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File: 1493861704692.png (1.57 MB, 1700x946, so kawaii.png)

No. 303929

Old one no longer bumping
>previously a punk kid who became a pansexual buddhist lolita lifestyler
>quit because of bullies and LACE drama (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxz0QVfggik)
>history of self harm, ED and severe anxiety
>has a legitimate shopping problem which she justifies by making an ungodly amount of haul videos
>broke up with 2-year boyfriend to date their best friend (and her other best friend's ex) whom she 'loved all along' and 'makes her believe in love at first sight'
>can't participate in jfashion communities because 'muh rules & restrictions'
>creates her OWN japanese street fashion called Party Kei
>Went to Japan to prove to herself she wanted to study fashion design
>was basically a two week shopping spree
>home again and struggling to keep up with making videos
>quitting her jobs to follow ~dream~ of being a fashion designer in Japan


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
tumblr http://pixielocks.tumblr.com/
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca

No. 303930

File: 1493861797458.png (202.96 KB, 750x988, IMG_1124.PNG)

Shopping once again

No. 303932

File: 1493861911807.png (64.33 KB, 750x658, IMG_1125.PNG)

On her recent outfit pic

No. 303963

Colins a lost cause isnt he

No. 303978

already nine threads in two years damn

No. 304018

Does she have any hobbies? It seems all she does in her free time is shop or sleep. I know she cosplays but she never seems to be working on them

No. 304019

She's a shopaholic
Cosplay and fashion design doesn't give her enough thrill

No. 304032

whoever has made these last two threads you're numbering them wrong. we're past the fifth thread. i think you're confused by the titles of the "japan trip edit" threads

sage for nitpicking

No. 304076

File: 1493872660504.png (161.55 KB, 750x1056, 1493838691578.png)

repost because it was at the end of the thread

No. 304078

Lol I was thinking the same thing. I bet its because we brought it up here though if none of her fans mentioned it

No. 304110


No. 304123

I can imagine Jill holding a dry, sharpened tendie to Colin's throat and forcing him to write this.
Unfortunately though, he really is as much of a willing idiot butler to Jill as we all believed deep down, but it's still funny to think about. Colin is essentially Jill's backup Louise.

No. 304168

damn her face looks so bloated. she really needs to fix her diet.

No. 304180

Tinfoiling, but what if Jill actually wrote this? Sounds like how she would talk.

No. 304276

Colin just has no sense of identity. I have nothing against nonbinary/agender folk but.. in his case it seems he just doesn't know what he wants out of life. He clearly wasn't interested in Jill for years, hence why she had to fake being in love with Tristan. He dated at least one other girl during that time (before coming out as nb) and then out of nowhere he suddenly starts worshiping the ground jill walks on. Subsequently he's adopted all her quirks and interests. I wouldn't be surprised if he now speaks like her on a daily basis.

I don't think he has much personality of his own due to struggling with social anxiety during his high school years (gender/sexuality issues) and Jill probably picked up on that. So they likely relate over being ~outsiders~ in their own community and share anxieties of being ~queer~ on their small island.

No. 304349


>dry,sharpened tendie

Holy fuck my sides

If you're the same anon making consistent chicken tendie jokes in jils thread I just want to say thank you

No. 304414

File: 1493910955464.png (31.67 KB, 750x238, IMG_1119.PNG)

No. 304419


>TFW your only contribution to the world as a person is liking a mediocre magical girl anime

No. 304423

File: 1493911494408.png (82.78 KB, 750x698, IMG_1130.PNG)

>no time to reply to comments on YouTube sorry fans
>has time to make fun of commenters on her Facebook

No. 304427

yeah, because Jill totally has the right to judge other people's way of writing with her constant tumblr 'teheh I'm a smol anxious bean pls execute me :^)' talk.
'only kawai god can judge you' sounds like something her typical retard fans would say too, the only reason she picked it out is because it was a negative comment lol
real mature of her to put it on display like this

No. 304428

Seems like that commenter hit a nerve eh jill?

No. 304430

No. 304435

She has so many nerves to strike though, she may as well be a giant clitoris since her head looks like a blob of flesh in the first place. I think her followers are starting to notice they have to walk on eggshells around her (unless you're moderately popular then she'll try to sugarcoat it, like with lor).

no one cares about her bedroom, where are the japan vlogs we all came for?

No. 304439

File: 1493913390892.jpg (22.9 KB, 444x104, 23.jpg)

No. 304440

does anyone know what all her other Japan videos were supposed to be about? iirc one was going to be a Shibuya 109 haul, what about the rest?

also lol I guess all the flack she got for supporting Jeffrey Star was getting to her

No. 304441

Whatever the roller-coaster thing is supposed to be, it's admittedly cute.

That sweater makes it look like she has love handles.

>Dolli Doll
>Alex Alex
Are these the same people? Either or, they do have very good points.

No. 304442

File: 1493913514443.jpg (69.74 KB, 651x178, 24.jpg)

wonder if she'll delete these or just get defensive again

No. 304444

File: 1493913659470.png (120.85 KB, 750x1071, IMG_1132.PNG)

Jill only ever replies to negative comments (unless another YouTube comments on her videos)
Ex. This was on her trip planning video from a few months ago, she's hardly replied to comments on her newer videos but had to respond to this one

No. 304447

>The awkward closeups
Holy shit just fucking edit in the watches and shit instead of zooming in and out like a retard. Sometimes the camera is just zoomed on the background for more than 10 seconds while she speaks. It keeps filming just her hairline or forehead. She's so fucking lazy.

No. 304448


No. 304450

Man it's pretty telling that she only ever bothers replying to negative comments.
I can understand not having time to reply to every comment, but a genuine 'thanks' here and there wouldn't hurt her.

No. 304451

Tbh this outfit is really cute. The purse is the only statement piece, so its not too chaotic like some of her older stuff.She should dress a bit more simple like this more often, because her style is very colorful so it stands out out enough already. Idk man maybe i just have bad taste but…

No. 304453

Nah you're right anon that's her cutest outfit in the last year at least

No. 304454

Yeah, if you take it only from the neck down it's alright.

No. 304472

File: 1493915593761.png (128.71 KB, 750x908, IMG_1134.PNG)

No. 304473

>freakin freakin freakin freakin freakin freakin freakin freakin freakin

No. 304474

File: 1493915716868.png (782.43 KB, 639x744, xD4hVZ1.png)

>complains about this cat being annoying and how much she hates it
>anons call her out
>posts pic related and https://www.instagram.com/p/BTpCTXVBScK/?taken-by=pixieespam

hi jill! how much lower will you stoop to prove anons wrong?

No. 304475

Jill would make a great teen movie antagonists

No. 304478

also samefag, but remember when jill was talking about how excited she is to get a new cat in one of her vids, and then stopped giving a fuck right after they got it?

im quite sure she only cares for her other cats because theyre fluffy, fit her color aesthetics, and lay around posing for photos

No. 304479

wtf one of the comments:
>I literally have some pictures of u all over my wall cause ur such a huge fashion inspiration to me since I'm becoming a fashion designer too

At least it's not as bad as when someone got a tattoo of her face but somehow printing out random pictures is equally creepy to me.

No. 304481

if she changed her sweater it would be ok i actually like that bag too

No. 304489

File: 1493916876365.png (2.24 MB, 1334x750, IMG_1135.PNG)

Those roots though. I wonder if she's trying to grow her hair out

No. 304490

I would feel so bad if I were her, to instill such delusion.

No. 304501

no, shes just lazy and always lets her hair get to this point.

No. 304503

File: 1493917494106.png (59.89 KB, 750x517, IMG_1136.PNG)

No. 304513

funny how she just tried to get dupes for jeffree star products she uses frequently, so she can keep using them and when people ask go all ~oh no they're from colourpop~

No. 304514

A lot of people do this, am I missing something? I'd hate to throw away my products on something that already purchased. As long as she doesn't advertise or use it again, there's nothing wrong.

I thought it was stupid for people to boycott LC by damaging and flushing their products down the drain.

No. 304516

Anyone else hate her outro? The "see you in the next video which is not this one", it makes my eyes vomit every time she says it

No. 304517

LC products actually contain poison though

No. 304523

>nice toilet

No. 304541

Oh god those color swatches. I would feel bad for Colin because he has to live in a pastel hell but he's such a fucking pushover he deserves it.

No. 304556


i think she takes hoarding as a compliment since having a lot of magical girl crap seems to be her only purpose in life

No. 304560

realest comment in the thread

No. 304564

yeah she says it here >>304414 not sure if she meant it as a self deprecating joke, I doubt she's that self aware

No. 304573

File: 1493924032428.png (101.12 KB, 750x874, IMG_1137.PNG)

lol I doubt these are because she cares about anything more then branding and packaging

No. 304578

>Very very anti-KVD

For literally what reason? She only just came around for Jeffree but puts her foot down on KVD who is significantly more tame?

She doesn't realize Estee owns half the brands you can find at Sephora. Too Faced is Estee. What is research?

No. 304580

Wait. Someone got a tattoo of her? Why don't I remember this.

No. 304581

It didn't look a thing like her

No. 304591


If she's buying Jeffree's makeup for the packaging, she's a dumbass. That shit looks like cheap Barbie play makeup for children.

No. 304595

File: 1493926403689.jpg (134.82 KB, 720x1280, 1435627850800.jpg)

No. 304619

why are the claiming this is jill? it looks nothing like her

No. 304637

File: 1493929391671.png (138.32 KB, 750x1070, IMG_1139.PNG)

Why does she keep wearing her bangs like that is looks awful

No. 304645

Because she's probably filthy and hasn't figured out you can wash your bangs in the sink without washing the rest of your hair? She probably doesn't shower for days on end considering how greasy she was in her Japan vids. She's honestly probably too lazy to even wash just her bangs on the reg even if she knew about that

No. 304657

i mean they got the lil gremlin nose right

No. 304677

File: 1493933434434.png (894.38 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20170504-222959.png)


No. 304678

File: 1493933642481.png (1.36 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20170504-223252.png)

No. 304681

she looks like she's in her 40s and going through a midlife crisis…

No. 304690

File: 1493934378549.png (43.59 KB, 275x232, 1457485366168.png)

ffffuck so many awful colors I'm so triggered. I severely regret clicking the thumbnail. Her diet is so bad, it just shows on her face.

No. 304695

File: 1493934996820.png (1.87 MB, 1059x1600, winterhimekaji coord 1.png)

I just really don't get why she chooses to make herself look so awful… Does she honestly think she looks good? Is she trolling? Does she just want to look as clown like and attract as much attention as possible and doesn't give a shit how?

I actually used to think that she looked pretty cute. Like in pic related; she isn't a standard beauty or anything but she looks put together and gives off a friendly vibe.

No. 304696

how do her roots grow so fast what the fuck

No. 304701

I love this picture, I would wear the hell out of this outfit

No. 304712

File: 1493936053793.png (1.56 MB, 1000x1600, glitter and gold.png)

Yeah to be honest it's pretty depressing looking at her old outfits, she went downhill so much.

I really liked her lolita/gyaru/girly cute phase. She had a way nicer body and her outfits flattered her, the style was really fitting for her imo. Plus way better make up and hair…

No. 304718

#oh hey, i have those same boots#
rip that brief moment in time when jill didn't dress like a colorblind cirus animal.

No. 304721

>not researching and seeing that Colourpop had a unique consistency and that's better applied with your finger
>boohooing so bad over a semi broken eyeshadow that can be easily re-set
>focusing so much on the packaging
>not getting Sugar Pill for bright eyeshadows


Those colors are all so stress inducing. Love yourself

No. 304730

She looks way better here, but she never would have managed in gyaru, her make-up's too shit and the second anyone mentioned her horrible eyebrows she would have thrown a tantrum.

No. 304747

Am I missing something or are these bitches delusional? I have been buying KVD for years because I think her makeup is affordable, great quality and she is vegan/cruelty free. What are they going on about?

No. 304748

File: 1493939089058.png (77.37 KB, 750x678, IMG_1142.PNG)

Kek Jill must be reading this thread pretty actively today. 'Must have got thought things were dying down when the last thread wasn't bumping

No. 304755

In Jill's defence, nearly all companies have skeletons in their closet and most people don't have enough fucks to give if the company is shady or tests on animals. However, shut the fuck up about it around the sjw's. They don't HAVE to know.

No. 304757

her fans are either stupid or delusional to not realize Jill doesn't care about the product being ethical or if the owner is racist. She just wants tacky products with cute packaging. She just doesn't want to look bad so she is trying to pretend she actually gives a damn. 100% sure she is still going to buy and use the products and just not talk about it. She should just be honest about it since only the sjws care, I doubt most of her teenage fans do

No. 304758

I second this comment, people are always so quick to boycott this and that company because of something that doesn't line up perfectly with their ~morals~. Every company has shit going on that may not align with the average tumblr user's views, some is just publicized and some isn't. I understand why YouTubers act like they give a shit about controversies though, because they have to or else will lose their SJW fanbase. Not siding with Jill or anything

No. 304770

File: 1493941573306.jpg (74.44 KB, 640x480, IMG_1140.JPG)

No. 304813

File: 1493944896518.jpg (65.97 KB, 414x560, sg.jpg)

I can't find the exact pic it was copied from but this is the same coord I think

No. 304901

jill keeps saying that colorpop is ~super affordable~
but color pop isnt really worth getting in canada when they dont have shipping offers and i ended up paying duties on mine… its better just to buy an ABH shadow single at sephora or something price-wise which has a better formula
sage for makeup ot

No. 304902

File: 1493954446801.jpg (77.94 KB, 1109x644, ss (2017-05-04 at 08.19.42).jp…)

This is super nitpicky but I just noticed it. But holy christ her nail tech is terrible, look at how fuck thick she made those claws. A good nail tech will NOT make them so damn chunky, these look awful

No. 304906

guh that makes me so uncomfortable. sorry that you can never scratch your itches with those thick ass nails

No. 304909

Her teeth are like fucking fluorescent in this photo. They're glowing how is this even possible

No. 304916

LMAO anon I literally just took a screencap of the same shot and was about to post.
Aren't they fucking terrible? Her nails are so triggering. It's like her tech doesn't care that they look like blobby bubbles.

No. 304958

I saw this, too. I doubt it's lighting or even camera setting, but could very well be color correction/gamma correction in a video editor. I don't get how her teeth are that yellow? Does she smoke? How old is she?

No. 304969

I really dont understand either. I realize teeth are naturally not supposed to be 100% pure white but her teeth are just horrendous. I dont think she smokes but it could possibly be from if she drinks tea or coffee on a regular basis. Or if she doesnt take good care of her teeth (ie not brushing everyday) and its the tartar buildup… I wonder if she sees the dentist every 6 months for a cleaning like your supposed to? Im sure they would comment on this amount of discoloration.

No. 304979

if this is how the vesseys decorate their home then i can see where jill gets her shit taste and general blindness from

i think her wearing such bold colors is making them stand out as more yellow than they are. jill does strike me as the type to lay in bed til evening, unshowered with unbrushed teeth, so maybe that could be it.

if it was from tea then her teeth would be dyed some gross neon color from peeps

No. 304999

All that money and she cant whiten her teeth??

No. 305043

File: 1493976931812.png (974.86 KB, 863x548, fuck off.PNG)

Why is this bitch acting like she's suddenly cruelty free?
She literally uses maybelline foundation in all her makeup videos. And she sure hasn't bought any cruelty free brand foundation cause she would of hauled it.

No. 305051

Some people are just unlucky and have horrible yellow teeth no matter how good their dental hygiene is.

But knowing Jill she probably drinks a lot of tea and doesn't take care of her teeth.

No. 305055

Are you guys American by any chance? or from a country with private healthcare?

Her teeth are honestly perfectly normal. Discolouration isn't unhealthy, abnormal or even necessarily a sign of poor dental hygiene, and it's only something private dentists make a fuss about to squeeze money out of you.

Her lipstick shade is doing her absolutely no favours though.

No. 305069

To be honest I have never seen anyone so young with teeth so yellow, but part of it could just be the lighting and the terrible color choices in her makeup and clothes. She does seem to have an awful diet too so it wouldn't be surprising if it had caused some discoloration.

No. 305108


I'm from Canada and her teeth still look disgusting from our standards

It's maybe $200 for a professional whitening from a dentist. Assuming you're not comfortable with crest strips or whitening tooth paste. Fuck, even naturally yellow teeth wouldn't look as nasty as hers if she used, say, baking soda tooth paste.

You know this bitch eats sugar and pop all day and lets it build up into a filmy fuzzy tartar mess for days if she's not going anywhere

No. 305109


Meant to sage my last post too. Should clarify dental care is privitized here, but she lives in canada; hence those are the standards she should be held up to - and her family likely both have insurance and can clearly afford it

No. 305124

Jesus christ that looks like the first time I did acrylics at home

No. 305125

She should try white strips or something - idk how good they are for your teeth but they sure as hell helped mine get whiter

No. 305127

As someone who has had times of appalling dental hygiene and subsequently discoloured teeth I can at least say they aren't luminous like this. I can't imagine she doesn't brush or anything though? To the extent that makes them that yellow.. nah. They look healthy and strong overall though. Honestly think this is the lighting/colour saturation at work

No. 305135

File: 1493993016163.png (667.26 KB, 1695x875, upload_2017.png)

bringing back this gem

No. 305143

y'know I really hate how spoonies and mentalhealth fags are the first to throw other mentally ill people under the bus to make themselves look better. What is a mental illness if not craving attention to the point of physically harming yourself? Cutting for attention is kind of messed up and a big deal? You're not more noble or authentic if you cut and that's not the reason why.

No. 305148

Come on anons, this is funny and all, but a lot of people also acted like this at age 11.

No. 305159

She was 13 and no I did not behave like that in grade 7. I wasn't even a good kid per se, I just had enough common sense to call out snowflakes who bragged about cutting. That excuse has been used for literally anything jill has done at any age. We're born like two years apart and I've known her since 2013 so idgaf.

sage for semi-blog

No. 305161

These are honestly adorable, really cute and girly, and her hair with this natural tone and fluffy bangs is the best for her face.

No. 305162

>>Daily makeup routine 2016

Tbf that was posted in October and I'd bet my money that she has only suddenly gone cruelty free/decided to support ethical lines because people on here were saying for months how she's wrong for continuing to support Jeffrey and, most recently, for buying fast fashion (sweatshop made) stuff in Japan considering she's an aspiring designer. She doesn't actually care about the ethical production and consumption side of fashion & beauty, she just cares about how people view her. And considering she only takes time out of her day to respond to negative/critical comments, she only cares about silencing them not doing what's right.

No. 305171

Shes way too young to see terrible tooth decay. Honestly its a bit hard to judge the health of her teeth without seeing good photos of her gums. Since gingivitis or pre-gingivitis symptoms is very common and a good indicator of how well she takes care of her teeth.

No. 305172

The excuse is used because bringing up things snowflakes did 6 years ago is irrelevant and borderline vendetta posting if you're comparing yourself to her to feel better. You can pick loads of examples of her being a self important edgelord from the past few months tbh.

No. 305174

Well I don't exactly know what kiwifarms is to be honest but they posted a new thread about her yesterday so the first result on google was that pic in the OP. I laughed and re-posted it here is all. It's not like I dug it up for any specific agenda (sage again).

No. 305175

agree, she was a dumb 13 year old, show me someone who wasn't. i'm much more interested in where the fuck her japan vids are tbh

No. 305176

>What is a mental illness if not craving attention to the point of physically harming yourself?
I think you worded that wrong, anon. Don't you mean something like "cutting yourself for attention is itself a sign of mental illness"?

