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File: 1594231251372.jpeg (271.02 KB, 1212x1187, 1593486367810.jpeg)

No. 784721

19 year old "beauty guru" with subpar make-up skills. Has around 1 million (fake) followers on Instagram (fluctuates with when they can buy new bots), 11k (fake) followers on Twitter and 10k (fake) subscribers on youtube.
Has around a 1% engagement on instagram, but those likes and comments appear to be from bots, fake accounts, and engagement pods. Never gets any RTs or likes on twitter aside from her mom. Doesn’t get much more than 1000 views on her Youtube videos. Some brands, such as Colorpop and Laura Mercier have, however, fallen for her snafu and send her PR. Recent drama channels exposing her have garnered more attention as of late, but the views die off quickly and return to bot numbers soon after the hype dies down.

>Her mom Laur creates all her fan accounts on IG. Many of them pretends to be grossly exaggerated versions of minorities.
>Claims she has her own beauty brand coming out in 2020 (@lilleejeancosmetics) UPDATE 7/2020: This turned out to be just a new blog launch called @lilleejeanbeauty as her associated IG account was renamed as such
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and made some customs Lipsticks (as anyone can do) for herself, claimed they were a collab and that Bite would release them for purchase. Sperged out on IG and cancelled them when they told her to stop claiming it was an official collaboration (https://www.instagram.com/tv/BwaDTX1gyDc/?igshid=3t86d935d62o)
>Had a billboard of herself in Times Square for Covergirl, pretends she did an actual campaign with them, when in reality it was a campaign where anyone could upload their picture to their homepage and then get their picture on the billboard.
>Her batshit insane mother uploaded an obviously shooped picture to her IG (@lrtrueman) claiming Lillee went to the MET ball. It wasn’t until after the reddit call-out they began to claim it was fan-art.
>Her mother also posted an obviously shooped “Teen Vouge” cover with Lillee on the front page.
>Somebody on r/beautyguruchatter made a thread about Lillee Jean. Her and her mom sperged out, made multiple accounts and spammed threads.
>Most likely buys used palettes for her videos. Has new videos for sets that came out weeks ago


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (goes between private and public)

Other relevant links can be found here >>767646


>An extended summary of Lillee's Q&A video >>777943

>Whatsyourvibez is changed over to lilleejeanbeauty >>778093 which also becomes the name of her new website >>782801 One of her other sock accounts is also renamed to lilleejeandebunked_ >>778430 which later moves to tumblr at lilleejeantruth.tumblr.com >>780643
>Tiredlady believes Brenda's killer is paying Dees to stalk LJ >>778145 A new sock by Laur also seems to believe this >>778857 and tells people to kys while at it >>778900 Proof the sock is Laur >>779801 Laur seems to be the source of this lie >>781692 and goes full batshit claiming Diane is her sister's murderer >>782355 and >>782362 and >>782377 Much later she denies this ever happened >>784620
>Laur threatens Lunart with legal action after IG takes down the art post on Lillee's page >>778257 She also contacts the teen's mother >>778339
>Lillee's organic growth continues as she gains 500% more subs, and only 4% more views on Youtube >>778338
>A poster on reddit claims to have gone to middle school with Lillee >>778529 They claim Lillee said she had a 17 year old boyfriend and wore a sexualized halloween costume to school >>778565 Dees interviews the poster on stream >>779428
>A farmer finds old comments sent to a currently empty account by LJ/Laur calling them Pheepy >>778608 The few comments not deleted sound extremely ESL >>778610 before the replies change to a @princephillipe account >>778611
>More racist comments by LJ's sock fans >>778775 and >>778776 and >>780491
>Lillee claims Youtube vets subs by removing them and then putting them back later, hence her totally normal fluctuating sub count >>778844 She doubles down on this when she totally organically reaches 10k subs >>779696
>LJ wants you to sign BLM petitions and wear a mask >>779326 People calling her out for her racist comments get diatribes in reply >>779335 She also fears supporting Black brands right now can be construed as racist >>779382 Tiredlady spams the comments >>779581
>LJ follows a comment's advice and asked her million real Jeaniez to send her them following one of her tutorials or doing one of her looks for a feature in her video >>779890 One user takes her upon the challenge, complete with copious fallout >>780241
>LJ's very savvy brand manager found an account of a Portugese woman running for congress and thinks she's trying to kill him for having a non-English name >>780567
>Laur claims they will get really exciting news July 1!!! >>780754 (Nothing ever comes of this)
>Dees says her attorney is working to get Laur and LJ's youtube accounts terminated for false copystrike flags >>781031 She clarifies she is not suing Laur or issuing a restraining order >>781834
>Instead of actually donating new items, LJ uses 2 year old photos of her donating clothes and encourages Jeaniez to do so as well >>781173
>Many women in LJ's family have The Sight, including LJ herself >>781502 She wants to do more videos honing in on spirits, ghosts, demons, and more >>781632 Also Diane cursed Laur to stub her toe >>782054
>People find reviews for Laur's propmaster claims which are what you'd expect >>781829
>As Laur continues to spam the LJ hashtags, Twitter finally takes action and temporarily restricts her management account >>781995
>Lillee does another IG live, highlights here >>782069
>Lillee tries to dye her hair and manages to turn it dark red, then a brassy green after apparently not toning it correctly >>782204 and >>782954 and >>783072
>After accusing Dees of being her sister's murderer for a month, Laur begs Diane to leave her and LJ alone >>782533 and even pins such a request >>782588 then proceeds to spam her feed with instances of Dees calling them out for various things. Later she says she will continue to respond to Diane as long as Diane talks about her daughter >>784619
>Tiredlady seems to give up and says she will make a video with everything she knows before shutting down her Twitter account >>782868 She follows through with the deletion, at least >>783003
>Laur begs Diane for an interview on her channel >>784127 to "give her views" >>784170
>When the clip of Lillee telling Black people to shut the fuck up about slavery begins circulating again, LJ directs people to watch the full clip for context >>784138 possibly unaware that it makes her look even worse >>784204
>Lillee survived a whole year of being a victim and a lifetime of having tight pelvic walls >>784381
>Laur goes off on Tatiana for calling in a lawyer and defames the firm >>784392 Apparently the lawyer reaches out to Laur to tell her to stop tweeting about Tatiana, which she tells everyone by tweeting about Tatiana >>784521 Laur says she will apologize to anyone who actually comes to her with concerns, of which countless people have >>784542

Post image by anon >>782794

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>>754981 #8
>>767645 #9
>>773135 #10
>>777937 #11

No. 784734

File: 1594233959573.gif (244.6 KB, 275x155, 1594223172667.gif)

Thank you honourable Anon for this new thread.

This gif was also great.

No. 784741

File: 1594237132999.jpg (133.96 KB, 1138x1077, 20200708_123820.jpg)

what. the. fuck.

No. 784752

File: 1594242714299.jpg (13.7 KB, 300x300, Vlcsnap-2013-08-02-02h40m57s82…)

She looks like Jimmy Wichard from King of the Hill.

No. 784778

Boop boop boop I'm a jealous hater cause I totally wish I had teeth with a half inch gap apart. It would make flossing so easy!

No. 784789

why does she have threads though. you'd give her attention yikes. lolcow isnt even being informative on her and is in this regard kiwi farms tier.

No. 784792

nobody cares anon

No. 784793

It is being informative? There are receipts posted and her harmful behaviors such as saying she was 14 dating a 23 year old are documented, as well as Laur exploit her sisters murder etc etc.

No. 784799


I love the anon who created the portrait used in the OP, it is freakin genius.

No. 784823

File: 1594255808756.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1387x1034, C022BF74-C950-4398-9FDE-D0ADFB…)

I was inspired by the art anons in the last thread to try my first digital piece .

No. 784825

When the next thread comes around I vote this for the next pic

No. 784849

tinfoil and this is a crack theory, but what if this whole situation is just a set up and a big michael jackson reference?

lillee jean = billie jean
diane = dirty diana

let's look at some of the lyrics for each of these songs.

Billie Jean: "She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene."

now lillee isn't a movie star and im reluctant to even call her a beauty queen, but isn't that what she aspires to be? she was pretending to be auditioning for marvel roles for a while and her primary focus is being a beauty guru.

Dirty Diana: "I'll be the freak you can taunt…if you make me a star"

laur and lillee are always complaining about diane and others apparently harassing them, but everyone knows drama can do wonders for your youtube engagement. after the primink video, didn't lillee's views go up a bit? i think she bragged about this in a livestream. anyway, they may have thought that eventually with all the bots and controversy, lillee would gain a legit following and become a real celeb, or rather, a "star".

so obviously these are only two lyrics from songs that aren't even about situations similar to the LJ one, but who knows.

two more points:
1. billie jean was released in 1982 as part of michael jackson's album thriller. six years later, in 1988, dirty diana was released. similarly, the first thread for lillee jean was created in july 2019 and six months later, diane created her youtube channel.
2. dirty diana is part of the album, Bad. from laur and lillee's perspective, diane is the bad guy. and if this was just a set up to get people to sympathize with lillee, they want us to see diane as the bad guy too.

maybe it's just a coincidence that lillee jean and diane's names are somewhat similar to two famous michael jackson songs, or maybe it's a PR stunt with vague references after all.

what makes me doubt that this is a PR stunt is that laur and lillee have humiliated themselves beyond repair. laur wouldn't be freaking out on twitter at 3 am if this was all just a plot to get famous.

No. 784852

This is legitimately the dumbest thing I've ever read on lolcow, and I love it anon.

No. 784860

Oh my god, I am fucking crying with laughter irl. Anon you’re manic lmao.

No. 784861

Genuinely best tinfoil so far, g8 job anon

No. 784863

File: 1594263152369.jpg (17.74 KB, 620x478, 1589081727069.jpg)

Anon, I don't know what meds you forgot to take this morning, but this post was pretty based.

No. 784865

File: 1594265340882.gif (885.06 KB, 400x275, C1191442-33F7-4CB2-802A-06EB69…)

No. 784894

File: 1594286420470.jpg (45.79 KB, 680x406, badatmath.jpg)

Holy saggy tits, LJ has a negative IQ!

No. 784895

File: 1594290330379.png (186.8 KB, 600x625, Screenshot_32.png)

This is…. extremely gross

No. 784899

>my boobs

No. 784900

Frankly this is far off "emotional incest" and I would believe that Laur has intimate relashionship with LJ.

No. 784902

Lillee reveals in her new video that she only showers once every 4 days

No. 784903

She has unfortunate.. everything. If toy have saggy tubular breasts at age 19, get a fucking bra on.

No. 784906

I agree with most criticisms on Lillee but here, I disagree. I didn't even know what tubular breasts were until I looked at this thread, so I googled it and they don't look like Lillee's.

No. 784907

That's a stretch, anon. Laur and Lillee spend so much time with each other and only each other, they never grew out of the baby-mother dynamic where they're sort of extensions of each others' bodies (babies don't realize they're individuals from what I understand), so it doesn't feel invasive or overstepping a boundary to say shit like this. But I don't think they were ever sexual with each other, that's a whole other level.

No. 784911

You don't know what emotional incest means, do you?

No. 784913

File: 1594298927628.jpg (239.77 KB, 1080x1977, 20200709_074427.jpg)

Fat fingers on the original post, so repost

Youtube is "glitching"

No. 784915

File: 1594300199480.jpg (204.99 KB, 749x430, noodlehead.jpg)

Lillee giving hair advice be like:

Nah, there is something sick, dirty and twisted about their relashionship.

No. 784917

It's so frustrating to hear her talk about how she gives her hair a mask every time she bathes and all these things she does to take care of it-when she's only been doing it a week. She's every new person at the gym in January.

No. 784918

Why lillee likes to edit her thumbnails like it was a insta story? girl needs to learn how to use paint at least

No. 784919

File: 1594304812770.jpg (83.47 KB, 656x694, lunart.jpg)

Seems that Lunartseclipse got her twitter account suspended, it's back on now - screen from her main account.
LJ and Laur are still sending false reports. Spiteful much?

No. 784928

File: 1594309734422.png (1.62 MB, 1600x2819, noname-down.png)

For some reason Lillee's newer videos with the white background lowkey remind me of John Mclean? The lighting is obviously similar but something in the way she articulates and moves as well.

No. 784930

Are you daft? Hate that guy but he’s wayyyy more we play spoken and actually pale

No. 784931

Did you read the comment I was replying to? Are anons just lumping straight up incest with emotional incest?? C'mon, there's no indication that they actually have sex and you know it.

No. 784936

I see it

>jacked teeth

>fake voice
>obsession with being THE palest

No. 784949

NAYRT The way Laur has been sexualising lillee since very young is pretty disturbing. No proof yet I get why these tinfoils are on.

No. 784954

I dont like John MClean and his fakeass holier-than-thou persona either, but how is he racist?

No. 784962

File: 1594317904374.png (265.79 KB, 465x719, ljcrit.png)

One of the callouts has anon's op thread pic on her Twitter. This is what LJ thinks of her lovely portrait.
Rich coming from someone whose art looks like a young child drew it.

No. 784964

Come on Lillee, that artwork has more depth and personality than you do

No. 784965

HAHAHA karma? how karma will work here? the artanon will draw everyone like that? so much boop boop boop karma.

No. 784979

Anon's artwork is actually great and has more depth than any of her childlike Disney fanart.

No. 785000

The art anons in these threads have more talent than she'll ever have.

No. 785003

My anonymous fanart has gotten more shares and likes than anything Lillee has posted on twitter. And hey, I only drew what I saw. Fat and aged is what you're saying about yourself, Lillee!

No. 785009

artanon's image of LJ looks better than LJ makes herself look in 90% of her videos to be completely fair here.

No. 785036

I love you, Anon, you glorious bastard.

No. 785047

something that lj does that i can't stand is how she refers to every object using feminine pronouns like
>i'll take some of this eye shadow and blend her in
>i will next use this bronzer and work her in my face
>i want to make sure my hair gets hydration, because she deserves it

it might be the excesses or just her boomer mannerisms while simultaneously trying to appear woke and empowering, but i still don't know why exactly this is so annoying

No. 785048

She does it because Jafar Shart and all those other gay beauty gurus did it for a while. She's just 5 years late kek

No. 785054

Seriously, it doesn't put any weight on her at all, the puffed-out cheeks are more due to her expression than anything. I wonder if she's seen the screencap it's based on, it's a pitch perfect recreation.

No. 785059

The only time "pitch perfect" will ever be used in regards to Lillee Jean

No. 785073

File: 1594356014849.jpeg (268.95 KB, 750x778, 5D0A685F-9926-4743-826B-174043…)

Lillee no one wants to hear about your burning pussy in every tweet and video. It might scare off the pradips.

No. 785096

The problem isn't that she talks about it, it's that she doesn't talk about it appropriately and inserts it into videos like makeup tutorials. If she wants to talk about feminine health she should just make a serious video about it.

No. 785098

i know its nitpick af but the amount of commas she uses incorrectly annoys the shit out of me. it makes it so hard to read anything she's trying to say. laughable since she said english was her best subject at the attic academy

No. 785122

Does Laur wear Lillee clothes? How do they end up so dingy and stretched?

No. 785125

this is one of the best tinfoils i've ever read in years on lolcow. it's weirdly lighthearted and goofy and best of all it's not ranty or hate-filled. your brain is awesome for coming up with this, anon. you honestly made my day.

No. 785128

I was just going to say the same thing. She tries so hard to sound intelligent and comes across as very condescending, but she has no idea how to use punctuation. Her comma splices are atrocious; I'd eat my left tit if she knew the difference between an independent and dependent clause. This is some fifth-grade material that she hasn't learned, and she has the gall to say, "Think before you type." top kek.

No. 785139

TL isnt done’ afterall! She put out a video re: Jeffrey Starr where she makes a lot of white guilt pity statements. Rightfullly, a few POC asked her to stop. She immediately drags Diane into it?

No, bitch, you are being a fucking weirdo about race.

No. 785140

File: 1594397172558.png (3.07 MB, 1125x2436, E2975459-4268-436C-8004-B7DE28…)

Oops. Pic attached here

No. 785141

Wasn't it just in the last thread where she ripped into a random guy in a youtube comment for misspelling something? I remember some long rant beginning with "FIRST of all, it's spelled like THIS."

The audacity of this girl to call out other people when she can't use third grade punctuation.

No. 785142

I’m glad I found out about Lillee through Lolcow. Had I found her on my own, I would have thought she was just a plain, untalented but ultimately harmless wannabe beauty guru rather than the absolute POS I now know her to be.

No. 785147

And what do you know, the comment above Tired Lady's was deleted. Surprise surprise

No. 785168

File: 1594411593663.gif (1.83 MB, 500x281, delusion.gif)

No. 785198

File: 1594420800292.jpg (461.19 KB, 1080x1976, Screenshot_20200710-173819_You…)

Hmm. Robin Preston is an account that is very active on Lillee Jean's youtube. I thought she was sock account.

No. 785232

File: 1594428360769.png (313.24 KB, 540x960, whenwillshelearn.png)

yeah its a sock lol. quick reverse image search on the pfp, and it brings up some LA photography page. The poor girl in the picture probably never thought some weird white attic ogre would use her face to make her opinions on race seem legitimate lol

No. 785254

I don’t think it’s Lillee or Laur though as they would have used a sock to praise Tired Lady.

No. 785271

This person has also commented on Diane’s videos/other drama vids about LJ. I’m very sure it’s one of those fake fan accounts that shower LJ with the attention she so desperately craves to try and get an inside scoop

No. 785298


I think it's Lillee. The way she tries to talk about race issues but isn't articulate, and the fact she says "golden blonde" in her comment about Cinderella, both of those set off alarm bells.

No. 785299


Eh, I don't think so. This person's grammar is a lot better than Lillee's. Even when Lillee tries to type correctly, it fails miserably. Also, in general, the typing style doesn't match Laur or Lillee's.

No. 785315

She's had a rash of new commenters who heard about her from"Primink or whatever his name is" that talk about how she turned out to be "so sweet and pretty and unproblematic"

They are a little too common.

No. 785330


Her comment to TL makes absolutely no sense, and I can't think of anyone but the Truemans who would say "I had no idea Cinderella wasn't supposed to be a golden blonde or platinum blonde" instead of just saying "I had no idea Cinderall wasn't supposed to be blonde."
It fits in line with their non-white "fans" ogling her pale white skin and "golden" blonde hair, and I get the impression it's supposed to come off as an indirect way of saying "I didn't know Cinderella wasn't supposed to look exactly like you in real life, you, Lillie Jean, who looks exactly like a Disney princess in real."

No. 785347

I thought the same thing kek. Laur and Lillee are really obsessed with this golden blonde shit.

The typing looks like Lillee to me. The callouts have discussed Laur's obvious typing style many times, so if they're making new socks, they would probably try to change the style up a bit anyway. The poster also uses a dark skin emoji and stolen photo of a black woman to show how totally diverse her fans are. Way too obvious.

No. 785370

i have a theory might be tinfoil. i think L and LJ are having the same delusion - a folie à deux. there are cases out there about this. i would love to know why they have such delusion of grandeur without having actually worked for it.

No. 785379

I don't think they really believe all their crap. They'd have to be under some serious delusions to think the socks they made are real people, or the 1m followers they bought are all totally real fans from Turkey and Russia.

A lot of people think they "deserve" fame and attention. I think they're just antisocial narcs who massively inflate their own importance. They've clearly been withdrawn from regular people for a while so there's no one to call them out on their lying.

No. 785404

It's not that deep. They're con artists. They don't drink their own poison, it's obvious if you give it more than a moment's thought that things like Pheepy aren't real and they obviously don't actually believe he is, with how much the story changes.

No. 785414


Tinfoil, but is it possible that Tired Lady and LJ / Laur had a falling out (offline / outside of public eye)?

I am convinced 'Robin Preston' is a sock operated by the Trumans, and, for some reason we'll never know about (maybe TL was not being given enough care and attention from LJ and her 'fans'), TL had enough and cut ties with Laur? And 'Robin Preston' left a curt and rude comment to spite her or something? Haha.

No. 785417


I just feel like we're giving them too much credit to know what the word "radicalism" even means. This reads more as someone who is genuinely a POC versus someone acting like a POC. Laur and Lillee would just throw together some nonsense and buzzwords that they read online and try to make it coherent, and the result would be something you would never see an actual POC saying.
It also doesn't explain why they're shitting on TL, unless like >>785414 said, they had a falling out.
Idk this one really doesn't strike me as Laur or LJ, definitely more like someone who wants Lillee to spill all her secrets after they become "internet besties". >>785271 also mentions that this person regularly comments on Diane's videos about LJ. Too much stuff isn't adding up for it to be Laur or LJ.

No. 785424


With the current political climate and BLM protests the word "radicalism" is being thrown around like crazy. I have heard plenty of boomers say things like "radicalism isn't what we need." It's not too far out of line for them to use the word, even if they don't exactly know what it is. They are trying to cover their tracks by sounding like a woke poc, but they are transparent as always.

No. 785426

It definitely doesn't take much to get on their bad side. Maybe Tired Lady politely suggested LJ get singing lessons or wasn't quick enough with praising LJ's newest sameface selfie.

Flat out, LJ doesn't have real fans because she isn't a nice person. You can serve up mediocre makeup looks or be an arrogant know-it-all, but not both. There's a reason nobody sticks around for very long.

No. 785436


Either TL realized she got played or her family/husband stepped in and made her delete her twitter. Laur was perfectly happy letting TL dox, threaten to dox, make claims Diane was a murderer, make false claims about Brenda's death that made Laur's story even more tragic. Laur would have let TL take the fall for doing her dirty work, all while telling her how good of a job she was doing.

No. 785442

File: 1594566210288.jpeg (226.58 KB, 750x434, 41985A81-401C-4B3D-93A4-E0ACF6…)

If you were watching the fallout from the Texas Diane dox attempt, Laur tried to pin everything on TL. Another one of Lillee’s supporters said both him & TL were told the same lie and it didn’t come from Dees or TL. TL was trying to lie for Laur and got caught. This is why she quit twitter.

No. 785445

File: 1594568317334.jpeg (213.45 KB, 750x1020, 661F192E-9E3E-4F68-99FD-B6C47C…)

No. 785448


No. 785451

JMO I think Tired Lady finally realized that whiteknighting LJ was netting her no benefits. No new subs, no new views, no nothing. She tried to get people to sub for info, but nobody did because nobody is going through extra effort for whatever lies Laur has invented for today.

No. 785455

I think she's unfortunately just not at all there and clinged to the LJ story for some reason, hoping to be a savior from the mean boolies. Hopefully she gets off the internet and realizes not everyone with a sob story is telling the truth.

No. 785484

To me, it's very clear why Tired Lady left twitter. The whole reason that she latched onto Laur and Lillee in the first place was because she is desperate to be important in the beauty/influencer community, in whatever way she can manage it. She really thought that inserting herself into the Truemans' drama was going to make her look like the kind and gentle voice of reason and gain her the respect and attention she thinks she deserves.

Too bad she's just crazy and not even in an interesting way. She's a one-episode side character trying to be a series regular.

No. 785579

File: 1594661187013.jpeg (358.2 KB, 750x838, BEF5DAE9-A2A3-447F-A258-3B7A8D…)

If Laur and Lillee still don’t see the issue with the podcast after going through this exercise, then there is no helping them.

No. 785582

Kek, what is she translating? Will we get a Laur to English dictionary?

She's so obsessed with the context instead of just acknowledging it was offensive and apologizing. The context of the conversation doesn't make them look better. It looks worse to keep dragging it.

No. 785588

Neither of them will ever understand that you're not allowed to tell people whether or not you hurt them. That is up to the person hurt. They will fight tooth and nail to try and tell someone that what they said didn't hurt them and that they shouldn't be offended.
If someone calls you out and tells you what you said is hurtful or offensive, you apologize. They will never grasp this in a million years.

No. 785606

she probably meant “transcription” but laur is borderline legally retarded so using the right words is hard for her. it’s no wonder lillee can barely speak english either, both LJ and laur are working with a collective of like 7 brain cells.

No. 785612

File: 1594679951832.jpeg (348.65 KB, 750x1089, 1AB1C47B-F7F4-4480-9F47-AB56D7…)

So I think they realized that this is actually racist as they’re taking it down m. It’s a start but this is the biggest non apology I’ve ever seen (and I love how Laur blames Lillee’s age but Laur was an active participant as a 50 year old woman)

No. 785615

The fucking terrible comma usage again. I wanna see receipts that they actually donated to this organization

No. 785624

File: 1594684617401.png (284.76 KB, 480x784, transfooted.png)

I know I'm late with this, but wanted to share 2 new Laurisms. "Trans footed" and "inderstsmd"

No. 785625


Love how some of the lines are centered right instead of middle. Very professional.

No. 785627

this just ties into that weird superiority complex they have. they think that they're allowed to dictate how people feel.

that apology feels so ingenuine, like it's just a cop out. "IF anything discussed was offensive" not if. it was offensive, as many POC have been telling you for months now. they dont even demonstrate knowledge as to why what they said is wrong, instead just saying "yeah if it's offensive". wbk it's offensive.
laur fails to address that she was egging lillee on with her ridiculous "chinese person chased me out for being white" story and the whole "blackface was ok because there were no black actors". and lillee jean has clearly not educated herself, as seen by her BLM "activism".

