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No. 1769272

This is a series of threads about fakebois and trans-identified females (TIFs).

"Fakebois" are girls who pretend to be boys, either by becoming trannies or larping biological males (usually the former). Fakebois style and present themselves as androgynous or feminine-looking boys, or wearing girls' clothing and make-up while insisting on being addressed with he/him (or occasionally they/them) pronouns and take great offense at being gendered as female.

These threads are also now a catch-all for any minor TIF cows without threads of their own. Even "serious" troons, (like Kalvin Garrah and Ellen Page) are fair game, as are horrific troon surgeries and pregnancies. Just remember to spoiler that shit.

**TIFs, no one cares if you think you're ~more legit~ than the cows posted here.** Additionally, occasional discussion of fujoshis is fine, but don't sperg and infight about it.

Notable FtM-related subreddits:

Old threads by order of recency:

No. 1769274

File: 1676531150744.webm (3.41 MB, 576x1024, N7N5J-n4.webm)

"if only they knew, i am infact, not a girl."
I hope scrotes at this woman's club don't think the strippers there are underage? Saying woman saves sentences, anons.

I wasn't able to download the exact TikTok shown in the screenshot but this one was a gem. I'm sure she's a hoot at the troon function. Aiden wearing ten sports bras surely appreciates this little number.

No. 1769285

File: 1676533292776.jpeg (82.34 KB, 1211x385, 4650772C-4233-4A07-B6F7-3F52CA…)

Breaking news, becoming trans doesn’t take your trauma away, it only creates more of it.

No. 1769296

she means a woman raised as the eldest daughter who now thinks she's a man, THAT shit is dangerous

No. 1769297

I love how girls like this really think they're "tricking" men somehow even though her identifying as non-binary doesn't affect the lives of these men at the strip club whatsoever.

No. 1769320

File: 1676538563835.jpg (128.71 KB, 736x736, retard.jpg)

Nonnies I have to share my kek. So you know how this cartoon The owl house has this nonbinary character? And you know how this shit doesn't work in gendered languages? I will call this character she because almost all enbies are women and she is also voiced by a woman. So, for my language, there are two ways they treated the gender-special subject: in one version they voiced her as a man with "he" pronouns because they decided this thing looks like a man. But is the other version…In my language, the only gender-neutral pronouns are plural, so this character was talking about herself in plural like she is schizophrenic and has several personalities in her head, and the other characters also referred to her in plural as if they were supporting her insanity.
The character's name is raine whispers, which is a kek by itself.

No. 1769321

File: 1676538681010.jpg (Spoiler Image,96.99 KB, 1080x1346, retar2.jpg)

Samefag, the voice actress is avi roque

No. 1769322

File: 1676538768620.jpg (44.26 KB, 300x400, Avi-Roque-Large-Headshot.jpg)

She could be cute. Too bad she is retarded.

No. 1769335

Literally it's like when nonbinary tifs say their boyfriend is sooo gay for dating them like honey they are men you are just a hole to them they do not give a single shit what pronouns you want to be called I can guarantee they see you as a woman

No. 1769336

not an anti-fujo sperg but I swear this is brought upon by some Yaoi fantasy where this trope is common enough

No. 1769355

It's so embarrassing because everyone else can see it's clearly the opposite and the guys pretend to see them as not-girls just so they can have sex with them, a female. You're just a female with a weird fetish of pretending you're not female to them, just some spicy bedroom roleplay calling them a good boy and they can get these girls to do whatever they want

No. 1769357

fr the most annoying thing about them is the smug "I'm not a girl, you're just gay" line

No. 1769374

Imo that's the perfect reflection of their lack of trauma. They just seem naive. That "I am topping from the bottom, I'm taking advantage of these men by giving them sex" is such a middle school virgin mindset. The Disney channel to Cosmopolitan magazine to OF pipeline.

No. 1769375

Lmao she's a stripper on tiktok this is 100% a grift to scam money off of troons and retard zoomers.

No. 1769433

Yeah she’s scamming men at the strip club and enbies on TikTok, it’s a win-win for her I guess. Get money kek

No. 1769611

File: 1676570556937.jpg (434.67 KB, 1848x1792, I_just_wanna_play_call_of_duty…)

kek reminds me of one my older cousins ​​who used to be in a FWB relationship with some genderqueer girl, he'd call her "baby boy" and other infantilizing terms but he'd occasionally use male pronouns and she was infatuated over him due to this

No. 1769831

File: 1676586434344.png (504.34 KB, 636x919, Screenshot_17.png)

>- convincing yourself you're attracted to women despite all your fantasies and fixations focusing on men (maybe because you understand you are undeniably queer and that is the only way you can justify that feeling) which leads into
>maybe because you understand you are undeniably queer
kekeke these retards.

No. 1769840

That ending has me confused. Is she only into butches or just straight (the t4t thing is getting to me)

No. 1769852

>all this insane mental gymnastics just because she likes yaoi and doesn't wanna be a ~fetishist~
Fucking hell lmao

No. 1769927

If I have this right, she's a straight girl so desperate to be kweer that she felt her only options were larping as a lesbian woman, despite not liking women, or a gay man, despite not being a man? But she said she's attracted to vaginas and breasts too. And believes she's not allowed yaoi since it's "fetishising", even though that's the point of porn kek

No. 1770041

has anyone brought up that tif who thinks she's the reincarnation of hitler on tiktok

No. 1770050

yeah she was in the last thread lmfao good shit

No. 1770051

It sounds like she primarily dates other TIFs so she’s just a self-hating butch lesbian with extra steps. Or at most an attention seeking bisexual.

No. 1770066

>choosing to avoid masculinity and maleness only because you believe your
behaviors would be considered more gross and unacceptable if you weren't
woman (like being hairy, being fat, being sexual, etc.)
Since when is it considered ‘acceptable’ at all for a woman to be these things?

No. 1770102

It's becoming clear to me that the overwhelming majority of TIFs are just self-hating lesbians. Even the "omg I'm such a gay boy I love men so much hngggff" types like this one. They always end up dating other TIFs. Back in the day before this gender bullshit, these were just the lesbian fujoshis who would cosplay their favorite yaoi ship at conventions and stuff. Now they're cosplaying 24/7

No. 1770143

I have never understood girls who are so afraid of being "evil fetishists". I know that handmaidens love to tiptoe around scrote feelings, but do they realize that no male ever in the history of humanity thought that his fetishes are bad, no matter how cruel and misogynistic they are? Also, gay men are giga normies, they don't even know that yaoi exists.

No. 1770145

Hmm nona I got your point but I still think that the majority of tifs are straight, simply because straight people are always the majority of the population. The reason why they date other tifs is because gay men obviously don't want them and straight scrotes are not validating enough, even though tifs sometimes date them as well.
But I am absolutely sure that there is a significant tif population who is "t4t" because they are lesbians who don't want to get canceled and harassed for not wanting to fuck creepy troon men. I consider this tactic as well, but I'm afraid of stumbling upon a girl who really believes in the troon shit and wants to chop her tits off.

No. 1770167

Hold on isn't this kinda terfy? Saying you have trauma from being raised as the eldest daughter implies female socialisation exists and that's a terf dogwhistle. I thought they were true and honest men the second they came out of the womb and their agab doesn't matter?

No. 1770229

If two TIFs date each other then they're bisexual at least. In the DSM-IV it says that almost all women with gender identity disorder are lesbians. Of course now with the rise of gender identity ideology, much more people identify as trans (though they remain a very small part of the population). Since gender identity is misogyny and homophobia on crack, it would make sense that a lot of TIFs are women struggling with their sexuality, but yeah there are definitely straight TIFs nowadays, often struggling with body dismorphia and/or a severe case of internalized misogyny imo.

No. 1770276

File: 1676645049781.png (Spoiler Image,2.93 MB, 2723x2428, e.png)

This TiF flexing on transbians by actually getting a bio-strap installed. What a girlboss.

While I am happy this woman didn't go through with mutilating her vagina, it's insane she found a surgeon that was fine just installing a giant skin tag with a rod inside it on her pelvis. It's just extreme body modification at that point, except you're not allowed to question it's ethics because it's a sacred gender-affirmation rite and something something suicide dysphoria etc

No. 1770277

File: 1676645090186.png (Spoiler Image,1.99 MB, 1864x1408, e1.png)

Another angle

No. 1770278

What's it even made of, the rest of her skin doesn't appear to be that color

No. 1770282

File: 1676645560266.png (237.75 KB, 500x500, sosig.png)

No. 1770283

Looks like a glued on sausage

No. 1770288

The enlarged clitoris under it makes it even more jarring.

No. 1770294

So with modern women trooning out the situation is somewhat like with gay men in previous decades? Like modern tifs are the female analog of HSTSs of the 80s?

No. 1770311

File: 1676648959401.jpeg (32.5 KB, 640x484, 65drue-2498291013.jpeg)

just why

No. 1770315

not a medfag or up on the subject, but I think it's paler because it doesn't have proper blood supply

No. 1770465

A "man" dressed up as a cougar who killed her husband for the inheritance lol
This is the same girl that claims her chest makes her uncomfy and she does really need a binder you guize :((:()

No. 1770468

I know in theory adults should be allowed to do body modifications, but I don't think this should be legal.

You're harming your arm (or thigh) permanently (just because it can heal to some degree doesn't mean you get it back the way it was before, it's weaker, you have no sensation etc) by cutting a piece of so you can attach it to another part of you body as a tube. Supposedly because you want to sexually use this skin flesh tube to penetrate other women's vaginas with it.
The other reason is to stand to pee. Because that would give them euphoria (= a state of blissful happiness) when they pee. And if you're not blissfully happy when you pee, your life is shit and not worth living and you simply must commit suicide!
Because standing to pee is what real men do - disabled men in wheelchairs who can't stand aren't real men, obviously.
The results of the surgery typically don't let you do either without severe complications.

How is the not obviously severe mental illness that should be treated? It's unethical to perform the surgery.

No. 1770477

The thing is that women can pee anywhere, like men, though I guess these permanently online spergs have no idea how to even piss without furniture.
To begin with, men pee standing up because their dick has a high risk of touching the toilet rim if they sit down. It's not some glamourous thing, it's just so their genitalia don't touch the shitter. These people are so retarded.

No. 1770488

>The thing is that women can pee anywhere, like men
Really? You can squat but you will have to expose yourself a lot more. Men can just unzip a little and piss. Plus it's socially acceptable for a man to pee around like an animal, but not for a woman (I feel like it can even be very dsngerous).

No. 1770493

I'm from a rural area, people do it all the time. It's not dangerous, you just go behind a bush and squat down for ten seconds. IDK about socially acceptable, do women just never go someplace that doesn't have toilets where you live? Like in a park or some outdoors roofed desk? It's just a normal thing.

No. 1770528

I’m not even from a super rural area but I also pee outside when I’m out hiking or if like, the only available toilet is a porta potty. It’s insanely easy if you’re wearing a dress or a skirt, just pull your panties to the side and squat and piss behind a bush. Little more work if you’re wearing pants but it’s still not difficult let alone impossible.

Also she-pees are a thing, I’ve used them for hikes when I’m wearing pants and know any available toilets are gonna be too scary for me to use, kek. It’s like a dick shaped pee funnel.

>inb4 aidens screenshot this and say I’m an egg

No. 1770530

Uuhh no, women don't go pee near a bush or behind a tree and I'm also from a rural area. It's just seen as dirty/unpolite to pee in public. Men are given a pass a bit more but for women it's totally unacceptable. Also don't you need to wipe?

No. 1770531

Nta but whoever you're hanging around has sticks up their asses because i've never been around anyone who cares where you pee if you're outdoors and there's no restroom around

No. 1770545

Wtf kind of rural area are you from where there's always a restroom nearby kek? It's definitely not seen as impolite or "in public" when you're hours away from a restroom and there's no people around for miles.

No. 1770548

What the fuck
Also most parks have toilets

No. 1770550

File: 1676673740311.jpg (46.58 KB, 431x600, freedom-of-speech-1943.jpg!Lar…)

>do women pee outside?
I pee in my backyard all the time and I still have XX chromosomes. Toilets aren't a naturally occurring structure in nature, anyone can pee outside because you're technically supposed to. It's the "women don't do (x) only scrotes do that" line of thinking applied to basic human behaviour that supports tif ideas about gender

No. 1770553

Bitch I'll take a shit in your backyard take that back

No. 1770558

Peeing outside is a liberating experience, i relish any opportunity to do it especially if i can weaponize it on an enemy's lawn

No. 1770559

i pee outside all the time when i'm drinking in public at night. it makes you realize that women going to the bathroom together is an evolutionary act of peers security

No. 1770583

>lives in a "rural area"
>"rural area" people somehow give a shit no pun intended kek about whether or not something would be seen as impolite or OMG DIRTY
are you from planet zog?

No. 1770584

File: 1676677768621.png (9.47 KB, 931x91, fandomsecrets.png)

>you can buy the game, but don't be shocked if that decision makes it harder for trans folk to trust you to have their back on larger issues than this.

God, they sound like that tif that said to an Ukrainian artist that HER problems were bigger for being trans than the artist's, only because the artist had the nerve to buy the damn game.

No. 1770586

>both "penis" and vagina

Not like in my animu!

No. 1770589

I've seen this tween but also grandma style around, what is even the appeal

No. 1770590

TIL I’m the only woman on Earth civilized enough to use a goddamn toilet

No. 1770592

While that sounds like fun, the times I've done it for necessity I've had this weird fear of bugs trying to crawl in while I piss

No. 1770594

This is not true at all. You sound like a loser who has never been outside.

No. 1770613

stop now wench, you must RETVRN to the earth

No. 1770656

File: 1676686866434.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1170x2004, 59CAC2A2-02EB-49F2-9D03-F46881…)

Cope and seethe

No. 1770659

Is this from fandomsecrets on livejournal? I haven't been there in a long while but it feels like LJ communities that used to be much more neutral and less extreme about topics like gender like ohnotheydidnt have gotten so braindead over the last few years. It's sad to me to think this is what became of some people who used to be involved in fandom pre-2010. The new Harry Potter game being so successful should really be a wake up call to TRAs who think they can control what everyone enjoys or buys, but a lot seem too dumb and narcissistic to learn from their mistakes so who knows

No. 1770675

File: 1676688000296.png (11.46 KB, 887x112, lolno.png)


I did a silly answer and someone answered me this like… We are arguing about a video game that TRAs are claiming it kills people (and if it did, wouldn't the same people of "video games make people violent" be more vocal about it to ban video games in general?). The ones that should "expand their existing worldview" are the same TRAs.

No. 1770679

File: 1676688025925.jpg (Spoiler Image,120.89 KB, 753x445, Untitled.jpg)

not a fetish

No. 1770720

This response is so unbearably patronizing but that's not surprising given they're making being against this video game some big moral crusade. Also "expand your existing worldview" in this context really just means "don't disagree with me reeee". I wonder how different things would be if JKR was a man instead?

No. 1770735

aw hell naw they turned bluto into an alt dangerhair fakeboi

No. 1770771

I think a lot of straight tifs date each other just for mutual validation/cope and aren't actually attracted to each other. Not saying none of them are bi/lesbian, but I do think a lot of them are just kind of larping a relationship without real feelings behind it

No. 1770841

>I still think that the majority of tifs are straight, simply because straight people are always the majority of the population.
Wtf kind of logic is this kek. Do you also think the majority of drag queens are straight or the majority of people in a gay bar, or the majority of men fucking each other in the ass must be straight too.

No. 1770843

Just like the emo girls back in middle school who were "totes gai" and went on dates (hung out in a parking lot)

No. 1770847

I'm in fucking shock. I knew I would feel guilt some day at being conned into supporting trans issues for a time, but I was watching random YouTube videos, and an old friend showed up on a suggested video featuring Blaire. (I don't agree with Blaire on a lot of issue, just random YT suggestion from me watching a few radfem videos.)

Deadass an old friend who cut me out bc of internalized homophobia nearly ten years ago, is now grooming preteens as a Tboy. I honestly don't know how to process this. I'm not about to broadcast her personal issues to the internet, but this honestly just reinforces everything I think/hear about the reasons for trooning out. Self-loathing, and trauma.

No. 1770891

kek I unironically love how quirky you nonnies are

No. 1770895

File: 1676716114194.png (406.29 KB, 690x548, 5249829101.png)

>want to become male
>also wants to wear a made dress
Can someone explain this to me

No. 1770897

The "sexy shoes" is the weirdest part. Nothing prevents a woman with breasts to wear that.

No. 1770924

Kek for real. I know anons are trying to be weird on purpose now but let's not pretend that peeing wherever (in public) isn't seen as a rude/dirty thing. If I'm hiking and I'm in the middle of fucking nowhere with no toilet in sight and I can't hold it? Sure I'll do it outside. But if you know there are houses and public bathrooms (which many parks and hiking trails have btw) I'm not going to start peeing with my ass in full sight, especially if I know some farmer is going to pass by.

>Toilets aren't a naturally occurring structure in nature, anyone can pee outside because you're technically supposed to. It's the "women don't do (x) only scrotes do that" line of thinking applied to basic human behaviour that supports tif ideas about gender
Yeah let's just shit in the middle of the road since we're supposed to do it outside kek. And I didn't say that I personally think men should be able to do it either, just that it's seen as more acceptable and discreet where I live (but still kinda bad).

No. 1770925

These kind of TIFs are the most pathetic ones in my opinion. They want to wear girly shit so bad but ONLY AFTER taking testosterone and chopping their tits off. Fucking weak little bitches

No. 1770937

I mean, it's quite known that Lovecraft was quite racist, but no one seems to blink an eye on the lore he created (adding also the fact he's dead).

No. 1770958

Idk what backwater shithole you live in but it is not socially acceptable for men to whack their dick out in public and piss everywhere.

No. 1770960

I've had two seperate occasions in my life where a freind came out as a Tif
The first I didn't want to hurt her feelings so I pretended to accept her choice. She went on to make some dumb life choices and generally be a shitty human being.
The second was in college during preparation for some club event and I had no time for her nonsense so I basically shamed her in public for being sexist and moved on with the event. She went on to be a tradwife of all things and seems quite happy about it.
I know it could just be coincidence, but it made me belive that bullying really does help.

No. 1770968

misogyny is super cool and racism is whatever but don't you ever dare think the mildest of TERF thoughts nonny

No. 1770969

men in maid dresses is a pretty common fetish (I think there’s even a thread for it here on one of the other boards) and that’s the thing…it’s a fetish for them. It’s not the same as being a woman in a maid dress, different fetish, so they have to cut their tits off.

No. 1771011

File: 1676735433648.jpg (284.73 KB, 1080x1260, Screenshot_2023-02-18-18-47-07…)

The absolute state of modern internet
Also kek at
>non binary people can go by any pronouns
I guess words just don't mean anything anymore

No. 1771015

Samefag but why do they have to have gender specials in American cartoons? Normies hardly understand what that is and kids neither know nor care about Twitter shit

No. 1771019


No. 1771020

Tons of American cartoons are made by genderspecials who grew up on early-mid 2010's Tumblr, or they're otherwise influenced by them.

No. 1771099

Yeah I just quietly left her life after she smeared me for no reason. Guess a dirty bi could never give her enough validation, so now she's trying to get it humiliating herself online with an OF and broadcasting her issues on tiktok.

No. 1771105

Looks like a giant thumb kek

No. 1771134

File: 1676749170912.jpg (1.89 MB, 3426x2048, 930ltGlKUnz.jpg)

From the bad short comics thread, TIFs are just so unbelievably "girly" and straight that one wonders why they even bother, this comic and the reactions by other TIFs are clear examples


No. 1771188

the dreamwidth community is impossible to deal with on topics like this. they're horrible about parroting back the same tired tra talking points at any given opportunity. but dw nonna, you're not the only one of us hiding in there kek

No. 1771214

>he married me as a girl
No way lmfao this is so pathetic

No. 1771283

File: 1676760618279.jpg (194.56 KB, 1080x1068, 20230218-234648.jpg)

>he loves me as a boy?
yeah i'm sure he does

No. 1771289

File: 1676761243617.jpg (184.36 KB, 798x759, lol.jpg)

some old personal cow of mine i still check in on. white as fuck but claiming to be native american lol. oh and she's trying to shill porn as if anyone wants to see this naked.

No. 1771300

Yeah this is feminine af. The husband is just a fetishizing loser who probably doesn’t expect her to get bottom surgery bc he knows she’s full of shit too, so he’s fine with humoring her.

No. 1771333

Wasn't sure where to put this
>Be me
>Be at local comic con
>See booth with cute magical girl art
>A guy and a girl are sitting at the booth. The girl is wearing a beige trenchcoat and glasses; it looks like a cosplay
>Compliment one of her magical girl pieces
>Guy responds "thanks, he's the artist, I just carry stuff for him" pointing to girl
>She giggles and responds "yeah, he's just my muscle"
Very masculine behavior

No. 1771372

white enough to have a fucking ginger beard yet somehow indigenous enough to be oppressed

No. 1771385

A lot of TIFs are much more concerned with being "gay" than being a man. See >>1771134 and without that aspect of trooning into a soft uwu twink I doubt so many of them would ID as trans. Maybe more would be regular old they/thems?

No. 1771412

File: 1676775027525.jpg (598.94 KB, 2384x2985, 79f2fe5f80842bd0b440253954ff01…)

>see-through shirts

No one is stopping them to use them with a black bra or breast plate. Do they want to imitate Christian?

No. 1771414

File: 1676775143261.jpg (16.97 KB, 400x400, 54545454_400x400.jpg)

Let me guess: Navajo or Cherokee?

No. 1771421

File: 1676776055986.jpg (110.58 KB, 670x357, Untitled.jpg)

she's "L'nu (Mi'kmaq)-Acadian Martin Puoinaqjij/2Spirit"

No. 1771422

File: 1676776229782.jpg (367.9 KB, 764x1643, Untitled.jpg)

btw she's 40
>never had a real job
>is on every single onlyfans-like site

No. 1771432

File: 1676777276010.png (128.96 KB, 651x1041, Screenshot.png)

tbf here husband married her before she trooned out

No. 1771436

well i will say that apparently trooning out as a TIF in your 40s does de-age you lmfao
looks like a guy in his mid-20s

No. 1771475

Sage for extremely long blog. Feel free to skip.

My best friend from high school (we're both in college now, and have known eachother since grade school) has officially trooned out.

She never fit in with the other girls, she was definitely a tomboy (we originally met playing sports.) She was an ahtlete, she had a burly build, she wore gym shorts and t shirts. She was (and still is) attracted to women and identifies as pan. But she never gave off troon vibes. She was comfortable and confident being a non-feminine woman. That was one of the reasons I was her best friend. I wasn't as much of a tomboy but I definitely was a little weird (source: on lolcow). We just got along.

But things changed about halfway through high school. I had gotten more into politics by way of youtube SJW cringe compilations and had started to adopt more right-leaning views (i know, fucking cringe but it was a signifcant phase of my teenage years). I never really went out of my way to share my views for a while (very liberal area I lived in). My new opinions manifested in just me being a little bit of a contrarion prick at first when it came to little things. I formed a small rift in my friendships because I just wouldn't let go of things. As many teenagers do.

This gradually evolved into me being very open about my views as I started to more deeply engage in right wing politics (Not just watching stupid compilations but listening to speakers like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson). I was ostracized from everyone pretty much because that's how liberal areas are, but I didn't care about what random people thought of me. But then my friend and another mutual friend who had been a troon (TIF) since middle school starting shunning me. My best friend also had started hanging out with this girl who openly hated me and had taken great joy in spreading around talk of my beliefs in a negative light. I started drifting away from my friend because I didn't feel welcome when I was around her and I feel she didn't like me anymore. There were other less important factors that also contributed to us drifting apart, mostly just interpersonal drama bullshit. I was sad, but I had other friends to fall back on, so it was fine.

Covid comes along, school goes online, and I still don't talk to my friend very often. We're not in any of the same classes and I obviously don't see her anymore at school. I don't hang out with her outside of school because we live in separate towns (I commuted to school) and I never asked her to hang out, anwyays. So the last couple years of high school go by, we start hanging out a little bit before graduation and the summer after senior year, and things seem OK. We're not as good of friends as before, obviously, but we're not harboring that animosity towards eachother. More importantly, she hadn't started trooning out yet, at least not openly. I had grown up and while I still somewhat identify with conservativism I am not nearly as inflammatory about my beliefs as I was during my teen years. But now that I look back, there were signs. She was still hanging out with the TIF friend. In fact, she'd broken up with her long-time boyfriend because she was attracted to the TIF (according to her ex, who was a friend of mine as well). I even hung out with her and the TIF at a party (TIF was wearing a dress and makeup, kek)

But I went off to college in the fall and got busy and didn't talk to her as much anymore since I made new friends at college, too. The next time I see her is during spring break when I go back home. Again, nothing out of the ordinary. We had a little meet-up with some other friends, including the TIF. I don't really see her the next summer after that, either. But this past fall is when I started noticing things. She rarely posts on social media, but from the sparse photos she does post, she's always hanging out with the same group of TIFs from our high school (a bunch of people I knew trooned out after graduation, scary fucking shit). Then I notice she puts they/them pronouns in her bio. Then she changes her handle to a different, gender-neutral name. You can already see what is going on here. But it all culminates in the last time I saw her.

