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File: 1611020090756.jpg (409.49 KB, 2048x2048, 1610171373930.jpg)

No. 1135364

Last thread: >>>/snow/1124714

Recent milk:
>shay cries about her latest breakup with fupa to all of her discord minions >>1124718
>she books an appointment with a "personal trainer", probably one free at the gym >>1124851
>she squishes herself into a dog cage for a very unflattering video >>1125202
>also enters the mv anal contest, her entry is seen among other degenerates who shove apples & gummy worms up their asses >>1125316
>her simp womack sends her all his cash >>1125422
>the milk flowed when shay got back on cam for the first time in a year >>1126264
>she couldn't hide her weight gain & lack of sex appeal behind filters >>1126770
>anons spot fupa's cat in shay's apartment >>1127966
>shay gets in another pointless argument with random sex workers >>1128388
>she goes to the gym & stuffs herself with fast food afterwards in typical shay fashion >>1128805
>and does typical shay things like posing in clothes 2 sizes too small for her & begging for her 2 simps to reimburse her for doordash



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No. 1135385

File: 1611021859090.jpg (240.35 KB, 1080x936, Screenshot_20210118-200427_Twi…)

Dairy Free doesn't mean it's healthy Shay damn

No. 1135387

File: 1611021940033.jpeg (321.5 KB, 1242x973, AF265F7B-0FF1-4384-A2EC-C15F3A…)

Tinfoil but she only went one time and that was when she took a video on Snapchat of her on the tread mill

No. 1135390

thank you retards for making the thread

No. 1135394

she still has no concept that sugar is bad for her jfc

No. 1135417

I think she thinks lactose is a form of sugar (ala sucrose, dextrose) therefore it's sugar free if it's dairy free kek

No. 1135418

my personal tinfoil is Shaytard calls a "workout" to walking with her dog lmao is so weird she hasn't show anything about the gym idk but twitter whores always post pics in the bathroom/lockers like the degenerates they are or maybe shay doesn't do that because her body is so unappealing after sweating the cheeseburgers calories.
Or she doesn't take pics because Fupa is with her.

No. 1135426

Fupa is obviously with her if she’s at the gym

No. 1135429

File: 1611026058466.jpg (463.11 KB, 1080x1075, Screenshot_20210118-211424_Twi…)

Snapchat filter working hard

No. 1135430

an anon posted a snapchat screenshot the other day where she was on a treadmill at what looked like planet fitness. i don't doubt that fupa is involved somehow though.

No. 1135434

she has one of those faces where she's cute until you look at her for more than a few seconds.

No. 1135439

lactose is a form of sugar, anon.

No. 1135440

She looks like Jonathan Yaniv

No. 1135441

This post is more retarded than Shay.

No. 1135443

I think you meant to say “this snapchat filter is working overtime”

No. 1135456

Kek anon

Yeah, fupa is definitely her “trainer”. I think she’d be posting way more gym stuff and bragging about her ~super cute girl trainer~, her improved mental health because of working out, go all girl power, and make up interactions if he wasn’t. She just doesn’t want to risk another sunglasses-gate lmao

No. 1135457

she has one of those faces where a maxed out snow filter can take her from literal cracked out rat to average

No. 1135481

i could've sworn she's posted these exact pics before. what's with all the reposts she's been doing?

No. 1135486

File: 1611031072423.jpeg (153.42 KB, 1242x333, EC9851F5-8C5B-4AA9-ABE7-5CC33B…)

No. 1135487

File: 1611031128446.jpeg (279.94 KB, 1242x409, 78A68225-8006-4648-9331-8284A5…)

The snapchat filter says today’s date
1, 18, 21

No. 1135491

She said the same thing about that blow up doll Blowjob video

No. 1135506

File: 1611034159451.jpeg (Spoiler Image,756.86 KB, 1230x1456, F6C3C8D4-9934-41AA-828D-D5599D…)

No. 1135507

File: 1611034251571.jpeg (Spoiler Image,344.76 KB, 2048x2048, 933C9216-5FC8-4E7A-820E-4E9B1C…)


No. 1135508

File: 1611034273803.jpeg (Spoiler Image,345.66 KB, 2048x2048, BDD21EF9-2253-47FB-945D-F58E72…)


She really be living in the dark huh?

No. 1135509

File: 1611034297841.jpeg (Spoiler Image,194.97 KB, 1242x894, BF4FA889-DC3A-4622-AA1E-B0D3E2…)

No. 1135510

File: 1611034374781.jpeg (473.92 KB, 1242x676, 25C5A7B9-B42B-4E53-99A6-584928…)

No. 1135511

File: 1611034428221.jpeg (424.37 KB, 890x655, CB0E3989-9C42-4C96-A6F5-F90BC2…)

Sorry for spamming these are too funny

No. 1135513

this bitch is the cautionary tale of so many different things

No. 1135515

File: 1611034781758.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.21 MB, 3464x3464, 546C0FAA-32B0-48F8-A7FE-EADFA8…)

No. 1135516

File: 1611034953343.gif (Spoiler Image,3.3 MB, 640x640, 648C0DEC-090B-4B13-AF60-602175…)

Shayna Clifford peeing on her dirty apartment floor with her underwear on

No. 1135520

How does one’s wrists specifically gain weight? Scientific anomaly, this one.

No. 1135521

Porn where a fat retard pisses themselves on the floor

No. 1135526


This really goes with her “special needs kid forced to do porn” look

No. 1135528

she went from filming on a bed, to filming on the ground, to filming on a day bed, back to fliming on the ground, in the corner of the room pissing herself.

No. 1135555

why did she put full make up on then take pics in the dark then filter the fuck out of her face? it's just full-on delusion trying to hide her insecurities three different ways in these pics

No. 1135581

In every thread I start thinking about how it must feel to know that one doesn’t have a bright future ahead. No future career, no family, not even a boyfriend, no stable home or income, no talents and so forth. I don’t know.. It seems to be proven that her existence is based on denial of her future.

I’m not saying this to be mean or saying she should do any of this, but her only future seems to either be death by suicide or literally be a fat homeless old crack whore.

Either way she paved her own path towards whatever will happen to her.
Also it must be so depressing to be her parents that just tries to help her in any way possible lol

No. 1135710

This makes me want to kill myself. Every time I think it can’t possibly get worse, but it always does.

No. 1135719

>>1135511 I know it’s been said, but I just wanna shake her by the shoulders and tell her to stop treating her body like shit. It’s genuinely sad how much she’s deteriorated I can’t help but feel bad for her

No. 1135735

Fairly certain it’s extremely mean to tell someone their only options are literally to commit suicide or become a crack whore. While I’m the farthest thing from a Shay fan, please don’t encourage someone to literally kill themselves?? She’s not fucking hitler

No. 1135750


Agreed, she needs to move home with her parents, get off the internet; if she wants to be a functional member of society she’s gonna have to change her name.

No. 1135767

people come back from way worse shit than this and lead good, productive lives
shayna may or may not, but being a friendless fat pothead cam girl in your early 20s isn’t necessarily a doom sentence

No. 1135789

Are you autistic or are you Shay herself?
I wrote
> I’m not saying this to be mean or saying she should do any of this

Meaning, I’m not saying she should commit suicide or become a crack whore, more so that if she doesn’t change her behaviour it wouldn’t be an unlikely outcome.

True, I’m just curious as to how all of this $3 camgirl line of work will work out for young girls nowadays. At least back in the 90s, 00s or even the early 10s, it wasn’t that socially acceptable to do all of this online. Now we can find everything about people like Shay with just a few clicks.

No. 1135812

Shayna doesn't think or feel she's just existing,maybe when she is not intoxicated the sadness comes and we see crazy depressed rants on twitter about the weirdest shit.We all know she can comeback with her parents any moment and restart on life so dont feel bad.
I cant have empathy for her she choose whoring herself to wacky men on the internet also we can't really judge her like a normal adult what responsabilities she has or had?none,bitch cant even sell herself right and her job is taking selfies wtf.
Shayna really is a obese kid for me mentally and physically.

No. 1135818

let's be real anon–she won't be able to leave this life behind. even if she changes her name, she'll feel like she isn't getting enough attention and will mention somewhere "hey, did you guys no i was a totally successful pornstar?"

No. 1135873

Don't waste your empathy on this psycho. This is exactly what she deserves after years of bullying other women/SWs, acting like the ultimate victim in EVERY situation she has been put in and never taking responsibility, accusing her normal ass parents as being abusive, making up and pretending to have mental illnesses/physical illnesses she does not have to seem like a special snowflake, accusing people of rape and abuse, pretending to be a CSA survivor for the sole purpose to make people feel bad for her, started camming underage but constantly puts down minors in HER space, being an overall crazy ass attention whore, the list goes on and on. She deserves every bad shit that happens to her.

No. 1135878

>she’s not Hitler
Lmao the only reason farmers wouldn’t want her to commit suicide is because of the milk shortage. Nobody likes her, she’s a bitch. I don’t get why people feel bad for her. It’s her fault. Her rapid weight gain is comical. It’s karma for all the mean shit she does and says.

No. 1135880

She’s not going to do this can you guys stop being autistic and shitting up the thread what has been said a million times. Shayna isn’t going to take advice so just stop. Her life will never change.

No. 1135881

File: 1611076975773.jpg (332.76 KB, 1080x1368, Screenshot_20210119-122229_Twi…)

kek, cope harder

No. 1135894

agree with both. the anons "rooting" for shayna need to find someone less certain to fail to be optimistic about.

No. 1135910

Far from a Shay fan and im mostly just a lurker so I dont really care about the milk, I just dont think its ok to say things like that, dont get me wrong Shay is a terrible person and needs a lot of growth but she's also clearly unstable and looks at these threads so I dont think saying one of her two only options is suicide is a good idea.

No. 1135918

File: 1611079407586.jpeg (1.09 MB, 3464x3464, C66E4F53-FBA6-4715-A853-4F0679…)

Tubby Fattel keeps getting bigger and bigger

No. 1135922

I stopped feeling sorry for her long ago. And even more so when she was bitching about pornhub and the fact that CP and rape victims were impeding on her ability to do sex work or some dumb shit. Fuck her. I hope she stays in OK with Fupa and remains miserable.

No. 1135935

it's literally only because of her makeup but she looks way better on the right lmao.

i know other anons have said it too but maybe she needs to just accept that she's fat and start dressing/doing make-up that compliments her weight instead of pretending that she's still a size 0.

No. 1135966

File: 1611082093499.png (1.05 MB, 1242x2688, E01135D4-3F45-4946-B4F1-CBF882…)

Fatty has a LinkedIn and I couldn’t be more tickled. “Self employed” she really thinks she’s thriving huh. She also has a YouTube where she uploaded a video of her little bro laughing and I’m guessing her father as well.

No. 1135967

lol saying she was ever a size 0 even when she was skinny is a compliment she does not deserve she was always skinnyfat

No. 1135986

i highly doubt that's actually hers. looks like some retarded farmer that couldn't even be bothered to capitalize the last name.

No. 1135989

File: 1611083245057.png (396.39 KB, 1242x2688, FC035408-6138-42A7-8107-4E3378…)

I think I found the gym she’s going to. It’s right across the street from her apartments in a shopping center and they have a special going with no enrollment fee and month to month sign up. I always wondered why she didn’t beg for money for an Uber to the gym. She’s really retarded in that she attached her real name to this bullshit. Her address is a click away.

No. 1136003

I noticed she started following Colleen again on IG. Maybe she really is moving back home?

No. 1136006

Let’s not forget trying to shame that sex trafficking victim for speaking out and being mad that pornhub got introuble for having CP and real rapes on their shit because apparently by her logic “ Facebook has more so leave pornhub alone!”

No. 1136009

File: 1611084293028.jpeg (432.54 KB, 1242x1342, AB01FC29-1D63-42E2-8D86-07427D…)

Nitpick but the way she calls it a cumshow irks me. She doesn’t even cum and it’s boring/repetitive. Shayna does the same shit with new ill fitting cheap too small clothes

No. 1136010

she does take an uber to the gym though. she tweeted the other day that her “trainer” made her get on the treadmill because her uber was 20 mins away.

No. 1136033

Welp. Disregard my previous post then. She’s fucking stupid then if she’s traveling that far by Uber for a gym if there’s one right on her block.

No. 1136035

Can you imagine, she does these “shows” in these new clothes and probably doesn’t ever wash them because they’re still “new”. And she touches everything after she’s done touching the inside of her asshole.

No. 1136050

File: 1611085993641.jpeg (Spoiler Image,656.99 KB, 1242x1263, C17C1D9D-D4D9-4A49-ACBF-B1C440…)

get a job

No. 1136055

I’m laughing so hard she’s so fat and ugly

No. 1136064

I’m surprised Shayna hasn’t talked about losing the anal contest kek

No. 1136073

no, we're supposed to pretend it never happened

No. 1136085

Lemme guess, size small?

No. 1136134

File: 1611090650057.jpeg (463.13 KB, 1242x1258, CCFEC7C0-7BFD-4C41-9105-FB57AB…)

No. 1136138

WOW what a crazy concept shay! blue?! oh my god, the woman is mad.

watch blue be an actual complimenting color on her.

No. 1136139

She knows blue is a royal color right? And that most princesses don’t wear pink….right? Blue is actually a very flattering color too.

No. 1136146

I say…give it another six months or so. An anon last thread said it, too, she can’t go on much longer on Taco Bell wages.

No. 1136159

POV youre about to be crushed to death

No. 1136173


Elsa porn in 3 2 1…

No. 1136175

I can’t believe how bad she looks here. Why would she post this?

No. 1136206

File: 1611094958546.jpg (225.26 KB, 1080x945, Screenshot_20210119-162208_Twi…)

Oh please Shay. You're against Dolls Kill but whole heartedly support PH. Plus we also know all your shoes come from Amazon

No. 1136210

Why does she announce to Twitter that she's getting day drunk all the time like it's some cute spur of the moment activity? You're literally an alcoholic Shay and you're just broadcasting it.

No. 1136218

that last thing she needs it SHOES, how about lip chap, decent wigs, tops and out fits that fit her new body better.
She focuses on the wrong shit.

No. 1136223


I can almost understand degrading yourself for thousands of dollars or in the secrecy of a saudi prince’s palance for hundreds of thousands. but jesus, it feels like these OF girls are all on the slippery slope together. Trying to one-up eachother while at the same time lowering the bar for the whole lot. Does shay really think pissing herself for cash is really worth the life she currently leads? Sad shit. Is that next? Baby shits her diaper? When does it end Shay?

No. 1136232

Shaytard doesn’t even wear the heels she has. She only wears them inside for crusty photoshoots on her filthy carpet. The heels she owns are all dirty because she doesn’t take care of them, I don’t know how since she never wears them out. Shayna can’t support dollskill when they’ve only said/sold a few things that triggered people but will support a porn site that verifies underaged girls and doesn’t take down rape videos. Disgusting.

No. 1136237

File: 1611096122843.jpg (483.41 KB, 1080x1158, Screenshot_20210119-164210_Twi…)

You mean the closet you cammed and filmed in at Fupa's?

No. 1136238

File: 1611096155265.jpg (286.71 KB, 1080x976, Screenshot_20210119-164157_Twi…)

Shay back to "not being like other girls" and a pick me

No. 1136239

File: 1611096203192.jpg (195.7 KB, 1080x894, Screenshot_20210119-164338_Twi…)

"Crazy collection"

No. 1136241

Shayna can’t even afford dollskill lmao. She had to e-beg for that space outfit years back because how little she makes on her porn. That is the only reason why she’s on the bandwagon of boycotting it. She should use that money on healthy food instead of doordash, and maybe a new blanket. That star one is disgusting

No. 1136243

gross, the furry sandals in the bottom right picture are actually disgusting–same with the fuzzy heels next to them. do you not wash your feet, shay?

No. 1136247

File: 1611096349914.png (56.28 KB, 198x149, Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 2.44…)

look how ratty the ones on the left are compared to the right ones. just throw them away that that point

No. 1136248

shayna we’ve seen your “collection” of shoes and it’s literally like 2 pairs of pleasers, some knock off doc martens and a bunch of dirty sneakers/other forever21 quality shit

No. 1136250

File: 1611096356770.jpeg (641.81 KB, 1227x1259, 3555B78B-D16E-4E42-9FE3-24DA70…)

I’m screaming
>uwu such bimbo

No. 1136251

you didn’t just walk in that closet, you lived in it

No. 1136254

Kek homeless bimbo vibes uwu

No. 1136255

Shayna’s shoe collection looks so cheap. Topkek. Her feet are dirty due to her not mopping her floors or vacuuming. She’s a filthy pig I don’t know why she posted this, it’s not aesthetic at all.

No. 1136267

strong luna vibes, especially those furry slides kek delete this shay

No. 1136271

she’s spoiled already
like months-old milk

No. 1136294

The disgusting part is that she still probably wears those house shoes out in public. How is a human this gross and unaware of the fact that she presents this to potential customers?

No. 1136296

This isn’t the first time she’s pissed herself as porn, is she’s even done it in diapers like you said kek. I think I’m going to have to tap out if she moves to shitting, though, at least she hasn’t crossed that like yet. The bar is below sea level.

No. 1136300

Shay….girl if you take any advice from this thread, throw those shoes out.

No. 1136314

File: 1611101488344.jpeg (Spoiler Image,93.15 KB, 933x525, 69BD6365-B352-441B-A026-3A965C…)

Oh my god

No. 1136315

File: 1611101511953.jpeg (Spoiler Image,697.82 KB, 1242x1175, 5C2591BC-CE74-4C23-B66E-09F467…)

No. 1136316

File: 1611101543920.jpeg (283.67 KB, 1242x1143, F77086DB-751B-4FED-A4C2-256AF2…)

You’re ugly shay that’s why

No. 1136319

Because you look like a fucking idiot

No. 1136321

Can she not do a simple video concept? Why does she think she's some brilliant porn director when these ideas are just weird. The dialogue is weird, the visuals are weird. I just don't get why she tries so much niche content

No. 1136327

This shits just on her Twitter for free? Her content isn’t even that expensive! At least slap some stickers over the entry wounds Shay! Have an ounce of fucking self respect…

Who am I kidding, she doesn’t value herself so why would she expect anyone else to? She’s not even worth pennies in her own mind clearly.

No. 1136328

TOPKEK she deleted it

No. 1136330

File: 1611102106949.jpeg (192.22 KB, 1242x547, D6246AF9-DC13-4EDF-845F-5BE30E…)

They were really good that you had to delete them after they didn’t get enough likes

No. 1136332

Kekkkkk she's realizing she's a failure and nobody wants to see the weird shit she comes up with. Just quit already

No. 1136335

God, it's so depressing to think that she will have to do SW for the rest of her life, earning barely any money and humiliating herself because she will never be able to get a real job when they search up her name and all this shit comes up. unless she goes full erin and does a name change or something

No. 1136336

Why would they like it? Like…what is it even supposed to be? Who is this for?

