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File: 1546288472771.png (10.91 MB, 3433x2205, luna.png)

No. 619612

Image credit: >>>/pt/571360

Previous thread: >>>/pt/591749

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/ [private]
tumblr: https://funeral1996.tumblr.com [deleted]
https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/ [inactive]
https://rotten2thecore1996.tumblr.com [deleted]
https://heavenlykitten1996.tumblr.com [active]

>Formerly known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun and funeralhome420 (to name but a few)

>22 year old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun
>Started dating her 35 year old boyfriend (hereby known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”
>has a following of impressionable young girls who she has convinced to “help” her during this “tough time” in her life
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>”I’m not trying to be Courtney Love!”
>Tries to be exactly like Courtney Love
>Bleats about harm reduction while being the antithesis of harm reduction/seemingly having no grasp of the concept whatsoever
>Loves to share her grimy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles
>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lot the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it
>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Always “short on rent” or otherwise in need of donations
>Overdosed on heroin twice in less than 12 months, even that didn't encourage her to get clean
>RIP ROGER (aka Lurch’s dad)
>Tuna and Lurch couldn’t pay rent because all their money came from Roger’s social security so the e-begging ramped up to 100
>EVICTED from Roger’s house
>Tuna and Lurch “temporarily” move in with Luna’s mother, who is an (ex) addict
>Brings along moldy, nasty stuffed animals and complains about not being able to move her other belongings (claims she lost 90% of them when she got EVICTED)
>Continuously tries e-begging along with selling nudes and shitty art in lieu of getting a job
>Her “abusive” dad continues to buy her useless shit from Amazon
>Posts pictures of her and Lurch looting graves like it’s no big deal
>Claims to be homeless for bonus sympathy points in spite of living with her mother

LATEST MILK (or lack thereof):
>Luna and Chief have made themselves at home in her mom's one-bedroom poverty home and seem to have no intention of leaving.
>Still milking her ex-gf's suicide for struggle points.
>Seems to be gaining weight rapidly- some farmers speculate that she may be on methadone.
>Still abusing benzos and posting pill porn, probably hooked at this point
>Still sending begging messages to facebook "friends" >>>/pt/607983
>Still buying cheap shit on Amazon and asking facebook "friends" to buy her stuff
>Still churning out sloppy drawings, has recently produced some particularly mediocre poetry
>Still taking pictures of her filthy plastic crap, filthy grave-goods, filthy clothes, filthy nails, and filthy face
>Still complaining about how horrible her life is, failing to understand that she brought most of it on herself
>Rodger is interred in a filthy box in Luna's mom's poverty home
>Got a pancake voucher >>>/pt/612955

Will 2019 bring change for Luna? The (filthy) cards say "no".


one >>>/snow/55077
two >>>/snow/171004
three >>>/snow/190985
four >>>/snow/220048
five >>>/snow/254820
six >>>/snow/276683
seven >>>/snow/292881
eight >>>/snow/305217
nine >>>/snow/320166
ten >>394258
eleven >>403302
twelve >>414017
thirteen >>428358
fourteen >>452611
fifteen >>468770
sixteen >>480001
seventeen >>497850
eighteen >>521479
nineteen >>>/pt/540883
twenty >>>/pt/558885
twenty one >>>/pt/574429
twenty two >>>/pt/591749

No. 619618

This thread photo is wonderful. Thank you to whoever drew it.

No. 619630

Agreed. The can of poor Roger's ashes and the Granny wreath were primo. You rule, artiste.

No. 619636


>She posted a pic of her bedside tableau featuring a syringe which she quickly deleted >>>/pt/596638

No. 619641

Thirded. Good work anon!

No. 619668

I reported this so that hopefully a farmhand will add it to the OP. Thanks for catching that anon.

No. 619730

>Got a pancake voucher

This made me laugh way harder than it should have.

No. 619741

I wonder if she'll ever get arrested for petty theft like this guy did. He got clean in prison.

No. 619790

File: 1546358283243.jpeg (736.44 KB, 1242x1101, 26625F4E-2839-4621-A7BF-E16EBD…)

No. 619793

Can someone explain

No. 619835

Going off the other replies it's because they don't have a good QB and don't win that much? But knowing Luna there's no idea why she hates them.

No. 619838

either way, it’s still kinda weird to see luna having passion for baseball, since it seems like it’d be too much of a “normie” hobby for the aloof sadbby persona she tries to present herself as

No. 619839

I wonder if it's just a nostalgia thing, or just a way to pass the time. It seems like one of the more authentic things about her. If she wanted her baseball tastes to conform to her aesthetic then she'd be a Mets fan.

No. 619840

File: 1546370403166.png (596.36 KB, 1159x770, n1Cyvya.png)

No. 619855

Roger likes baseball so that's why she feigns interest. This has been discussed at some point

No. 619862


No. 619877

maybe in some timeline, luna

No. 619887

Happy new year tunafish!
What will you accomplish this year? Steal a new color of ugly lipstick? Try a new drug? Mooch EVEN MORE from your family!?
Wow the possibilities are endless!

No. 619894

Seriously though, has anyone here ever known of anybody who was less likely to change in a year than Luna?

No. 619931

I realize that, I was however confused what she has against this team or the post. I remember now that the one she liked were Yankees but as an eurofag it's hard recognising those irrelevant sport teams. I thought she was sperging in reply to a post of her previously fave team.

No. 619962

Holy shit. You're funny af. A+ comment.

No. 619975

The Giants are a football team anyway. I don't know what that has to do with her love of the Yankees, which are a baseball team. So I, not a Eurofag, and kind of confused as to why she is f-bombing the Giants as well. They're not all that hateable, IMO, so that is kind of weird, even for Luna.

No. 620055

The biggest change - ONLY change - she could make this year is by dying.

ie if literally anything happens, I'll be surprised. Here's to another 12 months of shitty art, shitty photos, shit covered possessions.

No. 620144

yo, not to be that gal, but you forgot the shitty shit-covered art.

No. 620217

Maybe it's another thing she learned from someone else, but you're right- it is kind of puzzling that she'd pick on the Giants, especially given that it's the NY team. They're much less offensive than the Yankees.

No. 620350

It'll be because of Lurch. She mimics his shit to try and pretend they have stuff in common.

No. 620526

File: 1546556001775.jpeg (260.5 KB, 640x654, F81C01D0-AA4F-40AC-A9F9-88EE86…)


No. 620553

Luna… That's because youre nothing BUT a joke…
For years you've done nothing but leech off people. You refuse to get a job. You've never had your own apartment (Rodgers place was NOT yours). You sit around your moms apartment all day (which you claimed was only going to be a couple weeks stay, and its been close to a fucking year now!?) and you just play dress up, get high, and sit online.
You do nothing to improve your situation even though you CAN IF YOU CHOOSE TO, you just wanna be a whiney little "victim".

No. 620703

File: 1546590362668.jpeg (373.37 KB, 640x890, 9D728537-ED2A-43E1-BF31-A4C23F…)

>publicly posts a picture of herself being hover-handed by lurch
luna, sweetie…….

No. 620708

>physically exhausted
From what!? She just lounges about at home all day.

I suppose using heroin might be exhausting.

No. 620710

ironically, laying around all day and never allowing yourself to physically exercise or go outside will make you exhausted, even though you’re not exerting yourself in any way. luna has effectively pinned herself into a permanent state of depression via her bland and sedentary lifestyle choices

No. 620763

thats not hover hand.

No. 620765

upon closer inspection, homeboy appears to be palming a fullblown hunchback.

No. 620784

it might just be me, but it looks more like he’s sort of loosely grabbing onto the hood of her sweatshirt. hard to tell though because the picture is so grainy
either way, it’s pretty awkward posturing for a picture with the woman who’s supposed to be his girlfriend. his body language is more like he’s taking a photo with a distant cousin he hasn’t seen in 5 years or something

No. 620820


the first laugh i had in this new thread apart from the header

No. 620855

>>620703 What's the reason this looks like they were loosely cropped and inserted into the background?
>>620784 Yeah his hand is on her hood, but it does look a bit awkward. Heroin makes you pretty emotionless, the primary mood and thought being "score moar"24/7 and after a 15 year habit Lurch is probably dead inside, Luna or no Luna.

No. 621364

No. 621485

wtf does this bitch have against the Giants? if anything, she should be rooting for them since yankee fans tend to support them.

No. 622596

Had to catch up on four months of threads and it was comforting to know I missed out on literally nothing.

With Roger's anniversary coming up I'm interested to see what happens. I know in the last thread a picture of his boxed ashes was posted. Will she make a shrine covered in stolen cherubs and stuffed animals and still make it about her? Will she release his ashes on the street? Will she completely forget because she sleeps the whole day? We'll just have to wait and see.

No. 622617

U.S sports' fans tend to vaguely support (but not necessarily follow) teams from different sports if the teams represent the same city. (I'm a Boston Red Sox fan (baseball) and many of us like the Boston Bruins (hockey) for example).

Her Yankeeposting is even more hilarious postseason bc their biggest rival team won the World Series, lmfao. Cry harder, Luna.


….Which makes her hatred for a NY team even weirder and confirms her parroting of whatever Lurch's weird, drug-hazed opinions are. Do they even have anything in common outside drugs and Netflix?

No. 622627

Lurch is an almost 40 year old drug addict, Im shocked he even has hobbies for her to try and parrot. Do we know how long he has been using for? Hes probably just grasping at the straws of whatever pop culture is still recognizable from before he went offline

Also I bet if we raised like $200 on a gofundme we could get her to eat a big scoop of powdered Roger. Just throwing the idea out there.

No. 622788

File: 1546821402787.png (4.6 MB, 1125x2436, 60E56A08-3FA2-4C02-BCA9-3298B0…)

Incoming dump re:Tuna’s dads apartment catching fire. There’s a video too in the burnt apartment where lurch can be seen too but I’m not sure how to record it to put it here

No. 622790

File: 1546821489024.png (4.23 MB, 1125x2436, 73072D51-7224-4964-A6B5-2C4E98…)

No. 622792

File: 1546821568166.png (4.62 MB, 1125x2436, E3984798-8892-45DE-9EFA-B4C553…)

No. 622799

One of the most common causes of house fires is someone falling asleep (or in Tuna's case, nodding off) with a lit cigarette in their mouth… That is if she was even staying there, if she wasn't then she'd only be saying "wow it was scary" for pity points.

No. 622814

I don't think she's staying there. It looks like the fire was in the kitchen as well, so probably oven-related.

No. 622816

File: 1546825318672.jpg (30.08 KB, 540x534, IMG_20190105_204743.jpg)

I hate this bitch because she's only documenting it to add it to her never-ending list of ~tragedies and losses~. She won't actually be active in helping her dad, even if it's just helping clean the place up. She's a fucking scumbag.

No. 622836

As much as I don’t want to defend her I think she may have been helping him? She posted a video of someone cleaning her dad’s cat in the tub and it may have been her dad, but that would mean the background voice offering advice to stay out of the cat’s eyes would be Lurch.
If the voice was her dad that would mean Lurch was cleaning the cat. Either way, Luna was still just recording, lol. The videos she posted also offer an interesting look into her dad’s relationship with Lurch. I thought he probably disliked Lurch but they seem friendly in conversation. Gross

No. 622860


In the video Lurch(?) asks "Where there flames in here when you woke up to this?" I'm assuming that was toward Luna, as there's no one else in the clip and no one else makes a sound. Seems like she was there that night at least

No. 622862

Is the video on a post ? Use https://downloadgram.com to grab it.
Is it in a story? Try to get it via https://storiesig.com.
Then take that mp4 video to an online webm converter, example https://video.online-convert.com/convert-to-webm, and you can upload the resulting file directly here.
Or you can skip this conversion step and host the video elsewhere, like Streamable and drop that link here.

No. 622863


someone else is talking before that. it would be her dad.

No. 622870

File: 1546834508393.webm (4.28 MB, 640x640, funeral1996_BsUCbpglzw-8_hXTSo…)

I have the video.

No. 622871

File: 1546834595189.webm (4.39 MB, 640x640, funeral1996___BsUCdR_lEPGG5W1m…)

And the cat video. Idk the hands seem like Lurch's?

No. 622874

Lurch standing there like that scares tf out of my every time I watch it. Truly something from a fucking horror movie!!!

Why is Lurch at her dads apartment? Has she posted anything else lately? Did her mom finally kick them out? Does she say anything else about the fire…? I mean, that's pretty major and she just casually mentions it?

No. 622884

Samefag, but I just realized he's not wearing pink like in the previous video. Early morning brain fog lol sorry

No. 622902

File: 1546842022770.png (186.93 KB, 699x395, niEkiPz.png)

Yeah, it seems like Lurch was asking Luna's dad.

She posted these pictures of her traveling to her dad's, so she probably wasn't there at the time of the fire.

No. 622903

File: 1546842097839.png (794.54 KB, 1327x929, h6keNjw.png)

No. 622904

File: 1546842198447.jpg (91.11 KB, 500x666, tumblr_pkxrd1zCqk1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 622910


here is why she bothered to help, lol

No. 622911

Pardon if this is a weird question, but what does she mean in the Instagram post saying dad's little apartment? I was under the impression it was a big apartment. Does he have two? Or was that just her word choice of the day?

No. 622916

Probably because she won't "inherit" an undamaged apartment now.

No. 622939

>but he's fine
Freudian slip. His place caught fire and he luckily survived, I can only imagine the ebegging and taking over his place if he wasn't fine.

Luna plus face powder equals more cake face selfies.

No. 622945

It was probably a weird wording choice for sad girl points. NYC is one of those places where an apartment can be tiny and relatively big compared to other places in the price range or neighborhood.

No. 622982

“massive fire” in his “tiny apartment”
she just wants to make the situation more dramatic lol.

No. 623003

saying little is just like when she says "cheap" it's not his million dollar apartment in some posh new york suburb it's his tiny apartment because no one she knows has money please donate

No. 623042


Ah, yes, got it. Thanks for the clarification. It's what I figured but I wasn't exactly sure if it was something I missed. Either way - what a pathetic human. Filming away and probably not even helping anyone at all with the intent of having heart. Just hopin her pa gives her a handful of his drugs and money for her own things. I want to burn her hair off.

No. 623083

File: 1546909804872.png (Spoiler Image,408.9 KB, 809x556, vomiteverywhere10092.png)

dear god, i think i'm going to be sick

No. 623084

File: 1546909926161.png (368.3 KB, 932x441, sorryiburntdownyourhousedadbut…)

aka: shit she stole from her dad, very nice of you to steal after probably burning down his apartment after nodding off with a lit ciggy or with one of your stolen grave candles.

No. 623088

Wtf is wrong with her bellybutton?

No. 623092

It seriously looks like a cat anus… heck it looks like an anus in general

No. 623094

Belly button that looks like a loose asshole and floppy flat granny tits…
Id be showing my shit off too if I was that sexxxxy!

No. 623103

i don't think that's her titty. her bathtub pics show that they flap off sideways, not downwards when she's lying down, i think what you're thinking is the nip is actually a blood stain

No. 623108

yea my fear of seeing her titty tricked me

No. 623125


wow, was it her?

No. 623129

Does anyone read the thread or just blindly accept things. Another anon already mentioned this:


No. 623140

File: 1546919962143.jpeg (Spoiler Image,293.43 KB, 640x908, F3DDF171-1016-4B2D-A4BB-A86DB7…)

No. 623143

File: 1546920260849.jpeg (734.24 KB, 1242x1301, BC075252-16CB-4E99-8C07-2F4416…)

No. 623144

File: 1546920303940.jpeg (755.57 KB, 1242x1246, 1504025E-0F50-47F8-9006-6976FD…)

No. 623145

File: 1546920335871.jpeg (665.85 KB, 1242x1280, E0D64244-A6F2-438F-A45E-E3594B…)

No. 623152

how’s she gonna claim she doesn’t shoot up /have needles in her room and then post this? omg fuck off, at least admit it instead of blatantly lying as if all your followers are morons

No. 623159

File: 1546922345793.jpg (66.22 KB, 500x375, tumblr_pkzw9g3QuP1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 623161

Why was it free, hmmmm tuna?

No. 623170

Do you mean the mark in her hand or what?

No. 623174

These need to be spoilered, seeing her saggy pancake titties and those massive areolas make me want to puke.

No. 623175

yes, it’s a fresh wound or scab not a healing mark

No. 623179

File: 1546925099241.png (579.05 KB, 821x587, 0997gvihb98.png)

I always wonder, is she doing this for her weird aesthetic or is her weird aesthetic just based off what she can steal off graveyards.
Her fucking cuticle makes me want to scream tho

No. 623254

>(I'll die for you, and you for me)
I'm starting to believe Luna would rather kill Lurch than let him go lmao.

>I miss my past but… you are the future that I look forward to!

What does this even mean? Ignoring the whining about how they can't mooch off Roger anymore - how can you "look forward" to someone you've seen daily for 5 years, when both of you do literally nothing all day? Lurch has been her past, present and future for years, nothings changed and nothing will change.

>I'll surround myself with plushies and Hello Kitty as long as you're there to pet my hair, my love.

"as long as"?
Is she suggesting that the only reason she likes childish things is because of Lurch, and she'd stop if he wasn't there? Is he into some DD/LG shit or something?

No. 623255

>boob job
truly the top priority of a totes 100% homeless person

No. 623314

Late but I don't doubt she showed up just to make sure HER apartment was ok. She could've cared less about her dad and the cat she just wanted her future home to be fine.

No. 623325

Girl you do nothing all day, who's paying for your boob job? Certainly not Lurch. Try doing some pectoral exercises, you have the free time.

No. 623347

but what about your big areolas luna

No. 623350

File: 1546974418088.png (182.02 KB, 351x441, 154697471712905521.png)

Oh honey, no!

No. 623351

File: 1546974464131.png (474.24 KB, 929x1050, Rider-Waite-Smith_deck.png)

No. 623359

wow she really just looted her dad's burned house, shes really on a race to the bottom

No. 623389

she genuinely doesn’t seem like she even struggles with finances, at all. sure she’s poor but i’m convinced she never struggles. she has NO bills to pay. no rent, obviously. not even in any kind of debt, I’m sure. parents either pay her phone bill or she just uses mommy’s wifi for imessage and free apps. she doesn’t have children or young siblings to care for (doesnt need to provide for anyone but herself). she’s affording enough dope to at least alternate between dopesick and high - I doubt her donations even pay for all this; she either pawns stolen items or lurch deals (can’t see luna dealing heroin without using it all). if she REALLY needed to buy, for example, a meal or else she would starve to death, all she would need to do is subtract a shot of heroin from the day. she has absolutely nothing else to worry about.

plus it’s not like her mom’s house isn’t filled with all the necessary things one would need - food, shelter, shower/soap/shampoo. she has clothes. she’s not sick and needing to pay for medical bills. I’m so repsuled whenever she complains like “I cant afford anything uwu”. butch, you don’t need to afford anything other than heroin which you certainly are affording.

No. 623407

tbf, while it's trashy as hell in and of itself to post pictures of your dad's-recently-burned-apartment haul, he could just be clearing it out and tossing Luna the shit he doesn't want but Luna is interested in.
Maybe she pawned off some of her dad's burned apartment haul so she could score.

No. 623420

Why the hell does her fingernails look like that? I remember some time ago she posted a pic with some antifungal in the background. Is that gunk fungus??

No. 623462

File: 1546993426608.jpg (75.58 KB, 500x375, tumblr_pkzwmjldwH1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 623464

File: 1546993535125.png (748.35 KB, 1316x806, lJVIx8o.png)

But I thought Luna had to hide everything she owns from her mom? Sure doesn't look like it

No. 623465

File: 1546993569453.png (31.28 KB, 1360x388, 0aj9uik.png)

No. 623492

>at least im home
Biiiiittttcccchhhh! Lol, I thought you were homeless!?!?

No. 623594

Also I thought she supposedly didn't have benzos anymore…

No. 623609

all this trinket posting she’s been doing lately has really been driving home just how shallow and materialistic she is. luna is just a big empty void of a person who only exists to consume everything around her in the pursuit of a new graveyard candle or hello kitty plush

No. 623683

no she ~only takes 2-3 a month~

What I don’t understand is why she just doesn’t flat out say that she is still struggling with addiction and actively using. People hate her because she lies and scams, not because she uses drugs

No. 623689

She probably thinks if she talks about using then people won't give her anything, which is true but it would add to her sad tortured bby girl story, so it must be difficult for her to not talk about it

No. 623701

Isn't this her new persona? Bravely struggling on, will overcome, just need to hold on, blah blah blah?

No. 623734

File: 1547063227523.jpeg (751.95 KB, 1242x1593, 8CAEB2C8-DCE0-4A43-A01F-F79243…)

She posted this last night. It’s one thing to change your opinion on an artist who you thought you disliked, I’ve done that too. But it seems like she started to like Peep when he died…does she have any others who are alive?? (Other than Courtney Love)

No. 623739

She just idolizes tragic young death because she sees herself in that trope. But it’s far more likely in my eyes that tuna will live to be an old, dirty woman begging for handouts for drugs, thus outliving her idols. She’s a cockroach that just loves to dramatize and exaggerate her own circumstances for the pity points.

No. 623784


She doesn't seem to realize that all those people, even Courtney Love, had a modicum of talent and the drive to do something with it. Being a junkie was incidental to their personalities, not the whole thing.

No. 623877

right? she's literally just like every other bored ass middle class white girl who fucks up her life to do heroin. she's not special and any of her talent she may have had is drowned out by her addiction. she'll die a weird loser.

No. 624123


I agree with all of this. And you know, for the amount of money she spends on bs shit and has begged off each other, probably could have afforded a few months of therapy. Or even some generic medication as she talks about never being treated for her mental illness she says she has… Ya know? Just saying. Don't mean to blog, but I've given up shit I'd rather spend money on to pay for more important things beneficial to my health. She could too.

No. 624455

File: 1547180731233.png (125.64 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

shitty writing dump coming through

No. 624456

File: 1547180752074.png (127.02 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 624458

File: 1547180778998.png (122.37 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 624577

When you listen to Lana Del Rey once.

No. 624595

> i apple

No. 624648

Ok she's not even trying

No. 624649

Ok she's not even trying

No. 624650

I feel like every poem gets worse.

No. 624652

I feel like every poem gets worse.

No. 624726

File: 1547212548392.jpg (342.26 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190111-233652_Chr…)

Super late noticing this, but it looks like there's at least 3 full pill bottles of the same tablets. Is this a normal America thing or is this a junkie dad thing?

No. 624731

Or it was a deliberate choice: She will marry him, and she will be merry with him. The phrasing could be kind of poetic, I guess. Still…

…She is literally a decade too old to be writing this shit. Or at least too old to be showing it to the world., Everyone writes crap every now and then, but not all of us feel the need to show it to the world.

I agree with Anon who said these poems are becoming worse and worse. I liked some aspects of some of Luna's earlier work. They're always navel-gazey and self-indulgent, but some of it had interesting aspects. This is just the worst of all those self-indulgent impulses dialed up to 11.

No. 624732

>why do we keep stealing from drugstores

Nice to know she's still a scammer and a thief. She's only admitted to actual theft twice and was only bold enough to brag about her stolen purchases once.

It amazes me how Luna operates. She pushes the homeless tortured artist with junkie parents angle but at the same time covers up her own drug habits and stealing in order to scam people out of money. She'll post drug pics to one platform she doesn't beg on then hide them on the rest while claiming stolen items are gifts or she "found" them but then she'll brag in her poetry how she steals.

No. 624818

normal in america lol. my dad has high blood pressure, cholesterol and such and he has a bunch of those usually filled with supplements or heart/blood medication. it’s
definitely not something u can get high from
unfortunately for tuna

No. 624819

(the weird line breaks were an accident but i think i just wrote a tuna-esque poem)

No. 624954

who does she think she's kidding at this point. Luna uses the excuse about finding shit way too often.
where would she 'find' a bra and slip that are her size and don't look particularly worn? also i call bullshit on her 'finding' a tarot deck from the 1970s lol, i have the same one and its a standard basic one you can buy anywhere.

