with him physically because last year I was still in New Zealand. And so we went there for my birthday before they closed, like, for the winter or whatever. And that was pretty fun. It, it could have been better. I mean, it was, it was fun being with him, but the park itself…like, they cut the rides so short. They were, like, 30 seconds long. And it was so hot. We both felt sick right away and thought we were gonna have to leave early. I'll go into all that in that video. I'll leave that there.

Um, a couple more things. We also got a new car. We own that free and clear. We have a 2006…2005, 2006 black Ford Explorer, and it is beautiful. It's, it's all black. It's got black tinted windows. It's got black leather interior. It's got, like, climate control. And I have a video of it somewhere, so I'll see if I can add the video here. [pictures of each side of the truck] If not, just take my word for it. I'll put a picture in it at least.

As for our Jeep, we, we gave that to a friend of ours. We did what was done for us, and we passed it along to somebody who really needed it. We, we fixed about 75, 80 percent of the things that were wrong with it, and we gave it to her. And she had helped us out before, and we thought, you know, she really needed a vehicle, she really needed the freedom. And instead of trying to sell it we, we wanted to do the right thing, and we just gave it to her. And hopefully if she's ever in the same position where she doesn't need it anymore and she sees someone who needs it, maybe she'll pass it along, or maybe she'll just keep it until it just blows up, and then it's lived its life. Either way, it's, it's hers now. And we feel really good that we were able to do something to help somebody else.

No. 573735

File: 1536684748447.png (1.09 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-11-09-21-48…)

No. 573737

File: 1536684880446.png (797.95 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-11-09-22-11…)


Um, ummm. I think the last thing I want to talk about is addressing the Doja stuff because people have asked about him, what has happened with him, and this has been really hard to talk about. I really haven't wanted to talk about it, but people deserve an explanation, so I will give it to you now. The last place we were in, as you know, we put our bed in the living room so that we could be with him because that place was built so stupidly, the hallways were so thin. As it was, the bedrooms were so small. Once our bed was in it you, like, couldn't walk, you couldn't even fit a dresser or anything in there, so there was no way that the dog would have fit in there with us. So in order for us not to leave him alone so much of the time, being old and new, we wanted to be around him, so we put our bed in the living room for him. And the bedroom that we were in, the door didn't close and clasp, so we always had it barricaded with boxes and stuff, and so it wouldn't open. You couldn't push it open or anything like that.

And one morning we were asleep and it was storming really bad outside, and we heard screaming and screaming and crying coming from outside, and Josh said, oh my god, it's a kitten. And I was like, why is there a kitten outside? And we went and saw mama had given birth underneath the trailer and abandoned the kittens. I swear I heard more than one, but by the time I actually broke the skirting off and was able to crawl under and look I only found one, so I don't know if she came back or if they died because I wasn't gonna crawl the length of the trailer. I couldn't hear anything after that. I just saw the one close to where the skirting was, and he was, he was so cold and shaking. He was tiny. He was the tiniest little thing. He felt right in the palm of my hand. He must have been only maybe two weeks old, if that. And I'll show you pictures of him. And he was so cute. His name…we named him Stormy because he had such a stormy start to his life, and it was stormy. It's so cliche. But he was adorable.

And Josh went out and got kitten replacement milk, and I got a bottle and I bottle fed him. And you know what, I…we put him first…the first day we had him with us in a cat litter tray. We put a hot water bottle in there for him and some blankets, and we just kept him right close to us. And then after that we put him in the back bedroom, closed the door cuz you could get into that back bedroom through the bathroom which door's always…the door's always closed tightly, or through the door that was barricaded. But we never opened that door, we always left it barricaded. And because it's a pain in the ass to keep closing it. And I don't like open doors in houses, so I like all doors closed.

We never showed Doja the kitten. We…he never looked up when he heard him meowing, he never woke up, looked interested. The only thing that dog did was eat, fart, and shit. He wanted to go outside and shit, piss and shit. He didn't really care about playing or looking around or anything, you know. He was supposedly blind. He didn't like to do anything. He just slept all the time, and he liked his treats, and that's about it. He'd just lay in the corner and fart, you know. He never took notice of the kitten. We never saw a reason to be like, look, here's the kitten, and introduce them at all, so they were kept separate the whole time. Doja never ever even looked like he knew the kitten was there. I took a nap one day…

Oh, and I want to tell you, too, it was so cute because Stormy, for whatever reason, when I would go in to feed him and stuff, I'd go in the room, [calls out] Stormy! And he'd meow, and he'd look up, and he'd be trembling, and he wobble over to me like, you know, he was screaming and crying and meowing, and he wanted to climb, clamber up on in my lap and just start purring. He was so happy. Like, he was recognizing us already and wanting to be around us and, you know, cuddling with us, and it was the sweetest thing. And he was gonna grow up to be the most beautiful, beautiful cat ever.

And anyway, I was taking a nap. I woke up, and I just felt like something was wrong. I woke up, and there was light streaming down the hallway. And there shouldn't have been light because, like I said, I keep all the doors closed. And my heart sunk, and I was like, oh no. And I walked down there, and the door was open. The door that was barricaded had been forced open. And it took a lot of force to force that door open. It wasn't like you could just go [pushes palm forward] and it opened. No, you had to push the boxes out of the way. Stormy didn't come out, and I was like, oh no, Stormy! Stormy! And he didn't come out. I looked everywhere. I looked behind the suitcases, behind boxes, everywhere. I looked in the bathroom even. He was nowhere. When I'd woken up Doja was asleep in his bed, so I, I didn't really think anything. Over by one of the suitcases which was across the room from his bed I saw a little pile of red crumbs and I thought, please let this be a dog biscuit or something, because there are red biscuits that we would give Doja, red and brown and yellow, you know, the, the chew biscuits. And I picked them up, and they weren't biscuits. They were his ribs, little chunks of his ribs and a little chunk of his skull with his teeth. And my heart sunk, and I just started crying and crying. And I called Josh and I was like, oh my god Doja broke into the room and ate the kitten!

The kitten obviously tried to get away because he was across the room, not in his bed. He tried to stumble away, and somehow this blind dog that didn't care about anything chased him down and gobbled him up. And this dog was supposedly raised around cats, loved cats, thought cats were his friends and all that stuff. And he still ate the kitten. And whether it's natural or not, I could not look at that dog again without picturing that poor little kitten being picked up and chomped up and and crushed to death. He didn't deserve that at all, and that would have been a horrible way to go. He was alive, and he was aware, and he was affectionate, and he, he wanted to live, you know? I mean, he was the happiest little survivor, you know. And I'll never forget going in there and finding that little pile of bones, and I just, I just couldn't do it, I couldn't do it anymore. I told Josh, he needs to, he needs to go, just I can't look at him ever again. It's just…it disgusted me, and it horrified me, it freaked me out, and it was depressing. And for the rest of the week Josh and I, we would just, you know, sit there and reminisce and think about the poor little kitten. And we'd hold each other, and we'd cry and just like, you know, he just didn't deserve that. And I can't even imagine, you know, how scared he would have been or, you know, what it would have been like for him to be trying desperately to get away from this dog, and this dog just picks you up because whether it was a fast death or not, which Josh tried to reassure me by telling me that, he still would have at least felt the first bite, you know, whether after that he was already dead, he would have felt the pain of that first bite or the first few chomps. And I will forever hate Doja for doing that regardless if it was a natural thing or not. I mean, I had the door barricaded. He had to force his way in there. And, you know, I feel guilty for taking a nap in the middle of the day, but, like, I had to feed the kitten every two hours, and I was exhausted, you know. I, I needed a nap. I needed to rest. And it just so happens he just got it in his head to go where he wasn't supposed to and, you know, he killed my kitten. And um, that's why Doja is gone.

I contacted the lady that dropped him off, and I explained what happened. I said, I just don't want him here. I can't look at him. I'll never be able to forget what I saw. And, like, in the back of my mind I, I feel like I heard a kitten screaming, and that's what woke me up. And it couldn't have been because when I woke up and I saw the light, I looked and Doja it was in his bed. So unless he ran and feigned sleep or I woke up later than I thought I did after hearing it, then I couldn't have heard it. But regardless, it was fucking awful. And um, that is the story of why Doja was rehomed. When we told her that she did say that well, with his surgeries and things he needs to go to the vet more often than we were able to take him because at the time, you know, I see no reason to get my license because Josh and I are usually always together now, you know. He can drop me off and pick me back up again and things like that, so it's not, it's just not necessary for me to have my license. He can take me where I need to go, and I like being with him. He likes being with me. I…you know, we prefer him driving me places anyway. And um, especially over there, there was no reason for it. And he needed the car to go to work, and with his hours the only time he was free to go the vet was on Saturdays. And there are vets that work there on Saturdays, and originally they said that was okay, but then later on they said, no, well actually he needs to go more than that. But that is not the reason we gave him up. It wasn't because he needed to go to the vet and we couldn't take him. I mean, that wouldn't, that wouldn't have been a reason to give him up, you know. You know when you get an animal they need to go to the vet. So none of us knew that he had any kind of, like, health problems or, like, he needed any urgent care when we got him. We, we were all oblivious to that. The chick who dropped him off to us, the lady at the dog rescue, none of us knew any of that. But we were prepared to deal with it, prepared to handle it, prepared to take care of him. But then he did that, and that was something that I never thought I'd have to live through, and I was not prepared for that, and I was not prepared to have to look at him again and think that he did that. And so, you know, he's probably off to a better home now. She seemed quite happy to take him back because I guess she didn't like that we could only take him to the vet once a week or something.

No. 573738

File: 1536684995259.png (829.24 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-11-09-23-24…)


On that topic, however, we do have pets now. We actually have quite a few pets now. They've been with us for a while. They've been with us since before we moved, actually. We have three kittens first of all, and these three kittens were…it was originally two. They're all sisters, but it was originally two. The two kittens we had already made plans to get before we got Doja, but we were just waiting for them to be old enough because the lady had contacted us and we were, and we were talking about stuff, and they were only like five weeks old. We got them when they were 12 weeks old so there was quite a long waiting period. And um, the only good thing I could see from Stormy's death, if that, is that we at least knew what Doja was capable of, because I would hate to think that we would have gotten these kittens, and he would have eaten them, you know, gobbled them up or something. Yeah, so in a way Stormy could have saved their lives, you know, in a round about way. It's still so fucked up.

But, um, anyway, so we got these two sisters. It was originally gonna be one because she looked a lot like one of Marmalade's kittens. And I was like, oh my god, I want that one, she looks like my Marmalade's baby! And then the lady said, well I've actually got another one that's got, like, a split face. And I was like, oh my god! And I saw her, and I fell in love with her. She's just got, like…she's a ta…she's a tortoiseshell, but she's got, like, half an orange face and then, like, half a tortoiseshell face, not a complete half and half but pretty close. And she's got, like, chunks of, like, orange cat in her, so she kind of looks like a mix of Marmalade. And she acts like Marmalade, and she's got Marmalade's eyes. Marmalade had the coolest, most unique eyes. I mean, I'm sure there's other cats with those eyes, but I've never owned a cat with this color eye. They're green in the middle, right around the pupil, and then it's, like, bright yellow on the outside, the green and the yellow. And this cat just so happens that exact same eye color. And she is my baby. She only comes up to me. She lets Josh kind of touch her, but she loves me. I call her name, she comes running. She sits on my lap, she licks me on my mouth, and she is my baby. She loves me to death.

There were five kittens in that litter. There's two boys and three girls. The third girl, she's a tortoiseshell as well, but she's got real weird markings. She almost looks like she's wearing, like, a dead skin mask or something. She's kind of scary looking. Like, she always looks angry, like she wants to rip your face off. And because she looks like that nobody wanted her. The lady who had them said that she was having a really hard time finding home for her because everybody was like, oh is that the only one you have left, I don't want her. And she was getting really worried and thought maybe she'd have to take her to, like, a shelter or something. And Josh was like, I don't want her to go into shelter, we'll take her, that's all right. And so a week later we picked her up. And because she's so, she's so ugly we named her Miss Pretty, you know, Josh wanted to make her feel better about herself. But she's his baby. She, she's always, she looks at him so lovingly, and she goes up to him, and she sleeps on him, and, you know, so Miss Pretty is his baby. My little Marmalade Two is my baby, and the, the one that originally we wanted, we named her Jelly. She is, uh, everybody's baby. Jelly is just she doesn't care about anything. She'll, she'll sit there, she'll sit on you, she likes to eat and eat, and she um, she's not scared of vacuum cleaners or anything. Like, she's just real brave. She's bravest, most outgoing one  of them all. And these three, they are the most adorable babies. They love us so much. They are definitely a secure part of our family. They are here, and they are not going anywhere. They are so spoiled and so smart. We bought them, like, a big old cat tree. They get wet food every night. They're so smart that, um, we tell them bedtime, and they know they're gonna get wet food and it's time to go to bed, so they come up and they start screaming and meowing. And then they run to the bedroom and wait, and it's just the cutest thing. But they're good girls. They're, they're really good, smart cats, and we love them to death, you know. They're, they're our babies.

[pictures of the three cats]

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No. 573740

File: 1536685062959.png (436.64 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-11-09-23-32…)

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File: 1536685091041.png (342.49 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-11-09-23-58…)

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File: 1536685126701.png (706.17 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-11-09-24-01…)

No. 573743

File: 1536685156277.png (482.77 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-11-09-48-31…)

No. 573745

File: 1536685387224.png (1.02 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-11-09-26-39…)


Aside from that we have also got two dogs. One is a two year old white Siberian Husky named Loki, and he is an indoor dog. He definitely did grow up around cats. We saw plenty of pictures. We did plenty of background checks on him just to be sure. I did not want another dog, period. But Josh, Josh loves dogs. He is a dog person, and he was always like, I miss having dogs. And I, I told him, I don't want another dog. But I thought that was really unfair on him because, like, well, I'm a cat person, he's a dog person. He still loves cats, but he also loves dogs, and it wasn't fair off me to completely take that option away from him. So I looked around. I found this one, and he fell in love with him. That's his buddy. That's his boy. He's, um, he's got white eyes. He's all white. He's a sweetheart. He's a, he's a big teddy bear. He's just gentle, and he loves everybody and everything. He is so sweet, and he is smart, and he's crate trained. He lets himself outside to go pee, comes back in when he's done, you know. He's a good boy. There's only one thing he really does wrong as, um, as all animals do. He likes to get into the other dog's food, and it's like, no that's not yours, get into the cat litter or whatever. But we have stuff sectioned off so that they can't go places they're not supposed to go.

Our last family, uh, family member is a tiny, tiny little Chihuahua Shitzu, and that's….she's everybody's baby, but she's my baby. And she's brown with a little white on her chest, and her name is Cocoa Pebbles, but we call her Pebbles. She's two months old now. We, we only just actually got her a couple weeks ago. Those people lied to us when we got her because they said she was at least seven weeks old which we thought was that's still too young. You shouldn't give an animal away or sell an animal any younger than eight weeks, but twelve weeks is optimal. They need that time with their parents. I can't stand seeing people trying to get rid of animals at seven weeks, but at least I know and Josh knows that that's not a good age. We know what to do, how to treat them, how to take care of them. And so we figured if we don't get her, and we were like, she's too young, somebody else will get her, and they might not know what to do or how to, how to take care of her, so we figured at least if she comes with us we can give her a good life. [unintelligible] But we do give them good lives, and so we got her. When we got her we took her to the vet for a check-up right away, got her wormed and defleaed and all that stuff. And it turns out she wasn't seven weeks, she was closer to the five weeks. She didn't even have her teeth yet. She had some of her top teeth, no bottom teeth had broken through. She could barely see. She barely walked. She weighed two pounds, so she literally, like, fit in the palm of your hand. Now she's grown. She's probably closer to three, maybe four pounds, but she's still, like, itty bitty. She's, like, the smallest little thing, and she is so smart. She learned her name within the first week. She was almost fully potty trained within four days, believe it or not. We put down puppy pads. She'd go over there and pee and poo. She has accidents still here and there when she is playing or she's in an area of the house that's far away from her, her bed and her usual puppy pad area. Then she might, like, poop on the floor or something like that. But we keep her kind of in a small section right now while she's learning and growing. And her little tail is always wagging like that, and she's like cutest little thing.

And Loki plays with Pebbles, and he is so gentle with her. Like, she sticks her whole head up in his mouth, and he, he doesn't clamp down of course. He just kind of [hand motions] and he nudges her with his nose, and he gets real down low on the ground with her. And sometimes when she's sitting there he'll put both paws next to her like this and kind of, like, protect her, you know. He'll hold her like this, and she cuddles up, you know, in his tail or in his arms, and they're so close.

[pictures of the dogs]

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File: 1536685750115.png (304.27 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-11-09-25-46…)

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File: 1536685802720.png (781.85 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-11-09-28-41…)

No. 573755

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No. 573756

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No. 573760

File: 1536686362518.png (405.13 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-11-10-15-46…)


When we went to the park we actually had to take them to a, um, like a puppy daycare because we live like five or six hours from the park now, and we were gone all day, and so they had to stay overnight. And um, we made sure they had all their vaccinations and their, you know, their, their vet checkups and everything like that. And we took them there, and we got them a kennel together, and everybody was in love with them. They're so cute, they're so beautiful, you can drop them off more often if you want. Everybody wanted to see them, and the girl even…because when it was time to pick them up I wasn't feeling good, and Josh went by himself to collect them, and the girl that was there was like, oh my god can you give your wife my phone number? And she gave him her number to give to me and all that and said, you can leave Pebbles here for a few more days cuz everybody loves her because she's so small and cute.

But that's our complete family now. The cats, they…they're still a little bit wary of Loki cuz, you know, but he doesn't chase them or anything, and we make sure they're never left unsupervised together because even though we know he's good around cats we would never risk anything like Stormy happening again, so they are always locked separately at night, and they're always watched and monitored. But the cats, you know, they kind of walk over to him, and he sniffs them and licks them, and they're, like, they tolerate it until he's right up in their face, and they kind of do their, hey I'm gonna hit you if you keep doing that.

And um, Pebbles, they've started to kind of jumping down with her, and they do this thing where they're trying to tease her like they, they want her to chase them. They get down and they look for her, and then they kind of prance around, and then when she runs after them they jump up and pretend they didn't want it. But then when they realize that she can't jump up and follow them they jump back down again. And so they've kind of starting to play with her because she's actually way smaller than they are at…she's probably about nine weeks now. At nine weeks she is still smaller than they were when we got them, so she is tiny. She's always gonna be tiny, though, because of her breed, but she is the cutest thing.

And they all get along so well. They're all so well behaved. And we have a big old family now, but we love it. We're, we're happy, and this is how it's gonna stay. I don't see any reason whatsoever that any of these animals would be rehomed. I mean, sometimes we animals and they're just, like, they're just bad or they're they're not a good fit, you know what I mean? Like, nothing's ever perfect, and I know I get judged for rehoming animals sometimes. But just sometimes if, if an animal is just doing something wrong constantly or they have been grown up or raised a certain way or let run free a certain way, it takes a lot of training to unbreak that, or sometimes it's just that's just how they are, and it causes you a lot of stress, it causes them a lot of stress, and overall it's just not a good environment. And I'm kind of a, like, not necessarily a perfectionist, but kind of a perfectionist. I like things a certain way, and I don't like my animals to, like, jump on counters or, you know, on tables and things like that. And if there's a cat like the white cat we used to have that is always on the counters and always doing  stuff, and you're always having to, like, scold them or discipline them, they start to get scared of you, and it's just, it's just a bad environment, you know. They need to be with somebody who either has the patience or ability to train them out of that or doesn't give a shit and lets them just do their thing, and that is not us. And so yeah, a few times we've had to find better homes for the animals that just haven't meshed with us or we've been lied to, and it just hasn't, it hasn't worked out. Whenever I go to get an animal I ask a billion and one questions because I want to be sure that they're a good fit because I know I'm kind of a really picky owner, and I don't want to have to rehome an animal, so I'll sit there and I'll ask. I'll say, this is my concern, this is my concern, this is what I tolerate, this is what I won't tolerate. How is your animal, do they do this, do they do this, do they do this, do they do that? And I try to keep in contact. After we get an animal I send pictures and send updates, and if I have any questions I ask questions and try to get tips, advice, how did you discipline them, how did you stop this, did they ever do this, did they ever do that? If there's a problem will you take the animal back because that's the first thing you should do is see if the original owner wants their pet back. I go through all these steps, but most people just want to unload their pets so they lie and tell you what they think you want to hear, and then you're stuck with a mismatch. And while some people can deal with mismatches, that's one of my flaws. I can't. I try, and if it doesn't work, it doesn't work, and I send them off to somebody who can give them a better home than I can give them.

However, the babies that we have now, we've had them for four months, and they've, you know, they've had their little misbehaviors here and there, but overall they're our babies and they're here, you know. It's like, like, like I said about the house, when you walk in to certain homes you feel like, wow this is home, this is where I'm gonna stay, this is where I'm gonna be. It's the same with them. It's like, you know what, you're, you're home. You're not going anywhere. I could say with all certainty they're here to stay. I couldn't imagine our lives without them. Yeah, that was a long winded explanation of about almost generally nothing. Sorry, but it's been a long time since I've made a video.

Oh, when we went to Carowinds I actually bought sunglasses for the first time. I couldn't find anything that I really liked because I, I'm not used to being outside. Whereas people think I bleached my skin, in reality I just stay indoors a lot. I'm part white, you know, so I do have light skin. In my pictures I use certain filters and things to smooth out my skin, and it lightens my skin. In real life you can see the color. I'm actually tan. My nose is a bit sunburnt. I'm a bit sunburnt right here from being outside, a little bit here. But um, I'm actually quite brown. [points to her forearm, pic related] I'm tan now because I go outside now. I have a real life. I think my knuckles are actually a little bit sunburned, too. But um, yeah. I'm, I'm tan. That's what happens when I go outside. In New Zealand I was indoors almost exclusively for about ten years, so you can imagine my skin would be pretty light. It doesn't mean I lightened my skin. It just means I am white. I'm half white, and I didn't go outside.

Anyway, check out these sunglasses that I found. I don't wear sunglasses usually. I don't like them. I quite like these even though they're…I don't like big sunglasses. These are quite big in my opinion, but they're pretty cool. I don't really think I look right with shades on. I haven't actually worn sunglasses since Ozzfest back in, like, 2001. I found these at Walmart for two dollars. They were marked down from $10. They weren't even marked down. We scanned the tag and it said $2, but how cool are those? No, it's not bad for, like, two dollars. Like, I don't know how often I'll wear them, but those are pretty cool.


Makeup bag from um, this chick. [slowly tries to sound out her name] I'm not sure what her…how to pronounce her name. I don't know what it means, but she's pretty cool. She sells some stuff. She's like a scream queen type chick, horror chick, Instagram girl, whatever. But she's got this online shop where she sells some stuff. I'd seen this makeup bag that I thought was pretty cute, and it's got prints on both sides. It's pretty big. I took this to the park with me, too, so I keep my makeup separate. It would be cool if it glowed in the dark, but it doesn't, but that is still a badass thing.

I'm also gonna do a review soon about this lipstick that I'm wearing. It's this new brand that I found, and I've got two colors out of their five, but this color is my new favorite red. It's just beautiful. I got a red and I got a purple, so I'll probably do that review when I shut off the camera since I'm dressed. That's pretty cool. So I will have this video uploaded, the theme park video, and the lipstick video.

No. 573761

File: 1536686397610.png (424.77 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-11-10-16-20…)

No. 573762

File: 1536686424813.png (436.42 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-11-10-16-26…)

No. 573763

File: 1536686453528.png (432.95 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-11-10-16-41…)

No. 573766

I seriously doubt she’s tattooing, I doubt she can even scribble. She’s likely working as a receptionist or booker or something like that.

From her description it sounds a lot like she’s in the Fernandina Beach/Jacksonville/St. Augustine trifecta. Given that she’s in a trailer, she’s probably a bit more inland, but it’s not impossible to find trailers closer to the water (either the intracoastal or the ocean) as northern Florida is dead cheap. She could also be just across the state line in Georgia, but the lack of state income tax in Florida makes it a boomtown for people looking to hang on to every last penny.

No. 573767

File: 1536686688313.png (356.07 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-11-09-30-08…)


I'm not…I don't know when I'm gonna come back or if I'm gonna come back fully. I would like to get back on Facebook here and there because there's stuff I want to share, you know. Like, I've got some cool pictures from the park. I'll add at least two pictures from the park here at the end of the video just to hold you over until I upload the other videos. But um, I don't know, you know. I, I'm happy being away from the drama. I'm happy staying offline. I actually…I don't even have time to do hardly anything anymore as it is, so I wouldn't even be able to make lots of videos. Every time I think I want to make a video and talk about this and this and that I just, I just don't have the time to do it, you know. Between work, the animals, getting the house sorted, there's just, there's just no time left in the day to sit around and be online. And I don't know. So I don't know if coming back is gonna happen or if it's not gonna happen. No idea. Videos might be sporadically here and there. Um, I don't know. It's just it's nice having a real life, you know. Like, a life outside of the internet where are you not so focused on other people, what other people are saying, what other people are doing.

The only time I even open my laptop anymore is when we're watching something. I've got movies and stuff downloaded on here. We hook it up to the TV because we actually have a TV now. We've got a 55 inch Philips…I think it's Philips…TV, and we hook the laptop up. We hook the laptop to the TV and watch movies, and that's the only time it's even open. Like, I don't even…I, I check my email from my phone, and that's it. I don't, I don't check anything else. I don't do anything else. And it's so weird, I don't even remember when the last time was I was really, like, online online. It just it feels like it's been so long, but I know realistically it probably hasn't. It was probably, like I said, I think it's only been about six months, but it feels like it's been years almost.

It's almost Christmastime. I'm definitely gonna have a Christmas video uploaded because we've got, like…we're gonna have a big Christmas this year, tons of stuff. I don't know if we're gonna see his family or not, but we are definitely gonna have a nice big Christmas. And I've already got, like, 25 presents for him or something like that. I've spoiled him this year.

We're looking for something to do on Halloween. We've got…you could probably see up there behind me…we've got two masks. We bought those from the Horror Dome. And that's a girly one for me, and that's the boy one for him. I've painted mine up and added more blood and bruising to it and stuff. And before the movie even was announced we had decided on these costumes. He is going to be a priest with that head, and I'm gonna be a nun with that head. And we had bought them, and then I saw the trailers for the movie The Nun. We actually went to go see that a couple days ago. It was alright. It was better than the new Annabelle movie. I quite liked it. It wasn't scary. It was a bit creepy. Jump scares. I like jump scares, though. And um,I don't know, it was alright. I, I'm not upset. I don't think it was a waste of time or anything. It was a decent movie. I would, I would watch it again. But I know people are gonna be dressing up as nuns probably for Halloween because that's what they do. Unfortunately I didn't, I didn't know, but the back of the mask is open, and there's no way to really hide that, and so because of that I needed something to put over, and I thought, well a nun's headpiece will cover it, so that's how I came up with that. And I thought, well shit, you know.

The last…I keep saying this is the last note…also is I'm going to be getting LASIK. I've gone into the clinic, and I've gotten my pre evaluation whatever done, and I am a candidate for it still. And I do have the money for it. Well, they, they, like, keep trying to talk me into financing, so we'll probably just go with the financing just because it's easier. But they, they just need because I'm diabetic I have to have three months of blood tests, and I still don't have a doctor, just haven't, haven't had time for any of this stuff. And here you need insurance. I know it's something I should have known, but when I was in America before I wasn't really sick. I had Medicaid for Dorian. I never really went to the doctor. I didn't have a family doctor of my own, and I never had to deal with insurance. And then I moved to New Zealand where things are completely different. I came back here, and I don't know anything about the health care system. I don't know anything about insurance. I'm completely new to all of it, and so I'm still trying to learn my way around things like that. And it turns out there's only, like, one time a year you can sign up for insurance which is really stupid, and I think that's coming up at the end of the year. So once I can sign up for insurance then I can find a doctor and get some blood tests done, take them in. If my blood hits that, if I can get my blood to the safe level, then I go in and get LASIK, and so finally this dream of most of my life will be realized, and I'll be able to see. Like, I can't even imagine what that would be like, to wake up and just open my eyes and I can see. I can take a shower, and I can look down, and I can see, you know. I won't have to scramble and look for glasses anymore. It just, it's just it would be the most amazing amazing amazing thing. And they said they're pretty sure they could get me to 20/20 or better even though I've got really bad eyesight, and that is amazing in itself as well.

So everything has just gone up. Since the last time I was really online, my life has just gone up and up and up and up, and everything has improved. There's not a single aspect of my life that has gone downhill. Everything has gotten better and better and better, and I just want it to keep going, you know. I want it to keep going and going this way, and it's just the most wonderful feeling, like, not to be depressed.

We, we bought a chest freezer, and it is full to the top of food. We've got a really big fridge, and that top is full of food. So we're not gonna starve. We're not gonna run out of food. The animals, they've got plenty of food. We've got a local vet. Um, we've got everything. Like…

And we got married. We, we didn't have the wedding we wanted because we didn't want to wait. It was…we were up and down on the dates, you know. Do it maybe on my birthday, maybe on this day, maybe on that day. And we just we'd lay in bed at night, and we'd hold each other and wish, god I wish we were married, I really wish we were married. We're like, you know, we have the money to do it, why don't we just, why don't we just do it? Our anniversary is coming up. We should just do it on our anniversary. And he had originally suggested…that was the first date he ever suggested to me, and so we we decided to go ahead and do it on our one-year anniversary. And we didn't have time. I might have mentioned this all in that video, I don't know. But we didn't have time to look for clothes cuz we had just made a kind of on the fly decision, and so we just went to Goodwill, and I picked out the only, the only dress they had there that fit, and he picked out some clothes. They're the only things there that fit. And we'd always planned maybe towards the end of the year or next year we'll have a proper wedding, like, where we can really dress up. I wanted to wear, like, a kind of a baby blue chiffon gown, and he was gonna wear, like, a black and blue suit, you know, stuff like that, so we're still debating doing that.

But what was important to us wasn't that we had the right clothes or the right audience or anything like that. The important thing to us was that we get married, that we're finally husband and wife, and so that is what we did, and we're happy with our decision, and he's my husband, and I don't see this marriage going anywhere. We're still as compatible as we were when, you know, when I first got here, even more so, you know. We, we like almost every single thing the same. He is so easy to get along with. He treats me like a queen. Like, he really does treat me good. He does anything for me, anything and everything, and I tried to do as much for him as possible. We're just we're happy. We're still affectionate. We're still always touchy and huggy and lovey. And I still look at him and think that he is gorgeous, especially when he lets his hair down. He is just beautiful. That boy loses so much hair, though. Like, his hair is everywhere. I'm like, how the hell you still have hair on your head when you lose so much hair? But he's got so much thick hair. And just he is everything to me, and I couldn't be happier and more content in my relationship, my life, anything right now. He's just made me feel so good about myself and so good about my life, and we have our little family, and we have our house. We have stability. We have money. We have our jobs. We have a good car. We have food. We have our bills paid up. I mean, what more could you really ask for, you know? I mean, I feel like I'm on top of the world, I honestly do.

And I don't want anything to change, so that's why I'm kind of hesitant to go back online because I'm very impressionable. But I might be around here and there. No promises. I really miss you guys. I miss all you cool people, the supporters, the people who have been here, the people who have sat through this almost hour-long update video. I did warn you it was gonna be long. I just felt like talking and catching up because it has been so long. Yeah, I just I do miss interacting sometimes, but I just don't miss the drama and everything I say and do being twisted around and turned around and, you know, me being made to feel like I'm doing something wrong with everything I do or I'm fat and I'm old and I'm ugly and I'm this and I'm that. Here I could walk around. He tells me I'm beautiful every single day and, you know, he's always, you look great, you look great. And I'm just like, no I don't. But he, he makes me feel beautiful and like I'm the only person in the world, and he gives me all his attention.

And then when we go out…I thought, you know, at the theme park, for sure I thought nobody's gonna pay attention to me because, I mean, that city's got almost a million people. You'd see so many people that look like me there, but I got so much attention. And everywhere we go still, every single time I go out, oh my god I love your hair, oh my god I love your tattoos, oh my god you look so cool, or just flat out, you're beautiful. And it's just, like, I still get really shy, but it makes me feel so good. Like, these people just come out of nowwhere and stop me, and it hasn't slowed down or stopped since I got here. It's actually gone up, and I don't get any negative comments or looks or scowls or anything like that. The people are so sweet.

Last time we went to Walmart there was this lady that came up to me, and she said that she saw me walk in. She searched the whole store for me until she found me, and she tracked me down just to tell me that I look gorgeous, you know. And I was just like, wow these people are so brave, too. Like, I would never have the balls to go up to somebody and be like, oh my god I love the way you look. Like, I just wouldn't be able to do it, so I really applaud their, their bravery and in approaching a stranger to offer a compliment because not everybody takes kindly to people coming up to them for whatever reason, and I do think that's very, very cool, very cool.

And yeah, I've been here almost a year. It'll be a year in about a month, and I'm still not used to it. I'm still not like, it's just America, I'm back in America, it's no big deal. To me it's still like, wow what's that, wow what's that, oh my god. And, you know, this is so cheap, and that's so cheap, and, and I…the newness has not worn off for me at all. Like, I still don't feel like this is home. I feel like a foreigner. I don't feel like I belong in New Zealand, but I don't feel like I belong in America, either. I just feel like a stranger in a strange place, you know, but it's kind of cool. I probably look like an idiot walking around like, what's that, what's that, oh my god they have this brand of cereal, they have so many flavors of cereal and so many flavors of drinks, and it's just there's so much variety here. I don't think I will ever get tired of it. And I thought, you know, probably when I'm here a year I'll already be used to everything,  and it'll be like like I never left. But it hasn't hit that yet, and I don't know if it ever will. It just everything still feels so fresh and new and different, and things are always changing, and there's always new stuff coming out. And, you know, holiday decorations and actually holidays being celebrated and things like that.

