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File: 1624558687618.png (500.97 KB, 865x1806, 1624235619856.png)

No. 1263328

Responding to obvious bait will earn you a week long ban.

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.

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No. 1263349

File: 1624560655851.png (381.44 KB, 601x1244, kor.ean.png)

No. 1263438

Based. If biology is not real, why can't people identify as different races? I want to see TRA's and libtards defend this.

No. 1263439

File: 1624568110566.png (93.87 KB, 864x241, agp.png)

No. 1263535

File: 1624575417171.jpg (109.99 KB, 769x613, transracialism.JPG)

It's absolutely hilarious watching all the troons claim he's being a racist cultural appropriator while pretending you can identify as another sex themselves.

Their explanation is basically just "sex is fake but race isn't, shut up racist terf". I'm not even kidding, that's literally their reasoning why transracialism is fake but transgenderism is totally real and valid.

No. 1263616

Sage but I cannot stop laughing at the buttmad handmaidens on Twitter losing their fucking minds in the QRT while spouting the same stuff people say about trans issues. But somehow that's 'different'

No. 1263618

File: 1624582603612.png (867.39 KB, 1225x1024, Shb200B.png)

This creature is a minor personal lolcow but the milk will probably be better once publication finally happens and people figure out he's trans but very anti-woke

No. 1263648

He looks at the camera like someone is behind it holding him at gunpoint

No. 1263684

lmao anon, you and I have the same personal lolcow. I followed him for 2 seconds because he had some decent take once upon a time, and god, he literally never stops sucking himself off for being a ~filthcore queen~ holding off the great puritan menace that is teen aidens uncomfortable with his boring horny shit. The way he breathlessly laps up any attention he can use to paint himself as this daring iconoclast is gross

Last straw for me was when he and a bunch of other terminally narc-y indie comics transbians shouted down some poor comics girl who came forward about a creepy mtf in the scene. What a great preview of how he'll portray women in his book

No. 1263695

looks like phoebe tickner lol. fat really does make your gender ambiguous i guess from a first glance

No. 1263716

yess also a personal lc, also followed for like one good take once. Literally unbearable and now a hate follow. Pretty sure they've defended Aggie as well but couldn't find screencaps

No. 1263718

File: 1624595694268.jpg (67.73 KB, 1024x578, vv4ws1848t671.jpg)

Laurel Hubbard's lifts compared to men's and women's lifts from 2010-2019
Christ there's no hope

No. 1263722

File: 1624596748883.png (110.83 KB, 680x453, Screenshot (66).png)

also the Average peak for women's weightlifters is between 23-25 years of age, Hubbard is 43, and the oldest Olympian weightlifter that won a medal was 27 years old btw

No. 1263743

I’m a little worried he’ll lose on purpose to bolster the claim that TIMs have no advantage and pave the way for even more men in women’s sports in the following years. Of course these data show he does have a very clear advantage but if handmaidens paid attention to data rather than lone anecdotes they wouldn’t be handmaidens. Hopefully he’s too narcissistic to lose on purpose.

No. 1263748


That's what I keep worrying about but I think the narcissism is too strong. I play a contact sport that's overrun with libfems and troons. And they never ever hold back, despite the huge amount of penalties they get. The rules state to only use as much force as is needed to achieve the objective, i.e. pushing someone out of the way is fine, flattening a 5ft woman with your 7ft male body is not.

Anyway, I think even if Hubbard decides to lose on purpose and this does open the gate for more trannies, the majority of them will be huge narcissists and won't do the same. So sooner or later all gold medals will be held by trannies and one can only hope that will end that discussion.

No. 1263749

The fact that he got even selected should peak just about everyone, most Olympias are scouted as teenagers and have been training for the vast majority of their lives, hell many don't even make it that far and fail midway
the fact that a 43 year even managed to quality is unheard of in weightlifting

No. 1263754

Laurel Hubbard is 43. Rachel McKinnon is also 38. They're both past their prime but they're still competing and winning at the top levels against female athletes who are in their physical prime. All the discussion revolves around testosterone levels and male puberty advantages and how neither gives the advantages that people fear they do, but everyone ignores that their age is actually a factor in decreased performance. the oldest weightlifter to win in the Olympics was 27 years old, but just 4 years later that same man didn't even make it on that podium cause his strength had declined
I mean this is fucking impossible to ignore

No. 1263773

File: 1624607348040.jpeg (876.08 KB, 3464x3464, 757EA7E6-D107-44E8-9CC5-6000EB…)

No. 1263783

File: 1624608434027.jpeg (245.84 KB, 750x945, 959B2BE5-3B97-4976-B239-334052…)

Not trannies stealing the pro-choice catchphrase

No. 1263791

File: 1624609478067.gif (375.16 KB, 480x480, E5B58969-7119-43E4-82BC-DA8BCF…)

So… they admit it's a choice?

No. 1263801

>fuck the VUmc
That reminds me, last time I was at the VUmc (a hospital) one of the first things I saw as I entered the lobby was a poster with anime characters directing patients to the new location of the genderfuckery counter. This was in the adult wing of the hospital. Other posters directing patients to counters that had changed location were plain black text on white paper, but the gender department got anime characters for some reason. Fuck the VUmc though, I guess they're not handing out free titty skittles without an appointment, those monsters!

No. 1263807

>comparing your choice to fuck up your body for sexual gratification with women who aren’t allowed to have an abortion

this is so disrespectful

No. 1263820

File: 1624616318730.jpg (135.52 KB, 750x805, VUmc.jpg)

Afaik the main complaint is that VUmc does almost everything trans-related and TRA's want it to be more decentralized. Another complaint is that they are encouraged to undergo operations they don't want to undergo. If someone goes on hrt, they are expected to also get all the operations and are continuously pressured even after declining multiple times. There's also a story circulating around that a mtf was assaulted by one of the doctors at VUmc, complete hearsay, but it gets a lot of them fired up about the place.

No. 1263824

File: 1624617563736.jpg (19.95 KB, 452x325, 250fd9a4cec464018967b38900963c…)

No. 1263881

Lmao good catch anon.

No. 1263895

based VUmn bullying troons into getting neutered

No. 1263896

I get that a lot of people in Amsterdam speak pretty good English but why make graffiti the people who actually see it won't natively understand?

It just demonstrates how these things are done to get oppression points from people on the internet instead of actually changing things.

No. 1263921

File: 1624630538267.jpg (4.19 MB, 3464x2598, PicsArt_06-25-04.13.48.jpg)

look at this dude

No. 1263928


No. 1263929

Wow so stunning and brave! That room looks fucking filthy and it’s hilarious that his fat ass body crammed into those clothes only makes it that much more obvious that he is male

No. 1263932

Based. I will never understand the retarded ideology that it is progressive to appropriate women and femininity but race is completely off limits and if you do something like put self tanner on your skin you are a racist. Biological sex is real and sex and gender are the same thing. Troons are retarded.

No. 1263934

>fat "woman" who loves Tinkerbell
I wonder what Shoe would think of this.

No. 1263940

Any trannies I have the misfortune to know irl are either from extremely well-off families or they trooned out after being found guilty or were accused of something criminal

No. 1263944

help why is its neck like that

No. 1263953

even though these same people will also admit that race is a social construct. so if you get to be whatever you want, why can’t this pale ass white british guy be an asian guy? their answer of course will be because he was raised socially and culturally as a pale ass white british guy but that answer somehow cannot translate to gender and sex. they’re all fucking delusional and insane.

No. 1263956

But… don’t you inherit your gender from one of your parents too? Since you are formed from theirs cells isn’t everything you are at birth inherited?

No. 1263975

>trans lives matter (black lives matter)
>trans rights are human rights (women’s rights are human rights)
>the future is trans (the future is female)

They’ve stolen slogans before so checks out.

No. 1263976

One step away from becoming like William Birkin

No. 1263978

Sage for OT but Transracialism has more ground to stand on then Transgenderism, I'm Pakistani but a lot of people assume I'm east or south east asian and honestly what's to stop me for saying that I am, I mean if most people perceive me as being East Asian and make assumptions about me based on those perceptions then I can say that I have those experiences of an Asian woman

No. 1263987

The longer I look at the first pic, the funnier it gets. Jesus Christ why are men like this.

No. 1263989

File: 1624637834710.jpg (70.62 KB, 593x281, Screenshot_20210625_181658.jpg)

samefag but I just noticed how fucking big his feet are lmao

No. 1263996

His shoes are so filthy too, it's fucking hilarious.

No. 1263997

I sincerely hope trannies like this go out and parade around in their over sexualised, juvenile outfits. I bet seeing one of these in the wild is enough to peak even the biggest of handmaidens.

No. 1264003

File: 1624639956282.jpg (120.62 KB, 562x960, tumblr_a455656f85e4e1b96d25d05…)

>we deserve to have that choice too
The choice to have your immune system reject a foreign organ that doesn't even fit in your body? Get a grip.

No. 1264008

Why do troons make everything about them? You can't even think about women with out a tranny screaming "what about me!" How exhausting.

No. 1264010

Why do these freaks always insist on having little girl animu icons? In case we somehow forget they're a bunch of pedophiles?

No. 1264012

This is the kind of ridiculous screen cap I expect as the next thread image…
You wanna believe it’s a troll, but you know it ain’t

No. 1264014

File: 1624640562111.jpg (333.8 KB, 1290x1935, creep .JPG)

No. 1264017

File: 1624640934141.png (351.99 KB, 600x600, 5EA38511-CB08-43A1-8450-F04EDB…)

It’s not realistic. But Something about “wide availability” specially doesn’t sit right with me… where is this wide source of mystical uteri supposed to be coming from, uteoria where uteri grow on uterus trees? It’s just one more category where poor women can be exploited.

No. 1264021

How can I unsee this, this is the most ridiculous "affirming" shit I have ever heard of.

No. 1264025

That's not a camel toe, that's a moose knuckle

No. 1264030

File: 1624642467135.jpeg (245.47 KB, 1182x1183, EB193466-C7B3-4D4E-A815-A94F6A…)

Getting dragged in the quotes

No. 1264039

File: 1624642860634.png (56.41 KB, 579x499, Untitled.png)

you called it, nonnie. now these men are entertaining the idea of expecting/demanding donated uteruses from women.

No. 1264042

Given the number trans handmaidens and how little self respect they have, I bet there'd be more than a few of them willing to go under the knife so some Stunning and Brave troon in her life can get her uterus stitched into his abdomen and live out his impregnation fantasy for a few weeks before dying of sepsis.

No. 1264045

All troons are disgusting, but the middle aged ones like this are especially so. This was probably some normal, dorky Boomer dad before he trooned out. I can't imagine what it's like to see your own father talk about his fake cameltoe validation while trying to talk like a teenage girl, especially when knowing that this is all just some coomer porn thing. Committing suicide would be objectively less harmful to his family.

No. 1264048

Tims are so fucking dumb. Women usually can't even get their tubes tied until they've had multiple kids, let alone have the entire uterus removed (not to mention it also provides structural support to the rest of women's pelvic organs). Plus, babies will not fit in these guys' narrow little pelvises even if they did frankenstein a uterus in there. The science denialism is infuriating but I'm glad they'll never get what they want.
They just prove they're exactly the same as other men with this shit, entirely clueless about female bodies while also acting like they're entitled to every piece. Fuck these scrotes.

No. 1264049

Why would we give a shit when it’s already hard enough for women to deal with uterus transplants and infertility. They’ve lost their damn minds.

No. 1264050

File: 1624643437072.jpeg (16.28 KB, 170x208, 45F20CF3-D9AA-4DA3-B166-007BC8…)

Imagine “transitioning” and looking more like Wayne Knight than a woman

No. 1264054

File: 1624643695703.jpeg (153.69 KB, 750x567, 896E1D6A-BB75-4D4E-AA32-78EFE3…)

PhilosophyTube did the same shit in his Twitter coming out statement.
I highlighted the abortion statement, but the whole thing is filled with seethe.

No. 1264056

Ah yes let me go through a major surgery and be on horrible fake hormones the rest of my life because I “volunteer” to give part of my body to some mentally ill invalid! totally sounds like they have people lined up at their door.

No. 1264064

Mf can't even get a functional non rotten vegana and want an uterus lmfao. Also if that were to happen why THEY would need an uterus and not an unfortunate women that had to have it removed for medical reasons. These motherfuckers, i swear everyday i hate them more and more.

No. 1264071

The annoying thing is they'll continue to whine about not getting what they want as if it's oppression when it's just fucking reality.

No. 1264092

File: 1624646301800.png (1.75 MB, 1440x2104, 20210625_193425.png)

Imagine having this face and the confidence to post it on the internet

Another man taking an offhand "oh gosh, I wish I didn't have periods/have to deal with contraception/reproductive health issues, you can take mine!!" as a genuine offer lol

No. 1264093

this makes me feel better about myself

No. 1264096

That "person" grosses me out so much I wanna throw up… is he wearing a little girl camisole?!

No. 1264103

bruh what's wrong with his neck

No. 1264113

Looks like the bug from men in black.

No. 1264117

File: 1624647846101.jpg (12.04 KB, 278x278, bobs_burgers_john_roberts_2x.j…)

Man looks like a living thumb. This goddamn freak looks like the inspiration for Bob's Burgers' characters.

No. 1264151

Not to mention having your uterus removed can lead to early onset dementia (that's why women only get their tubes tied when sterilized). I pray no stupid handmaidens or FTMs get their uteruses removed for this.

No. 1264166

Yeah cos guess who’s gonna have to look after the stupid bitches? “Cis” scum like us.

No. 1264170

File: 1624652495603.png (104.89 KB, 1395x507, Screenshot (75).png)

There are women out there who go through Pregnancy and all the social and physical challenges that come with it, (as well as the after-effects) only to give up the baby to their gay friends so that they can be a family, faghags do this for their precious gay beans
so I wouldn't be shocked seeing libfems tear out their own uteruses for troons

No. 1264175

oh god this is horrifying. I don't think it's honestly happening anytime within the next 50 years though. There is so much other medical factor is something like this besides just popping in a organ and hoping it survives, there is blood supply, hormones ect the amount of money needed to research all of this would be huge, for a tiny degen segment of an already small population.

No. 1264189

How dare you slander Linda like that.

No. 1264190

File: 1624654206557.jpg (159.54 KB, 1080x761, Screenshot_20210625-154658_LIN…)

Boob jobs are a life saving precedure apparently

No. 1264206

File: 1624655615984.gif (1.69 MB, 400x294, E7CE60A4-3FD2-4287-8367-3C505E…)

>I’ve had to ask people to stop offering me uteri


No. 1264207

Dude looks like he has cushing syndrome

No. 1264208

Looks like he swallowed a human head

No. 1264209

A BBL is not a boob job. It stands for brazilian buttlift, they take fat our of your stomach and inject it into your ass, aka what all the Kardashians did to get their big diaper asses.

No. 1264210

they're so fucking entitled
they literally already have the choice and ability to make a baby whenever they want by using their dick. If they chose to make themselves sterile through surgery then that was their choice. If they choose to not use their male dicks directly because of dysphoria then they can still use the sperm and have it injected artificially. Gay/lesbian couples can't have biological children with each other either but you don't hear them cry about their opreshun because they actually accept reality

No. 1264211

File: 1624655999221.jpg (338.18 KB, 1079x1049, Screenshot_20210625-161911_LIN…)

oops my bad

Either way, how does any of this shit make sense? I thought troons were "real girls" no matter what they looked like

No. 1264214

Getting hormones as teens doesn't change the fact, that these guys have narrow man hipbones…

No. 1264217

at least the surgery freaks admit their male bodies aren't actually female kek

No. 1264219

What is this retarded moid on about? Does he actually think puberty leaves women with BBL-level fat asses?

No. 1264223

File: 1624656494991.jpeg (155.8 KB, 640x640, 4A3C83FF-39B7-48CE-A86C-B842DF…)

just saw someone post this completely unironically

No. 1264225

What might happen would be women in more developed nations removing themselves as a donor while TRAs seethe and try to ban women from doing so and women in poorer nations being exploited and trafficked for their organs

Why even poor all that money in development just to rediscover that male bodies do exist are vastly different and can't support a whole reproductive system of a woman. Pretty sure they'll just 41%

No. 1264230

not to mention that i’ve yet to see them post any studies that confirm that these surgeries cure their dysphoria or depression or whatever. and if you ask, they claim dysphoria isn’t a requirement for being trans. there’s no evidence surgery or pills or anything they’re doing is helping them. just like any woman or man with body dysphoria would never be encouraged or allowed to get surgery bc it’s never been proved or shown to help them. look at botched.

so what the fuck is this freak talking about? absolutely nothing. it’s all word salad.

No. 1264231

I don't know why troons are so adamant about getting uterine transplants, considering how they barely even work in actual women. Only something like a 1/3 of the successful uterine transplants performed have lead to a live birth, and after a maximum of two kids it needs to be removed again anyways.

No. 1264252

>subscribe to the same standards as all women
>not contributing to any unrealistic beauty standards

Zero critical skills

No. 1264255

I have a distant relative who was a surrogate for a gay couple. I don’t think the egg was hers. She already had kids and worked from home, so the employment part wasn’t too taxing. However, she was miserable by the end of it, she said the money was hardly worth it and she’d never do it again. I can’t imagine how it’d be for a woman forced into doing this because she really needed the money and if she really was selling her kids. I’m honestly starting to believe surrogacy does more harm than good.

No. 1264267

the entire female body and the organs work together in order to make a baby…imagine having such a poor grasp of biology that they genuinely believe that the inside of a man is the same as the inside of a woman.

No. 1264290

File: 1624660786674.jpeg (Spoiler Image,65.88 KB, 640x640, F6525809-ABFF-4227-8575-8230C6…)

Fixed it with my amazing shop skills

No. 1264307

re uterine transplants for TIMs: hypothetically, if there were ever a "successful" incident of transplant in a male, I've never, ever seen these selfish degenerates talk about fetal health, which is very telling. the most they do speak of it is when they fantasize about and sexualize abortions. fuck the likely catastrophic results when it comes to another potential human life amirite

of course it does, anon. if you're up to reading, a great book on the subject is Being and Being Bought by Kajsa Ekis Ekman

No. 1264315

Where kikomi? ;_;(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1264317

Fucking kek anon

No. 1264335

Looks like he’s melting

No. 1264342

File: 1624663719953.jpeg (99.55 KB, 688x680, D3BE9282-6260-475C-AA41-B8857D…)

This is fitting for troons

No. 1264349

I think in the next 10-15 years this whole tranny thing will die down, so we probably won't ever even see uterus transplant trials for trannies.

No. 1264356

>Literally demanding people to "push for wide availability of uterus transplants for transwomen" as if it was ever even possible to transplant an uterus in a male body
Delusional. And even when it comes to these fabled artificial wombs, how exactly do they propose scientists to create literal life out nowhere by engineering them the ability to develop and produce eggs? Or are they expecting women to hand over their eggs to them just like all these "millions of women" just lining up to donate their reproduction organs to troons? It's honestly beyond my comprehension to understand how anyone can support these demented fuckers.

No. 1264372

File: 1624665564647.jpg (159.66 KB, 1280x1024, oger neck.jpg)

lmfao he's rocking the Morgane Oger look

No. 1264409

They have barely been able to do uterine transplants for rats. iirc the only success has been by physically conjoining a pregnant female to a male so they share blood supply before grafting the uterus into the male. Wonder how many TWAW frothers will be willing to human centipede for a troon

No. 1264463

They are using gender to mean an internal essence, like a soul, not to mean biological sex.

Yikes, are they implying that race is biologically-based and not a social construct? That's biological essentialism. They're exactly like TERFs /s

All the other arguments they make in that pic are exactly what radfems say about trans women though lol.

No. 1264517

Lamo mu sides anon, if there was something similar to reddit gold for lolcow I would be gifting you rn

No. 1264549

File: 1624679499443.jpg (132.7 KB, 800x1025, 1620645608939.jpg)

>McGee had a number of stepfathers when growing up until his mother finally settled into a relationship with a transgender woman. When McGee was sixteen, he came home from school to find his house empty and abandoned; the only things left were his bed, his books, his clothes and his Commodore 64 computer. His mother had sold the house to pay for two plane tickets and the fee for her girlfriend's sex change operation, leaving him on his own. He packed up his computer, dropped out of high school and took a variety of odd jobs, finally settling on a Volkswagen repair shop.[3]

Imagine leaving your 2 children and selling your house just to pay for some troons surgery, I have no sympathy for women who willingly get into relationships with Troons

No. 1264558

Whose shitty mother is this??

No. 1264571

File: 1624681513604.jpg (43.15 KB, 250x310, AliceMadnessReturns.jpg)

American McGee, creator of the Alice Games, he had a crappy life overall
>his inspiration for the macabre tone of Alice comes from his own dysfunctional childhood. For instance, on McGee's 13th birthday, his father, whom he had just met for the first time, was "stinking drunk" and assaulted the young McGee by attempting to gouge his eyes out with the intent of either killing or molesting him. Shortly afterwards his father was involved in a car accident.

No. 1264612

if he wants so badly to have bbl and ''look like a woman'' then why he still has a dick and does porn? so much gwender affirmation and dispwhoria!!!

No. 1264616


These fuckers can barely dilate their stinkholes enough to prevent them from closing. Please tell me how you'll be pushing out a giant baby head? Also, those handmaidens that tell them that this is totally realistic/that they have a right to a uterus etc., must all be women who haven't actually gone through pregnancy and birth right? Imagining these bald scrotes go through pp hairloss would be pretty funny though.

No. 1264635

The fucking autism, a handmaiden telling you she'd hand over her uterus in Twitter replies for woke points does not an organ donor make. How can you miss that many social cues?

No. 1264638

File: 1624694674094.png (643.55 KB, 571x488, nomi.png)

>this is the mod of /tttt/
faggot clopper "nomi", also known as SWK or some white knight, who began posting on /mtfg/ with the immediate aim of becoming a janny and simping (read:creeping) on every underage looking troon in sight
>they began "transitioning" after initially claiming to be a tranny chaser just there to compliment girls

No. 1264639

I hate you everyday for this thread title OP anon

No. 1264641

Also a discord mod because of course they are!

This is the face of a woman bigot

No. 1264643

what's wrong with the Title and what's it even referring to ?

No. 1264644

Consider reading the threads

No. 1264646

>no shaving
>no hiding shadow
>thicc eyebrows
>dat hairline

No. 1264649

File: 1624698133027.jpg (113.48 KB, 1165x488, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-7Pab…)

can't unsee how much he looks like Peter Griffin

No. 1264650

Troons smh

No. 1264652

literally looks like chris chan. why are there so many autistic males now?

No. 1264663

jesus christ, i've always loved the alice games but never realised the creator was fucked over by his mum like this. fucking horrendous

No. 1264671

Because they mod /tttt/
and haunt the mtf general thread of all places


No. 1264683

kind of whitepilling seeing the push back to this in the qrt's and replies >>1264003

No. 1264689

Not everyone has Twitter here and this is an imageboard anon, caps or gtfo

No. 1264789

File: 1624722944726.jpg (81.69 KB, 2048x259, 1624722639658.jpg)

naturally is also a pedophile

No. 1264793

File: 1624723634976.jpeg (131.17 KB, 749x936, 14A499A6-8C23-4635-A4DF-4D37E2…)

This was one of the first things I saw on twitter this morning

Since when was fakeboism a thing in Japan?

No. 1264794

Either these morons don't realize that puberty is the reason that people even hit "mental adulthood" in the first place, or they do know and are just assuming a state of stupidity to ingratiate themselves to potential grooming victims.

No. 1264803

wrong thread, and nobody cares.

No. 1264809

the dude goes after the most childish looking troons. they're a predator.