No. 625057

File: 1547261465939.png (941.63 KB, 1016x750, 16.png)

No. 625058

File: 1547261565124.png (864.39 KB, 1169x563, 17.png)

No. 625061

File: 1547261710802.png (1018.63 KB, 1020x750, 20.png)

No. 625064

it pains me to look at these plants…and why is that jade stretching like that when it's always in the window. ugh

No. 625125

File: 1547269731501.jpg (41.19 KB, 500x317, p31sunAngle.jpg)

They probably have shade if the window is facing north.

No. 625191

This is why I love lolcow
We seriously use graphs to nitpick how much sunlight cow’s plants have
Keep it going

No. 625274

Then explain to anons why Luna's jade plant looks all stretched out even at the window, so anons won't mention it in every thread…

No. 625282

The pill bottle covered in stickers is so pitiful. I love using stickers on my stuff too but it feels like she's infantilizing every aspect of her life, it's gross.

No. 625316

We are talking about Luna here, gross might as well be her middle name.

No. 625330

nta but I don't think their appreciation was a sarcastic quip, I think it was sincere

I personally also love that a literal chart was used to prove that the plant would be moving towards the sun since all it gets is shade

No. 625349

i can’t tell if it’s pointing to some weird ddlg “lifestyle” shit or arrested development. stickers on a pill bottle would be something you’d do for a 5 year old to make medication less scary to them, but this is a grown woman AND drug addict we’re discussing here.

a lot of cow-ish things luna does seems similar to the behavior of a shittily parented small child (petty stealing, inability to take care of herself, not understanding the concept of saving money, etc), but i almost wanna rule out the possibility of arrested development because it’s honestly hard to believe that luna has endured any genuine struggle enough to receive that kind of trauma from it. more than likely she’s just an irresponsible shithead who doesn’t take long term consequences into thought

No. 625414

File: 1547351893086.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x1710, DA4D0E65-FF2F-4C2D-BE10-2E0D09…)

No. 625418

doesn't really help if all you write about is how nice and pretty you are

No. 625448

Whoa, haven't seen that book in a awhile. Gotta post a photo of that book every six months. Glad it made it out of Rodgers house ok.

No. 625500

"gotta work on this"
OK, sure. Can't wait to see which stickers you choose and how you arrange them on it.

No. 625589

I feel like it's less arrested development or DDLG stuff, and more that she's trying to portray this image of "tragic innocent girl who's fallen into a hard life." People aren't going to be as sympathetic to someone who just talks explicitly all the time about how much of a junkie they are.

No. 625592

No. 625627

>those crusty stains on the bottom half of the cover
also gotta love how she acts like she’s actually gonna commit to self improvement for realsies this time when in reality she’s gonna fill out 3 pages, highlight some text, post pictures of them on insta to show everybody how dedicated she is, and then toss it back into the hoarde and forget about it for the next 6 months because working towards a tangible goal is “just too HAAaAaAard”. i’d love for her to prove me wrong but that seems doubtful

No. 625630

>those crusty stains on the bottom half of the cover
also gotta love how she acts like she’s actually gonna commit to self improvement for realsies this time when in reality she’s gonna fill out 3 pages, highlight some text, post pictures of them on insta to show everybody how dedicated she is, and then toss it back into the hoarde and forget about it for the next 6 months because working towards a tangible goal is “just too HAAaAaAard”. i’d love for her to prove me wrong but that seems doubtful

No. 625633

>those crusty stains on the bottom half of the cover
also gotta love how she acts like she’s actually gonna commit to self improvement for realsies this time when in reality she’s gonna fill out 3 pages, highlight some text, post pictures of them on insta to show everybody how dedicated she is, and then toss it back into the hoarde and forget about it for the next 6 months because working towards a tangible goal is “just too HAAaAaAard”. i’d love for her to prove me wrong but that seems doubtful

No. 625640


Time for our semi-monthly-ish images of Luna literally copying out of the book and leaving it at that. I really hope someday she actually reads it. She only ever seems to pick it up to post it on instagram.

No. 625727

File: 1547409943007.jpg (116.55 KB, 500x666, tumblr_pl92o9qzG61w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 625739

File: 1547412584033.gif (759.6 KB, 500x217, giphy.gif)

Is she trying to summon/contact the dollar store demon or something?!

No. 625769

what the FUCK is that spill on the lower corner of the table. that is WAY too dark to be wood grain

No. 625791


Inb4 she starts a fire in her mom's apartment.

No. 625856

Did she ever post more about that fire? Like what caused it?
She probably put something in his oven and then went and nodded off.

No. 625871

there is fuckin MOLD or dirt or some shit all over that Baby Lips chapstick, jfc

No. 625923

File: 1547433677565.jpeg (695.33 KB, 750x1009, 1541635364349.jpeg)

Wasn't the best looking bedside table before Luna ruined it but she's definitely made it a lot worse. Everything she touches turns to filth.

No. 625957

I’m not surprised in the least that there’s a syringe just sitting there in plain site

No. 625960

Wow, this might be her worst "poem" yet. It's horrible.
It's probably more simple than that. She's a shallow person who lifted and embodied tumblr aesthetic.
Even if she reads it, what's she going to do with it? With serious shit like personality disorders you don't improve just by using a workbook. You need a professional to guide your development and ensure that you're actually applying the exercises in a way that is consistent and helpful.
imo that's a pretty table. Shame it got Luna'd

No. 625986

With the cap off. Was that intentional or did she think it was another pen?

No. 625989


By ruined do you mean she removed the fabric that was covering the stains and damaged finish?


This was discussed ad nauseam in the last thread >>>/pt/596638 >>625986

No. 625990


By ruined do you mean she removed the fabric that was covering the stains and damaged finish?


This was discussed ad nauseam in the last thread >>>/pt/596638 >>625986

No. 626152

File: 1547497058340.png (345.11 KB, 477x792, bustyyy.png)

Liquify or eating good?? KEK

No. 626156

She got a super chEap push up bra but don’t worry it was really cheap

No. 626157

File: 1547497721227.png (777.65 KB, 529x822, tuna.PNG)

No. 626166

omg…is she serious??? she's like a parody of herself now

No. 626167

am I tho only one who thought the bra was Big Areola at first glance?

No. 626172

Someone threw away that bag and those bras accidentally I'm sure. The bras are also ~magically~ her size. Scumbag.

No. 626173

>found a handbag in the garbage

Sure you did, Tuna. Sure you did.

No. 626175

seeing luna wearing a proper bra is so weird. it’s quite the departure from having her pancake tiddies disappearing into the void between her clothing and her body

No. 626176

>Luna discovers bras

If, IF, on the off-chance she did find a magical handbag in the trash with ((assumed used)) VS bras in her size, the question I would like to pose:

chances of her washing said trash-bras before putting them on?

No. 626196

I wonder if she’s hoping some sucker will buy her a boob job by dropping all these not subtle hints. I really hope nobody does because there are plenty of more deserving women out there, like ones that had children in their younger years that scrimp and save for every single luxury item they can get. It’s sad that people “donate” to this pathetic amoeba.

No. 626197


Wow, she's moving up in the (shoplifting) world. Her saggy udders must be thrilled.

No. 626242

I’m truly relieved to see her wearing a bra honestly, even if she stole it

No. 626243

God she’s so grimey. We’ll see photos of this stuff two weeks from now covered in her signature off gray grime color.

It was the semi-annual sale not long ago. VS stores were swamped. She probably swiped a bunch then.

No. 626262

I think we're giving her too much credit. In my experience, VS is very shady and scary to steal from because the employees tend to be nosy/"helpful" and alot of the bras are electronically tagged now.
My guess is she took these from her mother or EVIL dad bought them for her.

No. 626283

I'm thinking her dad bought them for her like I don't think she stole them. Her boobs must be stuffed into that bra so haphazardly too lol

No. 626305

With her tits smooshed together so hard and her history of bathing bi-monthly she's going to end up with her cleavage smelling like stretched ear cheese.

No. 626308

So used to seeing her in saggy bras (or none at all) that seeing her with a proper bra just makes my brain go "There's something wrong with this."
Guess she stole those lashes as well and as much as she claims she's starving and homeless she sure has packed on the weight. Her upper arms are rivaling Momokun's now.

>found a handbag in the garbage
>bras just happened to be my size
So you stole them. We get it.

No. 626324

if lurch really does deal fentanyl/heroin (makes no sense as to how they afford it if not), people would sometimes offer him electronics or expensive goods to trade for some dope, luna might’ve gotten him to trade a point for these bras lol. that or it’s her mom’s

No. 626396

I feel like she probably took them out of someone’s car.

No. 626419

How does she always seem to be in the right place at the right time? Does she think anyone buys her delusions? Bras in a purse just magically left and are just magically in her size? The only way any of that could be remotely plausible is that she’s actually forcing herself to fit into these bras she found as she usually does with most of the clothes she wears.

No. 626558

would bet money that luna literally just ordered the bras online with her dads credit card

No. 626598

i shoplifted as a young teenager a few years ago, and could never steal from vs because bras are tagged with electronic tags. Additionally, the workers are very suspicious of people who look poor, dress strangely, smell bad, etc. call it discrimination but they would have their eyes on Luna as soon as she entered the store.

No. 626650


Yes, same. I bet she does this a lot! Would not surprise me if she has money at her grasp all the time and just does the grimy ass shit on the side and cries about not having shit online so that people will feel sorry for her and give her more gifts. This comment I just made has a big "duh" all over it but it's how I have always felt.

No. 627073

File: 1547776613599.jpg (129.75 KB, 540x720, Loony-tuna.jpg)

Do I Spy another syringe!?

(On a shelf under the table, below the tarot cards.. With the plunger pulled back?)

Lol I like this game.

No. 627076

File: 1547777062998.png (110.63 KB, 1327x898, d.png)

god dammit Luna she's so close to connecting the dots but she's not getting that she's not going to be happy and love herself unless she's financially self-sufficient and off drugs like get a god damn job!!! I really thought she was aware of this on some level but then she posts shit like this.

No. 627088

She's in some cracked out dream world. Acting like now she's so thin and beautiful and has some handsome bf. It's funny how she feels like something's wrong tho…hmmmm what oh what could it be??!!

No. 627119

File: 1547780507640.png (160.88 KB, 748x1976, zqksHyt.png)

>i was born to a woman who threatens me daily with homelessness
but I thought you were homeless, Luna?

No. 627121

File: 1547780550140.png (51.4 KB, 903x443, 6bUU1zv.png)

No. 627130

File: 1547781927476.png (391.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-01-17-19-01-46…)

No. 627138

File: 1547782700698.png (219.21 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 627145


>You are being asked by God. I am a messenger.

fuck off

No. 627147

WOAH I didn’t know he was 6’6 . take it in that she just basically admitted that the reasons she loves being with lurch is because he loves HER and because of his physical traits. nothing about who he is as a person. what a narcissist

she was hurt in a way that she can’t recover? honestly nothing that bad has even happened to her as far as I know. why does she act like she’s going through extreme trauma everyday because her mom threatens not to enable her. fuck off Luna.

I don’t know what group this is in but can someone please comment that Luna struggles with heron addiction and that she lives with her mother who has food in her house and to not enable her addiction by giving any money. This is literally so fucked up.

No. 627160

File: 1547784908520.jpg (573.56 KB, 810x3157, 20190117_221156.jpg)

NTA, but I don't think it's in a Facebook group. either way, it is against the rules to cowtip. I found the post and here are the comments. She is such a fucking scammer.

No. 627163

No. 627189

File: 1547788540747.jpg (328.58 KB, 1591x574, Capture.JPG)

Did she seriously smear ash on her face just to make herself look more pitiful when the whole background is untouched antiques?

Dude is leader of a cult or something. Him and his wife are using religious imagery and "gospel" to convince their followers to send them money so they can be full-time "ministers of love and light" and claiming they're specially sent as messiahs.

I don't think Luna knows what she's getting herself in to.

No. 627195

File: 1547789471077.jpeg (297.13 KB, 1242x1528, AE2F6B63-3F3B-4234-AA79-BC510E…)

No. 627207

Holy shit this is beyond fucked. I can’t believe she is still pushing the homeless narrative. I hope these people wise up to her scam. That ash on her face for extra uwu sympathy plz bby really is the icing on the cake.

No. 627209


She's found her grifter spiritual home!





>We live in our van and go with the flow feeding those in need


>two dear friends in California that are currently living in thier van which breaks down every now and then

>Goal $10,000

No. 627210

Prestige tier tinfoil but inb4 Luna gets brainwashed by this cult and finally gets clean

No. 627212


Judging by this guy's LinkedIn, he took some acid at a festival in 2012 and went full tilt hippie messiah.


No. 627233

File: 1547795198369.jpg (61.24 KB, 720x960, 50679351_2088634327881884_5618…)

Voting this as the next thread pic. Milking her dad's apartment fire for donations lmao. Her foundation doesn't even match her neck too.

No. 627255

She barely has any on her fingers and neck and it’s so obviously swiped on lmaoooo can you imagine watching your daughter do this shit right in front of you

No. 627315

Knowing her personality she'd quicker end up a Manson girl than sober.

No. 627316

So if she didnt smear soot all over her face what is she trying to imply happened. She craned her neck upward and bent forward to be doused in cinders during the aftermath?

No. 627321

This photo alone has thrown me into a straight up laughing fit.

No. 627322

I think it's telling about her level of privilege that all of the "cute childish" things she obsesses over are brand name. She doesn't just want soft/cute shit, she wants Twin Stars and Hello Kitty and Pusheen because all she has left in life is her 'aesthetic' but cant even have some character about it

No. 627325

Luna taught me you can hit rock bottom and then keep digging.

No. 627326

Holy shit, Tuna's done more in the first weeks of 2019 than she did for the whole second half of 2018.
Looks like there might even be two? One on each side of the round thing under there. The other one's around the other way.
Big nitpick but even with all the christian hippy cult shite, /openheartunions/ has an anime profile picture, lmfao.

No. 627327

She hasn't hit even close to rock bottom. That's the problem, her enablers are keeping her from her wake-up call. The worst she has to deal with right now is some nagging from her mother about her complete uselessness. She hasn't had anybody super close to her fatally OD. She hasn't spent a night on the streets. She hasn't sold herself. Her biggest hardship is occasionally not being high.

No. 627330

FUCKING THIS. she compains about all the hell she’s gone through but actually hasnt. she has everything she wants because of enablers. I would feel bad for luna if I believed she genuinely had it hard. Like if she truly loves Lurch and he died of an OD, that would fucking suck, but it’s almost as if she doesn’t even realize that’s a possibility, not once has she worried about him.

No. 627335

>at the place where i stay half the time
not even “my dad’s place” just. “the place.” also… half the time? when’s the last time she spent time at her dad’s place? before the fire, when’s the last time she posted pics of her dad’s house? she’s acting like now she’s got nowhere to go, as if this money she’s getting is going to go towards fixing “the place where she stays half the time” when it’s going right into her arm. she was probably so excited when her dad told her about the fire and she raced right down to take pictures because all she saw were dollar signs. when she took that long social media absence (well, long for her) i was hoping maybe she was getting better and after reading that poem she posted last night i was hoping she was becoming more self aware. but now… this.

anytime i start to feel the slightest bit of sympathy for her, it is immediately zapped away and replaced with disgust. her poor father. she probably keeps insisting he’s abusive so she doesn’t feel bad about pulling this shit.

No. 627346

As much as we wish it was a syringe, its just a pen. If you look at the original image on tumblr, you can zoom clearly.

No. 627348

File: 1547834450827.jpeg (69.81 KB, 735x492, 21C9B0F6-1C3B-44ED-A65E-F15AED…)

I was directed to this page after I came across the shared status on Facebook and I googled “Luna Slater.” I was unaware of rules on here and reached out to John because his wife is my second cousin and let him know that Luna has been scamming people for years. And this is what he has to say.

They are seriously a crazy cult and I cant help to laugh at his statement “I am a messenger of god” then tells someone to fuck off and die.

No. 627349

File: 1547834774145.jpeg (133.39 KB, 540x720, 617737E7-1135-409A-ABB1-38BF09…)

I think anon means the thing in the circled area

No. 627351

Jesus christ.

No. 627356

dude lives in a van and drives around "enlightening people" - he's very clearly a drug addict himself and aware of the scam he's pulling.

No. 627358

so luna joined a jesus cult or some shit? fascinating. how long until she mistakes the kool-aid for fancy colored heroin?

No. 627368

File: 1547838724189.bmp (1.19 MB, 520x803, a.bmp)

From what I've seen the dude's a clear conman. He's one of those drug addicts who uses spirituality to try and control other people. There's not much mention of him online but he's insane, and not a "good Christian." His facebook doesn't mention Christianity much, it's all just edgy meme posts like "I dont know how many years on this earth I've got left, but I'm gonna get real weird with it" or posts about the healing properties of weed.
He has a couple facebook pages, the before mentioned cult Temple of One Tribe, and a festival page.
The madeleine everhart girl he mentions in the ebegging post with Luna appears to be his girlfriend or something? She's the girl in his profile pic, and I think they live together.

I'm not spending 10 minutes listening to clearly strung out morons but maybe there's something interesting there.

They appear to have another couple in their van. I dont know how big their cult is physically, and how many of them are just random druggos sending in videos, but last year there were 4 of them https://www.facebook.com/Jai.Amun.Bhakti/posts/10215478373975088

They also appear to be based out of Florida atm but they move around a lot. This tweet intrigues me https://twitter.com/waytallerthanu/status/1003497935009697793 - I can't find anything of him claiming to be satan, but I only spent 5 minutes looking and the guy is spamming dumb druggo and spirituality memes.
Interesting development, I hope Luna runs away with these freaks so her poor mom can get some peace.

No. 627378

File: 1547839694151.gif (1.7 MB, 500x500, tumblr_pljhmjjiA71w1d39p_500.g…)

No. 627379

File: 1547839716936.jpg (98.8 KB, 500x666, tumblr_pljhmwfMMe1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 627382

Just from a glance at his page he's definitely not going to out Luna because he's scamming himself. See >>627189 where he wants people to pay him and his wife to do fuckall.


I'm curious how she came across them since they're not any way close by to her.

No. 627400

this is just another dude peddling ayahuasca as a fix-it-all for your life's problems. there's a ton of them running around on facebook and even more dummies who go and puke their guts up and then think they've experienced something profound.

No. 627424

what the fuck luna, why did you smear ash on your face? to act like you were there during the fire?
why are you acting like you live at your evil dad's place
luna you're not going to give any of that money to him
luna you're profiting off your dad's fire
luna what the fuck

this borders on "roger is in hospice better take his bed" levels of fuckery, goddamn.

No. 627440

I know theres a way to see friendships between two people on facebook.
1- go to a friend on your list select options, see friendships. In the URL has both yours and said friends fb profile names.
2- copy friendship url, open both luna and this fucktards fb, copy and paste both fb profile names into the url copied replacing yours and your friends.

Boom. You can see how long theyve been friends. Someone please do this- I would but Luna has be blocked from last years regarding a piece of art. I am going to guess 2 days.

No. 627448


I respect you for this. Yes yes yes.

No. 627461

No. 627488

This brand of hippie could not coexist with Luna. Sure they're all filthy junkies, but they're also super pretentious and judgemental. They would tear her apart for buying useless toys and stickers, wearing makeup, etc. No way these people would be cool with her fucking around on a gameboy. She's have to go "natural" and leave her ~worldly superficiality~ behind. These are people who smoke meth and then around and say Coca cola is a toxic chemical.

No. 627491

File: 1547853405983.png (197.02 KB, 800x969, Screenshot_2019-01-18-15-02-35…)


Before Madeleine he was with Nikki >>627209.

Blisstival is our dream made manifest. Nikki and I met and started this business together as friends in 2012. What started out as a way to get into events for free as press has turned into a huge part of our shared mission together as a couple. Blisstival provides marketing and support in the transformational festival scene.

Before that he worked as a loan officer. One of his last jobs working for The Man was at Paypal.

Like I said in >>627212, he took some acid at a festival in 2012 and went full tilt hippie messiah. I was a DJ in the underground west coast festival scene for many years and saw this bullshit "path to enlightenment" parasitic behavior constantly.

No. 627514

no it’s clearly the plunger of a syringe. it’s black at the tip that goes into the rig, you can see the black

ayuhuasca icertainly can be profound but you must do it PROPERLY - go on an actual retreat with an experienced shaman to guide you safely. this isn’t just a druggie thing, plenty of regular people have gone on these retreats in peru, nothing dumb about the experience. yeah people like this guy are fucked in the head, but no it’s not just something people like Luna would do and claim it cured her bpd lol

these assholes can really stigmatize things like buddhism and spirituality and even the word enlightenment

No. 627515


Nah, the only reason they are "helping" her is to have a potential mark. This "brand of hippie" is nothing but self-serving grifting opportunists.

No. 627537


And plenty of those retreats are scams, far removed from Santo Daime and exploiting the native people while endangering the well being of participants. Now Kambo is being similarly exploited by people who are seeking a "one trip" cure for their mental and emotional ills and addictions under the guise of enlightenment.

Even so, I don't see Luna ever being motivated enough to pursue anything like this. I am surprised she hasn't jumped on the Kratom bandwagon yet.

No. 627585

File: 1547860159145.jpeg (279.54 KB, 1242x786, E90DF7C2-4148-4611-BCFA-849CB0…)

So gross and manipulative. If you don’t give money you earned to a scam artist who does heroin you’re a bad person guys

No. 627605

Or she could get a job like everyone else, instead of reposting childish tumblr pics on her IG and playing animal crossing.

No. 627617

Fuck off, Apt, you don’t know what actual charities anybody supports. Charities that help people in dire circumstances, not lazy asses who don’t feel like working.

No. 627695

This guy is a true cult leader wannabe, like seriously. Sometimes cults do help people sober up (at the expense of joining a cult), but if this an entirely digital thing and Luna gets hooked she's probably going to become an active addict who also follows a cult.

It's a very interesting development.

No. 627775

Yeah, like a scammer cult would be a real jolt of plotline for Luna. Like at this point I'm rooting for something to come out of this just so there's some semblance of change in her day to day life. It's boring enough to watch I can't imagine what it's like being Luna.

No. 627925

File: 1547913322220.jpeg (564.33 KB, 750x1145, C7ECC55D-2F0F-4CBA-81CC-B76823…)

so this is why he doesnt give a shit that luna wants money for dope. he deadass just said he does meth medicinally. I’m out. I wonder if Luna believes this shit or if she’s using him and his followers because she sees they’ll help her

No. 627928


The junkie pandering is unreal. It's actually shocking that people would be manipulated so easily by completely empty philosophies.

This guy has nothing to say but vague platitudes of "follow me and you'll be healed". He just wants the adoration and shekels of desparate junkies for his own validation. It's sickening.

No. 627932

File: 1547914322945.jpeg (466 KB, 750x1054, C6B8CE46-EE30-458D-A2CA-7BB97F…)

Soo turns out Luna and him have been friends for a while

No. 627936

Speechless! This connects the dots for her behavior in the past months. She doesn't have to lift more than a finger smh

No. 627940

I would love for this guy to have his own thread here

No. 627956

“There are literally people hungry” all over the fucking world. Through no fault of their own, unlike you. Go to a soup kitchen, Apt, maybe it will teach you something.

No. 627975

god i would love it if luna joined a cult

No. 627978

IMO, Luna could not have had a more hilarious WK on her side. I didn't see this coming, kek.

No. 627981

File: 1547925001002.gif (713.07 KB, 498x203, tenor (1).gif)

>Luna Slater who is literally starving in the U.S

Can someone please make a party in the USA edit feat Luna

No. 627983

Explains why Luna is asking them for help. She'll blindly follow anyone who enables her junkie aesthetic.

