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File: 1540459306499.jpeg (520.66 KB, 672x664, F389271D-5162-4F44-94A3-2F4C99…)

No. 591749

Image credit: >>>/pt/591576

Previous thread: >>>/pt/574429

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/ [private]
tumblr: https://funeral1996.tumblr.com [deleted]
https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/ [inactive]
https://rotten2thecore1996.tumblr.com [deleted]
https://heavenlykitten1996.tumblr.com [active]

>Formerly known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun and funeralhome420 (to name but a few)

>22 year old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun
>Started dating her 35 year old boyfriend (hereby known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”
>has a following of impressionable young girls who she has convinced to “help” her during this “tough time” in her life
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>”I’m not trying to be Courtney Love!”
>Tries to be exactly like Courtney Love
>Bleats about harm reduction while being the antithesis of harm reduction/seemingly having no grasp of the concept whatsoever
>Loves to share her grimy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles
>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lot the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it
>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Always “short on rent” or otherwise in need of donations
>Overdosed on heroin twice in less than 12 months, even that didn't encourage her to get clean
>RIP ROGER (aka Lurch’s dad)
>Tuna and Lurch couldn’t pay rent because all their money came from Roger’s social security so the e-begging ramped up to 100
>EVICTED from Roger’s house
>Tuna and Lurch “temporarily” move in with Luna’s mother, who is an (ex) addict
>Brings along moldy, nasty stuffed animals and complains about not being able to move her other belongings (claims she lost 90% of them when she got EVICTED)
>Continuously tries e-begging along with selling nudes and shitty art in lieu of getting a job
>Her “abusive” dad continues to buy her useless shit from Amazon
>Posts pictures of her and Lurch looting graves like it’s no big deal
>Claims to be homeless for bonus sympathy points in spite of living with her mother


>Created a new tumblr account “to look at cute shit” (as opposed to glorifying drug addiction and stupidity), uses it to post the same pictures of the same art no one wants to buy and the same cheap clothes she wants people to buy for her over and over again ad infinitum

>Continues to abuse Copics and hawk off the results for drug money
>Continues to beg for useless shit via Amazon wishlists
>Similarly useless gets “found” by Tuna or “gifted by a friend”, while the “friend” remains nameless and Tuna takes every opportunity to point out how cheap everything is
>Gets called out by followers for sounding like an ungrateful cunt by banging on about how cheap everything is (spoiler: she is an ungrateful cunt)
>The quality of her art is inversely proportionate to amount of drawings she churns out (practice does not make perfect, evidently)
>Still living in her mother’s government housing which she claims is “really toxic” but is making no effort to move out of
>Kicked her mother out of her own bed and is making her sleep on the couch
>Claims she got a UTI from holding in her pee because she was too anxious to walk past her “abusive” mother to get to the bathroom (and totally not because heroin causes retention and/or she doesn’t pee after getting boned by the Easter Island statue she calls her fiance)
>Posts pictures sans makeup which prove that she is not incapable of not looking like a Yamanba, much to everyone’s astonishment
>Continues to post selfies with plants, one of which she named after her deceased cripple punk ex (and all of which appear to be more alive than Lurch)
>Has now added “I’m homeless!” to her repertoire of catchphrases
>Is not actually homeless, as evidenced by the fact that she has moved her festering hoard into her mother’s room with no apparent intention of leaving
>Continues to perpetuate her delusion of being a tortured sad bbydll via an increasing proliferation of comically terrible edgelord poetry
>Remains convinced Lurch intends to marry her even though he appears to be preparing for a starring role in the remake of Weekend At Bernie’s via method acting
>Has added being bipolar to her list of self-diagnosed mental illnesses
>Deletes her tumblr account for the 7842724th time only to create a new one almost immediately


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two >>>/snow/171004
three >>>/snow/190985
four >>>/snow/220048
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nineteen >>>/pt/540883
twenty >>>/pt/558885
twenty one >>>/pt/574429

No. 591750

File: 1540459993612.jpeg (479.12 KB, 750x720, 43F452C6-42F2-420C-96C7-DF9A36…)

>looked better in person

you sure about that tuna?

No. 591752

>remark in previous thread about how she looked slightly more alive in earlier selfies from the day
>end up seeing these a few hours later
honestly, does she just slather more makeup on the previous layer after it starts oxidizing? how does she manage to make herself look so grimy in the span of a day?

No. 591771

And without leaving the house either. As for the anons who feel the need to point out that she has nice skin, she really doesn’t. The combination of drugs and malnutrition from eating nothing but junk is an express ticket to early ageing too. Her insistence on dressing like a geriatric is fitting in this respect. It’s such a waste. I know a lot of farmers think she’s beyond redemption but I don’t think she is. I remember one of the first Layla/Soundclout threads around the time Peep died when someone said (and I’ll paraphrase) that as much as we relish the entertainment provided by the tractorwrecks here many of us would like to see messy cows get their shit together. I think this applies to Tuna, hence why the arguments about “if she only ditched Nosferatu and moved in with her dad and went to art school!” keep cropping up. She can turn her life around if she chooses to. But she probably won’t and here we are.

No. 591772

That edit is perfect. GG anon!

No. 591782

File: 1540472192578.png (801.58 KB, 640x1437, BBD5E607-D84A-4BF0-BEB1-62B434…)

not sure if anyone posted this bit in the last thread but i’ll post it here just in case

No. 591787

File: 1540474217362.jpeg (494.48 KB, 750x1141, 163F4329-947F-49E0-8316-70557D…)

There’s this too that I forgot to post earlier. It pisses me off that she always bangs on about how much she loves/misses Tai even though they hadn’t talked in years leading up to her death. That’s not to say she didn’t/doesn’t care about her or feel sad but these posts conveniently fit her saddest girl in the world uwu narrative. Typical tactic to rack up those sympathy points.

No. 591789

Didn't Tuna make some shitty poem when Tai died? Something along the lines of "OMG I AM SOOO SAD! WHEN I HEARD YOU DIED LIKE CHRIS CORNELL MY HEART COULDNT TAKE IT!!!!" Of course, I'm obviously overexaggerating what she said, but I remember her saying Tai died like Chris Cornell. It was really insensitive lmao.

No. 591791

File: 1540474937387.jpg (736.65 KB, 1080x1817, 20181025_153933.jpg)

Sure Tuna, you've got so many die hard fans waiting in line to spoil you with Amazon gifts. You're a star after all.
(Also, nipticky but these granny pants are awful)

No. 591799

They'd started speaking again due to cowtippers, like a couple months before she killed herself. Luna had ruined that friendship but not enough for Tai to spill tea, and after someone asked her about Luna in anon asks they started talking on Tumblr.

Kinda irrelevant to your point tho. I agree that Luna didn't give a shit about Tai until she died, and even after then half of her memories with Tai is being bought stuff, or being idolised by tumblrites.

Tbh I think she's secretly happy she has a new "sad backstory" to talk about, and it's cliche as fuck. An ex who killed themselves is the exact thing i expect her to write in poetry like it makes her a better artist with all the misery. she doesn't need to fall back on the stupid "my grandma technically killed herself, isn't that so sad?" Story anymore lol

No. 591812

File: 1540477477565.jpg (519.91 KB, 544x544, generous.jpg)

Really surprised she hasn't begged money to make a memorial to Tai or has taken 101 pics of Tai the Plant in her memory.

They look awful on her. This is how they're supposed to look but she never gets the right sizes. You can see every lump in her thighs and they're digging right up into her crotch.

No. 591817

Fat luna was so cute, it really is depressing to see old pics of her healthy and with friends and normal compared to the evil mummy she has become

No. 591818

If someone did buy her this and she says "thank you follower" that's pretty fucking rude lol I keep thinking like why doesn't she just get some key pieces that she can rewear but it's cus she just wants more stuff!

maybe she's planning for that super serious eating disorder to kick in

No. 591819

It really depends on the cow, to me. I don't give a fuck about Luna getting her shit together, I care about all the people she has abused / hurt. It's fitting to see her living in filth and infamy. If she did 'turn it around', I'd want a big part of that to involve shit like volunteer work, charity, etc, to try and make up for all the awful shit she has done. Since she is a blackhole of selfishness, I can't begin to imagine that happening in this timeline. (And it seems like a minority that are hoping things will change for her.)

No. 591824

I come here every month or so to see if Luna is dead yet. These threads are just rancid, I hate that she’s real. So fucking nasty, like when I’m in these threads I can smell her. Sorry for the rant, I just wish she’d OD already and spare the fucking world

No. 591829

fun fact: she posted about the pants only like an hour after the mopey post about tai

No. 591846

she's a goddamn sociopath

No. 591864

If Tuna ever did turn around it would be some kind of record. You cant cure the me,me,me’s at her age. She is the worst sort of person without the drugs. We have never seen her do anything generous for anybody. Not one thing. If she had it would be part of her begging scheme.

No. 591868

File: 1540489389789.jpeg (452.03 KB, 640x898, 38EFABF8-2369-4DEE-8CD3-C26476…)


No. 591882

nitpick but how does she even pay for her phone bill + apple music with no income and being ""homeless""?

No. 591884

yeah i wonder what her “permanent address” is for govt stuff. dont u have to have an address to get govt checks and food stamps or whatever? guess shes getting by without em….but besides using her moms address for amazon shit i wonder if she is listed as having an address at her dads or smthn

No. 591886

Pretty sure her dad covers her phone. >>591882

No. 591897

Buying undersized clothing is actually an eating disorder thing (they obsess over purchasing the smallest possible size that they can cram into so they can feel good about wearing a small size, thats why Skellies like Ash Isaacs shop in the childrens department)

Out of all her bullshit some level of eating disorder is the only thing i really believe, especially given how delusional she is about finding herself pretty, she only thinks she is because she is relativly small compared to how she looked before. If she had stayed the same weight she would have had to notice all the other ways she deteriorated and would be ashamed of it but it probably evens out in her mind because she is automatically "prettier" by having lost weight

Her BPD may or may not be real (a diagnosis is useless though unless you are actually doing something about it other than instagramming your outdated workbook) but the glass bones/paper skin/cotton eye joe knee gambit is 100% nonsense or she would CONSTANTLY be posing with her cain/mobility devices for sadsickbbydoll asspats

No. 591899

>comfiest thing ever

Gurl. Sure, if you like having moose knuckle then you do you but those look like they’re cutting off circulation.

No. 591906

those pants are so aweful i wanna gauge my eyes out, they look like some lularoe leggings. And this is coming from someone who likes some of Luna's granny stuff.

No. 591916

It's so fucking insensitive how she keeps saying "killed yourself" instead of passed away.

No. 591921

File: 1540501050764.jpg (228.15 KB, 1080x1550, Screenshot_20181025-135533_1.j…)

In the comments on the post about the pants

No. 591923

File: 1540501069971.jpg (208.73 KB, 1080x1289, Screenshot_20181025-135557_1.j…)

No. 591930

File: 1540502095822.png (1.86 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-25-17-13-13…)

Two part pic but this was put on the last thread but the best comment on it was missed

No. 591931

File: 1540502133722.png (131.67 KB, 1186x682, Screenshot_2018-10-25-17-12-56…)

"Way too much" kek suprised she didn't delete that

No. 591933

if she said passed away how would followers know how hardcore and tragic her life is?! they might even think she died in a nonaesthetic way! if she had a friend who aesphyxiated on a potato chip, we would only hear "she died." but if a friend OD'd on china white while wearing a granny dress? We'd get every gory detail.
actually now that i think about it, doesn't she always just say that roger died, but rarely specifies how? is disease lower on her hierarchy of death related clout?

she's tall, lives in a colder area, never works out or moves, yet she gets hot easily instead of the opposite. is it being strung out or withdrawals that make you wake up drenched in sweat?

No. 591943

Damn, seeing that and seeing them on her, you can tell that they're the wrong size. They're supposed to be lose but they're cutting off her circulation.

I don't think she ever apologized for the people that she scammed either. She just disappeared, came back to whine about the world being unfair and continued scamming elsewhere.

No. 591966

To all the anons who think she has nice skin, may I present exhibit a. Girl needs to invest in a good exfoliant (amongst a fucktonne of other things).

No. 591968

She’s a corpulent cunt, hambeasts get hot much more easily, just imagine the swamp ass and sweat pooling in between her copious rolls of fat. Or you know, don’t, because I just threw up in my mouth typing that.

No. 592036

Fucking kek agreed. She gets hot because she's fat and sweaty. Sad how there's such a stark difference between the sparkly angel she wants to be and the reality of the 6 foot tall hippo.

She's really incredibly shallow– her poetry proves that. She actually thought that once she had long bleached blonde hair and lost some weight, somehow…her life would be fine? Nothing else would matter or be required of her, she would just become a pretty 2D cardboard cutout with no responsibilities. It boggles the mind.

Maybe that's all not so uncommon for BPD. Not knowing who you are. I could relate, in the past. But knowing you have mental illness comes with an obligation to try, in my opinion. If you wanna keep loved ones around you.

Funny how she said she didn't care in reply to my comment about her retardedly gooped-on highlighter. And 6 fat depressed genderunicorns rallied around with likes to support her. It goes to show she does still have "fans". Refusing to hear anything but lies is what keeps her stupid. I've been kind to her in the past.

No. 592037

Calm down anon she's not morbidly obese to the point of having "copious rolls of fat". It's more a of a semi-thick layer of cottage cheese, which is somehow more viscerally disgusting but still.
Her obsession with being thin and blond and blue eyed is weird as fuck indeed.
I think she does "try" in her little mind. She occasionally opens her cbt workbook and reorganizes her trash.
To her, doing something, anything at all other than lying around is worthy of achievement… it can be, small steps and all, but it's been many years she should be showing some more progress.

No. 592050

yup, and so many tumblr posts which i'm sure she reads encourage that mentality. "remember you're doing a hecking great job for making it another day!" "remember that even little things like self care and painting your nails can be a big accomplishment and you should be proud!" like, tuna, that's what you say to calm down a suicidal 13 year old, it's not a lifestyle.

No. 592052

For real so many of her "self care techniques" are just insipid crap from those Tumblr posts. I can see the appeal, though - they make it sound like loafing about watching Netflix and doing your makeup all day is crucial for your mental health and equivalent to actually taking care of yourself like an adult. It's perfect for her.

No. 592055

I wouldn’t say her obsession with being thin and blonde is weird as such. She has obviously been overweight and not conventionally attractive her whole life and has been told as much repeatedly so she is looking for validation via her achievement of these beauty ideals.

No. 592059

nta but it's not weird on its own but it's weird how much importance she places on it considering her position. like she hates herself and gets bummed out about being "useless" but instead of wishing she was more talented or ambitious or smart, as in things that could make her less useless and have a better life, she just wishes she was the same tuna but with upgraded looks….
like it's not weird that it's on her list, but why the fuck is it at the very top?!

those techniques are only helpful when you're just starting to self improve, but if you ONLY take baby steps, ONLY have small victories and accomplishments, for years, you're not going to improve shit. after a certain point, you have to discipline yourself.

No. 592063

Because as much as we like to tell ourselves otherwise, what we amount to as humans doesn’t count for anything if we’re not attractive. She’s superficial. Look at how little effort she puts into her art yet still deigns to call herself an artist. She just wants asspats and because she’s lazy as fuck it’s easier for her to gain this approval via superficial means rather than by accomplish anything of merit.

No. 592075


OT a bit but I had her on my Insta for some reason and didn't realise til she popped up the other day. I liked one of her art posts and literally got a DM immediately offering to sell artwork.

I have now blocked her cos that is a bit creepy

No. 592079

>Because as much as we like to tell ourselves otherwise, what we amount to as humans doesn’t count for anything if we’re not attractive.


No. 592082

Opioids can cause excessive sweating (even substitution treatment like Methadone, Subutex/Suboxone) + as anon said earlier, Tuna is an hambeast
Hmm, imagine the smell!

No. 592088

>smoking at a gas station
She's really never cared about anyone but herself before, huh

No. 592089

honestly i disagree with the people itt saying luna is hambeast-tier. i’m sure she weighs more than the average girl but for the most part it’s probably offset by the fact that she’s taller than the average girl (but correct me if i’m wrong). what i am sure of though is that she probably reeks from the combination of sweatiness and her shitty diet that she’s exhibited multiple times

No. 592102

Shes a very normal weight. Even when she was heavier she was just chubby/boxum like she hadnt grown all the way out of her baby fat. Her body isnt gross because it has too much fat on it, it is gross because she is sickly and jaundiced-looking and has no muscle tone

No. 592107

she's been fat but not "not conventionally attractive" (aka UGLY) her whole life. Before all the drugs, she was just a fat girl. She still has (underneath all that make up) a somewhat pretty face that could be actually pretty without the drugs and a skincare routine.

No. 592108

size 12? lmao she's delusional, no way she's any smaller than 16

No. 592120

American sizing is a wild ride, especially if you are a girl and tall. One store's 8 will fit like another store's 20, its all arbitrary nonsense made up to either appear elite by excluding fatties from your shop (Abercrombie for example) or to flatter the fatties into buying an article of clothing because they are happy to see a low size on the tag that fits them (Walmart, Old Navy, etc).

No. 592122

Agreed. Tuna is filthy, selfish, stupid and fat, but her facial features I don't actually think are that bad, she just needs to take care of herself.

I have a theory if she lost weight and stopped drugs/looked after her skin, she'd slightly resemble Emily Browning.

No. 592126

she's wearing pj pants that are 3 sizes too small tho, so…

No. 592128

She got them off the internet from asia, where everybody is a tiny little doll-person (like she wishes she was). Their XXL is almost always closer to an American Medium

Also Emily Browning is painfully plain, she's thin and unoffencive-looking but if she wasn't under the direction of a bllion dollar team of buticians and fittness instructors and wardrobe people (not to mention having the means to use expensive skincare/hair care/etc prpducts) she would be rather holmley. If anything, the "True" Emily Browning would probably look a lot more like Luna than Luna will ever have the potential of resembling her.

No. 592131

Im sensing a real lack of consistancy in some of the anons who criticize her for spending money on anything that isnt dry beans, rice, and toilette paper but somehow yall think she should be frivelously dropping money of creams and exfoliants and all sort of other non-essencials that will only further feed her bloated ego

"Plz bbyz I need this 50 dollar face cream because my tragic skin condition is going to rot my face off and kill me uwu so sick plz help"

No. 592136

no one said shit about creams, she just needs to fucking wash with soap once in a while.

she also needs to get a job and get the fuck out of her mom's house along with her moai statue.

No. 592137

>implying that luna cooks her own food or even knows how to cook in the first place
isn’t most of her diet just prepackaged frozen shit and snacks?

No. 592149

she really doesnt realize that to lose weight and look “healthy” u also need to exercise. u dont have to do anything huge but even lifting 5 pound weights or doing ten sit ups a day can make a difference especially if u want to look less flabby. theres a limit to how much weight u can truly take off just by not eating, and it will look weird if u dont complement it with exercise. i know working out isnt very uwu babbygirl delicate flower but especially if ur tall u will look weird asf without any definition whatsoever. i once dropped 12 pounds in like 2 months off a medication that made me lose my appetite and i got skinnyfat. imo thats even worse than being fatfat. she could start by just doing stretches or yoga shit, it would be consistent with her occasional boho tarot card hippie aesthetic and would probably also help her “cotton eyed joe” knee and slew of other unspecified medical issues if she looked up how to do it correctly.

No. 592154

You don't need and address for government assistance in NYS. Arrangements can be made to get your card from the office and you get your cash and food stamps on the card every month. Not sure about SSI/SSD though.

No. 592155

you can get it direct deposit iirc.

No. 592156

samefag, but they offer cards like they do for food stamps that work the same way.

No. 592164

That's Tuna for you.

No. 592169

Being tall and fat makes you too hot, not too cold. Extra insulation and square cubed law.

No. 592175


>Because as much as we like to tell ourselves otherwise, what we amount to as humans doesn’t count for anything if we’re not attractive

incel, pls go


just out of curiosity … what are you doing with all the time you save by writing u instead of you?

No. 592189

File: 1540579112143.png (104.08 KB, 500x399, food-water-aesthetics-1598739.…)

this again? what does being tall have to do with looking fat and flabby? i'm taller than her and if anything it's the opposite. there's more surface area so you can have the same amount of fat as a shorter girl and still look quite thin. getting fat enough that most people notice takes LONGER if you're tall, not quicker. you can say she's not obese or maybe she's not technically overweight and it's just loose skin or whatever, but being tall isn't what's making her appear fat to farmers.

i don't think many farmers want her to only spend on absolute necessities, just stop hoarding so much beyond her means. i mean ffs there are people with stable jobs who wouldn't spend what she does on luxuries because they wouldn't feel like they can afford it. if she didn't buy like 12 trinkets and clothes every month she could get all her food and a good but …..affordable…. luxury or beauty product once every few months.

no one is expecting her to be above worldly desires anon. there's a difference between having something in the back of your mind as a goal and fixating on it over everything else even when your life is in absolute shambles. pic related

No. 592202

Right, I know I just found out she was tall as opposed to the short, smol bean she wants us to see her as. And I’ve been following Tuna for almost 2 years.

No. 592205

This is some real shit. I’m 5’2” and one can easily tell when I have gained or lost five pounds. My 5’7” friend can shift 15 pounds before anyone notices.

Tuna is large and tall, and while it’s not the most desirable body type it doesn’t preclude her from being attractive. She just doesn’t want to work with what she has and instead pretends she’s some waif-like vlada roslyakova angel.

There’s way more than one person posting here so you’re going to get a lot of conflicting opinions. Realistically, the best thing Tuna could do for her face is to just stop wearing makeup. Wash her face once a day, drink water, shower, ect. These things cost negligible amounts of money to do.

The unfortunate thing is that from our outside perspective, we see all the things Tuna could do to improve her life dramatically. There’s some part of me that envies the ability to know exactly what I could do to improve my life and have like, a team of people who are all giving me advice constantly. But this just brings us back to the fact that Tuna is never going to improve because she refuses to help herself, and even though she has so many resources and ways out she would rather trip balls on her stained mattress all day.

No. 592209

>incel, pls go

NAYART but why has this become a go to insult for newfags recently? Everyone on this site is a female. Saying something nasty about another (fat) female should warrant something about being an ana-chan, salt-chan or having sand in the vagina, not calling them an incel.

Man, even the infighting sucks these days.

No. 592211

File: 1540586808650.jpeg (383.67 KB, 640x983, 2EEF1229-30E8-4218-81EA-107C56…)

truly the very poster child of homelessness and poverty

No. 592212

You mean sitting in a warm home, in warm pajamas with a cup of iced tea while taking selfies on an iPhone isn't the definition of homeless? Say it ain't so!

No. 592217

Let me explain it in the way I'm sure most of us see it.

Luna begs for money and swears up and down it's for food because "I haven't eaten in days babe!" but then when she gets the money she magically has 'gifts' in the form of beauty products.

If she doesn't get 'gifts' she bought herself she has actual gifts from poor saps who buy her Amazon. Both her 'gifts' and her actual gifts are always fashion/beauty because "They're selfcare help uwu"

What money she actually DOES put towards food goes to junk food, buffets, and desserts. Nothing substantial or long lasting.

It's from these three points of logic that we criticize her because all three points make sense.

1. Scamming cash through 'food money'. This enables her to buy exfoliates and makeup removers.. neither of which she buys so she just layers on makeup over and over until she looks crusty and nasty.

2. Scamming through her Amazon. She could add these things to her wishlist but she never does.

2. Spending money on actual food, only it's bad food. She has money to buy food to last her like beans, rice, etc but she buys icecreams, buffets, and fast food.

No. 592222

i use the time i save to get succed thru my Jorts

No. 592225


No. 592230

Did she drag a mirror onto the living room floor or what? This is such a weird picture

No. 592231

Seeing as she’s so hell-bent on being a smol waif bbydll angel uwu you’d think she’d be aware of the fact that eating rice and beans more frequently than her junk binges interspersed with not eating anything would expedite the weight loss process.

No. 592233

You mean iPad. Such poverty!

No. 592235

My bad, it's hard for me to keep up with this homeless person's expensive devices.

No. 592244

kek, I’d love to see how many/what kind of comments she gets on these photos while claiming homelessness before she deletes and blocks

No. 592267

could be a mirror in a wardrobe door

No. 592274

i really want to take the block just so i can comment about what a goddamned liar she is. i commented on one of her photos and literally like 20 secs later she messaged me about how shes "homeless" and would draw me art for like $50, and when i didnt reply she tried to guilt trip me about how "sick and hungry" she was… i cant wait til she gets what she gives

No. 592290

>gets hot easily
Wasnt she just complaining that her (moms) bedroom gets "freezing" because of not having heat?

Okay Tuna.

No. 592324

Fever and chills from being dopesick, anon. She would be feeling like absolute shite every waking moment save for when she’s high

No. 592370

Luna is a cruel person for letting her own mother sleep on the couch of her own home. I do not feel bad for the mother though. She created and continues to enable Luna’s habits. Hell, she even was the sole influence to Luna’s addiction and allowed her dealer to have Luna. Such pitiful people.

No. 592374

Not to continue an infight but they called anon an incel because they literally stated that nothing you do in life matters unless you're attractive. Thats an incel tier statement, the fat sperging sounds like hangry anas but the anons weren't wrong shit was embarassing and sounded like a "loveless".
In other news Tunas milk really has been dry, its just a circle or her pandering for amazon shit while she cries and occasionally posts some art, wish Easter Island would break up with her or her mom convinces her to break up with him, or they move out SOME form of arc instead of this stalemate.

No. 592389

>nothing you do in life matters unless you're attractive

I’m that anon, facetiousness doesn’t really translate well here, does it… Sadly many people do seriously believe this though, whether they admit it or not. The importance of superficial beauty is shoved down our throats every day, in both subtle and not so subtle ways. Even Tuna with all her delusion in her grimy bubble of drug use and toxic codependency isn’t impervious to societal expectations, hence why she ascribes so much value to this ridiculous blonde angel bbydll aesthetic bullshit.

No. 592390

as if Lurch would break up with her, unlike Luna he actually would be homeless now that he does not have parents to mooch off like she does. She is his meal ticket and then some.

No. 592396

It's probably why he keeps her around to be honest.

No. 592397


Withdrawal sweats smell like vinegar as well.

No. 592414

That’s what I was getting at. He probably thinks he has hit the jackpot with her.

No. 592425

probably because you wrote it completely matter of fact

No. 592427

Lurch's mom is richer than Luna's but I don't know if they speak at all tbh. He still has family but given the fact Luna's been mooching off his dad for 5 years, it's finally time Luna actually gave something back lol.

