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File: 1495406676797.jpg (24.22 KB, 275x206, 1488949731876.jpg)

No. 318441

>previously a punk kid who became a pansexual buddhist lolita lifestyler
>quit because of bullies and LACE drama (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxz0QVfggik)
>history of self harm, ED and severe anxiety
>has a legitimate shopping problem which she justifies by making an ungodly amount of haul videos
>broke up with 2-year boyfriend to date their best friend (and her other best friend's ex) whom she 'loved all along' and 'makes her believe in love at first sight'
>can't participate in jfashion communities because 'muh rules & restrictions'
>creates her OWN japanese street fashion called Party Kei
>Went to Japan to prove to herself she wanted to study fashion design
>was basically a two week shopping spree
>home again and struggling to keep up with making videos
>quitting her jobs to follow ~dream~ of being a fashion designer in Japan


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
tumblr http://pixielocks.tumblr.com/
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca

No. 318491

for someone who prides herself in her youtube job she sure is boring as fuck on social media

No. 318665

Are people here really complaining Jill doesn't want to reproduce? I'd think you'd be celebrating her finally making a sensible decision.

Anyway, it's little wonder she can't conceive of how to pay for a kid. See >>318320

No. 318667

Oh man i can't meantime the disaster that would be Pixi-Baby.
She acts like a baby herself

No. 318668

She also might buy all the baby stuff and end up keeping it herself because 'it's cute'

No. 318671

same anon

No. 318675

File: 1495433715105.png (Spoiler Image, 354.21 KB, 838x535, 1495286427546.png)

Reposting this from last thread because its still fucking hilarious. Look at her face. Just look at it.

No. 318689

literally looks like a grandma here

No. 318853

10 threads already? Jill has come a long way as a cow.

No. 318878

That's an insult to grandmas, anon.

No. 318886

File: 1495465586230.png (351.56 KB, 500x645, tumblr_okb3cb7aBL1v1aqh4o1_500…)

from a while back, but this still cracks me up

>"dislikes: parties"

>creates a style called Party Kei

I mean Party Kei really has jack shit to do with actual parties, but why not just give it a different name??

No. 318910

I like how instead of just saying makeup she specifies that it's too faced lol (same w the backpack) she loves those brand names

No. 318916

>dislikes boring people

Oh, Jill. Oh, Hun.

No. 318917

>boring clothes
>hateful people

No. 318918


thats the shit you put on the list when youre just a boring fucker w no real interests

No. 318920

I hate when people put stuff like "mean people" as their dislikes. Like doesn't everyone hate mean people? Lol

No. 318929

Not me, I love the negativity. It's why I hang out here with my hater squad.

No. 318987

Is that drawing really how she sees herself?

No. 318988

File: 1495474089385.png (165.82 KB, 750x1112, IMG_1587.PNG)

No. 318991

let's take bets on how long the video will be. my guess is 27 minutes

No. 319002

i thought she already did an anime haul from japan that included things like this? this will be her third japan haul video jeez

No. 319005


"dislikes: parties"

she…. bases her entire aesthetic off something she hates?

No. 319012

Did you like this photo, anon?

No. 319013

File: 1495475579562.jpg (50.04 KB, 600x429, 83624728.jpg)


No. 319014

she might mean that she dislikes normie college-style parties with normies and alcohol as opposed to the ~*kawaii uwu*~ 6 year old birthday parties that she bases her aesthetic off of

No. 319017

Buys mint

No. 319018

File: 1495475734452.png (164.6 KB, 750x1006, IMG_1591.PNG)

I'm about 100% sure Jill is going to try and push herself into this project and call it her own

No. 319020


She looks like a crazy middle-aged lady. What's up with people in the comments, her hair looks awful.

No. 319021

File: 1495475843185.png (2.3 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1592.PNG)

Uneven bangs and awful make up, jill get it togther this is gross.

No. 319029


her fringe looks like those fake hair clips to fake a fringe. It does not look like its part her natural hair at all.


Is she hopping on the wiccan bandwagon that used to be a thing??

No. 319031

She's been a ~witch~ since she watched Doremi, it's why she dropped her Buddhism

No. 319048

File: 1495477481551.jpg (86.77 KB, 636x960, 12274368_478577262345664_60800…)

Crying at how cute she used to be.

No. 319051

21 minutes.

No. 319053

File: 1495477700362.png (247.92 KB, 750x990, IMG_1595.PNG)

>I can't afford to go to a big school, I'm just a poor art student
>parents literally getting patios for their cats

How fun would it be to be as dense as Jill is?

No. 319056

i'm pretty sure she's just said she wouldn't qualify for student loans which is why she can't go (because her parents make too much money and she is considered a dependent on them) even though we both know louise would sign the cheque immediately

No. 319058

Also why doesn't she just go to a state school and do an art program there? Then after a year with good grades she can qualify for scholarships and get cheaper tuition.

No. 319059

Catios are surprisingly affordable. One of my art profs (adjunct at an American state university) has like 12 cats and he was able to get one built.

No. 319060

File: 1495478035998.jpg (96.43 KB, 538x645, Untitled-1.jpg)

No. 319062

because, anon, that would require putting in work and effort and probably taking some core curriculum classes, all of which we know Jill will either not do or do begrudgingly with tons of whining and fake anxiety attacks.

No. 319064

She lives on the smallest province in Canada (Prince Edward Island), there isn't a relative major to what she wants to do at the University of PEI (They just have art history from what I can tell). She would have to move off the island to get a degree

No. 319079


No. 319082

Can we just take a moment to remember the size of their home?

>First floor is usual living room/dining room etc.

>Master bedroom, Giles bedroom and Jill's (old) bedroom upstairs
>Blair's office
>Louise's office
>Louise's home studio
>Home Gym
>Jill's current bedroom (basement)
>Garage (which seems to also be the crafts room where they keep a 3D printer)

Considering that Louise is basically a housewife since she's a low-tier photographer that works from home, she seems to often invest money into interior makeovers for different rooms. IIRC some photos she flaunted on facebook were posted in past threads.

>>318320 Jill's ~poor artist~ persona is another desperate attempt to be ~relatable~ when in reality it's not any more genuine than her new witch bullshit

No. 319096

She posted a "how well do you know her quiz"


No. 319097

I never go on this girl's threads, but I wanna say that she has the most generic low-tier average face. It's amazing how no amount of eccentric hair and clothes can change how plain she is.

sage for no contribution

No. 319107

>Shitty fame hungry Angel Marie knows her better than Colin


No. 319109

File: 1495481585036.png (218.59 KB, 750x913, IMG_1596.PNG)

No. 319110

I imagine her taking her arm and sliding it across the shelf so all of these plastic things drop on the bed in a big pile

No. 319113

she's got like a 'quirky chubby girl' face. half the women in my office have it.

No. 319122

Why would you put such busy items on such a busy blending background?

Did she suffer extra fucking brain damage post lolita cords?

I don't even like lolita, but you can tell she managed to apply make up half decently and put matchong cords together…. maybe the anorexia really did eat her brain and the current chub is clogging it…

She's already naturally incredibly unfortunate looking, yet she does everything in her power to highlight her worst features and speed up her ageing

No. 319132

but it's not kawaii unless she also show's off her cute floral aliexpress bedsheets.

i think the real issue is that lolita is easy once you know how to do it, it's just about color matching, buying all the same series and wearing a wig. it takes little effort to look passable and even vamp up a simple boring outfit.

her new ~style~ is just a frankenstein of pre-existing japanese styles (fairy kei, pop kei, mahou kei) and done in a really tumblr way (fat white girl). it looks terrible cause she has no one to guide her how to make it look good cause -she- created it. that's also why everyone following it looks like a hot mess, the style is a hot mess by default, and the people following it are all the same person as her. special snowflake, bad at dressing herself, half-assed weeaboos.

No. 319139

File: 1495483830778.png (32.03 KB, 750x187, IMG_1597.PNG)

She's now claiming they will have a full group? So either Colin have in and is going to Hal con or she found someone to replace them

No. 319140

File: 1495483945582.png (202.39 KB, 750x987, IMG_1598.PNG)

>look how much money I spend on plastic instead of an education just a poor artist bean without a budget

No. 319144

yes, wasting tons of money on plastic crap definitely makes you way more of a hardcore magical girl fan than people who actually watch/read series lol
>us millennials don't have enough money to raise kids!! :(

No. 319145

>please never forget that i have a disposable income and that makes me a hardcore fan unlike you plebeians uwu

No. 319146

>money is the only thing that I value in life and the only way I can gain respect

No. 319147

It's actually kind of sad how important status via money she earns/spends and brand names are to her

No. 319152

File: 1495484690904.png (17.29 KB, 512x231, ss (2017-05-22 at 01.24.36).pn…)

No. 319154

What youtuber doesn't make more money off vids compared to 4 hours at Claire's a week? What is that, like 40 dollars?

No. 319155

>Support myself
I didn't realize buying tacky shit she can't fit into and plastic toys were common human necessities

Unless you're paying rent, food etc you are not supporting yourself. Fuck off with your shit.

No. 319156

Thanks Jewtube for giving talentless lazy trollops their sense of unwarranted importance.

No. 319159

probably not what she meant, but usually "support myself financially" does include food and rent

No. 319163

And my point is that she doesn't, so calling her spending habits supporting herself is a lie

No. 319166

I wonder if she'll be able to maintain channel growth once all her Japan videos are up. She's already had a hard time getting her prefilmed footage uploaded on schedule, so once she runs out I imagine she's going to struggle a bit (Especially because she wont be able to use the ~in Japan~ buzzword to get more weeb viewers)
She's really going to have to be making more diverse and new content in order to not just be stale with hauls.

No. 319172

File: 1495486023907.png (70.77 KB, 750x327, IMG_1599.PNG)

>really shy
>openly posting about it

No. 319173

this tacky bitch, what about this does she think looks humble?

No. 319176

If nothing else, her blatant exploitation of buddhism and paganism/wiccan reveals what an unforgivably shallow and fake person she is. Her passion for magical girls/weeb culture is debatable. Even her queerness/gayness is questionable but literally how can she claim these religions or whatever as her own. It's sickening.

No. 319188

I don't know much about witches, but I don't think they glorify plastic dildos

No. 319191

Jill is the white girl tumblrites reference when they complain about white appropriation.

And they're not wrong.

No. 319196

>>my thoughts and learnings!!!
oo i wanna see that vid

No. 319198

Lol she uses them as her magic wands

No. 319231

Was this recent?

To be fair, those who actually watch/read magical girl series do have that justification if they buy merchandise. Jill, on the other hand…

No. 319232


She's been pretty open about her witch shit for a while now? She's even mentioned it in multiple videos and on her facebook. She hasn't been shy about it at all.

No. 319253

Maybe to her not being an obnoxious idiot 24/7 about something means being shy about it.

No. 319274

She needs to ditch the fugly 70's grandma glasses, some people can pull them off, she cannot.

No. 319295

I wonder when her next huge style switch will be? When is Jill gonna drop this party kei garbage and hop on to something else?

No. 319308

I was hoping with this witch crap she'd go pastel/nu goth. But no way that would happen.

No. 319330

File: 1495496981772.png (141.24 KB, 836x1125, IMG_7691.PNG)

You will never be Kammie!! Sorry Jill!!

No. 319335

kammie isn't that much better.

No. 319338

That's what I expected too but it's probably too ~boring~ for her.

No. 319339

At least she's cute though.

No. 319349

HAH. Actually the chubby version is pretty cute but it just shows how deluded Jill is about her self-image.

No. 319375

please anon we all know she only wants to be a ~*✨ Witch ✨*~ because of her obsession with magical girls and the fact she wants so desperately to be ~*✨ unique and special ✨*~

No. 319387

File: 1495501729675.png (77.73 KB, 750x940, IMG_1600.PNG)

Because all you eat is shit

No. 319395

obsessive amounts of sugar and processed meats aren't food Jill, eat a vegetable.

Also fun fact the more weight you gain the less responsive your stomach nerves are so it takes much more to be full;
waiting until she becomes obese and becomes one of those self righteous plus size fashion bloggers.

No. 319409

She eats nothing but empty garbage calories. Her only protein comes from microwaved tendies.

No. 319411

File: 1495503212359.png (322.23 KB, 1593x705, hill.PNG)

No. 319437


kek some artist farmer should do a realistic version of her pic

No. 319556

File: 1495516219983.jpg (249.47 KB, 2000x1333, 17218323_1292549000798619_5470…)

I don't think jill is all that unattractive, she has a (potentially) pretty face.
She just needs to start taking care of her skin, get rid of the lost hi-five member look and fix her diet.
maybe a personality transplant would help though.

