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File: 1625544130735.png (6.76 MB, 4708x2760, 1625356292164.png)

No. 1272230

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.

You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.

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Blogging about your tranny ex boyfriend, medfagging, and armchairing will result in a ban. This is a cow thread, not reddit. Do not engage troons who brigade this thread either. Ignore and report.

No. 1272234

File: 1625544613810.png (514.91 KB, 576x728, Screenshots_2021-07-05-21-10-0…)

No. 1272242

ntayrt but some women will definitely feel forced to vote for republicans because hypothetically speaking voting for an independent or not voting at all basically gives a vote to the other side. not enough people vote independent for it to make a difference.
don't criticize american women for a bipartisian system that we've inherited, especially considering american women only hold ~25% of US government positions. it's a dream of mine to see women make a new party that's representative of female rights but as an american who knows how much the average moid hates women i know it's not gonna happen. especially considering men control media and there will always be a population of women who will sell out other women.

No. 1272248

File: 1625546686550.jpeg (92.99 KB, 1080x616, C4F989B6-3763-44A7-ADCD-CF9001…)

Love the idea of a “placenta group”, do they mean uterus lol

No. 1272266

>it's a dream of mine to see women make a new party that's representative of female rights but as an american who knows how much the average moid hates women i know it's not gonna happen.
You'd have to reform the voting system (plurality voting) to have a third party with a chance of winning and not just marginal percentages like the green, libertarian, and Kanye West party. Just saying.

No. 1272271

File: 1625553162997.png (209.86 KB, 1906x664, reddittranny.png)

Looked at the comments of the reddit post someone shared in the last thread. Holy shit…"I'm starting to wonder if I should just lean into the fact that I'm transwoman." Starting?! lol bruh

No. 1272273

File: 1625553269357.png (886.36 KB, 576x921, 1625538572900.png)

samefag, posting picture of the troon

No. 1272279

File: 1625556363624.jpg (480.96 KB, 2882x2534, k7jzpim.jpg)

If an actual woman looked like this, the only photo she would ever post online is a baby picture as her Facebook profile.

No. 1272280

>terminally ugly soyboy
>looking great as a woman
Those men really think that by failing to look decent as men makes them look female. Beautiful scrote logic, women are small and weak men.

No. 1272282

lmao fuck

No. 1272283

It's scrote "logic" precisely because it never applies consistently. They don't want other small and weak men, i.e. each other.

No. 1272287

Married women with kids assimilate into their husbands' voting habits. This has nothing to do with agreeing with your retarded husband and everything to do with conflict avoidance.

No. 1272292

I wish somebody would make a website just for posting examples of how leftist men hate women, and use "feminism" as a shield to go after any woman who isn't supportive of penis politics. And all the thirsty manchildren who orbit troons and camwhores and think their one-handed typing is a victory for women.

No. 1272297

Wait what is this person even trying to say? That black women can't be feminists because they're obligated to dedicate all of their energy to racial justice? Are people not allowed to care about more than one thing now?

This kind of touches on a good point, which is that trannies who get "gendered" correctly by strangers aren't actually being mistaken for women, they just "pass" as people who want to be identified as women by others. Trannies who get called "she" aren't passing for women, they're passing for trannies.

No. 1272303

File: 1625565177288.jpg (162.93 KB, 1651x1097, 37454eac-d64c-5dcd-8ec4-5d8ad1…)

We've reached the point of no return with troons, haven't we

No. 1272306

>unless the context is threatening
How is soaking your dick next to a 6 year old not threatening to women and children?

No. 1272316

Just caught up with what happened in the last thread and saw that the spa the troon went to was Korean. In the case of that troon going to female brazilian waxing businesses most of them were also foreign.
I think there's definitely a pattern here. They know that if they were to go to a place run by white American women they'd be more likely to speak out and give them shit, so they instead go to places run by women who are likely more intimidated by white male him, who might even be ESL or not fluent in English at all.
They're so cowardish, they only ever dare to confront people who are physically and socially weaker than them.

No. 1272317

>special placenta group
Did this person really convince themselves that the field of gynecology in the US did not arise from black women being experimented on because they were female and vulnerable?

No. 1272318

>teach children not to be intimidated or scared of strange men showing their dicks

Kill all pedos and transmoids

No. 1272322

These troons are so bitter that the vast majority of black women don’t coddle them so they say ignorant shit like this. It’s whatev though; all that gaslighting misogynoir still won’t give them the vagina they want so let them cope seethe and dilate kek

No. 1272324

File: 1625572770254.jpeg (2.73 MB, 3000x4220, 53741157-37C0-4CAC-A9CE-8F23AF…)


No. 1272325

Children need to learn the boundaries of nudity to function well in society. These freaks and pedos are advocating for antisocial child rearing, that leads to hypersexualization and delinquent behavior. It's good to know that real mothers were at this protest advocating for their children. I'd hate to see what the handmaidens at the protest on the antifa side let happen to their kids.

No. 1272327

mr bean thinkin he slick

No. 1272328

File: 1625573907277.jpeg (1.26 MB, 2549x3166, 5CF8D5CE-6323-4CD6-B61F-3DF57C…)

I’ve been keeping an eye on this one since they got shilled on my feed for a couple weeks. Peep the quality shoops and ridiculous padding kek.

No. 1272330

I grew up somewhere where going nude to sauna was normal, but never in the world would it been okay to put girls and grown ass, unknown dude in the same sauna. There can be nudity that is not sexualized but requires boundaries and cultural knowledge, what the fuck happens when some scrote pops a boner? They claim it's natural, not always sexual, you're body shaming!! How do we know the little fucking girls aren't aroused too, kids can be kinky!! This shit is disgusting.

No. 1272333

Its the hammer and sickle tattoo for me

>They claim it's natural, not always sexual, you're body shaming!! How do we know the little fucking girls aren't aroused too, kids can be kinky!!
This is where the pedos come out in full force not with social support from brain dead tras. Trying to normalize child nudity and the ability to consent at any age to being around naked adults. Fucking insidious

No. 1272334


That yellow foundation is sending me

No. 1272335

Why are all these dangerhair troons commies? They do know they’d be sent straight to the gulags under any real communist regime, right?

No. 1272337

Why the fuck are TiMs and TRAs so obessed with Dangonronpa? In the first game all the characters are confirmed to be evil terfs upon finding out that another student is a troon. I don’t fucking get it.

No. 1272338

The easy answer is that they dream up a fictional version of communism that pays for all their procedures. While I think that's part of it, I would love to see some deeper sociological/psychological answers, myself. I'll admit that this level of cognitive dissonance (trans identities are inherently capitalistic) is well out of my range, however.

No. 1272340

They are incels who think under communism they will get government mandated girlfriends.

No. 1272342

It had a thriving community of autistic teenagers on tumblr almost a decade ago, and has the same thing on Discord currently. Very fruitful grooming environment. Beyond that, it had very flashy anime art, and extremely black and white morality, with the occasional level of extra nuance that was so hammered in that even an autistic scrote could understand it. It made them feel smart without actually being challenging or intelligent material.
tl:dr Come for the teens, stay for your autism.

No. 1272346

Especially in contrast with the razor burn redness on his chest.

No. 1272350

The funny thing is, i read that in countries with socialised health care. tax payers are more opposed to trannies because they have to pay for their surgeries and since the health care budget is a set number those surgeries would mean less life saving procedures such as transplants and heart bypasses.
These freaks can only exist in a capitalist society with private health care.

No. 1272353

File: 1625578254800.jpg (809.81 KB, 1440x2214, Screenshot_20210706-142734.jpg)

The NHS partially funds electrolysis (laser hair removal) for trannies and FULLY funds voice therapy and hormones. They still demand taxpayer funded boob jobs and plastic surgery. Lifesaving care right there.

No. 1272356

>An acceptable bust is important to any woman
Fuck off, misogynist scrote.
>Having to shave is degrading
Then don't do it. Does he think women don't have to shave or get laser hair removal to be hairless?

No. 1272358

I mean, they were screaming at the height of COVID about how they were LiTeRaLLy DyInG from not being able to get elective gender surgeries. Fuck people who couldn’t access their lifesaving cancer treatments or prenatal health care, or who were actually dying of COVID in hospital hallways due to overwhelmed medical services. Boob jobs clearly should’ve been the top priority.

No. 1272359

Imagine if small breasted or hairy cis women demanded government-funded electrolysis and boob jobs, since shaving is so degrading and having “acceptable” breasts is extremely important to any woman. Imagine if they claimed their flat chests and body hair gave them gender dysphoria and threatened suicide if taxpayers didn’t fund their beauty treatments. They’d be public laughingstocks and every talk show host in the country would roast them mercilessly.

No. 1272380

Women get laughed out of medical centers for breast reductions, abortions, and getting their tubes tied, even if they have solid medical reasons for it. I've heard stories about women trying to get hysterectomies because their uterus was about to actually kill them, physically, and doctors refusing because "what if you or your (future) husband wants kids." The audacity of trannies to demand paid-for cosmetic procedures, claiming they're "life saving" or "necessary," all while claiming "cis" women are privileged, is blood-boiling.

No. 1272392

>I NEED bolt ONS!! I HATE shaving!! I should be WAXY SMOOTH like a Woman naturally is!
Meanwhile a woman is getting ready to tell her children she will die soon because there's nothing she can do for her breast cancer and nobody will cover her life saving operations.

No. 1272408

File: 1625586136762.jpg (341.17 KB, 2026x2048, 1616403649654.jpg)

Things being "natural" doesn't even matter because of context. Shitting is 100% natural but I'd be kicked out if I took a shit in the middle of a sauna, spa or hammam, or a changing room, and rightfully so. Men naturally have dicks but that doesn't mean they should show it to people who didn't consent to seeing it.

Something that bothers me a lot is that I've seen a lot of people being like "well, transwomen are women but they shouldn't show their dicks to cis women without permission so they should wear a swimsuit in the spa instead!" or "only post-OP transwomen should go" like the only problem is that men are exposing themselves. Maybe on top of that the vast majority of naked women in spas, hammam, or saunas or hot springs or whatever don't want to BE SEEN by these men, regardless of what these deranged guys are wearing at the moment. This is so obvious to me but most TRAs who seem to be on the verge of peaking never mention this.

No. 1272410

samefagging but the character you're talking about is pretty much an anti-troon. He's a cross-dressing effeminate straight who got bullied for being a skinny manlet, and at some point he decides to overcome his insecurities by working out and looking more like the guy he actually is. He was about to do this and confess to everyone that he's a guy with a dick and all that but got murdered before that was possible because of another jealous insecure guy. No idea why troons love him, and Naoto from P4 who's explicitly saying it's not possible to change your sex and you should deal with what you were born with.

No. 1272412

Yeah. He got beat up and bullied for being girly looking so he and his parents made him dress as a girl to avoid harassment. He then gets inspired by the gangster character to be masculine and buff. So he would use the workout room at night so no one would know he was a dude.

I don’t why they think he’s trans.

No. 1272413

File: 1625586863611.png (127.06 KB, 795x740, womans_penis.PNG)

This tranny admits to trooning out because of porn and wants HRT trannies in porn (as opposed to men who only have FFS and boob jobs), because he thinks HRT makes dick female.

>HRT penis isn't like other penises

>it's more an extroverted vagina than a penis
>once you stop seeing genitalia as the be all and end all of gender
>penis is as attractive and aesthetic as a vagina
>watched HRT tranny "lesbian" porn and realised he was a lesbian and troon too
>straight men need to watch """real""" HRT trannies!!!

Paragraphs of analysis about tranny porn; they're brain rotten degenerates.

No. 1272414

The idea of "women wanting to briefly not be perceived by men" doesn't register to men, or women who empathize more with men than other women. If you convey this to them, the instant response will be to call you transphobic for "assuming transwomen are predatory." Regardless of if this is true or not, it's fallacious, because it assumes the only reason women (victims of oppression) would want to be allowed spaces away from men (their oppressors) is a fear of direct, physical harm. Even if the male is castrated, has had his penis removed, is on estrogen, is gay, etc, it does not remove the context of the fact that we live in a patriarchal society, and allowing a male into a female space removes the neutrality of it. Allowing a male, regardless of context, into a female-only space brings elements of the patriarchy back in, thus defeating the purpose entirely.

No. 1272418

File: 1625587179852.png (439.85 KB, 528x681, Daemontech.PNG)

And here's what the "lesbian" who likes "woman penis" looks like.

No. 1272426

File: 1625588125970.jpg (917.16 KB, 1440x2310, Screenshot_20210706-120811.jpg)

trying to find examples of a hair color and came across this. I don't even want it anymore.

No. 1272431

FUCK, this almost gave me a jump scare when I scrolled down to this.

No. 1272433

File: 1625588431215.jpg (23.07 KB, 536x570, fc97d29464f608b43064331176915d…)


No. 1272441

fucking KEK I cannot stop laughing at this. Someone get your grandpa jesus christ

No. 1272443

File: 1625589628679.png (381.23 KB, 540x540, Joshua_Conner_Moon.png)

I'm soooo happy for Josephyne Corinner Moon! Be your best damn self, stunning and brave, etc etc

No. 1272446

File: 1625589873891.png (53.67 KB, 190x219, uts-laughing-puck-berserk-meme…)

That's a zinger.

No. 1272450

His ass is so ugly and those hands. EW

> You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig.
Gay with extra steps with mutilation, we love to see it.

No. 1272457

File: 1625592151779.png (2.8 MB, 2131x1167, bark.png)

Choker, thigh highs, bra, panties, choker, make up, stone hard silicone bags, submissive pose and camera angle.

Still looks like a damn serial killer. Yikes.

pic related isnt a tranny.

No. 1272460

File: 1625592463607.png (794.33 KB, 1056x581, pedophile posing as a trans ri…)

The pedo TRAs and handmaidens are already making this a muh culture issue. You see, there are cultures in Europe that have nudist saunas, where men, women and children all walk around naked. That is not the norm, yes there are nudist saunas but ALL saunas aren't unisex and parents can choose where to go. They're saying we must normalize this. I hope more and more mothers speak out. If I see a man at my gym locker room I will film him and cuss him out as evidence. We will see more of this.

No. 1272461

>bark for me
So many coomers couldn’t contain themselves. I bet some of her followers are coomer troons who fap to the idea of looking like this bush.

No. 1272477

We should all post photos of ourselves to show what perfect examples of womanhood we are. Show those troons who's boss.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1272480


Remember that unironic tweet about "sexual mutual aid under socialism" or some shit like that? This literally not hyperbole, they think they'll get government appointed prostitutes kek.

Not that any of these troons have actually read real communist theory, but Marx strongly condemned prostitution and considered it on of the great evils of capitalism.

No. 1272490

Spoken like a troon troll. Women don't have to be "perfect" or meet anyone's visual approval to be women. We just are <3(took the bait)

No. 1272491

just report and move on, obvious bait is obvious

No. 1272503

They also think the government will give them a free living wage welfare cheque, free food stamps, and a free home. While they play videogames, torrent anime, and attempt to become a paid video game streamer/ talk radio host wannabe all day long. Because that's definitely valuable to society, and not just a parasitic drain on their moms.

No. 1272510

All male politics default to the only thing they're designed to care about - sexual access.

No. 1272513

File: 1625597668500.png (1.05 MB, 1099x2048, Screenshot_20210706-115333.png)

No. 1272515

File: 1625597694051.png (666.07 KB, 1036x2048, Screenshot_20210706-115350.png)

and then the comments full of handmaidens.

No. 1272519

if those aren't all other trannies, i can't belive how incredibly dense and stupid they are. enabling a ugly ass scrote who is openly misogynist.

No. 1272523

Those are mostly women.

No. 1272524

You first, tranny-kun.(took the bait)

No. 1272545

File: 1625602453442.jpeg (1.71 MB, 3005x3781, D79E1E1A-B32D-4F94-ABF9-4A4BE1…)

>”turned into a doll” by corporation
>submissive and breedable poll
>hentai on wall

i cannot help but kek

No. 1272549

File: 1625602899133.jpeg (229.61 KB, 1350x1354, 432A54CC-64DD-40FF-B6D1-E4483A…)

This made me laugh. Terfs apparently overlap with abortion clinic bombers but pointing out the tranny serial killer pipeline with is a step too far.

No. 1272555

The only good thing about society falling apart is that male behavior is laid absolutely bare. Millennia of whitewashing and mythology crumbles away. I have mixed feelings on troons, because as bullshit as TRAs are, I want cumbrains to remove themselves from the gene pool and dating pool ASAP to protect women. Sure most men are covertly unkind to women, but troons are nuclear grade soul destroyers.

No. 1272557

File: 1625603660228.jpg (27.42 KB, 483x375, BKrDMuqCYAEoKX5.jpg)

Jesus Christ that Misato is offensive. I hate when trannies think they have a right to cosplay, they make everything disgusting and they always look like pic rel but no beef. Fucking kek.

No. 1272563

>Turned into a doll
>Pictured: a gay man

No. 1272569

Kek men are the only ones bombing/shooting up abortion clinics. Troons are so retarded.

No. 1272574

>radfems against abortion

No. 1272577

>"I look stupid and silly" (obv humiliation fetish)
How the fuck are handmaidens THIS blind? This is a man telling a group of people that his "mistress", master, domme, whatever, has given him womens clothes and has sent him out admitting he looks silly (to lure people in to slag him) and they're actually going to give the "yas kween" treatment to a sissy making thinly veiled attempts at online public humiliation

No. 1272581

File: 1625606804676.jpg (45.23 KB, 500x622, 15a787eca51e8308431310808712.j…)

More instances of troons turning bits from childrens' cartoons sexual.

No. 1272610

File: 1625609981971.jpg (474.55 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210706-180605_Ins…)

So basically

>Dump your boyfriend for a Troon

b y e

No. 1272631

women are brainwashed to find pleasure in humiliation.

>radfems against women
Obviously radical feminism is anti-feminist since it doesn't include origamied penis and fetishists.

No. 1272645

can someone remind me again why we need to keep giving men guns?

No. 1272646

File: 1625612795327.jpg (832.95 KB, 1076x1080, Screenshot_20210706-190106_Ins…)

and here's the awesome trans gal who's singing!

No. 1272649

I thought TIMs hated Danganronpa for the fake out "trans" character in the first game and because the game is predominantly liked by women. Now fakebois on the other hand…

I'm no psychologist but in addition to the imaginary state-owned medicine that would pay for their luxury vanity surgeries, hormones, streamer gear and pink gamer chair they're mostly just projecting their expectations into something far removed from their everyday reality. They're "suffering" in a capitalist society so the opposite must be this fabled wonderland where everything works out for them and nobody ever expects them to make a contribution towards the society. Or alternatively they fantasize about their skills of trade (writing transbian diaper furry porn I guess) being valued so high in a communist society that they would receive ample rewards for it.

No. 1272650

How does this motherfucker think that he's eligible for a free boob job? Natal women who are born with AA cup tits or a straight out flat chest have to pay it out of their pockets to get bigger ones and even then they are often harshly ridiculed for it.

KEK underrated post

No. 1272661

Wtf did they do to his jaw? It looks so stange and botched in that area

No. 1272662

Wow that was terrible, fucking below amateur hour. I wonder who they’ll use the guns on; certainly not on women and girls trying to protect their sex based rights and spaces..

No. 1272663

All that money and he still looks like a man. These doctors are just making easy money at this point lmao

No. 1272664

What a disaster. They only made him look more masculine in a teenage boy way, now his features are way too big for his face, and he has no chin.

No. 1272667

the results are so bad, he didn't pass b4 but at least he wasn't ugly, now he's legit creepy looking, especially the upper 1/3 of the face. do we know if he's already turned his dick inside out yet?

No. 1272668

This, it's hard to just wait and watch when troons will try to claim that culture as some opportunity to perv around. I couldn't really imagine what would even happen, men who go to saunas like these never seem the type to not throw hands if they see any weird shit happening to anyone's kids. It just grossss me out to even think about, saunas are supposed to be for cleaning and chilling and now I'm fear mongering myself

No. 1272676

Is the top the "before"? He looked better… They gave him a fucking turkey neck, topkek

No. 1272678

File: 1625616676267.jpg (93.2 KB, 400x265, whyborg.jpg)

every single one of them thinks they're misato too. it's like they are all the same autistic entity with 4chan personality.

No. 1272692

File: 1625618672002.png (294.92 KB, 606x315, 5qjf75ws68b31.png)

It's great to have the neutral medical photos to contrast with the Final Fantasy CGI character photos he made.

No. 1272708

File: 1625621352406.jpeg (384.67 KB, 1242x1091, 89CE130F-0870-4146-846D-70F96B…)

gee i wonder why

No. 1272714

>managed to transition Just Fine
Sometimes troons can be funny, I'll give them that

No. 1272717

File: 1625622761092.jpeg (184.31 KB, 609x525, 5D32012F-A4EA-4B4F-8233-042CAB…)

yeah…. that totally passes as a woman…. Kek

No. 1272718

>looks like that
fuck off man, he's not even trying lol

No. 1272725

Looks like the transmascs were right… but seriously its wild that women can't even talk about how transitioning affects their bodies without these clowns making it about themselves

No. 1272726

Stfu Tyler Oakley

No. 1272747

now they're attacking each other lmao

No. 1272767

The original dude says "large overlap" like he truly believes that there's a significant correlation KEK. 1) Just looking at a timeline of history TERFism (now) and abortion bombings (peak in the 1990s) should show you how unrelated they are, it's been nearly 30 years since the anti-abortion attacks. 2) The bombings were done by evangelical men who wanted to force women into giving birth. Highly doubt unhinged moid rightwing terrorists who are likely dead by now or currently on death row would be radical feminists, especially considering you have to be pro-choice to be a radfem anyways
…seriously how are scrotes this retarded.
With that hot take and then these accurate summaries of current day 'progressivism' right here:
just IMAGINE thinking that these idiots are on the right side of history. Every day I pray for some kind of reveal that we're living in some simulation with scientists introducing troon nonsense to see how gullible humans are.

No. 1272776

File: 1625628602385.jpeg (318.91 KB, 786x1303, F1C5809F-6526-45CD-BDE6-DFA2D4…)

and then they cry and blame the algorithm when their posts don’t get the engagement and validation they were looking for kek.
> b-but im so much hotter now! what gives?

No. 1272787

I love watching trannies fight. It almost always ends up being TIMs telling TIFs to shut up because they have male privilege now and trans wahhhmen are literally the most oppressed creatures on earth.

No. 1272813

File: 1625633884932.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 22.66 KB, 250x414, 6D4674E5-5C1E-47C2-BFB1-45A126…)

They yeeted half his jawline. He somehow still looks masculine.
Pic related is from a Twitter account of an Asian MTF. Their NSFW content look highly edited and they have an OF. Anyone who is knowledgeable about digital body and face transforming who can ID what software/technology he is using?