No. 1264824

File: 1624726916324.jpeg (253 KB, 1170x697, F985769F-0BDD-42E8-A5DE-4772DD…)

Handmaidens on tumblr are mad that a radfem informed them removing their uteruses could cause health problems. (such as your organs literally prolapsing) At this point I honestly wish these women would go ahead and do it.

No. 1264828

These are probably teenage girls, to be fair. I can't imagine any adult, not even a handmaiden, so openly saying that she doesn't care about the possible side effects of getting her uterus removed thinking it's some kind of own on the TERFs.

No. 1264831

she's japanese-american there's your answer

No. 1264832

Lol anon we all speak English here, it's not a big deal

No. 1264835

If this ever becomes a reality, I will remove myself from the donor registry, because you know troons would chimp out if women were allowed to specify that every organ except for their uterus was up for grabs. Fortunately, if pregnant TIMs ever do become a reality, it likely won't happen in my lifetime.

No. 1264837

According to her blog description, she's 20.

No. 1264838

>and no linking "studies" etc will not change my mind
how can you be this retarded

No. 1264840

Nevermind then, yikes. Though I honestly shouldn't be surprised by this, since there were adult women who were perfectly willing to lend their babies to that stillbirth-LARPing troon in their breastfeeding FB group so he could have the baby suck on his man-nip and "experience breastfeeding".

No. 1264844

File: 1624729437622.jpg (49.56 KB, 720x918, E4v8aN_XoAgoXT5.jpg)

on the one hand this sounds scary, but on the other hand it also kind of makes me feel better about being a woman

No. 1264847

This makes me want to die

No. 1264850

>Men are going to dominate female sports, that's just progress
I'm in hopes that the troons in olympics get lots of attention so they peak the normies that don't really think much about what they're supporting

No. 1264851

I don't have any faith that will happen, since when has the world given a shit about men taking over women's spaces? why would they suddenly care now? maybe if the troons start taking over lingerie football or tennis or some women's sport that men like to masturbate to

No. 1264853

For all the claims of conservatives and science denial, I’ve noticed TRAs are just as guilty. If they see any information suggesting that men can’t be female (or that transitioning can fuck you up) they just call you a TERF and ignore you.

No. 1264867

>but on the other hand it also kind of makes me feel better about being a woman
Honestly same, I don't think I've ever appreciated my body and womanhood more then recently, what Troons spend countless surgeries and tens of thousands of dollars on, but only attain a shallow copy of, I have that naturally
its not just about a uterus or Vagina either, its everything

No. 1264873

File: 1624732224256.jpeg (425.49 KB, 680x760, cope_and_seethe.jpeg)

apologies if someone already did this and I missed it

No. 1264880

a fraction of our powkapwing
anon, you're a poet.

No. 1264884

I know a mtf individual in the Japanese underground music scene. Thankfully, he still makes music and keeps the selfies/whinging to a minimum. I wish more western fucks were like this, but instead they drop whatever hobby they had beforehand and do nothing but jerk themselves off to how trans they are all day. So many artists I used to follow dropped art altogether once they trooned out.

No. 1264895

So many troon delusions start with them taking superficial compliments or comments from women literally, when 99.9% of the time those women are just being polite or trying to make them feel better and don’t really mean it.

No. 1264897

lmfao sorry I didn't have time to do it in a proper image editor, had to use a generator

No. 1264900

File: 1624734330911.jpeg (81.16 KB, 1170x340, 41469D17-8152-470A-A660-5650F0…)

More handmaiden autism… something I’ve noticed about this whole situation is many of these women hold a ton of contempt for their reproductive organs and get mad when you tell them they need them. What’s up with that? Men never talk about ripping off their penis and testicles like this (unless they’re troons of course).

No. 1264909

Either they really don't know what all these organs actually do for us and what it would entail to have them removed or they just live in denial

No. 1264910

in their defense male organs don't come with the same amount of retarded complications. i don't think its a handmaiden thing to not want to deal with cramps, periods, accidental pregnancies etc. they're also just ignorant and think that if they remove their uterus it'll make all these complications go away

No. 1264914


Poor guy, many such cases though! Trannies are all horrible partners and even worse parents, you see accounts of it everywhere. If they take kids away from criminals, drug addicts and other mentally unstable people, they need to take them from trannies. Thankfully this generation of troons is infertile before being able to procreate

No. 1264915

Our sex organs are the main reason for our oppression. Even stunted dickbrained handmaidens like this know it, even if they'd rather die than admit women's oppression is tied to our biology.

No. 1264917

Do you think males would rip their penises for FTM? Ofc not because men aren't trained to be symphatetic and sacrifice themselves for others. Handmaidens are so, so sad.

No. 1264929

these dudes: "cis women should donate their uteruses to trans women so they can have babies!"

trans men: "oh okay, so can you donate your testes instead of removing them so we can make babies too?"

these dudes: "mhmMMmhmmm no"

No. 1264932

Kek FTMs also aren't retarded enough to expect such a thing; women know how attached normal men are to their junk. Only troons are retarded enough to believe that women aren't attached to our reproductive organs because we're not as obsessed with them as men are with their dicks.

No. 1264997

File: 1624742197855.jpg (140.07 KB, 1080x399, SmartSelect_20210626-165521_Tw…)

You are an "it."

They are trying real hard to win victim points… I think I found my new hate follow. This is the equivalent of snitching on your classmate because they called you stupid.

No. 1265003

File: 1624742568204.jpg (159.33 KB, 750x920, flat,750x1000,075,f.u4.jpg)

>Die in car crash
>Female reproductive organs harvested from my corpse
>My uterus and ovaries are put into the body of an anime pfp pedotroon
>He "births" a child from my uterus, ​my eggs, my DNA.
>Raises "my" child in a tranny cult with other pedotroon paraphiliacs, almost certainly abuses and molests him/her.
>I am watching this all happen from hell

No. 1265006


In other languages -especially I was thinking yesterday about russian, my other language- the gender neutral way of referring someone is either synonymous with "it" or indicates an unknown identity, I wonder how genderspecialism exists there, so much of it seems bound in the arbitrary rules of the english language

No. 1265008

Dont sign up to be an organ donor. I'll absolutely let people die before that happens.

No. 1265010

File: 1624743097323.jpg (304.81 KB, 1080x1082, SmartSelect_20210626-172833_Tw…)

Man if only this person would show their face and had a more active media presence, they would be worthy of having their own thread.

>Implies they need a uterus to feel more like a woman

>Says they're just as female as us

So does the uterus matter, or not.

Also, imagine spending thousands of dollars on a brand new fake vagina, inserting female reproductive organs, and then tearing that shit up again from childbirth. Some true normalized mental illness.

No. 1265020

idk how about russian but i had the unfortunate opportunity of meeting polish genderspecials. Some went with the latinx method, some used interchangeably "he" and "she" pronouns and some unironically used "it" which is hillarious because "it" in polish is generally used in everyday speech only towards inanimate objects or when you are trying to be rude.
there is also a site that adovcates for various pronouns and tried to translate neopronouns like meowself. it's awful

No. 1265024

What, isn't "it" a completely valid pronoun these days along with fae and xir and other shit?

I 100% fail to see how an uterus transplant and actually giving birth from it would function with males. Would the neovagina be able to handle pushing a baby through it, or would c-section be the only option? What if the body suddenly rejects the uterus with a baby in it? How would the horse piss pill cocktails affect the baby? Can the male anatomy even house an uterus AND a baby in it, is there enough room inside the body… So many questions, and I don't understand what doctor in their right mind would start inserting unnecessary organs inside someone whose body is not meant to have said organ inside.

No. 1265028

Jesus christ you guys, don't back out of saving peoples lives when you die just because you hate troons. As we've been discussing in this thread, uterus transplants to men will Never Happen. It is medically impossible, stop falling for the meme.
If you're really that concerned about your uterus ending up in a dude, most places will let you opt out of donating specific organs instead of all or nothing.

No. 1265029

They have a ko-fi page and twitch. I’m sure there’re more out there. He also claims to have a boyfriend.

From their ko-fi they are fundraising for a vaginoplasty. They want an uterus and a vagina. But we’re supposed to believe he’s not coping and seething they aren’t “cis” lmao if these things aren’t part of being a woman why do they want them?

>I'm trying to raise funds for my vaginoplasty.

> I want the body I'm in to be one I can call my own one day. One big goal of mine is being able to wear summery denim short shorts, overalls, and exercise leggings. I want to feel comfortable shopping for clothes with a body I want to clothe.

Much to think about.

No. 1265035

File: 1624745029668.jpg (270.05 KB, 600x935, A-2405647-1458027096-4450.jpeg…)

do you mean this pornsick scrote?

No. 1265036

they hate themselves and hate being women

No. 1265045

>Japanese underground music scene troon
>it's a gangly, unattractive white guy
How completely unsurprising.

No. 1265054

File: 1624747284998.jpg (81.14 KB, 504x504, 20210626_194104.jpg)

Troon pioneer Einar Wegener
died because of a uterus transplant. Instead of trooning historical figures, they should study their actual history: the one of mentally ill people being used as laboratory rats.

LMAO, i hate cramps (who don't?), but i never thought of donating my uterus to some porn-addicted moid fulfil his pregnancy fetish. Being a fucking crackhead is a less retarded way to destroy your body.

No. 1265100

What drives a woman to be like this and say these things? Insecurity? Wanting validation from moids? Extremely low self esteem?

No. 1265118

Just pure willful ignorance and virtue signaling imo. Or, if this person is truly aware of the consequences of removing ones uterus unnecessarily, self destructive impulses.

No. 1265119

As the other anon said, uterine transplants in males aren't happening. And in the remote bizarro case they are, there's no way the deceased donor's eggs would be used. That's a complete ethical and legal nightmare.

No. 1265123

also, the hospital absolutely calls your family to make sure your family consents to whatever organs they’re taking from you to whoever needs it. i did this for several family members.

No. 1265137

even if they had a uterus, and a neo vagina, they don't have a cervix. the neovag isn't connected to anything. you don't just need a uterus and a vagina to give birth, you need to BE A WOMAN. you will never see a transwoman "give birth" because it's just not possible.

No. 1265148

So what are the 'anti-natalist fems' going to do, start taking uteruses? Or just kill women who don't want to donate them?

No. 1265154

I think this is usually the case. I remember being like 17 or so and saying shit like "im going to fill my uterus with cement" because i didnt want kids, and thats all i thought it was for really.

No. 1265157

Anon his mother who was a free spirted hippy who had one dysfunctional relationship after the other, willingly get into a relationship with a Troon, like why would any woman do that and then left her children to pay for the Troon's surgeries

No. 1265158

who is he? looks extremely bullyable

No. 1265159

uh I'm not sure you understand the screenshot

No. 1265175

Nah, he's a Japanese national living in Japan. I don't know who that creature in your pic is. I can link the account if you want, but he only speaks Japanese so it won't be entertaining unless you like music.

No. 1265179

Female organs already get rejected at higher rates, even between twins. There is no way a human male body would accept a uterus, and definitely not for long enough to gestate and birth a baby lmao. Maybe through some grotesque Frankenstein process we can make it work with rats, but their gestation period is a little under a month and we don't care about ethics when it comes to animals. Mpreg is 100% fantasy, and coming up with all these what if scenarios in the event it does occur is just fueling their delusions.

No. 1265198

Exactly. Troons also fail to take into account that carrying a fetus to term requires a lot more than just a uterus. If all it took was a uterus, fetuses would burst out of them like the chestbuster in Alien. Troons either don't know or don't care that women's organs shift to accommodate the fetus. Hormones also play a massive role… women miscarry all the time without even realizing it because their shit was slightly out of whack that particular cycle. It cracks me up that troons think it's remotely possible they will get knocked up someday.

No. 1265201

File: 1624764964741.jpg (657.35 KB, 1077x2172, Screenshot_20210626-233343_Twi…)

I'm really sorry, but anyone that identifies as a "cat girl"…. Probably deserved it.

No. 1265219

File: 1624768084330.jpeg (734.72 KB, 1242x1516, D28A2161-300A-40C4-BBD0-9EB533…)

Guys, u/terfsbeware on Reddit just finally revealed themselves to be a troll.


No. 1265222

Never knew of this, but based

No. 1265223

Based radfem praxis

No. 1265226

she acted like a complete degenerate and sociopath and she was still accepted with in the Trans community without any problem, no one saw anything wrong with her "apparent" behavior history

No. 1265232

Don't I?

No. 1265233

turbo based

No. 1265234

that fancy surprise icon usage makes it even more based.

No. 1265248

i respect the goal and effort, but this person must be absolutely deranged lmao… thank you for your service though

No. 1265250

File: 1624770948905.jpg (Spoiler Image,828.57 KB, 1080x1865, SmartSelect_20210627-011145_Tw…)

One of the comments on the post kills me

"Love your titties wonderful nipples too mmmm"

And of course like most twitter troons they're begging for money on GoFundMe.. how are they so comfortable exploiting themselves like this?

No. 1265254

yeah to play this character so well and for so long and make up all these stories lmao, the amount of effort …

No. 1265262

File: 1624772414141.jpg (3.58 MB, 4096x3276, CollageMaker_20210627_01385418…)

There are way too many beggars to count.. my god.

No. 1265264

File: 1624773260939.png (38.17 KB, 595x359, 122.PNG)

People were talking about how dangerous BBL's are and these dudes hate when things aren't about them.

No. 1265265

File: 1624773336737.png (54.31 KB, 598x465, tthat happened.PNG)

No. 1265266

File: 1624773852386.png (78.29 KB, 466x581, Screenshot (82).png)


No. 1265269


same here anons, i met an arabic-speaking genderspecial (granted, they were a diaspora arab raised in the west) who used pronouns that would be the equivalent of saying "he-she" or even worse, using the plural "they" to refer to themself

No. 1265270

same, Indian/Paki dispore wokies here use the word Khusra/Hijra here, historically that word has been the term for eunuchs but it was interchangeable as the term for transvestite as they were correlated with each other. fucked up really

No. 1265282

and yet you're still afraid

No. 1265283

>I play a contact sport that's overrun with troons
Lemme guess. Roller derby?

I'm an organ donor but I'm strongly considering adding a clause to my will forbidding them from harvesting my uterus specifically. Is that possible, to specify what organs you're okay with donating in your will or elsewhere?

Buddy, I've got some news for you. A teenage Tumblrina who dates men is not a lesbian, and neither is your ugly TiM friend.

Ackshually, lesbian couples can have biological children. It's expensive, but basically you can use IVF and "trick" an egg cell into thinking another egg (or stem cell) is a sperm cell. The only catch is that the baby can't be male because it doesn't have a parent to inherit a Y chromosome from.

The same is not the case for gay men, however, because you can't make a fake egg cell or fake uterus.

No. 1265290

.Ackshually, lesbian couples can have biological children. It's expensive, but basically you can use IVF and "trick" an egg cell into thinking another egg (or stem cell) is a sperm cell.

Really, I remember reading about sperm being made from Bone Marrow but not this, is this real ?

No. 1265292

>It's expensive, but basically you can use IVF and "trick" an egg cell into thinking another egg (or stem cell) is a sperm cell.

i'm too retarded to google this, can you post a study/where you found this? that's very interesting

No. 1265295

no. both women in the ss are AN radical feminists lol

No. 1265297

bitch I knew it! I only wish we had a betting pool somewhere so I could be a few dollars richer. tbh I'm quite relieved.

No. 1265298

Lillium "Lily" Kobayashi, aka Ultra Demon

No. 1265300

kek apologies for being the anon who made the comparison in the first place (I'm not wrong though)

No. 1265302

Sent by the lower left one. Who puts electrolysis above emergency dental work? Oh right.

No. 1265303

poor guy just wanted to make a joke and he can't even have that

No. 1265311

I don't get it

No. 1265312

>men are sexy (sexy ends in xy)
>women are sexx (sexx ends in xx)

No. 1265319

Imagine thinking your safety is compromised because your hairdresser shit talked a previous customer behind said customer's back. This guy never had real problems in his life and it shows.

No. 1265322

Literal sleep paralysis demon

No. 1265323

Maybe I'm misunderstanding the term 'anti-natalist' then. Can someone explain?

No. 1265329

that's a good dad Joke, shame TRA's chimped out over it

No. 1265333

Both women in that screenshot are on the same page, which is that even though they're antinatalists and/or childfree, they have uteruses and can choose what to do with them (not donating them to TIMS), and TIMs have no say in the matter.
Also if you don't know what antinatalist is just look it up.

No. 1265337

File: 1624784863438.png (3.54 MB, 1152x2048, agpinthewild.png)

Abiguyl Troon at the pride

No. 1265338

File: 1624784882141.png (360.46 KB, 540x528, tumblr_12ddc078394e0756b9e778d…)

i hate nbs but god are they fucking based for managing to cancel a bunch of troons and out-oppression-olympics them

No. 1265339

I think it's been clear from the beginning that it was a troll. Incredibly bad move as now people will dismiss all the legitimate troon lunacy as "just a terf falseflag".

No. 1265341

My god he looks like Tarzan in a dress. Isn't he gigantic too? What a waste of chad potential trooning out.

No. 1265348

I thought he was a manlet? Albiet a stocky one.

No. 1265349

It's like none of them ever realize that they were bullied in school for being so sensitive

No. 1265358

No. 1265359

infinite levels of based, i remember them getting a lot of upvotes on their deranged posts. really shows what types of people and behavior are accepted and encouraged in the community

kek, they all look the same. white, glasses, and doesn't pass

yes those female 5'5 hairdressers are a real threat to your male bodied 6'0 self. literally what can they do to put him in danger? they can say something mean but that's probably hurting them more because he would probably get violent and dangerous. i don't even believe this happened though

No. 1265363


lmao, based normie logic, "He has a penis, just like you"

No. 1265367

Why is he making this face? What a farce.

No. 1265369

That's so sad… I never knew about this I want to hug him.
I'm not >>1265300 but here you go: >>1263097
>My Melody pfp
Most Sanrio girls are mentally stunted womanchildren who, like >>1265118 said, virtue signal. I think we should have them abolished.

No. 1265383

File: 1624795508255.png (472.8 KB, 1440x1983, 20210627_130503.png)

This comment tho

No. 1265386

File: 1624795946744.jpg (693.32 KB, 1440x2260, Screenshot_20210627-131157.jpg)

Samefag but the men in the comments seem to only care about how "traumatised" they are from seeing old naked men drying off.

Women are physically and sexually threatened by men in their changing rooms, not just mentally scarred.

No. 1265389

File: 1624796827919.webm (2.44 MB, 410x720, tumblr_qv56nh0i9S1z9tinv_720.w…)

This man is 46 years old, he's older then my father

No. 1265390

Troons don't pass or "fit into" any kind of beauty standard for women even if they do get their retarded surgeries. I'm sorry but telling people not to critique the beauty industry/beauty standards because of tranny feelings is just ridiculous. The beauty industry preys on women's insecurities first and foremost.

No. 1265395

File: 1624798093509.png (20.07 KB, 566x177, Untitled2.png)

Repost, forgot to sage.
Are you fucking kidding me?
This person isn't trolling either. They are completely 100% serious.
If the tranny in the dressing room with their disgusting penis exposed to women and children doesn't get asspats and ~validation it's a war crime, cause she's 'rejected'.
This wasn't just a dressing room btw, apparently. It's a spa/sauna/etc. where you are naked/exposed the majority of the time in each area, not just the dressing room.
The comment section on this thread is just a huge fucking dumpster fire of tranny worship & validation and wokeness.

No. 1265399

Holy fuck this moid made my skin crawl.

No. 1265401

I'm mildly uncomfortable

No. 1265404

File: 1624799266188.jpg (203.67 KB, 720x1031, 20210627_145819.jpg)

I find it funny how everything men psycho 'analyzed' about women is literally just them projecting. Pussy envy is real and the tranny movement is proof of that, yet they wanna convince us we're as obsessed with their dicks as they are.
Atleast when TiFs transition it's usually to escape misogyny and the real hardship of being a woman, not because of a fucking fetish.

No. 1265413

File: 1624800561768.webm (9.7 MB, 640x360, o8n77b.webm)

uploading the webm for convenience

No. 1265430

The fucking smug white woke dude with his pedo moustache looking like the cat who got the cream after being able to call a WOC transphobic really sums up this timeline. Yes dude, you absolutely are morally superior to some lowly screeching woman who called a bepenised man a man, I'm sure you have girls queueing up to suck your dick.

No. 1265438

File: 1624803079645.jpg (303.71 KB, 1080x996, SmartSelect_20210627-101020_Tw…)

> says they were assaulted to garner sympathy

> Has to clarify they aren't actually hurt so they don't have to lie and say they're filing a report

No. 1265443

File: 1624803654898.png (Spoiler Image,755.04 KB, 720x991, 1622726726667.png)

Imagine going to a women's changing room or Spa and seeing THIS, how would you even react

No. 1265446

File: 1624803832653.jpg (84.15 KB, 457x550, SmartSelect_20210627-102329_Ga…)


I would probably just stare in disbelief for two minutes and then leave lmao.

No. 1265450

I would fucking run. I fucking hate this timeline. I've been assaulted multipled times and idiots think I'm a Karen, because I don't feel safe around men in enclosed spaces. No, my trauma doesn't matter, and they have the gall to say that transwomen feel unsafe in the men's restroom and we have to cater to them. Sorry about the rant. I guess "Me Too" and believing women are passe now.

No. 1265451

Minor autism, but I can't stand how these men, who're usually mid-30's and up, always refer to themselves as "girls".

No. 1265454


it's the pedophilia, anon

No. 1265456

File: 1624804795842.jpeg (802.33 KB, 1125x1602, 7C02D331-BDD8-4309-A578-10A3EC…)

Idk if any of you are following this person’s saga but this “Black agender trans non-binary woman” is crowdfunding $40k to pay for HRT and “relocation fees.” They’ve raised $13k already and claim:

- their parents are kicking them out for “aggressive behavior” that is justified for misgendering them
- they need more money because two cis men sexually harassed them and stole all the crowdfunding money they raised already
- they need even more money to relocate because their crazy cousin is threatening to kill them
- they can’t post any proof of their identity due to their family
- People are LITERALLY KILLING them if they don’t boost or donate to their GFM

People are calling this unidentified person a scammer and they’re absolutely flipping the fuck out in the comments. And other people are whiteknighting and saying it doesn’t matter if they’re a scammer, we still need to donate to protect Black trans nonbinary agender people just in case they’re real. It seems pretty milky so far.


No. 1265458

File: 1624804902661.jpeg (12.89 KB, 320x212, 56FD70B2-3A8E-48FF-8B4D-2DAE15…)

Don’t worry they have specialised tools for that in the salon I’m sure

No. 1265459


I feel so deeply sorry for young girls, for whom this is normalized and likely to become an everyday sight. I cannot imagine what it's like to be a young lesbian, forced into accepting gargoyles with dicks as a worthy replacement to another woman. There were small pockets of life where men couldn't rule over women, and now they're almost gone. Surrendered by handmaidens and seized by scrotes, not even to normal men (a safer, preferable choice, if it had to be made), but to absolutely depraved, porn-addled freaks who cannot stop at objectifying us and have taken it all the way to fetishizing the idea of being us. Buffalo Bills of the world granted full access to places where decent men dare not trespass, and statistics that will only call it woman-on-woman crime when trans-on-woman crime occurs.

We're so fucked.

No. 1265461

This "Karen" shit was made specificially to silence women speaking up for themselves. Notice how middle aged men, who are far and away the most entitled demographic on the planet, don't get a special term of their own. And troons who have public meltdowns like the IT'S MA'AM guy never get hit with the label either, despite being "women".

