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File: 1529381210268.jpg (1.65 MB, 1920x1920, CollageMaker_20180618_23052235…)

No. 614734

The Story So Far
Previously had a stoner blog known as shay-gnar and switched over to sex work when it became popular. (while still having minor followers >>>/snow/548764 )
!! ⦁ Recently changed her handles from DumDolly to Dolly Mattel, after watching RPDR for a week.
⦁ Definitely lurks the threads about her
⦁ Below average looking problematic tumblr / camwhore.
⦁ Got wasted on drugs and got caught cheating on her boyfriend and cried rape.
⦁ Claims to be a CSA and rape survivor and uses dd/lg and rape fantasies to work through her trauma. Recently posted that she wants to be raped >> >>>/snow/595159
⦁ Begs people online for money and gifts that she claims she is entitled to it because she's a porn star, even though she supposedly makes 55k a year
⦁ Uses drama as a way to market her content
⦁ Meets up with old men from tumblr for sex and films it.
⦁ Whenever anybody disagrees with her she plays the victim card and throws a tantrum.
⦁ Admittedly doesn't wash for weeks on end.
⦁ Has made numerous racist jokes, including calling a jewish person "baby hitler", and making a parody of Trump's "grab me by the pussy" claiming it to be satire.
⦁ Starts drama and throws a pity party when people call her on her shit saying every one is jealous of her "bomb ass porn"
⦁ Her niche is "i will fuck your dad" and punching herself in the face for 50 cents
⦁ Labia looks like a breeding grown for -something- due to poor self hygiene and over-waxing with no exfoliation and same day masturbation. ( >>487910 ,
>>487913 , >>487926 , >>487927, >>487935 , >>476771 , >>480326 )
⦁ Born in 1997 but still considers herself "19" for the last two years
⦁ Serious daddy and abandonment issues due to her always saying she will fuck your dad and your grandpa and is constantly viewed as a sex object by men. Speaks volumes to how replaced she feels. Someone "stole" her daddy. So she fantasizes about doing the same to other people.
⦁ Gets mad about her own contradictions making her look like an embarrassing hypocrite
⦁ Calls people out for wanting to get out of abusive living situations using a GoFundMe after she was just begging for donations to fix her hair right before the "most important thing for her career" up in Montreal (which she never managed to complete before the trip) (MV loft - all the other models seemed to be annoyed with her obnoxiousness) the way she speaks about abusive situations and people who were abused tells a lot. She fetishizes them and their abuse, no sympathy or empathy.She chastises people who live in abusive living situations and ask people for help, but exploits abusive situations in order to get people to give HER money. ( acts like it's different than making a GoFundMe because she compensates people with her "porn".)
⦁ Asked for donations and tacky wishlist items for her new "studio apartment" but never a bed
⦁ Claims to be gay/lesbian but showed disgust on cam when asked to go down on her "Gf" only caters to being a lesbian for guys and a shock factor She’s bi for the attention. She looks disinterested in any gif or other media that involves another woman.
⦁ Visited another dumblr whore Mia (Sadbaffoon) and looked unprofessional the entire time (at least she made Shay bath and shower)
⦁ Has a n(ew) BF? Neckbeard FUPA (Fupapa) @youvebeenwarned.tumblr.com
⦁ "Dates" a 60 year old man she calls Sir
⦁ Dry fucks herself (ass and pussy) without any lube and is lazy about all of her videos
⦁ Does the same thing in every video, just with a different outfit
⦁ Makes exaggerated sex faces and looks very disinterested in a lot of her videos
⦁ Frivolous spending as soon as she makes any money and then complains and asks for money right afterwards
⦁ Forces a baby voice in all of her media when previous stoner videos of her she's talking normally >> http://dollymattel.tumblr.com/post/173296089014/everybodys-favorite-stoner-princess
⦁ Constantly preaches "support girls supporting girls" and "don't support sex workers who bully other sex workers" when she literally does that almost once a week.
⦁ Her "fans" savagely attack any one/thing that is against shaynas word with absolutely no evidence as to why they're attacking someone
⦁ Thinks everything she says is important and worth saying(Shayna voices her illogical, hypocritical opinions.) She always rants about things, and a week later, she's voicing the complete opposite. She's done this countless times to the point that it's her personality.
⦁ Constantly tries to be edgy but just makes herself look even more (stupid and) embarrassing.
⦁ Has been gaining weight but still insists she's smol and skinny uwu
⦁ Sleeps on the floor in her "Studio apartment" has a giant tv but no bed not even an air mattress. Sleep on a pink(piss and shit on) rug on the floor Recently bought an Iphone X but still no bed
⦁ Previously filmed with hardtied and insex >>>/snow/547159 (I'm not quite sure what else to say about that subject)
⦁ allows minors to follow and comment on her instagram and tumblr
⦁ claims she was a child model and a ballerina dancer (was this before the "abuse" of being grounded?)
> 100% lurks >>>/snow/540546
⦁ **Recently went to mexico to visit Fupapa while he was "on job" should be visiting Shay in Seattle sometime soon?
⦁ Claims they are ~in love~ **
⦁ Recently started wearing a bit more dark clothes and claiming to be a "goth gf"
⦁ Still has sores in the nether regions
⦁ Still hasn't filmed the alien porno, in fact she's barely pushed any content since she started "seeing" Fupapa
Her Sites:
http://thesaddesthoe.tumblr.com http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com

archive photos: >> http://archive.is/dollymattel.tumblr.com

Previous Threads
>>>/snow/538195 there really is a lot of golden milk in this thread

**4.1 Don't post personal information that leads to real life harassment. No street addresses, phone numbers, or places of employment, unless the subject has published that information publicly on their social media.

4.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.**

Violating the above rules will lead to a swift permaban.

it is recommended to not be eating while viewing this thread

archived answered asks- theres so much more than these but just wow. (taken from previous thread)


(welcome to her blog-y she hates her mom -if ur new)

(how they found her blog)

(ask how her parents found out about her camming)

(how her mom doesnt understand her n how she shoved misogyny down her throat and how she doesnt get that shayna wants to be a cam girl n how her mom send her emails/txts for schools and jobs- boo hooo soo abused by an awful bitch)

(this literally makes me want to vomit- asked how her mom found her blog- she literally says "she’s the type of person to try and dig up dirt on me so she has an actual reason to be mad at me other than just being a bitch"-wow shayna)

(wow such a shitty mom… makes up but then proceeds to still bash her to her followers)

(y she is courageous for sticking up to her mom- lulz)

(barf- y she's a strong person bc of what she went thru w/ her mom)

(y her blog was private/ brother backs up mom)

(tells asker u dont need parents- more about her mom and how she compromised their lives- her mom lost her poarents when she was only 12)

(how thes dumblr loser minions perpetuate her delusions and warped thinking)

asked y her mom is such a bitch and how they better be blessed w/ a child like her


how other pples mom like her more

(how her mom is jelly)

(more boo hoos and how her mom told connors mom about the camming)

(her justifying her blog to her mom)

(ultimatums from her awful parents… blog or us)

(ask about suicide, her experience w/ her parents n what they were doing pushed her)

some other archived links from the deleted threads:

This ones long, talks about her childhood and rape
(section highlighted is of an ASK where she mentions kinks to overcome rape)
(mentions rape & mentions shaving her head)

Her eating disorder

Her weed allergy

No. 614736

Not sure if someone already made a new one but here ya go just in case. Previous thread was at max.

No. 614737

Lmao this thread pic is the embodiment of hell

No. 614744

LMFAO I just combined some of the best suggestions from the last thread.

I forgot to link her new agency in the new description. Here it is:


No. 614942


This thread is gold ty

No. 615102

She was online an hour ago according to her twitter

No. 615105

File: 1529432654624.png (54.6 KB, 749x545, IMG_3179.PNG)

Yes and she's just sitting on her phone, she said she'd be on till 12 (another 30 minutes).

No. 615110

why cant she just be a receptionist if all she does is look at her phone and answer stupid questions good god

No. 615112

File: 1529432886291.png (63.47 KB, 750x541, IMG_3182.PNG)

Complained that no one was talking to her on MV to her Snapchat so now she's just uploading to her snapchat

No. 615138

File: 1529435440625.png (Spoiler Image, 238.79 KB, 755x852, Screenshot (72).png)

Is she finally gonna stop shaving her pubes?(use the spoiler for nsfw images)

No. 615142

File: 1529435655586.png (18.66 KB, 520x310, Screenshot (72).png)

No. 615153

File: 1529436503405.jpg (87.47 KB, 720x747, _20180619_142810.JPG)

She changed clothes and is smoking. The dress is supposed to be form fitting latex but she just looks like a rectangle.

No. 615159

Lmao, is she trying to pass that off as latex? That's 100% cheap PVC. Good latex is expensive AF and she'd put holes in it with those claws.

No. 615167

"dolly mattel"
pick one>>614744

No. 615205

This is the first time her vag doesn't look absolutely diseased and yet >>615142

No. 615269

This is so sad. Not even breaking thirty people in her rooms. I was the most unsuccessful camgirl ever for like 6 months and I never had less than 75 people in my rooms. If I were shay I'd be hella embarrassed(no one cares)

No. 615274

yeah, the hair is obstructing the horrifying texture underneath

No. 615287

Can you blame them. She sits on her phone and doesn't entertain her viewers. She sucks

No. 615452

STOP SHAVING YOUR COOCH RIGHT BEFORE A SHOOT. this is why it never heals. plus it makes it 100x easier to pick up an infection. just because you don't get an STD doesn't mean that foreign bacteria won't cause your shit to rage.

No. 615688

File: 1529478166055.png (617.1 KB, 1038x713, tgr.PNG)

No. 615690

File: 1529478225225.png (568.54 KB, 772x628, delusion.PNG)

No. 615692

File: 1529478280112.png (12.93 KB, 261x376, bitch.PNG)

No. 615695

File: 1529478593840.png (550.45 KB, 426x862, Capture.PNG)

She has only reblogged these pics a dozen times, otherwise nobody even notice them. if they were truly popular it wouldn't have taken this long for these pics to hit 1k notes on tumblr.

No. 616048

then stop posting your free ass porn on tumblr? tf dumbass

No. 616057

That’s not latex, lmao. That’s shitty pvc that doesn’t even fit her properly.

No. 616058

How many times have people told her that you don’t go and do a bdsm porn shoot right after waxing your already infected cunt?

No. 616059

Shayna doesn’t know how to entertain besides being stupid, giggling, and occasionally shaking her hank hi ass. She thinks that just her presence is good enough, kek.

No. 616061

File: 1529524126504.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1245, BA70C08C-946A-4B5A-860C-ACA81D…)

This is the outfit she chose for her shoot. Her makeup is god awful as usual, and she looks like a basic bitch who just discovered stripper clothing. She looks like a cheap meth head streetwalker. #aesthetic

No. 616066

Why is it so damn hard for her to wear matching shades of pink??? You can’t mix them like that it looks awful

No. 616070

cuz shes just a *~*~*stuuuupid bimbooo baybi*~*~* add emojis here

No. 616073

oh great, the same dirty ass old socks from >>596845

No. 616076

File: 1529524957862.png (1.87 MB, 1396x855, Capture.PNG)

She already wore this skirt during her shoot with lovinglyhandmade as well. Girl, don't keep wearing the same shit over and over again. Don't you know you have to continually invest in outfits whilst doing this shit?

No. 616077

File: 1529525139487.png (16.2 KB, 281x428, eeee.PNG)

No. 616078

File: 1529525181329.png (12.76 KB, 296x421, kekkk.PNG)

She is so mental lol.

No. 616079

it's an outfit that looks like it's $5 from party city during a halloween clearance sale anyway and super recognizable… just get something new. but then i remember this is the same girl begging for someone to buy her a new $22 rug from amazon to sleep on.

No. 616080

File: 1529525239422.png (25.76 KB, 266x711, shutup.PNG)

No. 616081

File: 1529525276754.png (14.34 KB, 270x284, okay.PNG)

No. 616082

or start with the roots of your hair and the craters in your forehead

No. 616083

File: 1529525377494.jpg (140.74 KB, 649x1280, tumblr_pamltlMfaQ1rmiw96o1_128…)

No. 616084

File: 1529525389870.jpg (138.64 KB, 649x1280, tumblr_pamltlMfaQ1rmiw96o2_128…)

White trash as fuck.

No. 616086

Lol shay, whatever happened to “pay me for advice bitch I don’t just give it out my time is money bitchezzzz”

Oh right you only act like that when you’re desperate for money. Cool.

No. 616089

Stop slouching and sit up you look awful

No. 616090

File: 1529525539531.png (305.84 KB, 561x696, lmfaoright.PNG)

No. 616091

you’d be the first to complain about it Shay. “I need money to fix my nose I can’t breaaaathe! It’s so horrible I’m such a victim!”

No. 616093

File: 1529525640094.png (709.81 KB, 551x912, troll.PNG)

Fupapa is the biggest troll ever. Kek. He has to be trolling, right?

No. 616094

File: 1529525675201.png (518.33 KB, 540x845, kekkkkekke.PNG)

No. 616096

File: 1529525726155.png (778.56 KB, 528x883, laffing.PNG)

and pt 3

No. 616098

File: 1529525765718.png (13.03 KB, 564x263, abusewoohoo.PNG)

Sounds like a great guy, would want to move in with him as well.

No. 616100

File: 1529525824704.png (21.56 KB, 561x333, lovegoesoneway.PNG)

"That girl loves me" but you can't ever bring yourself to say it back. You are a creepy bastard, Fupa.

No. 616102

Lmfao he only likes the pics where she’s filtered. Fucking pathetic.

No. 616103

File: 1529525878002.png (24.63 KB, 551x381, theattention.PNG)

No. 616105

not only that, but he chose literally the most autistic-looking photos of her he could dig up it seems like.

No. 616107

“She provides me all the reassurance I need”

Sounds like you need a lot of that Fupa. But on the other hand, Shayna needs constant validation as well. What’s gonna happen when you can’t validate each other anymore?

No. 616111

Most of the time, the outfit a model wears was chosen by the director, producers, whoever has that job, rarely its on the model if at all.
The models job is to provide interesting and NEW outfits for them to pick from. It looks like her model bag is the size of a backpack and she purposely only brings the same 2-3 items. Its unprofessional, unkempt and really shows how low Insex has been willing to go to get talent since half of the kink porn industry now refuses to work with them due to their lack of cleanliness, lack of concern for listening to limits and safewords, and a whole lot more things that are right up her alley.
Its kind of poetic that all she can get jobs for is the company equivalent of her.

No. 616113

This is Insex you’re talking about, it’s not exactly a good porn studio. Have you seen the quality of their content? It’s shit.

No. 616115

.. thats literally my point…

No. 616120

sounded like you were trying to say that the company chose that outfit not her. whatever.

No. 616129

What happened to "sparkly pink nails" she said she got done earlier this week, she just put those old stinky ones back on.

No. 616146

She has no creativity so she just reverts back to the same basic bitch routine

No. 616152

File: 1529529900766.jpeg (520.56 KB, 1242x1312, 93E77C4C-9010-4A2F-A112-2CCFCD…)

So he literally wants to drug, rape, and kill a girl, and live with and fuck her dead body. Even as a fantasy, wtf is attractive or even sexy about that?

No. 616156

what the fuck did i just read

No. 616163

Like it worries me when Shay or other girls write out fantasies like that but a guy fucking writing it that's really worrying. "Ooh it's just a fantasy" bullshit doesn't make you sane, if that is your fucking fantasy then you're fucked up and quite possibly a danger to society.
It's one thing to wanna dominate and partake in BDSM with a girl, it's a whole 'nother to be turned on by the idea of actually incapacitating a girl and even killing her.

Fuck this dude.

No. 616164

Lol I've noticed that too! He will praise her and say she loves him, but he's NEVER mentioned that HE loves her!!! Also he's always saying how good she is to him and calls her "kiddo".

It really makes it seem like he's keeping a distance. He keeps her around for free sex but won't let her become too close. It's really gross

No. 616175

He probably just doesn’t want to say it too soon. A lot of relationships where they say “I love you” too quickly, never last and wind up breaking up only after a few months. That’s actually one thing he’s being somewhat smart about, keeping his emotional distance from an emotion sucking tumblr whore.

No. 616177

File: 1529531040400.jpeg (195.68 KB, 1242x698, F4C23D26-8968-487D-9D78-1CF486…)

>>has to mention his actual eating habits so he doesn’t come off as a fatass tumblr dom
>>but the anon hate doesn’t bother him

Fupa you are so transparent.

No. 616247

File: 1529536121979.jpg (62.72 KB, 382x750, trollhand.jpg)

wtf is she doing with her hand and why is this so low quality?

No. 616258

File: 1529536840450.png (156.19 KB, 500x468, ok_hand.png)

No. 616266

Those shoes are just awful

No. 616293

God she's so conceited. Shows how popular she is that liking 5-10 pictures is 'clogging up' her notifications.

No. 616296

Hey Shayna, you know what is SO kinky and totally popular in the BDSM scene right now? Let your daddy tie you down and cut your fucking bangs. Please.

No. 616297

I love you, anon.

No. 616302

File: 1529539911429.png (30.54 KB, 561x537, shay.PNG)

I swear Shay sent fupa at least one of these, kek.

No. 616303

File: 1529539970167.jpg (96.47 KB, 430x810, fat.jpg)

he looks so gross even in pics where you can't see most of his face, KEK


No. 616305

I'd bet money that she sent both lmao, typical insecure Shay.

No. 616316

She should cause nobody wants to see those “ingrown hairs” anymore. She’s finally coming to her senses? That should happen at some point right? I’m not sure exactly how delusions work

No. 616319

I see tumblr girls break 1k within a few hours so that is pretty weak

No. 616323

I’m almost positive that she is currently hating herself for getting involved with fupapi. She’s very superficial

No. 616361

Weren't people calling fupa racist in the other thread? I feel like this snap is just him trying to be like "SEE I'm not racist!!"

No. 616365

Poor Whitney.

No. 616381

File: 1529546058538.png (21.25 KB, 270x553, totallynormal.PNG)

you need a therapist, Shay. you sound so fucking dumb right now.

No. 616383

File: 1529546144958.png (8.75 KB, 265x289, huh.PNG)

No Shay, that's just you. I am pretty sure that your acrylics are not supposed to be breaking off all of the time.

No. 616384

Translated: “guys look how edgy I am for not accepting aftercare! Aren’t I so hardcore and cool and amazing? The other girls that accept aftercare clearllllyyyy aren’t as professional as me.”

No. 616387

“The company I work with is sooooo much better than others because they offer aftercare.”

if they don’t offer aftercare after a bdsm scene, you shouldn’t be working with them. Any dumbass knows about aftercare, it’s the basics of bdsm.

No. 616388

So she doesn’t do aftercare so she can play the victim game after she gets home?

No. 616389

I think it's funny how she's only worked with Insex and now she thinks she is some seasoned, well-respected veteran of the BDSM/porn industry.

I also think it's funny that she tries to place Insex on a pedestal.

No. 616392

Insex is the lowest of the low in bdsm porn. It’s the dumpster fire of bdsm porn that trashy people use to get off to their woman beating fantasies. Gross.

No. 616395

File: 1529546649485.png (1.76 MB, 877x929, wtf.PNG)

From her Twitter. Looking trashier than normal.

No. 616396

File: 1529546714194.png (16.52 KB, 594x138, hahayeah.PNG)

No. 616407

It’s almost like she’s unaware that personalities can be multi-faceted. It’s really crazy, Shayna. Maybe you should try to have a personality some time.

No. 616476

>one cheat day a month
>claims to always be at the gym
Who are you kidding, fupa? If any of that was true, you'd be jacked by now.

This is one of those rare moments where I can see how she could have been attractive if she made different life choices. Like burn her entire current wardrobe, stop doing whatever that is to her fringe, trimming those claws off, skincare routine, etc. she could be pretty cute. Too bad she's got the mental capacity of a potato and the fashion sense of a trailer park hooker.

Oh man, crop tops really do her no favors. Hiding your waistline with hips that narrow looks absolutely terrible.

No. 616488

Yeah I've said it before lol
He really gives off down syndrome vibes
Why is his mouth open in every picture anyway? Mouth breather?

No. 616515

File: 1529559128320.png (8.86 KB, 284x241, woah.PNG)

No. 616516

File: 1529559161482.png (6.17 KB, 273x251, ss.PNG)

No. 616517

File: 1529559229594.png (30.45 KB, 556x400, riiiiiight.PNG)

Who is he kidding?

No. 616550

File: 1529562714950.jpg (49.11 KB, 1280x720, sasdfghj.jpg)

You own a Whitney Houston album? More than one?

No. 616557

Fupa's Tumblr text posts combined with his serial killer obsession make me see his Michael Myers tattoo in a new light.

No. 616682

When you get called out for using a filter, and having a disgusting, matted, stained, debris filled rug…

…but you're still insecure and dirty, so instead, you just pick another type of filter, and cover your urine & shit stained carpet with a pink blanket. ta-d! Fixed! kek.

No. 616683


His "favorite" photos all have that stupid filter on it. Nothing wrong with loving someones face only after it's been stretch, skew, and distorted of her natural features.