No. 1272839

What the fuck, how does he look even more male post-surgery? Like in the first set he at least looks attractive with well-defined features but in the after photo he looks like a dumpy teenage boy. Botched beyond words.

I love how even within their own community men still keep finding ways to bitch about women and FTMs will continue to sacrifice themselves for the brave and stunning transwomen and never getting any of that misplaced sympathy back.

No. 1272854

As a flat chested terfina, I am going to unironically walk into a gender clinic and demand free access to a boob job due to not feeling womanly enough, thus muh dysphoria. These men are so fucking misogynisticly retarded, but if they can do it, so can we. /eyeroll

No. 1272861

Didn't someone post a video of a woman doing something similar in a previous threads? The woman explained she needed an hysterectomy because of her severe endometriosis and doctors told her that no, they wouldn't do it to her because what if her or her future husband wants kids. She then pretended to be a troon and she got her hysterectomy really fast and nobody questioned her. Right after that she stopped pretending to be a troon.

In my country I could have a boobjob partially paid for by social security and could probably have the rest payed for by my health insurance because I'm less than A cup, and I've had several doctors telling me this was an option because being this flat because of an hormonal disorder tbh was "abnormal" and they really tried really hard to convince me to get surgery when I wasn't an adult just yet.

Trans people don't pay for their transition in my country iirc but only if they can prove to their therapist they've lived as the opposite gender for 2 years and they're examined thoroughly during that time, but now I wonder if it's the same as for flat women and their private health insurance also has to pay part of their surgeries or if it's 100% payed for by social security. And despite that I see some people on twitter saying that this isn't enough before the two years of tests is basically gatekeeping.

No. 1272866

- attacks women for talking about their own bodies saying it's unfair to troons
- attacks trans men (because they are women)for talking about their own bodies because it's unfair to troons
- yet complains in the same way about their male bodies without any sympathy for trans men
- but also brags about their male bodies and how they are actually superior to biological women's and trans men's bodies

isn't it weird how they don't attack other men including their fellow troons, almost like they're just male misogynists, who knew

No. 1272883

His face looks like a mask, like someone sewed one person's face onto someone else's body. This might actually be more horrifying than an infected stink ditch. He botched himself into the uncanny valley.

This is why white people shouldn't go to Korea for surgery; the doctors there are used to working with Korean features, not white ones. Surgery that looks okay on a Korean person looks horrifying on a white person and vice-versa.

No. 1272886

File: 1625649555699.jpeg (510.31 KB, 750x939, 05AFFC0C-2980-4102-8282-C9B742…)

do they think this is funny? it’s just admitting everything they try to deflect. incel to troon pipeline in action nonitas

No. 1272894

>how on earth are we supposed to pay for breast augmentation ourselves
… get a job

No. 1272904

It baffles me how open they are about this

No. 1272916

File: 1625657513089.png (68.6 KB, 250x387, Sid-Phillips.png)


No. 1272919

Before: attractive young man
After: Oblivion NPC

No. 1272926

Even with the surgery he still looks unmistakably male, I guess he looks more like a teen boy with an adult male body but still very clearly male

No. 1272927

> all my research


No. 1272932

File: 1625662609823.png (55.06 KB, 720x403, Screenshot_20210707-173708.png)

I don't get this myself, I have seen so many handmaiden's spout the same rhetoric about Troons, as well crossdresser's and drag Queens
How male's cross dressing look so much hotter then us ugly poor regular women

I remember a Music video by the band Willows, where one of the band members acted as his own love Interest, so he wore a cheap wig and some small pink sweater (other then that was dressed completely like a dude)
And the comments were filled with dumb teen girls posting shit like "I'm so jealous of how thin his waist is" "oh his skin is so smooth" "why does he look so much better then me" I'm just confused by this shit, I mean did socialization somehow convince women and girls that men are superior then us at being women

No. 1272935

lol women say shit like that out of pity and because they don't feel in competition with trans women (because they are men). Obviously troons don't understand this because they're males who don't know how women interact with each other, so they think women who say "omg Alice you're so pretty I'm sooo jealous" actually mean it. Honestly imo hsts trannies winning beauty pageants is pretty harmless. It's not like it affects women as a class in a meaningful way like them coming into our locker rooms and sports does

No. 1272936

and now he's gonna get a bunch of injections to kill the fat in his leafy-esque jaw/chin area kek.
it also looks like he got the korean forehead treatment where having a weird dome is considered beautiful. not to mention the hairline…

No. 1272939

File: 1625664322156.png (843.83 KB, 636x685, Screenshot 2021-07-07 152428.p…)

Beauty standards are unnatural for women. Women don't naturally have a low body fat percentage, we aren't made to be thin. We starve yourself. Our faces are soft, we don't have strong features. We have fat on our lower abdomen and cellulite even when we are underweight. Most women aren't tall. Femaleness is seen as a disease. We aren't men and that's the problem. A woman stop be seen as attractive when she is fully developed and healthy. We never left ancient Greece. Women are still seen as short, fat, bleeding men.

No. 1272944

They’re becoming overconfident. I think it’s great, because all it does is peak people who used to think they were all meek, castrated, effeminate gay guys who just want to live a quiet life and not bother anyone. Please tell us more about how you would’ve been a sexually entitled school shooter in the making if it weren’t for your discovery of trap porn, how much you love your girldick, and how you demand access to naked women in changing rooms no matter how uncomfortable they say they are around you! Those aren’t red flags at all!

This weirded me out even back in my libfem days. I think a rare few of those comments about lack of fat and cellulite might be genuine coming from girls and women with ana tendencies, but the vast majority are blatant lies. Mostly they pity the ugly man in a wig but a lot of it is also virtue signalling, when even if there’s no man around to hear it they’ll fall all over themselves complimenting these men and showing everyone what great allies they are. It feels almost cultish, especially if the man in question is objectively fugly and a woman even half as ugly or badly styled would get the “oh honey no” treatment. Everyone must compliment the emperor’s new clothes.

No. 1272950

what about when it's for a gag or not even putting in any effort like this music video and they still prostate themselves

check out the comments
>girl braeden has no business being THAT sexy
>right so Braeden can be a prettier girl than me. solid.
>felt that

I mean who is this for? it's a guy with a bad wig on and putting in no effort for a dumb gag

No. 1272957

Thank you, anon

No. 1272963

They are genuine compliments, but the reason they're being voiced out loud is because they don't see trannies as women. A woman who's insecure about say her wieght would never go up to a skinny woman and be like "omg you're so much prettier and thinner than me, I'm jealous" bc we don't just air out our insecurities and admit to being jealous like that, we just seethe internally like normal people. We only gush about how others' features are superior to ours if we're not actually comparing ourselves to them as women bc we don't feel in competition with them. This means fatties, celebrities to some degree, guys, drag queens, twinky gay men, and trans women (who deep down even the biggest handmaidens see as turbo gay men)

No. 1272969

Yeah but this is just normal built guy in a cheap wig and there still bending over backwards to praise him, socialization does play some part in this, that girls think of themselves as so lesser that they view any male preforming a traditionally feminine task as being superior at it then they are

No. 1272992

You wanna see real Handmaiden praise, well see vidrel, just a Chinese guy crossplaying and the reaction from mostly teen girls is just so pathetic

>He's legit prettier than 90% of the girls I've seen

>When a pretty boy becomes a better girl than you. cries in corner
>that moment when a boy who never use makeup is prettier more your entire existence
>On my best day, this dude looks better as a lady than me & I'm a woman!
>God this is so fucking not fair he looks sooo much prettier than me even without makeup
>He's already pretty without make-up…even prettier than myself ahaha sigh

The Entire comment section is filled with teen girls and some young adult women literally debasing themselves, saying how ugly they are compared to this superior male crossdresser

No. 1272996

You just put into words a phenomenon I was just thinking about! An old acquaintance of mine trooned out (and is a ‘lesbian’, of course) and ever since then, the comments on his photos is just his female friends saying “You’re so beautiful it’s not fairrrr” when it’s obvious that nobody would actually feel jealous of the way this person looks.

No. 1273001

File: 1625675060102.gif (474.03 KB, 500x500, 9e57fc1a8737783593046278b2832d…)

I have told men that some women socialize on another playing field that is beyond just what we say. If I had to bet that girl pities how that guy. Troons have egos so high they think they look like better women not realizing the comments they get from women is because of pity and that they don't look good. Sure there are a few handmaidens but that is it.

Reminds me of this scene but with troons

No. 1273016

The women do this will pile the same cloying praise onto troons who look like Danny Devito in drag. It's all fake.

But even normal men are bad at recognizing when a woman is simply humoring them. Troons, being even more deficient in this regard, are totally unable to tell.

No. 1273025

File: 1625677540888.jpg (211.19 KB, 1908x1146, bundchen sisters.jpg)

>Women don't naturally have a low body fat percentage, we aren't made to be thin.
A healthy body fat percentage for women is 18-25%, which is still thin. This level of body fat on women is considered attractive in all cultures.
>Our faces are soft, we don't have strong features.
Which is considered ideal in all cultures. Women don't go out for jaw and chin implants, and contouring is a gay male invention that actively makes women less attractive.
>We have fat on our lower abdomen
Not abnormal, considered attractive if the woman is of healthy weight.
>and cellulite even when we are underweight.
Has only been an issue for the past 10 years, and even then no one really cares about it.
>Most women aren't tall.
Shorter women are considered cuter/more attractive, and not just by manlets.

Your issue isn't with the female beauty ideal, it's with the kind of women gay men choose to model their ugly clothing- who are chosen, specificially, because they look more like men than the average woman. No one thinks tall women with boy bodies and lantern jaws are the peak of female beauty.

Consider picrel- pick anyone off the street, woman or man, and ask them which Bundchen sister is better looking. Sage for OT.

No. 1273027

I felt this way when I was younger, it was peak self-loathing and because I wasn't looking at the real world with my own two eyes. Fashion magazines started fucking women up in the eighties. Nobody calls out gay men in the fashion and fashion magazine industry for the fact that they hate the female figure. More and more shitty American magazines are shoving emaciated "androgynous" male models into the female fashion editorials now. It's not "groundbreaking", that's the same look they were replicating with anorexic 16 year old girls.

No. 1273031

No. 1273038

Stop posting TikTok links. It could dox people.

No. 1273039

crazy how even more "rectangular" women have unmistakably female proportions compared to troons

No. 1273044

all I can focus on are his awful rat teeth

No. 1273045

File: 1625680188355.png (27.95 KB, 738x211, whatttt.PNG)

This is such a man's take on being a woman. The whole wall incel take just screams "I am not a biological woman"

No. 1273048

40 years as a "woman" and he still sees himself from a male perspective

No. 1273055

I finally get why he looks so much more male in the after pictures: his wider jaw was offsetting his thick neck. Now that that's gone, he has football player neck-to-face proportions.
God they really destroyed his jawline and basically gave him a double chin from the side. This would be tragic if it wasn't self-inflicted.

No. 1273056

I only know one woman over 60 who gives a single shit about what men think of her. Most start losing the ability in their thirties.

No. 1273062

Yeah idk if it’s just me but I think your username is shown at the top of the page when this link is opened. Might be best not to post tiktok links or make sure they’re anonymized first somehow. Stay safe anons.

No. 1273092

>A healthy body fat percentage for women is 18-25%, which is still thin. This level of body fat on women is considered attractive in all cultures.
I forgot that this website is full of burgers. Of course I'm not praising obesity.
>gay male
Nonny, you do realize that female beauty ideal were created by men who aren't all gay?

I'm so sorry for you if you took my reply personally, it wasn't a critic.

No. 1273093

Yes it also sends a notif to the person who created the link saying that X opened it. An anon posted receipts like two or three threads ago.

No. 1273101

File: 1625687381262.jpeg (189.36 KB, 491x543, 6469B78F-F32C-48F1-9D59-49CD9D…)

appreciate the tip, anons. here’s a screenshot of what I was referencing. this pic kinda reminds me of Shayna tbh

No. 1273103

He is prettier than me though because the woman knows how to do makeup and style him so yeah they shouldn't be complimenting him, it's not his work and it isn't his real appearance… Beauty standards are kinda artifical and about competing so of course men decided to join in and "compete" too, it's all just harmful to women in the end

No. 1273110

I think they both look equally good, left has a nice face and looks healthy, right has a more typical feminine body and also pretty. What am I supposed to be thinking about it?

No. 1273112

Tiktok is such a privacy nightmare.

No. 1273114

As a lesbian I find them both equally attractive, what am I meant to think?

No. 1273116

for a split second i really did think it was shayna KEK

No. 1273122

>because they look more like men than the average woman
This is retarded. Go touch some grass anon.

No. 1273133

Hi my fellow womyn. How are you all finding living without a job or income now that we have devoted all our time to sperging over interwebs posts?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1273134

They all make shitty and violent music

No. 1273135

Because he'll be forever a male

No. 1273146

The first 30 seconds was palatable, but jesus christ I was not expecting the audio equivalent to a train wreck after that. Why do men always feel the need to scream/growl in their works? Its so embarrassingly common.

No. 1273159

This is a fakeboi

No. 1273169


I think she looks fine.

No. 1273173

Nobody cares, jesus christ. This is literal /tv/ scrote level sperging about female bodies.

No. 1273197

reminds me exactly of /tv/

No. 1273199

Models having more masculine traits than the average women because gay men pick them out specifically for those features has been noticed for decades, nonnie.

Obviously they both look great, but Gisele fits the manufactured female beauty type the anon I was replying to was talking about(held by gay men) while her sister fits classic female beauty standards more(held by everyone else). Looking more like a man =/= literally looking like a man. You'd have to be insane to think Gisele looks like a troon, despite her less classically feminine looks.


No. 1273231

File: 1625702015714.jpeg (1.13 MB, 3072x2487, 2CCC4BA0-10B5-4F71-9C6F-C353EF…)

God forbid you observe that a troon is physically bigger than a real woman. Don’t dare mention it again or you might trigger the big tall tranny!!

No. 1273251

Aren't these the same people that claim black women are basically men, and the same as trans women? Lol pics like that one must make them seethe

No. 1273268

This seems like a mistake. It's pretty normal for cis women to have height differences like that and no one cares about mentioning it. This reaction is just Streisanding the reason for the difference. For you to know that you can't mention the height difference, you have to know one of them is trans which means always having to out them.

It also reminds me of the similar height difference insecurity of manlets.

No. 1273276

holy shit the homestuck tattoo.

No. 1273286

File: 1625709113233.png (37.54 KB, 714x253, Untitled.png)


sure am glad this stupid troon got their internet teeth knocked out. i read a couple of paragraphs of their shitty story, got to a part where they described their cockpit as a "clitoral hood" and stopped. nice to see i missed nothing. troons really can't do anything but break women down to body parts they obsess over and fetishize. they cannot form thoughts beyond the desire for boobs and vaginas. and of course this is a "sci fi writer" and the main character is a lesbian korean woman or something.

No. 1273295

File: 1625710730501.jpeg (94.22 KB, 740x740, 285444A9-D0B8-492D-ACE1-7C6B46…)

>obviously the trans girl will be taller
And why may that be?

No. 1273300

Yes they are, they screech even louder when a black woman expresses radfem views because they think they should be de facto allies

No. 1273303

lol that's funny when contra has cellulite

No. 1273321

File: 1625713468054.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1226, CD42F003-EDDB-4188-AF02-7611C7…)

Poor Cluam. Went all the way to Korea for surgery, believing the Korean surgeon hype… neglecting the fact that they have little experience witt Caucasian features. Should’ve gone to Russia. Or, better yet, shouldn’t have ever touched your conventionally attractive male face and pursued modeling.

No. 1273323

File: 1625713611997.png (399.76 KB, 525x417, thotpiece.PNG)

The Homestuck fandom to trans pipeline is real and no one can tell me otherwise kek.

This cow has so much milk on Twitter it is ridiculous. Imagine having FFS surgery done to look like a "doll" and still having such an unfortunate appearance.

No. 1273332

Exactly, if two natal women had this height difference people would bring it up. Demanding people not mention it to avoid dysphoria means you're demanding to be treated differently from a regular woman. Like come on, the original tweet didn't even say anything bad.

No. 1273334

because they have big feet

No. 1273344

Used to watch the dude, he made a "Why I'm Detransitioning" video, but guess mental illness took its toll. He does have a conventionally attractive male face.

No. 1273347

less than 200 views kek

No. 1273366

File: 1625720542934.jpeg (127.37 KB, 1171x544, E0A1FA6C-56E5-4A0D-801A-33CC3D…)

No. 1273367

They’re not even pretending it’s not a get out of jail free card.

No. 1273370

Disgusting. Though I'm absolutely tickled pink by how obviously masculine Colin looks in his profile pic. The years haven't been kind to him, and will no doubt get even worse!

No. 1273373

Kek maybe that's why men invented the concept of "the wall." They're mad that women in their thirties are less likely to care about scrotes' opinions.

No. 1273375

Pardon my autism, but I think I've figured out why handmaidens stay in abusive relationships with troons. It's not just that they're being emotionally blackmailed with suicide-bait (though that's certainly a factor.) These women get an ego boost from helping the poor, beleaguered troons. They think dating/marrying a troon makes them look righteous and woke. They're narcissists with martyr complexes– they suffer through all this nonsense on purpose because they believe self-abuse ennobles them.

I realized this recently because of something a coworker said. She's in a flagrantly unhealthy relationship with a troon to the point that she's told us she often considers cheating on him. All she does is complain about how he treats her like shit and uses dysphoria and HRT as excuses. But the second someone brings up LGBT stuff, she brags about how she's ~madly in love with a trans woman~. Bitch, you're not ~in love~ with him, you're in love with the virtue-clout being seen with him gives you.

No. 1273377

I always laugh so hard at that because white men look like neanderthals even when they are HSTS. They think transitioning will turn them into white women. Historically and today, white women have been the standard of beauty at least in the West. You get the idea. They either put their “I’m a white woman” costume on and act holier than thou at all women, but WOC in particular. If they feel like it, they will co-opt WOC’s oppression to grift even more, a la Philosophy Tube.

No. 1273384

>Shorter women are considered cuter/more attractive
have you ever seen a model, anon? Your whole post is retarded tbh.

No. 1273390

NTA but that is very obviously true. The vast majority of men prefer girls that are shorter and lighter than them cause it makes them feel big and strong. Men are just as obsessed,if not more with the big man/petit woman match as women are. Obviously men will also date tall supermodels cause they are hot, but offer any man the choice between a short super hot woman and a tall super hot woman and most will pick short.

No. 1273398

>reddit spacing

No. 1273401

File: 1625737663003.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1493x2388, 98CEC543-9F77-484B-B024-943404…)

Off topic but I’m livid. Holy clothing was an epic site but now it’s full of troons and the handmaids in the comments is unfuckingbelievable!!
I have never seen so many women comment about how these men should dress them and how hot they are!
Yeh you’re getting a photo of a screen because I can’t find this ad on their page on my phone. I have found some Aussie troon name Pauli

No. 1273404

File: 1625737928217.jpeg (421.03 KB, 1284x1788, 12B4027A-4D73-4D4E-9349-6C15F6…)

And paul from Australia. The comments from other women… But hey, I guess it works for businesses these days, especially when they’re using Indians to make your clothes

No. 1273406

I just thought he was a gay male crossdresser doing a bit

No. 1273409

you forgot to block your pfp on the bottom anon

No. 1273410

File: 1625738775984.png (2.44 MB, 2308x1376, albi.png)

incel > trancel pipeline once again proven to be correct

No. 1273416

Pls let me rant a bit.
Here a book publisher prints a 'manga preview' to cover all upcoming manga in their house. So far there are FOUR Troon-Mtf-Manga in there and I literally want to puke.
One is about a 'genderless boyfriend' (read lesbo couple), the other is about an MtF and his surgery to make him an ~uwu quuute anime waifu~, the other is about a world where people are born with no sex and have to decide at 12 what they want (protagonist is a gnc girl) and the fourth is about an MtF putting on his sister's dress and figuring out he is A WAMYN.

I'm so glad the worldisgoing to shreds in 9 years if we don't manage to stop climate change.

No. 1273418

The people who invented traps, schoolgirl tentacle rape, shota and lolicon are degenerate? Say it ain't so! Manga has always been full of fetish shit for coomers.

No. 1273419

It's interesting how we disproportionately hype up men who come into our typically feminine hobbies while men mock and alienate women who are into theirs.
I wonder if subconsciously we've internalized the idea of women being inferior, so when a man sews or does makeup or something it's like "wow this superior creature had the grace of lowering himself to our level, we must revere him" while when a woman plays a video game it's "this dumb bitch doesn't know her place is below us, not competing with us". Even though playing a video game isn't inherently more difficult or impressive than sewing a dress

No. 1273425

File: 1625742098431.png (903.94 KB, 1422x677, Screenshot (133).png)

True, look at the Youtube beauty community, disproportionately has TIMs, Drag Queen and Gay men as the top content creators

No. 1273432

File: 1625743277233.jpeg (151.94 KB, 1280x720, 8F481E9B-D8AC-4882-828C-CB2E1F…)

You cannot tell me that the bottom three aren't the same person.

Also how fucking bleak that there's only one actual female in that lineup…

No. 1273433

>the other is about a world where people are born with no sex and have to decide at 12 what they want (protagonist is a gnc girl)
simoun basically

No. 1273436

Why are all these troons' hair so fucked up? Is it the hormones?

No. 1273439

they're male, they cant do hygiene

No. 1273440

Men don't know how to take care of themselves.

No. 1273447

It’s bait

No. 1273449

he still gives me “where my hug at” guy vibes

No. 1273452

Troons will do anything to be a hot bimbo except for learning how to take care of their fucker hair or putting eyeliner on without that huge fucking gap between the line and the lashes.

Those are rat tail looking ends

No. 1273455

But I feel like I've seen people pre-transition (FtM too, iirc) who have more normal-looking hair but then once they transition it turns into this greasy sectioned rat-tail mess

No. 1273460

Sounds like shit. I remember a friend recommending me a short shojo manga about a girl and her childhood friend starting high school, and the male childhood friend goes to school with a girl's uniform and comes out as being a kawaii uguu shy transgirl and the story is all about how the main characters becomes the guys' biggest handmaiden. I wish I remembered the title but just seeing the first pages was too much for me. In one of the previous FTM thread an anon posted a short manga about some insecure girl with big tits transitioning because of various traumatizing happening to her and it's presented as a good thing too.

No. 1273461

Maybe the cross sex hormones combined with worsening of mental health that leads to taking less care of yourself.

No. 1273464

weirdly he looks more masculine after trooning out, what's up with that ?

No. 1273474

Work on your reading comprehension. The entire point of my post is that models do not represent the female beauty standards held by the vast majority of people, which is why they're so different from the average woman.