And people walking around, they don't care how they look, and I'm like, well maybe I shouldn't care as much how I look if, you know, I feel a little fat or I've gained a little weight or, you know, I don't look perfect. Maybe I shouldn't care. Like, when we were at the theme park, you know, it was hot, and I had a bikini top and a…not a bikini bottom. It was, like, a attached skirt so it was still kind of decent. And um, I had my cover-up on. I actually took it off and just walked around in a bikini top, and I've never my life done that, not even when I was skinny. And I see these people walking around, like, way bigger than me, and they are, like, without a care in the world. And I know Josh loves me for however I look. He is so nonjudgmental. I just, I just did it, and I felt so free. Like, I don't know if I'll ever feel like that again, if I'll get the balls to do something like that again, but in that moment I felt so free just to be able to be myself and walk around and be comfortable without having to worry about how I looked or how other people might see me and know that I was loved for the way that I looked, and I didn't have to worry that there's other bikini girls walking around. There's fat girls, little girls, you know, girls with perfect bodies or whatever, but I didn't feel threatened or like, oh my god don't look at her, you know. It was just I was just happy and having a good time, and I'm not used to feeling like that. Woo blurry, stop. [refocuses camera] There you go. Um, I'm used to always having to worry that there's everybody better looking than me, and I just don't measure up, but not this time. This time I, I felt so comfortable in my own skin, and I hope I can feel like that again soon. But I have Josh to thank for that.

So I'm gonna shut the fuck up now and close this. I was trying to get it close to an hour just to round it off. I did want to share one more thing with you guys, something small. You might see this mirror behind me. This is this awesome bed that we got. It's a California king, but that is the headboard. I don't know how much you can see. [she pans the camera] So it goes from there all the way over to there. Ignore my coffee. And this actually opens up [she pulls open a mirror door, pic related] and it is…I don't want to break stuff, but that is storage. There are shelves all up and down on both sides of that, and it comes with a three drawer black nightstand, like, attached to it. It is, like, the coolest fucking bed ever. I'm so happy with it. I just want to share that. And it has a big black dresser on that side of the room, too.

But again, when I fix up the house I will do a tour and show you guys everything and introduce you to our babies. But they're all asleep right now because it is, like, 4 in the morning.

So I will catch up with you guys when I catch up with you. I'm so sorry, partially, that this is long. No other video should be this long. I will try my best to keep it down, but then again I'm never really around, so if you want to know everything at once that's been going on, you're gonna have to sit through shit like this. Either or, I don't know.

I hope you guys have been well, and I hope that you guys are doing really good like I'm doing really good. Um, like I said, I miss you guys, I do. I miss my supporters. I miss my friends. Keep in touch, you guys. I'm still around -ish. It might take me a while to get back to you. Whenever I have some downtime I check. It's not every day, but I try to check my email when I can. I don't check YouTube really because I don't really have any reason to. But you'll know when I'm back. I'll make a video, and I'll say, oh my Facebook's back on or something, but I don't know when that would be. Maybe at the end of the year. I'm not so sure if it will come back on. I don't even remember my login right now, um, it's been that long. I have to try to remember what my email was and stuff. But I will see you guys. I'll upload the other videos. I'll space them out a little bit so you guys have something to watch later. Take care everybody. I hope you have a great day, and I hope you're still awake after this. I'm just kidding. I will see you guys around. Take care, miss you, and see you. Josh says hi, probably. Bye!

[pictures of them at the theme park]

No. 573768

File: 1536686724078.png (508.55 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-11-09-30-39…)

No. 573769

File: 1536686751331.png (485.49 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-11-09-32-32…)

No. 573770

File: 1536686791904.png (810.14 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-11-09-30-43…)

No. 573771

If she is in the JAX area, she’ll be thrilled to know that she can find a pillhead doctor who will prescribe anything she wants with ease, especially benzos. Get out there, get hunting, and get numbed out, Raven!

Isn’t this Universal in Orlando?

No. 573773

It’s so sad. Look at this dummy. He’s a total redneck sped.

Do you think Raven’s grotty dangerhair wig is an attempt to copy Isa’s old look?

No. 573774


There are many tasks in a busy shop that can be taken care of by support staff. At times the shops I worked in, which also provided piercing, had two counter people working.

I have never known her to draw anything beyond juvenile eyeliner spiderwebs and spirals on her face.


The masks she mentions can be seen behind her head in the mirror.

No. 573776


They went to Carowinds in North Carolina.


No. 573778

So they went from Florida, home of all the great theme parks, back to N.C./S.C. to go to Carowinds? Sounds about right. Raven logic.

No. 573779

Oh my god, guys! We can open lolcow back up since Raven kinda came back!! Since this site obviously closed down without her. Anyways,

This lying cunt. If I ever met her, I'd be tempted to punch her in the face after what she said about Doja. "All it does is fart, shit, eat and piss." It's a fucking elderly dog you fat whore. She should feel bad about taking a nap. Her fat lazy ass should be taking care of such a vulnerable kitten and obviously Doja wouldn't have been able to get at the kitten if he's blind and elderly. That's if she's telling the truth, which is a lie. I doubt the rescue believed her. It's great that Doja didn't generate any money for that trailer trash and that he's with a good home.

And of course the old cats are gone and it's an entirely new hoard of pets. I swear, even Mariah doesn't piss me off as this bitch.

No. 573781

File: 1536688372054.jpeg (173.65 KB, 750x593, DE3D6813-CF38-4AD6-A2BD-AB05B3…)

More Emily Boo inspired I guess

No. 573782

I’m not even sure that Doja killed the kitten. It’s not impossible for a blind dog to track something down by smell, but anyone who has an elderly dog who’s gone blind late in life will know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that would have been a real prolonged chase, as blind dogs are creatures of habit and even a sudden movement away from them can result in prolonged sniffing in order to find you which often takes a number of minutes. Doja’s eyes are basically calcified rocks in his head so it’s not like he can see at all.

The ghoulishness of the story and reveling in the gory details sounds, to me, like classic Raven storytelling. She always hated that dog and was looking for any reason to get rid of it. Why not make up yet another morbid, histrionic fantasy for all her billions of fans out there?

The rescuer and the woman who handled the drop off are also irresponsible idiots, however. Like attracts like, as always with Raven.

No. 573787


She said "supposedly blind" with much eye rolling, implying that (she believes) he isn't blind after what happened.

No. 573789

The dog was faking the whole time and he would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for that pesky kitten.

Hagraven doesn't know how dumb she sounds.

No. 573795

Wow. Just wow.

Can’t Raven, I don’t know, comb hers or something? Some dry shampoo? I couldn’t take my eyes off that wig and how bad it looked. Her opiate use has probably been a constant since the accident if she doesn’t even care about making herself look presentable. I was wondering about how she went from living in a fairly nice place in NZ to the absolute flophouses she lives in now, I’d be screaming in horror. Now I just think she’s stoned half the time. It’s so simple to stop giving a shit when you use, that comment about walking around in a bikini top and feeling great sounds like classic opiate disinhibition, too.

No. 573803


Take off thin tin foil hat, anon.

She has been a blatant exhibitionist since she was first online and throughout the years at every size. Her false modesty is ridiculous. She's playing coy about revealing her body in public to build up Josh's ego as dependent on his perception hers.

No. 573814

>If I ever met her, I'd be tempted to punch her in the face after what she said about Doja

I feel you anon… it makes me so incredibly angry and sad that she goes through pets like they're socks.
She buys, abuses and then "looses" them or gives them away. Those poor pets build up relationships with each other and Josh and this fucking cunt then separates them.
She cares not even 1% about anyone but herself.
Fuck Josh, Dorian, Logan and all of your other husbands and pets you've ever had, right Raven! As long as you can buy useless plushies and Slim Jims your world is perfect!

Fuck. Diana in all honesty, die in a fire. You don't deserve breathing this world's air.

No. 573823

It angers me the way she talks about the dog, but I can't help but the feel kinda the same as her, is that weird? The part where she said she can't look at the dog the same that is. But I also never really owned a dog so I don't know how much I'd love him lol.

Her wig looks awful! You'd think now that she "works" she'd afford a good one since she is obviously using it all the time.

No. 573824

is it terrible to say i actually think his looks have declined so severely since theyve been together that she looks like the more attractive one now, somehow? She has the uncanny ability to suck the life out of all of her victims, and it shows, physically, especially

No. 573826

kek i thought this too, takes some feat to make raven better looking than you lmao. also why is she showing off those nasty, sad floppy pancakes she calls tits?

No. 573830

She's been wearing that wig at least since her video on August 1st. Unless it becomes a permanent fixture potentially being used to hide her own hair, I'd be more concerned about his hairline.

>And I still look at him and think that he is gorgeous, especially when he lets his hair down. He is just beautiful. That boy loses so much hair, though. Like, his hair is everywhere. I'm like, how the hell you still have hair on your head when you lose so much hair? But he's got so much thick hair.

From her rant about health insurance we know that his job doesn't offer it or he doesn't qualify.

No mention of bringing her hoard over from New Zealand.

In before her paycheck starts going directly into more tattoos. That's her true corporeal addiction.


Josh in those Good Will pants. The way she tells it, they practically eloped like a quirky couple in an 80s romance movie. But it wasn't that last minute of an affair. They got their marriage license on May 24th. Two and a half weeks in the planning, and they couldn't invite his family?

Seeing his family during the holidays this year is a pessimistic maybe at best, despite having a reliable and comfortable vehicle to make the drive. His family was all she could talk about this time last year.

Her tone of voice when she said she spoiled him with presents this year was distasteful at best. Just, ewww. And Christmas is still a full three months away.

Loki is dog #3 she has picked out for Josh since January. This time, once she so graciously "relented" and allowed Josh to have a dog, she immediately got one for herself from an unscrupulous backyard breeder, eager to play rescuer.

These cats are #4, 5, and 6 since January.

In before she gets the ferret she said she wanted in a Q & A before she moved back.

No. 573837

Narcs are draining as fuck. It’s not that strange, really. I’ve seen people in relationships like that get pretty haggard. It’s not permanent, but getting away is a must. Needless to say, Josh is probably in this for the long haul, I don’t think she’s going to be able to maintain that hot hot bod and face for another ten years. She might manage to eke out the lifeblood from one last sucker but once she hits fifty there are no sure bets anymore.

No. 573840

Reminds me of Venus at starbucks looking wasted, skinny and barely able to smile.

kek sigh

>Loki is dog #3 she has picked out for Josh since January. This time, once she so graciously "relented" and allowed Josh to have a dog, she immediately got one for herself from an unscrupulous backyard breeder, eager to play rescuer.

She only let Josh that dog because it can be a fashion accessory. Josh is a piece of shit for letting her get rid of his dogs, but it's sad looking at pictures on how Josh bonds with them and they're gone. Josh even seemed to love Doja, the monster of all dogs.

No. 573843

lmao this bitch. she couldn't get a job as a speedbump.

raven: long history of animal abuse, neglect, and mysterious disappearances
Doja: blind old dog that just wants a quiet life

yeah, sure it was the dog. she's unreal.

No. 573844

I would never consider calling my husband the boy. It’s creepy and pedo. She’s a sick ticket.

No. 573856

>Two and a half weeks in the planning, and they couldn't invite his family?

I doubt Raven would want all the people in Josh's life who hate her on their wedding.
Josh's mum hates her and you can bet your ass that she told everyone in the family what a bitch Raven is.
In the last thread Ash spilled a lot of tea about Raven talking all kinds of shit about Josh's family, maybe they know about about it now.

>it's sad looking at pictures on how Josh bonds with them and they're gone

Ikr. I don't understand what's going on in him. I think deep down he's a good guy and I'm sure that it hurts him and pisses him off that Gravy "looses" every pet she buys, but I don't understand why he stays with and even married her.
Can't be neither her personality nor looks; so who knows. Maybe she threatens him when he's trying to leave her and she afterwards makes him think their relationship is fine.

No. 573863

He’s not that bright. If we saw a Stanford-Binet from him those numbers would be average at best. tbh I expect they’re a bit below average.

No. 573865

because he's a double digit IQ hick who is being conned by a narc who is very skilled at manipulating idiots. she lovebombs the fuck out of him to distract him from her shitty behavior. if having a "forum dedicated to hating on her" wasn't enough of a red flag for this dumbass then nothing is.

No. 573891

No, we have tons of those out by the beaches. also Universal got ride of the Jaws ride years ago.

No. 574019

yuuuup that looks like Josh's signature on her left pancake.

She could be working the front desk, or doing general office work. Tattoo places probably have a bit of paperwork involved. Or she could just be fucking the owner.

>I have been emailed and asked and asked when am I going to come up with the update video, when, and when am I gonna tell everybody what's happened.

I really wanna hope this is just shit that never happened and she just wanted an excuse to get rid of both the dog and the kitten. I really don't want to think this would happen.

aaaaand of course she's just acquired more animals despite being shit at caring for animals.

No. 574031

So glad she's in Florida now where she can get proper treatment for her car accident injuries

No. 574032

>he is an indoor dog

No. 574033

She acts like Doja was so useless. 'He just shit, ate and farted'
Well all Raven does is whinge, lie and rant.

That dog was probably a lovely dog with senior moments. Even if he DID eat the kitten, it was completely Raven's fault. It's completely unrealistic to expect to be able to keep a newborn kitten in a tiny trailer with a big blind pitbull in the other room who may have never seen a cat in his life before.

She's an idiot. She obviously wasn't careful enough to keep them seperated. Not only that, how did she expect things to go after Stormy grew up? Was she going to forever keep Stormy in that tiny trailer room in order to keep them seperate?
Doja may as well killed Stormy as an adult cat and the outcome will have been the same.

My partner and I adopted an extremely old old cat from the cattery. We love him and he loves us and we originally wanted to get a dog as well, but we know Harold would HATE it and it would stress him out to even have a small dog around so we decided it would just be us and Harold.
Also Harold sometimes just misses his litter tray because he's old so a bit of pee dribbles down the front of his tray now and then. It's annoying to clean up, but he's old! That's what happens!
She went on about trying to appear an angel by taking on Doja and all the vet bills ect and NOW it was just too much?
A pet is for life you horrible woman.

She acts like pets are these things that you have to get perfect to fit you. No you dick, you train and help them and you ensure that they will be okay in a house with other animals OR you just don't get any other animals if yours doesn't get along with others. You don't risk it and see if they get along or try and seperate them with room barriers hoping they wont kill each other.

Every animal has a different personality, they arent like plushies to decorate your shack with.

I also find it baffling that she got rid of Doja after the kitten incident. She sided with the cat after having Doja for much longer.
Usually when a family has a dog/cat and they adopt another pet that hates it, they rehome the one that they've had for the shortest amount of time, with the exception of this horrible family I knew that had a cat and got a new puppy and they kept the puppy over the cat because the puppy and cat didn't get along.

Tldr- i hate people who rehome pets for the worst reasons. Gigi gorgeous is added to this list too, since the cunt gave her dog and puppies away but couldnt bare to part with the Louis vuitton dog carry bag.

No. 574034

Yeah there's no way Doja killed the kitten. The lady they got him from was pissed that she had to take him back and if he'd killed an animal, she would've understood.

Also Gravey's harping on "Supposedly he was blind.." the dog WAS blind. That's the whole reason you got him because he was "uwu special needs dogs." to brag about.

No. 574035

She only rates animals in terms of what they give to HER, you hear it in the way she talks about every cat. Woe betide any animal that doesn't instantly give her the devotion she demands. Thankfully Doja went to a more caring home. Josh was fucking useless to him anyway.

No. 574036

I liked how constantly annoyed Loki seems to be over Raven. Sucks that she'll get rid of him like the other.. what is it now, 4-5 dogs goff hubby has had?

No. 574037

Yeah she acts like he was 'supposedly blind' and 'had been around cats'
He WAS blind and I'm pretty sure they said they were unsure if he'd ever been raised around cats.

I reckon she either sat on the kitten or fell asleep on it, or it simply escaped and she used it as an excuse to get rid of the dog.

I don't know why she got 2 dogs after. She's going to get rid of them once the novelty wears off. Notice how she's even saying that the place that dog sits them or whatever wants the dogs for longer. 'Please drop off pebbles more! We love her!' Sureeeee

No. 574040

Josh IS fucking useless. For such a 'dog lover' he is very compliant in giving away and letting her lose his pooches.
Such a beta loser.
I'd choose a farting, blind, (alleged) kitten-eating dog over Raven's mouldy vagina anyday!

Something else that angers me…this bitch complains no end that she's a cat person and fucking hates dogs but goes out and buys Josh a dog because 'it's not fair on him' but can't be satisfied in just buying him a dog. She has to have something new too, so SHE gets herself a dog as well.
She's incapable of just doing something nice for someone unless it benefits herself.

No. 574042

What is it with the name Loki? I swear another cow on here has a pet named Loki and I know 2 idiots irl who named their pets Loki.
I may be tripping but i swear she used that name on some other animal.

Loki is like the basic bitch name for pets I swear.

No. 574044

Well let's just hope that she's a book keeper or cleaner or someshit because I'm sure people don't want her sausage fingers or gothic moonface anywhere near their bodies for piercings or tattoos.
Also imagine that annoying voice being close up to your face.

I've always got the impression from looking at her face, that her breath stinks. Like I know people with mouth piercings are probably fine if they care for them, but I reckon Raven would have shit breath. Like the breath that the weird maths teacher has. A mixture of coffee and poo-ish halatosis. Although in her case, it's probably a mix of feces and slim jims.
She just looks unhygienic.

Also on another note, her ratty wig would look more realistic (and by realistic I mean similar to her own ratty bleached coloured hair) if she cut it a bit and cut a fringe into it. That hairline on the wig is laughable. She looks like a crazy person.

No. 574046

Didn't she use it on that stray dog that was visiting at the first trailer?

No. 574050

This sounds dumb and I'm major tinfoiling, but I feel like because Josh has yellow fever, she's slowly embracing her more asian side? She's mentioned in past videos that Josh 'doesn't even like white girls'
In this video, she went on about becoming more tan and going out in the sun, so she's getting tanner, and part of me thinks she's dabbling in hideous wigs moreso, because she's growing out her natural black hair because Josh prefers it.

Like of course Raven would rather have blue hair and skinwalk Emily Boo, but she's obviously going to do what her penis-train prefers so she's growing it out black.
She always does what her partner wants. I remember she had it that awful orange bleach blonde and said she was keeping it that way for a little longer before dying it a blue and red split, because Logan liked it blonde.

But yeah, I'm tinfoiling.
She admitted herself that Josh has yellow fever. Not to mention Claudia wasn't white either.

No. 574052

Person you replied to, I swear she named another pet Loki! I thought I was just imagining things. I was looking through past threads to find it.

No. 574057

I know big dogs can sleep inside but seriously what is it with her and getting such large breeds and having them cooped up in these tiny trailers? Like sure let them in at night but this bitch claims to live on an acre of land. Build some fences around it and allow your dogs a place to run. She went on about the dog park being so far away at her current location WHY DID YOU GET 2 DOGS IF YOU DONT HAVE THE SPACE FUCCCCCKKK

No. 574059

She named one of the kittens she got with Logan after getting rid of mister marshmallow Loki.

No. 574071

Dogs aside, she's not even a fucking cat lover like she claims.
The only cat she's ever remotely sounded like she cares about was Marmalade. The rest were awful because they pissed everywhere (her words) and she hated Mr Marshmallow because he was special needs.
Not to mention I don't think she's ever adopted an adult cat. It's ALWAYS kittens. And it always starts off the same. She adopts 2 or more. One is her 'baby' and the other kitten is whoever she's fucking's 'baby' and then they get given away as they become adults because they are terrible for whatever reason whether it's toilet training or whatnot.

Also Ash said in the last thread that Raven was fucking some guy and complained he wasn't into her because the house smelt like cat piss. And Raven blamed Logan for not keeping the litter tray clean.
So she doesn't even care for her cats properly.

Some 'cat lover' she is. She's obsessed with new animals and kittens because they are new. Once they prove to be more than a challenge, she will come up with any reason as to why they are awful and needed to go. It's never her fault.
Marmalade must have been the closest thing to a compliant plushie that she's ever owned because it's the only one she didn't whinge 24/7 about. Even then, look at how her life ended up.

Raven, stop getting pets. It never ends well. Even the pet you seemed to care about the most is dead. You don't need more fatalities honestly.

No. 574075


>8 videos later. A year has past.

>hey guys so we moved again because it turns out the old guy that sold us the trailer wanted more money, he was a dick anyway. I hated that place it sucked.

ANYWAY me and Josh are in a waaaay better trailer now.
About the animals…Pebbles ran away and the big Dog Loki kept biting me so we had to rehome them.
Oh the kittens? Turns out I was really allergic to one of them and the other one just turned into a major dick and kept shitting everywhere so I sold them both.
Anyway things have been sooo great, recently we got 2 kittens! This one is ginger and she's MY baby. She looks just like marmalade. Then they were giving away her brother so I bought him too!
He's Josh's baby. We named him Loki.
I didn't want dogs after the whole fiasco but Josh insisted so I got him a new wonderful dog! Say hello to Loki! And then I got myself a little dog too, her name is Loki and she's myyyy baby.
Anyway, I love our little family of pets.

No. 574076


Doja was described by his former owners as being good with cats. But they were clearly neglectful of his basic care, and the state of him showed they were dishonest about his health.


You got that he's annoyed at her from photos?


After she moved in with Josh she dyed her hair darker blue in preparation for the wedding because it's his favorite color. Their theme was to be blue and black or blue and white.

Saying that he "doesn't like white girls" is not the same as saying he has yellow fever.

No. 574081

File: 1536723925859.jpg (49.16 KB, 600x600, 36625083_647715342268611_27305…)

here we go. anything else that needs 'correcting'?

No. 574082

File: 1536723941557.jpg (24.48 KB, 202x290, 2hqt57.jpg)

No. 574084

Yeah I reckon! I get that anon >>574076 probably doesn't like tinfoils and people posting shit if there's no milk, but seriously it's been ages, people wanna talk about train wreck Gravey. Don't get so snotty and defend her on every point geez.

No. 574087


After they decided that they were moving to the US or breaking up, she and Logan bought Loki and Dante to keep lonely Marmalade company but kept them for less than a month.

The timeline of her pets in New Zealand


Her video introducing Loki and Dante is transcribed in that thread >>>/pt/499397. She praises all of her new animals using the same superlatives.

No. 574090

Omg. This seriously makes me wanna copy and paste every time she describes a new pet and compile them in one page and read it in a lump. I bet some of them read almost word for word the same.

No. 574092

Didn't she try to blame that animals like they were evil or something? I can't believe she demonizes animals. I can't believe she did it to Doja. I mean we talk about Raven being a piece of shit even if she left the kitten out as a mini snack, but we all know that there was no incident and Doja was just being a burden to her fat ass. Come on, if Doja did that we would have gotten a wealth of gory pictures. I mean, as anon said above, the only animal she seemed to sort of care about was Marmalade and the instant she died Raven immediately plastered that poor cat's entrails on her social media. She only invented this kitten story because she threw out a poor helpless senior dog. She had to justify showing off her new pets. She overshared, like most liars do, trying to compensate with details, but the cat ribs and skull was ridiculously described.

No. 574099

File: 1536725403551.jpg (376.57 KB, 1446x959, loki.jpg)

Found it, she did name the white stray Loki as well:
>Look at that beautiful boy. He looks like a wolf. And he's so nice. Like, he's so gentle, he's not mean, doesn't growl or bark, he's just gorgeous. I wish he would stay here full time. Kind of um, I started calling him Loki.

No. 574104

God she makes me ill. Is it just me, or does she consistently go offline for short periods then return to say her life is “Soooo Ahmazzzing”?
Also, her “friend” that she gave the Jeep to, is her doppelgänger. A known freeloader who always complained about not having money for bills but would miraculously have a haul of makeup the next week. Cringe

No. 574105

My question is who'd this bitch scam to get the money to move, buy a truck and a trailer? Last we heard it was all slim Jim's and moms funeral scam.

No. 574108

I guess it's good she names them all Loki. She can't get sad when she gets rid of them, because she'll have a new Loki in a few days anyway.

No. 574111

Same. I wondered about her financial situation. It seems like she suddenly has money to blow again and I don't think it's all from her new job.

Tinfoil-she's lying to Josh about having a tattoo shop job and she's actually hooking

No. 574116

Hooking for her slimjim and painkiller supply.

No. 574122

Do you reckon Ryan is still giving her money?

No. 574125

Big Boss beef flavor and Norcos for everyone! I love the idea of Raven continually nodding off, high from snorting counterfeit pandas, stirring only to groggily yank a smoked meat stick from the family-size box she keeps next to the bed for late night food emergencies.

Mega trash.

No. 574135

lol who would pay for that, though? raven would lose money as a hooker, she'd have to pay clients for pain and suffering caused.

it'll be Ryan. it's always Ryan.

No. 574139

You'd be suprised anon. There's people that pay for gross hags like Raven. She probably wouldn't get a lot, but I'm sure there's uglier prozzies out there.

No. 574140

I don't think she is hooking now that I think about it. She doesn't drive so unless Josh drops her off, there's no way she could get around it without him knowing.

No. 574169

Of course, so he has to drop her at work and pick her up in-between working his own job.

No. 574170

I wonder if she got a tiny. tiny inheritance? Even 2k would seem like a lot to her.

No. 574175

yeah but a gross hag who would spend the whole time talking about her pre-celebrity life of being abused and raped and always a victim and then complain about having to actually do anything?

No. 574177

This cunt couldn't even stick to owning rats back in NZ, whose lifespan is around 2 YEARS. Those ratties were her goffic pride and joy back then, and a two-year committment was too long for her. I want to get off this ride.

No. 574191

She doesn’t love anything or anyone. She’s a puppet master who gets off on playing God. If a man/boy she’s with loves an animal, she becomes jealous and will either Kill or somehow (lose) said animal, and she does this for a way of emotional control. And if I’m remembering correctly, before she did her interwebz vacation, Doja had already been rehomed. And if Doja had killed a kitten, her little farewell video wouldn’t have had that little playful “Do I still have Doja? You’ll never know” with her sick little smirk. She’s the sick type of psychopath that would harm a pet just to blame the dog in order to be rid of it so Lughead wouldn’t get suspicious of yetbanother dog seemingly disappearing. It’s her person way of torture. She needs to be in front of a firing squad.

No. 574195

He legitimately looks special needs in this photo.

No. 574199

I highly doubt Graven is actually tattooing at this studio she supposedly works at, most likely just works reception. They must be low on business since hiring her, I mean can you imagine going in for a tattoo and seeing her shit, poorly done scribbles? Any sane person would take one look at her ink and walk back out

No. 574203

Wait so if I've read this right, she's named 3 pets Loki and Marmalade's current replacement is named 'Marmalade two'

Wow animals really ARE replaceable to her.
Also what is it about her obsession with getting another cat like Marmalade? Like I understand getting another labrador if I had previously owned a labrador, but the way Raven obsesses about getting another Marmalade is so creepy. She boasted that this one acts just like Marmalade did.
I'm fairly sure I've heard her sperg about getting a marmalade clone in another video.

No. 574204

It's even crazy thinking about her as a receptionist as well because she's rude as hell and always claims to be anti social/shy.

Either way, it's crazy to think anyone would hire her, not only has she not worked for years but also a lot of places I know google their employees.

No. 574214

So how many pets has she gone through now since her return to Burgerland?

- There was that pack of dogs living outside that Couchie was sort of taking care of, they all vanished pretty soon after Gravy's arrival. Not suggesting she had anything to do with that, but anyways…

- The ragdoll kitten that Josh bought her as a present. Apparently she sold him.

- The Chihuahua-mix seen cowering in fear in some of her photos/ videos. Apparently the dog ran away when she turned her head to another direction.

- The feral kitten that they discovered in a tree. It became "Josh's baby" and was sold/ given away after suddenly their landlord didn't allow cats anymore.

- Some dog who they were supposed to foster but only ended up having for like a day or two. Enough for Gravy to post photos of him.

- Doja.

- A kitten that ended as Doja's lunch.

- Now this latest collection of cats and dogs.

Am I forgetting anything?

No. 574231

There’s actually a guide called USA Sex Guide that johns write in about their hook ups. They really focus on newbies on the block and stds. I found it when looking for a missing person. It’s hard to read but I’m positive if she’s hooking she will b in there.

No. 574232

Yeah and I wonder how she was cured of her “agoraphobia” enough to move and get a job.

No. 574241

And don't forget her agoraphobia magically disappears when she eats out at "fancy" (kek) restaurants

No. 574248

Amen. She even said it herself:

> I mean, sometimes we animals and they're just, like, they're just bad or they're they're not a good fit, you know what I mean? Like, nothing's ever perfect, and I know I get judged for rehoming animals sometimes. But just sometimes if, if an animal is just doing something wrong constantly or they have been grown up or raised a certain way or let run free a certain way, it takes a lot of training to unbreak that, or sometimes it's just that's just how they are, and it causes you a lot of stress, it causes them a lot of stress, and overall it's just not a good environment. And I'm kind of a, like, not necessarily a perfectionist, but kind of a perfectionist. I like things a certain way, and I don't like my animals to, like, jump on counters or, you know, on tables and things like that. And if there's a cat like the white cat we used to have that is always on the counters and always doing stuff, and you're always having to, like, scold them or discipline them, they start to get scared of you, and it's just, it's just a bad environment, you know.


> I know I'm kind of a really picky owner

> If there's a problem will you take the animal back because that's the first thing you should do is see if the original owner wants their pet back.
> I try, and if it doesn't work, it doesn't work, and I send them off to somebody who can give them a better home than I can give them.

Raven is a shit pet owner. If they don't behave exactly how she likes then she gets rid of them. If she can't shove them off on someone else then an 'accident' happens.

Josh loved Doja to bits, that was HIS dog and he wouldn't have given him up… so Raven had to do something drastic to make him. Tinfoil as fuck but I'm willing to bet Raven either made up the story entirely or did something to that kitten just to get Doja out.

No. 574265

>The last two trailers we lived in were pieces of shit, but this one is not.

She used to brag about her trailer being super huge and blabla ( >>506714 ), now it was a piece of shit.

Every new thing with her is better untill she finds the next one - pets, husband, trailers.

No. 574268

It's the same way she reacts about children really. She always pines for a baby when she has a child, but then screeches that the child she has isn't the way she wants them to be. It's like she wants a baby as an accessory. Once they question her, or aren't cute anymore she hates them.

No. 574269

Yeah it's insane how her strong opinion or general feeling of something like a pet or person can go from 'this is wonderful' to 'i fucking hate this' in a space of weeks.

No. 574271

As evil as I think she is, I imagine her selling the kitten through some Facebook page while josh is at work, then lying about the gruesome ending rather than killing it. Then she probs spent the kitten money on slim jims.

No. 574272

You obviously don’t know her. She is sick in the head and would harm a poor creature just to do something to get rid of another animal. She had zero empathy and lacks basic human emotion aside from Anger and Jealousy. She’s a truly sick individual

No. 574288

It’s good to remember she will exaggerate how good things are because she knows who is watching. She was the same with how good her and Logan were when they were fighting and had the porn thing, she fakes it for a bit.

Chances are what happened is they lost the place and moved back to his parents place with the money from the fundraiser. Josh took any job, they didn’t move hours away by choice and realized their car sucked and spent some of that money on Kijiji. It’s about 13 years ago but looks at least like it works. Then they used the rest of the free money to move where he can get a job. I wouldn’t be surprised if the plan was to cut costs with no internet for a bit and Raven knew she had to cover not being on for months so she acts like leaving was a choice not a need. But her vague job is probably new, at best she is an apprentice but I doubt it. Otherwise she is obsessed with looking good by saving animals, the small dog likely will go first.

It’s her bpd, she is obsessed with the idea of that one cat and will do anything to keep him, whether it is a child of marmalade or some similar looking cat. Really she doesn’t care about any of her pets as she did give up the marmalade child to Logan and all that, she will just find ankthef clone.

No. 574331

Woah calm down. I didn't say she didn't kill the kitten herself, I said I like to imagine the kitten got sold, it's a much happier ending. You don't know her personally either.

No. 574390

I actually do. For a decade. She’s proven to be cruel and heartless. No person should ever give this vile lowlife the benefit of the doubt when it comes to animal abuse.

No. 574399

Well, if you hate her that much then do enlighten us as to all the milk we should know about and don’t? Ask a farmhand to help you post on the board with a trip.

No. 574401

Um, why should we believe you? Yeah, go get yourself checked out if you want to say you know her personally.

No. 574418

We don’t need this thread getting nuked for vendetta posting too - if you know Raven personally there’s no need to mention that unless you’re spilling milk.

No. 574433

Not vendetta posting at all. I’m just stating she would kill and animal. She’s sick in the head.

No. 574438

It’s more likely that it died naturally because she found it under the trailer when it was crazy young. It’s something that you would need to take to the vet asap to get stuff to help it without it’s mother. I bet they had found the kitten after giving away the dog too.

No. 574453

No. 574463

No. 574464

I’m hoping that is the case. But with her, one will never know. And I’ll bet that one of “His” new babies will eventually end up dead, missing or rehomed
Neither human nor animal can receive love from a man that she is with. She refuses to compete and will do whatever she sees necessary to keep complete control of affection. It’s frightening really. I feel for those animals, I truly do.

No. 574465

If you have milk or inside stories, use your trip. If just posting as Anon, then don't mention you know her because Anons will tear you apart here. It's the etiquette in the chans for the most part.

I mean, she used to torture animals and admitted it on camera, so I know she's capable of it. I'm just thinking this kitten is 100% made up. There'd be pictures of it if it existed. That's all there is to it.

No. 574469

Farmhands told me to only use it if I absolutely have to due to a situation last month with (her) trying to bring me up on here and be attacked again. But I have a person who tips me off when it comes to her drama just in case I am brought up again. And yes, it could have been a ruse just to get rid of poor Doja, I wouldn’t put it past her to do either or. I just cannotvwrap my head around individuals who have pets then at the drop of a dime, get rid of them or harm them. I’m hoping it was not suffering. And sorry for posting as anon. I’m still quite new to these boards.

No. 574471

I will admit I didn't read the full kitten death story, but wasn't Doja missing all of his teeth?

No. 574473

Oh for christ’s sake what is this nonsense, just stop it. Spill milk if you have it but otherwise knock it off.

No. 574478


Raven included several pictures of Stormy in the video. I posted one of them in >>573737.

No. 574480


No, he just looked like he had no teeth in several early pics.

No. 574481

I'll bet you cash money she isn't working in any capacity. it's just another bullshit fantasy.

fuck oath. she lives in a completely made-up world. I can't believe anything she says without documented proof because she lies constantly about fucking everything

did we ever get an answer why that happened? (meanwhile, the one millionth post about shoeonhead being 5'6" and not 5'4" is probably getting made as I type)

Ash, verify yourself and then namefag if you have anything to say. otherwise, just blend in. >>574469 what is this situation you're talking about?? spill.

No. 574482

File: 1536790115864.png (586.98 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-12-15-05-30…)


Here are the rest of the pics of Stormy.

No. 574483

File: 1536790146202.png (726.22 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-12-15-05-33…)

No. 574485

File: 1536790179439.png (948.06 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-12-15-06-02…)

No. 574488


Someone tried to make Ash a subject in the last Alt Cow thread, and she responded using the trip code Admin gave her in the last Raven thread. See >>>/snow/666994.