No. 628014

File: 1547939117748.png (869.24 KB, 800x1100, Screenshot_2019-01-19-14-37-03…)


>we can access cash in Paypal through a friend

>whatever we can access we'll send to Luna

Why do they need to middleman through a friend? They should be able to send it directly to her account.

And why is John always using his girlfriends' accounts and never has one of his own? He worked in finance for years, including for Paypal, before going hippie. How badly did he fuck up to not be able to get a Paypal account? Or is he so committed to living off the grid that he refuses?

When he was with Nikki they distributed food to the homeless, reclaimed food and homemade meals when they had a kitchen. Does he still do this with Madeleine? I wonder how much of it was actually Nikki's work.

John has two young kids. At one point when he was with Nikki he went a year without seeing them.

No. 628022


But John, Luna and Lurch are misusing them, by your standards, and you are enabling their addiction.

Does he not see what we see on her social media? Could he have a different impression of her if he sees only her Facebook?

No. 628023

A junkie scammer cult. Luna found her people!

No. 628052

What is this Spirituwal Junkie gaining by being all "uwu help Luna"? Does he get a percentage of what's donated or something…?

No. 628131

maybe his account has his real name and apt isn’t his true last name (which he wants to keep personal?) and he doesnt wanna make a new one. but if that’s true whats the point of his linkedin including all those jobs from years before.

I think he migt be expecting her to pay for his drugs when he needs money in the future lol. or maybe he wants other people to see ~how generous and kind he is~

I stalked this guy big time and I think I hate him more than luna. never heard luna genuinely being so in denial about her addiction that she ~only uses dope when the planets have aligned~

No. 628139

File: 1547958688723.jpeg (772.55 KB, 1242x1604, 8B31B533-B720-44A5-B008-139E6D…)

It’s not makeup Luna

No. 628156


for luna, it's both.

No. 628185


That is his legal name. There is a solid paper trail for him in public records. Search in Maricopa, AZ.

No. 628223

The Holy Church of Scamming Junkies

No. 628253

>medicinal meth

Isn’t meth (outside of giving you energy I guess) one of the least beneficial drugs. What a load of horseshit, I’d prefer if he just said he liked getting high.

No. 628319

this is the same guy that murdered and dismembered someone and then threw his boxed up remains in the hudson river

No. 628328

File: 1548008726219.gif (863.17 KB, 500x345, tumblr_m9vu2e6MIW1rfi6fmo1_500…)

She loves this movie. Imagine only staying at home, occasionally visiting your evil dad. Living life to the fullest! /s

No. 628346

well desoxyn I believe is meth and it can be prescribed as a stimulant however no one who does meth recreationally is taking a low oral dose for their adhd, it’s not like dealers are handing around desoxyn pills, they’re abusing the highly addictive substance. he’s just rationalizing his drug abuse or drug addiction and helping others do the same

No. 628383

Yep. Michael Alig

No. 628411


Yes, it is chemically identical, except street meth recipes can include who knows what contaminants.

I have known a few people with diagnosed ADHD in high pressure tech engineering jobs who did use street meth to self medicate and keep on top of their jobs. It worked for them until it didn't and they slipped down the slope into addiction. I'll never understand why, with their health insurance and other benefits, they didn't get properly assessed and prescribed.

No. 628431

File: 1548029579373.jpg (49.9 KB, 500x660, 20a1f1c7dfeb36fc912befb0e9c3c6…)


Not just anyone. His drug dealer. Over his drug debt.


Druggies love druggie movies despite their bad endings. Shocking cautionary tales become mundane chronicles of the lifestyle.

I wonder if Luna sees herself in Candy; they share so many plot points including begging their boyfriends to inject them and their addictions alienating them from their art. And I wonder how much drug induced interpersonal drama between Luna and Lurch precedes their love notes. But as long as she has her enablers she won't be faced with the choice of pawning her art supplies or sucking off the pawn shop owner for her next hit. She could still get pregnant and suffer an horrific miscarriage while kicking.

No. 628542

File: 1548062804293.png (519.81 KB, 473x736, pancakes.png)

After the "pancake voucher", I'm amused because Tuna's first posts are of pancakes.

No. 628583

File: 1548087422584.jpg (140.44 KB, 685x1024, 1547705013085.jpg)

Reminds me of the second part of this pic

No. 628588

wow breaking news she likes pancakes

No. 628623

tbh this is what addiction to drugs like heroin and meth is like for so many people (the drugs that aren’t exactly party drugs and instead most people to self-medicate symptoms like depression), no one wants to become an addict and the first little while of using is like the honeymoon phase where there’s legitmately no bad consequences to your using and the drug seems to really be helping you. ex. meth is awesome because you can pull a few all nighters here and there and ace your exams, heroin is awesome because you can finally get out of bed and no antidepressant was working

you can tell luna WANTED to become addicted because, what, 1 month after starting to use she dropped out of uni to live with lurch the dope dealer and begged him to inject her when I’m sure she had no “valid” reasons to start IVing (like a crazy high tolerance) other than that she just wanted that lifestyle

really sorry for off topic but what’s the name of that murderer?

No. 628672

No. 628766

File: 1548128155514.png (12.49 KB, 890x185, sPCjGrN.png)

No. 629115

File: 1548224813546.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x2022, 71E87C73-FE62-4CF8-8CB6-F64C16…)

sad to see how normal she looked before all of this

No. 629131

jfc this is depressing, this really is a life wasted. What the fuck went wrong to make her actively pursue addiction and destitution?

No. 629169


she's a narc. (and potentially actually bipolar)

in spite of her "addict" parents, she had life and its many opportunities fucking handed to her.

it was her /choice/ to forego those things in favour of living an " ~a e s t h e t i c~ " caricature of what celebrity drug addiction looks like.

i feel like kenna and her have a lot in common but luna's entitlement manifests in whinyness where kenna lashes out angrily.

No. 629221

Oof those bangs though(non-contribution)

No. 629278

File: 1548267888576.png (172.33 KB, 480x710, IMG_20190104_102529.png)

No. 629291

what??? and now you're doing better??

No. 629299

tuna please, as if you wouldn't still do all of that

No. 629308


Shes not a narcissist, she has BPD, they display similar symptoms because both are cluster-b personality disorders.

also who the fuck can't find drugs at an art school? Thats one of the most pathetic things I have ever heard.

No. 629328

She doesn't even have BPD. She wants BPD.

No. 629334

She's not diagnosed? What is/was she getting the xans and seroquel for then, IIRC at least some of them were hers. And shes been in DBT which is expensive AF in the states and insurance wouldn't cover it without a formal diagnosis.

No. 629347


IIRC she attended a single session of free therapy and didn't return because she didn't like the frozen pizza she was served for lunch.

Does anyone recall where she got the workbook?

No. 629357

This might be the best Luna development in a long time.
Luna was diagnosed with BPD by a mental health professional. You are not a mental health professional who has seen Luna, so you have no authority to diagnose her.
Can we not have this conversation for the billionth time? It's fucking weird how protective some anons get over mental illness, as if a cow having one somehow tarnishes the glory that comes from having a fucking Cluster B personality disorder or depression.

No. 629365

>"No access to real drugs"
Tinfoil but what if Luna announces her heroin use to her IG followers under the guise of "mEdIcInE!" like John did with Meth?

No. 629375

She has in her drug blog days.

No. 629423

What? Dxm IS a real drug. The fuck is a fake drug?

And I thought she dropped out to live with Lurch.

Not that anon but she sure does seem narcissistic - narcissism on its own isn’t a diagnosis. One can have a big ego, be conceited & be obsessed with themselves and their looks without having narcissistic personality disorder (Luna).

Pretty sure that’s not what they meant. Luna said “heroin is my medicine” the same way people exaggerate things for reblogs or upvotes or whatever. That Apt guy was literally saying that his use of heroin and meth is a positive thing ~when the planets align~ because he purely uses a medicinal dose for medical purposes

(convinently he doesn’t mention what health problem he has exactly to require treatment with very occasional meth or H use but ok)

No. 629494

She got the workbook from amazon. It is readily available.

No. 629501

shes into ddlg, someone asks this every thread and it just shows how many people are here that dont bother to read the threads at all. she used to be openly ddlg. she just doesn't talk about it explicitly anymore because so many people recognize it as being creepy now.

No. 629502

Luna has focussed her entire life and identity on heroin, so I don't think there is that much difference between her and cult guy. He just puts more effort into his bullshit.

No. 629549

File: 1548312893102.jpg (133.42 KB, 943x470, aptpolice2.jpg)

Courtesy of KF. They are considering making a thread on him.

>Interestingly enough, schizo jesus and his child bride were just arrested a couple of weeks ago. He is currently facing felony charges for loitering, resisting arrest, and assaulting a police officer. His 19-year-old wife's mother bailed them out of jail.

>You can search for the full 6-page police report by typing in his name here.


No. 629551

File: 1548312918998.jpg (48.46 KB, 933x110, aptpolice.jpg)

No. 629573

File: 1548315718268.png (823.89 KB, 800x1146, apt arrest1.png)


This happened outside of his residence.

No. 629574

File: 1548315747750.png (580.09 KB, 800x834, apt arrest2.png)

No. 629717


he kinda looks like Reggie Ledoux from True Detective in that picture.

No. 629831

Christ. Luna really knows how to pick them, doesn't she?

No. 629907

luna’s not in denial about her addiction though, she’s certainly in denial about a lot of other things but from her old blogs she definitely knew she was an addict, she just doesn’t publicize it so that she can scam ppl. her life is all about heroin because that’s what addiction entails. the cult guy seems seriously fucked up, luna’s a massive cow but imo that guy is on a whole new level (see his arrest papers)

wow he managed to fight the cop off after being tased? damn

No. 629910

Fuck, he’s never been more lucky he was white. Imagine a black dude doing this shit and not getting shot.

No. 630066

Wasn't Luna also somehow friends with another scam artist with delusions of grandeur some time back? A hypnotherapist of some sort? It's very odd that she's ended up associating with figures like this more than once.

No. 630227

Honestly, why not shoot the dude? He was seriously projecting threat to the officer. I am 1000% against police brutality, but seems as if he was sketchy, threatening and psychotic

No. 630344

File: 1548374010044.png (152.4 KB, 697x928, image.png)

Ah, this was the guy:


Hopefully for Luna's sake this is just some weird one-off grifting attempt.

No. 630676

>The tazer had no effect

Ah, the power of meth and schizophrenia.

If this retard had kept his fucking mouth shut none of this would have even happened lmao. This guy is a cow himself, but I don't think we'll get much milk after he's in prison for flashing a handgun at an officer.

No. 630677

Shooting the mentally ill looks really bad, even if they are violent druggies.

No. 630691

I don't think either of them are in denial, they just use different ways to justify it. And no, her addiction to the (imagined) aesthetic and everything else that makes her a cow puts her beyond a regular addict.

Slippery slope. If they relax policy on shooting offenders, a lot more people will end up dead in questionable circumstances.
As another anon pointed out, does help that he's white.

No. 630788

jfc this is nuts. also loling at the cop whining that the wife recording him made it sooo much harder to do his job

No. 630792

Yeah, I have a feeling she wasn’t sitting off to the side quietly recording but rather shoving the camera in his face and trying to provoke a reaction that would get them drug money.

No. 630826

Shes not that much worse off than she would be with an art school degree. Maybe she wouldn't have gotten so deep into dope, at best she'd maybe have a little bit of a work ethic from being expected to turn in assignments and attend class and stuff, but if she had actually focused on her art after dropping out instead of her addiction she probably would have been better off than if shed wasted 4 years on a worthless degree

No. 631013


I agreed the degree it’self is inherently worthless but it’s almost impossible to get relevant work and internship experience without being in school and it’s impossibly now to get a job in art (galleries, working for artist/designers etc) without repeat demonstrated internship experience.

A person can become a freelance artist without working anywhere, but that would require a immense amount of social networking and where do most people network? Through job and education related extended social networks. Dropping out of school was probably the single dumbest decision Luna ever made.

No. 631056

She doesn't lack networking imo. She lacks consistency and work ethic. She has a post where she did a cutout style drawing and it got a lot of likes and comments and she was like "definitely gonna do more" but did nothing. Explain that.
And it's not like she doesn't have the time, when she's lounging playing games or using social media all the time. She basically dropped out because she didn't want to grow up and take responsibility for herself as an adult.

No. 631103

Chasing one meth addled schizophrenic with a weapon while another meth addled schizophrenic gets in your face with a camera and the "am I being detained" schtick sounds a tad unnerving.

No. 632282

No. 633090

She hasn't posted on IG in 10 days. Did she get a job or a secret account?

No. 633103

Probably just too high to post.

No. 633417

File: 1548733921201.png (1.6 MB, 1125x6480, 07587CB8-8F7A-454A-8517-79324F…)

This is funny because while sam ray was a heroin addict he’s said repeatedly that song is about a surrealist tweet and not actually very deep or about drugs

No. 633597

File: 1548751596093.jpg (40.23 KB, 500x292, IMG_20190129_104435.jpg)

Oh, btw Luna please read this

No. 633619

File: 1548759395327.jpg (525.74 KB, 3840x2160, 3385473-Layne-Staley-Quote-I-w…)


And this.

No. 633755

If it were a rider waite printed sometime in the 70s, it would be kinda neat, however considering how its one of the few things Luna has that isn't decked in grime i suspect very much it is not and she's just saying that for attention.

It looks a lot like the plain old 100th anniversary print that came out in 2009.

I have a rider waite that came from probably the late 80s. Its really not that big of a deal. And even that one is slightly faded even though it's never been used much, no way is that one she took from her dad from the 70s.

I just find it really funny as a tarot sperg that she tries to make the standard deck people have used since 1910 as some big deal bc she might have one printed in the 70s.

The really cool and unusual decks are from limited runs usually only published in certain countries. There's also discontinued ones that are tricky to find. I have one of the harder to find discontinued ones that was somewhat popular but its not worth anything, in terms of shit that would be worth actual money.

Tl;dr there's nothing really special or notable about Luna's tarot deck even among tarot spergs and that deck is not from the 70s. Just one more oddly specific and hilarious thing that is mundane and she tries to spice up as sooper special and unique.

No. 633791

yeah people can even romanticize with writing relating to the hell of heroin addiction, a kind of “I wish I was that bad so people could pity me!!!!” 5 years wait for that massive regret. same with other mental disorders especially stuff like self harm.

however it’s so fucking frustrating and confusing how luna’s been addicted for years and yet still writes fairly nostalgically about shit like “i was a heroin addict before I ever tried heroin bc all my fav celebs were heroin addicts!!!!!”. as if she still is in the rose colored glasses stage of addiction…. and tbh, now that I think about it… Lurch probably supplies her with enough to not get sick, her mom lets her stay in her house to use, I’m sure her mom has food, Luna doesn’t have to worry about work or school or anything, she also doesn’t have to worry about getting money for dope (I’m almost positive lurch deals, how else can they afford drugs). she hasn’t really lost anything (I call BS on her massive grief over roger, she’s probably just grieving for his money). All she does is sit around and worry about nothing while getting high

No. 635245

File: 1549015131070.png (422.17 KB, 511x819, luna2.png)

From KF

No. 635283

>that hand
That's not her hand.. is it? Did she guilt her dad into buying a pass for her with the intent to sell it for drug money?

No. 635311

Could be lochness Lurch’s hand

No. 635332

Charaties give these out, im guessing thats where it came from

No. 635408

Fuck that’s actually a really good deal for 30 day unlimited. I would 110% pay for that and even meet her Gerlim ass for it but I don’t have her added on social media

No. 635536

She was trying to sell this awhile back also. Unless she got another new one shes trying to sell.
Not sure how you buy these but is it possible she stole it and its not even activated yet/useless?

No. 635592

maybe one of lurch’s customers gave him this for dope. this kinda thing and gift cards is usually worth like 30-50% its value

No. 635883

subway tickets dont need to be activated, u buy them on the machine and u have to pay on the spot before ur issued one. maybe she got it from a follower or smthn who believes her stories and shes trying to sell it? idk

No. 636067

File: 1549167066657.png (498.84 KB, 587x1137, Capture _2019-02-02-22-06-28.p…)

I wonder what drug "fries" is code for.

"Our H here yet"

No. 636068

File: 1549167088368.png (909.31 KB, 720x931, Capture _2019-02-02-22-09-01.p…)

No. 636071

File: 1549167337165.png (Spoiler Image,540.29 KB, 711x516, Capture _2019-02-02-22-13-03.p…)

Floppy tit warning.

And TONS of trackmarks holy shit!

No. 636072

he's so enthusiastic lol

>I don't have access to any medication!!!

No. 636163

File: 1549184407351.png (575.15 KB, 612x570, w01gmjo.png)

Found the proof where she said she'll inherit her dad's apartment.

No. 636165

No wonder she was so pressed when it almost burnt down, kek

No. 636179


If she does inherit his apartment and its contents, you just know all of the beautiful antiques and sentimental objects he has collected over his lifetime will be pawned for drugs.

No. 636184

she probably just covers them up with concealor in other pics, these aren’t all very fresh. what the fuck is wrong with her claiming that she’s clean and doesn’t use needles then posts this shit along with a blatant “is the heroin here” here >>636067

I refuse to believe she just missed that text, I refuse to believe she doesn’t know everyones gonna notice those track marks. so why does she hide drug use to scam one day and not the next? the fuck is going on

No. 636188


To be honest, I think the 'H' might have been be a typo and should have said 'U'

No. 636194

That unfiltered photo of her is straight out of a horror movie.

>I get it when he dies LOL
Now I remember why I truly hate Luna. She uses everyone around her and thinks she's entitled to everything. She'll steal drugs and money from you and then turn around and go "You're still going to let me stay over right? uwu"

No. 636196

The ones on the arm with a heart tattoo look like cutting scars, and then the requiem for a dream shit in the crook of her arm doesnt look that fresh, it just looks like at one point it was really badly infected and had to be drained. I cant really see the other arm well but i dont see any red or inflamed or fresh-looking marks in this one. I wouldnt be shocked if she cant use the veins in her hands/arms after 4(?) years of clumsy IV drug use, the fresh ones are probably on the feet/thigh

No. 636204

File: 1549206749332.png (213.62 KB, 480x641, the planet venus luis ricardo.…)

New post on IG in two weeks. No word to why she hasn't posted.

No. 636209

It would be pretty amusing if her dad wrote a will and put the apartment and her inheritance in trust so she couldn't sell it or whatever, or wrote her out of the will all together. I know if my kid was actively wishing I died, and calling me evil and telling the world how awful I was (meanwhile I was providing clean clothes, and allowance, a phone and food and shelter), they wouldn't see a dime from me.

No. 636210

after 5 years of IVing, lots of veins have been subjected to abuse, becoming hardened or even bursting. scar tissue is hard to pierce though. it’s not about being clumsy it’s that it becomes harder and harder to use a vein after prolonged injection.

those are in no way shape or form cutting scars, the reason they are straight and long is because there’s veins going that exact direction in that part of her arm, she just injected along them

I’ve seen some scabs on her hands in pictures but she alternates veins so we wouldnt be able to see large fresh marks from that picture anyways, scabs can disappear within a week

this is 100% from injection you guys lol

No. 636238

Yep, she didn't care about her dad, only her future apartment.

No. 636251

File: 1549220387665.jpg (232.98 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_pmc6m4YfNe1w1d39p_1280.…)

She stores her MacBook and other junk on top of Roger's earthly remains! Good God… Anon was right >>>/pt/618321

No. 636268

> I know if my kid was actively wishing I died, and calling me evil and telling the world how awful I was……they wouldn't see a dime from me.

her father is a piece of shit if he gives her anything regardless, she’s an addict who doesn’t want to get better. if he loves his child there is NO way he’d be ok with enabling her like that. it’s not a matter of him feeling bad for her having no money and being angry at him, a loving father would recognize that giving her anything feeds her addiction and ultimately will kill her

No. 636344

File: 1549237650832.gif (498.42 KB, 500x283, giphy (1).gif)

She cries crocodile tears about how Roger was like her real father and how she can barely live without him and then uses his remains to hold her junk.

No. 636346

that box is already damp and dented and weakening from the photo she showed before. its going to collapse. Its going to collapse and puff out a roger cloud. Not even hitler's remains were disrespected like that. jesus fuck.

No. 636405


Agreed. Otherwise it would read, "Is h here yet?" rather than, "Are h here yet?" She wouldn't mistype "are" for "our". Anons are really reaching.

When he says, "I wish 2 minutes" he means that he wishes that he was there and that he is 2 minutes away.

Where did that screencap come from, anyway?

No. 636408


Good thing cremains are placed in a sealed, thick bag.

No. 636446

She posted that screencap on Tumblr

No. 636524

Half pressed and half hoping her dad died in the fire probably.

No. 636556

File: 1549305971502.png (340.71 KB, 820x592, 1253776e5r.png)

>>cos he says it's me
Fucking lol, sure tuna, sure. You look more like that retarded fat baby in the background but w/e you say.

No. 636557

File: 1549306315866.jpg (Spoiler Image,59.21 KB, 594x792, f37f7e845575bb511be79ffe465635…)

She looks like Annabelle lmao

No. 636559

Dont say that she would take that as a compliment to her aesthetic lol thats literally what shes TRYING to pull off

No. 636644

Lol, nobody is reaching. It all just seemed like an honest mistake..1st anon read “are” to be “our” (or was making a joke by mentioning a freudian slip), and the 2nd anon read “are” to be “is” or maybe read 1st anon’s post but not the actual picture

I wonder if she genuinely is this marcissistic and sees her body to be way more physically appealing (more of general’s society standard of beauty) as if people would consider her curvy and sexy instead of pale, saggy and lumpy.

It would explain the countless selfies abd pics of her body and her claims that she’s losing weight when you can’t see it. Some pics are just obviously unattractive no matter how high on heroin you are. Plus if she had as lowbody image as claimed, the ugly pics she posts high would get deleted sober

No. 636844

File: 1549340403656.png (29.17 KB, 480x236, tumblr.png)

She's really trying you guys uwu

No. 636864

White comforter?! Bold move. Taking bets on how much time we have before it's caked in filth, blood, and fecal matter

No. 636876


Has this bitch not heard of a duvet cover? Her parents seem perfectly civilized.


The Planet of Venus (1882) by Luis Ricardo Falero

No. 636908

It's not just that she's high as fuck, it's also isolation. She'd be getting very little feedback to interrupt her thinking, and when she does, it's 'abuse!1!!' She talks herself into it, pretends to be her idols for a while, then crashes. Drink pee from juice bottle, repeat.

so next up will probably be muh dbt workbook uwu

No. 636954

Is she a CSA survivor? Because "i was molested" trauma aesthetic memes are all over her blog now

No. 636956


eh? I counted one reblog that could be interpreted that way and it was near the bottom of the first page

No. 636974

Its always one or two posts in every reblogging spree but almost any blog she reposts her "soft sick angel bby uwu" pics from are specifically trauma/csa blogs (anything with a name like Babypuke or dollblood or rottingcherub is usually a CSA blog and she follows a ton of them)

No. 637125

She's never mentioned being molested, and she definitely would if she had been. She uses bad events that happened to OTHER PEOPLE for pity, if she had more baggage she'd 100% tell people about it. "I was molested" is a much better excuse for being addicted to heroin than "my parents were addicts and my grandma basically killed herself and I just knew I would be an addict." And we know that she has 0 social filter so she wouldn't keep it secret. She mentions in her poetry liking childish things "because she never had a childhood", but I don't see anything to suggest that - I think she's making up excuses but doesn't have anything specifically serious to pin it on.

She fetishises those CSA accounts, like a lot of spoilt, sheltered white girls on tumblr into DD/LG. She wants to be a victim of something, exhibit A >>627233 where she literally rubbed ash into her face to look more pathetic. Also it's a fairly big Tumblr community and Luna has always tried to keep up with fads there - she was a columbiner for a while, she went SJW for a while ("small dick jokes invalidate trans men!"), the "harm reduction/narcan" worship seemed like it was taken from social media. I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting, but Luna has always followed/shared tumblr edge for the aesthetic.