This past christmas, I was shopping at a local mall and I just happened to run into her. When she spoke she sounded like a frog and I first thought she was sick, but then realized she was on hormones. She had also had her name legally changed. We spend the day shopping together. And at one point I have a conversation with her about the TIF friend, since I was wondering if they were still a thing (I don't know for sure if they were ever truly in a relationship). She tells me the TIF friend ignores her when she goes back to college (my best friend stayed home while myself and the TIF friend go to college out of state). She tells me the TIF friend tells her she has issues with "Object permanence" (for real) and forgets she exists when she's not at home. This rubs me the wrong way. It comes off like the TIF friend is a manipulator. I think that maybe her starting to troon out has something to do with the TIF friend. But I still don't really know for sure. I'm unsettled and worried for her, but I don't know what to say without breaking our friendship, so I don't do anything.

Come to this evening. I decide I want to catch up with her (My new year's resolution is to keep in touch with old friends i've neglected). We have a good time, telling funny stories and just shooting the shit over the phone. But then she tells me something that made me feel sick: she got top surgery a month ago. It made me feel sick because of how fast it progressed. A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to try to be there for her, suspecting that some sort of mental/family issue had fueled her trooning out (she has a shit family) and that maybe I could try to help reverse the process while it was still just pronouns (i know, delusional) but this shit moves fast and I was clearly way too late to try to talk some sense into her or prevent the mutilation.

I'm pretty conflicted now. I feel like I'm at fault for not being a good friend and letting her be brainwashed by the troons from school but also feel there's nothing I can really do at this point. My partner has told me to just tell her the truth, which I want to do, but I feel like just telling her about that would cause her to immediately cut me out of her life for "transphobia" and shit because she's been brainwashed by her troon friends. I don't really care that much about not having her friendship (I have plenty of friends from college) as her safety, but I feel that causing this rift would be bad in the future, when things inevitably get bad as they do for all troons and her friends abandon her like they've shown themselves to do, she will be all alone (again, shit family) and she'll feel like she can't talk to me about this shit. I really don't know what to do so if any of you other nonnas have similar experience with someone you love trooning out please feel free to share you advice. Sorry for the really long post but I don't know where else to put this and I thought some of you might be interested in dissecting this story.(not your personal blog)

No. 1771477

Sometimes men also get much more attention for wearing anything girly, even if it's just some shaky eyeliner and shitty nail polish, ans the ones who troon out for attention probably want a slice of that too

No. 1771481

Yeah some women don't realize how pathologically desperate men can get for female attention, even if it's overtly negative attention they won't care and it will likely turn them on and they'll develop a femdom fetish or some shit

No. 1771493

>listening to speakers like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson
Stopped reading there

No. 1771496

kek i know i said i was retarded for a reason that's not the main point of my post tho

No. 1771519

You're not at fault, sorry your friend fell for the koolaid though. I don't really think you should feel indebted to her at all especially since she made her alliances with the TIF clear. My best friend in high school trooned out after we drifted apart as friends, but now we hang out. We almost never discuss gender shit but when we do we both just complain about TIMs. I've spouted a ton of terf rhetoric but she's agrees with it because i call them transwomen. If you want to maintain friendship with her don't go all out one way or the other on the subject of tranny shit. Just pretend to be a neutral or pro-tranny party and slip in some terf talking points every now and then. Gauge the response and act accordingly. If she is really hardcore about the ideology i'd say she is a lost cause and isn't worth your time, but if she seems at all receptive to your ideas then she might be worth saving.

No. 1771548

File: 1676787104148.jpg (16.95 KB, 544x642, 572.jpg)

>I pee in my backyard all the time and I still have XX chromosomes. Toilets aren't a naturally occurring structure in nature, anyone can pee outside because you're technically supposed to. It's the "women don't do (x) only scrotes do that" line of thinking applied to basic human behaviour that supports tif ideas about gender

No. 1771550

nta but i fucking love it

No. 1771579

>I've spouted a ton of terf rhetoric but she's agrees with it because i call them transwomen.

No. 1771580

What >>1771519 said, drop terf talking points while being a supportive friend and surface level troon friendly, word your terfisms in SWJ lingo. Your friend is, at this point, most likely in deep sunk cost fallacy so any attempt to push her to detroon is just going to make her defensive. It's like your friend joined one of those crazy ass MLM businesses, you can't stop them from losing money but you can be her friend and be there for her when she realizes her troon friends are bad friends and that she made a mistake trooning out.

That object permanence issue is lol dumb excuse. If the friend wanted to remember the hometown friend, she could set her background to be a group photo with her, pin her whatsapp, set reminders, whatever. Point this out to your friend but gently and in sjw lingo.

No. 1771589

But then it’s not “subversive”!!!!

No. 1771595

another thing you can do to introduce terf points "gently" in a way that is palatable to the average sjw/woke audience is to preface them with guilt. for example:
"It's really bothering me that I realized this, but all of the transwomen i've known have had this weird predatory vibe towards me, i don't know what it is and i feel bad even thinking about this but i need to talk to someone about this"
This is a fairly extreme example for illustrative purposes, but I hope you get what i mean. I hate the fact that people on the left expect women to speak in such meek ways before we're taken seriously, but it is what it is. As much as they huff and puff about loving "girlbosses" the moment a girl starts bossing them around they lose their collective shit

No. 1771603

Yeah, this. It's boring and silly to be a girl who likes stereotypically girly things. Doing traiditonally feminine things as a girl just makes you a boring, shallow, basic bitch. But a BOY liking makeup, wearing dresses, accessorizing, doing traditionally feminine things? Gets praised over the girls, woah how subversive, he's one of those good men, how cool and prgressive that a man likes these stupid girl things! So, some girls try to beat the system by "becoming" boys. at least that was the case with me. obviously it's not a conscious thought pattern, but a way of coping with the misogyny of it all
And like with girls hating their noses, obsessing over cellulite, ana-chans with thigh-gaps, being able to wrap your hand around your upper arm and "bonespo", the instagram look with all it's particularities, skincare communities hyperfocusing on fine lines that literally nobody even notices, "tech neck", nasolabial folds- women will always be made to feel like shit about their features, just the feature varies. And this particular subculture is obsessed with hating breasts. You'll finally be happy with yourself when you get rid of the breasts. You'll be happy with yourself when you lose 10 kilos. You'll be happy with yourself when you have a smaller nose and get some lip filler.

No. 1771631

I'm 100% sure this boob-hating subculture is just repackaged ED+misogyny
>must get rid of fat
>liposuction and dieting no go because a) they're for plastic bimbos and b) not easily accessible and c) Do not give social validation
>What do
>Boob = fat
>boob = for shallow bimbos
>get rid of boob
>get validation, ED satisfied…for now

No. 1771823

I've been noticing this since circa 2013 Tumblr where the terminally online tif shit really started to take off. It was peak flowercrown softboi aesthetic era and since it was still somewhat socially acceptable to be a fujo (right before the tifs decided it was offensive to them, as if any fujo were actually fetishizing annoying women with binded tits) everyone was obsessed with ugly malnourished twinks like those deformed british fags dan and phil, and they'd get endless praise just for existing. So there was a huge influx of tifs now becoming the flowercrown yaoi softboi of their dreams and constantly bombarding us with "friendly reminders" about how trans people don't owe anyone gender conformity, how if cis gay men are allowed to be effeminate and crossdress without having their gender questioned then so should gay trans men, how we should call them "pretty princess boy" to give them gender euphoria, etc. This was the first time I ever recall seeing the "I should be allowed to change nothing about my appearance and still call myself trans" argument (as if trans people were anything more than gender stereotypes kek if you're not even gonna try to skinwalk the opposite sex, how are you transitioning?).
It's like they still want to be feminine because they recognize people will treat them better if they stay gender conforming, but also want the nlog special identity plus love and praise from fujos thats usually reserved for flamboyant moids. I still think they're retarded, sexist and spineless, but in a way I kind of get them because it is infuriating how feminine men get worshipped for doing the same things women do but worse. If a woman does her hair, nails, eyelashes, full face of make up, shaves, waxes, puts on uncomfortable clothes and high heels then she won't get praised no matter how good she looks because it's just what's expected from us. But for a moid some shitty chipped nail polish on his crusty fingernails with 18 month old dirt, grime and dried up cum stuck underneath them is soo cool, special, sexy, revolutionary and deserving of our attention.

No. 1771867

File: 1676828032462.jpg (107.09 KB, 1080x826, FpTemYYacAIMzvD.jpg)

Everyone who has to get medication and/or surgeries have to go through tons of stuff beforehand to make sure theyre getting the right treatment.. its really not that wild a concept and trannies really want to skip corners and just get everything handed to them with zero work

No. 1771922

File: 1676832985427.jpg (44.63 KB, 960x947, 33176110_1701310869952594_8629…)

>trannies learning how treatment works irl

No. 1772042

Listen I get pissing outside when you're camping or whatever, but why the fuck are you pissing in your backyard? Do you not have indoor plumbing in your house ten feet away? I'm sorry but that is deeply weird regardless of your gender.

No. 1772082

I wonder if the people who read these troon letters laugh at them? Like, they all gather around the desk of the person who received it and just listen and laugh and make jokes.

No. 1772084

it’s to make sure you’re not mutilating yourself because your bored/depressed/abused or following a trend you fucking tool.

based insurance though.

No. 1772085

nta but i accept feral backyard pissing anons and wanna wife them

No. 1772186

>those deformed british fags dan and phil

Thanks for the kek nonnie. Not sure I agree with everything you said but it does seem like the belief that you don't need any dysphoria to be a troon took off around 2013 iirc. Maybe this is part of what contributed to the T getting a lot bigger because now it seems like the norm in TRA circles to think this, and any TIF who thinks you do need dysphoria to transition (can only think of Buck Angel right now) is an evil truscum or something. There's way more emphasis on aesthetics, fashion, stereotypes and being "gay" than real desire to be a man as opposed to a soft boy/twink/faggot/whatever

No. 1772371

Lol wondering the same thing. I have a pretty big backyard but I can’t think of anything I’d be doing back there that I’d find myself so invested in that I couldn’t take 5 minutes to just use the bathroom in my house. There’s toilet paper in there!

No. 1772381

>It's like they still want to be feminine because they recognize people will treat them better if they stay gender conforming

It's not even that, these are just typical girls that don't have the self confidence to dress masculine, because they've been conditioned to associate a woman's beauty with femininity. They can't give up that mindset even when they pretend to be boys.

It's so funny, because girls who cut their hair and dress masculine and do it right, are incredibly attractive in the way effeminate men are to these girls. There are female cosplayers who dress up as male characters and are very popular with girls. Butch girls have a lot of self confidence, something the majority of fakebois lack.

No. 1772649

File: 1676917334344.jpg (47.77 KB, 484x425, 23232.JPG)

The notes are full of "gay trans men" lmao. I think straight women feel ashamed of their heterosexuality and now they pretend to be gay men to explain their sexual attraction to men. We live in strange times.

No. 1772679

>both letters had to include deeply personal information about my dysphoria
Almost like chopping off a woman's breasts and, cutting up her arm/leg and then mutilating her genitals is something they're sort of a bit reluctant to do and only go along with because they've been told it's the ONLY treatment for their gender dysphoria so they try to make sure you're really doing it out of your own volition. Whoever is denying you these surgeries is trying their best to help you from stupid expensive self harm, and so the insurance money can go to people who actually need it.

No. 1772692

you are so right. it's because the only way of being female that's celebrated is to be a badass boss bitch that's sexy and successful in her job that doesn't care and is admired and adored.

No. 1772694

They probably just quietly put a stamp on it and put it in whichever pile, hope no one asks what they do at work and pray at night that they don't personally shoulder any responsibility. If the boss is okay with this and the board is okay with this and I lose my job if I am not okay with this, this must be okay if it keeps my lights on.

No. 1772967

She look fat so if she get approved she is gonna cry when the doctor tell her to lose some pounds.

No. 1772972

even that isn't celebrated, girlboss is basically an insult now

No. 1773143

File: 1676964878308.jpeg (333.88 KB, 750x2005, 96216711-532C-4DB1-A9A0-FB9DCC…)

Aidens need to put away the mpreg fanfiction before it’s too late.

No. 1773157

why do fujos still insist that a human being gets pregnant is somehow still a man, its glorified rule63 with extra steps

No. 1773161

>guuys pleeease, I'm begging you, literally begging you to stop hurting my feefees
How manly of her

No. 1773220

a common theory is that fujos have arrested development around their own sexual development and/or feel shame about their body and sexual urges. This prevents them from self inserting as the female in fiction. So they enjoy the next best thing, watching feminine gay men have romances and even taking the maternal role for women

No. 1773225

>engage with trans content creator on a real level
I hate mpreg and omegaverse but trans creator often make the most insufferable, preachy, masturbatory piece of navel-gazing shit ever about their self-inflicted misery. At least regular mpreg and omegaverse are made to be enjoyed by the audience.

No. 1773246

File: 1676986288868.jpeg (68.22 KB, 828x233, CB31C310-10EB-4E44-97D6-B9545A…)

No. 1773256

I'm sure it's not ever fujo but it sure does line up with the several I know irl that took a swerve towards the tranny pipeline and the ones who aren't currently in the pipeline are with men but we've also seen examples if Tifs being Tifs during a relationship on both sides the spectrum…

No. 1773270

I support her. The only binary trans people I've seen obsessed with calling people theyfabs are tims who seethe over them because they think they have "afab privilege" or whatever misogynistic bullshit they came up with

No. 1773316

File: 1676996895933.png (52.02 KB, 200x244, Boyfriends._-_Episode_29.png)

>This prevents them from self inserting as the female in fiction.

See the Goth character in the Boyfriends's train wreck: Is a trans man and even the author said is a self-insert.

No. 1773353

in short you want men to stop being dicks/creepy to women

No. 1773359

File: 1677001497937.jpg (119.03 KB, 1200x630, RM.jpg)

OT but the funniest thing about the Boyfriends's comic for me is the fact that Jock is based on a BTS band member(specifically picrel) which is really funny to picture

No. 1773373

>bases character on BTS member
>picks the ugliest one

No. 1773387

I think he's supposed to be the "masculine" one

No. 1773443

Ugly moids shouldn't be allowed to go out.

No. 1773487

Jock?? With those arms? She must mean like dormez vous

No. 1773511

File: 1677020092764.png (212.06 KB, 680x765, 4B8C25D3-A86C-41E9-B09C-281A1D…)



No. 1773542

DA not saying it's right but these women should learn to stop kissing TIM ass, then.

No. 1773582

theyfab: annoying 20something woman
theymab: sex pervert and violent predator

No. 1773594

"nonbinary" TIFs are usually annoying at worst, "nonbinary" TIMs are almost always sexual predators not desperate enough to take estradiol.

No. 1773653

File: 1677031340045.png (505.88 KB, 764x758, femboy.png)

You are not a femboy. You are a woman obsessed with Genshin Impact yaoi and Warhammer 40k guro.

No. 1773690

File: 1677033177316.jpg (32.59 KB, 508x612, IMG_3587.jpg)

see for yourself

No. 1773703

Asian Ross Geller

No. 1773842

I love mpreg and omegaverse and you're right. When a tif touches on these topics it's the shittiest and most unenjoyable thing you can read.(learn to sage)

No. 1773880

What the fuck, I thought this name looked familiar and looked her up, I have 20+ mutuals w/ her…. ew lmao

No. 1773914

why not read regular straight fics then, mpreg is just heterosexuality with extra steps

No. 1773966

nta but tldr to not get off topic; the extra steps and fantasy aspects are what make it interesting. It's fun to read BECAUSE it's not real.

No. 1773983

but your still reading a story of a man forcing a WOMAN to have his babies(derail)

No. 1774011

Nta but take it to the fujo cringe thread in /ot/ god damn you fucks always end up derailing EVERY thread. Shut up.

No. 1774033

Nta and I'm not into mpreg but fictional men aren't women. It's kinda like futa, they're fake girls with penises. They don't exist in real life but people are into them specifically because it's a fantasy.

No. 1774034

So people more mentally ill than trannies cool, what's it got to do with this thread? Nta.(derail)

No. 1774036

Lmfao what kind of lame dumfuck fantasizes about pregnant men anyway

No. 1774044

File: 1677054398256.jpg (89.68 KB, 828x681, Fo3c_8HXEAE_oNe.jpg)

why do they always have to sexualize themselves despite being true and honest men

No. 1774049

Trannies have to butcher their own genitals to feel at peace, and yet they have the nerve to tell others to "look beyond the genitalia and [see] the human" when it comes to sexual relationships? How delusional and entitled. This take is even more surprising coming from women imo.

>Toilets aren't a naturally occurring structure in nature, anyone can pee outside because you're technically supposed to.
I don't care where you pee but this isn't a good argument, most things around us aren't "naturally occurring structures in nature", yet we don't use it to justify taking a shit or fucking in public spaces, and doing it is seen as rude. (Ofc this doesn't apply when you have literally nowhere to pee)

No. 1774051

File: 1677056335283.png (564.65 KB, 600x600, 9C128DB0-C5ED-4FBE-BEB7-5ABB76…)

bump for cp

No. 1774053

I appreciate it, nona

No. 1774061

>his genitals do not matter at all
Because you guys are probably not having sex in the first place. I feel like these kind of TIF couples just masturbate to yaoi porn together instead of eating each other out or something

No. 1774086

File: 1677062040854.png (104.95 KB, 784x526, new research program.PNG)

No. 1774089

I hate this kpoop guy so much, sorry for derail but something about his face is abhorrent and inhuman. Where are his bones? He looks like a thumb with Down syndrome.

No. 1774119

Even if sex didn't matter, you look beyond it and see who they are as a person… which is a sexually entitled, self-absorbed, manipulative, whiny, obnoxious piece of human garbage.

No. 1774147

I started noticing it months ago when I had my peak. Here in my country, the number of women who are becoming "non-binary gender fluid men" is increasing. I don't understand how it works but these are women who don't make any effort to look like men, but feel such dysphoria if they cut their hair short. I noticed that when they want to be treated as human beings with dignity, they refer to themselves as men. When they need to share their of link, their gender "flows" and they refer to themselves as female.

No. 1774244

File: 1677080245974.png (16.51 KB, 518x164, jknn.PNG)

i think its a tif but i am unsure

No. 1774245

File: 1677080389036.png (20.75 KB, 586x201, iiiiii.PNG)

i have no words

No. 1774248

This is definitely a tif. Mtfs have absolutely no concept of people outside themselves suffering, they only ever talk or tweet about trans people but very clearly from the things they post about they're talking about mtf people specifically. Tifs can't mask being a woman (having empathy)

No. 1774253

File: 1677081296564.png (42.92 KB, 608x300, uihho.PNG)

you will never be a gay man

No. 1774259

File: 1677081430583.png (73.5 KB, 1123x614, eewgh.PNG)

samefag but have her rentry

No. 1774260

File: 1677081587672.png (74.58 KB, 1102x571, dda.PNG)

No. 1774269

>ace + hypersexual
I don't get it

No. 1774275

she discovered porn at an early age and became the female equivalent of a coomer.

No. 1774277

These people need to touch grass.

No. 1774299

yikesss, she doesn't want to interact with people who "abuse report features to take down fictional underage content" wtf. she also weirdly insists on furry porn not being zoophilia and defends kinks and "age/pet regression", and whatever the fuck is "pokeporn" and "babyfurs" (and again it's totes not pedophilia/zoophilia guys!!!). sad to see that even women can get so deviant and coombrained.

also maybe i misunderstood that part but she says that lesbians can't reclaim "faggot"? basically she tries to gatekeep the word faggot as a woman? pathetic lmao

No. 1774301

File: 1677084878745.jpg (16.26 KB, 496x467, 80311340_10212792705811193_723…)

>as someone who's mlm

you're a straight girl, of course the term makes you uncomfortable since it fits you as well.

No. 1774317

>Nonbinary man
This just makes me sad.

No. 1774327

File: 1677087446705.jpg (263.38 KB, 1080x1387, Screenshot_20230222-183703_Twi…)

i checked out her partners twitter and its a fat crossdressing scrote kek

No. 1774336

This anon is onto something. Damn their logic is so shallow, how fucking Sad.

No. 1774341

Most likely tbh I've had this tinfoil for the longest time from observing these idiots kek

No. 1774347

do not interact if you post this, secretly think that, use the wrong amount of unicode. girlie just use your block button when someone annoying follows you.
also, I realize half this shit is just saying "do not interact if you're not pro bestiality" in different words but special mention goes to this untranslatable clause:
>I don't recommend following me if…. ultra anti proship/anti

No. 1774348

we can only prey they don't end up having children

No. 1774373

yeah it sucks how few of these trannies actually manage to sterilize themselves, which is the only silver-lining of the whole movement

No. 1774379

File: 1677091256221.png (17.31 KB, 600x184, 1.PNG)

No. 1774388

you know what's funny about this is the fact that "male characters" in BL stories aren't male in any sense, they function and are treated as women in all but pronouns, hell most of the time they are literally drawn as women/girls

No. 1774413

File: 1677093944854.png (427.73 KB, 587x524, huih.PNG)

No. 1774414

I wish lesbians were more like gay moids in that regards - moids have 0 issues telling those mutilated degenerates to fuck off. Meanwhile there's not a single irl space where a lesbian can meet another woman that's not completely overrun by trannies chastising actual women for refusing to take their disgusting troon dick.

No. 1774417

laughing so hard my stomach hurts

No. 1774433

>accusing other people having no real life experiences with queer people
Rich coming from someone who thinks gay men will want vagina

No. 1774444

File: 1677098244336.png (35.91 KB, 590x290, uhu.PNG)

not how it works but ok

No. 1774448

File: 1677098485936.png (19.34 KB, 546x157, fdfeaf.PNG)

No. 1774468

Kek I mentioned her on artist salt once. I like her artstyle but coincidentally when she became a fakeboi started drawing misogynistic guro nsfw.

No. 1774488

Your boyfriend is bi, but do not want to your feelings.

No. 1774493

I blame women coddling them. Men have no issues telling transmen to fuck off because they dont care and will be backed up. If women backed each other up against transwomen, we'd be better, but we have stupid pick mes and hand maidens saying JKR is literally killing trannies with her words and will coddle men.

No. 1774511

Hypersexual ace always means "I fried my brain with porn and normal sexual things do nothing for me"

No. 1774552

I feel like a boomer. What’s an exclusionist?

No. 1774554

The thing is that there are lesbians who do try, but then they get ostracized or banned from places, be it irl or online. This is why you don’t see very little vocal pushback on places like r/actuallesbians, because most of the real lesbians can only downvote the comments they disagree with or they get banned. It’s easy to ask the question of, well, why don’t they leave? But leaving is annoying when it was your space first and men colonized it. You never see this same dynamic on the gay subreddits because the men are allowed to tell TiFs to fuck off. It’s just male privilege at work on both sides in different ways and it sucks.

No. 1774558

Gay men (and lesbians) don’t just see or want genitals. They want the entire package, be it a whole ass man or whole ass woman. These people are insufferable. I remember reading a post where a man hooked up with a TIM but all he could focus on was how male everything about the TIM was even though he tried looking past it. Do they really think genitals are the only thing involved with how people determine sex? There is also behavior, body structure, skin, smell, voice, and about 5000 other things.

No. 1774570

An person in the lgbt community that thinks some identities are bullshit and "excludes" them from lgbt

No. 1774576

File: 1677108737807.jpg (37.54 KB, 363x463, 1472679407382.jpg)

Is like that TIF (also a minor) saying that if Lesbian disliked dicks, they should throw away their dildos since they had dick shapes. I'm straight and if a TIF comes with a strap-on, I would reject her even with her dildo because her body still resembles a woman and she still have a vagina.

I STG I hate how kids these days repeat the same Conservative Homophobia thing, but to them is ok because "when they do it, is cute".

No. 1774583

Pretty sure the story was a girl having sex with a TIM, not a man.
What do they expect a dildo to be shaped like? A fucking sphere? A cube? It's a plastic phallus. Some of them are fucking blue or rainbow, so who cares?

No. 1774601

File: 1677110377995.jpg (346.43 KB, 1700x956, Ned_Flanders's_smile.jpg)

Besides rarely women get pleasure by penetration only (that's why straight women complain that their partners have no idea how pleasure them because "they learned it from porn"). I swear that kid think "dur hur lesbians cannot enjoy penetration because their brain dislike penises". Sex ed is screwed.

No. 1774630

I see a lot of retards telling anyone against "he/him lesbians," to "go read Stone Butch Blues," when they clearly haven't read the book themselves. It's made extremely clear that the main character only "transitioned," to escape misogyny (particularly at work,) which is why she eventually detransitioned. SBB is overrated trash, don't get me wrong, but I doubt TRAs would be caping so hard for it if they actually comprehended the text or read it at all. Interesting how the most glowing reviews of it have been written in the last five years and focus primarily on the tranny component.

