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File: 1681599693281.jpg (345.12 KB, 1920x1920, Welcome to my house of horrors…)

No. 1809322

Last time on "The Model Behavior" Edition

>Jared starts off the thread posting an ai picture of himself >>1719434 then reblogging a post his crush made against ai art >>1720172. AI selfies never seen again

>Holly starts off the thread sadposting about being cancelled with a potential touch of jared hate >>1719683, >>1719684, >>1719696
>Milk discovered on Holly's trust from grandpappy, the house she got is estimated to be around 1.1 mil and she received it around the time of the divorce. >>1721515 Anon speculates since it was in a trust instead of on its own it may be one of multiple properties
>Jared's rent in microsoft retirementville is 3.5k >>1721736
>our budding fashionista shows off black and blue pants bought off amazon that he could have easily gotten for cheaper on aliexpress. >>1725140, >>1725143, >>1725464
>attempts to get people requesting underwear pics >>1726024, tweet reaches normies who remind him of his reputation >>1726229
>More outdoor shoots at the exact same place as two threads ago with new amazon garbage #Mensfashion >>1727703
>Holly meanwhile manages to be successfully (creepy) parasocial with fans >>1729930
>Jared's first (unknown) con comeback is barely advertised aside from a tweet afterwards >>1731283 and the one pic of the event has him wearing his black-blue ~fashion~ pants >>1731295
>Holly meanwhile seen at PAX >>1731984
>#turtleneck #Mensfashion >>1731588
>Merry Christmas from everyone here! (insert Jared taking a fake candid with the remote seen in his right hand) >>1732019
>competed in and placed 4 of 20 in a Mortal Combat tournament, posts pictures amazed he looks serious in some while having fun in others >1733054
>Jared's final post of the year: fishing for some final thirsty confessions >>1734879
>gynes having fun with contrast (jumpscare warning) >>1735782, >>1736460, >>1736486
>Jared's discord server considers minor venting "trauma dumping" >>1745342, >>1745346
>Jared likes one of Holly's tweets (nothing comes from it though) >>1748985
>Holly gets a spot as a vendor in a Valentine's day market >>1750192 ; Jared streams and begs his fans for video ideas and for them to request him and conventions >>1751177
>"tell me I'm pretty #Mensfashion" >>1760566
>thin amazon sweater brings all the compliments #Mensfashion >>1765733
>Jared uses automatic generic tagging in a desperate attempt to get more viewers #attractive #muscles #single >>1766018
>cutouts and layers even the gays didn't like >>1769179, >>1769232
>Holly tattoos her first human (scratcher saga incoming?) >>1772299
>what wormdick thinks he looks like >>1778730
>jared needs to remind people he exists >>1779516
>Layers 2.0 >>1782822
>Jared's views go up 20x when he stops putting his face in his thumbnails >>1785131
>Holly has essentially adopted an adult tif with the mother's permission who she calls her nephew >>1789133, >>1789497. The tif's mother is a fan of Holly. Tif has modeled Holly's stuff >>1789468
>Holly fucks up an etsy order, mad at the resulting bad review and thinks it's unjustified since she refunded the product. She rants about it >>1791295
>Holly states Jared was the one to leave >>1792136 and also that a game dev touched her inapropriately >>1792192 (unsure if she didn't name them or if anon didn't remember)
>Jared upgrades from overpriced resold aliexpress to an overpriced black sweater at almost 200$ >>1795351
>Uses April Fools to try and get people to ask for him to open an onlyfans >>1799959, >>1800529, >>1800531. Makes an actual account for the "joke" >>1800673. Continues to beat "joke" into the ground >>1801019
>Jared gets in on the Barbie filter, narcicism lets him post this selfie >>1802497
>Posed "candid" at a coffee shop supposedly working on "super secret projects" >>1802906
>Still thinks he's a "snack" >>1803217
>Jared's reputation still in tatters as all tweets that reach normies result in insults >>1805328
>Jared buys a new amazon shirt presumably because it zips to expose his chest >>1805559
>incoming harnesses for more ~layers~ shoots >1806044, >>1807303. Apparently Jared is actually on trend for once (or could just be coincidence and typical coomer harnesses) 1807599
>Holly meanwhile claims lost confidence preventing her from photoshoots due to her cancellation 4 years ago (reminder she has been booked and working all thread) >>1806687
>Holly's adopted tif's mother is sending them to Europe >>1806860, >>1807020
>Layers 3.0, an absolute mess of the grey turtleneck, a punk? tank top, and a twisted harness shoved on top >>1807698
>Jared closes out the thread continuing to talk (lie) about his dick

Social links:
>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:

>Holly Conrad/Commander Holly:


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For the quality of threads:
-IGNORE BAIT. Anons who post random milkless potshots at Heidi or Ross are trying to spark infighting. Ignore and report.
-STOP posting stans on either side. They aren't milky and it shits up the thread.
-Common interests between Holly and Heidi are not milk. Two people liking popular things is not proof of copying on either side. Bringing it up causes infighting.
-STOP nitpicking Holly. It adds fuel to her claims that she's being bullied for no reason when people bend over backwards to try to find things to nitpick at. She has given us plenty of milk on her own. Let it flow.

No. 1809323

Sorry I was a bit late coming out with this nonnas, also hope the thread summary isn't too much. This is my first time making a thread for all my years on this site

No. 1809324

Lmao that pic

No. 1809355

Perfect new thread nonna

No. 1809382

Yas queen

No. 1809762

File: 1681656352895.png (5.87 MB, 1170x2532, 72A9A724-983F-409A-A20D-09F01C…)

I was waiting for the new thread to post this kek.

No. 1810198

Kek he knows what his audience is

No. 1810272

File: 1681733656592.jpg (134.33 KB, 1269x1673, scrote_worm.JPG)

Proworm challenge - Don't sexualize every single aspect of what life throws at you: Impossible mode

No. 1811805

File: 1681941034573.jpeg (55.56 KB, 828x996, 5DC99B00-F0C3-4C2D-8C13-7D7D4C…)

Definitely too hard for him. He can’t not sexualize everything.

No. 1811819

File: 1681942221541.jpeg (223.37 KB, 1170x1857, DA253183-1F08-4CAE-9557-FC9C58…)

New selfie dropped and now he gotta pick it back up

No. 1811900

He really looks like he’s not well here. No one wants to vaguely see his scrawny chest in his ill fitting shirt.

No. 1811919

It looks like some kind of charity poster, he is just making memes for us at this point
>Jared survives on only $.020c a day
>Donate to YoutubersHittingHardTimes today to save a Jared
>Every donation makes a difference to a washed up Youtuber's life

No. 1811921

samefag I didn't even read the caption, that's basically what he posted under it already

No. 1811940

#mensfashion #springfashion

No. 1811982

Yeah, maybe if he wasn’t pissing away so much money on rent he’d wouldn’t be crying over his taxes.

No. 1812157


Love how Hored and their stans wonder why Heidi's doing so much better than them. Heidi was able to get over Hored's attempts to cancel her, even the anti-Heidi blogs were forced to shut up about her. She's never complained about having to pay taxes and she never had to ask for money for sudden expenses because she knows not to blow money on useless stuff. Heidi will have an honest talk with her therapist instead of lying to get a preferred result like Hored does with theirs. Hored and their obsessed fans think it's "haters" or "cancel culture" making their lives so bad, but in reality they're just shitty people and they can't handle life in the public eye.

No. 1812233

Youtubers learn to do taxes as self-employed people without crying about it challenge (impossible)

You would think after the first year of this they'd learn but none of them do. And for whatever reason they seem to assume its some personal unique vendetta only they go through, as if people with regular jobs don't pay taxes every paycheck instead.

No. 1812315

File: 1682026911453.jpeg (233.57 KB, 1170x1631, 7C30879D-1BE2-4377-95D3-15B32F…)

My pussy has never been drier

No. 1812333

File: 1682029083438.gif (3.48 MB, 368x498, disgusted-dog.gif)

No. 1812339

So I guess now he’s trying to pull the SinJared schtick on IG but minus flopping his dick everywhere. He must be really desperate af. He really thought he was going to be swimming in pussy after the divorce, the nudes blog and leaving Holly, but he’s only swimming in gay moid cock lmao.

No. 1812350


No. 1812356

Challenge failed spectacularly.
It's fascinating to watch this progression from "fashion" to "sexy" modeling because his previous mild sexual posts barely got any positive reactions and yet he's still steamrolling ahead even more brazen than before.

No. 1812365

this is NOT the real caption. Jared I am begging you PLEASE stop with the hyper deep v-necks it's not a flattering look. you don't even have chest hair!!

No. 1812388

File: 1682034632527.jpeg (88 KB, 828x1261, 9E2A5105-C4AD-4CA5-9C1E-F4A9A5…)

Oh it really is the caption, here it is in his reel as well.

No. 1812390

OMG NO LMAO I cringed so hard I had to physically look away from the screen. Jesus Christ how embarrassing

No. 1812394

He’s totally fishing for someone to go
>oh my sweet cinnamon roll uwu I’ll take you to dinner!!!

No. 1812400

I had to look this one up and turns out the caption is NOT fake.
What the SHIT is wrong with this lunatic?
He's escalating this very rapidly now.

No. 1812402

Being a horny mf already ruined his career once. Seems like he is dead set on sinking his e-celeb career ship for good in the near future.

No. 1812403

File: 1682036059296.jpg (397.9 KB, 1725x1735, full_retard.JPG)

Nice simple jack cosplay, jared.

No. 1812496

File: 1682047817812.gif (109.84 KB, 498x491, the-rock-sus.gif)

This is all i can think of

No. 1812546

File: 1682058392455.jpeg (159.67 KB, 2048x2048, 5B490BAC-889D-4BBE-B8D3-ADB441…)

My favorite comments from this post so far. I wish I had screenshots but I swear he lost followers after this, earlier today he was at 48.1k and now he’s at 47.9k. ProWorm is really tone deaf to what people want to see from him and this definitely ain’t it.

No. 1812583

File: 1682065046841.jpeg (31.95 KB, 1169x312, 00BF821E-2C8F-482C-B933-C6BAAA…)

My favorite comments are the ones from all the gays thirsting over it lmao. He really thought he would attract anything other than men from this after his previous failed attempts?

No. 1812688

I literally can't get over this anons I'm fucking destroyed. He is so disgusting and pathetic in every way, his captions, body, and clothes are bad enough but then I look up and see that fucking face and I lose it all over again. This is the end of me.

No. 1812756

ooh yes daddy give me that crypt keeper stare! there is NOTHING hotter than a man who looks like his malnourished face is melting straight off of his skull. serving "christopher walken circa 2023" meets "2012 tumlr daddy dom captions" all day long

No. 1812778

You muh-muh-muh-muh make me happy

No. 1812856

File: 1682110790285.jpeg (114.62 KB, 828x1455, 58C226A6-586E-4821-B73A-B87058…)

Aside from his stupid outfit, can we talk about how his background looks like he literally pulled a bedsheet from its package and stuck it up on the wall? At least iron or steam it before putting that shit up there.

And he’s now down to 47.8k followers kek.

No. 1812864

the fonts! i'm dying

>Today's fit
it doesn't

No. 1812903

File: 1682116997445.png (785.73 KB, 632x1000, 622174f5-54c3-4144-bf8c-242293…)

Yeah, in the last thread some people also noticed how his nasty-ass drapes work counter to his "men's fashion" shit.
Also today's not-so-fit goes in the long line of really fucking stupid jared attempts to dress like a 2000s visual-kei inspired manga character.
Fingers crossed - maybe he will go decora-kei next after he realizes nobody really dresses like that anymore.

No. 1812907

The part thats really laugh out loud hillarious about those is he basically fantasizes about being man-handled.

No. 1812932

I bet Heidi and Holly see these posts and don't regret the breakup one bit(sage your shit)

No. 1813017

Oh yeah for sure. They’re probably glad to have gotten rid of his ass.

No. 1813060

I think it's funny that he captioned it "today's fit" implying that he actually goes outside in these shein anime getups.

No. 1813222

File: 1682175995329.jpeg (57.79 KB, 828x1120, ED77ECFF-98A9-4685-826C-3DBA52…)

This sounds like a straight up insult to me lmao. ProWorm did a sponsored video recently and the comments are hilarious. It also looks like he lost some more subs because of it so he’s really not going to get back to 1M anytime soon. Epic Games must be really desperate to have a known sex pest advertising their games.

No. 1813369

File: 1682197524243.jpg (265.23 KB, 1685x1666, jumpscared.JPG)

look at his tiny malnourished hands

No. 1813371

ew ew ew ewww ew EW EWWWW EWWW!!! This man!!! I hate seeing his face! I have the thread hidden but still I have to see his horrid face ew ugh i just threw up in my mouth a little bit, my vag is hissing, i feel sick, make it stop… spoiler his face please

No. 1813434

He really doesn't need to be taking close-up pictures in such high definition, he looks bad enough from far away in grainy pictures like in >>1812856. He's so deeply delusional about the way he looks kek.

No. 1813491

File: 1682212952405.jpg (133.58 KB, 1280x720, gross.jpg)

So this was his super-secret NDA project he worked on at a coffee shop to make himself feel important? A glorified Dead Island 2 ad read?

Makes sense they'd ask him to promote this, he already looks like a dessicated husk of a corpse.

And considering they got fellow sexpest Tobuscus to do a glorified ad read for the first one, it makes sense they'd go for him for the sequel.

No. 1813495

File: 1682213397920.jpg (27.9 KB, 495x720, creep.jpg)

He looks so spooky

No. 1813511

But he’s got to show off to everyone the teeth that he bought!

Super secret NDA project that’s losing him subs with how horrible the video is apparently kek. The comment section has been roasting him and it’s great.

omg nonny this is absolutely terrifying.

No. 1813550

File: 1682223658540.jpeg (44.18 KB, 421x579, HTB1bX_oKbSYBuNjSspfxh7ZCpXaA.…)

Funniest part about that is that his teeth were never the main issue with his ugly mug and his new comedy skit style fake buckteeth looking set makes everything look so much worse.

No. 1813572

This isn't an edit?

No. 1813644

>But he’s got to show off to everyone the teeth that he bought!
I work at a nursing home and his legitimately look like ill fitting dentures. kek

No. 1813725

Straight from his Instagram

No. 1813754

File: 1682264215768.jpeg (93.13 KB, 828x980, BF861EC6-2918-46C0-8787-276293…)

The newest thing for the Worm to bitch and moan about. It’s never crossed his mind that maybe he sucks at what he does?

No. 1813836

Don't know how to download videos from instagram but this is the video he made about it
the tl;dr is that he willingly fucked up his teeth with expensive as fuck adult braces and now looks like he's wearing a 24/7 halloween nerd-costume he cant take off.
And he's coping about how he can finally open his mouth bc of it, etc

No. 1813840

File: 1682274860419.jpg (82.01 KB, 699x1106, smileworm.JPG)

He got so many autogynephilia traits, so maybe fucking up his teeth and pretending they're better now is his specific way of trooning out.

No. 1813850

Literally looks like jeff the killer

No. 1813851

Maybe so kek. If you watch the video you can see that his bottom teeth aren’t looking so good, no wonder he’s perpetually only smiling with his top teeth.

No. 1813902

this is so true kek but it's not like there's much he could do. nosejob, obviously, jaw surgery, might help, but the rodney dangerfield eyes and creepy tiny mouth? it's like jared's role on earth is to serve as proof of saṃsāra and this terminally unfuckable physiognomy is what happens to sex pests with bad karma

No. 1814013

Jared is repulsive in character and appearance. There's probably little to salvage unless he really does a 180.

It is ironic though that his narcissism fucked up his teeth.
Like if anything he should've asked in Korea if they can turn the shaved off jaws from the Gangnam beauty clinics into a prosthetic jaw for him, so he's not all neck.

No. 1814062

Fucking exactly. His face and personality are so ugly, the only reason Jared got anyone to have any relationship with him was because he had money. Now he doesn't have that anymore so nobody wants him.

No. 1814157

File: 1682323082811.png (69.66 KB, 319x512, before.png)

here's the before photo he used. Obviously he's still ugly as sin, but his teeth were one of the less ugly maybe even kind of "cute" things about him. Crazy how much larger his teeth look now they are straight, I definitely thought he fucked up and got them all capped.

No. 1814180

File: 1682327393322.jpg (112.84 KB, 1368x1704, bondageworm.JPG)

Yeah he's still conventionally ugly on that photo, but I've seen countless guys like him at anime conventions, etc.
The new teeth are what pushed him firmly into uncanny territory.

No. 1814261

>got them all capped.
Comparing those photos it really looks like he got super crappy dental crowns.
That adult braces company he was shilling might as well sue him for slander, because whatever happened there it's a fucking desaster.

No. 1814263

kek this reminds me of when Boogie got his teeth "fixed". They both have that freakishly fake look. It's hard to believe Jared didn't get veneers because I've never seen anyone have such bad results from Invisalign before.

No. 1814265

All his canine teeth suddenly changing shape sort of gives away its veneers, or he had them filed off, but then they wouldnt be as freakishly large either.

No. 1814267

File: 1682338958774.jpg (127.94 KB, 969x1710, fake_teeth_worm.JPG)

In his invisalign video he sort of under his breath mentions he also had "some" veneer stuff done because the teeth would otherwise "fall back into place".
Guess this is the dental equivalent of dudes sucking in their gut and looking like a clown.

No. 1814268

He is so ugly I hope he drops dead

No. 1814276

Dickworm being deceptive as usual, shilling for Invisalign but really it’s the veneer work that’s made the most difference. Is anyone surprised after all of his past lies? He’s such a fucking loser. No amount of teeth straightening is going to make your teeth look that different.

No. 1814277

Checked it out and all the positive comments are from gays or he/they obese autists kekkk

No. 1814355

Yeah I noticed that as well kek. I don’t think he’s figured it out yet that anyone with half a brain is going to stay the fuck away from him. No matter how many thirst traps he posts, those SinJared glory days are long gone.

No. 1814357

File: 1682351738312.jpg (30.84 KB, 499x358, D2HnSyfVYAExYdj.jpg)

Funniest part his "straightening" work makes his teeth sort of overshoot, especially with the dental crowns on top. So now he looks like those looney toons characters when their teeth turn into piano keys.

No. 1814492

File: 1682365430420.png (41.53 KB, 466x500, I cant look at boogie and thin…)

Got one better

No. 1814498

File: 1682365967758.jpg (45.96 KB, 768x480, 5nK5GjR.jpg)

lamo, that's a perfect comparison

No. 1814524

That is spot-on.
What are chances he'll have a glued on hairpiece next and say it was actually hair growth shampoo?

No. 1814547

kek you anons are sending me here. These are perfect.

Yeah I can only imagine that’ll be his next trick. Doesn’t he have some sort of sponsorship with some hair loss brand too?

No. 1814643

File: 1682383067089.jpg (136.48 KB, 1000x1533, tiny_hands.JPG)

His hands are so fucking tiny.
He looks like a tim burton character and not in the good way.

No. 1814689

He really is Brian personified(sage your shit)

No. 1814732

Yikes. He may think he’s serving looks but all I can see is that hair on the side receding fast.

No. 1814742

I love reading this thread because it’s just nonnas calling Jared ugly and weird. Never change.

No. 1814766

it’s seeking refuge from the horror of his face

No. 1814796

what in the tween girl gymnastics competition is this leotard looking shirt. All it's missing is some bedazzling.

No. 1814872

You can see his scalp through his hair, like when grandmas get their hair tightly curled and poofed to hide the elderly hair thinning

Does he have anorexia or something, he looks SO bad it feels like something is wrong with him

No. 1814897

Yeah, it's a very enjoyable laid-back thread. Shitting on a creep together and giggling over his new style-missadventures.

No. 1814898

File: 1682423911301.jpg (108.31 KB, 1280x1280, 10223__74575.jpg)

Hairpiece saga soon?
With his veneers the next step up would be a super obvious hairpiece. Like the more he ages the more he'll glue shit to his face instead of actually taking the plunge and working out.

Since there is naked pictures of him floating around it doesn't look like he's annorexic, just weirdly skinnyfat and out of shape.

No. 1814908

Maybe he’s been on an all-ramen diet even before the tax man took his money kek. He does look like he’s ill.

I wouldn’t put it past him nonny. He’ll do anything to avoid putting in some actual work like doing some push ups. If he had more money he’d probably be sliding into plastic surgery next.

No. 1814931

It’s remarkable he hasn’t trooned out yet, he fits so many of the ugly phenotypes kek

No. 1814962

Between paying rent, taxes, and alimony to Heidi, I don't think he can even afford ramen noodles. He's probably begging his streamer bros for food and that's all they're willing to give him.

No. 1814983

That’ll be his next step. Once he realizes that no one wants him anymore other than gay moids he’ll likely have to resort to trooning out.

Kek probably. He has a couple stans on his side that are probably feeding him some cash now and again for some snacks.

No. 1815027

He can't be that starved considering he's probably paying at least 4k for his condo per month.

No. 1815097

Just because he's paying a lot in rent doesn't mean he has money. It's been confirmed in past threads that Jared still owes Heidi a lot of money, and he's been trying to dodge payments. And he probably didn't take needing to pay taxes into account, so now he has even less money for himself. He might not be literally starving but he dug a huge financial hole for himself.

No. 1815159

File: 1682459309239.jpg (320.18 KB, 1766x1784, blurjared.JPG)

Jared has now started to put fake depth of field over his face to blur it out.
That's a new one.

No. 1815160

also what's up with his left arm bulging out popeye style while the right one is a stick?
Like even factoring in perspective and foreshortening that just looks odd.

No. 1815186

Honestly I wish he’d just blur his face all the time.

No. 1815203

That forearm has got to be photoshopped. Probably used the blur to disguise that fact.
It's out of proportion with everything else.

No. 1815208

File: 1682464334816.jpg (267.32 KB, 1782x1738, aidsworm.JPG)

gotta be. in his other photos his forearms are literal sticks.
Or he's jacking off with his left hand.

No. 1815305

File: 1682473238051.jpeg (186.33 KB, 828x1394, 2C13EBB4-BA60-4A35-8293-3222B4…)

Here’s his newest pic, his arms are literal sticks here too. Still not sure why he feels the need to add such dumb descriptions to his pics.

No. 1815310

File: 1682473657899.jpg (Spoiler Image,69.66 KB, 969x934, Heyinternetyouwereliedtohollys…)

No. 1815311

File: 1682473759465.jpg (Spoiler Image,93.53 KB, 969x934, Jareddiamonds.jpg)

He will never have anything to offer another woman other than being into vidya and sex on the first date.(stop with the shitty fanart)

No. 1815321

legit startled me wtf
He keeps on waffling about the weather and then wears absolutely inadequate clothes for the weather. It was the same when winter came and he pranced around in his autmn outfit in the snow.
Also the fabric is thin because its another one of your shitty yesstyle sweaters from 2007, jared.

No. 1815322

File: 1682475024069.jpg (13.42 KB, 223x474, jared_melting.JPG)

Is his face melting? What's going on here?
Why does this guy have pregnancy stretch marks on his fucking face?

No. 1815326

File: 1682475420003.jpg (28.26 KB, 550x550, pajama.jpg)

Not entirely convinced he didnt accidentally wear a pajama top outside in his fashion-blindness.
That odd cut and weirdly thin fabric scream wall-mart or wish.com pajama top to me.