No. 637148

Excellent post, anon. If Luna had been a victim of CSA then we wouldn't hear the end of it. Unfortunately (mostly) tumblr has made trauma and mental illness fashionable because it gives somebody a more legitimate opinion for whatever reason and adds false depth and complexity to somebody's character without them having to actually do something significant. At the end of the day Luna is largely a product of tumblr.

No. 637194

she's been traumatised by her mother telling her she needs to find her own place.

No. 637497

File: 1549489105785.jpeg (873.1 KB, 1242x1938, D06E5C87-F45D-40B1-B768-73900B…)

No. 637502

I’m so sick of hearing about Tuna’s uwu so tragic frail delicate eating disorder. The same way that she romanticizes drugs, CSA, and BPD, she romanticizes eating disorders. She’s been ~struggling~ for years, but has she ever been diagnosed? Feeling sad cos you’re fat and skipping your usual meal of chips, candy and Coca-Cola here and there isn’t an eating disorder.

No. 637503

i really doubt anyone in the ed community would send this to her without eing explicitly asked.

Tumblr is pretty careful about that sort of thing cause they know they can get reported/banned really easily for that kinda stuff

No. 637558

I wouldn't be surprised if she made the account and sent the message herself. It's just another opportunity to show how ~tortured~ and ~bullied~ she is for validation. Everyone that knows anything about eating disorders knows that people who suffer with them don't actually give a fuck about what other people look like. The negative thoughts completely revolve around the person suffering from the disorder.

No. 637590

the blog is relatively new and it's only 13 pages but there's some personal posts that mention family and it doesn't reek of luna's tone

No. 637637

File: 1549508395238.png (290.84 KB, 480x663, mnvvk.png)

I don't understand her 60lbs weight loss because she looks the same in this 7 years old pic. She even wore this dress in the last year.

No. 637641

I am pretty sure she is referring to the weight she has been fluctuating for the last several years.

No. 637651

And yet this is the cow that brags about how skinny she looks because "I haven't eaten for daaaays"

No. 637659

lol this, she's either lying or she's going off the difference between her highest weight and lowest weight, at any point in her lifetime.

and now she's trying to act like she permanently lost that weight due to an ~eating disorder~ when she's just a fatty that's too poor to eat the last week of the month - which causes her to lose small amounts of weight before she eats whipped cream from the can a week later.

No. 637729

File: 1549534558461.jpg (59.96 KB, 500x750, 1531443076025.jpg)


I don't recall seeing that dress. Do you mean this dress that she dug out of the hoard her mom held onto?

No. 637730

File: 1549534602421.png (278.87 KB, 703x1138, 1531421951141.png)


Posted last July.

No. 637743

Yes, this was the dress, thank you! I realized the neckline was different too late, because the pattern was similar.

No. 637747

She actually looks thinner in this photo than I think I’ve ever seen her. Does she mean she gained 120 lbs from here and then lost 60 or what?

Muh smol pale aesthetic kawaii eating disorder~

No. 637768

I don't want to be 'that guy' but not everybody with an eating disorder is thin and not every eating disorder is exclusively restrictive. If chubby Luna was what she looked like while she was well cared for, supervised, reasonably healthy, etc then the sallow, sagging skin draped over the bones of a Sasquatch and lightly padded with memory foam very well could be what her body looks like when she doesn't eat. Especially since she goes up and down the same 50lbs constantly, most people with ED eventually start to yo-yo because the body wants to survive and slows the metabolism to accommodate the lack of food. Thats why most ED girls never get to spoopy skelly level. She never used the term anorexic so I don't think it is really a lie since the way she is eating while using heroin (long periods of no appetite followed by intense sugar craving binges) falls into a pattern that would be qualified as an eating disorder. She plays it up for coddling but given the fact that she went from plump to average in a short period with no exercise or mention of healthy lifestyle changes it isn't armchairing to point out that she probably isn't lying, just exaggerating the restriction aspect and keeping silent about binging.

Also she absolutely asked for that message, its a big thing in the ED community on tumblr its called "meanspo" and there are accounts where people contact to request it sent to them.

Also @ the CSA anon, its the 'edgy' aesthetic on tumblr at the moment but I wouldn't be shocked if the molested-aesthetic doesnt rejuvenate the bawwing about getting her bum touched at that concert.

No. 637770

self-diagnosing any mental illness is peak tumblr. While she might have problems with eating and binging, a fuckton of people have problems with food and don't self diagnose eating disorders. Never heard any other fatty say "I have an eating disorder, don't judge my flabby and clearly unhealthy body" before, just seems like bullshit to me.

She's never been dangerously underweight, even when she was "thin" she was still on the heavier side. There's never been a point in her life where "here's some advice, lose some weight" would be ~triggering~ and a horrible thing to say. People are just trying to help her, she whines in her poetry about not feeling beautiful enough, and wanting to be an angel that wastes away in bed… she isn't achieving her incredibly shallow dream because she's too fat.

If she had a constant supply of heroin, she wouldn't have an "eating disorder." her appetite would be fine and she wouldn't be dopesick (vomiting, the sweats and diarrhoea will affect weight). Being addicted to heroin isn't an eating disorder imo. She's not restricting or purging, she's just too poor (or sick) to eat regularly, and then brags about the weight she's involuntarily lost.

No. 637773

File: 1549562080714.jpeg (Spoiler Image,570.04 KB, 750x1103, 1547413432653.jpeg)

doubleposting, spoilering kinda off-topic pic - but to prove my point not even Momokun explicitly claims to have an eating disorder, and I'd legitimately believe she had one.

If luna was honest and said she had problems with food, I'd be a lot less bitchy about this, she's just trying to get extra pity points on tumblr by joining the #EDNOS crew. Self diagnosis is the most aggravating shit lol.

No. 637776

Do we have any definitive list of her professional VS self diagnosis? Does she HAVE any professional diagnosis?

Also fat "anorexics" (actually EDNOES because anorexia diagnosis has a BMI requirement) are shockingly common. Like I said, some people's bodies respond to caloric restriction by hoarding tissue, and if somebody started from a high weight there is really only so much weight you can starve off before your organs say fuck you and shut down. The majority of women who died of ED related causes are within what is considered a normal/healthy BMI range.
Most spoopy girls are very naturally thin and then have the ED on top of that. An eating disorder is a behavioral disorder, not a weight disorder. She fixates on thinness/smallness (especially in her shitty poems). She requests meanspo. Her behaviors are pretty in-line with her claims, which is rare enough for Luna that I at least believe that SHE BELIEVES that she has an ED.

Also fuck people who self diagnose, does she really not have anything on paper? All she talks about is how "muh mental illness i need heroin and xanax for muh mental illness i cant even put in an application for a part time job because muh mental illness" IDK why but since its the entire center of her life/personality I figured she had to have had SOME diagnosis. Its not like she couldn't afford testing, her dad has money, and its not even like testing would require her to stop being an addict.(okay Dr. Phil)

No. 637778

She hasn't seen a therapist since she got her borderline diagnosis. In the older threads there are facebook screenshots of her describing her mental health. She's been seeing a shrink since 5 apparently, was diagnosed with bipolar at some point, and then finally borderline when she turned 18. I don't know how legit that is, but that's what she claimed.

The eating disorder stuff started after that, she's never claimed to be formally diagnosed with anything other than borderline. She briefly went to group therapy in 2017, but they kicked her out after she lied and told them she was clean, then failed a drug test. I doubt they would have formally diagnosed her there, she was only going for like a month tops.

> An eating disorder is a behavioral disorder, not a weight disorder.

Her behaviour doesn't suggest she has a problem with food afaik. She doesn't have any "no go" foods, she eats anything that's offered to her, the only time she talks about being unable to eat is when she physically doesn't have any food in the house. Once she complained about some food they gave her at therapy but that was because she didn't like how ~cheap~ microwave pizzas are.

I agree that Luna THINKS she has an eating disorder, but I dont see any disordered behaviour. I think she just emulates anas off tumblr, and thats why she fixates on waifish figures. There are a lot of wannarexics online that fixate over thinspo and all the "aesthetic" of the illness, but might not necessarily partake in the harsher side of it. Hell, apparently it's enough of a thing to require a wiki page lol https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wannarexia

No. 637787


Tumblr is where Tuna draws her personality. Eating disorder shit is still a thing there, therefore Luna has one too.

"Losing weight unhealthily" aka drugs without having to mention drugs

No. 637789

File: 1549568256088.png (406.3 KB, 499x739, 1508377463454.png)

Pic credit >>>/pt/452650. Sounds like she purposely did starving and puking to lose weight faster.

No. 637794

tbh if she had a constant supply of heroin she would be much thinner, heroin/fentanyl makes you not give a shit about eating - you’re too busy nodding. I think she initially lost some weight bc of meth or crack, didn’t lurch say he only used meth daily? one shot of meth and she’ll be queasy and with no appetite the whole day!

can people stop this shit, there’s tons of farmers who know a lot about their EDs, seeing massive walls of text as if you’re trying to educate all of lolcow is really bothersome. everything in the second paragraph is pointless after the first sentence

No. 637962


Plenty of fat opiate junkies out there because it makes you crave sugar, especially if they're smoking weed to control the nausea and counter the appetite suppressing effects.

No. 638017


>I'm trying to only lose weight healthy now

Oh, I didn't know the healthy way of losing weight was to do pills and heroin, only eat junk food, never drink water and absolutely not doing anything that could burn calories.

No. 638028

Incoming ED sperg.
>If chubby Luna was what she looked like while she was well cared for, supervised, reasonably healthy

She was a teen and not on heroin.

>then the sallow, sagging skin draped over the bones of a Sasquatch and lightly padded with memory foam very well could be what her body looks like when she doesn't eat

Saggy skin is a normal result of weight loss, and her skin elasticity is worse than average. Also she lives off of heroin, cigarettes, and McDonald's. Of course she looks like shit.

>Especially since she goes up and down the same 50lbs constantly

She doesn't yoyo that much.

>most people with ED eventually start to yo-yo because the body wants to survive and slows the metabolism to accommodate the lack of food

This is fat logic bullshit resulting from a faulty extrapolation of the findings of the Minnesota starvation study from the 1940s. Yoyo dieting doesn't make your metabolism bottom out. It's just what people tell themselves when they can't keep the weight off, so they don't have to admit that they're not being consistent with their diet and exercise.

>Thats why most ED girls never get to spoopy skelly level.

No, they don't get to that point because losing that much weight is fucking difficult; you always feel physically terrible, and you have to be obsessively careful with your food.

>(long periods of no appetite followed by intense sugar craving binges) falls into a pattern that would be qualified as an eating disorder

Intentional restricting and then binging would be an ED. Sometimes not having an appetite and then sometimes eating a lot would not.

>the fact that she went from plump to average in a short period with no exercise or mention of healthy lifestyle changes

It really wasn't a short period. Also you'd be amazed how quickly you can lose weight if you no longer have easy access to fattening food. She lost weight because she wasn't living at home, raiding her parent's fridge any longer.

>Also fat "anorexics" (actually EDNOES because anorexia diagnosis has a BMI requirement) are shockingly common.

Because a lot of fatties can't handle eating normal amounts, so when they finally snap, they resort to starvation to lose weight. If they keep it up, they'll reach bonelord status, unless they fuck up their nutrition levels enough that that kills them early.

> if somebody started from a high weight there is really only so much weight you can starve off before your organs say fuck you and shut down

Again, only if they fuck up their nutrition levels enough, and even then, they'll still probably be able to reach bonelord status before they kick the bucket. If you don't believe me, go check out some pictures from Nazi concentration camps and their mass graves. Lots of Ashley Isaacs dopplegangers, not a lot of healthy or fat bodies.

>The majority of women who died of ED related causes are within what is considered a normal/healthy BMI range.

lolno. Anorexics, who have to have a low enough BMI to warrant that diagnosis, are something like 4 times as likely to die as bulimics/EDNOS. And bulimics usually die because binging and purging screws with your electrolytes, etc. something fierce. They're not dying because they actually starved themselves to death.

>Most spoopy girls are very naturally thin and then have the ED on top of that.

Most "naturally thin" girls are lying about, or inaccurately gauging, their CI/CO. Plus eating 500 fewer calories and dropping 20lbs (going from thin to underweight) is quicker and easier than eating 1500 fewer calories and dropping 120 lbs (going from fat to underweight), so that's what you see more commonly.

>She fixates on thinness/smallness

Tons of women do. Plus she suffered the first-hand shame of being a fat girl, so of course she's stuck on it.

>She requests meanspo

Because she WANTS to have an ED, and is hoping meanspo will give her the strength to stop eating.(Cool story, Travis Stork)

No. 638030

Translation: "I no longer overeat as much as I used to, and heroin withdrawal makes me throw up. Sometimes, when I'm hungry, I wait several whole minutes before chowing down, which in my mind counts as restriction, and one time I induced about a teaspoon of vomiting. PITY ME!"

No. 638049

no nodding and spending all of your time trying to do and get more dope overpowers the craving for sugar,its why when ppl get on suboxone and methadone they gain a lot of weight - you’re not getting high but you still crave sugar. it’s honestly pretty rare to be a broke heroin addict and be fat like luna, when your financial situation hits rock bottom as an addict literally all your money is going towards dope

No. 638104

File: 1549651796424.jpg (390.44 KB, 956x1280, tumblr_pmja61mPk81w1d39p_1280.…)

Another cherub drawing with Raggedy Ann nose.

No. 638249

What in tarnation is going on with that fucking face!? Truly horrible Wtf Lmao!

No. 638341

She must've been high as fuck while she drew this. It's even worse than her other drawings.

No. 638346


Or she found the Poopchan thread.

No. 638370

File: 1549722155782.png (7 KB, 462x91, upload_2019-2-5_22-36-49.png)


A kiwi posted caps of her posts in a Bojack fan art Facebook group.

No. 638372

File: 1549722271945.png (23.97 KB, 475x390, upload_2019-2-5_22-37-35.png)


There are a few more, but I'm just posting those relevant to recent discussions.

No. 638373

File: 1549722325530.jpg (92.67 KB, 500x666, tumblr5.jpg)

Looks like she "found" more makeup.

No. 638374

File: 1549722365877.png (829.09 KB, 1012x634, tumblr1.png)

No. 638375

File: 1549722475856.png (713.74 KB, 1487x814, fb3.png)

Someone started a fan group.




No. 638376

"Luckily" she met Matthew. Yeah, the course of her life has only been going up since she hooked up with that great guy.

No. 638377

File: 1549722604413.gif (Spoiler Image,1.42 MB, 500x500, 5d3334ee274e7023bef05d55868eed…)


Her track marks are even more visible in gif format.

No. 638378

this haaas to be a troll i find it so hard to believe someone would do this sincerely……. but then again people still send her money so who the fuck knows

No. 638379

File: 1549722655628.gif (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 500x500, 6e0b648d9cc8bdd679d3ab334549ed…)

No. 638380

File: 1549722792475.gif (Spoiler Image,1.64 MB, 500x500, 7df10b25a2e8051b1117c31fa80eb5…)

No. 638394

>>638380 are those track marks in her belly or just bruises? i dont know anything about IV use

No. 638401

anon, it's definitely a troll.

it's not even very funny, it reminds me of those dumb abby brown facebook hate groups except unsuccessful

No. 638516

Looks like a stain on the night gown to me.

No. 638551


ironic because the admin has an abby brown picture on their profile

No. 638568

At least she stole makeup wipes too this time

No. 638714


fries is slang for xanax

No. 638751

lmao the fact that she thinks she’s 175 lbs at 5’9 makes me laugh. that would put her in the same weight range as someone like jordanshrinks (who is the same height, google her). to maintain being as chubby as luna at 5’9 you’d have to be at least around 200. although there is the possibility that because she has virtually zero muscle mass from being lazy, she looks larger.

No. 638792

File: 1549833529096.jpeg (200.98 KB, 640x1043, 33A07297-EA1A-49F1-BA7E-A92144…)

No. 638818

Im guessing she has a sideblog or something because she never tags ana shit on her main tumblr

No. 638870

oh god I want to know that blog

No. 639028

File: 1549899002355.jpeg (502.86 KB, 1125x1180, AA6CF199-46ED-4AFA-8BDB-A60FDA…)

i have her muted so i didn’t see this message until today jesus christ

No. 639029

File: 1549899042495.jpeg (205.8 KB, 1125x633, 78397591-DA9C-4D96-88B2-24D3CB…)

cool story luna

No. 639030

oh no does she need cash because of that???

No. 639031

You can't use a card for a different state… what is the truth, Luna?

No. 639033

lmao and also new york medical marijuana only covers edibles and tinctures/vapes. it’s rec now in massachusettes though so maybe he just drove there and bought some? you dont need a mass id to buy rec (am from ny but go to school in mass and i can use my ny id to buy weed there)

No. 639070

Unless her dad has AIDS or late stage cancer he does not have a NY weed card

No. 639076

livejournal-bitch most likely knows it if she saw her in the tags and contacted luna on her main

No. 639206

It's actually fairly easy to get a marijuana card in NY.

No. 639918

don't give her ideas

No. 640032

I just remembered that she has 2 cats, right?? She hasn’t posted about them in ages but I can only assume they must be alright or we would have heard about them. Here’s hoping, at least

No. 640033

I wish I could blogpost about my experience with trying to get medical in NY because there is so much red tape that it might as well not be legal, but I wont.

I seriously doubt her dad has access to medical marijuana. If he DOES, this post she made could get it cut off in an instant because he shared it.

If her dad had any sort of diagnosed illness that would entitle him to a pot card, she wpould be all over it.
"Boo hoo my dad has cancer/aids"
"boo hoo my abusive father has [insert mental illness here] and it is ruining my life"
"boo hoo my father was in an accident and has chronic pain"

Plus, like another anon said, they don't give out nugs in NY. He would get a pen.

Im suspicious about the xanax in the house being prescribed as well, because she isnt receiving treatment of any kind and if somebody in her house had a diagnosis on paper she would be CONSTANTLY throwing their diagnosis around as "woe is me I have to live with somebody with [X condition]". Plenty of junkies trade xanax for dope.

Also if Lurch is selling fent-tainted dope he could kill somebody, is it cowtipping to mention this to law enforcement? Im really worried because I have alot of friends in his area who do heroin and Im sick of going to funerals, and I sort of feel like if we all know this is happening and don't tell anybody official, we could have the blood on our hands from whoever dies from one of his bad batches. Not going to make the call myself if it counts as cow-tipping but does that rule have any sort of exception for people who are actively putting the lives of others in danger?(cowtipping)

No. 640042

i mean this is an anon website, u kno u arent actually going to get in to trouble for cowtipping right, if ur worried about ur friends dying u dont need to ask permission here lmao

No. 640044

I doubt law enforcement will act on a tip based on the implication that some small time dealer, selling to support his habit, MAYBE is selling fent laced heroin based on one anonymous post claiming such and a picture of a what looks like syringe with clear liquid inside. As entertaining as that would be, I don’t think it’s realistic. If you actually bought from him that would be different. I don’t lurch is long for this earth one way or another, I give him to about 50 at most with his years of abusing drugs. Anyone know his exact age? I know it’s something like early 40s.

No. 640115

lmao that bit was just virtue signalling imo

i'm hoping she offloaded them at her dad's for better care

No. 640125

She posted one of her cats a few days ago. See:

No. 640127


yeah it is, I got a medcard for post-surgical pain it's really not that hard u just gotta know the right MD

No. 640128

>Plenty of junkies trade xanax for dope
Could be Easter Island statue is dealing dope again and gets xanas as payment.

No. 640195

Luna has said in the past that her dad has Hep C and she can’t wait for him to die from it.

No. 640238

they can cure it though now? i guess it would be expensive in america lol oh well

No. 640267

He should sell his apartment and get the treatment (it’s around $100,000), screw Luna’s inheritance!

No. 640647

File: 1550326461093.png (52.12 KB, 800x461, Screenshot_2019-02-16-06-11-13…)

No Friday update post from Jon Webster, but what's this about her mom attacking her and breaking her finger?

No. 640649

I got the same thing. Didn't open the message for a long while, I was triggered just reading the first words. Her mom broke her pinky finger and she sent pics too.

No. 640654

So why not post caps?

No. 640887

when will she take the hint and move her and lurch out of her mother's tiny apartment? she must be so fed up with them.

No. 640906

File: 1550376662586.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.13 KB, 702x808, yixKwZQ.jpg)

No. 640956

Oh yea u right, I think I black out when I see pics of Lurch cuz he’s so spooky

I really thought they had 2 tho, she only ever posts pics of the 1 but maybe I’m misremembering??

No. 640959

File: 1550389471195.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1515, 47647040-BFC9-4FBD-A603-404F3B…)

She does have two cats I’ll attach pics from her insta. She usually posts pictures of the fuzzy looking black one though. She hasn’t posted pictures of the gray short haired cat lately…hope it’s ok

No. 640960

File: 1550389500400.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1445, 91B71354-20EF-4DCD-A542-7FE94B…)

No. 640962

Seeing her in a bra is so fucking alien after what feels like a lifetime of sad saggers in grandma’s nightgown. How hard is she sucking in here?

No. 641001

File: 1550406996864.png (Spoiler Image,192.69 KB, 480x819, dm.png)

No. 641005

Though I usually believe people who say they are abused (because abusers can put on a "kind face" in public and be another person entirely in private)…unfortunately, I don't believe Luna because she lies. So. Damn. Much.
I really do wonder if she just fucked up her finger while high and is now blaming her mother to get pity bux.

No. 641028

Pure speculation but I've always had it in my head that her mom would be rough with her when luna's nodded out. I'd sure as shit be rough with her if I was a recovering addict having to look after her all day.

That injury doesn't look like it was inflicted by somebody else tho, looks like she trapped her hand in a door or fell over high or something. Interesting she didn't try to show her punched face.

She's no stranger to lying about injuries, there was that time lurch fell over during a withdrawal seizure and she tried to claim he'd been mugged.

No. 641035

>she pinched my in the face
lol oh no luna why don't you move out? wait you can't till your dad dies and maybe leaves you his apartment, oh well nothing else to be done about it

No. 641040

lol I hadn't noticed all the auto-correct errors, she normally only does that shit when she's so high her eyes point in different directions.

No. 641145


That's what a jammed finger looks like. The bruise and swelling is concentric around the joint and her finger is swelling below the joint. I have broken two by jamming them.

No. 641164

File: 1550452672724.png (475 KB, 549x583, 0173535.png)

mini instagram dump. nothing has changed, still gross yet thinks she looks decent, looks like she might be at her fathers place but I really don't know, appears doped up, same old same old.

No. 641165

File: 1550452752491.png (517.21 KB, 872x596, 0118223.png)

Finger looks fine to me… minus the strange black mould on her pinky nail. new nails too, always find it interesting how she has enough money to get fake nails, or perhaps just steal them.

No. 641166

File: 1550452821165.png (469.75 KB, 814x596, 98172834.png)

Which ever anon mentioned that she's looking more and more like Lurch is definitely on to something. She's even got the same pubestach also.

No. 641168

File: 1550452903282.png (Spoiler Image,445.81 KB, 856x575, ihgey.png)

Not sure if this is her dads place or not. Glad to see her leeching off someone older and with medical problems though (hence the cane). Spoilered for the sake of those not wanting to see her camel toe/fupa.

No. 641169

File: 1550452962607.png (430.35 KB, 550x572, 091119.png)

Last one. Her nails/hands are just revolting. Like seriously, how?

No. 641172

File: 1550453011906.png (27.99 KB, 568x541, therearenowords.PNG)

Hot and fresh of the tuna press

No. 641174

File: 1550453122686.png (407.86 KB, 542x592, o081.png)

Edit: seems like what I thought was an infection is actually just a nail accessory. Also is this ring new?

