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File: 1537449942580.png (611.4 KB, 720x537, 1537115029667.png)

No. 692588

Previous thread: >>>/snow/684027

>finally bought a bed after sleeping on a piss stained rug for months

>edgelord bf has returned from his visit to see her and there's potential trouble in sti paradise
>"daddy punches so hard", leaves no real marks on her, confirms tumblr dom status
>still no alien porn
>more clips/videos from hardtied and lovinglyhandmadepornography have come out, just as crusty and cringy as everyone expected she'd be
>trying to charge $100 for advice on sexwork
>still allowing minors to follow and comment on her social media
>continues to beg for money while spending it on things she doesn't need
>finally growing her pubes out to hide her infected vag
>professional shoots in la to make he feel like a "real pornstar," keeps underwear on the whole time because everyone lives in fear of her vag
>her arby's rost beef vag looks horrible in hi-def
>her and fupa are moving into a house together
>fupa confirmed for father of three, does shay even know?
>made the most disgusting pedo pandering video on the planet, complete with impregnation fetish and diapers
>apparently 86 dollars is the most she's ever made on cam in one night. pathetic.
>didn't go to LA like she said she would, instead made a video with lovinglyhandmade where she got a heated metal rod shoved in her asshole
>thinks that her and kyle nathan perkins have found "the one" house in tulsa, oklahoma and plan to move in next month
>openly admitted to lucking kyle nathan perkin's month old dried cum off of a t-shirt
>badly photoshopped shrink porn!
>fupa's bought a house! all shay's dreams are gonna come true!
>moved in with fupa in some nowhere neighborhood in oklahoma
>thinks she's a "suburban goddess" in her ugly dirty mcmansion
>fupa's ex & mother to his kids now knows about shay & that she's not a "graphic designer"

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- do not include or harass Shay's family
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No. 692595

File: 1537450215405.png (Spoiler Image, 149.06 KB, 584x446, 1537416214010.png)

from old thread!! shay in her new dingy dirty house with her patchy pubes living her best life lol

No. 692606

t h r i v i n g

No. 692608

Oh shay and her great customer service skills.
>Customer says he likes a feature of her body (her bush)
>Shay shuts it down saying she doesn't like it and is getting rid of it instead of being nice or keeping him down a path of happiness and tips
>Shay then comes up with vague reason that it looked good when asked why she had it if she didn't like it
God what an idiot, even with her nasty vag she could be making money on stream but nope, she ruins her own career very well by not doing her job. Honestly I'd say that's why she suddenly goes "Dom" on her customers, she wants to play up a barbie but actually hates her customers so she also wants to treat them like shit (and pretends it's her kink)
Final note, Shayna, for the love of God put something on your walls and wash your piss rug. The blank wall with the rug and pink accessories looks worse than if you had nothing at all

No. 692621

that's such a good point. we all know she's faking her kinks anyway, and that she doesn't like being beaten. tbh shay seems like she's completely vanilla. which isn't bad at all, and it's pretty shitty that girls think it's 'cool' or 'edgy' to be into bdsm when naturally a lot of people aren't into it. (therefore vanilla sex is seen as 'uncool' which is the shitty part).

shay hates being dominated and she hates even being looked at sexually by her customers! which is part of her job! so she tries to turn on her customers and says the things she wants to say to them all the time when she's a 'dom'. but it just all seems very confusing and offputting. if she would just take some time out of porn and get therapy (and get her vagina looked at by a doctor), she could decide what she actually likes. and then she wouldn't end up with a creep like fupa as well, whose creepiness is actually the only thing going for him in her eyes. she likes him cos he's a daddy dom but she's overlooking that he's fat and ugly and has an ok job but nothing special. also he's a deadbeat dad. but she won't do that, she'll just continue forcing herself to be into it cos she's got nothing else going for her and she's only worth something as a punching bag in her eyes. not that i think she's great. she's an idiot.

No. 692635

How much yall wanna bet that she didn't tell her parents she was moving to Tulsa and is still gonna rake in their rent money they give her every month?

No. 692653

File: 1537455862658.png (77.18 KB, 1075x824, Screenshot_20180920-105457~2.p…)

Her Baby girl thing is not a fetish…it is her twisted reality. She should get her tubes tied- this bitch should never ever procreate

No. 692657

File: 1537456020200.png (Spoiler Image, 390.16 KB, 1080x1138, Screenshot_20180920-105743~2.p…)

From fupas Tumblr…
You. Have. A. 5.year.old.daughter.

I hate him so much.

No. 692660

File: 1537456136260.png (Spoiler Image, 869.33 KB, 1064x819, Screenshot_20180920-105605~2.p…)

Everytime I read "daddy" or "dada" I full body cringe. And that bottle emoticon, I can't….

No. 692662

>just a baby
with her giant hands
>n her daddy
with his tiny girl-like soyboy hands

No. 692677

I can’t believe they think putting your fingers in someone’s mouth makes you kinky, kek.

No. 692683

This scene looks like a dog that chew up something it shouldn't and the owner is trying to pull it out of it's mouth.

No. 692687

What she wants isn't even a kink, she just wants someone to do everything for her and treat her like a child, giving her everything and letting her ignore her responsibilities. She's just a very immature young adult

Tbh, shay actually doesn't look horrible here. If we didn't know that she thinks the actual act of fingers in mouth is "hardcore" then this picture on a porn blog wouldn't be that bad. HOWEVER, fupa looks just awful here. No emotion, not Dom, not turned on, just focused on the camera as if he's thinking "if I get the angle right all the tumblr 13 year olds will think I'm actually a cool hardcore Dom". He utterly ruined a picture that could at least have been decent enough for shay to tease on her professional tumblr by being a total nothing who takes up too much of the shot while also being ugly

No. 692708

mte i'm not a cam girl or a sex worker but shouldn't exhibitionism kinda be something you're into? I mean you are preforming in front of live audience who happens to be horny men jerking off to you (GASP HOW DARE THEY SAY SEXUAL COMMENTS WHILE YOURE BUTT ASS NAKED SHAY) i don't see why she acts like she's some random hot girl on Tumblr getting unwarranted sexual asks, you're someone who's supposed to be selling a fantasy but I guess in shay's case nobody is interested in her boiled coochie or horrible attitude KEK

also the derailing when someone actually compliments a part of her body is stupid and her constant "findom" (uwuwuwuw give me ur $$$ or ill fuck ur dad xD) shit makes no sense aren't u a "subby baby"???

No. 692725

Thanks for using my poor photoshop attempt as thread image, now I can die happy dear anon

No. 692734

I think she chooses to say she's into findom whenever she's in a pissy mood to try and get away with being a bitch to everyone.

No. 692756

File: 1537467181664.jpg (Spoiler Image, 814.02 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180920-141202_Tum…)

Nothing like blue Gatorade before/after brushing my teeth

No. 692758

lol at using her bong to cover her boils and wonky nipple

No. 692770

god that bong made her body look 10x better from hiding everything

can't fix that face tho…

No. 692784

yeah why the fuck is there gatorade on the bathroom sink lmao

No. 692786

100% dirty bong water. Doubt she’s cleaned it since she’s got there. Literally the whole reason I’m in these threads is because she blocked me before she was dolly for telling her, her dirty bong water can make her sick and harbor bacteria. She’s in the damn bathroom it takes 30 seconds to change the water. For fucks sake she’s disgusting

No. 692791

Honestly she’s probably drinking it. While smoking. In her bathroom. Where’s she’s hang out. By herself. It’s a common thing to do.

No. 692809

File: 1537469550426.png (1.33 MB, 720x1280, received_311776506044266.png)

No. 692817

why does he always look so crusty?? that beard does no favors but we know he has no chin under there

also for someone who works out so much why is he still so…fat?

No. 692818

So she's on her own at the house getting high whilst he's at the gym.

Such couple goals

No. 692819

He's just so HAGGARD

No. 692822

He probably just lifts weights and doesn't actually do any cardio

No. 692826


I wish we could spoiler any picture of him, he is just too ugly to not be

No. 692830

but like… he's a dude, why wouldnt he know he needs core strength and cardio to have stamina and actually loose weight? Put on real muscle? actually be able to punch shay and make it hurt? doesnt he want those gains boy?

can't even work out like a alpha, gatta fucking half ass it like the soyboy he be i guess

No. 692837

Shayna close your fucking mouth, you rat face soyboy.

No. 692841

Tbh it looks like the bottom of the bong is a dark color glass wise which makes the water look dark because it's reflecting that, as well as her robe color. Try looking a little harder, it's more than definitely the glass color

No. 692843

Samefag considering the bowl and the rim are dark blue I'm going to assume the bottom is too. It's a common style with beaker bongs.

No. 692848

God her teeth are so yellow they match those lights

No. 692860

File: 1537471925620.png (24.15 KB, 368x721, 55253563326.PNG)

From colleen's tumblr. for some reason I get the feeling shay sent these to colleen. shay's response posted below. it just seems like shay sent these to colleen for attention tbh.

No. 692861

File: 1537471994105.png (11.23 KB, 275x360, 351351.PNG)

No. 692864

File: 1537472387081.jpg (21.58 KB, 331x318, Barack-Cheesin.jpg)

>Human bean

No. 692866

she thinks it's cute and baby-like to type like that on tumblr. she doesn't realize it just makes her look dumb as fuck.

also, I wanted to add that colleen was posting pictures of herself having a great time with another friend of hers who strikingly looked like a prettier version of Shay. so I truly believe she got jealous and had to stake her claim via anonymous tumblr asks to fish for that validation.

No. 692874

Ot but men have so much testosterone all they have to do is eat fewer calories and lift weights and they'll thin out

No. 692876

File: 1537473118302.png (3.79 MB, 1242x2208, C998C88E-A7E1-4CAD-A2D8-241ED2…)

already started

No. 692877

Confirmed fupa has never owned a house if he has no furniture lmao

No. 692882

She's literally been having a "Sale" for like 6 months now, every week or so it's some new reason.

No. 692906

does she make money anymore?

This. and clearly he isn't making as much money as he tries to act like he does because they can't even afford furniture.

basically whenever Shay or Fupa need something that would normally be bought by hard earned wages, they will beg via Shay's tumblr. I mean, Fupa even took the name Daddy Mattel. So they are leaning on dumb tumblr cucks to fund their lives via donation.

What a sad life.

No. 692926

The area above the glass has black crust all in it. It’s more than just glass. I’ve had bongs with partial color on the bottom like that but you can tell when the water is just dirty.

No. 692930

>Fupa gets them a house to live in
>makes her get her own furniture

kek, how pathetic are these two

No. 692957

File: 1537477266246.png (908.7 KB, 611x782, 2018-09-20 16_58_13-Instagram.…)

2 things:
1. i like how she put 2 of the same pic side by side to make it look like she has more than she does
2. peep the grimy ass slides in the bottom left

No. 692964

They're all so similar and dirty looking

No. 692969

Wow anon at first glance I didn’t even realize it was the same photo, you’re right.

I honestly think some of them are pretty cute but let’s be real, Shay will only wear that one 5 dollar pair of dirty ass white canvas shoes to everything for the rest of her life.

No. 692971

those nasty things should be thrown out.

No. 692973

You think any of those gaudy pink cheap looking shitty shoes are cute? Seriously?

No. 692976

Different anon but tbf three of the four on the second shelf from the top look decently cute

No. 692977

Sorry can't get on board with any of those looking cute, trying to imagine people wearing those in the real world just makes me want to roll my eyes.

No. 692980

Looking at this I can only think of the fact that Fupa's ex wife is watching this too, and sending caps to her lawyer as evidence to why he won't get to see his kids again lmao

No. 692985

I think a lot of things are aesthetically pleasing, it doesn’t mean I’m interested in wearing them myself, and it doesn’t mean that paired with something not pink ( like shayna constantly refuses to do) a few of those pairs couldn’t look nice on someone.
All I was saying was that even though she has all these shoes that match her “ uwu baby” aesthetic, she’s still gonna wear the dirtiest pair non-stop ( until she sees this, that is)

No. 692987

I've never actually seen her wear any of these outside her apartment, why are they so disgusting and dirty?

No. 692990

To match the rest of her.

No. 692994

i thought she didn’t want anyone to know her name’s shayna

No. 693011

Recreational marijuana use isn't even legal in their state. Nice to know she doesn't give any fucks about a safe environment for Fupa's kids.

No. 693012

I hope their neighbors call the cops on them when they smell all the pot Shayna smokes.

No. 693047

LMAO how sad. She doesn’t even wear the majority of these, she loves those dirty white keds far too much

No. 693082

snapchat anon. they're posting videos together and man is it cringe. she's dancing and he stands there super uncomfortably and then randomly spanks her. what a true dom

No. 693102

Not to be rude but it means next to nothing unless you post these videos. Thank you.

No. 693112

No. 693113

Let’s not pretend it’s the weed that’s so dangerous for his kids. Shayna being in that house makes it an unsafe environment.

No. 693116

Holy shit. Soooo cringey. He looks like he does not want to be there

No. 693119

He's got a look on his face like he knows his ex wife and mother will see this

No. 693122

His face and tone all read “please stop what you’re doing you are so embarrasing”

No. 693124

it’s like he wants her to stop but doesn’t want to tell her to stop Because then people won't like him as much, kek.

The only reason anyone follows him or puts up with him is because they like shayna. He knows that. He knows that his popularity is all from her, and if he wants to keep it he has to act like he loves all the dumb annoying shit she does.

Tbh the whole relationship is one big clout chasing mess.

No. 693126

I'm shocked she didn't put on the heart filter she always uses. It's annoying but now I see why she does. She looks like a worn out witch without it.

No. 693128

If there’s more than one person it’ll put it on them too, I’m sure he probably bitched about it because it wasn’t edgy enough, kek

No. 693131

this was so uncomfortable to watch

No. 693132

God he looks miserable

No. 693134

is she taller than him…?

No. 693137

>”you’re ridiculous, I’m not a morning person at all”

aaaaaand Shay is? That’s why you needed to tell her to go to bed at a certain time and wake up at a certain time?

Oookkkkayyy Jan.

also, are they really just finding these BASIC ASS things about each other, now? You fucking moved in with each other and you don’t know basic shit like that?!

No. 693139

File: 1537489819921.gif (554.41 KB, 500x281, 114952A3-1D66-4A5D-98C2-37F619…)

No. 693140

nah, it’s just an optical illusion. Her hair is up in a high bun, and she’s closer to the camera.

He’s only two or three inches taller than her though, he’s about 5’8” to her 5’5”, although in her mind he’s 6’1” and she’s 5’

No. 693141

Fupa is so ashamed ahahaha. he’s realized that maybe he should have just paid for pussy from some 18 year old hooker, it would have been less humiliating
Shay, despite all that entitlement, is just soooo glad to have someone put it in her away from her dark damp festering hole of an apartment

No. 693142

Less humiliating and probably cleaner.

No. 693143

God her mangled nipple is even more creepy in motion

No. 693144

It's definitely not crystal clear but there is clear water in there. There's a stripe of tan between the black parts which shows that it is just the reflection of the bottom glass. it's got Scooby snax in it, but the water is see-through

No. 693148

Double post but she's wearing no makeup around him, which we weren't sure she had the guts to do yet, and they're STILL in the bathroom. I'm convinced they rented the bathroom only.

No. 693149

Wasn't she suppose to make dinner tonight?

No. 693152

i cringe when i think of colleen looking at shaynas blog (which im sure she hardly ever does). imagine seeing your childhood friend posting and promoting her scabby irritated vag and ass on tumblr.

No. 693155

Your "daddy" buying you a McMansion isn't exactly all that impressive if he can't even furnish it

I'm betting that what happened is his last place with his ex (not his wife but the girl he got right after) was hers which is why he got nothing from it, not even a tv. I wonder what they're sleeping on, do any snapchat anons know?

No. 693163


thanks snap anon, this is pure gold lmfao

fupa looks like he's screaming for help, that soyboy does not want to be there. if the camera wasn't rolling we all know he'd be telling her to stop

No. 693168

She often espouses tumblry stuff about catcalling/unwanted sexual attention etc. and I THINK she believes that shutting men down when you aren't interested is empowering and necessary. The problem is that she's applying these beliefs to a 'career' that's totally incompatible with them.
Nobody should feel forced to perform sexually for others, but in the context of sex work you set that expectation on yourself. People will naturally feel cam show chat rooms are a safe space for expressing their sexual desires because that's what they're supposed to be. Even if paying clients want to be humiliated, they expect enthusiasm and to be interacted with. They don't want to be shut down or ignored.
As long as she's unwilling to engage with her clients they're going to be turned off by her. If she can't get over that the she needs to just give up the ghost and get a real job, because she's humiliating herself and she's not even making a living wage to make up for it.

No. 693175


The floral print Doc Martens boots she wore for the "goth" shoot were the only decent shoes she had, and they are conspicuously absent.

No. 693191

Can she please stop fucking say "Haus of Mattel" as if it's some luxurious famous place to live in? Shay, you live in fucking bumfuck, Oklahoma and have to beg on your tumblr for people to buy you practically everything it seems.

No. 693196

Just the fact that she’s in fucking Oklahoma and thinks she’s living in luxury is enough of a kek

No. 693235

I'm still amazed that her sunburn from California hasn't faded. Those lines look fucking terrible and make her body look even more wrecked.

No. 693248

He really does not want to be in this video, he's trying to hide behind Shay and practically visibly cringing

No. 693253


He was probally cringing because his fupa was jiggling in the beggining

No. 693255

if i could make a suggestion, can we start calling Kyle Fupapa? Since they like all this creepy kid shit.

No. 693261

its not just me whos noticed that its hilarious how shay's voice in comparison to fupas is significantly lower? and if you didnt know it was him, going by his voice you would've guessed this guy was a 20 something XxhardcorexbeatdownxX kid.

I like to think he pats her hank hill ass because he realises he needs to look like hes in charge instead of repulsed by her.

(edit: what i mean is, most mid 30 year old men dont sound like there voice just broke in)

No. 693262

we already do anon read the old threads jesus

No. 693323

I think the anon was probably confused why we call him Kyle Nathan Perkins (from Tulsa, Oklahoma)

No. 693357


Well deserved honor, anon!

No. 693429

Sage for no screenshot but She posted a pic on snap of her ‘studio’ which is exactly her same set up she used to have, dirty blanket on the floor, cheap string lights all in the corner of an unfurnished room kek. Thriving.

No. 693434


are we surprised tho lol

No. 693461

it's not even a cute or functional setup whatsoever. since she flew i guess she threw away her futon and bed. wonder if she's back to sleeping on the rug since fupa's got no money for furniture?

No. 693492

File: 1537536238869.gif (Spoiler Image, 7.75 MB, 600x338, 1536113918735.gif)

What she doesn't understand is that she's given her consent for people to talk lewd to her. Her blog is for porn and her asks are on, that's consent unless she explicitly states that this blog is not for customer interaction or if it were her personal blog, not her professional one. Cam shows are also consent because she got on and could leave at anytime. I mean shit, that's honestly what people on tumblr think too

Who would though? Shay's just jumping from a weird angle thinking that's what people do to show off their butt (but looks like a spastic bunny instead). I had to stop the moment she started waving her arms, it got beyond cringy. At least learn how to be sexy shay since clearly it doesn't come naturally to you (gif related)

No. 693498

File: 1537537052691.jpg (2.62 MB, 4032x3024, 9DEE1EAB-C253-4D89-A475-41E377…)

her set up

No. 693501

File: 1537537376423.gif (1.66 MB, 356x200, 200.gif)

No. 693506


Finally I'm online at a time to watch her cam. Wish me luck anons, I'm going in

No. 693507

just as dirty and sad as seattle except i'm standing by the assumption that she is set up in a closet because i get the impression there is no window in that room

No. 693510

Honestly, the patchy pupes are an improvement over that inflamed mess she had going on before.

Shayna's weed is by far the least unsafe thing in that household.

No. 693529

I’ve been watching their snapchat interaction and he already has given up the act of seeming interested in her. You can tell by his tone of voice and facial expressions he mainly finds her annoying and you can tell she is fighting against feeling akward around him to act like their tumblr personas of being so comfortable around each other.

No. 693535

Truly astonishing that hes almost 40 and assumed talking on facetime/phone calls/video chats was anywhere near like living together……
All of this is hilarious,he's too old to understand modern norm and she's old enough but mentally young enough to take all the advantage of.. Kek
I wish the snapchat anons would come back around like they used to, but glad nobody will give her the cash haha

No. 693538

File: 1537541313602.jpg (330.18 KB, 717x1153, 2018-09-21_10.48.17.jpg)

No promotion??

No. 693540

File: 1537541473786.png (505.06 KB, 720x1093, Screenshot_2018-09-21-10-50-39…)

She also has a gif of her twerking as her invite to cam earlier (the gif wont save, but you get the point)


No. 693542

File: 1537541748138.png (489.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-21-10-53-36…)

Her new house looks dope, I'm jelly

No. 693543

That’s…not how you use a ring light.

No. 693545

This pic is old
This pic is also old

Check the old thread before you post, anon. The dumpster is not from her new house, and she did retweet the MV Mag thing.

No. 693548

You seem to be more stale than old bread…..
… It was a joke, that the dumpster IS her house.

And i don't always keep up on these threads, i posted the MV because i didn't notice the timestamp and i only seen that she like it, if she was proud of it she'd promote the hell out of it.

No. 693550

I think it was a joke that she lives in the dumpster.

No. 693552

sarcasm might have gone over your head, 693542 was clearly making a joke about the dumpster being her new home

No. 693554

File: 1537542769899.png (Spoiler Image, 578.56 KB, 1080x720, Photo on 9-20-18 at 12.13 PM.p…)

No. 693565

File: 1537543895424.jpg (7.75 KB, 210x240, winslow-catdog-2.8.jpg)

This girl looks very much like a rodent. Kinda like Winslow from Catdog. Especially with that snout and ratty teeth

No. 693581

I just wanna meme this. Just zoom in slowly on his face while “how could this happen to me” plays in the background

No. 693618

Yesss someone take the video of her dancing and zoom in on his face with hello darkness my old friend playing. Oh so good.

No. 693636

Well they do have a big walk in closet apparently

No. 693638

>I’m sick of this liiife, I just wanna screeeaaam

tear rolls down his emo boi cheek

No. 693674

Honestly I think he did know what he was getting into. He never seemed like he really wanted to move in together in the first place, but that’s only judging by his reactions to all her dumb tumblr posts and his total inability to take care of anyone but himself.

My tinfoil (kind of?) is that he just felt totally backed into a corner because of pressure from Shay’s followers. Imagine if he’d said no to her? She’d cry about it nonstop on tumblr to anyone who would listen, call him abusive and accuse him of assault, then not only would he lose all his e-fame but he’d have all her little (pun not intended…) clout-chasers tearing him apart. His manchild feelings wouldn’t be able to handle it. Better to just pay for cheap-ass house, milk the relationship for as long as possible, and let nature take its course.