No. 785629

File: 1594685520052.png (27.18 KB, 588x289, oopssorry.png)

Funny how Laur went from "listen to the whole thing, we're not racist!" to "sorry if you were offended uwu, we grew very much in the last 2 hours when we said it wasn't racist"

And "sorry if you were offended" is such a cop out, it admits nothing. It's basically a "sorry if you misinterpreted what I said, because I'm definitely right and you're just taking my words out of context"

No. 785635

File: 1594687207693.jpeg (161.2 KB, 946x2048, Ec0MxLeWAAAp9W_.jpeg)

Not to detract from the current topic but it looks like lillee has been shadowbanned on insta. Here's hoping to her actually getting banned from the platform completely that'd be g8

No. 785636

File: 1594687291040.jpg (142.65 KB, 1080x1191, Screenshot_20200713-193655_You…)

She just did Jessica Rabbit in like October, but it won, so she's going to do it again. Why would she include it as an option again?

No. 785637

"see where things could be taken wrong"
Absolutely no responsibility for their words. That's not owning up to anything, that's standing by your context even when it doesn't matter. They're sickening.

No. 785640

Trans footed into English: We see other racist white people getting cancelled, so we're gonna do a half-assed apology to hopefully make everyone shut up and stop holding us accountable for our very real racist attitudes

No. 785663

Disgusting and poor message Laur and Lillee
they don't have no shame or pity.
The way to solve this is to apologize and take charge, but even that can't, what a mess.(i'm an esl)

No. 785667

If it was a genuine apology, it would be posted on Lillee’s Twitter, IG and YT, where there are followers (how many are real is debatable) as opposed to Laur’s management account which has all of 80 followers.

No. 785676

The only people who ever called them out over it was Twitter users, so posting it to IG or Lillee's main twitter would let more people know what happened. They'll never do that.

No. 785677

File: 1594698908234.png (61.12 KB, 480x451, coming soon.png)

Posting it on the management account is basically just saying "call outs leave us alone."

Also from "management" cOmInG sOoN!

No. 785697

I miss her regular use of the #inevitable hashtag. It would look great on this post.

No. 785712

Tinfoil Anon gets a shout-out as Diane and Oomancer prove this is all an elaborate Michael Jackson themed publicity stunt. Starts around the 49 minute mark, they just talk about the psychology of conspiracy theories before that.

No. 785736

File: 1594743003331.jpeg (314.71 KB, 750x829, 8671E766-B97A-4F5D-AA8E-9845DC…)

Laur tweeted this morning about a phone call planned with Tatiana’s lawyer on Thursday. Laur still thinks Tatiana’s lawyer is going to hand over Diane’s info.

No. 785753

Lmao I fucking can't with Laur. How is it a gotcha moment to call someone a friend? She tries so hard to sound like she's building up some intricate legal case, but everything she says is just moronic.

No. 785757


I am Robin Preston from YT. I had been on LowCow quietly since I saw the audio of Lillee telling black people to “shut the fuck up,” because I wanted to know who my daughter was watching. I am a photographer from LA, I am a black woman and I am definitely not a BOT. I am far too active on YouTube to be anyone’s sub gainer or BOT. I told Tired Lady to basically shut up because from being subscribed to Lillee (my daughter does like the disney makeup and marvel makeup) I get recommend her videos. I am a black woman who lives in LA and I am sick of white guilt, it doesn’t progress us! I did in fact find Lillee’s channel because of Creepshow Art and Tater Tatiana, I decided to give her a chance because I am about giving people second chances. Do I think those stereotype accounts were created by Laur? Possibly. She did defend pedo actions on the internet. That is why I believe it’s possible but also why I pre-watch any of Lillee’s videos before I let my daughter watch. If Lillee talks about her period, boyfriend or swears….I do not let my daughter watch.
I had changed my profile picture due to fans of the YouTuber Julia Zelg attacking me when they found my Instagram. I had pointed out a few times that she promoted pedophilia, grooming and buying pets over adopting them. So I wanted to hide my actual Instagram from them.
With that all being said, I am definitely not anyone’s puppet or stereotype. I am a woman with a family, a job and friends. Have I supported Lillee? Yes. I do want to give people the benefit of the doubt, and despite not being a Disney fan my daughter is and I do like Marvel. But I stopped watching or commenting as frequently once I heard that black people should “shut the fuck up.” I will never be ok with that.
I support YouTubers like Pomberry, Nyma Tang, Adam Mclntyre, SmokeyGlow, Kinky Sweat, Jackie Aina and Aphrodite’sPeach.

No. 785759

lmao what the fuck

No. 785760

The model in the photo of my Icon’s name is Gianna. That is not me, I have not used my real photo on anything that isn’t my Instagram since I was on PrettyUglyLittleLiar for the YouTuber Julia Zelg because her Stans found me that way. I will remove her photo because I definitely do not want Gianna dragged into this.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 785761

Fuck off

No. 785763

File: 1594754612992.jpeg (79.15 KB, 1241x947, Ecm68lyWkAIVDRV.jpeg)

shhhhh, let it happen until they get b& its always so amusing.

No. 785765

If you lurk here, you know Laur & Lillee read. Are you trying to get them to go after you for attention?

No. 785767

File: 1594755226729.gif (85.94 KB, 414x414, giphy_s.gif)

No. 785773

File: 1594756287946.png (62.94 KB, 988x235, 3PQ0ncK.png)

I believe it. You know you sound boring and dumb as fuck?

No. 785775

I am kinda scared because I heard about the doxxing attempts. Do I want attention from that? Hell No! But I just wanted to clear up who I am.
I wouldn’t have cared, but what I was saying to the crazy bitch in the bathrobe was important. And I didn’t want it associated with false statements.

No. 785777

Thank you! I am kinda boring, but I am definitely not dumb. It’s kinda creepy to see my posts posted on here tbh. It feels like an invasion of privacy, but I did give you my name and the website where this originated so I understand.
In that statement I was talking about a YouTuber posting a BLM charity that gives money straight to Kappernicks girlfriend/wife idk. So I was posting that she needs to posts links to donate to protesters, bail funds and the families of those killed by police. I am well educated and well researched, so I was telling a very dumb influencer to post links to reputable charities and sources. I also wanted to call her out for supporting Jeffree Star, Lime Crime and DollsKill!

No. 785778

But you’re white, Robin.

No. 785780

File: 1594758158071.png (232.98 KB, 390x712, Thursday.png)

Tater tots will be on the call with her lawyer & Laur. Probably why Laur seems so confident right now. I hope we hear how it goes!

Cows attract cows. Mooooo fag.

No. 785781

lmao whether or not this poster is the same robin preston on youtube, you already know laur's gonna block all the robin preston comments from now on

No. 785782

I am definitely not white.(nobody cares about you, leave)

No. 785783

tfw wanna hit a hi x so bad but don't wanna get redtexted.
Wtf am I reading?

No. 785789

File: 1594760588521.png (101.38 KB, 329x570, IL5f4lP.png)

It is the same poster, you can see the icon here. She has some lillee-like illiterate tendencies in her posts but her behavior on pull isn't milky enough to be a sock IMO.

No. 785791

It’s kinda scary to see everything I’ve posted be pulled up. But I understand why it is being done.
I’m sure my grammar isn’t the best when I am passionate about something. In this case, a vegetarian YouTuber who talks about loving animals…yet puts them in shifty and bad situations.

No. 785792

Dude, no one cares about you here. Either shut up or sage please.

No. 785794

You follow threads on PULL & lolcow. You’re shocked your account was posted after months of pooptouching w/Lillee, Laur & Diane. Now you’re afraid. Ok.

Literally no one gives a shit about you, lady.

No. 785795

Can the admins just block this boring bitch already.

No one cares about your fucking blog posts. Fuck off

No. 785796

Nice going anon. You would have been forgotten by the next thread and you were barely even suspected of being a bot or sock. Now Laur and Lillee are going to go on and on about how Diane is now faking being a black mother who is a photographer and lives in LA on a black website.

No. 785797

Laur and Lillee being VERBALLY MURDERED on a BLACK WEBSITE by an As A Black Woman concurrent to the trans foots of the racist podcast coming out/Tatiana call?

Save me from my own tinfoil

No. 785801

File: 1594768965632.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, 84A9ADAA-F2C9-4DE7-ADE5-5A49E9…)

Robin “I’m a black woman” Preston

No. 785803

Yea that is NOT me! She is also a photographer in LA but nope not me! Her and I don’t even share the same name

No. 785805

Literally no one gives a fuck you autist. Shoo fly shoo.

No. 785806

So you'll let your daughter watch an intellectually and morally bankrupt weirdo so long as she doesn't talk about (shock, horror) periods or boyfriends?
Lady, you're weird. Get off the net and examine yourself.

No. 785808



Maybe you're actually Black- though I'm real skeptical -but here's a tip for you free of charge Robin Poop-toucher: any mom claiming to be concerned with monitoring what their child consumes online, especially if that child is of any kind of Black descent, would never expose their impressionable daughter to any content created by Lillee fucking Jean, who likes to tell her preteen followers that it's okay for grown adults to pursue them romantically and invent fake minority "friends" who all desperately covet her white skin, blue eyes and "golden blonde" hair.

Find an age-appropriate Black or Brown beautuber for your kid to watch and stop playing these dumbshit games with Lillee and Laur who think there are "too many ethnics" in the beauty community and that more space needs to be made for the pale princesses like LJ. You're gonna give your kid a complex.

No. 785814

Lillee regularly advocates for kids dropping out of school. She misuses/mispronounces common words in every video. She preaches pseudoscience bullshit about tea and prayer instead of seeking proper medical care. I can’t recall a single video in which Lillee hasn’t said something untrue or done something problematic.

No children should be watching Lillee’s content.

No. 785821

File: 1594774626849.png (212.35 KB, 1188x664, Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 8.56…)

it sounds like laur's been harassing tater's attorney and he told her to fuck off

No. 785827

File: 1594778325323.jpeg (401.77 KB, 750x946, 99EA18A9-53F1-4C5A-BEB1-3E47AB…)

Laur’s trotting Lillee out to garner sympathy.

No. 785828

File: 1594780007186.png (255.1 KB, 458x514, whiteblack.png)

One white woman & one black website!

BFFDees even gave her props for her (non)apology. It's the rest of us boolies that still think you're a terrible person, Lillee. BFFDees would probably defend you against all of us anons, if you actually humbled yourself and made a sincere apology and effort. She is on your side, the rest of us are the trolls. We want you to feel bad because you are a lolcow, and you are bad.

No. 785829

Lillee and Laur are obsessed with the fact that Tatiana's friends with Diane. Perhaps it's because they both don't have any friends irl?

No. 785830


Lillee keeps trying to use this threat that she might hurt herself or commit suicide every time she and Laur lie, bully, dox and tantrum themselves into a corner and there's no sealion or white knight around to save them.

No. 785831

Most of the callout accounts completely ignore Lillee and talk about Laur.

I wonder what happened to make both of them behave like this all the sudden? Just last week Lillee was cursing the callout accounts with karma and calling people cunts. Pretty sudden shift in attitude.

No. 785832

File: 1594781278957.jpeg (281.28 KB, 750x715, 3961B77F-73B9-4C3B-86AC-B8B3E8…)

It’s all BFFDees’ fault.

No. 785833

How long until “Diane” calls in a wellness check on Lillee?

No. 785834


Their "apology" yesterday about the racist podcast kind of came out of nowhere, and then Laur comes out today talking about how their big announcement that was supposed to have happened July 1st has been pushed back to July 31st.

Laur and Lillee never, ever admit fault without having their arm twisted. They refused to admit fault about copyright striking WCT Wildcat until McBoom stepped in and they thought they might lose the only support they had if they didn't cooperate. They grudgingly did the bare minimum, but not before they forced Wildcat into silence.

They refused to acknowledge the transphobic shit they both said until Lillee stood to lose the sponsorship relationship she thought she was cultivating with that NoH8 nail polish brand. Then Lillee put out that fake apology, but not without Laur making sure it was very clear that it was "ONLY to the LGBTQ+ community."

I'm convinced that Lillee and Laur thought they had something in the works with some clueless brand or something, but then the brand caught wind of their racist podcast and told them they didn't want to be associated with statements like "vikings were actually the real native americans" and "black people are trying to silence jews and deny the holocaust."

I bet yesterday's apology was an act of desperation, and it probably didn't work. Whoever they'd conned into thinking Lillee was a real influencer must have actually started doing a bit of research and noticed that the only people saying anything positive about Lille Jean are…Laur and Lillee Jean. Literally everyone else who talks about her at all is calling her a racist, a pedo-apologist, a liar, a fake, etc.

No. 785844

File: 1594784475767.jpg (546.46 KB, 1080x1899, Screenshot_20200714-223649_Twi…)

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the stage, Lillee Jean Trueman performing "I'm suicidal, just kidding, Karma!"

She's so sure of how smart her evil genius plans of manipulation are she is patting herself on the back immediately after. She is completely transparent with her attempts at anything.

No. 785850

File: 1594786334651.png (101.05 KB, 432x655, BlameBFFdees.png)


BFFDees admitted it! All her fault! Suicide baiting! Wahhhhh

No. 785872

She's like a mini joy sparkles

No. 785873

See now I thought suicidal people blamed themselves, well good to know I was wrong. Glad thing shark teeth is full of indignation, pride, and drive like all depressed people are.

No. 785887

I irrationally hate whenever Lillie goes "This is my passion and this is what I want". It comes across like an extremely selfish spoiled little brat who's never been told "no". The very idea of someone advising her to do something else is enough to send her into fits and tantrums. Sad.

Plus, most people her age are learning a trade, or studying, or working a menial part-time job. Girl, you chose to be a Youtube beauty guru, where your career lives and dies off what people think of your online work. If more people don't want you on the platform than those that do, I've got bad news for you…

No. 785892


This is what Lillee Jean wants.

No. 785897

I really hope someone calls in a wellness check on her

No. 785900

File: 1594821535198.jpg (520.08 KB, 1080x1843, Screenshot_20200715-085047_You…)

Lillee's tenuous grasp of the english language is my favorite thing about her. Her viewer emphasizes her, not empathizes.

Also, here is Lillee openly revealing what lasts nights freak out was about. They are super scared of Tatertot's lawyer, especially since he told them to fuck off (guess harassing him didn't work), and after skim reading all those articles on cyberbullying, Lillee Jean has concluded she needs to (almost) hurt herself to get at BffDees.

No. 785905

This is fucking disgusting. They've exhausted all options of trying to get back at Dees and playing victim, and now they're pulling out the suicide card and blaming it on her. That's fucking sick. I know mental health is serious, but I don't believe for a second she's actually suicidal, this is just her last resort to get at Dees.

No. 785914

These made me laugh bc it always pisses me off when she says that. When she said "THIS IS WHAT LILEE JEAN WANTS. Y'UNDERSTAND?" She sounded like she was trying to sound like a sassy indignant Disney princess, while it also sounding exactly like her regurgitating her mother's words and attitude

No. 785920

Remember when they did the petition to stop cyberbullying? They used the names and stories of people who were actually bullied and committed suicide, despite the fact that nobody is bullying Lillee and she's a public figure with several public social media accounts.

They're shameless. They only care about suicide when they can utilize it for clout. Laur is a terrible parent who only taught her daughter how to be entitled and cry whenever she doesn't get her way, but social media doesn't work like that. People are going to call you out for your bullshit.

No. 785932

Suicidal Lillee just put out a 26 minute video ranting about BffDees

No. 785936

Atleast she reads enough here to have actually attempted the eye shape. At this point, this black web site is responsible for more growth on her channel and brand than anything she has done organically.

You are welcome,you entitled brat.

No. 785938

The eyeshape is like a 6/10 but that pathetic brow ruins it with a 1/10

No. 785939

Lillee is completely unhinged in this video. She calls Diane a “mental rapist” and goes on a rant about how Diane hacked her eBay and Uber accounts. Lillee also says that Diane is going to do something to her.

No. 785941

she's heavily moderating the comment section as well.

No. 785946

Her eyebrow looks like it's perfectly straight and horizontal with this eye shadow lmfao

What a classy ogresss

No. 785947

Black website?

No. 785963

i will only spoonfeed you once, but laur and lj refer to us and KF as "black websites" as a misnomer referring to the dark web.

No. 785964

her mannerisms are so strange– like inhuman. I've never seen anyone who is this theatrical and unhinged on a daily basis. Yikes.

No. 785966

I'm praying for a greentext anon to come in here and summarise this one because my blood pressure can't take LJ fumbling through lie after lie and I could do with a few laughs thrown in

No. 785974

I think it's just extreme isolation. She seems to have left the house only a handful of times since leaving school. No human contact, only watching Disney/Marvel/kids movies, playing with dolls, etc. Her sense of what normal mannerisms are is probably warped.

No. 785976

File: 1594852634816.png (2.35 MB, 1812x1610, soooo j rabbit!.png)

summary so no one else has to suffer through it.
>she’s doing jessica rabbit again because it’s her “most requested thing every year” (by who? who would look at this gremlin and think jessica rabbit kek)
>makes it obvious she reads here by saying the bleach stained stretched out maroon shirt she never takes off has been her favorite sleep shirt for a month and she “just keeps washing it!”
>all her, SINCE JULY 4TH 2019, STALKER does is ‘lillee jean’ content and she’s scared it’s “like a fatal attraction” and diane is going to “do something” to her
>she’s been down for the past month and last night was “really bad,” jumpcut and it looks like she’s been crying
>whines about how she’s asked diane to stop but dees keeps “battering” her and it just gets worse
>her ebay has been hacked (WHICH IS ILLEGAL!!!!1) and so was her uber the other day
>asks ”why the fuck don’t you move? why don’t you get off the internet? why don’t you close your mouth?” in response to people telling her to gtfo
>”to accept this type of mental abuse by somebody who’s a mental rapist… weird ass gesture and facial expression that should not be”
>claims the way she finds out about what diane is saying is bc dees creates accounts that tweet to lillee every day. totes not bc her and laur are constantly raging over diane’s timeline in the attic
>the PTSD she has from all this might not go away but if mean ol’ dees just stopped she’d be fine!
>puts concealer directly into her fucking eyebrow
>lilz was “bRoUgHT to the eDgE” and had to call a suicide hotline. dees exploited it saying she has screenshots now proving lillee needs mental help
>she’s appalled dees didn’t immediately stop BULLYING her even when lillee was fake threatening fake suicide
>diane is nervous because she knows if anything happened to lillee they’d look to dees first!!1
>it confuses our harvard prodigy LJ how dees could possibly be ~so daft~
>dees is a “plague” that “god needs to extinguish”
>”she’s a liar, she’s a snake, she is ?hades? deceiver” ? i genuinely can’t tell what she’s trying to say here but it sounds like she’s mispronouncing hades
>it really ~disturbs~ lillee when people try to ~take her voice away~
>dees is behind every video criticizing lillee bc she contacts people and convinces them to make the videos
>”you can’t fake passion, you can’t fake skill!” clearly lillee, we can see you trying and failing right now
>lillee doesn’t need to take a break from the internet if she can’t handle it like an adult, everyone else (ESPECIALLY DEES!!!!!1) needs to tiptoe around her and leave her alone so she doesn’t get “overwhelmed”
>oh god now she literally coats her eyebrows in concealer on purpose this time
>brings up the podcast, says she’s the one who wrote the apology
>says dees has no place saying lillee should apologize to marginalized groups because “she’s white and middle aged”
>addresses diane with terrible acting and condescension; ”baby, you’re the cause of it. don’t you know?”
>she’s never felt suicidal until diane started boollying her
>applies brow product that is the same color of her natural brows through her entire brow, rendering the cakey concealer she smeared in them completely useless and looking nothing like jessica rabbit’s brow shape
>going forward she hopes to not talk about dees again, “hopefully we can get this legal going,” but this is her last hurrah in terms of addressing dees. i’m sure, lilz!
>she’s “battered” that diane is paid to harrass her… what the fuck she thinks the word “battered” means in this context have no idea. it seems like she’s using it in place of the word “contemplated”
>her voice being lower in older videos is just because she was trying to seem older because she was so bullied in high school that she wanted to distance herself from all of it
>finishes off the look. surprise: it’s ugly!

the abrupt juxtaposition of her manic ramblings and the occasional instructions for an upbeat, fun makeup tutorial is so jarring. she seems even more unhinged than usual here. i don’t know why she thinks any passive viewer would want to hear all this bullshit when they’re just seeking out a cute cosplay tutorial look. ill dump a few pics and the “MENTAL RAPIST!” clip

No. 785977

File: 1594852729305.png (879.9 KB, 1040x920, unhinged.png)

the face she makes when she says she's worried this is a "fatal attraction"… dont think lillee's the one that needs to be worried about dees

No. 785978

File: 1594852801027.png (3.69 MB, 2102x1766, so sexy hot. so sassy cool..pn…)

the finished look. woof

No. 785979

File: 1594852881794.webm (856.55 KB, 1280x720, mental rapist! *clutches pearl…)

aaand finally, the mental rapist clip for posterity. not saging bc i forgot to unsage my summary.

No. 785980

File: 1594853902824.gif (1.31 MB, 600x338, ???.gif)

oh heres a bonus too. i genuinely have no clue what this is supposed to be conveying.

No. 785981

File: 1594854143636.jpg (32.38 KB, 680x450, dd0 (1).jpg)

>LJ: I look nothing like OP's art

No. 785989

Why does it look like she's choking on something and also possessed?

No. 785998

Ty for the summary.
She always defends her teeth and says they are straight just with gaps but I’ve really started to notice they are starting to shift, bottom ones especially some have already twisted. They are soon going to be so hideous & crooked, much like her personality.
The photo you have there also shows how her top two front teeth are now angled outwards, maybe that explains her lisping a bit more than before?

No. 786004

you can’t fake skill - yeah, we can see that babe

No. 786005

>her voice being lower in older videos is just because she was trying to seem older because she was so bullied in high school that she wanted to distance herself from all of it

Jesus Christ, she reads here religiously - this was like a minor point some one brought up in the previous thread.

No. 786007

>>785976 Thanks for the great summary.
Hmmmm, putting the onus of your suicidal thoughts and self-harm on someone else, all to garner sympathy and pity from others…. There's a word for that: manipulation

Also, it's odd how LJ and Laur are so consumed with BFFdees' involvement and opinion of them. Like, whatever happened to simply blocking and ignoring? I've seen so many major drama videos about LJ/Laur, and Diane isn't even worth a footnote in any of those.

No. 786010

File: 1594860556397.png (178.48 KB, 335x436, ihateithere.PNG)

I kept hearing about these mythical LJ GIFs but finally found one in the wild… why

No. 786011

File: 1594860820059.png (90.88 KB, 468x616, 17million.png)

Related screenshot I didn't post. Week old milk.

No. 786013

That makes a lot of sense; thank you. At the risk of sounding melodramatic (like Lillee Jean herself, kek), I have to admit that watching her makes me deeply uncomfortable. The fact that this is likely caused by unnecessary isolation makes it all the more disturbing.

No. 786016

This is very funny to me because, unlike Twitter, insta or Youtube, most influencers don't have their own… GIPHY / tenor account? So we have no idea if 17M is a very high number. Plus "views" isn't the same as likes or views, is it? (I could be wrong) A "view" just means people stumbled on your gifs given specific search terms and tags. It's not a reliable measure of engagement.

No. 786019

Fucktots/Tatiana has a new video about Laur.

No. 786020

File: 1594863845241.png (205.21 KB, 432x628, tativideo.png)

No. 786022

File: 1594864322848.gif (571.62 KB, 498x280, shortbus.gif)


Yeah, other than some of the callouts occasionally using one ironically, no one uses Lillee's gifs except Lillee. Like, when the fuck would anyone use a choppy gif of a pasty, slack-jawed attic goblin wearing bad cosplay of Ariel's sister? Who is this meant to be for?

No. 786024

Now lawyers are involved Laur & Lillee have completely dropped their lies about NYPD/FBI investigations & the lawsuit they filed in April.

No. 786026

The white balance and/or light quality of whatever cheap lighting they use is so hideous.

No. 786027

There's something very very poignant about the juxtaposition of
>1 retweet, 2 likes

No. 786028

Laur also tweeted (paraphrasing, its on her personal I believe)that they wouldn't be asking their lawyer to do more (concerning TT) because his focus was Diane. Which was her saying she doesn't have legal representation and she's going to defend herself against TT's lawyer. TT will get whatever she wants out of Laur, Laur has proven she's actually a coward when she gets backed into a corner. Not that Laur has anything to give up, but she's starting to realize she has been outmatched and Lillee is freaking out because she isn't getting her way.

No. 786033


Tatertot Lady's video is kinda long, anons, and there's not really any new or interesting information. Most of what she talks about has to do with debunking Laur's lies, but what I enjoyed about the whole thing is the fact that Tatiana manages to be the embodiment of everything Lillee has been badly faking for years:

>fanart from an actual fan

>pretty, well-executed makeup
>clean clothes that fit (lol the bar is on the floor wow)
>an actual paid sponsorship complete with free "goodies," a legit giveaway, and a commission affiliate code
>a view of her tidy, sunny, comfy-looking home in the background
>an actual lawyer that exists in reality

No. 786034


Lillee also encourages people to look up Diane's channel and to go to Twitter and look her up there. Loolie wants people to go harrass Diane.

No. 786035

File: 1594869034116.gif (739.23 KB, 480x270, tenor.gif)

What Anon? I could use these gifs for just about any occasion!

No. 786036

File: 1594869937554.png (33.41 KB, 604x294, BIJsi4L.png)

Kind of weird that Lillee saw fit to retweet parts of Nick Cannon's apology tweets (he made openly antisemitic statements and discussed jewish conspiracy theories on his podcast and now is being dropped by his network). Talk about tone deaf…

No. 786038

Mentally raped, verbally murdered… Lillee's covering all the bases without actually going outside.

No. 786040


That, or maybe she knows Dees is her only source of attention/clout right now. There are other people that talk about her, but Dees being a consistent source, of course Lillee would direct attention there. Negative attention is still attention.

