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File: 1672178940964.jpg (1.41 MB, 2740x3072, Heather13.JPG)

No. 1732879

Twelfth Ryan’s A Charm: we welcome the dawn of BrianRyan.

First Thread >>738758
Second Thread >>836614
Third Thread >>871951
Fourth Thread >>892447
Fifth Thread >>929121
Sixth Thread >>967636
Seventh Thread >>1031322
Eight Thread >>1087783
Ninth Thread >>1148062
Tenth Thread >>1242901
Eleventh Thread >>1421281 (locked)
Twelfth Thread >>1611223 (locked)

IG: @haunted_butterfly
@graydayscurio (online shop, still to take off)
@heather_explores (old account)
TT: @heather_explores
YT: heatherexplores19

No. 1732884

Nonettes, I am trying to post the full new thread, but am getting repeat 'body too long' errors. What do I do?

No. 1732886

I've also tried doing it in sections…

No. 1732915

Maybe just post the summary as a reply itt/split it into multiple replies if it's too long?

No. 1732919

I tried, but it’s ridiculously short. Will try again.

No. 1732920

Heather Steele is a former retro toy collecting and Fairy Kei fashion Youtuber who, at the end of 2018, decided to have a major meltdown and turned all her social media into a public diary. She began cheating on her allegedly abusive husband, and re-wrote herself as some sort of pop Victorian goth and witchy explorer. She got incredibly defensive of her sudden change. In her defensiveness – which she vaguely admitted was to win the affections of a man– she threw a lot of her supporters under the bus, has been unreasonably cocky and aggressive with a lot of people including former friends, and distorted the criticisms (which were towards her overall behavior) into a narrative claiming everyone is just attacking her for her fashion and hobby choices.

She has a history of incredibly self-focused and self-destructive behavior. Over the past few years, she has wildly flipped between “I’m a strong woman and I don’t need to validate myself” to having public meltdowns on social media, only to delete them within an hour. Despite this, she denies she’s mentally ill and attacks the mere notion she needs help, once again using the “people hate me because I’m goth now” narrative.

No. 1732921

Heather has alienated herself from all her old friends, but continues to act like everyone was just a bad person and she’s a victim who fled from an “abusive husband” and terrible life. She used and manipulated several people in her life, and spent her 20s being a homebody mooch, then went on to claim she was “living in a hellhole with an abusive husband” in order to garner pity for a Gofundme and claim she was going to be homeless. She was living back at home with her parents for a couple of years, in which she managed to acquire a job and a car (then another, with a lot of help from mommy, after she “totalled” the first).

She finally moved out from mommy’s house, to a new home in a new city, all for the love of Ryan 14 but, as the curse of Heather never runs smoothly, was unceremoniously dumped by her Ryan as soon as she got there. She found a new job, as a Target merchandising manager, and, after a lot of handwringing and lamenting, decided to stay in her new place.

Day-to-day, Our Gal Heather continues all her usual crazy and continues putting ALL her energy towards seeking approval from “boys” and her followers.

No. 1732922

Cast of Characters in the Hagther Saga:

>Adam: Heather’s ex husband. Not a stellar person himself, cheated and lied too, but Heather seems to exaggerate the “abuse”. Funded her and bought her gifts. Dating since 2012, engaged 2016, divorced 2019.

>Adam’s new gf: “Hates Heather”, according to Heather. Heather used the new girlfriend’s visit to springboard into a breakdown about how she was in danger and going to be homeless.
>Juliet/Dera: Former friend who put Heather on a pedestal. Heather took advantage of this and used Heather to stalk Ryan 2 Jan 2019. Car ended up in a ditch and they’re not longer friends. Juliet has come out to explain what happened and reflect on it.
>Sisters: Younger and older. Moved out to Cali where she met Adam at the start of the last decade under claims her elder sister was trying to kill her.
>Parents: Claimed her parents wouldn’t take her in because they voted Trump. Finally admitted to living with her mom. Says her family didn’t accept her dark aesthetic so she adopted the pastel aesthetic to be accepted by them.

No. 1732924

All the “Ryans” in order:

>Ryan 1: Motivational Youtuber. Heather latched onto him and he apparently tried to help the dysfunctional couple by suggesting Heather seek therapy. Eventually they both threw him to the dogs.

>Ryan 2: Ryan Z. Urbex’er whom Heather latched onto and physically stalked several times by using other people for rides. Met up again Oct 2019, Heather posted some cutesy things, and in less than a day those posts were removed and she put him on blast.
>Ryan 3: Short-lived gamer boy met through Tinder.
>Damian: On-off Urbex boyfriend. Eventually put him on blast after their 500th breakup.
>Ryan 4: Craig. Graveyard photographer Heather briefly dated, but they appear to still be friends.
>Ryan 5: Clay. Ex-boyfriend who broke up with her because she was negative. Tried to lure him back by being negative on her instagram stories.

No. 1732926

>Ryan 6: Chase. Dated for like 2 weeks LDR and were supposed to meet IRL but he changed his mind after he realised she’s batshit.
>Ryan 7: Femryan. Stated dating the second time they met irl. After multiple breakups, Heather decided to end things for good because he wanted to go to a party on halloween instead of going to the cemetery like all of their other dates.
>Ryan 8: ChaseRyan. Short lived photographer boyfriend
>Ryan 9: aka CharmRyan/GhostRyan. who got the measure of Hag pretty quick, and confessed to ghosting her cause she was still using Tinder and living her life on social media.

No. 1732927


>Ryan 10: BomberRyan, which sparked and fizzled within a week. >>1186214

>Ryan 11: OldRyan, ryanectomy performed in less than 48 hours of this one being on the scene.
>Ryan 12: Revengeryan / Ryanhumrevenge -@Rumhamrevenge, older alt photographer who's been hanging out with Heather. Not a true ryan because he's not a spoopy boy she wants to fuck, but comes in and out of the picture like the other ryans. Their relationship is weird and they've shared hotel rooms, but Heather doesn’t think he's a keeper for some reason. >>1288115 >>1288582 >>1289256
>Ryan 13: PapeRyan. An old friend who she lost touch with ‘because of muh stalkers’. 13, unlucky for some, certainly unlucky for him. It lasted mere weeks, Hag blaming their break up on his religious beliefs.
>Ryan 14: BloodRyan aka Lurch. Heather met her match with this one, just as impulsive, insane, childish and melodramatic as she is, he promised the world then booted her out of his home…is he to blame? Is she? Heather claims the split was due to her plant collecting hobby, which Lurch was jealous of.
>Ryan 15: BrianRyan. After an initial pre-Christmas date, Hag was sneaking pics and declaring love for this new Ryan. Off-the-peg forest and sigil tattoos, painted nails, thinning hair and 2012 piercings. Nonas assumed it was all off after the usual Sad Girl posts, but, lo and behold, BrianRyan seems to be back in the picture.

No. 1732930

Last thread:
>After the BloodRyan aka Lurch and Heather split, and the inevitable EmPoWeRiNg cleavage pic story posts, Heather decides a little ‘Housing and Hunger’ e-begging is a viable option >>1611777, >>1611779
>The plants are to blame >>1612081
>Tries to look on the bright side, thinks God is helping >>1612503
>Starts buying trifles with the Housing and Hunger money, justifies it >>1612507. Spends the next few weeks couch surfing at moms and deciding what she’s going to do.
>Seeking asspats for existing >>1612638
>Collecting the last of her shit from Lurch. More God waffle. >>1614176
>Text exchange with Lurch about the split >>1614505
>Bit of throwback mourning the loss of, we assume, DamianRyan >>1614537

No. 1732931

>Milking the Lurch split for as much as it’s worth >>1615469, >>1615921, >>1616026, >>
>Car Crying >>1616225
>Lurch blocks, she starts the blast/stalk and he fucks off >>1616331, >>1616332, >>1616333, >>1616335, rant >>1616337, stalk >>1616342.
>The hunt for New Ryan begins >>1618571
>What’s this, the reappearance of FemRyan? >>1618711, >>1618812.
>Plant Mommy takes a back seat (it was, after all, Lurch’s influence) >>1618900
>Nonas reminisce about the bust-up with FemRyan, he of the HIV anon text message scare, >>1619063, >>1619065, also highlighting that Hag’s been through 7 additional RyanCycles since him.

No. 1732932

>How Do I Find A Ryan posting plus more Lurch baiting with FemRyan, >>1619648, nonas start speculating that Lurch is actually a massively toxic tradwife seeking gym moid with retarded takes, and that Hag herself dodged a bullet.
>A visual Ryan Catalogue for all you devotees >>1619951.
>After a tedious amount of time deciding whether she is going to stay or go, Hag is in her new home >>1621125.
>Less than 24 hours in her new home, and she’s decided she’s living in downtown Dodge >>1621357. Weed smoking! Playing music! >>1621364.
>Housing and Hunger Go Fund Me put to good use - rug shopping! Spoon rests! >>1622419, >>1626567.
>Saving lives and overcoming adversity one conquest at a time >>1623076.
>A load of infighting about how she should be living, then this cringe >>1628563.
>The usual lamenting >>1631995.
>Plans to go to an event run by a body part seller >>1633014.
>Neighbour stalking her saga >> 1634519, >>1638120. IG goes private for the duration. Landlord sorts it out.
>Shopping and Thirst Traps, now IG public again >>1640546.
>Hag gets yet another Fresh Hair Makeover in which she looks the same as ever >>1641973.
>I’m just so weird, guys! >>1642991.
>Makes a sandwich, calls it cooking >>1644642..

No. 1732933

>Desperately seeking Ryans, and the Neighbour Stalker is given then boot >>1648109.
>More self pity >>1648504, >>1650155, >>1651128, >>1653321.
>Swiping through dating apps for five hours straight >>1659141.
>PTSD flashback >>1664758.
>Loads of boring shit, too much to bother to link to, honestly.
>Abandoned Cat Saga >>1667681.
>Boring shit, thirst posts, dating apps…
>Another insight into the Lurch dump, trauma nightmares, although we suspect it’s bullshit >>1671510.
>Can’t ever go home, things bad here, losing my job etc yawn >>1677968.
>Mommy says “Fuck no, you can’t come back here!” >>1681919, “Family ran me out!” >>1681969.

No. 1732935

>Lurch finds love. >>1688239 He’s still with this girl to this day. Strangely, no meltdown from Hag.
>Hardworking Heather >>1690261.
>Date fail, back to the SadCycle >>1694943.
>Friend begging >>1695982.
>Even her comrades want her to stfu >>1696728.
>Alleged New Stalker >>1713262 but turns the story into “please be my boyfriend”.
>Big Tiddy Goth showing us how not-basic she is >>1726426.
>Got a date! Here we gooo >>1729628
>And it’s one of the best nights of her life! >>1730949
>The most deranged ‘I Love You’ yet…she hasn’t even known him for a few days, let alone week, month, year… >>1731300.
>”I am now in a relationship” sperg >>1731320.
>Here he is! >>1731321, >>1731363.
>But…uh oh. Trouble in RyanTown already? Or could it be that Hag couldn’t see him through the holidays? >>1731471.
>Captain Autismo finds our new Ryan. BrianRyan is born! Rejoice! >>1731655

No. 1732937

File: 1672184320188.png (3.67 MB, 828x1792, BF60DBEF-680A-451B-8874-8377A7…)

Okay nonettes, I did my best. Hopefully Shaymin will sort this shit out. I don’t think it was me being dumb?

Anyway, we welcome BrianRyan, please to let the fresh milk flow.

No. 1732938

Grateful for you nonna

No. 1732943

File: 1672184581467.jpeg (401.87 KB, 1080x1919, 322376316_562891598619460_2388…)

Throwback to how "traumatizing" her breakup with Lurch was. It seems that she spent Christmas home alone. That fight with her mum must have been really bad.

No. 1732945

File: 1672184657215.jpeg (241.94 KB, 1080x1919, 321483027_150330137764933_6788…)

Christmas day. She posted a bunch of her plants and the above story about why Lurch ended it.

No. 1732946

god shes such a retarded ditz but i hope it works out. i know it wont but i still hope. heather is one of the more perplexing cows for me. shes one of the very few who still chronically over shares and i live for it

No. 1732953

File: 1672186385063.jpeg (492.26 KB, 828x1664, 67F50638-1C12-4ECF-A703-9EEC67…)

Don’t worry nona
>this is just the beginning

No. 1732955

Only took three years to achieve the most basic of things, but here we are. Sage for samefag and no contribution other than snark.

No. 1732965

her obsession with the past and the inability to let things go is so fucking concerning

get therapy heather jfc

No. 1732980

This is why you shouldn't encourage your daughters to marry young. But she's not like 50 or anything so she'll hopefully be less cringe as she enters her mid 30s.

No. 1733169

I know, she’s one of the cows I secretly root for because she’s not a bad person, just a harmless weirdo. I actually do hope she finds a nice Ryan since she seems so desperate for one, but she’ll probably scare him away with her deranged beha - sorry, her spooky goffness kek

No. 1733286

I'm kind of amazed the "curse" hasn't kicked in already. Perhaps he hasn't suggested watching a movie yet.

No. 1733560

BRyan would be a huge upgrade (looks wise) from Lurch if he just cut his thin ass hair and got rid of that trashy eyebrow piercing. He's more pop-punk band dude looking than spoopy goff boy, but thats better (in my personal opinion)

Heather is so fucking boring when it comes to cows but she's also my comfort cow like many other anons said in the last thread. She's frustrating as fuck and way too predictable but she really is harmless compared to many of the cows on here. I really do hope she gets some therapy because she fucking needs it.

No. 1733858

She’s not evil, but she’s still a self-centred cunt. However, maybe BrianRyan is working wonders as she’s hardly been online for the last few days?

No. 1734262

Yikes, He's better looking than Lurch, but he looks like one of Kiki kannibal's beach bum hookups. If she keeps sperging about her ex around him, he'd be dumb to ignore that red flag.

No. 1734265

Honestly think this sounds absolutely too deranged to be made up or exaggerated? It sounds like something an ex of mine would possibly do just to fuck with me. But she is clearly insane too, any guy who moves into things at her preferred pace can’t be normal

No. 1734391

I know what you’re saying nonnie, but she’s couched this is a very specific way. In reality he may have just been sick of her annoying juvenile ways and that was the last straw. overreaction, sure, toxic moid for sure, but she's such a perpetual victim. Why not just tell him to get fucked and get herself out of there before this muscle thirsty knucklehead did.

No. 1734400

What's with all the talk about propagating lately? Did she just learn that word so now she says she does it all the time (and always has, ofc)?

"Any chance he could" cracks me up, they were together for ten fucking minutes.

No. 1734473

ACTUALLY, she's been propagating since high school, anon.

No. 1734499

File: 1672428567098.jpg (452.96 KB, 1072x1814, SmartSelect_20221230-132919_Fa…)

No. 1734502

At least they're both retarded I guess. I wonder if he's going to publicly claim her soon or if his facebook is going to keep saying that he likes pizza, tattoos, and girls.

No. 1734510

So they both mentally are stuck at 14, this unironically bodes well for her. They both have the faux alternative but desperately boring normie thing going on too
Yeah I believe it too, just sounds like normal moid tard rage things

No. 1734640

I'd like to know what actually happened. An anon mentioned that she moved into Lurch and his parents' place with a whole army of plants, iirc. I don't doubt Lurch was a sperg, but it sounds like there were might have been some tension about the plant hoard that he was freaking out about? Finding her threads may have been the last straw.

No. 1734663

From the way she worded it, I'm thinking he caught her rummaging through the bin for the container, said something akin to 'hey what the fuck are you doing? That's a bit much' and she got defensive and lost her shit. Maybe it started off with the rummaging and escalated to the fact that she freshly moved in with an insane amount of plants in the degen's parents' home. God forbid Heather has a "hobby" outside of helping him find his missing chromosome. I could imagine Heather having a meltdown when someone even slightly disagrees with anything she does. So something small escalates into 'you hate my hobby and me as a person'.
Honestly I wouldn't doubt it if Lurch's parents said something to him about the plants and he doubled down on their disproval. When you're an emo adult man still living with mommy, you don't get much leverage for conflict. He probably figured kicking Heather to the curb was a lot easier than getting his shit together and trying to resolve conflict like an adult. But who am I kidding. They both seem to be emotionally arrested at 14.

No. 1734696

Not familiar with this cow so excuse me but…is she a hoarder? The only two people I know who dig shit out of the trash and keep/wash plastic containers from fast food places are actual hoarders. And yes they are annoying and extremely disgusting to be around for doing shit like this. So even if this was the "actual" reason, I have to take her ex's side one this one. Shameful and hazardous.

No. 1734698

Damn buying groceries is such a level up.

No. 1734722

Plantfagging but it makes no sense to use a flat takeout container like that for Pothos/philodendron propagation. You can fit like 30 cuttings in a single solo cup and 90% of them would root. You need height, not width, because roots grow down. She’s using literal garbage that takes up the maximum amount of space and using up a ton of counter/table space for it.

No. 1735006

She loves to pretend to be an expert when she has no idea what she's doing. She was bragging about getting a basic ass maranta on sale a couple of days ago like she had really pulled one over on the staff at the shop.

No. 1735152

That brings it a little more in perspective for me. She hops on an old trend and acts like she's the master at it. She probably saw one of those "All of my years of waste is in this jar" girls on TikTok garbage diving for plant shit and decided she needed to try harder to be quirky. She doesn't even have a beginner's knowledge grasp of a hobby that she apparently dedicates so much of her life to.

No. 1735338

File: 1672581008925.jpg (226.15 KB, 1284x2282, happy ny heather.jpg)

So it appears to be going well. She also posted a video of her stroking his hair.
the eyebrow piercing combined with a sparse brow is not a good look on this dude

No. 1735348

Jesus, men are so ugly. Being held like a newborn baby.

No. 1735350

Agreed, (B)Ryan seems to be on her level so this might work out great. He needs to lose that wispy thinning hair though, it’s doing him no favors.

No. 1735387

Sage for plant sperg, but ymmv with that. I use whats basically a takeout container for philo chonks and alocasia corms to keep the humidity high, it really doesn’t need to be taller than 2” since once the roots get long it’ll want to be transferred to its own container anyway. Heather doesn’t know anything about plant care, but this isn’t the dumbest thing she’s ever done

No. 1735398

Idk this bitch or follow this thread but I’m happy for her

No. 1735402

Yes she is

No. 1735432

same kek

No. 1735475

I know me too, I don’t consider getting picked by a moid to be a noteworthy accomplishment but she clearly does so congrats babe kek

No. 1735505

Kek good for her honestly. I hope this one lasts, but I wouldn't be surprised if it implodes over something incredibly stupid

No. 1735516

This is so creepy, I wonder if he even knew she was taking pictures.

No. 1735554

it's on par for heather, next is waiting to see if she can finally get that lock of hair for her locket……

No. 1735590

Don't be silly. He doesn't have enough hair to fill a locket.

No. 1735634

No. 1736030

Kek. Spitting out my drink here

No. 1736097

Sounds like she absorbs her latest flames personality and hobbies, but goes overboard. Lurch was a plant daddy & she became a plant hoarder in an attempt to be like him. It’s like when you mention you like bees one year as a family gathering & that cousin you see once a year ends up buying you everything bee related to your Christmas for the next 10 years.

No. 1736160

BRyan's bio mentions he likes pizza. Watch Hags quit target, go work at a Papa Johns, and buy an expensive brick oven for him and pretend she was soooo into pizza all along.

No. 1736286

No. 1736542

File: 1672761928450.jpg (954.65 KB, 1079x1918, SmartSelect_20230103-100404_In…)

IDK yall I think this one is gonna stick around for awhile.

No. 1736563

Spiked eyebrow ring and Shushing Lady Wolf Tattoo. He's perfect.

No. 1736574

Someone rip that dumb piercing out please no more eyebrow accessories
but also I am happy for heather and hope someone tolerates her long term.

No. 1736599

Their cringe fits surprisingly well together kek. Honestly rooting for this saga.

No. 1736633

He’s actually cute despite the autistic tattoos and piercing, if you fuck this up heather you might as well just become a dyke idk

No. 1736659

This looks like the platonic ideal of a man who is right for Heather, cheesy tattoos/piercings included. Definitely a step up from Lurch if his personality is half decent. I see many pizza dates in your future, don’t fuck this up girl!

No. 1736661

Nonnies I hate myself, this man is fully my exact type and I can’t help but think he’s a 10/10. Good job Heather, don’t fuck it up kek

No. 1736681

Nona me too but I'll bet anything this guys hairline is ultrafucked. It didn't look great in the previous photo >>1735338

No. 1736685

We also thought Lurch would stick around and she still managed to fuck it up. I only want it to work bc I’m sick of her whining about being single. Now that she has her own place, I’m hoping for a mooching boyfriend saga

No. 1736686

File: 1672775341824.jpg (159.89 KB, 720x1280, 0F4DD7AC6AD974FEFF6A205EAC6553…)

Lmao Native-American-Wolf-Headdress-Woman on his arm and Samurai-Kabuki-Mask-Woman on his ribs. Unbelievably tacky and cringe.

No. 1736706

oh i love the vicky shingles tattoo

No. 1736731

OT but green thumbed nonnie, please help me with keeping my baby korns alive.
also ngl i love her plant hobby i just have a feeling that she just gets the ones her workplace sells which isn’t a bad thing but it’s just mindless consooming. she could make so many friends by trading propagation. my best friend i’ve gotten to know like that! it’s an incredible way to sperg out without being thought of being weird. she could thrift cool spooky/valleygirl pots too..

No. 1736734


In the new year I'm praying y'all will learn self love and self respect

No. 1736736

I really hope that he has it in him to ignore the craziness, relish the way she worships him and doesn’t care too much about anything else. he seems basic, slightly alternative and i hope he treats her melties well. idk a lot about him but maybe he is the he-heather she’s been begging for for years.

No. 1736821

File: 1672786264695.jpg (550.37 KB, 1079x1266, SmartSelect_20230103-165029_Fa…)

FB official

No. 1736837

I'm simultaneously happy for this crazy bitch and also anticipating more milk kek

No. 1736860

IThis feels so creepy and off to me. He seems like an incel. They feel so weird together.

No. 1736942

He likes "pizza and girls". Incel confirmed, imo.

No. 1736952

She's a femcel so who's surprised

No. 1737024

I think they will be broken up by valentine's day. I believe subconsciously she torpedos these relationships because she has no identity other than crying about being single. She's comfortable going back to being crying Heather saying the same things she has said before. Once the fresh Ryan high wears off, she goes back to the high of crying online. She's infatuated with her own self pity, Heather could never love a Ryan more than Heather loves Heather's pain. I could be completely off base though. Shes definitely unaware of whatever her issue is either way. I hope she never stops posting.

No. 1737139

Wtf this man is perfect for Heather, incel/femcel love story arc when? I hope he has a "three wolf moon" tattoo somewhere on his body too.

No. 1737154

File: 1672847044600.png (453.14 KB, 1247x1484, my person.png)

She posted another photo of them cuddling while he's topless, but I can't stand seeing his face again so have these screenshots.

This one is a bit fascinating because Heather has diverged from the usual routine of forcing the new guy to visit graveyards and antique stores every day. Instead they are hanging out at home while she takes photos of him topless and posts about how hot he is. I think this is the first guy Heather's been actually attracted to out of all her Ryans.

