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File: 1624554758809.jpg (424.92 KB, 800x719, ls32.jpg)

No. 841646

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/

Tumblr: https://heavenlykitten1996.tumblr.com/

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/offthebone1996
https://twitter.com/bimbokitten96 [sw twitter]

>Formerly known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420 and Lunakittenxxx (to name but a few)
>25 year old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and on-and-off “sex worker”
>Has overdosed thrice
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive besides shitty art and poetry
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun
>Started dating her (now 42) year old “fiancé” (hereby known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”. They’ve been together now for 7 years
>has a following of impressionable young girls who she has convinced to “help” her during this “tough time” in her life
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>”I’m not trying to be Courtney Love!”
>Tries to be exactly like Courtney Love
>Loves to share her grimy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles, unwashed clothes, etc
>Constantly buys cheap shit on Amazon while complaining about being penniless
>Milks her ex-gf’s suicide for struggle points

Historical Milk
>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lost the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it
>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Exploited Roger (Lurch’s sick dad) by squatting in his apartment and leeching off his social security until he died. They were soon evicted because they couldn’t pay rent
>Luna and Lurch then move in with her ex-addict mother in her one-bedroom poverty home
>Continues to e-beg, post filthy photos, and complain, even claiming to be “homeless” for sympathy points; ultimately drives her mother to relapse and go to inpatient >>795390
>Posts pictures of her and Lurch looting graves like it’s no big deal
>Her dad's apartment caught on fire; Luna spreads ashes on her face

Sex Worker Saga
>Then began a “sex work” career, taking grimy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money, looking more and more dead in every photo
>Made premade videos, one is called PEE DRINK >>730829
>Anon leaks a ‘commission’ video where Luna calls her dad and says she’s got a stable job, then takes her dress off and masturbates for the camera. Dad sounds supportive and happy for her as she uses him to get someone else’s humiliation fetish rocks off >>758647 WARNING: SAD AS FUCK >>758661
>“Online acquaintance” of Luna’s turns up after being sent the dad video >>761016, insinuates Luna has sold videos of her shooting up in her legs via her SW twitter. Shares screencap, looks like necrosis waiting to happen >>761037
>3rd OD, seems like all is not well in the loveshack >>762698
>Returns to sex work >>805775, >>810203
>A year later, anon drops “lurch gyrating Luna’s ass” and “full intercourse” vids that they bought but didn’t leak at the time: >>811491, >>811554
Eviction Saga
>Luna uploads a video where her and Lurch yell at a social worker >>811724
>Electricity gets shut off >>813209 and Luna continues to refer to the owner of the apartment as "her landlord" despite admitting on facebook that they're not supposed to be there >>813354
>The apartment door lock has broken, Luna and lurch build sad little barricades >>816475, >>815981
>The cops pay a visit >>813338 and find drugs, paraphernalia and a weapon (a knife). Charges are filed against Lurch >>819990, >>822424, >>824442
>As a result, Lurch now has to submit drug tests on the reg, and Luna allegedly actually detoxes from heroin as a result (while still using methadone and/or weed, other opiates and/or benzos >>821718, >>822657, >>823499, >>823823, >>824260

Sobriety Saga
>Luna keeps claiming to be sober >>824858, >>825465, >>827008 despite still taking fucking Xanax >>825462, note: sober, not ‘clean’! She’s against that terminology! >>828345
>”Abusive” dad relapses >>825466, is “dying” >>825993, >>826190, Meanwhile, Luna says it’s a “slap in the face” that her mother dares to be high around her >>826257
>Freaks out incessantly on Reddit her and Lurch’s stimmy checks as it’s clearly their own income
>Luna and Lurch are attacked by neighbor’s pitbulls totally not while stealing >>831109
>Complains that her psychiatrist would rather prescribe her meds (aka do his job) than let her talk about her problems

Last thread’s milk
>Continues to bitch about her evil exploitative father for listing her as a dependent (even though she is) >>832530, reveals he still pays her phone bills >>833251, and that she still buys off Amazon with his card >>833302
>Compilation of her awful mirror selfies to her therapy sessions >>832682, >>832738, >>833540, >>835571, >>836630, >>837681
>Pretends to be an anachan/having no appetite/starving herself >>832773, >>835775, >>840000
>Posts nail pic, anons debate whether it’s shit or blood lodged underneath >>832954
>Wedding update: still no birth certificate, but wants to wear a Lolita dress to the ceremony >>833005 Also pictured: she apparently suffers from every mental illness symptom in the book
>Happy 7 year anniversary, Luna and Lurch! >>833696
>Sex work continues >>834200
>Claims she and Lurch have been sober for 3 months now >>834319, >>835620 Lurch cries when a clinic won’t lower his methadone dose >>835622, anons suspect he (or even she) is not being completely truthful
>Compilation of selfies looking extremely strung out and definitely not very sober >>838252, >>838494, >>840180
>Doesn’t seem to be invested in therapy at all, takes iPad selfies during her session instead >>838793, >>838850, >>839083
>Mom gives her her first haircut in 7 years >>839498
>Trouble in paradise? Luna “hits it off really well”with a “nice homeless guy” in outpatient >>839781
>Wears disgusting clothes to the eye doctor, complete with munchie-style caption >>840469
>Continues to defend Courtney Love >>840570
>Luna claims to have been raped by a stranger >>840784, it last five seconds before someone walked in on it but didn’t even comfort her >>840941, she posts art and poetry about it >>840815, >>840843, apparently has not told Lurch >>841536
>Finds her ex whom she’s never met >>840972 and pines for him >>841043

Now with a slightly revamped OP because the previous one was getting long as shit.

twenty >>>/pt/558885
twenty one >>>/pt/574429
twenty two >>>/pt/591749
twenty three >>>/pt/619612
twenty four >>>/pt/657873
twenty five >>>/pt/689217
twenty six >>>/pt/734529
twenty seven >>>/pt/767687
twenty eight >>>/pt/795757
twenty nine >>>/pt/811991
thirty >>>/pt/824552
thirty one >>>/pt/832421

No. 841649

Social media:

https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996 (private)
https://www.twitter.com/lilcherub1996 (inactive)
https://www.twitter.com/lunakittenxxx (SW account, deleted)


https://www.deviantart.com/thatpoisonleaf (deleted)
https://www.flickr.com/people/54485349@N05 (skwisgaarskwigelf)


https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com (inactive)

Archives of past tumblr accounts:
http://skwisgaarskwigelf.tumblr.com (deleted, no archives)

The Pulp Girls / Zine:


About Luna:
https://witchycrankypoo.tumblr.com (howl1996 drama, inactive)


No. 841651

File: 1624555348950.jpg (17.08 KB, 574x200, hmmmmmmmmm.JPG)

No. 841652

Good thread anon, thanks for revamping this

No. 841657

I'm sure Lurch will find someone. He's already picked a fight with other junkies, the guy who tried to break in after Lurch started shit, pitbulls, and now he'll probably find some random junkies in the building to blame.

I still think Luna was trying to get money through sexual favors. Especially when she said she was only worth $20 in the poem about it.

No. 841671

I'm not buying the rape, there's a lot of steps involved before being alone in a room with a stranger and a closed door. Especially if Luna gives the impression that she only stays at home, shops online, and goes to therapy.

No. 841672

do some of you hear yourselves?

No. 841673

File: 1624568792672.jpeg (254.32 KB, 816x1335, B27A06BC-7070-4C72-8EF1-1CE872…)

No. 841674

Jesus christ THE LIPS i am getting herpes myself just by looking at this. Imagine having to kiss this crater-like horror area.

No. 841676

gdi anon why

No. 841677

She's a junkie and has done sex work for drug money before. Plenty of opportunities for that to happen to her that wouldn't happen to a sober, stable person. I get that the idea of a five second rape sounds funny to some farmers who haven't experienced sexual assault but being sexually violated is horrifying no matter the degree of violence or length of time. I'm really worried about what will happen if/when she tells Lurch.

No. 841683

File: 1624574404907.png (24.93 KB, 883x437, lunacap.PNG)

No. 841685

Wth is wrong with you?

No. 841686

>there's a lot of steps involved before being alone in a room with a stranger and a closed door.

No. 841687

Her being an addict justifies rape. We get it anon, you are a psychopath.

Rape saga is sus af but she's really locked in on it if she's telling Lurch. Confusing tho because I assumed he was the one who walked in/broke it up and was the one who didn't comfort her, a la that poem. I suppose we'll get details sooner or later tho

No. 841688

File: 1624580404833.png (447.47 KB, 1043x651, outpatient.png)

No. 841689

File: 1624580429125.jpg (155.25 KB, 511x960, tumblr_0b104f3ea5a7aab7a2b432e…)

No. 841690

File: 1624580507634.png (951.88 KB, 994x924, legs in dresses.png)

No. 841691

>there’s a lot of steps involved before being alone with a stranger in a room with a closed door
fuck directly off, Mike Pence

No. 841692

oof luna no… that shirt is just wrong

No. 841696

Learn to read, retard. I said that her junkie and sex work status make her much more vulnerable to being a victim of these crimes than the average person. That doesn't make it justified and it doesn't make it her fault. What I'm saying is this "too many steps" shit is nonsense and I believe her.

No. 841701

I wonder why she didnt say how he reacted.
He must not have flipped out as expected. I wonder what version of she story she told him.

No. 841703

File: 1624588510720.jpg (204.09 KB, 1080x1716, Screenshot_20210624-193246_Ins…)

genuinely startled me when I opened instagram

No. 841710

Yikes my hair looked like that once when I fucked it up with bleach in high school and that shit is gonna be breaking off in clumps especially if she brushes it while it’s still damp

No. 841726

File: 1624595418064.jpeg (242.97 KB, 828x1720, 2C125E8E-3957-4A49-84C7-237F72…)

No. 841728

Articulate as ever

No. 841729

Putting aside the alphabet soup from miss sober '21, I don't think it's "muh dysmorphia" telling her it looks terrible.

No. 841730

alcohol and drug use have been shown to increase vulnerability to violence through exposure to unsafe situations. (https://healthycarroll.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/03.link-between-substance-abuse-and-sexual-violence.pdf) the same goes for sex work. you’re a fucking retard that doesn’t know how to read.

No. 841731

Shady as ever, she's gonna milk this to the high heavens.

No. 841738

sex work isnt real work, luna and lurch are desperate for drugs and her dream daddy is pawning her holes off for a hit. she will uwu online for cheap scraps but not do a single thing il to fix her situation. her misery was crafted by her and her alone.

No. 841740

literally where did i say that it was? another autistic farmer with 0 reading comprehension. shocker.

No. 841742

It’s the new muh conception story, muh cotton eye Joe knee, muh mom driving a car high story to tell. Rape is traumatic, but she literally wears it like a badge of honor vs an ashamed, violated woman. Anything for pity points with this one.

No. 841743

So lurch is making her go to the cops about it. Interesting…

No. 841744

i may be autistic but at least im not linking random abuse articles to excuses luna and ewhores from their self inflicted situations. you just googled some dumb shit and copy pasted it into your reply.

No. 841746

no, i was telling anon that people (women, in this case) who abuse drugs are more likely to face sexual abuse and assault. i wasn’t excusing luna, i was correcting them because they misunderstood what was being said. i’m sorry your fat retarded ass has a throbbing hateboner for luna and can’t handle a neutral conversation about her. you’re free to close your greasy eyelids and ignore comments that hurt your wittle feefees.

No. 841748

do you have an article you can link to explain further about greasy eyelids?

No. 841749

hilarious. you should consider killing yourself.

No. 841750

File: 1624601861552.gif (3.01 MB, 600x462, 7cf.gif)

thats not very empathetic of you. should i have posted about drug use and sex exploitation? you want to educate anons about abuse women face but you in the same call them fat unwashed and unintelligent?

No. 841751

what do you think about the idea that she chooses to do drugs everyday? she has a dad and the resources to get clean. She has therapy and a vague idea of being a writer. but she chooses the drug lifestyle and its increased risks of assault. It's like losing money at a casino, you know it's more likely to happen, but you choose to go there. if you're saying "everybody knows you're more likely to get assaulted if you do drugs and are a woman" is she really a victim if this is common knowledge and she chooses to do drugs anyways?

No. 841752

>attacks me for what you perceive to be a defense of luna, says everything that happens to luna is her fault and her fault alone
>calls her an ewhore

No. 841754

there is only so much tragedy we can take on for people. i was on lolcow before luna had a thread. her progression was all of her own doing. if you genuinely think my dismissiveness of her is abusive, you havent ben thru her abuse cycles long enough.
im the heartless one but rogers ashes is the saga no one should forget.

i dont get why your type come here to twitter educate people on topics like people dont already know whats going on. no matter how many times you post about druug abuse statistics luna will never be clean.

she will die of an od like kadee and your type will cry on the thread about how you tried to help

No. 841755

Say, are you are whore, an addict, or both? That's why you're so aggressive with people concerning this topic?

No. 841756

nta but the problem is threads sometimes attract anons who relate to the cow. That's why Luna's threads end up with bpd fags doing their retarded thing or junkies who think it's a badge of honour to do it better than this derpy cow.

No. 841757

for sure bpdfags attract as such anachans do as such etc and so on. this admin has allowed these users to have lolcow as a playground but it has to stop. tell them theyre retarded. they think that their blog positing and linking with no archive and screen shot is 'milk'

nothing about this input is insightful.

No. 841758

Sometimes you have to remind a raging bpdchan that she is a raging bpdchan. I think she left now lol.

No. 841761

good lol

but to make this post relevant, luna will die of an od and its her own fault

No. 841763

No. 841764

very true anon, i’ve been humbled. sorry for sperging out. i’m just a little retarded.

No. 841769

File: 1624610960605.jpg (189.26 KB, 1080x1007, IMG_20210625_104846.jpg)

No. 841770

What is she even talking about? What does she want to be validated for? Is she using is synonymously with ‘compliment me’ or something?

No. 841771

Yes, she's asking for people to gas her up. Looks like it worked since there's a comment saying "you’re pretty and your hair looks so soft and beautiful!".

No. 841774

She made up the rape sage so she can blame her relapse on it

No. 841775

Like she used to prepare her ebeg spree with a sob story beforehand. It's hard to believe someone when she's the girl that cried wolf so many times before.

No. 841800

looks like she's gone to the cops about it, maybe we'll find out the truth now

No. 841805

this is the funniest attempt to sage I think I've ever seen

No. 841807

this is an imageboard

No. 841818

File: 1624637660908.jpg (117.41 KB, 1080x1671, Screenshot_20210625-091322_Ins…)

Going to the police station now apparently

No. 841821

This sounds like some fanfic. There's no way Lurch would let cops come in their squat.

No. 841824

yeah I have trouble believing that she is reporting it. I do believe the rape happened but I have trouble believing that they are ok with cops coming into their illegal squat

No. 841827

Yeah you'd usually go to the police station to report. Did she straight up call the cops to come to her squat so she could report it? Why would she be sitting in the back of a police car? Kek what a mess.

No. 841832

File: 1624642544500.jpeg (317.85 KB, 828x1268, EC4B738D-7FB8-4DB1-93F8-B9B798…)

No. 841834

File: 1624642733452.jpeg (326.68 KB, 828x482, 60AF0149-6952-4C60-A47E-CEAB79…)

No. 841836

File: 1624643815912.jpg (990.22 KB, 1080x5568, 5062021195322.jpg)

ACAB until you get assaulted and need their help, then suddenly cops are so kind uwu. Ignoring that, good for her and I'm glad Luna didn't run into assholes. Hope she gets resources to move on from the horrid experience.

No. 841837

So it does seem like the rape happened. I initially was a bit unsure, especially when the $20 was mentioned. I'm guessing the person who did it offered her $20 for services and when she declined he started to force her anyway. Super shitty she went through all that, but I suppose she's lucky that someone interrupted the event quickly. Hopefully she'll be able to move on from it, but given her mental state I have to imagine she will dwell on it for a long time.

No. 841840

I really feel like the sex work theory makes the most sense, though her clothing kind of doesn't - or is it normal for junkie SW to dress like shit to their 'dick appointments'? Mind you, by that I mean the theoretical 'consensual' (how consensual can sex for drugs be, really?) exchange that was supposed to happen, not the assault.
>Hopefully she'll be able to move on from it, but given her mental state I have to imagine she will dwell on it for a long time.
I also hope so, but cannot help but think she will wear the rape as a badge of honor of being a real traumacore sad bbydoll, as well as another stop toward skinwalking Courney Love. Hope for the best, but expect the worst.
Sidenote, but I cannot believe anons claim she could be a good author when she cannot even express her trauma in her favorite medium (and not from a lack of trying or being unable to touch the topic at all). A kiwifag noted how her rape poem sounded like it was written from a POV of a raped child as told by tumblr, and it was a shockingly accurate observation from them. That's part of why it was hard for me to believe her. She really has no original though in that head. Sad.

No. 841843

She's most likely going to use it for a badge of honor as you said, or at least use it to ebeg. I also dont think anyone's wrong for initially being skeptical. Sure everyone copes differently, but this seemed off from the start between her actions and her history.

No. 841844

Luna is a big fan of munchies like Kelly, that go to hospitals for attention. Tuna live blogging all this seems like she took notes from munchies.

No. 841845

>seemed off from the start between her actions and her history

some of you have such scrote logic. Drugged out idiots with no lock on their doors are prime rape targets for the exact reason that no one believes them.

No. 841846

Nta, but she lies all the time, the rational default postion is not believing her. idk why I personally immediately believed this one, probably because I was expecting some bad shit to go down considering the kind of life she leads (an unsafe one).

No. 841847

If you need to file a police report cops will usually come give you a ride to the station if you don't have a car or w/e. Pretty standard procedure everywhere unless the cops on duty are extra busy or lazy

No. 841854

Don't the cops know she's a squatter? Is she doing this so they won't be evicted on the streets but to some better place?

No. 841863

File: 1624651250456.jpg (208.84 KB, 720x1206, Smile.jpg)

No. 841865

People don't get free apartments because they've been raped

No. 841866

it's redundant but sweet fucking god her hair is destroyed

No. 841868

same anon, I'm referring to her long documented history of lying and making up terrible scenarios for sympathy and money- not her drug usage. if this wasn't luna we're talking about, I wouldn't have a reason to be skeptical

No. 841869

Here she says it happened in a hallway but in her poem >>840915 she says she was laid in bed emotionless.

No. 841873

luna wipe your mouth wtf is that bbq sauce

No. 841881

Not to wk Tuna but she could be referring to afterwards

No. 841882

Sorry if I’m misinformed, but she mentioned there was no actual penetration involved. Doesn’t that mean sexual assault/attempted rape?
>>841836 so she’s saying there’s cameras in her apartment?? Idk man the reason why people are skeptical is because Luna is a literal junkie grifter who’ll take any chance to score sympathy Amazon knick knacks

No. 841884

Astounding, the amount of scrote logic in here. Hate on her for real shit not for being raped. She's been squatting in some shitty apartment, ofc it's a possibility.

No. 841885


Jesus, she did sure give herself a decent chemical cut. Yikes.

No. 841886

I believe her on the grounds that being raped pretty much fucking anywhere is a possibility. She might be a liar and a piece of shit in general but she's so vulnerable for that kind of thing. Some anons here need to take a break.

No. 841887


Yeah and after working a crisis center somewhere absolutely flooded with junkies & decimated by the opioid epidemic…you have no idea how many white bitches STILL in 2020/2021 try and start off an Emmet Till situation when they get caught cheating or doing "jobs" for drugs with a black man.

No. 841889

>i gave them the clothes i was wearing (my favorite grey sweats, no underwear as i slept in this, and my favorite calvin klein sports bra which i'll miss lol)

I'm confused by what she was wearing/doing when she was attacked. There's no mention of a shirt. Was she wandering around in the hallway without a shirt on?

And am I crazy or is it weird as hell to have such a favorable opinion of the clothes you were raped in? They were her FAVORITE sweats and her FAVORITE CK sports bra. Fucking what? Luna is one of the most materialistic people I've ever come across, but it seems nuts to me that she wouldn't associate those clothes with the rape and therefore hate them.

No. 841890

Sorry it's hard for me to believe her after she smeared ashes on her face claiming she needed money because the place she was half staying in caught fire and she was virtually homeless.

No. 841893

File: 1624660390586.jpg (169.29 KB, 720x1209, Basic necessities.jpg)

Pining for some overpriced crystals.

No. 841895

When she talked abt being groped at a thee oh sees concert she’d always mention the $20 gingham forever21 dress that she threw away afterwards so this is in line with that (no caps cause this was like 5 years ago), the part that confuses me is how the guy took off her sweatpants in a hallway so quickly if it was just five seconds, but other than the outfit tracks with maybe her taking the garbage out or something, if a more attractive girl was wearing it in not an active crackden I don’t think anyone would look twice

No. 841900

If she didn't give details on how they were her favourite AND that they were brand name, how will you feel sorry for the uwu bb rape victim and buy her new ones?

No. 841901

The cop is an asshole because she had to sit in the back? That is hilarious. Ever think that maybe there were two cops and that is why she was in the back? Or maybe this police station has a policy of not allowing total strangers to sit shotgun.

No. 841905

Where the fuck is Lurch in all of this? He apparently got so pissed someone assaulted his sister that he almost killed them, but Luna has to go to the police station alone and has to beg online for comfort? We know his “landscaping job” is bullshit, he couldn’t take a break peddling dope for like, a day to be there for his “fiance”?

No. 841907

if she ever managed to pull her shit together someday, she herself might make an decent victim's advocate, or at the very least work at a sober house and help those in need. But that would take tremendous effort and growth on her part.

No. 841909

It could be interpreted as she laid emotionless after it happened? Idk she seems firm on the hallway part and that there were cameras. What strikes me as odd is the “I’m only worth 20 dollars” bit. Was she selling herself, but got mad because they only wanted to pay her 20 for sex, but she thought she was worth more so said no but the guy wanted to do it anyways? This is how I’m interpreting the event. Otherwise, what does that line refer to??

No. 841914

Emmet Till was murdered by men negress-chan

No. 841916

Imagine if this was a guy she was meeting with an agreement to trade drugs/sex/money and it went south for whatever reason and now this guy is caught and he has proof (texts, whatever) she was trying to prostitute herself.
Hope she thought this thru. Maybe its a fishy story and lurch knows it and so thats why he made her go to the cops, she has to follow thru on her story she twisted

No. 841923

She's reporting it but like why not take this as a wake up call to move out of the squat? Go stay somewhere with some actual locks on the doors.

No. 841927

Because of a lying ass white woman, keep up.

No. 841932

squatting is free though

No. 841934

i hate how she's been posting so many "i'm depressed but i'm gonna smile thru the pain uwu lol!" pics but they're just her looking off into space with her dead crossed eyes and dead decaying tooth

No. 841947

What the fuck.
He's already in shit with the cops, can't imagine him wanting to take a trip to the station with her. Even if he actually gave a shit about her.

No. 841954

>Was she selling herself, but got mad because they only wanted to pay her 20 for sex, but she thought she was worth more so said no but the guy wanted to do it anyways? This is how I’m interpreting the event. Otherwise, what does that line refer to??
Had the man not been spooked, I imagine he could throw the $20 at Luna post-rape to further humilliate her. Don't think it could have happened this way when he had to run away.

No. 841955

File: 1624703847320.jpg (254.67 KB, 1022x1920, tumblr_59ab13127a36d8e0575b5b7…)

heavy rape stuff aside, can we laugh at how visibly uneven her hair is now pls

No. 841957

I thought she said she was going to the hairdressers, and yet she’s also mentioned a few times over the past week that she’s been “trimming the dead ends” off. We already know she has no impulse control but why grow it all these years then fuck with it just before a professional is about to sort it out for you. Also it’s funny how the way she’s cut it is reeeaally similar to the way her mum apparently butchered her hair with that weird asymmetry.

Maybe because it didn’t actually happen. I appreciate the jury is out on whether she was actually raped or not and yes is maybe more statistically likely for Tuna but I wonder if Lurch didn’t believe her either. You know what’s a good way to add some weight to a rape allegation if nobody believes you? Go make a police report long after the fact.

No. 841958

File: 1624705437282.jpeg (488.07 KB, 828x1397, 009BB2A6-FA09-4950-A9E7-560866…)

Even filters can’t hide the oral thrush, look at the red pigmentation by her lips

No. 841959

ib4 Luna starts claiming someone broke into their squat while she was at outpatient and stole the money and Biden bucks they were totally saving up.

No. 841961

She looks like a man here.

No. 841964

I wondered what was wrong with her mouth in >>841836
Is that what it is?