No. 305178

Yeah, that's what I mean, but the way I worded it is fine.
>paraphrased, if cutting yourself for attention isn't a sign of mental illness, what is?

No. 305213

Just because something is common does not make it normal.
Fat people are common but nobody would say being obese is normal.

If your teeth are stained like that, there's a reason or a factor behind it. Teeth are not normally that color.

No. 305222

File: 1494004457796.png (57.79 KB, 750x492, IMG_1147.PNG)

It would probably help if you stopped reading this thread

No. 305239

is her 'selfcare' marshmallow tea/bath bomb bath/children's cartoon therapy not working out anymore?

No. 305244

>idk how good they are for your teeth but they sure as hell helped mine get whiter

Love yourself anon
It isn't cool to have white but unhealthy teeth, so at least research the shit you put on them - unless your goal is to get dentures before you're forty. Americans with their obsession with white teeth, stg

Sage for OT

No. 305246

File: 1494006350319.jpg (42.07 KB, 1024x1024, JILL-USETHISPLZ.jpg)

Honestly some people literally don't understand and nobody has ever told them that you need to apply some fucking pressure when you're brushing your teeth. I got those sticky ass pink chewable tablets from my dentist as a kid a few times just for practice. Basically you chew them, get pink shit stuck to your teeth, then you brush it off. if you still have pink shit on your teeth after brushing, you're not brushing good/vigorously/long enough, and honestly most people who'd never tried one of those things are super surprised to find how hard you're actually supposed to brush your teeth.

Pic related. Jill, start brushing your teeth WELL at least twice a day and then use this afterwards, twice a day. You'll have nicer, whiter teeth, and it won't damage your enamel in the process. Don't give us fodder like this, come on.

No. 305247

I love how equating Murrica to fat people and fast food all the time is fair game, but the minute teeth get brought up there's always a few super butthurt posters kek.
Most non-Americans have dentures or a maw of rotted teeth before 40. Deal with it.

No. 305275

Looks like some random anime chick to me. Nice lineart, though.

I love that hair bow and those bangs!

I wonder if she goes to a Vietnamese nail salon? Those places are always terrible and look messy inside (at least from personal experience).

No. 305276

She goes to the only other snowflake nail place

No. 305277

yeah, she gets her nails done by her ex-boss lol

No. 305281

wait oh my god

do you think that means she's likely getting her tattoo from chelsea's boyfriend? https://www.instagram.com/sickboytattoo/

so far she only gets her hair and nails done by low-tier local snowflakes so that would be gold kek

No. 305287

I wouldn't put it past Jill…
His usual work is so far away from 'magical girl wand', it would be hilarious to see if he was actually the one tattooing her. She really seems to have a talent for picking the most mediocre snowflakes around

No. 305289

>all those bubble acrylics
Horrible. Bad nail stylists almost need their own thread. Can't believe they get paid money…

No. 305295

File: 1494011391128.png (Spoiler Image,744.62 KB, 639x594, q2P5tWk.png)

jill supports this woman because "female empowerment"
meanwhile she's dating someone who posts pic related and tattood rapey looking art

jill sure does like to support some shitty weirdos (AA, jstar, etc etc)

No. 305322

File: 1494013658293.png (740.57 KB, 623x659, qaZanBt.png)

pretty sure she edited her teeth

No. 305324

her mouth triggers me

No. 305326

Put it back in your mouth

No. 305329

File: 1494014272339.png (711.62 KB, 866x550, blue turd.png)

comment made me laugh

No. 305350

>look how fuck thick

I must have the sense of humor of a twelve year old because that made me laugh. Anyway, yeah they look fucking terrible.

No. 305360

File: 1494016468496.png (409.91 KB, 818x348, Screenshot (148).png)

She edits her teeth in most of her thumbnails tho. She seems pretty self-conscious about it

No. 305384

She's acknowledged her teeth before. She said a lot of people commented on them, and then shortly after that, she got them whitened, but they've gone back to their natural yellow since then.

No. 305401

File: 1494019319946.png (67.66 KB, 750x390, IMG_1152.PNG)

Apperently the reason why

No. 305407

Which job did she quit and what kind of mom rejoices at the notion of her failure-to-launch not pulling an income? It's not like she's in school.

No. 305411

She's quitting freak to focus on making her portfolio and applying to colleges

No. 305415

Hah, we'll see how that goes!

No. 305430

Nah, I totally agree with you. I think the outfit is actually really cute compared to Jill's usual shitstorm-kei

No. 305434

cant wait to see her portfolio

No. 305439

Maybe I'm reading into it a bit but if I said something like >>305222 on social media my mum would get really worried about me, but the way louise replied and jills little 'I want to die lol' makes me think louise has gotten used to jillians attention whoring at this point

No. 305508


lmao, not this snowflake dating an edgelord KEK

No. 305572

File: 1494033547209.png (164.92 KB, 750x1057, IMG_1154.PNG)

No. 305573

File: 1494033562963.png (106.33 KB, 749x788, IMG_1153.PNG)

No. 305580

don't worry jilly, no one wants it there, they'll send it back.

No. 305585

Well, your delusions, for starters.

No. 305589

if only, she obvs brought those back with her.

No. 305603

wow you dont even know youre born jill

No. 305687

These look only a step above the monstrosity Margaret Palermo did to Venus' nails. Holy shit, this is hilariously bad.

No. 305690

So I noticed when I looked back and when she first went to this tech how the nails looked.
They looked better than not the best but way better.
I feel this lady knows Jill either won't care how they look unless it's cute or is to lazy or uneducated to go get a new tech.
She must know Jill is willing to throw the money down for her so she half asses them.

No. 305694

File: 1494045630646.png (71.58 KB, 750x384, IMG_1155.PNG)

Apperently her mom is getting a tattoo with her

No. 305696

This is cute as a bonding experience, does Louise pity Jill for not having friends?

No. 305730

I feel like the fact that her mom called Collin her bf says a lot about how much Jillian really cares about the gender identity bullshit.
If Jillian really cared about it, I'm sure she would've made some passive aggressive correction about it because we all know she's not above acting like that to family members on facebook.
It's either that or the mom doesn't give a shit about pronouns lmao.

>inb4 bf= best friend

The way this sentence reads makes it seem like Louise is referring to another person that isn't her imo– and I think we've concluded Jillian's closest friends are Collin and her mom.

No. 305871

>It's either that or the mom doesn't give a shit about pronouns lmao.

well yeah she's a woman from a small town in her 40s, i doubt she really understands people use pronouns besides he/she

No. 305894

She still has a video up on her channel that says boyfriend instead of partner/s.o

Anons pointed it out and Colin must of giving her shit for it since she hasn't publicly called him that since.

No. 305966

File: 1494090718687.png (159.49 KB, 750x1096, IMG_1168.PNG)

Looks like she hasn't even edited all of her japan vlogs? Her process when it comes to making videos boggles my mind

No. 305967

File: 1494090740331.png (32.75 KB, 750x169, IMG_1169.PNG)

No. 305970

They're talking about Jillian on Kiwi Farms now.


No. 305979

No. 306049


god i hated that too! "she can't apply makeup… but she hates jeffree star! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!". its all a huge circlejerk, they are dead fucking liars for pretending that her content is good. all the reddit makeup subs (bgcr, mua, macjdiscussion,) are obsessed with boring natural makeup. like every couple of months you get threads like "do people wear purple lipstick… like outside?!"/"i tried a red lipstick today. going for an alternative punk look :)"/"kathleenlights is the best youtuber! i love watching boring tutorials of the same natural look over and over again!!!". so whenever someone like Jill or Drac Makens gets posted they kiss her ass cause "she wears something other than a natural eye and a nude lipstick? wow. she's so inspring and brave!".

case in point,
>I like her personality and her style is unique. Plus the videos with her SO are super cute!
>she's just messin around w/ makeup and not taking it too seriously and sometimes i need that in my life, ya know?
>i think pixie is super cute and her makeup is always fun

this is just their way of saying "we don't have a tolken kawaii girl so this will do".

they KNOW she's fucking terrible. why they gotta front like that? if someone had posted her when she was still supporting jeffree they would have eaten her alive too.

No. 306157

File: 1494112465186.jpeg (122.35 KB, 552x955, image.jpeg)

I know that Jillian had anorexia and all but Irecovering from a ed doesn't mean "just never manage your weight and diet ever again". It's only been 5 years.

No. 306161

She's talked in her what's in my bag video about keeping a food journal. I think she has tried, but can't put in the effort to educate herself about healthy diet. She's just gone from eating too little to eating too much crap

No. 306162

she looks fine

she's extremely short, so she's always going to look stocky unless she's underweight

No. 306163

agreed, she just needs to tone up a bit and stop eating crap

No. 306170

Shame she fails to actually get into some kind of fitness and dietary routine. She would be moderately more attractive if she was slimmer and dressed in well thought out fashion, in lieu of maintaining the fatty chan weeabo Party Kei facade and pimping cheap party favors as fashion accessories. Jill will be a very weak fashion designer. No concept of cohesive aesthetics. She doesn't even do kitschy well. :-P

No. 306171

Them hips…

No. 306197

File: 1494116861110.jpg (27.66 KB, 250x202, IMG_5715.JPG)

sorry for the shitpost, but Colin kept reminding me of someone and I couldn't figure out who it was for the longest time.. turns out it's young Dahmer.

No. 306201

Colin sounds like a pedophile.

No. 306225

File: 1494119433113.png (52.74 KB, 750x425, IMG_1184.PNG)

No. 306227

she can't use google?

No. 306228

she's probably trying to get the papercakes lady to offer to remove them for free

No. 306233

You go to the damn salon, kiddo

No. 306261

>You go to a damn professional salon, kiddo
There we go.

No. 306309

The weak chin is spot on lol

No. 306334

She looked fine in 2015, now she is just doughy as fuck. Being short really isn't an excuse. If you're short, weightgain might show more easily but that doesn't mean you look chubby at a normal weight.

No. 306363

except it does

a 28 inch waist on someone 5 feet tall looks bigger than a 28 inch waist on someone 5'6

she should probably eat better because her diet is absolute shit, but she's honestly not that big

No. 306374

We all know that she's getting fat, just look at her diet, stocky legs, and full face. It's just another thing that makes her look older than she is.

No. 306401

Funny how only after we say something she cares about over grown nails. Didn't she claim before that her nails grow fast which I do not buy.

No. 306457

if you're short, the average weight will be lower than say, a girl who's 5'9". So 160 pounds would look vastly different on different heights. Again, no excuse except for the doughy legs- they were present when she was anachan, so it's unlikely they'll go away unless she does some hardcore leg workouts.

No. 306478

Except she's nowhere near 160 lbs anon. When she was ana she was well under 100 lbs. I don't know what her height was at 14, but she's only 5'0 feet now. I doubt she's put on more than 25 pounds at most in the last few years of recovery. You can't fault someone for being in the 120~ range which is a normal BMI.

I will nitpick Jillian over pretty much anything because she's overall cringe but I think most anons accuse her of being fat because they lack perspective of her height and body frame due to her awful camera angles.

She could obviously make use of her home gym and fitbit to tone up but most people aren't actually into fitness or care about their lean body mass.

No. 306487

No. 306506

File: 1494165050228.png (30.76 KB, 616x199, 1.PNG)

In what, 2 weeks? All that shit can be done in a few days.

No. 306510


I guess she knows how little she actually did in japan and how stupid it looks now for everybody that she just went shopping all the time and ate sweets all the time lmao

No. 306512

Can't find that comment, she must of deleted it, unless it's from another video.

She replied to another comment saying her magical girl haul from japan is coming within hopefully two months? What is this bitch smoking? She needs to stop lying to herself and her fans about taking youtube seriously.

No. 306516

The part in the pet shop made me cringe so hard

No. 306518

Jill clearly doesnt care for animal rights, shown there clearly.

No. 306529

>Not aware of how awful Japanese pet shops and instead films them because OMG SO CUTE
>Saying she is against animal cruelty
K jill.

No. 306532

I was just going to make a comment about this. I know not everyone follows animal cruelty/rights/etc closely but it still made me disheartened to see the footage in her video. Ive been following Jill for a long time and I dont recall too many times shes mentioned being against animal cruelty or testing?
Although you'd think she'd know about the pet store industry in Japan if she followed Kates thread at all, since we all sperged out about it when she bought the $3000 cat.

No. 306533

>screeching birds
>depressed looking rabbits
>jill exclaims to the rabbit "is your friend ok??" as its obviously not doing well

Fuck that footage made me want to cry. All those poor animals look miserable

No. 306534

Man all of the vlogs are just making Jill look like the most stereotypical ignorant/obnoxious tourist, jfc

No. 306538

okay. I am not a rabbit expert and have barely seen any irl, but glad my initial thought of 'wow those rabbits look sad' was not wrong.

No. 306542

For someone who wants to be a fashion designer I'm shocked* she didn't visit any Japanese fabric stores.

*and by shocked I mean not surprised at all.

No. 306543

I was thinking the same. Also art supply stores, Japan has so many great ones, I don't get how you can be interested in drawing but not check those out at all.

No. 306550

Remember Jill thinks buying expensive brand clothing will magically make her a better fashion designer

No. 306555

File: 1494172448449.png (441.99 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170507-104825.png)


No. 306562

File: 1494172766721.png (68.29 KB, 692x750, IMG_1187.PNG)

Found it.
This is a crazy amount of time to milk her Japan videos. I'm not trying to say she should post them all at once, but it's been months since she went on this trip now. Come on Jill you've gotta move past this

No. 306566

I came here to complain about this bitch in the pet store with her screeching that its depressed array of animals are 'smooshy!' and 'so kawaii!' and I'm glad to see others feel the same way. How ugly of her. She doesn't give a fuck about her own cats and so clearly doesn't care about the ones on display in that cruel shop either.

No. 306570

Did she remove this comment? I can't find it anymore

No. 306576

File: 1494173569332.png (29.41 KB, 809x162, Screenshot (149).png)

Her pre-teen fans are so rude.

No. 306579

"They're a big waste of money."
"I know, but it's the thrill."

No. 306598

She just made her trip sound even more pathetic with this comment. Can't believe she tried to get people to fund this trip when she didn't even go to any places for her "fashion design" plans, only spent the 2 weeks screeching at childrens toys with her mum. Embarrassing.

No. 306599


No. 306613

Yeah seriously, Jill must love that her clones insult critics in the comments, since she never says anything against it. These kids are learning from her example, she only replies to critics herself.
Jill is like the master of encouraging passive aggressive behavior, materialism, and entitlement

No. 306659

File: 1494181862909.png (52.08 KB, 750x402, IMG_1188.PNG)

Kek Jill we know you're the one reading here

No. 306662

File: 1494182161053.jpg (344.31 KB, 1600x2400, IMG_1194.JPG)

It's okay guys she just didn't register it like that
Come on Jill, for someone who loves (your) cats so much you should at least have some sort of idea that those cages aren't good. Japan is known for having awful pet store conditions

No. 306663

So done with her claiming ignorance and innocence for every stupid consumerist decision she makes. Either give a shit and get informed or stop pretending to half-assedly support every ethical movement mentioned in the comments.

No. 306664

isn't it just common sense to assume that those animals wouldn't be doing well?? does Jill ever use her brain?

No. 306665

File: 1494183178208.png (80.78 KB, 750x375, IMG_1195.PNG)

No. 306666

Wow, what a grade A cunt

No. 306667

I knoooooow people say things, I knooooow

No. 306669

File: 1494183504258.png (65.71 KB, 395x331, kek.png)

wow, Jill's confetti club is so sweet and lovely uwu

No. 306671

File: 1494183759851.png (122.46 KB, 507x418, Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 8.02…)

No. 306672

Lol, that should be a new banner.

No. 306673

>>306665 wow Jill we all know she read all the threads about her and she loves the attention

No. 306678

What an idiot. It's kind of sick that she goes into this place and thinks its so cute. Why she even went into a pet store is also ridiculous.

No. 306680

>1 minute ago
>4 seconds ago

Awfully fast for a non-selfpost. Either you're Jill or one of the commenters checking her reply.

No. 306685

smells like a self-post to me, those are 2 separate comments so I don't think it's just a notification check. Unless the times are incorrect/don't update.
either way, hi Jill!

No. 306687

woah never even noticed the reply times on them. Just checking in a lot on her response because I saw she had been active on facebook and figured she was online and decided to check her channel. >>306685
Not Jill, just a very bored farmer sorry

No. 306700

posted in meta

No. 306709

Thank you anon <3

No. 306714

File: 1494188469563.png (26.15 KB, 750x169, IMG_1196.PNG)

No. 306717

someone link them to this thread, they're making excuses for her

No. 306721

File: 1494188882731.png (389.62 KB, 813x568, Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 9.27…)

No. 306736

he looks so done

No. 306737

Jesus Christ

No. 306738

why are they shopping? Why doesn't she go out for coffee or they just craft together or something? Do they have no common ground?

No. 306740

>46 seconds ago
How do you guys cap these things so fast..?

No. 306741

File: 1494190791458.png (105.15 KB, 1802x356, Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 1.59…)

Her dad responded kek

No. 306744

I have her on alert

No. 306746

Jill must be pretty upset about this right

No. 306747

She's probably upset about the thread in general. Most of the comments are about how shitty her hair looks.

No. 306749

Legitimately feel bad for Blair. He's the most normal out of the bunch. University professor. Family provider. Tech nerd in his free time. Giles is probably a fine guy as well.

I have my reservations about Louise. If only they'd all clue into how self-destructive and vapid Jillian truly is.

No. 306768

File: 1494192952693.png (16.37 KB, 766x88, comment.PNG)

Look's like Jill is trying to save face by deleting the pet shop part.

No. 306792

ugh this family is so irritating

No. 306808

These are clearly from the women's section

No. 306815

>just wanted milk

Well. He got it.

No. 306818

I'd be really embarrassed if my partner kept taking pictures like that of me and posted them with those embarrassing pet names attached…

No. 306821

Why? What's the point of covering up her mistakes? Just so she doesn't have to be bothered? Isn't it normal to accept being wrong or at fault? She could explain that she's done actual research and has a more thorough understanding going forward.

So far she's only deleted content and apologized for offending her viewers but never makes informed posts or does anything more to signify that she cares about any cause. Just a literal people-pleaser.

No. 306823

File: 1494196165209.png (14.56 KB, 739x110, 84657.png)

wew lol

No. 306824

File: 1494196168165.jpg (198.9 KB, 800x800, flat,800x800,075,t.jpg)

She's been adding more $70 dress designs to her red bubble
I wonder if this is her plan instead of designing real clothing

No. 306825


>she's only 5'0 feet now

shit, same height as me. the second anon is 100% right, theres no way she's 160. if she was, she would be straight up obese. she's maybe 130 tops.

jill has a chubby face, but for a recovering ana chan i think she's fine.

No. 306829

I missed the pet store milk and I'm mad as hell. does anyone have the og version of the video or is it not even worth watching?

No. 306833

Its really not much, just a couple of animals (birds and rabbits mainly) in plastic cages like most pet stores you didnt miss too much

No. 306834

I meant a couple of clips of* animals in cages

No. 306835

File: 1494196591406.jpg (66.57 KB, 776x465, 5609551.jpg)

the footage wasn't anything too interesting, Jill was in a Japanese pet store where the animals where held in small display cases like pic related.
she was looking at some birds and bunnies and commenting on how cute/sleepy/etc. the animals were, despite them just looking pretty miserable.