No. 616687

When he has one cheat meal a month and still looks like that, sad. When he talks about going to the gym, yet still looks like that, very sad. When he takes photos of every time he's at the gym and gives advice to others on health & fitness, yet still hasn't had a leg day since freshman yr phys ed, when he was too scared to undress and shower in front of everyone because he didn't want them making fun of his boobs, saddest.

No. 616691

When she's lurking thru the old threads because she still can't find this new one and read all that shit about aftercare. She remembered how dumb she looked and sounded the first time, so she attempts to talk about it, but just ends up sounding and looking dumber.

Why are her clothes so wrinkly? Gahaha! She started covering her nasty rug with a blanket because of how fucking disgusting and dirt filled it was. Buy a vacuum. Take a shower. Wash your pussy. Simple things.

No. 616775


if you read the second part of the post you would have realized what that anon was saying lol

No. 616897

File: 1529603260968.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, 9730D3CB-766C-4008-8266-33D33E…)

this manchild is so delusional. fucking lol

No. 616904

File: 1529603660940.png (23.94 KB, 264x698, innovative.PNG)

No. 616907

File: 1529603706279.png (22.72 KB, 252x719, misslonely.PNG)

No. 616910

File: 1529603802700.png (8.32 KB, 269x302, dahatruzz.PNG)

Nah, the "haterzzz" would rather tip you a few nickels on MFC to watch you make that much of a fool of yourself.

In the end, you're the dummy punching yourself in the face Shay. And being gross on the internet for the entire world to see, kek. Sad bitch.

No. 616912

File: 1529603889150.png (18.88 KB, 269x532, whaat.PNG)

Nothing she says is ever coherent.

No. 616914

File: 1529604009796.png (12.39 KB, 554x192, wegetit.PNG)

So in love. So hard to take their relationship seriously kek.

No. 616920

sounds like you can't read

No. 616932

so she's going to do the punching herself in the face until it's swollen the day before doing a beach aesthetic video…?

No. 616947

File: 1529605221017.png (7.21 KB, 274x293, awholemess.PNG)

I can't stop laughing. So cringy. Girl, retire from the internet.

No. 616954

Does he mean part time 'goth' or part time girlfriend? The world will never know (til they read that screenshot and scramble to explain themselves)

No. 616967

Probably both. She gets to be his gf when shes putting on her "goth" looks.

No. 617152

File: 1529614252835.jpg (163.88 KB, 720x526, 2018-06-21_16.50.49.jpg)

No. 617160

File: 1529614583956.png (99.74 KB, 720x338, Screenshot_2018-06-21-16-55-55…)

To answer questions on her drug use, seems like she does more than pot

No. 617230

Does anybody know how she gets her weed if she has no friends? Does she have a medical card?

No. 617238


She lives in Seattle. Recreational weed is legal there.

No. 617244

Not if you're under 21. She isn't 21 yet, and they're very strict about fake IDs so, shes getting it from someone.

No. 617295

Isn't the age for medical marijuana 18? In cali you can get a medical card for it for pretty much any reason, as long as you go to a doctor who does it.

No. 617300

Wouldn't be surprised if that old man she refers to as "sir" is helping her.

she is not prescribed it lol. i've seen her talking about how she is excited to go to the dispensary for the first time once she turns 21.

No. 617309

Yes it is. But its not as easy as walking into a "doc" and claiming anxiety like it is/was in California. WA's standards for a medical card are a lot stricter. She isn't medical.

No. 617333

She acts as if people don’t try to engage her. Maybe be entertaining and you’ll get more than 3 premium members in your room. She mutes guests which are the majority of her audience so what does she expect?

No. 617339

She used to claim she had that “super rare marijuana allergy” but I guess when she moved she was magically cured.

No. 617422

Asking about how she gets her weed because anons are skeptical that’s the only drug she uses, but if she barely has social capabilities I doubt she could find a plug for anything other than weed. She’s just be edgy per usual

No. 617436

File: 1529621852511.png (14.18 KB, 284x328, suchalezbianomg.PNG)

No. 617478

It’s pretty easy in a place like Seattle. She also probably lives in a shitty area based on the quality of her tiny studio, I’m sure if she wanted it she could easily find it. I don’t think she’s like a total addicted hard drug user or anything but she def does other drugs besides weed.

No. 617509

Recall all of her images with Jess on Tumblr, normally involving mushies, xans and lsd. She used to talk all the time about pills

No. 617544

I just said I don’t think she’s an addicted hard core drug user, but she definitely does other drugs besides weed. So what’s your point?

No. 617570

if he were really smart, he'd keep his dick out of that sore infested hornets nest she calls her "cute dolly parts"

No. 617583


Pretty sure anon is just agreeing with you and trying to strengthen the validity of your statement

No. 617655

File: 1529634384314.png (Spoiler Image, 228.78 KB, 480x761, Screenshot_2018-06-21-19-25-03…)

following immediately(spoiler images like this)

No. 617679

could you make your self post any more obvious? sheesh

No. 617703

shit like this is so cringey. Stop making blogs referencing lolcow you fucking toon

No. 617716

I gagged I want her to fucking die holy shit

No. 617719

It's not that deep

No. 617720

chill, edgelord

No. 617735

File: 1529640908733.png (126.37 KB, 720x577, Screenshot_2018-06-22-00-05-03…)


No. 617737

File: 1529640971158.png (158.21 KB, 720x1149, Screenshot_2018-06-22-00-14-35…)


I refuse to believe this girl is safe around herself/others. And tbh i think its about time she sees a doctor.

No. 617745

File: 1529641378358.jpg (Spoiler Image, 615.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180622-002222.jpg)

No. 617747

It's like she wants her ass to look as saggy as possible????

No. 617756

You can’t diagnose this stuff when Shay is a full blown alcoholic.

No. 617761

File: 1529642624852.png (9.03 KB, 266x314, wow.PNG)

No. 617762

File: 1529642661007.jpg (Spoiler Image, 176.13 KB, 1125x1125, no.jpg)

No. 617763

File: 1529642694522.jpg (Spoiler Image, 185.16 KB, 1125x1125, haggard.jpg)

porn is going to age her terribly kek. not a good idea, shay. not at all.

No. 617765

File: 1529642715791.jpg (204.75 KB, 1125x1125, tumblr_pap7pbnORc1rmiw96o1_128…)

No. 617768

File: 1529642802042.png (11 KB, 273x360, itsbeenthreemonths.PNG)

No. 617770

This just tells me that he never officially asked her to be his girlfriend, KEK.

No. 617780

Her roots give me a serious fucking complex, like…. I'm so confused as to why this has not been a top priority for her while she's working

No. 617800


me and my bf have dated 4 months and not said i love you yet lol shay literally dove head first into this and is gonna snap her unfortunate neck

No. 617825

I think that saving up to pay for the ticket and lodging in LA because Society 15 aren't decent enough to pay made her even more broke af. Hence all the begging for a "nail daddy" before she got her nails done this time too.

Sorry you weren't good enough for a decent agency to pick you, Shay.

No. 617826

File: 1529649521246.png (167.19 KB, 559x582, livinguptotherep.PNG)

No. 617827

File: 1529649623634.png (53.61 KB, 585x878, cringe.PNG)

A case study in cringeworthiness.

No. 617861

File: 1529654204699.png (Spoiler Image, 197.83 KB, 555x718, fd4aedf5a05fff1fed65a9240c6e63…)

TOTALLY not glorifying CSA, guys!!!

No. 617877

Her personality is fake. she’s heavily influenced by others she basically steals personalities

No. 617958

wow she actually doesn't look hideous here

No. 618011

Clean that toilet bowl. Disgusting! Lol at her covering the ugly ass panel with a towel and organize her shampoo and soap for the photo. Yet she can't be bothered to do something about her nasty vagina and the constant boil/whitehead outbreak it's in. That awful bathroom and it's puke colors and horrendous lighting is not doing her any favor, those bags under her eyes are on another level. At least her bangs/fringe are hiding her forehead wrinkles.

No. 618043


Is that even her bathroom?

No. 618047

OMFG this is practically proof she's straight. NO wlw calls a crush they have on a woman a "girl crush". that's something straight girls made up, like straight men saying "no homo". If you have a "girl crush" that means you consider crushing on a girl to be something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from a "real crush" on a boy.

No. 618055

I am an anon with psychosis and I can verify this is 100% delusional thinking, if she really truly believed that. I avoid looking in mirrors for very similar reasons.

actually a lot of the stuff she talks about are symptoms of psychosis. I've been noticing this for a while. Things like not wanting to leave the house even for groceries, thinking that when she /does/ leave the house every single person is looking at her and judging her (like the people on the train she mentioned recently seeing her in children's clothing), having weird shit with mirrors, delusions of grandeur (I'm famous! everyone knows my name/brand! My porn is cute and professional, not disgusting and cheap!) and admitting to not keeping up personal hygiene are all very obvious symptoms of psychosis. One could even make the argument that her stupid way of speaking is a form of disorganized speech/behavior.

combined with 24/7 weed smoking I really think she needs to find a mental health professional. If it hasn't become unhealthy yet, it definitely will soon if she keeps on the drugs. THC is known to heighten symptoms of psychosis.

No. 618073

she will never get mental help, she has too many enablers

No. 618102

Check your eyesight

No. 618170

is it just me or does this skirt look absolutely ridiculous? it just looks like it's too small for her, it's not sexy at all. she should be wearing it lower on her waits, or just not wear it and be in her panties. looks so dumb.

No. 618212

Yeah she probably ended up with it because she thinks she's much smaller than she is

No. 618223


i don't think she has anything serious, anon. from what i gleaned on the threads, she's just a boring tryhard who tries to live a lie and make herself think it's "cool", but can't. that makes her intensely unhappy, so she turns to substances with negative effects on mood. that mirror story is most likely one of the things she made up or excerbated to seem more like a *~*~bRokEn BiMbO~*~, just like how meeen her mom is and how she was abooosed by having to take care of her little brother. in all honesty it sounds like stuff my friends used to make up in high school because they thought having mental problems was cool. and to get stared at on the train when you're regularly dressed like >>617765 or >>616093 while not nice, is not entirely unusual or unexpected.

imho most she has is depression from having no money, no friends, no social life and a fucked up brain chemistry. if she laid off the weed and booze, took a part time job where she actually had to keep a schedule, go out regularly and see people, ate regular nutritious meals and stop trying embrace things she's clearly not that into her life would improve heaps. instead she seems like she's deliberately making herself unhappy and ruminating on it because being sad and "disordered" makes her feel interesting. of course it's entirely possible for her to have a serious problem similar to yours but i believe (and hope) she's just living like shit and paying for it.

No. 618232

She reminds me of one of those people who wants to be mentally ill so badly so they can have some defining trait about them that makes them special. It’s really sad attention seeking behavior. She’s always taking about messed up she is, she tweets about throwing up her food and then drinking alcohol. If she actually had a mental illness she wouldn’t want to be defined by that.

No. 618868

File: 1529737435035.gif (5.26 MB, 352x640, 20180623_030115.gif)

Nightmare fuel

No. 618880

I was about to say she looks kind of cute here and then she started twitching and jerking around while bugging her eyes out.

Is this her attempt at dancing or…?

No. 618888

Spot on anon. Most people who publicly boast about those things, or publicly identify with a mental illness… are lying. They’re like 13 year olds after watching Girl, Interrupted for the first time. As someone who does live with some severe, actually diagnosed mental illnesses, I can confirm most of us keep it to ourselves because it’s embarrassing and a source of shame.

Shay is the type to glorify her bad decisions and their repercussions and consider it mental illness. She is not sick, just stupid and stuck in a teenage mindset

No. 618928

her hair is so c r u s t y

No. 619128

Wtf am I watching someone seize?

No. 619142

File: 1529773978108.png (12.74 KB, 275x470, kekkkk.PNG)

No. 619143

File: 1529774040653.png (11.58 KB, 257x338, money.PNG)

"i deserve a bed for my birthday. I need someone else to buy it for me because I barely make enough and need to buy an ounce of weed."

No. 619144

File: 1529774084973.png (544.83 KB, 499x573, ok.PNG)

No. 619147

File: 1529774172555.png (6.63 KB, 267x151, okayylol.PNG)

"i need money for a bed"

No. 619148

File: 1529774219566.jpg (141.59 KB, 719x1280, toomuch.jpg)

She looks really creepy to me lol

No. 619149

File: 1529774258208.png (7.85 KB, 254x311, right.PNG)

No. 619150

Oh HELL fucking no. You don’t belong in pride month cunt. Pretending you’re lesbian because you think it’s cool, then looking disgusted when one touches you. Fuck off Shayna.

No. 619151

File: 1529774290507.png (10.61 KB, 266x341, ha.PNG)

No. 619153

It’s because her personality is so flimsy it makes it seem like she’s pretending to be someone else, kek

No. 619154

“People asked for nudes and I figured, easy money! Cool!”

No. 619157

File: 1529774431717.png (967.76 KB, 551x898, eggy.PNG)

No. 619159

While she is over here wasting money and spending it, she must have forgotten her plan to make videos before leaving to go to Massachusetts on the 25th. Lazy dumb bitch.


No. 619161

File: 1529774824080.png (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1891x602, 307.PNG)

Back to being MV Girl number 307 kek

No. 619162

File: 1529774963179.png (Spoiler Image, 1.71 MB, 1286x656, bluuu.PNG)

No. 619202

Why yes anon can’t you see her years of professional ballet training?!?! Such grace and beauty can only be rivaled by Tuna or Plainey.

No. 619300

File: 1529787132165.jpg (92.65 KB, 1080x826, Screenshot_20180623-215232_Tum…)


No. 619367

No words. Surely there are other men that aren't wannabe serial killers to date?

No. 619480

Lmao when will she stop with the fucking kitchen knives? It’s straight up embarrassing. This one and that other photo with the goddamn bread knife.

No. 619527

She wants to be murdured you guys stop kink shaming

No. 619529

if she was actually being chased by some guy with a knife in the woods at 2am she would piss her yeast infected panties. she's probably not even into it, just playing it up for fuploop so he has hope of living out his disgusting rape/murder fantasy. these two are fucking nasty. they're perfect for one another.

No. 619541

First a bread knife and now this tiny potato peeler. Such edge.

No. 619564

How is that her 'thing'? Like who thinks that a schtick to sell the idea of you by is "I'm a dumb widdle baby who is constantly attached to a bong teehee" Just a jarring juxtaposition that doesn't really work and clearlly doesn't sell. Also having your only talents be putting your legs behind your head and smoking weed is a bit sad for a sw or just a person in general.

No. 619574

It's honestly kinda unhealthy how she has to get high before she films or while she films, she's not comfortable enough doing it sober so she just kinda made it part of her brand but it's pretty sad. I hope she realises other sex workers don't always need some kind of psychoactive help to do their job

No. 619587

Even worse.
>I'm a dumb widdle baby who is constantly attached to a bong and wants to be murdered teehee

No. 619638

Lmao it's weed, it's not that deep

No. 620014

You can still become psychologically addicted to it. Shay begs for money for it on the internet when she is out and doesn't have money for it. I don't think anyone with a healthy relationship with cannabis would do that.

No. 620018

File: 1529859686308.png (22.72 KB, 271x616, lskdjf.PNG)

She needs to get help.

No. 620023

that is textbook executive dysfunction and disorganized behavior. girlfriend you've got some serious mental illness going on go get help(armchair)

No. 620055

File: 1529862714486.png (18.16 KB, 556x309, lies.PNG)

No. 620058

File: 1529862885736.png (10.51 KB, 467x228, kek.PNG)

No. 620063

File: 1529863154157.png (37.37 KB, 461x702, dump.PNG)

Fupa thinks it's just a blog. But he is really out here taking advantage of the fact that a young girl with serious issues is hooking up with old, insecure, ugly men for validation.

she will look back at this time with serious regret. she won't be able to forget about it because she plastered it all over the internet. from working with insex to fucking some fat neckbeard without a condom.

No. 620068

File: 1529863365304.png (9.71 KB, 266x296, muhcareer.PNG)

It's funny to me that Shay is acting holier than thou here, as if she has never met some creeper off of tumblr before. She's done so several times now, and they aren't paying her so. . .

No. 620086

Lmao her response here is a pretty literal description of fupa

No. 620155

File: 1529870848679.png (505.78 KB, 1127x552, Capture.PNG)

No. 620156

File: 1529870870635.jpg (109.26 KB, 1280x649, tumblr_paufnwZD2l1rmiw96o1_128…)

No. 620159

File: 1529870930880.jpg (113.21 KB, 1280x649, tumblr_paufnwZD2l1rmiw96o2_128…)

She looks weird af to me here. Fucking creepy. This makeup does nothing for her. Discount drag queen barbie.

No. 620160

File: 1529871007224.png (6.49 KB, 263x274, kekkk.PNG)

No. 620162

File: 1529871043856.png (5.07 KB, 270x236, adult.PNG)

She is a woman child. She is an adult, but prefers to pretend to be helpless.

No. 620164

File: 1529871101753.png (11.69 KB, 272x385, awww.PNG)

No. 620170

File: 1529871331671.png (10.73 KB, 491x252, fatloser.PNG)

This fat dumpy loser is entertaining the anons on tumblr while the girl he "loves" has a mental breakdown on tumblr kek. some relationship. remind us all again about how jealous we are, Shay and Fupa!

No. 620171

File: 1529871400373.png (27.25 KB, 457x539, ohhhhhhhhh.PNG)

Fupa is still fat, Fupa likes his girls young. Creepy and filled to the brim with lard.

No. 620175

File: 1529871566178.png (2.01 KB, 460x54, kekk.PNG)

No. 620190

You know what else it is? Textbook "I've never faced reality, had real responsibilities, schedule or a real job" behavior. You can't just jump to the conclusion she's got some extreme mental illness, stop armchairing

No. 620193

Theyre so similar tbh it’s very disturbing

No. 620195

w..what would her advice even be?

"liiiike just be yourself, a cute darling biiimbo!!!! it helps if you look like a drowned rat and let your pussy fester lyyyykkeee"

?????? honestly

No. 620220

this guy is a freak holy fuck

No. 620221

File: 1529874919937.jpeg (326.73 KB, 1125x1061, B2B076C5-2D4F-41F5-A9AE-DAC51A…)

She posted this on tumblr. Is there trouble in paradise?

No. 620252

File: 1529876363854.png (35.64 KB, 474x801, poo.PNG)

No. 620264

'gives zero fucks' yet replies to all their messages and admits to posting shit just to be petty lol

No. 620276

File: 1529877951666.png (100.75 KB, 720x470, Screenshot_2018-06-24-18-04-21…)

Is it sad that this is probably the only thing shes ever said that's true?

No. 620371

Rape isn’t a fucking kink

No. 620395

File: 1529882655669.png (4.77 KB, 627x94, yay.PNG)

it only took her how fucking long? funny she couldn't e-beg her way so she had to buy it herself.

No. 620434

Top kek at the anon in the last thread who mentioned that she never changes her plugs and lo and behold she's wearing black ones now.

No. 620478

This is just depressing. Not surprising in anyway. we all knew but we all kind of hoped she had one. am i right?

No. 620488


hey, i'm just glad that she'll be off the floor and hopefully throw away that disgusting rug she's been using

hopefully she starts bathing daily and doing her laundry, too

No. 620493

I get the feeling she didn't even have a mattress otherwise wouldn't she have filmed on it instead of on the hard floor?

No. 620510

how long has it been her fucking birthday

No. 620522

her bday is the 26th i believe this is just her ~~bday week~~

No. 620535

She’s been celebrating her birthday all month.

No. 620581

lol watch the censored thing be his wifes name or smth

No. 620585

ikr, curious about what's under the censor. But he looks like he has sad, flat, hairy tiddies. Shay has no standards, she's not far off rock bottom

No. 620629

post delete, what was it?

No. 620638

fupapas chest with a tattoo that had a censored bubble on it

No. 620641

File: 1529894717564.jpg (390.8 KB, 1280x1536, fupa.jpg)

here it is again since anon deleted it

No. 620646

maybe he has a kid and he's not trying to doxx them. but idk i can't see anyone wanting to fuck him unless they have low standards like shay.

No. 620654

She actually posted about her bed being her ex's and she only had the mattress for it and it was also on the floor lmao

No. 620657

He's just as pockmarked and repulsive as her, Probably best he keeps his clothes on.
She did but also never posted on said bed and even when showing her apartment space and taking selfies just before bed she was on the rug with the bear.

No. 620664

File: 1529895984070.jpg (331.11 KB, 1040x1920, fupa.jpg)

Dude definitely either has a woman's name (wife? ex wife?) or a kid's name on his chest. Hilarious.

Never noticed that he had censored his famous fupa pic too, though you can make out just a tiny more of the tattoo.

No. 620679

It could possibly be his last name.

No. 620682

Good point anon. If so, an Irish last name? Looks like the first letter might be an M, so Mc"something", maybe?

Didn't kik anon say his first name was Kyle? If fupapa isn't more careful people are eventually going to figure him out.