No. 693687

Maybe I’m cynical or just a bitch but right away my radar went off by all their “life is perfect now” bullshit on tumblr. Also the fact that as soon as she moved there he mentions her less on tumblr

No. 693711

that's what happens when ppl 'date' online and only meet up twice. they're going to get on each other's nerves in no time and it will be hilarious.

yea, they wanted to convince ppl they were such a great couple and haven't put out any content to show that, much like when he visited and stuck his chubby lady hands in her mouth to show how ~dom daddy kiny~ he was.

No. 693742

File: 1537562210445.png (52.77 KB, 552x374, 63256326.PNG)

Shay sounding depressed as hell lmfao.

That is what you get for moving in with a man child, you dumbass.

I also wish Shay's ugly ass fans would stop suggesting Shay do anything that involves filming/taking pictures of herself. She is ugly and crusty and lacks sex appeal severely.

No. 693744

File: 1537562312331.png (8.3 KB, 271x263, 693556992.PNG)

Ew imagine receiving dusty fishnets from Shay in the mail.

So many porn bot followers, inactive accounts, much tumblr famous.

No. 693747

File: 1537562455567.png (4.06 KB, 249x170, 6322599999.PNG)

Yeah except your followers won't be sending shit to him. She ruins whatever measly appeal she has by always bringing him up. Her customers surely will not be getting gifts for Fupa, and she will have to beg for anything to be sent to her.

Incoming "I am sad and need material things pls send me stuff that I am too lazy to work for myself" post from Shay

No. 693749

File: 1537562635538.png (320.41 KB, 460x944, texasthemidwest.PNG)

My god she sounds like such an idiot. Reading this makes me cringe sooo hard

No. 693761

how is she this stupid

No. 693771

that sounds aprocryphal. she would've ask him for money 'pay piggy'. he most likely sent her a dick pic or bank statement screenshot

No. 693793

File: 1537568205857.jpg (Spoiler Image, 178.03 KB, 650x1280, tumblr_pffeepTZGX1rbth7u_1280.…)

Posted this on dumblr
Crusty bong confirmed
Still can't fill the tub more than 1/2 way
Why the fuck is there a stuffed animal by the bathtub??

No. 693799


Her head looks huge, that bathroom looks filthy and I can smell the mildew on that teddy bear through my phone.
Her bong may be black glass on the bottom but that doesnt excuse that ring of resin and grime.

No. 693820

It’s dark blue see through glass. And the bitch never cleans her bong water. I have screenshots from before she was dolly telling people she doesn’t need to clean her water. She wonders why she got sick.

No. 693824

she still has that random ass sore on her back that she got from when she saw the self hating Jewish girl and made content with her. I thought she went to the doctor for that.

Shay's body is a petri dish for bacteria and viruses to grow on.

No. 693835

I think it's just a giant scar now from her picking at it

No. 693843

is shay a fucking swamp monster? why has she NEVER left that bathtub? why is she trying to show off a bathtub as if it's a status symbol? why does she have fabric teddy bears right by the bath where they'll get moldy? how does she still have so much makeup on if she's supposedly bathing? i have so many questions jesus

No. 693844

File: 1537572232294.png (4.2 KB, 453x134, 6321452258.PNG)

Fupa and Shay living in perfect harmony.

No. 693847

File: 1537572307800.png (45.06 KB, 460x270, wtf.PNG)

Then this weird ass response. Fucking cesspool, Tumblr is.

No. 693865

Already posting their fights on tumblr kek

No. 693892

It could be about his ex wife.

No. 693905

Where on earth are you getting that from? By Shay's response it obvious she did something.

No. 693920

This moron legit looks like a meth addict.

No. 693925

I’m sorry but I don’t see any response from shay. I see one from some other “little” but no shay.

No. 693935

Her early posts about them moving in together kind of implied that he brought it up to her first. My tinfoil is that he made a promise to her or suggested that they move in together privately with the intention of it being much further in the future, but then she posted about it on Tumblr and they started getting attention from it. I don't necessarily think he was pressured by Shay to move in together at first but that he was stupid enough to make promises to this insecure girl and not set boundaries in the process.

No. 693948



thank u for this new word

No. 693995


i dont think she understands that this "daddy and me" shit appeals to her girl fans (who most definitely arent the ones shes getting the big money from) and not her male fans. aka the ones that will actually buy her porn and will watch her cam and etc.

its almost like shes less of a porn star now and just a ""famous blogger"" like she thinks shes an insta-thot who can get money/donations/gifts just by talking about her life. no, shay, youre a SEX WORKER. start answering your asks in ways that appeal to your customer base. stop talking about fupa ALL the damn time. do shit other than just post bad naked photos.

No. 694002

File: 1537591992324.png (1.14 MB, 720x1280, received_341628579743470.png)

Snapchat anon here.

No. 694011

Does he usually use filters/edits in photos because he looks so much worse here than usual. Is the Mattel lifestyle making him haggard already?

No. 694013

anyone else reading this in his forrest gump voice

No. 694024

File: 1537595342496.jpg (Spoiler Image, 579.94 KB, 1080x1611, Screenshot_20180922-014446_Chr…)

Fupapa aka Kyle Nathan Perkins from Tulsa, OK should embrace the bimbo plastic life and invest in some fillers
pic related because thats all i can see when i look at him

No. 694027

I legitimately had a good laugh.

For real tho, mother fucker looks ROUGH. He was pretty fat before tho. It’s like on 600lb life when they lose all their weight and their faces sag from all the loose face skin. Dude should look into face taping if he’s going to show his face now.

No. 694029

How are you screen capturing friend?

No. 694049

does he even habe a neck? kek

No. 694053

okay this is only confirming my theory that they are living in a bathroom together

No. 694063

they don't even use decent soap. love the ana look they're going for.

No. 694064

https://streamable.com/wb6h1 she is sleeping. with. her. makeup. on.
(snap story of fupa but it's a video)

No. 694065

I use snap scrreenshot for android and SnapSaver for Snapchat for videos

No. 694066

Look how filthy everything is. Weren't they supposed to clean?!

No. 694071


he looks constipated lol

No. 694092

File: 1537609044281.jpg (775.18 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180922-053517_Chr…)

This dirty already? :x

No. 694096


is it dirt or is it a marbling effect on the tile? i can't tell lol

No. 694098

That looks like dirt to me.

No. 694105

I think it's pretty obvious at this point that she doesn't want to be a sex worker at all, she just wants people to pay for her life while doing the least possible amount of work, and things punching herself in the tit for 25 cents is the way to do so.

No. 694111


Well, it wasn't clean at the first place either. They never cleaned the whole house when they moved in, so they live in the filth of the people who lived there before ew

Fupa can't even bother to iron his hot topic shirts. It's prob not hardcore enough to do it.


I bet fupa loves it when Shay sleeps the whole time, so he doesn't have to deal with her lol.

No. 694120

Lmao this reminds me of those "bae caught me slippin" memes from a few years back

No. 694124

File: 1537612982378.jpg (1.05 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20180922_064208580.j…)

These cringe-asses….

No. 694125

They kinda look like rust stains, which just confirms to me that they didn't clean before moving in. Fupapa's not very good at being a ~big strong caretaker~ if he can't even make sure his wittle baby bimbo isn't living in a filthy house.

No. 694132

They are so clearly to prove how oh so happy they are. While they are both likely dying inside. Well he is anyways I’d say.

No. 694134

They are such an unattractive, white trash looking couple.

No. 694141

If you look on the picture of her in the bath >>693793 you can also see the marbling on the wall. Granted its pretty ugly and bad choice for the colors but its definitely marbling.

No. 694155

File: 1537621276909.png (791.85 KB, 735x1043, ithurts.png)

This is my reaction whenever a fellow farmer posts a new picture of shay

No. 694161

Lmao, nice one

No. 694172

Dead at the shirt hole, the off white yellow, the wrinkles, the awol neck, and the oily ass skin

No. 694187

Her poor skin.

No. 694194

Hahahaha good one anon this got a chuckle out of me

No. 694207

next thread pic pls

No. 694219


that disgusting ass lmao
Well done, anon.

No. 694236

I fucking hate his face.

No. 694239


am i the only one that thinks its weird that they're sleeping with separate blankets?

No. 694258

No. 694263

So then this confirms she never washes her face and wears leftover makeup. Gross.

No. 694275


i wonder how often she washes her bedding. sleeping with makeup on will make your pillowcases dirty and full of bacteria. her hygiene is atrocious, no wonder she looks so haggard.

No. 694278

Ngl, I think fupa would look less shitty if he dressed like an adult. The teenager clothing only emphasizes that he's an old fuck with severely arrested development. Even if he didn't want to leave his edgy past behind, there's ways to dress alt. That don't make you look like a man baby trying to be hip with the Tumblr kiddies

No. 694303

He's gonna look ugly and haggard no matter what he's got on. There are pics of him in business casual from the thread where his identity was revealed and his body is just so lopsided that he looks bad in everything. He's got the creases in his face of someone 20 yrs older.

No. 694362

seconding next thread pic

No. 694372

Can we please stop suggesting the next thread pic is something that unless you look insanely up close makes no sense?

No. 694379


i third this as next thread pic

No. 694388

I something that comes after third this as next thread pic.

No. 694396

I 5th next thread pic

No. 694397

The people in the thread understand it though, it’s like a running joke. She’ll probably have more hideous pics though so putting it in a collage would be hilarious.

No. 694399

A collage I could understand, but otherwise it seems stupid on its own for a main thread picture.

No. 694400

File: 1537652466192.png (331.54 KB, 456x789, 6965665599.PNG)

Shay shouldn't try to act like she hasn't always been a cheap cam model lmfao. She punches herself in the tits and face for a few nickels all of the time.

And Fupa the Cuck backs his cheap whore girlfriend up. So cute. Goals.

No. 694404

File: 1537652705152.png (138.7 KB, 270x225, speshul.PNG)

Shay acting special ed with lovinglyhandmadeporn again:


No. 694413

"acting special ed"

No. 694426

yike their dynamic is so off. the thing in her teeth is the icing on the cake. (snapchat anon):


No. 694433

when he slaps her near the end she really seems to genuinely hate. I almost feel bad.

No. 694436

His laugh at slapping her and her being in pain is so fucked up, BDSM isn't suppose to 1. be public, just wait till someone calls the cops after watching him hit her. and 2. It's not a joke or funny to just go around slapping your sub. And isn't hitting the face hard enough to bruise suppose to be a big no in the community?

No. 694441


No. 694442

ew and she scraped it off with her nail while filming herself.

listen to fupa talking about how they are going to a different suburb "where people make less money but still enough money. it's still nice there. it's just nicer here." he is not a rich baller. sounds like such an annoying piece of shit.

and he goes out with her with visible bruises on her face? that doesn't seem potentially dangerously abusive to people outside of their relationship, eh?

i am disgusted.

No. 694443

And how yellow her teeth looked next to the white of her nails, so disgusting.

No. 694447

File: 1537655679306.png (29.29 KB, 459x467, oldbutgold.PNG)

posting this old but goodie again in the spirit of this post. Fupa is a deadbeat piece of shit who loves the idea of Shay taking his kids place. He literally supported it on his tumblr. I hope his ex-wife's lawyer gets to see this.

No. 694449

"Dried cum all over their 2010 keyboard" kills me considering she sucked dried cum off a tshirt for weeks.

No. 694455

>>694442 >>694426

Lol gotta love hearing these two ugly, dirty white trash losers who have no life outside of embarrassing themselves on tumblr make a note of how they're going to the "part of town that makes less money than us". Plus shay's deep 45 year old crackhead man voice and big flaring wide nose on the screen was the cherry on top.

No. 694458


can't wait for him to smack her in public and get the cops called on him lol. would love to hear shay explain how 'her dada is just hitting her because he loves her'.

also the fact she calls him dad when he has fucking kids is still gross. fupa is gross for allowing it too, like jesus christ…

No. 694459

When will this pathetic cunt admit that she literally is doing nothing with her life and not a single actual wealthy father has ever looked at her and went "take my money, you're hot!"? I cannot handle her level of delusion and false cockiness.

No. 694464

File: 1537656615829.png (10.73 KB, 460x198, 96544885.PNG)

How many times has Shay said this and went right back to being a lazy cunt who begs for donations?

"fund my nasty videos"
No Shay, factor in a budget from the money you supposedly make. I thought she was a professional. She sounds like she still has no idea what the fuck she should be doing after two years of this. She really should stop doing what she is doing if she can't even afford cheap amazon props for her stupid videos. Just like she couldn't "afford" moving boxes (which are free anyways), or tape, or money to move her stuff to Tulsa, or plane/bus tickets to LA from Seattle(which is close as fuck to LA).
That reminds me that she clearly gave up on the porn thing. She must realize how terribly she embarrassed herself. Now give this jig up too, nasty mattel.

No. 694477

Soyboy loves it, slapping a girl who can't fight back. He must seriously think he's won the jackpot by getting a girlfriend with enough self hatred and daddy issues to let him abuse her under the guise of a "kink".
Prediction: he will do it more and more often, and harder, and even Shay won't consider it amusing or "hot" anymore. I'd run if I were her.

No. 694487


>has vid concepts

>"fund my porn"
>still hasnt posted the alien vid that she conned people into buying things for

No. 694490

why is she struggling to breathe after every sentence lmao

No. 694494

He’s so annoyed with her. She acts like a (special needs) child and she has to be exhausting to deal with on a hourly basis. He couldn’t deal with his own three kids, what makes shay think he’s got the tolerance and patience to deal with a retarded woman-child?

No. 694510

wtf soyboy Fupa you don’t just randomly slap your sub in public. This is basic shit, fucking hell.

No. 694513

Ew he acts like a 16 year old. Hur hur look bro I hit my girl on the face

No. 694535


that slap in the face is one of the biggest red flags ive ever seen. you two are out of scene, in public. and he slapped you. how could shay be stupid enough to not realize that fupa WANTS to abuse her?? not just consensually in bed, he wants to literally abuse his girlfriend. im sick from this.

No. 694543

god he is actually so fucking cringy and tryhard, LMAO. the entire time he's just saying they're going to hell while she makes her little fucking sped faces. I'm disgusted. Grow up, "dad."

No. 694545

File: 1537662773570.png (192.51 KB, 283x369, dt6OG0z.png)

I can't believe this is what's going to show up at our dad's funerals and take our college funds ;((((

No. 694552

I get the kink thing (kind of) but shouldn't he be caring for her when they're not fucking? Hitting your partner by surprise and running away laughing is something a middle schooler would do, not a 35 year old divorced ex-father of 3.

No. 694554

Yea, it's a kink not an excuse to just beat on someone whenever you want. He should be in aftercare mode, taking her out for a fun time and caring for her gently to reassure her, that's how it works is healthy BDSM relationships anyways. Shay has said multiple times though that she turns down aftercare because, ya know, she's "Hardcore"

No. 694557

File: 1537664166509.png (47.71 KB, 469x644, whattheufkckkkk.PNG)

my eyes help my eyes

i will never be the same after reading this. this shit is so disturbing

No. 694562

if I cared a bit more, I'd make a collage of all the times she's used this exact insult. you'd think she could be at least a little bit creative.

No. 694564

nothing better than someone sexually taking advantage of my emotional state /s
this is fucking horrible. she starts to cry and he just carries on? and then she brags about it on tumblr?
this is going to end really badly, i can feel it. this guy isn't bdsm, he's an abuser.

No. 694568


yeah because when im anxious and pacing, i definitely want my partner to put his chode in my mouth instead of trying to talk to me or care for me.
this whole post reads as toxic as fuck.

No. 694570

she's anxious and pacing around bc she reads these posts about him being an abuser and knows it on the inside but cant leave bc she just moved there l o l

No. 694571


yeah this is fucked. people who practice healthy bdsm keep that shit private, they never do shit like this in public. fupa is just using the "kink" as an excuse to hit her when she's being annoying. like another anon said, he's going to start hitting her harder and for random reasons, zero aftercare and it's going to get worse.

No. 694574

File: 1537664933183.png (34.83 KB, 245x438, 896563255.PNG)

I also love how her followers don't see anything wrong or unhealthy about this. This shit is not "goals".

No. 694576

sure Shay… everybody's jealous of your obviously healthy, safe, loving relationship.

she's going to end up hurt, and there's going to be no one there to help her.

No. 694586

She's really setting herself up for disaster. Once he overstep her boundaries for real, no one will believe her or care since she's spent so much time claiming to love it. Kyle Perkins will even get to claim innocence since she consented to abuse in the first place.

No. 694590

Yes, really affectionate to help someone who’s anxious by forcing them to suck your chode. What a fucking moron.

No. 694592

unfortunately this is the start of an abusive relationship. she's was his ~*uwu princess*~ but now she's actually moved in with him and she's either emotionally or financially trapped with him. he's got her in his grasp and there's going to be a hell of a lot of abuse that will make her leave.

No. 694593

She screams from anal so you think spitting on her ass and putting it back in while she cringes is going to help?

this is such a red flag relationship, dear Lucifer.

No. 694596

at least use fucking lube????? You’re gonna go in dry and then when she’s screaming and crying go in AGAIN?! I don’t even do anal but know that’s not normal, or even healthy.

No. 694602

File: 1537667052458.jpg (38.79 KB, 500x467, tumblr_p7tor3I0001uwbcv4o3_500…)

>boy i sure do love it when my pedophilic deadbeat "dada" takes advantage of me when i'm emotionally compromised and fucks my miserable rash-rancid ass without lube!

they're actually fucking retarded and it's the funniest shit i've ever seen

i can't wait for them to both get infections!

No. 694606


her asshole must be a mess, she's dry fucking it so it's going to be ripped and bleed, and then she shits and makes those wounds even worse. it must feel like she's shitting razor blades, like use lube and stretch yourself you fucking moron.

it's not "hardcore" shay. you're just retarded.

No. 694620

i wouldn't be surprised if ultimately he wanted to pimp her out.

No. 694622

It's just incredible that she's willing to post twisted shit like this but get pissy when she gets asks about her sexual experiences or fantasies.
I really don't understand what's going on in her head, this isn't sexy in any way, it's creepy and manipulative. If my husband tried to put his dick in my mouth when I was clearly distressed I'd never be able to look at him the same way again.

No. 694630


Nah, some people/couples sleep with two blankets because one is a blanket hog.

No. 694631

rolled my eyes so hard at this i think i lost one. i'd be concerned if i was out bowling and saw someone with their face all beat up.

yup, abusers will directly go to 'but they were ok with xyz' to excuse abuse and considering he had a history of being shitty to his ex i'd say it won't be long until that part of his personality is directed at shay.

No. 694650


Honestly I'm scared for her. I'm scared she's going to get anally raped and beaten regularly but she's being almost brainwashed to think its normal.

No. 694658

Doesn’t she talk about how sadists love to baby the wounds they inflict?

He did nothing but slap the part of her face that’s probably sore.

What a fucking douche lord

No. 694664

Holy fucking shit this is so low even for fupa, when the person you love is feeling terrible you don't just shove their head towards your Vienna sausage Kyle. How doesn't shayna see this as proof that he's only in it for the attention and to get his dick wet

No. 694680


jesus i know everyones said it, but holy shit this is depraved. fupa is in his THIRTIES. he has experience in bed, what man in his THIRTIES isnt aware that going in dry could hurt someone, like actually injure them??

its bc he DOES know. but hes a sick, abusive fuck that wanted to rape his girlfriend. jesus.

No. 694685

Uuuuuh this is why you don't move in with someone after meeting them twice?
She's so fucking retarded but I feel bad for her. She really thinks this is normal.

No. 694700

File: 1537674693162.jpg (175.62 KB, 615x819, 20180923_044340.jpg)

Her dark circles are horrifying, what is she doing to herself? Not only that but I genuinely feel bad for her at this point considering fupapa aka "DAD" (I cannot get over how fucked this relationship is) is an abusive rapey creep. How long before he beats her on the reg? Nevermind the fact he gets off to the thought of raping and killing her. I certainly don't like her at all but I can't laugh watching someone being abused. She's in danger. If he's slapping her like that in a public environment what the fuck must he do to her in private?

No. 694712

you can’t feel bad for her when she sought him out, and made her own decision to move in with him. she made her bed and now she can lie in it.

No. 694714


Uhhhh, that doesn't mean she deserves to be abused. I hate her as much as everyone here but excusing him abusing her because she decided to date him is pretty fucked up.

No. 694717

I don't think so anon. She might be an idiot but that doesn't mean she deserves to be abused for it.

No. 694722

I agree. She's always consented to "abusive" situations involving porn or attention or whatever validation she needs. It doesn't make it right but she is a damn adult that needs to grow up.
BDSM fags will WK her while they go home to slap their own partners lol

No. 694723

This. Absolutely nobody deserved to be abused by a partner or anyone else, and it says a lot more about Kyle that's he's willing to fulfill that role than it does about her. She could be standing in the street with a sign that says "punch me" on it and it wouldn't make anyone who did any less of an asshole.

No. 694726

i dated someone like this when i was her age; it very quickly devolved in to him beating when if I wouldn't make his dinner or bake some cookies the second he told me to.

he ended up throwing me down stairs over the cookie thing, but I couldn't afford to leave him. i ended up moving in with another guy just to have an escape. it's a nasty cycle that's incredibly difficult to get out of it you don't have the financial resources, or people near by who can and will help you.

she's put herself in an awful situation, and while i think she's a pathetic excuse for a human, she doesn't deserve this, or what's likely coming. no one does.

hopefully she wises up before too much permanent damage is done.

obviously saged for slight but relevant blogging.(blogging)

No. 694729

I really wish they would take proper precaution and use lube. I hope we don’t see a future post in a thread that says she had to go to the ER or something for unsafe sexual practices. That’s is just asking for a tear in your asshole. How was she not crying the whole time?

No. 694731

File: 1537678206750.png (49.8 KB, 469x882, 9794762313.PNG)

Right back to being an insufferable cunt. She completely lacks self awareness.

No. 694732

sage and sorry for nit picking, br why the FUCK is her canine tooth so god damn pointy? It looks like an ice pick or a stick that’s been whittled down? Has it always been like that?

No. 694733

Yup. I don't thinks she takes very good care of her teeth or ever really has. And she drinks lots of alcohol and stuff with carbonation and has a shitty food diet on top of that.

No. 694734

god damn, she really is aging like sour milk. her skin is awful, her hair is damaged to no end, and she has the teeth of a caveman who eats rocks. not to mention how awful her health must be from all the weed, processed foods, and alcohol.

No. 694742


I love that she got called out for not doing the alien video and gave the lame excuse that she didn't have the right "background" fuck off shay, you're just lazy

No. 694752

Why does she always feel compelled to share the most mundane shit?

I just feel bad for her every time she does this, and she does it a lot. What a sad, sad, life.