No. 306837

She so did. Kek

No. 306838

first anon here, the 160 was just a random number meant to say my point, should've made that clearer lol

No. 306840

File: 1494196997854.png (2.35 MB, 1676x1162, Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 5.40…)

No. 306841

Oh my god. they're honestly both trainwrecks. Louise encourages Jill's infantile behavior.

No. 306842

She probably has common sense, unlike Jill and her snowflake pronouns.

No. 306845

maybe I'm just being sappy but this is actually pretty sweet. Jill's family seems nice enough, it's kinda sad that she seems so bratty/takes it for granted…

No. 306847

I'm glad people on her channel and other farmers here see that the Japanese pet store is a horrible sign of animal abuse. Jill is honestly a piece of shit for acting like 'omg kawaii. omg aesthetics!' and not giving a crap about the animal's welfare.. fuck.

No. 306848

People like Jill and Colin are the reason I'm happy I have no kids. jfc they're both so pathetic. Colin is a HE, Jill. Stop with the 'they' bullshit.

No. 306849

Colin's jaw is weak like his dignity. Does he even own a pair of balls?

No. 306850

This would be cute on a 10 year old.

No. 306851

Because that's what new gen snowflakes do. Instead of accepting that they (like everyone else) made a mistake, they want to erase it and pretend to be super awesome perfect desu!! It's more offensive imo that Jill would rather pretend the animal abuse doesn't exist rather than acknowledging it and trying to spread awareness to her 'fanbase.'

She makes zero sense. Can't believe she isn't 15 years old with how dumb she acts outside her tiny pink bubble.

No. 306853

Honestly, this trainwreck of a family could be made into a tv/reality show. they're all so fucking delusional.

No. 306872

File: 1494200486064.png (55.88 KB, 750x391, IMG_1202.PNG)

Anyone wanna hang with Jill?

No. 306877

What is her picnic fetish?

No. 306882

What? Is party-kei J-fashion now? I very much doubt anyone into fairy-kei, lolita or any other real j-fashion will want to hang out with her (unless they want to sponge off her e-fame that is)

No. 306886

Sage for desperation and irrelevance but who is that cute dude with long hair???

No. 306888

Do you mean her brother on the right? I think his name is Giles

No. 306889

-Photo of a family
-There's Jill and her parents.
-Who could that guy possibly be?

r u retarded

No. 306893

I guess that explains why she suddenly wants to move to fredricton for school. It's the same city where she was invited as guest and won the costume contest at the local con. She's going to try to mooch off her connections to the local comm it seems.

No. 306962

File: 1494207219584.jpg (89.84 KB, 720x960, fun dates.jpg)

shopping or video editing/cartoon watching pick your poison

No. 306964

That's a nice cat

No. 306981

Is that Colin before she snowflaked him up?

No. 306987

looks like it yeah

No. 307029

Geez you don't have to get salty and have your panties in a bunch because of it. Damn

No. 307062

stop samefagging

No. 307068

thats jill

No. 307120

I just want to steal all their cats tbh.

No. 307205

Sage goes in the email field.

No. 307226

When a cringey ugly mess like Jill has a hot boyfriend and you're single jfc

No. 307227

File: 1494243579653.png (22.56 KB, 750x152, IMG_7633.PNG)

No. 307233

>hot boyfriend

Are your eyes and asshole reversed?

No. 307254

He's not a boyfriend he's a servant for hire

No. 307260

minus the pay

No. 307264

File: 1494252191403.jpg (17.46 KB, 358x203, Capture.JPG)

No. 307265

File: 1494252286993.jpg (22.75 KB, 470x120, Capture.JPG)

It's just silly neckbeards u guiz

No. 307266

lol just imagine if Jill's mom was the only person that showed up to her stupid picnic

No. 307267

>baby girl

Jill sounds like a neckbeard

No. 307276

File: 1494255030773.jpg (5.13 KB, 243x207, 2017-05-08-08-50-03-1404257205…)

Did she call her mom babygirl?


No. 307280

anon, they said cute.

No. 307281

samefag + can't screenshot atm but kek at this comment from Jill's dad on that post, i'm glad he's self-aware https://www.reddit.com/r/madlads/comments/69qdwy/top_shelf_banter/dha0mmf/?context=3

No. 307283

File: 1494256455063.png (62.07 KB, 741x479, IMG_1216.PNG)

No. 307292

File: 1494257313903.png (175.64 KB, 750x1016, IMG_1217.PNG)

No. 307294

Haha ngl that's kind of cute

No. 307300

those glasses really don't work in her favor..

No. 307311

fucking hilarious

I'm in the same boat as the other anon (can't screencap) but this comment is great

No. 307312

Senior employee Jill, worked there 35 years

No. 307316

File: 1494260523013.png (16.01 KB, 782x184, 81c40ead11e6d337fb0993be9c2136…)

No. 307317


No. 307322

File: 1494261041700.jpg (600.85 KB, 2000x1624, IMG_1218.JPG)

Changed her profile picture for like the 100th time

No. 307323

h o l y s h i t
When your own dad realizes he ended up raising a snowflake that has to hurt

No. 307324

File: 1494261142867.jpg (452.9 KB, 2400x2400, IMG_1221.JPG)

These nails are disgusting I hope for her own sake she's removed them

No. 307325


No. 307329

She's such a fucking normie… Trys so hard to be different and eccentric that it falls flat and she looks like a giant poser and wannabe.

No. 307332

File: 1494261803613.jpg (146.27 KB, 809x589, ss (2017-05-08 at 09.43.09).jp…)

No. 307333

I thought the first granny glasses were bad but jfc jill STOP THIS.

No. 307334

is it just me or her face looks like it's about to explode
it's so puffy…

No. 307338

god I want her to get it upside down so bad

No. 307341

I'm so glad that person commented about it being upside down. It's going to look so stupid the way she has it now (also notice that careful careful wording on the comments ahah >no hate Jill don't get mad at me for pointing out your stupidity )

No. 307344

>what is sarcasm

No. 307346

im pretty sure the tattoo artist would place it the right way for her anyway but i do want her to get it the wrong way lol also it seems like a bad place to get it like it would look "better" on your upper arm

No. 307349


the wand alone looks pretty blank, I would add some matching cherry blossom flowers around it or so to give it a frame imo.

No. 307366

She'll probably add more bullshit to it as time goes on.

No. 307368

Still don't understand why she's getting a cardcaptor sakura tattoo when she could barely even finish it.

No. 307371

But she's cosplaying ccs at the next con anon!! That'll totally prove otherwise!!

No. 307376

File: 1494266623806.jpg (430.2 KB, 2400x1600, IMG_1224.JPG)

Anyone else bet that Jill is going to break up with poor Colin so she can date her current "best friend"
(Or better yet Colin finally breaks up with her, but she claim she really loved John the entire time)

No. 307382

nah, that rainbow emoji response means she isnt interested

No. 307391

I wonder if she will take the advice from people who know what they are talking about when it comes to tattoos, or go to a tatoo artist decent enough to not give her an upside-down tattoo. Despite Jill being hilarious I would like to think that this embarrassing time in her life is temporary and she will mature one day, rather than that she will be permanently stamped with an unlined upside-down tattoo of a magic wand from a series she has never watched and which to her only references her collection of plastic children's toys.

No. 307397

No shit sherlock, doesn't mean it ain't funny.

No. 307400

Pretty sure john is 100% out the closet though, Colin still needs to do some soul searching which is why he just went along with the shuffle when she decided it was time to trade in Tristan.

Tinfoil theory: Tristan was losing his patience after Jill left the Lolita community and transitioned her entire life into the gay rainbow persona. He wasn't going along with it (he had only just gotten into ouji) and didn't appreciate how classless her new style and personality was. He either broke up with her or she realized she had to get rid of him since he was no longer enabling her.

She then panicked over the breakup and went crying to Colin. Either she was legitimately distraught and took a chance on him out of desperation or she successfully manipulated the situation to make her self look like a victim. Either way it worked because Colin immediately started dating her despite being good friends with Tristan. Makes me think he just took pity on her and to this day is tagging along because she's the only person who will accept his confusion over gender/sexuality.

No. 307406

File: 1494269479094.png (274.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170508-115033.png)

No. 307408

yess get it upside down and dont get an outline so it looks like shit in 6 months, good idea

No. 307409

but her dad is obviously making a joke at his own expense. he's saying he wasn't a good parent, not that jill isn't a good kid

No. 307411

I don't think it went down like this at all. Tristan seems like a really nice, caring dude. I think he realized that Jill was in love with Colin, and he separated himself from them so that not only Jill could be happy, but that he could move on and be happy, too.

I've seen him at cons since they broke up. He seems like a normal, kind dude.

No. 307412


at this point I just want her to get this tattoo the shitty way and see her cry a few months later.

No. 307415

>can u be nice please

God she is such a child. People are just trying to help her do something she won't regret - they aren't being mean. She should take tips from those who have knowledge about tattoos. I hope her artist puts sense into her, but she'd probably up and leave that place if they weren't going to do it just how she wanted.

Tristan seems cool, and his new gf is normal and adorable.

No. 307422

she blocked me on Instagram for telling her that she needs an outline on her tattoo.

No. 307423

Like I said, she is a child.

No. 307424

hahah yess its gonna look so bad

No. 307425

And she just took the pic down

No. 307426

also, my bad if that needed to be saged for personal or whatever.

No. 307427

File: 1494270501173.jpg (114.84 KB, 514x824, ss (2017-05-08 at 12.07.23).jp…)

Hahahhaha omg.

I just went to check her facebook so I could creep on Jonathans profile and I see this.

No. 307428

dat visible rod
lol it doesn't even fit her wrist this way

No. 307429

just capped the comments for you guys. Ofc everyone is sucking her cunt on fb

No. 307430

Kek she deleted the pic of the tattoo

No. 307431

File: 1494270712960.jpg (17.76 KB, 486x103, Capture.JPG)

No. 307432

File: 1494270716568.png (398.09 KB, 540x2018, sss.png)

sorry dropped image in my excitement over this tattoo milk

No. 307433

i don't think she'll actually be able to handle a tattoo, too much ~pain~

No. 307434

Whoops sorry anon friend, didn't see you had capped

No. 307435

Also I would like to point out that this is the wand Sakura uses in season 2. If she still hasnt watched anymore of the series she hasnt even gotten to that part yet…

No. 307436

No problem anon. I laughed at that comment too. "low key dont want it at all"

No. 307438

life is soooo hard

No. 307439

>Friends with Audra Jayne and Angel
She would be wouldn't she…

No. 307440

can you be more dramatic over a tattoo? why is she acting like people are taking this away from her. you really want to die because people tell u ur tat is upside down maybe u should get a tat at all girl

No. 307442

File: 1494271006976.png (193.07 KB, 750x1065, IMG_1234.PNG)

Deleted the photo from insta and out of this cat one instead

No. 307443

File: 1494271027956.png (143.95 KB, 750x1090, IMG_1233.PNG)

No. 307446

Part of me wishes she had gotten it without posting it all over the internet first so she'd be stuck with it and panicking more.

No. 307451

Jill if you fucking want it then it shouldn't matter what anyone else say. Fuck up your body in any way you want but do it with some god damn confidence. If this is really for you and not just a way to appease your weeb aduence then none of this should matter at all. You're still uneducated about tattoos and still overreacting, but if you don't want people to comment on your choices then don't put them out there for people to see

No. 307453

This. She's going to regret doing this. I feel like she's way too neurotic to get a tattoo honestly.

No. 307455

>because in videos
Jill you already know that this tattoo is for the kawaii weeb aesthetic and not for yourself. Your only caring about how other people see it

No. 307457

The real solution is not to get a trendy tattoo of a plastic pink toy you will most definitely regret

No. 307459


Jill is a brat who lives in an echo chamber where everything has to go her way and she needs to be actively praised by her audience just for breathing otherwise she is triggered at the slightest inconvenience.

It's "not nice" if it isn't exactly what she wants to hear or isn't sugarcoated to death. Never mind her boasting about not accepting an apology from someone who might not believe the same as her for sjw points.

I hope she gets the shitty tattoo and regrets it. It's sad all these people who know what they're talking about are just wasting their breath.

No. 307461

her "fans" are almost as delusional as she is.

No. 307463

The fact that she said she wanted to die over a tattoo… This bitch is grown.

No. 307464

Christ almighty, she's so sensitive

No. 307475

Oh my god, this whole tattoo thing just has me in stitches. I really hope she grows some balls and gets it just the way she wants it and then tries to pretend it's all good like she did with the 400$ bunny heel shoes.

No. 307476

the comments on this are such a shit show

No. 307477

my bad, i'm the one causing the shit show. i don't know how to sage on my phone but sage for causing dramu.

No. 307480


spoiled as always, jill. boo fucking hoo

No. 307481

File: 1494273125593.png (28.28 KB, 750x173, IMG_1239.PNG)

Her nail tech commented kek

No. 307482

Nah man, I love it. There are 2 actually reasonable people in the comments and then her deluded followers.

No. 307483


kek at people with shitty tattoos telling her that her shitty tattoo is great.

No. 307485

""i was excited for one thing now i want to die"" geez what an attention whore

No. 307486

File: 1494273199366.jpg (144.17 KB, 800x800, Clowmc.jpg)

Holy shit, Jill reached maximum cunt levels, just fucking guilt tripping her fans with her "wahh this was the one thing in life I was excited for but now you ruined it for me :(".
I really hope her fans will kiss her ass enough so that she'll get that shitty tattoo now.
Does she not realize that most people would have trouble understanding what her tattoo is supposed to be in the first place?? At least turn it the right way so people might have a chance at understanding that it's supposed to be a plastic wand from a kid's cartoon.
If she actually cared about CCS she could get a way more tasteful tattoo like pic related, then she wouldn't have to worry about the way it's turned either.
Oh but please forgive me, I forgot that Queen Jill doesn't want any black in her tattoo that she's getting from a show that she actually never finished watching because there was 'too much filler'…
I really don't think she understands that a tattoo is something permanent. Hope she has fun explaining that fucking thing when she's 80 years old and in some retirement home.

No. 307488


she's acting as if a shitstorm happened. but no, multiple people just told her that she was wrong. and now she's full damage mode. this bitch is crazy.

No. 307490

File: 1494273428156.png (83.59 KB, 750x449, IMG_1241.PNG)

Imagine trying to sell yourself as an artist but destroying everything as soon as anyone says anything about it
Must be so hard to be jill

No. 307491

Sometimes I wonder if Jill's parents are happy with how Jill's life has gone. Like, do they regret letting her start a YT channel now that they've seen the effects? Has it made her more spoiled than she used to be? Do they think about how it negatively affects Jill and the entire family?

No. 307492

i didn't even word my advice aggressively though.

No. 307493


"PEI Parents first to euthanise embarrassment of daughter"

No. 307496

if she just goes to see the tattoo artist they would say all of this too. they're definitely not gonna do it unlined.
jill has just been very sheltered all her life so she can never take criticism or even understand what criticism is because someones always looked after her or done things for her

No. 307497

I guess next time you have to try the sandwich technique. compliment/concrit/compliment lol.

I didnt think it was aggressive either. It wasnt rude at all but honest. I guess honest concrit = aggressive to jill lol

No. 307498

Self post ? Your comments on YouTube become blue when you're the author of the video.
(Had to fix my old comment)

No. 307499

File: 1494273689629.png (95.78 KB, 750x445, IMG_1242.PNG)

So you know people who have them, but just ignore any warning whatsoever about them fading or the color bleeding? Just google watercolor tattoo and it's the first few results Jill

No. 307500

No the uploaders comments always have that blue no matter who is viewing

No. 307501

If it as Jill commenting it would just say "EHENNEEEEHHH UGUUUU"

No. 307502

When she actually goes in for the consultation and gets told all the same stuff Im sure shes going to cry on her social media "Wahhh Im not getting a tattoo after all! My tattoo artist was so mean so I dont want to give them my money!"

No. 307503

Oh okay sorry about that.

No. 307506


"negativity" aka "people correcting me because i'm stupid and i don't know how tattoos work"

No. 307509

I feel horrible for her parents. I'm sure it's largely because they've never been consistently or truly strict with her ever in her life, but Christ. One really minor thing doesn't go 100% exactly as she wanted with 100% ass-kissing everywhere and her reaction is "everything is ruined! I don't even want it anymore! This was ALL I cared about! I want to DIE!"

No. 307511

It's annoying when people say Colin is "hot" or "too good for Jill". He's completely awkward, has a strange face and a nerdy lisp, I feel like they're on the same plane. Why do people constantly defend him?

No. 307514

He seems like lost soul

No. 307515

I personally don't find him attractive at all, but people have different tastes. I don't see him as having his own personality at all - just like a shadow that follows Jill around.

No. 307516

I dont think he's super attractive especially by social norms but I dont think he deserves to be treated the way he does by Jill. She treats him like dirt when all he is is nice to her. (admittedly a push over).

All I can hope for is one day he realizes whats going on and is brave enough to dump her glittery ass

No. 307519

Yeah I honestly just think it's disgusting that a lot of her fans consider their relationship as '#goals' and think they're cute together when Jill is clearly not treating him very well.
I don't think that he's too good for her, but he doesn't deserve to get treated like shit either.

No. 307522


cause she's way too ugly for him. i don't find him attractive either. just the facts.

No. 307523

How exactly does he get treated like shit? Is there any evidence besides his awkward mug in her photos?

No. 307526

Hii JIll, treating him like an object maybe?

No. 307529

agreed. he's a doormat, but he seems to be fine with it. if he's willing to do all of the dumb shit his girlfriend wants then w/e

No. 307531

File: 1494275920661.png (8.8 KB, 349x90, 122.png)

No. 307533

I'm not Jill, I despise both of them. Just wondering if there's evidence beyond speculation.

No. 307534

clear sign of abuse

No. 307536


entertaining your childish girlfriend's interests isn't abuse lmao

No. 307537

how the fuck is letting ur gf dress u up in dumb shit abuse

No. 307538

Yeah I gotta agree with >>307536. He doesn't seem abused, just seems like one of those people who morphs into whoever he's dating or goes along w/ whatever they say.

No. 307539


Does she have any friends besides her glittery bf and her mom?

sage for newfag

No. 307541

go back to tumblr w that shit

No. 307542

Whenever she would post artwork or jfashion coordinates she would always ask for no concrit or "negativity!!"

I remember when she posted a larme coord a few years ago, she forgot to specify and a comm member kindly gave her concrit. She threw a shit fit just the same.

No. 307543

her cats lamao

No. 307544

But she hates them, they deserve better friends

No. 307545

As a recent example: When Jill's mom referred to Colin as her boyfriend she didn't even make an attempt at correcting her, so she clearly doesn't give as much about his pronouns/identity as she'd like other people to believe. In their 'who would be more likely to…' video she straight up said that Colin's usually the one complimenting her etc. whereas she doesn't show much affection towards him. She made him go out of his way to buy stuff for her sticker face video. In her 'giving my partner a makeover' video she was saying how boring/normie his look was, even though the sweater he was wearing was a gift from his sister.
In general he seems to be giving her way more than he gets in return, plus the whole changing his look and posting him on social media when he doesn't really seem to care for it, treating him more like a fashion accessory than a person etc.
I don't think she's abusing him and yeah he clearly seems to be enjoy their relationship, who knows maybe she can just suck dick like a pro. But the way she treats Colin definitely doesn't make her look great imo

No. 307546


You know we don't care about that shit here either, right

No. 307547

yeah. but Jill prides herself in being all SJW and shit and if it's something that Colin is actually struggling with, it just seems weak of her to not even try to respect it

No. 307550

i mean i'm not excusing jill's behavior at all because it seems like she's just using her partner as an accessory, but sometimes people also generally aren't affectionate. my fiancé gives me waaay more attention than i give to him just because i'm not a super affectionate person. jill however doesn't seem to be that way either, she seems selfish.