No. 620721

Wtf anon how? You're scary lol
Careful you don't release info on here that would get you banned for doxxing, even though fupapa was baiting for us to try

No. 620723

You can’t be banned for doxxing here, only cow tipping. Read the rules

No. 620727

What did I miss? Someone figure out what the tattoo was? So many deleted posts lately.

No. 620743

Ok so this disproves that he's living with female family members… So why does he have ALL THOSE hair products!?

No. 620748

Does it really though? Are you really going to believe fupa's response to a random anon on tumblr? While it's possible he's living with someone who isn't a girlfriend, it's still super suspicious how much product was in his bathroom.

No. 620753

And "I have no family" is suspicious too. Yeah, some people truly have no family but a married guy is going to have to tell a lie like that too.

No. 620774

Yeah, it's possible what he saying is true. However, it might also just be an attempt to throw people off and try to convince people not to look for family like they did with Shay.

No. 620787

It doesn't disprove it. He probably just doesn't want to admit it.

No. 621044

File: 1529944253683.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 659.5 KB, 1125x2262, E1150803-07BF-4B23-B91D-53AE59…)

No. 621047

Uhhhh wtf is this

No. 621050

File: 1529944621764.png (17.31 KB, 261x513, kloted.PNG)

"People only hate me cos it's popular to hate on me, there is no legit reason to dislike me!"

No. 621051

File: 1529944656330.png (5.95 KB, 272x248, haaaa.PNG)

No. 621053

File: 1529944703732.png (5.14 KB, 276x245, kawaii.PNG)

No. 621061

It's funny she's calling sadbaffoon 'mom' when sadbaffoon is shorter than Shayna lol gotta love it when she forces her cringey titles on people just to feel better about herself.

No. 621075

File: 1529945580667.jpg (29.63 KB, 512x362, 1479195668541.jpg)

did fupapa go through /snow/ and follow all the ddlg weirdos?

that's micky >>>/snow/600072

No. 621095

Fupa is a bottom feeder and need more attention than shay

No. 621096


What's with the anti-semitic stuff?? Sorry if it was mentioned before, I'm a bit new

No. 621102

Shayna previously made anti-Semitic and Hitler jokes. Then sadbaffoon came to white knight her and was like “no, she’s sooooo cool you guys are just being soooo over offended. I’m jewish and her comments don’t bother me so you’re totaalllllly over reacting.”

Both of them are idiots who make boring ass porn. At least sadbaffoon has more common sense than Shayna though.

No. 621119

I don’t think the fact that she idolized hitler a couple of years back should ever be forgotten either. She was young but she knew better

No. 621303

File: 1529960698472.png (11.97 KB, 266x318, kinkydisney.PNG)

The words "kinky" and "Disney" don't belong in the same sentence together.

Whoops, sorry, that's her fEtISh kek

No. 621372

I just can't believe how obvious it is she sends herself all these asks and how she doesn't have the sense to at least make them look not self sent

are those exact emotes not just from her phone, too? or does tumblr have their own now?

No. 621385


Where did he mention having a Michael Myers tattoo? I've been following these threads for awhile and did a Google search with his Tumblr handle, but nada.

No. 621583

File: 1529985350154.jpg (1.34 MB, 1920x3414, inCollage_20180625_235433999.j…)

Here's some of that "advice" she wants to charge for

>don't have a messy background

this coming from the girl that slept and filmed on a shit encrusted rug

No. 621590

If you're considering whoring as a career this is the worst possible advice you could give. I despise this "only surround yoursel with people who support your decisions no matter what". Real friends stop friends from doing dumb shit.

No. 621704

She doesn’t have friends tho

No. 621862

Do any camhoe have friends? Ones discussed on here never do, only people they ever possibly hang out with are other camhoe.

No. 621906

File: 1530021655584.png (15.72 KB, 268x488, 2018-06-26 10_00_06-Mozilla Fi…)

fupa finally posting the "L" word

No. 621917

File: 1530021997036.png (687.14 KB, 1045x609, googly.PNG)

No. 621918

File: 1530022038022.png (4.73 KB, 248x251, kek.PNG)

No. 621919

File: 1530022071086.png (8.32 KB, 283x382, liketwelve.PNG)

No. 621920

File: 1530022122218.png (9.55 KB, 255x310, lookinthemirror.PNG)

Fupa, this message is clearly for you.

No. 621921

>Issa blog

Issa red flag

No. 621922

File: 1530022178291.png (12.45 KB, 289x376, oooohwee.PNG)

Her followers went in on her dumb ass last night kek. Happy Birthday you ugly hoe.

No. 621923

File: 1530022209848.png (6.63 KB, 259x251, wwtfff.PNG)

No. 621924

File: 1530022260005.png (12.06 KB, 256x397, thisisalie.PNG)

No. 621926

File: 1530022328231.png (30.07 KB, 210x932, allofyouaredumb.PNG)

Enjoy this clusterfuck of stupidity.

No. 621927

File: 1530022365954.png (5.48 KB, 229x224, honestly.PNG)

No. 621929

File: 1530022438780.png (14.24 KB, 266x456, cackling.PNG)

Both of you are stupid, the universe owes you nothing but dust. Sorry you have to face the consequences of publicly being a dumbass on the internet Shay.

No. 621932

File: 1530022477727.png (8.94 KB, 253x320, hahahahanobodysaidthat.PNG)

No. 621933

File: 1530022541867.png (6.63 KB, 261x250, trulycackling.PNG)

Shay, you drag yourself. Your entire existence is a self-drag. You are a case study in what not to do lol.

No. 621935

File: 1530022576607.png (10.66 KB, 261x333, lololol.PNG)

No. 621936

File: 1530022663932.png (8.73 KB, 271x304, doyouwantanstd.PNG)

I find it funny how so many people ask her about stuff allegedly, and it never comes to fruition.

No. 621937

File: 1530022700042.png (7.63 KB, 285x271, aspartame.PNG)

Tee hee I have an eating disorder yay

No. 621938

File: 1530022768187.png (10.91 KB, 265x334, omg.PNG)

If all of these people are forking over money allegedly, then why is Shay broke?

No. 621940

File: 1530022797777.png (8.66 KB, 254x317, ewww.PNG)

No. 621944

File: 1530022925142.png (12.71 KB, 451x250, cryaboutit.PNG)

They are both such weaklings, lol

No. 621945

File: 1530023003002.png (15.63 KB, 467x298, poifict.PNG)

No. 621947

File: 1530023114816.png (43.24 KB, 489x806, fatshame.PNG)

Should Fupa be proud of his gut instead? A fat rape-y ugly ginger dude trying to gain confidence is laughable.

Btw Fupa, you are fat.

No. 621948

File: 1530023168266.png (21.69 KB, 470x351, wowww.PNG)

Fat lardy boy is triggered. Go eat something, fupa.

No. 621950

I thought I saw one on the inside of his right arm near his armpit. It looks like either a Halloween or a Nightmare on Elm Street tattoo.

No. 621951

File: 1530023294004.png (37.42 KB, 481x660, youentertainitfatty.PNG)

Why does Fatty entertain the "haturz" and get mad about it lol?

No. 621952

File: 1530023361262.png (19.83 KB, 446x358, poorlardyfatty.PNG)

Everyone weep for the fatty.

No. 621955

File: 1530023484075.png (28.67 KB, 447x695, riiiiight.PNG)

Be honest, Lardy, Shay smells like that cheap pink wine and mustiness.

Also, you have been on Kik. Shay, if you are lurking here, just know that he is lying. Someone leaked his kik profile info here and he changed the name almost right away on it. He does use his kik. Stop lying fatty.

No. 621959


I haven't used kik in a month!


This happened a little over two weeks ago.

No. 621960

Yeah okay,
>I’m turning off anon at 10pm so ask right now if you want to be anon
Like he’s fucking begging for it. If the anon messages bugged you so much you would just turn it off right away without warning, so that people going to send hate would be caught off guard or not realize and out themselves. He fucking looooooves the attention and the “haters” cause it makes him feel important.
Who gives a warning and then literally tells people the exact time they have to send anon messages unless they’re begging for them to be sent

No. 621962

>You're not smarter than me.

kek of the damn year right here

No. 621963

"Acting as a child getting fucked" GF that is NOT something you should be admitting to. true, it's not something you should even be doing in the first place, but you are straight up confirming this.

I know her response is sarcasm, but like, not really. It's really strange to imply both statements are ridiculous, when you /should/ agree with one of them. so which is it Shay? do you simulate child porn, or do you want to expose minors to NSFW content? or both?

No. 621965

>Who gives a warning and then literally tells people the exact time they have to send anon messages unless they're begging for them to be sent

the same type of person that would be a man in his 30s running a porn blog on tumblr. desperate for whatever greasy attention he can scrape together.

No. 621966

so trashy sugar alcohol and musty old leather? sounds about right

No. 621980

File: 1530025309090.png (84.11 KB, 720x529, Screenshot_2018-06-26-10-55-27…)

At least she knows she's a flea infested, tick ridden, parasitic filled bitch who will continue to be a lonely ass scab until she's done with this "career".

Who she gonna hang out with in Mass? Connor? Jess? Colleen? Random old men she met on Tinder??? What a sad fucking birthday LOL

No. 621991

File: 1530026125019.png (994.83 KB, 720x1141, Screenshot_2018-06-26-11-12-16…)

Lets play ispy to realize that she never had her exs bed….. She definitely had a rug lmao

She bought a bed in hopes fupatty was coming, but I guarantee her that hes not visiting you. I remember them sending asks and He was supposed to be visiting up until the 15th of June… Wonder why that fell through??? Lol

No. 622010

god that is some crusty carpet
assuming she doesn't own a vacuum either

No. 622013

Yeah she never had a bed/mattress in her current place. Its obvious. No need to lie Shay. Good on you and your health for getting a damn bed finally.

No. 622014

no top sheet? no duvet? no quilt? she's ratchet af

No. 622023

I feel bad for the mattress

No. 622029

Ugh - this sounds like Angela/Himeka/Bunny/Daisy/Frankentits/whatever-the-fuck-she’s-calling-herself-this-week sent it. She follows Shay, doesn’t she?

No. 622032

Oh fuck me - this fucking gremlin and I share a birthday. Yuck.

No. 622063

One night that net of plushies is gonna spill all over her whilst she's sleeping and she's gonna shit herself

No. 622065

Idk if it's a me thing or a British thing but I can't stand them calling it "pink wine". It's rosé you mongs.

No. 622070

File: 1530035241067.jpeg (176.97 KB, 806x848, 143C46A9-9202-414B-B5B3-4A428D…)

Lol at her twink measurements. And this bitch is 5’5” with a size 7 shoe trying to claim she’s petite, lmfao.

No. 622085

File: 1530036610575.png (16.36 KB, 307x508, 1522359116158.png)

This is what she claimed her size was here: >>541142

She claimed different waist and hip sizes kek

No. 622087

File: 1530036742705.png (25.36 KB, 524x544, smol.png)

And lied about her height here >>541136
back when she was still with itsactionsub trying to prove how much she is attracted to women. Kek. So funny, Shay.

No. 622088

your wrist size has nothing to do with how big or small you are shayna. Good lord the stupidity that falls out of this girl is massive

No. 622093

It's not exclusive to you or your country, they just call it pink wine because Shay is obsessed with the color and fupa is a creep who kept her drunk on ~pink wine~ while she was with him

No. 622117

Daddy is one thing, but “dada” is just straight up fucking creepy. That’s something a TODDLER calls their father.

No. 622125

But she said she hit 50k at 18… so she was a minor blocking others minors?

No. 622179

File: 1530041971713.png (133.71 KB, 640x1008, IMG_1991.PNG)

lmao she looks so bad with that hair and those lashes. she reminds me of an ugly juggalette

No. 622184

She would look so much better if she colored her hair to be her natural shade. The overgrown, crispy blonde just looks awful.

No. 622186

File: 1530042268435.png (5.91 KB, 263x259, itsshay.PNG)

Shayna, your name used to be affiliated with your blog.

No. 622187

File: 1530042299949.png (617.07 KB, 504x550, uwu.PNG)

Gawd anons are so dumb!

No. 622188

I can’t believe she honestly thinks that fave is cute. She looks like she shit her pants.

No. 622194

>the lashes
what the fuck was she even going for, why are they so long, holy shit what a mess.

No. 622210

This is a reach and a half but I've noticed an anon on here very recently calling people sweaty instead of sweety and not being very well read in board culture. She can't even send herself asks without giving herself away, wouldn't be shocked if she has a good collection of posts on here that could fairly easily be identified if we looked.

No. 622232

shay, girl, we all know you "emptying your bank account" entails buying a single item from the forever21 clearance rack. everyone's seen your amazon wishlist.

No. 622241

She looks like Yungelita here

No. 622242

I.. I can't wait to see what "breaking the bank" looks like hahaha

No. 622247

Sweaty has been a popular meme for like 3 years now. I agree she sends herself asks and probably posts here, but that’s a reach.

No. 622256

it's a meme, you dip

No. 622264

File: 1530047857890.jpg (71.31 KB, 720x720, 2018-06-26_17.17.14.jpg)

The bank account is so broken now lmao

No. 622266

File: 1530047955896.png (497.36 KB, 493x547, 2018-06-26 17_18_37-i got sum …)

lmao, my psychic abilities are officially in full effect

No. 622277

She spent under 70 dollars if that. Those bathing suits are 20 bucks each and that top is 15 tops. Break the bank, Shay.

Also not that this needs to be said, but that care bear swim suit looks like it’s literally meant for a toddler, I hated it. Of COURSE Shay would want it.

No. 622282

File: 1530049014401.png (903.99 KB, 1315x958, 2018-06-26 17_35_47-Girls Care…)

ummm i think she legitimately bought the children's one instead of the women's one

pic vs https://www.forever21.com/us/shop/catalog/product/f21/swimwear_one-piece/2000257084

No. 622285

there's a kid's version of the reptar top too, but it's harder to tell the difference between the women's and children's in this style

but this bitch is really out here buying kid's clothes to hoe around in. probably helps her with her little helpless baby image she has of herself.

No. 622319

File: 1530050521810.png (102.14 KB, 720x295, Screenshot_2018-06-26-18-00-05…)

A stuffed animal, some clothing items, plugs apparently, a fancy steak dinner tonight all with your family… I would also be sad

No. 622320

File: 1530050583194.jpg (181.65 KB, 649x1280, tumblr_pay6esULeO1rmiw96o2_128…)

Shouldn't she be hanging out with her family instead of taking topless photos with stuffed animals?

No. 622323

or at least brush the mats out of her hair

No. 622328

I bet 1 of the reasons she opted for the kids version is cos it's cheaper lol.

Obviously she wants that "omg I'm so smile I wear kids clothes". Ain't no kid fucking 5'5, it's gonna give her a hunchback.

No. 622329

This new fake lower lashes look is so bad, make her stop.

No. 622330

Smol* fuck sake

No. 622334

Bet she's never played a playstation in her life but would buy a pink one to have as a prop because she's retarded.

No. 622335

It’s not the kids one, if you look at the design closely. And frankly, let’s be real, she couldn’t fit into a children’s swimsuit if she tried, being 5’5 and all.

No. 622338

Funnily enough, the dumbass bought a PS2 a couple of months ago. That's what she spends her money on. Old ass consoles. She had a TV on the floor in her apartment where she would lay on the floor and play it kek.

No. 622340

I thought it was because the women's appeared to have a scoop neck, therefore it would look more like the silhouette of the PlayStation bodysuit. The one she bought looks like it's a higher neck

No. 622350

At that height and those measurements she’s definitely not 105. 115 probably.

No. 622352

Yeah I feel 105 at 5'5 is gonna look a bit sickly thin. She's doesn't look unhealthy in a skinny way, her ribs don't stick out or anything.

No. 622359

File: 1530053775848.jpg (194.14 KB, 649x1280, tumblr_inline_paycdfyY5d1rbth7…)

crunchy hair

No. 622361

will genuinely never understand how one singular bitch manages to look dusty and greasy all at the same time.

No. 622363

Its pretty obvious she starves herself tbh. She looked like she gained 20 pounds when that first Hardtied video came out, which is probably why she didn't advertise it on her tumblr like she does with all her other porn. She looks thinner from the face now compared to then and I highly doubt that weight was lost by eating heathy/exercise since she eats nothing but crap or nothing at all

No. 622372

I’m sure most of her calories come from pink wine.

At least she’s admitting she’s has no ass…most men I know have bigger hips than 32” lmao

No. 622384

How much does she drink? It's probably only gonna get worse, I got kinda fat from drinking a lot of wine, its like 600-700 calories per bottle of white so when you start drinking that regularly you become a fatass.
Rosé is lower alcohol and possibly lower calories, all depends on the type.

Wine makes you fat and no one ever talks about that.

No. 622392

It’s about the sugar content, not the alcohol, and Rose has a ton of sugar. Idk how much she regularly drinks but there have been at least a couple of her streams where she drank an entire bottle. She also said she was drunk on it pretty much constantly while she was staying with fupa in Mexico.

No. 622405

Honestly she’s very clearly an alcoholic and it’s crazy how all her followers normalize it. If they actually gave a shit about her they wouldn’t feed into it. I know that’s a pretty common trend in general now, but it’s clear as day that no one, not even her wonderful fupapa gives a single shit about her health.

No. 622415

People who just wanna fuck you don't give a shit and they think you being a drunk just makes you easier. I experience those types tell me it's fine when I'm at the stage it's fucking not but they don't wanna disagree with you in anyway cos they think it decreases the chance of you being a slut etc, they trash.

No. 622426

Aw shit is 7 like…huge? Because I'm rockin a pair of 7's but i was always told its average size..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 622428

lol don't worry it's not huge, pretty sure people only pointed it out because shayna tries to convince everyone that she's really tiny.

No. 622444

she definitely can't brush her hair. it is so damaged and fried that if she tried to it would just snap and break off on the hairbrush. she must just run her fingers through the biggest mats so it doesn't look horrible and maaaaybe finger combs when she conditions it. that's what you get for bleaching it to death

No. 622449

especially because they are like, spider legs for eyelashes. if she used more natural looking ones she wouldn't look like such a sad clown/mime

No. 622450

Instead of begging her followers for money to buy weed and alcohol, she should go get a trim and a deep conditioning treatment

No. 622457

AlcoholisM is just normalized, period. People think it's a cute funny meme. You can buy shirts at target with "cute" quotes about being a drunk. She herself will never realize she has a problem, and her fans will encourage it as a personality quirk. It's sad. If I were her if need to drink all the time too.

No. 622465

File: 1530062114684.png (62.42 KB, 480x748, Screenshot_2018-06-26-18-09-12…)

I'm sure you get tons of compliments with your heavy makeup, overdrawn eyeliner, and bat wing eyelashes shay

No. 622476

I mean, she does look easy. So it really wouldn't surprise me if skeezy dudes try to shoot their shot with her.

No. 622489

Probably. Or creepy old men who see the stupid pink outfits she wears that scream "daddy issues"

No. 622530

I'm 5 ft 4 and wear a nine. The difference is Shay is trying to convince people that she's a "tiny smol bb!" and not built completely average like she is. Like how she tries to squeeze into children's underwear. I'm built thick and stocky but I wouldn't pull that shit because i know damn well what I can and can't fit into. Shay's just completely delusional at this point
Sage for blogposting(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 622578

File: 1530074799134.png (415.6 KB, 720x353, Screenshot_2018-06-27-00-45-54…)

No. 622579

File: 1530075035408.png (155.04 KB, 720x847, Screenshot_2018-06-27-00-49-04…)

Ohp, welp.. Enjoy this hazard fupatty lmao

Wonder how much pressure went into this LMAO

No. 622583

Aw thanks anons. I don't wanna blogpost anymore but that being said I appreciate the reassurance…felt like a big footed freak for a hot second there lol

No. 622584

Funny how she all of a sudden is posting pics in her bed now that she has one. Do you think we will see anymore pics or videos shot on that filthy rug in her corner anymore kek

No. 622589

fupa looks like Alex Jones and she looks like a crackhead in her late 40s… Nothing doil like about her

No. 622616

She isn't even home right now. She is in Mass.

No. 622653

She got the plugs we said she should get, she got a bed… she's starting to listen! Except for her hair, makeup, pussy. But it's a start

No. 622673

Baby steps anon, baby steps. I’m not gonna hold my breath though cos she’ll never change completely.

No. 622703

She's obviously been lurking semi-recently or is it coincidence that she posts a photo where her bra/underwear look too big AND she's sucking in for dear life so her ribs are (slightly) visible after anon mentions her lie about her weight?