No. 1136340

She deleted this too

No. 1136343

Is she trying to own the ~haterzzz uwu~?
Aka lolcowfarm

No. 1136346

File: 1611102588899.png (Spoiler Image,1.93 MB, 1759x2048, Screenshot_20210119-182603.png)

So, she decided to upload an even worse photoset kek

No. 1136348

God this is SO ugly. im pretty sure even womack wont find this attractive

No. 1136349

Wouldn't be surprised if he dropped some of his corona money on this farmers only .com porn parody

No. 1136350

Holy shit she deleted these too hahahahahahaha

No. 1136351

She's lurking…

No. 1136355

what the fuck is the point of this? LMAO. her head looks like it’s 4 feet long.

No. 1136357

Tbh, she should have started her porn career wearing a mask like that, it would’ve been a tiny bit smarter than what she’s been doing so far, but It’s too late for such a thing.

No. 1136360

It looks weird but it’s hardly that degrading compared to her other stuff considering her face is fully covered here. I don’t get the point of it at all.

No. 1136365

File: 1611103801359.jpeg (310.53 KB, 1242x630, 468D0F5E-2800-4E7A-9DBA-CE6C00…)

She’s so insecure
Go wash your ass Shayna
you pimpled ass stank fat bitch

No. 1136367

Stfu Shay. You deleted everything cause you lurked here

No. 1136368

She's just doing anything at this point, throwing random shit she has from old shoots and cheap amazon shit together hoping it sticks.
TBH this looks dumb but she's literally posted flaming hot boils on her pussy, her looking horrible with no shame, so THIS is what she decides to shamefull delete?

No. 1136369

I wonder if she realized how dumb it is to post pictures like this for free then whine about people not buying her shit.
Nah…she's just embrassed.

No. 1136370

No. 1136372

File: 1611103978441.jpeg (560.05 KB, 1242x1538, 47D2C5F9-9107-4A1F-BD44-6F18E3…)

No. 1136376

File: 1611104053542.jpeg (Spoiler Image,169.38 KB, 1242x663, 10B3759A-98DB-418B-897E-67E902…)

Thanks for the link anon
Kek those rolls though

No. 1136378

File: 1611104111191.jpeg (Spoiler Image,631.3 KB, 1242x682, 581AC861-E1DC-4B41-8B94-435266…)

She looks like a Humanoid type creature from a horror movie

No. 1136380

File: 1611104198219.jpeg (566.74 KB, 1242x1262, A86B246A-9356-48A1-B47D-BD048D…)

The description is something else….

No. 1136382

why bother putting handcuffs on just to take them off? she always does such pointless shit in her vids.

No. 1136383

Post shit content. Delete weird, shit content. Post worse content. Delete it. Guilt trip your followers for your shit content not getting traction. Immediately follow it up by begging for attention because you're embarrassed and insecure about your terrible content and shit body.

For $100 you can get shit sw tips just like this from a mediocre washed up "porn star"

No. 1136384

What on earth…is this video concept?

No. 1136385

>slowly pushes the glass plug in
Her butthole is RUINED. It literally slid right in there with room to spare kek.

Sage for nitpick

No. 1136387

I feel a meltdown coming

No. 1136389

Yeah I think she's manic again. Get the popcorn

No. 1136390

File: 1611104485274.jpeg (606.03 KB, 1242x1462, 5219ABB8-778F-4347-9427-3646A7…)

you make crumbs not even bread shay

No. 1136392

Kek this is such a mess.

Cow ears, a balaclava, fake lips gag and pvc gloves, what the fuck is this meant to be?

I guess a balaclava is the only way to hide her chins.

No. 1136393

>slid right in there with room to spare
My sides anon

No. 1136396

File: 1611104865848.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 3464x3464, B9AD1336-B826-48C3-B71D-CC325A…)

mf looking like punpun

No. 1136401

Whatever happened to that video she supposedly bought condoms for?

No. 1136404

Shay's dumb ass probably doesn't even know that's a Mexican pastry brand(nitpick)

No. 1136416

Of course not she’s a dumb hick

No. 1136421

File: 1611105962837.png (166.29 KB, 1152x2432, Screenshot_20210119-192539.png)

She's on one

No. 1136424

people who say/do things like this … ew.
no wonder she has zero friends, she pulls this manipulative horrid shit on everyone
just shameful

No. 1136437

I usually ignore the retarded texts she writes but wow. What the absolute fuck? Is she at least mooing since she’s supposed to be a cow?

No. 1136445

Lol having to BEG people to look at you naked… This is pathetic get a clue shayna

No. 1136448

i watched the preview and she was pretty much silent for the whole thing lmao

No. 1136455


seriously which one of you told her that cartoon drinking noise she makes during blowjobs was sexy because there is absolutely no way legitimate feedback made her keep doing that shit

No. 1136456

File: 1611107405867.jpeg (894.82 KB, 1242x1644, 9297BC16-2E8F-4BDA-AE6B-27A419…)

This is embarrassing shay

No. 1136459

Bitch get off Twitter. You're desperate and pathetic to be begging your customers for affection. Fupa must really be gone fr

No. 1136461


shay did you ever think you'd be pissing yourself on cam and showing off the entirety of your out of shape body only to have one creepy old man acknowledge your existence?

No. 1136464

What if she actually breaks down and fucks Womack jfc

No. 1136465

File: 1611107693104.jpeg (570.32 KB, 1242x907, A93AD621-9A75-4EBA-8711-C2738B…)

Just noticed her new header on Twitter
Such a stupid stage name

No. 1136466

Has Womack even been interacting w her since his little breakdown?

No. 1136468

We're not sure cause his accounts are on private now

No. 1136469

File: 1611107874789.jpeg (507.45 KB, 1790x1242, 9E172BDD-AABA-476A-BAF9-5A3989…)

She posted this on her dead tumblr
Her gut is huge she does a bad job trying to hide it

No. 1136473

This needs googly eyes or something kek

No. 1136483

File: 1611108429139.jpeg (Spoiler Image,118.79 KB, 891x489, 30DCDD9F-05DE-413A-859A-0EBE2E…)

anyone else think of shoop da woop when they saw this?

No. 1136485

Because she has no friends


No. 1136488

File: 1611108609090.jpeg (Spoiler Image,150.8 KB, 1242x698, 814B1B78-9A05-4BB8-BD40-858993…)

No. 1136492

KEK looks like a wallace and gromit character

No. 1136494

This is some weird niche shit or something idk
Also when you are a fatty that looks this bad, it's too on the nose to be doing cow and pig concepts hun. Either embrace it or dont do that stuff. You ain't passing as a "Little cow" and "cow ass" isn't sexy at all. She looks like those abused impregnated cattle in peta campaigns kek.

No. 1136496

Excellent work anons. Perfect

No. 1136497

Yeah I just don't know why she thought this was cute. She's always trying to do outside the box stuff but it's just all really weird. Does she not bounce these ideas off of someone?

No. 1136501

File: 1611109203498.jpeg (Spoiler Image,117.18 KB, 891x489, 1944BEDC-C496-45D2-A53E-ADB550…)

I’m rly sorry all I have to edit with is my phone’s markup function, but Shayna’s firin her lazers

KEK gimpy Mattel

No. 1136503

God how embarrassing. Shes done like 5 posts in a row literally begging for validation and twitter likes. And drawing attention to the fact that her content is shit kek. Is it that hard to get a clue? She really acts like shes a personality that can say things like that and it be funny and cute, but shes a fucking nobody twitter whore and it's really just completely pathetic.

No. 1136508

File: 1611109425389.jpeg (Spoiler Image,458.46 KB, 1232x918, F30A6CC4-7267-4370-8C77-9D4DA6…)

She reuploaded it but will probably delete it again because of the low amount of likes compared to views kek

No. 1136512

Must hurt her that she has 13k twitter followers and her non porn posts get 5 likes maximum and even her FREE PORN ones usually flop and average 300 likes and maybe 20-50 rt.
Almost like most of her followers are bots, dead, or bought and she only has a small handful of actual "fans". At it for 5 years, folks!

No. 1136513

this is beyond pathetic attention seeking. get some fucking friends damn.

No. 1136515

I don’t understand why she doesn’t post pics like this on her twitter. I guess she knows she’ll literally get 0 interaction if she doesn’t post full tits, ass, and pussy all the time. you’d think she’d have some understanding of marketing skills but nope.

No. 1136533

File: 1611110449980.png (147.26 KB, 1152x2432, Screenshot_20210119-203915.png)

She tweeted this exact thing earlier and deleted it. Now she's posting it again. She's spiraling for attention. Fupa gone gone

No. 1136536

Please. Oh god please. Fuck

No. 1136537

But when Fupa did that, it was "abuse"

No. 1136545

Lol you have been retard, then you cry about it when the gross dude ignores you and say you deserve to be worshipped and bullshit like that. Get an actual grip on something besides a wine bottle, Shay.

No. 1136546

The funny thing is, it's not even true. if it were that easy, fupa wouldn't have left your pathetic, alcoholic, attention starved ass. She's so incredibly manipulative

No. 1136553

she also said that she couldn't keep sugaring and she couldn't do porn with guys because she can't fuck them if she's not in love. She's such a fucking liar and just says things for attention and clout.

No. 1136573

really appreciate the classic meme

No. 1136598

just a different kind of downward spiral

No. 1136603

I feel like she made this just for us and I can’t stop laughing

No. 1136633

I just…I know she wants to be “humiliated” in a babying way where some handsome man coddles her and calls her a sweet helpless thing, but there’s such a world of difference between that, and looking so god fucking awful that nobody even wants to interact with you. Waaaay past helpless princess. She reads much more fat mentally unwell lady pacing and rambling to herself on the the street corner that makes you hold your breath when you walk past because she looks smelly.

No. 1136635

I thought the same in regards to >>1136380

No. 1136643

>up her cow ass
just why

No. 1136701

Reading that literally made me snort, saying “cow ass” makes it sound so parody-esque which would have been fine if that was the goal but clearly that’s not what she was going for, she’s so asinine

No. 1136749

imagine filming something like this
and putting it on a public twitter because you're insecure and desperate for attention… and then no one gives it any attention

No. 1136762

Fucking kek anon.

I crying. I am done with the internet for today. Meme nostalgia also gets points.

No. 1136810

File: 1611134620656.png (Spoiler Image,466.19 KB, 891x489, imma.png)

Great edit. I hope you don't mind but I made a few additions.

No. 1136846

File: 1611142391300.png (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 1235x735, dbd.PNG)

she starts the video looking like a granny with no teeth feeling herself up.
Then her lips are dry and cracked as hell.

No. 1136852

File: 1611143062381.jpeg (39.42 KB, 552x447, 84970CC6-D26E-460D-8681-7B7ABA…)

Thanks for the nostalgia, had a hearty kek.

No. 1136857

File: 1611143643431.png (89.04 KB, 1345x349, Capture.PNG)

this is from her piss princess video or whatever she called it. check that spelling mistake

No. 1136875

These threads depress me, but you farmer's always know how to make me laugh

No. 1136880

This is beautiful.

No. 1136883

This is like a terrible fanfic jesus christ

No. 1136929

File: 1611152667685.jpeg (656.12 KB, 1284x1578, 545F27B9-6887-4442-ABC6-8E89B8…)

No. 1136936

Then go tf home Shay

No. 1136946

Holy shit, does she lurk here? I wish she would, because damn, how is it possible that somebody is this pathetic? There is 0 empathy that one can muster up for her. She is an absolute disaster and all by her own wrong-doing. How hard is it to google a simple healthy recipe, work-out 1hr a day, turn off the phone and read a book? LITERALLY JUST DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING, DIFFERENTLY. improvement is so easy and she just refuses to. what a disaster, at least the milk is delicious

No. 1136957

She does lurk. She’s just a fat lazy fuck who doesn’t want to do the work to lose weight. Shayna just wants instant results and gratification.

No. 1136962

I love how her “homesickness” only happens when Fupa calls her dramatic and annoying. Kek. If Fupa was giving her attention she’d be calling her mother abusive and saying how much of a dumb Republican she is UwU.
Also: I don’t know why you’d want to go back home, you’re a laughing stock to all your ex-classmates and ex-friends

No. 1136967

She’s as retarded as Luna is, being hung up on this below average chode. I still cannot understand why she is so desperately attached to Fupa, or why he continues to entertain her, even for sex.

No. 1136971

She can't find anyone else who will put up with her unless you count womack.

No. 1136988

File: 1611157972086.jpeg (1001.46 KB, 1242x1488, 500E3F8E-A20F-49DC-8BFE-9397F9…)

>I made more money than I expected 2
Don’t you mean “begged for more money”?

Fatty had to ask where to get shoes again because nobody answered the first time. Kek buy some chapstick dumbass

No. 1137014

Skipping the gym and buying cheemsburger earrings, nice one Shat

No. 1137015

File: 1611160112607.png (414.38 KB, 719x1165, 20210120_182732.png)

Buy these

No. 1137017

File: 1611160438752.png (26.34 KB, 538x144, Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 11.27…)

These depop sellers are bitches for charging extra, as if she wouldn't do the same if she could lol. They're probably charging more because the shoes are a collaboration with Hello Kitty and are no longer in stock. If she was really making dough she wouldn't be complaining over this lol.

No. 1137018

File: 1611160568389.png (203.63 KB, 524x572, Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 11.30…)

No. 1137019

That’s literally a dollskill x hello kitty collab
Sometimes they restock certain items from the collection and sometimes they don’t which is why the price is high. Shayna is so fucking annoying. I thought she didn’t support dollskill anyways??? Just say you’re broke and shut up fat bitch

No. 1137021

File: 1611160778999.jpeg (398.54 KB, 1235x745, 041A0DC2-E5A7-4883-88E0-ADFB9F…)

She complains so much. it’s very irritating. I don’t know how these coomers don’t get fed up with her spergs

No. 1137022

> get a job that isn't making fashion less affordable for everyone.
Just don’t buy it retard?? Like why are you so pressed about this?? I thought you were a thriving successful sex worker. You can’t even afford $200 shoes. It’s not even a high end designer brand. Wow such a luxury bimbo uwu!!1!1

No. 1137027

She’s such a fucking dumg hick. Can you imagine complaining about the prices on a used clothes website??? Also she doesn’t seem to understand that some rare pieces gain value with time. Go back shopping on Amazon and forever21 kek. She’s just upset that secondhand clothing cost more than her asshole.

No. 1137031

A little bit of a derail but those shoes are new the buyer has them in different sizes, they bought them in bulk to sell when dollskill sells out. It’s a bit pricy for dollskill shoes but it’s not even that much, especially if you’re going to larp as a high end bratty “rich bimbo” just wear your dirty ass Walmart knockoff fur slides shay >>1136250

No. 1137035

Before she was asking for shoes not from Dolls Kill, but now she's trying to buy them from Depop?

No. 1137036

Coming from the bitch who complains when other sex workers have cheaper prices

No. 1137039

Kek could you imagine shay wearing that Barbie sweater and those crusty shorts with a pair of Loubou’s?

Wow seethe harder bitch. It’s called collectors/rare/limited edition. How stupid are you. She’s so mad it’s hilarious.

No. 1137047

That visual image made me kek aloud
Even if she could afford designer or was gifted designer (which she never will, all the scrotes she attracts are poor/ on unemployment) She wouldn’t know how to dress herself.

Shayna would look tacky in those dollskill shoes anyways. She would pair those hello kitty shoes with vagina discharge stained pink shorts, and her small ass Barbie cropped sweatshirt or her cringe “come here daddy” $2 aliexpress bra with a dirty musty hello kitty backpack. The only time she’d wear them ever is to go to the dispensary or Fupa’s. And she would make a story up saying how everyone was staring at her because she’s so gorgeous. And how all the girls were so jealous and gave her dirty looks because their boyfriends were ogling her. Or how the dispensary gave her an ounce for free because they recognized her off tumblr during her ~shay-gnar days uwu~ Kek(autism)

No. 1137054

does she really not know that some things are collectible and go up in price?

No. 1137057

Hahaha just let her be a classless bitch she couldn’t pull these off no matter how hard she tried

No. 1137064

kek the only people who complain about what sellers charge on depop are people who want whatever was posted and can't afford it. she's so entitled

No. 1137066

calm down

No. 1137069

Lmao did I lie? That’s something she’d pretend that happened. And she’s worn that daddy crop top in public before to a club w Fupa

No. 1137072

no but it gets to a point where the droning on about hypotheticals becomes autistic

No. 1137079

File: 1611164265397.jpeg (952.09 KB, 1242x1575, 775AEE82-FED2-4661-A4B3-20197F…)

looking like a giant salmon

No. 1137080

She has zero sense of style. These would be worn in one of her videos once or twice a year. She couldnt wear these in public. A lot of her shoes are for a fashion aesthetic she doesnt even have. I dont get it. It's retarded to buy things just because you think they're cute. She needs to focus on buying clothes that fit and developing actual an actual style before reeeeing about DKxHelloKitty collab shoes.

No. 1137082

File: 1611164426318.jpeg (45.75 KB, 300x400, 59E79412-965D-454A-8428-29FD8D…)

No. 1137083

Anon my sides I can’t that made me chuckle thank you

No. 1137085

She really does kek. I know they're supposed to be form fitting, but it seems like she needed to get a size or 2 bigger still.

No. 1137088

She’s going to look like a crazy person at the gym… there is always that fugly girl showing up in january with full makeup looking a mess and everyone’s laughing when she pass by kek

No. 1137091

File: 1611164954094.png (26.17 KB, 160x300, 5A54DF7C-8B8C-423B-8BD3-80028C…)

This is atrocious. Bunny Bravo realness

No. 1137106

File: 1611165747366.jpeg (420.92 KB, 1242x765, 391A9775-A270-4899-9CAB-C541EC…)

This has been said before by other whores, shay. You’re not going to go viral.

No. 1137115

titties looking more ass-like than her real ass.
she definitely should have gotten this in black, the pink is horrendous.

No. 1137120

>Shayna telling anyone else to get a job in any capacity
KEK. Maybe get a job that isn't posting your asshole on twitter so you can afford them.

No. 1137127

that material is holding on for dear life

No. 1137139

Just a fun note. Onlyfans had a glitch these past few days where creators had 1k more than they really made appear. People are slowly losing it.

No. 1137142

now THAT is kekworthy oh my god shay you stupid fuck just start saving some money, you don't need food nor pink ugly clothes

No. 1137143


KEKKKK her cheemsburger earring order gets cancelled

No. 1137144

What kills me is that she can afford a monitor but not some 200 shoes? She’s probably salty because these sellers are making more than her while not degrading themselves. So much for the rich brat facade kek

No. 1137148

this bitch really looking like her clothes' textures are fucking stretched over her fat topology

No. 1137151

i still can't fucking believe she dropped TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS on a gaming rig setup and has yet to do anything with it. what are priorities?

No. 1137156

File: 1611169624620.png (1.39 MB, 1375x2048, Screenshot_20210120-130642.png)

I guess Fupa isn't the trainer after all

No. 1137158

>Spongebob and Patrick vibes
That outfit is hideous I hate the texture of it

No. 1137159

I'm not buying that its actually her unless I see her rat face and hog bottom. She could have grabbed this from google.

