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File: 1533638417664.png (202.29 KB, 450x253, 111CBC9E-4D7E-4785-8DD6-58203B…)

No. 558885

(Image courtesy of >>>/pt/543310)

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/ [private]
tumblr: https://funeral1996.tumblr.com [deleted]
https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/ [inactive]
https://rotten2thecore1996.tumblr.com [active]

>Previously also known as anglehair1996, howl1996, junkhun and funeralhome420 (amongst others)

>22 year old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Has every mental/physical illness under the sun
>Started dating her 35 year old boyfriend (aka Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”
>has a following of impressionable young girls who she has convinced to “help” her during this “tough time” in her life
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>”I’m not trying to be Courtney Love!”
>Tries to be exactly like Courtney Love
>Bleats about harm reduction while being the antithesis of harm reduction/seemingly having no grasp of the concept whatsoever
>Loves to share her grimy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles
>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lot the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it
>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Always “short on rent” or otherwise in need of donations
>Overdosed on heroin twice in less than 12 months, even that didn't encourage her to get clean
>RIP ROGER (aka Lurch’s dad)
>Tuna and Lurch couldn’t pay rent because all their money came from Roger’s social security so the e-begging ramped up to 100
>EVICTED from Roger’s house
>Tuna and Lurch “temporarily” move in with Luna’s mother, who is an (ex) addict
>Brings along moldy, nasty stuffed animals and complains about not being able to move her other belongings (claims she lost 90% of them when she got EVICTED)
>Continuously tries e-begging along with selling nudes and shitty art in lieu of getting a job
>Her “abusive” dad continues to buy her useless shit from Amazon
>Posts pictures of her and Lurch looting graves like it’s no big deal


>Created a new tumblr account “to look at cute shit” (as opposed to glorifying drug addiction and stupidity), uses it to post the same pictures of the same art no one wants to buy and the same cheap clothes she wants people to buy for her over and over again ad infinitum

>Continues to abuse Copics and hawk off the results for drug money
>Continues to beg for useless shit via Amazon wishlists
>Similarly useless gets “found” by Tuna or “gifted by a friend”, while the “friend” remains nameless and Tuna takes every opportunity to point out how cheap everything is
>Gets called out by followers for sounding like an ungrateful cunt by banging on about how cheap everything is (spoiler: she is an ungrateful cunt)
>The quality of her art is inversely proportionate to amount of drawings she churns out (practice does not make perfect, evidently)
>Still living in her mother’s government housing which she claims is “really toxic” but is making no effort to move out of
>Kicked her mother out of her own bed and is making her sleep on the couch
>Claims she got a UTI from holding in her pee because she was too anxious to walk past her “abusive” mother to get to the bathroom (and totally not because heroin causes retention and/or she doesn’t pee after getting boned by the Easter Island statue she calls her fiance)
>Posts pictures sans makeup which prove that she is not incapable of not looking like a Yamanba, much to everyone’s astonishment
>Continues to post selfies with plants, one of which she named after her deceased cripple punk ex (and all of which appear to be more alive than Lurch)

one >>>/snow/55077
two >>>/snow/171004
three >>>/snow/190985
four >>>/snow/220048
five >>>/snow/254820
six >>>/snow/276683
seven >>>/snow/292881
eight >>>/snow/305217
nine >>>/snow/320166
ten >>394258
eleven >>403302
twelve >>414017
thirteen >>428358
fourteen >>452611
fifteen >>468770
sixteen >>480001
seventeen >>497850
eighteen >>521479
nineteen >>>/pt/540883

No. 558887



No. 558915

File: 1533646087432.png (62.11 KB, 547x857, uhhh.png)

>>Created a new tumblr account “to look at cute shit” (as opposed to glorifying drug addiction and stupidity), uses it to post the same pictures of the same art no one wants to buy and the same cheap clothes she wants people to buy for her over and over again ad infinitum
not new milk but it's been bugging me ever since she made her new tumblr…

Has anybody else noticed that she reblogs the same shit multiple times? Sometimes from different sources? Sometimes on the exact same day? Like is her memory SO BAD she can't remember what she's reblogging, or is this tumblr aesthetic stuff I don't understand? These aren't all the examples, I just grabbed a few quickly.

It's weird as shit, her tumblr disorientates me lol - I always think "oh damn, has she deleted a load of posts? I've seen this before."

No. 558965

mad that i've just found this forum. been following luna for at least 7 years now. i remember asking her if i could do an essay on her writing for a poetry class 6 years ago. ive always been fascinated by her in a weird way, like i hate her and she infuriates me but i wanna keep looking. mad theres so many other people that do the same

No. 558973

Can't speak for all of us but I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that she was a spoiled and privileged child from a well-off family. Instead of doing something with her life she chose to wind up this way because "muh 90s starving artist Courtney Love aesthetics and tragic drug fueled romance".

After that when it got this gross and grime filled instead of ever wising up and getting her life straight she's still that same spoiled brat that thinks she's entitled to have her drugs and get everything she ever wanted at the same time without earning it.

Either you know someone who got scammed by her, you were scammed by her, or you heard the tales and you're just waiting for her to rock bottom and realize how shit all her decisions were and she's got no one to blame but herself.

No. 559060

File: 1533678547050.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1485, 20180807_174834.png)

No. 559064

File: 1533679321793.png (62.72 KB, 1048x187, upload_2018-8-5_15-42-52.png)

Melchett @ KF did some digging into Luna's past and found what remains of her writing and art published on thepulpzine.com dating to 2013.


Her contributor profile.

No. 559066

File: 1533679388453.png (748.32 KB, 1403x693, upload_2018-8-5_16-48-25.png)

No. 559069

File: 1533679865525.png (729.78 KB, 1407x693, upload_2018-8-5_16-51-59.png)

No. 559071

File: 1533680234357.png (526.77 KB, 612x612, upload_2018-8-5_16-50-53.png)

No. 559075

File: 1533680812435.png (730.91 KB, 497x827, upload_2018-8-5_15-47-16.png)

No. 559078

File: 1533681295118.png (604.9 KB, 514x806, upload_2018-8-5_15-48-39.png)

No. 559079


She used to be so aesthetic, honestly. Looks like something from some cool kid magazine spread.
Now she just… Gross and frumpy.

No. 559080

File: 1533681965777.png (596.47 KB, 507x699, upload_2018-8-5_15-51-14.png)

No. 559081

it bugs me that I don't know what happened between this and her starting heroin. There's like 6 months of her life that are a mystery.

What happened between August 2013 and April 2014 to turn her from a clean looking, popular girl with friends and actual artistic ideas, into… Tuna? Something turned her on to the idea of heroin before Lurch, I'd love to know what.

If she had stayed as a weed smoking, acid taking cripple-punk, I'd have understood, because that's the lifestyle she naturally fell into. A lot of her old friends are still into that old lifestyle, why did she choose to alienate herself from it? It can't be Lurch, because he wasn't on the scene until a couple months before her birthday, and they waited for her 18th birthday before banging (April 3rd 2014).

Sorry to get all textwally on this thread, I'm just really interested to know what the fuck can happen to you to over 1 summer to start glorifying heroin. Was it just because she flunked out at Pratt and decided she was incapable of doing anything?

No. 559082

File: 1533682340077.png (675.64 KB, 500x682, upload_2018-8-5_16-41-1.png)

No. 559083

feels, seeing Luna with her old friends is so sad. They cared about her a lot, you can tell from the way they photograph her, everything before Lurch feels so much more genuine. Why the fuck couldn't she have just stayed a cute punky hipster lol

No. 559085

File: 1533682810792.jpg (72.39 KB, 443x750, tumblr_mrt6d5S7Ky1sq8o3fo2_r1_…)

No. 559086

> Something turned her on to the idea of heroin before Lurch, I'd love to know what.

She has already stated herself that she romanticed heroin for a while before trying it bc of her parents and celebrities

No. 559087

>What happened between August 2013 and April 2014
>Was it just because she flunked out at Pratt and decided she was incapable of doing anything?
Well, she was 18 when she started college. That means she would have already been with Lurch by then. I think she dropped out after a month because of heroin, didn't she? I remember she would write "college dropout" on her Tumblr, etsy and whatever else back in the junkhun days.

And even though she didn't fuck Junji Ito until she was legal, she was still trying to get close to him beforehand.

~She was born on the steps of a methadone clinic under the full moon~

No. 559088

no offense but how the fuck did she drop out of college after only one month of heroin. I’ve never heard of anyone spiraling into the depths of opiate addiction after 1 MONTH, lots of people stay functional for quite a while. also 1 month of daily use = mild withdrawal. I have a feeling she just used it as an excuse to be with lurch 24/7 and give out her romanticized junkie lifestyle

No. 559091

No. 559092



No. 559093

>Well, she was 18 when she started college. That means she would have already been with Lurch by then.
oh derp, unfamiliar with the American system and assumed she would have started beforehand, thanks for the correction.

oh wow… Why the fuck did she get into a LDR with a random heroin addict in another state? How did she even meet him lol

No. 559094


IIRC she was a fan of his on deviantart or something. Can't remember how she said they got talking but apparently she had a crush on him for years.

I also remember she started dating Lurch (or just made out with him) the day after Peter broke up with her so…from one shitshow to another

No. 559096

He's just garbage. They never actually met tho right?

No. 559103

No they never met that whole relationship was contrived

No. 559110

call me crazy or reaching but…even though her interests back then seem exactly the same as they are now, i feel like her old attitude then was more intentionally cheeky and carefree instead of just sympathy seeking and weak. before her vibe was
~yeah whatever i'm into sex and drugs because i don't give a fuck. i know my art sucks but who cares! you ain't no punk you punk

now it's

uwu i need drugs to cope also being an addict makes me a marginalized individual. i'm worried my art sucks so validate me that it's really good! i don't thrift because it's cool or indie i thrift because it's cheap and i can only afford to hoard CHEAP things

i guess she just used to be more lucid and had a modicum of self awareness and then drugs and tumblr rotted her brain until she forgot how she actually got here.

No. 559121

I think this is the correct take, anon. Pre-Junji Ito’s creation, she was a typical angsty indie kid. I guess it’s easier to be surly teenager raging against the man but when you become an adult with adult responsibilities you either grow up or find an excuse not to. She clearly chose the latter.

No. 559123

correct. i think you can keep plenty of angst and hedonism, but at some point you need to take responsibility for yourself and take your work seriously enough that it'll reach an audience beyond your friends. layne staley, kurt cobain, lux and poison ivy from the cramps, even courtney to a lesser extent, all had to put in actual time and effort and create a body of work that would support them without needing to beg, along with sexdrugsandrocknroll. tuna seems to expect that she'll end up like these people just by sharing their vices.

No. 559135

Add to this list Jason Pierce. His addiction(s) almost killed him multiple times (he produced an entire fucking record called Songs in A&E inspired by being on his deathbed after a lifetime of substance abuse). All these artists are examples of people who used their talent as an outlet for their demons. Talent being the operative word here; the glaringly obvious thing they all have/had and that Tuna is lacking. If she wasn’t lazy and entitled she could theoretically hone her skills while still being a raging druggie but that requires too much effort and isn’t as ego-strokingly lucrative in the short term as e-begging and oversharing the mundanities of her life as ~the saddest girl in the world uwu~

No. 559217


Add Daniel Johnson, the creator of the frog tattoo on her arm, to the list. She says that her mental illnesses prevent her from doing much of anything. Daniel has severe schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. He continued to write music even while he was hospitalised. This year one of his songs was used in an advert for Apple.

No. 559230

And how much do you want to bet that she got that tattoo because Kurt wore the t-shirt/without actually liking his music? Moreover, she probably can’t even comprehend the shit Daniel Johnston has experienced. Real mental illness, not tumblr diagnosed excuses for cuntery.

No. 559317

File: 1533746787332.png (1.5 MB, 1046x1544, 20180808_124610.png)

No. 559318


lmao it looks like someone shrank her head in photoshop, poor Tuna is so wide

No. 559321


Wow… this image. It seems like she found a photo set, added a lot of filtering effects in photoshop,
and then traced over the image… kind of… in a really lopsided way. that's not art lol.


not to mention lurch has both nirvana and NIN tattooed on each of his arms.

No. 559323

She looks a special kind of filthy. Why does her makeup melt off in the heat? Is it cus she slaps on so much liquid foundation?

No. 559341

Wat? This confuses me, and she looks like she's a cracked out prostitute. What is she doing with her arms and legs? Her legs are kinda unnaturally splayed and she's got her arms close to her chest in a t-rex-way like crackheads do.

Why does she have to pin her bangs back? I've had a box fringe before and I didn't ever think to do that when it was hot… She'd find it way less hot if she put the rest her hair up, and didn't have an insulating matted mop around her head? Why is her forehead hot but not anything else covered by her hair?

No. 559348

holy shit you're so right. all she needs is to put her mop in a ponytail and then maybe put it through a dad hat. i'm sure she can find a CHEAP pale pink one that says baby girl on amazon if her followers could find some compassion in their hearts.

No. 559352

Had a sudden thought. Lurch is still in the middle of court proceedings for his drug charges, isn't he? Wouldn't he have to register a change of address with the courts/his public defender? What are they going to do since they're illegally squatting in her mother's government housing?

No. 559353


The doughiest junkie I've ever seen

If Luna were to beg for a bra I'd send her one completely unironically.

No. 559355

She's probably standing that way in attempt to make herself look thin…as for the arm, maybe hiding track marks?

No. 559357

The Easter Island corpse doesn't seem like the type to report things like that.

No. 559361

Well if the court has to send him paperwork or they need his living address for parole or whatever they'd be found out pretty quick if he claimed they were still at their old place.

No. 559366

i doubt she uses the crooks of her elbows anymore, its been too long. the bruises on her kneese are possible iv sites, plus the marks on her feet

No. 559387

I'm pretty sure she just thinks this pose makes her look cute, skinny, or both. "Slimming" poses always look horribly awkward in candid photos.

No. 559392

there's a way to dress this body type, and this is not it. her tits look so saggy and fried egg-like and it looks worse next to her jiggly untoned arms and fat armpit region.
and that's just her body, there's no way to even begin unpacking the sheer filth that accumulates on every inch of her person.

No. 559517

Look at the platform on those shoes, and keep in mind Luna is like 5'11 or something close to that. Can you imagine this six foot tall behemoth and her horror film boyfriend wandering around NY.

No. 559548

Wait what is she really that tall? I though she was short. That just makes it so much worse…

No. 559551

I thought she was 5'8 AT MOST. This slob is 180cm yet still has those shitty proportions….

No. 559577

I wish I could remember which thread it was, but there was a post Luna made that mentioned her height. I remember it so vividly because I had the same reaction. Bitch is MASSIVE.

No. 559582


that's when you really know someone is truly fat.. if they're tall and it looks like.. her

No. 559585

I'm at least 90% certain she was 5'9'' (because I'm the same height so I remembered it) which would make her 175cm. But still, at that height she must weigh at least 200lb, maybe even more so. She's tall and fat. Which is the farthest thing away from this 'daddy's little baby' aesthetic she loves.

No. 559605

Same. I'm also your height and I'm baffled thinking about how much she must eat. At our height you can be sedentary, eat the same intake as the average man, including some junk, and coast at skinnyfat for a looong time before you're even overweight. It doesn't look great but tuna must either have a full on food addiction or her metabolism is slowed to an absolute crawl.

No. 559617

Shit, when I was on heroin (sorry to blag) I was skinny af because my appetite was near zero except for wine and cookies. I don't understand how someone can be high and hungry, it runs so counter to the way one feels.

She'll surely crave sugar, but you get satiated with much less on H because you're just so chill in general, and things like hunger pangs don't register. Also, why buy food when you can buy more H? She's the weirdest junkie I've ever seen.

If she's really as tall as 5'9" and that fat she's got to be eating her mother out of house and home to maintain at her weight. How is her mom feeding all three of them when Luna is clearly clocking in at like 3,000 calories per day?

No. 559619

yeah I wish we could have a breakdown of their ingoings and outgoings lol it's like that dril tweet where he's spending $40k on candles except it's heroin. She gets other drugs tho, maybe it's the benzos making her hungry? and like someone just said she doesn't do any exercise, just rolls from the bed to take selfies

No. 559623

Yeah most h addicts agree with this despite that apparently opioids increase your appetite. and then when you go on subs you tend to gain a lot of weight lol.

Like someone else said, it could be that she’s mostly using benzos and only enough h to not get sick, and benzos make you hungry as fuckk

No. 559726

I think its a combination of having no concept of nutrition/living life eating processed fatty foods and maintaining an inactive lifestyle since childhood. Shes never had any muscle tone and the idea of even walking is daunting to her. When she craves food (and has money for it) she goes for mcdonalds and snacks, nothing she eats is filling for very long so she keeps on refilling her body with more of the garbage. Her dietary and life habits are one of the few things i feel bad for her about. Nobody taught her from a young age to eat some veggies, fill up on lean proteins and call THAT a meal. Nobody was like - hey lets go ride bikes or encouraged any kind of physical activity.
A lot of people from broken or dysfunctional homes grow up this way and lots of these people learn how to properly eat and exercise. Its not an excuse but it makes sense

No. 559747

nah i get what you're saying. i'm >>559605 and now i feel a little pompous because i'm realizing it's a lot different for me because i've always gone off and on regular exercise, so even if i'm sedentary for months it's still not the same as someone who's never regularly exercised at all. and even though i eat a lot for lolcow standards it's not the worst food in the world.

she can definitely change her diet with more filling less processed meals like, today, but i'm not sure what she could do for exercise in the near future if her knee really is bad because that cancels jogging or walking in the neighborhood. joining a gym costs money and weights cost money and take up space. stretching, yoga, and bodyweight exercises would probably make her feel a lot better but not burn fat.

anyway tldr of all the things that are her fault and could easily be fixed, i guess this isn't high on the list. hope that wasn't too much of a blog

No. 559750

She could swim if her cotton eyed Joe knee is too bad for her to do anything else. Drop the cigs, which is probably one of her easier habits to kick, and she could afford a cheap membership somewhere.

No. 559780

3.5b Don't engage in overly repetitive nitpicking of a subject's appearance.(mini-mod)

No. 559906

Opiates are supposed to INCREASE your appetite? Jeez, it's not that i don't believe it if that datum comes from studies, but anecdotally and personally, that doesn't bear out.

At any rate, LunaBar is eating at least 2,000 - 2,200 calories per day to maintain her doughy figure with only periodic crack head constitutionals to gank shit from the store, or accompany Lurch to score. I guess that can be fairly easily accomplished between a couple packs of ramen and easy mac, plus some McDicks for dinner, with soda all day. But since neither Luna not Lurch has a welfare cheque of any kind AFAIK, Mama LunaBars has to be footing the bill. When you're living in government housing, suddenly buying fast food and corner store fodder for three is a huge expenditure. Luna is lucky her mom feels guilty for leading her to this lifestyle, because if not she'd find out real quick what actual weight loss is like when it came to a choice between a cheap hotel and smack for the night, or more food.

No. 559908

File: 1533933229626.jpg (224.63 KB, 810x2088, Screenshot_20180810-132437_Chr…)

Forgot image

No. 559921

anon i'm also another recovered heroin addict and i was scarily underweight because i spent all my food money on dope.
it's very obvious that luna's nowhere near to starving, both from her looks and because she still has money for her massive heroin habit along with shitloads of garbage food. since none of them work or are on benefits (or whatever government help is called in the US), i'm just guessing that she's still getting money from her dad. or, she's surviving off lurch selling drugs (although that is somewhat of a tinfoil), because it's obvious she's not selling any art. it's super frustrating to me, as a former addict, that she has the nerve to complain and moan about 'starving' when most other heroin addicts are actually starving. although it's clear she does this because she wants us all to believe in her imaginary eating disorder, so go figure.

if she really wanted us to buy that she has an eating disorder and feel sorry for her, why doesn't she actually cut down on food? as >>559908 shows, she'd only have to eat like a normal person to lose weight (1900-2000 calories a day). she wouldn't even have to fast and she'd lose weight quickly because fat people do tend to lose weight quite fast at the start. but then again, that would require effort.

the most frustrating thing about her is that she just seems to expect everything on a silver platter, because that's what's always happened for her. she gets money from her mom and dad and deceased grandma and roger and gets heroin from lurch and validation from teenage girls on the internet. and she just expects to have this tortured lifestyle because she wants it. she wants to have an eating disorder, to be a mentally ill babydoll, to be courtney love and expects it to happen with no effort on her part….even though these are the wrong things to put effort into! she can't even summon up the effort to fit the image she wants, even though this image is completely self-destructive. so weird.

No. 560008

File: 1533949858933.jpeg (247.63 KB, 750x1113, B52AAB1F-3E99-4FAE-B665-8A5F4B…)

holy shit y’all

No. 560009

File: 1533949946928.jpeg (249.23 KB, 750x1107, 64977B6E-8097-4391-AB9F-DBD097…)

No. 560010

File: 1533950269156.jpeg (12.06 KB, 261x193, D3CA9CEF-35D2-410D-85A4-C9FA8E…)

Check those fresh track marks on their hands.

No. 560012

Nearly had a heart attack. I saw their poses and the caption and thought it was some cracked out version of a pregnancy announcement.

No. 560013

please dont mean as in "we're having one"….

No. 560014

Why does Matthew look… decaying?? I’m starting to see the Roger reselmblance, yikes. I know he’s always looked awful/dead but this is a new low.

No. 560015

He looks like a cryptid trying to avoid the light.

and Tuna just looks like a hot ass mess. Aren't these two leeching cunts supposed to be out of there by now?

No. 560032

He looks gaunt. Luna must be eating his food in addition to her own

No. 560039


FUCK. Those needed spoilers. Lurch looks creepy af, definitely not something I want to see when im sitting in the dark in the middle of the night. Nightmare material.

Lmao though, that Tuna thinks lurch is hot and sexy.

No. 560041

I wonder if she's showing them off on purpose or if she's just too high to realize. Guess we'll know later if/when she deletes the pic when she comes down.

No. 560049

File: 1533954900698.png (Spoiler Image,593.05 KB, 852x595, 1.4.png)

No. 560062

Wooooeeeee, lurch is looking more and more like roger himself.

No. 560083


That man is the furthest thing from a baby. I could almost puke.

No. 560099

>Started dating her 35 year old boyfriend (aka Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”

That's hot lol but also fucked up.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 560101

Have you…have you seen lurch

No. 560107

anon are you blind?? he's quite possibly the most disgusting person in the world. he could win an 'ugliest dog' contest

No. 560113

22 days ago
>being threatened (lol) daily with being put out on the street

12 days ago
>only a few more days!1!!!

and no-one was surprised.

not sure if robot or just fucked in the head.

No. 560117

File: 1533991197172.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1635, 20180811_083931.png)

No. 560118

File: 1533991273062.png (1.37 MB, 1051x1583, 20180811_084055.png)

No. 560126

I don't know if it's just the angle or not but she looks like she's 40. The drugs have aged her so badly it's no wonder she hates how she looks.

No. 560128

get a job

No. 560131

File: 1533997771938.gif (926.18 KB, 400x400, tumblr_pda4wfVwUb1xxzxb4o1_400…)

No. 560132

File: 1533997878186.gif (950.92 KB, 400x400, tumblr_pda4wfVwUb1xxzxb4o2_400…)

No. 560133

File: 1533997968918.gif (1.28 MB, 512x512, tumblr_pda4uuoRpU1xxzxb4o1_540…)

She's just so self conscious, you guys uwu

No. 560135

File: 1533998069336.png (838.08 KB, 792x1152, xGisPhM.png)

He looks like he mummified in the past four years, RIP.

No. 560136

Fish lips.
I love when she tries to do the sultry model faces, because she's just so wrecked looking. These newest pictures really show just how badly she's ruined her looks.

No. 560137

jfc lurch. I hate how he thinks he's looking cool by not smiling it's just weird

What must it be like having zero awareness

No. 560138

hahahahhaha she sucks in so hard, it's always so obvious in her gifs. how is she SO FAT(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 560155

File: 1534001681122.jpg (211.62 KB, 798x960, tumblr_pda4nhcNmM1xxzxb4o1_128…)

No. 560167


No. 560170

File: 1534007762014.gif (1.34 MB, 512x512, tumblr_pdb3chAAkM1xxzxb4o1_540…)

>my fav fall dress matches my plants. can’t wait for summer to end. this colder day is like a tease

No. 560177

I do not believe you. There's no fucking way.

No. 560189

she doesn't hate how she looks, though. she takes a million selfies and labels them shit like 'feeling cute'. the only time she hates her body is when she is fishing for headpats or coming down real hard off the gear

No. 560190

Exactly. She's practically eye fucking herself in this gif >>560133

If she hated how she looked so much, then she wouldn't stage a million photoshoots a day.

No. 560191

File: 1534012154143.jpg (41.44 KB, 998x235, 2018-08-11-13-27-52.jpg)

She sent me this last night, just now saw it.

No. 560195


Bullshit. The proposed cuts to SNAP have not been passed in Congress.

No. 560199

Her nose is always shapeshifting and I agree with the other anon, this bitch is looking 40 years old.