No. 319562

Now Jill has hopped on the witch trend to? Which (witch) trend doesn't she follow?

No. 319585

Oh man she really thinks she is a real magical girl.. she is trying to become anime..

No. 319617

Remember anon she's a geriatric with advanced dementia and a propensity for magical girl vomit weeb trash anime! She's clearly the next Doremi! Kek

No. 319666

Can't tell if self promo or just dumb but hi nekomewleta

No. 319675

wtf, is she for real? it's absolutely because of her shit diet and probably also dehydration, I can't imagine her drinking enough water throughout the day.
I understand that Jill wouldn't have enough common sense to assume that it's because of all the candy and snack shit she's eating, but even if she just took half a minute to google it she would see what the most common causes are.
how can this bitch talk about ~self care uwu~ but not even know the fundamentals of taking care of your body??

No. 319680

Don't be silly anon uwu* the only way to self care is to take lush bubble baths, buy ugly clothes and makeup and watch magical girl anime with a steaming cup of peeps and berry tea ♥ Self care is important ♥

No. 319682

It's not selfish if you need it

No. 319683



Normally I couldn't care less if a cow acknowledges this site, but Jill I hope you're reading right now because no one should be oblivious to being that much of a retard.

Lmao I can imagine her going to the Dr, getting asked her eating habits and trying to downplay all the sugary carbohydrate loaded shit. Implicating she ate one healthy thing once and still doesn't feel full!!!!

What a chubby little chuckle fuck.

No. 319685

Somehow I find Jill to be the most annoying/disgusting cow/flake I follow, and I frequently read Luna Slater threads


The more I see her ugly mug the more I scoff when anons say she could be/is pretty. Step your standards up girls…. she could look less like a steaming pile of confetti laced shit, but she'll always remain far below average in looks

No. 319690

Canada doesnt work like that. Colleges and unis here mean actually different things as well, colleges usually are hands on and unis are usually text based. The only reason for her to get a degree and go to uni if if the school had a coop program with an arts school anyways.

Also our schools are not that expensive compared to US prices. I think my tuition was about 7k a year. Colleges are cheaper too. So when she says she would be able to support herself fine when she goes to school she is saying she makes a few grand from youtube.

No. 319704

I'd love to produce a Chris-Chan style doc about Jill. It be fun af to make.

No. 319707

That's not exactly correct. You can find similar programs at colleges or universities but the value of your education differs. A school can't claim to be uni status without being properly accredited and the average is about 10k per year.

>college: certificate/diploma

>uni: accredited degree

You can try to transfer college credits towards a uni degree but otherwise they're a dead-end to continuing education. There's many universities that are exclusively art schools though (ocad, emily carr etc)? The best fashion school in the country is Ryerson University where they offer both bachelors and masters of design. If Jill took her career seriously, that's the school she would shoot for. A four year uni degree would shape her up and give her a taste of the actual industry with placements etc but she wants the easiest way out. I wouldn't even consider her certificate from that no-name college to be valid education. It's no different than taking private lessons on weekends.

A person without student loans would need to work full time minimum wage for personal bills, let alone student fees. That would mean 40 hrs x 11.25 = 1800$ a month (before tax). Somehow I doubt she makes that much off yt every month. If her parents cut her off, she could not live independently without a job irl.

No. 319720

>happy witch


No. 319727

yeah i dont think shes pretty. she does so much to her hair and makeup to try and stand out but shes too basic for it to look good. i think how she looks so smug when she smiles doesnt help either

No. 319735

Does she put blush on her nose or has she got a cold?

No. 319741

File: 1495548137255.jpg (467.36 KB, 1600x2400, IMG_1606.JPG)

For someone who's mostly attracted to the same sex you sure haven't had any serious relationships like that

No. 319745

Maybe she considers her genderfluid mate a girl since he's such a pussy

No. 319750

File: 1495548922161.png (122.78 KB, 750x665, IMG_1607.PNG)

This one cat of there's reminds me so much of jill

No. 319752

how? that cat is beautiful. and it's "theirs"

No. 319754


Enough of this, Jill. Being attracted to someone that apparently doesn't identify as anything is not the same as being attracted to another woman.

No. 319755

lmao what the fuck? Has she ever had a girlfriend…?

No. 319756

I think one during her punk phase but it was a really short time

No. 319757

I don't get how she has the nerve to call herself gay when she's had three consecutive straight long term relationships

Sucking face once with another snowflake at 13 years old doesn't define her orientation. Walker and Tristan weren't even effeminate iirc. Why is she such a liar.

No. 319758

Now that's retarded, you can like girls sexually without ever having dated or had sex with one… What a nitpick, I'm actually surprised she didn't pick a lower number.

No. 319761

Oh please, Jillian is another one of those kids wanting to be "queer" for points.

Although lets be honest, the only person Jill could ever love is herself.

No. 319764

You're surprised she isn't exclusively attracted to the same sex? But all her partners have been opposite sex.. how is your logic not retarded then?

No. 319767

File: 1495552155810.jpg (421.13 KB, 2400x2400, IMG_1611.JPG)


No. 319768

That doesn't even make sense.

Is she talking about her $400 gummy shoes? No surprise there.

No. 319771

No, her juju jelly sandals

No. 319773

File: 1495552550539.jpg (19.77 KB, 600x400, 39492.jpg)

Ahh. They look tacky, IMO.

No. 319774

>can't find them anywhere
f21 has them right now.

If you mean it doesn't make sense for Jill to claim she's gay despite having 3 boyfriends for the last 6 years of her life, then yeah I agree.

No. 319776

That's what I was going for.

No. 319780

God her followers are retards

Jill 'looking everywhere' means she dropped by walmart and didn't see them

She googled this as much as she googled the basic nutritional reasoning behind her shit diet causing constant hunger.

Retard just wanted everyone to know what new thing she plans to spend her cash on

No. 319782


My mom used to have shoes like that for me when I was a fuckin four year old?

Why do these people want to bring fashion from the bad part of the 90s back?

No. 319786

Youre completely spot on. Casual fb statuses or posts in related groups are always thinly veiled humblebrags for shit she wants to purchase, especially if it's expensive she'll repeatedly mention the price ughhhh.

Nobody's taught her that she needs to stop flaunting her disposable income and showing off expensive purchases every other day. She should know better as an adult, this shit is getting really embarrassing.

No. 319788

Saying you feel some sexual attraction to girls doesn't equal saying you're gay, are you 12? I do agree we're talking about Jill so she's probably doing it for the queer points but you don't know if she'd fuck a girl or not, and who cares. Or you think bisexual people don't exist? It's a dumb nitpick.

No. 319791

The worst part for me is that there's cuter version of those jelly shoes using the shape with all the straps but made out of better, high quality material.

Sage for absolute no real contribution and fashion sperging.

No. 319793

Sorry for samefagging, but I was saying I'm surprised she didn't pretend she was even more attracted to girls than what she stated. She could habe posted anything.

No. 319797

File: 1495554883506.jpg (386.87 KB, 2400x1600, IMG_1614.JPG)

No. 319798

She's such a fucking poseur. I hate that we can't call out fake nerdy girls anymore because of neckbeard fedoras. I want to be able to police my own communities and shame fakes into leaving like the old days.

No. 319800

Why are you interpreting these criticisms of Jill as being applicable to other people? This has nothing to do with other bisexuals. Do you think everyone posting here is straight? We're pointing out Jill's bandwagon lies, the same as her religious/spiritual commitments. She's been pushing the queer title for a while now and wants her relationships to be perceived as lgbtq. It's all labels and aesthetics for her fantasy of being a heroic gay poor marginalized artist.

No. 319806

sage for samefag but I've always wanted to reply to Jill like that in all the years she's bombarded the Lolita and cosplay groups lmao, all her posts are useless.

No. 319821

File: 1495557260536.png (71.7 KB, 750x565, IMG_1615.PNG)

Ready for this group to implode on itself

No. 319848

I had to leave that group. If you don't kiss Jills butt they shame you.

No. 319860

theyre all so toxic and just ready for a passive aggressive fight

No. 319874


anon please don't come in here to baww about bisexuals and jill, you're obviously not part of this thread normally.

No. 319889

This family sounds really dysfunctional if Jill is posting about who she 'lusts after' on her family/friends facebook and calls her mom pet names. What the fuck, anons. Louise and her dad have obviously never told Jill to be careful online if she was posting her full name everywhere as a tween.

There are probably no lesbians/bi girls with such shit taste that they would date Jill on PEI. Also Jill comes off as someone who's 'not like other girls' which is why she doesn't seem to have any girl friendships outside of the internet, they all probably go running when they see her bitchy princess type personality.

I wish her fans wouldn't backpedal last minute or apologize to her when calling her out. These people are all passive aggressive twats and deserve criticism.

No. 319892

I feel like she probably misread it and wanted to say D1.

On the other hand, though, wtf? You have to have equal preference to be bi? This can fuck off

No. 319895

Considering the years of work and education artists put themselves through to be actual "artists", what makes this girl think she can go around referring to herself as an artist or a designer? I wouldn't see any difference if she started calling herself a doctor or engineer. It's just pure falsehood.

She gets on every last one of my nerves. Sage bc nothing useful.

No. 319897

lol i wouldn't take this scale thing seriously like oh im bi (60% gay 38% straight 2% miscellaneous)

No. 319911

No. 319917

File: 1495565324647.jpg (75.15 KB, 960x292, IMG_1618.JPG)

Jill is no longer the banner image, the fall has begun

No. 319918

She made the banner image anon.

No. 319922

none of those outfits look related besides being pastel. what a shit show.

No. 319926

For the one who invented the fashion she sure seems to not have a clue what she wants to do with it. Nothing in any of these are party related at all, and nothing more then basic white girl jfash

No. 319929


What exactly is party-kei? None of her definitions seem to stick. If she were going for a child's birthday party feel, wouldn't there be more cake/pinata/gift iconography? That's really on the nose but that's all I can think of that would make something like a child's party.

That or like that Melanie Martinez Pity Party video, but that's just pedo-shit.

No. 319930

someone (whom isnt Jill) who wears it once told me she called her fashion Party-Kei because then her style has a name. Thats it.

No. 319931

Even those who wear it don't know what it is

No. 319933

>That or like that Melanie Martinez Pity Party video, but that's just pedo-shit.

thank fuck it's not like that.

No. 319944

But, it IS like that to her fans.

No. 319947


anyone who would reply to that lame ass picture is an idiot. OF COURSE JILL HAD TO PUT HER INPUT. how self absorbed can you be? literally no one cares. just say you're straight and go.

No. 319948

i more meant the disgusting special snowflake age-play pedoshit aspect of melanie.

they do both dress like total idiots but jill isn't a gross ageplayer, she just wants to be a kawaii deco japanese waif.

No. 319953

There are age players in Party kei, but i get what you mean

No. 319954

well yeah, there are ageplayers in alot of things, but she's not going for that aesthetic.

No. 319956


i can see how the idea would apply to ageplay since it's such a loose idea and associated with similar elements fairy kei has, but melanie is legit pedo-bait ageplay "lollituh" shit. jill is annoying, but not famous, melanie makes me wanna punch her in her mouth.

No. 319961


This girl is definitely an age player. She's the third girl in the new banner >>319917

She's also a huge efame wannabe and has a 30 year old canadian sugar daddy

No. 319966

Oh she's the one that constantly posts the same coords on COF.
She is an age player, she's admitted it.

No. 319970

can she have a thread? She's extremely annoying

No. 319977

Something is very off about her but I can't figure it out

No. 319981

Amazing, she's the one who did Snapped Leg-chan. The character has the same name as a legit beer https://www.instagram.com/p/BUSA7-7DNXh/?taken-by=emiblush

No. 319984

no wonder she and Jill get on

No. 319990

File: 1495570307439.png (41.85 KB, 606x210, Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 5.09…)

No. 319991

*splenda daddy

No. 319995

Oh that girl who copied the other girls coord! I love her angles she uses for her photos, hides alot.

No. 319997

Her art isn't so bad but that price is way too high considering the anatomy…

No. 320001

Holyshit, what happened?

No. 320004

File: 1495571222821.jpg (570.22 KB, 2400x1800, IMG_1622.JPG)

No. 320005

she made up her own shit fashion with no rulez to get away from the haterz. i said it earlier ITT but lolita is really structured so once you figure it out, it's easy to look great, but most lolitas in general can't dress themselves for shit outside of the fashion.

No. 320006

File: 1495571311377.png (39.08 KB, 750x286, IMG_1623.PNG)

kek jill watch your group crash and burn

No. 320007

why is she defending herself?

No. 320010

> My group is my baby
>literally cares about no one in it

No. 320012

There was once a suggestion to ban all Jill's content since she supported JS, since they banned all LC posts. I think the post has since been deleted.