No. 1273476

File: 1625754085838.jpg (32.65 KB, 570x319, 19BIU2q01.jpg)

>Female beautytubers back in the day
>Had budget-friendly looks that any teenage girl(majority of the audience) could afford, not too many brushes/applicators
>Had interesting ideas that were genuinely beautiful and creative
>Were funny, warm, approachable
>Different looks for all occasions, never too much makeup or any emphasis on hiding your features

>Male beautytubers now

>Each looks can run for hundreds of dollars due to the sheer amount of product/brushes/applicators needed to achieve it
>All have the same blow up doll/drag queen look, no creativity to the design
>Are always embroiled in some sort of controversy
>Each looks requires you to paint another face on top of your face, not flatter your natureal features

I don't even care about makeup, but it's still depressing to know that girls have to deal with this nowadays. Their entire concept of female beauty is being shaped by gay men in wigs.

No. 1273480

>Each looks can run for hundreds of dollars due to the sheer amount of product/brushes/applicators needed to achieve it

now you know why they are promoted in the media. they sell more makeup than females who are on a budget

No. 1273488

>while when a woman plays a video game it's "this dumb bitch doesn't know her place is below us, not competing with us".
I've played video games incl. multiplayer & across genres and I actually have never seen this happen as you're putting it.

No. 1273497

His poor attempt at femininity accentuate his masculine features

No. 1273501

They both look great, they just have different body types. Stop nitpicking/sperging over beauty standards and pitting healthy women against each other, that’s scrote energy.

No. 1273515

File: 1625761636793.png (13.27 KB, 821x160, glassescalator.png)

Basically just the glass escalator.

No. 1273523

I hate this kind of makeup anyway. Let the faggots have it.

No. 1273539

Consider yourself lucky and absolutely in the minority then, anon. >>1273419 is 100% the reality.

No. 1273541

Women coddle any man who enters a female-dominated profession or hobby, and will lavish them with praise for even the most mediocre of works. See: the greasy middle aged troon who got hundreds of thousands of updoots for smearing blue eyeshadow over his eyelids unevenly and thousands of comments fawning over him, while women who pulled off professional-level looks got next to no attention.

And the best part is that men use this as proof of their superiority. They genuinely don't understand that their mediocrity is treated as competence because they're a man, and actually do think that their sloppy blue eyeshadow looks better than the beautiful looks made by actual women. They don't appreciate anything we do for them, not even a little.

No. 1273545

Geez anon this story is both hilarious and sad at the same time. Maybe she’ll snap out of it and leave him once he hits her with a bloody dialator after his dick chop (idk if you’ve seen screenshots from the Reddit thread where a woman described that happening. She has since left her troon wife but not before getting an infection from licking his rotten snatch).

No. 1273552

File: 1625765997674.jpg (31.71 KB, 500x375, iuL0P6NUK2.jpg)

I think it's more that we are innately drawn to men who have a lower chance of raping and dismembering us: a man doing anything seen as gentle and sensitive is non-threatening and thus revered.
Men sexualize and disrespect female interest in "male" interests (even mentioning a game will be met with scorn from males, they infantalize us and consider mashing buttons a skill only possible for a male to master, I say this as someone who grew up playing videogames, but never mention it for these reasons)
Combined with how men colonize female professions (accounting, programming, even mortuary work were all female professions before men realised there was $$$ in it and drove the women out)
So it's the Glass Escalator plus other reasons.

No. 1273553

I disagree on some parts, there is a distinction between men women find attractive and perceived non-threatening males, while gay best friends are seen as a desirable accessory no woman would said men if they were even straight

No. 1273558

File: 1625766578132.jpg (29.25 KB, 318x452, 53190328.jpg)

I know the one. It's called 'I Wanna Be Your Girl' by Umi Takase. A tranny recommended it to me before I peaked, saying it was "a good representation of how allies should act" and about "a wholesome relationship between a cis and trans lesbian," but it's actually horiffic to read. The "cis" girl is clearly hetero and has had a crush on the guy since they were kids, and she supports him 100%, even when the trooning out clearly has negative impact on her, psychologically. She obsesses over trying to validate him to the point of other characters notice, and tries to troon out herself at one point. It's literally a major plot point, which doesn't really get resolved, that she doesn't have a sense of self, outside loving the guy and doing everything for him, even when he basically instantly throws her away at his convenience. He does this once when he gets feelings for a man, which he admits he only has because he thinks dating a guy would make him feel more "womanly," who turns out to prefer FMC. None of this is framed as nearly as insidious as it should be, and the male lead is framed as completely good and commendable.

No. 1273559

>"a good representation of how allies should act"
>she doesn't have a sense of self
>outside loving the guy and doing everything for him
telling a lot

No. 1273569

You forgot that beauty gurus on youtube create looks that only look good on camera and in some angles, irl it looks like absolute shit, like they're covered in dried plaster.

Yes that's the one. I couldn't even keep reading after the first chapter because of how terrible it was, it felt like I was reading one of these old fake tumblr posts that definitely, absolutely happened. If you read the whole thing, how does it end?

No. 1273571

I didn't read the whole thing. I think it might still be ongoing? This was awhile ago, though. They introduced a few new characters. There's a guy who dresses as a girl sometimes but isn't trans, a lesbian, and a girl who obsesses over cute things (who is obsessed with the troon). It feels like an American wrote it, with how specifically it caters to Western "woke" culture. If there's any anons who enjoy hate-reading things, though, this is a goldmine.

No. 1273574

oh I have

No. 1273578

I still think it's a waste the author made the troon this cute, just stick with your birth sex even if you're fictional dammit

No. 1273581

i kind of want to hate read/skim this lol. manganons, are there any other examples of cringe tranny manga?

No. 1273587

Probably "Love me for who I am" although it's about a non binary trap, but the logic is just as retarded with some sidekick troons.

No. 1273589

I got this ad too, anon. Imagine having a balding wrinkled man wearing a dress as your first picture, overshadowing the beautiful models who clearly put effort into the scene, their makeup and hair. It doesn't even look good on him. All men have to do is wear a dress to be applauded by brainwashed handmaidens

No. 1273596

File: 1625770598533.jpeg (118.98 KB, 1067x1039, E5wIO2sXEAUyDlr.jpeg)

lol so now trannies are smarter than cis women and cis men. sure, man.

No. 1273598

Wouldn't be surprised if a westboo wrote it then. Pretty sure that in Japan TIMs are grouped with gay and bi guys, and TIFs are grouped with lesbians and bi women. I remember when covid started and I was in Japan, the big lesbian bar in Shinjuku was closed, the one where an old American transbian was offended he wasn't allowed in and the bar had to publicly apologize, I think the name is Goldfinger, but they planned a few live streams on ig. I went there and it was a live stream with mostly TIFs just chilling and eating. I imagine in the West it would have been a night centered around transbians instead.

No. 1273605

I think this technically may BE ACTUALLY true, as a lot of TIMs are from academic circles

No. 1273613

it's the autism

No. 1273619

I remember seeing some study on /tttt/ years ago that claimed the average transbian and gayden IQ was 120, while the average gay TIM/lesbian TIF IQ was 108. Though this was on 4chan, so take it with a grain of salt.

No. 1273625

lol I guess it was him specifically mentioning "trans women" rather than all "trans people" that me want to a-log. Autism makes sense but I also can't but think it's all the perverts in academia confirming their own biases.

No. 1273639

that's just because they're mostly white, rich males anon

No. 1273647

But aren't most TIMs HSST and from poor white, Hispanic and Black Communities

No. 1273651

this was true around 2000, which is where a bunch of commonly cited stats on trans shit come from. This is now far from the case, though

No. 1273666

I encourage everyone to go out of their way to never click this shit, and only promote and give views to actual female youtuber users. It's thankless and pointless to worship dick. You prop them up, they will take a big shit over you and your entire hobbies and not even give a fuck. Men are just as catty as women, and even more aggressive. I'm dodging videos by this one fat white sad fag who does nothing but race bait and libel companies and individual artists in his continuing quest to get more than 500 views per video, and most of the people supporting this worthless dipshit are female.

No. 1273697

File: 1625782209977.jpg (Spoiler Image, 924.2 KB, 1080x1704, Screenshot_20210708-154512_Her…)

Can these faggots stay tf off lesbian dating apps to push their fetish. Go use grindr.

No. 1273721

It’s a drawing, anon.

No. 1273724

File: 1625786651318.jpeg (155.9 KB, 1024x864, 5C7A320E-FF6D-45AC-A6F7-5B3B7F…)

bitch what the FUCK

No. 1273737

Gifted children are more likely to be gender nonconforming and gender nonconforming people are more likely to transition.

No. 1273747

it's truly a shame that dating apps don't allow a "don't see trans people" option bc they'd get boycotted to death, but also troons would just end up not selecting themselves as trans and designate themselves "female" anyway

No. 1273762

File: 1625789674402.jpeg (434.79 KB, 1192x2773, 6558DD8B-2581-450E-ACFA-787F07…)

Troons are degenerates

No. 1273778

This sort of shit is the reason I don't use dating apps. It's unavoidable and it grosses me the fuck out. Have they ever heard of nonconsenting parties?

No. 1273784

the fuck are you on, trannys are almost always jobless begging losers.

No. 1273825

ntayrt but to me it's always seemed like troons cosplay poverty. i really think someone is helping a lot of them, most likely their parents. truly desperate people don't have the time to sit around and do nothing, they are trying to feed and house themselves. only people with the privilege to know they'll be ok (people w/ a safety net) can afford to e-beg.

i know this isn't "rich" (although a lot of troons are either pmc themelves or bored middle-upper middle class kids with too much free time) but it's not destitution. at least not in the way they claim on their go fund mes. think about it, if you're truly struggling to feed yourself the last thing on your mind is gonna be getting surgery to shave your adam's apple.

No. 1273829

File: 1625802351538.png (196.62 KB, 1080x1101, IMG_20210709_053352.png)

what does this mean

No. 1273834

oh good the mtf will come out as mtft(ftm)

No. 1273835

I swear some anon predicted earlier that mtfs would start larping as fujoshis to mimic women further.

No. 1273836

They're mostly middle class especially AGPs (the poor who are prostitutes are HSTS) and there are actually some wealthy influential MTFs… as opposed to FTMs, wonder why that issss……

No. 1273837

Please no, fujoshit is the last safe haven from TIMs.

No. 1273863

yeah, lots of murderers have high iq too, nothing to brag about. high iq means nothing when you are socially retarded

No. 1273865

>Fresh n' fertile, frail n' fragile
What the Fuck

No. 1273869

File: 1625811630987.png (42.81 KB, 577x388, Screenshot 2021-07-08 231829.p…)

hello fellow warriors against anti-black bigotry how are we doing today?

No. 1273875

File: 1625813441166.png (1.28 MB, 2051x600, 4A9ADE53-9D29-40C5-B772-08AF7D…)

At least remove the face app logo. Yes women can’t wait to SA you. Such a delicate little flower you are in need of protection.

No. 1273880

well duh, most privileged male autists are gonna at least score decently on an IQ test, it's like the ONE thing they've got going for them. He doesn't know he's just proving us right kek

imo autists of both genders should be banned from transitioning, and i say this as a literal autist

No. 1273881

File: 1625815154624.png (118.18 KB, 745x693, stupid shit.PNG)

The people trying to force the idea that being a terf makes you a white supremacist are so fucking stupid.

No. 1273882

jesus thats some big ass brainrot right there

No. 1273886

Funny thing is terfs weren't even real, it was a slur troons made up for women who disagreed with them. If they hadn't kept spitting out "terfs this and terfs that" every day the women wouldn't have had any way of knowing other women like them who see through troon bs exist. They literally created "terfs" and keep making the group bigger

No. 1273895

Really shows their hate for women when they focus SO MUCH on "terfs" aka radical feminists which usually are women, when all their hated "terfs" do is make arguments against them… I don't see them having this type of energy for straight people or gay men that are against them for various reasons. Or MEN who are ACTUALLY murdering them. They certainly can't claim that the men that hatecrime them on the streets or in the sheets are radical feminists.

No. 1273908

Yeah a lot of trannies are trust fund babies who leech off their rich parents or wealthy SOs. They might have broken and non-existent careers and do nothing but shit around at home watching porn but I've never seen a terminally online troon who was actually broke and living in poverty.

>only people with the privilege to know they'll be ok (people w/ a safety net) can afford to e-beg.

Agree. E-begging is an extremely fickle source of income and seeing how the money they get from it goes into luxury surgeries or items is telling enough.

No. 1273915

File: 1625822515481.jpg (30.17 KB, 640x520, oj2q3oc0jn721.jpg)

It's not just their hatred for women (though obviously that is significant), it's that terf rhetoric is a legitimate threat to their idealogy. Men who murder crossdressing prostitutes in brazil don't bother them, white middle class AGPs are perfectly safe and they love to inflate murder statistics for sympathy and clout. But it doesn't take much to peak someone who is willing to read terfposting with an open mind. Transgenderism is a house of cards, it's so easy to dismantle on both a logical and ethical level. They constantly silence dissenters and tell TRAs to block and stay safe!! because cults need to keep their followers ignorant.

No. 1273928

They'd probably say that terfs and anyone else who makes arguments against them rationalize this hatred and give the green light to actual violent people or something

No. 1273929

one woman. In a 'community' representing an art form that was female expression, born out of lookism and misogyny. Just how men took over gastronomy and made it an 'art'… Can't have shit in Detroit.

No. 1273935

File: 1625829289544.jpg (168.24 KB, 739x739, Workshop Stephen West - 3.jpg)

Reminds me of Stephen West and his shitty "artsy" knitting designs. Ugly, basic patterns, encourages use of garish colours - only celebrated because he's a gay man.

No. 1273938

Right, because we all know that moids who pick up tranny prostitutes and kill them do so because all the radfem bloggers they follow told them to. They used to be totally non-violent men until they read too much second wave feminist theory, and now they have the sudden urge to kill troons. Ask any violent man his favorite reading material and he’s sure to say the SCUM manifesto, the writing of Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, bell hooks, and Dworkin. Moids just can’t get enough of that shit.

No. 1273942

We need to stop paying attention to faggots, and we especially need to stop befriending them.

No. 1273954

who would want to touch that thing ?

No. 1273957

Yes fags are still men. Even some so called radfems will call you homophobic if you dare point out that gay men are just as degenerate as straight men

No. 1273962

sage for wildly off topic but if i have to see his uglyass slipstravaganza pattern shilled on ravelry one more fucking time i will go on a rampage

No. 1273964

And I always wondered if TIMs are such true and honest women, why we never see a single one of them in female dominated spaces like fujoshi fandoms. You just never see them in typical spaces a nerdy young woman would be, it's almost like they had male socialization or something. kek

No. 1273970

File: 1625836783259.jpg (176.06 KB, 716x1152, fart noises.jpg)

i didn't even need the "trans" tags to see which of these comments were troons

was posted in "actuallesbians"

No. 1273972

glad to know i'm a supremacist of a race that isn't mine. thanks for mansplaining it for me

No. 1273973

>TRAs: terves are white supremacists!!
>also TRAs: black women are basically men

>They certainly can't claim that the men that hatecrime them on the streets or in the sheets are radical feminists.
The terves made them do it. Either by implanting violent thoughts in their minds or by refusing to fuck men who fuck troons. Women are always responsible for male violence, even male-on-male violence. Also crop failures, diseased livestock, that weird rash on your ass etc. One turned me into a newt.

What is it with the fibercrafts community and virtue signalling? Even the conservative old ladies I know fall all over themselves to put mediocre men on a pedestal, especially when one of them publishes an overpriced book full of old recycled (or downright plagiarised) patterns. Wow, a pillowcase made from granny squares. Groundbreaking.

No. 1273976

This is the best website and you are wonderful for posting this, oh my god. His work is horrific and ugly

No. 1273980

>Jennifer Check
He wishes he could be Megan Fox

No. 1274009

>Even some so called radfems will call you homophobic if you dare point out that gay men are just as degenerate as straight men
What are you talking about? Radfems talk all the time about NO MEN can be trusted. I’m not going to sperg out and explain it here in paragraphs, but please learn what radfems are actually saying. All men are misogynistic is radfem 101. No need to single out gay men as being any better or worse.
>Using anti-gay slurs in the MTF thread
We see what you’re doing, inserting homophobia into the MTF thread so that you can screenshot it, take it to Twitter, and be like “see?? terves are so homophobic!!” Nice try.

No. 1274013

Yeah so gays and troons attack the thread basically
Troons are known to cry everywhere until someone does their betting and gay men are still men just like troons
angry mob

No. 1274015

File: 1625847482018.jpeg (828.83 KB, 1174x1561, 15936E6E-1092-4B6A-9CB6-E2F5D8…)

No. 1274018

>troons would just end up not selecting themselves as trans and designate themselves "female" anyway
they already do that. at least where i'm from.

most of the time they think they're stealth too, and 'come out' at the bottom of the bio. it's so weird that they can't tell everybody knows just from looking at them.

No. 1274022

Please, don’t give them ideas.

No. 1274024

God, if only men would actually go to these freaks instead of abusing real women.

No. 1274033

File: 1625848780459.jpg (75.9 KB, 640x771, s5qlmkmmd4771.jpg)

Just assume that reddit is full of handmaidens and troons
Here is another from that place

No. 1274035

Someone saying FAGGOT on an image board isn't that deep.

No. 1274038

Perfect next thread pic imo

No. 1274040

File: 1625849241736.jpeg (129.5 KB, 1176x1108, 41377595-D83D-4D83-ADC2-8D9D1B…)


No. 1274054

This just shows how they think exactly like regular moids by assuming that any woman who is just trying to be nice is actually flirting with them lmao. Women know thay the point of a compliment is to make the other person feel good especially if they just expressed an insecurity, but of course a dick for brains male would interpret that as a sexual come on.

No. 1274056

Stfu you’re the one who’s probably the fucking Twitter migrant. There’s nothing homophobic about calling a faggot, a faggot. None of us here are truthfully invested in what Twitter thinks because those useless fucks can’t do anything; can’t smear our reputations cos anon, can’t get us shut down, can’t brigade and bully us, etc so if you are concerned about Twitter and what they think, kindly fuck off back there.

No. 1274075

If gay guys won't stop using the words bitch, cunt, fishy, etc. and skin walking their fag hag friends and favorite female celebrities why can't we call them faggots once in a while on an image board? It's not that serious.

No. 1274092

You nailed it, anon. Women apparently aren't just kind and mindful, we want to fuck every person we compliment. Scrotes forget we aren't controlled by balls.

No. 1274093

And yet here you are defending fags

No. 1274098

File: 1625855548302.png (666.27 KB, 1640x939, common enemy.png)

This is your brain on coom. Holy shit.

No. 1274113

Massively belated reply, but lollll yes. everyone's rending their garments over poor lil isabel fall and it's like……it's genuinely fucking hilarious to see the criticism the story was met with portrayed in that Vox article as vicious, dangerous, and unhinged, while Isabel Fall being all "internet backlash killed my inner uwu girl soul" is treated as serious. Like, I didn't keep up on the drama when it was happening, it seems like most of the critics were tras or trans, I don't think they were going at it as radfems or anything, but I'd bet money that at least some of the discomfort experienced by female critics was them noticing how creepy and male the story is, even if they wouldn't phrase it that way. The way words on a screen make them feel isn't valid, but the way it makes some horny nerd dude feel does. okay.

No. 1274122

Keep lumping everyone who doesn't suck tranny cock together into one big "evil" and then be surprised when they start thinking "you know what, we DO have a common enemy, it's trannies, we should consider working together". I am sure that calling everyone who doesn't accept you a LITURALLY NAZI will work out in your favor and not alienate absolutely everyone who is on your side. I can't wait until libshits wake up and see what they have enabled by being empathetic and social to these people. Trannies will create more radical rightwingers and conservatives than any rightwing politican ever could.

No. 1274128

>Radfems talk all the time about NO MEN can be trusted.

If that were true, Blanchard's typology and the whole "poor and harmless HSTSs x degenerate rapey AGPs" discourse that accompanies it wouldn't be so popular among them. Hell, even Solanas in her fucking SCUM Manifesto was fooled by the "non-threatening gay" myth.

No. 1274138

Kek go criticise anything gay men do and their misogynistic culture and some radfem will come out of the wood works defending them and "m-muh homophobia and gay solidarity!!!1!1" as if gay men wouldn't put lesbians under the bus in a heartbeat if straight men would fuck them (which is funny, because that's exactly what HSTS did with TWAW)

No. 1274139

"-fag" is part of imageboard culture, newfag. It's not a fucking psyop by troons to make this thread look homophobic.

No. 1274200

why are troons this disgusting

No. 1274224

>And I always wondered if TIMs are such true and honest women, why we never see a single one of them in female dominated spaces like fujoshi fandoms.
Hypothetically if they did, they'd coom so much to anime boys to the point they will want to be male again, completing the coomer to tranny loop full circle.

No. 1274229

It's so weird hearing ravelry and fiber arts stuffs mentioned here! I super agree though. It's fucking bizarre and I'm glad they updated the news update on the front page finally. I'm so glad I don't have to look at "cassidy" anymore.

No. 1274254

File: 1625871278553.jpg (219.95 KB, 2000x1000, target-fashion.jpg)

Women bought the hype that gays are nice and all have great taste. Now we are all stuck with catty flamers and guys with absolute shit taste elevated and revered. I don't know whether the gay clowns who make clown clothes are worse, or the troons who try to dress up as a street corner whore circa 1995.

No. 1274269

based cissies

No. 1274277

File: 1625873610791.png (7.81 KB, 754x94, Untitled.png)

i like to upset trannies by posting stuff like this here. have fun reading the replies!

No. 1274290

File: 1625875266046.jpg (502.48 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210709-200050_Ins…)

Another one

No. 1274295


Didn't the spa stick up for the tranny? So they're protesting at a site that supported trans people, running off their clientele? That's hilarious.

How scary to go counter-protest against unhinged men cosplaying as women. We know how much they fantasize about harming/raping terfs.

No. 1274302

File: 1625877382744.jpg (566.72 KB, 1073x1399, SmartSelect_20210709-203323_Re…)

I actually want to vomit

No. 1274304

No. 1274309

The crytyping really sells the "desperate male trying to garner sympathy without actually having any intent of suicide" energy.

No. 1274333

File: 1625882910878.png (247.52 KB, 993x681, ravtroonmod.PNG)

It totally made sense to see that 'Cassidy' is a troon after hearing about the threats and major sperg out he threw last summer when the Ravelry redesign launched and people had accessibility issues.

No. 1274342

Lmao I’ve been wanting to post this troon for a while. He threw a fit after the accessibility thing (which he left other people to deal with) and claimed he would step back from the site, only to come back to make those “queer art” pride posts on the home page. Including one where you could see a drawing of a buttplug.