No. 1265462

File: 1624805241229.jpg (507.61 KB, 988x1599, SmartSelect_20210627-104530_Tw…)


Yeah can texts be faked? Because I'm getting vibes that this person is maybe texting themselves from one of those free text apps.

No. 1265464

Texts can be faked quite easily. They’re pulling every trick in the GFM scammer playbook, but no one is supposed to notice or question it bc that’s LiTerAL ViOLeNcE against the BIPOC trans agender nonbinary immigrant community.

No. 1265465

File: 1624805392857.jpg (205.47 KB, 1079x767, SmartSelect_20210627-104937_Sa…)

Anyone know anything about this?

No. 1265466

You'd not see exactly this since he obviously photoshopped himself to look more feminine. If he was full of enough estrogen for the rest of him to look female, the dick would be shrunken.

So yeah if I saw a man? I would leave. You're better changing in public than in an enclosed space with a man.

No. 1265467

This person has been extensively discussed on earlier threads.

No. 1265468

Waste of a good dick

No. 1265469

File: 1624805609890.jpg (372.03 KB, 1080x1159, SmartSelect_20210627-105327_Sa…)


I just find it so interesting that the texts are acting as frantic and unhinged as OP is acting in their tweets. These people really have no fucking shame. If that was truly a threat from their cousin, the police would be able to do something, no? I just cannot comprehend this level of degeneracy.

No. 1265472

don't even

No. 1265475

>same lack of beginning - sentence capitals
>same cadence
>same whole word capitalisation
>same ellipses and multiple question marks /exclamation points
>same general tone of desperation and panic over not very much
>same slang

Wow, it's amazing how typing styles run in families

No. 1265478

Oh, another interesting twist to this saga is that someone pointed out their account belonged to a white cis woman and they claimed the woman “gave” them her account. It’s a hot mess, definitely giving me Sai 2.0 vibes kek

No. 1265480

File: 1624806102290.jpg (394.26 KB, 910x1366, SmartSelect_20210627-105752_Tw…)

Why does this make me feel physically sick

No. 1265481

File: 1624806154909.jpg (217.07 KB, 1080x716, SmartSelect_20210627-105527_Tw…)

No. 1265485

yeah they’re definitely lying. i used to follow them and they were friends with/part of a group of teenage black mtfs & ftms who would literally make a new gfm every month & then harass their followers into donating. as in they would dm you and ask why you haven’t donated yet. the group fell apart after one of the ftm members was accused of raping another ftm over the phone. weird all around. but at least the gfm is getting reported by others who don’t believe them

No. 1265487

>one of the ftm members was accused of raping another ftm over the phone.

Excuse me whut?

No. 1265488

File: 1624806522628.jpeg (310.2 KB, 750x1008, AE38E13E-18BE-45D6-A3EF-8BBD8A…)

No. 1265490

i’ll try & find caps but the ftm couple were having phone sex. one of them fell asleep but the other kept masturbating. the ftm who fell asleep said that was essentially rape & that the other girl should’ve ended the call instead of continuing to play with herself. the “rapist” was harassed off twitter while the “victim” created a gfm to help her “deal with the trauma” of the situation.

No. 1265491

This whole thing is excellent milk, fucking kek

No. 1265493

Troons are such awful liars. All they'd have to do to get thousands of $$$ and run off scott free is keep their story basic and straight. A simple "my parents are abusive, I don't feel safe" would've sufficed.

No. 1265497

File: 1624807846227.jpg (476.88 KB, 1080x1553, SmartSelect_20210627-112846_Tw…)

They really think that the lack of uterus transplants available are a result of transphobia and not the fact that it's medically impossible

No. 1265501

i want to repost this from last thread because it's incredibly fucking disgusting, horrifying and sad
are there any other videos like this?

No. 1265503

File: 1624808408597.gif (148.11 KB, 240x184, epic king.gif)

No. 1265505

File: 1624808536208.jpeg (135.61 KB, 933x933, C49343AC-E0E9-427C-838B-095E23…)

Check like five or six threads back, it’s all there.

No. 1265506

he's pulling the twitter version of "what the fuck did you just say about me, you little bitch?" with all this "i have doxxed multiple people on twitter" kek, edgy much? all because someone dared to question why him and his "cousin" have extremely similar typing styles… gee i wonder why

No. 1265507

I mean, it looks clean and seems to have a perfect length
shame about the prick attached to it

No. 1265508

These people think that their horse piss injections give them bloodless periods and make them want to be 50's housewives. They're nutjobs with a tenuous connection to reality.

No. 1265510

File: 1624808874164.png (289.32 KB, 430x369, 0d0.png)

why are there so many fucking TIM Lilys

No. 1265512

I know everyone is scared but I don''t think that uterus implants are viable in male bodies. Like other transplants that aren't related to trans surgeries are really iffy and take a lot of drugs just to get the new oragans to stay stable

No. 1265513

agreed, though it's undeniable that the insane comments they made usually got upboats. hope someone is screenshotting the egregious ones before TRAs find it and start mass downvoting the replies

No. 1265522

What the hell? I don't think anyone likes it when their parents try to hook them up with strangers, but he didn't need to have a fucking meltdown like that.

No. 1265523


I genuinely feel sick and sad over this, his dad probably did something inappropriate to him as a child and this is just appalling to see.. that father probably lives with so much guilt, I don't even know how to feel.. I just feel sad. Fuck. Do you notice how nearly all homeless trans people on twitter are like this? That say their parents threaten them and kick them out.. this man said to his own father "are you going to rape me". Beyond, beyond fucked up.

No. 1265524

Wow that sex must have been amazing if one person fell asleep in middle of it

No. 1265527

Lmao, jesus christ. Please come back with caps ASAP anon, that sounds insane.

No. 1265528

Well first of all, there is many issues with men having children. First one being that they don't have big pelvis bones like women do. Second is they would have to find women who would give uterus or just try to genetically make uterus from stem cells. Next issue is, men have different anatomy in terms of ribs and even pelvis so there would be more issues with how the baby sits on the male torso. Next issue with a neo vagina, giving birth through vaginal is not possible because neo vaginas are open wounds not vaginas that can expand and go back to original form. That means they would have to C sections. Which then troons would complain that it is oppression they can't give birth via vagina. It also raises the point if egg production would even work. It said it worked with one person but I don't think that person who had uterus transplant is male. Will male body produce eggs even if they had uterus or would that have to be transplanted too ? They would have to get neo vagina, neo uterus, neo egg, and take a lot of hormones for the birth to hold and be valid.
That is more money down the drain.

No. 1265529

Never saw any proof but I'm convinced it's because of the lily=>yuri connection in japanese, and troons are huge weebs.

No. 1265533

I think it might have something to do with yuri hentai and their coomer obsession with it symbolizing innocence and virginity or something.
It's funny because they're all sexual deviants but also fetishize and want to be sheltered teen girls at the same time, moids are so obsessed with the whore/madonna complex that they internalize it when they start identifying as women. I think it's because their whole identity is based on appealing to men, either dudes they want to fuck, other transbians or just their narcissistic ass.

No. 1265535

File: 1624810432560.jpeg (205.28 KB, 988x1120, 1623006591856.jpeg)

I'm sorry I know its dumb to feel bad if a formerly good looking troon transitions, but this is just a massive tragedy

No. 1265537

Agreed, bad move overall. Now troons can dismiss their more insane examples as “terf trolls”, just like old boomers on Facebook dismissing everyone who disagrees with them as “Russian bots.” It makes me wonder if terfsbeware was self-posting most of their screenshots here, just as an archive to show how much support they were getting.

No. 1265547


Could have been a model and now they're just another larper with makeup skills forever in 2008, where all we had was hand-applied Maybelline Matte Mousse in too pale or too dark a shade, and eyebrows drawn in with brown eyeliner crayon.

No. 1265548

He looks so old now.

No. 1265549

>fight for us
Who will be left to do that when all the women leave the movement for being terfs for saying that biological reality exist

Tras will lose steam long before uterus transplants become a thing for just normal healthy women

No. 1265550

Well, that’s a shame

Trannys love to drum up fear and confusion with things that are based entirely in fantasy. Men will never, ever receive uterus transplants, regardless of how much 14 year olds whine about it on Twitter. Take solace in the fact that this is all just a made up, sexual fantasy for them. It is not medically possible. It will never be medically possible. They can cry about this pretend oppression as long as they want, but they will never be a part of the female reproductive conversation.

No. 1265558

File: 1624812575601.jpg (37.73 KB, 320x465, 1860499254_69760d1de2.jpg)

At first I thought it was this polish model named Bartek Boroweic. As someone who is exclusively attracted to neotenous and "pretty" men I would really hope the gender ideology doesn't permeate the high fashion industry too hardcore. Anon pic looks to me like a obviously gay man>trans pipeline though

No. 1265571

It's so sad because he doesn't even look good now, that massice chad chin ugh.
As someone who likes nerdy skinny twink guys i am with you, many are losing themselves to the troon virus. But to be fair if they are so mentally unstable to fall for the tranny shit they aren't really a big loss.

No. 1265572

This confirms my theory, that even the most beautiful man looks ugly and masculine as a woman, though I do feel quite depressed seeing someone waste god given natural beauty to live life as a ugly troon

No. 1265577

I think a lot of pretty gay dudes, think they'll make pretty women, but at best they end up looking like older average-below average women, or bimbos who still look 5 years older.

No. 1265580

I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but kidney and heart transplants have a higher rejection rate if they’re from female donors, especially if given to male recipients. I don’t know why, but sex matters in organ donation. Your body knows what sex it is, down to every cell, even in organs that men and women both have. It’s something to think about when talking about mtf uterus transplants.

No. 1265581

>As someone who likes nerdy skinny twink guys i am with you, many are losing themselves to the troon virus. But to be fair if they are so mentally unstable to fall for the tranny shit they aren't really a big loss.
a couple decades ago, cute autistic guy would likely have had a content life analyzing different types of beetles, now they spend most of their time online where they fall under fetishies and delusion, honestly autistic men should just not be allowed to use the Internet
>but at best they end up looking like older average-below average women, or bimbos who still look 5 years older.
that's being generous, most look a decade older and are still clockable if you see them in person or standing next to an actual woman

No. 1265583

File: 1624814298931.jpg (3.16 MB, 4096x7284, CollageMaker_20210627_13180099…)

I officially have cancer

No. 1265586

It's funny how FtM tend to look cutesy and sometimes even better than most men (unless they are fat fucks) while MtF at best they look like wine aunts and worst like silent hill monsters.
>a couple decades ago, cute autistic guy would likely have had a content life analyzing different types of beetles, now they spend most of their time online where they fall under fetishies and delusion, honestly autistic men should just not be allowed to use the Internet
I belive cutesy nerdy guys still exist (Scott the woz as an example) but yeah, if i had a nerdy son i would forbid him to use the internet, it only makes them incel troons.

No. 1265591

Do these idiots not understand jokes? What woman hasn't jokingly said she wishes she could get rid of her periods/boobs?? I've had girl friends joke around wishing they could donate some of thier boobs to me, a flatty. But actually removing an organ from your body is a different matter. They actually think they have a farm for free uteruses.

No. 1265595

Thanks, forgot anti-natalist is an actual thing due to "natal women" terminology. Assumed it was the next link in the anti-woman chain
So will she

No. 1265601

Lol @ these handmaidens running their mouths writing checks they can’t cash for woke points. Can’t wait til TIMs call their bluffs and actually demand their uteruses under threat of being labeled transphobic if they don’t agree to donate their organs. I wonder how many will finally peak at that point kek

No. 1265604

Y’all gotta stop posting this pic it depresses me so much. If this has been Bartek I woulda an heroed over it.

No. 1265606

To be fair they were already doing this. For example r/relationships has a policy now where any post where the trans person is the antagonist gets marked as a troll and deleted. All at the mod’s discretion. No other group of people get this much protection and benefit of the doubt.

No. 1265608

File: 1624816209918.jpg (29.55 KB, 705x188, ero174.JPG)

Oh my god the comments. This was my favourite though.
>If we segregated dressing rooms by sex wouldn't a cis man also claim he's a trans man to enter women's side HMM????? terfs btfo'd

No. 1265610

These people and the handmaidens who enable them are beyond dense. How could it ever be about "reproductive justice", as if simply just having a uterus would enable them to gestate a pregnancy. Pure unmitigated insanity.

No. 1265611

The madonna/whore thing is so true anon, most terminally online troons either LARP as innocent underage uwu anime loli babes or as slutty bimbo MILF sex dolls. The thought of being regular, non-pornified women doesn’t appeal to them because it doesn’t make them coom, plus less attention and woke points on Twitter. They just transplant male fantasies into their new identities without questioning them, and attack cis women for not “passing” as those fantasies.

No. 1265614

We’re not here to fetishize tranny dick nonna

No. 1265616

KEK the "she opened a gofundme to deal with the trauma" just tops it off, this is amazing

How come his hair is in much better shape in the before pic? Looks thick and full while the current one lays flat. Anyway this is tragic, going from attractive pretty guy to a hon with huge hands and chad chin.

No. 1265617

File: 1624816546795.jpg (35.73 KB, 563x800, 12.jpg)

>at best they look like wine aunts
again that's way to fucking generous, there is no at best for troons, at they look like scrawny twinks with make up on or monstrosities with so many surgeries and boltons that they don't appear human
felt the same way with Andreja Pejić, though apparently he had been on hormone blockers since he was a teenager

No. 1265618

File: 1624816596170.jpg (59.41 KB, 640x338, 1624795723134.png.jpg)

On one hand, I feel bad that these idiots got tricked into mutilating themselves, on the other hand, this is what they get for thinking with their dick.

No. 1265621

File: 1624816612716.jpg (368.15 KB, 500x750, 12432434.jpg)

but despite his great beauty, despite the hormone blockers, make up and drag, he still will always end up looking like a man

No. 1265630

So he was on puberty blockers and..he just looks like a drag queen/pretty dude?

No. 1265635

Thats not true. Some progress have been made in other mammals, and fusing two female cells is in theory possible, but it cant be done in humans yet. Probably not the top priority for scientist either unfortunaly

No. 1265637

i agree, it's easy to feel bad for the dad at first but if he's a drunk then 1. i've felt unnerved and threatened by my own father, who was an alcoholic, even though he for sure never molested me or anything– it's just fucking scary to see a parent acting that way– and 2. the INTENSE reaction to him over nothing at all. this is a parent who doesn't seem to respect boundaries if nothing else. sure the tranny seems like a whiny tantrum-throwing shit but it's very obvious that he doesn't want to live there and only does to not be homeless, and his trannyism is just a symptom of deep mental issues.(Nobody cares )

No. 1265638

I hate liberal "woke" men. Just trying to find a way to hurt women and get away with it. They'd rather side with his fellow men to entertain their narc delusions than actually be helpful and constructive to the women in his life.

No. 1265639

>Do these idiots not understand jokes?
They most likely can't, considering the massive overlap between autism and troonacy

No. 1265642

File: 1624818556918.jpg (211.35 KB, 1080x1582, Screenshot_20210627-105313__01…)

Wave goodbye to the goalposts

No. 1265645

pretty much

No. 1265651

They are all autists they don’t understand it’s not literal.

No. 1265655

A puberty is also supposed to stop a growth spurt. That's why a lot of men and some women who have actually skipped/uncompleted their puberty by unfortunate circumstances come out absolutely giant. It's also probably why NikkiTutorials is such a massive hulk aside from him just being Dutch.

No. 1265670

File: 1624821017386.jpg (264.4 KB, 920x885, SmartSelect_20210627-150957_Tw…)

This honestly reads as gibberish.. wtf are they even saying

No. 1265678

Achillean is supposed to be the gay male equivalent of Sapphic, and was either invented or popularized by gayden girls on tumblr. So your picrel is a gay man, who identifies as a woman, becoming euphoric over his boyfriend saying he's gay for him even though he's a "woman".

It's probably not worth trying to uncover any deeper meaning other that he's a coomer with a bunch of contradictory fetishes.

No. 1265692

File: 1624822453846.jpeg (63.5 KB, 640x610, froglaugh.jpeg)


>You are a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs, but that doesn't matter. You are a valid human who is trying to feel comfortable in her body.

>All the “validation” you get is pure. Behind your back people love you. Your parents are happy and proud of you, your friends laugh at your jokes behind closed doors, and boys love you, and girls envy you.
>Men absolutely love you. Trans folk who “pass” look ordinary and natural to a man. Your bone structure does not matter. Estradiol widens the hips.
>You will be happy. You will smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, and deep inside you feel the euphoria creeping up like a weed. It is what defines you, not the transphobes.
>Eventually, it’ll be perfect for you - you’ll come out, start HRT, get top surgery, and finally be your ideal self. Your parents will find you, happy and relieved that they finally have a happy daughter. They’ll congratulate you on your hard journey, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a woman is what you are.

It reads like even more of a piss-take than the original

No. 1265694

File: 1624822679032.png (112.07 KB, 660x691, Untitled.png)

oh shit it gets better in the comments
>everyone who doesn't support troons is probably a right wing racist incel

No. 1265707

low testosterone and high estrogen in men leads to terrible looking hair on top of hair loss. a lot of their physical appearance problems can be attributed to the fact that they’re men and they’ve deliberately deprived themselves of the testosterone they desperately need.

No. 1265725

File: 1624825400972.jpeg (119.78 KB, 828x753, FCAB7618-3217-4240-9B60-5168B5…)

The amount of freaks in the comments who think that children should not be traumatized by gross dicks and that women who find penises disgusting need to "grow up" is sickening. If you have the audacity to insert yourself in a female space as a male, you should at the very least make yourself discreet and keep your moldy girldick away from view.

No. 1265726

Literally so cringe how they twist themselves into knots trying to explain any opposition
>t-they are sad
>muh wrong side of history
>nazi right-wingers!

No. 1265728

in germany this nudity shit is a big thing and even here women often complain that men follow them around and purposely shove their genitals into their view.

No. 1265734

File: 1624826436480.jpeg (90.56 KB, 412x424, DBB7CE03-2831-4A05-B1E2-CD7CDA…)

what the fuck, i didn’t realize this was THE ultrademon. he was one of the pioneers of seapunk back in the day. absolute madness

No. 1265736

Again at it with this "We puritan Americans uwu" attitude, I see. Do they really think this kinda behaviour would be recieved any better in Europe or Asia?

No. 1265743

File: 1624828161160.png (134.92 KB, 656x442, howdoesargumentswork.png)

So many mind bending dumb comments. So, because rapists will try and enter washrooms… We should remove all protections on who's allowed in washrooms? If a man in a wig tries to enter a washroom and there's no self-id rules, he can be kicked out or barred entry immediately. They're acknowledging this happens and advocating to make it easier.

>Why make murder illegal if people are just gonna murder anyways?

No. 1265773

I'm from a culture with nudity being very normal in certain situations, and yes it can be both sexes naked in the same situation, but these are situations with their own rules and culture, and choosing to be naked with the opposite sex is a CHOICE. I swear to god if someone with a dick would try to come to the women's side he would be chased out faster than he would have time to say "girldick". You don't go breaking the social rules without consequences.

No. 1265790


reciepts pls anon

No. 1265815

Never been bold enough to try this but I've been tempted to tell them they're pulling a noble savage with that logic just to see how they react.
This is stupid, the point of men and women's restrooms and so forth is to make it that much harder, and that much more obvious if someone is where they shouldn't be. Plus since these spaces are ingrained in societal consciousness as "women only", society enforces it. Think about it, if a man walks in the women's room and someone screams, he's thrown out immediately, no questions asked. Sometimes other men will even help out with this kinda thing. But in this hypothetical society they're pushing for, men can come and go as they please as long as they're dressed right. Keeping in mind of course, trans women don't have to pass and shouldn't be held to cis standards and can even be butch uwu.

No. 1265834

Fucking kek anon. My first thought was "this looks like Tarzan lost a bet"

No. 1265838

God damn. There could be kids in there. Nobody wants to take their little girls to a spa and have to worry that a grown man will be exposing himself to your kids

No. 1265845

This is Geoffrey Rush method acting in preparation for a role as a pornsick geriatric weeb and you cannot convince me otherwise.

No. 1265849


It’s true that countries/general continents outside of US perceive nudity a lot differently, but it’s only like… women going topless on beaches and kids being nude/in their underwear is more normalised. Not any kind of penis though, that’s not and will hopefully never be normal.

No. 1265859

Holy shit that got so uncomfortable at the end. It was clear they got turned on by the "super queer outfit" thing and then couldn't un-sex their thoughts to give more regular sentence usages so they tried to look seductive but instead ended up looking like someone poured soy sauce on human roadkill

No. 1265889

I hate how MEN will just shrug and be like “Well I’m fine with nudity, why are people making a fuss?” Completely missing the point that it’s not about the nudity (And that’s coming from a very non prudish European)

- Nudity is a concept that just differs depending on context. I’m fine being naked in front of my doctor but not in front of my colleagues so it’s my right to decide when and where I’ll be nude or seeing nude people. If you take your kids to a nude beach you won’t be mad seeing dicks and vulvas. You might not be ok in a public pool or spa.
- Men think this is a dick being out and about. It’s not. Degen men get off of exposing themselves to unconsenting women and getting away with it. Men have rarely if ever been in a subway wagon and stuck with a dude who decides to take out his dick and masturbate. It’s not “just a penis” it’s a creep who knows you have no choice but to be there and getting off of it (and worse, getting off of exposing themselves to fucking kids)

It was buried way too deep in the comments but someone mentioned that some trans women would probably not want their dick in the open like that. What happened to crippling dysphoria? So I guess seeing your own 5oclock shadow will trigger a depressive episode but waving your dick around cis women will not?

Exactly, at the very least if it’s in the rule books, pervs and offenders can get kicked out of places. But that SPA was either facing angry women with no law to back them up or a lawsuit because they denied service to a true and valid womanTM.

No. 1265902

File: 1624842580914.jpg (58.82 KB, 523x280, topfuckingkek.jpg)

No. 1265904

Wait really? Puberty blockers don't turn them into the cute smol ageless lolis they were destined to be, but freakish giants? My fucking sides can't take it holy shit

No. 1265906

File: 1624843335495.jpeg (16.74 KB, 425x496, 126FE38B-3301-416D-B545-82950D…)

Blog but like half of high school I avoided leaving my room because my stepdad would always sleep with his dick out on the couch or leave his door open while he was touching himself, and seeing random dicks in public makes me feel disgusting and brings back that feeling of having to hide away to be comfortable in my own space. I don’t even hate trans but I’m so tired of them having zero empathy for women because it gets in the way of their own obsessive need to be catered to.

No. 1265912

That's fucked up anon, im sorry you had to go through that. Sending my love sister.

No. 1265915


Really sorry as well for your experience anon. I can relate, though it wasn't my father.. it was my babysitters husband. I have such a disgusting vivid memory of this man's dick and balls hanging out of his boxers and him half shoving them back in his boxers when he finally realized my 6 year old eyes watching. Men really are disgusting sometimes. There's no shame.. they love exposing themselves. I really hope you were able to find some peace over that experience.

No. 1265918

Fullest and complete empathies towards you but the unrelated blogposting itt is fucking retarded. He sounds like he was sexually abusive (+negligence?) towards you. Also you could have made a point that any given scrote, deranged tranny or otherwise, doesn’t give a shit about women. Why backtrack with “I don’t hate trans” when how one feels about them doesn’t change the reality of what they are and do.

No. 1265920

Women come to this thread to vent because there’s nowhere else left on the internet to say these things without men hopping down your throat. Try not to let it get to you Nonnie and just focus on the milk.

Didn’t there used to be a thread for venting about gender stuff? Can we bring it back?

No. 1265923

I mean ignoring the height, you can tell by the hands, head size, the feet, that is 100% a man

No. 1265931

> Didn’t there used to be a thread for venting about gender stuff? Can we bring it back?