No. 1137160

I can't unsee it kek

No. 1137161

Anon that's clearly her cankles

No. 1137163

You can see her fat ass thigh. It is too much effort to find a picture on google. She goes to the gym but it’s useless because she just eats weed junk and takeout afterwards, and I doubt she goes to the gym consistently.

No. 1137165

there's no way those pink pants aren't completely see through from the back. they look almost totally sheer here.

No. 1137166

Yeah it's too elaborate. I bet she sees this as some "sign" she was supposed to meet her and starts sperging about her

No. 1137167

The whole gym can probably see her cellulite along with visible ass sweat. Kek

No. 1137168


she is such a dumbass for thinking she'd ever have enough viewers to need such an expensive setup; that she'd ever game to the extent she would need a 244hz monitor; or that she'd making enough piss porn and cow vids to need a computer to process and edit faster.

chapstick and water shay.

No. 1137170

Shayna deadass bought a PC for the anime gamer girl aesthetic like most of these poser e-whores do. She doesn’t even have a genuine interest in gaming. If she wanted to learn and play games she could’ve bought a gaming laptop that’s on the cheaper side in case she doesn’t like it. She’s so stupid. Imagine buying a PC just to use it as an accessory for your porn videos

No. 1137182

yeah because you saw her wearing them and bought a pair. you’re very transparent shayna.

No. 1137186

She’s delusional and very out of touch. She was probably happy that a sw was First Lady lol

No. 1137190

Sperg incoming.

This bitch is so clearly starved for affection and has no understanding about what normal healthy relationships look like. She rejects her moms care and affection because “racist republican” bullshit and she sexualizes relationships with dads (not necessarily her own but still) so whatever connection she has with him seems twisted in her head. She thinks her “fans” care for her but they wouldn’t cum on her to put her out if she was on fire, they’d probably laugh and cum on her charred remains they’re that fucking degenerate. And her “boyfriends” see her as nothing more than a meaty hole to shove in and get off, and she can’t even wrap her mind around a relationship that isn’t transactional in nature.

She’s so fucked up she begs sickos for any ounce of their depraved attention online.

Anyway all this to say I feel bad for her trainer who she is most definitely going to start calling her friend and clinging to and that poor woman is going to end up with front row seats to a Shay drunken rampage.

Shay just go home and hug your fucking parents! Get some real fucking help and stop trying to lick the asshole of any man that tells you to drink water and look after yourself.

No. 1137191

you're right, that was a sperg

No. 1137195

>ew other people wanting money is disgusting

No. 1137201

File: 1611172962224.jpeg (398.73 KB, 1227x1321, 4C1E591E-788E-4375-BB3B-8B26C4…)

You. Literally. Post. Them. For. Free. Though?

No. 1137207

begging sex workers for free shit– or anyone begging for free stuff is fucking pathetic and pitiful. she has a point.

No. 1137210

It would probably look better if her skin wasn’t grey. Like if she was tan I feel like pink would be more flattering. She should have gotten black.

She probably looks absolutely ridiculous. Like women who show up to the gym in a pound of make-up. I wonder if shay feels better about the fact she has to wear a mask while she works out. Ugly bloated face is concealed.

No. 1137211

Imagine if her trainer found this thread and started giving us insider milk, kek.

No. 1137230

I hate how she has to make everything about sex work like .. that's just a cat behind stupid, can you fuck off about yourself for a second and retweet this without your dumb ass comment

No. 1137258

File: 1611177799220.png (648.38 KB, 1080x1968, Screenshot_20210120-162227~2.p…)

No. 1137260

Remember her multiple failed attempts at food prep? This is gonna be another one

No. 1137261

File: 1611177943441.jpeg (218.22 KB, 1152x1730, EsNH9vyXcAI96ae.jpeg)

No. 1137269

she does know you have to use a stove/oven to heat these up right? it’s not microwave meals. I mean you could put them in the microwave if you want disgusting microwave steak and shrimp.(no1curr)

No. 1137272

waiting for the results of this “diet” kek
I hope we never give her advice here so she is forced to do actual research

No. 1137275

She really needs premade pancakes…
so fucking lazy

No. 1137279

I love how the first image result that comes up for me shows Shaytard next to Jonathan Yaniv

No. 1137280

Yeah she’s gonna get the runs trying eat any of this 3 days later

No. 1137287

Whoa whoa anon, they are "protein pancakes" kek

No. 1137288

is that not her phone number?

No. 1137292

File: 1611179666899.png (1.95 MB, 1897x948, bing.png)

Bing is even worse. The image search is 90% LC.

Fuck. I censored her address but not her phone number. Considering her line of work, I'd think she would be a lot more careful about her personal information.

No. 1137296

The coneheads edit
fucking kek

No. 1137297

File: 1611179910006.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x1661, 02E78E18-31BE-4272-8F86-FCDDA4…)

Yahoo isn’t any better kek
I would hate to share her name

No. 1137298

At this point she should change her name, but knowing Shayna she'd 100% change her name to Dolly Mattel like she said further linking herself to this place.
She should just quietly change her name and not say anything but Shayna can't help herself she'd have to sperg about it until someone finds it. Sad.

No. 1137306

It would be retarded to change her name, unless she quits sex work, deletes all her accounts, moves to a different country, and changes her appearance. Farmers can easily find her new name. (Cough coughErin Painter/Nina) Shayna is too much of an attention whore to quit this job. It’s the only thing she really has …. which is sad because it’s worse than a minimum wage job and she has to degrade herself and get naked for thousands to see. She’s not even a household name. She will never be a mainstream pornstar she has an ugly face and doesn’t even have a nice body. even when she was skinny she was flabby and had cellulite.

No. 1137310

is she legally allowed to change her last name to that of a trademarked brand? id honestly be curious.

No. 1137332

Mattel is a real/normal surname so the company has no rights to it as a name. The drag queen Sharna named herself after has mentioned they've never come after her with c&ds because of this.

No. 1137336

she's such a retard, like 75% of stuff on depop is genuinely very reasonably priced. she just has no idea how to actually use the app or look around, and also people make OFFERS quite often as well lmao.(nitpick)

No. 1137349

Even if it wasn’t legally allowed and shayna gets sued because of an unoriginal name like “Dolly Mattel” they wouldn’t be able to sue because she’s dirt poor and has two bucks to her name

No. 1137432

I'd be surprised if she wore the top with it. She tends to hide her middle section.

No. 1137517

Didn't she try and oversell her own second hand stuff off of depop she probably salty that people never wanted to buy her shit

No. 1137523

Iirc she also took forever to send things out, and they were often dirty.

No. 1137585

Holy shit lmao she thinks this will last more than one and a half days max for her and that this is remotely cost effective?! What planet is she on

No. 1137611

only slightly related, but this outfit (specifically the leggings) has been blowing up on tiktok recently since it makes your ass look bigger, so maybe this is the smartest thing she's ever bought. ofc that's being hopeful and giving her way too much credit.

No. 1137625

i am weeping with laughter, next thread pic.

she would be doing the same damn thing if she had any clothes or whatever to sell, except all her stuff including the porn she makes is gross and over priced as is.

No. 1137675

How about getting yourself a job that doesn’t require you to piss on yourself for 3 dollars on cam. Hm? How ‘bout that Shayna?

No. 1137682

You know how they interview and weight you at the first day at the gym? Do you think Shayna spent a large amount of time talking about how skinny she was just until the evil meds made her gain weight? It honestly amazes me the level of unawareness of her situation, what a victim we've got here.
Sage for fabrication and no contribution

No. 1137686

File: 1611205622951.jpeg (102.67 KB, 750x493, 46204B83-38D1-4AFE-A76E-338A5E…)

Can’t wait for her to see how much Balmain bags goes for, she’s going to freak out kek. All that Amazon shopping is rotting her brain(nitpick)

No. 1137692

I laughed when I saw she retweeted that. This fat bitch can’t even afford $200 dollskill shoes

No. 1137703

i’m sure she’s aware. she retweets retarded shit like this all day for the pink aesthetic. you guys don’t have to post pointless shit when she goes quiet kek.

No. 1137705

She can’t even afford the plastic container that’s holding the bags kek

No. 1137779

Tranny janny is out of control banning random posts left and right

No. 1137801

oof, posting shit like this is a bad look for someone who literally gives her nudes away for free and STILL has to beg for scrotes to like them

No. 1137833

File: 1611225176777.jpeg (93.47 KB, 1280x720, E3AD5C19-F51F-431F-9277-9C05AB…)

She looks like fucking Chota from Dorohedoro

Even he’s more bearable than she is

No. 1137911

>>1137833 KEK anon pls, my sides. fuck lol.

No. 1137964

File: 1611241743179.jpeg (126.38 KB, 750x891, 18C1F9CB-754F-4094-AD5C-9B6746…)

20$ amazon tummy control pants, I can’t with this broke bitch lol.

No. 1138086

Kek that fucking stock photo tho. Delusional shay probably thinks that’s what her ass is going to look like if she works out.

No. 1138124

anon what crazy gym do you go to where they interview you and make you weigh yourself before you can work out lmao

sage for no contriboot but I’m one of those people who checks the shayna thread bc some tiny part of me is rooting for her to claw her way out of the gutter that is her life, and I think the trainer is the best idea she’s had for a while. I mean she’s almost definitely going to quit any health attempts in less than a month, but she’s clearly the kind of person who needs external accountability & having someone at the gym expecting her to show up might keep her going longer. maybe. lol

No. 1138129

A lot of personal trainers do a full health background check once you sign up with them, along with what your goals are

No. 1138145

it's planet fitness, anon

No. 1138149

File: 1611251303736.jpeg (598.16 KB, 2048x2048, 5FED0F9A-7ABC-49B1-9DA9-2FFC35…)

God damn those chins

No. 1138150

File: 1611251377394.jpeg (744.26 KB, 1242x1403, 010FAB80-ACED-45C1-A740-0F9A85…)

This isn’t flattering at all jfc

No. 1138152

her neck in the first one looks like a whole ass mouth

No. 1138153

File: 1611251431500.jpeg (Spoiler Image,86.24 KB, 1103x620, 9E8D49C5-D995-4DB8-B5ED-DA3C34…)

No. 1138154

And my trainer at planet fitness did the same thing

No. 1138159


ex-planet fitness worker–

the trainers do a free consultation when you sign up. they'd ask her what her current GOALS are, if weight loss was part of that goal, she'd have to disclose her weight and then her target weight.

knowing shay, she'd say that weight loss is a main factor in working out for her.(blog)

No. 1138160

File: 1611251592795.jpg (37.41 KB, 550x382, shayna.jpg)

No. 1138170

>shower shy Shayna
>unwashed dog
Imagine how bad that bedding must smell.

No. 1138176

the whole apartment probably reeks with the dog that she's never mentioned washing or getting groomed and 2 cats that she probably rarely changes the litter box for

No. 1138177

at least she has bedding now. she used to sleep on a bare mattress of a child's daybed with the dog

No. 1138203

She couldnt be bothered to crop her neck-chins out?? Is she just lazy or so vain she had to have herself in the pic even though she looks like an ugly fatty?

No. 1138208

I know it's the "marbled" look, but it's hilarious that the blanket looks like it has filthy smears and stains on it in low light. I guess it helps conceal the fact that it most likely really does kek

No. 1138258

A few threads back she begged for Uber money to go get Noodle bathed once. And other times she mentioned that Noodle just rolls around in the water dish at the dog park

No. 1138364

File: 1611261445773.jpg (406.47 KB, 1079x1713, Screenshot_20210121-143740_Twi…)

So it can look musty?

No. 1138365

I cant wait for it to all fall out.

No. 1138372

Fat + pink hair = SJW

No. 1138469

She’s definitely manic right now

No. 1138496

File: 1611270928761.jpg (520.48 KB, 1080x1414, Screenshot_20210121-171516_Twi…)

And then it'll fade within a week and look like shit

No. 1138497

File: 1611270986713.jpg (669.38 KB, 1079x1657, Screenshot_20210121-171647_Twi…)

No. 1138502

honestly why is she even considering this? a lighter brown or highlights or even that darker purple she had were more flattering. the pepto pink on her gray skin is one of the worst looks she’s had besides the slim shady yellow blonde.

No. 1138504

$300 wtf
She doesn’t even wash her hair why does she need to dye it? Buy some lip chap Shaytard

No. 1138512

File: 1611271428099.gif (485.27 KB, 366x232, 58AB6124-52F0-47B9-A411-C22FEC…)

>slim shady yellow
Anon please

No. 1138515

File: 1611271475913.jpeg (184.88 KB, 1242x532, 08209703-5E7E-486A-ACB2-0283A7…)


No. 1138527

300 bucks for some patchy fried shit she could probably do at home with box of manic panic? oh, hell no. that looks like a drunk 16 year old’s kool aid dye job, I hope that’s not what she paid. this girl is certified delusional if she wants to looks like that again.

No. 1138531

god I fucking hate moralfags shitting up the boards, we're all here to laugh at and bully idiot wastes of space, go cry to twitter.

No. 1138535

That would not cost $300. And she’s going to go to a school where it’ll cost $75. She did this last time but she would ask for $150.

No. 1138550

It's wild to me that she really doesn't see how unflattering pink (at least the pink colors she's drawn to) is on her skin color and undertones.

No. 1138551

if she's gonna go back to any color it should be blonde. she looks atrocious with pink hair

No. 1138571

Hair fag here. The bleach and tone process would actually be close to 300$ on its own at a real salon, depending on location. That’s typical but city price. Adding dye over it would maybe not cost more but would more likely take it to 400$ seeing as the rose gold idiocy would be harder to attain - again, assuming it were done professionally.

No. 1138572

she was going to a beauty school to get it done before

No. 1138574

File: 1611276736647.jpeg (434.12 KB, 1080x1238, 7870BE52-9202-41B2-893D-8D5D73…)

I think the peachy/orange was the least flattering hair she ever had, and that’s what the pink ended up turning into pretty quickly

No. 1138575

Shes really nostalgic for the days Fupa gave her more than a crumb of attention in the form of a bi monthly fuck, huh?

Like other anon said, shitty color dye jobs look worse on fatties. She should focus on keeping her gym schedule up and dieting.

No. 1138576

it’s literally 1 step forward and 2 steps back every time she tries to change something. maybe she thinks the pink hair will attract fupa again?

No. 1138578

When she wears darker colors and it's not splotchy, it's ok I guess. But the problem is shes got a grey skin tone in a lot of her pics and insists on wearing multiple shades of musty, dingy pink clothes.

No. 1138585

also the fact that she barely showers and doesn’t style her hair beyond the grimy braids she puts in the few times she does wet her hair down. the only plus side would be we won’t have to see those ponytail clip-ons anymore.

No. 1138588

Also more mismatching pinks in her looks is not what she needs.

Bright pink hair is way nicer than that pastel shit anyway.

No. 1138593

She looks horrible here the hair is the same color as her skin. Shayna is just one of those unfortunate people who look ugly in any hair color

No. 1138595

File: 1611277548472.png (2.53 MB, 841x1280, 8976E2E8-99AF-41A6-A621-DF2118…)

Gross she shouldn’t go pink

No. 1138598

God I forgot how horrible this looked. She looks like a bad drag queen with that big ass man face.

No. 1138614

oh but I thought fundraising for rent or gas or escaping abuse isn't okay if you're doing drugs or drinking? but it's okay to fundraise for hair dye while doing drugs and drinking

No. 1138617

But Anon, Shay can't do anything wrong. Its her against the whole horrible mean world. Seriously though she is so petty when other people are getting money; and she isn't.

No. 1138619

Ugh I can't stop looking at how she drew a whole ass second eyebrow over the top of her actual brow

No. 1138625

File: 1611279567741.jpeg (400.45 KB, 1242x784, 28094B0B-9259-4724-B118-3924DD…)

Shayna you don’t even do sex work you just e-beg like a homeless person

No. 1138630

Shayna never did the sex worker Christmas Amazon wishlist giveaway she made.
Also she didn’t do the video answering q&a’s that her three orbiters asked. Another thing she didn’t follow through is selling her underwear probably because nobody wanted them kek

No. 1138642

this feels like it's about Bratty tbh, she did mention how much she weighed when promoting her.

No. 1138643

Except that we all know you do because you admit that you're jealous of ANYONE that you think is better than you in any way.

No. 1138650

Shayna must be jealous that abrattypedophilepixie is apparently “4’11” and “97 pounds” so it’s easier for the butterface to larp as a smoll uwu girl
Don’t worry shay she has an ugly face as well, don’t be so down on yourself kek

No. 1138664

She has so much potential to have a pretty curl pattern but just refuses to do absolutely anything to make herself look nice and/or attractive. Nuts she's a sex worker when that's literally the job.

No. 1138671

File: 1611283305966.jpeg (Spoiler Image,902.83 KB, 1242x1548, 12C3B0BE-635F-4538-B662-C5776D…)

They aren’t adorable on a hambeast

No. 1138673

Yup. She's doing all of it for Fupa's attention. The "healthy" food that actually requires some preparation, the gym and personal trainer, the dying her hair. She probably thinks if she reverted back to the "old Shay" she can win him back. And she was even bitching about how much she misses him. Sad really kek If he were to come back, she would cease all this nonsense.

No. 1138679

File: 1611283550293.jpeg (Spoiler Image,837.79 KB, 1242x1657, 24C93036-C3E9-4CA3-B170-BF42A6…)

No. 1138682

Damn, anon. You ManIfESteD the turd braids.

Also. The fuck is this face? Why does she insist upon looking ugly as shit?

No. 1138686


Kek right?
Close your gaping fish mouth ugly bitch!! Probably the reason why your lips are always chapped and crusty

No. 1138687

First she needed $300, now she's asking for $350 on OF?

No. 1138688

Glad to see some things never change. She still makes the most unattractive, slack jawed, stroke face.

No. 1138692

it's strange because I would think only fans takes like a 40% cut

No. 1138697

Is that foundation on her hairline? It looks like she has grey roots. Why is it always thegirls that look like Shrek that say shit like that???

No. 1138698

I'm so fucking weak, she's just so ugly. I think she thinks gaping her mouth like she's gasping for air gives her the illusion of a jawline like it did when she was thinner, but instead it just makes her look fat, confused, and out of breath.

Also, Shay. Bare face really isn't your thing. I see why you used to cry if you couldn't wear your lashes/wings.

No. 1138700

Yeah, Shay is notorious for that. Like in this >>1138595

No. 1138704

File: 1611285289785.jpg (326.89 KB, 1080x1470, Screenshot_20210121-211506_Twi…)

Sure Shay

No. 1138707


They do, and payout takes like 1 month roll over to receive so that means if she plans to have it done before Valentine’s Day then she already has the money and expects people to pay her to dye her hair pink

No. 1138719

Onlyfans takes 20%. Manyvids takes 40%.

No. 1138722

No. 1138729

Suck a dick you pathetic low life

No. 1138730

File: 1611286631866.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1242x2208, CFC3A96D-9083-4394-A137-669601…)

She looks like trailer trash grandma

No. 1138733

Shayna isn’t worth defending, that’s the hill you choose to die on? Seriously? Shayna hates women. Stop moralfagging and posting advice the fat dumb bitch doesn’t listen.