No. 1274365

I swear I see this exact comment verbatim in every new thread

No. 1274370

Ah, I thought that was familiar

No. 1274372

File: 1625889112827.jpg (94.24 KB, 943x313, Screenshot_20210709-235202_Red…)

No. 1274375


No. 1274376

What’s a dread award?

No. 1274379

File: 1625889428256.jpg (114.41 KB, 1079x1161, Screenshot_20210709-235640_Red…)

you can earn points(?) or spend money to buy "awards", like little badges, to gift to people's posts on Reddit.

No. 1274382

I know that, but what do they mean about it? Is it that he invokes dread? thanks for telling me though sorry I’m a retard

No. 1274383

Man if he's lonely why didn't he stay a straight man instead of trying to force penis on the very few lesbians that exist out there. There are tons of straight women who put up with immensely shitty and selfish partners.

No. 1274388

so a man that wants his dick sucked without reciprocating…should've just stayed a straight man.

No. 1274393

File: 1625892804600.png (46.4 KB, 829x668, no god.png)

>i feel like I'll never be attractive or cute or pretty or wanted.
he won't be

No. 1274427

the opposite of ass pats

No. 1274445

Sure, Jan.

No. 1274471

Why would someone pay money to put a "sad" reaction on someone's post? And how does he know that person used the sticker with malicious intent? The person might have reacted that way because they're a lonely troon too kek

No. 1274479

Idk, don’t troons like to spend their money on stupid pointless shit?

No. 1274494

You sometimes get free reactions on the mobile app iirc so it could be that, also the transbians on r/al are absolutely obsessed with downvotes so it makes sense he'd immediately assume it's malicious intent and have to add an edit to his post lmao. Based if someone found another way to anonymously antagonise them.

No. 1274504

It’s such a gigantic red flag whenever anyone types like a retard as they ask for validation. He will never even happy and I’m glad.

No. 1274520

File: 1625922989106.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210710-091538_Ins…)

No. 1274522

Woman = adult human female. Case closed, cope and seethe, it's not some holistic group a man can join when he feels like it

No. 1274526

I truly feel like we're being erased. How did we get it so backwards? It should be "women and men can be whatever they want to be" not "the word woman means whatever you want it to"

No. 1274549

Did they remove the up/downvote function to save this moid from 51? I tried to downvote but it doesn't look like it when I refresh.

No. 1274551

File: 1625929031847.png (2.32 MB, 2162x1987, r:actuallesbians grooming.png)

The lesbian grooming on that sub is insane. Holy fuck.

No. 1274555

Bleak. A sub supposedly for lesbian women with 99% of the posts made for and by "transbians"

No. 1274559

File: 1625930661680.jpg (359.4 KB, 1597x1500, trannyception.jpg)

post on the bottom is by a tranny himself kek, though it looks like he might just be a troll since he also made a post about fucking a terf (which was unfortunately removed)

No. 1274560

What kind of lesbian is this that can't recognize a gaping hole from a real vagina. The comparison with herpes doesn't even make any sense kek

No. 1274567

it was a pre-op tranny who couldn't tell that OP is also mtf. pretty obvious this account is a troll but i wouldn't even be surprised if something like this has actually happened before

No. 1274572

kek genderists literally invented misogyny 2
>being a woman is a feeeling. Anyone who is lesser different from the manliest man can be part woman. You're not just a weak man, the submissive feminine and retarded emotional parts of you are just your woman side! ~feminism~

No. 1274582

so happy to see this posted here, it was hilarious to me how instantly clockable he is from a tiny tiny profile pic.

had no idea there were so many other ravelry-going anons, love you ladies so much

No. 1274604

bet those saying they would date trans are trans themselves … just saying there's no trans category for the respondents so we're just trusting these are cis people

No. 1274607

Kek, troll or not, I've heard legit trannies claim that women couldn't tell their stink ditches weren't the real thing. Even in the dark, the smell and lack of muscle control would be a dead giveaway that something was terribly wrong. Plus the hairballs and old dialator goop.

No. 1274612

File: 1625938325093.jpeg (592.38 KB, 1438x1646, 8AF88496-996B-4321-B99E-0CB9EA…)

I found this disgusting comment written by a “woman” that briefly mentions that they filmed a 13 year old with “cheerleader pussy” being raped on r/confessions. The story is likely fake but you still wonder who could write such a thing. Well I clicked on the profile to find that it’s not actually a woman which was predictable but of course he also refers to himself as a “trans woman”. Too predictable. He also frequents incest subreddits.

No. 1274618

This better not be someone's dad

No. 1274619

This shit's so fucking annoying because no one's calling "man" a "holistic concept" it's always about debating womanhood, belittling women, well eat my ass

No. 1274621

This is just fapfiction and he wrote it with his dick in his hand. Vomit.

No. 1274628

These pornsick black fetish hons need to be medicated. They are a menace to society.

No. 1274630

i can tell that a man typed this pseudo-intellectual nonsense

No. 1274633

Why am I not surprised that the group with the huge number of pedos is using Lisa Frank artwork, artwork used primarily on little girls stationary and clothing, to spread their troon propaganda?

No. 1274643

Disgusting nonce.

No. 1274657

>"I don't get how WLWs have a thing for older women"
Men are always men, through and through. Troons can't even pretend to not hate women.

No. 1274669

It’s disgusting they need to get their sex pest cooties off LF artwork

No. 1274676

File: 1625950809553.jpg (550.26 KB, 1080x985, Screenshot_20210710-165945_Tum…)

I hope all the laid ease itt are trying to unpack your cis privilege

No. 1274681

File: 1625952292031.jpg (402.72 KB, 1080x1008, Screenshot_20210710-172451_Red…)

No. 1274682

>My flaccid dick broken by synthetic hormones and porn addiction is a beautiful sapphic female dick and not at all a male body part! In fact, sucking it is just like eating a pussy!
the lengths they will go to with their mental gymnastics

No. 1274684

But why? I think one of the biggest reason people are turning on Troons is the dishonesty of it all.
"Women have penises, it's not the same as a normal penis, lesbians should date/fuck women with penises"
Just stop. A penis is a penis. You have a fucking dick, you getting ED doesn't mean that it's "Different" from a male penis because you are on horse piss.
Stop expecting people to play apart in the dumbest shit, we know thats a dick. It's funny because women are supposed to entertain this but when people see a man sucking dick, it doesn't matter if it's a troon dick or not, It's a dick.
I NEVER See troons trying to make their dicks seem "Different" when trying to get men. They only do this towards women.

No. 1274685

I used removeddit but I'm phoneposting and unable to get a very readable screenshot. here's the link: https://www.removeddit.com/r/MtF/comments/nnod0y/i_fd_a_terf_and_now_shes_spending_the_weekend/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

>Sooooo I usually post to encourage people that there's a lot of good things ahead as you go through your process. This is not one of those things. I don't really know what the fuck it is.

>I have a stealth account. Yes, I've slept with men, but it's been a while and I identify as gay more and more. So I'm on a lesbian sub and happened to hit it off with a local woman. Damn, I haven't been fucked like that in a while.

>Her comment history was sus, but I didn't care. She just went home to get an overnight bag and is going to spend a couple more nights at my place, go on real dates in the park and dinner. Like, u-haul by June is my guess.

>Obviously, I'm not disclosing to her. I have thought there have been partners who were worth disclosing to. I don't think I'm willing to take that chance with her. Just have a few more days of fun and then probably the slow fade.

>Honestly, I'm a little angry. Mostly at myself. Cis passing is a privilege but it's not a paradise. Queer spaces aren't a consolation prize. When I was seeing this NB person, and their friends, it was nice. I really should make better choices that can lead to long term happiness, not short term thrills.

>But I'm also mad at her. We actually do get along well. Besides sex we have fun and laugh a lot. She kisses me like I'm edible. Holds me like she cares. And she's so happy she called me driving home despite spending the night just to say how glad she was that I answered her dm.

>Fuck, why does someone's stupid ideology have to ruin genuine attraction?

No. 1274687

Got to love how the trans flag is the first to wave across the screen. This song sounds like it should have been on an episode of South Park.

No. 1274700

This is functionally identical to moids posting about hate fucking a feminist

No. 1274703

It literally is a moid posting about hate fucking a feminist.

No. 1274718

File: 1625960861984.jpg (382.59 KB, 1080x1066, Screenshot_20210710-191236_Red…)

No. 1274720

Someone having a mental crisis while spending hours waxing, he should have gone to a salon

No. 1274721

File: 1625961147322.jpg (51.58 KB, 1080x283, Screenshot_20210710-193347_Red…)

No. 1274739

Sounds like a creative writing exercise because who the hell just pours wax straight onto their skin? That's not how waxing is supposed to work but I wouldn't expect a male to know that.
No, please don't suggest this troon should inflict himself upon some poor beautician.

No. 1274746

File: 1625964984716.png (325.32 KB, 640x727, dC9eBsjhzVmKHaJMuS_4AhfRHcYRWo…)

When women do something they assume a man did it instead

No. 1274758

this is most man thing i’ve ever read.

No. 1274790

This is pure sexism to the max. Even though history has proven all the accomplishments women have done that have been stolen by men.

No. 1274791

I hate male comedians what the fuck

No. 1274821

These are both so definitively male. There's nothing more male than having sex with a woman and secretly hating her.

No. 1274833

File: 1625988565442.png (750.02 KB, 1125x1476, troons hate women.png)

Ignore that they look like troglodytes because I want to highlight the negging going on. Negging is MRA tactic 101. Basically what moids do is give women "reverse compliments" (insults) to break her confidence, so she internalizes that she is ugly/dumb/inadequate. This is an abuse tactic and the end goal is that at the woman stays with her absuer.

No. 1274835

This is so obviously a joke I don't understand how anyone couldn't get that without actively deceiving themselves.

No. 1274838

Yeah, seems like a joke based on the fact that MTFs get told they're "pretty for a trans," as a backhanded compliment. One of the retweets even says its about turning the tables. Obviously it doesn't work in reverse cause troons are way uglier but I get what they're going for.

No. 1274846

File: 1625991875805.jpg (570.91 KB, 1080x1433, Wispa.jpg)

Wi Spa news again.

Apparently there were two stabbings caused by the anti-trans protesters. The two victims were a counterprotester and the other was "friendly stab"

Read the whole article and it was kinda weird how they said that "no children were in the video"

Link for article : https://slate.com/human-interest/2021/07/wi-spa-la-transphobic-protest.html

No. 1274855

How is the video fake??

No. 1274858

There was a woman walking out with her young daughter in the video.

No. 1274868

So they saw that their previous arguments weren't winning any support among the public, and almost overnight they all changed tactics. It never really happened! These women obviously colluded with each other (for what reason?) and are a bunch of liars.

No. 1274871

>refers to her as a terf
>therefore apparently knows she explicitly excludes trans people
>fucks her
That's predator behaviour. Regardless of whether you agree with her beliefs, purposely hiding the thing you know will prevent her from sleeping with you is creepy.

>pouring hot wax
Well, I think I know why he's not getting all the hair.

No. 1274873

Tell me you're a man without telling me you're a man

No. 1274900

They’re saying it was staged to push a transphobic agenda

No. 1274903

I completely agree. On the reverse situation, would troons be okay with someone they dated secretly being a cryptoterf, pretending to accept their troonery just to get sex? And to even plan ahead like “yeah she thinks we’re dating but I plan on fucking her a few more times then ghosting her since I’m already privy to the info that our ideologies are incompatible.”
That’s so narcissistic to be playing 4D chess with someone’s emotions like that, basically tricking them into giving you sex.
I bet if the tables were turned and a troon’s partners was secretly a terf, using them for sex while planning ahead for a convenient moment to discard them, troons would finally understand the concept of rape by deception.

No. 1274904

What the fuck is a friendly stab?

No. 1274907

File: 1626008808290.png (30.34 KB, 776x215, creepy moid from actuallesbian…)

The user who posted the age gap post is trans RP'ing as a bi woman, has never dated women and is the creator of r/sapphic_snaccs (nsfw)

No. 1274909

Are you thick? The troon would be counting their blessings; they'd be lucky to receive any intimate contact at all.

No. 1274912

Yeah you can't use a male for sex, because their entire reason to exist is sex

No. 1274916

This article so fucking dishonest it is insane..
The fucking alleged man is all over the internet, there is a child evidently visible in the goddamn video, it’s actually a fucking cult. These fuckers could murder girls on camera and they will still deny it.

No. 1274920

File: 1626011635675.jpeg (483.49 KB, 828x1505, 2BFFF930-330F-422C-962D-5DFE7E…)


Just look at his “journalistic” career lol. This is the kind of garbage a website like slate would host. These types of sites are just as bad for humanity as places like twitter

No. 1274931

File: 1626013882130.jpg (66.39 KB, 917x499, Untitled.jpg)

Turns out "he" is a troon. Totally unbiased journalism tho, nothing to see here, move along menstruators you're oppressing us.

No. 1274938

Nowhere does it actually prove it was a hoax. “Police suspect”, quoting an “anonymous” source. I hope the woman sues. She’s already lawyered up.

She’s a Slate janny too. Truly bottom of the barrel.

No. 1274953

so if it doesn't suit your agenda, it's a hoax. got it

No. 1274960

File: 1626020170955.jpeg (40.21 KB, 490x555, 1D9ADDFF-B5F5-4A5B-92DB-A56A5C…)

trans apologists in a nutshell

No. 1275002

Apparently accidentally stabbing someone on your side.

No. 1275009

File: 1626027497304.jpeg (150.72 KB, 1125x1580, 48CDE53E-1897-4D95-8000-9E7248…)

No. 1275017

As an actual bbq grill with wide shoulders this depresses me immensely.

No. 1275026

again, the subtle (auto)pedophilia that goes with saying "girls" here creeps me the fuck out. the thousand yard stare in the pfp too god how many of these psychopaths are out there

No. 1275027

Kek next thing they’ll say is “girls with a 5 o’clock shadow are hot” cope harder coomer

No. 1275035

no retard, women can actually have wide shoulders. Why does this thread always devolve into shitting over masculine women.

No. 1275036

If a woman has shoulders that wide he's probably a troon

No. 1275038

it's a cartoon. no one actually looks like that what are you even saying?

No. 1275045

File: 1626032618499.jpeg (416.41 KB, 1170x2006, 9A5476C8-EC98-4923-9487-58AC46…)

holy fuck imagine being this entitled lmao

No. 1275048

File: 1626032810311.jpeg (49.88 KB, 716x428, 869600D2-522D-4718-8A83-C0A50A…)

samefag but he also hates women lol

No. 1275052

so many transwomen seem to hate transmen i wonder why…

No. 1275056

not suprised, GFM is full of entitled TIMs and TIFs, even genderqueer.
lol they hate trans men because they find an attractive woman (and a lesbian) wanting to become a man highly offensive. It fucks with their fetish. I see this a lot in trans subreddits where tifs and tims post. I honestly don't care though because tifs are the worst.

No. 1275085

A woman's wide shoulders aren't like a man's wide shoulders. Nonny please

No. 1275160

File: 1626051583066.png (1020.69 KB, 720x5685, Screenshots_2021-07-11-17-52-5…)

If this is a true story, I feel horrible for both of the wives involved. For their sake, I hope this tranny is only flexing his creative writing muscles.

No. 1275181

The, straight up, mental illness on display here is astonishing, if not expected of them

No. 1275183

lmaoooo the delusion and misogyny are strong with this one. there's so much wrong with this creative writing exercise and the 1st is him thinking that the "influenceable" (i'm assuming he meant "influential") late-30s careerman is going to jeopardize his position to be with a tranny, much less a tranny that everyone knows is a tranny because he works in the same place. the part where he fucks the troon is believable, but lol at thinking he'll ever be more than a sidepiece. in this writing exercise they haven't even fucked yet and he's imagining "mothering" the dude's kids in the Seychelles.

bro watches too much tv

No. 1275186

The timeline of this isn’t making any sense. Also kekk at him believing that man’s kids will consider him their stepmom, let alone that the coworker would still want a boytoy 10 years younger than him with an open wound that smells like literal shit.

No. 1275192

File: 1626055679501.png (167.63 KB, 1200x767, 123.png)

wife seems pretty based

No. 1275207

“I could be a mother to his kids as if they were mine”
The kids already have a mom dude

No. 1275214

File: 1626058766467.jpg (635.29 KB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210711_195747904.j…)

Kek based boomer wife.

No. 1275215

File: 1626059334252.png (1.74 MB, 1815x1297, 2F8D46DF-EC5E-431A-80F6-F193F2…)

what a creep. how long until his wife leaves him?

No. 1275223

File: 1626060239746.jpeg (386.44 KB, 750x1097, 75768026-147E-49DD-BA02-32829E…)

High waisted jeans make troons seethe, gals!

No. 1275228

File: 1626061140055.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 145.1 KB, 817x623, 8B608DD9-46AF-4DA4-BB57-FC4D8B…)

I wish Twitter would ban porn. It’s a cesspool of degenerates

No. 1275233

File: 1626061819369.jpeg (590.59 KB, 1242x1512, 78775A8C-0A3B-45C9-B96A-455409…)

why don’t you… idk…. get a job?
OnlyFans whores and troons just love pan handling don't they?

No. 1275237

This looks like just another hsts e-thot. Wouldn't that hurt though.

No. 1275240

File: 1626063905029.jpg (994.84 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210712-002321_Ins…)

No. 1275244

omg first it was the pronouns in twitter bio for “solidarity” now plz put x on passports?? Good luck if you get kidnapped and the police have to look for a fucking x kek

No. 1275249

>cis separate from GNC
"Cis" just means normie now, huh? Trannies and TRAs up to the bullshit again.

No. 1275253

lmao I love her, hope she gets the courage to leave him soon.

No. 1275263

I can’t wait until some random country’s border agent decides to be incredibly based and be like “sorry, I can’t let you in without that passport. For reasons of national security, no passport can be accepted if it’s missing information.”

No. 1275271

>women with wide shoulders look like men
>terfs are hurting cis women
I hate them so much.

Low rise must look like shit on them since it makes the torso look longer. kek

No. 1275273

as a wheelchairanon I don't trust any twitterfag who says they're disabled. fuck this entitled male

No. 1275288

I feel like this would give you a UTI. Who the fuck finds this sexy?

No. 1275295

Jesus Christ some of you are gullible. This is creative writing– it's so obvious that even some of the troons in the comments are pointing out how fake this sounds.

I doubt ANY lesbian would put her mouth or hands near a neogash without noticing something was wrong, much less a GC one. I'm pretty sure I'd notice if I was fingering a woman and she had no cervix, which is to say nothing of the fact that this guy is guaranteed to have other mannish qualities that at least make him seem "off," if not clockable. I've yet to meet an MTF that doesn't have at least one of the following 1) a male height 2) a fridge body 3) a giant head 4) a weird gay man voice 5) a receding hairline 6) big ape hands or 7) general masculine ugliness.

His replies are really cookie-cutter too, just the same shit about it's impossible for her to find out, etc. It's obvious this yard cooked up a fantasy about raping a TERF and posted it without considering how other troons would respond. If this was something that actually happened (and maybe the lesbian was just an edgy libfems and not an actual TERF) the girl would find out eventually through any number of ways. But the OP didn't want to think about that part of the scenario because it didn't make him coom, so all his comments are the same circular nonsense he made up on the spot.

The account is less than a day old and that's their only post. This is also fiction.

No. 1275297

New idea, let all genderspecials and trans people be the non-cis X and make separate third spaces for them.
No troons allowed in opposite sex bathrooms because they are SEX-segregated and not based on gender, genderspecials and cis who want to be with troons in solidarity can also put X and join their spaces, and us based people keep our own spaces. So the handmaidens who think "women with dicks" are ok in their spaces can go join them on their own and leave us who want to be safe alone.

No. 1275299

>broad shoulders = masculine women
Broad shoulders does not make a woman "masculine". You're the one shitting on women.

No. 1275310

>lOw RiSe GaL
no you're a dude and dudes don't wear high wasted jeans because that would hurt your dick and balls.

No. 1275316

File: 1626083989201.png (308.49 KB, 686x903, ohnososad.PNG)

"She mentioned 'homeless', 'divorce', and 'disability' in one paragraph" notes one post on the thread.

No. 1275319

Let’s be honest, entitled trans people keep moving goalposts because they think that’s what is really going to help them pass better.

“Nobody can tell what is my correct pronouns! I want a special badge at work so people call me a She!” > “Well now I’m wearing the pin but it actually makes it obvious that I’m trans so I’d like everyone to have one too” > “How about everyone just select X for their gender so I’m not the only one that don’t look cis?”

Same with wanting to get hormones, to wanting surgeries to wanting women to donate their womb.
The funny part is that we could do all that and people could still insta clock trannies because it’s just that easy.

Absolutely. It’s really hard for them to pass. They love to parade those 1 or 2 fairly young models with androgynous features to showcase how trans people totally pass, forgetting that: TIMs age like men. Once they get a certain age it just gets more and more obvious.

No. 1275325

these types of troons are just so obsessed with clout, money, "escaping abuse", and unfairness. it just screams unhinged narcissism. i'm agreeing with the other anon, i doubt he's disabled. i'm betting him not being on HRT is the "disabled" part.

No. 1275326

Lmao so he‘s sad because he got baited by the animated emotes?

No. 1275329

What is he upset about? Sorry, I don't understand twitch or what these emotes mean.

No. 1275334

File: 1626088017993.png (637.78 KB, 836x699, bEfoRe tRaNSiTiOniNg.png)

He transitioned from male to male who uses beauty apps.

No. 1275335

File: 1626088379348.png (2.48 MB, 828x1792, AFF092F6-EBC6-4A16-9F7C-8AE158…)

Totally a girl, anon

No. 1275336

File: 1626088434683.jpeg (470.51 KB, 828x1076, E1F0AF40-9C86-453F-B90E-7E9DC8…)

No. 1275337

I really do wonder where the tranny movement would be if photoshop/editing wasn’t a thing.

No. 1275339

>when the body sculpting AI only recognizes your body but not your huge moid skull because you're covering it with your phone
Damn that ratio between his huge square moid head and filtered body. KEK.

No. 1275342

I don't think troonism would be as popular as it is now. Trans-timelines is really popular and it's why so many moids transiton. Tranny psyop.

No. 1275344

There would be more lying and ass kissing. More trans begging for surgeries, less troons thinking they are a bad bitch and can take your man, more "Men in wig" jokes and less, "You literally can't tell" based on social media pictures.
Less TRA's truly believing some man with a pound of make up and a filter, "Literally looks better then me, literally is prettier then me". Less troons/women and men claiming women are trying to look like troons and we look "identical" because of surgeries, when most MTF titty and ass surgeries look bad irl and even worse when they are the huge Bimbo surgeries.
I think people would have MORE sympathy for troons tbh.
HSTS are the ones who edit the most and do so to attract scrotes, so I think chasers/DL men will be more weary on dealing with them because they can't use the, "I didn't know" excuse. A lot of HSTS get off on men thinking they are women and they get that the most online.