No. 1737155

File: 1672847081607.png (1.85 MB, 1152x1797, my man.png)

No. 1737170

File: 1672848731512.jpg (683.31 KB, 1079x1490, SmartSelect_20230104-101047_In…)

No. 1737171

File: 1672848777063.jpg (941.05 KB, 1079x1918, SmartSelect_20230104-101130_In…)

Long distance?!

No. 1737174

Jesus they are both so vain kek. Tbh she looks very happy so there is that, but if this is long distance it ain't gonna last.

No. 1737180

This guy loves attention and it's so embarrassing.

No. 1737182

The way he's just sitting half naked all twirled into her plants is so hilarious to me. It seems fake, like they did it to be funny, except I know that they didn't. It's giving pregnant man vibes.

No. 1737198

2023 in motion!
heather has a surprisingly good-looking red-flag, and the phrase 'Pregnant man vibes' is a real thing

No. 1737215

Retards like Hags always think that instantaneous hookups and the rush that comes with them = stable forever relationship

Most people in their 30s are aware that this phase is fun, but it isn't indicative of long-term happiness or actual love. She is stuck at 15, and this is going to blow up in her face when either one of them has to deal with adult feelings or decisions. She is so gross and keeps on hooking up with the most immature men imaginable, thinking it's happily ever after. I give it to the end of the month.

No. 1737221

>now that I won't be working as much
what, did something happen at target?

>on this trip
for some reason I assumed they were at her place, I wonder where he's at. I don't feel like he's that far

guys I'm not convinced he's straight I'm just putting that out there

No. 1737232

It's not long distance, she's taking a trip to visit Pittsburgh and is essentially saying she'll miss him while she's away.

No. 1737257

File: 1672858776704.jpeg (599.28 KB, 828x1368, 6586B0AE-63E4-4A33-860B-55215D…)

Left without comment kek

No. 1737311

File: 1672864249034.png (250.87 KB, 547x924, kpopwinneridol.png)

always wondered who was buying those earrings

No. 1737325


To be fair, he is really hot!

No. 1737332

That beanie hat/terrible haircut/tacky tattoos combo screams central PA heterosexual scrote, sorry nonna. A gay scrote would never.

No. 1737376

No way. He looks like he smells like cigarettes.

No. 1737386

He looks like he washes his sheets every few years.

No. 1737511


No. 1737535

He’s not ugly, but I’m not attracted to that. His choice in tattoos tells me enough, let alone still having an eyebrow ring at 30+. Take away the look and the cliche he’s going for, and he’s nothing but an ugly guy after all. BET he has shitty views. She has zero self esteem which is why she can’t snag an actual decent human being, let alone a decent looking one.

No. 1737573


might just be me, but my first thought was cute smile, but crazy af eyes with something off behind em. the stylistic choices in tattoos jewellery hair etc lend to this conclusion as well, tho they're real A Class Normie supplies - might be just a boring poser like our girl. imo boy is either basic af and can't read the signs, or he's a complete freak and it'll reveal itself; regardless hope it works out for ya Heather.

I'll admit, with how normie he looks, I'm pretty astounded and suspicious that she hasn't scared him off yet after the last quick bouts of low-quality Ryans so quickly dumping her. Unless she really quickly all at once learned to hold her chill, just the fact that he's still vibing with her raises the ol' alarm bells for me. Speculation but I get the feeling that they're both utterly shallow narcissists and the other person doesn't matter that much as long as they're filling a role. Not trying to be overly catty, but hey, where am I posting afterall?

No. 1737654

Yeah, she has low self-esteem, but I think her age and her shitty job are also reasons why she can't get a decent Ryan.

No. 1737701

File: 1672913856292.png (94.95 KB, 868x494, salary.png)

Wow it's actually not that bad

No. 1737770

something is wrong with that guys eyes, I don't know what, but he looks "crazy" and I would run. But guess we will have to wait and see, at least we have some milk

No. 1737813

He looks crazy but also possibly extremely stoned. Crazystoned.

No. 1737829

could be, still, somehow he creeps me out and I can't exactly explain why

No. 1737832

I highly doubt he's 30+ seems more mid 20s and probably works at a gas station or something. Heather is actually in a good position with her job and I'm afraid he might take advantage of that.

No. 1737836

File: 1672936962131.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1284x2047, 200B3866-7E79-42CA-8793-422515…)

I don’t know, I think something is majorly wrong with him. He posted this, on purpose, in September. As a profile picture. The hair, the massive whitehead, the derangement. He legit looks like he has a child pornography folder on his laptop.

No. 1737906

Well, he does say he likes pizza. Blatant pedo symbology…

No. 1737916

File: 1672943707629.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1179x2073, 60C490D5-3A99-4135-8C75-C82752…)

Heather please. This is a target dressing room.

No. 1737924

And to try on stretchy pajamas? Tf?

No. 1737931

Okay, at first I was all for her finding some softboy manchild to wax philosophical about plants and death with, but this pic tells me everything I need to know. Ol crazy eyes BRyan here is a fucking weirdo. Bona-fide freak and narc arc incoming.

No. 1737934

I hope it doesn't get too dark, cuz this guy looks like someone who would cut a girl up. Hopefully he's just cowish and weird like her.

No. 1737943

It's like she doesn't realize that she can just text BRyan directly with crap like this instead of having to post to her stories. Truly one of the things that irritates me most about her, she's always so performative. Nothing counts unless it's posted publically.

No. 1738013

oh mmmmm deliciously cringe thank u heather (and nona for posting)

No. 1738017

Unreal. The white head is out of this world, just pop it before your stupid selfie.

No. 1738074

This is good pay for the area she lives in

No. 1738077

Ngl she's cute to me, I'd probably hit her up on a dating app if she was into girls. Too bad about the personality disorder and shit taste in moids.

No. 1738078

Y'all remember when she thought she was model material?! She has zero idea how to actually pose her body and it continues to show!

No. 1738094

Can we just call him Bryan instead of Brianryan?

No. 1738101

it’s funny cause Heather claims to be bisexual. But only spooky boys can successfully take the bait for her fishing-for-love-on-instagram dating strategy.

No. 1738108

I'm sure the pay is dependent on her area though
Is Heather a merchandising manager or does she just do merchandising itself? I'm confused

No. 1738192

Would Heather want a stoner? I can't think of her ever mentioning any drugs, even alcohol.

No. 1738217

There is no way she is making 60k a year as a glorified stock girl. Target pays well, but not that well.

No. 1738218

No. 1738245


it's too funny a coincidence not to use bRyan/Bryan tbh kek. sometimes the stars just align

No. 1738353

I believe she is vehemently against weed and alcohol. If bRyan is a stoner I'll be shocked she's dating him kek, he really does look like one too

No. 1738489

Maybe he convinced her to smoke and she’s finally a little less crazy

No. 1739024

Rolling Stone lists their top 50 goth songs and Heather I am sad to inform you that Taylor Swift didn’t make the list bud. I wouldn’t normally trust a goth list from Rolling Stone but if anyone could squeeze her in somehow, it would be them. Put your plastic Target goth hiking boots on with your brightly colored Target goth business button up shirt and carry on with your “am I goth or am I bohemian” musings.

No. 1739030

FemRyan smoked weed and drank. She didn't care until they broke up, then she wouldn't shut up about "immature fuckboys who just want to party." She's such a pickme kek

Also if Heather's getting 60k/yr then her rent is 60k/yr kek. Her disposable income has seemingly taken a huge hit from living by herself, she was spending so much on antiquing and driving around before lurch.

No. 1739032

File: 1673062368805.jpeg (378.16 KB, 1290x1785, D67D3618-54D8-4E85-A22B-8F8905…)


Seems closer to 40k / yr

No. 1739116

File: 1673078100317.jpg (127.94 KB, 720x1280, CA43142F41BC081FDB8DE67E623843…)

No. 1739118

Ooh did something happen with bRyan?

No. 1739124


dang they don't even last long enough to warrant a nickname lately. by the time you can place a name, you realize they are already gone…

I miss the will-they won't-theys tbh. you're showing your hand too quickly lately Heather

No. 1739182

Still, that should be more than enough to live on as a single woman since rent and CoL is still fairly cheap in that area. She just won’t be able to blow money on expensive hobbies and shopping addiction like she did when mama was footing the bill.

No. 1739189

Did they break up or did she just have to drive in the snow?

No. 1739210

Idk that seems poor to me. Just enough to survive but not for hobbies.

No. 1739225

The median individual income in Gettysburg PA is $16,764. Median household income is $41,832. If she's making as much as an entire family in her area to rearrange grocery shelves, she's doing fine and far from poverty.

No. 1739384

Exactly. She’s worse than my Italian family. Keep your powder dry, Hag, ffs! This is bound to be some minor hiccup. I think she’s a total sped who doesn’t really ‘deserve’ happiness but I want this Ryan to last a little.

No. 1739414

What’s the deal with this? are you really supposed to try on jammies before buying them?

No. 1739731

he looks like he whimpers when he cums

No. 1739759

lol that made me laugh.
He also looks like the type to clap when the plane lands.

No. 1739784

He looks like the type who lives off Coke Zero and gas station cheese fries

No. 1739798

He looks like the type who legitimately believes he's part lycanthrope.

No. 1739885

Spot on!

No. 1740075

ayrt and late but rip you guys kek

something still doesn't sit right with me, I'm excited to see how this all goes

No. 1740116

tips bonnet
Thank you, nonna.

No. 1741859

She's posting in her stories every 3-5 minutes (none worth sharing) and I can't imagine how boring her life must be. Now I'm doing this. Now I'm doing this. This is what I'm doing now. She really only exists for online validation.

No. 1741882

This is what makes her interesting to me, she is clearly cute and has a decent job (now) and overall could easily catch a decent man but she self-sabotages in a unique way.

She is light years ahead of other cows comparitavely and yet she still makes her own life incredibly hard and suffers for no reason. It's art

No. 1742397

File: 1673497024098.jpeg (424.02 KB, 1228x1080, 016B3B38-4C20-4D23-A1E1-C0AA87…)

Goodbye Bryan

No. 1742398

File: 1673497051934.jpeg (641.24 KB, 828x1427, 814F6240-7AE1-41BC-9A60-F5EDF7…)

No. 1742399

They broke up already? Heather… Welp, can't wait to hear what stupid thing caused this one to fall apart so quickly

No. 1742404

Kek, of course when Heather is "trying to reason" with someone, it involves crying.

No. 1742405

I'm surprised he stuck around during the "I love you" and "my person" but somehow something else resulted in the breakup? Oh to be a fly on the wall since it seems like scrotes agree to and tolerate lots of stuff from the exceedingly romantic Heather and then suddenly it's over about something unrelated. I wonder what the magic phrase is that gets even the most crazy guys to run, since the early love declarations weren't it.

No. 1742406

Honestly, all the love stuff is a major red flag, and he probably rolled with it to get laid. He looks like the gross type of dude to do that.

No. 1742410

It makes a bit more sense if you contextualize it with the video of her freaking out in the snow. I've always imagined she's planning weddings in one moment and acting like this later the same day.

No. 1742414

Did you really fucking come here and post her dumbass ex and his troon friend's video? Fuck off.

No. 1742424

File: 1673500425652.gif (2.24 MB, 410x422, hotgothgirlsmiling.gif)

It's interesting, anon.

No. 1742484

Somehow we summoned the obsessed males, nobody here has Heather gifs saved and your filename hotgothgirlsmiling; Jesus wept. Maybe she was freaking out in that video because she was spending time with your unbearable ass.

From what I can see from Heather's own content she's quite a mild person, and even doing customer service for so long is not in line with the personality of someone who flips on a dime, customer service is all about tolerance and patience. So I don't think your furry buddy's video proves anything personally.

No. 1742787

File: 1673539112343.jpg (291.89 KB, 1080x1919, 324849805_583961240269706_8811…)

My guess is that went too far with her how-much-do-you-love-me testing again and told him that she just had a GriMm FeElInG and needed comfort and support and to hold her and pet her hair, and he was like wtf this is bipolar desperate and needy I can't handle this. But of course to her followers he just quit loving her when she needed him most or something.

Either that or she scared him away by being too gothic and had too many plants, for sure!

No. 1742957

I have noticed Heather’s facebook relationship status still says she’s dating bRyan. Did they even break up? Part of me wonders if she is posting these woe is me stories just because he’s busy or something. Does he even have an instagram to see her stories? Wonder if from his point of view everything is fine while she is secretly having a public meltdown kek

No. 1743121

She deleted the story highlight about him ("My person") from her Instagram, as well as the photo she had posted on main about him.

No. 1743123

File: 1673559497719.jpg (249.64 KB, 1080x1919, 324766467_481693710804887_8597…)

Without a doubt they broke up.

>Letting go impossible

Bitch you were dating for THREE WEEKS. Next time don't put out on the first date and say you love him on the second.

No. 1743130

File: 1673559677588.jpeg (942.68 KB, 1284x1252, 09E000ED-9C9B-40D4-B41D-C46E54…)

Imagine getting dumped by someone who wears Transitions lenses.

No. 1743281

KEK that's petty

No. 1743291

I'm already in his DMs, gonna fuck him before that seedy hair gives up completely and he still has a vestige of hot.

Suck on that, Hagthur. Seethe and moisturize, don't forget you're already dead in dog years.(cowtipping)

No. 1743329

make better life choices nonnie

No. 1743337

Moids suck. I'm sorry Heather

No. 1743436

Ewwwwww ewewewewew ewwwwwww nonna have some self-respect.

No. 1743677

And in the blink of an eye, bRyan makes a B-line to the exit. Can't say I'm surprised. The moid looks like he chews hay while standing outside of concert venues trying to sell stolen trinkets he nabbed from gravestones. I hope Heather will somehow realize she's the problem after this one. Not just because of her unbearable & lack of personality and obsessive attachment, but her shit picks in men. If I had to guess she either brought up the idea of moving in together very soon or wanted him to give more time to her. There's no way someone should be reasoning on a relationship ending issue within a few weeks of dating…

No. 1743732

Not having a boyfriend = absolute isolation
Jfc, Hags, find a "work bestie" or something. There are people EVERYWHERE. She's like a fucking pod person who incubates in stark, gray nothingness until she locates a male target to obsess over.

No. 1743920

Have any of her Ryans made it through an entire Heather lolcow thread?

No. 1743926

Clayryan managed to see a thread or two i think.

No. 1743961

File: 1673647060808.jpg (145.37 KB, 1067x936, SmartSelect_20230113-155653_Fa…)

Still says she's in a relationship with bRyan so I don't think we've heard the last of him quite yet

No. 1743977

KEK nonnie are you really? I really want him ngl

No. 1743978

How is Heather's personality "unbearable?" You know that if she actually had a bad personality she wouldn't be working a customer service position, right?

No. 1743993

Have you never watched her Instagram stories?

No. 1743997

She's unbearable because she chooses to be, she can turn it off when it benefits her like most unbearable people.

No. 1744113

Have you never had a job before? The fuck?

No. 1744195

Today I learned that some people think cashiers and waitresses are using their genuine personalities when interacting with the public. Cute. Even somebody like Hags can slap on a fake smile and say "have a nice day," she's not required to have a good personality to work in customer service.

In answer to your first question, just skim through a couple threads or just scroll up. She's clingy, obsessive, exhausting, and has the emotional maturity of a spoiled middle schooler.

No. 1744225

For real I kind of want an update on this.

No. 1744299

File: 1673670954350.jpeg (211.67 KB, 1080x1919, 325448627_722045679475618_5202…)

No. 1744301

Lol that's the point you've been at since thread 1 you goldfish brain

No. 1744308

Come on Heather, spill the beans over what happened to bRyan

No. 1744318

Wait I wear transitions… I thought eye safety was cool

No. 1744366

Don't worry nonny, I think your eye safety is very cool.

No. 1744405

>finally having self respect for yourself at 30+ after having sex with, mm… lost count

Dirty delete this Heather, it’s fucking pathetic.

No. 1744474

I’m so fucking confused. She’s still in a relationship on Facebook, but posting this shit? Maybe they’re fighting and haven’t officially broken up yet? I’d love to be a fly on the wall right now kek.

No. 1744505

They're both still following each other on instagram too. Very confusing.

No. 1744556

Do you seriously think that makes you better than Heather? Fucking kek, enjoy her sloppy seconds girl

No. 1744570

maybe they aren't even fighting, maybe it's all a show and she is trying to find out who is a real friend and who is only around for gossip. She always changed every status and unfollowed every guy after they left. Something about that feels strange, but I'm sure we will know everything very soon, she will give us that milk for free.

No. 1744582

File: 1673712367027.jpeg (290.08 KB, 1080x1919, 325392334_1578642512561023_308…)

No. 1744584

File: 1673712508629.jpeg (430.76 KB, 1080x1919, 324940856_546141477577276_3334…)

No. 1744604

can she find another word than "goth" for the way she lives, because nothing about her is in any way "goth", not the clothes, not her hobbies and mostly not the music she listens to. I can't believe she isn't 16 years old, because everything she writes sounds like an insecure teenager, not knowing anything about where she belongs in life.

No. 1744612

does she EVER get any joy or happiness from social media? it seems pretty clear that her addiction to social media, caring desperately what people think, and sharing every single thing that happens in her life is her biggest downfall. and i can't see what she even gets from it.

No. 1744757

nonna, please, you're going to make her repost her high school goth selfie for the billionth time

No. 1744830

Heather, I'm begging you to get a diary.

No. 1744866

but nonny how is she supposed to pull a new ryan unless she posts these pointless proclamations for the ten-thousandth time?

No. 1744966

Holy crap, the "personality disorder" people are referring to wasn't about the cemetery goth aesthetic. It's because she has a real, actual personality disorder that she needs therapy for because she's making herself miserable. Why can't she see that?

No. 1745044

Seriously. It’s kind of fucked up she refuses to see it.

No. 1745142

File: 1673756368177.jpg (703.53 KB, 1079x1451, Screenshot_20230114_231025_Fac…)

And the circle of life continues

No. 1745223

Do it for yourself Heather, not the boys. You make yourself too easy for them and it's embarassing.

No. 1745240

Thank you nonny although now I'm seriously considering getting non-transition lenses next time.

No. 1745256


"who i am" = what my tits look like?

No. 1745426

This is obvious bait for BRyan to respond, bitter thirst traps are just her thing, never change Heather kek

No. 1745509

>Cleavage happens
I don't have to scroll to know Heather has been ghosted and is single again.

No. 1745674

File: 1673827876432.jpg (4.22 MB, 4096x2302, GridArt_20230115_190914023.jpg)

For some reason these had to be four separate stories. Your tits aren't that interesting, Heather.

No. 1745688

her predictability is what makes her so comforting tbh

>tits tits tits tits


No. 1745691

File: 1673829767760.jpeg (69.99 KB, 500x375, A8923D2F-8B13-4473-AAA2-D3469A…)

Arguably her baby-butt-in-a-bra cleavage is a bit more interesting than her personality, interests, skills and hobbies.

No. 1745751

File: 1673832786711.jpeg (454.58 KB, 1179x2379, DD924300-1268-4B70-8BC0-44BBE6…)

This is still up though?

No. 1745773

I'm sensing it was bRyan's idea to take this picture >>1736542 and since then her selfies are her hiding amongst her plants kek >>1744299

No. 1745973

File: 1673860305852.jpg (118.22 KB, 1080x1920, FB_IMG_1673860016907.jpg)

Cozy time with a full face of make-up, Heather?

I feel like she'd be slightly less insufferable if she just owned her need to post dolled up thirst traps instead of trying to act like that's just how she looks/dresses all the time.

No. 1746095

>incessant thirst traps
Some things never change kek

No. 1746142

Nonna noooo this is too accurate kek

No. 1746393

File: 1674056243831.jpg (117.46 KB, 720x1280, 326147602_573272710964288_4722…)

I doubt she's doing this for any legitimate personal reason other than either wanting to add "vegan" to her roster of shit she isn't, or to impress a new Ryan who happens to be vegan.

Did anyone see her long stories about her loneliness, where she was mostly just playing with her hair the whole time? Did she dirty delete?

No. 1746526

File: 1674066899830.jpeg (320.29 KB, 1080x1919, 325556799_151855834314963_2508…)

I saw it. She basically gleaned that BRyan was the problem and was toxic. I didn't save it but I did save the image attached.

No. 1748057

Looking particularly camel-esque here

No. 1748214

I saved the ramble but I'm not sure how to combine the stories into one video on my phone. Any nonnies have some insight?

No. 1748244

It's fascinating what a goldfish brain she has, she learns literally nothing from experience. Going "all in" with a moid you barely know and getting into a "relationship" within a few days is a good way to end up stuck with an abusive weirdo. She has absolutely no screening process for men apart from 1) is gawff or gawff-adjacent and 2) validates my stupid hobbies, she's lucky she hasn't ended up in far worse situations.

No. 1748267

Why is it so important for her to let people know she cried, and for how long? And it's always for hours… "I spent two hours crying in my car", four hours in an empty bath? Like it's not attention-seeking enough to announce you've cried for four hours but you need to add the empty bath part. Which is probably isn't even true because if so that's psycho shit.

No. 1748399

File: 1674164351555.jpg (242.21 KB, 1284x2282, 326004447_715445340133880_9184…)

She seems fine today, I wonder if like every cow on this board she simply has bpd and experiences massive mood shifts which she tries to pinpoint on her environment but are in fact 95% from her brain. Not to say bRyan isn't likely an asshole but no two week fling deserves hours of crying. Tis the bpd.

No. 1748401

File: 1674164412565.jpg (268.81 KB, 1284x2282, 326222196_739264184028671_6503…)

bonus context nonmilk

No. 1748439

She seems happy now because it is her birthday today. When she gets home and reflects that she spent the day alone, she will go back into depressed mode.

No. 1748483

Yep. She will make a story as soon as she gets home saying something like "well I tried really hard to have fun on my birthday, but I was so sad and lonely." Rinse and repeat.

No. 1748497

She’s addicted to the attention. I bet she posts these hoping for some big outpouring reaction & probably half the time no one messages her so she takes them down.
One part of her is desperate to prove something & the other part of her just wants to be a martyr. You can’t be living your best life… & in the same day posting you have accepted you will never be loved & how lonely you are. On relationships.. she just dives in. She sleeps with these guys straightaway & wants 40 years worth of a love bond in just arrive within days. Then they fight or the guy runs for the hills & they break up. She has such an immature view of relationships for someone her age. It reminds me of when I was a kid thinking I’d meet my celeb crush & he’d fall in love with me straightaway with no work. Things rarely work out. You need to pace yourself & that’s why this pattern of self destructive behaviour thus continues.

No. 1748547

bRyan was definitely an asshole. I feel sorry for Heather. She just attracts the worst modis. If she was lesbian, she would be much happier

No. 1748579

She should go lesbian, I can(‘t) save her. Brb, buying goth clothes and getting shitty 3 wolf moon tattoos and changing my name to Ryan and my Tinder location to central PA.

No. 1748757

Anon, you're missing a golden opportunity, make your name Rhiannon / Ryanon. Get the 3 wolves 1 moon and live your best life, I'm rooting for you

No. 1748785


The best possible result for Heather would unironically be a Rhiannon faux alternative girl like herself, two cats and done.