No. 1774642

There's also the old adage of "don't stick your dick in crazy." Mental illness is a turn off, particularly self-destructive behaviors and cluster B disorders. "Gender dysphoria," is just a symptom of bipolar, bpd, and/or autism; all three of those conditions involve a disconnect from your sense of self, and therefore a desire to be "given" an identity through labels and external validation. Autistic women in particular don't feel obliged to conform to gender stereotypes enforced by social norms (speaking from personal experience here.)

There's a reason why trannies are basically guaranteed to have some kind of mental illness; their view of gender and sex is literally a symptom of it. Mental illnesses are a deal breaker for many people because of the imbalance of emotional labor in a potential relationship. Personally, I wouldn't date a male autist, and I wouldn't date a cluster B of either sex. I just don't want to put up with all the histrionics.

No. 1774643

It's because TIFs are mostly womanlets who pose no threat to gay men but 80% of TIMs are Buffalo Bills who wouldn't hesitate to rape or kill any lesbian who told him no.

No. 1774769

File: 1677122466167.png (595.58 KB, 1000x569, naoto.png)

> It's made extremely clear that the main character only "transitioned," to escape misogyny (particularly at work,) which is why she eventually detransitioned.

Naoto: wants to be a police but Japan being Japan disapprove to make her a detective, so she becomes in tomboy to be a detective

TRA: SHE'S A TIF!!1!!!

No. 1774836

The TiF seethe over unashamed tomboys is delicious. They absolutely hate characters like this. They want to drag other women down with them like crabs in a bucket and when one gets away and enjoys life as a woman, they get enraged because it shows to them that there is a way out of troondom. You can escape. They just don't want to or are too afraid. They want to believe they are being their true authentic selves and tomboys/butches prove them dead wrong.

No. 1774876

This so hard. God forbid that tomboy/butches are fine with being women.

No. 1774897

Sage for blogposting but I joined a university discord server to try the find friends and one of the mods is this annoying ass FTM who’s always talking about how testosterone makes her sooo horny and aggressive “like a man”. She also always pings men in the server asking if they like the yaoi porn she draws and egging them on going “hehe I know you like that gay shit” and asking if they masturbate to her art. Her art isn’t bad but I don’t want to risk posting it cause she only has 110 twitter followers. She’s so fucking annoying and I had to complain about it somewhere kek

No. 1774922

File: 1677135541572.jpg (324.41 KB, 556x4096, feral fujo.jpg)

stunted coomers
they should've grown out of this 10 years ago

No. 1774924

That was quite a journey

No. 1774927

This must be fake right? This is like the stereotypical image of what TIFs think every fujoshi is like. They're just a "normal gay man" minding their own business while the evil fujo is a massive creep who sees gays as nothing more than a "seme" and "uke" and talks like a roleplaying dumbass 24/7. This convo was defenitely staged by two trannies

No. 1774933

I hope to god this is fake

No. 1774936

Is it an official discord server? Because that's inappropriate as hell, I'd try to make a complaint to someone at the uni. If it's an unofficial server you're shit out of luck though, discord is literally run by troons.

No. 1774940

Its obviously fake, its just a joke about how Fujos usually act like

No. 1774963

File: 1677145400638.png (16.04 KB, 584x160, u1.PNG)

No. 1775002

I love how they say that true and honest trans "men" can still be lesbian implying lesbian means same sex attraction but if you were to say the same thing but in reverse (that troonbians have more in common with straight men than lesbians) you'll be branded an evil transmisogynist by both sides of the "can trans men be lesbian" debate

No. 1775074

File: 1677163766054.png (12.36 KB, 525x199, 5678.PNG)

No. 1775077

File: 1677164231088.jpg (378.64 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_45964bdf9063b88ff7c9694…)

No. 1775078

File: 1677164288249.png (212.03 KB, 1187x288, hih.PNG)


No. 1775081

So you can just stop being male or at any inconvenience? Weak bitches

No. 1775084

>hey everyone, look at my TiTs!

Omg so manly and masculine. It’s not like plenty of women don’t wear bras when it’s hot and no one cares, you need special attention for it bc you’re a nlog.

No. 1775087

File: 1677165312018.jpeg (158.73 KB, 640x853, D8B97BAF-97C0-44F6-82A6-7922BF…)

Kek, it’s giving the same vibe as these types of shirts

No. 1775088

Bitch forgot to add the teehee at the end. Nobody wants to see testosterone ravaged, lumpy hairy boobs, this should be a crime.

No. 1775097

File: 1677166158698.png (65.63 KB, 314x368, 1647863391584.png)

the differences in tranny syntax are fascinating to me and extremely telling every time, mtfs sound like entitled men obsessed with sex, ftms sound like insecure women obsessed with being "soft", seriously no actual male on reddit has ever made an account like this

No. 1775146

This. If is an official discord and there's a girl acting like a sex offender to men, that should be reported ASAP. Even if no one will care or something.

That's what happens when TRAs go with the "you don't need surgery to be trans!1!2!".

No. 1775149

Kek I thought it said "lover of cocks" for a second, wouldn't have surprised me either

No. 1775163

Sadly it’s a community server (made by students) it’s public though but I guess any rando could make a server with the uni’s name attached to it. I don’t think the school’s gonna care anyway unless it’s involving some sort of physical violence or harm to another student. I’m still gonna secretly judge her for being a degenerate in a public server, I have to fight the urge to say “girl, get a grip” whenever she talks about masturbating in general chat. Hoping she grows a sense of shame eventually cause jfc

No. 1775204

I truly hate that this shit has spilled into real life and not kept on fanfiction.net where it belongs.

No. 1775208

Become the boyfriend or become the girlfriend mentality tbh

No. 1775229

Even worse. I would keep her name in mind because she sounds like she would try and asks that shit irl, yet claiming she's a "victim" because she wants a gay boyfriend.

No. 1775266

If your anonymity won’t be at risk, post away. Those people learn through shame.

No. 1775300

File: 1677184185686.jpg (64.49 KB, 769x961, FprW-4wWAAIVFbn.jpg)

This is on "wild tiktok screenshot" twitter who posts unhinged content from tiktok and of course the aidens are getting their panties (whoops, packers) in a bunch only over this

No. 1775340

im convinced that if FTMs just pretended they were MTFs, and if MTFs pretended they were FTMs, they would actually pass in the sense that people would treat them like the opposite gender. everyone treats MTFs nicely because people know theyre male, and nobody gives a shit about FTMs because people know they're female.

No. 1775370

kikkomi has entered the chat

No. 1775473

>little boy
Has any male in history ever referred to himself as that?

No. 1775483

Pedos do that sometimes.

No. 1775532

I think it's more the peter pan syndrome, I know a woman whose 31, married and has a child and yet she identifies as "he/they" and always refers to herself as a boy, she really tries too hard to related with her 3-year-old son and claims they're both "starting their boyhood" together

No. 1775567

File: 1677215130118.jpg (57.2 KB, 719x540, FprXWQLaUAEdJJp.jpg)

sage because slight ot, but youtuber kwite got exposed by someone to have SAd them, the person is an FtM. apparently kwite called her "a dyke who think she's a boy" kek. i do feel bad for her, it seems like it's another minor aiden with autism and bpd who got captured by the cult

No. 1775592

This is already being talked about in the youtube general thread. Take it there

No. 1775624

File: 1677225307257.jpg (97.97 KB, 1080x1080, FprPniYXsAANFPW.jpg)

yta, i didnt browse that thread so i didn't know - my point was that if you browse the drama on twitter, it stopped being about the SA and just entirely about his transphobia like picrel they changed his fandom page (idk what that is or if other rapist youtubers gotten this done for them)

No. 1775629

File: 1677226761078.jpg (Spoiler Image,342.75 KB, 1080x1369, IMG_20230224_111506.jpg)

Are fakebois insane or is this some king of smarter than you post irony? This tif draws this average male and calls him Ophelia

No. 1775648

File: 1677228977804.jpg (436.25 KB, 1080x1989, Screenshot_20230221_144657_com…)

I'd love to know if midwives have noticed an increase in 'seahorse dads'

No. 1775652

we have extensive medicine evidence of women who have taken steroids giving birth to children who have various health issues and intellectual disabilities, and these are women who haven't been on roids for months and sometimes years and these those health still persist

No. 1776156

File: 1677288982981.jpg (36.23 KB, 725x341, 7505.jpg)

No. 1776164

File: 1677290020860.png (5.4 KB, 505x64, Untitled.png)

such miserable lives they lead. obsessed with males, obsessed with sex, brainrotten enough to mutilate themselves and yet they still can't find pleasure in anything

No. 1776176

lol @ the tumblr proanacore prose

No. 1776210

File: 1677293969551.jpg (47.15 KB, 530x530, 347155cc026f6dc083bf3b890cb17e…)

>I'm so edgy talking about killed the "women in myself" but I would faint seeing period blood.

No. 1776258

File: 1677299441622.png (322.23 KB, 563x412, Screenshot (42).png)

I've seen that, I'm pretty sure (hopeful) the character is female with a heavier build, but the artist doesn't really know how to draw muscular females. I think she's just trying to draw a topless woman in a way that's not sexualized

No. 1776261

They're all just the dorkiest, pretentious, nerdy women around. Le gasp I killed my former self and dug her grave with my bare hands!!!! Aiden my lady you just started taking cross sex hormones and cut your hair. You're literally still that young girl except you have disfiguring T acne and an unnaturally receding hairline.

No. 1776330

File: 1677308502836.webm (8.29 MB, 608x1080, Video.webm)

years ago someone posted a video of this tif in these threads. i remember being so disgusted i thought it was fake. i checked her social media and she kept a lot of shit private so i assumed it was some gaytroll grift or a kikomi situation that would give up after a few vids.
im sad to inform you nonas that its been years and she is just an insanely mental tif

No. 1776332

File: 1677308730482.webm (10.8 MB, 406x720, Video 2.webm)

her teeth used to look even worse before.a lot of her comments were about it and she made an angry video showing she did wash her teeth. but the video showed she didnt fucking know how to wash her teeth correctly and she was too retarded to realize it. i didnt save the video and this was back when she first got attention. to me it confirmed that it was trolling cause surely noone can be that retarded, but she is, and she deleted the teeth video quickly if i recall.

No. 1776335

File: 1677309578283.jpg (626.61 KB, 977x1874, redd.jpg)

Wow super quirky and funny and not at all bleak. Reminds me of picrel

No. 1776338

She's so obnoxious it makes me want to kms. This is also clearly made for children. Groomer.

No. 1776343

Yeah okay make a doctor's appointment on the phone without stuttering.

No. 1776346

I really hope this is a detrans vent because if she continues to cling to being a tranny after this she's going to have to become even more unhinged to cope.

No. 1776355

File: 1677311157607.webm (18.73 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_719758353314835997…)

like i said i didn't follow them because i thought it was satire. but some googling later and she quit tik tok. i found a lot of gender specials saying that the lgbt "literally" bullied her off the platform for saying she was annoying. its bullshit, she actually quit tik tok because she made a video saying "who would want to be straight" as a joke. and obviously the moids went full chimpanzee mode and harassed her so badly she quit after years and years of being mocked constantly. she addressed it in her tik tok but didn't give details on the type of harassment moids did. she came back to tik tok a month later kek.
retarded situation all around. some people were saying shes 26 and her best friend is in high school but i didn't see any evidence of it and i wouldn't be surprised if its fake shes obviously a lesbian and ugly so people will say whatever.

No. 1776358

File: 1677311811668.png (393.76 KB, 839x652, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 1.53…)

again she had been making years of genderspecial dumb troonery and no one gave a shit. but she made a single joke about "who would want to be straight" and people lost her mind. i can't find a full upload of the original straight people video. ive only found angry moids saying shes basically hitler for making a joke. maybe someone else can find it because i only found thousands of moids stitching her video and acting like they were hate crimed.

No. 1776406

Teen Titans GO! voice acting sounding ass. Her yelling hurts me

No. 1776487

These people need to watch Haibane Renmei

No. 1776515

The high school friend bit was true, but on IG. Plus she also talks to little kids in DMs

No. 1776519

groomer alert

No. 1776674

File: 1677355246817.png (399.64 KB, 869x438, yhuyh9.PNG)

No. 1776680

File: 1677356387223.jpg (607.69 KB, 1080x1937, Screenshot_20230225_080324_com…)


No. 1776695

Looks male to me.

No. 1776719

Saw this pic on the front-page and immediately knew it was an ftm

No. 1776739

File: 1677362170443.png (1.33 MB, 2150x964, fuckinghell.png)

Sorry to inform you, nothing is safe from trannyism. https://www.animefeminist.com/the-trans-resonance-of-haibane-renmei/

No. 1776790

File: 1677367825663.jpg (1.19 MB, 900x1301, 1624837030579.jpg)

This is just an Aiden ripoff of picrel

No. 1776795

Jfc she doesn't even look pregnant, just obese.

No. 1776834

I don't care, I mean that in the anime the girl with the black hair, Reki, wants to kill the little girl version of herself because that's who she was when she killed herself (but has no memories of her life), but in the end learns to love herself and come to terms that she does deserve help from other people, and shouldn't succumb to her self hatred. Also that's just one article, trannies don't care about the anime because there's nothing sexual to it.

No. 1776835

they troon wash everything

No. 1777049

Very ableist of this Tumblr user to make her bio incredibly hard to read.

No. 1777468

File: 1677391649547.jpg (44.32 KB, 540x268, 8f8e07909ccfecf402977b9bb0d8a0…)

i think this sums up most tifs

No. 1777492

it is imperative that we normalize crusty girls

No. 1777597


Imagine being her roommate or sibling.

No. 1777601

I generally don’t want to use the word, but they are truly retarded. So very retarded.

No. 1777606

File: 1677411644777.png (180.85 KB, 460x558, 1449887087146.png)


No. 1777661

Women need to brutally bully people like that off the internet, we can't rely on men to do that.

No. 1777662

There is a wide field between "shower once a month" and "spend an hour a day on make up and hair removal".

No. 1777769

>I wouldn't keep up with painting my nails, plucking my eyebrows, or shaving my legs

Literally no one keeps up with that every single day and it makes no one less of a woman. Keep eating what 1950s stereotypes feed you and tell yourself you're being progressive.

No. 1777915

I work a blue collar job and out of my 11 female coworkers two do make up and three do nails.

These children need to realize that nobody worth a damn gives a shit and the braindead retards who do aren't worth catering to.
The biggest revelations kids need to have is that you can simply not do all that crap, and nothing bas will happen to you. It's all a choice.

No. 1778102

File: 1677464029494.png (152.49 KB, 819x1549, sbe.png)

Found this on a neil cicierega video, TIFs are so fucking predictable

No. 1778104

this shit is so odd to me, it's like they wanted to find a socially acceptable way to express shallow jealousy over someone's looks while also making it sound like something more profound than it actually is

No. 1778118

I still think the funniest last ditch effort from trannies to get people to not buy hogwarts legacy by posting spoilers was the funniest shit.
First off, people don’t care nearly as much about spoilers in this day and age as they did over a decade ago (when the Harry Potter books were being released) secondly it’s hilarious that the only thing they could think of for trying to get people to not play a game is just proving that at least a couple of them actually played through the game (something they got mad at people for doing, even if they literally pirated the game).

No. 1778121

It’s not even shallow jealously, it’s just teenage girls thinking a guy is hot

No. 1778136

Thank you. I'm a caregiver and I haven't shaved or worn makeup or heels in over a decade. I do bathe regularly and I buy perfume because I love it. It's crazy but you can ditch stereotypes without deluding yourself or wrecking your health.

No. 1778175

>The biggest revelations kids need to have is that you can simply not do all that crap, and nothing bad will happen to you. It's all a choice.
Agreed. No one is going to take my ""woman card"" away from me simply because I didn't shave the little black hairs above my top lip, and no one is going to hold me down and shave the hair off either. It's depressing how they use fucking stereotypes to base what a woman and a man is. Guess I need to inform my uncle he's really a woman because he likes clothes.

No. 1778179

I've always seen it as "having the hots for someone you can't have so you try to become them"

No. 1778184

that just seems like such an obsessive and unhealthy way to go about life, i can't believe such maladaptive behavior is being promoted

No. 1778189

Does anybody remember jazmin bean? I liked her music in my edgy phase but the fact that she was genderspecial made me stop listening to her. Anyways, I decided to check on her and she looks fat.

No. 1778191

File: 1677479101363.png (1009.99 KB, 1080x1750, IMG_20230227_091905.png)

Also I kek at this thing she posted a while ago, I don't know what is more retarded, the message or her exaggerated reaction.

No. 1778194

hasn't she always been fat?

No. 1778211

File: 1677483572911.jpg (542.19 KB, 1080x1945, Screenshot_20230227_083752_com…)

Funny how they wanna be men so bad but theyre still aware enough of their biology to be afraid of men

No. 1778216


No. 1778286

File: 1677494189437.jpg (1.14 MB, 779x1080, hmmm.jpg)

Pretty accurate, excluding the kawaii loli anime face male troons give themselves with their mommy milker tiddies. Even when female troons draw themselves more masculine they always have the girliest soft art style

No. 1778287

File: 1677494487569.jpeg (556.38 KB, 1519x1296, 00e68d4ms5851.jpeg)

the TIF should have an ambiguous tan though

No. 1778288

Yeah, you need to have dead eyes like a fish to be a real man

No. 1778296

What "man" looks like this, especially in the daytime? No man ever put in that kind of effort with their appearance. Hell most women don't do half as much jewels and makeup as this. She is trying so hard it is embarrassing

No. 1778353

a close friend of mine does none of these things and she is happy with her boyfriend.
not that you need a partner to be valid or anything but it shows that people don't give a shit.

No. 1778409

NTA but have been following her for a while. She was addicted to ketamine since she was 15-16 and seems to be back to her pre-addiction weight now.

No. 1778440

has a thread already

No. 1778475

All she had to do was stop doing porn and problem solved. She's brain damaged. "If I don't want to be a pornsick man's idea of womanhood, I must really be a man." Social media and porn have destroyed two generations (so far).

No. 1778502

Samefag. Walking away from the online identity she built with porn is a social death she can't handle. God forbid you just get your validation offline like most people. She needs another attention-whoring identity to get the ass pats she can't live without.

Feminists fought tooth and nail for the right of women to be ourselves, and for her it's come to "Only Fans e-girl or tradthot or fakeboi, those are my only choices." It's interesting that giving everyone internet access only narrowed sex role choices for the terminally online.

No. 1778523

File: 1677522996681.png (28.23 KB, 644x327, FpafUlEXgAEXJ.png)

well at least she's somewhat self aware

No. 1778577

people are missing something here. everyone is replying to say you don't have to do any of this femininity stuff but the girl posting this is literally a whore who looks like this, identifies as a femboy, loves being hyperfeminine and thrives on the attention from doing porn. tif whores troon out the way male athletes troon out. to go from meh to first place. lots of women look like this with a corset and 10 # of makeup on, but if you're specifically looking for femboys aka men who look like they've got female bodies, then she's going to stand out because an average woman is going to look more like a woman than a feminine man. a quick scroll through her twitter shows her posting about being extremely small and just a little guy and so on… the underpinning psychology is that she's an average girl pretending to be a very special boy.

No. 1778578

File: 1677527183187.jpg (Spoiler Image,133.1 KB, 836x1200, PjwUnMx.jpg)

dropped image

No. 1778670

File: 1677537125289.jpeg (367.93 KB, 1283x1591, 3C8F40F1-C65D-4AD8-8F38-D6F520…)

this is child abuse. notice how she calls her daughter “they” too

No. 1778678

File: 1677537886689.jpg (59.07 KB, 600x760, a49.jpg)

>MFW my voice is so deep that if I don't speak in a mezzo-soprano tone, people in the phone think I'm a man.

>MFW these kids would have "gender envy" for my voice.

No. 1778680

File: 1677538022328.gif (912.75 KB, 280x158, DistantImmaculateFunnelweavers…)

No. 1778733

Disgusting. You know she’s gonna force her daughter to mutilate herself too when she’s old enough.

No. 1778753

"become the bf" is a real thing for tifs just as much as "become the gf" is a real thing for tims

No. 1778758

File: 1677547346682.jpg (346.44 KB, 1045x1044, FmdglTdXwAEu1et.jpg)

Stumbled upon this comic called "Boy Island" on Twitter, a surrealist comic about transgenderism following the tale of a humanoid FTM and 'Jounce', The Spirit of Perversion who represents dysphoria. The comic manages to say a lot while simultaneously saying nothing and works against itself in a way that seems unintentional by the artist.

Would absolutely love to see some nonnies on here dissect this comic or post some of the pages in a better format.


No. 1778759

Holy shit kek has this been deleted or made private already? "Sometimes it's weird knowing my toddler will never remember me with boobs" you wouldn't think it'd be so hard for them to not sound like child molesters but apparently it is. Imagine if it was a moid getting his daughter to massage his chest and filming it

No. 1778764

Probably deleted. Tried to find it and couldn't find the post. I wouldn't be surprised if that post caught the LibsofTikTok's attention.

No. 1778767

kek nona do you know the tif who drew that? i just guarantee shes one of those tifs in croptops and tik tok makeup. this shit has never happened and you can tell just from the artstyle lol.

No. 1778775

File: 1677548697545.jpg (306.36 KB, 1284x1595, IMG_3177.jpg)

holy shit the profile pic was misleading. thanks for posting that nona.
this is the chick claiming to be a man cuz she never "learned to be a girl"…

No. 1778777

File: 1677549150013.jpg (490.36 KB, 1284x2126, IMG_3179.jpg)

this the woman who thinks shes a man for not liking to shave her legs.

No. 1778786

is there a single man who genuinely sees her as a 'femboy' instead of just another alt girl with quirky mental issues?

No. 1778818

I wonder if any men out there get genuinely convinced they're bi just because they like regular old boring women and women like >>1778777

No. 1778832

This is so pathetic. There is nothing gnc about this girl and to look like this takes time, so how is she "bad at being a girl" while doing what is expected of us and extra? These retards act as if performing femininity is revolutionary.

No. 1778855

she has to be trolling/grifting, she claimed to be bad at plucking her eyebrows and painting her nails, meanwhile she has super defined eyebrows and does artsy full make-up for fun. why would she have to "come out" to free herself from these things instead of just accepting that she doesn't want to do them everyday (like 99% of women)? she can't be this retarded

No. 1778861

Yeah she's in the altcows threads. And I used to follow her for the same reason kek but her music isn't that good, it shows that she got a record deal mostly cos of her parents.

She's still gender special. I remember she tweeted that she's on the waiting list for the tit chop, though I don't know if she's still going through with that. She has a mtf friend who's detransitioning, maybe it'll wise her up. Meanwhile she's been getting a lot of lip filler.

No. 1778875

File: 1677555407991.jpeg (443.68 KB, 1536x2048, 0a4grh8j3x991.jpeg)

well this is what she looks like IRL

No. 1778896

i don't think any grown woman would be scared to share a bathroom with her. she just looks like a girl in baggy clothes i'd see at walmart.
also baffled at tifs who draw themselves racially ambiguous. she literally looks more like the white women in her comic than the other one. not sure why they usually do that.

No. 1778904

File: 1677558066039.jpg (12.06 KB, 250x303, 4472616-ff9544682b1b7dd9c46128…)

Because Tumblr taught her that "white woman=evil" and "POC=cannot do nothing wrong". So if she drew herself like the woman on the left, no one would feel sorry for her by not being mistaken by a man.

Another TIF guilty on this "drawing herself differently".

No. 1778919

It hurts me knowing that one day she’ll probably ruin that voice of hers just to “be more androgynous”.

No. 1778920

File: 1677559857648.jpg (67.98 KB, 590x640, 639249758.jpg)

She looks latina and looks like the female version of the Uvalde shooter. It's fitting because he was also a mentally ill troon lol.

No. 1778938

File: 1677562338104.webm (5.33 MB, 404x720, 4589176-17e8ad9685e4719656863e…)

from kf

No. 1778939

I know an autistic moid who was pressured (by a bunch of gender specials) into having a "sexuality crisis" because he went out with a theyfab

No. 1778949

File: 1677563632197.png (638.57 KB, 1177x632, 39.png)

interesting, I assumed this was a young a girl making fun of genderqueer but turns out she's a "not like other fakebois" and was posted here previously


No. 1778992

I thought this was XiaomaNYC at first glance kek

No. 1779002

This is supposed to be pro-tra?

No. 1779006

Wow, another straight woman drinking the tranny koolaid! How different and special! Not to mention brave and stunning! She's definitely Not Like the Other Gaydens!

No. 1779015

haha yes, I've got a very low singing voice for a woman and I sometimes like to sing arias made for tenor (the highest male register). Frog voice tifs who can't sing shit due to hormone use would seethe.

