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File: 1612164704233.jpg (298.91 KB, 1411x1920, shayburger (1).jpg)

No. 1147881

Last thread: >>>/snow/1142833

Recent milk:
>hints at creating her "most humiliating vid to date", its her pissing herself on her apartment floor >>>/snow/1135516
>posts a picture of all of her disgusting dingy shoes >>>/snow/1136237
>creates the most HORRIFYING and poorly thought out shoop da woop set wearing a black hood and cow ears? is mad that it didnt get enough attention, deletes and reposts it multiple times >>>/snow/1136346 >>>/snow/1136365 >>>/snow/1136372
>nonstop daily pining for fupa, suicide baiting, ect. >>>/snow/1136929 >>>/snow/1141130 >>>/snow/1141357
>buys the ugliest fucking salmon cosplay of a gym workout outfit >>>/snow/1137079
>starts buying premade healthy meals instead of spending money on doordash >>>/snow/1137258
>decides shes going to fry her hair even more, starts begging for money to get her hair colored pink again (totally not to look alt for fupa) >>>/snow/1138364 >>>/snow/1138496
>crams herself into her tiny bathtub to drink wine and take photos at 9am >>>/snow/1139120
>has a moment of self awareness when she realizes her free asshole pictures don't get as much attention as actual attractive girls selfies, threatens to quit sexwork >>>/snow/1140194
>comes out as demisexual? because she hates sex >>>/snow/1140350
>seeks out a sugar daddy in Boston to move there >>>/snow/1140507
>brags about an uber driver asking her out, >>>/snow/1141968 uber responds because sexual assault is a real thing >>>/snow/1141987
>New Schedule! says she will now camming thursday-saturday >>>/snow/1142832
>starts uploading her old content for free on pornhub, obviously gets roasted in the comments >>>/snow/1142856 >>>/snow/1142933 >>>/snow/1142984 >>>/snow/1143271
>fattie begs for food despite buying those premade meals just days before >>>/snow/1143733 >>>/snow/1144738 >>>/snow/1145219 >>>/snow/1146183
>finally uses her $2000 gaming set up! …for porn >>>/snow/1144021
>excuse for not getting on cam Thursday, needed makeup?? >>>/snow/1144804
>excuse for Friday, depression >>>/snow/1145684
>final excuse to not showing third day in a row, N/A
>hardcore oversharing and about her relationship for her twitter coomers >>>/snow/1147411 >>>/snow/1147424 >>>/snow/1147426
>pays someone to edit a video for her, hypes it up for a week, its just her normal porn with basic effects she could have done herself and misspellings >>>/snow/1145914 >>>/snow/1147545 >>>/snow/1147548



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No. 1147885

Damn fucked a few of the links up, my b

No. 1147890

thanks i hate it

No. 1147981

Shit thread pic

No. 1147985

this whole thread is a dumpster fire

No. 1147987

Yup. Shitty op.

No. 1148031

File: 1612192423932.jpg (323.56 KB, 1080x1337, Screenshot_20210201-091408_Twi…)

And now she's all better from last night

No. 1148064

File: 1612194939614.jpg (Spoiler Image, 486.49 KB, 1080x1147, Screenshot_20210201-095535_Twi…)

Isn't this the hoodie Fupa was wearing in a FB pic before?

No. 1148071

yeah i think we had already determined it was hers though as she had some old tumblr pics wearing it before that

No. 1148072

Yeah but it was originally hers in the first place and then fupa ended up with it

No. 1148074

well they were living together

No. 1148095

Why does her rancid snatch have a 5’o clock shadow(nitpick)

No. 1148099

Because hair grows back when you shave it, you nitpicking retard

No. 1148104

if it didn’t she’d look like a literal child so just stay back with those pedophile thoughts

No. 1148118

No she wouldn’t, she’d look like a grown woman with a shaved pussy? Jesus

No. 1148123

File: 1612198765001.jpg (236.97 KB, 1080x1062, Screenshot_20210201-105946_Twi…)

Waiting for the incoming excuses

No. 1148127

Shayna: buys $200+ worth of makeup at sephora

also Shayna: still only uses drug store brand mascara, lashes, and eyebrow pencil for a full face

still can’t be pressed to buy some chapstick

No. 1148132

No. 1148133

I was saying it looked like that because it looked grey retard. Take a joke. Shayna should just not shave because it hides her vagina and looks better.

No. 1148153

love u anon

No. 1148154

File: 1612201287626.jpg (300.83 KB, 1080x1144, Screenshot_20210201-114115_Twi…)

Sure Shay. More like YOU rescheduled it because YOU didn't want to go so YOU can sit at home and cry about "haters" commenting on your videos

No. 1148156

more food for the week? didn't she already bought and asked for reimburse?

No. 1148165

Yup and she got the ready made meals for a whole week a few days ago? Not sure on what day that was, but dear god she eats a lot. But it must be the ”medicine” to make her gain weight so quickly.

No. 1148183

>spend the day cleaning my house
I'd love to see it

No. 1148190

File: 1612204046642.jpg (183.69 KB, 1080x935, Screenshot_20210201-122739_Twi…)

No. 1148208


I really appreciate when anons censor her pics so I don’t have to read comments like this OR look at her pimply snatch

No. 1148214

File: 1612205262486.jpeg (599.85 KB, 1242x1464, D4802730-9C61-4750-B08D-8C029C…)

She’s so stupid it hurts

No. 1148216

File: 1612205455472.jpg (521.45 KB, 1080x1443, Screenshot_20210201-125111_Twi…)

No. 1148226


I guess this is better than her buying 2k prop pieces like her PC, but these are meant for people with busy lifestyles, not people with the means and time because they never leave their apartment. She's going to hit 30 and realize she has no actual survival skills without paying someone to do it for her. She had all of 2020 to actually learn how to cook or work out at home.

No. 1148280

Her spending $120 for 6 day's worth of meals if she is capable of only eating 2 meals a day, she's spending $10 a meal. Plus she's going to buy more junk food and probably 1 or 2 door dash orders. I really don't understand how she is actually affording this. Plus, if she could just make easy, simple meals from buying groceries she would save hundreds a month. This is baffling, really. I truly would like to know how much a week on food alone in a month.

No. 1148286

Double post, sorry. But I meant I'd like to know how much she spends on food alone in a week.

No. 1148287

**Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.**

OP also forgot this

No. 1148299

what’s wild is that is like the same price/more expensive in many cases as hellofresh. she could be actually learning to cook and use fresh ingredients instead of eating 5 days worth of mongolian beef and jasmine rice.

No. 1148301

probably because half the OP is nitpicks kek

No. 1148344

So she got food prep. Then more food prep. Then groceries. Now she's getting more groceries and spent $10 each on food that'll last roughly 1.5 meals. What the fuck is she eating that she consumes THAT much food where she's having to shop multiple times a week and spend more than the average household.

No. 1148348

anon she owns a pink ricecooker idk why she is so lazy maybe putting the water to boil is really a difficult task?

No. 1148368

When you lay it out like that, her size makes sense. She’s not eating just pre-made healthy meals twice a day; she’s just using them as appetizers for the other calorie-laden slop she shovels down. She really seems like the type of moron who thinks eating an entire “healthy” meal along with her doordashed cheeseburger and coffee milkshake will make her lose weight.

No. 1148376

She could lose weight & save money if she only ate half of a meal per day. Even that would be too much with her lifestyle.

No. 1148379


In all honesty, I do think she is capable or simple things like making rice or boiling pasta. But she feels entitled to someone else cooking for her or being delivered food. She believes she is some amazing entity to have blessed the earth, and she is too good to do anything for herself. Somehow she correlates doing absolutely nothing for herself with her "lavish, bimbo lifestyle". While in reality, she's just lazy and entitled.

No. 1148388

Kek they were size small last time now she's upped them to large.

No. 1148399


I zoomed in on the photo of her prepped meals. These don't really sound that healthy plus the ones with the nutrition facts showing are not low calorie and have a lot of fat and carbs. I see Mongolian steak, quesadillas, pulled pork. These aren't even diet meals. She's spending hundreds on food that basically equates to takeout. Amazing.

No. 1148403

they’re meant for people who go to the gym real frequently, to build muscle. she could
have gotten a meal prep service for weight loss but that would take research and a tiny amount of effort.

No. 1148406

So Shayna is trying to be a bodybuilder now kek or is she too retarded to realize these meals are high in protein because you’re
suppose to lift weights and build muscle

No. 1148411


Honestly at this point, she should just get fucking Lean Cuisines. She would save a fortune and they're actually meant for weight loss. Not the best for you but it's not like anything she already consumes is. She could even get them delivered by a grocery service but she will continue to eat her overpriced $10 bodybuilding meals.

No. 1148412

imagine spending 10 dollars on a refrigerated quesadilla. its one the the most simple foods a person could make. her lazyness is mindblowing

No. 1148424

I am starting to wonder if Doordash banned/deactivated her account; I remember she had a couple of undelivered orders and they do that sometimes if you overdraw or get a chargeback however you pay.

No. 1148442

even if they did, there's still ubereats, grubhub and postmates

No. 1148449

Kek I was thinking the exact thing. Mongolian chicken and quesadillas? Totes healthy. Whatever I’m excited to see her be 250 in 6 months.

No. 1148455

Tinfoil but maybe she’s ordering for her and fupa to lure him back to her

No. 1148513

That one meal is what, 560 calories it says? And I bet it's half rice. Imagine, Shayna, if you got beef, broccoli, and a mixed vegetable or non-buttured sweet potato. But no, she has to have a shit load of empty calories and carbs in each meal. So much rice. She's supposed to be trying to lose weight, not stagnate/and/or gain more weight.

No. 1148592

she'll figure it out the hard way in about a month, then we'll be inunduated with tweets of her whining about it.

No. 1148597

File: 1612222543261.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, 2DC2E8BB-21C7-4A35-918A-341C7A…)


here is the nutritional info from their website

No. 1148600

The food is really not bad at all calorie and nutrient wise, its the fact shes ordering takeout and drinking daily on top that defeats the purpose of them. She really is a dumbass, but not in the ~dumb bimbo~ way she thinks

No. 1148602

Sage for no contribution but for her couple of hundred dollars she could have just bought a damn good spice rack and a few weeks shopping and made all of this herself with minium effort

No. 1148603

File: 1612222753909.jpeg (151.34 KB, 750x672, 309355F6-A594-44F4-A473-900845…)


second half of menu

No. 1148604

This fat snaggletoothed bitch just needs to eat a fucking salad at this point

No. 1148605

File: 1612222972311.jpeg (195.68 KB, 1242x476, A040718A-2840-4FA6-85A6-392C8B…)

So fat and lazy

No. 1148606

shay could lose weight still eating a bunch of rice as long as she doesn’t go over ~1200 a day and intermittent fasting but she’s not capable of that, rice or no rice. she is likely still eating 2000+ calories a day even if the food is ~healthy~

No. 1148626

I don't think I've ever heard of her talk about Calories tbh, I really think she thinks she can eat whatever she wants as long as she eats the meal planned food and works out.
She obviously still snacks and she drinks wine.

No. 1148633

File: 1612223694305.jpg (249.05 KB, 1080x1152, Screenshot_20210201-175447_Twi…)

What will the excuse be to not follow through?

No. 1148636

File: 1612223790174.jpg (209.1 KB, 1079x1037, Screenshot_20210201-175641_Twi…)

So you can expose yourself for camming underage?

Which she admitted to

No. 1148646

you can’t cam underage using a site like myfreecams, we have established this. she did private cam shows when she was 17 in exchange for amazon packages from crusty men who saw her as a young teen on tumblr. she loves giving pedos material to jerk off to, they’re her fave clients.

No. 1148654

She's probably one of those dumbasses who doesn't seem to realise the calories in drinks; alcoholic or not.
She gets all those takeout coffees and obviously alcohol is literally sugar.
If an alcoholic ain't fat it's probably because they're on other drugs also/very active(unlikely) or they don't/cant eat

Daily wine makes you a fatty fat fat Shay. And as time goes on, you need more alcohol to get a buzz on so more calories until you drinking your entire daily calories or more.

No. 1148657

Probably on Skype.

No. 1148693

File: 1612227714975.jpeg (291.22 KB, 1242x545, 583537E2-BC5F-4776-8AD6-1B3A4B…)

Omfg dumb dumb continues to be a fucking dumb dumb. Are savings accounts not from whatever planet she’s from?

No. 1148699

She's only been whining about her lease and moving for half of a year, saying she even wanted to break her lease. Shes just fucking high and drunk all the time blowing money that time ain't real I guess.

No. 1148700

Didn't her mom send her a $2000 check to help her move?

No. 1148701

better start camming, piggy

No. 1148707


step 1: don't buy $120 worth of premade meals twice in one week.
step 2: show up for your job

No. 1148709

you didn't do any of that because you weren't serious. I can see her trying to turn this around and blame her mom if her and Fupa get back together.
"My mom keeps texting me pressuring me about moving, as someone with mental illness and anxiety this is NOT how you handle something like this"
Her mom is serious about helping and Shayna was just talking shit because Fupa and her were having issues.

No. 1148710

File: 1612228331753.jpeg (205.14 KB, 1242x861, 489E9379-A1A9-4C56-A3B2-DBCC43…)

Did this fat bitch seriously spend the money her mother sent her on food and weed?

No. 1148712

Wow, she did, she probably spent all that money on food and dumb shit, or maybe she forgot all about it.

No. 1148714

She’s so fucking stupid and it’s not cute.

No. 1148717

This is so embarrassing. But I didn't expect anything else.

No. 1148719

If Shay switched to pounding straight vodka instead of wine she’d lose a few pounds

No. 1148727

LMAO this is healthy eating for who? People in Oklahoma? Professional athletes who need to consume 4,000 calories a day?

She could by Amy’s organic meals from the grocery store. Frozen, easy, and everything except the pasta is around 350 calories.

No. 1148728

shayna is just going to stay in Oklahoma because she can’t get over fupa. it’s been two years of her being his cum rag. it’s hilarious but it’s been so long isn’t she tired?

No. 1148732

HOME, you fucking moron.

watch, she's not gonna move at all. again. she's so fucking predictable.

No. 1148737

Right. For such a fucking drunk she seems oblivious to liquor. I only wonder if it’s because she’s so incurious and unwilling to consume anything that isn’t prepackaged. A vodka (club) soda is clearly beyond her grasp.

No. 1148743

lol looking at apartments in texas & new hampshire right shay? fucking moron.

No. 1148744

i think she’s just so lazy and self-absorbed that she honestly believes in her mind that she can continue with all her normal unhealthy habits and make the most low-effort tiny changes and she’ll somehow magically lose weight

No. 1148751

File: 1612230622178.jpg (429.05 KB, 1079x1404, Screenshot_20210201-195034_Twi…)

The fact her followers really think she'd be homeless is hilarious

No. 1148760

File: 1612231466431.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 403.5 KB, 1536x2048, A799C4CF-B1D7-4FE5-9B1C-A6C207…)

No. 1148761

File: 1612231504931.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 368.2 KB, 1535x2048, 09E71E89-9C81-474F-81AA-400787…)

Im gagging

No. 1148762

File: 1612231544944.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 901.25 KB, 1242x1622, E6639A81-387F-40EF-A77F-10CE31…)

Kek she deleted it.

No. 1148764

Did she shop one thigh thinner but then forget to do the same to the other one?

No. 1148768

wtf she facetuned her head so small that it’s smaller than her pussy???

No. 1148770

Anon, pls. Her other thigh looks bigger because it’s resting in the chair. Have you never seen human legs before?

No. 1148771

File: 1612232061971.jpg (628 KB, 1080x1625, Screenshot_20210201-201429_Twi…)

No. 1148775

take your pick - neither of them are your face

No. 1148777

She gets even more stupid by the day. In all honesty if she actually saved the money she gets from e-begging that she blows on unnecessary crap, weed, wine, and unnecessary amounts of food she could have actually saved up to move easily. She seems to get decently enough "donations" for this to be affordable for her. But mo, she only thinks about RIGHT NOW, this very second. Not the future. So now she has to be out in like 2 months and has absolutely no plan and no money. She's definitly going to stay in that apartment.

No. 1148784

File: 1612233092392.jpeg (174.82 KB, 1080x1071, FBEEC801-2B86-4167-845A-38702C…)

Pic is from two days ago, she was excited to move and now she’s suddenly panicked and shocked that moving requires preparation?? Lord I already thought she was stupid and she still lets me down.

No. 1148789

To be fair she spends her days high and drunk so I doubt she knows what day it is other than it being another day that her and fupa aren't together

No. 1148793

File: 1612233727756.jpeg (353.88 KB, 1242x741, 70C79903-DFAB-45FF-BD06-E58E86…)

Oh look, her excuse to blow off her obligations for the night. Convenient.

No. 1148809

File: 1612234283627.jpeg (429.11 KB, 945x640, 4F51CFEC-4DB2-495C-8981-242416…)

My god that’s an ugly cheap looking bear. It’s not even name brand or anything. So tacky

No. 1148813

File: 1612234536076.jpeg (704.62 KB, 1242x887, 2FB78E15-2347-4914-A61F-D86C44…)

You can barely see her beady rat eyes with those giant eyelashes. False lashes look bad on her jfc.

No. 1148815

Another bear that'll be in a dumpster when she moves again. Is this like bear #4 now?

No. 1148818

Shayna could just use the box that the bear came in as a home kek

No. 1148819

She sounds so out of breath when she's "laughing" in the video

No. 1148820

Jesus Christ, she really does look like a special needs child here.

No. 1148823


she does get liquor sometimes but usually the flavored holiday stuff and then makes sickly sweet mixed drinks and puts it in her coffee

No. 1148834

kek did she get this one bc the other one doesn’t make her look small in comparison anymore? there was an anon who pointed that out the other day

No. 1148842

File: 1612235986397.jpeg (689.25 KB, 1242x1641, 9EBE887D-8427-49E3-95B3-416D9A…)

218 views less than 50 likes

Kek an extra large size for Shayna Clifford
Forgot picture

No. 1148862

…….. wtf is this thread pic? people suggested some photos but they were ignored and this piece of shit is used? plz don’t edit pics like that it’s retarded. and whoever made this one, please leave it to someone capable next time. I’d rather wait for a good thread than have a piece of shit one like this.

No. 1148873

I think they’re meant for people who want to buy them…. it’s not that deep.

No. 1148875

Then make it yourself next time anon

No. 1148885

Why are you talking about her making meals and being confused that she’s willing to spend a lot of money to not have to do that? It’s not baffling, she’s just lazy. We can talk until the end of time that we think she should learn to cook but it’s pointless land it’s been said like a billion times already. Why do people keep bringing it up? She’s just LAZY. she will never cook for herself, she will never take any advice that takes a modicum of effort. Can we stop talking about what she should do? Because it’s all been said before? A thousand times?

No. 1148886

No. 1148904

We are here to talk shit, babe. If it bothers you hide unsaged replies.

No. 1148905

Why does she keeps laughing??? She sounds completely unhinged

No. 1148908

why does she hate using blush or doing anything different with her makeup?

No. 1148909

creepy doll? you look dead in the eyes and stoned beyond belief.

No. 1148922

Oh look, another dumpster-bear arrives just in time for her to move in 2 months.

No. 1148926

File: 1612240997741.png (Spoiler Image, 1.11 MB, 2048x1417, Screenshot_20210201-234211.png)

woah wtf

No. 1148937

Funny how the meals have The calories and “nutritional info” listed but also 2 different sizes….

No. 1148981

Her mom sent her a $2000 check AND she got reimbursed for the double rent she accidentally paid, which is presumably around $800-1000. That’s on top of her OF payout and tips, meaning this bitch spent upwards of $4k in the past 3 weeks and didn’t save a single penny despite planning to move back to Massachusetts for months. Pure retardation.

No. 1149008

she said her mom sent her a check but we never saw that check and she never said anything about it being $2,000. I don't know where that number came from all of a sudden

No. 1149022

She talked about the check here >>>/snow/1121837 but did not mention an amount.