No. 1748802

The best thing for Heather would be heavy therapy and focusing on her own problems for a while. The reason she only attracts toxic moids is because she's shallow and desperate, she gives off such pathetic vibes that you'd have to be broken mentally to approach her, AND she only replies to the uwu pretty men. Most divorcees in their 30s understand relationships will NEVER be what Heather wants, she's wasting her time with men younger than her because they're the only ones who will lie to her face and tell her the fairytale relationship is possible (for easy sex).
If she went lesbian it'd likely be the same thing. She's so femcel that any sane lesbian wouldn't approach her, and if anybody sane DID hit her up, she'd ignore them and prefer to chase an Aiden or someone out of her league.
Even if she had a perfect fairytale lesbian relationship she'd fuck it up with her hetero focus on romance. She expects her partner's life to revolve around her, but she won't make minor compromises for her partner. Everyone should focus on Heather's needs at all times, the partner is a servant for her needs and if they don't like that, they can leave. I don't know many lesbians who would agree to date this toxic bitch for a long time.
Also she's too self conscious to even entertain the idea of dating a woman kek. She hates all woman sexier than her, it sends her into a Sheetz spiral. Pretty sure she's gone vegan because it's a fad diet and she thinks she will lose weight. She is constantly whining about her weight and lack of sexiness, but won't do anything significant about it, she needs to work on herself BEFORE she can get a partner, but she refuses to work on herself UNTIL a partner is in the picture.
I bet Heather's mom thanks Lurch Ryan every day for making her daughter finally fucking move out.

No. 1748825

I think that Heather is straight in spite of what she said, she has never dated a woman, so fanfics like this are useless

No. 1748833

Oh for sure, there is no way she’s bi.

No. 1748949

File: 1674232832087.jpg (156.79 KB, 720x1280, 326573343_1217471562225177_339…)


No. 1749018

Kek ty nonna - currently busy hoarding plants, shopping for spooky goffik attire like flannel shackets & mom jeans on target.com, and changing my name to Ryanon. Piss off scraggly moids of Gettysburg, I'm coming to save my bpd cow queen!

No. 1749102

File: 1674249677569.jpg (434.69 KB, 1080x1869, Screenshot_20230119-224523_Ins…)

delusion pt. 2

No. 1749160

She's like Kiki, she looks better with bleached hair and heavy eye makeup, more dramatic looks. The lipstick is shit though.

No. 1749162

Kek this makes so much sense. Most BPDchans can hold it in for at least a few months Heather. You’re showing the crazy way too soon.

No. 1749316

why is posting old photos of how you used to look the very saddest of all thirst traps
also, she used to look meh

No. 1749398

I don’t know why I always come to these threads. Nothing ever changes because she’s unironically the most boring person in the world. She has the same interests as every other millennial woman in her 30s who was way too into Harry Potter and twilight in high school, but since I watched her pre-divorce I know she wasn’t always like this, so it seems somehow even stranger to me that she would adopt such a basic persona. She still lives with this high school-style idea of preps vs goths and thinks she’s such a freak and weirdo, and it’s such a weird way for a grown woman even ten years younger than her to view life, especially now when being goth or goth adjacent (I know she has never really been goth) isn’t even very alternative. I know she’s mostly a lolcow because she’s so dramatic and self obsessed and driven by ryans but I feel like that combined with how perfect a distillation of a completely average and regular woman she is is kind of fascinating.

I must have missed if there’s some profound reason she stopped dressing this way. I don’t really get why she doesn’t just go back to it since she has posted this “throwback” multiple times in the last couple weeks.

No. 1749599

I think she stopped dressing like that when she finally fully accepted that spooky urbex Ryan was never coming back. She moved on to fresh, dressed-down Ryans and started dressing more normie because they were more normie.

No. 1749612

Kek she acts like a grandma looking at pictures of her youth. I can't tell if she's seriously that insecure or if she's fishing for compliments.

No. 1749627

I think it’s just as simple as working at Target and getting all her clothes there

No. 1749635

I suspect that, in addition to other reasons nonnies have suggested, she just doesn't fit into her hoard of killstar tat anymore.

No. 1750052

File: 1674372955187.jpg (728.86 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230122_022808_Fac…)

Guess the love-bombing and super-clinginess wasn't a hit with bRyan. I wonder why…

But the break-up was totes her choice. Mhm.

No. 1750130

she really thinks that not acting on every emotion you feel or saying every thought you think is walking on eggshells. jesus fucking christ
when will she learn to not jump into relationships and actually get to know people

No. 1750132

>your person
>finally ended it

It hasn't even been a month since they met, but amusing this guy was so bad that Heather was the one who pulled the plug

No. 1750163

She literally dated this ugly moid for a few weeks. I don’t get how she can type things like “my person” and “I loved him so much” as a 30-something adult and not realize she’s the problem.

No. 1750181

I wonder if when she gets comfortable with a. Ryan she tells them about the threads and her previous YouTube life and it makes them run or they get annoyed that she’s so obsessed with having haterz. When she doesn’t calm down and act like an adult, they’re probably like fuck this

No. 1750233

She gets close to realizing he wasn't her "person", he was just some dude she was hanging out with for 2 weeks. Everytime, he's her sun moon and stars while they're together, the happiest Heather has ever been. When it's over, he's a toxic abusive fuck boy.

No. 1750244

"People" to Hags are a nebulous concept based on aesthetics, and they only have value if they can become her instant forever boyfriend. It's like she can't see other people at all if they don't exist "romantically."

If she would have gotten to know bRyan at all, she would have realized he is a loser fuckboy who tolerated her clinginess just long enough for sex. She is so consistently, purposefully blind.

No. 1750262

There’s no need to speculate, she changed her status to “in a relationship” 2 whole days after meeting him. That’s the type of red flag that would scare mentally healthy moids away and only attract toxic moids looking for a crazy bpd girl to manipulate for sex. Her own behavior is the reason she can’t have a normal relationship. If she actually cared about having “haters” she’d take the advice in this thread to go to therapy and stop basing her entire identity & happiness around her latest Ryan of the week.

No. 1750798

File: 1674501373942.jpg (173.45 KB, 1080x1920, 326556708_1245773776014449_874…)

Back to letting everyone know how much and how dramatically she cries. Pity attention is better than no attention!

No. 1750969

File: 1674522670715.jpeg (244.64 KB, 1080x1919, 326884385_896013511592663_1667…)

I miss the woman she was three weeks ago too. Her personality and life have changed so much.

No. 1750971

She misses the girl who whines, complains, and cries about wanting a boyfriend? Gee. Don't worry, Heather, you'll be back to normal within a few hours.

No. 1750975

File: 1674522897798.jpeg (240.7 KB, 1080x1919, 326957315_217350250689843_4344…)

No. 1751026

there is no better relationshipbait than talking about how unstable you are
real dick magnet stuff, Heather

No. 1751046

ever since Vicky basically became a ghost to fend off pissed off clients, Heather’s pathetic posting has become my new favorite cow milk. who brags about plants?

No. 1751207

>the only thing you share is the physical
Honestly is she just sleeping with men and then guilting them into being her boyfriend? Isn’t exactly a winning strategy because that’s something an insane person does. She posts these thirst traps to bait them but then every breakup is about how she was used or it was only about the sex. Pick a lane Heather; actually allow yourself to have sex casually or guard yourself and don’t give it up to every loser with a lip ring.

No. 1751439

Stop taking pictures with your fucking plants, you fucking spatula.

No. 1751461

File: 1674577313529.jpg (219.39 KB, 1080x1919, 327149882_555675506481722_7703…)

y tho

No. 1751468

I wonder how much she believes this shit and how much she's just attached to the sad girl crying on the floor/ I'm a strong SURVIVOR (of a two-week relationship) cycle.

No. 1751479

she's starting to look like an actual hag. those glasses are seriously so terrible on her face.

No. 1751502

This girl has several problems and refuses to see them.
1.) She can't stop filling a void with "stuff" (whether it's vintage toys, new clothes, vintage junk, and now plants.. like who in their right mind gets over 30 plants within a years time?!)
2.) She hooks up with every guy she goes on a date with and then love bombs the hell out of them until the sex isn't worth it anymore so they bail!
3.) She rather post sad girl posts and woe is me posts instead of actually getting the help she needs. (Like some therapy would reeeaally help her, not meds, just a professional to talk to would really help her better cause she's definitely depressed at the minimum)
4.) She is an endless cycle. Rinse and repeat.. repeat.. repeat.. repeat.

No. 1751506

File: 1674579902605.jpg (150.07 KB, 1054x569, SmartSelect_20230124_110439_Ch…)

Has she ever thought that she may be the toxic one?!

No. 1751516

Agree except I definitely think she needs meds. The plants thing is new and ridiculous. It's so manic, but same as everything else she does. She can't just announce she's goth, she's got to buy every single thing Killstar's ever made. She can't just enjoy antiquing, she has to enjoy it the most out of anyone ever.

No. 1751518

File: 1674580447425.jpg (52.76 KB, 1080x1919, 326593242_565638221865458_3131…)

No anon, she's just misunderstood. You deserve to experience her in all her authenticity.

No. 1751538

This is the most narcissistic thing I've ever read.

No. 1751554

Assuming that wasnt a typo, between these posts she got 4 more plants. Strange way to fill the void

No. 1751609


I cackled, thanks nonny


slight blogpost/rant I'm bored, but heather so strongly reminds me of the only friend I've ever decided to solidly drop for being toxic af. It takes ages sometimes to realize you're stuck in a cycle of lovebombing and bullying/control with them, especially if you're a decent person who doesn't even think to do that shit.

I wonder how wildly unsubtle and unstable she has to be that these edgelord normies can only stand the drama for a few weeks. They might suck too idk, but we tend to only see one side of the story (and from, to put it extremely generously, an unreliable narrator). I assume her narcissism and outward entitlement gets a little worse and harder to hide with each one.

I can't help but notice a exponential rise in the pattern of instability. As the Big Romance Language amps up quicker and quicker with each one, alas so shortens the time they hang around. This confuses heather and she hurts herself in confusion, driving her to be even more forward with her desperation, which makes them leave even faster. Honestly she makes for a fascinating sociological subject to study.

No. 1751783

It's so funny she acts like it's a part of her personality when she only picked it up from LurchRyana few months ago.

No. 1752222

File: 1674677739181.png (Spoiler Image, 4.47 MB, 750x1334, 036343C7-45EF-4140-8AA8-D2C860…)

Look up the stages of dating/relationships

There’s the INTEREST phase where you are curious about the potential. Get coffee. Do small talk, focus more on how you feel around them then what deep things are being shared

Then there’s ATTRACTION where you know they’re someone you’re sexually interested in

Then there’s DATING. They pass the test for the meet & greet (interest & attraction). Then start going on DATES where you reveal a bit each time. This is where you notice if you guys have enough in common and shared values

If the dating stage doesn’t end, you enter the REALITY where you start to really decide if this is YOUR PERSON or not. This is when the harder truths come out and you see what are the “hard” parts of each other. This is when you decide if the bad is worth the good, and if the good is something you’re ready to build a lasting union with

COMMITMENT comes next. This is when it’s exclusive and you’re openly each other’s people

After that is engagement and whatever whenever depending on what people want. The dating and reality stages last 6 months to a year.

I use to be like you and go too hard too fast. It’s actually really nice to slowly build with someone. That’s how you avoid toxic child men and losers

No. 1752536

Nothing in common, but she was in love with him after one date. I can't believe she denies having a personality disorder.

No. 1753034

This how you know this is all Heather's fault and anything she says is probably a lie. They dated for less than a month and the last few weeks were supposedly hell. So things went south after mere days? And instead of Heather saying, oh this dude's a jerk and moving on, she's blasting social media with how much she loves him the whole time. I don't believe one word she says because the same thing happens every time. At worst her Ryans are just dumb dudes who didn't realize she was gonna start planning their future after one date. When they can't meet her ridiculous standards, she spirals hard. But I guess she wouldnt be a cow if she was capable of learning or changing.

No. 1753047


she needs therapy so damn bad, it would break my heart if she wasn't such a damn cunt about everything kek


her hindsight of timelines is wildly exaggerated it seems as well. the way she talks about it you'd think she'd spent years with these losers… I swear a week in Heather time is a whole year. I guess she has nothing going on in her life so each moment is extra extra big and meaningful. the pressure has to be exhausting.

I noticed that once her relationships stopped making the 2 month mark, she was forced to start saying "last few weeks" instead of the ever elusive and changing "last few months"

No. 1753737

File: 1674830797095.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x2035, SmartSelect_20230127_084205_In…)

She acts like this relationship was a year long. You should not be this hung up on a dude you knew for 30 days.

No. 1753745

>That’s how you avoid toxic child men and losers
But Heather is a toxic child woman and a loser, too

No. 1753766

>I’m hoping this time around, I’ll find a nice chill guy who understands anxiety
This is just a fancy way of saying “puts up with my crazy” and no Heather, no one is obliged to do that. That’s why therapists exist - so you can work on your less attractive tendencies and gain the maturity to attract a mature partner, not just shitty man-children who hang around a few weeks for casual sex and then bounce. “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best” meme culture has spawned way too many Heathers who think they can act as insane as they please and somehow a healthy adult relationship will just fall into their laps. And we see how well that’s working out for her.

No. 1753771

This is pathetic even if the relationship was a 60 years marriage

No. 1754045

She’s at peace now, but she will meltdown at any moment.

No. 1754452

File: 1674886279142.jpeg (360.03 KB, 1080x1919, img.jpeg)

No. 1755081

>I think the fact that I feel so much better. And I dont even miss you, not even a little bit, says everything. I'm at peace.

Yeah, because when any or all of this is true people definitely feel the need to make a post talking directly to their ex in hopes they see it so said ex knows.

No. 1755150

True, good point

No. 1755161

>so addicted to internet attention that she posts her every single fleeting thought without hesitation
>the only thing more important than finding a boyfriend is posting that boyfriend continuously on social media to "own the haters"
>cannot even initiate an irl friendship due to terminal online-ness
>obsesses over the concept of "haters"
>does retarded things to "prove" things to "haters"
Totally not brainwashed by social media, guys

No. 1755403

File: 1674969379256.jpeg (355.8 KB, 1168x1080, BCB117C8-EB9F-49BC-8B47-7A9512…)

No. 1755634

Obsessive being the keyword.

No. 1755665

Don't scroll, CP.

No. 1755715

File: 1674997849838.png (1.54 MB, 1036x1815, Screenshot_20230129-080131~2.p…)

Now her home town is toxic when the other month she was crying to come back.

No. 1755718

File: 1674998673864.png (1.56 MB, 1066x1826, Screenshot_20230129-081839~2.p…)

No. 1755719

File: 1674998699003.png (1.56 MB, 1042x1851, Screenshot_20230129-081853~2.p…)

No. 1755720

File: 1674998722741.png (1.56 MB, 1069x1830, Screenshot_20230129-081917~2.p…)

No. 1755781

As long as they’re obsessed with her? Go fuck yourself Heather, this is why nobody wants to be with your turtle ass.

No. 1755895

Aaaaaand there’s the tits. We’ve reached that part of the cycle.

No. 1755969

File: 1675022451385.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1179x2076, 3636CD75-FAA0-43E8-99B9-32AB39…)

My personal favorite.

No. 1755996

"I follow my heart and do whatever I want and don't let social media brainwash me"

"I can't date women because people online were mean to me one time"

No. 1756071

File: 1675031952516.jpeg (905.63 KB, 828x1529, 8F05FDDA-082F-4D5F-A8BB-FA97EF…)

No. 1756080

Kek @ Heather trying so hard to squeeze her tits into every answer until she gets to dating women and having an OF. Wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea. Save it for the questions that moids would more likely pay attention to if any of them are ever interested.

No. 1756120

File: 1675035719533.jpeg (499.23 KB, 750x735, D70CEB34-EF30-4A4A-A607-6DFB54…)

No. 1756123

Not to wk Heather, but the "queer community" is insane

No. 1756174

my wish is for a farmer to date Heather and help her grow up

No. 1756322

What does she have against California? Did her maga mom teach her that? Damn I'm not even from there and I thought that was a bitchy response. They have cemeteries and antiques too, Heather…

No. 1756375

it's also tricky to date girls when you refuse to talk to them or spend time with them.

No. 1756490

Exactly. Women are completely invisible to Heather.

No. 1757370

File: 1675181131026.jpg (232.88 KB, 1080x1919, 327972714_138622002128530_8033…)

Her desperation is so gnarly. I shop at Target and like plants! SuCh a WeIrDo!!!

No. 1757372

File: 1675181229075.jpg (273.29 KB, 1080x1919, 327851122_215722607511494_8975…)

Also the slightly parted lips in every picture is so gross to me. She should change out of her Cosby sweater and go to the gym, it's good for mental health as well as physical, and she might actually meet a real person. Bonus she could fit into all of her old Killstar shit again and really bring the goth larp back.

No. 1757882

File: 1675209791810.jpg (1012.57 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230131_190153_Ins…)

3 hours… imagine what you could do with 3 hours

No. 1757921

She reminds me of Peggy Hill so so much.

No. 1757934

she could read a book or watch a tv show and act like a normal human being, so she could have things to talk about, besides her boobs… if she hasn't learned by now that dating apps won't do shit, she will never learn it, guess someone will be alone for the rest of her life, maybe she should get a dog or cat for company

No. 1758027

Is there a name for whatever personality disorder makes you compulsively make the same mistakes over and over? She’s a literal goldfish brain. She goes through this same cycle every month and never learns a single thing or ever has a faint inkling she might be the problem. Her existence seems so repetitive and stifling, I don’t think I could survive one day as her.

No. 1758150

File: 1675237187225.jpg (168.18 KB, 720x1280, g7Wg8b7YdzMcw9M48OiGaTTS8s2c5M…)

New ramble on insta.
>she has an announcement
>acknowledges that everyone is likely rolling their eyes because she hasn't followed through on the online shop that's been "coming soon" since last May
>derails herself into a rant about how she was cancelled off of YouTube for changing how she dresses
>implies that people tried to put her on medication because she wanted a job and her own place
>she showed everybody
>anyway, she's going to start "making content" again
>Instagram is her "home" so instead of going back to YouTube she's going to focus on reels
>going to make videos about spooky adventures, antique finds, and "plant specimens and how to look after them"
>another tangent about how people pick on her because she's "so soft and nice and weird" and by the way everybody she IS a real explorer
>finishing strong with a classic Heather rant about how she's done listening to other people and she's just going to be herself and express her passions

Sage because blah blah blah second verse same as the first.

No. 1758155

File: 1675238417746.png (109.2 KB, 360x450, Gordo.png)


All I can see.

No. 1758191


she interrupted her own rant many times to say "anyway, that's not what this announcement is about"

I watched the full thing and I still have absolutely no clue what the announcement was. it's so unhinged I almost wanna record it, but also it's so boring and the same old spiel I talked myself out of it.

No. 1758294

I really do not understand why every announcement has to be accompanied by a picture of her posing. Heather, you are NOT as pretty as you think you are. Boring basic ass turtle mf.

No. 1758408

She must take 500 selfies a day.

No. 1758523

If she posts this many selfies a day, imagine how many she sends to her partners… I'm sure it's constant and if they don't compliment her every single time she loses it and says they're toxic.

No. 1758545

File: 1675286434931.jpg (245.67 KB, 1080x1919, 328164333_3452823395045846_243…)

Is this supposed to be sexy? Fucking gross.

No. 1758620

I can't stand the dark eyeshadow/no eyeliner/barely mascara combo. Or is it just too spooky for me!

No. 1758732

empty eye socket skeleton chic

No. 1758757

I think the announcement was literally “I’m going to make more content on IG” and it’s literally the same content she already does and somehow the name “haunted butterfly” fits but she was so busy going on tangents that she didn’t explain why or how that name fits her “new direction” that’s not new

No. 1758959

And she is just using her whiny hot girl voice in all her new content.

No. 1759018

File: 1675311078178.jpeg (22.82 KB, 275x183, EB14CD24-7FBF-4468-9F6F-1A743B…)

No. 1759101


lol it's comforting that I wasn't the only one struggling to piece together the picture she was puzzling

No. 1759423

I wonder why she thought they were scary, were they black? She seems like she'd be afraid of anyone not white. I'm sure she said, I just only remember the dangerous scary graffiti on her garage door incident.

No. 1759430

File: 1675366000524.jpg (160.22 KB, 720x1280, 328588255_206751128579802_5737…)

Sorry, dropped pic.

No. 1759466

File: 1675368893230.jpg (852.89 KB, 1080x1858, SmartSelect_20230202_141209_In…)

Why does her voice sound so fake and cringe?! This isn't how her natural voice sounds.
And I think when she says "create more content" what she's really saying is "buy more junk"

No. 1759484


it's the only content she knows how to create nonny

No. 1759518

It was probably the neighbor that came into her garage to ask if she lived alone.

No. 1760139

File: 1675441086098.jpg (154.55 KB, 720x1280, 322941497_1597414827365182_310…)

This is egregious, Heather.

No. 1760140

File: 1675441144388.jpg (192.92 KB, 720x1280, 328802954_230689925960918_7988…)

Also nitpick but is this what she does with her plants, she just puts them into other pots but doesn't actually pot them? Ok "plant mommy".

No. 1760145

decorative pots usually don't have drainage so plants are left in nursery pots for that reason

No. 1760246

Oh lol maybe that's why all my plants die

No. 1760303

Its funny how much she crows about her specialness when every basic white girl I know has made ~plant mom~ a part of their identity.

No. 1760473

That's kinda sad lol

No. 1760569

aw nonnie lmao please take care of your plants

this is so intentionally pathetic, and for what?

No. 1760595

I think it's hilarious that she wants to make plant care reels. There's no audience. People who aren't into the hobby obviously won't care to watch, and people who are into the hobby know that she has very little experience and absolutely no special insight or expertise. There are a million other plantstagrammers out there who have actual knowledge on the topic, not to mention endless YouTube videos about it, etc.

No. 1760604

File: 1675476162617.jpg (349.57 KB, 1080x1919, 329001961_1889445844735421_258…)

Clearing up the mystery of what happened to her toy collection.

No. 1760610

File: 1675476536407.png (3.19 MB, 828x1792, 3ECC1777-AF04-46D9-86D9-34FA90…)

No. 1760615

what made her want to talk about it NOW? Well, that explains how her unit was suddenly empty, what a bunch of lies when she was talking about "per past being behind her" when she posted the empty unit

"someone's" basement ie her mom

selling all that shit is a big job, she's never doing it lol

No. 1760656

If she thinks her problems are over once she sells all her hoard, she's got another thing coming

No. 1760712

File: 1675484227034.png (1.31 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230203-201150.png)

kek maybe speculation but sounds to me like she's dirt-dishing on a recent Ryan. if not, what a strange particular thing to bring up to such a vague question

the smug ass pic of her smile has me rolling. bitch, your ex husband bought all the shiny new white teeth you're showing off there

No. 1760762

This is exactly how I felt when Pixielocks announced her how to crochet videos

No. 1760845

Heather really be like "I'm fat and lonely but at least I still have all my teeth", she needs to stop going for white trash men.
Idk how I never noticed her lip piercing scars until this week but they're all I can see now. Is that how she fucked up her original teeth and needed dental work? I don't know much about her life with her ex husband, but she's mentioned filing her taxes through him and staying legally married to him because of debt, largely medical debt. I assumed they were his debts, it it's really her teeth and her collection of clutter she still won't resell? Yikes kek

No. 1761199

Like Groundhog Day except she doesn't choose to improve or grow as a person.