No. 592430

>Lurch's mom is richer than Luna's
sauce? what do we even know about Lurch's family apart from Roger?

No. 592433

I looked her up, last time I posted about her they deleted my post and temp banned me for doxing people unrelated to drama.

No. 592434

doubleposting but Matt's family were doxed on kf, I don't know if I'm allowed to post Luna's KF thread but it's on page 2.

No. 592439

I don't get why anons keep bringing this up.
When Luna moved in with her mom she posted that she can't sleep on the couch because her mom sleeps on it and that her mom always sleeps on her couch instead of her bed because her mom (Lunas grandma) used to do that aswell.
There are a lot of people who choose sleeping on their couch over sleeping in their bed.

No. 592444

But Luna lies a lot. Plus she would never outright admit that she kicked her mom out of her own bed.

No. 592445

congrats you took luna's word for it

No. 592449

File: 1540657068250.jpeg (486.93 KB, 640x987, 76C6B1DE-9E77-42BD-9685-5427E9…)

No. 592451

yeah, i'd think that her comorbid affinities for retail therapy and sticky fingers would result in an obsession

No. 592452

this bitch is BOLD posting all her stolen shit

No. 592483

Yea but she doesn't have to completely take over her room and bed with all her filthy junk. It's not like both lurch and luna would fit on the couch anyway.

No. 592484

How disgusting is it that you just know this is brand new because it's not entirely covered in dirt yet. Give it a few days.

No. 592497

File: 1540671209562.png (299.76 KB, 733x590, tumblr4.2.png)

No. 592498

File: 1540671232324.png (244.1 KB, 819x597, 23.1.png)

No. 592499

File: 1540671259679.png (112.12 KB, 809x597, 23.2.png)

No. 592537

lol here's how i imagine this situation actually went down:
first few nights tuna crashed the place, tuna's mom said something like "oh go ahead and take the bed! i really don't mind :) sometimes i even prefer the couch like grandma"
of course tuna's mom only expected this to go on for a few days or weeks. then, either she didn't have the heart to ask tuna if she wanted to switch once in a while, or she did ask to which luna flipped her shit and called her an evil abuser.

like yeah a lot of people always sleep on the couch, but how convenient for tuna that her mom ALWAYS does it even though she owns a bed and wasn't expecting a housemate.

No. 592548

I'm surprised in all of this time, this bitch has never gotten/complained about bedbugs.

No. 592549

She never goes anywhere so she's unlikely to pick them up

No. 592576

Even if she did she probably wouldn’t notice because a) dope makes you itch like a motherfucker and b) there’s no way those gross cats she’s so proud of don’t have fleas so she’s probably accustomed to being covered in bites anyway

No. 592608

even bedbugs dont wanna live in her hovel

No. 592614

Don't call the cats gross, anon!
They didn't choose to spend their lifes with people like Luna and Lurch who give a shit about them and don't properly care for them.

No. 592960

Tuna hasn't updated her instagram in a couple days. wonder if there's trouble in paradise

No. 592968

nah just dopesick

No. 592969


She's been messaging me nonstop for days and suddenly stopped so I wouldn't be surprised if it was because she suddenly got drug money.

No. 592973

don't let us hanging there anon, what was she whinging about?

No. 592981

Don't want to post caps in case she's lurking but I figure all her sob stories are the same so she won't know who this is.

>Haven't eaten in days babe

>I'll draw you art for $50, maybe even $30!
>Could use any donations, here's my paypal.

And said someone owed her money for art and that they kept delaying the payment because they were broke. Not sure if this is true or not or someone scammed her for the lols. Said only two people bought her nudes and that she was having trouble selling her art too.

No. 593002

lol I hope that everyone who gets ebegging messages from Luna lies and 1-ups her stories.

>here's my paypal Lunaslater@gmail

>well here's MY PAYPAL, I've not eaten in SIX days and my food stamps have run out because of Trump. Anything would help.

No. 593012

the funny part is that most people she messages have or had sob stories more sympathetic than tuna's without even trying or making it up.

No. 593013

the funny part is that most people she messages have or had sob stories more sympathetic than tuna's without even trying or making it up.

No. 593056

She messaged me after I liked one of her art photos (I liked it to see what would happen), and she started begging.

No. 593072

maybe she od’d. wouldn’t be surprising with the mountains of xans she used to shoehorn into pictures of her belongings.
speaking of overdoses, can you be involuntarily be booked into rehab after a certain amount of overdoses? i feel like i should know the answer to this but i’m not certain.

No. 593077

File: 1540860330397.jpeg (148.56 KB, 640x944, FEB1A9B9-572A-456B-855C-25100F…)

double post, but as i figured there do turn out to be laws for involuntary commitment to rehab. new york seems to be missing from the list of states that enforce those laws, though

No. 593110

lol it's been 2 days - she did this like a month ago, then just came back and did the same old shit. I'm putting money on "has enough money for heroin so is nodding out right now" like the other anon said.

if this is recent, I'd love to know how bad her spelling was lmao. She can't see straight when she's on heroin and makes so many errors.

No. 593146

If her absence from social media is due to being cooked we can look forward to a barrage of “I’m so sad and fat and ugly and my parents are ebil and I want to die uwu” comedown posts. I wish her mother would be like “bitch, go to rehab or get the fuck out of my apartment”. Not working or studying is bad enough, but her refusal to do literally anything for herself is some prestige tier entitlement. And manipulation. She knows her parents would rather have her safe than on the streets and that’s why they won’t give her an ultimatum to sort herself out. She’s effectively holding them to ransom.
>let me do what I want while I live under your roof on my terms because if you kick me out I’ll be homeless and I’ll die and it will be all your fault!

No. 593510

File: 1540991378177.gif (1.26 MB, 500x500, 1496585d86a24910f6674f6072adb4…)

No. 593511

File: 1540991525891.png (587.9 KB, 817x597, slippers.png)

>I forgot my mom had these vintage slippers I can steal


No. 593512

File: 1540991654988.png (756.38 KB, 862x598, luck.png)

Soon to be filthy

No. 593521

For once those are actually her uglyass slippers. She begged for them for ages around birthday/Christmas (forget which) last year. I'm surprised she still has them and how could she 'forget' she has them? Everything she brought with her were in like 5 garbage bags. Has she just let them sit there this whole time?

>still calling something you stole your good luck charm
For fucks sakes, Tuna. You think someone as fixated with tarot would recognize bad luck when you see it.

No. 593522

She steals shit off gravestones, particularly children's graves (hence the dolls, stuffed and plush toys, etc). If you believe in curses or bad luck, this bitch has a collection of that shit. In reality she's just an awful person with a bunch of dead peoples offerings and belongings.

No. 593549

This is some super ugly, tacky shit.

It's clearly not good luck Tuna, otherwise you'd have your entire amazon wishlist by now.

No. 593566

isn’t that the same pusheen keychain(?) she admittedly stole a month or two ago? i’m surprised it isn’t visibly covered in a thin layer of grime yet

No. 593599

That's the same one. She's gotten more brazen instead of just covering it up by saying she 'found it'.

Last time she admitted to theft was from a drug store where she freaked out because Roger's meds came from there and she had to go get them and thought they'd recognize her. She blamed the whole thing on "my mental illness uwu"

No. 593616

File: 1541014028091.png (652.96 KB, 829x597, dbt tools.png)


Speaking of Tarot, her cards are integral to her DBT.


>holding it to her lips as if it were a rosary

No. 593617

Imagine how long she takes setting all this up just for an 'aesthetic' photo. I know she's a druggie and a lazyass but it just confounds me how she'll spend all day staging photos and doing wardrobe looks but can't summon the energy to clean or earn money unless she's either out of her mind on drugs or out of drugs.

No. 593618

File: 1541014392076.png (800.39 KB, 814x596, 1540001373597.png)

Remember this piece from a year ago she said she wanted to redraw?

No. 593620

File: 1541014424915.png (757.53 KB, 818x596, 19.png)


The result.

No. 593622

right? also selfies. taking calculated selfies to find that one perfect shot is kind of exhausting honestly. you could have hundreds of takes for each pic and it's a pic of yourself so there's emotional investment and anxiety if the photos all look bad. and tuna has the added obstacles of posing her body to look thinner. even if she always does her video screenshot technique, she has to replay the video looking for the perfect shot, probably agonizing over which screenshot is the most aesthetic. that's a lot of emotional and mental energy she could put to work.

it's literally worse. what on earth is she seeing? is it because she used multiple colors on the cloud and cactus instead of just one? the lineart is even more sloppy and rushed though. look at the hanging vines. the girl went from animal crossing villager to chinless ghoul

No. 593623

File: 1541014801923.gif (1.96 MB, 249x174, wha.gif)

>redoes drawing from a year ago to show improvement
>year ago looks better than today

Even the plants look worse..

No. 593633

She was about 7/10 fucked up when she drew this lol
>hmu if you want one??????

No. 593642

File: 1541018501041.jpg (12.25 KB, 317x267, 385.jpg)

>that part of the background where she attempted to do a gradient in the sky but stopped after applying the purple
>the part where she misspelled "think" but sloppily reapplied the word over it
>the absolute disregard of spatial awareness when applying the text in the first panel
>the sickly muppet persona
jesus christ, luna. it's already been well established that you put zero effort into everything you do, but this is just getting ridiculous.
was she zooted off her ass when drawing and posting this? because i don't see any other way that a person could compare this to >>593618 and say "yep, that's MUCH better"

No. 593783

Agreed, the line work, the coloring, everything has regressed in her art ability.

No. 593795

can this girl use some of her infinite amount of time not looking for a job to practice drawing hands??? those are the worst parts of her drawings imo

No. 593912

That's the least of her problems

No. 593938


makes the original look like a Monet

No. 593950

Why on earth would she re-draw a picture with a concept that didnt sell in the first place?

No. 594388

But for real nothing about her art is good but her art from last year can at least pass for artsy elementary student. Now it’s even more tumblr

No. 594767

Haven’t been around here in a while.Not sure why I was surprised that she’s still on her bulIshit. I guess the real question now is how long can she possibly avoid responsibility before the drugs actually kill her. When will people stop funneling her cash and objects when she blows through said cash and the things she’s gifted are soon covered in filth. I didn’t think she could go on this long.

No. 594781

does anyone have a recollection of the longest she's been inactive as a reference point? it seems like 4 days of silence is a lot from her in itself

No. 594782

she's been doing this more and more lately. 4 or 5 days at a time without posting

No. 594838

I thought she hadn’t been awol for more than two or three days. She hasn’t even been reposting shit on tumblr, her last post was on October 27th, which was eight days ago

No. 594857

I give her 2 or 3 more years of this lifestyle max. She's still young enough that the adults in her life, especially her parents, are going to feel like her age is somewhat of an excuse. Once she hits her mid-20s they may feel less guilty about telling her to gtfo and get her shit together. Also, her followers now are around her age or younger, they probably empathize with her and feel like they're not much better than her even if they're actually miles ahead. But if her follower/sucker base gets a little older and more mature, and she stays the exact same, they might realize just how ridiculous her demands are and leave her behind. i mean fuck, nicole dollanganger's tumblr army basically abandoned her when they grew up, and they were waaaay more numerous and she actually made music that people liked. i'd be shocked if tuna at 25+ still has more than a handful of followers enabling the fuck out of her.

No. 594885

She's fine, just lurking. I'm in a few Facebook groups with her and she was pissing about over there yesterday.

No. 594888

Do you care to show proof of that or no?

No. 594900

Yeah, seeing as this is an imageboard and all…

No. 595032

File: 1541336430226.jpg (102.78 KB, 500x666, tumblr_phnbut6qnb1w1d39p_500.j…)

she's back to posting her grave robbed goods on tumblr

No. 595035

lol ft. the creepy pic of Lurch as a kid

No. 595042

Honestly though her spaces look haunted as fuck with all the dust, dirt , and old stolen spiritual knick knacks

No. 595045

It bothers me so much that she never cleans the grime off of anything she owns. She can put a makeup and blood smudged storage box on a bright white table to photograph and never once see anything wrong with that. It's like being on drugs for her makes you blind to grime.

No. 595061

bitch is probably being haunted by all the dead kids she stole shit from

No. 595062

Anon, at the very least one of those boxes, the white angel one, is one keeping her stash.

I wouldn't be surprised if the purple Hello Kitty tin would be where she keeps her heroin paraphernalia.

Based on this knowledge and speculation, I'm sure they are always filthy from use. Even if she'd wipe them down, shed bloody them by a mere touch alone with all her festering hand marks.

No. 595067

Ugh I wish I could fine it but there was some photo of here post on an older thread where she had her hands shown in a photos close up and they were straight up gray and brown with literal dirt and ash.

No. 595129

Luna being awol makes me have this feeling that thanks to cowtipping she'll stop posting altogether, just like PT did. So her threads will die down eventually

No. 595154

Well then how would she beg for money and “gifts”. Or sell her “art” for drugs. Heroin doesn’t work that way, in order to stop you have to be determined and put in a lot of work. Which she is both lazy and loves the asthetics of it, so sobriety isn’t an option in this sad case. And she’s way too materialistic not to show off her spoils that she found or was sent from followers. She’ll be back.

No. 595211

I'm sure she'll be back in full force when she needs more drug money. I assume the whole reason she's been relatively quiet lately is because Lurch managed to score enough smack to keep her nodded out of her goddamn mind (more than usual anyway). Or something along those lines.

No. 595215

i dont think its cowtipping she said somewhere that no one is buying her art so maybe shes just given up trying?

No. 595254

File: 1541378293591.jpeg (570.76 KB, 640x952, 72133693-6017-4646-AEE8-50E783…)

No. 595256

dumb mobile interface made me accidentally post before writing a comment
anyway i guess she’s being manic as fuck now. 7 posts within the span of 30 minutes, and the most recent one was just seconds ago

No. 595261

File: 1541378952828.jpg (78.9 KB, 500x666, tumblr_php1mrcKHP1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 595262

>cutesy stickers on her stolen pill bottle

She's back and worse than before.

No. 595263

Some of these are 300mg seroquel broke in half
I take 300mg seroquel for my insomnia so I recognize the pills

No. 595264

File: 1541379046853.jpeg (521.12 KB, 750x1032, 494D70E5-F658-475C-A268-08281B…)

Forgot the image

No. 595265

File: 1541379079903.png (6.63 KB, 1067x160, VyTF0SD.png)

No. 595266

File: 1541379098004.png (248.68 KB, 670x628, kG68g80.png)

No. 595267

File: 1541379620728.jpeg (307.67 KB, 750x1109, B163BCA6-B74F-4B76-967E-B7A6FC…)

Another post about Tai

No. 595269

Same but they look like the XR type that aren't supposed to be cut in half since they are time-lease meds… why wouldn't the pharamacy send the smaller pills if she was supposed to take half?

No. 595274

Tinfoil: the stickers are obscuring the label which has a name on it that isn’t hers because it’s someone else’s script.

No. 595280

Honestly that's what I was thinking too. Dunno how though cause those aren't easy to steal and her mom would definitely notice if her meds where gone and covered in hello kitty stickers.

No. 595311

It looks like street bought crap. I’m pretty sure any pharmacy wouldn’t put 2 different milligram meds in same script. The others look like 100mg pills. She got money and is taking seroquil to be able to rest while out of H.

No. 595320

>mixed pills in the bottle and stickers on it

No. 595387

She’s 22 and still on this level of fuckery.

No. 595414

I was thinking that but about the post she had on instagram on >>595254 where she signed her name on a little line with an x that she made herself after her diary entry on hello kitty paper. that's shit kids do, she has no real forms to sign so she has to make one for herself in her diary lol

No. 595415

same fag, but on a second look, it seems to be some kind of contract she has made with herself, lol

"I, luna schumacher" LOL and "my sketchbook and journal will travel with me. I will try my very best!" like bruh… must be really nice for that to be your main concern besides coping dope. lol sounds like it's straight from the mind of like, a 13 year old.

No. 595419

if this was something she did in private and helped her stay accountable, i'd be all for it, but she's whipping it up specifically for the gram, just like what you said, a little kid holding up a drawing in hopes of praise. it drives me crazy when she posts shit like this and her few DBT pages on social media. it's so obvious that she chooses her words and what she writes about to be IG acceptable, thus obliterating any small chance of ever actually being honest with herself and making progress. it would feel shameful even for her to post a journal entry about how she's a manipulative lazy fuck who demands validation, can't take care of her cats, and probably eats plain pasta right out of the colander, so instead it's always the same "oh gosh i guess my big problems is that i'm too anxious and so i need to keep going one day at a time and every day is a win!" it's like she doens't realize this stuff is supposed to benefit her. she's like a kid who lies that they ate their broccoli to avoid being scolded because they don't yet understand that broccoli will make their life better. except the broccoli is self improvement and productivity. and actual broccoli, actually.

No. 595429

>hello kitty stickers plastered on everything she owns
>obsession with plushies
>uncontrollable petty stealing with a seeming lack of consideration of the potential consequences
it all sounds like something a really entitled child with no discipline would do. i can’t tell if she has some sort of arrested development going on or if she’s willfully staying in the mindset of a 4 year old, but it’s probably the latter

No. 595482

File: 1541434088352.jpg (344.71 KB, 1080x1703, Screenshot_20181105-080802_1.j…)

No. 595489

I cant believe I actually thought this was a contract for her to fix her mess of a life until I got to “create many pieces of art.” I absolutely understand being too mentally ill to work but like… she’s never even TRIED holding a job. She just doodles and plays with makeup all day.

No. 595493

I wonder what excuses she’d make up if someone told her about mturk or other similar sites. She could sit on her ass at home all day and still make a little bit of money if she’s really so hard pressed for cash.

I know there’s no way she’d do it because she’s too lazy but I think about mentioning it every time she messages me on ig begging for cash.

No. 595501

Well you pretty much just told her, so now she knows.

But as long as it falls under "job" she won't do it.

No. 595519

>today I got up and put makeup and an outfit on
Why is she acting like she's incapable of doing this? She sits around changing into multiple outfits a day for photos. I understand appreciating the little things, but she puts clothes and makeup on constantly - it'd be like bragging about breathing.

>tomorrow I go to the city and that's a start

doesn't mention what she's actually DOING in the city. Wonder if her "climbing out of her rut" is going to cop her OWN heroin instead of relying on Lurch lmao.

No. 595522

is she..is she fucking serious this is what she always does? a real declaration would be "I'm going to get clean from drugs" but yeah just get your makeup on and draw some shit art

No. 595538

looks like shes tryna “hint hint nudge nudge” at an incoming flow of her trying to sell her art online…..probably needs money and is trying to give a backstory to why she will suddenly be asking for people to buy her art….

No. 595580

File: 1541448482384.jpg (44.47 KB, 455x375, de90stack_large.jpg)

i didn't know her so i can't say for sure, but it's harder to imagine fat punx teenage luna doing this kind of shit than current luna. she really seems like her intelligence and maturity peaked in high school and she's been regressing hard ever since.

jfc check out that comment. they've devolved from uwu angel bb type of comments to sayings you'd find on a sticker to put on a child's homework

No. 595584

File: 1541449110765.png (184.43 KB, 654x422, g1Wh737.png)

No. 595585

File: 1541449132167.jpg (123.31 KB, 500x666, tumblr_phqkx3JDgM1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 595586


Why is she wearing pajamas to go into the city?

No. 595602

>tfw you’re so pathetic that your asspatters’ comments are indistinguishable from remarks of people taking the piss

No. 595604

It’s funny you mentioned her regressing. I was going to ask any anons that knew her irl if she was always so babyish before lurch. This crap she does is really childlike and disturbing. Is she really mentally delayed? Or is it all a manipulative act to get people to feel sorry for her and buy her shit. I wonder how her school grades were. If she was in sped classes or not. We already knew he was a predator but if that was her maturity level when they met then he should be on some type of registry that warns parents and neighbors with children. They are both so gross. I have known many h addicts in my years but none have regressed that far. Most wouldn’t be caught dead acting like tuna.

No. 595606

>Or is it all a manipulative act to get people to feel sorry for her and buy her shit.


By contrast, I've known some who were like this to some extent. It has to do with when they started since it stunts development as well as causing regression, and is usually a throwback to a time when they enjoyed life and felt in control. In Luna's case, she's also a raging bitch and manipulator, so it's pretty easy to see how it works.

No. 595608

Iirc she took a couple AP classes in high school so she wasn’t slow by any means, she always seemed like a bright and worldly teenager who just happened to come from some circumstances (inb4 “rich dad” sperging, she moved in with her h-addict mom in high school)

No. 595611

Yes I can see that. Most of the addicts I knew were very manipulative and definitely acted immature but more like teenagers than spoiled, bratty tweens. I guess that’s why we are here though, if she wasn’t an anomaly we wouldn’t have anything to laugh at her for.

No. 595612

>today I got up and put on makeup and on outfit
>tomorrow I go to the city

So she put on makeup and got dressed up just to sit in her stolen bedroom?

No. 595614

i honestly wouldn’t be surprised if lurch was into ddlg. he seems like one of those super skeevy daddy dom types

No. 595631

maybe she's prepping incase she forgets to tomorrow.

No. 595640

she wears all her dresses and ~fave fall looks~ indoors but then wears pj pants when she ventures to the city like >>595585 or when she went to the sports bar with her dad.

No. 595677

Her level of tomfoolery is to much for me honestly. Who ever left that “GOOD JOB!1!!” comment has to be taking the piss. I mean god damn she didn’t even pretend to write down things that would help unfuck her life like “I’ll eat healthy” or “I’ll clean more often” or “I’ll stop stealing”

No. 595680

File: 1541464634777.png (399.39 KB, 500x666, tumblr_phqqn9ovAX1w1d39p_500.p…)

No. 595681

File: 1541464694734.jpg (85.65 KB, 500x666, tumblr_phqurmzZ8d1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 595682

File: 1541464707210.jpg (9.9 KB, 675x99, dCWmQi5.jpg)

No. 595683

did bitch loose an arm?

No. 595695

she's pulling back her shirt i think lmao

No. 595700

i hate that im on this shit too

she must be crushing so much to be using it to sleep? idk how much junkies usually take

No. 595702

>grimy lipstick left open on grimy flat surface

It's a wonder she's not picked something up disease wise from all her nasty habits.

No. 595709

I don’t know how much she takes but 100-150 would be enough to help me get sleep during withdrawal. But this chick also has a raging benzo addiction on top of the h so who knows. It’s a scary enough of an unknown to keep me far away from them.

No. 595713

File: 1541473170854.jpg (206.37 KB, 1080x1554, Screenshot_20181105-185819_1.j…)

I don't know

No. 595733

File: 1541475806726.jpeg (525.38 KB, 750x1334, 8EE3C716-6EE2-4A7F-BE8E-801FF8…)

Imagine having this frumpy-ass dress custom made when you’re ~uwu sew poor~

No. 595756

Maybe those times when she disappears for a few days it's because of a cold sore or a stye or something

No. 595757

Maybe those times when she disappears for a few days it's because of a cold sore or a stye or something

No. 595760

File: 1541482984475.png (1.93 KB, 194x83, jS7lbQP.png)

No. 595771

age regression is a symptom of bpd, but she probably knows that and is doing the little kid aesthetic on purpose to justify her immature actions. its hard to tell when everything she says and does is tailored for instagram & tumblr anyway. on the topic of her being mentally delayed, that self-affirmation thing she wrote reminds me of stuff my sister with severe emotional problems/delay used to do, so maybe luna is genuinely emotionally crippled? it seems shes incapable of understanding/predicting other peoples emotional responses. seriously i wonder what kinds of trauma are in her past–she reminds me of cases of childhood abuse where children were neglected by their parent as infants: she didnt develop empathy, she has poor interpersonal relationships, she craves self-imposed chaos…probably because her mother was an addict as well and didnt respond to luna when she was an infant. im not saying its acceptable for her to be this way, she is 22 years old and needs to break away from her trauma or at least make a single effort to.

she was smart in high school! she was the kind of person who questioned things and cared about herself (this is the same anon who used to know her when she was like 14).but likely it was her relationship with lurch that completely erased her personality and got her to age regress like this. even if she was smart as a teenager it doesnt mean she would make smart choices. i was smart too and i also got manipulated by an older man. usually kids who are called "geniuses" by their school seek out experiences that they associate with maturity, like smoking weed very young or trying to befriend older people. it does not surprise me that she fell into that trap and sadly this is the result.

No. 595793

She's an entitled, spoiled cunt, because she's an entitled, spoiled cunt. I don't know why people try and find deeper meanings to Tuna's behavior, she's just like other cows on here.

And a lot of the human population have trauma and are emotionally crippled. We don't go stealing from the dead and dying, or use their deaths to get people to buy us things because of it.

No. 595796

>likely it was her relationship with heroin that completely erased her personality and got her to age regress like this.


Yeah exactly.

No. 595826

Maybe doing lots of hard drugs all the time just makes a person stupid and miserable.

No. 595828

>age regression is a symptom of bpd

according to lolcow everything is a symptom of bpd

No. 595830

Oh my god lmao as the anon who initially brought the signature up, I guffawed at this lmao. This almost seems too good to be true.

No. 595850

Just to armchairing anons.

This. The girl takes a cocktail of drugs and does heroin with no money for more. That's why she's miserable.

No. 595861

Thanks anon. So Luna was a regular teen in school, one that did her homework and class projects on time? Participated and had some responsibility? Had normal relationships with her peers and did typical teenage stuff? I’m not trying to pinpoint the reasons for her current state I’m just more curious about the person Luna used to be. Not the why’s. She is the poster child for reasons not to try heroin.

No. 595878

File: 1541520845612.jpg (63.87 KB, 500x584, tumblr_phs1ai0JkV1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 595879

Honestly at this point the people who get into heroin from transitioning over from the rampant opioid abuse in america almost get a pass over Luna simply because we all have proof from her previous diary entries and drug blogs that she wanted to try it. There was no deep spiral towards it she romanticized it and the past stars who died from it and was like “I want that” and jumped head first into her own suffering and self destruction while stealing and cutting down others to get to her own tailor made rock bottom.
It’s no fucking surprise to anyone now what hard drugs will do to your life. She had previous addicts in her family and close personal reasons why she shouldn’t do it but she sought it out anyways. She deserves whatever comes her way now.

No. 595880

File: 1541520928977.png (217.01 KB, 656x430, nv0Wt7W.png)

No. 595891

it’s so funny to me how we always need to highlight text in these screencaps just to make it readable. idk why she claims to have a chronic illness when she can’t even make her blog accessible to people who’re hard of sight, which is usually a lifelong condition as well

No. 595909

Never seen something that screams UWU more than this.
Too bad that neither landlords nor reality itself want to hear such bullshit. They will kick your ass sooner or later if you do not try to change your situation.