No. 1138734

Yes it could but not always, not to blogpost but I had a similar color done not too long ago, I paid $180 for the bleach and dye at a semi high end place, and she lives in a hick town I can’t imagine many high end salons there

No. 1138735

File: 1611286829473.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1242x2208, 93EE67B3-7C9D-474F-ACC0-030780…)

Why does she have to point to herself and say she’s Dolly? No shit. The intros she does just make her seem like a fat retard

No. 1138736

Well she is… kek

No. 1138739

File: 1611286960866.jpeg (286.89 KB, 635x779, BB1F7C2B-E482-4FF1-B85F-D1AB50…)

Her beady rat eyes and turd braids are such a lovely combination kek

No. 1138741

She looks Amish

No. 1138742

Whoa Downy Fattel jfc. Why did she do such thick foundation and smoothing with no eye makeup?? She looks so fucking bad in the face…

No. 1138746

I always assumed it was Incase she went viral? Who knows she’s a moron.

>turd braids
This always sends me.

She looks like those FLDS incest sister wives

No. 1138747

For the love of god just wear SOME makeup Shay. Mascara. Blush. Anything.

No. 1138748

5 years of sex work and she still hasn't realized that those braids look fucking horrible

No. 1138749

the mole on her neck makes her look like even more like a ugly scary witch from a children’s book. Jfc. Her weight gain made her neck look saggy and fat. Usually beauty-marks/moles are cute on girls but they just look like dark warts on Shayna

No. 1138750

Be careful what you wish for anon. She might bring back the “butt lips”. Kek

No. 1138751

Good lord, serving up some real inbred backwoods redneck realness. Her and Womack go perfectly.

No. 1138758

>Zoomed in to the tooth
I’m dead

No. 1138774

we got dewey back in the house

No. 1138777

She sounds like she's about to have a damn asthma attack. I've seen people be less out of breath during a soccer game.
>I'm dolly

No. 1138802

she needs to lay off the dabs and use her inhaler. i can fee her shortness of breath from here.

No. 1138806

File: 1611292952401.png (119.93 KB, 740x481, shay1.png)

No. 1138807

File: 1611293095533.png (172.63 KB, 595x838, shay2.png)

No. 1138811

File: 1611293344018.png (143.03 KB, 460x840, shay3.png)

No. 1138815

File: 1611294044270.png (907.32 KB, 1143x643, girl.png)

Jesus she really just. Unabashedly lets herself look like that

No. 1138821

File: 1611294802523.jpeg (548.38 KB, 934x952, 51EBC739-55F0-41C6-8966-87499B…)

Id call him a pathetic little bitch but that would probably turn him on… yuck

Imagine simping for Shayna of all people when she looks like this

No. 1138825

>ya right lol
She’s such a bad domme jfc

No. 1138828

NGL, she would make a good findomme if not anything else. She is very bossy when she asks for money.

No. 1138829

is this a joke? she’s tried and failed many times. it’s embarrassing if anything.

No. 1138834

No, she wouldn’t because she just wants money and gifts handed to her. She doesn’t do effort in anything she does. She’s a lazy bitch and doesn’t even put effort into the degrading aspect of the dominant role.

No. 1138835

I was half joking, yeah

No. 1138894

Huh since when is she trying to be dom? She’s usually like “omg can you please use me daddy”

No. 1138948

She posted about how she was making a smoking video for someone and was embarrassed that her inhaler was in the shot. So. She just has the inhaler ready to go every time she takes a fat dab. I dunno how she doesn't see that's unhealthy as shit. But Shayna overall is unhealthy so it's funny she's shocked it's starting to show physically. Girl gained 100lbs and can barely breathe. Like, yeah, your body starts to degrade when you don't take care of it. Shocking!

No. 1138951

Remember when she posted her Domme-y Mattel vid and she sperged about how much it triggered her cause she's sTrIcTLy a SuB uwu!!!!

No. 1138986

I hate this degenerate shit but god damn is she bad at it. Probably took that guy out of the moment/ruined his coom. 5 years of sex work, ladies.

No. 1138999

You can set it to manual/weekly and monthly withdrawals and she can get the money whenever she wants as long as she’s got over a certain amount.

No. 1139120

File: 1611330082663.jpg (Spoiler Image,340.68 KB, 1080x1042, Screenshot_20210122-094110_Twi…)

It's 9:30 in the fucking morning Shay

No. 1139122

File: 1611330126804.jpg (Spoiler Image,546.56 KB, 1080x1082, Screenshot_20210122-094123_Twi…)


No. 1139128

lmao why is her chin all greasy and the rest of her body looks completely dry??

No. 1139134

Where is the water?! What I thought was the water level is the shadow of the tub. She did this the last time she ever took a bath when she lived with Fupa…filled it only half an inch.

No. 1139138

File: 1611331376059.jpg (234.29 KB, 1080x1342, Screenshot_20210122-100247_Twi…)

How much you wanna bet she'll get this money and then be scammy mattel and have some excuse as to why she can't get her hair done

No. 1139140

Maybe she's so drunk she spilled some wine on her face? or maybe she's crying about fupa again kek

No. 1139143

fucking HOW? never ceases to amaze me what she has become

No. 1139146

She can't be a findomme because you have to present yourself as absolutely superior. She'd never be able to do that, she loves whining about needing a daddy who tells her what to do, she whines about being broke all the time, she's the antithesis of everything you need to be as a domme. Everything about her is cheap and lazy, she can't sell it. She'd also have to quit offering her onlyfans for so cheap and get rid of all the ways men can get cheap instant porn from her. Being bratty is not the same as being a findomme and it's an extremely oversaturated market because every other onlyfans twitter girl occasionally drops a few #paypig #humanATM #findom tweets. Sorry for sex work sperg(no1curr)

No. 1139147

She really does not fit in that tub, I’m dying

No. 1139148

She was barely able to squeeze into the bathtub oh my god. Isn’t she scared she’ll get stuck in there?

No. 1139150

Pork sweats?

No. 1139167

File: 1611333672287.jpg (495.01 KB, 1080x1263, Screenshot_20210122-103916_Tum…)

1/2 her first gym attempt

No. 1139169

File: 1611333724176.jpg (520.71 KB, 1080x1274, Screenshot_20210122-103928_Tum…)


No. 1139173

Why are you posting old milk??

No. 1139178


maybe she’s just enjoying a glass of wine with her sitz bath for her boils

No. 1139183

Kek that one time 2 years ago when she said she nearly died from 15 minutes on a treadmill.

Jesus she barely fits in that tub. This gives me PT vibes with the triple chins and the open gaping mouth in the tub.

Yea I’m not familiar with sub/domme stuff but the fact that she said“ thank you !!!11!! “ And then acted all domme was hilarious.

No. 1139200

File: 1611335219383.jpg (293.2 KB, 1079x1600, Screenshot_20210122-110637_Sam…)

Says she's less than $100 from her goal, but this is what her OF says

No. 1139210

I think some people are donating from cash app

No. 1139225

File: 1611336572965.jpg (357.85 KB, 1080x1316, Screenshot_20210122-112929_Twi…)

And it begins

No. 1139226

File: 1611336647947.jpg (294.82 KB, 1080x1205, Screenshot_20210122-113025_Twi…)

No. 1139232

Stop eating, retard

No. 1139234

>sitting on ass all day playing video games

What an exciting day for shay. Notice how she never mentioned stretching or going for a walk to help her legs feel better.

Walk your dog, you fat fuck.

No. 1139237

File: 1611337716378.jpg (Spoiler Image,835.39 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210122_114604.jpg)

She deleted what you posted to… This…

No. 1139240

>maybe she’s just enjoying a glass of wine with her sitz bath for her boils
topkek anon I love you

No. 1139241

leave it to fatna to not even attempt at working out through some minor muscle soreness

No. 1139243

She’s so fucking huge holy shit.
it would be funny if she got stuck in the bathtub.
Her greasy chin and neck rolls are totally uwu bimbo

No. 1139244

File: 1611337990712.jpeg (906.31 KB, 1242x1490, E0537396-940D-4A5C-9D77-724D77…)

I hate it

No. 1139247

Why would she think this looks okay? Why is her face so sweaty/greasy? She looks so uncomfortable. She deleted it so obviously she thinks it looks bad, tbh that should make her want to go to the gym.
She should just cut down to once a week because she's going to keep missing a day anyway.

No. 1139248

it looks like dog food

No. 1139252

Did she think that not showing her nipples was the reason the first one didn’t get enough interaction…

No. 1139258

wtf i havent checked this thread in a really long time and this is what she looks like now?

No. 1139259

I cannot tell… is there just a shit ton of oil on top of those eggs or are those whites not fully cooked? I think I see some transparency on those whites. If it’s oil, a tablespoon of oil is about 120 calories (obviously varies with type).(nitpick)

No. 1139260

are we finally going to see her using that gaming pc?

No. 1139264

No mention of camming

No. 1139268

>bit my lip skin
Not a replacement for chapstick, you crusty bint.

No. 1139275

ah yes take away the censored pic to show more free nudity. brilliant marketing shayna, really. /sarcasm/

No. 1139276

anon.. they're not cooked yet

No. 1139280


only shay would think this was a healthy breakfast for a day of sitting around high and playing video games. girls, this is a breakfast you have before the gym.

No. 1139290

what is the orange stuff? carrots or sweet potato? either way anon was right this looks like dog food.

No. 1139308

Her face is so fat that it looks like she’s wearing a greasy, too-small Halloween mask with fat rolls falling out the side and bottom. Rough as fuck. Why post this and share with the world that you’re actually almost too big to squeeze into a standard bathtub? She really loves to make herself look horrible.

No. 1139313

Speculation but maybe those wet spots on her face is actually cum. Did fupa bust a nut on shatna’s face before work?

No. 1139314

have u ever seen an egg

No. 1139322

Kek are you for serious anon?

No. 1139324

lol anon those eggs aren’t finished cooking yet.
however, i’m willing to bet that she’s just using the grease from the sausage to cook the eggs instead of something healthier.

No. 1139326

Where are these tards who don't know what cum and uncooked egg whites look like coming from???

No. 1139331

This a mountain man breakfast

No. 1139338

thank you! none of these fags know how to sage

No. 1139342

File: 1611344887047.jpeg (319.58 KB, 1242x633, 3B098E5B-30C7-4B62-922C-B7DFB6…)

Chapstick only costs $2 shay

No. 1139344

i prefer the drunk anon nudes

No. 1139347

n2f wants the recipe asap

No. 1139356

It's weird how she thinks she can $200 but hasn't gotten the $350 she needs for her hair. I bet she brought the dumbest shit too, she thinks just because something is expensive it'd look great on her and fix every flaw.

No. 1139366

nah she'll probably buy a cheap pink wig off amazon and play it off as real for about a week

No. 1139373

File: 1611346018059.jpeg (56.05 KB, 1147x718, 7B4643C2-F4B6-4EB5-95C3-28A74F…)

No. 1139376

WTF happened to her? Everytime she posts throwbacks I’m so shocked at how she used to look and that all just in a year?

No. 1139378

anon, pretty sure even she's not that delusional

No. 1139381

dumb question but pricey foundation oxidize badly? because that's all shayna use and wonky eyeliner.
remember shay on christmas? rough shit..

No. 1139384

she doesn't buy the right color regardless

No. 1139386

a year ago anons were making comparisons pics of her to the year before saying the difference was shocking. the decline just keeps getting steeper.

No. 1139390

She’s going to look like a whole other person by the end of the year, if not by this summer at the rate she is declining.

No. 1139396

she already does look like another person from now to back when she first moved in with fupa

No. 1139402

looking forward to deathfat shayna

No. 1139411

I agree, but it’s going to get a lot worse as the months go by lol.

No. 1139455

Yeah that anon was wrong, but why would she take the pic before the eggs were even cooked?? Like just snapping a pic of this pitiful meal in the middle of cooking it seems weird. People take pics when its cooked and/or plated.

No. 1139462

probably to prove she cooked for once

No. 1139468

I know she posts unflattering shit all the time because it's hard not to when you're fat and ugly, but this?? Come on. How many glasses did she have prior to think this was at all sexy and cute? She does herself dirty posting pics like this. The neck rolls, the gut, her tits look god awful, weird greasy face, etc. Delete it all, Shay.

No. 1139479

Maybe Shayna doesn't know how to cook fried eggs and is too dumb to google it.

No. 1139480

I'm not even convinced she "cooked", is it not one of these pre-prepared things she ordered in >>1137258 ? I don't know the brand to check.

Also that's a heinous amount of oil for a non-stick pan. No way did 'turkey sausage' produce that.

No. 1139483

Nice catch. It totally is. She just threw the shit in a pan to heat it up kek. And added 2 eggs. Also looks like she's just picking and choosing certain items from the meals and putting them together, not following the actual guides.(stop derailing)

No. 1139659

How is this derailing if users are already on the topic of the “meal” she made? God I hate the mods on this thread. Sorry anon.

No. 1139661

just because they weren’t all redtexted doesn’t mean they didn’t catch bans for it too. the discourse about her cooking eggs was retarded in general.

No. 1139694

Late to the party but my guess is that it's some kind of face mask, since she bought a bunch of "self care" stuff a while back. Also love how she has the bath bomb on the side of the tub and decided to just take a pic in a half empty tub of plain water, instead of dropping it in for any attempt of a semi-aesthetically pleasing pic

No. 1139696

The bathbomb looks like her butthole.

No. 1139736

I wonder how much weight she's gonna put on until she starts to beg for money to get a liposuction

No. 1139776

Ugh, lmao anon. Puking.

No. 1139845

File: 1611382475323.jpg (107.55 KB, 850x899, prepd.jpg)


this is the place she got them at, you can see them in the fridge. on the site it has the same meals.

No. 1139985

And she bought a weeks worth? Won't some of it go bad if it's already prepared and sits there for days waiting for her to eat it?

No. 1139991

Damn bitch. We all know that you're tumbling downhill, but do you really have to speedrun it?

No. 1140001


Relatively new to this horrorcow. Let's just get a reminder of how she actually wants cheemsburgers. What a shitshow. I have such secondhand embarrassment. I truly don't understand how one does this to themself in two years.

No. 1140078

KEK Shaytard really just ghosted her customers and just spent all day lurking on twitter and retweeting aesthetic pictures. What a lazy fat ass. She probably just ate and smoked all day.
Shayna probably will eat all of the meals in a few days, she's big.

No. 1140087


Right!? Uwu I'm such a bimbo barbie so I need a gastric bypass. Goddamn, if only lifting her wine glass to her face burned calories.

No. 1140088

her purposely acting like a child is so disgusting. she seriously acts like someone with mental retardation who needs an escort to go places. it’s not cute, it’s not quirky, it’s embarrassing.

No. 1140092

Oh that was a fun and horrifying trip down memory lane kek. She looked good solely by current comparison.

No. 1140141

She sounds like an autistic Nika here kek. I hate that stupid wannabe-chola bandanna on top of that yellow brassy hair. She looks like a sissy twink. Even skinny Shayna didn’t know how to dress herself jfc

No. 1140189

File: 1611426910458.png (239.89 KB, 1080x1463, Screenshot_20210123-132408~2.p…)

I wonder if it was about fupa

No. 1140194

File: 1611427851059.png (201.56 KB, 1191x1199, Screenshot_20210123-184851~2.p…)

Twice the lady….kek

No. 1140195

>what do I not have???
well – you're fat, ugly, look like you smell, admittedly barely shower, thirst for fupa, constantly cry and whine, victimize yourself at every turn… there's plenty more. why does she act like all this is out of her control?

No. 1140196

she literally started her sex work career that way? god this bitch hates herself so much she cant even fathom who her hatred is for. at least she finally admits she never had to work hard kek

No. 1140201

Women who just post selfies where they smile and don't show their assholes have one thing you will never have: self-respect.

And maybe a good relationship with their father.

No. 1140202

>don't have support from the sex work community
it's flex culture, cope

No. 1140212

yeah because those girls know how to market themselves and are actually pretty. they don’t give out free nudes constantly for validation and attention. they make people pay to see that kind of content. you post full nudity and uncensored vids daily. instead of complaining, do fucking better.

but nah. that would require work and talent.

No. 1140213

yep, she posted nudes right when she turned 18 cos so many people were asking for them. she thought she got popular from actually being a decent sex worker, kek.

No. 1140222

This is so depressing. She really thinks she is putting out better content than anyone else because she shows her entire asshole for free on Twitter…

No. 1140243

she really doesn't know she is ugly

No. 1140256

She doesn’t seem to realize that’s a huge reason as to why she’s unsuccessful.

No. 1140259

It’s wild that she can have these moments of total self awareness and then just keep going back to posting her asshole for less then minimum wage. It’s such a sad cycle that she will never have the balls to break because she’s so goddamn lazy and incapable of being a normal adult because the internet has broken her brain

No. 1140266

She's so pathetic and embarrassing…The more available you make yourself, the more desperately you beg, the less men want you. For being such a massive pick-me, she really doesn't understand how to work scrotes.

No. 1140279

File: 1611433074439.jpeg (876.22 KB, 1242x1625, 78ED907D-355E-47E1-9243-AF9C9C…)

Kek she deleted that tweet what a loser

No. 1140281

Is there a sweetie anon who can tell me where I can read up on all the old fupa drama? I joined maybe two threads ago but I feel like i missed a huge part

No. 1140284

Lol I love just love how she keeps going on with this victim narrative of everyone hating her for no reason. As if the one time a popular sw tried to help her, she didn't shit all over her and implied she was abusive and her bf was a creep after like 2 weeks lol

No. 1140286


Read this thread that the anon linked

No. 1140288

I would start on thread #22 i think is where it started.

No. 1140289

i'm not american so not familiar with prices but how does she afford rent ? is she on welfare ?, how much do you think her apartment costs
in my country 90% of people under 35ish can afford to have a place completely to themselves

No. 1140297

I don't think any anon has confirmed how much her rent costs, but it should be pretty low since she's in the middle of bumfuck Oklahoma. It also seems more likely that her dad is sending her money to supplement her income.

No. 1140305

She's alluded several times that her rent is around $1000 (see: last thread when she said she accidentally paid rent twice in Dec and now has an extra thousand)

She's not doing amazing but with OF and MV combined, plus tips, scamming, and bank of Womack she does likely earn enough to cover rent each month. I wouldn't be surprised if her dad (or even her eVuL mom) helped her out though.

No. 1140306

File: 1611434478090.png (255.34 KB, 456x317, 96DA3DE4-56AA-4A96-931E-AFADC9…)

No. 1140313


Anon got me looking through old threads, kek at her description of Twitter sex worker community as “great and smart”

No. 1140337

bitch, you rarely get more than a few

No. 1140350

File: 1611437028029.jpeg (426.79 KB, 1242x1346, 809638E7-4CA4-485B-A1DC-C93C24…)

Ma’am you DO PORN. Also this only fuels the tinfoil she’s only fucked fupa in recent.. years? Aka booty calls of random dudes were just him.