No. 320019

Jill & co. are such cunts. How don't they realize their snotty bitch approach isn't justified by their moral superiority shtick? They're ganging up on this girl who has backed down multiple times and she wasn't in the wrong to assume there would be standards (i.e shutting down dumb questions) like in most jfashion groups.

No. 320023

>"I'm not here to pick a fight but"
>picks a fight
lol Jill

No. 320024

plz don't call this j-fash lol…

No. 320025

A lot of the people who latch onto 'positivity' are snotty, uppity bitches, and their general approach to things they think are rude or bad is to be much more passive aggressively rude in return and shame people for speaking up. I'm not surprised Jill is standing in the sidelines playing victim while this girl gets harassed by her posse, I'd bet it makes her feel good inside.

No. 320026

File: 1495572813452.jpg (611.26 KB, 1447x2048, IMG_5664.JPG)

They really do

No. 320027

fuck you jillian
i used to think you were cute

No. 320029

This girl is 18???????

No. 320032

She looks passably cute on instagram because she's still a teenager, but she's one of those people you can look at and tell what they're going to look like when they're 40

No. 320034

She's extremely tall irl. Like weirdly tall.

No. 320044

i honestly thought this girl was 30 pounds lighter on ig lmao

No. 320060

>tumblr nose

No. 320061

Finding another girl cute does not make one gay, you retard. Jill is 100% straight and just wants gay/oppression points.

No. 320063

Holyshit, Jill and her shield maiden friend make me so angry. She obviously wants everything handed to her on a plate, including googling jelly shoes… i fucking can't stand this spoiled bitch.

No. 320068

She's literally the Facebook princess

No. 320070

File: 1495577621761.jpg (51.35 KB, 500x248, tumblr_inline_oplo5ihVf11qfb04…)

nina beana bo'nina banana fofana osama bin laden brown

No. 320079

You ain't kidding. Trixie is like 6'1 in heels.

No. 320084

I thought the bitch on the left was Jinx Moonsoon. Kek

No. 320090

File: 1495578829570.jpg (99.53 KB, 1000x1000, KYRA MULTI GLITTER ORCHID #2.j…)

it's especially weird since juju still makes jelly shoes and has pastel ones that jill would probably love

she honestly couldn't have even googled this and she's saying she looked everywhere and yet everyone is attacking some girl who is esl and was trying to clarify jill's message… wtf

No. 320106

No. 320108

I honestly can't wait for Jill to get in a situation where she can't backpedal and feign ignorance when called out on her bullshit. It's bound to happen one day.

No. 320113

please dont insult jinx like that anon

No. 320134

File: 1495582903746.png (102.99 KB, 750x484, IMG_1628.PNG)

>this group is my baby

You weren't saying that when it was first made Jill http://pixielocks.tumblr.com/post/140746695347/okidokie-lets-clear-the-air

No. 320149

she likes the attention now because it feeds her ego.

No. 320235

the group is her baby now so she can claim she "invented a fashion" so that she can try to get a shitty community college diploma without having to do a general year lmao

No. 320250

soda float/himedevil is also an ageplayer.

No. 320265

File: 1495590276957.jpg (418.09 KB, 607x922, iCIR9zg.jpg)

wholesome pure babbu plant witch community that totally doesn't gang bully teenage girls uwu

No. 320328

That would certainly explain why she neutered Colin

No. 320380

Her father is a prof at a local university, isn't he? In the US, many schools participate in a reciprocal tuition remission agreement program to allow the children of faculty to attend other schools for reduced or no tuition. Anything like that in Canada?

No. 320405

my sides thanks anon

No. 320406

she could go there but there isn't a fashion program at that uni, and canada doesn't have gen eds so it'd be pretty pointless

No. 320408

I think you missed what I said. I am talking about reciprocal tuition remission programs that allow children of the faculty of one school to attend another for reduced cost. Check out a web site called tuitionexchange. I just wondered if there was a similar option for her in Canada.

No. 320416

oh sorry

afaik in canada you can only get reduced tuition at a school your parent works at

No. 320468

Is Jill stoned in that description?

No. 320478

Sage for lateness but why the hell would she name her jee fashun 'party-kei' if she hates parties?

No. 320482

>May develop lustful feelings over the course of a relationship, but not at first
>Mostly attracted to the same sex
These two things completely contradict each other since she's only been with men for several years, and "D" says apparently she only feels sexual attraction within a relationship. Though I'm sure she's so brainwashed by SJW crap she actually thinks admiring a girl's appearance in a completely non-sexual way is the same as being gay

No. 320504

The same way people like the 50's minus the sexism and the segregation. She likes the aesthetic and style themes.

No. 320526

TBH that girl was trying to be rude and now is backtracking because she's getting shit from people. Spineless, just stand behind what you said, geez.

No. 320546

I feel like the whole witch thing is so different from her current aesthetic, like it's bizarre to me that she's making it more prominent unless her next aesthetic plan is to just go full witch and drop party-kei.

No. 320603

lol she went from hardcore punk to roller derby gal to ultimate sweet lolita lifestyler all the while proclaiming herself a buddhist, this current phase isn't much weirder.

No. 320607

Honestly the funniest thing is that I think she didn't realise Jill was the founder of the group and thought she was just some lower-tier new member, and treated her accordingly.

No. 320613

No. 320618

Yeah good point anon

No. 320623

imo it was acceptable for that girl to let Jill know she looked fucking stupid. Jill literally said she "can't find them anywhere???" when googling shows that not only are they still around but thy are still being sold by well-known brands Jill would buy from without needing "advice". If anyone else had asked this there would be at least one person who would point out their laziness in not being able to google it themselves.

Jill and the other girls getting so defensive coming up with whatever they can to make the girl in the wrong was nasty and nothing like Jill's touted *~*positivity to everyone!!1! no bullying uwu*~

No. 320625

File: 1495640427375.png (84.1 KB, 750x791, IMG_1634.PNG)

>pro YouTuber
>doesn't know that you can schedule videos so they go up with good quality

No. 320626

Minus the rainbow colors, I admit that her hair does look cute. The earrings and glasses… not so much.

No. 320633

oh she looks a state

No. 320639

File: 1495641357103.png (689.74 KB, 950x713, Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.5…)

Have her nails ever been this unusually large? Or is it just genetics and poor maintenance?

No. 320641

U-used how

No. 320647

As in preowned, dont be a shit

No. 320650

Sorry anon, couldn't resist

No. 320656

File: 1495642330866.png (561.55 KB, 800x533, jillbean.png)

Sorry, just can't unsee it.

No. 320661

made me kek anyway anon~

No. 320675

16 haul/shopping videos in the last 3 months

No. 320682

Wow, they look identical… all thats missing is her makeup

No. 320683

but don't forget, she's a poor millenial like the rest of her gullible fans!! how many hours a week does she work, do we know?

No. 320690

wasnt it like 8?

No. 320692

I knew she worked part time at the party place, didn't realise she worked so few hours at claires as well. university (if she does go) is going to be a huge shock for her

No. 320694

File: 1495645932290.jpg (313.78 KB, 800x533, jillbeanmakeover.jpg)


there you go, anon.

No. 320695

This is depressingly accurate

No. 320697

she's never shared the amount of hours she worked on average, even when she would brag about ~durrr three jobs~ which makes me think she just likes to flaunt having multiple employers to look like a hard worker, but they're just laid back retail/cash jobs.

Whenever I discuss jobs with other people, they'll often casually mention working 15/25/40 hours etc especially if they work more than one at a time (i.e I had a roommate who worked 60+ hours between two jobs).

Maybe a weird nitpick but to me it appears she works minimally yet wants to give off the impression of having a relentless work ethic.

No. 320700

I figured as much, I know she definitely worked only a few hours at the job she just quit and I had a hunch that she didn't work that much at claire's, just wondered if she'd ever confirmed it anywhere. youtube hardly counts as a job when she uploads as sporadically as she does and gets dropped kek

No. 320710

This is perfect

No. 320718

can you put some granny glasses on to? lol

No. 320727

File: 1495648267466.jpg (317.93 KB, 800x533, jillbeanglasses.jpg)


I have too much fun doing this lmao

No. 320728

I hope this becomes the next thread pic

No. 320743


No. 320746


Other than the mismatched scrunchies and random pink choker, her outfit is kinda cute. the blue on her sweater, earrings, and one of the scrunchies mostly match. Her hair color is pretty loud and looks weird against the pastels but the style is okay as well. She's doing a bit of a better job at putting stuff together it seems.

Also her nails are naked and look significantly less gross than her usual acrylic bubble fingers

No. 320793

it's people like jill whom make me loathe magical girl crap. Like bitch, maybe some of them try and convey a message, but they're just made to sell cheap plastic to kids.

No. 320925

>Dildo comment
Hi Jill

Also I can't be the only person that finds her remark about keeping things in the box so she can sell them later
I get where she's coming from but I mean it is jill after all
All she cares about is money

No. 320928

To be honest that's what most collectors are concerned about when they buy something valuable and NRFB - the goal is to preserve the item and its packaging the best you can, not necessarily for monetary gain in the future. I doubt Jill takes any of her hobbies seriously though, so this might be completely irrelevant.

No. 320935

Getting into gardening and growing actual vegetables (and eating them) would probably be great for Jill tbh. I know she's too lazy to do that and is just taking uwu aesthetic pics but damn, girl needs a real hobby outside of shopping and pretending to be a designer.

No. 320938

She's an ex friend of a friend and I can confirm she loves to stir up drama and is an ageplayer

No. 320945

File: 1495664734317.png (826.83 KB, 619x917, rOki8O3.png)

unfortunate looking

No. 320947

wtf is in that bag she has hanging up then??

No. 320950

toys and candy wrappers

No. 320951

This honestly the best she's looked since she started this party kei shit.

No. 320953

Don't tell me she's getting into ita bags

No. 320956

Yaaas kween

No. 320962

Guess she got her mom to drive her out all the way to halifax to find new jelly shoes.

That's the third time in two months she's left her island purely for shopping purposes.

No. 320965

how do you know she's in hali? what store is she in?

No. 320969

She got it in Japan, but never said specifically she was using it as an ita bag, more just a way to show off her stupid shit

No. 320972

i think because jill said there are no malls on PEI before

No. 320974

Wow her art is ugly as hell, is she 12?

No. 320978

she works in a mall…

No. 320982

I can't help but think she reads these threads and wants to get our approval. Isn't this photo all that was recently discussed what she should change? The bangs, simple clothes, she also ditched her gross fake nails.

Sure she looks more socially acceptable now but it makes me cringe even more to see how much everything about her is influenced by fishing for compliments. Jill has no style and no personality traits other than being spoiled and annoying.

No. 320986

hahaha shit that art is so embarrassing. I think I'll brush up on my "How To Draw Manga" books and start an IG

No. 320994

I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but didn't she imply that she used to date onlinepixie?

No. 320996

That's an H&M dressing room. The closest one is Halifax. She'd make a bigger deal out of going anywhere further.

No. 320999

No? where did she ever imply dating alyssa..

No. 321000

What kind of drama? I found her YT and seems like she wants to be Jullian

No. 321004

Well the fake voice for one.

No. 321011

she has the old lady look down like jill.

No. 321024

I know people try to find anything here to pick on her, but seriously? Those are normal nails. They come in all shapes and sizes. For someone who does gel all the time they look very good. You are reaching, anon.

No. 321028


How are 'large fingernails' unattractive in the first place? Is it trendy to have skinny fingernails? They look much better without month old acrylic stuck on them.

>inb4 'Hi Jill'

No. 321106

File: 1495678170385.jpg (605.79 KB, 2400x1611, IMG_1666.JPG)

>person makes a post about making their own magical girl wands
>Jill responds with buying them being a good choice
Jill not everything is directly related to your shopping habits

No. 321126

File: 1495680131691.png (540.95 KB, 543x394, b7c9741a89b3c7859a8a5ae9073557…)

ngl I think jill's look in her newest video is pretty cute, though it might be the fact that she has her bangs down.

No. 321129

super short bangs like this look shit on most people. plus they're all fluffy and fried due to the over processing. (personally i think dying your hair more than 2-3 colors is cringy as fuck but that's not really the issue here)

No. 321131

samefagging but anything covering her gross forehead lines is an improvement in my books

No. 321133

File: 1495680928889.png (53.89 KB, 202x200, Comment by comment analysis of…)

No. 321134

true dat. why even have bangs if you're just gonna put them up anyways?

No. 321147

how low are the standards for this girl that badly dyed and unevenly cut bangs are considered a huge improvement

No. 321161

There's an H&M im the same mall she works in…

No. 321164

Sorry looks like it opened a few months back. I was getting my info from jill since she said there was no chains like f21/h&m for years.