No. 560201

Samefagging but Lurch in gif form is 100% scary as fuck and he should not walk among people.

No. 560203

File: 1534014245642.png (2.22 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-11-14-01-30…)

Did she put lipstick on her nose??

No. 560205

File: 1534014695022.png (2.58 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-11-14-10-34…)

No. 560206

that’s just unblended lavender highlighter (definitely not her shade)

No. 560211

god his hands are so swollen and callused, they look like the hands of an overweight mechanic not a frail junkie

No. 560214

Jesus, didnt even notice til now. They look like when youre a little kid and you blow up latex gloves like a balloon.

No. 560218

File: 1534016444288.png (1.47 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-11-14-37-39…)

Sry for samefagging like a lil bitch but she has been extra desperate on insta today.

No. 560223

I lost 85% of what I own

No. 560225

Seriously, how are none of her followers annoyed with all this ebegging and still liking her posts? I’m surprised not many people tell her to shut up and get a damn job already

No. 560227

File: 1534019846668.png (2.55 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-11-15-35-25…)

No. 560229

File: 1534020475732.jpeg (274.1 KB, 750x1113, 02E92594-99B4-4EFD-BDA2-EFB309…)

You forgot the caption, anon. Also you’re using “samefagging” wrong, read the pinned thread at the top of /pt/

No. 560230

File: 1534020643792.jpeg (81.72 KB, 747x345, BC4F3B72-5F21-4C68-BB4C-1DA2BA…)

No. 560231

File: 1534020788551.jpeg (215.9 KB, 750x939, A672EE8F-C757-4D26-AF35-03F19C…)

Does this collar look loose at all? To anyone?

No. 560232

nta but who cares, other chans use samefagging that way, i've only seen shit forums that say double posting (it doesn't even make sense if you post more than twice)

No. 560235

I guess she's taking the term choker literally

No. 560244

>hate how he thinks he's looking cool by not smiling it's just weird
I think he's missing teeth and that's why he never smiles. Luna said he hates his smile, but the older pictures of him, his teeth look fine.

No. 560245

admin must care enough to put it in the pinned post ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

didn’t she just get new markers from amazon? jfc(derailing)

No. 560248

Jfc that looks like hand edema. His kidneys must be real fucked up, or he's got hep…


No. 560249

Tfw Tai's continuing to die, the leaves are starting to go brown.

This bitch literally can't look after a potted plant.

No. 560251

File: 1534025969370.jpg (42.83 KB, 272x340, 1494004033740.jpg)

wow is this the same shirt as this old pic? i mean its possible she got a multi pack of the shirt in different colors including yellow but….i somehow doubt it.

also RIP her prized baby necklace

No. 560252

Wow, that edema in his hands… for about half a second, I felt genuinely sad for Tuna, realizing she might actually be faced with REAL grief, and very soon… but lets be real, if Lurch was diagnosed with metastatic lymphoma, she'd be delighted with the opportunity to rake in dem Sadgirl Bucks. Or at least a floral pillow or two.

No. 560255

This looks like Asherbee trying to cosplay as Tuna.

No. 560256

Wow, that's a hairy upper lip she's got there. Maybe check yourself in a mirror before you slap on another coat of full coverage foundation there, LunaToons. Gross.

No. 560257

It's from shooting up in your hands, it makes them swell. hers are that way, too, just not as bad. When you run out of arm veins, you move to hands / wrists/ feet, then finally, neck and crotch.

But the veins are really small in your hands, and the hands swell up from repeated injections. My hands just looked smoother when I did it, because my veins normally pop out like crazy, and the junk made them look really smooth for a few years. But if your veins don't pop, you get those baby looking hands.

No. 560258

Uh, it looks pretty snug to me

No. 560259

instead of constantly ebegging, luna needs to take a reality check. her art is terrible, but she could probably sell some stuff if she did $5 sketches (basically her normal people w/o backgrounds) of people and their characters and shit. if she sold 10 pics she'd make $50, better than not selling any art for $0. but she's really vain, and she could never admit that her artwork that she spends 'sooo long on' (15 minutes) is only worth $5. hell, i'd even buy one from her. i mean, if i had money left over from paying rent and eating.

also this is so funny. wow yea luna that looks sooo loose around your big mac neck. yeah you totally have an eating disorder. she has whatever the opposite of body dysmorphia is. body dysmorphia is perceived flaws in one's appearance when there are none. luna, on the other hand, sees herself as thin ('look how loose this collar is guys!' - when it's suffocating her neck) and pretty and attractive enough to think people would pay her $10 for a single nude pic and $45 for 5. which shocked me, because there are super hot camgirls out there selling videos and a custom 50 piece photoshoot for less than 5 pics of her fried egg tits and trackmarks. if you think you look so bad, why are you posting pics all over social media? someone who really had those thoughts wouldn't want the world to see how bad they thought they looked. i mean, i realise it's all about validation from strangers. but i never understood why girls would use that explanation. like saying 'i look so horrible today! here internet have 10 selfies of me posing because i look so horrible i have to share it' huh?

No. 560260

her body dysmorphia makes her do such tragic things as order the largest size in a chinese choker because they run small and she realizes on some level that she's not exactly petite.

a HEALTHY non-disordered person of her size would simply practice self love and order the XS because acknowledging the size you actually are is mean and fatphobic!

No. 560265

File: 1534031476211.jpg (Spoiler Image,566.32 KB, 1181x1280, tumblr_pdbksqoE1g1xxzxb4o1_128…)

No. 560267

lmao she stole his idea from someone else she reblogged on tumblr a few weeks ago.

All her work is derivative and worse than the original.

No. 560270

File: 1534034064321.png (823.19 KB, 800x826, OMyVSPm.png)

Good memory, I knew it looked familiar. Needless to say it's a lot better than Tuna's doodle.

Wonder who she'll rip off next.

No. 560280

luna thinking you're fat when you're actually fat isn't BDD just like it's not dissociation when you take a handful of xanax and can't feel your body

No. 560301

File: 1534041686648.png (561.42 KB, 720x770, WHITE.png)

Sad, but true.
How the fuck?

No. 560315

it's gotta be from smoking indoors right? being a lazy slob just makes dust and debris and some stains accumulate. it doesn't make everything you own fully saturated with very visible grime. smoking indoors a lot is the only thing i can think of

luna already has major issues with taking ownership of her life, but think tumblr culture and reading one two many body positivity posts written by obese women makes the problem even worse. tuna already doesn't want to admit that she doesn't like her body because that would mean changing it, then she sees some shit about thin passing privilege or how fatphobia is always classracesexist or some shit, and she thinks "y-yeah! i'm not even obese so how can i think i'm fat or want to change my body?! that's just my internalized fatphobia talking and me even thinking that i should lay off the kraft is BD and anorexia! I'm actually thin!"

she also does this thing where not only does she insist none of the problems in her life are her fault, but that things not being her fault means she can't or won't ever change them. like let's say she really is predisposed to addiction because of muh methadone clinic conception, fine. not he fault she got hooked then. how does that prevent her from ever seeking real help then?
let's say it's not her fault she got fat because she never learned healthy habits. how does that stop her from slowly but steadily improving her health now?

luna loves narratives of victimhood and narratives of an oppressive societal structure that sabotages every facet of her life because she gets to throw up her hands and dull the guilt of how bad she fucked up her life with the delusion that she's totally helpless to change.
a lot of people do have everything stacked against them and it's fucked up but it's a powerful thing to be able to forgive yourself for things that weren't your fault but then take some control back and do what you can to change your course.

No. 560321

It doesn't really look white, for example here it looks cream. It's filters changing it each time and probably some bad laundering at some point.

No. 560325

His skin looks almost moderately 'normal' in comparison four years ago, not that he ever looked healthy or attractive to begin with.

No. 560328

The only reason I can think of for why/how she goes through markers so fast is because she leaves the caps off too long when she nods off from a drug binge. I have prisma colors that are 10+ years old and still going strong.

No. 560332

Dang this is probably true, good call.
I can picture her coloring like a child does. Takes all the caps off and leaves them off. Capless markers rolling all over the bed and the floor….

No. 560339

Everything else in the first pic is white that should be white. No filter turning anything yellow.
And bad laundering? It was only a year ago that shirt was a lighter color, Tuna doesnt do laundry and if she did, it was at her dads house. I doubt he has rusty water in such a nice apartment…

No. 560358

admin didnt make that post retard.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 560363

What I find great is she started drawing vines and flowers to copy it whole cloth, realised that was too hard and just shoved one of her Sadgirls in there.

Also the fact that all the text is smudged from her scratching her markers on top. The side by side is glorious - she ruins everything she touches.

Not the anon you're replying to but admin pinned it, kinda pedantic to be calling someone a retard over lmao.(infighting )

No. 560364

…mods can pin too

No. 560366

Oh you were being pedantic between farmhand and admin, i assumed op was a normie user. That's even dumber than what I thought lmao, there's barely any difference. Both can ban so who cares?(Infighting)

No. 560367

there's nothing pedantic about that you twat. mods do shit all the time that the admin will tell is is wrong. the differentiation is very important as well considering mods come and go and admin owns the fucking site.(Infighting )

No. 560388

tbh i doubt one person invented that "effect", the whole ms paint frame became popular when vaporwave emerged

No. 560389

maybe she should e-beg for a ruler next time.

No. 560398

Hey retard, the last two Admins have said that they only use the Admin tag sparingly, and often operate under the generalFarmhand tag for basic site stuff. We can definitely assume that if a pinned post was created at the top of /pt/, the Admin probably had a hand in it. Stop being butthurt just because you’re too stupid to use samefag correctly.

She’s probably too lazy to put the caps back on, whether she’s high or not.

The effect has been around for years now for sure, but it’s just another example of Luna ripping off other people because she doesn’t have an original bone in her body.

No. 560406

File: 1534099587564.jpeg (2.05 MB, 1242x1996, 3C5F6AF0-02C4-4D86-B0C9-2284EF…)

Luna posted a bunch of old notes from her DBT program and quoted Eric Harris. Found this in her comments — why am i not surprised Luna is a Columbiner?

No. 560408

you can tell when people copy this shit without thinking about it when they literally just move the window buttons to the other side without changing their order

No. 560412

She looks like she's on the verge of death…I sort of feel bad for her parents who have to see her looking like this. I'd be curious to see what she looked like when she was younger. It's fucked up that she is so young and looks this way. Yikes.

No. 560414

There’s plenty of pics in these threads of Tuna in her younger years. Check them out.

No. 560415

Anyone think the recovery “community” on instagram is just fake? Like there’s girls who have been like 29kgs and then basically eat 3000+ calories all the way to being a “healthy weight” and eat fucking pints of Ben and Jerry’s everyday? Like what the fuck that’s diabetes and heart failure waiting to happen(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 560419

"Without you, I have nothing. Without you, there is no me"

Well, I really hope she showed this to her DBT therapist at the time so they could facepalm and tell her she isn't using her Wise Mind in this exercise.

And wtf, any younger man would cheat or maybe get his shit together, so she must only date older, broken men so she'll never be cheated on and they can stay broken, as long as they're together? Any therapist worth their salt would have picked this whole thing apart and asked Luna to redo it using her Wise Mind exercises instead of her BPD / Addict mind, which this is rampant with.

No. 560427

um what

No. 560428

don't namefag
also i don't agree. there are actually a lot of ana recovery instas where they show before/after pics. but either way this is completely unrelated to luna so who really cares?

i'm not surprised at all she's a columbiner. she totally wishes she was one of those waify pretty 'true crime girls'. i bet she fancies dylan and eric like so many of these idiot girls on tumblr who glorify their crimes and think they were the 'real victims'. i wouldn't be surprised if this is another personality trait of luna's stolen from nicole dollanganger or ginger bronson. wow it's so edgy and unique that you're quoting eric harris, tuna.

No. 560436

bitch what?? does she not remember lurch prowling for girls via facebook?

she had a true crime tumblr called “true crime bitch” that has since been deleted

No. 560446


man the fact that the question says "your relationships" but the whole thing is about lurch… Sad!

No. 560456

File: 1534120339245.jpg (Spoiler Image,479.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180812-011355_Sam…)


No. 560513

File: 1534126136235.png (2.26 MB, 1080x1555, 20180812_220819.png)

No. 560554


why not luna, it's your own goddamn fault and you're not doing a fucking thing to try and change it

also that disgusting fitted sheet again jesus it's not hard to find actual curtains at goodwill or at least something that doesn't have enormous blood stains on it (blood being best case scenario seeing as it could easily be cat/human feces)

No. 560566

Is this her borderline homeless room at her abusive mom's house? The setup doesn't look the same as Roger's place. If so, Jesus Christ, she has zero intention of leaving. Her mom is going to have to forcefully evict her before Tuna gets out. Every time I think I can't hate this bitch any more.

No. 560567

This >>560513 is her old room at Rodger's place. She's pining over this hoard of filth.

No. 560568

File: 1534139581294.jpeg (217.47 KB, 448x587, 9A9D9D84-8980-4135-98E3-0DB011…)

what are these things stuck to her dresser?

No. 560569

Obviously plasters that are for covering injection sites.

No. 560570

Are they used up transdermal patches? Or something as benign (and gross) as storing bandaids to cover her shooting up wounds?

No. 560571

Lol why would she wanna cover up her needle marks and track marks? She wants everyone to see them and pity her, its not like she has job interviews, all she needs to do is wipe away the blood and be on her way

No. 560613

GUYS SHE ACCEPTed a bunch of insta follows

No. 560616

File: 1534168058798.jpeg (141.39 KB, 1242x481, A6FC7B41-9346-4A01-9C61-687BF0…)

Time to sell more art

No. 560620

I woke up to her crusty face all over my instagram. Bless

No. 560622

damn i literally sent a request like a second ago and she accepted. take this opportunity while it lasts ya'll lol.

No. 560628

Godspeed, gif anon, we have access to clips now

No. 560630

File: 1534172991387.png (453.67 KB, 817x374, aEKAbtz.png)

More like time to sell more nudes

No. 560631

File: 1534173100369.jpeg (195.23 KB, 750x1192, 7BB0B5EB-F8C5-431F-999B-DA4965…)

all your wishes have been granted, anons

No. 560632

File: 1534173103595.png (24.76 KB, 797x413, Ch1j6OE.png)


No. 560633

File: 1534173185404.jpeg (299.46 KB, 750x1195, 9F580B17-012F-4A74-8F56-E24DA3…)

No. 560634

File: 1534173257159.gif (1.04 MB, 400x400, tumblr_pdeh2kj97P1xxzxb4o2_400…)

She posted the same caption on her Tumblr

No. 560636

File: 1534173378653.gif (1014.3 KB, 400x400, tumblr_pdeh2kj97P1xxzxb4o1_400…)

No. 560647

Why even put it on in the first place??? You're Judy going to sit around in your mom's house. This bitch

No. 560657

Tuna surely is the weirdest junkie I've ever seen.
Blagging but Tuna and I started doing dope around the same time. I lost everything. Ended up a homeless prostitute. Tuna just kinda stayed stagnant. Never got better or worse. So weird.

No. 560658

If/when I relapse I kinda want to go visit Tuna and get high with her. If I offer her a bag or two I'm sure she'll meet up with me(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 560661

I hope you're in a better place, anon.
You can get bent, though.

Most heroin addicts realise that dope was a terrible decision, no matter what they were going through, but Tuna still pushes her ~destined for addiction~ narrative, even as her life continues to go to shit. We've said it a thousand times, but she had no reason to start H aside from wanting edge points. She had a rich dad, over a million in inheritance from her grandma, friends, and an opportunity to go to a prestigious university. Her dad paid for her to go to rehab because of fucking weed. Was this worth it, Tuna?

No. 560663

They are transdermal patches. The clear one looks like a nicotine patch and the tan ones look like birth control patches. Or course the filthy hoarders didn't stick them in the bin when they were done with them.

No. 560666

Idk if this is true but I heard she dropped out of uni after only 1 month because of heroin (and she started using when she started uni)… how does that even make sense, no only spirals into deep addiction THAT fast, after 1 month people are still smoking or snorting their H, tuna romanticized it so much that she wanted to IV asap and probably dropped out simply to live out her glamorized junkie lifestyle with lurch

No. 560667

She dropped out of college because Lurch tried to OD when she left, totally guilting her into staying with him. I don’t know if that was ever capped but I remember her saying that when she dropped out, and then shortly after she started doing heroin herself when she dropped out to live with him. She hated college cause her roommate wouldn’t let her smoke weed in the room and she missed Lurch too much. Just more proof that even though it was a conscious decision on Luna’s part, Lurch was really instrumental in the undoing of her future.

No. 560671

Why couldnt lurch just…… move closer

No. 560673

She also begged lurch to shoot her up, because before she was only smoking/snorting, and she couldn't shoot up herself. She did want to immediately jump to shooting up, yes, but Lurch is still a selfish, controlling fuck.

No. 560674

cause he'd have to find new drug hook ups, i assume

No. 560681

I never heard that, I thought she said she dropped out cus she was suicidal uwu

No. 560687

So, has she DM'd anyone else trying to shill her art? It came complete with the whole "i'm kinda homeless and my food stamps just ended" schtick.

No. 560688

Yeah, suicidal because her roommate wouldn’t let her smoke weed and she was away from her love uwu (of four months). I’m the Anon you replied to, like I said I don’t think that was ever capped cause it predates her threads on here and she was notorious for constantly deleting tumblrs. I’ve been following her for 5+ years since I was a young teen and I remember that distinctly because she wrote a ton of poems about drinking cough syrup and how her love had injected himself with everything he had hoping to die or something equally stupid during the couple of weeks she was in college.

No. 560689

this sounds like signs of him being abusive af tho? "you direct your anger at the two people you love" bet shes not easy to deal with but i wonder how much shit she gets form him too

No. 560692


>I know you don't mean all the bad shit you've spewed at me.

If not abusive, it does at least sound like he's a shitty guy who doesn't treat her well.

No. 560694

he’s obviously a shitty dude probably prone to emotional abuse but she’s really lucky that she found some creepy ass 35 year old man who isn’t actually beating her or trying to pimp her out

No. 560700

She messaged me almost immediately about it, it was basically just a copy/paste of all her other begging messages. how she’s basically homeless, and how Donald trumps new policy is hurting her (as if she hasn’t been in this situation for months), and how she’s losing weight from starving.
I’d post it but I’d rather stay on good terms for the milk.

No. 560701

Yep it's happened to me too. Exactly the same as you said. She's not even creative enough to come up with a custom begging message for everyone that's followed her. How can you expect anyone to buy your art if you don't put 5 minutes into writing a nice message about that person or looking at their account, Tuna?

No. 560702

I wonder if this is how she'll issue bans

keep the donators, ban the others

No. 560713

File: 1534193462643.jpg (212.09 KB, 1079x1181, Screenshot_20180813-213556_Ins…)

Posted on KF by someone who requested to follow six months ago.

No. 560718

File: 1534194337168.gif (1.88 MB, 500x580, 8eb.gif)

>I am the girl with the most problems

I'm really irritated that she says that she can't get meds then does selfies with them on her tongue! and wow you don't abuse them anymore? but you do abuse all other drugs and also them still

No. 560719

File: 1534194722892.jpeg (17.56 KB, 236x275, BA96CEE7-BA26-4DEF-B154-C286B7…)

>im losing hella weight
Uhh I thought that’s what she wanted

No. 560720

Lmao yep, this was the exact message I got.
The separate “hope it’s not weird” message and everything.
Luna come on. If you’re going to try to scam people, at least write a personal message.
Also the fact that you made it clear you’re struggling as well, and she STILL tries to get money out of you. God she’s pathetic, and obviously doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

No. 560721


ayrt, yeah, she said the same shit about trump to me. i'm trying to get her on the hook too, so i'm just gonna let this raw milk churn itself into delicious cream lol

No. 560726

does anyone remember a pic she uploaded ages ago with lurch's dick on her face? no way i imagined that did i?

No. 560727

sounds like bullshit to me. we know how Tuna romances ODs and shit, and how she lies constantly. as you mentioned, we also know she has a bunch of other reasons for dropping out.
obviously not saying Lurch isn't a walking bag of shit, but let's not be gullible here.

lol why the fuck should he? she brings absolutely nothing to the relationship, just takes. and she's fucking insufferable in small doses on tumblr etc imagine having to live with it.


No. 560728

oh god, is this going to be more of that 'you're so strong' artificial milk from before? ffs

No. 560733

idk anon nothing good will happen, she'll just make up stories about why she can't leave her moms or work etc lunas just that old milk in the cap lol

No. 560738

File: 1534197944513.jpg (Spoiler Image,238.72 KB, 640x1136, 1467314147452.jpg)

>she brings absolutely nothing to the relationship
He doesn't either, save for drugs. Luna's mom is responsible for all their housing, food, etc.

Lurch is just as much as a bum as she is. From what she's posted he seems miserable to be around as well. They deserve each other.

You didn't imagine it. She used to post all sorts of nasty NSFW stuff in her early days. Now she talks about her Hitachi.

No. 560742

Why is Lurch's dick grey??

No. 560746

at least he’s getting off his ass to deal drugs to get drugs tbh, luna just sits around doing NOTHING at all. iirc luna doesn’t even have a record so its not like that keeping her from getting a job buuuut nope.

No. 560749


ew glad i didnt imagine it but that was disgusting

No. 560750

File: 1534199768535.jpeg (448.43 KB, 651x917, 9D72C051-B3EC-403F-A13B-DE8C85…)

check out the track marks on this piece >>559082 circa 2013. she’s been romanticizing heroine from day one.

No. 560758


She probably dyed it.

It's cheap and easy to do. Many people do it in order to use clothing for more time before buying new ones or just to change a bit.

I doubt hardly that anything other then dying could change the color that greatly. Cigarettes and bad laundry included, as they usaly produce stains, not a fully changed color.

No. 560759

laundry definitely can stain an entire item. if she washed it with black, all the water in the laundry would turn grey.

No. 560761

yeah it’s probably just this

No. 560762

but why would luna dye/wash something

No. 560765

If Luna were around back in the golden days of 4chan, she would have been known as trailer trash creepychan
>sometimes my anxiety just needs a lil relief.
You mean the rebound anxiety you get because you're hooked on benzos? Fucking idiot
tbf, it's not her fault that she has PCOS, and the ~body positive~ movement dictates that you can't remove body hair even though dumping tons of money into the beauty industry is apparently a-okay.
If Luna thinks she has it bad now, she's REALLY not prepared to face the reality of life as a bridge-burning addict that will surely hit her within the next few months or years.

No. 560769

it stuns me how she took a pic of 2 bars in her mouth and is like “i dont abuse benzos i just use them for anxiety!” if your tolerance gets to the point where you need 4mg for ANXIETY, you’re fucking abusing them. and theres no way she wouldnt get anxiety relief from like 1mg anyways no matter her tolerance. how has she been doing drugs for this long and STILL is this delusional?

No. 560775

ikr and she says she was drawing afterwards? and how does she stand putting them on her tongue they taste disgusting

No. 560777

4mg is like the highest you're prescribed usually. and even then it's in a warning range.

No. 560789

File: 1534207147345.jpeg (522.56 KB, 750x1191, B61D8731-968D-4FC1-8623-FED4AD…)

Yikes she’s looking dead

No. 560806

so how many mean bully messages dya think tuna will recieve?

No. 560807

What in the world is going on with her mouth? It looks like she's got four little pointy sharp teeth and nothing else.Or lip growths.

No. 560820

the amount of space between her clavicle and her boobs…

No. 560824

File: 1534213214412.png (Spoiler Image,6.82 MB, 1125x2436, 40E59EB1-0DA9-449F-BC28-FC0533…)


No. 560825

File: 1534213285469.png (Spoiler Image,5.94 MB, 1125x2436, DA44300F-1C0D-4E74-A10D-0F7D10…)

No. 560833

just in the kitchen…in my underwear…

No. 560853

Ouch how hard she must be sucking in?

No. 560859

i was kind of excited that tuna accepted my follow but…her photos are setting off my morning sickness.

No. 560868


fyi anon, if you eat yourself into oblivion, you can actually cause PCOS by disrupting hormone cycles. So she possibly could be to blame for that, too. Although at a deeper root, it would be the people who raised her who are truly to blame for that one.

No. 560924

one of those moods where you don’t wanna keep going

No, but you can sure keep posting nasty, grimy selfies, can’t ya Tuna?

Priorities…, she haz dem.

No. 560948

Can someone explain what the dark patches around her lips are in all of her latest selfies?

No. 560949


facial hair, anon

No. 560977

Jesus I thought it was scabies or impetigo or some shit

No. 560987

You know how when your lips have dry spots and you put on lipstick, and it kind of beads up around the dead skin? Tuna has that problem, except it looks like instead of just being dry, she puts lipstick on her lips while she has pieces of skin literally hanging off.

No. 560990

a) their whole relationship is drugs, and b) that shit is expensive at the levels they're using, so there is a big difference there, anon. Also, he's doing the copping and the selling, so he basically has a job. So no, there's a big difference.
My point was, I'm sick of people low-key WKing Tuna by trying to lay everything on Lurch or minimise her bullshit. You know, like you just did.
For a simple comparison, imagine them breaking up. One of them would be fine, the other would be completely fucked.

at least she is wearing a bra for once.