No. 641180

how can this bitch afford nail extensions? these aren't press ons.

No. 641181

These are definitely KISS press one $6.99 at CVS

No. 641182

Those cuticles holy shit. She really does just jam the fake nails up under them.

No. 641187

File: 1550456133261.png (500.77 KB, 936x442, 985433354.png)

Always impresses me how fucking greedy, egocentric and materialistic she is. Not your Tuna, stolen from graves and in the house you don't own, don't pay rent and don't maintain. You don't even own your clothes or your nasty plushies, everything is either stolen or mooched. You literally have nothing

No. 641188

File: 1550456168686.png (537.31 KB, 835x547, 01434.png)

more stolen crap for her mash on her crusty unwashed face.

No. 641195

File: 1550457442699.jpg (533.68 KB, 1080x1118, 20190217_203601.jpg)

You forgot the rest of her haul.

No. 641196

File: 1550457479625.jpg (700.27 KB, 1080x1742, 20190217_203652.jpg)

And then there's this.

No. 641198

those look new, was this dumpster a shop in the mall? How lazy can someone be when they can't even shoplift their own shit and instead send their boyfriend out to look for any five finger discounts. I can't wait for him to get caught and thrown in jail, I'm sure it's happened before.
Speaking of breaking the law, wasn't he due to be in court after postponing it for like a year? Anyone know what happened to that or am I mistaken?

No. 641202


LMAO no fucking way. how delusional is she to think anyone would be dumb enough to believe that

No. 641204

Wow! I need to find this magical dumpster at the end of the rainbow that will magically have everything I want in my size!

No. 641214

Fucking kek, because people totally throw Timberland boots in the dumpster, jfc. Only someone off their fucking rocker and/or high as fuck would think anyone would believe that.

No. 641215

to be fair >>641182 is why i was confused that shit must hurt.

No. 641227

these don't look new to me, I wonder where he stole them from. There's scuffing on the toe-capped bits and wrinkling that indicates that someone's been walking in them. Not that it matters because he didn't "find them on top of a dumpster."

Convenient they're in the right size though, right?

No. 641232

File: 1550462622214.png (262.85 KB, 508x527, mwQwF9w.png)

damn I gotta start stealin

No. 641240

File: 1550464280288.jpeg (427.52 KB, 1242x1915, D0447146-8C17-4401-84E3-E2B8B0…)

No. 641243

>30 goes a long way there

tuna’s constant need to namedrop prices that are CHEAP in order to keep up the illusion of uwu homeless will never fail to amuse me. it only makes her look more like a brat. “look at this $1 lipstick my friend got me!” “look at these cheap $12 shoes my uncle got me!” “my dad spent $30 on me at h&m and i got a lot of stuff cuz it was all so cheap!”

she does it so people will believe her when she says she’s poor but all it is does it draw more attention to the price. same with all the “i found it in the dumpster” stories. you don’t need to announce whenever you obtain a new thing, tuna. everyone knows how massive your hoard is (even though you lost 85% of your belongings) so if you just posted it with no caption, people will assume it’s something you already owned because you own so much useless shit.

No. 641246


Why does she look like she's missing a tooth?


She has no sense of meter or rhyme.


How long after her mom broke her finger? I see some bruising but she appears to be bending it with no problem.

No. 641299

She sent me and others the broken finger story in mid November.

No. 641301

She just outed herself that she uses fentanyl like anons said? Or a Lil Peep reference?

Love this lmaoo

No. 641321

The Dumpster of Nonessential Goods

It's the Room of Requirement's junkie cousin.

No. 641334

File: 1550491217260.png (299.53 KB, 500x497, lol.png)

Luna is Patrick

No. 641369

>xanax and fentanyl

>i feel cute

looks like the old girl couldn't wait to get back to mom's house to get shitfaced and shot up at the fent dealer's place…

poor old girl can't help immediately striking her signature tiny-armed t-rex opiate pose once it hits, either. must be pavlovian by now.

No. 641387

File: 1550509161808.png (358.75 KB, 923x869, nP6zDl5.png)

No. 641392

Hasn’t it been established that they steal from peoples’ cars? She probably got them from someone who left them sitting in their car.

No. 641500

Maybe Lurch mugs people

No. 641583

File: 1550536863869.png (875.45 KB, 919x909, Z3KcNtI.png)

No. 641585

why is she so embarrassed to be seen as a weed smoker? ig she's just too cool for it now that she's a junkie, but it just makes her seem hypocritical bc she'll say things like "don't look down on drug users!" but she clearly looks down on pot smokers and people who smoke crack, who aren't as ~glamorous~ as heroin addicts

No. 641586

Free anything is pretty much the only anything you anything.

No. 641597

She's not embarrassed, she's just emphasizing that she doesn't buy weed off the street. Just like she emphasized that Mathew didn't steal those Timberland shoes.

This is her new not-so-covert way of bragging about her illegal indulgences online.

Lol true

No. 641610

yeah that could be it, i just think it's weird that she's emphasizing she would toootally never smoke weed she had to pay for. idk if she thinks weed isn't hardcore enough, or if it's just another way to rub in that she can only get ~cheap~ things

No. 641659


Lurch can barely pass as a sentient human being. I highly doubt his doped up braindead corpse could mug anybody.

No. 641691

>a black and white striped top with mustard on the collar and ankles

you mean sleeves, tuna?

>so cheap & satisfying


>i cant remember the last time i got something not from a thrift store

wasnt she wearing that amazon twin stars shirt recently???? bull shit tuna. what about those brand new victorias secret bras you found in your size? that wasn’t thrift store.

No. 641702

They could be afraid that the zombie apocalypse has started.

Why does it look like a grimy dildo?

No. 641721


>grimy dildo

That’s what I thought it was at first, no joke.

No. 641722

File: 1550561400926.jpg (117.22 KB, 500x666, t1.jpg)


The striped top with mustard on the ankles.

No. 641724

File: 1550561504029.jpg (113.31 KB, 500x666, t2.jpg)


So nice she posted it twice.

No. 641725

>cheap and satisfying
Something someone normal would say about food…

No. 641732


No. 641742

Jesus fucking christ she’s got opiate trex hand happening here

No. 641747


Her hand position was one of the reasons I posted both pics; I wanted to see if other anons noticed.

And her pinky appears to still be bruised around that joint, and it's been at least 10 weeks since the injury? That's some poor junkie circulation.

No. 641749

File: 1550569065694.png (235.69 KB, 480x764, cheap.png)

If anyone's interested

No. 641758


it IS a nice shirt

No. 641759

Is this a junkie thing? Soberfag here, just interested in how it happens.

No. 641779


Its in one of her old threads.

No. 641799


It was a wild speculation after they posted pics of themselves looking at someone's car.

No. 641800

don't worry, it'll be covered in blood, grime, and gross bodily fluids soon enough

No. 641807

It’s a tuna opiate thing. I think anon meant to say t rex hand. Autocorrect and all.

No. 641824

Almost correct. It wasn't just the one time, but multiple times. They take photos standing next to cars and right before or soon after, they magically "find" stuff.

No. 641832


My point was that it wasn't "established" which is what anon was asking.


No. 641847

Sorry for the poor wording. Wasn’t sure if it had been confirmed or not outside of the pictures of Lurch standing in the street instead of the sidewalk with a large bag. I don’t think it’s beyond reason to assume that’s what they were doing but “established” was poor word choice on my part.
Wish I could sage.

No. 641900

File: 1550627792280.jpg (96.86 KB, 897x243, 8z0oG1j.jpg)

No. 641901

why is she under the impression that $30 is a small amount of money? i don’t think she’s as poor as she makes herself out to be.

i grew up in poverty and $30 is a pretty big chunk of cash to me, especially for clothing i don’t need

No. 641903

Because she grew up pampered and not poor? Her grandma gave her an inheritance she wasted.

No. 641904

Goddamn, is she insufferable.

It’s simple: Luna has never been truly poor. She can always afford drugs, and she has never been homeless. She still has a hoard of pointless bullshit. She probably lies to keep herself on food stamps, so she’s never really hungry. She doesn’t know what’s it’s like to be actually impoverished.

No. 641906

Luna really thinks that being on drugs and having a mental illness instantly makes you a talented artist lol I know I'll write a poem about finding clothes…in dumpsters! but it's sad cus no one really cares about me…oh wow the insight, so deep

No. 641926

probably a goodwill or something

No. 641942

good god put a spoiler on that shit

No. 641993

This reads as if she took our grievances about her from the thread, sprinkled it with some sloppy sadbbygurl imagery she uses more out of habit than out of real feeling/artistic choice and posted the result. She has no real problems to the extent that she increasingly sounds like a parody of herself written by her "haters".

No. 642043

i know and the sad thing is that if u take out the lines she obviously threw in there to highlight her aesthetic it might actually have some potential

No. 642276

File: 1550779245724.png (1.2 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 642278

File: 1550781734820.jpeg (518.05 KB, 750x1080, 1AAF9D8F-EB0B-4D91-91D7-A4BA1A…)

just saw she’s back on twitter, i’ll update if there’s anything interesting

No. 642279

File: 1550781898558.png (985.23 KB, 704x858, Untitled.png)

No. 642280

File: 1550781924964.png (13.33 KB, 689x161, Untitled2.png)

No. 642284

Bottle of promethazine w/ codeine on the bedside

No. 642286

File: 1550783134816.png (61.03 KB, 707x477, Untitled3.png)

No. 642291

its just a small loan of a million dollars anon

No. 642293

>no sign of escaping
Rip her mom's privacy and space.

No. 642295

that's the most introspection I've seen

No. 642330

What is the context of this– is she talking about her Evil Mom who has been housing and feeding her and her junkie dealer boyfriend for free for a year now (with no end in sight)?

No. 642354

File: 1550802260141.jpeg (313.37 KB, 750x765, CF2591A8-CD26-4835-B7F8-ACC3CD…)

nothing super interesting on her twitter still but i figured y’all might wanna see it anyway

No. 642406

The hamburglar has seen better days

No. 642422

File: 1550828168558.jpg (507.52 KB, 809x1386, Screenshot_20190222-103454_Twi…)

She also posted this pic of a plushie which Lurch probably found in the trash, in her size

No. 642426

Idk why someone would proudly display their stretch marks when it makes them looks like they have bartonella, also know as cat scratch disease.

No. 642428

Is that a crop top or is her fat just spilling out? The idea of luna owning crop tops has fucked me up, nobody wants to see that shit and if she's shameless enough to wear slippers outside, she must be showing off her flabby stretch marked stomach to the world sometimes.

No. 642429

Double posting but where IS she in this pic? Looks too clean to be her mom's, too modern for her dad's? Her dad's place is only 1bed and I think she's sitting on a bed, so unless that's his bedroom? He's a little old to have unframed Yankees merch haphazardly pinned to the wall, but I don't think it's part of Lunas wall junk collection (yet).

No. 642608

File: 1550908601084.png (134.7 KB, 473x671, bpd.png)

No. 642609

File: 1550908637002.png (76.89 KB, 480x534, self medicating.png)

Uh uh

No. 642630

I'm choosing to read "overwhelmed" as sober & "dissociatng/out of body experience" as being on high drugs that remove all shame like heroin.

Makes a lot more sense to me.

No. 642640

it makes me so mad that she keeps saying she has bpd and uses it as the perfect excuse to remain a blameless victim in every aspect of her life. she likes it bc she can say “oh i didnt meant to destroy everything i was dissociating it was bpd etc etc”. like i think she really thinks that if she is addicted to drugs she doesnt have to claim responsibility for her actions and somehow that translates in her crazy brain to her being allowed to do whatever she wants with no consequences. then she gets so surprised when there ARE consequences to anything. i think if luna ever blames herself for a single thing her head would explode like that scene in scanners.

No. 642917

File: 1551056910689.png (409.3 KB, 539x413, Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 5.30…)

No. 642918

File: 1551056966579.png (430.09 KB, 542x451, Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 5.30…)

No. 642932

File: 1551062305130.png (566.81 KB, 500x666, tumblr_pngh9ca10m1w1d39p_500.p…)

No. 642933

Dear god no! This needs to be spoilered! Those saggy titties are worse then my 99 year old grans! What happened?

No. 642940

I want to be mad that she clearly stole all that lip balm but I guess that's one thing she actually does need. maybe it'll make her lips stop looking like they're going to crumble right off her face

No. 642942

honestly though me too, how tf does she get away with this? ridiculous

No. 642946

File: 1551070523335.png (1.4 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 642964

File: 1551074868927.png (39.8 KB, 1086x254, Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 1.08…)

No. 642967

>I'm just not great at playing dumb

Just be yourself, Tuna.

No. 642970


Lurch sends her "bimbo hypnosis videos"!? That is too fucking funny.

No. 642974

bimbo? what exactly is that? (nglish is not my first lang

No. 642977

File: 1551079016406.jpg (20.73 KB, 236x377, 44a21cc27b20820a71c8de4537e537…)


it means an overly sexy, promiscous and not very intelligent woman who's also kind of obedient. a "dumb blonde". the exact opposite of Luna except for the intelligence.

i'm guessing this is another dude. i wonder if Lurch knows about this.

No. 642978

>I have a guy who wants me to be his bimbo

Why am I surprised she's e-cheating on lurch? So much for their perfect relationship, both of them go online to talk to people they're actually attracted to. Kinda sad tbh lol, she must be aware lurch isn't her ~soul mate ~ if she's messaging other dudes for attention.

No. 642979

File: 1551083008919.jpg (71.41 KB, 716x637, cheap.jpg)

No. 642985

Jesus what a fucking joke. Didnt this bitch have lurch "find" her some perfectly good brand new pink timbs? I know they arent sneakers or whatever but god

No. 643000

30 dollars 30 dollars 30 dollars
that's a week's worth of groceries for two people where i'm from
can't believe she she still believes this to be a tiny amount of money

No. 643007

I'm sure Lurch can find some in the magical dumpster outside their apartment building.

No. 643013

I live not far from her. A bundle goes for ~90 in my area so to her it probably doesnt even register as money because its ONLY 1/3 of what she picks up every few days. So by that logic, anybody who isnt buying heroin MUST be able to spare $30 because shes so poor uwu and its only a fraction of what she spends to maintain her addiction.

No. 643017

I hope her dumb ass is at least getting paid by this dude.

No. 643018

If she was doing it for money shed go the Fin-domme rout, there is almost no market for pro-subs that are not full service sex workers.

No. 643020

>"I dont smoke more than once a week so maybe"
Luna…your dumbass is out here shoving xanax, seroquel and HEROIN into your system. What is with this humble talk of weed all the time as if you're some fresh of the block newbie to thc? A joint is the equal to a cigarette at this point cause she keeps mainlining hard drugs (only downers specifically) with an obsessiveness that can rival actual OCD sufferers.
Tfw you think you're seriously mentally and physically ill but refuse to acknowledge majority of the symptoms stem from the drug use you claim helps you.

No. 643053

File: 1551125027054.png (155.15 KB, 536x303, Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 11.3…)

No. 643054

File: 1551125068933.png (362.51 KB, 541x558, Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 11.4…)

No. 643060

I swear, if Tuna had more money she'd be a fucking hoarder. Not only that, but what a fucking joke–Lurch isn't gonna buy her that shit and I highly doubt one of her followers will buy her rings that'll turn green in the first month because they're cheap materials.

No. 643071

I mean, of course Lurch isn't going to buy her anything, but I'm sure her dad will. Just wait a week she'll be posting pics with her new amazon junk bought by daddy.

No. 643077

I think you mean "bought with daddy's card".

No. 643083


I think you mean "found in magical dumpster/donated by someone online tytytytytyty and so cheap too!

No. 643099

you just know she wants that twin stars compact thingy to put her seroquel and xanax in so she can take pictures of it. she’s so predictable

No. 643113


Luna is addicted to online shopping. If she spent half the time working on literally anything as she does scrolling through Amazon, she might make something of herself.

What a sad, boring person.

No. 643126


BITCH AREN'T YOU LIKE, 25? BUY YOUR OWN FUCKING SHOES! Why is this able-bodied bitch saying "was hoping x might get me these" about anything? PUT ON A BRA AND GET A FUCKING JOB YOU ABSOLUTE WASTE OF SPACE!

No. 643154

File: 1551148469643.png (141.18 KB, 480x576, ipad.png)

Imagine claiming to be so poor and homeless but having an iPad, plus an iPhone and MacBook Pro! When you brag you only want cheap stuff…

No. 643197

Her use of the word cheap drives me insane lol she doesn't even pick out nice stuff like oh a dusty pink hoodie to go with your shitty pink shoes?? She has the worst style

She acts like it's a personality trait as well. I can imagine the buzz of getting new stuff lasts for about 5 seconds and then she's looking for more cheap stuff. Don't question why you need such instant gratification or anything

No. 643334

Doesnt she already have the top right hoodie and its one of the only filthy rags she bothers to cram herself into?

Also its super weird that shes so obsessed with clothing/style when she doesnt go anywhere. I would get if she was part of some sort of social scene (plenty of junkies at punk shows/festivals/etc) but she could probably buy 9000 copic markers with the money she wasted on ugly clothing even if she IS a shopping addict.

No. 643336

The pink hoodie is like the blue one. She always wants new stuff so she can have something to post on social media, in between complaining about insomnia, how unhappy her life is and how much she loves Lurch/hates her mom/bad her bpd is.

No. 643338

It's like she believes if she puts the word "cheap" in front of it that it makes it okay for her to have as someone who regularly complains about being in an abusive household but also homeless at the same time. Just look at any photo of her old place and it was hoarder status full of clothes, stuffed animals, and drug paraphernalia.

Even now being "broke and homeless" she has a little hoard going and better electronics than some people with actual jobs.

No. 643418

for a bpdfag shes so fucking boring, like its my fave cow trait yet she barely displays any of the insane shit

No. 643501

Cluster B personality disorders can be easily misdiagnosed for one another, and a lot of the traits have overlap. She doesn't have the typical "positive or negative attention doesnt matter just give me attention" thing common with BPD because she very strongly avoids and silences criticism. That, combined with her obsession with her superficial aesthetic and appearance show narcissistic tenancies, though Im not a dr so im not saying she has NPD, just that her behavior falls in line with some of the symptoms, maybe even more closely than they do with BPD, but BPD is the "nicest" and most sympathetic of the cluster B personality disorders.
The reason shes not as fun as most BPD cows is because she only seeks out positive attention and refuses to engage with criticism. She is also just downright an unfriendly bitch if she doesnt think she can manipulate funds out of you so she has very few entertaining public interactions.(armchairing)

No. 643839

armchairing to say that she seems more like a covert narcissist than a borderline but who knows/cares rly

No. 643931

I dont really get how the concept of armchairing applies when the discussion is around a cow whose chaims of mental illness are central to any milk they might possibly produce but w/e

Luna is a bad person, regardless of what the name for it is. She only wants "friends" for what she can leech from them. She barely even ebegs anymore or talks to anybody one on one, just announces things like shes the queen making proclaimations to the pesants. Shes incapable of any kind of connection that doesnt end in some sort of financial gain and doesnt even bother to build up a "friendship" before diving into the panhandling

No. 643940

"Drugstore makeup drugstore heart and soul"

Drugstore shit isnt cheap? One drugstore lipstick is like 10 bucks and she regularly posts 3-5 of them at a time. Its not Sephora but its still brand-name (covergirl, maybaline, etc). Dolalr tree/amazon is cheap which she deff knows because shes obssesed with amazon (the brand kleincolor for example sells packs of 10 shades of lipsticks for 2 dollars and shipping, 50 cents a color), ELF sells shit that costs 1/10th of drugstore prices. Trying to make herself look poor has done nothing but hoghlight exactly how much frivelous financial privelage she actually has.

Also speaking of dollar tree if she can get her ass the the bronx to cop she can get herself to the dollar store and get a weeks worth of groceries, shitty stuffed animals/knick knacks, art supplies and all the makeup she would ever meed for a cheap cheap cheap 20 bucks

No. 643941

why would she buy dollarstore makeup when she can steal from a drug store? I agree tho, Luna has 0 concept of money, she's not had to pay rent or bills her entire adult life. She spends money like a 14 year old would

No. 643946

Thats double stupid on her part, if shes stealing why not steal nice shit? Why steal shit from the drug store when she could go to Mac, Sephora, etc

No. 643953

Because then she wouldn't be able to go on about how 'cheap' everything is lol

No. 643957

It definitely doesn't fit her narrative, "I totally bought this and it was cheap-cheap-cheap"

And have you seen her? They'd watch her like a hawk the moment she stepped in

No. 643988


and can u imagine how she smells??

No. 644006

like "seventeen layers of baby lips, the blue kind with pink letters"

No. 644017

No. 644034

damn anon you had me excited thinking lurch or tuna got caught in that

No. 644044


lol sorry about that but it's hard to imagine she's not going to uwu and make it all about her

No. 644212

Because if she went to those places, they'd be on her like flies on shit as soon as she walked in the door. I mean, look at her. No-one is going to believe she is there for any reason other than to rack stuff.

Well this is relevant and milky, thanks anon /s

No. 644253

I didn't know she has a FB account since it has never been listed in the OP. Disappointed to find that it hasn't been archived since 2014.


No. 644266

File: 1551723162685.png (135.31 KB, 480x675, luna writing.png)

>In a relationship with Peter Callan
Reminds me of this she wrote when in high school or college idk:

my throat is coated in thick tar and i can feel the muck all over my lungs when i sprint for the bus. huff huff almost throwing up when i climb up the stairs and all the seats are blue an older disabled man waves at me i smile and he asks if im an elitist and proudly proclaims he’s one. i just smile and look out the window and he starts throwing a strange fit. as soon as i look at him again he’s back to normal, smiling. i get off the bus and he says nice to meet you. i pace around in the sprinkling rain for thirty minutes smoking cigarettes until class starts i sit alone on the end of the row type type typing about drug addiction while my eyes leak my throat feels a drip i’m tired i’m so tired i couldnt sleep no matter how high i got last night. principal looked at me and i wiped my red eyes and kept walking, i threw out the stale cafeteria muffin. first thought, the muffins in rehab were better and those were shit! i miss him every minute of every day. i dial 1800 numbers and I memorized my debit card number for him. i didnt write yet. every time i think about writing his name down on paper i dont know what id say. “peter. hey again. here we are. you’re in jail. you fucked up. i love you anyways!” “to the love of my life. i cant marry you if you’re behind bars. ill wait patiently but cry in the night sometimes. love you.” “my dearest peter, cut my heart out and keep it. you practically did already.” what would i say? how would i say goodbye? “how am i not bored of you yet? i’m bored of myself! from, the only person who will ever truly love you.” “i’m not breaking up with you. you said you’re never breaking up with me. i do. love luna” “we’ll never say goodbye, i love you. love from your doll”

No. 644268

people have posted stuff from her facebook before like just recently

No. 644338

Facebook continues to be central to her grifting (and more recently her cult activities…)

Damn it's sad to view a snapshot of her life before heroin. She was still a mess, but even her art was better then.

No. 644349

File: 1551757566119.jpeg (780.39 KB, 2048x2048, A611C825-3E0F-469E-A01A-B519F7…)

i was re-reading the first few tuna threads and wow… she really gained some weight after moving in with her mom. she was never slim due to her sedentary (read: lazy) lifestyle but dang, that’s a solid 50 lb weight gain.

No. 644350

File: 1551757655361.jpeg (638.79 KB, 2048x2048, 46679E6A-9E36-462A-B176-18C4C6…)

similar if not same sweatpants

No. 644363

File: 1551761034947.webm (19.15 MB, 720x480, tumblr_mlsaib5Ugz1qgq30q.webm)

>My body is a walking political statement.
This is also for the anon in the previous thread who wanted to hear Luna's voice.

No. 644400


damn, that was really well done. she had so much potential in the arts.