No. 841965

File: 1624707610431.png (694.69 KB, 2048x993, Screenshot_20210626-073907.png)

No. 841968

File: 1624709922249.jpg (277.33 KB, 720x1202, Pumpkin.jpg)

No. 841969

File: 1624712950189.jpg (521.45 KB, 1022x1920, tumblr_91d23767c884756a0fcaacb…)

No. 841970

Of course she overfed the cat, just like she overfeeds herself

No. 841971

it’s fucking shocking

No. 841972

She looks like komaeda

No. 841974

That dirty af Switch screen and the grime that's lodged in the letters on the buttons

No. 841975

Nitpick but I always hate how she creates a display of her shitty products. You're drawing … Why do you need to crowd all that rand ok m shit for a picture? Jfc

No. 841976

Kek my keyboard had a stroke.

I think she's just got shit oral care. With her diet of sugar and not brushing it's begging for thrush.

No. 841984

File: 1624724908371.jpg (140.99 KB, 1022x722, uhh.jpg)

Cropped because she literally took a pic of the cop, but she's still wearing those winter slippers…

No. 841987

File: 1624725856871.jpg (184.82 KB, 720x1145, OpHwgvsvq.jpg)

No. 841991

wow, guess @rlyblonde took pity on her poor exfriend. I feel like Luna roped her in with her sob story. Be careful, @rlyblonde, or you and your mother will be funding Luna's self-care trinkets again

No. 842001

File: 1624731216184.jpg (1.24 MB, 720x4976, out and about.jpg)

No. 842007


gotta say, props for rlyblonde. luna just looks overweight in these, and not like she's got thigh elephantitis


No. 842008

this is the best outfit she's put together in a long time

I can't believe they reconnected. I wonder if she's actually sober from heroin or not. So weird to see her take pics with other people who aren't lurch. tbh I'm happy for her that she's having a taste of normality and healthy activities.

No. 842019

File: 1624737886341.jpg (236.7 KB, 1022x1920, tumblr_c32b84afdb64e96661b3536…)

This pic reminds me of that time she was putting her leg up a wall after their cat died lmao

No. 842026

Poor pumpkin looks so greasy.

No. 842030

Why doesn't she just cut the other side of her hair so they're both the same length

No. 842032

she does! And I swear she wasn't overweight when they first got her. Makes me sad to see overweight animals you literally just have to feed them less and stop associating food =love because it doesn't work that way, but I mean this is luna we're talking about

No. 842065

she looks like she's actually losing weight, this dress used to look terrible on her, however those legs… yikes.
She needs to get sober, get healthy and GTFO of there, away from the Easter island statue she calls a fiancé.
She's obviously already looking for the door if she's romanticizing a past relationship that wasn't even that deep to begin with.
Luna, if you think you'd cheat on a person with your ex if you saw him again, you are not entirely committed to your current partner.

No. 842066

Sadly weight gain and greasy fur go hand in hand. When cats become overweight they stop grooming themselves properly due to being unable to reach, or feeling generally lethargic. Not to mention Lurch and Luna rubbing their grubby mits all over the poor animal.

No. 842084

if she wore bicycle shorts under that dress, it would actually be a semi-decent outfit. 90's fashion is currently all the rage, I am surprised she hasn't gotten herself some yet.

No. 842089

Yeah my thoughts as well. The dress looks a bit too short anyways, would be much nicer with bike shorts.

No. 842090

she looks 200 times more disgusting next to normal people

No. 842095

File: 1624798601600.png (2.06 MB, 1344x4097, screencapture-heavenlykitten19…)

And Lurch is back in the fiancé territory

No. 842096

File: 1624798742333.png (1.74 MB, 962x4378, screencapture-heavenlykitten19…)

Also omg, I was right: first meeting in forever and rlyblonde is already paying for Luna's uwu crap. God she's predictable, hope her friend bails again

No. 842102

That half smile is grotesque and really emphasizes her moon face. Congrats Tuna! If your half open, lazy bedroom eyes aren't a dead giveaway that you're a heroin addict, your face bloat will surely tip everyone off that you eat your pills for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

That poor best friend. That was probably a hangout to test the waters. I wonder if she's told her about her hardships - did she leave out essentially kicking her mom out of her own apartment and assisting in her relapse? What about masturbating after telling daddy-kun she has a chance to get better and just needs to stay?

No. 842103

Ot but like, where did Luna get these Little Twin Stars sweatpants because I want them desperately.

No. 842104

probably from aliexpress (reseller like Amazon), etsy or poshmark if they aren't bootleg. I would check there

No. 842105

wtf does “have sa bce day with my fiancé” supposed to mean?

and she wants to get into journalism jfc

No. 842114

>I wonder if she's told her about her hardships - did she leave out essentially kicking her mom out of her own apartment and assisting in her relapse? What about masturbating after telling daddy-kun she has a chance to get better and just needs to stay?
I know your questions probably don't require answers, but bear with me. TBH, IDK why would anyone tell gross and unnecessary details like the masturbation session during talking with her father. Seems very unfair to the friend. Ignoring that… Luna's time of tumblr fame taught her that you can turn sob stories to attention, money and trinkets from internet strangers. She's treating her friend in the same way now. Of course she will hide anything showing her in an unfavorable light. If needed, she will bend the truth or even lie. Look how well it's been working for her. She kind of had to give it up since the callouts, yet (apparently) new idiots were roped into 'helping' her thanks to her whiny instagram posts. Her rape story gave her a reconnection with a friend, pity and more gifts. Honestly, I feel disgusted and IDK what's worse - if the rape happened and she's cashing in on it, or if it's a half-lie she's using to manipulate people. As disgusting as it sounds, sexual abuse/violence is the ultimate sob story to get feminists to help you out despite their better judgment. Not saying that victims of abuse don't deserve compassion and help (they do), but it looks skeevy as fuck with Luna. Remember when she asked tumblrinas to give her money for her grandmother's funeral (or something)? She's always been extra calculating about milking real or imagined misfortunes to get money from naive followers.

No. 842117

File: 1624814629878.jpg (824.35 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_645d9e24e87527d31be3a3c…)

Yeah, no way she bought a $30 succulent with her money.

No. 842129

They were rhetorical, yes. Of course she won't go into the finer details, like being "SO DEVASTATED" about Roger but glossing over her treatment of him before, during, and after his death.

And yeah, I don't doubt the rape/assault happened. Not something I'm willing to nitpick to though I'm sure that's a story she spun to get best friend back in the picture.

No. 842137

File: 1624824522436.jpeg (519.13 KB, 750x1106, D8AAA1DD-C306-46C7-B009-52B9C8…)

No. 842140

Is that a Star of Life pin? Cringe.

No. 842141

First Responder pin. I still remember when she wanted to become a nurse kek.

No. 842147

File: 1624829336496.jpg (612.99 KB, 1073x1798, IMG_20210627_232746.jpg)

enjoy your sweats, anon

No. 842149

File: 1624829518889.jpg (322.09 KB, 1080x1563, IMG_20210627_233022.jpg)

more purchases with rlyblonde

No. 842156

File: 1624830252577.jpeg (81.32 KB, 750x313, 51A464DB-4540-4AD3-94D2-147C3B…)


No. 842159

is she so fat she's talking about herself as a plural now? kek

No. 842160

That probably was anon kek

No. 842165

You're probably right! No harm in posting in case it wasn't and they don't have an access to Luna's gram

No. 842172

she would 100% eat her own discharge too.

No. 842184

File: 1624842950945.jpg (2.95 MB, 1080x13570, ZomboDroid 28062021031518.jpg)

No. 842186

Her anatomy is wonky in most drawings but I've never seen someone with a breast literally under their arm in their armpit before. Does she think just because hers do that that it's normal?

No. 842187

File: 1624843674884.webm (3.79 MB, 640x640, funeral1996_1624843311034573.w…)

doesn't matter, the drawing is literally Luna in a wig

No. 842188

File: 1624843745455.jpg (245.77 KB, 1050x1650, IMG_20210628_032834.jpg)

No. 842206

File: 1624858674466.png (Spoiler Image,499.47 KB, 465x723, 6U14Q7R.png)

Yuck. I know it's been said a lot but.. holy shit her house is filthy!

No. 842208

Looks like 2 of those succulents and the small ones, who spends $60 bucks on shitty succulents that aren't even for them? Weirdo

No. 842217

>>842206 mm yes, the hep c carpet

No. 842220

girls support girls uwu

No. 842221

Anyone remember when Luna posted that she was stood up by someone? I think it was about her alleged irl sw?

No. 842225

Imo she was never really commited to him, she was committed to his heroin. When that's out of the picture, I can see her leaving him. But I think this is just temporary and they plan on using as soon as Lurch is in the clear with the law, and she's waiting and banking on that.

No. 842231

File: 1624895443555.png (2.25 MB, 828x1792, 296C8849-4342-462A-9FCC-C5B76D…)

No. 842232

File: 1624895494229.png (2.95 MB, 828x1792, 3EE48114-0066-4A36-9CFA-9C2647…)

No. 842233

Is it heroin, learned helplessness, sunk cost fallacy or genuine bottom feeders that are drawn to each other in a way we can't understand? I will never understand them especially with how vocal Tuna has always been about groomers and rapists. I really will never understand.

No. 842235

Tuna with white girl dreads saga incoming

No. 842237

File: 1624895720828.png (1.67 MB, 828x1792, 6F133EE9-703D-4220-878D-D59F32…)

She’s been banging on about wanting to join an outpatient programme for months, but now that the day is here, she’s acting as if she’s going for some kind of experimental and risky surgery as opposed to joining a talk therapy group. I don’t know why she’s acting like this is so scary and anxiety inducing, apart from because she’s textbook BPD and this is another opportunity to get validation. Unless she’s scared the facilitator or group members will see straight through her and expect her to behave herself. Imagine acting this pathetic about something that you’ve been begging for.

No. 842238

Hasn't she done this before? Intakes are always banal questions about your history and potentially a brief timeline draft of trauma and addictions so staff can understand the person better. Half of it is signing fucking papers. This fake uwu scawed of da medical system act is so grating. You're an overfed white junkie grifter who can't even shoot up right. Scared of doing paperwork in a building but shooting under the skin and risking necrosis is fine? Fucking retard.

No. 842239

She's probably scared because she still on drugs, and they'll probably send her to in-patient because she obviously can't stay clean doing out-patient.

No. 842240

You're being too harsh. Meeting a lot of new people at once is awkward anyway.

No. 842242

File: 1624898603756.jpg (42.93 KB, 720x697, 6cpffM4.jpg)

>wish me luck, validate me, do whatever cos I'm lowkey panicking
why tf does she act like everyone in the world is her emotional support animal

No. 842244

File: 1624899737874.jpeg (324.77 KB, 750x781, 3F4B6C9C-2871-43EE-A921-BA9935…)

lmao that’s bc you are an intruder luna

No. 842247

damn you'd think she was going to inpatient rehab not just signing papers and answering a few questions for outpatient

No. 842254

Let’s see how long she lasts in outpatient this time. I give her a week before she comes up with some bullshit excuse to leave. The only way I can see her finishing this program is if she finds a potential romantic interest in her group

No. 842267

Aw shit here we go again. Hopefully she can get TWO mini personal pizzas here instead of the last place where they nearly starved her to death with just one.

Pretty sure she left that place though because they 'made her cry' over Lurch. Probably told her he wasn't a good influence and she'd never get better with a druggie boyfriend.

No. 842276

I know the irony is delicious, but more importantly, isn't that implying Lurch is making Luna feel like shit?

No. 842282

Tinfoil, but maybe lurch is being emotionally abusive so Luna will find another host and he can invite another young junkie to leech off of. It’s not like either of them have rights to the squat.

No. 842284

File: 1624914205737.jpeg (111.15 KB, 750x394, 64A0C40C-EDDB-4625-B9BE-B77319…)

Already complaining about the program. Let’s see if she uses this as an excuse to leave

No. 842291

Did she not do any research into the place, and what kind of therapy & groups they offer?

No, she didn’t, because she’s only there so she can take pics for Instagram.

No. 842294

>The place filled with religious imagery that's totally my aesthetic has a religious based outpatient program?!

No. 842310

File: 1624930674111.jpeg (224.39 KB, 750x1069, ACA20AB4-F39D-4C2E-8978-0D9204…)

I might be late but I didn’t realize Lurch had a Facebook lol

No. 842320

File: 1624938319278.jpeg (61.62 KB, 750x366, 66EECADE-A4DD-44D3-81DE-715DA2…)

No. 842324

Squat saga coming to an end finally? Hopefully she didn't tell at this case worker

No. 842336

She could use some Jesus in her life tbh fam

No. 842349

File: 1624965936680.png (80.51 KB, 672x214, Screenshot 2021-06-29 13.24.36…)

No. 842351

File: 1624966924965.png (21.78 KB, 792x297, steveirwin.PNG)

No. 842355

lol @ luna censoring "raped"

No. 842362

back to this point… are there outpatient programs that DON'T drug test? because i havent heard of one. to my knowledge failing a test wont get you kicked out necessarily its more of a progress marker. does luna really think these people are going to be willing to help her if she keeps pissing unprescribed benzos?

No. 842363

A week? Why so generous? She barely made it a day last time.
She'll be pissing worse than that, let's be real. The whole thing is just a panic reaction the squat dream starting to crumble. Remember, this cow thought she'd have no problem finding a cheap studio apt in NYC with no money, no references and … well, just look at her (and him) of course she thinks they'll help her.

No. 842374

Yes, there are outpatient programs that do not drug test.

No. 842385

Lol "even tho I'm a legs in dresses" - that poor benzo-addled mind

No. 842398

sage for blog post but i know this psych hospital (idk if its doxxing to say but it's in harrison, ny) lmao i did outpatient there for less than a week it's a bunch of schizos and degenerate middle aged men

No. 842412

The junkie powerleveling in this thread never fails to give me a chuckle.

No. 842422

Same but nonita who thought crack would be a good idea to "help" luna also takes the cake. I'd rather junkie powerleveling than naïve NEET takes any day if we had to choose, but both are essential for a good laugh on this thread.

No. 842438

No update yet on her first day of outpatient, wonder if she went?

No. 842458

File: 1625015320451.png (41.67 KB, 834x410, sober.png)

No. 842467

File: 1625017231808.jpeg (54.85 KB, 1284x334, 34D22990-2E56-4AF9-AF12-E38B35…)

From KF

No. 842468

Lol Luna acting blindsided at outpatient scheduling. Pretty sure that's covered at intake? Might just be a piss poor attempt at getting her "transportation" to hurry TF up. is that what we're calling bestie rn?

No. 842469

File: 1625017716095.png (146.08 KB, 480x484, Screenshot_20210629-184746_1.p…)

Transportation is taxpayer funded.

No. 842473

did anyone happen to catch a download of the leaked commission video with luna's dad on the phone? the link doesn't work anymore

No. 842492

It's literally in the thread description where it says WARNING.

No. 842507

She’s been wearing this dress for four days straight now, since she went out with rlyblonde. All I can hope is that she’s been washing it in the evenings. Otherwise it must stink of sweat and cigarettes.

No. 842511

Nonnie don't be naive, if Luna doesn't wash her hoard of sanrio plushies, do you really think she'll wash her dress

No. 842516

why ruin fresh clothes if shes not going to shower anyway?

No. 842523

>I was told

We all suspected Luna lurked here given that she's commented on other cows before but now she's doing the classic Onision confession of "Someone told me.." when we damn well know it's you.

No. 842527

File: 1625056614516.jpg (185.16 KB, 1080x641, 20210630_083634.jpg)

stop tinfoiling unless you have proof.

No. 842528

look, i’m not victim blaming or questioning her coping mechanisms but
if i was raped in a fucking hallway by a stranger i’m not going around looking for a light taking selfies a few weeks after

i really question if luna has any brain cells left

No. 842529

File: 1625057078831.png (92.38 KB, 720x459, tnd.png)

Maybe not news, but she follows Taylor on twitter. She definitely lurks the farms.

No. 842531

I hope she doesn't lurk here because it would either make her feel worse or it all goes one ear and out the other because we're cyberbullies. Luna is that chick I wish would take a shower with a salicylic acid-based soap (necessary for the chronically unwashed), stop bleaching her hair, use real shampoo and conditioner, ditch the horrible boyfriend, stop doing drugs, eat well, brush her goddamn cat and stop feeding it because it's a fat fuck and probably spiritually/psychologically broken, only use simple skincare products, pare back the clothes spending, keep doing art, and…
I'm exhausted thinking about it. I'm going to wash my hair tomorrow and vacuum, actually.

No. 842538

I’m glad this thread reminds you to wash your hair anon. Jesus Christ

No. 842543

she was also following a munchie subreddit, so IDK if her source is the farms

No. 842546

I had guessed a week bc she has been going on about how badly she wanted to be in this outpatient program for awhile now, and I foolishly felt slightly optimistic (I know) about the situation. Not even two full days in and she unsurprisingly is already complaining about twelve step programs/their religious undertones and how the program has a shorter day than she was anticipating. This is how quitters think and I would be impressed if she made it until Friday at this point. She’s the kind of person that talks about how she needs help, wants to feel better, etc and then rejects any sort of assistance because she is not ready to change. Hopeless cause

No. 842548

Luna has made comments on cows like junkie Taylor, legless Kelly, and nutjob Abbie Brown on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. I don’t think it’s too crazy to think she lurks one of the farms.

No. 842558


No. 842559

Search her thread on KF or check her Reddit. She was on a Kelly kick a few months back.

No. 842561


She's prescribed klonopins… so she wouldn't even get bothered for having benzos in her piss, even if she supplemented her prescription with some additional black market ones.

Just like the other anon said though, you're allowed to be a drug user at outpatient without getting kicked out or reprimanded (unless you're nodding or drunk or clearly under the influence during the group sessions). The only programs that would kick you out for repeated drug use are anti-drug programs, simply because they know you're not ready to quit if you keep using more than a week after coming in.

No. 842565


Transportation really means transportation, genius. Medicaid contracts a transportation company that picks you up and takes you to medical appointments at no cost to you. Tuna uses the free service. You have to let them know 2-3 days in advance when you'll need a ride, so they won't be taking fatty Tuna to the pharmacy unless she previously requested it (and it sounds like she didn't since she's "hoping" they'll "let" her get her meds that she's been eagerly awaiting for at least 2 weeks since her actual prescribed meds ran out).

No. 842566

Wait, anorexic Luna EATS?! She usually gets a "coffee and/or (more like "and") a bagel", which once again shows how she stays so fat while claiming she's so anorexic while "hiding" behind her big sack dresses in an attempt to look like a smol frail "r*pe" victim.

No. 842568


Stupid people with no clue about opiates really think they can determine sobriety based on a photo of someone's pupils, without actually having any idea what the actual brightness of the room is, whether she was just in a bright or dark place and then walked into a different lighting whether there's a filter on, if she's in a dark room looking at something further away with bright lighting… combined with the tinfoils shouting track marks when she doesn't even know how to shoot, let alone how to find a vein and create the track, and instead chooses to wildly miss her shots in a poor attempt to muscle while pretending in videos she's registering even though she doesn't need to since she's never in a vein anyway…

The pupil/track mark tinfoils from Tuna watchers are truly just as stupid and misinformed as Tuna herself.

No. 842571

found the booty bothered projecting addict.

There's a distinct difference between changes in light and pinned pupils. Luna doesn't inject directly to the veins, no, but her method is skin popping which resembles track marks. Anons are calling it as they see it.

No. 842574

your whole post reeks of obesity anon lol

are you like big fat or do you “only” need to lose 20 pounds?

if bagels scare you something if wrong

No. 842575

does lolcow have bots now?

No. 842577

No, just retarded newfags.

No. 842579

Irc she joined the Abbie fb group after it was posted here, commented there that she would look better in Abbie's dress, that she could edit a pic better than her and said Abbie could be a lipsense model.
And she joined the munchsnark subreddit right after a link was posted in the Kelly thread.

No. 842582

She's always excited about shit until she has to actually face the reality of it. Still, she made it past the first day so that beat my expectations.
Shouldn't you be over on one of the junkie subreddits Luna frequents? More your kind of crowd and it won't hurt your feefees having to read all this boolying

No. 842612

File: 1625101386462.jpeg (338.54 KB, 750x1250, F49ED11B-6DD9-497C-B47A-5A8D2B…)

more complaints, looking for a way out

No. 842614

Lucky to get rehab services, still bitches that it isn't to her liking. Outpatient won't work because you don't want it to, Tuna.

Man this makes me mad. She's gonna bail and blame everyone else on her not getting better again. Like clockwork.

No. 842615

Double post but man, go figure she'd prefer to swap H horror stories rather than focusing on bettering herself and her mental health. Her "I need people to relate to" isn't fooling anyone. She's reveling in the fact that she believes she's the sickest one in the room.

No. 842616

But how’s the food Luna? Do they give you two personal pizzas here?

No. 842619

File: 1625104733531.jpeg (187.45 KB, 750x952, 2FAD5891-CCE7-45A7-BB7E-EBA928…)

she’s ranting tonight

No. 842620

File: 1625104783432.jpeg (159.78 KB, 750x935, B49967D1-9B87-492D-AE89-820771…)


No. 842631

Stfu tuna. I thought OP was for mental health not drugs. Stupid bitch has to be the most damaged because she’s a lapping heroin addict though. Shank is lucky to get free services.

No. 842632

File: 1625107578559.jpeg (48.71 KB, 750x230, 83AA1EED-C370-442C-8732-B26A6A…)

No. 842634

i feel like she’s doing a strawman thing here because when the pupils and trackmarks got brought up here, a lot of anons came to her defense and even used old photos to prove the point that the track marks are in fact scars. the arguments are old and haven’t been talked about for weeks. I think it’s in bad faith for her to act like that’s the only criticism anyone has against her when it comes to her drug use. how about the fact she takes dozens of selfies looking like she’s going about to nod out? or the photos of her stash of benzos? or the photos of multiple xanax tabs on her tongue like she’s a rapper or something? she glorifies the high.

No. 842640

This. She just wants it to be a BPDchan circlejerk where they all share war stories, cry, and eat pizza later. she should just post in her thread and summon all the junkie anons, i'm sure they'd love to one up her in horror stories kek. It always amazes me how she can be given every opportunity to fix her life or marginally improve it from the horror show she's living rn but will find every excuse in the book to not commit.

No. 842654

Well, shit, Luna. It's almost as if you told her that her life didn't matter as much as yours while she was moving out of the apartment…

No. 842655

File: 1625115568687.jpg (180.19 KB, 720x1166, friends.jpg)

People that give her gifts or money in hopes of being friends/friendly should realize they are only being used. She's ungrateful and posts how her only friends are some skincare products.

No. 842656

kek is this drugstore garbage her ~uwu skincare routine~? she probably doesn't have a clue about actives. also how is her SOAP BOTTLE dirty oh my days

No. 842664

File: 1625118184211.jpg (527.3 KB, 1022x1920, tumblr_d8a38fabeae4b77334906b8…)

Her pink sweats with a patch sewn on have arrived.

No. 842666

And she shouldn't care about you, Tuna. You said that her life meant nothing, so why should yours?

Interesting that she thinks that Creme of Nature product is going to save her hair.

No. 842672

"if anything good comes out of this, please let it be housing."
It's almost like she doesn't give a shit about the actual program and just thought it would be a gimme for housing. I'm shocked.

No. 842676

Or she's just reading about it (or getting a line on it) it was brought up by one of our resident junkie spergs here >>842568 less than a day ago

No. 842677

>crying that there aren't other heroin addicts at her outpatient group.
Lol is she trying to get a heroin hookup away from lurch? It's a common junkie tactic to find connections at group rehab right?

No. 842678


No. 842679

She has once said that she didn't look at "hate" posts/messages because she could not handle it. Luna doesn't come here.

No. 842680

And you believe her why?
She lies about everything lol

I believe that shes so full of herself, she loves to come here and read about people talking about her
Like shes a celebrity and this is a tabloid

No. 842681


Skin popping doesn't resemble track marks AT ALL. Track marks are in a straight line, hence following your vein which is why it's called a track mark. Skin popping creates inflamed, lumpy, bumpy, mottled ripples and abcesses. Huge difference in appearance. I've also never even been on Reddit and have no interest in talking about missing drugs in an opiate subReddit. I just dislike misinformation being spread amongst people with no experience in either helping/counseling or being iv users.

And some anons clearly believe that you can determine sobriety based on looking at a photo of someone's pupils. Pupils can appear small in a picture whether or not someone is using. The pupil size of heroin addicts is notable mostly because it doesn't change in size despite external light conditions. It's not even that their pupils are necessarily smaller than anyone else's pupils in the room, but that their pupil size won't fluctuate even when going from a bright room to ba dark room or vice versa. If Tuna took multiple pictures in clearly different lighting and her pupils stayed the same in each one, then you'd have a better indicator of drug use than a single picture.