No. 786041

No matter how much they want to make Dees out to be an insane, hacking granny…she’s not. Her videos are well put together and show damning evidence against Laur. Their livestreams are usually lighthearted and prove she has legitimate engagement, not an army of socks like LJ claims.

At what point does Lillee learn pointing your audience to the evidence against you is a bad idea? It hasn’t worked for 6 months. Dees just gains followers & subs.

One thing I took away from Lillee’s last sperg is she’s insanely jealous of Dees. She comments on Dees working with larger commentary channels then ditching them. Considering Dees is relatively nobody, it’s a pretty big deal these larger channels are seeking her out. Lillee has Cheshire & AmziBeloved.

No. 786043

Tater's videos are quite well-made for a small channel, but she isn't even among the Top 5 channels (in terms of views/subs) that have done videos on Lillie. There's Primink, Creepshow, Def Noodles, Curtis Price… Why do Laur and LJ always go after the small fish like Tater and BFFDees and not after the major drama channels? Maybe cause they secretly appreciate the publicity?

No. 786044

Laur most definitely went after Creepshow, Primink & Def Noodles.

No. 786047

I said this before somewhere but the smartest thing primink did was block laur and LJ and not engage with them at all. He got his views and dough and then moved on. He paid no heed to Laur’s sperging so there was no way they could paint him an an obsessive stalker

No. 786051

As someone who has been following these cows a bit autistically since they arrived on the farms, I think the one difference is that BFFDees & Creepshow & Tatiana (in order) had original takes and/or evidence. The larger creators basically just regurgitated the original arguments based on lolcow/Twitter. Plus, BFFDees etc don't have a huge following to gaslight & convince whereas larger do. And if they can delegitimaze the root of the problem, they can disregard the rest.

No. 786052

File: 1594877134294.jpeg (366.43 KB, 750x775, 6B3A7AAD-0523-4B86-BE21-74A4C7…)

Tatiana says Tori (of SkyNet podcast) has filed a police report against Laur for offering payment for her identity.

No. 786053

This may trigger another franzia freakout.

No. 786055

File: 1594877331958.jpeg (497.57 KB, 750x1035, 7843E9EC-2242-4343-89B1-73AAD7…)

Tatiana updated her previous tweet with more details.

Could this be why Lillee’s losing her shit?

No. 786056

The fact that it's actually the police who urged Tori to make the report because of "criminal activity" should be more than enough to send the attic in the panic.

No. 786057

File: 1594878779317.jpeg (427.11 KB, 750x872, B4DF5687-F05D-483D-8803-59CD6B…)

Franzia Freakout engaged

Laur, janitor at law, doesn’t know about statute of limitations.

No. 786071


Well, Laur, if you were actually friends, she would have told you why she deleted all of her socials. But, you're not, which is why she told Tatiana instead of you. Also since it's because of you.

No. 786079

File: 1594904130327.jpg (22.89 KB, 680x314, Ec_fJwRWkAAVDiT.jpg)

She looks a midde-aged prostitute who's too poor to buy a second glove.

Every callout blocked her on twitter, so why does she keep unlogging to read their feed? LJ's tweets has zero like, zero retweet (making her engagement on other platforms even more suspicious), how can she be such an hypocrite to claim she is harrassed, that' not how cyberbulying works.
No one likes her, she can go on with the fake suicidal drama, nobody cares, nobody feels guilty of her mental health and all the troubles she and Laur put herself into. By acting suicidal, she'll get even more disregard that she already has.
I never seen a wannabe influencer so dislikable, she's rotten to the core.

No. 786080

The only harassment I could see her legitimately claiming is the amount of hate comments she gets through Youtube, held in review. But those I'm sure are mainly coming from Primink, but no, they must all be Diane or orchestrated by Diane.

No. 786082

File: 1594905099901.jpg (153.11 KB, 1440x1189, EcOYAYFWkAED0hN.jpg)


I don't believe she is getting any hate comments on YT, she'll be way to happy to use them for her fake cyberbullied narrative!
From what I've seen, no one interracts directly with her.
LJ even gets mad she is blocked and go cry to mommy, kek!

No. 786089

The way the hashtags are at the bottom make me think this is a desperate Laur sock meant to showcase the boolies.

Even if there are a few genuine meanie haters, most of the callouts are still pretty polite and just stick to calling out the facts. Dees cares more about LJ's mental state than Laur does at this point.

No. 786093

Laur Lawyer logic: make a post on her twitter account telling people to spot talking about her and Lillee Jean.

She's blocked or is blocked by basically every callout account.

Locks account.

No. 786119

More Laur logic:
“Those tweets are OLD. STOP BRINGING UP 2019!!!”
Also Laur:

No. 786131

Lillee Jean reminds me of Glenn Close in that old movie where she boils a bunny.

No. 786160

Look I find LJ as sad and awkward as the next person, but Dianne is no treasure either. She comes across as mean and self-absorbed too, and I don't see what she gets out of harrassing two people who don't have anything to be envious of. That's the thing. Laur and LJ are sad, possibly broke and dumb. Why invest in kicking someone who's already down, EVEN if they caused it themselves? It's so unnecessary. Even if they are shit human beings, why stoop to the same level? And in my eyes, Dianne definitely does that. Team nobody.

No. 786165

But…… but… but Diane is helping!

No. 786166

Goddamn Laur, you really are big mad.(hi cow)

No. 786167


The only people I’ve seen spell Diane’s name this way are Tired Lady & Laur. The woman they were accusing of being Dees in Texas spells her name Dianne. G8 job, you played yourself.

No. 786171

Diane is the one who makes Laur and Lillee produce the best milk though

No. 786172

> I don't see what she gets out of harrassing two people who don't have anything to be envious of

You don’t need to envy someone to laugh at their internet sperging

> Even if they are shit human beings, why stoop to the same level?

When has Dees or any of the callout accounts sunk to Laur’s level? They don’t dox, they don’t make up criminal allegations, they don’t mass report. If anyone does cross a line, they’ve quickly called them out. Talking about these two women and their shitty behavior isn’t harassment.

No. 786173

File: 1594992179989.jpg (Spoiler Image,373.87 KB, 1080x2046, Screenshot_20200717-081917_You…)

Spoiler for those with an active imagination and weak stomach.

No. 786174


LOL Tired Lady, is that you?

What did you think you were going to accomplish by coming here and posting this bullshit? Diane is the one person guaranteed to make Laur and Lillee flip out in hilarious ways. This is a thread exclusively dedicated to laughing at Laur and Lillee.

No. 786176

Lol, I'm not sure if this is Tired Lady or Laur or whoever, but hearing a Diane-hating, LJ-defending poster call Laur and LJ "possibly broke and dumb" is very funny to me.

No. 786177

If Diane bothers you so much round up the boomer brigade and make Diane her very own thread on the black websites.

No. 786184

You can’t commit to an insult of Laur or Lillee Jean (possibly, maybe, etc.), but you’ve got no problem slinging mud at Diane.

Be less careless next time.

No. 786186

My favorite outcomes of Laur’s theatrics over Dees is it directly resulted in Dees becoming a more successful internet presence than Lillee. Dees has more real twitter followers than Lillee and they’re actively engaged with her content. Dees has roughly the same amount of YouTube subscribers Lillee had when people started calling Lillee out. Now Laur’s WKs are derailing threads complaining about Dees.

No. 786189

Ansolutely cackling at all anons above. You dont have to be tired lady or Laur to have some reservations towards Dees, moreover do you not think its ironic to make fun of Laur thinking that all boolies are Dees while doing the same exact thing here? Fucking kek, girls, Dees is a middle aged woman that centred her online presence around keeping tabs on a mentally stunted fake influencer with no following, it is not far fetched to be critical of her and her antics. I do enjoy her content and her shit stirring, but I do not find her likeable, she really tries to live out her Regina George fantasy and you are delusional if you dont think she craves attention less than LJ. You dont have to love Diane to make fun of LJ, come on, I know its summer but get a grip.

Inb4 Laur, fuck off.

No. 786201

Diane’s still anon. How’s she craving attention?

No. 786202


Ironic? No. Hypocrisy? Possibly.

But bffdees is obviously an account created to talk about laur and lillee. Just like the 27 socks and fan accounts they had made. I really doubt Diane goes to work and family dinners talking incessantly about Laur and Lillee jean. Laur's personal and professional accounts are all about Diane.

No. 786227


It's not ironic, as there are literally thousands of people who have made statements on various SM platforms criticizing LJ over the past year, while only a handful of tards have ever volunteered themselves as human shields to try to deflect the negative attention that the Truemans bring upon themselves.

When you get to the number of dummies who have opted to come here to the farms to try that shit, that number dwindles down further. So far, we've had Laur here to sperg out once, one of the sealions several months back trying to agitate and plant "violent threats" to pin on the callouts, and whatever loser is in here now crying about Diane.

No. 786230


I think everyone has a point, even if you all don't agree with each other.
Lillee and Laur are terrible human beings that deserve to be called out to try and prevent them from sweeping all of their abhorrent actions/behaviour under the rug. Diane calls it out while making it entertaining. I love Diane's content.
On the other hand, I don't think it's "pro-Lillee" to state that Diane's fixation on them is a bit..silly sometimes. I suppose someone has to be the beehive that holds all the info, and I don't think she talks about it to her friends or family either, but idk I see where the other side is coming from with her. I love Diane and have nothing against her content, but an outsider looking in would probably find it a bit wacky lol.

No. 786231

On one of her livestreams, she mentioned she gets fixated on stuff and doesn't stop until it all comes together/solves itself (I can't remember her exact wording), so for her to have some self-awareness, I think it's okay to poke fun at her a little.

No. 786234

I kind of agree here, however I do not believe that Dees is middle aged? That would put her in the 45+ years mark. I don’t think she’s even in her mid-thirties.

No. 786235

I think it's wrong to assume LJ has no following. If you look into the community tab on her channel you'll see actual engagement from people, and I doubt they're socks. Her woe-is-me post has 61 comments she approved, which include LJ's responses but that's still quite a significant number. I think she really is starting to build an audience of people are too naive to see through her artifice.
Anyway, she's my favorite cow at the moment so I'm just as obsessed as Diane tbh

No. 786236

No I don't believe Diane is middle-aged either (even though that term is a bit arbitrary and dependant on who you ask, it still puts her way above the threshold that she looks, appearance wise). I would guess she's like around 30.

No. 786237


It always makes me roll my eyes when Lillee will say "The people who leave nice comments on my videos are not me!" but then in the same exact breath says "Everyone who leaves a mean comment is Dees".

No. 786238

In her last stream she said she was a toddler at the time when Michael Jackson's hair caught on fire, which happened in 1983. So that would put her in her late 30s

No. 786239

Damn her skin is insanely good if she's late 30s.

No. 786241

I’m not surprised Lillee’s threads always attract poop touching retards from the beauty community and the other farms. >>786235
I don’t know if her following is genuine though. Seems to be a lot of trolls. LJ barely gets any engagement on anywhere besides YouTube and Instagram, where pretty much everyone on Instagram is part of pods.

No. 786242

Dees smells like a hooker’s butthole(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 786248

Shut up Diane

No. 786249

Diane looks loaded. She mentioned having a butler (?) and her house looks nice

No. 786251

A lot of people have privately confessed to be trolls. LJ blocks anyone who anything even remotely critical so poop touching trolls try and appease her through fake flattery. Also I don’t think many people know it you can buy comments on YouTube. She may even be a part of a YT pod. I see no reason why she wouldn’t do that when she funnels so much money into keeping the bot facade up

No. 786253

Not unlikely at all, but at the same time, how much can they really afford? Buying Insta bots, Insta comments, Youtube subs, flowers from Pheepy. All of this while living off of Diamond's disability check. Laur has no job, and Lillee is making jack with her YT. So, yes, she would buy YT comments no doubt, but can she afford them on top of everything else? Maybe maxing out credit cards?

No. 786254

Lillee isn't just a member of "a" engagement pod. She's the "international manager" for multiple groups. Those million followers she purchased bought her multiple groups of people clamoring to be a feature on her page. I don't doubt they have YT groups interwoven in, or that some of tbe groups are pay to play.

No. 786257

Credit Cards and also the fact that they have a dirty ass house and don’t spend money on clothes etc. Lillee doesn’t buy new makeup as much as way smaller influencers do. They’re cutting corners in other areas to make ends meet. Who even knows if they still live in new yawk

No. 786287

At this point, I am really wondering what are LJ's career goals and if she has any.

What about the fake modeling, singing and acting auditions?
Is the makeup brand still on?

I really wonder if she is aware that even small influencers have plenty of real collabs and lots of small jobs in any entertainment field.
LJ is exactly at the same point than last year (maybe just more debts). And that's weird.

No. 786288

I’m super excited for this saga. Laur lost her fucking mind and how convenient that an anon would come in talking shit about Diane. Both retarded mom and daughter will surely get their karma just as lj predicted.

No. 786289

File: 1595071313303.jpg (83.49 KB, 662x511, U985338JGRD4654.jpg)

Contradictory much?

No. 786294

Lillee has a new ASMR video and it’s a real treat. Lillee said in a previous comment ASMR was pornographic and she’s leaning into this theory with her newest video.

Starts out with the camera pointed at her chest and an off-the-shoulder top barely covering her nipnops.

The sound quality is terrible. You can’t hear Lillee’s awkward tapping over the AC & very loud lawnmowers outside.

Not sure if it’s on purpose but since the camera is pointed at her chest, you can’t see the top of her face through most of the video. Considering it’s a makeup removal video not a chest skincare routine - seems strange.

Lillee, who doesn’t put any preparation into her videos, can’t figure what part of the products make noise. This leads to some uncomfortable handjob pantomime for an unlucky bottle of toner & almond oil.

Lillee says the incredibly loud & distracting yard maintenance outside is ASMR. It’s relaxing and reminds her of summer days, laying on the grass, playing her Nintendo.

The yard maintenance gets very loud the last 30-45 seconds. Lillee is visibly flustered.

This video is a great metaphor for Lillee’s entire career and existence. She’s trying to do something she’s not qualified or equipped to do. There’s zero preparation and the more she tries to wing it, the worse it gets. This leads to Lillee getting incredibly irritated and flustered. Instead of throwing the entire video out or keeping it for a blooper reel (which most professional/successful ASMR artists do) Lillee just uploads the shit for the entire world to laugh at. I really hope she does more ASMR videos. These are unintentionally hilarious and my new favorite LJ content.

No. 786300

I had to read these tweets like 5 times to understand, does she really not know what words mean?

No. 786316

It's a 12 minute long ASMR video… Really? Most ASMR videos are upwards of 30 minutes to an hour. Lillee really knows nothing about this and doesn't care to.

No. 786318

File: 1595092984457.gif (5.93 MB, 480x252, CD40E143-8376-4FDB-B9C4-C461FB…)

No. 786324

I truly can't tell if this was made by Lillee herself for Giphy or by someone laughing at her.

No. 786325

lol wtf is this? looks like an intro scene to some weird fetish porn. That gif was a choice and not a great one. Why does she do this to herself?

No. 786330

File: 1595097418215.jpeg (82.99 KB, 900x746, 1E1EA50D-BE08-4E27-9710-C36E83…)

looks like Laur’s campaign against cyberbullying didn’t fall through and is now attacking Tatiana for her looks, referring to her as “Friday The 13th” because Tati is a huge Jason Voorhees fan

No. 786334

If she's meant to be doing this with the intention of making it like "softcore" porn, this is the least sexy thing I've ever seen my entire life.

No. 786348

She’s much worse, she used to get so much PR last year before reddit caught on, she barely gets stuff now.

No. 786352


Did I miss Tatertots actually making fun of Lillee's looks and comparing herself, or did Laur come to lurk here, read this >>786033 and get mad?

No. 786356

>referring to her as “Friday The 13th” because Tati is a huge Jason Voorhees fan
Lmao this doesn't make any sense. Why not call her Jason or Freddy or something? Why the name of the movie, which is just a date? Laur really comes up with the most inept insults, I'm so convinced the Franzia Freakouts aren't just a meme. She's gotta be posting all this wacky nonsense while she's completely shitfaced and thinks it sounds super witty.

No. 786357

Laur’s projections get me every time because they’re so obvious. Even her unconscious mind is dull and simple

No. 786367

File: 1595109899146.gif (4.18 MB, 480x260, 557E02DC-7FF2-44A9-93C4-8058D9…)

No. 786374

Next up Lilee does Only Fans. CALLING IT. Why she feels the need to sexualize her hobgoblin ass..

No. 786375

Because no one else in there right mind would?

Laur's Twitter sperging is proving amusing this evening.

No. 786376


>Lillee Jean is actually pretty and talented

I've been following this trainwreck since the first BGC on July 4th, and I still somehow can't wrap my head around the absolute delusion they have over themselves. I am aware of the phrase "a face only a mother could love", but goddamn Lillee has a face that could make it a challenge for even Laur to love. And talented? I know we've seen this delusion over and over again for a year now, but oh my god it smacks me dead in the face every time when they just come right out with the whole "I'm better than you" persona.

No. 786394

Laur seems like one of those doting mothers who thinks everything her kid does is amazing and indicative of genius, but most parents grow out of that phase when their kid gets older.

I think they've just lived in a bubble too long with no one to challenge their views.

No. 786397

The ASMR is something to behold. Lillee making 1change4change with her giant plastic tub of single use makeup removing pads

No. 786400

10:35 "And tickle the balls, tickle the balls!"

No. 786414

File: 1595123026316.jpeg (4.41 MB, 2753x2431, 67BF650D-D6A8-4A3A-80E6-9188D2…)

How long is this ass clown gonna keep on going? Also this looks like CP.

No. 786415

File: 1595123128668.jpeg (82.97 KB, 1242x845, 48CBF954-BFC8-4098-B63B-684E9A…)

Tatiana’s gofundme showed the donors.

Yesterday, Sonia said she was unemployed due to testing positive for COVID. She was stressing out over bills. Later on she told someone Dees has paid one of her bills for her. Laur probably saw this and decided Dees is giving everyone money.

No. 786418

I don't think Lillee Jean is physically hideous. Yeah, her teeth suck, but I imagine they couldn't afford to fix them in the first place, and they don't have the credit to get a loan for them. Sure, they could redirect bot money, but they remind me of people that buy scratch offs hoping for a big payday, even as they spend way more than they make. Now she's defended them too long to admit she wants them fixed.

But her attitude destroys anything pretty about her like a wrreeecking ball.

No. 786419

Laur fixated on Dees for having money more than she she did for attacking Lillee Jean. It became a running joke that Dees had that fuck you money and Laur has been humping Dee's leg since.

No. 786431

File: 1595127081456.png (129.23 KB, 397x225, qNZDHCo.png)

What the fuck
Why doesn't she check her videos before posting

No. 786432

If Diane can help an unemployed single mother with a newborn, she can help the unemployed mother of a 19 year old toddler. Bitch is being cheap.

No. 786458

File: 1595142563835.png (431.94 KB, 522x520, Capture100.PNG)

No. 786461

File: 1595143352352.png (449.24 KB, 633x443, Capture34.PNG)


No. 786464

…are those dildos in the top corner?

No. 786468

It looks like the handles of some backdrops

No. 786469

She really thinks she's hot shit with her open gremlin mouth and her tops pulled down to her shoulders.
How long until Laura starts pimping her out to indian men

No. 786470

It triggered me that she only used one wipe. She could at least used the other side of the wipe. She smeared lipstick and eyeshadow all over her face.
Also holy shit at everytime she does the dead fish mouth with the retard tongue while she wipes something on her face. It's like the default mascara face.
She's worse than Jamie Oliver with her lisp tongue mannerisms.

No. 786474

Weren't most of her PR fake as everything she does? I agree, her situation is actually worse.

Disgusting nails (above all the rest).
How can she manage to have such dirty products? So gross, smh.

Literally every 19yo is doing better than LJ. Just by staying in school you do better than her.
LJ's most amazing achievement is being one of the milkiest lolcow on the universe - which is not something to brag about.

Laur is so flustered people have friend who can help with money. Guess being a nasty scammer, liar and horrible person gets you nowhere.

She really has a late 40yo body, I totally understand all the tinfoils about LJ's alledged much older real age/early pregnancy.

No. 786475

Is this part of her asmr video? (Sorry I refuse to watch) I've seem and heard her speak one too many times and I cant stand her shit body posture and emotions

Looking at that bottle, I assume its 2 years old and half empty. Based on the screenshots, this is my head cannon

>>lj strokes bottle up and down like a mutilated penis while moaning

>>works up to her crusty dirty dinner nails
>>pops the lid open. Probably makes a dumb facial expression during this time, she thinks its sexy
>> it's so empty so she has to squeeze it like a ketchup bottle, shaking it hard to get the 1oz. Left into her hands
>>suddenly bottle makes that farting, queef noise

No. 786483

File: 1595160283857.png (9.37 KB, 767x126, lilleatas.png)

the audacity of this bitch lmao

(she's responding to a comment who was only saying hey can u please fix your camera no one likes to be looked upon down THANKS)
can she please nuke herself? also,can someome confirm who are the 2 crazy lunatics defending lillee in every single comment? one has a literal cow as profile pic and the other seems like lillee/laur or tired lady in disguise LOL.

No. 786484

File: 1595160725375.png (44.27 KB, 1309x345, Screenshot_37.png)

The one with the cow avatar seems to be under 16 judging from her videos, probably just another kid who thinks Lillee is being boolied.

Lilith Eve seems to also be a real channel and just another retarded boomer latching onto them. She talks a lot like Laur/Lillee, just with better english.

No. 786485

File: 1595160774005.png (64.25 KB, 1312x597, Screenshot_38.png)

No. 786486

File: 1595160801889.jpg (Spoiler Image,237.76 KB, 1056x820, Screenshot_20200719-070914_Twi…)

She loves this sexual attention she's getting. Now she's role-playing. Gag

No. 786487

File: 1595160987901.png (90.12 KB, 1297x704, Screenshot_39.png)

A total of 3 Jeaniez!

No. 786488

Thanks for the ss on this comment anon, these dumb bitches dont learn or what? the next month they will be apologizing for being uneducated about mental health LOL,the clownery goes beyond me.

No. 786489

File: 1595161138008.png (64.3 KB, 1277x676, Screenshot_40.png)

Hahe HAhe looks suspicious. Laur's commented on two of their videos like she knows them. Hahe HAhe also talks like Shaniqua.

No. 786490

File: 1595162546164.jpeg (226.89 KB, 750x899, 944CBB10-5CA6-44FA-AE76-9FBD84…)

All of Laur’s twitter accounts are restricted.


No. 786501

I wonder if people reported her for bullying Tatiana. Not encouraging cowtipping, but I do wonder why Twitter has let her stay on when she obviously has several accounts to bully/doxx random people, which she also uses to mass report other accounts. There's no way Laur hasn't been reported a bunch of times when almost everything she tweets is some kind of targeted harassment kek.

No. 786504

Oh GOD. The kind of videos HaHe HAHe is posting are giving me major flashbacks to the Shaniqua account. Copy-pasted media and from black Twitter with no real context or commentary sprinkled in with a bad imitation of African-American vernacular.

And the fact that Laur is the only person engaging makes this especially suspect and extremely uncomfortable.

No. 786506

File: 1595169681981.jpeg (156.47 KB, 750x604, EA688796-7C0C-4419-9140-095C98…)

She’s the bow lady from their engagement pod. She’s currently on twitter as UnitedUnityLove. Her previous YT account was MissSluttyPants84

She’s a real person and stupid enough to believe wk’ing for Laur & Lillee will make her famous.

No. 786509

File: 1595169940522.jpeg (522.03 KB, 750x995, 9170660A-669B-4A9B-A091-BDBE08…)

Laur’s so invested in her new best friend she can’t even remember what platform her business is on kek

No. 786525

File: 1595179428975.png (351.89 KB, 1247x909, ch.png)

Sorry to go kind of off-topic, but can someone give me the rundown of what's happening with Chelsea Hoffman? I haven't kept up with her and all of a sudden the anti-LJ community is coming after her.

No. 786527


Oomancer/chatbot has been poking fun at Chelsea for a while because she's a cow in her own right. He makes fun of her for posting nonsense like astrology-based theories to explain/predict/solve true crime, calling herself a "melungeon" and trying to co-opt struggles and make herself part of black-centric discussions on twitter then posting her DNA ancestry analysis results that prove she's basically just a white person, stuff like that. Most of the callouts seem to find her cringey and ignore her.

So, I think Oomancer got doxxed recently (he posted a pic of his face, saying he realized that concealing his identity wasn't too important at this point anyway.) Chelsea immediately started celebrating the doxxing, and all the callouts are calling her trash for being a hypocrite and thinking that doxxing is OK when it happens to people she doesn't personally like.

No. 786528

Thank you anon!

No. 786536

File: 1595185539757.jpeg (134.35 KB, 480x713, Screenshot.jpeg)

Lord, she's one of those obnoxious women with a broke babby who ends up thinking she's smarter than doctors because her kid didn't keel over.

No. 786539

>this channel was made for my daughter
Kek what the fuck?

No. 786545

Good that her daughter improved physically and is healthy, tragic she has this level of a Gwen hartley ass moron for a parent

No. 786546

“Look at all the adversity I.. I mean my child has overcome while not being one of those unfortunate, aesthetically unappealing, difficult to handle, mentally retarded deaf or blind kids. Please celebrate my parenting accomplishments.”

No. 786548


Maybe it's because I'm not exclusively in any mom communities or surround myself with moms, but is premature baby shaming a thing that happens often? I mean, there's shaming about everything, but is there really enough that someone would start an entire Youtube channel dedicated to showing the haters that a premature baby came out normal? Idk just seems bizarre and like she fixated on someone's comment about her baby that they made one time.