No. 1815341

he was always an ugly little worm, but it's like the divorce and then living in Holly's basement aged him 20 years. He didn't have so many deep set wrinkles and spotty skin back before then. It's kind of bizarre. I guess it helps him blend in at the retirement condos he's living at now at the very least. kek

No. 1815363

Why does this man post his face si much I am terrify

No. 1815448

"it defines the chest and arms"

Not if there's nothing there to define, you fish-faced stick figure.

No. 1815541

has he lost his entire mind? nothing about this is “fashion”. or “men’s”, for that matter. he looks like steve buscemi stole a middle-schooler’s hoodie.

No. 1815633

File: 1682527593420.jpeg (7.57 KB, 828x156, 7496FEC9-C794-4EB1-A9EF-275C69…)

I love this guy’s dedication to telling Dickworm to go to the gym kek.

No. 1815645

He must be mentally stunted, because he got like zero sense of style or fashion and the way he writes makes me cringe.
"no idea where I even got this hoodie from" as if anyone would even care. He tries to do the "wow got this at a fancy thrift shop, its surely vintage" route, but its clear to anyone with above room temperatrue IQ that its just another one of his ugly wish.com sweaters.

No. 1815774

lmao did this fool seriously just roll out of bed and decide to take pics? It looks like the wrinkles you get from your pillow.

This is the question we’re all dying to know the answer to. No one is asking for him to post so many pics of himself and his followers are fleeing because of it.

No. 1815780

>lmao did this fool seriously just roll out of bed and decide to take pics? It looks like the wrinkles you get from your pillow.
Would explain why his "mystery origin sweater" looks so much like a pajama-top.

No. 1816292

File: 1682612957254.jpg (20.26 KB, 482x960, 185e414cac6572a26ebaea38ed28bb…)

The arm to torso ratio I'm keking

No. 1816363

can this faggot not do better hashtag mensfashion that is not putting on a random ratty sweater. has he ever heard of outfit coordination

No. 1816426

It's puzzling, especially since he doesnt follow even basic fashion sensibilities and just throws on whatever old shit he has in his drawer. This is literally how every anime club moid between 2007 and 2012 dressed.

No. 1816598

File: 1682643647576.jpeg (126.91 KB, 828x1463, EC50FEA3-E5EC-4D8D-AD76-27617B…)

Here’s a prime example kek. I swear he’s been wearing that same pair of jeans in nearly every pic of his.

No. 1816608

His dedication to LARPing as a male model and failing so spectacularly almost makes me feel bad for him kekk

No. 1816678

File: 1682653149609.jpeg (218.96 KB, 828x1472, FA1D7F7F-52FF-4F29-8345-E032C7…)

Hoo boy that hair is disappearing fast. And all this ostrich ever seems to talk about is his clothes or the weather.

No. 1816868

What's with his constant weather posting?
This guy has nothing else going on in his daily routine other than making entirely pointless weather observations? Also that hairline does not work with his current haircut at all.
Wonder what the neighbors think about that disheveled man wearing the same pair of ugly jeans all year constantly making girly selfies on a bench in front of his apartment.
Dude really should move, it's clear he's got nothing to do in his retirement community

No. 1816873

he looks photoshopped, like the face of a 50 year old man imposed on a sickly 12 year old boy with cancer, its so bizarre

No. 1816893

He's like an AI role-playing as a human. Not sure what his exes ever saw in this moid

No. 1816895

What's that look trying to convey? It's like some weird school councellor pervert locking a kid up in a room vibes. "I know it's nice outside, but you gotta stay in here with me now and we'll discuss your homosexuality and how to fix it"

No. 1816903

I love this thread, his weird face always makes me chuckle

No. 1816920

They saw his YouTube subscriber count.
Some girls are starstruck like that, even with low tier ecelebs.

No. 1816953

He dresses like an autistic middle schooler whose mom chooses all his outfits for him. I guess that's one way to feign youth kek

No. 1816966

$5 says they're full veneers with minimal straightening since veneers are cheaper and the stubs underneath are going to rot out in 10 years, leaving him needing dentures kek

No. 1816989

The idea of tooth-stumps under the veneers rotting away makes my churn. Y U C K.
Is that really what happens? Sounds like fucking junji itou body horror.

No. 1816991

File: 1682697824969.jpg (16.76 KB, 342x431, 71mQfS2yZpL._AC_UX342_.jpg)

Legit. Every guy in my class who was dressed by his mom had those weird color segmented hoodies and they always looked shit or were the wrong size (sleeves too short).

No. 1817118

I feel like I say this every thread but I am truly baffled by how ugly this man is and it keeps getting worse. He actually looked at this picture and thought it looked good enough to post. He looks like an actual retard, like there's something wrong with him like Down Syndrome but worse

No. 1817183

Seriously. His eyes are literally looking in two different directions while he tries to put on his best "vacant model stare" while also obviously gripping his camera in one hand for the selfie. This dude must be going mad from being all alone in a retirement community, doesnt even have a buddy around who could take photos of him.

No. 1817194

File: 1682720136841.jpeg (181.46 KB, 828x1374, 71D60C02-55E8-4973-B7E6-748A64…)

Another dumb boring ass post from this moid. He must really not have any money because this guy does not go anywhere other than outside his retirement community condo and to the coffee shop down the street.

No. 1817253

>listens to onerepublic

No. 1817307

The only food I've ever seen him post is this, and months ago some donuts he had for breakfast. Is this why he looks like he is dying?

No. 1817309

Is he trying to channel Patrick Bateman? This guy sounds like he's losing his mind.
Also for waffling so much about the sun and weather he seems to be confined to his balcony an awful lot. Like 90 percent of his selfies are taken in close proximity to his condo and he doesn't seem to be the outdoor typ who makes use of the weather in any capacity other than having that compulsion to keep mentioning his weather observations, because he seemingly has nothing else to say.

No. 1817310

The only other food item other than his Donuts/muffins he posted was when he made that gross puppy-chow while putting on a very sententious face, like the manchild he is.
Not feeling sorry for him but his lifestyle screams of undiagnosed depression.

No. 1817418

>The coffee always tastes better in any of my Nintendo mugs.
What a manchild

No. 1817635

Yeah all of the pics he’s posted with any food in them makes it look like he solely subsists off of the freezer and bakery sections at the grocery store.

No. 1817830

The combination of the stilted, over-formal caption and his weird "staring into space" pose are so uncanny. It's like an AI made this post. This dude is the personification of a prozac commercial

No. 1817951

File: 1682862874648.jpg (104.41 KB, 957x1300, vintage-toy-robot-24051262.jpg)

hello fellow non-robot hoomons, today I shunted my fleshbody into a comfortable "sitting" position in the sun in order to carry out photosynthesis as a organic existence would.
I also placed some sugary confections next to me, while I contemplated normal hooman things to do. The fluid full of alkaloids, phenolic acids, flavonoids, terpenoids called cofi was placed in a whimsical mug to enhance its flavor as I (as a flesh non robotic being) am susceptible for such "charming" forms of self hypnosis.
The weather was 69°F with a wind speed of 9mph. Perfect mating conditions, please initiate sending e-girl goth gf into my DMs.

No. 1818090

lmao this is perfect.

No. 1818154

Kek. My fucking sides

No. 1818249

File: 1682904261029.jpeg (279.15 KB, 828x1379, 5D65ABF2-1B4E-4C1E-981B-7ADDF5…)

Ah yes, more mention of the weather. Who would have thought that the worm got out of his retirement neighborhood every once in a while.

No. 1818254

What's with those tags?

Also knowing worm face this fence is probably in walking distance to his house.

No. 1818338

Go to the gym

No. 1818353

All of the captions on his photos are so unnatural and weird. He talks like a fucking robot.

No. 1818364

Did he try to photoshop his shoulders or does he just think slouching makes them look broader?

No. 1818369

File: 1682926849524.jpg (4.02 KB, 137x138, IMG_20230501.jpg)

New reaction photo

No. 1818381

His handler is trying to leave him in the woods like an unwanted dog but so far the worm has schlepped himself back to civilization (much to everyone's disappointment).

No. 1818386

I wonder whether this posting about the weather and lame amazon fashion finds is a massive cover and he's actually incredibly unhinged and depraved inside his head, it almost feels like he's trying to be as boring and mundane as possible. Like, most people post things that make them look interesting, he is actively doing the opposite.
That caption about the mountains and fresh air is exactly what a man with several 12 year old boys chained in his basement would post so that you never suspect a thing

No. 1818396

Imagine going for a walk and seeing this weird, scrawny manchild trying to climb up on a fence for a selfie

No. 1818431


Of all the tinfoil posted in these threads, this is probably the tinfoiliest. I think you might need some time away from the internet for your own mental health.

No. 1818436

That’s how gen X and older millennials that didn’t learn how to use social media write hashtags.

No. 1818452

It was actually a joke, autist chan, though not too out there considering the Youtuber thread was just bumped with the following, spoiler for not about the worm:
>SethTheProgrammer, a popular YouTuber who discusses Shonen Powerscaling, has been accused of grooming underage boys. These accusations date back to 2018, when Seth claimed they were the result of homophobic trolls. However, a former colleague provided solid evidence of Seth soliciting nudes and then blackmailing young boys to perform explicit acts for him. These serious accusations may result in Seth facing jail time

>seriously why is it like every popular YouTuber revealed to be a pedophile at a certain level of popularity

No. 1818483

what does this have to do with Jared?

No. 1818488

I mean we all know that he’s a horned up weirdo so it wouldn’t be too beyond the pale to assume that he’s got something else going on. He’s probably trying to figure out how to revive the SinJared blog without getting too much blowback kek.

No. 1818540

I think he's a hollow husk like most narcissists are. He very much seems like he actually has NPD and one of the symptoms is that they absorb other peoples' interests and hobbies. As other anons noted, the retro game stuff was all Heidi's. He may actually be this fucking dull but I'm sure he's had sleepless nights about his fucked up decisions and that there are definitely mentally ill meltdowns that brew in his brain quite a bit behind the scenes. The amazon and fashion shit is beyond weird considering he knows his content was 100% gaming related. I'm glad he's getting shat on from retarded moids. His face is beyond ugly and he looks ridiculous.

No. 1818547


>I was just joking, but this unrelated YouTuber did some fucked up shit, so I'm not really joking.


I agree he's got the personality of cardboard, but he was doing retro YouTube videos before he met Heidi. She had her own retro game collection when they lived together, Jared gave it back after they divorced.

No. 1818713

If by gave it back you mean she had to sic the lawyer on him because he wasn’t giving the collection back even though it was part of the divorce agreement, and then after ignoring the lawyer he finally relented when she put him on blast on Twitter… then yeah, I guess you can say he gave it back after they divorced.

No. 1818759

He really does talk like a fucking pod person, it's so weird. Of course he could just be trying to keep his head down but that doesn't match up with the constant horny story posts and onlyfans account.
I never followed any of these people outside this board, was he ever interested in fashion in the past?

No. 1818917

Judging by his Instagram it looks like the whole fashion thing really didn’t start until after the drama started. There were a few earlier posts where he was like “check out this new shirt” but the fashion posts were mainly after he’d gotten with Holly. Dunno if that’s something he absorbed from her since it seems like he doesn’t have much personality of his own.

No. 1818918

His wife used to dress him up and do photoshoots of him sometimes, but the amazon chic #mensfashion era is pretty recent. I assume he's just looking for an excuse to post as many photos of himself as possible

No. 1818925

File: 1682999864603.jpeg (243.18 KB, 828x1446, E0120BB5-B810-4C3B-BDCA-E0F09E…)

Wow his hair does not look good here. Now is he posting another pic from his nature walk yesterday or is he wearing the same thing two days in a row kek?

No. 1818980

The fact I follow and watch a ton of nature photographers on Ig/tiktok and not one of them would post a cringe photo like this
>wow I love nature and walking!!
>posts cringe selfie of himself sitting down and looking incredibly uncomfortable and out of place
I think anons are right in that this is death of the narcissist, with nobody to copy and absorb the personality of this is the husk that remains

No. 1819021

lmao why is he clenching his fist like that? Is that where he got his camera remote?
Also this legit looks like a bad 90s school Shooter cosplay now.
Exactly the kinda photos weird anime club moids would take. The only thing missing is final fantasy 8 jewelry, but I have a feeling we might enter the "accessorize" arc soon.

No. 1819022

That's the only pair of pants he owns, isn't it?

No. 1819025

#fence #pods #mensfashion

No. 1819028

Jared's idea of going into nature is driving a mile, plopping down next to a big fucking road, taking his vanity selfies and fucking off again. lmao

No. 1819124

You know, that's something Heidi really handled poorly. I get she was frustrated with Propeen dragging his feet about sending her games back, but she was already going the legal route to get them. Her lawyer knows the right way to escalate that situation to get ProDick to send the games without biting Heidi in the ass. Like serving him legal papers after trying to call him, there's probably some protocol for how many times they have to try calling before serving papers to him. But Heidi chose instead to go public and dogwhistle her followers to harass him to get the games. Yeah, he should have just sent the games out immediately to avoid that mess, but she handled it in a way that makes her look like she's using her followers as flying monkeys, even if she's doing it to get her property back.

No. 1819133

lmao you’re probably right that he’s clenching onto the remote for his camera. How awkward. He’s already been accessorizing with the gay BDSM straps so I wouldn’t put it past him to add more stuff. Can’t forget about the Etsy bracelet he was showing off.

I really do think it’s the only pair of pants he owns, they look like they haven’t been washed in a minute.

Your comment had me kek’ing out loud anon. It’s probably exactly what he did before he shuffled off back to the retirement community.

No. 1819157

I see where you're coming from, but take it from me that have worked under a narcissist similar to Jared;
If they feel slighted they will stonewall you until you either:
>a) give up and give them/let them do whatever they want
>b) lash out from the frustration
This way will give them a feeling of control over the situation, they are petty enough to take anything they can twist into a win, no matter how small it is. Even if Heidi had gone about it the right way it would have taken an unnecessary amount of time to get ANYTHING to happen because he will just ignore and play stupid just to make it all as inconvenient as possible for her. It doesn't matter how stupid he actually look to everyone else or if it's going to cost him money as well to drag it out, it's all about that fleeting feeling of control over the situation. Dealing with people like this and get anything to happen is by publicly humiliate them so they don't have a chance to make up more excuses or pretend they're oblivious.
Was it professional of Heidi to act the way she did? Definitely not. But it saved her several more months of unnecessary headaches.

No. 1819260


>If they feel slighted they will stonewall you until you either:

>a) give up and give them/let them do whatever they want

ntayrt but I've had to deal with the opposite of this, an abusive narcissist who wants something from someone, and will endlessly harass them and not let them get any rest until they cave in and give the abuser/let the abuser do whatever they want. It's even worse when they can get a group of people on their side to join the harassment, and the abuser will convince the group that it's not harassment, it's just necessary to keep bothering the person nonstop for one reason or another. And it sucks because once the abuse victim caves in to the harassment the first time, the abuser knows the victim's mental abuse limit and will harass them even more any time they want something.

Jared's definitely shit for dodging the lawyer and holding off sending Heidi's games to her, but Heidi didn't do herself any favors. It just added fuel to the fire the Jared fans use to say Heidi was abusive to Jared.

No. 1819268

Here is the thing with Jared though: We have seen previously through Heidis, and somewhat Holly's, accounts that he has a habit of stonewalling until the person breaks. It's exactly because he knows Heidi's limit that he ignored her and the lawyer's attempts at contacting him. He knew she would snap, and as you say it would add fuel to his abuse story, but he didn't expect people to also go "uhm dude, wtf?" which was the added effect of Heidi's tweets, because narcs don't think that far ahead and double edged swords are foreign concepts to them.

No. 1819281


That's something that confused me. Jared knows by now when Heidi snaps, she takes it to the public. Even when she's justifiably angry, she established that as her way of handling it. She did that more than once since they divorced, to both him and Holly, so he shouldn't have been surprised if Heidi went public again when he didn't immediately ship her games to her after the first lawyer call.

No. 1819480

It would have cost her money in attorney fees. That shit takes a long time to get handled, so the fact that it worked in getting her shit to her is hilarious. Jared couldn't handle the bad PR. >>1819268 It also gave us some decent milk post blow up. Jared was then begging his fans for games. Guy is shameless.

No. 1819516

Yeah exactly. Having a sizeable video game collection is about the only thing Dickworm has, so it probably killed him to have to give up the games. He was likely hoping that Heidi was just going to give up and let him have them in the end.

No. 1819813

That's the thing, though. She was already sending her lawyer on his ass, was she really so impatient because she had to wait?

Jared had his own huge game collection before he met Heidi. It's in the background to his early videos before they met. And he's not going to sell any of his games just because Heidi has her own copies, abusers aren't going to let their victims have something in their control whenever they can prevent it. If any of them were sold, he would have insisted on Heidi selling her copies so he could claim ownership on the majority of the collection. Jared was just greedy and wanted even more games for one of his consoles for free.

No. 1819882

Does Jared even care about retro games anymore? He seems more occupied with #mensfashion and #weatherobservations

No. 1819923

His entire new channel is dedicated to 90s gaming so he's at least trying to keep it on as a gimmick.

No. 1819970

I don't know that he was ever really into games, he seems to play the same final fantasy shit over and over and never really posts much in the way of proof that he actually plays more than a few hours. Like D&D I think it's just something he used to get girls interested

No. 1820105

File: 1683164379071.jpeg (86.53 KB, 828x1172, 38A723C8-9A20-43DD-9D4A-8DBA87…)

Don’t forget #coffee #coffeeshop

No. 1820119

Yeah, his interest in these things seems a bit surface level.
That's the coffee shop in walking distance from his house again.
What a exceedingly odd life this guy lives.

No. 1820130

I wish gross incels and desperate pickme's never hyped this gremlin up. He thinks he's more important than what he really is.(sage your shit)

No. 1820205

His instagram is like it was taken over by a 16 year old girl, but somehow it's still him in the pictures. How is he this oblivious of how cringe he's being.

No. 1820363

File: 1683201335840.jpeg (77.8 KB, 828x882, BBCE6CE8-B54E-457B-BF0F-12C84B…)

Funny I guess but the real joke is that he implies that he’s hot.

Same here nonny. It’s a crime that he still puts his face out there.

No. 1820370

Nobody with a casual/surface level interest in gaming is going to cover entire walls in their house with shelves full of games and memorabilia of games. That takes a level of commitment that a casual gamer isn't going to have.

No. 1820372

I think he's just posting men's fashion stuff as an excuse to "thirst trap". I don't think he has anything romantic going on irl and he's just laying out the bait and waiting for something to come along. He got used to the women throwing themselves at him during his youtube hayday and it got his ego big enough where he expects this to work.

No. 1820389

If he had something going on he wouldn't need to make those awkward selfies of himself being clearly crushingly lonely in his wealthy retirement community.
What even made him think this was a good place for a thirsty single moid in his early 40s?

No. 1820412

Maybe he's fishing for someone's retirement fund? He definitely seems the type to fuck a grandma to pay his bills

No. 1820415

Boogie2988 does exactly this and doesn't have a real interest in games.

No. 1820435

File: 1683211027811.png (419.37 KB, 956x954, hcondrad.png)

holly changed her style too and i gotta say this is way better than her strix style or whatever it was

No. 1820461

I think this is the answer. After the fallout of the divorce and the nudes blog he just doesn’t have the female attention he used to have. And who can blame people? I wouldn’t want to be associated with a creep who was soliciting his fanbase either. So now he’s putting himself out there desperately hoping that someone, anyone will slide into his DM’s.

Yeah, it’s possible that his passion for games has been declining but he’s made it such a part of his identity he’s probably stuck now. It doesn’t seem like he has any other skills he can utilize other than being a YouTuber.

No. 1820512

Her face is so haggard

No. 1820593

She looks like a 50-year old divorcee trying to see if maybe she was a lesbian all along.

No. 1820630

Holly has never been a great beauty, but I always thought she was at least interesting looking and dressed stylishly. She looks shockingly awful here.

No. 1820643


Sorry, but she really doesn't pull this look off. Ever style she tries just looks like she's tries too hard to be edgy.

No. 1820690

This is so specific and so accurate

No. 1820696

This is bad lol… She looks like she has they/them pronouns

No. 1820754

This isn't bad if she lost the glasses, earrings and bad hair cut. Then it's just a black outfit with a blazer. Holly makes it looks more terrible than it is.

No. 1820985

Nah her face looks fine for her age and I like that hair better than the lord farquaad cut but the earrings and blazer need to go. The blazer is way too big and boxy for her and I have to wonder why she's wearing a bobby pin for blondes.

No. 1821451

>fine for her age

Stop, she always looked like this. She isn't aged, she just looks like a melted wax figure normally

No. 1822820

File: 1683516779133.jpeg (161.58 KB, 828x1394, E3747544-2D93-4B6E-8EC7-AE59CE…)

He really does only wear this pair of pants all the time. This angle is doing him no favors kek.

No. 1822892

jfc he looks so brittle.
He looks like he'd be too weak to pull even that plastic crap sword out of that brick of plaster.

No. 1823014

File: 1683547244003.png (5.85 KB, 110x74, Screenshot 2023-05-08 130133.p…)

what in tarnation is going on with his hairline. it's receded farther on one side????

also you can see his emerging bald spot in the back

No. 1823047

Oh damn yeah wtf is going on with his hair? I guess that promotion he did for that hair loss company didn’t do him any good.

No. 1823324

He legit looks like a little boy with progeria on that photo.

No. 1823611

File: 1683612527326.gif (1.3 MB, 220x220, kek.gif)

lmao, my 12 year old brother has more muscles than him.

No. 1823781

He dresses like a 45 year old recently divorced man. If I saw him approach me, knowing nothing about him, his clothing would be a huge red flag. There's something about it that says 'I have recently changed the way I dress to appeal to young women' and 'I spent $100 on these jeans so they must make me me look like a hot rich guy.' The dad sneakers aren't helping either.

No. 1823915

I didn’t even notice the sneakers until you pointed them out kek. And look he’s wearing his favorite spring time hoodie according to one of his latest fashion posts. Yeah he’s just a walking red flag all around.

No. 1823988

well put. It's this total missjudgement of whats fashionable in current day that a lot of divorced guys desperate to get their tail wet put on. Its always some kind of stuff that's at least 10 to 15 years behind the curve or whenever they first got steady and stopped trying/got dressed up by their spouse.

No. 1825062

File: 1683808223243.png (Spoiler Image,229.86 KB, 430x471, Screenshot 2023-05-11 at 14-30…)

Simple Jack looking mf

No. 1825880

File: 1683913264679.jpeg (128.44 KB, 828x1452, 31627730-500E-478C-8079-DC4886…)

lmao manchild

No. 1825915

Either he asked someone to take this picture (the poor soul) or he took all the time to set up the framing and the auto-timer to take this picture.
I can't tell which is the sadder of the two possibilities.

No. 1825936

Sad. The cute "adulting is hard" fad is over. After the pandemic, this behavior is looked down on. Jared is incredibly tone deaf on absolutely everything. It's just sad seeing a man like him age.

No. 1825989

I’m guessing it’s probably the second option. If I was the delivery driver I think I’d be pretty scared to see him peering through the glass kek. Jumpscare irl.

No. 1826011

I think it's a Scott Pilgrim reference, not that it makes it any less dated

No. 1826123

Doesn't everyone just download the games on their switch? Whats with this millennial boomer?

No. 1826125

He's still wearing the same pants btw.
Auto-timer or remote, that's why the angle is so weird too.

No. 1826126

File: 1683934892892.jpg (121.47 KB, 991x1428, jumpscare.JPG)

No. 1826143

Nightmare fuel.

No. 1826222

File: 1683945305913.jpeg (165.75 KB, 828x1449, 687B7F2C-5174-48BA-8020-2B4C4E…)

What on earth is going on with his hair here?