No. 1761453

>spending 10k on storing your collection but not selling it despite planning to sell it
>literally nothing stopping you photographing and selling it
>but it's in someone's (mom's?) basement probably getting mouldy while you wait for the magical right time to sell it
>Literally works in retail and takes photos all day and posts online all day
baffling, it seems so trivial to just sell the stuff and she's probably spent 5x its value storing it

No. 1761541

I can't help but feel it's partly laziness since she'd have to drive home SEVERAL times to sort, photograph, price, list, and ship; partly attachment (despite her claims); and partly pettiness since people have been telling her to sell her stuff for years and wouldn't want to give them the "satisfaction" despite them now taking up space in her mom's basement and her saying multiple times that "that's the old fake me full of bad memories and a community that tried to destroy me"

you sure are showing them by holding on to these bad memories, I'm sure your mental health thanks you kek

acknowledging it's a big job heather, why not take it back with you in chunks so that it's manageable?

No. 1762092

File: 1675664087937.jpg (298.99 KB, 1080x972, Screenshot_20230206_011247_Fac…)

Cool, I live alone and eat frozen trash. Enjoy my social commentary.

No. 1762151

why does everyone compare food prices to Starbucks coffee? I don't know how your egg prices are right now, but food prices in general increased drastically over the last months in my country and it's a problem for most people that weren't even able to buy a coffee from Starbucks like once a month before all that. She is like those boomers "if you want a house, well, don't buy avocados".

No. 1762187

I love that she comments on this subject and then admits she doesn't even buy eggs.
Like stfu Heather.

No. 1762234

You'd have to be unemployed not to afford a Starbucks coffee wtf…

No. 1762235

I like the Starbucks analogies, they make it easy to know who is privileged and out of touch. Same as when they "sacrifice" any kind of salon service and suggest you do the same to save money. Just Heather being the basic bitch we all love.

No. 1762236

Case in point, you must be unemployed if you can't afford Starbucks. Most reasonable human beings don't enjoy wasting $6 for fast food coffees. But Heather types will do anything to justify it.

No. 1762258

people are upset that the price of a common food staple doubled thanks to an avian flu epizootic and big corps deciding to use it as an excuse to price gouge on top of that
jesus she’s an idiot

No. 1762272

You must have a very privileged life to make a comment like this.

No. 1762376

Next stop, she'll be starting a cooking channel.

No. 1762389

kek, not every country pays good money for a minimum wage job. A starbucks coffee costs around 5 € in my country, minimum wage is 12 € at the moment, would be around 1.400 € I have after a month working full-time. Costs of a flat in my city are around 800 to 1.000 € (let's take 1.000, you don't want to live in the cheaper parts of the city), transport is 100 €, leaves me with 300 €. If I would buy a coffee at starbucks every day I go to work, because I somehow think that coffee is worth the price, I would spent minimum 100 € every month for tasteless, shitty coffee, leaving me with 200 € buying real food, except that there are still other things I have to pay for. So no, you must be privileged to think that starbucks coffee is a thing that every person who works can afford or wants to put money into, while there are more urgent things they have to pay for.
(And sry, I just like numbers and had to do a little math for you all, and sry, forgot to sage first time)

thanks for the information, nona

No. 1762481

Heather is so fucking tone-deaf. She gives off boomer vibes.

No. 1762504

File: 1675723534932.jpg (115.16 KB, 1080x1919, 329448677_701837425010945_7562…)

She brought it back a-fucking-GAIN. My mind is blown at this point, how many fucking times can she share the same god damned picture trying to validate herself? Fuck off Heather.

No. 1762623

She was definitely one of those goths who listened to evanescence and never actually immersed herself in the scene.

No. 1762932

Since this is the only “goth” picture that keeps resurfacing I’m also guessing it was either a costume or a one-time look that happened to get captured on film. I’d love to hear from people who knew her in high school.

No. 1762962

She spilled the tea about bRyan. Said they had great chemistry, but there were a lot of awkward silences, and he ended up being emotionally manipulative and picked fights so she dumped him.

Can’t say I blame her if that’s really the case, but I found it ironic because before this she was talking about bad first kisses and said “it doesn’t need to be a first kiss in a haunted prison, which was the best first kiss of my life by the way, but we don’t talk about that story anymore”. Girl is STILL pining for ryanz. Tinfoil, but it’s kinda sad because I’m willing to bet he remembers her trying to emotionally manipulate him like bryan did to heather.

No. 1762975

Isn’t Heather bisexual? She would be so much happier in a relationship with a woman

No. 1762990

I have a strange feeling that heather is a lot more gay than she admits. But growing up in a backward place like PA would probably stuff her deep into the closet. It might explain why she’s failing with men left and right.

No. 1763046

>The reason I know I made the right decision is that I'm not crying on my kitchen floor any more

Why does she have to mention this over and over? Why is it so important that people visualize her sobbing for hours on her floor, or in her car, or in her clothes in the bath? Does she think her life is some kind of Swiftie music video?

No. 1763097

Lmao you forgot to mention how she talked about how it was the best sex of her life with bRyan but he smelled really bad. like girl what

No. 1763121

Right? How can anyone have "incredible explosive sex" with someone that smells bad?

No. 1763143

Dying to know what his side of the story is (can’t remember his insta username, don’t know if he posted anything). I mean, wtf is she doing to these guys off camera?? They’re all “the one” until there’s some sudden fight out of nowhere about nothing, and they’re suddenly the devil incarnate - and then once Heather is out of the picture, they all go on to have fairly normal relationships with other people. I mean…I’m seriously starting to wonder if she’s trans and they only find out during sex or something.

No. 1763152

You’re right I can’t believe I forgot to add that, seriously like wtf girl ??

No. 1763181

She also stated she kept texting him “do you still love me? Do you like me?” Girl you knew him for 12 hours.

No. 1763420

Hard doubt for anything she says. To her, emotionally manipulative is him not responding to her text for an hour and being confused when she loses her shit.

No. 1763627

with her obsession with pining and romance she would be so much better off with a woman. Unfortunately she's too much of a "not like the other girls" pickme to actually pursue women and not see them as competition for ryans I imagine. Probably the same reason we never see her with any female friends.

Classic bpd behavior tbh

No. 1763800

File: 1675876428681.jpg (117.91 KB, 1080x1919, 329376145_1653713571766949_537…)

This is so bitchy. I can't believe she's so dense she can't see that this isn't "behind on messages". This is blatantly ignoring people and practically bragging about it. 66 fucking weeks. Fuck off Heather.

No. 1763823

They're not spooky enough for her

No. 1764111

Can we please stop rehashing this? Heather shows no interest in girls whatsoever.

No. 1764154

Agreed. To her it's another fad to highjack. Something to pretend to have always been, just like the goth-plantmom-owl-loving urbexer aesthetic.

No. 1764165

File: 1675915071083.png (Spoiler Image, 350.45 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230208-195619.png)


spot on with every point nona. also I'm not someone to armchair diagnose over the internet so I spoilered and saged my tinfoil, but holy hell she checks the BPD boxes.

No. 1764215

in perspective for what? that you suck at talking to people even when your stories ask for responses? we already know that's not true because you DO reply to messages, you're just ignoring those
gg showing off the messages you don't care about kek

No. 1764235

>constantly whines and cries that she has no friends and that people don't accept her in the community she wants to be in
>has ignored messages from people active in the community that are trying to be friendly for an entire year

I usually don't armchair either, but I'm absolutely sure if she went in for therapy they'd have her diagnosed in no time. Her behavior patterns are so cyclic it's almost absurd at a point.

No. 1764253

I want to read her messages, give me your login Heather. This tells me all her stories and posts are bait for very specific people and unless you're one of the ryans she has her eye on, you will be ignored af, you can even see these people have the same hobbies as her based on the screennames (photography, cemetary guy) and she doesn't even read it.

No. 1764286

I mean, we all knew this but she just confirmed it kek. People reach out to her constantly because she's not some haggard swamp creature, but a normal looking woman. Just based on her stories, you'd think she's some basic becky who likes horror, it isn't until you actually interact with her that you start running for the hills like all the ryans of yesteryear.

No. 1764287

Ngl I recognize at least a name or two in there. One for sure is an out of state cemetery photographer who is quite nice, informative, and never gave me the creeps. She'd be so much better off networking and making some online friends in the scene than continuously spamming bad cleavage shots and spending the rest of her free time on tinder, but ultimately, I believe you are right and she doesn't actually care to be a part of these communities outside of finding a new ryan who will humor her shallow understanding of these supposed "special interests" of hers.

No. 1764288

She truly is like an incel in that sense too. Can't even bother having male friends unless they are potential future ryans.

No. 1764420

Are you saying that all straight women who want romance are pickmes?

No. 1764522

I'm saying Heather is a massive pick-me and that finding true romance among moids is like finding a needle in a haystack. This isn't about you anon. kek

No. 1764642


I snorted, how poetic. Projection truly is just telling on yourself.

No. 1764769

File: 1675992498271.jpg (Spoiler Image, 215.7 KB, 1080x1919, 329609540_210044621533328_5719…)

Doesn't she know that you never post feet pics on the internet for free? This girl is brand new.
(it's not actually a NSFW picture whatsoever but spoiler because I know some people are grossed out by feet)

No. 1764919

Pulling out all the stops to get more unwanted DMs I guess.

No. 1765085

File: 1676040987572.jpg (890.2 KB, 1080x1886, SmartSelect_20230210_085610_In…)

No. 1765139

She's the most terminally online person I've ever seen. 50 stories a fucking day and the majority are of her own face at the same angle. I've said this before, it's just crazy to me how beautiful she thinks she is. Nobody is ever going to want to be with a narc who shitposts HERSELF all day long. The lack of introspection is mind numbing.

No. 1765184

So she should just slide into said Ryans’ DMs herself instead of doing…all this. She’s old enough to know posting daily boob selfies with walls of text detailing how lonely and vulnerable and sex starved she is will only get her low quality drive-by moid attention, but the retardation continues.

No. 1765186

She’s far from new, she’s trolling for feetRyans

No. 1765521

File: 1676092147404.jpg (176.28 KB, 1080x863, 329767973_210004761532973_2099…)

this is so tryhard

No. 1766253

File: 1676179961530.jpg (198.19 KB, 1080x1919, 330484010_1137637220262732_303…)

waiting for the civil war ghostryan saga to begin.

No. 1766297

Oooh this isn't the first time she claimed to have a ghost boyfriend.

No. 1766803

that's so specific, is there more to that theory? kek

No. 1766810

File: 1676247044316.jpeg (439.11 KB, 1270x1080, C83BFBC2-6740-4D8E-B2EC-FA8845…)

No. 1766814

File: 1676247183745.jpeg (330.13 KB, 828x1482, 15C84331-3C78-43DA-BA58-50829A…)

No. 1766816

She has the personality of an incel, who would post this? And what kind of creep would respond positively to this?
What she needs is therapy and I'm sure her therapist will tell her sending 200 texts a day of do you love me? I don't believe you. I'm so lonely [insert melodramatic story about her youtube channel] will scare 100% of people away.

No. 1766827

male escorts exist heather

Even the most predatory of men would look at this and be like nah that doesn’t seem worth it.

No. 1766839

Kek I wish she would actually try this. Bring the sugarmommy Heather saga

No. 1766848


I just watched these stories earlier and thought, wow she got through a whole personal outing without whining about not having a Ryan to enjoy it with, kek… guess I should have waited half an hour

No. 1766974

I would love to see her online dating profiles after this outburst. I've never considered that the way she brands herself on social media is probably similar to her dating apps and that's why all the dates she finds are flaky losers. The only scrotes who'd approach a femcel like Heather would expect her to be easily controlled/emotionally manipulated, maybe these relationships end quickly after they realize she isn't a doormat.
I unironically respect her ability to burn bridges and hold grudges, a lot of women who share her "I can't be alone" mentality give their exes too many second chances.

No. 1767043

AYRT & I can't remember the exact details (so please feel free to chime in, other nonnies) but she has been obsessed for quite a while with a civil war soldier called David that she claims she talked to on a spirit box at some point. She's visited his grave and looked him up on genealogy websites and stuff. If I feel inclined I might go digging for pictures she's posted of his headstone to verify if his year of death is roughly 130 years before 1990 (when Heather was born), but I'm not really sure if it's worth the effort.

No. 1767094

I matched with her on tinder a few years ago. From what I recall of her profile, it was pretty heavy on the “faux witch” stuff. Dressed in all black, a witch hat, posing in graveyards, a couple cleavage shots for good measure. Her bio was only her Instagram handle. I checked it out in time to see her live posting a rant about being too scared to drive. She was crying. Sooo many guys were there sending her messages and shooting their shots. I thought it was a little much and unmatched her. Some time later, maybe a year or so, I was telling a friend about how odd it was. That’s how I discovered this site. She’s been my favorite train wreck ever since.(male)

No. 1767265

How tragically PATHETIC. I wonder if her family knows she does this? If I saw my daughter posting shit like this I would be making a list of therapist options.

No. 1767341

Wow, she's really unhinged

No. 1767628

Exactly. I think she does attract predatory moids with her bait, but she’s so aggressively clingy & nutty from jump that they realize she isn’t the passive victim she presents herself as and back off.

No. 1767630

Samefag but I’m low key rooting for her and ghostRyan as a couple, he’s probably the only moid who she can’t scare off with her theatrics since he’s a literal ghost. Also I’m sure he’d love to go on cemetery tours with her and catch up with his buddies.

No. 1768203

File: 1676414369146.jpg (95.34 KB, 1080x1919, 331054567_1610183992779395_833…)

So… she knows?

No. 1768208

that would be the funniest instagram story she would ever have posted. Imagine after, let's say 6 months, she discloses that GhostRyan, after all, left her and that even a ghost thought that she was way too weird and he didn't like her plants, also his ghost buddies told him, that she is just mentally ill and that he should look for a skinnier, nicer person. Kek, if I would be a writer, I would write that as a story.

No. 1768341

File: 1676425473767.jpg (99.33 KB, 720x1280, 331201002_584697303547531_7876…)

Lol this sad-ass Pink Princess with almost no variegation.

No. 1768717

File: 1676477986164.jpg (987.91 KB, 1080x1895, SmartSelect_20230215_101856_In…)

No. 1768718

File: 1676478007888.jpg (914.97 KB, 1080x1883, SmartSelect_20230215_101924_In…)

No. 1768826

Head cocked to the same side, creepy ass smile… every fucking time. Her phone must be packed full of the same selfie over and over and over.

No. 1768875

File: 1676489531551.jpg (134.28 KB, 640x1137, 331151176_849706289450031_4556…)

Beyond pathetic.

No. 1768897

okay, I'm in, now I want to befriend her and taste that delicious food. If it's made out of the stuff she posted the last time, I'd rather go back home and eat what my flatmate cooks for me, as that is not cooking, it's opening boxes and tins. She should start going down the modern Rockabilly route, those 50s things would fit to her and maybe there is a guy who needs a housewife.

No. 1768973

Even if she made friends the friend ship would last less than a month. I remember she was friends with some girl that did random urbex photos with her. Wonder what happened to that friendship.

No. 1769016

I think her friendships last as long as her “relationships” do. I am curious to know what exactly she’s doing to scare everyone away so fast. It seems like she does attract people, but they run screaming as soon as they get to know her.

No. 1769216

File: 1676519964923.jpeg (656.22 KB, 828x1459, 5964BD77-7134-473A-992E-07AF04…)

No. 1769226

She spent 20 dollars (so like, an hour's work or more, for many) on virtual roses on a dating app to give to guys who didn't even match her despite the fact men match nearly every woman

It must be a humiliation fetish at this point

No. 1769270

Any anons who have used hinge who can tell me what this means?

No. 1769280

it's a paid function to ensure someone you're interested in sees your profile and knows you're into them. they're free to ignore it entirely of course

No. 1769356

What a loser. Surprised she hasn't gotten scammed on those dating apps since she seems she likes to throw her money away.

No. 1769399

I think she just never gives anyone enough space and time alone. Imagine how often she must write and how she reacts if you don't answer straight away and then her constant crying about not being in a relationship. Her problems and feelings are probably also always more important than the stuff her friends would go through and at that age, if you are looking for new friends, you don't have patience for such behaviour anymore.

No. 1769418

might as well have paid $20 to send virtual red flags kek

No. 1769421

Yeah you’re probably right. The older (and busier) people get, the less tolerance they tend to have for drama and emotionally draining relationships. Which means people like Heather, who refuse to grow up or get therapy, end up getting left in the dust. Even the most desperate moids she attracts only stick around long enough for sex and then run away when she starts acting clingy and volatile.

No. 1769454

I don't think she wants friends. We've seen people reach out to her and get completely ignored because they weren't a potential Ryan. I think in the last thread someone kinda called her out on it too in her comments on IG but I may be misremembering. Theres also this: >>1764287 which isnt definitive but makes a good point. She could have friends if she really wanted them, even if its for a short time before she scares them off. Hell, if I lived close to her I'd go with her to do some of the stuff she does. (the tours, antiquing etc.) I'd keep her at arms length for sure since I'm aware of how she is.

She doesn't realize that not having any friends, especially at her age, is a big red flag and Ryans will and do pick up on it. She doesn't only have to have friends that live close to her either, excuse the minor blog but I have a few friends where I live but most of my friends live an hour and a half away. I still see them and its still obvious I have friends. Thats normal for adults that dont live in the city or even state they grew up in.

Maybe her life would be more fulfilling if she let herself have platonic relationships (and went to a fucking therapist and got the help she clearly needs…come on Heather, grow up.) and stopped obsessing over finding her perfect Ryan.

No. 1769456

I've never seen anyone so freely chat about what a loser they are all day every day. I wonder how she'd do with a pet. It seems like it would be a bad idea but maybe she could shower that with love instead of buying every single dating app created.

No. 1769603

She's had pets/lived with pets in the past and they never seemed to interest her very much.

No. 1769636

She could get a cat and be the crazy cat lady she's meant to be

No. 1769669

She abandoned her last cat so that is not a good idea

No. 1769678

File: 1676575479905.jpg (170.31 KB, 720x1280, 330774963_1886183118385487_855…)

Ok Akon we get it.

No. 1769739

I hope she will never have a baby, sry to say that, but that poor child, she would be a hysterical, overbearing mother and if her husband would show too much interest in the child (like in a positive, fatherly way), she would lose her mind and be jealous.

No. 1769756

I don't even believe her. She doesn't want "that" some day, she just likes the idea of a couple putting their baby on top of a cannon. Her brain seems too underdeveloped to be able to successfully parent anything anyways. You're 100% right though, she would die of jealousy.

No. 1770065

She has zero maternal instinct and seems way too narcissistic for a baby. She can’t focus on anyone beyond herself. Imagine how neglected the poor kid would be while she takes selfies and rants online all day. That said, moids will knock up and marry almost anyone, so it really says something about her level of crazy that she’s scaring all of them away.

No. 1770087


kek good point anon. as an adult most of my friends have relocated at least an hour away and I don't whine, I just drive to see them. Whining about being lonely is more of a priority for her I guess

No. 1770142

File: 1676622334430.jpg (351.36 KB, 1080x1919, 331008222_533320035558345_5396…)

She's so condescending. The only things she "creates" are tacky, overwrought edits of what amounts to the same photo over and over. And that's not even consistent. She actually spends the majority of her time hoarding objects, staring at Instagram and eating junk food in her car. This question was a follow up- the original question was about movies. The fact that she can't experience catharsis from watching films or reading books just goes to prove how unimaginative and unempathetic she is.

No. 1770185

She listens to taylor swift though lol

No. 1770214

It’s crazy to me that she can’t just be like “I don’t really watch a lot of shows or movies!” And be done with it. Her need to make a dislike of pop culture a part of her whole personality is just so weird.

No. 1770261

>realness of spirituality
kek, good one.

And there are amazing shows with real history behind it or books, how do you find information about historic events if not out of books? Books were one of the most important inventions in human history, being able to read is so amazing, you can buy a book and learn about the history of a person that lived many years ago. How can you not read books? I grew up in a house without a lot of books (the library was thankfully not far away) and my parents are one of the most unimaginative persons I've ever met. Maybe she should just, try it, for once? No wonder she can't find or hold a man, most men enjoy watching movies or talking about a book they've read.
Sry, I just can't with her anymore, if lolcow is still alive 20 years from now, we will read the same stories over and over again, there is no change to expect from this cow.

No. 1770519

File: 1676669799020.jpg (198 KB, 1080x1919, 331359614_737542378018856_6398…)

On the subject of books…

No. 1770525

So she literally just gets all her information from her phone.

No. 1770609

File: 1676679476433.png (8.14 MB, 1242x2208, ED4350A9-197A-45B1-B0A9-6791AF…)

No. 1770627

Imagine doing a lingerie photoshoot for a dating profile. Not to make money, not for a partner you already have…for randos on tinder.

No. 1770641

that would have been a great opportunity to ask for suggestions but NOPE not our heather, instead just expose how vapid and shallow you are

No. 1770642

Just some mascara and eyeliner alone with that eyeshadow and the glasses will surely help you.

No. 1770643

Heather you are so vapid and superficial. A sexy selfie is not some magical ticket why would you want someone that only appeared in your DMs after some cleavage shots. Pathetic.

No. 1770662

Never thought I’d say this, but she might as well start an OnlyFans so she can at least make some cash while throwing away what’s left of her dignity

No. 1770732

File: 1676693165050.png (1.76 MB, 1242x2208, 6C5BC58F-96D8-4987-BEEE-377E1B…)


Immediately starts posting a bunch of “spicy” stories mouth breathing and eye fucking herself to attract moid attention, proceeds to publicly shame the first dude to take the bait.

No. 1770734

his name is Ryan?! is this a farmer trying to cowtip?

No. 1770748

Kek it really is Ryan.

No. 1770804

Lmao moids are retarded, writing one-sided essays about your sexual fantasies in the DMs is so pathetic.

No. 1770822

File: 1676703056336.jpg (878.5 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230218_014149_Ins…)

Takes pictures of and travels to the same 3 locations, literally buys books for the pictures or spooky aesthetic, watches no movies or shows… so hopefully this will get their attention

No. 1770850

I mean, the profile picture (Frankestein monster ?) and name are strong giveaways.
Hey cowtipper, stop being gross and creepy on Hag's dm. We don't do that here.

No. 1770956

File: 1676730038359.png (576.81 KB, 479x788, singleweirdoswya.png)

All her thirst traps are so unflattering and creepy. Something about this particular scene makes me think of that ugly terrifier clown for whatever reason. kek

Honestly could be a cowtipper or an actual moid. Couldn't make out the username to try to confirm if the profile was real or not, but moids act like this in DMs all the time.

No. 1770962

File: 1676730585305.png (655.56 KB, 991x657, landofghosts.png)

This might have been posted here before during one of her Ryan searches. I know this guy has been thirsting in her comments forever now and is all over her recent thirst traps, but I didn't realize she flirted back at one point too.

No. 1770978

I don't understand how an adult exists like this. She only cares about finding the next shallow, love-bombing, and quickly exploding bpd-style "relationship." That is the ONLY thing she cares about. It's the only thing she talks about, worries about, thinks about. I keep coming back here because it's mystifying that a real person can be this single-minded and shallow, year after year, with absolutely no change or growth.

Like … what has to happen to someone to give them this degree of obsession? To make them this frighteningly one-dimensional? She confuses me so much.

No. 1771046

She gets all her self worth from those types of reactions. She once had a ryan that made her feel so special and loved that she cant think of any other way to feel that same high. She doesnt know that having close girlfriends, hanging out with and helping family, or that having a GENUINELY productive hobby could give her that same feeling. What a loser.
Kek she looks like she is eating that blanket. Also like she is hiding a planet sized body under there.