No. 1779044

File: 1677577810369.jpg (549.02 KB, 1080x1682, Screenshot_2023-02-28-12-46-00…)

I hate it when I get recommend troon shit but this one made me kek, it's like "non binary haircuts for women"

No. 1779046

Naturally deep female voices are so soothing. The tif frog sound ruins it

No. 1779062

>I identify as just me
she is definetly not like the other girls how unique and quirky

No. 1779106

File: 1677584760371.jpg (202.23 KB, 1080x1080, 20230228_063851.jpg)

the author comes off pornsick but I enjoy her art style. picrel made me laugh. women will never be free lmao

No. 1779109

>talking about their toddler seeing their body and massaging their scars and how their child will think about their body in future
Pedo detector is going off, why does it matter what your kid thinks of your body? Unless you live in a hot country your kid won't even notice you have a body. What a weird thing to focus on

No. 1779110

> Unless you live in a hot country your kid won't even notice you have a body
nta but what

No. 1779111

File: 1677585452352.jpg (86.4 KB, 949x789, 083410769f6278527.jpg)

imagine needing people to tiptoe around you like this

No. 1779112

As in it will be clothed all the time and you won't really notice the shapes or anatomy, like when does a kid think about the size of their mom's tits? Parents aren't viewed that way at all by kids, very weird brains TIFs have

No. 1779113

Observing reality now forbidden.

No. 1779114

File: 1677585677686.jpeg (490.84 KB, 640x771, 1676068686190.jpeg)

Copy pasting from the personal cows thread

A former cow of mine is active again

Helaine Crawford (right), uses the names Peter Crawford and Giles Crawford, gilesdraws on instagram and twitter

>”gay ftm” aka straight woman

>lived in Manchester
>art cow, drew mainly fanart (marvel, doctor who, supernatural) while thinking she was above fandom
>seethingly jealous of other fandom artists
>had zero self awareness
>nlog, would denigrate women while proclaiming how much of a gay man she was
>would go through friends like tissue paper
>Helaine was under the delusion that everyone thought she was an actual man, would come out as a trans man every few months on Twitter
>would put her own art down to others, forcing them to compliment it
>from Australia, studied art in the US, married another tif “Mick” (on the left) for visa reasons
>tif wife was autistic and wore childrens’ clothes
>both had STEM jobs and would monologue at people
>autistic wife was annoying but Helaine would always make fun of her and insult her in front of others and behind her back
>Helaine pressured her wife into an open relationship so she could fuck men, her wife after years started dating an actual man and divorced Helaine, forcing her to leave the UK
>Helaine then attempted to play the victim, said her tif wife cheated on her, despite everyone knowing about the open relationship and being there while it happened
>kinkster, would talk loudly about kinks and rough sex even when others were uncomfortable
>into pup play, uses the name “Pup Scraps” or “biteyscraps”
>would go to gay bars and kink clubs and try to pressure gay men, had a reputation for being pushy and manipulative


>living in New Jersey, still a tif, still proclaiming how gay she is

>still drawing fujo art (gay men) and straight art (men fucking tifs)
>still crying that gay men don’t want her boypussy
>still befriending people, this time on artist discords, then shittalking them behind their backs

No. 1779116

Never heard the phrase "who is he" only who is she, just another ethot trying to have a USP by calling herself male while blatantly thinking of herself as female and performing femininity

No. 1779193

File: 1677598486179.jpeg (323.35 KB, 1170x1350, 3B2DC011-DED8-430B-B221-9E16D6…)

Found this underneath a video of a guy talking about stretch marks for men.

Honestly this behaviour is kind of creepy.

No. 1779207

LOL i was waiting for this to pop up here. like others said i do really enjoy the art style but i can’t believe fairy (the “anti-trans” antagonist) is really treated as the villain for saying shit thats 100% correct. the author would probably seethe to hear me say that or that i’m missing the point but I really don’t think I am. will see how it updates.

No. 1779233

Imagine needing your friends to "prep" others to meet you beforehand.. it's just so nasty, they're putting the responsibility on their friends to keep their delusional fantasy world intact. It's like the emperors clothes irl kek

No. 1779258

>I'll chop off my tits if I damn well want to

And then these people ask why they need psychological help first to the surgery.

No. 1779262

Psychological help that is not gender affirming is now seen as conversion therapy.

No. 1779269

I havent felt secondhand embarassment like this in a long time. Fucking hell.

No. 1779273

The tryhard skater bro accent isnt working for her

No. 1779294

I always hate this it’s just them confessing that they really see other women as mindless NPCs who’ve done no self-exploration and are so far beneath them.

No. 1779311

>don't forget, Naomi is not a girl!
Something tells me that everyone forgets and that she just looks like a normal girl kek

No. 1779346

File: 1677611801478.gif (1.47 MB, 498x278, money-mr.gif)

Not surprised, after seeing the rise of "psychologists" that will ask for money to tell you "yes, you're right about being man/woman in your wrong body!" for helping those poor souls when they just want gif related.

No. 1779445

The virgin "destroyed voice with T" vs the chad "natural contralto"

No. 1779459

nope it's still there. it's in a slack channel for a popular transgender podcast. of course it has a lot of likes and a comment that says "how cute" or something.
the video itself is very creepy but i don't want to post it for the sake of the little girl.

No. 1779521

File: 1677625570247.jpg (860.68 KB, 2048x1583, PhotoGrid_1677624965410_edit_6…)

It's always the shows where 99% of the fandom is women.

No. 1779527

Girls like this decide to base their identity off exceptional fictional men (romantic leads, sensitive poetic characters in coming of age media that women love, anime guys meant to be appealing to girls, and uwu soft queer men) and tie in all their fantasies into it (wanting to be a fictional cowboy, pirate, wizard, whatever) and then they wonder why they want to rip their skin off after spending 30 seconds in a room with any normal real men. Almost like men have jack shit to do with fantasy heroes, are by and large literally nothing like them at all, and cutting your boobs off or happening to have a dick doesn't bestow you with magical cool tv show qualities.

No. 1779528

It's always the fat unattractive women. If not fat or unattractive they're autistic. If not autistic they're just attention-seekers.

No. 1779550

Comical and how do they keep saying things like "i might be" isn't gender a pretty clear thing? It sounds like she needs to think about if she is or not and that wording sounds especially deranged but i guess all of this is. I can't imagine what these girls would be thinking about trying to "figure out" their gender or look for reasons and signs. People like this are just even weirder than the tifs who were tomboys to begin with. They don't even know except for relating to some fictional characters who happen to be males?

No. 1779734

I wonder how many t4t transman couples will end up cheating on each other as soon as a dude shows interest in them

No. 1779822

https://youtu.be/s8jr6mmwtgI Looking at her channel I really have no doubt in my mind this bitch is a pooner of sorts. Or at least a themlet.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1779845

This is why this comic intrigues me so much, it's obviously supposed to read as a raw portrayal of the trans experience but carries quite a few anti-trans sentiments and stereotypes along with it without any true rebuttal or inquisition. You can't have a character make decent points and then have the other character go "Woah, what an asshole! Don't you just hate that guy?
Anyways…" and not actually follow it up with anything meaningful.
Very interesting read…

No. 1779880

>Helaine pressured her wife into an open relationship so she could fuck men, her wife after years started dating an actual man and divorced Helaine, forcing her to leave the UK
i love how that always happen kek delusional partner wants to fuck others and convinces their partner to open the relationship, then they can't find anyone willing to fuck them while the partner instead finds someone who values them and leaves to be with them instead

No. 1780022

File: 1677687351322.png (434.43 KB, 1075x535, Screenshot.png)

TIFs desire to be their ideal male partner is truly fascinating to witness, picrel TIF's type is one that majority of girls have been interested in since forever but instead of trying to peruse that guy, she instead wants to become him

No. 1780067

oh christ she’s a personal cow of mine. since she “came out” to family it’s been femboy this and that and she’s literally just a skinny girl.

No. 1780072

Nonnies I’m never going to get this. I understand that it’s easy to project onto male characters because they’re almost always written as more developed or more complicated than female characters. But I don’t get why these women think because they relate to a male character it means they’re actually male. I say this as someone who has projected onto them before too because they embodied qualities I liked. It literally means nothing about reality though when my reality is existing as a female and being subjected to misogyny no matter how hard I wished to be some fictional dude. They’re fictional for a reason anyway since no real scrote acts like the men TiFs are obsessed with.

No. 1780119

aside but her piercer should be banned from their craft.

No. 1780184

File: 1677701992071.jpeg (457.4 KB, 1178x648, 5CEDEF77-30CE-4C98-A972-067F4C…)

So destiny 2 introduced it’s first enbie character (Nimbus) and practically everyone on the game’s subreddit is complaining about the character’s voice. A lot of comments are saying it sounds like someone trying to have a deep voice but it sounds so fake.
Aaand here’s the answer.

No. 1780185

File: 1677702236367.jpeg (1.62 MB, 2388x1198, 04FC6859-3A66-4DDB-B10D-6743FA…)

The way the VA is talking about her character is pure cringe as well.
This is Nimbus

No. 1780186

File: 1677702401141.jpeg (449.15 KB, 1420x2325, 2793295F-09A9-4320-9BA2-E6D715…)

Some people are trying to go “yay our first thembo!” But it’s so cringe and even Reddit is mocking it.

No. 1780194

They’re deluded by their genderspecial internet social circles and lack of contact with normal women, since if they spent time actually speaking with many “cis” women they’d see that women are as multifaceted as them, that women also frequently relate to male characters, and so on. There are zero inherent mental qualities these wonderful male characters have that a woman cannot have, but genderspecials claim to be above sexism while also saying they must not be women deep down because of their unique personality and interests and desire to wear a billowy shirt and pantaloons or whatever.

No. 1780214

I don't get it either. When I was younger, I did wish I was a man because I looked up to male characters in fictional media, but I never thought that this must mean I'm actually a man born in the wrong body. I knew it was just me WANTING to be a man, not me actually BEING a man. The thing that makes it obvious that TIFs don't believe they're actually a man either is when they have to ask questions on how to pass as a man. If you're a man because you act like one and think like one and you were just "born in the wrong body", then why do you need advice on how to blend in with them?

No. 1780252

File: 1677709996692.png (16.11 KB, 587x111, 7CC6590D-3A94-4AA8-B4EF-9C7889…)

She sounds insufferable

No. 1780254

simply because there's a pre existing ideology that's trendy among women in their age group online that translates the feeling "relating to men/male characters" into "actually being a man". yes, many women have related to men in the past and thought nothing of it, but if you're constantly bombarded with the idea that women shouldn't feel that unless they're actually men on the inside, and, just as crucially, that this will give them crazy amounts of clout validation (much more than they could get as an unattractive woman, for instance), then you might just start believing it.

No. 1780284

bungie usually has pretty solid character designs but this is literally original the character. what an awful design.

No. 1780291

File: 1677713781173.jpg (367.35 KB, 1080x1962, Screenshot_20230302_003344_com…)

Calling it omegaverse and now its cool and a man thing is so pathetic

No. 1780300

Tf do they always get the most retarded haircut for like actually? Negative taste, no swag, zero drip, and because I sadly have to deal with so many theymbies in my field of work, the rudest most entitled personalities (and they complain about imaginary Karen's all day on twitter) I just love being blunt with them but by using the same dumb language they use so they gotta listen kek

No. 1780306

File: 1677714489452.jpg (448.74 KB, 1080x2236, Girlsforlife.jpg)

Ironic that she's voice acted in a show called girls for life

No. 1780317

Nothing more manly than playacting something made up for supernatural rpf

No. 1780351

File: 1677717483475.jpeg (342.19 KB, 673x537, 4B5AC37B-233B-4BB4-9CAA-63C96B…)

So it turns out the Otamatone channel was actually being run by a Pooner this whole time. Her first face reveal was 6 months ago, but her channel is years old. The face and voice really give it away.

No. 1780365

this is definitely a tranny from 4chan

No. 1780367

here's a tip if you want to integrate stop using TTTT language like pooner

No. 1780370


NTA but pooner memes get posted here all the time kek

No. 1780375

nta but i have never seen one and i've been here for a few years now so they can't be that frequent. also never seen the term used online anywhere except 4chan. it just sounds pornsick and male.

No. 1780395

You can tell this one is a TiF because her twitter says “any pronouns” (always a massive red flag) and her voice is all husky. Disgusting to think what she may look and sound like in a few years.

No. 1780427

Damn ltCorbis really let herself go !

No. 1780434

If you’re going to post trannys actually post something milky. None of these posts are interesting or anything to do with their fujolarping.

No. 1780487

File: 1677726837762.gif (1.79 MB, 350x156, rHzXM.gif)

Pregnancy except they wish it was like the hyenas's way (the female hyena give birth from her female peril). I'm never going to understand those "seahorse fathers". Shouldn't be dysphoric to know someone is growing you inside of you thanks for your healthy uterus, something a man does not have?

No. 1780575

Mpreg and its consequences

No. 1780582

File: 1677733157119.jpg (58.4 KB, 1200x998, discover.jpg)

also male seahorses don't give birth, they're males (and not mammals either). The female lays eggs and the male fertilizes them. He just has a pouch to store them until they hatch.

No. 1780615

they rarely get posted and everyone hates it when they do. They're extremely scrotey and not even funny

No. 1780668

i saw a tif who recently gave birth to a baby who is very clearly developmentally delayed because she was on testosterone and didn't realize she accidentally got pregnant for a few weeks. she was mad she had to postpone her srs to give birth but then had it done shortly after giving birth anyway. the child needs to be taken away from her

No. 1780704

File: 1677763118203.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1170x2123, 60DFBA77-F6CE-4AA9-8A5F-9C0101…)

The earrings is supposed to be that “gay” flag that no actual gay man uses.

No. 1780713

File: 1677764258850.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1976, F17C73BA-A1AB-4887-9BE5-B2E063…)

Very manly man

No. 1780714

>Autism pilled and taken
Trying and failing to imitate scrotetalk from 4chan

No. 1780721

wtf, why did she even keep the baby.. sad.

most of these tifs are more feminine than tomboys, and apparently comfortable with their bodies. why they claim to be men is beyond me

No. 1780723

File: 1677765211963.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x1971, 6A6D9149-D479-4902-8E7C-6F6A69…)

I have no idea
And she’s basically straight as well, I think she really wanted to join the queer crowd in order to escape being a white straight woman

No. 1780747

they always have that “first time” short haircut.
the one where your hairdresser doesn’t want to go “too short” in case you hate it.

No. 1780760

Because, back in our old days, an infamous Aiden claimed "you don't need surgeries for being trans", so you can be a straight woman with a he/his button and people should call you a man because… reasons?

No. 1780771

Another day to be glad I didn't grow up upper middle class

No. 1780781

File: 1677773033787.jpeg (2.16 MB, 1170x1965, E9CB9D89-05BD-488E-A274-8424F4…)

I guess yeah since queer means fuck all. I love their ahistorical disillusionment

No. 1780801

yeah let's take a look how african countries like Uganda treat faggots

No. 1780822

The trend (?) mostly refers to "divine trans/queer identities and people" and not actual gays.

No. 1780871

File: 1677780246097.png (211.5 KB, 720x886, 1627405791093.png)

western liberals love to take a concept from other people's culture and twist it to fit their narrative. They just happened to pick an aspect that is rooted in homophobia, they infantilize non european people . There is a common narrative that native cultures didn't have homophobia or misogyny before colonization. It was white people that brought these concepts.
most "third genders" were either eunuch court officials or gay and or effeminate men kicked out of the male sex and forced to "serve" other men in spaces women weren't allowed

No. 1780880

"there wasnt a strong expectation for men to be monogamous" lol thats EVERYWHERE on the entire earth, history of men summed up in 5seconds. Men have never been monogamous and have always been cheating left and right, including with other men, I dont see how this makes the society as a whole more accepting of homosexuality. What a stupid take

No. 1780902

And acceptance of men taking male lovers or raping boys is hardly indicative of acceptance of homosexuality as a whole. Many societies and cultures throughout history used women as pawns and didn't even let them choose their male partner. What made these girls think all these cultures would've accepted a woman who wanted to love another woman? lol

No. 1780975

>What made these girls think all these cultures would've accepted a woman who wanted to love another woman? lol
actually saw a twitter thread about that topic some time, it was about how some grand Imam had given the Ok for women in Harems to have non-penetrative sex with each other if their husband was absent and the wokies were praising about how tolerant and progressive and "open" non-european societies were

No. 1780988

she looks sicker and sicker everytime i see her. also her poor attempt at having some sort of chemistry with asap was funny here kek

No. 1781005

wtf is going on in this clip? some sort of weird poly trifecta that ellen always barges into?

No. 1781082

File: 1677793417570.jpg (196.89 KB, 1397x1778, FqPkVxJaIAAZTjN.jpg)

Balding and beardy but still unmistakenly female

No. 1781083

File: 1677793422844.png (39.34 KB, 489x534, poiygttg.PNG)

No. 1781085

All tumblr is good for is waxing lyrical spiced with misinformation.
And it works every single time

No. 1781090

the eyes. its always the eyes.
they love that word so fucking much

No. 1781186

That is just sad. Could be in a Gollum origin story tho.

No. 1781225

These tifs are always the most depressing to look at. “Better an ugly boy than a pretty girl” my ass. She could have anyone she wanted if she’d stayed normal but now she’ll die alone.

No. 1781233

do you think ellen looks at julia and misses what she had.
not to sound parasocial but i loved her. most of my favourite movies star her. seeing her and her wife was so joyful.
the praise she gets now is so hollow. people throw around handsome because it’s the “boy” word.

thank god for kristen stewart and her beautiful fiancée.

No. 1781236

>so comfortable
the pain behind those eyes says otherwise.

No. 1781247

If she ever wakes up from her delusion she will kill herself. But of course if you want to stop the medical and pharmaceutical industry from permitting mentally ill people from destroying themselves physically before their lives even begin you are literally hitler

No. 1781263

She has pretty eyes but it's jarring to see them stuck on a 4chan frequenter. How is looking like that euphoric exactly?

No. 1781266

This is truly sad. "Hair loss = gender euphoria" is such a cope. You know she has to mention it because it's what everyone notices and everyone instantly thinks "omg poor girl", even other TIFs.

The only thing that is not completely made-up here is people referring to chopping off your healthy genitals as 'mutilating yourself', which is simply the correct use of the word (mutilate: to destroy the function or appearance of a body part of (someone) in a cruel or unnecessary way). They use this to justify their creative writing about TERFs and "pure and free of sin bodies" (??). As always they cannot find a single argument without lying.

No. 1781283

She looks sickly. I don't see anything amusing in this, all i see is somebody who is a victim to truly evil propaganda under the guise that it would be the key to destroying all her trauma. Idgaf if people think they choose this, imo i think most ftms are far too mentally ill to be allowed to make such horrific life altering decisions.

No. 1781287

Don't forget that this post is addressing the same cult that bullied KC Miller over her hair loss when really she looks better than this

No. 1781291

Do I even need to say anything? The long-haired avatar and her artstyle are a dead giveaway. Her voice in her videos sounds like a girl trying way too hard to deepen her voice. It’s sad that girls are ruining themselves so young these days.

No. 1781348

>women are broodmare pawns but isn't it so cute and queer that men can rape other men?
This rich cunt would get her feet bound like the rest of us vaginawalkers.

No. 1781470


Lmao, just how retarded do you have to be to think this is a flex(imageboard)

No. 1781565

How are these milk?

No. 1781572

It's some 4chin slang imitating edgelord's tired attempt at vendetta.

No. 1781641

File: 1677846421627.png (261.56 KB, 476x586, hjkkl.PNG)

btw nonnies her twitter is full of degenerate furry stuff

No. 1781644

>tif art
>no gigantic overemphasized chest wounds

No. 1781648

The text is like something an AI would write

No. 1781652

File: 1677847890671.jpg (Spoiler Image,216.94 KB, 1011x1422, FfmUPBMWYAEh6cT.jpg)

she is a tif tho even though she doesnt draw zippertits on herself she still draws them

No. 1781665

File: 1677850380230.jpg (46.4 KB, 500x500, artworks-LQ1onMTPBS4U3IA6-Nr0z…)

There was an attempt to be funny but it's TIF art so it fell flat

No. 1781722

She could be a good artist, but she has chosen to be a cringe degenerate. Sad.

No. 1781834

File: 1677866188659.jpg (496.53 KB, 1080x1891, Screenshot_20230303_184454_com…)

Be fr

No. 1781892

Why is the clit so pointy…?

No. 1781896

Testo clit. It's her "dick"

No. 1781900

late response but while this is super bleak this is exactly how i felt when i was experiencing "gender dysphoria" . turns out i wasnt a troon and I was just ultra suicidal, and transitioning seemed like starting over. new name, new appearance, new personality, completely devoid of my original self, which i wanted to die.

I think a lot of the non AGP/fujocoomer troons feel like this. i feel sad for them, but ultimately the community spreads so much vile shit that i dont have it in me to care.

No. 1781935

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed this but I find it so weird a lot of fakebois are claiming to be intersex, I’m just very doubtful that ALL of them could be intersex while also exhibiting common fakeboi behavior like calling themselves “MLM” or something. Why intersex though? Isn’t that extremely uncommon?

No. 1781970

>Why intersex though?
probs a new quirky rare thing to add to their twitter bios to use as ammo in the next oppression olympics

No. 1781998

i see this a lot too. obviously some intersex people ID as trans but 99% of 'intersex' tifs are just claiming their PCOS or hormone imbalance makes them intersex because they think it's validating to be 'not really female' (what they incorrectly think intersex is).

this is one of the reasons i think 'sex is a spectrum' is harmful, you end up with weird logic that designates people 'less/more male/female' based on random human variation. the same thing happened with gender, concepts like 'demigirl' and 'genderfluid' validated the idea that it's possible to be more or less of a woman than another (female) person and now anyone who doesn't have a strong womanly inner feeling of womanhood isn't really a woman, kek

No. 1782002

File: 1677882994270.png (357.31 KB, 1184x1120, Screen Shot 2023-03-03 at 5.34…)

Saw this extremely retarded tif tweet today. Hm… I wonder why nothing about the physical aspects of being female would bother you, just the label of 'woman'… the misogyny is just blatant at this point

No. 1782004

This is exactly what misogyny feels like and it's disturbing to think that young girls really think like this. I felt this exact same "dysphoria" when seeing scathingly misogynist comments that made me feel uncomfortable in my body. I wish you could speak out against this kind of horrific message, but you get harassed and called a terf if you dare to say anything someone disagrees with.

No. 1782017

File: 1677885471473.gif (1.14 MB, 250x250, c5f.gif)

>Why intersex though?

I think is a mix of not understanding how Intersex is and can claim "I was assigned as a FEMALE at BIRTH against my WILL!", thing that intersex have asked to trans people to avoid to use.

Cannot wait for this 8M for read all the TIFs crying that an evil terf called her a "woman" or told her "if you're a man, then you have 364 days to celebrate your masculinity and this is not about you, then, so stfu".

No. 1782018

File: 1677885592857.jpg (45.45 KB, 800x450, tumblr_nyyd195sik1sw97sno1_500…)

>proship dni
>link to a pronoun url

This user is a minor and you cannot tell me otherwise.

No. 1782027

She can claim all she want that she’s a “Ryan/Rian”, but the artstyle gives away that deep down in her vulva, she will always be biologically female.

No. 1782066

self post kek

No. 1782079

File: 1677891915848.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.64 MB, 1242x1819, 388D8720-FF24-4818-9541-B40ECA…)

I posted about this video on the TIM thread earlier but felt this part in Picrel was more appropriate to talk about here. This is a book that was available in several high school libraries and probably still is in certain cities like LA. I’m not a prude and I’m not going to deny that teens are interested in sex, but I just don’t want schools to be the ones supplying them with smut. Am I wrong? Can’t they just find this stuff on the internet like god intended? It feels so predatory and gross for adults to actively provide this content to kids as young as 14

Here’s the link to the video, it’s 45 minutes of peaking material so only watch if you want to seethe and a-log

No. 1782093

>but the artstyle gives away that deep down in her vulva, she will always be biologically female
Who the fuck writes like this? Either stop self-posting while trying to sound "terfy" or stop sounding retarded.
If it's the former, maybe try to get your masochist tendencies checked.

No. 1782098

Diversity win: this enlightened culture considered women to be nothing but property!

No. 1782179

this reminds me of oh joy sex toy barf why is this shit in schools

No. 1782194

File: 1677897985867.jpeg (1.88 MB, 1536x9854, 1F6316E7-15BA-4F91-B42A-7FE64B…)

I looked on there website it really is just cringe sex comics kek, found this one talking about leaving the "gender binary" bitch all you did was change clothes.

No. 1782198

These bitches really think that other women situate everything they do under the label "woman" instead of also being multi-faceted individuals who have important characteristics other than their gender, huh. Everyone considers describes themselves as many things before their gender. WoW yOu'Re So SpeCial, yoU doN't Let genDer roLes DefIne yOu except the gendies do, they're obsessed with labeling things by gender roles

No. 1782205

You're not wrong at all. Most normies don't like the idea of book banning because they associate it with religious and social conservatives' previous efforts to ban perfectly harmless and child-appropriate books like Harry Potter, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and that book on gay penguins. Most normies would never check out this book because why would they, as normal adults, want to read a comic about what they assume to be gay teenagers? However, most folks immediately realize how inappropriate this is once they come across these panels and understand what's actually portrayed in the comics.

No. 1782213

kek I remember a while ago some farmer made a terven edit of this comic. maybe somebody still has it?