No. 1826672

nitpic but lol the pimple on his lip

No. 1826836

With all the junk food he enjoys selfieing with, are you surprised he still gets acne?

No. 1826853

File: 1684045818429.jpeg (192.28 KB, 828x1457, 7570E996-18E5-4615-B275-3295DF…)

Looks like he escaped the retirement community today.

No. 1827022

i think he is catering to men, because i think that they are giving him attention

No. 1827066

Yeah it makes me laugh that most of the ones giving him attention in the comments are either dudes or they/thems.

No. 1827302

that hair is retreating like the Confederate Army, holy fuck

No. 1827357

File: 1684117775585.jpeg (124.02 KB, 828x1461, 1B85CA73-6D91-4E46-AB32-E2A6DC…)

With how everyone in this pic is wearing a party hat but him makes it look like he just kind of tagged along kek.

No. 1828454

That grass area is fucking across the street from his apartment. He literally walked 5 mins to get there.

No. 1829094

That’s fucking hilarious. This earthworm jim looking mofo really is trying to make it look like he does more than just staying in his retirement condo.

No. 1829284

File: 1684367085405.jpeg (Spoiler Image,134.2 KB, 828x1428, A7B8CAF7-AB6A-4503-A92B-917905…)

He really thinks he’s doing something here. He is in no shape way or form a king.

No. 1829301

File: 1684369648175.jpeg (90.26 KB, 828x1240, BF625DE7-F741-41D1-995F-1AA429…)

And then a follow up to this. I dunno if this is from Twitch or Twitter or some other platform but lmao. This should have been something he presented when he was soliciting fans for their nudes…

No. 1829369

File: 1684380083348.jpeg (69.3 KB, 900x578, IMG_0380.jpeg)

oh he’s a king all right

No. 1829918

No shame this moid

No. 1830651

File: 1684536659741.jpeg (50.31 KB, 828x1199, C0CACEF2-CF81-4342-B877-0CCB07…)

He either sent this to himself or some gay moid sent it to him. Still gassing himself up lmao.

No. 1830732

The "J" is very telling. Yeah, Jared, someone who totally wasn't you emailed you that you're hot. /s(sage your shit)

No. 1830751

Yeah I noticed that too, quite a coincidence that the person complimenting him also has a name that starts with J…

No. 1830762

Not only the J is telling, but the 'sent from my galaxy' is as well. I remember in a Game Grumps episode with Jared on, he showed his phone which I believe was a Galaxy.

No. 1830835

This guy is so pathetic.

No. 1830850


He has to be trolling. Jared's a fucking idiot but he's gotta notice people are going to see the giant obvious "J" next to the email. If he was really trying to convince people this was a real email, he'd either scribble out the initial too or use a burner email with a different name.

No. 1831141

"J's" obvious midlife crisis is turning him into one of the most ridiculous cows, I love it

No. 1834063

File: 1684983335767.png (683.22 KB, 1170x2532, 8DF4EAE5-F5F7-4582-9649-5CD042…)

Once again trying to be hip with the kids. Awkward when you realize Snake and him are very close in age

No. 1834126

I don't get it. What's it supposed to mean?

No. 1834401

I’m not sure either. Probably just him trying to fit in with the younger gamer crowd but it makes him look cringe af instead. We all know he won’t touch dicks and Solid Snake is pretty close to his age anyway so it just comes off as fucking weird. He needs to come to grips that he’s not in his 20’s anymore.

No. 1834496

zoomers call older men/women "daddy/mommy/mother" when they find them attractive in an authoritarian/cool older person way, similar to milf/dilf but without children. he's trying to fit in with the tiktok crowd.

No. 1834864

Pretty sure Jared is older than snake at this point.

No. 1835858

Jared going for the "tee hee maybe I'm gay, I guess guys are hot too" act so he can attract teen bishie fangirls

No. 1838699

File: 1685582417225.jpeg (159.86 KB, 828x1333, IMG_2915.jpeg)

Translation: He finally went through his whole wardrobe and he can’t repeat his outfits too soon after one another. Those grey hairs sure look like they’ve been increasing quickly kek.

No. 1839327

lmao he looks so miserable why did he think that was a good pic to post?

No. 1839672

Yeah it’s definitely not a flattering pic. Wrinkles, gray hairs, the dude’s looking worn.

No. 1839994

If Jared plans on continuing his sad little fashion show, he should at least go through a men's summer catalog and get some basic idea on outfits kek. His assortment of random Amazon purchases aren't even getting the gays to care.
Also fuck me he looks haggard. I'm amazed his narcissism isn't letting him use faceapp. For as shameless as onision was even he could somewhat admit to himself that he was ugly and thus always used makeup and filters. Have there been any narc cows like Jared? I've seen plenty of unflattering pictures of narc cows but the lack of care and reverse dysmorphia he shows is the oddest and funniest thing about Jared to me. He's like a reverse Vicky shingles

No. 1840016

He ran out of interesting outfits to post before he even started. Also dude looks rough for being in his late 30s.

No. 1840026

Don't forget the shit hairline
Are we sure he's actually a narc and not just desperately trying to cope with and hide the fact that he's disgusting looking?

No. 1840101

Worn worm.

No. 1840423

What gets me is how arrogant and cocky he is. He abused his wife, used countless others for his sexual gratification, and he got away with it with minimal consequences. He's not at a million subscribers anymore, but he still has a crowd of people shoving money in his twitch streams, they even buy subscriptions for everyone else. Not to mention the group of loyal followers he got to make Tumblr and Twitter accounts to continue harassing Heidi, bashing her just for continuing to have a presence online, and trying to convince people to boycott her shop so she'll go bankrupt. Jared has all this, and he posts these cocky pics like "yeah, I'm an abuser but my fans are convinced I'm the victim". Such a gross person.

No. 1840630

Yeah that’s the shit that gets me too. He’s somehow still got all these people who stan for him and claim that he’s innocent, but in reality he’s just a gross motherfucker. Why people still follow him or actively give him money is beyond me.

No. 1841440

At least from his ig comments it seems like 90% of his simps are men now, and the only women who are into him have anime/weeb profile pics so you can’t tell what they look like. It’s still weird that he has fans after everything he’s done, but you know he’s pissed that none of them are hot 25 year old women.

No. 1841609

Yeah, his hopes and dreams of having some hot egirl on his side have probably been dashed and he’s no doubt ticked about it. I guess he shouldn’t have been a creepy weirdo who thought it was a good idea to flash his dick around.

No. 1842340

File: 1686142607187.jpeg (65.92 KB, 828x1105, IMG_2921.jpeg)

Is the worm okay?

No. 1842660

>is beyond me
The only people who still follow him are misogynistic scrotes who support him to own the feminazis, and the most extreme of pickmes.
It shouldn't be surprising as the former always latch onto men who are involved in controversies like those and end up "winning", such as Johnny Depp.

No. 1842754

I can understand them defending him on Twitter because they hate women but I can’t even fathom watching his streams, let alone paying for a sub. Whenever I dip into a stream out of curiosity it’s always just long stretches of him playing the game in silence. His chat is somewhat active, but he rarely reads it. 0 charisma or energy.

No. 1843057

whats he on about(Sage)

No. 1843073

It's so wild because there's still people running social media accounts for the purpose of bashing Heidi at every opportunity. There's what? ONE Tumblr account that said anything negative about Jared, and the person running that blog recently admitted they don't even follow the drama anymore. I think people are taking the opportunity that people aren't paying attention to the drama anymore to launch an all out attack against Heidi and turn the tide in Jared's favor, that would explain why people are still ready and willing to give him tons of money in his Twitch stream.

No. 1843779

tbh both sides are pretty shitty. If anything it was just a petty divorce you would have seen childhood sweethearts go through and published on the internet for validation. The only thing Jared gets a pass on is the crazy troons that tried to act like he was a groomer. He may be creepy, but at least he hasn't been outed for grooming (yet). Heidi is kinda cringe because she seethed about it for way longer than it seemed healthy.

No. 1843898


When you're such a creeper sexpest that you rely on the honor system to make sure the fans sending you nudes and sexting you are 18, don't act all pikachusurprisedface when a number of them turn out under 18 and just lied and people think you sought them out.

No. 1843943

Yeah exactly. The divorce is what it was and we’re never going to know the entire story. But the soliciting nudes from fans without any sort of real age verification is what solidly puts Jared in creepy weirdo territory and he’s never going to recover from that. Especially since he’s never shown any remorse other than admitting there was a power imbalance.

No. 1844789


>Heidi is kinda cringe because she seethed about it for way longer than it seemed healthy.

Unfortunately you're right. Jared had his ass handed to him for being the sex obsessed creeper he is. But since that was made public smack in the middle of their divorce, Heidi ended up basically addicted to getting validation through Twitter. To the point where she spent years after the divorce was finalized continuing to take shots at Jared and Holly. And it was made worse by people cheering her on for doing so. Now that it's been four years and everyone long since moved on to the next YouTube scandal, it's done more harm in the long run for her than good. Even though her anger was justified, taking it to Twitter for validation has her name and brand forever labeled with "angry/vindictive ex wife". She made a few tweets recently that her store isn't doing well because of lack of sales, and it feels like this happened because when she was just starting to get the store off the ground, she spent that time taking her anger out in public. She had every right to be angry at Jared and Holly but the way she handled it wasn't a good look for her.

No. 1845300

File: 1686589792045.jpg (61.09 KB, 1743x384, t2xbyNkJk4BP.jpg)

looked it up and holy shit you're right.

No. 1847137

File: 1686860961130.jpg (34.8 KB, 885x298, Screenshot_20230615-162309_Bra…)

I think these were left in 2011 for good reason. This is giving me linkara/channel awesome flashbacks but at least that had the excuse of being made for comic books fans. We're not exactly known for maturity kek (and most adults skipped those anyways). Jared's audience of 30+ nostalgic game nerds doesn't seem to be a good fit for a skit comeback

No. 1847143

oh god, if he actually goes through with this it's going to be so extremely embarrassing. Curious to see what "friends" he even still has that would be willing to participate.

No. 1847152

File: 1686862092475.jpg (15.56 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Did he hit his head or is this some social experiment? I know he's an egotistical idiot, but he's not this much of an idiot to pull something this cringe-inducing unironically.

No. 1847174

This was a thing for letsplayers ten years ago, with darkiplier and darkcepticeye(? I remember jackscepticeye having an evil alter of some kind at least). He's so out of touch it should be considered a talent.

No. 1847190

Geeze, what'd be an evil version of a gross unapologetic sex pest?

No. 1847198

He must be trying to relive his glory days before the divorce and being outed as a sex pest. And what friends does he have? He claims that he doesn’t go outside and Holly got SoM and his wife from the breakup.

No. 1847212


Is this another one of his dumbass jokes? Where instead of saying "remember these dumb videos" he pretends like he's making those dumb videos? Why do his fans still think he's being clever?

No. 1849887

Yeah lmao. Isn't he like already the evil version of himself?(sage your shit )

No. 1850609

File: 1687356414074.jpeg (486.1 KB, 2048x2048, 931A2D6C-8686-4D4D-9FE0-62A9A8…)

A story in three pictures lmao.

No. 1851014

Cackling(unsaged cackle)

No. 1851034

An amazing blow to his self-esteem, I'm sure.
Love to see it.

No. 1851062

Is he an opiod addict? His pupils seem very tiny, are they always like this?

No. 1851144

Yeah I can imagine he thought it he was going to look like some sort of bishounen Howl type character and he’s far from it kek.

It could explain why he’s so sickly skinny.

No. 1851160

>made him a creepy balding old man
Seems accurate desu

No. 1851450

File: 1687475255844.jpeg (155.32 KB, 828x1477, IMG_2939.jpeg)

Holy shit that hairline.

No. 1851597

Now that you've mentioned it, I've only seen pupils like that irl on absolute junkies.

No. 1851753

hairline receding like his career prospects

No. 1851856

And his romantic prospects.

No. 1855058

File: 1687989175945.jpeg (110.19 KB, 828x1375, IMG_2942.jpeg)

lmao he’s still claiming he didn’t cheat on Heidi.

No. 1855099

Oh geez I never realized until it was all blown up like that that Jared's new profile is a cleaned up AI-generated image.
Anything to polish off all that fish-faced ugly, I suppose.

No. 1859425

File: 1688682918922.jpg (101.81 KB, 535x945, skjkjlsagnil.JPG)

Like OMG we only play ToGeThEr, might steal someones husband later.

No. 1859763

Kek. Even though Holly sucks too, I still think it’s hilarious that SoM and his wife stuck with her. Leaving ProDick to fend for himself in the wild of the internet without his guard dog to intimidate people into removing their mean comments, aww.

No. 1859870

He's not even involved in the PervJerd reddits anymore?

No. 1859882

It looks like he’s still got the mod stuff in his Twitter profile, but I went and checked Reddit. The main subreddit hasn’t had posts in hundreds of days, and the second one is pretty much inactive due to the Reddit blackout and doesn’t look like it’s come back kek. Not that it was that active anyway.

No. 1860182

File: 1688816890169.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1179x2011, IMG_0335.jpeg)

If you were ever wondering if Holly was still complaining about losing jobs after repeatedly bashing a woman going through a divorce and defending a guy who used his fans for nudes/sex then yes she still very much is mad about it

No. 1860188

is he gonna kill himself?

No. 1860273

Don’t forget that Jared left her too. So she helped to ruin her career with a guy who cheated on and gaslit his wife, solicited sex and nudes from his fans, and then he left her anyway. Who could have ever seen that coming…

No. 1860287

It never stops blowing my mind that she could've just kept her head down and probably come out of this fine, like most internet personalities who catch flack. She'd probably insist she had to stand up and defend herself/Jared but fact is he could have and should have cleaned up his own mess. Maybe she was feeling guilty by association.

No. 1860312

No seriously she could have put out a generic statement with some bland wording about how mistakes were made and left it alone and she would have come out fine and probably with another wizards of the coast sponsored dnd show. But nah she had to dig that career grave right next to creepy projared! tinfoil that she hates him nowadays for leaving her there when she was so willing to light her life on fire for him(sage goes in the email field)

No. 1860486

These look like shit lol they're not even spherical. I love that she pretends she had a prop fabrication career when she never did

No. 1860694

This is the first I've heard of it after not following the drama for ages. I thought that not even a surgical procedure would get SoM out of Jared's anus. Good on Holly for winning the dud prize, I guess.
Seeing Holly being mad about it still keeps me happy kek.

No. 1861142

Her posting her art is always funny to me. Doesn't she get someone else to design the clothes on her etsy shop?

No. 1862508

ugly narc men usually cling hard onto the idea that looks don't matter in men and only matter in women. like any narc they project it so hard they almost fully believe it and get false confidence and bravado and superiority that way. the ugly moid narc cope is always that that as a smart nerdy rich/successful nice charming guy or whatever the fuck he's actually the superior male and women should be lining up for him. clinging and withering ever still as any evidence of him actually being smart, successful, charming, well liked or nice slowly crumble around him kek

No. 1862520

sf plus onision was probably good looking at some point in his youth (his early youtube days he had a nice face and could definitely be considered handsome especially by the emo/scene standards of the time.) and he probably closely incorporated his looks and vanity into his ego and superiority. so he still clings on to trying to make himself look good and using products and filters and frets over feeling ugly and so on. jared probably never looked good and incorporated a "men don't need to look good to be superior that's womens job" cope into his fragile self image and ego from the beginning. dudes like this will proudly post their ugly mug convinced it's proof and part of their superiority and Natural INNER Male Value unlike you vapid whores and bimbos who are only worth their looks and shit. dude is trying really hard not to ever face feeling weak and unwanted so the constant memes about his looks making him completely a worthless joke even as a man did a real number on him but he's trying to rekindle the ego again

No. 1862530

Surprised he hasn't a grown a beard yet, that seems to the usual cope for ugly moids half the time.

No. 1862543

proof or gtfo

No. 1862545

Don't feed the low quality troll.

No. 1862670


Yeah Heidi tried really hard to hide the polyamory when she first tweeted the divorce. She could've just exposed the nude blog and let ProDick's career sink from there. But Heidi needed to get her victim points in there too, but Jared would look a lot less guilty and Heidi wouldn't look like a victim if she admitted to originally insisting on him fucking Holly while she was fucking guys herself.

No. 1862885

File: 1689169714783.jpeg (289.42 KB, 828x1422, IMG_2966.jpeg)

Isn’t that the lake that’s literally around the corner from where he lives? This picture makes him look kind of aged here.

No. 1862893

Kek fucking guys? Wasn’t Heidi hooking up with some TiF cosplayer for most of the time?

No. 1862915

File: 1689173962750.jpeg (23.78 KB, 256x197, IMG_0396.jpeg)

how does he look more and more like the Cryptkeeper with every photo?

No. 1862995

File: 1689183959789.jpg (496.66 KB, 1920x1080, retention-pond.jpg)

I know it could just be a smaller section of a lake but it literally looks like he's posing by a retention basin. Very poetic if you consider that like him it is manmade and shallow. Even moreso if he's trying to pass it off as something it isn't.


No. 1863125

That’s hilarious if that truly is the case. So he makes boring YT videos, he streams, and then he occasionally leaves the house to either go to the coffee shop around the corner or the retention basin down the street. What a pathetic life this narc lives.

No. 1863249

his fake teeth are entirely too big for his mouth

Heidi was supposedly dating some TIF cosplayer and was very obviously trying to include Jared in it too. There were screenshots of the messages going around, but no proof of her supposedly "fucking other guys". Even though she very easily could have been, their arrangement definitely seemed more like a one penis policy "open" marriage if anything.

don't forget awkwardly dancing at that crosswalk just a few doors down from his doorstep. Really makes me wonder if he no longer owns a car.

No. 1863418

I'm just horrified at how his widow's peak is itself balding in the middle. Maybe he should stop slicking his hair back if he doesn't want that to stick out so much. JFC.

No. 1863626

File: 1689243024988.jpg (200.23 KB, 1200x540, Akshadha-Seshamani-South-Pond.…)

Yeah it kinda looks like either the lake thats between his condo and the coffee shop where he sometimes used to post from (Issaquah Highlands Lake Loop
). Its a 5 minute walk from his home if that's the lake.
Or Issaquah South pond, which is like 7 minutes from his condo.

No. 1863627

His hair looks terrible. Whatever he's doing isnt working for him at all.
His teeth still look like comical halloween costume buckteeth made from hard rubber.
And his fashion sense is still stuck in 2005.
Funniest part is I just realized the kinda odious moid that jared is used to be often the big cheese in late 90s early 2000s anime forums/cons. Like before normal and good looking men realized they could also publically join the hobby the most vocal "anime club leader" types were all variations of jared, with the same narcissim and delusions of grandeur + sex pest behavior.

So in a sense he's a living fossil.

No. 1863628

Living where he lives and not owning a care would be legit madness. He's living in the middle of nowhere in a retirement community that's basically only accessible via car and got no organically grown retail, only big box stores at the community outskirts.

No. 1863668

When was the last time we saw him anywhere that wasn't a short walking distance from his place? I imagine he even has his groceries delivered.

No. 1863757

Yeah, pretty sure if anything interesting was going in his life he'd violently overshare. At this point he probably gets out of bed only every second day. Seems like midlife crisis + depression.

No. 1864223

He truly is a living fossil. It seems like he’s stuck in time before the news got out that he’s a sex pest creep, and he’s still living when Tumblr was in its prime.

No. 1865632

File: 1689521500078.jpeg (191.74 KB, 828x1165, IMG_2985.jpeg)

This Twitter account has been suspended for now but apparently there’s some file out there on 4chan/Reddit/Discord that links these YouTuber account emails to some lolicon site? Not surprising that if it’s true, that Pedodick is on the list.

No. 1865782


Lots of easy targets on that list. If I'd seen names that were surprising I'd be more inclined to put some belief in it. If its true I hope someone seriously goes for them all and make their lives hell. Doesn't seem to have blown up yet.

No. 1865810

Could you post a link for the full list or screenshots?

No. 1865842


So wait, is it saying the Youtuber emails are on a signup list? If so most of the people on that list have a publicly displayed email address, it wouldn't be surprising if people were using other people's emails to sign up for that stuff. And a lot of sites (generally speaking, not specifically lolicon sites) don't make you verify your account before using it, so long as they can send something to the address and not get it rejected as a fake email. And I wouldn't be surprised if the Youtubers wrote off the email from the site as some junk mail, assuming it didn't land in their spam folder to begin with.

Not saying this is a definite fake list, but someone saying "this list of publicly known emails are on a lolicon site" doesn't necessarily mean they are the people who are on that site.

No. 1865887

I couldn't find any news about a "Google leak". It's probably fake.

No. 1865920

Sounds fake as hell, this is just some dude typing names in a windows note pad.

No. 1866229

i feel like it’s fake just based on boogie and dsp. total has-beens who haven’t been relevant in years. why would they even be on the list? also, it’s no secret that they’re both pornsick degenerates. boogie ran his own porn site and phil jerked off on stream.

No. 1866232

What site? Who tf signs up with email to a porn site? All of these people to the same one? The only realistic part of this is the names he picked otherwise this is looking fake af

No. 1866457

This whole list isn't surprising in the least, egoraptor and his wife Suzy were friendly with shadman, she even bought and posted a photo in one of his shirts once.

No. 1866631

While some of these names wouldn't surprise me, I'm pretty sure that the majority of them wouldn't use their public emails to sign up (except for perhaps boogie) so until some actual sources are posted I'm going to call hoax on this one. However we already know a handful of anons are going to tout this post as fact because they desperately want to believe it to be real.

No. 1866993

File: 1689631601271.jpeg (176.59 KB, 632x1650, IMG_2986.jpeg)

Unfortunately the Twitter account has been suspended and I didn’t get a screenshot of the Tweet of the user saying that the list was on 4chan/Reddit/Discord. This is all I’ve got from another Tweet that someone else posted with the screenshots.

Yeah, now that I’m looking at the second screenshot, you’re right. Definitely looks like someone just typing a list out in Notepad.

No. 1866994

File: 1689631623829.jpeg (129.59 KB, 828x1085, IMG_2987.jpeg)

No. 1866995

File: 1689631718214.jpeg (84.13 KB, 828x686, IMG_2988.jpeg)

No. 1867117

>binging with Babish
>Jack Paul
Who says summerfaggotry can’t be fun

No. 1867293


So this list and the poster of it alleges that while logged into their YouTube which is linked to Google, the people on this list viewed lolicon materials somehow? Through googling it or going to a known website that shows it?

I can see a world where this is tracked I guess, especially if they use Chrome right? Interesting if true

No. 1867294

Oops forgot to sage, sorry nonnies

No. 1867394

So this is just about cartoon/manga porn?
A bunch of the people on the list are people who draw cartoon porn, so no surprises here.

I don't like any of the ecelebs on that list, but conflating hentai with real abuse is a dangerous game and mostly done by real predators to blur the lines.

No. 1867456

tbh a lot of this rides on what website this is they made accounts on. i have some doubt that it's one of those sites like pixiv for all hentai/manga porn that also hosts loli porn, but which many people are not there to see the loli/shota shit and are just there for the comparatively normal art of adult characters boinking. i've signed up for such places and just did my best to avoid the dark corners with loli art because i thought the good stuff there was good (for me drawn porn can be a lot better than the pussy drying depravity that is most live action porn)

No. 1867477

>(for me drawn porn can be a lot better than the pussy drying depravity that is most live action porn)
Same for me, that's why I'm a bit concerned about zoomers being pornsick on one hand, but falling into regular moral panics over cartoon porn.
Like the goal seems to be to conflate real pornography (which may contain human trafficing, rape, abuse, violence against women) with cartoon porn (which may contain fantasies made up by artists)

No. 1867503

nta anon and I agree with you, I just want to add that before some illiterate pearl clutcher comes in and fucks up the thread even more: no one in this thread is defending cartoon porn, this is about degeneracy vs degeneracy but one is no matter how you look at it worse than the other which makes the uneven moral panic between them quite questionable.