No. 1140351

Kek we’ve all known Shayna is deep in her delusions, but this really shows me she’s at the point of no return. She doesn’t even realize how much she’s wrecked her looks and reputation. Even if by some miracle she got some sense and revamped the way she does her sex “work” she still is fucked. Why pay for the cow when you can literally see its entire asshole for free. There is literally no reason to pay for her content. She really fighting an uphill battle trying to convince people to buy her porn considering that anybody can find her content from when she was slightly better looking for free. Go home Shat, you’re fucked!

No. 1140354

>could’ve had a career as a sugar baby

Okay whatever you say bitch…

No. 1140356

She can’t have sex with people she doesn’t love?? Why share this on a sex work account? This isn’t “sexy” to coomers. Especially coomers who want to fuck you. She’s so stupid

No. 1140358

File: 1611437466144.jpeg (1.21 MB, 3464x3464, 25590832-AA99-41B4-A7FE-F4E793…)

Shayna: my content is so good. I should be getting more likes than these prude skinny bitches who just smile. I deserve money because I’m a sexy bimbo uwu. Look how sexy I am

The content Shayna posts:

No. 1140360

Shayna, there is so many drop dead gorgeous women and sugar babies on twitter and etc. They take care of themselves and looks expensive, rich coomers are looking to be around women like that. You treat yourself like a cheap garbage bag and you’re not even a 5/10. Why do you think you should get that attention and money? You’re not even charismatic in the slightest.(this is autistic)

No. 1140378

if she can't at least fake wanting to fuck people she isn't attracted to then maybe she should get a real job. she doesn't even like being a camwhore so idk why she insists that this is what she's meant to do

No. 1140382

So then was she lying about being a sugar baby to that old dude?

No. 1140385

> overshares every nasty thought that crosses her mind about other women
> overshares how much she hates her life
> posts bare-all free content (that's often better than her actual paid content)
> says shit like "don't speak to me unless you're paying me"
> "I'm not attracted to my customers"
> "Wish I could quit and move home"
> romanticizes being a weed-dependent alcoholic lazy slob with no friends
> admits to being toxic as fuck in her personal relationships

also Shayna:
> wow it's all Twitter's fault and other women's fault that no one wants to be near me, online or in person

No. 1140404

Pepperidge Farm remembers when she did a porn shoot with another woman and looked disgusted the whole time. Fuck off with the demisexual shit

No. 1140410

No she def did that - we don’t know if any “sugar” was involved though. She seemed far more preoccupied with the kink clout that came with that one.

No. 1140416

Anon that’s not what demisexual means

No. 1140420

No need to tinfoil when she posted after one of her breakups not too long ago that she’s been with him for years

No. 1140423

“Demisexual” which is a bullshit made up sexuality also implies that she would fuck both men and woman that she’s in love with. She also claims to be bisexual all the time

No. 1140430

On her porn posts. But yeah, on her personal posts and dumb non porn, she gets fuck all likes. Literally like 5 max. Even her cam and schedule posts kek

No. 1140434

shayna's not "Demisexual" she just does not like sex, she views sex as an way to get attention and to keep men like Fupa around so she's not alone.
Thats it. It's not some special sexuality.

No. 1140435

She's more like asexual

No. 1140437

No. 1140438

And she's lying about not wanting to "label" her sexuality, she's said she was bisexual and I believe she even said she was pansexual.
Why is she posting she does not like sex with people without love on her SEX work account, where she pretends to love anal and fucking men?
She's retarded

No. 1140442

It kills me how she never changed >>881423
Shayna it’s been years, improve on your porn or move back home and find a real job

No. 1140450

I do seem to remember there being a tweet where she admitted to being totally straight

No. 1140500

File: 1611443905668.jpeg (2.17 MB, 3464x3464, D9FBA29D-F27A-45E0-B43C-B54505…)

what Shayna’s delusional thoughts make her think she is vs her bleak low-income reality

Sage for non contribution and retard collage

No. 1140507

File: 1611444352590.jpeg (990.74 KB, 3464x3464, 3E446B17-707D-4BFA-AC5B-AC400F…)

She’s begging for a sugar daddy in Boston now

No. 1140511

People don't even want to pay $3 for her shit, does she think someone would pay to date her???

No. 1140512

Retard or no this is fun, anon.

No. 1140516

the way she's acting if Wormack said he'd do all this shit, no doubt she'd be dating him. She's coming off very desperate, she must've fallen out with Fupa again.

No. 1140527

She literally just said she can't be a sugar baby cause she's "demi sexual", but now asking for a sugar daddy to pay rent for a loft for her?

No. 1140528

Her parents would literally pay for her to move there

No. 1140532

I love this, thanks anon

No. 1140548

File: 1611447931010.jpg (308.86 KB, 1080x1363, Screenshot_20210123-182547_Twi…)

The comment lol

No. 1140553

Lmaoooo moving into a couples basement pt II (or III if you count dogfucker chan)
Featuring hits such as: giant teddybear in the dumpster
Sleeping on a dirty blanket on the floor

No. 1140578

File: 1611450585478.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x1757, F7F53606-5C21-4F77-BE50-7F648E…)

Kek this is the couple. Do it Shayna. Fupa doesn’t love you

No. 1140581

This would be a highly dangerous thing to ask internet randos, even if she were a high-end luxury call girl with actual friends and resources.
But Shay is very irresponsible, has at least one personality disorder, isn't very bright, and hates herself. She's gonna end up getting kidnapped for real-real someday if she keeps this shit up.

No. 1140587

Those are right in her league kek

No. 1140589

That’s because she’s retarded.

No. 1140591

Quick way to get yourself assaulted or killed. I hope shayna isnt dumb enough that she thinks this is a good idea. I doubt anyone would bite but theres a lot of creeps that would see that as a perfect opportunity to do their thing.

No. 1140601

Well her dumb ass was staying with that old dude and wife for some time

No. 1140623

yeah this is not her first rodeo whatsoever lol she literally went out of the country with fupa the first time they met

No. 1140627

File: 1611454492174.jpeg (162.27 KB, 827x1042, 1FB59FF6-40AE-4636-A810-9389E2…)

No. 1140629

put it into a real job?

No. 1140633

waow, it’s almost like making your “career” something that most of society looks down upon and that’s closely tied to child porn/trafficking was a bad idea…

No. 1140637

uhhh maybe trying to get an hobbie or an job? Or maybe put it into you're own work? Or going live, or attempting to stream games like you said?

No. 1140640

But that would require effort; not just crying while drinking cheap wine and tweeting.

No. 1140642

File: 1611455780248.jpeg (282.37 KB, 827x1428, A9AC4C71-EF29-4C56-B04E-A19FB8…)

No. 1140643

>the only interaction i get is on my nudes
if she honestly can’t understand how bleak this statement is then she has zero hope

No. 1140646

right not even her porn but her nudes, I remember just a few months ago she'd make a tweet about how "Successful" she was and thanking her followers for support.

No. 1140647

and her bragging about being able to spend money on that computer she barely uses to make money.

No. 1140662

Just fucking stream and cam consistently retard it’s not that fucking hard. New users don’t find you because you’re never live AND you’re ugly with a hidden NSFW account. You want to be on SFW Twitter. Getting on cam frequently will be good thinspo for you (and me).

No. 1140664

Agreed. I don’t think she realizes that she already had her peak in sex work. Her best option is to move home, change her name, and get a dispensary job.

No. 1140666

>relatively new
Oh boy you are in for some TREATS

welcome to the horror show anon!

No. 1140676

is this…a shred of self awareness? is she finally realizing she only gets interaction when she posts full nudity and can’t market herself for shit?

No. 1140680

she seems to only think of it as a condition, not the problem

No. 1140719

Not really. I mean, she sees that the only interaction she gets is when she shows her asshole and pus. She’s literally freaking out that she won’t be able to publicly post nudes to get attention. That’s some bleak ass shit.

I’m also howling at the fact that she’s so pissed off she gets less interaction on her nudes than a girl does on a clothed selfie, and has no idea why she’s not getting more likes. How can one be such a complete failure in every aspect of life?

No. 1140721

File: 1611463366550.jpg (369.89 KB, 1080x1164, Screenshot_20210123-224255_Twi…)


No. 1140726

Fupa living in the apartment with her confirmed? I mean she could be talking about the house he “bought her” but that was years ago

No. 1140769

File: 1611468438527.jpg (234.49 KB, 1080x897, Screenshot_20210124-000725_Twi…)

But when Fupa did it, it was "abusive"

No. 1140774

She probably found it abusive when he stopped calling her cute kek

No. 1140776

this is the 1001 time she posted this,we get it shayna can u please come up with something else? if u like bdsm so much u can imagine a lot of scenarios right?

No. 1140782

You’d think she would be over sharing old tumblr posts by now, considering how little interaction she gets on them

No. 1140799


I've never seen someone flip so much. Wasn't she just throwing a bitchfit about Belle the other day?

No. 1140817

can someone post a timeline of her weight gain?

No. 1140819

Just read through the old threads. She started gaining when she moved in with Fupa and it got worse when they broke up the first time

No. 1140823


speaking of weight gain, it will never cease to amaze me how this cow continues to blame her weight gain solely on medication

that whole story about seeing a therapist (who do not prescribe medications) who quoted tupac to her and complimented her sex work and texted her "funny" things.

and she changed the diagnosis, and claimed that she was trying a new med here and there. but would never say what the meds were

this is a girl who overshares everything, spills family secrets, outed fupa in a fit of anger and claimed he abused her, takes photos of her foods, wines, and very detailed and specific information about which new edibles or strains she's trying

yet never once even hinted about the meds

why? because there were never any meds. there are no meds. she's just a nasty fat white woman who got into her 20s and discovered that loafing around and eating junk food and getting wasted every day with literally no exercise resulted in being a landwhale in training

and she needed to somehow justify to the internet and maybe herself and came up with "i'm om meds! they made me fat!"

it still amazes me that she can't admit it, and continues to get fatter by the minute

No. 1140824

Nah, she spoke about changing medication a few months before she begun gaining weight rapidly. In earlier threads, anons speculated about what it could be and there are certain medications for managing bipolar disorder (what Shay has been diagnosed with) that do tend to cause a lot of weight gain. Her changing meds almost definitely had something to do with her ballooning up in the way she did, it’s just she refuses to take accountability for how other lifestyle factors have contributed to that as well.

No. 1140826


I like that she keeps trying to call herself "slutty" on the same account where she talks about being a demisexual who doesn't enjoy sex.

Pick one.

No. 1140842

File: 1611480420900.jpg (55.29 KB, 342x937, FB_IMG_1611480027745.jpg)

You're not special or a victim, Shay. You're an insult to the LGBTQ community you desperately try to be apart of.

No. 1140860

>I'm demisexual
>I feel overwhelmed and discouraged about sex work
>guess I'll try prostitution

No. 1140878

she gets overwhelmed & discouraged every time she's not handed shit on a silver platter. get off your ass and do something for your money like everyone else, you fuck.

>being able 2 leave dildos in whichever room i fuck myself in
so she just leaves her grimy toys laying around after she stops? no wonder they are crusted with lint & smegma if she doesn't wash them immediately after use and store them properly

No. 1140890

she has fucking sex toys on her wall, I doubt she was being neat and clean because Fupa was around, but then again, I could see that being a reason they fought, she was an slob.
Also it's real smart leaving sex toys everywhere so her dog and cat can chew on them, I doubt she cleans them often or correctly.

No. 1140921

You KNOW those toys on the wall are dusty af. And yeah, not surprising she actually does just leave them laying around. One of them literally had bite marks from Noodle. They usually have build up and pet hair on them. Its fucking disgusting. She tried to act like this was something quirky and sexy, but it's just lazy and gross.

Idk I'm kinda with you anon. Shes obsessed with Bojack and I could see her just using Diane's story line or something. Anons act like she couldn't keep up a big lie like this, but come on. She lies about everything. That inpatient stunt went down without proof too and anons speculate that was fake. I believe shes gone to therapy a handful of times. But big doubt they diagnosed her so quickly and put her on meds. Like you said, the only thing we've EVER seen of the meds is the pink pill box she thought was quirky. Never pills, no mention of what. I could completely believe it was all made up to jump on the ~bpd manic pixie dream girl~ trend for attention and also to try to excuse her shitty behavior and habits.

No. 1140965

>you are twice the lady they are

well he's not wrong, she is twice the size of them

No. 1140969

> anons speculated about what it could be and there are certain medications for managing bipolar disorder (what Shay has been diagnosed with

You’re acting like Shayna couldn’t just self diagnose and lie about taking medication. If Shayna had pills we know damn well she would be taking pictures of them in a pill container and trying to fetishize it like ~uwu bimbo baby needs pill teehee~ ~Bipolar Barbie uwu~ She also says she has BPD as well as Bipolar. Unless she thinks BPD stands for Bi Polar Disorder. She probably does because she’s a dumb fat bitch. I agree with this anon >>1140823
Shayna is a liar and there isn’t proof that she went to the psychiatric hospital or therapy or even taking meds. She just wants pity oppression points by saying she’s a bisexual, demisexual, and bipolar sex worker who was “abused” by her mother and was a sexual assault victim.

No. 1140970

File: 1611507767316.jpeg (557.61 KB, 1242x1108, 0DF661F9-FEBE-4D76-AF89-3B2BFD…)

Why is she acting like she’s trying to help by saying “be careful” ?? Shayna literally keeps making Twitter accounts despite being banned over and over again. She’s an idiot

No. 1140973

why is there an anon in every thread that swears she thinks BPD means bipolar? she claims to have both. keep up, retards.

No. 1140975

it’s because she will use them interchangeably to fit her narrative so people can pity her most.

No. 1140976

if you go back and read any discord caps where she talks about it, she distinctly mentions both

No. 1140980

woah, it’s almost like there are massive drawbacks to having your income completely reliant on social media

No. 1140996

File: 1611510217402.gif (11.46 MB, 236x275, 1604158719167.gif)

i feel like her days as a sw are numbered, shes more and more open to bashing it, shes clearly miserable, she could probably make tiktoks or be an influencer type stoner girl thing still but shes clinging so hard to something she hates doing…

No. 1141003

the way she pretends to roll her eyes back and how dead they look is so crazy.

No. 1141007

I think the therapy is the only thing with some evidence. Iirc she took a pic in the lobby and though shes probably not upheld even once month appointments, it seems like something she could actually be doing.

Notice how she only talks about her inhaler, not getting her med prescriptions filled ever. She said it like once in the very beginning. But since then she only talks about her inhaler. Seems sus.

No. 1141010

Lmao as if she could log off. It would be good for her, but she never has and never will. The most shes ever done is close the app, smoked/ate/drank booze, then opened it again.

Also she is a ban evader herself on multiple platforms. Shes on her what, 5th twitter account? Tf place does she think she has to say anything?

No. 1141011

Good template for the next thread pic.

No. 1141015

she has no hope on social media platforms because she’s not pretty and she has a shit personality

No. 1141033

I can’t believe she watched this playback and was like “yes this is sexy, this is hot content people will pay for”

No. 1141046

File: 1611513938260.jpeg (245.12 KB, 1242x873, 11A61442-E2EF-4C74-A205-2154D9…)

Shaynas new video is using a rosary as anal beads? Or fucking herself with a crucifix. Classy Shay. If the afterlife is real I hope you rot in hell, you disgusting fat bitch.

No. 1141054

Gross spoiler this

No. 1141083

Ahhh yes just keep being more of a degenerate Shay. That will fix your life. Going in the right direction.

No. 1141090

there’s been way more hardcore shit done with religious imagery. she thinks she’s a super hardcore kink pornstar when in reality she can’t suck a dick or take a paddle. idk why she doesn’t just switch and do vanilla parody porn, or quit altogether.

No. 1141130

File: 1611520534723.jpeg (310 KB, 1284x654, 34CB903A-ECE0-4A4C-9709-F63632…)

some fresh suicide bait to start your week

No. 1141133

Her porn is parody porn but she just won't admit it and market it as such. It would give it an excuse to be laughably bad and cheap though and I think she'd have more "fun".

No. 1141139


Her delusion is that all the "bloopers" she puts out make her quirky. She'll never let go of that delusion.

No. 1141212

>she could probably make tiktoks or be an influencer type stoner girl thing
Whatever sliver of relevancy Shayna had as an influencer and in the weed sphere is dead and buried. Switching personas would mean essentially starting from zero, so she'd have to put in a significant amount of effort, and we know she's incapable of that. She actively distanced herself from the "shaygnar" brand and the followers she luckily fell into under that name are on a now largely defunct platform, so there's not even a tumblr comeback for her to utilize. Imagine getting mildly e-famous for smoking weed and then falsely claiming you're allergic to it– anyone with two brain cells can tell this is a bad business move. She's doing the same thing right now by claiming she's DeMiSeXuAl as a sex worker. In regards to her miserable career in sex work, she's made her footprints extremely traceable on the web, so all her problematic missteps are one simple search away even if she pivots to a new schtick and changes her online handles. And of course, let's not forget she's ballooned into a fatty, so she's not going to get any of the followers that typical hot weed girls quickly cultivate. She's not old by any means, but she's rapidly aging out of the demographic that ~cool~ stoner girls predominantly appeal to: teens and immature creeps. Teenagers prefer to watch/interact with other teenagers, and immature, male creeps always move onto the next hot, young girl. Whatever time she had to build an online following around weed or as an influencer has mostly fleeted. Early in her internet career, she was handed a following to springboard off of on a silver platter and she chose to eschew it in favor of being a ddlg edgelord and getting low value hillbilly dick. Her smartest move would be fading into internet obscurity and building a life based in reality, but she'll never do that.

No. 1141261


woof, I didn't even think about how she literally sabotages herself on her way out of any persona she wasted so much time building. I can't even imagine how she'd rebrand herself after the massacre that's been these past few years. She'd have to change her entire identity and judging from her twitter meltdowns, she wouldn't do it for fear of having to "START OVER FROM xxxk uwu"

No. 1141274

File: 1611529183816.jpg (Spoiler Image,440.96 KB, 1080x1043, Screenshot_20210124-165953_Twi…)

Her head looks so small in the second pic

No. 1141280

File: 1611529511271.jpeg (670.26 KB, 1242x1270, 97261C71-F241-4DFF-AED1-EEC232…)

She is annoying

No. 1141287

>we know damn well she would be taking pictures of them in a pill container and trying to fetishize it
but she literally did this when she claimed to start taking meds iirc. then got called out as always and stopped showing off her uwu super cute pill case. yes she's a liar, but she's not a very good one lol. i believe she was/might still be on meds, even though she admitted to going months without taking them. that seems very believable to me with how unhinged she usually is

No. 1141288

tinfoil: the “therapist” gave her a placebo because she knows Shayna is an attention whore who wants to be diagnosed for pity points.

No. 1141307

the only thing she ever showed was a pill bottle cover, she never showed an actual rx bottle

No. 1141308

kek, in your dreams, shatna

No. 1141311

what do you mean? she’s always had naturally curly hair.