No. 694763

Lol sorry but what do you think bdsm is? Shayna can eat shit but porn isn’t “public”, Walmart is public. No ones calling the cops on porn lmao some legit bdsm relationships are 24/7 and some people love and consent to bruises. The more u know~
It’s not as fun to drag on Shayna when I know this bitch will absolutely laugh at how clueless some yall are while she feels like she so “xxxhardcore” so best don’t feed into the delusion(no one cares)

No. 694764


You seem confused. The anon was talking about the Snapchat vid where they're out in public and he slaps her in the face. Not porn.

No. 694771


ok sure, some people live bdsm 24/7, but generally you don't include other people in your play/lifestyle especially in public. you don't just fucking slap someone in public, bdsm or no. have some respect.

No. 694774

While I 1000% agree that Kyle Perkins of Tulsa, OK is an evil, horrific ugly excuse of a man and that he's an abusive manipulator and I would also say I feel slightly bad for shay because her brainless idiocy has cost her her life at this point, I also can't say I 100% agree that she doesn't deserve this because of literally every single thing she has done herself and proudly agreed to throughout the last like 2-3 years. She's just such an insufferable spoiled piece of shit, she was never homeless or abused before Kyle Perkins and she had everything she needed to have a great life but she threw it away to be too horrible for words. If she was at least a nice person with a kinder heart then I'd feel worse but she's a deluded, stuck up nasty little hank hill hoe on tumblr. But I strongly agree that Kyle is a pedophile abuser so I still have a little bit of honest pity for shaytard :/

No. 694792

no one deserves to be abused. Even shay

No. 694794

I literally just finished helping my sister move out of her abusive relationship tonight & on a few occasions shes told of him doing exactly what fupa did so catching up on these and seeing that is scary & I'm honestly terrified because she doesn't have anyone. Also, that troll watches too much gd porn. LUBE(blog)

No. 694835

File: 1537694689233.gif (1.33 MB, 320x180, tumblr_inline_o7kaiu6MZj1r403x…)


God, the way she writes is killing my brain cells.

How long until shay starts to hate all that? Being fucked when you asleep, getting punched without warning and just for the lulz and forced to give a blowjob when you feel stressed. It's been around 2 weeks now and she already looks super done >>694545 >>694700 .I don't feel sorry for her, but I don't want to imagine what kind of shit is going to happen to her in the near future. And who is she calling for help when DADA starts beating the shit out of her 24/7? Damn. I guess we will see some fucked up shit tho.

No. 694839

what a fucking mess
she's not even a month moved in and he's smacking/punching her everyday, she doesnt do anything but lay around and get high but thats not new but she does even less, getting rapped in her sleep, getting coerced into sex while she's having a panic attack

but shes sooooo happy speshul bby gurl yay~

they dont even act like they like each other, she acts like she loves the abuse and he acts like she's a literal fuckdoll, i really can only imagine what life must be like when she isn't posting it on snap because i bet its 10x worse, i dont even feel sorry for her im just confused, why do this to yourself man? why hate yourself this much

also is it just me or is her canine tooth like dissolved into a fucking spike in her mouth? >>694545
because ouch

No. 694856

As much as I think she is way too stuck up and full of herself I still feel infinitely worse for her in this scenario. She is so young and probably just wants him to love her. He already seems insanely bored of her personality.

No. 694864

actually bringing your "scene" in a public space is a big nono because, get this, random bystanders have not consented to seeing your fucked up kink! how is some random person on the street supposed to know that it's okay for this guy to hit his girlfriend because uwu kink?
if i saw a guy hit a girl in a public space i would be super upset and probably call the cops, thats a normal reaction

No. 694898

This whole situation stresses me out lol. Shay is young and stupid and just walked into an abusive situation with no safety net. She's a shitty person sure, but Kyle Nathan perkins is an even shittier person, and he's getting away with being an abuser cus she's too dumb to realise where the line gets drawn

No. 694943

yeah exactly. one of the things that's important in bdsm is that ppl don't judge what "two consenting adults do in their bedroom" but there's videos of ddlg couples at children's parks with an adult woman screaming "daddy" in front of actual kids like thats why ppl judge kinks. i can totally picture shayna doing this tbh. it's bad enough that she's filmed her dirty feet porn out in public ew

No. 694993

File: 1537716245851.jpg (544.81 KB, 1045x1769, SmartSelect_20180923-112331_Tw…)

Someone should suggest a pussy pimple popping video KEK

No. 694996

File: 1537716329705.jpg (39.32 KB, 720x220, _20180923_145802.JPG)

>completely alone and on the verge of tears

No. 694999

I have to wonder where her "dada" was. Probably off cheating on her already lols

No. 695007


It doesn't stress me out but it's the first time I've felt a shred of sympathy for a cow since Terryberry.

No. 695008

she said she was.

No. 695009

why has she posted nothing but tears, crying and depression since she's moved in with fupa? just not even trying to hide it i guess..

No. 695017


Don't be sad, Shay. Fupa will come home and make you suck his tiny dick again to cheer you up! Truly such a caring person!!1


But anon, she thriving and making big life moves.

No. 695020

She does it to manipulate people to feel bad for her, so then they’ll give her money to “feel better”.

That’s why I can’t feel bad for her, even if she is an abusive situation. She manipulates people and lies and tells people she was abused, now she’s actually being abused. It’s called fucking karma and if you feel bad for her you’re just as deluded as she is. When you cry wolf to get attention as often as she does, people won’t believe you or have sympathy anymore.

No. 695026

This was disturbing

No. 695031

He also seems dull as dishwater. At least she has energy even if it is annoying.

No. 695034

God people this just gets worse and worse, doesn't it.

Shay, bitch, get outta there. Holy god. Move back with your parents. At least it's somewhere to stay, drop the stupid ego-driven grudge against them and let them actually take care of you, cuz you need serious mental help. And by mental help I don't mean getting this flubby old man's chode in your ass. Wtf?

I think you're a dumb ass but I don't want to see you being sexually coerced and abused. You don't have to maintain this stupid lifestyle you clearly don't enjoy, like it's not worth it for the internet points, hot shit.

He doesn't see you as a person. You're just a fucktoy to him to use, abuse, and I -would- say flaunt but he seems to be ashamed of you. He doesn't respect you or anything you do. This isn't him just being a "guy" or an uwu daddy dom, he is legit a predator. Ugly ass, chode dick ass, mall goth looking Friday the 13th ass child support dodging abuser.

I am quickly disliking Fupa more than Shay as these threads go on. Unlikely contender for biggest piece of shit in the Shay drama saga.

This girl seriously needs to disconnect from the internet and do some serious introspection.

Sorry yall this just took the fuckin wind outta me.

No. 695035

yeah at this point he might be a bigger cow than shayna. he's much older and should know better and he actually hurts people with his action. at least shay's antics only hurt herself

No. 695038

Fupa is one strange guy

No. 695040

At the end when fupa slaps her face and runs away giggling. What other proof do you need? This guy is stuck in 8th grade

No. 695042

She's dating a guy that gets off on randomly slapping her across the face without consent while they're walking around, so no surprise she's unhappy.

It's fun to laugh at her for being an idiot making terrible porn, but this is just going to be ugly.

No. 695044

Her teeth are eroded

No. 695047

File: 1537720833996.png (88.68 KB, 720x718, Screenshot_2018-09-23-12-37-11…)

Isk if this was already posted

Buuuuuuut she JUST moved… Why tf are you so sad???

You moved in with your "Dada" to that HausOfMattedCarpet and you're <i>t r i v i n g</i> suck it up and suck on some more chode, you'll feel better with the repressed memories later huntyyy

No. 695057

No. 695058

It’s because fupa doesn’t do anything. He took her glow bowling and she’s basically a 40 year old housewife now

No. 695059

Lol anon, it was literally posted an hour ago

No. 695060

This is not the face you should be making mere days after moving in with "daddy". What a surprise this snuff-fantasy chode has gone straight to abusing her so soon after moving in together.

No. 695066

still hasnt filmed with the bad dragon she scammed her followers for. Bet it didnt even make the move.

No. 695075

File: 1537722882712.png (Spoiler Image, 827.58 KB, 2048x1536, image.png)

why is she so sad though?(spolier)

No. 695077


she probably thought fupa would be her full time Dada without realizing she'd be alone in that empty house with nothing to do all day while he's working, and then taking advantage of her at night without any emotional or mental support.

No. 695078

>has pins and needles in her foot from laying on it too long
> claims she can’t walk

For fucks sake Shayna it’s not like you need an amputation from losing circulation. Suck it up drama queen, you chose this.

No. 695081

Shayna is always miserable. It’s just part of her dna at this point. Fupa makes her “happy” but only temporarily. Because deep down she knows she settling. She does not wanna be anywhere near a suburb but that’s where she ended up at. It’s gonna drive her crazy (soon) eventually and I don’t think fupa is ready for what’s to come

No. 695083


but Fupa cures her anxiety and depression, anon, remember?

No. 695084

how do you accidentally sleep on the floor of a closet?

No. 695085


No. 695086

She's used to sleeping on the floor probably. Let's be real

No. 695087


Or she already dreads jumping in bed with that so called man

No. 695090

I think he think he cares. I really believe he think he’s being genuinely caring. But really he’s just fucked in the head too

No. 695094

You just need to think about how he treated his wife and kids to know that's very unlikely to be true

No. 695096

I do wonder what exactly ended that relationship. What he do?

No. 695097

No. 695101

There’s a lot of info in the last 2 threads. She [his ex wife] once said that after she had their kids, he would tell her she was ugly and fat because of stretch marks and that she needed to go to the gym to get in better shape for him. She described him laying around and always being expected to clean and cook and take care of the kids while he played video games. Even his own mother said he was a bad person and that she was grateful his ex-wife got away from him. How shitty of a person do you have to be for your own MOTHER to say that?

He’s a disgusting human being who treats women like objects under the guise of bdsm.

No. 695119

She thought she was going to live the life in a McMansion with a "daddy" to take care of her, but the McMansion turned out to be a cardboard unfurnished hovel and the daddy turned out to be an abusing manchild soyboy

No. 695124

And not a single farmer was surprised

No. 695134

He seems like the type to be that way tbh. Woman hating soyboy ass

No. 695145

She’s probably realizing this is going to be the next at least 30 years of her life if she really sticks through with it.

She likes it now because she’s still young and in the honey moon phase.
But it gets old very quickly.
how is she going to feel a year from now? Or even a month from now?
He “bought” the house too, so she’s stuck in that big dingy empty cookie cutter house for the rest of her life. Alone for most of the day, and then being sexually abused every night. Even while sleeping.

It’s probably all hitting her at once and she’s having a breakdown.

No. 695156


No. 695168

Oh god the part where she gets punched made me so uncomfortable. That was supposed to be arousing? She totally does act like a mentally handicapped person there

No. 695176

>>695075 Tinfoil, but am I the only one who finds this story really weird? Maybe it’s because I’m a former abuse victim myself, but it sounds like the kind of far fetched explanation you come up with when you try to cover for your abuser.

Maybe she’s just being dramatic, or maybe they had a fight, he hit her, and her ankle got hurt when she fell?

No. 695188

Yeahhh no I’d say it’s all lies cuz she’s soooo uwu clumsy baby teehee

No. 695189

It could be this, or she is looking for an excuse to be lazy. Fupa might be pressuring her to actually work and she might be trying to obtain pity points and avoid having to fulfill adult responsibilities. She talks an awful lot about not wanting to have to do anything and just be taken care of.

No. 695191

Sounds like kyle is out of the house for a long time so she's bored but also lazy

No. 695220

the fact that shay’s a “sex worker” yet doesnt use lube or stretch her ass before is so concerning holy shit…i know she wants to be ~uwu hardcore bruised dolly~ but god care about ur health and be safe shay bc i doubt fupapa has the funds to get ur butt stitched up jesus

No. 695226

lmfao theres a difference between bdsm and acting like a complete dick under the guise of it (ive practiced it before so before u go on ur “yall dont know what ur talking about lul” shay whiteknighting shit) but if you watch the video he smacks her in public like a little boy would to be annoying its disgusting considering fupapa tries to be his expert daddy dom yet subjects randos in public to see him hitting his gf and laughing its pretty disturbing anon

No. 695235

nah I don't think so because if fupapa actually abused shay or hurt her to that extent I'm sure she would post about it and try to paint it in this "omG DadA HiT mE He LuVs mE sO MuCh" scenario

honestly I dislike shay but I won't be surprised if she comes out suddenly with accusations (rightfully) claiming fupa as abusive and manipulative. she's old enough to know better but she's literally being taken advantage of by this disgusting creep god

No. 695238

I think Shay is too ashamed of all the "Haters" being right about her and Fupa to ever actually admit to being abused. More likely to just take it and call it a kink to try and prove a point since so so stupidly stubborn. I'm pretty sure her entire "Porn" career is the result of her just being too stubborn to say no and trying so hard to push this baby bimbo perosna to prove everyone wrong about how she was wrecking her life. Instead of going back to her parents and doing something good for herself she just gets herself into progressively more fucked up situations.

No. 695290

She also doesn’t realize that you can fake being hardcore on cam, yet still properly take care of yourself in real life. She has no idea how to separate her real life from her porn. She thinks that if she wants to come off as hardcore and super into bdsm that she has to fuck up her body to “prove” that she’s really into it. Kind of sad tbh.

No. 695303

I also think it's really weird. If your leg falls asleep it hurts, but you don't usually lose control over your leg and fall down.

No. 695305

When your feet are asleep they go rubbery and bend without you meaning to, that's extremely common.

No. 695311

if fupa really wanted to take care of wittle shay and see her thrive he would encourage her to get therapy… but oh wait he'll never do that because one of the first things the therapist will say is that their relationship is fucked up

No. 695318

Lots of people sprain or break their ankle by trying to walk on a leg that had fallen asleep and rolling their ankle. Especially if they stand up and begin walking before they are fully aware of how asleep their leg is.

The rolling of the ankle part of this story isn't what should be ringing lie-alarm bells. It's the sleeping on the floor of the closet, as if that's a natural, normal thing for a sad girl to do. To just go into the closet and sleep because "a thing happened."

Given their dynamic, the closet floor nap makes me wonder if he gave her a time out like one does to a misbehaving five year old and she fell asleep while being punished and he didn't wake her because he was on a power trip or relishing the silence. That or he pushed her down the stairs or otherwise did something that caused her terrible injury that cannot be explained by their bizarre and unsettling take on BDSM dynamics so she created this story.

On a somewhat related note, does anyone remember Delia Day, the woman who was in a total power exchange/violent BDSM relationship with her husband? The disturbing pics of the things he made her do to her body are still out there in cyberspace and it's believed that the LiveJournal she maintained to discuss how much she loved her life as a sex slave was actually written by her husband. It was bad, very bad, how south that BDSM relationship went - like violent beatings followed by total mummification so she couldn't move to relieve pain. Like she was forced to walk everywhere, even if it meant taking several on-foot trips to the supermarket to get weekly supplies. Like being forced to sleep outside. Like padlocking her labia majora together with locks so enormous she could barely wear pants (imagine walking in the heat all day long with an enormous padlock in your labia). People considered them the gold standard of ethical total power exchange relationships and had it been part of the parlance then I am sure some people would have considered them "relationship goals," as some of the dumber Tumblrites do with Fupa and Shay.

After Delia's husband decided to force her to wear an even larger, heavier padlock in her labia, she resisted and while all the details are not known, it is known that she shot him to death and the police deemed it self-defense.

Fupa is beginning to remind me of her husband, but he's not even as intelligent because he treats all of this like it's a game, as shown with the public slap while giggling. But he seems like the sort of shitty little man who, when given an inch, will take a mile. Shay's been there two weeks and he's already manipulating her into anal with only spit as lube (she best pray he isn't an HPV carrier or she may end up like Farrah Fawcett). He's already pushed her into sexually gratifying him when she needed comfort. And that's just what she's shared.

I hope that his quick escalation becomes too much and she gets out soon. Delia Day's husband had a slower build-up so she was like a frog who was put in a pot of water that was gradually brought to a boil. By the time she really understood what was happening to her she had a hard time getting away due to having kids (that he sent to private boarding school because he wanted uninterrupted access to Delia at all times) and having been cut off from all means of social and financial support. Shay could return to her parents but she is still pretty cut-off, with no real friends and a family she personally dislikes. She's very isolated and dependent on Fupa.

It probably won't get that bad before she leaves or he moves on to someone else but it's really disturbing how fast this is going bad for Shay.

No. 695325

I agree with this even though it's a hell of a long read. Fupa gets off on the power, but has no intention of being a carer. He's like every fake "dom" who just wants to slap girls around and be called Daddy to feed their ego, except he found a girl dumb and insecure enough to give in and give him what he wants. By the sounds of it, Shay is getting more and more depressed every day and is seriously struggling right now with making things seem like a tumblr fantasy which says a lot considering they've only lived together for maybe a few weeks? I honestly see this falling apart fairly soon, especially based on her shocked and what looked to be horrified reaction at him slapping her suddenly in public.

No. 695361

I don't think Kyle is an evil mastermind, he's just a loser, a deadbeat, and he gets off on hurting women, bringing them down, etc. Lucky for him Shay has no self esteem and is extremely naive and stupid.

That blog post she made just confirmed that he's going to rape her and abuse her all the time and this will be her new normal unless she gets her shit together and goes home. He's not a real "dom", just a freak who wants to beat her for fun. Her life has taken a sharp downward turn since this move lol.

No. 695399

If shay had the self esteem and self worth of a normal person instead of a depressed person she wouldn’t accept the way he’s treating her - until she realises that she needs help mentally herself she’ll be stuck in this cycle of letting herself be abused because she doesn’t care enough about herself to not need the validation of SOMEONE wanting her (even if that someone is a lard ass abusive man child)

No. 695400

I personally never want to see him wear a bulls hat again. God damn fuck boi

No. 695403

She changed her Tumblr so you have to be logged in to see it now. Which is awful for business and makes me think we might be getting to her.

No. 695406

Is she still not posting to snap?? And now making her tumblr more hidden like that? Something is going on…

No. 695429

Man, Shay is a gross, annoying POS but I am really worried for her. I work in BDSM professionally as a dominatrix and all of this is just so…. Shady. Fupa strikes me as the stereotypical fuckboi couching abuse as BDSM and Shay is such easy prey. And a key part of any abusive relationship is isolating your victim.

I know other anons feel similarly. Hopefully making her blog more private is just her being paranoid, and not Fupa further isolating her from her social group.

No. 695435

I know everyone goes "lel they lurkin" about ever cow, but I honestly think shaytard is reading these threads more than ever before. It makes sense since she knows we're judging more now plus she has nothing to do besides piss and sleep in fatty fupas cheap closet until he gets home from his shit job.

No. 695438


they could just be finding out that the ex wife knows about everything and she's hiding her blog and hoping the ex wont make a tumblr just to lurk.

No. 695441

This actually makes a lot of sense to me, going into panic mode over her knowing everything. And maybe her injury was Fupa getting pissed about her knowing things and taking it out on Shay.

No. 695449

I've never seen such agreement in a thread here. Everyone thinks this is abusive and she should get out, including several people who practice BDSM properly.

Just because he's dumb doesn't mean he isn't manipulative. Leave him in that house. Remember he has literal snuff fantasies. He's a shit. Literally any man is better and we've been saying this for threads now. What was a "thing happened". Is he doing things you can't even dress up as BDSM or daddy shit?

This makes me feel a little sick honestly. Get out of there Shay. He thinks everything you've posted - and the stuff you haven't - is acceptable.

No. 695468

She also changed her avitar after we bashed her for subjecting underage kids to her foul ass vagina.

No. 695486

Everybody knew Kyle would be abusive but stuff like not using lube has been Shays perogative since day one along with alotta shit she has condoned are staple "shaytard" practices, Drag him to your hearts content but some of the complaints are direct choices/preferences shay has made, the rest however from him fucking(raping cause you cant consent in your sleep no matter what) her while shes sleeping to basically ignoring screams of pain because "lulz my slut takes dicc either way" are horrifying realities shay doesnt have go live with but has had the unfortune of staying in despite other options available.
Her postings havent changed but its suddenly gotten 20% more her depression posting before shes back to "OH BTW sucked dads cock & now im sawdbawd feewins are cured!"

No. 695489

Shay is such a dumb idiot but I feel bad for her at this point. From reading her blog I'm pretty sure all she wants to do is be taken care of by an older guy that slightly mistreat her from time to time, a la Christian Grey. Not full on slap her for no reason in public like a fucking redneck.

She doesn't want to hustle for her own money, just flash her tits and be popular without having to do the grueling cam work and beg for amazon gift cards.

She's trying to delude herself into thinking that Fupa making her give him head while she's in a bad space is caring when it's not. Dude just wanted a blowjob and fucking you in the ass, didn't care if you cried or giggled. Even a Dom would be legit concerned and not put his own sexual needs first.

You can tell she has this fantasy of being a trophy wife and always talk about taking someone's college fund, so clearly she's expecting to be given hundreds of thousands, not just being taken out bowling once a month (although it's probably an upgrade in her mind at this point, before she realize you can find a bf that takes you out without punching you in the parking lot). She probably saw all those sugar babies of the internet living their dream life and flashing this lifestyle she thought she'd get without working a day in her life.

She honestly chose the worst "Dom" and for all of her troubles he's not even attractive.
Good Lord Shay, go back to your parents and try to go to college. Your self worth wouldn't take such a nosedive everytime you get upset if you had real accomplishment to lift you up.

No. 695490

Exactly. That’s why I’m really not sure why so many people feel bad for her. She has openly asked for these things and claimed that she likes them.

No. 695491

It's one thing seeing someone make bold claims about liking things and another seeing a human being, knowing those things are wrong, going through with them even when she's crying out in pain. The idea and the execution and two very separate things and no matter how much you might hate her it's hard to hear/watch

No. 695492

Has Fupa been active on Tumblr at all?

No. 695495


Shay's a shitty person in a shittier situation. Say what you want about her, and it's probably true, but she likely hates herself more than you do be trying to convince herself and her dead followers that her current situation is 'goals'.

if someone has a rape fantasy, then gets raped for real, would you brush that off as 'they probably like it'? no? that's called compassion, and if you can't apply it to someone you don't like, you're kinda fucked in the head.

No. 695498


sorry for the doublepost. replied to the wrong post. meant the latter:


No. 695506

I feel a bit sorry for Shay because not one person on this earth deserves to be forcefully penetrated by this shitbags chub but knowing how Shay has always been, she's not stupid enough to not know this is abuse, and shes not stupid enough to completely and fully think moving in with a stranger who fantasizes about raping her was a good idea. She WANTS to be Cinderella, she wants to be a poor abused Disney princess and for someone to come rescue her from the terrible situation she's put herself in. Considering she lied about being raped before & plays up soooooooooo many things from her childhood to pretend she was abused, she's probably putting herself in situations like this to give her shitty character more depth. To give herself more excuses to be the person she already is.

No. 695508

Honestly I think it's more that she just hates herself so much that she doesn't think she deserves anything but abuse.