No. 321169

I agree that this is an improvement but the unevenness of the bangs is killing me

No. 321173

I agree, it's simple and not all over the place.

Nail Anon here. I suppose I overlooked them a little too much, since this is the first time I've seen them without the polish. They don't look bad at all, at least in the video afaik.

No. 321174

you'd think with jill being 'so passionate' about art/design/fashion, she would support creating accessories/toys instead of spending ridiculous amounts of money on worthless plastic trash.

hi jill, nice ellipses!

No. 321184

>Someone providing information where she worked
>LOL, must be Jill!

No. 321219

Most bangs are cut evenly, but they don't look it when styled

No. 321226

Girl should use a straightener on her bangs

No. 321227


I really don't understand why some people seem to think owning a ton of merch and crap makes you look like a true fan. I think people who can carry insightful conversations about the thing they're a fan of are the true fans. You know, those who seem like they actually watch/read/play/whatever the thing they're supposedly a fan of and do it with joy, not to impress others/have a 'thing'.

No. 321244

Jill is a macro pretentious poser with no self identity. That's why she hoards cheap plastic garbage and fails to actually identify with anything with the integrity of a genuine fan. She's attention starved and unoriginal.

No. 321248

File: 1495696277530.png (509.84 KB, 810x641, 1427664539774.png)

Jill is totally missing the point of fan collections like shrines or itabags. Shrines are an aspect of fandom or otaku culture and they can be expensive, but they're an extension of showing your devotion to a character or series.

For Jill, the collection reflects what she thinks is pretty and brag-worthy about because of the items' worth. It's like she's incapable of getting emotionally involved in something if it doesn't earn her a label like "super rich" or "super fan", or something. There was that one FB post where she talks about how she thought being a fan was defined by watching all the episodes of something, and then she described going through some magical girl series like it was a chore. Like, wtf? You can't tell you like something enough to call yourself a fan? You have to go through weird-ass procedures like collecting shiny things?

I thought that post was really telling of her mindset.

No. 321273

Somewhat true. In my opinion, if you're a fan of a certain show and see merchandise from it, you should just buy the DVDs or anything with the characters you like. As long as they don't overlap each other, I don't see the harm in it. Saging for OT.


No. 321293


Isn't 'Addison Kaye' the same girl Jill was shitting on for calling her out earlier? And now Jill's trying to discourage her from being creative just because she doesn't have ever a single original or interesting thought.

Let's be real, magical girl wands may be hard to find in the states and precious to real fans, but Jill is talking about them like they're some family jewels or some shit.

(P.S. Shoutout to Annika Victoria in that post, I'd love a thread on her but she isn't much of a cow, just kind of an SJW?)

sage for slight ot

No. 321311

>smugness intensifies

No. 321424

Lots of drama between friends about ex boyfriends. I stayed away and didn't get involved but some of it was happening on /cgl/ about 9? months ago. But yeah I try to avoid her.

No. 321437

The fairy-kei community is mostly drama.

No. 321441

Jill never ceases to amaze me with her level of passive aggressivity.

No. 321442

I can understand it to an extent. I collect up old 80's horror things, but part of the joy that comes from that is finding items from when the movies came out, and never buying online but the hunts through flea markets and second hand stores looking for the stuff. My collection is super important to me but it's considered a hobby, not "HEY GUYS LOOK SEE I'M A REAL FAN"

Sage for blog post.

No. 321445

Sage goes in the email field, and some of you anons need to relax with the "HURR I DO THE SAME THINGS AS JILL BUT ITS OK BECAUSE IM BETTER!!!" posts.

No. 321464

Everything Poppy parodies Jill actually does seriously, thats the sad reality.

No. 321473

but they did sage and you didnt?

No. 321474

My b, didn't notice

No. 321475

FUCking hell

No. 321486

I can't help but wonder if Jill is materialistic because she's super insecure and is trying to fill that void in her life? I actually feel kind of poorly for her, she seems like she was that socially awkward kid who never learned how to make friends and never truly developed their true sense of self, hence the need to hoard for attention.

No. 321495

Ya know when guys say girls are "false advertising" with make up and camera angles? My god she looks bad.

No. 321497


I understand your sentiment.

But at the same time, she has a lot of actual talents and opportunities. She has both the means and opportunity to make what she claims to be her dream a reality.

One venue I am dissapointed she doesn't follow is her musical abilities. I know putting out music you've done is hard, it does make you vulnerable but I think it would be a lot more constructive then her current way of making videos.

No. 321502

Great point, anon. I may not like Jill. But I actually hope the kid starts doing something with her life beyond the superficial and tries to encourage her audience to actually pursue their passions. She's got the ability to better herself and needs to get a clue before she hits 30 and is still working a dead end job.

No. 321589

wow, jill doesnt even hide how she copies her

No. 321629

File: 1495750704147.jpg (51.51 KB, 640x480, 00-look-2-regina-george-mean-g…)

stop trying to make poppy happen, it's not going to happen

No. 321650

Yeah anna dosent have much milk, I know she is a strong feminist/sjw, ethical shopping (makes her own clothes, no highstreet sweatshop stuff) etc thats it. Shes also a spoonie, but theres not enough to warrent a thread I think

I do get a bit salty when she shits on certain trends and just complains about them and how ~silly~ they are (cat bra, cut out jeans etc) when she dresses kind of quirky herself but thats just me kek

Sage for of

No. 321656

I can try

No. 321665

File: 1495752758128.jpg (114.89 KB, 528x960, IMG_1685.JPG)

I wonder how Jill feels knowing these are the sorts of people her videos attract

No. 321669

Is this Jill?

No. 321673

File: 1495753076186.png (524.77 KB, 640x960, image.png)

She brought a swim suit.

No. 321676

Oh god no

No. 321677

LO's swimwear literally only looks good on genetically flawless supermodels.

No. 321680

File: 1495753516556.jpg (342.15 KB, 939x1305, Screenshot_20170525-180425.jpg)

Is it this one?

No. 321681

File: 1495753523162.jpg (59.67 KB, 870x708, clownkei.jpg)

idk what you're talking about anon, I think Jill would look great in either one of these

No. 321689

File: 1495754370342.png (624.66 KB, 640x960, image.png)

No. 321699

File: 1495755256994.jpg (8.22 KB, 238x192, lEYUzYq.jpg)

No. 321712

File: 1495756205932.png (35.78 KB, 750x249, IMG_1688.PNG)

No. 321719

File: 1495756698054.png (692.05 KB, 988x605, hjdhkgd.png)


I just found this account cuz they left a comment on Jill's latest IG post…

No. 321742

You may be in denial, louise, but you are just saying that because you are her mom

Sometimes I think louise is in extreme denial about how much of a failure jill is, so to avoid blaming herself forces herself to act like she loves the smell of jills peeps enjeweled poo. If she keeps pretending Jill isn't a retard she never has to feel at fault

No. 321773

I saw that yesterday, bizarre tbh. I wonder if Jill runs the account (lol), I have a feeling she is self-obsessed enough to do that.

I don't think Louise feels that Jill is a failure, I think she is genuinely proud of Jill because she's a 'mini me' of her (her own words IIRC), combined with wanting to be the 'cool mom'

No. 321789

That brand name couldn't be more accurate.

These actually look really pretty.

No. 321792

They've got horrible designs.

No. 321797

You are right in a way that these would be more suitable for younger children (albeit with the right one slightly modified). I hear that ruffles make your chest look a bit bigger, but it depends on the design. Then again, it's just me. Sage for OT.

No. 321816

File: 1495763772771.png (776.69 KB, 627x743, zsPRD70.png)

more super cute empty calories!!

No. 321821

What a freako.

No. 321826

File: 1495764519844.jpg (109.19 KB, 834x591, ss (2017-05-25 at 07.08.07).jp…)

I think so. I dont think there would be enough fabric on the two piece for this photo

No. 321841

One pieces are so body posi♡

No. 321862


No. 321959

Jill's cellulite is so beautiful. Lol

No. 321980

Wow lol. Way to put other girls down Mrs. Vessey kek

No. 321988

We haven't really gotten any good leg shots of her in shorts yet (at least so far this year). We'll have to wait for pictures.

No. 322011

Rinko Pinko Drinko bingo stingo

No. 322017

Jill in a swimsuit…vomits flabby yellow skin and chunk.

No. 322022

omg 10/10 reference anon holy shit I loved that cartoon as a kid

No. 322035

File: 1495793632859.png (17.54 KB, 840x90, 17a42dbd7cb9935378af2493c57f79…)

old milk but, saw this comment on alb's video where shes talking to a literal 5 year old about magical girls and the child mentions glitter force; way to be elitist and smug on a child jill
sage for old shit

No. 322056

I hate how she ads "hahaha" on this to mask her bitchiness

No. 322066

>current season is about witches

Is this why she is a "witch" now?
Like heck I wanted to be a witch when I was younger but you can't just be a witch and do magic and shit, it is a subset of wiccanism and comes with its own set of beliefs and stuff.

No. 322075

Not all witches are Wiccan.

No. 322160


Who cares? Witches and wiccanism are made up shit for edgy women

No. 322168

File: 1495813472748.png (102.36 KB, 750x383, IMG_1693.PNG)

A thread on /cgl/ about magical girls is talking about Jill's shit as well

No. 322171

File: 1495813677767.jpg (395.24 KB, 2400x1519, IMG_1696.JPG)

Jill confirmed for never making sewing videos. Who's excited for years of more hauls

No. 322175

>don't want to give away secrets

I hate this kind of thinking. What secrets Jill? How to glue pom poms to a cut up t-shirt?

No. 322180

seriously, does she not realize the secrets aren't in how something is constructed but the design itself. it's not like you can't take sewing classes.

No. 322188

She actually has shit skills at sewing and she knows she can't make videos so she's gotta come up with a reason

No. 322192

>don't wanna like, give away my secrets haha
I admit I get salty over this kind of shit

But Jill has no special secrets, she's at most looked up a few online tutorials for basic sewing and goes with that to put together a few badly made pieces

No. 322195


Like what glue she uses

No. 322198

If it's the shark bikini I'm going to kill myself, I just got it a few weeks ago. sage for blog

No. 322203

riiiiiight that's totally why, not because she specifically can't handle concrit when it comes to things like her drawings, musical skills etc

most artists have yt channels that revolve around their actual art, meanwhile jill calls herself an artist yet her channel is about buying pastel shit, she's the definition of a hack.

also sick of her pretending to have a "fashion" channel like no, has she ever watched actual successful fashion youtubers? their content is very specific types of videos whereas jill talks to a fancy camera in her parent's basement and exaggerates her abilities/future plans instead of producing creative videos or acting on any of her dreams.

No. 322204

It's the rainbow one can you even use your eyes >>321680

No. 322205

No. 322210

File: 1495818442457.png (135.87 KB, 750x1066, IMG_1699.PNG)

It's happening

No. 322228

assuming that means jill's also getting a cat instead of a wand then

No. 322235

Calm down, she was just joking.

No. 322239

I cannot wait to see the style they choose and how this whole damn process will play out for them.

No. 322240

File: 1495820324060.png (65.86 KB, 750x475, IMG_1700.PNG)

Seems like it? Sounds like she's going with a cat, but at this point it really seems like she's getting a tattoo just for the sake of getting one.
(Also I hope she's ready to have a permanent reminder of this cat on her skin after it does pass away)

No. 322244

Mums shouldn't be best friends with their kids, it's so wrong. Your mum is meant to your mentor who loves you unconditionally, but can point out you flaws and put you in the right direction. Jill clearly has no respect for her.

No. 322249

Apparently Louise wants a highly detailed, realistic cat the size of a Tim Horton's coffee lid. Yeah. Good luck convincing any artist to do that.

No. 322270

I might not know much about fashion design so I might be talking out of my ass when I say this, but
>I don't want to give away my secrets
isn't the part that distinguishes fashion designers from each other the creative process? Not the sewing bit? I'm pretty certain any technique can be learned, skilled people can guess how you did something just by looking at it, but the creative process cannot be replicated. You cannot copy someone else's thoughts before they leave their head. I don't understand what kind of ~secrets~ she's referring to here. Sage for no contribution.

No. 322271

I know a few people with realistic cat tattoos, why would that bother the artists anon?