No. 1867548


If there's proof of this I'd love to see it, but right now it looks like someone listed a bunch of names and said "Bro trust me they did it" to stir up some drama.

No. 1867955

This is about lolicon content is it not? I'd say that's a little different than just any old hentai. It's still depicting children in sexual situations.(Derailing)

No. 1868513


This is a dumb argument.
Conflating cartoon porn of any kind with real abuse material is a slippery slope that ends up trivializing the torture real abuse survivors had to endure.
No matter how questionable you find any given form of cartoon porn, putting it on the same level as real abuse that happened is a tactic used by pedo moids to trivialize what they're doing. Don't fall for it.
I don't mind any weird nerd getting off to cartoons.
Keep the outrage and disgust for the criminals who putt their hands on real children or real abuse material.
Also I don't need to know that Jared downloads hentai to know he's a creep lmao
He literally sent dick pics to teenage girls. That's way worse than him looking at porn of sailor moon or whatever.(Derailing)

No. 1869182

File: 1690001236463.jpeg (133.07 KB, 828x710, IMG_2994.jpeg)

…is he okay? This is a really weird thing to be nostalgic for and they do still exist in places.

No. 1869267

Can we really put it past him not to be the type to like boiling creatures alive?

No. 1869546

File: 1690079757801.jpeg (14.27 KB, 299x168, IMG_0403.jpeg)

he misses his old friends from the ocean floor you see

No. 1869724

File: 1690123621430.jpg (581.48 KB, 1080x2008, Screenshot_20230723_104832_Twi…)

Yall think Diath left Strix in the game like he did IRL? meanwhile nate and Anna are MARRIED lmaooo Holly girl….

No. 1869992

Not surprising that Holly can’t just be happy for someone else’s somewhat successful DnD campaign without inserting DCA into it.

No. 1870027

nah jared pretty clearly genuinely thinks he's attractive

No. 1870030

Who is "we" in this scenario? Does she really sit down and play a game with the dude that used and dumped her? Is Chris Perkins still DMing them? So many questions

No. 1870044

i got the sense that "we" does not involve jared, but i doubt holly would mention him anymore either way. they don't even interact on social media anymore afaik and holly doesn't seem to have made any actual reference to him recently, unless anyone else has seen anything.

also was it ever actually proven who left who? it seems like there's just assumptions on who initiated the break up. all that seems certain is that som and his wife stuck with holly, not jared.

No. 1870147

Yeah that’d be pretty fucking awkward to still be playing a game with the dude who just bounced from the relationship.

No. 1871313

Holly made a tweet replying to someone asking if she was okay saying "well my partner left me" It's the first image you'll see a few threads back. Other than that we don't know anything else.

I wouldn't be surprised if it was a mutual breakup and Holly is spinning it to make her look like the victim, but it seems more likely Jared wasn't all that interested and left.

No. 1871626

My suspicion is that Jared left her and moved into his own place partly because he thought he had a real chance with the girl who looks like Heidi from Australia. His move out coincided with him going to Twitch con and meeting her IRL for the first time, and then posting photos with her on his Instagram like she was his new gf. He got friendzoned (lmao), and wound up being awkwardly stuck in a lease at his new place so he's been trying to make the best of it by posting thirst traps and trying to fuck any fans who are willing to pay attention to him.

Simultaneously, he's tried to keep an open line with Holly just in case he needed to crawl back to her (evidenced by him liking some of her posts and vice versa for a while after he moved out, plus Holly getting really into MTG and going to conventions at the same time he was to impress him).

I can see why he tried so hard with her - she looks just like Heidi, has talked about how she was in an abusive relationship in the past (which means emotionally vulnerable and potentially easier to manipulate in his mind, AKA Jared's favorite type), she was watching his streams a lot at that time, and she was coming to actually meet him in person. Which means, obviously (to Jared), he had a chance of getting laid LOL

Unfortunately for him, she's smarter than he gives her credit for and she knows not to give a creep like him a chance lmao.

I give him another few months of being single before he tries to get back with Holly, but we'll see. He might have just enough desperate fans willing to sleep with him left that he doesn't need to go back.

No. 1871628

Forgot to add - I think that's potentially why he got an apartment way outside of his means. He needed to impress Australian Heidi by showing her how rich he is to hook her in.

No. 1872012

thanks anon. i missed that one.

i kinda see what you're getting at, though honestly holly and jared are better off not together. hopefully holly would have at least developed some sense to not take him back. haven't been keeping up with either of them much, i check this thread someines, but since there hasn't been any new milk or cow-like posts from either of them posted here recently they seem relatively quiet. jared when i last checked was barely getting any positive attention especially since people started realizing how shit his fashion taste is kek

No. 1872191

File: 1690565864658.jpeg (626.02 KB, 2048x2048, C2AAA6FA-97C0-49DF-BCAC-B392C8…)

Looks like he actually ventured outside of his retirement community kek. And he’s wearing those cheap Amazon straps out in the world too. I hope the rest of the attendees at that Final Fantasy fan expo watch out for this sex pest.

No. 1872469

He looks like he's trying to hard to be human.

The call of the ocean at Innsmouth's shores must be getting louder.

No. 1872956

lmfao nonnie you made me laugh so hard
but yeah, what is it with the pathetic and creepy attempt to smile on the right picture? looks like he's on the verge of having a stroke

No. 1873530

i dislike jared immensely but the strange thing is that on the left he somewhat just about looks human. still weird but passably human. are those in order and posted on the same day? because if so he changed to looking like an awkward drowned rat as per usual

No. 1873693

They’re in order, I believe one was from the night and then the next day. I’m assuming that’s the getup he was wearing for that FF Fanfest.

No. 1875817

He looks like he'd smell like stale crackers and piss with sulfur breath.

No. 1876313

File: 1691192649000.jpeg (789.82 KB, 2048x2048, D02FC7D6-6CC8-448C-AD45-D00803…)

He’s looking worse…

No. 1876314

File: 1691192695139.jpeg (880.24 KB, 2048x2048, 7324CE8B-E755-4CAB-8278-58FA03…)

No. 1877108

i wish his followers could be honest with him and say that he's not expected to post his hashtag "men's fashion" and boring weather posts all the time. no one should be expecting anyone else to post every single day and he barely appears to get any engagement anyway so i don't know why he thinks he's obligated to.

No. 1877213

Yeah, I think he keeps on denying the reality that his engagement keeps dropping and his followers are dropping too. He seems to be stuck in thinking that he’ll one day get back to the time he was more e-famous, but combined with his past and the fact that he doesn’t have much to offer, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. So he’s keeping up the illusion for his steadily shrinking fanbase and his ego.

No. 1877526

That first pic looks like something out of that edgelord analog horror series, The Painter.

No. 1879213

File: 1691682432292.jpeg (621.74 KB, 2048x2048, DF8E5F72-2B91-4033-B889-756EDF…)

Wormdick kind of being a creepy perv as usual.

No. 1880653

….his face is just melting off at this point.

No. 1881082

File: 1691964985591.png (3.75 MB, 828x1792, IMG_3527.png)

No. 1881092

this triggered my flight or fight instinct

No. 1881100

He's so fucking deranged WTF. Just straight up posting the videogame porn he jacked off to. I can't believe people used to take this guy seriously. I can't believe he got to speak to Reggie from Nintendo while being such a rapist pervert freakazoid.

No. 1881131

Is he for real posting this on IG? I knew he was nasty but wow. Earthworm Jared needs to go permanently.

No. 1881161

>murdered a whole village just to rape a woman in a videogame then posted it publicly
Least coombrained moid

No. 1881166

He literally can't help himself from publicly talking about sex.
ProTroon arc when? I know this isnt the first time he has done cd cosplay but at this point I would imagine he's a broken enough moid to fall into it

No. 1881176

Worm literally believes he’s gorgeous kek nona why do you think he’s constantly posting his face all the time and proud to have his wanking/dickpics leaked/thinks he’s hot enough to score multiple young girls? Dude thinks he’s god’s gift he’s not self conscious about his looms whatsoever lmao.

No. 1881177

Also I just pictured an old lady feeling ashamed of her loom for a sec lol.

No. 1881179

He looks like one of those pasty British pedos with a huge nose that goes to Thailand to get an underage gf.

No. 1881568

I always wondered who was getting off to those ugly 3d rendered pornos. Now I know…

No. 1881901

>Murdered a while druid
>Grove for it
idk what this game is about so the way he wrote in this story is making me feel like i'm having a stroke. also what a fucking creep. resorting to posting about virtual conquests because he can't get any in real life.

No. 1882585

File: 1692185647115.jpeg (191.84 KB, 828x1241, IMG_3073.jpeg)

Yeah, there’s more of that too unfortunately. Seems like he still hasn’t realized that being a creeper perv doesn’t bring in the irl ladies.

No. 1883008

honestly it would make me kek to see him continue and watch his dwindling fanbase try to stand for it. it grosses me out too but it's also funny to see him digging a hole for himself because he can't stop himself from being a perv.

he really bothered to put in music for it too. this worm is so enthusiastic to brag about getting virtual sex which only just highlights how much of a boring life he has.

No. 1883099

I'm surprised he didn't seem to get a warning from IG from even just mentioning murder, even if it is a game. I made a stupid joke once in my stories and got one.

No. 1883148

Heidi's cat Aries passed.

She had him before, during, and after Jared relationship. While together, Jared adored him. Curious to see if he handles it as shitty as Holly handled Ross's cat

No. 1883163

Doubt he'll mention it publicly, and probably for the best. Jared mentioning anything about Heidi, even if it's in fond remembrance of Aries, is just going to get his fans in a frenzy and probably get harassment sent at Heidi. Jared's fans are dumb as fuck so they don't understand the idea of "mentioning my ex doesn't mean harass her".

No. 1883231

File: 1692288595894.jpeg (904.28 KB, 2048x2048, A03E45EE-A5FE-466E-B671-6E5C75…)

His fashion is getting worse and worse. Not sure why he’d wear his crusty sweatpants with this type of shirt, and no one wants to see his scrawny chest.

No. 1883451

why is this moron obsessed with talking about the weather! this is what his social media has come to. making robotic sounding posts about his "fashion" and what the exact climate is outside.

No. 1883461

File: 1692309026876.jpeg (18.84 KB, 169x299, IMG_0410.jpeg)

No. 1883474

don't do squilliam fancyson dirty like that kek, jared might actually take that as a compliment

No. 1883638

File: 1692332891119.png (1.86 MB, 1386x858, sleazymanstockart.png)

literally looks like stock images for when you google "sleazy man". Hope he starts wearing ugly jewelry next.

No. 1883664

I usually love the tacky aloha style but. What. The. Actual. Fuck.

What is that shirt. What are those sweatpants. What are those square glasses. I didn’t mind his terrible style as much as other anons but holy fuck

>i got (the shirt) off the clearance rack at Zara’s

Oh boy, oh boy. Now i am starting to understand his shitty taste

No. 1883685

File: 1692343396101.jpeg (372.74 KB, 828x1473, IMG_3559.jpeg)

lmao he really does look like the definition of a sleazy guy.

In this pic I’m too busy looking at his disappearing hairline to notice his eyes or unimpressive chest lol.

No. 1884101

>my eyes are up here
Yeah, but looking away from you is how I avoid your general grotesqueness.

No. 1884123

someone needs to tell this scrote to fucking stop. i actually feel sick

No. 1884191

How does he think those angles, poses, and facial expressions look attractive?

Oh wait this is Jared we're talking about.

No. 1884257

File: 1692431717996.jpeg (257.54 KB, 828x1464, IMG_3789.jpeg)

I’m laughing so hard. Does he really believe this? I think the average gamer dude probably dresses better than he does. Also holy shit his hair is thin.

No. 1884278

Ah yes, sweatpants and a flapped t-shirt with a dotted line across it. The pinnacle of fashion.

On the bright side, this is probably the closest he's ever come to looking like he has muscles on his noodle arms.

No. 1884930

he's really out here believing weirdly cut and sewn shirts is some sort of revolution for fashion, huh. keep being delulu, worm boy.

No. 1885300

File: 1692567096037.jpg (51.45 KB, 528x933, whatajoke.JPG)

Do you think she tells the Therapist how she hooked up with a married guy and lied to his wife and then went on to defend him while he used his fanbase(young) for nudes and she defended it or you think she acts like she fell in love and was hurt and is the victim lmao?

No. 1885381

she's still sharing posts like this? from the lack of posts about her in this thread i assumed maybe she stopped because i don't follow her. stuff like this makes me not want to anyway

No. 1885514

She'll keep doing it forever. She was always a truly terrible person but never got the pushback she deserved until this saga.
I don't think anything will ever top her "I'm here for you" and the shitstorm that followed though.

No. 1885546

sleazy stock image guy has better fashion sense.

No. 1885598

File: 1692611528611.jpeg (905.72 KB, 828x1263, IMG_3615.jpeg)

So many gems on her Twitter. Why would proworm dump her? She’s the only woman stupid enough to simp for him. Watching him desperately beg for attention is hilarious though.

No. 1885605

her neighbour is bassed.

No. 1885606

So sick of this gaslighting argument "No, YOUR'E the ones obsessed with genitals, transphobes!"

It makes absolutely no sense

No. 1885609

actually everyone knows genitals and fences have a long history together, girl what are you on about.

No. 1885612

it's been speculated about before in these threads but it could be any of these reasons:
his ego got way too big and he believed he could do better, which obviously backfired on him
he got bored
he got tired of her self-victimizing antics, like hell even projared himself is trying to move on and act like it never happened (to the point he's outing himself to be a sex pest yet again.) not that i care at all for him but it's probably exhausting being with someone always bringing up the public sins of your shared past.

No. 1885614

Kek, he's tensing up his noodle arm/s.
They still noodly.

No. 1885659

These are very artistic.

No. 1885666

I noticed that too, he’s trying way too hard to flex his nonexistent muscles in order to make them look bigger lol.

No. 1885786

sometimes i feel really disgusted that i used to have a crush on jared during his normal boots era. back then he was so charming, witty, and more game focused. now he’s just pornsick and creepy(most shameful blogposting)

No. 1886143

….these look like she did them herself.
It's so her aesthetic, and I wouldn't put it past her to do this shit herself to self-victimize.

No. 1886231

File: 1692696703851.jpeg (517.98 KB, 828x1427, IMG_3620.jpeg)

A classic holly thing to say: “uwu I can’t imagine ever being evil because I’m such an innocent smol birb bean”

No. 1886257

why does almost every one of holly's posts i see have to reference how she feels about her own personality. like damn post something that doesn't pertain to you for once. she must be exhausting to be around

No. 1886446

It’s fine I want to hatefuck him too.

No. 1886525

kek, this fucking redtext

No. 1886527

why would you admit that nonna, jared would revel in this information

No. 1886626

Yeah I honestly hope he’s not lurking this thread but I’d totally sit on his little weasel face and make him fuck me with his gargantuan nose then grab him by the balls and peg his tight little bony behind.(love yourself)

No. 1886657

This was either a very brave or dumb move to let this go unsaged. I hope to god he doesn't lurk here or it could set off another round of sex pest posting

No. 1886661

File: 1692757428093.jpeg (327.16 KB, 640x894, 3B70A0BD-3496-45F9-A62B-806B6E…)

only posted an hour ago. took him 4 days to make it a feed post from his story, wow. comments are talking about how buff he is and looks like even two of them are women. how these people are so easily fooled, i don't know. no way he's genuinely "buff" from doing fuck all and doing stupid photo shoots with shitty aliexpress clothes all the time.

No. 1886702

I bet >>1886626 likes this photo

No. 1886706

Not defending Holly, but it's Twitter. It's 99% people posting self absorbed declarations about themselves or trying way too hard to convince people they don't do that.

No. 1886713

she posts about stuff like that on her instagram story too, though, from what i've seen on these threads. it's just especially annoying coming from her because for someone who's supposedly tired of being canceled or having her career ruined (by her own doing), she's talked about it way more than anyone else even cares about the issue anymore. people wouldn't even be reminded of it or her if she wasn't so obsessed with her past.

she probably wouldn't even be considered that much of a cow if she actually moved on and tried to be a better person instead of just sharing stuff to try to prove she is.

No. 1886724

Nta but that's social media as a whole. It's a bunch of narcissistic people inflating their egos while pretending they're above that behavior. And their followers cheer them on for every post they make. That's a lot of the problem too. People get known for one thing, good or bad, and they can talk about that thing forever on their chosen social media platforms and their followers keep encouraging it in an endless spiral.

No. 1886776

File: 1692780005381.jpeg (360.52 KB, 828x1460, IMG_3060.jpeg)

Oh I’m sure that he got soooo many messages about this picture on his story. He’s delusional as fuck. But yeah, no way he’s buff at all when his diet seems to consist of shitty frozen pizzas.

No. 1886828

How old is this man? This is so fucking cringe when is he going to just leave the internet (never I know) but like…he’s a sex creep, he’s DEFORMED level ugly, and it seems like he’s totally irrelevant. I don’t get why he doesn’t just disappear kek

No. 1886908

File: 1692806890051.jpeg (147.66 KB, 828x1091, IMG_3919.jpeg)

He’s pushing 40 but yet he’s still eating like a college student. And he is pretty irrelevant, I’m not sure why he keeps trying considering his engagement gets lower and lower. He posted this about 12 or so hours ago and only 3 people replied.

No. 1886915

Lmao with his diet, his deep weird desire to be hip w young girls (and complete failure at it) and his hideousness he’s like white Manaknight/Terry but he actually experienced a period of notoriety.

No. 1887014

Dude sure can't get enough of jacking his original thin

No. 1887096

Lmao I hate you this made me irl kek

No. 1887098

3 people and only one somewhat answered the question too kek

starting to think this pest is already going through a midlife crisis kek. deluding himself into thinking he can relive the glory days except the follower count he still has left who refuse to see through his sad shit is lower than ever. if he wasn't such an stubbornly overconfident pervert he probably wouldn't be so annoying.

No. 1887256

I know back in his Two Worlds review an eternity ago he talked about how his friends stockpiled on frozen pizzas to play that game but I always figured it was because they were early 20s broke NEETs, not because that's his regular diet.

Unless he's back to broke because anyone with a half-decent job would probably splurge for some proper pizzeria pies, at the very least.

No. 1887452

File: 1692882330779.jpeg (274.27 KB, 828x1329, IMG_3920.jpeg)

So he’s having a stream with his fat mod, the “this ain’t it Heidi” moron, and someone I have no idea who they even are. I’m sure this will be successful for him.

No. 1888347

I wonder how low the turnout was kek

No. 1888389

I do too lol. There have been a couple of posts on Twitter about it but not a flood of support or anything like that.

No. 1889080

Maybe.. if you’re a die hard big bang theory fan

No. 1889206

File: 1693159795824.jpeg (262.51 KB, 828x1319, IMG_3933.jpeg)

Looks like this con hasn’t heard that they’re inviting a sex pest as a guest.

No. 1889225

File: 1693163279777.jpeg (118.69 KB, 828x727, IMG_3935.jpeg)

Also found this spicy little tidbit. Not surprising considering it’s ProDick. He’s too thin skinned to handle anything that’s not praise. Too bad it’s going to bite him in his already dwindling fanbase and his wallet.

No. 1889246

Kek, the photo they used reminds me of the Propedo edit of that pic from last thread.

Interesting. Wonder what happened here.

No. 1889412


Wonder what he said. I see people poking fun at him a lot in his twitter replies and videos without getting banned, did he make a joke and it got misinterpreted as as insult instead of a joke? Wonder why he didn't contact someone about a misinterpreted comment and instead immediately threw a decade of following him in a dumpster? To be clear I'm not defending prodick, I just really want to know the context of what that guy said that got him banned to the point that he ragequit that hard.

No. 1889454

To be fair, Wormdick can't ban anyone on Twitter, just block them. But I'm curious too. I'd check if this Mike guy has said anything more on Twitter but since I don't have an account, I can't even see replies.

No. 1890061

File: 1693312991291.jpeg (282.83 KB, 828x1379, IMG_3938.jpeg)

He’s almost 40.

No. 1890324

This should be a cake for a child. But I guess Wormdick is basically a manchild anyway

No. 1890388

The image of him decorating that cake by himself just to snap a picture for Instagram before blowing out the candles, surrounded by absolutely no one to sing happy birthday to him is just…bleak. I have to laugh.

No. 1890938

Lmao I bet all that cheap cardboard went up in flames right after taking this picture. That coin looks like it’s about to catch fire

No. 1891426

The fact that he has no photos of anyone who might have attended included in that post, either shows he wasn't willing to take or post photos with them, or he was actually alone. I'm thinking the latter so he posts his cake to get any comments about it being his birthday. At least it wasn't a cringey "photoshoot" this time.

No. 1891433

File: 1693520443408.jpeg (187.14 KB, 828x1245, IMG_3945.jpeg)

Every time he smiles his teeth look way too big for his mouth.

No. 1892243

File: 1693644724915.jpg (6 KB, 210x240, monsieur-rodent.jpg)

Fucking hell he's the spitting image of "Monsieur Rodent" from the Bevanfield-produced nightmare of a Beauty & The Beast adaptation.

No. 1892773

File: 1693723221209.jpeg (171.95 KB, 828x903, IMG_3946.jpeg)

I didn’t know what transvestigating was until today but apparently his dick is back all over Twitter again kek.

No. 1892780

The replies and QRTs on Simon's post are gold.

No. 1895433

File: 1694243713558.jpeg (309.03 KB, 828x1472, IMG_3954.jpeg)

If he’s been secretly at the gym for months, why does he still look like a wet noodle?

No. 1895435

>why does he still look like a wet noodle?
Because he's not there to work out but to perv on the younger girls working out.

No. 1895566

This is probably very true. Australian Heidi friendzoned him, egirls are staying away from him, so now he’s reduced himself to being that creep at the gym.

No. 1896013

File: 1694358735110.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x3424, Screenshot_20230910_111307_X.j…)


No. 1896236

Considering her cat Aries passed away recently of old age I can definitely see why already being in a sad state can be made even worst with some past traumas being inadvertedly brought up.

No. 1896275

Exactly. I really can’t blame her after the shit Wormdick put her through, and then the betrayal of Holly who claimed to be her friend. No wonder she wants to stay away from D&D shit for her mental health. And I definitely agree with her on the worshipping YouTubers thing, there’s no reason to look up to randos who happen to post videos on the internet.

No. 1896702

She's probably extra sensitive to people being parasocial after Jared's tumblr too, not just the d&d mess
People have such ridiculous rose coloured glasses when it comes to celebrity crushes that girls actually sent nudes to pedodick based on his youtube videos alone and these scrotes actually take advantage of these girls like the scum of the earth they are

No. 1898089

File: 1694705231851.jpeg (380.98 KB, 902x628, D2C11188-4AB0-4D29-BCCF-034000…)

Showing off his impressive journey from 98lb noodle to ripped 99lb Adonis on threads

Wonder if he’s actually hoping to be recognised in gym… shudders

No. 1898096

That blindingly pale skin…go outside faggot

No. 1898193

I'm guessing his diet is still nothing but frozen pizzas and things which going to the gym won't help with. Sure he might get some muscles, but his skin is going to be gross and his face and overall appearance is going to be hit hard because the muscle growth needs nutrition which will be leached from other places if he's not feeding himself enough in the diet. And his face already looks like that of a man eating nothing but skinnyfat levels of zero nutrition convenience foods

No. 1898340


This is the base level of bicep muscle all men have, even ones who don't work out. Testosterone does this for free.