Sorry some anons got upset about my sarcastic comments making fun of fat Tuna pretending she's anorexic when she's clearly eating (a bagel, for example). Some anons are actually making me feel bad for Tuna for the first time in my life, as I'm realizing how misinformed and eager to create milk some anons are over literally nothing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 842684

I bet they don't even fit

No. 842689

I love the notion that outpatieny was not "interesting" enough for her. It's not supposed to be interesting, Luna, it's supposed to be uplifting. At least she gets to be the sickest girl in the room, I figured she liked that.

I was about to swoop in and buy them but she got there first. I'll just make some.

No. 842697

Yeah, I’m not sure exactly what she wants but neither is she. A good outpatient group manages disclosures carefully and it’s not an opportunity to swap horror stories or cry about who has it the worst. She’s been to one session/day and thinks she knows everyone’s life stories, that they’re just weed-dependent and nobody there is as tortured or as fucked up as she is. It’s not a social club anyway - doesn’t matter if there isn’t anyone she relates to. She can still learn whatever skills the group is teaching and make use of the signposting and resources available.

No. 842700

It's funny she is against 12 step programs because some meetings are only people swapping war stories. Particularly at NA. But then she'd see people who really were as sick as she thinks she is and that wouldn't work for her.

No. 842701

>it's not a social club
I would not be surprised if the only reason she's even bothering going is because she's that bored and lonely. In her mind, inpatient would not only gain her the asspats needed for her ~sobriety~ larp, but it lets her meet other junkies she could befriend or hook up with behind Lurch's back. Only that plan backfired once she realized she doesn't like any of the people there while also getting on her high horse.

No. 842705

Go away junkie. The point is that they're new marks, not whether they're accurately described and labeled in correct user terminology. The nitpick between mark placement is irrelevant when they're new marks related to injecting all the same.

No. 842719

If you want to write autistic essays about cows just be patient and wait for KF to come back up

No. 842742

File: 1625161897660.jpeg (90.97 KB, 750x572, FD8DC304-CA40-4D0C-A313-D01260…)

luna has it so good at this outpatient program, especially if they are willing to help her find housing. if she leaves early she is even more brain dead than I thought.

lol get fucked

No. 842743

File: 1625162016614.jpeg (657.02 KB, 750x783, CCDD2481-CA8B-4D18-BBE7-C9AE0F…)

“Amazing” meaning she was given a Xanax script..? I wonder

No. 842748


>not to sound like a dick but

Her whole "uwu sicker than all those stupid weed addicts because I do HEROIN" spiel does really make her sound like a dick. Sure, H is more addictive and dangerous than weed, but she really loves to rub her ~superior addiction~ in. It's her version of being not like the other girls, I guess.

No. 842754

luna is tragic like kurt or courtney, its 'different' because shes a cahntent creator. shes a tortured artist. she may be 25 but she has lived more than people geriatric and beyond uwu

No. 842757

let's play a game of "which of these items will end up in Tuna's living room?"

No. 842762

do you see any hello kitty merch or pocket-sized angel statue? no? there's your answer. we are not even sure if she does till trinkets from graves, but she wouldn't take a wilted flower anyway

No. 842767

File: 1625180022049.jpeg (154.75 KB, 750x619, 661C1BAC-1D4A-464B-8732-FB8267…)

No. 842775

File: 1625183690284.jpg (422.26 KB, 1080x1763, 20210701_195421.jpg)

No. 842776

File: 1625184382657.png (Spoiler Image,128.54 KB, 275x249, 1472940603484.png)

She either forgot that she was formally diagnosed with BPD or forgot that she lied about being formally diagnosed with bpd. Screenshot is from 4 years ago

No. 842777

uhhh luna of course the new psychiatrist is going to ask you lots of questions, it was your first appointment with him and he needs your info

No. 842781

I love how she was gatekeeping BPD lmao

No. 842784

yeah so did Creepshow Art.

No. 842785

Reminds me of when TND tweeted she was happy she got the BPD diagnosis so she officially knows what's wrong with her.

No. 842793

Why is BPD the go to for girls who want to be different? I swear, every alt girl in the world has BPD but none of the symptoms beyond being insufferable because they don't shut up about BPD. Is there a reason for it? Did a celebrity have it? Is it just easy to fake?

No. 842795

I think movies like Prozac Nation, Girl, Interrupted and Thirteen being romanticized on tumblr.

No. 842799

>Why is BPD the go to for girls who want to be different? I swear, every alt girl in the world has BPD
You have it backwards.
>none of the symptoms beyond being insufferable because they don't shut up about BPD.
Luna has displayed plenty of BPD symptoms tbh. Only triggered BPDfags claim she cannot have BPD since they are the only truly sick ones.
> Is there a reason for it? Did a celebrity have it? Is it just easy to fake?
There is probably some truth in what >>842795 is saying, but BPD is overly diagnosed in women. It's kind of a modern hysteria in that regard. If you are a mentally ill woman, chances are that you will be considered for BPD whether your symptoms match or not.

No. 842801

File: 1625213132330.png (1.2 MB, 728x2481, screencapture-heavenlykitten19…)

No. 842806

If her new psych is young and she thinks he’s amazing which I take to mean he gave her all the benzos/scripts she wanted, I wonder if he hasn’t had much experience with BPD yet. He’s about to learn real fast.

No. 842807

Well people diagnosed with BPD do always have cowish tendencies in their behaviour, it's basically part of the illness - changing their identity every two weeks, being overly sexual and engaging in risky behaviour, having mood swings and live blogging their emotions, feeling like a special snowflake, etc. I know that some of these are not in the official 8 symptoms posted online, but they are part of BPD. As >>842799, a lot of girls diagnosed with BPD tend to be alternative/"different".

Some take the route of wanting a normal life and working on their symptoms, others are too stupid for that or somehow enjoy being like this. Luna is ofc the latter and I doubt therapy is ever going to work for her

No. 842810

> If you are a mentally ill woman, chances are that you will be considered for BPD whether your symptoms match or not.
This is very true. It's ridiculously overdiagnosed, but Luna is the real deal.

No. 842818

Its incredible how many cows actually claim to have BPD. Cows claim a lot of things, but the top two seem to be BPD or eating disorders. Luna claims both oddly enough. Maybe I only notice BPD as much as I do because it just so happens that every female cow I observe regularly claims BPD

Is it actually overdiagnosed, or is it just that people who self diagnose are hopping on the bandwagon? BPD comes with a whole ass aesthetic (traumacore) so I can see why edgy little faggots would claim it

No. 842825

cows don't just claim to have bpd. bpd makes cows what they are.

No. 842830

Ok, am I on crack or did Luna go into REHAB FOR WEED a few years back? Like, I remember it being apart of older thread descriptions/her laundry list of sob stories until more edgy ones pushed the weed story out.

No. 842831

Luna Slater, beacon of honesty and truth. Good one, anon.
Just fuck off to your own thread. No one wants to hear your retarded thoughts on junkie life or your hurt feelings about your idol being boolied.
Yeah, she did and she complained about all the junkies lmao

No. 842832

>Is it actually overdiagnosed, or is it just that people who self diagnose are hopping on the bandwagon?
Google the issue, it's been a problem long before bpd became 'cool' to anyone (or even general public was aware of it).
I'm super confused about this, did she forget her teenage diagnosis or is the new one more official? Like finally in her papers for her insurance company to look into?

No. 842845

It's not hard to have BPD. It's trauma based and almost only found in women. I don't think cows lie about it because they absolutely exhibit cluster B behaviors like their lives depend on it. You'd have to be Kelly levels of dedicated to fake BPD. I can see cows, especially Luna, exaggerating existing issues but not faking. Cows aren't smart like that. They give up and move onto the next munchie bait of they are lying.

No. 842854

Yeah, remember when Luna larped as #cripplepunk and walked with a stick? She completely forgot about that phase, even though she sometimes mentiones her fucked up knees

No. 842865

File: 1625249593335.jpg (874.47 KB, 1080x3024, ZomboDroid 02072021201133.jpg)

No. 842872


anyone else think her feet look swollen AF

No. 842873

She's totally idealizing this psychiatrist. Typical BPD behavior.

No. 842874

yes she did, i know someone who went with her

No. 842925

No. 842958

Lists things she supposedly has
>a roof over my head
It's not yours Luna.

Yeah, very swollen. Tbh her entire legs look weird, I would have not expected the feet to look n9rmal either

No. 842965

seems like her therapist tried to make her see the positive in the negative. Sthg like 'there are people who have been sleeping on the street for months, Luna. At least you have a place to squat uwu'

No. 842987

she's gonna flip on this psych so fucking fast, he's on the highest pedestal rn and she's met him ONCE

No. 842993

File: 1625373453204.jpg (81.33 KB, 1080x542, 20210704_003437.jpg)

No. 842995

>the first week i pretended it didn’t happen

Girl that’s ALL you talked about for the first week. You ran to the internet immediately to tell everyone all about it.

No. 843009

this bitch was 5 years old when Layne Staley died. There is no way she remembers that day, let alone even KNEW who he was.

No. 843014

File: 1625397004196.jpg (777.11 KB, 2999x3999, 94xn4p2db2971.jpg)

the meme she replied to

No. 843015

File: 1625397065024.jpg (27.82 KB, 695x197, fakedisordercringe.JPG)

No. 843023

Why did she let him in the building since she was wearing just her sweats and her bra?

No. 843029

Good question, and we're supposed to believe that she was apparently wandering around her building that she's described on several occasions as being full of crackheads in said bra and sweatpants? Riiight. I really wasn't sure at first, but now I'm pretty much completely convinced she made the entire story up. Is it just me, or has she been blatantly lying more than usual lately?

She wears those nasty ass fake glue ons 24 fucking 7, when is she supposedly biting her fingernails to the point of bleeding? Christ she is really emboldened with the bullshit lately.

No. 843031

Ayrt, we're only getting bits and pieces of the whole story. But this "I let him in" and the "I'm only worth $20" point to one thing only, a hook-up gone wrong… I'm willing to think she told the cops another story of the event.

No. 843032

Agreed, it reads like:
>need heroin
>lurch can't score for whatever reason
>luna remembers she has a body
>offer full service to first person willing with money
>does act
>regret and shame
>only gets $20
>leaves situation immediately to either sulk or go score
>trauma posting online in hopes of pity in the form of money
>planning her waterworks for lurch
>rest is history

I just can't see how it would have played out otherwise.

No. 843036

only bit of leeway I'm willing to give her on this is that it's possible the guy she was meeting wanted/tried/did more than they'd agreed to (or that luna thought they agreed to). it's not inconceivable for her to have expected "just" a handjob/blowjob/her just putting on a show while he jerked off or something, but he went further than that.

at the same time, it's entirely possible it was all agreed upon, but she didn't expect it to take the mental toll it did. if that's why she feels horrible, it makes sense she wouldn't wanna tell everyone the truth about her hooking and thus she's made up the rape narrative. i mean, maybe going to some kind of fssw made the ball drop in her head that it's not "gorl pwrrrrrrrr sex work" she's been doing all this time and the shame caught up with her

No. 843037

yeah, with all her recent bitching about lurch and how she can’t score without him, this sounds like a story she’s making up so when she does tell lurch, she has all this previous proof that she wasn’t cheating/copping behind his back.

No. 843039

True, I didn't think about that. What's funny to me is that if IIRC she drank piss and called her dad to lie about sobriety for a porn vid and that was for less money.

Is it possible she intentionally put herself in harm's way to guilt Lurch into running her H? I could see her doing that. It's a solid way to get any man who cares about you (even a little) to accompany you if not just doing it for you to avoid harm. I feel like a shithead picking this apart but, it IS Luna.

No. 843041

Cross out the $20 bit and replace with heroin and I think this is pretty much it. She thought she was going to be able to cop for a blowjob or something and got ripped off. Now she's trying to twist it in her favour.

No. 843060

Do you think she has been getting sick of Lurch bc he hasn’t been scoring? I wouldn’t be shocked.

Also didn’t he recently have to go to court? I think Luna said he was going to court for that “pitbull attack” which I think is a lie he told her

No. 843084

File: 1625433711975.png (42.56 KB, 1107x340, luna.png)

No. 843087

>for legit no reason

No. 843094

C'mon didn't you know? Luna's friendship is a gift- past, present, and future wrongs be damned. How dare anyone have self respect and treat Tuna with hesitation? She said she wanted to get better, isn't that enough to erase her past treatment of the people in her life? Such assholes. /s

No. 843097

i've been wondering if luna really has been off heroin for a little while (due to circumstances beyond her control) but can't cope with losing her troubled junkie identity, so she's leaning hard into her BPD girl interrupted shit and has made up this rape story to kick off her "sobriety".

No. 843101

Did lurch call her fat again?

No. 843105

I think this is very plausible. The ED claims, cutting, and constant bitching about her mental shit really started ramping up around the time she claims to have quit using.

No. 843112

File: 1625453345376.jpeg (843.7 KB, 750x1088, 982FD776-A7FB-47DB-9DB8-A7B3B7…)

sharing her art on Reddit, identifies with traumacore cringe

No. 843118

it's cringe but at least it's expressing herself in a healthier way than shooting up

No. 843120

Did Luna draw herself as 4 armed Jesus?

No. 843124

lol ok soren

No. 843129

>in another timeline we could've gotten bpd manic pixie nightmaregirl luna instead of grimey junkie luna

No. 843145

If she's gonna draw the same thing 50000 times over can she at least learn to draw a hand holding a cig properly

No. 843153

Yeah really, it gets so old.

No. 843159

It looks like it, yes. Finally something interesting about her art. Move over Sonichu, new OC coming through

No. 843175

File: 1625511590944.png (327.21 KB, 616x1034, screencapture-heavenlykitten19…)

No. 843185

"The timing with what happened to me and getting a knight plush…"


No. 843186

tinfoil but her comment on people not realizing how preparing to inject is addicting in itself sounds like Luna read posts of that one triggered junkie sperging it's all about high. Probably that's coincidental, since I don't think she would ignore doubting her rape story
She's milking it for all it's worth. Wonder what retard she got to buy her the plushie

No. 843189

File: 1625520249425.jpeg (90.05 KB, 750x830, 06501A36-7E3F-4244-ACE7-2272A1…)


No. 843190

same anon - now this person is a complete stranger, and not someone she had a premeditated meeting with? where does the “I was only worth $20” narrative fit in? so confused

No. 843191

"when it's mentioned"?? does she mean that the police are going around asking the other tenants about the guy and she's around the corner eavesdropping or something? also no doubt anybody living in that shithole is going to offer zero info to the cops about this guy whether they know him or not and obviously they're going to "act sketchy" the whole time they're interacting with police.

No. 843192

Let's not forget she said she let this person into the building she's squatting in.
So she voluntarily let this person in, even though she complains about people being there who should not be there; he's a non descriptive black man, it was over in 5 seconds, he licked her boobs but it wasn't anything enough for a rape kit, and she questioned whether she was worth $20. And now she wants to vomit because thinks her "crackhead neighbors" know him?
Her story keeps getting more weird and fishy imo

No. 843193

How are they even knowing about it or her seeing their reactions unless she's running around telling all her neighbors she's been raped?

No. 843195

Her brain is mush, I don’t think she can keep track of her own story…

No. 843197

Do luna's neighbors hate her so much that they took the rapist's side? It wouldn't be surprising.

No. 843209

I doubt it. They probably hate Lurch since he can't seem to mind his own fucking business, but everyone in that building probably keeps to themselves. Like >>843191 said, none of these section 8 crackheads are going to just be up and open with the cops since it's most likely a lot of them have a bad history with cops, active warrants, using, are currently dealing, or and this may shock tuna, do not want to get involved.

No. 843211

Oh she's definitely the type to stop people in the hallways to tell them about her rape and to "be careful~"

No. 843212

File: 1625528367174.jpeg (82.11 KB, 750x400, 4513D5C9-615E-4F10-BA50-6B71E4…)

No. 843213

File: 1625528519751.jpeg (244.01 KB, 750x999, 30694259-4567-42D2-B2EE-748430…)

Sergio is a fucking weirdo and apparently a “married man and loving father of one” according to his profile. Wonder what’s going on there…

No. 843214

Post more from this Sergio guy

No. 843216

I don’t want to shit up the thread with screenshots, especially since his name can be looked up by anyone curious. Basically what I took away from his profile is that he is a severely mentally ill musician with a wife he seems to have marital issues with and a young child. Originally from NJ. Definitely much older than Luna, could he in his forties. Been arrested at least once, posted mugshot. Seems like he may know Luna through her father but idk. Made one of Lunas paintings his cover photo a few days ago. Odd guy

No. 843219

File: 1625532119625.jpeg (353.11 KB, 750x990, AAEE661D-E36A-42B7-AECF-ED9A17…)

No. 843220

File: 1625532183445.jpeg (428.78 KB, 650x1084, 31CCCC96-80F2-4767-8FF6-B43E51…)

No. 843221

Damn her top lip looks busted af.

No. 843233

Probably wants asspats and gifts from her neighbors too. A sketchy pale woman, self-absorbed, with a weird body covered in trackmarks that dresses in toddler clothes, always has Amazon deliveries, acts superior to others and probably throws yelling manic rages regularly.

No. 843237

Tinfoil, Luna is a ghost that haunts the building and that's why she hasn't left and just moans in the halls all day and night

No. 843240

when has her skin “always been perfect” for as long as i am able to remember her skin has always been dry and flaky lmao

No. 843241

Or a vampire that sucks people of their resources, her poor mom was so eager to leave that place and Luna.

No. 843255

the expensive (but shitty) skincare she is scamming her "friends" to get her has finally caught up BLESS

No. 843264

Excepts to make friends but shit-talked everyone in the group for not being a hardcore druggie like her.

No. 843271

I feel like an asshole saying this but I really think she is full of shit. That or she is only telling snippets of truth. I believe the man exists but that’s about it. He was an absolute stranger but you were only worth $20 to him? Huh? Make that make sense. Her story has so many holes and she is milking the shit out of it. No rape kit because she said no fluids were exchanged. Okay. How about an STD test? Doesn’t matter if it was five seconds you could’ve still picked something up.

I wonder what she told the cops and if they retrieved the surveillance video…

No. 843274

No it’s okay, she found other smack/opiate users in her program to try to score from, erm I mean be friends with.

No. 843289

File: 1625589463771.jpg (191.54 KB, 720x1106, Narcan.jpg)

No wonder she loves the new psych so much.

No. 843296

So the "facts".. according to Luna. She's in her squatbox in her bra and sweatpants. She lets this guy in (not sure if he knocked, did not state) for.. reasons??. He proceedes to rape her, gets one thrust in, neighbors hear the ruckus come in and dude flees.
Now I didn't see where she states he was a john gone horribly wrong. She just lets him in.

According to Luna a few threads ago the landlord had removed the locks when her mom moved out. She and Lurch had gotten into barricading the door to protect themselves from the "crackhead neighbors". So she goes through the trouble of moving the barricade for a stranger in a crackden where she's scared of the neighbors all alone in just her bra and sweatpants. Makes one's eyes narrow.

Side question, any news on Lurch's court case over the knife and drug possession? I tried to search the New Rochelle court dates and his name isn't coming up at all.

No. 843297

I do understand that the psych is giving her Narcan as a part of harm reduction and that it is a good idea for people to have it, even recovered addicts and people who have never touched a drug in their life. But I really can’t see Luna administering Narcan or any other kind of first aid to a stranger. To me, it just fits with the narrative that she’s ambivalent about kicking heroin and can either see herself or full well intends to get back on heroin, and now she has the requisite Narcan for herself and Lurch too.

No. 843299

"Save a life" but don't worry about over 50 people in recovery/relapse because their life is "pretty much over".. right tuna?
Funny how she acts like she gives a shit about other people. She wants narcan for cool points or in the event she or her drug provider OD

No. 843315

She mentioned that there were plenty of cameras, so I'm assuming "let him in" meant she let him into the complex, not her squat.

No. 843317

She will absolutely use this as an excuse to go back to H. If she's been sober for a couple of months, why give her Narcan? Further justifies a relapse, if you could call it that. NewPsych confirmed.

No. 843320

god forbid if you get addicted to another hard drug like crack unlike her who did it a couple of times because then you're a crackhead who's worthless and you deserve to get made fun of by a fat ass who gets shot up for the aesthetic by an easter island statue

No. 843322

Except why would she be walking around the complex in just her bra and sweatpants and not even wearing underwear because she said she was dressed in her sleep clothes? Her story makes no sense.

1. She let the guy in the complex while wandering around dressed for bed

2. She let the guy into the squat which meant taking the barricade down and answering the door for a guy she didn't know

3. She let the guy into the squat dressed in her sleep clothes expecting him to show up and meaning to be dressed like that

Which one of these makes more sense? Especially with her saying multiple times she "wasn't even worth $20" which makes me think it was a John she had second thoughts about or went wrong and he flung some cash at her as he left. She's already doing sex work and filming her own porn, it's not a big leap to think she'd be dumb enough to arrange a meeting for some quick cash like other desperate junkies.

No. 843323

She's full of shit imo. Heavy drug users hate sex predators like anybody else and are more likely to actually do something about it than normies, ie run them out of the neighborhood by beating the shit out of them and stealing all of their stuff. When you let that shit slide in your community your sister or gf or daughter could be the next target. I don't believe an entire building of people would cover for a rapist.

No. 843326

To answer the first part - Luna is usually dressed inappropriately in public settings, so I totally wouldn’t put it past her to walk around her building in just a bra and sweatpants.

But yeah, the rest makes no sense to me either.

No. 843346

Looks like she hasn't kept her front door barricaded in awhile
>>840207 (this was 25 days ago)

No. 843356

are you retarded? what are you even talking about? "heavy drug users" and and sex predators aren't mutually exclusive categories. trust me nobody in that place is losing sleep over tuna's trauma.

No. 843357

File: 1625612533031.jpeg (902.25 KB, 1241x1930, 0BDDFB6C-DC6D-4EAA-B2BA-3DBE90…)

Got to be her worst piece of "art" by far, and what exactly is the important message here?

No. 843361

My theory - I think Luna was trying to turn a trick and it went bad. Whether that be drugs or sex work is anyone’s guess. The guy she let in was her customer or dealer and took advantage of her, hence the $20 line. She wanted to tell the internet that she was raped but didn’t want anyone to know it was a drug deal/sex work job gone wrong so she lied and said the guy was a stranger. After being pressured she eventually went to the cops and gave them the same bullshit story because she craves the validation and attention. She’s not gonna admit to doing something illegal if it doesn’t benefit her in some way. Plus this scenario portrays her in a better light, an innocent victim as opposed to some whore who was “asking for it” (which she interestingly included her poem about the rape).

There is no reason she would be hanging out by the entrance to the apartment complex unless she was waiting for someone or checking the mail, the latter which she would’ve definitely included in her recollection.

No. 843366

File: 1625617924676.jpeg (507.79 KB, 750x1064, 8CA90F71-B3D5-4FB1-9442-1FA508…)

she posted three nearly identical selfies on tumblr. this one was my favorite, love the ratty blue string attached her pants. the caption she included was fucking obnoxious:

sorry i’ve hated
taking selfie’s ever since what happened
to me :-///

keep milking it luna

No. 843371


hasn't she posted selfies like, every day before and after this rape? literally nothing has changed except now she posts daily about the rape as the captions for all her selfies

No. 843372

She must not hate it that much since she's been posting selfies nearly every day since it happened.

No. 843373

Hates selfies but she's taken them literally everywhere, including in a police car and in the police station. She's even praised how she's looked in them since the incident.

No. 843380

i’m starting to believe it didn’t happen at all. she’s got these tiny stories she’s telling all the time now that i just don’t believe. there’s dog attacks and matthew fending off crackheads and her getting raped and trying to find her long lost first love who she would gladly run away with if given the chance and idk i just feel like she’s very manic right now and anything she’s saying is very exaggerated and probably not true.

No. 843392

File: 1625637312648.png (2.27 MB, 1080x1869, Screenshot_20210707-015109~2.p…)

sage for useless "nostalgia" but holy fuck. this picture is from the very first tuna thread 5 years ago. she looks so much more human.

when I saw her THEN I thought I was looking at a trainwreck…

No. 843393

I have a feeling she’s been avoiding brushing her hair lately since she melted it. She’s constantly looking like she’s getting dreads.

No. 843396

God you’re right, I’ve been following Tunas threads since the very beginning and was somewhat friendly (online) with her back in her tumble fame, we were all laughing at how she looked then during the Roger (RIP) era but she looks so normal in that picture compared to how completely wrecked she looks now.