No. 622749

File: 1530106312059.png (1002.92 KB, 720x1080, binchwhat.png)

the audacity of this crusty hoe demanding tips for her shitty content when she already charges like 40 for life time snapchat. if you want tips go on myfreecams or chaturbate

No. 622752

she looks so grimy in this. you'd think the bitch would wash herself up more than once a month considering she tries to make a living off her body

No. 622775

Or even just a jar of coconut oil FFS

No. 622782

I'm 5'11 and I weigh 135 pounds. I am thin but I am not unhealthy looking for I have always been naturally thin. You can see my ribs. Shayna is in no way 5'5 and 105 pounds. She is naturally skinny herself and she is definitely in the 110-120 range and there's nothing wrong with that. She doesn't need to claim to be 105 pounds because it's clear she isn't. She doesn't have the features that someone who is naturally very thin does. She doesn't have a visible ribcage/ribs unless she sucks in her stomach. She doesn't have visible hip bones. Her collar bones aren't super prominent unless, again, she sucks in her gut. If she were 105 pounds she wouldn't even really have you suck in her gut. She definitely doesn't have the hip to waist ratio she claims to have either. I'm just saying as someone who is naturally super skinny I can say she is definitely not telling the truth about her weight. Honestly she would be more attractive if she stopped lying about stupid shit. Shayna, there's nothing wrong with being 5'5 and 110-120 pounds…..(no one cares)

No. 622825

She really loves the whole “intervention” drug addict look doesn’t she?

No. 622826

I've literally found coconut oil at the dollar store, I have no idea why the hell she isn't taking care of her damn hair. Any sensible hair dresser would probably cut it all off to her huge roots by now.

No. 622840

calm down, anachan

No. 622962

File: 1530127266865.jpeg (137.12 KB, 750x906, 61BA72F7-2182-477D-8499-03BF9A…)

Fupa and Shayna exhibiting even more grossness

No. 622980

how??is that??sexy??

look I understand bdsm and stuff but what is sexy at all about cannibalism?

No. 622994

File: 1530129857698.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 464.83 KB, 1242x690, F7D11BED-BCA2-4DE3-BDCB-6E7BFE…)

another vid with that lovinglyhandmade dude. remember how Shayna says she doesn’t do penetration? Well here’s yet another penetration vid.

No. 622996

File: 1530129895511.jpeg (370.37 KB, 767x701, 95D21DAF-DBF1-4BA6-A207-2752E8…)

No. 623001

lol they probably get off on trying to make themselves look edgy on the internet

No. 623049

Their relationship is not helping me think that being a sex worker is empowering

No. 623068

File: 1530135820230.png (130.4 KB, 720x779, Screenshot_2018-06-27-17-40-33…)

Look, im all for kink, but this needs reported.

Not glorified
Not pandered to
Not compared to

This sick shit needs to stop, how do you report this shit on Tumblr?

Its not kink shaming either. She is literally comparing herself to a toddler. THIS IS DISTURBING.(read the rules)

No. 623069

Lmao you’re literally just taking this out of context, she’s comparing her emotional maturity to that of a toddler. It has nothing yj do with anything sexual? I definitely think she can be out of line when it comes to the ddlg shit but this is not the same thing as that

No. 623078

Not sure it's "Out of context" when the blog she put it on is all about her acting like a child for "Dada" and sexualizing childrens movies, clothes, toys, and naivety for old perverts.

No. 623082

File: 1530137971853.png (3.69 MB, 1242x2208, BB414321-2310-4586-910C-44967F…)

I’m a new lurker but I’ve spent the past 2 days going back on all the threads lol. But here’s an updated cannablism post

No. 623093

This is so creepy, especially with how secretive and shady he is.

No. 623117

I'd be pretty surprised if he's actually a violent person. All his posts just scream try hard teen

No. 623125

Same, I feel he's trying to make himself seem hard and cool cos he's actually a fat loser.

No. 623165

but it's not the pink tufted unicorn puke pink infused pink bed she wanted, she may just be coming to her senses about how living as an adult human is more important than sleeping in less of a bed than an animal would make for itself in the wild than said bed being ~kawaii~

No. 623172

They see themselves as Mickey and Mallory but look more like Fred and Rose West with less style.

No. 623310

File: 1530159331192.jpg (547.82 KB, 1200x675, lawl.jpg)

No. 623312

File: 1530159450821.jpg (Spoiler Image, 481.33 KB, 1200x675, ew.jpg)

Looking HORRID as fuck

No. 623313

File: 1530159482288.jpg (Spoiler Image, 595.71 KB, 1200x675, 06.jpg)

No. 623314

File: 1530159527584.jpg (Spoiler Image, 615.36 KB, 1200x675, passion.jpg)

These pictures of her kissing another girl look awful. She does not look remotely interested.

No. 623317

File: 1530159564598.jpg (Spoiler Image, 617.28 KB, 1200x795, 14.jpg)

The other girl is pretty qt which makes Shayna look even more horrible kek

No. 623318

File: 1530159581002.jpg (Spoiler Image, 792.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180628-001941.jpg)

True nightmare fuel

No. 623319

File: 1530159720356.png (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 1087x627, hahahah.PNG)

Also, they barely featured Shayna in the preview KEK. It was mostly the other girl the whole time until the very end.

No. 623320

File: 1530159767725.png (Spoiler Image, 39.83 KB, 1178x382, ohohoho.PNG)

I am so jelly of Shay right now kek

No. 623321

She literally looks like the average street walking prostitute here, like…. what are you thinking with that hair and makeup?

No. 623322

This other girl who is not ~conventionally hot is sooooo much sexier by comparison Jesus Christ.
Shay is so fucking unfortunate. Her body. Her fake facial expressions. Good god.

No. 623324

this is embarrassing

No. 623325

A more obvious comparison on how much taller shay is than what she claims to be. That girl looks like she'd be around "5'4-"5'3

No. 623338

Why do they juxtapose her with pretty, healthy looking girls? Such a bad idea for furthering her career

No. 623340

Holy hell. That face.

She literally looks like one of those methhead hookers you see wandering the city streets late at night.

No. 623341


Did…. Did that pimple scar???
That spot has been on her shoulder since before Florida gag

No. 623360

She looks like the meth version of Sailor Moon.

No. 623371

File: 1530167164398.png (13.29 KB, 253x408, baww.PNG)

I kek'd.

No. 623372

File: 1530167202000.png (10.48 KB, 271x319, bawww2.PNG)

No. 623373

File: 1530167266067.png (7.46 KB, 253x291, passive.PNG)

Nice passive aggression, Shay.

No. 623374

File: 1530167390735.png (26.37 KB, 264x724, lazy.PNG)

Girl you don't have any strategy on MFC. Don't even know why you cam there when you have no plan. You can't expect to do well there, it's very competitive.

And she thinks she is going to go to LA and her pornstar dreams will come true? There are so many hotter girls there, and she has no work ethic. Bitch please.

No. 623375

File: 1530167494411.png (7.42 KB, 269x267, ok.PNG)

Dump Fupa, stop drinking, cut back on the fucking cannabis, and get your shit together. Simple.

No. 623376

File: 1530167650079.png (21.24 KB, 426x358, hmmm.PNG)

I hate Fupa so much. This guy is such a loser.

No. 623410

I really hope his plane crashes on the way to Seattle

No. 623411

Oh my fucking god what is wrong with her hair!! She seriously needs to just shave that rat nest off.

No. 623427

other girl has girl next door ugly/pretty going for her but shayna straight up looks like she's on hard drugs…..when your porn company plays you

No. 623429

But isn’t that the issue at hand? People taking it out of context could be a potential problem

No. 623432

That would be unfortunate tbh. Think about it. The world needs laughter and that poor excuse of a man just provides us with so much. We can’t take it for granted imo

No. 623496

File: 1530189292387.png (15.27 KB, 267x357, tok.PNG)

She got signed to Society 15, her new hartied vid dropped (3rd one), and fupa is going to be there soon. Yet this is how she feels. I wonder if she will make the connection and realize it's time to do things differently.

No. 623511

Her body looks horrible. And I find it really funny that she kept taking about this brand new shoot with them and she’s BARELY in it

No. 623512

"two girls" only mentions the pretty one because we all know she's the only thing anyone would want to see. Even the people who love this kind of stuff are so grossed out by her they don't even mention her in summaries.

No. 623523

They really don't mention her at all… when even Hardtied doesn't want you, you know something's wrong with you

No. 623526

They mention her in the beginning just to say basically the she'll, ya know, exist too, but the video is all about the other girl and her as an afterthought probably just trying to fit her in somewhere since her individual stuff doesn't sell.

No. 623541

Even fans of hardtied ripped her first performance. It was half assed by everyone involved, the rope work was shit, and everything looked like it was done in one take. That’s why I think they’re trying to come out with new performers and kind of keeping her as an add on. And really who would go to a porn shoot with your hair looking like a rats nest and your makeup looking like you had an alcohol and opiate bender the night before?

No. 623571

I think she had to see a doctor it got so gross. She posted on snap a while ago about having a doctors appointment and later that day there was a bandaid over it. Sage because I didn’t think to take screenshots at the time

No. 623591

It was probably an infected cyst that needed to be taken care of. happens when you don’t bathe properly.

No. 623636

File: 1530209769070.png (116.48 KB, 261x387, tru.PNG)

No. 623645


Looking at this one makes my ass hurt. All I can imagine is bone grinding against that rough looking floor


I've never truly noticed how fucked her hair is until seeing her next to someone else

No. 623668

File: 1530212587835.png (3.07 MB, 1242x2208, 9675364A-7E7F-4043-ADC6-10C4C4…)

What does this even mean? Also can’t forget that this is his great uncle

No. 623670

Sounds like he doesn’t understand the actual story of Norman Bates too well.

No. 623707

Here’s another version of the trailer. She looks wrecked, as per usual. https://mobile.twitter.com/ratethebestXXX/status/1012344498586697729/video/1

No. 623718

I would not be surprised if the thing on her shoulder ended being MRSA

No. 623726

File: 1530216708400.png (90.53 KB, 202x260, wtf.PNG)

Can't stop laughing

No. 623728

File: 1530216774591.png (31.09 KB, 267x840, bloobloo.PNG)

No. 623729

File: 1530216812462.png (10.17 KB, 279x282, milky.PNG)

Okay Shay! Milky as fuck today, I see.

No. 623730

File: 1530216848759.png (6.23 KB, 259x269, woahh.PNG)

She sounds triggered about something kek

No. 623731

File: 1530216888005.png (13.98 KB, 271x462, baw.PNG)

I thought her life was so good tho

No. 623733

File: 1530216966938.png (Spoiler Image, 661.44 KB, 1080x576, attention.PNG)

Not depressed enough to put nudes up on tumblr for that good ole fashioned social media validation, eh shay?

No. 623736

File: 1530217270295.png (758.13 KB, 560x886, kek.PNG)

It must be this fan art that she is upset about. I would be mad about it too, it's horrible lol

No. 623741

I don't know why anyone would be mad about fan art, especially of themselves. And I think this is cute in that beginner artist kind of way, which I'm pretty sure this is.
Odd choice of admiration though. Why not pick, y'know, an actually pretty or nice person?

No. 623742

What the fuck is wrong with her left breast? Does she have some kind of infection? hat shit ain't kawaii, Shay.

No. 623745

No. 623746


It’s like the more she beats on it the worse it gets. They look so different and gross.

No. 623760

I just sent her that one blog that she likes doesn't support her and then these posts came.(cowtipping)

No. 623788

Norman Bates being his uncle…
Sounds like a fantasy he made up as a young Fupa in foster care. I mean think about it, he said he has no family, in and out of the system. It's been proven that there's zero perfect chance of his claims being true from the actor's lineage, even from the actor's partners'.

Can you even imagine their conversations…
Fupa: "I was in foster care, I had noone.."
Shayna: "OMG, I have 2 loving parents who gave me the world, and I got grounded … err… I mean… I was abused and put thru trauma by my abusive parents! You don't need family! We're soulmates!"

No. 623822

Ew. Please wash or dry clean. As you should with any thrift store finds. The source of their inventory is always questionable, and there's visible dirt on it.

No. 623832


There’s a screen in the last thread (I think) of him saying that the actor is his great uncle.
I can try to find it

No. 623834

Wtf are you referencing?

No. 623838


Clearly this:


No. 623846

File: 1530227478008.png (8.14 KB, 279x231, yeahright.PNG)

Today in things that never happened.

No. 623848


Here’s him saying that Anthony Perkins is his great uncle

And here’s anon (obviously) debunking it

No. 623850

none of that is from a thrift store though??? She got that in Mexico and wouldn’t stop posting about it.

No. 623879

shay’s caption says she got it at thrift store…the anon is just referencing shay’s caption…..

No. 623886

lmao a Mexican thrift store that’s hilarious

No. 623902

I don't even know how this is sexy. I'm into bdsm and I don't understand the appeal of letting a man face punch you.

No. 623916

It’s a humiliation thing. Personally, I’d never let someone punch me in my money maker, but clearly she has some awareness that she’s ugly as a bucket of cat vomit soooo maybe that’s why she lets people punch her.

Or maybe she just does it because she thinks it’s edgy and it appeals to the incels and rape/woman beating fanboys of the internet.

No. 623987

File: 1530241700439.jpg (114.82 KB, 1920x1080, cobblepot.jpg)

I was trying to figure out who she looked like in this shoot. She looks like Penguin's mom in Gotham. I'm fucking dead.

No. 624009


Soooo….is it just me, is it just the filter, or does she have major bulimia cheeks going on in this pic?

Or perhaps a "Weed makes me vomit my guts out but I can't survive without my lips glued to a bong" issue?

No. 624016

I think it's the snapchat filter. It completely changes her face.

No. 624097

poor good looking girl just got STIs from hobo tweaker shay

No. 624101

good for a truck stop that is

No. 624155

File: 1530257724512.png (171.19 KB, 750x1334, 658654B3-5ACF-4A1E-B8AF-FE2B63…)

No one paid you to shop honey? Like?
You look like a dumpster fire, bitch

No. 624166

Doesn't she exclusively buy shit at F21? I don't know why anyone would need her to curate outfits from shops like that. Not that this is real.

No. 624168

Yes, and Dolls Kill. So poor quality clothing that won't last for long and is overpriced. Fast fashion garbage, kek.

No. 624254

File: 1530280441226.png (1.86 MB, 1242x2208, D209CF17-AD4C-403B-A262-B2A13B…)

she’s been lurking here again. She obviously sent this anon. Girl get it together and take a shower and wash your hair, please. Maybe you’ll feel better!

No. 624255

Im laughing because she only gets anons and they always sound sooooo fake. Like girl, we get that you're your only friend… But quit making it so obvious

No. 624256

File: 1530281264985.png (724.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-29-10-03-50…)

You can punch in your double chin, girl.. But your best bet is to exercise your face and self.. Lol

No. 624258

When you can't use a filter to slim out your chin so you try to force perception with your giant monster claw, good job Shay.

No. 624261

why does every thot with fucked up, damaged hair try to talk about how "thick" it is? like… you can't get a brush through your hair for such a different reason than it being "thick".

No. 624263

Eroded teeth from throwing up too much maybe? She looks so messed up now

No. 624265

Throwing up and drinking and probably only ever eating crap and never bothering to brush her teeth or clean herself.

No. 624266

Had i known about these threads back then, i would've captured her answering an anon and saying her hair isn't curly. She claimed to just braid it when it was wet, sleep that way and take it out the next day. Girl is fake all the way around

No. 624270

It's obvious her hair has natural curl, I remember the ask being that she braids them to get it extra curly, but I;m not sure that's something to nitpick, her hair as a natural curl pattern that is really beautiful when taken care of, she just treated it like shit constantly.

No. 624331

I don’t understand why she doesn’t buy some wispies or something…those lashes look like the $1 Elf lashes.

No. 624423

File: 1530296683270.png (438.31 KB, 451x849, cringe.PNG)

I cannot believe how horrible she looks in the daylight without a Snapchat filter. This bitch looks so rough. She just turned 21, and this is how she looks!?

Prime cringe material over here.

No. 624424

Her teeth look so disgusting! Everyone probably turns their head away when she talks so they don't smell her breath. Girl, come on. It takes 5-6 minutes of your day to brush your teeth.

No. 624432

I found a torrent for the new insex video on The Pirate Bay. I can download it later on and post in here via dropbox if anyone wants to kek at it. It already has a bunch of seeders lol. Only took two days too.

No. 624481

You should do this.

No. 624485

This is sooooo obviously fake. I doubt anyone would pay a $150 fee plus another $200+ to have some crackhead adult baby shop for them. Get real shay

No. 624487

lmao why tf is all of that unnecessary lying about her "traumatic" memories in MA even relatable to the ask? Just answer that you're from there and move on

No. 624501

This is so weird I’m not sure wether to laugh or call the police

No. 624516

Yes please anon. My new favorite thing is cringing at shitty snowflake porn. It's like watching a train wreck, can't look away.

No. 624586


yes, please kind anon, do it!

No. 624675

Lol I looked at screen caps from the “Two Cute” vid, Shay isn’t even in it until the 29 minute mark, KEK

Sounds like they reallllly like you Shay

No. 624684

It's just her attempt to get people to actually pay her to shop for them

No. 624754

Isn’t it sad, that she clearly can’t just go shopping with friends…cause she doesn’t have any.

No. 624850

She looks like a broke crackhead who hangs around at a trap house or crack house

No. 624917

I still can never get over how she's all about what an "~uwu cutie baby" she is but she looks at least late 30's and those were a hard 30 years on the street

No. 624980

Agree she just looks terrible now. Does anyone know what she’s on?

No. 625002

Looks like she's on crack cocaine tbh

No. 625012


You all anons are probs just used to seeing her stupid Snapchat selfies with the heart filter.. it smooths our any wrinkle, enlarges the eyes, changes the head shape. She never looked that good. We all know she sucks af skin care and staying hydrated so it’s kinda no surprise she’s already looking raisin-esque in her unfiltered snap. Bitch needs some legit moisturizer and a serum.

No. 625025

File: 1530326399477.jpeg (144.84 KB, 1242x345, C4A8F449-EC70-4D66-9923-B7BB47…)

Um Shayna, you use a VR headset to WATCH VR, not make it. Is it difficult being this stupid?

No. 625026

the words “baby porn” just do not sit right with me.

No. 625050

Especially “hypno baby porn” the fuck.

No. 625594

She's begging for money to get a VR headset yet she still hasn't done the alien porn lol

No. 625630

I'm pretty sure she claimed it was because the bad dragon dildo was too big. like sure, almost anything bigger than two fingers is too big when you refuse to use lube. how are you going to act like a professional when you don't even understand the concept of "lube makes sex easier" especially since it's a big toy. TBH I just consider her a scam artist, she wanted the outfit and props so she made the promise without ever actually planning on putting it inside her.

No. 625643

Someone should introduce her to lube. Saying the dildo is "too big" is the lamest excuse. Bitch can shove a 3 inch wide buttplug in her ass but can't stick an alien dildo in her pussy? She's just a lazy ass sex worker

No. 625650

and she bought so much expensive shit for it too! She begged for people to buy her the costume and shoes from dolls kill, the begged for the dildo so she could make “alien porn”. Then she gets it, takes a few pics in the costume and with the dildo, and calls it a day. Fucking half ass bullshit is all she’s good at. It makes me grind me teeth when she calls herself a “producer”. I have never seen her wear that outfit or shoes ever again either. It’s not like it’s a practical outfit or anything so it literally has one purpose.

No. 625652

She got fucked by a BBC on a stick in her first vid, her pussy isn’t as tight as she’d like the make it out to be. They used plenty of lube and she had no problems. She’s just an idiot who thinks not using lube makes her x-treme or something stupid like that.

No. 625654

File: 1530380334121.jpeg (80.66 KB, 380x750, E1C00CB3-D752-490B-B519-E51B60…)

why do her and Fupa have an obsession with this retard face? It’s not flattering.

No. 625663

File: 1530380860314.jpeg (250.19 KB, 1242x737, E7C703A2-298B-4CD4-AA7D-8F8E56…)

She goes on trips to the mountains in NH, but remember everyone, her family is terrible and traumatized her horribly. Apparently this is how horrible families treat their kids.

No. 625805

I honestly feel like her family is trying to lure her dumb broke ass home. Like yeah she’s a fuck up but she’s THEIR fuck up. I truly think she’s just a spoiled brat who registered any sort of redirection or discipline as unfair and to make herself more interesting, tells everyone she had such a hard time with her family. Otherwise, she has all the means to not come home apparently, so if she hated it so much, she wouldn’t be there.

On top of that, I’m 200 percent sure her father in the very least gives her some kind of allowance of monetary gifts to keep her on the hook because, surprise, she’s broke.

No. 625829

Her father bought her the plane ticket, and is paying for the whole trip. I’m 100% sure that whenever she needs money, she goes and begs Dad and he helps her out, because you know she’s not making rent and other bill (phone/food/electric/utilities, etc) payments with just her MV sales and petty cash people give her on cash apps. It’s sad how much she acts like she’s an independent working woman when in reality she’s still just a bratty teenager using others to make her way in life.

No. 625842


These two basically hit the nail on the head, i believe we all think this, too.

She even said it, she has to work her way down to LA for this company, "people are going to check her out and see if she'll be a good fit for their companies."
When in reality, shes a 5'6 lanky blonde with pigeon toes for fingers. She doesn't have a good looking asset, her teeth are basically yellow, her dark circles and lack of makeup skills show no hope, and shes not going to benefit any male talent.

I'm just waiting for the realization that she's not cut for this side of the job.