Yeah. And I doubt it’ll ever come back.

No. 1265936

anon you're disgusting

No. 1265938

If a penis ever enters the public sauna in the women's side, I'd imagine there would be a brawl.

No. 1265955

> transmisogynoir

we've done it folx, we've reached peak tumblr!

No. 1265966

>i have a vagina that farts and poops
holy kek

No. 1265971

I was gonna say, can there even be cross-sex transplantation of non-sexual organs?
(PL but I was tested to see if I could give a friend my kidney as we have the same blood type but they had to crosscheck "tissue types" and it was so much more than just blood that meant I wasn't a match for her. Trans are talking about a major fuckin surgery for nothing more than fulfiling a fetish, beyond the 'neovagina'.)

No. 1265976

>wanted to enjoy a girly day at the spa
Couldn't just be "wanted to enjoy a day at the spa," huh? They tell on themselves with this sexist bullshit every single fucking time.

Bun needs to check bunself into a mental ward and be put on a pedo watchlist. The voice was bad enough, but that uncomfortable sex-up-the-camera look at the end is repulsive. Sometimes I wonder if the more normie woke masses are aware of how degenerates like this make up the majority of the ~transwomen~ they claim to defend.

No. 1265982

nta but its a nice looking dick, it shouldn't be controversial to say that

No. 1265983

File: 1624850919340.png (661 KB, 640x1138, image.png)

This is who calls you a chud online

No. 1265988

Greasy haired, pasty, weak jawed, limp wristed woke scrote. Gotta defend his fellow bro.

No. 1265989

>thinking of spending time with strangers in communal areas in dating terms

Ok creeps

No. 1265998

At least they agree seeing unwanted penis is traumatizing. But yes, there's a danger too especially when they make it so clear they are viewing things on sexual terms e.g. "rejected"

No. 1265999

He seems gay, so not surprised he'd get involved and stand up for another GBT scrote, he probably thought the troon was just a hsts gay flamer and not a fetishistic transbian.
I doubt the troon that was probs a "lesbian" would do that for him if he faced any homophobia

No. 1266000

If not wanting to see some perverts filthy ballbag and smeg encrusted mushroom head makes me a "prude", then a prude I will gladly be.

No. 1266001

He probably sucks dick better than all of us.

No. 1266003

This is average looking man, If he was the one defending the woman you'd probably posting about how based and much of a chad he was

No. 1266007

No, he has tits.

No. 1266008

he's aggressively mediocre looking, you can project whatever you want on him

No. 1266013

this warms my cold dead heart

No. 1266018

regardless if he loves dick or not, he is emblematic of every male, especially the TRAs–they don't care about how women feel regardless of trauma aspects because males cannot truly empathize with us

No. 1266033

File: 1624857499397.jpeg (85.47 KB, 800x450, 902AB5C1-03C7-4C01-890B-93705C…)

He has a repulsive aura of unwarranted smugness about him. He genuinely looks lie he’s in the process of saying “well, actually…”
Each to their own but I think he’s fucking ugly. Much uglier than the average man I see on a day to day basis and I’m British he looks like fucking Nigel thornberry.

No. 1266045

The whole goal of a uterus transplant is to feel the euphoria of a baby being pushed through their neovag but it turns out due to their male anatomy they’d have to have a c-section instead and if they viewed that as oppression does this imply that they think women are lesser for having to opt for c-sections?

No. 1266049

They don't. I know handmaidens are the most milky and talked about, but the average tranny ally is usually a fairly normie tier liberal who doesn't read theory and doesn't know who they're supporting. They're all either under the impression that most trannies are harmless HSTS types, or subconsciously think of their tranny friends as some level of asexual. Many of them lowkey identify as asexual, queer, or "flexible," despite being some flavor of hetero, and think they have some higher level of empathy or understanding of LGB people than "those evil cishets." It honestly feels like homosexualism is getting the noble savage treatment, despite not being a race.

No. 1266053

Can't believe they're pulling this bullshit. It's true that the US has a history with puritanism and demonizing nudity but like >>1265889 said it's about the context here, I'm from an European country where unisex nudity is very, very normalized to the point most people wouldn't bat an eye at mixed baths but even here you would not fucking get a pass for flopping your dick around in the women's bathroom. We're having the same debate about female spaces being colonized over here as well, including the fear of losing women-specific places where we're vulnerable.

>smug fucking expression
>douchebag moustache and hair
>weakest chin I've seen
>doodle tier arm tattoos
He looks like the guy who will write a semi-fabricated twitter thread about owning a Karen terf at the spa and how literally everyone there was clapping at his brave allyship before he slides into the DMs of his favourite thot twitter trannies and rewards himself with more sissy hypno porn.

No. 1266054

Correct, I think the majority of Trans allies have a misguided view of TIMs. they mean well but I'm sure most have never interacted with an IRL TIM

No. 1266055

Tangent ahead:
There was some nonsense on Twitter yesterday with all this "the hets are angry" stuff with the strawman of a possible new Doctor Who actor who is gay…when a main character Jack Harkness is very gay, as is his actor Barrowman, and had his own spinoff show Torchwood, showrunner for a long time Russell T Davies is gay and has made multiple award winning gay interest tv shows, half of the bit characters/extras in any given episode are gay…like where are the het Who fans who care if they cast a gay actor? The internet is just a mess of imaginary strawman enemies to "beat" and adopting a vaguely queer persona or being pro trans is an easy way to show what "side" you're on, hence all the blind support for what are often creepy, perverted men as this thread has shown.
Claiming a side on the internet is more important than the material reality that most men are creeps, and transwomen have just as much chance of being a creep as any other cis man. They are not untouchable uwu babies.

No. 1266056

File: 1624861820439.jpg (116.01 KB, 1062x764, 45667.jpg)

so basically this

No. 1266059

I find that many of them have interacted with TIMs, and even transbians, but only on a surface level. They keep their distance, but think they have the whole picture.

No. 1266060

Absolutely, and this is how my handmaiden friends are. The ones who peaked are also the ones who actually experienced the worst of the worst hons and realized they're not a small minority, but actually authoritative figures in trans organizations and movements. As much as everyone hates TRA allies you need to remember that their allyship is based on ignorance and the genuine belief that troons are simply battered deep level homosexuals who just want to be their authentic selves and live happily ever after without ever hurting anyone and terfs are either these nasty bible thumping white republicans who want to send gay people to hell or ugly bitter fat mean femcels who are jealous of troons. That's ultimately the narrative they've been fed and subtly peaking one isn't even that hard. Some of them are bad faith actors who are "in" in the gig for whatever nefarious reason but most of them just don't know any better.

No. 1266067

This is such a bullshit. I'm so tired of Americans who think parents show their actual genitals to their children all around Europe. They also act like Europe is one country.

Exposing one's genitals to children counts as sexual abuse by international guidelines and can stunt or be harmful to their healthy sexual development.
Jesus fuck. There's so many 'seeing non erect penis is not sexual to little girls, it's really healthy' comments. I've seen my first exhibitionist when I was 4 and it was a non erect penis. It was still traumatising and I remember it to this day.
Also I love how much the comments got policed and deleted since yesterday. Absolutely everyone was agreeing with the woman, today the thread is locked and everyone is on tranny's side.

No. 1266071

nice gay self awareness

No. 1266072

if this fantasy ever actually becomes reality I don't trust the viability of the fetus they may carry. they'll just start larping as women who have had miscarriages

No. 1266073

even if they have (or even if they know agp transbians online), if they're male you can forget any solidarity with women. empathy towards actual women isn't a thing that men are capable of.

No. 1266077

what is this from

No. 1266096

If there are children around I'm pepper spraying him.
Feels like a clip from a horror/thriller movie.
What was that man's goal anyway? Trying to make her sound dumb over her voicing what she and clearly other women were very uncomfortable with? Hello?

No. 1266097

File: 1624871686223.png (237.59 KB, 1440x1623, 20210628_101238.png)

Accurate. See this comment from the spa video Reddit thread.

No. 1266101

Because that's grammatically correct. As if anyone's afraid of the genderspecials. They have the least bite of all the alphabet soup people.

No. 1266106

The last person in that comment chain probably thinks that all people who oppose trans activism are the same. They think that if you dont believe that transwomen are women, then they also are conservative. It's all or nothing for them; its hard to grasp for them how one can have a nuanced worldview. Its really convenient for them to think that all they views == right and good, and all other views == evil and wrong, otherwise their cognitive dissonance would make their brains explode.

No. 1266112

File: 1624875938359.jpg (134.32 KB, 1080x1604, b0cb5b4f-9a89-5bda-a6d3-8ff228…)

Fucking kek, this is peak male narcissism

No. 1266120

Meanwhile any sane woman would be thanking her lucky stars her closeted degen chaser bf revealed himself early on. The troons can have them, tyvm.

No. 1266128

fuck yes i love seeing women stand up against this wokey sjw shit. she shut that smug ass white dude crying transphobia right on down

No. 1266129

Like even hunter gatherer societies in parts of the world with very little western influence, most of them have the men wearing some kind of loincloth where the women have exposed breasts and the kids are naked. Troons are stupid, we are almost like predisposed to want penises hidden lol

No. 1266154

>Its really convenient for them to think that all they views == right and good, and all other views == evil and wrong, otherwise their cognitive dissonance would make their brains explode.
Exactly. Anyone who disagrees with them about anything is automatically wrong about everything, so a pro-choice feminist who thinks TWAM is inconceivable. If a conservative politician says water is wet and you agree with him, that just means you’re both literally Hitler.

I know that actual violent white supremacists etc. really do exist, but the term ‘nazi’ has become so watered down that at this point if someone is accused of being a “literal nazi who wants marginalised people to DIE” I tend to assume they just drew some Harry Potter fanart or didn’t donate to a trans grifter’s GFM campaign or something.

No. 1266156

imagine being a mtf with the surname "hiscock" i love this

No. 1266167

File: 1624885714816.jpg (237.14 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210628-084759_Tik…)

TikTok has removed several of my "anti trans" comments before but this incidence is too funny lol

No. 1266170

sorry anon but trying to get into discourse on tiktok and bragging about it is just about the lamest thing humanly possible

No. 1266176

most masculine ChapoTrapHouse listener

No. 1266178

Huh. They have no problems with softcore porn of minors on their app, but god forbid you go against troons.

No. 1266179


the video in >>1265413

No. 1266187

looks like jerma985 in a dress

No. 1266192

Source? I would love to share around it

No. 1266239

i don’t even know why we’re even discussing this. there’s absolutely no way any transplant would be viable in a man. not only would you have to transplant an entire reproductive system and somehow convince a male body they don’t need as much testosterone and need to go through a menstrual cycle and ovulate (with whose eggs?) but you would also need to convince their basic DNA that their sex chromosomes are wrong and they can’t reject the reproductive organs. which is impossible. the organs will always contain the donor’s XX chromosomes, the recipient will always have XY. the body will die, the organs will die. no immunosuppressant medicines that all organ recipients go on could solve that. this is a moot point. no baby could ever be born.

No. 1266246

File: 1624896804855.png (86.73 KB, 1261x724, my petty transition goals.png)

No. 1266256

This. Womb transplants in troons are 100% science fiction and a cope. It's never, ever going to happen because it's an all around physical impossibility and that's why handmaidens are throwing themselves at their feet saying how they'd totally donate their dumb useless womb for a stunning transwommyn. They know they'd never actually have to commit to it. The anons freaking out about revoking their organ donator card are being neurotic need to get a goddamn grip.

No. 1266257

clap clap top keke

No. 1266283

File: 1624899555191.png (80.33 KB, 831x618, 45239584504673.png)


It's a Swedish study - this report summarises it and also covers other research.


No. 1266288

people who complete puberty early tend to end up shorter on avg because they don't get to take advantage of prolonged growth spurts.

No. 1266304

To elaborate on this a bit, Lupron is a cancer medication that's used off label as "puberty blockers". Other than for tranny reasons, it's been used to force growth in short children before. It gave them brittle bones and fucked up joints just years later in their young adult lives, though. It doesn't just magically halt puberty with no repercussions.

> A 20-year-old from South Carolina was diagnosed with osteopenia, a thinning of the bones, while a 25-year-old from Pennsylvania has osteoporosis and a cracked spine. A 26-year-old in Massachusetts needed a total hip replacement. A 25-year-old in Wisconsin, like Derricott, has chronic pain and degenerative disc disease.

Excerpt from: https://www.statnews.com/2017/02/02/lupron-puberty-children-health-problems/

No. 1266309

Fucking thank you artistanon, absolute masterpiece

No. 1266323

File: 1624902192706.png (19.66 KB, 595x160, Screenshot (97).png)

The fact that a "cis lesbian" tweeted this makes it so much worse

No. 1266335

Did anyone get this video on their recommendations on YouTube, I'm tired of them being everywhere like leave me alone.
It's just so hideous how they switch truths like the owner of the shop should be ashamed of refusing to accommodate a bunch of sick unhealthy people. Ironically its the biggest example of gaslighting I can site.(Derailing)

No. 1266341

I read a similar piece on PBS. These women have weakened teeth enamel, jaw problems, hip problems, chronic pain. This information is out there with a simple google search. Remember this is one of the drugs being prescribed to kids who are possibly trans. And we're told puberty blockers are reversible and safe.

https://www.pbs.org/newshour/health/women-fear-drug-they-used-to-halt-puberty-led-to-health-problems(Imageboard )

No. 1266344


k-kikomi anon is that you?

No. 1266351

Honestly its pretty realistic tbh
The man politely declined and didn't even insult them, one immediately replied with threats of violence and the other just belittled and Insulted him for no reason, I mean are we really fucking supposed to be rooting for these rude trannies, I felt more bad about the short guy
he seems passionate about his Job and puts his moral values above money

No. 1266352

This person is definitely 15, not a lesbian, and has never touched coochie

No. 1266355

File: 1624903635245.jpg (53.35 KB, 960x714, IMG_0518.JPG)

what the fuck did I just read
words have no fucking meaning anymore

No. 1266360

File: 1624903809000.png (494.05 KB, 800x442, 096059605.png)

>amab nonbinary people can also be lesbians
please just make it stop, please

No. 1266364

Extremely female behavior, unclockable

No. 1266374

>14, autistic, asexual polyam lesbian, white, they/he + neos, infp, aries, pst

No. 1266383

Even still that would be debunked because if the man went to court with a body examination he would still have a prostate and women don’t have those kek

No. 1266386

I agree that it would never be viable, but I don’t think that will stop doctors from trying. A rolled up chunk of arm or leg meat will never function or even really look like a penis but that hasn’t stopped surgeons from carving up their patients’ limbs and sewing them to their crotches. A flayed penis stuffed into a gaping wound will never function or even really look like a vagina but that hasn’t stopped surgeons from carving puss, hair and feces-filled holes into their patients. Men will never be able to properly breastfeed a baby but that hasn’t stopped doctors from injecting men with hormone cocktails and letting helpless newborns latch onto those men’s nipples and try to feed on god knows what comes out of there. All for ‘validation’, all at the expense of the patients’ and even little babies’ wellbeing. A male pregnancy will never happen but if one of these Dr. Moreau wannabes gets hold of a willing patient and a donor uterus (especially one donated to science), what’s to stop them from giving it a shot? It’s unethical and insane, but so is everything else in trans “healthcare”. I’m glad that my country allows us to donate only specific organs and it’s not an all-or-nothing thing.

No. 1266392

File: 1624905120190.png (315.25 KB, 720x1292, Screenshot_20210628-233128.png)

No. 1266400

File: 1624905598518.jpg (117.92 KB, 1028x818, Chimpanzee_seated_at_typewrite…)

This is gibberish

No. 1266410

cant wait for some TRA to call her a misogynist and say something like "Of course she calls the FEMALES".

No. 1266414

File: 1624906304990.jpeg (294.11 KB, 1170x1400, FDBA81FD-C94A-42CA-9A64-BC23AD…)

You mean you're a man, right?

No. 1266422

lmao their face looks diseased its what they deserve for trying to imitate being a woman

No. 1266424

kek I knew I'd see that here. Well, single mothers everybody. If he had a father he'd have learned to shave at least

No. 1266430

literally what is it with these people and immediately disclosing everything about themselves on their pages?

No. 1266437

Was it America that exported all this cultural bs to the rest of the world?

No. 1266441

Do they not exfoliate or moisturize?

No. 1266445

File: 1624907856557.jpg (587.52 KB, 2066x1917, IMG_5617.JPG)

this seems so obnoxious

No. 1266447

am i going insane or does hunter have a 5 o'clock shadow?

No. 1266449

I know i probably get banned or labeled as tranny but.
Trannies population is like %000000000000000000.1
Why does this shitty hate site obsessed with them?(newfag)

No. 1266453

Idk maybe read the thread and find out.

No. 1266456

File: 1624908556965.png (198.8 KB, 1800x1578, lmao.png)

No. 1266464

Being a small portion of the population doesn't make them less dangerous, retarded, or disgusting. The degeneracy of troons– 0.000001% of the population– added up probably equals the degneracy of the rest of humanity combined, kek.

No. 1266474

0.1% of the population, and yet so many pedophiles, rapists, racists, misogynists, creeps, and incels?

No. 1266478

Maybe? Could be the lighting and how his face is shaped. His friend definitely has one though lol that looks like a whole man.

No. 1266497

>Sometimes I wonder if the more normie woke masses are aware of how degenerates like this make up the majority of the ~transwomen~
Normies are not aware. The reality of the gay "community" has been completely distorted by US entertainment in the 21st century.
Reality: gay men are catty and fuck each other like bunnies, lesbians have a penchant for interpersonal drama and don't want to be bothered by straight men, trannies are batshit insane and a nuisance.
Fantasy for the normies: all gay men are friendly & magical sexless beings who love fashion and makeup, all lesbians are sex-pests who totally need some scrote, trannies are just gay men 2.0 + crippling dysphoria~ uwu.
This is why you see so many handmaidens falling head over heels for TIMs, they wanna be around and virtue-signal for someone "unique"; specially zoomer women, they would be devoted faghags or pretend to be bisexual if they were born 10-15 years earlier.

sage for non milk.

No. 1266501

File: 1624911569183.webm (13.58 MB, 576x1024, yikes.webm)

this freak is loudly talking about sex positions at a playground in front of children. wtf

No. 1266504

This dude makes me want to a-log so bad. I wish he'd stop acting like a freak but all the tik-tok handmaidens love sucking his cock about how "beautiful and brave" he is

No. 1266506

Isn't this the guy who thinks estrogen made him stupid and openly admitted that he's happy his troon-status lets him get away with misogyny?

No. 1266507

We need a carrd cringe thread, it'd be a gold mine.

No. 1266510

I hate this dude. Glad he chemically castrated himself. He deserves it.

No. 1266511

Seconding this, would it be appropriate for it to go in /snow/ or /ot/?

No. 1266512

I think it should go in /m/ or /ot/ like twitter hate and reddit hate.

No. 1266518

>I got these fucking hymen slice 'n' dicers
Like what the ever loving fuck. Disgusting.

No. 1266521

I guess Yaniv is the only troon who ever discovered hot wax.

No. 1266522

still looking like men no matter how much money they put into themselves. love how these rich men bankrupt their wealthy parents with their insane behavior. doing god's work hunter

No. 1266532

On one hand I'm relieved that this one is just a stupid kid, on the other hand, it brings me more upset to know that there are women in their 20's who act like this.

No. 1266543

File: 1624916724569.jpeg (48.8 KB, 724x956, received_1167525730392957.jpeg)

Angry troons are DoS attacking Kiwifarms (which is illegal) because some troon on there claimed they 41%d and tried to extort Null and entrap him with money to take down a 2 year old thread or else will commit die . Pic semi related of a true activist but these are the true and honest women remember.

Also they're doing change.org petitions to take down all farms which is kek.

No. 1266548

Do you know what the alternate kf URLs are? I only know .pl and it's not working either

No. 1266553

File: 1624918364667.png (22.24 KB, 780x84, 1624834132116.png)

Ahh, calls for unbalanced violence against women and using cunt as a pejorative. What a very feminine & dainty individual.

Copied over from the kiwifarms thread, which is currently a cesspit of emotionally unhinged moids.

No. 1266556

Didn't you get the memo? We're supposed to side with the troons on this one cause KF bad or something.

No. 1266568

mmmyep the violent moidposting begins. All men should be sent to concentration camps, trannies first.(took the bait)

No. 1266574

& that's including the gore kek

No. 1266575

Posting gore like any true and honest woman would I see

No. 1266577

Just ignore the baiting

No. 1266578

File: 1624919523701.jpg (132.78 KB, 780x778, 1606352429730.jpg)

Don't worry, they'll 41% soon enough. Moids gonna moid.

No. 1266580

i wonder why the ftm threads never get gore spammed

No. 1266582

Lol is that what the radfems are saying? I guess it would be very bad optics to take any other stance, even though the retard most likely didn't even actually kill himself

No. 1266600

Isn't foxdick crawling with trannies anyway?

No. 1266603

It is, but everyone who posts there is labeled hitlersatantrump anyways. Also, twitter trannies and furries wanna get rid of the site that documents their every move, even if they have to parade the (alleged) corpse of a guy they didn't even know.

No. 1266609

File: 1624922387211.jpg (75.58 KB, 700x500, reeingisbelieving.jpg)

This child needs trigger warnings for… reality checks? If I didn't think we were fucked before,

No. 1266616

It's hilarious to me that byuu killed himself while on a call with a friend and said friend wrote a huge fucking manifesto instead of calling the authorities to check on his dying friend. Really shows where their priorities are.

No. 1266627

It never ceases to amaze me how furries have always been this way about "suicide". They will always flail around self-righteously online, never call for help, never confirm an IRL obituary, never send flowers to the family. If it does turn out that this guy offed himself (doubtful) and the family holds a memorial, no troons or furries will send a damn thing, but they did rent a botnet to ddos.

No. 1266640

File: 1624924930339.jpg (744.53 KB, 1080x1542, SmartSelect_20210628-200156_Tw…)

No. 1266645

File: 1624925120020.jpg (140.28 KB, 895x493, SmartSelect_20210628-200428_Tw…)

Yes, because we all know the uterus is the ONLY reason why these people would ever be inferior to us.

No. 1266649

File: 1624925308034.png (78.99 KB, 188x278, Capture.PNG)

He literally looks like this family guy character in the face

No. 1266651

File: 1624925435822.png (254.35 KB, 601x514, gendering body parts.png)

Should've given the full context, his earlier tweet is even more hilariously delusional

No. 1266654

File: 1624925542732.png (2.08 MB, 1383x1223, 1624906525167.png)

Men beating women in women beauty competition(Not milk )

No. 1266656

That love section is so sad, just mundane shit, no real hobbies. No wonder she's such an attention whore.

No. 1266667

Their walk is straight up inspired by Ru Paul's drag race. This person is a great female impersonator, but their movements do not come off as naturally feminine. Gayboi at most.. what a shame.

No. 1266668

The “one thing” lol

No. 1266670

Looks like a ladyboy. Disgusting. Why would a man even be allowed to enter a beauty pageant?

No. 1266671

File: 1624927742245.png (Spoiler Image,68.77 KB, 277x307, sl.PNG)

dude isn't bad looking, but he looks weird as hell in motion and of course his looks downgrade from the pictures. You cannot tell me this person is the best looking out of all the women there. Thats my issue with all of this, it just so happens the one trans woman wins the contest?

No. 1266672

Same happened in Germany with our variant of Next Topmodel.

No. 1266676

File: 1624928048884.gif (905.57 KB, 245x260, 1557519891081.gif)

No. 1266681

pity victories for woke points, a consolation prize for people who've spent hundreds of thousands on surgery. imagine having those gums.