No. 843397

>My theory - I think Luna was trying to turn a trick and it went bad.
Yeah, that was the theory since she mentioned her rape story

No. 843413

Yeah she’s full of shit just like with everything else. All she does is lie. She loves the attention and asspats which is why she keeps bringing it up every chance she gets. She can’t even post a selfie without mentioning it which is fucking cringe and sus af.

No. 843416

Has she always dressed like a slob? Jfc

She does look bathed there though I’ll give her that

No. 843417

Compared to what she wears now, she looks like she's going to a black tie event.

No. 843418

the "asking for it" is just a direct reference to a hole song, courtney love larp yet again

No. 843422

lol love the frumpy fat secretary that shops exclusively at tj maxx look

No. 843433


Hey Tuna, instead of trying to milk Medicaid for you to see a dermatologist, try washing your fucking face and body. Then do your super special "skincare routine" using the face shit Daddy bought and you'll be fine.

No. 843434


If she actually had ever gone to the Needle Exchange instead of just waiting nearby or at home when Lurch went in, she'd know they give those out for free as long as you attend the 5 minute lesson where they show you how to use it.

Tuna probably doesn't even know how to use it. Especially the nasal spray version… the person would be dead by the time she read the instructions and understood it enough to do it correctly.

No. 843436


It actually sounded like this most-likely-fictional rApIsT didn't put his dick in… she said he licked her tit and then ran away, hence the "5 seconds" of traumatizing rApE that doesn't have any DNA, which sounds much more like a typical Tuna exaggerated story of sexual assault. If I'm to believe any of her nonsensical fan fiction story line, it's that a guy licked her droopy milk bags flopping around in a cK bra. He probably thought she was a cow and was thirsty, then quickly realized he was wrong when the stench of Tuna fish hit him and he bolted in shame and disgust.

No. 843441


Tuna being "dressed for bed" and walking around in public is totally normal for her, let alone walking in her apartment building. This bitch wears slippers to the doctor. Also, if she was leaving the building and she opened the door as this guy was stepping in from outside to visit someone, it's plenty possible for him to pass her and lick her floppy tits. Then someone walks by and the guy is embarrassed and runs back out.

BTW, the "barricade" in her apartment (not a squat anymore since management let's her stay there now) is not difficult to move at all. That stack of cheap shit is light af and easy to shift aside. You can probably open the door and push it slightly and the junk pile will slide back. She seems to only put it there to let her know if someone is trying to enter since that pile would fall and make a loud noise, like the poor man's door alarm.

No. 843444


Her super important message is she's having drug dreams like most addicts experience when they first kick AND to feel sorry for her in the form of money and other gifts.

No. 843446

>the timing with what happened to me and getting a knight plush which i've been wanting for a while makes me feel like they're my lil protector now
Holy shit, she's begging for plushies and then saying they make her feel protected from rape. There's no way she can be serious. This is tumblr victim fiction.

No. 843447

People who lie about being raped are almost as scummy as rapists themselves. I know everyone copes differently, but I have never seem an actual victim of rape milk their trauma like Luna has been doing, and in such a brazen way too.

No. 843448

File: 1625669860824.png (83.53 KB, 1058x624, 1623298832531.png)

my tinfoil from the start was she made this up to make Lurch feel guilty over calling her fat/unattractive and not wanting to have sex with her. Nothing to base it on other than she posted picrel 1 week before she was raped. I don't like disbelieving rape victims, but Luna is so manipulative and obsessed with Lurch I can't help but wonder.

No. 843449

Yeah right. Who talks this candidly, publicly and constantly about a violating trauma in the immediate aftermath? I know everyone can respond differently after an assault but I find it hard to believe that any victim would make such constant reference to a rape and relate it back to themselves. Most people would want to separate themselves from such an event. She seems to be revelling in using the term “what happened to me”. super weird phraseology. Most people in the immediate aftermath of rape use terminology like “what happened that day” “the thing that happened” or just “what happened”. They don’t want to link it back to themselves so directly.

No. 843450

I wonder if she mentioned the “rape” to her treatment team

No. 843455

>He probably thought she was a cow and was thirsty, then quickly realized he was wrong when the stench of Tuna fish hit him
Anon my fucking sides

No. 843456

Stop being a lazy slob Tuna, throw away that filthy towel and ebeg for some new ones. That thing could harbor flesh eating bacteria for Christ sake…

No. 843457

She's too busy powerleveling junkie stories and reigning terror over The Lesser Addicts. It's only a matter of time, especially if anyone brings up the topic of SA themselves.

>>843448 I disagree with tinfoil but I always thought the only reason he'd hit low about appearances was because she'd investigate. Kek, wonder if she's called him Eastern Island head yet.

No. 843460

Oh god yeah she must be insufferable during group. To be a fly on the wall…

Though when I said treatment team I meant lher therapist or psychiatrist. If she hasn’t mentioned it to them then it 100% didn’t happen

No. 843477

>Tuna being "dressed for bed" and walking around in public is totally normal for her, let alone walking in her apartment building. This bitch wears slippers to the doctor.
I'm thankful for you guys pointing that out since that was one part that made zero sense to me. I guess I somehow didn't connect it with Luna's horrible sense of appropriate clothing. Which is weird, since she displays it constantly.
I'm afraid that you are right
>Holy shit, she's begging for plushies and then saying they make her feel protected from rape. There's no way she can be serious. This is tumblr victim fiction
Everything about her sobstory is peak tumblr, especially how she thinks that rape victims revert to baby state of perception and awareness of the world
>Who talks this candidly, publicly and constantly about a violating trauma in the immediate aftermath? I know everyone can respond differently after an assault but I find it hard to believe that any victim would make such constant reference to a rape and relate it back to themselves. Most people would want to separate themselves from such an event. She seems to be revelling in using the term “what happened to me”.
Again, her behavior is peak tumblr. Make of that what you will.
>I meant lher therapist or psychiatrist. If she hasn’t mentioned it to them then it 100% didn’t happe
I've been thinking the same. I'm weirded we haven't heard yet how kind/awful her therapist has been to her when she told her the rape story.

No. 843484

I hate when it's a SA story but because the source is unreliable and the details don't add up you end up feeling like a pos because you really fucking Doubt™ that it happened or is being dramatized.

I hope the facts can surface but, it'll never happen.

I've only known one person to cry wolf with this sort of event and it played out rally fucking similar to this.

Anyways, rip to her if it's true or she believes it's true.
And may there be serious karma if it's all apart of the persona that's actively destroying her life.

No. 843485

And even if it happened, the sheer fact that it happened and the trauma that comes with it are karma. So I don't really care if she lied or not bc the situation is not in her favor anyway.

No. 843486

so you’re saying that if she did get raped, she deserved it because she has done bad things in her life?

that’s kinda fucked up ngl

No. 843489

I know the go-to reasons to hate Luna are how she treated Roger, stealing from graves, what she's done to her mom's apartment, etc., but I don't think any of that means rape is justified??

I'm probably going to get banned but this thread has turned into something I really did not expect from the userbase here, I don't understand why so many of you are determined to find reasons she's lying. What do you stand to gain from that? She's a near-homeless addict sex worker, the police aren't even going to try to investigate this, her life is going to continue being shit whether this was a ploy for pity money or she is a victim. I'm not saying this thread needs to be a hugbox but this is the kind of shit I'd expect from Reddit.

No. 843490

>liars are almost as bad as actual rapists

damn this tuna rape saga has summoned the biggest retards to this thread I swear to god. you guys do realise you can think tuna is lying without sounding like some basement dwelling reddit scrote, right?

No. 843492

File: 1625687794239.png (89.41 KB, 500x450, 393EBD05-5BE7-40B3-8ADB-65AFE9…)

No. 843497

Oh my god anon you’re retarded
Luna is a disgusting scamming junkie but even she doesn’t deserve that. Get your head checked.

No. 843498

File: 1625691177055.jpg (253.23 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210707_214828_com…)

No. 843499

She’s never getting her money back

No. 843503

File: 1625692773501.jpeg (433.23 KB, 750x1018, F7669EA4-DDAD-405C-A19A-9EA344…)


No. 843504

File: 1625692804604.png (1.33 MB, 1397x1881, Capture _2021-07-07-17-15-11.p…)

Is this bitch really gonna go to group with her tits and guts hanging out? I know it's hot but damn.

No. 843505

File: 1625692826090.jpeg (84.3 KB, 750x457, 450C2D75-C74B-4437-A385-883B52…)

validate me daddy

No. 843506

She is incapable of doing anything for herself. The point of therapy is to be able to tell yourself this stuff and fight for yourself and get better at dealing with the thoughts. She’s so lazy she can’t even be bothered trying even slightly.

No. 843510

It's 90 degrees in New York right now, but sure, sweatpants are a great idea, Tuna.

No. 843511

Is her eye cockeyed?

No. 843513

File: 1625696262848.jpeg (25.88 KB, 750x141, 351F36AF-5E23-4DD3-87CD-12AD8B…)

No one validated her on her last post lol

No. 843515

nah, they're a junkie couple. there's no attraction or desire between them, at least not at this point. i'm sure lurch calls her a fat lazy bitch several times a day. he's not wrong but that's beside the point.

No. 843521

She’s had a lazy eye for a long time but it’s really noticeable here. Between her, kelly ronahan, moo and a slew of others I swear there’s just something about being a lolcow that knocks your eyes askew

No. 843522

newfag leave and stop derailing
oh no. i can smell this

No. 843526

File: 1625704250436.png (257.32 KB, 860x478, debbie.png)

No. 843530

File: 1625706435211.jpeg (271.4 KB, 690x1055, 0B2E9090-8BE6-4FF1-A40F-64E299…)

I thought she couldn’t remember his face?

No. 843532

She's got those Momokun jowls in the second photo. These are atrocious photos. Please don't wear that, Tuna. Absolutely no one wants to see your saggy tits in that top and it's too hot for fucking sweatpants, you idiot.
Yes and it's only getting worse. Probably because she keeps abusing opiates.

No. 843536

mourning the loss of her bra and sweatpants ahh yes such a traumatic experience

No. 843537

Distinguish between determined to find and typical Luna. Also, what do any of us stand to gain from anything posted here, ever?
We're talking about a pathological liar who has told a very strange story full of details that either change or make no sense. In other words, normal day on the farm.
>>843485 can go to hell with their scrote-tier take but that's a different post to what you think are issues.

No. 843540

luna really has a thing for sweatpants, damn.

No. 843543

Tuna the wannarexic drinking Cola, who woulda thunk it.

No. 843547

File: 1625719416918.jpg (349.04 KB, 720x2438, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-GfJV…)

Wasting another doc's time from her being a slob.

No. 843548

File: 1625719711020.jpg (30.05 KB, 711x311, tmi.jpg)

No. 843551

>(getting anreferslntmrw)

oh that clears it up

No. 843553

shes so dumb she doesn't realize posting this makes it obvious shes still using. plus her nodding out typing.

No. 843554


what, you mean you never eldered a dermatologist to get anreferslntmrw?

No. 843555

I usually never reee “liar” about female cows and SA because most of the time their cow qualities legit make them more susceptible to be victims of sexual crimes (like defending and seeking validation from actual rapists lol) but with tuna its the fact that you dont always know whats drugs clouding a very real memory and a pure junkiegrift storyline. Cant help but think its a lie just because it went from mysterious black man with no face who took her from behind while she was in a hallway and she couldnt see to she let him in the building, he barely got his dick out, 5sec rape, i saw his face, 20$ was involved, he had time to lick her titty etc its just alot of contradicting info yet i wouldnt be surprised if some form of sa did happen to her but she stretches her imagination as thin as possible to get as much asspats and $$ from the situation considering when Roger and Tai died both times she basically posted junkie thot pics and brazenly asked to be given compliments on her appearance bc she was ~grieving~ and ofc to send tributes for her mental health in form of standard tuna merch aka CHEEP markers & acrylic nails etc.

No. 843557

Debbie Harry was an insufferable grug riddled twat in her prime, but at least she had some talent and style. I'd like to see Luna gravitate more towards Debbie's style than Courtney's.

No. 843567

Thanks for the laughs this morning anons hehe

No. 843570

She’s very lazy. Does she expect therapy to be an hour long validation & compliment session? I wonder if she even listens to her therapist or even takes the self help tools in consideration. She probably zones out through the whole thing and her ears perk up like a dog when she hears anything compliment related

No. 843603

I feel sorry for the lab tech that has to analyze that dirty ass bra (you know she never washed it and it always had sweat stains) and her gross sweatpants she probably wore with no underwear and her stank crotch

No. 843606

I think she exaggerates her lazy eye, like teenagers who started smoking pot and want to look high in pictures (like Shayna did in her shay-gnar era). it's all about aesthetic for these idiots. even though Luna definitely uses drugs, what she wants most is to look like a junkie.

No. 843610

nah having a lazy eye isn’t cute, that’s one thing i don’t think she exaggerates. she has actually admitted to be quite embarrassed by it

her eyes freak me out though, she has mastered that “lights are on but no one’s home” look. like there is nothing behind them it’s subhuman

No. 843613

File: 1625771663883.jpeg (276.7 KB, 750x990, F8097125-4E94-491E-9347-5AF6DE…)

Luna how about you work on getting yourself an ID first, lmao. No one is renting to you right now, you are a nightmare tenant /human with no income.

No. 843623

>implying the police and adjacent services don't just backlog rape kits and samples

No. 843636

File: 1625784800658.png (1.82 MB, 1208x1448, amazon.png)

found luna's crustass in amazon reviews

No. 843638

These are from barely over 3 years ago, yet she looks a zillion times better here… makes me sad. What is she reviewing here, the lipstick I suppose? Why did it have to be most of her body in the photo instead of a close up of her mouth and maybe a swatch?

No. 843645

Holy shit her eyes in that second photo. I knew it was bad but I didn't realize it was that bad. I doubt those new glasses she got are going to do anything to a lazy eye that severe.

I wonder if her UTI is back or if it ever went away. Especially after she washed bleach out of her hair in a tub she was submerged in.

No. 843658

No. 843661

I hope the guy doesn't contact Luna with the landlady, she probably doesn't deserve that nightmare of a tenant.

No. 843662

Would she even have the money to pay rent or will evil dad do that for her

No. 843669

File: 1625827711707.jpg (379.4 KB, 1080x2054, IMG_20210709_114739.jpg)

Lol she reviewed the Calvin klein rape bra and refers to lurch as her husband.

No. 843674

One click on her profile and he will learn that she is a bpd junkie lol, I don’t think that’s going anywhere

No. 843687

Brave of her to contact someone about an apartment with the same account she uses to post about her drug use

No. 843702

Let's be real- someone's going to cowtip the guy, and if not, he's going to read through her gigantic red flag of a profile anyway. It's incredible that Luna hasn't learned not to ask for shit in public through years of people warning away her potential victims.

No. 843706

she'll baww about not being able to rent apartments because of her online bullies then, instead of being given the chance to figure out "oh shit I should watch how I post and present myself online." That'd really open the door for her possibly seeing herself for who she is.

But instead she'll shift blame and choose not to take responsibility. It's insane seeing such an inflated ego on someone who claims to struggle so much with self esteem and depression. She doesn't want to get better, she wants life to go her way easier.

No. 843712

she’s complaining about having to build furniture? isn’t that pretty standard when it comes to buying furniture online??

No. 843715

File: 1625863973722.jpeg (252.38 KB, 750x1076, 7252CBBF-5251-4729-BF2A-EEEEB0…)


No. 843717

That’s absolutely hilarious. Just because it’s hot out doesn’t mean you wear close to nothing, she might actually be better off covering up and wearing a breathable fabric. But she only knows shitty polyester fast fashion that falls apart in 1 wash (that’s if she ever washes it)

No. 843718

she wore this didn’t she? >>843504

No. 843720

And this woman was recently looking for a job! Can you imagine if she showed up for her first day in really any of the tops she owns? It's not sexism if they tell you to put on a tee shirt, it's following the rules of the environment. She's so asocial she has no idea what normal people dress like anymore.

No. 843723

>Is this bitch really gonna go to group with her tits and guts hanging out?

Guess not, kek

No. 843724

Holy shit, they actually sent her home because she was dressed inappropriately. How embarrassing

No. 843726

I know the top is completely inappropriate but I do wonder if it’s a bit much that they’d kick her out for the poor choice of clothing the first time. Makes me think she’d already broken some group rules and this was enough to be like go the fuck home. But I don’t know shit about outpatient programmes in NY, maybe they make the rules explicitly clear on intake and have strict boundaries.

No. 843727

File: 1625870870090.png (73.56 KB, 720x623, Screenshot_2021-07-09-18-44-34…)

One of her less articulate reviews. Keysmashing high Tuna most likely

No. 843728

i see your point but i wonder if it was more about not showing up to a drug rehab program xanned out and looking like you might be hiding a crackpipe in your snatch. i could see how that would be distracting the patients who might actually be taking it seriously.

No. 843730

What does she mean her only friend?

No. 843732

Yes, Luna definitely seems like someone who is so close to self-reflection and just needs a little nudge. What the fuck?
Oh man, I've been looking for a cute anpwefe, thanks for the heads up.
Herself / she doesn't have any friends.

No. 843736

I worded that weird lol. I meant that it COULD be an opportunity to self reflect but instead would be used as another "poor me" saga, especially if someone cowtips. Cow tipping would 100% ensure that she'd blame others rather than have even the tiniest voice that would blame herself. She's not close to self reflection, no, but she claims to self hate a lot. "Nobody likes me because they hate addicts and won't give me a place to live" is still a step closer to admitting to her reality instead of "no one will rent to me because online bullies will contact everywhere I apply to because of my past behavior." which would further her victim complex and give her another "poor me , it's other people, not me" ammo.

Saged for autistic sperg. I just wish the bitch would self hate herself into some actual change and stop being a shit person. I thought I lost hope for her after Rogers treatment but the way she treated her mom goes to show that she's still very much so comfortable being a shitheel. She's likely a lost cause.

No. 843738

File: 1625875377449.png (3.28 MB, 1438x1960, Capture _2021-07-09-20-02-49.p…)

She's quitting the program

No. 843739

i’ve been staring at those arms for two minutes now. i don’t even know what to say about them, holy shit

No. 843740

File: 1625876766681.jpeg (168.57 KB, 828x758, CD1EFB15-5198-4BF8-AE3E-3971B3…)

No. 843741

Sex cop? Freudian slip? Remember, you're having them investigate rape Tuna, not sex.

Jfc she gave outpatient a whole week of love bombing before she decided it still wasn't enough for her. Guess the shirt was the final straw for her.

No. 843742

I'm not new but haven't read the very first threads, did Luna ever take art classes? Does she draw like this because she wants to or because she can't draw?

No. 843743


No. 843745


further proof that this was a prostituting situation. maybe this was her first time doing it and when it started happening she realized it wasn't for her and now she wants to claim rape.

No. 843746

fully believe the outpatient program wanted her to cover up because they don't wanna look at sagging tits and a big gut, and on an internal level, Luna realizes that. she doesn't wanna go back because they essentially called her fat and obscene to her face

No. 843752

that still makes it rape anon

No. 843757

It was probably that and when she showed him her ~goods he probably said $20. That’s more than what those lumpy legs and floppy titties are worth. But if she said no then it’s still rape.

No. 843759

she went to art class in high school and someone told her she was good at it and she has never turned back

No. 843760

only friend? wasn't she just lovebombing rlyblond?

No. 843763

I thought her "rape" happened in a room somewhere in her complex. There's not gonna be a camera in a room to capture the actual act.. I thought they were checking the camera just to identify the guy
Omg her story is so fucked up

No. 843764

that's like a boxer claiming his opponent physically abused him. she wouldn't have considered it rape if she got paid

No. 843767

Such a histrionic thing. They should've know all she wants from the program is someone to dick her down because Lurch doesn't touch her… She really isn't committed to getting better.

No. 843768

god can we fuck off with the scrote logic surrounding rape going on in this thread? it's becoming so tired.

No. 843776

Generally speaking if a professional/amateur fighter keeps hitting someone after they’ve tapped out or the fights been called they’ll face consequences from the organization or league and do in fact risk legal troubles so this is a stupid comparison

Lunas probably blowing whatever happened to her out of proportion but anons really are being dumb about it

No. 843778

I know we all dislike this sloppy compulsive lying cunt but rape can happen to anyone, period. Do we believer her? 50/50. But y'all need to back the fuck up with implying anyone deserves it.

No. 843782

hard agree on fucking off with the rape questioning already. holy hell can y'all stop with the whore-madonna complex? a woman doesn't have to be 1000% a pure innocent baby in order to be a victim. imo, it's one thing to theorise on the circumstances, but even if the situation is something like "it was an arranged situation that luna now fucking regrets," that is still not the same as "she deserved it". even if she's """just""" regretting a FSSW thing that got out of hand, that's still traumatising enough. consent isn't a one-done deal, you can't treat prostitutes however the fuck you like just bc you pay them.

I read this more as her being kicked out of one session, not the whole program? Idk, I might be wrong tho.

I would also assume that they didn't just go "BREASTS BEGONE" and booted her to the street though. anyone who's worked with junkies would probably be more inclined to get her to change into something less revealing. and ffs, is it also impossible for her to imagine that, maybe……. the staff wanted to protect her?

if it is "male oriented," then i assume that means there are a lot of men there. maybe the staff doesn't trust them to not appky "she asked for it" logic, esp bc luna is dumb as all hell?

yeah society shouldn't be like that yada yada, but that doesn't change the fact that some rehab staff might be worried about a girl showing up with her tits out in a group full of junkie guys

No. 843785

She's had a persistent uti for years now, never did anything to cure it. That constant discomfort and pain must be hell.
It shows that her going to a psych is just to get pills, if she really wanted to improve her mood and quality of life, she'd first get rid of the uti. It's impossible to not be depressed when you're constantly sick like that.

No. 843788

I agree the disgusting scrote tier comments (basically 'she deserved it', 'cannot rape a whore' etc) need to go. People making fun of the situation and saying Luna's too gross to be rapes make me ill. At the same time, if Luna pulls another bullshit detail out of her ass I don't hate Luna and feel sympathetic toward her nightmare of a childhood, but I still find it hard to believe her in this case. Maybe because she's still the same girl who got slapped on ass by a drunk on a music festival and referred to it for years as to 'her sexual assault' instead of the more accurate, but less dramatic term (sexual harrassment).

No. 843791

It's being questioned mostly because the story is weird and keeps getting more and more inconsistent, also because Luna is a known liar. Even though it doesn't happen often, people sometimes lie about being sexually assaulted. That's reality. It happens. Luna wouldn't be the first nor the last. She's also a shitty enough person that it's plausible to many of us that she could stoop to something like that, so the pearl clutching and trying to lecture us for being skeptical is annoying and dumb. Anybody saying she "deserves it" is probably a troll so quit getting so worked up about that. The more she divulges about the whole situation, the sketchier it gets. For example: Now apparently it's on camera but "looks like she's consenting"? There's no fucking way that the story, as she described it previously, would look anything like consent even if she just stood there. She claimed a complete stranger very quickly accosted her and attempted to forcibly rape her, licked her breasts and ran off when someone else walked by. Yeah, even if it was some kind of setup that she decided she no longer consented to, that absolutely doesn't excuse lying about the details, or lying by omission to make it seem like the situation was something very different to get more attention/sympathy/whatever.

No. 843792

also the fact that just before she posted about the rape, she posted about a never before told story about an older couple that groomed and sexually assaulted her? before that, luna’s only sexual assault experiences were that she got groped at a concert. she has been telling a lot of stories lately. it’s not exactly wild to think that this story isn’t real. she’s been saying that matthew got bit by a pitbull (she’s shown roger on his deathbed but no supposed dog bite on matthew? weird), that he’s chasing off crackheads like a hero, and that supposedly she and matthew are strong willed enough to want to be off of everything and it’s the evil doctors that want them on methadone and xanax. i think being sober has made her BPD even worse and this is how she’s dealing with it.

No. 843795

Thank christ someone said it. It's one thing to be a "sw isnt real work" anon, which is valid, but it's a whole other kettle of fish to say "well shes a sex worker so she deserved it/should have expected it". This isnt an OnlyFans whore complaining that some of her buyers are disrespectful. This is someone saying that someone else has decided they were entitled to breach her boundaries because they paid $20. Some of you speak as though seeing prostitutes be murdered is justified for fuck sake. Even if she was lying, which may very well be the case, it really shows that you've got scrote brain towards certain women and its not cute

No. 843806

>Even though it doesn't happen often, people sometimes lie about being sexually assaulted. That's reality. It happens.
>The more she divulges about the whole situation, the sketchier it gets.
>she has been telling a lot of stories lately. it’s not exactly wild to think that this story isn’t real.
100% this anon. Not everyone who disbelieves her is a rape apologist scrote who thinks sex workers should be raped. The only source of information we have is Luna, who is a well known liar and the story doesn't line up.