No. 1141315

her curl pattern is completely killed from the bleaching and dying and what's left is a dried-out and crunchy limp wave that she tries to hide with braids but it doesn't work. her shit's not curly any more kek

No. 1141316

Are we gonna talk about how her face and neck are edited in the right photo but not the left or what

No. 1141329

that’s illegal
i know you said tinfoil, but fuck

No. 1141338

she isn’t on meds or at least isn’t anymore. she probably faked her symptoms to the psychiatrist and told them all the basic symptoms she found via google. Shayna just wants to blame her laziness on something

No. 1141342

File: 1611533738312.jpg (680.35 KB, 1080x1807, Screenshot_20210124-181558_Twi…)

Soooo like you Shay?

No. 1141351

Like how you are being aggressive and rude after just being aggressive and shady talking about, "I put so much work in, skinny girls can just smile and get more attention! Some girls be having dirty backgrounds! it only takes a mintue! Oh a random sex worker said something i don't like, let me attack them and then delete everything when someone calls me out for misunderstanding and never apologize!"

she's saying this shady shit because she's jealous she can't get attention from being negative and doing nothing, outside of us.

No. 1141357

File: 1611534830444.jpeg (619.67 KB, 1242x1132, 4B1E6531-E156-4810-BEAA-5FD835…)

No. 1141369

I don't doubt she has symptoms, but I don't think you can diagnose someone who's high 24/7 for years with anything. Weed isn't a hard drug like Heroin but it still messed with your mood, motivation and brain chemistry in general

No. 1141382

Those tweets about texting her dad are deleted now

No. 1141393


why would you post this on your work account lol. no one wants to watch porn in which the creator is miserable and hating every second of it

No. 1141398

her face just looks like she had anal seepage from taking diet pills

No. 1141407

File: 1611539363599.jpeg (212.81 KB, 1242x509, BAFC7F36-1185-4FAB-9C5B-556328…)

>In b4 she dirty deletes this as well

No. 1141408

But doesn't put trigger warnings on her incest porn? Or her kidnapping shit?

No. 1141410

File: 1611539854630.jpg (222.73 KB, 1080x1193, 20210124_205617.jpg)

The lack of self awareness is astonishing. Also this girl needs to just accept that the sex work community wants nothing to do with her.

No. 1141412

Ah. The seductive, classic pose where you hike your meaty shoulders up to your ears and tuck back your triple chins so they envelop your neck. Does she like…look at her pictures before she posts them? She’s so worried about Muh Sexworker Social Media Bans ruining her “career” but just getting on cam looking how she does is bound to doom it before she gets banned again.

No. 1141413

this is actually her. again with calling everyone "bitches" is this just her trying to talk in AAVE like she does in her fucking retarded tweets, or does she really just think she's so great that she can call all other sex workers bitches? I thought you wanted them to be your friends so badly, fatass?

No. 1141434

This has been posted already

No. 1141435


If only she had a single girlfriend to share these sort of thoughts with instead of her Sex Work twitter full of coomers and the remaining leaches.

No. 1141443

File: 1611541776885.jpeg (238.09 KB, 1242x622, A9AF9343-C7CA-4DA3-9F03-B0DF62…)

I thought the point of the subscription was the videos and pictures but you gotta buy more on top of the five dollar fee?

No. 1141444

File: 1611541818505.jpeg (306.68 KB, 1242x567, 02331F74-DC28-4250-9C1E-BE83FE…)

No. 1141451

Wow it's almost as if completing a goal releases serotonin. If she could get up and at least do the bare minimum instead of sitting on her ass eating all day maybe she wouldn't be as depressed and broke.

No. 1141453

She's so annoying


(Sorry for posting the link, I'm having trouble with my screen recording app)

No. 1141463

File: 1611544031778.jpeg (50.79 KB, 249x274, BC19DBA8-F189-41DE-BCCC-E17E7A…)

She doesn’t have a chin anymore oh my god

No. 1141467

File: 1611544354310.jpeg (917.1 KB, 3464x3464, 4C927D21-1D21-4C91-8C74-960A8A…)

Lardy Fattel

No. 1141468

I still can't believe she posts things like this and doesn't see how unflattering and stupid she looks. It's like this girl TRIES to come off as retarded. It's not uwu ~dumb bimbo~ Shay. Even if you were attractive, it's still just straight up uncomfortably cringy.

No. 1141469

File: 1611544497382.jpeg (357.75 KB, 1242x1496, 01F3EC67-60D4-49BF-94DD-652BF6…)

I don’t care if this is a nitpick but Shayna needs to brush ribs fur Jesus Christ she looks like a homeless cat

No. 1141471

omg that poor cat looks like it has mattes everywhere

No. 1141472

File: 1611544703509.jpeg (Spoiler Image,933.41 KB, 3464x3464, E4D267BF-67D6-4F18-A58C-444C42…)

No. 1141474

she looks like donald trump and a wanna be trans woman all at once. it’s astonishing.

No. 1141475

File: 1611544913005.jpeg (122.75 KB, 590x332, 7CB3209B-D4D5-4D22-ACD1-D50AD2…)


No. 1141476

Damn, pretty soon she won't be able to reach her own asshole. What's she gonna fumble around with for pocket change when that happens?

No. 1141477

File: 1611545081990.png (88.91 KB, 390x363, Untitled.png)

oh no lmao where did her lips go

No. 1141478

Donald Trump lips kek

No. 1141480

Gotta thank Shay for always providing the best inspiration to make sure I work out.

Somehow every new video or picture she posts is worse than the last, and I don't know how she can look at herself and be like "this is fine".

No. 1141485

I don’t consider that nitpick. Longhaired cats need to be brushed regularly and quite often, it’s nearing animal abuse.

No. 1141489

…I started to get serious about losing quarantine weight and lost just over ten pounds because of her last thread. kek all of the anons are going to hit their goals while she hits 225

At least she’s good for some type of inspiration(no1curr)

No. 1141512

BRUSH YOUR CAT, SHAY jesus look at that poor fur

No. 1141567

that's the whole point of $3-5 subscriptions, the money is in the pay to view content.

No. 1141615

Her eyes look like she's dead inside.

No. 1141631

oh my god this is making me very uncomfortable why is she allowing the dildo that's been in her ass to swipe over her vagina multiple times that's one easy way to catch a UTI.

No. 1141698

Looks like your typical Eastern European hardened middle aged woman, minus the eyelashes. Kek

No. 1141748

File: 1611591091923.jpg (457.74 KB, 1080x1283, Screenshot_20210125-101114_Twi…)

They all expire by the end of the week

No. 1141755

I honestly believe Shay is too retarded to freeze some and actually know how to defrost them properly.

No. 1141773

File: 1611593240136.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1284x2146, A7EAE0A9-34AA-488A-BA33-55DCC7…)

rumor mongering? kek, she doesn’t even know how to use the term mongering properly.

also shayna just the other day you were feeding into these rumors and posting about it so stfu.

No. 1141774


never ceases to amaze me how the majority of these OF girls cannot make the association between their depression and degrading themselves for shekels.

No. 1141776

File: 1611593425821.jpeg (Spoiler Image,746.92 KB, 1284x1125, 2A887F16-CC7B-45C1-BDA1-F54C8F…)

that bear used to make her look small. now she looks gigantic next to it.

No. 1141781

no wonder this bitch is broke lmao
if she's really spending $50 a day on take out, she's spending like $1500 a month at least on food alone jfc dude rofl even if she just spent $90 a week on these prepped meals, $360 a month on one person is so absurd. This bitch can't even get folks to engage with her content and she wants $300 haircuts/dye, take out almost every meal, and $200 sephora shopping sprees? in the middle of a pandemic? KEK. She's more delusional than i initially thought

does she purposely tuck her chin in to make her neck rolls more prominent and repulsive looking or does she really just not notice until we point it out?

She looks like a rodent in the bottom pic lmfao i'm dead.

No. 1141791

her thigh fat looks like a second ass

No. 1141793

my bet is on her eating them all by wednesday.

loving the momokun cosplay shay, youve even managed to get her back rolls right

No. 1141796

She's mad that she has to post her asshole on a public twitter account, while pretty girls keep their NSFW stuff behind a paywall.

No. 1141797

I'm sorry but her veiny tit is freaking me out, are we sure this is normal?(titpick)

No. 1141798

Not again

No. 1141808

Gonna laugh if her account gets taken down

No. 1141809


my bet is all that food is GONE by thurday. she's gonna inhale it before the weeks over.

No. 1141828

Nah anon you're reaching.

No. 1141830

what the fuck anon

No. 1141833

You're fucking retarded if you think some hambeast with a dirty teddy bear resembles a baby photoshoot.

No. 1141836

Her account is definitely gonna get taken down kek. She’s already been suspended multiple times and Twitter has been purging tons of accounts, even normie accounts, the past few weeks. She’s technically van evading as it is. I’m gonna laugh my ass off when it happens because she thinks she’s special enough not to follow the rules. Wonder what she’ll do when she gets permabanned? It’s not like she has any other advertising channels left

No. 1141839

Anon please don’t compare this greasy hamplanet to an innocent baby. Shayna would probably be flattered by it because she’s a sick pedo

No. 1141842

File: 1611596873510.jpeg (264.7 KB, 1200x1200, 2E0E14CF-0956-4412-8365-C37DE8…)

I am sorry, I couldn’t help it

No. 1141845

File: 1611597065109.jpeg (110.63 KB, 828x1481, 261DFA60-1145-45A1-B009-55E284…)

please don’t ban me, but when i edited i noticed her double chin face looks like a thumb

No. 1141848

File: 1611597237030.jpeg (176.03 KB, 1242x1265, 96F1C853-6829-4A46-984A-9DEAA7…)

Shayna Trump

No. 1141850

File: 1611597474303.jpeg (152.16 KB, 828x1193, 0173BBD9-66F1-40B7-9C04-BBF00C…)

looking like a toe person from spy kids kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1141861

can you guys stop with the fan art? it’s getting autistic.

No. 1141862

File: 1611598415593.jpeg (171.5 KB, 1242x1050, 71A0F6F5-4442-4E95-A016-11A31F…)

No. 1141876

File: 1611599700601.jpg (Spoiler Image,527.98 KB, 1079x1192, Screenshot_20210125-123509_Twi…)

And the ass boil is back

No. 1141879

the second shot looks like a troon pissing

No. 1141881

it will never cease to amaze me how someone can have such a fat ass yet no ass at all kek. turns out wearing super tight, unwashed clothes from bangladesh made from polyester and sweating in them gives you assne

No. 1141886

she’s really trying with the 2 sizes too small look to try and suck all the fat in.

No. 1141889

I love how the lace background just magically disappears around her legs lol

No. 1141891

Anon I'm high and hsvent laughed this hard in weeks bless you

No. 1141893

lol I think you mean how can someone be such a fat ass and have no ass. Shay's got a bad case of no ass at all. You can even see how hard she tries in the second picture to make it look like there's something there other than a flat surface. Hunched over, legs bent, she's fooling no one except her stupid simps.

No. 1141897

It's fucking disgusting that she doesn't wear underwear to the gym. I know she never wears it, but going commando to the gym specifically is so gross. And you know she doesn't wash her gym clothes before re-wearing them.

No. 1141901

File: 1611602062253.png (2.69 MB, 1922x2048, Screenshot_20210125-141141.png)

that's a wobbly fuckin leg shoop

No. 1141904

Shayna never talks about washing her clothes/doing laundry. It’s so disgusting how dirty she is. Those leggings probably smell like damp sushi

No. 1141916

I swear it's starting to seem like Downy Fattel herself comes here every thread to derail about her zombie tit. Viens and asymmetrical tits are normal, but there is probably something weird with hers, BUT we have nothing to go on and the tinfoils have been said enough. Just drop it.

She IS literally ban evading. This is her 3rd or 4th twitter at least. Same with her Snapchat.

No. 1141924

oh my fucking god can she stop with this ~uwu bipolar~ shit like i know neutral and mixed episodes exist but this is literally not how bipolar disorder works. and if the overused ‘bipolar express’ meme is her attempt at a joke, it’s pretty distasteful of someone who claims to be such a mental health advocate desu
no doubt she’s mentally ill, the mania reeks of BPD and her substance abuse disorder is on display 24/7 but jesus if she wants to play pretend as bipolar that bad, she could at least read up on how it actually manifests kek

No. 1141930

Those posts aren't fan art, they're memes. Potentials for thread pics.
Fan art is when those weirdos take time to try to edit her pics to make her look "better".

No. 1141949

File: 1611605731014.png (Spoiler Image,1.64 MB, 1284x1125, ewewew.png)

Are those dirt spots? Bruises? And what's with the top line? It looks like a fat fold but it doesn't make sense for a fat fold to be right there.

No. 1141957

> toe people
leave the thumb-thumbs out of this and at least learn to sage before you do them such disrespect

she has such weird fat distribution, she's always got an extra flap or two around her armpits. I wonder if it's from squeezing into children's clothes for years

No. 1141968

File: 1611606919965.jpeg (126.44 KB, 828x847, 3765FB2F-A804-4564-89FC-563C79…)

No. 1141969

On today's things that didnt happen. If it was somehow a creepy coomer and did do that, it's unprofessional af and he needs to be fired. But let's be real, she made it up like usual. Such a loser.

No. 1141971

Because she knew his exact age and a driver would blatantly hit on a nasty girl like Shay on the job.

No. 1141976


No. 1141987

File: 1611608154042.jpeg (874.27 KB, 1284x1752, 12711591-3383-448A-B4F5-C6BD59…)

kek, uber responded

No. 1141992

People who actually get hit on don't need to make a special announcement every single time it happens

No. 1141994

Leave it to Shayna to brag about sexual harassment. Most women would be nervous and upset if they were hit on by their uber driver.

No. 1142000

Uber thinking Shay is talking about being sexually harassed by one of their drivers when really she was trying to brag because she thinks she exudes such sex appeal

No. 1142009

And this delusional bitch would probably call most women man-hating crazy feminists for being uncomfortable in that situation. Shatna is such an obnoxious pick me, it’s almost poetic Justice that she’s totally destroyed herself in only a few years for the fleeting attention of horny scrotes. She did it to her goddamn self kek not meds, not Fupa, not other sex workers, she can’t shift the blame anywhere else but back on herself.

No. 1142020

File: 1611611470268.png (51.39 KB, 450x300, 74F64648-1820-4D35-8C96-08818E…)


No. 1142026

File: 1611612204016.jpeg (811.07 KB, 1242x1447, A04D2B1A-8DA7-467B-A77C-E3EEED…)

I think your phone knows you’re a porky hamplanet
Also why is she sexualizing a hello kitty plush she’s such a pedo

No. 1142036

don't lewd hello kitty, whore

No. 1142042

File: 1611613235863.jpg (166.1 KB, 1079x706, Screenshot_20210125-162041_Twi…)

Is she really ordering food when she just showed her pre made meals?

No. 1142056

lol fatty mattel ate all of her prepackaged meals in one day (i'm joking but then again.. it is honestly possible.) how brave of her, ensuring nothing goes to waste.

No. 1142111


i predict another boils saga from her wearing dirty leggings with no panties. ew.

No. 1142112

I love how this post complains about people creating new, useless labels such as demisexual just to feel special (which I absolutely agree with) but then it lists pansexual, a sexuality that is literally just bisexual for people who don't know what bisexual means and/or want to feel special

No. 1142121

Lolllll she didn’t respond knowing she’s full of shit and slander. Tweet gonna be deleted soon. I fcking hate this fat whore, enables men to continue believing that sexual harassment is a compliment.

No. 1142302

Slight medfag but that looks a whole lot like acanthosis nigricans. It's a skin discoloration obese people get that is typically indicative of diabetes. It's usually found in folds like the back of the neck and in armpits. Shayna diabetes saga incoming?

No. 1142316

I think pulled pork was one of the meals she ordered.

The top line is a fat fold, it looks like she photoshopped the back roll out but left that fold there for some reason.

No. 1142614

File: 1611683575143.png (455.93 KB, 750x1334, 641C523B-58CA-4D91-996F-538FAB…)

you guys reckon this is shay? the age matches up

No. 1142615


Not to mention shes had an ED before

No. 1142618

and she just said she has a hand fetish

No. 1142623

She never had an ed. She just made that shit up for oppression points. This is not her. I doubt she has ever played mass effect.

No. 1142625

It’s not her typing style. Doesn’t read like shayna to me.

No. 1142627

File: 1611684795221.jpg (Spoiler Image,451.19 KB, 1080x1448, Screenshot_20210126-121324_Twi…)

What happened to keeping your OF at $5?

No. 1142638


she probably needs validation so she’ll lower the price in hopes that more people will subscribe

No. 1142653

anyone willing to buy her onlyfans needs their fucking eyes checked

No. 1142659

if shayna had an anorexia sideblog she would've stopped shoveling food in her mouth a while ago. at this point i don't even think she has the self-control to fall into an ED.

No. 1142675

b-but anon, anorexia works differently for everyone! /s

No. 1142701

i doubt shay has ever even heard of mass effect either kek

No. 1142708

kek you'd think she would get the hint when no-one wants even her free shit

No. 1142712

File: 1611690195192.png (86.11 KB, 908x606, 2021-01-26 14_43_35-Window.png)

preview of her new video (including trigger warning?)


No. 1142713

Watching the trailer, it's not blackmail. It's more rape fantasy

No. 1142714

File: 1611690371903.jpg (493.79 KB, 1079x1195, Screenshot_20210126-134452_Twi…)

No. 1142721

Why does she insist on writing these super long not necessary descriptions

No. 1142726

I don't frequent this thread so sorry for the dumb question but, is this really her set-up? It's looks too neat, and the photo is so grainy. Also, why would a camgirl have a gamer setup

No. 1142728

Cause she hopped on the kawaii gamer girl train trying to go viral. And it's clean because she never uses it

No. 1142732

Its her set up, you can tell because of the ugly and stupid stuffed animal she has included. And she got it because she is stupid and though she could make tooons of money streaming on twitch, only to never actually stream

No. 1142737

I didnt even want to read it for the laugh. It's just a fucking wall of text. She needs to break it up at least and proof read.

The vid was even worse though. The description, sure, I could see the appeal but the actual vid was awful acting and ruined the "fantasy" completely. She should have gone more parody lol it's the only time her vids are passably bad.

No. 1142746

this gives mega rape vibes

No. 1142748

She's not 24

No. 1142786

Really didn't even do a convincing job of that. It was just awkward and her fucking herself with the dildo in her hand like every other vid.

No. 1142788

File: 1611694027432.jpg (305.47 KB, 1079x970, Screenshot_20210126-144707_Twi…)

Hilarious that she liked this, when she has said multiple times "she's not like other girls"

No. 1142789

Ol' crusty lips at it again.
Also noticed she hasnt been doing her huge wonky eyeliner wings lately.

No. 1142811

File: 1611695495660.jpeg (27.16 KB, 215x274, D9E0948D-70EB-4BE4-9637-E4EA85…)

>I could see the appeal

No. 1142812

why does she want to be raped so bad? she has a kiki level fixation with it except she doesn't write fanfic 'condemning' it. psychotic pick me behavior

No. 1142814

File: 1611695605558.jpeg (326.99 KB, 701x664, 79C56E4A-7425-4800-8498-06EBD9…)

Shayna is just so ugly

No. 1142825

File: 1611695962285.jpeg (99.24 KB, 1159x649, D131F5CB-A403-48B1-A3AE-C1D976…)

I literally lol’d at the first frame when I clicked on the trailer kek what an awkward, not sexy face. The video isn’t as bad as the description, but that’s because it’s Shayna and she’s so deeply unsexy and bad at acting. The fact that she wrote that fantasy out though…..just vile, I fucking hate her.