No. 1898369


Watching an interview with Colleen Ballinger's ex & I instantly thought about Heidi

No. 1898413

lmao “progress”. All I see is a pale ass noodle desperately trying to flex a muscle. If he actually does do any exercise at the gym, it’s probably him running on a treadmill for 5 minutes and calling it a workout.

No. 1898512

kek, based

No. 1898639

File: 1694782154065.jpeg (79.37 KB, 828x645, IMG_3965.jpeg)

He’s recently been changing his social media profile pics to this one, does he not realize how comically large his teeth look? It’s not a good pic.

No. 1898932

She deserves some grace because her cat died but she needs to try and force herself past this sadness about ProPedo and Holly. This is not healthy, she is young and can easily find joy in life still, and those people are worthless.

No. 1899088

Prodick and Haggy put Heidi through the ringer especially with their D&D act, so I get why she would initially want to avoid any reference to it as much as she could. But it's been well over four years now, if she's still getting upset with any mention of D&D, that's more her choosing to refuse to find better coping skills. And with how prevalent D&D is, in particular with art and cosplay circles, her options are basically to avoid social interaction altogether or find a better way to handle her feelings about it.

No. 1899919

I kind of feel for her, it took me almost a decade to get rid of negative associations I had with my favorite childhood cartoon because I would watch it a lot with my stepdad who began to abuse me and would say gross pedo things about it. For years I would literally feel sick and get a head rush whenever someone mentioned it and it’s sucked so much because I loved that show as a child and he ruined it for me. Negative associations are a bitch and I hope she can find some coping strategy for it.

No. 1900048

File: 1695000504406.png (440.74 KB, 828x1668, IMG_3773.png)

This one is a few days old. He’s really beating those sex pest allegations.

No. 1900056

He looks like he's recovering from a stroke that paralyzed half of his face.

No. 1900062

Jared was at a local convention this weekend and his new girlfriend was with him. She had dyed black hair and about 2 inches shorter than him. She was nearly anachan skinny too, you could see her rib cage through her chest. They were holding hands super tight. Jared also held a panel at the convention and his girlfriend was literally the only one in the front ro.

No. 1900077

assuming this is true, how much is he paying her to hang out with him kek

No. 1900084

The discussions I heard from them sounded a lot like first date types of conversations. It really didn't line up with how physically attached they were, kek, but maybe that's just how it is dating some influencer?

No. 1900109

How close were you trailing behind them where you could hear multiple conversations in the middle of a convention?

No. 1900155

File: 1695014807317.jpeg (112.41 KB, 439x883, 31AB5105-2F66-494D-BC33-1B2E51…)

Leg day at the gym is clearly always tomorrow!

He looks like he’s been pasted into photo.

No. 1900166

How dismal was the attendance at the panel?

No. 1900167

Seems like the gay moids are still the only ones sending him nudes, that’s got to really sting for him kek.

lmao no wonder I haven’t seen him post anything about his panel, I bet it was a giant flop. Nothing like that one pic he posted way back when with a huge crowd full of people. Also, that poor girl he suckered into dating him.

No. 1900171

File: 1695020348867.jpeg (162.16 KB, 843x1124, BA8DBF56-6B12-4335-A71F-68E9EB…)

Full shots better.

Jared with the “MUST WIIIN” stance while opponent is casually chilling

Total like of spectators or anyone if you check out the background of facecam on projection screen

Wonder if that’s the legal distance he’s allowed to be near to a woman(emoji)

No. 1900218

the attendance wasn't so crowded in the first hour of the event so you could hear them conversing as they slowly walked by, there was also a vendor right next to Jared's signing booth, and he was selling items from his personal collection so you could just stand and search through items and hear them talking.
Also, I'm trying to find fan photos from this past weekend to show what his girlfriend looks like, because he was offering photos with him for free, but nothing's shown up so far.

No. 1900362

In your opinion what did she look like? On a scale of holly to Heidi lol

No. 1900409

Not shocking to see him go for someone who sounds like she already has low self esteem.

No. 1900487


ngl of you're going to his signing booth and panel getting close enough to hear a casual convo it sounds like you were following him around on purpose.

No. 1900513

Being overly physically clingy on a first date is like narcissistic love bombing 101. So that might explain why their intensity doesn't align with the amount of time they've actually been dating. Totally might've suckered a girl into going on a first date with him so he wouldn't have to be alone at the convention.

No. 1900524

File: 1695077983532.jpeg (Spoiler Image,197.59 KB, 828x834, IMG_3969.jpeg)

Does this happen to be her anon??

No. 1900528

Well, I mean it was a choice between seeing a lolcow in person and another (Boogie)
I believe so! The filtering in this photo makes me 85% sure. I swear she also has bangs now.

No. 1900551

She’s apparently a lawyer from California who cosplays and loves retro games. She seems out of his league lmao. He’s liked almost all of her pictures so it wasn’t hard to suss out.

No. 1900570

File: 1695081017728.jpg (281 KB, 853x1280, 73385-44347-1f02252892842a41eb…)

Honestly, she seems to be in his league. The photo filtering can be comparable to his deep fried selfies. Both are ghouls.

No. 1900579

lmao she’s already made her IG profile private. Someone’s been lurking around here. I hope she realizes that she’s getting involved with a sex pest who’ll likely cheat on her too.

No. 1900599

I checked her profile 9 minutes after anon posted pics of her, it was already locked. Unless she locked it when there was mention of Jared having a girlfriend hours ago.

No. 1900607

I screenshotted that pic and posted it here pretty much right after, and then all her socials went private not long after that. Unless she was just getting around to privating everything after the gf mentions.

No. 1900653

She’s in his league for being a pickme. I wish she wasn’t because she seems cool. >>1900570
I’m getting Eugenia from this

No. 1900752

Kek they have the same body type

No. 1900782

Cosplayer, video gamer, large video game collection… where have I heard this before? If she’s going to be involved with Wormdick I hope she’s smart enough to protect herself from him pilfering her games and her money. No doubt he’s drooling over the idea of not having to submit to the YouTube grind and having a sugar mama.

No. 1900823

It's a weird choice tbh. Especially for a lawyer, but maybe that's what got Jared to pursue it. She could talk her way out of excusing him for doing some dumbass shit.

No. 1900920

What are the odds that this pic was taken at Jareds? I notice the way the Final Fantasy games are stacked just makes me get vibes of his old set.

No. 1900999

I had thought that too, but pictures from his place have dark hard floors and she’s on carpet here. She had other pics on her ig in front of this shelf before she privated it, I’m pretty sure this is her own collection.

No. 1901037

Kek, boogie and Jared. What a convention
Huh, didn't realise Jared lurked these threads as hard as that. Guess we are probably the most anyone ever talks about him anymore and a narc needs his attention supply must kill him these threads are so dead now kek
If she's lurking then hopefully she takes care not to lend him anything longer than an afternoon making sure she takes it back immediately. Didn't Jared complain when Heidi got her stuff back?

No. 1901165

Well they had hashed out with their lawyers what they would get to keep and Jared was supposed to return Heidi’s games. But he kept putting off getting them to her to the point where she kept having to get her lawyer involved and he was ignoring them, so she finally posted on Twitter about him returning the games. Only then did he finally return them and I’m sure he wasn’t happy about it.

No. 1901216


I remember that. How pathetic is Jared that he dodged lawyer calls, to the extent of Heidi had to send her fans to get him to send Heidi her legally owned property? All he had to do was answer to Heidi's lawyer and the whole thing would have stayed private, and he would have saved himself another public beatdown. And of course he blamed Heidi for his own lazy ass not doing what he was legally supposed to do as part of the divorce proceedings.

No. 1901846

I see this brought up here a lot and everyone always conveniently leaves out the part where she never denied owing things to him. Just got angry that he was so much of a moid he sent his pet mod to talk.

It's way more Hilarious if she did owe him stuff. Two fuck yous in one

No. 1903095

File: 1695510338579.jpg (73.5 KB, 532x927, tyt.JPG)

Her delusion to think she even comes close to Steve. Last time I checked Steve didn't protect a pedo nor dated someone who was married and lied to the other spouse about it.

No. 1903125

At least she seems to be admitting her "bad life choices" here. And sex pest apologists in the entertainment industries aren't cryptids, as we saw with Danny Masterson, there's way too many of em.

No. 1903166

I don't get this. Why screenshot a tweet to then post it on a story?
It absolutely kills me that this is "months" of progress for him. Fucking pathetic. Like another anon said this is a base amount of muscle for a man. He could be doing light yard work on the weekends to get this type of muscle. Hell, yoga. Breathing.

No. 1903180

File: 1695524777623.jpeg (300.46 KB, 1125x2133, IMG_8246.jpeg)

kekkkk at the warping

No. 1903203

Oh damn, nice catch nonny.

No. 1903218

It's funny when cows or cow adjacent people react SO FAST to shit in these threads like tell me you have a lolcow tab constantly open on your phone without telling me you have a lolcow tab open on your phone. This thread is not even very active.

(also makes it more funny because it means he's sitting there reading us all calling him a pedo weasel in real time)

No. 1903315

ok why are they a pick me, or are the women here just retarded(learn to post: lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1903388

This is kind of unsettling. Like a junkie in the subway kind of unsettling.
Why are you so butthurt about this?

No. 1903419

Holly's views and engagement have been tanking. I think she puts her twitter posts in her stories as a last attempt to get people to interact with her stuff, that's how bad it is.

For me it's the detached ponytail dangling off her waist. Is that supposed to be part of the wig, or…??

No. 1903427

File: 1695569970932.jpeg (888.95 KB, 2048x2048, DD9B89AC-BBC1-4426-A96B-0B3356…)

Is he not also a magic nerd? I guess narcs are gonna keep on being narcs. I really don’t understand how this moid has such a large ego.

No. 1903437

So he and Holly were both at MC Vegas? I'm sure that wasn't awkward at all with his new girlfriend

No. 1903460

yeah its because the smell, you can't tell that through the picture though

No. 1903502

File: 1695579597085.jpeg (Spoiler Image,230.85 KB, 828x1464, IMG_4003.jpeg)

No one asked to see him in the shower. Ugh.

No. 1903516

100% convinced he knew this and got a girlfriend to bring just to rub Holly's face in it.

No. 1904016

He is so repulsive looking, he's aging like an avocado left out in the Texas sun.

No. 1904267

lmao look at that chest stubble. You can tell he shaves his chest so he can look like an anime twink. He wants to be a Final Fantasy character so bad.

No. 1904382

is no one really going to point out that you can see the lower half of his MIB alien body reflected in the showerhead

No. 1904385

Oh god ew, you’re so right!! Unwanted Jared dick once again.

No. 1904524

File: 1695738859521.jpeg (399.96 KB, 828x1442, IMG_4006.jpeg)

His arms are still looking like noodles here. Im gonna have to have to agree with other anon that he’s likely only creeping on women at the gym and not actually working out.

No. 1904529

I can't even tell what's what. I think I see a nipple lmao

No. 1904532

He always writes like an AI and it never fails to creep me out

No. 1904737

File: 1695760302980.gif (4 MB, 640x484, hmusicruof4-rowley.gif)

No. 1905562

File: 1695870699780.jpg (254.98 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230927_201058_Ins…)


No. 1905609

File: 1695877910720.jpg (49 KB, 532x932, ew.JPG)

Cause they don't support known pedos.

No. 1905610

File: 1695878167012.jpg (51.41 KB, 534x942, cwinge.JPG)

This gives, he wrote to himself vibes.

No. 1905613

File: 1695878748184.jpg (53.79 KB, 530x936, gey.JPG)

The very vocal gays that he dresses for lol

No. 1905706

of course these are the only ones he focuses on lol

No. 1905714

Clearly he hasn’t learned a damn thing after the whole nudes blog fiasco that killed most of his career. I hope anachan lawyer gf/fuck buddy is seeing all this since this is the real him.

Shocking that OF are the ones to hold this perv to any sort of accountability since Twitch and YouTube won’t.

Good catch getting this screenshot, it’s not on his story anymore. He must have deleted it lol. But yeah he’s fooling himself if he thinks it’s anyone else but the gays thirsting over him.

No. 1905717

Nona you clearly don’t understand how perverts/pedos work. Nothing can deter them from being creeps except actually physically going to jail, and even then they usually reoffend anyway as soon as they’re let out. Jared will keep being a shameless creep until his dying day.

No. 1905719

Jared is such a shameless cheapskate user I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s only dating her to get free legal advice about his future sex offence cases kek.

No. 1905759

Ew, I can't believe he publicly posted that. I wonder if Holly regrets giving up everything to defend this perv

No. 1905864

File: 1695922371447.jpeg (169 KB, 828x1009, IMG_4016.jpeg)

Wormdick translation: Please send me messages and nudes.

No. 1905928

File: 1695931512458.jpg (102.37 KB, 1080x1920, LH3AZTYE.jpg)

>you must get a tonne of messages/replies every day

Ok since when would anyone ask this, never in my life have I seen anyone be shy about replying to public content online?
picrel also seems weird, this is the kind of thing a maybe 13 year old might worry about, really seems like bait so any gullible youths reading think he's just like me fr no adult men have this as an insecurity. Combined with the "shy" fan it seems he has a particular kind of target in mind which this is geared towards. very odd.

No. 1905932

This is some of the most blatantly obvious predatory fishing I’ve ever seen wow. Like…he’s quite clearly trying to get underage people to message him and like you said he seems to have a specific type of target in mind. Aka naive shy kids. Ew he makes my skin crawl.

No. 1905939

File: 1695933032877.jpg (528.64 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230928_132933_Ins…)

Is he writing to himself?

No. 1905944

He knows what he is doing with these for sure. Just like the blog he and Holly did a good job putting fear in any potential victims coming forward during that time(naive children don't know better/fear). He plays innocent knowing he can just say its their fault/ parents fault and say he will sue them. Not him totally opening the door for this to happen and not him totally fishing for it.(sage your shit)

No. 1905946

Whens he gonna pull out the breast feeding shirts out again lol(when are you gonna sage)

No. 1905955

Reading these messages and answers makes me feel like I’m back on Tumblr 10 years ago in its heyday. Big yikes on how it really does seem like he’s fishing for more young fans to take advantage of. Ick. And if this really is a serious answer of his, then maybe the reason why he’s being left out is because he’s a predator and a creep.

He’s got to be writing to himself for sure. No way that anyone sane believes he has good fashion sense. News flash Dickworm, there have been plenty of other dudes out there who wear stuff other than shorts and tshirts on the daily. I think he just wanted an excuse to show off another pic of himself.

No. 1905964

Does he think he looks like an anime boi or like Link or something when he wears this shit? With that face????

No. 1906062

He really thinks he’s a twink or a pretty anime boy, I’m convinced he doesn’t own any mirrors.

No. 1906120

Why the fuck does this have belts for the biceps?

No. 1906139

I was wondering the same thing. Probably because he thinks he’s a Final Fantasy character.

No. 1906149

File: 1695961861150.jpg (726.81 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20230928_213011_Ins…)

… what

No. 1906151

"No you see Heidi was so toxic I HAD to start soliciting nudes from my fans with only the honor system as means of age verification and start seeing the frumpy girl that's married to someone who's supposedly my friend, even after consent of an open relationship was revoked. Things were that desperate, honest!"

No. 1906172

Kek he sent all these messages to himself today

No. 1906205

he is so fucking autistic lmao

No. 1906286

He 100% read this thread and needed to desperately make himself try to feel better lol. No Jared the internet hates you cause people who aren't blind see your sick pedo tactics.

No. 1906303

He’s been lurking this thread hard lately. Why is he such a sad strange little man? You’re not a Final Fantasy character or a Japanese anime bishie, Jared, you’re an ugly 40 year old balding white man from Wisconsin. You should know by now that you can’t fight your natural facial features and body type. You will never be a yaoi hunk or Levi from AOT. You will never be Cloud Strife or Prince Noctis. Give it up and just larp as an Oblivion goblin or an imp from WoW because that’s far closer to what you really are.

No. 1906305

File: 1695985039593.jpeg (359.76 KB, 1152x1330, 2BE361CD-F428-462D-ABDC-4E7DAA…)

>Jared lurking ITT and trying to cope

No. 1906311

File: 1695986360195.jpeg (498.64 KB, 828x1501, IMG_3876.jpeg)

I imagine it’s just a bunch of thirsty gay men.

No. 1906312

File: 1695986394718.jpeg (46.64 KB, 828x323, IMG_4015.jpeg)

lmao he didn’t ruin his career just over his failed marriage and cheating ways, he ruined it because he’s a creep who tried to fuck half his fanbase. The internet never forgets.

No. 1906313

It’s probably him for most of them, and then the gays for the others.

No. 1906315

KEK the endless amount of ugly cartoons he does look exactly like will never fail to tickle me

No. 1906333

I imagine its him writing these and the gays but also people that look like his fat mod that have zero self worth and only pretend to like him in hope he sees that they are defending his predatory ways in hope of being noticed and having a sliver of what they think is making it in life cause of his past fame, ignoring the red flags along the way. Holly only really wanted Jared because she was competing with Heidi and needed to feel she was better than her in every way cause she was super insecure, funny how that played out. So much for true love that she oh so felt for the sex pest. In the end the sex pest got ego boosted not because he is in any shape or form attractive. He is the image of the guy you stay far way from and shouldn't be allowed near schools.(learn2sage)

No. 1906395

smh over four years later and still bitching about his ex-wife. Between this and Holly getting a cult of parasocial weirdos together to mock Ross, I can see why Jared and Holly stuck together as long as they did. They're bitter as fuck and neither one of them can let shit go. They both blame their exes for everyone hating them and see themselves as perpetual victims while taking no responsibility for their actions. The same exact drama will happen to Jared again because he's learned nothing and this time he won't have a woman to blame it on

No. 1906466

>dis dik
>"we've already seen your dik"
quite coincidental that some rando would happen to both use the word dick and spell it the same way kek

No. 1906539

File: 1696019643833.jpeg (158.15 KB, 828x1422, IMG_4018.jpeg)

So how many No’s do we think he’s going to get? He’s really fishing for that narcissist fuel he craves.

No. 1906627

also the use of the peperoni emoji in two instances, isn't the eggplant more "popular"?

No. 1906780

That's not a pepperoni, that's a chili pepper, it's a visual shorthand for spicy.

No. 1906921

It's so funny how he throws in obvious typos/errors to try and pretend it's other people and not just him messaging himself, despite the overall typing style being the same throughout all of these. Very sad and pathetic, I can imagine an ugly guy getting attention online ten years ago, but now everyone is online in 2023, you are competing against the rest of the world for attention and I doubt very much even thirsty gays or teenagers are wasting time on his profile.

No. 1906926

Was he too much of a coward to actually make that a poll kek, it's just text. Also another nod to preteen behaviour.

No. 1907083

File: 1696108987071.jpeg (204.44 KB, 828x1256, IMG_4021.jpeg)

Speaking of preteen behavior, who the fuck still says pweeze as someone who’s pushing 40?

No. 1907173

Why did he think that picture was worthy of posting? He looks like a cartoon anthropomorphic penis that someone decided to redraw in a "realistic" style like the nightmarish "realistic Simpsons" stuff.

No. 1907211

i stared into this monsters eyes for way too long trying to make this comment make sense (and in the face of the void, i laughed)

No. 1907343

File: 1696175013577.jpeg (239.1 KB, 828x1371, IMG_4020.jpeg)

I’m not sure which one’s worse, that one or this one showing off his horse teeth.

No. 1907404

File: 1696186322215.jpeg (169.45 KB, 828x955, IMG_4027.jpeg)

Wait, this one’s definitely worse.

No. 1908713

File: 1696418037746.jpg (250.39 KB, 1920x1040, MV5BMjJiZDU0MGItNGJmZi00ZWIzLT…)


Is it just me or is his finger abnormally long in this pic.
Reminds me of the aliens from Scary Movie 3

No. 1908788

his entire body us that way, his hands, his head look way to big for his scrawny body.

No. 1908831

Kek i think the other nona was Italian, pepperoni is also a name for chili peppers

No. 1908918

Oh god I was too horrified by the disgusting tongue thing to notice this and now I can't unsee it. Somehow he gets more and more freakish with every photo

No. 1908923

File: 1696450244905.jpeg (125.03 KB, 828x604, IMG_4033.jpeg)

lmao at least he knows where he stands. Except we all know he’s lying about the gay part. Don’t get the hopes up of the gay moids!

No. 1909017

He's only gay for attention

No. 1909055

File: 1696472464395.jpg (Spoiler Image,553.83 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20231004_191740_Ins…)

This guy is disgusting.

No. 1909065

I said years ago I saw someone on reddit say PJ was bisexual, yet I've never seen anything like that from him.

No. 1909068

If anything he's just saying he's bisexual because he has softboi fans who are stuck in 2015 and can't trust another man into games unless he calls himself bisexual too

No. 1909074

File: 1696476821868.jpeg (30.79 KB, 828x805, IMG_4036.jpeg)

Just Jared once again proving that he’s a gross perv. Nothing’s changed with this creep.

No. 1909145

Why, just why(chronically unsaged )

No. 1909215

He's mentally stunted at 12 years old. That's why Holly was so obsessed with him: water seeks its own level

No. 1909477

File: 1696546720610.jpeg (286.97 KB, 828x1462, IMG_4045.jpeg)

Ew. Creep.

No. 1909580

The entire internet saw his ugly nude body and declared him a mushroom-dicked shaved weasel and yet he's still deluded into thinking he's some kind of flirty sex symbol.

No. 1909715

His eyes are dramatically different sizes

No. 1909780

And his wrists are tiny. And his mic is clearly dirty, that’s gross as hell too. He could at least take the time to clean it off before posting what he thinks are sexy pics.

No. 1909888

He looks like my ex who had an eating disorder. That would explain the tiny wrists, thinning hair and awful veneers (since it can ruin teeth). Wouldn't be surprised at all if he has one.

No. 1910074

File: 1696634808809.jpg (162.31 KB, 1426x1593, mhm.JPG)

Holly the mental health guru is back, unsurprisingly the topic is a "silly thing" to her

No. 1910082

Honestly this makes a lot of sense. He’s always projecting like he’s some sort of thin anime boi, and from some of his food posts his diet looks like trash. It would also explain why he’s not bulking up if he’s supposedly been going to the gym. So it wouldn’t be surprising if he has an ED.

No. 1910112

I stg you can tell when a scrote is a pervert because he'll just rorschach see vags and boobs in the most random places. Used to have a porn addict ex that would point out paradoila pussies in absolutely everything.

No. 1910211

>Deep and silly things.
Do you know how to read nonni?

No. 1910283

that explains why he's ok dating someone who looks like this >>1900570

No. 1910309


What happened to Kayla and the podcast they did together?

No. 1910325

kek, if so he should learn orthorexia real quick or at least get himself a multivitamin. His body is crumbling from lack of nutrition and I guess if the only calories he's giving himself is frozen pizza, and small amounts at that, I can see why it's going so bad

No. 1911018

Seems to have died out after the 3rd episode of a 5th season?
Loser simps are still giving them 180$ a month for producing nothing at all.