I don't even believe that Luna offers irl sex work, people are extrapolating that from the fact she looks like a hooker and wrote a single vague line about money in a poem. Isn't that scrote logic too? Assuming she had to be offering blowies when the assault happened? There's nothing to say that she's a hooker. Her being an irl sex worker doesn't make her story any more believable and she's never said that she is, nor has anybody who actually knows her claimed that.

No. 843808

>There's nothing to say that she's a hooker. Her being an irl sex worker doesn't make her story any more believable
it gave it a semblence of sense though when it had zero

No. 843819


Tuna just fucked up any sympathy I might have had left about her fake rape. Let's pretend Tuna is being 100% honest with the sexual assault story and in her nonsensical poem about her rApE… If that's all true, then her ridiculous "I was only worth $20" line is actually admitting she hustled the dude because him having to give her $20 for a 5 second titty lick with a cK bra on and not even getting a chance to stick the tip of his D in her floppy vag, then him getting interrupted and having to run away makes me feel bad for the dude. He's the real and only victim in her storyline.

No. 843825

That’s not what this is about. Nobody’s saying anybody has to like her or believe her. She is a terrible person and I personally don’t believe her at all. But I also am sick of reading a bunch of 2edgy comments about how people don’t have any sympathy for her or she deserved it if it did happen, it reminds me of the headcases in the Venus threads.

No. 843827

File: 1625941204446.png (10.95 KB, 202x275, 1545327536975.png)

No. 843837

File: 1625947079837.jpeg (167.12 KB, 750x382, 8A8B3BA4-F62D-412A-B1A4-D01D08…)

wow has it already been six months of her pretending to be sober??

No. 843838

File: 1625947477514.jpg (41.54 KB, 1080x400, 20210710_160350.jpg)

According to this, it's been 5 months.

No. 843864

File: 1625961932762.jpeg (385.84 KB, 750x1076, AD8C2304-3793-4A2C-8B9E-9E5B9F…)


No. 843869


I'd love to see this bitch take a college stats course. She'd drop out within the first couple of days max.

No. 843894


I don't get Luna's delusion that she can just grift her way into a desirable corporate role. The job market is already so bad out there, people with legitimate skills are struggling to survive, it's such a silly delusion that a smelly, crusty, and socially stunted sloth who replaces clothing with Amazon polyester instead of washing it would be bestowed a job because they begged on a reddit post.

I'd love to see Luna working at a fast food or retail restaurant, a job she could realistically get, and feel the ownership of making her own money and being responsible for herself. But she thinks anything less than a comfy office job is beneath her….

No. 843895

Hardly scrote logic to be puzzled by the weird mention of money right off the bat. It was a detail that didn't fit so of course it's being questioned and the obvious conclusion is that.
This coming just after the posts where she can't even keep her numbers straight about sobriety is neat timing.
Drugs + bpd. And realistically, she can't get anything because she is absolutely useless and is guaranteed to fuck it up in 5 minutes if it got handed to her. Besides, her entire life revolves around not being responsible for herself.

No. 843897

I have a feeling rllyblonde ghosted Luna because she keeps throwing shade at how objects are her only friends (the skincare and the new Hollow Knight plush toy).

No. 843901

>people are extrapolating that from the fact she looks like a hooker and wrote a single vague line about money in a poem. Isn't that scrote logic too? Assuming she had to be offering blowies when the assault happened?
Explain in what other situation would that 'i'm only worth $20 uwu' line make sense?
>Hardly scrote logic to be puzzled by the weird mention of money right off the bat. It was a detail that didn't fit so of course it's being questioned and the obvious conclusion is that.
This. Just cause rape apologetry in this thread is gross, doesn't mean you need to go full retard in the other direction.
I think it's the other way. Rlyblonde may have ghosted Luna again because the reunion ended up with Rlyblonde being roped into buying expensive shit for Luna. So Luna is whining on social media how objects are her only friends. At least I hope Rlyblonde had the sense to go no contact again when Luna immediately used her as an ATM.

No. 843902

I noticed this sequence of events but rlyblonde might not even have ghosted her. If she’s a semi-normal person she might have just tried to put in some clear boundaries or declined to buy Luna lunch in the days after the garden centre trip when she bought her the plants, and Luna sperged out and overreacted in true BPD fashion. Which of course then did alienate rlyblonde.
This is a pretty baseless assumption but they’ve known each other a long time. Seems weird an old friend would reconnect with and go to the effort of meeting up with Luna, knowing all she does about her already, then just ghost her, unless Luna behaved pretty horrendously. Or rlyblonde said they could hang if Luna was sober and then she realised she’s not.

No. 843903

Pretty sure they reconnected because of "the thing that happened l" to Luna, which is why rlyblonde suddenly was back in the picture after disappearing from years. That is the reason why she came back. I think it's reasonable to consider she may have ghosted Luna or put some strong boundaries in place (as you've said) when the same thing as always happened. If you are compassionate, wouldn't you give an old ex-friend another chance after they've went through something so horrifying while lacking a support system? I guess the "sobriety" could also help. I can imagine rlyblonde being like "fuck, i can't do this anymore" after seeing Luna irl.

No. 843906

File: 1626012020442.png (1.2 MB, 1240x2820, Untitled.png)

>Explain in what other situation would that 'i'm only worth $20 uwu' line make sense?
Luna charges $20 per video. And she's mentioned that her online clients treat her like shit and call her a pig, which she accepts for $20. Picrel is compilation of 2 posts in old threads >>719100 >>839985

No. 843908

I see, mentioning it while talking about rape would be an obvious manipulation on her side then

No. 843914

Stop making shit up

No. 843950

I would actually kill for a total twist, turn the whole thread on its head, by having Luna turn out to be the Rain Man of baseball statistics. An autistic savant arc would be fascinating

No. 843955

File: 1626052352084.jpeg (833.98 KB, 750x1264, 6DAF2459-3BB3-4643-A9A6-DF923B…)

No. 843957

File: 1626052572339.png (77.96 KB, 384x244, luna.png)

No. 843958

I want to make an album of Luna's art throughout the years. Her lack of progress in both drawing and coloring over the last few years is impressive.

No. 843960

“it’s YOUR fault I lied to the police!”

this bitch lol

No. 843961

So she's… Pinning the blame… On her followers who advised her to look out for other women in her area

No. 843962

lmao bpd in action

No. 843964

Ummm why would the police even call her? They have much bigger fish to fry than a tuna falsely reporting a rape when they probably will never I’d the suspect anyways. That sucks but the world does not revolve around her.

No. 843966

Given her history of squatting and connection to Lurch that the police are aware about, she's not in a good light.

No. 843973

there are women baseball journalists, Luna
there are women with degrees in statistics
why would they hire you, you bring nothing to the table

No. 843994

File: 1626077716582.jpeg (147.47 KB, 828x850, 2EBF8102-2727-4480-BA5A-83165E…)

No. 843995

File: 1626077785769.jpeg (343.72 KB, 827x1531, C28EE21D-02F7-4F65-879E-DA4029…)

No. 843996

i’m sorry but the skeptic anons called it. this is luna’s autistic way of making sure that her little story isn’t gonna have a conclusion. they already had the video, she said. now they’re questioning her body language in it, over the phone, instead of finding the guy or asking the witness who walked in on it? sure. she’s trying to shut down this whole story arc before it gets too big.

No. 844004

So the threat of a misdemeanor is worse than the actual rape…?

Also, if she's this easily influenced by her followers perhaps they should influence her to get a fucking job and stop being a scummy leech!

No. 844006

9am ~early and Lurch you are a lazy pos. Who tf sleeps until noon unless they are a teen on the weekends or a grubby junkie. So sober.

No. 844007

Yeah, as someone mentioned above, she seems to just be vomiting up cliches she’s seen or heard about sexual assault in the past to try and make herself more legitimate but she keeps fucking it up.
Survivors of sexual assault do often say that making the report or going to court causes them to re-live their trauma and is therefore almost as bad as the actual assault. They might even say that a skeptical friend or police officer was another element of their trauma. But nobody just straight up says that being disbelieved is WORSE than being raped.

No. 844009

>But nobody just straight up says that being disbelieved is WORSE than being raped.
To be fair, she says it's ALMOST as bad as being raped. I think your point still stands though

No. 844017

Didn't she just recently say Lurch does construction work? No way in hell if he wakes up that late. And he wouldn't work nights in construction unless the company is involved with gov. somehow.

No. 844019

tw rape: why did you asshole losers pressure me into reporting my fake sexual assault? i didn’t want to report it but im an actual retarded adult who apparently can’t make my own decisions so i listened to the opinions of random online strangers and now im facing the consequences of my actions for once! the presumably busy and overworked detective who called me was aggravated that i wasted his time, what a jerk! im the victim!!! im the victim guys i swear on everything that i didn’t want that!!! i really wanted to get better but everyone and everything is against me!”

fucking can’t stand people with victim complexes

No. 844021

I forgot about that lie and Luna probably has too. Lurch has and will always be a waste of space, his last “achievement” (I’m being very generous here) was almost twenty years ago when he was in school studying adolescent psychology (so he could learn to groom minors more efficiently) and I doubt he even graduated

No. 844029

Kek reminds me of her recent "I wanted to get better" >>843738.
A whole week of outpatient and getting told to go home for dressing with tits and gut out, while complaining the whole week that they're just weed addicts. Totally focused on getting better, yep. She tries /so hard/.

No. 844032

yeah he graduated alright…to literally grooming a minor

No. 844038

Guess that means she hasn’t quit the outpatient program yet. I was assuming her recent “I wanted to get better!” scribble was an admission that she left. Wonder if she’ll actually finish, these kind of programs are usually only a few weeks long

No. 844041

To be fair, Lurch "working in construction" may mean ripping out copper pipe scrap and reselling it for quick cash. A loser family member of mine does that to male drug money.

No. 844048

Or it as community service.

No. 844053

File: 1626115338221.jpeg (890.56 KB, 828x1442, F39F6CC4-A35D-407B-9C9B-B375B6…)

No. 844055

see this is why i never really try to hold any sympathy for luna. this is shady as fuck in my book. to go from extensively documenting a traumatic event (and blaming her followers for reacting in the logical way to that event) to asking her followers if they'll buy stuff from her is manipulative and shameless. did she plan this all along? prob not, luna is dumb. but she's still trying to ebeg as much as she can.

No. 844056


Ah another useless pursuit. She’s already posted 9 million of her “poems/drug fueled rants” for free, and they’re all the same thing with diff words. And who buys books of poetry anyway?”

No. 844059


"would you guys gimme money for shit i post for free and takes no effort? also can you tell me how to do it so i don't have to lift a finger and research?"

No. 844060

>And who buys books of poetry anyway?
A lot of people, especially woman
even for someone who enjoys her antics, she's insufferable when she acts like she lives in the 80s and cannot google shit (despite asking her followers)

No. 844074

I think she said it was landscaping??

No. 844093

“landscaping” aka he’s one of those drug addicts who goes around knocking on doors asking if he can cut your grass for ten bucks.

No. 844101

Well, that's one way to deal with trauma. She could write some poetry about baseball stats and try to sell it to the scrotes who want videos of her peeing.
You haven't heard of the grifter Rupi Kaur? Slaps together a bit of "I thought you were sugar / but you were vinegar" with 5 second doodles, rakes in the money.
Something like this. Would also explain the pitbull saga.

No. 844107

File: 1626141695923.jpeg (760.25 KB, 750x1050, 305AE970-FDCA-4D74-8DA0-C37986…)


No. 844108

File: 1626142289645.jpeg (420.85 KB, 750x650, 87A7C626-3632-489A-9D49-8360CE…)

i think my favorite part of tuna’s art are the hands

No. 844111

nice to see luna being self-aware once in a while

No. 844116

Lmao did her dad express disappointment in her? Did he cut off her Amazon access? Wondering what set off this sperg. Wasn't her dad "back on drugs" or some shit that sounded like issues w dementia or Alzheimer's?

No. 844117

Yes, he was "back on drugs, wandering the streets, in the hospital and DYINGGGGGG" according to tuna.
What's wrong with her that she constantly lies and exaggerates situations?

No. 844132

File: 1626183217197.jpeg (669.25 KB, 1242x1393, 5087C7F0-7D18-45CF-9414-924499…)

God the absolute STATE of that pillow…

Luna I’m begging you, wash it.

No. 844133

the hands she draws are always between the hands of Lobster Boy and Hanson from Scary Movie

No. 844136

Did she tear out those pictures from that art album her dad gifted her for her birthday? Looks like it, because most of them are the same size. Great way to show appreciation for a "100 year old book" (or however old she thinks it is).

No. 844139

is she talking about her oh so comfy cheap cheap chair that she impulse bought from Amazon? Big KEK.
The pillow needs to be trashed ASAP, I don't think it can ever recover

No. 844148

File: 1626191684256.png (465.75 KB, 645x998, screencapture-heavenlykitten19…)

The plus-size Lolita inspired dress arrived if my search was correct, the store/item had plus size in the name kek, looking forward to Luna playing dress up with it. It's a shame the white will turn to grey soon

No. 844164


oh my fucking god

No. 844165

File: 1626199354516.jpeg (663.31 KB, 1125x1059, 4F432A49-4545-46E8-B6C5-1D1D86…)

No. 844169

File: 1626201427042.png (148.03 KB, 625x315, 1616140477474.png)

it wasn't even cheap, she apparently saved up for it.

No. 844172

How does this happen? I know we talk about this all the time but I just want a definitive answer on how this keeps happening

No. 844173


…how what keeps happening? the dirt? i mean… years or months of not washing yourself, your clothes or the things you lean on is how dirt buildup happens

No. 844179


No. 844180

Knowing how she defines anything that's $40 or less as "cheap", I'm guessing "fairly inexpensive" means $50-$100, in other words not an amount someone who's perpetually ~almost homeless~ should be spending on a single shitty chair. It's interesting how someone can be poor for so many years and still not have a concept of the value of money.

No. 844181

Lmfao she spend about $50 on a shitty chair that she didn't bother reading the description or measurements of, because it was for toddler not her big ass…

No. 844186

Luna just toned her hair 19 days ago.
Her poor hair doesn't deserve this abuse.

No. 844188

Yeah also been wondering where her dad is. She mentioned him dying months ago and never brought him up again

No. 844189

She shut up about him as soon as she went to outpatient and therapy so I think he's giving her money right now in exchange for being clean

No. 844191

She stopped mentioning him long before that.
He was "dying" but she didn't want to continue that story/forgot to so he's just disappeared for now. And he's been giving her money/buying her shit all along, has nothing to do with being "sober".

No. 844206

File: 1626223748061.jpeg (351.99 KB, 828x1401, B01CB7D2-900B-4741-9876-22D9B4…)

Maybe she got cut off by her dad after all

No. 844207

Since all she does is beg and scam it's hard to know either way. I hope he has.
Also, how is she still so shit at lying? She got kicked out of rehab for having her tits and gut hanging out less than a week ago, and it wasn't because of a baggy dress.

No. 844209

File: 1626227433810.jpeg (426.34 KB, 1022x1920, 2F311A4B-ACCD-4FE4-BB72-5BD977…)

those sheets are covered in stains


No. 844210

Where does all the dirt come from? I have multiple dogs and even if I refused to clean for a year my shit would still be cleaner. Literally HOW does she get stuffed animals so dirty unless she's dragging them around in the mud

No. 844211

its the dirt on lurch from his landscaping job, silly!

No. 844212

cigarette smoke indoors will do that

No. 844213

File: 1626231077759.jpeg (565.84 KB, 1242x1791, 5795E3E3-DBE3-406A-8D0A-835C5D…)

$80 from the toddlers section of target. you can get a comfy chair for $5-10 from goodwill that’s… y’know, for adults.

No. 844214

dude it is not only cigarette smoke or stains, it's literally grime. Luna does not clean. Those bed sheets have not been changed in years. She is stuck in her head, in her own world. Anything outside her does not matter anymore.

No. 844218

File: 1626235665518.jpeg (558.05 KB, 1125x1794, 617EEB94-DAC3-4C8B-AF3B-1C40BA…)

I was looking through my old Facebook messages and I found these old ones that Lurch sent me in 2017, when I was still a minor. I just find them ridiculous, he’s such a weirdo

No. 844219

File: 1626235702090.jpeg (440.4 KB, 1125x1444, 81F60803-EEDF-481A-ABD9-3B13B5…)

No. 844220

File: 1626235782408.jpeg (167.15 KB, 1125x621, D6ADB4D2-D86C-4CEF-BA64-B83D59…)

after I pretty much told him my age, finding this so funny

No. 844222

Their begging makes me want to a-log so fucking bad. Like, it’s so cringe it makes my skin crawl. Have some fucking dignity, or shame even?!
II can’t fucking stand beggars. Especially how they ramble on and on, spewing out bullshit as to why they “need” YOUR hard earned money.
A dress makes you feel safe Tuna?! How about legitimate and stable housing? Fucking retards. Them, and anyone who buys/gives them anything.

No. 844225

she also wore the violet hearttitty dress which, while not revealing or skintight, was colorful and emphasised her breasts.
I agree it's so fucking gross, especially since Luna is used to getting whatever from her dumb followers (even video game consoles, unless she lied and Lurch stole them)

No. 844227

File: 1626250161498.jpeg (371.7 KB, 828x1063, E5B6966A-21D8-46C2-8CE3-E458BC…)

No. 844228

File: 1626250468228.jpeg (19.88 KB, 256x300, 9E0C57D8-68DC-4D54-BDCB-0F2C8E…)

Her hair is totally flat to her skull until around about her ears where it’s back combed to fuck. Gives her a very Richard O’Brien as Riff Raff vibe.

And even with her eyes closed you can still tell they’re wonky which is frankly impressive.

No. 844231

What is super creepy, besides the fact that he kept texting you after you didn’t respond, but that he called his old ass a “fellow”. These two are made for each other and I hope they stay together in the life they made with each other. Nobody else deserves to be stuck with them.

No. 844235

>I don't feel comfortable wearing tight or colorful clothes

But you got sent home from outpatient because you wore a tight, extra revealing top to show off your chest??

No. 844236

Her tits are hanging down to her knees, and she’s worried about her smile??

No. 844240

just go to a fucking goodwill store luna, there are plenty of oversized tarps there for you to wear. it’s also easy enough to steal there too so you don’t have to worry about the money. ffs, all she does is buy clothes yet she has nothing to wear, must be so hard.

or you know what, just go to a laundromat. if you wash your clothes you can wear them again shockingly enough.

she legit has that Midas touch, except everything she touches turns to trash not gold.

the consumerism is so fucking gross

No. 844241

File: 1626282575842.png (210.67 KB, 645x256, 9F4B82B3-886F-4EF2-9251-D6CDF4…)

??? who is she fooling?

No. 844242

yikes that dead front tooth
how long till we see gummy luna?

No. 844244

as of now it looks like she has possibly fooled one person from tumblr, who asked for her wishlist.

such a sad life

No. 844245

i hate that i want to see this asshole's wishlist. i'm going to shower now since luna's ruined baths for me over the years

No. 844247

yeah same lol, i kind of wonder if the person who asked was also just curious as well. im sure luna, a homeless woman with no income, would only include necessities on her wishlist and not anything frivolous like sanrio plushies and fake nails.

No. 844248


using a sexual assault (whether it happened or not) to try and get people to buy you shit is so scummy

No. 844250

"After what happened to me" will be a permanent addition to her vernacular. Called it. Ugh what a despicable woman.

No. 844251

File: 1626285800348.jpg (575.8 KB, 1080x4464, 14072021195914.jpg)

Luna: (see first pic)
Also Luna: (see the rest)
So are we supposed to believe she cannot wear this dress 24/7?
miraculously enough, the white spots are filter and not tunadirt
Where does she find those idiots who buy her bullshit despite Luna flexing different clothes? Do they hope to find their way into her heart?

No. 844252

> My sitting area
> I sit in the living room
This is so fucking funny to me. Its like she forgot about the concept of what a living room is and feels the need to explain that she has a chair that she sits in. Such a boring existense she really doesnt do anything all day to the point that SITTING is an actual event

No. 844256

the people that interact with her on tumblr seem a little retarded themselves so it makes sense

No. 844259

i wish she would make her hair even on both sides

No. 844271

dare i say she actually looks somewhat nice in that dress? i know it's filtered to hell but the dress is actually a little bit flattering on her.
she should wear more dresses like this that cinch in under her boobs and flare out.
helps hide her absolutely massive thighs and gives her somewhat of a normal shape, versus the massive, shapeless mumu type dresses she usually wears.

No. 844273

it’s really dumb to think that shift and t-shirt dresses are gonna make you look smaller. unless you’re a twig, they’ll make you look like a lump of fat. Luna looks best in fitted, flared dresses. her vintage style she had in high school was well suited to her body shape. what she’s doing now is just pure delusion.

No. 844280

File: 1626315039457.jpg (172.31 KB, 1080x745, Screenshot_20210714-210720_Tum…)

She says she can't even look at herself in the mirror anymore or wear tight pastel clothes.
Yet here she is, still constantly posting selfies, face caked in makeup (must have done without using a mirror) with her milk bags out.
Tuna you're terrible at this.

No. 844282

File: 1626315788322.jpeg (74.13 KB, 750x475, A1C681D0-91AE-45D7-A937-FFC8D0…)

Apparently Lurch has to go to court tomorrow for the “pitbull attack”.

I have a feeling he lied to her about what the case is about.

No. 844283

File: 1626315865826.jpeg (393.17 KB, 750x1067, 5E8ACCBC-77E8-4F65-8504-86A623…)

Still talking about that dress

No. 844286

She really is trying to guilt trip her followers into buying her that dress.

No. 844291

File: 1626320612741.jpeg (88.49 KB, 819x1023, FD702848-F6F1-4160-AD2D-1B4A6A…)

she looks fucking gone

No. 844292

She should beg for some fucking olaplex for that rats nest… not another dress

No. 844293

These bastards feel no shame in their begging. I wouldn't be surprised if Tuna felt like they had a romantic bonding moment every time they spammed people together. And why did he think that you would give a single shit about how Tuna is feeling? Even if you were in university, tuition isn't cheap.

It always works on their dumb asses too. She's going to milk that fake rape like she milked Roger's death, his hospital visits, and fake starvation.

No. 844296

i mean, it's better than the sad sack of fabric with the hearts on her tits (well, where they should be)

No. 844297

Tuna how does it make sense that you're spewing all this "I want to cover up and hide my body to feel safe I don't want to be seen" shit yet you're tucking up your shirt to show off your stomach???

No. 844298

is "ever since what happened uwu" the new "conceived on the steps of the methadone clinic"? kek

No. 844300

yeah, as several anons called it

No. 844302

And still not wearing a bra.

Tuna has reached peak histrionic territory with her blatant and easily disproved lies, claiming to feel exposed and vulnerable and needing to cover up at the same time as posting selfies of her in too-small clothes with her tits and gut out.

No. 844311

>gonna need to save up
kek where is she pretending to get money from these days anyways? if she's pretending lurch has a normal job, $25 isn't exactly an amount you have to "save up for." especially for someone who doesn't pay any bills or rent and is supposedly sober.

No. 844312

It'll take two clients if she's only charging $20 a piece… perhaps that's what she means by saving up.

No. 844316

I don't really want to make fun but peep the teeth shadow on her lower lip. Overbite central….. I wonder what she looks like in profile when smiling like this

No. 844317

It's her humble way of saying "buy this for me". Hence why she points out it's "only 25 bucks max" but then says she needs to save up. Simultaneously saying it's cheap and that it's really hard on her. It's meant for the more gullible to fall for her gibme grifts

No. 844321

>keeps posting selfies in different outfits
>"exclusively" wear one baggy dress (which is never seen)
>Oh and I also wear this other outfit that highlights my saggy udders
>Can't look at myself (pause to take more selfies) after what happened

I feel like she's moved into straight up brain damaged territory.
This. Back on the cheap cheap cheap trip to simultaneously justify shit she does buy and try to guilt others into buying more junk for her,

No. 844328

Cherry on the shit cake is that she was also offended that the group coordinator implied that the group was "male-oriented". So not only was she upset she couldn't sit tits out, she was upset that she couldn't sit tits out in front of all of the men.

No. 844331

File: 1626362899986.jpeg (84.13 KB, 870x972, lazy-oaf-Purple-Short-Sleeve-S…)

What?! She was talking about acquiring more oversized dresses to "swim in" during her short-lived ED resurgence like a month before (!) "The thing that happened to her." When she was lusting after dress in pic related? She thinks if she can couch her consoomer tendencies in trauma it'll work better on her simps.

No. 844335

I mean, it is shit if that actually happened. The idea that moids would get precedence over women in getting treatment is fucked.