No. 625849

This is why it’s so amusing when she says people are jealous of her. Sure I’m sure it can be liberating to be a successful sex worker but the key word there is successful and she’s far from it. On top of that people can explore their sexuality without getting into sex work so at the end the day she’s really just an ugly hack with no talent, money or education.

No. 625853

If she worked with what she has instead of trying to be this ~*smol baby bimbo princess~* she could actually have something. If she just accepted that she’s average height, and worked with her body and her real personality maybe she could have a shot. It really sad to see someone this delusional about their own body, trying to convince themselves and others that they’re tiny and petite by buying children’s clothing and acting like a child. It’s pathetic.

No. 625855

It's because she would have to shower after every scene if she used Lube, so it's not an option in her mind

No. 625856

If she doesn’t immediately shower after shooting any scene, solo or otherwise, that’s fucking gross.

No. 625863

but even as she is she has none of the assets of a porn star. She has no drive, no creativity, no passion. Body wise she looks like a little boy on the cusp of puberty. She has no ass, her tits are okay I guess, her face is a wreck, her hair is god awful, her teeth and skin are disgusting (she looks like a hippie that lived in the woods with those fucking teeth and that skin), she always looks dirty and greasy, she has no makeup skills, she can barely suck a small dildo, she’s not photogenic or interesting to watch, her “sexy” faces are painful to look at, and she’s all around a boring brat who feels entitled to peoples money for taking off her shirt and taking a shitty cell phone pic.

Even if she did accept her body, do you honestly think she’s talented enough? I say no.

No. 625890

You’re absolutely right.

I think that the reason she’s not successful lies primarily in her lack of work ethic. Every one of her bad qualities either starts or ends there. I’ve seen people who look worse, with objectively worse figures, who are sexy and charming. So it’s not even that. It’s the fact that she half asses EVERYTHING, from school to work to self-care, and that’s so unattractive. She could try and milk this grunge look, but instead she attempts an atrocious Badly Aged Run Down Baby Spice get up (watch her do some nasty interpretation now). She looks like a badly bruised rotting fruit. She has no passion, no drive, and frankly, a shitty personality which makes people not want to see her succeed. There’s not a single bit of humility there. You shouldn’t feel bad for her.

No. 625899

And even on top of her lack of work ethic, she's atrociously rude to any and every person who simply asks about her work. i know the difference between a "if you liked your fans you'd post more free nudes" and "could you go a little more in depth about your work" and her response to both sides will always be: A) i fUcced ur dAd BiNCh B) fuck off im famous C) fuck you and pay me for information. Nobody is attracted to that, nobody wants to pay you for that attitude. She shows no will to wotk, no will to create, and no will to sell. She relies on others for every bit of money, and she doesn't even earn it.

I could see why her parents would want her home. Wouldnt you? If my child lived off ice cream sandwhiches and orange soda, I'd feel as if i failed as a parent.

Its sad that we're all taken as shit talking haters, because its not the case. Most of us tried saving the train before it crashed and the poor conductor thought she was already on a path to greatness.

No. 625920

I would want my child home. Which is why I think they’re luring her with material objects. Can you imagine how horrified they are? If my child barely made it through high school, told everyone I mistreated them and then started doing shitty porn where she calls other men dad and pisses in a children’s toilet, I would die.

No. 625953

she is the definition of a pampered suburban white girl who just wants to piss off her parents by doing impulsive things. tbh it sounds like the only reason she even got into sex work was because it was easy money and to seem different. She’s so cookie cutter spoiled white bitch.

No. 625965

Something about her in this picture reminds me of speck

No. 625966

Might be because the filter makes her eyes seem off.

No. 626049

File: 1530412095045.jpeg (739.8 KB, 1242x1571, 3324175C-0A45-4A30-9051-B96F38…)

okay what the shit? bdsm is fine but you want to make someone cry while they have sex with you? it tells a lot about their relationship when he doesn’t want to have intimate sex with her, just hard rough bdsm sex and lots of anal to keep the feelings low.

Good call on Fupa’s part, sort of.

No. 626084

File: 1530416963055.jpg (26.51 KB, 498x313, fuppalove.jpg)

It's about balance anon, balance.

No. 626092

Maybe it's because I'm not a kinky person but Shay and Fupapa's dynamic is kind of disturbing to me. Can any kinky anons weigh in on whether this is normal or not?

No. 626096

Kinky anon here and nothing is really normal or balanced with two seriously disturbed people who both have mental issues they're taking out sexually.

No. 626101

I'm kind of scared for her like if she goes missing or something I wouldn't be surprised at this point lmao dude is creepy as fuck

No. 626103

Agree, his blog is riddled with creepy sexual references.

No. 626107

File: 1530419081642.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.75 KB, 500x540, Screenshot_4.jpg)

Totally agree, he's posting stuff like this like wtf he wants to put the "girl he loves" into a plastic storage box?

No. 626108

File: 1530419154936.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.91 KB, 499x750, tumblr_pb5kcg9Osh1u52zzho1_500…)

samefag, he also reblogged this shit, pretty sure it's the next step after the plastic storage box

No. 626110

Submissive anon here. After Shay didn’t understand that people use contracts in bdsm its pretty clear that she isn’t going to be aware of all the risks involved in play like this. He is describing hardcore breath control which can cause permanent brain damage if not done properly and even sometimes when done correctly. The dynamic described wouldn’t disturb me if it were coming from another couple but they’re both so stupid I doubt they actually know how to practice this shit safely.

No. 626112

No. 626115


Blogpost/no milk but I mean as a submissive BDSM practicer, their relationship seems unhealthy not bc of their kinky sex. plenty of people do breath play, make their s/o cry, or hurt their partner consensually. i'd say its unhealthy af bc its ALL they talk about. their entire relationship revolves around it. it wouldnt matter if the sex was vanilla; if its all its based around then its unhealthy, period.

No. 626116

I personally don't like Shay but I don't want dumbfuck fupa kill her, it would be so horrible

No. 626120

Maybe it's just me, but I get the feeling that they have pretty vanilla sex. Just seems like their posts are way too try hard as far as a BDSM dynamic goes.

No. 626128

I think Fupa is honestly not a safe person. He's a typical unfulfilled mid-30's dude who acts like an edgy teen, which is a cocktail for murder.
As much as Shay is a shit, she doesn't deserve to be murdered by this dude

No. 626132

File: 1530421397580.jpg (15.09 KB, 496x178, Screenshot_3.jpg)

you have a point here anon, fupa is such an attention whore ("send asksss give me attention) it wouldn't surprise me if he's only adopting this edgelord BDSM attitude to make some controversy n' shit

No. 626134

what about this is sexy? what about this makes anyone randy? this looks like snuff shit. fupa needs to be locked the fuck up, he's a sick lardass freak.

No. 626181


not only that, but shay actively denies aftercare when it’s offered to her after shoots. she claims she “doesn’t need it” yet after every shoot she talks about how depressed she is and how she needs to drink wine and play dress up or whatever to feel good again. she’s too dumb to realize she’s giving herself half-assed aftercare in lieu of properly assessing her mental state and reaching out to the professionals she supposedly works with.

No. 626224

I've never understood why cam girls (also pointing at stormy and others) post about their private relationships, family trips etc on their SEX WORK social medias???
Like, non of their horny male viewers gives a fuck? I just don't get why they can't separate their private lives from their work. Don't they realize they'll never be able to find a normal job now because any future employer can Google them?

God he's narcissistic as fuck. Wasn't he ~threatening~ to turn off Anon asks a few days ago too? As if anyone would give a fuck. Why does he think he's famous and everybody wants to know more about him? If he's bored he could send other people asks, but no, ofc hes begging others to contact HIM

No. 626244

File: 1530442775664.png (1.83 MB, 750x1334, 91E7B19A-D579-4C1A-B9C6-99EEDD…)

Idg how can colleen still be friends with her

No. 626284

Jesus Christ are these 2 the same age? Colleene looks like a teen chilling with her alcoholic crackhead auntie

No. 626328

Colleen’s face says it all; “ohhhh honey! sure I’ll grab my boob with you I hope you go to detox soon”

No. 626329

can she close. her fucking. mouth

No. 626347

File: 1530457551722.jpeg (112.51 KB, 1242x587, 97CE764F-3586-4631-B9C4-EEED1D…)

because bringing a concealed weapon on a plane is EASY!

No. 626364

This guy is just plain creepy. Shay stop being a so desperate

No. 626368

I’m all for people owning guns but people like this guy is the reason why guns should be banned. Literally playing with his gun on tumblr

No. 626393

>>626347 It is easy to travel with your gun, you just check it in
I’m pretty sure 90% of the shit Shayna and Fupa reblogs will never actually happen. Neither of them have proper setups/equipments for the heavy disgusting plays, they wouldn’t know how to even go about them. Idk why yall think Fupa is a rapist murderer material, he looks and acts like a fat bitch boy to me.
Their ‘violent’ sex comes down to him trying to shove his gut against her tailbone as fast as possible while sweating on her back and killing her brain cells by choking her wrong as Shay acts like literally everything huuuurts to appease his tumblr dom ego

No. 626397

To be fair, I'm suspicious of all men I find creepy

No. 626399

This. They're just doing this Tumblr freakshow because they know it gets them attention and irritates us. Their actual sex is probably just fupa sticking it in and giving up after 5 minutes of heavy sweating because it's too much exercise for him

No. 626404

And then shay is like wow we went on for rouunnnds!!! When each go is like 5 minutes long. Wack.

No. 626424

This dumb thot stuck a frying pan handle in her asshole….. I guarantee that gun will go in the same place. She's unsanitary, unclean and I can't wait for the ravaging infection to come.

She's literally the world's best amusement. She's a walking talking freakshow that people can't turn away from.

No. 626494

Oh god I can't wait for the edgy gun pictures they'll take once they're together

No. 626503

Guess this is such a vanilla normie question, but what the fuck is ‘blood choking’?

No. 626508

When you put your hands around someone's throat and you don't crush down with your palm on their windpipe, instead you grip with your finger tips over the veins in their neck to cut off the blood to the brain. hella dangerous and known to trigger cardiac arrest even when done properly.

No. 626510


Y'all acting like sheltered, over dramatic helicopter parents or something. If he kills her it'll be in some freak accident that could happen to literally anyone, not from reinacting his 3edgy5me Tumblr posts.

Why do I always feel like when there's an influx of posts like this about any cow in any thread it's one or two anons samefagging…

No. 626524

tbh you sound like an edgy tryhard too, anon.

No. 626541

This is the kind of stuff that I don’t get at all. Who looks at this and sees anything even remotely sexual or erotic or whatever? She looks anorectic and dead.

Ita with anons who think both Shayna and Fupa post shit to get people talking about them, but how gratifying can it be for them to constantly hear what trash everyone thinks they are? In between bouts of “I fucced ur dad tee hee” Shayna blubbers into her pink wine~~ and sends herself increasingly desperate asks while she cries alone yet again in her shitty studio apartment, bitch honestly has no friends. As for fupa? He is a loser living off the e-fame he got from sticking his dick in disease. Well played, they clearly win the game.

No. 626548

Thanks, I honestly didn’t understand what he meant by that.

No. 626573

Ugh, this is so upsetting. How stuff like this can even be on tumblr where little kids can see it freaks me out. Shayna’s daddy dom is a pig for posting stuff like this. Also, yeah, it’s easy to check a firearm at baggage but what the fuck does he need to travel with a gun for? He’s a fat nothing.

No. 626654

Good point. He’s just one those brainwashed gun creeps who in reality has no business owning a gun. proof that anyone can own a gun and it’s kind of sad

No. 626685

File: 1530490243271.png (108.44 KB, 720x335, Screenshot_2018-07-01-20-09-05…)


No. 626688

If only her humiliation kink was real so that her pussy would be wet during her porn and her need for lube wouldn’t be so painfully obvious.

No. 626793

Funny how she's been a shit friend to Colleen (and everyone) and now Colleen turned to be gorgeous and nailed the nymphet lolita look in a classier way. She needs to take note and stop dressing like a retard that shops the Barbie mall crap and bandanas at Hot topic

No. 626797

Deets on Colleen?

No. 626824

File: 1530503234276.png (57.6 KB, 720x702, Screenshot_2018-07-01-23-46-47…)

Y'all…. He's so proud he told his first inside joke on the internet

No. 626879

File: 1530511356870.png (174.73 KB, 720x785, Screenshot_2018-07-02-02-01-46…)

Cause it's reaaaalll fuccked up
liIke supER FucKKed UP

No. 626880

File: 1530511412219.png (Spoiler Image, 570.3 KB, 720x1144, Screenshot_2018-07-02-02-01-38…)

Everyone's gonna have to tip her for her half of the bills until he leaves lol(spoiler needed)

No. 626882

Oh my god what the actual fuck is going on with her left tit??

No. 626894

The kind of people who find these pictures actually erotic are sexual deviants with deeply disturbing psychotic fantasies. People who actually get off to pictures that are (hopefully) simulated corpses or tortured women/children/etc are probably using those pictures to justify their fantasies and normalize them, and are probably encouraged to act out their fantasies through them. They’re dangerous freaks.

However, I seriously doubt Fupa actually jerks it to these pictures. He just wants to cultivate a super edgy aesthetic on tumblr so that people will take him seriously, because in real life he’s a total loser who probably can’t look the grocery store cashier in the eye.

God forbid anything happens to Shay where she could be murdered or injured. She doesn’t deserve that, no matter how stupid she is. But if anything did happen to her because of Fupa, it’s probably just because he’s stupid and doesn’t know how to act out his fake fetishes in a safe way.

No. 626895

Nothing. Have you seen a pair of boobs before, anon?

No. 626912

nayrt, but i’m pretty sure it’s just a weird shadow from her arm making it look a little darkened and odd

No. 626915

soo… They're gonna sell porn of them on her snapchat. Fupa's a sex worker now.
Feel free to tell him lol. Bet ya ass he'll get defensive and angry

No. 626925

That doesn’t even sound like a good inside joke.
I bet one of them messed something up (most likely during sex) and the other said “good one”.
They’re so awkward. I bet the almost 15 year gap between them doesn’t help.
It makes him calling her kiddo so much more awkward and weird.

No. 627008

At least they figured out what a inside joke is

No. 627019

Who would pay to see any of this?

No. 627032

File: 1530544177816.jpg (Spoiler Image, 646.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180702-110846.jpg)

He's apparently encouraging it. I can't imagine anyone in their right mind paying to see these two naked together. I'm already shuddering at the thought.

No. 627044

Great Daddy Shay, so great at taking care of you that you have to beg for extra for when he comes around.

No. 627060

File: 1530547380307.png (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180702-090322.png)

Does anyone actually WANT to see that though..

No. 627066

Fucking kek. Weren’t some anons in the thread just saying how that alien video was such a scam? As much as I don’t want to see her same tired routine, I love how hard she lurkes.

No. 627082

Literally 2 days ago kek >>625594

No. 627083


No. 627086

literally mentioned it yesterday lol. She is so obvious. oh well TBH I'm excited, I love when she puts out new content, it's going to be a strip tease, possibly a shitty blowjob (although I doubt it because she won't even try to fit just the tip of that thing in her mouth), and then boring missionary sex with the top 1/3 of the dildo. we'll see if it'll be dry as always, maybe she's waiting until Wednesday because she just got lube on Amazon and has to wait for it to arrive. honestly I just hope she starts using lube, that would be such an easy and small change that would srsly improve her videos. plus she could play it off as alien goo lol. also wonder if she will wear that weird alien outfit she put together and then begged for.

No. 627092

ur giving her way too many ideas, anon

No. 627095

Why does she have cotton stuffing lining her baseboards? Is herr apartment that shitty?

No. 627105

her boob veins match the alien theme

No. 627111

Speaking of new content, anyone have a stream link for the new hardtied stuff yet? I feel like the screen caps from there would be gold.

No. 627140

File: 1530554965437.jpg (188.41 KB, 553x1421, scam.jpg)

So an anon sent Shay an ask after sending her $30 and asked how they would know they were added to her private snap. Shayna replies and said they needed to send another $10, so $40 total to be able to get private snap.

AFTER she posted her promotion that her snapchat/private snap was 50% off until the 27th.

WTF?!?! Did she forget that she just posted the 50% promo… TWICE!!! Before trying to scam a customer. Disgusting.

No. 627149

It must be difficult to be as stupid as her. Idfk how she manages to get through daily life being that retarded.

No. 627153

This. Is. Absolutely. Disgusting.
Scamming people left and right. Really good work, shay hahaha

If you support this girl, tou deserve to be bamboosled. You can blatantly see she's shitting on her "customers".
How can any hard working sex worker support this in your community??

No. 627158

File: 1530556417082.jpg (453.74 KB, 1422x1046, screenshot.jpg)


Shayna posts "SnapSale" 50% OFF PROMO.
so until July 14, my snap will be 50% off! prices are as follows:

sfw public snap: $15
private snap story: $20
private snap + 1vid**: $25
private snap + 5vids**: $45
private snap + 10vids: $75

Minutes later…

Shayna then proceeds to SCAM a customer PUBLICLY.

The customer had sent $30 and was asking her which snapchat they were given access to.
Shayna tells them $30 was only for SFW public, and they needed to send an additional $10 for her private.

According the the "SnapSale" promo she posted literal minutes before, the $30 should have already paid for the private snap plus MORE! according to her menu The $30 this person sent, should have gotten them BOTH, and not just that, but an EXTRA video, with $5 LEFT OVER. Yet they only got her sfw public, and are asked to send more money.

How is she going to scam a customer publicly. Thirsty AF. How do you explain this… Did she forget about her own promotion she just posted minutes before she saw an opportunity to get more money from an already paying customer?

Here's a screen shot of her page in case she deletes it. You can see the ASK, then the times she posted the 50% OFF SNAPSALE on the same page.

No. 627169

I don't think this is a real customer, she's sending herself ask like this to advertise her shitty content and she can't keep up with the numbers. Way to run a business kek

No. 627170



In case she tries to say it never happened.

No. 627179

File: 1530558139141.png (Spoiler Image, 128.82 KB, 479x667, Screenshot_2018-07-02-11-50-42…)

I fucking gagged. Literally all I pictured was shay eating fupas hairy lard ass fml

No. 627181

File: 1530558462308.jpeg (565.83 KB, 1242x1812, 33E55BD5-3B94-43FF-9D02-EE1B09…)

KEK stop fucking lurking here Shay, it’s so damn obvious. I’m 150% sure she posts here too.

No. 627182

she would have totally gone through with scamming them too if it wasnt pointed out.

No. 627183

Makes no sense that it was a self sent. She just saw an opportunity to try to get more money of someone. She already scams everyone and has a proven and documented track record of lying, scamming, changing her prices, charging more, not sending content that has been already paid for, or even give-away prizes people had won, lying about situations trying to garner sympathy to con and scam people for money, and never using the money for what she said she desperately needed it for. She's always done this.

No. 627187

After all those screen shots, and the archived link, there's no way she could have just deleted it like usual. I was waiting to see what kind of half ass excuse she'd try to use to cover it up. Hhaha!

No. 627194

Eh I feel like this is just one more "oopsy dumb baby bimbo" moment for her then anything to worry that much about. She's openly scammed before, showing one price and then telling anons different prices whenever she felt like, it's obvious her customers are just at idiotic as she is and ignore it.

No. 627195

Her customers are idiotic for even giving her their money.

No. 627196

Well yea but we already knew that, just proves they're even more stupid to not care about how much they're giving her.

No. 627198

Anyone wanna pool and buy nsfw snap for extra milk?

No. 627203

you’re really going to ask this on an anonymous message board? stop lurking and posting Shayna.

No. 627214

I’ve thought about this wayyyyy too long, one thing is that the cotton used to be nice and white and now it’s gray and disgusting looking like the rest of that space BUT I think it’s supposed to be like clouds? And then the lights are supposed to be raindrops? I know it doesn’t really makes sense unless the cotton was higher up, covering the piece of wire that all the other lights hang from, but she is fucking stupid.

No. 627217

>implying anyone wants to pay to see shay's pussy boils and fupa fucking her while he's still wearing his t shirt and compression tank top

No. 627225

File: 1530562235511.jpg (575.69 KB, 2048x1991, soyshay.jpg)

This face reminds me of this collage

No. 627256

File: 1530564997803.png (Spoiler Image, 1.58 MB, 1472x850, yuck.PNG)


I found the video. Please be careful with this link, anons. I tried opening it with adblock enabled and it wouldn't let me. But it works!

No. 627257

File: 1530565114131.png (Spoiler Image, 938.16 KB, 1527x882, wtf.PNG)

That vagina still look sick, huh shay!?

No. 627259

File: 1530565169882.png (Spoiler Image, 1.44 MB, 1534x923, lmfao.PNG)

Moaning while the other girl has the vibrator on her vagina. LOL why does she do that!?!

No. 627273

lmao dude doing everything in his power not to have skin to skin contact with shay's pussy

No. 627278

File: 1530566544637.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.1 KB, 884x436, girlkiss.JPG)

No. 627281

For 45 minutes like nothing happened. Obviously skipped through it. Shay only in second half.

Loads of it was just 2 women just kinda falling over

No. 627284

File: 1530567038421.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 60.42 KB, 750x424, 8FE672CE-40A8-4190-AB2F-4C1CF2…)

This…… is so fucking funny.