(on top of the 555$/month Holly gets on her own Patreon for producing nothing at all..)

No. 1911031

Is there more milk on the veneers thing? I'm not totally up to date, and I never looked close enough nor am I educated enough about fake teeth to notice anything other than glaringly bad fakes.

No. 1911041

File: 1696827067400.jpg (21.1 KB, 672x200, hshf25.JPG)

Roblox should ban this man nor should he be allowed near schools….

No. 1911077

I hope he gets catfished by the other bazillion predators in that game

No. 1911108

Nah it’s just shitty ectomorph genes and malnutrition from repeatedly eating the same exact unhealthy thing every day for years. Even if he was a normal weight his face would still look extremely weird, he just has bad genetics.

No. 1911150

No fucking way I used to know this girl! She is anorexic for the most part - she is a "raw vegan" meaning she won't even eat cooked food. Just nuts and fruit and shit.
Also last I heard she was married and had a kid so I guess she's gotten divorced since then

No. 1911191

Big fucking yikes. He’s got to know that Roblox is mostly played by kids… right?

Oh wow. I wonder if ProDick is looking to be a stepfather kek. It says a lot about her if she has kids but is still trying to get with someone who’s an accused pedo.

No. 1911194

>she is a "raw vegan"
Out of curiosity, does she have any weird beliefs or things? A lot of them tend to believe the oddest things (since the idea that food cooked over 140f or whatever it is is "bad" is craycray anyhow).
From two mentally ill women to a low-rent suicide girl raw vegan, damn he really wants it to be the 00s again

No. 1911218

File: 1696872555961.jpeg (215.63 KB, 828x1324, IMG_4049.jpeg)

He has a video where he’s shilling for Invisalign on his IG, and he admits that he’s gotten veneers put in. He claims that the Invisalign did more for him than the veneers.

No. 1911244

kek so Holly is scamming her followers? Amazing.

Not surprised she's switched to doing MHM with a cohost. She can't do anything alone. She had Jess for cosplay, Ross for YT, Jared for DnD, and Kayla for her Etsy store and podcast. She had to dig up this nobody for MHM since she's gone through so many other people at this point.

No. 1911249

ED confirmed? I don't know why else he'd need veneers, his teeth weren't awful before.

No. 1911257

He literally is nutrient deprived your teeth begin to rot and break when you aren’t getting enough vitamins, all he drinks is Americanos and all he eats are cheap supermarket pizzas(sage)

No. 1911261

Yeah I think her justification was that she thought cooking took all of the nutrients out of the food, or something like that. I didn't believe it but I was a lot more polite when I was younger lol

No. 1911318

His next step is to become a femboy or troon out. All of those men have EDs. Are we going to bet on it or nah?

No. 1911648

File: 1696943950560.jpeg (166.19 KB, 828x1069, IMG_4058.jpeg)

I guess someone’s having a bad brain day again. Not sure what he thinks he carries well though.

No. 1911931

File: 1697005335515.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x1537, Screenshot_20231010_232139_Ins…)

Spot the remote

No. 1911970

lmao he’s such a fucking loser. Is he trying to bring back planking?

No. 1912010

File: 1697036042566.jpg (81.95 KB, 1080x1027, 553b86cfdae6c15a957dc3f663b3b6…)

Pretty sure he's just copying this yugioh/card game joke

No. 1912016

Idk why I cringe at photos with auto clickers in visible in their hands.

No. 1912022

But he’s not even copying the meme right kek.

It’s because they’re doing all this shit just for clicks and views which is pathetic in itself, but then they don’t even have friends to take their lame pictures of them. That’s what’s so cringy.

No. 1912107


Are Heidi and Holly the only people he knows in Washington?

No. 1912156

I’m not sure who all he knows out in WA. But when he left Holly, his friend who made his whole personality around being the mod of his subreddit and moved across the country to live closer to him stuck with Holly so…

No. 1912527

File: 1697126006267.jpg (54.38 KB, 524x933, sdgdhffgh.JPG)

Seriously what is wrong with him. He must be really going thru a hard mid life crisis lmao.

No. 1912569

omg ew. His posts just seemingly get sadder and sadder. I wonder when he’s finally going to hit rock bottom.

No. 1912836

This man can literally not stop getting fashion advice from kingdom hearts. His entire wardrobe is just shit you can find on wish that would literally not look good on anyone

No. 1912844

I threw up a little in my mouth just from the mental image.

No. 1912872

File: 1697171911596.jpg (13.93 KB, 1068x530, press x to doubt.jpg)

>gonna work out so hard

No. 1913079

File: 1697215417874.jpeg (222.78 KB, 828x1443, IMG_4069.jpeg)

Please for the love of god no.

No. 1913095


WTF. He needs to be true to himself and come out of the closet already.

No. 1913247

Who troons out first? Jared or Arin?

No. 1913261

>eceleb outed as a sex pest
>reputation irreparably damaged, no one sane or with common sense wants to associate with projared
>the malignant narcissism reeking from his posts
>skinny wormbod eligible for hrt
>those trashy thigh tattoos
>only gets hit on by gay men kek
yep, this one is going to troon out by 2024 at the latest.

No. 1913306

That's not a picture of him, so the tattoos aren't his.

But I do gotta ask what kind of stuff he's looking up that he's finding pics like these.

No. 1913714

File: 1697337564133.jpeg (173.75 KB, 670x708, IMG_4074.jpeg)

Saw this pic posted on X/Twitter, looks like ProDick apparently only goes on dates to retro video game cons kek. Looks like he’s still hanging with the anachan cosplay lawyer. Her pics that she posts on social media have to be super filtered holy shit. She looks a lot older here.

No. 1913726

Phineas lookin ahh

No. 1913727

File: 1697339461404.png (377.23 KB, 1192x973, Cranial-Prosthesis-dot-net-Mal…)

Man I knew he was going bald but it looks real bad in that picture. You can tell why he tries to use angles to hide his receding hairline.

No. 1913849

Now there is proper confirmation, I'm hoping Holly sees it and starts to spill the beans on what happend with Jared and how he was abusive etc.

No. 1913860

How sad he's making her hold her bags. He's closed off. What happened to them holding hands and being attached at the hip? This girlfriend isn't gonna last long, she already looks like she's stressing.

No. 1913942

Yeah, looks like he’s already treating her like he treated both Heidi and Holly.

No. 1913986


Wow they look sickly

No. 1913987

He actually looks like the virgin walk meme here

No. 1914076

File: 1697404224130.png (93.22 KB, 190x600, virginwalkjared.png)

Just in case anyone wants to use it for a funny meme I flipped it to make it resemble the meme more too. It's uncanny.

No. 1914194

The bone rattling sex these two must have.

No. 1914379

It's probably dusty, too.

No. 1915820

minecraft skeleton noises

No. 1916078

File: 1697750089017.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1125x1494, IMG_0182.jpeg)

He looks more wormy than usual

No. 1916080

what the fuck is that a lace corset top

No. 1916083

Who tf is telling this dude that he looks good period is what I want to know.

I dunno but it looks like something he found in a trash can at a ren faire.

No. 1916139


He has one pair of jeans. #mensfashion

No. 1916184

Nobody says that. Nobody at all.

No. 1916241

I think we're also glossing over the fact that in 2011, those doing overarching plots fighting evil version of themselves were 20 somethings fresh out of school just trying something new, not people pushing 40's with a 10 year "career" making youtube videos…

I can feel the cringe from here, i am scared of looking at his videos

No. 1916289

that's true, half of them were former film school students or at least people who wanted to do something in the entertainment business. I don't think jared has a background or interest in any of that

No. 1916392

I never noticed his giraffe neck

No. 1916446

I imagine that Wormdick is the kind of narc who thinks he’s above any sort of school or training. That he truly believes he’s just talented as he is, and is baffled as to why he’s not more successful.

No. 1916660

This shit wasn't good during its peak, dear God I really hope he does it

No. 1918372

File: 1698098684728.jpeg (268.52 KB, 828x1375, IMG_4087.jpeg)

Who tf would want to watch a stream of this worm cleaning up his room? That’s just sad af if people really would watch.

No. 1919380

I drop into his streams sometimes and he unfortunately has a fairly sizable fanbase on twitch. I can’t fathom why since he’s painfully boring on there. I suspect that makes up just as much of his income as YouTube

No. 1919957

Mind if I ask what his chat was like? Were they engaging or just pretty dead? I imagine his viewers are either new people that don't know anything about him or long time fans.

No. 1919976

I hopped into one of his streams out of curiosity, and he was lamely dancing to some cheesy music in order to entice people to give him bits and subs. It was pretty pathetic.

He’s too lazy, he won’t actually do it. He’s bitched and moaned in the past about having to make more videos to keep his income up.

No. 1919978

File: 1698370253880.jpeg (168.69 KB, 1170x835, 661DB3B8-7680-4C3D-A57B-452D1B…)

What I’ve seen it seems to be filled with emote and LUL spammers with the occasional newbie saying they love his content before Jerd shills it with the “remember to like and share and if you have prime use your free sub on meeeee”
He’s got a few devoted / deluded gift subbers and donators which inflate his actual running sub count. Why you’d gift 50 subs to anyone is beyond me

No. 1920009

I'm honestly impressed by how he seems to become more repulsive looking with each passing day. He looks like a worm left in the sun to dehydrate and shrivel.

No. 1920173

Why you’d gift anyone 50 subs especially a sex pest worm, ugh. He’s looking especially revolting here with his shirt open, what a slime.

No. 1920414

File: 1698447738617.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20231027_160032_Ins…)

May I suggest all of it?

No. 1920448

Yeah, he needs to throw the whole closet away and get some actual good fashion sense.

No. 1921578

File: 1698664888846.png (986.15 KB, 828x1485, IMG_4090.png)

Men really are shameless

No. 1921585

How can someone have so many pieces of clothing and still dress so badly?

No. 1921588

All unused, bleak

No. 1921640

Ew, are those all his?

No. 1921641

The color of the wall seems to say that is the inside of his apartment

No. 1921651

Tbh he seems like the type to buy a ton of condoms in a fit of hopefulness and hubris but will never get to use them. Bleak af if that woman is still with him and actually hopping on his nasty wormdick. He’s like the only male cow on here who matches Sam Hyde in visceral hideousness. No one should give sex to ugly men.

No. 1921782

Holly had her halloween party, full of friends, and it seems that Jared just sat at home (no posts). Its like if you weren't so shoved up your own ass and treated people better who supported you, you would have friends to hang out with.

No. 1921792

File: 1698701063488.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1167x1561, 8C5C0069-DC16-42C5-BD04-25C1F4…)

Looked on his gram and seems he went out with SpaceHamster and some girl. With the earlier post of rubbers pls say they aren’t eiffel towering

Possible fourth person taking the shots? AnaTifa?

No. 1921821

Who knew that Wormdick actually has friends? I really hope he’s not third wheeling. An interesting thing is that the girl in the pics also went to Holly’s Halloween party the other night too, kek. I wonder if there’ll be any drama fallout.
I bet Wormdick brought his phone stand thing, the other guy has his hand in his pocket, maybe he’s hiding the remote. That dab is so cringe though.

No. 1921826

because none of them were bought with his wardrobe or any sort of theme in mind aside from "unique". He just bought a bunch of amazon-recommended clothing that were probably modeled on guys he thought were hot and imagined himself as those dudes and figured he'd get a new batch of ladies from his "unique" clothing choices as if he'll stand out like an anime husbando wearing them. It'd be hard for anyone to style themselves halfway decent with the polyester collage of nonsense he calls a wardrobe
considering this seems to be a random assortment these are either the sad singles he's bought over the years and not used or he just went to the sex shop and bought a baggie of assorted randos you can get with the purchase of a dildo or whatever. Or more likely ordered online if it's from a sex shop as I cannot imagine this man being able to not get kicked out for being a creep in one
Do these people live in microsoft town? maybe they pity invited him out since I don't think this man has ever posted spending time with friends before and maybe they felt they should at least let him spend time with them on halloween when they're very obviously going out.

No. 1921864

This is one of the most scathing posts written on this imageboard without the use of 'retard'. I don't feel sorry for him though.

No. 1921931

His insta is starting to make me think he's not posting for his fans but to feed into his delusion that he's still a popular YouTuber. But what's so werid about it is that his behavior is like a young 20 youtuber back in like 2013/2014 not some guy near his 40s in 2023. Even the post with his friends, who the hell is dabbing in 2023??

No. 1921951

File: 1698720899710.png (407.97 KB, 402x687, jared.png)

Lol god he's so desperate for Heidi or even Holly to be pining for him

No. 1922122

Yeah, he’s definitely mentally stunted for someone who’s pushing 40. It’s kind of sad that he’s so delusional in thinking that he’s still popular, he needs some mental help.
He’s probably missing his fans nude exchange tumblr page kek.

No. 1922130

File: 1698757972109.png (695.11 KB, 828x1457, IMG_4101.png)

We did not consent to see this.

No. 1922132

I’m so perplexed by these, what is he trying to achieve by uploading them? What is he trying to say? What is the point? Mentally ill behaviour

No. 1922165

It’s a cry for help or a cry for attention. Or maybe a little of both. Either way it’s cringe but not out of the ordinary for this sex pest.

No. 1922178

god this is just so gross. Its like hes in a mid life crisis and trying to be a cringy 20 year old again while also letting everyone know he has an obsession with being horny despite the fact it destroyed his career. Is he just trying to get a younger audience that enjoys this humor to get view money again?

No. 1922209

It feels like ever since the scandal came to light, he's double down on being super sexual online. As if he thinks "well they know I'm a sex pest so might as well give the people what they want!" I'm starting to think he's trying to bring back what he had with his secret blog he had on tumblr, where he could have a clean "family friendly" image to the public eye while still getting nudes and being overtly sexual with his fans.

But with everything out he can't relive it again cause who the hell wants anything to do with him? He can't attract clout chasers cause he's got no internet fame/relevance, he's chased away old fans with his hypocrisy of saying he's a feminist yet treating majority of the women in his life like shit, and his defenders are gone cause he left Holly even after she fucked up her career for him. Sure, he could make a secret account like before, but he's not gonna get any attention without having the "Projared" name attached to him.

No. 1922249


>maybe they pity invited him out since I don't think this man has ever posted spending time with friends before and maybe they felt they should at least let him spend time with them on halloween when they're very obviously going out.

Nah Space Hamster and Peanut Butter Gamer have been sucking up to Prodick the entire time. Only thing Space Hamster did different is he didn't go attacking Heidi publicly. Guarantee he talks shit on her in private though, he believes whatever lies Prodick shoved in his face and nobody tried to convince him differently. All three of them are still active mods on each other's Twitch channels.

No. 1922356

You might be onto something here nonny. He definitely seems like he’s chasing something that’s now unattainable for him, kind of like a junkie trying to recreate the feeling of first getting high.

No. 1922440

pewdipie and a few other moids defended him so maybe he was able to use their voices to help himself double down on his horny antics after it happened. They were all defending jared cause the relationship was open (ignoring or downplaying the creepiness of the blog) so maybe jared learned that honesty was the best policy in the worst way.

No. 1922600

File: 1698848113362.jpeg (291.21 KB, 828x1468, IMG_4102.jpeg)

I guess it’s a good thing he’s not in any sex offender databases yet.

No. 1922671

File: 1698860194728.png (67.06 KB, 534x333, oD8MQeU.png)

same vibe

No. 1922702

I hate how they defended him by saying "oh well they were in an open relationship so it's okay" and completely forget that Ross didn't want him or Holly to be a part of it. It's even worse that they claim Jared was some sort of victim cause he didn't want this like he's not an adult man who should stand up for himself and didn't send his mushroom dick to anyone who'd give him the time of day.

I guarantee that if they found out their wife was secretly fucking there best friend and people came at them with "uh but your friend is in an open relationship so you can't be mad" their tune would be a lot different.

No. 1922773

A lot of those defenders later simmered down with a passive "Above all please be nice to Ross guys he's going through a lot." He was such an after thought in the whole drama, and then to top it all off even when he takes the high road and never acknowledges it, Holly tried to smear him with rape/abuse claims. All because she's mad there was someone involved "unscathed" while poor her gets called out for being a homewrecker

No. 1922838

I'd say that's when a good chunk of people realized what was up with her if they hadn't realized it before. Holly likes to claim she's all for calling out abusers but will deny and accuse anyone that makes claims against people she likes. She did this with Jared's fans he groomed and with her friends in the DnD circles

No. 1923005

File: 1698913087226.jpeg (Spoiler Image,224.99 KB, 852x1188, 49488B9D-E509-4FFE-9820-697A63…)

I feel ill

He could be trolling but looks like lessons may have never been learned

No. 1923024

Big Luigi behavior from him

No. 1923058

Ugh, this seriously makes me want to throw up. He’ll never learn because so many of his defenders normalized the creepiness of his nudes blog and snapchat.

No. 1923103

This will absolutely be rescinded after he only gets messages from gay men

No. 1923145

Just a fun nostalgic childhood throwback (lewds available)!

He's so gross

No. 1923327

File: 1698980228261.png (603.9 KB, 908x525, 234723893.png)

scariest halloween costume hands down. holy shit,

No. 1924003

File: 1699132544115.jpeg (717.7 KB, 828x1472, IMG_4122.jpeg)

Quick, name this superhero. He calls this “goth” on his ig but I don’t think he knows what goth really is.

No. 1924006

I’m 90% sure one of the girls I work with has that same duster

No. 1924091

They were all the rage around 2008 where I'm from.

Did he buy his undershirt from the women's athletic section?

No. 1924237

The whole outfit looks extremely feminine. I guess he’s been buying all his clothes from the women’s section lately.

No. 1924390

I like the way the skin tight shirt accentuates his muffin top. Suck in that gut harder Jared!

No. 1924392

File: 1699215089271.png (3.68 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_3344.png)

Bro 😂

No. 1924394

File: 1699215139645.png (3.74 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_3345.png)

This is so funny bro(don't use emoji/ emoticons)

No. 1924439

Seriously? That's the caption. Gross.

So he's admitting he's a sex pest?
Would be nice if someone replied to that reminding him she showed it to underage kiddies.

No. 1924498

lmao, this is something that he’s proud of? And that caption is cringe. More like women are dressing like him, not men.

No. 1924517

File: 1699236082061.jpeg (163.57 KB, 828x1356, IMG_4123.jpeg)

Overall, I don’t think the comments are going the way he hoped kek.

No. 1924993

File: 1699335656056.jpg (354.5 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20231106_150557_Ins…)

What the fuck is he talking about? He's the one who messed up his own life.

No. 1925018

Do you think he’s attempting to put together a rick owens type outfit using only items from Amazon or is his fashion sense is really that dated? Ah yes the 2000s gay hipster librarian look will attract so many women I know it

No. 1925038

File: 1699344102232.png (375.24 KB, 600x338, 5c065882d95392c2-600x338.png)

No. 1925054

He needs to fucking exercise lmfao maybe that'll get his testosterone pumping too and chisel him out a bit for the first time in his life

No. 1925059


His looks could only be inspiring to proana communities lol

No. 1925072

He looks like a gay street magician

No. 1925085

File: 1699363778777.jpeg (237.35 KB, 828x1478, IMG_4126.jpeg)

It doesn’t look to be working for him kek. This pretty much looks like his weakling normal arm.

No. 1925148

He should get a personal trainer if he wants anything to happen. Whatever he is doing isn't working for him.

There's also a chance he's just going to the gym to take pictures.

No. 1925161

His diet is probably horrible. Getting a personal trainer won't fix that.

No. 1925210

Just like Holly, he’ll never take accountability for his own actions and will claim cancel culture ruined his life and career.
I dunno, but this outfit looks like it came out from a woman’s closet. Especially the duster and the undershirt. The undershirt looks like a woman’s gym shirt.
I just noticed that it looks like he’s wearing something under his shirt. A sports bra? lmao maybe he is going to troon out soon.
Or he’s just going to the gym to leer at women like the creep he is.

No. 1925812

File: 1699491778963.jpeg (175.47 KB, 828x1470, IMG_4130.jpeg)

He’s really doubling down on this look. This light really shows off the dark circles under his eyes lol.

No. 1926004

File: 1699542903839.jpeg (19.77 KB, 221x228, IMG_0427.jpeg)

No. 1926078

File: 1699555724979.png (1.69 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_0359.png)

Haha it’s funny because it’s where kids went to chat with men jerking off.

He’s fucking nasty

No. 1926085

I don't get the joke. I think he's using the "gonna tell my kids" meme wrong.

No. 1926187

File: 1699573068139.jpeg (288.06 KB, 828x1558, IMG_4133.jpeg)

Looks like someone’s a little touchy here kek.

No. 1926231


This shit's so funny cause he's playing it off like he's moved on from everything. While it's a proven fact that he still pays people to dedicate social media accounts to spreading rumors about Heidi and try to sink her business because he's mad that she gets to live a better life than he ever will. You can tell by the way he's writing that he's still bitter that Heidi got away from him and can be happy while he'll be known for the rest of his life as a sex pest.

No. 1926288

Yeah for someone who claims that he beat cancel culture, he sure is sensitive when people bring up some of the creepy shit he’s done. He’ll forever be bitter that he ruined his own career, but won’t ever take accountability or do better. He really seems like an insufferable jerk.

No. 1926296

File: 1699585295430.png (1.03 MB, 806x1136, Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 10.01…)

This thread is crazy to read as someone that watched ProJared back in 2010 when he looked like this. I haven't really kept up with the channel since ~2018.

No. 1926317

I'm confused. I'm a skimmer of this thread and he still looks like that? wormy as ever

No. 1926352

at least he had hair back then kek

No. 1926377

NTA and I've always found him ugly, but I could kind of see how he used to appeal to the girls who like scrawny pathetic nerdy men. It's like he's aged 20 years in just 5. He looks sickly with bulging eyes, a rapidly growing bald patch, and those ghastly denture-like oversized crowns. He must fit right in at the little retirement neighborhood he's moved himself into.

No. 1926380

File: 1699602263740.jpg (Spoiler Image,709.35 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20231109_234327_Ins…)

Nope. No. No thank you. Nope.

No. 1926390

He’s really still trying to make this girly outfit a thing huh?

No. 1926414

This is beyond disgusting. He needs to be studied. How does he see himself as hot when he looks like the love child of Slenderman and Sid from Ice Age?

No. 1926416

He looks like a human worm.

No. 1926423

Jared should take advice and not dress like this until he actually grows the muscles. Look at Cloud Strife, buff as fuck, yet also has a feminine charm to him because of it. Working out once isn't gonna do shit lmfao.

No. 1926424

I’m just glad the slutty Mario shots never surfaced

Probably was hoping he’d get someone other than the gays wanting to see

And is he sitting on the floor in that shot? At his age he’ll struggle to get back up(learn to post: lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1926426

Even that haggard anorexic cosplayer he’s dating deserves better than this

No. 1926468

Yeah he was just a regular nerdy guy who whore the same blue shirt in videos and had nerdy guy disinterest in clothing/looks/anything beyond gaming. And he had more hair.

Now he's doing the whole "I'm a nerdy man AND I'm into fashion" thing which as you can see here is horrendous.

No. 1926485

This picture has the same vibes as his nudes blog. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to start that back up again.
Yeah I think the only person who was visibly interested in the slutty Mario pics was one of the gays lol. Probably not what he was hoping for.

No. 1926519

I would not be surprised if Jared is already doing NSFW stuff on the low.

It's obvious he was addicted to the attention. It's been over four years since the drama happened so he's over it and lonely.