No. 1275349

>ever girl should have tissues in her purse
Just a normal thing women say to each other. Even ignoring the fact that he refers to himself as a girl at 50, this sounds so unnatural. If you were a real woman, you wouldnt have to explicitly point that out at every step. Hons are the worst.

No. 1275350

Isn't this the troon that got rejected by a guy for having a "cringe social media presence"? I see this troon around on Twitter because he's terminally online like most of his fellow trannykin.

No. 1275351

File: 1626092258254.jpg (378.2 KB, 1080x1860, Screenshot_20210712_141250.jpg)

Have y'all heard of the two Namibian women who can't participate in the Olympics because their natural testorone levels are too high?
I can't believe we are heading into a future where actual women can't participate in women's sports but white incel men who chemically alter their testorone levels can.

Here is the article: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-57748135(Not milk or MtF )

No. 1275353

Both of these "women" are men. They have the same intersex condition as Caster Semenya, and are 46,XY males with internal testes.

Though it pretty funny that they're being disqualified because they don't meet the female testosterone limits. If they admitted they were men who just "identified" as women, they'd probably be let in under the ridiculously high testosterone levels allowed for troons.

No. 1275355

why don't they just take hormones to participate like hubbart? Or does it behave this different with inttersex people?

No. 1275359

These men are claiming to be actual woman, and are held to female testosterone limits. Troons are allowed to have testosterone levels up to 10 nmol/L, while actual female athletes can't go any higher than 5 nmol/L- these men exceeed that, which is why they were disqualified.

But even if they cut their balls off and had lower testosterone levels than a woman, they'd still have the other advantages of men; larger heart and lungs, denser bones, higher VO2 max, and so on.

No. 1275367

File: 1626096204927.png (55.12 KB, 720x218, Screenshot_20210712-162229~2.p…)

No. 1275368

absolutely not. just because they have a genetic condition or a hormonal imbalance does not disqualify them from being women or mean that they're men. this type of bullshit anti-science radfemism is exactly why radfem ideology is seen as a joke. nice to know you've personally bared witness to both of these women's external organs and internal testes enough for your irrelevant internet opinion to be denying them their womanhood simply because they're genetically different. grow a brain.

if you disagree with troons i don't see why you think it's at all reasonable or acceptable to suggest that women be forced to alter their natural born biology and hormones just to be able to compete like everyone else. white MEN and specifically male athletes born with physical advantages like michael phelps are applauded for their genetic differences yet because these are black women born more likely to have higher levels of testosterone they either can't compete like everyone else or must pump their bodies full of hormones just to make it fair?

newsflash, sports aren't fair. everyone knows tall basketball players have an advantage. this isn't a troon issue and advocating for biowomen all while trashing the ones born different + trying to force them to alter their bodies is basically the opposite end of the horseshoe of trans ideology.

No. 1275380

>these are black women born more likely to have higher levels of testosterone
Anons covered this in the last thread, and I think the thread before that. See >>1271927. This lie needs to fucking end, lmao.
Those are not "typical" black women, they are intersex (I mistook their case for the same as Caster Semanya's at first and thought they had XY chromosomes, but apparently not. Their sexual differences still cannot be attributed to their race and downplayed that way just because it's a difficult subject and Americans are racist, though lol). They were most likely pushed as female athletes precisely because there's no place for them to fit in society as intersex individuals.

No. 1275382

In the social sense, I think those XY intersex athletes are women because they were raised and socialized that way. However, I also think that their conditions give them an unfair advantage and that they should be screened for those sorts of things earlier on in their career. Like the fact someone can go until adulthood without knowing they're genetically male tells you about the abysmal state of gynecology in those countries.

Also like the other anon said, the thing about black women having more testosterone is racist and untrue. This isn't about race, it's about intersex people. We'd have the same reservations if the athletes were white, Asian, etc.

No. 1275389

>absolutely not. just because they have a genetic condition or a hormonal imbalance does not disqualify them from being women or mean that they're men.
These are men with an intersex condition. They are not, never have been, and never will be women, because they aren't female. Much like how troons can never become women no matter how much estrogen they take, how much plastic surgery they get or how grievously they mutilate their bodies, these men will be men until they die.
>these women's external organs and internal testes
>women's… testes
>your irrelevant internet opinion to be denying them their womanhood simply because they're genetically different. grow a brain.
Are you a troon lurker? Womanhood is defined by being a woman, and adult human female. These men are not female, and were "denied womanhood" at the moment of their conception. I had nothing to do with it. What do you thinks grants someone womanhood? Makeup? Long hair? A special feeling in their soul?

>In the social sense, I think those XY intersex athletes are women because they were raised and socialized that way.
They very likely we not. Caster Semenya was raised as a male, and only "became" a woman for athletic purposes. An

No. 1275398

File: 1626101967745.png (15.79 KB, 584x137, z.PNG)

I don't know on which thread I read about troon getting followed by "transphobic named accounts" but it's working kek

No. 1275400

File: 1626102002425.png (1.37 MB, 585x1183, x.PNG)

While I'm it here the queen in question
>Prettiest trans women you'll ever know (once I reach my final form)

No. 1275401

File: 1626102301622.gif (2.28 MB, 345x251, BF88B492-7CBA-4283-8500-E07DA9…)

>What do you thinks grants someone womanhood? Makeup? Long hair? A special feeling in their soul?

My favorite line of the day

No. 1275403

Fact check, Caster WAS raised as a girl. I agree with your other points but we can't keep repeating this myth because it doesn't help anybody.
Caster isn't a lying troon, Caster is intersex, down to having humiliating genital inspections from soccer coaches as a kid. Caster switched to playing boy's soccer to avoid the drama. That doesn't translate to "raised as a boy" but it's the only proof people cite (oh, and the homophobic/sexist "but Caster had girlfriends!" "But preferred pants to skirts!")
I don't think Caster should compete but it's more tragic than triumphant. The "raised as a boy" "secret troon plant" narrative is just dehumanizing an intersex person who didn't ask to be part of the gender debate.
inb4 "but the family is lying" well then they're amazing liars because the whole family and community has had the same consistent story since Caster came up in like 2010.

No. 1275405

>wider shoulders
>covered up by the hair
>all the detail and effort and shading went on the tits
Uh huh.

No. 1275407

File: 1626103406639.jpg (41.48 KB, 527x500, FB_IMG_1626103012465.jpg)

I'm laughing so hard at this, men really are so fragile. Like, irreparably fragile. Western degeneracy turned them all into faggots who can't handle being told that they're acting like sex pests and dress like children. Act like a man, look like a man, get clocked. You are a man. Also "Nonbinary" men typically go full MtF troon soon after right? These male "nonbinary" trans retards just can't admit they're AGPs but can wear makeup and dresses with their regular clothes? This meme has just been swirling in my brain along with the faggots who shared it and what they look like.

No. 1275409

Men can't grasp the fact nobody wants them in their space and they refuse to make their own spaces. Apparently triggering women and being a threat to someone's mental well being is super gender affirming.

No. 1275410

>without knowing they're genetically male
Most intersex people know their sex. Caster was brought up a man. In developing countries intersex abnormalities result in their ostracisation. Hijra men in India are born with genetic abnormalities and the Hijra effectively kidnap intersex male children, when it's discovered something is different or wrong.

No. 1275412

Reading this after being verbally attacked by a self proclaimed non-binary man hits different lol.
Calling themselves "non-binary uwu" doesn't change their entitlement, anger issues and violent behaviors. Males and pick-mes are big mad that every woman still sees their behavior and acts accordingly (ie avoiding their asses), they can both suck a fat cock.

No. 1275415

File: 1626103841809.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 77.9 KB, 657x800, B51CDD39-E147-46D6-9F1C-8AF89F…)

Nonny this is a man. Brave transbian at best.

Spoiler for dick print.

No. 1275417

Leftist meme xD(xD)

No. 1275419

Oh yeah, same here. Men that look like a stereotypical man's man, metalhead or a twink are always one of those "nonbinary" types. Somehow people are supposed to tell the difference by behavior, because "nonbinary AMABs don't act like men cause they aren't". That one time an "enby" boxed me into a corner at a bar to ask me if my boyfriend was with me was VERY non threatening and just a sweet little chat between me and a non threatening AMAB non binary bean <3

No. 1275420

This, anon. They envy us because we actually look out for and support each other. We are united in our womanhood (which has made the vast majority of us victims/survivors) in a way men have never been and never could. Hence why they refuse to make their own spaces. They could just ban together and make transwomen spaces, but they don’t want that because deep down they recognize each other as men, and know that men are lack the empathy to do for what women do for each other freely. That’s why they demand access to our spaces. That’s why they use emotional abuse and gaslighting to guilt us into accepting and coddling them. It’s insidious.

No. 1275426

ngl one of my biggest fears as a straight woman is ending up in a relationship with a troon. The hell these women must go though, esp when they have kids together.

No. 1275427

The older I get the more it really is clear that it's just men being fed up with the reality they created themselves. There's no brotherhood or recognition of self, emotions are backlogged and there's no support. You're so right about them just wanting to shoehorn themselves in just to get that treatment. They want us to mother them so badly, teach them how to dress and do makeup, how to hold yourself and make girlfriends, etc. When will these cretins learn that it's not our job, will never be our job and we don't care that denying that role labels us as transphobes? I don't want to be around a bunch of men asking me what it's like to be a woman and have a vagina. I don't want to discuss the differences in our experiences with them. I don't want to help them transition or become "more womanly." Why can't we just have places to be women without someone having to make it weird? This is putting words to feelings I didn't know how to express for about two years. Thanks, nonnies. Sorry for the rant.

No. 1275428

No, they are intersex and most of them don't know they're intersex until they go on the olympics and find out. Here in the west, doctors know from birth or they will ask for additional testing, they don't have those types of resources in Africa, at least not when these women were born.

No. 1275432

There was a post on r/MtF about how coming out to women was all rainbow stars heart emojis, with people gushing in the comments about women giving them clothes, tips on posture, doing their make up in the bathroom at clubs. Handmaidens are honestly the worst by coddling and willingly giving "emotional labour" (which they lecture about so much) to these MEN.

I would post screenshots, but r/MtF is currently private.

No. 1275435

A moment of silence for all the brave women who purposefully gave them bad makeup and advice. A moment of hysterical laughter for all the men that left those bathrooms thinking "I basically look cis now that a uterus owner has done my makeup! So femme!"

No. 1275440

what do you mean? all you have to do is look for the brightly colored balding hair ez

No. 1275441

He was raised as a boy, was known as a boy in school and wore the boys school uniform. It wasn’t just “oh “she” preferred to wear pants”.

No. 1275444

Can anons stop medfagging with the intersex debate already
Troons are not comparable to intersex people period.

No. 1275452

true but I bet it's still better than anything high waisted which would just emphasize their straight man hips kek

No. 1275466

I think so. Thought I recognized him.

No. 1275470

I used to be a vocal ally to trans people but after reading a bunch of those threads I slowly came to the realization that you are all right about the subjects. I really used to have strongs opinions about this, saying shit like it's transphobic if you refuse to sleep with a "woman having a penis".
Saging because I just wanna say thank you, really.. I can't believe I was this blind.

No. 1275491

Troons love to claim they are intersex tho. Yaniv did as well.

No. 1275496

File: 1626111620321.jpg (52.71 KB, 720x718, 1617845945660.jpg)

They literally won't stop, ever.

No. 1275504

Samefag, but here's the link if anyone here has access: https://www.reddit.com/r/MtF/comments/oi32mr/before_and_after_coming_out

No. 1275521

Welcome to the party, nonita.

No. 1275527

stop repeating the michael phelps meme, he is celebrated because his genetics are rare, testicles are incredibly abundant

No. 1275564

This dress is really pretty, but I don't want to save the image for obvious reasons. What would this be called if I wanted to look for something similar? (not a moid trolling, I promise)

No. 1275570

Samefag, I'm getting good results from "Shirred dress" for this style.

No. 1275588

Wow, the US government has been captured by gender-believers.

US passports don't list gender, they list the person's sex. So non-binary, and gender-nonconforming Americans will be able to get their passport to say something that's objectively untrue. Supported by the group that says sex and gender are 2 different things when it serves their argument.

Also they implicitly admit that being cis vs trans relies on gender roles because they're making it so that gnc people can be considered a third sex.

Everyone should get X on their passport to show the ridiculousness of allowing passports to become validation vessels instead of continuing to be a form of ID.

No. 1275666

Modern men are a fucking mess. 99% of boys and men don't offer their "friends" any support or kindness at all. These days they usually insult each other as "jokes" nonstop, I figured that would stop as I got older, since my dad, uncle's, and their friends were all ways nice to each other. But it never stopped. It looks like every man under 45 is an absolute stunted, antisocial child, a permanent 13 year old. So it just figures that they have decided to change absolutely nothing about themselves, but pretend to be women and try to suckle away at the small amount of good women have conserved for themselves.

No. 1275672

Anyone know where the new influx of "trolls" on r/MtF is coming from?

or is it just another pedo troon in the mod team being exposed like last time?

No. 1275677

Gender and sex are used interchangeably, since for 99% of the population they're just synonyms. Troons used the "gender not sex" talking point to make their demands seem less insane when they had no real actionable power, but now that they and their enablers do have some they're doing away with it altogether. Their goal is to force everyone to participate in their lifelong woman LARP, not do the dishes and get talked over.

No. 1275679

File: 1626126207525.png (3.04 MB, 1014x4644, Transbian vs Lesbian.png)

they really believe women touch their own tits and get turned on by it.

No. 1275685

Based as hell, Karen

No. 1275702

I already know the answer so this is purely a hypothetical question but how the fuck are they steamrolling this shit in, making way more progress in just a few years compared to decades of fighting for female and gay rights? You can just demand ridiculous nonsense like "we want to decide our own gender and the options should include an "X"" and it's rubber stamped immediately? Bleak as fuck, at this point I'm only surprised at how passports don't get a pronoun field included.

No. 1275707

The US have always been staunchly anti-gay, conversion therapy still goes on, the powers that be must love the repressive "third gender" as a way to keep those unwanted gays out of eyesight

No. 1275715

you mean to say that you don't get turned on by touching your own luscious tits? /s

No. 1275720

off-topic but karenovirus is a funny as fuck user name

based karen

No. 1275723

Considering there are men who actually outwardly identify as AGP it’s not very progressive of him to deny their identity.

>touch yourself

>turned on because you touched “a woman”
how can they possibly think this level of sexual de-compartmentalization is normal.

No. 1275752

File: 1626135680006.jpg (1.76 MB, 2560x1920, 21-07-13-02-19-59-829_deco.jpg)

the tranny, the tweet

No. 1275753

File: 1626135853585.png (1.3 MB, 1080x3245, StitchIt_20211307031004_770.pn…)

Saw this on 2x today, sorry about the screencap, first time using stitch it. Troon thinks this is a thing worth of a novel lenght post.

No. 1275754

File: 1626135906766.jpg (694.14 KB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_07-13-03.12.44.jpg)

The troon in question

No. 1275764

>an old man looked at me for an extended period of time
God these faggots are so fragile

No. 1275765

I used to follow this guy on tumblr a long time ago and him and his friends were the absolute worst. Always choking on the others' dick to affirm how gorgeous and cunty they all were while looking like a pack of balding 40 year olds. And they had the gall to pull selfies from the blogs of people they argued with and sic their followers on them. My favorite was the uwu girl bean that looks like a fat receding hairline having hispanic man who loved making fun of white women for being ugly. As if they weren't neets who spent all day ebegging and making sprites on gaia online, avoiding their showers because the bathroom mirror was so triggering.

No. 1275774

I reread it (and realized i did indeed fuck up stitching it, sorry anons) and realized he was in his car during all this? No wonder not many people commented on his fanfic

No. 1275779

Wait, what's he getting at? Is he suggesting that when women undergo cosmetic surgery, it's to affirm their gender? Women who get breast implants or a rhinoplasty are getting them because their flat chests or Roman noses make them feel like men? Is this troon really that retarded or am I misunderstanding his point?

No. 1275782



reddit is a fucking cesspool. even the pregnancy sub i'm in discourages us from calling ourselves women and says "safe space for all pregnant people" like fuck you, i'm a pregnant woman not a people. i hate that these trannies have taken over reddit. we just can't have our own space anymore and it kills me

No. 1275795

File: 1626143539976.png (555.63 KB, 598x3876, transcels1.png)

Convince me they're not all incels.

No. 1275796

this is a terrible faghag take

No. 1275812

Kek get off Reddit, nonita. There are plenty of other online spaces for pregnant women.

No. 1275822

details please for nonreddit fags?

No. 1275828

>GC are predominantly conservative cis het men

Statistically trans "women" are the most conservative gender identity-based group in the USA, vast majority are white despite using minorities for woke cred, and largely 30-60 year old straight fathers - not cute kids, fabulous hyperfeminine gay men, or progressively subversive feminist allies like they try to market themselves as for pity points and clout. Classic reversal.(Armchair )

No. 1275829

File: 1626150405276.jpeg (202.64 KB, 1697x1286, A069FE61-57BC-4F56-84CE-2D0372…)

They privated the sub mostly because of pic related, but also the awards thing like shown here >>1274372

One of the chans, it seems. But who knows exactly. I doubt it’s like, a coordinated thing.

No. 1275836

File: 1626151226009.jpg (234.47 KB, 742x1480, 4chan trolling troons.jpg)

lmao such fragile males

No. 1275839

The fact they're conflating paying for pornography with "being paid for being pretty" is one of the most misleading statements I've seen for weeks

No. 1275846

I don’t know what the big deal is, troons do the same thing on twitter where they intimidate people via follow lists with names like “punch terfs” and “terf watch”.

No. 1275853

File: 1626155029828.png (13.4 KB, 983x172, Screenshot 2021-07-13 at 01-33…)

Internet archive saved the post immediately so no juicy comments.

No. 1275856

No. 1275858

Yeah member girls?? When we validate each other by how many bOiS and men we text as if our worth as a person is measured by men?
I certainly don't, it's a man thing to do.

No. 1275861

Kek the old man was probably just stunned to see a man in a dress and that's why he was staring. But of course the narc troon goes straight into "I swear he wanted to assault my hot body".

This is so immature but I have to admit that I laughed. Jesus they're so fragile they wouldn't last a second living an actual woman's life and having to deal with all the harassment.

No. 1275866

I love how troons assume the men creeping on them-
>1. Are doing it because they think you are a woman
>2. Are straight men
>3. Aren't staring because they are confused
>4. Are creeping on them for sexual reasons, instead of "transphobia" or "homophobia"
They think everything a man does to them thats not outright transphobia or homophobia, is because they assume they are a woman & are treating them that way because they think they are a woman. Dude could've been trying to rob him or something, but the first thing that pops into his head is some "because I'm woman".

No. 1275877

File: 1626166597999.jpg (95.23 KB, 735x660, 0110 - 4CvnAKj.jpg)

retard rads itt dragging intersex people into the tranny debate even though they have been asked multiple times they dont want to be included

No. 1275883

you're on lolcow, anon

No. 1275885

Its because they are agp’s and cannot fathom that men would not find them as attractive as they find themselves, but that’s just mental ilness luv x.

No. 1275892

It's the exaggerated
>I felt so violated even though nothing happened :( :( :(
Total fantasy and emulation of what they THINK harassment is for women. He's feigning a submissive, non-consenting women's response because that's the sexual fantasy. It's obvious he got off to it; women don't write paragraphs online after every incident of harassment.

No. 1275903

No one's dragging intersex into this randomly, it's relevant because of the trans in sport issue and testosterone levels, did you not see >>1275351 ?

No. 1275905

Trannies do that shit all the time. Besides, it’s relevant.

No. 1275912

Lmao if I was bored enough I'd make an account named leavelesbiansalone or something and follow all the creeps on r/AL

No. 1275925


No. 1275932

File: 1626183192296.jpeg (96.73 KB, 632x960, CC554F73-2DB4-41D1-8AF9-074194…)


No. 1275943

The XX sub is welcoming of everybody including male trans, because of course. You can't have a space for natal women online anymore

No. 1275944

Those 2000s era 4chan “no girls/women on the internet” jokes have come around full circle

No. 1275946

this billboard was already removed tho. took them 24h

No. 1275949

Well, that’s a bummer. I’m cheering you on based women of NZ.

No. 1275951

This makes sense once your remember that troons think that the "woman gender" is defined solely by being fuckable(to men). So in his pornsick tranny mind, a woman getting plastic surgery to make herself more attractive is just trying to affirm her role in society as a decorative cocksleeve. Women who aren't interested in this are considered non-female.

No. 1275952

Oh, fuck this. The billboard was paid for and displayed no hate speech or illegal statement of any kind, and yet they took it down immediately. All it took was some troons claiming it made them feel "unsafe". It's infuriating to me because, until very recently, every major city in my country was literally covered in pro life billboards and nobody gave a fuck how women felt about it, despite very loud protests from feminist organizations. If only we got a group of butthurt males to complain, maybe that would accomplish something.

No. 1275966

Can't believe I spent my teenage years feeling like shit and pretending to be a man online just to participate in conversations. A lot of places outside of 4chan had this condescending attitude of "woman here? Tits or GTFO". Now I have to watch this…

No. 1276039

File: 1626200860371.png (546.72 KB, 1154x1024, fsfsafawsfsa.png)

so glad talented actresses will have to share their category with a man, yet again. they did the same thing with laverne cox.

No. 1276087

So I've seen pose (back when I was a handmaiden). Am I the only one who thinks the acting sucks? There's just something about it that feels unnatural, like you never stop feeling like you're watching people being paid to play pretend. Elektra's actor was especially bad. There were other aspects that were decent, like the costuming, but I am just at a loss as to why this show keeps winning awards.

No. 1276091

File: 1626207149116.png (22.23 KB, 128x123, pepejust.png)

Don't forget that trans women are more oppressed than actual women apparently. Yeah because woman saying no to a man is oppression.

Female only spaces will be a hard thing to find next thing we know.

No. 1276100

Fix your language nonnies. Don't use their terms, that's how they trick you into following their narrative without realizing it. It's transwomen, not trans women.

No. 1276103

I watched it too and the only decent transgender actor was Angel. The others were awful, no way in hell would a female that acted like that would get a nomination. I think they had to settle with who they hired even though they suck because there aren’t all that many black transgender actors they could cast, let alone good ones

No. 1276108

thanks anon, alot of us didn't peak until recently and this serves as a good reminder

No. 1276109

"Transformer" is pretty funny, too.

No. 1276113

>shitty troon actors get pity-nominated for women's awards
>shitty fakeboi actors get nothing in the men's category yet again
They couldn't make it more obvious that this movement is entirely for the benefit of men.