No. 627286

I agree.
I honestly think they got bad footage from this and tried to salvage it. It looks terrible. Even the other girl, Bambi Belle, looks like she doesn't wash her face much and her nails are poorly done. They both look sloppy and gross.

I also think they tried to avoid showing Shay's vagina. There are a lot more shots of the other girl in general, but it seemed like hardtied was trying to avoid shooting Shay's vagina too much.

Shay, even Hardtied knows you suck. You suck so much they barely used you in the video.

No. 627290

File: 1530567506202.png (Spoiler Image, 309.56 KB, 800x480, Screenshot_2018-07-02-14-35-23…)

They definitely avoided close ups of shays pussy in this shoot. This was the only close up they had and even then, the camera wasn't that close. But I mean…how could you blame em? It's still a pimply diseased mess

No. 627293

File: 1530567574234.png (Spoiler Image, 333.41 KB, 800x480, Screenshot_2018-07-02-14-34-24…)

I think she needs an exorcism

No. 627294

They used the same toy between them without changing the condom didn't they? Poor girl prob gonna get some pimples transferred from Shay

No. 627306

I feel so genuinely bad for her mother.

No. 627475

Was just about to post this! Never have I been grossed out by someone using the same toy until this moment.

No. 627477


"actual time just making so much cute shit" shay are you lurking here and reading and realizing all you and your bf (hes your boyfriend not your 'daddy') do is talk about sex???

No. 627496

Shay never split up her personal life with her business, so now while trying to lead a normal life, everything she is known for is sex.
Of course their relationship is based off sex, that’s the only thing they have in common besides being attention craving, unsuccessful street rats.

No. 627509

soooo she charges people 30 dollars for her snapchat… and if they want her nsfw one… They have to pay an extra 10 dollars? why pay 30 dollars just for a sfw snapchat..

No. 627518

Literally you can watch real celebrities for free. She’s such a dolt. Truly delusional.

No. 627520

That priceless look on the other chicks face when Shay's crusty ass foot gets positioned right in her face. You can tell she was trying so hard to flip around away from the foot, but Shay has no strength whatsoever so her ass was just stuck in the way

No. 627526

File: 1530586363541.png (Spoiler Image, 1004.42 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180702-195226.png)

No. 627528

File: 1530586427271.png (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180702-195242.png)

No. 627572

Oh god, we've all seen those photos of how her feet look. Those huge, rough, yellow callouses and jagged, uneven toenails rubbing all over this other girl's face.

No. 627582

Those fucking talons are such a bad decision. Why would anyone ever?? Especially a supposed bimbo baby perfomer

No. 627828

especially someone who's supposedly gay lmao. but we've definitely debunked that one by now.

No. 627941

File: 1530637296448.png (3.91 MB, 750x1334, 773BC46C-45DE-4782-8D9B-D29714…)


No. 627968

File: 1530640933150.png (1.17 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-03-13-56-03…)

When your real dad gives you birthday money and doesn't know you're an alcoholic lmfao

No. 627976

people pay money to see this?

No. 627978

Edgelord lardass needs to sow her fucking mouth shut.

No. 627981

Yikes. No wonder she uses that snapchat filter. She looks like a wreck without it.

No. 627987

she could at least take a toothbrush to her teeth every once in a while

No. 628003

her face is so greasy, gross

No. 628068

File: 1530649017268.jpg (Spoiler Image, 155.72 KB, 649x1280, tumblr_pbb135RdL91rmiw96o1_128…)

Editing her face poorly or nah? I can't tell if it's that or the low quality resolution. But she looks a lot different here >>627941

No. 628071

File: 1530649135360.png (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 1110x946, unappealing.PNG)

She looks like a confused crackhead lol.

No. 628073

File: 1530649295243.png (577.78 KB, 617x503, whet.PNG)

Her under eyes and nose look really weird lol.

No. 628074

File: 1530649377233.png (12.42 KB, 340x483, abusive.PNG)

Abusive shithead "boyfriends" 101 over here.

No. 628075

File: 1530649438038.png (99.32 KB, 323x769, maaaa.PNG)

No. 628076

File: 1530649497599.png (287.78 KB, 286x720, alcoholismhahaha.PNG)

There is no hope for this dumb broad's future. She has given up on herself.

No. 628079

File: 1530649656743.png (721.6 KB, 422x874, themilkflowethfromthesoyboy.PN…)

Three more days til the soy milk floweth.

No. 628084

File: 1530649955934.png (103.75 KB, 750x630, IMG_2779.PNG)

She posted and deleted this

No. 628087

File: 1530650004000.png (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 1653x703, boring.PNG)

Being boring on cam. I don't think I can handle watching this boring bitch for long lol

No. 628090

File: 1530650124139.png (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 1665x673, ew.PNG)

She should already know how to handle stuff like this. I thought she was a professional.

Hitting her vagina for 50 tokens on MFC

No. 628097

File: 1530650431870.png (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 1674x709, dumbass.PNG)

Hitting her boobs for close to nothing on MFC.

No. 628105

File: 1530651109740.png (Spoiler Image, 58.58 KB, 729x605, IMG_2786.PNG)

She started shaking her ass for a few minutes but nobody is tipping so now she's smoking lol

No. 628111

File: 1530651540228.jpg (Spoiler Image, 212.89 KB, 952x703, Screenshot_20180703-135713.jpg)

Sorry for quality, on mobile atm.
>not showering before camming

No. 628113

Why are her nipples a different color? It wasn't like that before iirc

No. 628120

Why does she appear to have nipples from 2 different women? Da fuck going on here? Can hitting yourself in the tit so often damage it?

No. 628141

File: 1530653413989.png (Spoiler Image, 2.34 MB, 1500x1000, 1507575533300.png)

Something is definitely up with her nipples. I did before and after using images from her first thread >>401517

No. 628144

It could be lighting and it could be her cycle but also I’m pretty sure nipples changing color straight up is a sign on breast cancer, and considering she beats the crap out of her breast tissue, I hope she gets a mammogram.

Also she used to look so much less used up in the before pictures. Yikes.

No. 628147

I don't think it's a good sign that one nipple is changing. I don't know though, honestly never seen that kind of thing before. Everything I see online though is that it could be hormonal/pregnancy, but if one nipple is changing and the other one isn't that's not a good sign. Not a doctor though. She should get that looked at regardless. Shay, get that checked out ASAP.

No. 628149

Why is she always lying about dumb things? Cashiers literally don't care or pay attention to what you are buying at any time of day.

No. 628173

Definitely not lighting, she needs to get to a doctor.

No. 628185

Her nipples look fine in the screen cap from her camming today. Maybe it has something to do with photoshop? her legs also look wayyyyy darker than they do in the pic taken from her cam show.

No. 628190

File: 1530657380000.png (Spoiler Image, 72.98 KB, 253x123, Capture.PNG)

The nipple on the right side in >>628097 is darker and smaller than the nipple on the left side.
I cropped to see if you might notice it a bit better.

No. 628200

File: 1530657800344.png (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 750x1334, 5AE96AAB-2920-4D9F-BD42-28C7B2…)

Look at the boil on her ass. It honestly looks like what is on her shoulder

No. 628204

Can you spoiler? Jesus fuck

No. 628216

They probably looked at her weird because they thought she was special needs and was wondering why she didn’t have her adult babysitter with her

No. 628225

For me personally, when my body is warm my areolas kinda stretch out/turn a lighter shade/get softer, vs when I'm cold and they shrink and get darker/harder. I thought this was at least kinda common and has to do with your current body temp. Are my nipples broken?
I would assume that's what's going on with the pics.

No. 628234

I think the issue is that it’s a drastic change to one nipple, not both. My nipples and areolas change color and size based on my cycle and occasionally due to the weather, but both change, never just one. I think you’re okay anon, but from what we can see from the pictures, Shay isn’t. Maybe she’s just trying to rack up damage to make her trip to a dr “worth the money”?

No. 628258

She always posts about these casual encounters/ conversations like they're funny or special or something. This just shows how boring and empty her life is, that she feels the need to share such mundane occurrences.

No. 628259


>tfw your married fupa boyfriend’s tits are larger and more visible than your own

it’s a tough life, shay

No. 628267

That's the thing. To you it probably happens to both nipples, unlike what's going on with Shay.
Hopefully this can be a good enough excuse for her to get -also- her pussy checked out.

No. 628281

Why would she ever show up to a shoot looking like that? I always though her curly hair was better than any style she's had, but this looks like a burnt out, truck stop, toothless hooker scrunched hair with dollar 3 lb value tub of generic LA Looks gel… except much much worse.

I wonder if they shot more, but cut her scenes down to nothing because of how gross she looked. Her vagina and ass still are covered in the usual boils. Still have yet to see her in a single production with no outbreak.

The other girl shines next to her, she actually got 10x hotter when they brought Shay out.

No. 628286

File: 1530666831509.jpg (Spoiler Image, 258.78 KB, 1881x2001, shaymultiplewarts.jpg)


Shay's pubic area was covered in huge red boils and bumps in the front( >>627290 ), but this is from a different angle from the back and underneath.

Looks like clusters of warts. Same warts she had in Mexico hotel vid, but looks like it multiplied. Her pussy looks so weird and flappy in this also. WTF?

No. 628289

File: 1530667032425.gif (818.74 KB, 500x313, giphy.gif)

That is a freaky looking vagina. She really needs to take better care of herself. I can't even figure out what is going on with it there. I've never seen anything like that before. Body horror.

No. 628291

the flappy-ness is whatever, that's regular ol' gravity. but man..the lack of saturation makes her vagina look gray. idk how they shoot other videos but would it be farfetched to think that they desaturated the video to make her vagina look less inflamed?

No. 628296

File: 1530667375203.png (7.74 KB, 318x224, desperation.PNG)

She should try not spending money on stupid shit, she would be far less desperate to give away all of her vids and her Snapchat for a piss poor 100 dollars. I mean, not that it's worth more than that… but the desperation reeks.

No. 628298

File: 1530667452714.jpg (Spoiler Image, 414 KB, 2044x1544, DollyMattel_19062018_1008_MyFr…)

From a previous cam sesh and this >>628071

Looks like she's growing out her pubic hair, to either strategically hide her boils, pimples and warts, but most likely to wax it off right before Fupa arrives and before her shoot, so all existing breakouts and her hair follicles get irritated and infected. She never learns.

No. 628299

Those are definitely warts. They're way too big to be pimples and the fact that she doesn't take care of such a sensitive area if definitely a huge factor to those nasty shits popping up

No. 628308


I was first so relieved when he used wand on the other girl first then used it on Shay, but then shrieked from horror when he put the wand back on the other girl after touching Shayna's pussy.

So glad they didn't make this Bambi touch Shay's privates like that poor Kenzie girl. shudder.

No. 628326

Omg do these girls all get tested before they do their shoots? I think that’s protocol right? Except those literally look like nothing except genital warts. I’m horrified.

No. 628348

you do have to get tested before (most) professional shoots, but a lot of pro porn studios don’t give a shit about things like chlamydia or even herpes. it’s kind of crazy. The pro porn industry is still a really fucked up place to work that lets a lot of performers get away with stuff like STDs especially if they’re popular.

she also claimed she got tested before she went to meet sadbaffoon, and if you notice, they didn’t make anything where sadbaffoon touches Shayna’s genitals with her hands, mouth, or genitals. that could be an indicator of something.

the pimples and warts she has don’t really look like herpes, they look more like staph or mrsa, which obviously won’t show up on a blood test.

No. 628371

Even just doing shows with the camera at this angle would be loads better than shows of her sitting down on her phone.

But this angle would be too much work for her to do a full show
at because she would have to stand for a long period of time.

No. 628373

She very clearly has STD or STI…why are these companies shooting with her??!!!

No. 628400

Sage for ot, but when I get out of the shower my nipples are always lighter/larger than they normally are, presumably from warmth.

No. 628410

Her outer labia look so beat the fuck up. They used to be sort of puffy and nice but all that cunt punching is wrecking the shit out of her girljunk.

I honestly love it when newbies show up to the thread filled with horror at the state of her vulva.

No. 628415

Repeated breast trauma can lead to calcification of the breast tissue, which is :sometimes: but not always a precursor to breast cancer. Her nipple discoloration isn’t a great sign, but unless she has BRCA mutation running in the family, it’s likely not that big a deal. Still, she should definitely have her left breast checked out for safety’s sake. The veins are becoming more visible, as well, unless she’s shopping them darker?

No. 628424

her nipples look majorly fucked yo(namefagging)

No. 628429

this sounds so much like shay trying to have a non sexual conversation with fupa like:
"I've had such a shitty day daddy, I've had a nap and…"
-fupa interrupts her-
"lol, anyways I'll tie you the fuck up when I get there"
Their relationship must be so sad, no partnership and no real interests in common, the moment shay feels she needs some kind of emotional backup she'll not find that in fupa bc he clearly doesn't give a fuck about the real her, he only cares about her "internet babydoll pornstar" persona

No. 628435

That's what she thought she couldn't fit? Like if she hadn't been fucked with a dildo that length in a video before I'd assume it might be too long for her vagina but it would certainly fit in her ass in length. And if she was trying to hype her fans up with being fucked by something large/her being tight she should have used something at least thicker than the average penis
She literally did it for 2.50$. Have some respect woman, jeez. Or at least learn how much you get from tips so you know what's enough and what isn't
I find it interesting that the Bambi girl went in for more kisses at one point but Shay moved the hell away from it. She's so repulsed by kissing a girl she can't even do it for porn? It's all acting anyways

No. 628451

Shay should be happy another girl wants to kiss her crusy ass lips, other than fat creepy old men. I genuinely feel bad for Bambi having to kiss shay and having the wand get used on her right after it was on that hags infected pussy.
Honestly I doubt Insex even cares to test their models. If they're okay with having shays pimple/wart filled vag all up on screen like they did in the last videos, they definitely don't care about other models catching whatever she has. They'll most likely go see a doctor or gyno to fix their shit.

No. 628455

File: 1530683601776.png (104.48 KB, 720x591, Screenshot_2018-07-04-01-50-47…)

This is so sad…. Lmao

Satan works hard but shaynasty works harder

No. 628488

File: 1530687731418.jpg (1.14 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20180704_030234999.j…)

I'm sure it will be tasteful

No. 628500

True! We see it all of the time. Shay has bitched about feeling depressed multiple times on dumblr since Fupa has been around and he never seems to care about that shit. He just pretends it isn't happening.

Shay is temporary fuckmeat until the excitement wears off. After this visit, I anticipate that will be the case.

No. 628504

>”little girl”

bitch be huge

No. 628511

Fupa sounds and acts like a selfish prick and I agree with you so much anon, once the "magic" of this second meeting ends I bet fupa will get bored about taking care of all the "real" relationship aspects, like taking actual emotional care of an immature and sick grown ass woman

No. 628512

If she's going to shit herself in a diaper and ask fupa to change it I'm going to lose it

No. 628556

why are they standing so far apart from each other lmao
they look like two strangers being forced to take a couple picture

No. 628587


She has cysts on her inner labia, yikes!! Their clustery cauliflower nature makes me lean towards genital warts but they could also be sebaceous cysts or folliculitis which are usually staph and require antibiotics. Shay PLEASE go to the doctor, if you don't get these treated properly you will end up with crater-like holes once they get infected and burst. At the very least start washing yourself with antibiotic soap, do some warm compress, and try to order cephalexin fish antibiotics from Amazon (fin flex). I'm really worried about you after seeing this picture. It's gotten really bad down there and you need to address it!

No. 628605

File: 1530709466045.png (823.38 KB, 425x882, ew.PNG)

And instead of getting that taken care of, she is going to continue to agitate the issue once Fupa arrives. I think she either doesn't care or is too scared to go. But she is endangering other people this way. So she really should take some advice here for once.

No. 628616


MRSA is extremly dangerous. I got it once from a hospital during surgery for a cyst. It is also quite painful. I would be suprised if she wouldnt get it checked out because i got mine on my back and i couldnt sit or stand for very long - everything was painful. MRSA untreated is deadly so I actually hope shay will see this and get it checked out.

Sage for blogpost

No. 628634

File: 1530715718563.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.78 MB, 277x277, 966a20c0-6b28-49a2-a6b5-9e5b06…)

I'm surprised her dad even makes contact with this.
If i witnessed my child doing this, I'd question where i went wrong in giving my child a white suburban upbringing….. Only to get a daughter who licks herself while covered in infection and pees on the floor??

No. 628636

File: 1530715913024.png (Spoiler Image, 171.88 KB, 720x1051, Screenshot_2018-07-04-10-44-34…)

So from not telling people,
to saying its for a webcam and small daybed, and now a couch and webcam? Guessing fupapa needed somewhere to sleep too shrugs

No. 628660

Is this new??? What is this from??

No. 628661


Fuck that, this shit makes my skin crawl.

How the hell can she show her vag to the entire world, while everything is getting worse and worse in that area? And how isn't she worried about that?? This looks painful af

No. 628684

Its new, but its only a gif set from tumblr, there's 4 of them but this one was the most cringe worthy haha
She needs some pride and dignity

No. 628689

File: 1530720633409.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.8 MB, 273x273, 40435e04-be7b-4119-80bd-cbb762…)

This ones just as equally nasty, but that's just shay and probably why she has staph/mrsa/raging infections

No. 628692

Does she think this is sexy? Idk if you could find a more unflattering angle there Shayna.

No. 628695

The bitch barely hits herself, and people pay for that? at least make it worth the money and beat the shit out of your putrid face.

No. 628698

She is very reserved considering it's supposed to be her "kink"

No. 628705

This was the one that really made me cringe when I saw it lmao she looks like she's special needs

No. 628753

Anyone screen the image of fupa saying hes going to be doing videos with shaynasty???

No. 628756

File: 1530726396165.jpg (491.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180704-134517.jpg)

idk what you're referring to but this was recently posted

No. 628760

Well, at least her horrendous overgrown claws will be appropriate for one of her videos this once before they go back to being a jarring juxtaposition again

No. 628776

she probably figures it's the same thing considering how dumb she is.

please no. no one wants to see your peen, fupapa.

No. 628782

If it is MRSA, I think the way she deals with the pain is by smoking weed. Tbh she has been smoking wayyy more than what she use to a year ago. Pain from the vaginal cysts could aslo be why she gets high before shoots. She seriously needs to lay off the weed and go see a fucking doctor already

No. 628787

I got mrsa in highschool gymnastics on my inner thigh and even weed isn't going to dull that pain much. Can't deal with thinking about slapping a skin infection with a paddle willingly which makes me lean more towards the warts route in shay's case.

No. 628789

translation: “I really want the attention it gets me”

No. 628794

Wtf???? What happened? Forget the blister boils can someone explain to me what the hell is going with her pussy? Why does it look like it’s made out of clay?

No. 628796

File: 1530729804437.png (14.3 MB, 3438x3438, 08606563-1700-495D-A71D-94E1E1…)

can someone attempt to explain wth happened to this girl ever since she got into the porn industry? These are pics from when she was selling a private blog and before.

since she’s been making video content on MV (almost 2 years), she’s aged rapidly, her skin and hair have deteriorated, her mental health has deteriorated (at a very rapid rate), her vaginal health is a wreck, and she can barely take care of herself without help from someone.

No. 628800

the effects of not using lubrication and then fucking your dry pussy takes a toll on the skin. The vagina itself isn’t “stretched out” or “loose”, the skin is just stretched from constant waxing, dry fucking, and infection.

No. 628828

Those seriously look like warts to me more than anything else.

No. 628850

File: 1530734893787.png (123.54 KB, 720x547, Screenshot_2018-07-04-16-06-21…)

LMFAO im going to die this coming week from nonstop milk-flowing footage from this dumpster fire

No. 628853

File: 1530735039430.png (122.65 KB, 720x624, Screenshot_2018-07-04-16-06-48…)


He's gonna be changing her nasty, infection filled diapers and stuffing his face full of warts… Yay!

No. 628854

are we going to have to see fupas dick? with his Fupa slapping against Shayna’s bony ass.

No. 628856

this is going to be like the worst Christmas ever

No. 628935

I wonder how he's going to hide his little fupa pouch

No. 628939


Those are warts on her labia, but the random boils that pop up on her ass cheek, arm, etc are staph which eventually burst and then heal over. The staph keeps spreading to other parts of her body because she doesn't wash enough. That's what I think anyway.

No. 628944

You’re acting like this will be a well shot porno. It will literally be her mid sex handing him the phone like “film me from above daddy while I act like you’re hot shit”

No. 628949

One is just super hard imo

No. 628952

This isn’t gonna happen and I would be shocked if it does. But it won’t

No. 628958

This girl was once cute and adorable tbh. She had cute looks but not so much anymore. The truth is this thread would still exist even if she had a perfect body. Her personality is uglier than her pussy

No. 628963

He’s changing because if he doesn’t he will lose her and he knows it. I’m surprised she’s with someone who needs more attention than her

No. 628974

Oh agreed. I think she has a combination of HPV (genital warts) on her labia, and a mess of staph and ingrown hairs on her outer labia, ass, and crotch.