No. 1142826

she's busting out that sweater that she wears every video, I guess she just ran off with the money meant for her hair.

No. 1142829

nlogs like her are very eager to claim they're not

No. 1142832

File: 1611696221114.png (105.28 KB, 650x493, Screenshot 2021-01-26 at 2.21.…)

Another day, another set of unrealistic goals that she'll inevitably fail to live up to.

No. 1142833

File: 1611696224559.jpeg (1.2 MB, 2999x3999, FA2B2CEB-D9F9-4ABD-A6D9-3750C6…)

The faces Shayna makes are so ugly but then again it’s hard to be attractive when you’re ugly

No. 1142834

it’s also hilarious that it’s supposed to be POV but it’s shot like the person answering the door is the height of a child compared to shay, kek. she shot it so she’s looking DOWN at the person she answered the door for.

so detail oriented this one.

No. 1142836

Of course she still supports traffickinghub. Fat ugly piece of shit

No. 1142837

the second pic on the right makes it look like she has no top teeth

No. 1142838

Maybe he’s a midget church-goer anon kek

No. 1142839

No. 1142843

holy shit why is this thread so obsessed with this womack dude?! he’s just another retarded customer, they’re not dating or fucking you weirdos.

No. 1142844

thread pic material

No. 1142848

the third pic on the right, meme that shit with her looking at a diet plan or something

No. 1142854

Damn, full length. What is she going to make people pay for at this point?

No. 1142856

File: 1611697344123.jpeg (Spoiler Image,324.69 KB, 1207x2208, 7D778356-D7E7-4279-A0D3-97313C…)

Shayna is posting her old content for free on pornhub. With hits such as faux piercing hitler mustache, and the iconic fat-ass tank top
Forgot to spoiler and add pic I’m dumb

No. 1142857

She looks like ted cruz

No. 1142862

KEK anon
I can see it. The beady eyes, the thin lips, and huge nose. She resembles Ted a lot

No. 1142863

Big doubt that Shay has ever played mass effect.

No. 1142933

File: 1611703264318.jpeg (Spoiler Image,967.88 KB, 1170x2326, A6FC49AC-CFB9-4901-908D-531549…)

Kek. The comment left on this video.

No. 1142939

She looks like she could be Momokun's little sister or something.

No. 1142969

It's hilarious that this big-nosed hog says she's hotter than everyone else cause she's legit one of the ugliest cows on this site.

Also. Where's that pink hair she begged $350 for?

No. 1142984

File: 1611707176608.jpeg (98.13 KB, 1242x427, 0ECA62D2-45B4-4027-8277-CEC985…)

Kek anon I found another one that was funny

No. 1142993

We all know she won't post any newer videos on PH because she won't be able to handle the comments about her weight

No. 1142996

lol i looked at their profiles to make sure they weren't cowtippers and they appear to be legit. it's a shame she assumes all negative feedback is from us, if she believed actual scrotes wrote these she would definitely be more serious about losing weight

No. 1142997

Not every person you stumble upon on the internet with the name shayna, is Shayna Clifford. Use your brain a little. Correct me if I’m wrong but our shayna is not 24? And this sounds absolutely nothing like her? The autism, christ

No. 1143001

>our Shayna
why did this make me laugh

No. 1143004

shayna will be 24 in june or july i believe, so yeah it probably isn't her. i doubt she'd ever lie about being older than she is kek

No. 1143007

She’s our little (big) cow to protect :’)

No. 1143018


damn these pornhub coomers are vicious.

No. 1143028

I thought the septum was hitler mustache kek

No. 1143058

Ahhh good ol goth hitler

No. 1143059

that was the joke when she first came out with it

No. 1143065

p. sure our shay cow also called an anon “baby hitler” back in the old tumblr days responding to an ask. Forever classy.

No. 1143075

she did but what i’m saying is we said it looked like a hitler stache, not her

No. 1143079

File: 1611718817107.png (379.98 KB, 750x1334, A7BDD3EC-C884-41F0-BB8D-70BDC4…)

>my haters

No. 1143082

She's so delusional if she thinks these are only "haters" down voting her videos. And it's pretty pathetic to beg your "friends" to like your videos

No. 1143085

muh haters
Does she not know this site isn’t scrotes? Most normal women don’t have pornhub accounts to downvote it. Men don’t like you Shayna. You’ll never get picked you ugly fat hick

No. 1143087

That’s literally what I said when I posted a screenshot of her pornhub reuploads learn to read anon

No. 1143089

looking like Jason r Womack in the top thumbnail

No. 1143091

I would assume most farmers are against pornhub, so why would they make accounts just to downvote her? She made those videos free for a reason cause they didnt sell good obviously. It's obvious people just dont like her weird porn.

No. 1143094

Plus I don't think many of us even follow the link
We just look at screens on here. She doesn't need us haters to lower her score

No. 1143165

Shayna's patrons are probably all manlets.

No. 1143196

I think it’s just other girls not from lolcow a
that do porn therefore have an account

No. 1143207

I’d put money on her not getting on cam once this week

No. 1143271

File: 1611747362272.jpeg (115.46 KB, 1242x866, 91894300-F6DF-4551-AC6A-E8A3FE…)

a comment on her bro-job video kek

No. 1143299

I feel like she’s going to go on a sperg about how we’re all evil and triggering her

No. 1143324

And the comment has 18 likes, ouch.

No. 1143327

I don't frequent porn sites, so maybe I'm wrong but these sound like farmers. Scrotes will masturbate to anything and I don't think they would spend their time commenting on something they didn't like, instead of moving on to the next video to get their coom asap

No. 1143331

Well, men love to make unsolicited comments about women's bodies, and a lot of the scrotes who frequent pornhub probably really enjoy putting porn actresses down, even though the scrote themselves is the one jerking off to their videos. They could be farmers but I think it's just as likely they're genuine site users who are used to their #bimbos having a very particular body type that isn't anything like Shay's pasty fridge body.

No. 1143342

I second what the other anons + what >>1143331 said. I dont think farmers has pornhub accounts. Men writing things about women isn’t that shocking. I also think it would be weird for anons to write this on PH when we have a whole thread for her, and if they really wanted they could just tweet it at her.

No. 1143348

Guys can be vicious. They'll jack off to a video and happily leave a comment meant to humiliate/degrade the person in it, it's just what they do. Especially on a site notorious for the stuff that PH is. I doubt PH has any sort of comment moderation/rules like other 'friendlier' places have, otherwise they wouldn't be in so much trouble for the downright illegal content they host and profit off of.

No. 1143386

>implying men don’t actively hate and put down women they coom to
Kek men shit on their own wife’s bodies, you think they won’t nitpick whores?

No. 1143422

File: 1611765415137.jpg (349.69 KB, 1080x1293, Screenshot_20210127-103714_Twi…)

Yeah, ok Shay

No. 1143433

>I don't think they would spend their time commenting on something they didn't like
I'm guessing you don't know what sad panda is. I've never seen such organised austism and it's all for porn.

No. 1143446

that didn't happen what the fuck LMAO the uber sex offender was more convincing keep trying fat ugly pig.
U guys think her trainer already found her porn? or shay is so bland and whatever irl that no one would ever take the time to google her up?

No. 1143468

File: 1611768380456.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1284x1357, EFB8A3BC-A37A-44C4-8E5D-11D8E0…)

Shayna, for the love of god, you don’t need supplements.

No. 1143469

File: 1611768502983.jpeg (536.2 KB, 1284x1283, 8038D4F3-283E-4804-ADB7-91D552…)

lol look at her posting proof. she’s so fucking transparent. shit like this is why no one believes she’s taking meds and shit because she always posts proof. she loves lolcow.

No. 1143470

kek this bitch is going to just keep getting fatter and fatter. She really doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together anymore, does she?

No. 1143471

and everybody clapped

No. 1143476

why does this just make me think shay’s annoying ass is always trying to reschedule because of “muh mental health”, and the trainer is trying to keep her to her booked timeslot

No. 1143480

File: 1611769523141.jpg (Spoiler Image,510.51 KB, 1079x1068, Screenshot_20210127-114511_Twi…)

No. 1143483

This is like the last time she bought a shit ton of protein powder and didn't use it

No. 1143484

She can't even drink water when she's exercising. Gross.

No. 1143487

making yourself knock knee'd doesn't make you an ass shayna, you flat ass bitch.

No. 1143489

this outfit is so bad on her. she looks like a melted laffy taffy

No. 1143491

What is wrong with the lighting or is it just the pink washing her out? Took me a minute to work out what I was looking at

No. 1143492

It's literally her trainer's job and she just wants to keep a client. Shayna out here acting like they're best friends. Kinda pathetic.

No. 1143495

not american, is it normal to text with your trainer?

No. 1143500

depends. also everyone can stop announcing they're not american kek, a lot of us aren't.

No. 1143511

If I'm not mistaken she spent like $200-300 on that particular supplement haul. She's purely materialistic. Nothing motivates her but money, and she'll spend up to $2k thinking she can just buy things to fix her current problems.

No. 1143515

I stg lately every thread I follow there’s an anon announcing theyre not American. We don’t care.

Also, from experience and knowledge from others, it’s totally normal to text your personal trainer.

No. 1143519

Why has she turned grey?

No. 1143526

The shade of pink is extremely unflattering, she's delusional to keep using that color

No. 1143528

Yeah, this kind of shit really adds to evidence the inpatient thing was a huge charade and the meds aren't real. She will post proof just to "stick it to lolcow" like this blatantly. But she's got nothing for those things. A big pink pill case that was probably 5 bucks on Amazon isn't proof.
She never posted solid proof about her "daddy" of last year either because it turned out to still be Fupa kek

No. 1143529

is she trying to blackface or something wtf is her skin

No. 1143530

that's probably pink wine in that bottle lmao

No. 1143540

She doesn’t talk like an absolute retard when interacting with irl humans. I’m sure her trainer sees stuff like this all the time, and Shayna thinking it’s because she cares about her and not because she doesn’t want to waste time/money is pathetic. I bet she’s a very annoying client to work with—whiny, unmotivated, aesthetics over function.
Girl…what the fuck, she can’t even take supplements without making them literal JUNK food! Get an RX or Quest bar, god damn. Sour Straw BCAAs have my head spinning.

No. 1143559

Good lord her ass looks so gross.

No. 1143562

literally everything with her has to be cookies and candy and the thought of having candy immediately before or after working out makes me feel sick

No. 1143577

File: 1611777225191.png (Spoiler Image,2.06 MB, 828x1792, B1F42CA0-80C6-404E-AD4E-778F51…)

OF anon here, those arms tho

No. 1143585

So is she going to take a picture of her flat ass everytime she goes to the gym?

No. 1143588

this looks weirdly manly

No. 1143589

her skin is really weirding me out

No. 1143591

File: 1611778381323.jpg (373.53 KB, 1080x1184, Screenshot_20210127-141318_Twi…)

No. 1143592

File: 1611778440049.jpg (176.13 KB, 1080x887, Screenshot_20210127-141404_Twi…)

Get ready for the disaster

No. 1143600

Oh my god anon it probably is

No. 1143604

Does she not own a ring light? Not even nitpicking, her skin tone looks frightening.
Also, does she not own another…perhaps less fucking stupid workout outfit kek. I know having her tits out for non-consenting parties is her thing, but if she’s doing any serious work in the gym, that shirt cannot be functional.

No. 1143605

She owns a ring light and I think a box light

No. 1143613

Her choices are so questionable

No. 1143618

That’s one of those influencer popular gym outfits, you see instagram thots wear it a lot.

No. 1143626

they were also wildly popular on tiktok, everyone was saying how the pattern makes your butt look amazing no matter how flat. kek

No. 1143711

She probably never washed this outfit after the first wear and has her old pussy and ass sweat since she never wears underwear. This bitch is so fucking grody. Like, just wear some fucking underwear, you unhygienic retard. How did her parents fail this miserably.

No. 1143717

Shes not even wearing a sports bra since she loves showing off her cocktail sausage nipples but lets all keep the nitpicks coming

No. 1143724

>cocktail sausage nipples
Oh my god anon

No. 1143733

File: 1611786561621.png (672.93 KB, 750x1334, E4D4C24D-C3F9-49B3-AC66-86A87F…)

is this bitch really consistently eating over $150 worth of food a week? jfc

No. 1143741

>Not wearing a sports bra

That's also gross. But it's just extra gross when Shay's bottoms are probably coated in the seepage of 3 orifices that are abused on the reg.

No. 1143774

>3 orifices

uh anon are you suggesting her pee hole is leaking and saying she “abuses” it, or do you think she pees from her clit?

No. 1143778

Omg she reminds me of those girls in my old high school that walked about pigeon toed thinking they were hot shit when their stomach stuck out more than their flat ass.

No. 1143811

>cocktail sausage nipples
I’m losing it anon thank you for this

No. 1143828

>$60 on extra groceries
On top of a full week of meal preps, probably for lunch and dinner. Even if it is just one or the other, if she was serious about losing weight she wouldn’t need to spend $60 on food on top of meals she already has laid out for her. She is so fat, like physically and spiritually.

No. 1143839

Just because it’s “popular” doesn’t mean it’s not ugly. That outfit is hideous. Even if Shayna got it in different colors, it would look ugly. She looks like a giant piece of cooked salmon. I hate the texture of it, makes me want to barf

No. 1143849

It's sad that literally every single photo on Twitter she posts has to have her ass and tits out. That's really all she has made herself worth and she knows it by now.

No. 1143854

yeah she just mentioned those were the only pics that get any interaction the other day

No. 1143894

File: 1611797539000.jpg (227.34 KB, 1080x692, Screenshot_20210127-174945_Twi…)

So this means it'll be extra cringe

No. 1143917

Looked at the MV upload rules. I'm guessing it's an abduction or maybe knife play. Unless shes gonna drink her piss but I dont think shes that hardcore of a degenerate freak yet.

No. 1143918

File: 1611799541965.png (1.31 MB, 1440x1866, Screenshot_20210127-190306~2.p…)

Wonder if this is why they reached out..

No. 1143950

It's well known that basically anyone can apply to be an Uber driver and become one.

If Shay's story were true, it's disgusting how she's tryna pass it off as a compliment.

Either report this creepy cunt or shut the fuck up

No. 1143957

File: 1611803075539.jpg (Spoiler Image,534.08 KB, 1080x1398, Screenshot_20210127-210443_Twi…)

No. 1143959

File: 1611803102383.jpg (Spoiler Image,522.23 KB, 1080x1136, Screenshot_20210127-210407_Twi…)

So a wanna be E girl porn?

No. 1143961

File: 1611803150106.jpg (715.78 KB, 1079x1587, Screenshot_20210127-210425_Twi…)


No. 1143963

Her headphones are on her cheeks wtf

No. 1143967

Holy shit the facetune on these photos. I think the pornhub comments have her feeling insecure, kek.

No. 1143968

Is her breast going necrotic

No. 1143972

the editing in her face is absolutely hilarious.

No. 1143973

She Meito'd her face so much, but that hook nose is hilarious. Her tits look horrendous. She should have covered them. Idk why she mashes them together and wont edit the viens a little.

Also wondering what's so fetish-y about this that she can only put it on PH??

No. 1143976

probably nothing. she thinks she does hardcore stuff but none of it really is. it just winds up being gross try hard bullshit.

No. 1143979

there is a mic tho

No. 1143980

They have a mic, on the right side in the photo. It pulls out.

No. 1143982

I didn’t notice the little nub at first, i’m so used to the ones worn by other streamers. do you think she’s ever going to stream?

No. 1143983

File: 1611803997465.jpg (Spoiler Image,686.99 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210127_221557.jpg)

I can't say necrosis but they've gotten worse.

No. 1143984

this bitch sharpens her nasty ass veins on purpose can we move on now

No. 1143985

wtf is with those blaire white looking eyebrows? these are some of the worst selfies she's ever uploaded
it's been stated that she edits them to look more prominent in some of her pics

No. 1143986

we have confirmed that she purposely edits them for lolcow.

No. 1143995

She deleted this kek

No. 1143998

When she pushes her tongue against her teeth it makes it look like she’s missing teeth kek.

She Meitu’d herself a single chin, smoothed her skin to CGI status, shortened her nose and shrank her forehead for some reason.

No. 1144007

File: 1611806787220.jpeg (1.12 MB, 3464x3464, 01FA9052-3D6B-4C3C-8CB1-7A850E…)

Why is Shayna going to post these heavily edited pictures
When her customers know she’s a big nosed hog with double chins? You can see in her videos that she looks nothing like these edited photos??
Added a salad for you anon kek

No. 1144012

File: 1611807314854.jpg (34.15 KB, 476x333, Screenshot_20210128-051235__01…)


No. 1144019

my dumb ass thought she had lipgloss on, should've known she wouldn't dare.

No. 1144021

File: 1611808092591.jpg (Spoiler Image,694.88 KB, 1080x1869, Screenshot_20210127-222822_Twi…)

No. 1144030

i have so much secondhand embarrassment right now

No. 1144033

literal retard face in the top right, like… wtf?

No. 1144034

File: 1611808875458.png (301.45 KB, 750x1334, F863A148-63C1-46D2-92C2-DE8852…)

why does she think this is necessary

No. 1144039

if you guys are going to try to be funny then put in more than 1% effort kek

No. 1144040

File: 1611809026144.png (127.46 KB, 1184x392, Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 11.4…)

will she really tho

No. 1144043

She looks like a special needs kid with those giant headphones on kek.

No. 1144048

I think she will. She’s realizing how much of a failure she is and she seems like she’s in panic mode. I don’t think she will cam thurs-sat or whatever she claimed she would do. Or she will attempt to, but pixie will sabotage her again by telling her to take it easy kek

No. 1144049

Holy fucking kek, this is her last ditch effort at saving her audience? She chose middle aged mom facetune cranked up to 11 that still can’t fix her face instead of taking a shower, watching a makeup tutorial and eating under 5,000 calories a sitting? God forbid she does a single one of those, she’d probably shrivel and die from the effort.

No. 1144054

File: 1611810034001.jpeg (316.35 KB, 1843x1037, C04FFEA5-C3CD-4ED6-9A7B-1FBCC3…)

I’m bored kek

No. 1144068

Kek next thread pic please

No. 1144078

So "hypnosis"/"brainwash" is the super interesting fetish vid concept? The way she's doing it just seems dumb, but I guess it's fitting since she wrote it on her face. There are way better ways to execute that concept, but what would I expect from her. Cant wait to see the hilarious "special edits" she's having someone do.

No. 1144088

>not that hardcore of a degen
Shay has literally licked her piss off her fingers and ate a cake she pissed on
So it could very well be peepee porn, but more likely abduction since Belle made it popular

No. 1144096

>abduction porn
Abducted? From the spare bedroom to the computer room? Kek

No. 1144131

What did she mean by this. . .