Is Pose the series that has that scene where a gaggle of troons berate some nice WASP lady in a restaurant? Or am I thinking of a different tranny series kek

No. 1276116

Ah yes, it's lovely that the KKk are letting in poc women, that's very kind of them! Always wanted to walk around as a spooky ghost.

No. 1276118

Yes, that's the one (the main troon doing the reading was Elektra). TRAs loved that scene for some reason.

No. 1276131

File: 1626211689443.jpg (259.68 KB, 1080x1613, Screenshot_20210713_232744.jpg)

No. 1276133

maybe this will go agains't them kek
>inb4 "not all tranny!!"

No. 1276146

Nobody on twitter supports this, so that's good.

No. 1276150

>Forced by higher-ups to pretend this freak is a woman
>Put his mugshot front and center so everyone knows that "she" is actually a man
Based twitter journo?

No. 1276158

File: 1626213663223.png (1.24 MB, 2120x1281, definitelyawoman.png)

>claims autogynephilia doesn't exist
>is the walking epitome of autogynephilia

No. 1276160

Look, it's not our fault you're so fucking repulsive, that the closest you get to intimacy is touching your own male ass.

No. 1276161

I don't envy kids growing up with all this confusing messaging
>obvious ugly scrote male criminal
>a woman

No. 1276170

I'm ESL, what's the difference? Genuinely asking. Is it because transwomen is like a term in itself and doesn't imply women, whereas trans women separately does?

No. 1276179

This one was posted already >>1275679

Imagine getting the the child’s testimony and having to correct them that it was a woman, not a man, that touched them. “Sweetie did the woman show you her penis?”. Fucking wretched.

It sounds an innocent enough concession. Call them whatever they prefer to be civil, etc. But the choice to have the space between the terms is deliberate. They mean to imply that the term “trans women” is a category of women. Where there’s Woman as an umbrella and both cis and trans equally fit under it. They are no women of any kind so don’t concede to them by using their terms.

No. 1276202

I'm aware that most people use gender and sex interchangeably but if a journalist is writing an article about trans people, you would expect them to differentiate between gender and sex.

He's really trying to redefine 'lesbian' to mean 'someone who is turned on by themselves, whether they're male or female', by mansplaining and bastardizing the definition of 'autogynephilia'. At least he's presenting irrefutable proof that autogynephilia exists.

We got here because people started giving troons an inch by using their preferred pronouns, saying it was just basic respect when in fact it was the point at which using language to describe reality went out the window for wokies.

No. 1276203

>They are no women of any kind so don’t concede to them by using their terms.
this is why using the term TIM (trans identified male) is the best kek

No. 1276206

I strongly support mugshots.

No. 1276208

We could just call them men

No. 1276211

Oh no, trannies are not coping with this one well. There's a few of them in the quote retweets and one in the replies, but the rest are pushing it under the rug. They literally no argument. No baiting trannies itt either because they're seething and dilating over another pedo tranny.

No. 1276213

File: 1626221413516.png (218.7 KB, 294x442, her.png)

I'm really impressed with the number of people not accepting this bullshit.

No. 1276217

damn my bad lol i didn't catch it earlier

No. 1276268

File: 1626230700802.png (912.75 KB, 1024x3798, VirginiaPrinceCryptoTERF.png)

r/truscum tinfoil over Virginia Prince, pioneer of the transgender movement, being a cryptoTERF, lmao.


No. 1276269

File: 1626230888709.png (437.06 KB, 1440x1943, 654632.png)


The comments are all "That's a woman??" and stuff like pic related, nobody wants to claim this one

No. 1276273

File: 1626231570884.jpg (51.78 KB, 822x131, Screenshot_20210713-225737_Chr…)

surprised Pikachu face

No. 1276281

Same! It gave me hope. Also with the Wi spa stuff— it’s amazing to read the Yelp reviews. People were so pissed, it was refreshing to see these creeps be held accountable

No. 1276308

File: 1626238692740.jpg (31.68 KB, 225x225, 1054 - h2vvwEm.jpg)


No. 1276318

There's a hashtag #NotOurCrimes #NotOurCrime which appears regularly in the replies, so this is very much on people's minds

No. 1276330

Exactly! I've learned about this later myself and it just shows how they use language to confuse people.

No. 1276333

>shitty fakeboi actors get nothing in the men's category yet again
Gets me every time. Whenever anyone is talking trans representation, it's always "First trans woman to do/win/participate in the women's category". Never, ever do they consider putting trans men on a pedestal. Really makes you think!

Well, anon, she might not exactly be a looker but we must support pre-everything trans women all the way, she didn't have the cis female privilege of innately knowing makeup, hairdressing and clothes coordination since birth. This poor woman probably just had to molest that 6-year old boy to feel more validated!

No. 1276335

That's the thing though, the overwhelming majority of normies don't accept this. The trans topics in my country's biggest message board that I follow get ratio'd to hell. That's why I don't understand how they've been able to push all these terrifying legislations and other insanity with only marginal support from the masses.

No. 1276347

File: 1626249342459.jpg (93.41 KB, 960x540, Michaela-Jae-Headshot-Raen-Bad…)

Yet another tranny with eye issues. Autistic people often have vision problems.

No. 1276354

File: 1626252265723.png (101.66 KB, 975x1160, narctrutranny.png)

TruTrannies on a roll today.

No. 1276356

Kek this is outrageous! But tbh it makes sense because trannies really do not like other trannies.

No. 1276382

why are they like this lol

No. 1276384

I've never seen a scrote pass as a pick-me NLOG so well before kek. Checked the account expecting them to be at least 40+ given how hard he makes things out to be and he's… 30. He trooned out in 2010 and yeah, things weren't as easy back then, but c'mon, it wasn't that bad back then either. He should try and work on that ego of his if he's hellbent on trying to pass, it's a dead giveaway he's male.

No. 1276385

File: 1626262044518.png (125.11 KB, 1124x826, hotornot.PNG)

looks like this person has a lot of internal conflict, who would've guessed?

No. 1276386


It's because the woke bullshit slowly infiltrated all the positions of influence via the universities.

Normies have mostly been able to deal with it before the obvious 'oh shit, there is an objective reality we all live in after all' point of troons swinging their cocks in front of their kids.

No. 1276387

Non-celebrity TIFs are only ever mentioned in the news if they get pregnant or commit a violent crime.

Dude has serious issues. Being told he doesn't pass apparently makes him question his worth as a human being (what are women good for if they're not hot, amirite?) yet he has no problem telling newly "out" TIMs that they're gross and won't pass for at least five years. I bet he has no meaningful friendships and blames this on ~transphobia~ rather than him being a huge asshole.

No. 1276388

These retards can’t even come up with a consistent theory. David Reimer killed himself because he was male and being raised as a girl severely fucked him up. You’d think the troons would be all for chopping someone’s dick off and making them socialize as a female

No. 1276389

File: 1626264016806.jpg (8.74 KB, 275x124, AnOldieButAGoodie.jpg)

>I am worthless as a woman even as a trans woman

so he confirms that he was already a misogynist before trooning out.

No. 1276395

i did this, mad an account "i follow autogynephiles" you get the idea and started following mtfs in masse. already pissed off bunch of them and they send me angry messages

No. 1276403

>Imagine getting the the child’s testimony and having to correct them that it was a woman, not a man, that touched them. “Sweetie did the woman show you her penis?”. Fucking wretched.
Given that there have been twatter threads where woketard lawyers have said they'd like to hold women who're raped by troons in contempt of court if they "misgender" their rapist during testimony, this probably isn't too far off. The whole Wi Spa debacle made it perfectly clear that they don't give a shit about the wellbeing of chidren.

No. 1276410

The Reimer brothers killed themselves because of the severe sexual abuse they endured at the hands of "Dr." Money, who would force David's brother, Brian, to pretend-rape David to instill a "womanly" gender identity. Wearing a dress didn't kill him, abuse did.

No. 1276412

Why are all tru trans republican hons?

No. 1276440

We could say TIMs : trans identified men

No. 1276442

You know he's a real woman because he spams emojis

No. 1276450

nta but cutting off his botched genitals & forcing david to masquerade as a girl was part of the abuse so…

No. 1276453

Not all of them are republican hons, anon, a lot of them are "egalitarian anti-feminist" nlog aidens

No. 1276502

lol, the ones who brag are the ones who pass the least.

Also would be nice to join one of those passing discord servers. Would be nice to see how these men really operate because the troon hugbox is so fake.

No. 1276524

I think this article might have caused the Streisand Effect, because this went from being a handful of /pol/tards to literally hundreds of accounts in what feels like a few days. Good job journalists, you just drew a bunch of attention to a giant loophole in Reddit's tranny Teflon.

No. 1276526


It's like news sites that do stories about "influencers" being "trolled". Everyone involved must know what will happen next.

No. 1276527

Crimes like pedophilia are rising for "women" because anyone who self ids as one goes into the statistics as a woman. Fuck this world

No. 1276540

That’s absolutely hilarious.

No. 1276562

IIRC it was always legally impossible for a woman to commit rape in the UK because it’s defined as forced penetration with a penis, but now that penis-owners can be registered as women we’ll see that number rise and know that 100% of the perpetrators are troons. I wish it were that simple for other crimes as well.

No. 1276563

i tried to register as "I_follow_agp_men" but someone else had already taken it lmaooo

No. 1276634

will do it too tomorrow kek i hope there's still some usernames left

No. 1276652

File: 1626298707484.gif (1.3 MB, 244x308, gergre.gif)

$200,000 of surgery and he still looks like a man

No. 1276653

Not to mention how it's now """sexist""" to warn children about men being dangerous, or tell them "if you're lost or in trouble, approach a lady". It gets men (even non-trannies) upset and offended.

No. 1276661

Because a good share of them are HSTSs raised in a conservative environment and who trooned out because to them homosexuality is a degenerate sin.

No. 1276703

What does him being blonde have to do with anything?

No. 1276707

Laser hair removal is shit for blondes because it relies on a skin and hair contrast.

No. 1276708

File: 1626304300617.png (6.79 MB, 1125x2436, A88CC350-5011-4C29-91FE-F7A270…)

this guy was on my fyp. bro you literally have a beard??? disgusting freak

No. 1276714

> Boomer ass scrote hates feminism
What a stunning and brave take gurl!!! ZOMG!! lol!! Emma xx
Calling it now: people are going to say that the rise in pedophilia for 'women' due to troons is attributed to the 'rise' of female high school teachers and their affairs with male students. Female sex offenders are vastly overrepresented in news as bikini pics and conventionally attractive women guarantee smegmoid clicks. Reporters will use the troon 'women' statistics for their articles to back up their porno-plot sensationalism regarding sexy teachers raping young boys. Of course the trannies will have crime patterns most similar to male crime patterns but the reporters won't include that and no one will actually check the research to see for themselves. Hell the government may just omit the similarity between trannies and moids bc of trans/pharma lobbying.

No. 1276743

>I am worthless as a woman even as a trans woman
He hates women so much he wanted to be one? Not the best decision to make but I have little faith in tranny logic.

No. 1276766

File: 1626310311539.jpeg (172.3 KB, 859x1517, 3649E67A-3847-4C72-AEC6-B44840…)

Why are there so many of them. And they all cry about being misgendered. This one is also a whole ‘she/her’ dude calling himself “submissive and breedable” on a children’s app.

No. 1276784

File: 1626311001518.jpeg (905.26 KB, 750x1012, 9BA785E2-0D1A-4358-87A3-762AF6…)

Another instance of bougie hyperpop being invested with this.

No. 1276789

this looks like it belongs in the bad art thread

No. 1276797

I legitimately thought this was one of those fiberglass statues at first. The fuck happened to his other arm? Why would he put so much effort into shooping his body but leave his sad male horseface?

No. 1276803

He linked up with Azealia Banks recently. I know her rant about him when they inevitably fall out will be hilarious lmao

No. 1276808

File: 1626312527484.png (73.07 KB, 1078x328, RectalPeriod.png)

Reminds me of the TIM on Susan's Place who found hemorrhoids validating.


No. 1276823

He looks like a Native American with Down syndrome. Shouldn’t the chain on the cheap boot be over the foot instead of dragging on the floor?

No. 1276824

File: 1626313851787.jpg (783.6 KB, 1079x1719, kek.jpg)

Rare tranny moment of clarity/self own

No. 1276825

Azealia terf era when?? Please make it soon.

No. 1276829

No. 1276832

File: 1626314210572.jpeg (335.36 KB, 857x781, 6303D2B0-7577-4417-AA05-E9F793…)

Imagine this, in those shorts and a tank top with the straps to their too small bra, showing. I want to kill myself.

No. 1276838


i made a reddit to do this, i expect to get a few angry dms from TIMs. I implore all my nonnies to do this if they're mindlessly bored, although the downside is you have to actually click on their profiles. I really thought you guys were overexaggerating how many of them are NSFW, definitely not a fetish tho, right?

No. 1276848

File: 1626314861089.jpeg (13.23 KB, 736x164, 5FF8990D-05E0-4864-9CC0-D0F02C…)

Then why in the fuck is she trying to grift by collabing with Arca? Lmao this bitch is insane, I truly can’t wait until she talks shit about them but I really think she won’t because she knows she’ll get extremely assblasted for hurting a troon’s feelings.

No. 1276849

…where have you been…?

No. 1276859

She has no problem calling gay men fags, though. I don't think anyone is off limits for Azealia

No. 1276879

You guys have too much free time but i do thank you for your service. This is honestly so funny lmao

No. 1276882

File: 1626320362394.png (6.15 MB, 2160x5852, transdiariesgendereuphoria.png)

Feeling gender euphoric, ladies? Make out with reflection in the mirror today?

No. 1276909

File: 1626322816835.png (5.3 MB, 2160x6750, transdiarieschasers.png)

And his unironic comic about chasers.

No. 1276912

Troons when someone doesn't want to have sex with them: why aren't you attracted to me?? It's just because I'm trans, isn't it?! Bigot!

troons when someone DOES want to have sex with them: why are you attracted to me?? It's just because I'm trans, isn't it?! Chaser!

No. 1276914

That thread is fucking disgusting. I hate them.

No. 1276918

How could they own themselves like this
Stop comparing black women to transwomen for five fucking seconds challenge.
Also their definition of fetish is wrong, that definition would mean every scrote who pumps and dumps has a "fetish" for women. What they describe is more like objectification or sexualization.
The problem with fetishes (and the difference between them and sexualization) is not that they don't like your personality uwu but that it's generally obsessive, (sometimes life-ruiningly so, think of guys who watch niche porn in Starbucks), escalating (only gets worse and worse) and imposed unwillingly onto strangers (e.g. furries or pedos inflicting their shit on unwilling participants).
Also all those fake conversations are dumb as fuck. Nobody talks like that (pineapple as an insult?) it's quite clear they are not equipped to give people life advice.

No. 1276922

File: 1626325097189.jpeg (43.33 KB, 574x555, A6BB2CCF-38E3-4DFA-893B-049E7E…)

Chasers just get euphoric from being with troons. Why do troons feel like they can invalidate them. Sometimes they might get boners but that’s just the happiness from being close to a man in a wig that is manifesting.

No. 1276923

Spent my commute doing this. Got some wiki articles on German war casualties and declining Christianity in the US in my DMs. Kek

No. 1276962

File: 1626333893586.png (10.8 KB, 242x244, godwhy.png)

No. 1276964

gay men are repulsive. i reckon we start calling women that cater to faggots handmaidens too. fags don't care about us either and never will(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1276969

How the fuck is this not a fetish. Why is society letting this happen.

No. 1276971

File: 1626337992946.jpg (603.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201230-052251_Chr…)

Don't underestimate the Christfag-to-troon pipeline. My childhood pastor became a "she/her" years ago (picrel isn't him).

No. 1276981

I absolutely agree. Fag hags are just another flavour of handmaiden and they’re just as stupid.

No. 1276984

I will never, ever understand this. Like, if you really believe a Godly relationship is between a man and woman based on the Bible, how do you also believe a man can become a woman or vice versa? It's so contradictory because it's simultaneously saying you believe in the Biblical idea of marriage and want to uphold that, but also saying that God makes mistakes which goes against the Bible at the same time. I just… Troon logic is not logic in any form.

No. 1276990

You know the US is SO fucking married to Christianity they'd rather be trans than homo? There's a reason troons peak in the US with homophobia being okay.

No. 1276993

All rise for the fag-hag national anthem(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1277005

Based. I cringe so hard when I see anyone here defending fags like their lives depend on it as if fags arent still misogynistic men like their straight counterparts.

No. 1277009

it's the terfs are conservatives baiters again?

No. 1277011

Yes. Ignore and report.

No. 1277022

lmao i got the same guy!

No. 1277025

Fag hags at it again. Remember, no gay man ever defended or stood up for lesbians when their spaces had been overtaken by trannies (and let's not forget that HSTS exist too). Embarassing how you still think there's any kind of solidarity between men and women just because they're gay. At the end, gay men only look out for themselves.

No. 1277027

oh it's a polilez. this fag hatred is a sure way to tell who's a political lesbian and who's not. sorry about your comphet

No. 1277030

Don't know why you would have such a large chip on your shoulder about gay men when heterosexual men are the worst offenders towards both lesbians and straight women unless you're genuinely homophobic trying to hide it under a thin veil of "manhate". Attacking gay men does absolutely nothing to get rid of troons colonizing female spaces and dropping edgy slurs just for the shock value is not only immature but also scrote level ground scorching aggression.

No. 1277031

political lesbians don't have to actually face homophobia so of course they would have nonchalant attitude about it. irony being that this person probably has had several years relationships with het men who, like you said, cause most problems towards women

No. 1277032

ntayrt but I'm a lesbian and don't hate men bc they're gay (and have had gay male friends), I hate them bc they're men lol. I don't need to be a homophobe to see thru the misogyny all men share.

No. 1277033

but do you go around frothing from the mouth about them? polilezzies do that, they're also the ones who are the most obsessed about other women's sex lives ie screeching about bihets or whatevers. they're way too invested in men and heterosexual dynamics

No. 1277039

>‘they’re way too invested in men and heterosexual dynamics’
this is such a good way of wording it and sums up basically every issue surrounding them. based anon

No. 1277040

A lot of troons are gay men. Gay men are still men and while they might not prey on women and lesbians the same way as heterosexual men do they make up for it by preying on children at a much higher rate than heterosexual men. Stop caping for homosexual men, they are not on our side and never will be.(stop posting bait)

No. 1277050

>dropping edgy slurs just for the shock value is not only immature but also scrote level ground scorching aggression
This is lolcow. If u want to censor every third word there's always reddit and tumblr for you.

No. 1277060

can you idiots just make a homosexual thread instead of clogging this one up? I want to read about trannys, not how you retards feel about gay men.

No. 1277065

yeah every troon had buffalo bill moment

No. 1277066

File: 1626359160677.jpg (536.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210715-101921_Boo…)

Speaking of "scrote level ground scorching aggression."

No. 1277071

Tempted to make an I_follow_violentAGPmen reddit account and follow him kek

No. 1277074

File: 1626360140544.png (2.88 MB, 2226x960, t4t.png)

The T4T tranny typology is quite interesting. I think they are Chasers that adopt a MTF identity. It's not uncommon that Chasers troonout and develop AGP themselves. I think the "I'm attracted to womanhood/femininity" is just a cope. At the end of the day they have to put their limp dick in a man's asshole. Kek.

No. 1277080

Go queen!

No. 1277086

I made one last night and within 30 minutes had about 6 or 7 separate guys seething in my DMs lmao.

No. 1277094

File: 1626361218553.jpg (362.3 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210715-175949_Red…)

No. 1277096

What the hell does he think that's going to do lol

No. 1277099

Chasers are actually downright very evil and malicious people. They are generally abusive in every department and extremely parasitic. For some reason, this doesn't bother troons that much at all. They'd rather get fired up and angry about "evil TERFs said something mean to me online!" and not genuinely evil, threatening men that hover around them.

No. 1277102

Just followed him on my new account. I wonder if he'll have an episode kek

No. 1277107

one of the more exhausting things about the terminally online is their insistence that all groups/movements they don't like are astroturfed or paid for by billionaires/the CIA. it's the exact same baseless argument as george soros paid protestors, russiagate, or any number of other conspiracies. not everything you don't like is an op, trannies. people genuinely do not like you and take issue with gender theory. cope.

No. 1277111

Post it when he does

No. 1277114

File: 1626362307672.jpg (397.03 KB, 810x2117, Screenshot_20210216-115911_Chr…)

Ted Kaczynski

No. 1277118

They will always protect cis men, no matter how creepy or evil, and attack cis women. Just jealous skinwalker things.

No. 1277119

File: 1626362550278.png (30.88 KB, 614x552, troon freakout.PNG)

He posted "Hey can I have your address?" a dozen times before this KEK. This freak is unhinged.

No. 1277120

Has he ever heard of a "please" and "thank you" i think that could really help him

No. 1277122

TIMs obsession with black women is legit disturbing. They have even more hatred & creepy entitlement toward their bodies than white women’s bodies, and that’s saying something. Just white moid things I guess.

No. 1277126

Also just moid things: bringing up your dick randomly when no one asked or cared.

No. 1277131

Lmao imagine bragging about your keyboard thugging for validation, old “I’ll kick your ass over the internet” looking ass kek

No. 1277141

They're desperately trying to find somebody to be "beneath" them and since they're still the same terminally online failed white males that grew up on the internet, they'll fall back to being racist to minorities to soothe their insecurities. Its all just cope and deflection.

No. 1277145

File: 1626364436017.jpeg (102.15 KB, 1193x845, troons are just sexual predato…)

Finish if off with rape threats in a true troon fashion lmao

No. 1277148

File: 1626364478270.jpg (12.78 KB, 206x206, profileIcon_mg42oikmjp671.jpg)

I'm surprised nobody's shared a pic of our dear Auntie Alice Kaczynski and his combover yet.

No. 1277154

this guy used to be an unironic brony too. he went by equestrianrepublican or something

No. 1277157

This nigga is BIG. Look how small that guitar looks. I own a fender and the body covers my waist/stomach kek.

No. 1277159

I wonder if his family and coworkers know what a violent, repulsive pervert he is.

No. 1277161

File: 1626366517172.png (52.8 KB, 373x437, troonfreakout_2.PNG)

samefag, this was in response to a "You da man" gif. His true and honest womansoul really shines through here!

No. 1277163

File: 1626367022600.jpg (25.38 KB, 769x638, 20201231_124914.jpg)

Kaczynski?! Jesus christ do they even hear themselves?

No. 1277166

Kaczynski wasn't even a troon, he was just ashamed of his sexual desires and wanted to become a eunuch. Him almost being pushed into troondom was one of the things that fueled his disdain for modernity.

No. 1277168

>let me suck your dick
Assuming the people that shit on them are homophobic straight dudes as a cope, without fail.