No. 844336

Oh no the shitty winged eyeliner is back, I thought that had been ditched for good

No. 844337

She complained the program was religious so they must expect people to dress like for church. So of course Luna didn't conform because she doesn't believe in all that.

No. 844338

luna was an ass for not dressing appropriately, but that doesn’t make the treatment program less gross if they’re “protect the precious men from boobs”

No. 844339

Fuck off back to Twitter. In no group setting is it appropriate to dress like that and men aren't taking precedence over women just because she was told she can't sit tits out in front of the men.

Pretty sure if men came in dangerously short shorts or tank tops they'd be told the same thing : it's not appropriate, it's a distraction. Don't reveal skin when the focus is mental health/recovery.

No. 844340

This. Outpatient programs have dress codes and anything that exposes your midriff is usually not allowed. It isn’t because the program is “male-orientated” or whatever bs she came up with ffs

No. 844342

You're assuming that Tuna was telling the truth in the first damn place. This is the same person that said that she was mistreated by the careworker and showed a video showing the opposite. All she ever does is lie and beg.

Fucking this. Tuna thinks rules don't apply to her and when she has to suffer the consequences of her actions, she exaggerates what happened and whines about it.

No. 844343


Stop caping for someone who literally tried to start an Emmett Till situation and is using it to beg for stuff off her Amazon wishlist.

Even non religious programs have a dress code.
It is for good reason.

No. 844345

If the group was "male oriented" why would she even be there in the first place? Surely if the therapy place has gendered groups there'd be a female oriented one she could join? So to sum it up: she went to male oriented, weed addict oriented group therapy. Sounds like classic Luna horseshit.

No. 844346

Not to blogpost but I have been to the outpatient program she’s in and there is a dress code that she was definitely made aware of before she decided to go to group dressed inappropriately. No excessive cleavage and no exposed midriffs. If she wore the top she mentioned on Tumblr than that breaks both of the rules. It’s that simple.

This isn’t Luna being a victim of the patriarchy lol, give that a rest now. Dressing correctly for group is the easiest part of the program and she disregarded that rule for some reason.

She is so fucking lucky that her insurance is covering this program (including transportation!), if she quits early or gets kicked out she is more hopeless than I thought.

No. 844347

fuck off negress(racebaiting)

No. 844350

Fuck off race baiter.

No. 844357

File: 1626386040562.jpg (257.58 KB, 1080x1626, Screenshot_20210715-140538_Ins…)

No. 844361

sage for blogging but st vincents outpatient isn't religious lmao it's a totally secular program (with a dress code like any other mental health facility—if she had even worn a sweater that day im sure she wouldn't have been asked to change) with religious group offerings that are optional regardless of why you're there (transitioning from inpatient or substance abuse). so luna's claim that it's a "religious approach to rehab" shit is bs as usual, she just doesn't want to put in the work.

No. 844363

Read: "if YOU don't LIKE my selfie, it's on YOU that I hate myself"

She's such a twat to her followers lately. I'm always surprised she still has followers after all this.

No. 844368

has she considered that it’s because she’s disheveled and dirty and her hair is a fried mess? because, yeah, who needs to hit a heart button on that
such bpd crap “oh, you think I’m ugly” girl, you look like a lawn bag full of regrets, try checking a mirror

No. 844373

File: 1626399752275.jpeg (439.76 KB, 750x1129, E0E7B249-64E8-4539-AAA7-D929B0…)

Are those stains on her shirt or is that the filter?

No. 844375

It’s tuna, it’s obviously stains

No. 844376

File: 1626400097653.jpeg (209.17 KB, 709x1086, F9ADE74A-A3C0-45B9-A2E6-1864C8…)


No. 844377

File: 1626400125324.jpeg (155.36 KB, 750x594, 2353683C-FF00-45F3-8D63-C3AAB3…)


there is so much to unpack here

No. 844379


She is the most entitled person on the planet. I am legit starting to hate her whereas before I mostly just felt sorry for her before.

No. 844380

This reads as a troll post. But she really legit wrote this. Why is she so much more pathetic lately
The shit she complains about is a fucking joke. She's done with her outpatient. She went to make friends and try and score some good scripts but neither happened so she's gonna quit.
Kek tho at how she thinks "insanely early" is like 7am.

No. 844383

she doesn't want to attend outpatient, which she's been talking on and on about for months, because
1. she hasn't made friends
2. she doesn't like the drugs they prescribe her
3. she doesn't wanna get up that early
4. no one liked what she wore to the program lol there are plenty of summer clothes you can wear that aren't showing nearly your entire flabby upper half

No. 844384

Correction. She doesn't like the AMOUNT of drugs prescribed. 15 2 mg Klonopin for 2 weeks?! How do you expect a girl to live off of one pill a day? Barbarians. /s

No. 844390

Ffs Tuna. You've tried so hard! Tuna has made the ultimate sacrifices so that she can get better. It's just that she hates getting up early, doesn't know how to dress, wants more Klonopin, and can't understand that women's groups need to be applied to because they're probably stupid fucking full with traumatized women who WANT to get better? Like truly actually want to get better. Not this "serve me wellness from a platter" bs. Like jfc this is TRYING to her? Failing out of a 2 hr outpatient because she doesn't like 12 steps and wants it to be less about drugs with more socializing/friendships? (big doubt)

No. 844394

This is exactly how her pampered ass would've react with a job. She would show up late or once in a while and make others do her work. Then act surprised when she's fired.

No. 844399

It's so hard to believe that all of this whiny bullshit is real. She's easily one of the most entitled cows on here. Karma seems to be dragging its feet with Tuna and Lurch.

No. 844401

I have a solution for you Luna and I think you’ll like it - just don’t go!

There are people who actually want to get better that are waiting to get into your program and here you are sitting on your ass making up excuse after excuse as a way to justify your non-compliance. It’s bullshit. Either get serious or leave, stop wasting resources and people’s time.

I hope she at least lets the transportation company know if she plans on skipping a day so they don’t drive all the way to her place in the morning… wishful thinking probably.

No. 844402

she didn’t show up in a tank top. she showed up in >>843503 which is basically a bralette. luna cannot tell the complete truth about anything, it’s so frustrating.

No. 844407

>he’s having me try subs this weekend

so she’s still using. surprise!

No. 844408

Outpatient is for people that are serous enough to self police their addiction treatment. She's been to what, all of 2 sessions and is already making up lameass excuses to drop it.

No. 844414

>you look like a lawn bag full of regrets
I am fucking deceased.
Show up late and spend her time trying to nick other people's stuff, more like.

No. 844415

Yeah, what kind of sober people go on suboxone exactly…?

No. 844430

She is always telling on herself lol (not that anyone really believed her in the first place).

She’ll still try to use her upcoming “six months of sobriety” to beg people to buy her shit because she is that shameless, just watch.

Hopeless case

No. 844432

Not a junkfag so for those of us that are in the dark - are subs only prescribed to active H users? Can it be prescribed for cravings? Luna is always baaw'ing about her junk identity so is it possible she convinced him her cravings were so severe that subs would be harm reduction? Curious to know.

No. 844435

I’m not an anon who knows any better than you, but it seems ludicrous that somebody who was actually clean from heroin would be offered any opiate based script. Surely you have to be recovering from active addiction to be on subs or methadone? I’ve never heard of somebody who’s months clean going on subs to prevent/manage cravings. That’s what the skills taught at outpatient are for.

No. 844436

I don’t understand how anyone could still support her at this point, this was the whiniest most entitled shit I’ve read in a long time. Grow the fuck up

No. 844437

File: 1626448397502.jpeg (102.38 KB, 750x638, 1B7A32D2-54E6-4047-8E87-947EF8…)

I guess she didn’t go to her program today? It’s 11:13 EST

No. 844438

File: 1626450511564.jpeg (1.64 MB, 2999x3999, 83E0A62D-66F7-4ABA-81E1-6AA0C4…)

Apologies for the shit collage but got some caps from the "writing" she was flipping through in a recent post. "Will i ever find a medication that truly helps" how about trying to actually work on yourself and learning skills to help yourself? Absolutely ridiculous. "Why don't I get more options?" this bitch is unreal, complaining about the food too of course!

No. 844439

File: 1626450623241.jpg (43.43 KB, 567x702, somodestuwu.JPG)

looking forward to reading all this shit, of course if she writes it down on computer. A part of me doubts that

No. 844440

>all I got was goddamn pancakes!

This bitch is like a parody of herself

No. 844441

she can literally go to the dollar or thrift store and buy plain t-shirts and shorts. she’s so ridiculous

No. 844442

So spend your money on getting groceries like every other person instead of prioritizing ugly ass Amazon clothes, Tuna. But of course you won't.

I guess she's over thrift stores and the magic dumpster.

No. 844447

Didn't she say in a tumblr post that she liked not wearing a bra because it "looked hot?" Now she's trying to rewrite it and say that she was just wearing a tanktop because it was hot uwu. She literally dressed slutty on purpose lol

No. 844448

File: 1626454587630.jpeg (561.61 KB, 1242x2058, BA27C223-03F5-4070-96F8-CE75B0…)

Looks like she's finally typed up her whole mental illness sperg to tumblr now, she wonders why nothing improves yet she simply wastes her time doing pathetic pointless shit like this kek astounding.

No. 844450

There is no med that will magically make all the mental illness go away. Taking meds and seeing a therapist (and seriously working with them) is what eventually starts to help. It's a process. You can't expect better mental health to be handed to you like a sweatshop dress from amazon.

No. 844451

She’s lucky she gets any kind of breakfast, she’s literally there a couple hours

No. 844452

She writes as if she's the main character in some junk novella. Despite having overdosed, this girl is so far removed from her reality. Once the real health issues start to take hold I can see her mewling for fuckin pity and "why couldn't you stop me before this happened" bs. She's a lost cause at this point. She's still so invested in romanticizing her "pain" [ie unmanaged and unmedicated mental illness and personality disorder (s)]

No. 844453

File: 1626455611483.png (168.09 KB, 561x1312, screencapture-heavenlykitten19…)

No. 844456

> Tldr why wont the doctors just give me heroin to cure my addiction

Goddammit she makes being an addict her whole personality yet she doesnt seem to grasp the definition of what an addict is. You cant cure an addiction with more drugs/"medicine" you absolute dipstick. Anxiety medicine is for treating irrational anxiety - you are not sick when you have anxiety over your life being an absolute mess. Its a survival response to force you out of a dangerous situation just like its good to feel pain when touching a hot stove. Also whats up with her "m" key these spelling errors are so odd

No. 844458

is2g this idiot is gonna make my eyes roll out of my head. it sounds like the program she's 'going' to is the minnesota program and it's a program based on the 12 step program. it's not difficult to figure out why – say what you want about aa, but it is the tried and tested method for getting sober. yeah, it's not for everyone, but it makes complete sense that it's the first program you get to try considering it does work for a fuckload of people.

here's the thing tho, if a program doesn't feel right to you, luna, the way to deal with that is to TALK TO YOUR FUCKING DOCTORS ABOUT IT. anyone who reacts to a bad program by demonising people honestly trying to help addicts get clean is a person who has no fucking will to get clean. there are ways to go "hey, this doesn't feel right for me" without going "wahhhhh they've got a poster of the steps on the wall" you fucking dingbat. she's so fucking spoiled and entitled, it's disgusting. people working with addiction don't owe you sobriety. she's so fucking gross.

No. 844461

So it may be prescribed for somebody off h that is having post acute withdrawal, usually within 4-6 weeks. But after 6 months ~sober PAWS usually is on its way out and it’s probably better to just get through it rather than starting another physical addiction. But this is Tuna we are talking about and she is probably being dramatic and over exaggerating her symptoms if she really is 6 months ~sober.

No. 844464

for someone so obsessed with religious imagery and angels, it's hilarious that luna hates the 12 step program.

No. 844466

Not really since her interest is purely in the aesthetic. She doesn't believe in God. Plenty of people are like that, including anons in the /m/ christian art thread. You can appreciate the imagery and still be uncomfortable with being forced to ask God for help with your addiction when you are an atheist.

No. 844467

i mean you're right but it's just funny to me that she's surrounding herself with all this spiritual aesthetic and then clearly doesn't believe in it. it's just a bit ironic. i don't think the 12 step program is the best sobriety program and i'm not religious myself but i think luna hoarding all this shit and using antique religious keepsakes to store drugs just to whine about the 12 step program is a joke.

No. 844471

One thing's for sure, Tuna needs Jesus. Doubt she talked to her therapists about her drinking piss and whatever she prefilmed for sale as a sw-er.

No. 844475

Good god she makes me want to a-log like nobody else. She is never going to get better whatsoever, sober or not. What a sad life.

No. 844476


I swear to god this bitch thinks she's the next William Burroughs or something.

No. 844482

And she wants to write a poetry book! Even though the only subject she has ever, ever written on is herself and how bad she has it. She really thinks everyone is just dying to read the endless bitching and moaning of some random unwashed addict.

No. 844497

File: 1626489951009.jpeg (359.96 KB, 750x1067, BDF670A2-DFAC-4D9E-B39D-C75581…)

this selfie is lowkey unsettling to me. idk why

also classic luna with a stain on her shirt, gotta love it

No. 844498

File: 1626490356557.jpeg (333.8 KB, 750x856, AEE94F17-4B50-4C52-8162-7E6753…)

so much for wanting to cover up

No. 844499

And the grift continues

No. 844500

I agree anon. It's something about her eyes. They look predatory or inhuman or something.

No. 844501

it looks like the filter has flattened her nose weirdly, giving me heavy voldemort vibes

No. 844504

3 days ago >>844206
>i just wanna feel safe i legit don't feel comfortable wearing tight or colorful clothes rn gimme gimme gimme

No. 844507

It’s understandable how in the early days of treatment you feel like you’re being pulled in a bunch of different directions when you’re used to being laid out on the floor. So there is a lot of “now what” time and it goes by slow. But if her treatment uses the 12 step I wonder if they do the “keep coming back it works if you work it” jingle/phrase but it has the word work so it automatically does not apply to her. It does suck to see people in group on court order who don’t wanna be there but tuna is on another level. She has no wisdom or courage to accept her parents and move on. Sometimes she’s self aware but most of the time it’s this deludenoid shit. And also what is this about her not being in control. She doesn’t control her eating, her spending, living situation or her own fiancé. She controls her psych to give her pills and her followers to buy her shit.
Also packs of cigs in NY are like expensive but she always money for them.

No. 844511

>how dare you question the coping methods of a rape victim!!1

No. 844516

How do you live in New York where it gets hot af in summer your whole life and not have any summer clothes

No. 844517

1. You’re a filthy junkie who sleeps in late, nods out throughout the afternoon and only awakes properly once the sun has gone down
2. You put on weight over lockdown and either don’t fit into or don’t feel comfy in last years summer clothes
3. You’ve outgrown one kitschy ugly style and have adopted an even more gross infantile approach to dressing yourself and your hoard must be updated accordingly
4. You don’t take care of your shit and you left all your summer clothes in a forgotten pile in the corner of a room and now it’s all disintegrated into a swamp of fabric, filth and sweat
5. All of the above, its Luna. I can believe she has no presentable light clothing for summer. Plus she’s an idiot who buys clothes purely for whatever aesthetic she’s obsessed with at the time and not functionality or longevity.

No. 844521


She's been hiding behind baggy clothes so much that her tits are hanging out and she was sent home early from outpatient… riiiiight.

Just do your regular begging Tuna. Your stories are ridiculous. You'd think she'd learn from a lifetime junkie like Lurch to just tell enough to get the story across, but leave out specific details so you don't have to try to remember everything you made up. It's Lying 101.

No. 844524

It’s the eyes mostly I think. They look conniving and in pain to me.

No. 844525

It’s the eyes mostly I think. They look conniving and in pain to me.

No. 844529

>shitty laptop
kek wasn't that laptop a free gift that she was super grateful for a few months ago? but she's clearly having another cheap cheap shitty shitty phase bc she hasn't fulfilled her begging quota since "what happened to her"

she really out here smoking cigarette filters huh

she absolutely has summer clothes, she just wants people to buy her stuff

No. 844530

File: 1626528447212.png (1.02 MB, 828x1267, nails.png)

No. 844531

File: 1626528525444.png (58.57 KB, 822x493, illness fakers.png)

No. 844532

Wow, his dad is dad? My dad is dad too. So sad

No. 844535


where were u when u heard lurch dad was dad

No. 844537


Love how she goes from men are scum and totally ruining her therapy and sobriety to this.

No. 844539

at least it's an obvious typo

No. 844540

File: 1626534196365.jpg (95 KB, 1403x702, whytho.JPG)

those nails seem like such a waste for someone that is homeless, apparently in an urgent need of summer clothes etc

No. 844541

Yeah I'm curious what "driving me crazy for days" means. Is it literal annoyance? Is she setting out her feelers for a new Chief? Is it some Jon wanting more piss drinking and toilet paper pussy? Why is some man other than Lurch buying her nails?

Also speaking of Lurch, why the hell is he in court for his dog bite? Are they still looking to sue or did she lose track of her story again? Iirc the "bite" looked like a chain link fence for him kek.

No. 844542

In her DBT book it says doing nails is a coping mechanism. But I'm sure what Tuna does it's not what the author was referring to. She should be cleaning her squat and washing her clothes instead, if she wants to get better but alas.

No. 844550

File: 1626540247813.jpeg (1.37 MB, 4096x2731, 226FDB16-33E2-4BA7-A332-72ED4A…)

Tuna the narcan queen.

No. 844551


Subs are okay for cravings, but it's easy for any doctor to prescribe them, unlike how difficult it is to get licensed to dose methadone.

Also subs are useful to help people stay clean since you'll get sick af if you do dope while on them, whereas you can still use dope while on methadone.

No. 844556

File: 1626544859010.jpeg (95.14 KB, 960x720, EBCC52EC-6E6F-439A-84D6-CADBF5…)

picrel but in dbt, doing your nails is a Crisis Survival skill (Wise Mind A.C.C.E.P.T.S.) that’s meant for an emergency. they literally tell you not to use it to avoid doing what needs to get done kek

No. 844560

as someone who chooses to hide their body and cover up regardless of how hot it is (i’m talking long sleeve shirts with baggy pants and a flannel tied around my waist in 100 degree weather..yes i sweat a lot. yes it is ridiculous but it’s the only way i feel safe) i wouldn’t be caught dead outside wearing just this top and some pants, even though it'd look really cute. this whole act that she wants to hide/not be seen while taking the selfies she does and scamming people to buy her these revealing tank tops makes my blood boil. if you truly felt the urge to hide and dress in an excessively modest manner due to whatever trauma you’ve experienced, you’d suffer through being sweaty and uncomfortable if it meant lessening the possibility of people giving you unwanted attention. sorry for the minor blogpost but she's fucking offensive. pick a lane you attention starved twat

No. 844565

She's a bpdfag. She's chosen all of the lanes kek. Really wonder when things will start to turn for her. I feel you on the frustration - this girl needs consequences stat.

No. 844566

Maybe if she stopped buying cheap cheap cheap chinese polyester clothes from Amazon, she would stop sweating like a pig during the summer.

No. 844569

File: 1626551150881.jpeg (679.66 KB, 750x1061, BBD03F67-0346-4F85-885D-D39FC4…)

She acts like she is being forced to take the Lamictal. Just tell your doctor so you can find another mood stabilizer.

I thought Lamictal was only prescribed to people with epilepsy and bipolar anyway

No. 844571

It's also prescribed to people with BPD/BP who don't see benefit from SSRI and SNRI medications. Medications like Lamictal affect different receptors. In lieu of capping or buffing your serotonin, it does it's magic in the GABA receptors. The same ones that opiates work in, actually. Sorry to medfag, just think it's good context for this post.

No. 844572

File: 1626553215053.jpeg (104.96 KB, 750x1038, 19CF5858-4283-4640-98B7-66E5AB…)

The juxtaposition of the caption and this photo is sending me

No. 844575

Did she not mention the pit bull court update or did I miss her posting about it somehow?

No. 844577

I didn’t know that, thanks anon

She didn’t say anything about how court went

No. 844580

GABA Receptors have nothing to do with opiates, they bind to Opioid receptors (delta, mu, kappa)

No. 844584

File: 1626562411256.jpeg (2.04 MB, 2304x4096, 49840489-ACB0-465B-B350-686A29…)

I'm on mobile so sorry this is such a mess but here's her latest blog post complaining about anything and everything. The fact she won't even put effort into any sort of outpatient/therapy she has been in, yet has the audacity to say she wishes they taught her (those skills) in school kek there is no helping her whatsoever at this point, unreal.

No. 844594

She was beyond help from the beginning but everyone was like "oh she still has time she will change!" I love being proven right kek.

No. 844605

And yet we'll still get another round of anons claiming she still has the potential to get better the minute her second therapy arc ends. Tuna has to want and be willing to change, but she won't because even if she fucks up, she still manages to find a way to weasel out of it or has her safety net of a dad to manipulate into helping her.

No. 844610

hold your horses, she's not dead yet. there is still the faintest hope she will change

No. 844613

"true ups and downs" she only listed the downs , geez.

No. 844614

The guy who is driving her crazy is probably her dad who won't share his Xanax or something

No. 844618

all this talk about not wanting to be forced to wear less clothing. please, by all means, COVER THE FUCK UP. nobody has a gun to your head forcing you to wear cheap cheap skin tight clothing with your tits hanging out let alone posting them for the world to see. you don't want men 'scanning' you, but you post shit like this literally seeking validation and complain about not being able to wear the clothes you don't want to be forced to wear in public? please make it make sense. it’s all such bullshit and so silly. grow up for crying out loud

No. 844620

File: 1626573913169.jpeg (451.38 KB, 615x998, F75D452F-F591-4F72-83CF-93EE14…)

Oh dear

No. 844622

except like one of her followers said, there’s no adverse effect of using narcan on someone who doesn’t need it and someone who took a bunch of shit wouldn’t be in the right state of mind to list every single thing. narcan also helps with respiratory depression so it’s not just for opiate overdose. if you’re not sure if someone’s overdosed on an opiate and you have narcan in your possession, you should absolutely use it. what a dumb fucking thing to make a post about, especially being so wrong about it.

No. 844623

File: 1626574840692.jpg (47.43 KB, 381x378, tuna you're fucked tuna.jpg)

>>>all i want to do is wear clothing so big i'm swimming in it
are you…sure about that???
wow such big clothing tuna you're really hiding away and uhhh..swimming in it (while also tryna feel sexy for two seconds). such an incredibly modest gal ever since that thing that happened to her. she's all over the fuckin place

No. 844624

She's sucking in her gut so hard that it's making her face look like she's constipated and trying to take a dump. Sexy.

No. 844625

i think what she meant to say was "all i want to do is wear clothing so tight my body is swimming in it" kek

No. 844632

File: 1626580522062.jpeg (446.38 KB, 750x1232, 52CD5F72-17CF-47B7-9113-558C0E…)

No. 844636

File: 1626582996315.png (377.66 KB, 720x1108, Religious aesthetic.png)

Ripping artworks from vintage books to put on her "useless notebook".

No. 844642

That huge baggy dress is pretty stylish.

It feels like the tides finally turned a little while ago and there's less of that bullshit now. She's like Raven levels of damaged. Pretending there's any hope she will ever be any different is just stupid.

No. 844657


BTW, the 12 step program isn't religious at all. I'm personally not into NA/AA, but the 12 steps are believing in ANY higher power to help you. Even if you truly believe in plushies being your best friends and saviors and it helps you to be comforted by Hello Kitty patting your arm, you're allowed to use Hello Kitty as your higher power to get you through the hard times. It basically is supposed to help you feel supported and loved by whatever you want to believe in. Even if you don't believe in a person and you just believe in karma, you can use karma as your supportive higher power.

But Tuna will never know this because she doesn't try at anything at all but bitching into her public diary.

No. 844660


"Gifted child"… how many people were in those gifted and talented programs in elementary school and middle school, when they REALLY weren't gifted? Most of them! Just because you tested well as a 6 year old doesn't mean shit about your intelligence or future success.

And Tuna, no one is telling you that you can't try to hustle on your own and try to get your own dope and learn how to shoot yourself up and die alone. Dooo iiiiitttt. Just because Lurch can't do it because he's an innocent man being wronged by the legal system right now doesn't mean you can't! So quit bitching like someone told you that you can't use drugs to self-medicate.