I would hazard a guess that Shayna has oily, sensitive skin. I shower daily and wash my sheets and towels twice a week, but I still get spotty because of my very oily skin. That’s what I think those large cysts on her back and ass are— just huge ass pimples that come from being too damn oily.

However, the staph and warts are 100% from bad hygiene and unsafe sex. Shayna, I am begging you to see a gynecologist. I know it probably seems scary but you have a lot going on down there and it’s only going to hurt you in the long run.

No. 629059

Or all her increased weed smoking could be the fact that she used to live in MA but now she lives in Washington which is a weed legal state

No. 629064

she's not even old enough to buy weed legally though

No. 629068

She is old enough to buy and possess weed as of June 26th but when did that ever stop her?

No. 629076

Maximum tinfoil: she's a meth head but instead of picking at her face and arms and shit she picks at her pussy

No. 629086

File: 1530756500703.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.89 KB, 389x750, IMG_2036.JPG)

her hair is just awful 24/7 isn't it? she looks super white trashy today.

No. 629097

File: 1530757117901.png (708.91 KB, 750x1334, 14B658F7-3CD9-4134-80C6-ACB841…)

Late reply but most Bad Dragon Dildos are larger than average. I decided to look it up because I was curious and the small is the size of an average male. But it looks like she got a size upgrade because she has both the cum tube attachment and the suction cup and you can’t have both on a small toy. She hates vaginal penetration though and I’ve never seen her use a toy in her ass that I think is impressive.

I honestly don’t understand how she can pretend she has any authority as a sex worker. Does she just never look at the size of her normal toys? Did she genuinely think she could fit something slightly larger with little issue? She could probably get it in with lube and maybe a few off cam tries just so that way she is comfortable and knows what to expect. But that’s a lot to expect from her. So, is she delusional or ignorant?

No. 629110

She just turned 21

No. 629112

Didn’t she say she was dropping the vid today??

No. 629115

her hat says fuck trump but isnt this the same bitch who made a porn parody of his "grab them by the pussy" debacle

No. 629133

She did say it was coming out today.. But she was probably too busy looking like a white trash wet dream to do her actual job.

No. 629140

She needs to stop getting her vagina waxed, it is very likely that the reason she is getting pimples/boils is because of a bacteria or virus that is spread through waxing in unsanitary salons. Waxing will create micro-tears that is easy for nasty shit to enter & it creates a never ending cycle where you keep getting zits.

I hope she reads this post in this thread.

She needs to stop waxing/plucking/etc her vaginal hair. Only trim it. If she sticks to this for a month, that alone should clear up her problem by 80%.

If she wanted it healed up quickly, she should look into taking oral AND topical anti-biotics… does she not have a planned parenthood near her that she can go see?

Seriously, she shouldn't be opening the pubic hair pores at all, i.e. waxing and plucking. She should only be shaving her pubes. Otherwise her vagina will NEVER get better.

Sorry for the sperg, it just really makes me sad for her. This shit looks painful.

No. 629148

>implying that those boils we're caused by a dirty salon and not because Shay straight up won't shower

anon, please

No. 629159

As far as the outside of her vagina goes, she could clear a lot of that up by maintaining her pubic hair better as you said. But she has cauliflower style clusters on her inner labia too. That can't be from poor pubic hair maintenance.

Like you said, I hope she goes to planned parenthood. there is no reason for her to ignore this issue and it makes her look even more nasty because she willfully ignores it.

No. 629162

File: 1530764464681.jpg (Spoiler Image, 142.43 KB, 649x1280, tumblr_pbdccqb3Sc1rmiw96o3_128…)

The way she edits her face makes me kek. We all know she really looks like >>627941 and >>626244 and >>617763

No. 629165

File: 1530764620840.jpg (Spoiler Image, 146.07 KB, 649x1280, tumblr_pbdccqb3Sc1rmiw96o2_128…)

No. 629179


lmao that shoop, also she had those cheap press on nails for months wtf? And there is no way that the warts on her vag are just caused by poor epilation, I never saw her once with a healthy looking pubic area. She def has HPV or something similar…

No. 629196

the fact that the charge and color and firmness (by look of it) is just to one nipple really points to breast cancer. Probably not but not worth ignoring. Shay please see a doctor

No. 629198

Okay, counted theory, she knows perfectly well she’s got some sort of STD, like genital warts, and just doesn’t care.

No. 629210

Is it possible she photoshopped the color of her nipple as well? it looks slightly different in both pictures

No. 629275

And a month ago they were the same colour too. Shay for once in your damn life see a doctor!

No. 629284

My best bet is musculum contagiosum. I am not proud to say I had it once after a very nasty encounter with a very nasty guy. It can look like boils, pimples, cauliflower clusters, but if she just went to the fucking doctor and washed herself, she could get rid of it. I highly doubt it's staph or MRSA. It looks like something she's not taking care of, making it worse by shaving and probably not washing her toys. Jesus Shay just go to the free clinic and take care of it. And it's extra fucking gross that Fupa wants to even get near it.

No. 629329


The shorts look painted on.

No. 629348

they’re not

No. 629352

The state of her right breast is appalling

No. 629361

I don’t even think she actually goes to a salon. Her nails look so cheap and she’s the type that would post pics every time she’s there and that hasn’t happened ever

No. 629367

it truly is. idk how other anons can sit here and say her tit looks normal. it didn’t used to look like that, something fucked up is going on with it.

No. 629391

In the past she didn’t use alcohol as often, she was better hydrated and didn’t throw up her food. She ate normally instead of binging on goldfish and wine. It’s probably just that the skin became stretched and due to being pale, the veins show underneath. Repeated trauma from hitting and punching probably didn’t help the skin either.

Having visible veins, especially in a breast, is not uncommon and isn’t a sign of disease. Later in life she’ll probanly have an issue with saggy breast tissue and skin.

No. 629441


I don’t really think alcohol has much play in why her tit is that veiny. As someone who’s now sober, I used to have a diet/lifestyle much like hers minus punching myself in the tits and they absolutely never looked like that. They actually barely changed. I think this solely has to do with the blunt force it’s receiving.

No. 629444

Totally agree, it's the constant abuse of her body that is making it look so strange. I do think she should get it checked out though, it's definitely getting a lot worse.

No. 629475



She has three types of skin lesions going on.


That breast has always had very visible veins. It's the sudden change in color, size, and texture of the nipple on the other one that is alarming.

No. 629504

File: 1530813466907.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 80DE3AEE-4A86-4136-914B-58BB61…)

But you know, her Uber driver definitely consents to potentially seeing that (quite literal) shitshow. I never really say shit about her kinks because she doesn’t involve unconsenting people (except those unfortunate folks who have to deliver to her closet) but that’s just not cool. I would be so disgusted if I turned around to see any of my passengers doing what she’s talking about. Let alone fatty fupa and sti shaynut.

No. 629517

File: 1530815194545.jpg (361.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180705-101530_Tum…)

"I'll pay you to be my daddy"

No. 629533

File: 1530816728315.png (142.51 KB, 720x673, Screenshot_2018-07-05-14-50-24…)

She…… She knows not one thing abou-….

No. 629546

fupa's looking for that taco bell shift manager paper

No. 629548

this is almost as bad as those parody ~cummies~ chain messages with all the emojis people send around as a joke… but serious…..

No. 629570

She’s the kind of person that cries abuse when someone does something she’s even mildly uncomfortable with, yet will happily expose unconsenting people to HER kinks with no thought about it. She needs a reality check.

There are so many gross sex workers (for example Lana Rain) that have seemingly no problem with abusing and scamming others. yet they constantly play victim and act like they’re the ones being abused. Then they go on to say how hard working and independent and strong they are. Wtf is this mindset and why do so many sex workers have it?

No. 629615

File: 1530822862789.png (21.18 KB, 307x560, ewwwcowcollision.PNG)

These two.

No. 629619

File: 1530822926115.png (237.81 KB, 306x609, potcallketteu23.PNG)

Bahahaha this bitch has begged for money for weed and food multiple times on tumblr and twitter and has the audacity to shame someone else for it!? Somebody please smack some reality into this dumb bitch lolol.

No. 629621

File: 1530822975116.png (7.45 KB, 291x253, hmmm.PNG)

What a fucking idiot she is. Finally cleaned the place for once, eh?

No. 629625

File: 1530823025718.png (5.52 KB, 299x266, what.PNG)

Shay trying to correct someone and failing.

No. 629627

File: 1530823075582.png (11.55 KB, 303x371, justajoke.PNG)

It wasn't a joke Shay. You thought you were correct when in fact you're retarded.

No. 629628

File: 1530823125757.png (8.74 KB, 301x295, whereisthejoke.PNG)

What is funny about correcting someone who wasn't wrong in the first place?

She has no brain cells.

No. 629632

File: 1530823190243.png (3.67 KB, 297x170, youhaveansti.PNG)

This bitch is walking around with a visible STI and has the gall to consider herself intelligent. Boldly idiotic, eh?

No. 629634

says the failing cam girl, used up at age 21

No. 629648

that's pretty rich coming from the girl who begs strangers on the internet to pay for her visits to the nail salon or porn equipment lol

No. 629666

Someone on here stated while in her cam room on mfc she was in the process of teling her guests she uses her money to only buy weed and wine. Wondering why she doesn't get tipped, my ass. Who wants to tip a weed addicted alcoholic who's paddling their pussy for cents?? Sooooo bimbo

No. 629806

This sleasy infected hoe really just shamed someone for asking for money to buy weed yet she does the SAME FUCKING THING, including begging for money to buy alcohol, food, a bed, get her hair/nails done, and buy all the props/outfits for shoots she never does or takes literal months to put out? How more pathetically sad could a person be.

No. 629883

Why do I feel like fupa asked her this hahahaha

No. 629892


She's always been a liar, scammer, beggar, delusional, desperate, insecure, selfish, desperate for attention as well as dirty, never showered/bathed, always lacked hygiene habits. That shit hasn't changed.


It was a joke, it's clearly sarcasm and playing up her "dumb ditzy bimbo" aesthetic in response to someone questioning her intelligence. They're/ their, you're/your.

It wasn't very funny, but those who missed it and pointed it out are only stroking her ego.

No. 629986

It's not a very good joke if it doesn't make people laugh lol. The only joke I see is this bitch trying it too much.

No. 629987

where's the alien vid? lmao, wasn't that supposed to drop yesterday or did she just say that to try to prove she'd "actually" recorded it?

No. 629998

I think people can't take this "joke" as a joke because even her followers know she's retarded

No. 630001

the funny thing is that she probably didn't even record it at all. not back then and neither now lol

No. 630006

I bet 20 bucks he won’t wash his hands beforehand

No. 630191

Gross… The mental images created on here… I just cant sometimes. But their relationship is more lame than gross. I’m embarrassed for them. They really think they’re like cool or something?? I can’t believe he’s in his 30s. if I didn’t know any better i would think that was her brother but I don’t think her real brother blogs like a teenage girl

No. 630330

File: 1530900916133.png (430.11 KB, 398x925, 2018-07-06 14_14_01-Filth.png)

lmao "flight attire" as if this is some kind of a look

No. 630346

He sucks in his stomach flaps just like his crackhead girlfriend

No. 630349

File: 1530903195926.jpg (49.18 KB, 800x453, mens-compression-shirt-before-…)

nahhh you know he got that compression tank aka men's girdle goin on underneath that tee

No. 630351

They really don’t have a relationship outside of sex, do they?
How sad. Every single aspect of their relationship revolves around sex. They have nothing in common otherwise. It’s so depressing.

No. 630371

ikr? he always looks awkwardly posed as if he's holding his breath or puffing out his chest to compensate for chubbiness

No. 630375

im sure fupa makes it a point to keep their relationship on those terms
sadly at this point i think shay knows she has little chance of doing better (or at least finding a dude that will put up with her shitty sex work, scary diseased looking vagina, lack of hygiene, all the embarrassing stuff she has floating around on the internet, etc)

No. 630419

File: 1530909969976.png (4.55 KB, 273x222, 2018-07-06 16_46_30-Mozilla Fi…)

t-minus 5 hrs and the milk shall floweth

No. 630420

this gave me cancer

No. 630468

Why are his shoulders so weird looking, the right one is so straight lmao

No. 630472

Kind of looks like his shirt is too tight and it's squeezing around his fat or fupa went ahead and facetuned his shoulders and upper arms lol cuz they do look weird

No. 630485

It’s what happens when you do arm day all the time and never anything else

No. 630487


The fact that he has no actual neck is only highlighting this

No. 630522

File: 1530920792147.png (19.59 KB, 485x431, getme.PNG)

Lol no wonder Fupa is still so fat

No. 630526

File: 1530920898037.png (37 KB, 456x712, kekkkk.PNG)

"business class was booked" haha okay buddy, you weren't trying to make this trip to see your fuckmeat as cheap as possible or anything. just like you spent the majority of your per diem in mexico city on your last meal after Shayna left, instead of taking care of her or taking her out anywhere.

No. 630530

File: 1530920988405.png (12.73 KB, 458x257, ok.PNG)

I bet he is actually a really shite insta-dom.

No. 630534

I bet he flew frontier or allegiant and couldn't even afford the carry-on charge

No. 630535

It’s funny because you can tell he doesn’t understand how long intense bdsm relationships like that tend to take. But when you’re a fatass just focused on having sex with a dumpster slut that makes shit porn and will do anything for a dollar, I guess BDSM ethics don’t really matter.

No. 630537

Now that it's getting so close, I'm grossing myself out imagining the smell of Shay's studio apartment with fupa's body odor present in the already probably piss-smelling air

No. 630538

so I don't want to give the cows any $ but also hope someone else is going to share the private snap because the cringe will be so good

No. 630540

I couldn't even live with myself saving those screens
The anon that provides that milk will be doing God's work

No. 630542


send me an angel

No. 630545

File: 1530921822080.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 219.59 KB, 750x1334, 1DF2A35B-EF10-4370-9A16-6F6D0D…)

Her face and her pussy just look so awful in this. How in the hell does someone look so dead & exhausted when they don’t have any type of schedule? This bitch isn’t even camming late at night so I’m confused. Does she really look that used up from doing practically nothing?

No. 630549

Ummmmmmm… She looks like a literal crack whore. What has she done to herself?

No. 630560

This made me physically ill. This is literally not for the faint hearted.

I also think it’s nauseating how he speaks to her. Like they’re 12 in their first weird end relationship.

No. 630561

When asked what he's going to do when he gets there he refers to himself singular, when I'm pretty sure that that person was asking what they're going to be doing or had planned. I know it's a weird thing to be annoyed by but I find it extremely rude that after saying he'll meet her he says that he is going for food, not they. He doesn't consider her in his plans or thoughts, you can always get a vibe from people when they reply to things regarding others, he clearly does not care if she's anywhere near him and is only focused on keeping himself happy. I don't know how she fails to see that, everyone knows he's scummy but he's just scummy, rude and selfish with regard to her. Either that or he's gonna shove fast food in his face while she drinks wine and watches him.

No. 630563

Strategically hiding the parts of her inner labia that looked particularly bad lollll. All of those red bumps. God she looks so used up.

No. 630566

this is not normal

No. 630567

Ugh you can see how far they keep going down her ass this is beyond disgusting get for genitals cleaned up for christ sake

No. 630604

lets be honest, meth is prolly the DOC.

Shay will only become more of a truckstop junkie hooker as time passes bye.

No. 630606

File: 1530930346552.png (39.78 KB, 516x466, Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 10.2…)

ok so how does this work does he, instead of texting her he's landing, post on tumblr? or does he text her and say "hey i'm landing, also can you go and reblog my post that i'm landing and act like you didn't know before you saw it and act super excited?" either way…. stop

No. 630609

a lot of tumblr relationships are like this. she likely is obsessively checking tumblr while waiting for him at the airport and they'll probably be on it going back and forth the time they're together when he's not sticking his micropeen in her diseased cunt

No. 630631

every time he calls her kiddo a part of my soul dies

No. 630648

If I had money I'd buy the lifetime thing cause it doesn't actually give her much money in the long run (and the shit I've saved to put on the Onision thread is to me just as bad anyways). If there's a way to pool money together I could make a spare snapchat, save her snaps, and set up a file share account we can link to here or something like in the moo thread.
I don't want to be sketchy or something so if there's a way I can guarantee the money will go to her snap that'd be best (if everyone is ok with it of course)

No. 630677

this sounds like… so much effort just to see pictures of a wart infested pussy

No. 630690

My thoughts exactly, anon

No. 630725

it's sad how public their relationship is. nothing is sacred or private to them. do they share any tender loving moments?

No. 630738

Why does fupa have no neck? It's unsettling. This mf is built like Igor.

No. 630750

File: 1530945352322.png (1014.91 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0209.PNG)

Literal five year old

No. 630752

Dumb bitch wore that shirt last time.

No. 630760

File: 1530946791843.png (1.4 MB, 953x780, 1530637296889.PNG)

In honor of the pictures Fupa is reblogging on tumblr while he is with shay:

No. 630807

>that shit on her cheek
my sides.

how does she leave the house like this i can't believe it

No. 630851

Her ugly pout annoys me so much

No. 630854

File: 1530963652677.jpeg (138 KB, 750x1052, 93741817-93DD-41C8-8E3E-DBD541…)

He’s starting his “decent”
Yeah, I’m extremely sure this guy has an important job when he doesn’t even know the proper word for landing lmao

No. 630863

Knowing what attention whores they both are, I’m surprised they didn’t post anything last night.
It’s almost like they both lurk here and know that last time everyone talked shit cause they would communicate on their phones even though they were right next to each other.

No. 630891


I keep considering buying it and then I ask myself, would you pay $20 for milk? No, no you wouldn't. I want to cringe so hard at them but not for $20

No. 630905

Attention whoring. Their "relationship" revolves around it.

No. 630908

Seems like she literally has like 3 shirts

No. 630934

Has anyone else noticed how similar their faces look to one another?

No. 630941

She looks so dumb lmfao girl wash your hair and stop putting temporary tattoos on your dirty mug.

No. 630992

Is it possible for Fupa to have an airport job?

No. 631007

File: 1530986306177.png (368.93 KB, 480x757, Screenshot_2018-07-07-10-43-14…)

She forgot to add the part where she binge eats more crap, cries, and makes herself throw up

No. 631009

she had to have sent that ask herself bc that bitch is not fit. she's bulimic skinny-fat at most.

No. 631013

File: 1530987630345.png (9.43 KB, 447x390, Capture.PNG)

Being dumb on her dumbass "boyfriend's" tumblr. Looks like they can't just enjoy each other's company. She has to attention seek and let all of Fupa's followers know she's there. She seems so insufferable. And so does he.

What a smart "daddy"./s

No. 631016

File: 1530988084505.png (29.47 KB, 1444x416, wow.PNG)

Her camscore has gotten so low lol

No. 631019

File: 1530988295682.png (999.53 KB, 566x826, dk.PNG)

From instagram.

No. 631023

that’s uhhh actually not low. anything above 800 on MFC is usually pretty average.

No. 631024

File: 1530988830176.png (Spoiler Image, 330.43 KB, 521x915, sdfsdfsdf.PNG)

Shay said she had "some 20" people buy her snapchat to see those two go at it. She was charging 15 dollars for the sfw snapchat, 20 dollars for the nsfw one with other deals. Meaning she made at least 300 dollars. She said she was going to post the same Snapchat content on her MV Crush too, which she hasn't. Why do I get the feeling they aren't going to do half the shit they said they were going to do for people and this is just another scam for her?

For how long she has been on MFC, that is low. Every cam girl starts out at 1000. She should have a higher score than that.

Not to mention she was at around 1700 just a couple of months ago. But yeah, go on and whiteknight the ever so successful Shaygnar.

No. 631038

On MFC, every cam girl starts with a score of 600. 600 is a “base” score. I used to used MFC.

No. 631040

File: 1530990431258.jpeg (172.97 KB, 1242x459, 94AE1480-F2B7-4EF6-9D68-C508E8…)

you both can shut up now

No. 631042

there’s so much more milk on her than nitpicking a cam score.

No. 631049

I was just trying to make a point about how lazy and bad she is at her job. Hardly a nitpick, it's been steadily going down for quite some time and I had a laugh. Don't police the thread. I guess I should nitpick her appearance?

No. 631056

No but you can stop trying to instigate.

No. 631059

Why’d she flip the photo? You know this bitch lurks here, showing off her diseased looking titty that way. Her nipple looks terrible, but by all means she should have ugly men beat on it more and make it look even worse.

No. 631060

Is she really going to try and piss off a bunch of incels and neckbeards because that always goes so well, like who does this hoe think her audience is, fucking royalty? Don’t bite the hand that feeds you bitch, we all know your sweet little Fupapa stinks of Doritos too. Can you even believe this cunt, giving it away for free to such a piggly wiggly? They’re supposed to pay you, Shay. Tsk tsk.

No. 631068

I want her to bleach those sneakers so badly. It’s the the little things she always overlooks that make her look the filthiest.

No. 631071

She could just buy new ones for $10 lol
How do they even get dirty? Does she ever do anything?