No. 1926733

I doubt it. He's made countless post says "ohh I might make an OF account if I get enough likes" and no matter what he never commits. He only says it to get attention. And especially after his nudes got leaked, he definitely doesn't want everyone to make fun of his naked worm body again.

No. 1927179

I agree, he isn't doing any type of sex work and never will imo.

However I would bet money he's actively trading nudes with fans again and has been for a long time, even while in a relationship with Holly

No. 1927208

I guess, but that might even still be a stretch. He's only gone after young fangirls and all of them seems to have dropped him. He still has fans, but I don't think any of them are what he wants.

No. 1927269

Yeah it seems like his fans are either the gays or the incel crowd, neither of which he’s interested in lol. So sad for the sex pest.

No. 1928174

File: 1699929669351.jpeg (172.89 KB, 828x946, IMG_4141.jpeg)

Jared sticking up for The Completionist when it’s come out that he was taking money from charity but then Jared deleted his post lol.

No. 1928176

File: 1699929766612.jpeg (205.31 KB, 828x1434, IMG_4142.jpeg)

From his Discord. But anyone shocked that Jared is sticking up for a scammer?

No. 1928184

I just watched the video someordinarygamers put out and it's no wonder Jared deleted the tweet. They did contact Jirard to ask him what was going on and Jirard is immediately hostile to them, saying that they don't care about him and that they just wanna start drama. He also admits the money wasn't sent/they didn't a set organization they'd donate the money to.

Apparently the money was not just sitting in a bank account but there were transactions as well, but it's unclear who was doing it and what they were for.

No. 1928226

It’s funny Jared is sticking up for him because as soon as the Jared scandal broke he instantly disassociated himself from jared and denounced his actions and donated money to a rape charity.

No. 1928227

correct me if I'm wrong but didn't jirard end up backtracking on that and go back to supporting jared?

No. 1928253

Yeah he did. Or at least he didn't say it publicly but he did meet up with Jared at a con a couple years back.

No. 1928343

Yeah there are pictures of Jirard and Jared from more recent cons too, so it’s fair to say they’re pretty good acquaintances especially with how fast Jared jumped to his defense without watching the videos. You’d think with all the drama and shit he brings to the table he’d have been smart enough to not jump into this lol. He’s been getting dragged hard on X/Twitter.

No. 1928367

Just like Holly, he has to stick his nose into things and say his opinion. Plus it's not like someone asked him for his response he retreated an article and posting his opinion no one asked for.

What makes it worse is that this isn't petty youtube drama, this might turn into a huge IRS investigation as it's millions of donations that were told was going to dementia research that sat in an account for 9 years. I don't think Jared knew any of this was happening, but jumping to immediately defend someone without seeing the evidence presented makes you look like an asshole and people might wonder how involved you were in all of this.

No. 1928453

That anime profile picture Jared uses for his Discord and channels really annoys me for some reason, probably because he's like 40.

No. 1928455

Yeah exactly, they could be wondering how some washed up YouTuber can afford a $3500 a month townhome and he could become a suspect if not careful.

Same. He’s always giving off that manchild energy.

No. 1928510

He's likely getting the money from either his parents/family or he's actually paying himself and barely buying anything else. I mean we already know how shitty his diet is so it makes sense he cheaps out on frozen pre-made garbage for food.

I highly doubt Jared dipped his creepy hands into the account or was even offered to. I'm guessing the expenses was pay for setup and maintenance for the streams, but that's just a guess. Would he have known about any of this? Can't say.
It just seems like he went to immediately defend Jirard cause that's his friend (similar to PBG when Jared got called out), but again he might have known something cause the Normal Boots guys seemed to be (or were) pretty close with eachother and have different levels of shitty behavior.

No. 1928512

Still trying to roleplay the "cute dorky anime boy" while forgetting he's a 40 year old divorced man who's only personality is '24/7 horny'

No. 1929814

I think Jared and Jirard deserve each other. They get to sit in the pile of shit they made and the don't get any of a lot of people's sympathy for how they just dropped Jontron for committing wrongthink. Yet here they are still standing up for each other. It's even worse when you know that Jirard and Jon met when they were in high school if I remember correctly. Of all the people in NormalBoots, they were the founding members and longtime friends.

No. 1929868

File: 1700204277143.jpeg (180.83 KB, 828x1213, IMG_4154.jpeg)

He’s posting straight up incel shit now wtf.

No. 1930016

Jesus Christ, for a 40+ man he sure has the maturity of a horny 18 year old. I'd say he's really shoeing everyone who he really is, but really he's always shown a two faced personality.

Back when I used to watch him, the only other account I knew he had was his Twitter and that was just promoting him and his friends videos and upcoming events. I never got a chance to watch his Twitch streams until I found an archive channel of them and it was shocking to hear the things he was saying. He made weird sexual comments on almost every female npc and brought up sexual fantasies no one asked for, especially ones about the female npcs. He was doing all of this in his Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu gameplay.

No. 1930054

Yeah they can both wallow in the consequences of their actions. Jirard is probably in it worse, if there was charity fraud involved or more, he’s probably looking at jail time.
Big yikes. That’s just gross. But it does really show that his only personality trait is pushing 40 and horny. No wonder his fans are mostly dudes and incels.

No. 1930077


Jared is the exact definition of Straight White Male overconfidence for absolutely no reason.

I don't understand how someone can act so testosterone-y 24/7 yet have no masculine features whatsoever. I guess it's a medical mystery .

No. 1930138

At the time I remember the fanbase being more of a mixed bag, since Jared had this image of being more open minded. Granted I think the reason it was like that was because most were casual fans that sticked to YouTube videos and sometimes saw his post on Twitter.

When the drama was happening, people in his old reddit were posting clips of his streams showing how much he made bizarre sexual comments, which a huge about of casual fans had never seen before. I think someone in chat asked who's his favorite Pokémon gym leader and he said Erika cause she (I'm paraphrasing here) 'acts sweet and polite but shes secretly a dom devient that's into really kinky shit'

No. 1930444

File: 1700316115410.png (108.82 KB, 850x877, image.png)

Jared is looking like a scumbag after his most recent interaction with SomeOrdinaryGamer.

Jared tried to claim that Mutahar and Karl Jobst were lying and that they'd never even gotten Jirard to comment but Jirard was in the fucking video.


No. 1930479

File: 1700323537579.jpeg (233.03 KB, 828x1443, IMG_4143.jpeg)

I found this interesting as well when I was looking through some of the threads on X/Twitter. Not surprised at all if Jared had a contest rigged in his favor when he was more popular, since his collection is first and foremost the most important thing in his life.

No. 1930480

File: 1700323593054.jpeg (288.66 KB, 828x1558, IMG_4144.jpeg)

No. 1930524

Did this user post it? Would make this more believable

No. 1930555

I did some searching but I didn’t see where they posted the apology. But I also could only stand scrolling their posts and replies for so long with all the typical incel and right-wing bs on their timeline.

No. 1930619

I just don't get it. All he has to do is keep his head down and stay out of drama. Make his content. Go to MTG and gaming conventions. Not be super horny online. I remember hearing somewhere that the average influencer career lifespan is less than ten years. Why not just… work the rest of your time, enjoying what you've salvaged of your career? Anyone with half a braincell would move somewhere with a lower cost of living and enjoy the rest of this "dream job". But noooooo, he has to defend all his besties and make himself look like a fool at best. It's just fucking exhausting to witness sometimes.
I would genuinely love to know more about these contests. Maybe there's information on other parts of the internet?

No. 1930645

Rhetorical question, I know, but I wonder the same thing too: degenerate sex pest narcissist philanderers can never be normal. The reason they 'can't' just happily fade to the shadows is the same reason we can't understand why he acts the way he acts. This is why we have lolcows.

No. 1930773

Ew, that’s just really gross. Like he was trying to bring his SinJared stuff to his Twitch channel, ugh. What in the actual fuck is wrong with him?

No. 1931013

Sounds like he was trying to normalize it to his fans. I could see it also as a way to groom them into being more comfortable talking sexual with him and letting their guard down

No. 1931089

does anyone have milk on this twitter competition thing? I tried to look into it more, but I just found some unrelated stuff that seemed the same type of schizo as the guy making the allegations, making me thinkk the'yre the same autistic moid that is bitter they didn't win a sweepstakes like he's fucking Chris Chan lmao

No. 1931143

File: 1700472270109.jpg (289.31 KB, 1440x935, Screenshot_20231120_041802.jpg)

I'm an XIV player and got curious and dug a bit. It was a tweet campaign Square Enix ran eight years ago for one of the expansions coming out at the time. From what I understand, players registered with an app and then would tweet using a hashtag, and each engagement with that tweet would progress them in the "race" - essentially guaranteed big name accounts, YouTubers etc would do better than most, but it was promotional so that's not really out of the ordinary. Jared participated and probably won a prize, but from what I can tell probably didn't do better than other accounts his size at the time. https://davidmcgreavy.com/final-fantasy-xiv-chocobo-race

No. 1931148

File: 1700473883724.jpg (858.79 KB, 1440x1637, Screenshot_20231120_042627.jpg)

Also yeah, judging from the username I think it's just the same unhinged, bitter guy tbf

No. 1931266

What was even the point of posting this kek. Is he 12

No. 1931346

Looks like it was posted last year, but yeah repeating that same accusation with nothing to back it up just makes him look demented. Could have been something good.

No. 1931363

File: 1700527914970.jpg (177.61 KB, 734x1024, en_US-SM9-174-erikas_hospitali…)

Ah, yes, Erika, the literal child gym leader. Such an appropriate thing for a 40 yr old to say.

No. 1931373

Big yikes. He really is a sicko and clearly even more disturbed than I thought.

No. 1931395

AYRT Thanks so much! Turns out my hunch was right. This guy is holding a grudge about losing a 8 year old sweepstakes, not winning what probably ended up being some plastic garbage. Square probably knew this was going to happen and didn't care enough to do anything about it, if anything it's their fault that Ecelebs would leverage it to win, in fact, it was probably by design.

No. 1931428

File: 1700543234523.png (119.64 KB, 633x875, IMG_6778.png)

No. 1931429

There's a new video someordinarygamers made about the charity controversy but it's mostly responding back to the fans that are defending Jirard. Jared did get a nice little shout out with the first 2 minutes along with the screenshot of his tweet. How long before he makes a response tweet/video apologizing?

No. 1931471

He looks like he shits blood

No. 1931536

Wow, nice work nonny!! The apology definitely shows that this was legit, so it’s not surprising at all that Jared was scummy enough to take advantage as well.
I saw the dig at Jared in the video too lol. He really stepped in it there, blindly defending a charity scammer.

No. 1931653

Wow, I'm surprised there was any legitimacy to this.

He just keeps digging a deeper grave each time he decides to voice his opinion on internet drama. At this point I would recommend that one of his mods should take over as social media manager, but seeing how SOM acted, well…

No. 1932163

File: 1700677846826.jpeg (415.03 KB, 828x1459, IMG_4172.jpeg)

Looks like the sex pest is home for Thanksgiving, where I’m sure his family is so proud of him for being a creepy pervert. All this picture does is highlight how far his hairline has receded.

No. 1932603

Is he wearing shorts over leggings?

No. 1932668

why am I completely unsurprised that he's from Wisconsin?

No. 1932678

No, it’s the crusty jeans he always wears that has some chain mail looking shit on the front of them.

No. 1933822

File: 1700988011436.jpg (117.1 KB, 689x917, afhjsabdofhj.JPG)

This may be late but did anyone see this full outfit Holly slapped together for her party? I felt sick seeing this and now want to bleach my eyes.

No. 1933828

Why is she sexy Gale? I don't even get what the joke is supposed to be

No. 1933841

Gyah, that is nightmare fuel on levels I thought only PervJared could reach.

No. 1933842

I thought this was Jared from the image preview

No. 1933887

Is that the Grimoire she stole? kek

No. 1933930

What the actual fuck

No. 1934136

Her face looks like Charlie from Always Sunny.

No. 1934492

I hate these agendercore outfits that people wear nowadays, why is everybody trying to be as unfashionable as possible?

No. 1934501

LMAO I literally said outloud "is that Charlie Day?"

No. 1934546

Finally figured out what's bugging me about this picture. Besides the costume which is just horrendous, if I look at her face she looks like she's got a lazy eye. Zooming in it turns out because she's got those full grey eye contacts in and smoking black makeup it makes it seem like she's looking to the side instead off at the camera. It also doesn't help that her one eye is/looks closed so it just looks weird

No. 1934551

What's sad is that Holly used to have or seemed to have a passion for making costumes. She wasn't super famous for it but people in the circles knew about her. Now you see something like this that's not fitting or styled to make it look cool and you start wondering what happened? I know it's a rhetoric question but you kinda can't help but think about it.

No. 1934553

She actually does have a lazy eye, she just takes photos at angles to hide it

No. 1934614

File: 1701128660407.jpeg (96.69 KB, 828x399, IMG_4180.jpeg)

Looks like Holly’s going to be looking for a job soon. I wonder when Wormdick is going to have to do the same.

No. 1934623

IDK much about Holly but I feel like Jared's pretty safe as long as he keeps his expenses low… which is unlikely but still.

No. 1934627

Gotta be honest - Jared fascinates me. A man almost 40, after all he's been through since 2019, and he's doubling down on everything:

- His channel(s)
- His streams
- Con appearances
- Strange fashion he MUST know people hate
- Legitimately disturbing poses in photos
- Horny posting while at the same time claiming to be a nice guy

It's all too much. He must know what he's doing. What's going through his head!?

No. 1934675

He's trying to pretend his life is better than it actually is. It's what a lot of people do where instead of fixing their life for the better, they post and brag about how amazing their life is.

He makes up these emails 'fans' send calling him hot to forget how everyone online called him 'wormdick' for so long. He jokes about making an OF account but backs out because no one cares and the weirdos that do aren't the hot barely legal teenage girls he clearly wants. Even when he claims to have 'beaten cancel culture' I guarantee he's aware of how people want nothing to do with him especially considering he was getting more views on his nostalgia channel when he stopped adding his face in the thumbnails

No. 1934683

What employable skills does she even have anymore?

No. 1934689

Yeah exactly. He’s stopped uploading to his main channel and only uploads to his nostalgia and streaming channels which shows that he’s well aware of the stigma around his name. But to preserve his ego he pretends it’s not there. It’s why he gets so triggered when some people bring up the shit he's done in the past, it breaks that illusion that he’s worked so hard to conjure up.

No. 1934708

He also still tries to stop Heidi from being successful. Much as he puts it on a face that he's past the divorce, he still encourages fans to spread rumors about Heidi to make her look bad and prevent her from getting sales. She recently had to give up her remaining cat because she couldn't afford to take care of him anymore. With Jared encouraging fans to go out of their way to prevent Heidi from getting people buying her merch, it's no wonder she's having financial struggles. Remember when his fans mass reported her ebay store so she couldn't sell her games?

No. 1934849

he pays almost 4k on a rental, he may not be fucked paying it now, but he'll be fucked eventually and will have to downsize rentals. I'll be honest, it confuses me to watch youtubers make it rich but then be too stupid to buy a decent house in cash so they can be secure after the cashcow dries up. I've seen people mock Mutahar for having 7/11s (partially cause he's brown) but he's one of the only smart youtubers out there prepared for the future.
>She recently had to give up her remaining cat because she couldn't afford to take care of him anymore
that's so depressing, I cannot wait until Jared get's what's coming for him. His downfall will be so sweet if he keeps up his denial. Which given how much of a narc he is, is a guarantee. The month he has to suddenly move house will be the era I suspect the milk will be richer than the wormdickgate. He will 100% start acting more like onision as he lost relevancy. Maybe he'll get desperate enough to fuck himself in the ass on onlyfans too

No. 1934945

Stealing from people.

So, telemarketer?

No. 1935005

Wait where did this info come from? I just scrolled through her twitter and found no mention of it.

No. 1935057

I have to assume this comes straight from the rectal news network

No. 1935068

File: 1701221249486.png (224.05 KB, 999x856, bean.png)


I searched her cat's name on Twitter and yeah, looks like she had to give him away. Which sucks because that means Prodick is winning, at least in his goal to destroy Heidi's livelihood. I've seen people on a few social media sites saying Heidi's products are overpriced and poor quality, so people are probably thinking those are people reviewing her stuff and not Jared's fans spreading rumors so now people don't want to buy anything from her. When Heidi said he used his fanbase as his own personal army, she wasn't joking. I hope her shop can stay open, it's the only income she has as far as I know.

No. 1935082

File: 1701222422275.png (60.86 KB, 1391x508, reviews.png)

Took some time to look, top 25 best sellers I found one bad review from August. Top 5 most expensive no bad reviews. Not a great conspiracy theory

No. 1935087

The claim is that they're badmouthing her shop through social media, not review bombing her. Since her shop probably requires a verified purchase for a review, odds are Jared doesn't want her getting money.

No. 1935089

This is an imageboard anon, if that's happening and it can be proven, post images. Otherwise it's just going to look like someone is writing some fanfic

No. 1935100

Hey I'm just repeating the claim that was made. I'd love to see proof too.

No. 1935131

File: 1701233550776.jpg (Spoiler Image,683.74 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20231128_205231_Ins…)

If memory serves, Heidi designed this cosplay and did the make-up

No. 1935147

ew fucking ew those pants go down way too far and he posted this for that exact reason I guaran-fucking-tee it

No. 1935172

Heidi needs to do a clearance sale and find a job. Not a lot of people can afford her clothes right now. We’re in a silent recession and people need a steady income to live.

No. 1935212

The airbrushed abs lmao. That’s probably the most muscle definition this loser has ever had in his life.
Oh yeah he sure did. He’s never vague with the perv posting. I’m sure he still imagines that this is what he looks like irl, he’s deluded into thinking he’s a video game pretty boy.

No. 1935277

ok this is motivation to never be skinny fat.

No. 1935321


Unfortunately yes. Most of Heidi's products are expensive, like $30 for a basic bulk printed tshirt. And most of her promoted clothes are between $100-$300 a pop. She's not going to have a lot of customers willing to shell out that kind of money on a frequent enough basis to sustain herself. I'm all for small business owners, but she's depending entirely on the money she gets from a very small customer base, if she wants to make ends meet she's unfortunately going to have to get a regular job to pay bills and have her shop be her extra income.

No. 1935430

So did Jared just give up on his FF retrospective? He stopped at XII over a year ago.

I would think XIII would be fun for him to make since he's the type of FF fan that hates it, and then he can move on to XIV which he played a lot.

If you don't count his "best/mid/worst games of 2022" videos, he's only released three videos this entire year. Only one broke the 100k view barrier and it's a review of a 2017 game everyone's covered already.

No. 1935922

AFAIK she bought her house outright with an inheritance so as long as she doesn't do something retarded like sell it, she will be fine. She also has her little etsy shop so can manage at least some minor income on the side which is a lot more than Jared ever managed

No. 1935986

File: 1701406496074.jpeg (156.11 KB, 828x1208, IMG_4188.jpeg)

This is super cringe.

No. 1936005

Why is he wasting his time doing this? If he's desperate for attention why not spend in to dating sites or going out with friends. How does he not realize that with all his constant sex posting none of this is even slightly humorous and just pathetic?

No. 1936246

File: 1701462210982.jpeg (209.45 KB, 828x1405, IMG_4187.jpeg)

I saw this over on KF, apparently he lost his video editor so that’s why he gave up on his main channel. Makes me wonder if the editor legitimately left, or if he couldn’t afford to pay them anymore.

No. 1936268

That's a big blow because his FF videos still get views (The VI one is at 1.6m I think, rest over 500k).

No. 1936301


I know he lost his editor way back when the divorce happened. I remember his editor at the time making an announcement about ditching his ass once the nude swap came out. Far as I'm aware he never looked for another one, at least I never saw him posting on Twitter or something with "hey, looking for a new editor, let me know if you know someone".

No. 1936317

Seems like he's focused on posting cringe on his socials than actually look for an editor.
Realistic speaking, it's clear he's abandoned is original channel when he started that 90s nostalgia channel and is focused more on streaming. Not only is streaming easier since he doesn't need the vods edited but he also doesn't have to work on a script or do any research.

No. 1936349

File: 1701475262201.jpeg (533.89 KB, 1080x3409, IMG_7020.jpeg)

So does this Vlad guy just edit his Now in the 90s videos then? He’s been editing for Jared for years on his main channel, still has in his bio that he’s ProJared’s editor, and even though he doesn’t post much he’s still liking Jared’s tweets from within the past day so it’s not an inactive account. I’m confused why he has an editor for his niche channel with significantly less views and subscribers than his main one that would net him more money

No. 1936357

File: 1701476173590.png (131.46 KB, 313x297, Screenshot 2023-12-01 191652.p…)

Yeah I don't get it either. At first I thought "well his FF videos are very long, maybe be lost motivation" but idk, he can make a 10-20 minute video on a random game like he used to do.

Maybe there's no money on that kinda stuff or he lost motivation though.

Also this face he's making on this thumbnail is terrible.

No. 1936365

File: 1701477401345.jpeg (225.09 KB, 828x1453, IMG_4190.jpeg)

Yep, he’s a little too focused on posting social media cringe. I think he’s just lazy. It was easier on him when he had that slight efame and the views rolling in. He doesn’t want to do the work and post several videos like more prolific YTers do.

No. 1936423

Why did he do himself so dirty by putting his hideous mug next to Kiryu, kek.

No. 1936437

What emotion is he even trying to convey with that face? He couldn't have made a less flattering thumbnail if he tried.
Maybe he's delusional enough about his appearance to believe he's on the same level as Kiryu.(learn to sage)

No. 1936687

File: 1701532663324.jpeg (130.54 KB, 828x1008, IMG_4191.jpeg)

This made me lol.

No. 1937149

It's like the same exact desperate vibe as Holly's pity posts just with an unwarranted air of confidence instead of the neurotic urge to never be hated by anyone.

No. 1937416

I was confused too because this is a positive review - he liked the game. He already has a reaction face for positive reviews (still ugly but w/e it's him smiling). No idea what he was thinking. Looks like he's in mid-yawn.

No. 1937518

I finally get what people say about his teeth, he got the Boogie2988 special

No. 1937567

File: 1701658439466.jpeg (52.26 KB, 828x354, IMG_4196.jpeg)

So he supposedly watched this 4 hour video, but he couldn’t be arsed to watch a video before blindly defending his friend the completionist? Doubt. I can guarantee he’s just jumping onto this bandwagon.

No. 1937648

Those pants are WAY too south of the pelvis. Gross.

No. 1937686

He's done this before to use as an attempt to work together with other youtubers or streamers. Remember that one girl that he was constantly repeating and praising?

Also on a quick note about his friend Jirard, I've heard more info is out about the charity being a some kind of front

No. 1937769

Oh yeah, I do remember him posting and replying a ton to that Australian girl that looks similar to Heidi. Once she friendzoned him, I haven’t seen him posting anything related to her. There have been others that have come and gone like that as well.

But yeah, Jirard is very much cooked here. I don’t see anything other than criminal charges coming his way as well as his family. He’s done.

No. 1937773

Between Jirard, Jon Tron, and Game Grumps, that Rancho Palos Verdes high school they all went to or are linked to has left a big legacy of cows.

No. 1938179

File: 1701755271096.jpg (85.97 KB, 527x927, gsahjgbfl..JPG)

It's actually wild that he is pushing 40 and posts like this. There really is something terribly wrong with him.

No. 1938530

No one wants him so I guess he’s resorted to anime waifus. He’s pathetic.

No. 1938919

Was watching some old (2015) ProJared videos and yeah he's always been an ugly nerd but at least he sorta took himself seriously back then or makes decent points in his video. Now it's all anime waifu and horny posting.