No. 595916

That literally looks like the things you'd find at the bottom of a drawer in a child's makeup collection. The lipstick looks like the top was bitten off.

No. 595926

Not really a "real home" if it's a) not yours b) you don't pay rent c) you don't take care of it or d) your name isn't on the lease.
Tuna is the worlds most delusional squatter

No. 595937

File: 1541527363267.png (481.46 KB, 921x441, Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 1.00…)

Getting flashbacks to when she was "staying" with Roger. Watch out mama Tuna, first she stays for just a "couple of weeks" then a "few months", next thing you know you're on your death bed and she's taken over the entire place with her grim. Shocked that welfare or the landlord hasn't kicked Lurch and her out yet.

No. 595945

File: 1541528316742.png (200.71 KB, 749x1088, 1494262159710.png)

I'm shocked how clean she looked back in 2017.

No. 595948

File: 1541528508218.png (458.83 KB, 811x587, Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 1.21…)

>>I forgot I got my daddy to buy this shirt for me, he's so uwu abusive

No. 595949

File: 1541528584001.png (675.67 KB, 928x589, Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 1.21…)

Wow it's been a busy week for Tuna. First she woke up (wow!) then she smushed makeup on and got dressed, then the next day she went to the big city, and now she's put up her crappy pictures on the wall. Slow down Tuna, your gonna strain yourself!

No. 595951

File: 1541529169700.jpg (111.84 KB, 500x666, tumblr_phsavx4aFG1w1d39p_500.j…)

Tumblr caption:
>the new bed side table rly made the difference in here

No. 595952

File: 1541529189275.jpg (127.09 KB, 500x666, tumblr_phsas7FcSH1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 595953

File: 1541529205565.jpg (129.72 KB, 500x666, tumblr_phsas8EEIO1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 595954

File: 1541529231701.jpg (117.61 KB, 500x666, tumblr_phsas9B34F1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 595956

File: 1541529383749.png (308.32 KB, 921x587, Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 1.20…)

Tuna lusting after a 500-1,200 dollar pendent. Priorities for a uwu homeless, mentally ill, starving, lonely druggie.

No. 595957

File: 1541529397423.png (257.66 KB, 1049x527, Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 1.35…)

No. 595958

yeah she was always moody but she did well in school. remember when she posted a collage with her old report card? she had like straight a’s and a ton of absences lol. but its weird like she had a lot of friends and was very social back then, always going to shows and meeting new people

No. 595961

im not saying her behavior can be completely explained or justified by trauma/mental illness. tuna is tuna because like you said, shes an entitled spoiled cunt, and thats not going to change unless she does something about it (which she won’t). i just wonder if she has some sort of emotional retardation that she isnt even aware of and why that might be. she acts like a sociopath, but shes not quite smart or self-aware enough to be successful as one. must be the heroin talking lol

No. 595976

Bitch is high as fuck in this.

Oh wow another table that's already overflowing with her hoard of gross shit. What a surprise.

No. 596010


Anyone notice how she constantly loses and finds clothes and then posts "forgot I had this _____" with a selfie picturing said item.

She has a hoarder mentality. I think tuna is addicted to online shopping and internet browsing, perhaps equally to her detriment as her addiction to pharmaceutical drugs.

Just constantly adding another useless trinket to her hoard, or another uninspired drawing to her pile of half baked sketches. Instead of spending her money or time on doing something other than being a drain on resources.

She seems to actually forget about a lot of clothing items she has because they're probably buried in the laundry piles shoved into the corners and closets of her hovel.

No. 596039

>moved another table in here

So she stole a table from her mom to make her own? She's already taken her bed, her clothes, her food, and her meds. I wish her mom would kick her out.

No. 596103

File: 1541545433782.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 199.48 KB, 2000x1713, 4E0D462C-65E3-44F9-8E76-112146…)

good lord this picture is unsettling. she has a smile like jeff the killer

No. 596149

File: 1541548985428.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 40.12 KB, 860x460, 871BB168-8858-41E2-A512-4A21D5…)

I was thinking she looks more like a blob fish in the more recent pics.

No. 596175

File: 1541551605120.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x1686, 001instagram.jpg)

Why even bother writing up this hilarious baby's-first-DBT-session self-improvement contract if it doesn't involve any actual improvement? No mention of practicing, learning, or trying anything new. "Do a bit more of exactly the same shit you always do" is a pretty low bar. /salt

Pic related, her latest drawing. It, predictably, looks exactly like the other 500 drawings she's posted.

No. 596182

File: 1541552755503.png (643.64 KB, 802x577, Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 7.58…)

Poor person in the comments trying to give Tuna some advice. Tuna will never listen, they may as well be giving advice to a brick wall.

No. 596217

I mean did she even vote

No. 596220

gotta have an address to vote so nah

No. 596221

Doubt she or Lurch went anywhere near the polls. She's working the "Trump cut my free money uwu" angle too hard to vote for anything to improve that.

No. 596225

If I was in the store and seen this dirty bitch trying on anything.. I wouldn't go near anything she had on. Sick.
I bet she drives away business.
Suprised she didnt steal it.
Can anyone tell what store she's at?

No. 596228


Think she said Urban Outfitters.

No. 596231

Confirmed, she said Urban Outfitters and that she could never afford anything there. Which hey, I get but at the same time I'm not going waddle into a store in my pajamas to try on everything with grimey makeup covered hands.

No. 596234

Really the only time I feel bad for Luna is when I start thinking about back when I first followed her. She was either still in high school or a recent grad and she was ALWAYS posting pics of her hanging out with friends and doing normal teenager things. She was fiercely passionate about things she cared about

It's so depressing how devoid of personality she is now. I'm not sure if she cares about anything anymore, including herself. All she wants to do is get high and buy new clothes. Every potentially meaningful thing she does is broadcasted on social media so she gets validation without actually doing anything

No. 596242

100% would damage out whatever she tried on.

No. 596311


SOLD is concerning

No. 596350


Honestly!!! Wonder if she will try to find it online and try to get someone to buy it for her as the cold weather progresses. She really annoys me. Bet that poor jacket smells sour now. Like sweat and smoke. Must felt real brave to go into a store and try something on like that.

No. 596627

File: 1541634252165.jpeg (520.05 KB, 640x879, 7B23F07A-2491-45BC-9192-87A9FC…)

No. 596633

it's starting to freak me out how Luna does nothing except crackhead room rearrangement. She showed off this table like yesterday and she's taken a load of shit off it for some reason. >>595954 its like a game of spot the difference lmao
>moved the lamp with Lavender tied to it
>Replaced it with bottle of lavender essential oil and a fluffy candle that she can't light without causing a fire hazard.
>Plusheen at the back was stuck to the wall but fell off so she put it standing at attention along with a Hello Kitty plush
>stuck more hello kitty bullshit to the walls.
^Luna's mom should take Luna putting fucking stickers on her bedroom walls as proof she's never going to leave. I'd be so pissed, in yesterday's pic you can see she's been putting those Hello Kitty stickers on the walls.

I didn't even notice the heroin needle at first lol, why does she constantly move shit around? She's like a poltergeist or some shit. Also is the cap of that needle off for literally no reason other than aesthetics? Surely that makes it non-sterile, laying it on top of a grungy iPad case for photo opportunities?

No. 596638

File: 1541635364349.jpeg (695.33 KB, 750x1009, DB7F6115-4B16-46A2-9669-1D9065…)

She just posted this today
Notice the full needle on the notebook

No. 596639

Shit sorry for the repost the photo someone else posted didn’t load for me

No. 596640

File: 1541635445808.jpg (1 MB, 1080x1894, dirty.jpg)

Peep the mess on the floor down the side of the bed.

No. 596646

how does she know how old they are? i thought she find them in the street? i dont know dick about cats

why is chief keef also laying in bed in all her pictures? is he disabled or something?

No. 596647

lol peep that stupid fabric they've got stuck to the wall that keeps falling down. In this pic >>595952 it's above a hat stuck to the wall, it's falling off and they're too high to care.

What sort of CRAZY filter has she got on this pic to make that classic bunny-face plush look clean? Did Luna's mom clean all her plushies or something?

No. 596648

The cats were Lurch's before Luna met him I think, I think Smokey was a stray that he took in?

No. 596650

File: 1541636242921.png (220.35 KB, 520x514, Untitled.png)

No. 596651

File: 1541636294903.jpg (22.01 KB, 167x297, tumblr_phum14kUbp1w1d39p_500.j…)

>Did Luna's mom clean all her plushies or something?
Probably not

No. 596654

File: 1541637269608.png (46.77 KB, 562x94, jtTR33s.png)

No. 596660

File: 1541637867265.png (437.93 KB, 875x595, Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 7.43…)

Abusive daddy must of gotten her that tacky shirt she was asking for. Didn't know someone could muffin top UNDER their pants….

No. 596662

How are you going to hopefully have your own place without a job, Tuna? Who's going to pay for it? Your 40 year old boyfriend doesn't work and neither do you. Who's going to pay for pets, rent, and utilities?

No. 596664


Something is telling me that this bitch thought that needle was one of her pencils or something. Hope someone out there notices it and gives her some shit. Not that it would mean anything. Just give her something to digest. Fuckin idiot.

No. 596665

"MY OWN home again" "i miss MY home"
She's never lived on her own or paid rent once in her life. The last place she lived was with Roger, freeloading off a poor old man. Before that her father. She's so god damn entitled that everything is HERS! She's insufferable.

No. 596682

From what I can tell she deleted the post relatively shortly after she posted it, so her being high off her rocker or fucked up in some way I could totally see her thinking that the syringe was was some kind of mechanical pencil. Then again, this is Luna we're talking about, so she probably posted it for the whole druggie aesthetic and then decided to delete it because either: she just made that little kiddie-style contract about striving to be better, and making her heroin use public directly contradicts that, or, and probably more likely, she doesn't want to showcase that she has the money for dope since she's trying to beg money for being "oh so very poor and homeless!" and trying to convince people to buy her art.

No. 596715


What is in the syringe? It's colorless, not the amber color of heroin.


She got it a few months ago after months of wish list begging.


Weren't they Roger's originally?

No. 596722

I think the syringe may be empty? She just pulled it back for aesthetic or something?

No. 596727

its just empty. dont think for a second that luna wouldnt immediately shoot up whatever she scored

No. 596763

its pretty common knowledge that they do ddlg shit. that's why she's always wearing those trashy "daddy's girl" shirts and the "kitten" collar.

who knows really but imo i really don't think its that deep. i think she does the kiddie shit because lurch is a pedo and she's doing it so maybe he'll actually pay attention to her. its hilarious to think about her trying to do "uwu daddy's little girl" stuff when she's actually a 5'10 junkie hippo with a grandma body and a deep voice

No. 596764

File: 1541646208882.png (2.41 MB, 1628x1198, Screen Shot.png)

another shitty art piece to add to the hoard. per usual she mustve been high off her tits and completely fucked up the left side of her uwu girl's body. it looks like the bottom of the window is clipping thru her body. not even going to try and figure out whats going on with that monstrosity of a hand.

No. 596774

File: 1541647349376.png (25.82 KB, 300x250, 00EF64B1-AAE4-4E10-B819-FB2B95…)

Really steams my hams that Luna thinks popping pills, not working, going to school, or volunteering, stealing from the mall, slapping on makeup for selfies, laying in bed high every day, using DBT books as props but never actually going to therapy, laying crystals on her sketchbook, begging for worthless crap on Amazon, taking over her mom’s apartment, never showering, and slowing embalming her waxy corpse body with heroin is “doing her best.”

No. 596786

Looks like that black Copic she uses on everything is finally succumbing to her abuse. I expect to see her begging for another one within a few weeks.

>i took half a soma and fell asleep for hours

What, did she already take all the Seroquel, Xanax, heroin and whatever the fuck else she abuses to 'relax' and 'get to sleep'?

I looked it up and (for others who don't know) Soma is a muscle relaxant that has an addiction potential similar to benzos and "allows the use of a smaller dose of the opioid to have a given effect". Withdrawal is potentially deadly and it's generally considered a shitty dangerous pharmaceutical.
Sounds like she's fucked if she adds this to her regular cocktail of drugs.

No. 596789

Double post sorry but I just realized that my Wikipedia quote sounds weird out of context lol. Should have changed it to "allows the use of a smaller dose of an opioid".

No. 596791

she's so fucking annoying. "doing my best" YOU DON'T "DO" ANYTHING except bum around in the bed your mother GAVE UP FOR YOU and shove heroin into your janky-ass veins, you crusty fucking demon.

No. 596799


Soma is often prescribed with hydrocodone or oxycodone.

>allows the use of a smaller dose of an opioid to have a given effect

This mechanism of making the effects stronger is called potentiating. Benzos, phenergan (used in lean), and alcohol greatly potentiate the effects of opioids including the central nervous system (CNS) depressant effects such as slowing breathing which is why so many ODs happen with those combos.


That has to be one of her worst color schemes. That cloud looks post apocalyptic.

No. 596805

Jesus, she's gonna die

No. 596819

I used to work in hospitals and I rarely saw Soma prescribed, or people who were taking it. You are right anon, Soma is generally considered shitty and I've seen other drugs prescribed instead of that one.

No. 596820

Don't need to comment on the broken hand anatomy because it's been said many times, but I'm really digging the fact that this girls left arm is apparently shaped like an L because Tuna couldn't be bothered to match up her shoulder with her forearm

No. 596900

what’s really bothersome about luna is her fully intended lack of proactivity. she always says “i’m sad”, but she never seems to ask the question of “WHY am i sad?”. if she could just muster up the effort to critically analyze her life for more than a split-second, she’d realize that the drugs, lack of stimulation and responsibilities, poor diet and shitty people who surround her all mix to create the perfect cocktail for misery.
that’s pretty much exactly what she wants though, because i’ve never seen this much lack of action from someone who actually wanted to improve their situation

No. 597042

File: 1541721946267.jpeg (648.53 KB, 640x996, 338B52AA-856E-47A3-9270-84E7A5…)

about sums up her approach to life in general.
i don’t get the nosebleed thing. is it an artistic tic, like her shoehorning a cigarette into the hand of her self-insert half the time?

No. 597084

File: 1541728923568.png (572.71 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2018-11-08-20-59-51…)

Sorry but this was the best way I could remove my name while on tablet.But I was tired of hearing Tuna whining so I made a point.What I said is true minus the not trying to be mean,I just didn't want to be blocked obviously. I was shocked she didn't delete this and even replied(cowtipping)

No. 597088

Samefagging cause it posted before I finished writing but I also don't think she steals as much as we think.I truly believe a lot of it is from her dad or followers etc.And if anyone is stealing it would be mostly Easter Island Head.After talking with her she genuinely seems to not have been through as much as she claims and I think she just wants relevance.She is more sheltered than most of us out there in her position,such as drug addicts etc.Especially because she mostly sits at home.Without Matt she wouldn't stand a chance scoring or surviving.Sorry for rant.

No. 597101

I think its weird anime bullshit, maybe from her Learn to Draw Anime Gals book. The nosebleed and the red lines coming off her head indicate anxiety/stress? If not it's just aesthetic

No. 597103

lol she's such an abuser. Assuming you were telling the truth in your post, she can tell that you're the type of person to have a lot of empathy for her situation, and therefore you're more likely to fall for her money-begging scams. You didn't tell her to get a job or stop treating her mom like shit so she didn't get defensive, so why would she throw away a potential donator?

tbh she probably read your post and thought "I DO appreciate all of the things I have, I don't have a home or any possessions so I only appreciate Lurch, my ~one tru luv~. My mom is such a bitch for not understanding" lmao.

No. 597106

Yeah I really don't think she understood that comment as "you should appreciate your family for giving you this safety net" and instead is just saying "even though I am homeless and penniless and living with my evil mother I still appreciate things uwu"

No. 597108

this is really insightful tho anon, thanks. I had a feeling it was that way, my tinfoil fit exactly what you just said lol. Lurch has been doing this for longer than Luna's even been alive, he knows how to hustle.

Given how much of a big deal Luna makes about going outside / doing ANYTHING, seemed like that Lurch was the one stealing most of the stuff she wanted. The fact that she never gets the same brands/lines of makeup said to me that Lurch was just grabbing shit that he thought Luna would use without knowing anything about makeup. She's spoken about stealing from drugstores before, but she made a huge deal about it. She's too sketchy to regularly shoplift.

So she relies on Lurch to provide for her entirely while she sits at home? Lol this is why I can't agree with all the people saying Luna would be better off without Lurch. The dude has kept both of them alive for over 5 years, he's clearly doing something right. Whereas Luna has done literally nothing but lay in bed spending money on Amazon and crying about how hard her life is, I don't understand why people feel like SHE'S the abused one. The age gap is creepy but it doesn't even seem like they have sex very often, Luna's closer to Lurch's child with how much he has to do for her.

No. 597129

>The dude has kept both of them alive for over 5 years, he's clearly doing something right.
Tbh, this is why I think their relationship is so dangerous. Clearly Lurch is dogshit embodied, but he's probably the only thing keeping Tuna's dumb ass out of prison/dead right now. He brought her back the first time she OD'd, he buys their dope, he hustles on the streets, he even used to give her her shots when she first started shooting up (once she started doing it herself is when we started seeing all the trackmarks). Lurch is simultaneously killing her and keeping her alive.

No. 597137

If Lurch left/od'd she would 100% be prostituting herself for drugs and she'd be living under a bridge.

No. 597139

do you think if lurch died she'd be actually sad or would he just go on the List of Deaths she uses for sad girl points? and then the inevitable gofundme for his funeral

No. 597165

when i picture a situation where luna is without lurch i see her just being too lazy and prissy to ever do any of that. i feel like she'd just move in with her uwu abusive dad and act like a hero all over social media for getting clean when really the only reason she'd have done it is because her in-home dope dealer croaked. she'd probably still abuse pills and whatever she could get her disgusting hands on too though.

No. 597203

seconding, she would probably just retreat from everything and then re-emerge and repeat being a teenager by enrolling in some school or s/t

No. 597219

No. 597235

File: 1541781171242.png (61.81 KB, 836x560, cgLOU5m.png)

she's such a brat jfc

No. 597236

File: 1541781286293.png (42.41 KB, 849x415, 9VUzUki.png)

No. 597237

>no matter how briefly

bitch i s2g hasn't it been well over 6 months at this point??? ungrateful piece of shit

No. 597238

File: 1541781332070.png (122.54 KB, 665x365, g4gtAg3.png)

No. 597240

File: 1541781522611.jpeg (416.12 KB, 640x996, B8DF39FF-30B4-4E61-B834-A424A3…)

has anyone ever (publicly) gotten on her case about glorifying drugs before? because gotdamn, im sure there’s at least a few young impressionable teens following her online

No. 597244

And that gross Mathew hair. What a pig.

No. 597246

She really thinks
Writing like this
Is poetry
What a waste of xans…

No. 597247


>I hope to go back to therapy one day

What's stopping her now?

No. 597249

i thought she had
to take
for her terrible anxiety

she's just taking it for

No. 597272

>I'm one of the few people who love group therapy

Because you get to show off how much more miserable and tortured soul you are than anyone else.. and then get mad and leave therapy entirely when they try to actually change your life.

She makes me so mad. She showed up to group therapy just to take bathroom selfies, complain about the free food, and walk out when they suggested she either get off drugs or leave Lurch to better herself.

No. 597273

File: 1541791761594.jpg (52.11 KB, 543x416, killme.jpg)

No. 597281

lol of course she loved group therapy, all BPD patients do, it's a captive audience for their dramu. That's why they won't let someone diagnosed with bps into group therapy, and why DBT is structured into classes and they cut you off if you treat it like group therapy

No. 597283

File: 1541792563779.png (544.17 KB, 933x480, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 2.42…)

No. 597284

File: 1541792621252.png (501.69 KB, 817x586, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 2.43…)

Damn she looks high as fuck. How does she think this looks good?

No. 597285

File: 1541792715278.png (Spoiler Image, 440.22 KB, 721x618, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 2.45…)

cursed image

No. 597289

>but I won't get into that

You don't have to; we've all heard the story about your Jewish holocaust survivor black panther that didn't go to the doctor so that's basically suicide grandma. We also know that she left you, what was it, a million? And you blew it all in a year. Your mom didn't steal that from you; you spent it all on drugs.

No. 597290

You know in the past I've debated whether she's high or just bad looking in photos. This is definitely high.

No. 597292


“ripped away from me by sudden death” …

bitch, roger was quite obviously very sick for a very long time. any sensible person would have put at least some plan in place for his inevitable death.

did she think he was going to live forever, rotting away on the mouldy bed in the lounge he was forced to sleep on? she acts like she loved roger more than anything, but treated him like absolute shit while he was alive. this cow is absolutely insufferable.

No. 597303

She hasn't found one who won't tell her to get off of her ass.

No. 597310


>mfw Tuna speaks

You would probably have fewer bad days if you actually did something with your life, Tuna.

She also didn't seem to mind Roger dying when she was taking blankets and pillows form him when he got really bad bed sores. What a shitty "daughter".

No. 597326

File: 1541801565866.png (Spoiler Image, 157.26 KB, 512x303, HWCIwRe.png)

No. 597327

File: 1541801576313.jpg (Spoiler Image, 144.6 KB, 500x667, tumblr_phy5bdkKIO1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 597344

is it just me or is the right hand on backwards?
probably the least irritating feature of this piece but still

No. 597351

File: 1541804211802.png (31.51 KB, 652x574, OH7SHbt.png)

No. 597352

File: 1541804224555.png (9.3 KB, 656x176, nKvGjs7.png)

No. 597353

>has my originality died?
can lose what you never had

No. 597357

>has my originality died?
can lose what you never had

No. 597358

File: 1541804432950.jpg (Spoiler Image, 317.97 KB, 1077x873, Screenshot_20181110-000020_Ope…)

Jesus fucking christ, how high is she

No. 597369

File: 1541805351672.png (Spoiler Image, 2.05 MB, 1268x898, 61A89BF5-59D0-4A0D-B2D4-2B3D58…)

double lingerie post. so afraid of losing her originality that she’s… using the exact same pose in both images.

No. 597388

Did this come with a description reading "still selling nudes if anyone wants sum hit me up"? Get the hint Tuna, no one has EVER wanted your nudes… and yet we got them for free…

No. 597391

fortunately not. i think by now she’s accepted the fact that nobody would be willing to pay for pictures of sad, pale tiddies

No. 597392

File: 1541807594311.png (614.46 KB, 807x571, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 6.51…)

>>it's working
Is it? This looks like all her other shit scribbles. God with all the drugs her mind has melted and her brain is like mashed potatoes. I would bet she's clinically retarded at this point.

No. 597393

doublepost but on second glance i think this might actually look worse then her past shit. I've been trying to figure out the anatomy and perspective and it's giving me a headache.

No. 597396

Underrated post

No. 597397

This is awful. I understand having an art style but this is something a 5 year old could do. Now she is making her sad girls without chins and Dorito noses all the time. It looks like she is bent in half in a very unnatural way and the colors aren’t working at all. Your right, her brain is soggy. I usually save the term “mush brain” for the methheads I know but it fits Tuna better now.

No. 597412

File: 1541810974201.png (504.61 KB, 814x565, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 7.46…)

No no no Tuna, Matthew STOLE those, how could he BUY anything without a job and donated to who? I know exactly what happened, Matthew passed one of those public donation bins for those in need and stole a few bags of clothes. Can't wait for when karma shows up and gives these two a big smack across the face for all the shit they've stolen from people who actually need it.

No. 597430

I'm so confused. how were these gifted to her by lurch AND donated to her? what?

No. 597434

>bitch, roger was quite obviously very sick for a very long time
There are posts from 2015 of him being hospitalised and Luna begging for his life saving meds. He had a fucking heart condition, how is that sudden

No. 597437

>my headstone will simply read "I tried"

No. 597463

I love that she has “no money” but always has cigarettes
If she didn’t buy cigarettes she could at least get herself something to eat
She complains about this problems she is creating herself but not spending what little money she gets wisely

No. 597467

wtf is she on about in the first few lines? Is she saying that she self harms to reassure herself that she's mentally ill? Because thinking about instances where she doesn't behave exactly like a Borderline nutcase makes her feel invalidated?
idk I haven't done enough smack to be able to translate this mess.

No. 597471

She has no idea what makes a person a person, except for their clothing. Luna thinks different looks reflect a person's insides, their very self. She's too far along the BPD spectrum to understand that shit is shallow.

No. 597479

i'm positive she steals cigarettes from her mom. I doubt she pays for them, and i'm not even sure she smokes them all that often

No. 597483

They've had a constant supply of Newports since before they lived with Luna's mom. Lurch always has a pack of Newports on him, junkies will make sure they have money for cigarettes. Hell, Lurch might even steal them from people's cars or some shit lol

No. 597487

tuna and lurch are consistently bummin’ and slummin’ it all over the place. i can’t believe her mom and dad won’t team up to kick her the fuck out of their lives.

No. 597514

This is beyond absurd. One of these days, someone has got to make a list of all of the clothes she's been gifted. Can't wait for her to start whining about having no nice warm clothes for the winter.

No. 597547

This bitch has more clothes at her mothers house even after loosing 85-90(?) percent of her belongings than I have ever had. A couple pieces of good quality clothing, work clothes and some other sensible and comfortable clothing is really all most need. But she doesn’t even leave her house and she doesn’t have a social life. There is zero reason for her to hoard all these too tight leggings, granny pajamas and moo moos. I would hate to see her place if she was ever able to support herself. She’s going to be one of those stories on the news where she was dead in the house for years and nobody even knew because she was buried under plushies and dirty laundry.

No. 597553

is there any facebook anons on here? im super curious about her posts on there

No. 597557

plus she doesn't even care about dressing for occasions. she chooses to wear pajamas to go to the city and full makeup and a dress for lying in bed.

No. 597576

File: 1541833981624.png (63 KB, 640x402, 1501016002250.png)

No. 597579

File: 1541834306320.png (783.54 KB, 800x1280, kBUkVud (1).png)

Sorry for old cap, but she's actively choosing to be a lazy cow then blames mental illness

No. 597580


someone with balls ask her where matt got this ""donation"". i know shes gonna lie but i wanna she what she comes up with lmao

No. 597582

look at the multiple burner phones next to chief's foot what the fuck

No. 597587


>safety is safety

No. 597588

File: 1541836409153.jpg (66.85 KB, 540x597, tumblr_phxj3zAYpw1w1d39p_540.j…)

this is her "new" notebook, right? I know it's luna but genuinely HOW did it get so grotty in the span of a few days?