No. 695511

she probably made it only available to tumblr users because he knows his wife knows and lord knows he's ashamed of her and what she does. I wouldn't be surprised if he convinced her to hide it under the guise of him "caring" even though it only serves his own agenda.

No. 695514

Her hair looks TERRIFYING on his snap chat story right now

No. 695516

Come on snap anon give us proof

No. 695521

caps or sage.

No. 695522

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought that was true of all NSFW Tumblr accounts? Could have sworn there was a feature that locked you out of viewing them if you didn't have an account. I remember following a link from here months ago and being prompted to log in because her blog is a porn blog.

No. 695524


it opens to the dashboard version now instead of opening to the full blog version.

No. 695525

Guess I'm blocked from her blog because I can't see anything from her anymore

No. 695530


i feel for her in the same way i would sympathize with any other person caught up in a self destructive lifestyle, but at the same time you just know she's gonna drag it out just to prove a point and avoid the inevitability of having to go home and admit she was wrong.

i hope if shay's lurking right now she realizes she needs to get out sooner than later, i know we mock fupa a lot but i'm worried that he might try to kill her one day. you never know with abusive men, hopefully this is a wake up call for her

No. 695535

File: 1537754330384.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.93 KB, 541x775, Capture.JPG)

the amount of hate she's slowly building up is great(spolier)

No. 695539

Snapchat anon here i don't know how to screen cap without giving him a notification someone help lol

No. 695548


jfc anon spoiler that shit next time

No. 695549

It took me forever to realize this wasn't on her blog haha.
Seriously why does she show everything right away? What would the point be in buying content when you can already see her nude on her blog?

No. 695551

If you have something else to record on record your phone screen, I think somewhere higher up in the thread someone suggests an app

No. 695552

Well you can also Google a how to :/

No. 695601

other snapchat anon here
got you.

No. 695602


oh good lord you weren't kidding about her hair

No. 695606

what the FUCK did she do to her hair lmao she looks like a dog

No. 695608

he looks annoyed af

No. 695610


It's really weird how he doesn't look like someone in a new, exciting relationship with someone and instead looks like an annoyed dad.

No. 695611

She looks like a homeless Dolly Parton

No. 695614

File: 1537764307917.png (125.02 KB, 228x295, urdadsgonnabuymenewteef.png)

OKLAHOMA where the Shay come stinkin' down the plain

No. 695618

She looks like a 30 year old in the 80s trying to be hip. Her hair is atrocious >>695610
But he’s her dada anon.

No. 695636

the more I see them interact the sadder I feel for her (not really tho) just like Shay get out while you can that man sees you as a talking fleshlight. you're a goofball and he clearly thinks it's embarrassing to be seen in public with ya. to the point where he slaps you to feel in control of the situation again

No. 695649

This is hilarious lol
And the image name is even better

No. 695679

this is making me really nervous/sick. i come on lolcow almost exlusively to keep up with shayna’s rotten milk, but what is happening between her and Kype Perkins of Tulsa Oklahoma is wrong in every way. even if she says she consents, even if she hides it, even if she got herself into this situation, abuse runs so deep. they haven’t known each other that long so i cant genuinely understand that dynamic, but (sorry for the blogging) as slmeone who was groomed drom age 12 and by 14 i allowed physical and sexual abuse until i was 19, viciously and thoroughly defending him.
something’s gotta give. she has to realise that she doesnt have to do this. and that is a LOT of hard work tbh but she needs to understand this bc she is in danger

No. 695698

This is such an awful awkward interaction…
And he’s obviously filming just to try and prove us wrong. The way he demands her to “Say Hello” is so fucking creepy and rapey…

They have nothing to talk about except alcohol, weed, and sex.
She just looks uncomfortable, and his voice sounds like he’s hitting puberty.

No. 695704


if/when they break up can Kyle Perkins have his own thread

No. 695727

Watching them interact on snap gives me a sad feeling for her now.

No. 695729

JFC, that was a wild read.

I don't think Fupa is intelligent enough to manipulate someone slowly, or patient enough to go that far, like you said he's just pushing the boundaries and so far she's letting him. He's just an average abuser taking advantage of a girl that's not very savvy, insecure, essentially jobless and has no real friends or family. She's the perfect target.

No. 695734

love the way he's talking down to her and it's not even playful
then he demands her to say hello and she just kinda stares at him "woah, what was that tone? are you mad?" then stupidly stumbles out uh h-hellooo"
shay, girl, i think you are the most disgusting anus on legs walking but you dont even deserve this, this is just pathetic now

No. 695738

Wow the "say hello" and "be nice" is so unnerving.. She's being silly and instead of reciprocating he just looks pissed off. He has raised every single red flag was warning shay that he's an abuser and she's so desperate and lonely she pretends like he isn't. Shay is the perfect candidate for someone like Kyle. He prays on her because she's young, has no self esteem, and knows that to her, him "buying them a house" really seems like a dream come true. It makes someone who is insecure feel like theyre going to be together forever. It also makes someone feel like they owe a person something because they are now incredibly dependent on that person.. Shay is far from her family and in the hands of someone incredibly dangerous. He will just get more and more abusive and controlling over time, and sadly, shay very well might put up with it. He is a fucking creepy loser.

No. 695743

The way he carried on recording while he ordered from the bar was so embarrassing, his need to constantly assert himself as someone who can ‘flex’ is pathetic

No. 695754

"whats this face???" "say hello.."

everything about this interaction is so odd…fupapa will try to defend it and be like "but im her dada uwu I gotta discipline and tell her what to do" but based on shay's reactions even she looks confused. shay has already made it a thing that she can't separate her sex life from her personal life in public so her reaction makes me a little nervous run away from the McMansion shay hurry

No. 695768

why am i the only one that thinks anons are reading too much into their publically posted interactions? i honestly don't see anything other than two people that are still really awkward around each other because they've only spent 2 weeks together but idk. their age difference is going to cause a weird dynamic plus shay is always trying to be so ~*uwu wacky*~ coupled with fupa's desire to be seen as some kind of "leader" in the bdsm community. nothing has screamed abuse to me and i think a lot of farmers are getting a little excited with all the new milk.

No. 695772

are you the anon that thinks it's okay to display your BDSM kink in public because no one should care?

no normal person would act like that in public, it's off-putting, weird and offensive, i sure as fuck wouldn't let any man talk to me like that, or smack my face in public no matter what dynamic we had at home

No. 695776

nah i haven't made a comment up til now really since shay's moved there. the public slap was obviously fucked up but farmers getting overly excited when there isn't a lot of evidence yet will make it harder to make a case against him when more obvious signs of abuse are appearing. just worried people are jumping the gun is all, not that fupa is some kind of saint.

No. 695777

While I agree that him saying things like "say hello" aren't as deep as some anons are trying to make it out to be, there are still red flags in the form of him seeming to be completely uninterested/ashamed by her. And obviously the hitting her thing

No. 695780

i just get conflicted as someone who has read/participated in/made OC for the shay threads when i see things start to become sensationalized. like i've kind of had to take a step back this week because of some of the tinfoils i've seen in here.

No. 695784

The whole thing reminds me of a dom I met online this summer. He said quickly how he wanted to be with me, marry me etc. Then he flew me out to see him and was actually pretty cold and distant except when he wanted sex. I flew out twice to see him and was relieved when he ended it because he was so different then how he had seemed over chat.(blogpost)

No. 695785

the tinfoil is pretty hard reaching, but the stuff they show off in snap and being in public, and the stupid fanfics she writes for her tumblr set off all kinds of redflags that suggest this is going to get worse, not stay the same or get better
this isn't awkward we only just met relationship stuff they've been together before, he's just an asshole and she's too spineless to stand up to him, not that far of a reach to say with what we've seen, he's abusive to her

No. 695791

part of me just wonders if they are TRYING to rile us up
i mean given their egos…

No. 695793

Probably to some extent but you can’t fake that akwardness they display to each other

No. 695794

I think the "Say hello" "Be nice" bit was actually made sense if they're going for the daddy dom/little type of relationship, but you'd expect it to be said more gently or lovingly not in an annoyed way. What really strikes me as odd is more Shay's stilted and awkward reaction, she looked like she was about to puke and didn't know how to handle herself.

No. 695809

Even if they're still in an awkward stage, the way he treats her and talks to her in what's supposed to be displays of their ~happy couple life~ paired with her reactions is pretty off-putting and this is not something that's going to improve over time. Red flags are just that.

No. 695813

File: 1537796936856.jpg (24.7 KB, 356x350, 01b3cd8e06214c0e1f69a0c43ebab3…)

She reminds me so much of the white trash mom from Matilda it's insane

No. 695814

Oh my god, this, exactly.

No. 695815

The thing is, those of us in the threads who have been involved with abusers in the past are very quickly seeing the similarities between their dynamic. The way he speaks to her, her constant cycles of depression, and that horrific post about how he pressured her to do anal are only the very beginnings. An abuser will push the limits as far as someone will let them and I’m not sure Shayna will ever leave. At this point her best bet is that one of her old friends like Colleen will get in touch with her parents and help rescue her once this gets bad enough. Because it might not happen now, but it will. He’s already hitting her outside of scenes which is a huge warning that this is going sour so I hope for her sake that she’s got someone besides us keeping an eye out for this. Because it really isn’t our responsibility to rescue her dumb ass after she put herself in this position.

No. 695821

making some good points… i am still skeptical that the story she posted on tumblr about the anal dry fucking actually happened. sounded like some shit she'd write for the description of one of her videos honestly. idk though. i guess i'll just keep watching the trainwreck unfold.

No. 695846

What doesn't change is that Fupa is over 30 and has worked before, his ex wife has presumably worked her ass off too, or at least took care of the kiddos.
Guys who like to go out with girls a decade younger don't LIVE with them. Sure Kyle Perkins is immature and disgusting for his age, but there's a world of experience between the two. He's working, bought his own (mediocre) house and at some point took care of a family. Shay literal dream is to do nothing at all and be pampered. She's an immature lazy ass and a goofball like other anon said. She doesn't have much hobbies besides smoking and browsing tumblr, doesn't have much of an education, doesn't go out or seem to have friends.
Wtf is he gonna talk to her about ??

Idk I may be reading too much into it but to me he looks clearly annoyed and they haven't even been living together for long. Now on top of that because of her infamy, we brought his name to the front page of Google and his ex now knows he's living with a cam girl and his face is out there eating out diseased pussy. I'd be pretty mad if my kids could see their cum donor fuck a random girl for likes and reblogs.

Dude is gonna realize he could have just paid a hooker here and there rather than be stuck with an attention deprived one in his own home.

No. 695848

i got to thinkin… all this depraved shit from fupa and shay will forever be immortalized on the internet, unless lolcow somehow gets deleted as a whole. kyle's kids will undoubtedly google their dad's name one day when they're older and find all this out. imagine the first search result of your dad's name being a thread full of his chode, pedophilic tendencies, eating out a disease ridden pussy etc. i'd probably kermit suicide not gonna lie

No. 695849

doesnt he have a kid that is 10 or so? im sure they go to the computer lab at school often as a class and will inevitably be curious one day and look up their parents names while bored. yikes

No. 695853


When even calling her "camgirl" feels like a big stretch.

She's failed at her attempts in porn, even a simple trip to LA to take your clothes off. She ruins it with her boil-covered pussy. Even producers and post make her cover her genitals, pose from the side, or edit/crop it out.

Fuck, even calling it porn feels like a big stretch too. KEK

No. 695863

He does just sound annoyed and like he’s trying to be assertive, but I think her reaction is her just trying to be goofy which she’s not very good at. It comes of forced and uncomfortable because these are two strangers barley getting to know each other. Some of y’all are serious drama queens. Y’all are the whole reason they think we’re just jealous haters. Blowing every little thing they do out of proportion

No. 695871

The abuse part was mainly brought up after that huge text post she made. I agree, anons may be reading too much into the videos, but that text post clearly showed abuse. She said she was crying and screaming and was really anxious but all he did was spit on her asshole and go back in dry again. She said she was anxious and pacing and he cuddled her and shoved her head down towards his chode to “make her feel better”.

So that’s where most people are getting abuse claims from.

No. 695873

yes and i felt like the text post was fabricated so that's where i was coming from

No. 695874

snapchat anon again. the way they interact is so uncomfortable and showing off the bruises is wild. then he lectures her to keep it in private yet he hits her in public.


No. 695880

What was funny? What was she laughing at?

The awkwardness between them just makes me uncomfortable. It’s like two people going on their second date who are kind of meh about each other.

No. 695882

Their life is so sad.

No. 695884

i felt like the text post was false too, but still fucking hilarious and pathetic that she would post something like that. She took the time to type that out, and obviously it's for attention.

Shay feeds off of people seeing her do shitty stuff to her cos she needs their sympathy to fund her life since she can't do it the way the rest of society does for some reason.

I find it difficult to have any sympathy for her. Not because I think she deserves being abused. But because it's clear she has been lying and exaggerating to make herself into the victim. She has always tried to be the victim. It's nothing new. It's almost like she enjoys being in difficult situations because then she will get to milk the sympathy card for all it's worth. No matter how shitty the situation. She puts herself into these situations and then wonders why it's so bad.

She was warned about her dumb decision before she made it so she can't feign ignorance.

No. 695886

This is so awkward and I'd say his reaction at the "Side ho" bit was almost fearful and guilty looking, like straight denial and what are you talking about before trying to brush it off as a joke. Other than that Shay just seems fucking insane laughing like a lunatic and I can never get over her weirdly mannish voice.

No. 695889

lmfao why is his voice so high pitched????

No. 695890

I guess his pre-puberty voice goes with his whole "Hardcore 15yr old" aesthetic

No. 695893


I agree, he sounded guilty. Flipping out like that over a common “clearly you’re cheating on me” joke is how guilty people react.

No. 695894

shay probably got hit afterward for accusing him of cheating and making him look bad in front of anyone lol

No. 695899

It's almost always a sign of someone trying to come up with a lie when they ask you to repeat the question a bunch of times and you could see his eyes widening in panic.

No. 695903

The annoyed shaking of his head as she zooms in says so much

No. 695904

I don’t think the text post was completely false, Shay is known to over exaggerate for notes. So yah I believe that he did force her head down to suck his chode because he thought she would “feel better”. I believe that yah they probably did have anal and he probably did go in dry because they’re both dumb as fuck. But I don’t believe the nuances in the story.

Not false, just fabricated.

No. 695905

File: 1537804640659.png (29.45 KB, 459x467, shutthefuckup.PNG)

Shay playing victim on tumblr again. Anything for attention.

I wish she would realize how much her actions and behavior and attitude led to her life being at this point.

But why should Shay take any responsibility for her actions, amirite?
It's just everyone else's fault.

No. 695913

Every fucking one of my alarm bells went off when she said it was his side ho. The reaction he gives. The initial eyebrow furrow. The blasé “oh yeah it’s mg side ho” i have seen every ducking one of those reactions from my serial cheater boyfriend.
Even if it wasn’t a side ho, he’s got secrets.

No. 695914

What’s this about? Who’s being “nice” to her?

No. 695936

lmao lurk harder shay

No. 695938

why do i feel like the "subjecting people to our situation" bit was a direct reference to lolcow? lol

No. 695959

>I don't have time for snakes
but.. but you moved in with one

Me too, anon. He couldn't even take the obvious joke. They're so awkward together.
Her life is going to be so miserable.

No. 695960

he didnt even joke back, he couldn't be bothered to laugh and go "oh yeah, mah side ho i got like 80 of em what one?" like come on Fupa, at least try to not look like an asshole

ive noticed he's always on his phone ignoring her in her snaps, like he doesnt even hold conversations with her just talks to the camera when its in his face to shit her up.

also even if she is being abused, i have no sympathy, she's just even more pathetic for putting up with it after everyone told her this would happen

No. 695987

Notice how he suddenly breaks into """natural""" laughter after pressing record. We are having such a good time!!!!
She smiles sweetly and the socially defunct human he is doesn't recognize the expression and says "what's that face?"

Like. It's a smile you retard. She looks cute in that video. It's so awkward, they do not vibe together at all.
I had a similar thing happen to >>695784
This anon, and I think the tumblr interaction and the whole internet life they have is confusing and obscuring the issue. They have no natural chemistry at all. Never mind the horrific text posts about what he does to her.

No. 695994

File: 1537812160860.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.39 KB, 412x810, tumblr_pfjiycPin71rmiw96o2_r1_…)

sooo what does shay do all day while fupa is at work if she's back to only working 3 hours a day??

No. 695998

Man I feel bad watching this snap. She seems genuinely happy but fupapa is just uninterested

No. 696003

He was probably talking to his mother or baby mama as Shay blasts his abuse all over Snapchat.

No. 696015

idk why she would choose to cam late at night if he's gone all day and those are hours they could be spending together idk. what a huge mess she's in.

No. 696018

Agreed; you would think she would cam/work during the day while he is gone???

No. 696021

I think he might work nights? She mentioned once on cam that she was waiting for him to get home

No. 696024

You make more money during certain times. It’s usually between 8pm-2am.
Depending who else is online, lots of popular girls cam fri/sat/sun, and unfortunately it takes attention away from other girls who are not popular.

Shay has admitted her room is dead because the top MFC were broadcasting.

She made good money on MV streaming live I don’t know why she doesn’t do that more often.

No. 696033

Is the MV streaming option open to all times or still being tested?

No. 696041

i dont get why she even cams at all at this point
like just put out more interesting content so people buy your snapchat or commit to making videos more often
it's like she wants to do both half-assedly

No. 696048

File: 1537817384696.jpg (44.46 KB, 257x481, gone.jpg.jpg)

No. 696055

Spoiler that shit ew
No one should be subjected to Kyle Nathan Perkins face that close to them

No. 696057

Forever thinking his stupid nose ring is just a deep set wrinkle under his nose. Why god.

No. 696058


imagine waking up and seeing this. fucking gross.

No. 696060

anon this made it to the home page and is how i quickly located the thread on desktop

No. 696062

File: 1537818991586.png (219.01 KB, 531x359, Untitled.png)

No. 696066

File: 1537819440197.png (63.46 KB, 1068x462, Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 3.02…)

Not sure if posted yet

No. 696074

The way he constantly looks around to make sure no one is looking, kek. He's so flustered to be seen with her.

Jesus fucking Christ, he's such a gross edgelord.

No. 696078

God, Fupa tries so hard. Literally no "real" dom says shit like that. It's so embarrassing.

No. 696083

yes. it's extremely old.

No. 696109


A lot of fandoms pop in and out of rooms, and so she has a better chance of hiding things live and setting her own limits of what she is comfortable doing that night. Like if her pussy is rank, she usually will not offer a cum show, she will just beg.

oppose to when someone looks through your porn to figure out what they want to purchase and see you posted a video with her bag in the state it is (goth girl gets fucked) why would anyone wanna buy it? Everything she puts out is promotion, so when promotion sucks, sales don’t go up.

No. 696111

This is so fucking nasty. This is why women need to be educated, not encouraged to do porn and sex work. All that shit is always abusive.

No. 696117

He's ugly af and she looks like a crack whore. wow

No. 696122

File: 1537824261932.jpg (69.82 KB, 1029x768, Sylvia.jpg)

i thought of sylvia from ice age when she was making faces

No. 696173

you know i haven't really spent a lot of time looking at these sludge monsters but wow, shayna's nose is really hideous. she has these ugly flared nostrils that make her look like even more of a busted crackhead troll doll.

Kyle Nathan Perkins, father of 3 from Tusla, OK is a trashfire all on his own but damn, shayna's super white trash.

No. 696181

I admit there was a bunch of tinfoiling in my tl;dr discussion of Delia Day and how fast these sorts of relationships can go south. Sorry about that. The actual evidence to condemn Fupa is pretty much open to interpretation because Shay is, as some have noted, an unreliable narrator. I have to think that if she was outright lying that Fupa would call her out, so there may be some truth in her depictions of her increasing depression and anxiety, the weird closet nap/twisted ankle story, the unlubed anal and the horrible blow job text. None of that bodes well but there's plenty of distance between smacking her in the face on the street and abuse so bad she ends up shooting him.

I think what may be causing some of the tinfoil is that many of us are realizing that Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is the far worse person in this duo. Shay sucks in so many ways but Jesus Fuck Fupa is a piece of if shit. I can't even look at his bloated face, enormous trunk, spindly legs and arms, clad in the finest edgewear from 2004, and not want to just run him over with a car. It's really shocking to realize even Shay could do better.

No. 696186


Agreed, Shay looks and acts like a trash monkey but she can do better and quite frankly, SHOULD do better for herself.

They are both terrible, but Kyle is the worse person in this relationship. He's older so there's a power imbalance, now has a financial power over Shay due to the house being his, openly hits her in public, unlubed anal, blowjob to "comfort" her, raped her in her sleep, like this is just the stuff that she's posted or we know by default.

It's gonna get worse.

No. 696189


Double post, but to add on I feel like Shay does separate her porn/personal life whereas I think Kyle is gonna expect this submissive all the time. Like Shay will never get a break from being his toy. That's gotta take a lot away from her mentally and physically and she's gonna have a break down at some point, when she realizes what she's signed up for.

No. 696190

I actually think it was pretty interesting, I had never heard of the case before. It certainly would be no great loss if she did end up killing Fupapa,and if she does I hope he has life insurance which goes out to provide for his kids.

No. 696206

File: 1537831931632.jpg (100.36 KB, 478x836, DM.JPG)

his entire look is tragic. the septum, the beard, the gauges, the tee, the voice. is he also genuinely happy with her when not on camera?

No. 696211

LMAO Fupa's shirt is literally from Spencer's. V hardcore.

No. 696213

Lmao I noticed that shit too. You stop shopping at Spencer’s when you’re like 20, kek

No. 696218


but fupa is 15!

No. 696254

File: 1537834982956.jpg (31.6 KB, 417x640, f87e93ee3154dda2c88c211bd9e814…)

Both of them have such terrible fashion sense. They dress too young and it ages them terribly. Also, that septum ring really emphasizes how Smurf-like his nose is.
Pic related, Fupapa living his edgy Smurf fantasy.

No. 696265

File: 1537835559354.jpg (367.53 KB, 1536x1536, IMG_3877.JPG)

"I used to do big and chunky Amy winehouse wings" Bitch you still do????

No. 696269

What I find weird is that his beard looks like it literally grows out his lips, there is no space between

No. 696274

Lol that is so true. I've always been most repulsed by his mouth and lips for some reason. We all know he has thin ugly lips but there's something about his mouth that just really grosses me out. It's likely a combo of how his pubey beard sprouts out of his gross thin red upper lip and how I witnessed him putting those nasty things onto shays diseased vagina

No. 696316

Imagine kissing that. I’m going to barf thinking about it. He’s probably one of those guys that has such a small dick that his pubes grow up his chode and he doesnt bother to trim it.