No. 786550

G8. Sounds like another laur in the making

No. 786600

Can I just say that it's incredible how LJ is so lackluster and a fail in just about everything that people are even getting distracted from the topic of her, even in her own lolcow thread.

No. 786616

File: 1595217043578.png (485.85 KB, 605x841, Annotation 2020-07-19 234908.p…)

Someone on Twitter by the name @eeeveefriendo drew this. I love these, but at the same time, I'm bummed about people using their amazing talent on an attic-dwelling hobgoblin even if it's for the memes.
Still a g8 drawing though, 10/10.

No. 786644

Don't worry about them wasting their talent. Weird, unconventional looking humans are the most enjoyable to study and draw.

No. 786665

Wow… she nailed the weird toothless mouth in movement perfectly

No. 786669

She even got the barely-there eyebrows. I can't get over all these much more talented people drawing LJ kek.

No. 786675

File: 1595255991054.jpg (168.45 KB, 1080x1211, EdU19RlWsAIr789.jpg)

Diane will be on holidays until 10th of august.
Lillee can you just shut up about been fake harassed by Diane now.

No. 786685

File: 1595258183547.jpg (607.74 KB, 1080x1672, Screenshot_20200720-101519_Twi…)

No wonder Lillee's main follower can't seem to figure out what a lipline is. Neither can Lillee. Is she trying to look like she has bad plastic surgery?

No. 786692

she hasn’t done anything especially crazy in a while, even the farm is getting bored of her. Obviously she’s still batshit from a “normal person” perspective but compared to her past antics, she hasn’t been doing much besides incomprehensible twitter rants.

No. 786693

Diane ended up making her own video because people were focusing on the fake followers and not the racism & homophobia.

If Diane, an anonymous nobody, can get big commentary channels like Primink & Def Noodles to notice Lillee, a social media superstar with 1 million followers, Lillee should be able to do the same. Where are the videos exonerating Lillee?

No. 786697

File: 1595261167313.jpg (350.51 KB, 1080x1640, 20200720_110540.jpg)

Found 1 that isn't her or her mom…and it is the crazy old wind bag.

No. 786700

I’m interested in seeing who Lillee blames all her problems on with Dees on holiday. The last time the callout accounts locked their accounts and ignored Lillee, Laur said Dees stole her social security number and hacked 20 grand from her bank account.

No. 786702

>She is like Manson
I'm surprised they haven't compared Dees to Hitler yet.

No. 786704

File: 1595265140049.jpg (108.75 KB, 814x729, aNTisEmItIC.jpg)


She's already lied about Diane being antisemitic, and Laur and Lillee always escalate and get real crazy when they feel like no one is paying attention to them. If the rest of the callouts focus on Laur or find some other cow to make fun of while Dees is on vacation, it's only a matter of time before it becomes

>"pEoPLe aRe vErbAlLY bURnINg mE tO A cRiSP iN THe oVeNs"

No. 786706

Lillee gets so defensive at any comment that's not kissing her ass. The poster was nice and explained how her words could be perceived.

No idea why she wants to be a booty guru when she can't handle people not worshipping her.

No. 786707

File: 1595266406602.jpeg (21.37 KB, 250x145, 1F6BE1D9-867B-46D0-9244-47B84B…)

Laur tried it before

No. 786715

Exactly. This behavior makes her so unlikable and is keeping her from any genuine following.
She won't aknowledge her mistakes and I get why some others are trolling her, since it's a waste of time to try to explain anything to her.

At this point, I believe she has no idea how normal/healthy people behave and how to interact with anyone who is not her mother.

No. 786729

File: 1595277070532.jpg (83.3 KB, 963x1080, Screenshot_2020-07-20-21-06-50…)

I love how she's bragging to be a skincare expert but doesn't know shit. Yes, rub that coconut oil into your eyes, controversial kweeen

No. 786730

File: 1595277618839.png (541.94 KB, 750x1144, 4DDA8EBD-7CB0-458D-9CCA-DBD0F0…)

Laur and Lillee are absolutely losing it on Twitter rn

No. 786731

File: 1595277656599.jpeg (386.14 KB, 750x971, 151DADBE-7289-4487-9C53-F9453D…)

No. 786740

File: 1595281105154.png (85.46 KB, 480x520, swxualfantasylj.png)

Wow, she really is sperging early today! It's mostly just Laur craziness but LJ is joining in like:
BFFDees has sexual fantasies about LJ.

No. 786741

File: 1595281945730.jpeg (394.42 KB, 750x1056, 316F0F5F-4902-4610-B6A2-7B851D…)

These fictional characters are exactly like Lillee’s fictional boyfriend

No. 786745

File: 1595284393848.png (113.04 KB, 600x546, Capture99.PNG)

No. 786747

Hello I am new to the form!
My friend had her account suspended for posting a photo of me comparing me to Scarlett Johansson apparently a few days after this troll posted herself as her or something. When my friend refused to remove the photo she mass reported her account and she couldn’t log in for an entire month. I’ve donated to Tatiana’s GoFund me if there is anything else I can do please let me know! Fuck this cow(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 786748

No one cares, you’re not making any sense and that’s not harassment.

No. 786754

You would get further with more details.

You’re saying your friend posted a photo comparison of you & Scarlet Johanson similar to what LJ did a few months back?

When Lillee messaged your friend did she accuse her of copying her? What did she say?

Can you provide evidence? If Lillee reported your friend’s account for stealing a look which she obviously didn’t, that’s a big deal. Have you contacted BFFDees or Tatiana with your story and evidence?

No. 786761

File: 1595293160350.jpeg (299.9 KB, 750x955, 8B32AAB8-7C5A-47BE-B80A-F23C4B…)

Lillee’s tweeting out bad middle school poetry to deflect from her pretend pedo boyfriend

No. 786766

File: 1595294801957.jpeg (307.74 KB, 750x682, 95F604A4-BCB4-4E08-8202-D66203…)

I always find it weird when Laur makes fun of someone doing honest work. Not everyone wants to scam people for money

No. 786767

File: 1595295050179.jpeg (390.75 KB, 750x816, 93620736-179C-4011-A6ED-17F7A1…)

Lillee’s playing art critic.

I’d hate to be in the attic tonight.

No. 786769

who does she think works in a school? aren't schools closed? is she talking about aphiiidus? tater?

No. 786770

File: 1595295396944.png (56.86 KB, 480x219, art.png)

Lillee Jean giving critique on her really good, original fan art is my new favourite lolcow thing.
Especially when it is nonsensical like "work in eyeing". Kek

No. 786771

aphiiidus has previously stated that she is part of a school’s custodial staff. So bizarre that Laur has the audacity to job shame when she doesn’t work.

No. 786772

I’m not sure how this mocks her appearance when this looks exactly like her (just different skin tone)

No. 786773

File: 1595295785577.png (1.09 MB, 750x1866, EE876FF5-7032-4294-91D5-F81BB7…)

No. 786775

File: 1595295928040.jpeg (377.18 KB, 750x983, 1D2D6921-0306-49B7-962D-C1B76C…)

No. 786776

I need to get my period…

No. 786777

>I need to get my period
>How fucking dare them
>Hi cunt
Lmao I can't pick a favorite, she is too much.

No. 786778

File: 1595296623316.jpeg (294.21 KB, 750x805, 6205E884-5E9B-4B53-B563-73E70B…)

An odd quote tweet considering Laur and Lillee’s previous sex shaming.

No. 786780

File: 1595296791635.png (112.28 KB, 480x782, rawr.png)

I lied. My favourite thing is LJ attacking anyone (besides Laur, TL, Chesh, that dental woo chick, and the clout seeking bow maker) commenting on her posts.

No. 786783

File: 1595296900682.png (110.04 KB, 1217x407, ssss.png)

poor lillee is too virgin even to answer anything, how will she say she had more than one bf, when the 'most precious treasure' will stop lying convulsively?
i reupload the image because i'm a doomer paint

No. 786784

That only took 10 hours for her to perk up and start tweeting about her period. I swear she reads this thread.

No. 786785

Can confirm she also blocks either before or directly after replying

No. 786786

>mocking my appearance with satire
Whoa guys LJ might have a brain cell or two

No. 786789

you go to any of her artsy videos and nobody likes her shit, and now she criticizes with substance, return to the attic lailee
>>786786 not brain cell found

No. 786793

File: 1595299865390.png (2.19 MB, 750x1334, 12919D35-CC86-4F84-B5A8-125C0C…)

Last month Lillee destroyed her hair while on her period. This month she destroyed any hope she had of salvaging her public image.

No. 786794

Guess that tea didn't help after all.

No. 786796

Why is no one talking about that botched arm photoshop lmaof

No. 786797


LOL it kinda looks like her arms have been attached to her shoulders backwards

No. 786799

File: 1595301824623.png (382.05 KB, 642x442, Capture11.PNG)

Lillee wears this bizarre headband (?) in her "Barbie Makeup Princess and the Pauper Wearable Tutorial" it looks like she glued together some dusty ass fake flowers she had around the house.

No. 786800

It’s not photoshop, she’s just got stupid looking arms

No. 786801

Nah she has fat ass arms. They are still lumpy sure but she def tried to trim the fat

No. 786802

File: 1595302621264.jpeg (531.16 KB, 1242x699, 3E430DAA-3131-4CF6-88FF-E6AF6E…)

Forgot to attach pic oops

No. 786803


Isn't this the same ugly headband she was wearing in the "THIS IS WHAT LILLEE JEAN WANTS" stream with neckbeard Defango? With her fried and crispy hair, it looks even worse than it did before.

No. 786804

It's a screenshot of a gif, probably just bad quality compression

No. 786806

They are disney ears.

No. 786808

File: 1595303528646.png (215.62 KB, 349x335, EdaecYWWAAMSQWZ.png)

and to no one's surprise, the "art" in question was traced

No. 786811

She hides the reference image in the procreate video playback she posts as “proof” and thinks she’s hot shit

No. 786814

File: 1595307161376.jpeg (118.3 KB, 691x544, 4755F413-C9A8-48E9-B4A4-00B38A…)

If you visit Lillee’s YouTube homepage she has a welcome video. Less than 500 views in 2 months. Did they forget to buy views for it?

No. 786816

File: 1595307349770.png (48.32 KB, 593x466, BABY SIS.png)

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!Love how most of the Jeaniez are just insane women now.

No. 786827

Sorry I was busy today. I have contacted Tatiana and DM’d her the story. I will ask my friend’s permission before I share the screenshots that I have of the threats Lillee sent my friend about taking down the photo. I don’t know much about Diane, I found Tatiana when trying to find out who the psycho who was threatening my friend was. I can ask Tatiana for her Instagram.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 786828

Uhm ok….
If my friend gives me permission to share the 10 pages of screenshots she has, you can then decide if it’s harassment or not.

No. 786850

I hope we get a hemorrhoid warrior next

No. 786852

Fuck I forgot to sage I'm so sorry

No. 786865


I look forward to your milk! However please check out the rules
and the posting guide
so you can better integrate and be a part of the drama without getting banned. If you do get banned it's usually temporary so do not get upset & run away. I have been banned so many times over the years for some of the stupidest stuff.

No. 786869

File: 1595337235833.jpg (557.95 KB, 1027x1979, Screenshot_20200721-080618_Twi…)

Laur has been commenting on this page, a small business owned by a trans black woman that makes lashes, consistently. She finally gets a response from them in a post….and quickly makes it about her and LJ.

No. 786876

>wouldn't last a day in my shoes
By several answers she made, Lj seems convinced that everyone wants to be a BoOty gUrU uWu

If people "would have been in her shoes", first of all they wouldn't put themselves in all these troubles. People are looking for education, real job, getting real friends, be nice/polite, be independant, etc

Lunart made a very nice art and Lj harassed her.
Now plenty of arts are popping from extremely talented artists and Lj can't take the competition anymore kek

No. 786877

File: 1595339505683.jpg (598.63 KB, 1079x993, Screenshot_20200721-084626_Twi…)

She put the beauty mark on the wrong side. How is she this terrible at basic copying?

No. 786878

she turned up the brightness so much, it took me a min to find it in her pic. at least she tried with the eyebrows this time

No. 786886


How does she manage to fail so consistently? Like, every time; it's amazing!

Marilyn's iconic look is so simple to pull off: do the darker brow with a pointed arch, do the heavy-lidded sleepy eye with cat eye lashes, style some easy pin curls in your platinum wig, do the beauty mark on the LEFT cheek. Slap on a red lip. Bam. Five easy steps.

If no one put LJ's MM cosplay next to a picture of the actual Marilyn, I would have never guessed who the fuck she's supposed to be. She looks like Renee Zellweger as Roxie Hart.

No. 786892


You should see her attempt to cosplay Audrey Hepburn. It is much worse.

No. 786895

File: 1595347077796.jpeg (216.03 KB, 750x766, FC440695-CBD0-428E-BFBE-6ED7BF…)

Lillee’s big mad we trashed her look before she even posted it

No. 786904

File: 1595348755310.jpg (51.02 KB, 700x933, marilyn-monroe-honeymoon-outfi…)

It's still the exact same makeup look as always, with a slight bit of eyebrow powder. Marilyn wore blush/contour and definitely didn't open her eyes wide in photos. She was actually known for her sultry bedroom eyes, but LJ is still doing her demented Disney princess glare.

How do you do an old Hollywood look without blush? Why does she always try to look so white and washed out? Why is she topless again? So many questions.

No. 786910

File: 1595351353404.jpeg (26.7 KB, 750x451, C1985603-8C76-43EE-9327-1BDA41…)

Patricia Hartman & Runway Rogue no longer follow Lillee or Laur. Lillee hasn’t used any Runway Rogue products since June 11th. Did Laur’s best friend break up with her?

No. 786921

File: 1595354172977.jpg (258.45 KB, 1080x2065, Screenshot_20200721-125548_Twi…)

I wish I knew when this restriction happened.

No. 786925

The callouts tinfoiled Laur was employed by Runway Rogue and running their social media accounts.That’s how Laur got the DMs from Tatiana and why the bizarre cease & desist didn’t sound like it was written by a professional.

If Twitter restricted all of Laur’s accounts based on HWID & RR was restricted at the same time this theory just got a lot more plausible.

No. 786929

Seems like a stretch of a tinfoil, but honestly it wouldn't suprise me.

No. 786940

I don’t think any company would be dumb enough to hand over their social media to laur. I think Fartmann is a dumb fuck but she’s also in the same engagement pod as Lillee and runs a scammy company so she doesn’t find anything wrong with her antics. However, believing that she would hand over her twitter to an obvious mental case is a stretch. I think laur may have had the login details at one point but if she was truly running any RR accounts, there would have been more proof in the form of her language idiosyncrasies and at least one franzia freakout

No. 786942

File: 1595362217847.png (214.55 KB, 603x548, WojPPcO.png)

So you agree? You think you're really toxic?

Such a terrible role model kek

No. 786943

Runway Rogue isn’t a legitimate business. It’s a vanity project created by a hasben model. I’d be shocked to find out they’ve sold more than 500 units.

Runway Rogue, Fashion Haunts Magazine, ArtHeartsFashion, FNL Network - all scammy companies linked together

No. 786946

File: 1595363631283.jpg (177.98 KB, 1080x1763, EdegoLKWsAEdqnY.jpg)

Looks like the Franzia Freakout isn't over yet. Just getting worse.

No. 786947

File: 1595363658897.jpg (58.01 KB, 750x530, EdeftXiXoAMC0Hk.jpg)

Laur seems obsessed with other people's attention, money, and what they do with it. Always wanting what she and LJ can't have, I see…

No. 786952

File: 1595364254881.jpeg (181.08 KB, 750x466, 7635939B-4A47-401E-AF1E-4AE303…)

Sonja said Diane paid her bills a few days ago.

No. 786953

The only other person I know, who constantly uses gifs of himself, is Greg

No. 786966

didn’t Lillee do two Facebook fundraisers for charity that got zero donations? they must be livid that Tatiana has enough fans to pay her legal bills, and that Sonia got help from Diane

No. 786970

File: 1595368801512.jpeg (209.5 KB, 750x550, 1734089C-6B04-4382-90B1-F3E2E4…)

Dees and Oomancer donate all the money they make from YouTube too. They donated to a child literacy org in NYC yesterday

No. 786987

Lillee is the one barely legal Greg would have never touched though.

No. 786998

So is Laur pissed that Dees has money to throw around or…?

No. 787002

File: 1595377590569.png (2.92 MB, 828x1792, F37854B4-069F-4EBF-8315-94B26C…)

lillee posted a video on her insta looking at old pictures of herself. based on the order of the things she showed, this seemed to be her mid high school years? Maybe just before homeschool. Either way, I think it’s hilarious how she manages to look better here pre ‘booty guru’ than she ever does atm. also older lmao

No. 787008

She looks very normal and the brows are actually alright..way better than her concealer coated ones

No. 787012

It’s her middle school graduation photo. They’ve showed it before.

No. 787020

File: 1595382798907.jpeg (508.58 KB, 1202x1810, DADA7CE7-F7CF-4A0E-8E61-7AE7F7…)

She thinks she looks cringier there than here…?

No. 787024


Only 19 years old and her best self is already 6 years in the past.

Also, everything she posts now, across all platforms is just whining and raging about Diane. Even the handful of weirdos who legitimately like her are going to get sick of it soon.

No. 787026


Wow, she looks pretty and normal here. It's such a shame, Laur should be in jail for this…

No. 787032

I was wondering why she looked decent here, and it’s because of the relaxed eyelids. The iris (the colored circle / center part of the eye) should be touching the top and bottom part / the skin, or else you get the weird, bug-eyed expression she has on all her photos and videos.

No. 787033

It's because she CAN'T say:"hey guys i read on lolcow/yt comments/anywhere what u say of me" that would look bad and they know,so they keep it classy and just ""DEFENDS"" herself of this supervillain ciberbullying Diane. (Their own lunatic definition of classy tho,and fail miserably because all the clarification videos are just feeding the trolls lol)

No. 787035

No. 787040

File: 1595387245279.jpg (544.26 KB, 1080x1934, Screenshot_20200721-220615_Ins…)

Her hair is so so bad now. She's putting a ton of oil on it to hide just how fried it is, but that just makes it look even worse.

No. 787043

As a female I do not relate to “just getting all bitchy and stuff” when it’s my time of the month… please take a fucking health class

No. 787044

File: 1595387522472.png (1.15 MB, 1700x1700, fatal attraction.png)

her insta rant about tracing inspired me

No. 787047

Things I didn’t need to know: she’s named her “down there” Goldie
Also, she rants about how when she gets stressed she like to be half dressed and says she’s not wearing underwear during her live. Then she flashes her foot as some guy comments “toe beans”. She’s also shown her feet as she was showing her cat on camera.

No. 787053

It takes her months of pre-planning for a Live but she can’t manage to put on panties before she starts the stream?

At what point does Lillee’s overtly sexual conversations with children become an issue? Is it because she seems so immature? If this was a 19 year old man talking to a chat full of teen girls about his throbbing cock and orgasmic emotions the FBI would be alerted. Why are people allowing Lillee to get away with it?

No. 787054

G8 work anon

No. 787057

Why did lillee jean do a Live at 9:45pm??? Is it because all her "700" views are from India? 9:45PM in New York is 7:15 in India. hmmmmmm.

No. 787058

This is, so non anti-satire. Color, or not is pink. Work on your eyeing and visuality. Guhh. Colors, are inter-reacted wrong. Work, harder, better art for mine.

No. 787060

I could only get about 10min in but yikes, what a fucking spoiled brat.

No. 787062

File: 1595393673388.jpg (176.29 KB, 1080x1979, 20200722_005305.jpg)

Samefag, but here is the best screengrab I could get from the video she posted. The circled layer is the pic she traced.

No. 787064

File: 1595395055041.jpeg (215.44 KB, 1170x677, 748F4EA0-3763-4C26-B60B-101626…)

That’s not the reference, because the tree trunk doesn’t go straight down vertically as it does in her “original”

I think she’s really angry because she doesn’t trace the whooooole image!!! Just parts of her face, isn’t that enough for you??
If she had traced the whole thing it would look a lot less like shit though

This is awesome, anon

No. 787066

are you alright

No. 787075

File: 1595401757270.webm (8.61 MB, 1280x720, lil.webm)

This video sums up everything Lillee does in about 50 seconds.

No. 787076

and she seriously doesn't understand why she does not have any actual fans, lmao.

No. 787079

File: 1595404236424.png (3.91 MB, 828x1792, 5A5871FA-503C-4856-9A92-FC8E51…)

Why would u do that on live

No. 787086

I am here for deranged Lillee. She's proving what a desperate attention seeking brat she is. She still is too stupid to stop lying because she thinks she's smarter than everyone else, even as she systematically destroys her career.

Keep it up sweetie, you are doing great!!

No. 787089

This is an extremely good portrait, Anon! But of course, Lillee is going to take to social media and criticize it for “eyeing” or some shit. Just like she did with that crying portrait, which was also a very good representation and not even that unflattering!

I’m not sure if she disliked those artworks because of the context (let’s face it, she hardly gets actual good fan art so any “art” made of her is bound to be a troll) or because it wasn’t an extremely kiss-ass flattering, adorable uWu likeness of her.

No. 787097

In the journey of Lilee threads, she starts off being not bad just slightly delusional. We even feel bad for her and say it's all Laur. Then she starts to act like a brat with an over overinflated sense of self worth. That evolves into someone is who is delusional and overly self important. Now we are here, a raging paranoid freak that blames everything else but herself, she's on level with her mother. I wonder what's next.

No. 787099

File: 1595411075158.png (4.04 MB, 828x1792, 11F3911A-6947-4F83-9639-76B3A6…)

Also around the 20:20 mark she says she has not „menostrated yet“ lmao and keeps giving out wrong info („When you have a bit of tighter pelvic wall, which sometimes can cause a little bit of burning …uhmmm it can clench! So for the last 2 days it felt like i had my period, but i‘m not menostrating!“)

No. 787107

why is this bitch so obssesed with menstruation and tight pussy walls? is like a kid who learns the word sex or fuck and say it in every sentence is so weird is this a kink? and also her new video of marilyn monroe is just a quick google search lecture to you lol.

No. 787111

god this bitch is dim. i'm typically one of the greentext anons but if i tried to list every stupid, inaccurate, mispronounced thing she said i'd just be quoting the entire live. its obvious she's woefully uneducated and very low functioning which wouldn't really matter if she wasn't such a cocky, bratty little bitch. in this live she even brings up how amazing she is at writing/english despite the fact that she constantly sounds ESL.

above all else the thing that stands out about lillee the most is that she's BORING. people are asking her questions about herself throughout the live and apparently she's not into traveling and has no dream vacation spots, isnt interested in continuing education or pursuing anything outside of her current "career," she doesn't read, she's not into modern music but used to listen to "punk rock" but doesn't anymore (it seems like she seriously doesn't listen to music at all? the fuck lol), for favorite movies she says she used to love the house bunny… but she really can't list any current interests (besides disney, marvel, and dolls) which i find bizarre for a 19 year old woman. oh, also she's not political or environmental or a feminist or anything meaningful of the sort because, y'know… #1change4change y'all! like what the fuck is she actually passionate about besides eye-fucking her own reflection? the only hobbies you could even claim she has are drawing and makeup and in this live she basically says she'd never put time into making art if she can't post and monetize it. she's just absolutely devoid of any creativity or originality.

also notable, she makes it known she has no underwear or bottoms on during this video, and then near the end you hear laur speak up to help lillee pronounce the word "arachnophobia," so laur was just chilling quietly in the room this whole time while her daughter ranted and raved calling people bitches and talking about her "menostration," all while walking around the room with her pussy out. totally normal mother-daughter dynamic.

No. 787116

the no travel thing tells me that she's agoraphobic. what kind of a 19 year old doesn't like traveling?

No. 787118

I don't think she's agoraphobic. She only hangs out with her mother and she's her only bestie. Laur has probably made her paranoid that the outside world is shit, much like the fact she's made her believe she's a victim.

No. 787120

The best part is the few real (probably very young) followers she has telling her to ignore the criticism because her overreaction makes her look bad and Lillee calling them bitches. It reminds me of when Defango told her she was never going to get anywhere with the attitude she has.

No. 787121

they seem like the type of family who has never been on a plane and will always choose to stay home rather than experience any other culture or viewpoint. they probably rarely if ever leave their own borough

No. 787122

Going to politely disagree. She has gone out, has video and pictures of it. Who can forget the totally not staged "paps caught me singing" pictures. She doesn't go out because noone likes her. She doesn't have friends or a relationship because she cannot function socially.
Anyone here can ask themselves, would YOU be her friend? Guaranteed all she would do is complain, talk about herself, and be gross. I wouldn't even want to be friends to pull the "better looking than" card, she comes across as THAT insufferable.

No. 787124

File: 1595422975857.webm (6.96 MB, 1080x1920, aries do.webm)

God, I hate this.

No. 787134

Aries have itchy vaginas too?

No. 787135


Anon I'd just like to let you know that my sides are hurting from "is this a kink?"
It wasn't something that I ever considered, but I'm dying at the thought of Lillee having a kink where she has to tell everyone she has a tight pussy.

No. 787137

>come out of the womb demented
Girl, your mother is Laur. You festered in the womb of the demented for nine months and ended up just as demented as she is. Demented is pretty much your fate, LJ.

Laur and LJ's relationship is so weird. She constantly mentioning letting her cooch air out with her mother not only in the same room but usually a few inches or feet away. Most parents would have at least told their kid to shut the fuck up when mentioning that to a bunch of people.

I think it's both of these things. Really wouldn't be surprised if Laur told her that the world is out to get her but LJ is also delusional enough to believe that she's a real princess and acts real snotty and uppity like she thinks they should act.