No. 307552

She's more loving towards tacky plastic crap

No. 307554

Yeah I'm not the most open about showing affection either, and like I said I really don't think that she's abusing him & he could absolutely just dump her ass if he wanted to.
Jill just seems pretty self-centered in every regard of her life, relationships being one of them.

No. 307556

File: 1494277410419.png (797.4 KB, 879x580, Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.0…)

from last chat

No. 307557


No. 307558

I find these examples kind of weak, I mean they aren't exactly nice incidents but you can't base their entire relationship on a few remarks. I wish I wasn't defending them, I just think this is super petty.

No. 307561

File: 1494277740630.png (50.15 KB, 739x545, IMG_1244.PNG)

>see a website agrees with me! I have the validation I so sorely needed because I have no backbone and get upset if anyone disagrees with Party princess Jill

No. 307563

>Googles women shouldn't vote
>Finds 1 sexist blog confirming

No. 307565

words are completely different than pictures

No. 307566

What emotional attachment does she have to a dildo wand?

No. 307568

bless these commenters, i bet they've all been blocked though.

she can be a passive aggressive bitch all the time but when someone gives her criticism, the world is burning! holy fuck jill get over yourself

lmao anon i made this, ty for bringing it back

>when you cant form your own opinions and adopt those of internet strangers instead

No. 307571

Jesus christ she's so butthurt over this

No. 307574

Man people were just trying to help her… No one was even being rude about it.

No. 307576

You're my hero anon

No. 307578

omg ya shes such a brat like no one cares if you get it upside down its just not the way you get a tattoo like thst also "tattoo.com" lol

No. 307581

>If you seek inspiration or words of encouragement, your wrist might be a prominent spot to place a tattoo design to wear a daily affirmation.
Her tattoo is neither of those things, it's a drawing of a shitty children's plastic wand. It's a pretty big tattoo too, this post is clearly talking about those little quote tattoos of things like 'stay strong' etc. that people with mental illnesses or cancer survivors get. Not some massive wonky illustration from a kids show which will soon bleed into a pink blob if she doesn't get it outlined.

>People may not like this. You should not care.

Jill cares far too much though. She hasn't even finished CCS, but she's getting a tattoo of it anyway for mahou shoujo weeb points and suddenly she 'wants to die' because people are telling her it'll fade without a black outline and it's upside down. All she cares about is her aesthetic and what she looks like to other people, if it had any meaning or significance to her, she wouldn't be so melodramatic over a few instagram comments from strangers who were just trying to prevent her from messing up her first tattoo.

No. 307582

I really really hope that Jill will actually go to school for fashion design lol cant wait for all the butthurt with an attitude like that

No. 307583

it would make more sense for it to be the other way anyway not just because people can see it better, but because the top of the wand would fit on her upper arm instead of cutting off at the wrists. it looks so poorly placed like she stuck on a tattoo from those 25c vending machines for kids at the grocery store.

No. 307586

In their couples video, something like "who would be more likely to…?"

It really highlighted how she treats him like garbage

No. 307588

so she's basically rethinking her entire tattoo just because people didn't agree with it? sounds like someone's not ready for a tattoo lmao

No. 307589

im 5'2, and at a low healthy weight i still look very tiny

No. 307590

anon… you're average height

No. 307591

i highly doubt she's been thinking about getting it for as long as she's saying. :// probably thought of it a week ago.

No. 307593

Please learn to sage this kind of thing, bc it's completely unimportant to the topic.

No. 307595

She's mentioned getting a precure tattoo on her ankle several times over the years. But you're right that she suddenly decided to change it to CCS on her wrist.

>in videos

Jill you retard you're not going to be a successful long-term youtuber at this rate. Getting a tattoo with videos in mind is an awful idea.

No. 307597

how much do you wanna bet that she'll vlog the tattoo process

No. 307599

Duh she would, she know it would get views

No. 307600

Jill couldn't even sit in a cable car without freaking out like an autistic baby, she couldn't get a tattoo

No. 307603

File: 1494280957259.png (39.03 KB, 750x186, IMG_1247.PNG)

No. 307607

im convinced now jills personality and behavior is 100% the fault of louise and her shitty 'best friend' style of parenting, aka let your kid run loose doing whatever. jill probably threw tantrums in the grocery store as a kid.

No. 307611

If this is her reaction to criticism on her tattoo how could she even imagine going into the fashion industry. One person will make a mean comment and she'll either give up her life long dream or go on the internet looking for pity.

No. 307617

File: 1494282473155.png (134.48 KB, 750x891, IMG_1248.PNG)

No. 307618

Jill's be lurking

No. 307620

Even if she did throw tantrums, it is the parents job not to reinforce that behavior. Louise needs to stop being a shitty parent this way.

No. 307628

I wanna punch her smug face

No. 307632


We still arent convinced that you arent a total cunt in a relationship, Jill

No. 307635


every picture of them together looks so awkward and forced, can't help but wonder if that's how their entire relationship is

No. 307637

File: 1494286287865.png (99.5 KB, 750x796, IMG_1249.PNG)

>yes this shows those haterz

No. 307639

File: 1494286742900.png (90.26 KB, 750x386, IMG_1250.PNG)

No. 307640

those are bad for your skin jillian

No. 307643

Jill was so nervous getting a piercing I very much doubt she can handle getting a tattoo. What she wants seems pretty complicated and will take several hours and/or multiple sessions

No. 307645

I'm actually kind of worried. She's been dramatic before, but has she ever actually said she wants to die? And now twice within like a week. Maybe all the negative attention is really getting to her. If so, she really should take a break

accurate, im the lamest nerd

No. 307646

ya cus you constantly walk around with your arm up in the air u tell em bbygurl

No. 307649

"Yeah, it's disgusting but if you want weird fat pastel claws I'll go ahead"

No. 307651

she'll regret the placement once it starts and she can't change it–that top piece on her wrist is gonna fucking hurt.

No. 307654

Isn't getting a tattoo of this on her arm going to limit her job opportunities?

No. 307655

no more than her personality will.

No. 307657

Well no need to worry about that since she'll clearly become an independent fashion designer with her own brand lol

No. 307658

Simple, yet effective burn

No. 307661

Anon, it's one of the easiest places to cover. Not defending her, but I work in a professional position and have an arm tattoo.

Sage for short blog.

No. 307663

For someone who's so original and unique, she sure puts a lot of stock into what other people think about her

No. 307665

it depends on the place of employment and the tattoo itself. i have 4 tattoos on my arms alone (one on each shoulder, one on each forearm) and i have to hide my shoulder ones because of how big they are. because the ones on my forearm are smaller, my boss allows it.

however, i don't know how they'll feel about a giant fucking wand.

No. 307675

every pic of them together always involves collin being the affectionate one or being jill's dressup doll, as well.

dont pity the narcissist tantrum throwing child anon

i think jill would be less likely to get hired with the wand tattoo simply because it will look like a thin, long penis is sticking out her sleeve from afar

No. 307681


i always kinda think about this with jill, like shes so sensitive what other people think about her. if you want the attention of others online, want to do a fashion career, and be a youtuber like you have to be better than this… she seems to have a perfect small affirmation bubble with my mom and Colin so why is she so desperate for only positive attention if she cant handle the criticism too

No. 307682


lmao *HER mom

No. 307714

She's always spoken like that. It makes me think she's only ever had normal mediocre experiences that she tries to pass off as traumatizing or life-changing drama.

Idk i'm starting to feel like Jill is full of shit for using anxiety as an excuse for all her behavior. I know a few people with generalized anxiety who had tough or abusive upbringings and they do their best to work through it to get on with their lives. It really rubs me the wrong way seeing Jill handle her situation much worst and acting so self-righteous in the process.

No. 307772

yeah jill has always been a huge drama queen. the minute that her life isn't picture perfect, she wants to die

it's pretty typical spoiled child behaviour

No. 307814

Let this dumb bitch get an upsidedown tattoo that will bleed out with no black. i can't stand jill.

No. 307824


i don't think that this warrants people saying that "she treats him like shit".

No. 307829


i agree. people tried warning her and she won't listen. let her get the dildo wand! the more milk the better

No. 307834

The cats all look better than the humans in this…esp that little cute on the bottom right.

No. 307840

since she loves dicks and precure so much she could just combine them into one and get a tattoo of the miracle heart light

No. 307841

File: 1494301059305.jpg (41.38 KB, 640x427, KKdm9qx.jpg)

dropped pic

No. 307853

Jill is an egoist and is really getting stuck on not being right about something.
This tattoo.com advice makes sense for tattoos like >>307432, even if they're upside down, because they're framed properly and seem to carry a sentimental meaning. That doesn't apply for her pink dickrod. How will the wings even wrap fully around her wrist?

She shouldn't get the tattoo if even the light criticism of it as a hypothetical get to her so bad. Imagine if after she gets it, and people say the same things. She'll get resentful of the tattoo because it represents how people don't agree with her like her mom and bf do.
There's just way too many people who claim to get tattoos for themselves when it's so transparent that they're only getting them to impress others.

No. 307857

Why can't she just get it much smaller? Then the top part would fit much better on such a small area like the wrist (since she's so sure about wanting it upside down.)

No. 308008

It needs to be upside down and big enough to cover her huge battle scar apparently.

But she zooms in and does closeups like every video? I've never seen anyone point out or notice this gigantic scar? Does she edit it out of pictures?

This is the most snowflakey shit ever.

No. 308011

samefag, to clarify I also think Tristan is a totally fine dude. Don't see how my post was attacking him at all? I really do think he lost patience with Jill because they broke up around the time that she changing into ~party kei~

Anyone would be pissed if their s.o suddenly threw away all their hobbies and interests to replace them with new ones overnight. Especially when her entire life revolved around being a lifestyle lolita. You can see how that would be unsettling.

No. 308023

File: 1494327490367.gif (1.51 MB, 480x270, 13qnovawnmvp0k.gif)

No. 308027

>begrudgingly add traditional black lines
fucking hell jill i know you're reading this so here's a heads up, if you have so much trouble with black just have the artist do it with a 1 liner and cop the drop out you're inevitably gonna have. water colour tattoos age like shit, and something as defined as a wand just won't work in that style because it'll just spread into a pink and yellow blob.

No. 308036

Got a pic?

No. 308038

File: 1494329979616.jpg (61.75 KB, 1080x1080, prom.jpg.348ef3979d5ece17a02e9…)

You can kinda see it on this one, I'll try zooming also

No. 308039

File: 1494330080921.png (676.72 KB, 720x1280, 20170509_074000.png)

Not very visible. My husband has a thick scar on his forearm that he got covered with a black tattoo and it's still pretty noticable.

No. 308040

shes such a fucking bullshitter.
my stomach is covered in bumpy surgical scars that will NEVER go away holy fuck girl get over yourself

No. 308043

Right? Like. Jill. You did this to yourself. (I'm assuming, she's always gone on abt her ~history of self harm~ and a magical girl wand will remind her to be strong or whatever) but like. Suck it up. You gave yourself the damn scar, now live with the consequences (?) Not that there are many to having a fucking wrist scar. I have them too, some more noticable, some less, but none actually gives a shit and I realise this because I'm not in my own bubble.

Jilly. It's going to look like complete ass unless you get a black outline, especially with the way you're chubbing out lately.

No. 308044

Without a black outline, wouldn't the bright yellow and pink actually make her scar stand out more?

No. 308071

File: 1494336540237.jpg (45.85 KB, 401x500, Veruca_Salt_CG_Art.jpg)

God, it irks me that Louise isn't even trying to be smart about this. She has no knowledge of tattoos either, she just goes along with whatever Jill wants.

Jill is basically Veruca Salt and her mom is the father.

No. 308100

I fear Jill's predestined tattoo failure will only advance her image as an aging tacky trailor park house wife. Loving her dumpy aesthetics.;-)

No. 308114

woah, anon, watch yourself. jill hates when people try to give her tattoo advice.

No. 308118

i would be so embarrassed to have my mom defending me on facebook lmao. grow up jill

No. 308124

Not even a mom, just a bff Jill calls "babygirl"

No. 308127

Don't insult Veruca. At least she can dress properly.

No. 308142


tfw my moms an abusive alcoholic, we havent spoken in years, and seeing jill's mom behave like this and talk like this online literally made me call her up and say im happy i have her.

this is so embarrassing and normally people would be embarrassed by their parents before the age shes at, i hope she grows up eventually and leaves her family's hemisphere to grow some thick skin

No. 308147

Louise isnt that bad wow

No. 308180

File: 1494347099575.jpg (28.6 KB, 640x360, abc_gma_cutrone_130808_wg.jpg)


Seriously, though. Does she think people in fashion are going to tell her nicely if they don't like her stuff?

No. 308182

File: 1494347171392.png (153.01 KB, 740x1163, IMG_1253.PNG)

She's watching how to move in with your boyfriend videos kek

No. 308191

File: 1494347812218.jpg (384.76 KB, 2400x2400, IMG_1256.JPG)

She really must be freaking out about not being able to buy fabric if her mom is asking around for her. But also she owns a ton a fabric already, wouldn't it be way more reasonable for her to try and put to use what she already has? Rather then put it off because she doesn't have the ~perfect~ fabrics for her collection

No. 308195

don't people usually only need sketches to get into entry level programs? she doesn't actually have to make anything yet.

No. 308197

I'm wondering that too. Does she not understand the mandatory critique sessions she'll need to take part in no matter which type of art school she goes to? Maybe this is why she keeps trying to find smaller colleges, in her mind it's less people to criticize her work?

kek that entire video was about compromising on space for your partner, advice she will not take since she expects to decorate every room.

Speaking of which I wonder how big of an apartment she expects to have? Most first-time apartments don't have large living rooms or kitchen areas or generally any space for decorating? Is Louise going to help them pay a large 1 or 2 bedroom right away? I guess it depends on the city and neighborhood but she seems to be setting her standards very high.

No. 308202

I feel bad for the tattoo artist who is going to have to deal with her. I can't imagine having a consultation with someone this stubborn and overly sensitive. Even if they tried to do what was best for her (black outlines and making the image right-side-up) she would drag her feet and whine. People basically did the future artist a favor by breaking this to her before the apartment. But I'm sure there will still be issues about placement, proportion, etc

No. 308206

You're right that most schools don't require actual fashion pieces in the portfolio (with the exception of Ryerson in the past).

I checked the requirements for her college. She is not eligible to apply for the fashion diploma until she completes her certificate of foundation visual arts - which requires NO portfolio to be admitted.

I'm speechless. Why is this bitch bluffing? Did Jill and her mom both forget to check the admission requirements?

No. 308218

File: 1494349442738.png (113.86 KB, 750x1084, IMG_1257.PNG)

She's recovered from her temper tantrum

No. 308221

Wtf were people like actually sending her concerned messages or what?
She got some advise online that's fucking all lol Can you be any more thin-skinned?

No. 308223

File: 1494349651177.jpg (97.44 KB, 600x373, 344.jpg)

sage for samefag

capped it because if she continues with this portfolio bullshit she's either lying or the biggest idiot

No. 308227

Jesus, that latest post in the group. At least that one person called them out on it

No. 308231

dang man, atleast now we know that weird humble bragging shit came from her mom.

No. 308239

Annnnd shitstorm.

No. 308240

No. 308241

File: 1494350482065.png (139.66 KB, 513x477, 345.png)

Louise please stop doing everything for your daughter.

No. 308242

No. 308245

File: 1494350580367.png (155.29 KB, 750x1071, IMG_1259.PNG)

You guys talking about this? Sage because it's not technically on topic

No. 308246



I actually feel bad for this girl, she appears to be Russian so I think it was just a misunderstanding with her english.

No. 308247

File: 1494350608606.png (345.16 KB, 1012x1182, Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 18.1…)

Started fine, culminated in someone getting removed from the group. I feel bad posting OPs photo because the drama is the real shitstorm here

No. 308249

File: 1494350711874.png (157.12 KB, 894x552, Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 18.1…)

I think it's probably partly a language barrier thing, but comments like this in a group spearheaded by Jill are bound for disaster

No. 308252

This would only be drama to someone like jill

No. 308254

Lying blatantly about someone look makes you a bad person you glitter spewing fuck nuts

No. 308257

gotta be honest though, those are probably the worst eyebrows I've ever seen

No. 308258

Idk, talking about people and insulting them as though they're not there is pretty rude in any group. It needed to be said, but Russians can be quite blunt from experience, so this was bound to go badly

No. 308266

Saying "please don't do that to your eyebrows" is just implying, she never outright says "your brows are ugly". but obviously it's implied that they look bad, and they do look bad.

No. 308267

File: 1494351234008.png (81.79 KB, 750x1121, IMG_1274.PNG)

I have a feeling we may be on the brink of seeing another Jill transformation. She removed her profile pic and banner image yesterday during her freak out and now has it set on just her cat. We may be about to see the final days of Party Kei as Jill once again tries to transform herself physically instead of facing the problems she creates for herself

No. 308270

No, I just mean when she yelled about everyone getting triggered when everyone she was talking about could see her comments

No. 308274

Cat kei
>totally different to being a furry guiz!1
>plus-size friendly because cats are fluffy
>everything you wear must be fuzzy
>attach whiskers to your face
>tell your nail technician to think "claws"

No. 308281

Of course Claire Max is sucking Jill's cunt. She's just as annoying as her. Do all attention-seeking kawaii ugu bitches hang together?

No. 308290

She's such an annoying bitch, oh my god. This girl is NEVER going to make it in the fashion industry, she's going to spend the rest of her life working at Claire's and living in the basement of her parents home. She can't even handle someone telling her that a tattoo design is upside down and that's "super aggressive" and "negative" to her. What do you think people in the industry will say when you show them your portfolio of you wearing a cheap plastic prom dress you made, Jill? Good God Girl Get a Grip.

No. 308298

It hasn't really hit me until now that people will throw literal tantrums over things not going their way and people on the internet will respond with 'uwu don't worry about the haterz!'

No. 308301

I read that as her being serious and using triggered seriously.

No. 308308

she blocked me apparently

No. 308311

File: 1494353249142.jpg (87.08 KB, 597x960, 1908176_363452630524795_210879…)

No. 308316

Jill's next look maybe even worse than this incarnation.

No. 308320

those are B A D B R O W S.

No. 308325

She's such a lack luster moron with no identity.

No. 308332

I hope she gets into Norm-core

No. 308337

I was thinking the same thing.

No. 308341

I could totally see Jill quitting party kei/j fashion and going normie because she isn't getting the attention she wants from it. She went to Japan probably expecting to get noticed by 6%doki and imagined them begging her to be their model/shop staff or something along those lines.

No. 308343

I think she's so upset about the reactions over her tattoo that she's going to minimize her presence on the internet for a bit. She will probably post something about how she's just going to keep more personal things to herself and that she doesn't feel comfortable sharing all of her life so openly. This will last maybe a month or two before she craves attention enough that she has to seek it out, and things will be back to normal.

No. 308344

Concerning the tattoo, I think it is such a poor decision for Jill to do this (if she still plans on it). The past decade of her life has been proof of how young she still is and how many different style identities she's chosen over the years. In the past, would she have wanted this same tattoo? Right now, she's into the whole mahou shoujo aesthetic, but what about in ten years? If she is desperate to have a tat now, I feel like she would be better off getting something small that can be more cheaply removed or more easily covered up if she decides she isn't into it anymore. The age she is now up until turning 30 or so are full of identity changes for many people, and with Jill's track record, she will definitely not be interested in the same things when she's 30 as she is now.