Just typing that out makes me want to barf holy hell Shayna

No. 696338

File: 1537843381993.jpg (219.43 KB, 1439x846, Screenshot_20180924-223322_Tum…)

Oh dear, is Fupa not giving you attention Shay?

No. 696361

are hugs too vanilla for Kyle Nathan Perkins or something?
Go he’s such an awful dom.
When you’re out of a scene you should be taking care of your sub for all the shit they went through during the scene.

But Shay probably told him she was too good for after care or something.

No. 696370

Well she has said multiple times that she doesn’t take after care. Not to be that anon but I’m starting to feel sorry for her. It went from cringy tumblr daddy dom kink to full on abuse in a matter of weeks.

No. 696372


I think even those of us who hate Shay know that this is bad.

No. 696399

Did she even get on cam today?

No. 696401

I hate Shay as a person just as much as the rest of us but this isn’t even funny anymore. I remember a few threads back when Kyle’s information leaked it was all fun and games. Now it’s getting hard to watch. I hope she gets help.

No. 696444

He seems to think they're in a scene 24/7.

She really shot herself in the foot moving out to OK to live with Kyle, She makes peanuts on cam and had to beg her followers for money to ship her things, so it's not like she can pack up and leave easily.

No. 696515


Thinking of Fupa as a dom or even daddy makes me laugh so hard. She pics the least manliest beta ever. Just his high pitched girly hick voice and her manly voice. His little hands and her man hands and alien fingers. Kek, this duo is milk galore.

No. 696569

Couldn't she always quit camming and move back in with either of her parents as a last resort? Not that I think she will be quitting anytime soon, but I still feel that's an option.

No. 696570

she probably could, but she would never do that and have anyone say they proved her wrong about her "career". i dont think she will go anywhere out of fupas reach unless she gets thrown down a flight of stairs and someone sees her obvious abuse and reports it.

No. 696571

File: 1537890653577.jpeg (42.87 KB, 499x561, FF6FCF63-7B1C-4329-AAE3-0B534F…)

Don’t do Dolly like that, anon. Shayna wishes she could be as lovable as Dolly.

No. 696576

Tinfoiling or not, I think your description of what happened to Day was an apt contribution in light of recent events. The general consensus in the thread is that the haus-mattel situation can certainly be /read/ as abusive and that /if/ it is, even the people who have made a cottage industry out of arguing about the specifications of Shayna's asshole want to see her get out sooner rather than later. I'm not sure that dozens of posts applying a nebulous term like "abusive" to Shayna's relationship are going to be that convincing when she reads them, especially because she struggles with delineating boundaries for herself. On the other hand, I think your post was clear, evocative, and non-accusational enough to be something for Shay to incubate in the back of her mind. If the majority of farmers are correct in their speculations, I think your lucid post, spelling out precisely what frog-boiling looks like, would be one of the more compelling ones for Shay to get the hell out of there.

No. 696588

I think for now her desire to be loved or have someone will keep her in the toxic relationship though.

No. 696643

This is very true.

No. 696644

File: 1537900448608.jpeg (222.88 KB, 1242x632, B8CDE9B7-455A-4FE0-8324-84D212…)

Lol, she just moved there and already needs a vacay. Kek.

No. 696645

She’s so dumb for not being a little bit more low key about her porn making instead of shoving it in her parents face

No. 696648

Shayna is the type that gets bored quickly. I can almost guarantee she’s unhappy but only because she doesn’t know how to be happy

No. 696653

It’s not that she doesn’t know, it’s that she thinks certain things are the key to her happiness. For example, she thought moving in with him would be all sunshine and rainbows and a beautiful mansion all furnished and cleaned just for her, where she can lay around naked all day and do whatever she wants and be praised for it. She realized that no, that’s NOT what life is like and things are not that easy, so she’s back into depression mode and can’t figure out why because she lacks self awareness.

She knows that she can be happy, but that involves hard work and effort, two traits shayna does not yet possess. Until she’s willing to get out of her porno fantasy dream life, she’ll never be happy. She’ll never be happy until she realizes that these things take time and effort, and starts being more realistic.

The girl needs a lot of mental help and time away from the internet, tbh.

No. 696654

In theory maybe, but she won't. Like other anons, I don't think she'll admit "defeat" unless something seriously scary happens to her.

No. 696659

File: 1537901739628.png (660.79 KB, 568x645, doormat.PNG)

a doormat is what makes them official, everyone. now everyone on the block will now how creepy they are because of THIS DOORMAT.

No. 696677

Why does she look like gollum in her twitter picture
She looks retarded and has her stomach crunched into a bunch of rolls and she has a weird dark strip going down the middle too. I just think it's weird that she chooses such retarded looking selfies to represent herself on both twitter and tumblr.

No. 696679

Um is this an American thing or just a dumb them thing, aren't doormats like that supposed to go inside your house?

No. 696681


I don't think it's an American thing, you typically wipe your feet off with a doormat before going inside? Don't think people want a muddy doormat in their house. Then again Americans are weird and wear shoes in doors, so who knows.

No. 696682


outside doormats are more used for making sure shoes are a bit cleaner before entering the house and of course, aesthetics. but some people have inside and outside, or one or the other. just depends on the person and type of mat.

No. 696683


Also the outside of the house reminds me of an old country farm lmao

No. 696686

I'd say you have a heavy duty boring plain thing outside the door and something like what she's posted inside.

Sage for talking about fucking doormats!

No. 696687

they have said their neighbors are horses, so that would probably be accurate. I doubt they live in any sort of suburban neighborhood if they have someone with horses next door. that's more rural than anything.

No. 696688

Not an American thing but you can have them inside or out. Some have both. A lot of new home owners act like welcome mats are symbolic.

No. 696692

Does fupa have a car?

Shay is definitely the type to insist on having one of those "little Princess on board" signs hung in the window.

No. 696735


I love what her and Fula define as creepy and goth. They’re like fucking middle schoolers.

>wears black fishnets once

>”such goth”

>get a Ouija doormat, when Ouijas are extremely common things sold in the kids toys of fuckin Walmart

>”wow such creepy”

No. 696738


yeah shay wears black and suddenly she's a 'goth gf' like no honey, you're just wearing black lmao

No. 696744


Shay and Fupa are the kind of people you call "tumblr goth".

No. 696747

made even less spooky by the fact that it's close to halloween lol anyone that saw it would just think it was a halloween decoration at this point, not anything special

No. 696753

They should print one of his "cute Date idea" posts on a doormat, now that's true horror!

No. 696763

Is that the new “mall goth” term?

This is definitely something a young adult buys when they get their first place. I remember buying a “go away” welcome mat for my first house. It’s acceptable to be a little immature once in awhile with each other, but they Constantly act like children.

I fully expect a papasan chair and amazon wall tapestries in the living space.

No. 696764

File: 1537910545074.png (532.81 KB, 637x453, doormat.png)

No. 696766

>>696659 she said ‘came in’ like she got the doormat specially delivered just for them and didn’t get it from the cheap Halloween decorations section in any big chain store kek

No. 696773


Yeah, immature is one thing, but him constantly acting hardcore because he buys this ~spooky~ shit from huge chain stores is just cringe.

No. 696780

The mailman would never come back again!

No. 696930

File: 1537922836236.png (22.61 KB, 571x310, dumbass.png)

take your own advice, shay. you're nasty but fupa is complete psycho. you need to run back to your parents and get a real job

No. 696999

File: 1537929589315.png (9.84 KB, 539x149, nervous.PNG)

she just moved in with her "dream daddy" into her "dream house", so why is she so upset lately?

No. 697004

I can't help but think that maybe Fupa's ex-wife is beginning to raise hell (rightfully so) for Fupa and Fupa is likely stressed out as a result.

I guess it doesn't feel to good to shack up with a deadbeat waste of flesh once it actually happens.

No. 697012

she’s about to go live you guys time to watch the shit show

No. 697015

File: 1537931306891.jpeg (114.15 KB, 750x361, AB4C1631-EB08-42A9-AAB7-2D1C2D…)

she can’t even commit to her 3 hour work day schedule because every day has been a bad day since she moved in to “the haus mattel” she may say her “dada” takes away all the depression and anxiety she has but it’s no wonder she’s been a wreck since he’s apparently gone all day at work but no worries guys little basic chik fil a turns her whole world around and she’ll be on super soon probably covered in chicken grease

No. 697022

Honestly I don't like shay as much as the next person but she doesn't deserve this if she has loving parents theyll pay her ticket out of there c'mon just get out it's not gonna get any better take it from ppl with experience

No. 697034

File: 1537933373377.png (1008.47 KB, 1022x764, Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 11.4…)

"I have all the time in the world" sounds like she's bored already

No. 697035

god the bangs again? disgusting.

No. 697037

her camming shows are more like when girls get bored and go on facebook live than actual sex work

No. 697038

I'm watching her on mfc for the first time and she's not even trying to engage her audience. I know others have talked about it before but seeing it first hand is so different. She's so boring to watch.

No. 697039

File: 1537933710584.png (244.73 KB, 367x336, eSPKEAD.png)

No. 697042

literally how does she get any tips all she does is sit around bouncing while clothed listening to shitty old music

No. 697043

File: 1537933900519.png (105.45 KB, 192x222, 0bhoAMD.png)

how I feel sitting here watching her bounce around like a sperg

No. 697044

two seconds after she played with her plug and had to wipe her finger…

No. 697046

currently talking about how fucking lazy she was all day so sexy many tips coming im sure

No. 697047

god everything she's said for the past five minutes has been a total cry for help.
talking about depression naps and shit

No. 697050

this bitch really just said delaware wasnt on the coast…

No. 697066

File: 1537936949551.png (261.15 KB, 471x356, Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 9.39…)

when your "dada" says he's going to take you to chik-fil-a after he fucks your dry pimply ass

No. 697158

fixing her emotional issues with food? lmao can’t wsit till Shay gains 20 pounds in a month from the stress of living with Kyle Nathan Perkins from Tulsa Oklahoma

No. 697180

Ya she seemed happier in Seattle…

No. 697305

yeah i bet he sits around reading these threads and jacking off to all the anons thinking he's "abusive". he's a fat soyboy with a girl's voice and a 2 inch chode. if shay actually was into bdsm there's no way she'd pick him as her dom. he apparently gives her soooo many beatings but her face is never bruised.

fupa is clearly one of those guys that hates women cos his fat ass has been laughed out of bed many times. instead of trying to improve himself he turns to trying to prove he's hard online. but it's so transparent that he's got a huge napoleon complex. you're not a hard daddy dom fupa. it's so weird that he looks like a 15 year old & she looks about 35. like exactly the opposite of how they want to appear.

No. 697320

lol he doesnt look 15 other than the way he dresses
his face looks 55

No. 697341

His voice sounds 15

No. 697358

ikr. he's probably so pissed that she's making daily posts about being sad and anxious when she never did that until she moved in with him. bAbe We HaVe To MaInTaIn OuR pErFeCt TuMbLeR iMaGe

No. 697362

File: 1537970297029.jpeg (183.42 KB, 1280x720, 1_dzrVuk2rB30x6S6dI21j3Q.jpeg)

>they have said their neighbors are horses
Damn Shay, I wish mine were too.

Thank you for making me giggle, based anon

No. 697367

What is this, a crossover episode?
fr who would have thought I'd see Bojack Horseman in a cow thread kek.

No. 697402

>fr who would have thought I'd see Bojack Horseman in a cow thread that is not about Luna kek.
ftfy, glad you enjoyed

No. 697405

Neeeeeighbors if you will.

No. 697406

Ew she made that joke in an old thread.

No. 697437

File: 1537975815993.jpeg (50.87 KB, 600x600, AEB9E715-39D2-4E3B-A553-8B0E45…)

Fuck. I just love puns. I feel so fowl.

No. 697440

She talks about being depressed and anxious on a daily basis now, but I'm sure it's got nothing to do with fupa! Just a mysterious coincidence \s

No. 697472

Hold up, did she actually recreated this horrrible floor set up at her new place?

No. 697475

Obviously, do you really think she has any sense of aesthetics or design? Kek.

No. 697493

I feel like a lot of it is her being bored. When she lived in mass, she had friends all the time, when she lived in Seattle, she could go outside and there was stuff to do, but here in Tulsa she feels trapped because when she goes outside all there is, is horses and more houses that look the same as hers.

No. 697503

Honestly I feel bad for her more than I dislike her. I think in Seattle it was easier for her to put on this act of being superior and succesful but now the fact that she is a vulnerable 21 year old is becoming much more obvious.

No. 697547

Not only that but it’s so obvious that she is socially delayed. When she had friends and a social life it was less glaringly obvious but now that she can’t model her behavior off other people’s it’s becoming more apparent that she really doesn’t have her own personality. She just bases it off whatever is popular at the time, two years ago ddlg was super trendy and edgy so she’s still based her entire personality off that one kink.

No. 697566



I have a small tinfoil that they're so far out in the boonies that there are no Ubers, so she's completely reliant on Fupa, and since he's apparently never there, she's bored out of her fucking mind.

You'd think she would take some of her "$55,000 a year" and invest in a vehicle now that she's out of the city

No. 697575

does Shay even have a license? I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesnt. She’s a shell of an adult who does the absolute extremely basic things to be an adult, and then acts like she’s some grown ass woman whose achieved so much. meanwhile she lived without a bed for who knows how long and doesn’t have a car, or probably even a license. her daily life consists of smoking weed out of a dirty bong, soaking her pustule infested pussy in a half filled bath, dry fucking herself with dildos for a couple dollars on cam, drinking cheap wine, and now with the addition of kyle Nathan Perkins from Tulsa Oklahoma, getting dry fucked in the ass by a chode while crying. congrats Shay, you’re the pinnacle of achievement.

No. 697586


She definitely has a license, she had a car when she lived with her parents.

No. 697589


Really need to stop reading these threads while eating lunch…

anons have mentioned her driving either her father's or connor's car before. There's pics of her in the driver's seat of an old car somewhere that was apparently "hers" but I'm having a hard time finding it

No. 697608

A fuck ton of her old smoking pictures from mass are in her car, it was definitely hers. A gift from her “evil parents”

I can’t speak for where she is, but we have Uber’s out in the middle of bumfuck nowhere Texas so I don’t see why they wouldn’t there, but I also doubt she’s been making enough to pay for an Uber and I really don’t see fupa paying for one for her and I can see him telling her “you can wait until I get home baby’s too stupid to go by herself”

No. 697613

File: 1537989591511.jpeg (53.3 KB, 640x360, 0D1EA578-2F69-464C-A145-5445BC…)

Collected just a few photos of her in her car for proof, she also looks so much better in these

No. 697614

File: 1537989603788.jpeg (68.8 KB, 640x853, 6315908B-BBF4-41C3-BDC5-C76098…)

No. 697616

File: 1537989615706.jpeg (124.77 KB, 540x960, 8F3F0EF5-B56C-4E25-9229-68925F…)

No. 697618

The idea of that tard driving a car unsettles me.

No. 697624

Sorry but how the fuck is that the same person as in the rest of this thread?! She looks bloody gorgeous in this one And someone I could actually see being a successful porn star or, more so, influencer. Wewwww lads. Damn Africa what happened?!

No. 697632

It wouldn’t even take much for her to look like this again, she’s just become so fucking lazy. I hope she sees these and it makes her feel like shit for rolling around in her own filth.

No. 697634

>>697632 her hair is too fried to ever look this nice again. But damn the difference in how she looks now and then is a hard one to deal with.

No. 697635

she should have stuck to being a famous stoner blog and not let her life and looks go down the drain. its tragic she doesnt see how fucking awful her life is now and somehow she still thinks everything is perfect….well at least wants us to think

No. 697637

Idk I think getting it trimmed, layered and dyed dark by a professional with an actual deep conditioning would do wonders for her hair.

No. 697641

She should of never adopted the ddlg trend. I think that’s what truly fucked her up. Those girls are a dime a dozen. She could of gone for the hot bossy stoner girl vibe she had before and she wouldn’t have to punching herself in the face for nickels. Poor poor girl. Too bad she’s too stupid and prideful to go back.

No. 697642

i was genuinely a fan of dolly/shayna up until about 3 days ago when i found all these threads, i've been glued to them all since i found it and holy fuck do i feel stupid. this girl does a great job of hyping up her life to be something its not and now that i've read all this and truly know who she is its easy to understand why she still has so many followers, these people just dont realize how horrible her life is but theirs are just as bad they dont wanna know, they wanna live in the fantasy everything is perfect just like dolly and its gonna suck for her and her "150k followers" when shit hits the fan and everyone finally sees the blatant lies shes been telling for like 4 or more years now. i'm so excited to sit back and watch it all crash and burn now

No. 697644


Not only that, but the whole ddlg thing does NOT fit her at all. She's too tall/lanky looking despite what her actual measurements might be, and she has ZERO "cutesy" features. Looking at this >>697616 she actually looks really good. This kind of style suits her. She almost has a sliiiight androgyny thing going on.

But no, she had to try to fit into a mold that was never, ever made for her

No. 697647

Meth is a hell of a drug?

No. 697649


Agreed. She should have stuck to this stoner look she had going on, it suits her a whole lot better. Trying that "cute baby girl" aesthetic is not a style she should have attempted, it instantly aged her and makes her look like she has downs. Some girls can pull it off because they have baby-face, which is fine but holy hell, Shay. You looked so much better like this.

No. 697653

Can we not with the meth tinfoil. It’s over played. It’s not meth. She’s not aspeckamongdots.
If she’s on any other kind of drugs it’s probably Xanax or pain killers. Don’t be dumb.

No. 697662

How does her entire face look so much better here though? This seriously doesn't resemble the retarded, inbred tard doing trashy nasty porn poses in photos. Her nose and everything looks so much nicer, editing might be a factor too. But not just that, her clothes and hair and body are so much better. Why did her retarded hoe brain have to fuck up her life?

No. 697666

File: 1537993439635.png (2.97 MB, 1242x2208, 47EE0272-2049-4999-868F-A0662F…)

Totally agree. Found this while searching her old username. Gotta say looks tons better and very attractive compared to “baby dolly teehee”

No. 697667

Probably because she isn't trying to make a 'cute' expression and she hasn't bleached her hair to death

No. 697674


Her eyeliner isn't completely obnoxious, for one

You're right, her nose looks completely different. I wonder if she was contouring or something

No. 697675

it really sucks for her now because if she did decide she wanted to go back to being a normal stoner girl and make porn she cant because her "dada" doesnt want that he wants his ~little uwu babygirl~ and he'd kick her ass to the curb if she ever told him she wasnt into it anymore

oh shayna you've really dug yourself deep with this one

No. 697685

Now this, id pay money for content from. The current ddlg mess, no.

No. 697688

Didn’t he want her to be his goth girlfriend though?

No. 697690

if by goth girlfriend you mean dressing in black for one day but still acting like a big disgusting baby then yeah definitely

No. 697695

Gorgeous is a stretch, but she does look much prettier in her stoner aesthetic than her baby bimbo one. Was probably eating a lot better and being taken care to too in those photos.

No. 697699

as a girl it bothers the fucking shit out of me that she ditched all her pretty clothes from back when she was shay-gnar for all these cheap ass walmarts kid section looking clothes and thinks its cute, if fupapa is gonna smack her around all the time maybe eventually he'll smack some fucking sense back into her

No. 697702

Guys! Sage your shit! We're going to get auto saged at this point.

No. 697708

It is incredibly sad that this is the same person. Shay what the fuck are you doing with your life. This is just ridiculous. I'd pay good money to look like that. NOT this baby horrid shit you've got going on. For fuck sake just wake up and realize what you've done with yourself is so fucked up. Get help, from wherever you can, and get out of there.

No. 697714

With all this talk about how poorly Shay's aesthetic suits her natural features and given her inclination to put the smallest amount of effort possible into her work, I really think she should just do away with this modelling crap and do adult audio chat. Combined with how she presents herself, her voice seems really out of place but if you close your eyes and pretend its coming from someone else, her voice is pretty sexy, ngl.

No. 697717


The problem with that is she can barely entertain an audience with cam + audio while also being naked, so how in the hell is she gonna do this with just audio?

No. 697718

You can only go from looking like this, to a diaper wearing goblin, from alcohol or drug abuse. She has to drink more than she admits to and also something else (possibly pills). Girl done fucked herself hard. No way she could ever go back to this. She’s ruined her skin and face so badly.

No. 697723

Shes wearing a bull nose ring (sorry i dont know the correct term), thats why it looks different

No. 697724

I mean what would she even go do if she got an uber or drove? Go walk around the mall by herself or something? She barely went out and did stuff when she lived in seattle

No. 697725

Also if that picture was taken when she was living with her parents/her ex boyfriends parents, her diet was probably a lot better

No. 697726

True, but I think that boils down to having not developing a robust repertoire of social skills plus self consciousness about how she looks (she's been pretty public about a whole laundry list of her physical insecurities). I think its more likely that she could build the confidence needed to keep customers interested without her physical insecurities getting in the way through audio-only versus video.

No. 697728

oh well if only shay's looks were all she has to fix. let's not all forget she is insufferable as a human being regardless. bitch needs a personality transplant.

No. 697729

It's a septum ring, though the ring she's wearing is too small to really change her nose shape. The shadows along the sides of her nose look darker than they naturally would be so I would bet on the nose contouring to slim it a bit

No. 697734

Looks small because it was a fake one she use to wear. and for sure a contour, I wonder why she stopped doing it? She does her makeup so much worse now.

No. 697737

File: 1537998693500.png (168.32 KB, 474x639, 96655622.PNG)

Shay's going to spank her ass with a meat cleaver. Kek.

No. 697738

File: 1537998785853.png (18.99 KB, 466x291, 5546461613.PNG)

No. 697740

File: 1537998856182.png (32.89 KB, 481x473, 654513135.PNG)

This idiot needs some reality smacked into her stupid head. She still thinks she is successful and has accomplished so much lol.

Ah Shay, never change.

No. 697741

So basically that poor cat is terrified and hiding constantly. Sure what a "Goober" Shay.

No. 697746


Yeah that cat sounds stressed out, not acting goofy…

No. 697747

File: 1537999480580.png (12.02 KB, 460x208, 665256255.PNG)

So full of herself.

It's shit like this that prevents me from having a shred of sympathy for Shay. She doesn't give a fuck about anything around her. not even her poor cat. I doubt she is comforting Rib much.

No. 697748


and to think anons would call her the same things they were calling her now for looking like this.

come on shay, be a sex worker if you really want to, just do the thing you look good and feel comfortable doing.

No. 697752

I'm not even being hyperbolic I literally can't recognise this as her. Everything looks so much better? And how did she get so severely worse at make up lol

No. 697753

So no criticisms of Shay outside of her looks hold up then? People here and on tumblr have been critical of Shay for far more than just her looks.

Why are people in here cheering this dumb bitch on? I really don't get it. She does not deserve it. She is terrible.

No. 697754


i think a lot of it is photoshop, anon. still, it's flattering and semi-believable photoshop.