No. 644410

this makes me so sad, she had potential of being truly popular or even famous as an outspoken, poetic feminist on tumblr or some shit. instead she wastes away as a heroin addicted slob

No. 644421


Higher fines for shoplifting if she gets caught. Usually first offense they plead it down to a ticket and about 5X the cost of items stolen as a fine

No. 644460

Shes on benzos and ambian all the time. That shit is notorious for causing shopping sprees of dumb shit.

No. 644515


It's gone?

No. 644569

Why are anons praising this? This is pure tumblr. On a different note, her voice doesnt seem as fried nowadays

No. 644582

It's still there.

Because she has a fan club here for reasons I will never understand. And I'll double down and say it is pure tumblr and is presumably stolen from there. She steals everything else, why not this.

No. 644596

Personally, I can give past Tuna a break. She was like 17, and most people are pretentious and cliche as fuck at that age. She showed emotion regardless of how unoriginal it was. I don't see her old artwork or poetry as GOOD, but its better than her current artistic output. She literally struggles to make art now, because heroin has eroded so much of her personality she doesn't have anything to say.

She had her artwork shown at some gallery a couple years ago right? If she had actually worked towards her goals instead of taking heroin, I think her artwork would look very different. 5 years is a loong time for someone to develop their style, but she's been languishing due to the drug use.

She would've never been hugely acclaimed, but she could have been more than this. Some of old peers have managed to cement their identities in the weird NYC hipster scene, she could have had small amounts of success if she'd tried.

17 year old Luna is long gone tho, heroin killed her years ago. The only things she cares about now is heroin and buying more stuff for her hoard.

No. 644613

i knew her when she was a teenager and she was definitely tolerable. she never begged for money - instead she had real jobs here and there - and she sold a lot of artwork. she also had her inheritance money which she used to hang out with her friends and stuff, but she never claimed she was poor (like she does now).
she was nice and would respond to people’s messges in a kind way. i wouldn’t say she was particularly intelligent - but she was loud spoken in her beliefs and seemed genuine. she had a real personality which she lost years ago.
teenage luna wasn’t really problematic - she was just spoiled and naive.
but she made the conscious decision to become a heroin addict and lose all of her friends because of her begging for money. i feel like a huge chunk of people on lolcow who hate her so much, do so because we watched that downfall firsthand and knew her in her teenage years. but, i couldn’t be wrong.

No. 644614

*could be wrong

No. 644636

File: 1551906646064.png (703.83 KB, 698x779, Untitled.png)

No. 644637

File: 1551906711400.png (829.26 KB, 694x872, 2.png)

No. 644639

File: 1551906798355.png (736.97 KB, 699x853, 3.png)

No. 644679

I hope she never deletes, this is so sappy but I truly hope to see her recover and go sober someday

No. 644681

she'll just od, like all junkies in the end

No. 644722

File: 1551932336073.jpg (78.56 KB, 720x960, tumblr_pnym4nO2K31w1d39p_1280.…)

>lastly about to finish this manga from the library about a girl with a pet crocodile. was going to go relax at the library today but it was freezing cold this morning

She still has this book from months ago. Now with coffee stains! Also what to relax from, when all you do is lounge in bed all day.

No. 644723

She has the longest, scariest toes I think I’ve ever seen

No. 644725

File: 1551932549917.png (564.07 KB, 854x666, Untitled.png)

>all I can say is Im trying.

She's spent the entire day laying in bed, taking pictures of her junk and reading books she's had stolen from the library 4 months ago. (sauce from last thread >>588062 )

Trying real hard there Luna…

No. 644726

File: 1551932737741.png (582.71 KB, 564x396, 1.png)

That poor fucking bunny pillow… pic related, 4 months ago vs today

No. 644751

File: 1551938907296.png (766.82 KB, 692x1400, 1p41SWF.png)

No. 644755

>my mom is buying dope again
what a judgemental bitch, sharing such personal information about her mom online. what a hypocrite too, she constantly yells out "dont judge drug users!!!" and yet here she is throwing her mom under the bus for rebounding when the mom is letting Luna and Lurch take complete control of her house. Luna is so fucking gross. Also, aren't Luna and Lurch still shooting up? then why in the fuck is she being such a stuck up bitch to her mom when technically it's Luna's fault for bringing dope around a former heroin user?

No. 644767

goddammit. My tinfoil said that her mom would NEVER be able to stay clean with 2 heroin addicts living in her house, but its sad to see confirmation.

It took just over a year, but her mom finally lost the fight. She's still sleeping on a couch, has been for over a year, and Luna still chooses to be a judgy bitch about "doing dope" in front of her. Luna fucking overdosed in front of her mom in March last year, so she has no fucking right to complain about it. She also turned up at her mom's house randomly high on acid before she was evicted.

>i miss my fucking life I miss Roger

lol, she doesn't miss Roger, she misses her bedroom that she could stay in rent-free without someone calling out her shit.

>spent 2 hours sending my resume to every job available… god please let me get that job

doubt.jpg - what would she even have on her resume? She can't get a reference from any of the jobs she had 5 years ago because she was fired for stealing/being on heroin She has like 2 jobs to her name and they were both over 5 years ago. Last time she "really really needed a job" she just text her ex-boss over and over again like he was one of her instagram donators.

>let me go

?????? I don't get it

No. 644770

File: 1551946247377.jpeg (104.86 KB, 1242x1160, 4FE977EE-0246-498E-8DC4-44396F…)

No. 644779

I question if her mom is even really doing dope. Or if tuna is making it up for "uwu sad points my mommy is doing dope right in front if me im in recovery so sad pity me send me casshh so I can move out"

And yeah fucking right… Her resume!? What would she write? She's got nothing. and you don't and resumes to Mcdonald's and the gas station.
Funny bitch.

No. 644785

IF this is true, because with Luna who knows, but if this is true, I wish nothing but the worst for her. She caused her own mother to relapse into heroin addiction while mooching off of her AND calling her "abusive". She's genuinely wicked and deserves ill will and ridicule.

No. 644787

Congrats tuna, you're mom was clean. Then you and your corpse of a boyfriend invaded her space, surely doing all kinds of drugs in front of her and now she's back to taking drugs again herself.
What a shitty daughter you are, you really should be ashamed of yourself.

No. 645188

On top of having the parasites living there, her mom can definitely be evicted for doing drugs, right?

No. 645192


Does drug use violate her rental agreement which were are not privy to?

No. 645194

File: 1552132143914.png (316.85 KB, 480x631, ljh!=.png)

No. 645212

File: 1552146858719.png (909.72 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I mean no one will want to hire her if they google her name. What a joke.

Also lol at the loosing weight like sorry but it seems like you'll always be some degree of big.

No. 645213

I would pay money just to see what she put on her resume.

In all honesty though, at least she seems to be looking for a job. There's no chance she'll be able to keep one for more than a month if she actually gets it, but at least she's not just sitting around.

No. 645222

File: 1552156499719.png (82.76 KB, 702x818, LT5fKnq.png)

>family doesn’t give a flying fuck about if i live or die
uh, doesn't she actively wish for her father's death so she can inherit his apartment.

nice hypocrisy there, luna.

No. 645223

File: 1552157288616.jpg (360.3 KB, 964x1458, Kp6lD0p.jpg)

Stolen from KF, Luna's comments in a nail shaming group that shamed her last year.

No. 645224

I'm surprised at the turn of events. She's finally having motivation from within, only she can change her life. Question remains if it sticks… and how it all pans out.

No. 645233

wait did she and Lurch split up?

No. 645237

I wouldn't doubt that they're having problems, what with them moving in with her mom and all. she's probably really pushing for the both of them to find jobs and accept other responsibilities, which creates conflict in their relationship because they're both so fucking lazy. she also mentioned talking to a guy about "being his bimbo" here >>642964

No. 645239

A breakup could be the best thing to happen for her. She’s young enough to turn her life around, he may or may not be.

No. 645242

>I would pay money just to see what she put on her resume.
Me too. She'd have to lie and get people (dads friends maybe?) to use as references who're willing to lie and say tuna worked for them as a housekeeper, home aid, pet sitter, whatever.
In case she lurks and actually wants to find a job..
ACCES-VR will take her as long as she has some documented "disability" including mental illness.
ACE (assisted competitive employment) programs would be a good fit too, since she's sooo legit homeless. (she's not, but they'd help her anyway, as long as she puts in some effort)
I'm sure both programs have helped bigger messes than tuna and they're located all over the city.

No. 645297

File: 1552189450142.png (216.26 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

this whole ~muh eating disorder~ thing is already so tired

No. 645334

lmao is this gonna be the next thing? blogging wannarexia? Restricting for under a day, then rewarding yourself with high calorie foods just sounds like eating unhealthily lol, she's not going to lose any weight.

Also see that she readjusted her goals, she wanted to lose 50lbs in a year yesterday. she's already backing out of her "new years resolution in February" (that she posted about March 9.)

No. 645335

old water has less calories than new water I guess? it's a hard life.

No. 645344

I still find it hilarious she tries to portray her “dream man” as this gorgeous dreamy tall mystery man but he’s really a trashy balding crackhead old enough to be her dad lmfao

No. 645349

File: 1552208551363.jpg (203.13 KB, 720x1023, IMG_20190310_090604.jpg)

No. 645359

File: 1552216442623.jpg (203.9 KB, 720x1088, IMG_20190310_111411.jpg)

No. 645368

she’s posted a lot of horrifying selfies in her day but damn this one is definitely up there

No. 645372

posing with her pipe, I find it amusing that the drug she's choosing to flaunt during her ana phase is a drug commonly associated with munchies.

No. 645373

File: 1552223780192.jpg (87.19 KB, 540x720, tumblr_po5alrbd7J1w1d39p_540.j…)

she posted this to tumblr with another pic, something weird's going on near her lip.

she also posted 2 dull posts that haven't been mentioned here, not really worth capping but:

>would y’all like to see writing and poetry or nah

>also. recommend me some manga?

No. 645375

She hasn’t taken selfies looking purposefully high in a while… Yikes

No. 645376

That's just where her caked on foundation is flaked off. Her make up free skin is grey and nasty.

No. 645380

Her skin has looked rough before but goddamn she's looking like a corpse they just dug up at the beach.

No. 645382

Instead of saving those five dollars, you got a lot of stuff that you didn't even need. So…pretty much the usual. This bitch is never going to change.

lmao, she looks like the corpse of a dark crystal puppet.

No. 645383

Call it sentimental but I feel for other girls who would be delighted to have this stuff in their rooms. Tuna swiped the opportunity for others to enjoy this stuff away with her selfishness. All she's going to do is get grime all over these things and not even take care of them. The five dollars would've been better spent on her black tar than hauling in more cute things to destroy.

No. 645392

Maybe she meant cold cold water. If not, old cold water had me rofl.

She looks like Leatherface from all the foundation and powder caked on her face.

No. 645393


What's the surprise? This is part of her cycle. She blabs on about Changing My Life, zero comes of it, she swings back into So Worthless uwu, and so on.

I swear, there's a couple of anons in this thread that would buy the brooklyn bridge if luna tried to sell it to them.

No. 645413

It's her piercing caked in foundation.

No. 645425

yeah, what'd she do? take her moms dope?

No. 645454

Everytime I stop by this thread I'm grossed out by her photos. They look so grungy and like she constantly uses flash to take them. Or is it a filter? Trying to achieve junkie aesthetic?

No. 645471

This amuses me, her idea of getting her life back on track is taking a part time art or creative writing classes (when it’s almost impossible to make money off art and writingg even for normal people) in westchester county, instead of BEGGING her father to find money to send her to rehab, or back to collage. I live around nyc area and the chances of her getting any kind of job in besides fast food or retail without a college degree is virtually zero, including art. Although it might be different up in westchester, not really familiar with that area.

Her biggest problem though is she has no idea of how to live life in any normal way, cause she really ever hasn’t. Be places on time, don’t steal, be organized (no piles of hoard) work towards long term goals. That your a part of a team and other people don’t exist to give you handouts. That having a job is a responsibility and not an option and you can’t not show up because bpd. That alone will get her fired from even retail in about a few weeks.

No. 645494

She thinks she's some amazing talented artist/writer so probably thinks a class would get her noticed

No. 645546


didn't she used to brag about being "3 smart 5 college".

what has happened? i came here to see her usual willfully-self-unaware pity party but she ACTUALLY SAID she's applying for jobs? and she feels like she's been stuck? and behind?


man i'm rootin tootin ready 4 shootin for a new luna era.

No. 645561

uh she's said she's applied for jobs in the past too

No. 645570

File: 1552334950643.png (610.97 KB, 690x1434, Untitled.png)

No. 645590

File: 1552344167742.png (54.96 KB, 710x854, Untitled.png)

No. 645591


Who is the about that she misses so much? Tay? Can’t be lurch since she lives with him…but I thought lurch was her one and only. Or did mom actually get him to leave her house?

No. 645608

They helped her mom relapse and down-spiral. Is it so far fetched to think that she kicked him out?!

>luna is next, to get the boot.

No. 645734

If Lurch was kicked out she would 100% be crying about her "evil" mother doing so.

No. 645745

She could be whining about missing literally anyone/anything.

Maybe she broke her favorite crackpipe.

Or she misses Rogers apartment where she could do her drugs and not worry about getting questioned about it.

No. 645769

File: 1552402651457.png (483.17 KB, 540x720, thedarktuna.png)

No. 645770

More than likely Roger. Which pisses me off because they have his remains in a half-destroyed box on the nightstand and they just sit random crap on it.

Roger let Luna walk all over him in life and now he can't even rest in peace.

No. 645800

This is the cutest shes looked and it's a downright terrifying image.

No. 645867

This is just for attention. Wahhhh my ugly zombie boyfriend doesn't like me. Wahhhhhhhh I'm a a fat piece of NEET shit with no job or education. Pity me pls…

No. 645875

File: 1552454268443.png (115.3 KB, 771x603, Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 11.1…)

No. 645880

wait… does this mean.. lurch is in jail..?

No. 645882

It's uncanny, thanks anon!

I really hope it's a jail sentence so we can finally get some milk from Tuna.

No. 645888


I think that means he finished his community service, I tried looking him up on the NYS Inmate Lookup Service and turned up with nothing

No. 645895

File: 1552464623140.jpeg (511.71 KB, 1242x1877, D7BDF633-D993-4FA2-A968-59BCD6…)

No. 645897

File: 1552464998659.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1797, 425CA7D2-6FB3-4D66-BD41-3C34E4…)

No. 645902

File: 1552467258692.jpg (Spoiler Image,834.73 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190313-034348_Chr…)

For all the people who think that Lurch is in jail or broke up with Tuna. Marking NSFW/NSFL just in case.

No. 645903

This is too good. Complaining about how her life is ruined because of the internet, and then posting these horrifying images under her real name in the same breath.

No. 645906

File: 1552472039599.jpg (Spoiler Image,50.17 KB, 593x775, bHJykmW.jpg)

You missed this gem she posted with the same photos in a set on her Tumblr.

No. 645908

File: 1552474169710.png (115.31 KB, 500x522, 1552377477341.png)

No. 645909

oh wow, the reality train has finally hit her. It's a bit sad tbh, but she's right, she brought it upon herself. I won't feel bad for a scammer and thief
??? is her facebook only for the internet friends or something? Imagine posting pics of your huge disgusting hickey wearing lingerie on fb for all the people to see… like your old classmates or shit… ew

No. 645910

is that a new stick and poke tattoo? I don't recognise it, I wonder if when she said "she's trying" she was just giving herself that useless tattoo.

No. 645912

Double posting but drug noob here, on her arm next to the Luna moon tattoo there's a little puddle of wet looking blood - is that a super recently injected spot, or is she just nasty and covered in open wounds?

No. 645913

File: 1552475814851.jpg (30.71 KB, 624x188, blendpls.jpg)

I know there are grosser things happening here but I still get shocked by close-ups of her makeup for some reason lol. I just wish she could "find" a sponge or foundation brush rather than smearing everything around with her dirty fingers.

No. 645922

Yeah. Imagine, deliberately addicting yourself to heroin (and attention whoring on the internet) fucks up your life and your prospects and opportunities. I know we're all shocked.

No. 645926

nah that one's at least a few years old

No. 645936


I cant help but pity her. She ruined her life before it even started. With the same access to $$ and attention I can't say I would be in a better situation having my late teens/early 20s meticulously documented. This whole Luna hate rightfully started over her scamming people which is plenty to be mad about but its like 4 years now since Junkhun-Gate and its devolved to keeping the hate alive just to laugh at her saggy skin and now to mock her struggle to rebuild her life.

Shes bitchy and manipulative and maybe im just falling for the manipulation but the milk here is as lumpy and spoiled as Luna herself, all we are watching now is a half-retarded NEET occasionally shoplifting and E-panhandling. It feels like low-hanging tits (oops i mean fruit, Freudian slip).

No. 645939

How long has it been since she stole from children's graves? Pawed greedily at gifts meant for a dying old man (while leaving him to rot in his own filth)? How long since she moved into her mother's 'for a few days' and the ruined her fucking sobriety?
So yeah, I'd say you are falling for the manipulation. I agree there isn't much milk, but glossing over all the nasty shit she's done the past few years and pretending she hasn't steadily been getting worse is just bullshit.

No. 645942

Was the grave things ever confirmed? Most of the stuff people claim look like it came from graves look more like cheap dollar store/shoplifted shit. She doesnt clean and none of it is weathered like it had been outside on a grave.

I can't really say shes to blame for her mom relapsing. Her mom made the choice to let two active users into her house, even if it was out of goodness, she herself is the only one who can really be called responsible for that choice and while they were absolutely a trigger for the relapse her choice to enable them was still a choice on her part that she has responsibility for. Also Luna's mom is no saint in the situation, she raised a kid who didnt even know what FAFSA was and had her in the apartment as an underage kid while she was doing hard drugs and then let her (MINOR) daughter run away with her middle aged dope dealer. Luna's mother is more responsible for Luna's situation that Luna is for her mother's.

The Roger shit was inexcusable but that shit falls mostly on Lurch. That was Lurch's father. Lurch behind the scenes is the real villain of the Roger saga, Luna participated but mostly seemed to just be documenting their misdeeds.

Shes a shitty person but it really does sadden me to see the whole background of abusive creeps and enablers and failure-adults who wrapped her in their tentacles when she was still a kid and molded her into a model of all the worst aspects of themselves.

None of it is excusable, but it's saddening to see how a kid who had some potential was dragged down and then enabled to fail in every way by everybody around her during a defining point in most people's lives. Maybe I don't feel sorry for HER, but goddamn is this situation depressing and there are a lot of people who have their own responsibility for taking a bright kid and doing nothing to stop her from becoming this.

No. 645943

Not all stories have a hero, pretty much everybody involved in Luna's life is a piece of dirt in one way or another

No. 645946

That's a mole, anon.

No. 645958


You really feel like mindlessly applying to random jobs is rebuilding her life? I’m 100% sure that is only because her parents told her to, and is a throwaway gesture because the real work of getting her shit together- being sober and getting an education- is basically impossible. I’m sure if she went to rehab, they could get her hooked up with a office related job editing spreadsheets or something to build a work history, or help her get financial aid to go to a state school like cuny. But that would require changing her lifestyle in every way and I believe she doesn’t want to do that. She wants to be a NEET with lurch, sourrounding by her piles of Amazon junk. She wants to be isolated from the world. Meeting Lurch was probably the worst thing that could have happened to her; you always reflect the people you sourround yourself with and he hadn’t done shit for 30 years except get high.

No. 645960

i am terrified to think of how she will be when lurch dies. He got maybe 5 or 10 years TOPS

No. 645961

She went from body-pos to Wanarexic around the same time she started dating Lurch. Tinfoil that there is some correlation

No. 645965

Luna has posted pictures before of lurking in graveyards and posts pictures of what looks like a growing hoard of religious trinkets that do look dirty. A small blog post, but I have been to her City recently and her building is not that far from the local Cemetery.

No. 645997

plus that one photo where Lurch had flipped over a headstone and was digging in the soil. very important.

No. 645999

File: 1552520703036.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x1614, F42C613C-C5F9-489F-AEF1-F75D29…)

her hoard of religious imagery is ever-growing and she certainly isn’t buying it. she always “finds them” - and there’s no way ceramic figureines could last in a dumpster. she loots cemeteries for sure - there’s tons of proof - she just hasn’t admitted to it.

No. 646002

is there a link to that because holy mole

No. 646009

File: 1552521602608.png (1.18 MB, 720x959, 3932FB1D-5933-423D-B030-5ECD10…)

sure thang anon.

also, peep the backpack they use to store their findings.

No. 646037

wow im not sure how u could feel sorry for like this i really hope lurch is in jail

No. 646039

>>645902 god she looks like the fucking grudge in the top right photo

No. 646046

but the whole "internet famous" thing isn't whats holding you back? its the drugs??? and jeez just apply to McDonalds or smth tuna and you'll get in

No. 646098

In case she lurks. Her local library has some useful things, she could also volunteer. To actually have something to put on her resume. If only she wasn't a lazy NEET. https://nrpl.org/adults/help-learning/

No. 646099

>enabled to fail in every way
TIL gifting an inheritance was enabling someone to fail.

No. 646100

Has Luna heard of #AmeriCorps? It has great benefits all over the country. Low barriers to entry. No drug testing.

No. 646117

Can lurch bring her heroin and fent while she's working?

No. 646134

File: 1552561567171.jpg (307.95 KB, 720x851, 20190314_060329.jpg)

This caption…what a brat

No. 646135

File: 1552561610597.jpg (64.58 KB, 718x456, 20190314_060502.jpg)

Wonder how long these comments will stay up?

No. 646153

Sympathetic anon from before. Holy shit, all sympathy retracted. HES DIGGING IN THE GRAVE. hat could be under/in a grave that he thinks is worth enough to dig up with his nasty hands in broad daylight.

No. 646154

I would disagree. Plenty of dope addicts hold jobs. You can do heroin and work a 4 hour shift stocking shelves a few times a week.

A public record of being a scammer, thief, etc is going to stand in her way a lot worse than some dope.

No. 646172

Can't she change her name legally? i doubt fast food places and gas stations do anymore than a google search of applicants name, if that. She can make her name Luna Smith or something. If she showers, wears jeans and a normal clean shirt she can even pass the interview with a bit of luck

No. 646177

if she ever marries Lurch, the name Luna Schumacher isnt tainted with her previous history. It'll never happen though because he doesn't want to marry her, her excuse for years was that "he didn't have ID" but during his trial it became clear he had ID. She was calling herself Luna Schumacher for a while, even signing her artwork as such, but it seems like google didn't catch up with it.

No. 646179


Unless made as part of a sealed court proceeding, name changes do eventually appear on public records sites.

No. 646184

File: 1552586178498.png (1.04 MB, 702x908, Untitled.png)

This bitch, if she doesn't explicitly say its cheap she implies it.

No. 646185

File: 1552586464037.png (59.64 KB, 875x666, Untitled.png)

Even her asspatters are telling her to get help now.

No. 646208

File: 1552593046285.gif (1.65 MB, 498x280, tumblr_inline_oivjrctlxt1r7b04…)

No doubt she's fishing for sympathy and assurances that it's not her fault.. but it is. Girl had high hopes in her life and the money and education to get somewhere but instead she wanted to live out her tragic 90s Kurt and Courtney love story by running off with the first junkie that would take her and begging for him to shoot her up.

Even if she hadn't ruined her own name online she'd fail every drug test they made her take prior to hiring.

No. 646248

Let's not forget how she treated those around her. Her own parents and poor Roger, people who took care of her broke, filthy, saggy ass. She deserves whatever karma/consequences comes her way.

No. 646259

didnt luna have the opportunity to work with michael alig or something?? why didnt she take that? i mean ik he's a POS but so is she and a job's a job

No. 646263

Honestly, she's not that much worse than the average junkie, but with things like lolcow popping up as soon as you search her name, there's no conceivable way that she will be hired by any employer that isn't too stupid to run a quick background check. The only, ONLY chance she has short of a miracle is to get clean and find a low-level job in the rehab industry, where she can tell other miserable junkies scare stories about how she was so low that she was stealing grave goods and banging a cigar store indian.