No. 308347

To add onto it and clarify a bit - I know tons of people who are able to just go to the shop and pick out a random tattoo or who are comfortable with having different tattoos from different periods of their life. Jill is not one of those people.

No. 308348

tattoos at a younger age are one thing, but tattoos based on what you like at the time are another. i have a few tattoos from when i was 18 that i still love a few years down the line, but jill? she's going to regret that wand after a couple of weeks. it's like the bozos who get tattoos of TV shows.

sage for blogpost.

No. 308358

Right? Just imagine if she had gotten a BTSSB or AP tattoo during her lolita days. It's really stupid of her to get the wand. Her style seems to change every year or so, she will regret it so much

No. 308399

exactly what i'm saying. some things won't get old, like if you've been a fan of something for YEARS and still aren't tired of it. she hops from trend to trend quicker than she gets offended. ://

No. 308403

Jill's has had drama, but she's definitely had more drama over the last year

No. 308411

tbh why doesn't she get a tattoo of, for example, something piano-related if she's been playing since the age of 4 or a muse inspired tattoo if she's truly been listening to them for a decade and they really had such an impact on her.

I could understand if it were things that affected her childhood or helped shape her upbringing. But she's literally admitted on camera that she didn't watch CCS, Sailor Moon or any anime growing up..? How can a random pink-colored wand mean so much to the point of 'healing' her scars if she's never even watched the season it's from?

I almost want to help this poor soul regain her identity but she needs to start by dropping the mahou shoujo persona. She's such a poser it's actually starting to harm her in the long run. I think I could forgive Jill for everything if she became self-aware and admitted to clinging to niche communities for validation.

No. 308414

File: 1494360586128.png (126.62 KB, 750x1049, IMG_1276.PNG)

You spoke too soon

No. 308421

File: 1494360988069.png (37.86 KB, 393x177, cheeky.png)

Guys we made it.

No. 308424

Go suck a dick suck a dick suck a mother fucking dick

No. 308432


God all of her work looks horrible.

No. 308440

Huh, I actually totally forgot about her playing the piano/being a huge Muse fan until you mentioned it just now.
I think it would make her a lot nicer/more relatable of a Youtube if she shared stuff like that, she is way too obsessed with keeping up a very constructed image/aesthetic for herself. I remember when she went to another city before to see Muse, instead of talking about the concert at all she just made a haul video instead because she was afraid that Muse wasn't 'kawaii' enough to talk about…

No. 308503



also jill
>"omg guys stop sending me all those messages asking if i'm ok! :) it wasn't like i was fishing for attention or something!"

No. 308508


>has pretty eyes

>has nice skin
>takes care of her hair

why, oh god why won't anyone help this poor soul? instead of worrying about party kei she needs to start watching makeup tutorials ASAP. also diet lol

No. 308544

My father is a tattoo artist and has to deal with this kind of bullshit all the time. In the end, it always makes the artist look bad, not the client. Jill would probably be horrible to tattoo anymore and make the lines wobbly from tensing up and moving about too much.

No. 308545

She can't take the truth.

No. 308547

no shit

No. 308550

File: 1494368195866.jpg (10.39 KB, 296x158, 1440059268404.jpg)


No. 308551

All these dumb bitches with upside down tattoos and trying to justify it make me legit rage, fam.

No. 308560

No idea. He's ugly as hell and has no balls either. I don't get the 'savecolin2017' bullshit either. He is a grown ass man.

No. 308593

File: 1494370233323.gif (486.22 KB, 500x270, tumblr_nvdaxb3k5f1uf3fcko1_500…)

..This bitch.

No. 308594

Why are they wearing glasses over a nose strip?? Why??

No. 308599

a e s t h e t i c
it can only be cute with the glasses obvs

No. 308601

looking like a dickhead is in fashion

No. 308606

I feel so bad for this girl. She's growing up in a time period where you have to respect every one's fee fees, but lord have mercy, on every planet ever, those eyebrows are the worst I've seen.

No. 308626

Thats a great gif buddy

No. 308629

File: 1494373264860.png (242.45 KB, 1495x1353, IMG_3251.PNG)

So basically with all of threads, here is how I picture Jillian, I hope I'm right

No. 308630

It's so odd Jill NEVER mentions her brother

No. 308632

This is the greatest creation on a Gods earth

No. 308635


he's not aesthetic, so why would she waste her breath

No. 308642

Yeah, her brother is so adorable. I don't care what any of you say, he's attractive.

I think he's barely mentioned because he doesn't live with Louise so he isolates himself from stuff going on with Jill and Louise or he's doing his own thing.

No. 308646

He still lives at home. Jill just never talks about him but really why would she? He has nothing to do with her social media life

No. 308677

the pink hair and ageplay outfits probably do a good job of that already

No. 308682


You are a legend, anon.

No. 308709

File: 1494377824034.png (49.85 KB, 431x402, IMG_3252.PNG)

Maybe if he turned himself into a little uguu~ weeb snowflake she would paste him in everything.

No. 308711

Apparently >>308709 he's a hippie, so I don't think so

No. 308712

He's honestly really cute. He's probably a spoilt shit too though. 11/10 would peg & abuse

No. 308715

Nah fam, my eyes weren't set on him first

No. 308717

Typo. Were

No. 308725

picture him with short hair and he's ugly/10

ya niggas just seeing the girly boy look

No. 308728

he basic just like her cmon i know he has long hair but its the metallica fan long hair

No. 308729

The only thing I do know about him is that he attends music festivals, besides being at university. Although, you would figure that just by looking at him. I kind of think Jill's punk/alt rock phase stemmed from him.

Still seems like a more interesting person than Jill by far.

No. 308741

Yeah. Too bad he's in a relationship with himself, since his profile says "in a relationship"

No. 308744

..I just noticed that his mother comments on everything he has on his page

No. 309026

anon, you made my entire day. Holyshit

No. 309027

Their mom seems like a creepy helicopter mom…

No. 309040

She comes off more as the desperate has no close friends so she's way too vested in her kids lives mom to me

Helicopter mom usually indicates some form of strictness or guidelines, well she'd bend over backwards and let her retardo kids make the rules as long as they threw a hint of a tantrum or acted even mildly upset. She's so busy trying to be their uwu sensitive friendo she fails to put her foot down as a parent. Her kids are the definition of sheltered/spoiled

I feel like she's the kind of parent who would let their kid have too much candy etc bc the kid wanted it, despite knowing it's not healthy for them

I don't think she's inherently a bad person or unkind or uncaring by any means, but her style of parenting disgusts me, it creates spoiled hugbox retards who don't function well in the real world

No. 309042

Tl;dr - she's more concerned about her kids liking her/having 0 upset than doing what is best for them as w parent

Very selfish/weak, even if you think you are being generous/supportive

No. 309082

FUCK he's cute

No. 309110

Are you anons serious about him being cute? All I see is Jill with a beard, those soulless eyes these children have are freaky. Both of them take after Louise.

It was legit weird as fuck listening to Louise talk on camera because she sounded exactly like Jill.

No. 309115

Did anyone else notice Louise making tongue faces in jill's last vlog?

They may as well be the same person.

No. 309149

No. 309159

It's ok, I don't see it either anon.

No. 309161

holy shit her newly arranged video background is awful, looks like an actual ageplay cave

No. 309162


fuck, what is she doing, balancing her camera on a pile of books on her bed? its bouncing all over the place

No. 309166

jill ur new background looks like an unorganized mess

No. 309167

well that is her entire persona so I'd say it's pretty fitting

No. 309170

File: 1494428793637.png (50.25 KB, 610x315, hfgw7r8.png)

No. 309179

""the first seasons 2 cures, the next seasons 3 cures"" wrong way around u dumb bitch, for someone who claims she's this big precure fan u'd think she'd get at least that right

No. 309184

File: 1494429565222.png (73.71 KB, 749x686, IMG_1281.PNG)

Tbh waiting for the day jill actually dies after saying that

No. 309185

File: 1494429588107.png (215.46 KB, 307x244, 1.PNG)

'When I pick up precure puzzle I don't put it down'

Except you've only just started it?

No. 309191

>"I picked it up 30 minutes before I recorded this video as an excuse to procrastinate and didn't want to stop."

No. 309201

She's so immature and over-dramatic.

No. 309202

tmw you actually understand why she hated fake glasses cause you're the same goddamn

No. 309204

No she's right, the first season is just Black and White, Shiny Luminas joins them in the second season. The third season is Splash Star and back to 2 cures.

No. 309207

You can't fave your bangs when you're trying to grow them out

No. 309208

"Her I would never support replicas or knockoffs, I feel they only hurt brands."
Has a rainbow bag knock off and knock offs of the unicorn brushes in her favorites.

No. 309211

I work in a tattoo shop and am pretty much covered and this whole tattoo business has got me dying. Her tattoo is gonna look so fucked and I'm so excited it's on such prime real estate.

No. 309227

Is this literally why she was self-harming and anorexic at 13? Getting teased over glasses in elementary school? That's why her mom let her shave her head into a Mohawk and stretch her ears in grade 6 or 7? wtf

No. 309231

It's genuinely so hideous and cluttered. As ugly as those puppy surprises were, they were at least big and unified enough to not be distracting. Though my favorite background was probably those three fake plants she had for a minute

No. 309235

This is the only nice background she's ever really had tbh

No. 309236

every one of jills videos

No. 309255

>already giving up on actually wearing her $400 shoes and just jamming them in between some cheap used toys for display

No. 309277

I hated the plants because they always looked like they were sprouting out of her head

No. 309278

>understands 50% of the app
>understood 75% of the movie

Who are you lying to, Jill?
You were studying basic hiragana with fucking romaji just the other day.

No. 309313

I wonder how many times she has tried to eat her gummy earrings or that peeps plushie

No. 309319

File: 1494438938522.jpg (34.81 KB, 300x322, thumbnail.jpg)

anon, can't you see how '#aesthetic' her decoration is though??

No. 309353

No. 309365

File: 1494442806380.png (707.71 KB, 683x432, QG1TRX1.png)

her skin tone is the same color as her wall, and that background decoration is just a horrible cluttered mess. she's living a hoarder life, literally decorating her bags/bg with trash (empty plastic wrappers from gummies, srsly jill?)

>forcing yourself to play a children's app game for aesthetic

in the video she talks about how super excited she is about the precure app… isn't she lying though? i feel like there's a screenshot somewhere in these threads of a fan mentioning it and her saying she's not uninterested.

No. 309375

File: 1494443425180.png (65.94 KB, 1193x385, pxl.png)

I can't remember if this was posted tbh.


On another note, she hasn't posted on the forum in almost a month. I wonder if she's bitter that the other members aren't treating her like a ~kawaii precure superfan~.


No. 309387

she's just fucking irritating, the whole video feels awkward and unnatural.

No. 309397

She's mentioned many times that she doesn't use foundation. That's why she has awful pasty skin that clashes with everything.

I hate any snowflake who thinks they're above foundation but yet they smoother heavy makeup on the rest of their face??

She doesn't use any skincare either so you can just imagine how her bright pink blush adheres horribly to her flaky dry skin. And then there's unsafe craft glitter that she sleeps in and never completely removes because she doesn't exfoliate or use any oils to melt it off ughhhhhh. My stomach is turning just thinking about it. You can't make this shit up.

No. 309405

lol bitch played the tutorial.

No. 309414

File: 1494445866641.png (1.34 MB, 1334x750, IMG_1296.PNG)

She used foundation though? She shows it in her makeup videos it's just some drugstore stuff

No. 309432

File: 1494446143852.png (1.55 MB, 1334x750, IMG_1297.PNG)

Not sure how this app works, but I'm pretty sure she's on the second world now, so she's probably further along then it looks

No. 309446

I'm starting to miss her blue Jem 80's phase

No. 309451

idk why but i hate seeing her hands

No. 309459

OT but I still love the fact that she's supposedly working on a portfolio that she doesnt even need

No. 309463

She applies shitty maybelline with her fingers for tutorials but even within those videos she explains that she only covers the middle area of her face, doesn't care about foundation because she thinks she has 'good' skin…

That's exactly why her skin tone looks so uneven all the time.

Applying liquid foundation to only certain areas makes sense if you are a makeup artist, or you know technique and use tools to blend the areas that need concealer/foundation.

tl;dr she has terrible makeup/skincare routines and should never upload them.

No. 309503

Wtf when this video was posted I immediately thought Jillian too.

Another thing I saw recently that reminded me of her, this video from 3:00 mark. I know it's my little pony sorry for cringe.

No. 309528

Rarity is too good for her

No. 309538

lol apparently she cosplayed rarity circa 2014

No. 309544


No. 309555


God this video irks me
>Doesnt think spending money on extensions is worth it
>$400 shoes sit on a shelf collecting dust behind her

No. 309571

File: 1494455256335.png (131.06 KB, 750x1030, IMG_1303.PNG)

Something about Jill constantly saying she wants to die really juxtaposes well with her commenting on someone else's secured suicide, especially when this post was right after this one >>309184

No. 309585

It irritates me too but she's far from the only person who does this. Unfortunately he whole "LOL I'M TRASH I WANT DEATH" thing is basically considered a funny self-deprecating thing to say by many people now.

No. 309586

Wait so why is she rushing to get her portfolio ready? Wouldn't it be too late to apply for fall unless it's some community college

No. 309595

I think she might be rushing to maybe prove to herself and her parents that she is in fact, doing something worthwhile and productive. When what she needs is to apply for the first class so that she can take it for a year and then be legible for the class she's wanting.

No. 309686

nope, still cute w/out jesus hair
I like them eyes (eyebrows a tad weird shape)

No. 309694

b-but anon, shes moving to Japan one day
obviously visiting nihon has increased her nihongo comprehension 10 fold

No. 309695

Yeah I agree. It's a pretty trendy thing to say nowadays. And Jill is all about the trends

No. 309699

That shit is so 2015 though wtf

No. 309701

meh, its 2016-ish considering its just another variation of 'pass me the bleach'

No. 309732

ok its for sure a lie that she "isnt wearing mascara" like ?? i can see it

No. 309742

Her getting a phrase would be safer than a dildo wand

No. 309745

No anon, that's the mascara she's never taken off for weeks after sleeping in it, not a fresh coat!!!

No. 309775

I cringe so hard at her pink eyebrows.

> knickie knackies(?)

the setup of her background just looks like a junk drawer of her *~aesthetic~*

No. 309779

This makes me think it's surprising she doesn't like Pinkie Pie. I mean it's a children's cartoon character whose entire theme is birthday parties right?

No. 309780

File: 1494468095544.png (768.7 KB, 1280x724, theres a blur tool on yt, jill…)

Upcoming Videos:
> "Bubblegum Ambition: Lookbook"
> "Rainbow Hair"

No. 309784

Any pics?

No. 309792

Her talking about rainow bangs and all pink hair is funny because she obviously wants to be kammie

Her wig is in the room tour video but I've never seen a pic of her actual cosplay

No. 309806


i can't imagine a life so boring where your only activities are shit like

>pick outfits. record myself wering outfits.

>buy lipsticks. record myself wearing lipsticks.
>dye hair. record myself with new hair.

this bitch got no right to complain about stress or anything whatsoever

No. 309850

She never actually cosplayed her, she just said at one point she was planning to

No. 309852

Another one on there looks like it's review, so she's likely bought more stuff.
What's new
I'm depressed

No. 309868

File: 1494473171731.png (74.71 KB, 750x772, IMG_1311.PNG)

No. 309870

Damn, why did she have to screenshot that person's comment without blocking their username?? seems so shitty to me.

No. 309871

>post on youtube is less than 10 mins ago

>posts and shares it on their fb immediately

Jill is the definition of attention whore. damn

No. 309872

I hope she gets it so she can be butthurt for years about it.

No. 309876

Sage for slight OT but that's so sad, fam. This kid was so young.

Also, yes, Jill pretending to be sincere when she posts how she literally wants to die for a bad editing mistake or getting corrected for her upside down tattoo idea really boils my broccoli.

No. 309915

wonder what number is going to be 'too many subscribers' for her so she'll have a panic attack and quit youtube forever

No. 309926

omfg I just can't
>rearranges "backdrop" collection to look even shittier, looks like a special needs assortment of shit
>has napoleon dynamite-tier fake glasses
>muh aesthetic
ffs Jill is like that lonely girl who has no friends who spends all her free time talking to her stuffies

No. 309934

>Jill is that lonely girl who has no friends and spends all her free time talking to her stuffies


No. 309942

I can't unsee the fact that the chunky craft glitter under her eyes looks like fish scales, and I mean that in the worst way possible. Also, why doesn't anyone tell her that her eyebrows look disgusting? Her face is a lovely shade of bright red and pink eyebrows coupled with that is atrocious. Louise, please, let your daughter know that she's embarrassing herself.

No. 309945

Jill's been embarrassing herself for years now, Louise sees nothing wrong with it. She must have the same mindset as Will and Jada Smith when it comes to raising kids to develop their own identity, except Jill's been in a hopeless loop forever.

No. 309976

Why can't she just get the fucking top part of the wand and not the rod. Like straight, you don't need it and you could get it higher on the arm so it actually fucking fits. There, problem solved.

No. 310059

Hasent she made like 3 rainbow hair videos? She doesn't need to make a new tutorial every time she dyes it, it's all the same process basically

No. 310277

File: 1494535718063.jpg (96.36 KB, 1407x833, IMG_20170511_224541.jpg)

Sage for no contribution, but I couldn't help noticing a certain resemblance

No. 310282

Don't insult Verka Serduchka like that

No. 310293

My bad, you're right, I didn't notice I could insult Verka

No. 310297

File: 1494538072416.jpg (94.41 KB, 570x570, il_570xN.799432586_jc24.jpg)

Was randomly looking at tattoo flash today and saw this on etsy. Even though it's not CCS, it made me think of how nice a tattoo -could- be if Jill really put more thought into it. I feel like she should take time to research more styles and techniques if she really does decide to go through with stuff. Also the artist was Michelle Coffee if anyone wanted to look at more things that were similar. Not promoting (I have no clue who she is), just giving the detail.

No. 310306

i like the flowers a lot

No. 310328

File: 1494541791870.png (166.18 KB, 750x998, IMG_1327.PNG)

No. 310329

File: 1494541801637.png (147.48 KB, 750x1036, IMG_1326.PNG)

No. 310334

For someone who wants to come off as not-bothered, she sure as hell is bothered.

No. 310337

If you have to tell people you're a good person, you probably aren't.

No. 310339

>takes last picture at job completely alone
Lol who are you saying bye to, you have no friends.

No. 310341

Lol this selfie is from April, she posted it on her spam insta.
I wonder how glad her coworkers were to see her go

No. 310357

I'm sure she gets a great nights sleep with that toxic glue seeping into her skin, and many scheduled naps throughout the day after waking up at noon. Who are you kidding, Jill?

She's indirectly a shitty person because she chooses to influence kids with her horrible choices, and her personality is just passive aggressiveness trying to burst out of its shell

No. 310379

Someone on kiwi farms said she works two four-hour shifts a week at Claire's…that's it? That's not much at all and she's not even in school..when I was in school I worked 4 8-hour shifts a week and I had friends that worked more. She makes it seem like she's always busy with work but she only works a couple hours two days of the week? How is she going to deal with a full time job in the future?

No. 310392

Seriously that's it? What the hell! shes always acting like she works all the time but that's all she does?

No. 310396

This can't be true. She's a keyholder. She's probably given at least 24 hours a week, most likely in the 28-36 range.