No. 1782239

File: 1677905667366.jpeg (408.82 KB, 1170x1992, 7C728661-3479-4946-899B-C3CA9C…)

literally no terf would advocate for you competing when you’re actively on steroids, also she doesn’t even compete this is just some weird fantasy

No. 1782240

> every title in women’s sports
why so broad and vague? Is she saying she thinks she can win every title in every woman’s sport just bc of T? Kek. Also Aiden if you think those steroids can help you be on the same level as real men in contact sports be my guest and try but you might regret it

No. 1782350

Yeah, never saw TERFs being in favor of TIFs at an advanced stage of their transition competing against other women. She's just admitting that testosterone (among other things) do give an advantage and that TIFs, let alone MEN, are cheating when they compete against women that are not on drugs.

No. 1782353

Completely laughable when your average tif is more out of shape than my 90-year-old grandma. This person probably gets out of breath from walking for 15 minutes.

No. 1782370

This. I wouldn't believe the data if it says there's not an extremely high prevalence of suicidal thoughts within those in TIF circles, especially in those 25 or older.

Beyond body image issues, there's an unavoidable reinvention of the self as you grow up, which could be interpreted in your brain as a need for suicide if parts of it are denied too long, I believe. TIFS see the precursor thoughts before suicide is seen as the only option as a need to transition, and because of social isolation, they believe they're NLOGs. A TIF I know once told me she never thought of her "deadname" as her name and never identified with it. I wouldn't "identify" with my birth name either if Trans stuff was prevalent online when I was a preteen, like it was for her, because children experiment with their sense of self at that age anyway as part of growing up. No one has set "identities" at that age because for each year you stay the same, you fall behind. If she wasn't lying when she said this, she associates her birth name only with vague embarrassing memories and being controlled by her parents. Social media makes girls believe they need a sense of self RIGHT NOW so they see transitioning as an easy way to suddenly "grow up." Same thing applies to DID girls. When children categorize their feelings into boxes, it delays their sense of self developing and leads after years and years to wanting suicide in some cases, as reinventing their sense of self seems useless and impossible because they only see it as a change of label.

No. 1782373

She is literally an average woman. Literally every woman can wear different clothes and every woman sees herself as "just me".

No. 1782374

>there's an unavoidable reinvention of the self as you grow up, which could be interpreted in your brain as a need for suicide if parts of it are denied too long
Wow nonne this is an interesting idea I like it.

No. 1782488

>there's an unavoidable reinvention of the self as you grow up, which could be interpreted in your brain as a need for suicide if parts of it are denied too long, I believe
Happened to me, controlling parents who were homophobic and all the rest led to some suicidal ideation as a tween. If I can't be myself because I'm afraid they'll hurt me, and if this is gonna be my life for almost a decade until I'm 18, why be at all.

>because children experiment with their sense of self at that age anyway as part of growing up. No one has set "identities" at that age because for each year you stay the same, you fall behind

Yep though I'm older and crustier and developed now, I felt frozen in time as a kid because of the stuff going on and I'll never get that back.

>TIFS see the precursor thoughts before suicide is seen as the only option as a need to transition, and because of social isolation, they believe they're NLOGs

Yeah I can see how some insecure girl who wants to grow up and have a new identity, plus chunibyo nlog shit, can make her think transitioning can be an escape. Glad I only got away from a similar situation with depression, not with self induced neckbeard, balding and swollen clit.

No. 1782527

File: 1677953742959.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1170x2134, 9111FEA9-D8DF-4152-97F0-1D4A90…)

If you had dysphoria you wouldn’t present yourself like that.
>split dyed hair
Just like my pretty boy anime

No. 1782542

File: 1677955370710.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1170x2031, 4DEB800F-98EF-4155-BA35-5E7BEB…)

A lesbian expressing about how she never felt like either a boy or a girl and concludes a third voice telling her “oh that’s non-binary”.
Weirdly enough all the tags target women and lesbians, there’s a suspicious lack of tags targeting men or gay men
I wonder why

No. 1782543

Jesus christ this is such a non-issue. These people are so up their own asses, like just move on with your day.

No. 1782584

Effort? She looks like she let a disabled toddler scribble on her face, she looks deranged and bpd af. Obviously the face scribbles and piercing weren't getting her enoigh attention from "normies" so he/xir/they/it is the go to these days lmao.

No. 1782629

she can do her eyeliner better than me. lmao

No. 1782634

File: 1677966764440.jpg (324.25 KB, 882x908, Untitled.jpg)

it's clearly pro-tranny. shame. i thought it was going to be a revelation about the way women mutilated themselves to escape trauma, but if that were the case the account would be banned.

No. 1782655

Kek. most of them have canes for their “invisible disability” which is usually just joint pain caused by being overweight and sedentary.

No. 1782669

LOL nonnies you made me laugh. don't ruin her fantasy of living in ancient china as a cute spoiled feminine boy with the reality that those men wouldn't care about her pronouns before giving her an STD that they got from raping some other random guy

No. 1782686

Forget anime boy, girl looks like a fucking chia pet with that hair kek

No. 1782690

How can one be so retarded that they do not know to group their digits by 3s in big numbers. It's even properly done on the meme she is referencing ( >>1781665 ) so what the fuck is that about.

No. 1782801

File: 1677981855589.jpg (62.41 KB, 797x808, Untitled.jpg)

a "trans male" character. just a girl with her tits cut off. why even bother?

No. 1782817

File: 1677983191353.jpg (82.31 KB, 534x635, lacquer tray.jpg)

No. 1782852

Or like you're about to do home made drugs in a one star nursing home. Of all the things to romanticise why a tray

No. 1782859

File: 1677989682198.png (50 KB, 739x385, ftm frustrated.png)

It's almost like her so-called movement never had any grass roots behind it, ever. I can't believe they're surprised that hardly anyone will go out of their way to fight for it. They're starting to reap the harvest of being terminally online and I'm loving it. Them feeling the real life indifference from social media virtue signalers is every bit as important as the legal cases. Hopefully this hastens the end of this social contagion.

No. 1782914

lol, that's so girly

As always

No. 1782927

File: 1678004854845.jpeg (118.3 KB, 742x960, groomed.jpeg)

ummm this person definitely got groomed by an old tranny

No. 1782930

…yeah this isn’t the wholesome thing the artist thinks it is. Kinda sad.

No. 1782931

that's an mtf

No. 1782944

This belongs to the MtF thread, it is not made by a TIF but Sophie Labelle and is one of his shitty TRA comics

No. 1782958

That's because normal people, as in, people who aren't terminally online or part of your handmaiden circle jerk, think you're freaks and are only polite to you while you're around to avoid conflict and protect themselves from you. If they had their way all "trans rights" would cease to exist this second, the only reason they don't is because the full force of megacorpses and the government supports tranny shit and lets trannies abuse people as much as they want and punishes those who defend themselves against you vermin.

No. 1783233

>anti lgbt bills in state
I wasn't aware state laws could stop gay marriage or adoption, that's odd I haven't heard any news on it-
>anti-drag bill and preventing kids from taking hormones
Oh she's just retarded

No. 1783276

If we end up losing gay marriage it'll be because these clowns can't see that mutilating children and conducting drag shows infront of kids is a little inappropriate. Wouldn't be surprised if conservatives take this opening and run with it. They already reversed the right to abortion.

No. 1783392

Honestly Roe v. Wade getting overturned was a breath of fresh air. If we lived in a sane society, it would have been a moment for women to self-reflect, humble themselves, and stop using their naked, sexual bodies to get everything they want. But instead, women have doubled down on their insanity and it’s exhausting.

No. 1783400

I long for the day western society returns to a world without feminists, tifs, mtfs, dykes, fags, themlets, whores, or hookers. But that will never happen, so our next best bet is to move to a Muslim Middle Eastern country where western tumblr ideologues haven’t infected the people yet.(samefag unsaged bait)

No. 1783412

> women need to be humbled
> using their naked bodies to get everything they want
YWNBAW womb-envy scrote. Sorry you retards are degenerate and have no self control and need to cope by blaming that on everyone else. No wonder you retards are responsible for trannies.

No. 1783417

File: 1678080794898.jpg (344.5 KB, 2400x800, 79Y5QfFIcX3AUNX.jpg)

Even the most masculine TIFs have an inherit "softness" to them real men lack, the eyes always give it away

No. 1783429

I dream of a world where pro-islam liberals and anti-feminism conservatives both act on their words and fuck off to Muslim countries. But no, both stay comfortably in Western countries where they can praise/defend islam while never interacting with Muslim moids like the retarded faggots they are, or whine about feminism while benefiting from it (women) and being gigantic failures who can barely look after themselves (men).

No. 1783443

You probably also long for the day that your mother will apologize for putting cigarettes out on you as a kid but you can’t always get what you want buddy. It’s not our responsibility to make up for her failures, just take yourself out please

No. 1783459

They usually got them soft, sad, long suffering eyes compared to the cold, dead, beady lil eyes of tims. kek

No. 1783464

Last November the US senate passed the Respect for Marriage Act that protects same-sex and interracial marriage.

No. 1783465

I recognize the one on the left as a amateur boxer who's had one match against a man. Who's the one on the right?

No. 1783511

someone on ovarit mentioned she was fighting in the featherweight division(122–126 lbs/55.3–57.2 kg) and it was stated that men in these super low weight classes often suffer pre-existing health conditions, so it was essentially a roided out woman fighting a emaciated man

No. 1783568

that's it, she has come full circle but has to put up the gender bullshit to not to lose the sweet lgbt attention

No. 1783598

it's the facial structure for me. hard to explain what it is. maybe the jaw or the proportions? they just don't have dude faces. i've only seen a few hypermasculine TIFs who could pass

No. 1783601

nonna those two are hyper masculine TIFs

No. 1783619

File: 1678113584909.jpeg (321.47 KB, 750x579, 55F7384A-F628-4F36-A82C-C2AB08…)


No. 1783647

u didn't read what she said correctly. she's saying that they're hyper masc AND don't pass

No. 1783651

the right legit looks uncanny valley with those eyes.

No. 1783655

Oh the voice actor is actually a female? They put such a heavy robo filter over the lines I wasn't really sure. The character just read as a flamboyant male to me and if they hadn't made such a deal about it beforehand I might not have noticed it was supposed to be a gender special thing.

No. 1783725

File: 1678125368108.jpg (415.17 KB, 1071x1605, Screenshot_20220228_190852_com…)

very typical he/him behavior

No. 1783727

kek one look at her on the main page and I already knew clicking the image would bring me to the TiF thread. NLOGism at its finest. “If you’re male and you’re attracted to me then you’re gay! I don’t have the spoons to explain!”

No. 1783740

could you post it, that sounds fucking hilarious

No. 1783750

Actual NLOG

No. 1783751


years ago i was part of a field study involving multiple universities from across the world. i met this lesbian there and we became close friends. we bonded over talking shit about one of the TAs who was a they/them (first one i've ever seen IRL) who made everyone wear nametags with pronouns all because she was a they. one day we needed to contact her for important questions at a site and we inadvertently referred to her as she to another TA (moid) who pretended to be confused because we forgot her name and just said it was a woman with short hair. he said he would ask the professor, and i don't know what the moid said exactly but basically the theyby found out and scolded us and said we were hampering communication (how ironic). this really peaked us, or so i thought.

anyway, the field study ended and we went back to our campuses and still remained in contact but fell out as years passed and the pandemic happened etc. a lot of people especially from that very liberal university had unfollowed me probably because of my instagram stories about jk rowling. she was one of them who unfollowed and i was sad. couple years ago, i found out she apparently tried to take her life and went to rehab. next thing you know, she comes up on my tiktok feed like half a year into transitioning with testosterone. she gained a huge following, of course… i then watched in dreadful silence as she became morbidly obese, had boils all over her face, a few whiskers and sounded like a little boy. she was also posting less and less. i wonder why. she was able to raise more than enough money to cut off her perfectly healthy breasts. and she did, and it was botched. her nipples are not existent. intuitively i could tell in her face that she was horrified but she gave a fake smile. she thought she could still show her "man chest" on tiktok but it still got flagged (wasn't me). she said it made her very dysphoric.

she made a haphazard tiktok about balding and she seemed very very manic. she was showing her receding hairline joking about it but her eyes said otherwise. i can't believe this timeline where i just watch in horror as someone so beautiful destroys their body in real time.
last thing she made was showing the before/after where she was a beautiful woman and turned into a goblin. she knew exactly what she was doing with the whole shock factor. her "after" pose with the fake smile. etc.

she occasionally posts like twice a year now and it's only about acne. she hasn't shown her face in 6 months and last time her acne was very bad. she had beautiful clear skin when i saw her.

also tried to find my ex from high school and found her reddit account, and saw a post in r/FTM and she just started identifying as he/they now. i feel like i'm going insane and i feel helpless. so many young gays and lesbians are becoming victim to this and getting mutilated. i know this is a long blogpost but i really need to just put this out there.(holy shit not your personal blog OR public novel)

No. 1783758

this was actually depressing af

No. 1783761

>cishet looking girls
Very bold of her to assume they were all cishet girls just because of how they look, how does she know they weren't fem presenting gay transmascs instead??

No. 1783914

File: 1678144214218.jpg (Spoiler Image,315.34 KB, 1080x2157, Twitter_.jpg)

I think I posted this tif in a past thread, I follow her for her outfit posts and just forget that she's a tif, but she swears up and down that her bf sees her as a "man" and now like all of them has started doing nsfw. Depressing

No. 1783954

she's sooo different because she has short hair and a beanie, you wouldn't understand!!! also, enbies/transmen don't owe you androgyny/masculinity!1! but she knew all of them were boring cishet though (unlike her) (it's the beanie)

No. 1783962

Especially since pronouns and gender have no connection, these women could all identify as men but present feminine and use she/her for all she knows.

No. 1784034

I honestly want to say this sounds fake but I can tell it's pretty real and will have happened to many others too, just very sad. Just know there are women out there who feel the same and you're not alone. I'm same sex leaning bi and almost trooned a couple of years ago, partly due to everyone I knew cutting their tits off around the time and self-hatred, so glad I peaked instead and opened my eyes

No. 1784035

>$10 OF
Imagine being so desperate for moid approval you sell your body on the internet for 10 dollars… well, it's not like I expected anything else from tifs.

No. 1784072

File: 1678163857068.jpg (572.77 KB, 1080x1933, 385257577547557.jpg)

I actually love the TIFs that don't try and probably like to pretend to that being a "trap" main character that every man gawks at

No. 1784075


whats her tiktok??

No. 1784080

why is it always "cishet" men having to admit they're actually gay for hitting on TIFs, and not TIFs having to admit they're women for being pursued by straight men? the former is entirely based on aidens' feelings who think that how they see themselves impacts other people's sexual orientations (can you be more delusional and narcissistic? how can people think this is cute?). the latter is based on biology and observable behaviors.

No. 1784173

I wish I could support you nonnie. The troon cult has done insane damage to lesbians and just autistic women. But I don't believe the glory days of troonism will never end, because as a wise nonnie from the mtf thread said, troons can't win because they are on the wrong side of reality. I believe the world will wake up one day. Until then, stay strong and don't fall for the trap yourself. You can't save anybody except for yourself, as at the end of the day we all make the choice ourselves.

No. 1784175

Probably a topic for the whore thread but how can so many women sell their bodies for pennies these days. I'm not from America and where I live making an OF account is literally social suicide, you will never find a job and nobody will see you as a person anymore, so I assumed all those women on OF would at least ask for more than a burger price. But then I think it is actually the same in the USA and those women are just mentally ill and don't understand that claiming you are a man will not stop people from seeing you as a woman and therefore hate you for being a whore.

No. 1784232

File: 1678194099918.png (756.84 KB, 998x1014, hellspit neocities.png)

random ftm page i found
he/it/sev pronouns

No. 1784235

File: 1678194502230.png (506.31 KB, 1170x2532, 6F408941-4195-401A-89B6-6CEBA6…)

Sage because refers to parent of a “trans kid” rather than a TIF directly, but this is straight up child abuse. “We will get him on puberty blockers”, there is no way this kid has a choice. All these kids of gender specials will grow up confused and with brittle bones and incomplete brain development because their selfish narc parents wanted some bullshit political clout

No. 1784239

File: 1678196276959.jpg (55.75 KB, 680x589, FqmFK8_XoAADaGG.jpg)

No gay man wants to fuck a girl in the ass

No. 1784250

File: 1678197370757.jpg (306.09 KB, 1080x1905, Screenshot_20230307_145456_com…)

Ill never get getting your breasts chopped off to be the most girly girl ever

No. 1784255


No. 1784259

File: 1678198279801.jpg (62.81 KB, 1440x396, 20230307_080902.jpg)

I don't know if this belong here or in the Spicy Straight thread. This chick is very effeminate, almost to a tradwife levels, and is engaged to a man but I guess she's secretly nlog cause wtf does this mean.

No. 1784262

File: 1678198464060.jpg (130.69 KB, 828x893, 20230307_075013.jpg)

This is her

No. 1784264

Female transitioning to female?

No. 1784273

I guess she means she's being feminine but in a subversive way (visible only to her). She's ex-anachan and maybe that fucked with her self-perception.

No. 1784303

File: 1678204855463.jpeg (359.43 KB, 1170x1989, 08C3341E-9200-4B6A-91BF-84E457…)

How can you say this and then go on about how you have gender dysphoria and you’re suppose to be a man?

No. 1784306

Why do pretty girls always have to be insane

No. 1784346

Its called coping, they always try to act like they would never be "cis" and dont care about cis men, then go cry in a corner over not having a penis

No. 1784362

>insane transsexual fag
This entire profile is code for 'I'm too scared to order my own food at a restaurant.'

No. 1784373

File: 1678211183946.jpeg (469.47 KB, 828x1294, C33B0CA9-F95A-466E-B6F7-C27F26…)

topkek who would have imagined hiring narcissistic individuals is a workplace liability

No. 1784422

this is the second time youve posted this exact post word for word and with the same image im pretty sure. you said this exact same thing like 3-5 threads ago. find something else to nitpick

No. 1784467

>Please inform me how a prostate for anal sex matters?

These are the retarded women we're letting cut their breasts off. Prostate stimulation is the only reason anal sex is pleasurable for men. Women don't have one, they don't get any pleasure from anal, and neither do the fakebois transitioning to fulfill their yaoi fantasies.

No. 1784478

File: 1678219040709.jpg (112.39 KB, 792x1200, Fqn7M1CWcAQvKG_.jpg)

Its almost like pumping yourself full of testosterone that your body doesnt need is harmful

No. 1784492

thought it was andrew tate in my peripheral vision on the front page. unfortunately she'd take that as a compliment

No. 1784493

File: 1678220315070.png (18.18 KB, 696x170, xander.png)

kek this girlie bought testosterone over the internet a couple of months ago because her gp refused to prescribe it for her without a full blood workup etc. a couple of months and her hair's already falling out? she's gonna be fully bald in a year.

No. 1784497

she looks fucking hideous

No. 1784540

File: 1678225129618.jpg (83.91 KB, 588x888, 1.JPG)

the "treat us like real men & if u dont ur transphobic" crew are upset over this

No. 1784542

File: 1678225153540.jpg (42.43 KB, 594x356, 2.JPG)

what do u want

No. 1784550

File: 1678226046342.jpg (442.2 KB, 1080x1838, Screenshot_20230307_234640_com…)

Context: Tims are posting about how easy it is to diy your own hrt. Tifs responded in anger as testosterone is a controlled substance and therefore it's dangerous to promote diy. Tims and the 'not like other tifs' started making fun of the concerned tifs by stating they don't want to be trans enough if they're not willing to risk prison time.

No. 1784555

File: 1678226635282.jpg (216.04 KB, 828x1430, IMG-5753.jpg)

I was looking for new milk and lol guess she or someone she knows lurks here

No. 1784565

File: 1678227086354.gif (2.03 MB, 640x480, 1486286411375.gif)

>TFW a tif would take that she looks like "an egocentric MRA in jail for human traffic, rape and organized criminal" like a compliment because that means that she looks like a man.

No. 1784569

File: 1678227197873.gif (975.77 KB, 500x214, mrw-thinking-back-on-the-thing…)

>The Trans community is so united and loved.

No. 1784580

You really can’t please them.
Respect my pronouns! Ok. Why you outing me?

No. 1784640

What do you mean they all were OBVIOUSLY cishet and the meanie ol professor was picking on our special boi!
Our little wannabe faggot isn't assuming their gender or the teachers thoughts.

No. 1784748

File: 1678244161067.png (57.93 KB, 918x282, compilicit.png)

Yeah, because men won't definitely stroke your ego, and your fellow women will always tell you the truth when you ask. Always seeking male approval.

No. 1784762

File: 1678245403638.jpeg (875.87 KB, 1170x1867, 04A04569-A68C-491B-9EEE-92E671…)

This is beyond parody. I thought makeup makes them dysphoric?

No. 1784766

>how to bind without binder?

Next to "How do I break a rib or two?". I swear I'm surprised these kids think there isn't consequences of using a binder 24/7.

No. 1784770

File: 1678246901096.jpg (36.83 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-95252201-612x612.j…)

>south park pfp
of course

No. 1784815

Trying to make peace with it??? So you're telling me it's easier to make peace with being a balding 26yo with health issues due to male hormones and surgeries than making peace with your female body like every single woman has to do? Jesus

No. 1784821

Male troons: I'm a woman and I experience misogyny and oppression just like you, I'm not responsible for the patriarchy! (his past doesn't matter)
Female troons: I'm a man b-but I'm weak and marginalized, I'm not responsible for the patriarchy! (her past matters, bonus point for this TIF literally saying that she knows better than other women who they're actually angry with)
Typical. Just trannies getting lost in their own arguments due to the constant lying and changing things up depending on what benefits them.

No. 1784831

I’d imagine they are more intensely sexualized by moids. Maybe?

No. 1784850

File: 1678262678173.jpeg (397.76 KB, 886x659, F73AC42A-FE43-4454-904C-CA4A42…)

Gaby dunn from buzzfeed trooned out and got the tit chop

No. 1784856

File: 1678264733908.jpg (27.86 KB, 737x478, 2e269bfe9fe913ca42592dcd85b821…)

The best part of this image is someone STILL manages to make it about TIMs.

No. 1784859

File: 1678265229293.jpeg (130.34 KB, 1080x1350, EABE9C7F-34DD-4A19-9C36-0D7F26…)

What a waste of breasts.(sage your shit and keep your moid-tier commentary to yourself)

No. 1784861

Yet another lesbian lost

No. 1784862

Why do some of these tif either pick the most stupid tumblr-esque anime boy names or a male version of their name gabriel cmon sis did you even take more than a minute to come up with that one?
I remeber seeing one tif comment about how misandry is so validating to their disphoria kek like how it makes her feel like a real "man" to be lumped together when she hears someone say "I hate men"

No. 1784908

I'm not as annoyed by the Bob/Bobina names, especially if it's a name you would actually hear someone be called irl. If you give TIFs too much time to think about their names they're going to be obviously skinwalking some sort of moid archetype or some anime character. No one takes a doughy american woman named "Gendo" seriously.

No. 1784928

File: 1678277143140.jpg (26.91 KB, 246x499, she did it.JPG)

this tif's been popping up on my youtube suggestions, with other previous hits like "dressing fem as a transman".
she finally permanently mutilated herself. looks so young too. sad and bleak.

No. 1784932

Weird post

No. 1784935

didn't she have her own thread at some point ?

No. 1784942

Those women who force their kids to troon out were the fujo girls who wanted a gay son. Also, why is that mostly female children who are forced to troon out by tif mothers? It's like in china/india where everyone wants a son and only a son.

No. 1784958

No. 1784965

gtfo scrote

No. 1784966

this is weird, from what I've seen in both the MTF and MTF threads it is mostly mothers who troon out their sons and daughters, not out fujoism but rather a woke induced version of manchurian by proxy

No. 1784968

File: 1678283182522.jpg (865.72 KB, 1080x1965, Screenshot_20230308_154222.jpg)

Two non-binaries in relationship.
One is gay and only likes men and nbs.
One is a lesbian and only likes women and nbs.
Both are women.

No. 1784984

Let her have the surgery so she can cutely break down when she will look horribly botched and will look like a fat kid

No. 1784985

I think at least some of them do it because they correctly recognize that men are disgusting beasts who will sexualize women for having breasts no matter what they’re wearing. Unfortunately these girls reach the conclusion that the solution is to mutilate their own bodies, rather than telling the men to fuck off, ignoring men, or seeking refuge in female spaces (although those are currently overrun with TIMs), etc.

No. 1784990

Same anon here - also I think that a lot of young TIFs cut their boobs off for the same reasons that anorexic girls starve themselves: they want to remain looking small and childlike, they’re autistic and they can’t handle the fact that their body has changed without their consent, or they want to have control over their bodies because they don’t get to exercise control over a lot of other things in their lives.

No. 1785039

File: 1678293729819.jpg (387.28 KB, 1071x1588, Screenshot_20230308-170706_Chr…)

This coercion bullshit is so creepy. I don't know how someone can see stuff like this and still won't believe that trannies are trying to convert the people around them. I bet the thing that "cis people don't think about" is just some very common insecurity that women often have, but of course they have to push the misogynistic "women are perfectly fine with their role in society and if you're not that means you're not a woman" crap

No. 1785057

File: 1678296010668.jpeg (966.45 KB, 1170x2289, oof.jpeg)


No. 1785073

>You can never tell!1!1!
Also trannies:
>I'm the only trans person in the room!1!!