No. 322272

>I made this thread on /cgl/ guys check it out

No. 322276

tbh this is kinda embarrassing but I am the OP of that cgl thread and didn't think it would noteworthy enough to bring back to the farm but I literally just used her collection pic because it's a good example of what I was describing in the thread. It was just meant to be a bit of salt, not dramu but I guess other anons were amused.

sage for derailing

No. 322283

File: 1495824726601.gif (2.48 MB, 250x156, SdYgmAE.gif)


Just stop posting

No. 322286

File: 1495825046331.png (103.93 KB, 750x657, IMG_1671.PNG)

Oops, sorry that you saw it Jill, been on /cgl/ for a while now haven't you

No. 322287

My point was I didn't post it to begin with, while others anon were being falsely attacked for self posting so?

No. 322288

Not Jill and that picture doesn't even prove she goes to /cgl/ lmao

No. 322290

The size. There's no issue with it being realistic but if it's that small there's a high chance of details getting blurred together and it looking like shit.

No. 322291

The cgl is embarrassing and you should feel bad.

No. 322292


No. 322293

Cgl and EGL are two different things you nitwit.

No. 322316

>who the fuck tries to greentext on a Facebook page

No. 322320

Plenty of people use it outside of board culture. It's just become an internet thing at this point.

No. 322341

How much can one bitch hoard and yet still be an outsider to the Magical Girl community.

No. 322364

I love how she does t even know her own magical girl fandom. She's never mentioned Madoka or Mami among other series

No. 322374

She's mentioned Madoka before but said it wasn't really her cup of tea. She's also watched Creamy Mami and said she enjoyed it.

No. 322383

wtf is that??

No. 322385


No. 322387

Why does she carry about a candy necklace??

No. 322389

Why does she carry about a candy necklace??

No. 322391

because carrying around an unpackaged candy necklace that is several months old and probably has hair and dirt all over it is aesthetic

No. 322394

Because she's a child and thinks it's fashion

No. 322419

I think even if she is shit her trying to sew in videos like "watch me attempt to sew a shirt etc." that would at least be more interesting than "watch the 2 things I bought in 20 minutes"

No. 322580

Jill you tacky bitch you can barely sew! No need to hide your humiliating home ec monstrosities. We get it you have no talent and can scarcely tell the difference between quilter's cotton and fashion fabrics. I say this because I am a professional costume designer, graduated design school and actually worked hard for my BFA degree. I started sewing by hand at 4 and half for my Barbie dolls and by the time I was in college I was well versed in the art of sewing, but by no means did I ever call myself a fashion designer until I graduated and actually worked at building a
successful clientele base did I ever think call myself a fashion designer. Jill is a hack and barely qualifies as a home sewer.

No. 322582

jill cant even sew a straight line on a sewing machine what secrets would she even possibly have

No. 322627

thanks for the blog and non humble brag post anon, do you want your own snow thread?

super secret special design tip #1: sewing slightly squiggly lines """on purpose"""

No. 322666

Spill your special secrets Jill! roflol Before you know it Jill will be claiming she invented sewing!

No. 322691

Next time sage your humblebrag blogpost, but i do agree with this. Jill is like every 8 year old who decides they're going to be a fashun designuh because they made an outfit or a barbie doll once, but she's never shown any desire to put the actual work into it or any evidence that she has talent for it. All we have ever seen her sew are a few shitty cosplays, her horribly constructed prom dress, and that one disgusting pompom outfit. She bought all of those fabrics for her "portfolio" weeks ago and we haven't seen a scrap of progress. Not even a sketch.

No. 322709

anon it took jill like 2 years to even sketch and stick some tacky fabric swatches next to them, jill isn't going to even attempt her portfolio anytime soon because shes ~*✨ busy working really hard at Claires like 9 hours a week ✨*~

No. 322768

mean girls references are so overdone, just stop.

No. 322770

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch?

No. 322802

She still has an entire year to apply for her 2 year certificate cop out. She's waiting for colin to graduate next summer because she can't live alone. Still unbelievable that she wants to skip the foundation year seeing as her artwork skills could use it.

Her dad should have really pushed for her to attend an arts university instead but it doesn't seem like her family ever provides good advice.

No. 322835

Retard much?

No. 322857

File: 1495897997570.png (118.04 KB, 750x772, IMG_1701.PNG)

No. 322858

i doubt betsey j cakes on foundation that's 5 shades too light.

No. 322859

how the fuck is she wearing (what I assume) kat von d shade like 42 and still has eyebags

No. 322860


I don't see any eyebags. Slightly puffy lower lids, but unless she shooped them out…

No. 322862

File: 1495898847281.png (153.98 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1283.PNG)


No. 322864

No. 322865

Nothing. They're both tacky.

No. 322867

Aw look at that large, unwashed weeb around all these put together cute Japanese girls. Bless her.

No. 322868

This is…really weird? If I were Jill I'd be locking my doors.

No. 322870

>left the house at 9 am
>is already tired around 5 pm

I like how she calls says they "went out early" lmao. isn't 9-5 a normal day or did i miss something?

No. 322873

File: 1495901081127.png (53.59 KB, 750x437, IMG_1702.PNG)

She's finally going to do it

No. 322874

>being this new

No. 322878


at the end it says she thinks about japan everyday but she didn't do anything but shop and eat american food kek

No. 322879

doubtful, and if she does it will make no sense.

No. 322885

Her actual footage is like 1/8th of her video, the rest is her in the room showing her stuff. Wow.

No. 322888

>clashing neons
>all the fabrics
>craft glitter
>puppy surprise?????
>magical gurl
>grown out nails
>yellow teeth
>black roots

No. 322892

wow yeah this was the worst one yet

No. 322896

File: 1495903707471.png (224.86 KB, 750x1049, IMG_1703.PNG)

No. 322897

File: 1495903720333.jpg (91.03 KB, 556x720, IMG_1704.JPG)

No. 322898

File: 1495903738451.jpg (102.33 KB, 556x720, IMG_1705.JPG)

No. 322899

File: 1495903752154.jpg (84.05 KB, 556x720, IMG_1706.JPG)

No. 322900

File: 1495903767646.jpg (120.04 KB, 556x720, IMG_1707.JPG)

No. 322901

File: 1495903778454.jpg (116.29 KB, 556x720, IMG_1708.JPG)

No. 322903

She actually chose cute pictures for it

No. 322905

And the fashion still makes zero sense

No. 322906

>Street fashion

No. 322908

>happy fashion salad

No. 322911

>'stop trying to make mean girls happen, it's not going to happen'

No. 322912

File: 1495905532753.jpg (449.86 KB, 2396x1236, IMG_1713.JPG)

No. 322913

God, her arms look double the size of her body.

This guide would be lovely if Jill herself stuck to it. '90's slumber party' is not at all what I get from party kei.

No. 322916

Well I was right about the "all the fabrics"
None of this is helpful in the slightest.

No. 322922

File: 1495906623128.gif (973.62 KB, 245x137, tumblr_inline_n3jla9XYz51rro7a…)

No. 322924

File: 1495906838213.png (347.12 KB, 556x720, lol.png)

No. 322926

File: 1495906953955.jpg (518.86 KB, 2400x1800, IMG_1717.JPG)

No. 322929

So the japan vlogs are officially done? wow 10 videos and we saw maybe a few minutes of actual japan? This could not have gone any worse. I actually thought she'd take full advantage of this trip she talked about for years and would produce quality videos for the value of her channel.

Although she did gain maybe 15-20k subs in the last two or three months since the trip but that's really only luck due to sharla taking pity on her. Now that this shit show has passed, there's nothing left but for her to self-destruct.

No. 322934

So, an overall summary of her Japan vlogs:
1 - Harajuku (shopping)
2 - Shibuya 109 (shopping)
3 - Precure Store (shopping)
4 - Precure amusement park (amusement park for actual children)
5 - Akihabara (shopping)
6 - Thrifting in Harajuku ft. Sharla (shopping)
7 - Sunshine City & Milky Way Cafe (window shopping & parfait eating)
8 - Kawaii Monster Cafe ft. Peachy (bizarre parfait eating)
9 - Nakano - ('sightseeing' & shopping)
10 - Swankiss event (shopping)

to be fair the 2 cafes she did videos on were at least something unique to Japan, but she managed to make both of them look uninteresting as fuck
the Nakano one also included the one sight seeing moment that her mom forced her too, but overall… yeah
I've honestly never seen anyone make Japan look this boring

No. 322936

i think there was parfait eating in every video for 'lunch' and then a quarter of the every vid was like jill talking into the camera from the apartment about shit no one cares about

No. 322938

yeah, good point. I also forgot to mention the one awkward appearance that her mom had to make every video

No. 322947

>big juicy ring

Gagging, jill stop please with the gross wording

No. 322948

What's wrong? Don't you like thinking about her big juicy ring?

No. 322949

If Jill celebrates everyday like a party is this why she's so constantly uncomfortable and binging?

No. 322950

File: 1495909815843.png (48.48 KB, 153x114, d47d8dad576f29771438f86af16f6b…)

same louise

No. 322952

File: 1495909924363.png (66.6 KB, 750x598, IMG_1718.PNG)

No. 322953

Does she not feel shit napping all the time???

No. 322954

how fucking lazy is jill that she needs to nap after doing anything "productive" which was probably video editing/sketching??

No. 322957

I nap all the time and it does make feel like shit but I can't help it because I'm depressed, lol. I wonder if Jill hates her life too

No. 322959

I would

No. 322960

That's what I was thinking before, the only time I've napped that much in my life was when I was depressed as shit.
Don't wanna make assumptions about Jill's mental health, I mean all the napping could just be a result of her atrocious diet too lol

No. 322961

I feel like if Jill was actually depressed she would be trying to milk it to be relate able like she does with her social anxiety and mild panic disorder, idk though just my opinion

No. 322965

A lot of people are unaware that they're depressed. Her occasional moments of joy from buying something useless may convince her she's okay.

No. 322970

"Stores close pretty early so there's not a ton to do in the evening anyway." For fuck's sake Jill, Japan has more to offer than just stores.
Also can she stop calling catalogues zines?

No. 322973

just an fyi to anons who probably dont know. "blessed be" is like the pagan way of saying "amen."

No. 322976

yeah I noticed that was her new bullshit motto to exploit

No. 322982


It's pretty disappointing. To be honest, I was actually looking forward to the footage from swankiss. And no one seemed to have a problem with her having her camera out, so it doesn't seem to be a case of having little footage because she had to sneak her camera in or something. Seriously Jill. We saw more of your fucking airbnb than anything else on this trip.

But kek at how much cuter literally every other girl was in there. Not even just the staff, literally everyone.

No. 322991


Why would you choose a fashion like this if you want to be seen as masculine. Sometimes Jill's fans try super hard to out snowflake her.

No. 322993

>I want to model for swankiss
You're too tacky and gross for that Jill

No. 322998

No. 322999

whoops i have no clue how to properly embed it sorry

No. 323000

make more anon.

No. 323001

I love you

No. 323002

Is this heroine?

No. 323007


honestly i really wanted to see it too, shes not even good at talking about fashion despite saying she cares so much. when she opened up the adorable messages from the shop staff and didn't even try to read them it was seriously so soul crushing, like i would've killed to have a cute hikapu note or some shit. and when she went into fucking punyus and was trying on those pants i was like "thats a new look for jill cool shes branching out" and she made a stupid fucking face like HUHU THESE R CHEEKY WACKY!!! UWU i wanted shut off the fucking video and reevaluated how i can be so upset by one persons actions

sage for retardation i just wish she behaved like an actual person who cares about the shit she claims to care about and stop being an immature 'cheeky fucko uwu'

No. 323008

i don't have any classes over the summer so i might tbh

i wanna make one that spans over few of her videos but i was too lazy to download them all

No. 323010

File: 1495914952403.jpg (521.99 KB, 1350x2400, IMG_1721.JPG)

No. 323012

Lol Jill u pleb

No. 323017

Well at least Jill has a full community of hoarders like her. I admit I like some magical girls' items but I can't understand why they have to hoard ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING from Precure. Dunno man, if I hate the character I won't like their toy either.

No. 323018

bless anon
please make a compilation of people giving jill weird looks in japan omg

No. 323022

Jill do u need some aloe vera for that burn or

No. 323026

Go to an arcade. Go to a restaurant. Go to a kabuki show. Go to a bar. Go to a festival. Explore the local area. Go see some live music. Go to a themed cafe.

Also a lot of stores in Japan are open until 9pm so…

No. 323047

Just visiting an arcade in Japan takes in at least SOME culture. Instead she went to ufo catchers and bitched they didn't have what she wanted.

No. 323048

File: 1495919125761.png (166.71 KB, 750x949, IMG_1814.PNG)

It's a balloon on a bubble wand…..
This is who Jill is inspiring

No. 323052

File: 1495919254915.png (211.27 KB, 750x1180, IMG_1815.PNG)

I joined the group only to see this posted..