No. 697757

I'm dumb and don't know how to embed this, but shay face at the end of this video isn't remotely convincing me that she enjoys this


No. 697759

That video is old and has been posted

No. 697760

Been posted and heavily discusses. But yeah she looks like she fucking hates it. What a life. To proud to say she’s not into bdsm. To proud to go home. To proud to get a regular job. But not proud enough to stop hitting herself in the face for less than a dollar.

No. 697768

Woops my bad, dunno how I missed it.

No. 697785

I'm honestly worried. Sorry for blog, but I just moved cross country with my cat and when we first got here she was super reclusive, she wouldn't eat, or drink. She had hepatic lipidosis and she's fine now but it required round the clock care, it was pretty intense. It happens to cats when they're highly stressed and I've read a lot about people who move cross country with cats and it happens to them.

Shay I know you read these threads, please keep an eye on your cat. If the skin in her ears is looking yellow (jaundice - can also show around the gums and eyes) then please take her to a vet.

No. 697798

File: 1538002920725.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1242x1238, CD6F7347-6B37-4605-9286-68D243…)

When she smiles with that filter it looks like she has a beak. Her nose is so ugly.

No. 697800

If you're going to blog at least sage your shit.

No. 697815

One thing that's the same is she had awful nails then and now.

No. 697820

File: 1538003621022.jpg (39.69 KB, 500x375, greek-masks.jpg)

Agreed lol. Whenever she does that smug smile all her features become so harsh and she reminds me of this:

No. 697833

Tbh the heavy contour and pencil thin brows makes her look older, but not in a bad way like how her eye makeup now does. It makes her look older in a seductive way. I think the first pic might be edited a bit or her face shape has changed slightly.

No. 697837

Agreed it's a more mature but definitely more seductive look as opposed to her crack whore look now.

No. 697839

The cute cheeky smirk doesn’t work for you Shayna. You’re just a bitch and you’re not cute.

It’s like when Madonna tried to recreate Eartha Kitt’s cheeky tone in “Santa Baby” but failed miserably.

No. 697844

i don't get the hype over the left picture. she looks like tracey ullman.

No. 697850

She looks like such an 80s rock mom.

No. 697861

The hype is over her not looking like a cheap babified hooker.

No. 697884

ew, what a trashy whore

No. 697885

hmmm no pink? shays been lurkin again

No. 697893


She really only owns that one headband huh

No. 697910

A fucking meat tenderizer? That’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard.

No. 697913

her hair looks sort of better, I like the color but it looks fried, imo she would look better with dark brown or black hair + extensions, and a hot oil treatment if she is going to go with straight hair, and getting rid of those bangs and the head band

for her makeup, she should exfoliate her damn face and lay off the eye makeup and put less emphasis on her brows, it would make her look a lott younger

her body, shayna see a damn gyno, get medicaid if you can, the put aloe on your razor bumps, do kegals and moisturize and exfoliate, you can make a scrub with just oil and sugar. Drink more water and at LEAST exercise, she has a good base to work with and nice tits so she can easily go for a slender petite look if she tried, and do butt exercises and bike, stick to a good skin care routine and get something for your wrinkles, not from aliexpress shay

drop the nails, go for darker colored nails and less long ones, stick to natural nails

her style, shayna, for the sake of christ PLEASE drop the pink shit, go for a more 90s/ french kinda aesthetic, get rid of your nasty clothes, clean your shit, maintain your clothes well, simple stuff shay

in all honesty, I don't think shay looks as awful as people claim, her face is decent and her body is decent, she just can't take care of herself

>inb4 people start spazzing out because I said a cow wasn't ugly

No. 697915

shay and fupapas relationship reminds me of that fucked up bdsm couple that used to be all over tumblr sid and penny, does anyone here remember that crazy shit?

No. 697929

she looks a lot better in dark colors and straight hair. like a phenomenal difference.

No. 697973

I agree, the black just looks better on her. Plus in her shay gnar pics her eyeliner was straight and now she curves it and does it 10000 times thicker, that's another reason why she looks so fucked now.

No. 698008

File: 1538016319670.jpg (62.42 KB, 600x800, hhhhhhhhhhh.jpg)

this crackhead probably put that thing back in the kitchen when she was done with it

imagine tenderizing your food with a hammer that's been near a pustule-encrusted ass/ballsack

No. 698013

Wow - I’ve always thought of Shayna’s looks as “meh”, but she’s downright hot in these pics!

No. 698015

Lmfao no.

No. 698025

I actually agree, she's hot af here >>697666

No. 698044

Lol did all these wk's crawl out of the same sewer or..?

No. 698046

she was never hot, but we can collectively agree she looked healthier and normal

No. 698050

File: 1538019833628.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 671.91 KB, 1242x808, 440CEBF9-014E-4639-AD0D-1F7F7E…)

I just wanna remind everyone that this was happening at the same time she looked so “hot”

No. 698055

she changed up her background on cam tonight, instead of pink and lights its just a big brown blanket and lights and her still on the floor how sexy

No. 698056

File: 1538020463047.jpeg (731.82 KB, 1242x895, 9794E6E8-D80F-472C-85F6-447215…)

She looks Soooooo happy tho right

No. 698059

when she first got on she was sniffing alot like she was crying right before she got on. She got on pretty late too. I wonder if something happened with fupa.

No. 698060

she just screamed because she got 69 tokens, god shay could you be any more pathetic?

No. 698061

Prolly more fun BDSM from fatty mattel

No. 698062

"i was literally suspended from school for not wearing a bra because i was a distraction" don't flatter yourself

No. 698064

lmao she's ranting about her parents "being the man" and "Trying to bring her down" because they grounded her for being suspended (like most parents do????) and she sounds like a fucking fifteen year old

No. 698065


if anything its because people wanted to know why the fuck one nipple was the size of a pencil eraser.

No. 698068

shes the only cam girl i know who you have to tip just to do anything sexual otherwise its just a dumb girl going live who thinks people care to see her sit in the floor being stupid

No. 698071

i've never seen her in action before. the faces she's making while edging are so off putting

No. 698074


so are the noises she makes

No. 698075

File: 1538021352704.png (382.49 KB, 484x366, DhtS0Xr.png)


No. 698077

She just freaked the fuck out over a 189 token tip what the fuck lmao

No. 698078

File: 1538021426769.jpg (165.69 KB, 1440x843, 20180926_230952.jpg)

But her parents were sooo abusive??

No. 698080

she just showed off that shoe closet picture of ~all~ the shoes she has

y'know, the one where she put the same picture twice to make it look like she has more than she actually does

you can stop lying about your income, Shay

No. 698081

lmao yeah the pic with those raggedy ass fucking slides at the bottom

No. 698082

can't she just get naked without incessantly shaking her non existent ass?

No. 698084

i think its funny how she has '150k' followers but i never see anymore than like 30-40 people during her cam shows

No. 698086


I guarantee you most of them are bots.

No. 698090

A large chunk of the remainder are prob farmers too kek

No. 698092

yeah probably considering she blocks anyone who tries to interact with her

No. 698093

https://www.dropbox.com/s/to5g19bntlcm6h2/2018-09-26_21-14-29.mp4?dl=0 here's the strip tease… god, the fucking secondhand embarrassment at her trying to twerk her non existent hank hill ass towards the end…

No. 698094

File: 1538022405286.png (Spoiler Image, 377.97 KB, 564x432, lol.png)

Her nether-regions are looking a little less inflamed and infected than usual

No. 698095

still looks like a big ballsack though

No. 698096

I imagine she has to actually shower regularly now or else fupapa will beat the shit out of her lmao

No. 698097


i mean, it's also low quality live camera feed

it might not look like that with a DSLR up against it

No. 698098

She is talking about her bong and the water, kek.

No. 698099

she acknowledged her bong making it look like her bong water is black, shes definitely been lurkin hard

No. 698100

I can barely fucking hear her her music is so goddamn loud.

No. 698101

its always like that too god shes so fucking bad at her job

No. 698107

i was looking at some other girls camming right now just to compare and jesus fucking christ shay is actually the most boring bitch ever

No. 698109

File: 1538023298622.png (Spoiler Image, 5.03 MB, 1242x2208, 6FDD91B1-F821-44F3-BA2C-308960…)

She looks like she’s gained some weight.

No. 698112


No. 698114

I wonder if the meat cleaver mass popped her pimples…

No. 698116

complete lack of dance ability, holy shit. ive never seen someone take a relatively average body and make it so goddamn unsexy in my LIFE

No. 698117

she had that thousand yard stare kek

No. 698119

I went to go check in on her show… And she's already offline??

No. 698121


no one was talking because she's so fucking boring

No. 698126

Should be noted that Shay "danced" for roughly $9. Imagine stripping nude for strangers for less than a ten dollar bill.

No. 698128

so much for her schedule. yesterday she was talking about how she chipped her tooth. did she ever mention that on any sm? she kept going on about how much bad luck she has been having lately. she usually doesn't even start getting tipped til like thirty minutes into her show.

No. 698129

I just thought it was because he's an old man and it's down with the whole "side hoe" lingo lmao and he seems really high strung too

No. 698132

>>698121 was foxparty there to save her with tips?

No. 698135

File: 1538025783190.jpg (49 KB, 467x412, man-thong-beach-china-04.jpg)

Her butt is disgusting, this video of her actually triggered my gag reflex. She's actually the type of girl you skip over when you're trying to watch porn. She has the body of an out of shape twink

No. 698138

she's actually not blocking the people saying sexual stuff to her. in a dead pan voice she just keeps replying "aww thanks" and goes back to texting on her phone.

No. 698140

what was the point of the naked count down if she was just gonna put that nasty jacket on again

No. 698149

she looks so bored and miserable i dont understand why people want to watch her

No. 698151


They don't. Most of her room is always farmers.

No. 698154

i mean the people actually talking to her, theyre fucking delusional

No. 698177

File: 1538028024349.png (36.4 KB, 640x640, IMG_5419.PNG)

her twitter's gone again.

No. 698178

shes getting these huge tips god knows why??? but still just sits there and squeals and just drinks beer

No. 698180

huh. wonder what triggered it this time 'round.

No. 698181


lmao what huge tips? The highest tip I saw all night was $10

No. 698183

tbh i dont know the whole mfc currency but i just see 2000 tokens as a significant amount more from her normal 5 token tips

No. 698184

She just got $150 between two guys, that's including MFC's cut

No. 698185


oh that's why i was confused, she came back online and i had no idea

No. 698191

File: 1538029038754.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 158.24 KB, 1241x926, DB03CDF9-7679-4262-ABCD-54FF39…)

Some times I wonder if the vibrator is even on.

No. 698192

File: 1538029051519.png (Spoiler Image, 174.68 KB, 579x390, 1590809538109850918590.png)

she got into this horrifying position and then a ton of people left her room

No. 698194

File: 1538029124053.png (Spoiler Image, 269.19 KB, 472x347, Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 11.1…)

why did she leave and then come back
also god this is tragic

No. 698196

File: 1538029205395.png (Spoiler Image, 162.56 KB, 426x285, Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 11.1…)

she looks dead inside

No. 698198

she's now talking about how insecure she is about her pussy

then why do you do a job where that's a major component

and why are you saying that to people paying to see it

No. 698199

File: 1538029288998.png (Spoiler Image, 377.45 KB, 571x432, Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 11.1…)

You sure about that?

Also, she just admitted to being "very insecure" about her vagina.

No. 698203

This angle is so unflattering, it looks almost like granny porn. Really highlights how flat and awkwardly shaped her ass is.

I'm pretty sure she started bringing this up because she's gotten so much shit for it. She's trying to "own it" like a lot of cows do. If she really cared so much she'd do something about it, she just wants to feel like she's shead of the game and proving the haters wrong by "accepting" her major flaws.

No. 698204

the fact that Pumpers is online right now and Shay's making her actually look good is the most tragic thing in the world

No. 698220

File: 1538030894300.jpg (11.08 KB, 275x236, 1528573188842.jpg)

if she's insecure about her topographical nutsack then why doesn't she, uh… fix it? go to a fucking gynecologist. why wouldn't that be her first step, considering her "job" consists of her having her pussy out most of the time.

all of that hair bleach must've fried her last remaining brain cells along with the three strands she's still got on that fucked scalp, lol

No. 698262

I hope she slammed all those ass boils into oblivion

No. 698270

>my irl dad not daddy mattel
The fact that she even had to clear that up kek

Fucking hell, she should just stop camming at this point. A part-time job at walmart is less humiliating.

No. 698304

File: 1538038863387.png (1.13 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180927-110923.png)

He's at the gym again.

No. 698335

I can't believe how unattractive fupa is. Hes shaped like an overweight extra-top heavy gorilla and looks like an incredibly ragged Irish mistake of a man. Talk about aging terribly, he has zero sex appeal and actually repulses me when I see photos of him. Dude is so ugly… Like Jesus christ change your horrible $5.00 walmart shirt. He looks like he smells like Cheetos and sweaty ballsack 24/7. He's nasty and needs to grow the fuck up and get out of his pathetic emo phase.

No. 698352

The bitmoji in comparison to his face really adds insult to injury.

No. 698365

Did a little bit of creeping and saw that Shaynas brother started college this year. Her dad made a post on Facebook about how proud he is as his father. Too bad he’ll never make that same post about Shayna.

(Would add pics but I’m not sure it’s allowed)

No. 698367

Posts about Shayna's family are against site rules. That's how she became a banned subject for awhile back in 2017, and her earliest threads got deleted.

No. 698380

Please don't jfc that has nothing to do with her

No. 698383

What's with all the over-invested anons itt lately? Tracking down her family lol that's weird and pointless.

No. 698404

File: 1538051627146.png (711.48 KB, 424x900, 2018-09-27 08_31_17-Tumblr.png)

lmao is this not the same exact day/outfit/pose as pic attached from weeks/months ago?

No. 698406

Does he cut his shirts like that??? Or are they made that way?? Why would you want to show your floppy moobs like that

No. 698408

most likely cut the sleeves off cuz he ~like totally works out, guys~

No. 698414

yeah and he’s wearing a fucking cap why tf bring that to the gym unless it’s OnLY to take a picture kek bet he doesn’t go to the gym without taking a pic to prove he ~works out~

No. 698416

Am I a cool workout bro? I have my protein drink, my trashy gf, AND my bulls hat on at the gym. Am I a true alpha now?!

He’s so pathetic

No. 698456

He’s probably one of those idiots that actually believes alpha males and beta males naturally exist, top kek

No. 698476

he wears the same gym outfit every time he works out, and we all know he's not washing it every night.

No. 698477

he cuts them, pretty common for black metal shirts but usually because they drum or w/e, not to show off the lack of muscles

No. 698483

im not even suggesting that he's wearing the same clothes every time but that he's only gone sporadically and is trying to pass it off like he's "at the gym" when really he's just posting some old ass pic from when he was there 2 months ago

No. 698491

im pretty sure fupa talked about having a cat, did they ever mention that? or was it whoever he used to live withs lmao

No. 698494

i think the overdrawn lips help alot, they aren't perfect but it looks better than no upper lip

No. 698495

He is the epitome of gross. He looks like he smells , and the fact we've seen he is abusive towards women is the icing on his shit cake.

Leave her family out of this. It's not their fault they're related to trash barbie.

No. 698496

File: 1538061177838.gif (1.23 MB, 444x250, 147745-weird-al-yankovic-sippi…)

>mfw he'd rather be at the gym than with Dolly Not-My-Wife Mattel

So how's life in the dreamhouse, Shay? Everything you hoped it would be?

No. 698497

i swear he just posts this exact same picture and says he's at the gym

No. 698499

ya that was just said >>698483

No. 698512

I feel like every picture of fupa is exactly the same. As previous anons have said he could definitely just be reposting the same shit and I wouldn't notice. His awkward gym hunch is so familiar at this point (ps Kyle if you actually worked out it'd fix your posture lmao)

No. 698522

File: 1538063531555.jpg (213.83 KB, 1280x1280, https_//cdn.evbuc.com/images/4…)


tinfoil theory, but what if fupa made several photos at the gym so he could repost it on his Instastory while actually not being at the gym and spending his time with other girls? I mean he keeps Shay secret most of the time and he does not seem to be the faithful dream husbando anyway.

No. 698536

I don’t think this man knows any girls in real life. I’m pretty sure if he had even a slight inkling of how to speak to girls irl he wouldn’t have moved shays crusty ass all the way to Oklahoma and would have just spent more time chatting up young girls in the local hot topic.

No. 698538


I don't think many other girls would ever go to a guy like that and Shay is probably, as gross as she is, the best he could get. But wouldn't be surprised if he faked gym time just to get away from her.

No. 698556

I wouldn't be surprised if he yes did all that but was just hitting the bar for drinks and bar food so he can get away from Shay

he seems pretty boring irl and i doubt most girls would be willing some dirty fupa have at then unless drugged… or Shay

No. 698561


god his face is so haggard.

No. 698566

At this point I wouldn't be surprised if Shay has more muscle mass in her legs than Fupa does. I guess it's hard to see all the lower body machines when you only go to the gym to take pathetic mirror selfies.

No. 698579

File: 1538067903980.jpg (101.38 KB, 476x442, (7) Tumblr - Google Chrome 927…)

No. 698583

What is this even supposed to mean? Lol

No. 698586


w-what is this gif/picture he responded with?

No. 698589

he must LOOOVE having someone constantly on his ass about spending time with her, constantly validating her, constantly needing attention

Bet ya he thought that was cute online, different in real like isnt it Kyle Perkins?

No. 698605

Isn't that a picture from that stupid film the Purge? The fuck he uses that for? Because he plans to kill her?

No. 698615

he's had enough and is plotting her Purge styled death as we watch her next live on her cam session

No. 698617

It’s some bullahit from one of the purge movies. It doesn’t even make sense in context. Maybe he’s trying to say he’s the creepy dude with the mask coming to kill her? Idfk his edgelord antics are the dumbest thing.

No. 698618

No he just thinks it’s edgy. He’s too much of a fat puss soyboy to actually do anything along the lines of what he posts on tumblr.

No. 698635

File: 1538072649413.jpg (61.35 KB, 618x410, purge1a.jpg)

I think he is trying to say he is Shay's "God" cos her life revolves around him.

Honestly good for her. He is a piece of shit, so is he. Let them fester together. Glad she picked a deadbeat instead of someone who is redeeming and interesting and attractive (as if she could get a decent partner like that in the first place).

No. 698637

File: 1538072772015.png (217.8 KB, 341x912, 66556245.PNG)

No. 698647

File: 1538073219953.png (33.11 KB, 629x355, 66559628965.PNG)

"Create unnecessary chaos in our lives" ha, Shay could write a book about how to do exactly what she is warning against.

No. 698657


isn't it common knowledge at this point for camgirls who promote themselves on twitter that having a nude as your icon or header is against their tos? she's so fucking stupid

No. 698660

>>698657 she is just the worst at her "job"

No. 698669

I think her Twitter account before her last got deleted for exactly the same reason, and then she proceeded to go and make the same mistake twice.

No. 698680

Lol I doubt he’s that deep. It’s just to be edgy.

No. 698688

Lmao @ the dark ass video she used to promote her snap. You can’t even see anything.


No. 698693

She could literally get her account unsuspended in minutes. She just has to change the offending photo(s) and report to twitter. I’ll bet you anything she’s too lazy to even do that and will probably wind up doing it again.

No. 698702

File: 1538075752412.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 89.86 KB, 750x1334, A74A7EF8-D494-44F3-95CE-96079D…)

That silhouette is sooo sexy shaynut. You really reek of feminine sex appeal here…

No. 698711

File: 1538076358474.jpeg (237.13 KB, 1125x813, 9B7907B5-56DB-4363-BE7D-BA72D0…)

Spoiler alert, it’s bc of who you’re dating

No. 698713

Does he really not realize that it’s becasue of Shayna and because - guess what - not everyone likes seeing the shit you post on your tumblr.

No. 698714

This kills me because doesn’t he also block randoms that have never interacted with his account?? I’m pretty sure some anons have claimed they were blocked without interacting.

No. 698717

File: 1538077218958.jpeg (246.11 KB, 1242x448, C1C4A7C0-DE90-4961-8BC9-439A6A…)

What’s ironic about that? You’ve had tumblr for what, 6 years? And you’ve had twitter less than a year? More than half of those 150k followers on your tumblr are deactivated, inactive, or bots. If they weren’t then it would be clear in your interactions/notes, but you can barely reach 100 notes without reblogging it at least 3 times. She’s so fucking delusional about a god damn number on a DEAD PLATFORM.

No. 698719

he uses a tracker. if you type in his tumblr url, it always comes up as “not secure”. But if you click on his username in a tagged post through tumblr, it’s fine.

No. 698722


Is tumblr a dead platform? I use it daily for a games community lol. Heaps of people are active, but in Shay's case she's scum so no one wants to interact with her. All her followers are like your said, not active or bots. She seriously is delusional though, like you do not have 150k followers when you get a couple hundred on your posts. At most she maybe has 5k and that's being generous.

No. 698725

Lol you can just delete the "https://www." at the beginning to bypass the security thing btw

No. 698746

He's lucky he got a handful of women to fuck him in his lifetime, Shay is probably the best he can do right now.

Tumblr is far from dead imo, but if we're talking about her platform in particular then yeah, it's gone.

No. 698749

I tried but it still showed “not secure” on my computer. Could be the antivirus software I use.

No. 698751

It’s dead in comparison to other social media platforms like twitter and Instagram. it’s pretty much just crazy fandoms and porn bots at this point, as well as young people looking for clout.

No. 698803

snapchat anon again! the way they talk to each other is so awkward? he just shuts her down all the time. makes me feel bad for her tbh


No. 698804

Does he really not know how to interact with her besides “I’m your dom, your my sub”?

She wasn’t fucking talking down to him. She wasn’t testing his “dominance”. She was making a stupid joke. Why is he such an asshole?

No. 698805

yes, fupa, because being the dom in a relationship means your sub can never make suggestions to you.

No. 698807

it didn’t sound like he was joking either. She was being lighthearted but he sounded dead serious. Get a grip on your dwindling masculinity, Fupa.

No. 698809

it means they can’t make jokes either, evidently. imagine if she actually was like “yah you do look like an ogre” instead of basically complimenting him like she did?He would have flipped a shit even more.

No. 698811

He sounds genuinely annoyed. What a fag

No. 698818


jesus, no wonder she's so upset every fucking day. you're not a fucking dom, fupa. you're just an asshole.

No. 698820

That was cringey to watch. He really is a piss baby. Which is weird because you'd think a dude who has the physique of a Mr Potato doll, an income stretched thin with child support payments, and the dress sense of Fred Durst back in 2002 would be grateful for any women who deigned to speak to him. Not Fupa. He really does think highly of himself and his role as a dom. Ugh.

Shay is reaping the whirlwind right now. This was such a mistake on her part and her increasing anxiety and depression will only be getting worse.