No. 1144153

Her tits look like tiny knees in her profile picture

No. 1144197

I’m speculating that it’s maybe hypnosis porn? Hacking into the headset and ‘hypnotizing’ her with audio

No. 1144198

No shit Sherlock

No. 1144201

What the fuck lmao. Her headphones were hacked so she started fucking herself? Yikes what an idiot

No. 1144304

File: 1611843844541.gif (387.62 KB, 220x155, tenor.gif)

Like this?

No. 1144428

File: 1611855187791.jpg (167.35 KB, 1079x697, Screenshot_20210128-113333_Twi…)

No. 1144442

File: 1611856189052.jpg (321 KB, 1080x1369, Screenshot_20210128-115010_Twi…)

Wow, a whopping $10

No. 1144455

File: 1611857896234.jpeg (Spoiler Image,835.24 KB, 1242x1703, 83F1BDE1-1097-4451-AC3A-7E77BC…)

No. 1144458

Definitely a shout out to lolcow. And Shay, it doesn't make you "unique." Many people have tit veins that are very noticeable

No. 1144468


it's not as quirky as u think it is shatna, it's actually unsettling

No. 1144473

Lowkey Shayna trying to get half the anon's on this thread banned for titpicking, it's kind of smart.

No. 1144482

Idk how accurate that is, I know someone who is a driver and there’s a background check, and if your rating gets below a certain point they fire you

No. 1144488

she could of learned how to do this herself. She literally does nothing

No. 1144489

Long time lurker, first time poster.
The thing that kills me about her trying to lose weight is that one hour of physical fitness a day isn't gonna do it when the most crucial element of weight loss is diet. Also, god damn, I've never seen anyone somehow both skinny (legs, kinda) and obese (everywhere else) at the same time. Do five fucking minuets of research Shay, and try doing something with your hands other than sex work and eating.
God damn this process of decline is so satisfying. Like the inner evils we must all struggle with personified, but at a comforting distance.
Apologies for nitpick and mini rant.

No. 1144494

Taking bets now on if she shows up on cam tonight or what the excuse will be this time

No. 1144495

kek tbf if she wanted to film a scene where she’s been kidnapped to a filthy NEET pervert’s hovel, she does have the location ready to go

No. 1144504

yeah this has all been said about a million times now

No. 1144515

File: 1611863621003.png (Spoiler Image,2.16 MB, 828x1792, F354D9C9-4C44-4919-B309-6A003F…)

Haha she still has her attitude that she kinda got away with when she was thin, it makes her even more dislikable now.

No. 1144519

File: 1611863830969.jpg (Spoiler Image,977.16 KB, 1080x1843, Screenshot_20210128-135733_Twi…)

What the actual fuck is this

No. 1144521

"Unique" is a nice way of saying abnormal kek
It's not cute though. Especially since your other tit is melting off your fridge torso while zombie tit stays frozen.
Yes visable viens on pale chests is normal, yes asymmetrical tits are normal. But doesn't mean they're attractive. Especially in her case. Her tits used to be cute, now they're wonky ugly fatty moobs.

No. 1144529

she basically posted this exact pic for free on her twitter. what exactly do you get as a subscriber anyway?

No. 1144530

she looks like the person behind the camera just walked in on her eating her own shit, and this face is her trying to play innocent and pretend she wasn't, but no one is buying it, so she's getting ready to cry to deflect the wtf-criticism as long as she can

anons are less concerned with the vein and more amazed at how one breast hangs nearly 6 inches lower than the other now, and how fucked up the zombie tit's gravity-defying upward growth is.

tell us how cute and quirky your tits are without cherry picking photos that hide the asymmetry. cope harder that one of your few decent features is horror tier as well now(titpick)

No. 1144539

Top kek I don’t even see the veins on the painting, not that it looks like her anyways. Someone stared at her weird vagina as a reference photo for this.

No. 1144543

You get 10 more of the same thing, probably and you can pay extra for other pics and vids. She says cumshows multiple times a week and morning and night nudes and stuff but I somehow doubt she's consistent on those.

No. 1144545

It’s pretty much sets of pictures that all look the same and videos which all end up being her lying in the same position and using her pink wand and pretending to cum.

No. 1144561

I'm loving the bimbo aesthetic choice of photo editing where she blurs and bleaches her entire face but chooses to sharpen the boob veins for good balance

No. 1144569

File: 1611868647108.jpg (287.21 KB, 1080x921, Screenshot_20210128-151730_Twi…)

It's going to look like shit

No. 1144570

File: 1611868702198.jpg (205.12 KB, 1079x743, Screenshot_20210128-151826_Twi…)

Shay, you put your "work name" on everything

No. 1144590

for a while she was insisting Dolly was her 24/7 name (fupa called her Dolly kek, I wonder if he calls her Shayna now to upset her) so it's surprising to see she's admitting it's not her real name

No. 1144595

Oh sweaty… no

No. 1144597

>inb4 using a poor dye job as an excuse not to cam

No. 1144607

She’s talked about legally changing her name to Dolly, what’s the point of a work name if your whole life revolves around your failing “career” anyway

No. 1144611

Some people can pull off colored hair because they have some sort of alt aesthetic and do good dye jobs or get nice wigs. They understand style and coordination.
Then there are other people that get or do shitty dye jobs or just overall look like trash because they don't have a decent style or anything. Shay is the latter. Walmart box dye PJ bottoms wearing ugly bitch vibes.

No. 1144620

Not to mention she’s fat now and fat girls looks super trashy with colored hair

No. 1144621

File: 1611872601965.jpg (221.19 KB, 1079x837, Screenshot_20210128-162328_Twi…)

Bitch please. You know your parents will pay for you to move back

No. 1144623

We love a plan that falls through by mid-February in Shaynaville.

No. 1144637

Kek great plan bc maintaining pink hair isn’t going to cost a ton of money

No. 1144641

oh that’s rich. she thinks in 2 months she’ll be able to save up enough to pay for an apartment and moving supplies to go back to new england. dream on shayna, you’re oklahoma trash now.

No. 1144647

Her parents ARE paying her to move back. Remember her freaking out over a check from her mom? Wonder if she spent it all and is trying to beg for it back kek

No. 1144651

She's probably using that check for her hair

No. 1144652

File: 1611874587284.jpg (264.93 KB, 1080x1044, Screenshot_20210128-165647_Twi…)

She literally just said she needs to stop spending money

No. 1144656

I thought she was gonna mention camming at the end of that. I don’t think she’s even mentioned camming at all since she posted her fake goals 3 days ago.

No. 1144669

She said she would tonight yesterday

No. 1144680

We all know she won't

No. 1144693

Fupa Fallout Alert! It's not like she can't ask her parents who were BEGGING her to come home to help her. She's not going to "Save" shit, I truly believe if she was serious about going home she would.
Her claiming to save up for a car or to move is just Fupa Bait.

No. 1144697

Has shayna ever attempted to count calories? Or does she just think wine has zero calories and it's pointless to work out and eat like shit and drink?

No. 1144713

This is so fucking true. You’ve got to be skinny to pull off colored hair or else you look like a walking dangerhair stereotype. The rose gold saga was terrible on her. I truly wonder how she is so oblivious to her complexion. Plus old perverts hate unnatural hair.

Man, if you have to be fucked up to tolerate your job, maybe you are in the wrong line of business.

No. 1144720

She needs to realize she's not a uwu quirky stoner anymore. She's a sloppy alcoholic.

No. 1144738

File: 1611878773984.jpg (138.31 KB, 1080x653, Screenshot_20210128-180632_Twi…)

For sucks sake Shay

No. 1144757

File: 1611880197853.jpeg (552.84 KB, 1242x1560, 23117061-E6A4-405C-A814-3C126C…)

No. 1144762

she's like a fucking hobo

No. 1144763

Probably Jason Wormack

No. 1144764

except I feel bad for hobos

No. 1144768

I would be embarrassed to beg for a refund after bragging about how successful and thriving I am. The scrotes paying for her wine and weed and clearly feeders.

No. 1144780

i'm still laughing about him taking the day off of work last time and her canceling

No. 1144804

File: 1611882803036.jpg (97.97 KB, 1151x695, 20210129_011233.jpg)

did she use up her monthly quota of period excuses? god damn this excuse is awful

No. 1144807

GIRL WHAT? her paypigs are stupid but she cant really believe theyd believe that?

No. 1144810

File: 1611883576163.gif (12.39 MB, 318x332, 8D1122E4-7713-48F9-808E-5EE124…)

Who gives a fuck? Shayna, you already exposed what you look like without makeup on. You’re uglier with makeup on (I don’t even know how that’s possible.) Can she just be honest and say she’s a lazy fat bitch who would rather eat takeout??

No. 1144816

the same chick getting on camera with lips so dry they look close to bleeding is talking about she can't get on because she doesn't have mascara or eyeliner? She looks a mess 100% of the time, so lazy

No. 1144824

This must be the worst excuse yet

No. 1144828

wtf does she need mascara for? you can't even see her eyelashes with the obnoxious way she applies her eyeliner

No. 1144830

but shayna didn't you door dash sephora a month ago?!

No. 1144835

File: 1611884880350.gif (658.21 KB, 200x188, 76654346-F40D-4028-9AE2-439239…)

No. 1144839

If she does look at the calories, she doesn’t calculate for the entire fucking box/bottle she drinks

No. 1144842

less than a week ago sadly kek >>1139342

No. 1144844

I don’t think she DoorDashed it, just regular shipped it. It definitely should have been there already lol

No. 1144858

File: 1611887242574.jpg (156.89 KB, 1080x798, 20210128_212546.jpg)

Cow crossover

No. 1144862

yeah they're e-whore friends for a while now

No. 1144865

File: 1611887837564.jpg (Spoiler Image,489.22 KB, 1080x1064, Screenshot_20210128-203743_Twi…)

No. 1144877

There are no words

No. 1144879

Damn she’s giving Momokun’s The Vein™ a run for its money

No. 1144900

She’s clearing got the makeup she can’t cam without in these pics, no fucking way shes out. What’s the point of even posting her schedule if she’s incapable of following it? No one gives a fuck except us

No. 1144945

Seriously. She can’t glue falsies on? She NEEDS to cam with mascara? And she seems to have plenty of eyeliner. Nothing ever stopped her before from using her eyeliner on her eyebrows before. Such a lame excuse. I think it might be worse than her “it’s cloudy outside uwu” excuse.

No. 1144948

shatna that skirt clearly does not fit jfc

No. 1144966

Shayna is the most unlikable and disingenuous person I've ever seen online. There's nothing about her that is remotely redeeming. I wouldn't have an issue with her if she kept her antics to herself, but the fact she parades her life story on Twitter all the while e-begging is fucking infuriating. Any time she shows any form of self-awareness, she does fuck all to change it. Her personality makes her look even uglier. I'll never understand this woman.

No. 1144998

shay, having natural brows and no eyeliner would be a literal blessing for your appearance on cam. worry about your nasty sandpaper lips and hammy arms instead

No. 1145021

If her "job" actually mattered to her and she cared to follow through, she could uber to any store and get these simple and unnecessary things pretty quickly.

No. 1145055

I don’t even know why she tries anymore. Why does she post these unnecessary and retarded anecdotes on her “work” page that no one gives a fuck about? Why can’t she just shut up and drop content whenever she can be arsed to actually do it, and keep her personal life separate from her work? Coomers don’t give two shits about your fucking eyeliner, or your parents, or your liquor store hauls, keep that on a personal twatter account.

No. 1145058

Yeah, just like every baby born with harlequin ichthyosis is very unique and one of a kind, but still fucking disgusting. Glad you like it but no one wants to fucking see that.

This gif takes me out every time, the way she sways left to right and then just plops her rump down while looking like she has just bathed in rancid cooking oil. I'd kms if I looked like that.

No. 1145129

people she retweets make her look fatter.
is she ok with retweeting prettier girls, does she think it helps her business

No. 1145147

And in the last thread she complained about when sex workers retweet other sex workers cause it "makes it hard to find that sex workers original content"

No. 1145168

Well she looks young here….. like a disabled 14 year old.

No. 1145206

Don't tell her she looks young. She feeds off that

No. 1145219

File: 1611936643408.jpg (205.59 KB, 1080x875, Screenshot_20210129-101037_Twi…)

Should've used that $80 you spent on weed and alcohol instead

No. 1145222

let's not get carried away

No. 1145224

Don’t forget about your mascara and eye brow pencil that you NEED to do your job.

Stg all this bitch talks about is food.

No. 1145233

Literally, she’s ALWAYS talking about food, snacks, ordering door dash, sugar-bomb coffee, etc. Even going to the dispensary, she gets junk food edibles instead of just flower, wax, or carts. Hell, even her supplements for working out are cookies and gummy straws. Her fatness is unreal.

No. 1145234

If she goes to the gym today she’s not gonna get on cam she’s gonna say she’s too sore because she’s incapable of doing any more then the bare minimum

No. 1145247

File: 1611939370532.jpg (361.38 KB, 1080x1526, Screenshot_20210129-105641_Twi…)

No. 1145263

Womack must have gotten his gov assistance and maybe old dude got his SSI kek

No. 1145273

Also disgusting how she posted she needs more money after not only blowing nearly 100 on weed and wine yesterday, but also 2 retarded coomers gave her $125 combined.

And seriously why does she always have to talk about food all fucking day every day?? I know she has no life but jfc. She posts the same shit every day. Food multiple times a day, wine, weed, "gonna do make up and take some pics". That's it. Oh and the occasional bitchy take no one asked for when she's on one.

No. 1145275

Is posting every single tip you get normal for ewhores?

No. 1145276

If Shaytard really needed money, she would just use the money she was going to spend on her pink hair on “meal prep”. Shayna is so unlikable. Nothing about her is cute. She’s always been an ugly girl, no amount of makeup will make her pretty.

No. 1145277

Only the poor ones (which is actually 90% of them) like Shayna.

No. 1145280

File: 1611941989955.jpg (Spoiler Image,617.86 KB, 1505x1672, 1611940991463.jpg)

Sorry, I fucked up and posted the wrong one.

No. 1145285


No. 1145294

Whatever happened to the video of her opening that package that came?

No. 1145295

missed opportunity to add the shitty star blanket on the floor

No. 1145296

I assume because “no make up”? Or she filmed it but realized she had make up on so her excuse for Not camming uwu no mascara wouldn’t have flown.

No. 1145318

That video she sent out for someone to edit is supposed to come out today

No. 1145323

Lmfao she totally did say she was doing her make up to open the stupid package and this is probably what happened.
Regardless, not having Mascara is absolutely the dumbest thing. And the eye brow pencil too really. She's not one of those bitches who shaved off their eyebrows and look like aliens when they dont have them drawn on. Shes got regular eyebrows. She could have at least said foundation or eyeliner because at least they make a difference.
Like other anon said, she better grab some while shes out getting food today since she promised she'd be on tonight.

No. 1145347

Yall right she told a flat out lie, she should've just said nothing.

No. 1145356

File: 1611948081885.jpg (241.79 KB, 1079x1121, Screenshot_20210129-132133_Twi…)

No gym ootd post for once?

No. 1145360

probably lied about going

No. 1145364

replace "go out" with "cam" and it's perfect

No. 1145370

A tip for what? She didn’t even post ~gym nudes uwu~ She wants a tip for being fat and ugly?

No. 1145379

"guys I'm really sore and I still haven't gotten any make up, I promise I'll cam tommorrow!!"

No. 1145383

I'll put money on this one.

No. 1145399

i still don’t understand how she claims she’s “too sore to cam” (ridiculous in it’s own right) the day OF a workout. usually you wouldn’t be that sore until the next day unless you were doing literal manual labor for an entire day.

No. 1145420

File: 1611952847450.jpeg (99.87 KB, 828x254, 8D6BD16C-99B3-4946-A19C-11FDE0…)

No. 1145423

I mean she only has 2 gym outfits kek

No. 1145482


Jesus, just order some basic groceries and cook it your damn self. The meals she's getting aren't even extravagant or anything, it's like eggs, potatoes and ground beef.

No. 1145483

This or she doesn’t acknowledge it at all

No. 1145486

File: 1611956539025.jpeg (Spoiler Image,717.82 KB, 1242x1445, 637D9D75-532E-481A-A7FD-A3DFDC…)

king cock

No. 1145489

File: 1611956785122.jpeg (681.62 KB, 2443x3324, 31A91687-782E-43CC-AD96-337487…)

Keep dreaming fat bitch

No. 1145495

File: 1611957442154.jpg (483.78 KB, 1079x1042, Screenshot_20210129-155723_Twi…)

So if she claims these just came, was that an old bath bomb in that recent bath pic she took?

No. 1145497

OT but that burrrito print blanket is dirt brown. Shayna is so filthy. And I think it was an old bath bomb not like we can tell since her lardass covered the whole tub and we could barely see anything

No. 1145502

how is she not embarrassed that her couch is that visibly filthy? i'd say she needs to at least use a lint roller but we all know she doesn't own one

No. 1145508

This bitch doesn’t even wash her ass to the point of having boils all over her crack. why would she clean her couch? It’s embarrassing to me and this isn’t even my couch

No. 1145510

Did she film her opening?

No. 1145513

>most beautiful person you've ever seen
>jonathan yaniv's doppelganger
ok shay

No. 1145551

does she even have a pet to have that much hair on her couch?

No. 1145554

she has two anon, keep up with the threads please.

No. 1145556

Oh thank god, she ordered a lip scrub.

No. 1145557

won’t do shit if she doesn’t use chapstick after.

No. 1145573

Kek it’s hilarious that, really, all we want is for shay to use a lip scrub and some chap stick.

No. 1145580

3* two cats one dog

No. 1145585

Whoever bought this for her wasted their money. This is the only time its gonna be seen. She struggles with her regular dildo and any time shes tried anything bigger, she said she tore her ass or couldnt do it. Plus she gags on the tip of said generic dildo.

If she bought it for herself, then she wasted money and is dumb but that's nothing new.

No. 1145587

>Whoever bought this

No. 1145615

I think it’s safe to say at this point she will not be on cam tonight, surprise surprise

No. 1145623

File: 1611970517415.jpg (168.37 KB, 1080x904, Screenshot_20210129-193530_Twi…)

Then do your fucking "job"

No. 1145624

Easy solution get on cam lazy bitch

No. 1145625

How do people like her? This is literally her 4th fucking "give me money 4 no reason" tweet TODAY. We know you're broke and delusional Shay but jfc. Hate it. She already got simp bucks this morning too. And like previous anon said, maybe do your fucking shitty job that requires very little effort you lazy cunt.

No. 1145627

She supposed to cam to? I am ready

No. 1145628

She won’t

No. 1145639

What’s she going to do once the Coomer who has her convinced she can get away with ebegging stops funding every request she makes? She’s clearly relying on someone to reimburse her every time she spends money which is typical Shay short sightedness. She has no plans for when this scrote stops supporting her or maybe she’s relying on her parents to bail her out.

No. 1145641

File: 1611972758723.jpeg (155.13 KB, 1242x368, F8A9E2BE-03BE-4A2F-A32C-69F7E0…)

I don’t think she’s going to cam