No. 574490

Eh, last month I had a random Instagram account starting drama on my photos. It’s still in Altcows 8 I believe. I was threatened to be posted on here for a ridiculous reason. I had a feeling it was her since I’ve had a recent fb login attempt on an account I don’t use with an old email that she knows, anyways I had my friend do some digging and he found the email associated with the IGnaccount. It was her trying to drag me on here before he big comeback. She got called out with no response back.
The email is one she used on a Facebook page she deactivated though and linked to ig
She isn’t as smart as she thinks she is
He also found the name she’s been using since being back here and other emails she has

No. 574491

And if it’s allowed, I’m very willing to give out those emails and the name she is using now, it may have changed if she was actually married to Josh, but who knows with her.

No. 574492

Well fuck, anon. Sorry I scanned a lot of that and didn't notice the actual pictures. Kitten existed and she might have killed it? Maybe…I certainly wouldn't put it past her. More likely, it died from being too young and a retard like Raven not being able to take it to the vet for appropriate care.

Farmhand said you can use your trip if you have anything good on Raven. Giving out new info on Raven would be good for the next thread (if there is one).

No. 574495


Her name on Facebook? Facebook doesn't require users use their legal names.

Their marriage license and certificate lists "Raven Sparks" >>573608.

No. 574496

So one of 2 names were used
Diana Dawn Rivera
Diana Perez

The IG account was under the name “Jade”
Email linked to that account is

Alternate emails are

I’m hoping he can eventually locate the trash bag
Hope this helps

No. 574497

Yes, that is what her name is signed, but because she changed her name to “Raven” while I’m NZ, when she went to sign up for aid after her crash, also trying to get disability back, it was denied and she had to use her USA legal name she had before she left. It’s possible that during her time back, she could have paid to legally change it to Raven here, but that costs a good fee. Something will pop up eventually

No. 574501

As I angrily sperg about how she lied about Doja. >>573615 Obviously with this post and her snarky video about how no one knew where Doja was.

I feel better looking at Doja's new home and seeing this post:

She also made a remark about Doja's coat being beautiful once he got quality food. Raven just neglected the poor guy. She only lied because she hated Doja being the victim in the story. Of course Raven needs to stay up crying and holding Josh about her kitten's gruesome murder. But of course she thought it was funny anons didn't know about it when she posted her "cryptic" video comment about him.

No. 574504

File: 1536793055565.png (17.43 KB, 451x205, tattooo.png)

No. 574505


When she moved back I did a lot of digging into what was required to renew her passport and change her name with the SSA. The federal government accepts legal name changes issued in other countries.

Her last name legally reverted to "Sparks" after her second divorce.


Is she using those names on Facebook? Facebook doesn't require users use their legal names.

She has long appeared in public records under those names associated with addresses in El Paso.

No. 574507

Ah. This is just what she bitched about to me maybe a few weeks after her accident. It maybe was just for sympathy. I know that you can’t trust anything she says so now it’s all speculation.

No. 574509

Of course she did.

No. 574511

Isn't it odd that someone tried to make Ash a hot topic in Altcows and then a month later someone tries to make Dorian's girlfriend a hot topic as well?

No. 574515

That’s how I knew something was going on. Random crazy stories posted on here about me, then mere weeks later about her Son. I knew it was coming. She feels I threw her under the bus by giving out everything I knew for the last 10 years. She has a vendetta against me now. I knew it was her. I have no enemies. It’s all fun and games to her. She can’t live without her online drama.

No. 574518

File: 1536794863343.png (20.29 KB, 694x214, trailerwasmorethanatrailer.png)

No. 574528


>when she went to sign up for aid after her crash

She was not eligible for Medicaid in SC. She may have been eligible for MIAP. See >>>/pt/472875.

But to apply she needed to get a state ID and establish residency in SC. To get an ID she needed a SS card. She needed a new SS card with her changed name. She admitted to putting off getting it done.

>also trying to get disability back

She was on SSA disability before she moved to NZ? She would not have qualified for either SSDI or SSI, and she would not qualify now.

No. 574553

File: 1536799063564.jpg (119.57 KB, 1714x840, doja.JPG)

And a new 50" t.v.

I thought Doja had already been re homed prior to her dead kitten story too - according to thread #12, he left her "care" 4 months ago. At the time, she made no mention of any new pets nor the death of this supposedly beloved kitten. But she DID make plenty of videos screeching about other things. While it's possible she got the kitten/Doja ate it during this time period, given what a big mouth she has we all know it's highly unlikely she never mentioned it until now, especially since she was still active on the internet at the time. I call bullshit.

>>574199 >>574204
You anons are so kind. I assumed she is the janitor.

No. 574576

It certainly is. Did admin ever look at those posts that were linked to in meta? I still think the situation with the love triangle is milky regardless, but it’d be nice to know whether those initial posts came from the Logan thirstposter or from an already known browser and IP range.

No. 574580

Frankly I don’t believe that Doja ate the kitten because everything that comes out of Raven’s mouth is a big fat lie. It was told in such a grotesque, lip-licking juicy way, too.

No. 574588

Sure. But it's fun to confront The Hag with irrefutable proof of her lies. Maybe someone with some time on their hands can search through the dead pet archives and see if she was dumb enough to reuse a photo of a kitten from a previous video/post. I'd like to see her explain that away.

No. 574590

'little red crumbs' isn't what fresh bone looks like. blood-infused, cartilaginous, young bone bends. it splinters, in the case of long bones. it cracks, and sticks in the throat and digestive tract of a predator. If Raven isn't outright lying, she's admitting to forgetting about a juvenile kitten until it's mummified remains smell like Slim Jims, enticing a blind creature to take a (half-hearted, since she claims ribs and 'half a skull' remained) nibble and then retreat to it's bed in shame.
either way, hang this cunt. Hang her high.

No. 574598

When she """"rehomed""""" Doja, we found out in the rescuers facebook. Raven actually never said anything. She pretended to still have Doja, she even said 'we did not know if she still had him' in a video, but we already had the caps from facebook of him with the rescue, and her being called 'a shitty foster' for dumping him.
It took her all that time to come up with a sob story and all she could think of was recycling that old story of 'aggresive dog who hates my baby cats'.

No. 574605

It was probably a real kitten but it was too young and she confessed to sleeping through the day while Josh was out and with the kitten down the other end of the trailer. It just didn't survive imo.

No. 574607

File: 1536804251809.png (50.9 KB, 1208x390, iplaywithphones.png)

No. 574610

So she's a receptionist then. Wonder how long she'll last.

No. 574615


It looks like mods simply locked the thread.

I don't think they have ever checked the IP of any of the comments suspected to have been posted by Raven in her recent threads or in the Alt Cow threads.

No. 574616

I kinda think she's making this job up. I bet her mom left her some money, and she moved/furnished her place with that. In order to avoid answer questions about refunding people for the funeral trip she never took, she's pretending she got a job to finance everything.

My guess is in a few weeks she'll pop up with some excuse as to why she "quit".

No. 574623

I'm optimistic that they'll still look into them? I've noted in meta her new state and rough location.

No. 574624

they're still busy trying to fix the bs admin and our "host" are making. i didn't realize our site host was a fucking christian quilt club owner as well.

No. 574630

Thank you. That helps put my mind at ease that she's just making shit up for pity points. She probably just sold the kitten (it is a beautiful kitten, but they all are) for more gothy bullshit, as it looks like she got it after she got rid of Doja.

No. 574638

i was stuck in rush hour today and noticed some homeless people and their tent camp off the freeway, naturally my thought drifted to the Potato and Gravy.
How would it be possible for our two bums to get a new car, and the fug rings and a freezer full of food? Mom was destitute, so no inherantance… what if Raven killed someone? and THATS why they moved.
what if they moved to florida and killed the "old man" who is rent to owning them new shit trailer? what if thats HIS dangerous as fuck peoential guillotine bed and HIS suv?
something aint right.

No. 574640


The pics of the Ford Explorer >>573735 were taken outside of their last trailer in SC.

No. 574643

Anyone else notice her accent is slightly different in her latest video, or is it just me?

No. 574649

hmmm. i wonder how they managed to purchase the suv, being that things were going so incredibly badly with their finances they had to move 400 miles away. the move alone wouldnt be financially easy, they were so poor they couldt pay their bills and had to live in "almost the worst place, EVER" because a non shithole was out of their price range. they have nothing and admittedly shit credit, yet got a bank loan for the new trailer? BULLSHIT.
now financing lasic?
she either killed someone, became a prostitution whore (again) this time with decent financial planning skills, or she conned the ever living fuck out of someone in Saluda and they had to gfto fast.
probably all three.

No. 574651

It’s possible she got back in touch with the southern sugar daddy. He had money and was more than willing to help her out. He sent her cash and an expensive phone. So I wouldn’t doubt that is who may be helping her.

No. 574661

So retarded she tries to justify her temporary homing of animals by likening it to 'foster care'

No you dumb bitch, foster carers foster animals temporarily.
Buying an animal and having it for a few weeks is nothing like being a foster home for an animal and no it doesn't help the animal from going to a pound.

If anything it hinders the animal because they get into a routine and learn bad habits from your ass, are stuck in a trailer with no room to exercise, then when you decide you don't want them, they are hastily sold to any tom dick or harry on Craigslist. Probably terrified from being moved home to home.

Stupid bitch trying to justify her bad behaviour.

No. 574708

>I'm just thinking this kitten is 100% made up. There'd be pictures of it if it existed. That's all there is to it

She posted pictures of Marmalade's run-over body, so why wouldn't she share pictures of Stormy's skull and bone pieces to show how cruel Doja was.
Keep in mind that she already got rid of Doja right before she left the internet, so her "dead kitten, evil Doja" story took place months ago.
I guess the cat died because it was too young, ran away or Diana sold it.
The trailer in which they lived at the time was all carpet, so if Doja actually killed the kitten there had to be blood on the carpet. And you know Raven would not clean it. So I wonder how she sold Josh that story.
Also, what did she do with the remains? Throw them in the trash, bury them behind the trailer?
You know she would have taken pictures of the cats grave or funeral (unlike her mother's because she gave a fuck about her) and shared them. Or whined about leaving Stormys grave behind after they moved.
I don't think this all happened while she was still on the internet without her speaking a single word about it.

I think she wanted Josh to no longer have contact with his family.
His mother probably told everyone what a bitch Diana is and they hated her all.
I doubt they got a credit from a bank. The bank needs to have any kind of security, like the house, car or whatever you buy.
She said they're just renting the place they're in and they don't have anything valuably.
She's probably hooking and squeezing every cent she can out of Ryan.

No. 574718

Yeah and if a dog that size fucked up a kitten that tiny, he'd probably leave nothing behind. Like he'd eat it. There wouldn't be bits of kitten left.
If anything it might leave bloodstains, but not actually bits of kitten.
I don't know. I could be wrong, but over the years I've owned and bred rottweilers and some bigger breeds of dogs and some of the pitbulls I have raised in the past are even slightly smaller than Doja, but trust me, you throw a large entire rabbit carcass at them, and they won't even leave a crumb or bone behind.

A rabbit carcass or even a chicken carcass has wayyyy more bones and is way bigger than a tiny kitten's body. I just think a big guy like Doja would have polished the kitten off completely, not left bits.

I could understand her story making sense if something like a border collie attacked the kitten, because they tend to play and snap at cats but anything like a pitbull or rottweiler and a body that tiny would be gone.
Like I said I could be wrong. Perhaps Doja was a fussy eater and I'm wrong.

No. 574719

dogs don't eat cats when they kill them, the kitten would have just been limp if Doja had killed it, not the gorefest she's talking about

No. 574723

Ah yes the perfect scheme! Move to Florida, kill some old guy who offered to rent them his trailer, hide the body, occupy the trailer, collect the social security cheques, etc.

They might if you don't feed them and they got desperate, idk. Gravy looks like she forgets to feed her animals, especially if she decides she doesn't like them. Also for such an experienced pet owner, you'd think she'd have tried to socialise the two if she thought they'd be living in the same home, in spite of Doja's lack of interest in anything and the kitten's tinyness.
Still, if this had actually happened, she'd have posted that sobfest when she actually got rid of the dog months ago, not now. Kitten probably came after dog was gone for a while already. Kitten probably got sold for $10 for Chipotle or some shit.

No. 574743

Florida is known for having these rent to own scams going on left and right. I’m sure she didn’t consult a lawyer during this process either. Cue the gfm because she was scammed.

No. 574744

I don't know about that, I've heard of dogs eating even other dogs before, a normal cat probably not, but look at how small that kitten was in comparison to Doja.

Either way, I don't think he did eat the kitten, I was just saying if he did, he certainly wouldn't leave crumbs and shit like Raven said. I reckon she's full of shit.

Something liars do is add weird unnecessary details to their stories and she does that with literally everything including this kitten story.

No. 574749

Her mom might have had life insurance.

No. 574773

File: 1536848050739.png (390.76 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-13-07-03-15…)


The new hoard. The makeup bag is on the bed on the right.

No. 574774

File: 1536848076029.png (389.63 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-13-07-05-23…)

No. 574775

File: 1536848126641.png (427.6 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-13-07-07-06…)

No. 574776

File: 1536848161003.png (357.7 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-13-07-03-29…)

No. 574785

when she goes to show how the storage opens and there's a bunch of crap in front of the door…

No. 574809

God can you imagine being a random person looking for a tattoo shop and you ring up and get Raven on the line? Or worse you walk into the shop and actually see her? I think my blood would freeze over if I saw her in the flesh.

No. 574810

I asked also about the ip thing in the alt cow thread and quite a few anons here responded that it was pointless and stupid. Maybe they didn't bother because the people saying it wasn't worth it outweighed the people wanting an ip

No. 574815

I wasn't too fussed until the thread got locked, now I'm very intrigued.

No. 575111

Same. I’d love it if farmhands could get a check on those posts. Was the girl who liked Logan and revealed the Isa situation local to NZ? We could probably grab those post #’s out of the old threads and add them to /meta/ too to try and narrow it down and see if there was actual vendetta posting going on.

No. 575114

No. 575128

what's the point. without help from the admin, we won't be able to determine shit. I find it mildly intriguing too, but considering how things are around here now, I just put it down to shit modding by some clown. #killthemilk
(I got a warning the other day for something, and it was like Staff! Omg, you're alive! where have you been?!)

No. 575132

She looks like an ugly as fuck, cross-eyed cartoon villain.

What does your whining have to do with the Hagraven

No. 575155

Yes much nice trailer, complete with unpainted holes and 1970’s paneling. Very fitting upgrade hovel.

No. 575183

That girl had AT&T service showing in her very earliest screen cap. She could not have been in NZ.

No. 575184

Agreed. I think it’s unfair to automatically assume there was vendetta posting when nothing was even checked out despite multiple requests.

No. 575189

work on your reading comprehension, mate

No. 575196

I didn’t see any absolute proof that The hag is really in Florida. Tinfoil, but we know she lurks, is a liar, not very smart and could think she is Throwing the haydurs off by claiming the big move. Honestly why drive 6 hours to an amusement park when there’s one less than an hour away. And she definitely sees the posts requesting the mods do an ip location check on her.

No. 575223

File: 1536917507987.jpg (40.89 KB, 240x320, Carowinds-Shark-Billboard.jpg)

Excellent point, anon. So you think they've stayed in SC or if anything, moved north?

No. 575243

Nothing wrong with it. No one cares about anon getting a warning.

Agreed. It would have been better for them to explain how it was a vendetta or who was behind it. I still think that Isa is a little Hagraven in the making which is pretty funny because of all the insults the Hag slung at her. Was it like looking in a mirror, Hagraven?

No. 575263

a snow thread got nuked cause admin and our site host don't understand bogus C&D claims.

No. 575267

Definitely - and if it was indeed real, to ban that particular person and not have everyone else pay for it too.

No. 575271

If Raven didn't move to Florida, doesn't that mean she's getting fucked every which way from hurricane Florence?

And if she did move, since I know she's reading the thread, why Florida of all places? Seems a bit financially odd to move there when neither one has family there.

No. 575273

Idk but the nc/sc border runs down the middle of carowinds. Not that it would really matter if you were renting but taxes are cheaper in sc.

No. 575275

To get josh far away from his pesky family. Georgia’s is too close and anywhere north is too expensive. And as horrific as this hurricane is I would love to see gravy hanging onto the chimney with one hand while clutching her hoard with the other.

No. 575556

obviously there is, since I was talking about >>575263 and why people should give up on the idea of finding out which posts belong to fatso.
One thing we can agree on is that Isa is a mini-Raven.

florida seems like the one place she might fit in.

No. 576924

No. 576953

File: 1537331292840.png (269.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180919-002912.png)

Raven Jr has made an appearance over at kiwifarms

No. 576958

Not Red Lobster! Such trash. There’s good food all over the south, especially seafood, and she picks Red Lobster.

No. 576959

Oh Jesus, no. They have a really little puppy. She’s already complaining about ‘white doggy hair on evvvverything’. Bitch.

No. 576961

This is classic Raven.
Cheap food, monster plate 'will last for weeks because my stomach is sooo smol'.
Bragging about having so much toppings on pizza.
All birthday gifts could belong to a 9yo.
She must also be stinky cuz Josh felt the need to give her loads of body splashs and parfums, and she said a bottle would last her YEARS, so yeah, she did not get the clue.
She is already pissed with the dogs.
Still wearing that heinous wig, wander how fried her hair must be underneath it.
Has a lot of new tattoos on her legs and knees that are visible.
Her trailer is already filthy and filled with empty cans thrashed all around it.

No. 576962

Looks like Isa confused her farms. Come and post here again, make sure to tell us more about how stunning you are.

Poor Dorian, a cow for a mother and for a wife.

No. 576966

Ye Gods this woman has the worst taste ever! Those gifts are tack-o-rama, and choosing a Red Lobster meal for her birthday is a pure Jerry Springer move. Never change, RaveOn!

No. 576967

File: 1537335308989.png (2.42 MB, 1418x1481, totallyflorida2.PNG)

They're totally in florida and totally drove 30 minutes to red lobster. Except that red lobster that they're at is in Spartanburg, SC. Raven, you nutter.

No. 576969

The motorcycles are so loud in that video. It sounds like they’re driving through the living room, what the hell?

No. 576970

Nice eye and good sleuthing.

No. 576974

Tacky af and she complains about almost every present and the food.
She tries to say that she isn't complaining and is still grateful, but there was quite a few complaints.

The food at red lobster was good but i couldn't eat it all
The pizza is good, but normally it's shit and they don't give me enough pepperoni

And then the presents-
This one had a box that was too hard to open without ripping
This one had a crumpled box
This one came broken
This one has an incorrect quote
This one smells like alcoholish but sweet
Then she goes on to say that she already owned britney spears midnight fantasy before Josh got her a new bottle
Complains about the lipbalm box and says if she'd seen it was crumpled instore, she wouldn't have bought it.
Complains about the expensive metal plated demonia boots that she's always wanted them, Josh gets them and she complains that she had to cut them to fit her meaty legs in them.

God! So many complaints!

No. 576975

I laughed about her supposedly having a full fridge of takeout leftovers that will last for weeeeeks. I don't know about anyone else but takeout last 2 days IF that in my fridge. If i forget about it after 2 days it goes in the bin. Unless you freeze it, I'm not sure how takeout lasts weeks in the fridge. Especially seafood like red lobster. If she isn't careful she'll get food poisoning.

Plus if you reheat takeout, it normally tastes like shit.

No. 576979

The amount of dog hair and lint on her is insane even by "my tailbone has glaucoma/can't clean" standards.

No. 576980

She's oh so private now but still gives away damning evidence of her location like all the time. What an idiot.

Also that present haul was literally what my edgelord friend would have got for her birthday back in highschool when we were 13.
Not even kidding. She has such a childish approach to presents.
Most adult couples have one major beautiful item that is the main present. She's always obsessed with being showered in lots of gifts. Always quantity over quality with her.

Also, if she replaced Josh with Logan, her bday present haul video would be almost exactly the same as a bday outing with Logan video.
It's always the same format.

Opens in car on way. Says she'll show the food when she gets there.
Gets there, shows food.
Present showing commences.
End of vlog.
Rinse repeat.

She never talks about anything interesting on the day.

No. 577004

File: 1537347837309.jpg (414.73 KB, 1074x1694, Screenshot_20180919-110151_Ope…)

Another comment from Isa. Now she's pretending she's someone who knows Dorian in rl.
She even misgenders herself.

No. 577006

Seems like either Isa or that weird anon who likes Logan

No. 577007

File: 1537348167861.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1125x1924, D826F574-7FE1-440B-9B78-38B52A…)

Few screen grabs from her IG incoming

No. 577008

File: 1537348189788.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1125x1780, 9125AFB7-8E53-4058-9F6A-0287D4…)

No. 577009

File: 1537348248656.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1125x1884, 8052E558-164A-4A42-80DE-B85304…)

The other pics were just 1 of her kissing him on the cheek at the amusement park, him getting a caricature done, and him standing with the truck
Pretty boring

No. 577021

Wait, Gravy got a JOB? I'm shocked.

No. 577022

The person who likes or claims to like Logan wouldn't be defending Isa.

No. 577031

Since she lied about living in Florida, I'm going to have to say she lied about having a job, too. Color me surprised, Raven is on a lying spree again.

No. 577043

It’s raven not Isa. She does shit like this to stir up drama before a video.

No. 577044

The funny things is with all of her available time she can’t even figure out how to lie properly. She wants to brag so bad but it gives her lies away. Carowinds and Spartanburg red lobster both pretty much prove she is either still in the same crappy trailer or an even shittier trailer still in SC. Too bad the floods wash her and josh out to an empty island without any animals.

No. 577102


A lot of Red Lobsters look the same/have the same structure. If you google Red Lobster near Jacksonville, scroll down through images, one looks identical to this one. Also, they could have stopped and gone to Carowinds on their drive from SC to FL. I don’t think this photo comparison proves she’s in still in SC.

No. 577103

Carowinds is not on the way from anywhere except North Carolina, seeing the border runs right down the middle of it. And she claimed it was a 5-6 hour drive from jville and they had to put dogs into kennel for the night.

No. 577115

Both red lobsters photos have the same number, 170, she's still in SC.

No. 577121

Lol, I just seen that. She isn’t smart enough to shoop it or she was in such a hurry to prove how great her trailer trash life is. So we can definitely assume they are in another not-rent-to-own shitty trailer, not in Florida, giving bjs for tattoos and the new truck was probably borrowed and the pic taken to show progress. What a pathetic life to live. At 42 an actual house with equity is usually to normal goal.

No. 577130

The QT mentioned is also in SC - 2313 Reidville Rd, Spartanburg, SC 29301 to be precise.

No. 577131

As another anon stated, they're both 170 addresses and she can't use the excuse that it's old footage because she put Sept 17 2018 across the screen and is holding the most amazing pizza ever, the same pizza Josh is seen eating on his sweet ass gamer chair in their new trailer.

No. 577164

I didn’t notice that the numbers coincided, my bad.

No. 577204

So, from which godforsaken hole next to Spartanburg she crawled out of?
For giggles I'd like to bet COWpens.

No. 577252

File: 1537400316430.jpg (264.56 KB, 2048x1352, redlobsterFL.jpg)

Instead of giving vague instructions, use an image. Then we can debunk you right away.

No. 577274

>take a break from Cravy drama
>come back to find claims they moved to my city

Jaxfag here, I will keep my eyes peeled for them in case it's not a hoax. I've lived here my whole life so I know the city well and I feel like I know which areas they might visit. Jeez, this is exciting!

No. 577279


She always looked so mannish. The cheap ill-fitting wig isn't helping. She literally looks like a tranny in this pic, her nose is half her face and that man chin whenever she turns her head…yikes. tinfoil Josh is a closet homo

No. 577286

Calling it now: this new revelation into her lies being lies is going to make her run offline again. New video will consist of blaming everything on "da haturz" and how it'll be her last video and we're all jealous of her.

No. 577298

Is josh’s iq ever going to get high enough to realize hagraven keeps killing his pets ?

No. 577313

She is so disgustingly ungrateful for every single thing. Her entitlement makes me cringe. For someone who claimed to have such a horrible life, never had anything, she sure does act like she deserves the friggin world and takes everything for granted. She’s spoiled and gross.

No. 577379


She sounds stoned. Seriously.

Transcript and screencaps coming forthwith.

No. 577398

Yeah, this. I get that she's telling a story behind the items, but it's a bit rude how she points out faults in everything. It's almost like she has nothing more to say about the item so she starts mentioning shit about how the box is damaged or something like that.
It's extremely rude and she's so unaware of how rude she comes across.

It's her mannerisms,voice and the nose. Honestly if she lost weight and got more colour to her skin, she'd not look as bad. Her head is really strange because it's moonish from the front but she also has a strong chin that is hidden under fat. I think the white makeup honestly makes her face wider and her nose wouldn't look as ugly and big if she again didn't coat it in that white greasepaint she calls makeup. The 'best' I've seen her (and i use that word lightly because she's gross) is the one where she's standing with Josh's family and he's pretending to choke her. Her skin didn't look so pasty and it almost looked like there was definition in her face.
I know a half chinese girl at my work who has similar features to Raven and she doesn't look too bad because she's not as fat, tanned and doesn't have the crazy tranny goth eyebrows. It could be also that her personality isn't that of a insufferable cunt, so perhaps that's why she doesn't appear as ugly.

No. 577402

File: 1537415442427.jpg (174.19 KB, 1254x786, boys.jpg)

I wonder how Raven is feeling about the news that her ex-husband is fucking Dorians now-wife, that she hated so much. This is some weird shit.

No. 577413

unless he becomes the subject of some kind of Flowers for Algernon type experiment, nope

No. 577417

File: 1537419341820.png (365.89 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-51-50…)

My 42nd birthday

Published on Sep 18, 2018

I will fall and rise above
And in your hate I find love
'Cause I'm a survivor
I am a fighter

I will not hide my face
I will not fall from grace
I'll walk into the fire
All my life I was afraid to die
But now I come alive inside these flames

[driving in their SUV]

All right. It is September 15th, and I made a video in the bathroom, but I don't know if it'll show up or work out cuz I haven't previewed it yet. But Josh and I are on the way to Red Lobster for my birthday. [pans to Josh driving] [in unison] Woo hoo! Woo hoo! We live about 30 to 40 minutes away from Red Lobster, so that's pretty cool. We have been there once before, and um, for my birthday I get to choose the meal. So I chose Red Lobster because I really enjoyed it, and I love seafood. And it is, uh, Saturday, and we're going Saturday because we have to work on Monday, [she pans to Josh] and we don't want to go at the end of a long day. We would rather go on a nice, quiet nothing going on kind of day. And um, so I guess I will record once we get there and show off our delicious, yummy food. I already know what I want which is, um, what I ordered last time which is…it's one of their feasts. It comes with, like, crab legs, lobster tail, and shrimp and, like, a side and all that stuff. It was amazing. I'll probably wait till I get home to eat the crab legs because I made a righteous mess last time. And I think…what are you gonna get? A steak? [cut] But yeah. And I will check back in when we get to Red Lobster. I hope it's not too busy, but it shouldn't be.

[cut to Red Lobster]

Here we are. Josh's salad and my salad and our free bread and his sugary tea and my water. [cut] So Josh got one of the feasts. Steamer? What's it called?

Josh: Seafarer's…

Raven: Seafarer's Feast. And it comes a pretty much everything mine does, except mine's bigger. [laughs] And broccoli. And there's rice under there.

Josh: Yours has…

Raven: And I got the Ultimate Feast…

Josh: Crab legs…

Raven: …because mine comes with crab legs, and I got a double order broccoli. I was eating the salad. The salad is really good. I'm not usually a salad person, but I wish I could have eaten all that, but then I wouldn't been able to eat any of this. This is way too much food for me, so I'll probably do what I did last time which is just pack it up, take it home, and eat it over the course of a few days because, yeah, my stomach's very small, and I can't fit a lot of food in. But um, from memory it was deee-licious. The salad is delicious, and we both looove our broccoli. So um, it's time to eat now. [pans to Josh who is eyeing his food and smoothing his hair back]

[cut to them driving in their SUV]

All right. Oh damn, look at that truck. That's a big old truck on wherever it is, way up there. Anyway, we just left Red Lobster. It is 7:30, 8:00. I am super full. I ate maybe a quarter to half of my salad, one biscuit, and my crab legs. I think I ate one piece of shrimp, too, but I didn't get to touch anything else. I am stuffed. Josh ate every single thing. [laughs] He always does that. He says, [she lowers her voice] why did I eat so much? God, I'm so full. I feel like a fatty. And then an hour later he'll be hungry and then be like, damn I should have saved my food. And I'll be sitting there with food for days.

I've got so much food in that fridge because we go out to eat and stuff, and I just can't finish it all in time, and I've got food backed up for weeks and weeks and weeks because I just can't eat it in time. But my eyes are still…like, I've still got a fat mind, I still want all the food, but I can't physically eat any of it, so I look at it, and it's, like, that would be good. I take two bites, and I'm done. But um, I cannot get over how delicious that salad was. It was amazing.

Josh: Yea, it was good.

Raven: Yeah. The crab legs were good. This time we got the nutcracker crab cracker thing. [looks at herself on her screen] Do I have food on my mouth, or is that shine? But um…yeah, it's just shine.

Josh: [unintelligible]

Raven: I usually have to crack it with my teeth. That's how I was raised. So my mom always did it when we made, like, Korean crab or whatever. We just we always eat it with our hands and put it in our mouth and just crack it that way. It's, it's just the way we were raised, the way we, we have always done it. But this time for the first time ever I got to use the crackers, and that was pretty cool because it made it so much easier to open the crab claws and stuff.

So um, now we are at Cutie.

Josh: I'll be right back. [he kisses her]

Raven: Josh is going to run inside and get his cancer. Love you. And uh, then we're gonna head off to Walmart. There're no movies in the theaters right now that I want to see. We saw The Nun a couple weeks ago. It was pretty good. Or a week ago or whatever. I really liked that. I still have really simple tastes. I still love my Walmart, so we're just gonna go to Walmart and look around at Halloween stuff and other stuff, and then we're gonna go home.

I mean, my birthday's technically not for two more days, but we're gonna, you know, we're kind of celebrating today, like I said. He's got me some presents. I'm not sure when I'm gonna open them. He hasn't given them to me yet. I don't know which one's birthday and which one's Christmas, but all in all I'm happy. It's a very simple birthday, but I'm with the man I love, my husband. I don't need the party. [cut] …my life. I, I'm happy exactly where I am. And here's to turning 42.

[cut to Raven sitting in their SUV]

September 17, 2018

All right. I think I mentioned the Sam's Club Pizza in one of my other parts of my video. We went and picked it up for my birthday instead of going out to eat. I mean, we are at Red Lobster picking up salad. Josh went in to pick up the salad. It's just amazing. But I want you to look at this. This is a cheapy old $8.99 pizza. We, we didn't ask for anything special. We said,  half supreme, half pepperoni. And look at this. Look at how beautiful that is. I always run into problems with places not giving me enough pepperoni or enough cheese even when you order extras, and they charge so much. And this, I didn't ask for extra sauce, extra cheese, nothing, and this is how it comes. This is, like, the best pizza I have ever eaten, and I just wanted to share that. This pizza is amazing.

[cut to Raven seated in their living room showing her birthday card from her point of view. She is wearing big white faux fur monster slippers. In the background Pebbles is on the floor standing up against Josh's chair begging for food]

I want to show you guys what Josh gave me for my birthday yesterday. He gave him to me after midnight, so it's technically my birthday. I'm gonna start with the beautiful card he got me. He's like me. He picks out cards in five seconds, and it's always the perfect one. So it says, "To my wife, my best friend", and it's… [shows the front on the card] And then this is the inside. That is the sweetest thing. It's a beautiful card. I really loved it.

Let's see. I'll start with a disappointing one first. This would have been an awesome present. I do love it. He got me this Restyle necklace, but unfortunately it came broken. It's not his fault. They sent it like this. This um, this side right here is completely snapped off. They have the…this is the other side of the chain, but it doesn't even have the hook part on it, wherever it is, right here, so it's like this, but it needs a big hook and it's…that's snapped off, and it was nowhere in the package. But this is really cool. I really, really like that. I would have been wearing it today if I could have, but unfortunately it's broken, so we're trying to get a replacement for it.

Along with that he got me this other Restyle beautiful bat necklace. And uh, I didn't wear this today just because I wanted to put it in the video. There's white dog hair on everything. But this is really nice. That's…it's light, but it's nicely detailed. That is so cool.

He got me this galaxy bath bomb that I'm going to use. This is from some place called Soapy Shop, and this is what it looks like. It is…it smells like sweetly perfume. I can't really tell what it smells like. It, it's not fruit. It's not like cupcake or fruit or anything.

Josh:It smells like candy, it's some kind of candy.

Raven: Kind of candy-ish, but it's also kind of, like, perfumey, like, perfume, not, you know, musky in a way. I can't really describe it. It's like a sweet musk, but, um, it's, it's pretty heavy. I'm not really familiar with bath bombs as I don't normally buy them. I love them, but they usually cost so much. I can't justify spending for something that's gonna vanish and be gone in one use, so…but for special occasions this was really cool.

Um, he got me this badass heavy stone plaque. This is a quote from It, of course, Pennywise. The only thing with this is that this quote is wrong. It's supposed to say, "I'm, I'm everything you ever were afraid of", but it's not. They reversed it which, once you see it, you can't really unsee it. But as a whole…

Josh: That's an amateur mistake.

Raven: Yeah, as a whole I really love it. I love the lettering. The lettering is beautiful. And even though I complain about those two things, that doesn't mean I don't love them, because I do. It's just it's stuff that he and I both notice, so I'm just mentioning it. But I, I really do love the lettering. I wish I could write like that. I love that font. So we're gonna hang that up.

I gave him an early Christmas present. [she pans past Josh who has the entire pizza in its box in his lap] It's hanging up there, and it's…excuse his, his drinks, not mine. I got him a Tim Curry autograph up there, so we can hang it with that. That looks really bad. You've got two Monsters and your Coke Zero and your XL.

So aside from that he got me this Candy Crush Cloudy Cupcake body mist, and it smells uh, kind of alcoholy but sweet. I love love love sweet smelling stuff, so this goes with my collection of amazing sweet smelling stuff. He also got me this which is Britney Spears Dark Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy. I was originally in love with the regular Fantasy, and somebody had bought me a Midnight Fantasy in a smaller bottle, and I was like, oh my god, I love that more, so he got me this which is cool. This would probably last me a couple of years because I still have one from four years ago that's not empty yet because I used it so sparingly.