No. 787138

this is one of the most frustrating things about lillee i think, but also proves what an attention whore she is, because she goes out of her way to find out what her 'stalker' is saying about her - any normal person who is being harrassed does what they can to ignore their aggressor and put distance between them. i know LJ has blocked BFFDees account but somehow still always knows what shes saying and has access to her feed. No doubt just like Grug a 'fan' sends her the information?
Also, her English is preposterously bad and she should feel bad.

No. 787141

"I can't even DRAWWW and be happy??!?"

I mean, you can, no one is stopping you, Lillee. Draw as much as you want! But if you upload videos of yourself drawing while hiding the fact that there's some tracing going on. WHILE expecting to get nothing but praise for it, and decrying anyone who dares criticize you as a boolie…. that's when people will give you a hard time.

> above all else the thing that stands out about lillee the most is that she's BORING

I 100% see where you're getting at, but I'd also like to politely disagree. I was recently in a position where I had to watch several vlogs of various 20-somethings from extremely small Youtubers (think 100-200 subs), and there are some people out there who come across as even more plain Jane and more devoid of hobbies and interests than Lillee. Say what you want, but Lillee has passion. Misplaced, condescending passion, but passion. Kek. Still, of all the vlogs and IG lives I've seen, Lillee definitely comes across as the most insufferable and annoying.

No. 787147


Yeah I'm unsure if it's because Lillee is so expressive that is maybe fooling me into thinking she's more passionate than she is, but I've met some fucking dead people. I mean she's an absolute spazz with some weird hobbies, but boring doesn't quite fit her for me either. She's just weird and bizarre.
Those guys that only hit a girl up with "hey" or "wyd" while sitting at home smoking weed all day and having zero ambition or future are way more boring than she is.

No. 787155

So what the fuck will lillee and laurd do while their "biggest stalker" is on vacation til the 10th of Aug?

No. 787160

Why does she puppet a gay man? She does this diva schtick while acting like a woman child. I wish there was someone in her family that would tell her to act fucking normal and speak normal. She tries to do this sassy shit one minute then princess baby voice another. Get this woman socialized, in therapy and give her real likes and interests. Fuck you, Laur. You created a demented human being.

No. 787161

File: 1595434147977.png (2.74 MB, 1241x1229, 4rhb776h.png)

Girl this outfit and these poses are NOT cute

No. 787163

nitpick but it really annoys me how in so many of her makeup videos she doesn't use toner under her left eye (right eye from our perspective) lol

No. 787166


Her legs are about to explode.

Why is she so fat? Hypothyroidism? Why doesn't she buy meds instead of followers?

No. 787175

I don't think the outfit is bad, just definitely not on her. It's not flattering on her body type at all.

No. 787177


The handbag with the poses makes her look like she's waiting her corner for a "client"

No. 787180

Outfit is cute, thick bodies are nice, but the poses are meh.

No. 787183

Yeah she needs to stop trying to sell herself as petite. If she embraced being thick, she could get away with it.
I seriously hate the purse though, all of her purses are like old lady purses.
Also it's very hard to pay attention to anything other than her crispy ass hair.

No. 787184

The only passion I can see that Lillee has is taking selfies and admiring her own reflection. All of her cosplays/makeup looks are so horrendously low effort, it doesn't strike me as someone who really cares about building their channel or having a passion for cosplay.

I do think these threads are fun because of Laur's freakouts and Lillee's general stupidity, but these two are about as basic as they come.

No. 787193

I find it interesting that Lillee Jean wants so desperately to be viewed as successful and mature, but she blames her actions on her period, on her zodiac, on the phase of the moon like she is a werewolf. A true boss bitch would just own it . Pushing it off on anything but herself just makes it more apparent how immature and unable to take responsiblity she is.

No. 787194

Also, in general, mature adults don't hyper-focus on their zodiac or periods like that. Sure, you have people that jokingly say stuff about their zodiacs sometimes, but very few mature adults follow it religiously. It's also not completely unheard of for people with periods to blame irritability on their periods, that's true and it happens, but blaming the fact that you destroyed your hair is just another level. If she just kept it to "I'm not in the greatest mood today, things are setting me off a little easier. It's what happens when my period comes", that's way more understandable and relatable, I think most people with a period can agree we've had those moments.

No. 787200

Why does this reek of Mama living her life through a younger version of herself (daughter) and the daughter completely fine with it because she was groomed into that life style and isn't ready to see any other reality other than the one her mother fabricated for her

No. 787203

She's fat, but she's got a cute figure for being fat. She's also short so it's not like she's some tub of lard.

Proof that you should always dress for your figure. This outfit would look great on a different body type. However, it's probably the most modern thing she's worn so I suppose it's forgivable comparatively.

Her hair looks so terrible. She should have left it red.

No. 787204

>cute figure

Downward facing tube tits, cankles, and boxy frame… sure jan.

No. 787217

File: 1595446386963.jpg (69.43 KB, 1200x680, spongebob-movie-patrick-legs.j…)


Bottom left reminds me of this

No. 787219

File: 1595448002781.png (576.17 KB, 1080x1093, sketch-1595447988795.png)

No. 787220

Vote for new thread pic lmfao

No. 787222

Anon my fucking sides

No. 787224

Ahahaha i didn’t expect this shit, my belly hurts from laughing. G8 job anon.

No. 787229

Honestly what's up with her obsession with talking about her vagina now? This wasn't a thing until recent. She started talking about it here and there vaguely like a few weeks ago, and now she's full-fledged "my vagina burns and pulsates with the moon" like what the fuck is going on?

No. 787253

I think it's some bizarre humblebrag about how "tight" she is mixed with trying to be a trailblazing feminine health hero who talks about "real girl problems". She's replied to some people saying things like "it's just natural feminine health talk" but it's obviously not. She might just be exaggerating it to seem more interesting, I don't really believe anything from Laur or Lillee.

No. 787257

she puts the diva gay man because is what u see on yt or everywhere being shady and spitting "the tea yaasss queen" and because she is an hermit and doesn't have any social interaction doesn't know that is pure cringe to any normal person watching her,is kinda sad tbh she really thinks acting like that makes her look like the baddest bitch alive lol

No. 787259

I think just like her teeth, she knows it annoys farmers/critics so she just keeps talking about it to tick them off. Little does she know that that’s pretty much her whole audience and she’s alienating herself more and more form having any semblance of a career. That, and she probably thinks it’s SeXy like her feet pics, unrestrained tubular tits and no clothes

No. 787268

I have to assume she thinks it makes her seem desirable. I think she'll have an onlyfans within the year, it seems she's progressing slowly to some kind of online sex work with all the feet picks and watching strange men j/o on insta live.

No. 787269

I honestly think she looks cute here. the clothes are pretty flattering for her body type IMO, and it certainly beats the red pj pants and ill-fitting amazon dresses. the bottom left pose is embarrassing though, and she really needs to do something with her hair.

No. 787271

Nah. Her figure isn’t for crop tops and off shoulder. Makes her look boxy af
Don’t even get me started on those sad saggy tits, 70s goodwill outfit and granny handbag. Does she look HEAPS better than she normally does? Absolutely. Does she still look fat, deranged and spilling out of those poor shorts? Also yes.

No. 787272

Imagine paying to watch her granny boobs and fat feet.

No. 787274

Meh. I don’t think she reads here. She’s not bright enough to hide it. I think Laur does frequently and instructs her on what to do based on that, but if Lille does, it’s only a few times per month. It’s what the other anon said…She’s trying to be relatable and thinks she’s some feminine rights hero. Her tiny bird brain can’t even conceive of what it would take to be where she wants to be. Hint, it’s not just talking about your tight vaginer to a bunch of clueless Indian men on a livestream.

Is no one going to talk about how Lillee said she’s been watching maggots eat decomposing meat lately?

(PS: i thought she said she was lactose intolerant and maybe vegan….? On her livestream, she said sometimes she “eats a cheese stick” or if she’s feeling “exotic” she eats meat?)

No. 787280

I think she means those temponaut timelapse videos on youtube or some variety of it. It's mildly interesting at first but the content is repetitive. Watch a few and you've seen them all.

No. 787295

File: 1595473503067.png (18.97 KB, 596x103, 5578295432.png)

I'm sorry if I'm just being a completely insensitive asshole when I say this, but I'm honestly rolling my eyes at Tati. I'd understand a little more if Tati did a few videos months ago and Laur was ruthless every single day up until this point, but Tati is continuously poking and prodding Laur with a stick, pretty much consistently. Constantly giving updates about her lawyer, calling out Laur and Lillee's shit, I mean she's not really attempting to distance herself. And then all of a sudden she starts crying about Laur fucking her up emotionally and mentally. I don't want to victim blame, but come the fuck on. Obviously Laur doesn't plan to let up anytime soon. You can't keep poking at someone and then cry about your mental health when they fight back. Idk, it's just annoying seeing Tati cry about a burnt hand when she stuck it in fire.

No. 787297

I think laur definitely pokes her to provoke a response. A lot of her fans have told her to just stop responding. Idk why she doesn’t listen. Laur shut the fuck up about Creepshow when she stopped responding to her bullshit allegations that no one believes anyway.

No. 787298

Yep. She also never bothered Primink when he blocked Lillee and Laur and never engaged again. Now she even says "I'm not mad at him because he's a tea channel", whatever the fuck that means.
Genuinely, Laur and Lillee would be dead silent if no one interacted with them, I bet money on it. But Diane, Tatiana, and the rest of the call outs keep engaging with her, so she keeps saying stuff.

No. 787299

File: 1595475621489.jpeg (217.77 KB, 1080x1546, D4AB9EEA-3ED2-4348-B712-305D5E…)

Laurs commenting on Tatiana’s kitchen “makeup” line and it’s probably getting to Tatians because she knows it’s true. As far as I know you can create products in your home, lots of people create soaps, lotions etc. I personally wouldn’t buy any lip products made in someone’s home but thats my preference.

Dees & Oomancer are on vacation so Laur needs someone else to argue with. Tatiana should just ignore Laur. Now Laur knows this bothers her, she’ll never let it go.

No. 787300

Tater has definitely cried victim before but I feel like it's different now. She doesn't post updates about her lawyer, she insists on keeping it quiet unlike Laur. She'll occasionally say she'll send things over to them but doesn't go on into detail about what they say. When she had that conference call with the lawyer and Laur, it was Laur who told everyone about it and when it was gonna take place. Tater came out afterwards saying she didn't want that information out because she didn't want questions about it.
Laur has been really vile towards Tater this past week since she made that long video going over the defamatory claims Laur has made about her. Something Tater had every right to do because Laur has tried to spread some outlandish shit about her. Lately Tater's only been talking about the stuff Laur or Lillee says that directly affects her. She talked about Lillee's ASMR but focused more on the sexual stereotype and why it's harmful to the community and shared her personal experience with being affected by that stereotype. If you go through her Twitter, she's been talking more about her boyfriend and a makeup line she's coming out with. Laur has been calling Tater ugly and comparing her to horror movie characters completely unprovoked. She's also been tweeting nonstop of about how her makeup line is all wholesale and a health hazard despite Tater hinting about this for weeks and sharing a video of her mixing her ingredients. Tater even shared how she keeps everything sanitary by wearing gloves and a mask and doing other things. If she is coming out with a line like she says, it's clear she doesn't want Lillee Jean or Laur to be attached to it in anyway.
Tater has said before that she already suffers from depression so I don't think she's playing victim and her feelings are valid because it does look like she's trying to distance herself from Laur but Laur is the one who keeps poking and prodding her with a stick. I don't want to bring age into it but Tater is in her early 20's while Laur is in her 50's. Being constantly picked on by someone so much older for weeks on end has to be draining and I don't blame her for going private.

No. 787301

That's another thing. Tatiana makes it very known when Laur is bugging her, and it gives fuel to her fire to continue. Tatiana can do what she wants, but it's just not a good idea to outright be like "Your words are getting to me" because then obviously she's not going to stop. I agree, it's better to just ignore.

With every post of her trying to distance, she has another that puts her right back into the drama. I'm willing to admit I don't have as much empathy as others, but I just really don't feel bad for Tatiana at all. She can vague-post all she wants, but it's still about Laur or Lillee at the end of the day. Her best course is to just ignore completely and send everything to her attorney. I mean, we can say Laur was ruthless this entire week toward her sure, but that's like saying a lion won't get aggressive if you step on their territory. Tatiana is all up in Laur and Lillee's shit all the time, vague or not, she's going to keep dealing with it unless she ignores entirely. Which hopefully going private, she will.

No. 787313

I know that being called ugly by those two goblins is such a joke. But idk, miss pale princess and her mom insulting someone with indigenous latina looks felt so slimy to me.

No. 787319

If Tater Tatiana and BFFDees wanted peace, they shouldn't have engaged with them so much. I honestly can't feel sympathetic towards them; they enjoy the drama.

No. 787320

Not that it matters, but she looks like a black/white mix; I wouldn't refer to her appearance as 'indigenous'.

No. 787321

Anyone notice how in Dees recent stream she talks about here and jokingly wants to be friends with the farm, and then we get a lot more anons talking about her. Is it Diane or some random anons wanting to derail this into a Diane thread?

No. 787322

Not really sure about your theory, but let's face it, Lillee is boring as hell on her own. Diane at least puts out good, funny content and documents all the milk on Lillee and Laur. Without Diane, Lillee would just be posting incredibly low quality cosplays and tracing videos, Laur probably wouldn't even say anything on Twitter. Diane provides the milk and then points it out for us, for the most part. It's way easier to talk about her at some points.

No. 787323

I disagree. Laur was exponentially more unhinged before and immediately after redditgate, doxxing people, harassing brands from her main account, begging for PR, telling very outrageous lies etc. At least now she knows to lock her acc every now and then. I think most new anons aren’t aware of Laur’s activity on her past twitter account.

No. 787324

You're not wrong, but my point was moreso that Laur attacks when she's attacked. Like anons said earlier, if you don't engage at all, eventually she gets bored of your or whatever and stops engaging. At this current moment, Diane is the current milk provider for the most part. At the time with Laur's old Twitter, she had Reddit users provoking her, even if it wasn't directly. Laur is definitely one of those people that once you stop talking about her she just stops talking.
That also brings me back to my point that Lillee is boring on her own, without Diane and without Laur lol.

No. 787328

Also false. Scroll back to old threads or Diane’s tweets from the holiday season in December. Bffdees and most of the main callouts put their accounts on private. Laur absolutely lost her shit days later, accused them of stealing form her bank account, stealing her ssn, and created a bunch of offensive parody socks for all the call outs along with Lillee. Sonia left her alone and even stopped using her twitter for a while. Laur stalked her on Facebook and messaged her private account. Laur is unhinged and always will find a target for her sperg outs. If there are no targets, she will manufacture lies to validate her paranoia. Redditors moved on after a few threads but laur kept trying to dox the mods. She will not stop. Best thing to do is to sit back and enjoy the show as she inevitably digs herself and Lillee Jean’s career a big enough grave. Even Lillee is now acting liked an unhinged attention whore to steal back the spotlight because laur has been the focus of everyone’s criticism

No. 787336

Yeah I'm going to have to disagree with this. I have never heard of anything more completely unhinged than accusing Diane of being hired by the man who (maybe) killed her sister in the 90s, and she's made that accusation pretty recently.

If she really thought that was true she could go to the police with it, but of course she doesn't because it's insane person scribble and the police would have a photo of you in their office to watch out for the crazy lady.

Making the leap of logic that someone you hate would 30 years later pay some random lady to make fun of your child's career on the internet is about as wild as it gets, and it goes wildly beyond the kind of basic doxxing attempts that many partake in.

No. 787342

Did Dees claim she’s a victim? She usually tells people not to feel bad for her because they give as good they get. Did I miss something?

No. 787344

No you didn't. We have either Laur or one of the seal orbiters in here. Trying to discredit Diane for some inane reason.

No. 787345

she seems to basically only eat chicken and veggies, i doubt she has the mental capacity to process what veganism entails

No. 787346

Maybe her STD or whatever her poor hygiene caused this, is getting worse.

>> 787274

>Is no one going to talk about how Lillee said she’s been watching maggots eat decomposing meat lately?

No. 787357

File: 1595510815033.jpeg (75.93 KB, 1080x715, 75139BCD-505D-4B60-8EEF-684505…)

Lillee manages to get hacked once again

No. 787359

File: 1595511141650.gif (1.53 MB, 380x213, 474b9b01-f14e-4cfe-8250-ae8b2e…)

she means that people have been making her own gifs with more appropriate text. Or making their own lol

No. 787361

File: 1595512671679.gif (1.02 MB, 480x270, tenor.gif)

I feel like I'm one of the few anons who finds Diane / Dees not compelling at all. I tried to watch some of her videos and streams, but I just get bored and zone out. The only interesting thing about Diane (in the context of this saga) is how she brings out the most obsessive and stalker-like behavior from Laur and LJ. But I'm just here for the weird bizarro teenage infant who never grew out of her wannabe influencer phase. I can still enjoy the Lillee Jean trainwreck / spectacle without caring about Dees.

kek. Yes, because the actual gifs that she films and uploads are far less embarrassing (refer to image)

No. 787362

Nope I don't care about her either. And when you say something, you're accused of being Laur or Lillee haha. Honestly when she went back and analysed all of Laur's tweets, I thought: 'Who the hell has time for that???' It was also not very interesting; didn't finish it.

No. 787363

It always seemed like she was one of the main posters in these threads. Between Lillee Jean and the Anti-O dumbs, there's a lot of lolcow self promo.

No. 787364

Anti-O? Who/what is that?

No. 787365

Lillee released her assumptions video. Doesn’t discredit any of the assumptions made about her buying followers & running fake accounts with evidence. Just insults the people asking and gives her usual “I don’t have time” explanation. Talks about her hypeauditor report again and says brands use it, which is probably true and why she gets no real PR anymore.

Two interesting comments Lillee makes are she was vegetarian while younger and it’s made her teeth messed up & Laur sounds Jewish.

No. 787366

Drama vloggers centered around Onision, former Youtuber turned ass-spreading OnlyFans curio.

No. 787370

Why does this thread keep getting derailed with this shit? Make Dees a thread if you think she deserves to be talked about this much. She’ll enjoy it and Oomancer will probably write a song about it.

No. 787375

seems to be a sea-lion/TL/Laur herself. No one cares about dees. She brings some g8 tea and insider info but at the end of the day, the focus of this thread is LJ

No. 787380

File: 1595520132892.jpg (58.13 KB, 645x324, engagement pod.jpg)

Not very milky but has LJ trying to get her engagement pod from Insta to twitter?

Kek at the hastags.

No. 787381

she's so retarded. she keeps "debunking" that she was homeschooled by clarifying it was online school… thats the same fucking thing lillee. you're schooling at home. what the fuck does she think homeschooling is?

this whole video is pointless. she's just calling people bitches and reading out the same questions over and over, even obvious spam like "hi" "follow me" which shows how little engagement she actually gets. any real influencer with 1M followers on ig could pull hundreds of varied questions for that ask prompt and they'd be able to pick the good ones out for a decent video.

she thinks she's some ~sassy charming firecracker~ but she comes off so condescending and rude, even to people who are being nice to her. running away from school and hiding in the attic instead of toughing out the bullying and learning how to socialize from it really fucked her over for life. she also claims she had like 5 boyfriends within ages 12-14… sure lilz lol. i'm bored.

whatever it is, it's fucking annoying. the past few days has been constant nitpicky infighting and some weird anons replying to literally every opinion expressed with "i have to disagree." "actually, false." (straight up sounds like dwight shrute is itt kek) and then rattling off their own opinions like anyone gives a shit.

No. 787382

The comments are cringe. She replies to every single bot in the comment section

No. 787390

I love how she downplays the Primink video, like "Oh, it's not a big deal or whatever". When, realistically, with 5 Million views, it probably brought more viewers to her channel than anything she ever did. (not to mention all the other major drama channels who went and covered Lillee after Primink did).

Other random stuff that hadn't been mentioned yet:

"The idea <scoffs> that I'm faking friends tells me more about your life than mine" (Yes, Lillee. Because we, h8ers, know how normal human friendships and interactions work.)

"Her assumption is 'I am a fraud'. You know what's a fraud? You writing that. <goes to the next question>" (….burn?)

"Her assumption is you sleep with your mom? No. That's a weird assumption…. And if it was happening, you make it seem like it was devious, devil-ish." (Lillee: Queen of missing the point)

"Their assumption is 'girl you fabricated your entire life, don't nobody no you'…. 'Fabricated'… you only know that word because of one video out there." (So it does seem like Primink's video had an impact on you. Lol)

"Why can't you accept that someone younger than you actually has a path?" (LOL. Yes, every undergrad student who's chosen their major and started college at 18 has never had a "path")

"I'm amazing. I'm beautiful. I'm kind. I'm fierce. I'm bold. What are you? Writing something behind a computer with not your photos as the picture even? <sassy dramatic pause> Tea." (She really thinks she's doing something there. Every time.)

One thing that disturbs me about this video is how much time she spends addressing the h8ers versus the time spent addressing and being grateful for her fans. Like, this is NOT NORMAL for any Youtube, big or small. She really hasn't learned the art of ignoring the trolls because honestly you can tell it really gets to her.

No. 787433

Is… Is she implying that the average person out there doesn't know the word "fabricated"? How early did they pull her out of school jfc

No. 787436

She's gotten a few legitimate followers because of the primink video. Most of them seem to be 12-15/16, and/or fall into bullied demographics. At first, its fun to be noticed by this girl they relate to, who was (I'm using these terms so loosely) sassy, unapologetically herself, standing up for herself. But if she does a video now that involves ANY commentary beyond the the makeup, its about Dees and how bullied she is. How she's the victim, and it turns into incoherent accusations. The ones that stay are doing it to get attention. Its why they make fan accounts and make a huge deal about supporting her.

No one is trying to be friends with the drama queen because they actually like her. It's so they can have the best gossip to laugh about behind her back. And Lillee is too stupid to know when to censor or shut up because "People are trying to take her voice"

No. 787443

File: 1595534051609.gif (4.44 MB, 374x480, F7093EC9-85D3-4893-BF9E-FB283C…)

Twitter’s been on fire with gifs today

No. 787444

"One thing that disturbs me about this video is how much time she spends addressing the h8ers versus the time spent addressing and being grateful for her fans. Like, this is NOT NORMAL for any Youtube, big or small. She really hasn't learned the art of ignoring the trolls because honestly you can tell it really gets to her."

Yeah these comments pretty much sum up Lillee's engagement/behaviour. She'll never be able to make it as an influencer because she focuses completely on the negative and the hate. (I mean, among obvious other reasons, but this is a big one)
Also, I don't think she has a passion for making makeup YT videos anymore. Several videos now are just her trying to address or straight up attack Diane/Tatiana/her haters, basically just ranting now. I feel it's a mixture between she knows her drama is the only thing she's known for anymore and the only thing that will garner attention, and the fact that at this point, she's just trying to "win". This drama has taken her over completely, is controlling her entire life at this point. I don't think she has passion for making videos for the makeup, I think she has passion to "prove all the haters wrong". Like it's just a competition to her at this point.

No. 787445

File: 1595534365039.gif (2.39 MB, 480x390, 05A78543-9AE5-4CC9-BF0C-E21A0A…)

No. 787450

Even the few kids who follow her will lose interest after seeing how shitty she is to anyone who doesn't leave generic flattery heart eyes comments. Even the smallest bit of critique gets her looking through the person's profile for something to insult them with.


No. 787454

File: 1595536727191.gif (1.12 MB, 585x340, twitter gif.gif)

Fucking hell, these are kind of scary. I predict Laur and Lillee will have some freakouts over these.

No. 787469

am I reading this wrong or did lillee really say sleeping with her own mother would not be devious?

No. 787483

this is so amazing and disturbing, bless you, anon.

No. 787485

This is insufferable and her hair looks completely fried and dead. When someone claims to be her real fan she's rude to them and says they're not, even Lillee knows she has no real fans.

No. 787491

lol "you're not a real fan! if you were i'd know it because my mom would be running your account"

No. 787508

She looks so similar to her mother I genuinely can't tell whether you've used an app to create this kek

No. 787520

I feel like Laur's features are harsher but they definitely look very very similar.

No. 787530

Holy fuck, I never really noticed how much of a goblin she looks like before, but jfc she looks like some orc from lotr.

No. 787534

thank you for bumping the thread for that very important nugget of commentary, anon

No. 787537

File: 1595575919425.png (25.75 KB, 823x316, bish.png)

Lillee commenting about her obviously real boyfriend kekw

No. 787541

That stood out to me too. Is she so sheltered that she doesn't know "sleeping with" is a euphemism for sex, and thought that the person was talking about her sleeping in the same bed as her mother?

No. 787551

No lillee, everyone made fun of the fact that you said he's a French diplomat. A pathetically easy to fact check lie. She lies on top of lies and doesn't have the brains to try to DFE to cover it up.

No. 787565

Comment: A seemingly sincere suggestion / request from what could have possibly been a genuine fan, potentially a young teen

LJ’s response: a paragraph-long diatribe against the boolies and the h8ers and the stalkers. Mentions statutory rape allegations. Not even a “thank you” or even any ounce of positivity.

If there is one quick fix that Lillie can do to greatly improve her channel, it’s to focus on positive side of things and the dedication of her fans. Like, does she not know how to grow and cultivate a fanbase? I’ve never seen another YouTuber so consumed with hate for trolls.

No. 787566

The way she words this is further proof how manipulative LJ is. Her version is the callouts called pretending she was a minor currently engaging in sex with a man 9 years her senior. Not that tips were called in that she had been while she was underage. The way this is written, she's sidestepping they were in a relationship when she was a minor at all.