No. 310406

what the fuck anons

No. 310457

Maybe now that it's been brought up here she's decide to clarify it somewhere ~seemingly out of nowhere~

No. 310513

File: 1494553569864.jpg (190.38 KB, 750x1065, IMG_1329.JPG)

Dyed her hair again

No. 310514

why would you post your hair if it's this greasy

No. 310515

does she sleep with those claire's earrings on?
how are her ears still attached to her head

No. 310521


wash your hair, jill

No. 310548

if she dyed it again it's obviously just been washed. looks more like it's still slightly damp

No. 310550

of course, the colour parts are dry and the roots just happen to be soaking wet

No. 310553


Nice try Jillian but hair dries from the scalp first

No. 310554

After discovering this girl I understand why older people are always bitching about how sensitive millennials are

No. 310564

its greasy and tacky like her personality

No. 310611

no, you can tell by the shine/limpness that its not fully dry, and the darker/denser hair is gonna look "greasier" anyway
….ends literally dry first what the fuck are you talking about.

I'm not even defending her i'm just not sure why yall think her hair would be greasy as shit when its just been dyed which involves washing it??

No. 310625

>….ends literally dry first what the fuck are you talking about.

lmao no they don't. the water continues to drip down your hair and keeps them damp

No. 310641

nah dude. roots take up to 24 hours to dry for some people, others even longer. air dries your ends because they're the first thing it hits, your roots are hidden under that hair.

No. 310645


what the fuck? no, dude, roots dry last. more hair. the ends move around more and get air faster??? have you ever washed your fucking hair before

No. 310650

if you're going to samefag, don't use the word "dude" both times. it gives you away, even if you changed your punctuation

No. 310657


im the anon who saged, not samefag, im just retarded

No. 310697

Really depends on the steps you take before drying. Do you dry out some of your hair with a towel first? If you do, your ends will dry faster since there's no excess water. If you don't soak up the excess water then your roots will probably dry before the rest of your hair since the water will drip down the hair.

Also Jill's ends might dry faster because her hair is literally straw from all the bleaching

No. 310732

No. 310735


Christ Jill, if you're gonna dye your hair again why wouldn't you take care of your fucking roots?

No. 310867

I s2g some of you must almost have as much free time as Jill, the amount of it y'all spend bitching and sniping at each other about pointless OT shit like weight distribution or hair drying dynamics.

We can all agree that the rainbow mop will be greasier than a McDonald's frier within two days anyway. Maybe she could fry her nuggies in it

No. 310880

Why do these "super kawaii fatty chan love your body" bitches always so filthy???

No. 310959

There's a reason they're fat, rely on flashy clothing to feel cute, and refuse to make any health or image-related self-improvements and instead default to "but EVERYONE is actually beautiful, no matter what they look like!" which is a pointless statement that negates the very concept of beauty. The reason for all that is they are lazy and practice horrible self-care or rather a lack thereof. They cbf to keep themselves slim with good skin and hair so they make their whole outward image about how cute and radical it is to be a fridgebody with overgrown roots.

No. 310965

And it's the same type of girls who also lash out at "society" for favoring girls who actually take care of themselves. Like society is supposed to worship you even though you're unhealthy and lazy

No. 310966

Jill is insanely hot.

No. 310967

She probably fucks really good too.

No. 310971

Can't be bothered to fix the roots?

No. 311024


What are you smoking, Anon?

Also, samefagging

No. 311025

File: 1494601632469.png (158.49 KB, 750x1095, IMG_1334.PNG)

No. 311026

File: 1494601643344.png (139.94 KB, 750x1088, IMG_1333.PNG)

No. 311028

totally quirky and funny, not at all problematic

No. 311034

Stay away from Felicity you trashy clown

No. 311096

my bad, i fell asleep after responding to this. not a samefag, just happen to have a similar typing style dude.

sage for OT.

No. 311290

Don't worry, oh ancient one - stick with Party Kei and you'll forever have the mentality of a twelve-year-old

sage for fb group

No. 311292

File: 1494617044923.png (35.4 KB, 736x64, this group is a blizzard.png)

Error caused dropped pic. Sage again for my dumb samefagging ass

No. 311315

File: 1494618050843.png (156.7 KB, 750x936, IMG_1336.PNG)

No. 311316

File: 1494618087050.png (197.12 KB, 750x1101, IMG_1337.PNG)

No. 311317

File: 1494618105697.jpg (171.75 KB, 720x960, IMG_1338.JPG)

No. 311375

fabric swatch: children's easter clothing

No. 311382

also samefag but that pink fabric at the front already looks like its been dragged on the ground everywhere somehow

No. 311385


No. 311386

Best thing she could do with her hair is cut it really short tbh, it's ugly rainbow or not

No. 311420

Yikes. Anyone know if the shit she's picking out is at least quality fabric?

No. 311423

okay but once again why she lying about preparing a fashion portfolio when she doesn't need one at all

is it just a project to show off to her party kei fans? will she attempt to sell the collection?

No. 311428

Why did she drive to Fabricville in Moncton when they have an online store? She could have literally ordered the fabrics she originally swatched for her "collection" but no, she had to drive to another province and buy brand new things.

No. 311436

Maybe she thinks it'll help her chances of getting in for fashion design, as like an extra thing added to her application or something. No idea. Or she thinks it'll get her more asspats from her fans.

No. 311443

had she said shes making a portfolio or is that just what ppl have assumed? she cant be dumb enough to make one when she doesnt need to, right… maybe shes just making coco a gender neutral dress

No. 311445

>almost mothers day
>drag my mom out to buy fabric that is a 2 hr trip each way

No. 311446

She CAN'T apply for fashion design. She needs to do the foundation year or have a year done at another post-secondary institution.

No. 311447

She has said many times she wants to work on her portfolio. I believe she even mentioned it in her newest video

No. 311467

Sewing newbie here but the fabric she picked looks very transparent, you can see the red cart right through the dotted fabric.

No. 311482

it looks like a meshed fabric so i'm pretty sure it's supposed to be like that

No. 311484

on my phone, it looked like cheap checked fabric to me, apologies then

No. 311495

File: 1494627205302.png (90.01 KB, 750x689, IMG_7781.PNG)

For Jill

No. 311513

She calls her mom her main girl?? wtf

No. 311517

Mum looks like there's a kawaii gun being pointed at her

No. 311520

Sorry to break it to you anon but she picked only crappy polyester low quality fabrics. At least all pastel ones, not sure about that white one with a pattern because I can't see it crearly.

As always she only cares about asthetics and does't put any actual thought into her choices. If she really cared about fashion she would know it's not about decorating people in cheap plastic crap like christmas trees but also making sure it's wearable (I mean breathable and comfortable, good fabrics are impotant) and compliment the human form (unless you are an avantgarde genius and can pull it off, unfortunately Jill is far from being even moderately talented).

Jill will die in fashion school, the reality will crush her.

No. 311522

I'm so excited for this honestly, bring on the Pixpocalypse

No. 311524

File: 1494629970065.png (206.92 KB, 812x378, designs.png)

This screenshot is from her room tour video, I think they're the designs Jill originally wanted to make for her portfolio but then stopped working on them because she was too stupid to order fabric online.
Looks like the fabrics are quite different from the ones she picked out back then.

No. 311526

File: 1494630122195.png (6.9 KB, 502x52, pl1.png)

No. 311528

It's sexual

No. 311529

Shame, the gold is a nice change

No. 311552

way to nitpick. nothing wrong with joking around and being friends with your mother when you're older than like 15.

No. 311565

This argument would hold weight except that her mom is the only person she ever hangs out with lol

No. 311612

ot but does anybody else think louise looks like jeff the killer

No. 311616

Not that I want to defend anything Jill does but it can be risky to buy fabric online since you will never really know the true color of fabric from online images.
Mesh or not the fabric looks really shiny and tacky like cheap costume material. Then again it must be exactly what Jill likes

No. 311618

She already had swatches. She could have just ordered those fabrics. Instead, she whined about not being able to get them anymore (untrue) and put off getting new fabric for months.

No. 311619

File: 1494637649827.png (43.34 KB, 750x395, IMG_1344.PNG)

She's gotta be applying to a different school, there's no way someone can be this dense

No. 311686

are those fabric swatches? they look like plastic to me

No. 311688

Maybe she's going to try to apply despite not being eligible, and thinks that they'll be so impressed by her portfolio that they'll take her anyways? The meltdown when that doesn't work out would be hilarious.

No. 311699

Fashion design fag here. I went to fashion school and I can tell you that pretty much no school requires an actual fashion portfolio for you to get in. Since fashion design and garment constrution is not typically taught in high schools, they cant reasonably expect you to have a portfolio of garments when you apply. You go to school to learn how to construct clothes. Most of the people in my freshman class had never even used a sewing machine before. If it's an art school, they may ask for an art portfolio, but actual garments are pretty much never required.

No. 311701

Sorry for samefag, but here are some examples.
FIDM, one of the best fashion design schools in the country, only requires sketches and fabric swatches to apply: https://fidm.edu/en/admissions/how+to+apply/ct-admissions+portfolio+entrance+project

And from Parsons, another presitigious US fashion school: Portfolio: The portfolio must be completed in SlideRoom only. Freshman and transfer applicants must submit a portfolio of eight to 12 images. Portfolios can include a range of media such as drawing, painting, sculpture, fashion design, animation, performance, graphic design, or sketchbook pages. We encourage you to show experimentation and breadth, and the portfolio does not need to specifically address the major to which you are applying.

A previous anon has already shown that the school Jillian is applying to doesn't require a portfolio, so basically all of this is a waste of time and money.

No. 311795

Lmao Jill is so fucked.
I wonder if she's wanting to try for Bunka again and that's why she's going to take a whole extra year to put together this portfolio of hers. Anyone know the requirements for that?

No. 311820

Jill does not qualify to go to Bunka, portfolio or no. Here are their application requirements for international students:
Qualification for Application

*Foreign students must follow the studying abroad qualifications stipulated by the Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice of Japan.

Applicants must not be of Japanese nationality, and must be of 18 years old by the end of March of the expected year of entrance into the college.
Applicants are required to have completed a regular course of secondary education (more than 12 years full time) in any country and / or have qualified to apply for a university of their country by the end of March of the expected year of entrance to the college. Applicants designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, are also qualified to apply.
If the applicant has attended a Japanese language school certified by the Ministry of Justice, attendance in said institution should be 80%* or more.
*It is not the number of days, but the number of times.
*It does not include attendance whose applicant attended a Japanese language school with temporary visitor visa or designated activities visa.
Applicants must have a good enough command of Japanese to understand lectures held in Japanese at the college. To prove this, applicants must fulfill at least one of the following qualifications 1~5
Pass the Level 2 or higher of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) given by Japan Educational Exchange and Services (JEES) and the Japan Foundation.
Achieve a score 200 or more in the subject“Japanese as a Foreign Language”by the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) given by the Japan Students Services Organization (JASSO).
Achieve a score 400 or more on Business Japanese Proficiency Test (BJT) given by The Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation.
Have had Japanese education for 6 months or more in a Japanese language institution certified by the Ministry of Justice.
Have had an education for 1 year or more in a Japanese primary school, junior high school, high school, or university (including junior colleges).
Applicants must prove their financial ability to live and study in Japan. Scholarships are not enough and the law limits financial supplementary income from part-time work.
Applicants should have a reliable guarantor living in Tokyo or its vicinity willing to care for the student during his / her stay in Japan.

Please note the language requrements and the part about needing a japanese guarantor

No. 311843

Wow then Jill really is screwed kek

No. 311856

So have any of you anons pointed it out to her yet? I feel like she can't honestly be this stupid and not be aware of the portfolio requirements, right?
So is she just pretending to need an elaborate portfolio so she can stay at home for longer? So that she just looks more hardworking?

No. 311868

No one's pointed it out to her because we've come to the realization that neither Jill, her mother nor her fans are capable of reading comprehension. Why bother?

I'm familiar with every school Jill claimed she would attend. None require a ~fashun~ portfolio.

Let's backtrack for a second, and pretend that she did not recently confirm she was applying for NBCCD (this is the only school I don't really know about but see >>308223)

Even if she did change her mind again and was applying to Ryerson (which she hasn't mentioned in years), they have very specific project guidelines to follow for their portfolio.

As for Lasalle, the school she visited in Montreal, requires no portfolio whatsoever.

Or even if she still wanted to apply to NSCAD. It's an art school so they require 10-20 individual portfolio pieces plus another 10-20 pages worth of sketchbook. They want a variety of mediums and are very pretentious in their selection. They would not be impressed with Jill submitting only fashion pieces. Especially since they also require a general foundation year as part of the degree. She was recently bitching about this school, so I assume she realizes it's not the place for her.

When I decided to attend post-secondary, the admission requirements were the FIRST step when considering my options. She doesn't even seem to realize she could be rejected if she only applies to one.

No. 311873

Verka has been successful since 2007, Jill wishes she was relevant and loved for that long

No. 311875

Yeah most colleges or universities have an "equivalent experience" option for admissions and I thought maybe Jill was trying to prove she had experience by developing her portfolio.

But again, you have to be 21 years old and this exception usually refers to actual career or other educational experience.

So nothing adds up. Jill is an actual gigantic child who thinks the world works the way she imagines in her fantasies of being a world-renowned and beloved designer.

No. 311972

Can she please put her hair down? Tying it up like this just highlights the giant ring of black roots around her head and makes the whole thing look murky and disgusting

No. 311983

File: 1494688899159.png (13.98 KB, 668x76, nbccd.PNG)

Looks like she's going with NBCCD.

No. 311989

JILL, YOU FUCKING DOLT. You cannot apply for fashion design until you complete a Foundation Visual Arts (FVA) Certificate there. Wtf. Does she think her youtube "career" and working at Claire's = past experience for the Mature student exception?

No. 311990

I only follow Jill for a few threads here now and wonder if she ever made something by herself beside this one awful pom-pom birthday outfit?

No. 311991

she should put in her amazing tattoo idea–y'know, since she 'designed it'.

No. 311993

ok, now I totally believe what an anon earlier was saying about her hoping that she'll impress people there enough so that they'll let her in without having that certificate

No. 311994

File: 1494689766862.png (28.51 KB, 623x173, IMG_1089.PNG)

It's nice she's finally moving on in her life but something tells me it's all going to end horribly with her crying and whining in the end.

No. 311998

theyre not moving for 2 years?

No. 312003

Exactly. "Next fall" would mean 2018. But I guess that makes sense since it's obviously too late for her to apply for this fall.

I'm just wondering how she'll take the realization that can't be accepted into fashion design. No doubt this will only delay things further.

No. 312005

I doubt it would be too late. Tiny community colleges like that would let most people in at the last minute. She could go this fall.

No. 312007

File: 1494691062320.png (986.12 KB, 1082x657, jillcosplay.png)

she made these 3 cosplays, at least these are ones I'm aware of. the quality decreased over the years lol

No. 312008

I can't believe I was even slightly impressed at her cure flora one when I first saw it. It's so floppy and cheap looking.

No. 312018

File: 1494692755336.png (106.69 KB, 750x874, IMG_1353.PNG)

No. 312023

What does she even have to be sad or anxious about? Not having more cash from mommy to spend on plastic children's toys?

No. 312039


>when u cant get tattoos without black lines, lik if u kry everytim3

No. 312062

I sometimes wonder if people like her would stop being faux-depressed if they left home, traveled and realized how many communities have actual hardships. I feel like even just her mentality of "everyone be nice!! the world must revolve around my feelings!!" would be crushed if she moved to a big city.

But then again whenever she travels within Canada, she only shops at mainstream chains then goes back to her hotel. She'll often say things in her videos that shows just how inexperienced she is with the rest of the country (incorrect/stupid facts, doesn't know geography, doesn't realize climate is different depending on the region etc). Literally said downtown Montreal and Halifax were ghetto or scary? in tourists areas lmao? Honestly she talks about the entire country as if it's all an isolated snow desert and not just PEI. Maybe ignorance is the cause of her depression.

And we already know what the Japan trip was like >>306506 can't imagine how bad her trips to America and the UK must of been.

No. 312063

I think there might be another reason why Jill wants to make a collection:

Project Runway.

You need pieces to show the jury before being chosen for the competition. Often designers have a collection to show design coherence.

No. 312079

i've been living for 2 years in Montréal and, compared to whatever tiny town in PEI she lives in (which might be similar to shitty Sherbrooke), it's just a regular big city without much stuff to do. honestly i don't know why everybody is so "marvelled" with the fact that her only occupation in life is shopping - Canada is boring as fuck. imagine living in that shitty tiny town without anything to do. i find myself guilty sometimes of doing that, just going window shopping. the thing with her is that she's lazy and has very permissive parents. i honestly think she has never heard a no from her mother. she never talks about fashion as her passion for the future, she always talks of it in a way she feels like she is the centrepiece. she is going to feel crushed when she gets into college and realize she's not going to be designing for herself.

tl;dr - she is going nowhere.

No. 312094

You have to be 21 to enter project runway, isn't she 19?

No. 312102

File: 1494700499877.png (674.07 KB, 931x451, 3444.png)

No. 312103

File: 1494700724420.jpg (106.69 KB, 960x720, 14650288_1746535628929612_8682…)

No. 312105

saiyan kei

No. 312114

File: 1494701597376.jpg (55.57 KB, 800x533, image.jpg)

No. 312118

woah seeing Jill 'in the wild' is so amazing, really makes you realize how much her 'professional' shots make use of angles/editing etc.
I mean her outfits look terrible even in her carefully planned photos, makes me really want to see more candid pictures of her lol

No. 312120

wow she looks fat here

No. 312125

Omg, eww. Her skirt buttons are really straining.

No. 312127

Yes, more.

No. 312130

No. 312146

File: 1494704500646.jpg (173.72 KB, 719x960, 10305502_817091871634627_35113…)

These aren't really 'in the wild' but here are some from the halifax fashion walk that i've never seen before

No. 312147

File: 1494704516709.jpg (85.23 KB, 960x639, 10352785_628424283898481_48635…)

No. 312148

File: 1494704529917.jpg (63.74 KB, 960x637, 10363338_628424507231792_85319…)

No. 312149

File: 1494704541149.png (69.82 KB, 750x493, IMG_3242.PNG)


No. 312150

File: 1494704561881.jpg (136.85 KB, 960x640, 10367593_817084748302006_90011…)

No. 312153

This is from summer 2014. Towards the end of her ED when she actually started recovering. Just clarifying for comparison's sake.

No. 312156

File: 1494704827747.png (79.92 KB, 750x788, IMG_1362.PNG)

No. 312160


technically it's not an accredited university, but still, does she somehow think her high school art classes were superior and count as actual experience/education?

Has she even spoken to an adviser or had an appointment with the admissions office?

Who told her she could get special treatment.. without even having visited the college yet.

No. 312164

File: 1494705241375.png (85.38 KB, 750x558, IMG_1364.PNG)

She's obviously aiming for the "Equivalent Experience", and if she sells herself and her YouTube career she might be able to get it

No. 312165

File: 1494705244703.png (26.72 KB, 985x527, 789.png)

Why did nobody teach this girl internet safety?