He got me these which are Demonia Swing Eight something. That's written on the box. But these are the ones with the metal plates. And I have had these on my watch list for years and years and years, ever since I got my first pair of Demonia boots back when my dad died in 2008. And I'd seen the ones with the metal, and I've wanted to get my hands on them, and I haven't been able to, so I finally got them. Now, these boots were made really stupidly, and we freaked out because it was past the window of return. But the tongue is sewn usually. There's a sew mark here somewhere where it was stitched together, and the tongue is sewn in such a way that it leaves a gap like this unless you have stick legs which I do not. And the only way to get the tongue to cover your whole leg is to cut it. I learned that from going onto Amazon and reading the comments on how to make these boots fit when you have big legs. And my legs aren't even that big. Their big, bigger than normal girls, but they're not big to the point where I should have had this much trouble. But they fit now, so I wore them out today, and it was great having boots on again. This is where they usually stitch, so you have all this right here that you can't use if you leave it stitched. You just snip it, and you can cover the whole thing which is cool. And I was nice and tall in them.

He got me this which was also something I had wanted, and I forgot all about. But this is a [Alien] bust head bank. Now, there's no hole for the coins. You have to open it on the bottom and put your money in there, but it's uh, it's very well made, well detailed. This is gonna be a nice piece to go with my Pop Funkos and stuff. And I really…I was really impressed by the way this looks. This is really cool.

Josh: I like it, too.

Raven: Well, I'm glad you like it.

And lastly he got me this doll that I have been wanting for also a long time. Not hugely long because she hasn't been out that long, but I've been wanting her since I saw her. It's Ever After High. This is what the box usually looks like. It's a big ol' box like this. It was actually hard to figure out how the hell to open it without tearing the box. It's just it's the same on the front and the back. It's just a big rounded box. It's a big rounded box like this. Yeah. And inside of it is the Raven Queen from Ever After High. And I have one or two Ever After High dolls, but they don't look like this. This is what it looks like in the front, and then you just take off this little cardboard, and it has the story…her story behind it. And this is what she looks like. She is gorrrgeous. She's so well made. I think she's absolutely beautiful. She's holding, like, the little candy apple skull, and her dress is all full of sequins and glitter and sparkles. She's just really nice. I love this doll so much. I can't wait to display her.

And uh, I actually have a couple of other things that he got me that he gave me early because we are really bad when it comes to presents. We, we say we're gonna hold them for Christmas or birthdays, but then wind up just opening them very, very early. So I'm probably gonna pause real quick and grab the other stuff he's given me early.

All right, so he also got me the Death Note complete collection. Now, it was pretty funny because we went to Barnes & Noble, and he actually bought me this because he forgot that he had already bought it for me and had it saved for Christmas. He says since there was two of them he just went ahead and gave it to me, so I have one that's open, and this one's for display because by that time again there was no turning turning it in.

Pebbles, stop that. She's getting into his food.

He bought me Pennywise Pop Funko. I want to collect the whole series is what I'm trying to do.

Josh: She will.

Raven: [laughs] And uh, he bought me the Castiel with wings which I had been trying to get. So um, I had been looking for this since I was in New Zealand. They sold out everywhere. It's so hard to find. And what sucks is that when we got it the box is all crunched up. It's crunched up there, it's crunched up here, it's all folded in, so he was really unhappy with that, so that's why he gave it to me early because the box is kind of bad, yeah. But I'm still happy that I got him. I've been after him for so long. I never thought I would get a hold of him.

He got me a cherry, a cherry vanilla…no, this is just a cherry spray, because I love cherry scents. And he also gave me this cherry vanilla spray. This is pretty cool. This is really sweet. Like, I've worn this, and I've gone to the store, and people are like, oh my god, you smell so good. Huh! It's supposed to be double strength, and this is because uh…Walmart used to sell a cherry vanilla perfume, and I didn't know they no longer sell it and that it's considered, like, a rare item now that's worth hundreds of dollars, and luckily I still have, like, two bottles. I could sell them for quite a bit, but I'm not going to because I love them so much.

He bought me this Monster High Luna Mothews. I have been after her for a while. I saw her at store in New Zealand once. I didn't buy her, and I never saw her again, never. But I've had my eye out for her, and he remembered, and he got her for me. He's sitting over there smiling, [lowers her voice] yeah, I did.

Josh: Yeah, I did.

And then he got me this which is even more of a wow because this is Serina Von Boo. I had wanted her ever since I saw a picture of her. I've never even seen her in stores. I've never seen her anywhere. She's actually the reason I started collecting Monster High Dolls because I saw her and I was like, holy cow, she looks awesome. And I just I really really really wanted one. And finally the first one I got…the first one I had my eye on is last one I got. So I'm super, super stoked to finally have her. I'm such a child.

I don't know why he gave me this one early, but he did. This Living Dead Doll, Umbral. She's, she looks pretty cool. She's all in black and just red eyes. I love Living Dead Dolls.

I can't wait for my stuff to come from New Zealand so he can see everything. It should be here in about two weeks, maybe three weeks, my stuff should be arriving, and we're gonna go through everything, and he can see my collections of everything and all my junk.

And then lastly he got me this [Living Dead Dolls Pennywise]. This was funny because I had this on my watch list everywhere, and I was like, I really want this, I really want this. And I think I said, you know what, it's like $30, $40, I'm just gonna buy it. And he's like, uhhhrrr. And so he had to give it to me early because if not, I would have ended up buying it for myself. But um, I don't often get to get Living Dead Dolls anymore. It's gone to Pop Funkos because they're cheaper. But this one is badass, and I really, really like the way he looks, and I'm glad I finally got him. With my stuff in New Zealand I know I've got the Pennywise…not the Pennywise…the Hellraiser one. I never got to see him in person cuz I'd already left for America before that one came in, so that'll be cool. I'll get to see what that one looks like.

And uh, that's my birthday. It…I've got the best present I've ever gotten for my birthday this year, and we're gonna have a strawberry shortcake for cake. We went to Red Lobster for dinner, and we're just watching movies and staying home. [she hiccups] Sorry.

Um, now for extra bullshit. I bought this from… [she wiggles her feet] I got my slippers! I bought this from a supermarket, and this smells like cinnamon so strongly. I've got one for the bathroom, and now this is the second one I've bought for the living room. It smells so good. It's just like, like, like a sprig of cinnamon, basically. And it's a, it's a pretty decent size. It's not huge. It was, like, $3.99. And um, it makes the whole house smell amazing. It's just saturated with scent. I've never bought anything that's, like, scented like that, so that's pretty cool.

I found these at Walmart, and they were only at one Walmart. I went to another one that was closer, and they didn't have it, so I had to go all the way back to the other one. And these are called Lip Bangs Lip Freak, the strongest buzzing lip balm in the whole world. And these are the four flavors that they have. I went back. The last time I didn't get this one, so I got this one today. So this is Coco Loco Mint, Sin-A-Mint, Berry Very Sinister, and Bubble Trouble. And this here claims that it will make your lips tingle with the strongest tingle you've ever felt. It says, "Just pucker up and smear this awesome bomb on your kisser. Within a minute your lips are going to freak out. We're talking about a crazy, vibrating buzz. It isn't like anything you've ever felt before. Beware: not for crybabies. Just consider yourself warned. Lip freak feels electric. Super powerful. 100% natural. Super moisturizing".

Okay. So, I've tried all of them except for this one because I didn't have it, but I smelled it, and it smells amazing. Ooh, you look [?] sexy. [laughs] The bubble one definitely smells the strongest. It smells so good. It's just pure bubble gum. The other ones, they all smell good. These are actually flavored. They have a strong flavor as well. And it's, it's usually you buy stuff, and it smells good, but doesn't taste like anything. These taste and they smell. They're about three dollars apiece. And as far as the buzzing, it buzzes like crazy. I've kissed Josh with it on, and it's made his lips buzz. You wipe it off, and it still buzzes. And it takes about 15 to 30 seconds, and your lips will start tingling. And it's not just a [she makes a quiet buzzing sound]. It's like [she makes a loud buzzing sound]. It's like you're getting electrocuted. It feels like when your foot falls asleep, and you have pins and needles all throughout, like millions of itty bitty pins and needles. That's what this feels like. It's a whole bunch of vibration all through your mouth, and it almost hurts. It's, like, almost uncomfortable. It vibrates so strongly. It doesn't just tingle. It literally does feel like you are being electrocuted. It's the strangest sensation ever. But…and because it tastes good you want to lick your lips, but then that vibration will be on your tongue. It's really weird. So I've got two of each of these now because I probably won't buy 'em again. I want one to use and one to keep back because they're hard to find. But it's, it's a nice thing to buy just to experience it. This is really, really crazy.

I just noticed this box is dented. I'm not happy about that. If I had seen that in the store, I wouldn't have bought it. Look, my box is dented. Dammit.

But anyway, um yeah, these I do recommend getting these at least once if you can find them because they smell amazing, they taste amazing, and they do make your lipstick vibrate. These are kind of like a light green color, pale white to light green. They do not color your lips at all. They're just…this just looks like normal chapstick that smells so good and makes your lips freak out for quite a while. My lips were vibrating for almost an hour even after wiping them off. So I, I don't know what's in it that makes your lips do that, but it is pretty cool that it works like it says.

And uh, that's about it. I might take a picture after I make the strawberry shortcakes just to share them, and I think that's it. Do you have anything you want to say? [she pans to Josh who is plating a game]

Josh: Just happy birthday and I love you. Again.

Raven: Aw, I love you, again, too.

Josh: Happy birthday.

Raven: Thank you.

[cut to her petting Pebbles]

Alright, that's it, and I guess I will catch up with everybody whenever I upload the Carowinds video and the other random nothing videos that we have. Right.

Josh: Bye!

Raven: Bye! Say bye, Pebbles!

[cut to pictures of Raven, Raven with Josh, their food at Red Lobster, and her strawberry shortcakes]

No. 577419

File: 1537419534905.png (369.52 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-27-25…)

Driving to Red Lobster.

"There's white dog hair on everything."

No. 577420

File: 1537419614509.png (1018.92 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-54-49…)

The amazing salad.

No. 577422

How is it that Logan still looks miserable? He and Dorian should stay away from each other, seriously. Raven, Jr. should be proud of her ability to cause distress.

No. 577424

File: 1537420032793.png (253.69 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-27-00…)

Stopping at Cutie.

Can anyone watching on a large monitor make out the freeway sign?

It's raining heavily.

Was it raining on the evening of the 15th in the Jacksonville, Florida, area?

"As Florence stays to our north, it wraps in drier and hot air. Expect plenty of hot sunshine this weekend! Thunderstorms increase later Sunday into Monday."

Published: 6:47 AM EDT September 15, 2018


No. 577425

File: 1537420180071.png (363.31 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-32-40…)

"He's like me. He picks out cards in five seconds, and it's always the perfect one."

No. 577426

File: 1537420210203.png (178.87 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-32-47…)

No. 577427

File: 1537420255951.png (213.85 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-31-26…)

"That is the sweetest thing. It's a beautiful card. I really loved it."

No. 577431

In another screenshot I saw Columbia, a city in SC

No. 577432

File: 1537420401092.png (357.8 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-34-50…)

Showing the broken Baphomet necklace while Josh pushes Pebbles away from begging for his food.

No. 577433

does this hag have anything to talk about outside of her legally retarded husband? any hobbies or interests that arent killing small pets?

No. 577434

File: 1537420495291.png (339.15 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-35-43…)

"It's supposed to say, "I'm, I'm everything you ever were afraid of", but it's not. They reversed it which, once you see it, you can't really unsee it."

No. 577435

File: 1537420541620.png (381.07 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-37-01…)

The amazing pizza.

No. 577436

File: 1537420631432.png (334.07 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-36-31…)

Josh has a new comfy gaming chair.

No. 577439

File: 1537420795660.png (331.74 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-37-34…)

"That looks really bad. You've got two Monsters and your Coke Zero and your XL."

Tim Curry's autograph is to the left of Beetlejuice.

No. 577441

File: 1537420905900.png (385.39 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-40-53…)

The doll Raven wants to be.

No. 577442

Nice pipes running along the ceiling and up the middle of the wall. That paint job is shite.

No. 577445

File: 1537421405918.png (378.58 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-43-28…)

Seeing how many new tattoos she has on her legs, I can believe that she is working in a tattoo studio.

No. 577446

File: 1537421609371.png (416.31 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-49-42…)

She is wearing spiderweb pattern fake nails.

No. 577448

File: 1537421832584.png (342.29 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-51-08…)

"Do you have anything you want to say?"

"Just happy birthday and I love you. Again."

No. 577449

There are signs at that freeway junction between sam's club and red lobster that point to exits in the direction of Columbia.

No. 577450

File: 1537421910655.png (309.18 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-48-28…)

"Aw, I love you, again, too."

Josh rolls his eyes.

No. 577451

File: 1537421994342.png (391.57 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-51-43…)

Loki and Pebbles and their entertainment center.

No. 577455

File: 1537422319608.png (1.09 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-53-08…)

The pictures at the end of the video. I declined capping the half dozen pics of their dinner. The salad was so amazing, she included two pics!

No. 577456

File: 1537422358256.png (328.43 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-53-53…)

No. 577457

File: 1537422381227.png (348.25 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-54-59…)

No. 577458

File: 1537422415410.png (398.9 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-53-26…)

No. 577461

File: 1537422543777.png (411.66 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-55-30…)

No. 577462

File: 1537422576857.png (398.66 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-55-33…)

"I'm such a child."

No. 577463

File: 1537422604852.png (388.82 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-54-01…)

No. 577464

File: 1537422675264.png (950.84 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-20-55-37…)

No. 577467

Damn, that is a lot of photoshop, he looks 15yo.

No. 577470

File: 1537423167704.png (64.7 KB, 800x329, Screenshot_2018-09-19-21-11-37…)

No. 577472

So she's going to say this was old footage even though it was her birthday and she put the date stamp on it? Never change cringe grandma.

No. 577485

haha he totally rolled his eyes at her. if he finds her so annoying, he should tell her to fuck off and stop filming him.

No. 577488

Is this salad covered in shredded cheese? No wonder gravy thinks it's soooo amazing, what a fatso.

No. 577492

File: 1537427067740.png (921.16 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-11-11-56-25…)

Sapphire Studios ring review

Published on Aug 1, 2018

'Luna De Saturno' 0.15ct men's ring
'Aphrodite' 1.85ct women's ring

Hey, guys. I just wanted to make this video. I had actually already made it, but for some reason the camera that I was using wasn't working right, and the video didn't record at all, so this is actually in two parts. I've one part showing up close, and one part which was the intro unboxing. Intro unboxing didn't work, so I'm gonna redo it now. I don't really remember exactly what I said in my other video because I haven't watched it, so when I put them together, if there's a lot of repeats I apologize.

But um, Josh and I ordered our proper wedding rings from Sapphire Studios, and they came in yesterday. And we are super stoked because they are beautiful rings. And we had heard that they look so much better in person than they do online, and they already look really really really nice online. So um, just to cut it short, this is the unboxing not unboxing, and then I'll snippet it with the other clip.

It came in a bigger box than I thought it would. So this is the box that it comes in. And now I think I said in my other video that I had looked everywhere online for an unboxing slash up close review of these rings, and I couldn't find any, not of the, the brands that we got…the designs that we got, sorry. And so I really wanted to make one myself for people that might be curious as to what these rings actually look like in person.

So this is what the box looks like when you get it. It's a nice big magnetized box. Inside it looks like this, and it says that on the inside which is what is on their website. And it comes…the rings come wrapped in a nice black tissue paper. And inside you get these cute little bags, and in the bags you get your ring boxes. [pulls out a piece of cardboard] This is nothing, really, the bottom of the bag. The ring box looks like this, and inside is a proper ring box, so then it looks like this.

And this is what it looks like in person. I did show a close up of it which I'll add because it's got mine and Josh's. But on your finger it is really impressive, and it is really, really beautiful. It's big, but it's not big and ugly. It's just really, really nice. So this is what it looks like. It's very blingy. The skulls are actually great quality. They are not cheap and cheesy looking at all. In person they're understated and small. You've got all your diamonds around it. This is how high it juts out. It does stick out quite far, but it also is extremely shiny. It is a beautiful shiny shiny shiny ring, and I love it. I found myself, like, ahhh, just staring at it all throughout the day. It's really cool.

And his ring is also beautiful. It's not as blingy, of course, as a girl's ring, but it is really nice. And so I'm really happy with this ring. I couldn't find it, like I said, online, so there it is, and I'll add a snippet, and that's about it.

[cut to video of her showing their rings against a black background accompanied by music]

This is my ring on. I'm not gonna wear this one because it just…I don't…I mean, this is really beautiful, but it should have been flat because the way this design is means that this doesn't fit flat on your finger, and it's not actually comfortable. It doesn't fit up here or up here very well, so I'm just gonna leave it off, but that's alright because this is pretty enough on its own. And Josh… [Josh puts his hand in frame] This is what it looks like on his manly hand. Zoom out on the manly hand. [she laughs and strokes his hand] And um, that is also beautiful. I'm very happy.

Josh: Me, too.

Raven: These are, these were pretty expensive. Not bank breaking, but they were not cheap. And um, these are the ones we're gonna stick with forever. We were thinking about getting traditional rings, but the traditional ring design that they have looks a lot like the cheapy $10, $20 rings. And um, if we were gonna actually put substantial money into a ring this time, we wanted it to be, you know, different and able to be set apart from those cheaper rings, so that's what we did. And I think together they look very, very good.

No. 577495

File: 1537427271389.png (205.46 KB, 700x1021, Screenshot_2018-09-19-23-43-54…)

No. 577496

File: 1537427297915.png (112.02 KB, 600x1068, Screenshot_2018-09-13-07-53-33…)

No. 577497

File: 1537427332013.png (220.68 KB, 800x900, Screenshot_2018-09-19-23-33-02…)

No. 577498

File: 1537427362818.png (259.41 KB, 800x1143, Screenshot_2018-09-19-23-38-16…)

No. 577500

File: 1537427481112.png (915.01 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-13-07-22-50…)

No. 577501

His is too loose for his finger, and hers is too tight. They should switch.

No. 577502

File: 1537427510974.png (717.69 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-13-07-22-59…)

No. 577503

File: 1537427543284.png (811.59 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-11-11-51-35…)

No. 577504

File: 1537427720374.png (701.89 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-11-11-54-18…)

No. 577505

File: 1537427820024.png (651.35 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-13-07-28-51…)

No. 577506

File: 1537427860405.png (663.05 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-13-07-28-54…)

"I'm not gonna wear this one…"

No. 577508

File: 1537427897803.png (735.98 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-13-07-27-55…)

No. 577509

File: 1537427946041.png (556.36 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-19-23-47-15…)

No. 577510

File: 1537428136582.png (531.85 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-13-07-21-58…)

No. 577512

File: 1537428174472.png (854.83 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-13-07-22-04…)

No. 577519


Mmm, orange (French?) dressing with orange cheese.


She has replaced the Seal of Lucifer necklace she lost in the accident.


A different wig! I suspect even more that something tragic has befallen her hair.

No. 577527

File: 1537429730063.png (391.5 KB, 407x721, sign-2.PNG)


A better screencap and an image of the gas station and signs from KF.

No. 577529

File: 1537429766391.png (607.6 KB, 1011x334, earth-QT.PNG)

No. 577530

File: 1537430506741.jpg (163.99 KB, 1270x1453, goffrings.jpg)

She could have saved Josh a few bucks by buying these facsimiles on Amazon.

No. 577532

Don’t forget the croutons.

No. 577535

So this Red Lobster they visited, she said it's about 30-40 minutes drive away from where they live. Does the location of their SC Love Shack match this? Did they ever even move?

No. 577538

If they moved it wasn't far. She's probably lying about the distance/time anyway for the sake of her Florida ruse.

No. 577543

File: 1537436280698.png (580.46 KB, 800x1094, Screenshot_2018-09-20-02-32-59…)


Their first two shacks were in Saluda. Autumn specified Saluda when she was looking for transportation for Doja to the second shack. The location of the second was confirmed by comparing her photos and Google street view.

There was speculation that they may have moved or were considering moving to Aiken because Josh made a post looking for work in Aiken which is 35 miles from Saluda. They were married in Aiken, too.

No. 577546

File: 1537437080128.png (37.28 KB, 800x188, Screenshot_2018-09-20-02-45-33…)


Her new Instagram account name used to belong to someone else.

No. 577547

File: 1537438691823.png (416.69 KB, 800x974, Screenshot_2018-09-20-02-59-38…)


And Spartanburg is 75 miles from Saluda.


On the 15th they went to Red Lobster, then QuikTrip, then Walmart.

On the 17th they went to Sam's Club and Red Lobster.

All of these locations are very close to one another.

Spartanburg confirmed.

No. 577549

File: 1537439480214.png (603.46 KB, 800x915, Screenshot_2018-09-20-03-23-28…)


Exactly. Spartanburg is 76 miles from Carowinds, and Saluda is 96 miles from Carowinds.

No. 577550


The site uses identical pics for the silver and white gold rings, but the skulls and the parts with the smallest inlaid stones of her rings appear to be oxidized which means it is silver. This difference is something worth mentioning in a review.

I am impressed by the thickness of the men's band.

The real test is whether the rings lose stones with wear and age.

No. 577555

File: 1537442989158.png (361 KB, 797x1084, Screenshot_2018-09-20-04-00-55…)


Her dress is from Killstar.


She has been doing a lot of online shopping to fill her closets >>574776 while waiting for her hoard to arrive from New Zealand. Didn't she estimate shipping it would cost $5K?

>It should be here in about two weeks, maybe three weeks

So we can look forward to five plastic Christmas trees this year!

No. 577559

I think Logan is not all there upstairs and that IS his smile.
I knew a dropkick who was going out with someone I knew's kid and he was not only a drop kick also, but he was a dead ringer for Logan. Made the exact same grimace in pictures. I think he thinks he looks hot squinting his eyes and grimacing. Like he's too 'cool' to smile. I can't explain what I mean, but fat ugly trashy girls do the same thing but they add a snapchat filter.

No. 577560

He has no spine. Plus noone dare tell Raven to fuck off. She'll accuse you of being abusive to the internet and release tmi about you onision style. OR she'll threaten to kill herself.
That's why she dates dudes like Logan and Josh and Ryan. So she can walk all over them. What sane boyfriend (even long distance) would allow a potential girlfriend to live with their ex in the meantime? She always gets someone that ensures she's allowed to do whatever she wants.

No. 577565

And there's both Sam's Club and Red Lobster in Columbia, there'd be no need for this drive if they were closer to there.

No. 577566

This is just a thought that I’m going to throw out there. But 2 of these people were majorly abused by Gravy to the point where they couldn’t defend themselves much. Isa’s only excuse is Dorian though. But what a better way to get back at Raven than to for the 3 of them to hook up and blast it across the Internet and rub it in ravens face. We know she’s stewing over even the thought of it. Whether it’s real or they are getting back at raven in their own way.

No. 577582

I love these cheap ass, paste rings, imma pick these up so ta for link anon.

Thrilled that Gravy is back, I’ve wanted so badly to fuck around with an old Fabio romance novel cover and stick her and Couchie in there. It’ll take some doing to get the heroine looking properly fat, but I think I’ve finally found a suitable base.

No. 577585

There’s frigging Sam’s Club and Red Lobster paired up everywhere, usually crammed in the same strip mall as the Olive Garden, the Ross, the Super Target, and the TJ Maxx. In the South it feels like you get a prepackaged deal when you open up a trash tier “town square” shopping and dining experience. I’ve honestly spotted the two together so many times. Usually the Sam’s Club is right across the street. Tacky Raven loves her tacky trash tier shit.

Diana is Floridian in spirit if not in person. You’d think they’d want to live as cheap as possible, that 0% state income tax does make such a difference for poor opiate abusers, oh well. Don’t say we never try to help you out, Raven!

No. 577603

She says earlier in one of her updates that she got their wedding clothes at Goodwill. There's no way she found that strappy goffick thing in her size at Goodwill. Josh's outfit I'd believe tho. Those pants are an illfitting disaster

No. 577627

idk about that. it looks like a 2000 s era dress from hot topic that tons of fatties wear to prom.

No. 577635

her wig is so bad, she definitely fried her hair. there was a video where she bleached her hair 3 times in one day, and i bet this time it all fell out.

No. 577636

Where is Joshie boy's finger tattoo he was supposed to get?? He STILL didn't get it gravy? wonder what that means, lol.

No. 577638

Legit opiates and other controlled substances aren't so easy to get here in Florida unless Gravy turned Josh into a Luna's Lurch.
To be fair I don't think income tax or prescriptions are things she would consider before a move. She'd just want to know about the nearest Walmart and Dollar General.

No. 577679

They’re easy as fuck in north Florida, just look for doctors who don’t take any health insurance and ask for cash up front. It’s surprisingly simple to find. Yelp is a good place to start, tbh.

True about the income tax though, you’d need to have a job for that to make a noticeable difference.

No. 577685


>there are no fat clothes at Good Will

Have you seen the average size of women in the southern US?


Torrid, maybe, but not Hot Topic.


And she has a second new wig >>577463.


Was his tattoo supposed to be on his finger?

No. 577687

Remember that Gravy used to call Isa lesbian? Not only she is a transboy, but her ex-husband is now gay (?) and is fucking her loads.

That's gotta hurt, Raven.

No. 577698

I kind of hope they are all screwing one another. That would be classic and it’s got to be better than having raven around. I think Isa is just taking advantage of the situation though, I mean what straight girl wouldn’t want 2 husbands around.

No. 577700

if someone told me this guy was special needs, i would totally believe them.
umm, so this is the cat that was sooo ugly and scary no one wanted to adopt it, but saint gravy came along and saved it guyzz! what bullshit, she's an animal hoarder who blames the animals for everything. there's nothing wrong with the kitten, all calico cats have makings like that. poor kitten.

No. 577703

How the hell does she “find” all these kittens. Does she find them in a way Luna finds things or does she scour craigslist looking for new victims. Because we can’t believe anything she says and she ends up with way more victims than an actual rescue would.

No. 577709

Yeah right man, like Raven's son and also her ex husband, who wouldn't want them both around amirite. Nah, she's Raven Jr just picking up the damaged goods she left behind, easier pickings for a baby narc.

No. 577721

You seem really determined to make this stick.

No. 577728

File: 1537490516559.png (71.88 KB, 798x355, Screenshot_2018-09-20-17-26-08…)


Parts of her rings are definitely oxidized, and his ring is not available in white gold.

And if she did opt for white gold, why did she not specify the karat? 14, 12, and 10k are offered.

No. 577730

Sorry my point was that it’s definitely eating at raven. And that Isa is a straight chick with a Lainey complex taking advantage of 2 very damaged, basically delayed children.

No. 577731

File: 1537490774051.png (24.11 KB, 799x203, Screenshot_2018-09-20-17-22-42…)


She changed the title of this video to "The big update".

Archiving comments on this video since she frequently deletes or closes them.

Hi, Ryan! Did you have to pay the $5K to get Raven's haul out of your garage?

No. 577732


At least she doesn't have two very damaged, basically delayed children.

No. 577735

File: 1537490939197.png (30.08 KB, 800x207, Screenshot_2018-09-20-17-21-55…)

Are you going to let your followers know your new account name?

No. 577737

File: 1537491226987.png (95.95 KB, 800x435, Screenshot_2018-09-20-17-20-45…)

Psst, it's a wig.

>way outside of Florida and in the opposite direction of Florida


No. 577740

File: 1537491504430.png (95.12 KB, 800x578, Screenshot_2018-09-20-17-21-38…)

Her cagey lies are so transparent.

No. 577749

File: 1537491870617.png (35.8 KB, 800x188, Screenshot_2018-09-20-17-23-01…)

The woman who can't be arsed to put a bottom sheet on her mattress or throw out her hubby's empty drinks cans has laid carpet and tile?

No. 577758

She wouldn’t even know where to start with tile besides buying it, plus it’s different laying it in a trailer, especially a shitty trailer. Its way over ravens intelligence and skill. Or should I say lack there of.

No. 577767

I think you're conflating me with another anon, anon.

No. 577779

File: 1537495391880.png (51.65 KB, 800x266, Screenshot_2018-09-20-19-01-04…)

No. 577784

File: 1537495645869.png (23.85 KB, 800x111, Screenshot_2018-09-20-19-01-04…)

Remember Kashmir / Cashmere, the Ragdoll cross kitten Josh gave her for New Years that they rehomed because their landlord forced them?

No. 577793

Fake account probably, cause who would miss gravy. And to prove to the haydurs that she didn’t dump the kitty. I’m sure everywhere she has lived has a pet cemetery in the yard.

No. 577794

Logan looks ready to kill himself, and Dorian looks like he's trying not to break. Fuck I hate that little bitch.

lmfao he looks so special needs, omg

she's really going flatout on the bullshit, hey. she must've been doing a lot of daydreaming during her internet break.

No. 577797

File: 1537498094893.png (40.07 KB, 800x384, Screenshot_2018-09-20-19-46-39…)

No. 577799

File: 1537498172442.png (17.29 KB, 800x95, Screenshot_2018-09-20-19-46-07…)

This person calls her Diana, and their comment reads like it was written by an old family friend.

No. 577804

File: 1537498780546.png (198.8 KB, 799x715, Screenshot_2018-09-20-19-55-49…)

She has updated her profile and background pics on Patreon but still has only one lonely Patron.

No. 577805

File: 1537498897181.png (655.47 KB, 793x805, Screenshot_2018-09-20-19-56-19…)


The bulk of her paychecks appear to have gone to inking her legs.

No. 577806

File: 1537499004180.jpg (34.49 KB, 288x288, unnamed.jpg)

Her new Youtube profile pic with her burgeoning hoard in the background. Never change, Raven!

No. 577810


Those look like new tattoos on Josh's right arm.

No. 577814

Yup, cue new crappy trailer and sob story about getting screwed over by the old man. They spend a lot of money on crap and there’s no way josh has a decent paying job other than stacking shelves on the 3rd shift somewhere.

No. 577817

Her only patreon is probably Ryan.

No. 577825

File: 1537504924165.jpg (29.55 KB, 348x348, deep fried.jpg)

how fucked must her real hair be if that wig is the public-facing option?

No. 577838

lol moissanite. very different to a diamond like how she described it. cheap ass fake stones and she paid a huge mark up. what a tit

No. 577839

what's this 'probably' shit lol

No. 577849


Assuming she upgraded.

But diamonds are bullshit anyway.

No. 577882

I would love to hear the explanation, she used to say her hair was always fried because NZ products were shit.
Now, what will be the excuse?

No. 577888

Haha you are right.

No. 577898

This cow has a proven track record of making fake accounts. She has plenty of time to make semi convincing socks and talk to herself. Anybody that actually knows her irl probably wouldn’t have much nice to say to her except Ryan. I don’t know what his deal is other than he must have a hard time getting laid if he is still following her around like a puppy.

No. 577899

No it’s probably something like the dog chewed it off while she was taking a nap, she didn’t think the dog was capable but it smelled like slim Jim’s and now she can’t look at the dog so it had to be “rehomed”.

No. 577903

As much speculation as there was about Dorian having a crush on Logan before Raven got his claws into him, I'm leaning towards all of this being sane and consensual and not Raven 2.0 forcing it.

If she was as bad as Raven then Dorian would have left her like he left his goblin mother and Logan wouldn't go near her.

That and I still think it's interesting that all of this was quiet until someone came to post about them out of the blue and just as fast Isa (that is her name, isn't it?) came screeching… and then Raven came back to the internet.

My money's still on Raven doing her usual stalking, seeing the three of them together and then promptly losing her shit and plastering it everywhere.

No. 577905

Are we all waiting for the video where she says 'a friend of mine went to the hate sites and saw Dorian and Logan are doing a threesome with that lesbian'?

No. 577914

I agree with you that it’s raven spitting fire. But the cycle of abuse is a real thing and if, big if, isa is a raven jr. and this is an abusive situation Dorian and Logan could just think this is normal. They are probably all just friends bonding with a common situation. It’s too convenient that all this happened right before raven slimmed back to the internet. But it doesn’t change the fact isa is a transtrender. Unless that’s made up by gravy too. She loves the drama she creates.

No. 577921

Pretty much yeah. I mean someone here does have a boner for Logan but literally no one was bothering to keep up with them past Raven moving to the USA. The only person that would be that dedicated to stalking them would be Raven herself. Plus there's the whole plastering it in Alt-Cows of all places which is just strange, plus the caps coming with the same phone font Raven uses.

Yeah I mean none of us can say for sure but you don't turn into a narc overnight. If Isa was Raven 2.0 then we would've known ages ago when the two of them were still in the same area together.

no one knows for certain because we never found out the identity of the person who originally posted it but it's just too fishy to outright accept as gospel and immediately assume Logan and Dorian found themselves a Raven 2.0. Though even if they did that'd still piss Granny Raven off so it's a win/win either way.

No. 577922

She seems like a tumblr freak and not gonna lie, I personally would enjoy the milk from this weird poly threesome thing.
Only because it's Dorian, Logan and Isa.
If Isa and Dorian became poly with someone else, I'd give no shits, but the fact they are shacked up with Dorian's mother's ex fascinates me because of how fucking weird that seems to me.
But I'm not going to obsess over it because they seem a bit smarter than Gravey and don't exactly broadcast it everywhere, so there's not really any milk to be had.
I kind of feel bad for Dorian, but if he's truly happy, then good on him I suppose.

That said, I hope it pisses Raven off so much. I bet it does.
Also, fuck that anon who supposedly knew Logan and in real life.
They spent ages writing paragraphs of shit and personal stories but had barely any milky screenshots or evidence. Sounds like that liar who said Gravey was still in NZ with Logan and said they saw them together at the shopping centre.

No. 577943

If they are in this crazy poly relationship it would send gravy’s “Logan still loves her and it’ll be a long time before he gets into another relationship because he’s so hurt” right out the window. Guess he didn’t love you that much raven. Lol, serves you right, karmas a bitch.

No. 577944

Thank you, people saying oh, this is just a nice normal poly relationship—Logan used to beat Dorian up. Not a real good starting point. Raven was abusive to both of them. She treated both as children/lovers (is anyone going to sit here and say that Raven, with her absolute lack of boundaries and complete fucked-in-the-headless, has never once given Dorian mixed signals? She’s too bankrupt not to, ffs) and made them her little servants. Anyone who doubts this only needs to look at the way she acts with dumbshit Josh or any animal ever. One is a husband/baby substitute, the other is there to give her unconditional love until she gets tired of it and throws it in the trash.