No. 1266683

interesting how trannies are allowed to compete in both male (drag queen) pageants and in female pageants. Like their sex changes when it's beneficial for them

No. 1266686

File: 1624929023283.jpg (3.48 MB, 4096x7284, CollageMaker_20210628_21083182…)

For those who aren't educated on how scholarships work in America.. she's asking for $15, 000 on her fundraiser.. why would she need that much if she has a scholarship? They seem pretty well off, boasting that they own a Nintendo switch and can clearly afford expensive looking food. Idk. I smell a rat.

No. 1266688

>cw // food
grow up

No. 1266694

File: 1624929907645.jpeg (8.36 KB, 183x275, malebodyfaggot.jpeg)

He might have good surgery and a pretty face, but he can't hide the male body, especially in comparison to other contestants.

No. 1266696

File: 1624929981536.jpg (90.78 KB, 640x960, malebulge.jpg)

SA, but the fucking bulge. Can't hide the maleness, no matter how much makeup.

No. 1266702

File: 1624930467144.jpg (385.63 KB, 1078x989, SmartSelect_20210628-213420_In…)


And it's trannies like this that will look at biological women and say they're better looking.. and you know what, I would probably feel intimidated by this person physically at first, but then I'd remember that they're made of plastic, and I was biologically blessed.

No. 1266712

Honestly looking at >>1266694 he's nothing to be intimateded by. It's make up, surgery and angles. There's women with amazing bodies and natural faces who were passed over for a dude.

No. 1266760

Posting random trans actors/ models is not milk. Refer to the thread criteria in the rules if there's any confusion.

No. 1266792


No. 1266861

File: 1624936703253.png (898.7 KB, 1072x1665, 20210628_230714.png)

random tranny i found in this youtuber's replies, totally not unhinged.

No. 1266863

File: 1624936725545.png (808.98 KB, 1071x1545, 20210628_230701.png)

No. 1266864

File: 1624936817005.png (774.39 KB, 1073x1549, 20210628_230642.png)

No. 1266867

Let him believe delusions, throw his money at a corrupt doctor who wants to play Frankenstein then die from immediate complications. Happened before, will happen again. They're delusional enough to believe that a surgery for women transplanting a womans organ is even remotely possible for men but just look at yaniv and how his "clit" rotted off recently because these neovag surgeries are disastrous already

No. 1266873


No. 1266876

File: 1624937234888.gif (329.22 KB, 220x165, tenor.gif)

No. 1266877

Man, some people just need to get off the internet and live their lives for a while. He’s so unhinged sounding.

No. 1266881

File: 1624937828167.jpg (798.61 KB, 903x1912, SmartSelect_20210628-233632_Tw…)

I know Johnathan Yaniv is old milk but this actually set my freaking veins on fire.

No. 1266882

The ones who melt down like this for attention never actually 41%. I bet he was drinking soda and chips while tweeting this fake meltdown.

No. 1266885

File: 1624938147715.jpg (441.08 KB, 894x1638, SmartSelect_20210628-234141_Tw…)


Nah this person seems genuinely derranged.

No. 1266894

Might wanna repost without your icons visible

No. 1266895

holy fuck i didn't even see this, normal female behavior kek.

No. 1266900

Twitter user gets called a terf for pointing out the problems of a uterus transplant

Never noticed it my bad! Let me post it again

No. 1266902

File: 1624938752418.jpg (222.02 KB, 937x1318, 1624938204856.jpg)

Kek forgot the image

No. 1266914

File: 1624939599580.png (13.73 KB, 587x113, wow.png)

we can hope

No. 1266921

Yeah genderspecial I'd say is a result of American individualism but also largely bc of pharma companies. Our healthcare industry is privatized, rich people and companies can lobby, and pharma companies have billions of dollars to push that shit through for their own profit. Ik drug manufacturers ship internationally but I imagine that socialized healthcare systems (hospitals, doctors and such) can't just charge out the ass like the US does. Does anyone know if the profit for trans shit is even worth it overseas?
Can anyone explain how transgender is different from transracial? What if he wins the USA crown, a man in womanface and is applauded for executing performative femininity better than a bunch of "cis" women who are overlooked compared to the moid because they're actual women which is boring/typical. A similar phenomenon happened years ago with Rachel Dolezal yet when her whiteness was found out she was ousted out of her NAACP position and became the joke of the media. And ofc she deserves that but why does nobody see the parallel of transgenderism and transracialism? I'm curious to see what black women have to say. I'm angry thinking of how many women prepared and practiced so hard in advance for a man to automatically have a 'leg up' in the competition bc he's a scrote. istg if this is flagged as racebait I'm gonna kms like byuu ~~didn't~~

No. 1266926

Kek didn't his dick tip just rot off? Anon it's perfect timing as he actually has a reason now to wear pads!

No. 1266929

The pads are obviously for his ball sweat.

No. 1266932

File: 1624940672930.jpg (127.6 KB, 1237x1500, 71E7cZ5pLYL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

It is legitimately disgusting. Those Prevail things aren't even pads, they are absorbent sheets to prevent diaper leaks from ruining your mattress/wheelchair. He just took whatever the fuck he could get for free.

No. 1266949

File: 1624942088119.jpg (367.66 KB, 499x374, ARef9R1.jpg)

No. 1266955

File: 1624943017286.png (274.54 KB, 695x1400, troooon.png)

No. 1266958

No tampons? He’ll be suing.

Maybe that’s his new fake disability/fetish/grift, incontinence.

No. 1266960

So can someone explain how TIMs get Explosive Diarrhea cause of taking estrogen ?

No. 1266961

This reads like fan fiction

No. 1266977

I kinda believe it… plenty of predatory troons and damaged young women out there.

OP is ESL, maybe that's why it seems weird.

No. 1267013

>I imagine that socialized healthcare systems (hospitals, doctors and such) can't just charge out the ass like the US does. Does anyone know if the profit for trans shit is even worth it overseas?
Trans shit is very prevalent in Western European countries with (semi-)socialised healthcare systems. I’m no expert but I imagine that the companies still make a huge profit, just with money coming from the taxpayers/government rather than patients directly.

No. 1267016

>Does anyone know if the profit for trans shit is even worth it overseas?
I live in a country with a state-provided, mostly free health care and tranny lobbying is just as prevalent here as everywhere else, but the doctors are much less likely to eat it up because they are paid a salary provided by tax money, not on a patient by patient basis. So trying to sell expensive but unnecessary procedures is not in their best interests since they get the money nevertheless. Doctors here (including the head director of the local national trans clinic) have openly spoken up about desisters, detransitioners and how skewed the gender ratio in young people looking for trans health care with 90% of all patients being young, mentally ill women. But there are a few doctors who drank the kool aid hard and are in it just for their misguided altruism.

The thing is that even here troons don't want to wait for the year it takes for them to get the diagnosis and gain access to hormones and surgeries so instead they opt to order illegal hormones online to fuck up their body on their own. So the market for peddling horse piss pills extends all over the world and they found ways to go around authorities.

No. 1267029

 | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
 |  FUCK TRANNIES!!!   |
    ∧∧ ||
    ( ゚д゚)||
    / づΦ(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1267034

If they learned what to do from actual men they wouldn’t have this problem but no it would “trigger muh dysphoria”

Sage bc bs

No. 1267044

He went from "guy on the cover of a romance novel" to "poor man's Coco Peru in cat ears." Tragic.

No. 1267097

Pointing and laughing kek
Hope he swallows

No. 1267140

File: 1624967676760.jpg (66.25 KB, 482x427, 4gjmi6.jpg)

Jesus christ, is this what men feel like when cute tomboys cut their tits off and change their name to Aidyn?

No. 1267148

stop thirsting after troons please

No. 1267149

Who's thirsting? I'm lamenting the loss of an attractive man to the tranny menace.(Nobody cares )

No. 1267167

lmao all the comments are calling him male and encouraging him to join transgender pageants instead. and on twitter even the hardcore pageant gays and trannies are telling him to withdraw because male. it's only the twaw fil-ams and private school queers and enbys who support him lmao props to my country's troons

No. 1267172

(Not milk )

No. 1267174

Based, savage waifu

No. 1267177

I know uggos pity-win pageants all the time, but JFC. He looks awful compared to actual women. When will handmaidens stop giving undeserved awards to these freaks?

No. 1267233

File: 1624977321915.jpg (72.54 KB, 540x957, 200459576_807605050116422_8681…)


Post screenshots dumbass. All I see is blind support in the top comments.

No. 1267265

Fucking hell! if you're a woman in sports you might as well throw in the towel and go work at mcdonalds/kill yourself

No. 1267270

no tranny passes as female. They can catfish all they want on pictures but we all see the huge hands, torso, narrow hips, huge skull. The only people who are fooled are coomers.

No. 1267275

>those moid hips
Plastic trannies always sport bolt on's attached to their male torso and long hair to hide their man shoulders.(Samefagging)

No. 1267278

LMAO what reproductive rights?? Trannies keep chopping their genitals off, they can't reproduce. The delusion is real

No. 1267283

I mean FTMs can reproduce, but the children born from TIFs are basically fucked up on birth, slight physical deformities and lower intelligence
same thing happened to many retiring Eastern belt female athletes, they lost any chance of having normal healthy children(Derailing)

No. 1267302

>I don’t think that will stop doctors from trying. A rolled up chunk of arm or leg meat will never function or even really look like a penis but that hasn’t stopped surgeons from carving up their patients’ limbs and sewing them to their crotches. A flayed penis stuffed into a gaping wound will never function or even really look like a vagina but that hasn’t stopped surgeons from carving puss, hair and feces-filled holes into their patients.

Has this ever been talked about? of course there are some doctors who might be forced to do those surgeries by their higher ups but those who specialize on trans shit just have to be psychopaths. That's some nazi doctor shit, Mengele's wet dream, just being legally allowed to create Frankenstein tier body parts, to experiment what's humanly possible. And if they fuck it up (meaning always) there are no consequences because everybody knows how difficult and risky it is already beforehand.
I definitely think that there are some who will want to try womb transplants on men because they're sick fucks who like to play god.

No. 1267316

How is this not milk? They are man who won based on political gains with their bulge out. This thread states "You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk"
Yes this relates to milk which is the whole point of this thread is to post about this shit.(lolcow.farm/ rules)

No. 1267322

It's not just about seeing if you can play god, it's about the money. Not to get all conspiracy theorist, but there is so much money in taking a previously healthy person, putting them on hormones for the rest of their life, and then encouraging them to have multiple surgeries. You've basically created a permanent medical patient. It's good money, and people will do a lot for that money, even lie and spread misinformation. It's ironic that most troons are "leftists" and "socialists," because transitioning is the manifestation of capitalistic individualism.

No. 1267333

nta but I don't even remember Trannies ever being once discussed in the left wing groups I was part off, this was during the early 2010's btw, now they are an unavoidable talking point, you will literally get kicked out of certain spaces for not accepting these degenerates
these were people who had been politically active since the Clinton era, fighting for Labor Rights, Civil Rights, Women's rights, and they were thrown out for not accepting trannies

No. 1267337

File: 1624982611660.jpg (166.16 KB, 827x1198, do you think god hides in heav…)

FTM troons, gaydens especially, seem to do nothing but get knocked up and birth babies. I've never gotten a straight answer as to why the same women who claim being referred to by female pronouns or their birth name will send them into suicidal depression are perfectly fine with prenancy and childbirth.

Even if they reduce womanhood down to a social role they've "identified" out of… the crux of the female social role in literally every culture is that of a wife and mother. Having babbies is literally peak womanhood all throughout time, in every culture, in every nation on the planet kek(Derailing )

No. 1267343

tranny doctors absolutely do it for the money but they’re cosmetic surgeons pretending they’re lifesavers. they’re all fucked in the head.

No. 1267352

Declassified Mental illness is the answer to all your questions. Someone paid a lot of money to get this mental illness taken off the DSM, and now we're all paying for it.
Of course not lmao. There's nothing to be gained positively for the transgender movement if there were open and free discussions.

No. 1267360

If anything I see womens sports going underground to avoid the bullshit, inperson invite only to tournaments, if any tranny asks it's a private club or something

No. 1267388

I honestly think the olympics will just stop being as important as they used to be, I mean, for the average normie, they’re already more about the opening and ending ceremony than whatever is going on in the competitions.
Like the whole beauty pageant stuff, nobody really talks about them anymore and I think it happened because when the first tranny was even accepted to compete in the contests, they stopped being about the beauty of a country’s women or men and more about who is more pathetic.
Nobody cares about who has more or less oppression points, the olympics and the beauty pageants were just ways to stroke a nation’s ego while also promoting their most interesting stuff, they’re not needed anymore, so their rules are not respected anymore.

No. 1267389


No. 1267402

Do doctors worry about being cancelled? As a burgerfag while I do think that doctors profit big off of transitioners I do think there's also a pressure to go along and "affirm" for the sake of their professional reputations and careers.

No. 1267408

My therapist was "cancelled" as you put it. It really sucks if you can't afford a good therapist, but actually find one, only to find out , that because they didn't bow down to trannyshit, they're leaving that hospital.

No. 1267435

Id say that they are half aware.

Woke normies point out the kind of degeneracy that goes down in some communities but somehow are not able to draw the connection that said communities overlap with their favourite species of faggot. For example, most of the MAP community are mtf trans people specifically, and despite recognising that MAP = bad, they are blind to mtf = bad willingly

No. 1267452

Woketards no joke use "MAPs" as proof that female pedophiles are as plentiful as the male variety. Even when one of these troon nonces gets caught sending pictures of his dick to minors, their primary concern is that the people calling him out use "correct" pronouns while doing so. Hell world

No. 1267479

File: 1624990490768.png (47.01 KB, 710x366, Screenshot (105).png)

I can't handle the Cringe, its just too much

No. 1267486

go fuck yourself

No. 1267493

So there we go, we have a perfect example of wokie behaviour. "All of these nonces are mtf? BUT THEIR HANDMAIDENS ARE WOMEN!!!!!". They will do ANYTHING it takes to divert the blame from mtf transtards and I'm convinced they have to be at least slightly aware of the obvious or else they wouldn't have such a boner for pinning the blame on some poor idiot who got sucked into being a handmaid

No. 1267498

Like when the Aimee Challenor shit went down on Reddit and people kept commenting “See, women can be predators and pedophiles too!” while comments pointing out that all the pedos were biologically male were being deleted or massively downvoted at best.

No. 1267516

File: 1624992303952.jpg (854.43 KB, 1440x2104, Screenshot_20210629-194107.jpg)

Woke normies, true normies, don't know about MAPs or the rest of trans degeneracy. In IRL arts industry, queer culture is conflated with being artsy, and they're genuinely considered a marginalised community. TIMs and gay men fill quotas meant for women.

No. 1267526

I washed my hands with Reddit at that moment.
>Challenor lived with his husband and father. All three shared a diaper fetish.
>Missing girl was in Challenor's attic.
>Freak lived in a house with a missing girl.
>Girl was assaulted by a man in diaper, could have been any one of the freaks.
>Reddit flips out.
>Challenor deletes their account.
>Reactivates their pre-mod account.
>Pretends everything is normal.
>Purges anyone who says anything bad about trannies or reminds people about it.
Reddit actually forgets and nobody wants to talk about HOW they got that much power.

No. 1267560

damn i thougt har mar superstar went drag for a sec.

No. 1267571

Literally same, I had to double check. He's in trouble for multiple sexual assault allegations that he then excused, citing his chemical dependency issues at the time. So honestly, har mar Troon saga when?

No. 1267577

Indeed, beauty pageant contests are largely seen as regressive and sexist, nobody really supports them anymore so they're trying to get brownie points by hyping up all these troons entering the contest to regain viewership. They can keep their meat market for all I care, the less women enter it the better.

Ah yes, the amazing "privilege" of having to learn how to cover your face in chemicals in order to be taken seriously.

No. 1267598

Watching troons get pissed about oli London having face surgery to transition to a Korean person is so fucking funny. They’re crying about how he wearing race as a costume and the irony in it all is sending me.

No. 1267600

I was thinking the same thing. Both presenting and identifying as something they’re not.

No. 1267603

Yes, it's the same

No. 1267649

I know bpd therapists who have to deal with genderspecials on the daily are aware of how ridiculous it is but have to affirm anyway

No. 1267670

i mean he probably needs it for all the shit, piss and blood that's constantly oozing out of his newly installed front hole.

No. 1267671

it's because no one gives a shit about women

No. 1267686

I cant stand Oli london, but if he's pissing off tr00ns. Hell yes. There's literally no difference in insanity with men trying to be women and men trying to be another race entirely. rofl seethe, troons

No. 1267688


No. 1267690

File: 1625006323403.png (432.03 KB, 598x611, pedoshit.png)

why do they always give themselves away so obviously? they really just shove it in everyone's faces all the time

gross loli anime girls: check
pink and blue: check
"trans" somewhere in their handle: check

No. 1267703

America is becoming Canada smh(Repost)

No. 1267730

File: 1625009661745.png (253.26 KB, 626x884, troon wants to get dicked by a…)

No. 1267750

I'm sure the millions of Americans without universal healthcare disagree with you.

No. 1267765

File: 1625015625719.jpg (594.05 KB, 1068x1919, SmartSelect_20210629-210843_Tw…)

They don't care right, which is exactly why they are constantly getting assaulted? In fact 62% of all trans people that were murdered between 2008-2017 were sex workers. There couldnt possibly be a correlation hmmmm?

No. 1267798

I mean, most women are going to think that man is gay, bisexual or doesn't know. Amiyah is passing in pictures, but looks hard and weird in person.
Funny how it's always about men hitting on them or fucking them, never dating them or loving them. It's always about men being attracted. It's not that deep.
Also, it's not "trans vs. cis" for a friend to feel a little bit of something when someone they are attracted to, hits on someone else.
This dude is a grown man but still is tweeting and deleting about being men's secret, he needs to shut the fuck up. Nobody is jealous of you.

No. 1267814

Honestly he can have hir. What gay guys do with their time is none of my concern. They are so desperate to believe cis women are threatened by them.

No. 1267819

Christ what world they live in, there is no epidemic of men hitting on trannies that aren't closeted gays, well If a man hits on tranny I'm like "oh well he's gay"

No. 1267821


…it's almost as if sex with young girls is normal and you are in a weird death cult pathologizing normal sex for the benefit of manipulative old hags

shemales just happen to be the ones despondent enough to keep taking the risk(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1267833

Damn, that's unfortunate, I actually liked some of his videos. I don't know, I had the impression that despite the whole MtF thing, Mandy was one of the most normal people in the "Dangantuber" group.
Tbh, I thought that Aeris would be the one caught for something like that, but that's a cow for the Fakeboy thread

No. 1267840

No. 1267871

File: 1625023910099.jpg (82.97 KB, 507x923, fucktunnel.jpg)

fellow femoids, does your vagina coughs up hairballs?

No. 1267880

File: 1625024374433.gif (87.14 KB, 220x166, DC6A86C4-15F1-4ED7-A897-0274A0…)

>regular cleaning and trimming with a speculum ‘til he dies

No. 1267900

why they had to choose lalafels for this image beats me

No. 1267906

File: 1625026493131.jpg (474.38 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210630-000821_Ins…)

I would never be worried about my boyfriend going for an Igor like this

No. 1267907

File: 1625026511504.png (780.67 KB, 1200x940, Human_male_karyotpe_high_resol…)

No. 1267923

you missed that his spouse (almost certainly browbeaten troonwife) does it for him.

No. 1267927

File: 1625029043986.jpg (405.77 KB, 1080x1276, SmartSelect_20210630-005651_Tw…)

Wooooow. What an ungrateful little gremlin.

No. 1267934

Kinda funny I sorta dress like that pic (no piercings or ugly shirt though) but every man I meet can instantly tell that I'm a woman, I don't need make up or surgeries or to present feminine even 1% for "validation" of my womanhood, and the men who want to date me arent fetishists either unlike the males who fuck Troons

No. 1267935

>Aeris would be the one caught for something like that
Give her time…

Saged for FTM.

No. 1267937

God, how I wish troons, chasers, men who only """love""" emaciated women, and all other closet cases would just go fuck troons. Leave women alone.

No. 1267943

saw a bunch of tweets similar around juneteenth saying if you don’t donate to black trans people you are racist. that one troon that faked being kidnapped for money on twitter kept complaining about people not donating because they’re transphobic and racist. the tweets going viral were so annoying.

No. 1267944

File: 1625031206192.png (841.45 KB, 963x1173, absolutely disgusting.png)

There are just men who dig the butchiest of butch dykes, despite having " I only date women" printed on their foreheads. After 21 of these fucking threads and all of the madness society has coddled to, I'm starting to find the dudes who are genuinely in-love with lesbians endearing. And then you realize, the men in love with lesbians will eventually get the fuck over it and move on. The sociopaths who want to harm lesbians- the ones who talk about "fixing them" and "straightening them out" on the other hand, will now call themselves lesbians and force themselves upon them.
I still find it surreal that we went from dude-bro corrective rape to tranny-endorsed, social media approved corrective rape.

>fucktunnel furballs
Just when I assume I've reached the absolute most with these freaks, there's always something else.

No. 1267945

reddit.com/r/egg_irl is also milk

No. 1267950

File: 1625031492927.jpg (29.35 KB, 1086x1536, jesus christ.jpg)

You really can't make this shit up. Porn-addled freaks who can't browse the internet without their hands on their dicks.

No. 1267972

They're only attracted to real women, how hypocritical

No. 1267976

he deserves it

No. 1267981

>There's no pride without trans people
They really love this bit of historical revisionism, don't they? I bet trannies would love to say that trans has existed before gay.

No. 1267993

File: 1625036248023.jpg (Spoiler Image,266.43 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210630-025355_rif…)

These disgusting troons man.. he's drinking from a TOILET BRUSH holder in public bathroom.

Someone set him on fire and end his suffering. I'm sure a lot of them secretly like the taste of piss. Disgustang.


No. 1267994

File: 1625036528814.png (165.34 KB, 400x287, 932e6802-9082-4f44-84cf-874a12…)

>By the time my spouse can no longer do it for me
>Implying his spouse is currently the one who has to shave his hairy rot pocket with a speculum
He was too retarded/cheap to book a laser hair removal appointment, and now his poor spouse (who is probably a trans widow) is the one who has to face the consequences? This guy doesn't just deserve hairballs, he deserves a fucking divorce.

No. 1267995

File: 1625036614747.jpg (358.74 KB, 1080x1376, SmartSelect_20210630-025910_Sa…)

His name is Rosa Alexandra. Apparently has a pretty fucked up story too.. people think he was being coerced into doing disgusting shit like this


but I've seen people smear their own shit on their faces and filet their own dicks.. I 100% believe this is just one fucked up German fetishist.

No. 1267996

They’re already objecting to homosexuality as a concept and as a word so I’m sure it won’t be long before they start saying that being gay isn’t real, only gendershit is real. Both straight men and bi (sometimes even straight) women are calling themselves lesbians while actual lesbians are “problematic genital fetishists”. Gayden and HSTS are both coming for gay men from different directions. At this rate Pride 2022 will be exclusively TQ while the LGB are told to stay home and re-examine their bigotry.

No. 1268001

File: 1625037198345.jpeg (17.98 KB, 389x255, 2c3473ab8bfbfd191c8f78b4c85d26…)

No. 1268006

File: 1625037913622.jpg (347.84 KB, 680x680, 1467998748873.jpg)

amazing how trannies can post all the the gore in the world but it will never be as revolting as them just being themsleves

No. 1268014

I could absolutely see this as a next step and it's horrifying because some of it's already happening.
>Because biological sex isn't real, there are no sexualities
>Sexualities are just preferences and some of them are transphobic
>Cis people have to unlearn their genital preferences and bigoted ways, claiming homosexuality is a terf dogwhistle
>So start sucking that girldick bitch

No. 1268016

Jimmy savile looking motherfucker

No. 1268049

File: 1625045999052.jpg (740.91 KB, 890x1389, Screenshot_20210630-053827_Col…)

haha get it? because female hyenas have penile-looking clitorises and give birth through them. basically the same as a TIMs girldick!