No. 1939037


His old haircut from his way older videos looked better on him.

He still had that creepy rat face but at least the shitty CNTRL+ALT+DELETE haircut actually framed his face.

No. 1939051

I think when he first started doing reviews he did have genuine passion for it, but once he started gaining attention especially from fangirls that was all he cared about. He went from decent reviews with some light humor thrown in to like a quirkiy AVGN clone, trying to impress his young female audience with how funny and interesting he was which actually worked considering he hooked up with fans and ran a overly sexual charged parasocial blog.

Being a nerdy adult man who gains the attention of teenagers girls who admire you must have definitely boosted his confidence, but he used their appreciation as a bargaining chip where he'd give them personal attention if they'd give him what he wants.

No. 1939393

File: 1701968924867.jpeg (535.15 KB, 2048x2048, AE641F4D-9C03-4BD9-8022-8EB705…)

A story in two pictures.

No. 1939396

File: 1701969134859.jpeg (287.88 KB, 828x1433, IMG_4211.jpeg)

He really is the biggest coombrained moron though. He posts in his ig story and @ the company that made his clothes, and even suggests that they give him a sponsorship in his ig post, but then follows up in his ig story with horny posting. Don’t think that’s exactly the smartest marketing decision on his part.

No. 1939403

File: 1701969454141.jpeg (522.09 KB, 2048x2048, 78BD50AD-5F4B-4FCF-BE47-619A5A…)

Here’s the other pics for those interested. In that last pic he looks so extremely awkward ffs.

No. 1939428

lol holy shit the ones with him pulling down the V neck have the same energy and appeal as someone showing off an open heart surgery scar, except Jared looks more in pain than actual heart patients

No. 1939435

File: 1701972637641.png (1.92 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_0606.png)

The company did repost him in their story.

No. 1939440

lmao. Judging by the times on the stories it looks like this was posted before the horny post. Hopefully they’ll think twice before offering the sex pest any sort of sponsorship.

No. 1939456

File: 1701975718512.jpg (480.98 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20231207_105741_Ins…)

It would actually make it 100x cause because he is a pathetic, desperate and disgusting human being.

Also we've seen his dick. Pass.

No. 1939457

I guess he's leaning hard into his sex pest image, not sure why he'd want to when he's still so adamant that he did nothing wrong.

No. 1939461

I need to see some jared art where some nonni fixes him

No. 1939470

Yeah, touching that gross mushroom dick would not improve anyone’s day. No fucking thanks.

No. 1939497

Absolutely shocked to remember he's not even 40 yet. He looks so much older.

kek nonna. He does look like he's some tragic survivor trying to show us some scar or something. Why does he look so pained and haunted? It's like he completely forgot how to smile since getting those dentures put in.

No. 1939499

This is such a “go make me a sandwich” tier 2005 misogyny joke.

No. 1939526

Besides the stuff about Heidi and Holly, he was accused of sexting fans he knew were underage, which he claimed was false because he apparently asked them at one time for their age.

And for whatever reason people thought that was good enough and then blamed the victims cause of course it's their fault that the 40 year old youtube made a easy accessible sex blog to bargain his attention to them of free nude pics

No. 1939649

Even if he actually wasn't aware, he was still trading nudes with much younger fans while relying on the honor system.
That's just gross.

No. 1939678

That's exactly what I mean, why did people brush this off as if this wasn't clear predatory behavior. He created a blog just to receive nudes from his fans, sent private messages to get more out of the few fans that would later hook up with him then ghost them, and did the bare minimum checking to make sure they were 18+ by hoping they were being truthful.

No. 1939710

Yeah, exactly. I still see so many people claiming on social media that he did nothing wrong, but I guess as long as internet funny man keeps making videos they’ll sweep anything under the rug. It’s so gross. I also think it’s weird that people claim his video exonerates him. I mean, if someone who was a murderer made a video about how they didn’t murder people, that sure wouldn’t be any sort of legit evidence anywhere.

No. 1939990

The men who defend him wish they could’ve been in his position. They don’t care about the morality of it. They wish it was them and are pissed off that anyone is criticising this behaviour.
Call me a prude but no one with any sort of following should be using their fame to exchange nudes with fans no matter their age and it’s baffling to me that anyone would openly defend this or focus on technicalities instead of the bigger picture. I grew up on the internet and it’s still bizarre to me that this is so normalised. Imagine a small time tv show host 40 years ago having a public PO box where female fans could mail him photos of their bodies and receive grainy polaroids of his penis back in a little envelope. It’s ridiculous. But because it’s the internet it’s somehow okay? Every man who does this ought to be mocked so hard he never dares to show his face again.

>I also think it’s weird that people claim his video exonerates him

I really hate this.
> “um acktchually he’s innocent see this video debunks all of the accusations!”
>video is of accused just saying “um acktchually I’m innocent”
Wow that sure showed us

No. 1940100

A lot of the people that defend Jared aren't even fans of his they just latched onto the "cause" because they hate women/some woke/metoo mob they have in their heads.

No. 1940132

File: 1702057146208.jpeg (700.29 KB, 828x1519, IMG_4381.jpeg)

No. 1940136

File: 1702057469351.jpeg (266.17 KB, 828x1272, IMG_4216.jpeg)

The ig picture cracks me up because it seems like he’s trying to give the impression that he went out on a birthday date with this girl. But Twitter shows that it was really her and a bunch of other people, MTG nerds I’m sure. Girl, you’re in danger.

No. 1940183

He look so vitamin deficient like he’s literally dying

No. 1940198

God, I can already imagine how annoying it must have been for her friends trying to have a good time out only for Jared trying to weasel his way in between them

No. 1940230

His teeth look so bad

No. 1940487

>happy birthday!
>picture is mainly him, bday girl is barely squeezed into the shot
lmao i hate men so much, they are so obvious with their narcissistic male ego.

No. 1940513

the hell is wrong with this girl? imagine spending your birthday with a gang of pathetic nerdy moids

No. 1940697

This is so funny bc I distinctly remember him never making a birthday post for Holly when they were together. But he's got no problem making this post lol

No. 1940701

Even worse was that Holly would make birthday tweets and shout outs about him yet Jared was more focused on commenting on everything Heidi australian doppelganger tweeted.

No. 1940814

File: 1702188068777.png (19.04 KB, 588x194, 2023-12-10_00h58_34.png)

>She recently had to give up her remaining cat because she couldn't afford to take care of him anymore.
Turns out it has more to do with not her not being allowed pets in her apartment. And in the PNW it's probably really hard to find another place of similar affordability.
Thankfully she's close enough to her parents that she can still make visits.

No. 1940826

She was living with two cats and that was apparently allowed at her apartment. Did she have to move to another place that didn't allow cats? If so that means she's been forced to move twice since she left Jared, and it's been a downgrade for her each time. I'm sure Prodick is laughing his ass off at that.

No. 1940827

Haven't seen any mention of her having to move since she got Bean, but while I follow her I don't pay intense attention to every post she makes. Might've been that she got caught keeping him against tenant rules or the landlord forced some changes, too.

No. 1940831

File: 1702192379824.png (134.88 KB, 1080x690, oldapt.png)


NTA but using phrases like "where I'm at right now" and "my old apartment" seems to point to her having to move to another place. If she did, she probably chose not to announce it.

No. 1941073

At that point just move back in with the parents and save money. 35 years old and still struggling each month to pay rent with nothing to show for it when she could own property and have a mortgage instead. Are Jared’s fans also preventing her from getting a day job at McDonald’s or Walmart?

No. 1941087

Who tf owns property at age 35 in the PNW without a granddaddy's massive inheritance?

No. 1941137


Heidi said at one point that she won't work a regular job. Something about how she refuses to work at a place where she would have to be nice to customers. If she wants to earn an income from her shop, more power to her, but she's going to have to swallow her pride and work a normal job along with that if she doesn't want to move back in with her parents.

No. 1941250

>Heidi said at one point that she won't work a regular job

I thought that was Holly and not Heidi.

No. 1941264

File: 1702263986923.png (115.11 KB, 1080x633, working_nice.png)


Holly probably said it too, but I remember a few people bringing up that Heidi told someone she would rather starve than have her pay depend on being nice to people.

No. 1941317

that is a weird way to interpret a flip hyperbolic comment

No. 1941319

From almost 11 years ago no less.

No. 1941384


Ntayrt, Heidi has to keep downgrading her living area, has complained multiple times on Twitter about not being able to afford anything beyond the absolute essentials to scrape by, and insists on her shop being her sole source of income. It might have been a hyperbolic statement at the time, but even now she clearly refuses to work a regular job even though she's barely making ends meet with her online shop.

No. 1941571

Also who believes that you can own property in the area while working a McDonald's or walmart job. That anon is delusional.

Almost impressed anon either had that screencap stashed or went on the hunt for a decade old comment.

Is there proof she still feels this way and doesn't have a day job now though? If she's still holding out on the shop as her sole support it's obviously irresponsible, but a comment she made that long ago doesn't really reflect her feelings now. New receipts would be nice. Most people aren't exactly the same from 20 to 30.

No. 1941731


I know Heidi posted on Twitter a few times over this past year that she's been exclusively working on her shop but she's still struggling financially. At least one time she made a tweet like that and deleted the it later, so it's hard to get screenshots now because I don't know how many of those tweets are still available to screenshot.

No. 1944407

Have you guys heard the absolute class act that jirard did by throwing projared and jontron under the bus in a desperate attempt to save his own ass? Lol

No. 1944416

In what way?

No. 1944445

File: 1702857206098.jpeg (45.72 KB, 828x209, IMG_4234.jpeg)

Yep. Kek. Funny that when the whole drama with Jared happened, Jirard immediately backed off and then I guess eventually they mended their friendship. Jared was totally riding his coattails when it came to conventions and panels according to some ig posts, so it must suck for him to see his friend throw him under the bus, lmao.

No. 1944468


What is the context for this? Where did this image come from?

No. 1944499

It came from KF, there’s been a leaked audio from Jirard of him where he basically throws Jared and Jontron under the bus. He values his internet image so much that he knew associating with them would be bad for his own publicity. But then you have people like Jared who defended him even without looking at the evidence kek. I bet he feels like a horse’s ass.

No. 1944514

Can anyone post the audio or link it?

No. 1944520

Did end up finding it myself it's been posted several times on YouTube.

But holy shit this is ridiculous. Not only was he willing to offer them 'hush money' he's basically saying "I have a bad track record because of shitty things other people did that I just happen to be there."

No. 1944629

you're a retard for not posting it here as it pertains to the topic. did you forget you're on an image board where they post images AND videos of shit as PROOF?

No. 1944644

Sorry about the vtuber it's all I could find

No. 1944756

Here's a better link and the one in the original kiwi post I went looking for. Not trying to start an infight but it should have been posted with the screenshot or the screenshot should have included a better explanation. The pulling threads thing isn't about Jared and was confusing to include. Also for anyone interested the .st url is live
2:13 is when he directly talks Jared but this link is time stamped to when the full audio starts. Basically he felt that he was attached to some bad looks already and listed Jared as one of them and didn't go into detail implying the bad look was self-explanatory kek. The context is that he was desperately begging muta and karl to not release their videos cause a charity scam would look terrible as he's trying to transition out of youtube and this on top of everything would be worse. Wonder how Jared feels instantly defending a dude who considers him to be a stain on his career almost equivalent to being caught for charity fraud kek

No. 1944853

He literally looks like he's in pain. kek

I agree. it sounds like she's struggling and if she has the luxury to have a good relationship with her parents, she should ask to move back in.

Wow, and now look at him involved in embezzling money for 10 years.
Glad Karl and Muta called him out. he's trash

No. 1944934

File: 1702963975163.png (19.21 KB, 593x189, Screenshot 2023-12-18 113853.p…)

Just checked in on this drama after a few years.
Good to know that ProSimps are still trying to rewrite history

No. 1944972

File: 1702970737368.jpg (860.84 KB, 1242x1732, prosimps.jpg)

The prosimps are even in the youtube comments of Heidi's most recent video

No. 1944988

But of course it's Jared who keeps getting mean comments to this day!

No. 1944990

tbh, she should get someone to manage her YT comment section & delete these hate comments just to piss off these desperate bottom-feeders.

No. 1944994

Considering she doesnt have enough money to support a cat, i doubt she has enough for a comment moderator.

Re:jirard, gotta love what a weasel he turned out to be, heidi did mention that when the jared thing blew up he came running for her support but as soon as the wind turned, he was back being best pal with jared.

Amazing that in all of this game grumps still goes, i wouldnt say strong cus their view count is pretty sad for a 5 mil channel, but at least constant. If anythin i would have guessed the israel situation could be bad for them considering danny, but not even a world crisis could damage them lol. Gotta admire the "pretend nothings going on" ethos!

No. 1944998


>>heidi did mention that when the jared thing blew up he came running for her support but as soon as the wind turned, he was back being best pal with jared.

I remember that! He was all "You can tell me anything!" to flat out ghosting her the moment Jared's video dropped.
From then on, I knew just how self-serving Jirard is!

No. 1945073

File: 1702999002586.jpeg (241.82 KB, 828x1296, IMG_4241.jpeg)

Apparently this was Jirard’s response when the drama originally went down. I guess he didn’t care about younger fans once Jared put out his non-exonerating “apology” video and he ran back to be friends with the sex pest. Still didn’t stop him from using the scandal to throw Jared under the bus kek.

No. 1945115

Im screaming, the way he used donating to a charity to get brownie points out of a shitty situation like a friend being accused of grooming!!! I wonder if he actually did post receipts lol

No. 1945136

I still see this narrative floating around everywhere… I actually have a (tinfoil) suspicion that Jared paid some company to save his online image during the initial time period after the scandal broke, because the way the narrative was so overtly "Jared proved himself innocent" and then it suddenly stopped after a set period of time reminded me of the paid Johnny Depp bots. Unfortunately, getting your version of the story out first is very effective at changing the mass's opinions.

No. 1945176

I have doubts about your theory, mainly because while Jared definitely would pay off people to help get his image cleaned, I doubt he has the money for it plus he has lost a lot of connections and people don't wanna work with him.

I think why the narrative leaned towards Jared was because of a lot of factors. Jared and Holly were backing eachother's stories up while Heidi was sort of on her own. Heidi did have friends on her side, but since they weren't heavily involved in the drama people ignored them. Both Jared and Holly used the "canceled culture" discourse to gain support that happened to attract vocal and aggressive fans who went out of their way saying Heidi was lying. There's a ton more but the biggest factor is that when this all happened the James Charles drama came out the same time. I think it took a lot of attention off Jared so he was able to get out of it with a slap on the hand when his apology video came out. He also played the long game so by the time no one cared anymore/was interested in covering him he apologized and that was it.

No. 1945184

I wonder if shipping could have unironically affected some of it as well. I could definitely see some younger fans going "zomg irl striath!!" and supporting them for that reason alone.

No. 1945209

Absolutely! It's sadly not an uncommon thing amoung fandoms where certain fans become overly consumed by their favorite paring that they desperately want the actors to start dating. Considering they were the biggest pairing with their most die hard fans, that definitely would have helped them grow their personal army.

Two quick things I might need help clarifying: Didn't one of them commissioned artists to draw NSFW of their characters? Also wasn't Jared originally going after a different girl on the pod before settling with Holly?

No. 1945241

>>vocal and aggressive fans who went out of their way saying Heidi was lying.

That part - Considering there were not one, but two factions of parasocially-charged fanbases hounding anyone who dared to speak ill of their 'heroes'.

Heidi was pretty much screwed from the start of the whole debacle.

No. 1945256

wonder if he actually donated this kek. also the trevor project is a gay kid's thing? did he just google youth charities then list the top results?
I think another massive thing that fucked holly was the moment people heard about the open relationship. from that point on I heard a lot of people say she should have expected something to happen with people mostly forgetting the tumblr. Probably cause james had a similar and worse situation happening at the time as you said

No. 1945263

File: 1703030626286.jpeg (180.38 KB, 828x1155, IMG_4243.jpeg)

Looks like Jared doesn’t pay his Twitch and Discord mods kek. Not surprising.

No. 1945317

play stupid games (1 be a mod 2 for a discord channel 3 that's DEDICATED TO PROJARED) win stupid prizes (aggretsuko gifs from a man pushing 40 wearing knockoff rick owens pieces dropshipped from amazon)

No. 1945441

I definitely remember reading in these threads that he initially hit on Anna’s character but that she shut that down, so he settled for Holly’s trash goblin instead. I never actually followed the series, though, so take that with a grain of salt.
I also don’t remember if they personally commissioned NSFW Striath art but they did praise it when fans posted it.

No. 1945467


There was also that "truth blog" Tumblr account that went to obsessive lengths to tear down every one of Heidi's claims and call her a liar who only married Jared for money and popularity, saying that she made it an open relationship so she could fuck anyone she wanted while telling Jared he wasn't allowed to do the same. And that Ingram guy on Twitter who linked that Tumblr to everyone even mentioning the drama. Between the two of them they turned around the discourse around the drama to "Heidi lied about everything, she's the real abuser."


Most streamers don't pay their mods, though. Unless you're talking about a Ninja level streamer where modding the community is basically a job in and of itself, most basic streamer mods are the equivalent of asking your neighbor to watch your kids for an hour or so.

No. 1945583


>>There was also that "truth blog" Tumblr account that went to obsessive lengths to tear down every one of Heidi's claims and call her a liar who only married Jared for money and popularity

Like I said, Heidi was screwed from the start.

No. 1945609

Thanks for the clarification! I had always heard that Jared was trying to get a romance going with his character and other member's character of the pod before going to Holly. With the NSFW Striath stuff, I could be confusing a post from the old r/Projared that artists came forward about how Jared would go out of his was to send DMs praising their Striath work and gave them more drawing ideas. I thought I'd seen an artist mention that Jared tried to commission them but sadly the reddit page has been nuked and I don't have an saved screenshot.

It wouldn't surprise me if Jared and Holly used their fictional ship to get their fans comfortable with them dating irl. Like there's not doubt they used Striath to openly flirt with eachother without people reading into it but with how they went out to praises artists and in Jared's case post NSFW fanart on his blog (not to mention how their characters were just self-inserts) I'm amazed fans didn't question it.

No. 1946305

File: 1703270078980.jpeg (Spoiler Image,178.58 KB, 828x1178, IMG_4250.jpeg)

Here’s a lewd that I hadn’t seen before kek. He’s trying to look sexy but he really just looks like a drowned rat.

No. 1946537

File: 1703320593884.jpeg (195.69 KB, 828x1467, IMG_4256.jpeg)

Also fucking ew.

No. 1947061

File: 1703479119651.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x1666, IMG_0732.jpeg)

I can smell his stinkyness

No. 1947062

File: 1703479209875.png (3.33 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_0734.png)

It’s odd he would post about this twice. Does he want his female followers to imagine spending Christmas Eve with him?

No. 1947087

he's an adult youtuber in his own house, he can wear "jammies" whenever he wants…
and so can any woman he can legally fuck kek. christmas eve isn't special, especially on a sunday

No. 1947104

File: 1703499276689.jpeg (236.54 KB, 828x1467, IMG_4263.jpeg)

He posted this as well. Seems like he’s trying to lure in younger women again, ugh.

No. 1947148

NTA but what about this is specifically trying to lure in younger women? Looks like his usual dumbshit ads for his Twitch for any of his followers.

No. 1947181

File: 1703521903776.jpeg (166.83 KB, 828x1070, IMG_4260.jpeg)

It’s not the Twitch promo specifically but the three posts dedicated to wearing “jammies” and being “cozy.” It just gives off that vibe to me. Doesn’t help that he posted this in his stories before all that, implying that he’s been trying to flirt with ladies a lot younger than him.

No. 1947183

File: 1703522069010.jpeg (266.37 KB, 828x1303, IMG_4264.jpeg)

This picture especially makes it seem like he wants his female followers to imagine spending Christmas Eve with him. Gross.

No. 1947196


Jared's a horny manchild, though. He'd fuck your grandma if she gave him flirty eyes. This doesn't come across to me as him luring in young women in particular, this has more of a vibe to me of his usual "I'm single, look how good my single life is, maybe I'll be better with a lady chilling in here though, amiright?" Basically looking for any woman to give him the time of day, regardless of age.

No. 1947255

Not to WK Pedo but this sounds more like a fantasy of yours than what he’s actually advertising, since it’s literally just a picture of his living room. No sane woman who took her meds today is pining to watch Die Hard in the shitty apartment of a middle-aged pervert.

No. 1947263

That's been an ongoing problem in this thread. Nearly every time Jared posts on Insta someone will start flipping their shit over here with "Ew gross, he's trying to hit on young women in this pic!" even when nothing about the pic would indicate that. Jared's a perv but some anons try way too hard to connect the dots when the dots aren't even there.

No. 1947293

The "back off, grandpa" meme does really give the impression he's trying to flirt with women way out of his age range, though. Going for younger, vulnerable women is also his MO so it's not a huge stretch to imagine that's what he's still doing.

No. 1947313


One stupid meme = Hitting on younger women?

When Jared actually does something milky again I'll be here to watch, but lately this thread is full of anons using up the world's supply of tinfoil reading way too far into his dumb memes or just completely making shit up and saying "that's the vibe I get" and acting like that counts as proof. The fact that they're repeatedly posting their made up theories unsaged shows how hard they're trying to make milk out of tinfoil.

No. 1947320

File: 1703560755742.jpeg (410.35 KB, 828x1261, IMG_4266.jpeg)

So did he buy these for himself or did someone buy them for him?

No. 1947400

You are aware even sex pests have families that love them, right? Honestly majority of this look like typical symbolic gifts.
>Socks, the typical gift to adult male children from parents
>"Hey I know you know you like retro video games so I got you this puzzle I guess"
>"Haha I found this children's book and I thought of you, merry christmas!"

No. 1947406

obviously this degenerate likes raisins

No. 1947449

I just binged the entire saga of this man. I'm curious, did he act like this before ever? Is he making up for lost time while he was with holly? Its like the second they separated he began posting the most cringe inducing shit I wouldn't be caught dead with

No. 1947546

The lack of wrapping paper and them being so neatly arranged does suggest he just bought these for himself for the photo.

No. 1947547

I think either nonna is retarded or this is Jared desperately posting/advertising his own content here knowing this is a female imageboard

No. 1947575

Or it suggests he threw out the trash after he opened them like everyone does and then arranged them neatly for a photo he wanted to look nice since the intention was to post it to social media. I’m with the other anon, as gross and pathetic as Jared is I don’t get this narrative

No. 1947625

He’s always been cringy but the cringe factor massively amped up somewhere during the time he was still with Holly. And then even more so after he ditched her. I’m guessing that after he was outed as a sex pest and had to shut down the nudes blog he’s desperate to get his narc energy from anywhere he can.

No. 1947631

I'd say he wasn't this open about it. Like yes, he did had his nsfw blog, but he never talked about it or confirmed he was running it in videos or on Twitter. His videos used to not as many sex jokes in them and he didn't always post about how he ""might"" start an OF account. It's been mentioned from friends of Heidi and other women in the DnD/Magic circle that they've had incidents of having to set boundaries with him, and while we can only take it with a grain of salt I do think Jared masked who he really was until it all blew out.

No. 1947689

File: 1703651570563.png (413.54 KB, 1080x1791, 1000004305.png)

does anyone know what Holly posted and deleted? My curiosity is killing me

No. 1947918

File: 1703718145908.jpeg (Spoiler Image,332.28 KB, 828x1279, IMG_4269.jpeg)

No o