No. 1149079

It’s glorious stfu

No. 1149224

Not really. Shay looks stupid enough on her own, the shop on op pic is lame

No. 1149228

Obviously she either spent the money her mom gave her (whatever amount that was) or she’s just scamming as per usual. How many times has she done this “oh no, I didn’t know about xx and I need help!” BS? She’s going to scam a bunch of people out of “money for moving” and then just stay in bumfuck OK anyway. And then nobody will call her out.

No. 1149254

File: 1612282353951.jpg (569.43 KB, 1079x1311, Screenshot_20210202-101252_Twi…)

Shay, we all know you don't shower

No. 1149255

What reason would your dog need to get up? You don’t walk her or take her anywhere. Is she supposed to be self sustaining and pour her own kibble?

And we all know you don’t shower everyday shay.

No. 1149265

When's she getting her multi pink hair? I can't wait to see that disaster.

No. 1149266

>dog laying on pillow
>no pillowcase on pillow

No. 1149299

i find it absolutely hilarious that ever since we started bringing up her terrible hygiene again, she's taken to documenting every single time she showers on twitter to prove something

No. 1149301


i think she has all the money she needs to move back home, she just is freaking out because it doesnt leave her enough to buy weed, door dash and makeup.

No. 1149302


prediction: she's going to use the money her coomers gave her to dye her her and say she needs it to move then promise a free "cumshow" on OF to make up for it then will back out and act like none of this ever happened.

No. 1149342

Just wait until you owe taxes. Shay's looking at a minimum $1000 payment with all the money she claims to make.

Yet another dumpster bear. I'm actually predicting she'll move just because she always seems to move right when she gets one of these.

No. 1149365

File: 1612290951332.jpg (80.2 KB, 710x520, 92ZoPaU.jpg)

No. 1149369

File: 1612291086279.jpeg (157.25 KB, 1242x443, E3BD33E7-D8F8-42E5-8177-FA87F4…)

I hope nobody sends her more

No. 1149385

Love to see her prioritizing her hair over saving to move. I hope this provides some good milk next month, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see her begging get her enough money for the move.

No. 1149388

You've got a lot of faith in her lol. In reality shes broke and MAYBE has that check from her mom. Her parents will definitely have to foot the bill for her to move next month regardless. And she'll e beg of course

No. 1149396

This is me every time I check in here

No. 1149405

genuinely curious, what are the specs of her computer and will she ever put such an expensive piece of hardware to work? like ever?

No. 1149406


Yeah, generally I don’t like tax sperging but I don’t think she is smart enough to set aside money. And maybe someone can correct me but I’ve been here since thread 3 and can’t recall her ever mentioning them.

No. 1149415

We all know she doesn't pay taxes

No. 1149476

File: 1612297219241.jpg (286.95 KB, 1080x1232, Screenshot_20210202-142047_Twi…)

I don't believe this at all

No. 1149477

she doesn’t make nearly enough to where the IRS is going to give a shit to audit her.

No. 1149478

lol yeah that’s not true. it was probably maybe 1 inch or less.

No. 1149516

File: 1612299129695.jpg (506.77 KB, 1080x1160, Screenshot_20210202-145223_Twi…)

She's only posting this to try to prove us wrong

No. 1149527

That's a lot

No. 1149531

How? That looks like a standard piece of salmon with a small serving of rice and a healthy serving of broccoli. This is a stretchy nitpick

No. 1149535

people shit a pound so nobody's really winning prizes here

No. 1149537

it's tiny you ana freak

No. 1149539

She probably just got even more dehydrated.

No. 1149541

Kek no this is not. In fact, her door dash meals are likely 3 times bigger. It’s a perfectly normal and healthy portion of food, Ana-chan.

No. 1149543

It’s not that tiny. The landwhale needs to stop eating so much. We know that’s not all she’s going to eat today

No. 1149545

Kek exactly. Even if Shayna lost weight she’s still ugly

No. 1149546

They don’t seem to mind helping her, they’re probably encouraging her to come home. Perhaps that’s why she’s hem hawing about moving back.

No. 1149551

half a fillet of salmon, a tablespoon of rice and a single broccoli floret? she might eat more after this but gtfo skeleton

No. 1149555

it looks….cold. and like a week old.

No. 1149558

Yeah ew

No. 1149562

She's posted multiple times about her parents asking her to come home

No. 1149567

File: 1612300634338.jpeg (456.41 KB, 1242x780, EF323C37-8DD1-45D5-AEDB-D786BE…)

The stench

No. 1149571

I know.

No. 1149573

that looks dry and old lol

No. 1149577

This girl's standard of living is so fucking bleak.

No. 1149587


No. 1149615

It's absolutely not baffling for shayna to do this. It's baffling that any human could be this retarted and financially wasteful.

No. 1149667

I can't believe she is paying this much for the most basic meals to cook. All these meals just are bland food with some sauce on them. She could just put some sauce on her salmon and cook some rice broccoli. It pains me how resistant she is to improving herself even in the most minimal ways

No. 1149778

looks like some shit out of a hospital cafeteria

No. 1149817

Shes probably lying, but regardless it takes a dedicated month or 2 to see NOTICEABLE difference. She has lasted longer on this gym routine than before though, surprisingly. We're on week 2 of gym and this food plan. Wonder how much shes eating a day though. She must know she truly is a fatass at this point so shes trying more than she has in the past kek

No. 1149853

she's definitely lying lol those are like numbers you would see on the biggest loser after 2 weeks and they are actually committed to the lifestyle

No. 1149857

If she lost 3 pounds she'd be posting pictures of her naked body going, "I can see and feel the progress already, please help me celebrate by paying me!!" or some shit.

No. 1149875

????? Wtf is that leg.

Why this. Why is her leg cut open. Who draws this fucking gross shit.

No. 1149886

lmao anon I agree, who draws weird fetish furry porn, and why the fuck did shatna retweet it, but the leg isn't cut open. it's supposed to be like a window that shows the weird rabbit person's tongue in her vag. it's just horribly placed likely because a scrote drew it and doesn't realize/care that the vulva doesn't sit halfway down the thigh.

No. 1150022

She’s such a liar. She’s definitely not lost that much after 2 sessions with no proper diet and drinking a ton. Sucking in doesn’t count as losing inches

No. 1150042


I can see her losing this much if did a bit of exercise and stopped drinking so much wine. But its water weight. She has to put some serious work into her diet and exercise routine if she ever wants to come close to what she used to look like. She really messed up her body. tits will never recover. tits usually lose fat first so we're gonna see her non necro tit sag even more soon.

No. 1150068

She'll never go back to how she used to look

No. 1150069

File: 1612318937718.jpg (456.49 KB, 1080x1393, Screenshot_20210202-202250_Twi…)

No. 1150099

Maybe slightly off topic but i feel like onlyfans is way too glamorized. You see so many people barely scraping by on onlyfans, doing absolutely demoralizing stuff to themselves for the same price as a burger from McDonald's. I kinda want a shayna redemption arc to happen(learn2sage)

No. 1150101

well I just imagine living her lifestyle and I feel like that so I don't think anyone is surprised

No. 1150108

off topic, discussed to death, AND you didnt sage.

No. 1150167

because smoking weed is a great way to motivate yourself. not like weed is a downer or anything.

No. 1150275

File: 1612327048171.png (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 750x1334, 084D7E2B-BF97-4233-909F-71C70F…)

this is so unappealing…

No. 1150278

File: 1612327117664.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 433.92 KB, 1536x2048, 3D3B2837-F7D3-4AB0-A176-BD71B3…)

No. 1150290

Her hair looks so greasy

No. 1150291

I love the super subtle arm over gunt pose she’s picked up. Is that the plan? Just, like, smush up all the rolls under her meaty arms in every pic until she magically drops 50 pounds?

No. 1150306

i see dandruff everywhere ew shayna can't even shower properly?

No. 1150315

She probably just went to the gym, got home, ate, slept, and put makeup on without even showering. Her head is all greasy from how much she probably was sweating from the day

No. 1150343

her pussy went from dolphin to muppet

No. 1150370

Yes, eating broccoli and going to the gym has ALSO increased the size of her eyes.

No. 1150375

the comments about her beady rat eyes must be getting to her lately

No. 1150514

If shay lost 3 inches on her chest it would have been insanely noticeable, thats 7.5cm… If you're gonna lie, at least try to make it believable. Wtf.

No. 1150537


i feel like she is just dumb enough to think the "dont wash your hair everyday" rule still applies after a sweaty workout.

No. 1150654

holy god she looks awful here. like shes never looked good but her face here is disturbing me. trailer park methhead mom realness

No. 1150738

File: 1612367575200.jpg (Spoiler Image, 754.52 KB, 1044x1903, Screenshot_20210203-095310_Twi…)

How much you wanna bet she doesn't get her hair done?

No. 1150746

Hopefully she doesn't at least dark hair is somewhat slimming for the face.

No. 1150750

Her head looks comically small.

No. 1150751

everything slims your face when you’re facetuning your double chins off

No. 1150753

why the fuck is she wearing gray lipstick

No. 1150763

she’s been for some reason wearing that nasty brown-gray matte lipstick for like the last 5 years. no clue why but a bizarre choice for someone that keeps bragging about spending money at sephora.

No. 1150766

It was trendy in like 2018, and she’s always about 3 years behind. Right on target for her.

No. 1150767

i think people here were even saying it looked like shit in 2018 kek

No. 1150771

File: 1612369715082.jpg (67.72 KB, 604x927, ee9462aafc151e9a57f4f32d4fd9e1…)

Her face reminds me of a minion here

No. 1150776

File: 1612369929804.jpg (174.66 KB, 1080x723, Screenshot_20210203-103238_Twi…)

No. 1150777

i live in a more expensive city than shayna and have seen lower quotes…. is she grifting or

No. 1150778

we don’t call her Scammy Mattel for nothing

No. 1150780

She’s too broke to move and was just panicking about her lease being up soon and having nowhere to go yesterday. Is wasting ~400 bucks on a shit dye job for your greasy rat nest worth not being able to afford a down payment on a new place? Have fun staying in Bumfuck, Oklahoma or moving back in with mommy and daddy!

No. 1150789

you know, she ALMOST actually looks cute here in comparison to all of her other pictures. in a "trailer park mom of 5 who doesn't have time to take care of herself but is still trying to look sexy at 50" kind of way.

No. 1150793

It's probably that much because her hair is so fucked from all her previous colors. Hair loss saga when?

No. 1150806

The only way to get shay back to her parent's is for them to go there and pack her shit up. Handing her money to get home is stupid and they enabled her shopping spree.

No. 1150830

she's a bimbo that I've never seen wear pink lipstick or lip gloss, but she's "Barbie"

No. 1150832


I dont think she's spent the cheque yet, but it probably will only cover the majority of first & last at her new place (if she doesnt just move directly back home).

she still needs cash for: moving materials (boxes/tissue/bubblewrap), movers/moving truck, gas and cost of rental for her to drive home, doubt she'll get her deposit back nailing dildos into her wall. Lots of stuff.

But ok.. beg for $420 for pink hair that you'll just wash out with a couple hot showers.

No. 1150854

Why is she even dying her hair anyway? We're in a pandemic and will be well into this year at least. And if shes moving, there's no reason to bait Fupa with the retarded fake alt girl schtick. Wasting money when she just said she hasnt saved to move. Her hair is fine as is if she would just take care of it a little.

No. 1150858

For the small amount yet bad makeup she did for this… she could have just used a little foundation and edited on the rest of the make up since she's already editing tf out of the pics anyway. Even basic free apps have make up settings that can easily do this

No. 1150871

File: 1612375401901.jpeg (142.08 KB, 828x696, C94BB586-0106-45C3-81D8-2E5CA8…)

Wait month to month?

No. 1150873

usually this is more expensive so i'm not sure why she even has this idea floating around? wasn't she talking about breaking her lease early? i don't think she can even keep up with her own delusions at this point.

No. 1150882

File: 1612375851039.jpg (190.26 KB, 1080x1253, Screenshot_20210203-121105_Twi…)

Why did she block out what the tip is for?

No. 1150887

The tip is probably for something else, but she's making it look like she's using it for her hair

No. 1150890

I wonder how pissed her mom is gonna be knowing Shay didn't use that check to move

No. 1150893

This just screams "fupa is giving me attention again so I don't have to move"

No. 1150908

yeah sure you’ll totally make enough money in a month to move back to new england. /sarcasm/

No. 1150913

File: 1612376915371.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.02 MB, 1284x2193, 3938B7D4-C9A6-48B7-B928-C174A6…)

she’s so fucking ugly. she literally looks dead inside.

No. 1150914

samefag but she must have been high as shit yet again when taking these pics. sorry shayna but dead staring at the camera with your mouth agape isn’t exactly attractive or alluring.

No. 1150924

Sure, Shay. She’s just going to keep spending any money she gets on weed, food, and stupid extravagant shit like her hair or that PC. She has no reason to move home as much as she has no reason to stay in Oklahoma—at least fupapa is there and pretends to care about her sometimes. She can fit right in looking as grimy And white trash as she does. She’ll stick out most anywhere in NE.

No. 1150964

this isn't that weird tbh. I had a year lease that switched to month to month after the lease was up. It's because a lot of landlords don't want to deal with people moving in and out constantly and it insures there's always a tenant staying there paying rent, without any additional increase to rent (unless the landlord is increasing their rent by 2-5% depending on the country/state, which is unrelated to switch from lease to month to month.)

No. 1151002

99% of the time that you switch from a lease to month to month, there is a rent increase. it's riskier for a landlord to not have a tenant locked in for x-number of months.

No. 1151040

usually, not always, and even if it does increase, legally it's not a lot. It depends on where you're at and your total rent price, but it's something like $20-$100 at most difference. And judging by how much she says she's paying, and where she lives, I doubt it'd be more than $50~.

No. 1151064

Girl fix your LIGHTING!! Gray skin gray lips nasty black hole pussy. Horrible. I think she is going to start trying the e girl thing but her face is just… ugh and her poses are even more ugh.

She has not lost any inches also, in a week?? She’s just lying to herself and shooping heavily.

No. 1151099

File: 1612383289892.png (105.28 KB, 650x493, Screenshot 2021-01-26 at 2.21.…)

Here was her projected schedule posted about a week ago. She hasn't reached any of these goals and she's already making plans to work harder next month? lol. Why make long term goals if she can't even keep up with the short term ones?

No. 1151108

at this point idfk how any of her fans believe her when she plans literally anything. she'll be done with the workouts and dinky meal preps in a week or two, because she will inevitably miss sitting on her ass all day eating door dash.

No. 1151113

Let's not pull random stats out our asses like you are shayna now

No. 1151127

File: 1612385143806.jpeg (223.15 KB, 1242x552, 9927C5FE-3B55-47F1-952E-92DF37…)

Lmao what?? How?

No. 1151133

I mean, it does change a woman’s life when she finds out her husband has been spending money on SWs instead of their kids, kek

No. 1151136

it’s common knowledge but okay, moving on…

No. 1151137

File: 1612385787237.jpg (238.68 KB, 1080x1319, Screenshot_20210203-145654_Twi…)

Get ready for a shit fest

No. 1151140

ugh, Shayna, pink hair is going to look fucking horrible against your pig pink skin. Can't wait to see the grease-bomb hair buns in pink.

No. 1151142

This is so bleak. She's wearing her hair in pig tails and pedo pandering children's sweatshirt, yet she looks like a drugged up, 40 year old.

No. 1151163


$200 for pink hair that's being lifted from that dark brown??? That's NOT going to be a good dye job, or bleach job, at all. Yikes.

No. 1151165

I'm not an expert on hair dye so I may be wrong about this but wouldn't it make for sense more her complexion to go purple instead of bright pink?

No. 1151167

I think she looks at old photos of herself when she was skinny with pink hair, thinks she looks cute, and wants to go back to it. but the 50+ pounds won't be hidden by some bright pink hair. I'm excited to see the result, at least she did a strand test.

No. 1151170

Fuckin kek. Yeah by working harder does she mean actually working? She never sets realistic schedules for herself. Like camming ONCE a week and doing a vid or 2 would be a good start. But she can't stick to anything. Theres no working harder for her. Her joke of "business" really can't improve or go anywhere at this point. She's literally sand figuratively fucked herself into barely making rent and utilities on her payout and scraping by on simp tips.
Unless she gets skinny and somehow hot or goes full feeder and such fetish, she's never gone make more money when she cant even be arsed to get on cam more than once every six months and makes a cheap ass vid once a week maybe and I suspect they are customs anyway.

No. 1151173

I know they're retarded coomers but it's like… she posts her schedules and then doesnt follow through. Promises to cam day after day or do this or that vid and doesnt deliver and logs every food, weed, booze, etc expenditure. Yet none of them are like "hey… if you want money, maybe work a bit?" But they just want to kiss ass for free twitter nudes and shit I guess. Because then again she did somehow get nearly $400 e begging for a fucking hair appointment cuz priorities.

No. 1151191

Seconded; vibrant purple would look so much more “hot e girl” on her, and slimming

No. 1151192

OT but does anyone know where this hoodie is from? The art looks very familiar

No. 1151195


The only positive thing I can say: at least it looks like she's not filling in her brows with black liquid eyeliner any longer.

No. 1151200

she’s already done purple and she still looked like shit. the pink is just god awful though.

No. 1151203

File: 1612391394926.jpeg (214.16 KB, 828x536, 19B8C5BF-9A62-4015-B096-4A6A9B…)


No. 1151214

It's gross to say this, but props to fupa for staying the fuck away from this crazy bitch (for now). Dude needs to focus more on his kids rather than trying to save an abusive trainwreck of a relationship for the 728th time.

No. 1151219

Yeah, she needs cool tones not a warm bright pink.

No. 1151223

File: 1612392109362.jpg (222.89 KB, 1080x1253, Screenshot_20210203-164154_Twi…)

No. 1151225

File: 1612392239676.jpeg (344.26 KB, 828x1086, 3483B514-8540-4368-A9C7-780147…)

No. 1151234

holy shit "I'd rather wait until I'm spiraling out of control to deal with my problems rather than put in the effort now to stop them from getting even worse" she is so stupid and lazy

she is so stupid and lazy. I'm glad this creep called her out on it.

No. 1151238

She's gonna delete this since he called her out

No. 1151239


Fat bitch is trying to make up excuses for not doing a valentines day photoshoot

No. 1151241

She can't put real, hard work into anything, can she? Not therapy, not her job, not her appearance, not her living situation…just total laziness all around.

No. 1151245

Lmaoo I’m dead. I hope he realizes what a lazy ugly piece of shit Shayna is and stops funding her pan-handling “business”

No. 1151246

File: 1612394002088.jpeg (676.98 KB, 3464x3464, 3F5801DC-D8B2-4097-AB8B-F8FFA8…)

How can someone so ugly be so demanding of money? You need to pay just to look at me uwu. Like I’ll pay you so you could put a bag over your face you fat ugly snaggletooth bitch. It’s really not cute. It’s not bratty it’s just plain rude and lazy. A homeless person doesn’t get money by demanding it

No. 1151248

well many homeless people do and i let‘s wait another month, maybe she‘ll be homeless too by then kek

No. 1151249


Not to mention the fact she wouldn't take care of it. She'd probably keep melted candy bars in it or spill shit on it. Cheap shit from Wish and Amazon is more on her level.

No. 1151251

not that she's not a reckless moron, but a lot of people say "neeeeed" about stuff they'd never be able to afford just to be hyperbolic

No. 1151255

that’s not a children’s sweatshirt by any means. plus shayna can’t fit into kids clothes anymore.

No. 1151257

but shayna you won’t have the money next week cos you’ll spend it all again. watch her begging this time next week.

No. 1151277

File: 1612396311391.jpeg (620.21 KB, 1242x1430, 4B9F9A4D-44CB-4A5B-B91B-301820…)


No. 1151282

Oof. Like yeah ok, if she was actually going to use the money to move and not on food, weed, and wine it'd be one thing. But this is totally scammy. Those people gave her 400 bucks specifically for her pink hair. And she is just going to blow it and beg all next month for money to move which she may or may not actually do.