No. 1268051

When did Michael Moore troon out?

No. 1268060

We're already years into this homophobic bullshit being peddled towards gay people who want to have sex with only their own gender. Homophobia is ok apparently when it's a transgender woman, man, or handmaiden doing it.

No. 1268072

this mf got 14k and is still not happy??? thats more than a lot of people make in a year…americans are so fucking entitled and becoming a tranny makes them even more so

No. 1268074

Beauty standards created by men are so unnatural for women that a man is doing better. Makes you think.

No. 1268086

cross sex transplants are possible but they have a higher risk of rejection. women are especially likely to reject a transplant from a moid kek

No. 1268092


They’re just taking over everything. I’m so tired of seeing that ugly blue and pink color scheme everywhere

No. 1268093

File: 1625050811232.jpg (350.31 KB, 1800x1563, gia9q45xq1c61.jpg)

Ah yes the tranny grooming and gaslighting subreddit
>Slight feminine teen boy whose unsure of himself, "oh your actually a girl"
>confused teen girl who doesn't wanna perform societal standard's of femininity, "the problem isn't with society, your just a boy trapped in a girl's body"
Hell world

No. 1268100

Really makes you think realizing how cishet is basically the only acceptable sexuality to them that they don't want to meddle with but it's the homosexuals who need to "unlearn their transphobic preferences". You never see masses of them demanding a straight man date transwomen or straight women date transmen, maybe an odd outlier does this but not the whole movement. It's like they have mostly straight men in dresses pushing their agenda!

No. 1268114

If a woman had a body this shape, people would call her a fridge or a rectangle and she definitely wouldn't win a pageant.
But when it's a man, it's a different story lol.

No. 1268140

german moment
if you feel really concerned, there's an easy way to manoeuvre around genital fetish accusations in gender crowds. just claim youre a fem gnc gay t4t transboi lmao. you dont even have to change your pronouns or appearance. of course, this also means forgoing any sense of dignity, but it is funny to watch peoples reactions.
pls excuse ot.

No. 1268142

You're both right and wrong, the gay ones often (TRY TO kek) go after straight men because that's the ultimate proof that they're a real woman - but naturally the only men who go after them are chasers or bi.
They prefer attacking groups that are weaker than themselves online, usually real women, under the guise of calling them "terfs". Even more so they like attacking groups that can sexually validate them, so lesbian women are an easy target since most of them are still straight men at the core and lesbians are even lower on the social status than a het woman

No. 1268143

Good, he deserves it just for making me see this word.

No. 1268144

Why are Germans like this.

No. 1268194

I don't understand what happened to declining someone just because they're fucking ugly. You don't have to mention genitals or sexuality or any of that shit, just tell them they look like a goblin. Most of them do anyway. Or will that be transphobic too?

No. 1268233

File: 1625067008202.jpg (64.2 KB, 582x482, tooo much.jpg)

>Legitimately searched the internet for an answer.
>Half of the answers are straight up Hitler idolization saying "because we stopped him, look what they did to us " then bombards you with an ENDLESS amount of gay men , pedoshit and tranny bullshit.
>The rest of the answers are scumbags trying to downplay how hedonistic their porn is.
>Vice articles trying to explain how the Orgy Mystery Theater really was art and just not a serial killer trying to visually atone for his sins.

This is a rabbit hole I don't want to travel down, but I do have questions.

No. 1268245

Kraut here, sage for OT
The cultural reason why Germany got this way goes back even to the first world war, After the death of German Empire there was a wave of Hedonism in the Weimar Republic, people wanting to forget the horrors of war, the starvation, economic downfall and the humiliation of defeat and respirations now I'm skipping ahead a couple decades
During the cold war, degeneracy was THE counter culture from both the American neoliberals and the Soviet Communists, cause both sides hated degenerates, so being a degenerate was a way of defiance

No. 1268283

What's with the weird stereotypes about Germans being into shit and piss and being gross degens? I'm German and I have never heard this from anyone other than americans. I don't know a single person who is into shit and piss porn, yet every American knows about the German shit and piss porn. I think we know who is watching the shit and piss porn and it's not us.

No. 1268291

And that was just one german tranny in god knows how many mtf threads, you could ask "omg why are muricans so disgusting like this?!" 99.9% of the other time…

No. 1268294

Your retarded country legalized prostitution and caused a massive uptick in human trafficking, that's why.

No. 1268327

nta but also german: fair enough, nonnie. doesn't have anything to do with scrotes having a public humiliation fetish tho

No. 1268335

File: 1625074711127.jpg (424.58 KB, 1440x1282, Screenshot_20210630-183726.jpg)

The 1968ers and their sexual revolution of minors explains the paedohilia though. TIMs and boho handmaidens use it (and France's Foucault) all the time to justify how bougie and enlightened sexuality in Europe is.

No. 1268456

File: 1625084397996.png (167.82 KB, 1440x682, transwomen not working for the…)

So much going on in this Tweet
>passive voice bullshit where somehow women are the cause of patriarchal violence
>Typical scrote "pitting women against each other" bullshit whereby the bad guy is white women therefore all non-white women will of course jump to his side (he hopes), and the ensuing argument will deflect from arguing against the original egregious point where apparently ciswomen cause cismale violence
>You're still a cismale once you're a transwoman, otherwise you wouldn't try so hard to omit the true culprit from the narrative

No. 1268465

And that's our fault, how…? Are you gonna screech at all murican anons too because "their" country legalized guns?

No. 1268473

i'm not american and we have the same stereotype about you too. like people make jokes about german midget shit porn all the time.

No. 1268490

just make your anti german thread, this one is for troons…

No. 1268511

File: 1625089079000.jpg (62.04 KB, 657x591, Capture.JPG)


No. 1268521

I really, really fucking hate how they pull this "white winks eye women" shit in hopes of manipulating non-white women to run to their side. These racist scrotes do not give a shit about any woman regardless of race or ethnicity and will throw them away after they have fulfilled their duty of acting as an army for hire. The same goes for them trying to persuade trans-identifying natal women to believe that they can't trust evil cis women who are just out to get them.

No. 1268527

>He's a 43 year old olympic athlete when the mean age for women participants is 26
>Still wins multiple gold medals at women's competitions
>Massive fucking frame compared to female lifters
>But there's no unfair advantage at all because of muh testosterone levels and haemoglobin
IOC can suck a dick. I'm so sorry for all female athletes.

No. 1268531

its just jokes nonnies. i know that is hard for germans to understand

No. 1268541

>You never see masses of them demanding a straight man date transwomen
They already banned, doxxed, and sent death threats to some guy on Tiktok for making a 30 second clip saying he won't date transwomen and came up with a new sexuality called superstraight.

No. 1268542

As a kiwi seeing this troon plastered all over the news physically pains me. This country is so full of NPCs. They're willing to support the son of a millionaire who seriously injured two elderly people with his careless driving just because he's a "poor oppressed tran" who is "breaking barriers." Fuck.

No. 1268554

kinda hope they keep putting these gigantic shrek built trannies in women's sports so that they win and peak the general public even faster tbh, then maybe we'll see some actual pushback. i'm tired of people pretending this is a historic female accomplishment when it's just another flabby subpar mash potato faced male who'd get ruined competing against other men

No. 1268556

this really isn't true tbh they absolutely do all that it's just that men are much more pig-headed so they really don't care about openly being "transphobic" and will often just ignore it

No. 1268563

File: 1625094168939.jpeg (1.01 MB, 828x1159, 11C4555C-7968-4B7F-A961-B48457…)

Why do they always have the worst hygiene?

No. 1268566

He looks so close to 41%ing.

No. 1268574

Can you link me to that study? My mom had early onset dementia and had a hysterectomy and no one seemed to believe me that it could possible be linked.

No. 1268575

Jesus Christ those teeth are disgusting. Is that a huge cavity rotting in his mouth or food just stuck there?

No. 1268577

Kek it's funny whenever troons co-exist on a trans subreddit. The AGPs seem to ignore every single post by an actual female lamenting how "society's expectations for women" make female troons lives so miserable that they'd rather be short moids than "cute girls". Every based woman will agree the general sentiments of feeling defeated by female oppresion but it doesn't mean we all need to chop off our tits and try to blend in among smegmoids just because men will do everything in their power to make our lives worse. That's always trannies' argument because they have no response to how TERFs should deal with female oppression other than "you must want to be a man then!" which is no different from telling a racial minority to simply try to pass as the racial majority to avoid oppression.
If males stopped being so homoerotically obsessed with other male opinions only then the egg_irl AGPs might be able to recognize that what they want to be isn't actual women but just their reductive male-brained anime and porn stereotype of ~~underaged girls~~ 'women'. Being an actual woman is the most oppressive existence that one can have. Considering that you cannot have tranny sex 24/7 you'd think that they'd realize that getting 'fucked like a woman' in a hairy stink-ditch is not what being a woman is. And on top of that it's not like they even experience a true female existence as MTFs rarely are ever perceived as actual women irl (and even on LC apparently, moids are too obvious) anyways; they as a class are more like an untouchable class of 'oppression card' privilege.
Ntayrt but so true. It's sick when you realize how genderspecial moids managed to turn over the entire feminist movement as natal males exploiting women to come to their every defense. The FTM troons project their own internalized misogyny onto us which genderspecial moids exploit along with the racial trauma of non-white women.

No. 1268581

They love pulling the "white wimmin bad" bullshit in hopes of getting non-white allies, while simultaneously trotting out the same "black women are manly/not like white women" stereotypes that you'd hear on /pol/.

No. 1268593

>Black isn't something you can just decide to be. You can't turn around, put on some makeup and perm your hair and assume you're now navigating the world as a black person

100% true, just like being a woman isn't something you can decide to be. You can't turn around, put some makeup and buy thigh highs and assume that you're now navigating the world as a woman

No. 1268605

Almost nothing pisses me off more than e-begging trannies and the handmaidens that give them money in exchange for literally nothing. Like it actually boils my fucking blood. I have to work full time for SEVEN MONTHS to make 14k and this fucking parasite just gets handed it practically overnight and STILL has the audacity to complain that they didn't receive my dad's yearly salary instead! It is fucking unreal how entitled they are. Troons pay for your own fucking implants, handmaidens go donate to someone's fucking cancer fund instead of making it your priority to pay some unemployed troon's welfare check. Fucking unbelievable.

No. 1268609

It's a tell, too. His "fucktunnel" has an end because it's a pocket, a dead end. He knows it. No cervix, no uterus, just the fucktunnel.

No. 1268610

Like everything else about troons this can be attributed to autism

No. 1268611

Forget troons since they're obviously beyond saving and not worth trying to comprehend, but how the fuck do their enablers manage to reconcile the belief that racial stereotypes are bigoted and reductive with the belief that a woman literally is nothing but a collection of sexist stereotypes?

No. 1268620

File: 1625101081654.jpeg (214.9 KB, 300x556, B8E5EFC4-851A-4A79-9D78-90CFD6…)


No. 1268622

Oh fuck I didn’t notice the guy in the background; I only cropped out the foreground people but I feel like his stare is very relatable.

No. 1268624

To be honest, I have relatives/friends who are doctors or in med school and its something I've heard occasionally so I thought it was common knowledge. It seems like there is strong evidence for a link between less years lived with "fertile" levels of estrogen and risk of early onset dementia. Did your mom take supplemental estrogen after the surgery? Was she warned at all that this could happen? I remember reading an account of a detrans ftm who had her uterus and ovaries removed who took hrt for that reason, and it seemed like she wasn't warned by her doctor either.

No. 1268628


one (1) straight man out of 3.5 billion. there's no mass bullying campaighn against straight men as a whole the same way theres one against lesbians/gays and women in general.

also they didn't even harass him that much, they went straight to harassing his mom, so…..

No. 1268635

They shut down superstraight entirely across multiple platforms and where ever they could and tried to pass it off as an transphobic altright white supremacist campaign. You're really trying to pass TRA bullying as something exclusive to gays/lesbians and women, when already
>You never see masses of them demanding
>a straight man date transwomen
>or straight women date transmen
And people in general have been dealing with SJW intimidation tactics since the 2010s (literally 10 years by now).

No. 1268667

File: 1625105378922.png (10.59 KB, 518x82, agp.PNG)

the self-awareness is truly something
>puppy arc

No. 1268691

File: 1625107532632.png (164.58 KB, 576x989, Screenshots_2021-06-30-19-41-0…)

I doubt seriously this troon has ever smelled a vagina in his life. But this isn't the first time I've heard a man claim that his junk smells like a "vagina" depending on his "cycle." Where do they come up with this stuff?

No. 1268692

Every women competing worldwide should quit. I know it’s a pipe dream but still they should it would be hilarious. And rightfully so.

No. 1268695

All this sounds like placebo, magical thinking, and imitating sexist stereotypes These men will never know what real periods feel like, but they're convinced their indigestion is the exact same thing. As for the smell I guess I could see how hormones could change that, but its probably exaggeration.

No. 1268698

>Where do they come up with this stuff?
I partly blame the lack of words in the English language that exclusively and specifically describe characteristics of scent beyond good/bad or faint/strong. Much writing relies on comparisons just like "smells like vagina" so in most cases it has to be imagined or fabricated entirely. Therefore, people can come up with weird things far from reality.

No. 1268700

the “RAWR!!!” made me kek so fuckin hard. the delusion is real.

No. 1268709

You can't. Have cramps. If you don't have a uterus. Gastrointestinal bloat from whatever you gorged yourself on today because you're a male and your basic food groups are carbs, fat and cals are not "cramps". I need a study conducted to shut this stupid tranny period meme down.

No. 1268710

Personally I'm hoping for a repeat of this, preferably in training so the girl who came second and didn't qualify can compete as she was supposed to.


No. 1268711

Hormones do change some things, both ways around. FTMs get stinkier BO, bacne etc so I can imagine trans women noticing they smell different to an extent, but I'm pretty sure ball sweat will always smell rank.

No. 1268713

uterine pain and the feeling of menstruating is pretty unique imo. I don't doubt that they smell different but its the claiming of cramps without possessing the organ that does the cramps…
bc shidding farding and cumbing is womanhood obviously

No. 1268719

>handmaidens go donate to someone's fucking cancer fund
Exactly. There are women every day who go bankrupt thanks to breast/reproductive cancer, fleeing domestic violence, or disabled children, and most of them don't get nearly as much as worthless failson troons, especially not the middle-aged busted-looking women who wore themselves out working for decades. Most of them don't even stick their hands out. Troons meanwhile are doing their best Penelope Pitstop impression.

No. 1268729

The fact that he injured himself that badly and still qualified for the Olympics is a joke. That would have been a career ending injury if he wasn't competing against women.

No. 1268733

the fact that he's 40 and and was retired in male profensslal professional weightlifting before trooning out is a whole fucking circus

No. 1268735

File: 1625114349436.jpeg (782.7 KB, 828x1418, B4909439-8D3D-40A5-89A6-0071EA…)

So troons are attacking kiwi farms after one troon battle crys and allegedly off themselves. This near/byuu person engaged in the threads and was trying to bribe mods 150k to take down threads of him. When the mod rejected his bribery he threatened to suicide if he doesn’t get what he wants.I’m glad the site mods and creator are sticking up for themselves

No. 1268736

It's 52% now.

Hope this peaks more people when he inevitably wins. Hope the silver medalist speaks out and demands a gold.

No. 1268738

File: 1625114535394.jpeg (971.05 KB, 828x1616, 92A09D2B-36FF-4754-893F-20F4A1…)

No. 1268739

File: 1625114646860.png (841.39 KB, 870x840, if only you knew how bad thing…)

No. 1268741

Going to guess he overdosed on tranny pills

No. 1268745

Honest question, can trannies die overdosing on hormones?

No. 1268746

File: 1625115905518.jpeg (89.79 KB, 761x398, 2A2BD75E-6215-4ECD-859C-286533…)

Kiwi farms is based for the death note logo. Nothing like deceased autistic furry tranny pedo

No. 1268747

>By the time my spouse can no longer do it for me
what the silly fucking hell
I thought troons made better women? but this guy's got hair balls in his scrotum made fuck tunnel.

No. 1268758

Too much doses can be poisonous or toxic to the body which, will require the patient to get their stomach pumped in emergency room. It also give the liver a hard time and creates blood clots.

No. 1268765

I don't know if its possible to take too much at once and die, but taking hormones long term is definitely bad. If the estrogen in birth control gives real women side effects, who knows what it does to males in the long run (higher risk of clots and strokes, atrophied penis/prostate, etc). But the problem is trannies take the fact that we have no long term studies to mean that hormones are safe.

No. 1268781

Can't wait for the long term studies to be done in 20-30 years and we will have a whole generation of sterilised children with high risk of cancer and stroke because their parents wanted to seem woke and play into their delusions

No. 1268799

They bullied the superstraight guy as a reactionary action, not something they actively do. He made a controversial and it caused an uproar which died down in a few days, and even with him the hate had mostly to do with the fact that he was implying that trans women aren't women.

If a gay guy said he wouldn't fuck a FTM because he's gay not straight or respectively a straight woman did the same there would be absolutely no fucks given on the TRA front, maybe a few aidens crying about it but even they with their female socialization would be too afraid to really go full psycho AGP mode. FTMs are already told in the trans community that they have male privilege and should shut up so bottom line, everything they throw a fit over has to do with limiting the MTF dating pool. Second in the line of priorities are narcissistic nonbinary needs, the transmen are at the very bottom. It's all driven by straight men and there's no convincing otherwise.

No. 1268805

I too am a kiwi and it's fucking disgusting. Look at the size of the guy! I don't give a fuck if his testosterone levels are low enough, he's still had way more than any woman competing against him. NZ is just falling apart at the seams and nobody seems to give a fuck.

No. 1268817

Also they began targeting his mom and started review bombing her small business, he got scared when they started attacking his, so he just backed off

No. 1268823

Troons are so stupid. You’re on estrogen. During your period, a woman’s estrogen levels rise and hormonal rises have a lot of effects on the body. Bloating, constipation, random pains besides cramps, fatigue, changes in mood and appetite, all of that. You have similar symptoms of a period because you’re intaking hormones that naturally rise during one but that doesn’t make it a period. That’s like calling the side effects of birth control a period.

No. 1268842

NZ is the result of sadly trying to be be a woke and inclusive country. I'm glad this shit wont happen in most asian countries because they could care less about trannies. Biology is very real and i like how men are silent when these trannies invade women only spaces. sigh

No. 1268843

Low testosterone levels mean shit. Him taking piss pills now literally doesn't do anything other than making him have moods swings and bad health side effects. He went through a complete male puberty, he's lived and trained his body as a man for most of his life, his muscles and structure are completely male and taking estrogen for a few months isn't gonna change shit. In sports, where your body form is the thing that matters the most (in most cases anyway), it's fucking ridiculous that they would straight up ignore his biological state and attributes.

No. 1268854

Estrogen is actually at its lowest during menstruation, which makes it even more ironic when trannies claim to have periods.

No. 1268861

You sound like Andrew Ryan from BioShock and ilu for that.
Saged for ot.

No. 1268889

And even then, the testosterone levels allowed for TIMs are still much higher than those allowed for women because medical professionals know it’s practically impossible for a male to lower his testosterone to female standards even with blockers. If he were held to the same standards as women he would never be allowed to compete.

No. 1268897

Troons love to invade women’s safe spaces, destroy women owned businesses, and traumatize women by spamming gore of female murder victims when they don’t feel valid. It gives them euphoria to hate us.

No. 1268922

File: 1625148336595.jpg (159.65 KB, 577x1385, delreob-231394c3-3005-4865-bfc…)

So I know this isn't even among the top 10 worse things TIMs do, but it still pisses me off for some reason
I despise this "fantasy" that they have, about how their girlfriend's or wives will help and encourage them in their feminization and be the one's to teach them all the "girly" stuff or just do it for them, also they will be their personal femdom mommy wommy uwu, who will peg them and do all the financial and adult work, while they can be dumb bimbo's at home cause that's how they think women are like

No. 1268945

In reality these are both men and it's happening in a grooming discord.

No. 1268952

Every time I see TIMs feigning period symptoms I'm tempted to go undercover in an online troon haven and make shit up, just to watch them echo psychosomatic crap.
>girls, isn't it validating when our feet itch during our period?
>i get a brown discharge during my period~ uwu

No. 1268954

File: 1625151203076.png (1.36 MB, 1422x1000, tranny.png)

And then everyone clapped

No. 1268955

Even ciswomen teenagers need to photoshop themselves into oblivion to look like the final product there, no way a cismale could ever look like that. Also the hot babe they want to be force-femmed by could, uh, simply get a female partner and save all the bother of trying to change a man? 50% of the world is female, take your pick, ladies. These cartoons are just incredibly dumb in every way but probably work on coomer young men who have never seen a woman naked irl.

No. 1268960

what does puppy arc even mean?

No. 1268962

Also notice how they always make cis women (whether it's terfs or their lesbian fantasies) taller, curvier, darker, more mature and more casual while they are supposedly sm0l, young and uwu pink? That's how obsessed they are with being more feminine, more girly than actual women.
Maybe it's also to trick handmaidens "uwu you're such an amazing stacy and i'm just a totally harmless innocent wittle girl, yoh have to help me!"

No. 1268963

File: 1625152460213.jpg (500.99 KB, 1080x1586, SmartSelect_20210701-111317_Tw…)

Wtf is with these weirdos making the Britney Spears issue all about them? This kind of whataboutism makes me feel genuinely dirty.

No. 1268964

forgot to add: it's also always the women doing the seducing, being the pervert, while in 100% of irl cases it's troons who sexualize everything and bother the rest of the human race with their degeneracy

No. 1268965

Probably a fetish thing saying he’s going through a phase in which he pretends he’s a child and a dog at the same time while he cooms.

No. 1268966

My first exposure to AGPs was in female fashion communities where these guys were trying to get us to dress them up and give them makeovers, both online and IRL. Grown ass men trying to invite themselves over to young girls’ bedrooms when their parents weren’t home (because they’re shy uwu) for makeovers. The younger the girls, the more likely they were to fall for this bullshit and defend the men when they were called out as fetishists. Almost ten years later they’re still at it, except now these men are protected by law and we can’t even acknowledge the existence of feminisation fetishises, let alone tell them to fuck off without being terfed and kicked from our own communities.

No. 1268968

File: 1625153274414.jpg (66.41 KB, 540x503, shut up troon.jpg)

Its what they do, they cant stand attention not being put on them. Heres another I saw this week related to Britney

No. 1268969

"Bohoo this is so dangerous for trans people!"
Why are you always so special that this is a high risk for you and your kind only? Last time I checked Britney was cis?

No. 1268971

kek get real, his dad would sooner disown him

No. 1268979

>A ciswoman being kept prisoner and unable to do the slightest thing for herself without due cause or crime, not allowed reproductive freedom over her own body
>Twitter morons: Wow this is just like me! I want random women to donate the organs they need to fucking live to me so I can coom, these situations are the same

Brain damage.

No. 1268981

it would be amazing if all women weightlifters just boycotted the fucking olympics in protest

No. 1268982

File: 1625154495767.jpg (63.67 KB, 892x278, Screenshot_20210701-071656_Ins…)

here's the dude from the koreatown spa (the one who had his penis out around women and little girls) in LA espousing some pretty standard pedo/narc male rhetoric

No. 1268987

Man this person doesn't look transitioned at all, thats a whole guy with long hair. And it seems like he and his friends are protesting the spa this weekend. I feel bad for the owners and employees, being in California they are probably fearful for their jobs. The sooner we all learn to ignore these people and their demands the better.