No. 560996

>For a simple comparison, imagine them breaking up. One of them would be fine, the other would be completely fucked.
Yeah, Luna would go home to her "evil" rich daddy in his upscale apartment and Lurch would likely be homeless.

I'm not defending or WKing Tuna by any means, I just think 3D Junji Ito is a piece of shit.

No. 561021

File: 1534272963071.png (65.7 KB, 697x541, g5kV1RH.png)

You think she'll actually follow this advice?

No. 561033

The dat has come!
I got a message from Luna and I honestly have no idea how to/what to answer.

No. 561609

File: 1534293232502.gif (923.4 KB, 400x400, tumblr_pdh79yPVJn1xxzxb4o1_400…)

No. 561614

File: 1534293330685.gif (919.32 KB, 400x400, tumblr_pdh79yPVJn1xxzxb4o2_400…)

No. 561616

File: 1534293448499.png (252.86 KB, 784x1608, L6ZSYbD.png)

No. 561627

nice post. very well said. too bad luna is a walking contradiction against every single point, especially 2, 3, 5, and 7. maybe she should re-read it a few times and give it a think.

No. 561647

why does luna think that people hate her
bc she has an addiction but she’s just a crummy day person in general. like… no she doesnt feel terrible about scamming. not even a shred of remorse, ever

and lol @ 7, luna herself said that she chose the addiction

No. 561738

Okay but she absolutely did choose her addiction. She romanticized heroin for years before she started using and continues to romanticize her addiction

No. 562204

File: 1534365144423.jpg (442.95 KB, 899x1189, hmmmm.jpg)

No. 562220

Wow she just clearly deadass copied that. Even the little exclamations by the head. Didnt know inspo = just copy the shit.
Lol tuna.

No. 562252

lol I wonder how much that artist charges for their work which is actually cool and well drawn

No. 562443

"No power can overcome it except a higher power", what utter bullshit. It's a matter of willpower, plain and simple. You make a series of choice to be clean the same way you made a series of choices to use regularly. The whole 12 step thing has exactly the same rate of success as people who don't use any program at all: 6-10% of them get clean and stay that way. There's no magical higher power that must be adhered to, and that kind of thinking is dangerous because then people are like "noooo it's all out of my control, I got high once so now I have to keep getting high because I have a diseeeeease".

Of course Luna is all about it.

No. 562469

artfag, but there is such a thing as a master copy basically where you attempt to do your version of someone else's piece and it's meant as an exercise. but selling it is considered a no-no, and is probably illegal considering it's basically someone's idea

No. 562493

Damn, Luna, is she trying to eat the girl out or piledrive her?

No. 562514

it doesn't even need to be anything that official. there's plenty of ways you can make it clear that you're doing a tribute/didn't come up with the idea and give proper credit. tuna made multiple versions of this pic and didnt make it the least bit clear she copied the idea until now.

No. 562538

but with a master copy (or transcription, as we called it in high school art), you make it very clear that you've copied this artist's piece as an exercise. luna didn't say anywhere that she copied this artist, much like all the other artists she's copied. and it's not like it could be accidental as this is a very specific and unique concept that i've never seen another artist do. if she's gonna copy and try and pass it off as her own to sell, you would think that she would have the brains to not post the original artist's work on her instagram. but she clearly completely lacks both creativity and intelligence.

as an artist who spends a lot of time on my art, this is like a massive slap in the face. and that original art is copyright to the artist right? i'm not entirely sure how it works, but does that mean they could take legal action against her for blatantly copying and trying to sell their art?

No. 562582

She still needs to get her look sorted but when she posted this I was just so happy to see her in something other than filthy pastels or light grey

No. 562587

people have been doing this concept for years, it's not original in either case. its cute tho.

No. 562785

File: 1534380024041.jpeg (350.85 KB, 750x1074, 64992F2B-E0AF-4389-B480-9E26F8…)

No. 562807

How luna?

No. 562844

I had to unfollow her Insta because she was clogging my feed. Will probably regret it, but whatever

No. 562868

stealing, or maybe just getting a fake $10 from kmart.

No. 562892

i couldn't stand it either, i just put her on mute

No. 562944

She does look much more lively

No. 562960

agreed, jewel tones don't wash her out and make her look like a corpse like all her pastels and light greys do.

No. 562992

maybe lurch can rob a jewllery store

No. 563096

Same here, I thought I could stand it but it's just too much and coming constantly. I never realised how shit her life has become until I properly saw her Instagram.
And I know she's been e-begging and stealing but God I wouldn't wanna be her and I don't think anyone would.
Her pics just give me an intense urge to scream at her to do something because it's still NOT too late. For fucks sake Luna get a grip, you're not 14.
I had to mute too to avoid trying to kick her butt via Instagram or something.

No. 563126

It's like she might get some cheap dresses or some cheap art supplies out of people but at the end of the day those people have jobs and or at least not lurch so they're gonna be fine she's stuck living this trash fire of a life. I wish that she'd go from semi homeless to homeless already like I know she'd end up with daddy but maybe he would be stricter with her? like no offense to her mom idk her but wouldn't you have kicked luna out by now? or made her work or at least something!

No. 563141

fyi addiction is not as simple as just “a series of choices”, having a “lack of willpower” is not a choice either, rather a mix of our nurture, social environment, our psychology, possible physical ailments, etc. stop looking at tuna as an image of what addiction looks like, she’s a cow for a reason and she’s literally said that she romanticized heroin before ever trying it and that she wanted this lifestyle and actually took steps to get here, that’s certainly not an outlook most other addicts and former addictions have ever had.

she should just kick lurch out bc luna will end up following him no matter what, 2 birds 1 stone

No. 563147

I know right? Live with dad, get a crappy job in the beginning but at least have one and be able to afford art supplies. She could move forward from there.
Pretty sure she'd have to go to rehab first but she's still so young and I do not think her creativity is all that bad if she stopped being a copy cat and do something of her own.
Like, I get that mental illness is awful as I have one, but having a job where I help others is really good for me and helps me focus less on my issues.
I just feel kinda sorry for her. She got into this very young and she needs to stop liking this lifestyle in her own twisted way, otherwise there's no helping her.
I'm not a big fan of the bullying that's going on in here. The poor girl is fucked up but not in the cool way that she thinks. It's not shocking. It's pitiful.

No. 563149

oh fuck off with this poor luna shit

No. 563170

thank you anon for saying this. yea the vast majority of addicts made the choice to use but not the choice to become addicted. luna is the exception rather than the rule. it's so unfortunate to me that people like her exist. she's literally the living, breathing junkie stereotype that so many of us addicts/former addicts try to distant ourselves from. the idea that non-users have about junkies choosing our lifestyle, or being dirty, or stealing or not making any effort to better ourselves is just encapsulated in her. i had a job until my heroin addiction became too bad and then i went on sick benefit because of my addiction and multiple mental illnesses, which luna could easily apply for. although maybe she knows she won't get it, because she's lied about having bpd and anorexia and dislocations and bad legs, and she doesn't want to face a doctor telling her that she isn't entitled to sick benefit because she's not sick. i also attended groups and worked to make my life better even when i couldn't work, and eventually got clean (still on subutex though). and more addicts are like me than like luna, but still she's completely dragging the image of heroin addicts down! it's obvious she doesn't have any junkie friends, because other heroin addicts would just laugh at her story about how she was 'destined to be a heroin addict' and she loved it 'before she even tried it' and romanticised the hell out of something a lot of us fell into accidentally after trauma or to self-medicate mental/physical illness. not saying that it wasn't a choice to start using though, or that i didn't know about the addiction. just that i was one of those people who thought 'other people get addicted but i can control myself and it won't happen to me', which is a really stupid way of thinking. but it has nothing on actually trying to get addicted because layne staley or courtney love was! that's just digging your own grave because you thought it was cool. that's just stupid behaviour, and her behaviour makes all of us look stupid to non-users.

No. 563176

i'm all for compassion but this type of attitude is the last thing luna needs. she surrounds herself with people and posts that tell her it's not her fault , she's helpless, it's out of her hands,she's doing great for someone so compromised, etc, when she knows she's not. she reblogs posts like >>561616 because she wants an excuse to not change anything. she's broke because of trump, she's addicted because mental illness, she's lazy because mental illness, she can't get a job because reasons, etc etc etc.
what luna needs more than anything is to take back some control, and that means no more coddling herself and making excuses until she actually changes something.
All she ever does is find reasons to think of herself as a poor pitiful girl who can't help it and she finds people to validate her in that. That's not healthy. Giving yourself a break and comforting yourself like that is only good if you balance it with having some expectations for yourself.

No. 563177

To me I find it weird that she wanted to try heroin at all - I mean I could understand if her parents weren't heroin addicts, if she had just heard what the high was like from Peter and Lurch and wanted to know what it felt like.

But if she was living with her mum or dad while they were dopesick, she would have seen the less glamorous side, and would have seen it wasn't worth it? Most people I know who are children of alcholics avoid alcohol entirely, because they saw what it did to a parent. I don't understand why you'd see your parents suffering with addiction and think "that's what I want"

No. 563183

you’re welcome! be careful about blogging too much tho, especially since you cant sage here anymore

but yeah the only heroin addict luna is close with is lurch (and her former addicted parents). she’d also probably be blown away by addicts who don’t look like the stereotypical instagram edgy addict that luna’s literally caking makeup on her face to look like, or the lurch-looking homeless ones. It’s so fucking evident that she WANTS this lifestyle even after so long! it’s her identity now, it has been before she even touched dugs.

while yeah, most addicts end up doing something shitty when they’re desperate like stealing a bit of cash from a family member’s wallet, most people feel horribly shitty about that. luna MANIPULATES people online who may be worse off than she is into giving her money for “food uwu im losing so much weight” and continues doing it with zero remorse and guilt. she doesn’t seem to empathize with anyone.

lasts, she’s been using for 5 years and is still seemingly completely deluded about her addiction (she took 2 bars of xanax for “anxiety” but noo she doesnt abuse them) and excuses everything with “but im mentally ill!!”. she is literally the reason for generalizing stereotypes like “people with BPD are always purposely manipulative” and “all addicts only care about themselves”. i bet everyone in treatment from BPD would hate her guts. you are still in control of your actions when you have BPD, sure it’s harder with impulse control issues but in no fucking way does BPD excuse behaviour such as manipulation or abuse or scamming money out of people

read my 2 paragraphs before this, how can you feel sorry for her with that kind of behaviour?

No. 563201

I think my point has been misunderstood.
I can see all of her faking and glorifying her addiction just to make an excuse and that's why I wrote she needs to do something herself or she'll never get out. She needs to want to and she doesn't, because it's easier and she gets attention through it. And I do pity her, for thinking this is cool, for thinking that people believe anything she does, for choosing - yep, choosing - to live in a dump. I can freaking pity her life choices, thank you very much.
I think the biggest favor the internet could do her is to start ignoring her altogether, but that's not gonna happen so we can just argue while she's gonna continue slowly killing herself for the sake of instagram fame and in the end we'll all end up feeling guilty about it because we didn't do shit.

No. 563203

you think…we can save tuna anon lmao

No. 563233

Her dad could probably get her a good crappy job too. Or maybe even a semi good one.

She has such a safety net, even after ruining so much.

No. 563241

i get what you're saying now anon, but i still think her few commenters who enable her are doing her much more harm than those who criticize her.

>we'll all end up feeling guilty about it because we didn't do shit

this is where you lost me. why would we feel guilty about something that's not even close to our responsibility? i have people in my actual life i'd rather help, thanks. what could we even do on the internet to help her if we wanted to? coddling her makes it worse and if we were blunt or gave her practical advice she'd ignore it and block. the problem is with her and she's the only one who can take the initial step to getting better. the power is with her. she's not like this because not enough people helped her. she's like this because that's the type of shit she insists on believing.

No. 563257

File: 1534451346223.png (68 KB, 678x240, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 1.22…)

These two things in particular are bullshit, though I can see how LunaTunes finds them appealing.

One recovers from their addiction when they take the decision to get better, then do the work and stick to it. The drugs don't make you do anything: the hard thing to admit is that you as a person did shitty things to your friends and family, and you can't force them to forgive you. The feelings are hard to cope with, but it's not the substance's fault we chose shitty actions. This is one of the parts of recovery that elude Luna, because she romanticizes the whole process and loves talk about how stronk and powerful the drugs are and how she's helpless in the face of her addiction and BPD. Your emotions and reason are exactly what overpowers addition and shitty behaviors - both recovery work and BPD classes teach you that mental illnesses might make you think things like "I have to react immediately to this gross offense against my feelings" or "I'm having a shit day I need to get high", but you learn that thoughts are not actions. You are in control of your actions, even if you can't control thoughts from coming into your head.

No. 563294

Anon, I want you to know I have tried reaching out to Luna many times. I have sent her packages, messaged her with advice, listened to her gripe constantly. I have tried to steer her in the right direction. Told her I was once in her place– addicted to drugs and trapped in an abusive relationship, told her how she can get out and have a happy life.

You know what she's done? She's blocked me. You have to at some point realize that internet strangers cannot fix her. All the pity in the world will not change that she refuses to get help.

Have you ever heard the phrase "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink?" We can feel really terribly for Luna that she's so young and trapped in a world that she doesn't even have the capacity to understand, but she has to make the choice to drink. That's something no one can do but her.

No. 563341

You were making sense and I was thinking “Ah okay, that’s what they meant, thats not so bad” and then you said that last line. Do you feel guilty that you didn’t go on incel forums trying to help hateful incels (who don’t want your help) before Alek Minassian drove that van or Elliot Rodger went on his shooting spree?

She. Doesn’t. Want. Help. Why would I feel guilty??

This, exactly!!

No. 563791

this is exactly the shit that's been making me really fucking testy in this thread lately.
>if only Luna could literally do a 180 on everything she is, she could be OK!
she chose this. she chased it and embraced it and it's now the sum total of what she is. fuck your feels, no-one cares.
>Feeling guilty … we didn't do shit.
LMAO you are seriously fucking deluded, anon. we are not a fucking therapy group or Feels Farm especially when it comes to this nasty cunt.
she's a useless, scamming, stealing sack of shit and she always will be. that's why she's here - to be ridiculed and hated because she deserves it. she's earned it.

(yeah yeah, calm down, etc.)
thank you! Luna has ended up so bad because so many people validated her bullshit for so long and let her play at being The Saddest Girl In The World. She actively fights against change and enmeshes herself further in her own bullshit. Some part of her knows how far gone she is, and that just makes her flail around more.
To even consider change possible in her life would require her to lose everything and then have a third party staging a long and forceful intervention, and even then it'd be high hopes.

No. 563936


>we'll all end up feeling guilty about it because we didn't do shit.

lol no. this isn't a counselling service, we're here to laugh at the cows, not fix their lives for them. people will react the same as when kadee died - the thread will also die, farmers will move onto the next cow and forget all about luna.

No. 563994

You aren't the first person who's gone above and beyond to help Luna and you definitely won't be the last, anon. The absolute gall of her to block and ignore someone who went out of their way to send her packages is the reason why I absolutely don't pity her like this anon above. People are generally compassionate, they want to help someone in need. That's why some of those gofundme pages really take off. And when Luna was in her constant-outright-begging phase (as opposed to her covert begging phase that she's in now. where she doesn't spam her paypal but she whines about being made homeless and starving) I bet people sent her hundreds of dollars because she seemed like a nice girl in need.

But she wasn't, and she's still not, a nice person. She would brag about 'hustling' and 'turning nothing into something' on her drug blog, clearly boasting about people's donations. And even when people donated, she wouldn't even thank them so she could moan about how 'no-one's helping her' and try and get more money out of people. Non-users might just dismiss this behaviour as 'junkie logic' or say that all junkies lie and cheat and steal. But, as some anons have said above, it's not true. Even in situations where the junkie with a good moral compass is forced to steal, they're torn up inside and feel terrible. Luna never felt bad about any of the scamming. she doesn't deserve our pity. there's a lot of examples on some of those old blogs (witchycrankypoo) of her being given large donations with no thanks. Makes me so sad, not for Luna, but for those people who donated what little they have to an ungrateful, spoilt girl.

The only shred of pity I have for her is towards her relationship with lurch. The gross, cheating, probably abusive scumbag. But of course, if you express any concern about their relationship, you get blocked. I guess that makes sense since he's an abuser and she weirdly idolises him but I don't feel too bad. she's a shitty person and is in no way a victim.

No. 564017

Can we stop with this shit. I understand there's no milk at the moment but do we really need to sit here and write paragraphs about fuck knows what because who really cares enough to read it all.

No. 564037

the thread has been full of bleeding hearts for the past 12 hours.

No. 564051

i honestly believe it's just anons who are trying to make themselves feel better about follow tuna. it makes them feel less like 'uwu bullies' when they think they're actually helping her rather than following her downfall.

honestly i just sit back and watch the trainwreck that is tuna. we're not responsible for her, why should we feel responsible for helping her out of things she brings on to herself?

No. 564052

exactly. and i know roger is gone (rest his soul) but after that whole saga why would anyone feel bad for her? she went from being an immature edgy child to being an immature edgy druggie. that's all.

No. 564149

Yeah let's not forget about how she treated Roger. Stealing his bedding and leaving him on an uncovered mattress, and repeatedly hesitating on calling him an ambulance because they didn't want to pay for his cab fare back home.

Even if she ~didnt choose her addiction~ she chose to be a horrible human being.

No. 564152

File: 1534532215205.jpg (23.19 KB, 512x384, laugh.jpg)

we found the bleeding heart kek

No. 564156

what happened to tai?

No. 564183

Killed themself - I don't think it was revealed how but if you search her old username you can find people mourning.


No. 564186

oh wow. i suddenly feel really weird

No. 564205

"most people I know" alcoholism is hereditary you dumb fuck

No. 564267

yeah obviously but a lot children of alcoholics avoid alcohol because they know it's hereditary.

yeah that's why it seems all the weirder that luna named her plant after tai. it would be one thing if tai just died but naming it after her ex that committed suicide is kinda creepy.

No. 564285

File: 1534550215226.jpg (341.03 KB, 2440x1164, XwhkPx5.jpg)

No. 564289

File: 1534550668913.png (582.97 KB, 852x597, 31.2.png)

No. 564292

File: 1534550783897.png (720.71 KB, 816x597, 35.png)

baby sized fingers~


No. 564294

She actually looked best at her biggest in the top left picture and happy. Sad.

No. 564299

File: 1534550987702.png (567.24 KB, 821x596, 15.1.png)

No. 564302

File: 1534551093233.png (638.62 KB, 824x596, 15.3.png)

No. 564304

Too bad she'll never get sober. She glorifies her drug use too much to ever give it up because it's all she's got going for her.

If she had her own house, her own money, and the perfect life she'd still be a druggie. She's only acting like she's so depressed and low now because she can't be spoiled and afford everything she wants and her drugs at the same time.

No. 564306

File: 1534551253775.png (601.39 KB, 817x598, 15.4.png)

No. 564308

File: 1534551418033.png (621.48 KB, 818x597, 15.5.png)

No. 564311

File: 1534551517532.png (616.63 KB, 811x597, 15.6.png)

No. 564338

"name your emotions" the emotion you're experiencing is "i'm doing nothing to get out of this shit situation thats making me depressed", all the dbt in the world wont change your living situation…

No. 564364

Holding her saggy tit up with a tub of Noxema…. Sexxxyyyyy

No. 564378

I like how out everything on this page she made special markings next to these:

>make every day meaningful

>remain hopeful
>take care of yourself

Now translate their descriptions into Luna-speak.

>Draw or put on makeup, that's doing something!

>Keep dreaming you and him will get married!
>Spoil yourself with new clothes, nails, and beauty products.

And in the ones she ignored..

>Get out and make connections by doing WORK

>Learn from your mistakes
>Don't ignore or wish away your problems!

Even with mental health she can't even put her all into it and instead cherry picks what she wants to hear or what can justify continuing her behavior. "My mental health notes said I should buy this so give me money for it pls so I have something to look forward to"

No. 564405

File: 1534559341994.png (828.2 KB, 858x597, 9.3.png)

Pic dump from KF.

No. 564410

File: 1534559377934.png (857.86 KB, 856x597, 9.1.png)

No. 564411

File: 1534559442690.png (862.85 KB, 856x594, 9.2.png)

No. 564413

File: 1534559492640.png (609.16 KB, 817x596, 7.1.png)

No. 564414

File: 1534559528279.png (Spoiler Image,568.01 KB, 817x597, 7.2.png)

No. 564418

File: 1534559631655.png (779.94 KB, 819x598, 25.png)

No. 564420

File: 1534559671079.png (771.87 KB, 818x596, 16.png)

No. 564422

File: 1534559725908.png (682.59 KB, 821x597, 41.png)

No. 564426

File: 1534559759986.png (755.18 KB, 817x597, 2.png)

No. 564430

File: 1534559797637.png (806.06 KB, 823x597, 4.png)

No. 564437

File: 1534559883032.png (544.38 KB, 818x596, 17.png)

No. 564439

File: 1534559920090.png (728.41 KB, 818x595, 14.1.png)

No. 564442

File: 1534559954360.png (644.09 KB, 824x597, 14.2.png)

No. 564443

File: 1534559982736.png (592.54 KB, 815x596, 14.3.png)

No. 564446

File: 1534560010248.png (557.28 KB, 817x598, 14.4.png)

No. 564450

File: 1534560039714.png (562.85 KB, 819x593, 14.5.png)

No. 564452

File: 1534560069297.png (471.43 KB, 822x595, 14.6.png)

No. 564453

File: 1534560098167.png (553.13 KB, 820x597, 14.7.png)

No. 564455

File: 1534560147881.png (696.3 KB, 821x598, 14.8.png)

No. 564457

File: 1534560184162.png (545.87 KB, 819x593, 14.9.png)

No. 564466

File: 1534560258005.png (768.38 KB, 848x598, 38.3.png)

No. 564468

File: 1534560301795.png (Spoiler Image,841.25 KB, 845x592, 38.5.png)

No. 564470

File: 1534560353030.png (Spoiler Image,732.11 KB, 849x596, 38.6.png)

No. 564475

File: 1534560392518.png (Spoiler Image,804.11 KB, 845x594, 38.1.png)

No. 564479

File: 1534560466912.png (849.82 KB, 849x593, 38.7.png)

No. 564483

File: 1534560505400.png (800.64 KB, 848x597, 38.8.png)

No. 564484

File: 1534560539002.png (862.65 KB, 848x596, 38.9.png)

No. 564499

File: 1534561065913.png (762.92 KB, 847x591, 38.2.png)

No. 564508

File: 1534561338132.png (681.03 KB, 851x592, 26.2.png)

No. 564509

File: 1534561369938.png (507.44 KB, 822x596, 40.1.png)

No. 564510

File: 1534561395008.png (233.95 KB, 940x594, 32.2.png)

No. 564513

File: 1534561416031.png (405.85 KB, 898x596, 33.png)

No. 564514

File: 1534561442624.png (321.21 KB, 934x596, 37.png)

No. 564515

File: 1534561461730.png (288.09 KB, 937x477, 34.png)

No. 564538

>ten bucks for a hundred

can she go three seconds without mentioning the price of something/calling something cheap. how much do you wanna bet she dm’d that girl and said “so after talking about those nails would you like to buy me some i just lost 90% of everything ii own and roger who was like a father to me just died and these nails are so cheap”

No. 564551

can we please not spam tuna's dumb drawings? you've seen one you've seen them all.

No. 564584

She was cuter when she was fatter, at least her she looked clean and had a good shape.

No. 564634

Lol I'd have liked this if there was an individual pill on the Sadgirls fork, but just because I think it'd be funny, not profound.
>Saddest girl in the world
Are you fuckin serious right now? I swear anons have called her that sarcastically.
Tfw all of these DBT notes are old, from when she was doing therapy. They gave her a textbook but she doesn't care enough to work on it further and is reshowing old fucking homework lmao.

No. 564899

>happy pillz

No. 564901

>Animal crossing was bad for my mental health
>One of the most laid back games ever was just too addicting

Lord the people that comment on Luna's things are too much.

No. 564920

Have you even played ACPC?
It's laid back in terms of theme.
The mobile version of AC is typical idle game trash.
You have to check every few hours or you will lose exp/items from runing errands for animals. You have to send requests to other players and help them or they will delete you. It creates a pressure where it feels like you have to play the game everyday for few times instead of doing it when you feel comfortable like the DS or Gamecube version. The creators of the mobile version knew what to do to keep people playing and throwing their cash at them (want to make the furniture that you need to progress faster than in 16 hours? Ok, just pay).
Seen reviews criticising Pocket Camp for those mechanics and cashing on AC nostalgia.

Imaginary sage.

No. 564928

Microtransaction games are addictive and bad for people's mental health though. That's how they work, and why people run up hundreds of thousands of pounds in transactions to get their fix. It's why kids and teenagers will steal their parents credit card and run up thousands of pounds. This is pretty well scientifically documented and is a real thing.