No. 1151287

I think Shay thinks she looks like the pic on the left tbh. She tries to do that exact face kek but Shay is has shitty foundation and bad eye makeup and is a rat faced, downsy looking fatty.

No. 1151289

Way to scam your fans dumbass kek I'm surprised her two brain cells realized she could just buy a wig. She should refund their money since the only reason she has that 500 is because of the fundraiser.

No. 1151290

Scammy Mattel at it again

No. 1151292

File: 1612396949201.jpg (171.24 KB, 1079x566, Screenshot_20210203-180257_Twi…)

Major kek(cowtipping)

No. 1151293

Even that girl looks pretty shitty because the hair color is wrong for her skin tone, Shay's going to look even worse
But at least it won't be permanent

No. 1151294

File: 1612396984351.jpg (345.45 KB, 1079x1405, Screenshot_20210203-180230_Twi…)

On today's episode of "what didn't happen"

No. 1151303

Most likely she did ask an Uber driver to wait for her outside of Wal-Mart and he told her no which is totally within reason. She’s the only person stupid and entitled enough to claim that by doing that he was kicking her out of the car though.

No. 1151304

No. 1151309

This is now deleted

No. 1151311

God if this is actually real I'm howling.

No. 1151321


It was screenshotted as soon as it was posted. Obviously a cowtipper

No. 1151333

Yeah it's obvious with the last sentence. Wish these idiots would be more tactful and not come here to boast about it.

No. 1151335

He wanted to help you lose weight. what the hell shayna, so rude.

No. 1151337

He didnt literally kick you out. He said he wasnt gonna wait for you to go into Walmart. They dont have to, especially uber. Taxis charge you by the minute they wait and shit. With uber you've already paid for the ride to the destination.
She's just trying to start shit when shes an entitled bitch that's mad the guy didnt hit on her and wait on her fat ass.

No. 1151338

I didn't post the comment ffs. I was reading the comments on the thread when it was posted

No. 1151340

He literally can’t stop at Walmart in the middle of a ride. She could ask to add on an extra stop on the app and pay for it, but she isn’t entitled for a free ride. It’s someone’s business. He’s on the clock and working during the virus.

It would be literally the same asking her for free custom adult videos. At least she can work from home.

Next you know she will be asking McDonald’s for free food because she is having a panic attack or something.

No. 1151345

I wouldnt either. Its walmart and a pharmacy. Who knows how long the line could be. Idk how uber works but I think it's normal that they wouldn't wait up like that because of how you pay for the ride upfront.

No. 1151351

lmao I'm really hoping that's not a cowtipper cause that is great.
She's really out here scamming with no remorse

No. 1151352

she could easily just get the bleaching done professionally and do the pink herself with pravana or arctic fox or some shit and would easily cost less than 150. however, as someone who does not take care of their color i think she shouldn’t be dyeing her hair pink in the first place and she’s wasting her money for it to look like shit in 2 weeks. last time didn’t her hair fade super fast despite clearly rarely washing her hair? how the fuck does that even happen?

No. 1151361

oops didn’t scroll down far enough to see she changed her mind and got a cheap wig instead, doesn’t surprise me at all
fucking hilarious though, it always amazes me how she can scam men out of their money like that, men are truly pathetic if they thought sending money to shay to dye her hair for an outrageous price was a good idea in the first place. they deserve to lose their money if they are gullible enough to send money to scammy mattel

No. 1151367

File: 1612400438720.jpg (549.29 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210203-190047_Twi…)

No. 1151385

two likes on that one tweet. When is she gonna dirty delete and act like it didn't happen?

No. 1151401

I have no idea if either of these accounts would be farmers, but at the very least we know grey old man is real, and he’s sick of her shit too >>1151225

No. 1151402

If y'all are gonna cowtip, stop parroting directly from here and make throwaway accounts in advance retards. It's obvious when the accounts are made the same month and say the same shit said here within an hour.

No. 1151403

Completely off topic (sorta?) But I was reading old threads on Shatna and I was trying to figure out exactly when the Fupa Saga began and it goes back to at least thread #8 and they didn't last long. We're on thread #69 and the bitch is still not over him.

No. 1151406

these are both farmers because you can look at their accounts and see they were created in february 2021. at least try not to be so obvious.

No. 1151407

these are probably cowtippers but if they aren't i don't feel that bad tbh? anyone who voluntarily spends money on shayna deserves to be scammed

No. 1151408

When you put it like that it's especially grim. She really did move to the middle of nowhere for that chode and stays just in case he might get bored with other options.

No. 1151411

File: 1612403129076.jpeg (746.86 KB, 1284x1759, 85BAEE7F-C49C-4054-8002-3BAD5B…)

found a reply that wasn’t a farmer tho

No. 1151415

this guy is being way more polite than he needs to be and he'll probably still get blocked for not kissing her ass

No. 1151418

I was just looking too, clicked that guys account and….hes into feeder shit and femboys. Oof your clientele shayna.

No. 1151455

That means all she has to say is she's totes going to use the money to buy more 'healthy' doordash'd meals and he'll change his tune real quick lmao

No. 1151465

Ok so she harassed everyone for money just to get a 15$ wig?? Good job Shayna

No. 1151481

Fucking hell. In that last one she literally looks like a corpse someone is keeping and photographing as decomposition starts to kick in. It's not sexy at all.

No. 1151487

File: 1612408191724.png (Spoiler Image, 921.58 KB, 1195x783, you thought it was pussy.png)


No. 1151488

File: 1612408220168.jpg (17.5 KB, 300x300, s_5a82157b31a3765d1caef1fb.jpg)

This is how you can tell all the weed and wine have gone to her brain. She could've gotten a lacefront pink wig, made it look realistic, and just act like she'd gotten her hair done and never said a damn word. Most men probably couldn't spot the difference.

No. 1151489

? what are you even trying to do

No. 1151493

what she got is a lace front, anon. not sure why she’s bothering with a lace front though, it takes time and a bit of practice to put them on properly and style them to look real. she’d do better with just another costume wig, it’s not like she’s wearing them for anything more than some shitty pics and a crappy vid.

No. 1151497

Sorry, my point was she could've gotten one and not told anyone she was getting one. Instead of plastering the pictures online and then going "Guess I'll cancel the appointment and keep the money teehee!"

for being Scammy Mattel she can't even rub two brain cells together to scam properly anymore.

No. 1151498

anon there is no way in hell she could’ve passed ANY wig off as her real hair. you could notice the difference between her natural greasy rats nest against anything.

No. 1151500

nah she wouldn’t be able to pass it off. she’s not good enough at styling or anything to be able to do that. she can’t even be bothered to watch a youtube makeup tutorial or use blush ffs.

No. 1151501

Don't piss off coomers Shay.

These are the types of freaks who'd murder your ass for not keeping your word.

You can't take money for something and then not deliver on it.

No. 1151503

File: 1612409626347.jpg (244.25 KB, 1080x1019, Screenshot_20210203-213404_Twi…)

But it's totally fine for Rib?

No. 1151505

File: 1612409740835.jpg (503.58 KB, 1080x1866, Screenshot_20210203-213549_Twi…)

No. 1151506

Yeah and shes not smart enough to wear it consistently. She'd slip up lol

No. 1151507

love that she's just straight up ignoring all the comments on her other post and tweeting useless shit instead. Typical shatna. We all know she's not really moving, anyway

No. 1151508

File: 1612409861965.jpg (205.94 KB, 1080x672, Screenshot_20210203-213603_Twi…)


No. 1151509

Did she delete the main post?
I went to go see if she responded or if the old man responded and they seem to be gone

No. 1151510

Someone commented about ignoring the comments of her hair on this post and now she deleted this

No. 1151511

I'd think this dude has been around enough to know this ain't the first time. And it's not like she said she was gonna put it towards moving or anything important. She slapped them in the face saying she bought a cheap wig instead and is gonna cancel the appointment with no mention or offer to give the money back.
I mean yeah they are retarded for giving her money for something as stupid as a hair appointment, but still.

No. 1151512

Lol yup, it's now deleted

No. 1151513

Still think this is a farmer that at least put some effort into their troll account.

No. 1151514

She deleted this too

No. 1151515

Damn this bitch cant take anyone not kissing her ass. Hope people remember this next time she tries to drag someone.

No. 1151516

File: 1612410277207.jpg (435.27 KB, 1080x1424, Screenshot_20210203-214454_Twi…)

Now she says something kek

No. 1151518

File: 1612410300259.png (239.65 KB, 750x1334, F5F223D2-4ECF-4C42-889E-AC2BED…)

the people who interact with her posts. yikes especially at the last one

No. 1151521

The lies and audacity

No. 1151522

Will you guys stop with the cow tipping Jesus Christ

No. 1151523

Waiting for people to expose her for not giving them content

No. 1151524

She's going to plop this shit way down on her forehead and do it the same way she does her own hair. She could've got the cheap wig AND just waited for the hair appointment.

No. 1151526

File: 1612410632963.jpg (607.32 KB, 1080x2025, Screenshot_20210203-214954_Twi…)

No. 1151527

K so which is it? She first says that everyone who tipped her has gotten content, then directly after says "If you tipped for the hair then contact me and we'll establish what you can get" So have you given these people anything or nah?

No. 1151529

Even if this was the first time, he's still going to support someone whose basically showing they are dishonest?

No. 1151530

I'm not surprised she has tranny chasers and incest lovers in her audience, they don't come to shayna for her good looks.

No. 1151531

File: 1612410957405.jpg (277.55 KB, 1080x1155, Screenshot_20210203-215610_Twi…)

Apparently you're not Shay, cause you dirty delete when you get called out

No. 1151532

File: 1612411025883.jpg (206.04 KB, 1080x626, Screenshot_20210203-215715_Twi…)

Says the chick who throws full tantrums when the "haters" call her out

No. 1151533

I mean that cowtipper is cringe and mad as hell. I don't even know why she'd respond to that, instead of the three or four true customers she knows.

No. 1151534

It's not that they won't change anyone's opinions, it's that very few people truly give a fuck and think highly of Shayna.

No. 1151535

File: 1612411189756.jpg (189.11 KB, 1080x895, Screenshot_20210203-215950_Twi…)

Obviously you care cause you make tweets all about it

No. 1151536

No. 1151537

why is she acting like she didn’t do anything wrong? it was messed up to beg for money like that and then say “well i’m not using it for that actually so fuck you if you wanted that” to the people that paid you. just own up to it instead of acting like you’re being wrongfully attacked.

No. 1151538

People tipped for the hair, not other content. The coomer freaks are turning on her and it's so funny.

No. 1151539

so what about the people who paid you and are pissed you aren’t using their money how you claimed you would?

No. 1151543

cowtippers make me want to scream. you morons are actually retarded and it’s embarrassing.

No. 1151544

File: 1612411544914.png (327.63 KB, 719x583, shaytard fan.png)

No. 1151546

Right, no sorry, or nothing. Then she goes, "i only care if you are paying me", no you fucking don't.
If you did you'd be saying sorry and trying to handle this like an adult.
I'm just waiting for Bratty to come defend her for the cycle to be complete.

No. 1151547

didn’t she fly with one of her pets in the cargo when she moved to tulsa for fupa and then tried to hide it? i feel like she’ll probably do that again, all the while begging for tips to be able to buy a ticket for ribmeat to be on the plane with her.

No. 1151551

No idea about the dave guy, but the Mitch user might actually be a legitimate customer of hers using a burner account like they claimed? Seems legit. I imagine we're not the only ones wise to her bullshit, it was only a matter of time until her own coomers turned on her

No. 1151552

it’s never legit, it’s always obvious. most of these coomers would DM her if they had a real issue.

No. 1151553

With the way she responds to public callouts, I'm sure she just blocks and ignores any DMs too

No. 1151554

They comment on her public posts with no shame, I wouldn't put it past them to complain in the comments too.

No. 1151555

you guys can defend the obvious cowtippers as much as you want but if you’ve been around these threads long enough, you can pick them out instantly.

No. 1151556

Yeah she claimed she paid someone to bring Rib down for her so she wouldn't have to list to her cry the whole. And then it just so happened that Rib was on the same flight as Shay

No. 1151558

Damn if only 1 true customer and 1 cowtipper are coming at her about this scam out of ALL the people that gave her “donations”… >>1151367
that’s really sad. I wish her cumbrain supporters actually would turn on her because I think this cowtipper is fueling her delusional that we pay her for milk.

No. 1151560

yeah… like I understand the sentiment behind this particular cowtip but it’s not going to mean jack shit coming from any of us. She LIVES for this fucking site, and calculates her every move around what we are are going to say/post about her. She loves a good cowtip because the dumb bitch loves drama… coomer or not (thinking of her mom) and I feel bad for the people that give her money.

No. 1151567

File: 1612413435923.jpg (521.41 KB, 1080x2022, Screenshot_20210203-223740_Twi…)

No. 1151568

that or it lowkey exposes the real number of people actually giving her tips

No. 1151569

No. 1151573

“Shove your ugly keyboard warrior fingers up your butthole” sounds like she’s been reading her own threads too much and subconsciously internalizing the comments made about her here kek. We all know you’re the one shoving your ugly fingers up your butthole all day. Isn’t digging in her asshole the foundation of her thriving business?

No. 1151574

But she’s not going to give content to anyone who donated? And if she does it’s gonna be something that’s already filmed and posted because this wasn’t planned. She thought she was gonna be slick and got called out

No. 1151575

She doesn’t care what people think of her, but she’s definitely making sure to delete all the posts with negative comments. Let people see who you are Shat! Thought you didn’t care!

No. 1151576

And I don't care that scrotes are being ripped off, but it shows how fake and phoney she is.
She's a liar and is always preaching at others about shit she does herself.

No. 1151577

if i had someone like that following me i’d reevaluate my life and feel sick but fatty shatty is a pedopandering pig and she’s never going to change

No. 1151649

Finally true gamer girl representation.

No. 1151684

>>1151552 is right, it's super obvious when farmers are cowtipping, especially when a tweet is screenshot 12 fucking seconds after being posted >>1151292

it'd be great if we stopped giving desperate cowtippers attention by not posting their retarded screenshots here

No. 1151733

I’m guessing she didn’t actually get any organic tips “for her hair” which is why she’s not worried about the tippers getting upset about her cancelling
For example she blocked out the tip reason here >>1150882 and the other tips were maybe for customs or recycled screenshots like we know she does

No. 1151801

ok but why in the last thread a random anon say "shay is gonna get a wig and try to pass it as real lol" bitch u just outed yourself fat whale cunt keep eating your way to diabeetus

No. 1151809


wait, so she had an appointment scheduled without having the money to pay for it? I'd understand if she had a stable income but she has to fucking beg for money for it. Sure, she'd cancel it if she didn't have the money, but talk about wasting the time of the hairdesser lmao

No. 1151811

But those people did pay her that's the whole reason they are upset kek this bitch hurts my brain and is beyond irritating.

No. 1151892

Let's be real, she doesn't even know what wig glue is. A pink lace front is going to look like shit. Kek

No. 1151945

Did she even get that test strip done for real kek

No. 1151948

I doubt lol, she would’ve showed that.

No. 1152010

I suspect she'd technically have the money for it but it'd come out of money that's supposed to go towards rent/bills. Possibly why she begs for "reimbursements" so often too.

No. 1152021


i feel the only thing real about her twitter posts are they are real thoughts that crossed her mind briefly. i dont think she got her test strip either, was probably just told to schedule for it and "planned to"

No. 1152033

watch her tweet something like "omg now that i cancelled my appointment what am i gonna do with that random blonde streak in my hair" like the lurker she is kek

No. 1152045

File: 1612455429901.jpg (256.54 KB, 1080x1152, Screenshot_20210204-101730_Twi…)

Sad she has to beg for reviews

No. 1152046

File: 1612455465732.jpg (Spoiler Image, 424.19 KB, 1079x1062, Screenshot_20210204-101816_Twi…)

No. 1152052

Imagine if someone reviewed and gave her a 3 instead of >>1152046. Someone gave her real feedback in a review before and she got pissy about it publicly, I don’t know why she sets herself up for embarrassment.

No. 1152053

Yeah, i wonder how long that will take lol. That or she will just pretend she never even said anything about the test strand or dying her hair.

No. 1152056

Why did she block out the username? Don't people realize they can just go read it on the video?

No. 1152057

Anon, they cut a sample out to dye and just test the chemicals by your ears.

No. 1152073

File: 1612457463296.png (192.19 KB, 1208x774, Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 11.5…)


kek its a fatty lover

No. 1152081

First Womack, now this guy? What is it with coomers calling in to work just to watch cam girls all day, how fuckin bleak and gross. Especially Shay-tier cam girls.

No. 1152086

File: 1612458739316.jpeg (867.02 KB, 3464x3464, 8585BA57-CB1D-4A85-B402-29AA65…)

She always changes her prices such a scammer

No. 1152088

its bc she's broke and needs money lmfaoo

No. 1152109

File: 1612460746556.jpg (327.19 KB, 1080x948, Screenshot_20210204-114614_Twi…)

What is she even talking about?

No. 1152115

lol “yes i’ll make more” also her; “please give me ideas for sequel vids!!!”

lol just say you’re uncreative and go, Shatna

No. 1152116

Wish she'd felt this way when she screeched at that sex trafficking victim

No. 1152143

File: 1612463711455.jpg (60.84 KB, 1080x458, 20210204_123434.jpg)

Why would you bitch about anyone subscribing to you? Especially if if want other SW to like you?? Lol this dumb bitch.

No. 1152153

File: 1612464282329.jpg (196.8 KB, 1080x906, Screenshot_20210204-124459_Twi…)

What could be worse than the frying pan fucking video?

No. 1152158

How fucking rude. People waste their money on you and you still find a way to complain.

No. 1152205

What a fucking idiot. Shayna this is the kind of thing you don’t say outloud. She’s probably bitter that they most likely work more than her and that she’s a failure

No. 1152254

I feel like it has nothing to do with actual business/work and this is nothing more than her saying she doesn’t want girls hotter than her to be shoved in her face.

No. 1152263

Beyond pathetic she’s a joke I literally can’t stop laughing at her

No. 1152264

File: 1612472512506.jpg (227.54 KB, 1080x974, Screenshot_20210204-150155_Twi…)

Waiting for her excuses to not film

No. 1152287

Riveting life she lives. Doubt she even plays Apex ,much less films any videos.

No. 1152290

She really gotta log every time she eats, huh?

No. 1152294

She's gotta slowly reel in those feeders for when it's all she's got left.

No. 1152297

File: 1612475054039.jpg (Spoiler Image, 500.25 KB, 1079x1319, Screenshot_20210204-154439_Twi…)

That looks like a child Shay

No. 1152317

Ew yeah it does, spoiler this shit or don’t share it here? We aren’t Shay and don’t want to see it.

No. 1152337

holy fuck this bitch is rotten to the core. anyone who interacts with these kind of posts should just be put on some public sex offender list.

No. 1152352

OF anon here, she said in a video that she sent out that her trainer apparently charged her bank account and now she is "minus 130 dollars" and if anyone could send money to her cash app that would be great. Where does all her money go?

No. 1152359

That's cheap compared to other personal trainers

No. 1152361

File: 1612479152449.jpg (181.58 KB, 1080x975, Screenshot_20210204-165248_Twi…)

I'm surprised she even experiences a high with how much she smokes

No. 1152362

File: 1612479224726.jpg (84.9 KB, 1080x448, 20210204_165356.jpg)

No. 1152366

Considering that she’s still wearing all those clothes including the pink PVC dress, I’m guessing nothing is in good condition bc it’s either stretched to hell, sweat stained, or smells like actual ass.

No. 1152368

does she think people give a fuck? Her life is so boring she makes these tweets like people give a fuck, she needs friends.

No. 1152373

still in good condition? so basically none of it kek

No. 1152377

lmao what a dumb cunt. that’s how shit works shayna you don’t just get to pay them whenever you feel.

No. 1152379

like how you did last time and then never sent anyone what they bought? just a new scam.

No. 1152393

Weed and doordash

No. 1152396

Sarcasm or self-awareness?