No. 1771067

File: 1676742180613.png (486.23 KB, 1023x1290, Screenshot_20230218-123854.png)

This mfer talks to every "alt" girl on Instagram the way he talks to Heather. Here's a little sample I took from a couple of minutes snooping in other accounts he interacts with. He also lives in Germany so I don't think there's a love-match in the cards.

No. 1771070

This is why I hate women who talk about their boyfriends all the time. They are absolutely pathetic

No. 1771130

File: 1676748633445.webm (5.73 MB, 720x1280, haunted_butterfly-reel-CoyZhis…)

For your cringejoyment.

No. 1771182

he also seems to be into pop culture and has a busy job with night shifts and stuff like that, I don't think that Heather would be able to accept him having a life besides her. But kek, he is cringe, I've met some men of that kind in Germany while I was younger, that type of guy would be way too weird for spooky Heather.

No. 1771492

File: 1676781143690.jpeg (380.08 KB, 1226x1080, A872CAF3-253C-4707-B811-35340D…)

Holy shit get over him

No. 1771526

Yea not sure if it’s Damian or Ryan z she’s taking about but both have been in serious relationships for over a year. Damian is literally engaged I’m pretty sure.

No. 1771549

It's weird because Ryan Z was barely a relationship for her, but she completely seems to exclude the one neck tattooed Ryan I'm forgetting the name of that she actually had a decent run with. Was Damian the long haired one with the trench coat and knives? I feel like I need a graphic to keep track of all the ryans of past and present at this point. lmao

No. 1771576

The neck tattoo guy was Clay, she has claimed before that he was the last person she truly loved and she posted an antique photo of a little boy at one point saying that he looked like her child with Clay would have looked. I think that was posted in the last thread but I'm not up for digging for it right now.

No. 1771585

According to my Google search of a moment ago, Damian actually got married in October 2022. According to the wedding registry page that is the first hit for Damian's name, he originally got with his now-wife (who is extremely cute, btw) in December 2019, although they initially met in June of that year. He and Heather broke up in August 2019, so he already knew the girl he would eventually marry while he and Heather were together.

No. 1771748

File: 1676814913264.jpg (70.74 KB, 720x1270, Screenshot_20230219-084740_Ins…)

Is this bitch for real

No. 1771791

She has to be asking herself some of these questions. There is no way anyone is still asking her why she hasn’t been on YouTube. She talks about it at great length all the fucking time. And what is your greatest regret?? Nobody is gonna ask shit like that, seems like a door-opener for a blog about a Ryan from four years ago. Highly suspicious.

No. 1771819

Mostly I just lurk here for fun and I don’t want to out myself by saying more, but I know Ryan z personally. There was no relationship. So Heather if you read this, stop lying and saying he’s an ex. It just makes you look really creepy. Even if this isn’t about him, you said it constantly in the old threads. It’s really weird.

No. 1771828

>I'm posting spicy pictures to get male attention
gets male attention
>no, not that

My prediction is single until she is 36, then she gets knocked up by some random Ryan and they stay together until one of them dies, leading a miserable life with suffering children. Or he has the balls to leave and she will be a single mother with suffering children.

No. 1771834

>I need to post spicy pics
>wish I had my cute lingerie!!
>thirst trap photos
>thirst trap vids

>ur hot

>feel bad for u
>touch grass boys

are we witnessing mental illness?

No. 1772226

I know your prediction is the most likely outcome, but I'm hoping for a cougar arc. I really want her to get promoted to Target store manager and date 19 year olds. She's desperate now but late 30s Heather is going to be tragic

No. 1772261

File: 1676860923461.png (9.43 MB, 1284x2778, E7B80ED8-3258-46E2-84F9-C4AA95…)

Heather, girl. When I say there was no relationship I mean, in his own words, you were never together. He didn’t ask you to be his girlfriend and he never considered you to be one. He didn’t dump you for his ex. He tried to let you down easy and explain to you that he wasn’t interested. Im not even super close to him and he told me you made him feel really uncomfortable most of the time.

No. 1772359

How the fuck is it a "twin flame" connection when the other half feels no connection at all?

No. 1772393

If she ever has kids she's going to be one of those deranged emotional incest moms.

No. 1772782

Is she still talking about RyanZ?!

No. 1772797

Pretty sure there’s no other ghost hunter guy she was interested in so, yeah.

No. 1772806

Yes she is. This is the location he took her to "dump" her.

No. 1772829

Incest? Woah hold up - she’s a spas but not that kind of spaz. Also don’t worry she won’t ever have kids. You need to get past the first date to have a shot.

No. 1772848

“Emotional Incest” is a different thing, where a parent places all their emotional bullshit on their kid and relies on them for support and advice like they would a friend or partner

No. 1773309

File: 1676996052721.jpg (380.46 KB, 1080x1919, 332131225_855102965551784_3463…)

I don't find her style spooky, creepy, strange, or unusual in any way. It's just ugly. I love antiques like these, especially dolls. But she's displaying them like they're in a store, not decorating with them. She already sleeps in a creep-o twin bed that's positioned directly across from this monstrosity… what a boring, sterile life.

She reminds me of someone who sees something they admire in someone, then goes out of their way to have more/do it better/liked it longer etc. than the original person. She can't just enjoy antique shopping, she has to hoard anything she finds. Can't just like plants, has to cover ONE CORNER of her home in them and act like the hugest PlAnT MoM of all time. For one corner, because even the plants are in their own display.

No. 1773371

It's definitely all very sterile looking and weird. The display would look better if she had some of her plants on the top of the shelves or something. kek at the granny bed though. It's weird how she keeps all her plants shoved off to one area too. It's like she has designated areas dedicated to specific "interests" that she formed from different ryans. Not creepy at all.

No. 1773420

I saw on one of her thirst traps that the drummer of the band Poison commented lol I’m pressed for time or else I’d post it myself.

No. 1773474

She displays this shit like it's on sale in an antique mall

No. 1773620

It's the same way she displayed her toys. She has no real heart in it. It'll be easy to box it all up and put it in storage when she finds a new hobby to be interested in.

No. 1773637

File: 1677030234738.jpeg (297.07 KB, 1080x1080, 788A8397-C26D-44E0-8133-61469F…)

How tasteful, gives me the girly version of this

No. 1773693

File: 1677033355605.png (924.62 KB, 974x902, kek.png)

No. 1773787

File: 1677038111485.png (84.18 KB, 222x332, 1677033355605.png)

sleep paralysis demon

No. 1773889

More like facial paralysis demon.

No. 1774271

It's the pencil-thin lips with the abrupt lipstick line for me.

No. 1774430

File: 1677096806197.jpg (313 KB, 1080x1919, 332351148_142070745398270_4367…)

It takes her an hour to smear dark grey eyeshadow on her eyelids. Are we positive she isn't retarded?

No. 1774521

Pretty positive she was born emotionally retarded considering her mom doesn’t even like her. Tbh the first time I heard her talk I assumed she was retarded in some way. Her voice, cadence, weird lisp thing, everything.

No. 1775134

File: 1677168945961.jpg (409.5 KB, 1080x1919, 332743637_1197223287576576_549…)

Somebody call Milan!

No. 1775142

Nightmare fuel from a hot topic clearance bin.

No. 1775190

The way she poses her feet in the exact same position in every single photo fucking kills me kek

No. 1775304

Same pose, same face angle, same creepy grin. The whole outfit is a crock of shit but the boots are sending me. WHY.

No. 1775319

I've seen kids in kindergarten with the same "fashion style" when the parents allowed them to choose what they wanted to wear that day. That dress with tights and some black boots would be okay, but the amount of patterns is horrible and then the shoes.

No. 1775391

it’s giving some strip-mall “modeling school” course for pathetisad losers

No. 1775810

File: 1677254432479.jpg (216.23 KB, 1080x1919, 332466244_768419244935974_6064…)

Good for her. Maybe she'll throw herself into this and start feeling more confident and stop with the desperate thirst traps. Maybe she'll meet GymRyan and live happily ever after!

Maybe she'll never return after this one time and act like it never happened.

No. 1775942


I wouldn't wish a gym dude on anyone, the most brainddead narcs of all men. Personality of an incel trapped in a decent body.

No. 1775964

That's sort of her type kek. It could actually work… someone as narc as her probably wouldn't notice or care as much how self-absorbed she is because he would be equally bad. They could exist together forever just not speaking and taking the same posed selfies.

No. 1776068

File: 1677280115208.jpeg (28.64 KB, 490x300, 036934F1-2B27-4A71-A250-931053…)

The way she stands in photos makes me always think of the tall Pixar penguin. She looks like she has flat feet, like a large webbed bird. Flippers is that what you call it? I agree with other observations she seems stunted in some capacity. Do we know if she has autism? She gives off autistic vibes with the all or nothing interests that she seems to suddenly adopt then dump after a year to so.

No. 1776234

File: 1677296583965.png (1.73 MB, 1069x1764, Screenshot_20230224-223655~2.p…)

But swiping on tinder for 6 hours or whatever she said is great way to spend her precious free time is good?? Dumbass.

No. 1776672


I was just thinking this. I don't say this normally but, girl, you're ~too~ present in every moment of your life lol. A few hours of escapism could be so good for her psyche. She takes everything so seriously and needs to loosen up, and a lot of philosophical life lessons she stubbornly turns up her nose at are heavily present in the media she avoids. Even if you don't want to do that, take a few classes and learn pottery or some shit damn.

An artist who creates without consuming has nothing to build a voice from. There's no depth or understanding. I can see why her "art" is so fucking boring and shallow and cookie cutter, and revolves around shopping displays. it's obvious the depth of the quotes she uses is beyond her, and she misinterprets them in super selfish ways. I'm still in awe she doesn't even read books, even non-fiction.

Homie needs to take some time once in a while to escape her Heather brain and take in other folks' experiences, holy shit she's just so much.

I seriously don't understand what she spends hours on outside of work. There's only so much swiping on 100 different dating apps, rearranging trinkets in your weird clinical space, repainting furniture, editing bland photos etc you can do. I'd go out of my mind with boredom.

No. 1776682

It's funny because she obsessively consumes objects, just nothing (media/art) she could learn anything from.

No. 1776718


when you are always in hustle mode, you never have a hustle mode. she needs to turn off sometimes

No. 1777904

File: 1677443120767.jpg (886.88 KB, 1080x1890, Screenshot_20230225-113348_Ins…)

No. 1777905

File: 1677443180717.jpg (437.03 KB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20230225-122914_Ins…)

No. 1777906

File: 1677443240014.jpg (393.74 KB, 1080x1907, Screenshot_20230226-103312_Ins…)

No. 1777921

Well, acting like a deranged character from a Lifetime movie isn't exactly a turn-on for many men.

No. 1777945

Watch a movie. Read a book. Play video games. Or scroll on Tinder for 6 hours.

No. 1777968

File: 1677448992510.png (4.04 MB, 750x1334, EE20ACB2-B882-468A-B04D-46504C…)

No. 1777977

>I gave you a LEAF
Wow a whole ass leaf? So rare and memorable, truly a once in a lifetime occurrence, how could he have let a true love like that go? Hard to believe she’s 30-something and acts like this.

No. 1778006

She still posts this shit even after admitting she leaves people's Instagram messages unread for over a year in favor of swiping on dating sites for 2 hours a night. Female anons have posted here before saying they got ignored too. Gee, wonder why you have no social life?

No. 1778036

Does anyone think that Heather is a pathological liar? Or is she just delusional?

No. 1778094

You could probably find this word-for-word on an incel forum.

No. 1778097

>I thought it would be a forever kind of love
>I hope I can find a love like that again
They were together for literally three months.

No. 1778342

Wait. A couple of days ago she was simping over some other ex that wasn't even an ex according to a mutual.
And now she is simping over Lurch who was 'pure evil' according to her not so long ago.
She giving me whiplash

No. 1778424

Little bit of both mixed with moderate autism.

No. 1778509

Don’t forget she has to block out a few hours to cry in various locations

I really think this is just BPD

No. 1778769

this made me kek HARD. Wasn't she shit talking him not too long ago?

No. 1779156

File: 1677593046747.jpg (751.67 KB, 1080x1772, SmartSelect_20230228_080321_In…)

Thirst trapping on the gram

No. 1779162

File: 1677594576897.jpg (343.22 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230228_162633_Ins…)

She's back to thirst trapping with the black chicken mask and I have to post this screenshot, she looks so dumb

No. 1779167

File: 1677596103033.webm (706.98 KB, 720x1280, aHR0cHM6Ly9zY29udGVudC1sZ2EzLT…)

No. 1779202

why is her mouth open like that, she looks so silly

No. 1779277

she looks just like that retarded velma from shayna's shane saga

No. 1779280

KEK yes!

No. 1779411

Chicken mask hahahaha
She looks crazy.
‘Just relax, I wanna peck you to death’
‘Give me chicken feed Daddy’
‘You like a big titty goff girl who identifies as a chicken every third Tuesday?’
‘Tell me you wanna buck buck me!’

No. 1779432

>spends TWENTY dollars on a DATING APP (?!!!)
>life is 2 short 2 play video gamesz!!!!!

her cognitive dissonance is truly remarkable

No. 1779842

$5 halloween clearance target mask, very sexy heather.

god, she does have the same crazy eyes and gaping fish mouth.

No. 1779863

Looks like a bird holding a little cracker in its beak.
So sexy and enticing kek

No. 1779959

File: 1677679436019.png (5.94 MB, 1179x2556, 79683789-E433-47EC-8C7F-2E6CBC…)

Girl, you SURE you don’t have a mental illness?!

No. 1779966

File: 1677680076640.jpeg (20.62 KB, 253x200, F9B1D4CA-04BE-439F-AEFA-D84C33…)

Kek I’m here for ChickenHeather anon. Praying she finds the spooky goffik Ryooster of her dreams soon!

No. 1780018

Who is she even talking to?!

No. 1780038

>not ignoring
>openly admits to having an inbox full of unanswered DM’s from over a year ago >>1763800
Heather please you already told on yourself kek

No. 1780053

>i'm not mentally ill

No. 1780064

>This has cost me 2 relationships
What two relationships has she lost because she fell asleep? Her wording implies that it was directly as a result of her sleeping. The delusion continues.

No. 1780124

File: 1677697418788.jpg (369.38 KB, 1080x1801, Screenshot_20230301-090748_Ins…)

context: some rando on tinder said he wasn't super into Halloween…

No. 1780129

please, someone tell me, what is she exploring? She doesn't read, watch or play, she sits in her car, crying and then is on tinder for 6+ hours, before she falls asleep. Where is the exploring? Did she take some time off and went, don't know, to Canada and explored creepy history there? I don't get it or am I missing something?

No. 1780137

Her answer to this question is always "exploring is about going on an adventure, and I have an adventure everytime I leave the house" or some dumb shit like that

No. 1780161

as opposed to sleeping artificially? what? why does she make falling asleep sound like such an unconventional process lol we all eventually will fall asleep, often while talking to people. i think what ruins your relationships is ~falling in love with your forever person soulmate~ after knowing them for 30 minutes and scaring them off but okay.

No. 1780282

She's just coping hard. I don't even recall her going much of anywhere lately either? Even when she does go it's usually the same few locations over and over.

No. 1780324

>even if it means never having friends or a man who loves me
The dramatics. Also check yourself Heather, you can’t say in one breath WHO WILL PLEASE DATE ME HERE ARE MY THIRSTY ASS BOOBS AGAIN and in another act aloof and like all you care about are your InTeReSts.

No. 1780448

>spends all free time lurking dating apps unsuccessfully
>run out of fresh meat, resort to thirst traps for validation
>none of the dudes in her dms meet her requirements
>back to spending all free time on dating apps
Sprinkle in a bunch of whining and complaining throughout this cycle and it's plain to see why her attempts always come up fruitless. Not to mention she's constantly calling other dudes like rumham "daddy" in the comments or roasting dudes who reach out to her publicly. She's so full of redflags only the most desperate men will still bother, all of which, apparently, aren't to her standard which we already know is questionable. She's doomed herself to femcel life.

No. 1780595

her hobbies are buying shit, hoarding shit, thirst trapping on main, and RyanQuest

No. 1780732

Heather needs to get a fucking diary or something because literally who is she talking to right now. Us? Her constantly whining about how unique and special she is and is too difficult for anyone to understand because of being so unique and special is so funny.
I died

No. 1781078

File: 1677793178520.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 1284x2070, 4EBEABB8-E913-4915-8EAE-CC0B73…)

It’s definitely because they have a problem with female bodies, it couldn’t possibly be because she’s an unhinged retard with the personality of a thumb.

No. 1781103

>Target lingerie
>Crayon eyeliner
>Dollar store mask
>Thin-lipped open mouth
>Child's twin bed

No. 1781329

File: 1677812379563.png (1.57 MB, 1041x1909, Screenshot_20230302-215755~2.p…)

There she goes wasting those precious 6 hours of free time.

No. 1781410

But she's too good for reading or videogames. Kek

No. 1781488

6+ hours wasted on scrolling through your phone, but I guess she is exploring something. I'd love to know what she talks about when she is on a date, except for her job, "being weird" and scrolling through her phone she doesn't do much.

No. 1781773

File: 1677860122395.jpg (483.9 KB, 1080x1919, 333961100_608170767306729_3326…)

>how weird I am
Literally ever single thing about her is so fucking boring.

No. 1781845

>>1781773 I mean she is fucking weird but not in the way she thinks

No. 1781963

>something neat
>like putting away laundry
Is this what she's referring to when she says she needs something more "real" than art and media?

No. 1782069

She has 6 hours a day to find them while trashing people who read, game, watch movies, create art, are their own person, and don't need her as their entire personality

No. 1782231

This. That’s the only “weird” thing.

No. 1782320

File: 1677913061067.jpeg (474.23 KB, 828x1292, 748A995B-2011-40D6-BAC2-94474A…)

I used to believe she had BPD but I actually think she may just be Autistic kek

No. 1782335

>I'd love to know what she talks about when she is on a date
I feel like she probably trauma dumps at least a little bit for pity point and goes on and on about the same three different places she's only ever "adventured", then to round it all out, talks in circles about how wacky, weird, and not like the other girls she is. She's so mind-numbingly boring and pretentious it's really no wonder most men ghost her or just use her for easy sex even though the moids she goes for are literally near bottom of the barrel.

No. 1782458

I have a feeling she also talks in great length about her dating history and how heartbreaking each breakup was for her. Trying to get pity but just coming off obsessive and sick.

No. 1782660

Super late but I'm sure her gofundme donators would love to know she wasted $10K on a storage unit. This pic should be shared anytime she asks for money in the future.

Also if it's not a haggeration and she really spent 10K on the unit, donating all of it instead would have been cheaper. But you do you heather, sure showed 'em.

No. 1782923

Somehow missed this post until now. So that huge collection is moved from a nice climate controlled storage nit to a musty basement for it to rot indefinitely while she begins an entirely new horde of shit. "No longer will I have my value determined by what I own" she says as she begins a collection anew just more "spooky". So stupid and wasteful.

No. 1783011

File: 1678029226173.jpeg (249.26 KB, 1080x1919, 330398809_495425392801332_7562…)

No. 1783018

The only reason I'm still here is because I'm waiting to see the weird stuff she is into. So far, there is nothing weird about her.

No. 1783060

She thinks visiting graveyards occasionally is the "weird stuff" lol

No. 1783067

no, see, she likes to go to cemeteries and buy creepy antiques
sorry you can’t deal with how incredibly radical and out there that is
in a town where the biggest industry is tours of a battlefield where thousands of people died horribly

No. 1783068

>no one will ever love me cause the weird stuff I'm into
>literally hundreds of ignored messages from people with the same interests
She truly is the only person on earth to have ever liked Halloween decor, graveyards, AND antiques all at the same time. She is such a rare and unique flower. You guys just wouldn't understand. Keeek

No. 1783073

If you were really into your "weird" stuff enough to sacrafice love for it then you should not ALSO be sacraficing happiness? Shouldnt your "weird" little collection bring you happiness? And if its not and youre blaming it for being single (which no heather, youre single because you are boring and annoying and have the personality of wet dirt) Then maybe get rid of that "weird" stuff that apperently isnt making you happy and even the reason you cant find happy!!

Am i crazy or is this girl retarded? Kek

No. 1783084

And it's like I've been reading the same thread on repeat for the past… Idk how many threads. Since she became "goth".

No. 1783116

damn, you got me there, I thought she was weird for a second, then I remembered my 16 year old self walking over graveyards in the middle of the night. And honestly, I didn't feel weird back then, I just was a confused teenage goth. She must be one of the most boring persons in the world and there is nothing weird or interesting about her.

No. 1783227

She’s like a 17 year old trapped in a 32 year old woman’s body. She’s definitely a mix of immaturity & on the autistic spectrum. The inability to separate parts of her life is a tell tale sign m. Sudden obsessions & spending loads of money on that obsession & talking solely about that then dumping that & jumping on another obsession. Normal people can have relationships, & hobbies & a job. It’s like she has to have one or the other.

No. 1783670

I thought autistic people had consistent interests though

No. 1783726

But her obsessions are only surface level. She’s not passionately interested in plants or ghosts or whatever. The only obsessions she has are with men, she’s just interested in consooming niche shit as some kind of creepy shrine to whichever Ryan she absorbed the hobby from. This is my RyanZ tribute outing to the cemetery, this is my LurchRyan plant corner, this is my doll and mask collection for that one Ryan whose nickname I can’t remember…that’s not autism that’s pure cluster B bullshit.

No. 1783755

If she would be a scrote, she would have parts of every Ryan in her cellar. There must be something seriously wrong with her for not being able to find a relationship as I've never seen anyone try so hard and still be single.

No. 1784327

File: 1678207336201.jpeg (572.15 KB, 1179x1986, 1F414E57-56DC-49F2-A70D-EF9912…)

No. 1784348

She should really specify where she lived. Not to blog but ive lived here my whole life and have never seen literal human shit in the streets and everyone is really nice and polite. Kek

I think she is just playing up her boring life to seem more interesting but hey, what do i know?

No. 1784413

I agree she comes across way more BPD than autistic. She tends to pick up and drop hobbies very quickly, more to lure in Ryans than from genuine personal interest. Her various collections are just trophies of the men she collects, her true obsession. It's too bad BRyan turned out to be a dick, or we'd be getting milky meltdowns about how the "haters" don't understand her 3 wolf moon tattoo collection.

No. 1784415

She must've been in DTLA near Skid Row or maybe east LA, that's the only place I've seen stuff like that happening frequently.

No. 1784452

Yes all of California is a gang war infested, poop laden, kidnapper haven with drugs freely flowing throughout the streets.

No joke. Tbh, I think she's just blowing shit out of proportion again. It's like that time there was that shitty little graffiti tag some kid did by her house and she thought it was a gang related threat meant directly for her. She has some serious paranoia issues which unfortunately makes it difficult to take any of her real experiences or trauma seriously. Very boy cried wolf kind of issue.

No. 1784461

That tag on her garage door was the first thing I thought of when I read "gang members". Like how did she know they were gang members? Why would they abduct Heather? Stg I think she's getting worse, mentally.

No. 1784488

this is classic “oh, I was almost TRAFFICKED” nonsense from some Karen who saw two young men standing near her
kek the delusions of this camel

No. 1784552

I always thought California was one of the biggest states in the US, you can't tell me that the north of California is the same as the south and that every single city there has only people delivering you cakes full of dog poo and knives. It would be like me saying that, for example. UK is completely shit and you can't live there while reality is, there are different areas and different people everywhere. She would be one of those moms telling you not to play with some children because they have red hair because she had one bad incident ones in her life with someone who had red hair.