No. 597589

Looks like she spilled a drink over it

No. 597590

i dunno, it still looks to be more on the cleaner side compared to most stuff in her hoarde (ie the crust embellished hello kitty and my melody plushes)

No. 597606

Luna's talked about spilling drinks on stuff and just leaving it until someone (Lurch) shouts at her for it, wouldn't surprise me if she spilt something on this in a high stupor and didn't notice until it had soaked thru.

Either that or it's dried blood from shooting up in her hands, and she's been smearing blood all over her possessions. left side almost looks like a palm print or something lol.

No. 597608

thats his hoof you bitch

No. 597620

That is one giant foot

No. 597621

File: 1541849611434.png (131.55 KB, 480x678, part 1.png)

No. 597622

File: 1541849673290.png (714.87 KB, 1007x620, Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 6.32…)

More ebegging for crappy overpriced shit no one would ever need. Abusive daddy will probably buy them for her in a month or two.

No. 597623

File: 1541849692747.png (82.38 KB, 475x667, part 2.png)

>>597621 Damn she's a brainiac fo'sho lmao. And yet her art is becoming increasingly worse

No. 597633

Yeah you dumb bitch, heroin kills the artist and after death you won’t even know what you created. This idiot and her glorifying heroin during a major epidemic that’s killing hundreds a day. Fuck her.

No. 597635

fuck anon, i choked

No. 597637

File: 1541855543438.png (671.22 KB, 871x597, 8.png)


Looks like it has been spilled on. Nodding off with her morning coffee?

No. 597638

File: 1541855732244.png (553.95 KB, 464x523, tumblr7.3.png)


The larger image is required to fully appreciate the state of her track marks.

No. 597639

File: 1541855774501.png (549.05 KB, 882x597, 10.1.png)

No. 597640

File: 1541855879635.png (197.13 KB, 703x408, tumblr8.png)

Worshipping at the Altar of Xanax

No. 597641

File: 1541855907708.png (739.13 KB, 863x597, 1.png)


No. 597643

File: 1541855970584.png (602.29 KB, 930x456, 16.png)


No. 597644

File: 1541856002345.png (760.12 KB, 816x596, 11.png)

No. 597665

it's so baffling how she complains about art block when all she does is draw the same sad grl in EVERY picture

No. 597672

Gifted? I think she misspelled grifted, anon.

I really want to see that heap of unwashed clothes she likely had to restart after she lost 91.5% of her belongings, bby. She's acquired a lot of clothes lately. We should keep a running tally of all the shit she's bought since she moved her "homeless" ass in.

No. 597686

File: 1541870548031.jpeg (177.31 KB, 366x538, D07CD796-9FEE-4F48-80C4-49858E…)


No. 597688

It has to be. Even if your arm was turned to face palm out to mimic the pose you couldn't bend your fingers backwards to match the last two digits. You'd think an artist would know basic anatomy.

>trying to prove to myself I'm still sick
Because heaven forbid you live your life like you're capable of doing things for yourself?

>I'd rather live in a mold filled place where nothing was expected of me rather than a clean place where I'm expected to be useful

Go fucking rot, Tuna.

>can't find clothes for months

That's what happens when you're a hoarder and don't clean.

No. 597693

Jesus, she looks like my grandmother in this picture!!

No. 597699

File: 1541874177559.jpeg (201.21 KB, 640x752, fb12.jpeg)

>>597621 Samefag. And yet she contradicts herself

No. 597700

I know this is old but it still pisses me off.

>barely any food money

>bought overpriced cereal
>I buy this a lot!

This was when she was living with Roger so I really wonder if they just gave him the scraps to eat and they spent all the food money/stamps on junk food.

No. 597702

File: 1541874425192.jpg (34.38 KB, 338x283, tumblr_od40y9vUaE1vqzt7no4_400…)

Kek (not new if wondering)

No. 597709

File: 1541875412153.png (940.28 KB, 716x1062, 1493074079063.png)

>so I really wonder if they just gave him the scraps to eat and they spent all the food money/stamps on junk food
Reminds me of when she they ordered takeout and she hoarded all the orange chicken to herself

No. 597715

This is probably the worst I've ever seen from her. Two lone pieces of veg on her plate and two servings of chicken while Roger is stuck with veg and rice with no protein sitting on a filthy mattress with no cover or sheets with his meds on the floor.

Bitch even stole his sheets and pillowcases and then moved into his room when he wasn't even dead yet.

No. 597738

okay so i know other anons have brought it up but…. luna always talks about when she and lurch get their own place and she finally moves out of her ~evil mom’s.~ but how will she ever move out if she never gets a job? what’s she waiting for? is it possible she’s planning on crashing with her mom until her dad croaks and she gets his apartment? she used to always talk about how one day it would be hers and basically imply that she couldn’t wait for her dad to die so she could inherit it…..

No. 597739

she's so fat she could go like a week without eating and be fine

No. 597740

She's so lazy and drugged that that's exactly what she's going to do. She thinks if she just sits in her rooms and scrapes by then in just a year or two she'll have that apartment to herself and she'll live there forever happily with Lurch and never have to lift a finger.

No. 597741

even in the scenario that she's still alive by the time her dad passes away and she inherits the apartment, she'd still need to pay rent for it lmao so she'll probably end up losing it the same way she lost the house her grandma left her

No. 597745

Yup, she'll hoard it up for a year, leave needles everywhere, and when tax time comes she won't pay any property tax (or utilities. Or HOA fees.) Then she'll lose the asset the same way she lost grandma's house.

She's too stupid to know that she cant manage home ownership and should have just sold and invested. Nope, not Tuna! She needs to turn every good thing in her life to shit so she can live the junkie dream, blaming muh mental illness and muh abusive parents who gave and gave and gave

No. 597748

Don’t you dare to say horrible things about ur grandma

No. 597789

I kind of dipped out around the time roger died and she was frauding on GoFundMe. I assumed that she thought in her cracked out mind that she could use that to buy a place. Plus I think she does intense to scam her way through life. I mean I’m pretty sure most of us remover the time she brought up needed more money to have to redo on her granny’s funeral and then again with her friend who killed herself.

No. 597806

File: 1541892042892.png (223.21 KB, 642x396, rk95v9k.png)


No. 597820

File: 1541894577831.png (Spoiler Image, 977.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181110-190238.png)

It doesn't even look like she's wearing press-ons and her cuticles are still so fucked up.

No. 597826

Was that just something she reblogged?

She's been known to jam press-ons up into her nail bed. It's nasty.

No. 597827

Nope. It was her own post/picture but she deleted it shortly after.

No. 597830

Looks far too clean to be her mums place/where she's been dwelling. Kinda creepy none the less, lets hope lurch and her don't try robbing a bank.

No. 597831

it makes sense that theyd have a gun if lurch is a dealer. definitely an illegal firearm
and he probably just got it and she wanted to take an aesthetic picture of it, so she could be an uwu cowumbine baby. then part of her realized it wasnt smart to post an illegal fucking firearm especially in westchester/nyc and deleted it. LOL she cracks me the fuck up, this is straight out of a tv show or some shit

No. 597832

i think its her dad's? she posted in one of her ahem "poems" that her dad had a tec-9 or something

No. 597833

>cowumbine baby
im laughing way too hard at this

No. 597838

fuck that, these two fuckups trying to rob a bank is my new favourite fan fiction.

No. 597840

I’m dead that is hilarious. Also she’s to cracked out to properly rob a cvs much less a bank or a liquor store. That’s why she sticks to children’s graves.

No. 597846

File: 1541902312864.jpg (11.78 KB, 220x188, 220px-Kg99.jpg)

They look pretty similar

No. 597861

File: 1541907258984.png (476.17 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-11-10-22-32-50…)

Late but what in the he'll is going on with her pores? They look pure black and they're everywhere.

No. 597869

Yeah it’s a tec-9. It still has serial numbers on it so I doubt it’s lurches or tunas. And I should add it’s considered an assault handgun which I believe is illegal under the nys “safe act” law. Ny hates guns.

No. 597876

most likely her dads then (the floor is too clean for it to be her moms house or rogers old place). if her dad knows people he probably had the means to acquire a street-illegal handgun. still, i find tunas spiel about her dad “keeping a tec 9 under his bed” kind of too-grunge-to-be-true and so i think i may just not be her picture. although i’m hoping it is, lowkey, purely for the milk.

No. 597892


I think those are just freckles or pigmentation

No. 597905

Def freckles it’s crazy her level of dirty is so sever people need to clarify

No. 597914

Yes. My personal opinion of Luna’s dad is that he may be just being a dad and trying to tell Luna the normal, concerned father things. Luna claiming others are more like a “real father” to her because they never tried to steer her to a healthy lifestyle. She is a spoiled entitled brat.

No. 597942

File: 1541925377488.png (23.91 KB, 341x875, 2deep.png)

another shitty poem. I capped it on stalkr.me because I hate her tumblr theme colours lol, but its here https://heavenlykitten1996.tumblr.com/post/179983198789/i-silk-to-the-floor-and-pink-bow-draped-im-just

>II she lies and lies and even when she's caught she lies

She's probably talking about her mom but I feel like this statement applies to her more lmao.

No. 597948

Anybody that feels bad for this chick, don’t.
I’ve known her since high school and she literally sold my friend fentanyl saying that it was heroin, obviously leading to an OD because she’s literally tricking people and poisining them for money!

No. 597949

so are you gonna provide proof or nah

No. 597950

as soon as i figure out how to get rid of the metadata from this pic of my high school id so she doesnt kno

No. 597951

File: 1541932749101.jpeg (3.04 MB, 4032x3024, proof?.jpeg)

Here u go

So yeah i went to hs with her and honestly she doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt, selling fentanyl is pretty much going to kill someone eventually and, she sells it as heroin so the poor addicts don't even know they're taking poison. Anything to make a buck though, right?

No. 597952

Confirmation that Rogers headstone/cremation/burial fundraiser went right in her arm

No. 597955

>>597948 Your friend should've reported her

No. 597960

How long ago was this? I have a hard time believing Luna sells drugs at this time in her life. I’m not doubting you at all and she is a terrible person especially if she is doing that. She just revels in a sad, highly dependent and disabled sad girl that relies on Lurch to take care of those needs like getting heroin and selling it. Was it from Lurch and Luna was the contact? Thats what dealers are doing now because fenty is cheaper and they sell it at heroin prices. It’s fuucked up and I wish that addicts would test their shit before dosing up. I hope your friend is doing better.

No. 597965

I agree! He had some idealist "nah bro I don't snitch" shit in response

Extremely recently, within the past few months. Honestly though, I think that's more accurate, that it was from Lurch and Luna was the contact. Regardless, she still lied about what she was peddling was, and knew he trusted her because we knew her from high school and so she gets absolutely no sympathy from me.

This girl has a victim complex, she will never, and I mean NEVER concede that anything wrong in her life is her fault, take it from someone who personally knows and has talked with her.

seriously though I hope people stop giving her money because if they think it's going to anything besides drugs they are just flatly wrong

No. 597966

Yeah that is messed up. What scumbags. I mean we knew they were shit people but this is a complete disregard for others life.

No. 597968

What? She took pictures with a box of Roger's remains when they were moving out but hasn't posted anything since they moved into her moms. If he doesn't have a place they can visit him then what the fuck happened to his remains? They certainly don't have them because Luna's never posted about them again.

No. 597984

I wonder if a surviving member of Rogers family actually took care of the cremation and tuna took pics when or if they had a service. She is a scammer.

No. 598132

File: 1541980028677.jpg (64.8 KB, 960x720, 1535069256525.jpg)

Luna got left with Roger's ashes. Pic related, it's from her gofundme where she raised money for it. Anons at the time worked out that the service was significantly cheaper than she said online, and it doesn't look like they bought anything to keep the ashes in. All of the little trinket boxes Luna owns and she kept Roger in the cardboard box the crematorium supplied.

No. 598135

fuck - samefagging to add that I think Luna left Roger at the old house, but it's a huge tinfoil. If you believe the tinfoil about her reading these threads, about 2 months ago people were speculating that Luna had lost Roger's ashes ( >>567162 ) and shortly after she changed her sob-story from "lost 90% of my possessions" to "lost 85% of my possessions" - which just seems guilty as hell to me.

Maybe they scattered the ashes somewhere, but then she could visit the place they were scattered to mourn Roger so I don't know. She's either being dramatic as fuck, or left Roger in the old apt.

No. 598139

Well I was tinfoiling that they actually took a pic but somebody else paid for it and then took the box with them to properly respect them. Like another family member of Roger. Tuna may have taken a pic to prove her scam to the suckers that give her shekels.

No. 598148

tbh i do think she gave the money from the gofundme to get rodger cremated just not all of it. she probably embellished the price of it so she could have enough left over to buy more dumb hello kitty shit and grandma lingerie

No. 598177


No, she had to have kept all that money to herself. There had to have been someone else who paid for the cremation. She's just that evil. Opportunity to scam was all she thought about. Bitch doesn't care for anyone but herself.

No. 598218


/x/tier cursed

No. 598235

Fentanyl would explain why the substance in her syringe was colorless >>596627.

No. 598292

Well if that’s what she’s taking then she doesn’t have long. She isn’t the type to scare herself into a healthier life so it’s just a matter of time before the narcan wont work for her.

No. 598294

Luna didn't spend a single cent of the money on Roger's cremation, but Lurch probably did. He didn't "splurge" on a grave, an urn, a memorial service, or even a public obituary. The cheapest, easiest way to deal with a corpse is to either abandon it (probably too callous even for Lurch) or have it cremated and dumped into a cardboard box. And that's what happened.

Hence how Luna got her claws on it long enough to snap a tear-jerking selfie with it in her lap in her disgusting apartment.

It doesn't seem like Roger really had anyone around him that cared about him. Just his skeevy son.

No. 598299

lol all the bullshit she spews about harm reduction and she's literally selling people fentanyl? she's such a stupid cunt i've officially lost any shred of sympathy i had for her if thats true

No. 598300

silly anon, she probably only cares about harm reduction when SHE'S the one in danger. i wouldn't expect her to care about any of her other fellow druggies at this point besides lurch

No. 598301


Weren't the linens and the other items L & L stole given to Roger by his friends? Do these friends even know he has died?

No. 598308

Is there 100% a substance in there? I doubt that she's willing or able to inject straight fentanyl; her opiate tolerance would have to be through the roof in order to survive that, wouldn't it? She seems to be more interested in abusing prescription pills these days and apparently went through periods of methadone treatment, so it's not like she's been using consistently to the point where her body could handle pure fent. But this is just speculation.

No. 598310

I don't know anything about iv drugs but the plunger looks like it's pulled to the top of the measurements, so if it was fentanyl it would be a LOT? I've only ever seen a needle in Luna's arm in earlier threads, and when she was taking heroin she was filling them about half way up the number measurements. It's been years since she's shown pics of her shooting up and junkies get a tolerance, but I thought you couldn't take a syringe full of fentanyl like that?

No. 598327

No you can’t take that much. I’m super mad at this. My friend died the other day from a fenty od. He had a pretty good tolerance and his drug of choice was fentanyl so it was a matter of time but still seemed to come as a shock. I never seen him take that much if that is what it is in the needle. And this bitch is mickeying unknowing people. She doesn’t care about anybody but herself. Human scum right in front of us.

No. 598330

>All of the little trinket boxes Luna owns and she kept Roger in the cardboard box

This is why I think she doesn't have his ashes anymore. As much as she says she loved Roger she's not once posted the box, mentioned having him stored anywhere else, or having sprinkled the ashes somewhere.

With her habit of "laying down something and not finding it for months" I wouldn't doubt that she set the box down somewhere in the apartment when they were moving out and then either forgot to go get it before they changed the locks or lost it in the hoard they left behind. Without a forwarding address their landlord couldn't have contacted them about picking it up either.

Think about it. She named a fucking plant after Tai and takes pictures with it all the time but she's not taken one aesthetic picture of her holding a box with Roger's ashes. If she actually had them she'd have taken dozens of photos by now.

Yes she stole bed stuff out of a box of items Roger's friend had given him. His friends probably know he died considering that he was in hospice before he died and they would have visited him.

No. 598331

This is big if true. She really doesn’t have much time if she’s taking fent. Fuck her for selling it too.

No. 598347

yeah you right you can’t take that much fentynal, it would literally kill you. fentanyl is 100x as potent as h so usually people (dealers & distributors) add it to other substances to make them feel stronger. but i also wonder if roger got fent patches for his illness bc in hospitals they will give it to dying people. of course if luna did steal that she probably would have taken a picture of it right? i remember someone at my uni was selling fent patches that she stole from a dying relative. if she could get straight fentanyl i’m sure luna could have got some from roger but maybe didn’t post it because she didn’t want backlash from so blatantly stealing it from a dying person?

No. 598348

yeah you right you can’t take that much fentynal, it would literally kill you. fentanyl is 100x as potent as h so usually people (dealers & distributors) add it to other substances to make them feel stronger. but i also wonder if roger got fent patches for his illness bc in hospitals they will give it to dying people. of course if luna did steal that she probably would have taken a picture of it right? i remember someone at my uni was selling fent patches that she stole from a dying relative. if she could get straight fentanyl i’m sure luna could have got some from roger but maybe didn’t post it because she didn’t want backlash from so blatantly stealing it from a dying person?

No. 598349

you think luna would be ashamed about that aspect of stealing from roger?

No. 598353

i know i feel like maybe she wouldnt even care. just speculating that maybe in her mind the other things she was doing weren’t “stealing.” but then again after he died wouldnt she steal any leftover fent patches or drugs? she probably did and forgot to take pictures, or it’s all on her other blog that we don’t have the password to

No. 598360

And fenty is getting much easier to buy. The dealers are definitely boosting the potency but also Carfentanil is extremely cheap to make and doesn’t have to cross oceans to get. It’s increasing dependency and ensuring dealers have return customers. It’s sad when regular old h becomes regular old h. It wouldn’t surprise me because if lurch is still dealing he definitely has access to it.

No. 598384


She's selling fentanyl. This is the anon from earlier who's friend OD'd from her stuff, after he went to the hospital they took blood (obviously) and confirmed the presence of fent as well as the complete absence of any heroin so it was literally just fent not even cut dope.

So she's definitely selling it and I'm pretty sure he told me she does the same bags he was doing so it's likely she's doing fent as well.

also, i totally get why you guys would be skeptical but I've literally hung out with her and we had mutual friends and honestly she is seriously even worse than you guys speculate here.

No. 598392

No anon I’m actually not skeptical about this. It seems to be a natural progression for h addicts as of late. I’m the anon who’s friend just died and I was by his side during his progression and he was a good person. Luna’s a shit person that activity looked forward to her current lifestyle. No I have no doubt this is true.

No. 598431

This makes me wonder if her weird long silences have been because she's been having ODs. I know people have been saying it's probably because she found money and is nodding off, but usually we at least get a bunch of incomprehensible text posts when that happens. I'm not a drugfag, so I don't know how often you can OD and be saved by Narcan.

No. 598438

a lot. I read a washington post article about a chick who was brought back 11 times

No. 598441


Theoretically, someone could be brought back from narcan infinitely although when stronger opioids are used like fentanyl or even stronger synth opioids, it requires higher and higher doses of narcan, usually kits come with only 2 doses so it's possible she OD's and doesn't have enough narcan to be revived on her person

No. 598443

I do think she's overdosed more than the one time we heard about for sure. I'm not one of those "put all junkies in prison" people but I almost think the best thing her mother could do for her would be to report her and Lurch to law enforcement.

She clearly has no desire to recover, and she's going to die at this rate. The combination of pills she takes daily is already completely insane, but she's taking heroin (possibly fent) on top of them.

No. 598446

Oh I definitely believe that Luna sold laced heroin, I just don't believe that syringe is full of anything lol.

She's OD'd twice that we know of, and they've both been like this year so it stands to reason that she's getting bad shit now. I swear they had a more "safe" dealer in the beginning but they ran out of money and couldn't keep bulk buying wraps from him.

Again, I don't know a lot about heroin but I've heard people mention the quality of the heroin she used to show off.

No. 598459

She's admitted to overdosing twice. She posted the first one on Facebook and the second one she mentioned in poetry.

No. 598473

The fact that we see spoons and lighters means she's getting shit heroin you have to cook to get rid of impurities. Might be tin foiling but she doesn't leave her house as much as she used to. Maybe too busy nodding, maybe scared because she knows her ass is beat if she's caught from doing bad deals.

No. 598498

>Maybe too busy nodding, maybe scared because she knows her ass is beat if she's caught from doing bad deals
Lol if acid anon is still here (the one who hooked Luna up with a contact who never turned up, then Lurch contacted them about how upset they'd made Luna and she was crying.) I bet they feel pretty outraged. Luna has the balls to complain to a friend doing her a favour and blame them for a dealer not turning up, but she's fine selling laced heroin to the same people.

Her ass deserves to get beat for the bullshit she pulls tbh, her "hustling" is just ripping off all her old friends.

No. 598515

File: 1542077110475.jpg (61.55 KB, 528x591, letter.JPG)

>i love you more than life. thanks for loving me baby…

Luna wrote her a Christmas card from Lurch and got the year wrong.

And no, I'm not joking. She literally wrote this herself.

No. 598517

File: 1542077549433.jpg (208.51 KB, 990x590, letter.JPG)

It's pretty sad when you have to write yourself a card from your boyfriend saying you'll be moved out soon and that you're actually married.

No. 598521

i'm not an expert on handwriting but i think you might be reaching? look at the way she writes 'y's and 'g's at the end of words like in "trying" in the top right, and "barely" and "today" in the bottom right, it doesn't look anything like that card. what makes you so sure she wrote it herself? i could be wrong, but it doesn't seem like it's That impossible that lurch actually wrote that

No. 598527

husband? except you won't marry her

anon please are you getting help for your autism

No. 598535

does it say "deer Beef" lmao

No. 598539

File: 1542080442792.jpeg (448.83 KB, 640x851, 49EFBA7E-253F-4276-95AA-0A6CB7…)

i have the exact same player. it’s $80 on crosley’s website… but yes. it’s soooo cheap

No. 598540

Lurch has left Luna gay love letters before, thanking her for all she does. There was one about her being a carer to his father and cats from a while ago when Roger was still alive. The handwriting looks different to hers imo, it flows better and looks like better cursive, like someone who didn't grow up with computers so developed their writing more. However, Luna HAS sent herself texts from Lurch's phone calling herself "babycat" or something, so I can see why you're sceptical.

I assume it's love-bombing or something, maybe he makes big gestures of love after an argument/he does something wrong. Honestly, Lurch seems like he tries to stop Luna's borderline meltdowns whenever he can, but he's a huge scumbag so it wouldn't surprise me if he only makes these gestures after doing something wrong.

No. 598549

Ah yes, bcf. The infamous return of baby cat forever. Wasnt this around the same time he was waggling his dick at "tessa", offering trips on his yacht.

No. 598556

File: 1542082892781.png (497.32 KB, 822x589, Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 11.2…)

No. 598557

He's still waiting for that big inheritance too.

No. 598558

Lurch also often writes exclamation marks thrice. Easy to copy but felt like pointing that out.

No. 598559

File: 1542082915998.png (Spoiler Image, 500.76 KB, 719x631, Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 11.2…)

No. 598562

She must be high off her ass, those stray hairs in her face should be driving her crazy.
That bare spot of skin on her nose too though. There's so much wrong with this image

No. 598563

>honestly she is seriously even worse than you guys speculate here.

Would you mind telling us more, anon? We only see what she chooses to post online; I can't imagine what she filters out.

No. 598564

>>598539 if she was such a big fan of music she should know playing on a cheap pickup destroys the vinyls. Rip vintage vinyls

No. 598566


What I really meant was that she's exactly as horrible as you guys think she is, every once in a while I see someone on here trying to say she has some redeeming qualities but in actuality she has literally NONE. She is rude and horrible (Has threatened people I know because she was worried they might go to the police), she's beyond selfish and genuinely doesn't give a fuck about anybody besides herself (evidenced by the fact that she'll steal from anyone anytime and also sell fentanyl masqueraded as heroin), she is and has ALWAYS been ugly as fucking shit, I'm serious, I see people posting here that she used to be cute, she did NOT lmao she was a fat ugly pig in high school and was definitely interested in the weight loss aspect of heroin which is hilarious because she's still fat and ugly.

She has a victim complex and will seriously never admit anything is her fault and ALSO honestly I don't think her parents are that bad, lmao she makes them out to be like hitler when in reality she had every fucking advantage there is on the planet and she squandered all of it

Oh also, I've seen people post here that she got accepted to pratt and didn't go because she couldn't afford it, well let me tell you she mentioned this to me, and when I said "oh well did you fill out the FAFSA for financial aid she literally asked me what that was. She has no desire to further herself in life and is going to continue to delve into her disgusting heroin "aesthetic"


I can't say enough that she literally has not a single good quality, and she's far too gone to be saved.

She harasses everybody I know from high school for money, doesn't want a job or a real life and just wants everything handed to her because she grew up in the same entitled white ass town I'm from but she never really grew up and has absolutely no intention to.


her and lurch have literally been selling fent and have killed people before! Lurch told my friend that the bag he OD'd on actually killed 6 others that they know or something along those lines, these people are fucking poison and genuine scum, they deserve no sympathy and honestly for selling fentanyl and saying it's heroin I truly wish ill upon them because that is just unforgivable, to trick someone into risking their life like that just for money to feed their own habit. They are truly disgusting and cannot and should not be helped.

I'll ask my friend for their texts because honestly they're hilarious, he was trying to get clean and she wouldn't stop texting him asking if he wanted to pick up, idk if he'll send them bc im sure if she lurks here she could identify him but ill ask

No. 598576

>>598517 I agree it's the same writing, too similar. I think she also sends herself messages from one of his burner phones, she has a post saying he takes her phone at night to listen to music so she uses his, lol

No. 598577

Well we heard it here fist folks. Luna is and always will be a crusty dusty little shit.

No. 598580

File: 1542087381556.png (Spoiler Image, 589.16 KB, 480x810, IMG_20181113_073423.png)

Wish we could pin your message anon, so all could see.
I was looking at her old lookbook posts and that's exactly what I got, an entitled brat, that will never grow up… "kill the poor" wtf

No. 598581

not the highlight, but the spot under the highlight. i see it too, looks like clean skin wtf tunafish

No. 598587

I assume it's a Dead Kennedys reference, not a personal sentiment

If I may ask just for my own curiosity, how notorious are her and Matthew in the area? I've heard from a few local posters here that her old group of friends/acquainces all despise her for good reason, but does she have a wider reputation for being sketchy/weird/totally fried? We've speculated a few times in these threads that she probably gets watched carefully when she goes into stores and such.