Video game devs use operant conditioning consciously, and have probably benefited from BF Skinner's work more than any other field has.

No. 564966

Fyi for anyone who wants to follow her but gets overwhelmed by all the posts, Instagram has a new feature where you can mute a person's posts or stories. You can still follow them, but don't have to see their posts clogging up your feed.

Ha, I figured it was only a matter of time before she started doing this. Clearly the only reason why she'd approve new followers is so she'll have more potential buyers/donators. Her original 2000 must have been tapped absolutely dry by now. If she wants to hawk her art so badly, she should honestly just go public and calm down with posting her personal info so she doesn't have to be paranoid about drug stuff.

No. 564967

Is she still trying to sell nudes or did she give up on it in favor of art again? I'm really surprised she hasn't become a camgirl but then again I doubt she'd even be able to stream for a half hour without passing out from drugs.

No. 564971

I hope she does give camming a go. Might revive this thread.

No. 564982

She was half-heartedly trying to sell her nudes on Tumblr last week (see: >>560630 )

No. 564998

I thought she had bad internet or something, so she couldn't.

No. 565021

Anyone else surprised she's never faked her own death? Seems like something she would try.

No. 565022

Even Raven couldn't fake being dead for long. You really think Luna could put enough effort into it past a vague picture of her stolen graveyard trinkets and a caption that said 'This is Matthew. luna died. Please send money for funeral.'

No. 565028

What makes you think she'd do that? I'm curious because AFAIK there's nothing she needs to hide from that badly, and most of her day is filled with social media and finding new things to post on social media. Even if they did get money and sympathy/attention for it, they'd burn through it all and then Luna would be stuck sat about "dead" not being able to post selfies or show off her drawings online again.

No. 565035

Who needs to pretend to be dead when you OD tho

No. 565078


Has she ever tried faking Lurch's death? I mean the guy looks like a corpse anyways, it wouldn't be that hard to fake. It could be like "Weekend at Lurches" LOL

No. 565079

I can just picture them, lurch is nodded out in bed, Luna standing over his body snapping pictures of him surrounded by her filth incrusted stuffed animals “rip Matthew he was more than just my drug supplier, he was my Easter island lover.
Send money to help support his cheap funeral”

No. 565082

She accepted my follow request on insta. Immediately messaged me asking to give her money, she could even do a commission for her shitty art. That a trump policy took away her food stamps. Which isnt true because I have food stamps. I told her I was homeless as well (not true), and told her I have no money till Sunday. She then says "anything will help! Even if you can only donate 10$!!" I told her i would let her know sunday, if she needs anything to message me (trying to get that milk). She ignored me until today. "Hey sorry for not getting back to you! Can you give me any money? Im STARVING", no reply and then "hello?", "sorry im just so hungry"

No. 565084

Samefagging. Dont know how to edit posts. Then she followed me back, spammed liked a lot of my photos followed with another "hello are you there? I haven't ate all day" bitch is so wack

No. 565086

You can't edit only delete and repost

I don't think anyone will get any milk out of her, I'd just say I can't give you any money get a job :( lol

No. 565094

lol people in her kf thread have been sharing the messages and they're literally copy-pasted.

No. 565099

Hmmm I guess I really didn't think that through. I just figured it seemed like it would be in her repertoire. if I'm not mistaken hasn't she had periods of not posting at all? It would be an easy way for her to get some $ and she would love to see the RIP ANGEL UwU posts.
Y'all are right tho she probably couldn't manage it.

No. 565256

all she does all day is post selfies to instagram. if she pretended to be dead what else would she fill her time with?

No. 565643

File: 1534717485969.png (295.97 KB, 750x1334, 45359FED-AD69-4F7F-8567-F2FFB5…)

Mindlessly liked one of her latest insta drawings and she immediately messaged me. Probably won’t reply, don’t want her to keep messaging about how she’s almost homeless. (don’t block me Luna desu)

No. 565677

Even if you don’t reply, she’ll probably keep messaging you. I never replied to her messages, muted her and never open her messages but she still messages me every few days regardless.

No. 565832

Lol I was the one who called her out for saying everything was cheap, wasn't aware of this thread. She asked me for money afterwards and I declined bc poor. Wow, what a ride.

No. 565833

she messaged me the same thing

No. 565836

She sent me something like this too, I told her I have no money (which sadly is true and if I had it I'd spend it on art supplies for myself, not on a crappy ten minute drawing).
Wished her luck, she left me alone, nothing more.

No. 565838


damn, i'm glad i'm private,never got a message.

No. 565860

File: 1534768831249.jpg (143.24 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180820-153659_Ins…)

so she messaged me as well and i replied asking if she does art trades instead and she said commissions is the only way shes supporting herself so she can't afford to. i can't believe luna herself messaged me wow im starstruck lmao

No. 565862

I got one as well. I thought I was the only one and almost comsidered giving her few bucks to heroin…

No. 565863

uh why

No. 565885

Kinda random, but has it been confirmed her dad doesn't like lurch? Or is it just assumed?

No. 565905

Good question. I'm just assuming because there aren't many (recovering opiate addict no less) fathers who would be happy with the much older man who hooked his teen daughter on heroin

No. 565946

it’s one thing if she’s asking for money because she’s afraid of getting sick but she’s lying and scamming people out of money, why the fuck would you play into that bs

No. 565948

The only thing I can think of is when she posted about getting into a fights with her dad and Lurch would side with her dad.

No. 566065

File: 1534812016669.jpg (Spoiler Image,124.21 KB, 500x622, tumblr_pdsc0cMYsN1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 566066

File: 1534812037923.jpg (148.18 KB, 500x648, told u i was sick.jpg)

No. 566067

File: 1534812066134.jpg (78.25 KB, 500x625, tumblr_pdsc1pFX0k1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 566068

File: 1534812095099.jpg (67.14 KB, 500x564, tumblr_pdsc1d36W71w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 566069

File: 1534812144673.jpg (66.86 KB, 500x563, tumblr_pdsc1dk1PI1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 566071

This one isn’t bad.
It’s not good.
But it’s better.

No. 566073

those sad face pill bottles lol get a job!

No. 566092

At least the hands aren't backwards this time.

I wonder if she traces parts of her previous art, or whether she wastes a shittonne of time drawing the exact same poses over and over again.

No. 566100

Why does she purposely make her hair so messy like she just woke up? theres some pics where it’s brushed and it looks way more normal, this is horrific. She clearly wants to to look this way, running a hair brush takes 5 seconds, idgi

No. 566103

maybe shes back brushing it or whatever the fuck
idk some scene girl i know did it like ten years ago

No. 566125

Luna hasn't had a haircut in years, its matted and sticking out like that because of split ends and general hair weakness, it probably takes her hours to brush her hair, and it probably knots again very easily. She cuts her own fringe every few months but doesn't bother with the rest of her hair so it's basically dreadlocks in some shots >>564289

No. 566155


Maybe she expects her mom to brush it like she did last year or whenever it was.

No. 566161

Back to the beady fish-eyed look. Leave your poor mum's place already and take your fucking cave troll with you.

No. 566165

File: 1534828569991.jpeg (861.91 KB, 1242x813, C099EDC8-3BB6-4DB6-91AC-20F605…)

Sorry if someone has posted this before, I left the thread for a while. Her eyes are scary in this pic

No. 566194

His face legit looks like it's melting off

No. 566221

kek that 3xl collar is so 'loose' around her neck that's why there's no gaps and it's crushing her

No. 566245

didn't she say she cut another hole in it so it fits

No. 566265

I know it's an unpopular opinion, but Lurch looks surprisingly normal on this picture. Bored out of his mind, but registering as human.
Luna had better selfies tho

No. 566284

if you ignore the weird disease lumps on Luna's lips it's a nice pic imo, I agree that they don't look that bad. Her hair and the angle of the pic means you can't see her Down's eye makeup as much too. It's a well-lit photo with a filter on it, makes both of them look better than this tbh >>560132

Speaking of that gif, I've only just noticed the weirdly placed pit/tit stain on Luna and I'm horrified all over again.

No. 566374

These might as well be reviews for a mortuary makeup artist.

No. 566445

File: 1534913398774.png (160.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180822-004539.png)

tried to be nice i was pretty put off by her response haha its so weird to ask people individually to commission her

No. 566451


>i’m homeless so i get it!

lungfish, you are literally living with your mother. that is not the definition of homelessness.

No. 566457

straight up say "people living on the streets are homeless, you live with your mom with a room and a roof over your head". tuna, your spoiled liar is showing.

No. 566498

technically, she is homeless. it's her mom's place, and she has no actual fixed address. it's referred to as 'hidden homeless' - couch surfing, living in a car, etc.

she's still an entitled, pushy cunt, but yes since the eviction from Roger's place she has actually been homeless.

No. 566513

Is a 22 year old living with her mom really hidden homeless tho? I understand it's a problem but she's acting like her situation is unusual or tragic. Plenty of people end up in shitty situations (that aren't even related to drugs) and have to move back in with their parents, but they don't call themselves homeless. When students come back to their parents, from university accommodation after graduation, they're not suddenly homeless because they don't pay rent.

TECHNICALLY she doesn't have a fixed abode but just because she's not on the tenancy, it doesn't make her situation unstable - she's lived there for like what… 3 months? I wouldn't call sleeping in the same apt for 3 months couch surfing. If she wanted, she could use her mom's address as her own while applying for gov assistance or jobs, I doubt the agency that handles her mom's rent would ever find out.

No. 566521

She's literally not even sleeping on a couch tho, right? lol

No. 566534

Girl kicked her mom out onto the couch, she ain't homeless.

This. You'd probably get blocked, though.

No. 566536

we can argue about if she's hidden homeless or technically homeless or semi homeless etc but i think we can all agree that she sure ain't homeless enough to be blurting out "i'm homeless!!" with no other context as a way to sympathy seek and e-beg.

No. 566537

Not that anon but I think the main point was that her mom's house doesn't count as stable accommodation (being that she's not technically allowed to be there at all and could be booted out any day). Luna is legitimately "of no fixed abode" so I don't think it's unreasonable to refer to her as homeless, even if she's not sleeping rough.

No. 566545


Underated comment.


>If she wanted, she could use her mom's address as her own while applying for gov assistance or jobs, I doubt the agency that handles her mom's rent would ever find out

Welfare applications, including SNAP, are very detailed regarding household occupants, household income if shared and sources thereof, and abode status (own, rent, monthly cost). Section 8 housing is usually administered by the same department or related department under the umbrella of that locality's human services agency.

No. 566548

im anon you're replying to - thanks for the info, I had no idea. Our welfare system is nowhere near that streamlined and I assumed it was the same in America too, it'd take forever for all the departments to effectively cross reference that information here.

I'm kinda wondering if they have any income at all now tho? Lurch was using medicaid and SNAP to hustle, could he keep getting it until someone else at his old residence claimed welfare, by not telling them of the change of circumstance? Is medicaid under the same umbrella as the other welfare (i.e. difficult for homeless people to claim) or would he still be able to pick up his Xanax and methadone scripts without an address?

No. 566559

>kicks her mother out of her own bed
>I'm homeless!

I know she's not supposed to be there but damn girl, you're not homeless. If people did find out about her and kicked them all out, the only one homeless would be her mom. Luna would just fuck off to her dad's place.

No. 566574

yes, yes it is unreasonable anon as there are actual people who are homeless

No. 566647

Still can't believe tuna would rather become homeless than get a job. Keeps spending money on craft supplies & amazon shopping trips. Could have used the money to get a decent outfit, get a proper shower and do a mani/pedi somewhere decently priced and just gtfo there. Use her dads connects or whatever the hell she can since she refuses to use the government since that most likely means getting 5 real clean.

She could still sell art with the supplies she had on hand, she is so excessive and completely detached from reality in terms of spending habits (& life)

No. 566662


I'm baffled more at the fact that she won't try for SSI, or if her BPD/whatever the fuck she has is as bad as she says, SSDI. I think she's still at that age where your parent's work income would factor into the equation, and she would get more than enough to survive.

Maybe in NY they have drug testing in conjuction?

No. 566695

>could he keep getting it until someone else at his old residence claimed welfare

You have to renew Medicaid annually and the recertification packet is sent to your address prior to your renewal date. And like other anon said, he can’t use Luna’s moms address bc they will figure that shit out.

Also, SNAP requires renewal every 6 months and if you’re between 18-50, able bodied without dependents, you can only receive SNAP for 3 months in a 36 month period. So if Lurch has had SNAP longer than that, and I believe he has, he must get disability too.

No. 566706


Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is for people with qualifying disabilities who have earned enough work credits to be eligible. Disabled adult children are eligible only if their parent of guardian receives SSDI or retirement benefits.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is for people with qualifying disabilities who have not earned enough work credits or who have not worked.


Applying for either requires detailed documentation of diagnoses, treatments, and how the disability markedly impairs daily activities and working.

No. 566719

that SNAP thing was a recent update and didn't start until 2016. also SNAP benifits are only given to head of household and they do not check if you don't name anyone else in your house. Roger would not have needed to reapply or put lurch and luna on the application.

No. 566733


SSDI can be obtained pretty damn easily with a qualifying disability and a treating psych or treatment center. I might be remembering wrong, but I swear she was diagnosed with Bipolar, which is certainly a qualifying condition. I know these firsthand

So had she stuck with the FREE PHP she was attending, they could have hooked her up with at least SSI (since she hasn't worked more than an hour in her life). Not to blog, but I've seen treatment centers assist even recovering addicts in securing benefits.

Basically if she did a little research she could be getting a check every month, but god forbid she try something proactive for herself.

No. 566744


The SSA wants to see a history of attempted treatments and evidence that the condition continues to impair daily function and ability to work despite treatment and/or that all avenues of treatment have been exhausted and have failed.

What history of treatment does she have?

No. 566764


Well, super serious Weed rehab for one

No. 566847


I mean, he could just put one of his junkie friends/connects address and go pick up the paperwork. I know Luna has totally isolated herself from people/reality but assume lurch at least has some junkies he hangs out with ?

No. 566972

Luna mentioned a few friends/old high school acquaintances of Lurch's on her old old blog. Every time she brought them up it was in the context of a BPD meltdown about him paying attention to them instead of her, though, so who knows if he's still allowed to talk to them lel.

No. 566992

lol the stripper Lurch hung out with used to drive her crazy, I forgot about that

No. 566993

Does Lurch still use Facebook?

No. 566995

more like did he ever

No. 567030

I doubt he uses it now since Luna found out about him trying to seduce catfishes.

No. 567042

File: 1535034791978.png (1.6 MB, 1071x1683, 20180823_103154.png)

No. 567043

File: 1535034815447.png (329.68 KB, 1080x1712, 20180823_103211.png)

No. 567044

File: 1535034971855.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1620, 20180823_103540.png)

No. 567045

File: 1535035004537.png (3.4 MB, 1080x1639, 20180823_103521.png)

No. 567046

File: 1535035023055.png (139.83 KB, 1077x801, 20180823_103507.png)

No. 567060

don't zoom in.

No. 567063

i thought her face was just dirty but i full view and now im lost

No. 567066

File: 1535041384308.png (Spoiler Image,448.59 KB, 497x499, Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 12.2…)

I should have listened to you anon

No. 567070

>i want a home

Then get a job?

No. 567098


cracked out emily browning

No. 567099

She keeps saying it's all because Roger died. She treated him like garbage when he was alive. Never took him in for medical treatment, blogged about him being in pain but never calling an ambulance, stole bed stuff his friends bought him, begged for cremation money and never showed proof of cremating him.

She's only sad because her money source died and she couldn't mooch off him anymore.

No. 567101

He did at point actually. He would message girls constantly, lying about himself and basically cheating on Luna. A few anons here actually messaged him too. Luna found out eventually and made him shut it down.

No. 567104

I mean he did get taken away in an ambulance a few times but yeah she didn't seem to care for him that much. When she says "I miss Roger" she means "I miss living in his home and not having to pay rent myself"

What bad things keep coming? Roger died, they got evicted cus they didn't pay rent, she says she doesn't have meds but then she posts pics of them, like what's happened since they got evicted? her mom is mean to her? uwu so sad

No. 567106

You're right he did but she never posted about those times prior to the ambulance that I remember. What stands out to me is her taking pictures of bed sores and dark discoloration on him and asking IG what it was (without ever getting him help) and blogging about how at one point he was yelling about how he was dying because he was in pain and never did call him an ambulance.

No. 567119

File: 1535054003990.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1787, 4468B0FF-8C58-4517-B0ED-F98F49…)

Caption! Not saying I haven’t said/done the same thing with a parent or siblings clothes but I was always joking and I feel like she’s 100% serious

No. 567124

~such good skin how does she do it~

Lmao I knew she was an acne ridden mess, it's probably why she plasters foundation on so heavily.

No. 567128

looking thru her closet for shit to steal, nice

No. 567133

File: 1535056204772.png (205.96 KB, 661x415, ohsnap.PNG)

No. 567135


>I just have everything about myself

That Freudian slip kek.

No. 567136


No. 567141

There's no way peachcan didn't get blocked.

No. 567146

She's definitely serious. She'll give her mom the sob story about how she lost 90% of her belongings.

No. 567153

Her mom probably hears that 80 times a day.

No. 567154

I love her definition of cleaning up… Just stacking dirty shit in a slightly different arrangement.

No. 567156

I forgot about that and only remembered how she was posting statuses on his account or whatever.

I thought there was proof of cremation, or was it just fake?

No. 567157

I could be wrong but I don't remember ever seeing actual proof. She never posted images of his remains or what they'd done with them and by now if they had them, she would've taken a hundred pictures to post it on her IG.

No. 567162

I could never even find an obit for Roger tbh. He's clearly dead, and Luna got more than enough donations to cover a cremation, but I'm not sure they paid for it?

I think they could have signed a waiver saying "we cant afford this, let a coroner dispose of the body" and they wouldn't get the ashes back. Correct me if I'm wrong but I swear they do pauper mass cremations when families cant afford burial/don't care about the deceased.

For real… If Luna had access to Rogers ashes, she would have posed with them ala the potted plant poses. Bitch has no shame.

No. 567165


Writing and publishing an obit is the responsibility of surviving relatives or friends often in conjunction with the mortuary or funeral home.

No. 567168

She did say that they wanted to bury him somewhere after they got him cremated and they've never shown pictures of that either or mentioned going to visit the spot. With how Luna is if Roger had a burial spot there's no way she'd resist posing with it or making aesthetic pictures.

I bet she and Lurch took all the donation money for it and just bought drugs.

No. 567171

I just found it unusual that if they did go to a funeral home for a cremation service, why they didn't bother to write an obit on the home's website. Granted I've never used these services, but I assume that obits are included in the majority of packages free, or are very cheap? The few dead people I've randomly googled (due to lolcow stuff) have all had obits, even if they were poor and estranged from their family.

No. 567177

File: 1535069256525.jpg (64.8 KB, 960x720, 32116632_1746508252094495_2587…)

Luna posted this with the caption of saying that she's sorry she couldn't get Rodger moved out while he was alive, but is glad that he is still leaving their old apartment with her and the Easter Island statue. This was around the time they were evicted, obviously.

No. 567178

Yeah, this is what I think I was remembering. But I don't know anything about funeral services.

No. 567216

Wow I don't remember seeing this. I must have missed it but it's odd that she's never posted about it again. You'd think as much as she goes on about Roger she'd at least post pictures of wherever they're keeping his ashes.

Also the gross floor and the dirty brown socks in her purse make me want to scrub my floors.

No. 567219

She left his ashes behind.
Not enough room in the garbage bag full of stuffies.

No. 567239


Well, we know she lurks here.

Where's the ashes, Tuna?

No. 567272

After learning that the religious objects in her home are grave goods, it's difficult to view any of her uwu sad girl pictures without getting angry.
They're addicts. They're not going to pay for anything that isn't absolutely necessary to their junkie lifestyle (or in Luna's case self-centered aesthetic shit). Come to think of it, has Luna shown or mentioned an urn? You'd think that she would post it all the time for sympathy points and aesthetic. Very suspicious…

No. 567273

Omg if this is the real reason she's not been posing with it my heart would sink, that's such a dark thought!
>Leaving your dad's ashes amongst piles of used needles and piss stains
Sounds about right for these junkies tbh.

No. 567279

I guess I don't understand why she wouldn't add that to her sobstory, like she lost 90% of her belongings and Roger's ashes uwu! She would absolutely milk it for pity points. My money's on it being in some kind of non-aesthetic looking wooden container and she just can't be bothered to show it off.

No. 567280

Not to defend Luna but..doubt that she would leave his ashes.
Also, the comment from peachcan77 is still up. Weird because Luna has probably seen it since it was left 16 hours ago and her last post was 9 hours ago

No. 567308

File: 1535100999149.jpeg (637 KB, 1241x1916, C1A26586-C7FC-44DA-BBB6-7C8B33…)

The second picture.

No. 567317

is it possible that she spread his ashes some where?.

No. 567328

Anything is possible but the trouble is with Luna she broadcasts anything that'd make her look more sympathetic. If she bothered to make a sad post about moving Roger out after his death then she would've made a post about buring him or spreading the ashes. She keeps going on about how she misses him but she's never posted what they did with the ashes. I would think if they still had them then she would've posted herself with them like "sitting with roger and remembering the good times uwu" for aesthetic and asspats.

No. 567331

Fresh track marks on her hands. Nice.

> Luna she broadcasts anything that'd make her look more sympathetic.

For her to use Roger's ashes to fish for pity points, she'd have to realize that the ashes should have some sentimental value. She didn't give a shit about Roger, so she doesn't give a shit about his ashes, so it doesn't occur to her to use them in that way.

No. 567335

How did she afford that iphone… I bust my ass with work only to pay for food, bills and necessities :(

No. 567338

Is there any evidence that they cremated him at all? There's a good chance his ashes are mixed with a hundred other people's in an unmarked grave in a Potter's Field. It's just so hard to believe that she wouldn't be taling about the ashes at all.
>For her to use Roger's ashes to fish for pity points, she'd have to realize that the ashes should have some sentimental value
Luna steals things that people leave on graves. If she wouldn't do it for sentimental value, then she'd do it for aesthetic value. Plus she would definitely recognize that 'the cremation people screwed us over and we could only get a cardboard box for rodger please send help every dollar counts' could be a good hustling angle.

No. 567375

File: 1535134083907.jpeg (Spoiler Image,406.75 KB, 1125x1587, 212DDE35-96B6-43B2-8908-F0E1FC…)

No. 567377

File: 1535134899984.png (784.93 KB, 838x596, 7.png)

No. 567378

File: 1535134923698.png (551.83 KB, 823x587, 11.png)

No. 567379

File: 1535134957659.png (784.37 KB, 822x598, 17.png)

No. 567380

File: 1535134972784.png (585.38 KB, 821x595, 18.png)

No. 567381

File: 1535135072580.png (62.71 KB, 936x451, 25.png)

No. 567382

File: 1535135092152.png (1.17 MB, 1618x592, 23.png)

No. 567383

File: 1535135102220.png (619.47 KB, 817x596, 21.1.png)

No. 567384

File: 1535135115330.png (622.28 KB, 867x595, 22.png)

No. 567385

This isn't cute like you think it is tuna

No. 567387

> Is there any evidence that they cremated him at all?
> There's a good chance his ashes are mixed with a hundred other people's in an unmarked grave in a Potter's Field.


No. 567391

File: 1535138238132.jpg (35.44 KB, 1125x338, IMG_2649.jpg)

the one comment
inb4 she has a meltdown over this comment and whines about how "THIS is why i was afraid to accept peoples requests im so fragile and bullied uwu"

No. 567396

When nobody claims a body, it is usually cremated by the government and mixed with the cremains of a bunch of other unclaimed bodies, which are then placed in a grave with some sort of number marker. Either that or buried in some modest coffins that are stacked on top of each other in a site that will be used again once the remains decay. iirc most places do the cremation thing now. Either way, I'm skeptical that Luna and Chief actually paid money to have him cremated or otherwise properly put to rest.

No. 567402

are you guys retarded? a picture of the ashes is literally just a few posts up
the people in this thread are so lazy

No. 567410

Did someone break her nose or something. I swear she has a different nose in every selfie.

Look at how homeless this poor baby is!

No. 567411

My bad. I guess that's what I get for reading threads while multitasking.

No. 567413

fucking lol Im loving all these new followers

No. 567428

Her daddys money lol

No. 567476

how to be hot by luna slater: show 5% of your body

i get that luna would leave the ashes, but why wouldn't lurch take them with?

No. 567479

Because he's an old druggie. He could have legit forgot them behind.

No. 567482

File: 1535164011031.jpg (612.29 KB, 1080x1441, Screenshot_20180824-212603_Sam…)

I screenshot the thread for you

No. 567486

Luna says a lot of things. Also, I can't tell one old messy home from another.

No. 567498

File: 1535173416279.jpg (308.22 KB, 4032x3024, 27574792_15219218190_r.jpg)

lol that pic is from when Roger died, before they were evicted. Her mom's house is nowhere near that dirty.