No. 1784624

It's a huge state, basically its own country. She had to be staying in a really shitty part of LA, SF or Oakland to deal with the stuff she's describing, or (more likely) she's larping. The funny part is central PA is arguably way more grim and depressing than CA. The opioid crisis hit that area really hard, there's a lot of poverty, economic depression, petty crime etc. It's weird she's pretending the entire state of California is a horrifying hellhole of human misery compared to…Gettysburg?

No. 1784629

She just can't afford to go on a real vacation because she wastes all her money on stupid shit and it's easier to act like she was traumatized by an entire state.

No. 1784742

File: 1678243396583.jpeg (303.37 KB, 1080x1919, 332785662_185726554164333_4303…)

One thing that Heather does that drives me insane is she asks for suggestions and then shoots down every single suggestion. Pic Rel and the next few as examples of this.

No. 1784743

File: 1678243453063.png (513.61 KB, 482x720, Screen Shot 2023-03-07 at 7.42…)

2/3 she does this anytime she asks for suggestions from her followers

No. 1784744

File: 1678243515996.jpeg (362.8 KB, 1080x1919, 332562011_897252061391741_8846…)


No. 1784940

File: 1678278595082.jpg (806.23 KB, 1073x1909, Screenshot_20230308-062453_Ins…)

I have to laugh…nobody gives a shit about whether you choose to wear the blandest, most boring, middle aged white bread clothes…it's just bizarre that you continue to perpetually insist that you've 'always been goth' while doing so

No. 1784999

>My style is all my own
I lol'd, she went on a Kohl's shopping spree but don't worry everybody, she can still be goth! She's such a fucking weirdo, this reminds me of a teenager with a pierced lip and a NOT A PHASE tshirt only it's the opposite. Get a grip girl, damn.

No. 1785002

File: 1678289668207.jpeg (332.49 KB, 1080x1919, 334197617_729017545614404_2520…)

The amount of drama she makes up in her mind is astounding.

No. 1785007

I'm in the minority here but I think her interests are cringe. I mean. Buying a cemetery sign.

No. 1785024

File: 1678291228871.jpg (279.8 KB, 1080x1919, 334280575_608611144030298_5510…)

>I need to lose 20 pounds
>Goes to gym twice
>Passes out on the floor eating junk food

No. 1785040

But it's vegan, nonna. Can't possibly be junk food. I wonder how much wine she consumed prior, if she did this sober that is far more embarrassing in my opinion.

No. 1785051

Does she drink?? I can't imagine her letting loose, she seems like the type to say "I don't like losing control of my body and I've just never liked the taste because I'm just a weird girl and that is another one of my quirks".

No. 1785069

She doesn't drink. In fact, she's extremely high-and-mighty about that fact.

No. 1785085

I can absolutely see that. 100%.
Jfc so she ate that entire bag of pizza rolls and passed out on her floor… sober. Yeah I can see why she can't a guy to hang around.

No. 1785093

I kinda wonder if she picked this up from Lurchryan, shitting on California is one of the top conservative guy pastimes.

No. 1785096

If you "don't even care," Heather, then why do you keep posting about it? Also:

No. 1785101

File: 1678300902944.jpg (270.68 KB, 1080x1919, 334188821_6318419444835283_106…)

How the fuck does she go from this

No. 1785102

File: 1678300945527.jpg (391.73 KB, 1080x1919, 334711526_3450042568547586_801…)

to this

No. 1785105

Jesus Christ she looks sixty years old.

No. 1785166

Bitch shut the hell up that it's your stupid hobbies are the reason you have no human interactions or connections. Just accept your a stuck up bitch who ignores potential friendships.

No. 1785167

Being a miserable bitch can age a person.

No. 1785256

well, clearly whining on main is the absolutely best way to address that problem
going to a class or a meetup or volunteering is of course out of the question, because you need that time for moping, thirsttrapping, and

No. 1785271

File: 1678318611706.jpg (747.88 KB, 667x1000, ryanquest.jpg)

No. 1785334

this is incredible. next thread pic for sure.

No. 1785337

Thank you, I’ll add to it by then. There are definitely more Ryans I could fit in there!

No. 1785340

>There are definitely more Ryans I could fit in
That’s what Heather said

No. 1785341

Nona, this is a thing of beauty!! I feel like Ryan Z should be the main big guy at the top, and I bet we can find pictures of other Ryans to fill in the rest of the characters.

No. 1785381

Thank you but you guys are right there’s definitely more potential here. And faces on the poster to cover, pretty sure Heather isn’t going to entertain a BlackRyan era!

No. 1785391

File: 1678337895549.png (805.53 KB, 647x641, trugoth.png)

Yes, everyone knows this is what REAL goths look like.

I'm into cemeteries and the like from a historical standpoint, but even I think her interest in it comes off very shallow and almost artificial. All she ever does is trample around the plots and take selfies or badly attempted aesthetic photography. Also? The cemetery sign she bought isn't anything special, it's honestly even kind of unsightly. Looks like something someone stole or found in the trash.

kek she wouldn't be out of place at bingo night at all. That's for sure. Maybe she could meet her fellow "goths" like her there too.

No. 1785459

I got some of the same hobby's as her and lived in a rural village of 1200 people and even I had friends and a relationship.

It's you Heather.you're the problem. Listen to Taylor!

No. 1785565

File: 1678378515004.jpg (61.47 KB, 332x531, spoop.jpg)

I'm surprised she posted this. She really does need to take better care of herself, stop eating junk food, and get serious about exercise. Damn girl.

No. 1785579

She looks perfectly fine.

No. 1785595

The facial expression is honestly the most upsetting part of this photo.

No. 1785604

I don’t think she’s gained a horrible amount of weight, my issue is all her style choices from the neck up need desperate help. Usually also from the neck down but at least here she looks normal.

No. 1785615

She was never SA'd, she cheated on the guy she was shacking up with in San Francisco. She screwed his best friend in his bed and guess who that was? Her ex-husband. She would publicly humiliate her ex on Instagram with Adam along side her. She never got out, she refused to leave the apartment and just gamed all day
Just look up Jill_BSAA or Kitty Ravage

No. 1785619

Is that in old threads?? I don't remember reading that. And wth, SF is lovely, she's so full of shit.

No. 1785631

Yes, like the first threads I believe. The person unfortunately couldn't provide proof of what she did, just could re account it because it happened in like 2012. And Heather is notorious for deleting anything that can lead to her being liar.

No. 1785731

She's gained a little as evidence of her ill fitting jeans, but honestly doesn't look bad. She just needs to learn how to dress herself if anything. The ugly granny tops coupled with the too tight skinny jeans and god awful mid-calf hiking boots do her absolutely no favors. The tank top is fine on it's own if she hadn't pulled it up to thirst trap her lil muffin top. kek

I'm semi new to her threads, but wow. So she's been a lazy (cheating) boy obsessed neet her whole life up until working at Target?

No. 1785769

so, she hates CA because of San Francisco.. I thought that place was quite nice, besides the horrible prices for flats and stuff like that. I need to read up on her drama, but I guess I might fall asleep by how boring she is.

No. 1785790

File: 1678403145955.jpg (246.9 KB, 1080x1919, 334252598_912755626516644_8020…)

The best basic California roll that would be impossible for even the most dangerous of retards to fuck up kek. What complex tastes! Yeah I like sushi I'm a WeIrDo

No. 1785804

Lmfao. With the imitation crab too? Oh heather! You weird bitch! You and your weird pallet being weird! Omg so quirky and different no wonder its hard for you to keep a BF!

Kek, all joking aside, this is hilarious. You cant even call that sushi. The fish flavored crab is cooked heather… idk if you know that.

No. 1785811

>best sushi came from giant
girl please I beg you go to a sushi place, you can do better than grocery store california rolls

No. 1785828

Ayrt. I never heard of Giant so i didnt even know that was grocery store sushi. I was seriously thinking it was a sushi resturaunt at the very least! That makes this whole thing all the more funnier. I couldnt imagine thanking and giving a shotout to my local grocery store for some california rolls.

Heather, you boring basic bitch, you are not single for the reasons you think.

Weirdly enough i dont hate this cow. I dont like her but she is surprisingly bearable on the only level a cow could ever be. Which is barely.

No. 1785838

that’s depressing

No. 1785853

I didn’t hate her until I went back to the first thread like another nonnie suggested and read about her California time, her “homelessness”, the gofundme… if the threads were super old I would be more understanding but they’re only three years old, this bitch is a cow and a half and I hate her full cow behavior. I believe she could be helped if she was honest with herself but she’s always going to be a victim and that’s disgusting.

No. 1785859

Yea, she bullied someone really bad as well. She had her one of her YouTube fans make a video of a whale and pasted this person's face on it calling her shamoo. Her old Twitter friends Mr and Mrs. gamer bullied her as well. She doxxed her as well and flat out just harassed this person. Thats why her Twitter kittyravage was set to private because she used that to mainly bully them. She mostly harassed them on PSN so there's no trail but it was pretty horrendous.

No. 1785869

ayrt and not surprised, Giant's regional kek think Safeway
I wouldn't even think they stock sushi

No. 1785873

OT but I’ve had nice grocery store sushi and terrible restaurant sushi before. Sometimes a grocery store will hire a good sushi chef in the deli. That just looks like a dry basic California roll though.

No. 1785978

thought she was vegan these days

No. 1786150

I'm so perplexed by her constant posting asking if anyone wants to be her friend/date her/meet up on x day, but meanwhile has DM notifications off and claims she never looks at DMs? Like how is that supposed to work?

No. 1786155

Im the anon youre all replying to.

Oh geez i guess i should go back and see that shit too. I hate people who play the eternal victim.
Ooohhh okay well ive heard of safeway. Kek!
Ive only eaten at a few sushi places but im VERY picky. And my small town save mart definetly doesnt have a sushi chef and only sells california rolls and other imitation crab variations that have no raw fish.(learn2integrate)

No. 1786158

She tells people that if they're interested they should comment on the post because she doesn't read her messages. My personal feeling is that she's just trying to get better post engagement stats by doing that, because she clearly DOES open her messages… how else could she share responses to the polls/"ask me anything" stories?

No. 1786309

File: 1678486966392.jpg (159.41 KB, 640x1137, 334330290_190196137048548_7653…)

Why does she post almost the same exact thing every single day? It's not because she's just a big spooky lonely weirdo. Fuck she annoys me. She reminds me of Moaning Myrtle.

No. 1786313

File: 1678487108821.jpg (95.55 KB, 640x1137, 333254587_545742197661907_3383…)

That's the ONLY way she's ever going to make friends.

No. 1786328

most groups of people will accept people who show up, are friendly, and are generally engaged in the shared interest
people who whine on main about how nobody loves them boo hoo are doing themselves no favors in terms of gaining social acceptance

No. 1786331

and if she is just entering a group to find a relationship it won't work well. People in her age group already have friends or family and if not, they have been through some bullshit and will be very cautious about letting anyone new in their life. It's no problem to find someone to fuck for a few weeks, but with her whining and repetitive shit she won't be able to enter an existing social group.

No. 1786356

Thats her problem. She wants it to happen magically instead of putting in effort to atleast leave the house and go do something that will introduce her to people.

I feel like she would be an insufferable friend. The kind that cant talk unless its about them. Cant just delve into a subject without having some made up story that relates to it or an opinion that is exaggerated for no reason.

Heather is about as interesting as a wet sock thats been slapped on the sidewalk really hard.

No. 1786389

File: 1678499782563.jpg (154.41 KB, 720x1280, 333371312_564863538952805_1729…)

The fact that she admits this every time is so cringe. Go in your fucking house man! Why sit in your car for an hour doing this?? And we all know she isn’t capable of putting her phone down.

No. 1786663

File: 1678546244557.jpg (208.77 KB, 1195x615, moaning-heathlre.jpg)

No. 1786715

So many social rejects do this on their public profiles (boo hoo-ing about how nobody loves them) and then act mystified when nobody wants to hang out. Can they just not see that the complaining is a HUGE contributing factor to their continued social rejection? Like, how does she expect a potential connection to react after reading the self-pitying posts?

No. 1786926

Hahaha this is amazing!

No. 1787096

Honestly if I met someone who was into that I’d find it kinda interesting? Provided they were remotely likeable to be around in any way. I think that’s a pretty common view. She is intolerable

No. 1787567

File: 1678659349790.jpg (270.53 KB, 1080x1887, Screenshot_20230311-185347_Ins…)

No. 1787573

Therapy would be a good start. Posting like this on a daily basis is not healthy.

No. 1787630

she wants empathy from potential ryans who will swoop in and save her from loneliness.

No. 1787873

how’s that been working out for her, again?
at least HeatherMum got free

No. 1787908

File: 1678716584314.png (745.83 KB, 1068x1883, Screenshot_20230313-100353~2.p…)

She would probably have to speak to someone whose really into US history or a social studies teacher. Knowing her she would find him boring or complain he's not spoopy enough for her.

No. 1787920

aren't there groups that only care about that specific topic, with guys replaying the civil war and women dressing up and stuff like that? I thought that was a thing and if it is, she could, well, join, maybe and there would maybe a guy and… okay, you are right, nonna, she would be so boring because she doesn't read any books and the guys there would mostly know much more than she does.

No. 1787973

Yeah there are groups like that. I'm assuming they would take it very serious. As much as it would be the best milk her joining a civil war reactment group sadly I don't think it would ever happen. That would require her to actually make connections with other people.Shes too lazy to go out of her way for that.

No. 1788028

Imagine being someone super into Civil War history and then meeting her and having to help set up her selfies around famous sites she doesn't have even a superficial knowledge of or appreciation for

No. 1788049

File: 1678732114850.jpg (30.14 KB, 335x555, muchweird.jpg)

Idk how to embed videos but she has this creepy minute-long story about how her fantasy is to see a cute boy in a store and talk to him and they exchange numbers and have their first date at the same store then fall in love and get married… in the same store… all while grinning maniacally from behind this plant. She needs to get some fucking help.

No. 1788077

Eagerly awaiting her Target wedding once her paid matchmaker finds her that big spooky magical warfag whose only interests are hoarding, sitting in her car, and taking pictures of her.

No. 1788079

File: 1678734058829.png (65.41 KB, 1950x440, Screen Shot 2023-03-13 at 12.5…)

WOOF. I feel in 5 years I could check on this thread and it would be the exact same posts from her. Except more desperate and unhinged, with a triple digit Ryan Bodycount.
Has her IG always had this blurb? You'd think someone who complains daily of loneliness would deign to check her DMs.

No. 1788083

I think she's had it that way for awhile. Waiting for her to change it to "gothic plant mommy" soon though, pretty sure that will happy. And I don't believe she doesn't check her messages, she just doesn't respond. Or responds selectively.

No. 1788094

it's so sad she isn't German, we have the perfect dating platform for her, but, I forgot, she won't date among goths, because she is too weird for them and there aren't many guys named Ryan here.

No. 1788175

absolutely, and women cosplay as nurses and vivandières and bystanders and even as women masquerading as men to fight
Camel could NEVER and would never be able to get the clothes right

No. 1788205

File: 1678744973320.jpg (84.45 KB, 471x668, woe.jpg)

Now I want her to do it… she would just wear a hideous Target prairie dress and Journeys embroidered Doc Martens, not talk to anybody at all, act like a lusty creep, and then post 6,000 stories about how she wasn't accepted into their community.

No. 1788206

File: 1678744858869.jpg (84.45 KB, 471x668, woe.jpg)

Now I want her to do it… she would just wear a hideous Target prairie dress and Journeys embroidered Doc Martens, not talk to anybody at all, act like a lusty creep, and then post 6,000 stories about how she wasn't accepted into their community.

No. 1788252

File: 1678773173085.png (1.16 MB, 675x976, pleaseheather.png)

Just imagining this is entirely too funny to me too anon. I hope she links up with some cringey reenactor ryan. He could even be the soul of her ghost boyfriend reborn!

No. 1788296

File: 1678778824384.webm (13.92 MB, 720x1280, 6E473960FC5BF6478A1FC75B8281F1…)

Here you go, Nonnie.

No. 1788355

that no one has ever suggested to her to be part of something like that, it's so sad, I would love to see her trying to sew her own dress and crying in the car because it's all so hard

No. 1788416

Thank you nona! It's even worse the second time, the lisp and how she gets more excited about her "cute guy", telling everyone to pray for her. It reminds me of a 10-year old girl with braces playing MASH at a sleepover.

No. 1788558

What?? She looks normal. She’s a normal weight. I will say this you are the one with the issue if you look at a woman the size of Heather & act as if she’s morbidly obese… in this instance you are a stupid cow…

Heather is an attention seeker. She doesn’t want to do any work herself to improve her life. As that would require actually going out & making an effort. She’s always posting these self pity billboard signs on IG, every other day, as she likes receiving messages from followers to boost her fragile ego. She blanks the ‘unattractive’ men that reach out as she sees them as beneath her, I really thinks she’s holding out for a ‘cute guy’ to slide into her DMs after the latest pity party.

No. 1788646

Nta but no one acted like Heather was morbidly obese, you lardass. But she's not at a "normal weight" either. She's chubby.

No. 1788687

to be fair she said "historic site" not "store" kek

doesn't stop that whole thing from being creepy but

No. 1788701

File: 1678839230779.gif (1.7 MB, 238x178, creepy-guy-behind-plant.gif)

This is all I could see when I watched this.

No. 1788708


lol the problem is those folks are actually concerned with the history and would want to talk about it, not just romantically viewing the aesthetic. heather hates learning.

No. 1788735

File: 1678841649065.png (363.1 KB, 648x1303, Screenshot_20230314_203335_Ins…)

Trying to make it sound like she isn't from Westmoreland county or some shit where the worst thing to happen is the WASPY rise in the opioid epidemic.

No. 1788790

You’re right, my bad.

This is perfection kek

No. 1788837

File: 1678853867315.jpg (120.41 KB, 720x1280, 336001637_903779167623491_1263…)

No. 1788871

File: 1678858572669.png (1.27 MB, 674x976, 1678773173085.png)

Its a love story

No. 1788906

nonnies ya'll are kiling me rn. keeek

No. 1789079

I wonder if she is true petite or just normal but fits in a small so thinks she is "tiny" because girl looks 5'2"-5'4" and about 120lbs which is average for a woman.

No. 1789080

Samefag, not that it matters, but using the word "tiny" is such a cope though. Im a very small person but i never use the word "tiny" when referring to myself. Feels stupid and belittling. Sorry for the bligpost…

No. 1789110

She's supposedly 5' though I can't be bothered to go look back through threads for further info.

No. 1789310

if she's 5'2"-5'4", she's definitely closer to 140-145lbs currently. Nothing too crazy, but she's definitely slightly chubby for her height and has pretty stocky looking legs.

ngl she seems like the type that would lie about being slightly shorter than she actually is for the "smoll bean" rp. She's definitely fairly short though judging by her proportions.

No. 1789321

Hmm thats interesting. We need a picture of her standing next to a counter, car, park bench or landmark, and an autistic nonnie willing to do the math.
Yeah thats what im saying. Too many women glorify being "smaller" like it automatically makes them more attractive or superior than other women. Usually people who focus on and talk about their "tininess" arent that tiny in my experience and are often bigger than i am. Sometimes it feels pedophilic the way some women try and shill themselves as small.

And i dont doubt our super unique and special butterfly girl needs more things to make herself interesting or desirable? She is so fucking annoying i cant stand it lol

No. 1789737

File: 1678990891647.jpg (85.05 KB, 1080x703, Screenshot_20230316_141948_Fac…)

Someone who gets what? If I stepped in a puddle as deep as she is it wouldn't even get my sock wet

No. 1789744

Love that she makes the time to throw it out there to the universe almost every single day that she is depressed and lonely but it's not occurred to her to simply see a therapist to address the depression. She sincerely believes that the only reason she's depressed is because she doesn't have a boyfriend.

No. 1789771

Yes she needs therapy for a long time but she claims she's not mentally ill. She's very in denial.

No. 1789772

I've always been surprised she hasn't tried doing Civil War re-enactments. They're a huge thing in that area, lots of spooky ghost potential, and lots of men involved in that scene (new Ryans to meet?) There are also a lot of outdoorsy hobbies like skiing, hiking, fishing etc. where she could meet men. She's truly a lazy shut-in for sitting at home swiping on her phone all day and complaining she can't meet anyone.

No. 1789789

Heather needs to rip a huge bong or take mushrooms or acid and analyze herself.

No. 1789898

The AI bros have now invented a bot to automate men's dating app messages for them, so Heather's two hours a night swiping on dating apps will now be even more fruitless since a percentage of the men on there will not even be replying to you themselves.

No. 1789954

File: 1679014878923.jpeg (301.78 KB, 1080x1919, 336497959_141571462171865_4675…)

Doesn't she get tired of thinking this way every second of every day?

No. 1790023

File: 1679022912002.jpg (99.16 KB, 1080x749, Screenshot_20230316_231242_Fac…)

Clearly not since it's cross-platform. I know so many people into the same weird stuff but are interesting and actual in depth whole human adults

No. 1790054

File: 1679025345280.png (130.01 KB, 685x626, laurenboebert.png)

She needs therapy not to get high and lay about swiping on apps and eating more junk food. Some kind of anxiety meds might help with her obvious paranoia, but I could see her getting addicted. She already looks like a suburban opioid mom.

Kept seeing articles about Lauren Boebert and kek Heather's aesthetic really gives more "conservative mom" than it does quirky graveyard goth.

No. 1790149

Lmao I see it. They're also very close in age too.

No. 1790196

doesn't she have this groundbreaking realisation every second day? Nonnas saying that she needs therapy are so right, she needs therapy and to stop posting online every minute of the day.

had to look her up, but I see it, too. Heather would need some practice looking so angry all the time, but the rest, she has already mastered that.

No. 1790207

For the love of God it's not her hobbies. It's her energy vampire type personality. She seems like the type that can literally suck the fun out of every situation. She's not even weird.
And she is so judgemental. She has a specific type of guy in mind and has to fit in this tiny box she created for herself. She wants a tattooed emo looking guy and o ly wants to do what she wants. That will text her constantly. She views everyone as a "normie" and thinks she some special gift to the world bc she likes antiques and graveyards.
She sucks as a person and will forever blame being an outcast on her "hobbies". She's boring ASF!

No. 1790260

I like this. Although I think she would absolutely lose her shit if she took mushrooms kek

No. 1790261

I like this. Although I think she would absolutely lose her shit if she took mushrooms kek

No. 1790315

But doesn’t she think that every day? She must have posted this sentiment a hundred times by now, it’s like 50 First Dates but it’s just Heather waking up alone, reset to Debbie Downer unwilling to help herself improve her own life & wants SuperRyan to fix her life.

No. 1790357

Omg she is a broken record!!! Heather your fucking hobbies are not even remotely weird what so ever. You just suck as a person! She always blames something else for her failures in life. I think she said the same when she was into the vintage toys and kawaii stuff.

No. 1790379

God, she wants to be a victim so bad. I think this is her cope for being unable to form normal adult relationships. I'm starting to agree with the anons who think she's on the spectrum.

No. 1790558

Heather is the female version of kingcobraJFS. Always complaining about not being able to find a partner. Ryan is her Ozzy.

No. 1790630

File: 1679144372535.jpg (247.96 KB, 1080x1902, Screenshot_20230317-233838_Ins…)

literally every day now…it's incredible that she's evidently this miserable but won't try anything new / proactive to address her problems.