No. 646283

…banging a cigar store indian.

Fucking kek!

No. 646342

Jfc, Tuna. Any serving job will pretty much take you right off the street. And it's not above her because a lot of people with college degrees work in a service industry either part-time or full-time. She's probably applying to jobs that require 3 to 5 years of experience as well as at least a bachelor's degree. I wish you would read this thread to get through her head that no one will hire her because she is literally competing with college grads in office jobs whereas, in the service industry, she could at least make money to support her damn habit.

No. 646359

Exactly, she did mention before that she won't settle down for anything less than an office job which makes me think she has been applying for them. Hell, she could apply at Goodwill and they would probably take her right away considering they LOVE reforming misfits since it's their brand image. As always, Luna really has such a twisted perception of herself and probably thinks.

No. 646365

There are organizations and charities and shit that even help mentally ill/disabled people find jobs and you can be put in one for free after most rehabs. She just wont give up dope since that would now also mean giving up Lurch

No. 646367


Bunny at Law at KF explained it thusly:

A Conditional Discharge in NY means that the prosecutor agrees to dismiss the charges after 1 year if he completes the community service, pays the fines associated, and doesn't get rearrested during that year. The execution of sentence was probably a revocation of the Conditional Discharge agreement and being told he's going to get a new sentence for the A misdemeanor in April.

The felony was dismissed. If he complied with all the terms, he would have the misdemeanor dismissed and would walk away without a record. This was probably offered because it's his first case in NYC and he was probably not carrying a lot of heroin. He's lucky he was arrested in the Bronx because they're used to dealing with much more serious things and their Legal Aid lawyers are really good.
Technically a misdemeanor can carry up to 1 year in prison, but I've never seen someone get sentenced to more than 15 days on a charge like this.

No. 646376

It says some real shit about her that he went from “my body is a political statement” to wanarexic sm0l faory

No. 646381


Untrue, if she wants to work at a nice restaurant or even semi nice in New York they won’t take her without at least 2+ year prior exp. Casual dining like Outback Steakhouse might, but why when they are loads of kids applying who don’t have a 5+ year gap on their resume. Burger King def will.

No. 646385


Bruh, she's still posting weird shit like >>645906 even this week WHILE trying to allegedly find a job.

It's not her edgy past self that dooms her, it's her perpetual, sustained, lack of self awareness and good judgment.

No. 646392

when you apply for a job you're required to provide any names you have previously gone by. even if luna legally changes her name, she's fucked. plus her entire look is so recognizable. this girl is going to have to move to another country.

No. 646406

File: 1552677595534.jpg (39.15 KB, 830x668, IMG_20190207_163040.jpg)

Is that really a hickey from fucking or is Lurch that hungry? Gross.

No. 646426

File: 1552684427156.png (452.6 KB, 800x1046, Screenshot_2019-03-15-14-09-31…)

No. 646434

I don’t think she’d want to be a waitress or do retail, not so much because of pride but because she’s lazy and literally wants to sit down…lol would be a valid excuse if her disability was legit but it’s not

No. 646437

File: 1552689142882.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x1835, 8EEA0DFC-A8EA-4246-A67B-548C49…)

Double posting but she just uploaded this to IG. Dear god

No. 646438

File: 1552689299364.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1242x1873, 42C90215-C9D9-4DCF-8F8B-C482F7…)

No. 646439

File: 1552689324012.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1242x1656, 63CDBB3B-709E-45FB-8A15-8CD5F6…)

No. 646440

File: 1552689351056.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1814, 21E770A2-2E92-472B-AD58-809FAA…)

No. 646449

File: 1552691356069.jpeg (79.95 KB, 640x913, 5EBF35C2-BDF0-47F8-9BDA-5909E8…)

for the record, i’m fairly certain this jumpsuit was the same one from that tumblr photoset she made not long ago. the slippers for sure are.

if true, this is how it is meant to fit.

No. 646451

File: 1552691413176.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1242x1970, 994E67AA-8285-4197-8648-937AEA…)

mentioned post ^

who is ordering this for her?

No. 646469

File: 1552695995775.png (1006.66 KB, 1167x558, 6.2.png)


Pic dump from KF.

No. 646471

File: 1552696128497.png (1.02 MB, 1169x564, 6.3.png)


Does she think the grime looks better without the flash?

No. 646472

File: 1552696174681.png (973.2 KB, 1169x562, 6.4.png)

No. 646473

File: 1552696237660.png (924.38 KB, 1168x635, 2.png)

No. 646474

File: 1552696279222.png (349.77 KB, 860x570, tumblr2.png)

No. 646475

File: 1552696314739.png (1006.76 KB, 1169x562, 5.png)

No. 646476

Wtf is on his head? Bandana 80s hair metal style?


Fuck this is so triggering, all those cheap plushies stacked along the wall like some kind achievement on a grown ass 23 year old’s bed. Most people are starting their adult life at that age.

No. 646477

File: 1552696431231.png (924.34 KB, 1072x751, 3.1.png)

No. 646478

File: 1552696470567.png (883.66 KB, 1074x748, 3.2.png)

No. 646479

File: 1552696516940.png (441.17 KB, 1328x576, twitter1.png)

No. 646482

plant graveyard

No. 646490

Employers don't even need to ask about those things in Luna's case. A google search will more than suffice. They can 'move forward with other candidates' for reasons unstated.
This looks like parody

No. 646494

>This looks like parody

kek i was literally about to say the same thing. her art is transcending lmao

No. 646509

What the heck do the handcuffs have to do with the stuffed animals and pink electronics?

She got everything that looked like pepto bismol and threw them onto the bed with random black objects in there and a meme book.

Stole some flowers from a grave to add to her pile of stolen graveyard objects. Bitch is nuts.

No. 646510

>Where does her mom sleep?
>idk I assume she has a place

Tuna's been lying to her followers again. Wish they knew that's her mom's bed.

No. 646519

One look at her and they'd turn her away.

Just saying btw, had a relative of my partner move to NY recently, and she had a job settled before she even actually moved there with her dad. It's at a restaurant, but it was extremely easy for a non-NY resident to get a job. Tuna has no excuse, shes just looking for asspats and tragedy points so the next time she shares her 'so cheap' wishlists maybe someone will feel sorry for poor uwu victim her and buy her stuff.

Grow up already, Luna.

No. 646520

how can she say her mother is a monster when she gave up her bed for her ADULT daughter and boyfriend?

No. 646555

Tbh if she got a job she'll probably end on TLC's Hoarding: Buried Alive. More money to spend on cheap things…

No. 646653

I have a feeling that she does read the thread.


Her recent breakdown (>>645222, >>645297, >>645895, these ideas that she was "so smart and talented", etc.) coincides with direct comments from this thread.

I don't have any sympathy for her. Her friends, other druggies, random tumblr fans even warned her about her Heroin fantasy and how dangerous it would be. She grew up with a heroin addict (and managed to selfishly push her back into using). She's not going to change, and any anons who are really tricked by this need to remember: if she could change, she wouldn't be a lolcow in the first place. Girl has more resources than any other druggy I've ever seen and still can't get her shit together.

No. 646688

File: 1552811198510.png (750.48 KB, 540x720, tumblr_pohjabiJlz1w1d39p_540.p…)

I find all this current weed showboating weird as fuck, she's been super elitist about drugs in the past (for some reason) and it's weird to see her posting it.

From her tumblr, captioned
>weed nd benzos

No. 646689

File: 1552811242424.png (707.88 KB, 540x720, tumblr_pohjadhtrT1w1d39p_540.p…)

No. 646699

I see she bought the My melody pill box she wined about like two months ago

No. 646707

i don’t think i’ve ever seen her post something that she wanted and not end up with it eventually

No. 646712

File: 1552829259593.png (110.95 KB, 480x547, ugh.png)

It makes me uneasy how she taints little kids things with her drug paraphernalia.

No. 646729

the case is literally for putting in your drugs though

No. 646733

not THose kinds of drugs though

No. 646740

no anon matthew found it for her in the dumpster

No. 646788

File: 1552863745404.jpg (588.37 KB, 1080x1347, 20190317_230741.jpg)

That cakey cracking foundation and the fact that a) she doesn't blend into her neck and b) is way too dark

No. 646790

File: 1552865739562.jpg (976.66 KB, 1197x2460, 20190317_163354.jpg)

No. 646791

wow tragic hes not even listening to her
what kind of boyfriend goes to eat with his girlfriend and has headphones on the whole time?

No. 646792

sorry *fiancé lmao

No. 646794

Lmao so she got the jumpsuit, the slippers, and now the tunnels as well from her “wish list” despite being “”””homeless””” and “”””broke”””. Unless it’s all of course from the magical genie dumpster

No. 646795

File: 1552867361015.jpeg (Spoiler Image,31.53 KB, 323x373, 0CAC549D-8D5E-4D55-A6A8-2F39DA…)

what kind of skin texture is this???

No. 646797


No. 646798

It's literally sand. Also, that's what it says if you do a reverse image search lol.

No. 646810

File: 1552872257982.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1242x1854, 0E90366C-A3BC-4C2B-9677-C66DAA…)

She posted this earlier along with another pic of her dad’s cat so I’m guessing she went there this weekend. He has to be buying her everything because there’s no other source of income other than her mom maybe…? It’s weird that she picks and chooses what to say her dad bought her if he really does buy her everything

No. 646815


Some shit she "needed" lol. Yes, some crappy drugstore makeup is exactly what Luna needs to go on living. Not to mention bleaching out those chocolate brown roots into platinum fake blonde, how could she even go on without it?

No. 646854

File: 1552882192574.jpg (324.84 KB, 720x3044, Z9bYaUi.jpg)

>and stop acting like drug use was forced on more wittle me by a partner while i begged them to stop

No. 646896

wow is it just me or does her writing make no sense?

No. 646910

its high rambling, given the fact that the tag on the post underneath (posted slightly earlier) is more unintelligible
>it seems to always lead to ly other worst wualities they all stem from being an impelsicw
I think she was probably sobering up from xanax and weed as she was writing this post.

this writing is shit though, she switches from trying to make poetic allegories to just vomiting up her thought processes stream-of-consciousness style, its jarring. I don't know a lot about poetry but it feels like 2 poems smashed together.

No. 646919


she probably wants us to think her brain is falling apart.

No. 646947

OK, anon, on this one I will give it to Luna:

Her brain is pretty fried. As in, for real fried. With her past ODs, I wouldn't be surprised if she has some brain damage. Add in a pretty serious drug problem, she is not doing well and could literally croak any day.

Whereas I do think she plays up them a lot, I do think she has legit issues she should probably be in-patient for. But I also think there is no point in her doing to a clinic, she has proven more than once that she doesn't want to recover.

No. 646971

File: 1552931187469.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.33 MB, 3088x2320, 3AC63C7E-A332-4B6F-908D-509339…)

found these on her tumblr which she quickly deleted. She is offering nudes for sale. 1/2

No. 646972

File: 1552931217396.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.21 MB, 3088x2320, 2963B231-23ED-4E41-8902-069BA8…)

No. 646976

I..wanna kms now
the 2nd pic is her vag for anyone who doesn't wanna be blinded

No. 646979

Thanks anon, was thinking of eating some bagels rn but nah, not hungry anymore or ever. Also Jesus Christ, I thought every woman over the age of 14 knowns you don’t shave your pubic hair, you wax

No. 646982

File: 1552932891502.gif (4.08 MB, 398x256, F5A424F7-5FF2-4CF3-9B87-38CCE7…)

No. 646983

this is horrifying…. what is the brown stuff between her asscheeks. why did she not shoop those

No. 646993

Jfc now only a small step until NSFL porn because she can't get money from a normal job…

No. 647011

I refuse to believe that's lint she is posting pics of full dingleberries

No. 647013


Aside from the uncorrected typos in nearly every line?

No. 647014

…… I wanted this thread to become a little more milky but this ain’t what I meant

No. 647022

didnt she try this already?

No. 647032

File: 1552942160119.jpeg (Spoiler Image,247.36 KB, 1101x1381, 259B0451-1A19-440D-8328-2D0FB0…)

that’s a skidmark

No. 647042

Wtf is this angle??? This is tje least sexy thing ive ever seen. Its like labia just slapped on a fleshy white blob

No. 647047

File: 1552945124052.jpeg (3.9 KB, 175x177, images.jpeg)

Ew…I know that men have no standards when it comes to porn but who's willing to pay for these gross nudes?

No. 647155

Shit crumbs and a very hairy asshole, noooooooooooooooooooooooo

Fucking disgusting.

No. 647173

I'm not one to criticize the way someone's vag looks but I can't even tell what's going on there or from what angle this is taken?
Her asshole is dirty what the fuck luna

No. 647176

lunas nudes fill me w so much despair like I can't even explain it, it's just so depressing

No. 647181

File: 1552967611862.jpeg (483.09 KB, 750x942, FF175B55-008B-40C0-981C-615C04…)

Holy fuck she looks so out of it. No wonder she deleted these when her head was more clear. Nasty shit

No. 647187

She’s gotta be out of it. This isn’t sober sex worker advertisement. I wonder how long till she’s on the corner

No. 647210

Holy shit. The melted face, the ratty hair, the big roll of upper arm flab, the cuts on her shoulder, the blue-grey corpse hand w/ trackmarks, the rancid ass… nothing about this image is even passable, let alone appealing. It gets worse the longer you look.

No. 647212


god she used to be my favourite cow when she was in therapy complaining about food but god now she's just sad.

No. 647217

It looks like she took these pictures right after getting off the toilet judging by the indentations on her buttocks.

No. 647225

not surprising considering the shit in her asscrack

No. 647233

These look like the weird indentations you get from sitting on your ass for way too long. Like the centre seam of whatever shitty pyjamas she's wearing was just off-centre while she sat around writing shit poetry, drawing shit art, shooting shit into her veins (aka doing absolutely nothing) for hours. Then she was suddenly inspired to take these pictures. Probably after she ran out of dope money.

You know how sometimes dog owners actually look like their dogs? Luna's starting to look like Lurch. But I'm not sure who's the dog or the owner here.

No. 647250


Both are dogs and dope is holding the leash

She could do cam shows. Its not a hard way to make a quick 20 bucks, and you don't have to be cute (TBH its better if you are not because anything weird or gross about you will fill a niche).

Its also the easiest scam in the world to pull, especially when you bring stuff like findomme into the picture. The entire BDSM community is bursting at the ears with its own cum so its not hard to get some horney loser into sending you an amazon card or jiggling around topless for a few minutes, and once they are hooked you can give them the "you are so special you are my favorite customer" gambit and get gits and shit. Hell, she could sit naked and stream herself drawing naked, probably make 5 bucks right there.

There are worse-looking girls on corners and doing full service would fit her "wounded drug bby so sad" persona

How does this girl not think like a junkie yet?

No. 647251

Never in my fuckin life have I see someone with dirty clogged pores like this on their bits. That coupled with the fact she didn't even wash her ass before taking the photos.. and her middle finger is caked in shit as well.
I'm shocked and horrified. No wonder she was so upset and telling people that no one wanted her nudes. Last time she tried this only two? people agreed and they were probably farmers.

No. 647298

Holy, so many blackheads and ingrown hairs. Also, she missed the most random bits of hair during that shitty shave job, it looks like it's balding. If you want people to buy photos of your junk, the least you can do is wash it and make some effort with the grooming.

No. 647382

File: 1553041950588.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1743, 9EC91993-4D22-416E-AC5C-E1F561…)

I don’t get it. How does she think this looks good? Those anons who said she keeps looking more and more like Lurch weren’t kidding.

No. 647384

File: 1553042148988.jpg (103.2 KB, 500x725, my dad doesn't love me.jpg)

No. 647392

lmfao she has that square old chinese man mustache

No. 647393

Can’t tell if she has a mustache or an infection around her mouth…maybe both. Dear god

No. 647396

so she bought that jumpsuit in 2 colors

No. 647397

I’ve been following Luna since 2010 and watched her decline over the years… but I feel like, for whatever reason, we’re about to witness the start of her rock bottom.

No. 647400

Luna: can I just have your place now? or at least move in with matthew?
her dad: no
Luna: draws this

No. 647438

….was that mustache intentional??? how could she not notice that? Also that pose is beyond awkward

I think you're right

No. 647440

File: 1553063780672.jpg (325.22 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_pon02u72sa1w1d39p_1280.…)

There are two needles in the background.

No. 647448

>>647382 is that Lurch's leg behind her wtf

No. 647451

And what may or may not be a bloody tissue.
Classy. Real classy.

No. 647453


I really really hope that she doesnt start whoring herself out for bags of dope.

and I really really hope Lurch doesnt force her to do it.

No. 647456

File: 1553077545790.jpeg (477.39 KB, 1125x724, 57E367F9-7BA9-4B39-B335-5D9C96…)

No. 647469


No. 647471

lol ya looks like hes stooping into the fridge while luna takes a selfie. so surreal….fucking awkward kek

No. 647476

where the fuck do they get the money for dope?

No. 647489

File: 1553102346673.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1853, E187A060-ED05-4633-BD54-FDB566…)

No. 647490

File: 1553102390631.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1654, 5723659C-011A-437F-ADD8-6F967C…)

No. 647491

File: 1553102459823.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x1350, D1D7D6A2-4508-4C39-9F74-08C170…)

No. 647495

Holy shit, needs spoiler.

No. 647499

Does she just like DO THIS in her moms house? And take pics in lingerie where her mom can see her?

No. 647523

her vag isnt even that bad… maybe it only looks ok in comparison to the horrendous image of her asshole i just saw, but if she actually had the capacity to take care of herself in any way i bet she could make it work and probably sell nudes. all i see is a bad shave job (pretty sure the "clogged pores" are just poorly razored pubes) and a questionable rash on the side. the real problem is she doesn't have the decency to clean her fucking asscrack. GIRL JUST SHOWER AND COP SOME PUSSY OINTMENT IT AINT THAT HARD TO TAKE GOOD PICS EVEN IF U UGLY

No. 647544

Wow Tuna, I'm still again and again surprised that your "art" gets shittier with every picture.
She can't improve 1%.
I wonder how fried her brain is, she probably can't even form a clear sentence anymore.

No. 647564

These honestly make it seem like she's deteriorating. Are they intentionally bad or is she just too high to draw correctly?

No. 647582

they’re exceptionally bad, even for her. the eyes aren’t lined up, the line work is trash… usually her artwork is kinda subjective but this is just… unfathomably sloppy.

she often “tries” to make herself seem like a junkie princess and will make herself appear to be high all the time (taking selfies with her heavy lidded eyes, etc) but… now it feels different. it feels like she’s so genuinely lost in her drugs that she can’t function even on the internet.

i know she has posted photos of her syringes and drug related items on her personal blogs in the past. — but posting a photo with a spoon, syringes. and bloody tissues on her VERY public instagram?

something feels off recently. it seems really bad.

No. 647583

I feel like maybe she’s starting to realize how bad she fucked her life up. Shes genuinely addicted to heroin now and it’s not as glamorous as she’d hoped. Her junkie boyfriend is a complete deadbeat, and she has no hope of getting a job since she’s been airing out her dirty laundry onlkne for years.

Purely speculation, but she did mention recently that she was depressed because none of the jobs she applied for called her back. Maybe since she’d never earnestly tried to find work before she just assumed it’d be easier.

All that being said, this thread has gotten less ridiculous and more depressing ever since everything happened with Roger.

No. 647642

Wow Luna! I've been waiting for this a long time kek. So.. What is that vagina? There are no outer lips. It's just fat, and then scrumpled up ham slices. Why is it just a gash that blends in to a poorly shaven universe of pale blubber? And where the outer labia should be, it's just this slightly darker colored kind of..wrinkled scar tissue stuff. It's almost like a tranny's front hole. Just kind of grafted on there. I am 33 years old and have never seen a vagina like this. Never mind the gravy crack, that was expected. Just wow though.
But it is sad. Her face.. She's so gone. Previous poster was right- we're getting into the real darkness now.

No. 647645

She didn't earnestly try job hunting this time, either, so I doubt that has affected anything. It's all the same old poor me uwu schtick but yeah, there is something darker. I feel like the lifestyle is catching up with her and she is brain damaged.

No. 647646

I'm starting to think that the whole kerfuffle earlier about her mom supposedly using again was bullshit and Luna is the one using more heavily now.
It would be convenient because now she can leave her needles etc. out and blame it on her mom.

No. 647648

uh it's just normal anon what are you doing

No. 647652

yeah regardless of how much we all dislike her or her antics, her vulva is fine. she can’t help it, she was born with it. i don’t know how on earth you’ve never seen a woman with a labia minora like that in your 33 years, but it’s very common. there’s no need to attack her for stupid shit like that when she’s all around a dispicable person. it’s the poor hygiene, bad shave job, and questionable angle that people are disgusted with.

No. 647653

No. 647656

She's definitely way too high to have noticed this and even her art is wonkier than usual.
Luna's probably using more than ever which I don't understand because neither of them have jobs unless Lurch is still stealing to pawn or working as a middleman.

No. 647657

Lurch sells,and cuts it with fent. Another anon a few pages ago had a friend who almost died buying off Lurch

No. 647659

Do we know if she’s still speedballing? She was using crack pretty regularly in the first few threads

Do we have proof other than word of mouth tho?

No. 647670


If he’s cutting with fent, how long until they start using that too to save money?

No. 647671

There was a poem (kind of, it was just like a parody of My Favorite Things from sound of music) she wrote recently (in this thread or the last one) where she mentioned fentynal as one of her favorite things so it seems she’s already using it, kek.

No. 647677

Here >>641172. I think she was inspired by 7 rings by AG lol

No. 647692

No. 647725

From what I’ve heard and my own personal experience most dope on the east coast is just cut fentanyl at this point. I guarantee they’re already using fentanyl with minimal (if any) amounts of heroin in it.

No. 647728

Where I’m from everyone still calls it dope or heroin but they definitely expect fentanyl because it has flooded the streets and honestly actual heroin wouldn’t even touch the dopesickness. Heroin is practically non existent at this point to the average junkie in every state I’ve seen. Could be different around tuna though, but I doubt it highly. Fentanyl is much more profitable.

No. 647733

File: 1553207739127.jpg (102.74 KB, 540x628, tumblr_pon02wh7wT1w1d39p_540.j…)

reposted this to tumblr (still with needles in background) and a couple more drawings.

No. 647734

File: 1553207772797.jpg (109.18 KB, 540x690, tumblr_pon02wXcUt1w1d39p_540.j…)

No. 647735

lol its just occurred to me that she drew this "my dad doesn't love me" drawing in a notebook her dad literally bought for her. What an ungrateful brat.

No. 647827

LMAO thats fuckin gross, to be expected of luna tho…maybe if she offered a particle of helpfulness or gratitude to her father for letting her stay at his house and buying her all these things he would act more "loving". i understand she said her dad was emotionally abusive and i dont totally doubt it, so if he's her only source of money i get it–i know people who have had far more abusive parents who also manage to go back home/tolerate their parent if they really need money or something, they just grit their teeth and bear it. its understandable that she just collapsed into her dads care i guess, accepts his gifts and his money, but COMPLAINING about the experience is so infuriating…going home to an abusive or unloving parents is something a lot of us have to do when we don't want to, u don't expect it to be fun and pleasant, and most of us dont get the type of gifts luna does as a consolation prize for putting up with it. at this point i feel like she's the one exploiting her father esp if he does care about her deep down.

No. 647831

the main thing she says about him he that he doesn't love her…its like what you say about people when you're 15 and its obvs just her saying it cus he doesn't give her enough stuff or whatever…like he only buys her that small, cheap notebook uwu so sad

No. 648076

File: 1553362641409.gif (4.14 MB, 500x281, giphy.gif)

if you told me that was old dry wall I would believe you

dude come on she couldn't even be bothered to wipe before promo-ing herself for selling nudes.