No. 598589


What do you mean notorious? I mean it's not like they have "clout" or anything hahaha, but yeah pretty much all her friends from the old days have given up on her as she was pretty much hitting everyone up for money literally all the time

Her and Lurch especially look sketchy as hell, he's tall as fuck and looks like a cardboard cutout heroin addict and she looks fuckin burnt out and constantly has inches of makeup on her face it looks wack as hell even worse than her pics so honestly i'm sure she does get watched pretty carefully in stores in mamaroneck but manhattan and the bronx have a fairly large population of sketchballs so they stand out less in the city for sure

No. 598596

Lurch actually admitted that the bag of fenty he sold killed people? Why would he do that?

No. 598598


Not sure I wasn't there, but my friend said that after he told them that it was fentanyl and to be careful themselves, they said something like "yeah man a few folks died from that batch" or something similar

No. 598614

if all the rumoring about luna taking fentanyl is true, i’d imagine it wouldn’t be too fun for her parents to not have any memorable photos of her where she doesn’t look high off her ass like this one

No. 598616

Yeah, damn. In the most recent photo with her mom she was tripping hard, and IIRC in the most recent photo with her dad she looked high as shit and was wearing week-old frumpy clothes to a bar. It's kinda depressing to think that those might end up being their last photos with her.

No. 598617

That’s really sad to think about. Her poor parents. Whatever issues they have they still seem to care about her very much.
I just did a methadone detox for the past month and it was pure Fuckin hell, I cannot imagine the suffering involved with a fenty detox. This is a game you can’t play forever. Luna’s choices are eventually going to be either to suffer or die. Dying is the easier one because you don’t really have to choose it, it just happens. And she doesn’t seem to understand that she’s not going to become some great memorialized artist after she dies (not like she’d even know).

No. 598619

>>598617 she won't detox because she believes she needs to use drugs to cope with her mental illness. She'd OD after rehab probably

No. 598626

follower Luna for a long time, even had a few conversations with her over tumblr

Then not much from her after she tried college and got with waxy corpse boyI actually found her drug blog early on as another friend of mine, also a fellow junkie - I wasn’t surprised about all heroin use and I stopped interacting with her due to not making my own problems worse, and just let her be

But I have some messages of her just asking about selling her art, and another prison I know did want the art work so we set it up but she just made everything so unbearable and made US TRY FEEL bad

No. 598629

Methadone may not be as hellish of a detox as fentanyl, but it lasts a lot longer. Because fent is so short acting you can feel 'normalish' a lot quicker. Her benzo addiction is another story though. the only way she is getting off that is real rehab and detox cause it could kill her.

No. 598638

File: 1542107154543.jpeg (121.11 KB, 750x796, 89A409C6-ABAF-499C-9C59-1F2A68…)

Influx of tuna begging and lacking sympathy or empathy for anyone

No. 598639

File: 1542107218641.jpeg (169.1 KB, 750x1147, 0E6BACAA-9EE5-41C0-B293-3A207D…)

No. 598640

File: 1542107249101.jpeg (124.25 KB, 750x1034, 678301AA-A07B-4C55-B741-266BF2…)

No. 598641

File: 1542107272092.jpeg (160.32 KB, 750x1153, D938448D-23F7-4AC3-8085-0540B0…)

No. 598642

File: 1542107296430.jpeg (125.04 KB, 750x1129, 67AAD5BD-C5D4-4529-BC2D-2FB65D…)

No. 598643

File: 1542107352957.jpeg (162.87 KB, 750x1153, 071A1276-5B3F-4BB4-BBF9-59BD86…)

No. 598644

File: 1542107386560.jpeg (276.37 KB, 750x1147, AA03A554-6805-4B6C-9CB5-78E4A6…)

No. 598645

File: 1542107419583.jpeg (113.32 KB, 749x1152, 6D321BA1-CF26-479B-A73B-149853…)

No. 598646

File: 1542107477123.jpeg (178.49 KB, 750x1171, 5A9C459A-5F1A-4EC0-937D-3634B5…)

No. 598650

File: 1542108468917.jpeg (129.51 KB, 749x1071, 0A06F065-FCE0-453D-BD97-D838E4…)

No. 598651

this one stuck out as particularly obnoxious. "i'm LITERALLY GOING TO FREEZE TO DEATH if you don't give me drug money RIGHT NOW but hehe no pressure love [heart emoji]"

No. 598652

File: 1542108796974.jpeg (111.93 KB, 744x1152, 50634B20-6C0D-4D26-8475-67D703…)

No. 598653

File: 1542108937488.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 98.59 KB, 750x977, 675B8E31-24E3-48B7-A6E9-6D653A…)

No. 598654

File: 1542109463171.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 85.8 KB, 750x857, DAE039C5-248C-42F6-877F-E483D7…)

No. 598655

File: 1542109515809.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 134.5 KB, 750x962, D5E680B1-8BA5-43E4-8B57-A066FF…)

No. 598656

File: 1542109619245.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 155.28 KB, 748x1077, 3520A889-EAFD-4419-9D1D-E08094…)

Proceeded to follow like comment on all these guys pictures to try make proper friend

No. 598658

File: 1542109696461.jpeg (204.98 KB, 749x1331, B7030812-F832-439A-9D4A-6E38F0…)

No. 598666

fucking lmao thank you anon I'm laughing so hard at this

No. 598667

>even an extra 15 dollars would be really helpful
this bitch!!! You gave her like fucking $40! I guess she NEEDS $55 to go see her heroin dealer, holy shit she is SO pushy.

No. 598670

Doesnt care at all about it being this person birthday and wanting it as a gift to herself or other mentions like also struggling, the millions of messages and commenting on there pictures and the overall greedy money and guilt tripping

No. 598671

Is this an old picture? I think I recall the same missing foundation spot on her nose.
And so she re-posted it say "oh look i just cleaned my shirt!?" lol

No. 598676


There is no reason to have the plunger pulled back if the syringe is empty. Pulling it back when it is dry can easily dislodge the black rubber seal inside which wastes the syringe.


You can't discern the drug's molarity by looking at how much total liquid is in the syringe. While a miniscule amount of fentanyl is needed to get high, it can be dissolved in however much water the user prefers. A certain amount of water is required to get it into the bloodstream, and the amount in that syringe is average.


We haven't seen a cooking kit in a long time, have we?


A single dose of Narcan will counter only a certain amount of opioid. The person can overdose again immediately afterwards.


Regarding poly drug use of CNS depressants which slow respiration and heart rate: a person can consume the same risky combination of legitimate prescription drugs for months or even years without the effects of overdose, but the next time they become unconscious or die. In her case she is also using street drugs of unknown strength.

I was surprised that she said half of a pill of Soma was enough to knock her out based on my experience with taking it.


Since her mom is a recovering addict she may be allowing Luna to stay with her because she believes that her daughter is safer using under her roof where she can keep an eye on her. Mom may be aware that she is enabling her daughter's drug use but feels letting Luna live with her is the lesser of two evils. And as a recovering addict she knows all too well that Luna cannot be helped until she wants help.

No. 598696


This has completely solidified everything for me. Not only does she talk like a greedy ass cunt, but she literally is not thankful in the slightest or even acknowledged how annoying she was after this person told her to stop with the messages. What a horrible person to have contacting you every few days, honestly such a haunted ass idiot

No. 598702

I am somehow amazed this bitch says she's so into heroin addicted artists, lives in New York, and has never mentioned Jim Carroll. He was the fucking mecca for that sort of crap. Is there anything she isn't a poser of?

No. 598723

File: 1542123523381.png (5.44 KB, 679x101, SeQznKf.png)

No. 598724

File: 1542123565809.png (261.79 KB, 640x594, XGpNvot.png)

No. 598726

File: 1542123603050.png (119.35 KB, 669x335, Ka6sZ1a.png)

No. 598727

File: 1542123682460.jpg (70 KB, 500x461, tumblr_pi4fw7AnGR1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 598728

How do you lose stuff so damn easy in your tiny one-person apartment you're crashing in?

>triple dose
She's gonna be dead at some point from all this shit.

No. 598729

that plant is fucked up

No. 598731

Yeah I’m still feeling like shit but better than I was 2 weeks ago that’s for sure. Your right she will never do it because our grunge princess cannot have any suffering in her life or she’ll beg people to make it better for herself. And I met a chick that was detoxing from benzos and h at a facility awhile ago and it scared me what she was going through. That was enough to scare me right away from benzos. I thought she was going to die one night while she was seizing and vomiting at the same time. Scary shit right there. Boy tuna dug herself deep into a 6 foot hole.
She may have already used and abused that syringe and did it for the asthetics. I’m sure she doesn’t understand that. They also could share the dosed needle. Which I don’t doubt. Or like you said a minuscule amount compared to water used. But I think it is for asthetics in a “look at how much junk I can take” way. Although I have no doubt she is on the fent train.

No. 598732

It’s a succulent and it’s not getting enough light. The stretch out and bend like that when they get no light and too much water.

No. 598742

File: 1542127265967.png (10.3 KB, 611x88, lol.png)

>loses notebook in pile of hoarded possessions
>its gone!!! crying rn

No. 598746

At least now we know what she did after she got outed for scamming people on Facebook. Instead of learning her lesson, the shitty cunt went to a different platform to pick up where she left off.

No. 598747

the speculative “omg she’s gonna die” posts are getting a little redundant by now. we all know– even luna knows. judging by her posts, it’s exactly what she wants, unless she ends up having a split second reaction of “wait no i regret everything” before she has the inevitable fatal overdose

No. 598752

I completely agree. And it wasn't even every few days, it was damn near every day. Tuna needs to get a fucking job and stop harassing every god damn person in the world is her god damn bank account.

She's not cute, not worthy of it, and is a lowly piece of shit. She needs to stop.

No. 598755

File: 1542129763141.jpg (77.5 KB, 500x375, tumblr_pi43xfc5a41w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 598758

She’s too selfish and loves herself too much to want to die tho. She would have killed herself by now if that was really what she wanted. Luna likes to talk about it but if she had tried we would have had tons of sympathy pics and statuses. She wants that attention but in reality she thinks this is the way she can live forever. Off of others to supply her hoard and junk. Lurch has managed it. And she probably thinks because he has somehow survived this long (although I’m 100% positive he’s just a reanimated statue) that she can too. Yeah we know the potential outcome and honestly i don’t really care if she does. She’s a shit person and we could use a few less of them. Not all junkies are bad people, but these two are.

No. 598764

She can haul out all her junk for a staged aesthetic photo but she can't keep track of one notebook?

No. 598765

>>598702 She has The Basketball Diaries on her liked movies list on facebook tho

No. 598766

Any other interesting FB tidbits or posts?

No. 598782

Don't her followers get bored of seeing the same twenty or so items rearranged on her bed?

Also, I'd bet good money that she's never read that book on the Renaissance.

No. 598803

imagine being this impressed with yourself for wearing a clean shirt

No. 598805

There are some new posts on her FB, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Mostly her not-so-subtly begging her FB friends to buy her shit from Amazon and whining about her BPD being bad.

No. 598811

i muted her bc she posts only 3 things in rotation a conked out zombie selfie, tarot cards, her dirty ass cats (no offense cats) and stuffed animals, and shitty ""art""work, that's literally it

No. 598829

File: 1542144792671.jpeg (422.35 KB, 750x1126, 0AC7A236-4C9B-451B-B080-03970E…)

She has ZERO shame….like, we been knew, but it’s astonishing that she’s begging for hello kitty stickers like they’re life essentials

No. 598830

damn how high was she when she wrote this

No. 598832

Like I said, personal bank accounts. She thinks she shouldn't have to lift a finger for anything that she wants.

I hope the bitch gets evicted again soon. She deserves it.

No. 598833

How about you use the money you get from selling people ODs Tunafish?

No. 598836

>i lost most of my pyjamas when got evicted
>$20 top!!
oh luna honey it's over
like you can go to goodwill and get a shirt to sleep in for a couple bucks if you really need it

No. 598839

and $15 for 2 pens when she could easily buy hundreds of ~cheap~ bic pens for the same price

but she really needs it!!

No. 598840

File: 1542146778680.jpg (81.91 KB, 454x453, 0504 - v8nbzHG.jpg)


why would she send this

No. 598842

I don't see how she thinks that shit will fly when she's ALWAYS taking selfies in nighties.

No. 598846

it's not even an actual nightshirt or nightgown wtf. she's too tall to use a men's shirt as a nightgown so her excuse as to why she needs it is even more flimsy than it seems.

those poor cats fucking baffle me. she never takes them to the vet and takes horrible care of them but cats in healthy environments so frequently get kidney disease, gum infections, and heart problems at like 12+, and they're like 19 now? Feral cats have a really short life span and literally the only advantage of being in tuna jail over being feral is the lack of predators. They must be some strong ass cats but I can't imagine that they're not in horrible pain from some condition tuna hasn't even thought to notice.

she really thinks a pic of lurch being cold will illicit guilt from her victims instead of immediate disgust and annoyance that she would try something like that

No. 598850

Like 70% of the clothes she goes out in are pajamas. Those floral drawstring pants she always wears are PJs.

I always wondered why she wasn't more of a thrift shop kid. She would find so many affordable granny dresses her head would spin. I'm guessing it's due to growing up relatively well off and thinking goodwill is below her or that she deserves new/overpriced things. Her definition of what is "cheap" is totally skewed.

No. 598852

File: 1542149313017.jpg (141 KB, 714x962, IMG_20181113_234746.jpg)

She posted the shit on instagram bit already deleted the post.

No. 598856

File: 1542149740122.jpeg (203.13 KB, 750x715, 79AB7BA5-20C7-442F-BFD3-2B39E5…)

Didn’t see anyone post this from her FB. It’s from yesterday (11/12). What’s this about a ~broken and infected~ hand? lmao

No. 598857




i bet she's never read any communist theory whatsoever

No. 598858




i bet she's never read any communist theory whatsoever

No. 598862

"Can someone buy me all of this random shit instead of helping me pay for a doctor bill cause I'm too lazy to pay for either one. I need them all by tomorrow, oh and if you can spare any extra money that would be great, i haven't eaten in 19 days and lost 91.476% of my possessions when I got evicted, I miss roger so much he was like a dad to me and i'm so sad now cause i'm semi homeless and we have no heat. here have a photo of my 40 year old boyfriend who will marry me in the year 2087"

No. 598863

File: 1542151022397.jpg (26.17 KB, 396x396, hee.jpg)

>you look mega-thin

No. 598865

she used to be! probably in hs but even in the first tuna threads here, she went thrifting with her dad and that rlyblonde girl i believe. she bought some lingerie onesies that had probably touched an elderly woman's crotch from thrift stores but then something just changed and it's all amazon now. I can't see her feeling suddenly grossed out or snobby about the thrift store when she has so little awareness of hygiene and like…dignity. Maybe she realized that if she goes to a physical store, she'll either have to steal or use her own money, whereas on amazon her victims can conveniently buy it for her. I'd love to know what kind of excuse she has for not going to the thrift store would be if asked, though.

god you actually made it more coherent than she did.

do people really think they're being good samaritans by lying to feed an attention seeker's demands?

No. 598870

has anyone here actually gotten art from luna?

No. 598871

I would love to see a photo of her broken hand and I looooove how she acts like lurch’s stroke symptoms are a total inconvenience to her.

We’ll never get married because he’s having a stroke uwu

No. 598872

Will keep you updated

No. 598873

Think those screenshots are from a 3rd party was them sendmibg money for a print well that’s what I gathered

No. 598875

Did she post the begging posts after she posted this? If so, nothing must have come of it because she'd be milking that shit for all it's worth.
I'm extremely tempted if only to grow my collection of things produced by extremely mentally ill and broken people.

No. 598877

Oh nice, Luna's bi-monthly "uwu me and matthew almost died, i won't show proof just gimme money and sympathy uwu".
My bet is either nothing happened or Lurch OD'd and she has an infection from using dirty needles.

No. 598878

>>lost my pajamas
BITCH! You wear pj's everyday! What do you call this >>591791 >>591812 ?


No. 598889


Embarrassingly, I bought art from Luna last year before I knew she was a heroin addict. I gave her $45 (she claimed that was half off what she’d normally charge) and received the drawing months later, drawn on computer paper and folded to fit into the envelope. So professional. /s

No. 598917


I feel the same way. Maybe it's because Jim eventually got his shit together and used his poetry for good instead of fake poetry that makes absolutely no god damned sense, to make people feel sorry.

No. 598919


AGREED!!!! Lord, nothing wrong with a trip to a thrift store to find a bunch of treasures when you're "really in need" …. unless you're Luna. I mean, FUCK.

No. 598926

>boyfriend might be having a stroke
>posting on social media

All those messages she sent to anon upthread (and anyone else who has the misfortune of being on her sm radar) make all the more unsympathetic towards her. I mean, we all know she’s a thieving scammer but the blatant disregard for everyone but herself and the audacity to flagrantly harangue people is something else. My lord.

No. 598940


oh my god. i want to swab that stuffy on the right for microbes

imagine what strange variety of cultures would grow

No. 598951

she used to like exclusively shop at thrift stores when she was in middle/high school. i think online shopping is just way more addicting. for someone with social retardation/anxiiiieeeety as strong as tuna it makes sense that she would prefer to look at stuff online. you don’t even have to leave the house! plus, other anon has a point that she would have to use her own money instead of scamming lol.

No. 598959

File: 1542168912623.png (4.86 KB, 410x100, f1VrRQ9.png)

No. 598960

File: 1542168951688.png (3.52 KB, 343x77, ovAnnRi.png)

No. 598963

sorry luna but you're gonna keep on living and a 30 year old drug addict isn't getting any cheap amazon dresses bought for her

No. 598985

File: 1542172810200.png (618.78 KB, 1004x629, Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 12.1…)

More ebegging. Who would be thinking about this shit after their fiancee supposedly had a stroke and she has an infection and she's uwu oh so hopeless? God her lies and inability to be a decent human being are astonishing.

No. 598988

File: 1542173093986.png (387.18 KB, 1128x602, Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 12.2…)

She's lusting after an etsy $200+ rose gold engagement ring. so homeless and hopeless.

No. 598995

This is a cursed image. Someone posting this is screaming for attention/ someone to enable her completely… the recent milk is speaking volumes. They need money for drugs guys… why do you believe the sob story….? Even the thread is gullible to lies lol

No. 598997

ffs she already clouded her old opal to oblivion, why does she need another one to fuck up?

No. 598998

Well it’s obviously pulled back with nothing in it.

No. 599001

what opal do you mean?

No. 599010

>>598960 I'd be shocked if her "abusive" dad uwu will pay for her Netflix and phone bill and give her the monthly allowance until she's 30

No. 599019

she's wearing it in the Roger's ashes pic. It used to be a green opal but now it looks as gross and brown as everything else she owns >>598132

No. 599044


Fentanyl is a white powder and such a minute amount used so the water would be colorless.

No. 599048

Idk if this is helpful but I found this blog a while back and it helps explain a few things about drug addiction

> http://crazygirlblogger.com/category/epidemic/page/4/

While it's not directly related to Luna, there's a lot of stuff that addicts share (lying, robbing people, panhandling) that Luna definitely did.

No. 599058

if luna actually took care of herself physically, maybe her sex worker career would’ve taken off more and she wouldn’t have to harass strangers for money

No. 599071

its not fresh news that junkies rob, steal, and manipulate. they have a parasite mentality and their only goals are to get high and usurp money from people. idk why everyone is so shocked that she's being a typical fucking junkie

No. 599077


She had another pricy ass opal ring from Etsy.

No. 599079


Lol this is actually someone's blog, you know. Someone who actually is posting first hand about their life and recovery. I don't think this is something to hate on or to post here. I've followed her for years. She had a stroke in 2016, I think. But hasn't updated in hella long. Was sober though.

No. 599080

(She also seemed to find recovery thru Scientology which is… interesting to read…..)

No. 599097

Newfag here but seasoned lurker so just be patient please, probably stuck sage fucking every where wrong. I have been watching this for some time, and as a recovering addict myself not only is Tuna rather triggering, but why the fuck does she not just get her own methadone script?!! i had one for years. It's not that hard. I also became full blown homeless and rightly so eventually-i only got out of that shit earlier in the year. Addiction fucks your life up if you allow it, and i have no idea how she has not been on the street herself. She needs to realise how fucking lucky she is to have family support. Sadly i believe she wont learn unless this happens though-it humbled me immensely, but i don't know if Tuna and i share a mentality, so am probably being too hopeful. Sage wherever i have to sage for boring blogpost/autistic rant.

No. 599101

Because this thread is infested with lowkey WKs, projecting junkies and tumblr newfags, probably. see >>599097 utter retardation

No. 599102

Calm down anon i'm a lolcow virgin. I acknowledged it was a boring autistic rant but i do want to know what stops her bothering with any treatment and pulling her shit together. I have seen many comments about her needing to experience homelessness, so it wasn't enormously OT.

No. 599103


she's not gonna learn even if she becomes homeless! take it from someone who's known her for years, nothing will ever teach her responsibility and she'll always find another cause to blame her problems on, she's literally eric fucking cartman lmao

No. 599105

What does she need a lunchbox for? It's not like she has a job

No. 599106

Probably just a place to put her drugs.

No. 599107

I lowkey knew she just didn't want to change so you have a point with the utter retardation comment lol.

Well, for now i'll go back to lurking, and wait to see what the inevitable endgame is for Tuna after this seemingly perpetual "homeless" at mothers saga ends.

No. 599110

I wonder why too. She goes on and on about starving for days, but wants a lunchbox.

No. 599111

Probably just getting lazy with her entitlement/materialism. We know she won't use it for lunch, she knows she won't use it for lunch-but she's gonna mention it and wan't for it anyway.

No. 599113

That blog is complete fabrication. Whoever wrote it has pretty good story pacing but no actively using junkie writes like that. There's plenty of actual meth heads and heroin addicts on platforms like Tumblr.

For actual drug user blogs, look for words like 'tweakernation' and 'nodsquad'.

As bad as it is, Luna's 'works' are the real deal. Written and drawn by an actual addict. Her shit is authentic because it is always the same thing. An addict's life is pretty repetitive.

No. 599140

File: 1542217140724.jpeg (360.47 KB, 2048x775, FE9CA1A2-0026-4345-BE09-978E85…)

maybe get off the drugs luna??

No. 599141

File: 1542217164412.jpeg (139.37 KB, 1305x616, 90B1EAC0-0F24-4F22-9DD6-CBAF62…)


No. 599143

Just so you know, “sage” doesn’t work in /pt/. If you want to sage your post (thereby not bumping the thread if you don’t have anything to contribute,) in other boards, type sage into the email field.

It’s sad that even when she’s so close to realizing she’s human garbage, she just turns it into a pity party for herself. She will never learn because she is incapable of being honest and only sees herself as a victim.

No. 599144

>today my laptop charger broke so now i can't even use that
here is the real reason for the rant. she's not feeling bad about herself, she's just mad cause her charger broke and she's fishing for a 'what type of laptop do you have? i can buy it for you uwu' comment

No. 599154

Says the stereotypical rich white girl who dreams of her daddy's NYC penthouse and begs for Amazon gifts like she's owed them.

No. 599163

This puzzles me. Sure her dad has a nice penthouse.. how would she live there? Does she think she wouldn't have to pay utilities or taxes even if he owns it outright? The lack of life skills on this bitch is mind boggling.

No. 599170

this is just speculation but maybe she got caught stealing at the thrift stores around her too many times like the drugstore she got caught stealing from and couldn’t go to any more

No. 599177

Silly anon, after her dad dies and she inherits his apartment, utility bills get waived. She won't have to pay taxes because she's too poor and the government will understand and make taxpayers pay.

-Tuna logic

No. 599190

Well she did think that getting a nurse to sign a piece of paper saying Roger died would excuse them from paying rent. She was genuinely shocked that the landlord booted them out for being two months behind.

No. 599223

File: 1542233005368.png (228.26 KB, 640x418, L1exSzc.png)

No. 599224

File: 1542233041316.jpg (119.72 KB, 500x666, tumblr_pi7bog7xX01w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 599225

File: 1542233171110.jpeg (513.27 KB, 640x1093, 7F8A219B-EF92-4235-A68D-C01FD1…)

why is she trying to get noticed by this random baseball player?

No. 599228


…among other new additions to her bedside hoard.

Re thrift stores, the cloud print pants she wore for two weeks in the last thread came from one.

No. 599329

>>599225 accounts that don't follow her, since she's on private, won't see she @ them. I think it's the same as on twitter

No. 599338

>>599113 - yeah, the person at http://crazygirlblogger.com is someone out there just recapping her times of addiction through writing. I don't think she actually wrote on the blog during active using. If you go to Facebook, look up "crazy blogger girl" you will find someone who has talked about how she's been sober for 5 years or something, is married, had a kid, and had a stroke after having the kid. I don't know what that anon was trying to pull, thinking that blog was something of a nagative nature to relate Luna to. Or how she got the idea it was a place where addicts write about shit. The only thing I find weird is that the blogger chose Scientology to help with her rehab and it's quite strange to read and learn her way of thought. Sorry for the blog post, just agreeing with ya.

No. 599347

Where do you guys keep getting the idea that this girl is rich? She had a bit of money when her grandmother died but other than then, she’s always lower middle class/poor

No. 599351

Her dad is well off, as for her inheritance it depends on how many aunts/uncles and cousins she has which I have no clue.

No. 599371


Nah, all Luna knows is having money. She's always had money. Looking the part of a poor junkie is all it is. Even when she wasn't a junkie, she enjoyed looking the part of someone who didn't have money by buying expensive grunge clothes.

No. 599372


Luna didn't know what "lower class/poor" was until she C H O S E her lifestyle.

No. 599381

An anon came in saying she was a friend of Luna's when she was like 14, and that she was always in the "rich kid" clique. She was the poorest of all her friends because "her mom lived in an apartment" instead of a house, but she never went without. She went on trips to Woodstock, had all the handmade clothes and jewellery she wanted, and I think her current attitude towards money shows that she's never been truly poor.

She doesn't think $40 is anything worth thanking someone for, that says to me that she's ALWAYS had hundreds of dollars at her disposal for anything she ever wanted.

No. 599419

File: 1542281398613.png (198.51 KB, 480x713, princess uwu.png)

Someone so poor would claim a $200 diamond infused face cream as their favorite?

No. 599421

She stole it from her dad's (ex?) Girlfriend. It was back when she had no shower at Lurch's and would go bathe at her father's place.