No. 631123

File: 1530998440113.png (187.1 KB, 1440x1811, Screenshot_2018-07-07-16-20-03…)

kinda makes me wonder if she had permission to be on his phone or if maybe she just wanted it to see if he was talking to other girls.

No. 631140

File: 1531000322101.png (13.81 KB, 423x203, sdf.PNG)

I was thinking the same thing too. It certainly seems like he left his phone unattended and Shay went through his tumblr kek.

No. 631144

He’s been with her for 24 hours and she’s already snooping in his phone…. jfc

No. 631145

File: 1531000911303.png (Spoiler Image, 1.34 MB, 1347x862, tinysheis.PNG)


This is another lovinglyhandmade clip that was posted two days ago. Watch the preview in the link kek

No. 631151

File: 1531001468202.png (Spoiler Image, 1.73 MB, 1334x949, facepunchesandstarstickers.PNG)

I am not sure if this one was posted, I went back to look and see but I couldn't find it. This is from June 26th.

"I give Dolly some difficult challenges, and reward her in a couple ways that are meaningful to her; face punches and star stickers. First she earns hard face punches by pushing her throat down over my fingers far enough to gag."

Why does the idea of face punches and star stickers being "rewarding" make me laugh so hard?

No. 631155

What is wrong with her hand in the right image? It looks like a monster paw

No. 631157

>'Marveling how tiny she is'

Kek okayy she's not even a foot shorter than this creepy douchebag

No. 631173

are they the same sneakers that she wore in the video where she goes outside, steps in the mud in her bare feet, and puts both her socks and shoes back on right after? if so, ew…

No. 631216

Yup those are the same ones. She barely even cleaned them but then again, its shay.

No. 631223

So has she posted anything at all since fupa slithered off the plane?

No. 631230

Now all I have is an image of him dragging one leg and answering Shay with "Yeeeees Maaaaaster", the least Dominant Dom that ever Dommed.

No. 631241

Dominant males are offended by this man thinking he’s one of them

No. 631248

File: 1531012762748.png (37.72 KB, 641x662, asdfs.PNG)

I don't know. There isn't anything on her MV Crush like she said there would be. Can any Snapchat anon confirm if she's posting or did she scam a bunch of people again?

She says she is posting on Snapchat here, but I don't believe half the shit she says without proof lol

No. 631251

File: 1531012968170.png (476.89 KB, 434x879, cont.PNG)

A continuation of the exchange. Fupa is gross but Shay is annoying af, I would be pissed if this ugly rat gremlin went through my shit. She is clearly insecure.

No. 631252

Guys that are actually dominant don't have to tell you they are.
Truly dominant men also don't fetishize abuse. Weak, scared men do. Because they have no real power or control.

No. 631255

i'm pretty sure she wants the shoes to look dirty because it's more kid-like. it's double gross.

No. 631309

File: 1531021921873.png (951 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0249.PNG)

No. 631312

Lmaooo why fupa gotta do her like that

No. 631402


i wonder what it feels like to be self conscious enough you gotta replicate the same make up look everyday even when youre just out with your man lol falsies included.

No. 631406

File: 1531025087298.png (6.8 KB, 418x145, wtf.PNG)

With this caption attached. Now they are seeing the Incredibles 2. God imagine how cringe-y she's acting at the theater. She really thinks she's a kid. Weird and gross.

Also her under eye is really wrinkly. Why is it so wrinkly lol? I don't think I have ever seen anything like that before.

No. 631407

dehydration/drinking/smoking will do that to you

No. 631421

File: 1531027023594.png (82.55 KB, 706x445, thatfaceagain.png)

She's making that face again, but this time it's worse somehow.

No. 631423

pweeteen angel wiff cute lil wrinkly eyebags uwu~~

No. 631438

Her face isn't swollen at all. Come on, fupapa. Shay wants bruises let's see some bruises. Or will it be like last time where she left mexico without a mark cause you're just a tumblr dom?

No. 631443

I feel like he made the image black and white to cover up the lack of red in her face. And of course he had a pic of her with her face all puffed up like that'll make us actually think it's from swelling and not from a mouth filled with soup and just sucked up noodles

No. 631461

I can believe how her looks have deteriorated she’s so gross looking

No. 631463

Wow, sometimes I truly admire Shay's confidence. Imagine thinking you look like a cute baby girl Barbie teen when you're actually looking like a FTM that would benefit from ffs, she needs her caveman brow bone shaved. And she's spreading open her gross vag in front of the world with no shame hEckiN wOw!!

No. 631478

Nope I'm DONE. This gal is not 21. She looks fucking 40

No. 631493

File: 1531038838694.jpg (581.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180708-043345.jpg)

blegh, the autism coming from both of them is palpable

No. 631502

Her face isn't even swollen, just un-filtered kek.
If he "punched her hard" then shouldn't she be bruised?? These two aren't fooling anyone

No. 631554

>spoils me with food
It's literally just a bowl of noodle soup

No. 631580

>>631493 they’re right there with each other, why talk on tumblr lol

No. 631587

God, Shay looks like she should've started using an under eye cream years ago, I don't know how someone that young can look so crusty and withered.

No. 631589

yes. obviously punches and not bulimia cheeks.

No. 631592

This woman accused her parents of abuse because they grounded her and wouldn’t let her smoke weed, but thinks getting punched in the face by her boyfriend is cute. Okay…

No. 631594

Agree with this x500000. She has such a fucked up view of affection and love. He doesn't care about her in the slightest, he's just using her to get his fantasies lived out and even those aren't strong enough to actually give Shay the bruises and bullshit she wants. Great "dom".

No. 631610

When people say they wanna be punched sexually they usually don't mean an actual punch cos that would fucking hurt and possibly knock teeth out n stuff. Stick to slapping luv. Even I've had a bruise on my face from drunken slap sex, not ideal if you have any sort of social life when other people can see that and probably presume you're getting abused. But Shay doesn't go outside or have friends so not an issue for her eh

No. 631619

And a movie date.
How mediocre and vanilla can you get? Kek From all their hype you'd think they would go to a sex club or something ~totally shocking wild~ ddlg stunt. We wanted milk, Shay, not noodle soup.

No. 631625

she also claimed she went to go see it already, by herself. Kek

No. 631626

I stg if they do some gross shit in the theater during a CHILDRENS movie, I really won’t be surprised but that’s fucking grimy

No. 631636

I wouldn’t be surprised he seems like a enabler. They’re so weird and lame I can’t belive these two are adults

No. 631659

File: 1531072445827.jpg (146.15 KB, 1080x1509, Screenshot_20180708-185303_Tum…)

Idk how she's managed to achieve such serious under eye wrinkles at barely age 21.

No. 631664

It does look like this sewer rodent has a black eye though. Otherwise she’s literally on crack cause there’s no other reason she should look like this.

No. 631666

File: 1531073187503.gif (1.22 MB, 480x270, p79i2rfuj8e01.gif)

Ew. She's a good example of why you should moisturize kek can't believe this hag just turned 21. "Baby bimbo" Sure, Jan.

No. 631672

God I wish she would put some skin care on her amazon wish list. It’s so cheap and it would help her preserve her career. I don’t understand why she won’t drink water!!!

No. 631674

Does anybody here have her nsfw snapchat for posting the two of them?

No. 631677

>When Shayna’s idea of ‘spoiling’ is $10 worth of food and movie cause she a $20 hoe
>Only been seen going out to fucking walmart
Wth even working class high school boys can do better. Where are them college funds Shay?? And isn’t her daddy always sperging about muh established kareeer’ and muh business class? It’s always those with the least that flex the most I swear

No. 631680

I’m thinking it’s left over makeup settling into her deep creases. If I sleep in masacara I get something similar to that

No. 631724

this thread always reminds me to put on lotion, her face is completely wrecked

No. 631729

Her "daddy" couldn't even spring for a bed so he'd have somewhere to sleep when he came over. She had to beg other men to fund it.

No. 631732

Bitch you can get moisturizer at the dollar store. You know that place where you get half your props? You can get it on your favorite place, Amazon, as well. Maybe try not looking like a meth head hmm?

No. 631733

She’s the kind of person that would sleep In her makeup and then just go over it the next day

No. 631755

I feel like her skin is going to end up looking like Luna’s because of how much make up she wears and her lack of proper hygiene

No. 631810

there’s vids and pics of her getting fucked on her Snapchat. You don’t wanna see that mess tbh. Fupapa is wearing a shirt to cover up his jiggly belly

No. 631823

omg what are you talking about yes we do want to see that mess

No. 631833

we GOTTA see that mess

No. 631836

No. 631879

Please anon I need a laugh

No. 631880

I imagine it’s the most disgusting thing ever filmed

No. 631887

Lol just like Stormy's ex kyler, but his sagging belly did slip out his compression shirt in their sex tape.

I'm sure fupapa said he used to be like 300lbs so it's not gonna be pretty.

No. 631901


anon pls

No. 631906

OF COURSE we want to see the trainwreck! Anon please provide us with the milk

No. 631908

Sage if you have nothing useful to add

No. 631909

Is he wearing a condom or did he really put his dick in that diseasehole

No. 631917

post proof or gtfo, don't just come in here making claims this juicy without backing it up. We all want to see this disgusting mess and laugh about it

No. 631942

It's not hard to cap without the user knowing you are, fyi.

No. 631945

File: 1531099069463.jpeg (125.7 KB, 1242x409, 35FB8857-6FD3-4FF5-8516-2D9F67…)

if you’re fucking a girl and she’s able to keep something in her mouth and hold onto a stuffed animal, you’re not fucking her right. Or your dick is really small.

You want that bitch to be moaning your name and grabbing onto the sheets for support.

Also it’s really weird that she calls it “a dream come true”. That’s creepy.

No. 631947

It’s called screen recording, someone must be able to show the milk

No. 631961


Probably my paranoia but I bet the anon saying it’s the most disgusting thing out there and the op anon talking about it are Shay/fupapa trying to make some money bc they have so few genuine fans they need to branch out to make money. It’s not hard to offer screenshots/screen record low key and the anons haven’t been back since. I would ignore them and move on in topic. They have no milk to offer.

No. 631977

Shay can't think her way out of a paperbag and has no creativity,it's definitely just laziness.

No. 631986

You know it's fucking sad when this is what she calls ''A dream come true''
Reach for the stars, eh Shay?

No. 631987

Wouldn't surprise me. We know she reads here.

No. 632022

File: 1531107557088.png (Spoiler Image, 2.4 MB, 750x1334, 901FC36E-1F7B-4FA8-B2E8-3BA7B5…)

Ask and thou shalt receive

No. 632023

File: 1531107640568.png (Spoiler Image, 2.4 MB, 750x1334, AD155CA9-C101-47E0-BC3F-99ECA5…)

No. 632024

File: 1531107732646.png (Spoiler Image, 1.85 MB, 750x1334, rotated.png)

Here is that image rotated so we can see Shay's facial expression a bit more lol. God she looks bad.
This is eye bleach.

No. 632025

She looks so unamused

No. 632028


please tell me he isn't rawing her oh my god

No. 632029

Lol @ him meticulously covering his fupa

No. 632031

>getting doggystyled from fupapa with a pacifier in her mouth

Hard to tell because of his hand placement. It's typical fat guy trying to make his dick look bigger maneuver too.

His dick looks very unimpressive.

No. 632033

I'm curious about her reasoning to grow her pubes out (not because I'm for or against), because hasn't she almost always been shaved?

is it a preference for Fupapa, is she trying to hide all of her warts, or do you think shes finally learned to give her skin a break?

No. 632034

she looks so uninterested kek

No. 632035

She's going to LA on July 17th so I wonder if she is growing it out to have it properly waxed for that date. She may also be trying to hide her warts and is hoping the outbreak is gone before the 17th.

No. 632039

Can he even get it in that dry cunt

No. 632040

Look at the ugly fuckface that fat daddy has, so awful. Nothing is any good in Shayna’s life, it’s all cheap garbage and unattractive men.

No. 632041

Lmao this is some trailer park VHS porn

No. 632044


oh good god this is worse than i'd ever expected

someone with decent shoop skills use these as inspo for next thread pic when that time comes, i beg of you

No. 632047

Omg I am deceased… And of everything going on in the pacifier pic, my eyes are still drawn to her nasty dried ramen noodle hair

No. 632064

omg she looks so…..dead and miserable tbh

No. 632066

kek clearly you don't know what eye bleach means because this is the exact opposite

No. 632069

Fat fingers or a skinny dick?

No. 632071

omg if he's raw dogging that ugly infected puss.. Blech! Makes me cringe physically and mentally. Ya nasties!

No. 632072

Ew his face! Lol they both look fucking inbred

No. 632074

File: 1531112961805.png (366.87 KB, 568x454, screaming.png)

No. 632092

File: 1531115956242.png (Spoiler Image, 2.9 MB, 750x1334, 0D4987D9-657C-43EA-9C15-897DDB…)

Lmaoo fatty is a whole 4 inches

No. 632096

her vagina looks 80% better when she lets it grow out
I can't imagine how horrifying this would be if she shaved or waxed prior

No. 632099

Oh no, he's not wearing a condom, is he?

Poor fupa has a choad.

No. 632105

His face looks like that because he has never been able to actually do what he thinks he is into, let alone get pussy that NEVER gets fucked. So now they are having vanilla bdsm sex on Snapchat while she has a binky in her fucking mouth. UGH

No. 632107

Srs question, why does his dick look like it gets so much skinnier on the end connecting to his body? Lol is that an actual dick shape some dudes have? It looks like he injected something into only the end of his dick to enlarge it or something lol

No. 632109

Her anon is also off.

No. 632112

Yes, it's perfectly normal. Dicks are as varied as vagina.

No. 632117

Ikr looks disgusting like a maggot or something
Everything about them is gross

No. 632121


Her fingers are holding her outer labia open.


The white lesions are on the edges of her outer labia.


And the inner labia are part of the vulva which is outside of the vagina.

I wonder if she was vaccinated against HPV?

No. 632123

Oh Jesus CHRIST look at the 4 INCHES this oh so scary dude is packing. The only things scary about him is this, and his face. And keeping the t-shirt on… what are you so worried about?

No. 632126

Where's the hardcore knifeplay you promised fupa?
This is weak

No. 632130

File: 1531121309035.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 163.56 KB, 649x1280, C733FC8F-CCC1-4665-8532-7C2EC9…)

Thank god she got a bed
She let Fupa put his dirty shoes on her old bed.

No. 632136

his dirty shoes are the least disgusting thing that rug's had on it lbr

No. 632141

i love that he has this tumblr daddy dom persona when he's actually a fattie with a small dick. classic!

hey, whats the fucking point about lying about being underweight when you post nudes every single day and everyone can tell you're not 5'5 and 105 (bmi 17.4) in any of them? like if you don't like being taller or heavier, just don't feature that info or don't make something like that when you can debunk it so easily just from looking at you >>631151

No. 632146

I fucking cackled at this his dick is so mishapen and awkward. It really is a chode. Exactly what I expected.

No. 632164

her god damn feet like ew jesus shower once in your life shay

No. 632166

We can definitely see how hard he punches her with her perfectly bruiseless face.

No. 632187

With how little she cleans herself, I'm betting she didn't even clean herself after sex. Imagine living being this grimy

No. 632203

File: 1531137826340.png (Spoiler Image, 97.01 KB, 215x203, 1490809474428.png)

No. 632239

File: 1531142826835.png (Spoiler Image, 209.75 KB, 483x530, fupa.png)

His dick looks like a realistic anal training dildo, it's exactly how I thought it was gonna be.

No. 632246

lmao he fuckin would be uncircumcised and i bet he doesn't keep it clean either.
god damn anon, thank you. this is the best worst gift ever. i'm dying of both laughter and disgust,

No. 632281

File: 1531146773112.png (34.59 KB, 415x654, 2018-07-09 10_32_46-Filth.png)

No. 632302

he looks like the kind of guy who’s dick stinks of fish

No. 632304

I’m afraid to unspoil because I just had breakfast. These two are a joke I wonder why the feel the need to post everything. This is only gonna end badly

No. 632310

How can he fuck her raw? How fucking gross can you get? I’m sure they just used spit as lube and called it kinky sex.

No. 632315

Both look disgusting. I was expecting a lot worse. Still pretty gross and neither of them are attractive they both have weird awkward bodies. Congratulations shay you finally got you b/g content too bad it’s mediocre at best

No. 632316

Holy fuck I didn’t even notice that till now. He is very brave

No. 632320

I really can not believe that he's fucking her raw after knowing her for like 3 months, meeting her once, and knowing what all she's got going on down there.

No. 632323

Tbh I feel like it's more likely she'd catch something from him. Especially if he's been fucking mexican hookers.

No. 632325

He just wants an “edgy bdsm” relationship with a “porn star”

What he got was an obsessive tumblr relationship that revolves strictly around sex with a girl who crawled from under the baseboards and decided to show her pussy to the internet.

No. 632327

He looks like the type that fucks hookers

No. 632334

LOL fupa's keeping his t-shirt on hoping his bouncing man boobs doesn't show on camera
what a disgrace of man shay catched for herself, I imagined with all his "dom"/edgelord/attentionseeker everyday blogposting on tumblr he'll have a little dick, but jesuschrist this is a really HELLA ugly and tiny penis

Fupa must be SO insecure about the size of his penis and his sexual skills he searched a dumb guiable wannabe bimbo like 20 years younger than him because I can bet my cat no woman of his age is interested in him

No. 632358


either way you'd think that a 30 something year old man would know better than to stick his unwrapped dick in a virtual stranger.
i don't think Shay would know better with how fucking naive she is anyway.
she probably takes him rawing her as some kind of "he must really trust and like me!"

it's okay Shay, you'll learn one day.

No. 632363

Get ready for manic shay when her sales don’t improve after this

No. 632364

the tumblr porn blog with the huge dicks flopping around all over the place makes so much more sense now

No. 632369

I'm just waiting for Shay's mental breakdown when he leaves and she's alone with just her mind again. We better prepare for a whole mopey depressive episode while Fupa ignores her and reblogs prettier girls

No. 632370

He’s a joke to any women with any real sense. He probably can’t hold a conversation with anyone. Didn’t he claim to be introvert

No. 632371

I am going to say no. I am going to wager she has never set foot inside of a Planned Parenthood or ob/gyn office, or she she hasn't been to one in ages.

The clusters we saw on her vagina didn't just magically disappear. She clearly has something, and I find it weird that people like Hardtied and Society15 are still working with her and having people work with her despite her nastiness.

I know the porn industry is fucked when it comes to caring about STDs, but I didn't know it was this bad and a performer could have a visible infection of some sort and they would still film it.

This is the great porn goddess legacy she is building, kek. On top of allowing some nasty street hooker fucker stick his vienna sausage into her sickly vagina for a bowl of noodles and some snapchat stories.

No. 632373


can you be an introverted attention whore?

like dudes not new to tumblr, he was obsessed with his last girlfriend too but she refused to meet up with him, kek.

No. 632374

The industry is failing. More and more women are turning to independent cam work. The studios seem to be desperate for new “talent” by working with studio like insex or whatever she’s proving that her business isn’t doing too well

No. 632375

File: 1531155077739.png (Spoiler Image, 663.63 KB, 443x680, 2018-07-09 12_50_50-Dolly Matt…)

>She clearly has something, and I find it weird that people like Hardtied and Society15 are still working with her and having people work with her despite her nastiness.

wondered the same thing, anon. especially considering hardtied thought the state of her vagina was okay to use in a promo pic like this

No. 632377


I've also heard that they let some curable disease pass and go under the radar. Shay isn't the first "porn star" (using that term loosely) to be filmed with sores and warts

No. 632378

there are tons of porn performers who have things like chlamydia, herpes, and more, and still perform because most big companies don’t care as long as they get their product in the end. She’s gonna be the kind of girl that gets fucked raw by other diseased performers, and gets thrown out after a year or so after being used up. There’s nothing special about her that’s going to keep her an interesting face in the industry. The only reason studios like her now is for the simple fact that she’s WILLING TO DO ALMOST ANYTHING and doesn’t want aftercare. She’s low maintenance, easy to break limits and boundaries with, and doesn’t care about how she looks on camera.

No. 632379

I watched so much porn over the years. All kinds of porn. Never have I seen anyone’s privates look like that. But I never watched crackwhore porn so maybe that why?

No. 632380

I had no idea. That is some appalling, eye-opening shit anons. Thanks for explaining that. Makes Shay's decision to go from camming to porn all the more nonsensical and idiotic.

No. 632381

she signed to an agency without knowing jack shit about the industry. She really believes it’s going to be all fun and butterflies and pink things and happy days. But no, the industry is going to chew her up and spit her out. And by next year, she’ll be back to amateur shit if she’s not totally rekt.

No. 632382

File: 1531155594863.png (467.75 KB, 424x674, whatbruises.PNG)

Smelly, STD ridden white trash eleganza extravaganza coming through honey

No. 632383

File: 1531155662376.png (359.78 KB, 1440x2464, Screenshot_2018-07-09-12-01-17…)

probably off topic but

No. 632384

>dolly and her daddy getting high
lmao so shes smoking him out as well. smh shayna is about to become a sugar momma to this guy

No. 632385


she just