No. 787579

Part of the problem is that even lillee knows she doesn’t have any real fans. she knows she’s out here buying 95% of her followers so she’s inherently suspicious if anyone who’s nice to her

No. 787580

Maybe she does know the term.
I haven't get over the laur-lj's incestuous relashionship tinfoil.

How could it be possible for her to focus on the "positive side" when all of her "career" is fake?
Real influencer have tons of things to rely to, such as friends, real fans, real PR and real opportunities, real life etc.
But lj has none of this, she wanted to buy her way and have it fast and easy.

No. 787587

It is so telling how fake LJ is when you can practically time her lives and "new" ideas by when her adsense check hits. She went ham on cosplay after the 1st stimulus check. Expect to see it again if they pass another. Dees noted Adsense had been deposited and Lillee had an live that night.

No. 787589

Her estimated monthly earnings on Youtube are between £25 and just under £400. I'm pretty confident that we can go for the lower end of these two estimates given that a high proportion of the "views" are bots and she's consistently self-admittedly shadowbanned from search results.
I doubt the money would even begin to pay for anything.

No. 787594

File: 1595613333458.jpg (415.02 KB, 2097x1461, fanart.jpg)

She is so inspirashunal!

No. 787596

woao, amazing job anon!

No. 787602


LOL the scraggly fried hairs!

No. 787603

This LJ drawing trend is amazing

No. 787604

File: 1595617007996.png (318.58 KB, 450x324, stepsister.PNG)

Reminds me of Cinderella's stepsisters.

No. 787608

File: 1595618302119.png (29.75 KB, 502x369, RL6sTxO.png)

The entire world must know about her itching vag I guess, especially when no one is asking

No. 787611

File: 1595619403460.jpeg (217.94 KB, 750x1026, C269AF96-0F86-4AE1-B551-9B75B2…)

Lillee is blaming this email on Dees, who has been ignoring Lillee & Laur for the last week while her & Oomancer are on vacation.

No. 787614

This reads like something Lillee wrote.

No. 787625

Lillee is claiming her newest video is sponsored by too faced lmaof

No. 787628

File: 1595625844697.png (266.2 KB, 457x699, toofaced.png)

This is an image board.

No. 787662

She really doesn't want to go outside kek.

Did they actually sponsor it or just give her free makeup? Hard to believe any brand wants to be associated with her. Googling her name just gets a bunch of "omg this influencer faked her whole life!" tea videos.

No. 787665


This was definitely written by Laur. Laur loves using Italian-sounding surnames names for her sock accounts, the first sentence has unnecessary words and that backwards, ESL syntax she and Lillee both use, she misspelled "pedophile," and signed it "XOXO" like she and Lillee do every time they make a snarky reply to mean youtube comments.

No. 787666


Whoever it is got the name for pretty little liars

No. 787668

She was for sure not “sponsored” by too face, it’s form influenster, a company that sends products to usually “micro” influencers for free reviews and posts. They are in no way actually affiliated with actual sponsorships and just send out a few products for free promo. They are a company that is easily fooled and used widely by fakes like LJ

No. 787672

File: 1595641856782.png (850.06 KB, 750x1334, 7C2A04FD-02B3-4C80-A665-4ADCD4…)

Lillee responding to someone thinking she is rich. But the vast majority of codes she has had were from sketchy companies

No. 787680

What partnerships has she had with companies that aren't sketchy as hell? Runway Rogue and Fashion Haunts are about as sketchy as I can imagine. One is a makeup brand that nobody has heard of and the other is some weird pay-to-play magazine designed in MS Paint. Neither one seems to have real followers.

Also, maybe old milk, but Patricia Hartmann deleted all of her tweets from the past 2 years. I wonder if it's something to do with the Runway Rogue account restriction.

No. 787684

She used to have a code with Verb, Colour Pop and Dermalogica. I think those were the only reputable brands.

No. 787687

She made no money off of those. No one has ever sponsored her

No. 787703

File: 1595650809508.png (25.08 KB, 1074x214, lillee lives.png)

If you don't get covid from Lillee then…. what do you get?

No. 787705

judging by her itchy burning vagina, an STD

No. 787706

File: 1595651225345.jpg (1.55 MB, 1228x1704, de18ure-ef810042-51b0-4c67-995…)

I'm losing it over that photoshopped collar, but completely ignored stains and hair.

No. 787710

“If they ever come near me, covid doesn’t live, Lillee lives”

What on earth does that even mean?!??

No. 787728

If this was a real troll, why would there be a blank subject line? Wouldn’t you want some sort of click bait title? I mean, a normal person would just delete something like that.

No. 787729

I’ve read so many insults thrown at Lillee, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone call her glasses, of all things, ugly or hideous. Also, few people who are in it for the lols actually care about Dees that much. (To the point of asking the Trumans to leave Dees alone) Creepshow, maybe, but not Dees. Which was kind of my tip-off that this is Laur.

No. 787747

Really? I have seen tons of people say her glasses are granny glasses and ugly.

No. 787751

File: 1595672916515.jpg (546.34 KB, 1204x1322, EdwQrCcXoAER00v.jpg)

kek Anons, which one of you did it?

No. 787755

I think I found a gem

No. 787761

File: 1595677328702.png (17.31 KB, 661x581, lil gene.png)

>tfw you also wanted to draw something, but you only know how to use paint

No. 787767

did she really need to be topless in this one? 1:44 has me rolling

No. 787775

What the fuck is this? Holy shit, what is wrong with her?

kek. Anon, this is a masterpiece right down to the very oddly colored teeth.

No. 787780

You know you're allowed to say the W word here, it's anonymous.

Women, people with periods are women

No. 787783

God I wish John Waters was still doing films these days, her and Laur both would be perfect residents of 2020 Mortville.

No. 787787

File: 1595691717892.jpeg (175.03 KB, 996x2047, 2C92FCF8-31D0-44F9-A882-65EF98…)

From a callout’s twitter. Lillee was dropped by TheraBox

No. 787795

File: 1595695909057.png (638.7 KB, 750x1334, 1B563989-88CD-41F8-8E3C-9BB8B1…)

Lillee’s sperging out. Threatening TheraBox and telling them to stop talking to people.

No. 787798

File: 1595696371876.jpeg (227.53 KB, 945x2048, C7A10B70-E6F0-420B-BB8B-18E7C0…)

A brand made by THERAPISTS, of all people don’t support Lillee, what a surprise.

No. 787799

File: 1595697321989.jpeg (145.51 KB, 1242x1033, DEF5C6CB-FFD5-4733-9472-6B4563…)

No. 787800


> "It is ILLEGAL for a company to have a conversation like this"

> "Who knows if they're conspiring with these people"

Well, first off, Laur is a dumbass, obviously. Secondly, I'm pretty sure you can get into legal trouble defaming a company by claiming they're conspiring with stalkers, Lillee.
Just the regular L&L case of "I'm going to call out illegal activity that isn't actually illegal while doing something illegal myself".

No. 787802


Hey there, TERFy, sage your off-topic shit and preferably take your gender critical crusade to /ot/

No one cares, we're here to laugh at Laur and Lillee Jean.

No. 787804


It may be hard for you to understand, but I didn't go out of my way to not say women. People with periods is my default vocabulary, so I'd kindly suggest not trying to put words in my mouth and assume I'm avoiding the word woman. Thanks.

No. 787805

did you not read what anon was replying to?

No. 787806

Anon I hate to point out the obvious but your derailing also.

How is it that they expect anyone to be on their side lmfao. Clearly the company isn't ~cyberbullying~ her, there's no contract being broken, the company isn't suing her or anything. What's so ilLeGuL about it? Their scrambling attempts to fix thier image are beyond delusional.

No. 787808

Why are sjws like you on lolcow?

No. 787809

File: 1595703663715.jpg (272.39 KB, 1079x1117, Screenshot_20200725-122444_Chr…)

Speak of trannies, LJ is still trying really hard to show how super inclusive she is. She's never been transphobic or said transphobic things, look at how much she supports them! I'm sure her sock ac- I mean token trans friend is totally YASS QUEENing right now.

No. 787810

File: 1595704453335.png (956.22 KB, 1043x632, M9fsj8L.png)

Going back to this unitedunitylove "person"
Does no one think it's strange that there was never any link shown to her supposed IG?
This is the one other bow they posted on twitter. Again, no link. Nothing comes up on a reverse image search either.

No. 787811

Why are trannies so unbearable jfc. Stfu.

No. 787812

It is mmfhairbows in insta

Go away Defucko, no one wants you here.

No. 787813

Oh. Never mind then, my mistake.

No. 787817

LJ is one of those cows that has brought a bunch of new people from reddit, twitter and YT to the farms.

She has to be scraping the bottom of the barrel for people who look even worse than her.

No. 787818

Shouldn't you be dilating?(stop derailing)

No. 787821

File: 1595714252712.jpg (282.47 KB, 1080x1279, 20200725_175722.jpg)

Someone's art of Laur on twitter.

No. 787822

Most fan art of cows are pretty poorly done/boring but I really love all the lj and laur ones. They have some really talented artists memorializing their goblin goblin features

No. 787825

They're so weird looking they make good anatomy studies I guess

No. 787833


They would see absolutely nothing wrong with companies pulling out brand deals for problematic influencers if it wasn’t happening to them specifically. 1000% guarantee. What hypocrites.

No. 787836

File: 1595731188512.png (85.36 KB, 375x405, lateattack.png)

>Please don't bring up old tea
>Responding to a comment from a week ago.

This is about her "apology" for the podcast.

No. 787837

File: 1595731402070.png (111.16 KB, 480x522, indian.png)

Yeah the proof they show of harassing emails is the most Boomer kind of trolling. Example from a few days ago attached.
This did make me laugh though.

No. 787841

It's also kind of random in reference to what the original tweet was. I mean ignoring all the rambling after the first sentence, they weren't even talking about humans on other planets?

No. 787842

File: 1595738201866.png (70.32 KB, 480x470, aliens.png)

Sorry anon, reposting better screen cap.
Maybe the most legit ignorant and/or Franzia induced statement made by LJ.

No. 787845

File: 1595738868320.jpeg (103.49 KB, 501x768, C4F65A4E-2797-49FE-A64F-93D2FA…)

Lillee’s so unhinged. They didn’t even say anything bad.

No. 787847

Yeah she's always been insufferable and arrogant, but I've noticed she's attacking her fans/potential fans/people who aren't even hating on her way more

No. 787864

Imagine bragging about a shitty blog no one’s ever heard of. The delusion

No. 787865

File: 1595757375923.jpg (156.08 KB, 1080x1268, 20200726_045506.jpg)

No. 787869

Next up the lillee jean fake suicide story arc.

No. 787871

File: 1595760340604.jpeg (169.86 KB, 750x1013, 1C3D356F-E266-45D2-B46C-98A7EE…)

Already happening

No. 787872

File: 1595761611474.jpeg (341.72 KB, 591x1007, B56314B9-7E63-4A27-8445-A085F3…)

My Lilleeism is a little rusty but this sounds like Lillee is trying to get people fired/suing Therabox just because they dropped her. >>787865
>Everyone else the karma was quick- covid in some cases.
Lillee celebrating that her boolies get the virus, can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to be associated with her.

No. 787873

what does lillie think 'spawn' means kek

No. 787876

Maybe she meant “pawn”?
Fuck this cunt. Covid is not karma. What an evil brat

No. 787884

Wow. Save this to repost next time someone tries to tinfoil that Laur is the bad one and Lillee is just another victim. She's just as evil if not moreso.

No. 787886

File: 1595771485882.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1242x1789, 1041F8CD-AA28-4463-9042-F6DD79…)

On a lighter note, here’s Lillee completely misunderstanding what a cat’s toe beans are. Kek

No. 787891


Honestly I think she interprets spawn from like "devil spawn", and doesn't understand that the word spawn on its own doesn't stand.

No. 787895

This is so messed up. Lillie can't play innocent victim and wish death or family death on people.

No. 787899

File: 1595779152456.jpeg (339.69 KB, 750x784, 4A06585C-FD45-4C24-AF83-530891…)

“How long have you trolling?”

All the screenshots are from 3-4 days ago. What is she trying to prove?

No. 787900

I'm coming around to the notion others have had that LJ actually wears the pants in the Trueman family, and Laur, having created the monster, now exists to do her bidding. In videos where they appear together, Laur does seem subservient and submissive to Lillee, rather than the other way around.

No. 787903

I just can't get over how both Laur and Lillee are incapable of constructing a coherent sentence, pronouncing common words/names correctly, or understanding common expressions like "toe beans." They're so blatantly dumb, yet have such massive delusions of grandeur. It's actually impressive.

No. 787909

File: 1595786822280.jpg (120.33 KB, 1080x1082, Ed3R0O0WoAAj-VP.jpg)

Ah, yes, let me just tell everyone where I live as I'm terrified of my stalker coming to my house.

No. 787926

the only thing dumber than lillee and laur themselves are those stupid rumours started by people who learn about lj drama through "tea channels". if she really had money, she would have so much more going for her than the half assed makeup vlogs featuring used pallettes and the pathetic acting reel content filmed by mommy in the dusty attic

No. 787974

Who started this "Lillee is rich" rumor? I figured the tea channels would know about the bankruptcy filing and the fact that she wears like 2 different outfits.

No. 787984

Because a person with a million IG followers and a management company that represents them exclusively should be making bank. Real or not, a million followers has clout, and any real management company wouldn't have allowed products to be featured for free.

If she and Laur weren't complete morons, they could have made bank off this scam and no one would remember her in 2 years. As it stands, they haven't made Jack, and her reputation is always going to be the influencer that faked everything and got caught.

No. 788004

Oddly enough, it does seem like they bought all these followers without really having a plan for how to make money. Initially it seemed like they were hoping to make Lillee an actress by reposting so many comparison pics of Lillee next to superheroes/actresses and tagging Marvel. A lot of the early socks made posts like "you gotta check out this #lilleejean girl #marvel, perfect for your next movie," but obviously movie casting is a little more complicated than that kek.

No. 788016


Only a little bit lmfao.
I don't think they had a game plan to get money either. Tbh, they strike me as wanting fame and attention more than money. It's incredibly obvious Lillee wants people to kiss her ass and feet at every waking moment, and ignores/berates anyone that isn't worshipping her. She just wants to be put on a pedestal, idek if Lillee cares about money.

No. 788043

File: 1595846748938.png (53.92 KB, 1327x386, lil comment.png)

I'm not that into makeup but "most influencers or content creators just use…the color brown" is just a blatant lie. Lillee obviously doesn't look at other MUA's unless its to steal their looks.

>Sending love "peekaboo", still more known than "peekaboo" will ever be. Let that sink in.

She is SO mad.

No. 788044

From their actions, they did have a plan. Remember she started when Instagram influencers were really hitting their stride and able to turn their accounts into money makers via brand deals. We see examples of this with Laur tweeting companies to get engagement with Lilee, as well as their sock accounts @ing Marvel and Disney. Their plan was to purchase the million subs and get her name trending so that people's curiosity is peaked and brands/companies see this as legitimate and offer her deals. It started to work for some companies that throw products out at follower sub numbers with no research. (Also take in account how many times they both lied about products they purchased and called sponsorships and brand deals).
Influencers do purchase subs, some purchase alot. The difference is they can perpetuate that number in some other way. Family name, actual talent, beauty, personality etc. Lilee lacks all of this. This is why their plan failed. Their hyped up product is a failure.
It isn't the fault of the mean internet bullies and "stalkers", many influencers can take that hate and capitalize off of it. It's all Lille's fault. She cannot successfully sell herself or the drama surrounding her. She has no profit margin. I mean, hell, she can't even keep Bob Vageen interested.. that's.. next level sad.

No. 788058

Also her dumbass bought 1M fake followers. That’s a massive red flag when her content is so lacklustre, she looks like a deranged goblin and is a nobody. They could have bought a few thousand and no one would have cared

No. 788059

File: 1595856473501.jpg (103.64 KB, 828x877, Ed6OC5mX0AALUbo.jpg)

Guys she plans to sing.
And she mentions her elementary school…once again…

No. 788060

I feel like even if Lillee bought a few hundred thousand, people may have pointed it out, but ultimately, if she was just a normal beauty youtuber/influencer, kept posting looks, and ignored everyone that called her out, she would have went under the radar soon after being called out. It's her insufferable personality on top of the racism, transphobia, just overall abhorrent behaviour that made her a cow. Then to top it off her mom is a literal psychopath that tries to doxx everyone and sperges out all over the place, and Karens companies by berating them on Twitter. Everything they do is insanity which is what makes them a spectacle.
If Lillee ONLY bought followers, no matter the amount, and that was the only thing wrong with her, I genuinely don't think anyone would have cared about her after a few weeks.

No. 788066

Buying so many followers was definitely a big gossip talking point, but that would have gotten boring fast. The real shit people latched onto was the fake accounts praising Lilly as their white goddess while posting being racist stereotypes complete with random ghetto drama. It was actually wild if some anons followed the accounts storylines. Oh and the photoshopped gala stuff and claims of auditioning were a cherry on top. This was all with Lilly UNDER the radar. Now it's just seeing their shit personalities as they implode by call out accounts.

No. 788068

File: 1595861965322.gif (701.98 KB, 480x360, giphy (4).gif)

Her Gothic princess series is so boring to me. Its the same looks she does, but in black, for EDGE.

No. 788075

she looks like discount Dita Von Teese and not even in a good way

No. 788081

Am I imagining things or has Lillee stopped popping her eyes out like a fucking goldfish?

No. 788083

It's not as bad anymore but she still does it in a lot of pictures. Like here: >>787628

No. 788087

Oh lord. The way to face her fear would be to get some voice lessons for a few months, not make an even bigger fool out of herself. Can't wait for Lillee Jean renditions of "opera".

No. 788089

File: 1595872764546.jpeg (480.22 KB, 750x1096, 5E6C3C3C-2776-4882-B1A2-EA94F2…)

If she didn’t state this was supposed to look like Audrey Hepburn, I never would have guessed it. Such a low effort attempt.

No. 788097


Will just say this. They rent their home. Nothing wrong with that but that's where ~$2,500-$3,500 of Diamond's Disability check probably goes each month.

No. 788102

At 5:06 in her Audrey video she references Dees yet again, apparently her "stalker" registered her for a funeral certification. Lillee just can't help herself can she lmao

No. 788106

She actually did eyebrows and a slight bit of blush/contour, although it still looks nothing like her. Audrey had really dramatic eyebrows, and that wig is pretty off.

At least she slightly changed her makeup this time.

No. 788107

File: 1595884460904.jpg (198.95 KB, 1079x1792, 20200727_161418.jpg)

This dress is a terrible choice for her body

No. 788108

File: 1595884607588.jpg (178.65 KB, 1008x1321, 20200727_161409.jpg)

And the hair/makeup look like your boozed up Aunt that has a really bad smoker's rasp and laughs a little too loudly at teenage boy's dirty jokes.

No. 788110

File: 1595884942393.jpeg (181.15 KB, 501x716, B6D47D2B-D2D0-4802-9CBA-75B001…)

Hmmm… I wonder what Laur’s tweet could be. Any anons here have access to Laur’s twitter? Dees usually posts her tweets but she’s currently locked too.

You forgot how she captioned this “Hips”. LJ where??
I thought she was going for Audrey’s pixie cut until I saw the shitty bun. LJ’s trying to be a cosplayer but isn’t even learning the basics of styling wigs ffs.

No. 788112

A comment on youtube said a brunette Tinkerbell and I can't unsee that.

No. 788113

Except Tinkerbell is tiny

No. 788114

Holy shit that fabric looks insanely cheap. It looks like a dollar store nightgown. Like that's not even Walmart quality.

No. 788122

Probably from wish or something. You can still see lines from where it was folded in packaging. Not sure why she wouldn’t wash or iron it before using it for a photo.

No. 788126

File: 1595888210619.jpeg (131.55 KB, 1242x1414, 6E0CF6DD-4093-4A69-AED5-03D5DC…)

The callout AugustaBrack has access to Laur’s tweets

No. 788134

this photo makes her actually look pretty decent in some pseudo kinderwhore way. too bad she is a disney autismo.

No. 788135

It's hilarious that Laur is basically an unemployed hermit that spends her time doxxing people and gunning for their jobs. Like damn, have a little shame. Use that time to get LJ some brand deals instead of being a spiteful bitch.

No. 788145

File: 1595895320002.jpeg (235.07 KB, 1242x1768, 0B030018-9F49-4F2E-9D37-2E587E…)

Laur’s mad about an actual Jewish person calling her out on her bullshit.

No. 788148

File: 1595897922815.jpg (242.07 KB, 1080x1527, 20200727_195505.jpg)

Lillee doesn't know that sculpting comes before a mold is made. She is so fucking rude to everyone.

No. 788156

Lmaof you can't be Jewish without speaking Yiddish? Where does she get this shit?

No. 788157

does she really just assume that every spam email she gets has to do with people setting her up and not because she has her contact information everywhere and shares it with scammy businesses for shady promos and features?

No. 788163

Baby's first escort ad pics

No. 788189

File: 1595926905601.webm (4.27 MB, 1280x720, video-1595926486 (1).webm)

She’s uploaded this clip of her singing a song from Snow White.

As a vocalist, I’ll admit this is a pretty okay impression of the original Snow White. And LJ has decent-ish control of her notes. But a good impression of a bad singer will still be bad! No one tries to sound like this anymore, and it only sounds the way it does because of the trends of the 1930’s and the limitations of technology. If you listen to her singing “Let it Go” from Frozen, it really shows off her shortcomings and how tinny, nasally and unpleasant her voice is.

And she makes a big show about being able to sing “opera”. This isn’t opera! She wouldn’t survive if she tried to sing actual opera like the ‘Queen of the Night’ aria or ‘The Doll Song’.

No. 788192

Agreed. At least she did SOMETHING to be eyebrows. I think she needed a better wig and some brown contacts, but this was an okay attempt. Better than the Marilyn one. I feel like her eyebrows are what let her down in her costumey/cosplay looks because she always does them the fucking same.

No. 788193

That shit made my ears bleed.

No. 788194

she could be the next kate bush kek

No. 788195

Laur does know that Ashkenazis are white, right? Speak Yiddish in a video, Laur. I’m waiting.

No. 788199

The original plan might have been indeed, getting LJ a lead role in a big marvel prod, by ridiculously inflating her non-existant"fame".
And just like you said, turned out a bit more complex and they are way to dumb to make it works anyway.
As it didn't happened, they've tried different angles (the makeup brand, the cosplaying, the wiccan/gothic/emo niche, the" "I'm suicidal but actually no", the asmr soft porn, etc), and none of them were working.
Even the cyberbullying narrative isn't getting them anything besides a deranged Tired Lady, a fake but real lawyer who failed at the bar exam or some lame sea lions, that LJ and Laur's horrible personalities scare off soon enough.

Now they have the 1M fake followers and they still think they can convert it with profit in the entertainment industry - if not they have the option to blame it on Diane.
They just forgot about the disastrous e-rep and the absolute lack of any talent
Also wondering if LJ and Laur were planning to launch their own RealTV show as LJ several times mentionned the Kardashians.

Is it phase 2 or their brillant lazy and expensive plan?
Get LJ a contract with a music producer?
Be the voice of the next Disney movie? kek

No. 788200

don't you even dare to bring up my wife's name in this trainwreck!

No. 788201

she legit sounds like Kate in Weathering Heights tho

No. 788203

Lilee has a "unique" voice. It's not pleasing, but it is different. She could maybe get i to cartoon voice acting if she can alter it to sound different and produce range.

No. 788205

File: 1595942979389.jpeg (296.34 KB, 750x740, 9F1EA294-7042-4351-A2E2-035CA8…)

Bow lady trying to defend the Truemans legitimately makes me sad. The other sea lions are just tired boomers or dumb kids but this one seems like she has a lot of problems.

No. 788206

File: 1595943152943.jpeg (343.21 KB, 750x731, AE159ABB-26AD-4B32-9F0D-D8D941…)

Kek at all the twitter callouts suddenly pretending LJ isn’t ugly as fuck. If she wasn’t ugly as shit then she wouldn’t have this much attention.

No. 788218

Yes Anon, but you forgot about all the rest.
With LJ nasty behavior and Laur "managing" her career, no one will ever wants to work with her. Remember just yesterday, how LJ twitted about Therabox.

Yes, that's ridiculous, LJ is barely getting nasty/hate comments. 99,9% of the callouts are very polite and don't interact with her.

No. 788246

New ASMR video. Her hair is so greasy and she uses a hairbrush full of hair and lint. She could have taken one second to just clean it off but no. She’s also wearing a tank top/maybe lingerie that keeps slipping off her shoulders.

No. 788248

>She’s also wearing a tank top/maybe lingerie that keeps slipping off her shoulders.
That's because she admits she believes ASMR is softcore porn so she's trying to be sexy. Even though it isn't and she isn't.

No. 788250

At this point I really start to wonder if she is deliberately feeding the trolls. I can't see any other reason why she wouldn't have freshly washed hair for a hair-specific ASMR video.

No. 788251

She's TRYING to take a cue feom the onision school of how to get people to talk about you. I don't think she realizes lueking here won't give you information.

No. 788252

didn't she say before that she puts baby oil on her hair because her boomer mother does it too? she probably has it freshly oiled for the camera

No. 788253

File: 1595961927007.jpeg (53.39 KB, 370x545, E14AF07C-831C-4C47-A0C1-8BC402…)

Look who’s back. Even though she keeps saying this video is for Tater, it’s all about Diane like always.

No. 788254

Once again failing at asmr, she's smashing her brush into her microphone so much.