No. 1785074

Tranny cult stop preying on autistic women challenge

No. 1785077

Asexuality too. Ever noticed how many tifs are ace? But the same isn't true for tims? These subs are really telling.

No. 1785120

File: 1678302506421.jpeg (108.23 KB, 1170x652, A72DA7E6-33CB-4D7B-B08E-0FF04F…)


No. 1785136

if you're stealth and worried about safety why tf would you choose the most stereotypical fakeboi name to ever exist? just pick a more suitable name to go by with people you don't know very well and have dimitri as your middle name or name you use with friends you absolute dingus

No. 1785143

So no “typically male” subreddits like fitness or tech or something about porn even, but everything genderino related
But they are totes male Inside
And not brainwashed cultists fixated on this one theme
Got it

No. 1785158

They’re all just traumatised autistic women. I could have been in the same boat if I was 10 years younger. Instead I used self harm and EDs in my youth. It gets better. Don’t do anything stupid.

No. 1785161

Did she seriously name herself after that blond anime guy?

No. 1785173

It's so telling that the fakebois always go for white male names, almost like trans is a western white cultural phenomenon influencing the world. There are plenty of Iraqi male names she could have chosen.

No. 1785213

tbf they tend to go for mostly "spicy white" names, like I have never seen a TIF named Robert, Hector or Henry, instead I've seen plenty of TIFs named Eii, Ezra, Caleb…that’s off the top of my head.

I mean maybe it’s because these names have the right amount of ‘flavour’ to seem different. But perhaps also gives them the appearance of opting into oppression and adopting the ‘nice soft Jewish boy’ stereotype (my god and couldn’t I go on about the ways TIFs want to opt out of femininity but can’t bring themselves to adopt the full horror of masculinity), I wonder if there’s anything else at play.

No. 1785274

I agree anon but something about these women doing this in their 20s and above makes me laugh/cringe. It reminds me of myself when I was like…12. Perhaps I was just lucky to learn all of this at a young age and self-harm myself in other ways but there is something so childish about these women. Is it autism or?

No. 1785284

A lot of TIFs also convert to Judaism for some reason
Not sure if it's to make choosing those softboi names seem less like appropriation or what

No. 1785288

File: 1678321221782.png (250.91 KB, 383x624, HenryNeutral_FEH.png)

henry is a typical dark academia name and also the name of a fire emblem character many edgy tumblr girls used to be obsessed with years ago. it was insanely popular a while ago but i guess everyone moved on to larping as soft jewish boys.

No. 1785317

Not to defend delusional TIFs but I can see why someone wouldn't pick a name borne by their father's or grandfather's generation for themselves. Robert and Henry were both popular a long time ago compared to Ezra and Caleb. However, it's obvious they're picking names from top baby names lists which is also stupid (some of the most popular male baby names for 2021/2022 in the US were Liam, Noah, Oliver, Elijah, Levi, Ezra, Aiden), although probably a bit better than using their favorite anime characters's name.

No. 1785339

I always thought they named themselves what they think an attractive boy would be named. Robert, Hector, or Henry are not "cute boy" names. My tinfoil is that they name themselves after boys they had crushes on.

No. 1785455

To be fair thats a good point

No. 1785456

That makes sense. It's similar to how some TiMs will try to become the big titty goth gf, or skinwalk their ex gfs or crushes going as far as stealing their name.

No. 1785481

Dimitry is a perfectly common Slavic name, it's baffling that she chose it for herself as an Iraqi. It's as if a native Swede changed her name to Kim Ki-woo. And it never occurred to her before that this is an obvious thing people would ask about. And she doesn't have an answer for it either. I mean why IS her name that? Is it really as retarded as "I named myself after some random anime character"? Honestly just say that, I guess, it will make you look like a weeaboo retard, but people will see you as a harmless moron instead of the delusional freak you are.

No. 1785486

I think those people are stacking oppression points. You know what type I mean? I bet they have fibromyalgia or something too and probably walk with a cane. Another favorite is being "white passing Native American" (not on any tribe rolls ofc, not interested in verifying it either).

No. 1785507

Once a nonni said "males troon out to get more sexual attention, women troon out to escape it" and I think about it till this day

No. 1785510

File: 1678371455388.jpg (607.22 KB, 1080x1956, Screenshot_20230309_151611_com…)

This glazed ham claims shes a nonbinary man. I think youre just obese sweetie

No. 1785514

>Kim Ki-woo
there’s actually already a swedish TIM who legally changed his name to Andrea Ritsu Nicomaki Tensai lol

No. 1785522

File: 1678372775866.jpg (545.93 KB, 1144x2144, 1638471398291.jpg)

Its cause Jewish and Asian men are stereotyped to be "feminine" and non-threatening compared to other ethnic groups, like this post describing how Jack and Jewish men have "transmasc swag"

No. 1785524

When I was 12 and just learned how much society hates women I didn't want to be a girl as well and guess what, it's just a common female experience. I'm kinda glad I wasn't born in Burger Land, I would totally troon out. Blog post but I planned I will get tit chop (to escape sexualization) when I will be able to make money, but it took years, and surprise-surprise, once I grew up I realized this idea was utterly retarded, and instead of trying to escape the reality, I should try to make it better for all women. This waiting time was crucial to me. This is why it's so tragic for me to see bpd/autistic/just stupid teenage girls in murica getting tit chop the second they enter the clinic, they will regret this decision and they would not even choose to do this if they had their time to think about it.

>most popular male baby names for 2021/2022
Yea this is why adult women naming themselves those names are retarded, all of the actual Aidens and Olivers are toddlers now. Tifs are so lazy they can't look up which male names were popular 20-30 years ago.

No. 1785536

Literally built like that squidward meme kek

No. 1785537

It’s super true. Women want to escape sexual trauma, men want to get off on it.

No. 1785563

Ben Shapiro's transmasc swag

No. 1785568

File: 1678379399070.jpg (18.04 KB, 470x131, transmasc playlist wtf.JPG)

No. 1785594


I used to be mocked for my "male interests" in the 90's. If trannies told me I was a man instead to tell me it was normal to women to like non-feminine stuff, I would have taken the bait

No. 1785601

this post always makes me so angry because they are literally only describing roles that jack black has played in other peoples movies, material he's written himself is crude and scrotey and nothing like what theyre saying, they actually have no idea what theyre talking about and now this post is notorious

No. 1785636

I hate when they put the part they clearly think is so profound and intelligent in italics. Because the take is always so retarded and dumb and you just know they feel so smug and smart

No. 1785644

File: 1678389318612.jpeg (175.01 KB, 620x924, 2787820E-7B22-43B2-8C89-5F3D24…)

they’re so self important

No. 1785650

I fucking hate these braindead retards so much. Bitch read a book about the holocaust. Then come and tell me again how youre being "genocided"
Do they really not know that that means? Never have i ever seen a trans person even SLIGHTLY mistreated, let alone murdered in cold blood. Infact in public they are the most babied fucking group of people a stg. Im sorry for almost alogging but damn why are transtards so stupid, disconnected and over all selfish?
Real minorities struggle you stupid spoiled brat. They dont care about your man/woman larp!!

No. 1785662

File: 1678390955838.jpg (88.81 KB, 800x737, 68699342.jpg)

>oppressed minorities

Gimme that tablet so you can stop saying that non-sense.

No. 1785664

File: 1678391104029.gif (7.6 MB, 498x449, 308da19_500.gif)


The fact she calls it "literal genocide" means she knows it's not a real genocide but still want to use it for ass-pats.
And I wouldn't even stop with the Nazi Holocaust. I would tell her to read/learn about Armenian Genocide or Pol Pot's dictatorship to make her glad she's not living there.

No. 1785666

so many trannies talk about the genocide thing and it's so confusing- do they actually believe it? bitch you live in a major coastal american city, it's more stigmatized to be transphobic than trans. most people irl are probably perfectly nice to them, at worst accidentally misgender. idk if troons actually talk themselves into living in fear/convince themselves the world is out to get them and everyone wants them dead somehow? are they talking themselves into this paranoid mindset? or are they knowingly larping as a minority victim of genocide group to feel special or get oppression points or whatever?

No. 1785676

File: 1678391700327.gif (9.35 MB, 540x380, stop.gif)

>wanting actual oppressed people to fight for the rights (what rights they don't have?) of privileged americans
What are they teaching in american schools? These kids know anything about actual genocides? And fucking english?

No. 1785683

Right?! This retard isnt even an oppressed minority herself. She looks like she may have slavic genes but i doubt she is a white immigrant. No doubt she is a privileged white girl from the suburbs being spoiled be all her immidiate family. But wants wokie-ass-pat-points so bad she takes on trans identity to feel like an "oppressed minority" and can fall back on the "youre being transphobic" card for when she is losing an argument she started.

Literal retards. I still feel bad for some tifs knowing alot of them are just traumatized and have severe internalized misogyny (i was them once) but at this point, they should not breed. Let them shoot up all the testosterone they want. It will shrivel up their ovaries and render them infertile.

No. 1785688

This Doc Brown cosplayer has never faced a single second of oppression.

No. 1785704

File: 1678394158571.png (73.42 KB, 200x241, 1593442120509.png)

No. 1785711

It's also the name of Henry cavill, and there was some weird rumour that ellen page was gonna replace him as superman kek

No. 1785715

And what do oppressed minorities owe you, or any other she/they who thinks not getting special attention is genocide? Support is not transactional, we have our own problems you white bread dummy

No. 1785727


I'm not surprised they're not learning about actual genocides if they also failed at basic biology to understand that "gender dysphoria" do not happen in mammals, specially sapiens (and if they do, is due a hormonal imbalance, no because said mammal identifies like the other sex).

No. 1785735

>Thinking you're oppressed in a first world country
Just as brain dead of a take

No. 1785738

I hope they're dragging her dumbass for this. Minorities owe trannies nothing, especially the white ones.

No. 1785742

>manchurian by proxy
is this like the sequel to the manchurian candidate or something?

No. 1785746

File: 1678399039109.jpg (84.73 KB, 736x606, 0fb232703291d2ad0bd5a1d8287385…)

>idk if troons actually talk themselves into living in fear/convince themselves the world is out to get them and everyone wants them dead somehow? are they talking themselves into this paranoid mindset?

The trans/TRA community is a high control group, and part of that is inciting paranoia that only the group is safe and those outside it will misunderstand you at best and seek to harm you at worst. While I'm sure the more narcissistic members know it's bullshit, plenty of desisters and detransitioners have talked about how they did feel convinced that they were at actual risk interacting with normies, and that this fear often grew to consume every social interaction.

No. 1785751

They always want black people to do their work because they think they’re as oppressed as black people. They weren’t enslaved , segregated , hung, hosed down, or attacked by dogs ffs

No. 1785779

Not even the smallest bit of female oppression usually felt by young girls in grade school by double standard behaviour and dress code rules. And if she ever did face it, she definetly internalized that shit and began self-hating as a woman. Which is why she be on her genderspacial arc.

Nonnas if you have daughters, remind them that women are superior and men smell like corn chips and act like apes and dont deserve sympathy.

Kidding.. but also… not…

No. 1785781

File: 1678402112275.jpg (67.31 KB, 659x900, EoZk6xaW8AAvMqR.jpg)

And when black people want nothing to do with their "fake oppression", they act like picrel

No. 1785796

As a black girl, I feel this. I’m exhausted and a TIM asked me if they could rant about being oppressed to me because “I would get it”

No. 1785802

Ugh thats horrible. I would have said "uhm, no, i wouldnt. Ive never been a man pretending to be a woman so i do not understand you. And you will never be a true oppressed minority, you will never understand me."

But also stay safe. Tims are axe wielding psycho murderers who would assault you and claim you were being transphobic to successfully get away with it.

No. 1785818

she has a fatal case of komaeda hair

No. 1785820

damn they cannot do a single thing without bringing their "gender identity" into it. do they need the affirmation that listening to this is not too girly?

i doubt any of them actually believe there's a literal genocide going on. if you legitimately fear for your life, you don't spend your days making tiktoks and tweets about being trans with your face/real name included. you would also leave the trans outfits, pins, flags etc. at home, and not have public meltdowns about being "misgendered". there are men out there winning women's sports competitions and closing down women-only rape shelters and we're supposed to believe trannies are victims? hilarious.

No. 1785835

Thanks nonnie. I was just emotionally stressed to tears. Like it felt like I had to put my identity on the back burner and I was terrified I’d be canceled if I explained that they will never be in the level of black people. I’m just so sick of them co-opting BLM as their own platform without caring about us. Sorry for the rant

No. 1785864

Don't feel sorry, nonnie. You have your struggles and no TIM/TIF from another country or identity can tell you how to feel or to support them "in solidarity" when they're clearly using you as a "strawman". See Laetitiaki, people used to follow her for the "fun hair art" until she opened the oppression she has a black woman, and TRAs and TIM are suddenly cancelling her for… saying what she feels like? And she doesn't give a damn. Hang in there, here we are supporting you against these "what about me"ism people.

No. 1785946

>convinced that they were at actual risk interacting with normies
Its a very important thing actually, if tifs talked to the other women just a little bit they would understand that their insecurities and "masculine" hobbies are totally normal and a lot of women have them, and this would lead the tifs to think a bit about their situation and then leave the cult. But instead, the only "women" tifs interact with are porn-addicted mtfs who tell them if they don't want to be brainless bimbos they are not women.

No. 1785952

Actually nonni, the simple fact of not coddling those deranged men is important. They act so entitled because they believe every woman on earth is obligated to serve them at least emotional labor and if you do not do that, you already make a contribution. You don't have to risk your life by actively telling an insane man in a dress to fuck off, you can do small things and it will play its part. The simple fact that you don't believe the trannie cult already makes you special and important to all the actual women out there.

No. 1785976

>But instead, the only "women" tifs interact with are porn-addicted mtfs
Doesn't even have to be MTFs imo, if you don't have female friends but use social media in this day and age, you probably think that instagrammers and e-girls with an OF on the side are representative of the average woman, hence this delusion that they (TIFs) are so different (or downright male) because they like video games and wear jeans. And I understand the NLOG phase when you're a young teenager, but normally you grow out of it. It's harder to change your mindset when you've been recruited by the gender cult, or when all your social media content is based on being genderspecial.

No. 1785985

File: 1678437067110.jpg (371.56 KB, 1602x1037, Polish_20230310_112725694.jpg)

Nonnies check out my edit

No. 1785986

File: 1678437216386.jpg (777.62 KB, 4096x4096, Polish_20230310_112826911.jpg)

Samefag, I was thinking about these comments a lot recently. You will find a ton of those under any video about the nlog phenomenon. Nothing really changed, just now the nlogs have he/they in bio instead of wearing a rock band t shirt.

No. 1786006

Does anyone else remember this girl? I checked back on her channel today and she sounds more brain dead than ever. She does a valley girl "like why are people hating the gays?? i know its like related to trump and stuff". The video before this she says shit like
>got banned on tiktok for "being nonbinary"
>"its like the world is saying im not valid"
>"its so hard to be nonbinary u guise"
>selling her nipple and vagina mold keychains

No. 1786014

>selling her nipple and vagina mold keychains
Women this retarded need to be institutionalized for their own good, crazy girls like her are the ones who will do the most insane troon shit to their bodies as they don't understand the value of it.

No. 1786058

File: 1678453262749.jpg (212.56 KB, 1543x1536, a09.jpg)

as someone whose people actually did survive an ethnic cleansing in living memory, this is so utterly offensive, this made me IRL mad

No. 1786065

Bitch, go to Ethiopia and look at the people killing each other because of tribe wars. They need help, not the fat Americans having everything handed to them and demanding for their most nonissues to get solved.

No. 1786071

File: 1678455386876.png (863.72 KB, 929x1030, Tweek_pic.png)

it's even worse. I think she's cosplaying a south park character. what is it with fakebois and south park?

No. 1786093

Some identify with Stan, who often struggles with feeling like an outsider and trying to fit in with his peers. Similarly, some see themselves in the character of Kyle Broflovski, who is shown as more emotionally sensitive and empathetic than the other boys. But more importantly, South Park's men are not real and will never hurt them because they are women. That's why trans every male characters under the sun, they know that irl men are disgusting scrotes.

No. 1786096

they can project on the boys a childhood they never had, and the show is "edgy" and often ship-pandering to yaoi fans

No. 1786102

File: 1678459474907.jpg (854.43 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1678459335673.jpg)

Julia the professional girlfriend who doesn't tolerate being called girl.

No. 1786104

consenting about the words they made up themselves lmfao

No. 1786116

that sucks, would be cool for a big meme channel to be run by a woman for once

No. 1786141

File: 1678466559656.jpeg (563.89 KB, 1125x3144, B2CE35B0-29E0-43CB-BBFE-F0B9C8…)


No. 1786142

File: 1678466662849.jpeg (276.75 KB, 1125x1693, 07987B54-E19E-479C-BA78-2351FD…)

This one used a filter instead of smearing shit all over her face but it looks equally awful.

No. 1786182

>banning child sterilization
>literal genocide

No. 1786185

this shit is the most ironic, like they are advocating for their own sterilization and get mad when it's limited meanwhile actual oppressed minorities had to fight to NOT be forcibly sterilized lmfao

No. 1786201

File: 1678475916333.png (109.22 KB, 720x900, Screenshot_20230310-152255_1.p…)

this was in response to a post saying smthing along the lines of you guys needs to accept not every gnc person is trans and be normal about that. what an incredibly transparent thing to say good god. "yeah my oppression is completely predicted on what words other people call themselves its literally the only factor". man.

No. 1786204

File: 1678476416727.jpeg (799.67 KB, 828x1018, B41A6A41-94E9-4A49-BC11-243787…)

Kek she’s an anachan that stopped taking testosterone because she didn’t like the changes. I think all she’s done was a pointless top surgery on her already small chest. She genuinely thinks she looks like ~too confusing a mix of male/female~ though and that’s why she got banned. Picrel- stupid drawn on mustache she does, doesn’t want actual facial hair

No. 1786217

she is a woman

she's a SWer making demands like that? damn these bitches posted here making me think there's a fortune to be made as a non-insufferable SWer

No. 1786249

Kek I know someone irl who does this too. She’s a SW who looks very much like a woman but she draws on a Waluigi mustache and wants to be called a boi. It looks so fucking stupid and she once posted about how it’s “telling” that her ugly mustache pics don’t get as many likes as the ones without it like. Of course??

No. 1786257

I’m biracial btw so I hope this doesn’t sound like weird racebait stuff but it’s just what I’ve observed: This is major projection from someone with white guilt/shame, who uses gender stuff to hide from being in, as they say, the “oppressor class”. Now they are trying hard to get others to join them so they can feel validated. For them cis = any person who isn’t actively seeking to be “the most oppressed” (for them it’s to hide behind it when the topic of their whiteness ever comes up). The gender thing is really irrelevant when you get to the core of most of these people, but especially TIFs.

No. 1786300

Reading the bottom paragraph is honestly concerning. She just reads as young and confused to me but it’s devastating to think these people are lying to themselves to find happiness but instead they fall deeper into their depression. Even with this “positive” change and “finding oneself” this still show self-loathing and miserable behavior. I admit I do feel sympathy for TIFs and it does make me sad when they ultimately ruin their lives. However, I have absolutely no sympathy if a TIM displays the same behavior.

No. 1786315

File: 1678487522178.jpg (195.6 KB, 1284x1059, kek (2).jpg)

She's getting roasted on twitter by other trannies kek

No. 1786317

>or Italian
fucking kek

No. 1786326

>the opressor class of cis only exists for as long as people identify as cis
KEK wtf they're the ones that call people cis lmao.
You don't even have anybody doing "cis pride" like how some conservatives try to do "straight pride". Nobody actually "identifies" as cis

No. 1786330

if being trans is a choice then why can't those like >>1784540 hate trans men for choosing to align with the oppressor class of cis women and turning a blind eye to misogyny? lol their logic makes no sense. how are trans people a class for being oppressed but cis women aren't for the same reasons?

No. 1786333

It's all about fashion, isn't it? It's literally all just fashion. For fucks sake.

No. 1786336

>or italian

No. 1786349

I swear to god these people make up things to get offended over. Most actual GNC people are comfortable with their sex and it’s insulting when they imply someone can’t possibly break gender norms and not care about the whole trans thing.

No. 1786355

You know that girl who would cry for weeks after a haircut? Because the hairdresser took off a little bit more than a trim? And that missing centimeter of hair made her look like an ugly boy? It's her, she's the tranny now

No. 1786368

>gender as a class struggle
lol I bet this kid is UMC. Trying to apply Marxism to troon-larping is true retardation. Forgive the Marx-sperging, but gendies are the best example of the bourgeoisie's "uninterrupted disturbance of all social conditions." That's in part why corporations love troons. Aside from creating a captive consoomer class it divides and alienates people from organizing to oppose corporate rule.

I think you have a point. Sounds like they've read some Robin DiAngelo and just changed a few words to make it about them

No. 1786370

fashion or "class struggle", dysphoria is no more!

No. 1786393

File: 1678500563871.png (2.31 MB, 750x1624, 9E1F6862-7FD1-4020-B6BF-A80E79…)

been seeing shit like this all over my fyp, atp their just saying words to say words, genocide? huh? the troons out here are brain dead from their hrt and just regurgatating this word everywhere now. so tired of this

No. 1786394

I know she’s someone you knew but would you mind posting her tiktok? I’m trying to convince my friend not to trans

No. 1786409

This girl is a silly bitch who needs to get off the internet.

Troons' so-called movement was always a joke but they really deserve to be laughed off the public stage for this. People who genuinely believe they are targets in the late stages of a genocide don't fuck around with goofy shit on tiktok.

Actually now I remember what these people remind me of. Have you ever seen the movie Patty Hearst? There's a scene where the Symbionese Liberation Army moves into a ghetto house to hide from the feds. One of the idiot white kids with a phony "people's name" alias is overjoyed:

>Teko: Great. Perfect. No gas. No electricity.

>Patricia Hearst: Sounds great.

>Yolanda: At last! We're really poor.

The difference is no one's actually hunting them down.

No. 1786428

kek that's hilarious, but you think that's bad, read up the Squamish Five
>were a group of self-styled "urban guerrillas" active in Canada during the early 1980s
>The group's first action was in 1982: vandalizing the British Columbia Ministry of Environment offices.[2] They began training with stolen weapons in a deserted area north of Vancouver and stole a large cache of dynamite belonging to the Department of Highways.[3]

They bombed some shops and stores, got arrested and were declared as revolutionary martyrs and heroes

No. 1786443

Tweek would make more sense. I thought she was cosplaying bakugo from my hero, tifs love that show because they think the green nerd is one of them and is totes gay for bakugo

No. 1786448

what is it with tifs and south park? i remember a wave of tifs who were obsessed with it in 2017 before it sort of died down, and now there's another resurgence happening. it's so bizarre. why this of all things?

No. 1786474

File: 1678513078675.jpeg (Spoiler Image,262.04 KB, 770x1024, sorry.jpeg)

i hope she is happy with her new penis, and peeing from her pubic mound

No. 1786480

everything about this is so bad. sometimes i go on r/phallo much in the way i used to r/botched and ive never seen anything this bad which might be because i can never stay on too long, but the thigh looks fucking necrotic and why in gods name did she get it so big most of the people on that sub go smaller than average because it always stays the same size. that shit is going to ruin her life even more than this shit normally does.

No. 1786489

That honest to God looks like they just stitched it over her labia angled straight down towards the floor

No. 1786493

I wonder when tifs see a misogynistic joke are they offended? Or are they offended on the inside but then tell to themselves "It's okay, I'm not a stupid woman anymore, it's not about me now". I definitely think tifs pretend they are offended by the "lol men are trash" quirky memes. Funny to think it's probably a big deal for a tif to figure out the right reaction to a sexist "meme" because a male troon would just jerk off and go.

No. 1786496

Christ it looks like an Olive Garden breadstick. Has anyone actually had this done and have it turn out looking anything like an actual penis? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a convincing phalloplasty. What is the point? Doesn’t this just make them feel more “dysphoric”?

No. 1786502

>this dead sausage hanging from my crotch surely is going to fix all my problems

No. 1786515

>34.5 THOUSAND likes
I'm trying not to a-log. I'm trying really hard.

No. 1786516

File: 1678520383860.jpg (485.5 KB, 1080x1943, Screenshot_20230311_083801_com…)

Be fr, your man sounds like a closeted homo who indulges you to get what he wants. Nobody on this earth thinks youre a man

No. 1786525

File: 1678521769000.webm (5.17 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.App 717889891393878758…)

so masculine

No. 1786540

Did she mistake the surgeon's office for Subway? Even men's trousers don't have the space to accommodate a whole wheat footlong.

No. 1786542

Absolutely insane that people are brainwashed into thinking sewing on a fake body part will fix their mental health, improve their sex life and make them pass better.
Possibly even more insane are the handmaidens who aren't mentally ill themselves but still believe those things are true for those mentally ill trans people.