I didn't notice this in the thread first time around, but it was posted in thread 17 >>499411

https://www.gofundme.com/cremate-my-father-in-law (she deleted all the updates from this gofundme, I'm assuming it was to hide her tracks because of >>499595 )


This is kinda irrelevant but I just found out (it seems) Roger was the sole name on the tenancy agreement. It was bugging me that I couldn't find any record of their eviction on NYC civil court dockets for Roger/Lurch/Luna's name at the time, was that because it never went to court? What rights do the non-tenant occupiers have when the sole tenant on an agreement dies anyway?

No. 567499

I think NYS civil law has a tendency to land hard on the side of the renters, even if they’re not on the lease proper. They could, in theory, make the case that the landlord knew they were there and didn’t object to their presence so there may not be a strong case for eviction on the grounds that they weren’t named on the lease agreement. IANAL, though, I’m going by rentals and situations I’ve been in myself when I was in NY, I’d love to hear someone knowledgeable chime in here.

No. 567502

Did they spell roger's last name wrong? Maybe Luna wrote that herself lol

No. 567505


From the Tenants' Rights Guide (pdf) linked here


Lease Succession Rights

Family members living in an apartment not covered by rent control or rent stabilization generally have no right to succeed a tenant who dies or permanently vacates the premises. The rights of a family member living in a rent controlled or rent stabilized apartment to succeed a tenant of record who dies or permanently vacates are covered by DHCR regulations.

Under these regulations, a “family member” is defined as husband, wife, son, daughter, stepson, stepdaughter, father, mother, stepfather, stepmother, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, grandson, granddaughter, father-in-law, mother-in-law, son-in-law or
daughter-in-law of the tenant; or any other person residing with the tenant in the apartment as primary resident who can prove emotional and financial commitment and interdependence with the tenant. (9
NYCRR § 2520.6(o)(2))

Minimum Residency — A family member would succeed to the rights of the tenant of record upon the tenant’s permanent departure or death, provided the family member lived with such a primary resident either (1) not less than two years (one year in the case of senior citizens and disabled persons), or (2) from the commencement of the tenancy or the relationship, if the tenancy or relationship was less than two years — or one year, in the case of senior citizens and disabled tenants (9 NYCRR § 2523.5).

The minimum residency requirements will not be considered interrupted by any period during which the “family member” temporarily relocates because he or she is engaged in active military service; is enrolled as a full time student; is not living in the residence because of a court order; temporarily relocated for employment; is hospitalized; or other reasonable grounds.

In order to ensure that the landlord is aware of all persons residing in the apartment who may be entitled to succession rights or protection from eviction, a tenant may wish to submit to the landlord a notice listing all additional occupants (9 NYCRR § 2523.5(b)(2)). The landlord may request from the tenant, but not more than once in any twelve month period, the names of all persons residing in the apartment.

No. 567508

File: 1535177494004.png (601.01 KB, 936x456, 14.1.png)

Pic dump from KF.

This pic was posted with >>566165

No. 567509

File: 1535177541415.png (497.11 KB, 768x563, 1.png)

No. 567510

File: 1535177579093.png (586.79 KB, 827x593, 26.png)

No. 567511

File: 1535177614635.png (675.65 KB, 839x551, 2.png)

No. 567512

File: 1535177648905.png (783.79 KB, 883x597, 13.png)

No. 567513

File: 1535177698524.png (737.44 KB, 772x576, 3.png)

No. 567514

File: 1535177738383.png (815.56 KB, 819x598, 20.png)

No. 567515

the 2 letters posted in the gofundme both have errors. The letter from the hospital has the wrong DOB, and that has the misspelt name. They could be simple typos, but the fact that there's no company header on either letter rubs me the wrong way.

No. 567516

File: 1535177808999.png (Spoiler Image,963.22 KB, 916x596, 4.1.png)

No. 567517

File: 1535177843545.png (Spoiler Image,518.11 KB, 839x598, 16.png)

No. 567518


lol i actually like this one

No. 567519

am I going crazy or are these better than normal? It's the same sadgirl bullshit, but it looks like more time was spent on them? The technique is no better, but they look like they took longer than 10 minutes.

No. 567522

I know it's nitpicky as fuck but the fucked perspective in her drawings always bothers me, it look like everything is melting or on a slope. Even when an object or person is supposed to be to the side or 3/4 they always end up facing forward. Case in point, that fan which is simultaneously facing the right and pointing forward at the same time. It's like she doesn't know how to draw the side profile of anything

No. 567542

I see Lurch even has an iPhone.

No. 567561

How were they even affording this rent in the first place? Luna begged, Lurch was a middle man or sold his/Roger's meds, and Roger just had his monthly checks. There's no way they could pay $1550 in rent plus bills and med fees.

No. 567569

we don't know how big Roger's pension was, or what his life was prior to Luna. It's my theory that 90% of Roger's income went on the rent and Lurch/Luna didn't pay a penny towards it. Lurch mentions that his family/grandparents are in real estate so maybe Roger had a decent retirement fund or got extra help from a relative. I feel like Lurch HAS to be on disability for his leg for any of this to make sense.

Roger has had heart problems the entire time Luna's been on the scene, imagine what he was like before he lost his independence and had to rely on Lurch as a carer. He probably was NOWHERE near this scummy, iirc Mamaroneck is a fairly nice area?

As far as I know, Lurch is the outlier in his family. I looked up some of his extended family to see what their occupations were (posted here and got banned for doxxing lmao), they all work pretty decent salary jobs. Why none of them bothered to check up on Roger, leaving him to decay with Lurch, I can't say.

No. 567578

>Why none of them bothered to check up on Roger, leaving him to decay with Lurch, I can't say.
Maybe they just didn't want to be around Lurch. He did get some care packages towards the end. iirc Luna said they were from friends but maybe the were from family?

No. 567582


It can be yours for on $60 plus shipping

No. 567619

File: 1535227291201.gif (1.27 MB, 500x500, tumblr_pe17rx0uiW1w1d39p_500.g…)

No. 567620

File: 1535227301744.gif (1.36 MB, 500x500, tumblr_pe17rztGQf1w1d39p_500.g…)

No. 567621

File: 1535227312821.png (8.79 KB, 400x210, xUFGAj6.png)

No. 567622

File: 1535227334772.png (457.34 KB, 562x653, WmnbCU5.png)

No. 567623

File: 1535227365588.png (505.92 KB, 500x666, tumblr_pe17u7W9lX1w1d39p_500.p…)

No. 567624

File: 1535227397712.png (342.37 KB, 797x627, X9tZ4a0.png)

No. 567625

I've always wondered what Lurch and Luna talk about, the "I saw a mouse" screenshot confirms in my mind they have fuuuck all in common. Filling the dead air with pointless observations lol.

No. 567626

>ur hair is GOALS

I mean, you too can have that look by never fucking brushing or combing your hair.

No. 567637

I hate how she claims she’s “recovering” or a “recovering addict”, is she seriously that deluded or does she just wanna fool people so they can send money? she never went to the methadone clinic and she literally just posted a pic of herself with 2 bars of xanax in her mouth all like uwu my anxiety uwu i’m not abusing xanax!! her “dbt work” consists of taking pictures of dbt notes from 2 years ago and thinking that organizing her markers while high is definitely a dbt skill (distract)

No. 567640

i saw a mouse lmao

No. 567654

plus the fact that she felt the need to post this one to multiple platforms and gush about it means the average pointless observations are even LESS interesting.

No. 567662

File: 1535244474571.png (31.77 KB, 789x234, k96BCXz.png)

No. 567673

this is a meme to me now and wtf did she get 5% of her belongings back? nice

No. 567723


the 5% was roger's ashes

No. 567726

File: 1535254763172.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.14 MB, 750x747, C566C668-E39A-4045-B22F-86624E…)


No. 567764

File: 1535264033196.jpeg (87.07 KB, 1242x349, 1E038C27-CBBA-435C-AF22-6D0851…)

mm nahh

No. 567772

reported please spoiler oh god

No. 567838

That extra 5% is stuff she's stolen from her mom and claimed as hers.

No. 567857

you bastard

No. 567860

>That extra 5% is stuff she's found in her mom's apartment and remembered was hers.
Fixed that for you

No. 567918

File: 1535318196593.png (342.12 KB, 568x656, glow.png)

No. 567932

does she actually post gifs like this that loop and make her look like a old monster movie or what

No. 567935

I think Luna records hours of video a day of herself gyrating and looking like a fucking psychopath, just so she can find the "perfect picture."

Some people take multiple pictures consecutively so they can choose the best one out of like 20 or so. I think she's being lazy and doing it with videos instead? I've definitely noticed that her non-selfie images normally look like 1 frame of video she posts later. >>567382 pic on the left of this post is a still of one of the gifs you quoted, for example.

No. 567936

No. 567937

File: 1535324934175.jpg (60.45 KB, 500x524, tumblr_pe3bm4Qo4A1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 567938

File: 1535325029040.jpg (112.44 KB, 530x660, tumblr_pe3bm4QLXl1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 567944

File: 1535329914737.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, FC9269BF-3F3B-42E9-98BC-6DD09A…)

wow she even gets her grubbie hands on her mom’s stuff and goes through it

No. 567948

File: 1535330163950.jpeg (1.13 MB, 2896x2896, 26021346-FAE1-48AB-B5BF-D57094…)

~* evil parents *~

No. 567960

Her head is so small wtf

No. 567966

But Luna I thought you were starving and homeless and missing 85% of your belongings? How could you have possibly gained weight?

No. 567977

“my mom told me i have massive thighs and its affecting me so much that i decided to take a million selfies with my thighs”

No. 567980

Lol all fatties look like they have small heads because the rest of them is so wide. Maybe she puffs her hair out so she doesn't get the pinhead look.

No. 568010

I'd call you names too if you and your easter island corpse refused to leave my house.

No. 568094

File: 1535373841336.jpeg (17.73 KB, 182x268, images (1).jpeg)

Stop stealing your moms shit and get out

No. 568110

seems like you already are Luna

No. 568116

>"my mom asked why I keep stealing her stuff and said I probably wouldn't fit in it anyway"
Her mom is probably exasperated that her klepto daughter keeps blatantly taking her shit.

No. 568137

Seriously. Her mom has given her a place to live, a room to stay in, food to eat, a shower to bathe in, electricity and is Tuna grateful? Fuck no, she wants the poor old ladies clothes too despite getting a new outfit or electronic from her dad every two weeks.
Which reminds me, wasn't she supposed to have left like a month or two ago? I thought her mother would get in trouble for keeping two more druggies in her welfare house.

No. 568144

She keeps saying she's close to being forced out and that her mom is threatening to kick her out daily. As of 29 days ago she posted on IG "Just a few more days before I have no where to go."

No. 568201

File: 1535408281029.png (747.9 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180827-181547.png)

Is this what a semi clean Tuna looks ? Or did she really fuck up her appearance THAT much in a year. The world may never know

No. 568215

As far as I remember, Luna also look selfies on that day out with her friend and in her own photos, Luna looked the same as she always does - like an expressionless corpse with matted, dull hair. She must make a special effort to look like that because in her friend's pictures she looked much more normal.

No. 568223

She showered and cut her hair, you can see the clean cuts near her chin. She also didn't do her down's syndrome droopy outer corner eye-makeup, or foundation lips.

I didn't get it at the time either… does she purposely make herself look bad for instagram? She goes out of her way to look gross in pictures she takes.

No. 568234

That shade of blonde on the length looks really good on her. She'd look good with a similar cut to what she has here, but obv cleaned up, and roots toned, with a crisp eyeliner and red lipstick. It's not even out of reach for her

No. 568235

I don’t think she tries to look purposely “bad”, she just aims for a “look at me im an edgy depressed heroin addict” look, which of course looks awful to most people, but her entire identity has been “junkie” since way before she even touched dope

No. 568242

Maybe she's pissed off that Luna and Lurch are eating through her food in lightning speed and not contributing towards getting more. I don't even mean this in a shady way, but you don't maintain 200~lbs by eating nothing everyday.

No. 568294


Those aren't clean cuts. That section is tucked behind her shoulder.

No. 568348

File: 1535442570122.jpeg (189.13 KB, 1242x557, CC5D9308-327C-4F38-91E3-2EC2F4…)

Gonna post a few screenshots, this is in the comment section of one of her selfies. Tbh at least she doesn’t claim that she does nothing to her hair and it just ~naturally~ looks like that

No. 568349

File: 1535442595812.jpeg (802.02 KB, 1242x1782, AA82444D-7771-4CCC-B503-D3B934…)

No. 568350

File: 1535442647545.jpeg (884.74 KB, 1242x1581, EB04789D-34C1-4412-95FA-890E7F…)

Also her eyes just look so dead here, but I’m relieved she finally took off that dirty phone case

No. 568354


"food poisoning" sure jan

she's constantly ~apologising~ for her behaviour/not having her shit together/existing but she never tries to actually do anything about it

No. 568413

lol she always says its food poisoning when shes dope sick like what were you poisoned by luna? some crackers?

No. 568453

I swear she's just dopesick but made this narrative of "the food bank gave me food poisoning!" so she can throw it in people's faces when they suggest going there. Remember when her excuse for not going to the food bank was people speaking spanish?

No. 568468

She’s definitely dopesick - she’s taking a bath. Warm baths feel good when you’re dopesick, she never cleans herself otherwise

No. 568477

ah yes, nothing says "nearly homeless" like an almost-brand new iphone 8.

No. 568488

And then the time before that where she got stale cereal from the bank and complained, telling people not to donate things that can get stale. It's obvious she just thinks she's too good for the food bank, so she's making up excuses for when people tell her to just go there if she's "starving omg losing so much weight and not even on purpose"

No. 568577


Re: her SNAP benefits

She may have lost them when she moved due to the ABAWD requirement. But this is not a "Trump policy" (the proposed SNAP budget cuts have not been approved by Congress).


New York’s statewide ABAWD waiver expired on December 31, 2015. Social services districts that did not qualify for county based ABAWD waivers were required to implement ABAWD work requirements beginning January 1, 2016. ABAWD rules are required by the federal government.

For calendar year (CY) 2018, there are a total of 29 counties in New York State (26 counties outside of New York City/three counties within NYC) who have federal approval to waive ABAWD rules. Additionally, six other counties are approved to waive ABAWD work requirements for individuals who live in an area of the county, such as a city or a town for calendar year 2018. There are also five community districts in New York City with a federally approved ABAWD waiver for calendar year 2018.


Who is considered an ABAWD?

An ABAWD is a person between the ages of 18 and 49 who has no dependents and is not disabled. ABAWD stands for Able Bodied Adult Without Dependents.

What is the ABAWD time limit?

ABAWDs can only get SNAP for 3 months in 3 years if they do not meet certain special work requirements. This is called the time limit.

To be eligible beyond the time limit, an ABAWD must work at least 80 hours per month, participate in qualifying education and training activities at least 80 hours per month, or comply with a workfare program. Workfare means that ABAWDs can do unpaid work through a special State-approved program. For workfare, the amount of time worked depends on the amount of benefits received each month. Another way one to fulfill the ABAWD work requirement is through a SNAP Employment and Training Program.

The time limit does not apply to people who are unable to work due to physical or mental health reasons, pregnant, care for a child or incapacitated family member, or are exempt from the general work requirements.

No. 568579


Great info anon

So essentially ALL of troubles boil down to pure laziness? Not surprising in the least

No. 568748

File: 1535539216622.jpg (265.27 KB, 992x774, 20180829_203723.jpg)

I just stumbled across this in a Facebook group… she applied for fifteen whole jobs in the span of like five months. Phenomenal.

No. 568749

tf is 'less than 2 months late on rent' sis either you were late or you werent

No. 568754

They were never late when they were late. Her logic is undeniable.

No. 568762

See the problem here tuna is that you should have already had a job or looked for somewhere cheaper to live. ofc the 15+ jobs is bs

No. 568766

File: 1535546300821.jpg (86.26 KB, 626x562, map.JPG)

I still can't believe that shithole they called a home was worth $1650 a month just going off the pictures. Of course they made it that nasty but it just doesn't seem like it was worth that money.

I'm not from the area but I popped onto Zillow for apartments in Mamaroneck and jesus fuck how do people afford living in NY? All the apartments at least looked modern with new appliances and stuff but damn. Why couldn't they just move to a different part of NY that might be cheaper? It's not like living 30 mins from NYC meant anything considering they didn't work and they only spent money on drugs. Lurch could've made a hookup in any town for their fix.

No. 568767

I'm calling bullshit because she would've included a snippet about applying for work in one of her many selfie posts.

No. 568768

> how do people afford living in NY?
It's not very comfortable unless you're making at least very high five figs in the cheaper places, you're from an industrializing country and good at making do with little resources, or if your family's been in the city for generations and you're completely adapted to life there (a rent-controlled apartment doesn't help). Of course, Luna is none of these things.

I've been wondering this too- why doesn't she just move upstate or to some rust belt city with a low cost of living? Even when she goes to 'the city' she's in the outskirts of the Bronx. What's the fucking point? Roughing it in an NYC suburb isn't romantic, it's just really lame. Maybe she's keeping close so she can mooch of her family more easily.

No. 568769

I feel like that level of rational thinking is beyond them and like they have zero money for normal stuff like rent and bills

No. 568772

not only is the 15+ BS, it's also kind of hilarious. like, that sounds like a big number to her?

No. 568778

She could easily get a job at Walmart, retail store or grocery store. They aren't picky about who they hire, but she might think that she's too good to work at places like that.

No. 568781

There are >>568778
I can totally see her applying for jobs that require schooling or some other type of training. Like legal aid or art teacher. That coveted office job she thinks is going to find her. That is if she actually applied at all. She definitely thinks she is too good for Walmart. Hell she thinks she is too good for a food pantry all while ~starving.

No. 568796

She does think she's too good for retail. Walking around 'the city' in what she thinks is high class society clothing trying to make it as a tortured soul artist. She grew up a spoiled brat and now still thinks she is one and people should just take care of her.

No. 568802

Shit she can still work at a Starbucks or any cafe and live the tortured artist aesthetic. She'll be making like $12 an hour and can work 20-25 hours a week, where she can qualify for state benefits.

But her poor knees though. Nvm that a lot of people in the service industry have back, foot, or knee problems too. You just wear braces, compression socks, and good shoes. It might even make Luna's legs a little less flabby to stand for a few hours a day.

No. 568804

wow what the hell? she actually looks quite pretty in this photo. i'm shocked. normally people look worse in other people's photos than selfies but luna chooses the worst angles for herself. tbh i thought this was someone else at first glance.

No. 568806

I wonder if Lurch is preventing her from applying for jobs, too. He's too good to get a real job because 'baseball' so maybe he likes thinking his artist baby fiance doesn't belong in Walmart.

No. 568813

Cats are not even that fucking expensive. It's not like she's taking them to the vet or giving them the proper care or medication she needs anyway.

No. 568816

>implying lurch gives a shit about her

No. 568835

File: 1535567375370.png (86.24 KB, 518x452, Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 19.2…)

this is a reply to a comment on this post. yet more mentions of a mysterious 'eating disorder' but she's still fat. even without an eating disorder, someone who's 200lbs like she is could lose weight by just cutting down their portion sizes & the amount of junk food they eat a little. her claiming to have an eating disorder and still stuffing her face is delusional and offensive.

No. 568841

>200lbs like she is could lose weight by just cutting down their portion sizes & the amount of junk food they eat a little
Damn anon, I was 200lbs too, and I only managed to lose weight by doing cardio every day and lifting weights, while nutrion wise I was detoxing (green juices, smoothies, alot of steamed veggies or baked potatoes). It was constant work.

No. 568846

omg I knew she was gonna say that haiti thing

No. 568851

yeah sorry to be fair i worded that a bit poorly. it obv is a complete uprootal of your eating practices. but if you swap out all your fast food meals for healthier meals and eat smaller portions that will definitely help along with exercising. ofc most anorexics have 'fear foods' that encompass a wide range of foods, basically all junk food at least. and they exercise to an unhealthy degree. and if you were 200lbs like luna eating and exercising like an anorexic would make you lose weight faster than….snail's pace like luna. she's obviously not anorexic and obviously not bulimic.

No. 568860

Exactly this kek

He looks dead and tired of her in every photo or video. He's clearly sick of her.

No. 568877

I really don’t understand her. If you listen to tuna and her great tragedies…. That kid who insulted her (like who would not LAUGH at this lame insult? How can you be that traumatized), her father slapping her once, the two drunk men who touched her ass at a concert, and the cotton eyed joe huge accident…. I mean how sheltered is that girl? Can you imagine those events being the worst that happened to you in you entire life??? Being 22 and still thinking about something that childish?? Of course she have no friends, how do you deal with someone like that…

No. 568884

She mentioned calling her old boss a lot, maybe she sees every phone call as an application lmao.

No. 568905


Neither Westchester County nor Mamaroneck are on the list of localities with waivers, so she most likely has not had SNAP since her 3 month allowance in 2016.

Do we know where she is living now?

No. 568910

She hasn't doxed her mom's house, but she makes it sound like a Hispanic majority area or some shit with her excuse of "she can't use the local food banks because she doesn't speak Spanish".

The only sort of clue to he current location is the laundromat with the cats Luna kept going to, it must be close to her mom's. >>>/pt/528628 the one in this video (last thread) if any anons know where it is?

No. 568913

File: 1535579607377.jpg (86.39 KB, 500x625, tumblr_pe8s1oIB9k1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 568914

File: 1535579612446.jpg (81.38 KB, 500x625, tumblr_pe8s1php9M1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 568915

File: 1535579620182.jpg (118.05 KB, 500x666, tumblr_pe8s2olvoS1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 568916

File: 1535579626909.jpg (109.04 KB, 500x666, tumblr_pe8s2pz4Nw1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 568917

File: 1535579636513.gif (1.3 MB, 500x500, tumblr_pe8s3zPcZn1w1d39p_500.g…)

No. 568918

File: 1535579651297.gif (1.25 MB, 500x500, tumblr_pe8s40T5ZL1w1d39p_500.g…)

No. 568919

File: 1535579665698.jpg (147.06 KB, 500x666, tumblr_pe8s1x7GuL1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 568920

File: 1535579706475.jpg (92.34 KB, 500x666, tumblr_pe8s2hLrF51w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 568921

File: 1535579720535.png (12.68 KB, 742x222, sure.png)

No. 568927

i'll never understand her thing with taking photos of her possessions.

No. 568928

It’s because she is super materialistic and wants to brag. This adult/spoiled child thinks that hard working folks should pay for her rent, food, drugs and all other wants of hers. She is probably the most entitled skank I have seen in these threads. I really hope she gets a real wake up call.

No. 568939

File: 1535583414394.png (3.42 MB, 1079x1654, 20180829_185618.png)

No. 568942

File: 1535583602604.png (2.67 MB, 1080x1706, 20180829_185918.png)

No. 568943

File: 1535583629588.png (3.06 MB, 1080x1556, 20180829_185941.png)

No. 568944

well..they do say every angel is terrifying

holy fuck

No. 568949

File: 1535584429381.png (182.55 KB, 569x617, CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP.png)

No. 568950

File: 1535584461046.png (507.36 KB, 576x976, 2h0wbjz.png)

No. 568958

Hoooooly shit that cottage cheese leg. There are more ripples on it than there are in the ocean.

No. 568965

What fucks me up about this the most is the fact that it’s probably her mother’s lingerie…her mother’s!!!
Agree with this completely but I also think taking pictures of her possessions and organizing them for a pic is probably something she does while high

No. 568976

Expect these to be modeled in a few days by our so ~sad, nearly homeless, starving Tuna. Evil dad probably gives her an allowance at the beginning of the month to buy crap on Etsy and amazon. Remember even poor people should treat themselves every now and then.

No. 568980

File: 1535589802777.jpeg (378.45 KB, 1242x1152, 25847122-477D-4A3A-ABEA-F2DB24…)

This is just sad and makes me feel bad for her but at the same time I’m sure she pushed away a lot of her friends with her behavior. If the only people in her life are her enabling parents and another addict there’s really no one to try and help her get better

No. 568986

Who wants to be friends with someone who hits them up for money a million times a day.

No. 569019

File: 1535593209901.jpeg (152.09 KB, 749x1003, image.jpeg)

I'm going to vomit at her shirt stains

No. 569021

Shit, Im pretty sure we figured out where her moms housing is…? Was it just Me and I never posted it?

No. 569023



No. 569024

File: 1535593926429.png (Spoiler Image,112.55 KB, 332x159, Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 11.4…)

No. 569028

New Rochelle?

No. 569036

Fuck, she looks like a soggy deflated corpse now. Fat plump Tuna at least had some color to her skin.

No. 569049

Living smack-dab in the middle of big cities, especially in the US is not for everyone. People who do either pull a really good salary (like engineers or high sales positions), live with roommates or family (so they pay about 1k each which is manageable) or work several jobs and know how to save every penny and apply for appropriate gov assistance.

You CAN make do if you're willing to work but you sure as hell will have a hard time saving for retirement, having a good healthcare, support a family or even have hobbies you need to pay for.

The upside is that often the best jobs are concentrated there.

No. 569071

How…? Seriously how? I don't mean to sound mean but this looks like a disease. It almost looks like steatocystoma but I'm no medicalanon, just doesn't look right.