I feel like a hopeless optimist when I say that maybe this could be the nudge she needs to end this gross life and begin anew. Go home to her parents, take a few months to de-skank herself, pay for a name change, enroll in community college, achieve some positive life goals so she's not so needy and desperate. Of course that's about as likely as her running for president or using lube on her wrecked anus, but it's nice to think about.

No. 698823

Sounds kind of subby to me

No. 698828

to be honest, it just feels like he's a sociopath and she's a narcissist and neither one of them are gonna be happy in any situation.
So if they wanna be fake happy together for the tumblr popularity and to prove "tha haturs" wrong, i dont feel sorry for either of them.
its both of their faults for moving in together after only seeing eachother irl for 1 week, twice.
they've been together for like 5 months, they need to grow up and realize that real life relationships arent just what they can put on snapchat to make money, and cringey ass porn/posts.

No. 698831

1. What the fuck is wrong with shay's voice and face
2. Why is this ugly fat old man such an asshole? He really is rude and I felt miserable just hearing him talk like an emotionally abusive prick. He truly does talk and act like a psychological abuser, I can say that from experience. I hope he dies tbh I'm not even going to pretend like he's a person worthy of living

No. 698848

ahhaha he said he looked like an ogre. someones been lurking

No. 698853

If I was Shay and filmed this I would not post it, and ask him like why you being a dick?

He doesn't seem to understand that being a Dom doesn't mean just being a prick. She wasn't even being demanding or anything, she was fucking joking.

God fupa you are an actual joke.

No. 698860

File: 1538087859453.jpg (34.73 KB, 600x335, daniel-bryan-breaks-down-annou…)

Fupa has a beard like Daniel Bryan. He got those super pink lips with a beard that seems to pertrude out his actual lips rather than chin.

No. 698868

He became a whiny pissboy the second he even delusionally thought his fake dominance was being challenged. That’s the sign of a fake ass dom right there.

It’s sad to see Shayna go from a good loving relationship like the one she had with Conner (that she royally fucked up) to some scummy Internet edgelord. That’s what you get for whoring yourself out on the internet.

No. 698870

Isn't making a compliment to someone a submissive move in itself? I think he is genuinely a bit slow and that's why he tries so hard to be the "bad" tough guy to disguise it. He's also too stupid to see how it comes across. Doms are supposed to be intelligent and charming, two traits he is lacking (among many).

He seems like someone who literally never speaks to other humans other than ordering takeout or a coffee or whatever, too.

No. 698875

File: 1538088508418.png (28.84 KB, 542x386, whydontyoujusttext.PNG)

why don't these two just fucking text each other? do these mundane everyday conversations really deserve a social media post?

No. 698880

from this she probably isn't allowed to say or suggest any idea to fupa, that sounds absolutely exhausting.

No. 698881

File: 1538088692059.png (59.37 KB, 658x662, 1fe.png)

>tfw you have to repeat "Akskshually I am the d-dom" all the time to cope with the fact you're actually a limp wristed beta soyboy

No. 698884

fupa seems like the kind of guy that if you were to ask why he's being so mean he'd probably flip and get even angrier and probably end up beating you. Like he's so fragile he can't handle being questioned without getting violent.

No. 698887

Because otherwise no one would be able to see there ~uwu~ tumblr dream relationship

No. 698894

Awh hell I knew he reminded me of someone else. Do you think it's intentional since he wore a WWE shirt befor

No. 698901

He prob thinks he looks like a wrestler with his cut off sleeves as that's what they do but yknow they have actual arm muscles unlike him.

No. 698902

sorry but you guys act like such babies sometimes lmao they are obviously having a playful conversation while the camera is on….? i hate her as much as the rest of you but you guys have been so fucking nitpicky lately

No. 698903

File: 1538089595698.png (79.39 KB, 141x209, when you realized you made a b…)

her faces in the video and then trying to play it off despite her literally making this face is tell all for me.
poor shayna can't even make a silly joke without "you're a submissive not a switch" as a response to a joke to her boyfriend.

shayna seems to be getting the things she didn't expect. she seems to expected a cute relationship with someone and settling down if "uwu stealing ur daddys money" counts but in return has gotten this treatment that we have seen of "you must be submissive 24/7 + being shitty to her is love." i think (more hope) shes becoming self aware

No. 698905

Okay thank you I'm not the only one

No. 698907

File: 1538090056655.jpg (31.57 KB, 484x189, closet.jpg)

No. 698911

this is not playful conversation. we have seen a lot more of the snap videos and this is the most off putting one. she made a joke, complimented him and he in return shut her down + continued to come off as aggressive/angry. read the body language anon. look at shaynas face and how she instantly was like "oh okay what." and then played it off like nothing while he continued to insist upon "youre a submissive not a switch.". his tone, the way he overall looks tense and just doesn't come off as playful.

i think this is the least nitpicky thing anons have brought up and is actually off putting. nitpicking on this thread is bad enough but i don't see how any person would see that as playful and how it counts as nitpicking. nitpicking is most of the thread talking about shaynas appearance and talking about the silly non-milk interactions between them. overall i agree w/ u but i think this is the most off putting thing yet.

No. 698912

He doesn't sound playful, he sounds actually irritated. Man laughed more when he slapped her in public. He just seems like a child and Shay doesn't look impressed when it's her natural reaction.

No. 698917

this explains why she was taking a nap in the closet. Fupa probably just puts her in there to get away from her

No. 698920

File: 1538090844009.jpg (73.76 KB, 488x411, gross.jpg)

Shay doesn't know how to keep sex out of anything, everything in her life is sexual even her bathtub.

No. 698923

This is tragic. She said it was. Depression nap therefore she is not happy with this. She's way overhyped her "kinkiness". She might like a bit of a slap during sex but if she's crying in a closet that her bf told her to get in then wtf is she doing?

Nothing wrong with not being the freakiest bitch Shay.

No. 698925

It's just tragic. She obviously thinks link makes her cooler, hotter, etc. She doesn't need to do this to herself. I reckon she won't think her shit will sell if she doesn't try to be as kinky as possible.

No. 698932

YES they were awful, really Sid was awful and Penny got drawn into it. I hope they don’t escalate that badly, Kyle Perkins from Tulsa Oklahoma hasn’t made her put ginger up her ass yet

No. 698951

Just speculation but it's probably to cover a bald spot. He has a widows peak, wears hats all the time, and takes pictures of the bottom half of his face.

No. 698952

This guy is either always super fucking mean or doesn't kn0w how to properly use sarcasm…

No. 698955

let’s hope but fuck that punching video of shay and fupapa looks exactly like that one of sid and penny

No. 698967

File: 1538094004033.jpeg (911.87 KB, 750x1334, 80ED0F42-1B90-4886-8637-1075B1…)

so get a fucking real job and shut the fuck up????????

No. 698994


I remember a few threads back that they only messaged through KIK. And knowing these two, I wouldn't be surprised if Shay STILL doesn't have his actual number, so she can't "text" and instead has to seek his attention on Tumblr

No. 698999

Underrated kek

No. 699007

File: 1538097015571.jpg (54.26 KB, 478x420, selfawarefupa.jpg)

At least he knows he's an asshole

No. 699008

can you imagine going to a friendly acquaintance's home for the first time and when you go to the bathroom you see this. like this is just too much information for most people

No. 699010


Sooooo his biggest turn-off is Shay?

No. 699013

Probably more about 5'9 but lying to seem more alpha dom big tough guy instead of his pathetic real fupaness.

No. 699023

she looks good here, she could definitely look hot if she tried but she's so fucking lazy and trashy it's sad

No. 699024

No one is just “naturally” aggressive or naturally cruel/overly mean. You shouldn’t have to force yourself to have basic decency for another human being. Fupa needs fucking mental help.

No. 699026

File: 1538098825218.jpeg (48.08 KB, 800x450, 894E3FB6-FAF2-484E-B529-DAC624…)

> people that are sexually forward to quickly
> has a fucking porn blog
> dates a dumb trash whore

“I D0nT liKe it IF YouRe SExUalLY foRWarD”

No. 699029

File: 1538098974007.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 803.39 KB, 1242x1212, 32E48256-D84D-42DF-AC96-554309…)

No. 699034

File: 1538099151281.png (25.2 KB, 697x301, um.png)

And one of her clout chasing female followers bought it already. Not weird at all.

No. 699042

he was so comfortable slapping her in public. I wonder when he's gonna start randomly slapping her in their house together. and how quickly it'll start to wear Shay down. like if this is a "perform your submissiveness all the time for me" thing he's expecting then this is gonna be so unhealthy for her. She's all alone in bumfuck oklahoma with a man she's met twice who expects her to be his living sex doll/punching bag 24/7. I hope she gets out alive tbh go home to your real dad Shay

No. 699055

She recently mentioned wanting to get spanked with a meat clever and I just realized this is what she meant.
That's a meat TENDERIZER, Shaytard.

No. 699057

Wow I laughed incredibly hard at this stupid shit.

I wonder what she will be doing in ten years? Maybe by then she can come up with a decent idea for a fucking video. She shouldn't be showcasing her butt acne like this lmfao. Pick something flattering, Shay.

No. 699061

Is this how she pops all of her ass pimples?

No. 699073

Must be kek

No. 699074

I just wanna say, regardless of it being playful banter or not, shit like that starts to wear you down, especially when you’re just trying to have a good time, and joke around with someone you care about. It gets tiresome. It doesn’t help that shayna already has such low self esteem, depression, and anxiety. It’s going to start effecting her.

No. 699097

These edgy cross-stitch/embroidery decorations are so fucking tacky, I hate the whole wine-mom aesthetic.
This is one of the worst one's I've ever seen though because the phrase isn't even snappy or clever, and it looks cheap like it's machine made and the frame is flimsy.

No. 699103

lol at the dude talking shit in her cam show

No. 699104

she's wearing the exact same thing she wore yesterday

No. 699105

dont be too surprised lol

No. 699110

shes really just in here talking about cutting herself like what the fuck

No. 699111


notice how the room has cleared out

No. 699115

she's really talking about how people shouldn't shame their parents what the fuck

No. 699120

File: 1538108393464.png (176.2 KB, 581x384, 86458543246874531246312.png)

lmao wtf

No. 699121

File: 1538108441700.jpg (33.72 KB, 540x467, tumblr_pek768lXjv1rgns5p_540.j…)

>People that are sexually forward too quickly

nigga… you're dating a crackwhore. hello?

>Shitty eyebrows

ok so he either doesn't have eyes or they're both hitting the crack pipe. considering he looks like a wrinkly beige sofa butt imprint in the face i'm gonna go with the latter.

>I'm not a naturally nice person. I really have to put effort into it because I have a very combative/aggressive demeanor by default.

oh damn that's edgy… too bad no one's scared of your "combative personality" when you look like a dusty ass geriatric with three kids and a job at a fucking AT&T store. pay your child support. foh pussy ass nigga.

No. 699124

She just said she doesn't have a debit card. How does an adult woman not have a debit card?

No. 699131

goddamn shes such a drunk fucking trainwreck i cant believe shes doing this during her so called "job" jesus fucking christ

No. 699132


tbf a lot of cam girls make tons of money taking shots

she's just failing by not charging for it

No. 699133

yeah but i dont think they wanna see this white trash whore chugging beer and burping and screaming at the camera

No. 699138

jesus christ that house is so empty

what is the point of having all that space if there's nothing in it, it just looks sad

No. 699139

File: 1538109573629.png (216.24 KB, 472x351, Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 9.38…)

I just got in but what is going on. she just burped in the middle of a speaking, there is only one non guest in the room. so bizarre what is happening.

No. 699140

it's funny bc he and shayna are the physical embodiment of taupe. their whole house is taupe.

No. 699141

thats what you see in the corner of your room during sleep paralysis

No. 699142

Someone tip her to stop dancing, please.

No. 699143

someone tip her to smash the bong on her head

No. 699144

File: 1538110114955.png (Spoiler Image, 166.03 KB, 332x254, pleasestop.png)

She looks dead inside.

No. 699145

thats because she is

No. 699146

this is the least sexy music she could play

No. 699147

I’ll never understand why she sits crisscross but still so wide open. It makes her vagina peeping out even more terrifying

No. 699148


literally what i was just thinking. this is the most boring, unsexy thing in the world. she cant even formulate her thoughts bc shes so damn high

No. 699149

File: 1538110344877.png (Spoiler Image, 50.83 KB, 176x136, Screenshot_3.png)

It kills me to see her foot on her crotch.

No. 699150

her dancing is so weird and unnerving, especially in the first minute Also her hands in this are giving me MAJOR grinch vibes.


No. 699151

shes naked and still nobody is tipping lmao

No. 699152

File: 1538110406664.png (Spoiler Image, 145.16 KB, 307x213, Screenshot_4.png)

No. 699153

Dear god she's been talking about how Asylum is porn and how she wants a lobotomy and shit this is so gross.

No. 699154

File: 1538110435269.png (Spoiler Image, 32.74 KB, 130x104, Screenshot_5.png)

So flattering.

No. 699155

I vote this for new thread photo

No. 699156

File: 1538110525991.jpg (Spoiler Image, 385.73 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180927-215430_Sam…)

Thriving as usual

No. 699157

i wish shed stop pulling and tugging on her fucking tits

No. 699158

File: 1538110692885.png (Spoiler Image, 47.01 KB, 165x126, Screenshot_6.png)

Stop touching your feet, gaaaaah.

No. 699159

File: 1538110738891.jpg (Spoiler Image, 456.61 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180927-215749_Sam…)

She keeps grabbing her stomach rolls and toes too…also just said "I love to watch people suffer." That doesn't seem very sub like..

No. 699161

then proceeds to rub her hands on her face…

No. 699165

File: 1538111244760.jpg (Spoiler Image, 437.06 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180927-220722_Sam…)

That ballsack

No. 699166


This is the thing I don't understand about people who engage in kink as a "lifestyle". Even if he was doing everything right and not being abusive, respecting her boundaries etc, wouldn't be it just be fucking exhausting to live this BDSM dynamic 24/7? Like, there are so many more things to life than just sex and getting your partner off. I imagine that being in that emotional state where you see yourself as a sex object and are basically just waiting for the next time your partner humiliates you or hits you would cause anxiety and ruin your self esteem over time. Not to mention that I'm sure it's just as grating to be the "caretaker" of an adult who is perfectly capable of taking care of themselves.

No. 699168

File: 1538111454467.png (Spoiler Image, 305.8 KB, 621x436, shaytard.png)

No. 699169

File: 1538111479245.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.24 KB, 247x247, 02.jpg)

lmao, check this out. remember when she was amping everyone up for her big real time bondage show with insex? well guess what? she was barely in it. in almost all of it shes fully clothed and on the side in stocks. that's all she does. yet she hyped everyone up saying she was starring in it and blahblahblah. her name isn't even mentioned on the poster, she's only mentioned in the trailer and is called a "decoration". shes so fucking delusional about how important she thinks she is.


also she looks like a fucking monkey in the pic

No. 699173

File: 1538111672683.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.66 KB, 759x567, disgust.jpg)

>talking about how bored she is
>talking about how she has no friends
>only friends she had were people she bought blunts from or the grocery store people (of course in seattle.) (she has yet to leave the house alone to make friends)

shay…honey. get a JOB. and a life.

No. 699175

she looks like a cryptid fgkdfjkdfs

No. 699176

this is a trained ballerina everyone

No. 699177

shes been complaining about Oklahoma all night how long has it been? less than a month? starting to realize how much you fucked up huh??

No. 699179


she has the most unfortunate fucking body shape. her ass and neck literally made me cringe.

No. 699183

The only live show she’s ever done is her cam shows and the real time bondage show with Insex.

No. 699187


with a little blur, a little darkened, and those fake "glowing" eyes and she'll look like a fucking cryptid

No. 699193

File: 1538112762506.jpg (67.98 KB, 585x306, Shayptid.jpg)


the resemblance is uncanny

No. 699194


thats $16 an hour lmao thats what retail assistant managers and supervisors make shay…….

No. 699195

Okay you cannot tell me that that isn't a ballsack. I've never in my life seem such a ballsack-pussy.

No. 699197


and come home with much bigger weekly paychecks than she makes in a week, guaranteed

No. 699205

she left for no reason

No. 699209

She's pretty much openly admitting that she hates everything about her life right now

Just leave, Shay!

No. 699215

File: 1538115451834.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.66 MB, 303x303, 12a46ae5-f6ba-4e66-aad8-4efd6e…)

So hot

No. 699217

She looks like gumby.

I hate her hair style. She would look so much better with long hair with a bit of a wave. She so long and lanky it would look flattering on her. Not that hot fried mess on her head.

No. 699222

That's not playful banter. You have to be somewhat quick-witted and funny to do that

I think "24/7 BDSM" is pretty unusual/extreme, and most people who do it are just in abusive relationships and refuse to admit it. You can't have a healthy adult relationship if you force a constant power imbalance.

No. 699228

Maybe he already found someone new

No. 699245

He's probably on a swing shift working from late afternoon/early evening til about midnight or so. Pretty common if you work for a place that's open late or 24 hrs.

No. 699246

Bongs get filthy after like the first few hits. Avid bong user here. Not whiteknighting, but you’re nitpicking hard

No. 699257

I’ve just been a casual observer of these threads, but lately I’m becoming increasingly worried about Shay. I’m so afraid to see what’ll come next for her. I was a cam girl and moved to be with an older dominant man I met online, too. It turned abusive. I regret the things I did on cam. Almost killed myself trying to get away from that situation.
Jesus Shay please just listen to someone who’s been exactly where you are, step by step. Just leave before it gets worse, because it will.

No. 699259

She's been determined to fuck her life up no matter what anyone in these threads say. Not saying this to be rude to you anon, but Shay was warned by many here and on tumblr not to go live with Fupa because of this exact shit we are seeing now and she didn't listen.

She had every opportunity to live a decent life and could still turn it around despite all of her fuck-ups but she still refuses. Don't be surprised if she continues to ruin her life. She seems motivated to do that more than anything else.

No. 699264

Idk about you anon but washing a bong is real easy and I never let my bongs or atleast not bong water get that gnarly and just keep loading the bong? She clearly never washes the glass period, getting that kind of build up is nasty af and I don't take hits from glass that dirty.
Get some salt and alcohol yikes.

No. 699268


ok so you're just as gross as shay. sorry, but that water is disgusting.

No. 699298

this could be hot if it was someone with an actual ass, wearing something more attractive than some walmart shorts and a hoodie. The movements aren't bad.

No. 699306


this looks like a still from a horror movie or something

No. 699310

Yeah not an excuse not to at least change the water out. it probably tastes like shit and she doesn’t even care. It does not require that much effort to clean a bong and she obviously doesn’t care about it enough to do it. Sad. But watch I bet she cleans it for a tumblr photo because people on there will call her out on it. Or maybe not since she will probably read this

No. 699315

Dirty bong or bong water never stopped her from taking pictures when she was a stoner blog she’s definitely not going to do it now. She’s admired to not changing her bong water ever. And then she wonders why she got “sick from weed”

No. 699316

This is a different one than her feature. Insex takes like 2 months to publish all their RTB videos for some reason.

No. 699318

Double-post but it was definitely mentioned somewhere in a past thread that she was doing a video with Alex More because I remember trying to find it after the show aired.

No. 699327



manlet confirmed

No. 699343

lol what?

No. 699359

he's not 5'll anyway, you can tell when he stands next to shayna

No. 699367

File: 1538143809780.png (390.32 KB, 986x734, Screenshot_2018-09-28-07-07-14…)

I see that and see this without fail

No. 699368

In the Midwest we say crack not pop

No. 699386

File: 1538146323019.png (162.63 KB, 590x297, CRYPTID SPOTTED.png)

not the best, but i gave it a go.

No. 699388

Lmaooo y'all aint shit for this haha

No. 699438

No. 699454

omg thank you anon

No. 699502

My fucking sides holy shit anon you made my week

No. 699507


I had a good laugh over this, bless you anon.
Already my early thread pic vote.

No. 699524

Next thread pic! This is amazing.

No. 699572

No wonder Fupa doesn't want to see her work. This would make even the most loving boyfriend limp.

No. 699574

It's really not a nitpick to notice she does not clean and seldom changes the water in her bong. She probably only changed the water because we mentioned it, but she clearly did not clean it. That black ring someone said was blue and 'totally a part of the bong's design' is filth from dirty water she has not even tried to scrub out. She'd probably prefer to buy a new pretty princess pink barbie one to ruin than bother cleaning it.

No. 699587

I love this!!! 10/10 anon!!!

No. 699598

sage for nothing new and just a rando thought of how many farmers inevitably probably feel for her and reach out to offer honest help/advice to no avail.

No. 699611

you have to put 'sage' in the email field to sage. we've tried that, she's read these threads where farmers have given honest help. both us giving a shit and not giving a shit just inflates her ego because it proves herself as a truly traumatized princess uwu to protec.

No. 699612

File: 1538165797530.jpg (5.58 KB, 210x240, UPIM9P1.jpg)


No. 699616

I put it in the subject as well but added it in my comment like a noob my bad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 699621

You’re still not saging…
Just read the fucking rules like you’re supposed to before using this site.

No. 699645


wow it's almost like depression or anxiety cant be cured by being in a relationship like she acts.
this bitch makes me roll my eyes so often i have a damn headache.

No. 699646

Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, OK can't even manage to give his uwu babbydoll some fucking crackers? I mean we shouldn't be surprised what with what we've heard from his ex. tinfoil but maybe he realises she's gaining weight and is restricting her diet?

also, part of me thinks she could be doing this for attention/sympathy/cash

No. 699647

Damn its not even been a week(?) and this "relationship" is unraveling faster than a tank top from forever 21.

No. 699654

i dunno, i don't feel any sympathy for her personally. she dug this grave and now she's lying in it.

No. 699667

cool, you too are a retard anon thanks for the live blog

No. 699668

she's the same on cam now as she always has been tbh

No. 699670

e x a c t l y. This is years of bad decision after bad decision. We predicted every single ounce of what has happened in the last 6 months if not even earlier. She does not want to be held accountable. This is her biggest downfall. It's not her fault shes being abused, but her making decisions to keep from having to think about what she's done to herself and all the bridges she's burned is what got her here. She is the one who insisted they live together. She probably couldn't afford to keep living in that apartment. She didn't want to get a real job. She didn't want to have to ask her parents whom she blew off and insisted were abusive for help, so now she's stuck with some middle aged-looking fatass who wants to fuck her dry. She's compiling a public case against him through these posts, so that when she finally cries "IVE BEEN ABUSED GIVE ME MONEY TO GET ME OUT OR LET ME LIVE WITH U PLS" no one has to question her. This is just a tragic backstory to her. She's a fucking narc looking for excuses.

No. 699672

No offense but you clearly don't know anything about shay..