No. 1152437

Isn't she 5'4" or something? Is it anachan of me to think 115lbs would be a normal, healthy weight for someone under 30 years old with no muscle mass, no boobs and no ass?

No. 1152440


And thus ends the trainer saga. I predict she won't go back.

No. 1152445

Nah you aint, 115lb at 5ft4 is lower end of average but still healthy

No. 1152453

File: 1612486330808.jpeg (261.31 KB, 750x762, BDC71920-D89E-4DD1-9C94-BC53CC…)

she used to claim 5’5”, 105lb

No. 1152495

lol if she doesn't want a ton of chargebacks she'd better stick to selling her old tattered clothes to coomers, who are probably the only people who want them anyways

No. 1152521

She thinks she could sell her stretched out, sweaty, old, musty stuff? Hahaha. I think she'd be lucky if a thrift store accepted them for donation.

No. 1152523

She has nothing worth selling. Nothing is brand name or aesthetic fashion. It's all cheap amazon fast fashion and maybe some stank F21 shit.

No. 1152564

File: 1612492610395.png (9.51 MB, 1242x2208, C1ED495A-6F97-4884-B28D-C72793…)

Her skin is so crusty under all the cheap caked on foundation gross(nitpick)

No. 1152565

She looks like and has the same sex appeal as Paul Blart mall cop

No. 1152566

Anon please. Paul Blart is way more likable and frankly quite endearing and cute. Shayna is disgusting and ugly.

No. 1152585

File: 1612494808798.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 310.3 KB, 1214x1336, 81B7F3F2-4FB0-4538-AAE4-57CB5A…)

She’s so ugly

No. 1152588

oh my god that top is from the dolls kill hello kitty collection and it’s supposed to go down to about 2 inches or so above your belly button. it doesn’t even completely cover shayna’s tits

No. 1152590

Her hammy arms can barely fit in the sleeves. She probably got a medium, fucking fat ass kek. Shayna looks like a 40 year old whenever she tries to look youthful and cute uwu she ends up looking older than she is.

No. 1152592

File: 1612495487946.jpg (454.24 KB, 1080x2023, Screenshot_20210204-222421.jpg)

Oh, so this is how it's supposed to fit lol?

No. 1152593

I thought she was against dollskill. She’s so stupid and hypocritical. She just said she was because she’s too broke to buy their clothes and it’s not even designer top kek. Shayna you are broke AND fat. Pick a struggle.

No. 1152595

Sorry to burst your bubble anon but it looks like she has it folded underneath, you can tell because there is no visible hemline like the one on the dollskill model. It looks extra retarded though.

No. 1152599

there’s a plus size version she could have gotten but she can’t bring herself to admit it, kek

No. 1152601

File: 1612496108573.jpeg (345.85 KB, 1284x1080, 1E4B333B-F669-4AEC-88DA-CF4691…)

i’ll bet anything she didn’t use any lube and that’s why she’s in pain. what a god damn moron. she deserves it.

No. 1152604

Yeah she folded it to make it look extra retarded. It looks like a top for a child and that's exactly why she got it. Pedo pandering bitch.
Even if she bought it from Depop, it's still a DollsKill clothing item and that's shitty.

No. 1152613

They’re meant to be pajamas, they aren’t meant to be worn out or sexualized in a video. Shayna is disgusting

No. 1152620

Excuses excuses
All she does is complain about her “job” and talk about food and random shit. Shayna doesn’t know how to be appealing to men I still can’t comprehend how she’s making money, but scrotes fuck anything

No. 1152632

Surprised but grateful she didn’t put it in her ass

No. 1152634

New video. Shay, you are NOT a small girl


No. 1152637

File: 1612498808605.png (3.64 MB, 1334x750, 845036D8-743F-44A5-9FA9-358464…)

unironically referring to herself as small was a choice. also kek @ “i lost 2 inches off my waist and 3 off my chest!”

No. 1152642

File: 1612498948824.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 464.67 KB, 1242x884, 888CE5F4-FA7D-4A37-8ABF-B87EF7…)

The thumbnail sent me kek

No. 1152646

File: 1612499271943.jpeg (126.11 KB, 468x345, CC25A7F5-D9DD-44EB-9593-3C281F…)

small girls don’t have double chins

No. 1152649

So creative. And another vid where she poorly sucks on a dildo, lays on her fat backside and finishes with her huge wand and fake cum. So thrilling.

No. 1152650

Nah Shay, what's huge is your fucking pot belly gut. Why did she fold the shirt like that. So unflattering.

No. 1152657

File: 1612500369148.jpg (54.47 KB, 640x599, ShaynacadoAvocado.JPG)

It took me an hour to realize who she reminded me of with her round face. I’m starting to side with the anons saying she should go the feeder route.

No. 1152786

>>1152657 it's funny you mention him because in this pic >>1152564 if I'm not totally losing my shit, she looks like she has a bronzer chin strap on her double chin which would be crazy if that's what it is because what she really needs is some damn blush

No. 1152793

if someone told me they were related i'd believe it. they have all the same ratlike features

No. 1152841

File: 1612512228136.jpg (19.53 KB, 500x372, 500full-julia-jekyll-and-harri…)

No. 1152871

shes 5'8

No. 1152894

she's 5'5. pretty sure fupa is 5'9ish, I doubt he's the kind of guy who's secure enough to date a girl his height. but regardless. she's been 5'5 since high school

No. 1152952

There has been pics of them next to each other. They’re the same height. She is NOT 5’5”. She’s more like 5’7”.

No. 1152970

she’s 5’5”. we know this because she has gotten measured for professional shoots where they list her true measurements. this is the dumbest fucking argument i’ve ever seen.

No. 1152991

yes because a "professional" porn site definitely would never lie about a girls stats or anything

No. 1152999

Why do you insist that she can't be 5'5", is 5'5" a compliment and 5'7" an insult?

No. 1153016

or, and stay with me here, fupa is just a manlet?

No. 1153019

yeah because it’s totally profitable for an agency to lie about their performers measurements. 5’7” & 5’5” look different on camera weather you want to believe it or not. it was literally on her agency site when she was working with one. why is this even an argument?

you can also reference other performers she’s worked with and contrast her height. Fupa is about 5’8”-5’9”, so they would look closer in height in pics as it’s only 3 inches. and if she was taller her fat would distribute better most likely. when she was 115 she would have looked anorexic at 5’7”-5’8”.

No. 1153020

he def is with his dainty hands and ladies driving gloves

No. 1153025

The funny thing about this set is it comes in plus sizes? Like no one is going to know if she buys it in plus or regular. I don’t get why she doesn’t admit she’s a large/maybe an xl/2xl at most

No. 1153033

File: 1612535046355.jpeg (920.76 KB, 1284x1170, 98E74131-6027-4846-85FE-1184AF…)

that bear is so janky

No. 1153042

There was no need to turn boy brief style undies into a thong. She’s so ugly and desperate that she just has to show her tits, ass, and holes for attention and can’t rely on subtlety or suggestion.

No. 1153051

it's the only way to make it look like she has any semblance of an ass

No. 1153058

File: 1612537242366.jpeg (425.06 KB, 1242x1111, B3F93846-345C-4471-BFB7-9322D7…)

She is a perpetual self-own.

Also please explain why your videos look like washed out shit.

No. 1153059

because she failed all of her design classes kek

No. 1153061

File: 1612537458441.jpeg (292.78 KB, 1242x780, EA49DFD0-89C3-4717-8ACC-311825…)

And she keeps digging

No. 1153082

File: 1612539028923.png (234.98 KB, 680x345, 757B1CC7-1144-4116-94AA-044B85…)

No. 1153085

she brags about things you don't usually want to brag about, are you proud of this shay? that you were failing highschool and you ended up how you are now?

No. 1153086

kek how can you be failing high school in america?

No. 1153103

Why would they lie about her being shorter?

No. 1153109

File: 1612541698848.jpeg (451.76 KB, 1242x1075, A1FA2B90-6FCD-4219-8BC8-261081…)

Fat bitch is going to doordash the coffee I bet, even tho she has a coffee maker she’s such a scammer.

No. 1153110

nta but maybe because scrotes like shorter women. I think shay is 5’5 and fupa is like maybe an inch taller. Kek fucking manlet

No. 1153115


Have to keep them lovehandles sucked in somehow.

No. 1153128

File: 1612543682922.jpeg (646.52 KB, 1242x1744, BE884146-F8B5-494F-A750-7D235F…)

No. 1153137

Like I get that ddlg is a fetish but how the fuck can she sleep at night knowing men who are into little girls (to some degree) watch your content?

No. 1153141

she gets off on it because she's into the lifestyle too. look at all the little kid-type hello kitty sfw shit she posts on her twitter tl.

No. 1153168

When Shayna was skinny and younger looking, she knew that she couldn't successfully go for a sexy look because she has zero sex appeal and it was easier to do the pedo-barely legal thing, especially when Fupa came around.
Now that she's chubby, she bounces between the Bimbo and Pedo-pandering shit, but notice she focuses on the "Dumb cum slut who likes pink" part of being a bimbo. Not the "big tits, big ass, small waist, big lips,sex appeal" Part. Shayna does no know how to be sexy, so she has to pedo-pander or just be a mindless sex doll.
She focuses on everything but actually making sexy content. Dumb ass theme and huge block paragraphs describing EVERY PART OF THE PORN.If anything she makes her porn with praise from sex workers for being "creative" in mind, more so then it actually being something men want to buy.

No. 1153171

I also forgot to add that Shayna's body type was one of the average skinny girl, so the whole "Baby bimbo" dumb shit was because she does not have much ass or tits, sex appeal and she's average looking, so she could'nt really sell herself as a super sexy girl. She has to do extra weird shit to stand out.
Like she said, other girls can post a picture smiling and gets three times the interactions. Shayna could never do that.

No. 1153183

She’s not in to it. She just knows that people will pay pedo panders

No. 1153185

she used to unironically call fupa "dad"

No. 1153190

Idk, she may say and do these things but I honestly don’t think her own sexuality plays much of a role at all, she just reflects whatever fupa and other gross dudes want.

No. 1153193


whats weird to me is she doesn't even try. ive seen a handful of her videos now and trying out a normal, sexy "girlfriend experience" video cant be more embarrassing then the content she puts out now. she got a lot interaction on that one post where she had a red dress on and looked normal/her age, but knowing her she'd just make another video starting off with "im dumb dolly and im going to fuck my ass for you today - okay, lets go!"

No. 1153195

You've made me realize she never even attempts to dress "sexy", it's always some weird pedo-pandering, cheap "e-gurl", fake "Baby bimbo" tumblr shit.

her in a normal nice fitting sexy dress, with decent make up and decent hair would be the most creative and different thing she's ever done TBH.

No. 1153223

im almost certain if you go back far enough in the threads there's confirmation she's 5'8 or 5'7. she lied about being 5'5 or 5'4 to seem uwu little girl.

No. 1153235

File: 1612551504513.jpeg (511.55 KB, 1284x1288, 5A26FE77-4D18-424C-8FCA-19DF58…)

No. 1153239

her mother was in disbelief that she got all C's? like it was just so good she couldn't believe her eyes? lol wtf

No. 1153245

This just shows this bitch has no concept of risk/reward kek she's truly an F-tier hoe lying about being C-. Unless you forged your college transcripts,it's not le epic pwn worth writing home about dumbass. An average high school boomer is so technologically retarded that it is extremely easy to phish their shit and change your grades for real kek.

No. 1153247

and then everyone clapped… could she at least try to make her lies sound real?

No. 1153248

this sounds like a r/thathappened story. She's so dumb that she failed the class but smart enough to know how to do all this shit? If anything they'd be telling her, "Why don't you put all this effort into the class, instead of lying about your grades for the class?"

No. 1153253

that's not a thing

No. 1153255

Why does she insist on using specific terms like "bimbo" or "petite" to describe herself, 5'5" or 5'8" isn't petite even if you're skinny.

No. 1153257

Definitely not.
Christ, it got worse. She’s proud of this? It’s kind of a funny story if you ended up making something of yourself, but in her case, it’s so sad but fitting.

No. 1153258

Either shes a damn hypocrite since that outfit is from Dolls Kill or she bought some stanky ass pyjama top and briefs from depop.

No. 1153277

IIRC she has attempted to wear more normal clothing and the conclusion was that she looked like a someone's 35 year old alcoholic aunt at a wedding. It was still an improvement over 40 year old single mother living in trailer park, so maybe she should do it more often.

No. 1153281

it’s because she has no sense of style besides tumblr aesthetic posts. she used to have a style of her own but that somehow devolved. it’s kind of sad but idc cos it’s Shay.

No. 1153294

Since when

No. 1153299

Probably just a twitter tard using gender neutral pronouns to be polite since hers aren’t listed in her bio. So stupid kek

No. 1153318

Lmao Shayna looks like a trans woman that’s why

No. 1153332

File: 1612559011949.jpeg (911.67 KB, 1284x1198, F98C534B-2CC8-4657-BF7B-85349F…)

compilation of retarded child faces

No. 1153339

except she doesn't look like a child at all

No. 1153357

pigtails and bows make her look even more like a special needs sissy fetishist than she already does

No. 1153379

In terms of porn doesn’t “petite” basically mean thin and young looking? As long as you aren’t a complete tower then it should apply if you’ve got that going for you, right? Even back before her weight gain she always looked haggard tho.

No. 1153388

that’s kind of creepy anon. they’re just saying it’s retarded childish faces. shayna wishes she could have a baby face.

No. 1153389

No,it literally means small. You can be thin yet be broad even if you are short, a small person is petite.

No. 1153443

i only said that because she will take it as a compliment if you compare her to a child. keep up.

No. 1153569

It's not hard if you live in a poor area and have horrible teachers that don't know how to teach
Sage for blogpost

No. 1153660

depression or other mental illness. or a million other reasons.

No. 1153662

File: 1612583755081.jpg (52.89 KB, 600x600, st,small,507x507-pad,600x600,f…)

No. 1153667

Or it’s because she’s lazy (and still is hence why she chose sex work as a career) she’s thriving, guyzzzz uwu!

No. 1153707

I feel like Shayna has only ever done anything in life because it's popular or trendy, or because of some boy. Even in the old days, she was only a stoner because it was cool. She only ate well because of Connor. It's honestly depressing to see a 23 year old woman at her downfall. It's like she's got no sense of self or her own identity, because she never has.

No. 1153735

File: 1612589942632.jpeg (1.79 MB, 2999x3999, 0690287D-6A78-45B0-87C7-5CE276…)

discord dump, sorry for shitty formatting

No. 1153740

Gonna be another weekend of her not camming, huh? She hasnt even brought it up this time kek

No. 1153741

File: 1612590522053.png (397.02 KB, 750x1334, 5A1CE933-61F5-4BB9-A47C-682199…)

also this

No. 1153744

I didnt even have to click the post to know Old Man posted that stupid cringy Monsters Inc hug gif that all the coomers post on her "sad" tweets. I'm so sick of seeing it, it's fucking retarded lol.

No. 1153750

The highlight of Shayna’s day is begging for change to buy food and alcohol. Go onto Twitter for attention and just get a stupid sympathy gif from an old man who just spanks his wrinkled flaccid wiener to her degenerate pedophilic videos. Bleak.

No. 1153756

File: 1612591762661.jpeg (1.4 MB, 4096x2048, FE7F5140-9DF8-4635-B361-88AA9A…)

How is she not embarrassed? Why tweet every thought and emotion? Nobody needs to know and it won’t attract potential customers. Unless they get off to depressed and manic uwu girls. Get a diary. Oldfart is just going to reply with a stupid gif because all he wants is to see your naked fat body

No. 1153883

Damn Grayhair needs to expand his reaction folder

No. 1153894

No, it means short with short limbs, in porn it has the added meaning of being skinny. But even in porn you're not petite if you're average height with lanky arms and legs. Small =\= skinny.

No. 1153905

lmao what a dumb bitch

No. 1153906

sorry samefag, but if that kind of shit had happened in my high school, the student would have been expelled. i think that would be likely for most high schools tho?
most school districts have zero tolerance for that kind of shit… and also her mom supposedly emailing her counselor because she couldn't believe shatna was actually passing her classes?
WOWWWEEEE what an insight lmao.
when your own mother can't believe you are passing your classes… oof.
nevermind the fact that she can't even fool people with her thigh shops.. i really doubt she could fool anyone with a report card shop. esp because most schools print it on a special paper that can't be easily replicated. smh.

No. 1153911


why the hell does she keep sharing these things on her SW account? your followers want to get their dick wet, not their eyes.

No. 1153915

it's telling she goes she can't make friends because nobody accepts her job, she knows she has no other personality or anything else to talk about. Thats NOT going to change, even if she does have sex worker friends when she moves, not all of them are going to want to talk about sex work 24/7 especially not Shayna's boring sex work.

She built her whole life around Fupa and sexwork, and she's not going to quit sex work and she literally has to move herself away so she won't go back and can attempt to build a life.

No. 1153929


shay could never be real friends with someone more successful than her, and at this point, its not a hard goal to surpass

No. 1153935

Is she actually trying to say that she can afford $1500 in rent in New England but somehow has to beg to pay the $950 rent in OK every month? Her parents will be paying for her relocation and first/last like the woman child she is and coomer money goes to her addiction to food while being in a constant haze of dissociation she's comfortable with

No. 1153999

This is the most boomer thing I have ever seen.

No. 1154000

She literally replaced 5 single letters on a white sheet of paper and is acting like it was some huge impressive graphic design feat that earned her praise from the staff, crediting her incredible shoop skills to a class she was admittedly failing. She's really the epitome of weird flex but ok.

Yes because as you see, she just needs to stop spending that pesky extra $600 every month on presumably just doordash and maybe one item of amazon lingerie.

No. 1154002


she previously mentioned spending 50$ per day on take out (30 days totalling 1500$), so per month 950$ rent, 600$ dispensary?, 1500$ take out. 3050$ per month she's just pissing away money in bumfuck OK and thinks she can make it in Boston or New England just by spending a couple of hundred less.

putting it into perspective like that, its obvious how out of touch she is with her own finances, but it's a lot of money she's just wasting.

No. 1154042

Nitpick but medicinal weed IS legal in NH. The people there would hate her too, it’s liberal but very cliquey and elitist. People in her financial situation are very looked down upon, especially sex workers. It’s also way more expensive than she is assuming, there is no sales tax but prices are still higher and rent is even worse. She can’t afford it unless she wants to live in a crack den lmao. Not that Boston is a choice for her either, those “cool lofts” in the city are for people making 50k+ a year or have several roomates. It’s one of the most expensive cities to live in the country. She really has done no research or has no grasp on reality

No. 1154100

File: 1612632617593.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 293.91 KB, 1242x1869, 17E6277D-602A-4080-B84A-B2F0E7…)

Sooo she’s going to the dispensary, begging for money, when she should be saving to move. I cannot deal with this bitch. Obligatory she looks grody remark.

No. 1154102

wonder where her "pink hair" money has gone

No. 1154121

Imagine not wanting to move somewhere because you cant curb your sad weed addiction. And going to the dispensary with e-begged money multiple times a week. Ever considered laying off the pot?? Like jfc. Being a stoner isn't cool and quirky anymore. Everyone and their grandma smokes or does edibles at this point. If you dont have chronic pain, it's just pathetic and retarded to be getting really high EVERY single day. And shes doing dabs and other shit to stay really high all fucking day. Alone. Then drinks later in the day. It's so weird and bleak. Especially because she documents it via tweets.

No. 1154128

Shes only gonna move if her parents really help her. Like arranging moving stuff and backing it all financially. She won't be able to on her own. I forsee months going by of her acting like she needs to "save more" or pack her small amount of shit for months as usual.
So I feel like unless her parents really step in, it's gonna be summer or later until she finally gets around to it, if at all.

But I do hope she moves. The Fupa saga is beyond stale. Time for fresh milk. If she can't cut it in Oklahoma though, wait til she sees those other places.

No. 1154142

>it’s liberal but very cliquey and elitist
Of course. What else can you expect from these pigs.