Before trans ideology I didn't understand history, it truly didn't make sense to me how everyone in Germany thought killing innocent Jews would solve any of their own problems, why would anyone even listen to Hitler when he sounded like a deluded freak? But trans ideology have really opened my eyes to how willing people are to buy any insane unscientific bullshit and fight for it blindly even though it hurts themselves and everyone around them. All they had to be told was a few lies and they happily ate it all up and made up more themselves.

It's ironic how Rowling and terfs are getting treated by the trans community like Jews were treated by the nazis. They don't listen to a word she says, they make up lies to why she wants them dead (when she said the literal opposite and wanted to help them) and therefore they actively genuinely wish death and harm upon her and they do it openly and publicly. If they get banned from twitter because of it, they make a new account and brag about it. Trans people are openly a hate group and people still cheer them on. Sorry for the blog.

No. 1786544

>my coomer husband wants a goth gf to peg him and eat his ass out

No. 1786573

File: 1678531460110.png (115.42 KB, 584x436, AAD079C1-3855-44D0-99C2-103AC7…)

Nonny do you know where this was done? A third world country perhaps? It is absolutely terrible and doesn’t look like a penis at all…

Jew here and I agree with you. What’s funny is that these people think they are the counter- culture when everywhere you look in mainstream they’re being celebrated and defended. I saved picrel from the terf meme thread to my phone and it keeps me going tbh

No. 1786574

>literally the bottom
When they have to add the word literally it probably isn't true, like "literal genocide". Sounds like your moid likes to be pegged and indulges in your larp so you'll keep doing it to him.

No. 1786581

Why is it like, same thickness and just completely shapeless tube? Usually they atleast try to make it.. Less of a tube-shaped, and something that would resemble shape of penis if you're closing your eyes, right?

No. 1786594

File: 1678536343807.jpg (39.79 KB, 640x484, manmadehorrors.jpg)

I hope at least part of it is just swelling but I'm afraid I might be wrong.

No. 1786597

Sad that these girls don’t realize that moids will do jsut about abything to get laid, the easier the better. What could be easier than entertaining the delusions of ”totally gayman” girls. And the bottoming? Wow, you sure hit the jackpot with a man who voluntarily engages in sex where his cock gets sucked and the other partner gets nothing. Kek

No. 1786620

you type this as if one of the buildings hitler burned down wasn’t an institute on gender and sexuality and one of the first hospitals for trans research and gender reassignment surgery in Germany. lol. if you’re gonna ree about nazis at least realize you’re on the side of them

No. 1786624

File: 1678540729081.jpeg (583.14 KB, 828x938, CAA25C59-7F84-4F1C-93DC-39E03D…)

spot the TIF

No. 1786627

Bullshit. There is no "nazi" side because all the nazis and hitler are dead. They don't have a side. The only side there is is nazi-like, and it's the troon side.

No. 1786630

>he is the bottom
it's so weird how these people think that whenever you are on the receving or giving end of sex is an indicator of your sexuality and/or gender

No. 1786634

It shows how rigid and conservative their gender roles really are if they think a man can’t be a “bottom” in a straight couple.

No. 1786642

>He's the bottom
No he's not, he's just a fat moid who wants you to do all the work because he'll get out of breath within 5 seconds

No. 1786655

stop acting like that was the only thing the nazis burned down and destroyed, do you need a statistic what the nazis destroyed and who the killed? And, as far as I can tell, most people that lived back then and were nazis are dead now, so we don't have them anymore. You might call them ultra-right or neo-nazis, but actual nazis are dead and gone.

No. 1786656

this is nothing else than self harm. It's an intense wound that needs a huge amount of aftercare and as long as it is that way, those women will feel okay, after that it's back to realising how bad their lives are and how they still hate themselves. We have reached a timeline where doctors should just prescribe drugs, razorblades or a daily amount of starvation/purging, as it seems no one cares about the harm you bring unto your body anymore and it appears that it's okay to self harm, at least for women.

No. 1786660

Her look in its current form is just a darkwave/new wave look that would've fit right in with any big city night life club in the 80's and 90's. If a guy is hitting on a woman like her he's probably got good taste. Sad that she seeks to demean him and try to imply he's gay. sage for commentary.

No. 1786674

File: 1678548131859.png (181.87 KB, 2473x569, trand_dom.png)

reminds me of this great pinkpill of why the "sumbissive" moid in a femdom relationship still has the power in the relationship

No. 1786681

>explore the women's and even the kids' section

No. 1786684

She wanna be Andrew tate so bad.

No. 1786698

I think one of the biggest differences here is that nazis tried to hide and silence information they didn't agree with; I want to take that phallo picture and show it to all the parents of ftm kids and say "this is the real end result of medical transition." The ones shoving information under the rug aren't TERFs. I was a hardcore TRA most of my life and didn't know the reality of what medical transition was like until I looked at gender critical spaces because modern era trans activism is all about optics. Your point will only be valid once TERFs start killing trans people at the same rate tims kill women.

No. 1786729

File: 1678558504236.png (91.67 KB, 500x500, pringles.png)

I'm trying to understand why the surgeon did that penis have the shape of a Pringles can??? Even a surgery for a man with a small penis can be that bad??

My theory is because a surgeon for a man is an urologist, but how can you explain all those r/phallonightmares?

No. 1786733

File: 1678558806836.jpg (111.45 KB, 960x942, FoLSI7tWIAADuGn.jpg)

>Terf is the new Punk

It made me think in picrel and how many of those young kids wouldn't even believe that there are punk people that are conservative or even be a dick just to piss YOU off.

No. 1786738

lol I don’t get these people who do this first off, but secondly get something impossible to ever hide. you know she would go brag about how big her “meat” (aka leg skin sausage tube is) but is probably in immense pain or discomfort all the time.

No. 1786741

File: 1678559707146.png (136.03 KB, 533x862, asdfghjkljhgfddtjhukjhrg.png)

how indeed

No. 1786742

There are documentaries about men with big penises and most of them find it uncomfortable, is a big problem to find clothes that fit, it takes half an hour to get erected for sex and since is only meat and blood veins, they get tired a lot even using viagra.

"The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence".

No. 1786744

Kek at picrel. Eastern euro punks are all of these things.

No. 1786748

plus the original hardcore punk scene in the US, which mostly consisted of typical white trash who had values of white trash, the sanitized and progressive of punk came from university educated types who essentially co-opted the punk scene for their own progressive values, which essentialy killed punk rock

No. 1786751

History will compare this era to the lobotomy craze of the 1930's

>Howard Dully (born November 30, 1948) is one of the youngest recipients and survivors of the transorbital lobotomy, a procedure performed on him when he was 12 years old. Dully received international attention in 2005, following the broadcasting of his story on National Public Radio.

50 years from now we'll see the same attention on mutilated trans kids. But I hope people wake up before then.

No. 1786758

File: 1678562333184.jpg (72.68 KB, 1080x799, Trans.jpg)

No. 1786759

sexually this is absolutely useless. there's a reason why real penises aren't shaped like a clubbed foot.

No. 1786769

This makes me wonder why TIFs even bother with the surgery. TIMs do it for the coom but a TIF's 'dick' neither looks or acts like one. What's the point?

No. 1786789

kek im so happy to see that song used in this context

No. 1786790

nice "hitler was a vegetarian"core argument you've got there

No. 1786795

you keep trying to inject this point into threads but it's not going to change anyone's minds, it's a disingenuous and facile comparison to make. be gone, lurking tranny.

No. 1786798

my lack of sexist stereotypes surrounding clothing

No. 1786828

File: 1678567078640.jpeg (268.57 KB, 1170x1997, 7820082E-6C92-487E-B7EC-44544C…)

Who’s lying to her about looking like a man?
She had a Merlyn and a casual HP cosplay among other things on her page and is obviously a he/they/she

No. 1786833

They dress fairly androgynous and then go for the girliest haircut possible>>

No. 1786838

I had to flip through several of her videos to figure out of this was a mtf or just a really unfortunate looking woman. Sometimes women really do be out there looking like moids, probably why she decided to clutch onto this trend to cope.

No. 1786848

she desperately needs some eyebrows, this look is not doing her any favors

No. 1786862

File: 1678569590123.jpeg (42.74 KB, 828x802, 2D53868E-062A-4E07-BBE4-33C1D7…)

You’re really gonna compare “TERFs” to Nazis when this >>1786474 Nazi-tier horror show experiment is being done and encouraged by the tranny community? Gimme a break retard fucking lmao

No. 1786866

File: 1678570406495.jpg (28.32 KB, 650x400, drtfno20lbi91.jpg)

That make-up work made me think in someone but I can't recall who.

"Because gay men like penises and dislike my boypussy!" Then either date a bisexual man or something, that's way easier and healthy than… Whatever that penis is.

I swear those surgeons went to the same college of Nick Riviera to forget how a penis looks like.

No. 1786879

She could pull off a hot androgynous look if she cut her hair.

Why do so many women want to be seen as a smelly scrote, you're biologically more beautiful as a female compared to males in your age bracket. The propaganda that men age like wine and women look hideous without makeup and "hit a wall", when testosterone is the thing that ages you like mold, proves the patriarchy is real.

No. 1786884

how is god name does she walk with that between her legs. i used to be fat and my thighs chafed now i’ve done hip addiction and the muscles still chafe. id be scared that thing is gonna get caught between my thighs and twist off.

No. 1786888

>Yes, I support sterilizing autistic children and engaging in human experimentation
>YOU are the Nazi for not supporting it too

No. 1786890

Yeah I watched a video recently about these gender surgeons on social media making these surgeries seem so fun and easy. This Asian guy I think in cali has been doing top surgery on girls as young as 13 and heavily advertising himself on TikTok. He’s sick and I hope he gets sued to hell one day. Also a botched phalloplasty made this lady have to use a colostomy bag and it’s sad bc she honestly passes way more than any TIF I’ve seen but now she poops in a bag because these surgeons are so fucking incompetent


No. 1786914

File: 1678574841041.png (476.94 KB, 1738x1052, A15557B7-F5AA-4BDF-AA8F-665B51…)

This made me kek

No. 1786922

Right, their vanilla asses never stray from the front page of ph if they think being the receiver makes you weak and submissive, and therefore feminine

No. 1786938

I get what you're trying to say but this is honestly just a self own

No. 1786939

File: 1678578197700.jpg (534.09 KB, 2880x2880, Twitter_Collage.jpg)

>arson cat boy
Of course, and she looks just like you'd expect

>I'm like if a man and a woman had sex

Yes sweetie that's how you came into exist in the first place

>emo references, usernames, pfp

What's with the overlap of emos and tifs, like I'm into my chem and ghost, and is it just me or am I seeing a rise in she/they girls in those fandoms

No. 1786940

If they're "not girls" then why do they work at female strip clubs? Male strip clubs exist too, why not go work there? lol

No. 1786942


Samefag, was replying to >>1786758

No. 1786948

Emo has always been gnc and a bit gay so of course the gender losers are drawn to it. I saw a post on tumblr for people to put in the tags who gives them “gender envy” and like 70% of the replies were TIFs saying Gerard Way. Imo he and/or Mikey probably would’ve trooned out if they were born 10 years later but that’s just the vibes I get from them kek.

> I just wanna be me that isn’t she

Sums up all TIFs. Sad to hate yourself so much.

No. 1786950

sage cause this might sound mildly retarded but it's so interesting seeing tifs behavior when it comes to appearance because they're still clinging onto the female trauma of feeling like you have to be "pretty"(there's the obvious gross crusty subtype who doesn't do any grooming at all, but then again that's just a coping mechanism against that feeling most likely)

idk just interesting watching this because it's basically a re-framed "cut your hair like this if your have x face shape, wear this style of dress if you have x body type"

No. 1787001

aside from this being absolutely horrific, how does she expect to walk or wear pants with that fucking thing? clearly long term thinking is nonexistent for them but do they not know how penises work before getting their flesh strap-ons?

No. 1787003


I would add so many characters, it would take a whole page to fill them.

No. 1787005

This should be shown to these tifs before to even think to make their "dong" that big.

No. 1787008

File: 1678586679510.jpg (555.12 KB, 1080x4695, Screenshot_20230312_095344_Twi…)

There's more in the qrts. These women (and tims) should just write shitty poems.

No. 1787014

File: 1678586951452.png (1.58 MB, 1200x1200, genshin-impact-xiao-char-1.png)

I'm pretty sure she literally got her haircut from genshin

No. 1787026

How did we get from the 70s & 80s genderbenders' spirit of fun to the idea that you had to pretend it's all serious and real to the point of ruining your body?

Frankly I'm going to have a cruel, hearty laugh when these know-it-alls reach middle age. They've exhausted my compassion

No. 1787028

She has a great style. Shame she’s an NLOG

No. 1787029

TIFs can’t be faggots (I’m assuming that’s what that person is). Why are the gay men on twitter seemingly silent about this but they get so upset by being called queer

No. 1787033

ah yes the asellus from saga frontier. what is this called now, the tomboy tails?

No. 1787050

Do TiFs realize twink femboys eventually grow up into ugly men?? What are they going to do when they turn 50? I doubt none of these girls want to age into old men, but their bodies would be poisoned by T by then.

No. 1787056

DA but kek you should nona. We could all contribute to an extra large version of >>1786914 for the next threadpic, I'd add Jesse from Breaking Bad and Kyle from South Park to start

No. 1787061

You'd really think this would convince at least a few normies who saw it that trooning is a current trend that heavily relies on aesthetics/fashion, fandom and idealizing gay men

No. 1787067

you don’t have to be trans to use the bare minimum critical thinking skills and realize that 1. it’s a newly added prosthetic 2. thus there is obviously going to be swelling. you’d think for a group of people so obsessed with trans people that you constantly seethe over randos in a thread all day and stare at these pictures that you’d do the bare minimum research to realize this type of procedure has multiple stages and this person is at like the very beginning of what is probably stage 3 depending on if they get a pump implant or balls implant. regardless, this isn’t the final product, and this image just documents their current condition at whatever stage of their process they’re at, im assuming to document and put all of the images together once they have healed and are done with whatever procedures they’re looking for.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1787085

File: 1678595500631.jpg (222.08 KB, 946x946, 368dddfa482b229593115fb965420d…)

I think also some characters from Danganrompa, HunterxHunter, Killing Stalking and Nagisa Shiota from Assassination Classroom (who I'm not surprised these tif do not kin with him mostly since he's a tif like them, except it was because his mother never let him be like those "cute girls").

No. 1787087

With all the "waaaah" crying about they don't living past 50s because TERFS/NAZIS/AMURIKKA/ETC, do you expect them to think "I am going to look like my old dad/uncle/male relative at that age"?

No. 1787106

Girl, this shit is still useless and it bears no resemblance to an actual penis no matter how many revisions it goes through, and you will never be a man.

No. 1787109

Okay? but there’s no way this is going to look good by the time they’re finished. I’ve seen healed phalloplasties and they all look botched and horrifying. Really sad because it seems surgeons put a lot more care and effort into TIM neovaginas (which still look pretty off but 100x better than the fake dicks). Surprise surprise.

No. 1787119

uwu the swelling will decrease….by a hugely disproportionate amount that makes up for the fundamentally botched surgery…?
girl stfu honestly lmfao

No. 1787120

this is legitimately terrifying from any standpoint and you are brainwashed to think that a slightly more """"nuanced""" version of the surgery would be acceptable, you sick fuck

No. 1787123

The ones that are months post op still look like deformed sausages. Have you had the surgery done recently and are needing to cope?

No. 1787125

Please stop trying to shill self mutilation and instead seek therapy to recover from your pro-self harm mindset.

No. 1787173

You will never have a penis

No. 1787181

File: 1678607062315.jpg (38.17 KB, 680x390, god.jpg)

>unironically defending that
>pump/balls implant
KEK I genuinely Hope this is a troll because there are A LOT of trannies who don't get surgery because they like having functioning sexual organs and not looking like a botched Frankenstein's monster. Also no man or women alive would ever consider that a penis, and it will NEVER function like one. Nature is a TERF baybeee

No. 1787195

paul dano's riddler from batman 2022 definitely goes there

No. 1787243

Nome of them want to be men or anything resembling men it’s why they cower behind “masc”. Their descriptions are so blatantly feminine or tomboyish, none of it is remotely masculine in anyway.
None of what you’re saying justifies the weird result she ended up with.

No. 1787244

I always see this shitty take from TIFs thats like "we're discovering ourselves in out 20s because we lost so many years in childhood and teenage years! LGBT people bloom later!"
When in reality is:
A) in fucking childhood you're not mature enough and this goes for everyone
B) you have a job now and can buy yourself weird outfits.
You can see how (this also in tims) everything is a cosplay tier thing for them. Everytime I see a woman in short messy hair and weird clashing colors I just know she's a "they/them". It's insulting. They're weirdly obsessed with "passing" and depending on being recognized and yet when people point that shit out they're like "lgbt people dont owe you anything!!"
Alright clown

No. 1787271

i love how every “transmasc” outfit is just butch lesbian. shame she’s probably straight cause she’s cute.

No. 1787286

A lot of the ones that troon out later in life do it to escape the inevitable pass of time(like Ellen Page). Troons in general are obsessed with youth, TiFs idealize male adolescence to unhealthy levels that borderline the autopedophilia.

No. 1787305

Of course they are offended, many tifs are feminists. but they have to pretend that it doesn't affect them therefore they end up becoming the worst version of a feminist ally man

No. 1787308

c) they're not "discovering themselves" they're having a mid-life crisis because they think now that they're no longer teens life is practically over (40 year olds are grannies to them and they're half-way there)

No. 1787313

it's hilarious that a white knight came to defend a fellow troona and STILL doesn't use he/him for her kek

girl we can tell that 1. you're an immature teen at best and 2. you've never seen a naked male in person, at best you probably read yaoi and think that's an accurate depiction of men. the rolled up skin tube isn't in any way shape or form going to look or function anything like a human male penis. putting in a pump isn't going to change that. you're a perfect example of how trans ideology harms people, you've been convinced genital mutilation and horrible experimental surgeries are something good and worth defending, it's truly sick and i hope you grow out of it.

No. 1787316

File: 1678636335338.jpg (100.73 KB, 1027x706, 4c66-ae42-ea26dc88434d.jpg)

>TiFs idealize male adolescence to unhealthy levels that borderline the autopedophilia.
true and just like TIMs their idea of boyhood comes from the media consume(usually yaoi and fan-fiction) and no basis as to do what boys are like IRL

No. 1787321

Troonism is built around a complete misunderstanding of sexuality through the hyperconsumption of unrealistic porn (this includes fanfic) on the internet, and "the grass is greener" taken to the extreme.

No. 1787325

just say autism and shota

No. 1787326

File: 1678637871206.jpeg (195.7 KB, 1738x1052, Tif_Selfinsert_2v.jpeg)

in the works, the truth is that any male character can be a troon for these tif girls

No. 1787333

TIMs are retarded because they think all teenage girls are popular and well liked and associate their loneliness to them being male. TIFs envy the freedom that boys have over girls and while they aren't wrong they still idealize it to unrealistic levels. I predict a lot of trooning out from the kids who spend their HS years during quarantine.

No. 1787339


First thing that came to mind too! I don't think there is anything more ftm than copying your husbando kek

No. 1787345


Nona Nagisa was 'feminised' by his narc mum, he was basically pushed into being girly because she wanted a daughter. Delusional ftms are usually projecting the reverse or like to use him as femboy inspo

No. 1787346

> we lost so many years in childhood and teenage years
I bet the vast majority of troons didn't leave the house because they preferred to spend time on the internet or because they didn't have many friends and just now found out that their time wasted.
and another excuse is that "in their youth it gave them social anxiety because they saw them as men or women" well these are just more excuses for not grow up and behaving like adults

No. 1787347

>able bodied middle class white girls saying Viktor’s story about being an impoverished disabled guy with terminal illness is a metaphor for being trans
This will never stop annoying me tbh. Life altering genetic disabilities and terminal illness are real things actual people go through that are meaningful already as what they are, they aren’t a metaphor for some spoiled gendie feelings about wishing you didn’t have boobs. I wish all these girls had to spend time with people who have spina bifida and cancer and tell them “I think conditions like that are really relatable, as a transmasc.”

No. 1787350

File: 1678641119285.jpg (297.65 KB, 1080x2765, Gerard_Wikipedia.jpg)

>I want slight muscles
>I want sex with boys
>I want hugs from boys
You can do all these without trooning out. If this is all they think the "boyhood" they missed out on is, they have no clue. And as someone whose controlling parents genuinely made me miss out on normal teen things it makes me kek that these shut-ins think not having male attention as a teen is uwu a lost childhood to be mourned.

>Gerard and/or Mikey probably would’ve trooned out if they were born 10 years later
Gerard was thinking about it, picrel. Just like tifs he believed being gender non conforming means its time to troon, even though he's aware of non conforming people who haven't trooned which is more than many tifs can say. And now that he wears dresses to concerts I guess he's tif "goals"

No. 1787353

I truly don't understand why anyone transitions in the internet era with pics like this easily accessible

There's examples everywhere of T making women break out and go bald and get permanent frog voice, of women with mastectomies whose chests look absolutely nothing like a man's, and of course phallo which seems to be too crazy even for most TIFs… How does anyone see this stuff and think "Yeah, that's the life I want for myself"?

No. 1787354

Trannyism is the epitome of privilege like this in every respect, it steamrolls and co-opts racial equality slogans, disability activism, and of course LGB. There’s a shameless entitlement to it that only upper middle class white people from a first world country can achieve

On a movement level of course, there’s a bunch of TIFs who have been individually sexually abused, but the whole movement just has that narcissism to it

The co-opting of disability bothers me because disability has been actually systemically erased, disabled people were also sent to concentration camps and subject to forced sterilisation but these girls think they’re getting genocided over the most arbitrary shit. Sometimes I really want to a-log

your post resonated with me nonny

No. 1787355

Obviously autism and privellge are a factor, but I'd also argue that troonism is just one of the byproducts of western neo-liberalism, no sense of identity or morality to guide them, degeneracy would always be the end result

No. 1787357

I sort of understand the feeling, I was an outcast as a kid for being an autistic tomboy but that didn't stopped grow ass men for sexually harass me when I was just walking to school. The feeling of being disgusted with your body and loneliness could had make me troon out if troonery was more popular back then

No. 1787359

File: 1678642165678.png (18.78 KB, 731x392, badwomensanatomy.png)

>[I] wouldn't even consider going on birth control because what the hell i don't want more estrogen

I don't even know what to say. And she's apparently 20, even though this reads like a dumb teenager.

No. 1787360

Talking about privilege, at least where I live being a butch is way more common in lower social classes than in higher ones. I guess is because poorer women have to take men roles. Maybe suburbanites have more rigid views on gender and that why they troon out more.

No. 1787366

The Nazis were committed to the idea of racial purity and saw Jews as a threat to the supposed superiority of the Aryan race. Hirschfeld, the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft's head, was a prominent Jewish physician and sexologist, and his work advocating for LGBT rights was seen as promoting a degenerate and non-Aryan worldview. Stop rewriting history your fucking ignorant. Stop trivializing the severity of actual instances of genocide and undermining efforts to prevent and respond to actual instances of genocide.

No. 1787375

File: 1678643824898.jpeg (118.08 KB, 1079x1120, 649CFB78-8C42-4A82-B073-CFBEE9…)

I saw the profile pic first and immediately knew this this was a Tif. It’s fucking nuts how women can be on T for so many years, have facial hair, and dress “masculine” and still look like women.

No. 1787381

there is a reason for that mind you, Jews mostly took up academia that was considered low(at the time period) which included psychology and sexology, its the same reason why jewish people were over represented in Hollywood, it was considered immoral and improper work for christian so jewish people ended up dominating the market

No. 1787410

>I've never seen a trans person who has grey hair
She's never seen the countless AGP grandpas including Richard Levine?

No. 1787411

File: 1678649239633.png (331.89 KB, 720x883, Screenshot_20230312-151356~2.p…)

Not really focused on the race part of this tweet and more so on the shit Jane Fonda said and how troons and in this specific case , ftm morons are happy about her saying that.I don't trust anyone , troons or not , that wish or seem eager for mass violence.

No. 1787413

>wearing a wittle baseball cap and playing catch with daddy while i wear my favowite overalls
>but not infantilizing
Kek. Also none of this TIFs want to be men! They all want to be little boys! It's so weird, not even 'young man'? I get they will never look completely like grown men, but why do they want to be little uwu nuggets who transition into a gentle, soft aesthetic. Or a fake tough aesthetic.
>my gender is beef

No. 1787426

>Trannyism is the epitome of privilege like this in every respect

Western governments support transgenderism. You need thousands of dollars to transition. Bruce Jenner was called a woman on the cover of Vogue.

The modern trans movement was born from the white upper class. What group of people would feel so narcissistic and sure that they could change their own sex? As Dave Chappelle said, if the only ones who thought they were trans were poor black people, it would've gone nowhere.

Now, they've roped the middle class into their death cult, but a concept so outrageous as "yes you can change your sex" would never have grown out from the working class.