No. 599423

File: 1542282802287.jpg (60.56 KB, 720x708, 89e.jpg)

>complains about rich girls pretending to be poor for the aesthetic

>keeps and shows off a $200 beauty product instead of selling it

>spends money exclusively on pointless crap and mooches off of mom's food and essentials

>has an allowance and a rich daddy that could bail her out literally whenever she wanted

>blew an estate and at least half a mil she inherited from her grandmother

No. 599427

Her dad is really well off, actually. He's like a session musician or something. Luna's told stories about how he knows celebrities.

Some people on Kiwifarms looked up other condos in his building and found out that it cost somewhere around 300 grand because of its location. That's a lot to pay off on one income.

I mean, if the guy's dating girls who buy expensive shit for Luna to steal, he's probably doing pretty well.

Actually, it didn't get divided up- allegedly all of it went to Luna. Ironically, grandma thought Luna was the only person she could trust not to blow it on drugs.

She also pissed away an opportunity at a degree. Dad was going to pay for the whole thing, too.

No. 599430

>Luna was the only person she could trust not to blow it on drugs.

Her grandmother's disappointment must be deeper than the six feet of dirt that she's buried under.

No. 599431

The grossest thing is that she brags about all these opportunities that she threw away that somebody actually struggling would never have (saying Art School Dropout like some uwu badge of honor is particularly gross given the fact that we are in a student debt crisis and most people who would want an art education are not able to get one due to insane tuition costs and no job prospects).

No. 599467

Yep. You hit the nail on the head here. I bet she would have been able to attend Pratt if she had known what the fucking FAFSA was during the college application process.

When she was in high school, she posed as poor on Tumblr even whilst going on trips and photoshoots with her rich friends (i.e. rlyblonde and a girl named Mariah). Even back then, she complained that she “couldn’t afford” to shop anywhere but thrift stores or eat anywhere but McDonald’s. And now, she complains about rich people posing as poor. Bitch please.

No. 599473

Didn't she have a ridiculous inheritance? i'm guessing she still hasn't adjusted to life without frivolous spending and is still trying to maintain the ability to burn money. Suck it up Luna, that's reality, especially when you're unemployed. It was fun while it lasted, now get a job.

No. 599495

same anon who knew her when she was 14, i totally agree about her concept of money. even if i knew less of her backstory i think we can judge just how rich she grew up based on how little she thinks money is worth. growing up in westchester, your parents basically give you money for whatever you want, for no reason. she was surrounded by people who think spending like $100 in one day in a “city trip” is no big deal. she’s so obsessed with peoples’ perception of her you know she got that money from daddy so she could fit in with her friends, even if she ~had to live in an apartment~. luna and i are around the same age and at this stage in my life, as a student, $40 is really a fucking lot of money to spend in one sitting. ESPECIALLY GIVING IT TO SOME RANDO ONLINE FOR NO BENEFITS. it just shows how she never grew up past the age at which quite a few of us anona knew her, and she still treats money like a rich fourteen-year-old to this day. it’s sickening to think of how much money i’d have now if i had saved what my parents gave me instead of blowing it on trinkets, clothes and city trips as a teenager, and to see luna continuing this mindset well into adulthood is quite unsettling. just imagine the cumulative amount of money she’s wasted that could have been redirected to housing and feeding people.

No. 599496


does anyone have proof or more facts about this inheritance? i’ve been curious since i started reading this thread about the actual amount.

No. 599501

Because she grew up an entitled rich girl and still is one. She has an iPhone, an iPad, and she gets money from Daddy.

She had rehab/counseling paid for and left because they were doing their jobs and she didn't like not being enabled.

She choose to play at being a poor junkie because she thought staying with Lurch and convincing him to give her drugs was aesthetic and would make her a famous artist. It didn't but now she's too hooked to get clean and she won't get any attention for sobering up and moving back in with her dad.

No. 599504

If she knew anything she should know heroin actually fucks up your creativity. I stopped commissions and playing guitar when i got into it as it was all that mattered, pathetic but true. If she had an ounce of sense she would see it did exactly the same to Layne Staley and Kurt Cobain. Layne got thrown out of the band for it and became a recluse until he died. WTF is glamorous about that?! those artists were good BEFORE they got heavily into drugs. Apologies for the blogpost element but i felt this needed pointing out, girl is delusional.

No. 599506


The only people that don't know what the FAFSA is are people who grow up rich or fairly well-off. That right there tells you that Luna was never poor until she decided to adopt it for "aesthetic"

No. 599511

Ya this girl has had more opportunity that she has squandered than 99% of the people I have known. The schooling alone could have given her a great advantage over others her own age. Then the money and property her grandmother gave her. Most people in NY can’t even get into a day program and rehabs are filled for months out, sadly a lot won’t even make it to a bed opening. And this bitch went to rehab for marijuana use, paid for by her father. But yeah she has always lived lower middle to low class. I want to know how the lower class can afford the luxuries like iPads, iPhones and Netflix that Luna does? Because I’m solid middle and these same items are the first things I’d get rid of if I had a bad month and had to pay for heat or food.

No. 599514

Not only that but Layne didn’t just die alone it was a couple weeks before his body was found. It’s disgusting and nothing to aspire for. That is one of most people’s biggest fear, dying alone.

No. 599516

Yeah i know,his mother had to see his corpse too after that fortnight, and his cat was in there the entire time with him. I dread to think what happened in that time. Layne has a sad story. I'm a big fan myself, but fuck me there's a difference between appreciation for someones work and aspiring to make the same harrowing mistakes they made. ON PURPOSE. Maybe one day Luna will grow up and realise this.

No. 599518

Luna won't grow up unless she was removed from Lurch's presence and forced to do one of those rehab facilities for 90 days or something.

She quit counseling because they told her what she didn't want to hear. She left her dad and called him abusive because he doesn't approve of her lifestyle. She calls her mom abusive for not approving of her getting high and laying in bed all day. She only loves Lurch because he gets her drugs and doesn't make her do anything.

No. 599520

I know, as is often the case with addiction, any one who is not an enabler becomes an enemy.

No. 599521

One consolation is that junkies never know they're dying. It's more like wow, this shot was fucking grea…and then lights out.

If they even get that far. Lots of junkies who've od'ed are well pissed when you revive them, usually the first thing out of their mouths after they've got the Narcan is along the lines of "you fucked up my high" and not "wow, thanks for saving my life".

No. 599523

I know i use it myself but mostly just stick to a script now, i'm not one of those who came from Tumblr or any horse shit like that. Don't have social media so it's surprising i even found out about this girl.
Actually never shot it, just smoked it, as seeing the state of some people IRL is off-putting. Them missed shots look terrifying in person. Luna will fuck up like them one day, every last one of them has.

That was a horrendous blogpost and i apologise for such a lack of contribution.(blogposting)

No. 599525

It's that horseshit about how a happy artist is a bad artist. These people believe depression fuels creativity, and they may not be totally wrong. Don't think it's always true and don't know where it came from. Poe? That Brit who was an opium addict whose name escapes? I'm sure one can make the case that happiness fuels a different kind of artistic expression, and I'm sure Tuna buys into this, sees happy art as bougie and shit, and chooses to be a trainwreck so that she can stand with her favorites. Maybe an UO but she strikes me as a giant poser. I don't even think she's all that much of a junkie, she just idolizes grunge and read Girl, Interrupted way too many times and identified with Angelina Jolie in the movie. She's just stupid and way into her own bs 'image'.

No. 599527

I don't understand how she cannot see the tragedy in these famous opiate addicts. Not only that, they were very successful and contributed to history, so she can't stand with them, i think her doodles convince her she's in the same league. I actually don't want to be too nasty but she does infuriate me with that mentality. I can see her being in her thirties and still thinking all of this.

No. 599534

Where are you people pulling the comparisons to Girl Interrupted, Luna has zero interest in that and she would probably see herself in Daisy or the protagonist (but even that is a stretch) rather than Angelina Jolie's character Lisa. Luna constantly tells us that her main inspiration is 90's Courtney Love, not some character ftom an movie or a book (anons in the past suggested some obscure movies as an explanation to why Luna is Luna).
Unless it's an insult that I should not take literally, in which case sorry for being confused.

No. 599535

I agree so much. Wish you the best anon & thanks for dropping by ♥

No. 599536

Well, luckily we know that most of it boils down to her being a complete idiot. She definitely thinks her copic scrawls are some kind of amazing tier outsider art when nothing could be further from the truth. They're just copic scrawls.

In a way she reminds me of the actress who starred in Toad Road, yet another poor little rich girl who thought slumming with druggies was an artistic lark and some voyage of incredible self discovery when it's in fact a dead fucking end.

OT (kind of but not really, it's the same dumbass mentality) if anyone wants to know about that, here's a read about it


None of these people would even be remembered so strongly if they hadn't OD'ed, which says something about how much the culture glamorizes and romanticizes drug use at the same time they're implementing DARE programs, all of it's a fucking mess but Luna has bought the bullshit completely.

No. 599540

Because she adores nineties culture and that book was a fuckhuge part of nineties culture?

No. 599542

First of all those celebrity artists are well known for their talent, period! You don't listen to Nirvana or AIC and think oh yes typical junkie struggles. It's the human life, we all experience lows and the talented individuals express them the best way they can and they hone their craft. That's why Luna's art will never improve. Practice makes perfect only if you put some actual effort to do better than last time

No. 599545

No you don't really, although i hear some elements that make me think of addiction in some of AiC's songs, it's largely probably me subconsciously thinking that and connecting it to my own shit. River of Deceit by Laynes other band i think is about it, but it sure does not make it sound good, as it isn't. It's not like they make songs about having to pretend to get robbed in order to score, kek. And yeah they were very talented people, agreed. I'm gonna stop blocking up this thread with my shit now as i'm using up what could be Milk space. Luna seems kinda dry compared to the old threads atm.

No. 599566

Just from what you've written I really doubt you and Tuna share a mentality at all. You have the ability to be self critical without being dramatic and self loathing, you notice when things are bad enough to need to change, you recognize when you've done harmful things, you recognize that your actions lead to consequences instead of just randomly appearing or from trump.
Just because someone shares traits and experiences with you doesn't mean they think like you.
yeah really if ODing wasn't a wakeup call, or getting evicted, or various other medical scares, or people she knows dying, then what? Lurch dying? Needing to live in a shelter? Getting convicted?

they say that's a classic bpd thing. the self criticism only comes out in an extreme "oh i'm the worst i guess i deserve to die and everyone hates me!!!" so that people around them are compelled to tell them that they're actually just fine, like that poor sucker in the screencap. Part of it might be genuine remorse and self loathing but a big part of it is that it's a convenient way to kind of admit fault without having to actually do anything about it.

but tuna, if the definition of poor is "had a bunch of money from family but doesn't work enough to have much of own personal money" then a lot of rich people really are poor!

She's rich by her own stupid tumblr definition of rich. That's why. The people she's complaining about are probably privileged people who are currently technically broke, just like her. When she talks about being poor she means the kind of poor where you don't have safety nets, family money, portential money, etc, which she is not. She's just broke, which a lot of young people from upper class and even rich families are functionally broke because not all rich kids' families will give them money every single time they need it.

No. 599570

Luna won't grow up, period. We've heard what she was like before, and seen what she is now. She's always gonna be a shit cunt.

Because she doesn't want to, anon. Anything she doesn't want to see, she just blocks out.

Are we done with the blogging and music appreciation or nah?

No. 599574

Yes anon, i think we have done enough of those things for one thread.

No. 599576

File: 1542314100041.png (415.05 KB, 372x513, Screenshot_16.png)

Old, but..kill the poor?

No. 599578

Are you kidding? Her work isn't good enough to get into Pratt by a long shot.

No. 599584

already posted/discussed here:

They're Dead Kennedys lyrics

No. 599595

So what?
She's not into all things 90's. Even if she is into Girl, Interrupted, I see no reason for the Lisa inspiration assumptiom. Maybe YOU see Luna as a selfish piece of shit (correct) but I can tell you that Luna would never choose this character as her role model. Not ~uwu sad broken bbydoll angel~ enough.

No. 599596

Right! Lisa was not a fragile chick. And without glamorizing the character, Lisa was strong, bold and independent for the most part. luna wants to be seen as a smol, meek, helpless bean.

No. 599598

Pratt isn't that good a school for writing, especially if you live in NY. The kids who don't make it into one of the big state art schools (SUNY New Paltz/SUNY Purchase are the big two for Writing/English/Lit) all wind up at Pratt. I think it has a pretty prestigious visual art/painting/whatever the fuck you call it program so people associate the whole school with being hard to get into but for writing they take anybody who sends them a portfolio and tuition

No. 599600

File: 1542318064046.jpg (226.01 KB, 720x1086, IMG_20181115_223938.jpg)

Can someone please explain what does she mean by this? Or did she mean to post a different pic (a meme maybe) and did not notice?

No. 599601

File: 1542318091224.jpg (169.43 KB, 720x1009, IMG_20181115_223917.jpg)

No. 599610


Lisa is more of a Soren Hayes' "Sam The Dead Deepweb Snuff Star" type of inspiration character. Luna is not into the 'ugly/scary' parts of mental illness. She doesn't want to be 'crazy' she wants to be the saddest most pitiful uwu waif. I wouldn't be surprised if the entire mental illness gambit is just her way of trying to avoid responsibility for her actions. She has a personality disorder for sure, but only picks out the glamorized romanticized sadgirl aesthetic parts of mental illness/disability. Her poor sick broken brain is as bullshit as her cotton eye joe knee

No. 599611

i sure hope thats a knock off gucci cap, considering how "homeless" she is

No. 599613

She's reached a new level of audacity and is comparing her suffering to Christ on the cross, like shes a martyr.

No. 599617

I think it's about the figure with the 'talk to the hand' annoyed appearance

No. 599619

If it isn't, then he stole it. Probably out of someone's car cause like Tuna, Lurch the walking corpse can't keep his hands off of things that don't belong to him. His Smeagol from Easter Island looking ass better take his three stringy hairs and find a damn job.

No. 599621

After so many years of drug abuse I am sure he has significant, permanent brain damage that precludes any possible of a job even the most basic and low functioning one. It's kind of sad but the best thing he could probably do for both of their situations is OD and die. He's too far gone to be helped and she won't ever change with him around.

No. 599631

I don't doubt that he's fried and unlikely to make any valuable contributions to the world but he's hardly a vegetable, anon. He's higher-functioning than a good amount of intellectually disabled people who have been successfully introduced to the work force.

No. 599694

I'm one of those people who think her art had potential before she started doing heroin and cranking out 50 shitty doodles a day for cash. Sometimes I wonder, if she ever gets sober in the future, if she'll look back on her art from the last year or two and be horrifically embarrassed.

Also, I wonder why she never paints anymore. She seemed to spend a lot more time on paintings, and they aren't nearly as bad as the copic drawings.

No. 599709

Isn't Lurch still facing sentencing for being caught running drugs? I don't think Tuna ever mentioned him going to court.

No. 599719

Yeah BUT, being intellectual disabled doesn't prevent one from learning basic time management (also known as "being on time") short term planning (can't stay up late today, gotta go to work tomorrow) or self control (can't leave work because I feel bored or I'll get fired). Lurch has none of this and frankly neither does Luna but MAYBE she can still learn.

No. 599723

No. 599730

Even if it's a lyric, this cracks me up so badly every time KEK

At least Lurch's clothes seem cleaner? I doubt Luna is a good wifey that washes her man's clothes.

No. 599835

lurch often seems cleaner than luna tbh. i've thought this for a while but i didn't want to come off like i'm wk'ing the ghoul. his clothes often look cleaner than hers and she's talked about him "yelling at her" about chores that "don't matter." Well, obviously he's still a lazy slob who pisses in juice cartons, but i wonder if in his rare moments of sobriety, he looks around and realizes how horrific the mess he lives in is, frantically cleans his stuff a little and tries to get luna to clean hers, to which she cries abuse and then he chickens out and shoots up again and goes back to being fine with the scumbed.
like i'm not saying he's really some kind of cleanfreak trapped with tuna, just that maybe he has the ability to occassionally want to fix his mess that luna doesn't have. also, she most likely has way more clothes than he does, but his clothes often don't look as dirty, so do they have a way of cleaning their clothes that lurch sometimes uses but luna refuses?

No. 599838


Screenshot? Search result URLs on court record sites will not load on another device because it doesn't have the cookies associated with the search (agreement with terms of use and CAPCHA).

No. 599882

File: 1542366337583.png (30.22 KB, 560x917, Untitled.png)

not the anon who posted it, but it's not hard to look up. Next appearance in Jan 2019. I don't see anything that indicates he hasnt done his 5 days community service but I don't look at these things very often.

No. 599905

I think there may be an option to pay off your community service in ny. It’s quite expensive and you have to pay for every hour. It’s a great way for lazy people to satisfy the courts. I’m not saying that is what he did, just that it may be an option.

No. 599907

I know this is nitpicking but it freaks me out that Lurch was technically born in the 70s and Luna in the mid 90s. Really puts into perspective the age gap, they can't have anything in common other than heroin.

No. 599937

there's probably a shred of him that feels like he's wasting his life away with a self-proclaimed princess in her 20's. It could also just be rage that he has to share his drugs and high for companionship and semi-security with Luna and her $$daddy$$.

No. 599943

I wrote a long analogy on Lurch's capacity to work and then found out i was banned for posting that kill the poor pic, kek. I get it though, i thought i had lurked, but evidently i had not lurked enough. You old farmers know how to school newfag fledglings like me. In regards to Lurch's clothes, it does indeed look cleaner, but i think there's a possibility Luna's clothing shows dirt more being predominantly trash-pastel pink, white, black etc. All of which show dirt like a motherfucker. Do you think Lurch does any laundry? serious question.

No. 599965

It's a big age gap, but come on anon, people of different ages can't enjoy the same things? What the fuck are you on?

I get the sense he's used to the life and actually does shit, not just hustling and whatever but also the occasional bit of cleaning and whatever. It's weird what seasoned junkies get hung up on but wouldn't surprise me at all. So he loses his shit because he's actually doing stuff and she's just sadposting on tumblr and rearranging her tarot cards all day. She's not keeping up her end of the deal so to speak. I feel like he'd be a lot worse to her if it wasn't for evil dad making contributions although even then that mostly just goes to her.

No. 599973

If i remember rightly, Luna typed in one of her blogs, the junkfuck one i think, about how Lurch kicked off over spilt water due to the potential of mold growing as a result, so him doing the odd bit of tidying up actually does sound somewhat plausible.

No. 599985


Yet he pees in juice cartons in their bedroom instead of in the toilet.

No. 599994


My boyfriend does that, and i hate it. I have never drank it like Luna, but i have certainly thrown it out. He'll grow out of it, he's young and been told off, Lurch however probably won't.
Shameless blogpost.

No. 600001

>he'll grow out of it
This isn't a normal thing for guys to do no matter what their age anon and it's disgusting and grimy. If he's not 5 years old or younger, he shouldn't be peeing anywhere when there's a bathroom nearby, otherwise he's a lazy fuck. Change that shit now or he won't ever change.

No. 600026

File: 1542393181471.png (165.46 KB, 720x757, Capture _2018-11-16-12-32-41.p…)

>community service rescheduled

No. 600031

i'm not from the US, but is there any penalty for rescheduling that often? can you do it indefinitely to keep fucking the system?

No. 600067

Dude… this is not normal and well adjusted grown men do not do this. Let that man go anon

No. 600070

Come on anon's, it's his only revolting habit, people can change.
I can't say anything OT or blogposty after this,i keep getting banned. Sorry for those comments farmers.
Back OT, Lurch should have had some sort of consequence for those rescheduled community service incidents surely? i am sure he would here in the UK. He is clearly known to some degree to the police in NYC so only so long before a milky run-in occurs.

No. 600176

Sorry for being late, I think it's related to the picture of Lurch holding the cat. He's like her personal Jesus and the stressball is her cat since both are black. Lmao

No. 600220

There's no way he would have spent money for that, lol. Plus he as all the time in the world to half-ass cleaning up a park or whatever the hell he'd be doing.
There's a post a few threads back, shortly after he his first (or second?) postponement during the trial, from someone who was in the system. I can't find it or remember the fine details, but apparently it's easy to have court appearances postponed a bunch of times in NYC for drug offenses like this. The posts after Lurch's court records were initially found were actually pretty informative and explained why he probably isn't going to end up in jail for this sort of thing.

No. 600383

Saging again but I wasn't planning on sharing the blog to bash on that writer or allude she was as bad as Luna, but simply I stumbled upon it and it explained a bunch of stuff I had no idea about the opiod crisis in america, and addicts behaviours, rigs, etc…
The author herself doesn't do a ton of "bad" thing but explain how her "friends" steal stuff to return to stores or rob places, pretty sure that Luna and Lurch aren't above that at all.

Also it wasn't the point either the story was real or made up, or if the author recovered with scientology, again I just thought it was an interesting read to know more about that type of hard addiction and circles, and how it might explain some of Luna track marks or addict behaviours.

No. 600389

There's always something that rubs me the wrong way when people mention she's waiting on her dad to die to inherit his house, first of all, the man doesn't seem to be in awful shape, his house is clean and maintained.

Doesn't she realize she could be well into her 40-50s before he dies ??
And second of all, he's not obligated at all to put her into his will. Even if he did, there's no way she could pay any tax on it and she would just end up losing the whole thing. It's pretty obvious she has never looked into how to be a functioning adult member of society and is lazy as hell.

> Didn't even bother looking up FAFSA

> Thinks sending a boohoo letter about her bf's father passing away will let her off the rent for a few months, like the real world works this way

Honestly at this point Luna has barely reached a soft rock bottom. The reason why she doesn't have any incentive to start working, or even signing up for free online classes, is because she sees her parents as a safety net and homelessness just means having to crash at other people's houses for her. Maybe once she's sleeping on the cold hard floor in the middle of winter she'll snap back but again, who knows.

No. 600394

If you look at the earlier threads, there are screen caps that explain:
1. Luna’s dad was a housemate of an artist and got into the apartment building for artists not because he is one, but because he knew some people. He is probably still there on rent control. There is 0 evidence that Tuna gets to inherit his building when he passes.

Tuna grew up middle class/Upper middle class because her grandmother who took care of her died when she was young and left Luna with the inheritance because her Mother was still not clean at this point. I don’t think her dad supported her either and lived his own life, that’s one of the reasons why she is so mad at him.

Luna considers her “real dad” some homeless person her mom was involved her when she was younger, probably before 10.

God damn it’s emberassing how much Luna lore I know jfc.

No. 600395

The only reason why anons think that Tuna will inherit her dad’s place is because she’s a dumbass druggie who’s in her 20’s but still thinks like a 12 year old. Her dad pays 1800 rent for his 1 bedroom or so, so it’s probaly rent controlled (another Luna screencap from the earlier thread confirms this) . Maybe she thinks she can move in there and somehow afford his 1800 rent if her dad dies, but her dad is actually clean except for the Xanax he buys from Luna, who has clearly not sold her or Lurch’s script in a while given all the recent Instagram uwu Xanax in a angel box aesthetic posts.

No. 600435

she probably only smokes them when lurch is with her 99% of the time
like, as an attempt for them to have something in common

No. 600495

Sorry for being late to comment on this Tuna Harassment. Just read this entire thing on KWF, courtesy of John Webster. She could have at least said happy birthday to this poor bastard!

No. 600502

I don't think she's weeb enough (or really at all) to know what a bento is, so it just looks like a cute storage container.

>above freezing temp

oh fuck off

To me this sounds like Lurch didn't know it was being sold as something else, and Luna is the liar. But I dunno.

No. 600508

Wait, didn't someone above determine she was probably taking 300? So that'd put her at 900, and Googling says if she basically adds one more pill she's probably gonna OD. She's such a dumb bitch, but working on catching up here, I'm not even sure I care anymore. I increased/actually took my (newish) rec dose because my body reacted poorly to stopping klonopin and I was miserable as fuck.

Even though I only take prescriptions I'm given, she's made me hate the fact I have to take them at all even more.

This + kiwi + whatever dead accounts she leaves behind are the closest she'll get to a fucking memorial. wew what a legacy.

No. 600518

How she is over her Dad's apartment freaks me the fuck out too, like she is so brazen about telling her followers it will be hers when he dies. All your points are valid, she'd lose it in a flash IF she inherited it. She seems to have a lot of sociopathic tendencies. I don't think i am even tinfoiling on this.

No. 600559

File: 1542465354734.png (462.74 KB, 817x596, 4.png)

No. 600560

I don’t really get it. I’ve never heard of someone inheriting a rented apartment? It doesn’t really work like that. The owners of the building would just rent it out to someone else who has proof of income and a rental history, her father wouldn’t even have the right to “leave it to her” unless it’s a condo that he owns

No. 600561

File: 1542465576949.png (600.15 KB, 820x598, 6.png)

No. 600564

File: 1542466058425.png (750.86 KB, 818x597, 12.png)

Is the merging of her xanax dependency exhibitionism with her obsession with Catholic iconography and Tarot her attempt at being deep or simply ~aesthetic~?

No. 600565

File: 1542466101237.gif (1.08 MB, 500x500, 3b9aa9ad41e490a42342f4f9c638dc…)

No. 600566

File: 1542466146640.gif (1.18 MB, 500x500, c60651e69e54413dac49cdf47d72e0…)

No. 600569

I don't want to cowtip, but maybe if one of her donate pigs could give me an early x mas present and have luna degrade herself for 5 bucks, thatdbegreat.gif As in have her say Matthew looks like a Walmart Easter Island statue or have her say I scam people for money uwu.(no, this is cowtipping)

No. 600570

File: 1542466437230.gif (1.48 MB, 500x500, 1c15595bc12b6726b782bf84464669…)

Is this old in Roger's kitchen or new in her dad's?

No. 600571

File: 1542466483994.gif (1.79 MB, 289x289, 89f10aa362d3e0304b425b2782c8c1…)

No. 600572

Looks like a repost from when she lived with Roger.

No. 600579

Is that amanda bynes?

No. 600582

>Luna has barely reached a soft rock bottom

This is exactly it. Even when she lived with Roger and Lurch she still lived like a rich girl playing at being poor. She didn't care about how messy/disgusting it was because we've seen pictures of her teenaged room and it was always messy. She had food to eat and drugs to take so she didn't care.

The only time she genuinely freaked out was when things got tough for her like when they were getting evicted and she had no place to go until her mom stepped up. She didn't even care when Roger was dying because she kept on begging for money to use on drugs and stuff for herself.

Even staying with her mom isn't doing anything for Luna and being ungrateful because she thinks her mom not enabling her is the worst thing in the world and how miserable she is that she's not treated like a princess.