No. 1154143

"Being closer to friends and fam"
Girl what friends? It's a big stretch to say any of her high school classmates that are still around would want to reconnect with her annoying, musty, now fat whore ass. Even her family probably doesnt like her, but they have to tolerate her. Like yeah her parents love her because they're her parents, but outside of that I'm sure shes estranged.

No. 1154155

File: 1612637706246.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 1284x1416, 9D5E6847-F892-41FE-BFE2-13AC7E…)

No. 1154157

Should probably spoiler this

No. 1154192

There are definitely no friends for her to go back to. Colleen moved away and probably cares about Shayna but doesn’t really want to reconnect because she’s moved on with her life and being friends with someone like Shayna after high school is embarrassing. Her other friend Jess got into heroin and died of an overdose. That girl Robin who used to be obsessed with Shayna even seems to have lost interest since Shayna lost her popularity and looks, since she was only ever really interested in Shayna’s clout. She only ever had “friends” because they were interested in her tumblr fame. Now there is no appeal in associating with her. She must not realize that other people her age are actually adults now who care about families and careers, they don’t have anything to gain from hanging out with a washed up sex worker with mental illnesses and addictions. Only other drug addicts/prostitutes/lowlifes are going to interact with her now.

No. 1154197

She can go back to putting out for weed I guess kek

No. 1154217

File: 1612642112692.jpeg (285.41 KB, 1242x1037, 1F872FC8-028A-4DC7-80A4-8EA333…)

She’s so broke

No. 1154225

File: 1612642455788.jpeg (593.05 KB, 3464x3464, CE69B727-85AF-4E04-8CC1-2BBA60…)

Shayna should just sell everything for a penny kek

No. 1154282

Guarantee we see a 300 dollars worth of some dumb, cheap and useless Forever 21 or Amazon shit in a few days. No way in hell she just saves it so she doesn’t have to keep panhandling for snacks via Twitter. Putting money on it being a pink suitcase to pack all her delusions of moving into.

No. 1154284

can she even afford living alone in Boston? she will probably be in the suburbs. ugh… New England doesn't suit her at all

No. 1154295

she can barely afford living alone in Tulsa, so i'm going to go out on a limb and say no

No. 1154296

if she did it would be in a bad area of boston. she’d probably get mugged just walking her dog in the area she’d be able to afford.

No. 1154324

>walking her dog
Bold of you to assume

No. 1154350

File: 1612651781461.jpeg (247.35 KB, 828x1245, 90532F39-E1C7-4A70-BD8E-15A1E3…)

No. 1154357

File: 1612652575846.jpeg (36.95 KB, 640x360, 3B8C937A-DD08-433B-88CE-567C87…)

Where to even start with every single one of these tweets

No. 1154369

Lmao I don’t know where to start either, but the pizza one speaks for itself so I won’t take the low hanging fruit.
Shayna, weed is legal in MA and legal medicinally in NH. It’s not “legal” but you can literally drive over 15 mins from NH, get weed in MA, and then drive back. OR BETTER YET you could grow the hell up and chill out with smoking weed everyday. I’m not against weed but the way she smokes it has ultimately prevented her from making any progress in life. Can’t save any money or motivate herself to make friends, find a good boyfriend, get back in shape, or get a decent job. No future to speak of. When other people her age are buying nice homes, going on cool vacations, having families, etc. she’ll still be holed up in some shitty apartment getting fatter and shoving things up her ass for pennies.

No. 1154372

Does she mean the post office or? Because no shit the post office is closed on weekends. But what a perfect excuse to beg for garbage takeout, eh? Didnt she just say she was getting groceries? Hard to believe theres nothing she can eat but takeout but sure Shay. Have a cheat meal after going to the gym all of 4 times now.

No. 1154407

right, I can't imagine making giant life decisions based around convenience of weed buying. and calling it her medicine is a fucking joke, just because you can't function without it because you've been high for the last 8 years straight doesn't mean it's improving your quality of life.

No. 1154411

I thought weed delivery was legal in mass?

Also kek at the cheat day. We all know everyday has been cheat day.
Shay, cheat day is for when you’ve been working really hard and have been super disciplined with a diet and/or exercise routine for a few weeks. You’ve gone to the gym like 6 times. Running out of frozen TV dinners is not grounds for a cheat day.

Also, salad comes premade. You just mix the fixing together. You’re welcome.

No. 1154413

no she buys the prepped meals from a local business. someone posted it before.

No. 1154424

Living in a stupor isn't a cure for being a lazy bitch who makes poor decisions.
It's medicinal for people with chronic pain and sometimes it can help certain mental illness, but you have to buy particular stuff and even then.

No. 1154429

Coulda swore a week ago she said she was picking them up from the post office.
Well anyway. Weird that a meal business would be closed Saturday.
I figure she didnt even go and just wants pizza anyway kek

No. 1154433

If she's stockup up on oil to bring with her, how does she think she's going to get to New England? Does she think she can bring that on a plane? She can't drive, so only other option is asking her AbUsIvE parents to come pick her up.

No. 1154440

Ehhh it’s not that hard to fly with oil as long as you are staying domestic. International is a stupid idea but tons of people sneak their weed pens in their luggage. Still a dumb idea, she should be saving for moving not stockpiling friggen weed.

No. 1154445

Or you could just, cook something healthy? Or at least order something healthy tf

No. 1154454

Kek, she uses so much she'll end up getting busted on suspicion of the intention to sell.

No. 1154483

yeah i don’t get how this makes sense at all especially because she said she would feel uncomfortable driving from NH to MA and back to get weed, which i took to mean she was worried about getting stopped and charged with “trafficking” or something.

more actually dumb dolly logic

No. 1154485

Amen. It’s people like her who stigmatize weed use and make it so the law doesn’t want to legalize it for actual cancer patients and people who are suffering. She just wants to be fucked up 27/4 because she has no life. Just because you are addicted to something doesn’t make it medicine lol

No. 1154490

The funniest part about this is just bringing marijuana over state lines itself is a federal crime. If it’s a significant amount the jail time will be even worse. She also just admitted on fucking twitter that this is something she is planning to do, so she won’t even be able to pretend she didn’t know it was there/it wasn’t hers. Plus it’s documented here now lol. She’s a fucking retard, can’t wait for the “Dolly Fattel goes to jail” saga!

No. 1154522

File: 1612664967427.jpeg (210.68 KB, 1242x1270, E3EE2EE3-EA46-48A0-97AA-7BE319…)

her two loyal simps are the only reason she gets to slack off and not make porn
Sage for no contribution

No. 1154533

i still can't believe this guy openly uses his real full name on this shit. that's boomers for you i guess.

No. 1154541

> so hawt
how old is this dude? lmao

No. 1154553

Why do they both sound like Shayna? Besides calling her "hawt" neither of them say the video is sexy or anything. They just like the dumb ass theme.

No. 1154558

nitdpick but…that's not at all what air traffic control does and this is clearly not her trying to pretend to be dumb she is just straight stupid

No. 1154589

~big schedule change~ never happened, for like the 900th time. Keep being a useless pos Shayna! You never prove us wrong

No. 1154595

File: 1612670611962.gif (4.11 MB, 444x250, 2F02C94A-C196-4563-A64F-4E3637…)

She be looking like spongebob when he was hall monitor in that dumb gif she’s so retarded looking kek

No. 1154596

she'll probably like this comparison and be upset she didn't get to post it first.

No. 1154687

even spongebob is in better shape than this bitch

No. 1154764

at least spongebob has a valid reason for being a rectangle, shay does not, and yet here we are

No. 1154856

She wouldn't be able to afford Mattapan. She may be able to afford Worcester.

No. 1154857

I just looked up his FB and wow what a wild ride…a trumpster and an anti masker, if you find his wife’s page you can see photos of him with his wife and kids too. Disgusting

No. 1154878

Womack or the “so hawt” commenter? Either way, it’s not super relevant, but it does make me laugh that Shayna posts anti-Trump, pseudo-woke shit all the time, but the coomers that are actually attracted to her and not just other SW orbiters are exactly that type of white trash. Again, these men don’t give a shit about your opinions or respect you as a person, Shatna.

No. 1154908

Who gives a shit? That isn’t milk and has been discussed to death. Stop talking about his personal life it’s annoying

No. 1154941

File: 1612717408911.jpeg (845.58 KB, 1242x1617, 35D13125-3D2B-461B-A02C-CFB44D…)

No. 1154947

Her eyes are swollen af is it from weed or crying?

No. 1154950

The fact she sleeps (what I presume is) naked in the same spot where her dog lays is fucking gross

No. 1154953

File: 1612718374269.jpeg (287.97 KB, 1242x762, 9C9FFBBF-DB92-4649-A8D9-79F5B2…)

There was no point in getting a computer then oh my fucking god she’s a moron

No. 1154956

File: 1612718509643.jpeg (306.01 KB, 1242x700, 64F5E339-6ED5-49B8-B101-CC279F…)

Why did she buy a computer if she’s just going to use her controller to play when she has a television to do that on

No. 1154958

File: 1612718551107.jpg (638.7 KB, 2201x2202, IMG_20210207_171132.jpg)

Fupa's ginger cat still there you can see on her lap.

No. 1154961

I can smell this photo through my screen

No. 1154962

She could just plug her playstation controller in or buy any kind of wired controller, they aren't expensive.

No. 1154965

File: 1612719040784.jpeg (827.06 KB, 1242x1544, B048259B-AB92-4965-B0F4-046750…)

She still interacting with ugly trump supporter indigo white even though she said she doesn’t support her
So stupid

No. 1154969

her lack of pillowcase doesn't surprise me but it's disgusting

No. 1154971

Ew she doesn't even have a pillowcase, and she sleeps on the same pillow her dog sheds hair and drool on…..

No. 1154972

does she actually have any bedding beyond a mattress cover? does she even have that much? she doesn't use pillowcases and it seems like she sleeps with an unwashed, dirty ass blanket and nothing else. it's so gross

No. 1154973

You can literally see the dog hair on her blanket and pillow in >>1154958

No. 1154977

File: 1612720284839.jpeg (240.44 KB, 1242x552, 96D68821-0FE1-4E7D-A7BB-60A64F…)

No. 1154978

Does this bitch sleep on a bare mattress with no sheets? Disgusting.

No. 1154979


when you buy a 2k pc you dont know how to turn off correctly instead of an actual blanket and sheets

No. 1154988

"eating clean"???
bitch we saw your meal prep and it was not clean…

No. 1154989


not to white knight but theres still value in purchasing a pc to game with a controller if her specs are good enough to play most games, as it opens up the ability to play almost anything on console and then some. however, she has a console she barely uses so this point is mute. It’ll be another prop piece. Still holding out got a Twitch saga though.

No. 1154994

lmao in this image, >>1148216, two of her meal preps were chicken quesadillas, of which the two main ingredients is cheese and tortilla bread.

No. 1154995


the fucking dog is hungry shay and is begging you wake up and feed it/let it out/fucking interact with it.

stoners on her level shouldnt own pets. period.

No. 1155004

Her lips look like they’re rotting

No. 1155014

No, it’s not worth on Shayna Clifford’s case. She only plays fortnite or apex, once in a fortnight.

No. 1155021

Her natural brows are so nice, why the hell does she keep doing the eyeliner sharpie brow thing

No. 1155023

File: 1612722214820.jpeg (680.05 KB, 3464x3464, A37BA42C-6BD5-4540-8C08-E81EF5…)

Scammy Mattel getting called out by her orbiters kek

No. 1155035

excuses, excuses, excuses

who the hell even uses an adapter? does her pc not have bluetooth?

this, I've plugged my PS4 controller into my pc and it's fine

No. 1155042

This fucking retard. First of all, spending that much just to play with a controller is asinine. But also she doesnt need a $90 adapter. Even the old coomer knows you can plug in your controller to the USB using the charging cord and map it. Shes got a ps4 or something, yeah?

No. 1155050

She always says this and it's such bullshit. Her "clean" eating really isnt far from her usual takeout and you wouldnt have an upset belly from getting pizza. More like the pizza itself was trash and probably made her sick or she's just setting up her excuse to do nothing for the day. Like people are supposed to feel bad for fatass.

No. 1155071

The fact this girl cannot use a keyboard and is refusing to attempt to use at 23 is really depressing.

No. 1155076

This is exactly what I thought. She was like “my fingers CANT adapt” um like, try? It’s not that fucking hard. but effort is something lost on our dear shayna.

Also LOL at the pizza comment. She’s so full of complete shit all the time.

No. 1155112

File: 1612727146324.gif (5 MB, 1200x1200, shayna.gif)

Congrats to Shay for being our Favourite Cow of the Year! 53.9% of votes!

We really are all she has. Her biggest fans. Kek

No. 1155125

And she says she never wins anything. Isn't this her second year in a row? Congrats Shayna!

No. 1155127

next thread pic and title for sure “best cos of the year 2 years in a row”

No. 1155137

its crazy anything that she cannot do or get right away she tries to cut corners on it, except for sex work. She'll keep doing that even though she's been declining and declining.

No. 1155148

File: 1612729455084.jpeg (45.14 KB, 625x468, 22CE1FF9-ADA5-4E55-B8B1-C7F34D…)


she deserves it. she's worked really hard embarrassing herself everyday for us. she says something stupid everyday no exception. its almost impressive how someone can be wrong literally at all times no exceptions. other cows can't keep up.

No. 1155150

Whoever made this gif is a goddess. Keep “thriving” shayna!

No. 1155164

She nearly took the win for Best Milk too with her Fupa reveal and the mental breakdown that followed. Just a few votes off.

Congrats shay! If you were really into humiliation you’d pin that GIF on your Twitter kek. Show off the only contest you could ever win in! Two years in a row too!

No. 1155197

shayna, here's an idea: use that hair money you scammed coomers for to buy a couple of bedding sets and a duvet from ikea you dumbass

No. 1155205

kek at the post you linked to, but you know she's actually going to feel some sort of happy feelings because of this. She said it herself, bad attention is still attention and that's all she cares about. She sees the word "award" and feels like she's done something good to be recognized, when in fact she's just a trashfire that people enjoy watching burn.

my tinfoil is that Fupa took all the blankets and sheets he had bought when he left her, but left the cat for some reason. She used to have bedding, like an actual duvet, but we haven't seen it in a while. Or maybe she puked wine all over it and had to throw it away.

No. 1155229

My tinfoil is that she spilled too much wine, bong water, and whatever else on her only bed set and refuses to wash it.

No. 1155288


It's been said, but it's disgusting how little laundry is ever brought up. It's a fairly big inconvenience while living in an apartment so there's no way she's doing it regularly or else there'd be endless tweets of people in her apartment checking her out, people taking out her laundry, fake compliments on her slutty clothes, etc. Probably just pissed herself then threw it on her balcony.

No. 1155292

Shayna would bring up needing a “detergent daddy” if she did her laundry. I don’t think she does it, and if she does she is only washing her clothes not her sheets or disgusting star blanket

No. 1155310

She's given herself fat girl mouth at such a young age.
Congrats, Shay! You're a loser to your family, but you'll always be a top tier cow to us.

No. 1155311

She has a washer/dryer in her unit so I don’t think this information applies. But it’s doubtful she does her laundry anyway.

No. 1155345


you can get a 2 bedroom with in-suite for $950 in OK? Well shit. That will barely get you a bachelor roach hotel anywhere else.

No. 1155346

She really should be on /PT at this point

No. 1155365

File: 1612746194770.jpeg (413.1 KB, 1242x934, 0DFC6B1B-0F89-4F11-AD79-BE452C…)

No. 1155382

she acts so surpised by any lick of attention these scrotes give her. You'd think after years she wouldn't brag about double digit tips and dumb shit like this, but she does.

No. 1155397

File: 1612748340929.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1739, 420C26A8-6F96-4A80-B718-A4590D…)


No. 1155406

File: 1612748711225.jpeg (201.01 KB, 958x1212, 566EE74F-3782-4DFB-9351-ADE291…)

Yeah just keep sucking in that gut, fatty.

No. 1155411

Kek what a horrible picture.

Even with the overly filtered face. Her natural fat Face would be more fitting.

No. 1155412

I’m not so sure she’s qualified to call herself little anymore.

No. 1155417

Lmao her chin can't cover that neck fold.

No. 1155421

Was once a little, now a lottle

No. 1155428

lil one what? brain?

No. 1155437

Shayna being forever in /snow/ is imo just part of the lolcow lore now. farmhands have said many times the threads are too much of a dumpster fire to be raised to /pt/ and I agree. farmers who don't follow her fucking hate the threads and have for a long time.

No. 1155442

File: 1612750915754.jpeg (352.43 KB, 1242x1221, 0CD79E51-F11C-48A2-9B38-9785DA…)

Her threads are repetitive to people who aren’t into making fun of her and don’t know her entire history. She should stay in snow. She’s a snowflake/mistake.

She answered some asks on tumblr kek deprived of attention

No. 1155443

File: 1612750958152.jpeg (208.37 KB, 1242x950, 0CC51F21-B89C-4D8E-BDD4-5AE45A…)

>has a flat ass
>only one tit bounces because the other one doesn’t move for some reason

No. 1155448

uh…she looks more like a diving board with legs now then she ever did before and she has no ass. At least being skinny and having no ass was whatever, but her ass is flat and fat. Her tits are also super lopsided.
Shes shitting on a body she wishes she had and loved.

No. 1155450

the sheer cope here is hilarious

No. 1155459

>going to the gym 3 days a week
bitch where, last time she posted being there was five days ago. since then she cancelled therapy [like she's even going] and the hair appointment she begged money for, as well as somehow not getting her prepared meals so eating pizza instead. all she's done is get high, play video games, make sad content, fuck around on twitter and ask for money.

No. 1155473

>"being singles, no friends"
>"talking with friends"

She's high as fuck and i feel like we will be getting some milk soon enough because she tends to sperg when she is like this

No. 1155484

the editing on this is so weird. either post only edited photos or don’t, especially when do it so poorly that you can tell the difference.

No. 1155492

I'd give anything to the Goddess of Milk for a Shay/Gimpgirl crossover in 2021.

No. 1155500

>>1155492 samefag

If Shay was in /pt/ I'd have no reason to visit snow. Let her be the Rightful Queen of Snowflakes/mistakes!

No. 1155506

I was indifferent to her before I started following her threads, but now she's my main flake. Tbh, keep her in /snow/, because that's where all the real milk is. /pt/'s cows are boring and washed up these days.

No. 1155741

that’s such a feeder thing to do omaooooo

No. 1155751

fr. it's sad that she's so desperate for someone to care for her that she's blind to the reality of the situation and goes on to brag about it kek

No. 1155915

noodle is adorable this bitch don’t deserve her

No. 1155916

File: 1612799801375.jpeg (299.75 KB, 1242x666, 305F4125-C902-40E2-90C1-E384D9…)

So quirky shay!

No. 1155918

File: 1612799874400.jpeg (269.83 KB, 1242x637, 2DB0E992-FE80-4135-9A29-4B5E9F…)

>best $5 I spent
I hate scrotes

No. 1155919

that's not how that works, shayna

No. 1155921

She’s retarded, that’s not how bipolar depression works. She might know that if she did any work on her mental health.
>Best $5 I’ve spent this year
Good god the secondhand humiliation for her hurts. Confused as to where he’s seen all the different outfits and wet pussy, though.

No. 1155923

File: 1612800700975.jpeg (232.53 KB, 1242x502, F751CCED-C38E-43C5-AD99-421704…)

Get some friends to tell these things to? Jfc

No. 1155927


shes seriously at that stage of having a fried brain that she's barely aware of her surroundings anymore and is starting to really neglect Noodle. Why is it funny that your dog probably slipped on ice and could have gotten hurt because of you "didnt realize" your balcony was covered in ice? Or that it rained during cold weather in winter? What did you think would happen? Dog needs a new home.

No. 1155935

Does she just let the dog out by letting it shit and piss on the balcony?

No. 1155937

File: 1612802308632.jpeg (173.98 KB, 1242x405, 37350879-D6D4-455A-B2EF-3C6681…)

She is so stupid and wasteful it blows my mind. This isn’t fuckin cute.

No. 1155938

Is that a rhetorical question?