No. 323053


>self respecting 28 year old

i know its a joke but… that's painful

No. 323059

I really thought I'd see cute things in the party kei group, guess I was wrong. It could potentially be a cute thing but it has no structure. I mean Pinkie Pie's outfits are more party kei than Jill and her followers

No. 323063

File: 1495919674539.jpeg (12.47 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)


no lie

No. 323072

I'm not sure it was a joke… look how she's dressed. And it's NOT labeled as a cosplay.

Also Pinkie Pie would be ashamed at these people.

No. 323074

Not being into Madona makes sense to me. I'm a huge fan of the genre and Madoka strikes me as the "I'm not like other girls~~~" of the magical girl anime world. The visuals were pretty sick tho

No. 323082

10/10 anon, all it's missing is pixie doing 'cotton eye joe' in gigantic denim culottes

No. 323161

File: 1495927975163.png (175.93 KB, 750x1070, IMG_1724.PNG)

Pixie facts got a fact wrong confirmed for not real fan

No. 323163

Dammit, keep cutie Giles out of it.

No. 323166

Does she only have that one pastel jacket? It's in almost alllllll her photos. Get some other kawaii jackets girl

No. 323179

Don't encourage her to buy more clothes anon

No. 323192

>Swankiss giving her a free toning shampoo to get the yellowy tones out of her hair and Jill thinking she doesn't need it

No. 323219

>party-kei is for the girl with fried hair and yellow teeth.

kekekek why is this so true. that's literally what all the whales in her tag look like.

No. 323220


none of those outfits look remotely good. how deluded can she be.

No. 323224

I think she just went through her pics and picked the ones with the most likes, then made up 'rules' for party kei based off them. I mean, what does mesh have to do with 90s slumber parties?

No. 323225

The rainbow dress in the middle looks good by itself imo

No. 323231

90s slumber party?

No. 323232

File: 1495935199962.jpg (62.02 KB, 500x376, tumblr_mi0a1urfXu1qajlvlo1_500…)

forgot pic sorry

No. 323234


y'all… imagine taking a picture like that and thinking you look good… lmao.

everyone in the party kei group is taking crazy pills.

No. 323256


>i don't wanna like… give away my secrets!!! tee hee!

oh god, she's ten years old. she thinks waaaay too highly of herself. she might have like… two or three tricks that she has learned by herself and that's it.

she reminds me of something someone told me, along the lines of "people who brag about their ideas usually don't have many of them". like she's bragging about all her "secrets" because she thinks they are a big deal. but really someone like Annika probably knows ten times more and doesn't worry about "giving away her secrets". jill thinks she's sooo special.

No. 323257


best party kei outfits i have ever seen tbh

No. 323259

File: 1495937589444.png (1.88 MB, 1400x881, dfghjkl.PNG)

Sometimes I like to hurt myself by looking through the insta partykei tag. Here are a few standouts

No. 323260

File: 1495937605007.png (1.3 MB, 1205x895, dfghjkljkhjgh.PNG)

No. 323261

File: 1495937616092.png (1.82 MB, 1215x878, fdghjk.PNG)

No. 323262

File: 1495937626398.png (1.57 MB, 1398x874, fghdjksfdjkas.PNG)

No. 323263

File: 1495937661238.png (1.84 MB, 1387x894, vdghdsjksdghfdj.PNG)

Last one. I bet Jill gets a power trip knowing she actually looks a million times better than a portion of her fans

No. 323264


>username is inconsistent.aesthetic

top kek

No. 323266

For a sec I thought this was Colin being forced to do sissy play again

No. 323268

She says that bright colours and fur are staples of party kei too!

Don't you just want to constantly think of her furry, pink, big juicy ring, anon?

No. 323269

>drawn-on eyebrows
>Joseph and the Technicolor Sweater-Top

It really is the 90s. I know JatATDC came out last year, but still.

No. 323270

not an outfit to improve self esteem in
the autism is unbearable

No. 323275

I like this outfit, the pinks match and the lavenders match and the necklace is ugly but at least its coordinated; remove the person and i'm into this outfit tbh
Sage for no contribution

No. 323289


that haircut and makeup choices are so baaaaaad for her. and if this shit looks bad in her insta pics, i can't even imagine how shitty she looks in real life.


now this one… i don't think theres any hope for this one. too many bad choices at once…

No. 323326


On an unrelated note, is "take pictures of your busy colorful items on as busy colorful a background as possible" officially part of the Party Kei aesthetic?

No. 323338

OT but did anyone else cringe when she pronounced 'Naomi' as if she thought it was a japanese name

No. 323396

Is this stranger things?

No. 323411

It is a Japanese name though
This is the kanji she uses 直美. If it was the western 'Naomi' then it would be writte in katakana.
Sage for no cobtribution

No. 323436

What did you guys think of her 'Am I too old to wear this' video?

She is like a walking blinking Japanese Harajuku Christmas sign to me. Way too over the top to be a real style. I'm amazed she really goes outside dressed like that (like in her Swankiss event video) She has to attract so many delulu weebs Oo Didn't she also complain about people wanting to take a photo of her in Japan (duh, are you really surprised?)
Peachmilky at least manages to pull off a cutsey style without making her surroundings faint because of the weeb-cringe.
(The girls I've seen in Harajuku at such events are mostly really fashionable and graceful. She had to look like an alien between them)

On another note: Did she really spend thousands of Dollars to got to Japan just for shopping? Not even the food she showed was interesting (except for that one or two(?) cafés she went to) omgguysmakemeendmyrant

No. 323443

She's nowhere near too old, she just dresses like crap

No. 323444

This post is cringe.

No. 323451

Naomi is a Japanese name though. It's one of the first Japanese names I heard about. I hate it when people try to act superior to call out cows on their shit and get basic facts wrong.

I agree. This post is cringe.

No. 323456

Sorry, her Swankiss video triggered me :D

Naomi is a biblical name but also a Japanese one from what I know.

No. 323474

File: 1495979592277.png (364.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170528-065204.png)

No. 323476

File: 1495979978814.jpg (552.59 KB, 1080x1920, 17-05-28-06-59-18-851_deco.jpg)

No. 323480


What a fucking baby

No. 323481

So I just read the summary for the San junipero episode and I don't know why it was hard for her to watch…? Was it hard because lesbians¿

No. 323482

Is Jill a little? Because she's behaving like a dumbass

No. 323484

To be fair the only episode I've ever seen was San Junipero, but my friends who watched other ones (and therefore recc'd me the episode) said that was the happiest episode.I can't remember anything "triggering" about it, unless Jill is scared of lesbians, has been in a bad car crash, or is scared of having to think and not having plot handed to her like it does in children's anime.

No. 323485

I love black mirror, why does she think it's scary? It's not a horror show at all

No. 323492


it's not a japanese only name tho.

No. 323505




No. 323510

>sewing is going to be my career so i don't want to do sewing vids because muh secrets

I want to take whatever delusional pill she's on. That kind of attitude is beyond obnoxious.

No. 323524

I'm also thinking she's referencing her lesbian "relationship" … but didn't she say she was mostly gay within the last week? Why would that be triggering then?

No. 323542

>please use gender neutral pronouns

>muh pronouns

god, I hate these triggered by everything bitches. It's like they wake up and look for reasons to be offended.

No. 323553

File: 1495985013656.jpg (371.78 KB, 2400x1594, IMG_1731.JPG)

She has completely changed her tattoo plans, which is probably for the best

No. 323556

File: 1495985170941.gif (459.06 KB, 256x144, 1430279386869.gif)

She's so fucking irritating. As someone who has worked with a lot of artists in the last 15 years, there is nothing you can do. You deal with it. You want a tattoo? You deal wit the pain and aftercare/healing that comes with it. Everyone has different levels of pain tolerance as well. I can see Jill as one of those annoying bitches who will wriggle and squeal as she is getting inked, frustrating the poor artist who has the displeasure of working on her flabby body.

No. 323560

"I'm in one of the largest, most international cities in the world, staying in one of the most cosmopolitan areas of that city, and there's NOTHING TO DO!" And this is coming from someone who lives in East Bumblefuck, Canada?

It's a shame she isn't, because she could benefit from a strong DD telling her when to sleep, when to get up, what to eat, how to dress herself, and when to keep her mouth shut. Her own parents failed at this; a good DD/lg relationship might be the only thing to save her.

No. 323566

Or maybe it makes her anxious because there's no San Junipero-esque life after death in our world as far we know.

No. 323568

That is true, ddlg is the fetish for overgrown babies who don't know to take care of themselves.
Also white supremacists! :D

No. 323586

she hates "spooky" things but wants to get into wicca? what? logic pls jill

No. 323590

shes the kinda person who would pick her tattoo and blame the artist for the weird splotches of missing color

No. 323605

Jill finding Black Mirror triggering and scary is undeniable proof she lives in a personal fantasy bubble. Everyone thinks it's ok to coddle her and now she's an adult baby who seeks attention and sympathy for being sensitive at every turn. What an insufferable person.

No. 323649


>when you only watch chilren's show and now a good sci-fi tv show for young adults scares you

bitch how old are u

No. 323650


its one of the chillest episodes in the entire show! there are episodes with horror elements (altough its still not a scary show at all). San Junipero has none of that, its the only "romantic" episode in the series. Its just about lesbians falling in love and spending their lifes together. the whole "for personal reason" is bullshit,, bitch is attention whoring

No. 323677

I'm going to guess her tragic back story is because she wants/wanted to date a girl but can't because she feels the need to stay with Colin?
Like what even?

No. 323731

No she has that abominable snowman that fell into birthday barf jacket too.

No. 323802

File: 1496008421062.jpg (147.44 KB, 1080x1349, 18646586_1344787565605325_6145…)

ngl she looks kind of cute but very un-Jill

No. 323805

File: 1496008452830.png (135.62 KB, 750x865, IMG_1736.PNG)

No. 323812

Ugh that stupid thing she's doing with her lip ruins the photo. Maybe if she just smiled normally she wouldn't look 70 years old. Everything else though looks fine.

No. 323817

She looks cute in the photo and yet at the same time not??? Like her hair looks fine, and her outfit looks okayish but god her face. There's just something there that ruins it.

No. 323819

Trying too hard to look like Kammie.

No. 323882

the fake granny pearl earrings are really clashing with the 5 year old child's necklace. she looks mental.

No. 323903

its her face

No. 323918

I just finished the episode and it was honestly boring to me. What the fuck triggered her? Good hair? Decent fashion?

No. 323920

wtf no legit tattoo artist or piercer would want anyone on weed or pills when they're getting worked on. What is this fucking trash??

No. 323923

The last time I got a tattoo, I had to sign a release form and they photo copied my ID. I'm pretty sure one of the terms if not to be drunk, high or on drugs when getting inked. It's bullshit misinformation like this that really pisses me off.

Buck up, Jill, or don't get the tattoo at all. It will hurt regardless.

No. 323965

Kek needing to even consider being high for a tattoo. I'm not even one of those ha it doesnt hurt all" people. Because it does hurt a bit. But overall its actually nothing worth stressing over. And im a wimp..

No. 323968

Jill should ask Margot about tattoos

No. 323976

I can't imagine anyone recommending it, but what the piercer said is accurate: it wouldn't cause any harm. Overreacting a bit familia

No. 323998

Not too defend Jill or anything but that episode made me panic a little because I've had relatives that had to have the "plug pulled". Could it be something like that? Sage for slight blog

No. 324000

Copying Kammie is working well for her hair.

No. 324004

what's wrong with being on painkillers during that? wouldn't it be a good idea to at least take some tylenol

i wouldn't suggest weed for Jill because she has never done it before and she would probably freak out or something.

No. 324006


I've had a similar experience anon but Jill doesn't really seem the type of person to be severely distraught by the loss of a family member, friend, etc. She honestly comes off as so self absorbed that she'd use the misfortune of someone close to her to garner sympathy from her fans. She complains about everything and never stops talking about her life; I feel like if something like that had happened, it almost certainly would have been posted on her tumblr or deviantart or something or we would have heard about it?

Maybe I'm being too harsh but she gives me serious selfish uncaring bitch vibes.

No. 324014

what the hell lmao
we all dislike jill here but saying that she wouldn't care if someone close to her died? that's a mighty big assumption there buddy

No. 324016

I don't think she's that cold hearted. It's pretty obvious she doesn't have too many close relationships, but I think she does really care about them. Considering how hard it was for her when her cat got sick I wouldn't be surprised if the health aspect of the show is what got to her.

No. 324020

Anon, stop reaching. The pearl is the stud of long, glittery plastic hearts. It matches the whole thing pretty well.