Luna won't snap out of it until she's properly homeless for a while.

No. 600605

>The only time she genuinely freaked out was when things got tough for her like when they were getting evicted and she had no place to go until her mom stepped up. She didn't even care when Roger was dying because she kept on begging for money to use on drugs and stuff for herself.
I agree with your point but I don't even remember her freaking out that much over being evicted? She just posted pictures of all her possessions in trashbags, and put up an edgy "everything i own is trash" caption on it.

The only time I can remember her genuinely freaking out is when Lurch was arrested for dealing. She tattoo'd herself and was spazzing out because her heroin source was in jail.

No. 600608

Titties hanging by her bellybutton

No. 600683

fuck lol imagine looking out ya window and seeing that thing shuffle down the street

No. 600720


I think she's always been a smoker though.

No. 600725


It's even more hilarious because doesn't she claim she's a Jew?

No. 600739

Your boyfriend is disgusting and you should dump him.

It's not a habit, it's him being a gross reprobate. Chewing your nails is a habit.

No. 600746

Genuinely curious: given everything we have seen / know of Luna, what makes you think she will ever 'snap out of it'?

No. 600753

She acts like a spoiled brat because she's treated like a spoiled brat. Her mom was supposed to kick her out but didn't. Her dad was supposed to cut her off financially but he didn't. Her followers give her money even though she's a known scammer.

If she was booted to the curb and her wifi/phone bills stop being paid she'd snap out of her entitled lifestyle pretty damn quick when she finally had to be fully self-reliant with no way to beg money or guilt her parents.

No. 600760

NAYRT, but my theory is that people who think luna's still got a chance to turn her life around are themselves about as useless as her (maybe not addicted to hard drugs like she is, but are still lazy NEETs), are the same age and are projecting

No. 600773

I mean she is 22. Plenty of basket case slobs finally finish developing their prefrontal cortex around 25 and then suddenly realize how retarded their lifestyles are and scrounge some kind of a basic life together. That's Luna's absolute last chance as far as I'm concerned.
But then again maybe not because she's so much more astonishingly lazy than people in her same age group and situation. Like fucking Lilith Levisis is also rich and spoiled, also always on and off heroin, also a lazy NEET , yet manages to do more tangible things than Tuna. Tuna constantly breaks incompetence records set by the site's laziest cows. It's really something.

No. 600814

Lmao you kidding right? I would consider Luna the more productive of the two far, at least she makes scribbles and terrible lazy attempts at writing. Fuck I think she even puts more effort into her apperence then Clare. Both of them are useless leechs but Clare literally doesn't do anything anymore besides exist. Unless you consider leaving the house and socializing to be some kind of achievement, then yeah Clare is more productive.

No. 600841

Untrue, I worked hard my whole life and I'm barely older than Luna. I studied alongside people older than me who managed to go back to school after dropping out of Highschool.

You can legit take Google classes online, get official certificates and participate in free Meetups, especially in big cities, and make your way into a decent entry-level job. You can learn to code with just an internet connexion granted you're motivated enough.

All it requires is being motivated and doing it for yourself and not your parents/spouse. It would however require that she'd be sober, but again, it could happen if she finally snaps out of her heroin chic dream and realize she could have a very cozy life if she gave herself a chance. The only thing holding her back is herself.

No one can predict if she's gonna have a come to Jesus moment, but it certainly won't happen if her parents keep enabling her. They should definitely go to those anon meetings for relatives of addict, where they teach you how to not enable them.

No. 600842

Untrue, I worked hard my whole life and I'm barely older than Luna. I studied alongside people older than me who managed to go back to school after dropping out of Highschool.

You can legit take Google classes online, get official certificates and participate in free Meetups, especially in big cities, and make your way into a decent entry-level job. You can learn to code with just an internet connexion granted you're motivated enough.

All it requires is being motivated and doing it for yourself and not your parents/spouse. It would however require that she'd be sober, but again, it could happen if she finally snaps out of her heroin chic dream and realize she could have a very cozy life if she gave herself a chance. The only thing holding her back is herself.

No one can predict if she's gonna have a come to Jesus moment, but it certainly won't happen if her parents keep enabling her. They should definitely go to those anon meetings for relatives of addict, where they teach you how to not enable them.

No. 600843

Untrue, I worked hard my whole life and I'm barely older than Luna. I studied alongside people older than me who managed to go back to school after dropping out of Highschool.

You can legit take Google classes online, get official certificates and participate in free Meetups, especially in big cities, and make your way into a decent entry-level job. You can learn to code with just an internet connexion granted you're motivated enough.

All it requires is being motivated and doing it for yourself and not your parents/spouse. It would however require that she'd be sober, but again, it could happen if she finally snaps out of her heroin chic dream and realize she could have a very cozy life if she gave herself a chance. The only thing holding her back is herself.

No one can predict if she's gonna have a come to Jesus moment, but it certainly won't happen if her parents keep enabling her. They should definitely go to those anon meetings for relatives of addict, where they teach you how to not enable them.

No. 600844

Untrue, I worked hard my whole life and I'm barely older than Luna. I studied alongside people older than me who managed to go back to school after dropping out of Highschool.

You can legit take Google classes online, get official certificates and participate in free Meetups, especially in big cities, and make your way into a decent entry-level job. You can learn to code with just an internet connexion granted you're motivated enough.

All it requires is being motivated and doing it for yourself and not your parents/spouse. It would however require that she'd be sober, but again, it could happen if she finally snaps out of her heroin chic dream and realize she could have a very cozy life if she gave herself a chance. The only thing holding her back is herself.

No one can predict if she's gonna have a come to Jesus moment, but it certainly won't happen if her parents keep enabling her. They should definitely go to those anon meetings for relatives of addict, where they teach you how to not enable them.

No. 600849

I’m trying to remember where this bit came from. I think I recall her making a tumblr or Instagram post when she was at her dad’s house a few years ago something to the effect of how when her dad dies she’d get his apartment?

I don’t think anyone here believes that she would actually get the apartment after her father passes, and I think we all acknowledge that her father will probably be alive for quite some time. It’s just one of Luna’s weird desperate junkie line of thinking, where she truly believes she will get anything she wants from other people if she asks.

I would disagree. Mostly because NEETs and addicts want to give themselves any excuse they can to continue their shit ways of life, and don’t actually believe that people can get better. The only ones who believe that people can get better are the ones who try, and usually they aren’t NEETs or addicts anymore.

But I’m just going off anecdotal evidence based on people I know.

No. 600854

Nice blog.

But most people won't motivate themselves to do that, especially not a spoilt junkie like Luna.

No. 600855

She was excited and said that she can't wait for her dad to die so she can get his apartment.

No. 600857

Anon, you're not getting it. It doesn't matter how the world actually works. The fact is, Luna would def see what's his will be hers.

And why shouldn't she? It was that way with grandma. And gosh, he "owes" it to her for abandonment.

No. 600859

yeah i agree. people who comparatively have their shit together see that her problems are quite fixable if she would apply the energy she uses for selfies to anything fucking else. It's the NEETs who want to believe that if you get depressed and addicted once there's no going back because they want an excuse. Just like Tuna. People have been deeper into addictions, more symptomatic of mental illness, and had far more misfortune than tuna and put themselves back together again, so a lot of farmers figure she can too. it just seems that her awful mentality prevents her from caring enough to bother.

No. 600862

File: 1542523198956.jpeg (747.66 KB, 1242x1265, 2FD8D894-5C3E-43E2-B06E-0CCA22…)

Not quite…lol I did some major creeping because I specifically remembered her saying she would get his apartment.

No. 600865

This isn't the only time she's brought it up, anon. I remember a lot of people being disgusted that she would say something like that about her dad for an apartment.

No. 600867


Only if he owns or if the situation satisfies the conditions below.


Lease Succession Rights

Family members living in an apartment not covered by rent control or rent stabilization generally have no right to succeed a tenant who dies or permanently vacates the premises. The rights of a family member living in a rent controlled or rent stabilized apartment to succeed a tenant of record who dies or permanently vacates are covered by DHCR regulations.

Under these regulations, a “family member” is defined as husband, wife, son, daughter, stepson, stepdaughter, father, mother, stepfather, stepmother, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, grandson, granddaughter, father-in-law, mother-in-law, son-in-law or
daughter-in-law of the tenant; or any other person residing with the tenant in the apartment as primary resident who can prove emotional and financial commitment and interdependence with the tenant.

Minimum Residency — A family member would succeed to the rights of the tenant of record upon the tenant’s permanent departure or death, provided the family member lived with such a primary resident either (1) not less than two years (one year in the case of senior citizens and disabled persons), or (2) from the commencement of the tenancy or the relationship, if the tenancy or relationship was less than two years — or one year, in the case of senior citizens and disabled tenants.

No. 600871


Her chronic benzo abuse, especially combined with downers and hypnotics, won't allow her to react with anxiety or fear in order to snap out of it. That's what benzos do.

No. 600875

>who can prove emotional and financial commitment
Well, she lacks both. Lurch would probably kick the bucket before her dad, she's just fantasizing.

No. 600909

File: 1542537131518.png (440.38 KB, 691x452, 70.PNG)


No. 600911

So she needs to live with him for over 2 years before she'd have the rights to the tenancy? I don't think Luna's dad has EVER been her primary resident. tbh this shit sounds like "I heard someone mention rent control once but I'm too sheltered to understand what it is so I'm just assuming New York will give me my dad's apartment" from Luna.

I mean why wasn't Roger's tenancy transferred over to Lurch if this is the case? I went looking at the time of the eviction and couldn't find ANYTHING in the NY court system, as far as I could tell it didn't go thru the courts. The tenancy was 100% in Roger's name because there are letters from their landlord addressed only to him, I've been wondering what the fuck actually happened there.

Because it's illegal as hell for a landlord to change the locks with your possessions still inside in New York, maybe they were squatting in those 2 months after Roger's death, or something like that?

No. 600912

oh fuck I'm retarded… doubleposting but I answered my own question seconds after posting this lol.

Roger's apt wasn't rent controlled so that's why none of this applies.

No. 600952

That's ignoring a few things, like her obvious personality defects, her contentment to steal shit, etc. I just don't see it happening because she honestly believes this is how the world works and even when she gets dumped on her ass (Roger dying) she's just like eh, whatever. >>600871 provides a good reason why.

The second half of this is more what I am getting at. I don't think any of us have a comparison to measure against, that's why she is here. She's fucking exceptional.

fuck off, blog-chan. your projection is distorting your view of reality. how the fuck do you even put 'worked hard' and 'Luna' in the same fucking sperg?

I think that is giving her far more credit and optimism than she deserves, and leads me to wonder why people want to see a better future for her considering everything she has done.

Unless he owns it (which I doubt), she's fucked anyway since it involves rent and she has no idea what that is.

No. 601020

File: 1542559911784.jpeg (184.17 KB, 750x1201, B36E3B45-CCA0-48AC-84A6-B3E4E7…)

I thought she had a broken, infected hand, not pinky?

No. 601021

File: 1542559966900.jpeg (424.8 KB, 750x1254, E7372EC8-EE85-4569-A945-36C149…)

Back at it again thinking she has bipolar 1

No. 601036

yeah cus when you're manic you always have the self awareness to know that you're manic

No. 601040

Exactly. Pretty noble step for someone who uses excuses like currency.

No. 601078

Total nitpick but every playlist she ever posts has the same five artists on it.. for someone who’s entire identify in high school was music, it’s hilarious seeing her playlists now just be half AIC, Lil Peep, hole, nirvana, repeat for 100 some songs.

No. 601132

Breaking a finger and having it get infected on top of it really highlights how disgustingly unhygienic and unhealthy she is. A broken finger is annoying but it’s not a big deal. How the fuck did it get infected? Is she diabetic? If the bone pierced the skin she should have sought treatment long before it had the chance to get infected, far out. Either she’s lying/exaggerating for the sake of uwu sad hurt bby gib sympathy and shekelz or she is even more physically fucked than we think she is.

No. 601133

She always claimed she didn’t like Peep’s music so she’s probably including him because people were giving her shit for wearing his merch when she isn’t a fan. She just likes the fact that he was a depressed drug user who is dead (just like Kurt and Layne). It’s part of her gross glamourisation and romanticisation of drugs and mental illness.

No. 601147

File: 1542577305562.png (113.97 KB, 1080x866, 1511113705339.png)

She didn't even like Lil Peep as a person either. Pathetic.

No. 601153

Fuck this bitch, she’s such a hateful cunt. No wonder she’s so miserable. I wish her parents would rip that safety net from under her, she doesn’t deserve any help or sympathy.

No. 601183

Jesus anon, Luna is trash but this is such a weird reason to hate on her. Lil peep was an abusive shithead at worst and a shitty excuse of a rapper at best (never forget the who gon fuck me? song). She was right the first time, too bad she changed her mind kek

No. 601215


I mean uhhh not enjoying someone's music doesn't make Luna interesting or a trainwreck, it's just a weird thing she's doing. He didn't make good music and I think most of the people acting like his death deeply impacted them are doing it for attention themselves, like Luna did

No. 601243

Right, it’s all about aesthetic of Peep imo combined with his drug use. I’m pretty sure she didn’t say anything about Mac Miller’s death or Demi Lovato’s OD, because she doesn’t care about people who actually struggle with addiction unless they are pastel/grunge lmao

No. 601247


she's lying lol, she shoots up into her hands remember? it's obvious what really happened

No. 601287

I think she wants to be them you know like she probs listens to their shit and imagines she's them…so talent and tragic~

No. 601454

Thank god and everything good on this earth that she’s too lazy to try to start a soundcloud career. Haha

No. 601460


No. 601481

>pretending to be into a musician that you don’t even legitimately like as a person for the sake of le aesthetic
jesus, luna becomes more and more pathetic with every new thing we learn about her. even her flimsy sense of personal standards gets thrown out the window when it comes time to show off her ~grunge lifestyle~. makes me wonder if most of her social media personality is built upon shit that she doesn’t actually like, just to get more “uwu soft heroin angel” clout

No. 601531

Luna listens to anyone who died of an OD.

No. 601636

i hope i’m not being annoying (just lurkin af so dont mind me) but this is the anon who knew luna back in middle school CRINGE this playlist reminds me of what i used to listen to back when we knew each other. like seventh/eigth grade i had those exact songs (seeing that smashing pumpkins and the Frances Farmer gave me war flashbacks) on my “edgy writing playlists”, i’m pretty sure she evene introduced me to some of those bands lol. whack but not surprising that her music taste hasnt changed since middle school, those bands aren’t inherently bad but they’re alllll about heroin and edge and crap.

No. 603125

is tuna dead?

No. 603163

Nah she lives in the same vein as ashley isaac. Youd think theyd be dead but surely theyre plodding along (miserably)

No. 603215

you’d think she’d at least hop on social media during thanksgiving to give an angsty spiel about how “all my relatives are ebil aboosers uwu”, but surprisingly not a peep

No. 603218

Nah, she was reblogging stuff on her Tumblr yesterday.

No. 603270

File: 1543006361814.jpeg (62.7 KB, 750x404, D1234DA4-F27D-4D6A-BD15-C37E06…)

She was active on ig as of 3 hours ago so she’s presumably still begging

No. 603581


I was expecting her to post a bunch of black friday shit ("This is only $75 if someone wants to buy it for me cause I'm poor and I deserve nice things and also I lost 98.662% of my belongings uwu be kind to drug users") but she just posted a bunch of shit on Tumblr

No. 603714

File: 1543104439306.jpeg (393.2 KB, 640x1093, C7DEE34F-B813-459C-B6EC-8871AB…)

>my mental health has been really bad
has there ever been a time in which luna’s mental state has been self-described as anything other than varying degrees of “bad” though

No. 603720

>>601147 yet she wears a lil peep sweatshirt lmao

No. 603792

She messaged me less than a week ago asking to buy her art so definitely still begging

No. 603809

File: 1543121892816.png (6.45 KB, 755x137, BXX7v7X.png)

That's one of her biggest regrets?

No. 603860

Lil Peep was abusive? Source?

No. 603879


Her regret is that she basically scammed the fuck out of people that found her "interesting" for whatever reason that was, and now she has to go around the internet to keep on scamming.

No. 603883

so popular it got one like in one hour, damn luna save some likes for the rest of us

No. 603890

Her crusty lips trigger me something chronic. Of all the shit she steals/is “gifted” you’d think she could get herself some lip balm. And that ‘stache, holy shit woman, do something about that nasty shit.

No. 603993

i have a hunch that she was either in a residential treatment facility or rehab or some shit and that’s why she wasn’t posting, OR she had to go spend time with her family on thanksgiving, get cleaned up, and posting pictures of a big ass meal with her rich daddy just isn’t grunge enough.

No. 604045

source: the toopoor thread

No. 604066


LMAO, Luna was definitely not in rehab or a treatment center.

No. 604135

he wasn’t abusive lmfaoo smh

No. 604161

does anyone know why she and talia broke up? i feel like that was the one recorded time in her life when she seemed to have her shit together

No. 604171

Because she's a fucking loser. She's a parasite and needed a bigger junkie host.

No. 604190

I think she would’ve documented both of those things. Even if something isn’t grunge enough she will find a way to spin it so she comes across as a helpless victim

No. 604230

yeah lmao “abusive huge feast with my abusive family i cant believe they would trigger me with this food now im crying in the bathroom pls send money for medicine i mean heroin i mean medicine”

No. 604606

Because she's straight. She always mentions how tai helped her "explore her sexuality" which is so rude??? As an IRL fag, I hate that shit.

No. 604694

thanks for clarifying. I realize you're right. Ive noticed Luna only says she's bi on special occasions when she's looking to be oppressed. she's a piece of shit, it makes sense that she'd use someone "to explore her sexuality"

No. 604733

I like how that's insulting to tai no matter what your views are.
If you accept that they're both women, luna's admitting she was using Tai for queer points.
If you consider Tai a man because of the way she identified, luna's invalidating that by considering it something other than another straight relationship.

There's no way you could slice it and have Luna choosing her partners based on respecting and liking them as individuals and not as resources for her, but what else is new

No. 605583

Its weird that she could die and we'd never know cuz she has no friends who would post about it and lurch would like update her insta and I doubt her parents would have an obituary posted

No. 605783


You're not wrong lol.

No. 605836

it’s weird how even at a sideways glance, her relationship with tai that she used to “explore her sexuality” still had a lot more chemistry than her current relationship in which she fully expects her sugar daddy to put a ring on it at some point.
i wonder if that’s part of why she keeps posting memories of it, other than the obvious fishing for asspats

No. 605890

It's so gross how all of her relationships seem to be based on using people. Lurch: Heroin and ~aesthetic points~. Her mom: a place to stay. Her dad: $$$ and stolen drugs. Roger: a house and possibly Social Security. Pat, that "rlyblonde" chick or whatever her name was, Tai… She just takes and takes.
Imaginary sage for slight blog but as someone who was used to "help a straight girl explore her sexuality": straight girls, please quit that shit. We lesbos have hearts too lol.

No. 605947

I definitely think her parents would have a service and an obituary. they don't seem like derelicts who would basically publicly ignore their daughter's death like Luna and Lurch did to Roger.

No. 606092

yeah i can't read her mind but she strikes me as one of those people who experiences no sense of attraction, warmth, admiration, love, TOWARDS another person. Instead, her sense of love is solely about receiving those things, never giving it. So if someone gives her those things she feels temporarily satisfied enough to declare that she loves them back so she can get more. It's basically like having a relationship with herself, but she needs someone else to act as catalyst. I'd wager that having an unrequited crush is a foreign concept to her because someone who can't or won't provide her with anything isn't even on her radar. Lurch, who she considers her great love, was someone who she had an "I guess I'll take it" attitude towards in the beginning because he was the only one around to show interest in her and let her act out her romance with herself. Then when he gave her enough of what she wants, she rewarded him with performed adoration and loyalty despite her previous suspicion and detachment.

No. 606116

She would absolutely have an obituary posted, it’s not like she has no family - she lives with her mom

No. 606126

This is possibly the most accurate take I have ever read on these threads, fam. It sums her up perfectly. I honestly cannot think of a better summary for Luna’s existence than “relationship with herself”.

No. 606160

Are you sure you're a lesbian? You might just be sexually dormant.

No. 606163

lol thanks. it's easy for her to be monogamous because as long as she gets her supply she has no reason to look at anyone else. so she can experience what externally resembles a very dedicated, fairytale romance when below the surface the poor easter island head has little to do with it in his own right. Even the way she acts about layne staley, he's a mashup of how she views herself and how she views lurch so she dutifully idolizes him as a ritual of self courting. She doesn't remind me of a typical lustful fangirl crushing out on a celeb because they like the celeb.
I'll stop there because I don't want to creep into armchair territory, but that's my theory and I'd love to see her prove me wrong.

No. 606461

I don't wanna get too much into blogposting, but my ex was exactly like Luna in this regard, and I can assure you that your perceptions about the underlying cause of this behavior of hers is 100% correct. It's all about her.

No. 606688

i dunno dude, theyd probably have a private service but when someone dies of an OD their family often chooses not to make a Public obituary because you know…it raises questions and stuff. i’m sure we would find out somehow tho

No. 606722

They don’t have to disclose that she’s dead from an OD, usually they can just leave it at saying “tragically” or add something about donating to mental health. I’ve lost loved ones to overdoses and when their family wants to keep the overdose part private, they’ll just keep it out of the obituary. but I dont know anyone who died and still has parents that didn’t have an obit written

No. 606736

Sometimes when a young person dies of OD, the parents do share cause of death in the obit as a sort of warning to other families in the midst of the opioid crisis. I’ve seen it a few times now. Depends on what kinds of people her parents are, I guess.

Also with young suicides, though we know Tuna would never do that.

No. 606948

Maybe the housing people found out she and Lurch were staying with their mum without them knowing and kicked them out for real. Would explain the lack of e-begging, shitty pics of her crusty face and such. I doubt she OD'd or died but then again who knows.

No. 606953

It is strange that she's gone 5 days without posting. Then again we did just have Thanksgiving so maybe she got drugs to binge on.

No. 606998

Last post was on tumblr and was from 3 days ago

No. 607641

i’m close with a few of luna’s ex friends and with bryce on social media, if anyone posts anything i’ll lygk

No. 607677

Well actually are Luna and Bryce still friends? That’s been so long since tuna mentioned her

No. 607875

Here's to hoping the landlord came knocking just in time for the holidays.

No. 607937

File: 1543631988528.png (696.99 KB, 859x595, 2.1.png)

No. 607938

File: 1543632015945.png (696.87 KB, 862x595, 2.2.png)

No. 607941

I got excited until I saw 5 days ago.

No. 607983

File: 1543639145758.png (172.7 KB, 750x1334, 1A5C3386-6C9B-4E12-ABA8-EAD3A2…)

She’s still alive

No. 607989

Fuck she’s awful. How can anyone have sympathy for her? As for the drugs, bitch please, you flaunt that shit all over social media. You’re so fucking high you believe your own lies.

No. 607994

>2-3 Xanax a month

Until you post on insta about taking that in a single day and you posted a syringe pic this month.

No. 607995

>2-3 Xanax a month

Until you post on insta about taking that in a single day and you posted a syringe pic this month.

No. 607997

>>607983 lol she posted a picture of a syringe less then a month ago

Here: >>596627

No. 607999

Tbh this is just gonna make her post less or at least monitor what she posts much more. At least it might help her understand what the general public thinks of her

No. 608000

File: 1543641378310.jpg (71.26 KB, 500x666, tumblr_pj1l6nNjlT1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 608002

File: 1543641486156.png (69.43 KB, 1761x385, LOBnNEy.png)

No. 608009

File: 1543643512277.jpg (98.57 KB, 500x692, tumblr_pj1j936psp1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 608027

Shut up, Tuna. Everyone has bad days but instead of attempting to fix them, you just do what you always do which is absolutely nothing but beg.

She's too high to remember any of that shit.

And she posted a ton of xanax photos and whined about needing to take them in November alone.

Her eye is bungee jumping to her saggy titty.

No. 608041

god i always double-take when a new pic is posted cause they're all the exact fucking same. either this pose, or her hand with fugly, poorly done, purple nails holding something stolen/dirty.

No. 608044

>they're all the exact fucking same

Just like her art.

No. 608067

File: 1543656194314.gif (1.16 MB, 480x358, giphy-1.gif)

Dear Tuna & Lurch,

well thats as far help im going to go for her lmao

No. 608068

havent checked up on the thread in like 4 months. nothing has changed. sucks to be tuna. welp back to my life!(cool story bro)

No. 608069

lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a dolls eyes.

No. 608118

surprised she didnt beg for birthday gifts from followers

No. 608124

>lost my food stamp card
This bitch has been using this excuse since 2015 for fucks sake, learn a new con!

No. 608125

>I get paranoid

I dunno Luna, maybe it's all the drugs and your unease that FB will happen all over again where people will expose your scamming?

No. 608225


nah they aren't really friends anymore,

anon who's friend bought fent from luna here, and I've been friends with bryce since way before she made the transition to female and we still talk

No. 608373

if she was really recovering then she’d understand that people are worried about enabling (and wouldnt ask for straight up
$$$ in the first place). Also she says that as if she can’t be on methadone and using……

No. 608385

File: 1543719220785.jpg (107.31 KB, 500x666, tumblr_pj38pz7jUU1w1d39p_500.j…)

"i don't have a steady living situation"
looks pretty steady to me

No. 608414

i want to puke looking at this photo the hello kitty has a grime streak smile and the bunny’s eyes are so dirty they look like two huge pools of shit, everything is drenched in filth and you can see it surrounding the plushies like an aura of dirt soaking into the bedsheets even their shadows are dirty

No. 608427

>I don't have a stable home to call my own, I'm homeless!

Bitch you decorated your bedside table for Christmas. If anyone is homeless it's your mother because you stole her bed.

No. 608500

Like, it’s not even like her mom kicks her out frequently or anything, she’s literally been staying with her consistently since she first moved in. What a literal piece of shit, how does she think she can actually get away with guilting people over her “homelessness”?? If she’s gonna lie about that to get money, why isn’t she complaining about getting “kicked out” a few times a week or something, so that people actually believe her and pity her?

No. 608667

Has Luna ever mentioned lolcow and if so how long ago was it, like did she ever find her thread and freak out about it? Because, I honestly don't think she regularly checks it or realizes it's still active. I think she would be freaking out about it constantly if she did check up on it.

Also, are there any videos of her anywhere? The fact that she constantly spams photos on ig (when she is active), but never posts stories or attempts going live, is so strange to me. Adds to the lifeless corpse vibe. I've never heard her voice

No. 608675


She posted a video of herself and Lurch looking at a kitten in a shop window in which she spoke. This was in August or September, I think.