No. 312168

yeah it's already been mentioned a few times but a requirement for 'equivalent experience' exception is being 21 years old

it's basically another term for 'mature student' status

No. 312170

File: 1494705613137.png (60.13 KB, 750x434, IMG_1365.PNG)

No it's not

No. 312171

i dont see any problems here

No. 312173

File: 1494705956897.jpg (87.24 KB, 640x480, Photoon20131017at22062.jpg)

No. 312174

File: 1494705976419.jpg (430.82 KB, 900x1200, file.jpg)

No. 312177

File: 1494706165282.jpg (79.16 KB, 600x450, Photoon20131013at1218.jpg)

No. 312178

File: 1494706181792.jpg (90.45 KB, 640x480, Photoon20131013at1252.jpg)

No. 312179

File: 1494706194357.jpg (91.88 KB, 450x600, file (1).jpg)

No. 312182

File: 1494706358795.png (11.67 KB, 637x201, af1.png)

No. 312184


No. 312189

File: 1494707679014.jpg (85.16 KB, 800x571, 1010039_552529038126738_165214…)

No. 312191

Wonder what happened to the Ita chan

No. 312193

File: 1494707994202.png (45.73 KB, 645x491, af2.png)

No. 312197

Why doesn't she mention Muse or HP anymore???

No. 312201

She does mention muse doesn't she? If I remember she went to see them in concert last year

No. 312202

yeah but like, not as much as she claims to love them

No. 312207


Because it's not ~kawaii~, Anon.

No. 312210

This is the first time I've seen her mention sci-fi. Interesting.

I remember when she skipped Halcon in 2015, her reason was that it was more of a sci-fi/comic convention rather than anime/jfashion which I guess wasn't worth her time. Wonder why she lost interest within those two years.

Overall, she seems like a much more normal and well-rounded person at the time. Very ironic considering this was from the depths of her ED and mental issues apparently.

I'm assuming she got medication shortly after and somehow her personality went downhill from there? Not trying to shit on prescriptions for mental illness. But I literally don't get how her personality has only gotten worse over the years. It's like her maturity was stunted.

No. 312214

This post is from 2013 I hope you all noticed that

No. 312259

She looks exactly like Louise here

No. 312268

I think anon means her writing out her whole name with location

No. 312269

>one of the best fashion design schools in the country

top fucking kek, anon

Does anyone know where she's applying? In my experience most schools worth their salt (CSM, LCF, Parsons, FIT, RISD etc) will request sketches with swatches, a moodboard, and then often will ask for photos of a garment you've made simply to prove you can very basically operate a sewing machine– using a commercial pattern is fine. Bunka does have an english language grad course iirc but Jill wouldn't qualify.

Fashion design school is a pretty big waste of money. One would do just as well to go live in NYC or London for a few years doing unpaid internships, temp work and odd fashion jobs, networking and working your way up. This is just going to be yet another outlet for this girl to piss away her parents' cash, ESPECIALLY if she chooses a useless trust-fund-leech like FIDM. She'd be much wiser to get a degree in advertising or merchandising. /rant

No. 312275

It's not the most cohesive outfit or anything but compared to what she wears now its so much better, more creative and the colors suited her better. Her girly/gyaru(?) phase was the best for her tho, I can't believe she's gotten WORSE at dressing herself over time, how does that happen?

No. 312281

You're just regurgitating what everyone else already pointed out. Her choice of school was picked apart earlier in the thread.

No. 312287

Why isn't she wearing a petticoat?

No. 312290

Haha, is she even popular enough to be invited to vid-con or is she just going as an attendee and will hope people will recognize her?

No. 312291

File: 1494717982981.png (155.49 KB, 750x1086, IMG_1393.PNG)

What, fifth profile picture change in the last 30 days?

No. 312292

She does, and those are some really, really unfortunate genetics. Pair that with her ED (over-eating sugary trash) and she's going to age badly.

No. 312293

File: 1494718043956.png (107.74 KB, 750x1022, IMG_1391.PNG)

Saturday video also confirmed to be late. Jill edit videos before the day you plan on uploading then

No. 312303

This was her attempt at fairy kei, anon. The coord isn't even remotely lolita.

No. 312304

I don't want to sound like a dick because I can absolutely relate to missing a certain country a lot, but… what exactly does Jill like so much about Japan?
Maybe she has a good reason but the only thing she's ever shown/said about her Japan experience was shopping. She enjoyed the clothing stores, candy and cartoon merchandise. Why does she miss it so much now? She never mentions anything about actually sentimental reasons or even just enjoying the environment/food/culture/people etc…

No. 312307

File: 1494719419679.jpg (100.06 KB, 729x272, group-with-label-R1.jpg)

offtopic but I think I found pixies new obsession once shes over puppy surprises

No. 312309

>I think i'm already set to be sad forever

no one ever calls her out on the fake depression bullshit so she thinks she can milk any subject matter for pity points

No. 312310

She's applying to nbccd >>312149
She will need a portfolio because she's applying straight into the program trying to use the "equivalent experience" option because she technically could count for it if she sells herself right >>312170

No. 312322

She sure says she wants to die a lot lately. I'm surprised she can be even more insufferable.

No. 312325

going to start a go fund me for her to die so she can finally live out her dreams

No. 312327

File: 1494721071036.png (192.98 KB, 1292x1096, bpart1.png)

No. 312328

File: 1494721089891.png (113.89 KB, 1284x934, bpart2.png)

No. 312329

So four years ago she had different plans? I get why you're posting this but a lot of this has been posted before, and it's pretty obvious she realized that going to Bunka isn't going to work for her. Her dreams in the beginning of High School are different then hers now big deal, I don't know many people who didn't change what they wanted to do

No. 312333

Mind explaining what equivalent experience she has though? Can you imagine being the admissions person evaluating her application.. they're expecting applicants who have actual careers or other certificates in the arts or at least attended workshops on a regular basis. Her art has never been presented in a gallery. She's never done craft fairs. She isn't a community organizer. What part of her CV is so impressive?

No. 312334

Her "sad" and "want to die" all the time is getting a bit annoying

No. 312337

She'll probably use winning the cosplay contest awards, running a successful fashion channel, probably selling her designs on redbubble/spread shirt, and selling at artist ally' and having her Storenvy shop as well. Not saying it'll work, but if she does it right it might

No. 312338

That pullip rip off wow… how does this company get away with it?

No. 312341

tbh i think she looks cute here

No. 312351

don't give her any more ideas on how to waste her money, anon. she already mentioned she loved Blythe dolls, but apparently a collectable burando doll is too expensive, but useless polyester shit that will fall apart within weeks and won't fit her properly to begin with is totally worth it. she never fails to annoy me.

No. 312355

None of that counts as equivalent experience. Equivalent experience is actual WORK in the field, not cosplay (Fashion schools will laugh in your fucking face if you try to bring cosplay up) and not running a pre-printed tshirt store.

No. 312359

Doesn't mean she isn't going to try

No. 312366

New fucking Brunswick. Just why? This girl's parents seem like they're rich enough to send her to a decent school.

oh be mad

She looks pretty good in these photos, although in part because she doesn't have the harsh roots or sloppily blocked rainbow coloring she's got now. The eyelashes help a lot too.

No. 312370

Fucking top kek, anon

No. 312389

>Fashion design school is a pretty big waste of money. One would do just as well to go live in NYC or London for a few years doing unpaid internships, temp work and odd fashion jobs, networking and working your way up
Fashion student, can confirm.

No. 312595

I can't wait to see that mess

No. 312602

File: 1494765638152.png (27.12 KB, 422x135, 8475934.png)

No. 312604

Then I can leech of him forever

No. 312620

She will find literally any way to make her life easier. I understand giving up on bunka, because while it is possible it's also somewhat of a wild dream. But now she keeps nitpicking why all the universities aren't good enough for her. She's just afraid of moving to a bigger city even if it's reasonable travel distance back home. Her parents will fill her pockets, so it's not a financial decision.

It's really annoying to see her complain about 4 year degrees being too much work, so her solution is trying to force a 3 year shit diploma into 2 years. It's clear jill thinks of herself as so special and massively talented that she's entitled to success no matter what.

Not to mention, relying on her partner for school, moving out etc is gag worthy. She treats Colin like a personal servant. I really hope he dumps her and makes use of his education. What would she do with herself then lmao

No. 312630

No. 312633

whats the point? Peach already did this

No. 312635

File: 1494769586293.png (68.28 KB, 165x242, Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 2.46…)

No. 312636

File: 1494769645113.png (257.11 KB, 543x286, Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 2.47…)

No. 312657

>we went to a cafe
>then we went shopping
>and more shopping

But this trip totally wasn't just a shopping spree guys!!!

No. 312662

File: 1494773158139.png (288.32 KB, 750x1071, IMG_1400.PNG)

No. 312668


ngl this looks pretty cute but knowing that her mom is the only best friend (beside her bf) gives me a really sad vibe.

No. 312674

this is really cute until you realize her mom probably paid for all of the stuff to make it

No. 312705

Wow, the kawaii monster cafe food looks vile. So much artificial shit… not surprised Jill loved it.
There are so many ugly aesthetics in this video

No. 312713

Ever other review I've seen from yorubers said the food was gross/boring, no wonder she likes it.

No. 312751

for real? deets pls

No. 312766


right? that whole cafe looked stupid as fuck. im hoping there was more to that performance cause wtf was that even

No. 312790

The food looks like sugary garbage, which is sad because you can do cute without it all being marshmallows and sugar trash.

No. 312795

She says she understood 75% of the PreCure movie, but she couldn't even write her name in hiragana (and neither could Peach lmao).

No. 312866

Those things are ugly as fuck she'll love em

No. 312874

I can't read that font. Shitnjuku? Sounds about right for Jill, actually.

No. 312876

It looked more like a Chuck E. Cheese joint than it did a café.

No. 312879

Its meant to be 'shibujuku' but I read 'shitnjnku' at first lmao

No. 312885

these kinda look like La Dee Da dolls

No. 312902

When I went it was 90% parents with their young children so that's pretty accurate. It was overpriced garbage tbh and the wait staff was horrible.

No. 312921

File: 1494803254331.png (162.39 KB, 750x917, IMG_1427.PNG)

No. 312923

Pixie wah are you doing? You don't know how to interact with people and you have ur anxiety uwu

No. 312960

I swear she's moving there to be closer to her ~home convention~ not because she actually cares about her education

No. 313029

So which one of you are going to go and get pics for us

No. 313042

>implying anyone is going to be there at all

Lol birthday all over again

No. 313051

exactly. if she uploaded it the same time there might be somewhat interest in this

No. 313136

File: 1494835973022.jpg (9.75 KB, 292x215, 15293.jpg)

>Peach: This (cheap pompom earring) is reminding me of childhood for some reason.
>Jill: [EY'S IN CANADIAN] It reminds me of, like, the earth.
>Peach: Yeah.
>Jill: And like a crayon box. BUTLIKE the Crayola, like the make it yourself crayons.
>Peach: Yeah…

No. 313175

They sound stoned. If that's the conversation on recording, then imagine what they were saying when the camera was off.

No. 313232

I just need someone to at least hide in the bushes.

No. 313239

I keep trying to tell myself that Jill doesn't really look that haggard and it's just bad lighting and lack of commonly used beauty-enhancing video filters making her look so wrinkled compared to other people on social media, but then there is Peach right next to her also unedited and looking 15 years younger than Jill

No. 313270

Her face and makeup is just awful but that being said I didn't think she looked much bigger than the other girl in that video. Does anyone know peach-chan's approximate weight?

No. 313298

File: 1494863372408.png (420.53 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1443.PNG)

I wonder if Jill reads the Jvlogger thread as well

No. 313310

she liked that a month ago though, before any drama was really confirmed

also she considers herself friends with sharla so I doubt she'd passive aggressively side with mimei

No. 313322

File: 1494865399190.jpg (161.83 KB, 691x274, 4557.jpg)

lol excuses keep changing

tons of her videos have nothing to do with fashion, who is she kidding trying to take herself so seriously?

No. 313325


>some photos

wasn't it just ONE picture?? How many vlogs does she plan to release? it's been almost 3 months and she isn't still done? I swear, next year around this time we will maybe witness the final vlog of this trip.

No. 313326

File: 1494865658414.jpg (261.21 KB, 665x456, 4559.jpg)

No. 313331


I bet she hasn't studied any Japanese at all. In fact, she probably only knows basic phrases from watching the sub of Precure.

No. 313334

She's said multiple times that she thinks her audience won't care about her non-kawaii/weeby interests and that's why she never mentions it.

No. 313338

File: 1494867069552.png (21.75 KB, 647x255, 567890.png)

she's been lying about learning Japanese for years

No. 313343

>fluent when finishing high school
top fucking kek
even if you study japanese fulltime at a college outside of japan you need like several years to be able to hold a simple conversation. but child prodegy over here wanted to be fluent when finishing high school. kek

No. 313346

To be fair to her, if you stop practicing for a long time you can forget how to write. But you'd assume she'd refresh before the trip so who knows.

No. 313347


kek, at this, ugly girl squad

No. 313348

Even if you forget how to write, recognition is usually a lot easier than remembering each character. She should have been able to look at that screen and figure out SOMETHING.

No. 313349

File: 1494867737473.png (362.81 KB, 640x480, tumblr_lq8yunGJuk1qfdplwo1_128…)

No. 313350

File: 1494867757684.png (342.69 KB, 640x480, tumblr_ldp8mjW7jv1qfdplwo1_128…)

No. 313351

But she also mentioned in videos that she feels like the wouldn't like her talking about anime
Does Jill know her aduence at all?

No. 313353

>oh no I totally vlogged but I lost the footage teehee
>oh no I just didn't film much so I figured I wouldn't post it

I would bet real money that all the footage was of her complaining that she didn't get to choose what they were doing and that she couldn't go shopping for her kawaii hord pile

No. 313356

File: 1494868116229.png (752.88 KB, 707x865, peach.png)

On her page PeachMilky states that she's 5'4", and in this picture she's wearing a skirt from Himi Fashion. The measurements in the description for that skirt are: Waist 72 cm (28 inches), Hips 84 cm (33 inches).
Hope that helps at all! Maybe if you find the measurements of some of Jill's clothing you can compare or something idk.

No. 313357

I think it's bullshit she wouldn't be able to type out her name on a keyboard if she actually knew Japanese.

No. 313358

Whoever keeps photo spamming: most of these have been posted in past threads or are completely irreverent. Either make a point with them or stop making gaps in the conversation

No. 313362

why continue studying if you're never gonna go back to japan for more than another shopping spree at american clothing stores, realistically

pretty much this, we all know her mom filmed on her own camera alongside jill so she has all the footage, and jill gave no fucks having her mom be the cameraperson for her "vlogs" so… obviously it exists somewhere

are you peachmilky


No. 313367

Sage; but Jill is around 5' and was too big for those size small silk track pants her mom got her for Christmas had 35inch hip according to dollskill and I think 28inch waist

No. 313371

File: 1494868985779.png (176.64 KB, 750x852, IMG_1445.PNG)

I wonder if Jill is hoping this is successful enough to be able to add it her collage app that she hosted fashion events
Ironically, even with posting this to her Pixielocks page there are only 9 confirmed attendies. I wonder how the jfas com in the area thinks of her

No. 313373

She's actually 5'2 she recently started claiming to be smaller so people would think that she is "smol and delicate"

No. 313375


No. 313381

The atlantic canada jfash comm usually kiss her ass. She'll have a turnout of her usual "friends" (people she sees once or twice a year at the same con).

It's a small comm to begin with, she obviously has the biggest following. Animaritime's attendance is 1k tops lol.

No. 313384

File: 1494870574078.png (132.14 KB, 750x895, IMG_1446.PNG)

I wonder where they were shopping before this

No. 313392

This. My sister-in-law has lived full-time in Japan for about four years now and still isn't fully conversational. It takes a long time to learn and speak like a natural.

No. 313410

i'm still waiting for jill to do a best friend tag with her mum tbh

No. 313417

She's not 5'2". I've met her, and she's shorter than me, and I'm 5'2".

No. 313419

Yup, Japanese takes an abnormal amount of time to learn. I studied Japanese in university and went to school there for 1 year, and still need years more to feel comfortable watching tv shows/movies without subtitles.

No. 313425

She doesn't wear jfashion and she never went to anything the comm had before (besides like two things) and she certainly doesn't now lol

We have a lot of mutual friends and its actually insane how much they all are in love with her and she honestly treats them like garbage

No. 313428

How does she treat them like garbage?

No. 313429

she literally gets one of the girl's names wrong in one of her con vlogs but still acts like they're bffs lol

No. 313547

File: 1494880624126.jpg (379.71 KB, 616x918, Cokup6u.jpg)

"Child with underdeveloped face takes delusional grandma out of the nursing home for a day"

No. 313584

oh man that is not a good angle for peachymilky

No. 313595

sage for slight ot but holy shit this girl is basically Jillian but black

No. 313601

File: 1494885573879.png (1.09 MB, 891x867, tasselfairy.png)

they even have the same bag lol
at least this girl seems somewhat more capable at coordinating, like picking a solid main piece instead of having everything be rainbow colored… I guess it's still not that much of a step up

No. 313618

i don't even know who's supposed to fit each part of that caption but it works regardless

No. 313623

Didn't know this chick had a youtube but honestly there's a couple differences.

Particularly the fact that she runs a succesful business, which is how she became known on social media, I know this because we sold her brand when I worked at Urban Outfitters. She does interior deco designs, so clearly isn't a draining child like jill.

No. 313624

File: 1494887046684.png (161.44 KB, 750x1012, IMG_1452.PNG)

Yes support business that are causing the destruction of brands like Spank and are part of the problem when it comes to the disappearance of small brands in Harajuku but it's alright because they give you a good employee discount I bet uwu

No. 313625

File: 1494887094186.png (81.37 KB, 750x879, IMG_1453.PNG)

No. 313627

Seriously, why does this bitch host a 'Japanese Street Fashion meet up'? She doesn't even wear J-fashion… Like just cuz she bought a couple pieces on her Japan trip suddenly she claims that she's wearing it again? Why not just host a general street/alt fashion meet up…
Ugh this triggers me

No. 313635

If she comes to the uk the uk jfashion comm is not gonna be happy

No. 313644

except claire's is for preteen girls

No. 313656

These bitches need to grow the fuck up. This reads like my 2009 facebook posts which I cringe over every time they pop up. It's one thing to like cute youthful shit but some things are too much..

No. 313661

that purikura part is pure cringe

No. 313666

i second this, im so curious !!

No. 313667

i was laughing so hard at that part kek

No. 313669

this one is actually hilarious

No. 313681

Wow, really now? Japanese is simple as fuck. The only difficult part is remembering great amounts of kanji and you don't even need that for conversation. You do need to spend a lot of time on it, a least one hour every day without fail, if you're starting from scratch, but at the time it wouldn't have been such an unreachable goal for her to get N3 or even N2 by the time she went to Japan. Too bad she's a lazy bum.

No. 313686

Woah anon, do you understand that people learn on different levels and not everyone picks up languages easily? I know this is lolcow, but relax with the superiority complex and get back OT.

No. 313748

She's always been sucking up to the uk wannabes, hell even the innocent ones like Peachie. I could see Jill clamouring for a collab.

No. 313778

>business that are causing the destruction of brands like Spank

not…. really. gentrifying harajuku maybe, but no one is forgoing spank for claires. different markets.

No. 313785

Pretty sure that's exactly what anon meant.

And since Jillian made a big deal about supporting small brands in her Harajuku video, the cognitive dissonance is at the very least amusing.

Like yes whatever, shop wherever you want, work wherever you want. But don't then take stances on things where you actions will betray god so called beliefs (not just this, but also the jeffrey star stuff, other sjw causes she bandwagons on but doesn't actually care about…)

No. 313786

*betray your

Not sure where god comes into this but ok autocorrect.

No. 313801

>I didn't film a ton because I didn't think my audience on here would find it very interesting becacuse it has nothing to do with fashion

Wow, way to dumb down your delusional audience further.