No. 699676

>this is just a tragic backstory to her

dingdingdingdingding we have a winner

No. 699678


But I mean they met two times before that and it was def enough to get to know each other so living together would be so fun!!!1

idk I feel Shay thought she will get some pink uwu real life barbie house with expensive shit but all her dream were crashed when she realized that her life will be super "normie" and if not even worse with fupa and that cheap ass house with an empty fridge lol


This. I only worry about the cat and that's about it.

No. 699680

i think we should just all be thankful that they aren't at the stage of blatantly airing their dirty laundry yet
because you know they only talk via tumblr reblogs

No. 699689

usually 24/7 bdsm relationships are just like, normal relationships and a lot of the "lifestyle" bdsm stuff is like, having coffee ready for your partner when they get home, doing chores, opening the door for them at places, etc. things like that. it's NOT punching your GF in public like some white trash motherfucker.

No. 699691

She has a lot to be insecure about. I'm sure people would actually feel bad for her if she wasn't so insufferable. She's a delusional compulsive liar, who attempts an elitist/narcissistic persona, but nobody buys it bc she doesn't posses and traits or even material objects that would garner that. Her status has always been pretty much low class white trash basic btch after she devolved from her stoner days. She's always been a scammer, liar, obnoxious, attention cow from the very beginning, but at least the 'hippie stoner' aesthetic bought excuses for her lack of hygiene and her huge bush hid her pussy.

What I don't understand is for someone who's into dollification and being perfect, or someone who wants to portray the facade that they're "better than you" why does she do the complete opposite. She's with some ugly high pitched obese beta cuck who's an even bigger cow than she is. Everyone thinks he's a joke, and he's the farthest thing from a "Dom". And dolls don't have blistering pimples and boils all over their parts. Hide that shit until you cure it, if that's even possible.

No. 699693

File: 1538169626712.png (151.45 KB, 640x1136, BF05084B-F8B6-4956-A3E5-50C3A6…)


No. 699695


i wonder how fupa feels about her posting shit like this constantly,because its not like it shines a good light on their relationship or dynamic, therefore making him look bad in turn.

you know he's probably fed the fuck up with his fuck doll having emotions and then blasting how miserable she already is all over tumblr, where people are going to assume that it has to do with their situation.

No. 699704

Agreed. Also it’s an indicator they only have cute stuff to repost from before they lived together. They’ve had a couple weeks now to post lots of new cute content.

No. 699705

She put anons back on bc she's that desperate for any sort of attention and validation. I wonder if Shayna knows that Fupa reads as a submissive- beta male, but still just tries to pretend he's some sort of dom bc the internet. Kek.

They are biggest joke.I hope they stay together forever LOL!!

No. 699708

She's broke again probably.

No. 699709

File: 1538170265766.png (139.45 KB, 640x1136, B4A27AE5-C4CA-4C28-ACC4-44201B…)

Because it’s an honour to get your blog checked out by her. Facepalm.

No. 699710

Uh oh…she's getting drunk to the point of "falling asleep" in the shower? And fupapa doesn't even have the decency to check on her when she's in the shower for THREE HOURS? Both of those things are seriously troubling. If there was something clogging the drain then she could have drowned. Is the passing out a new behavior? If so then that's also a red flag as to what's going on in the household, binge drinking/alcoholism aside.
She's a haughty dumbass, but she doesn't deserve to be in a situation like this. It sounds like she was naive about what fupapa's 'dom' nature actually is (abusive), and the fact that her dickriders were egging her on didn't help.
Yeah, this is seriously not good. Hopefully the cat is at least being taken care of. :( Poor kitty is the biggest victim here.

No. 699712

this is what happens when all your followers are inactive/bots. Lol

No. 699715

she did the same tactic for people to add her on twitter http://twitter.com/dolly_mattel (new one)

No. 699721

Fupa acts like a jerk, right, but hell Shayna is abusive too.
Imagine being at work or gym while your partner posts shit like this. For me, it's super manipulative and clearly aimed at Fupa, either to make him feel bad for having a life or to desperately gain his attention. Either way, just imagine your partner talking about dying and constantly getting drunk and not eating when you're out. This is hella distressing, tiring and anxiety-inducing. Fupa's despicable but being with Shay must be really wearing him off. Maybe that's why he's so snappy to her lately.

No. 699725

all this talk of being sad all the time and binge drinking is worrying tbh. i get that relationships don't cure depression but for having been through it in the short term there IS a honeymoon phase where you kind of feel better thanks to all the feel good hormones that puppy love brings.
its like they skipped over that completely, just shows how shallow their feelings really are and/or how shitty fupa is with her

No. 699728

I agree, she's always been a leach. She did the same thing to every one of her relationships until they kicked her out.

I remember she made a post one time about how conner drew her a bath even though he was the one that was extremely sick and needed to be in bed. It's sad she uses a kink to mask the fact that she's a lazy, shitty person with no will or drive to do anything except get praise and attention for doing nothing.

No. 699736

File: 1538171284982.png (62.35 KB, 597x380, 3c899d199dd51c61d53bfc405079ea…)

I sent one asking kek. I feel like she's just gonna spam herself with asks, like this one. No one thinks your fried shit is "cute" Shay.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 699741

oh nah i wasn't trying to say she deserves to be abused or whatever - Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, OK is a rancid pile of pedophilic, rape-fetishistic dog shit and we been knew - i'm just saying i don't feel sorry for her.

she's had a lot of opportunities to correct her mistakes, and she threw her hands up and brushed all of them off. Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, OK abusing her is absolutely unacceptable, but she had a LOT of chances to break out of the cycle before it even started.

i care more about ribmeat in this situation, too.

No. 699746

Ribmeat is an awesome name for a cat idk mods ban me for wk kek

No. 699757

I was thinking the same thing about her "falling asleep" in the shower. Part of me doesn't believe that it happened, and if it did then it's a serious problem. You're right, she could've died and fupa wouldn't have figured it out until his tendies weren't ready for dinner time.

No. 699759

File: 1538172378828.png (303.02 KB, 640x1136, C768E64A-CA58-42EB-8ACE-192F2F…)

She is spiralling so hard or this is all a sick ploy for money or attention

No. 699761

Exactly. Fupa is horrific but it needs to be acknowledged that shay is so lazy and selfish, she does at the very MOST 3 hours of gross shitty "sex work" like 4 times per week, she makes no money and thinks she's too good to have a career or actual job so she lays around Fupa's house drinking all day. Meanwhile Fupa is working late hours at a real job that generates a steady pay check. She's a piece of shit and is so utterly useless. So is Fupa but again, at least he doesn't act like he's too good to work as adult humans do.

No. 699762

tbh a majority of her asks are trolling her like yours, or people looking to get some free promotion. she's so delusional.

No. 699767

did she answer yours anon? Or just "didnt get it".

No. 699769

her life was shitty as fuck in seattle but i dont remember her constantly posting about how depressed she is so its obvious as fuck that fupa and moving out to tulsa OK is the main reason and theres no way to hide it, especially with those horrible bullshit answers shes always giving

No. 699770

I've asked a few she's only answer very complimentary ones.

No. 699773

File: 1538173132611.png (62.26 KB, 587x432, fdd4b54a10462df19d172c63aa511f…)

lol nope, she's only answering ones that suck her ass like this one. doesn't she hate her dad? or does she mean her "dada". Kek, she even knows he's a beta bitch who couldn't save himself.

No. 699775


Yeah, what the fuck? She was in the shower for 3 hours and he didn't check on her? She could have been dead or something, jesus christ.

No. 699776

She made a post recently about her REAL dad sending her spongebob memes so they obviously still talk

No. 699778

I agree, she'll milk anything she's dealing with for attention. If she wasn't whining about depression in seattle i'll guess she wasn't depressed.

No. 699779

Honestly the more she posts, the less bad I feel for her. She posts about getting drunk and falling asleep in the shower, being miserable and passing out on the floor of her closet, but then turns around and goes "don't ask me about it though!!" when people show concern.

If you don't feel comfortable sitting down your worthless meat man in private and telling him that you're going through a bad time and that he can't constantly berate you and dry-fuck your ass then that relationship is clearly doomed already, don't indirect him on tumblr 5 times a day.

No. 699780

File: 1538173389484.png (1.08 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_1135.PNG)

No. 699781

Yeah I gotta agree. Either talk to Fupa about your problems or shut up on tumblr.

No. 699783

>since I have 2 coax u ppl 2 talk 2 me

Maybe because no one wants to talk to you Shay. You can barely earn money on cam when you're fully nude so why would people talk to you just for the hell of it?

No. 699790

its funny because any other time shes charging money just to talk to her or be her friend

No. 699791

It's bc she's slowly realizing the gravity of her actions, she legit moved to a hick bumble fuck town,.. the fact that it's Oklahoma makes it 100x worse, versus her LA dream, she's in some hick incest loserville where everyone else dreams of leaving. Her house is small, dirty, outdated, and needs tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars of replacements and work. Her barely present boyfriend is the last thing to the word "dominant", prob goes to the gym to avoid her. She's living NOBODY'S dream.

I would be falling asleep in my shower, chugging wine, looking for attention/validation on tumblr begging for asks too. kek

No. 699814

File: 1538175254617.jpeg (48.4 KB, 253x615, B5AADEFD-35D3-4B46-BD32-470C9F…)

I love how literally just two weeks ago she was talking about how she was so “stress free and happy” because of him. I can’t roll my eyes hard enough at how delusional she is about the her situation.

No. 699816

It’s sad that she has to use tumblr to vent her problems and can’t just talk to her boyfriend about it.

No. 699822

>i haven't been anxious since i've gotten here

didnt like two days later she post about how she was basically having an anxiety attack and fupa just shoved his dick down her throat and in her dry ass to "calm her down"

No. 699824

their entire BDSM dynamic is just based off dumb toxic shit they've seen on tumblr, not actually taking time to educate themselves on it

No. 699830

But then she wouldn't get asspats, anon

No. 699847

>Shay likes Belle because she's "a rly important princess who cares more abt her own interests than she does care abt pleasing men"
Yet Shay's whole "career" revolves around (unsuccessfully) being an object for men to jerk off to.

No. 699891

She’s been talking about her real dad more lately (like twice but still) maybe she’s feeling homesick.

No. 699892

good, then maybe she'll go the fuck home

No. 699896

Tbh Fupa seems like the kind of dude that would guilt trip her into staying if she mentioned leaving. He would say shit like “I bought this house for you bitch” and other guilt trip bullshit to make her stay. I really don’t think this is going to pan out well, but maybe it will give her the idea to stop all this baby bimbo shit and move back home and get an education.

No. 699908

Honestly though, if Shay told her parents she was in trouble and she needed help, they’d come get her. I believe this without a single doubt. She’s a spoiled baby and paints them as awful but really they’d still do anything for her.

No. 699909

wow, she's so flabby and out of shape. If you wanna cam, at least attempt to stay fit. wtf

No. 699915

File: 1538183951603.gif (133.55 KB, 340x340, hehehe.gif)

>Which is weird because you'd think a dude who has the physique of a Mr Potato doll, an income stretched thin with child support payments, and the dress sense of Fred Durst back in 2002 would be grateful for any women who deigned to speak to him.

I just wanna say I love you for this deprivation, anon.

No. 699916

I meant *description.

No. 699920

It's funny how now that Shay is publicly having a mental breakdown, fupa suddenly turns silent. I think he's had enough already and wouldn't stop her at all if she tried to leave

No. 699921


I agree, they seem like the type who just have to let her make her own mistakes so she'll fucking learn, but if she called them for help they would come get her. She always paints them as awful, yet she still talks to her dad? If I had abusive parents and was an adult, I'd cut them out of my life.

Shay really needs to understand that she's fucked up, she's a narc but christ does she just need to give it a rest already

No. 699953

File: 1538189058396.png (78.91 KB, 640x837, IMG_2243.PNG)

fupa is annoying and tries to be young and cool so badly.

No. 699971


when the pussy is a boiled, pimpled, infected mess

No. 699974

What the fuck everrrr! As if he’s ever thrown money at Shay literally or figuratively lollll He doesn’t even buy her porn or shill her cam sessions. Fupa you surely “spoil” her like the gold-fish-and-cheap-wine hoe she is. Pussy is fire? or Is it all the burning cooch rash??

No. 699992

The way she worded this makes it sounds like she's trying to imply she's bipolar, self dx saga when?
It's a bit of stretch to say that her parents couldn't have been abusive just because she still talks to them. Plenty of people try to have relationships with people who are toxic, sexually abused them etc.
Shay's retarded and thinks her parents not giving in to her every whim was "abuse", she's said so herself. We don't need to reach for every tiny bit of "evidence" that her parents weren't really abusive lol

No. 700044

File: 1538204773835.jpg (965.52 KB, 1080x3470, Screenshot_20180926-232043_Tum…)

Surprised she hasn't thrown a fit over this. It's hilarious

No. 700054

wtf is a 5 cent tea light candle doing there. this girl has no taste or style. it's hilarious watching her gawk at people trolling her in anons fake complimenting her FaShUn

No. 700055

yea when ur urethra is on fire when u pee bc you fucked shayna clifford.

No. 700057

File: 1538206495612.png (175.25 KB, 590x297, shaynalapolus.png)

great job anon! vote for next thread pic. i added the blur so we can use it without spoiler

No. 700060

File: 1538206787757.jpg (261.8 KB, 1600x1274, DollyMattel_28092018_0631_MyFr…)

Photo dump. It's caps from her recent camshows

No. 700061

File: 1538206806822.jpg (Spoiler Image, 256.46 KB, 1600x1274, DollyMattel_27092018_0648_MyFr…)

No. 700063

File: 1538206817319.jpg (Spoiler Image, 247.33 KB, 1600x1274, DollyMattel_28092018_0810_MyFr…)

No. 700064

File: 1538206829628.jpg (183.29 KB, 1600x1274, DollyMattel_28092018_0639_MyFr…)

No. 700065

File: 1538206842788.jpg (Spoiler Image, 261.99 KB, 1600x1274, DollyMattel_27092018_0834_MyFr…)

No. 700075

File: 1538207314587.png (Spoiler Image, 233.53 KB, 638x450, excorsit.png)

she legit has the worst o faces.

No. 700084

A lot of people talk to their abusive parents, that's not really evidence of anything.

What does she even do on cam anymore besides sit there naked and talk, and shove the wand between her legs?

No. 700098

This isn't milk. What's with all the newfags itt that are so enamored with Shay on cam? Probably the most boring thing about her.

No. 700113

Ew top left. Like looking into a black hole

No. 700121

Shayna was never abused. All evidence are in the previous threads. She considered being grounded "abuse". And having to babysit "losing her childhood". She even abruptly stopped those abuse claims after being called out so much about her lies.

Her cam set up is just pathetic. Thinking about her rolling around on that disgusting floor would make me vomit, if it wasn't for the fact that she's so use to being in filth. You were able to see just how bad the condition of the carpet was from his walk thru. Huge heavy dark staining everywhere and rippling from all the previous use. Now she's rolling around and rubbing her pussy in it. Gag.

No. 700124

File: 1538218580237.jpg (255.77 KB, 683x607, 983453.jpg)

LOL! is that one of those FAKE stainless steel refrigerators? Like where you buy the roll to stick to the front (kinda like foil with sticker backing) .

Look at the rippling and denting

No. 700129

this one looks like its from a found footage horror movie kek

No. 700177

“The lighting is so amazing in my new house”

Sure Jan

No. 700179


"My house"
She is so delusional. Her names not on the lease, she didnt pay a dime into that house. Its fupas house and shay is just there until fupa gets sick of her one day and kicks her ass to the curb.

No. 700191

tbh Fupa seems more like the kind of guy that would guilt trip her into staying there because he “bought the house for her”

No. 700192

I agree. Though he doesn’t even seem to like her. It’s confusing.

No. 700194

i keep seeing people say this and i don't understand why
he ran away from his first wife and all his kids, i don't think he's too pressed for someone to stick around
honestly i'm more convinced he's already sick of her and trying to keep away from her as much as possible (based on her attention-starvedness this week)

No. 700205

He'll keep her around as long as she lets him stick his dick in whenever he wants and puts up with his bs. He seems like the kind of type to get aggressive when he gets called out for bad behaviour, but I also don't think he'd actively prevent her from leaving.

No. 700208

Sage for no contribution but I finally watched “the slap” and bloody hell. Why is fuppa such a jacked up soyboy bitch. I know Shayna is gross but she deserves a lot better than that subhuman marshmallow..

No. 700238

you made me laugh anon

No. 700275

Shay's just a spoiled brat who got mad because she couldn't get her way at home.

No. 700396

this is really old milk but i just feel the need to say that the video she made of her eating her own cum from a spoon is so fucking disgusting i hope nobody actually spent money on that

No. 700406

Sorry to be newfaggy but I had no idea she did that what the fuck. I must've joined in the threads after that happened

That is the most disgusting thing I've read in months

No. 700408

It wasn’t cum, it was cottage cheese discharge from a yeast infection.

No. 700420

I wonder if Momokun has any of that bleach left for the image that put in my brain…

No. 700440

She reblogs it literally daily

No. 700446

Is it part of that pissbaby thing she always reblogs? If not then no I have never seen it on her blog

No. 700455

File: 1538255411835.png (Spoiler Image, 293.16 KB, 584x568, ew.png)


this nasty shit

No. 700458

Lol it wasn’t from a yeast infection it was just normal regular discharge but that’s still totally different than cum. And when she put it on the spoon and did a close up it’s just so vomit worthy like OMG do you not know the difference between cum and regular discharge? Girl stop for the love of god

No. 700459

> came “10 times”
> gets a teeny tiny bit of discharge on a spoon and calls it cum

I don’t think your buyers are as retarded as you shay but I’m not sure

No. 700460

God has left the chat

No. 700481

Something about this image makes me want to throw up.

No. 700485


honestly surprised she hasn't done some period blood scene yet, she's disgusting enough to do it but guess it doesn't fit with her baby child aesthetic

No. 700487

we all know you didn’t even cum once if that’s all you managed to get on the spoon. I don’t think this girl has ever experienced a real orgasm where she cums. So she thinks using a wand on her clit is her “cumming” but a clit orgasm is different. It’s important to learn these things before trying to make porn where you eat your own cum.

No. 700488

Lol well in her summer party barbie vid she had period blood all over her bathing suit bottoms and didn’t give two fucks, does that count?

No. 700491

this is the absolute worst please stop posting The Worst Of Shay-gnar its too much to take in all at once

No. 700514

File: 1538259622759.png (48.49 KB, 544x540, idiotfupa.PNG)

Fupa talking about "how to be a perfect dom" even though he's already shown that he doesn't follow his own fucking advice.

plus, not all doms are caregivers, Fupa. not all doms and not all bdsm relationships arer 24/7, some really are JUST in the bedroom at that's it. he pretends to be this big educator and leader but I doubt hes even been mentored or even has any local bdsm ties. hes just a sad little edgelord.

No. 700515

> someone to console them and help work through anxiety

makes shayna suck his cock after clearly showing she was anxious af then dry fucks her ass while she cries


I hate you so fucking much Kyle Perkins.

No. 700542


This…is disgusting. Wtf. The role he is describing sounds more like that of a parent & their child, not two grown ass adults that are trying to be in a relationship together. Jesus fucking christ if he wants this much responsibility over another human being why doesn't he step the fuck up and raise his own god damn kids?

No. 700550

just sounds like 24/7 grooming and control to me.

No. 700555

Can everyone stop using the story Shay told about the dry ass fucking as if it really happened? Y'all are so gullible it's corny lol

No. 700559


idk ff it wasn't at least partially true I'd expect Fupa to comment SOMETHING. There's no way he hasn't seen that post

No. 700560

“In my opinion” this guy think he’s educating people?

No. 700563

That’s basiclaly what he’s saying. This is gonna get interesting if it goes on any longer. I really want to see how someone taken care of by fupa turns out

No. 700572


Are you actually stupid, OP? Shaynasty never uses lube. What makes you think she’d make an exception for Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, OK?

No. 700589

I was obviously talking about the crying. There are some farmers that are really going to be irked when Shay's the one that manages to fuck this situation up even more somehow with none of Fupa's help. He's a scumbag obv but I'm still not convinced Shay is fully innocent yet with the constant shitposting.

No. 700593

Are you serious right now? The only thing unbelievable about that story was that she screamed and cried it hurt so bad. We all know she dry fucks her own ass with toys bigger than fupa. I don’t doubt for a second he made her suck his dick.

No. 700631

Are you using "cum" to mean "ejaculate"? She probably orgasms but doesn't know that female ejaculate isn't discharge.

No. 700646

File: 1538271375739.png (Spoiler Image, 869.12 KB, 645x720, ??.png)

Old milk but she just reblogged this on her tumblr & it was new to me

Okay 1) Wtf is that inside her vagina and 2) "Daddy's Baby" ????

The degeneracy is unmatched

No. 700650

It's some kind of weird dildo and yes, she's into ddlg. Shocking, I know.

No. 700656

pretty sure it's her gitch she crammed in her diseased vag for whatever reason.

No. 700657

Did she stuff one of her socks up her pussy?

No. 700661

i'm about 95% sure that's her underwear

No. 700664

Anyone still have that post where she threw a bitch fit about people tagging her pics as dd/lg and how horrible the dd/lg community was? kek
Pretty sure she only made that post to be petty about littlestaviabug anyway.

No. 700670

I’m pretty sure ejaculate is what most people mean when they say cum, anon.

No. 700687

File: 1538275145425.png (32.69 KB, 646x589, lmfao.PNG)

No. 700688

File: 1538275214772.png (20.31 KB, 638x357, dumbass.PNG)

If you know this, Shay, then why do you continue to perpetuate your own misery?

You are so fucking dumb.

No. 700690

File: 1538275348461.png (Spoiler Image, 463.5 KB, 638x659, 35416063.PNG)

No. 700691

File: 1538275430234.png (Spoiler Image, 548.77 KB, 623x890, 5434315.PNG)

Kyle Perkins acknowledging a love for not only rape fantasies, but straight up rape as well!

No. 700692

File: 1538275542186.png (234.52 KB, 635x691, 3513613613.PNG)

I hope this fat nasty neckbeard edgelord gets rekt lol.

Who would you kill, Fupa? You weak soyboy bitch, you would get your ass beat by a real man.

No. 700694

File: 1538275616795.png (19.42 KB, 626x310, 354315131.PNG)

From Kyle again. I wonder how he deals with Shay lol. Sorry for the dump.

No. 700697


The… the word "but."

No. 700698

File: 1538275692448.png (21.64 KB, 636x301, 35431313139.PNG)

Such a great boyfriend

No. 700733

Fupa probably still harbors revenge fantasies from being bullied in middle school tbh. He seems like he's the type to rage about mcdonalds shorting him a sauce, but also too chicken shit to ask for another one

No. 700737

Fuck off, stop reposting the same old shit >>700698

No. 700755

I don't know whether to vomit or die.

No. 700861

Thank you. Is it just me or has this thread gone to more absolute shit than usual in the last week or so?

No. 700917