Isa is for fuck sure Raven Jr. in that she is taking two dudes who have no actual business being in any kind of relationship with each other and forcing the issue so she can feel like she has control and power. It’s a very heady feeling when you have two separate dudes dickriding you and she’s young, but come on. Even if anons think that those of us who are coming down hard on this are concern trolling or whatever, you can’t deny the fact that the optics aren’t real good.

No. 577946

I’m not saying it’s normal or ok for them to be poly, cause if so it’s fucked up. I am just saying maybe they are roommates for financial reasons and raven is making shit up because she is jealous. We know she has sock puppet accounts and it wouldn’t be hard to make some up trying to convince them it’s true. She has the time and all. Plus she’s probably sitting back wringing her chubby sausage fingers watching us tear them apart, smug and satisfied with her work.

No. 577948

without a doubt it's driving gravy nuts. even after their breakup she was controlling Logan's facebook and desperately trying to keep women away from him.

No. 577952

consensual, ok, but how the fuck do you get 'sane' out of this?

"probably just friends bonding" - what the fuck is going on around here? like, I get that we're all suss because of Gran and her socks, but really? you're even doubting the transtrender bullshit, but it's right there on 'Isaac's fb?

it got posted in altcows because there wasn't a raven thread. it got its own thread which got locked for some bullshit reason. seriously, what the fuck is with this discussion?

you're being wilfully ignorant, more like.

this whole clusterfuck is so weird. everyone was down with the Isa triangle milk, then word was it might be tainted, so now we have anons inventing fanciful stories about how it's not really like that?

I have no doubt Gran had a hand in stirring shit up, but "A truth told with bad intent / beats all the lies you can invent". Isa knows where we are, and would absolutely have heard about shit going on over here. So where's the posts telling us about it? Where's the 'hey guys, it's not like that' or whatever? Gran might be able to play the anon game, but she can't delete other people's comments.

No. 577976

I’m pretty sure I called her a transtrender. And I’ve also called her straight. Because fucking 2 men with your vagina makes you straight no matter what name you call yourself that day. She’s not a lesbian or gay male whether she’s a fakeboi or not.

No. 577981

WHO comes over though? Who..?

No. 577983

Pest Control

No. 577991

File: 1537560866452.jpg (Spoiler Image, 145.39 KB, 676x947, 89562654687894556894.jpg)

So while Raven was gone I discovered something I can't remember having been posted here before, they're old pictures but still fun to kek at.
Gonna do a picture dump of the ones I found.

I also found some comments, (attached, with the links in the cap to the specific vids) on porn videos, on porn websites, that she commented on.
And they're not about how much she HATES porn with a passion kek.

No. 577992

File: 1537560877394.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.43 KB, 764x587, 7984652.JPG)

No. 577993

File: 1537560892382.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.64 KB, 481x641, 8465132.JPG)

No. 577995

File: 1537560921209.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.6 KB, 181x233, 486465456.JPG)

No. 577996

File: 1537560947371.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.91 KB, 491x689, 789646531.JPG)

No. 577997

File: 1537560962624.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.23 KB, 501x651, 879465123.JPG)

No. 577998

File: 1537560988041.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.24 KB, 491x690, 48451465468.JPG)

No. 577999

File: 1537561005816.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.23 KB, 472x248, 4864563118646.JPG)

No. 578000

File: 1537561019788.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.91 KB, 477x248, 7894654165489.JPG)

No. 578001

File: 1537561047598.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.84 KB, 371x686, litterallywtf.JPG)

No. 578002

File: 1537561113866.jpg (74.94 KB, 649x731, 4864135165.JPG)

This was the website I found it I believe.

No. 578021

Modeling my ass. Having a curtain as a backdrop with shitty pictures Ryan took?! She’s reaching. You can see the obvious flabby grandma skin photoshoop too. Heinous.

No. 578036

Love how this one looks like someone is pulling her flab out. Shoop better kek.

No. 578043

Gee I wonder why she left her weight and dress size blank.

No. 578045

oof, this hurts to look at. what was she thinking.

No. 578053

Which it wasn't even about Raven so all the more weird. Everyone else that followed Raven knew that her shit didn't go in alt-cow, it went in thread requests here on /pt/ because no one wanted to give her the attention.

No. 578060

Yes the post is totally suspect but that doesn't invalidate that the situation is gross.

No. 578073

green eyes? another lie

No. 578075

I think we should stop talking about that situation because this is what gravy wants. It takes the focus off her and these gross pics. Which I should mention I’d rather put sand in my eyes than look at them. These are horrific and not in the way she wants. She looks like a stuffed sausage with too tight skin.

No. 578077

Waiting for the "THIS WAS RYAN, HE MADE ME DO IT" excuse.

No. 578081


That account was created in 2013 >>577797.


The same week that their thread was launched, Isa had posted separate pics of herself with Dorian and Logan captioned "Date night".

I apologise for not capping, but I figured the anons who were clamoring for a thread had collected the milk before Isa, Dorian, and Logan made their accounts private.

No. 578095

It's a part of the story, don't police what we talk about. Yes of course she'll enjoy it but that's ancillary, it's still a gross development in its won right and involves players in her story. there's an illusion here that we somehow 'manage' raven's mental state by posting or not posting about whatever; it's delusions of grandeur imo. I mean she's been gone for months and the best she can come up with is a lie that she's moved to florida, which she immediately disproved all on her own. I should add that efforts to direct us away from talking about this sordid triangle will only generate suspicion.

No. 578106

File: 1537580740676.gif (627.08 KB, 536x600, r4.gif)


The site is defunct, but there are many more pics in the archive which has 15 captures from 2008 through 2011.


No. 578111

And now I'm starting to think if Logan/Isa/Dorian was a thing already. Because Raven admitted that things were bad for a while, Logan and her were not having sex, he was 'cheating' on her with porn, and she was literally fucking that Ricky guy so maybe this is not news for her at all and she is already over it.

No. 578112

Hey it was just a suggestion. I know we don’t manage her “mental state”. She’s directed our postings before and just didn’t want to give her the satisfaction again. And we aren’t getting any milk from them because of locked accounts. Carry on.

No. 578118

nta but i agree with her that it's stupid to try to avoid topics just because she might be lurking here. the thread being here in the first place is already giving her the satisfaction she craves.

No. 578160

I feel like the 'maybe they're just bonding' etc was Isa trying to hose it down.

she needs something to go right in her life lol. let her do her little deceptions, not going to change her living in a series of shitty trailers with a finger-sniffing sped who lied about his entire life to get her over there. (and now trying to impress us with lies about moving states lmao)

No. 578193

Hang on, if Logan is even just hanging out with Dorian and his chick, as the photo evidence shows, then I seriously doubt is Raven is actually still friends with Logan. She would flip the fuck out, no?

The potential milk here is a falling out between Raven and Logan, and the shit talking that usually comes from her with that, but also maaaaaaybe from Logan himself…

… that's if everyone hasn't already poisoned the milk with their rampant poly-phobia.

No. 578213

I don't even give a fuck if Logan is in a relationship with them, but just the plain fact that he is on good terms and hanging with "her son who broke her heart for the last time" and his "boy looking slut gf" is milky enough!!
I am hoping for rant videos about it soon, when she's "back" ;)

No. 578255

Gravy never gets over anything.

No. 578414


What I find weird is that Dorian and Logan weren't close during Logan and Raven's marriage and seemed to have little to no contact whenever they lived apart, right? To me they seemed like they used to be friends and haven't been for a long time so seeing their pics now is weird. Is Isa the glue bonding them together? I am dying to hear the full story but we'll probably never know.

No. 578417

It made a lot of sense to me that Dorian and Logan wouldn't be friends while Logan was with Raven. First of all, that's awkward as fuck. Second of all Raven has always hated her son and Logan was pretty brainwashed when they were together, so I'm sure that changed the dynamic between them as friends. They were friends before Raven (which is still so fucking gross that she married her teenage son's best friend), and then she took that away from them. It's great that they seem to have been able to move past that and repair their relationship somewhat.

Anyway, it's awesome to see them all happy and I hope they continue to do well free of Hagraven's clutches.

No. 578453


We don't know anything firsthand about Logan and Dorian's relationship towards the end. We only know Raven's telling of it.

No. 578619

I think someone from NZ who knew them and visited the house posted about Logan, Dorian and Raven constantly arguing with each other and Logan being abusive towards Dorian, but I don't remember who it was.

No. 578620

Why the old milk pics? This isn’t new, we’ve all seen them before. If the poster who uploaded them hasn’t, then by all means feel free to go back and start with the first thread.

Some people here think Isa is a pig and will discuss. Anons can dredge up all the ancient shit they want, that won’t stop people from talking about what’s happening now.

Logan was a topic of discussion in Raven threads for years, there is no reason for him to suddenly be off limits. The fact that he is fucking Dorian’s wife is drama. Old pictures of Raven are not interesting in the slightest. Please stop trying to direct the flow of information as it’s very obvious, thanks.

No. 578717

I posted the old pics, and I have read all of her threads. Not everyone has though.

Also I dont know where you get your delusions from, There is nothing obvious going on here lmfao. And fyi, I agree with you, and idgaf about stopping discussions about Logan and Dorian. They've been posted about a plethora of times, and everyone was in agreement that it was fair game, so what on earth makes them "off-limits" now?
I'm not trying to stop anyone from talking about Isa either, I just dont really care or know much about her, as long as she brings the keks for someone it's all good.

I just couldn't remember specifically if all of those had been posted before, and I wanted to post before I forgot to do that again. So pardon my alzheimers.
And even if they all have, they're still hilarious. Stop being such a bore, I would have saged if I could.

No. 578823

> The fact that he is fucking Dorian’s wife is drama

I like to think that Logan is fucking both of them, and is a gay threesome, since Isa is now Isaac.

So much for Raven's stallion ex-husband.

No. 579265

Don’t kill the fun, just chill out

No. 579717

File: 1537873516142.jpg (14.99 KB, 288x288, unnamed.jpg)


She has changed her Youtube profile pic again.

No. 579718

File: 1537873564098.png (201.24 KB, 799x712, Screenshot_2018-09-25-03-54-28…)


And she lost her lone patron.

No. 579719

File: 1537873624043.png (154.68 KB, 800x858, Screenshot_2018-09-25-03-55-18…)

No. 579720

File: 1537873891633.png (110.41 KB, 800x578, Screenshot_2018-09-25-03-57-33…)

Didn't she have an interaction with wicked one on Facebook last year?

No. 579725

Such a hoarder, jfc.

No. 579751



lmao yeah anon, that's totally the issue everyone has with the relationship, and definitely not you feeling attacked. Good talk.

I know this was never going to go well, but managing to get it down to zero? Wew.
She sure showed us.

No. 579846

this relationship is barely poly anyways. your gf wanting to bang someone else or have threesomes isn't a poly relationship, it's abuse. this shit is super common.

No. 579849

she's trying so hard to look like emily boo in that pic kek

No. 580046


She discovered inner eye corner wings in time for her 42nd birthday!

No. 580514

File: 1538078566188.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1909, BCD824FF-DA87-49F9-8100-18A381…)

Fb is back baby

No. 580526

File: 1538081500436.png (253.1 KB, 893x813, nurse.png)

Do you guys remember when she said she did not work nor had special skills so no one would hire her?

Video 2017 in review

> I'm not very self-sufficient. I'm not gonna lie. I haven't worked in over ten years. (…) And it's not like I had any great major skills where they would have picked me over a local.

All of a sudden now she is a certified nurse and has a degree in clinical psychology?

No. 580532

File: 1538081868851.png (576.82 KB, 846x836, columbia.png)

She may not have updated this yet - but she still lists Columbia as her current city.

No. 580538

File: 1538083191605.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x1715, Screenshot_20180927-172126_Fac…)

An "explanation" for the Carowinds situation…

No. 580540

A CNA isn’t quite the same as a licensed a nurse, it’s a 6-12 week course. But I’m sure she could get a job easily with such certification.

No. 580543

No. 580545

Problem is, that says 2001. You have to renew your license and get ceus. You think her lard ass kept up with that in NZ? Pft, and miss out on funko pops?!?! She would have to register with her states dept. of financial and professional regulations. It'd be an easy look up.

No. 580548

File: 1538086415890.png (560.9 KB, 344x771, kek.png)

5 minutes about the park - 15 minutes complaining about everything - 5 minutes about how many people stopped her to say they loved her and her hair (?) yw

Also, a LOT of fresh ink in her chubby legs

No. 580553

Looks like she’s totally covered in incoherent temporary tattoos. She definitely just picked random flash and had them slap it on.

I can’t believe she dressed like this at a fucking amusement park, around children.

No. 580556

That doesn't say she got a degree, just says she 'studied'. In other words, she tried a class or two and flunked out.

Some people could. This bitch would spend the entire interview complaining about everything, then make a video complaining about the people who (for some mysterious reason) didn't give her a job.

No. 580562

File: 1538090096562.jpg (559.61 KB, 809x1534, Screenshot_20180927-191641_Fac…)

It's Raven Bradley now…

No. 580567

I wonder who was dumb enough to lend them so much money.

No. 580569

Josh always looks like someone's eating his brains with fava beans.

Her cankles and feet make her feet look like hooves.

No. 580571

nah hooves are obviously part of her gothy horror satan-core look.

No. 580572

probably get banned for this but ive posted alot of milk over the years and seen alot of discussion coming from intelligent people in here and a few other threads so i just wanted to ask where can i post on here looking for advice that you will all see and hopefully respond to?

No. 580573


>I can’t believe she dressed like this at a fucking amusement park, around children.

Actually, she removed her cover-up and stood only in her bikini top and attached skirt (>>573767)
What a vision must have been, those sad flappy pancakes.

No. 580589

How can anyone be like 500$ for this park? God. Like I can see the benefit of the food perks although you could easily be cheaper with it… but to then spend 300 on the junk they shill you is crazy stupid.

No. 580619

Hold up if this bitch "lives in Florida" now why is her ass going to NC to go to Carowinds. Like you live in Florida we have eight huge amusement parks. and even with her cheap ass going on its gonna cost too much, which no its cheaper to get an annual pass for any of them.
So I'm calling bullshit on them being in FL. ALso how the fuck do you not pack ahead of time and take the proper theme park stuff(sunscreen,water,shoes ect.)

No. 580622

They drove that long to carowinds for the same reason they drove to spartanburg sc to eat at red lobster for her birthday. Reason being they didn't move.

No. 580628

File: 1538103721197.jpg (15.21 KB, 348x348, 348s.jpg)

the only footage she took from the drive there was from chesnee sc. Nothing from florida. Raven, your lies are getting easier to see through in your old age.

No. 580630

Also did anyone catch how she said 'this is Josh and I's first big adventure together'…ummm wouldn't that have been when you DROVE 24 HOURS to your mom's funeral in El Paso???
Not that we needed anymore proof of that lie but still…

No. 580631

Also did anyone catch how she said 'this is Josh and I's first big adventure together'…ummm wouldn't that have been when you DROVE 24 HOURS to your mom's funeral in El Paso???
Not that we needed anymore proof of that lie but still…

No. 580634

Did anyone else catch when she said, 'this was Josh and I's first big adventure together' Umm… wouldn't that be when you guys drove 24 hours to your mom's funeral in El Paso???
Not that any of us believed her in the first place.

No. 580662

She's posted supposed pictures of the kittens bones… do you guys want to see them?

No. 580674

bitch, duh.

No. 580696

spoiler it because after all that zoo shit I don't wanna.

No. 580704

File: 1538129903038.jpg (61.51 KB, 916x340, bradley.jpg)

After all of us saying that if that story were true she would have posted a picture of the bones… of course she did.

Guys, she loooves her new last name. You know, the 20th she has had. This time is the one!

No. 580705


What's the URL?

She listed "studied psychology" in previous profiles, but nursing is completely new.


The entry on the right states "graduated".


She changed her name on some of her accounts within days of getting engaged.


Does she have a tattoo of a "Pop Funko"?

No. 580707


>wearing that wig in her state ID

No. 580708

> What's the URL?


The 'Official' page is up again, also.


That wig must be stinky at this point

No. 580709


So New Zealand never happened?


Could a kind anon dump the photos? Did she shoop her legs in the pic on the bottom left?

No. 580715

Try either ot/g, some threads are faster moving than others but you should find something that fits you.

[Imaginary sage to match gravy's wonderland of nope's]

No. 580719

They got married June 10th 2018? This was issued March 2nd 2018. She's either had a sooner courthouse marriage, changed her name before marriage, or lied about her last name. If you move to another state, don't you have to get your DL changed over in the first couple months for it be be valid. Jump on it, Raven! Since you moved, it should be easy!

No. 580725

You have thirty days to get a new state license upon moving to a state. Raven has a SC license because she’s in SC. We all know she didn’t move to Florida but thought she was fooling hayddurs by saying so. It’s especially funny since she dox herself regularly so why she thought anyone would believe she was in Florida is a mystery.

She would fit perfectly in Northern Florida though. Her and Josh are white trash on steroids. She’s going to end up on People of Wal-Mart one of these days.

No. 580726

It's a good think that she appeared in front of kids like this though. As a cautionary tale. Those kids will stay on the straight and narrow, and will never get fat and will never get tattoos, too afraid to end up like this. Did she shoop her face on her DL? In this one her nose looks much wider, and her face more like a bulldog's.

No. 580736

no, it says she graduated the CNA. Below that it says that she left college, not graduated.

I hope Emily changes her hair up asap lmao

She really is getting so sloppy with the lying. Didn't even try with her mum's funeral, and now keeps giving away her location due to lack of effort and a compulsive need to prove something to us. And now she's pulling out 'kitten bones' photos to back up a story that took her months to dream up. Because of course she didn't think to mention what Doja had supposedly done sooner, despite being the same bitch who posted a photo of dead Marmalade as her first response to that. Feeling a bit let-down that she remains obsessed with us but makes such a poor effort in producing a fake life for us to (snort) be jealous of.

No. 580741

File: 1538143397371.jpg (Spoiler Image, 839.83 KB, 810x1603, Screenshot_20180928-100419_Fac…)

The kitten's bones

No. 580748

jesus christ what the fuck why would she think its even remotely ok to post this

No. 580749

I'd like to think it's to show the haters that she wasn't lying…but we all know she would have posted that shit regardless.


No. 580754

File: 1538146840439.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-28-23-00-30…)

The caricature artist slimmed down Gravey's face. Far too kind.

He captured her pig nose though.

No. 580803

Ofc they would waste money on garbage like amusement park vanity caricatures. I bet it will be tacked to the wall of the trailer too. If it’s tacky and appeals to vanity Raven can’t resist it.

I do wonder what Raven would look like now if she didn’t copy Emily Boo and was left entirely to her own devices. There’s a lot of cows with bad taste but Raven could be in fashion design books as a worst case scenario and a cascading series of terrible aesthetic choices.

No. 580816

File: 1538153713992.png (31.06 KB, 639x501, 486468464646.png)

>I was planning to stay gone but SO much happened!!
Sure, keep telling yourself that.
We knew you'd be back.

No. 580821

File: 1538154004768.jpg (149.54 KB, 540x960, 48464151469846513.jpg)

funny how this yard looks a lot like where they used to live.

No. 580822

File: 1538154052633.jpg (76.21 KB, 720x960, thewallsRthesame.jpg)

And how the walls look pretty much he same too. hmm

No. 580827

Who would photograph that?! Wtf?

No. 580877

Come on anon, you know the haaydurs wouldn't believe her outlandish stories without PROOF.

She posted pictures of Marmalade AFTER she was ran over by a car, she posted pictures of her aborted babies, and these unrecognizable tiny pieces of mystery bones is what gets you?

PS. If she had really gone to her mothers funeral you best believe there would be pictures posted of her mothers dead body.

No. 580915

Actually astounded at how much money they wasted on crap.
Over 80 bucks for a caricature. I'm not complaining at the price, just the fact that she wasted money on it especially after being sooo poor uwu.
A giftshop teddy bear that will add to her hoard of forgotten plushies.

She kept complaining about how hot it was, but I can only imagine how warm it would have been in that tacky wig. Why would you wear a long wig to a theme park anyway? I'd be worried if it fell off on a ride.
I totally agree with anons tinfoiling that she fucked her hair.

No. 580919

Yeah i think so too.
I think she tried to bleach it AGAIN, keep in mind that she doesn't bleach it just once when she first bleaches she goes like 2-4 times to get it as light as possible. And at the very least half her hair fell out since she has been bleaching the same half of her head over and over for years now.

You know it HAS to be really bad for her to wear that fucking wish $2 toupee on her DL photo.

No. 580920

Sorry for double posting but I keep imagining her with half a bald head, the one with hair left horribly damaged and not even all blonde. With some small dots of fried ramen left here and there on her bald side, and frantically screeching autistically about needing a wig every time she catches a glimpse of herself in a mirror kekek.

>sees self in mirror RRREEEEEEEEEEEE!!


No. 580939

File: 1538164407779.gif (499.12 KB, 500x375, busy at the library.gif)

"we don't have a lot of free time anymore"

No. 580944

I'm not saying that that is okay to post in any sort of way with the story she served.
bone fragments that small from an "eaten kitten" would not be picked clean, and be that white from such a large dog "eating it".
They would have flesh and stuff still attached to them, there would be blood around it and on it and he would have most likely eaten the entire kitten if he had "ate it" and not left that behind, all rinsed off and neat.
Calling bullshit on her "proof".

No. 581015


>They got married June 10th 2018? This was issued March 2nd 2018.

When she posts such glaring inconsistencies in her assertions of proof I wonder if she is trolling us because how could she miss that?!. Her posts of documents like her DL >>580704 and her marriage license >>573608 are directed at the haters, but instead they invite more skepticism and "hate".

And notice that it is denoted DL#. This is a drivers license. In >>573737 she claimed she did not get a drivers license.


The carpet is gray. The carpet in the bedrooms and hallway in the second shack was red, and the floor in the open kitchen and living room where this incident happened was faux tile pattern vinyl.


Raven burying Josh with sand couldn't be a more perfect metaphor for their relationship: her love bombing, her controlling, her hoarding of gifts between them.


They got their current pets before they moved.

The second shack did not have the narrow paneling and scalloped trim >>580822 and >>573743. The flooring in the newest pics is different.

Saluda is too far from Spartanburg for them to be there so often >>577549.


After she moved to the US she dyed all of her hair a greenish blue. In January she dyed half of it black. In April all of it was greenish blue again. The next month in her goodbye video she had just dyed all of it black. In their wedding pics all of her hair is bright blue.

Her hair was in good condition (for her) at the beginning of March, the month her DL was issued, so why wear the wig for the photo? Does she have inner corner eyeliner wings in that photo? She did not wear her eyeliner like that until the new videos.

No. 581039

agreed, i think she's full of shit. i had a cat that used to catch mice, he would leave fragments that looked like this. I bet their trailer is infested with mice, and one of the cats ripped apart a mouse, and she got this lightbulb over her head that this would be a good story about how horrible doja was.

No. 581076

The DL has to be shipped. She didn’t get married until June. She also said she didn’t have anything in April that she could use as identification. There are websites you can pay to have a faux one made online. She just took this “break” to make a bunch more lies as usual. And I bet she found the “bone” photos online or deviantart. Possibly even someone who creates bone jewelry.

No. 581102

Can we start a Gofundme to buy her a bra?

No. 581151

All she needs is gorilla tape and wire hangers

No. 581246

File: 1538203911614.png (866.52 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-22-33-14…)


Carowinds day out and review

Published on Sep 27, 2018

[Josh and Raven are standing next to their SUV. Josh looks tired and rubs his eyes. He avoids making eye contact with the camera and with Raven and doesn't smile at all. Raven claps her hand on his shoulder and rubs his upper arm while he remains tense]

…and Josh and I are heading out to, uh, go on a long ass road trip to Carowinds. We're going to go to this amusement park that we've been meaning to go to for a long time. And uh, it's our first, like, real big adventure together, I guess? [he unenthusiastically places his arm around her for a few seconds, bows his head, and nods] And um, he hasn't been there in a long time, and I've never been there, and I love carnivals, so this is going be amazing. [he withdraws from her and crosses his arms tightly across his chest] We're gonna drop our doggies off at doggy daycare, and um, then we are going to go to Carowinds and try and record as much as we can while we're there. [he pulls even further away from her and taps his fingers on the side of their SUV] I'm not sure how I'm gonna do it cuz I…back when I used to carnivals there was no phones or anything, but I'll record if there's something to record.

[They face each other and kiss, she smirks at the camera, then they part to get into their SUV]

Josh: [mumbles] Love you.

Raven: Love you.

[cut to scenes of them driving down the freeway where they pass Peachoid, a large round water tower painted to resemble a peach in Gaffney, SC]

[Cut to Raven's giddily exclaiming and gasping as Carowinds comes into view] Oh my god, I see roller coasters! But they're not open yet. It's so early.

[cut to them walking up to the entrance of the park, scanning the signs, and trying to determine which line they should stand in]

Raven: Tickets…

Josh: What was that? We don't need tickets…[unintelligible]

Raven: uh, season pass, closed…

Josh: You have it on your phone…

Raven: …concerts, yeah. [they join a line] It's so bright I can't see anything.

[cut to them walking inside the park looking at Halloween decorations. Cut to them on camera. They are both wet. Josh avoids eye contact with the camera and keeps his head turned away from her]

Raven: So we've been here at Carowinds for how many hours? Three hours?

Josh: Uh, five?

Raven: Five. Whoo! We had to buy some shoes. [the camera drops] Oops, I don't even know what I'm doing. We had to buy some shoes. And we only went on, like, three rides so far, but we were in the water park for a while which was a lot of fun. It was awesome to cool down cuz it's a very, very hot day today. [Josh wrings out his ponytail, throwing his elbow into Raven's face in the process. She kisses it, but he ignores her] And I'm about to film this crazy ass ride. Are you having fun?

Josh: [flatly and without looking at her] Yeah, I am.

Raven: I wasn't because it was super hot, but now that I'm cool it's a lot better.

[cut to sped-up footage of a ride and then of Raven and Josh being drawn in turn by a caricature artist. Josh is fidgeting intensely with his hair rubber band the entire time. Cut to views of the park filmed as they ascend and then descend in a glass elevator]

[cut to Raven sitting on their bed]

Carowinds is a massive amusement park in North Carolina…Charlotte, North Carolina. The tickets are quite expensive. It's best to buy your tickets and stuff online because you do save at least a little bit of money. Altogether for everything that we bought online it was about $200. In person it would have been a lot more than that. We bought our tickets, and it was like $52 each.

We bought the souvenir cup which you buy this cup. It's $11 online or, like, $14 in person, and you can drink free all day long. You can get refills every 15 minutes which is an excellent deal, especially when it's really hot. You go up, they scan the cup, and you get your drink. If you take your cup back whenever you go back to the park, then you just pay $1 each time, and that is still cheaper than having to buy a drink each time.

We also bought the dining package where you pay $30 per person, and you can eat for free every 90 minutes from most the restaurants there. That is an excellent deal because most the meals are really expensive, and they usually have it set up so that kind of two people can eat. Since I can't eat a lot we only needed one because I wouldn't have been able to finish a meal by myself. So he got some, and I just picked off his, and it was enough for me. The food there is pretty good. You get to try out all kinds of restaurants and things that you normally wouldn't be able to. It's one main dish and one side and, again, you get it free. They…you get a little wristband and they scan it, and you eat for free every 90 minutes. They probably bank on the fact that most people are waiting in line or riding, and they don't time it and go every minutes, so they don't actually serve everybody constantly. But we were trying to hit it, but we, we only ate three times while we were there.

Um, we were there on the last day that the water park was open. SCarowinds was being set up, but Scarowinds has not opened yet. We did get to see what it was gonna look like, and for the extra $40 it would have cost us to go if we went, like, next week when it was open, it just doesn't look worth it. The set pieces are kind of cool, but it doesn't really look like much. If you have the money I guess it would be fun, but it, it just doesn't really look worth all that extra money. We are, however, interested in going to the Winter Fest and the New Year's one, especially the New Year's one because if the rides are open it won't be as damn hot as it was when we went.

We did not like the fact that there is not a lot of shade for the rides. The lines, the lines aren't too long, and the wait's not too long because they cut the ride time down to, like, 30 seconds to a minute. The rides are so short. It was ridiculous. They are shorter than any ride I've ever been on, but it keeps the lines moving. It wasn't that packed, though, that they would have needed to just, you know, get it going like that. But the area where you wait in line for at least half the rides there's no cover, there's no fans, there's no mist sprinklers, there's nothing to keep you cool.

And when we first got there I thought that I was gonna have heat exhaustion. I'm not used to being out in the sun as it is. I'm used to being in New Zealand where it's cold and being indoors where there's air conditioning. And to go out into heat like that with no protection, I almost couldn't handle it. I felt dizzy and sick, and my heart started palpitating, and I thought I was going to pass out multiple times. It was just too hot, and they had no protection whatsoever, no water fountains or anything like that. There was one water fountain that I saw right next to the water park which it wasn't really needed there because you could have just gone into the water park. It's needed at the other end of the park where there is nothing. So that is a big complaint. They really do need to have something in place to stop people from overheating. It's just too hot for them to not have protection like that.

The ride times are a big complaint because, again, the ride times are far, far too short. I understand the need to have short ride times in a big park like that, but a little bit longer than 30 seconds, you know what I mean. I mean, 30 seconds to a minute, it's just that was just way, way too short. You don't even have time to enjoy the ride before it's over. We went on the Yo-Yo, the Scrambler, and you hear people all around saying, god that was, that was too short. Even if there's nobody in line, they still cut the ride down.

On the topic of rides, there were a few rides that were out of order which also sucked because you're waiting and waiting, there's no sign up or anything. You're standing in line, and they finally come out and say, oh, now we're not loading, there's something wrong with a ride. And that's the kind of scary thing. And you're paying all this money, and the rides aren't even working.

What else? It is very, very expensive, very, very expensive. Most things there are about $15 or more. We, we easily spent about two hundred dollars without even trying. I wore tennis shoes, and my shoes got saturated on the river rapids ride which was an awesome ride, by the way, and they were sloshing around. I was burning up. I just really needed my feet free, so we went and bought a pair sandals for me. Josh wanted a pair of sandals for the same reason that was uh…and he got a little deodorant. So that was $65 for those three items. I got a teddy bear and some fudge and a candy apple, and that was another $58.

We got, um, a caricature drawn of us with…they put in a frame to protect it. That was over $80. So money, money goes, you know, like that without even trying. Everything is outrageously expensive which I guess is to be expected. But I, I haven't really been in a carnival environment since I was in my early 20s, and the prices were a shocker to me. I was like, oh my god. I'm just glad that we went there with money cuz I all in all for the whole trip we spent around $500 or more, and we wouldn't have, we would have been able to do anything if we didn't have that money. But the caricature was really cool. That artist was extremely talented. I…but he was really cool, and he did a great job.

They don't have many games there, and the prizes were all…they're mostly Pokemon stuff. They didn't really have much as far as games. They have a lot of roller coasters. Not so great if you're not a roller coaster because the other rides there's not that much. It's easy to get lost there. The water park was a great addition. I don't know what we would have done if there was no water park. The Rapids…not the Rapids, the little lazy river where you can just kind of walk around, that was fun. We went there twice. I would have stayed in there for half the day if I could have, but I don't know if you're supposed to get out or if you're allowed to keep going around because people were complaining that people weren't getting out, so I didn't want to get in trouble for anything, so we just got out. And we went in the wave pool. That was fun, too. They have a lot of stuff to look at. They have a lot of things to do, a lot of different kinds of restaurants. The park is massive. Overall we did have a good time. It was a lot of fun. It was a great experience. It was a great day out. I just really wished that the ride times were slightly longer, the rides were all at least in working order, and, you know, they had some shelter for people waiting in line.

Another complaint is that we were up-sold a season pass for Fun Pics where you get your picture taken during different things. They stop by and they're like, you know, you guys want a picture? And people that work there will take a picture of you, and they'll give you a little card, and you take it and you scan it. Now those pictures are outrageously expensive. They're about $15 each just for a normal picture. We wanted to keep six pictures so that would have cost so much. They sold us a season pass, and they said that that gives us access to all of our pictures without the Carowinds watermark on it, full size, we could do whatever we want, bla bla bla bla bla. That was $25. We bought that, logged in online, and they all have the watermark. It turns out you can't get it without the watermark unless you buy your own picture, print it out, or you buy it on a cup or, or something like that which I think is very, very misleading. That is not what we were told. I didn't want to buy it and have the watermark, so the only thing I could do was open the preview and screenshot it so I could get it without the watermark. But the quality is not that great. It's still kind of fuzzy because they want you to pay for it. I just, I just really didn't like that they made me believe that I could pay $25 and I could own the rights to my own picture and I could download it without the watermark, without having to pay an additional fee. Like, they were very, very money-hungry, and that is not good. That is never good for a corporation, but I guess that's how things are nowadays.

It's a good family place to be. I mean, I didn't see, you know, there's no fighting, there's nobody rude. I got a lot of compliments, lots of people shouting across at me, oh my god you look so cool! Oh my god you're beautiful, I love your hair! And all that stuff, you know. It was a very fun experience. People will stop and talk to you, and you kind of meet people and chat while you're in line, you know, for rides and things like that, and you share these experiences with strangers, and that's always great. It would be a much better experience going there when it's colder so we are looking forward to finding out if the rides are open for the Winter Fest or slash New Year's, and if they are, we'll definitely be going back for that.

Aside from that, the little complaints I have are not worth not going, but definitely if you don't have a lot of money it's probably not going to be as fun because if there's little other things you want to buy or do, you're not gonna have the money to do it because they charge so much.

The fudge is excellent. It's handmade there in the store every morning, they said, using fresh milk, fresh dairy. We bought two pieces. They're like $8 each, and you buy two get one free, and they're big thick bars. They're really, really good. And the candy apple wasn't so great. The candy coating on the outside was soft, and the apple inside was bruised. I took a couple bites, and you can see the bruising, so that kind of sucked. That was like four bucks. Bought a pretzel. The pretzel was delicious. Everybody that gives you the drinks is very nice. You get to choose whatever drinks you want. Sometimes if you got water they didn't even scan it, they just let you get your free water. And the ice water is icy cold and delicious, and that just kind of keeps you going. I drank more water than I've drank in probably in a year at that place. Um, so their…I mean, and the food is good. The burrito cafe was pretty good. They gave me lots of cheese on it and a big old thing of chips and salsa. And the pizza place had two pieces of pizza, and I didn't need to order extras because you can't have it customized. You just kind of pick what you want and take it and scan it and you walk away with it, and uh, but it was good. The food there is really good. You would think that it would be kind of shoddy carnival fare, but it was actually pretty good. I was surprised. I was impressed.