How would shay even function in the real world? I know it’s been said but it’s so obvious she only does sex work because the money is easy and she literally doesn’t have to do shit. Even though she talks about like uwu we change people’s lives and our job is sooooo hard. I couldn’t imagine calling my boss and saying “hey I can’t come in cause muh depression ok thx”.

No. 1155940

Shes posted this so many times before. I don’t think she actually does it. She’s just trying to be quirky or some dumb shit. We all know she’s got a drawer full of Door Dash cellophane wrapped utensils.

No. 1155941

guessing she leaves them in the takeout containers and then just tosses the 6 containers piled up by the couch every two days, throwing away 3 forks with them. if she cooked her own meals she wouldn't b throwing so much packaging away all the time. If you eat off a plate you don't forget there's a fork on the plate.

No. 1155964

I find it very odd that she basically saves tweets word for word and then when she wants interaction just copy pastes them and hopes they go viral.

No. 1155968

She can’t function in the real world. She’s lived in this sex work bubble since she turned 18; she has no skills, barely any education, and no discernable talents other than being annoying. She could barely even get a retail job as a lot of them now like for you to have gone to university at some point or done some volunteer work. If she ever leaves “sex work”, she’s going to have to readjust a lot to not being an autistic uggo. I don’t know if she could handle it honestly.

No. 1155992

Nice try, Shay, but takeout always comes with plastic utensils. Did they forget one time and then you realized you never cook, so you have no forks of your own?

No. 1156006

yes, thats exactly what shes doing. some animal-friendly rentals dont care as long as its outside to save on floor and carpet repairs. which also tells us this is exactly why the only outdoor photos that exist of noodle are from dog park visits. she never actually takes the dog out, fatty-style.

No. 1156008

is it common in the us to have a dog and never take it for walks? eurofag here and i never witnessed a dog owner not taking their dog for at least one walk a day, it's like unwritten dog owner codex to put your dog on a leash and let it go for 5 minutes minimum

No. 1156011

>eurofag here
nobody gives a fuck. and yes it's normal in all countries to give a dog walks. shayna is just lazy.

No. 1156021

its common if the owner is a lazy asshole, sure. its an extra layer of fuckery for her to be inside, home, all fucking day with no attempt to leave her building for even 5 minutes unless its self-serving.

No. 1156058

>eurofag here, is it normal to breathe air?
She's a lazy fuck. Lazy fucks don't tend to walk their dog, regardless of what country it is. Can you euroanons stop asking stupid questions just so you can let us know you're European?

No. 1156265

No, american dogs actually can't walk at all they have wheels like a wagon so they just need to be oiled every other day.

No. 1156268

File: 1612821428799.jpeg (347.48 KB, 750x1157, 118E97E6-22F9-456B-AB4B-E1FA08…)


No. 1156275

How many times has she made essentially this exact same tweet? Every single week announcing how she's going to take a dab, put on makeup, and then make content/cam, which half the time she doesn't end up doing, all while continuing to e-beg and complain. It's so boring and predictable.

No. 1156281

It's monday, so she should have gone to the gym today, but i doubt we will be hearing about gym visits anymore now

No. 1156291

Kek anon. Europe needs to stop roasting us not all of us are obese and riding motorized cart scooters all day.

Take the day off from what? This fat bitch really has the audacity. She doesn’t do anything all day.

No. 1156306

I think its pretty safe say that the gym phase is over

No. 1156322

Her free trial with her trainer is probably up, she’s way too broke to have been paying for one-on-one sessions. I’m sure now that nobody will hold her accountable her gym days are done for. Was the wasted money on “gym clothes” that will be too small by next month and a membership worth all 200 of the calories burned? She gives up on EVERYTHING so easily…can’t keep a work schedule, can’t take her lazy ass to the gym even though she has no hour requirements for work and doesn’t have a schedule, can’t take her dog for walks, can’t keep a relationship, can’t keep friends, can’t reliably shower, is moving in a few months and can’t even keep a budget. The only thing she’s ever committed to is food. Being gluttonous enough to buy meal prep that she stuffs her face with on top of faithfully ordering DoorDash at least twice a day. What a trooper!

No. 1156330

she said the other day the trainer charged her and she was negative in her bank account

No. 1156332

Audible kek

Exactly. She’s not going to go anymore. She did her discounted sessions and she even mentioned not wanting to spend money so she could move. I doubt we will hear about the gym.

I thought this was a repost from the other day. Maybe shay, just maybe, you feel depressed because you do N O T H I N G for weeks on end. You don’t work, you don’t walk your dog, you don’t get any fresh air. You eat like shit and have gained 70lbs. You’re only going to get worse and worse.

No. 1156440

This kills me because she has a free gym at her apartment complex. Why spend all this extra money on the gym and a trainer when you have free access to exercise equipment?

No. 1156442


throwing a tinfoil out my bootyhole she will say she quit to save for the move and is doing 'at home workouts" which will never be documented but we will still get sweaty butt boil pics in musty workout gear

No. 1156463

because anon, she has to go to fupa's gym so she can try to bump into him

No. 1156477

File: 1612835814091.png (Spoiler Image, 780.16 KB, 1080x1264, Screenshot_20210208-185559~2.p…)

this thumbnail is.. not flattering, to say the least.

No. 1156482

Genuinely horrified and by far the worst shes ever looked. Like if a downs person did meth horrifying.

No. 1156483

Tbf if the place does have an excercise room, it could be closed due to covid. But like anon said, she has to feel special and try to Fupa bait.

No. 1156484

File: 1612836351458.jpeg (318.48 KB, 1242x1023, 4D0DA9FE-9AD3-4300-975F-1FACBE…)

Alright girls, place your bets now.

No. 1156487

She might do the gamer slut video. But none of the other stuff; Especially getting on cam.

No. 1156488

omg grandma why did you start doing porn you have dementia

No. 1156489


She's definitly not getting on cam. Doubt we will hear about it again.

No. 1156490

File: 1612836744670.gif (28.23 KB, 220x147, C0961758-2767-402E-B174-4B20F6…)

Nothing. She will do nothing.

No. 1156496

she will put a $3 oriental trading crown on a dumb wig and write “queen loser” on her forehead
then she will lean back and shove a butt plug into her stretched out rectum
but won’t get to it until thursday

No. 1156499

Alas, there will be no camming to be had this week. Tinfoil reason: hardcore depression nap

No. 1156514

File: 1612838638539.jpeg (167.06 KB, 1242x488, 866D5BAE-B162-412A-83CC-647EF3…)

Holy fuck learn to cook bitch!!! How does she have any coomers left? She’s so annoying and embarrassing! What can they possibly see in her???

No. 1156517

god damn that bitch makes my proverbial dick soft.

No. 1156521

Stop. Posting. Schedules. Shay, you dumb cunt.

She definitely won't cam.
It's a 50/50 on if she does 1 of those vids or simply makes up an excuse for it "not going as planned" and just posts some photos. She'll probably only do the customs though, because they're paid for. But she'll wait til last minute.

I swear she posts this shit every day.

No. 1156522

Tuesday- Something I've done 20 times already

Wed- Me in a ugly ass cheap dress,that wand thing, that cheap crown and pretending i'm a princess like a 6 year old

No. 1156525

so she never got her meal from that place? She just said fuck it after she could'nt get it last time?

No. 1156529

Actual kek, well said

No. 1156534

File: 1612839685908.jpeg (936.9 KB, 3464x3464, 64661A2A-DA23-4FC2-A956-5D43D8…)

The comparison kills me. I don’t know why she edits so much if people are going to see her real face in video

No. 1156535

She needs to save some of that takeout money and get a fucking nose job. Her nose has always been hideous but it’s so much worse now that she’s fat. Truly a rat face.

No. 1156536

Anon she could never afford a nose job. She’s making minimum wage and will make less and less as the pounds pack on. Unless she does feeder porn but even that is such a niche market. I don’t think there is that many guys into fat fucks

No. 1156544

she’s got the pregnant woman nose spread going on

No. 1156552

File: 1612840841888.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 202.23 KB, 1026x1026, 680F4FA4-740D-46C2-8361-D68FB0…)

I’m vomiting the way she’s sucking her thumb like a child wouldn

No. 1156553

Jesus Christ, can you imagine shayna having a baby? At this point I think it would probably be the only thing that could help her turn her life around, although she's not above letting some scrote with a pregnancy fetish Stroke her ego

No. 1156555

File: 1612840897182.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 797.34 KB, 1242x1185, F63426C0-D7A2-4347-8C0B-6C6357…)

No. 1156558

I hope she never has kids. The poor child would be cursed with those rodent genetics and would have to deal with anyone being able to see their mother’s cooch for $5

No. 1156560

The contrast of her overly smoothed out skin against the harsh darkness of her dry snatch is really something else

No. 1156565

File: 1612841325680.gif (454.32 KB, 500x359, 1F0BEEFD-BCDA-4877-889B-70CF81…)

>jUsT wRoTe oUt mY sChEdUlE
Shut up Shayna you won’t film all of those videos this week and you’re not going to cam. You’ll make an excuse like always. You are a useless piece of shit who contributes nothing to society.

No. 1156566

and it's sad because both pictures aren't attractive anyway. This is the best she can make her face look?

No. 1156567

File: 1612841398800.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1284x1273, 86C3520C-2D15-4D71-9BD5-4DA126…)

i’m gonna throw up. the pedo pandering mixed her with disgusting snatch, greasy hair, and the over editing. kill me now.

No. 1156571

and she'd probably using her pacifers and shit to do porn with. IDC, the fact Fupa can have kids but want to fuck a chick who acts like a toddler, should tell you everything you need to know.
Shayna's too retarded to have kids and Fupa is disgusting

No. 1156574

File: 1612841574318.jpeg (132.53 KB, 1242x292, 7027BEFF-55A0-4CAC-9C47-197A50…)

This has already been posted anon

Shayna must be broke because she’s offering to retweet other sex workers

No. 1156576

I mean she’s just ugly and unfortunate looking. Not much she can do kek.

No. 1156581

babies “turning people’s lives around” is a fallacy. 99% of the time, a reckless retard just becomes a reckless retard with a child:

No. 1156583

Jfc wash your hair. I thought her hair was wet for a minute it’s so greasy.

No. 1156592

This was just posted

No. 1156596

If you are gonna pander to pedos maybe shave your legs first.

No. 1156602

I was giving her the benefit of the doubt and assumed it was wet but if not…

No. 1156604

smh that pic on the right holy fuck. every expression she makes is unflattering. not one good angle on this bitch

No. 1156613

I sincerely don't think she's washed it since that blackmail vid, which was like 2 weeks ago

No. 1156622

Her pussy is the embodiment of the term axe wound.

No. 1156629

File: 1612845935791.jpg (Spoiler Image, 129.12 KB, 697x720, IMG_20210209_014253.jpg)


Bitch bé looking like Anne Frank(not milk)

No. 1156630

File: 1612846068040.jpeg (145.84 KB, 800x530, F553A427-B9B4-4C3B-AFF1-40B42D…)

No. 1156650

>detergent daddy

No. 1156660

don't insult this child's memory like that anon

this needs to be new thread pic whenever this one fills up. incredible work anon the comparison is horrifying

No. 1156662

Fuck you retard. Don’t ever compare them, they have nothing in common looks, personality, or otherwise. One was a child who was able to maintain hope and strength in one of the worst situations a person could suffer, and one is a pathetic fat fuck who hasn’t learned any gratitude or appreciation even when everything is handed to her by mommy and daddy.

No. 1156663

anne frank stans go hard

No. 1156667


it used to actually rest in a close position prior to her massive weight gain.

thats one chubby baby!

No. 1156669

Shayna looks like she cousins to Anne Frank, Jonathan Yaniv and Nikocado kek

Anon it’s not that deep. We all know Shayna is trash and will never leave an impact like Frank did. They just look similar in that screen cap of shay

No. 1156672


And gypsy rose blanchard

No. 1156674

And they're both ugly as shit. The left side just has a smoothed filter and a flesh tone that looks alive.

Kek fat bitches wearing cheap ruffles look extra frumpy

No. 1156677

Who beat her for best milk? I need to start on a new cow

No. 1156682

JStar and Shane being cancelled kek. 7 point difference.

No. 1156692


… is her hair so greasy.

And the real question:

WHY would she take photos with her hair greasy like that?!

I'm lost with this woman.

No. 1156698

did she seriously photoshop her hair? why do the ends look like that? in the first pic one of the strands is melting into her shoulder.

No. 1156710

Why is her pussy so big looks like a bad surgery from a mtf person wtf

No. 1156726

Learn to sage.

No. 1156777

Kek, anon is right though. Only deranged scrotes could find that thing a turn on.>>1156726

No. 1156792

is her leg like hairy? or just the skin dried out due to her alcoholism?

No. 1156806

Lmao she looks like womack here

No. 1156841

Blogpost but I just need to say this. I once had a room-mate who rarely washed herself, didn’t wash her clothes, didn’t clean the kitchen, bathroom or living room. The smell was insane, all she did was use perfume.

And I imagine this is what shayna smells like. Old used bedsheets, greasy hair, unwashed clothes.

No. 1156843


She ain't got no bedsheets, anon. She legit sleeps on a bare mattress and bare pillows with her nasty unwashed dog and unwashed self like the methhead she is.

No. 1156897

i know, but I bet she still smells like old unwashed bedsheets lmao

No. 1156898

It is definitely really insulting to Anne frank to compare her to Shay especially when the comment was definitely trying to make fun of Shay

No. 1156939

Anon, she's dead and will never read this. Chill.

No. 1156963

I’m glad you said it because I didn’t want to bring it up, but I legit thought it was some stupid face merge photoshop when I unspoilered. She picks up the worst traits from the men she gets involved with. Body stolen from Fupa, face stolen from Womack. So damn unfortunate. Hope she ends up meeting a professional shower taker next time kek

No. 1157058

File: 1612887743120.jpeg (794.68 KB, 1284x1130, 2B42FBD8-2511-4309-9CE8-8E4B2C…)

she looks like she’s on hard drugs

No. 1157060

i’m cackling over Anon Frank being this offended

No. 1157065

Anytime I get the urge to start an OF, I come here to set my head straight. Bleak.(no one cares)

No. 1157071

File: 1612888324366.jpeg (418.94 KB, 1242x1406, FD2F5051-CE56-4713-B813-7F30E0…)

Fat ass needs MORE food jfc

No. 1157077

What happened to the hundreds of dollars in hair salon donations? Also didn't she say she was going to the grocery store twice last week? Yet she has no food and no money and of course she can't go to the gym.

No. 1157079

kek at the very least the thorough greasiness of her has has created a hair color that actually suits her coloring for the first time in 5 years. she should look into dying her hair a dark, cool black-brown instead of the shit colors she always chooses that make her look like gray-skinned reptilian.

No. 1157080

She's also been going to the gym Monday/Wednesday/Friday so today would be an off day anyway. scammy mattel at it again

No. 1157081

She deleted this

No. 1157090

File: 1612889796949.jpeg (279.49 KB, 1242x794, CE582D9E-C47F-4EEC-90D4-7C5541…)

Bitch we all know you don’t bathe. Wonder if she saw the comments about her nasty hair. Kek.

No. 1157091

She said her trainer cancelled or something yesterday, but I'm sure this is just the end of the gym mini saga. She made it barely 2 weeks. Same with the diet. Usually only makes it 1 week. This is a pathetic excuse. Like she really exposing herself that she doesnt have 20 bucks for uber? Or she's trying to indirectly beg for money.
This womanchild I stg.

No. 1157096

Doubt she was actually cashing out today, but I swear she doesn't know how deposits work. It can take 1-3 days minimum. I think she just cashes out and expects to wake up to it. But I'm sure things are slower with the pandemic and we know she never accounts for weekends and holidays delaying deposits. It's like she can't learn one single fucking thing.

No. 1157100

She probably smells like a sludgy, moldy dumpster roll after an hour of stumbling around her goblin den.

No. 1157106

Everything she does is an in/direct beg for money

No. 1157113

Yes, you smell clean for hours after using any kind of soap. How is that a revelation?

No. 1157114

kek my thoughts exactly

No. 1157119

oh to be a grown woman low-key begging on twitter for money because she can’t eat because she’s never heard of stocking up on shit like rice and pasta and beans and has to order rank ass reheatable salmon meals from uber eats instead

No. 1157156

I believe she meant picking up all of her nasty prepped meals.

The excuse reel has begun and whoever called it on her not going back to the gym or "eating clean" again was spot on.

No. 1157157

Shayna discovering soap for the first time

No. 1157158

isn't her gym within walking distance of her apartment?

No. 1157161

no she ubers there, that was just some random tinfoil from an anon that thought they figured out where her gym was

No. 1157165

ah right, thanks. I forgot that theory got debunked. but still, nothing is stopping her from working out at home (aside from her laziness)

No. 1157166

I agree with anon. Can we have a somewhat-tame thread pic next time? The cows already look like monsters by themselves.

No. 1157171

It's probably the first time she ever uses soap, so of course it's revolutionary for her kek

No. 1157178

her's really is the only skinny to fat girl pussy that I've seen that has been stretched open instead of covered by the extra fat(nitpick)

No. 1157202

huh, she really took that hair money and ran with it. i just can't let this go, because where tf can $350 disappear within 24 hours in bumfuck, oklahoma?

No. 1157205

Doordash and the dispensary

No. 1157226

Seriously, “I shouldn’t be spending $350 on my hair I will save this for moving thanks” to completely broke in a week??

No. 1157259

So in the past two weeks alone, she’s made at least $1300 mysteriously vanish? The “extra $1,000” she had from paying her rent twice, and now the hair money. I’ve never seen someone without a hard drug problem blow so much money so fast. It’s baffling.

No. 1157262

tbf that "paid rent twice" story was over a month ago. still fucked up though.

No. 1157366

And I'm pretty sure that aside from the boils, lezanons used to say that she did have a cute pussy (before she ruined it with that cused pussy pump).

No. 1157389

File: 1612912972595.png (Spoiler Image, 2.03 MB, 1764x1116, Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-10 um 0…)

brehs.. she couldn't wait eating the chocolate until after the shooting

No. 1157392

File: 1612913050619.png (Spoiler Image, 2.14 MB, 1076x1430, Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-10 um 0…)

stillt hasn't washed her hair

No. 1157409

Seriously where is all this money going? She can't be running through weed that fast can she?

No. 1157411

Aren’t these from last year. She doesn’t have a nose ring and her ears aren’t like that now?

No. 1157418

Yeah and she's like 30 pounds lighter, she's just recycling pictures at this point, it's fairly normal for her cause she's so ugly and fat now.

No. 1157425

Theres no way all of her money goes to food and just weed. She has to have another drug to blow that much money away. Weed isnt that expensive even at the dispensary.(tinfoil)

No. 1157428

she literally blows through weed and alcohol like none other. like an absurd amount.

No. 1157443

I have never in my life found the site or thought of chocolate unappetizing. Shatna you of all people have unlocked an achievement.

No. 1157444

Heroin and meth make you skinny. And do you really think shayna would be careful and smart enough to move her crackpipe or whatever out of the frame of her rancid snatch shots? Shayna is a fool and a fool and their money are soon parted.

No. 1157447

That greasy fucking hair though. How can you be so unaware? I can't with this cow.

No. 1157448

You are underestimating how much take out and DoorDash fees are. It's very possible she is blowing through all her money with shitty dispensary treats and takeout at least once a day.

No. 1157450

The filter makes her look WORSE. She looks like Tommy Wiseau.

No. 1157452

Heroin doesn't make you skinny, being a homeless junkie makes you skinny but ones with homes who can afford to eat tend to xcore crave sugar and often bloat up. I've tin foiled before that she's a dope head and been told I'm an idiot on this board, but I've never seen someone beg and spend as much as she does without some kind of secret habit.