No. 608682

I don’t remember her mentioning lolcow by its name but a lot of people cowtipped so yeah she knows about it. But she wrote once that when she realize that something is mean towards her she completely stop reading whatever it is. And I believe it 100% lmao. I’m sure she could avoid a lot of stupid mistakes if she read this thread (or the kiwi farm one), and regain her somewhat tumblr celebrity she had before

No. 608738

she posted a pic of a syringe less than a month ago why is she even trying to act innocent

No. 608751

May 28, 2017 she posts a video where you can hear her voice. I have it bookmarked because it was the first time I heard her speak and wanted to go back to it lol

No. 608839

File: 1543818474813.png (1 MB, 720x1031, Capture _2018-12-03-00-24-05.p…)

Hmm….. Sounds like maybe she heard your dopesick suicide threat manipulation one too many times.

And tuna truthfully what kind of future do you have?? You don't want to get clean, find a job, have any sort of independence… You wanna leech off your parents and be an uwu aesthetic herowin bby with your old man swamp creature.

No. 608847

File: 1543822983671.jpg (867.75 KB, 1080x1772, Screenshot_20181203-181032_Ins…)

Wowo mysterious and brave

No. 608848

maybe she'll firmly underline some more things in her book

No. 608850

this picture looks like its from a horror film or something

like she is only a torso and hair (head on backwards maybe)

No. 608865

don't forget the literally flattened breasts

No. 608882

So terrible she's still sleeping in her mum's bed, in her mums room, rent free…

No. 608896

just a lurker to this thread, but why do her boobs look like she's the mother of 6 kids? she's only 22

No. 608905

Been covered before, it is a mix of rapid weight loss and unfortunate genetics

No. 608906


The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Luna hates on her mom for laying on the couch doing nothing and getting high, yet… That's literally all Lazy Luna does.

It's been a year of rent free living, no obligations on her time, yet she has done literally ZERO omg it triggers me so hard. So many people would kill to have the easy living situation she does. But she squanders it and wastes every day loafing around on the internet.

How is it possible to be so lazy?

No. 608907

Depression/BPD cause lack of motivation, and if nobody or nothing is giving her the kick in the pants to get out of that slump, it is easy to just fall deeper and deeper into the hole of doing nothing, until doing ANYHTING is exhausting. Her enablers are making the situation 100X worse

No. 608908

Imagine coming home after work and all you hear is your druggie daughter whining about wanting your meds, wanting your money, and when they don't get it or you tell them to get a job they go "I just wanna diiiiie!"

I'd get fed up and tell her to just do it too. It's obvious she's not suicidal but she wants to use it as manipulation anyway.

I know someone said before that the dark spots on her chest are freckles but there's absolutely no way. It's like she hasn't bathed and smeared stuff on her skin and it looks like there's a huge scab under her armpit as well

>the huge piss stain behind her

>the blood on the pillow

It makes my skin crawl.

No. 608909

When I came across Luna the first pic I seen of her was in her underwear. I was certain she was a cow for being a heroin addict while also not taking care of her children. The more I read about her the more shocked I was that she had a body of a woman with 3 children all while being childless. I am a firm believer that your internal ugliness eventually comes to the surface and it did for Luna. Not her fault as far a genetics go but being a shitty brat amplified it.

No. 608910

This. tbh the drugs aren't helping her. being a recluse outside shaddy drug deals etc etc we all know shes fucked and picked this life and is just going to keep falling.

No. 608911

I think at this point we may be overestimating the ability she has to get a job/function. DBT meetings and methadone aren't going to get this girl back on track, for any hope of that she would probably require long term institutionalization where she could get life skills classes, job training, etc (these places are available in NY, state run/free, and not even particularly hard to get into if you are willing to sit on a waiting list, which she should be since she has nothing BUT time).
As long as she and Lurch are together, there is no hope for her, it is a toxic dependent junkie relationship glued together with nothing but smack and a mutual need for a place to stay.

as she is now, she COULDN'T just go out and get a job. Maybe that was an option 3 years ago, but a 22 year old with no work history, a highschool degree, and possibly a criminal record of theft (which she would have if any of her shoplifting busts happened after age 18) NOBODY is going to hire her even for a min wage part time gig. She also has an extensive history of theft, scamming, and drug use linked to her real birth name. She may very well want to better herself, but she is far past the point of what she could fix on her own even if she was willing to "put the effort in".

No. 608925

She can't even sell paintings properly because of her inability to do more than drag herself out of bed for selfies before writing in her notebook for hours.

But even before she was a raging addict she had issues with employment because she thought normal jobs were beneath her and then fucked up her 'dream' jobs like when she got hired to paint a mural and got fired for supposedly going through unattended bags.

No. 608937

Yeah there are facilities but people are literally dying on the waiting list. And they will drop you off the list for non compliance if you don’t follow the precare. And she’ll never do that either. She’s going to end up a welfare queen 4 life. I’m actually shocked she hasn’t started popping out the obligatory children.. Thank god for that though.
Every time I think about using and blowing my sobriety I think of Luna and the life she lives, so she’s at least good for that.

No. 609004

And not wearing proper bras.

No. 609168

File: 1543885365768.png (490.61 KB, 540x960, tumblr_pj6ps5UQdn1w1d39p_640.p…)

Luna hopped on the Zepeto train

No. 609169

File: 1543885402423.png (469.41 KB, 540x960, tumblr_pj6ps6nl1b1w1d39p_640.p…)

No. 609172

Lol. This made me go back and look at how the fuck she had her head positioned.
She has it turned and tilted way down to make her hair look longer lmaoo. Her hair is not long, not even when she crack-poses like that.

No. 609173


Yes Luna this is a great use of your time, dressing your avatar that looks nothing like you in virtual pajamas.

No. 609177

The only clean clothes she'll ever have.

No. 609213

Tbh, it’s clear that she doesnt actually feel oh so depressed and oh so suicidal otherwise she’d be WAY more risky with her heroin/fentanyl use. She’s OD’d, what, only two or three times in 5 years? And you bet she publicizes every overdose. She’s even takes benzos, a dangerous combo with opiates. When you don’t give a shit about living, you’ll wanna nod a bit harder, you’ll wanna use more than you normally would, both because you wanna push away the pain and because you don’t care about the consequences. When people spiral down in their addiction after something like a loss of a loved one, you’ll hear stories about very frequent overdoses because they just didn’t give a fuck anymore.

Which reminds me, it’s incredible how fake her “grief” for Rodger is too. Sure, grief is different for anyone, but anyone’s who’s experienced the loss of a parent (or other parental figure) whom they truly loved would feel a little uneasy reading Luna’s “boo hoo i miss him so much” about Rodger. And grief is usually related to the love you felt, so.

No. 609254

she views people as things for her to use.

Never forget how quickly she moved into Roger's space while he was in hospice. We will never forget, Luna.

No. 609260

Something that’s been bothering me ever since Roger passed away is her complete lack of acknowledgment for the fact that Lurch was the one who lost HIS dad. Like I don’t think ever once has she mentioned Lurch’s grief or her sympathy for what he’s probably going through. It’s always about her. Which says so much not only about who she is as a person but also her relationship with Lurch as well.

No. 609286

She wanna be firmly underlining a bra. I'm sure none of us have perfect tits, and yeah i know it's been discussed, but jesus. Help yourself Loon.

No. 609302

What's this we shit?
Most of us realised long ago, she's a useless, hopeless sack of shit. Even the stuff that is supposedly central to her life like her art or whatever is completely half-assed and stagnant. If you haven't realised by now that expecting her to do anything more demanding than fucking around on her DS is a hopeless cause then I don't know what to tell you.

No. 609305

You'd think that after three years of Tuna threads, we would know how she is by now. Completely useless because she wants to be. She's had literally everything handed to her all her life. Tuna has already said that she won't lift a finger because people keep donating money to her. That's not mental illness, that's being lazy as fuck, which is what she is. As you said, she's a hopeless sack of shit.

But anon, think about how hurt Tuna is! Who cares about Lurch when there's Tuna the Righteously Lazy.

No. 609382

Yup, nor does she ever say much about how he feels or acts in general. Just that he's her man and she luvs him and he just got some new injury and needs money. That's all he is to her. We have no idea what he's actually like from his own oversharing gf. Yeah the dude probably doesn't display much of a personality but she doesn't even make one up or idealize one for him. I wonder if she's even capable of saying 3 nice things about him that don't have anything to do with her or what he can do for her.

No. 609383

The only emotion he's ever shown was in his messages to Tessa.

No. 609452

THIS, you nailed it. That’s exactly why it was bothering me too, I only realized now. Does lurch not give a fuck about Rodger’s death or is Luna so unempathic and cold that she doesn’t even notice or care about Lurch’s grief??

If Lurch died, I can’t imagine that Luna would feel any kind of actual grief that goes deeper than “I was so used to his existence, this change is weird”, “omg I’m scared to be alone and single now” and “he said he loved me, fml no one loves anymore”

No. 609484

she totally would act like that. she'd love to add dead fiance to her list
>no one loved ME more than him
>he was the best thing in MY life
>everyone leaves ME

No. 609655

File: 1543963667783.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1771, 0B24E5E1-989D-48BE-8837-F16C6A…)

No. 609656

File: 1543963744674.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x1869, 3C9A26E5-0EB3-4E0F-8E68-9BBCF3…)

No. 609657

File: 1543963817240.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1242x1878, 1F5DE9F4-52C9-404A-8141-850015…)

No. 609658

File: 1543963841022.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1823, 79F44FB8-3FEE-4406-9B31-F73485…)

No. 609673

oh thank god luna is finally taking some time for herself and doing her favorite activities again. she must have been working so hard during those few selfie-less days that she forgot to think of her own needs! slow down there soldier!


No. 609678

File: 1543965897491.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1586, 52AA7A39-F4F1-46B0-9858-E4B537…)

I’m kinda sickened by this

No. 609682

File: 1543966291429.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.51 KB, 505x489, ScreenShot2018-12-04at6.28.37P…)

Dear god…

No. 609684

File: 1543966449833.jpg (28.77 KB, 460x345, awk.jpg)


No. 609698

You never put effort into your appearance, Tuna. Not even in this photo.

Someone come get their granny. She needs to get outta here with those saggy titties.

No. 609743

kek I know the chick who commented on the post and she's also an addict who pretends to have every mental illness under the sun so she has an excuse to be a degenerate. She can afford it though, family money. Wonder how many people who donate to her are actually well aware that it's for drugs but do it cause they relate to her. I only skim through the threads occasionally though tbh so I'm not familiar with who her "fanbase" consists of.

No. 609758

File: 1543977884335.png (277.17 KB, 1119x723, ccYlVmt.png)

cheap cheap cheap

No. 609759

File: 1543977905509.png (703.16 KB, 1054x1178, tGlIbsO.png)

No. 609760

File: 1543977970215.png (371.92 KB, 1129x739, Z552ONh.png)

No. 609765

Better start looking for a job then, Tuna.

No. 609770

No. 609789

why would she get nails " on the street" when she was "buying" them cheap cheAP CHEAP from the dollar store?

No. 609793

Going to get her food stamps that she totally doesn't get? Wish she said why

No. 609797

File: 1543987063807.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1242x1852, 01CE57E4-2D4E-4C82-BE7B-6892FA…)

No. 609798

File: 1543987104311.png (4.78 MB, 1242x2208, 49D8444C-4668-475F-82F1-F4B0B0…)

She posted this again to her story and changed her icon lol

No. 609800

File: 1543987924947.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1875, 30F68833-BC81-43C5-84C4-A4FEA4…)

No. 609803

eww wtf? are her panties being pushed out by her pubes???

No. 609806

so she doesnt understand stretch marks, huh

No. 609808

File: 1543989102013.gif (1.95 MB, 480x270, a23c45817004c31b93b5fc0e360fa6…)

>super dirty shirt
>Tuna's body
>pubes escaping the panty barricade
>Fupa trying to escape too

Oh hell no.

No. 609828


genuinely, like literally genuinely, how much drugs do you need to be on not to notice your massive bush pushing out your underwear ?

No. 609831

momokun does this kind of shit all the time it seems. shes on less drugs than luna, but seems more unhinged

these girls are truly a mystery some days

No. 609837

how many posts has she made in the past 2 weeks about being ~so depressed~? it really seems like she’s hamming it up to try and lure in some pity donations

No. 609850

she really lost a ton of weight, huh. Shame about this low hanging gut skin, she could try camming but with this thing it's kinda… well, idk, maybe men don't care
that shirt is so dirty though, christ

No. 609853

>>609850 she could try camming and fail at it lmao. It's an oversaturated field, plus she lacks the looks, stamina, personality and motivation/work ethic.

No. 609854

she already failed selling pics of her tits

No. 609855

Pretty sure no one wants to be scammed. It’s one thing if she asks people for money for drugs, then I can definitely see some people empathizing with the fear of getting sick, but she lies to everyone about what she uses her money for, guilt tripping and begging in dms

No. 609860

To be honest, it's probably why people don't reply to her very much anymore. If she harassed that one anon for weeks every single day, can you imagine the way that she's spamming everyone else to get their money?

No. 609875

Reckon she might get her tumblr shit deleted due to the current 'purge' happening on tumblr?

No. 609884

does she show her "female presenting nipple" on her tumblr?

No. 609903

It's where she had her nudes if I recall correctly.

No. 610008

File: 1544039888511.png (217.17 KB, 978x440, PSu0jkg.png)

No. 610009

File: 1544039932049.png (154.15 KB, 820x753, M0ssYUm.png)

No. 610010

File: 1544039964732.png (179.15 KB, 1002x627, zPw0iyr.png)

No. 610018

that pill case is $3 luna, get a job.

No. 610051

jfc of all the people who shouldn't own a shaggy furry blanket, tuna is #1. A person with average cleanliness has a hard time keeping particles out of those things, imagine how it would look after a week with tuna.

No. 610144

File: 1544052333737.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1242x1849, 334B74D9-E124-408E-ACCA-FBE348…)

No. 610146

File: 1544052355150.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1798, 6D82F8CF-A849-41D8-B24A-512E06…)

No. 610147

File: 1544052386294.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1830, D81C2F3C-425F-48D6-B070-781127…)

No. 610148

File: 1544052408056.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1242x1840, 1DD44449-E349-4C7A-B931-4C8713…)

No. 610151

What does she mean by got rid of them, throwing out expensive markers?
Also “don’t work” as in no more ink? Does she know you can refill copics?

No. 610178

would anyone be able to provide me with a pic of lurch's entire face without glasses? really curious what he actually looks like, i'm starting to think he's blind at this point

No. 610183

File: 1544057934539.png (555.49 KB, 520x798, 1522125935011.png)

No. 610186

File: 1544058256931.png (543.38 KB, 800x572, 10.png)


In searching Google images for Lurch sans sunglasses I stumbled across this pic from June 2017 relevant to her stated weight loss in >>609800.

No. 610188

I think she's been gaining and losing the same 50 pounds for awhile now

No. 610189

thanks man. its worse than i thought. why am i even surprised that he looks deathly ill. looks like every crackhead/heroin addict. tuna is genuinely attracted to this?

No. 610211

Because of lurch Luna doesn’t have to hustle to get heroin. Like somebody said below Luna is attracted to people that supply her with her needs. If your useless to Luna’s needs then you are “abusive”.

No. 610219

File: 1544064810227.jpg (126.31 KB, 500x666, tumblr_pjage9glgD1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 610220

File: 1544064881197.jpg (120.13 KB, 500x666, tumblr_pjageaLR6F1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 610275

File: 1544073163425.png (125.5 KB, 480x811, depop purchase.png)

No. 610283

Oh yeah, but she BARELY does xanax anymore…

No. 610288

File: 1544073779863.png (271.95 KB, 469x761, Of Herbs and Altars.png)

Came upon this video of a youtuber mentioned in the alt thread. Luna is shitting her life further with her xans automedication. https://youtu.be/X9ONKHdoLyo

No. 610290

Do any of you think she is like on the spectrum for Autism? Or Down syndrome ? But is just barely functioning enough to mask her disorders with things she obsessed over that are cool to her?(armchairing)

No. 610303

File: 1544075358474.png (487.82 KB, 478x808, so tumblr.png)

No. 610308

Jfc anon, she’s a lulzy cow but she’s not actually retarded. She’s just a spoilt, selfish, greedy, entitled, lazy brat.

No. 610309

Someone get this bitch a bra, for the love of god

No. 610314

Well, I agree but I’ve been following her since she was 15. I also have a rich spoiled lazy friend who is autistic (literally threatened suicide if her dad didn’t get her a high rise) and has a similar hello kitty aesthetic, is very self centered, literally just doesn’t understand how other people work or the value of other people’s feelings, never worked, and she just can’t help it. She gets by, by buying clothes that match her aesthetic and is obsessed w her aesthetic, just pops benzos all day. Plus Luna’s face is kinda deformed and she’s learned to like mask it. That or Luna must be a sociopath because she does not understand the feelings of others or boundaries at all. I wish Lurch had a blog or something bc I really wanna know HIS take on Tuna.

No. 610323


How does she seem to you before the heroin and benzos?

No. 610325

i swear to god she posts the same damn picture every other day of her just dropping xanax on some random religious thing and sticking a rock/hello kitty-related item next to it

No. 610328

File: 1544083401564.png (399.89 KB, 829x891, CHEAP.png)

Has she ever mentioned her uncle before?

No. 610330

i thought she had real headphones, not knock offs?

No. 610331

her girlfriend strikes as so much more genuine and likeable than luna. it's sad.

No. 610332

Honestly she is the exact same. I was still a teenager back then too, and I was close to her tier on tumblr. At the time I was really young so I didn’t realize that she was just a bitch. I believed she was just a sad girl but when I would talk to her about my own issues she would blow it off and just talk about herself as she does now with like everyone lol she has been making the same dumb art, obsessed w the same dumb clothes, and is the same dumb bitch like my other autistic friend who is just like her

No. 610396

in 90% of cases that is how long term weight loss works. She is probably naturally supposed to be larger (some bodies require more insulation for organs, protection for bones and joints, etc fat tissue actually does serve a necessary function) and keeps trying to dip below the weight that her body is healthiest at. When you do that, it makes your body freak out and hoard tissue and you gain the weight back, usually plus some since your body wants to have a reserve incase the food disappears again. As long as she is trying to push her body to be waifish, she will constantly be cycling through the same weight range and in the process will destroy her skin elasticity, muscle tone, etc. Not to mention organ damage, hair-loss, premature aging etc. The yo-yoing might be just as bad for her as the dope is.

No. 610397

Maybe this is a bit of a sperg-out but I think it is so gross that she smokes indoors in a house that isn't even hers. I guess its not so bad if the mom smokes as well, and it probably covers the stench of uncleaned litterboxes and stale jugs of lurch-piss, but still every time I see a pic of her smoking inside it skives me out like GO OUTSIDE she bitches her house isn't heated anyway what is the benefit of indoor smoking

No. 610401

It’s gross even if you own the house. Plus pets have very small delicate lungs and can also get cancer and other smoker related illnesses. It’s just laziness and selfishness to not go outside when you have pets.

No. 610403


>>610148 is the first time she's brought her other butt to the kitchen that I can recall.

No. 610415

>laziness and selfishness

thats our girl in a nutshell

No. 610424

>"I only take 2-3 Xanax a month"
>posts pictures of 4 xanax tablets with caption "2 day treat"

No. 610464

It's so tragic that she loves blush pink, those boots are going to get so filthy.

No. 610468

uh yeah i have ASD and i work my fucking ass off. Austism doesnt cause immaturity and no self awareness. maybe you should research it more before insulting us by lumping Tuna in w/ us.

No. 610494

anon do you even know what either of those disorders are? especially down syndrome?? lmao

I don't think I've ever heard her mention an uncle, its like when randomly her grandad bought her some slippers (that she wore maybe once) I guess its daddy or they sold drugs and got cash

No. 610565

>>610468 Same here I have ASD and work hard I would never act anything like Tuna, it's a disgrace to get lumped in with idiots like her.
She's just lazy and a drug addict who can't take any responsibility and she clearly enjoys living the way she does. Her entire life is a trainwreck(blog)

No. 610757

agree, i dont think luna has autism. asd people (myself included) actually do have problems w empathy but it doesnt have to be like THAT. and i feel like her reclusiveness is just anxiety and her crazy obsession w looking perfect all the time, so shes afraid to be seen by anything but her own selfie camera bc you cant control how you look in person to others. i actually heard that women with asd are often diagnosed with bpd mistakenly bc of the social symptoms and trouble w interpersonal relationships, but i think luna truly is just a mix of ultra neurotic and ultra stupid, not a misunderstood autist. some people are genuinely just…..LIKE this.

No. 610759

File: 1544145837828.png (646.34 KB, 1118x784, cGxsMaX.png)

No. 610769

Luna does not have down syndrome, and you cannot pin her appearance on autism. her makeup is just caked on in the most unflattering way that makes her eyes look incredibly fucked up. in a lot of photos from before she became a junkie, her face looks ok. correct me if im wrong but a
person with down syndrome would not be capable of going to college (even if she was only there for 2 weeks lol)

No. 610796

How much you wanna bet that her father said something vague and this is her blowing it out of proportion?

No. 610805

Doubt he said it at all, reminds me of the Hole lyrics “kill the family, save the son”

No. 610821

Tinfoil but even Nirvana’s “been a son”, c’mon tuna, get more clever past your three junkie bands

No. 610827

File: 1544156877641.jpg (624.26 KB, 1077x1217, Screenshot_20181207-145710_Ins…)

Wtf is stuck to the wall? Does that bottle say fungicure? Ew?

No. 610828

It's tape (from hanging stuff up?) and dirty stucco or whatever.

And yeah, she probably has nail problems - I mean, look at them.

No. 610894

Haha she has literally never mentioned an uncle before. Same with the grandpa who got her those absolutely FUG slippers with the blue fur. My guess is it comes out of daddy's allowance and she doesn't wanna seem less poor. What a retarded thing to lie about, an imaginary uncle? She couldn't get any more pathetic.

No. 610895

She's just an Aries, not autistic.

No. 610920

File: 1544192662094.jpg (23.24 KB, 441x141, theworldisyrs.JPG)

I think that anon assumed that being really low functioning = ASD or Down Syndrome.
In other news, Luna has a new tattoo planned.

No. 610933

File: 1544195472094.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1125x1677, EA41C916-DB0E-4520-B49A-208EDE…)

man this is so fucking sad lol

No. 610950

She isn't talented enough be autistic.

No. 611014

Not to armchair but talking about yourself, blowing off the issues of others and making your thing sound a million times worse and more harrowing or making yourself sound better than the person you're conversing with is inherently characteristic of personality disorders, especially BPD. I have a fair bit of experience with this also. Unsure about autism, no experience first hand with it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 611059

Who cares ffs.

No. 611079

This is why we don’t armchair… to me that sounds like HPD. Stop trying to diagnose luna oh my god

No. 611087

I think you're right HPD does sound closer to it. I don't care for trying to diagnose her, or for her really, she's done enough self-diagnosing on her own, was just pointing out to anon i doubt it's autism. Apologies for the boring BPD analysis, i know it can become an echo chamber.

No. 611122

Yes its tape but there's a scab or a booger or something stuck to the wall behind the tape.
And the FUNGIcure!!? Lmao what a hoot. Now that's a new aesthetic! W

No. 611211

Isn’t it. Imagine how her parents must feel looking at those pictures and then being reminded how she turned out. But it’s all their fault for being ebil abusive junkies who conceived her on the steps of a methadone clinic uwu

No. 611373


No. 611392

I cant believe no one else is absolutely shocked the top surface of that dresser is clean. Either tuna, for the first time ever, CLEANED or she carries all that shit around with her. idk which is more unbelievable

No. 611427

File: 1544293578102.jpeg (244.24 KB, 640x996, 6A0CAED3-AD86-4E42-AD9D-AB9387…)

>cannot acknowledge other people’s hardships for 5 seconds without throwing in her own STRUGGLES
that’s our luna!

No. 611463

wait isn't Larchmont a fancy area?

No. 611539

File: 1544317996548.jpeg (678.27 KB, 1125x2332, 4322E1C1-F897-424B-B6F6-2B4B75…)

god she’s insufferable

No. 611552

Yes, per capita income of over $100,000

No. 611558

Luna's mother: have filthy parasite staying in my bed, forcing me to sleep on the couch and won't leave.

No. 611560


that comment lol

No. 611569

lol there's no way they didn't know they were going to be evicted, it's likely that they were just too lazy to move themselves/their shit until they had no other choice.
- no one is forcing them to sponge off luna's mother
- she chose to drop out of therapy after complaining about the free food

No. 611671

and what have you done to help yourself?? like you have a rich dad who would probably put you through rehab if you asked like omg I can't believe roger was so rude as to die and spoil that nice fucking set up you had

She always acts like she's completely unable to sort her life out but says shit like "when things are better I'll have this" but how? guess some great uncle or sister in law will get it. when is she gonna get kicked out like ma just throw her out!

No. 611689

Most of her issues can be solved by getting a job and saving money. Cry more, Tuna.

But anon, she had a doctor's note! She should have been rent free until she was done grieving!

No. 611702

>recently started physically attacking me too
so what's the translation from melodramatic Tuna-speak to English? Mom slapped her in the middle of a nod, to make sure she wasn't dead/OD'd? Tuna was spazzing out and she reacted?

I feel like if her Mom had legit done something that warranted being called physical attacks, we'd have heard about it more in some bullshit poetry describing the abuse.

No. 611713

Oh my god, that ash tray thing literally looks like someone took a dump in it.

Tuna's mom probably just bumped into her on the way to the bathroom or something

No. 611714

She probably tried to shove her lazy ass out of the front door to try and get her to finally leave.

No. 611735

And when her cats die (she mentioned they are senior cats) she will once again make it all about herself and use it as a reason to make a new gofundme (need money to cremate my cats and pet cemetery headstone!)

No. 611750

Does Luna make sockpuppets? A tumblr account called Seroquel-chic (which shes admitted is a drug she abuses) keeps posting suckup comments on all of her shit to the point that I'm positive it is a sideblog (or maybe a URL that she was using before she publicly returned to tumblr?)

Maybe this is tinfoil but I don't think she actually has any supporters. Nobody has ever shown up here to defend her but her social media suggests she still has somewhat of a genuine following. Could she be faking support from dummy accounts to keep up the illusion when she ensnares an uninformed follower that people still like/believe her? Or so she can keep claiming things she shoplifted are gifts from nonexistent fans?

No. 611772


How old is the account? Caps?