>Maybe if you find the measurements of some of Jill's clothing you can compare or something idk

I agree. Her nose looks huge from that angle.

No. 313876

peachmilky is probably about 110-115. She's pretty thin for her height. Jill is several inches shorter than her and I would probably say she's about 125-130.

No. 313891

it still holds weight. the amount of friends she has has nothing to do with how well she gets along with her mother.
not defending her, but i can also think of many videos where she is hanging out with other people even though i barely follow this thread.

No. 313945

I doubt she'll go to scotland to see peachie. She'll probably go to London and hang with Phoenix. The london j-fashion community is really cringey, they're all so much younger than the Lolitas.

No. 313959

Other people…. who? She's only ever featured her boyfriends in videos. Until she went to Japan to do her first collabs with people she never met before. Or she shows off some acquaintances in con vlogs >>313429

If you have more milk about her imaginary friends anon, please do share.

No. 313979

Pretty sure peachie is from Ireland anon. Different landmass, different country.

No. 313980

Peachie is Scottish

No. 313983

File: 1494938916754.png (721.99 KB, 842x545, peach.png)

I started going through PeachMilkys japan vlogs now too
Peachmilky game
take a shot every time she looks at herself in her camera screen and/or makes this face

No. 313984

she's from Northern Ireland

No. 313999


Learning Kana is pretty basic tho. Japanese professors at uni level expected us to know both sets two weeks into the semester. It's just basic memorization and practice. Jill has too much free time to use Japanese being too difficult/time intensive as an excuse to not know the literal Japanese equivalent to her ABCs after multiple years.


Peachie (PrincessPeachie) and Sophie (PeachMilkyTea) are two different people probably from two different countries.

No. 314017

This, though I'm more appalled at Peachmilky not being able to write her name either when she literally lives in Japan, wtf? But it is amazing how delusional Jill has been saying she wanted to move to Japan when after several years of pretending she couldn't even be fucked to learn to write her own name in the language.

No. 314028


Considering how self-centered Jill is, you'd think it would be the first thing she learned, even if she just memorized which symbols together make up her name.

No. 314029

>I'm more appalled at Peachmilky not being able to write her name either
Same, especially since it seems she's been "studying" Japanese for at least 4 years and I constantly see her retweet/favorite anyone who tweets at her in Japanese.

No. 314032

If you really wanna give them the benefit of the doubt, the only possible excuse for either of them is that the font in the purikura machines might be handwriting style or bubble fonts to look cutesy and they had trouble reading because of that, and they mentioned something about a time limit, but still, years 'studying nihongo' and neither of them know anything. At least Sophie can dress herself.

No. 314035

File: 1494945762277.png (280.47 KB, 561x340, 2345246.png)

The font was perfectly readable. They just don't know basic kana.

No. 314038

PrincessPeachie is from Scotland. PeachyMilkTea/Sophie is from Ireland.

No. 314053


No. 314055

well yeah, what other order would they put them in??

No. 314056

man I've never studied Japanese in my life and even I recognize most of these just from shopping on Japanese sites and being into some weeb stuff… I can't believe she left this embarrassing footage in lol

No. 314059

I just meant that it is absolutely hilarious how Jill couldn't even figure that much out.

No. 314079

Didn't realise there were two peaches being discussed, my bad

No. 314080

File: 1494951401513.png (40.63 KB, 750x358, IMG_1456.PNG)

No. 314081

File: 1494951416114.png (81.27 KB, 750x792, IMG_1457.PNG)

No. 314085

theres no way she'd look good in their stuff most of it is skin tight

No. 314089

None of their stuff fits her aesthetic at all, but I'm sure she will let them send her product/money regardless, just like she did with those black YRU shoes from Zooji.

No. 314098

File: 1494953447052.jpg (612.11 KB, 1460x874, E6frK38.jpg)

Is she seriously excited to sponsor this forever 21 tier overpriced trash? I've never heard of this site in my life but everything is ugly, tacky, and cheap looking

No. 314109

those online shops are a dime a dozen lol I've actually heard of them before but they haven't been popular since 2011-2012

No. 314112

I don't think this is an online retailer, they design/make/sell their own stuff. Regardless, it's overpriced spandex garbage.

No. 314124

Milk's clothing is all shitty polyester trash, and overpriced for something that's probably made in some sweatshop, but they do have a pretty loyal following. They were really popular at some point.

No. 314125

Kek she dyed her hair all pink with rainbow bangs, didn't we already predict her copying Kammie in the last thread

No. 314128

pics? seeing as this is y'know, an image board

No. 314130

File: 1494957048883.png (1.66 MB, 1202x1194, Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 2.49…)

The pink doesn't even match the pink in her bangs.

No. 314131

I wish she would wear her bangs down more, it looks way better than her usual 'hairstyle'

No. 314135

Kammie ripoff or not this is really adorable and does have that 80's MLP and Spank! vibe (I remember seeing a couple Spank! customers have this type of hair several years ago), though sadly she will probably go back to pulling it into a greasy bun, bangs and all, every day again soon.

No. 314142

She should grow her hair, this hair cut makes her look like a mom plus with her face…

No. 314152

I haven't studied Japanese in over 5 years, but I was able to remember the figures when looking at them. There's no excuse for not knowing freaking hirigana if you're studying Japanese

No. 314158

Yeah, it would be cute if the pink matched.

No. 314159

File: 1494960801710.png (821.29 KB, 591x591, SyHsG3w.png)

Genuinely looks like a 35 year old mentally unstable woman here

No. 314167

she looks a million times better with her bangs down, but i'm sure she'll pin them back

No. 314171

yep, I also still own one of their ribcage swimsuits. they were pretty sought after ~five years ago.

No. 314173

isn't black milk that company that's notorious for stealing designs from artists?

No. 314174

Her hair looks a lot better when she copies someone else instead of trying to have her own thing.

No. 314193

Most people who attend Animaritime go in cosplay. Maybe a few Lolita weebs here and there. But yeah she's not gonna get many people into jfashion, kek.
She'll get a few of her little fans probably. Not looking forward to an insufferable ego boost.

No. 314329

As well as preferring tall and slender people in their clothes for promo. Example >>314098
Maybe they have a new line of rainbow vomit ponchos or something.

No. 314364

Maybe they're doing a plus sized line just for her

No. 314367

File: 1494984626639.png (91.27 KB, 750x539, IMG_1465.PNG)

I'm so excited to see this Jill hissy fit that comes from the mess this is going to be

No. 314376

I mean most companies prefer that type of model.

No. 314400

>if we can't use the square we can walk together to find another spot!
This shit is going to be a fantastic train wreck oh my god

No. 314417


ah shit, now i actually want to know whats the truth. she's def around that range of height though

No. 314418


people don't even talk about BlackMilk anymore. they need to lower those prices asap

No. 314450

lmao this will result in her either canceling the plans because it's too much effort, or, her making the girls who come aimlessly wander around the city looking for a spot while she whines the entire time

No. 314485

Her dark eyes have always been pretty, she should loose the rainbow vomit charade and dress more maturely and not dye her hair, earthy colors would look good on her. Plus loose some weight. Then she'll just look like a nice 35 year old woman.

No. 314560

She did host a lolita meet up around two years ago which was fine afaik. Can't find any pics though.

No. 314576

its Canada's 150th and she thinks she can use a public space on Canada day weekend in new Brunswick's capital. Good luck.

No. 314590

Jill isn't the brightest crayon in the make your own crayola kit

No. 314600

No. 314602

haven't watched yet but would be hilarious if she pulled a milkyfawn and abandoned everything

No. 314610

Yes. I still have their original galaxy leggings and they're much better quality than all of the copies that came out. No idea how their quality/originality these days, though.

No. 314612

Baby ur bootiful shake of da haterz you're perfect

No. 314614

lol the problem isn't that she's too old, it's that she dresses badly

No. 314619

This. No one cares how old you are Jill, you just suck at it

No. 314631

Man that reddit thing must have really gotten to her. By the way, I just looked through both the comments on there and on the Sharla video, and I couldn't find a single one telling her to stop dressing the way she does. Yeah, many people are critical of her hair and such, but there are just as many, if not more positive comments. If you dress 'out there' you have to expect people to comment on it, it's a natural thing.
Also, there's a lot of people who are older than her and dress in similar styles, but they get way less 'mean hater comments' just because they dress more nicely/look more put together…
I feel like she focuses so much on the age thing because she doesn't want to realize that there's a ton of people out there who dislike her style.

No. 314634


You will NEVER be baddie winkle, jillian

No. 314641


Being mistaken for 30 must have hit her in a sore spot. Just another video to milk in the validation of others under the pretense of being supportive of others that dress alternatively.

She just needs to balance her outfits better and take better care of her hair and skin. She wears too many statement pieces at once and unflattering pieces so its no wonder people are not taken to her "style".

No. 314643

File: 1495030974224.jpg (18.99 KB, 846x103, jhsdjf.jpg)

she really enjoys messing with other people's hair, huh

No. 314651

aw its sad her mum is her only friend

No. 314658

she wants everyone to look like a fried hair goblin to match her

No. 314661

I bet Jill would be the sort of person who is isnulted if they don't get carded

No. 314673

Jill has such a twisted sense of success. She commented on there that Baddie winkle and Betsy Johnson still wear this fashion and make "tons of money" before even explaining that they're doing what they love. Her obsession with money is frightening

No. 314674

The main difference there being Baddie Winkle doesn't give a shit about tacky ugly teen fashion and just has an enterprising relative (granddaughter?) who has worked with her to target current trends and get tons of money through sponsors. Jill is just wearing whatever unpopular ugly crap she likes because she has delusions of becoming successful through that

No. 314698

kek at the part where she tries to give advice to 30-50 year olds, fuck off jill you know nothing

she seems to always find a way to weasel out of admitting she reads on here, she'll even read through thousands of comments on other videos she's featured in just to find one that agrees with us

No. 314705

Jill saying "I love you" is so insincere

No. 314707

Especially considering how unaffectionate she is with her own partner oof

No. 314710

This video is such a trainwreck I don't even know where to begin.
You sure are NOT BOTHERED, Jill. It's pretty obvious she's talking about comments here versus comments on Sharlas vid or Reddit. And kek at her having to interject when editing that it's okay to have jobs that aren't aesthetic enough

No. 314713

File: 1495040926201.png (84.12 KB, 750x619, IMG_1472.PNG)

This was the only comment about her age I could find on Sharlas video, and it doesn't seem like the one she's talking about in her own video

No. 314716

>19 years old
>guys, am I too old??
I honestly feel bad for her, she wears all this flashy shit but she's so desperate to get people's approval that I feel like she can't even truly enjoy anything without stopping to justify and defend herself, and you simply can't expect everyone to be nice to you, especially if you stand out in any way.

No. 314717

Also isn't Sharla close to 30? Wouldn't it make sense for her to hang out with people close to her own age? Even if you ignore how Pixie looks, her being around Sharla would be enough for me to assume she's probably in her mid-20s, at least.

No. 314718


That advice to "older" people made me want to scream. Contradicting herself over and over again… Wish someone would tell her that people past 25 of age aren't actually braindead.

Also, she should delay the tattoo until she's IN the fashion business. If it's that much of an issue.

No. 314722

This is clearly about what has been said in this thread, she really needs to stop responding to everything within days.

Pretty sure Sharla's over 30, like 31?

No. 314747

That's a stretch. No doubt half of you will disagree but girl does not look 30. Idk something about the top comment irritates me too

No. 314750

I don't think she looks 30 at all lol. Maybe 22-23 at most. But she has signs that if she doesn't start taking care of herself and her skin, she will start aging like milk

No. 314764

File: 1495047503846.jpg (46.15 KB, 600x632, 5475850798.jpg)

>"My backup plans would be hair stylist and cat cafe owner"
>hair stylist

No. 314774

i am sure great clips would take her

No. 314783

File: 1495049231644.jpg (598.27 KB, 2048x2048, 1F1FDC00-7F12-4917-B2C3-E0979C…)

No. 314803

Jill really does read the comments here. Lol. She needs to get a life and stop seeking attention through her ridiculous attire.

No. 314901

Such a stupid nitpick but I fucking hate that song she always has playing in her videos

No. 314951

sage for ot but I miss lolita Jill, looking back now she was still dumb but anything was better than who she is now, she has literally zero substance

No. 314967

Jill died while a lolita and was replaced during the identity video.

No. 314989

Isn't she too big for black milk clothing?

No. 314990

why does Jill remind me of ForeverKailyn?

No. 314992

Hahahaaha she def got butthurt when people called her 30. You can tell.

No. 315001

I said this in the previous thread . It's the jowels and chicken tendies and being overly spoiled by her mother

No. 315003

that makes 3 of us anons, she's also kind of like allie kay walter (similar ugly hoarder rooms)

No. 315007

Chicken tendies? What are you 5?

No. 315009


dont imply chicken tendies are for 5 year olds or jill will sharpen her best ones and come after you for making her feel too old

No. 315010

not the same anon, but you must not browse the internet regularly. The term "tendies" is a sort of meme at this point.

No. 315024

it's two anons here who keep pushing the shitty meme

No. 315027

go eat a vegetable jill

No. 315035

Ausfag chiming in on the blackmilk stuff - they're still relevant in the australian scene especially with their past few licensed HP and comic releases. They also make a pretty big deal about manufacturing all their stuff locally in aus so that's half an excuse for their sky high prices. their standards must be dropping if they expect jill to style it well though lol

No. 315154

"I don't think I'll ever be in a position where my style will clash with my line of work"

Even with her disclaimer this is honestly…really sad. It shows just how comfy she is/much she's able to live off of jobs like Claire's (wouldn't call it that since she lives at home rent free) and because of this is able to say this. I'm not saying everyone needs an office job but she sounds so snotty and naive.

No. 315158

Her obsession with making every aspect of her life aesthetic and telling people its okay to "work around" having a work life and personal life is kind of gross

No. 315251

Like Jill even has the right to be picky about who sponsors her ass! Kek No wonder such a lack luster brand would select a plastic hoardering weeb to promo their hideous poly elastane line.

No. 315433

File: 1495104530793.jpg (182.58 KB, 625x960, IMG_8076.JPG)

The only party kei outfit that matters

No. 315442

it's hilarious how this is more of a party kei outfit than anything Jill has ever worn, since according to her it was supposed to have a slumber party like feel.
also it still triggers me that she calls it party KEI and is acting like she's wearing an actual J-fashion.

No. 315455

File: 1495108227846.png (35.68 KB, 928x198, Untitled-1.png)

Because 30 year olds can't be 5 feet tall? What the fuck does height have to do with age (post puberty)?

Also "baby face" lmao sure Jill.

No. 315457

She thinks she has a baby face? haha no honey you look saggy and old.

No. 315458

File: 1495108763667.jpg (424.72 KB, 684x638, 5550.jpg)

>I would take the anthropology plan and chuck it out the window
kek relevant

No. 315460

Baby face is not the same as being fat Jill kek

No. 315462

File: 1495109173538.jpg (70.2 KB, 640x640, tumblr_ni9s5vErIE1qfdplwo1_128…)


She probably views herself like it's still 2015

No. 315464

File: 1495109225723.png (1.68 MB, 1007x1600, tumblr_nhmwf4JyQ11qfdplwo5_128…)

No. 315467

She peeked so soon. It's that eyebrow raise, it was fine then but you can really see the effect it's had

No. 315469

File: 1495110039058.gif (640.64 KB, 638x349, IMG_8081.GIF)

No. 315471

File: 1495110559907.jpg (36.72 KB, 1000x665, botoks1.jpg)

idk my mom's side of the family is a mix of french and scottish, we all have those downward lines although they're a bit higher so they aren't confused with our eyebrows

pic related, I googled "white people forehead" and even the first stock photos show this

I think diagonal lines are common but Jill is particularly bad at hairstyles that bring attention to it and terrible with camera angles

No. 315476

I have them, only faintly, but I'm younger than Jill. But I got a haircut to cover them up, and Jill has the same hair cut, I don't know why she doesn't let her bangs down.

No. 315482

File: 1495112803799.png (522.37 KB, 553x826, untitled.png)

b-baby face? does she even know what that means?
if someone showed me a picture of Jill and I had to guess her age I would definitely assume she's older than 19…
it's not even that she's that wrinkly/old looking or whatever, but just her overall appearance… the yellow teeth, those awful glasses, the wacky colored hair, no fashion sense at all
her style makes her look like a weird granny that aged well tbh lol

No. 315487

File: 1495113385576.jpg (94.56 KB, 970x412, baby jane.jpg)

Jillian pls, the only baby you resemble is Baby Jane.
>pls forgive me Bette Davis

Her face alone is definitely more aged-looking than you'd expect from a 19-year-old but she could work around that with flattering makeup and hairstyling. Instead, she continually makes the least flattering choices possible and ends up looking like a kooky out-of-touch 50-something. It would almost be endearing if she actually embraced the kooky out-of-touch 50-something look but
>baby face

No. 315493

It's so stupid because most 30 year olds look better than her.

No. 315496

It's also like she doesn't realize that you can still have a professional job and have an alternative style. Many places don't care as much as they used to now, and even if you can only get away with small things at work, that doesn't mean you can't go crazy afterwards or on the weekends. Work doesn't have to be your one pure identity. Got tattoos? Cover them at work if you need to. Into lolita? Class it up and tone it down. This stuff isn't rocket science.

No. 315545

The only place you can discuss Jill uncensored by Jill

No. 315622

She doesn't reem to understand that most people don't dress for their job the same way they dress on their free time. Would it really be so hard for her to go for 8 hours without looking like a pink christmas tree?

No. 315626


If she walked into any serious job looking like that, they'd think she was some poor mentally ill girl. She really does dress like a kooky, out of touch, "I'm a young spirit" 30-something.

I'm wondering if she got her 4 hours a week Claire's job because of pity.

No. 315631

Excuse you anon she works a whopping 8 hours per week, do you know how hard it is holding THREE JOBS? Thats 8 + 8 + 0 (youtube) = 16 hours a week, BACKBREAKING WORK!!!

No. 315632

umm anon, actually she just quit one of her jobs so she could spend even MORE time working on her own garments which are absolutely necessary for her portfolio!! please don't underestimate how hard she works uwu

No. 315634

She probably can't understand it because work is the only time she leaves the house to be seen in her outfits

How will the public know she's trailer trash lawn ornaments tier tacky if she can't dress like that to work?

No. 315661

You would think if Jill had been reading these threads and addressing whats been said about her, she would have realised by now she doesnt actually need a portfolio

But alas, she really is fucking stupid

No. 315669

Anon, I know everyone here loves to rip on people's bodies just because they don't like them, but she's really not that large and BM carries up to an XL.

No. 315711

she thinks she knows better than us

she also probably thinks she can get in under the special circumstances that were mentioned

No. 315723

if she gets in i swear to god! ill buy a party kei outfit and eat it

No. 315732

don't risk diabetes its not worth it

No. 315761

She's does for what she's applying for, which is to get straight into the design program.

She's applying under the premise she has reticent experience, and whether we agree or not that she does, that's how she's applying so she will need a portfolio

No. 315762

File: 1495137769209.png (1.14 MB, 964x642, Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 9.02…)

No. 315770

File: 1495138093447.jpg (198.97 KB, 750x1213, IMG_1493.JPG)

No. 315775

I seriously hope he's not growing that paedo stache out

No. 315786

But he'll match her Chester the molester glasses!

No. 315794

This is a broken man.

No. 315806

"I love dandelions!"
Jillion would find weeds appealing / part of her aesthetic

No. 315808