No. 1277169

Reddit does take threats like this seriously. You can report the specific threats he made towards you:


No. 1277170

File: 1626367800221.png (25.07 KB, 369x411, troonfreakout_3.PNG)

Once I said I was a woman he went straight into a "dumb whore, worthless whore, I'm more of a woman than you" tirade. These "people" are so predictable.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1277172

definitely Not A Man(tm)

No. 1277174

Not to mod but can y’all stop posting your reddit exploits it’s cowtipping

No. 1277180

Sure, I'll stop. Sorry, I was just in awe of how quickly these people go from throwing themselves a boo-hoo pity party to hastily writing out terrorist-esque screeds against online shitposters. Seeing it happen to others is one thing, but experiencing it for yourself is another kek

No. 1277181

File: 1626368841704.png (43.22 KB, 630x280, gdg.PNG)

They are not doing anything about it, they are just whining about it. It is actually getting to them. Seriously funny. They get offended by everything. "Their safe space" is being attacked lol
Either way, I don't know who is doing these accounts but I guess it is working in similar subs too.

No. 1277188

We appreciate the juicy receipts, reddit anon. Troons really keep outdoing themselves with the misogyny and gruesome threats.

No. 1277191

File: 1626369653762.png (692.37 KB, 722x875, dsdds.PNG)

Picture is the unclockable if you even believe that.

No. 1277195

Give him an address to a men’s only club

No. 1277196


Love how they do this "Be careful and stay safe!!! <3" when they're the ones screeching rape threats and "kill yourself you ugly bitch your father probably molested you you dumb cunt" messages to someone who did nothing else but followed them on Reddit.

No. 1277201

File: 1626370128615.jpeg (575.29 KB, 1668x1925, B3C6CE32-98A7-4ED4-9039-CD90E5…)

They they have no problem lapping this literal conservative hon’s money

No. 1277202

File: 1626370221471.png (939.61 KB, 1272x644, Screenshot (135).png)

How did people not realize that this was clearly a man, this is a ogre of a man built like a brickhouse
he's probably more masculine then 99% of males in this planet

No. 1277210

probably didn't realize his sheer mass on his videos, also the contour makeup make regular women look like trannies

No. 1277211

Simple; Most people myself included, until recently have never seen full body shots of this thing.
Combined with this whole drag queen make-up fad where everyone looks like a gay man having a midlife crisis, nobody really was looking hard enough. Also filters.

No. 1277212

what are polilez? I don’t understand this term

No. 1277213

political lesbians

No. 1277219

I would call him a man or man-like but I was told that I was a hater or I just didn't understand Dutch bodytypes kek. I called it years ago and I'm glad I was right

No. 1277221

His YouTube makeup tutorials were nearly all filmed alone from the neck up, so he just looked like a woman with masculine features under the heavy makeup. Full body shots next to actual women make it way more obvious.

No. 1277222

What the fuck

No. 1277227

File: 1626372946194.jpg (119.74 KB, 1080x2280, 20210715_211559.jpg)

We need to create a chat group with this guy

No. 1277228

i went and followed him

No. 1277239

His face looks like one of those woman fetish masks stretched over a male skull.

Heavy makeup, filters, careful angles and never seeing him in a full body shot or next to real women. There were local rumours about him being trans years before he came out, so people who met him IRL weren’t fooled. Most people simply knew better than to come right out and say it because the Netherlands is very trans-friendly and nobody wants to be impolite or, you know, lose their job.

Dutch women are on average only slightly taller than women in surrounding countries and no stockier or more masculine than German or Scandinavian women. Plus Nikki is huge even by Dutch male standards. Honestly all the “oh well how were we supposed to know, Dutch women look just like men” comments when he came out were pretty fucking offensive. As if a population suddenly loses all sexual dimorphism when they’re collectively a cm or two taller than average.

No. 1277243

File: 1626374142554.png (705.75 KB, 576x1104, Screenshots_2021-07-15-11-34-3…)

Kek I thought this was a troll until I checked his post history.

No. 1277246

Shave? Jfc men are so lazy

No. 1277254

I skimmed the last 4 threads and didn't see it so it might be further back than that, but there's this one blonde tranny (I think they were transitioned early like from childhood or put on blockers idr) who people always bring up to show how much trannys look like beautiful girls etc… But then their candids were posted and he had like line backer shoulders etc.

Does anyone know who I'm talking about and know the name or something? My friend thinks some trannys make "beautiful women" cos all he sees is the shopped porn types, so I want to show him a good example of internet vs reality kek and I can't think of a better one than that

No. 1277256

File: 1626375177556.jpg (205.08 KB, 911x988, 1553263561642.jpg)

Anon are you talking about contrapoints?

No. 1277258

I almost want to make an account named penisaremaleandsoareyou. kek

No. 1277263

File: 1626375571323.jpg (151.18 KB, 900x1200, 1562949902410.jpg)

Kim Petras?

No. 1277266

I've been partaking in this campaign as well and they replies I get are not very ladylike. I get so many violent threats kek. And also a lot of "I DON'T CARE! I'M NOT HURT!". Though I'm starting to feel a bit bad even though they're gross misogynists and they don't deserve my sympathy. Guess I'm not cut out for this.

No. 1277278

File: 1626375981594.png (1.96 MB, 2296x792, blair.png)

Blair White is also a good example of this.

No. 1277279

File: 1626376056430.jpg (114.67 KB, 600x2084, c00.jpg)

Lighten up. Simply following a bunch of troons then posting their spergfests for the lulz isn't a huge deal unless you actively engage with them/link them here. If they decide to DFE and leave Reddit because someone with a twansphobic username started following them, good. Troon cows are a dime a dozen anyway. This is karma coming back to bite them in their girldicks for getting GC and other feminist subs banned.

No. 1277282

It’s telling how anons are trolling these guys in the mildest way possible and still feel bad whereas when they troll us, they spam us with explicit cp and gore for days on end and feel totally fine, probably even aroused.

No. 1277285

Seconding this. Read the rules and stop touching the poop you speds.

By no means am I trying to defend trannies here. Fuck with them as much as you want, just don't post about it. Your embarrassing attempts to "own" the cows are not milk. It's also not milk if you have to directly fuck with the cow to get it.

No. 1277286

Big keks thanks for your help anons. After doing some more searches I think it was Emma Ellingsen, and I found some discussion around thread 12 involving that but I don't see the candids so I'll have to keep looking. I think some of them were with family/childhood so maybe mods deleted for privacy reasons or something

No. 1277287

Fuck I dropped my sage sorry all

No. 1277306

File: 1626378048566.jpg (280.7 KB, 1200x1200, 72901368-1.jpg)

If it's Emma Ellingsen you're thinking of, there's no need to dig for candids when picrel pops up on the first page of google results. Even if I didn't know he was a troon I'd automatically assume something was off based on the size of his head and neck, square shoulders and clearly male hairline. Youth and editing apps are the only things he's got going on for him right now, but it's going to get much worse with age. Watch his parents buy him balloon tits and 30 other bimbofication surgeries that'll only enhance his maleness as soon as he's old enough.

No. 1277310

Samefag as >>1277279 I haven't participated in the Reddit fuckery personally, but if no one is alerting these troons to this thread or to lolcow.farm, is it actually cowtipping? And if you don't respond to them when they message you, does it actually break rule 4? Or 5.3 if you post the caps? Genuinely curious. Creating a Reddit account just to follow a handful of ugly trannies, then documenting their meltdowns seems like a fairly benign source of milk as long as you don't engage with them at all beyond that.

No. 1277317

4 and 5.3, anon. It's brigading.

No. 1277321

Anon you're reaching tbh. He looks like a pretty good looking Scandinavian girl. I'm pretty good at clocking troons and i think i'd have trouble clocking this guy. It's ok to admit they pass sometimes, it doesn't mean they're actually female.

No. 1277323

Is it really worth cowtipping some random crazy guy? What’s the goal? He seems pretty unstable and may just take out his rage on women in his life.

No. 1277326

so botched so young

No. 1277327

You must be blind

No. 1277328

people are always blaming women for male violence huh

that asshole is some neet hikikomori

No. 1277330

File: 1626379124129.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 15.22 KB, 192x262, 13860784-CE96-48AF-837E-3B7CD7…)

What? NTA but this person looks extremely masculine to me. Square jaw, hard features, no curves, very little body fat where a woman would normally have it. Does long blonde hair + skinny = “good looking Scandinavian girl” to you automatically? Because I’m straining hard to find a single feminine feature here. Here’s what I’d consider an attractive Scandinavian woman for reference.

No. 1277332

Cope. He passes well.

No. 1277333

>Square jaw, hard features, no curves, very little body fat

I'm sorry but… you just described scandinavian women lol

No. 1277334

Oh please, it’s not “blaming” anyone to question the point of cowtipping a mentally ill Reddit troon

No. 1277337

Why would that hurt my feelings. I'm not defending him or anything

No. 1277340

Is quietly following an account technically brigading? What troons got up to on r/gendercritical, now that was brigading. Hell, what they get up to on this thread from time to time is brigading. What's happening on Reddit right now is just a few dozen troons making mountains out of molehills because some account called ifollowmen or youwillneverbeawoman started following them.

No. 1277343

File: 1626379803583.jpeg (173.71 KB, 1000x1000, james charles2.jpeg)

He passes the exact same way James Charles does in a long wig and similar clothes. Just be skinny, young and paint yourself an entirely different face from what you were born with. Throw in some lip fillers to be sure.
You could even argue the popularity/proliferation of this drag queen derived aesthetic in the mainstream was a massive psyop to help these sorts of troons fit in better. The more separated biological women make themselves look from anything realistically female, the easier it becomes for gay guys to join in on the cosplay.

No. 1277344

When did i say scandinavian women look like men

No. 1277345

File: 1626379851777.jpg (272.46 KB, 1200x1738, emma.jpg)

Meh. He's got youth on his side but honestly this looks like a little boy if you take away the long hair. Even with long hair, there are tons of celebrity's sons who look like this. Give it a couple of years and he will grow into an adult man like all the others. Men can have a babyface for a long time, especially with puberty blockers but eventually they all hit the wall and start looking like grown ass men.

No. 1277346

You sound just like the troons who sperg over black women. I guess we can add Scandinavian women to the list of women who don’t “pass” as well as troons in their deluded (dilated) minds kek

No. 1277355

File: 1626380474757.jpeg (36.45 KB, 470x640, james-charles.jpeg)

Samefagging to add a pic of JC with no makeup.
Like…this is why I can't honestly say "pass" to twinks in IG makeup. You're literally wearing a womanface mask. If AGPers put in the same work ethic and humility as HSTS, many of them could also "pass" (brolic shoulders/builds aside), but they'd rather just guilt trip people into pretending to see them as women.

No. 1277359

I'm AYRT and I agree he passes fine at first glance but if you look closer there are things about him that maybe don't scream male, but still look extremely sus. And that's only going to last before he inevitably slides down the passability scale in 5 years or so. And to think he's the best of the best of what troons have to offer. Pretty sad, really.

No. 1277360

>When did i say scandinavian women look like men
Uh,here >>1277333 when you said Scandinavian women were square jawed with hard features
>I'm sorry but… you just described scandinavian women lol
Who cares if this particular troon passes, he's still a man. And comparing his features to Scandinavian women's features is basically the same thing as comparing Scandinavian women to men.

No. 1277363

he honestly looks like my male classmates in 6th grade, it's uncanny valley

No. 1277365

Uhhh saying someone has a sqaure jaw =/= saying they look like a man… sorry but I think the problem is with you anon…

No. 1277367

File: 1626380980905.png (677.05 KB, 708x841, boi.png)

Thats cause without the hair he looks just like any other young scandinavian high school boy

No. 1277369

>Who cares if this particular troon passes, he's still a man.
I literally said that exact thing didn't i?

No. 1277370

The nonnies who think this guy passes need to see an opthalmologist ASAP. He's clearly male.

No. 1277371

File: 1626381179620.jpg (46.22 KB, 990x556, 2105eemeliJS-990x556.jpg)

seriously, he makes me think about emil i lönnenberga. maybe those who aren't from nordics can't see it but he looks like a typical young boy

No. 1277377

>You sound just like the troons who sperg over black women. I guess we can add Scandinavian women to the list of women who don’t “pass” as well as troons in their deluded (dilated) minds kek
Troons have saying similar shit about Slavic women on 4chan, about how "mannish" slavic women are, how they look basically like TIMs anyway

No. 1277383

>Uhhh saying someone has a sqaure jaw =/= saying they look like a man… sorry but I think the problem is with you anon…
Kek you didn't say someone has a square jaw, nonita. You said an entire group of women have square jaws, which is how this troon is able to pass as an average Scandinavian women. Square jaw lines are a pretty universally masculine feature… do some women have them? Sure. Do they look like men? No. But you really did say an entire female ethnic group was square jawed, hard featured and curve-less, which makes them indistinguishable from a fortunate looking troon.

No. 1277386

I'd be interested to see them fighting over it with /pol/tards who think slavic girls are the most beautiful and docile of european women (bullshit obv but still it'd be funny to see incels and trooncels duke it out over their dumbass takes on women)

No. 1277387

But i also said he passes well as a WOMAN. If i said he looked like a man and then followed it up by saying scandinavian women look similar, then yeah that'd be implying scandinavian women look like men. Elsa hosk has a square jaw but she's still very beautiful, and definitely looks female. So i dom't see what the problem is

No. 1277388

A very, very small percentage of trannies pass and look pretty. So what? Move on.

No. 1277390

are you from scandinavia, i'm curious

No. 1277393

File: 1626383034487.jpg (37.51 KB, 640x467, Content_marketing_meme_-_pedal…)

No. 1277397

Lmao ok anon. Thanks for the laugh

No. 1277405

File: 1626384268254.jpg (153.39 KB, 681x383, Euphoria-Jules-Hunter-Schafer.…)

This >>1277306 anon is right you know. Hunter Schafer is already ageing like a man at 22 years old. Emma Elligsen is only 19, he'll grow into his man features within a couple years.

No. 1277413

File: 1626384663263.png (759.54 KB, 678x875, ugh.PNG)

I don't know if anyone is interested but this popped up on my facebook this morning. I went to read the comments but unfortunately they were moderated pretty well and I didn't find the supposed "trolls" people were talking about.

No. 1277418

Shut the fuck up. faggots rape little kids and ruin the fashion industry. We hate them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1277420

samefag but they've now limited who can comment on the post. I guess they couldn't handle differing opinions. And most if not all of the comments I read were from cis women which as usual is disappointing

No. 1277431

File: 1626385783314.jpg (47.46 KB, 614x610, 09bc416802d091f2303bc91402ab96…)

>>1277405 he looks like shit, look at these brows. He just had his boobs done but the face is the same.

No. 1277437

not Emilllllll
Lol, Scandinavian women do not look like men. Like…

Also, you cant pass as a woman from pictures alone. Many "passing" mtf's are very male in motion. He passes as an androgynous woman here, like a very skinny model, not a regular Scandinavian girl.

No. 1277439

samefagging. It's almost like the ones who transition early in life pass the best under a certain age, then the male DNA kicks in regardless of hormones.

No. 1277442

File: 1626386319784.jpg (43.99 KB, 720x316, 20210715_175404.jpg)


If a transwoman's brain isn't female and their body isn't biologically female either, then what is it that makes them a woman and not a man? Really makes you think.

No. 1277443

File: 1626386366383.png (153.13 KB, 950x560, kek.PNG)

No. 1277444

dropped my comment, but I guess they're gonna start turning against the 3 cis lesbians left

No. 1277447

File: 1626386608886.png (657.36 KB, 1040x519, Screenshot.png)

I always defended Nikkie and tried to stop myself from thinking negative things about "her" because I'm tall myself and thought "she's so much taller, so just how horrible must've been school for her blabla" but then it turns out to be a man, and I just feel wronged…

I know that I don't have it as bad as black women, but as a tall women with strong features I'm definitely both pissed off at troons for insinuating we are the same and also worried that if the trans craze turns even bigger people will start getting suspicious of any woman who doesn't look perfectly small and feminine.

No. 1277448

this is honestly fucking hilarious i love it

No. 1277450

File: 1626386886205.jpg (16.8 KB, 252x254, G56GSFG4KA.jpg)

I don't understand how someone can glorify these botched shitty trannies, they look so old and creepy.

No. 1277454

Nikkie is just one of those stealth dating unhinged troons you sometimes see on r/mtf. Didnt he not tell his bf till they were engaged that he was actually trans? That's so fucked up.

No. 1277457

>I'm this close to deleting this account
Samefag but good. Atleast one less kid to groom and lesbian to harass and coerce online.

No. 1277460

File: 1626387497765.png (487.61 KB, 829x632, ballisticbutch.png)

I don't know what the spoilsport anons are on about, this is even funnier than the superstraight shit. I'm legitimately in tears from laughing at them s-shaking and c-crying over user I_follow_men following them kek.

Also took a tour to r/actuallesbians to see more of their butthurt and jesus christ people weren't kidding when they said it's just a transbian haven. There's literally more tranny memes than lesbian content. And here's an ex-military, diagnosed bipolar ma'am posting in a lesbian fitness sub meant for women to share their muscle building progress getting more upvotes and yaas giirrlls than any female user there.

No. 1277462

File: 1626387551418.jpeg (101.58 KB, 633x950, 2544542-big.jpeg)

Yeah and guess who this look appeals to? Hiring puberty-blocked males as models, because they look most like underage girls. It's sick.

No. 1277465

Just came across this guy's channel and I'm kinda new to seeing that Trans is a bunch of bullshit after reading a bit on the studies done by Ray Blanchard. Meanwhile I came across this channel and I'll admit that I thought it was a woman at first until I heard his voice. Never mind that I don't know any self-respecting woman who portray themselves like this in general but is this guy a good example of Autogynephilia even though he's a gay man?

No. 1277466

Kinda ot but Why do redditors always refer to their wives as "the wife", never "my wife" as if she's something insentient like "the house" or "the computer"? I've never seen a female redditor refer to her husband the same way.

No. 1277468

>I'm in there
Kek, nice. Hopefully this makes a few troons delete

How does he look so rough at only 22? I thought estrogen made men age more gracefully.

No. 1277469

I only watched like 2 seconds, but he's probably not AGP. Gay troons are usually referred to as Homosexual Transexuals (HSTS).

If you want quintessential AGP look up Kevin (Kathryn) Gibes or Julia Serrano

I think it's just a boomer/older white male thing. So many of them use "the wife" "the kid" "the boy" "the girl" to refer to close family. Never seen any other demo use it.

No. 1277471

Gotta love when homophobes trot out the same "g-gays are pedophiles!!1!!" argument every time they run out of other options, even though that argument has been debunked countless times.

No, polilez-chan (who is probably actually a troon trying to make us look homophobic) pedophiles are not "disproportionately gay," because pedophiles who target boys are rarely interested in adult men.[2] Pedophilia is a paraphilia specifically involving children, and most pedophiles don't care about the gender of the child[2] because they're aroused solely by the idea of having power over another person and "destroying" their "innocence." It's why male pedophiles are often married to women regardless of the gender(s) of their victims.

In any case, the vast, vast majority of CSA victims are females targeted by males they know personally[1] (typically a family member.) If you purport to hate men and love women so much, why are you caping for the minority of male CSA victims when most of the survivors are female? If you believe men are so horrible that even gay ones are worth hating, why do you care so much that men are raping boys? According to your logic, little boys are still ~evil males~ and not worthy of basic human decency.


No. 1277473

File: 1626388235130.jpg (896.53 KB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210715_153010227.j…)

Holy shit, this one is actually legit terrifying. Praying for his wife.

No. 1277475

This gave me a good laugh kek

No. 1277478

I like whenever a transwoman gets pwned they assume it's another male doing it, noticed this in another screenshot above

No. 1277479

>explosive anger
>pathological lying
>collecting guns
>trooning out
Honestly if a woman stays with a guy through all that, it's natural selection if she gets turned into a skin suit. Straight women seriously need to get higher standards.

No. 1277481

Hahaha holy shit, I love the is typing at the bottom as he rages on. Reminder these are the people we are supposed to be sharing changing and bathing areas with.

No. 1277482

>She will never be as much of a woman as we are
Hearty kek, I will surely not achieve the levels of womanhood an angry cis male can, this is true.

No. 1277484

>your embarrassing attempts to own the cows are not milk

Nothing embarrassing about it, in fact it's perfect evidence that "ladybrain" isn't real and these are violent males who are extremely easily set off. Maybe why you don't like to see it perhaps?

No. 1277486

File: 1626389417355.png (250.71 KB, 998x937, die.png)

Seriously, report him. This is disgusting and frightening.

No. 1277489

>Anon you're reaching tbh. He looks like a pretty good looking Scandinavian girl.

He's pretty, but he looks like a gay male in 90s fashion.

No. 1277498

File: 1626389955142.jpg (1.51 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210715_155020152.j…)

The sheer number of troons on this sub is depressing. Women get shamed and accused of looking like men just for being muscular all the time. Lesbians get accused of wanting to be men just for being muscular all the time. And then of course, they also have to deal with actual men posting their flabby male bodies all over their sub… it's like adding insult to injury.

No. 1277501

Even after plastic surgery he legit looks like Brad Dourif. Good for him I guess, since that's the closest he'll ever get to being a talented actor.
>hot orc lesbian
Well, he got one of those things right.

No. 1277505

There's a bit of that >>1277211 but for people like me and many others who saw what he looked like next to other women in his own videos and in pictures not taken by him, many people suspected it. I think there were a shit ton of people mentioning it way before he came out on guru gossip. Literally the first time I saw him was in his video with Kim K, I thought I was being sexist towards tall, fat girls when my first thought was that he was probably a tranny, at least until I saw full body pictures of him kek.

No. 1277516

File: 1626392815602.png (19.97 KB, 464x212, wimps.png)

>it's distressing
Lmfao are you kidding me. For people who think they have 'female brain' they sure dont have the mental fortitude

No. 1277520

Don't click any links they send you, they could be IP phishing

No. 1277523

>I don't know what the spoilsport anons are on about, this is even funnier than the superstraight shit.

honestly, it's the low effort immature pettiness of it and the fact that they still get so devastated about it. i guess it's also a reality check since they are used to their hugbox.

No. 1277526

That is a man, looks like a man and will always be a man. Dilate and buy some glasses.

No. 1277534

ikr most of the time they have to send themselves hatemail so they could play victim in their hugbox, but when they actually get unwanted comments it's just…people following them with silly usernames

No. 1277552

File: 1626397479918.jpeg (69.56 KB, 1200x675, download (5).jpeg)

Picrel for the actual solution kek

Clearly they don't want to be actual women because online harassment like rape threats and death threats from unhinged men (y'know beyond petty gifs and catty insults from TERFs online) is just one component of being female online.
I just wish other women would realize that they are never treated like women by their own volition and that they want to remain the untouchable and protected class that they currently are.