No. 569092

This isn't Kiwifarms; we don't doxx.

No. 569101


why tf you lyin'

No. 569103

LMAO you can see her physically sucking her gut in here

No. 569106

She honestly looks about 3 months pregnant here. So sad she couldnt even attempt to hide that bloated belly, especially since shes ~ uwu so hungry ~ and starving uwu ~

No. 569108

File: 1535611844882.jpg (581.97 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180830-024136_Chr…)

I understand she used to be a lot fatter, but wtf? Even her side/back looks like cottage cheese… its grotesque… I'm probably bigger than Tuna (I'm only 155 but I'm very short) but even still my body looks toned and I dont have any cellulite? Seriously how does this happen?

No. 569112

Some drugs can interfere with collagen in your body, like meth for example.

No. 569113

A sedentary lifestyle. You have fat, but also muscle. Luna has all fat, no muscle, hence cottage cheese and a weird saggy deflated body. If she was active it would’ve been prevented

No. 569115


Her belongings are part of her identity.


She has more track marks along her arms and hands than usual.

No. 569116


that's not even true. If you lose weight quickly you're going to loose elasticity in your skin. I've known people who were obese and worked out for hours a day and really fucked up their body because of this. They weren't sedentary, they were mentally ill. This is probs drugs tho

No. 569118

She always positions her arms like this on these weird gifs she does. It makes them look super short and stubby. Where the hell did she learn to do that I wonder, and what made her think this is a good pose?

No. 569119

Angels don't do heroin tuna.

No. 569123

>select your fighter

No. 569128

tbf if you had to fuck lurch youd be repulsed too

No. 569134

File: 1535626557995.png (524.85 KB, 2092x1000, Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 11.5…)

>cheap etsy lingerie
looked up these panties & unsurprisingly luna thinks £11.23 ($14.62 for her) for a single pair of panties is "cheap"

No. 569136

Luna it's so obvious that heroin makes you sex repulsed. Of course, yeah Lurch is ugly as shit but how does she not know this? It gets rid of all feeling down there. It makes it impossible to have an orgasm even if you try. I was 'sex repulsed' on heroin for years too. Obviously sex disgusts you Luna because sex disgusts the majority of heroin addicts. But living with a gross thing like him can't help either.

No. 569147

Didn't she say the Kitten choker was too big for her so she had to knock new holes? And in selfies with it it looks snug? But I don't see like any homemade holes?

No. 569152


it's >>569112
these but she also used to be way fatter so some of it is probably loose skin. not all though

No. 569156

Why was it necessary to mention filtering for under $25?

No. 569183

When neither you nor your mans showers regularly, uses deodorant, brushes their teeth, or even rubs some lotion on their hands, that's to be expected. Their crotches probably smell like microwaved olive toothpaste.

No. 569194

File: 1535658847279.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1242x1721, 053C32C1-F2E4-44EF-91E5-D44D20…)

No. 569195

File: 1535658867571.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1792, 314CFD54-B807-48FE-A76E-39620E…)

Does she just change outfits multiple times a day?

No. 569206

how did Roger get that much money together every month? because you know Luna and Lurch never helped him pay a dime. Poor Rodger probably would have lived longer if not for those two

No. 569214

atleast he's not suffering anymore

No. 569217

More like "Oh no, gurl"

This makes her look fucking huge and she seriously wants to pull the "I'M ONLY EATING 3-4 TIMES A WEEK" card? Girl it's clear that you're eating well. A little too well.

No. 569219

My god could she at least put some effort into posing? She looks like she is wiping here.

No. 569220

tbh tuna is pretty big for an addict.

No. 569227

She's been lying her ass off about starving since the very beginning. You'd think that heroine would have made her lose some weight even if she was always eating but nope. Her fat is stronger than the drugs.

She always looks like she's wiping her ass with her bare hand.

No. 569231

We've been through this. Heroin makes you crave sweet food, and leads to weight gain. There are a lot of overweight heroin addicts.

No. 569232

Bitch, you know Lurch was eating her ass in >>561609 she was just trying to keep him back there.

No. 569255

File: 1535672085964.jpg (347.84 KB, 680x680, 1477945202994.jpg)

the thought of Lurch eating ass or giving head

No. 569256

this is genuinely the worst shit she's posted thus far. it's getting really hard to resist the urge to tell her to start taking walks up and down her street.

No. 569264

Ewww, your right. So she has two poses, T. rex and asswipe. Plus a major lack of any ounce of self awareness.

No. 569271

File: 1535676193179.png (68.69 KB, 801x513, vB7vpqb.png)

No. 569274

I thought she was broke and almost homeless and couldn't afford food. Why would she admit to having money in a bank account?

No. 569287

File: 1535679405072.png (20.5 KB, 805x283, OKRV538.png)

No. 569310

File: 1535681758000.png (21.01 KB, 674x165, 6.3.png)

She's in the living room she shares with her mom in fucking granny lingerie. Jesus Christ, imagine walking in on that thing posing in front of her iphone… I can see why Tuna's mom calls her Fatty McCottageThighs now, I would be RUTHLESS if my eyes got assaulted by that shit every time I came home.

Food costs money, and heroin addicts would rather spend every single penny they have on drugs. Most heroin addicts who are at the "multiple ODs/homeless/literally stealing from graves" level of addiction aren't fat - pic related (Luna circa 2015). Personally I think her body is so ravaged because she can't reliably stuff her face with junk food 100% of the time. If she could eat all the time she'd probably just be deathfat, seeing as we've only seen her eat takeout and junk food I don't think she can cook. My theory is she still has access to her Mom's food stamp card (she's been using it since before she got evicted), and she spends it all on junk food that lasts her a week and makes her gain a shit-tonne of weight. Then when her food stamps are out, she doesn't eat for days at a time until she can convince someone to donate or they get more money on the card. Repeat this monthly cycle for FOUR YEARS with zero exercise, that's how you end up with thighs like Luna's. I thought it was just camera angles and poses originally, but no fucking way, she gains and loses so much weight. I don't think she's ever been SKINNY, but she tends to bob below her current weight before bloating up again.

> it's getting really hard to resist the urge to tell her to start taking walks up and down her street.
If she did this it'd make a world of difference tbh. I get the feeling that she barely even leaves the house, nvm walks around her block. Seems to me like Lurch is the one with the drug contacts and the shoplifting skills, and these 2 junkies have nowhere else they need to go. Always feels like we get 50,000 selfies and a video of Luna walking down the street whenever she leaves the house - going to the laundromat required multiple videos, pizza place required multiple pictures. Bare minimum she takes pictures of random stuff she passes (flowers etc.) or makes Lurch take a picture of her ala >>559317 - I did a quick scroll of the thread and i think that's the last time she documented going outside, 22 days ago lmao.

No. 569314

GOD, thats where they keep the litter box? It must smell fucking horrendous in there. I cant imagine it gets cleaned more than once a week.

LOL at her camel-toe that she gave herself by trying to cover up that fat belly roll though

No. 569319

Yes tuna, because writing a shitty poem equals doing something useful. Maybe she should clean up if she wants to do something useful? It would probably make her feel better than writing a poem she knows nobody cares about anyways

No. 569402

File: 1535712017271.png (865.85 KB, 936x598, 21.1.png)


The Friday pic dumps on KF include pics from her walks, generally of flowers and plants and memorials, but only twice a month at most. These are from two weeks ago.


Bets on whether her mom is keeping the kitties in Meow Mix and Tidy Cat?

When the broom, mop, and cleaning products make appearances in the background I imagine her mom placing them strategically as hints.

No. 569404

File: 1535712437702.png (854.69 KB, 943x596, 21.2.png)


She has a penchant for unconventional angles to frame her outdoor tableaus. The outside world is disorienting in its immensity when you're a druggie shut-in.

No. 569431

>she spends it all on junk food that lasts her a week and makes her gain a shit-tonne of weight. Then when her food stamps are out, she doesn't eat for days at a time until she can convince someone to donate or they get more money on the card. Repeat this monthly cycle for FOUR YEARS with zero exercise, that's how you end up with thighs like Luna's.

yea that's probably it and why she thinks she has an eating disorder. I think the no exercise or even lack of basic movement is hurting her a lot like I have never seen legs that are entirely fat like Lunas and we know thanks to her foray into nudes that she has zero ass

You made this sound so poetic anon

No. 569447


She finds joy in seeing well-tended gardens and purpose, such that it is, in caring for her plants (to be sure I kek at her naming them after the dearly departed to reinforce her sad girl identity). Why not try for a job in the garden department at Walmart or similar? It's perhaps the only interest she has that is outside the junkie realm.

No. 569452

obviously some of it is the fact that she hasn’t ever done a squat in her life. take a look at aly from alys_journey, aly isn’t even remotey as heavy as tuna but then compare aly with someone recovering from an eating disorder who also does some exercise.

not that simple. heroin addicts can be too busy getting high and nodding to care about food. all their extra money will be going towards heroin and not food

>Seems to me like Lurch is the one with the drug contacts and the shoplifting skills
I laugh how even wih their lifestyle, luna is still the completely useless one and at least lurch gets off his ass to “provide” (in a sense) for them

No. 569453

Because that would mean actually doing work.

No. 569480

File: 1535741829268.jpeg (1.18 MB, 2896x2896, BC462405-B3D2-48F7-9F84-618047…)

Jfc there’s no way she’s sober in these

No. 569481

File: 1535741872509.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, 5018E2F2-8DB4-41D5-94F3-B34639…)

it looks like her lips are melting together

No. 569482

File: 1535742361415.jpeg (1.12 MB, 2896x2896, 6E3D15E2-C582-4AE3-9D53-8E152E…)

She’s trying on outfits today

No. 569483

File: 1535742617297.jpg (15.02 KB, 604x438, c67.jpg)

No. 569489

Productive and edgy at the same time!

Her bubblewrap looking thighs were in my nightmares, I hope she has a shit day.

No. 569490

They probably are.

She really needs to get kicked out.

I'm with you anon, please have a bad day and get a job, Luna. Stop being edgy and nasty around your mother's house.

No. 569491

File: 1535749144919.png (573.44 KB, 820x597, cheap cheap.png)

No. 569492

File: 1535749157834.png (737.75 KB, 814x596, CHEAP.png)

No. 569493

File: 1535749168257.png (520.61 KB, 857x597, 15 (1).png)

No. 569494

File: 1535749182533.png (565 KB, 818x594, 17.1.png)

No. 569495

File: 1535749296394.png (660.86 KB, 835x596, cheap cheap cheap.png)

No. 569496

File: 1535749321900.png (683.52 KB, 832x595, dying plants.png)

No. 569498


You're starting to forget English too, Tuna.

Cheap cheap cheap cheap ffs

No. 569499

I think it's so weird how she holds up her potted plants as props… Shes done this maybe 10 times now lol i know its not a big deal, just weird.

No. 569503

girl what the fuck did you do to your bangs?

No. 569509

>found this dresss in a free bin last summer when I was in outpatient
uh… Do psyche wards usually have fucking "free bins"? or did she just steal shit from lost property/someone's bag?

No. 569510

She's so very clearly off her face on heroin, look at her eyes.
^ fucking nodding lmao.

No. 569511


Free bins are for patients who have nothing to wear otherwise, like the ones who literally have just the clothes on their back. Tuna definitely didnt NEED the free clothing as we know especially last year she has a mountain of clothes she never washes.

No. 569526

It's a wonder she or Lurch hasn't set themselves or the bedding on fire from trying to smoke cigarettes under the influence.

No. 569531

You can almost see potential in those two pictures… I've always thought Luna was average at best but now I think her features could be striking if she bothered.

No. 569532

I see the plants are beginning to suffer

No. 569540

She actually has! I don't have time to poke through the old threads at the moment but there was definitely a photo she posted from a time she "fell asleep" smoking a cig and woke up with herself and the bed on fire.

No. 569552

Only someome on drugs could think this looks good.

No. 569560


Wow. Compare these to her selfies from yesterday. >>569195

Her bangs were obviously too long and in her eyes, but she's literally too lazy to try and line them up or cut them properly. It looks like she just took a mad swipe with scissors above one eye. She haphazardly cut a chunk out instead of cutting the whole bang.

I wonder if she even understands how ridiculous and sloppy it looks to other people? Does she think no one will notice?

Also Wtf does she do all day? Wastes time on the internet? Time is passing and she is wasting all of it Surely she has enough time to like, cut a straight line across her hair.

No. 569575

in every recent selfie of hers shes been off her ass on heroin so she and lurch obviously just scored and she probably cut them when she was high. i bet she'll whine about it when she's sobered up a bit.

No. 569576

Lmfaooooooo the second one. This smug bitch thinks she’s so fucking cool! Bitch you are 22!!!

No. 569588

File: 1535785461875.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1920, 1471329676473.png)

When she set her bed on fire from a cig, kek

No. 569596

I want Luna to do ASMR vids on youtube, I think it would fit her. She has a different look/aesthetic that's quite engaging. Also she needs a job sooner or later. She could tap nicely with her fake nails, or color with her markers, she could flip through her books or notebooks or whisper.

No. 569598


she's also grotty and drug fucked with no creativity or charisma, and this is like the third time you've suggested this lol

No. 569601

for fucks sake, just let it go. or go to tumblr and communicate these ideas directly to the bitch herself.

No. 569625

That's terrifying. I can't imagine her not learning a lesson after that. I hope she doesn't burn her moms bed up or burn the flat down.

No. 569632

You're in the wrong place if you think we're here to help out cows. Go to her tumblr or instagram, not here. And the ratty hobo look is not "engaging". Fucking whiteknights ffs

Tuna never learns life lessons. Or any lesson for that matter.

No. 569636

File: 1535820249347.jpeg (284.13 KB, 750x1105, 16254240-5319-4CFB-AEE3-6357A8…)

No. 569637

File: 1535820260923.jpeg (268.25 KB, 749x1038, 83583601-2C85-4EB6-820F-679280…)

No. 569638

File: 1535820282019.jpeg (217.77 KB, 750x1010, 3001FF12-FDF8-4DE2-A0B1-72D105…)

No. 569641

her dad takes her out and she doesn't even TRY to look clean…

No. 569642

I don't think I've ever seen her dad before

I can't believe she went out in those clothes, well I can, they look almost like pajamas and there's fucking blood on that shirt!

No. 569643

cos she's fucked up on something… sooo sad she does this to her dad no wonder he looks unhappy

No. 569645

File: 1535822133886.png (2.33 MB, 1836x1184, Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 2.44…)

portion size? what's that? this is ridiculous

No. 569650

they're sliders anon calm down.

No. 569654

i'm more concerned about what is probably 2 whole potatoes tbh

No. 569655

sweet dolla tea from mcdonalds
i drink that
two whole potatoes
i eat that

No. 569657

>I swear he loves me
But he couldnt even smile for a rare picture with you? Her dad looks absolutely miserable. Like hed rather just pass away right there then be touched by her for another second. He couldnt even fake a smile. Must be the smell. Sad that her dad would take her out for a nice hot meal and she cant even bother to change from the shirt she wore yesterday. Not that she washes any of her clothes anyways.

No. 569660

Why is she going out with her dad with this stained ass shirt??? I get she wants to look ~poor and depressed~ on the internet but she couldn’t change into a new shirt to see her dad?

Also what happened to him being an abusive and evil “literal sociopath”?

No. 569661

Yeah if my kid posted the horrific things she posts about her father, I wouldn’t be smiling for a pic either. He’s probably wondering what awful things will be captioned on the pic that he knows will be posted online. Tuna has called him a murderer, junkie, physically and verbally abusive amongst other things.

No. 569671

she was fucked up yesterday and tried on 3 different outfits that at least looked better at a distance than her pink spitup shirt. that's what kills me. it's not like she gets high and forgets about clothes. all she DOES is try on clothes even though she could wear sweats around the house. but the literal one time she has somewhere to go to debut one of her 900 cheap new amazon lewks? THAT'S when she decides to wear the ratty old sweats that are really even too gross to lounge in.

No. 569673

Maybe he's fed up of you being high every time he sees you, you lumpy turd.

Can't even brush her hair for an outing or wear a clean shirt, ugh.

No. 569674

>Also what happened to him being an abusive and evil “literal sociopath”?
Yeah, I find it so interesting how she she'll switch from demonizing one person to another based on who's been nagging her more.

No. 569680

I'd be grumpy too if my adult daughter showed up for dinner wearing three days old clothes covered in food, blood, and cigarette ash because she used the cash you sent for groceries on a big score and has been on the nod whilst smoking.

She's got the photos filtered, but honestly she looks like the kind of person a regular sports bar would kick out because their appearance and smell scared of customers. The waiter or manager likely said something about it to him.

No. 569685

Also, goddamn is she fat when she's not twisted round and sucking it in for dear life.

No. 569716

>I love baseball
>football on the tv

No. 569723

Damn that's sad. I wonder if he knows about her online presence or if Lurch is taking the picture or if he's just upset because he sees the consequences of his poor parenting/hooking up with a junkie/having only one child who is a massive screwup.

No. 569727


It could be unfortunate timing, but he doesn't look entirely sober, either.


He was a junkie, too.

No. 569731

File: 1535839535018.png (661.21 KB, 812x598, 20.3.png)


Pic dump from KF.

No. 569732

File: 1535839576123.png (685.38 KB, 819x597, 20.2.png)

No. 569733

File: 1535839620874.png (732.4 KB, 842x598, 16.png)

No. 569734

File: 1535839656924.png (613.08 KB, 921x595, 22.png)

No. 569735

File: 1535839688763.png (605.91 KB, 838x595, 8.png)

No. 569736

File: 1535839725896.png (858.35 KB, 826x595, 10.png)

No. 569737

File: 1535839769623.png (729.58 KB, 820x597, 4.2.png)

No. 569739

File: 1535839815670.png (869.6 KB, 939x598, 6.1.png)

No. 569743

>because she used the cash you sent for groceries on a big score and has been on the nod whilst smoking.
lol so I wasn't the only one to notice the connection between Luna's dad being mentioned for the first time in 2 months, and Luna clearly being off her face on heroin?
Bitch is so fucking predictable jfc.

No. 569751

He was, but it sounds like he cleaned his life up to a considerable degree (or at least switched to prescription benzos and got some sort of income that allowed him to buy an apartment in fucking Manhattan…). Is anyone else really interested in his backstory? It's incredibly bizarre that somebody would (allegedly) go from shooting up and having a lovechild with a fellow junkie to owning a $1.5+ million apartment…

No. 569767

This man looks like Luna has just sucked the life out of him (and his money). I thought Luna swore he was evil and abusive so I guess she wants money and a place to stay again.

She couldn't even dress nice or at least wear a clean shirt to meet him.

No. 569768

But are we believing Looney 100% about him being a former junkie? Seems to me that it fit her aesthetic and she may have ran with it. Her mom may have started having drug issues after they split for all we really know.

No. 569769

my gut is that it's an exaggeration of the truth. like maybe he had a brief habit that started and ended before luna was conceived.

>It's incredibly bizarre that somebody would (allegedly) go from shooting up and having a lovechild with a fellow junkie to owning a $1.5+ million apartment…

i don't see how that's weird. plenty of people have big vices when they're young reckless and broke but if they get clean and grow up a little they can get a career and make money. heroin can fry your brain but it's not a rule that it always damages you so irreparably that you can't ever succeed. although that certainly would be convenient for luna and people like lillith and holli

No. 569770

Conversely, are we certain he’s a millionaire with a fancy Manhattan apartment? What does he do?

I think it’s possible that Luna exaggerated to play up her ‘~Poor Little Rich Girl~ whose parents abusively refuse to give her their money’ schtick.

No. 569774

Considering Luna came into a lot of money from her grandmother, odds are she left her father a pile.

No. 569775

>million dollar apartment
>cat bowls on some newspaper
seems jank. I guess it could cost that much in NY and still not be luxury though?

No. 569778


nayrt/not an american either but as far as i've been told a "million dollar apartment" in NYC really only sounds luxurious until you find out how insanely high the cost of living there is. also old newspaper for that purpose makes sense even if you are well off, you can just throw it out and replace it as needed and not have to wash/wipe it down like you would a rubber mat or something.

No. 569791

File: 1535848919121.jpg (97.33 KB, 750x1334, zBNocd6.jpg)

Doesn't he work in the music industry? She posted about going to dinner with Charlie Drayton before.

No. 569792

File: 1535848932313.jpg (195.85 KB, 1866x1198, zRmOjai.jpg)

No. 569793

shit how has her art gotten worse? she could have worked on this style it looks pretty good (the running theme)

yeah I guess I was imagining luxury like luxury mat for the cat food and all lol but then I looked some 1 mil apartments up and they look just… normal

No. 569804

Do we know for certain that Rich Grandma was the mother of Luna's dad, not the mother of Luna's mom?

>is asked where she got this specific lingerie
>replies that she shops at thrift stores and the <$25 part of etsy
>doesn't say where she got this specific lingerie

Why answer people's questions when you can tell everyone that you're CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP instead?

Also holy fuck, constantly spending money on clothing you can't even wear outside is a massive waste of money. Even if everything you buy is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP, it adds up. And maybe stop crying about how you literally can't afford food when you're choosing to blow all your money on granny panties and fuggo lingerie.

Yeah she's weirdly cute in those pictures and it's fucking me up.

No. 569817

Considering Roger, Luna, and Lurch lived in utter shit covered floors often without basic things like a working sink/shower for 1.5k a month, having an apartment you bought outright for a million (since Luna says it'll be hers after his death which means he's not renting) that's not getting much compared to million dollar houses in other places.

No. 569825

>he played with courtney love
lmao this bitch is so 1 dimensional it hurts.

No. 569829

oh what the fuck! i didn't even realize this was hers at first! it's not a masterpiece or anything but it looks like an actual adult made it. i can't believe one of her girls has an actual chin and eyelids and there's no white space in the coloring. so luna is able to make something at least passable when it's for a big emotional reason like giving it to a connection of one of her idols, but she can't put in a fraction of the effort when she's trying to sell art for food money. if she did more shit in this style it would be way more likely to actually sell sometimes. it doesn't hurt to look at. it's fun. it's cute.

No. 569830

Do we know that her Dad owns the apt outright? Because at the time (when she said she was going to get his apartment after he died) it kinda sounded like he was renting and her doped out dumbass didn't know how the real world worked. Luna has said that her dad keeps fucking TEC-9 under his pillow, her version of reality isn't the same as ours.

Never mentioned what her father's job is, but is very willing to call him a drug addict and a criminal. I'm actually surprised by how normal he looks, he's just a regular dude.

The rich Grandma was her mother's side right? The one who left property to Luna in her will? It's what fucks me up with Luna tbh, she's had more money in the first 20 years of her life than I'll probably ever see. She wasted so much money on heroin, an entire fucking inheritance.

No. 569834

I was thinking about how she made a post just recently about how her art has improved over the years, comparing her shitty animal crossing sad girl faces to some fat alien looking girls she drew in the past but like what about this? and like I'm only saying that the face looks ok, I still wouldn't say it was worth $60 maybe $5? but why didn't she work on improving this style? well I guess we already know it's cus she doesn't give two shits what she's drawing now she just churns it out for potential cash. She squanders like every opportunity she has, it's really pathetic

No. 569850

File: 1535856598757.png (80.63 KB, 660x957, Screenshot_2018-09-01-18-23-22…)

This is an exchange with luna from today..

No. 569852

File: 1535856641035.png (77.07 KB, 682x899, Screenshot_2018-09-01-18-25-29…)

No. 569854

One lives in an apartment in Manhattan, and the other lives in section 8 housing. I think it's fairly easy to see which side the wealth came from.

No. 569855

File: 1535856682861.png (74.63 KB, 654x894, Screenshot_2018-09-01-18-31-01…)

No. 569857

File: 1535856765056.png (74.57 KB, 673x896, Screenshot_2018-09-01-18-51-02…)

No. 569865

She's so high off her tits she can't even type straight

No. 569877

I'm pretty sure the inheritance came from luna's grandma on her mothers side. She got it specifically because her mom did drugs and her grandma didnt trust her daughter/wanted her grandaughter to be provided for. So both her parents came from at least uppermiddle class.

No. 569878

Wtf? This is not even remotely coherent. Ignore the end? What the hell is she trying to say?

No. 569898

she meant “ignore the ‘and’” at the end of her previous message. she’s probably typing with one eye open kek

No. 569899

Too bad her grandma couldn't see the future.

That's a lot of money considering what her art fucking looks like. And Lurch is fucking 40, he should be paying for his own medical bills.

No. 569915

Just chiming in to say my relative lives in Manhattan in a very small apartment right next to China Town and Little Italy, so a very choice part of the city, with no balcony and a only view of the street outside and rent in that building is $3,000+. His partner owns the apartment, and I never asked how much he paid/ how much its worth, but I'll say her dad's apartment looks way more luxurious with a great view… rent or own, hes got some serious cash to be able to live where he does.

No. 569918

i still think this is the cleanest thing she owns and it always blows my mind to see it hasnt been sold for drugs pennies.