No. 1787461


No. 1787503

File: 1678652055946.jpg (117.46 KB, 649x1199, FrCmUl5aEAEbOoz.jpg)

When T makes you go bald at 18

No. 1787504

relevant, from a now deleted blog post about the fujo to troon pipeline, as well as why TIFs tend to fetishize male youth

>The vast majority of “Trans women” who previously lived lives as straight men are actually Heterosexual Males who fetishize women and lesbians and like to fancy themselves “real women” in order to aid in their sexual fantasies : aka autogynophiles. By now most of you in gender-critical land are familiar with this term.

>However, there is a growing minority of “trans men” who assimilate into trans status out of fetishizing gay men and homosexuality as straight/bi women. Obviously a lot of it(why a female believes she is actually male) is a personal effort to escape female oppression (many het FtT’s are victims of sexual abuse by males, very early, and probably repeatedly) , but to deny that females don’t ever fetishize gay men is dishonest. It’s not exactly the same as autogynophelia. Consider the following before drawing the connection :
>Many of these young women get their intro into modern trans identities, “pan sexuality” and assorted garbage-tumblr-thought from anime and manga communities. Which are mostly, teenagers and youngins, though many adults also creepily participate in these communities (which is easily done through children lieing about their age online and adults also lieing about being way-too-fucking-old-for-this-shit).
>Particularly, I’m talking about Yaoi manga communities.
>Which for those who’ve never heard, is a female produced gay porn/romance erotica comic that objectifies gay males from a very stereotypically feminine perspective and typically involve the theme of statutory rape, and male-on-male pedophilia) similarly, but not as brutally violent and real as how straight men objectify lesbians via “lesbian porn” and fantasies from a masculine/male gazing perspective. These genres of pornographic imagery are in no way representative of REAL homosexual relationships or connect with the lives of homosexuals actually in the gay community. They are fiction, fantasy.
>The biggest difference between these yaoi-bois “gay trans men” and the autogynophiles, is these females aren’t viewing themselves the way that women typically objectify men. They don’t want to be hairy, muscular male models. They want the long eyelashes, long hair and slim build of a teen boy that looks like and behaves like a stereotypical girl. But as young females, they may already have these characteristics, so its not about coveting and masturbating to the image of a grown man body they want, but rather an escapist fantasy of a lifestyle that exists only in romance novels, minus the presence of the brutish lout that is usually the hero in such phallocentric storylines.
>The typical yaoi-crazed FTM wants for others, specifically real gay men with similar effeminate qualities to see them as male. She wants for gay men to date her because she wants to recreate this yaoi fantasy IRL. Unluckily for her, gay men don’t like vaginas, they don’t like female bodied people. But because females aren’t conditioned with such violent boundary violations, they are unlikely to call anyone a bigot or lash out at a gay man who doesn’t understand why a “trans man” (gender non conforming female) is trying to sleep with him. The reality is that outside of the young trans-trender bubble at the anime convention, a lot of males probably don’t want to re-inact the “queerified” heterosexual version of yaoi in their personal lives. Even more unfortunately for her, men prey on these female-to-trans. The het and bi FTMs aren’t really Gay Men, so they CAN get pregnant, and having sex with bisexual men puts them at a big risk for AIDS and STDs.
>This phenomenon posses as big of a danger to female-to-trans as “lesbian trans women” face to actual lesbians. And I’m not really sure why no one is bringing it up.

this was written all in 2015, and its only gotten worse

No. 1787505

When the T doesn’t transform you into yaoi anime Howl Jesse Pinkman Jungkook and instead just makes you look like an uglier version of your normal self

No. 1787507

And is not even a male pattern baldness lol.

No. 1787519

Dunno what she expect to hear. It won't grow back possibly even if she stops taking T right now, but this is all she can do to not make her baldness worse.. but go tell her that. If heart problems and other nasty side effects didn't put her off of taking T, baldness definitely won't. Wait a few years and she will either detrans and tell everyone how T ruined her and she didn't know or stick with big amounts of cope like that other bald tif >>1781082 that is tots super comfortable looking awful.

No. 1787527

not even 18 yet and has already been on T for seven months but no one is giving hormones to minors, oh no. that's just conservative fear mongerin

No. 1787530

Every step of the way, the tif gets applause and validation for trooning, and many of the steps are things that girls get shamed for.

Want to show your tits on social media for likes without being called a whore?
>show off your mastectomy scars

Want to avoid being mocked as an 'ugly' girl?
>Intentionally choose ugly ass clothes, hair and makeup; claim it's minority gender expression

Have ED and want to lose weight and get toned?
>Testosterone makes it 1000% easier because it's basically roiding

No. 1787537

When you are so privileged that you treat history like fan fiction.

No. 1787570

Lmao so dramatic

The reason older FTMs are rare is because 99% of FTMs are zoomers who got on the bandwagon in the last 10 years, not because JK Rowling genocided all the queer elders

No. 1787581

File: 1678660388288.jpeg (340.76 KB, 1170x1996, 480C8F7F-60C2-4A4A-A934-A1FC6A…)

soooooooo close to getting it

No. 1787596

Gender, specially gender roles, are a social construct. Your sex (genitals, chromosomes) are not. You don't have to become a mother if you are female, you don't have to be into sports if you're male. It's ok to be uncomfortable with your body.

What went wrong with late millennials/gen Z that these simple truths have been forgotten?? I hope future sociology/psychology researchers find some answer.

No. 1787632

>I guess is because poorer women have to take men roles. Maybe suburbanites have more rigid views on gender and that why they troon out more.
I live in a very working class city and work a blue collar-ish job and you can't walk down a street or go into a work place without seeing women that are more masculine presenting (and behaving, but even also presenting) than virtually everyone I see posted in these threads and nobody bats an eye at that, it's seen as a normal part of the spectrum of what a woman can be like. Many women are just practically minded and don't want to deal with make up or long hair or annoying clothes, so they don't, and that's socially accepted and normal.

I think it's different in the peacock classes where nobody ever does any real work and they spend all day thinking about how to adorn themselves with signifiers of this trend or that movement, to "communicate an identity". I think that garbage filters down to many in lower classes through social media influencers that allow people outside of that cancer circle consume this brain rot and companies to advertise it to them.

No. 1787633

File: 1678667592026.jpeg (75.85 KB, 750x711, 70B9AF90-8571-4FB2-9550-BBA589…)

nonnas km losing my mind.

No. 1787638

I actually respect him for acknowledging he’s still biologically male.

No. 1787647

It’s a low effort TIF

No. 1787765

Yeah, I was precisely talking about. There is no point on getting all dressed up when you have to self fish in the local market lol. The other day I was in the subway and noticed a very masculine looking woman in her fifties holding hands with her husband and they both were street vendors. Privilegiated people simple cannot comprehend that women happily exist and have relationships and families without giving a damn about being perceived as masculine or feminine by outsiders.

No. 1787777

A lot of sheltered trendsters in super liberal areas would be shocked to realize that a lot of conservative, rural, and religious areas are filled with women who dress “masculine.”
Though genderspecials are so focused on haircuts and hair length specifically it’s weird, they’ll show any image or video of a young white girl with makeup and a pink dress but some choppy bob length hair and say it’s “androgynous” “experimenting with gender” “feminine in a guy way” etc. like literally everything is about haircut to them, anything above the shoulders is considered non-female, but they almost never apply this to anyone outside their little circles, like older women and black women.

No. 1787800

Sage but LMAO not the two military propaganda characters

No. 1787815

I've spent time in rural places in my country and met lots of older women who are/were farmers (as in actual farmers who need to get up at 4 am to milk the cows every single day of the year for several decades) and I'm absolutely sure none of them wear makeup or heels in their day-to-day life, not even after retirement. Most of them are just normies with husbands and kids and grandkids, but most of them also know how to build a log house or repair an old-timey tractor, because those things are necessities you just have to do to keep living and you don't have time to think about appearing feminine.

No. 1787817

it’s because tifs don’t usually have hair. kek.

No. 1787835

See how that comment doesn't specify what kind of trans? Is because those AGP who troon out as a middle life crisis use cheap wigs or dye their hair because women aren't allowed to age in their eyes.

No. 1787836

Yeah, not to defend conservatives but I remember stumbling to a video of a pro gun dude showing his wife shooting skills and she was very "unfeminine" with her comfortable clothes and no makeup, same for his daughter. Unless they are in a religious cult like Mormonism or Jehovah's Witnesses they are not gonna be as gender confirming as one would think.

No. 1787841

I'm so embarrassed for their future selves when they've grown out of it, god I'm so happy I was never this cringe in my nlog days

No. 1787843

It's partly because they die so early, and that's not a 41% joke. T cuts their lifespans by a lot and a good portion risk falling dead any second from all the medical issues

No. 1787846

there have been country girl trends on tiktok of conservative girls acting masculine and tough, showing off guns and trucks and bragging about how they're not afraid to get dirty. Tif would probably just bully them for being pickmes while spinning in their boy-skirts reading yaoi

No. 1787847

This reminds me of how I was a kid who grew up with a fammily who were kinda farmers (had goats, chickens, pigs at some point) so obviously I was a "tomboy" because my grandma didn't wear any makeup because she had to step in shit all day, my mother never liked it and so I never had the habit to put on makeup either. Naturally it was all about short-ish hair or long but tied up, no makeup and practical clothing because no one in their right mind would work with good shoes or heels. When I got to high school I was together with upper class people who lived in pretty city apartments and my god the girls were so insecure about their femininity. Cutting hair meant cutting it like 2 centimeters because long straight hair was their epitome of being a woman, and anything shorter would be a nightmare for them. None of them ever went outside the house without makeup. I got called a "hairy monkey" for having hair on my arms. These people are so far into performing this made-up femininity that they don't realize that being female doesn't involve any of that, and in the real world women often exist in their natural state and guess what, they're still women.

No. 1787850

>A lot of sheltered trendsters in super liberal areas would be shocked to realize that a lot of conservative, rural, and religious areas are filled with women who dress “masculine.”
Because they're all inbred rednecks so why would anyone care about them?

No. 1787862

File: 1678709095326.jpg (Spoiler Image,228.4 KB, 1074x1790, Screenshot_20230313_130338_Chr…)

She has been losing her mind for the past few months, gender brainrot is real.

No. 1787866

Not only do liberals assume all country people are racist rednecks, but these conservative working class people are also not chronically online to influence them. A woman working on a farm in Iowa, not wearing makeup, in comfy clothes, isn't on tiktok talking about how milking cows and driving a tractor gives her gender euphoria.

No. 1787875

It's really fun having people assume this means your trans. It's actually not possible for me to "preform gender" if I wanted to or not. People who are very privileged don't understand that not every women is pampered from day 1. Not everyone can have perfect clothes hair teeth and skin especially if they've been poor their entire lives. Sometimes in life you have to do and be things you might not completely want. Women who troon out are like spoiled babies, their obsession with fashion and appearance is no different from girls who have $90 nail appointments ever other week.

No. 1787883

There's so many trailer trash and redneck women who don't care for gender expression at all. I've seen girls wearing 3XL Tweety Bird shirts they either got hand me down or from the thrift store and pajama pants and their hair is usually in a bun and that's it. They don't revolve their life around trying to upkeep made up expectations of what girls and women should be doing with their lives. These are the types of girls you see playing Gran Turismo, watching WWE, and watch the occasional soap opera all their lives, even after they have children nothing changes in their behavior, they're just being themselves. It's refreshing to remember.

No. 1787899

I don't think this is balding, fine hair just tends to look like that when you shave it. Especially looking at her temples, the hair there is usually lighter and finer and looks patchy, hers isn't even visible anymore so that confirms it for me. If she had thinker hair you'd see that spot be less bald looking although more sparse. She will for sure bald in the future but 7 months is not enough time to develop male pattern baldness afaik.

No. 1787902

99% of farm workers in the US are Latino males, so if you're picturing a white woman farming you're an idiot.(global rule #7)

No. 1787903

ma’am I’m sorry but I’m going to have to unfortunately inform you of homesteading/tradwife TikToks existence where in fact, there are terminally online random tradmoms from Utah who share TikToks of them raping cows to breed them and get brand deals with conservative brands who their audience appeals to.

No. 1787904

I know these people. They're mentally disabled and can't read. Really not who anyone would be looking up to and it's depressing that they exist and breed.

No. 1787906

lol have you browsed this thread? idk if you’ve noticed but despite being on testosterone even for years just going on it isn’t going to be a solution for “wanting to lose weight due to ED” because it’s “basically roiding”, if that were the case every moid would be ripped and fit, and we wouldn’t see so many death fat or obese fake fibro ftms. except that’s not the case and even born male moids still roid up to see results. truth of the matter is, testosterone in and of itself isn’t a tool for weight loss or toning, especially for lazy people who don’t move their bodies or care what they put in it, trans or not

No. 1787907

No. 1787909

NTA just bc I pointed out homestead tiktokers exist so you’ll actually have to use bare minimum critical thinking skills to come up with a response to that person you’re upset towards instead of resorting to lazy straw men and writing off any poster as the same anon

No. 1787915

aw clearly I hit a nerve. so how does any of what you’ve just typed negate what I said? because it doesn’t. burning down an institute that studies gender and sexuality because he writes it off as degeneracy or work of lower life forms or the work of the jew isn’t any better and still doesn’t separate their attack on sexual and gender identity from their attack on the Jewish people and identity when they targeted both. You sound absolutely fucking retarded to insist that the same nazis who purposefully rounded up the disabled because they were undesirable somehow aren’t set on genociding the disabled because “they just so happened to fall under the category of degeneracy”. they still tried to genocide the entire disabled population. the upside down pink triangle exists for a reason, you fucking delusional moron, and it is because the Nazis rounded up gay and lesbian people just as they did Jewish people, regardless of how you try to reframe it now, and yet you try to say I’m the one trying to rewrite history? Get a fucking clue. You morons are so obsessed with seething over internet losers who are trans that you can’t even separate reactionary online drivel from reality, and go as far as to claim literal nonsense to support your anti troon brigade. The Nazis targeted Jewish identity just as they did gender and sexual identity, and to deny that is to be as delusional as the tifs you pretend you’re better than.

No. 1787937

you ignored all of the other more incisive criticisms of your post and chose the dumbest reply to "take-down," screams of twitter retard tactics.

No. 1787946

You're so fucking retarded and undeniably American/western. I wish you were experiencing the horrors of a true genocide and not just "these dangerous chemicals are not going to be available to children legally". You're all fucking freak pedophiles getting off on the idea of sterilizing and amputating children. I do hope that transgenderism is eradicated and your mentally ill pseudo-religious zealots will have to deal with their severed penis stumps and their necrotic rolled up arm tubes alone with no cross-sex hormones. Have a happy 41%.

No. 1787992

I agree. Liberal women are overrated. Conservative women are based

No. 1788014

Even if they're mentally retarded, they don't fall for made up social expectations. I've also seen mentally retarded women fall so hard for femininity as if it's all they're meant to do. Crying for any moment she has to go out and doesn't have makeup on or can't consoom to keep up with fashion trends. All she wants is pink this and heart shaped that and makes fun of other girls and women for not consooming as much as her. If anything, the mentally retarded trailer trash could've been the other girl if she had grown with more money, but you wouldn't know, would you?

No. 1788019

go away moid

No. 1788023

You can work on a farm and wear comfy clothes while also not aligning yourself with anti-woman ideologies, i promise you

No. 1788064

There’s a ton of conservative women out there though. What’s wrong with that?

No. 1788071

File: 1678733397676.jpg (726.54 KB, 4096x4096, ucad9lo6wkma1.jpg)

No. 1788075

they are acting against their own interests, and don't give me some libfem choice feminism justification for that

No. 1788076

Additionally their position in society only worsens the conditions of non-conservative women by aiding in stripping away their rights, it's not like they can innocently exist in a vacuum, they drag all women down with them. Class traitors, only the wall is fit for them.

No. 1788080

Liberal women are the ones pushing this gender ideology and porn crap. They’re worse

No. 1788085

Agreed. The only women looking out for children these days are conservative women and radfems. Most left-wing women are lost handmaidens.

No. 1788086

File: 1678734352370.jpg (211.13 KB, 700x2048, FheHprvWYAIyzNp.jpg)

Sage for "transvestigation" tier post but this person seem suspicious to anyone? Supposed 25-year-old femboy who takes estrogen, in their words
>wide hips with female-shaped pelvis
>girly stomach
>teeny shoulders
>never posts bare chest
>yaoi series that are only popular with women spammed all over rt's
>ribcage too small to look natural even on a man under 5 foot
>once pointed out by people that their ribcage looks female, they started hiding it under clothes like in pic
>fried black hair as common with fakebois
>when not half naked dresses like a middle school aged skateboarder
The only masculine trait i see is they seem to be kinda tall, but that's not really unusual for women


No. 1788097

Liberals and conservatives are both extremely retarded and are basically the same party. If you actually pick a side you've already lost.

No. 1788099

do you have any hands that show their hands more clearly, usually their size/softness is a dead giveaway

No. 1788102

File: 1678735571051.png (160.91 KB, 902x500, cantbelieveispenttimeonthis.pn…)

Looks male to me unless anachans disagree lol

No. 1788107

is the right pic actually their hand? looks like that of a malnourished female

No. 1788109

hands are actually one of the hardest ways to tell, especially if a woman is big-boned and thin.

No. 1788110

It's not about conservative women being better, it's about women in the working class (which tends to lean conservative) not conforming to gender stereotypes.

Of course conservative tradwives exist and are just as retarded as gendies, two sides of the same coin obsessed with sex/gender roles.

No. 1788112

the fingers don't seem long enough to be male unless he's very short, but those gross looking knees look very male to me

No. 1788115

File: 1678736548585.jpeg (219.88 KB, 690x2048, 0kYO2jW.jpeg)

>but those gross looking knees look very male to me
tall women are usually big boned, and she's obviously ana. pic related doesn't look male at all

No. 1788116

File: 1678736549962.jpg (193.67 KB, 1423x1423, ccjkazasql591.jpg)

Going to say woman based on her stomach

No. 1788117

the thighs aren't muscular and weirdly lumpy like emaciated man legs, look at dylan mulvaney's legs for example, thats what emaciated man legs almost always look like

No. 1788118

ayrt yeah there is no way in hell that that's a man

No. 1788119

He/She is 1,75m, so not too tale to be a woman, at least not where I come from. Like another nonna said, I find hands and feet very hard to judge, as many women around me have big hands and large feet, kek. After 30+ pictures I would say woman, the bulge in some pictures can very easily be faked.

No. 1788120

This is a woman and I think she’s using some elongating filter. The part of me that hates MtFs likes this kind of FtM who must make them absolutely seethe with jealousy because they’re deluded enough to believe her when she says she is a “femboy”.

No. 1788122

File: 1678737190654.jpg (131.16 KB, 1500x1051, stock-vector-male-vs-female-pe…)

not only that but the pelvis too.
you know i will almost reluctantly give fujoshi TiFs who take testosterone and allow all the affects to happen a "D+" for effort. but girls like this claiming to be biologically male and blame all their female features on "taking estrogen" like a TiM so that they can catfish gay men online are beyond pathetic. they are no different than bearded scrotes on lesbian dating apps only men are retarded and will believe any bitch is a man if she says so

No. 1788127

File: 1678737535359.jpg (116.19 KB, 700x817, differences_between_male_and_f…)

Yep, you can always clock male/female by pelvis/hips. A man can chug estrogen, but he will never grow birthing hips because he doesn't have a uterus to support.

Just memorize the difference between male/female skeletons nonas, it always gives them away.

No. 1788131

File: 1678738331385.jpeg (186.97 KB, 816x2048, Fl0nYckX0BMYqei.jpeg)

Nonnies I just cant believe that a woman, even terminally online, would ever own these socks though.
The stomach still reads as male to me. Like the way his lower abdomen protrudes without that divot under the belly button… His hip bones would be more visible at this weight if female. I'm same height and maybe 10 pounds more and mines more hollow above the hip.

No. 1788133

>i can't believe a woman would buy troon socks when larping as a troon

No. 1788136

Striped socks were peak emo girl fashion in 2006. I'm sorry you're blind nonnie.

No. 1788137

Tims didn't invent these socks, they were popular amongst young girls and that's why tims latched onto them, I have socks like this from when I was 12, it was the coolest shit at that time

No. 1788181

I'm still not sure, but would say it's a woman, as I've met a lot like that person before, from the body type to the fashion style over the fixation on some anime and video games. I'm probably a little bit older than most here, but that fashion style was normal among the people I met 20 years ago. I get what you say about the hip bones, mine are very strong, too, but there was that bikini bridge challenge years ago and some of the very skinny women/girls wouldn't pass it. Guess we have to wait to see the face without filters, I think that would be the only thing for us to tell what gender the person is, for the rest, photoshop is still a thing.

No. 1788207

File: 1678745012603.jpeg (288.58 KB, 1234x2048, 147520EB-48E4-4E79-815C-D55A81…)

The face looks female in the few pictures where it’s partially shown. I can’t fathom anyone who has an iq above room temperature would look at this picture and see a male. Not just because of the face, but the hips are visibly wide here too

No. 1788208

File: 1678745113867.jpeg (288.58 KB, 1234x2048, CC468401-F60E-4AE0-8616-0E27F8…)

The face looks female in the few pictures where it’s partially shown. I can’t fathom anyone who has an iq above room temperature would look at this picture and see a male. Not just because of the face, but the hips are visibly wide here too

No. 1788209

File: 1678745181232.jpeg (288.58 KB, 1234x2048, CC468401-F60E-4AE0-8616-0E27F8…)

The face looks female in the few pictures where it’s partially shown. I can’t fathom anyone who has an iq above room temperature would look at this picture and see a male. Not just because of the face, but the hips are visibly wide here too

No. 1788223

I'm thinking it's a woman who spent way too much time on 4chan(her way of speaking is insufferable like some /fa/ggot) just because if this were truly a guy, you just know he'd have shirtless pics and actual dick pics all over the place.

No. 1788325

could be a rarely spotted actual intersex creature.

No. 1788380


No. 1788397

That's a girl though, right? And they're saying girls should be proud of themselves even if we have facial etc , things that society has deemed unfeminine and wrong. I don't see what this has to do with ftms

No. 1788414

You realize that shaming girls for their natural bodies is what's making them troon out en masse right?

No. 1788420

sorry jannies i tried posting this right before the site went down last night and it posted 3 times for some reason
anon is probably a scrote, given his inability to tell that's a biological woman and not a man

No. 1788426

Discussions about if some random Twitter user is male or female is not milk. This will always be used by troons to sell their agenda that sex is muddy "even for the evil terfs". People have always used the internet to lie about who they are, and it is possible for people to steal others images or edit their own images to look like someone else.

No. 1788601

Even these kind of black socks were quite popular back in '00 in HS (at least in my country). Is not something troons invented.

No. 1788872

She thought she was "fetishizing mlm relationships". Gender socialization really screams with troons. No male troon ever has thought about how his fetishization of lesbians and obsession with underage schoolgirls will affect women simply because males are not taught to think about people around them.

No. 1788924

File: 1678869409127.jpg (117.36 KB, 1080x1152, IMG_20230315_140219.jpg)

Peak brainrot. What the hell is wrong with girls like this who are so obsessed with that gay pedo term? Lead poisoning? Head trauma? Undiagnosed mental illness? Some combination of all 3?

No. 1788925

File: 1678869626421.jpg (152.77 KB, 1080x1099, IMG_20230315_140234.jpg)

Seems like all of her working braincells were used while choosing/coming up with these costumes, so now she's left completely retarded.

No. 1788929

I can only imagine there's some fujo brainrot on top of a "not like other girls" mentality at play here. She's very pretty in a very normie way so I guess anything to feel special and different.

No. 1788947

File: 1678872696659.png (Spoiler Image,981.54 KB, 818x912, shesapedo.png)

So she's an anachan and pedo on top of being a brainrotted fujo? Her twitter is full blown degenerate.

No. 1788994

>Discussions about if some random Twitter user is male or female is not milk.
i disagree. i think fujos getting their larp exposed is a good thing, personally
>What the hell is wrong with girls like this who are so obsessed with that gay pedo term?
probably has something to do with the fact that this generation of pedos and autopedophilic gay teenagers have molded it to mean "boy who looks 14" or "boy who looks like a girl". fakebois have an easy time pulling off both of those while men are forced to take estrogen to achieve the same look. not even a decade ago, twink used to mean hairless young man between 18-22 with a slender build, not one who looks way underage or like a girl

No. 1789003

>twink used to mean hairless young man between 18-22 with a slender build, not one who looks way underage or like a girl
not really true, twink was always a pedophilic term and referred to teenage boys

No. 1789005

this is what people mean when they say that fujoism almost always lead to other forms of degeneracy and brainrot

No. 1789020

File: 1678886916026.jpg (242.27 KB, 1080x1947, 5732557256256652.jpg)

Sometimes you can really tell that they're straight up larping as their own husbandos. you will never be steve harrington.

No. 1789027

File: 1678887980618.jpeg (401 KB, 1843x1932, FrAOdKMWIAAEo7u.jpeg)

Even with the shitty flare we can see how hard she's coping for mutilating herself.

No. 1789029