No. 788255

I really don't get why she's topless or exposing her shoulders in almost every picture and video, it's just so unflattering. It draws attention to her boxy/oval body shape and broad shoulders. Even in posed pics like >>788107 you can tell her she's on the bigger side, why do such an unflattering style?

No. 788257

Is it bad that I think if she learned how to do asmr properly, it might not be a bad switch for her? She could do the non-talking kind.
She looks like a normal human being until she moves any part of her face.

No. 788263

her hair gas gone super brassy and the bottom 5 or so inches are begging to be cut. They look so bad

And omfg, every time she hit the mic and tried to brush the mic I wanted to scream.

No. 788264

Asmr is supposed to be Therapeutic. Pleasing to the senses. That fugly twit has no pleasing quality.

No. 788271

She’s ugly and looks even more grotesque and gross when she’s trying to be sexual. No thanks

No. 788277

All of the “If Lillee learned to do [thing] properly and worked at it, she could be a success” posts make me laugh, because she refuses to learn anything, and is incredibly lazy.

No. 788288

File: 1595975250741.jpeg (172.48 KB, 1080x1440, EeCt-FaWkAoS3Dd.jpeg)

latest look preview is up jeaniez. Bonus points to anyone that manages to guess who this is supposed to be based on.

No. 788289

No. 788290

I mean, that's true of almost everyone. Things like singing, acting, art, etc. are all skills that can be learned with practice and dedication. The problem is Lillee thinks she's a natural prodigy at everything and eschews any kind of critique.

I'm guessing Lucy, but yet again, the wig is a disaster and the eyebrows are completely wrong.

No. 788291

Lucille Ball? The bugged out eyes would actually work for that one

No. 788293


I love ASMR, but she needs to edit her videos to not include things like hitting the microphone while brushing her hair - the sudden noise from that is really jarring and takes me from being relaxed to jolted.

She also needs to work on adjusting the sound levels throughout when it spikes higher on intentional sounds, so the volume is more even.

Her hair is still so green toned, she really messed up her hair by trying to fix it with the wrong dyes.

No. 788294

Little Orphan Annie? Oh, will she sing Tomorrow? That would be hilarious.

No. 788295

File: 1595977595292.jpg (23.57 KB, 300x300, looseyyyyy!.jpg)


Good lord that wig is dry and nappy. It looks like it came out of a Dollar General "50s Housewife" bagged halloween costume.

No. 788299

>pretty okay
You're being wayyy too kind anon.

Kek at Lillie larping as an opera singer. Homegirl's already fucked up her hair, if she keeps singing these "operatic" songs she's gonna fuck up her throat permanently.

No. 788305

File: 1595980948377.jpg (18.41 KB, 415x512, 2HWQYOBQEDNG24GXSRT477T7YU.jpg)

No. 788313

perfect! i cant see a difference.

No. 788314

she was hitting the mic on purpose lmao, she was brushing the mic stand and it was horrible

No. 788315

File: 1595988745401.jpeg (173.02 KB, 828x1036, 6EB82A5F-1CD7-4FFB-915A-FC4504…)

One of the twitter callouts shared this, it looks like she’s confirmed her next series is MLP makeup. God help us all

No. 788316

given that she essentially promoted pedophilia, the mlp fandom should welcome her with open arms lol

No. 788328

File: 1595995865500.jpeg (135.51 KB, 750x401, 198208AA-C9BE-4404-A174-D54869…)

LJ further shows how sheltered she is.

No. 788341

File: 1596005294386.png (195.7 KB, 601x430, Annotation 2020-07-29 024537.p…)

Laur changed her Twitter cover photo to this photo of her lol >>787821

No. 788345

File: 1596007692795.png (19.32 KB, 855x205, lj doesnt get memes number 382…)

Reminds me of the time she thought someone using a skull emoji was a threat.

No. 788346

File: 1596008051578.webm (7.6 MB, 1280x720, ew wtf.webm)

And oh god, there's a moment in the hair asmr video where she brushes out a huge flake of dandruff.

No. 788347

File: 1596008217303.png (38.91 KB, 196x181, 033638.png)


I've watched this like 3 times and I'm not 100% sure what you're talking about. Are you talking about this?

No. 788348

Yep that, might not be as noticeable to other people IG. But it really jumped out to me.

No. 788350

Tbh it looked like a piece of lint to me lol that's why I didn't really notice, but I could see how that's dandruff too.

No. 788360


That’s not Laur. It’s one of the call outs who made a parody account. It was quiet for awhile but has recently started getting more active

No. 788362

My Little Pony and her burning vaginal walls, she's such a compelling package.

No. 788363

That is Laur. You’re thinking of iamlaur69

No. 788384

File: 1596034692278.jpeg (138.3 KB, 750x669, 72BB05AE-52AB-4112-8920-A40A49…)

Tired Lady now thinks Jona Mikey was Diane.

No. 788386

dees gives 0 shits about TL lol this woman is so desperate for her attention

No. 788403

Laur's new eBay account: https://www.ebay.ca/usr/pal01_70

Nothing milky in her purchases apart from a 99 cent dip PDF cookbook

No. 788410

File: 1596043350979.png (2.47 MB, 750x1334, 5FC856CB-5514-4F77-BD34-8EA2B2…)

Kek at her trying to sell Jim Crow’s era racist makeup set

No. 788415

File: 1596044201539.png (118.35 KB, 889x346, Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 1.35…)

No. 788416

File: 1596044292277.png (183.68 KB, 886x341, Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 1.36…)

No. 788417

Her item location is listed as Salem, Virginia and not Queens, NY

No. 788418

Why would anyone want a 60+ year old racist face paint set? I guess it would produce the caliber of makeup looks that Lillee does.

No. 788420

I'm sorry if I'm being dumb anon, but how do you know this is Laur's?

No. 788422

Same items/item photos as on her leitiques website. This account has also purchased several barbies.

No. 788423

Nitpicking your nitpick to say if it is a skin flake, it isn't dandruff but a "scale" from scalp psoriasis. Which she has claimed and been shown to have.

Nice sleuthing anon.

No. 788433

File: 1596048611407.jpg (375.01 KB, 1025x2163, 20200729_134907.jpg)

What is it with these brands and supporting a vicious, racist, lying scammer?

No. 788435

Imagine the mold and smell

No. 788439

L.A Girl,essence,catrice is the cheapest shit tho.
Lillee Jean the white trash Booty guru queen of cheap drug store saga begins?

No. 788440

File: 1596050198367.png (23.89 KB, 610x202, Annotation 2020-07-29 151610.p…)

It is Laur.

No. 788442

File: 1596050310866.png (209.53 KB, 596x408, Annotation 2020-07-29 151850.p…)

No. 788447

Derailing the conversation (in general, not particularly in that post) about her shitty behaviour with her sister's murder story was always extremely fucked up and disrespectful to me, makes me wonder if that story is fake too when seeing how she's handling it.

No. 788449

File: 1596051296503.jpeg (442.29 KB, 750x873, 51E37B4B-B862-4019-BF13-8C54C0…)

No. 788450

File: 1596051410603.png (63.86 KB, 1179x302, 0053644.png)

LOL literally Lillee knows nothing about hair. She just gave so much false information in this one comment, it's sad.

No. 788452

File: 1596051620296.jpg (230.28 KB, 1152x2048, EeHcJRVXgAgosog.jpg)

Laur just casually showing off that she uses an alt. The strawberry pose might not be intentionally sexual but the lipstick one definitely is. >>782829

No. 788455

Did she delete the comment she replied to? I saw it when it was up and the person was really polite and just wanted to give LJ advice.
>you do not know the condition of my hair, which is actually okay, and are not physically there to see it.
You can physically see it, it's in a video dumbass.

No. 788456

File: 1596052249096.png (19.01 KB, 1184x66, 0055053.png)

I just went back and couldn't find it, but I grabbed it before she deleted it.

No. 788457

She was insanely rude to this person for no reason. She's unhinged, and never going to be able to have real fans if she responds to polite advice like that (you know, minus the trillion other issues).
She gives me the vibe that she doesn't give a shit about having fans anymore, and just shit talks everyone now because she's so depressed and angry. I'm convinced she's only continuing making videos to spite the callouts, but she has no passion anymore for videos, lashes out at everyone, and is overall very obviously in a bad mental place. Lillee legitimately needs some help and to get off the internet.

No. 788469

What a bitch.
Commas, do not work like this.

Also has anyone noticed how she pronounces debris as "debreeze"

No. 788474

is this what laur used to create the instagram sock accounts?

No. 788494

>A stylist, is also not a colorist, who does deal with the logistics.
>casually refers to herself in the third person at the end
Mind boggling how someone can be so ignorant and yet so self-assured.

No. 788495

File: 1596061101445.jpg (369.27 KB, 986x954, Screenshot_20200729-171640_You…)

This is her "contoured and bronze" look. I'm done with the video but still waiting on it to deliver.

No. 788496

Where is the contour??

No. 788503

Nitpick but I hate her frosty lip glosses. They look dated and disgusting

No. 788509

File: 1596064929388.png (1.82 MB, 1165x1655, lilleedrawing.png)

Hey anons, I'll be honest, I felt like I was missing out on all of this art action, so I decided to try my hand in it.
I'm not an artist at all, and I'll admit to what Lillee never admits to; I traced it lol.
Feel free to color this, work on top of this, or just use it however you want to lol, I know it's very flat and one-dimensional.

No. 788515


Haha, her eyes here are everything. She looks like quasimodo. Good art.

No. 788540

I think she’s been burned too many times by trolls and internet boolies such that the slightest hint of criticism sets off her anger. She, indeed, seems super depressed and she’s getting more exhausted from this booty guru schtick. A part of me feels almost bad for her, if it weren’t for arrogance and all of the sketchy things she did. But yeah, I’m scared she’s going to alienate too many of her fans at this point.

Top kek. Great art! If you had just shown me the top drawing without any context (and if i didnt know Lillee), I would think the proportions were all wrong and the teeth were drawn super weirdly. But no, this is actually extremely faithful to the reference and the proportions are perfect.

No. 788545

File: 1596076836283.jpeg (271.32 KB, 559x740, 7999D8E0-A361-47F4-80C9-38975A…)

No. 788546

File: 1596077176253.jpeg (166.45 KB, 828x1085, D8E3E0E7-7E02-43E1-8957-A605AD…)

Ok sexy toddler Laur

No. 788549

File: 1596077395356.jpeg (388.18 KB, 828x878, B321D93C-221D-42FC-95F5-5815DC…)

Lillee is wishing her haters to die of covid is ok bc her prefrontal cortex isn’t fully developed

No. 788551

That’s like… moo’s infamous defense
>my adhd made me grope people

No. 788552

Nice try, Laur. You would use it at Passover like “Let’s say the Kaddish.” I can only guess she misunderstood the word to mean “a blessing” or “a prayer” because her use is completely nonsensical

No. 788597

File: 1596113003252.png (61.1 KB, 1296x414, Screenshot_31.png)

I don't know how she can still possibly think there are just 3 people calling her out now. She doesn't get sent screenshots by other people, Laur is constantly searching Lillee's name on Twitter. Have fun with that subpoena.

No. 788599

File: 1596113537953.png (34.65 KB, 1304x217, Screenshot_36.png)

Old comment but LJ going "PS stay quarantined" is pretty funny. Wonder if Lillee's magical COVID karma has caught up with Hunny.

No. 788603

File: 1596113779367.png (40.2 KB, 1151x269, Screenshot_38.png)

Do you have MOMMY ISSUES?

No. 788629

kek that's rich coming from Lillee

No. 788640

I kind of wonder if she's lying about it to cover for them fighting. If her sis isn't dumb she likely cut Laur off.

No. 788647

She lies about everything, why would she be truthful about that? She wants to play the victim. I guarantee her sister didn’t even talk to her.

No. 788735

So much projecting in these comments. I don't think Lillee knows what shill means.

No. 788782


Wooow, she really thinks we are three people. The delusion is real.

No. 788785

I've said it once and I'll say it again, I cannot stand her hypocrisy when she gets so pissed at us saying her fans are her fake accounts and swears up and down they're real, but then when it comes to Diane, that's when it's all socks and it can't possibly be real people. People are only real when it fits her narrative, just like everything else.

No. 788787

File: 1596200998899.jpg (86.39 KB, 739x528, bgJD8F4.jpg)

>you're a beautiful pALe pRInCEss and i have ugly non-white skin
sock or pod? account was created in april 2020

No. 788792

This has to be a pod or someone very young. I would hope they've stopped making racist socks who exist to idolize Lillee's skin. Her complexion is objectively splotchy and red, probably due to all the oils and different products she uses. No one thinks her face is perfect besides socks and people who want to be white.

Lillee's response is great though.

>Look I did a Korean dance one time 6 years ago! I'm so multicultural! I live by lots of Asians!

No. 788806

Is lillee into kpop? because a lot of this kpop stan accounts are popping on her channel there is another called mashmallow fluff always commenting first comment or here to my daily lillee vid lol,that person has vids tho and is obviously a naive kid,but who knows really this pair has step up their game a little ,making sock accounts and uploading random videos to make them look legit

No. 788838

Lillee is into disney music.

No. 788860

I feel like kpop is too difficult for Lillee, as dumb as that sounds. She only seems to be interested in the most simplistic, easily accessible childish fandoms, like Disney or Marvel. Movies that literally any kid watches. She doesn't even read popular YA novels. Kpop would have subtitles and require a small bit of understanding of another culture.

No. 788917

Imo that’s 100% a sock and one that offers a glimpse into how Lilee wants to be talked to:
1. Make it obvious you’re a PoC,
2. Praise her beauty and ethereal paleness, preferably while debasing your own appearance, so she can “uplift you” by showing she’s totally not racist about your ugly dark skin,
3. If you have a request or want to offer a slightest critique, you need to grovel a bit and apologize at least two times, so as not to offend Lillee. Otherwise fuck you, Diane.

This exact type of interaction comes up in her comments every now and again which makes me think this is another sock account.

No. 788922

File: 1596259311698.png (72.57 KB, 629x600, Screenshot_43.png)

Laur's twitter in unprivated.
>my daughter who is a grown ass woman
What is it Laur? Lillee is a teenager or she is a grown ass woman?

No. 788923

File: 1596259505583.png (110.82 KB, 546x888, Screenshot_44.png)

Oops, she made it private again. I still got some screenshots though.

No. 788924

File: 1596259568489.png (148.67 KB, 608x472, Screenshot_42.png)

No. 788925

File: 1596259736217.png (249.36 KB, 615x460, Screenshot_40.png)

>white woman saying mayo

No. 788939

File: 1596276943669.jpeg (201.63 KB, 1172x2048, 18E39696-0439-4C94-9C85-0EB1AB…)

Laur’s doxing an unrelated woman in South Dakota claiming she’s Aphiidus. Even though Aphiidus tweets about her personal life all the time. She’s not a nurse, not from South Dakota & not 38.

No. 788941

Laur is just salty that this 15 y/o has more education and work experience than LJ, a “grown ass woman”
>what smells weird here?
Lmao at wording but you do, Laur. You’re obsessively stalking minors

No. 788974

File: 1596316052943.jpeg (245.3 KB, 826x1473, BB8E7C05-E72E-42DA-A1C7-CE5EA7…)

No. 788977

it's so creepy that all of the obviously fake fans keep pointing out how beautifully pale lj is in comparison to their "burnt potato" complexion. you would think that lj and laur planned this on purpose to repeatedly prove how totally not racist she is by reassuring the commenter that all skin colours are beautiful, but here she is, completely ignoring the elephant in the room and instead turning this conversation around to talk about HER experience

No. 788982

Omfg the same nasty bleach stained shirt she wears for everything, those ratty slippers, the legs…this is embarrassing. Are her plaid pajama bottoms in the wash and that’s why she has no pants to wear? I can’t tell if she has underwear on. I’m traumatized.

No. 788983

The queen slaying with her divorced soccer mom look.

No. 788986

She doesn’t wear pants because her burning cooch has to breathe

No. 788988

File: 1596320946266.jpg (576.96 KB, 1079x1837, Screenshot_20200801-172915_Ins…)

She's embracing that hooker look.

No. 788991

This could have actually been a cute look on her if the heels and heavy eye makeup weren't aging her up so much.

No. 789005

I'm just creeped out that her own mother and every other boomer in her life has been overly sexualizing her since she was a minor.
Her mother being so involved and even going as far as buying fake accounts and engagement screams "I'm living through my daughter! Look how sexy she is, for she is me! I know what's sexy, talking about her tight pussy and her superior white genetics."

No. 789010

This look is hardly "hooker" in any way… She looks fine. It's just funny to see her pose all sexy like this when you know what she wounds like the moment she opens her mouth.

No. 789032

Honestly, this is really cute. The angle and the high-waisted jeans are flattering, and heels are a good choice to make her look less stumpy. One of her best looks tbh. The makeup is a bit too much and her hair still looks awful, but it’s otherwise cute.

No. 789033


old but I am laughing my head off at Lillee mistyping "anti emetic" (a drug to stop you vomiting) when she means anti semitic.

No. 789064

Lillee graces us with more singing

No. 789068


It's so bad and cringy. Even my parrot is more tuned than her. Why do all these untalented influencers think they can sing?

No. 789093

Honestly I think this is the best she's looked. The makeup and hair don't look great, but the outfit is really nice and flattering on her.

No. 789094


Her S's are really sharp and jarring to listen to. Might be the way the mic is picking them up.

No. 789096

It's the first look where she's dressed her age and with current trends. Her lips are finally not a gross frosted look. Anything else I comment about would be nitpicking for an otherwise young adult look. Hey LJ and Laur, if you want to build a Kim K vibe you release more shit like this and not >>788974

No. 789102

File: 1596387478973.jpg (189.13 KB, 861x1165, teeth stare.jpg)

Kek at the crazy stare.

Btw seems facetuned af.

Yes, but she never goes out and spends the day in pj - while living in NYC…

Kind of pointless to dress nicely for her. She'll remain an attic goblin forever.

No. 789105

She's hitting the same 2 notes over and over again

No. 789108

This is actually a good look, the pose is flattering. I can't tell if it's shopped a bit since the staircase balusters look a little wonky, but it looks way better than >>787161 where her clothes don't even fit.

Then she posts selfies like this with her thousand-yard stare and gaping maw.

No. 789112

Lillee looks like the kind of girl who would microwave her pet hamster if her parents said no to her.

No. 789114


Can anons confirm announcement that was pushed back to July 31st from July 1st never happened?
>This was what was pulling me the month

No. 789118

I think she looks good here, I know i'm going to get roasted butI think she has a nice shape. IMO, if she was taller then she'd have a nice hour glass like shape.

Outfits like these flatter her body, even the hairstyle and make up look is trash but it looks a lot better then her normal look.

No. 789125

i'd probably say this looks fine, but knowing her disgusting personality she just looks abhorrent on every picture to me.

No. 789133

If you went into the drugstore and she was the cashier, hair brushed and dressed in clean clothes, you might think she was kind of cute.

Capering around in a towel with clown makeup and doing Zoolander faces, not so much.

No. 789156

Oh how badly I want YouTube singing coaches to react to this

No. 789175

File: 1596417805696.png (215.21 KB, 2240x1094, tl.png)

saw this in the comments of her singing vid… is tired lady running sock accounts now and accidentally switched mid-conversation? or is she genuinely just so socially retarded that she randomly inserted herself into a conversation between lillee and someone else?

No. 789191


Oops, she did it again. Now we know Tired Lady is running some of these fake accounts. She, Tired Lady and Laura Fakewoman.

No. 789206


Well, first of all, this is a really odd choice for the ~*big influencer singing debut uWu~* because it's not that much of a well-known song, and it's not a good showcase of range or power (which Lillee lacks tbf). But also, this is really bad!

She's trying to go for quiet and emotional like the original, but it didn't mean she had to whisper every line with zero breath support from her diaphragm. It's all breath. And her pitch suffers too because of that. The verses in the original song only play around 2-3 notes, but sometimes, I can't even tell what notes Lillee is trying to hit because her voice is so thin.

Her "high" notes also sound terrible. Some of those notes sound like she's doing a poor impersenation of a falsetto. (0:47) like she's trying to squeeze her vocal cords.

All of that would almost be forgivable if she managed to show the emotion okay, but…. no, sorry. Quiet and breathy doesn't automatically equal sad. And I'm also struck by how one-note the whole song was. (If you listen to the original, there's a pretty arc conveyed through the Kristen Bell's voice, which Lillee fails to capture) Like, she just has the same emotion throughout. It's like she's just reading the lyrics.

No. 789212

File: 1596454722367.png (678.31 KB, 403x656, lunacy.png)

nightmare fuel

No. 789213

File: 1596454950482.jpeg (80.61 KB, 512x640, B9F59EB1-21BD-42C3-84E9-139736…)

The rainbow hair and facial markings mainly remind me of…..

No. 789214

Why is Rainbow Dash cosplaying Harley?

No. 789216

this is exactly what I am asking myself. It's disturbing to see Lilee own cosplay clothes of this ddlg icon

No. 789222

The cosplay somehow looks photoshopped on her.

No. 789223

Because the image is tweeked. She has to use filters and shopping to hide where she does shitty make up coverage. She's been busted on this before

No. 789225

File: 1596465391598.jpg (193.83 KB, 1008x1103, 20200803_222648.jpg)

Sage for no milk but I was wondering how LJ would look without her heavy underbite and a normal set of chompers so I fucked around with faceapp.
Crazy how much less goblin-esque she looks with a regular mouth.

No. 789228

>normal set of chompers

I love it anon, I can’t stop laughing.

No. 789232


kind of reminds me of Maurice from Little Monsters…

No. 789234

Not sure what you did to it besides fix the teeth but it actually manages to make her look worse, she's looking really masculine here.

No. 789243

Or shake the shit out a goldfish in a bag til it’s dead

No. 789271


Something about the shape of her nose, the way her upper lip is stretched over those big chompers, and the frazzled mid-90s crunchy gel hair…she's giving me post-braces Chelsea Clinton.

No. 789278

What I don't get is why she smiles like this. Her mouth is clearly very wide and her teeth are so small, you can see into her cheek and the back of her mouth. It makes her whole smile unsettling.

No. 789279

File: 1596496323351.png (17.45 KB, 325x287, Screenshot_45.png)

An influencer who gets usually 20 thousand comments and takes the time to translate and reply to hate ones, you know as they usually do.

No. 789280

Well to be honest, you quoted >>789102 which shows her doing a closed mouth smile, which isn't any better at all somehow. I think because it's still paired with her psycho gaze that makes it so uncomfortable to look at, but in general she just has a ginormous mouth. Most smiles don't look good on her.

No. 789281

File: 1596497134764.gif (589.62 KB, 498x280, tenor.gif)

What Rainbow Dash wears doesn't even resemble Harley's. She's just being lazy and cheap again.

No. 789282

I can sorta understand repurposing the jacket, but why the shirt?? Iw the shirt attached to the jacket?

No. 789294

She would look so much better if she just posed normally with relaxed eyes and did a non-cheshire cat smile. Every facial expression of hers is like an alien practicing what they think a human looks like.

No. 789295

It probably is! From the Party City website:

>>>This Suicide Squad polyester jacket is decorated with blue, gold, and red designs and a "Property of Joker" headline on the back in gold. The jacket is attached to a cropped shirt that reads "Daddy's Lil Monster."

No. 789338

File: 1596545319503.png (14 KB, 593x448, jonamikeysuspended.png)

One sock down… I wonder who Laur will create next.

No. 789343

File: 1596547655082.jpeg (211.89 KB, 828x1330, A47AB53E-BA5D-4F31-9C0C-0457EF…)

Laur calls a trans woman “human fucken trash”.

No. 789345

File: 1596547763525.png (35.08 KB, 593x560, 4D4FDC26-83E9-4BC3-84EA-161EDB…)

Pro-Trump sock Elizabeth Gardner was suspended too.

No. 789348

stopped clocks etc

No. 789352

based laur

No. 789356

why is it worse to call a tranny this than anyone else?

No. 789358

This is a peak example of LJ looking like a 10 year old and a middle aged woman at the same time

No. 789365

we stan a beauty guru who can do 2 looks in 1 /s

No. 789366

File: 1596562111402.jpeg (172.51 KB, 750x404, 482619F4-B079-4F13-ACB9-AF9D3C…)

I’m impressed with how she manages to get shadow all over her face.

No. 789377

Doesn't she just not tap the excess shadow off?

I've never seen anyone do their eye makeup before foundation other than her.

No. 789382

She also puts a cotton pad underneath her eye to catch the fallout. There’s so much fallout from not tapping off excess & using cheap shadows she ends up rubbing the fallout on the pad all over her face.

No. 789383


Even in those challenge style YT videos like "My Boyfriend Does My Makeup Blindfolded" there isn't this much mess smeared everywhere.

She has been calling herself a beauty guru for years, and she still doesn't know which tools and methods to use to achieve the proper look. She doesn't fully tap out the excess and she only uses one, fluffy blending brush to both pick up product and blend, so as soon as she puts the brush on her eyelid and flicks it around, puffs of shadow go all over the place.

No. 789384

didn't you know trannies are being murdered in the streets everytime someone insults them???

wow a heavy eyeshadow look, really forging new paths there lillee

No. 789387

Thing is not really about what we personally think about trans, but beauty guru community is overall pretty SJW and don't usually take it easy. It would be a thing if she was openly gender crit or whatever, but that's not the case, they market LJ as some sort of minority savior and for that portrayal, saying something against trans people really just doesn't… fit.

No. 789400


It's actually pretty common to see beauty "influencers" do that when applying heavy eyeshadow. They still sweep off/wipe away the fall-out, but the foundation covers whatever is left over. The foundation around her eyes is just going to be grey as fuck.