No. 324022

Yah maybe I was being a little extreme. She's just so vapid and selfish a lot of the time, like the entire Japan trip with her mom being financial support and butler, or how she forces 'Coco' to dress in a style he doesn't like, or her cat eating tinsel and according to her almost dying, but she left the stuff in the same place and didn't make any major attempt to remove it from the cat's reach.

No. 324027

maybe a light painkiller(otc)- but you don't want to something to happen and you don't realize

It's probably reason they don't want you to drink, they're all mind altering depresses drugs

No. 324029

a lot of painkillers are blood thinners, so anything that makes you bleed (piercings or tattoos) can cause you to bleed a lot more than normal and take a while to stop, and your body can go into shock

No. 324032

you dont wanna drink alcohol because alcohol thins the blood which could make you bleed more when youre getting the tattoo

No. 324056

the real reason is usually because being drunk actually makes the tattoo hurt more, same thing with being high

No. 324060

no its not

No. 324062

Sorry to insult your shit taste, anon.

At the very least she obviously cares about people on a superficial level. The tinsel thing is telling tho, she's irresponsible as fuck and my guess would be she values looks over anything (like functionality), I mean… just look at her eating and shopping habits. She'd rather keep the tinsel up and have the cats around for pics than take it down for their safety.

No. 324068

I don't think it's asking too much if you're going to be tattooing or piercing someone that they be sober to minimize the chance that they do something dumb while you're working on them.

No. 324081

That's one reason. There's also the blood thinning as an anon mentioned above. Artists also don't want to deal with the inevitable shitshow of a drunk asshole coming in the next day angry about their decision to get it. Just don't get tattooed drunk. It's a terrible idea.

No. 324085

File: 1496024049094.png (149.97 KB, 750x884, IMG_1742.PNG)

No. 324097

story of her life

No. 324099

shout out to those who predicted she'd have a post-japan identity crisis lol

No. 324100

Holy shit I cant imagine jill smoking shes way to much of a good girl, look at how she treats having a "cheeky cocktail uwu' like its a big specticle just thinking about how she would treat weed is cracking me up, is she really going to ask in the consultation? If you want a tattoo you have to put up with the pain its a part of it. No artist would tattoo someone high like other anons said. Ugh im just thinking of her becoming a cringy stoner and spending money on those magical girl wand pipes and decoden-ed grinders LMAO

No. 324115

File: 1496026329415.png (1.98 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1743.PNG)

This is terrifying

No. 324127

d-does anyone know which brand her glasses are?

No. 324141

the tongue

No. 324167

Hairstyle and the bow look cute, but that's pretty much it.

>Sorry to insult your shit taste, Anon.
People can like whatever they want to (Jill and her ilk are an exception when it's done in excess, but still). Taste is subjective.

No. 324181

Canadian Dollar Tree

No. 324188

i'm pretty sure she got them at spinns or wego

No. 324193

this is a stupid nitpick but it pisses me off how Jill clearly doesn't wear her retainer?? her overbite keeps getting more intense and its just not cute? (not that jill was ever that cute to begin with but butter teeth + overbite; not cute)

No. 324293

Weird since she really likes that jfashion model whose signature look is her retainer that is modeled to look like colorful braces.

No. 324306

I have an overbite and my dentists have never once suggested retainers. Are you a dentist yourself anon? Very presumptuous nitpick.

No. 324308


If it isn't that severe, they won't really care, plus dentists aren't orthodontists. They want your teeth to be healthy and may not care too much about how straight they look or feel the need to refer you to an orthodontist if it isn't extreme.

Retainers are generally worn after braces treatment ends, and the bite is usually corrected/adjusted during treatment with rubber bands. It may be different in different parts of the world. Do we know if Jill ever had braces? Or what the norm is like in Canada and PEI for teeth correction?

No. 324309


It's both. Being under the influence means you can't legally "consent" meaning the tattoo artist could get in trouble if they tattoo you and blood thinning = more bleeding while you are getting the tattoo done = harder for the tattoo artist to do their job.

Tattoos don't really "hurt" in the way she's probably expecting. bite down on your candy necklace for the first few pokes, Jill.

No. 324318

Samefag here, jill had braces when she was about 12 to 14, you can see looking at photos her teeth are slowly moving forward which is why I assume she isn't wearing her retainer to bed

No. 324321

Ye but if you ever worn a retainer you'll know they're a pain to keep up with.

No. 324342

diff anon but i'm someone who wears my retainer religiously to bed every night (even when im blackout drunk the night before ill find my retainer in.) but then again i'm someone who paid for my braces out of pocket so diff priorities I guess.

Sage for bringing irl onto board, Sage for no contribution

No. 324372

This is so sweet and mature, god seeing her now makes me so sad.

No. 324374

Teeth naturally shift forward the older you get, so I'm positive it's not a retainer issue.

No. 324376

I have been ghost following pixies threads for a while now and while I do feel like some of you have some legitimate complaints about her l, I feel like most of it is nitpicking and circle Jerking.

No. 324383

Welcome to Lolcow

No. 324385

thanks for sharing :)

No. 324395

I LOVE this anon, they get us fucking gold star baby werk

No. 324420

My Lolita friends and I still hated her when she released this video. This was after her "Lolita on a budget" vid where she tried to give financial advice and took it down because people called her out on being a spoiled 16 year old barely out of her ita phase.

Again her humble bragging about her privilege in this vid rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Not going to rewatch, but iirc her message is along the lines of "If Lolita is hard for you or outside criticism upsets you, then you should re-evaluate your fashion choices. But I can be a Lolita because everyone in rural Canada is raised to be polite and only throw compliments my way tehe plus my mommy loves me"

It actually makes sense then when you realize years later she mentioned being publicly mocked in a Forever 21 and said she'd never experienced that in the past. Not to mention how fast she quit the fashion when she realized not every Lolita would worship the ground she walks on. Any type of opposition is traumatic to her I guess.

No. 324428

If you live in a major city you grow thicker skin to harassment, I'm pretty sure unless a vlogger lives in a city or a well populated town their opinion is bogus.

No. 324430

You did not, no worries. They are tacky plastic earrings, so they match her tacky style pretty well. You were reaching by not acknowledging that and having poor eyesight.

No. 324435

I agree with you in not liking her in her lolita phase. I cant quite explain why but she seemed a bit pretentious in all of her videos. Looking back now though, comparatively she was so much more bearable back then

No. 324449

Why are you so bitter and defensive about an earrings comment on an anonymous imageboard?

As she gets older it seems like she gets more and more sensitive. I can imagine her becoming a total recluse if she got laughed at in public one more time, if only she'd take her own tough guy internet advice and grow thicker skin.

No. 324458

actually the hearts go with the plastic studs in her other hole. they're the same glittery plastic.

No. 324465

Not that Anon, but some people have different opinions based on things you may or may not agree with.

No. 324469

This. 8 out of 10 times, the posts are just salty for being salty.

Thanks for proving Anon's point.

No. 324487

everything about jill encourages me to be salty

No. 324528

File: 1496076918585.png (179.14 KB, 750x747, IMG_1749.PNG)

No. 324530

reminds me of those photoshop pictures

No. 324533

So many photoshop ops

No. 324536

Jesus christ, that fucking color saturation.

No. 324553

She looks 45.

No. 324559

Back to nature ~
> fake hair
> fake glasses
> fake personality

No. 324645

She looks more and more 'special' each photo

No. 324669

In this video Jill talks about going to AP and it being filled with shitty MLP foil balloons, party hats, or full of crystals and smoke. Was this foreshadowing?

No. 324802

File: 1496102008311.png (640.89 KB, 498x651, h4pC4Gl.png)

No. 324809


she looks so mad. also i kind of think she tried a bit more with this outfit? like its still bad dont get me wrong but like its not as mismatched as shes been for awhile. maybe she is reading here.

No. 324819

I definitely believe she lurks here.

No. 324820

We can't see her shoes, and the fact that she essentially only has one piece of clothing on (besides the white tshirt) really helps. She can't mismatch clothing if it's just one piece.

But the bow doesn't match, the bag is off, and I can't see what necklace she has on, so it's hard to tell if that really works up close. Not to mention those granny glasses.

No. 324850

I will say this is an interesting picture and a step above from the shitty selfies she usually posts.
The whimsy color composition from the tulips actually flow with the type of hair and child romper she's wearing.

No. 324881

why does she look so much thinner here? she couldn't have lost that much weight on her strict diet of pure sugar and she normally looks extremely pudgy, especially in that atrocious polyester dress.

No. 324884

I feel like party kei can be a style, if it's done properly. It's not J-Fasion though. It's just a style. But with no foundation it just crumbles. Limit colour palette, have certain accessories, cohesive clothing patterns etc and it might just work.

No. 324885

Photoshop. Just like how she shooped the flowers.
Looks like she pushed in her arms and waist in a bit, and then gave her neck some length while adjusting the face shape.

Not that I'm saying it's bad, this is literally the only cute picture I've seen of her in months. If she's gotta shoop to make it work, then fine.

No. 324892

Is cult party kei part of her style?

No. 324914

I hate that dress so much. It's unflattering on anyone with a bit of a stomach, and didn't even look good in the promo pictures on a fucking model.

No. 324917

that's pretty much all slip dresses though

No. 324921

Hell no. They're very different. She has even said that.

No. 324928

Oh ok I wasn't sure I just saw the tag on Insta…

No. 324971

Dont fill in the name and email slots

No. 324981

Sorry.. thanks I'm new here

No. 325009

Jill posted a cat video again ( https://www.instagram.com/p/BUs0pP-hY_k/?taken-by=pixieespam ), imagine hearing this shit all day

No. 325015

You're thinking of Sakura Kurebayashi, who actually had braces but recently had them removed

No. 325025

shes also sucking her gut in hardcore, but yeah like other anon said shooping.
not surprised though pixie has been shooping herself thinner since her lolita/gal crossover days

No. 325044


No. 325173

Jill didn't visit ap did she?

No. 325438

kek imagine her talking in this voice to colin in bed

No. 325642

So is anyone else suddenly getting a fuckload of friend requests from ageplayers in the party kei group?

No. 325660

>being in the party kei group

No. 325669

top kek

No. 325696

Maybe she's trying to be a double agent? Then again, Jill likely reads this thread.

No. 325701

File: 1496195237858.jpg (108.69 KB, 700x996, b197709302b6cc61c58e54dd16220b…)

Really surprised jill hasn't gravitated towards these yet. Like they completely go with her aesthetic

No. 325706

I doubt she could walk in those

No. 325707


>implying that'd stop her

No. 325715

pretty sure she chickened out, surprised she didn't visit closet child though, they have all sorts of cool second hand j fashions

No. 325824

jill is too good for second hand obv. only plebs go to closet child /sc

No. 325826

she would probably shove her expired candy necklace in these for party girl ~aesthetics~

No. 325886

idk anon, jill got that tacky 80's pastel windbreaker that's pretty stained with no issue, oh! and that fugly pink glitter sweater that's so old its vaguely grey

No. 325937

but anon she couldn't get those nearly as dirty as her current pairs

No. 325952

God forbid Jill didn't wear cheap tacky shoes made of inferior materials! Kek she will never be high fashion or in fashion.

No. 325960


No. 325966

File: 1496212838346.jpeg (67.91 KB, 562x822, image.jpeg)

Realized the inspo

No. 325990

y would u insult helga like this

No. 326042

Let's all agree we can only compare Jill to uglier and dumber characters, mostly men, not powerful women.

No. 326083

helga would despise everything jill stands for dont bring her into this

No. 326117

No. 326121

Damn, Jill looks so much fucking better with bangs down. She actually looks close to her real age instead of pushing 30+

No. 326190

I haven't watched it, can someone tell me how many times she tells a fan she loves them?

No. 326230

Best part of this is that someone sent her an envelope inexplicably full of tinsel and Jill felt threatened by it

No. 326232

top kek I hope it was a farmer mocking her for almost killing her cats (didn't watch tho)

No. 326239

the mascara on her eyelid is pissing me off

No. 326251



No. 326264


No. 326351

First time she's mentioned Jem in ages

No. 326370

highkey pisses me off that she couldn't wait until the video to open the mail, that's the best part about po box videos

No. 326396


tbqh farmers sending jill tinsel is the kind of (mostly) harmless shit i like and now that she opens it we should send more

No. 326438

She most likely did that because she didn't want to do more editing like a true lazy shitty youtuber.
Also maybe to weed out hate mail.

No. 326483

i wanna fill a parcel to the brim with glitter but then again she'd probably just leave it over everything because ~aesthetic~

No. 326522

File: 1496275962932.png (523.3 KB, 499x648, u8cM4X4.png)

now that jill's got a PO box, her fans are taking the liberty to use it like a dump and send her their kawaii scraps

No. 326547

This video was so boring, god damn. I'll usually sit through her shit for a laugh but god damn, this was so meaningless and bland I couldn't take it. So many empty words and pointless "omg ily!" No u don't Jill, these random 14 year olds mean nothing to you besides free shit and ass pats lol

No. 326575

File: 1496279423373.jpeg (18.48 KB, 339x149, image.jpeg)

When Jill made this face, it reminded me of this.