No. 1157458

I suppose that you might have a point but I think we would have seen some baggies or (literal) tinfoil by now. Shayna is the kind of girl to leave her bent up burnt spoon lying around next to an empty bottle of pink wine and a dirty buttplug.(stop derailing)

No. 1157461

She has three completely open habits as it is (four if you count buying electronics to use as accessories): food, weed, booze

No. 1157467

There is a way. She admitted not that long ago she was blowing like $50 dollars a day on door dash (maybe it was more but it was a lot) and she goes to the dispensary 2-3 times a week and buys novelty junk food that is over priced and weed / carts. Not to mention she Uber’s everywhere (unfamiliar with their prices) which also costs money. And I think she buys half of the stuff she claims other people buy her.
She also buys dumb shit constantly like $100 at lush and $200 at Sephora.

Also, her 2k dust collector is just a prime example of spending stupid money.

No. 1157468

She could be sniffing it, in theory I suppose. She always does seem to have a runny nose and constantly sniffling. But that’s just tinfoil.

No. 1157480

just because you're a heroin addict doesn't mean other people don't find equally as useless things to waste their money on kek

No. 1157557

File: 1612920981033.jpeg (145.95 KB, 914x914, AF89F5BF-D4A2-4C85-846B-A684F0…)

No. 1157561

Bitch is so lazy she’s using pictures from last year

No. 1157570

the really pathetic thing about these pics from last year are that this was most likely stuff fupa bought for her >>932077

No. 1157590

that's from last year? that explains why she looks slightly less tragic than she does currently

No. 1157594

She should go back to this lip color. The weird grey lip she does now is atrocious.
Also. Kek at the tiny, far apart brows saga she did last year. Ah memories of this unaware dumbfuck.

No. 1157599

How dare you do Tommy dirty like that.

No. 1157601

yeah the brows are horrible but it's a nice lip color on her

No. 1157602

sadly the brown lipstick was in the rotation a year ago too. she’s had it for as long as i can remember.

No. 1157614

Sad that she INSISTS upon looking as terrible as possible but whines about being ugly. The V day pics from last year look way better cause she's wearing a lip color that compliments her skin tone and hair color and she's wearing darker colors that also flatter her. But she instead always wears makeup with shitty colors and wears clothes that are 28 different shades of pink. God forbid if she takes any advice from lolcow. Shay, I promise we're a lot fucking smarter than you when it comes this shit.

No. 1157632

I was going to say the window sil right above the bed situation looks like her last apartment. Surprisingly we still haven't seem her bed in her new apt beyond it looking grimy af with noodle in it

No. 1157633

I truly can’t figure it out either. Blowing all the money in her bank account when she can’t even leave her house because she doesn’t have a car? How does she fucking manage it? I’m surprised she hasn’t been evicted with the way she scrapes by and always talks about not having enough money to do simple things, like Ubering to get groceries or having a month-to-month payment go through…

No. 1157634

luna slater would like to disagree lol
we already know shayna eats in caloric surplus - and that's just the takeout she documents on twitter.

No. 1157640

I would guess she bought them for herself rather, which is even sadder kek

No. 1157646

she has the nastiest snatch ever(vagina sperg)

No. 1157647

Also looks like she’s actually wearing a tiny bit of blush which helps a lot. Idk what she has against blush

No. 1157650

nah it’s just facetuned

No. 1157652

I’m definitely seeing a little more color then her usual gray skin, she went though a very short lived phase of using blush last year

No. 1157655

it’s filtered but go off

No. 1157663

No shit everything she posts is filtered and facetuned but her face is less gray here, because blush

No. 1157668

What is going on with the shade in her window? It looks like the some of the slats are ripped out?(nitpick)

No. 1157672

Her dumbass put her bed right next to the window and probably drunkenly broke them and/or pets got to it.

No. 1157689

File: 1612931502645.jpg (130.72 KB, 1032x475, 20210209_213203.jpg)


No. 1157691

Imagine going to rip a pipe and just getting a big hit of ass lol. Fucking awful.

No. 1157693

Kek I forgot she had a nose piercing. Wasn't she going to get it re-pierced since they made her remove it during the hospital trip?

No. 1157696

God damnit womack

No. 1157697

This bitch was that lazy she couldn't follow her schedule AND used a photo set from last year. These scrotes paying her are dumb.

No. 1157698

It doesn’t. This scrote just knows you’re THAT desperate for money. How humiliating. And how gross kek. Especially with Shay’s track record of never bathing.

No. 1157702

So much for not only scamming for hair appointment money, but also saying she was getting a pink wig. So she's not gonna do Valentines content. Just her weird private "GF experience" shit. She must be really lazy and embarrassed of her fat greasy self.

No. 1157708

…in that order? That just sounds like something a robot asks to specifically demean the hoes they're trolling lol

No. 1157710

I bet when it comes time to do the valentine's day content she's going to have a mental breakdown about fupa. All those incels who paid for private gf stuff won't get shit, and she's going to pocket that money with no remorse.

No. 1157715

tinfoil: womack paid her to buy a pipe from his crappy glass shop to do this (aka sent her a free pipe and paid to get it back with her ass smell on it)

No. 1157716

Fuck you retard. Don’t ever compare them, they have nothing in common looks, personality, or otherwise. One was a manchild who was able to maintain hope and strength in one of the worst movies a person could suffer, and one is a pathetic fat fuck who hasn’t learned any gratitude or appreciation even when everything is handed to her by mommy and daddy.

No. 1157719

I want to know how much she agreed to do it for topkek I don't think there's any amount of money that would make me agree to such trash

No. 1157723

lmao i hope this is an ironic response in reference to the anne frank anon

No. 1157725

Ilu anon

No. 1157800

hey ladies, i lurk from time to time but what i always end up asking myself about shayna is is it normal for ~sex workers~ to share every mundane second of their lives and mental illness on their social?

i don't get it, the coomers just do not care unless they simp as hard as that loser jason with his weird parasocial tendencies

i don't know jack shit about camwhore/only fans culture but i am always baffled by shayna's habits

why would you share so much of your pathetic sad life alongside photos of your asshole?

No. 1157820


Masshole here. This girl will never make it here. You're completely correct about the people here being elitist and uppity. At least weed is legal here though. She can be a recluse in an apartment she can't afford.

No. 1157839

>At least weed is legal here though.

she'll need to get a serious grip on consuming thc if she ever actually moves out of state. ok has the craziest variety of products (extremely relaxed laws) and she's so fucking picky/wasteful/impulsive - honestly, I can't wait for the meltdown when she realizes she can't pick up both her weed and short grocery list from a single dispensary as easily, kek.

No. 1157869

Kek oh I bet.
"Every year on Valentine's, my ex would completely forget I exist until I blew up his phone screaming at him to pay attention to me. Then he'd come over with gas station food and have absolute boring sex then he'd play on his phone while I'll act cringey and retarded to get any type of reaction out of this shell of a man until he eventually left after hurting my fee fees and making me CRY. And idk you guys, it's just so hard without him and you guys don't know what it's like to lose your other half and not be able to send SpongeBob memes to someone."

No. 1157878

Maybe she'll send them old content or her "crying and fucking myself" shit kek

No. 1157880


srs question, is there no public transportation in bumfuck Oklahoma?
Why do americans always need to drive cars and where the fuck does everyone live that they have no busses or trains available nearby? eurofag here

No. 1157888

serious answer, most places in the US don’t have public transportation, or have very limited transportation. only huge cities have public transport, most cities/towns don’t

No. 1157899

Hey guys, eurofag here. Is the sky also blue in the US?

No. 1157917

File: 1612963906195.png (601.31 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210210-082441.png)

I'm not quiet sure why you think only the biggest of cities have busses. A lot of medium sized ones do too, including bumfuck tulsa. Shayna probably just thinks shes too much of a ~high class bimbo uwu~ to use public transportation. Then again on the other hand im surprised she hasnt tried to make a degen public porn on a bus.

No. 1157939

yeah, smaller cities HAVE busses but the transportation system sucks ass and doesn’t just take you wherever tf you wanna go. you have to walk a certain amount too which we know Fatty Mattel wont do

No. 1157940

You usually still have to pay some type of fare, and I think it's usually cash only (haven't ridden on a public bus in decades, though). For all we make fun of her ubering everywhere, rides really aren't that expensive. Unless you get hit with surge pricing or are going stupid far away, it's only a few dollars.

No. 1157952

Sounds like a GREAT way to end up with glass broken off in your ass or sucked up into your butthole. Enjoy the hospital trip, moron. That sounds incredibly unsafe.

No. 1158032

lol this is exactly what i was thinking. knowing shay, she’ll probably buy a cheap pipe that might just break in her ass after trying to forcefully shove it in a few times. the fact that she doesn’t use lube doesn’t help her case either.

No. 1158047

It's going to be the 1 guy 1 cup saga all over again, hilarious.

No. 1158049

File: 1612972442630.jpeg (78.62 KB, 750x489, 2665C402-A0F9-4A9A-B41B-8E9220…)

Jesus christ, she'd milk it forever. Calling herself a veteran anal bimbo or something and finally getting herself a dailymail feature for doing something so stupid. She's lucky the fireworks didn't backfire.

No. 1158061

Audible kek

No. 1158062

She would secretly love it if she got featured in the Daily Fail or some other trashy British rag for having a weed pipe explode in her ass or fireworks shoot up in her stomach.

No. 1158067


so shes gonna just straight inhale dookie

No. 1158096

>euro fag here


Eh usually pipes are thick enough. And Shay’s asshole is gross with room to spare. I doubt she has the ability to break a pipe in her asshole.

No. 1158110

glass used for pipes doesn’t break that easily, anon. you would need high heat or some decent force to break a glass pipe, like dropping it on the ground. it’s not extremely thin fragile crystal or something. they even make glass dildos from the same material.

No. 1158118

File: 1612974909591.jpeg (469.15 KB, 1284x1304, 013ED170-D5F7-45BC-999A-550D4D…)

she really thinks she’s so edgy doesn’t she

No. 1158122

doing dumb shit gets you famous, shit even that lady who put Gorilla Glue on her head is verified on Twitter now. I could 100% Shayna doing something dumb and dangerous just to get some attention, sympathy and possibly money out of it.

No. 1158124

remember she was talking about how she didn't find certain kinks hot anymore because she had a "Big scary man" do those things to her?
Lolcow Farm remembers.

No. 1158136

File: 1612975752577.jpg (475.22 KB, 1080x1755, Screenshot_20210210-114604_Twi…)

>am i just completely fucking disgusting
by all standards, quite literally, yes

No. 1158137

File: 1612975789451.jpg (329.35 KB, 1080x971, Screenshot_20210210-114619_Twi…)

No. 1158139


and this is how coomers take advantage of you when you broadcast to the internet youre totally broke and living all alone in OK with no friends. These OF girls really dont give a single fuck about their safety. A coomer just needs this thread and hes got her full name and can easily figure out where she lives.

No. 1158142

guess her """ptsd""" wasn't really that bad after all!

No. 1158171

well glass dildos don’t have a hollow tube running through them, for starters, and you know she’s gonna buy the cheapest pipe possible so it’s more likely she’ll get some really thin glass. (also I’m the one who tinfoiled that she’s getting a womack-made pipe, and I really wanna believe his glass is shitty enough to snap with a little force, kek)

No. 1158173

Yeah, but she should still be using something with a flared base. Her loose b-hole could still Hoover it up.

No. 1158175

File: 1612979207602.jpeg (522.69 KB, 1242x1253, 18925F77-14B7-4089-9FE2-268E89…)

Gonna laugh when this ban evading retard gets nuked. She should be erring on the side of caution at this point but she’s too stupid to learn.

No. 1158177

Wasn't she also spreading that information around like it was fact?? Or am I mistaken

No. 1158209

thin glass wouldn’t be able to handle the heat. just stop, you sound absolutely retarded. glass pipes are made from thick glass and aren’t going to shatter in her loose asshole.(glass sperg)

No. 1158214

yes she was, kek

No. 1158219

File: 1612981956622.jpeg (483.94 KB, 1284x1199, 9A4FA4C2-C63C-4561-82D4-1B6D75…)

you’ve spread misinformation plenty of times without a care in the world. she’s constantly demonizing other sex workers but acting like she’s not a part of the cesspool.

No. 1158221

Like that time she attacked that sex worker and then attacked some other person telling her she was wrong and the person was being sarcastic, but instead of saying sorry she deleted the tweets?

No. 1158226

File: 1612982980371.jpeg (307.83 KB, 1242x1747, A638F3C0-EC55-4832-B1E2-E1E70F…)

Tubby is on one today

No. 1158230

> some downtime from work

Bitch what have you even done? She acts like editing ugly pictures that barely get any interaction is so fucking draining.
and nobody cares. She'd love to be in something like this, stop fucking hating.

No. 1158233

She literally also did this and was sharing pics with scribbles over them. The best business decision she’d made in a while honestly.

No. 1158240

Someone’s getting defensive lmao

I don’t even get why she’s so mad. A lot of people don’t understand sex work, shouldn’t she be glad awareness is spreading or something??? Like marine biologists don’t have Twitter breakdowns when they see people watching ocean documentaries…? This bitch makes no sense.

No. 1158243

>can sex work stop being such a phenomenon
No because you retarded bitches made it one in the first place. Also
>down time from work
Where. Also, why tweet this on your WORK account?

No. 1158249

Right? She’s responsible for it being a thing in the first place. Shaytard is stupid. Does anyone know if sex work is getting nuked off Twitter?

No. 1158307

> Angry at journalists for writing articles and not making websites for sex workers

Journalists jobs is literally writing. This bitch is so daft. They don’t have seceral years of web coding. Also, such articles might actually be important, especially for sex workers that have been forced into the industry.

Lmao exactly. Just cue the tweet about shoving a glass pipe up her ass, is it weird that people consider them to be a laughing stock and entertainment.

No. 1158316

She’s probably just mad at the opportunity for broke girls to watch these, realize spreading your ass on the internet twice a week is easy money, and “poach her customers”. She seems to get so jealous about sex work stuff, always claiming people are stealing her ideas and customers even though she’s a complete flop with a handful of three buck subs.

No. 1158317

File: 1612987840321.jpeg (217.24 KB, 1284x580, 57245510-E68E-4BFA-BF4A-BC931F…)

at this point I stg she is going out every two days for food and weed, while also getting uber eats and doordash?

No. 1158319

Why is she so mad today? why is she venting about shit that doesn't even concern her? wtf LMAO shayna ~the empath~ everybody,so embarassing pls shay log out just log out dont type.

No. 1158324

I imagine her apartment floor is like littered with takeout containers, to-go bags from mcdonalds and burger king, those empty plastic trays that the sushi comes in, wrappers for her weed edibles and carts. And she just sits in the middle in a little carved out circle around her disgusting lint-covered couch. our trash queen.

i'm also having a really hard time quantifying and comprehending the amount of food she says she buys and consumes. like what the fuck.

No. 1158349

File: 1612989842629.jpeg (476.88 KB, 1284x1571, 8D5B6384-9827-4CE4-A803-F59791…)

I wish I could have seen this fat fuck fall on her ass in public

No. 1158354

Go walk your dog you pathetic lazy piece of shit

No. 1158403

Please anon I'm racking my brain trying to remember what that saying is from, please help me

No. 1158413

It's from Family Guy but it's Pepperidge Farm remembers.

No. 1158423

is she already out of weed? god, the people at the dispensary have just watched her balloon over the last year and it's probably especially apparent considering they see her almost EVERY DAY.

No. 1158439

Imagine if you worked there once before and randomly came back to visit and this big bitch was there. Wtf would you even say lmfao
>hey, i remember you! you look. . . Different

No. 1158449

Shes dumb obviously, but is it just showing shes broke? Like for someone who claims to be an "at risk" person she sure ubers out to the dispensary multiple times a week. Stock up for a whole week maybe? Is that so hard? Does she just wait for cash app tips or?

No. 1158454

File: 1612994585651.jpeg (174.15 KB, 1242x380, 71AA34BE-99BA-4C59-823D-AFB5F7…)

I’m sorry but WHAT. How does she spend this much on weed and food as a single person?

No. 1158457

holy fuck… i spend $120 a month alone for my groceries. and this is what she spends every 5 days or so?(no1curr)

No. 1158459

$150 on groceries? the fuck? what is she even buying, filet mignon and lobster???

No. 1158464

So she gave up on the prepped meals AND the gym, huh

No. 1158480

If she’s so mad about this she should take it into her own hands and start making those “mattelevision” episodes, made by a sex worker for sex workers, and show the bleak authentic reality of the day to day life. Come on shay, don’t be shy kek

No. 1158486

I'd be willing to bet she gets her booze at the same time as whatever gross snacks she gets. No way she got $150 worth of food.

No. 1158503

It's pathetic how hard this bitch tries to go viral

No. 1158520

Who honestly thinks she’s actually going to the store and buying groceries? Doubt it, she’s probably using a delivery service that jacks up the prices and charges for delivery plus the shopper tip.

No. 1158529

I have way too much free time on my hands, so I'm going to go through this year's threads and calculate how much this fat bitch has spent on food.

No. 1158539

even if she's using instacart, it doesn't add /that/ much, maybe an additional $15 per $100 in groceries. a lot of people have been using it throughout the pandemic but not spending $150 every 3 days kek.

No. 1158558

you're probably right. And those little box wines she drinks are, like, $4/piece. With how much she drinks, she could easily spend a chunk of change on those alone.

No. 1158563

No doubt all the booze she gets adds up too

No. 1158566

I mean, maybe she's just buying 90$ vodka bottles or something? Alcohol can get pricey, not sure how expensive it is in the us.

No. 1158568

People always think it's the healthy stuff that's expensive, but it's the shit that's spendy. The chips, cookies, crackers, stuff in the middle of the market. It all adds up.

No. 1158585

she could also be completely lying. she tweets about needing money to go buy food every other day, so i wouldn’t doubt she’s lying about spending money on groceries just to get one of her followers to send her cash.

No. 1158587

Spends nearly as much on fucking weed as she does food wtf

No. 1158589

must be sad trying to prove us wrong by posting on twitter how you're going to go to the gym, eat healthy, stay on a cam schedule, etc. and then the very next week you go back on it only proving us right everytime

keep it up shay!

No. 1158608

she posts hauls any time she gets something from the dispensary or amazon but she doesn’t have the urge to post a grocery haul to brag about being #healthy?
for any other person i wouldn’t expect that but she posts literally everything she buys. she posted her premade meals to brag about being healthy but won’t brag about groceries she bought to make for herself. wonder why!

No. 1158640

her lying about needing money for groceries is getting really old. she needs to come up with something original, like lie about medical bills for noodle… anything but '150$ for food and weed!' every 3 days.

No. 1158650


everyone's job features on TV what's her point lol
like shayna just change the channel

No. 1158661

some people enjoy seeing sex workers on twitter acting like "real people" or even like their friend for a more personal experience
so yes it is somewhat common for them to make less than professional posts, but most arent nearly as dismally pathetic and prone to oversharing as shay

No. 1158668

>"can sex work pls stop being such a fucking phenomenon"

shay you literally act as if you're elite for being a sex worker despite being one of the failing ones. shut the fuck up, you're probably just upset that they don't feature girls that look like YOU.

No. 1158677


there was literally nothing else in her fridge too except the pre-made meals.

No. 1158681

bless you for the effort, it's barely the middle of the second month of the year & it has to be at least a grand. she's either inhaling everything or lying to get funds for who knows what.

No. 1158697

I honestly can't figure out where all the money she begs for goes. Does she really go through that much alcohol and weed?

No. 1158700

I bet she doesnt actually go through as much money as she says she does. she reuses screenshots to make it seem like her followers spoil her but she probably barely even gets tips. she SAYS she spent x amount but didnt, just to get people to send her money. yall need to stop taking whatever she says at face value and just believing it like it happened. stop trying to calculate how much she spent because she hasnt spent it, shes lying and youre all getting trolled.

No. 1158732

Honestly this is really on point. Everything else she buys or we call out, she posts pics. But I don't think shes ever posted her groceries or anything like that. I can count on one hand the number of times shes posted food she heated up or snacks from the grocery store (during her twice a year, week long "diet" stunts).
I wanna see her receipt kek

No. 1158733

Yeah, unfortunately it's really hard to say. I believe she spent that much on weed. But the groceries thing is probably made up. She just begs and asks for reimbursement on anything and everything because on occasion one of the scrotes or a troon will throw her some pity cash.
She rarely actually gets "reimbursed". Sometimes maybe Womack or old man or a fatty lover will give her money for takeout. Rarely does she get a day with multiple small tips from some incel. Otherwise, she has to wait for payout days and freaks out when she doesnt get it within 24 hours because shes broke and pathetic.
It's almost like you have to actually work and put in effort to make money and earn your tips.