No. 1790639

I'm sick of her lol. I think her followers on instagram are sick of her too.

No. 1790677

She's a sexy goth bad girl. I wonder if she smells like tactical bath bombs

No. 1790737

I can’t even follow this thread anymore, she’s too boring. She’s like an AI generating endless tiny variations on the same prompt. Same boring selfie at slightly different angle, same rambling caption about having weird hobbies and no friends, rinse repeat for eternity. I’ve never seen someone so locked in the same obsessive thought/behavior pattern yet so unwilling to seek help. She’s low key one of the most unhinged cows here.

No. 1790781

how dare you, noona, she only smells like patchouli and if you don't like that, she is way to special and weird for you

No. 1790921

File: 1679187277156.jpeg (77.67 KB, 828x830, 6D21E1A4-C1FF-45F0-A8EF-140F89…)

Heather be like

No. 1791253

File: 1679227200258.jpg (157.15 KB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20230318-145038_Ins…)

No. 1791255

File: 1679227277430.jpg (96.67 KB, 1080x1754, Screenshot_20230318-145023_Ins…)

No. 1791256

File: 1679227309503.jpg (210.39 KB, 1080x1976, Screenshot_20230318-182006_Ins…)

No. 1791271

Aside from being kinda lame what’s wrong with what he said? She’s so prepared for rejection she sees it everywhere, it’s like she’s trying to sabotage every encounter before it even starts. And her understanding of humor/flirting is Vicky-level

No. 1791272

No. 1791279

Right? These moids are clearly just making small talk based on whatever BS she wrote in her bio. She’s not having any luck on the dating apps because she’s socially retarded with zero conversational skills.

No. 1791374

BOTH of these are tame, and I'm 100% sure the second one is a repost of a comment she's gotten before, so not even new

it was tame then and it's tame now

No. 1791470

yeah, both look like a way to start a conversation based on what she wrote about herself… what are her expectations? small talk and awkward jokes are kinda expected to move towards knowing each other.
also, her hobbies are not weird/unique, a lot of people like those like other nonnas said - for example, graveyards are popular among goths, photographers, urban explorers, larpers, amateur historians.. I bet every time she tries to mingle with others she MUST declare herself the most weird and special. That is a loner incel mindset lol.

No. 1791482

Oh no, not Netflix! How boring and lame of him.
She's awfully judgemental for someone constantly screaming victim.
This bitch knows they make historical dramas, right? I swear she has zero imagination. She legit thinks shes too good and "weird" to watch a damn movie. Exhausting behavior.

No. 1791500

But will you stop using them or alter your behaviour at all? No

No. 1791531

File: 1679242995919.gif (4.09 MB, 540x304, 30636342-1F13-4890-A75D-D1445C…)

This is literally just flirting and trying to show interest in her soooo weird picrel interests

>located in Washington D.C.
>DC is 84.8 miles from Gettysburg
>mfw you set your radius to within 100 miles and still can’t find a spooky Ryan who wants a big titty goff mommy gf

No. 1791544

This is not out of the realm of normal for Central PA. Central PA anon here, husband grew up next to Antietam, did re-enactments, worked at several historical locations as well. Living in this part of the country the civil war is really part of the culture so people young and old are interested in it. Metal detecting for relics is really popular, going to Gettysburg is popular. I mean my husband took me on a kayak trip down Antietam creek and you pass the battlefield and he told me all about it, and he’s just about to turn 28. Sorry for the blogpost but what she is looking for is entirely common in these neck of the woods.(no1curr)

No. 1791551

sage your post, this isn't your blog

No. 1791573

What does she want these guys to do? If they joke about her hobbies as an icebreaker to encourage her to talk about it, that's unacceptable? If they even ask her about it that's crossing a line? I don't understand how she expects men to behave.

Should have saged but thanks for the info nonnie. I feel like Heathers too vapid to gel with historical reenactors. If her man asked her on any of those dates, she'd dump him for being a "typical hiker guy." Metal detecting and kayaking is too outdoorsy, not spoopy enough kek. She doesn't enjoy anything except lurking around graveyards and antique shopping.

No. 1791631

lmfao oh dear heather..

No. 1791632

Thanks, Sapphire.Laura2000@gmail.com. Kind of an odd email address for a guy, wouldn't you say?

No. 1791633

omg what a psycho bitch and she sent a photo of HER BREASTS good on you for teaching that witch by sharing that photo of her breasts with everyone
get out moid

No. 1791635

What the fuck? This isn't a nude archive, you stupid fucking man. Kill yourself

No. 1791751

Heather is absolutely a fucking cow and I despise her behavior, and I was actually amused by the part that said she kept dating apps running while dating a Ryan because that would seem to check, but even she doesn’t deserve this bullshit. Not saying too much bc I don’t want to fuel her victim mentality but the moid could have come here and spilled a little milk without being a total fuck. Also it definitely seems like a vendetta post anyways so gtfo scrote or bitch or whoever you are. Retardation to the max. Nobody is here to see boring mopey heather’s tits ffs.

No. 1791788

and the double-standard of getting mad at him for getting one message amid her many that she would be getting

all of it sounds believable, even the "getting very sexual very fast" vibe

ruined by posting her tits, gg ryan, if you are a ryan

No. 1791849

Okay, I'll bite. I missed the moids post, what did he say? I know he posted a lewd of her, but it sounds like he had some milk

No. 1791986

I wanna know so bad too.

No. 1792034

Same curious what was said in the post, if the pic was actually her/context behind it, also the weird Sapphire.Laura2000@gmail.com if it was a cowtipper or catfisher… or both; cattipper/cowfisher?

No. 1792050

I should have taken a screenshot but he basically said that he was one of her Ryans and that her phone was always going off with notifications from dating apps, but his went off once and she got pissed off at him. And that she has sex really fast, talks about masturbating a lot during the day and at work at Target, and is a "freak in the sheets" or something like that.

No. 1792068

I'm not surprised about the last part kek she seems like the kind of person who makes a normal first impression but when you get to know her she's an insane freak. I mean these threads are proof

No. 1792101

He didn't. He just said he matched with her on tinder and sent him a nude and told him she masturbates a lot lol. And that her phone was blowing up with dating app notifs. No milk really just a stupid ass moid. We don't want them to feel encouraged to come here

No. 1792106

File: 1679330037033.gif (1.34 MB, 268x150, freakin.gif)

Heather being a "freak in the sheets" gives off more of a Brenda from Scary Movie 2 vibe

No. 1792199

She’s a mean one Mr Grinch….
Whines about being alone. Gets a little bit of interaction & shits all over them as if she’s too good for their responses…
It’s either or. Can’t be both.

No. 1792247

>talks about masturbating a lot during the day and at work at Target
I think this is her most recent moid who she said was a jerk. Sounds like he was sexting her and then trying to spin it like she did it unprompted. We have all chatted to and dated males here, you're not fooling anyone BRyan.

No. 1792356

Don’t sext moids. Don’t send nudes to moids. Don’t tell moids your masturbation habits. Don’t send moids anything you don’t want seen by the general public or their nasty moid friends. Don’t trust moids.

No. 1792385

the "worst dates I ever went on" stories she has up rn are both stories she's told before, in this same way (sitting in her car after work rambling) only about a month ago…
honestly my main takeaway, both then and now, is how pathetic it is that her go-to place to take a date for dinner…is Sheetz.

No. 1792387

I really thought she reuploaded her old videos because she told this story word for word before.

No. 1792444

100% agree, but we know Heather is a silly billy who doesn't seem to understand men or people in general. Nothing to do with an interaction with a male will be private. Love that this moid is trying to act like she randomly sent him nudes when we know men start trying to solicit nudes from girls when they are like 9 kek

No. 1792558

File: 1679397148010.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20230320-181509~2.p…)

Femcel Heather posted this yesterday on IG. I forgot to post it and now I noticed she deleted it from her stories.

No. 1792603

It wouldn’t matter either way because Heather is old enough to know better than to send them, especially since she’s spent 6 hours a day on these apps for the past four years? Tbh it makes a lot of sense, she is so so so desperate for male attention but has the personality of a wet napkin. Promiscuity is probably the most effective way she knows to keep their interest. That said men do not come to women’s gossip boards to post the tits of a random Tinder hookup for… clout? Not even the most BPD man alive and sapphire.laura2000 is definitely a cattipper/cowfisher.

No. 1792613

I'm glad my cattipper/cowfisher gained some traction pmsl

No. 1793263

I don’t think having a high sex drive is salacious gossip, but it does make me wonder if she was taught growing up that sex has to be with a super special person you’ll be with forever. If I just wanted to hook up but had to delude myself into thinking every partner was ‘the one’ to feel okay with it I’d be pretty insane too.

No. 1793281

That makes good sense, I'll bet you're right.

No. 1793774

File: 1679584844325.jpg (364.43 KB, 1284x2282, 337133066_168651092664459_3879…)

Is she serious? Does she think that anyone thinks getting healthy is controversial? Where is this coming from?

>I don't need to validate healthy changes in my life to ANYONE

And yet…

No. 1793777

Someone probably replied "you're perfect just the way you are" on one of her posts talking about changing her diet so now she's got to remind us how persecuted she is.

No. 1793809

This just screams unhinged to me. She's clearly lashing out at 1 person who dm'd her, because she's only posted about her diet on her stories.

No. 1793837

Oh I thought she was talking to us kek

No. 1794002

Can this girl even cook breakfast or take a shower without it being some grand act of defiance?

No. 1794705

File: 1679703531567.jpeg (255.49 KB, 1080x1919, 337750930_768282581178201_1181…)

She deleted this quickly. It's been a minute before she went on this rant.

No. 1794733

Let's take a peek at the life "we" don't want her to have…
>No friends whatsoever
>Pumped and dumped by a dozen men
>Addicted to her phone
>No hobbies
>No personality
>Apartment full of junk
>Wardrobe exclusively purchased at Target
>Overweight and gaining
She's right. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy

No. 1795789

File: 1679872907694.jpeg (309.08 KB, 1080x1919, 337778972_878946483176632_4690…)

No. 1796235

Hmmm I would edit this
Let's take a peek at the life "we" don't want her to have…
>No friends whatsoever (agreed - deliberately isolates herself until it’s a ‘cute guy’)
>Pumped and dumped by a dozen men (it’s 2023 so implying any woman for sleeping with men is a little incel like of you … just saying)
>Addicted to her phone (yes!)
>No hobbies (she’s addicted to her screen time on social media)
>No personality (she has some sort of personality but what that is … )
>Apartment full of junk (I wouldn’t call it junk, each to their own, she’s an impulse buyer)
>Wardrobe exclusively purchased at Target (nothing wrong with that)
>Overweight and gaining (would we say she’s overweight? She looks normal to me)
She's right. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy

No. 1796269

Nobody asked for your personal opinions and Heather is, factually, a chunk.

No. 1796423

the fuck is this, nobody cares anon kek

No. 1797695

File: 1680052780582.jpeg (286.6 KB, 1179x2091, IMG_3168.jpeg)

Holy shit what’s with this tits out stance.

No. 1798042

Peacocking for Ryans!

No. 1798126

File: 1680106685371.jpg (56.94 KB, 700x480, 0a85e8d966e407.jpg)

Any time Heather even smiles any more she just looks like a creepy stalker. I think because it's always the same exact smile, the same exact head tilt. She smiles like someone else is taking her picture, it's so fucking weird. Imagine being a Ryan waking up and seeing this.(fanart)

No. 1798135

File: 1680107382094.jpg (76.55 KB, 737x336, iseeuryan.jpg)

No. 1798392

Every comment here is a personal oponion you scrote. Get fucked.(sage your shit)

No. 1798412

okay this one did make me kek a little. Reminded me of that weird clip she posted where she was lurking behind her plant.

No. 1798606

File: 1680149433134.jpg (1.25 MB, 250x298, 1967268-d84e76f46e862072d9039a…)

She reminds me of Kevin Gibes

No. 1799012

File: 1680203019372.jpg (230.27 KB, 1284x2282, 338297076_164372336109247_3821…)

>since people have always complained about my name
Literally who

No. 1799048

Kek I was about to post this to ask why every single thing she does has to start with negativity. The problem is you Heather.

No. 1800208

It's that old nonsense where she was desperate to fit into the urban explorer community for a while and got convinced the community was shunning her for… reasons I guess. I'm sure she just wasn't getting attention from the "right people."(sage your shit)

No. 1800951

File: 1680434182123.png (60.91 KB, 1080x1229, Screenshot_20230402-070555-844…)

Stupid comments she received on her latest post. Top dude has been flirting on her posts. Definitely she won't bother with him. The guy saying fools cracked me up.

No. 1801857

File: 1680564901392.jpg (101.38 KB, 1080x2002, Screenshot_20230402-000203_Ins…)

from a late night rant a few days ago, in which, while complaining about how she can't get a bf who is to her exact specifications, she also mentioned that one of the reasons owl!Ryan broke up with her was because their hobbies were "fighting for domination."

No. 1802480

Not surprised at all. She wants a man who's life revolves around her and everything she does. I can't imagine staying sane with someone like that.

No. 1806556

File: 1681165499484.jpg (549.77 KB, 1284x2282, 340846449_1229433064367099_412…)

I wonder if she has pictures of anyone but herself on her phone and laptop.

No. 1806996

File: 1681230893655.jpg (324.39 KB, 1284x2282, 340307569_737364454535542_7375…)

Has she unlocked a new level of pathetic with this one?

No. 1807048

she has to do something about that positively tragic hair

and worse personality

No. 1807114

She seems too OCD to ever change it. Aside from the wondrous, life-changing idea to part it on the side instead of the middle, she hasn't always looks the same. She's called her ugly grey eyeshadow her "signature look" before so I'm assuming she thinks that her hair is also some kind of signature style.

At this point I think she should be with ProJared. They're perfect for each other; they both have terrible style, no personality, and they're both completely self-obsessed.

No. 1807606

File: 1681325500910.jpg (148.21 KB, 1284x2282, 340514598_6266423183413608_284…)


No. 1807609

File: 1681325752463.jpg (79.79 KB, 1284x2282, 340359896_741271317598097_1221…)

>Continues the dating app hunt in spite of multiple announcements that she's "done"
>Gets offered $600 for content
>Tells creep she's saving herself for someone special out there
>Definitely knows her worth and it's more than $250-600
>Immediately gives it up for free any time a new Prince Ryan enters the picture
>Gets dumped shortly after and is Ryan-less and $600-less

No. 1807807

File: 1681351077275.jpeg (312.45 KB, 1179x2109, IMG_3458.jpeg)

Already deleted. Please seek help.

No. 1808038

i'm not normally one to say kys but she will never be happy without serious medical help, which she won't get because she has zero self-awareness and emotional intelligence. its just pathetic at this point. what a waste of life.

No. 1808061

File: 1681398815001.jpg (36.39 KB, 339x561, 7412796546.jpg)

Aaand she's back to thirst trapping.

No. 1808436

She might be the most repetitive and dull cow there is at this point. The only time she produces milk is when she's latched onto a new Ryan and begins mirroring his interests. She just posts endlessly in these circles, it's almost a little maddening.

No. 1808766

Yes and I used to think she was just a bit of a sheltered, Christian late bloomer, but now I think there's something actually wrong with her. This endless cycle is giving 'soft-headed'.

No. 1808943

File: 1681562847295.jpg (231.1 KB, 1076x1914, Screenshot_20230411-182053_Ins…)

No. 1808944

File: 1681562909085.jpg (175.73 KB, 1080x1902, Screenshot_20230415-052344_Ins…)

No. 1809040

Isn't she like the worst cook ever?

No. 1809276

>writing that she "knows how to please" on the internet
>expecting this to appeal to anyone except the worst scrotes
>leaves people ignored in the requests folder for a literal year
>be alone until she "gets to that level" with someone (logic failure, how can you be alone while also getting to a level with someone?)
>also fall head over heels with any fuckboi within days
>never actually get to know the guy, his personality or interests at any point
i wonder why this keeps going wrong. She wants a serious relationship while also jumping for any idiot, she wants a deep relationship while never trying to get to know anyone, she wants someone with similar interests while leaving those guys all unread

No. 1809448

most people who are looking for a partner are looking for someone who doesn’t scorn basic fun activities like watching a movie or going out for dinner, hope this helps, Heather

No. 1809479

Absolutely absurd that she makes posts like this and flat out refuses to accept that she's mentally ill. kek

No. 1809729

bunny boiler energy. this is why no serious ryan is interested. she advertise herself as someone who would be willing to sleep with anyone as long as they lie to her about big goffik love. please respect yourself!
she seems to be too inpatient for seriuous relationship. like a teenager.

No. 1809781

Despite documenting most of her boring life online, I've never seen any evidence – ever – of Heather actually making an effort to connect with another person.
Her Ryan-hopping stints do not count.

No. 1809907

>because this girl ain’t settling for anything less than girlfriend status. And I’ll be alone as long as it takes to reach that level with someone

This is telling. I get not wanting to date fuckboys and looking for something serious. But for Heather this means she wants the relationship to be uncomfortably intimate immediately. She goes on one date and now she is his girlfriend, they are in SO in love, and and from this point on their lives shall revolve around each other. Except we live on Earth and nobody actually wants this or is prepared for this.

No. 1810025

Heather leads one of the most miserable lives as a cow. She can't even fake having a contempt life in the easiest way possible- online. The internet is a playground for attention seekers with the personality of hotdog water yet she only uses it to go on about how desperate she is. She shoots down every chance at resolution someone tosses her way in favour of being insufferable. Like what's the point? What exactly is her endgame as she approaches her 40's while being emotionally arrested at 13? When is she going to stop blaming her lack of a social life on her generic, not unique in any way "hobbies" and realize no one wants to be involved with a headcase who needs to adopt other people's traits trying to seem mildly interesting? It's all so bleak…

No. 1810392

File: 1681749441117.jpg (285.08 KB, 1284x2282, 330343565_232490819322442_9195…)

Nobody cares about your FUCKING BORING SIGN Heather! Fuck! She is absolutely deluded.

No. 1810418

What's up with that picture straight down into her boobs?!
She wants a "real" bf but she acts like a complete slag on the internet.

No. 1810479

The worst part is the only time you will get an insincere, love at first sight whirlwind experience is when some sociopathic conartist is lovebombing you, before shortly turning into his true asshole self once you're hooked. Generally those guys will be emotionally or physically abusive dossers. She's actually lucky that her relationships are short because from my research, relationships with lovebombing sociopaths always turn out absolutely horrible.
She doesn't actually understand a healthy relationship is a shared interest, and is slow, same as platonic friendship, slow is normal. all the bangs and whistles she wants are actually the worst red flags.

No. 1810495

File: 1681762287420.jpg (172.49 KB, 1080x1725, Screenshot_20230415-223526_Ins…)

which Ryan was this? I honestly cannot keep track.

No. 1810551


Judging by the fact that she ghost censored his hands kek… a Ryan with hand tats?

No. 1810579

pretty sure it's BloodRyan/Lurch

No. 1810632

I think it's Lurch too, she dressed super basic jeans and black t-shirt around him all the time to mirror his style. Now she's easing back into her ugly old lady Target wardrobe again. She wore a lot more of her clashing killstar stuff back with the other ryans and didn't have those ugly dull grey glasses yet.

No. 1810891

I mean I'm sure shes the one love-bombing too and then her insecurities come out and she acts bonkers

No. 1811390

Does she have no goals in life? Why is she still working at Target at her age? There's other jobs she can do that lead towards actual careers even if she doesn't have hard skills or access to a higher education.(sage your shit)

No. 1811461

File: 1681905465695.jpg (214.32 KB, 1080x1889, Screenshot_20230415-223537_Ins…)

No. 1811462

File: 1681905486770.jpg (255.01 KB, 1073x1909, Screenshot_20230417-220223_Ins…)

No. 1811463

File: 1681905527708.jpg (336.99 KB, 1080x1874, Screenshot_20230419-000635_Ins…)

No. 1811469

I have had to stop looking at her thread because she is ALWAYS like this, I lowkey can’t believe she was married because it’s such a pity party all the time. She’s not been shunned from every community for no reason. The only community she ever got into seemingly due to her own interests and not boys (retro toys) she had a growing YouTube channel with sponsors and people who wanted to be around her. She got into urbex for a Ryan, she got into creepy for a Ryan, she got into killstar and plants for Ryans …oh wait sorry I forgot she was actually goth in high school, maybe she should post the same goth hs photo she has posted 40 times. The reason she feels “shunned” is because people can tell instantly if you’re into something for the right reasons.

No. 1811509

I think I'm about done too. It's not even milky, it's just maddening, boring, and repetitive. Even her selfies are the same, same creepy smile, head cocked to the same side, same dull eyeshadow.

No. 1811528

Yeah I think Heather is the first cow who broke me. I had to stop following her threads months ago bc her feed is just. too. tedious. Whatever disorder she has keeps her in these maddening mental masturbation loops she can’t escape, and you slowly go mad watching her repeat the cycle over and over. I kind of get why Shaytards act the way they do now, these cows really do be giving us vicarious brain damage

No. 1811530

>The worst part is the only time you will get an insincere, love at first sight whirlwind experience is when some sociopathic conartist is lovebombing you, before shortly turning into his true asshole self once you're hooked.

You mean, exactly what Heather does every time a Ryan glances her way? She’s the con artist in this equation.

No. 1811546

>been scrolling all day
>why isn’t a social life materializing

what a dimwit, she will never change. It’s maddening just looking at her thread once in a while, imagine actually knowing her, I’d fuck off too

No. 1811560

The first post is such a cope. God look at the disparity between these two alone…how many mood swings can she go through while having that dead eyed face? I truly wonder what disorders she has. She's stunted and stuck living like a giant 13 year old.

No. 1811632

Healthy relationships with moids don't exist you dumbass

No. 1811644

I was thinking the exact same thing. Brag about how awesome your life is being friendless, while also wishing you had friends? That’s such a turnoff. Her attitude proves she doesn’t value relationships, she wants to collect them like plants.

No. 1811930

True that they lovebomb each other, but things can get very dark with sociopath moids. The worst one I read years back was after the lovebombing, marriage etc they broke up, he got shared custody of the kid and took out life insurance on this toddler, who subsequently drowned in the moid's care. This is the kind of man she chases since normal men don't put on a massive con and fake personality in order to snare a victim with the intention of draining resources/finances/labour from them.
I think they can, the same as healthy samesex friendships can exist, everything doesn't have to be a bpd masterclass but certainly it always is for our resident cows

No. 1812630

File: 1682078333000.png (689.83 KB, 1179x2556, IMG_3620.png)

Who is this picture even for?

No. 1813582

File: 1682228479189.png (39.28 KB, 700x724, Untitled.png)

Goddamn this bitch is boring as fuck. I have no idea why I keep praying she hurries up and gets a new Ryan, I already know what will happen exactly but come on already.

No. 1814393

Toyfag here, does anyone have any vintage toy creators they recommend? As much as a lolcow as heather is i miss her toy videos lmao

No. 1815041

There's no one quite like Heather on YouTube. I admit I loved Heathers YouTube bc she was a walking shit show that had a hobby I liked lol. Oh I miss those days lol. Her mess of a room that she refused to show. Always getting a project that she never finished. The awkward interactions with her now ex-husband. The freak out over the one negative comment she read. And so on. And repeat. She's been the same since day one. But instead of YouTube videos and vintage toys it's Instagram stories and plants.
I will say I am proud that she proved her dick head ex-husband wrong by driving and having her own apartment.