And I loved the decorations for SCarowinds. SCarowinds is Carowind's Halloween celebration thing. They have Halloween themed things. You cannot go dressed up. They dress up. They have different things. They have the rides open. It's open till midnight, but it's only open for three hours so it's…the parks open till 5, it's shut down for two hours, and then you can come back for SCarowinds. You have to buy an extra ticket for SCarowinds, though, and that's open from like 7 to midnight or 8 to midnight, something like that. I think it's eight to twelve. And so you get to see the rides in the dark which would be a great experience and see the little, you know, the Halloween stuff going on. I kind of wish we got to experience it, but from what I saw walking around the park it just wasn't worth, um, it just wasn't worth staying for that or paying extra for that. But Christmas! The lights that I saw online and the videos, they look amazing. We definitely want to check out the winter stuff, but only if the rides are open because otherwise that would be a lot of money just to look at lights.

But uh, yeah. It is a fun place to go, but it's just really expensive. It can get aggravating waiting in line, waiting waiting waiting for the ride to be over like that. [snaps fingers] We went on probably less than ten rides the whole time we were there, and we were there from 10 to, 10 to 8, and we hardly got to get on any rides because the lines and waiting. And it gets so hot. You feel so sick. You just can't stand there in line all day burning up with no way to relieve yourself. It just really sucked. And the ride I wanted to go on the most was shut down so that was unfortunate. And then the Rapids, I wanted to go on the Rapids more because the Rapids was, like, the most fun, and they had, like, a two hour wait apparently which sucked, and we didn't want to wait in line for two hours, and the park was about to close, so that was unfortunate. The Rapids was really fun. Dosey Doe was amazing. We went on the carousel. The Scrambler. I love the Scrambler, love it. And Gold Rush which is a wooden roller coaster. That was fun. And the swings, it's called, I forgot, the Zephyr or something like that. That was fun. And that's all we went on. And the waterpark. But I'd do it again. It was still an experience. I loved being out there with him. And at least if we ever went when it was hot again I would know exactly what to do, what to wear, which would have to be next to nothing because it is too damn hot. Buy a hat or something. And in the winter I get to be fully dressed up and still have a good time which would be ideal.

I wish that they stayed open longer because nobody had any lights on as well. Carnivals are always so beautiful when everything's lit up, and it would have been great to have been able to experience that. But right when it was getting dark they closed, and it's only the start of September. I don't see why they would cut the hours so short already, but they are. I guess that's about it.

And the pictures that they take of you are actually really good. I don't like people taking my pictures because they're usually really unflattering, and I make the dumbest faces. And they stop you when you're walking, and they're like, you want us to take a picture? And you're unprepared for it, and you're just kind of, okay. And they say, are you a couple? And if you say yes they're like, give him a kiss. Then you turn, you give, give him a kiss or whatever, and they snap the picture. And there's every chance that those pictures will come out awful because they're, they're half paying attention. They're just kind of [mimics fast camera shutter sound] you know, they're just in and out and handing you the card, in and out and handing you the card. But the pictures are surprisingly good. They are really good at what they do there, I'll tell you that. They take these pictures, you see them, and you're like, man I kind of want to buy that. And that's exactly what they want so…but I was, I was really impressed with the photographers there, very, very happy. And if we go back I think even though I can't get my own pictures and I was kind of misled with the whole season pass thing, that is the best option. And I think if we go back again I'm going to seek out the season pass first, and then I'm gonna go around the park and try to get every single person I can to take our picture because I'm gonna want more than $25 for six pictures when we go around the park and get them to take lots and lots and lots of pictures. That'll be more worth the money in my opinion, so I think that's gonna be the plan next time.

And that's it for now. Thank you so much for listening to this. We had a great time. I wish that I could have recorded more. And have you ever been? Have you ever heard of it? Did you go before? Was it like this before if you've been there? Because he says it wasn't, and I would have loved to have experienced it back when it was cheaper, rides were longer, and there was more stuff to do. But I'm still happy enough with it. It reminds me of Western Playland. I can't stop but compare El Paso's Western Playland with North Carolina's Carowinds in my head, but um, I'm just glad that there is a carnival like that I got to go to. It's been so many years since I've gotten to go to one. I mean, I'm…I was a bit worried because I last went in my 20's and now I'm in my 40's, and I'm like, what if I get dizzy on the rides and I get sick or I get there and I'm just too old and I, I can't handle it? But I, I had a really good time, and it was a great, great experience to share with my husband, and I loved it.

So thank you so much for listening to this blabbering on again, and I will see you guys in next video.

[cut to the box of fudge]

This is the fudge that we got at Carowinds. They make it on site every morning. Sorry for my nail polish. I scraped it off so I could repaint my nails today. This is what we got. It was buy two get one free. They're pretty big bars. They're thick and really heavy. So we got one each and one to split. This is Josh's. It is mint chocolate. This is the one to split, and this is peanut butter chocolate. And this one is mine, and this is called tiger stripes or tiger blood or something like that, and it's basically Butterfinger. So, there was that.

[cut to a blue plush bear]

This is the bear that we bought, and um, my color's red, and Josh's is blue, but my secondary color is green because that's my favorite of my hair colors. And uh, this was a really pretty bear. It doesn't have the year on the foot, but we'll write it on the tag or something. This is quite soft, probably one of the cheapest things that they actually had there, but he is so adorable.

[cut to the caricature]

This is the caricature that we had drawn of us. It's a pretty good size, you can see from my hand. And you can choose your own body. You pick, you know, whatever bodies they have on the picture, and they just draw your head and your face, your hair and your head and your face. And I chose the beach scene because it was so hot. Other stuff were like playing sports or ice skating, so the beach fit more than anything else. And um, the guy…we recorded it, but he drew it in front of us, and he did a really good job. He did it so fast. And we had gone by and inquired about it, and they framed it for us and, and everything. And he said, if the girl with the blue hair comes back they're mine, I'm gonna draw them, nobody else draw them. So that was pretty cool, and we're really happy with it. We're gonna hang it up as soon as I go out there in the living room probably.

[cut to photos of them and of the park]

No. 581247

File: 1538204040529.png (803.8 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-22-53-13…)

Josh's body language during the first 20 seconds speaks volumes.

He attempts to smile at the camera.

No. 581248

File: 1538204138072.png (811.82 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-20-25-07…)

No. 581249

File: 1538204209791.png (856.97 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-21-12-21…)

No. 581250

File: 1538204253424.png (896.82 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-21-09-58…)

No. 581251

File: 1538204347149.png (877.73 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-22-38-32…)

No. 581253

File: 1538204387735.png (877.13 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-22-53-22…)

No. 581254

File: 1538204481503.png (962.26 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-20-31-34…)

He bows his head and nods.

No. 581255

File: 1538204554227.png (822.54 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-21-13-44…)

He withdraws from her and crosses his arms tightly across his chest.

No. 581256

File: 1538204615589.png (840.36 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-22-02-37…)

No. 581257

File: 1538204659866.png (801.69 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-22-03-22…)

He pulls even further away from her and taps his fingers on the side of their SUV.

No. 581258

File: 1538204766773.png (920.53 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-20-33-04…)

Josh is rocking a Beetlejuice backpack.

No. 581259

File: 1538204905001.png (987.9 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-20-35-51…)

After they visit the water park.

No. 581260

File: 1538204961130.png (899.05 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-21-34-55…)

Josh wrings out his ponytail, throwing his elbow into Raven's face in the process. She kisses it, but he ignores her.

No. 581261

File: 1538205055964.png (928.42 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-21-38-43…)

"Are you having fun?"

"Yeah, I am."

No. 581262

File: 1538205229193.png (1.03 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-20-39-08…)

Josh is fidgeting intensely with his hair rubber band the entire time.

No. 581264

File: 1538205445004.png (396.68 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-20-49-56…)

"And uh, this was a really pretty bear. Probably one of the cheapest things that they actually had there, but he is so adorable."

No. 581265

File: 1538205536106.png (545.02 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-20-51-44…)

Pics taken by Carowinds staff.

No. 581266

File: 1538205578426.png (574.02 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-20-51-14…)

No. 581268

File: 1538205613630.png (835.01 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-20-51-09…)

No. 581269

File: 1538205755057.png (575.93 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-20-52-27…)

A few of her pics. She included several sets of both of them posing in front of the same decor.

No. 581270

File: 1538205783839.png (518.19 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-20-52-53…)

No. 581271

File: 1538205814260.png (617.45 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-20-51-19…)

No. 581272

File: 1538205845801.png (498.08 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-22-28-04…)

No. 581274

File: 1538205883937.png (793.51 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-20-53-14…)

No. 581275

File: 1538205936539.png (784.88 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-20-51-57…)

No. 581276

File: 1538205968140.png (371.83 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-20-53-25…)

No. 581277

File: 1538205990694.png (295.95 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-09-28-20-53-57…)

No. 581283

File: 1538206698118.png (36.01 KB, 800x222, Screenshot_2018-09-28-16-52-22…)

Marmalade, the irreplaceable cat that was more than a cat, has been replaced.

No. 581291


>we live like five or six hours from the park now

They left after sunrise and arrived before the park opened at 10am.

>We bought the souvenir cup…and you can drink free all day long. You can get refills every 15 minutes

>We also bought the dining package where you pay $30 per person, and you can eat for free every 90 minutes

Bought…free…words have no meaning.

No. 581306

She comes across so greedy and whiny. Everything is about getting as much out of a dollar as she can squeeze. Anything that inconveniences her she complains about. She doesn’t review things, she rants about things and how they didn’t meet her bizarre expectations.

If you are outdoors at a theme park you are going to be in the sun at some point. Bring a hat or a fucking umbrella, stupid bitch. Don’t stand there and complain someone needs to do something.

Also Josh looks legit special needs in the video.

No. 581314

>you can get refills every 15 minutes

gee, what a steal. who needs refills every 15 minutes??? she just perceives value where there is none, all the shit she falls for is for stupid uneducated people like her.

No. 581379

It is so embarrassing how much money they Needlessly wasted at that crappy theme park.A sucker born every minute. She is almost proud of how much cash she blew,crazy.

Do these parks not allow people to bring in food/ water/ sunscreen/ hats/flipflops? Plan ahead.

If they don't allow ppl to bring in food, flipflops etc in order to ring every penny out of you..don't support the place!

I don't get Raven actually wanting to go back to Carrowinds after all her complaints.seems like they really push the "professional photos" on ppl. A total rip off..crazy that they couldn't say no,it isn't like the photographer photos are so amazingly great..same with the portrait, in fact it is ghastly.But just like with Jeff Koons art work you just can't look away.

Is it that common for people without kids in tow to go in 30s/40s? I thought these places were largely aimed at children/ teens..we know Josh has the IQ of a child so there is yr answer I guess..

No. 581563

He looks miserable. He has the “Logan” look now. I do not see this marriage lasting too long before he finds him another chub to get with.

No. 582180

File: 1538251556047.jpg (68.84 KB, 846x799, 468545341635.JPG)

>She did not wear her eyeliner like that until the new videos.

She actually did, she wears them on and off through the years.. Its either these and less eyeshadow, or A TON of eyeshadow and no wings. (Below the eyes)
This ss is from a month after she moved to the US.

No. 582182

File: 1538251797909.jpg (65.19 KB, 468x960, houstonwehave1flapdown.jpg)

This picture looks like she lost one of her flaps in some freak accident and the other one is hanging on for dear life before it too gets lost.
Also the tattoo under her skull is new, imagine the poor artist that had to tattoo those saggy flabs.

No. 582192

She’s disgusting. Who does this? Only a sadist or a sociopath, guys.

Josh looks ugly, old, and dead inside. Logan 2.0 achieved.

No. 582194

I firmly believe that she’s so arrested in her development that she simply has to fuck dudes who are emotionally the age of teens, legit teen or otherwise. Josh is very low IQ and strikes me as special needs.

I’m trying to be polite and not call her out on being the obvious pedophile that she is.

No. 582202

Can she possibly spend one single day without complaining about something. Bitch bitch bitch, fucking hell! She has got to be the most wearing person to be around, what an emotional vampire. Neck yourself Joshy, it’s your only hope of escape.

No. 582254

I do not understand how this is a "carnival" this is a full on amusement park, expensive as hell. They close at like 9 because it's an amusement park and not an actual carnival. Carnivals are like 15-20 dollars a person, if that and you buy 10 dollars-20 dollars for rides.

like, you could have the experience she was actually wanting for like 100 dollars, but she easily spent 500 at a huge ,expensive amusement park. wow.

No. 582279

I think that is part of it, but I can't escape the idea that it's also predatory. She could never have gotten her claws into Josh (or kept them in) if he wasn't legit retarded. Look how obvious and lazy her lies are. She needs guys who will buy into her bullshit long enough to develop that thousand yard stare.

Also, please anons, don't remind me Logan exists. Knowing he escaped Big Bertha and ended up with Raven Jr: Tumblr Edition just breaks my cold little heart.

No. 582296

that's less pedo and more the fact that she's such a mess that no one smart enough will date her.

she's not going for young guys, she's going for guys who won't see through her shit. josh looks old enough to be with her but acts like a sped most times.

No. 582301

File: 1538264082247.jpg (686.44 KB, 1000x669, VampireTeeth.jpg)


More melodramatic song lyrics?

Josh's signature on her left flap confirmed.

Is that a tattoo of plastic vampire fangs on her thigh? And is the tangled mess next to it supposed to be a thigh high fishnet stocking?

Her new artist is worse than Sonja. She is probably getting discount or free work from an apprentice at the shop.

No. 582309


His facial expressions, puffy eyes, and the way he rubbed his eyes made me wonder if he had been crying. She seemed tense as well. They were tense throughout the video. He didn't smile once.


After she kisses him on the elbow she leans in for a head to head snuggle and doesn't get it. He looks everywhere but at her throughout that clip.


Does this look like happy couple?

How can she post video and pics of him (and Logan, for that matter) looking so obviously miserable? Is she genuinely oblivious?


Watching the sped-up video of him fidget with that rubber band while blankly staring at nothing was tragically hysterical.


Did she post this pic in >>580538? Someone should shop her face onto the ogre.

No. 582340

The Hagraven sucked away his soul and left an empty shell. He looks like a zombie thrall.

No. 582363


All aboard! >>581274

And funnily enough, that was the only park prop pic she didn't pose for.

No. 582381

"Is she genuinely oblivious?"

I really think she is. He's an accessory, not a person. And keep in mind, this is the same woman who thinks we're all going to die of envy when we see the trailer she is living in, the gumball machine ring, etc. I can imagine her looking at herself in the video / photos and barely even noticing him (and seeing herself as perfect)

No. 582383

maybe he didn't enjoy being forced to spend several paychecks there that day

No. 582436

fyi everyone I just noticed Raven had impersonated me in the alt thread and started all of the drama with her son back up again. Where she claimed to be "Logan's ex friend". Just a heads up, it was definitely her. You can check IPs

No. 582438

Yeah I cringed at the way she bragged about all the money spent. It's like, why remind him where every dollar went? Just to brag. That's all it is. Bragging that her husband will spend this much on her. Most guys would rather stay at home, these outings are all probably pressured by her. I'm dying to know why Josh looked miserable or if he was just tired. Listening to her endless nitpicking complaints while he hemmorages cash for her childish bullshit… Southern people don't talk like that, complaining about every single thing one can think of. You keep it to yourself. But she's compulsive about it. I used to think anons tinfoiled too much about Josh being sad, and it was just him being slow, but that body language is real telling…

So sad I've come to the end of the thread! Seeing the Raven saga start up again was a real thrill and it's good to be back.

No. 582439

And who are you?

No. 582442

I talked to Logan around the time she was leaving NZ and posted a few times about the situation w/ her (which got highly mixed up because she also posted impersonating me before, or some other anon…)

I was browsing lolcow to see the onion threads but noticed Raven had a new thread and saw the alt postings where she claimed to be me. Just thought I'd say something because it honestly caught me by surprise.

No. 582447

File: 1538288560882.png (44.17 KB, 581x333, Untitled.png)


And let's just say she didn't like me looking for information from him…I got accused of many things, although I never flirted with him. (I've never even talked to this bitch before but she makes a good first impression…)

No. 582475

Kit right? You who you were in altcow thread. Stop trying to make it a big secret.

No. 582476

y'kno they can check the IPs for that, right Diana? Feel free to say hi on Facebook anytime, after you unblock me. ;)

No. 582525

So, let me see if I got it right.

>>582476 is the same poster as in >>444390


>>582475 is the same poster as in >>678246

(presumably Raven herself)

No. 582544

Her messages literally show how psychotic she is. She needs some damn help.

No. 582569

They also show how her lack of self-awareness. Everything in those messages could be applied to her, multiple times over, and her go-to insults are regurgitated from shit people have said to / about her.

No. 582606

I'm not Raven, the thread on /snow/ has Raven literally saying she's Kit, and >>582447 idiot replying to her.



She literally replied to raven saying "my online name is kit" so I don't know why she's trying to pretend she's someone else.

No. 582849

According to Kiwifarms, Ravens best buddy who also lives in SC, the one she gave her trash car to, is now on there pretending to be someone else, but an anon seen that it was her. Juicy. I wonder what Raven did to her?

No. 582971

No. 582973

The girl is Julieann Hall, she is the girl in the "My heart isn't in it anymore…" thumbnail. She is also the "RL friend" who bought groceries so Raven and Josh did no starve in the first trailer.
Looks like when "money started to flow" Ravens way, she dumped her broken car on that chick and bailed out. So much for mUh ReAl LifE frIeNd

No. 582984

Thanks fam. I always forget how to do that.

No. 583000

Tbh Julienne is a carbon copy of Ravens antics. I can’t work, I can’t pay my bills, poor me, and the next day have a horde of new goodies like cheap toys and makeup from her boyfriend Cory. They are the same sort of people. I don’t feel bad for her.

No. 583016

No. 583308

I’m confused. I’m “Kit”. I just posted because I had no idea she was impersonating me and I wanted to let everyone else know on here that I didn’t post in alt cow. It’s so creepy how she’s trying to stir up drama by posting caps with her ex about her son while pretending to be me. I’ve never even talked to her, just recieved a bunch of nasty messages from two of her accounts about a year ago. I don’t want to be acknowledged whatsoever, but I just wanted to say, I haven’t posted about any of this since then. So it was definitely her, or someone she knows.

No. 583310

i think anon is trying to say that >>582447 post is cringy because it seems like you're trying to hide you're identity, even though you outed graven using your name in the other thread.

No. 583312

File: 1538350391773.jpeg (216 KB, 548x960, A2F42652-C21E-4DCE-935F-277D61…)


Another pic of Raven with no bra

No. 583313

File: 1538350432768.jpeg (524.2 KB, 866x1280, D3185764-C323-457E-BFB3-067E8A…)

Added a corset but still no figure

No. 583315

File: 1538350519318.jpeg (404.66 KB, 731x1280, E06EC615-F190-4B24-96BC-694B9A…)

She pulled the shirt tighter behind her back to show off…idk

No. 583319

File: 1538350790976.jpeg (482.56 KB, 1242x1849, 4F6514C4-9374-4E4F-A1D4-F1245D…)

And finally the basic white girl drink. She is trying to imply it’s her first time getting some but Josh commented saying she is addicted so I bet she has been going at it for the few weeks it’s been available

No. 583329

Oh ok. I didn’t mean to come off as that. I thought it was super weird that she would post as me, even though it’s obviously her screenshots…I haven’t even talked to Logan in a year (he still has me blocked) and I use an iPhone so it’s super weird that she’s stirring it up herself, but I guess she’s done it before..that’s all I was trying to say.

No. 583340

Can't you tell anon? She's SKINNY now. She got THIN and she has to show us h8rz how pretty and skinny and totes hot she is now that she can only eat 3 bites and then she's full.


No. 583342

She clearly had money now, why doesn’t she invest in some damn bras?

No. 583349

I understand.

If I recall correctly, people were calling out 'your' the post in the alt thread as it had ravens signature font.

No. 583356

She looks hilarious with that dollar store blue Disney mop on her head and her saggy granny teets. I don’t k ow where she gets that she is beautiful. She’s a goff dinosaur that wears little girl hot topic tees

No. 583372

File: 1538356338275.png (861.07 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-31-11-51-41…)


Julie-ann sent Raven gifts in October 2015. Raven posted a video about it.

No. 583375

File: 1538357604609.jpg (9.52 MB, 5312x2988, 20180930_065128.jpg)


Obvious selfpost is obvious.

No. 583376

Ha. I knew this was going to happen. Thus why Gravy cannot keep a friend. She uses people. So obvious it’s her on KF posting about her. Every single time Gravy makes a friend, the first thing she talks about is the hate sites dedicated to her. So of course when she does them wrong it’s the first place they show up to dish the dirt. This is gold.

No. 583395

talk about truth in advertising, wow

No. 583453

Damn, sad pancakes are sad. She looks saggier than ever. Age is catching up, Raven.

Also, that wig, she does not take it off. It must be putrid at this point. Whatever is left of her hair will def fall, LMAO I can't.

No. 583490

What is she posting on KF about Raven? Can someone summarize it here so we don't have to go there and sift through stuff?

No. 583502

File: 1538405488307.jpg (1.26 MB, 2988x5312, 20180930_062634.jpg)

>Some friend she became with a girl in south carolina and since money came in play I bet she forgot about her friend , i saw the video she posted up about how she had real friend I bet she just used that girl like she does everyone else that gets in her path
>Ive been snooping on the girls page and added her and she don't even know I am on there, there are pictures of her and raven up
>Pictures of them I can see of [attached]

No. 583504

File: 1538405567819.jpg (1.98 MB, 2988x5312, 20180930_062512.jpg)

and the third pic she posted is at >>583375

No. 583520

Real wise leaving the GPS on the phone in shot

No. 583620

File: 1538419274823.jpg (785.39 KB, 810x1756, Screenshot_20181001-144203_Fac…)

No. 583621

File: 1538419298049.jpg (718.24 KB, 810x1696, Screenshot_20181001-144228_Fac…)

No. 583655

Lol. Only in Raven’s delusional world does skipping town and spending a few months in a nasty “rent-to-own” trailer equal moving away and “buying our own home.” I’m surprised she didn’t call it their dream home tbh.

No. 583701


Was this the caption she provided with the image posted in >>580704?

Yes, DL's and ID's which are reissued with a change of name maintain the original issue and expiration dates.

>>580704 anon could have included the caption to prevent the speculation that ensued. Way to manipulate the information to create controversy, anon.

No. 583707

I probably shouldn't be and yet I am surprised they let her take her license photo with such an obvious wig on her head.

No. 583709

I'd do whatever the fuck it took to get her out the door, too

No. 583837

>moved far away
up the road, to Spartanburg

No. 583885


I wonder how Josh feels about maintaining such an obvious lie? Perhaps his expression >>581248 at the moment she said, "long ass road trip" tells us all we need to know.

They got to the park "so early" before it opened at 10am, yet they "live like 5 or 6 hours" away. Does that video look like it was filmed at 5am?

No. 583909

Gonna tinfoil a little, I think the reason he looks so Logan 2.0 is because of all her lies, and her constant whining and bitching about insignificant shit. Also he doesnt seem the type to want to lie about every little thing. (I could be wrong, but he just doesnt give off that impression at all. Especially since in the hospital after the accident Raven was blowing shit out of proportions and he was on the sidelines reeling it back in to what actually happened.)

I don't think he missed his interwebz friends at all. ( >>580816 )
I think Raven missed her cash cows, and having someone/a platform to rant and complain at, where everyone just gives her asspats and agrees that everything is terribad for her.
I think he started to get really tired of hearing her useless droning, and when she suggested to come back he just went along with it for a little more peace and quiet, which would be understandable.
After a certain amount of shitstorming we all would get sick of listening to toxic people like that.
And then this gave her an excellent opening to come up with this grand scheme of how they "moved far far away to a distand land of florida" where they "bought" a "house", and so she could come back with a marvelous story, on a white horse in shiny new tat.

Also I belive he is fully aware that she is lying about Doja so she won't come off as the horrid hag she is, andhas no choice but to go along with this ludicrous lie about how he "ate a kitten". And this may weigh heavily on his dog-loving heart because a perfectly nice old doggo was painted a horrific villain when it's untrue.

Furthermore, perhaps he wasnt prepared for this sort of behavior because he thought she wouldnt have a reason to be a negative cloud of toxcicity when she arrived in the US, because then she would have "everything she ever wanted".
To him, she painted life in NZ like a concentration camp, and it would be reasonable seen from his view that she was so negative there because she hated it.
But now he sees that the grandios dream of 'Murica was just not enough, and he's just not enough, and nothing is ever going to be enough and shes gonna bitch and moan about everything no matter what. And his patience is starting to run out because the complaining never ends.
Maybe he should have taken us more seriously when he came on his white horse to defaaand her honorrr! kek.

No. 584000


I agree with all of this, which makes me wonder why he married her. That is almost unfathomable to me. Like, any evaluation of his life since Raven entered it would show him exactly how toxic she is (e.g. his standard of living has dropped, he is distanced from his family, his is implicated and entangled in her lies and schemes, he is financially strapped, he has been party to disappearing pets, she literally treats him like a pet– watch out Josh! and on and on), and all of that was before he married her. There's no puss on earth that is worth all that, much less some washed-up harridan like Raven. It's one of those things you just can't wrap your mind around.

No. 584029

Hell, why did any of em marry her?
It's hard to say, I dunno if I believe the whole "oh shes SO charismatic, you guys don't even know" and how shes a master manipulator.
She may be good at manipulation bc she has 42 years of service, but I doubt that she has level 10 charisma. Also we see right through all of her bs, so there is no reason why he wouldn't either if he just stopped and thought things over.
She does keep love bombing him, and maybe he rationalized all of this in his head somehow.
She for sure has a perfectly good excuse and explanation that may sound reasonable at the time for every fit of rage, for every pet gone missing, for every dollar she wastes etc, and also for bitching.
So that may be it, kinda like tunnel vision, every time he sees the end of the bitching she comes up with a good excuse/explanation and then the end moves ahead just out of reach, rinse and repeat.

Also let's not forget that she moved the wedding ahead suddenly, which is odd because she had this amazing perfect date she had saved away for TLTWGTL and she had never gotten married on her bday before and was never gonna do that, only for Josh because this is TRULY and REALLY The One guise*
Perhaps she saw that he was getting sick of her shit and love-bombed extra hard, and then by some miracle of god was able to "seal the deal" and now he thinks he's absolutely stuck and just (for now) puts up with it bc she's his wife.
It's plausible.

Also may I add, he is so not excused for going along with any of these animal schemes even if he is dating Raven.
There is no excuse on this planet for just tossing away a pet when you get sick of it and getting a new one.
And there certainly is no excuse for not standing up to her with all this horseshit and putting your foot down to no more animals because it's just gonna keep happening. And if he refuses to get rid of one that she is bored of, she will just make up a fantastic story of what a horrible pet that one is and why they need to get rid of it. Or, they'll just suddently "go missing" again. Just man tf up and do it.

No. 584035

I can’t see Josh having any clue as to what a normal relationship is, so that may be it too. And now he’s just not bright enough to see that it’s unhealthy and figure out a way to get out of it. He seems too dumb to make his own life decisions.

No. 584047

Fucking excellent summary, anon. I don't think any of that needs tinfoil. I'd cross out the 'maybe' about her behviour, and put definitely. He didn't even think she was going to come over in the first place, so he had very little time to prepare for the reality of her.

My theory: because he's trapped. She burned down what little of a life he had. Remember how his mom was Raven's bestie and they were so much alike and blah blah blah … that lasted all of, what, two weeks?
She isolated him (like she always does), wore him down with her endless droning (like she always does), then rushed him into a marriage (like she always does). He's not completely zombified yet, and I think it will be quite a show when he does finally snap, as I believe he will. But for now, he's entangled with her and can't see any way out.

No. 584060

Typical abuser m.o. Isolate, trap, manipulate not necessarily in that order.

No. 584064

All I can think about in relation to him being distanced from his family is that picture at Thanksgiving they took with Josh Raven and his family at TG dinner. It will be pretty awkward this year, I guess! I wonder if they will even go… or if Raven will try and play wifey and make dinner for just her and Josh. Because after all ~they are living in Florida now and it would be too far to drive just for that!~ (I know they aren't really living in Florida, what a stupid thing for her to lie about. But I am calling it now, she will use it as an excuse why they aren't having TG dinner with Josh's family.)

No. 584113

Why thank you for the kind words.
And I am so in agreement about when he does snap it's going to be a glorious milkfest for us!
I hope it won't be too long, bc that milk is gonna be good. Let's hope it will be a saga where he comes to the farms, and it's one of those spill-all kind of deals.. That would be a juicy milkshake to savour.

I also agree that for now he doesn't see a way out, but I do believe he has come to the point where he started to think twice about this whole thing and is slowly starting to perhaps wonder if this is all really worth it. Nope, it's not.
He looks so tired of her shit already, even to the point where its obvious in videos when shes lying because of his reactions to what she says. And it's only been a year.
Wew, any bets on how long he's going to last? 5 years may be a stretch with this one when he already is at Logan-3-years-in level.

No. 584151

You’re over thinking this. It’s not like Josh is some catch ffs. Josh is a dumb redneck. Really dim. He was living on his mom sofa, working a few hours a week loading soil at a garden store and chain smoking - that was his life. Raven was some excitement in his very mundane life.

Ever see those guys that walk around with a python around their neck in public? That’s Josh and Raven is his python. He feels like some cool metal dude walking around with a totally crazy goth chick. He’s mentally 15 years old and so is she.

They are both white trash and have incredibly low standards of living, so that worked out well. When he’s in between jobs she pulls some scams to get a few bucks. Raven is old and barren so no pressure on Josh to support any kids. He can continue acting like a sixteen year old and Raven will coo and stroke his ego.

They really ended up being a decent match for each other. They are dumb, scummy idiots who never mentally went past the age of sixteen. This relationship might even last a few years unless Josh can find younger “cool chick” with incredibly low standards and very little upstairs.

No. 584155

I’d say maybe in the next year his mama is going to get sick of not seeing her son and come get her boy. He was a mamas boy before hurricane Diana. I mean she was allowing her 30something y/o son to sleep on her couch. I’m sure graven has control of his social media and is hovering over him when he’s allowed to talk on the phone with his family. If it was my son I’d come yoke his ass up and drag him away, far away. And southern moms are way more possessive about their boys and they want grandchildren, which raven won’t provide. I wouldn’t put it past her to force a miscarriage for attention or obviously fake multiple pregnancies with miscarriages. She is any mothers worst nightmare for their children.

No. 584232


His mom was her bestie when she was buying presents for her.


Forget Thanksgiving. She's already focused on Christmas.

Last year she blabbed on and on in at least three videos about how accepting of her his family was. And now:

>It's almost Christmastime. I'm definitely gonna have a Christmas video uploaded because we've got, like…we're gonna have a big Christmas this year, tons of stuff. I don't know if we're gonna see his family or not, but we are definitely gonna have a nice big Christmas. And I've already got, like, 25 presents for him or something like that. I've spoiled him this year.



Have you forgotten the car crash induced miscarriage that was more than a miscarriage of 2017?

Is Josh's Facebook page still plastered with her visage or some terrible terrible melding of their faces?

No. 584235

File: 1538558983621.png (32.08 KB, 800x199, Screenshot_2018-10-03-02-24-26…)


I cannot wait.

No. 584241

kek, when did I ever say he was a catch?
I'm fully aware he's a dimwit.
You're reading things between the lines that I never put in there.

The only reason Raven was able to "win him over" is because he is at the perfect level of stupid for her, which makes him "moldable" and easy to manipulate.
I was simply trying to create some conversation, the thread was being equally as slow as couchie is.

The dead mom fund is for sure gone, Can I just ask, how in the fuck is she affording all this shit?
>A lot, of shitty new tattoos
>25 (so far) Christmas presents for Couchie
>A new hoard of hot topic clothes
>A new hoard of…shit everywhere
>A "new" car that looks to be in good condition
>$500 wedding rings (that arent even worth the splurge, you can get them for like $7.99 on amazon)
>That atrocious toupee
>More fugly "jewelry"
>Shitty corsets
>Overpriced coffee every day (Starbucks)
>A new hoard of makeup she won't be using
>A new couch (She has posted about her new couch, and finally having one kek)
>ANOTHER new bed (She bought one in trailer #2 I believe? correct me if I am wrong)
>Also random house furnishing, she talked about that too.
>Eating out often
>Easily blowing $500 at Carowinds, without a care so that means they had more money for the rest of the month until paycheck.

I'm sure there's things I'm forgetting, Or that we don't even know about yet.
But seriosuly, where is all this money coming from? Is there a dead landlord fund? I refuse to believe they pay her that well at this janitorial clerk job she has.
And it's up to couchie on the new couch to pay rent and utilities, gas and car repairs because we all know she wont do that so there goes his paycheck.

No. 584253


Judging by the quality she is probably getting discount or free work from an apprentice at the shop.

>A new couch (She has posted about her new couch, and finally having one kek)

Pics? Do share, especially if she made a nod towards us.

>ANOTHER new bed (She bought one in trailer #2 I believe? correct me if I am wrong)

She had a four poster canopy bed and mattress set on her Amazon wishlist. Around the time Doja arrived they got a king size mattress set but not the one on her list. It never had sheets (just gross with multiple pets, Doja's skin condition, eating in bed, and Josh always wearing his work clothes in bed) because they had only queen size sheets from the air bed. They always seemed to have a surfeit of pillows, though, probably for her tailbone. By "new bed" she is probably referring to just the new bed frame and mirrored headboard and not a new mattress set as well.

No. 584263

File: 1538571025820.png (171.58 KB, 540x869, 42982631_459978957739209_78159…)

I can't for the life of me remember where i saw it, I think it was some reply to a comment somewhere, and I've looked but I can't find it again. It wasn't aimed at us, just her bragging in general that she has stuff now kek. But I did find some photos she posted that do indeed look like a couch, I'll drop them in a sec.

But while on the topic of her having money now, I did find this (pic attached) while looking for that couch comment.
I don't for a second believe all of this until I see proof, but still.

Repost bc wrong image.

No. 584264

File: 1538572006176.png (962.98 KB, 1088x819, 43121755_304015880393828_31009…)

This does appear to be a couch, in the left photo it looks like the back of it, if this was her bed then that horrible mirror headboard would be there and not a wall, she keeps the pillows by that mirror monstrosity (and her new hoard).
In the right picture it clearly looks like a living room, and the cell phone is resting on the armrest of it. Same color and seemingly same fabric and ugly wall in the background too.
Sorry about not finding that comment, I forgot to ss it at the time kek.