No. 1158736

File: 1613019512032.png (496.22 KB, 785x420, B2172891-94A4-4E16-ADB8-F462CA…)

Shay discovers soap, circa 2021

No. 1158737

Don’t do the River spirit like that

No. 1158754

idk why everyones shocked by her grocery price, she probably buys a ton of those dinner premade deli dinners. i can see her buying a couple whole rotisserie chickens and a family sizes pasta dinner along with some birthday cakes

No. 1158787

File: 1613030439707.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 782.86 KB, 1242x1165, 7A967EBA-7A10-4CB3-925E-D6810A…)

The fat bitch made another only fans
Femdoms are suppose to be pretty and they wash and pedicure their feet FYI Shayna!!!!

No. 1158798

Hate to say it, but at least this style is ever so slightly more flattering on her? All the faded fleshy pink colored crop tops and short shorts getting sucked up into her folds was nauseating. The contrast of the darker colors is at least something.

No. 1158800

Why would anyone buy her content… there’s so many more better SW out there and she’s just flopping around taking lazy selfies.

No. 1158805

shats trying to get into femdom/findom because she thinks "im hawt give me ur money $" is all she has to do. post a pic in a generic red tartan school girl skirt and comment "open ur wallet 4 me" EZ. embarrassing

No. 1158822

Wonder how this would go over her regular subscribers. Even braindead simps in venus thread can smell this bullshit and she is more attractive than shay.

No. 1158830

I actually agree. I’m definitely not white knighting, but she looks more healthy without all the faded pink. But I’m pretty sure she’ll never stop with the shades of pink and all her idiocy though

Yeah. Her being sub and dom at the same time like this doesn’t really make sense. She’s a grifter and doesn’t seem to understand her own marketing very well.

No. 1158876

isn't this a bad business move? i can't imagine splitting your content up and forcing people to pay double to get everything will work out very well.

then again, it's only $10 extra so… i guess some could argue that's a steal?

No. 1158877

She won’t keep up with this, she doesn’t put effort into the work she does now, she’s not going to upkeep an entirely different persona. She thinks it’s easy money from her current followers and will attract a new audience, but it won’t. $cammyMattel would be a better name for that new account, but she never listens to us kek

No. 1158892

Can't even consistently post content on her OF and shit, but yeah, making another one for a fetish community she knows fuck all about is totally gonna go great. She's so embarrassing. "Give me ur money ur dick is small" and trying to dress edgier isn't actual domming but ok.
She should've made a feeder/fatty lover content account instead.

No. 1158899

Lmao. Shartna switches up so easily. Sub/ddlg to femdom. Saying she’s into hard kinks and wanting fupa and older men to treat her rough but then getting ~traumatised~ when it actually happens…this fat bitch can’t stick to anything she says or does

No. 1158903

These photos are old though and she can probably barely fit into these outfits now.

No. 1158924

>barely fit
She was barely fitting into those clothes in that shoot, the shirt used to be a dress she had worn in a different video. They definitely don’t fit her now, kek.

No. 1158971

does she still have the sfw/free onlyfans account she made a few months back? that'd mean she's got more than two accounts.

No. 1158975

We all know she has never and will never use that strap on in her life. Why is she biting chains? Is that supposed to be sexy? She just looks like she's about to eat them, considering she eats everything. Also, girl… That photo of her stomach is sooo bad. Jesus.

No. 1158977

this is like….a joke right? she doesn’t really think she’s a femdom….right?

No. 1158979

File: 1613060113479.jpeg (233.3 KB, 1284x572, FDBD37F9-6090-4D26-AE5A-4AA4D1…)

“I ordered even more food” WHY?! how many people are you feeding?!

No. 1158980

File: 1613060243847.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 784.33 KB, 1284x1116, 6A9DD6BB-0B93-4405-BB30-311F57…)

it’s absolutely hilarious that she documents every shower she takes so that lolcow can know she’s bathing. also does anyone know why the fuck her bathroom is always so dark? does she just bathe in the dark?

No. 1158982

Who the fuck drinks wine like this right after a shower? Like. Did she pour the wine before the shower? Did she pour it after, naked and in her robe in the kitchen? She has to drink before putting on crusty shorts…why? The wrinkled robe isn’t giving me luxe vibes at all, so surely it can’t be that. Imagining her doing this shit alone in her bleak, dark apartment is hilarious and bizarre.(nitpick)

No. 1158993

File: 1613061885863.jpeg (1 MB, 3464x3464, A7256C0B-AC3B-4FAA-81F8-7DAC6D…)

Kek her only supporters are fatty lovers. Shayna you are officially a fat bitch embrace it(not milk)

No. 1158996


Shay - I'm going to give you some free advice here. Instead of buying weed candy and boxed wine on your next trip outside, buy an inexpensive steamer off amazon. All your cheap shit is wrinkled and makes you look trashy.

I was going to say it's so obvious all her clothes are just in musty heaps on the floor, but we all saw them when she opened her door on cam that one time.

No. 1159008

This bitch could not eat for several days at a time and be fine. You won't starve to death, Shayna.

No. 1159015

File: 1613063777806.jpeg (250.11 KB, 1242x978, 6E38F9C6-6422-4FD7-82BB-A28288…)

She is such a loser kek

No. 1159023

at this point she just tweets for us. proving her dog gets outside, flexing how much money she wastes on food, the list goes on. pathetic

No. 1159036

How many times does she need to tweet this cope? And if it doesn’t matter then take it out of your bio, dumbass

No. 1159044

Kek right?

No. 1159052

Having my "pussy drained" is the most disgusting sounding thing she has ever written. And yes, that includes her "step-bro" incest pandering. Unless she is going for the troons who gotta dilate & drain and she meant pus-y not pussy.

Showering in the dark is an amazing experience, anon. You really should try it.

No. 1159090

>Having my "pussy drained" is the most disgusting sounding thing she has ever written.
hard agree. she somehow made it sound like some kind of gross medical procedure.

No. 1159100

if it doesn’t matter why do you constantly brag about your rank? oh right because it actually does matter and you’re trying to feel better about the fact that you’ve probably dropped significantly in rank and don’t want to admit it.

No. 1159101

she has no idea how to talk to a woman because other women intimidate her so much that the only thing she knows how to do is shit talk them out of jealousy

No. 1159104

File: 1613070245319.jpeg (740.08 KB, 1284x1173, 7D9C9F0F-14F8-40C1-958A-9CCBCB…)

I feel so bad for this poor unbrushed cat

No. 1159135

Shayna always tweets just for us,hoping to go viral and subtweeting because she's afraid to say it to the person's face, even nicely.
IMO the whole Fupa reveal was for us, did she really think her followers knew or cared about that shit?

No. 1159142

It's a horrible move. She has absolutely no chance of selling the domme fantasy when she constantly has whiny mental breakdowns on Twitter and all her uwu daddy~ porn is out there. There's a plethora of "femdomme" camwhores who actually commit to the persona and even they have a really hard time with it.

No. 1159179

File: 1613073826546.jpg (266.14 KB, 1048x976, 20210211_130341.jpg)

Why doesnt she just call customer service?? Just more excuses to not stick to her schedule. She already wasted the whole week

No. 1159181

Or like just go on cam instead?

No. 1159182

I think it could be a good move if she separates her "personalities" and uses the domme account strictly for domming. But if she promotes her other content/does the same uwu muh mentals shit on that account as well like she definitely will end up doing, then it's a waste.

No. 1159185

there’s plenty of things you could do. call or go to the post office, figure out where your package is, go on cam, watch youtube tutorials on makeup, brush your cat, vacuum your house, get laundry done. so much you could do.

No. 1159200

File: 1613075142566.jpg (376.28 KB, 1080x1444, Screenshot_20210211-142117_Sam…)

*twelve days, not twelve weeks
I went and added in her tips because I think it's safe to assume that went to food and weed as well, kek. We didn't have a confirmation on how much her check was, but it was fun to add that too.

So, in this year alone, Lardy Fattel has spent 2,774$ on weed and junk food. This isn't even counting the times she posted about getting garbage edibles or wine but didn't ask for "reimbursement."

No. 1159240

File: 1613077142179.jpeg (128.85 KB, 750x306, FB862AC5-7AD4-40CF-AAC4-512F38…)

holy fucking shit. thanks for your service anon. that‘s a massive amount of junk food
picrel another tweet directed at us lmao she is so transparent. do you really think you‘re gonna move anytime soon with the rate you‘re burning thru your money shatna?

No. 1159242

At first I was like for a whole year that’s not a lot but I just remember it’s barely February she is such a fat bitch kek

No. 1159245

what did she expect if her grocery delivery was already cancelled because of the weather?

shay is fucking stupid–everything inconveniences HER, who cares about the safety of the delivery drivers.

No. 1159291

if i'm not mistaken Shayna could've gotten her hair dyed by now if she waited?

No. 1159296

Im retarded but looking back hell yeah those scrotes had a reason to be mad, she had more then enough to get her hair dyed and decided to buy a cheap ass wig and spend the money on lord knows what.
She scammed them, not that I care, but damn.

No. 1159301

Is this supposed to be a flex or something?
Shay is constantly ebegging and complaining about being broke. She has no room to be flexing about losing followers. As much shit as we give shay her biggest issue is that she refuses to deliver to her followers which leaves her broke. As for getting fat it would be fine if she catered to fat fetishists and dropped the bimbo thing unless she wants to actually cater to bimbo lovers by getting plastic surgery and losing weight but she doesn't wanna do that either

No. 1159369

I'm not a cat owner and know nothing about cats but that cat's fur looks so dirty and matted. Aren't you supposed to groom the longer haired ones with a brush? I remember seeing an episode of animal hospital when I was a kid about an unbrushed cat that wasn't groomed and needed shaving. That picture is so embarrassing.

No. 1159371

File: 1613082950984.jpg (505.17 KB, 1080x1558, Screenshot_20210212_003441.jpg)

She's a 23 year old woman and she's tweeting toddler toys. It's not even like they're collectables or something like that. These are literally play sets for 3 year old girls. It's not cute and it's not endearing.(not milk)

No. 1159372

A cat with visible dreadlocks in it's armpits isn't fluffy Shay, why do you keep talking about your pussy and ignoring the actual fucking cat in your house

No. 1159373

Such a domme thing to post. I can't wait for her to start reclaiming the word dominatrix to mean a drug addled fatass, like she did with barbie, baby, little and bimbo

No. 1159377

It makes it even funnier because Shayna is not cute and doesn’t give ~kawaii vibes~ like most of the girls into these things are. She just looks like a mentally challenged 30 year old kek

No. 1159380

File: 1613083958511.jpeg (240.58 KB, 1242x862, 13CBD1BD-7137-4E44-85C6-604D2A…)

>Five years

No land, no house, no car.

No. 1159385

No we’re not lol

No. 1159389

File: 1613085128678.jpeg (468.31 KB, 830x928, 009F03B2-7A68-45AF-A08C-B5CF5C…)

No. 1159402

So you’re telling me that if she spends 2,774$ on weed and junk; if she spends around the same monthly this bitch is spending around 30 grand

No. 1159403

that's almost twice what she's paid for rent this year wtf

No. 1159405

wait that's almost 4 times as much

No. 1159411

there's zero reason for her to be looking crusty and her porn to be so dry, she has nothing but time and obviously she has money for it.

No. 1159419

Her domme vids for girls are horrible particularly because she's so insecure and just hates girls you can tell theres this petty malice to it. Not playful or attempting actual dominance like with dudes.

No. 1159421

The delivery wouldnt fail unless it went to the apartment office and it was closed. And if that happened, she can get it tomorrow. Not sure why she's acting like she couldnt do something this weekend. Another vid, no wig, or camming.

No. 1159431

This. I looked at her posts a bit ago and was confused as to why she retweets all these kawaii posts. Shes not a weeb, an e-girl, lolita, kei, kawaii, or anything close. She has no defined aesthetic or style besides fast fashion trailer park skank meets walmart basic bitch. It's weird. Wouldn't posts with actual bimbo, barbie, luxurious, adult pink shit be more on brand?

No. 1159433

Of course she wont cam this weekend. But "next" weekend, totally.

No. 1159446

Her schedule says she’s supposed to cam tonight but we all know that’s not happening. She just posts her “schedule” to get likes and maybe some retweets. She never does anything.

No. 1159460

Generous of you to think she gets retweets on any of her written posts kek. 4 likes is about it.
She only posts schedules to make it look like she actually works or will. Maybe to try to convince herself even.

No. 1159462

File: 1613090477100.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 909.97 KB, 3464x1911, E9A00213-DC4D-4257-9A73-10D7EE…)

That downgrade though

No. 1159472

Tbt when she had a waist

No. 1159481

Holy shittttt. She must look at old photos of herself crying while guzzling wine lmao

No. 1159489

- starts a sentence with "apparently it snowed" > tries to make people believe she actually went out

this girl is fucking stupid, if you actually saw it for yourself Shaytard you don't need to say "apparently"

No. 1159492

you can't convince me that these are the same person

No. 1159496

It seems her boobs have stopped growing and it’s all going to her gut kek

No. 1159498

File: 1613094306994.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1284x1507, ABB0A5AF-E5E3-442F-9B72-ED63DC…)

please learn how to style a wig. I can’t wait to see her with a butchered lace front, kek

No. 1159504

she actually looks ok

No. 1159512

i agree. the wig is a little scuffed but i think this look is better than her regular rattiness lol

No. 1159518

yup, she claimed that she had to rescheduled and would be going tomorrow to have one whole day to shoot and edit whatever she was going to do. but much like the 'twisted disney princess vid' and so many other things she planned, not doing it was easier.

No. 1159523

File: 1613095844462.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1008.13 KB, 1242x1549, 7981B5E0-EA6C-465E-BD07-80C2D5…)

Y’all smell that

No. 1159524

File: 1613095879432.jpeg (960.48 KB, 1242x1230, A404CFE1-39FB-44E6-A1EA-813055…)

No. 1159530

ribmeat is wishing u would brush him

No. 1159531

She looks decent because she looks nothing like this IRL kek. When we see the trailer we will see how fat, rancid, and bloated Shaytard really is. The smooth tool on facetune isn’t skincare, retard.

No. 1159536

I know this caption is a reference to the "I showed you my dick please respond" meme but it's just kinda sad if you think about it. Imagine having to degrade yourself for CVS-tier valentine's day gifts

No. 1159539

Ew. Your input was grosser than shay, stop posting.

No. 1159541

did someone else do her hair and makeup on the right? im surprised it actually looks decent.

No. 1159542


No. 1159543

This wig is decent for Shay standard, but nothing can fix her ugly face kek. That dead fish mouth expression and rat eyes. Her snatch looks really bad and obviously her tits and torso are fatty. But hey, at least the hair looks alright for once.

No. 1159544

No need to get offended over a shitpost meme anon

No. 1159545

it was funny learn2meme autist

No. 1159546

she really just blurs that nose to kingdom come instead of just doing some contouring

No. 1159549

She doesn't look good with blonde hair and pink.

No. 1159553

that’s the filters tricking you anon

No. 1159556

she literally has three faces: open mouth gape, tongue pressed against teeth retard grin, or weird lip biting grin. I thought she claimed to be a model, kek

No. 1159559

yes, that was when she went to the MV Loft and did a shoot with them. they provided makeup and photographer/videographer to light and shoot the vid. that’s why it actually doesn’t look like shit for once.

No. 1159561

Lol she has lowercase teeth

No. 1159562

File: 1613098122888.jpeg (253.37 KB, 828x858, 835AE006-909C-4C02-B690-FF9BE1…)

No. 1159567

Big doubt.

No. 1159568

Absolutely ruined her tits.

No. 1159570

What is she talking about? She gets a tiny fraction of the interaction that normal SFW girls on IG get. Her step sis has more followers and gets literally 5 times the likes she gets on pics, and she’s fully clothed and not degrading herself. I wonder if that keeps her up at night lol

No. 1159571

What do you wanna bet fatty watched bonding on Netflix and thinks she can do this full time as a 2nd side gig.

Also shat is dumb as a bag of rocks for always saying she's a sub and not saying she's a switch. Then she could play up with her sad femdom stick.

No. 1159572

File: 1613099433275.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x1779, BC27A9A7-7C85-4251-B75F-06BE61…)

No. 1159573

I love her casual fupa shading in this post

No. 1159581

she literally blurred her nose off her face. wtf

No. 1159583

you’d think she’d use facetune to make her lips look bigger but all she did was make them smaller. her choices are astonishing.

No. 1159589

>the neck rolls
>the blurred-away nose
>gape mouth

5 years being a sex worker. Whew. Bleak.

No. 1159596

File: 1613102133485.png (119.26 KB, 243x227, Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 7.54…)

she looks on the verge of throwing up. not surprising considering all she does is eat junk food and drink cheap wine

No. 1159598

she’s probably doing the swallow trick that some models use to make their necks look long and slim. but she’s failing horribly and instead looks like a dying fish.

No. 1159600

she looks like readytoglare in this pic wtf

No. 1159615

File: 1613104073877.jpeg (129.47 KB, 1242x334, 6DC9A410-7017-4DCC-862A-861B6C…)

Safe to say she’s not camming tonight. Taking pictures clearly is very hard work.

No. 1159622

Damn where'd her top lip go??
You'd think she would have figured out the fish mouth gape doesnt look sexy or cute on her at all but here she is. The neck rolls tho

No. 1159626

So far we are 0/4 for on what she scheduled this week, no gamer slut, no royal degradation, no cam

No. 1159654

Damn, you're right. She didnt even get the gamer slut video done.

No. 1159668

File: 1613111749767.jpeg (550.29 KB, 1242x692, 2C60D20D-A093-4795-91F2-52D607…)

KEK at her fat girl mouth

No. 1159671

File: 1613112095311.jpeg (1.09 MB, 3464x3464, 1149AAA1-330B-4310-8856-0D3943…)

Bloody hell

No. 1159672

File: 1613112164985.jpeg (259.43 KB, 1242x589, CCF40E5F-6127-4B25-9451-BED13B…)

No. 1159674

File: 1613112465189.jpeg (985.6 KB, 3464x3464, F6D17ECB-2E9E-4FFF-B96B-C14A65…)

So creative

No. 1159675

Girl, you post everything on twitter anyway, it's not that hard, she gets more validation posting it for free.
Every "really good' picture she thinks she takes she ends up posting it on twitter.

No. 1159676

No. 1159677

is she wearing some kind of lip product the second picture on the right looks like she has the butt lip again

No. 1159678

she should've just posted the first pic… Valentine's Day is all year 'round for random scrotes that stumble onto her twitter page.
Pay nothing, see puss/tits anyway.

5 very successful years when you pimp yourself out for free instead of just teasing and making them pay.

Such femmdomme.

No. 1159679

Part of femdom is ignoring your subs and degrading the men who send money. Shayna is too much of a pick-me to do those things. She probably talks to her customers because of how lonely and friendless she is

No. 1159686

>your tiny cock is pathetic, pay me for making me look at it
>gets $10
>omg ahshdjdksla thank uuuuu

No. 1159697

Dying at how her left, from our pov right, nostril is disappearing because of the skin smoothing to oblivion

No. 1159717

i feel like her tiny ass ugly teeth are eroding more and more everytime she shows them. i don‘t want to know what they have to endure. she also looks the most mtf she‘s every looked in this pic

No. 1159724

I know this isn't milk and has likely been said before of course I'm going to sage it but I can't get over that fucking face filter she uses. It does like an anon said make her look like strangely like Tommy Wiseau. She would actually improve her career at least a tiny bit if she just ditched the fucking filter and learnt to do makeup instead. Even her bare face looks better than the filter. It makes her look like a drunk drag queen.

No. 1159733

File: 1613124024727.jpg (226.83 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210212-020002_Chr…)