No. 1277582


No. 1277585

Half of troons say autogynephilia doesn't exist, and the other half say autogynephilia is normal for women to have.

[speech 3/100] give me your address so I can rape you

No. 1277600

You're encouraging each other to interact directly with a community of cows. It's brigading.

Those miserable coomers produce plenty of milk on their own. They don't need our help to do it.

No. 1277604

File: 1626404756024.jpg (469.56 KB, 1080x1166, SmartSelect_20210715-230551_Re…)


Wow.. what a fucking shame for that one guy.

No. 1277610

He feels like custom made to appeal to Pedo's, boys that haven't gone though puberty and looks like a teen boy with long is a pedos dream come true

No. 1277611

Send him a McDonald’s address and tell him they’re hiring.

No. 1277624

this guy has become way more obnoxious and desperate in his attention seeking. he posted a "thirst trap" the other day and got ratio'd by people responding with "i'd murder him" so he ran off to reddit to be reassured by other ugly troons.
i've posted about him before but this is Abigail Beck who left his ex partner and children in order to larp as a woman online. chronic victim and whiner, is always poor and too disabled to do anything expected of him (like get a job or raise his children) he survives on government welfare yet is constantly buying new (male) toys, clothes, swords and other worthless garbage. these traits should almost be 100% expected of trannies at this point

until about a month ago he was completely uninformed about terfs but has made at least a handful of violent tweets about them since then. believes that "terfs hate women more than anyone else". believes that the wi spi controversy is made up by terfs in order to inflict violence against transwomen. believes that young girls should be taught to not stare at mens naked bodies instead

obsessively talks about his tiny moobs and his desire for implants - which of course is being funded by his community of likeminded agps

No. 1277625

File: 1626407999637.png (638.24 KB, 738x828, E5bXiz8VcAMJS7d.png)

No. 1277627

AS IF a cis woman who looked this unfortunate wouldn’t get twice as much abuse on Twitter, and without a hugbox full of handmaidens to fall back on.

No. 1277634

So saying that outfit is trash is literal violence kek and good god those pants need to be burned

No. 1277635

YES lol

No. 1277659

>Toga in their banner
fucking predictable lel

No. 1277676

upvote, really?

No. 1277678

I hate this page sm

No. 1277679

for real

No. 1277689

File: 1626417741733.png (534.33 KB, 1020x671, nooo.PNG)

Shopping for bras and at this point it is expected. God I wish I could filter this shit out. I can't imagine what shopping for bra and panties will be like in the future in person….

No. 1277692

mb the screenshot is his own i just took it from his twitter

No. 1277694

Imagine trying on a swimsuit or a bra in a store knowing a troons dick might touched it before

No. 1277717

File: 1626423275763.jpg (504.29 KB, 810x1581, Screenshot_20210716-040657_Chr…)

No. 1277718

Anon why would you say this. Wow never trying on clothing again. Absolutely tainted

No. 1277719

File: 1626423896114.jpg (583.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210716-042038_Chr…)

>"Now I'm a lot more aware of trans women's struggles too and I no longer see it as the easy version of womanhood, actually think the opposite now."


No. 1277720

Every time they post something absolutely delusional ramblings like this I can't help but thank them for peaking more people. How can they even blame "terfs" when any sane person seeing this realizes that they're clinically insane and projecting like their lives depended on it? Even during my TRA days I still found transbians to be creepy and predatory and that was years ago when the mask wasn't completely off like it is now.

No. 1277723

his hair looked healthier before troonin out.

No. 1277724

File: 1626425027119.png (137.49 KB, 1094x845, based weeb.png)

lol the weeb that went crazy on twitter about anime translations and troons said it the best

No. 1277730

He looks exactly like Yaniv here

No. 1277736

This is such a good self own. Getting big mad is "affirming masculinity" for those in the closet, yet its the loudest and proudest terf haters who are the most violent.

No. 1277739

>I blame them for many of our suicides
Aw thank you, truly

No. 1277749

Where/when is this from? He got banned from twitter iirc. Btw his way of wording things is very distinctive

No. 1277752

File: 1626432191334.jpg (154.28 KB, 1080x807, Screenshot_20210716-064224_Chr…)

they lie so easily and so often that it's truly disgusting

No. 1277759

And naturally they don't have to offer any proof. They could go off claiming that terves eat trans babies and live in underground caves and it would be accepted as the gospel truth.

No. 1277762

The corrective sexual TERF abuse only happens in his sexual fantasies.

No. 1277769

>sexual abuse: not licking my rotting hole
>physical abuse: not letting me wear her clothes
>corrective punishments: correcting me when I refer to myself as a lesbian

No. 1277770

Good lord they're really an extreme example of can dish out but can't take it.
>invade and take over women's and lesbian spaces
>send schizo death and rape threats to others
>can't handle being followed by an user called "I follow men"
The truth hurts that much huh.

No. 1277781

File: 1626436578145.jpg (211.24 KB, 1241x1534, qDWLomd.jpg)

The fragile male ego

No. 1277782

File: 1626436609031.jpg (109.27 KB, 1241x733, Pgov6kR.jpg)


No. 1277784

Absolutely nothing about the women constantly harassed and stalked by men just for posting in women's subs or simply existing as a woman on Reddit. Nothing about the endless misogynistic subs like r/pussypassdenied. But follow some deranged men with fetishes while having a silly username and they leap to action immediately. Holy shit I hate Reddit.

No. 1277785

Also why must the followers always be Terfs in their eyes, could perfectly be men trolls, they actually create the most memes about that.

No. 1277788

>Let misogynistic subs and posts stay up and simply shrug at them saying your hands are tied
>Couple of trolls follow violent, unhinged troons to fuck with them
>A solution to prevent this is implemented in two days
Classic leddit.

No. 1277791

It took them like a day and a half to change a huge Reddit function because some trannies felt offended. Reddit can't get any more male-centred than this, holy shit.

No. 1277793

>i've posted about him before but this is Abigail Beck who left his ex partner and children in order to larp as a woman online. chronic victim and whiner, is always poor and too disabled to do anything expected of him (like get a job or raise his children
The fact that no one gives troons shit for this kind of behavior is just proof that even the most servile libfems don't actually consider them as women. Same with how GameStop Macho Ma'am Tranny Savage and all the other troons who had public retail hulkouts were never once called "Karens".

>that bodybuilder pose
I'm in tears. What in the world was he thinking?

No. 1277802

Yes and the UK is literally called "TERF Island" and has now banned HRT for under-16s. Trans heath care is totally incompatible with our health care system and even a Labour govt will set up independent inquiries into whether or not these costly surgeries are worth it because the NHS is a financial black hole into which we throw our taxes.

No. 1277805


The courts, which aren't subject to twitter woke logic ruled that under 16s can't consent to puberty blockers. Especially as puberty starts on average about 11 or something nowadays.

No. 1277807

Too bad the rest of society has to bend to the whims of this rich asshole. autistic people are psychotic and dangerous.

No. 1277811

looks like a little boy. some bacha bazi shit

No. 1277817

GOD could you imagine going out like this in public? I would die if I looked like this / was seen out anywhere with someone who looked like this.

No. 1277818

File: 1626442199187.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x2142, 17D35C99-AFC3-4338-8BB9-1AB369…)

Oh come on. Just a tiny bit of effort.

No. 1277827

File: 1626443503421.jpg (82.86 KB, 540x720, va0s8ev106e31[1].jpg)

Posted by a transbian in the r/actuallesbians sub, of course. I feel so sorry for my lesbian friends

No. 1277835

File: 1626444135301.png (313.39 KB, 2476x992, tttt.png)

Reposting this rare glimpse of sanity from /lgbt/

No. 1277836

File: 1626444207928.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.19 MB, 1242x1782, B688ED0D-D0D8-4B2D-A100-2F01BE…)

Women do not let their shit hang out like this. It’s inappropriate. If they want to try and compare it to women’s breasts being visible, they’re secondary sexual organs and not genitalia. So many of my friends liked/shared this. I hate it.

No. 1277838

Incredible. A delight to read in this thread, for once

No. 1277840

That sub only started as a reaction to the /r/lesbians sub being porn and now this one is also full of men posting coomer shit. Infuriating.

No. 1277852

>Anime catered towards men
>"Cis" woman is the one making moves
>TIM is shy subby wubby uwu
>Post in r/actuallesbians has nothing to do with lesbians
Every time.

No. 1277855


Big kek! That's such a fkn clever idea I'm actually kinda jealous.

No. 1277858

Seeing these two images after each other is so jarring.
Always remember that the guys behind the uwu animu avatars look like that selfie.

No. 1277860


So like, there's no way men post that shit except to get off on the idea of women being forced to look at it. It's a shitty, pointless review and the pic doesn't actually help anything. Just exposing themselves to women to get them all euphoric and pop a boner.

No. 1277861

File: 1626447635971.png (1.99 MB, 1846x1000, wtf.png)

I lurk /lgbt. They're alright. Some threads are hilarious and they're more transphobic than the worst terfs.

We should make a thread about AI generated/filtered/photoshopped troons becasue this shit is getting out of hand. Like wtf is this and why are coomers falling for it.

No. 1277864

This was actually very well worded and I feel like someone got out what I have been thinking

No. 1277866

>those "boobs" sticking out upright
this yet again proves how men have no absolutely no idea about female anatomy or about how our bodies work, no matter how much of a woman they claim to be themselves

No. 1277867

Why is he wearing underwear in the pool? It's just accentuating his junk. Even men's speedos are thick and tight enough to hide the dick outline. A cis guy's entire dick showing at the pool is already socially unacceptable so why do these weird trannies do it? Like why do they think it doesn't apply to their nasty dicks too?

No. 1277873

They know, they just don’t care/want to make others uncomfortable

No. 1277881

File: 1626449846285.png (1.71 MB, 1682x882, svjvj.png)

This is a family where the mom is an FtM (Ahanu), and the dad is an MtF (Petrona).
Here's the MtF trying to breastfeed the baby. He calls them "my baby" right in front of the actual mother while she looks completely dissociated/detached, and says though he's unable to breastfeed right now, he's "still feeling hopeful". I feel so bad for this child.

No. 1277884

File: 1626450321508.png (2.7 MB, 1080x1794, Screenshot_20210716-124303_(1)…)

>my entire life I've been harassed by the cis/hetero world

Yeah I fucking wonder why that could be

No. 1277885

Is this the "Little girls are kinky" guy?

No. 1277886

The description of the "mommydom gf" is spot on and I've always been saying this. Like in this image >>1277827 the tranny is expecting the "cis woman" to be a dutiful maid forcefully dedicating themselves to pamper them while the troon is a passive receiver of these services. The point about the eternal quest to escape The Chads is scarily accurate too, greasy AGPs seethe so hard over early transitioners who look more effeminate than their 28-year old brickhouse selves.

Kafkaesque. Absolutely horrifying.

No. 1277888

But then how will he get his male privilege??

No. 1277889

Yup, that's him

No. 1277890

Yeah, he's posted a lot here. It's almost low hanging fruit at this point.

No. 1277891

File: 1626450937270.jpg (71.9 KB, 250x247, 891017-5bc2cba1cdc4bc60b3be95a…)

Trying to feed a newborn with moob milk. What the fuck is wrong with him?

No. 1277893

He's a pedo, like most of them.

No. 1277894

File: 1626451140505.png (616.11 KB, 669x484, penis.png)

A man wearing a speedo, that's so woke.

No. 1277895

sage for OT, but an anon in one of the previous threads a couple months back a similar excellent level post regarding why some "masculine" males Transition, mostly as a reaction to their belief that they they somehow failed at being men at some point, it went something like how these types of male present a hyper masculine image to cover up their own personal insecurities, however you can't maintain that image forever and they slip up at some point. but instead of dealing with their emotions properly they go for the retarded conclusion that they weren't ever real men in the first place and define come to an end where they think they were women
If an anon could post a screenshot of that post, I'd be grateful

No. 1277898

>I've heard horror stories about the bodily assaults these women have made against trans people.
>TERFs have always scared the absolute crap out of me. Transphobic men are dumb and ignorant but the terfs are legit evil.

all terfs said again and again is that they see troons as men and therefore don't want them in their spaces because they feel scared of them - yet at the same time these terfs also supposedly physically attack the men they're so scared of…?
and i bet the other comments are all cis men validating "her" hatred of cis women.

No. 1277903

>They mean to imply that the term “trans women” is a category of women.
Is fake women a category of women or do we have to put fakewomen to disambiguate. lmao.

No. 1277905

This man isn't on any hormones or lactation-inducing medication, so thankfully he can't produce any toxic galactorrhea moob juice. Though that makes it all the more obvious that he's having that poor baby suck on his nipple solely to validate his identuhtee, and shows that he gives zero fucks about the poor thing.

Why did the mother even have her tit lopped off in the first place? If she was fine with going through pregnancy and childbirth without self-terminating, why not breastfeed the poor child she insisted on bringing into this world?

No. 1277907

File: 1626452831176.png (1.82 MB, 1080x1488, Screenshot_20210716-132257_(1)…)

One of my mutuals posted this in their story, if I didn't enjoy their art so much I'd just unfollow. Same user shared that alokvmenon post in their story as well, gag.

No. 1277908

child abuse

No. 1277911

This could easily be a Sasha Baron Cohen character. scrolling down I thought it was/hoped it was

No. 1277914

do these people have any hobbies or interests or like, stuff to fix around the house? they have way too much time on their hands

No. 1277916

Sammy’s video on the Wi Spa incident

No. 1277917

The dude staring lovingly at the baby while the mother was just there in pain, worried if it was going to cry or not and she even had to ask him to help her move and then ask him to pass the newborn to her so she could do skin to skin. This was so wretched to watch. I don’t know which one is worse, him or her.

Imagine all the energy this newborn was exerting trying to suck on nothing.

No. 1277919

No. Almost all of these people are NEETs who live off their long suffering parents/spouse and do nothing but coom and talk about themselves on social media all day.

Awful plastic surgery, filter overuse, or both?

>I don’t know which one is worse, him or her.
The real villain in this situation is CPS for not taking that poor child away from them.

No. 1277923

I don't think the real mom can, I assume getting top surgery to cut your tits off means you can't breastfeed. maybe she had that done before realizing she wanted to have a baby.

No. 1277925

File: 1626454136019.png (2.57 MB, 2560x1582, Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 9.41…)

you can see the pain in her eyes

No. 1277936

How was she able to get pregnant in the first place? I thought taking T would render you infertile? She has that bloated fakeboi body that they almost all have after long term T so I’m assuming she’s been one it for years at least.

No. 1277937

What in the Brandon Rogers…

No. 1277938

Why in god's name is he biting his lip

No. 1277940

I think you know why

No. 1277968

It’s all a part of the fetish anon. That poor child. There is no nutrition in whatever might secrete from his putrid tit.

No. 1277981

File: 1626459552580.jpg (86.21 KB, 913x486, 1.jpg)

I'm so fucking sick of these AGPs. That's now how women work. We don't get turned on by wearing a skirt.

No. 1278006

I have never heard of a woman getting turned on my wearing revealing clothes. Do they think a women thinking she looks sexy = being turned on by herself?

No. 1278010

File: 1626460453959.jpg (191.54 KB, 1078x1345, 20210716_202827.jpg)

They're not even trying to hide it anymore.

No. 1278015

the way this greasy ass moid is biting his lip makes me want to a-log. this poor poor child.

No. 1278026

Is it safe for a woman who has been transitioning long enough to have a mustache and double mastectomy to carry a baby? Doesn't testosterone cause permanent changes to the female reproductive system?

No. 1278027

Shouldn't it read "IS they getting milk?"

No. 1278031

Anon, Nikkie looks like Dara O'Brian in a wig, if the fiancé hadn't figured it out by himself then hes a tard (or he did and hes just a chaser)

No. 1278040

The children of the East German female athletes who were secretly doped often had a laundry list of physical and mental issues. I expect the same will be true for the children born to fakebois, unfortunately. Not that these women care, since being able to live out their fantasy of being a kawaii mpreg uke XDDD overrides any concern they might've had for their child.

No. 1278053

They say this as if they don't constantly punish innocent random people for no reason. "Sexual abuse"? Really? From the crowd who pressure lesbians into sex, force their straight spouses to have sex with them post surgery, have a gigantic percentage of pedophiles, and force the public to get in on their weird kinks? Fuck outta here.

Saged for ranting

No. 1278068

File: 1626462950046.png (438.43 KB, 598x516, body hair.png)

wish I could get internet strangers to pay for my body hair removal

I've upvoted/liked things so I could find them later, some reddit apps store that for you

No. 1278079

You’re more hopeful than me. I think this will never be subject to study.

No. 1278082

T isn't instant death to your uterus and eggs, the way E completely nukes semen. A woman can reverse within 2~3 years if drastic action (Hysterectomy/Pork Sword attached ) has not been taken. I'm not drunk today so why am I fucking everything up.

No. 1278083

>let r/lesbians be a porn sub
>can't be arsed dealing with the women who want it for years
>lesbians create their own sub
>let's it get overrun with porn addicted males

We can't win with these people. I guarantee if those fucking troons suddenly has an issue with r/lesbians not being a sub for lesbians that shit would be fixed immediately. They never cry transphobia when the problem is porn, says a lot really

No. 1278086

Of course, the liberals find new ways to try and legalise peadophilia

Heres one way

No. 1278087


God trans people are fucking grim

No. 1278088

Is anyone else morbidly curious and also horrified on how the children of transgender parents will turn out?

No. 1278091

>bloated body
nonita she just had a baby jfc

No. 1278097

File: 1626464983306.gif (1.54 MB, 400x225, BPG02k.gif)

No. 1278126

File: 1626466108957.jpg (25.97 KB, 256x389, Kids_Who_Kill.jpg)

It's not gonna be a difficult guess.

No. 1278127

mostly horrified. made the mistake of reading some of the comments on that video and only saw one that called out him trying to breastfeed, which of course had a bunch of replies defending him

No. 1278132

File: 1626466480580.jpg (67.65 KB, 750x848, pedos.jpg)

Found this in the replies to this pedophile rapist. They really are all pedos.

No. 1278134

File: 1626466636326.png (260.69 KB, 540x758, tumblr_9cdbdfcfb5852e35210df44…)

kill trannies

No. 1278137

Anyone have a source for this video that doesn't require a fucking facebook account?

No. 1278146

Saw that, disgusting. Sounds like the tranny wanted to specifically target a "TERF".
A lot of men in the comments telling her she's lying as well.

No. 1278148

>Arguably the six-year-old could have learned from the experiences his rapist gave him
I want to believe this is a troll but so many of them are really like this.

No. 1278152

File: 1626467260358.jpeg (15.43 KB, 226x74, 1626467232293.jpeg)

It's already gone.

No. 1278162

Trannies are an op
As usual
Can't wait for their bubble to burst

No. 1278190

Can anyone screen record this and post it to some other place? I don't have fb and it won't let me watch it

No. 1278199


>username: legsintheair

The jokes write themselves at this point.

No. 1278210

The video is from 9 Months with Courtney Cox, there's probably some reuploads on youtube.

No. 1278227

The Blaire White Effect. Camera angled down cuts off right where their cleavage ends and male ribcage begins.

also mods stop fucking banning people they're obviously using a VPN.

No. 1278237

It's a troll account.

No. 1278291

absolutely cursed. If children from slighty anormal families come off fucked up i can't imagine how this poor child is going to end up.

No. 1278293

Thanks, anon i just completely glazed over that! Here's youtube clip for other dummies like myself

No. 1278304

They already make mini codpieces, tapes, and pads for women who want to hide a big clit under swimsuits. Men will never be women.

No. 1278311

>big clit
kek anon i thought those were for cameltoe

No. 1278313

I want to a-log so badly

No. 1278314

Kellie Jay Keen uploaded a thing about this a couple of days ago. She speaks for us all.

>100% gross pervert child abuse let's get that baby out of his house

No. 1278316

Just realised I didn't link to the beast sticking his man nip in the baby's mouth, but I guess green text told you that.

No. 1278319

File: 1626476072962.jpeg (147.53 KB, 1242x574, A79C84F5-7006-4943-BC7E-6FBAB8…)


No. 1278327

>sexual to physical to corrective punishments

Somehow "please don't let men's penises be visible in women's changing rooms thank you, it is upsetting the children" has been twisted into "corrective rape" with absolutely no evidence. Just wishful thinking from men who send messages like this to people >>1277161

No. 1278334

The idea of a passing transwoman being a "Chad" and thus hated by the very-not-passing ones actually makes perfect sense. And also makes sense for a beta male to try and create a new relationship dynamic where he is still in the power position. Tech nerds are all beta males so it was easy to warp social media and the internet to their whims, and obsessively brigade anyone who doesn't. The goal still being to have a submissive tradwife, he's just going a convoluted way about it in order to psychologically manipulate any terminally online nerd women to his desires.

This is also why they get really upset when the plan seems to be failing, since it's all a very deranged mating strategy. The women who reject them (TERFS) get the same abuse any woman who rejects them gets: lesbian, witch, evil, monster, lies about them, turning people against them, and so on. There must be something wrong with the rejecter, not them.

No. 1278337

All your friends are chasers, sorry to be the one to tell you

No. 1278348

What the shitting fuck? Learned from the experiences, the experiences being child sexual assault?

They're just saying this out in the open now.

No. 1278350

This definitely isn't true, no way you couldn't clock a pre-SRS transwoman before the undressing point. Body, voice, mannerisms, behavior. OP is just trying to peak people. (However the dismissal of a rape case is believable)

No. 1278363

File: 1626479707635.png (492.74 KB, 957x538, always has been.png)

>transmisogyny is just an excuse to paint men as victims

No. 1278402

I wonder if he’ll feel so confident to pull this shit in a family pool setting. He’d most definitely would get laid tf out kek

No. 1278448

File: 1626485697641.png (460.61 KB, 670x382, ggbrbgb.png)

Just a reminder for lurking troons.

No. 1278449

Idk about all the Chad stuff, but this is not news to any woman with domme tendencies. There’s no such thing as a “sub” moid, including troons. Moids aren’t socialized to be submissive to women, they don’t even know how. Some of them have a kink or fetish for submission and they want a woman to fulfill it, that’s all. The “domme” is just there to satisfy their coomer fantasies, they don’t care about her needs or desires. Their ultimate goal is to use and control women just like any other moid.

No. 1278454

It’s all projection. Moids are the ones who physically & sexually abuse and “correctively” punish women who don’t conform to gender norms. TERFs literally just asked to be left alone.

No. 1278499

File: 1626488654895.jpeg (591.84 KB, 1170x1163, 349BA344-52A6-4406-8A4A-EEBFE8…)

A post on r/actualtransbians about men marking themselves as female on dating apps. So close to getting it, and yet so far