No. 1815662

This is so unflattering. Heather does the creep smile that trannies do when they think that's how women smile.

No. 1815701

That is so accurate!

No. 1816022

Does anyone know why she's so boy obsessed at her age and acts like a teenage girl in general? Is it to fill a void by looking for cheap thrills, addiction to the chase and dating game, or is she some nympho? Plus all the dramatics about doing simple things in life and oversharing on social media…
I know anons suspected mental illness(s) but what kind is it? What could possibly cause such a childlike state of mind? I cannot believe this woman makes 60k a year at Target and lives on her own with the meltdowns she has. Excuse me, I'm just kind of fascinated with her. She's so bizarre. I haven't really seen anyone act like this at her age.

No. 1816089

File: 1682581583921.jpg (31.98 KB, 325x488, histrionic-personality-disorde…)

We're not supposed to armchair, but I think it's pretty obvious that there's some kind of cluster B personality disorder on display.

No. 1816249

File: 1682609263879.jpg (25.87 KB, 360x640, 343291586_1456616224876232_700…)

Which Ryan was this and why does she share old pictures so much.

No. 1816253

Pretty sure it's Lurch. She's obsessed with him and super jealous that he has a new girlfriend that he does all the things with and not her!(sage your shit)

No. 1816380

When is this bitch going to fuck another Ryan?

No. 1816476

File: 1682630420274.jpg (439.69 KB, 1284x2282, 343434610_1412895562800316_690…)

I think it might actually be a new picture. She also posted this one, interspersed with other pictures from today. You can see in the bottom corner of this image that she's wearing the same flannel and pants as in some earlier selfies from today.

No. 1816481

File: 1682630669586.jpg (201.13 KB, 720x1280, 1E4B89AF5B2C8BCD888169DEF09816…)

One of the selfies in question.

No. 1816546

Did she change her handle?

No. 1816700


No. 1817054

It's hard to tell, it definitely could be new but all of her pictures and outfits look the same to me. It's either Little House on the Prairie potato sack dresses from Target, assorted Target hiking mom outfits, or black ripped jeans and her little Journeys flower Docs that she probably calls "combat boots".

No. 1817523

I definitely think there is a new Ryan from her most recent story sets. The clock Ryan.

No. 1817547

File: 1682779437859.jpg (126.72 KB, 720x1280, 904C737BEA27CEC82DB980A2D72C7D…)

I don't want to jinx it, but here's a first glimpse.

No. 1817594

Ooh. Probably why she wore a plaid flannel shirt, a new Ryan to mimic. “I’ve ALWAYS loved clocks, I’m tired of worrying about scaring people with how many clocks I have, if they can’t accept my clocks then I will find a community that will!!”

No. 1817767

will the cycle begin once more, nonnies? will this one be even more short-lived than the last?? i cannot wait

No. 1817788

kek, maybe someone should gift her some clocks now? And you know, soon she will tell us that she knows everything about clocks and can build one herself, the same way she tells us she is an amazing cook…

last Ryan I gave 3 months (think I was right about that), ClockRyan, if he honestly knows something about clocks and craftsmanship, I give a month. If you are a craftsman and not completely stupid, you can't stand someone that knows nothing and just sits there photographing you while doing all the work. But he is a man, he might be completely stupid.

No. 1818109

File: 1682886504508.jpg (169.99 KB, 1284x2282, 343843298_191219037111343_3782…)

She goes on so often about how she doesn't watch horror movies, yet posts a Hellraiser meme? I wonder if she even understands the reference. My money is on ClockRyan being a horror movie fan.

No. 1818123

I think she relates to the skinwearer in this.

No. 1818498

File: 1682957474454.jpg (508.33 KB, 1080x1919, 5341626243322132123.jpg)

She looks so delusional in all of her pictures now. What is this hair?? I sincerely beg her to stop thinking the "signature smoky eye" is doing anything positive for her.

No. 1818512

Bunny boiler smile.

No. 1818523

Looks like she has assessed that her new male target is into flannel, leather, dark colors, and frizzy unbrushed hair.

No. 1818551

It's so boring already but here we go…

No. 1818674

File: 1682973224352.png (882.81 KB, 1069x1922, Screenshot_20230501-162138~2.p…)

Wonder what she's going to Long Island for. Kinda far for her to check out any spooky places and there aren't many that are even well known. Possible another Ryan she's on the hunt for?

No. 1818708

File: 1682977486616.jpg (43.13 KB, 869x532, settledowndom.jpg)

The fact that she's asking if driving somewhere is scary is so stupid that it feels like she's just intentionally dropping that she's off to Long Island and hoping someone will ask what's going on. It's a day drive on the fucking interstate, not like she's traversing a rickety-ass bridge over an alligator-ridden swamp in a car with one flat tire.

No. 1818902

it's a car on the road with other cars on it? and there's traffic?

it's long island get a grip kek

No. 1819473

File: 1683078191900.jpeg (485.56 KB, 1179x2095, IMG_3859.jpeg)

Clock Ryan?

No. 1819479

File: 1683078799452.png (143.77 KB, 412x712, Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 7.54…)

PLEASE. The clock obsession begins.

No. 1819542

Jesus Christ, why would it be “scary”? It’s just a 300+-mile drive on highways, it’s not The Wages of Fear.

No. 1819703

You’re fucking kidding me. And she’s in a flannel even.

No. 1819782

File: 1683130839220.jpg (241.44 KB, 1080x1919, download.jpg)

Alright, it's been what, a week? How fast do you think she's going to announce her love and devotion to ClockRyan and days later post a million videos of herself crying in her car for hours?

No. 1819809

File: 1683135177059.jpg (242.58 KB, 1080x1770, SmartSelect_20230503_123228_In…)

No. 1819832

She is such a sitcom cow idk how else to describe her. Plants? Okay fine, she’s a millennial. Owls? Why not, most people have a favorite animal. Clocks though, Heather? Fucking clocks? Hasn’t antiquing been her quirky weird girl hobby for like four years now where she would’ve seen hundreds of antique clocks if she had even an iota of prior interest. Imagine her having a breakdown to the tune of 15 ticking cuckoo clocks in a month’s time. Clocks. Sure kek

No. 1819855

File: 1683142157445.jpg (103.07 KB, 1080x1920, download (1).jpg)

So here >>1819782 she says she's pausing dating because of this guy, who she should just be enjoying having first dates with, but she's already nailing him down with their "connection" and taking herself off the market. And she's definitely going to see ClockRyan in Long Island as she can't explore much without a vehicle. This is already spiraling, I love it.

No. 1819864

I do see someone who looks like a relatively recent friend on her Facebook, who lives on LI…

No. 1819871

This bitch has really never heard of Google, huh.

No. 1819916

"Can I park my car at the train station" kek lmao is there really any train station out there that doesn't have space for parking? What are people going to do, ride a bike to the station? Even if it's a larger city, there will likely be a parking garage in the area. Is she too lazy to look up her own questions, or just has such little life experience that she thinks this is a normal question to publicize?

No. 1819955

Her autistic special interest is apparently collecting 2011 Tumblr tattoo themes as hobbies.

No. 1819956

Nitpick but her makeup application alone screams mental illness. The thick layer of black eyeshadow with no blending, and no liner or mascara to actually enhance her eye area is SO weird.

No. 1820032

Why do I feel like potentials should not be announced before a three month RyanScan

No. 1820153

Jumpscare on more than one level. She's fully in parasite mode again and ready to attach to the newest host.

No. 1820204

She's just looking for attention and for people to ask why she's going to long island. Surely she can't be retarded enough to not simply google this up. I mean, she looks up her own name to browse here.


No. 1820233

Just realized this is her AFTER running herself through a filter since you can see random floating eyelashes in the whites of her eyes. The dull grey eyeshadow that looks like it was applied with her fingers and garish blush look all real though. woof.

No. 1820455

File: 1683213574539.jpg (328.14 KB, 1059x1593, SmartSelect_20230504_102004_In…)

No. 1820463

>Life lately
So she goes on ONE date, ONE DATE with this dude and it's "life lately"?? She needs to be committed.
So true.

No. 1820525

To be fair this is very chill for Heather, iirc she was posting captions about being in love on date 1 with the last one. If she can hold it together and just get to know a guy slowly it might work out for her

No. 1820556

File: 1683229672808.jpg (49.31 KB, 813x632, SmartSelect_20230504_144816_In…)

No. 1820586

That will never happen. She is incapable. She's controlled by her obvious personality disorder and shows absolutely no interest in treatment or growth.

No. 1820729

>Bumble when he was traveling
This is giving “trying to fuck while I’m away from home” and she’s completely going after him. I often wonder how much of this her family really sees, all of her Facebook “friends” and most the people who comment on IG seem to be ass-hungry moids trying to hit. You never see a cousin or an aunt or a parent commenting. Like I wonder if they’ve just given up and try to ignore the insanity, surely that must be it? Amanda Meatball Eyes is how I found lolcow but I discovered Heather in the process and I’m just so intrigued by how repetitive, ridiculous, and annoying she is, yet nobody ever seems to call her out. The possibility of her deleting negative comments is high but I feel like one of us would catch it sometime before it’s gone. What if ClockRyan wants to do something normal like go to a movie? Does she go into a meltdown about how modern culture doesn’t interest her until she makes him feel bad for asking? I wish I could look away but it’s such a perpetual mess I just can’t.

No. 1820748

File: 1683244700098.jpeg (698.37 KB, 1179x2427, IMG_3889.jpeg)

I think this is ClockRyan. Can’t be sure, but I think so. She shared a star wars post today he made. Thought she didn’t like pop culture?

No. 1820782

It's not. If you look two posts up, you can see he asks Heather where she met clock Ryan.

No. 1820853

I thought that too but I agree, isn’t him.

No. 1820862

Well shit. Still weird she’s posting about Star wars and “missing Carrie fisher” when she condemns anyone who even mentions a movie or pop culture.

No. 1820934

File: 1683256531942.jpg (383.99 KB, 1284x2282, 344575723_590991409671058_4691…)

This unearned feeling of being superior to everyone else is so mysterious to me. The implication that no one else loves deeply, cares about things or is anything but a two-dimensional cardboard cutout just confirms that she's too self-involved to truly get to know anyone.

No. 1820935

File: 1683256595163.jpg (220.74 KB, 1284x2282, 344792432_604723641786281_1612…)

On a separate note, get ready for fresh Ryan milk this weekend!

No. 1821149

it's sad she thinks any of this is unusual when this describes every creative person ever, she really needs to try and move in some artist/crafting circles instead of her collection of Ryan-hoiked interests. She was closer to getting it right when she was in the doll community imo.

No. 1821173

This is gonna crash and burn. He downloaded bumble while traveling and she's already visiting where he lives? She's arguably getting more desperate. I give it a month before he ghosts.

No. 1821188


Not only coming out to visit but has no means of self transport cause she’s taking the train - so she’s probably relying on him to get around? Sounds safe

No. 1821191

Kek I love the bets with every new Ryan saga. My prediction is she dramatically struggles through every second of the trip, meets him in NY, and decides "he's toxic."
It's hilarious that she's probably paying for the trip, too.

No. 1821196


Buying new plants instead of learning why her current ones are dying, not being able to figure out accommodations when traveling, taking herself off the market and already abaorbing ClockRyan's surface interest associations (plaid, clocks) as her own… Why does she so readily announce what are clearly red flags kek.

We all know it's an untreated personality disorder, but how has she gotten to her mid 30s without even half a moment of self-reflection. It's mind-boggling.

No. 1821226

File: 1683304045495.png (1.16 MB, 1242x2208, 4E72CA01-9D58-4B34-B8EE-3B764F…)


Whelp, she’s already dropping L bombs. What could possibly go wrong?

No. 1821312

HEATHER!!!!! I just want to shake her!!

No. 1821316

I think that’s probably rumhamryan.

No. 1821329

I thought it was from this day? >>1820455

No. 1821352

He probably typed that message into the question box she is responding to.

No. 1821395


Nah, it’s definitely from the same day as her “life lately” post with ClockRyan and those chicken legs are too skinny to be Ham’s.

No. 1821482

The picture is not him. The message she is responding to is from him. She just put that random picture. Lord.

No. 1821671

File: 1683362376122.jpg (262.62 KB, 1284x2282, 344854309_1186438832064424_144…)

She posted just before this that she isn't getting into NYC until after midnight, and is clearly getting picked up by the guy. Putting out immediately, classic Heather. I predict there will be "I love yous" in her story tomorrow.

No. 1821839

meets a guy off a dating app and travels alone to his home in another state to spend the night with him, instantly.

at least she is posting all these details so the police will be able to find the guy easily when she gets murdered

No. 1821937

File: 1683396926464.jpg (243.54 KB, 1284x2282, 344954993_153966654304488_3443…)

Here we go.

No. 1821942

Long Island anon here. I would love to see her walking around in her Target prairie hag dress with her new dumb Ryan. Wonder what adventures he has in store for her ass.

No. 1821976

Countdown to "I wonder if Target will transfer me to LI"

No. 1821981

100% she’s already looking up Long Island apartments. but she’ll still ask in a story “does anyone have any apartments for me in LI that aren’t scary?"

No. 1822020

And "are there any peeps on long island who want to be friends with a weird girl who likes spooky things and plants, I mean clocks?"

No. 1822063

I am NOT cowtipping so please don’t take this as that, it’s just a thought. I just wonder what it would be like to go on a couple dates with Heather and then google her out of curiosity and find these threads. It must be the creepiest feeling. And she can’t even laugh and confess that she used to be kind of a basket case because it goes from years back to the present.

No. 1822079

How annoyed I would be to be on a date and constantly have a smartphone near me because my date has to take pictures every minute of the day

but she can't find any friends, because she is way too weird, never forget that, she is just not like the others and no one can handle her

No. 1822191

File: 1683425235382.jpg (331.87 KB, 1284x2282, 345044954_612177137623663_7125…)

Jesus Christ.

No. 1822194

Is this supposed to be ClockRyan's home, or what? Also, that outfit is atrocious.

No. 1822200

I wish I could think of a less lurid analogy but it’s like watching someone announce their pregnancy at like a couple weeks, over and over again. She steps over the starting line and declares victory, NEVER waiting to see how things pan out, no matter how badly it burned her last time. She’s so stupid it fucking kills me.

No. 1822232

She's like a 50yo karen from the waist up and a edgy millennial from the waist down. lmao

honestly looks like an estate sale or antique store tbh

No. 1822234

She might be one of the most personality disordered cows on this site. I’ve rarely seen someone so insistent on repeating the same mistakes over and over with no apparent capacity for self-awareness or reflection.

No. 1822236

RIP Heather’s plants. If things continue with ClockRyan they don’t stand a chance.

Why does she insist on dressing like a conservative boomer grandma? Even her previous tacky Hot Topic/Dolls Kill aesthetic was miles better than this.

No. 1822277

Bump for cp don’t scroll

No. 1822700

She needs a new pinterest hairstyle to find because this is awful.

No. 1822801

Exactly. It's unfathomable to me how an adult can live long-term in a fantasy where it's possible to achieve a lifetime's worth of love and commitment within a week, and be continually surprised when it blows up in her face.
And how can someone live with such a melodramatic parade of uncontrollable emotions, and yet never even once consider self-analysis or therapy?

No. 1823084

File: 1683558986260.jpg (25.44 KB, 360x655, download.jpg)

It's ok Heather, he was toxic anyways. You'll always have clocks.

No. 1823154

it looked like she was on her own in graveyard/beach in recent stories so I guess she parted ways with that guy already

No. 1823157

We've reached the 48-hour Ryan cycle
I can't imagine how awful she must be that they couldn't even have a nice horny weekend without it ending in tragedy

No. 1823159

He just didn't understand weird girls who like spooky things.

No. 1823175

It's already over? That was fast.

No. 1823178

There was no horniness imo, one of her stories had her retardedly running around a stone maze (just in the ground, no walls so you can just walk right across it) while NYan stood aimlessly at one end, like not taking part in the "fun" just standing there.
She sorely needs some female friends rather than catfishing endless Ryans into walking around graveyards with her, guys do not meet up with rando women to simply spend quality time with them [they want to bang] essentially walking around parks, though that is what Heather wants.
She does all the cleavage shots, flirty pics, and then meets up with them and just walks around, amazing really that she keeps doing it and she keeps catching so many Ryans and wasting their time kek

No. 1823201

I wonder if she's ever had a group of female friends, or even one very close female friend. She just doesn't seem to be interested at all. Waiting for her to get settled in at home and start carrying on about how he led her on and wasn't who she thought (duh) and that she's been crying in her car and/or bathtub for hours on end because why can't she find love, why must she be alone. And then circle back around to how she doesn't need anyone and she's got her plants and interests and that's all that matters.

No. 1823226

I don't even think the ryans bail cause heather's not putting out fast enough, they bail before that because it quickly becomes obvious that heather is incabable of treating other people as anything other than props for heather. like, i guess running around a graveyard could be a fun, if weird date but clearly heather's just doing it to be goffic - I don't know if she's ever had "fun" with another person, as in doing something just to have a good time. literally everything she does is trying to appeal to some stupid ideal of herself she made up in her head. i don't know if she even really wants a ryan, i think she just likes the idea of being in a relationship.

this also why she will never have any female friends. even if she wanted them, she'd be incapable of treating the other person as anything other than an instagram prop.

No. 1823231

Meanwhile I’m sure he’s just like ‘I met the weirdest chick in Gettysburg this weekend’

No. 1823266

This is exactly it, she just wants someone to post cutesy pictures on IG about "my person <3 <3 <3 <3". They're just an accessory to enhance Heather. They might as well be an NPC. Thats why she freaks out when they have their own friends and hobbies and don't just want to exist in a codependent little bubble with her.
She wouldn't have female friends because she's extremely insecure and threatened by anything that challenges her tiny little world. At best she would just use them to try to meet guys somehow.

No. 1823337

I scrutinised that video to see if he was anywhere near her, she was acting all KoOkIe and giggling, running around that “maze” which was actually some pagan stone circle, laughing like she was being chased. Absolute mental retardation. Eventually she flicked the camera up and showed him like half a mile away just standing in the distance while Hag ran round giggling and squeaking like…a retard.

No. 1823345

I scrutinised that video to see if he was anywhere near her, she was acting all KoOkIe and giggling, running around that “maze” which was actually some pagan stone circle, laughing like she was being chased. Absolute mental retardation. Eventually she flicked the camera up and showed him like half a mile away just standing in the distance while Hag ran round giggling and squeaking like…a retard.

No. 1823346

I scrutinised that video to see if he was anywhere near her, she was acting all KoOkIe and giggling, running around that “maze” which was actually some pagan stone circle, laughing like she was being chased. Absolute mental retardation. Eventually she flicked the camera up and showed him like half a mile away just standing in the distance while Hag ran round giggling and squeaking like…a retard.

No. 1823365

I think she has this vision of a slow motion capture of her being chased, granny hair highlighted in the sun, his hand reaching out to her and whispering how beautiful she is with Taylor Swift playing in the background or something. When in reality he was like holy shit an unhinged camel person where is the nearest escape door.

No. 1823369

Ayrt yes that’s exactly it.
To you and all other nonetschkas, sorry I posted three times because glitch.

No. 1823401

Can yall post the video you're discussing?

No. 1823405

Ngl if this thread didn't exist I would absolutely try and ask her if maybe,if all these men didn't work out, why not try a woman.

But we have enough BPD lesbians out there we don't need her.(sage your shit)

No. 1823433

Female friends are exactly what she needs but it would be exhausting being her friend.

No. 1823462

It was the most cringe video she’s posted in while. Just her running around going HEH HEH HEH, trying to be cute? Filter in heavy breathing because she’s only gone to the gym once in 30 years. And clockryan is in the background like(emoji)

No. 1823540

I was hoping mods would excuse the emoji this one time because the description was hilariously spot on anon. kek

No. 1823769

>I don't even think the ryans bail cause heather's not putting out fast enough
this. The scrotes whove had sex with heather and posted about it here get banned and their posts deleted, but I can remember 2 different men in this thread saying she puts out extremely early. First meeting early.
>that heather is incapable of treating other people as anything other than props
this, she sees relationships as transactional. If she has sex with a guy, she expects him to instantly become a subservient cuck who will do whatever she wants in exchange for sex because that's what she thinks heterosexual love is.

>pagan stone circle
Wait she was acting like a child on a pagan labyrinth? This is hilarious. Her new Ryan takes her on a suitably spoopy adventure and she acts like a toddler? Pagan Labyrinths are supposed to be used for spiritual exploration and introspection, she showed her date how shallow she was. Instead of taking her spoopy shit seriously, she goofed around and acted like a manic pixie dream girl?

No. 1823800

File: 1683642652294.webm (17.91 MB, 1080x1920, 10000000_725068712739848_91297…)

Here's the video we're all discussing. Sorry for quality, I had to compress it.

No. 1823813

Idk she shared a video a couple weeks ago of her ‘sensually’ watering her plants for rumramryan, too bad I deleted the recording

> If she has sex with a guy, she expects him to instantly become a subservient cuck
Exactly, I don’t gaf if she has sex on the first date but she’s delusional about what that achieves

No. 1823840

is he filming her? This has such "father takes daughter to the playground"-vibes, kek. I would be so annoyed by how superficial she appears and her sharing everything online. I can only imagine how much time she spends on social media while being with someone else.

No. 1823954

the Ryancycle gets shorter and shorter
can she get it down to 24 hours for the whole meet—WORLD’S GREATEST LOVE—devastated by breakup cycle? I believe in our camelgirl

No. 1824025

I'm beginning to wonder if she's killing off all of her relationships for attention. Rionicide.

No. 1824034

She's been super quiet on IG. Guess she must feel stupid to purchase a train ticket for see some dope out on long Island for it to turn out to be nothing. She wouldn't be able to handle a long distance relationship anyway. How could she afford doing this trip monthly.

No. 1824054

She's crying and trying to put her life back together after the devastation of her most recent split, anon.

No. 1824113


Appreciate you Nonnie! You guys weren't kidding, she was full on retard in this. My toes curled when she did her baby voice at the end.

No. 1824174

oh my god, kek. Her thinking it was a maze and gasping for air while running around it giggling like a maniac. Heather really thinks she's the main character of some shitty romcom movie. Thank you for sharing this nonnie. lmao

No. 1824401

File: 1683723224401.jpg (180.67 KB, 1080x1806, SmartSelect_20230510_075425_In…)

No. 1824445

Not another one so fast??? Heather what is you doing

No. 1824452

Yeah this doesn't look like long island clock Ryan. Who the fuck knows anymore. She's definitely not in long island anymore.

No. 1824454

The shoes do look the same… did she capture him?? They aren't even sitting together.

No. 1824464

So far all of her pics of him are sneak pics.

No. 1824488

File: 1683737041577.jpg (434.02 KB, 1080x1920, 323765492_6402505293146603_918…)

ClockRyan seemed to have dark hair, this guy's hair is ginger or light brown. She also mentions these are from a stroll around Gettysburg. I think it's a different guy.
She also took a video of them walking together. Picrel.

No. 1824505

I don't know, his hair could definitely be ginger, it's just dusk in the previous picture.

No. 1824520

I think it's the same guy, they have the same shoe. She could be talking about a stroll they had previously before NY? or maybe she's already back from NY and he followed.

No. 1824547

File: 1683743897144.jpg (49.1 KB, 370x687, 34608978