Also, medics give Narcan now to a ton of people with no opiate use history when responding to someone being unconscious just in case they're on opiates. You can have all your meds right next to you with none being an opiate and they'll still Narcan you. Tuna, you don't know shit about drugs no matter how hard you try to fake it until you make it. Go back to using until you want to quit and I'm sure Chief Bromden will join you

No. 844663

I can’t figure out if she knows this or not. On the one hand, she’s had so much exposure through those around her to the 12 step programme she must surely know the higher power doesn’t have to be God. As you said, Hello Kitty could be her higher power. Most non-religious people will think about the power of nature, human connection, or some totally unspoken ambiguous higher being. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be a spiritual belief. On the other hand, she’s a retard.

No. 844665

even if she was ~gifted uwu~ at 6 years old, it doesn't matter since she purposely spent the last 10 years turning her brain to mush with drugs for the aesthetic.

No. 844666

This is so true. I use the belief that inside me is my successful powerful self living up to her full potential. It's basically just an affirmation that makes you feel supported and strong. She is just looking for problems. Even if you think NA is a load of shit it's worth going especially if she's got nothing to do anyway except be haunted by her uwu horrible thoughts. Even if one tip is useful it was worth suffering through. Get a grip Luna. You expect TOO much.

No. 844675

I fucking love Luna she is god damn iconic honestly. I strive to be like her

No. 844679

File: 1626621553753.gif (173.76 KB, 267x200, 200 (1).gif)

>the 12 steps are believing in ANY higher power to help you. Even if you truly believe in plushies being your best friends and saviors and it helps you to be comforted by Hello Kitty patting your arm, you're allowed to use Hello Kitty as your higher power to get you through the hard times. It basically is supposed to help you feel supported and loved by whatever you want to believe in. Even if you don't believe in a person and you just believe in karma, you can use karma as your supportive higher power.
That's so wholesome and beautiful, I love how you said it

No. 844680


“God I hope they help with my reading, writing, and art. All of the silly writing I’ve been doing the last few days trying to remind myself of that young girl who excelled at art, writing, reading, writing, and art. And all of the silly writing I’ve been doing the last few days trying to remind myself of that young girl who excelled at art, writing, history”

The voice of a generation, guys

No. 844681

You should consider killing yourself before you do that, anon.

No. 844682

In what way is lurch intelligent or talented lmao. What is his talent? Selling drugs? Grooming teenagers?

No. 844684

>t. fakeboi

No. 844690


here be another "this" comment – yes! and it's so telling to me that someone doesn't want to become clean if they start obsessing over the "god" word in a purely negative way.

i grew up evangelical, i got no fucking interest in religion, i get not wanting shit to do with it.

but not being religious is not an excuse to not become sober. there's a reason step 1 is about powerlessness, that raw desperation to get clean that tuna clearly fucking lacks. she has no interest in being clean, she has an interest in protecting her ego at all costs. I get why people keep rooting for her, but y'all need to wake the fuck up and realise what a person with no interest in sobriety looks like. bc if you can't spot it in luna, hoooooooo boy.

(to continue on the wholesome train: where i'm from, the word 'god' is often used in meetings as an acronym of "fellowship/community without drugs." bc so many people feel like they don't have their own strength, but that the community of other sober people have a strength that can support you and give you a place to rest. And I find that very nice!)

No. 844696

File: 1626630541183.jpeg (12.94 KB, 275x275, 9050677F-1BC0-4DD0-B136-0C9D1F…)

No. 844705

OT and saged What area/language are you in that God is an acronym like this? I really like that concept & want to understand.

No. 844707

File: 1626637058879.jpg (227.45 KB, 1024x1190, iq91k-kcip5.jpg)

No. 844728

apparently the letter of the day is M

No. 844729

I would feel bad for ger therapist (whom she pretty much doxed) had she probably handwaived a bpd junkie trashing her for not knowing what ~troo junkie lyfe~ is like lmfao

No. 844747

File: 1626657636772.png (523.02 KB, 719x981, tunglr.png)

No. 844748

File: 1626657678615.png (1.08 MB, 719x1040, draw.png)

No. 844756


it always amazes me when people like luna post rambles and shit, and then tag them with "pls read i worked hard", like who the fuck is that going to have an effect on?

No. 844757

“why are my counselors all pretty middled aged white women????” whines a 25 yr old white woman

No. 844759

Look at the winners in the replies. The cow and her calves.

No. 844765

File: 1626667551331.jpeg (40.47 KB, 488x488, GUEST_476303c3-eb3e-4dfd-aad9-…)

>take my shoes off and walk in them grass

No. 844773

brilliant anon, this gave me a good chuckle.

Luna needs a good kick up the ass to be honest, she's so fucking entitled.

No. 844776

Just gonna dump a copy paste because pink on pink is so unreadable.

"july 16th, 2021

prescribe me your little poison strips. sublingual, the smell alone makes me sick, the taste, so nauseating, makes me gag until Im vomit stomach bile.cos you know I can’t eat now, I must be able tom control something. I don’t plan on taking these anyways, I hate them.

pick your medication, your medication that mostly doesn’t work, is it still considered medicine if it has nom medicinal qualities for me?

stop thinking about drugs, stop it, stop thinking about it, shut up brain, stop thinking about needles, and blood, and rushes\ just STOP. just stop thinking

when does the hospital pharmacy open? 9:30am. \what time is it right now? 8:26am.whhy are you eating a goddamnm pancake you weren’t supposed to eat today goddammt.

just spread my ashes in my bed and put them both in the crematorium because who wants my depressing bed covered in my gross junkie ashes all over it?

throw the pancake out you’re gross for eating it- but you glutinous asshole you spent your last pocket change on it! keep finding new ways tom be mam glutton…. waste your money on a pancake or eat the pancake? either way you LOSER, LOSER.

why are all the councilors in my program these young kinda pretty middle to upper class white women? none of them have ever said they’ve ever struggled with addiction and it’s just not possible tom understand from goddamn textbooks. a textbook in college can’t teach you the real shit, the agony, why we go back to it, the real shit isn’t something to be taught in a TEXTBOOK, Linda! look, I know you’re trying your best but a user’s mind is one of them most complicated mindsets

the twelve steps are bullshit. i’ve tried. it doesn’t work for me, at all. yet every morning we’re forced to read from the but here I am, raising my hand like i’m in high school again, and for the hundredth time Im say, “I don’t believe in any of this.” they just tell me to keep reading the big book. fuck the big book. why can’t I be given more options? just another thing on the list the evaluation lady straight up lied to me about. right tom my face when i’m begging for help. what, does she get a commission the more people she gets tom join am program? sure feels like it. again, i’m just another number.

I came to my program and all I got were these goddamn pancakes that i feel guilty for eating, my meds get filled in 56mins, and an unbreable migraine while I’m inches away from a panic attack.

I want to take my shoes off and go walk in them grass, enjoying each blade between my toes. then I want to sit in front of the giant statue of Mary I don’t believe in any religion but religious icons attract me. nature feels a million times more therapeutic than any part of my program. a l.ot more therapeutic than reading the fucking joke called the big bookn and any of their twelve step garbage, I just wish it were in the 60′s so I could comfortably lay in the grass and feel my problems melt away, even if just for a moment.

they don’t care about my life, I’m just another expendable patient to them. if they found out I went home and overdosed and died, they’d call once and wouldn’t even bother if I didn’t answer cos I was dead.

I am surrounded b y the dredges of society, because I am one. I fit right in. I’m no better than anyone else here.

I can’t live a day at a time, there’s much too much on my mind for that, and I get lost inside the doomsday thoughts. ruminating. I could get lost in my head forever and just keep hitting dead ends, like H.H Holmes hotel, no matter where I go I lose.

why am Im sitting in this hospital cafeteria fighting back tears? I don’t even know why Im cry half the time, I probably just despise myself and can’t keepm it inside so the tears escape. but is that why the anxiety is so bad that i’m close to puking? and my demented mind mind I’m hoping I DO throw up make the pancakes exit my disgusting body?

Im feel so vulnerable, so anxious, and what prescriptions am I waiting for? goddamn klonopin which I wish I had now to prevent this panic attack coming on, and suboxone which I don’t even plan on taking.

i’m still not free."

No. 844785

Only Luna is keeping herself inside her own prison. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want the help. The 12 steps guide you through taking a personal inventory of yourself. You have to list personal resentments and ask yourself the role you played in that (ex: “i hate my dad”, “maybe I hate my dad because he doesn’t enable me and fall for my manipulation”). You are to write all the shitty things you’ve done to others and make amends (“sorry I stole from you, I’m working on paying you back). You basically close out your 12 steps with a realization of how selfish you were, and how you alone were at fault for a lot of your wrongs. She uses the program’s view of spirituality as an excuse. If she made any effort to actually talk to anyone in recovery, she’d know not everyone in those rooms are remotely religious. There are meetings for atheists and agnostics. Her addiction is her identity. Nothing is ever her fault. Of course she hates recovery programs, because you’re supposed to admit you fucked up and actively try to change yourself for the better.

No. 844791


yup. allow me to posit: She expected to get a lifetime movie in the recovery program, walk into a room full of people who listen to her sob stories and react with "oh my god, sweetie, all of that is so horrible. you're such a good person, you didn't deserve all of that, you poor poor thing" and to get hugs and ass pats as she cries and cries and takes up all the meeting time herself.

when that, of course, didn't happen and she instead was expected to put in work to better her situation, she got pissy and ramped her victim complex up by 1000.

it's not unique. she's not unique. as long as she clings to this mindset, she's just another junkie in a million who want to feel sorry for themselves and never do anything to change, only care about people who provide them with money/drugs/attention/whatever and get deeply offended at the suggestion that they try to do something to get themselves out of their situation.

No. 844792

File: 1626702293295.jpeg (108.53 KB, 750x476, 9BE78751-A306-4B92-B1A4-2E0D5F…)

Skipping her program again because of Lurch I guess? I’m not really understanding why she can’t go, I thought the program arranged transportation for her?

She is going to get kicked from the program

No. 844793

File: 1626702346905.jpeg (263.88 KB, 750x883, 57074B67-15FE-4535-885F-219ADF…)

finally getting that dress

No. 844795

Same anon but imagine having a partner who cares so little about you that they can’t be bothered to get up at a reasonable hour so that you can get mental health treatment.

I mean her excuse is most likely bullshit but damn

No. 844799

"really small" bitch that had to be at LEAST a $50 gift card. be appreciative, cunt.

No. 844800

Her “friend’s mom” gives her a lot of free shit, any idea who this person is?

XXXL dress jfc Luna

No. 844801

>my friends mom sent me a rly small amazon gift card
Wasn't that stupid dress still like $20? And she got a night gown too? The audacity of this bitch to call someone else's money "small".

No. 844803

It must not have been that small if she was able to get all that useless shit with it. And didn't she just "find" a notebook? She's always showing new stuff she gets while constantly running out of or magically not having those things. Entitled, ungrateful fucking cunt.

No. 844805

I hate her implication that junkies' minds are more complex than some normie non-drug user. Luna, drug dependency and mental illness happen to tortured artists and miserable plumbers alike. You're not more special for being an "artist." She's so boring. She only writes about herself.

No. 844807

The dress was like $26 iirc and the nightgown is $15.99.

So that “really small” gift card was probably for at least $50. So ungrateful

No. 844808

>glutinous asshole

No. 844811

Ty anon, I couldn’t read it and assumed that it was all about being draped in lace as per usual BUT it was even better- she was draped in pancakes

No. 844817

File: 1626709677121.jpg (639.08 KB, 1080x5282, ZomboDroid 19072021174445.jpg)

She mentioned the notebook thing earlier. Her passion for writing is so flaming she cannot use any old notebook, it has to be a twaumacore Kuromi certified merch.

No. 844826

Out of all her weird quirks, the whole traumacore shit is the most confusing. Why do her rape stories and slam poems about being a whale have to be in an imported Sanrio notebook? It's never Daiso level stationary, it's ALWAYS $20-$50 hardcover notebooks from Sanrio with matching pens and shit. Does she think it adds a layer of sadness and 'robbed innocence' to her writing? It just makes her look like a retarded DDLG hoarder. Nothing screams tortured female artist more than blood stained Sanrio that reeks of cigarette smoke and cat piss. Imagine what it's going to be like when crime scene cleaners have to clear Luna and Lurches squat they die in. Night terror fuel.

No. 844827

Is she attempting to be funny? Or something? This is a shitty rant on her blog but it's tagged like she "worked really hard on it". H fried her brain so hard that typing mostly complete sentences with punctuation takes real effort for her.
The criticism about her therapists is so naive. Of course professionals aren't instructed by textbooks and reading alone. Just because they don't have 25+ years of experience living as a heroin romanticizer doesn't mean they don't have context for addiction and its treatment.
>i love when shitty men buy me things!
Someone got their dad's card info back.

No. 844830

Welcome anon, and lmao. She tries to have such a negative view of food, instead she could reduce her portion size in half (not throw away, just keep for later) and exercise. She'll feel better overall.

No. 844839

It read like a lazy rip off from the Stupid Piece of Shit episode of Bojack, she’s lame as hell

No. 844841

I mean, it’s classic bpd shit. Eat reasonable portions of healthy food? No! Alternately gorge on shit food and then try to starve yourself!

No. 844842

not that person, but “Gemeinschaft ohne Drogen” is “fellowship without drugs” in German

No. 844845

>>I just wish it were in the 60′s so I could comfortably lay in the grass and feel my problems melt away

does she think grass only exists in the past? lmfao

No. 844847

imagine spending the last four months crying about how much you need all these meds and you need this outpatient program and this psychiatrist. and then you get literally all of it and then go “yeah but now i wanna go sit on some grass. did you know nature is therapeutic?”

No. 844849

Don't forget pancakes and her bf doesn't want to wake up early. You really can't make this shit up holy shit.

No. 844850

>does she think grass only exists in the past?
Ahem, "Touching the grass with her hooves is the only way the lady can truly feeleth like the swine the lady is."

I don't see why she just doesn't go outside and do it. She's already fucking filthy and lives like a pig, so the dirt shouldn't bother her. Modern day grass is no different than grass in the past, she's just retarded and whiny.

No. 844851

I think she means 60's as in like the temperature

No. 844852

who is worse lmao Luna or the people who post and think about her every single day, iconic

No. 844854

In their defense, it's hard to decipher what Tuna means most of the time.

No. 844855

what is iconic about that lol

No. 844857

clearly luna is a modern day anne frank and must only stare at the grass from her attic window

No. 844864

File: 1626726910302.jpeg (15.92 KB, 325x326, Bait_888a59_6001481.jpeg)

at least it's saged this time

No. 844865

File: 1626727268444.jpg (368.99 KB, 1080x1622, weird.jpg)

No. 844869

File: 1626728988567.gif (2.65 MB, 500x220, 7e566fd2b47b048672b80f267a2928…)

I love when she gets roasted on Reddit.

No. 844871

File: 1626729307369.jpeg (554.49 KB, 750x1118, AF9186CC-5A85-426C-8020-7B3860…)

You gotta wonder what these pictures look like unfiltered lol, I’m seeing cat hair and stains despite the heavy editing

No. 844878

It’s you I promise

No. 844879

File: 1626731244865.jpeg (701.59 KB, 741x1089, 4EF57A47-265C-462C-B4C0-C4EC86…)

fucking EW you fat twat

No. 844881

Also she opened her journal to this exact entry for a reason. She loves to bitch about her family but doesn’t seem to talk about how she inherited a fucking house from her grandmother???

No. 844886

She's gonna be 80 years old and still talking about how horrible her parents are and how gifted she used to be.

No. 844888

and "conceived on -insert applicable title here- clinic stairs."

methadone clinic, detox clinic, rehab. She just really loves to fixate on how she was conceived on stairs. Girl so badly wants to be a main character lmao

No. 844891

File: 1626733626437.jpeg (175.88 KB, 750x734, 9F3AC2E3-B8E8-4AF7-B84D-653F88…)

I would feel bad for the people who still support her on Tumblr if I didn’t think they were so stupid.

No. 844892

Just what her bed needs, more crumbs and stains

No. 844893

Wtf is wrong with her hair

No. 844894

File: 1626733914639.jpeg (496.46 KB, 750x1138, 52298441-4911-4ED6-955F-284FCC…)

This is the journal she wants lizard queen to buy her. About $9 for the journal and then $10 for shipping (ships from Hong Kong). You really gotta be a fucking idiot to spend money on Luna

No. 844895

It's fried and she doesn't know how to cut it.

No. 844898

eating pork and cheese isn’t very kawaii

No. 844902

I'm fucking screaming.

It's fucked from the bleach and then she backcombs it or something to make it look even worse!?

No. 844903

Unfortunately the lashes cannot distract from the uneven mop on her head.
Luna must have legitimate problems perceiving her own filth. She really put that plate down onto her bedding with a q-tip inches away from it.

No. 844904

Big “duh” but I doubt anyone who is sober would take a picture like this and think they look acceptable, let alone gorgeous.

I wish she would at least trim her hair to make both sides even.

She hasn’t mentioned “what happened to me” lately, is she done with that grift you think? I mean she got her dress

No. 844906

In the middle of this, she goes from talking about her family to saying how she doesn't talk to anyone in her (outpatient) group… and then says how she dropped her number into a guy's lap there because she found out he was an opiate addict.

No. 844907

>is she done with that grift you think?
Of course not. Give it a few hours.

No. 844909

live like an animal die like an animal

she chose her fate. she’s too good for outpatient and pancakes, her writing and art will save her!

No. 844912

Does she intentionally grease her shit up? That notebook looks like she wiped the pizza against it a few times. Gross.

No. 844913

for safety reasons they probably always want at least one person at the squat since they don't have a lock on the door

No. 844916

Imagine living like that

No. 844917

File: 1626739701985.jpeg (49.36 KB, 750x327, 92C15A07-A61E-492B-8AA5-3CC664…)

im dead guys

No. 844918

Lmao my bets are on her blowing up the shitter and Lurch making a comment about it. Embarrassing how she tells on herself lmao

No. 844921

Luna 100% took a fat dump from all the pizza she ate and they don’t have a plunger to unclog the toilet

No. 844922

waiting for her tumblr stans to be like
“yas queen fuck the patriarchy!” and
“i recommend dulcolax sweetie it really helped with my chronic constipation xo”

No. 844951

i swear to god if we have to hear about her conception one more time. my god, who the fuck cares if your parents made you on the steps of a methadone clinic? there’s average normal citizens walking around who were the products of abuse and rape and they’re not whining about it every goddamn day.

No. 844954

File: 1626749455381.jpeg (466.64 KB, 750x1002, 9352DED2-145B-4428-A072-177F57…)

She is seething tonight. She just wrote a long tumblr post about her father, maybe someone else could screen shot it

No. 844960

File: 1626751772540.png (119.27 KB, 646x1232, luna.png)

No. 844964

Her theme is ugly so I'll copy/paste:

"i despise arguing and when someone yells i cry probably from being abused by my dad as a child so heavily

he lived on the 29th floor so when he said “let’s go on the balcany”
that was basically code words for “i’m going to scream at you on the balcony so my girlfriend won’t hear me on the balcony”

this made me legit think of suicide at age 8 for the first time. that’s fucked up.

also “luna let’s go for a walk” was also a code word for “luna let’s go outside so i can scream at you until you cry and my girlfriend won’t hear haha”

it was so dehumanizing to be yelled at outside

i got yelled at for anything and everything. i got yelled at for my “tone” which is honestly just my voice. it doesn’t sound happy all the time that’s just my goddamn voice. (idk why the font changed nor do i know how to change it back sorry)

he yelled at me for things i didn’t do. he basically yelled at me for existing. like in bojack horseman when beatrice says to bojack as a kid “no, i’m mad at you for being alive” i felt that. idk why my mom told my dad when i was an infant that he was my dad. it was selfish. i didn’t need to know him. i should’ve never known him. he continues to mentally abuse me to this day. i come to see him and honestly him not yelling at me but saying the words he’d say if he was yelling in a calm voice is even scarier to me. it made me uncomfortable and want to hide.
he didn’t care i was raped. he said some slurs and that’s about it. he made me uncomfortable. he made me feel like i personally did something wrong. he’d take me out to eat and then show me the 40ish dollar receipt (i might add he’s the one who decided we’d go out to eat! i wasn’t even hungry!) and made me feel guilty about it.

i’d mention (another time) how i was on antibiotics and i couldn’t afford to eat three means a day. he shrugged it even though everyone knows that makes you extremely sick to take antibiotics without eating meals. so all week i was puking and destroying the toilet.

i can never stand up against him. when i try to i turn into a stuttering mess where i can’t talk properly. i’ve even gone to see him where i wrote down notes and put them in my bag so i’d be able to not forget my talking points and say what i planned to say.

but he’d interrupt me. he’d make me feel stupid. i remember when i was a kid he’d be yelling at me for not understanding math and numbers as fast as him. he self published a book of poetry and i could easily make fun of how bad he is at writing and how much better i am at writing but that’s not my style. i don’t make people feel bad about things they word hard on. i don’t make people feel bad on purpose. he does. the only things that make me know he is my father is my fingers and toes are long and thin, my moms are short and fat, his are also long and thin. we have the same eyes. similar nose. similar face. his mother is the only person i know of in my family that gave me this awful body where my thighs and hips are huge, nobody else on my mothers said has that.

i remember when i was 10-11 I used to ride the computer alone. he sat on the train before left and told me i was conceived in a staircase in a drug rehab inpatient center. i didn’t need to know at all, let alone at such a young age. i cried the whole train ride home, aka 42 minutes. he’s tell me all sorts of terrible things about my mom when I was under 12. id hear my mom with the phone chord pulled all the way into the bathroom sobbing from him yelling at her. she had her issue but nobody deserves that. 

i could go in forever. tomorrow i plan on writing a true essay about it. but i remember his girlfriend always tried to have have us do actually fun stuff (his deification of “fun stuff” was taking me to extremely violent movies as a child. i’ll never forget some movie we saw someone was threatening to put an iron to a baby’s face and he was holding the iron and the baby was screaming and i was sobbing and had to go into the restroom after to continue sobbing because it was fucked up and i was 13). anyways his girlfriend was wonderful i’ll never understand how she ended up with him.

i legit have nightmares about him still. i had one just last night.

she took us to beautiful hotel and i wore a two piece for the first time. he pointed at my stretch marks and said “what are those?” in a disgusted voice. he was in his 50s, he can’t say he’s never seen stretch marks before. i had to go back to the bathroom i changed in and cry because i felt humiliated and wished i had a one piece to change into.

anyways i’m going to write a bunch more about my dad tomorrow. writing about it now has traumatized me thinking of all this shit. this man definitely gave me some form of PTSD and continues to do so.

so goodnight."

No. 844969

No one cares, Tuna. Not a single person. I hope her dad cuts her off cause I know that none of her friends or followers are going to tell her to grow up and shut the fuck up.

No. 844972

File: 1626752802631.png (164.76 KB, 1289x618, luna.png)

No. 844977

i'm annoyed by the fact that luna is always spending money on tons of shit while not improving on herself or working. and some of the shit she buys is expensive. i work a full time job and can't even shop like she does.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 844978

Ripping off Babes in Toyland lyrics I see

No. 844980


> I should’ve never known him.

Yeah ok Luna weren’t you glad your dad bought you a shit ton of amazon stuff repeatedly and let you on his phone plan or something like that? Homegirl was banking on her own dad passing away so she could get his apartment. Now that she realised he will not let her anywhere as long as Lurch is around, she’s ready to demonise him. (Also funny the only dirt she can manage about her own dad is that he’d yell at her for her tone. That’s it. In hindsight maybe he was too soft on her)

Funny how her mom is her good parent because she’s more weak willed and let her and lurch steal her bedroom, but even then, she straight up told a social worker that her mom’s life was practically finished.

The only way to be in Luna’s good graces is to be like her grandma and nicely pass away for the uwu sad points and leave her a nice cozy heritage. She’s so vile.

No. 844984

>this man definitely gave me some form of PTSD and continues to do so.
Brought to you by the person who heard his apartment had caught on fire and rushed over there to 'help' by smearing ashes on her face for an e-begging selfie. Such trauma uwu.
If he was 'continuing to do so' then maybe cut contact? Stop using his resources? Actually act the part instead of just playing it online? She's so retarded.

My one wish for this cow is that when her dad dies, she discovers he's left the apartment to someone else. Anyone. Some random hobo. Bill Gates. I don't care. Just as long as it isn't her and she is left to seethe.

No. 844992

If you mean the "dirt" at the bottom of the page, it's a printed Kiki and Lala pattern.