No. 1268990

I would venture that transgenderism and conservatorships are not common.. considering troons are always complaining about being homeless and begging for cash on twitter, literally who would benefit from having them on a conservatorship when they make no money of their own

No. 1268993

>And it seems like he and his friends are protesting the spa this weekend.

Entitled coomer trannies bullying koreans at the time of anti-asian sentiment in the US… it's not gonna backfire at all, no m'am.

No. 1269002

One of these days troons will have to confront the fact that most of their allies are the rich white women they hate so much, and actual minorities won't entertain their bullshit. I would love to see more nonwhite women call these people out; in the game of identity politics they have an advantage.

No. 1269007

Do these coomers realize how fucking difficult and nearly impossible would it be to put a WORKING WOMB inside of another person, and a male one at that? Do they realize how complex of and organ it is or do they just think that you can slap a sack inside a man and expect it to magically work and successfully develop a fetus after they get bred in their pus-ridden hole that they like to call vagina?

No. 1269011

Those rich white women who support them only do so because they think all troons are pathetic, castrated gay men who are one male pronoun awaay from swallowing a shotgun. They don't even know that AGPs exist, let alone that the vast majority of troons are AGPs. Once they realize that troons are overwhelmingly straight, intact, sexually aggressive men, their support dries up almost instantly. See: most of r/GenderCritical's "peak trans" posts

No. 1269023

They know, they just want our labor and more importantly our medical research funding to go towards this. Remember that “make this possible for us” means they want money earmarked for female reproductive research and reproductive justice to be diverted towards this,

No. 1269027

When I was 18 I moved into my own place and was selling a Lolita dress, and this fucker comes up, wants to try it on, I let him.
He calls me into the room, the dress is hanging INSIDE HIS UNDERWEAR and I hastily pulled it out. Could delete the dress afterwards.
Fuck troons.

No. 1269029

Most women can't even afford to do this for themselves, their own friends, or daughters. It's a juvenile fantasy that won't improve your life, anyway. Reminds me of that interview on YT with a trans widow sahm whose husband was spending all his money trooning out, while she had to choose between buying pads for herself or diapers for their kids, then she saw that he had just spent $200 at Ulta. It's too bad she didn't leave him and dump the babies on him, but they would have died because actual childcare is not part of the troon female fantasy.

No. 1269030

On the opposite side of this, anyone ever experience troons totally sperging out on you when you try to give them advice on how to be more feminine? When I was younger I had a friend troon out on me and he called me transphobic for the implication that I had to "teach him how to be a woman when he already was one" when I tried to show him how to properly groom his eyebrows and do eyeliner kek

No. 1269046

This forced feminization shit is disgusting. I'm still trying to figure out what components it's made out of but it has to be some sort of a mommy issue clashing with a narcissistic need to be pampered and freed of all responsibility while remaining a desired sex object (i.e. a young, attractive girl) living on easy mode and being worshipped for existing. Men sexualizing our suffering like usual.

And even when they're not full on demanding to enter teenagers' bedrooms for a makeover they're sliding into their DMs trying to be all innocuous asking for their opinions on what kind of a dress or makeup would suit them. Most girls feel uncomfortable but don't fully realize that they're being forcibly included in someone's sissyfication fantasy because they're just asking for friendly advice, there's nothing perverted about that uwu.

No. 1269047

Yes, they see it as "cisplaining." Better not to interact with these people at all.

No. 1269063

Or asking about tampons like yaniv.

No. 1269100

Yeah the ones trying to invite themselves over to girls’ houses (or inviting girls to their own home) are the most horrifying but the majority is done online, like asking for step-for-step instructions on how to use the bathroom in a skirt, how to put on hosiery or posting greasy selfies and asking for personal makeup advice. The worst part is that girls and women keep falling for it, and if you question it then chances are you get accused of being a pervert for thinking it’s anything more than an innocent question. It reminds me of when pedos have folders filled with pictures of kids in swimwear and then call other people perverted when they see that as a red flag.

No. 1269101

lmao you might be onto something… even if you say you're traumatized and scared of penises they'll call you a meany transphobe, they don't give a shit about anyone that is not one of them

No. 1269104

File: 1625166377454.jpeg (95.17 KB, 828x359, 8683EA36-05E4-41EF-A84D-C0440B…)

Lmfao he cannot be serious…

No. 1269106

File: 1625166449388.jpeg (312.21 KB, 828x1078, 86918A49-DEAD-4846-A4CE-B7399B…)

??? You had your whole penis out in front of children…

No. 1269112

>It's backwards for women to not want to see my penis

I mean flashing is still a crime. This is all very emporer's new clothes; it's not really flashing since I'm a woman, you just can't see it. Squint a little harder.

No. 1269121

Those women and little girls shouldn't have been in the ladies section if they didn't want to see his dick, obviously!

God, I hate troons.

No. 1269127

File: 1625167828369.jpg (1.9 MB, 2560x1920, femalepenis.jpg)

This is what he looks like. No words, it's just so predicable.

No. 1269133

this didn’t happen really because of the dick or because they’re trans. it’s because they think they're special. if any woman walked around flashing other women, they’d be kicked out. it’s a fundamental lack of female social cues and they think they can just make up for that because they’re men and we have to cater to their whims. these male freaks always fuck up their own lives and I’ll enjoy the show.

No. 1269139

File: 1625168676943.webm (3.57 MB, 384x848, skinsuit.webm)

The chinese are really working hard to help trans people pass better. Not only do they make those creepy face and full body filters now, they are also making hyper-realistic full body woman suits. I wonder if this is because they killed all their female children and now there's a desperate need for women, even if they are just dude in women-suits.

Can't hide those veiny forearms or those giant hands tho.

No. 1269142

Unironically would love to see a white TIM wear one of these. The magnitude of the uncanny valley effect would be hilarious. It's already pretty bad on a slender Chinese man, imagine a fat white dude.

No. 1269143

Right, like if a naked woman was splaying her legs open in the corner of the sauna, that would also be problematic. Classic motte-and-bailey — the full situation is indefensible, but if they can justify some specific part of it, that’s enough to shut down the argument.

No. 1269145

..are these people caping for this mentally ill cumbrain man bots, underaged, or actually this retarded?

No. 1269146

File: 1625169166204.jpeg (84.79 KB, 793x882, 328D6E08-2BE9-4A88-9247-0672D7…)

Pic related, stolen from ovarit

The spa in question is apparently a nude spa where men and women are supposed to be completely naked while on the sex-segregated floors. Emphasis on sex-segregated, because no woman going to the women’s floor of a nude spa is expecting to see a naked man or to be seen naked by a man.

No. 1269154

For being such an oppressed black uwu genderspecial troon, I get such "Karen" vibes from this scammer's posts kek

No. 1269158

I mean he's not lying though, a "fucktunnel" is literally all it is. It's certainly not a real human vagina because those don't grow scrotum hair inside kek

No. 1269163

File: 1625170384649.png (390.88 KB, 418x655, fashionista.png)

i don't know, everyone. we've been talking about bad fashion and poor appearances but i came across this stunning beauty of a real woman and i just can't compete anymore, nonitas. i think i'm gonna have to steal this look, ngl.

No. 1269165

File: 1625170450183.png (296.82 KB, 414x623, haterswillcallitphotoshop.png)

i mean really, look at this peak feminine figure. we're out of the game, ladies, it's over.

No. 1269166

Serving fierce school shooter vibes. Werq!

No. 1269167

File: 1625170537022.png (277.46 KB, 406x623, makeupartistry.png)

i just don't know if i can survive knowing i'll never be this talented with makeup

No. 1269168

Love the elision of "white AND cisgender women" upholding patriarchal violence. These terminally online troons ain't slick. These are (mostly white, mostly American and European) moids trying to offload their patriarchal guilt onto the backs of women, while also attempting to hijack sympathy points for the very real gender-based violence WoC suffered in their countries and colonies - all the way from mass rape during slavery to vile gynecological experiments - all due to our status as unprotected females. The appropriation of our bodies and our struggles, all while blaming us for our own oppression for the crime of being born "cisgender", makes me physically ill.

No. 1269171


The dumb part is that Jimjilbangs typically do have a co-ed clothed section where the hot dry spas are. It's also where the restaurants and general hang out area are. The only nude section is the sex separated hot bath parts. Like he could have stayed there and avoided all this mess.

Thankfully the ones on the east coast don't cater to this crazy mess. I think the one in either Chicago or Philly had gotten into this before and they told the tranny to fuck off.

No. 1269172

File: 1625170936876.png (359.68 KB, 414x671, mmmdelicious.png)

No. 1269173

File: 1625170976254.png (349.71 KB, 337x512, tranny penguin uwu.png)

low effort but he looks like this. I'd pay to watch his fat ass do an ollie though and see him struggle with gravity.

No. 1269174

File: 1625170982249.png (217.51 KB, 414x307, watchout.png)

we better watch out, y'all

No. 1269176

File: 1625171080859.png (Spoiler Image,4 MB, 2748x1388, awaythrowb3.png)

Those measurements allegedly make him a 32E…

No. 1269178

Wait, they're protesting the spa? The staff let that retard into the womens changing room like he wanted, why the fuck would he go after the spa?? Oh my God they're actually spastic. Silence of the Lambs lookin ass

No. 1269186

It's a BDSM thing, anon. No different from people who get off on drinking pee or getting pulled around on a leash. They associate femininity/womanhood with abjection and degradation. They see women as dumb bimbos and sex objects and it turns them on to feel debased to such a low status. They are literal misogyny fetishists who don't see women as people. This is also where their simmering hatred for "cis" women comes from, and why they fetishize rape, impregnation, abortion, domestic violence and other things that cause women distress.

No. 1269187

File: 1625171620580.jpg (245.38 KB, 1600x1200, Bra_Size_Chart_and_Measurement…)

I think you mean 42+A? His torso is huge, I don't think they make band size that big for cups that small.

No. 1269193

File: 1625171779502.png (159.22 KB, 1763x745, areyouok.png)

girl draft your posts on notepad or something

No. 1269207

File: 1625172184240.png (4.27 MB, 2088x2724, awaythrowb31.png)

He says he's 32" around the underbust, which directly translates to the band size. Idk how he's measuring, but he is not 32" under his "bust".

No. 1269224

Trans women do not actually identify as women. Yes, especially the ones who screech "trans women are women" in every tweet.

Trans women are men, that's why they prefer to blame women for the murders perpetrated by males. A trans woman, especially a "lesbian" one, still internally identifies with men and no matter how many times he tweets some superficial sjw-signalling nonsense like "launch all cishet men into the sun", he simply cannot allow himself to single out men for anything, especially their direct vile actions. That is because said trans woman thinks of himself as one of them, and won't be able to stop the guilt should he acknowledge that it was men who did this, because, again, he identifies with that group regardless of what his stated identity is, and blaming men would mean blaming himself. Any female identity they claim is for the purpose of evading external blame and losing social prestige, on the inside they're men who stand with men. Contrary to the popular belief, a tranny actually has a very strong sense of who his real peer group is.

Additionally, it's a typically male behavior to externalize guilt and misplace blame on women. Men hate feeling guilty or responsible, they will fight the feeling through any means of mental acrobatics available, simply because having self awareness is not advantageous in evolutionary terms for males.

We can conceptualize transfeminine identity as one of the latest parasitic male adaptations that serve two purposes: maintaining high(er) social status now that women's social status is boosted (which is why transbianism doesn't happen outside of developed countries) and male psychosexual blame-dodging.

No. 1269235

File: 1625173288729.png (Spoiler Image,8.41 MB, 3304x2656, enbywine.png)

>I’m a lesbian nonbinary trans girl
>I don’t have much bottom dysphoria
>BUT one thing that works for me when I’m having sex with girls is doing things with my clit when it’s soft
>HRT and imagination can help with orgasms even when you’re soft
>I do things like get head on my clit when it’s soft
>and also put it inside people’s vaginas soft and then get topped!
>For us at least it works to reverse the normative conception of penetration
>and makes a little soft penis feel pretty feminine, IMO.

No. 1269248

well what's stopping you from pretending you're a brave trans woman that desperately needs a bbl to survive?

No. 1269251

So he's getting blowjobs and doing PIV? aka standard heterosexual sex? The women he sleeps with must be bi, I can't see any lesbians falling for this.

No. 1269253


the sex pest also larps as disabled and uses a walker and has been seen in a motorchair before, so this is part of his grift.

No. 1269257

>We can conceptualize transfeminine identity as one of the latest parasitic male adaptations that serve two purposes: maintaining high(er) social status now that women's social status is boosted (which is why transbianism doesn't happen outside of developed countries) and male psychosexual blame-dodging.
An absolutely based take, anon.

No. 1269258

He's not doing better though? The female contestants still look better, this is just a token diversity pick for woke points. No one is handing out beauty pageant trophies to natal women with blocky shoulders, boxy waists and man hands.

No. 1269289

His small beady eyes and teeth make him look like a sewer rat.

No. 1269308

File: 1625176313027.jpg (210.98 KB, 1017x1280, EeRMYylU8AAnS9Z.jpg)

wtf is with trannies and skateboarding?

No. 1269313

after they "transition" they continue doing predominantly male activities.

No. 1269317

File: 1625176702281.jpeg (7.1 KB, 319x158, 3122D244-1CF0-43BE-ADBA-336121…)

>literally just go to another spa

This is what they always say. Then when women make their own space or go elsewhere, they want to colonize that too.

Reminds me of the post on reddit with the troon that started using the women’s toilet at work. All the women banded together and wordlessly stopped using it, instead going into the private bathroom in another floor. The troon was upset, asking for advice on how to report them to HR.

No. 1269322

File: 1625177088299.png (76.19 KB, 540x314, tumblr_dd74c9305673411cfb80341…)

I don't even know where to begin with this one

No. 1269324

It begins with a frosty cold glass of bleach.

No. 1269355

Troons seem to be obsessed with being n o t l i k e o t h e r g i r l s which is why 99% of them are uwu gamer girls.
When in reality most women into typically masculine hobbies that I know unfortunately either keep their discussions of it among other women or pretend to be dudes online because they are used to scrotes shitting on their interests and saying they only like it for male attention.
Obviously, there is a large chunk of cool ladies that don't give a shit, but it makes me sad to see usually young girls be put down like that when these pervy men go around feeling so confident.
sorry just wanted to rant a little

No. 1269358

If this idiot is pre-transition in every way why not just go to the man's side? Presumably this guy doesn't want to get yelled at in the spa so why don't they choose the path of least resistance? They don't simply because they like the attention and like causing problems. It's sick

No. 1269363

>maintaining high(er) social status now that women's social status is boosted (which is why transbianism doesn't happen outside of developed countries)
Truth. This is why you don't see a wave of troons in China or India, even though those countries are full of horny men who statistically can't find any woman to fuck. Just because they jerk off to humiliation fetish porn doesn't mean they want to be an actual servant to some man and his parents.

No. 1269365

What gets me is that the person who apparently was on the phone to Near for an hour while they were overdosing/killing themselves just sat and listened and didn't call the police or anything. That's incredibly suspicious.

No. 1269367

Nlogging is a real part of ftm troonery as well. Its all narcissism and cope. Why haven't troons realised that having a sissy fetish on steroids doesn't make you unique or interesting. Life is cruel and all you're doing is making people more miserable with your degeneracy.

No. 1269371

I got recommended a video on YouTube by a user called 'hazel' and she has like 10 videos, 3 about trans anime characters, mentiones all the time she's a lesbian and has a manly face- did I spot a troon or am I seeing ghosts??

No. 1269375

do you have a link to the YT video?

No. 1269377

Yeah but the spa let a TERF in therefore literally endangering his trans life!

No. 1269379

yes they're a troon

No. 1269386

Has anyone had experience with a parent trooning out?

No. 1269390

No but kids of AGPs have SO much sympathy from me especially if they're old enough to realise how deluded and gross their dad is.

No. 1269393

yeah was asking because my dad did the same trooned out, decided he was a woman, and left me as the caretaker of his sick wife from 16 until now, a quater of my life, not being normal, because I had to adult pretty fast, I didn't even get to finish highschool but worked to put my sister who went the opposite of adulting and got knocked up at 16, and despite this shit to this day, she's a handmaiden anarcho communist with 6 kids and a husband crippled with a car accident.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1269395

File: 1625186053863.jpg (395.4 KB, 1079x1485, Screenshot_20210702-020417_Twi…)

they are so close to getting it

No. 1269397

does byuu have his own thread?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1269399

File: 1625186600099.jpg (383.18 KB, 936x3277, inCollage_20210702_024158240.j…)

some other highlights from trans twitter

No. 1269411

even his dog looks crazy

No. 1269412

i'm sure china has their own AGP porn sick scrote problem we just don't hear about it

No. 1269413

The same troons that preach this “being non passing still matters“ bullshit are the same ones that squirm when someone like Laurel Hubbard pops up in the news. Like they really expect the 99% of the general public especially women to believe that they are women too when they dont even take the time to shave their beards or have their dick and balls removed. But they’re not AGPs nooo kek

No. 1269414

It's basically furry Twitter except lusting after themselves with tits instead of a humanoid dog with tits

No. 1269415

Fucking psychic. >>1267981

No. 1269416

lol he just got fat

No. 1269417

Pretty sure this is the person.
The first videos are obviously a man, but TBH he has put a lot of work into his voice and can pass on video as a tomboy.

No. 1269421

>Pass as a tomboy
You're being very generous, the makeup is caked on. Do you know the trans widow's account?

No. 1269432

He should have a thread but, I have a feeling that troons will make an attempt to take down and Ddos lolcow(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1269433

This is all Contra's fault

No. 1269434


do it anon, mega kek

No. 1269468

Wait, why are they protesting the spa? In the video, the spa employee seemed to be siding with the troon. The hell kind of retards are these people, protesting a business for something a random customer said?

No. 1269472

File: 1625195364317.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1388, C949BC2A-F722-4A77-9790-6ED8D2…)

My bad, it’s a counterprotest in support of the spa, which will be protested by “anti-pedo” activists.

No. 1269473

Thank you so much. She had a hysterectomy when I was like 4, in the early 90s. At the time they did the total hysterectomy but didn't remove the ovaries specifically because they didn't want to have her do hormone replacement therapy, and yet, now it seems like that would've helped a fuck ton.

I got my gardasil shot before I became sexually active, thank shit, but at least now I know if I get my downstairs mix-up fucked with to instance on hormones. Much appreciated <3(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1269481



This trans shit is one step closer to peadophilia becoming legalised. As if that blues clues price video wasn’t bad enough

Yeah because it’s transphobic to be against someone says some man is running around with his dick out in front of little girls

No. 1269488

Lol, I found this video from 4 years ago about a spa in Toronto that was accused of being transphobic as well.. they seemed to have gotten hate bombed by the handmaidens as well. Why do these people think a child's comfortability should be compromised in favor of some untransitioned Troon that wants to force themselves into women's spaces?

No. 1269489

Here's the video. They're way too kind.

No. 1269499

Saged for medfagging (forgive me), but I understand why the doctors thought she wouldn’t need hormones if her ovaries were intact and producing estrogen, it’s just now we know the uterus itself probably affects hormone levels and therefore brain functioning. I’m very sorry that happened to your mother and hope she’s doing okay now. My layman’s advice would be to get these procedures done as late as possible and to insist on watching hormone levels (and the body in general) to see if anything is out of the ordinary. Basically the uterus is not just for housing babies and there’s still a lot we unfortunately don’t know about how they contribute to the whole body (and it’s scary to see young ftms getting their body parts removed).

No. 1269503

File: 1625197985686.jpg (49.13 KB, 686x386, hq720.jpg)

Reminds me of that Transbian Troon who made those tumblr fandom vids, anytime there was a ship that featured a confident and or older or slightly masculine female character he would mention pegging without missing a beat, I think a lot of these porn sick scrotes don't view masculine or confident females as women, they view them as pseudo-males with Penises or with a phallic plastic dildo
see futa porn, the women are as you described are tall, confident and more mature and with comically large penises

No. 1269509

somehow this scares me more than many other things I've seen on this site over the years

No. 1269514

File: 1625199112608.png (50.96 KB, 1039x277, mysides.png)

No. 1269519

yeah it's a tranny agp. Everytime I'm recommended something by him I tell YouTube not to show me it again kek

No. 1269531

YouTube shills troon shit hard, and I swat it down every time. Nobody can tell me that YT doesn't have its own cherry-picked pile of shit to promote. This guy's account is nothing special at all, but his videos get top promotion on a site filled with similar/better content.

No. 1269539

Oh this fucking guy. His videos on shipping are condescending, classic male chef/fashion designer/women's space privilege, but he's also telling people in fandom what to do too. Like I give a fuck what a tranny thinks about Reylo

No. 1269558

File: 1625205245689.gif (894.98 KB, 500x270, giphy (1).gif)

No. 1269569

He's reversing the sensible order of events because he thinks being contrarian makes him sound intelligent. No retard, trannies get murdered because straight men try to fuck them and freak out when they find out they were attracted to another man. A transphobic person is going to view you as your biological sex, thereby making same-sex violence against troons an issue of homophobia.

Wearing clothing associated with the opposite gender has always been a taboo, but rarely has it ever been a crime, and when it has been, it's typically due to association with homosexuality or "sexual deviancy." Gay people were the ones who got burned at the stake, locked in concentration camps, and electrocuted, and neither Sylvia Rivera not "Marsha" Johnson were at th Stonewall inn when the police raid happened and the riots began. They were drug addicted opportunists who lied about participating in the movement for their own personal gain.

No. 1269575

Kek this is just genuinely funny

No. 1269580

The infuriating thing is that they get to spew largely inaccurate and ignorant gaslighting shit like this and nobody can ever question them. If you served them facts, they'll just call you a transphobe and get you cancelled. So the people who don't know any better see this, fully believe it and spread it around.

No. 1269585

File: 1625209424726.jpg (735.58 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210702-025612_Ins…)

Whoa.. okay, I don't agree with what this guy did at the spa.. but shit could get really dangerous for people at that protest. I do hope theres news media/police presence there when this goes down.. and no doubt there will be. Shit is going to get real.

No. 1269587

Troon probably sent this to himself. Literally the only people I've seen use those ugly LEDs is troons and e-girls.

No. 1269588

Sage since slightly ot but I've noticed that many TiMs and TRAs have no problem using racial slurs but absolutely draw the line at anything trans'phobic'; like the discord server I'm in, u can make fun of black people and call them niggas all day but you're banned if you declare you're super straight (no joke) although theres only like 4 bi ppl and one mtf who are active users in the server.

No. 1269593

you need to stop being empathetic towards misogynist men. this is an example of male on male threats of violence, not one thing to do with women or feminists. who gives a fuck?

No. 1269594

This might be a bit much, but I feel bad for the children of trans parents because an alarming amount of them are nonces. I'm not saying all of them would be at their own kids but you know as well as I do that a huge amount of them fucking will be

Hila Klein, is that you?

No. 1269597

You need to find better discord servers. It sounds terrible.

No. 1269612

If it isn't self-sent or sent by a friend he schemed with, you could turn the camera around, and see yuri anime merch, food containers, and dirty tissues everywhere, anyway. Men is the same.

No. 1269624

I've met men irl who are the exact same way. I've heard the men in my life make disgusting jokes about gay people, women, and nonwhite people, but they get all weird if you even try to make a joke about trannies. They protect their own without even realizing that's what they're doing.