No. 789404

File: 1596584940950.png (495.5 KB, 594x496, ll.png)

Wtf does that mean? bitch still have spaghetti ugly oxidize piss color hair

No. 789426

Castor oil is sometimes used on hair under claims that it'll speed up growth or help with regrowth of lost hair. No definite science on it AFAIK.

No. 789432

Your shitty dye job fading is not new growth

No. 789433

>blending in beautifully
Kek what? She has like 3 different hair colors now. Brown roots, lighter middle, and darker ends. You can’t treat a shitty dye job with oils.

No. 789447

File: 1596599852954.png (2.18 MB, 1334x750, 591AAFD2-C416-49B2-86AA-2AC56C…)

Her hygiene practices never cease to amaze me. Why does she always use filthy tissue or cotton to wipe products?

No. 789450

Same here. Also the way she lets the products with a dropper touch her face by dragging it across her skin before putting it back in the bottle. Like there's a dropper for a reason.

No. 789486

Diane needs to end her vacation before Laur goes psycho killer. If she cannot focus on one hater she does stupid shirlt.

No. 789494


Is she trying to reference Black is King? A bit tasteless if she is

No. 789504

File: 1596634136598.png (1.28 MB, 740x1109, ea80ef_90decdaf144b4c81a80fd8f…)

Here's LJs Darth Vader look.
>Here is my galaxy, lady Darth Vader makeup look :)! BEHIND THE MASK. She can be ANYONE, so why not a glam queen?

No. 789505

File: 1596634249970.png (1.3 MB, 740x1174, ea80ef_643f94a1f5d94f67b484cae…)

Elf ears for some reason?

No. 789506


>She can be ANYONE

Wat. If she's just genderswapped Darth Vader, then isn't she still supposed to be Anakin Skywalker as a girl? I'm not a SW nerd, but I don't get the impression that he's the type of person who cares about being a glam queen under his life support mask.


Also, he's not an elf? Lillee sure as hell picked the wrong fandom to be pulling her usual lazy nonsense. Star Wars crazies hate women that they perceive to be entering their territory and messing up their space stories in even the most minor way.

No. 789507

File: 1596635440013.jpeg (6.23 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)


She could have just done a generic female sith and there would be so much less to criticize. Even genderbent Anakin. Does she know why Darth Vader wears the mask? Does she know he is an old man? Does she know anything about him beyond "dark vader is from a star war"

No. 789508

Oh no… does she think Spock was in star wars?

I'm sure she's doing this on purpose to get a response and engagement on her shitty video.

No. 789509


I wonder if she picked this look because she knows Diane (or her husband) is into Star Wars and she can blame "mY crAZy sTaLker" if she gets any hate from Star Wars fans for fucking up a major character.

No. 789510

She's definitely got to be doing this on purpose now. She got long-ass rants from the cosplayers when she butchered all the other characters and now she's seeking to get the riled up again with this humongous mess of a "cosplay" because it'll get her attention. There's no way anyone is sincerely this colossally moronic to think this is in any way a DaRtH VaDeR look.

No. 789512

Theme aside, this is probably the best she's looked in a photo in a long time. No crazy smile makes a huge difference.

No. 789513

Dees better make a big deal about Lillee threatening her with unsheathed lightsabers.

No. 789515


Facetune did its fair share too

No. 789526

File: 1596648941991.jpeg (975.98 KB, 1154x1720, C46603B4-A692-4806-9D8C-F52847…)


No. 789527

File: 1596648973762.jpeg (255.84 KB, 1080x1807, A9FF16F7-8D62-442E-A3FB-791898…)

Hairy pancake tit is a g8 addition to the look

No. 789529

Here comes the fandom spergs. Of all the things to mix her feces in, this was not the genre nor fandom.

No. 789530

This is gonna be great, then. Sweet schadenfreude. She just loves destroying all her chances of getting accepted by EVERY community.

No. 789536


She's wearing clothes backwards again. The weird flap at her neck is a velcro closure that's supposed to be at the back, like a keyhole opening. Yikes

No. 789538

eh tbf i've seen tops/dresses that function that way in the front

No. 789554

File: 1596671577273.jpeg (166.79 KB, 948x1574, A709AD35-DAE5-4D75-A321-0A1740…)

Holy armpit fat pukes

No. 789555

Ntayrt but you can tell it's not the front because it closes with the left fabric over right. Most women's clothes close in the front with right over left (like on a button-down blouse).

No. 789559

File: 1596676225799.gif (4.4 MB, 827x467, let your soul glo lillee.gif)


Gross, look how stringy and nasty. Is she just planning to pour gallons of castor oil over her two feet of damaged hair every day for the rest of forever? Everything in the attic is gonna have a permanent film of grease over it.

No. 789575

File: 1596687400040.jpg (222.1 KB, 1080x1920, 116876549_588615182045674_7148…)

Reddit has it own fake Lillee now.

No. 789576

File: 1596687473812.png (53.15 KB, 688x661, Screenshot_23.png)

Looks like it's just a troll trying to make nerds mad.

No. 789577

Only replying to this now because now the dumbfuck twitter callouts believe Isabel West is Tired Lady's alt. Anons could just watch one video by her and listen to her voice and it'd be obvious she's not. Fuck, LJ boolies are almost as braindead as Lillee sometimes.

No. 789581

File: 1596690473862.png (14.18 KB, 582x146, ll1.png)

Lunatic fight on twitter saga? lmao i cant believe this girl manages to get drop by every community at this point she should go the OF way maybe there she can have fans and the minions she desperately craves.

No. 789589

how does she find the posts about her so fast

No. 789592

File: 1596709306495.jpeg (428.37 KB, 750x891, F295EBE6-5006-43CB-9FC5-806FC9…)

LJ once again trying to be hip and making weird comments about vaginas. Full curtain?

No. 789621

is she trying to say "beef curtains" or whatever dumb term that is? she sounds more like a virgin than usual here.

No. 789651

File: 1596782113922.jpg (51.83 KB, 626x608, poop.JPG)


She prob has a Google alert set up with her name. The Reddit troll posted their threads with LJ's name in the title, so she showed up like Bloody Mary.

No. 789654

I like that the poster never says “This is me” or whatever. The OP isn’t saying anything negative or critical, they’re just posting the photos, giving credit to LJ, and getting the word out. It’s free publicity and LJ should be thankful.

But of course, because the idea was so sloppily conceived, she receives nothing but hate. It’s just too bad OP never included the “if Darth Vader had a daughter, she’d be called LilleVader lols uwu”

Also, hello to the Redditor who called this photo of LJ “pretty”, if only they knew….

No. 789664

File: 1596798972243.png (169.73 KB, 890x1146, .png)

tbf they were trolling and pretending to be lillee.

still pathetic that lj and laur are furiously searching her name on every platform to catch fairly innocuous shit like this.

No. 789682

With the ears she could have done a yoda look if she painted them green. Her Darth Vader theme looks like any of her generic goth ones but with purple on top of the black.

No. 789685


Did Lils upload the tutorial for this Darth Faker cosplay and then take it down, or did she never upload it at all? Her most recent video is her doing Merida (again.)

No. 789723

File: 1596840875325.png (856.67 KB, 828x1962, FC0BABE1-B27B-4AD7-B01B-A6C1C4…)

No. 789724

Her way of writing gives me a headache

No. 789726

the fact that she, writes like, this, and still has the nerve to brag frequently about being an amazing writer is hilarious.

No. 789727

> "on the internet 24/7"
> "secluded
> "faux friends"
> "stuck in a shell"

You speaking from experience there Lil?

No. 789728


>just like the two millennium's divided from 80's to early 90's

I love when she uses big words improperly

No. 789732

File: 1596848929942.jpeg (231.15 KB, 750x607, 12F53D73-2A75-4DB5-831B-0A1CAF…)

It would usually be up by now but it’s not. Is she scared of getting nerd criticism on it?

No. 789733

It’s odd that she has such a weird self-righteous “phones-are-bad” boomer mentality for someone who wants to desperately become famous on YouTube.

No. 789736


It's amazing when we get glimpses of how far away from reality she's drifted by being so isolated.

She's nearly speaking her own gobbledygook language, hasn't left her house in literally a year, and most of the people she interacts with online are contractually obligated to speak to her to stay in her engagement pod. She talks back and forth with her mother on twitter all day, even though they're probably sitting next to each other in the same room.

She's getting super weird.

No. 789749

File: 1596866264759.png (2.11 MB, 2066x1700, lil ig.png)

Repost because I accidentally uploaded an ant sized picture. From LJ's IG story.

No. 789752

File: 1596868490153.jpg (36.87 KB, 849x476, simp.JPG)


"you're interacting with simps"

Trying to wrap my head around LJ's use of the term "simp" here bc as she's the world's youngest boomer, I don't believe she knows the current slang context. Took a good minute, but I suspect she took Google's literal definition of the word.

LJ, people aren't simping for Diane.

No. 789753

File: 1596869902624.webm (2.82 MB, 1280x720, laur tarot shit.webm)

Laur featured on LJ's IG story from the 5th. Should have uplaoded these earlier but got lazy.

No. 789754

File: 1596870016973.webm (1.8 MB, 1280x720, laur ig.webm)

>SOMEBODY has the idear to come here and kill me

No. 789759

File: 1596881213844.jpeg (305.09 KB, 750x842, 89625B41-2E49-4769-A7EB-E834D5…)

Laura is embarrassed she got caught creating new accounts to contact people.

No. 789766

she sounds doped up in these vids. she wants people to come try to kill her so she can kill them instead and rob them? this bitch is so unhinged lmaof

No. 789769

File: 1596894540561.jpeg (107.29 KB, 750x453, 4AE725EA-0D11-42CA-A9EE-FC594E…)

According to Laur, Earl’s surgery bankrupted them.

No. 789780

Ignore these types of videos. Dumb and dumber are trying to stir shit up because no one cares about them with dees and other accounts on private/vacation. Moomie dearest and lil milky are just pandering like street scam artists.

No. 789783

This was my thought too. Lillee's tweet >>789723 about the dangers of "being on the internet 24/7, faux friends" is just begging for someone to call her out on the obvious hypocrisy.

I think they both really want people like Dees to keep talking about them. It feeds their victim complex, it gives them attention, and they clearly buy into "any publicity is good publicity."

No. 789798

Completely ignoring her grammar, "intereacting", and incorrect use of simp, she's literally going to have 0 legitimate fans now. Before, she was positively interacting with any fan account or anyone who claimed to like her. Now, she's pushing away every single person, fan or not, accusing them of being fake fans or Diane. I mean, if we're being honest, 98% of them probably are fake fans, but I called this out a few threads ago. I knew this was going to happen. She was going to become so paranoid of every person who interacts with her that she not only isolates her real life, but is now completely isolating her online life too. Now I'm just waiting for the day she has a mental break.

No. 789802

ACA doesn't cover 100% of a bill so it could have still bankrupted them. Still, it probably has more to do with not bringing in any money at the time than the size of the bill. Thank goodness they weren't buying bots at the time.

No. 789803

File: 1596910504267.jpeg (521.71 KB, 828x1580, 3B90E881-BAD8-4824-A067-5517CC…)

No. 789806

This is such spin, the reason people call out Lillee is due to her racism, transphobia, and promotion of grooming/p*edo relationships (“it’s only illegal if it’s reported…”) but I know everyone here knows that (except for Lillee and Laur who I know read this thread—hey y’all!)

No. 789811

Is the writer calling her "Jean" in the third paragraph as if it's her last name? Lol they get the sketchiest people to help them.

No. 789814

File: 1596918050462.png (1.45 MB, 828x1792, B4F23E90-ED52-4147-9B64-7C9DB2…)

This article wasn’t written by the actor, Lillee

No. 789815

How are these people so stupid? This article was written by her shitty cyber lawyer (who has done precisely zero to help her since he "came on board" months ago, wasn't there supposed to be some kind of announcement about something they were doing together over a month ago?) and she's acting like Mark Pellegrino wrote it or even mentioned her at all.

No. 789816

Literally no one cropped her image on Adolfo hitler and did any of the shit mentioned. It’s so so clear how badly they’re trying to spin it when they have these nonsensical stories against the mounds and mounds of hard, irrefutable proof against LJ’s shitty actions

No. 789820

File: 1596920928203.jpeg (398.25 KB, 828x1290, 3A4D7BB5-7F0D-4DFE-8E74-D944F1…)

His sexual assault story is even better

No. 789826

So, he made up a sick, sexual fantasy about being passed around at a teen camp. What a fucking weirdo

No. 789838

Are they lying in a bed together? Everything about this is weird

No. 789927

File: 1596984312449.jpeg (446.41 KB, 750x1129, DA9BCBF0-14D7-4F1A-B9F6-B1F432…)

Did a little research on this guy and found out he was accused of sexual harassment by coworker back in March and fired from his job. His “sexual assault” story is an attempt to clear his name & he faced serious backlash for it.

Laur & Lillee have hooked up with some real losers but this guy is the worst.


No. 789952

File: 1596997101563.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, EE14C4D1-31B7-4957-AFE4-9B6B01…)

I’m really confused by Lillee’s latest. She says the video is sponsored but then states that it isn’t paid? She also doesn’t disclose if she receives a commission From her code or not. She must be back to her latest scam or not fully disclosing to make it seem like she’s more important than she is. She also placed two ads in the middle of an asmr video again.

No. 789955

god i thought she's fiddling with a condom ew

No. 789956

As I understand it, Lillee thinks that if she's sent the products for review, it's "sponsored"? No idea though.

No. 789960

if she really was sent something, wouldn't she specify who sent her and what product? i think she's lying and deliberately being vague so that people can't disprove her claims by contacting the brand

No. 789987

Any more info on the accusations or his firing?

No. 789990

There are so many weird and questionable aspects to this article. For a start, he is relatively forthcoming about the circumstances that led to him being accused of sexual harassment, but the one thing he doesn't disclose is what he actually said to this woman. Bit weird to remain quiet on that bit given that he supposedly has nothing to hide. Sounds like he's incapable of reading women and interpreting nuance so it's no surprise he's a simp for LJ.

The article switches from third to first person about 2/3 of the way through, then it switches back, and then again back to first person before it ends, so he obviously fucking wrote the whole thing. I'm getting the vibe that he wanted to attempt to clear his name from this accusation and used a decoy 'reporter' to give the article more legitimacy and mask that it is just a puff piece he wrote himself.

The writing is shit and he uses the Lillee Jean patented comma throughout. The last two paragraphs remind me so much of LJ's about me on her website, just celebrating his own meagre achievements that nobody GAF about.

No. 789997

File: 1597015097409.png (54.66 KB, 706x239, Screen Shot 2020-08-09 at 23.5…)

Anti-bullying advocate Rossow writing about threatening a 'former friend' in the middle of the night as a kid. This is who LJ has defending her.

I get that kids do stupid shit especially if they feel pushed to it while being bullied, but Rossow writes about this as a fully grown adult and kinda infers that it is a justified response to some juvenile taunts.

He's been pushing this story on his Twitter, trying to get traction from major news outlets and celebrities for a story of being made fun of at summer camp 17 years ago. He even says he did the exact thing that traumatised him to other boys.

I don't doubt that what happened to him affected him and it sounds like it sucked, but it does seem like he's milking the hell out of it. Given that he's simultaneously diminishing the story of a woman who has accused him of sexual assault, it all rings very hollow.

The end of the article just goes on and on about his whole life story.


No. 790002

File: 1597016504455.png (97.92 KB, 603x338, Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 00.3…)

Cyber Lawyer Rossow paid Mark Pellegrino to plug his anti-bullying campaign via Cameo and now Lillee believes the famous actor has personally written about her plight, lol.
Wouldn't be surprised if Mark's people have to have a quiet word with the Rossow/Lillee/Laur clan very soon when they realize the mess they've trod in

No. 790007

File: 1597017126789.jpeg (154.24 KB, 750x441, C27F3DCE-B142-4839-B7EA-8E09A8…)

Cameo talent recruiter? To join Cameo, you fill out an online application and Cameo reviews it. Andrew is as big of a fraud as LJ and Laur.

No. 790013

Fucking wow. Every single Lillee whiteknight always turns out to have major brain issues.

No. 790020

I always thought she used "sent" literally. Yes, those companies SENT her the product in the mail
>after she ordered them online

No. 790026

File: 1597025304873.png (77.96 KB, 480x346, Screenshot_20200809-190534_1.p…)

Ive always thought the same, she thinks she is being clever and "lawyerly" Because she was getting some decent, legit PR previously.
She also says "sponsored" because she is getting AdSense $. Not that the brands are sponsoring her directly.
Just like her "collab" with Bite beauty…until they shut that down. It is fabricated like (almost) everything in her life.

No. 790033

File: 1597031655964.png (973.5 KB, 939x937, ea80ef_5220d4dda1814ba9ba87a9a…)

Not to nitpick, but Lillee put more glam into Lilvader than she did Rarity, who even as a horse is extremely fashionable and into beauty. She did an extremely boring look for no reason.

No. 790036

File: 1597035528742.png (243.38 KB, 606x1538, lil shit.png)

Lillee, your tumblr blog barely debunks anything. It's not kept up to date, you don't debunk you and Laur doxxing and attempting to doxx people.

I want to see Lillee try to explain the worse thing shes said recently >>787865

No. 790056

File: 1597055333366.jpg (6.99 KB, 236x236, c0c523ad5f8cc3bb162366bb0b8f4c…)

if it wasn't for the ears and horn, i'd think it's an odd spin on pic related

No. 790057

File: 1597056523458.png (523.62 KB, 1165x611, james dee.png)

James Dees is back! Being more of a stereotypical gay person, because every gay guy points out that rainbows are his! And this might just be tinfoily, but Lillee/Laur's other accounts commented shortly (and in a row) before James Dee commented. So it looks like they were just switching through their accounts. James Dee is totally real though

No. 790059

Yeah, because their bankrupcy has literally nothing to do with their insanely dumb way to waste money.

BTW, not saying medical bills are not expensive, but the list of the stupid stuff they buy is way too long for me to post.

No. 790080

I haven't looked at her ig comments in a while, but it's so bizarre how they still do this. Except for James Dee, most of those accounts directly say they're run by LJ or Laur, yet they're still posting and replying as if they're different people. Just, why?

No. 790115

Sad news, eggs, Diane has announced on her stream that she is stepping away from the LJ drama.
Being the main one who talks about her, for the most part, I hope Lillee's past shit doesn't start falling under the radar without someone constantly calling her out. I know anyone can just google her and see all of her shit, but I really think Diane had a huge hand in keeping the shit afloat. It's a bummer, but I understand, she did it for over a year. It was amazing dedication.

No. 790132

I appreciate BFFDees and her archiving ability, I'm disappointed that I'm not going to see her blossom into a calf. I've noticed her inserting her personal info/powerlevel into things more and more, probably why she is taking a step back. Smart but a loss for hungry milk drinkers everywhere.

No. 790136

How will Lillee be the victim of a crazed stalker if the stalker stops acknowledging her existence? Laur won’t take this well.

No. 790137

Interesting, but I doubt this will really slow down with Laur and LJ's spergy "DeEs iS VerBAllY mUrDEriNg mE" rants on social media. Any new hate that comes their way, they can just say it's Diane with a sockpuppet account. They really do not think rationally.

No. 790163

File: 1597153347725.png (815.54 KB, 1312x911, lil ariel.png)

Don't want to kiss LJ's ass for doing the bare minimum but even just that basic wig styling makes her "cosplays" look decent. Repost bc I wanted to sage my original one but oh whale.

No. 790177

File: 1597161204245.jpeg (351.85 KB, 750x729, BABFF2D2-0349-4025-8144-992DC1…)

There’s no way to buy views for Instagram reels yet. Only 500-1000 people are watching LJ’s stories. Pathetic.

No. 790178

She looks tons better on the left. The wig is styled, she's actually wearing a shirt, eyebrows filled in, and no crazy eyes.

I genuinely don't get why she's topless and smiling like a psycho in 90% of her pics. Her personality is still shit, but she could easily look better if she tried.

No. 790182

I think it’s the whole “if I own it no one can make fun of me!” thing, at least in regards to her smile.

No. 790188

I kinda get the teeth thing, that's on Laur for not taking her to the damn dentist. It's more that she continuously does these wide-eyed psycho expressions and is purposely naked in several of her pics/videos.

No. 790191

oh my god, the still on the left is horrible. Lillee looks like a blow up doll or a still from some horror hentai

No. 790193

They’ll just choose someone else to point at and cry bully. Remember that before it was Dees it was Josh CONNOR Moon, someone from GG reddit, and several other names I can’t even be bothered to remember.

No. 790197

I mean, she would need veneers or crowns on every tooth, and that would cost thousands of dollars they don’t have. There’s a reason poor people’s teeth look like crap, even if they do their basic dental care diligently. Orthodontics are expensive.

No. 790202

File: 1597176221179.jpeg (390.94 KB, 750x781, A7F9DFC5-65FB-4800-9090-19ADB1…)

Why does Laur continually do this? Someone is being called racist terms while Laur inserts Lillee, who is rightfully being called out for her behaviour, into the situation.

No. 790260

File: 1597223004511.jpeg (174.65 KB, 750x912, 63B8D2A9-6AC0-4422-82DB-665AB9…)

Lil’s bots are malfunctioning

No. 790268

File: 1597226448241.jpg (407.25 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200812-105622_You…)

Nice bots ya got there Lillee.

No. 790277

She’s like an unironic Miranda Sings

No. 790280

For the love of god, can Laur at least use some of that bot money to pay for lessons. Actual singing lessons from a person with a marginally good ear for pitch and tone. I can't imagine their neighbors are thrilled about this caterwauling.

No. 790289

File: 1597244341925.jpeg (316.57 KB, 750x1066, 80C9A2C7-3E52-4B0B-AB9F-370E56…)

Lillee is limiting who can reply to her tweets.

No. 790293

I think she doesn't as a way to get more people to believe their fake sob story about being bullied and they also do it to certain people thinking they'll get clout for it.
They did the same thing with that Patricia wannabe supermodel lady and also bitched about it with the fashion haunts interview.
This behaviour reminds me of Dakota and Kiki's mother when she was trying to contact the Dalai Lama and Jim Carrey amongst other celebs, boasting that her amazing daughters were bullied and all about animal rights.
It's like Laur is trying to reach out to influencers like hey there fellow influencer, omg cyber bullying is shit, it's so hard being omg famous.

No. 790296

probably to hide the fact that noone ever replies to her tweets

No. 790299

but so true.

At this point, I am convinced, LJ reached the peak of her "fame". People who are looking for a lolcow already found her, and people who aren't interested, won't care about her anyway - even if she gets to 1 billion views on primink.

Diane stepping back is great: LJ deserves to be ignored by everyone. I had some fun following the LJ's drama but now it is getting extremely boring.

No. 790300

I love that she likes and replies to all of these super obvious bots. Totally something a real influencer with real fans would do

No. 790302

They’ll never get any support from reputable members of the beauty community. Too many people saw their behavior towards Lauren Elyse & Queen of Blending. Lvnderbeauty completely ignores them other than the occasional “thanks for your support”. She didn’t send Lillee PR which is the original reason Laur latched on to her. No small beauty influencers will publicly support Lillee. On top of the racism & homophobia, micro influencers aren’t going to support people who tried to deplatform other influencers.

No. 790308

Yea it’s too bad she’s so boring call outs don’t even care anymore lol. I followed this cow from the beginning. Fun ride

No. 790312

File: 1597257716485.png (238.42 KB, 1458x1028, .png)

when will these retards finally understand that it doesn't matter how politely you approach her or how obviously right you are, lillee is completely incapable of accepting ANY suggestions or forms of criticism. her head is so far up her own ass that she genuinely thinks she's infallible. its so embarrassing juxtaposed with the fact that she's shit at everything she attempts to do. self-awareness does not exist in the trueman jeanpool.

No. 790340

Her passive aggressive replies are so fucking annoying

No. 790348

File: 1597308202062.png (23.6 KB, 801x263, Screenshot_29.png)

Lmaof, I recognize that person. Carmine Crincoli, some guy that's been asking people for fetish art for years. A little mini cow crossover.
Because they're all kids or dumb boomers. They see Lillee as a bullying victim and just want to be kind to her. If Lillee keeps responding like this I doubt any of them will stay any longer.

No. 790351

The shapes she makes with her mouth disust me, but i was so distracted by the fact that she's constantly looking down to check the lyrics that it was hard to pay attention to her screeching.

No. 790365

Kinda agree, I guess Dees was getting bored too. Her twitter's gone now.

From the first few threads, I was kind of hoping LJ would eventually be humbled a little when so many people were calling out the insanity of the racist sock accounts and purchased followers. It was clear from the first /snow/ thread how sheltered she was, but it's like she's gotten worse. She's even more delusional and bratty, completely unwilling to take even the smallest bit of criticism, let alone admit that she's lying about the more heinous Pheepy/grooming story or that her mom is Shaniqua.

She's still doing the same sameface makeup looks, low-effort cosplays, and using socks/pods to inflate comments, there's really not much to discuss anymore.

No. 790367

Sage for ot

don’t visit /pt/ very often, seeing the thread pic literally made me jump of fright lol

No. 790368

File: 1597336971532.png (1.37 MB, 828x1294, D1952C27-453F-43DE-85BD-56C1B9…)

her pout is so fucking weird

No. 790374

Anon people who have very little to no upper lip to work with pout like this

No. 790375

She has extra sagging skin from barely having teeth that’s why she keeps doing this weird tucking in face

No. 790378

Dees changed her twitter @ to d_awesomlaser. Assuming she’s trying to distance their livestream/online presence from the LJ story.