No. 844993


oh my god, i forgot the fucking house she inherited lmao. yeah, remember that time she drugged away a whole HOUSE she was left by her grandmother, and she still sits around and calls her parents selfish

No. 844998

I thought they were talking about that pink book… it's covered in yellowish stains and straight up grime

No. 844999

>i could go in forever. tomorrow i plan on writing a true essay about it.
You mean this word vomit is only the beginning??? What the fuck Luna

No. 845004


Medicaid's transportation doesn't rely on Lurch, Tuna is full of shit. Lurch's clinic and Tuna's program agent across the street from each other so it's not like they have to coordinate their schedules to get transportation. They can each have their own transportation scheduled. I guarantee Tuna just wants Lurch to get up and leave at the same time as her so he can wait outside with her until transportation arrives. She legit has no actual excuse for not going to mental health except that she refuses to get up if Lurch isn't getting up

No. 845006


Her "best ideas" come when she's not at home?! Uh Tuna, whether or not you write down your best and brightest ideas, you're still doing absolutely fuck all with them. Your ideas could be so brilliant and cure cancer, but no one will ever know because you just post ramblings pretending to be a junkie victim.

No. 845008


"he self published a book of poetry and i could easily make fun of how bad he is at writing and how much better i am at writing"

god she's so insufferable.

No. 845009

"Wah wah, my life is JUST like Bojack Horseman remember this scene when he gets yelled at by his mom" bitch, stfu about that shitty show. I hate that she models her life around whatever melodramatic media she's into at the moment. It's been happening since thread 1.

No. 845011

My favourite thing about this picture is the random qtip next to the bag

No. 845013

she's been into bojack since forever tho

No. 845027

All I’m gonna say is don’t bite the hand that feeds Luna…

No. 845029

She deleted this lmao

No. 845037

I’m surprised she didn’t throw in a “my dad hit me once!” as a cherry on top of this shit sundae.

He’s only good in her book when he buys her shit. She is really planning on cashing in on his death, I hope he leaves her nothing.

No. 845042

mommy rant when??? can’t wait to read about how she caused her drug addiction and squandered her inheritance and wrecked her hair and made her fat.

don’t know why luna hates herself so much. everyone in her life is a piece of shit but her apparently.

No. 845044

File: 1626804890585.jpg (888.5 KB, 1280x1723, tumblr_0267293e1f1909ab94ff6ba…)

I love that all her little shrine objects make an appearance in her art. Apt title being "Creamate me and Throw my Ashes in my Bed" , her bed already appears to be full of ashes and god knows what else.

No. 845045

Her lines are fucking horrific

No. 845048

File: 1626808022234.jpeg (366.58 KB, 1242x1694, B4774C18-7410-40D6-8EC9-6AF217…)

Absolutely gormless.

No. 845049

Her outfits wouldn't look that bad if she just took basic care of herself and knew how to wash clothing. But alas.

No. 845055


What is wrong with her lip piercing? It’s caked in so much filth. I don’t know how her bridge isn’t infected to shit already

No. 845059

File: 1626820085468.jpeg (169.02 KB, 700x653, 2A346980-E584-4EEA-8BAA-77BBE1…)

is she even wearing fake eyelashes here or is this just a filter? what’s up with the huge gap between her natural eyelashes and the falsies.

No. 845061

I really like how the pigtails accentuate how lopsided her hair is now kek

No. 845062

she applied them to the middle of her eyelid because applying them to your lash line requires a level of precision that is generally not achievable for cracked out narcissists

No. 845063

FFS Luna get a damn haircut and stop bleaching that dry ass mess. It looks so damaged

No. 845064

i know she’s got overall poor judgment but jfc just make it even????

No. 845065

Tag yourself I’m the cheese dripping grease onto the filthy bedspread

No. 845068

Christ. Lol, she's not sober. No-one sober would ever post that - not even Tuna.

No. 845073

even if she IS sober, she’s still trying to make herself physically appear tweaked out in photos. which is almost as bad.

No. 845080

Omg obviously her hair was bad but you can REALLY see how little there is on the one side like this cuz she does the back combing which distracts a bit by being a general rat nest omg how can she not see that and chop to match at least

No. 845081

yeah I was the anon that highlighted her melted hair when she bleached it again. But like I said back then, even if on the first go her hair isn't melted, as she showers/brushes her hair over the next few days/weeks, more will fall apart because she over bleached it, and it looks like it's happening.

I have a feeling in a few more weeks she'll have even more hair fall out/rip out from frayed melted parts.

No. 845085

rhetorical question but why on earth would she apply bleach repeatedly to her entire head instead of just the roots lol

No. 845087

my guess is she wants very white hair, or she's extremely lazy and just does her whole head instead of roots (which take a tad more effort).

But I think considering her 'aesthetic' she probably wants really white hair/borderline silver, and doesn't know what toning is or can even afford purple shampoo for that effect.

No. 845091

I remember she said she needed 3 packs of blonde hair dye to cover all her haid before her calves recommended her the tub of Quick Blue bleach. Anyways her frying her hair is karma.

No. 845101

Yeah I would speculate that she's at very least abusing the klonopin she's prescribed. Do we know if she ever stopped getting xanax? I recall her mentioning Lurch had a script and also her dad but cannot recall if she got them from her dad or if it was the other way round.

No. 845102

File: 1626861312718.png (65.93 KB, 1321x451, 8F780FA3-EF1D-45E5-9681-9A0049…)

last time she mentioned it a month ago, this was what she was getting. i think a week ago she got subs and narcan (true signs of sobriety, for sure) but no xanax. everyone around her got it and she got the klonopins.

No. 845103

"Shockingly prescribed me klonopin" yeah she's definitely abusing those at least then kek. She looks absolutely out of it lately so definitely just switched from heroin to something else.

No. 845105

and the psychiatrist was clearly manipulated into prescribing the klonopins that he apparently doesn’t give out often. luna has all intentions of abusing klonopins, probably in addition to lurch’s xanax. she already said previously he doesn’t take it and her mom used to borrow the script from them.

No. 845106

Yes I thought there had been some xanax abuse at some point at least in the past, so would not surprise me if she was abusing a cocktail of benzos now instead of heroin. She's just making things worse for herself, not that I ever expected her to get better or sober, but jesus christ its a joke at this point.

No. 845110

Does anyone know if she has ever been diagnosed with any kind of anxiety disorder? Everyone experiences anxiety now and then but she is always going on about how bad hers is.

Also I wonder what the protocol is for psychiatrists when they have a patient with an anxiety disorder and a history of abusing benzo/opiates.

No. 845112

if he recognized that luna is a benzo addict then he's probably prescribing her the klonopin as harm reduction, and i assume he hopes to slowly wean her off them. if that's true then luna is going to change her tune about her precious psychiatrist soon enough.

No. 845115

I'd have out of control anxiety too if I'd fucked up my life and relationships as hard as she has by 25. I don't get why she pathologizes it this hard, honestly. It's kind of a "chicken or the egg" scenario with Luna.

No. 845132


yeah, i can't speak for american doctors but where I am it's not too uncommon for slightly naive docs to prescribe "lighter" opioids and benzos to people with severe substance abuse histories. the "it's better than them scoring on the streets!" mentality, even though it's questionable at best imo.

either way, anyone with a brain can see that luna abuses whatever meds she gets.

>>845055 i would assume it's simply luna being filthy as shit, applying makeup without washing it off and/or just being too fucking lazy to apply it with care to detail around her piercings.

No. 845150

File: 1626887486304.jpg (166.49 KB, 1080x759, 20210721_130850.jpg)

Not like she doesn't spend every penny she begs for on Amazon.

No. 845151

Lol at tuna saying a man that worked hard and succeeded is gluttonous. The man went to space and all she’s worried about is not getting any of the money he spent to go.

No. 845157

But Amazon is ok when she needs pink crap made by slave labor.
Hopefully the end of the renters protection means she ends up where she so justly deserves.

No. 845158


yeah, live like you learn, dipshit. criticising billionaires for fucked priorities when they have the ability to change the world is fine imo, but you really don't have a great leg to stand on when all you do is lie on your ass and order amazon packets with your dads card in between whining for more medication while also complaining about the program you're attending to fix YOUR addiction bc they have a poster of the 12 steps on the wall. contribute to society a bit, stop supporting businesses you don't agree with, and then you have a right to say something about the way billionaires live their lives.

No. 845159

she’s a squatter, she already doesn’t pay rent, the fuck is she complaining about?

No. 845161

Hmm, wonder if there is an upcoming eviction on the horizon…

No. 845162

I honestly don’t think she understands the concept that clothes aren’t single-use, you can actually wash them. For all her complaints of poverty she has a truly insane amount of clothing just rotting on her floor. Better beg for more!

No. 845166

exactly. her criticisms are legitimate but they're performative because she practically lives off of amazon orders. as per usual her words mean nothing because they're not backed with anything of substance. like… yeah, ok. you're criticizing bezos but singlehandedly live for his services? gtfoh , you're the problem.

No. 845170

if she'd only wash those fucking clothes she could just sell on depop or take them to consignment stores and see what cash she could get for them. im poor but im able to switch up my wardrobe consistently to match changing tastes without having to beg or scrounge because if you actually take care of your shit, it has value. that's poverty 101.

No. 845171

It's not his fault he came up with an idea and successfully implemented it.

If she's so fucking scared of unemployment ending, look on indeed. There are jobs everywhere right now. Especially in fast food where they don't care if you have no work history.

No. 845173

File: 1626894451789.jpeg (1.2 MB, 3464x3464, DFF5443E-8484-4B59-B0B7-F81878…)

She needs to stop with the fake lashes because they look awful they are clearly halfway up her eyelid, and I just can't get over the state of her lip piercing shit is constantly coated in foundation or something.

No. 845175

>praising billionaires just to epic own tuna in a thread she’ll never read
this thread has really devolved since the rape saga, good lord

No. 845178

>y'all finally made me feel less ugly
god she is insufferable

No. 845179

one person praises jeff bezos going up in space and “tHIs thReAD iS DeVoLViNg”

people have been trying to epic own luna and give her legit advice in her threads since she was introduced on here. chill.

No. 845180

ew she looks like shayna in the second pic

No. 845183

Being ugly really is the least of her problems. If she was hygienic and washed her clothes she could be very normal looking.

No. 845184

She does it on purpose. It's a part of her "aesthetic". Anything to look like a kawaii junkie baby girl heroin addict. Even the lack of hair brushing looks played up, like sometimes she tussels her hair to have more of a disheveled look. She thinks she looks good that way.

No. 845190

I thought it was a filter lmao

No. 845192

You don’t need to brown nose jeff bezos to stick it to luna

No. 845211

Bitch you single handedly sent him to space w ur Amazon habits. Self awareness? She has never heard of her

No. 845212

Right now would be the perfect time for her to get any job experience since people are so desperately hiring. Like go make sandwiches at subway, it’s so easy the customers tell you what to do. She can even do it zonked

No. 845214

I could give 2 shits about bezos but why should any successful, hard working person give their money to sedentary slobs? I could see if she was contributing something to society, even working as a shit kicker, but she isn’t so she doesn’t deserve shit for her entitled ass.

No. 845218

I’d say based on this and the thirty odd other threads about her that she is contributing something insofar as twisted entertainment for the people here..

No. 845220

but she’s so tortured, anon. you don’t understand. her mind is so fucked and broken and insane that she can’t work and it’s fucked up that you would even suggest that.

also her kneeeee. sometimes it dislocates and it hurtsssss. she has pcos too! how could she possibly work under these circumstances?

No. 845221

tuna’s hairline isn’t nearly as bad as Shay’s but yeah

No. 845235

File: 1626936159436.jpg (234.6 KB, 750x1036, IMG_7200.jpg)

No. 845237

File: 1626936286815.jpg (187.76 KB, 750x998, IMG_7201.jpg)

No. 845255

The lines on the floor lol

No. 845257

Has she ever drawn anything that isn’t a badly drawn cartoon about her and The Big Sad?

No. 845258

It's not even The Big Sad. It's just a bunch of shitty 3-5 word sentences. "I'm bad!!" "No one loves me!"

Fucking yawn. Nothing groundbreaking going on here.

No. 845260

These sorts of captions of hers always makes me laugh because she wants to "feel good about her face and body so bad" but she won't even try to help herself, astound how someone can be so far away from being self aware. I wonder if she's ever even had a fleeting thought that perhaps drugs aren't the answer kek.

No. 845262

The American Dream Is Dead? Every time I think she can't shock me with her total lack of self-awareness and delusion, she's right there with some shit like this. Incredible stuff.

No. 845269

Has she posted a picture with Lurch anywhere lately?
I feel like we never see him anymore… wonder if it's because he's never around or because he's gotten so ugly that tuna doesn't even wanna post him anymore

No. 845271

The same fucking faces and themes. Maybe if you tried drawing something positive you wouldn't be so sad, Tuna. At least TRY.

No. 845289

I love when people bitch about Bezos and then buy a copious amount of shit from Amazon.

Like what? If you’re gonna pretend to have morals and at least try to stick to them once in awhile instead of posting your plastic trinket straight to the landfill after one wear never gonna biodegrade Amazon hauls on social media.

Stupid. I’m assuming that Bezos rant led to that “American Dream is dead” drawing.

You could have your own money Luna if you actually did anything besides being a mooch. Sell prints of your drawings ffs, plenty of people like them.

Or like, get a job… since you’re not taking outpatient seriously.

No. 845292

File: 1626967864686.jpg (123.25 KB, 686x386, YUODONTLIKEAMAOZN.jpg)

>I love when people bitch about Bezos and then buy a copious amount of shit from Amazon.
I wouldn't start that, nonnie.

No. 845293

all the best tortured artists make art with iphones and plushies in them.

No. 845295

Okay I’m guessing you’re one of those people? I don’t want to get into this because it’s off topic but there are plenty of other businesses one could shop at instead of Amazon. Have a back bone

No. 845298

Nope, I just found it funny. Acting like Bezos or his peers don't also own all the online shopping stores that aren't e-girl aliexpress drop shippers is funny. Its a retarded take on the level of "you hate capitalism and global warming, yet you buy fast fashion? /trollface" Nonnie, Americans have less options than ever thanks to corporations literally running their country. To never fund those companies you'd have to grow all your food, make your clothes and only ever buy second hand from local stores. It's not easy to do in most areas. Not defending Luna because IDK what her area is like, but come on. Don't choke on the boot.

No. 845300

There are actually a bunch of thrift shops in and around New Rochelle where Luna lives, but unfortunately she can’t grift gift cards from well-meaning Internet strangers to those places so evil Amazon it is. Plus she actually has to like get up and go to these places and she is very lazy.

Her bitching about Bezos is funny to me and completely hypocritical, that is all.

I also don’t get your boot licking comment but okay. I am broke but I make an effort to shop secondhand and small-business. It’s not always easy but it’s doable, but I live in a big city whatever etc etc

Who gives a shit? Sorry to everyone else on the thread for this off-topic exchange, this comment just annoyed me I’m done now

No. 845301

Please save your bullshit for twitter. The difference here is that Tuna doesn’t need 100 new shirts and dresses from Amazon. She is not using Amazon for legitimate reasons and rather using it for needless garbage.
Stop trying to bring bullshit talking points from FB/twitter here thinking you’re going to be validated. Especially when it doesn’t checkout.

No. 845312

yeah, exactly. i really don't get why this thread turned into defending jeff bezos of all fucking people all of a sudden, when afai seen, people have only said that luna is a fucking hypocrite. seems like some twitterfag needs to stop thinking this billionaire is gonna marry their simp ass

No. 845314

lol okay… if she was buying food/actual necessities i would understand but she really doesn’t need another ill fitting cropped t-shirt or Sanrio branded chapstick… she needs to go to a fucking laundromat and gain some common sense (unfortunately not sold on Amazon)

keep supporting mindless consumerism though lol dumbass

No. 845315

File: 1626978732294.jpeg (368.57 KB, 750x971, 0FE67CE5-2ACB-4BD9-A451-6816ED…)

she’s reminiscing about the good of’ days…

definitely trying her hardest to stay clean and sober!

No. 845317

File: 1626980326235.jpeg (309.19 KB, 1242x1806, 6C3207D6-2630-448A-8DB0-71B79B…)

So she "finally figured a way" to get that black dress she kept sperging about, what a fucking weird way to word getting an item of clothing? Wonder who she finessed into buying it for her this time.

No. 845318

File: 1626980408853.jpeg (296.09 KB, 1242x1769, C72274EC-177A-4638-8221-5AC16D…)

Samefag but its already beyond filthy like did the bitch throw up all down herself or something? Or perhaps she blew her fucking nose all over it? How does a brand new item of clothing end up looking like this…

No. 845320


Is there cat fur in her eyelashes? How many days in a row has she been wearing those dusty lashes now?

No. 845321

i need to take a fucking break from this thread, that hair is making me nauseous oh my fucking god

No. 845322

You are right anon she does contribute something valuable, she contributes a warning for some anons on here about how bad it could get if they relapse. Anytime an anon in recovery thinks about using they should give it 5 minutes and drop into this thread, check out some of tunas posts, look at all of the grime and read her brain damaged writings.

No. 845323

>completely fried and dead hair, completely uneven and melting everywhere
>filtered to SHIT photo to hide dry skin… Even through filter her lips are dry as shit
>white stains EVERYWHERE on black dress… Looks like she wiped a bunch of crap on dress
>white hairs/fluff on eyelashes glued in the middle of her lid

what the fuck man, I've known some herion addicts in my day and I guess they were high functioning addicts because she is a complete and utter mess. THE STAINS NONNIES.

No. 845324

I'm surprised they're even still usable for Tuna to be honest, almost as filthy and covered in cat hair as her dress. Major kek at whatever mess of dirt she's trying to cover up on her shoulder there, absolutely amazing.

No. 845330

>>845318 I'm stuck on her thinking the vomit stained brand new dress and the disgustingly matted hair was worth its own post.

No. 845331

she said she got a gift card or something from a mom of her friend, wtf >>844793. How is that "finding a way"?
Actually that's one cool thing about Luna's art, it reflects her reality and nobody else's

No. 845332

She can't keep her lies straight. Her brain is soup now. "Relapse" confirmed?

No. 845334

File: 1626989321207.jpeg (110.56 KB, 750x425, 06650C45-916E-481A-B5B2-E42790…)

her asshole is smiling bc she grifted a MacBook from some loser

No. 845335

File: 1626990384386.jpeg (425.74 KB, 844x1180, AA84A29C-E1CD-4A48-AB4D-53340A…)

…..aaaand they’ll be leaving that place destroyed.

No. 845343

Cheap and MacBook are not synonymous fml. Everything is so cheap when it's free! I hope this bitch gets robbed or some sort of comeuppance. What a stain on society.

No. 845344

so she stole it.

No. 845345

I like how it had to be a MacBook lol, nothing less for princess Tuna

No. 845346

the cupboard just laying on the ground is stressful

No. 845347

so is this confirmation that she’s still reading this thread since an anon was literally just asking if she was still on xanax?

No. 845358

I cackled at this anon. I was wondering if that's what that was.
They fuckin thrashed the place holy hell

No. 845370

Looks like they’re storing fucking shoes in the pantry too.

No. 845388

I'm pretty sure she's always actively avoided her thread, so perhaps was just unrelated reminiscing kek. Kind of a shame, maybe if she read all this she'd realise she needs to sort her shit out.

No. 845390

I'm so eager to see what she posted on the farms in other boards. Anyone seen someone with her messy grammar?…

No. 845394

I think she actively avoids it too but she can’t avoid the OP thread pics. We know she comes to LC for other cows and recently she has been going on, more than usual, about her massive thighs and hating her gross body. Every time she has said something lately I have wondered if she had seen the thread pic and was reacting to it.

No. 845395

Let's ask the mods for a post reveal.

No. 845396

File: 1627028797166.jpeg (216.35 KB, 1242x1327, ACFBD16D-DE87-46A3-BB97-F3D8A3…)

Good point, now that she's not nodding out 24/7 it's probably getting to her a lot more, she has been excessively complaining about how she feels about her appearance yet every interaction she gets from anyone directly is usually surprisingly nice about how she looks.

Kek seconded because that would be hilarious, I feel as though she probably only comments on other druggy cows because thats all she knows.

No. 845397

I'm dead how only lack of Macbook is stopping Luna from writing her masterpiece. Without this marvelous machine, everything one writes turns to shit. Literally every Pulitzer winner wrote on Macbook,in fact the computer wrote and edited the novel for them lmfao

No. 845398

can confirm, i have a macbook, am misunderstood genius (if you don't agree you are cyberbullying me)

No. 845404

File: 1627036664825.jpeg (246.3 KB, 828x1315, 945A8651-FA7E-478C-AD11-8776F2…)

She colored it

No. 845405

File: 1627036693962.jpeg (160.33 KB, 828x1097, 068733B9-BFFF-4C69-82FA-D5364C…)

No. 845408

She reads here.
There have been many times something was mentioned here and then she posts on a social about the same thing. Not coincidental when it's specific and the timing is the way it was. And more than once or twice

No. 845409

Wait…wasn’t an anon saying she was a ghost haunting her squat last thread? I’m going to have to go back and see who said it first but I think you may be right that she does read here. There has been some more signs lately and I’m surprised with her fragility that she does. To bad she can’t reflect on what is said here but then again what cow does.

No. 845410

Thanks Eagle-eyed anon, the kitchen cupboard/pantry filled with dirty shoes gave me a good laugh. How ludicrous.

It’s great that there’s a pair of Nike’s in there too.

No. 845411

Luna loves talking about munchies on other sites (probably because she thinks she's betyer somehow?) A good place to start looking for her "typing style" lol.

No. 845412

Nothing is going to make her change. Let it go.
And it's been obvious for a while she reads here. She reacts to what is posted with some of her updates and posts, like stuff that hasn't come up in ages gets mentioned here and then she talks about it.

No. 845415

That won’t be too hard. I don’t know which munchies she talks about but I’ll scan through today because I’m curious.

No. 845420

File: 1627044793006.png (241.99 KB, 720x1213, Banned.png)

Noticed this wasn't posted here and she deleted it. From 4 days ago. Wish she would be permabanned.

No. 845422

she shouldn't have, it looked less bad before

No. 845423

The fucking filter

No. 845425

If her self-esteem wasn’t already in the toilet then she is doing herself no favours by abusing the fuck out of stupid Snapchat filters

No. 845429

the same thing said here were posted in her instagram comments though. i wont believe until i see actual proof that Luna reads her threads

No. 845431

Forgot to mention but she is actively posting in munchie subreddits, probably because they don't expose her to threads about herself

No. 845434

She has talked about "hate sites" twice. She said she never reads hate comments but if it was true she wouldn't have posted more than once about them.

No. 845436

>it was true she wouldn't have posted more than once about them.
I don't follow your logic. Luna ruminates over everything and recounts every story more than twice

No. 845455

This thread is ironic because the people obsessing over Luna being a "terrible person" are actually worse. Thousands of posts across over 30(!!!) threads harassing a mentally ill, drug-addicted woman - calling her 'fat', 'lumpy' etc. I truly have no words. Drug addiction is a mental illness and this girl clearly comes from a troubled background. I'd really love to see how any of you would turn out if your parents were drug addicts who couldn't provide you with love, empathy and a stable home…….not better than her, given that most of you are neurotypicals sitting in your parents' basements analysing every little detail of a deeply broken woman and I shudder to think what would happen if you came from a similar background… Drug addiction is a mental illness and if you were truly good people you'd support her in her journey out of this, not do anything you can to make her feel even worse. I know Luna and I know she's aware of this thread's existence. Some truly despicable people here. Would you harass someone because of their depression or anxiety? So why are you harassing someone just as mentally ill?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 845458

She 100% doesn’t have to post every single detail of her life online.

No. 845460

plenty of people have shitty parents and deal with addiction. foh.
didn't tuna steal rogers meds as he lay dying? wasnt she posted stuff she stole from graves? if you know luna tell her i hate her. shes a garbage human being and consciously harms every life she touches. fuck off

No. 845461

Daughter of addicts and former ward of the state/foster care kid: can confirm I turned out better than her because I TRIED. How can you defend someone who doesn't try to better herself in literally any form? Stop making excuses, she was given a house. She had the opportunity to go to school. She chose to be pathetic.

No. 845462

Kek. Mental illness is not a write off for shitty behavior. Plenty of mentally ill people exist without causing their mother to relapse and push her out of her apartment so that she can squat. Many mentally ill people don't make their "fAtHeR fIgUrE" sleep on a mattress while they skin pop heroin and eat Xanax while the pressure blisters grow.

Sure Tuna is mentally ill. You've chosen this friendship - see how far your understanding takes you. Whatever burnout you suffer will be your own because her endless shit behavior is well documented. Tuna hasn't "gotten better" once in her life. She's romanticized and chosen this every step of the way.

No. 845468

Saged but funny that this would show up so soon after an anon accused Luna of lurking, and this post is just regurgitating Lunas own beliefs on her situation. What's the craic with this then? Suspicious tbh

No. 845469

could also be a shitty troll. or rlyblonde, internet WK from her comments or some other weirdo. we will never know (?)