No. 569919

Lol that Nintendo ds lite is worth like $20 max, it's not worth selling cuz she can't get high for that little. She pretended it was broken for like a week for some reason, probably ebegging related. She was crying over "dropping it onto carpet and now it won't turn on" but it's clearly fucking fine.

Her grandmas golden ring? That must have been sold for heroin months ago. I'm surprised she's so materialistic that she'd rather have iProducts (phone, pad, Mac) than heroin.

No. 569920

i know a ds isnt worth much anymore
i guess some part of me fell for the "so poor boo hoo" and was like girl just sell it and buy some fucking noodles or whatever

No. 569927

gullible anon, there is no truth in this girl.

No. 569933

She’s wearing the same ratty old pink shirt in this pic.

No. 569946

fucking omg, is this her "fancy" shirt or something that she wears whenever she goes out hahaha

No. 569959

>ahhhh do his pancreas
shit sounds serious

No. 569963

She's high as fuck and Lurch isn't in the hospital since yesterday because >>569636 he's taking the picture in this. That and if Lurch was in the hospital she'd have posted another picture of her crying about it.

No. 569975

> heroin can fry your brain but it's not a rule that it always damages you so irreparably that you can't ever succeed. although that certainly would be convenient for luna and people like lillith and holli
'Success' for junkies usually means getting clean and working in the rehab industry, not buying an apartment in Manhattan. Unless of course you're already in a high-powered job or come into money somehow.
>my gut is that it's an exaggeration of the truth. like maybe he had a brief habit that started and ended before luna was conceived.
Is probably true, though. Maybe he just had a brief pill habit or something.
>I think it’s possible that Luna exaggerated to play up her ‘~Poor Little Rich Girl~ whose parents abusively refuse to give her their money’ schtick.
Luna's taken pics of the view. It's possible that her dad's a renter, but he'd still have to be pulling in at least low six figs. Plus she's so obsessed with being 'school of hard knocks' poor that she tries to downplay having a wealthy dad as well as she can.
I think the wealthy grandmother was on her mother's side, but idr for sure.
A million dollar apartment in most Manhattan neighborhoods would go for $100k or less in most other cities. A literal 600sqft studio will put you back that much.
Hopefully her shirt isn't covered in bloodstains and grime when she goes to meet him.
Yeah, if Luna's not lying then something like that could kill him. inshallah

No. 570001

I'm guessing the iProducts thng is thanks to evil and abusive dad. he would have bought them and be paying the bills, so it wouldn't be worth it to flog them off. in saying that, I seem to recall she has tried a few times to say they were stolen or broken, went about as well as the ds being dead.

No. 570010

File: 1535910691299.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1730x1146, BC62D06A-15AA-4C1C-B7B6-BDA0A0…)

She couldn’t manage a clean shirt.

No. 570011

Thank you for saying this. It irritates me when anons are like LUNA SELL YOUR IPHONE AND IPAD. Shit, I have iPhones laying around that I’ve had and I won’t get rid of them because if my plan fell through for some reason and I couldn’t pay the bill, I have a backup that I wouldn’t be able to pay for othewise. I mean really, the way she spends and prioritizes money, she would never be able to get another one, and, if it wasn’t paid for in full and she sold it, she’d have to pay the remainder which is another reason to not get rid of it.

No. 570012

Agreed, had family who paid over 3k monthly for an apartment by the Brooklyn bridge and it wasn’t even 500 square feet.

No. 570014

If she's so broke that she can't afford food then she should sell her iPad and iPhone. That's the whole point of priorities.

Her dad would just get her another one anyway like he did before.

No. 570041

>they were stolen or broken

Lest we forget when she said Lurch got mugged and happened to have her iphone with him and then accused some girl on FB of trying to sell it.. then said she spent all the money she had left to pay for the replacement one.

No. 570061

File: 1535917802408.jpg (174.5 KB, 720x1119, IMG_20180902_214857.jpg)

No. 570089

Almost looks like Vicky.

No. 570090

>you look like michael jackson

No. 570107

So he has an ulcer that's caused associated pancreatitis? Sounds like his stomach lining and pancreas are giving him the middle finger from the long-term ingestion of mixed medications. RIP Lurch 2019.

No. 570113

File: 1535927674455.jpeg (343.16 KB, 1242x1812, DACB1C95-A83A-49D4-B4BE-377ABD…)

No. 570114

File: 1535927685440.jpeg (427.37 KB, 1242x1725, D854ACFA-7FD6-4EBA-9BC2-9CEC80…)

No. 570116

He's not sick anon

>my legs are a mess
I'm sure there will be some really faint marks on her legs like the last time she had a super serious self harm relapse

No. 570129

But but I thought Matthew was dying in the hospital and she needed money to visit?

No. 570160

Anybody else kinda salty that a lot of Luna's new followers are asspatters? I was hoping for more sass like this >>570090 and less "uwu you're so strong, hold your Easter Island head close because he's you're rock"

It's like those people who enable schizophrenic delusions to be nice, why are they reinforcing that Luna NEEDS Lurch and will die without him.

No. 570183

File: 1535939250324.jpeg (936.36 KB, 1242x1521, 54B3DB29-613D-40D0-B442-99E5C7…)

No. 570202

If her dad does music related work, I'd be more surprised if he'd never done drugs tbh.

Yeah, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess you aren't a junkie who "can barely eat once a day", has a rich daddy, but still begs online for everything and steals blah blah blah.

She's too well documented to be compared to someone who's on welfare but has an iPhone (which is easy with a contract).

No. 570206

yeah plus she could always just fucking sell the ipad and ds but keep the phone. nobody needs all of those.
plus "poor people need nice things" is only really appropriate when they're somewhat taking care of themselves with either a job or benefits. if someones guilt tripping you for money and acting like you're their only hope, then you kind of have the right to be a little nosy and ask them if they've tried selling stuff first.

No. 570209

File: 1535942671144.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x1561, Screenshot_20180903-123252.jpg)

The pic she posted with this is rancid too. The fact none of her followers tell that her washing her ass is a good start really shows how disingenuous all these asspatting comments are lel

No. 570210

tell her that*

I agree that selling something that's still on a plan is a shitty idea but I think she owns the handset outright. She could sell it and use some of the money on a shitty phone. I don't really care if she can't afford to replace her iPhone with another iPhone while she's unemployed and uses all her cash on drugs.

No. 570212

Preach anon. If Lurch was honestly in hospital (lol), or she's not ~eaten in days~ and she was unwilling to at least sell her MacBook for bus fare/food, I don't think she's justified in begging for it. I think a lot of the people who fall for her poor schtick and donate are poorer than she is tbh.

Keeping a backup iPad "just in case" when you're begging for money on a daily basis is stupid. If her phone broke, she could beg for another one. It'd be more legit than begging for food money while being 200lbs.

She has SO MUCH SHIT it's unbelievable. If she legit lost 90% of her possessions (no wait… 85% now lmao ) then she's a hoarder and has a problem. Tbh I've never really thought about it but Luna legit may be a hoarder.

The weird overattachment to her possessions, to the point where she NAMES THEM. That broken dell CRT monitor they had in Roger's place that she inexplicably painted. All of the grave ornaments that she steals to keep, not sell.

No. 570217

samefagging to add she doesn't even pay for her phone in any capacity and her Dad would obviously make sure, bare minimum, she had a phone that could receive calls so he could contact her and make sure she's not dead.

Also Lurch has an iPhone too, so… There are two $300 phones in a household where they need to beg to eat every single day. Seems legit and not at all ridiculous.

No. 570219

At least she's worked out how to put false nails on now? She's not digging them INTO her cuticles anymore. That's the only positive thing I can currently think of regarding Luna lol.

No. 570225

Luna got a massive inheritance from her grandma and blew every last penny within a few years. Her mom could've done the same. Or her mom might've gotten no inheritance money or very little.

Hence why I asked if we knew for certain one way or the other.

No. 570234

>She has SO MUCH SHIT it's unbelievable. If she legit lost 90% of her possessions (no wait… 85% now lmao ) then she's a hoarder and has a problem. Tbh I've never really thought about it but Luna legit may be a hoarder.

exactly. her favorite excuse assumes that if you're poor you deserve some nice things along with bare necessities. like….a few. people far richer than her still have to budget and hold off on luxuries sometimes, yet she buys dozens of useless luxuries every single month, because she thinks it's comparable to people with a low income occasionally splurging on a practical phone or one or two pairs of high quality shoes.

No. 570235

File: 1535946125203.jpg (619.06 KB, 1564x1564, 1516607757239.jpg)

I'm 99.9% sure that Rich Grandma was her mother's side, while Jewish "ran from the holocaust and committed suicide by having an illness" Grandma is her father's side. I can't remember her telling ANY stories of inheritance Grandma. Wasn't aesthetic enough because she didn't kill herself maybe? She said she wanted to get two cherub tattoos with her Grandma's name, Jane, and Roger underneath.

Holocaust Grandma on her Dad's side was called Eva, as evidenced by her monogram ring (that Luna has 100% sold by now lmao) >>553145

No. 570239

File: 1535946742039.png (26.05 KB, 750x274, 1516669690382.png)

doubleposting to point out how fucking disgusting Luna is tho
>I will miss you
she posted this a week before Roger died, trying to e-beg tattoo money for her aesthetic before his body was even cold. She had been asking for a Cherub tattoo since her birthday in 2017.

No. 570263

She says “that’s it” like she’s not asking for a lot and those are inexpensive things, LOL

No. 570344

nice catch anon, i didn't even pick up on that. in
on saturday evening lurch was in the hospital and she was begging for money to see him but in
she flat out admits he's at home with her lol. maybe she's uwu ~starving because she's too retarded to keep from contradicting her own e-begging lies

No. 570389

wew I wonder if she read her thread or something.
Nobody wants her to off herself, or I guess most people at least, but we do want her to stop being a useless fucking junkie and get a job + get rid of chief.

No. 570393

She doesn’t need to read her thread to be a pathetic, ~suicidal, sadgirl. It’s part of her begging schtick. Poor me, send me money or I’ll kms.
I honestly believe she will always be a leaching, gross adult/baby. She believes that others should pay her way through life while she can spend money on whatever she wants. All these posts about being semi, almost, soon to be homeless are for others to pay for a place to live for her and lurch. She is hoping somebody will feel for her and put the money up for her. Then next month it will be the same sad posts about how she can’t afford rent and she will soon be out on the streets. Loony’s an entitled, spoiled brat.

No. 570394

File: 1535991690272.png (8.23 KB, 374x189, Untitled.png)

The "everyone hates me" thing is her borderline acting up. Google autocomplete makes it look like it's searched a lot, but I couldn't find anything in the results other than BPD bitches blogposting/forum posts about how ~sad their life is like Luna does.

Still not gonna feel bad for ~her battle with mental illness~ because she's done nothing to help herself. Asspatters don't realise they're stopping her from seeking help. Enabling a borderline makes their disorder worse, they need real therapy. I found this article and it fits Luna to a T: https://www.borderlinepersonalitytreatment.com/preventing-enabling-behavior.html

>Stop providing financial support - If you are providing money to your loved one whenever they ask for it, you may be enabling their behaviors. Don’t offer any financial help to your loved one unless you know exactly what it is going to be used for.

>Don’t avoid confrontation - You may have never called your loved one out on their behaviors because you’re worried you’ll hurt their feelings or that you will experience backlash, but if your loved one’s behaviors are harmful to you, you should talk to them about it.
>Don’t cover for them - and don't lie for them.
>Focus your attention elsewhere: If enabling someone’s behaviors is a way for you to show your love or gain acceptance from them, then you need to stop — for their benefit.
>Don’t help quite as much: You may have gotten into a pattern of running errands for your loved one, taking their kids to school, or driving them to their appointments.
>Don’t get used to their behavior - There comes a point when the people close to someone with Borderline Personality Disorder may just start tolerating their behaviors and only complain instead of doing anything about them. They may tolerate mood swings, compulsive lying, and even abuse.

No. 570438

i mean, it could also be a histrionic (attention-seeking) or narcissistic thing, iifc she was diagnosed with BPD when she was already an addict, and personality disorders should never be diagnosed when one is active in addiction, her “boo hoo everyone hates me” could certainly be “boo hoo please feel sorry for me and give me money so i can afford heroin”

everything in green text there is helpful for what not to do with addicts, but it’s not all exclusive for people with BPD,many people with bpd dont have problems with abusive behaviour, lying, or rrckless spending, but unrelated impulsive behaviour. bpd is a lot more diverse than symptoms of addiction.

junkies usually do usually lie about how they use money and require less enabling of their behaviour to recover. those with BPD seek validation for their EMOTIONS. the general consensus here is that luna should be re-diagnosed when she gets clean. luna uses her bpd as an explanation/explanation for her addict behaviour

No. 570515

or she could just be a dirty junkie from a privileged background that has ended up with entitlement issues.

No. 570532

she seems to think of money to buy drugs as a right that she deserves, so why should she sell any of her expensive tech (ipads, iphone, laptop, tv etc) when she always gets what she wants without selling them? even if she was claimng she needs these because of 'mental illness' because she's so lonely and needs to keep in touch with people or she uses therapy/anxiety tools online, she could sell some of her thousands of clothes? although she'd have to wash them first…which is clearly way too difficult

No. 570540

no one with an eating disorder would go near that. apart from binge eating disorder but we all know luna means anorexia when she constantly brings up having an ed. congrats luna you played yourself. well, no one believed you to begin with, but you played yourself to your tween fans

No. 570541

She's literally has said she thinks heroin should be legal for the same reasons weed is becoming legal, I've never heard that delusion. Where's all the "legalize it" heroin shirts/bumper stickers?

No. 570542

Luna obviously isn't anorexic but eating disorders are complicated anon, you don't just not eat. She could say well I only ate 3 fries. ofc if you were tryna restrict you probs wouldn't go for a 3 burgers and fries lol

omg anon are you saying that you hate drug users??? drugs users should be able to buy drugs! its their god given right

it's fucking crazy that she has an iphone, ipad and macbook and remember she has wifi, a data plan and netflix. She would only not complain about money if she was getting like $25k a week

No. 570543


Actually when she first started ebegging she was selling off some of her clothes. I know because I bought one of her shirts. It actually didn't smell bad and seemed to be clean when I received it, but this was a long time ago before she was a junkie.

No. 570677

File: 1536031148850.jpg (145.54 KB, 500x617, tumblr_pei8fjcSpz1w1d39p_500.j…)

>ode to relapsing on self harm badly yesterday

No. 570696

is that cherub the only thing she can draw?

No. 570762

>wait a lil longer
For fucking what? What is she waiting for, her dad to die so she gets another inheritance or something? Waiting will bring her nothing but more misery lol, her mom's gotta kick her out eventually.

No. 570771

I think it's a reference to pushing back self-harm. It's common advice. You wait hoping the mood passes.

No. 570773

hmm i'm pretty certain the angel is telling her not to kill herself at the moment and to 'wait a little longer' on earth. that's why she's already self harmed in her self portrait and there's a noose next to her and it's an angel telling her this.

this is not a good picture at all though. everytime i think luna's art is slightly improving she does something like this again that shows she isn't learning anything.

No. 570774

the dinky pill bottles with the ~so sad~ labels lmao

>her mom's gotta kick her out eventually.

more like, luna's gotta get them all evicted eventually. her mom's deadline passed a month or two ago.

No. 570784

You are right, I realized it after posting but felt too lazy to add it.

I feel sorry for Luna's mom but also feel that she has lowkey brought it on herself. I know, this is an unpopular opinion. Not saying that Luna is not responsible for her own fucked up life (she is!), but her mom MAJORLY fucked up by letting her drug dealer into Luna's life. I don't care how bad you need the drugs, you don't give random skeevy man access to your child! This is half a reason why child grooming happens: a parent lets some creep hang around their child. This is exactly what happened with Luna. She even mentioned Lurch coming to see her under guise of visiting her mother. How could she think that bringing her drug dealer to meet Luna is a good idea? Parents constantly miss creepy behavior of weird uncles, but this is even worse. Lurch did not even have the alibi of being a family member.
Now her mom has to deal with illegally housing her useless child and the pedocreep who groomed her. Maybe she tolerates Luna staying with her because she's aware that she met Lurch because of her.

Obviously Luna is old enough to be responsible for herself and snap out of her druggie mentality, but she doesn't want to. Her shitstorm of a life is on her, but her mother's selfishness allowed her to make the first step on the shit road.

No. 570793

>hes got some serious cash to be able to live where he does.

Not necessarily. Maybe, but very possibly not. I wouldn't be surprised if he lives in middle income housing. A lot of nice buildings have a certain % of units that are required to be set aside for "middle income". He could be earning like $60k a year and have won a lotto for one of those units. They used to make those lotto winners use a diff entrance than the actually rich tenants, aka the "poor door", but it was considered discrimination and discontinued. Either way, she's not inheriting his apt.
I think he'd be even more likely to get such a set up if he'd completed a rehab+halfway house program.

No. 570794

luna…you're depressed because you're abusing drugs, you don't work or go to school, don't have any hobbies (ok maybe drawing but does drawing crap for cash count) exercise, have any friends to hang out with or do anything that enriches your life like you need to do shit to be happy!

I think it's her being edgy saying wait to kill yourself

No. 570816

File: 1536076844529.png (37.37 KB, 560x264, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 16.5…)

Oh noooo why are people still trying to send Luna things? This is on an IG post of hers with loads of amazon wishlist items she wants that are all between $10-20 (apart from the eyeliner. including a face scrub that is $15, 3 dresses that are all just under $20 and other random makeup). Who bets she's gonna somehow end up with all these items in the next few weeks as 'gifts'?

No. 570820

I can see it now. "Got this secondhand eyeliner from a friend!"
>hits up said friend for money after message

No. 570841

Even if it isn't a high rise like that in midtown would most certainly be full service and therefore have a rent of 2500-3000/m or if he owns a maintance of at least 900-1000. If he owns then its most certainly a co-op as almost all but some prewar buildings are, which means a board has to approve residents and the co-op board would never, ever in a million years approve Luna and her mummy. She is either straight up delusional thinking she can just move in her shit there as soon her dads cold body is vacacted or never bothered to actually investigate how apts work.

No. 570845

I was nodding along, thinking you meant she brought this on herself by letting those two leeches stay with her …
You're discounting the part where her mom was a junkie; they aren't a group of folks known for their good decision-making and clear thinking. Also, from what we know of it, Luna pursued Lurch, not the other way round.

No. 570855

Being a junkie is an explanation, but not a justification for shit decisions, especially when they affect your children. This is why junkies make shit parents (which would probably trigger Luna, as her idol was screeching in the 90's that America is sick for believing that drug addicts cannot be good parents, kek) - drugs are always more important than common sense or children. IMHO no junkie should have kids unless they get clean before their habit affects negatively the kid (tho I get abortion is not legal or cheap everywhere).
From what I remember, Lurch started creeping on Luna and she decided to get with him. He groomed her and eagerly waited till she was 18 so they could fuck. How much power a 16-17-18 y/o girl has in a relationship with a men over twice her age?
Even if Luna pursued Lurch and was not groomed by him, a responsible men would turn her down. Lurch is nothing but scum tho. Which is why you do not bring adult men (and drug addicts/pushers to boot) from street to your home where your underage daughter lives.
Maybe Luna would meet another drug addict/pusher on her own had she not met Lurch, but we don't know that. Regardless of consequences, that was just an irresponsible thing to do. I imagine that had Lurch been more dangerous, worse things could have happened to Luna.

Yes, Luna is shit for not getting a job and expecting her impoverished mother and random people on the internet to gib her money (as well as glorifying the junkie lifestyle). Doesn't mean that her mother did not make huge mistakes when raising her.

If you want to justify Luna's mom fucking up and providing opportunity for Lurch to groom Luna by her being junkie, than you might as well justify Luna's shit life with her being a junkie and not being able to make sensible decisions because of that.

No. 570862

File: 1536092587541.png (170.06 KB, 750x1334, 1468131111594.png)

Double posting. Dug that up from the first thread.
So Luna's mom was doing great not bringing strangers home and then she decided to make an exception for Lurch. Fucking great. I will remember this if I ever want to make exception instead of sticking to my usual safety rules kek

No. 570877

>Maybe Luna would meet another drug addict/pusher on her own had she not met Lurch, but we don't know that.

didn’t she talk to peter callan before lurch?

No. 570887

This is a perfect what not to do for if I ever have a daughter, jeez. I know that mothers, and parents in general, can’t protect their daughters from every single dangerous person that comes into their life. But it’s still shitty that Luna’s mom let Lurch come around. I wonder if she regrets that now.

No. 570893

they had a brief online relationship. it was definitely prior to Lurch and it's no news Callan pretty much did/does every hard drug, so he could have (unintentionally or otherwise) nudged her further into the junkie aesthetic, thus leading her to pursue Lurch. at this point i'm just speculating, though.

No. 570911

An old ass man having a crush on a teenager is pretty fucking disgusting.

No. 570916

I will be honest, I forgot about the guy as he's such a brief footnote in Luna's history. I know that he went to prison, has an ED page and that Luna missed him.
I feel that overall, getting in a relationship with another teenager or young adult is much less dangerous than being dragged into some old pervert's life. The power balance is completely skewed against the young person.

On another note, I've stumbled upon an old post in which Luna reminisces about her mom putting on grunge music and sharing it with her. Did her mom accidentaly plant the seeds of glorification of druggie artists? IDK. I am genuinely curious how having addicted parents affected Luna. So many people have fucked up parents and do everything possible to not repeat their mistakes. Luna is 100% on board with fucking up her life like her parents did. I cannot comprehend how can you see the nastiness of the drug addiction, the withdrawals and sickness, and yet want it for yourself.
I'm really curious how Luna turned out this way, especially since she lived a life fit for a teenager with her artsy hipster friends.

Also keep an eye on family members and friends as they use the trust of the parent to slip under the radar and lower the child's defences. They are not strangers, after all…

No. 570931

There has to be more to it than music. I grew up listening to Nirvana and Alice In Chains (still do) but I don’t do heroin so…music is not that strong of an influence. What bothers me about Luna’s obsession with Kurt and Layne is that (IMO) they didn’t really glamorize their addiction, it ate them alive. Toward the end of Layne’s life, he had lost literally everything: his health, his band, his girlfriend, etc. and he wished he could take it all back. Luna has to know this because she’s obsessed with him but I think she picks and chooses what she likes about her druggie idols, meaning she identifies with the early Layne who was still a talented and somewhat productive junkie instead of the walking corpse he became who wanted to go back in time.

No. 570943

Completely agree. Layne was such a sweetheart, he loved Prince and David Bowie. I'm so heart eyes for him. RIP

No. 570976

read Kurt’s journals, he absolutely did not glamorize his lifestyle and hated how other people did while looking up to him

anyways, this jas been said many times and theres a screenshot out there. luna stated that she glamourized heroin not only because of celebrities but because she was born into that lifestyle

No. 570980

who's talking about justifications, though? everything we are discussing is fucked up, and it all happened because (again) hard drugs lead to fucked up life decisions.

I don't know why you're so hung up on this, or why you're harping on this 'justification' business. We're having two different conversations.

No. 570995

>He could be earning like $60k a year and have won a lotto for one of those units. They used to make those lotto winners use a diff entrance than the actually rich tenants, aka the "poor door", but it was considered discrimination and discontinued.
I think you're right tbh, I didn't know this was a thing, but I swear Luna mentioned there being a huge list of people waiting to get in her dad's building. That could have referred to the lotto right?

No. 571000

A lot of people support decriminalization of all drugs for a number of reasons, e.g. that sending junkies to prison only gives them connections and makes it harder for them to escape their circumstances by limiting their job prospects, that it greatly restricts how addicts can be treated (e.g. prescription maintenance dosing as part of a treatment plan), which drives them to get a fix through means that are unsafe and/or detrimental to themselves and/or others. That doesn't make opiates any less horrible to actually use, of course. Plus if decriminalization is done on a state level as it is with weed, it would completely destroy that state because all the junkies in the country would flock there and do junkie stuff. Sorry to go off-topic but I just wanted to say that it's a viewpoint that many non-addicts have. see: Portugal
Before she got hooked she seemed to take fairly good care of her hygiene. Given that she is now at home among piss jugs, blood stains, and cat shit, buying from her is probably not the best idea to say the least.
Luna's father allegedly owns the apartment.
Wouldn't be surprised if it's someone who follows these threads. There's a strangely high amount of people here and on other 'lolcow' sites who start talking to cows and even sending them shit. Maybe it's for the same reason that lonely women write to felons in prison.

No. 571044

> Maybe it's for the same reason that lonely women write to felons in prison.

that’s hybristophilia, its different

No. 571234

What would Luna do if one of her followers fell into her desperation trap and offered to cash out $1k of their personal savings to help her "get on her feet"

No. 571250


No. 571360

File: 1536206196535.png (10.91 MB, 3433x2205, Tunaartparodygimmeuwu125dollar…)

Super late to the party but here's my Tuna's art parody (something that we talked about in the previous thread)
I apologize in advance for the potential mistakes (ESL here) and the shitty coloring ("baby 1st crayolas"-tier pencils)
If someone more talented than me wanna make some edits, it would be great*

*(but they have to send me 125$ before or buy my kewl newds. Let me know bby. I'm starvin' uwu)

No. 571362


This is flawless, anon, good job.