Honestly, the easiest way to be crypto is to play dumb and ask people to explain troon things to you like you don't know what they are. They honestly don't realize how fucking retarded all this shit is until they have to say some of it out loud and try to rationalize it to somebody. For instance, I asked a TRA what "programming socks" were, and he was visibly embarrassed by some of the things he had to explain.

No. 1269626

looks like he deleted or privated the face videos with his current gf
nah, there is something about TIM voices that cant seem to mimic the flow of pitch that womens naturally do.

No. 1269657

hey nonnies, I've been looking for something and I'm hoping someone can help me. I saw this graphic (in a previous mtf thread iirc) depicting the various corporations and investors that have pumped money into the transgender movement (soros etc). Now I can't find it. If you have it, can you please drop it?

No. 1269658

you must know some strange men because most men fucking hate troons

No. 1269659

Sorry, which genders did cis people make up again?

No. 1269671

But is this person a disgusting fetishist? I don't want to hate trannies who seriously have dysphoria and label them as troons when they're normal.
Just the constant reminder how lesbian she is makes me uncomfortable.

No. 1269679

different discord anon, but I'm also in a server where a fair amount of the guys believe troons are "just trying to live their life" and have told me I can't gatekeep what being a woman is just because I am a woman.

No. 1269680

Don't you think those with actual dysphoria would be benefit by addressing their mental issues instead of mutilating themselves?

No. 1269687

Right? Look at the eden doll situation where Cis men totally dehumanized the troons. The the troons wants to bring up blm bc they broke the black tranny phone and threw a scooter at him.

I don’t understand why trannies can’t fight back like men.

No. 1269702

Yep. The amount of trans gaming youtubers is actually insane, especially as far as speedrunning goes.

No. 1269710

No. 1269731

>I can't gatekeep what being a woman is just because I am a woman.
Y chromosome is truly an intellectual disability

No. 1269747

Haven’t moids always tried to gatekeep womanhood though? They’re always classifying lesbians, older women, unfuckable women, nonwhite women etc. as not “real” women, and now they’re demanding we accept actual men. They’re not offended by gatekeeping womanhood in general, they’re only upset when women do it

No. 1269752

File: 1625234005074.jpg (93.14 KB, 960x768, turner091415BIZ19downpagecolum…)

I still don't know what Gamergate is, but I assumed Brianne Wu was a woman when reading about it. Online, where we communicate mostly via text, this tranny nonsense obfuscates the understanding of situations.

No. 1269753

I don't think this had anything to do with them being trans. It has more to do with walking around drunk/high in a horrible neighborhood. They all seemed wasted and one of them even gave her purse away? And they keep COMING BACK? Everyone in this is trashy and retarded.

No. 1269757

File: 1625234558194.jpg (480.48 KB, 1071x1758, SmartSelect_20210702-100213_Tw…)

"Matt" goes onto say that we're really just fetishists

No. 1269761

Totally agreed, DTLA has been a shitshow of crime and insanity since the pandemic began. I know they’re trying to frame it as a “transphobic assault” for GoFundMe purposes, but they were stumbling around drunk at night with zero situational awareness looking like targets. “Cis” women would’ve been treated exactly the same by these criminal moids.

No. 1269762

And my only “gatekeeping” was saying women are XX and men are XY. Biology is gatekeeping apparently.

No. 1269768

He will never be the sexy empowered game designer of his dream but at least he learned how to edit his pictures.

No. 1269782

They were the ones acting stupid, drunk, and going back to the men. It’s really their faults and they call it transphobic

No. 1269789

Wu is kind of an outlier in the tranny gamedev scheme as he is a classic HSTS and not an AGP, and afaik he has always denied being trans and says he is part of the LGBT by being bi (despite him being a man is really obvious to anybody who has eyes). He also doesn't really run in troon circles, he mostly does his autistic shtick whit his husband.
damn, talking about Brianna Wu really brings me back to his golden age on KF in 2015-2017, with his political stint and the moon rocks debacle

No. 1269796

File: 1625237614506.jpg (9.31 KB, 480x141, wM8M4PLh.jpg)

>I still don't know what Gamergate is

No. 1269799

Had a mtf boss and the voice was so close but the speech pattern was that of a gay man. Women don't shriek "yasssssss! Gurl! That is so crayyyy!"

No. 1269800

> Pretending the problem is men in dresses and women in suits instead of body mutilation, mental illness, and grooming

No. 1269801

File: 1625237924537.png (333.68 KB, 650x651, Screenshot_20210702-134107.png)

Wait this guy https://m.youtube.com/c/hazelll/videos
I thought he was some weeb virgin in his 20's, is he really the father of 3 children and left his wife and children over his sissy hentai porn addiction

No. 1269807

File: 1625238601760.png (16.12 KB, 619x129, sus.png)

What's funny is that they felt the need to mention that they didn't know Near's full name in their document.

No. 1269815

File: 1625239272026.jpeg (528.1 KB, 2224x1329, E9E9262D-B190-4C7E-9995-BFC451…)

Are you thinking of this one? Just google for HR.

No. 1269819

Nah, it's two different people and stories.

No. 1269843

I'm confused of who's who? can someone please explain ?

No. 1269846

>I still don't know what Gamergate is
tl;dr people were noticing game journalism is exceptionally bad after a few events incl. a mailing list leak (GameJournosPro) indicating collusion and corruption between outlets. So when people started taking action, the game journalists started writing spins and misinformation to discredit the movement as some misogynist hate campaign, which got feminists dragged in. Since it was also a Twitter hashtag it also turned into a drama fest between people who saw it as an opportnity to become e-celebs.

If you don't like journalism or news reporting now, game journalism was exceptionally bad compared to other niches, which is why most people follow streamers or YouTube channels for gaming news and discourse.

No. 1269850


That photo literally looks like him with full face covering to conceal the fact it's him, making a fake threat to himself. Exact same skin tone and eyes.

No. 1269872

File: 1625244040166.png (90.87 KB, 730x737, 1611410365924.png)

Reminds me of this,
>Fran… I mean Olivia can we please have normal sex, I'm so touch starved and I crave intimacy
>yes, dear

No. 1269878

File: 1625244782508.png (71.98 KB, 901x286, 1611389767622.png)

and in similar vain, how dare women desire to just want to have regular vanilla sex, its literally rape

No. 1269887

Its so weird that they literally change their entire lives to live out their AGP fetish but still condemn their straight female partners for having (no) sex be a deal breaker in the relationship. They're allowed to chase their fetish and demand no consequences for their actions for some reason? It's so bizarre and disconnected from reality

No. 1269888

>10 yrs together, not married
>He's trooning out
>Can't even fuck anymore
What's the point of staying in a relationship with guys like this? Men dump their wives when she gets cancer and can't be at his beck and call for a few month, but women happily deal with humiliating troon shit like this.

No. 1269898

This is infuriating in ways I could write a thesis on, but I’ll just leave it at these retards are projection machines

No. 1269901

I feel like eyepatchwolf promoted him in a vid recently. Sad.

No. 1269905

>while also describing them using the same abusive tactics to coerce their wives into performing sex acts that are painful/dysphoric for them
Total projection. This reminds me of the transwidow post on reddit where some poor woman whose husband demanding that she regularly go down on his newly installed rotpocket(to "relieve his dysphoria" of course) and she had to drug herself stupid beforehand to avoid having a breakdown during due to how disgusting she found it.

No. 1269912

>that fucking thumbnail
oney is a based transphobe?

No. 1269914

She needs to end it.
>10 years unmarried het relationship
>no "moving out"
>"I have literally nowhere to go"
What do you want to bet he's dragging his feet because it's her place and she foots most of the bills, while he has spent all the money he saved through living with her on video games, anime, then estrogen pills, Victoria's Secret sex wear, and $100 teenager shit from Hot Topic? I'd say these guys only transition back to 13 year old boys, but they never stopped being 13 year old boys.

No. 1269915

File: 1625247237173.png (456.15 KB, 598x629, fml.png)

it's way too early in the morning for this, I haven't even had coffee yet

No. 1269916

A lot of troons have this idea that if someone truly loves you they will love you even if you drastically change yourself (and should even change their sexual identity for you). Like no that's not how it works, your girlfriend is straight and doesn't want to be a lesbian, that doesn't mean she didn't love you or is reducing you down to your penis. Sexual/physical preferences matter and it's so weird that the tra agenda is pushing the idea that you're shallow if you have any.

No. 1269925

They have moid confidence and want the freedom of moids, but scream transphobia when they get treated like moids. Most “cis” women are taught from birth to be cautious around groups of strange men, avoid being out late at night drunk and unprotected (especially during COVID), avoid risky sexual encounters with strangers etc. But troons want the freedom to do all these things, and then claim “transphobia” is killing them rather than high-risk lifestyle choices.

No. 1269927

File: 1625247855211.jpg (125.12 KB, 1162x1785, 211330341_10159461035734828_14…)

No. 1269931

File: 1625247989616.jpg (146.04 KB, 244x997, SmartSelect_20210702-134524_In…)

Truly disgusts me that this fully presenting male thought he could force showing his dick to young women and children simply because of his identity. Those arms though.. like how could anyone defend this?

No. 1269932

I was just about to post this shit, how nobody seems to remember Laurel Hubbert and sees that it might just be racism. Cool how nobody is questioning a system that let's acutal male compete in the womens section but punishes cis women with intersex condition. Yeah, but evil Terfs…

No. 1269933

sage for off topic and no contribution
i've only just begun going through the mtf threads on here and i'm only on the 3rd one so far so i've just come here to make this comment cause i'm curious what you guys think (i apologize if it's been discussed)
recently there has been a debate around transrace individuals, in particular oli london, who is a white man who identifies as korean and went as far as getting a lot of plastic surgery to look more asian. obviously people are outraged and hating on him left and right, absolutely not in support of his new profound "identity".
it made me think… if we should accept transgender people as a society, what makes transrace individuals so much more different? it's exactly the same concept except race instead of gender. i just find it ironic how people hate on oli london for being "racist" for identifying as korean, but no one calls transgender shemales misogynistic for identifying as women.
has anyone actually seen a valid argument as to why one would be okay over the other?
again, sorry for going off topic but i thought this is relevant to the thread since in both cases, mentally ill individuals with identity crisises/fetishes are involved lol

No. 1269935

I think Oli was talked about in the ftm thread

No. 1269937

Wtf, so Laurel Hubbard is eligible but real women with naturally occurring genetic anomalies they can’t help aren’t? FUCK THIS.

No. 1269946

Lefts / woke flakes are hypocritics on transracial. I’m glad they hypocrisy is pointed out

No. 1269947

They probably aren't women with intersex conditions if the comparison to Caster Semenya, an intersex man, is anything to go by. Most likely they're 5-ARD men like Semenya.

No. 1269949

it doesn't help that it always seems to be white people who claim to be transrace so the wokies just cry appropriation and racism but you know if a black person claimed they were white they'd have something completely different to say

No. 1269962

File: 1625249679280.jpg (42.86 KB, 1280x720, 1614854602438.jpg)

well I come from a country that's very racially diverse, you can find any type of people here and many dispora have becomes other races

for e.g Mr. Capone-E is Chicano rapper, he is actually a Pakistani Hazara, his people being the descendants of Mongolian Soldiers who settled in Iran, he was someone who was very much assimilated into chicano despite having no Hispanic ancestry, his racial ambiguity also helped in that assimilation, many people consider Capone-E a cianco cause he looks the part and assimilated to the culture
While most Mexicans are the descendants of Spaniards and native Indians, which gives them the exact features the Hazaras of Mediterranean mixed with East Asian

I mean race is really fucking dumb sometimes

No. 1269963

Nice. I’ve never seen a convincing argument against it. All they say it’s just that it’s not the same thing. For reasons. This topic comes up pretty often though. Any in-depth back and forth of this is probably fit in a another thread.

No. 1269965

You can kind of see that in latam where people would rather pretend they’re Europeans than admit they’re from latam.
So, how is that racist? if a failed man can legally be recognized as a woman, then a latam woman can say she’s European and not Latin American.
And according to tras, it should be valid because the woman born and raised in Latin America feels more European and feels racial dysphoria living in her country, so the only way to solve that dysphoria would be letting her go to Europe, with the help of both governments of course, so she can live her European dream life.

No. 1269977

I've never heard any convincing argument about why transracialist and transgender people so different, just tortured word salad using super-essentialist and outdated assumptions about both race and gender. If transgender people are valid and should be supported in living their truth, there's literally no logical reason to treat transracial people differently. Yet people like Dolezal are mocked by normie libs and troons are adored by them, I don't get it.

No. 1269982


The best argument within the framework of people who buy into trans bullshit is probably that certain characteristics are inherent (like sense of gender identity) and others are entirely socialized (like what it means to be part of a “race”). So it makes sense to them that anyone, anywhere, can be trans. But being part of a race has to be something foisted on you (which is why white passing Latinos are not really Latinos in the mind of wokes). So a white person pretending to be Korean has no basis for it, since they were not treated by society as Korean, nor is Korean something inherent inside of you.

No. 1269990

but in fairness to him if he went through the naturalization process he could become legally a korean citizen. obviously citizenship and ethnicity are different but it is possible for him to become legally korean (not that he would ever attempt this or even qualify)

No. 1270003

i get that, but aren't these wokes the ones claiming that gender identity is very "fluid" and that it's not really something inherent to you since birth? as far as i understand, they think there's not inherently "female" or "male" characteristics and that you can literally identify however you want to or however you feel.
there's really no medical basis for being transgender other than "gender dysphoria" which is classified as a mental illness. so i don't see how "race dysphoria" should be any less valid. if oli "feels" like he's korean on the inside, how is it different than a male feeling like he's a female?

No. 1270004

HR? No, that wasn't it. It was more of a concept map than an actual map.

No. 1270011

Men tell each other it’s totally fine and even expected to lose interest in their female partner if she gains weight, gets stretch marks from pregnancy etc. or even becomes ill but if one of these guys has his dick inverted the woman isn’t even allowed to feel uncomfortable, much less leave him. They don’t see women as people.

No. 1270012


The wokes only recognize race as something that characterizes your treatment by the white establishment. So white-passing POC are less POC than non-white passing people. To them a white Korean citizen is totally different from an Asian looking Korean person, which is different from a white passing half Korean person, etc.

No. 1270018


I agree that it’s really not. And once trans shit got completely decoupled from sex and became about the fluid idea of gender as something that is solely constructed, then yes it is absolutely no different than pretending to be Korean (whatever the fuck it means to feel Korean). The negative reaction is just because it feels racist, and we haven’t been told that it’s progressive to be trans-racial.

No. 1270021

>intimidated her
>made her feel unsafe for simply existing

Ok so a normal day in the life of a female, he should have considered it wildly gender affirming and continued with his day.

No. 1270025

For such "women" it's a little odd how MtFs have zero issue with spamming pictures of their naked breasts, especially on an account where he shows his face >>1269207 in photos. Actual women know that this is basically career suicide unless they want to be sex workers or are too young/naive to think of the consequences.

No. 1270033

Nyonsaba and Wambui both have this 46, XY intersex condition according to wiki. I am not that well versed, but I thought that made them more like intersex females and not intersex males.

No. 1270039

>waah waah not being able to whip my dick out in front of little girls makes me feel so unsaaafe
I have no idea how anyone can find it in them to care about the "struggles" of these "people"

No. 1270040

the irony is that they put SO much weight on looking and acting female and say if they don't get to do that it's such a big deal they will kill themselves, yet when someone else is like "i'm just not attracted to that" THEY are the shallow ones who shouldn't define people by their looks

No. 1270041

uhhhh anon, it's absolutely fetishistic and misogynistic for a whole ass male to call himself a lesbian. you good?

No. 1270042

kek at them acting like vulnerable little girls when they look like athletic men.
I think part of it was because they were men. The hispanic guys wanted to defend them in the beginning but the guy filming told them they were men and they backed away.

No. 1270043

File: 1625253655363.jpg (84.66 KB, 1080x352, Screenshot_20210702-114643_Ins…)

No. 1270044

Late but ayrt, and genuinely the only reason I don't do this for some supplemental income is because I could never pass as a male and to get a decent following on troontwt you need to post photos. My face is just too feminine. Then again maybe I can learn to edit it to look like a man the way some troons edit the fuck out of their pictures to look more like a blow up doll woman

No. 1270052

AYRT Not a doctor either so the input of any medical nonnies would be appreciated, but if they have 46,XY karyotypes then they're either men with CAIS or men with 5-ARD, both male-exclusive DSDs. Intersex women don't have a Y chromosome, but sometimes women with chimerism do which IIRC isn't an intersex condition and just occurs when a fetus absorbs their twin in utero.

No. 1270065

File: 1625254385931.png (27.4 KB, 944x327, 1625254248526.png)

2 similarly related stories but from the transwidows perspective

No. 1270067

File: 1625254407565.png (30.75 KB, 1002x363, 1625254273213.png)

No. 1270074

Clown world, why are men?

No. 1270085

File: 1625255269478.jpg (52.82 KB, 456x561, 1452297695749.jpg)

I feel bad for laughing at this. Men have zero impulse control, what the hell lmao

Thankfully, she's using the past tense and that degenerate is long gone.

No. 1270091

I always get worried that this is the fate of the farmers in relationship threads saying their boyfriends like to be pegged

No. 1270092

so gross, i can’t believe people are okay with all the crazy shit they say

No. 1270102

I know a guy like this irl an acquaintance and friends tell me that talks about this shit in the open. His wife… I weep. Once an AGP always an AGP. I wish these women would just LEAVE.

No. 1270103

Nobody is saying lightskin POC are less POC than darker toned POC do you guys just make up weird generalizations and get pissed about it like Twitterfags wtf lmao. If anything frustration is rooted in treatment of POC in regard to their proximity to whiteness.

No. 1270108


People absolutely say this stuff constantly.

No. 1270113

are you new to the internet?? or real life in general?
it's a very real issue that white mixed race people face, being told that they're not black/asian/whatever race enough

No. 1270133

Don't be silly nonny, Oli London got cat eye lift and is trying to pass it as racial affirming surgery but he doesn't give a flying duck about Jimin or being Korean. He is a troll.

No. 1270137

Troons have no idea how NOT to appropriate black women's struggles. If they're not pretending BW have the same issues as genderspecial moids bc white people don't see them as "feminine", they're trying to steal their bodies via plastic surgery and/or seething at them for not wanting to date troons or troon chasers on Lipstick Alley.

No. 1270158

File: 1625258936005.jpg (390.93 KB, 1080x1239, SmartSelect_20210702-164804_Tw…)

>calls the most successful book franchise in the world subpar

No. 1270161

They do all this only to get dumped or have to end it when the husband wants to open the relationship and become a poly transbian. Tale as old as time. Every woman should get a crash course on this stuff so they stop wasting their fucking time on these coomers.

No. 1270165

And nobody critices Tolkin for making all the good guys white and the majority of the bad ones "pocs"…

No. 1270171

idk dude i'd like to think he isn't 100% a troll and actually has some sort of mental issue cause.. imagine getting 20 plastic surgeries including pulling your eyes back just for the "meme".. i feel like that in itself is a mental illness

No. 1270178

Calling fucking goblins antisemitic is actually far more racist than, uh, goblins existing as a mythological race for hundreds of years in fiction. Like if you see a tiny goblin and it reminds you of a Jewish person you are the racist.

No. 1270183


I believe there's a dysphoric type condition for everything.. it is real. There are people that will get limbs removed and call themselves trans-disabled or something because they genuinely would feel better without that body part.. there was a woman that had acid put into her eyes so she could go blind.. that video was fucked. It's a genuinely recognized condition though and at this point with all the fuckers we've seen in recent years with the new social climate and hatred of white people, people are genuinely developing mental disorders causing them to hate their own skin color sorry if derailing

No. 1270201

right? They're doing the meme unironically
>greedy goblin character exists
>woah there cool it with the antisemitism

No. 1270214

Do they think JKR invented greedy goblins or sumn.

No. 1270234

dw i get you anon. social media definitely isn't a welcoming place for white people these days, pair that with mental illness and it'd be of no surprise that people would start becoming "transrace" lol
i think it's just become too normalised online to deal with your problems by irreversible physical measures instead of resolving what's in your head.
feel bad about your body? don't go to a therapist, cut off your tits instead!

No. 1270238


but also post a bunch of cutesy mental health infographics to Instagram to normalize getting help lol

No. 1270240

Women need to run. These guys associate humiliation with everything related to females. If he respected her at all, he wouldn't have wanted to destroy her clothes or destroy her cosmetics. He was not trying to be a woman, he was jerking it to self-humiliation, and humiliating her.

No. 1270243

self humiliation is the basis of autogynephilia, prove me wrong

No. 1270250

I'm just imagining him sitting spread eagle in that spa traumatizing those poor young girls.. how revolting.

No. 1270255

why do you keep posting that video

No. 1270256

File: 1625264326764.jpg (454.24 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210702-181258_Ins…)

repost because can't delete my previous post and I'm an idiot

Still picturing him sitting spread eagle

No. 1270257


I'm a dumbass who kept forgetting to delete the link

No. 1270260

this man is my thirteenth reason

No. 1270261

File: 1625264567309.png (1.57 MB, 1440x2275, 20210702_232214.png)

Misogyny is the basis of autogynephilia. They don't actually feel humiliated or ashamed, they're simply projecting their (very male, pornified) sexual fantasies onto themselves. It's an inversion of their sexual target.

No. 1270274

Ben Shapiro looking bitch

No. 1270276

File: 1625266385096.jpg (Spoiler Image,141.07 KB, 735x1080, john-kricfalusi-ren-stimpy-cre…)

I think shame and humiliation are the foundation of basically all male sexual fixations. It's why male-made fetish porn is always so seedy and repugnant, even when female-made content superficially shares some of the same themes. Men drag the whole schoolyard bully thing into the bedroom as grown ass adults, you're going to get "hazed" for every time he couldn't humiliate a smaller guy in kindergarten-college.

No. 1270322

check 11th hour blog or jennifer bilek

No. 1270325

men are not okay

No. 1270332

oh kek, this guy. didn't he try to claim he created seapunk?

No. 1270364

This is something I think about a lot. Its just an extremely weird behaviour for any actual real woman to do.

Some women take sexy pictures for social media. Some women even post nudes to r/gonewild if they're particularly hungry for attention. But I have never ever seen a woman go on Twitter to post pictures of her anus alongside her selfies and her opinions on politics. Even sexworkers don't post their porn for free, they advertise with lewds and make you buy the porn, and it's always from a work specific account. But these degenerates? "Here have a list of my favourite videogames alongside my necrotic pussy and selfies of me at work"

It's such a distinct moid behaviour to act that fucking disgusting because they think it's hot to be a bottom of the barrel whore. They don't ever try to be sexy when they do it

No. 1270365


wait is the ren and stimpy guy a troon now? i know he is a huge pedo and abuser but i didn't know he trooned out.

No. 1270372

These are intersex men. XY is male. Even if they are "more female" than the average male, they are still much more male than the average female. Frankly, even if the testosterone ruling did start weeding out actual XX women, that's not TERFs fault. The testosterone level check wasn't our idea, it was a sort of compromise athletic associations made to try to allow TIMs in, without letting men who aren't even on estrogen in. TRAs may not be happy to hear this, but this was a very reasonable attempt at compromise with their unreasonable demands, completely unrelated to TERFs. We wouldn't be having this problem in the first place if we listened to GC women, and made women's athletics female (XX) exclusive.

No. 1270374

Nah, it's just the humiliation-iest shit I could remember off the top of my head. I don't know what series any gifs of embarrassed dickgirls in diapers originated from.

No. 1270388

The whole "XY Females" and "muh phenotypical classification" exists just because being called "biologically male" hurts the fee-fees of AFAB (original meaning, not troon meaning) XY intersex ppl. It's just political correctness, not science.