No. 584265

File: 1538572263201.png (589.24 KB, 1123x960, 43007726_545095605949367_44287…)

They're gonna go back to Carowinds at new years, I thought she said in her review (when you boil all her droning and moaning down to a tee) that it was so expensive, and too many people that made too long lines for rides, and not really worth it? Because it sure sounded like that was the case.

No. 584267

Possibly was given free passes after she complained to Carrowinds staff about various things?

No. 584268

slightly ot. but does anyone else find it so jarring to see her doing all this down-home 'murrican stuff looking like…that?

josh doesn't look out of place there because well look at him. but gravy's pics look so weird. like she's in front of a green screen and someone's adding inappropriate backgrounds.

No. 584270

What I find jarring is her allegedly spending almost $600 for two cats and another $500 for pet crap (which they don't actually need and could care less about) when she allegedly didn't have enough money to pay her damn bills.

So basically, she admits to paying almost $1,100 on pets.

I am with the other anon, I am really curious where her money is coming from. This is ridiculous from someone who poor-mouths at the drop of a hat. Is it possible that Ryan is still subsidizing her?

No. 584273

> Is it possible that Ryan is still subsidizing her?

Yes. He is all over her facebook and youtube since she came back.
And she also said her NZ hoard is coming her way, I'm guessing since the whole Logan threesome drama, Ryan is the one paying for it.

No. 584274

I think it's 50% with the fact that most of us are used to Raven living in the far off land of New Zealand and now for some of us she's just an hour or two away and visiting the same tourist spots we all have.

The other 50% is we're not using to seeing Raven do anything. Even her pictures from NZ were of her in the house or in barren fields. The only ones I remember were when she went to the mall and that was odd enough. Seeing her going to theme parks and doing tourist stuff doesn't compute because Raven never does anything, she's too lazy for it.

No. 584278

File: 1538575080366.jpg (163.87 KB, 1123x566, 4684653135.JPG)

Damn I had forgot about that neanderthal, and he is like always, all over her social media.

It's more than likely that he's sending her money.
And more than likely that she's sending him nudes and whatnot for it.
I just wonder if couchie knows? If he's okay with an ex-husband bankrolling their entire lives basically. I know most men wouldn't think that was okay.
There is just NO fucking way, she's making that much money at her job, I don't know what they pay you to be a clerk janitor in a scratchers hut, but it can't be more than minimum wage. Does anyone actually know what people with similar or the same jobs make?

No. 584285

Also that expression can be called:
"smug because I have successfully conned you out of all of your money"
or "I have a couch now, ha!"
or "My dead mom fund got me this shirt!"

No. 584288

> I don't know what they pay you to be a clerk janitor in a scratchers hut

Apparently they pay you with bad ink, cuz Raven and Josh are suddenly full of new ones.

No. 584291

File: 1538575570240.jpg (229.61 KB, 600x399, DSC5154.jpg)

Really surprised these two didn't stop for photos at South of the Border considering it's right up Gravey's alley in the way of tacky spots.

No. 584292

kek, that could actually be true. Like one of those weird small-town, redneck sort of deals, like "well you can get your paycheck, or your paycheck's worth in tattoos."
Can't wait to get a closer look at these shitty scratches, she said she would be doing a tattoo tour of all her new ones.
That'll be fun.

No. 584294

>Can't wait to get a closer look at these shitty scratches

Please no close up of the new ones in her flappy pancakes tits. PLEASE, I BEG YOU

No. 584295

I’m thinking her mum had some sort of life insurance policy and possibly belongings that were sold and split between her and her sister. Unless they hit some money on a cheap scratch off.

No. 584297

Mom’s life insurance sounds extremely plausible
If she won money off a scratcher, there’s no way she wouldn’t have bragged about it.

No. 584307

Yeah she for sure couldn't resist bragging about winning money.
No, something's off about this whole thing, she would have bragged about an inheritance too, she can't help herself. If she had inherited even a small amount such as $3000 she would have bragged to everyone and anyone willing to listen about how shes rich now.

Do they give out life insurance to someone who is old and decrepit, has had several strokes, and who needs to be in assisted living though? Because they don't in my country.
Don't forget that she was living in one of those homes where people take care of her, (which Raven mentioned a lot in both previous videos and the one where she announced her mothers death which has that recording, in it she speaks to a nurse first)
Her mom didn't have a house anymore, and hadn't had it for years apparently. And most of her belongings (furniture, clothing etc) were also not in the picture, most likely sold or her siblings kept them. (She also talked about this, in the same video where she had that recording of speaking to her mom.)

Sorry anons I just don't buy it, I find it hard to believe they gave an OLD woman living in assisted care, who had had multiple strokes, life insurance.
Also Raven spoke about how she only had a few of her belongings with her at this home, and how they were poor when she was growing up, and that her mother had a hard time financially when arriving in the US and the years leading up to and after having children. So I doubt there were any expensive jewelry or that sort of thing that could be sold off for over $1600. (Which is the confirmed amount of money she has wasted/splurged with, imagine what we dont know about.)
Feel free to prove me wrong about any of this, I don't know a lot about american insurance companies. It just to me coming from a different country sounds extremely weird. (inb4 you're from a poor country, am not.) Where I know for sure this country and surrounding ones would not give out insurance to someone like that.

No. 584309

I'd say you're underthinking it. That was Josh when fatso was still in NZ and for a few weeks when she arrived. Have you seen him after that? He hates her. He really loathes her.

but does he have her name on him yet … ? You know, because he loves her so much and all.

It's Ryan. It's always Ryan. Raven is mopping floors and Josh is kicking shit, but most of it is Ryan.

No. 584311

Yeah I suspect so too, I'm just saying I about -2% believe that it was any sort of big inheritance or life insurance.

No. 584312

>but does he have her name on him yet … ?

Oh, you mean that tattoo he was supposed to have had a year ago? mmMmmM don't think so. We would have known, the world would have known.

Did he cover his ex-wife tattoo though? That would be top priority for Graven.

No. 584313

She complained that New Zealand had nothing to do all the time but she had a video a year or two back where she went to a festival with Dorian and Logan. It was in a park, they had displays up around and not amazing but pretty cute. She said that she was afraid of local bullies and didn’t go to many things because of the like 5 other goths in Christchurch. But otherwise she didn’t go to things locally much after she stopped partying.

No. 584317

> because of the like 5 other goths in Christchurch.

who hated her guts. she does not belong in communities because of her 'me me me me me' attitude.
she uses everyone that comes near her, she is unable of having friends.
Just take a 'look' at all of her friends, even her SON, who ended up here (lastly Ash an Julianne).

No. 584389

Yeah anyone can get life insurance here, just the more problems you have the more you pay out the ass though.

In reality she's probably just cheating/whoring her self out to Ryan for money.

No. 584408

The inheritance thing doesn't make sense to me. She would have been bottom of the barrel in the will, especially since her so evil / abusive mother hated her so much (until she suddenly didn't)

Why yes, that tattoo he was supposed to get as a sign of his commitment to her in The Love That Was Blah Blah, is the one I am thinking of. I mean, she got hers basically instantly, and this is her One True Love, so I can't imagine what the hold up would be …

No. 584422

Most people who buy life insurance or even think about it buy it early on in life so as to avoid shit like weird premiums based on existing illness. Relatives all got theirs in their early thirties through work so the kids would have something. It's not impossible that her mom would have had it. What I think is impossible is that Diana would have been able to keep her fat mouth shut about it, but she has gone through periods of being relatively quiet.

No. 584447


I was referring to her post specifically about the couch. The pic on the right has been posted twice already. More of it can be seen in these pics:



Did you read the transcript?

>We are, however, interested in going to the Winter Fest and the New Year's one, especially the New Year's one because if the rides are open it won't be as damn hot as it was when we went.

>It would be a much better experience going there when it's colder so we are looking forward to finding out if the rides are open for the Winter Fest or slash New Year's, and if they are, we'll definitely be going back for that.

>But Christmas! The lights that I saw online and the videos, they look amazing. We definitely want to check out the winter stuff, but only if the rides are open because otherwise that would be a lot of money just to look at lights.


>spending almost $600 for two cats and another $500 for pet crap

Where did she say this?


He posted one comment on Youtube >>577731.


I'm still betting on a lot of the bad work being done by an apprentice. In a tightknit shop ellow artists and employees offer their skin for practice. This has been my experience when I worked in bodyart studios.

If they weren't done by an apprentice and by a pro, the pro sucks.

No. 584462

"He posted one comment on Youtube." - that poster noted that she frequently deletes or closes the comments?

No. 584464

Yeah and as I said like twice I wasn't able to find that post again. I added the photos bc they are in relation to her having one, and not everyone is extremely detail-oriented and may not have noticed it.
Also it wasn't one of those "ooo look at me haydurs I'm winning at life"-posts, it was more of a "just informing someone who asked"-post.

>spending almost $600 for two cats and another $500 for pet crap

>Where did she say this?

Right there, but she does say dogs, not cats.

No. 584465

No. 584467

File: 1538604615507.jpg (264 KB, 1600x894, maxresdefault (1).jpg)


>We are, however, interested in going to the Winter Fest and the New Year's one

Raven, since we know you lurk here, you're not getting anyone to believe you live in Florida if you're dropping $500+ and driving 8 hours to go to Carowinds for Christmas when you've got this in your backyard for a fraction of the price with those sweet Florida resident discounts.

No. 584470


I am well aware that she does. But if she kept the one from him, is she likely to have deleted the others? Anons need to cap them when they see them.


Thanks. I somehow scrolled past it. Notice she didn't mention vet checks, vaccines, and neutering for the three cats. But she did get them at 12 weeks old.


Right! And even during the regular season Disney has so many attractions and souveneirs that would appeal to her.

No. 584478

File: 1538606453603.jpeg (372.87 KB, 1242x1665, 8324A826-193D-4B43-8778-3F7D31…)

Insta post of her being “skinny” at 16

No. 584482

File: 1538606650024.png (778.12 KB, 1080x596, 1515119581359-1-1.png)


Josh's tattoo of his ex wife's name on his outer right wrist…

No. 584483

File: 1538606681840.png (285.02 KB, 934x505, Screenshot_2018-10-03-15-25-52…)


…has been covered with a top hat and sunglasses?

It's visible in one of their wedding pics, too >>573612.

No. 584484

File: 1538606719711.png (1.03 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-03-15-30-19…)

No. 584497

the beginning of a real goff murder suicide

No. 584526

Willing to get something that looks that shit, but not her name. Truly the love that was greater than etc.

No. 584547

>has been covered

Told ya she would rush him to cover that over getting her name on him.
Meanwhile, I'm sure she still have all those Logans related tattoos.

No. 584581

File: 1538618470722.jpg (21.1 KB, 483x280, 1487583115195.jpg)


She said that she would be getting the portrait of Logan and the wedding heart tattoo covered but would be keeping the matching tattoos.

The heart tattoo is on the inside of her left upper arm below the unicorn and is visible in >>573618 and >>583312.

Logan's portrait is on the inside of her lower left leg. It looks like she has gotten it covered in >>580548.

No. 584598

Being the goff granny she is if she lived in Florida she'd be going to the Halloween party every damn night just for the picspam and cred for pic ops with the villains.

Raven missing out on both Universal's Halloween scare zones and Disney's spooky decorations is the best proof anyone could have that she's not in Florida or anywhere close.

No. 584603

Why doesn't she just get some wrinkles drawn on the Logan tatt? They can turn it into Josh kek.
Both have/had long hair, both mentally slow.

No. 584607

Those dresses make it hard to tell, but from what I can see, she looked like a normal girl, not skinny or fat. Being part asian, you would think it would be difficult to put weight on. Maybe having a kid so young and eating bad stuff all the time wouldnt have helped.

Inb4 there are fat asians!
I know. I'm talking generally.

No. 584732

The Abby Brown

No. 584733

Her husband may have had one and she kept paying into it. If your grandfathered in to certain policies they can’t use your health as a reason to cancel it. Some just raise the prices or lower the payout. If it was a policy I’m sure it wasn’t much and it more than likely burned a hole in her pocket. So soon enough we will be seeing gfm’s and elaborate lies about why they are broke.

No. 584802

heh heh, she looks like a old ass fug succubus draining the energy of a special needs kid

No. 584804

You're right, it looks like Heisenburg, from Breaking Bad. He could have used that money from this tat to get Raven's name, but still no Ravens name….hmmm.

No. 584816

I’m impressed that somebody her age is still jealous of “thirsty sluts”. The way she lashes out at those whores reminds me of middle school where some girls would threaten to “kick you ass” for glancing at their crush. Congrats raven you have found the trick to keep your mind childlike. Are you going to be 65 screaming at women for talking to your ex husband #10?

No. 584830

>I'd give almost anything to look like that again.

Well Raven, you can't, but you certainly live vicariously through your child brides.

I'd kinda give anything for her to look like that again just so we wouldn't have to see this face when posting updates. Gross.

No. 584832

how is she not embarrassed wearing that cheap ass oriental trading wig? god, it must smell so bad, she even wore it to that theme park where you know she was sweating bullets and going on the water rides.

No. 584844

File: 1538676502285.jpg (6.86 KB, 180x261, diane-banks.jpg)

When your head most likely looks like a rabid squirrels fur, that thing is the better option.
Trust me she scorched her head bad with bleach if she's resorting to constantly wearing a wig that bad.

No. 584847

Maybe it was an agreement? You know how spergy Raven is about tattoos and marriage ect, maybe she pestered him about getting her name and he was like nah, but she screeched 'but you got HER name' so he was like cool, I'll cover it then, so they met in the middle.

Butttt the other part of me knows that's probably not true and Josh the pushover is saving to get a huge portrait of Raven on his back Steveo style.

No. 584848

Even the thought of this is amazing!
O sweet lord, make it come true..

No. 584882

Since when has Gran ever met anyone in the middle on anything … ? I don't know what Josh's deal is, but judging from how done he always looks, I am sure he's doing whatever he can to avoid it.

No. 584935

He better be careful because i can see him waking up to her cutting his forearm off.

No. 585030

I bet he got her signature on his left chest.

To correct my previous posts:


He already had the tattoos on the inside of his arm >>>/pt/497442.


They got the mattress set at the end of January >>>/pt/485796.

No. 585051

I bet he never gets it anywhere.

No. 585075

File: 1538739850666.png (8.22 MB, 1125x2436, C738B8EC-1031-43FB-850B-CD4CE1…)

I’m not entirely sure but I think he got her signature smack dab on his neck

No. 585086


If he did, we would have got a million posts about it.

No. 585090

It’s all cheap crap? I mean even the furniture is cheap crap, but bought second hand you’re talking $20.

Free tattoos, that’s why she “works” at the shop.

Her sad little engagement ring probably didn’t even cost $500 (which even if it did that’s super cheap by US standards for a e-ring) but we know it’s actually worth about $10.

The fact she did videos on the ring and Carol Winds makes me think she got some discount or comp to promote it on social media. Odd the few videos she made since her “return” center around things that cost money - ring, amusement park.

Stuff from Hot Topic is cheap as chips anyway but it’s amazing how much crap from there turns up at Goodwill. (Little industry secret, many stores unload unsold merchandise after its been on shelves xx months at Goodwill. Sometimes they go to TJ Max then Goodwill.

I suppose if she was in NZ that list might actually represent some real money, but what I’m seeing in videos could all be easily accumulated for well under $300 and she’s had seven months to accumulate this shit. The southern US is drowning in cheap crap. Raven is in heaven because, unlike in NZ, she can hoard shit to her hearts content for very little money.

I’ll never believe she pays money for pets either. She just lies, or were told “original owner paid XXX for kitty” Free cat toys and equipment is easy to get on CL and curbside on garbage day. (But most cat owners know not to bring in stuff that smells of other cats but Raven wouldn’t give a shit)

No. 585107

It's his moms name.

No. 585109

It makes total sense to me that those engagement rings were sent to Raven in exchange for review.I thought that at the time.She is always being sent cheap costume jewelry and has done short reviews on those pieces. AFAIK a you tuber isn't required by law to say she got the merchandise free..The video Raven did of the engagement rings is an extensive review,she goes on and on ..very positive, really shilling for the company.

No. 585111

Lol. His mom’s name on his neck must chap Ravens ass something awful. Mom hates Raven. Josh won’t get her name tattooed on him, though I’m sure he might cave to pressure and get something tattooed to stop the incessant whining eventually.

I’m sure the tat shop he haunts has been waiting for him to come in for the “free” tattoo Raven has arranged for quite awhile

No. 585113


The FTC requires disclosure of endorsements.



Do you really think a park as popular as Carowinds needs promotional reviews from Youtubers, let alone from a Youtuber with so few subscribers?

The same goes for Sapphire Studios. Furthermore, she wasn't active when she got the rings. Why would a company enter a promotional agreement with an inactive Youtuber? Also, she omitted important information about the rings such as the metals and about the company such as its website.

No. 585121

File: 1538755525788.jpg (65.64 KB, 1240x681, 489641653163.JPG)

She got the rings from that website, where they cost a fuckload of ill-spent money.
>>585090 Stop just assuming shit.
Pic attached, where she is holding the box from their shop, proves she did in fact get them there.

She loves to shop at walmart and HotTopic, she even mentions this in multiple videos. At least about walmart.
She had no problem at all mentioning when she went to that warehouse outlet in NZ, so if she went to goodwill I think she would just say so.
I dont think she gets her stuff at goodwill, she wants stuff that's new, or "limited". New bed new sofa etc. She usually gets it off amazon which is not super cheap at all.
And she DOES pay money for pets as long as they LOOK, the right way, the right breed, color, etc, she will pay for aesthetically pleasing pets.
This has also been mentioned many times in the past.
She even mentions in a FB comment how one of her shirts were "custom made" by some random, who also just happens to have gone out of business so you can't get them anymore. This points to again, that she gladly will pay more just to be able to brag about stuff like that because it makes her feel important and better than other people, and like she has "special" items that noone else has.

She posted about the rings while being inactive because she just simply couldn't resist bragging about these "exclusive" rings she got. Indeed not because she was sponsored. She has had no problems at all in the past just telling everyone she was sponsored or got items for free, why would she bother lying about these rings if she could on top of bragging about these "awesome expensive rings", brag about getting them FOR FREE. That would just be a double win for her.

No. 585122

File: 1538755769497.jpg (37.8 KB, 621x238, 46584153.JPG)

SS of this:
>She even mentions in a FB comment how one of her shirts were "custom made" by some random, who also just happens to have gone out of business so you can't get them anymore.

No. 585126

inb4 "u forgot the name in her comment haha"
Yeah, I did, this is your cue to laugh.
This is from her public page and can easily be found if you really wanted to know who the commenter is anyway.

No. 585135


Clarification to my comment. In a comment >>577728 she says white gold, but she did not specify the karat of her ring, and Josh's ring is not available in gold.

And in her review she states that she and Josh bought them.

>These are, these were pretty expensive. Not bank breaking, but they were not cheap.

>And um, if we were gonna actually put substantial money into a ring this time, we wanted it to be, you know, different and able to be set apart from those cheaper rings, so that's what we did.

And as >>585121 said, she has always disclosed her sponsorships. They are a point of pride for her because they validate her popularity.

No. 585351

>Sometimes they go to TJ Max then Goodwill.

If she's really in Jacksonville, there are dozens of little outlet stores like TJ Maxx that are even cheaper like Ross, Marshall's, Burlington, DD's Discounts, and Home Goods. Shopping in Jax is hella cheap if you stay away from the nice neighborhoods

No. 585379

If she were really in Jacksonville FL, her nearest Red Lobster is not in Spartanburg SC.

No. 585386


>inb4 "u forgot the name in her comment haha"

>forgets to crop out own icon.

Gravy's custom, Ltd edt, superspesh, ultra rare, outrageously expensive basic black t shirt can be replicated for small change, you just go to a print shop and say "hey, I'd like the word "horror" printed on this in red drip font".

s'easy n cheap. Just like gravy herself really.

No. 585403

Isn't there any safety rouls on how travel with pets over there? Ig post when she got picked up from "work" by josh and the other dogs, looks like there louse in the back seat?

Vid so I'm to stupid to be able to repost it here.

No. 585408

No, not really. People in the US typically don’t kennel dogs in the car.

No. 585409

They don't secure them in cars at all? like no leashes or anything?

No. 585414

How do we know they didn't go to Jacksonville after stooping in SC? Also, why claim to be in the Jax area at all?

No. 585415

There aren’t any laws afaik. But responsible owners use a harness system for the dogs safety.

No. 585418

To throw off the h8rz, so we don't know where she is.
Also florida is like winning at life for trailer trash, and she is the epitome of trailer trash.

No. 585420

If you're gonna lie about where you live in the first place, why not pick what you think is the "best" place to lie about anyway. And to her apparently that's Florida, kek. How sad.

No. 585494

IRT "where's the money coming from?", here's a thought.. They are both now theoretically employed. That would make them eligible for tried n' true white trash acquisition methods like rent-a-center furniture and insanely high interest payday loans..

No. 585513


As if those stores don't exist elsewhere?


Look at the maps:


No. 585526

New Video
1 year + relationship thoughts from Josh and myself

❤Moving here has changed my life forever. Here is a video I had made a few months ago, with some words from Josh in his own video snippet. I had to cut it a bit because he's never made a video by himself and didn't quite know what to say…But I think he did an awesome job❤

No. 585529

It’s amazing how she deluded herself into thinking josh looks good. She gets high on the idea of dating a pretty boy, something she got from the attention Logan got, that she has to build him up this way. It’s also obvious he only has his hair long for her now, he has it up all the time and you can see his man bun can’t hold the hair at the bottom that breaks from repeated stress of ties.

Josh looks at least a bit more willing to do the video, this is likely the most he has talked purposely for a video on his own. But he struggles to fill the time and repeats himself.

No. 585533

Hostage Logan 2.0 now feat. impaired american redneck Joshua

She has such low standards.

No. 585563



So it is now August of 2018 and we have been together over a year. We've been married a few months now and I wanted to do a, kind of a one-year on. I'm about two months… less than two months away from my one year of being here with him, so this is a kind of good midway video to a year being with him in person, over a year being with him in a relationship, and um, a couple months being married, and uh, I'm going to talk about how things are a year onwards. I was going to make it with Josh but we're both going to record our part separately and then I'm going to put them together into one video.

So when I was in New Zealand, you know, I didn't have a lot of faith in relationships because of the way of my own has gone in the past, and I wasn't looking for a relationship, and then, you know, as you guys know me and Josh met and I took this humongous leap and gave up everything.

Had it out with Logan… not really had it out with him, but just, instead of us continuing to flow along in this life that we thought we were happy with, and we were lying to ourselves, lying to each other. I instigated it. We sat down, we had a conversation about how, how unhappy we really were and how things needed to change, and we let each other go, and that was hard, because it's hard to step out of your comfort zone into something new and different, and I was just at that point in my life where I felt like things had to change. Both of us did. We were stagnated. You could just tell things weren't going great, and when I met Josh, everything changed, and it was like, wow, things feel different. He… this is what I'm missing in my life, this is what I want in my life, and I was scared because I've met a lot of people online of course, and they start off one way, they pretend to be one way, and they end up screwing you over, lying, not being the person they say they are, and to move back home across the world, halfway across the world, somewhere I've never been, where I don't have a support system or anything like that. That was terrifying for me.

I want to do a comparison because what I did was such a major thing, and things are going so great, I, I do just want to share it with you. Um, you know, we were just talking about it in the car on the way home. We had gone out to do some stuff and I was like, man, you know, we've been together for over a year and I still look at you like the first day I saw you at the airport. He's like, "I do the same," and you know, I still, we still touch each other. We're very, very affectionate, we're very clingy and close and lovey, and we still treat each other each day as if it's the first day we, we got together and it is amazing.

This is what it's like being with a man instead of a boy, and there is no comparison being with someone who was actually an adult and who's been married before, and who who knows how to take care of a woman, basically. Um, he opens doors for me, he holds doors open for other people, he is a true gentleman. I get dressed up and I come out and he's just like, "Wow, you're beautiful, you look beautiful," and he tells me I'm beautiful like every single day. He looks at me with love in his eyes.

He does everything for me. He does… he, he complains a little bit on certain things, like if I'm like, my food is made wrong, can you go complain? Sometimes that gets old, but it does, because you got to go up there and then you risk them throwing attitude and all that, but he does it he can. Does it every time, every single time. And you know, I can just go up to him and hug him and hold him, and he always, he always touches me and holds me and, you know, he thinks about me during the day. He texts me all the time and he calls me and is just, he just, he always has a ready complement and he always has a ready hug.

He is so respectful and kind and it's just, to me, he is the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen in person or online, you know, he is like, I look at him and I'm just, wow, about every time he has his hair down and he's just, he is just such a handsome man. He really is, he is just breathtaking. He literally takes my breath away, you know, I see him walking around the room and, you know, it's just, his, his brow and his face and his eyes and his hair and his body, he's just, he is just so well put together, he's just gorgeous. He really is. I can't believe that, you know, I landed such a catch. He is just amazing, and I'm so proud to be with him and be seen with him and I just, I never knew love could be like this, this healthy and giving, and I'm exactly where I want to be in my life.

I never thought that I'd be this content or this happy or this in love, and I am, and I wouldn't change it for anything in the entire world. There is nobody in this entire world that I care about aside from him, you know, he is a, that's it, like, that's it. I mean, I care about my friends and stuff, that's on a different level, but he is just everything to me, like I don't even know what I would do without him. He is just, he has opened up my whole world and he's made it such a better place to be, you know.

Um, I never have to feel like I'm not good enough or I'm not pretty enough or whatever with him. I always feel like I'm some supermodel goddess around him. He just he accepts me for exactly who, who I am, what I am. My hair is sooo fucked up. Um, so he accepts me, flaws and all, and he doesn't see any of my flaws, and on that note, also, like, I am a really critical person. I was talking about this with him today as well. I'm a really critical person and I've always been, you know, like, there are certain things that I don't like about people that I'm with. Not that I would judge them for it, but I would notice and not like it, you know what I mean?

Like, it's hard to explain without sounding too bitchy, but everybody that knows me knows that I, like, I've said this before, I hate hate hate body hair, and on him I honestly don't mind. I don't make him shave it, I don't ask him to shave it, I run my fingers through his chest and, and I've got absolutely no issue with it. Like, I love him for who he is, even when he gets scruffy. The only time I ask him to shave it is if it pokes me, it hurts. Not because it doesn't look good, because I think he looks beautiful no matter what, and the petty dumb little things that I will pick on with other people, like, I don't like this, I don't like that, I'm not even fazed. Like, I love him just how he is.

I see, I see nothing wrong with him, and married life, like, this married life is, this is like, the best marriage I've ever had. I hate that I have to say that because I've been married before, but this is really it for me, and this is everything I have ever wanted, and my life with him is so good, we've gone through so much together. We're doing so good now, and we have each other, which is the most important, and life couldn't actually be better, and um, I, I wouldn't take back that decision or anything, like, I, it was the best thing I ever did, to decide to come here, and I will never forget that moment getting off the plane and walking over and seeing him there playing his game, and he just looked up at me and his eyes shone and he was just so beautiful, and he just held on to me. And I was like, I can't believe this is him, he looks like this, like, he was just so much hotter in person than I could have ever imagined, and, and ended up being such a sweetheart.

You know, things, we've gotten so comfortable with each other, that's really the only thing that's changed in a year, is uh, we've got more comfortable with each other, and even closer than we were before, if that's possible, but we have, and by all means, this, I've told him this before, this should not have worked, you know, two strangers meeting on Facebook. We met and he asked me to be his girlfriend, and 24 hours later, he proposed to me, and like a couple weeks later I moved out, and then three or four months later I made it here, and then exactly a year later we got married, and it shouldn't have gone like that, you know. Usually if you meet someone online, like I said, they, they lie, or they mislead you, they know who they say they're gonna be, or you find out you're not compatible. That's a big one, you know, you might find out you're not compatible at all. You're two totally different people, you don't want the same thing or whatever, especially since we didn't get to know each other before we made this, these decisions and moved.

Um, we were literally two strangers and we came here and we still had to find out about each other and everything, and, and somehow, it's just worked and worked and worked and worked, and this relationship is showing no signs of stopping. He is so loving and so respectful to me. I, I don't lack for anything, nothing at all. And um, it's just, it's, I'm having the best time I've ever had in my entire life at the moment. My life has never gone so good and I've never been happier. I can say in my entire 41 years, I have never felt like this, and you can believe what you want but this is the, the complete, honest truth, like, 'happy' doesn't even begin to cover how I feel and how content I am and how great things are.

He is better than I could have ever imagined. He was, he is more beautiful, he is more giving, he is more caring, he is more everything than I could have ever dreamed of, hoped for, or asked for, and I'm just happy that he's mine.

[ JOSH ]

Hey everybody, this is Josh and I wanted to give a video update, one year progression of um, mine and Raven's relationship, to let everyone know how well it's going, what we expected, how it turned out, what's going on, and um, first off I want to say that we do love each other very much. I grew, I grow more in love with her every day. We laugh, we make each other laugh all the time. I know she love my hair down so I figured I'd surprise her.

Um, I still remember the day that I saw her at the airport. I was so happy. That happy, that happiness has not died down at all. We're still in love, we still have a great time. We both now have a job, we both work really hard and we do enjoy it. We are, we are truly in love. We, it's great.

I still remember the, uh, I still remember the day that uh, I saw her at the airport for the first time. I was blown away. She said she was ugly and sweaty and tired, but she wasn't sweaty… or ugly. I know she was tired. I was tired too. Um, I had to go to work the next morning, I was at the airport, but I didn't mind, because I was picking her up.

She's been here for a few months now and it's been great. Been married for about three months. I'm glad I decided to take the next step with her. Best choice I ever made. She knows it, she knows how much I love her, I know how much she loves me, so there's that.

We have a lot in common. We have more in common than I thought we would. She's a great cook, she is a great wife, she's a great cook, she cleans, she's always worried about me, I'm always worried about her, but uh, she's always worried about me, no matter what it is. If I don't get enough sleep, sometimes I have to drive almost an hour for work. She's always checking up on me and I love that she does that.

We've moved a couple times since she's been here. It's just, we've had no control over some of 'em. We're here to stay, here. We're actually buying this place. We bought our Explorer, so we're starting our life together, and we couldn't be happier.

I love our marriage. I love our life together. I love how well we get along. It's one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life, my entire life. Each day that goes by, I'm more in love with her than the day before, always, and it's good to be in a relationship like that. It's great to be in a relationship like that. I love her company, she loves mine.

Our wedding picture, one of our wedding pictures hanging up in the living room. Christmas is coming up. Our first Christmas was great, but this one's gonna be much better. More gifts, more time together. I should get a day off, she should too. We finally got to spend each other's birthday in person here recently and it was great. She did a video showing the gifts I got her. She gave me some great gifts too. We couldn't be happier.

I'm glad that we decided to start our life with each other. Start a new life with each other. We get along great. We really do. It's the best relationship I've ever been in. Best one ever.

There's Pebbles. You so sweet. Hey, you're adorable, look look look. Alright. Yeah, Pebbles is a handful. I call her Pooples sometimes 'cause she use the bathroom a lot. We've got her um, trained not to want to go on the floor. We have pads for her, and she'll actually want to go outside now with Loki, which is great. She almost house-trained herself, she's really smart. Loki's really smart too, so are the cats. But Pebbles is really smart.

But yeah, I just wanted to uh, get on and give everybody an update. Raven had did hers a little while ago. I, I want to keep her happy. I think I'm doing a pretty good job in it. She's a great wife. I try to be a great husband. I go to work, I get up and go to work every day, 'cause I know bills have to be paid. So does she. I really didn't see me here a year ago, so happy with a woman that I love so much. I really didn't. I love her with all my heart. I really do. Always will. I feel like I always have.

And um, we're doing really, really good for ourselves. We really are. We always tell each other how much we love each other. I say 'I love you' every day, she says it every day too. I always tell her how beautiful she is. She knows she is. She thinks she's not, but I know she is. Things are great. We have a lot in common. We have a lot of music in common, a lot of food tastes, I guess you'd say, in common.

Yeah, that's one of the happiest days of my life right there. Wedding. It was fun. It was hot though. I was sweaty, I had my hair down, which was a mistake. I wanted to do it for her, and for the pictures. Most of our pictures, I have my hair down.

Yeah, that's about it. I just wanted to let everybody know how much I do love her, how happy we are, what's going on, and that's what's going on. Um, uh, we'll probably do another video maybe six months to a year from now like this, with an update or progression or whatever you want to call it. Um, Raven, when you see this, I want you to know that I love you very much. Love you with all my heart. I always will. I know you will too. Bye.

No. 585601


A year ago today

No. 585604

Three fucking trolleys? Who does that. It must have cost (Ryan or Logan) a BOMB in excess fees. Excess baggage can be pre-booked and prepaid too, but no that's too good for our Raven.

It's almost as if Raven sees having a lot of crap as somehow adding to her importance in the world.

No. 585605

File: 1538881188765.png (588.7 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-06-19-31-02…)


1 year + relationship thoughts from Josh and myself

Published on Oct 6, 2018

❤Moving here has changed my life forever. Here is a video I had made a few months ago, with some words from Josh in his own video snippet. I had to cut it a bit because he's never made a video by himself and didn't quite know what to say…But I think he did an awesome job❤

[the intro is of the word "LOVE" in rose petals which blow away to reveal pic related]

So, it is now August of 2018, and we have been together over a year. We've been married a few months now. And I wanted to do a kind of a "one year on". Um, I'm about two months, less than two months away from my one year of being here with him, so this is a kind of good midway video to a year being with him in person, over a year being with him in a relationship, and a couple months being married, and I'm going to talk about how things are a year onwards. I was going to make it with Josh, but we're both going to record our parts separately, and then I'm going to put them together into one video.

So when I was in New Zealand, you know, I didn't have a lot of faith in relationships because of the way of my own has gone in the past, and I wasn't looking for a relationship. And then, you know, as you guys know, me and Josh met, and I took this humongous leap and gave up everything, had it out with Logan…um, not really had it out with him, but just instead of us continuing to flow along in this life that we thought we were happy with, and we were lying to ourselves, lying to each other. I instigated it. We sat down, we had a conversation about how not…how unhappy we really were and how things needed to change, and we let each other go. And that was hard because it's hard to step out of your comfort zone into something new and different. And I was just at that point in my life where I felt like things had to change. Both of us did. We were stagnated. You could just tell things weren't going great.