I just don't fucking get it. Like she just posted about how she's fucked up her life and she regrets and deserves it, and how she'll never get a job because the internet has detailed her train wreck of a life…and then she posts more questionable shit.

>>647382 also lmao at lurch bending down getting food from that dirty frige in that unkempt kitchen.

No. 648179

File: 1553425196516.png (6.46 KB, 917x148, tumblr3.png)

Pic dump from KF.


On Tumblr she captioned this "Pink Hoe"

No. 648180

File: 1553425276199.png (999.2 KB, 1172x749, 15.png)

No. 648181

File: 1553425362352.png (1014.58 KB, 1023x751, 13.png)

No. 648182

File: 1553425429299.png (1.02 MB, 1018x751, 14.2.png)

No. 648183

File: 1553425541818.png (961.38 KB, 1017x749, 8.2.png)

No. 648184

File: 1553425596393.png (203.22 KB, 910x378, tumblr5.png)

No. 648185

File: 1553425635956.png (575.27 KB, 1071x744, 16.3.png)

No. 648187

File: 1553425740453.png (686.07 KB, 859x556, tumblr2.png)

No. 648188

File: 1553425836094.png (1.11 MB, 1016x748, 2.png)

No. 648189

File: 1553425985426.png (1.11 MB, 1020x751, 3.png)

No. 648191

File: 1553426065499.png (934.33 KB, 1017x755, 5.1.png)

No. 648192

File: 1553426177160.png (933.08 KB, 1015x750, 5.2.png)

No. 648193

File: 1553426218863.png (1.03 MB, 1172x751, 6.2.png)

No. 648194

File: 1553426250077.png (536.05 KB, 1172x752, 6.3.png)

No. 648195

File: 1553426285245.png (437.05 KB, 1165x749, 6.5.png)

No. 648196

File: 1553426315811.png (588.88 KB, 1165x742, 6.6.png)

No. 648198


not gonna lie, this one is kinda cool.

No. 648207

File: 1553434093949.png (491.2 KB, 632x1064, Screenshot_2019-03-24-14-26-49…)



No. 648250

She could have made her own style and had it fleshed it out by now if she stuck to her art more. Shame.

No. 648251

So she's not slapping price tags on this new sheaf of Copic abuse?


Those pink wrist cuffs are serious business!


An emerging new style, ie closely cropping the subject to fill the page? Or did she copy someone else's work?

That cigarette looks more like a syringe.

No. 648252

File: 1553446602639.png (1.13 MB, 800x1179, Screenshot_2019-03-24-09-52-36…)

No. 648253

File: 1553447364648.png (186.76 KB, 800x1175, Screenshot_2019-03-24-10-05-17…)

Her first @funeral420 Twitter account has never been posted here or archived.

Never change, Luna!


No. 648254

Is that a mold stain on her pants…?

No. 648258

The sharp decline in the quality of her artwork is disappointing, to say the least. She has no job, chores, or obligations (aside from getting high). She could've used all this time to practice and learn different things from free online resources. Her dad is willing to buy her supplies. Hell, she could've studied comics like she pretends to and put together a zine that she could sell. But nope, just the same sad ddlg horn girls being sad about their prescription drugs not working and whatever. She can't even put in enough effort to wipe her own ass these days.

No. 648261

she's a drug addict anon that's her job

No. 648275


Nah, that's her thigh tattoo showing through that shitty cheap cheap cheap fabric

No. 648322

I love you for unearthing this ancient artifact of Luna lore
But it's more visible where the fabric is thicker? I think it's dirt and not a tattoo.

No. 648352

File: 1553487727681.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x1575, 669BBF32-680A-448A-A102-41ED7A…)

No. 648377

You've never met a junkie, have you? Are you the same faggot from before with the talk about selling her 'art'?

No. 648385

a new samsung laptop and 3ds this year? It's been a while since these threads have complained about her pleading poverty/starvation while having high-end pawnable electronics, but it's something that's always bugged me lol. Her MacBook was fucked (broken CD drive with disc still in it) so I doubt she pawned it, probably spilt something on it while high and cried to her dad until he bought her a replacement laptop.

No. 648404

Does every horrible white girl own the same octopus bowl? Is there some scumbag monthly subscription that they come in?

Also whats with all the sudden weed love? I thought she was all about her "medication". (also i guess the cotton eye joe knee is finally healed because its been a fat minute since shes brought up her ever-dislocating joints)

Oh, and she still e-panhandling with the same story that she has a UTI and needs antibiotics how has this girl not just died of straight up pussy rot yet?

No. 648488

File: 1553568590561.png (1.04 MB, 698x860, Untitled.png)

No. 648601

Is it just me or is her art getting worse and worse as the drugs slowly fuck her brain up?

No. 648625

It is getting worse. Before it looked like she was just lazy and not really into it, now it looks like a 12 year old discovering mangas

No. 648999

File: 1553825496840.jpg (Spoiler Image,112.9 KB, 708x592, qwepo[iw;;lkwef.jpg)

No. 649000

I'm surprised at how clean that set is. Must be new.

No. 649011

>it must be new

>inb4 so today matthew was walking to the train station and inside a trashcan he found this beautiful cheap cheap cheap lingerie that was brand new and happened to be in my size and also very cheap

No. 649012

File: 1553834016142.jpg (344.06 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_pp3y02pMRW1w1d39p_1280.…)

>i got this for my baby as an early bday gift

No. 649019

He looks hot here

No. 649020


ew anon, love yourself

No. 649021

File: 1553837082501.gif (37.71 KB, 165x115, TYPING.gif)


anon please

No. 649058

File: 1553862764749.jpg (4.45 KB, 270x187, download.jpg)

it kinda looks like he's wearing a sunglasses version of those old novelty glasses

No. 649086

tunafish is dat u ?

lurkin ur thred grrrl?!

No. 649108

File: 1553894532146.jpg (61.45 KB, 480x360, easterisland.jpg)

No. 649141

File: 1553908400913.gif (1.94 MB, 320x240, ZSmL4L.gif)

>He looks hot here.

No. 649149

File: 1553911845499.jpg (190.15 KB, 667x1000, baby-sock.jpg)

All I see

No. 649186


lmfao, these sunglasses are prescription right? his eyes look so out of proportion I can't deal w it

No. 649193

Why does he have no forehead? He looks like he has microcephaly.

No. 649232

His voice sounded like if Nicolas Cage was slow in some old videos she would post on tumblr.

No. 649284

File: 1553997075454.jpg (609.19 KB, 698x3090, opasdosajid.jpg)

No. 649315

File: 1554002492322.jpg (26.87 KB, 719x314, happy sad.jpg)

No. 649321

Inb4 "I'm bipolar so plz respect mentally ill ppl and donate so I don't starve."

No. 649330

File: 1554009122959.jpg (83.27 KB, 694x588, qwkwq;w;qlek.jpg)

No. 649370

why doesn't she just throw those plushies in the washing machine it's not hard to keep them clean…

No. 649371

does she think this is some kind of improvement lmao

she looked so much cleaner and healthier 6 years ago

No. 649394

File: 1554060670170.png (841 KB, 780x936, a.png)

Given the other stuff she posted on tumblr today, I'm not sure she totally believes she's improved in the past 6 years.

No. 649396

File: 1554060749402.png (2.01 MB, 1100x1768, b.png)

>i thought I was gonna kill myself before 30 and now idk what I'm doing
>I'm scared of the future
>who am i? I lost my identity
>I miss my old life
>the meds don't help but I still take them

No. 649415

I wonder too if she sees this as improvement or deterioration. Also its sad to see her with friends having fun like a normal girl. Also THATS how old she was when she and Lurch started dating. Hes a fucking predator

No. 649421

File: 1554073639730.png (16.32 KB, 915x341, kd.png)

Luna's 16 here, she didn't hook up with Lurch until around her 18th birthday. There was quite a lot of time between Tai and Lurch.

He's still creepy as shit, but he hadn't met her yet.

In other news she's still fat

No. 649423


No. 649463

File: 1554084281931.jpg (72.83 KB, 710x450, akldsadknlskd.jpg)

No. 649464

>matthew had 6 seizures
>the yankees suck rn

omg luna lmao is she seriously like a sociopath or smth?
>matthew just died but i really want these cheap pajamas could any get them for me? im so sad ugh only 5 xanax left too

No. 650347

they might not have been dating, but he had met her. luna has mentioned he'd been around selling her mom dope since she was 13 and she ~totally had a crush on him~ then… for some reason she thought that was cute and not completely disgusting and weird. probably because shes into ddlg

No. 650348

I can't imagine the inner turmoil and pain poor Luna must be going through without access to therapy.

No. 650355

Not much of a predator when she was the one who spent a long time pursuing him.

That was such a weird stream of conscious post. I'm used to her being a raging bitch but it was still jarring.
>matthew just got beaten to death by crazed junkies and my favourite pink copic just dried out ugh today is the worst uwu

No. 650366

She met him when she was a little girl, and even when she was underage she talks about how he game her acid and they would sneak out. He groomed her like all predators do. What would a man in his 30's want with a little girl fresh out of HS if he wasnt some creep who couldnt get grown woman on his own and had to manipulate kids. He staged a suicide attempt to manipulate her into dropping out of school. He probably started the grooming process not long after he met her.

Also did she ever mention who she lost her V card to?

No. 650384

a little girl? wasn't she like 18

No. 650387

not when they met, she was barely a teenager and other than Tai im pretty sure he was her only real-life partner. Grooming a kid and then pouncing the day they turned 18 is predatory. She also mentions that they often snuck out and hung out when she was underage, and at one point an anon pointed out that, when you do the math from her anniversary to her bday, she was still underage when they got together officially. He 'courted' her for at least a year before that as well. They started hanging out against mama tuna's wishes when she was only in like 11th grade.

She was in high school. To a 30-something-year-old, that should be a little girl.

No. 650390

Source on Luna meeting Lurch at 13?

I thought she met him after Peter, she was living with her mom when she was 17. She talks about how it was ~destiny~ because her mom never let people come over, so she definitely didn't know him well, if she'd ever seen him. I thought she said she made out with him one of the first times she met him?

No. 650391

Why does she still put 1996 in all her usernames? It made sense when she was ~sm0l and vulnerable child prodigy UwU~ but now it just highlights what a washed-up, delayed, behind failure she is

No. 650392

ok anon everyone already thinks lurch is gross so you don't need to sperg about it

cus she has no imagination

No. 650393

she started living with her mom at ~14 when her grandmother committed old person with cancer suicide but im not sure how far back Lurch was her mom's dealer? She dated Peter while still knowing Lurch because he was selling to her mom and was around the house, i think she cited the time they did acid together in the park as her having been about 16. And at another point she mentioned how he openly told her that hed had his eye on her since she was little and came over more often to see her and to hang out in the house longer because he had a crush on her too.

Also it's beyond Lurch just being "gross", hes a pedophile who got a kid hooked on heroin and forced her to drop out of school and essentially stunted her and ruined her life. He knew what he was getting her into, regardless of how much she "begged him to shoot her up" he as an addict should have not have been ok with dragging a teenager into the hell he built himself. SHE was a dumb child, HE was a grown man who should have known better.

No. 650394

Lurch is the Mike Holland/Goddess Dez of heroin.

No. 650396

File: 1554132627836.png (170.06 KB, 750x1334, 2195CD17-700E-4852-AE7F-91CB09…)

how lurch and tuna came to be: pt 1/2 (from first thread)

No. 650398

File: 1554132677452.png (88.29 KB, 419x579, 2FD8801B-5E78-47A5-A9F0-EA8A3E…)

pt 2/2

No. 650402

File: 1554134743542.png (14.88 KB, 275x263, BC9F5AB4-AF81-497D-BECA-98CBCF…)

regarding lurch’s suicide attempt

No. 650448

She probably thinks that's romantic, instead of abusive and manipulative.

No. 650471

Probably because she's obsessed with '90s shit like Kurt/Courtney etc.

No. 650504

He was dead in '94 tho lol

Its a backfiring infantalization thing, she was constantly known for complaining "Im ONLY 19 and life is so hard because im ONLY 19 so I shouldn't have to deal with this because Im ONLY 19"

No. 650549

File: 1554156464176.png (1.49 MB, 1022x1336, Screenshot 2019-04-01 at 23.06…)

Cow spotted in the wild! Had no idea I was in the same group as Tuna! When I look at them I can smell the liquid at the bottom of a bin. They're so gross, but those cats are so cute!

No. 650552

The person needs to recount their pill bottles in the background, wouldn't put it past them to steal em. Or break in later to steal them all

No. 650554



No. 650556

It looks like there’s a droplet of blood on her nipple, also Lurch’s facial hair is looking a bit grey on the chin….

No. 650561

Looks more like a hole in her shirt and is wearing a pink bra.

No. 650616

why wont this fred munster tier motherfucker marry her already? like fuck, he's no prize, but it's so obvious she wants him to actually want to marry her. is he waiting for grandma to kick the bucket so he can sail away without luna on his totally legit yacht to tahiti?

No. 650622

File: 1554181555585.jpeg (1009.68 KB, 1242x1765, 85772AC4-A533-4EA6-AB68-D679D2…)

Magically finding more stuff

No. 650623

File: 1554181618482.jpeg (1.95 MB, 1242x1703, FD81EBD8-D1C3-43F2-993C-F61E21…)

No. 650636

File: 1554184254196.png (49.53 KB, 668x368, Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 10.5…)

can you fags stop fucking cowtipping for 30 seconds? i swear i see this shit happening more and more on luna's ig and its obvious and embarrassing

No. 650644

the way that head is angled is fuckin creepy

No. 650646

File: 1554190176275.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, AF35A7D2-897A-45D3-9D5D-0E07B0…)

No. 650650

…i don’t think it’s farmers tbh. at least not seasoned/integrated ones. from what i recall (don’t use IG anymore) she really never accepts new followers onto her page so anyone commenting has probably been following her for quite some time. i could be wrong though. i don’t see why a farmer would give themselves up after such a long waiting period, it seems counterintuitive. also she basically never responds to any comments so who knows if she even pays attention

No. 650653

I doubt farmers are the only ones noticing how much shit they steal, anon. They're really not subtle about it.

No. 650660

It's likely it's not a farmer. Lately a lot of her 'normie' followers have started to catch on and leave comments like this. The tide started turning after she moved into her mother's place but kept calling herself homeless and begging.

No. 650663

File: 1554210041265.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x1689, 43D5990B-2939-4ACD-B4DE-1428A4…)

her face is melting and those pants do NOT fit

No. 650668

She looks like she thinks she's better than anyone else, meanwhile her lips look like a botched lip job and her face is smeared in several layers of foundation and powdered with ashes…

No. 650682

Putting aside the likelihood that this is stolen, could you even IMAGINE being so thirsty for lice that you put a FOUND KNIT CAP on your head

No. 650685

given her constant crustiness and filth, I think the lice would be like 'nah, you keep it' and leave

No. 650687

This is genuinely sad. Anons in other threads who knew/knew of her back when she had friends and talent and a future paint a picture that she was constantly telling herself "my life will be perfect once I get thin, its all I need to fix to have everything" and now she's (relatively) thinner and its literally the only thing she has left and shes not even thin :(

No. 650694

File: 1554223674073.png (363.35 KB, 479x596, 09hv88.png)

Is that a new tattoo on her wrist? So poor eh? Can't afford food but can afford to get another pointless shitty tattoo.

No. 650699

nice sheet of bloody toilet paper in her arm crook

No. 650700

it takes like 2 seconds to go through her instagram and see that she’s had that tattoo for years.


No. 650701

it is the sleeve of her silky coat thing hitting the light and the shadow of her hair

No. 650704

she deleted the “finding” hat post after being called out

No. 650706

File: 1554227477887.jpeg (30.58 KB, 387x453, A71AE1F8-8EE3-4E75-A486-EF8182…)

are you sure anon? this seems darker than what the shadow would be from her hair and the other sleeve doesn’t seem to have this shape

No. 650713

looks like the sleeve is just kinda rolled up

No. 650741

Not those other anons, but looks like a shadow. Bloody toilet paper seems like a reach and a knit pick (gross as Tuna is).

No. 650767

it might be a place where the lace trim has detached too, i just dont know why shed have a huge blood stained tissue on her arm for a pic

No. 650773

I was mistaken i guess. my theory was that she had shot up, had pinprick bleeding, stuck the square on her arm to stop the bleeding ala shaving, and was too out of it to noice it in the picture

No. 650782

You realize she’s infamous on Facebook as well and has been posted in tons of call out groups, right?

No. 650783

File: 1554280566877.jpeg (Spoiler Image,217.11 KB, 750x1214, 6142D69C-1951-49C9-BAD4-4935D7…)

the longer i look the worse it gets

No. 650784

Oh god is that… period blood?

No. 650786

File: 1554281367209.png (222.23 KB, 750x1334, A8BCE61F-66C5-4122-93F3-7700D6…)

so unsexy uwu

No. 650787

File: 1554284412363.gif (9.49 MB, 453x282, S5kE61L.gif)

Oh, god.. that big pimple in her crotch..

No. 650794

File: 1554292796616.jpg (282.59 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_ppdiivHDpt1w1d39p_1280.…)

The dirt under her nail…

No. 650795

File: 1554293026026.jpg (298.48 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_ppdiiwhDAv1w1d39p_1280.…)

No. 650796

File: 1554293070558.png (1.69 MB, 1280x960, tumblr_ppddboFDqn1w1d39p_1280.…)

>the rilakkuma was the big gift but also had these lil ones

No. 650797

File: 1554293415985.png (392.89 KB, 479x469, dish of xanax.png)

No. 650798

On the inside of her thigh? Looks like a really bad ingrown hair that's turned into a bloody zit.

I wonder if she took these while high or if they're ones she's trying to sell.

I dunno Luna maybe you should leave him. Then again she never would because then she'd have to go get her own drugs.

Fucking hell their bed linens are as nasty as they were when they lived with Roger and that's when they had issues getting running water and couldn't wash. No wonder her mom is taking drugs again if this is what she has to see daily.

No. 650800

fresh track marks alert.

No. 650806

must've gotten her or someone else's script… she was complaining about only having like 4 left the other day.

No. 650808

as much as i don’t like luna, i hate lurch infinitely more. the fact that he’d rather watch someone have sex on a screen than sleep with his “fiancée” who is literally right beside him is… really depressing actually.

No. 650817

Tinfoil here but maybe lurch wasn't a child/teen predator but an opportunistic junkie. At the time of their "union" didn't she come into a fair sized inheritance - one of which luna was more than happy to blow on hard drugs?
Its still grimey as shit but for someone addicted to heroin for so long shacking up with luna was just another means to sustaining his habit. Again, tinfoil.

No. 650827

Oh please Tuna "uwu im opwessed because my man is white and thinks ethnicities are fetishes uwu"
Also wasn't she ~totally in~ on that catfish bullshit even though Lurch seemed way too into it? The catfish's name escapes me but we all know the one.

No. 650833

Lurch is whats wrong with Luna. He is the one who normalized all of this to a teenager. He treated his dying father like shit, she just doccumented it. Hes absolutely the fent selling grave robbing IRL criminal, all of her shitty behavior is just her doccumenting what Lurch taught her and normalized. He really does remind me of Mike Holland/Goddess Dez. He found a weird, troubled kid with mental health issues and bad/neglegent parents and took over her life to destroy it. Hes a parasite. I doubt shes the first girl he did this to

No. 650834

If that were the case he would have left when the money dried up, hes obviously not interested in her sexually so why would he keep her around so long?

No. 650836

what's with all this luna defense lately? do you forget how she literally said she wanted to be a drug addict? how she moved all her shit into rogers room the day after he went to hospital? all the trinkets she steals off childrens graves?? like yeah lurch is trash and took advantage of her when she was younger but she's not some poor innocent bby girl, jesus christ

No. 650840

The catfish's name was Tessa.

This. I'm tired of these anons trying to "fix" Tuna (cause she was so talented before Lurch, right? /s) or writing shitty fanfics where she is a poor little victim. It should be a banable offense imo.

No. 650841

She said she wanted to be a drug addict when she was a stupid teenager. Lurch, a grown man with inside knowledge about the hardships of addiction, enabled her romanticized stupid teenager fantasy.

Roger is on Lurch. Roger was Lurch's father and his responcibility to take care of. Luna doccumented what whent on in the house but Matthew was likely the one neglecting his medical atention, taking his posessions, etc.

And i feel like the child grave robbing is still speculation but theres no way grave robbing was Lunas plan, thats something only a decades-long addict would thik of. Again, its more like shes just along with the horrible selfish life of Lurch and too stupid not to doccument it.

Its not Luna defence, its Lurch condemnation. He dragged a kid into the hell he created for himself and treats her like absolute shit after forcing her to drop out of school and isolating her from anybody but enablers. Luna may be the antagonist of this saga but Lurch isa straight up villian.

No. 650846

File: 1554310237857.png (493.28 KB, 1184x865, fuckingnewfags.png)

> the fact that he’d rather watch someone have sex on a screen than sleep with his “fiancée” who is literally right beside him is… really depressing actually.

not to defend lurch or anything but Luna is fucking disgusting, she barely bathes. We just saw her ingrown bikini-line zit, do you really wanna imagine what her vag is like when she's not bathed?

I personally don't find it outrageous that someone would rather watch porn than have sex with a fat unwashed heroin addict. Their relationship is a joke, but he's not a scumbag for not having sex with luna lmao.

THIS is why he's a scumbag, but Luna is no better. I refuse to believe that her entire social circle didn't warn her about Lurch, HER PSYCHOLOGIST TOLD HER TO LEAVE LURCH WITHIN MONTHS OF THEM GETTING TOGETHER. She chose Lurch over her mental health, she stopped going to the therapist because of it.

if people go back and read the first few thread there's a LOT of screenshots where she flat out admits she BEGGED Lurch to inject her. I can't find the one where she verbatim says she begged Lurch for it, but I know it's there.

Luna has always wanted to be the girlfriend of a heroin addict. I'm sorry some people find this so hard to believe, but that's what it was.

No. 650855

Go back and read the old threads, Luna enjoys the heroin addict aesthetic. She's repeatedly bragged about "hustling", she got fired from her job for stealing, she calls herself a "ride or die bitch." She watched documentaries about the horrors of heroin addiction, she reblogged pics of Cobain's disgusting drug dens, she saw the lifestyle first-hand from 14 when she moved back in with her mother.

Luna knew what she was getting herself into. This isn't normal "stupid teenager" shit, at no point as a teenager did I feel like I needed to take heroin and steal from people to be cool, and even in drug circles thats a HUGE LINE between injecting heroin and taking other hard drugs.

Lurch didn't force Luna to do anything, she chose it herself. She wasn't groomed at 14 by a predator like Lainey, she'd been grooming herself from childhood.

No. 650880

If it wasn't for Lurch it would have been Peter or some other junkie like that John Apt guy she called babes lol

No. 650886

> theres no way grave robbing was Lunas plan

even if it wasn’t her plan she definitely made the choice to steal the little angel/religious ornament things, which makes her just as bad

No. 650889

File: 1554317168754.jpg (627.01 KB, 696x2752, gift.jpg)

>And i feel like the child grave robbing is still speculation
How? There's picture proof of her and Lurch next to a tipped grave. It's not like she'll admit all of her dirty religious trinkets were stolen.

No. 650890

File: 1554317274366.jpg (252.62 KB, 706x2016, ;kajflsfakjd.jpg)

No. 650893

Anon from before, maybe Im just used to every house having a tonne of general catholic shit but most of them remind me of old people shit and I guess I just assumed it was mostly shit Roger accumulated from being an old person.

The tipped grave tho. Holy shit.

No. 650902

Isn't that the comforter that her dad got her when she first moved in with her mom last year?