No. 571363

Can this please be the new thread picture? I was chuckling at the photo, but when I saw what you made the stuffed animals say, I absolutely lost it.

No. 571364


As a former addict, can confirm that she would spend every single cent of that money on drugs, and just continue to live in the same situation she's in now.

No. 571371

YES! i'm so glad someone finally made a pic like this, unscooped litter and all, and it's so well executed. it also kind of makes me want to die and fills me with more despair than i expected, so props

No. 571380

Absolutely fantastic work anon! Don't worry about the colored pencils cause it pulls off the outsider art aesthetic more than luna ever could.

I'm finding new details every time I look… the lurch juice. Hoo boy.

No. 571383

lol I appreciate the sheer amount of Tuna references in this, both new and old, it's made my day. This is absolute perfection.
>the $80 green slippers she got for xmas 2017
>big areolas club
>the fucking snail she named and left to die in tupperware
>"lurch juice"
>the star and moon blanket covered in blood stains
>The dead plant on the window sill

Is that her genderfluid piggy plush and Marilyn Manson action figure near Lurch? I think it was a Marilyn Manson figure (maybe Layne Staley?), she said looked exactly like Lurch lmao.

No. 571392


wow i missed this lore. i thought anon just added a cute embellishment to illustrate the neglect of the room. researching now

No. 571406

File: 1536220205321.jpg (353.65 KB, 1080x1920, 1500124779761.jpg)

The snail saga was fucking ridiculous lmao. She picked two snails off the road outside her house, kept them in tupper-ware for 2 days and gave them names, and acted like it was a life changing experience. >>410701 is the beginning

No. 571408

File: 1536220962884.jpg (840.5 KB, 1079x1640, Screenshot_20180906-035603_Ins…)

Tell me you wouldn't piss yourself out of sheer fright if you saw this bigass eldritch horror menacing towards you in a dimmly-lit corridor.

No. 571409

File: 1536221145363.jpg (1.12 MB, 1077x1833, Screenshot_20180906-040344_Ins…)

What a trooper.

No. 571413

File: 1536222827606.jpeg (1.92 MB, 1242x1767, 11D96359-ABBF-4A9D-8D0D-3810B1…)

Look at her fingers though

No. 571422

Oh god I wish I didn't zoom in on her crusty, dirty index finger.

No. 571438

fuck, this is amazing. you crammed in so many references, anon, holy shit.
also, I spit my coffee when I noticed the 'Granny' wreath. fucking A+

>me confusing being really fucking stoned with dissociation
more like

No. 571441

File: 1536240313981.png (Spoiler Image,119.96 KB, 640x1041, IMG_3269.PNG)

I wonder how quick Luna is fast tracking her deterioration, I'm almost upset she has a very loose discipline with what pictures she posts (atleast the last months) cause I wanna see the unfiltered grime just to know how bad its gotten, but the fact that a close up of her fingers feels like it garners a spoiler makes me doubtful its healthy for me lmfao

No. 571444

All that crusty filth on her fingers you can just imagine what under her nails look like. It's a wonder she's not gotten herself an infection or something.

No. 571457

WHAT THE FUCK? It looks like she caked her fingers with a shitload of makeup and left it on there for a week… I think I'm actually going to be sick

No. 571464

Yup, it is the infamous piggy (its name was something like May Schumacher? I don't remember well)
And shit…I forgot the MM action figure.

Btw, thank you all. I'm glad you like my dumb doodle.

No. 571482

anon this is amazing! and the art style is a league about tuna's shitty art. all those anons that want to buy art from her 'if she wasn't gonna spend it on drugs' should just commission you instead.
lurch's phone is just the best thing. top kek

No. 571488

File: 1536251340056.jpg (22.65 KB, 278x282, 1511065637658.jpg)

Those fucking ugly ass green slippers she got. This is amazing, anon.

No. 571514

It's embarrassing seeing you guys fellate the drawanon this much. It's a nice parody of Luna's junkie wonderland, but no need to tell anon their art is worth buying (judging by the pic, of course).
Imaginary sage

No. 571515

File: 1536255041385.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1820, 6F6AFB9C-F57E-4D43-BDAC-1E3795…)

“It hot”

Don’t be such an asshole all your life

No. 571517


The "to our grandma" was a nice touch.

Lurch doesn't look gross enough, though, and the picture needs at least 20% more cigarette ashes.

No. 571519

Had Luna or another cow drew a masterpiece on this level you wpuld not be so kind lel. It's okay for a lolcow fanart doodle but chill with that 'omg It's such great outsider art' and so on. There was even a better (though maybe less funny?) doodle in past thread (the dissociated love one).
Nothing against the drawanon btw, I just disagree with the high praise. I'll leave it at that.

No. 571528

needs more sad angelbbs tooling around the periphery, bby. then i'll pay $35-65 for it.

No. 571530

File: 1536257833465.jpg (315.83 KB, 873x1289, SmartSelect_20180906-141523_Ch…)

Her bad relapse from self harm looks so deep! Omg is it infected? I think she should go to the hospital to have it looked at, it looks very serious. Might need stitches /sarcasm

No. 571531

>no fun allowed
It looks like her lower arm has cellulite? I didn't even know that was possible.

No. 571534

I guess it's possible. From a rehab clinic online: "Opioids like heroin and OxyContin can cause flushing and a rash of red bumps all over the body. When these drugs are abused, they cause weight loss, skin abscesses, cellulite, and scabs. The scabs are caused by picking the skin due to dryness. Heroin addicts lose their skin radiance and tend to look dull and wasted. This is because it lowers the body's blood pressure and heart rate, and as the blood supply is reduced, skin and nails look bluish and flushed."

No. 571535

No one cares. Get over yourself

No. 571552

That indentation looks like edema, I've never seen that in a younger person before. I wonder if she has diabetes or a secondary disorder she doesn't know of cuz her addiction side effects look like symptoms to a thyroid issue or something else

Imaginary sage for tin foil

No. 571568

it was mentioned earlier in the thread but heroin addicts get edema in the regions of their injection sites. Lurch has puffy hand edema and Tuna's got matching puffy arms, what a cute couple!

No. 571575

no screenshots because i'm on computer but when she accepted me on ig and messaged me with her "i'll do art for u bby" i asked for her commissions prices and precised my exact country and she gave me a 5 dollars shipping estimate, which like… isnt possible with where i live. so either she plans on sending out her art bent five times to fit a tiny enveloppe, or she has no idea what shes doing and is just dishing out numbers at this point. which, as i am typing it, seems like the case yeah
also regarding the anonart, you have to admit the sheer number of references and details is worthy of praise. the hitachi wand, the bleach, the "lost then found" pastel blue polaroid from back before lurch, the slippers, tai-the-plant slowly dying….
(speaking of, we know the other succulent is named alexander, but do we know after whom? maybe her "real father" that died and they never found the body?)

No. 571579

wow she told me the shipping rate was $5 too, without even knowing where i lived.

No. 571584

Why does her facial expression say, "I farted but I need to smile for this photo so holds breath"

No. 571585

nooo the cat made me feel bad, this shit is too real ahha

needs some baseball shit on the wall somewhere. thats all i can think to add. fucking perfection.

No. 571587

Forget just the nails, her fingers look like a fucking Halloween prop.

No. 571649

A couple of the underlying reasons for hybristophilia may be the same as why people get hooked on helping known lolcows, e.g. 'I can be the one who changes them!' or 'they have a good heart deep down'. But this is all just speculation.
Beautiful. Initially I was wondering why you didn't make it as grimy as her surroundings are, but you're not giving her the benefit of aesthetic ~poor and free~ surroundings. It lays all of Luna's disgusting life bare.
This is how an edgy thirteen-year-old would picture themselves.
Looks like a mixture of foundation, dead skin, eyeshadow, dirt, paint, and what the toilet paper didn't catch. Repulsive

No. 571697

I have to block out the knowledge that she has those poor moggies in her care. Plus they’re fucking senior, they need extra care. I keep telling myself that it’s a good thing she has shacked up with her mother because hopefully mum does a better job of taking care of them than Tuna and Junji Ito.

No. 571719

I think that's just a scratch or some ink from a pen or something. She cuts her legs

No. 571737

File: 1536293816315.png (6.42 MB, 1242x2208, A73D6B66-5925-4618-B3F2-754CDE…)

Shocked this wasn’t Luna.

No. 571822

who even is this? and why should we care when this thread isn't about her?

No. 571823


that indent can sometimes happen just from being fat, have seen it quite a bit

No. 571825

If anon had posted the caption without the pic it could be passed off as Tuna’s post

>self harm

>almost killed myself
>buy my nudes

No. 571829

but it isn't her lol this is the stuff you laugh at to yourself

No. 571838

Definitely does sound like something Luna would do. Complete with the nude pic buy begging.

No. 571841

Yeah it does sound like her but this is just typical insta attention whore stuff. The only thing that really stands out is 'buy my nudes if you care' which is sooo typical Luna, although replace 'nudes' with 'art'. As deluded as Luna is, even she realized that her nude business was not gonna take off, since the only person who was 'interested' was a farmer

No. 571848

When there isn’t even a niche fetish group on the internet for you to appeal to, you know you’ve hit rock bottom.

No. 571877

File: 1536339588579.png (294.62 KB, 923x613, 1e.PNG)

Back to lunaposting.
She posted screencaps of the playlist in a later posts, but deleted it before I grabbed a cap. Sorry for that. It was what you could expect: Hole, Marilyn Manson, Alice in Chains, a song by Teen Suicide and the like.
Maybe someone on Kiwifarms grabbed a pic.

No. 571878

File: 1536339609289.png (720.37 KB, 870x610, 2.PNG)

No. 571880

File: 1536339684881.png (792.97 KB, 844x606, 3.PNG)

No. 571881

File: 1536339740716.jpg (66.18 KB, 835x600, 4.JPG)

No. 571883

File: 1536339829939.jpg (97.5 KB, 805x598, 5.JPG)

No. 571884

File: 1536339882728.jpg (79.16 KB, 804x600, 6.JPG)

No. 571899

You don’t look alive

No. 571903

If you can ask yourself if you're disassociating, you aren't disassociating, moron. Disassociative states are all encompassing, you can't question when you're in one. You can either will yourself to remain present, or use technology after stress in order to stay grounded, but other than that it don't stop til something pulls you out of it. Once you're in, there is no 'your' to question you.

So no, Luna, you are not. You can't post about disassociating while you are, so that answers your question. You're fucking fine.

No. 571922

Kekking at the "again?"
Even her art is tired of it.

No. 571971

A lot of people think dissociation and depersonalisation are the same thing, so I always just assume she means the latter.

No. 571987

You forgot to crop out the rest of your body too, Tuna.

Make sense, you don't look alive.

What?! You mean you can't post selfies while disassociating?! >>571408

No. 572002

File: 1536359477457.png (624.59 KB, 837x597, grave robber.png)

No. 572003

File: 1536359485227.png (664.17 KB, 818x595, 3.1.png)

No. 572004

File: 1536359521687.png (607.31 KB, 831x590, 6.png)

No. 572005

File: 1536359613304.png (Spoiler Image,469.27 KB, 822x596, 9.png)

Jesus Christ, Luna..

No. 572006

File: 1536359809427.png (959.98 KB, 1620x1196, 12.1.png)

No. 572008

thank you! dunno why she deleted this

No. 572009

luna strikes me as being one of those people who her music is her 'identity' and she'd be super upset if anyone else started liking her favourite bands because those are 'her things'. even though all of the music she shared is really well-known popular stuff. just tinfoiling here though

No. 572011

Well for one, they don't seek attention like you are, Tuna. She didn't hurt herself, this is just what she does before she starts outright begging for money and materials.

>trying to bounce back from how bad yesterday was

Let me guess, your mom asked you to leave? To stop wearing her clothes? To ask you not to take half-naked selfies in front of windows? All of the above hopefully?

No. 572012

>Drinking the juice blues

No. 572024


after/under treatment and during recovery you can learn to notice the start of the dissociative process so you can go through it with less damage or even stop it early…

No. 572025

yeah but shes not she's just strung out & full of shit

No. 572026

As a psychfag her posts about/while “dissociating” make me reeeee. I swear she trawls self-diagnosis websites for the explicit purpose of adding shit to her list of “things I can say I’m afflicted by to give me extra uwu points on tumblr”.

No. 572028

Jfc still with the Lil Peep nonsense. Who wants to bet that she adds Mac Miller to the list and claims she’s always been a fan and spouts some shit about junkie solidarity?

No. 572033

wow…. having known her since high school, the fact that her taste in music hasn't changed AT ALL is so sobering to me somehow. like down to the adam green and the davic bowie its the same songs we used to talk about loving but back when we were 16-17… this is unreal she's like in stasis

No. 572034

would sage if i could but i remember i almost definitely showed her that major lazer song because i was obsessed with it back then and showed it to everyone.

No. 572036

lmfao she's never going to kill herself with suicide her ego is too big

the thing with tuna is that she does so many drugs that her mental state can't possibly be natural like if anyone took a handful of xanax they'd feel dissociated too (or mistake dissociation for depersonalization like anon said)

No. 572037

I don’t know her personally but I’d never have her pegged as an Adam Green fan. Even less of a Major Lazer fan.

No. 572044

I remember as soon as peep died she wrote something like "never liked your music but RIP" and then a week later bought that hoodie and started obsessing over him. I don't think Mac was alt enough for her but who knows

No. 572045

File: 1536367135840.png (682 KB, 812x593, 7.png)


Captions required to appreciate fully her tortured artist for sale shtick.

No. 572046

File: 1536367173039.png (823.34 KB, 827x597, 7.1.png)

No. 572061

>im drawing instead of self harming
>trying to get my feelings out
>anyone wanna buy this???
suh genuine

No. 572139

feeling suicidal, better take a bunch of selfies. also, buy my art.
hurry up and end up out on the curb with the rest of the trash, luna.

No. 572164

oh yeah. just tell luna the last thing she needs to hear: that she's doing ~amazing~ just for not killing herself and that she can't help anything, so even a moment of normalcy is a big fucking accomplishment. that'll totally help her get her shit together.

luna's bad days and recovery days are exactly the same. do nothing, feel like shit, get upset, cry, then recover the next day by also doing nothing and trying to feel better by doing empty pleasure seeking activities that don't satisfy.

>those iggy pop songs
>not gimme danger, dirt, or penetration

this is why you don't feel alive tuna smh

No. 572183

File: 1536382739989.jpeg (472.87 KB, 639x513, lesmainsdepauvrete.jpeg)

Voila! I was bored and made a hand compilation.

No. 572232


what do you think she would do all day if she was born in the 90s before amazon existed.

No. 572254



No. 572255

kek, touche

No. 572256


i can definitely picture her ordering garbage from infomercials over the phone, or through mail order catalogues or something

No. 572270

idk i obv didn't know her but i followed her blog a lot more back when she was 15/16/17 & she claimed to really like bands like the reatards, the oh sees, hunx and his punx etc. she always seemed a lot more creative in her fashion & music taste back then, now she just seems to copy whatever's popular on tumblr.

No. 572279


>the reatards, the oh sees, hunx and his punx

Wow, the Goner Records roster, that’s even more surprising than Adam Green et al (I’ve only been following her the past year or two so I don’t know much about her pre-lurch beyond what has been posted here and KF). Thee Oh Sees are friends of mine, it’s fucking weird to see them mentioned here. I guess shacking up with the ancient mummified Junji Ito corpse has her stuck in a depressing time warp instead of keeping up with current alt shit. If she wasn’t such an awful narc I’d actually feel sorry for her, wasting her youth like this, but bitch has made her bed (and nodded off in it, setting fire to the damn mattress).

No. 572287

File: 1536409314510.png (70.97 KB, 1354x156, Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 13.1…)

yeah here's an old blog post interview with her from when she was about 17. i screenshotted the section on her favourite music. it's interesting how alice in chains, her supposed favourite band for ever and ever, isn't mentioned. kinda bums me out that she used to be an interesting, cool, clean person who was happy with her body, had a girlfriend that actually seemed to love her (instead of predator cheating lurch) and now she's….gross and sad and does nothing.

No. 572290


She now almost exclusively likes popular, mianstream bands from when Matthew peaked in the 90's lol – alice in chains, nirvana, NIN. He even has many of these music logos branded on his skin in ink.

Just gives you perspective on what a fucking decrepit, unremarkable, middle aged man he is.

Bands that sing about sadness and depression and junkie life ONLY.

No. 572293

I was browsing old Luna threads and damn, Lurch is more despicable than the recent threads would let you know. During his facebook time, he hit on at least two very underage looking girls. Not only is he an useleless junkie, a groomer, a cheater but also a certified pedo. Dunno why Luna is putting up with this son of a bitch. She's the best Lurch can get, but she can do so much better.

No. 572294

File: 1536411802789.png (278.2 KB, 1007x583, 1485894727975.png)

would sage for old milk, but its not possible. sorry

No. 572299

Yeah that’s what I was referring to re: the time warp, she’s not even choosing the best bands from that era. It bums me out to see her go from liking such great bands (I might be biased on the basis of friendship with several of them, legit weird to imagine her being at their shows) and being into interesting shit to this miserable trash existence. Like, bitch, you’re young, you have a rich dad, you live in New York for fuck’s sake, you should be living your best life, even if it involves drugs now and then, not wasting away with nothing but your pedo Easter Island statue and fucking Animal Crossing for company.

No. 572303


OT but anon excuse you, did you just call alice in chains not a "best band from that era"

No. 572309

Les mains de pauvreté lmao.
The way she draw hands ffs…. it looks like someone who absolutely doesn’t draw and go « I could try, that’s good practice ». It amaze me how her art never evolve. I mean you can dig her art or aesthetic, that’s not the problem; it just seems crazy that she absolutely never draw better?? If you practice a skill you should see an evolution right? That’s amazingly pathetic

No. 572312

Well they’re not the worst, but I was thinking more of Hole and Marilyn Manson. Like, really Tuna? You’re obviously not ignorant when it comes to music, is that the best you can do? She has morphed into the female version of Lurch because that’s what she thinks he wants her to be/will stop him from growing tired of her (too late for that, as evidenced by his predatory catfishing).

No. 572314

Laziness, anon. It’s like she doesn’t even like drawing anymore, it’s just easier to ask people yo buy her art than it is to straight up beg.

No. 572318

yeah i caught that too. i'd say alice in chains & hole are great bands from that era. but they are very well known & popular 90s bands. luna used to be into quite small relatively unknown interesting indie bands. because of this, she's got into her head that she has a unique music taste with bands not a lot of people know about even now. i'm tinfoiling a bit here, but i think this is why she's shocked when people compare her to courtney love, cause she can't believe that people know such an 'underground band' like hole! she still thinks her interests are unique and she's an interesting person, but she's basically a copy of every tumblr nymphet/grunge girl/junkie. and not even a good copy. she's like a rushed painting done by her that's a blatant copy of another artist.

No. 572320

>In case you've been hiding under a rock for the past few years, Hipsville is the raddest, most unapologetic, body posi fat feminist babe on Tumblr!
The sad part is that she had potential to become someone…

No. 572321

Yeah anon exactly. A lot of artists have trouble with hands, but they know that's a problem area for them and they practice it. Luna just hides her lack of skill under her "style". But it's really transparent that she doesn't have any skill when she constantly draws hands backwards and makes other blatant errors.

No. 572331

Both Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love are shit human beings and frauds so I suppose it works that she glorifies pieces of shit.

No. 572334

she looked.. so pretty, holy shit. Her hair doesn't look like it's been washed with glass cleaner, either. It's incredibly sad how much sicker she looks now

No. 572336

The constant theme with luna is "she could succeed if she would just…" or "she could have been" like she had a bunch of cool friends in new york, she got into a writing program, she has some basic art skills that could maybe develop with practice, her family has cash! in new york! this dumbass bitch

No. 572342

Ive been wondering how they afford to smoke cigs living in NY? They are $10-12 a pack. And she definitely is a regular smoker.

No. 572353

they probs are on some kind of benefits and just spend it on shit like that

No. 572363


Neither of them is on nor even eligible for benefits (General Assistance, SNAP).

No. 572375

File: 1536426742497.png (457.84 KB, 777x570, 1.1.png)

At least she hopes she'll get hired someday uwu
Post from last June I got from page 43 on her KF thread

No. 572418


>dollar store lipstick

>how cute is this DOLLARSTORE lipstick

No. 572420

Her Peep fixation is so grimy. Does she consciously choose dead junkies to idolize or is it a subconscious thing, I wonder. At least with the others like Kurt or Layne Staley she actually does listen to their music, but she never liked Peep's music and still doesn't. It's weird that she owns that sweater when she was never even a fan.

No. 572421


actually cigs are like $14-16 in nyc because of ridiculous taxes.

I hardly know anyone who buys them at sticker price, though. 90% of bodegas sell loosies or packs for like $7-8 a pop under the table. lots of business-minded people bus them in from the south or NH where they're a lot cheaper by half or less.

>when I get hired

well, at least she has some aspirations somewhere in between romanticizing dead junkies.

No. 572422


It looks she never sketch before lining everything with thick black markers, gosh

What a waste of cool not-at-all-cheap markers.

No. 572423

>my friend sent me

No. 572449

Ahh yes, I see. Upstater here and we don’t really have those options. I just constantly see her with a butt and I couldn’t understand how they can afford the cigs and h. That is 2 major addictions for 2 broke ass, lazy people.

No. 572459

>dunno why
heroin and codependency.
>she can do so much better
wtf are you smoking, anon? she COULD have done so much better many years ago, but now? they're perfect for each other.

Lurch deals, anon. hardly a mystery.

No. 572509

Right? Such a waste. Most kids would give their right testicle for that privilege. No wonder her dad looks grim as fuck in that photo she posted of him when she went they went to lunch and she couldn’t even be fucked putting on a clean shirt that wasn’t encrusted in blood and grime and fuck knows what else.

No. 572511

File: 1536459946623.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x1866, 953A1ADC-B361-42C1-9CD9-543903…)

No. 572512

File: 1536459961526.jpeg (988 KB, 1242x1826, B0D5299A-EDA2-4439-96A2-A94A66…)

No. 572513

File: 1536459974652.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1856, C6505830-2A5F-4A76-857A-9E2993…)

No. 572514

File: 1536459987896.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x1800, 52109BDD-E78D-4C7F-B897-9BB66E…)

No. 572515

File: 1536460000089.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x1814, CEF321BB-9343-450C-8081-71BF15…)

No. 572516

File: 1536460011733.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1242x1877, 4F39DA1C-DF35-4105-9373-61A2C8…)

No. 572517

File: 1536460023149.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1242x1867, 522B7E4A-A494-471F-BB2E-AA064C…)

No. 572519

I honestly wonder what kind of jobs she's supposedly applying to where they're refusing to hire her. Even Luna could get a cashier job or something in fast food, even though I'm sure she'd quit or be fired pretty fast.

No. 572523

Lurch feels like the kind of guy who takes random butts and rolls his own smokes tbh

No. 572530

>i got for legit 1-2 dollars

ever since farmers started pointing out her obsession with saying everything’s cheap, i can’t unsee it. she’s such a parody of herself anymore

No. 572546

Her insistence on making herself as ugly as possible triggers me, she has nice features underneath all the crusty ass ~cheap~ makeup and necrotised flesh. She had so much potential. Same can’t be said for Weekend At Bernie’s, though. The rare glimpses we catch of his face are nightmare tier terrifying.

No. 572551

I wonder how much she gets trolled about her catchphrases, I mean we know she is a world champion delete-and-blocker so if we blink we miss it for the most part but there must be a fair few people who make a point of calling out her bullshit

No. 572630

She actually has nice/thick hair. I wish she would actually take care of it. Like at least run a damn brush or comb through it. But I guess that wouldnt help the notches she butchered out of her bangs while half nodding out

No. 572636

eh, she has hardly any experience, so why would even an entry level job pick her over lots of other people who actually have experience doing the same type of work? she's the type of candidate that needs to apply to a fuck ton of jobs so that numbers are in her favor because she's only worth considering if she's like the only one applying

No. 572640

as much as it pains me to say it, this is just probably whoever she wanted to fuck at that time was into. no one gets into alice in chains in their early 20s without wanting to fuck some old guy that is obsessed with them.

No. 572641

Sometimes I think her hair isn't that bad and it's how she "fluffs" it up that makes it look like shit. It doesn't even look fried, it just looks greasy quite often.

No. 572643

my best guess is she doesn't apply for any job she could actually get, ie mcdonalds or whatever.

No. 572645

the idea of her even pretending she is applying for work makes me laugh. but for the sake of a hypothetical, I'd say decently paid office jobs. she thinks everything else is beneath her and she'd be able to rack some really nice stuff from her co-workers.

No. 572647

She talks about calling her old boss all the time. I think her job was painting murals?

She used to talk about wanting to be a nurse too.

No. 572649

You’re hiring for a min wage job.
Imagine Luna. Coming in to interview. You see her walk in. She’s got flaky, disgusting caked makeup, she’s stoned off her fucki