And when I met Josh, everything changed, and it was like, wow things felt different, you know, this is what I'm missing in my life. This is what I want in my life. And I was scared because I've met a lot of people online, of course, and they start off one way, they pretend to be one way, and they end up screwing you over, lying, not being the person they say they are. And to move back home across the world, halfway across the world, somewhere I've never been where I don't have a support system or anything like that, that was terrifying for me. I want to do a comparison because what I did was such a major thing, and things are going so great. I, I do just want to share it with you.

You know, we were just talking about it in the car on the way home. We had gone out to do some stuff. And I was like, man, you know, we've been together for over a year, and I still look at you like the first day I saw you at the airport. And he's like, I do the same. And, you know, I still…we still touch each other. We're very, very affectionate. We're very clingy and close and lovey, and we still treat each other each day as if it's the first day we, we got together, and it is a amazing.

This is what it's like being with a man instead of a boy. There is no comparison being with someone who is actually an adult and who's been married before and who, who knows how to take care of a woman, basically. He opens doors for me. He holds doors open for other people. He is a true gentleman. I get dressed up and I come out and he's just like, wow, you are beautiful, you look beautiful. And he tells me I'm beautiful, like, every single day. He looks at me with love in his eyes. He does everything for me. He does…he, he complains a little bit on certain things, like if I'm like, my food's made wrong, can you go complain? Sometimes that gets old, but it does because you gotta go up there and then you risk them throwing attitude and all that, but he does it. He, he does it every time, every single time.

And, you know, I can just go up to him and hug him and hold him. And he always, he always touches me and holds me and, you know, he thinks about me during the day. He texts me all the time, and he calls me. And just, he just he always has a ready compliment, and he always has a ready hug. He is so respectful and kind.

And it's just to me he is the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen in person or online, you know. He is, like, phwoah! [she makes a hand motion] I look at him and I'm just, wow, every time he has his hair down. And he's just, he is just such a handsome man. He really is. He is just breathtaking. He literally takes my breath away. You know, I see him walking around the room and, you know, it's just his, his brow and his face and his eyes and his hair and his body. He's just, he is just so well put together. He is just gorgeous. He really is. I can't believe that, you know, I landed such a catch. He is just amazing. And I'm so proud to be with him and be seen with him.

And I just, I never knew love could be like this, this healthy and giving, and I'm exactly where I want to be in my life. I never thought that I'd be this content or this happy or this in love, and I am. And I wouldn't change it for anything in the entire world. There is nobody in this entire world that I care about aside from him, you know, he is a…that's it. Like, that's it. I mean, I care about my friends and stuff. That's on a different level. But he is just everything to me that I don't even know what I would do without him. He is just, he has opened up my whole world, and he's made it such a better place to be, you know. I never have to feel like I'm not good enough or I'm not pretty enough or whatever with him. I always feel like I'm some supermodel goddess around him. He just, he accepts me for exactly who, who I am, what I am…my hair is so fucked up…he accepts me flaws and all, and he doesn't see any of my flaws.

And on that note also, like, I am a really critical person. I was talking about this with him today as well. I'm a really critical person, and I've always been, you know, like, there are certain things that I don't like about people that I'm with. Not that I would judge them for it, but I would notice and not like it, you know what I mean? Like, it's hard to explain without sounding too bitchy, but everybody that knows me knows that I…and I've said this before…I hate hate hate body hair. And on him I honestly don't mind. I don't make him shave it. I don't ask him to shave it. I run my fingers through his chest, and, and I've got absolutely no issue with it. Like, I love him for who he is, even when he gets scruffy. [she strokes her chin] The only time I asked him to shave it is if it poke me and it hurts, not because it doesn't look good because I think he looks beautiful no matter what. And the petty dumb little things that I will pick on with other people, like, I don't like this, I don't like that. I'm not even fazed. Like, I love him just how he is. I see, I see nothing wrong with him.

And married life like this, married life is…this is, like, the best marriage I've ever had. I hate that I have to say that because I've been married before, but this is really it for me. And this is everything I have ever wanted. My life with him is so good. We've gone through so much together. We are doing so good now, and we have each other which is the most important, and life couldn't actually be better. And I wouldn't, I wouldn't take back that decision for anything. Like, I…it was the best thing I ever did, to decide to come here.

And I will never forget that moment getting off the plane and walking over and seeing him there playing his game, and he just looked up at me, and his eyes shone, and he was just so beautiful. And he just held on to me, and I was, I can't believe this is him and he looks like this. Like, he was just so much hotter in person than I could have ever imagined and, and ended up being such a sweetheart, you know.

Things…we've gotten so comfortable with each other. That's really the only thing that's changed in a year is we've gotten more comfortable with each other and even closer than we were before if that's possible, but we have. And by all means this…and I've told him this before…this should not have worked, you know, two strangers meeting on Facebook. We met, and he asked me to be his girlfriend, and 24 hours later he proposed to me, and, like, a couple weeks later I moved out, and then three or four months later I made it here, and then exactly a year later we got married, and it shouldn't have gone like that. You know, usually if you meet someone online, like I said they, they lie or they mislead you, they're not who they say they're gonna be or you find out you're not compatible. That's a big one, you know. You might find out you're not compatible at all, you're two totally different people, you don't want the same thing or whatever. Especially since we didn't get to know each other before we made this…these decisions and moved. We were literally two strangers and we came here, and we still had to find out about each other and everything, and, and somehow it's just worked and worked and worked and worked.

And this relationship is showing no signs of stopping. He is so loving and so respectful to me. I, I don't lack for anything, nothing at all. And um, it's just, it's…I'm having the best time I've ever had in my entire life at the moment. My life has never gone so good, and I've never been happier. I can say in my entire 41 years I have never felt like this. And you can believe what you want, but this is the, the complete honest truth. Like, happy doesn't even begin to cover how I feel and how content I am and how great things are. He is better than I could have ever imagined he was. He is more beautiful, he is more giving, he is more caring, he is more everything than I could have ever dreamed of, hoped for, or asked for, and I'm just happy that he is mine.

[cut to Josh sitting in his gaming chair]

Hey, everybody. This is Josh, and I wanted to give a video update of a one year progression of mine and Raven's relationship to let everyone know how well it's going, what we expected, how it turned out, what's going on. And uh, first off I want to say that we do love each other very much. I grow, I grow more in love with her every day. [cut] And we laugh, we make each other laugh all the time. [he takes out his ponytail and shakes his hair] …my hair down. I know she love my hair down so I figured I'd surprise her. Um, I still remember the day that I saw her at the airport. I was so happy. That happy, that happiness has not died down at all. We're still in love. We still have a great time. We both now have a job. We both work really hard, and we do enjoy it. [cut] We are, we are truly in love. We…it's great.

I remember the…I still remember the day that, uh, I saw her at the airport for the first time. I was blown away. She said she was ugly and sweaty and tired, but she wasn't sweaty or ugly. I know she was tired. I was tired, too. I had to go to work the next morning. I was at the airport, but I didn't mind because I was picking her up. We've been married for a few months now, and it's been great. [cut] …been made for about three months. I'm glad I decided to take the next step with her. Best choice I ever made. She knows it. She knows how much I love her. I know how much she loves me. So there's that.

We have a lot in common. We have more in common than I thought we would. She's a great cook. She is a great wife. She's a great cook. She cleans. She's always worried about me. I'm always worried about her. But she's always worried about me, no matter what it is. If I don't get enough sleep sometimes and I have to go to work, I have to drive almost an hour for work, she's always checking up on me, and I love that she does that.

We've moved a couple times since she's been here. It's just we've had no control over some of them. We're here to stay here. We're actually buying this place. We bought our Explorer. So we're starting our life together, and we couldn't be happier. [cut] I love our marriage. I love our life together. I love how well we get along. It's one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life, my entire life. Each day that goes by I'm more in love with her than the day before, always. And it's good to be in a relationship like that. It's great to be in a relationship like that. [cut, his hair is back in a ponytail] I love her company. She loves mine. [he pans the camera above his head] That's our wedding picture…one of our wedding pictures we hung up in our living room.

Christmas is coming up. Our first Christmas was great, but this one's gonna be much better. More gifts, more time together. I should get a day off. She should, too. We finally get to spend each other's birthday in person here recently, and it was great. She did a video showing the gifts I got her. She gave me some great gifts, too. We couldn't be happier. [unintelligible] I'm glad that we decided to start our life with each other, start a new life with each other. We get along great, we really do. It's the best relationship I've ever been in, the best one.

There's Pebbles. [he picks up Pebbles, she licks his face, he kisses her] Aw, you're so sweet. Adorable. Hey, look look look. [he kisses her and puts her down] Pebbles is a handful. I call her Pooples sometimes because she goes to the bathroom a lot. We've got her trained to not goin' on the floor. We have pads for her. And she actually wants to go outside now with Loki which is great. She almost house trained herself. She's really smart. Loki, he's really smart, too. So are the cats. Pebbles is really smart.

But yeah, I just wanted to get on and give everybody an update. Raven had did hers a little while ago. I want to keep her happy. I think I'm doing a pretty good job at that. She's a great wife. I try to be a great husband. I go to work, get up and go to work every day cuz I know bills have to be paid. So does she. I really didn't see me here a year ago so happy with a woman that I love so much, I really didn't. I love her with all my heart, I really do. I always will. I feel like I always have. And we're doing really, really good for ourselves. We really are. [he looks around the room] We always tell each other how much we love each other. I say I love you every day. She says if every day, too. I always tell her how beautiful she is. She knows she is even if she thinks she's not, but I know she is. Things are great. We have a lot in common. We have a lot of music in common, a lot of food tastes, I guess you'd say, in common. [he pans the camera up to their wedding photo again] Um, one of happiest days of my life right there. The wedding. It was fun. It was hot, though. I was sweaty. I had my hair down. That was a mistake. I wanted to do it for her and the pictures. Most of our pictures I have my hair down.

Yeah, that's about it. I just wanted to let everybody know how much I do love her, how happy we are, what's going on, and that's what's going on. We'll probably do another video maybe six months to a year from now like this with an update or progression or whatever you want to call it. Raven, when you see this I want you to know that I love you very much, love you with all my heart. I always will. And I know you will, too. [he waves] Bye!

No. 585607

File: 1538881320039.png (874.06 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-06-19-34-48…)

"And it's just to me he is the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen in person or online, you know. He is, like, phwoah!"

[she makes a hand motion]

No. 585608

File: 1538881397250.png (763.95 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-06-19-42-51…)

"That's our wedding picture…one of our wedding pictures we hung up in our living room."

No. 585611

File: 1538881507226.png (779.68 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-06-19-47-01…)

[he picks up Pebbles, she licks his face, he kisses her]

"Aw, you're so sweet. Adorable. Hey, look look look."

No. 585621

File: 1538887569020.gif (460.82 KB, 500x264, CD3A621D-6C68-4554-9501-3A9DAE…)

No. 585622

File: 1538888153949.png (394.9 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-06-21-49-31…)


A year ago today

Published on Oct 6, 2018

[she is wearing her favorite dress which was destroyed in their car accident]

Oh, god. It is, um, like, 3 in the morning…no, what time is it? I don't even know. It's 2:02am on the 6th, I think. Friday the 6th? Or the 5th. God, I suck at this. I don't even know. It's Friday the 6th… [cut]…2:00 in the morning. I am almost ready to fly out. It's surreal. Still it doesn't really feel real…


…it's happened so fast, my life has changed so fast. And now I'm gonna go, and this, this person that I've been with for, you know, months, I'm gonna physically be there with him. Like, I've gone through this before, but not like this. And it just doesn't feel real. It's gonna be so strange. I'm gonna be…I'm not nervous right now because I'm so tired, but I know that as I get off of the plane after my 16-hour flight and I get on the plane in Dallas headed to South Carolina I'm gonna be like, [gasps] oh my god oh my god oh my god. That's when it's gonna hit me cuz um…right now for him it's still, like, day after tomorrow before I get there, and for me it's today that I get there. Um, I leave and I arrive the day that I left even though it's a 30-something hour flight. It's um, 31 or 34 or something like that. Even though it's that long it's kind of still a day for me even though it's not a day. I don't know. It's, it's still confusing. Air travel is so confusing. But um, I just want to be on the 16-hour flight so I can just sleep. That's the big one. That's the scary one. The other ones are like three hours, three hours, and then a five hour wait time in between which I'm not looking forward to.


…I'm gonna be home. It's just, wow. I'm just, wow. I'm just, wow. I can't believe it. I still can't believe it. It feels like a dream. And I remember thinking last week, you know, it's gonna come so fast, and then I'm gonna wake up, and I'm gonna be getting on a plane, and I'm gonna be flying, and then I'm gonna be with him, and it's gonna come so fast. And each day it's just it's like I've skipped five days, skipped five days, skipped five days. It wasn't like one day, then one day, then one day, then one day. It's like, one day and then five days later the next day, you know what I mean? The days just went so fucking fast, and I can only hope this next leg goes fast, but I have a sneaky suspicion this next leg is gonna be very slow.


…probably leave in about thirty minutes or so, I would say. Go to the airport and try to get this next thing going. I'm not looking forward to the check-in, the wait. If I'm overweight, if my luggage is overweight I've got to rearrange shit, maybe even leave some more stuff out which I really don't want to do. I've left out, like, a whole suitcase worth already. I don't even know what's in there that's so fucking heavy, honestly, but there is obviously. I'm so not looking forward to that. Just sitting there waiting is much more preferable than the having to check-in deal with all the baggage and deal with money and then being on the plane flying, but it is what it is. And this starts the next leg of the next part of my life. It's just, it's just I wonder if this is ever gonna feel real. I wonder when it's gonna feel real. I know even sitting next to him it's still not gonna feel real. It's gonna be like, what? Josh? Is that you? I don't know. I'm stupid.

Um, but I'll, I'll video again at the airports. I might video on the way to the airport. I just kinda want to conserve my battery a bit, but I'll probably video a little bit on the way to the airport. I'll video goodbyes at the airport. And I'm not sure how much I'll video, like, on the plane and stuff because I don't like attention drawn to myself, believe it or not. So it's gonna be kind of scary, strange, embarrassing to be like, I'm on the plane, I'm about to start my flight, you know. I don't know, I don't feel comfortable doing that, but we'll see how it goes. And if I don't film lots, forgive me ahead of time. But I'm on no sleep, and I'm fucking scared. But I want to monitor all this because…or document it because this is, of course, the only time we're gonna get to do this, so I'll do my best. And I'll catch up with you guys in about an hour or so.


I am at the airport. [she pans over her luggage on trolleys] Trolley number one, trolley number two, trolley number three.


So we've made it through and checked my bags, and my extra baggage was $915 plus $45 to wrap three of them in plastic wrap so they don't pop open. My makeup is already coming off because I'm so fucking tired. Logan went to go get something to eat. And in about half an hour or so. I'm just going to kind of hang around. And then they're gonna give me a wheelchair because I can't make it to the airport by myself, and I've already fallen down inside the bathroom, stumbled, banged into the door. But I'm gonna say bye, and then I'm gonna be wheeled up, and then it's waiting to board the first plane. Fucking long day. Long day, long night. Can't wait till this is over.

[cut to Raven on the plane filming take off]

[cut to pics of Raven and Josh which have been posted previously]

No. 585623

File: 1538888199836.png (377.26 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-06-21-50-05…)

"Trolley number one…"

No. 585624

File: 1538888248871.png (344.12 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-06-21-50-22…)

"…trolley number two, trolley number three."

No. 585625

File: 1538888273216.png (214.13 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-06-21-50-51…)

No. 585626

>So, it is now August of 2018…

Wash that wig, Raven jfc you are disgusting

No. 585628


Was she still wearing Logan's wedding ring on the chain around her neck when she left to be with Josh?!

No. 585630

File: 1538888616594.png (40.39 KB, 800x222, Screenshot_2018-10-06-22-00-53…)

No. 585650

File: 1538895726953.png (42.08 KB, 800x249, Screenshot_2018-10-06-23-52-47…)

No. 585653

File: 1538895933172.png (55.94 KB, 800x306, Screenshot_2018-10-06-23-54-01…)


How did Raven know that Marmalade was pregnant?

Much like she knew that she herself was pregnant.

No. 585720

God, could she be any more obvious that she is using his account? Gush over yourself some more, Gran.

No. 585727

She doesn't need to use his account, she has him wrapped solidly around her finger.
Just read what he said/listen to it, and look at the other videos. Even when he doesnt appear to WANT to do something on his own he still does it.

No. 585730

I find it so weird how they make a huge point with this whole "we tell eachother EVERY DAY how much we love eachother!"
Why is this important? Why does this need to even be said? idgi.

No. 585732

>And in about half an hour or so. I'm just going to kind of hang around. And then they're gonna give me a wheelchair because I can't make it through the airport by myself


No. 585733

Extreme insecurity and narcissism. Raven is on husband number 5 she needs reassurance every 10 minutes that Josh has no thoughts of disobedience or disloyalty. Once she’s sure he’s totally subjugated she will get bored and start whoring out online for a new victim to feed on.

No. 585836

File: 1538950196022.png (711.77 KB, 1242x2208, EE33A3CB-369E-42F4-B90F-BE4AB8…)

New fb post, a few images she posted are next

No. 585837

File: 1538950212926.jpeg (104.28 KB, 467x960, A0F8504A-43A6-4B2F-B171-C40529…)

No. 585838

File: 1538950261853.jpeg (115.56 KB, 467x960, 11B4F813-F0D6-463B-836B-54063E…)

The blanking out or lack of is her work not mine

No. 585839

File: 1538950331644.jpeg (90.08 KB, 888x540, 38B99D3D-384D-475E-AEF8-F79504…)

No. 585840

File: 1538950357067.jpeg (117.97 KB, 1050x440, 7D373C5F-3C8D-43BE-ADB8-010361…)

No. 585866

This is rich coming from Raven.

No. 585891

“Too old for this” as she proceeds to get in a FB slap fight with ppl half her age over a Halloween costume.
The idea of Goth Grandma in her granny slippers cherishing the smell of her wal-mart wax warmer to ward off her old lady and trailer smell does crack me up. Sniffing soy pumpkin spice fumes, ahhhhhh, this is the life!

No. 585903

Seriously?! She’s going off on someone for something SHE does on the regular?!
Any good looking female she talks shit about publicly, anyone who goes against her as well. She completely contradicts herself. What a moron.
It makes me sick that she’s trying to martyr herself as some Anti-bullying/shaming advocate.

No. 586008

File: 1538985477050.png (99.05 KB, 800x340, 1505254728203.png)


Seeing the guy being picked on for his costume stirred up the traumatic memory of Halloween 2009 when she had only her library friends to defend her.

No. 586062

Exactly this. And that cow didn’t change either. She will never change how she treats people.

No. 586115

>to move back home across the world, halfway across the world, somewhere I've never been, where I don't have a support system or anything like that. That was terrifying for me.

no it wasn't, you ditzy whore. it was exciting for you because you're a histrionic borderline retard who has the emotional stability and maturity of a fifteen year old. lol @ her talking about how gorgeous he is when she constantly photoshops the shit out of him to look less like a neanderthal. at least logan looked like a bargain basement ozzy osbourne. i can't wait for her to start hating josh because he doesn't send her a hundred texts a day.

>I'm a really critical person

no, really? never noticed that.

i love raven. when she opens her mouth, she lies. she can't help herself.

No. 586370

File: 1539042611784.jpg (Spoiler Image, 137.18 KB, 809x618, 1479128325754.jpg)

I like how he picked the right flap, and not the left one. Gee, I wonder why…
Pic related, kek.

No. 586473

File: 1539059761428.jpeg (65.19 KB, 619x472, BD506017-433D-477D-BFC5-4A48E1…)

Why does her flappers remind me of King Goobots eyeballs from Jimmy Neutron? Always sideways and droopy.

No. 586474

Instead of a Lazy Eye, she has a lazy tit. One looking left, one looking straight ahead.

No. 586507

File: 1539070010679.png (535.94 KB, 1080x1453, IMG_20181009_102236.png)

Her hoard from NZ is about to arrive. How is that mountain of plushies and makeup gonna fit inside their current love shack?

No. 586538


By my estimate, that's around 70 to 80 sizeable boxes. Did she pack them herself while she was at Ryan's ostensibly saving money but buying even more stuff and soliciting presents from him and Logan the entire time?

Maybe they have two bedrooms, but the living room is pretty crowded already.

I have wonder if the NZ hoard includes the boxed hoard that was in storage she made several videos about a few years ago? It was comprised mostly of endless paperback books.

I hope she really does put up her collection of 5 cheap colored tinsel Christmas trees in celebration of reaching peak consumerist self indulgence.

>I can't wait for my stuff to come from New Zealand so he can see everything … and we're gonna go through everything, and he can see my collections of everything and all my junk.

Yet it will never be enough!

No. 586552

I feel sick..that is so wasteful and indulgent!..seriously doubt the cost to ship all her bratz dolls,pop funkos,cuddly monsters etc is remotely equal to the value of the items.

I remember a video she did back in NZ of her collection and it was HUGE.

Perhaps a small Inheritance from her mum paid for the shipping..? Cant believe Ryan or Logan is still helping her out? If they are I hope they get therapy soon.

Logically she should have tried to sell the crap as a job lot to some darkly inclined early teen girl so as not to arrive back in Apple pie land skint with no safety net.

No. 586559

Ryan was probably pretty glad to get that shit boxed up and out of his house/shed.

No. 586605

How the fuck are they going to fit all that shit in their trailer?? Just from recent caps it looks like it's already at capacity. Since most of it is just toys and junk and not furniture, there's not even any sort of storage option.

No. 586607

>Josh comes home to find 200 dirty plushies lining the walls, five Christmas trees all set up, and a pile of 80 boxes for him to burn.

No. 586613

How long until she rehomes the dogs because they don't fit in the house anymore so she could hoard her plushies?

No. 586625

For someone who moves around so much, she definitely got fucked over with those hoarder tendencies. I mean anyone with a mental disorder is at a disadvantage but it's funny to me that Raven is stuck with some that work against each other and will always lead to her to a live of poverty and debt.

Think of all the savings from that truck? If those things were money put away imagine the nice house, with a pretty kitchen (since Raven is an amazing cook according to Josh). She'd be shipping bedroom furniture, kitchen appliances, paintings, a few antiques, office furniture. Instead it's a hoard of funko pop figurines, plushes and diseased make up. I guess it's Raven delusion, but she's sure these things make people jealous. Like most of us don't think that's just yard sale garbage or good will donations. I do think she believes the things she has are enviable. Most adults here would like a beautiful house, with functional things and a few beautiful pieces of furniture and art. I love that she's so retarded and with some dumb hick that she'll never be enviable to any sound mind farmer and that we can always laugh at what a horrible person she is and the filth she has around her.

No. 586643

Lol what a moron. All those small boxes filled with old clothes, cheap Halloween crap and toys. The stuff wasn’t even worth a quarter of what it cost to ship and will arrive to make her gross trailer unlivable and impossible to clean. I can only imagine all the filth coming along with those items she has drug from dirty house to dirty house.
It’s a good thing Josh looks to have no standards when it comes to living conditions. They will barely have room to put all the boxes in their trailer, unpacking them will unleash the hoard and there is no putting that genie back in the bottle.

No. 586650

In an alternate reality not too distant from this one, Raven is the mother Luna Slater deserves.

I really hope that somehow, in some probably impossible way, Raven and / or Josh paid for this themselves. Imagine pissing away that kind of money on boxes full of literal junk.
I feel like this is going to be a bit milky re Josh. This feels like another situation where he won't be fully able to comprehend the awfulness until it happens. And having to sit there and listen to her drone on about 18 boxes worth of utter shite … I almost feel bad for the guy.

No. 586653

TFW the shipping container is bigger than your domicile. If she'd had a regular job she could have outright replaced EVERY piece of bric brac she owns. Cheaper. But this is raven we are talking about and she just has to exert some "power" by insisting its all so important that its worth the couple grand or more to ship. Personally I'd have set it on fire and filmed it. Like shes got the money or friends to go prosecute in NZ.

No. 586726

File: 1539120967369.jpg (Spoiler Image, 164.94 KB, 774x1032, 1516306976174.jpg)

Ooo I hope she does an unboxing-of-my-hoard vid with couchie there so we can see his reaction as she pulls out plushies, funko pops and christmas trees!

Also let's all hope she does not do a take 2 on this shot, (and last years "year in review") with all of her 6 trees or whatever in the background, covered in tinsel and perhaps wearing her one bra that's about 17 years old now or some shit.

No. 586727

File: 1539121081084.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.59 KB, 596x628, 343.jpg)

No. 587449

File: 1539246450607.png (214.71 KB, 800x912, Screenshot_2018-10-11-01-23-01…)


>Now, I like to record because I love having photos and videos to look back on and remember…I'm one of those people that likes to keep a physical memory of everything I can because I'm terrified of losing my memory. It's weird.

No. 587456

Is Josh's Facebook page still plastered with her visage or some terrible terrible melding of their faces?


Is this a completely new account, or did she reactivate one of her old accounts and rename it (twice) since returning?

Are any of Raven's accounts marked as deactivated now active again? Have any been permanently deleted?

No. 587460


And she's dressing up as a nun again this year!

>…we've got two masks. We bought those from the Horror Dome. And that's a girly one for me, and that's the boy one for him. I've painted mine up and added more blood and bruising to it and stuff. And before the movie even was announced we had decided on these costumes. He is going to be a priest with that head, and I'm gonna be a nun with that head.

No. 587467

More bitching about stuff, apparently people want to come visit her at work kek.
She also whines about the kitten Doja "ate" again and how it's TOTALLY not her fault at all that he died.

No. 587469

File: 1539253785752.png (421.21 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-11-03-15-37…)


Setting the record straight, haters.

Transcript incoming.

No. 587475

Does she even have any other shirts at this point?
This one is the only one she wears, sadly without a bra so we can see her fucking flapwarts.
Spoiler: they point straight down, and it's gross.
Just wear a bra, we know you have that red one Gravy.

No. 587479

Yuckkk sick of seeing her sandbags.
I actually don't mind the no bra look. On smaller breasts it doesn't look too bad, but it just doesn't make sense how she slutshames people but then goes around flapjacks out at a theme park and has them visibly sagging under her tshirt in videos.
Not bashing saggy boobs, it just doesn't make sense with her 'i hate sluts I'm so modest' attitude.

No. 587482

I don't mind the no bra look either, it can look very good on so many people.
But some people with certain breast shapes and whatnot should just avoid that, her being one of them.
Its not a good look when you can see through the shirt a U with a nipple ON THE BOTTOM of it. You're fucking 42, put a fucking bra on. Or at least some nipple covers so we dont have to look at those sad, deflated, pointy, wonky flapjacks.

No. 587483

Sorry for double posting, but I just have to add that I can't wait for them to sag enough that her nipple tucks under the flaps so we cant see the contour of them anymore.

No. 587489

File: 1539259528404.png (444.78 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-11-04-46-10…)


Some quick questions answered

Published on Oct 11, 2018

Hey, guys. I just wanted to make this really, really quick video to answer a couple of questions that I've gotten more than one off. Uh, I was gonna make this, like, when I first first posted my big update video, but it just I just haven't really had a lot of time.

And now I've reactivated my Facebook account because I figured, well, I'd made some YouTube videos and my Instagram was back, I might as well just come back on Facebook, too, because I was popping up in other places.

One question: can I come visit you at work? Where do you work? Ah, that's a biggie. No, I cannot have visitors at work. The people or the company or whatever that I work for, they know about the stalking and hate sites and things like that. On a personal level they don't give a shit. They think it's quite hilarious and funny that people have so little time on their hands or they're so miserable that all they do is sit around and gossip. But on a professional level they cannot open their business to potential harassment, stalking, threats, you know, that kind of petty bullshit, and I completely understand.

And I fully, honestly don't mind because I'm trying to keep my personal personal life offline and away. You know, I can update, oh we got married, oh we moved, but that's not anything deeply personal. I mean, getting married is, is really personal, but everybody knew it was gonna happen anyway. But as far as other things like that, I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to give away, you know, locations and jobs and blah blah blah, you know. I just, I don't want to be like my life from A to B to C anymore, you know, that I'm past that point in my life now. Um, so I do respect their wishes. And even if I were to quit working there, if they were to get calls and people dropping by to come spy on me or who knows what, that's not good for business. So I've agreed not to give out any details, and so I haven't.

Will I do meet up? Probably not, for all kind of the same reasons. I'm really, really busy nowadays. I just don't have any time. Social media itself is not important to me. My friends and followers and longtime fans are. But there's an element of danger there. And if I had to get up and go out of my way, put myself in the mindset to be in public meeting people I don't know. And it's…that's really intimidating and really scary for me. I don't really see that happening because I'm not in the mindset of social, social, social, social anymore as I was. So maybe later on it might happen, but as far as right now goes I don't see that happening.

Have I been online since my disappearance? I have checked emails here and there, I have monitored my YouTube here and there, and that's it. I have not been online. I do not have any active profiles except for right now I have Facebook, Instagram, and my Youtube, and of course my email.

I do have a separate email address that is my main email address that is not the one that is listed. That one used to be my main, but I switched it up and I changed it before I actually went offline. So I've had a different email address, and that is the one I usually check. This one is for, like, social shit, and that's where I get my YouTube messages and stuff or alerts from. So I will pop in every so often and check that. If I had a notification somewhere, I check that.

But as far as a profiles go, my profiles have all been offline. I have been offline. I have not wanted to nor had the time to sit online. So if you've seen any profiles pop up or anybody popping up saying that they are me or they were me, that is a lie. Because I know that that happens every time I'm offline. People say, well she's actually online and she's been… No. Maybe before, I've been online. This time I have not been online at all.

I mean, we moved. We packed up, we left everything behind, we moved, we bought a house, we've been fixing up the house. We have our pets, we have jobs, we have…shit, we have a lot of going on now that I didn't have before. My life was quite empty before, and even though I had Josh, in my day-to-day life I had nothing else to do so I was online all the time. But now I've got my hands full. There isn't enough time in the day anymore, and so sitting online wasting time, I haven't had the, I haven't had the time to do that. I haven't even played my game. I had another Facebook profile with a Facebook game that I've played since they started, so in over three, four years now I've spent so much money on that game. And I even abandoned that. I haven't even popped in to check on that game.

Uh, what else. [cut] My video cut out on me, and I don't know why. Sorry about that.

Another question I answered on my Facebook, but I'll go ahead and quickly touch base on it here. And this actually made me quite upset. It's the only thing that's really upset me in a, in a while. And it didn't upset me because I thought I was being attacked. It upset me because to me it's very clear, and I don't understand why this person couldn't see that. It was one person, you'll know who you are if you see this, left me a comment saying basically it was my fault that Stormy died because I didn't introduce him to Doja. Actually, it was two people that said that. The other person was a lot ruder about it, and I just blocked and ignored because I do not have time for negativity anymore.

I'm not gonna be talking about any more negativity. I've said this. Like, if I had a dollar for every time I've said that I'd…I would be rich. But I honestly sincerely want to try. I want to try to cut it out. I've been trying to cut it out, but now I actually have a life. I have stuff to do to, to be able to cut it out better. I have stuff to be proud of, so I think I'll succeed this time. Fingers crossed.

Um, anywho, we are not to blame for that for the simple reason of we have a kitten that can't even shit on its own. The kitten could not eat, could not barely see, could hardly walk, could not defecate or urinate on its own. Why the hell would we take this kitten and be like, doggy, here's the kitten? No. Our focus was taking care of that kitten, making sure he survived. If he was at least old enough to kind of explore, walk around, definitely we would have made introductions. But he was, like, on the verge of death, you know.

You know, little animals like that, young animals, they could turn really quickly. All it takes is they don't eat one day, they're dead, you know. You have to make sure to get food in them. You have to make sure to take care of them. Our focus was taking care of him, getting him healthy, and getting him to a place where he could survive without our help. I mean, we were gonna keep him, obviously, but we wanted to get him healthy enough to survive, not just take him to introduce into a dog. We hadn't even had Doja that long to know for a fact how he'd react to something so small. It was way too dangerous for us, in our opinion, to have taken this kitten that we didn't know and introduce him to a dog that we didn't know and expect it to go well. He could have just been like, oh you're giving me a treat, gulp! You know what I mean? So no, we were waiting until Stormy was old enough, and then we were gonna introduce him.

They weren't even in the same part of the house. Stormy was way over in our bedroom, and Doja was way over in the living room. He never even went to that area of the house. He was never supposed to, anyway, and he never usually did. So I think that is a very hurtful and ignorant statement to blame us and say that we should have introduced this tiny helpless creature to this dog instead of focusing on getting him well.

We didn't even have Stormy for a week before Doja went and killed him, so it's not like we'd had him for months or anything. We had actually had him only a few days, and then Doja went in there and got to him, so Stormy wasn't even out of the woods yet, you know. He was still so new. And I'm not saying it was actually anybody's fault. Doja was probably just acting like a dog.

But do not blame us for not taking this helpless creature and shoving him in front of this dog. There's no way to introduce a blind animal to another animal that he can't see without putting him close enough for him to smell. He's close enough for him to smell, he's close enough for him to snap at.

Stormy was scared enough. He didn't know where the hell he was at of what the hell was going on. He was crying, crying. He was so scared. I'm not gonna scare him more by putting him in front of this massive 80 pound animal. No, you know. And if you think that that's wrong, then you've got issues. But I'm not gonna apologize for putting Stormy above an introduction. No. We introduced these animals right, and they're fine. They…they're fucking together all the time. So that's all I have to say, and I'm sorry for the seriousness in there.

Thank you guys for watching this. Take care, everybody. Bye.

[cut to a video of Stormy right after the found him]

So we woke up this morning and Josh heard meowing. I thought he was just hearing stuff, but he wasn't. He heard meowing and crying and screaming. It's raining and really cold outside right now. And there was this itty bitty kitten on the edge of the skirting board of the trailer kind of lost and abandoned. And so I picked him up and brought him in and trying to keep him warm. Josh is gonna bring me a bottle and some kitten supplement so I can feed him and hope that he lives.

He's the most adorable little thing. He's so young. You can tell. Look at that little face. And he was so miserable outside in the cold. I heard other meowing, but I can't find the other kittens. This one was separated by himself and freezing cold and just miserable, so I'm really glad that we were able to grab him and bring him in. No sign of the mama cat. No idea if she's gonna come back or if she's gotten run over or what, but I'm gonna keep an ear out for the, for the other babies and see if they need help or not. But fingers crossed he or she lives.

[cut to >>573737 Josh lying on his back holding Stormy in one hand]

Is he asleep?

[Josh looks at Stormy and nods his head] Yeah. [unintelligible]…taking video.

No. 587491

File: 1539259722352.png (425.74 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-11-04-42-04…)

"I have stuff to be proud of, so I think I'll succeed this time. Fingers crossed."