No. 326629

please do not insult derp and derpina

No. 326695

And yet she still managed to flash at least one return address up on the screen in a way that was readable. Considering her fans are guaranteed to be minors (and super young ones at that), this seems rather irresponsible.

Meanwhile why did she even bother with a PO herself? The whole world knows her name, her mom's name, and her mom's business which is in their house. She could have saved herself the CA$162 - CA$779/year.

No. 326724

Look child, do not associate yourself with my path. Away you slattern. Go stand in tune out with Ember

No. 326737

ikr? like her address is all over the web surprised she hasn't told her mum to change her website to say "studio address on inquiry" or something with how paranoid she is

No. 326847

>"Thank you for fighting for trans and women's rights!"

Was this sent to the wrong YouTuber? Sure Jill mentions being pro-trans but feminism/lgbtq rights have never been her fortay by any means, she's just a product of her generation.

Do we all get asspats and fan mail for not living in the 20th century anymore?

She couldn't have been any less interested in those vintage pins as well. Guaranteed we won't see her wear them since they're not pastel.

No. 326848

guessing it's from that one video 'kicking a transphobe out of my store' or whatever it was.

No. 326850

The lady weren't even a transphobe, she was a traditionalist

No. 326858

Her disinterest in the pins really bugged me as well. Could at least pretend to appreciate the free gifts she gets a little more. I feel like we won't ever see those Jem earrings worn as well.

No. 326863

This is actually a sweet gift and it looks better condition than some of the expensive used wands she picked up in Japan.

No. 326882

I thought those pins were super sweet and a really nice lil something. She's fully expecting people to send her year-round birthday presents and seeing her excitement over bigger/more ~kawaii~ gifts over something that someone was nice enough to find and send her really pissed me off.

She's an ungrateful bitch. At least pretend to like the gifts. You know the sender is watching. Just pretend your great-aunt Gretel has given you your fourteenth hankie in a row for Christmas and pretend to fucking adore it for the sake of making them happy.

No. 326886

Time stamp?

No. 326889

Around 7.13.

No. 326897

God Jill even if you hate it make an effort to lie. Like get excited, put it on or something. Do an outfit shot and link it, then take it off. All youtubers lie and act.

No. 326901

File: 1496324815813.png (129.9 KB, 750x959, IMG_8727.PNG)

Going through Jill's followers kek

No. 326923

Her followers are into DD/LG? Really makes you think with her Party Kei line.

No. 326943

If you're a teen, like Melanie Martinez and pastel alternative fashion you're into ddlg

No. 326960

File: 1496332553540.png (638.24 KB, 460x778, 1495541630017.png)

So apparently she or someone that looks a lot like her went to a lolita meetup dressed like this.

No. 326963

that's not her and where did you find that?

No. 326975


smells like vendetta here.

No. 326978

haha what? how is the hair exactly the same

No. 326980

File: 1496334019399.jpg (124.61 KB, 640x360, dFdWvZ3.jpg)

No. 326983

It was on a lolita com thread on /cgl/

No. 326985

How so? Just found this on /cgl/ comm thread
They got the same hair and terrible fashion sense

No. 326990

I know this is halfway up the thread but this is the saddest thing I ever saw. All my Japanese friends complained about how early pubs, clubs, bars, and karaoke close in the UK and how there's nowhere you can go to hang out after midnight like arcades or whatever.

I guess you need actual friends to enjoy social things like this though.

No. 326993

It's hebrew and japanese by some sort of weird convergent evolution. Know a couple of hafus with it because it's an acceptable name in western countries.

No. 326994

She hasn't been posted in the last two comm threads, and that second photo is from btb
Take your lolita vendetta somewhere else

No. 327061

top fucking kek calling commercial catalogs "zines" which are diy craft things for poor artists to show off their work, she will use any terminology that she thinks sounds cool jfc

It's really embarrassing for her to claim she was a ~tru punk living the lyfe~ when she was actually 13/14 and Louise would not let her go out on the town to shows every night before school and Jill is known to be triggered by drugs or anything remotely "hardcore".

For years she said her punk bf was abusive/unhealthy relationship and he apparently forced his music interests on her. Then when his roommates called the cops over animal abuse, Jill and Louise were both quick to defend him saying he was a sweet guy that never showed that type of problematic behaviour. I wonder if he ever actually got arrested/charged, I know he was on the run for awhile.

I was mutuals with Jill around that time in her life and I hate how her version of events always change when she talks about that period. Sometimes her punk phase is super traumatic that she's too ashamed to discuss because evil friends/bf and then out of nowhere it changes to her being proud because it made her the most special snowflake. Her boyfriend was obviously more edgelord/4chan type and Jill's slow transition to sjw for attention's sake is likely much more obvious if you knew or followed her five years ago. Surely she still has edgy posts on her fb like when she would proclaim herself more authentic than other alternative girls because reasons. I always thought she'd end up competing with other fb-popular scene girls but I guess everyone transitioned to ~kawaii~ anyways. Either way I think her intentions are transparent.

Idc if her fans want to believe she's a pure social justice angel but honestly 2012 Jill would trigger 2017 Jill so hard, she really embodied different values at the time.

sage for huge rant/blogpost, fickle people are my pet peeve.

No. 327066

almost everyone has different views at 13 than 19, though. i don't get why that's surprising. i'm sure most people have had views at one point in their life that they'd now consider to be shitty.

No. 327082

Her views are likely to change again. It's a cycle. Not just for her, but everyone in the entire world. >inb4 hi, Jill


No. 327094

I don't get why Jill is so insistent on saying that she is "weird" just because she has shit taste in fashion therefore her external appearance is the sole reason she is weird. So fucking stupid. This chick is so unimaginative and attention starved always constantly labeling herself to stay relevant with the fat sweaty eggheads who watch her shitty lack luster vids. Last time I checked one's external appearance was hardly a factor in being considered "weird". Weird is a state of mind and actually involve some level of creativity and originality. None of which she possesses.

No. 327111

I mean appearance does effect how people see you. I think most people would see jill and think she was weird without knowing anything else

No. 327158

those fucking eyebrows are what haunt me everyday. jesus FUCK…. theyre so horrid.

No. 327160

i honestly only searched for this thread to complain about the damn brows. i have a damn heart attack everytime i see them

No. 327163

Thank you for your contribution anon, we need all the salt we can get.

No. 327417

Thought they used to be bad but now how she tries to fill them in pink… didn't think they could get any worse

No. 327477

imo the pink makes it look like she tried to wax off her eyebrows and the skin came off with the hair. never ceases to amaze me how every choice she makes pertaining to her "style" is worse than the previous one.

No. 327554

jill reminds me of lena dunham in a clown costume

No. 327759

File: 1496428015005.png (170.68 KB, 494x635, ChxyNYC.png)

is she announcing collin's personal life to the world to prove she cares about him or…

No. 327776

Why is he having a surgery?

No. 327792

I assume it's because of his jaw, I don't remember exactly what the issue is but I think it was mentioned before that it was something he's insecure about
When you watch videos of them together you can see that it's messed up in some way

No. 327827

I thought it was a castration or tranny reference

No. 327904

god, jill squealing like a pig is always a terrible thing

No. 327905

File: 1496439307829.jpg (43.87 KB, 892x960, 18765965_1844046205609366_1647…)

So this is what she's getting tattooed on her. The stars are going to be way too small, and the eyes are probably too small for as much detail as she wants. Not to mention the bow is uneven.

No. 327907

File: 1496439369934.jpg (46.79 KB, 500x500, melanie-martinez-tattoo-rabbit…)

No. 327915


that shit is ugly.

i'm scared of trashing it tho, because i don't want her throwing another tantrum about it. like, if you want ugly shit tattooed on you, JUST DO IT JILL!! its milkier for us that way!!

No. 327918

File: 1496440376790.jpg (12.02 KB, 238x183, tumblr_onpckm5xC71tcyivfo1_250…)


when she would start talking in tumblr language like: "you're special uwu! you can do it! i love u <3 ur so talented and specialll! boop boop boop! you're amazzzing", that's when i wanted to fucking die.

No. 327923

>I don't get why Jill is so insistent on saying that she is "weird"
because otherwise she'd have to have an actual personality

No. 327950

ugh her style is horrible

No. 327973

I hate her sudden jump to "practicing" pagan or Wicca. I wanted to scream when she told her fan to follow the craft and blessed be she's so fake.

No. 327979

File: 1496446933451.png (40.23 KB, 490x600, 6d736c7c349db7c6a5ec9877b77f5e…)

I feel like she tried going for an Esther Kim kinda aesthetic, but Jill really doesn't have enough foundations in art to pull off such an illustrative style…
I draw quite a lot and would never want to have my own art as a tattoo, I'd be too afraid of suddenly seeing flaws in the future and not being able to fix them. Jill must have quite some confidence in her art lol

No. 327993

Why does this bitch keep referring to herself as "Baby"

No. 328003

right? theres a dif between people calling you baby because you're cute and you calling yourself baby because you're so conceited and think you're adorable.

No. 328069

sloppily drawn in minutes following her tantrum about the dildo wand tattoo

No. 328077

eugh you can just tell that it's not going to come out very well, even with some adjustments from whoever tattoos her

I still want her to go through with it just so she can realize how bad it looks later

No. 328091

File: 1496458588310.png (100.62 KB, 750x445, IMG_1807.PNG)

Not only that, but went into detail about what could be a private health matter on a public page that is completely unrelated

No. 328092

File: 1496458620562.png (126.5 KB, 750x1037, IMG_1802.PNG)

Then of course she also posted it on facebook

No. 328093

File: 1496458690010.png (86.93 KB, 745x541, IMG_1803.PNG)

which she then followed up with this less then an hour later

No. 328095

File: 1496458724605.png (47.15 KB, 750x341, IMG_1805.PNG)

And now the night after his surgery she's out drinking

No. 328096

File: 1496458746364.png (164.66 KB, 750x1097, IMG_1804.PNG)

With her "best friend"

No. 328097

File: 1496458777467.png (90.49 KB, 750x904, IMG_1806.PNG)

Whose profile pic she is now currently in

No. 328108

Looks way cuter than Colin from what I can tell.

No. 328114

Man this really pisses me off for some reason, I mean I don't think she needs to stop her life because Colin is going for surgery but like idk be respectful and not post cheery photos of you hanging out with your friends while your partner is going through a highly complex surgery, also why the fuck would you post it (the surgery) all over the internet when you have such a substantial following; if I were Colin id be pissed.

No. 328124

don't be a fucking child about it, it's not a complex surgery, it's one day in the hospital, and 6 weeks of recovery until they take out the rods.
I will admit though, that she should be in the hospital with them until they're out, cause that's a really nice gesture.

No. 328153

Jill cosplay?

No. 328161

lol you can tell she's hoping to hop onto the next dick in secrecy while keeping collin around, he's gonna be useless now though that he's in recovery and can't move his jaw

i hope johnathan and collin run away and be gay together elsewhere

No. 328295

pixie will probably make up some bs story about colin and say she was always in love with jonathan

No. 328297

that tongue thing she does is absolutely revolting
why does she do it?? is she copying it from somewhere? it triggers me every time

No. 328336


Yeah but still… i think it kinda sucks. Imagine collin checking his feed and seeing how jill is out and about having a jolly good time. She's not supposed to mourne but at least not be a jerk… idk.
Als i'd be pissed about it being postet all over the internet. Come on, that was uncalled for.

Jeeez that poor guy…

No. 328377

I dont think Jill is capable of love so I suppose Collin is last season and shes onto the next. This guy ses more masculine though so I wonder how she will convince him to pretend to be nonbinary so she doesn't have to admit she's 100% straight.

No. 328385

John has been her gay best friend for a while though, at least for as long as she's been dating Colin. Although yes, Colin was best friends with Tristan (and Jill?) and dated Gillian (Jill's only female friend in high school) so she doesn't seem to care about ruining friendships nor dating people with odd sexual identities.

If anything, I think the breakup with Tristan happened around the same time Colin came out as nb. Jill dropped her straight relationship like a hot potato when she realized she could be in ~queer~ relationship with Colin.

John could easily turn out to be bisexual instead of 100% gay if we're going with the theory that they will develop a romance but tbh I highly doubt that because he seems a lot more confident in his orientation than Jill or Colin.

No. 328501

If you honestly think Jill and Colin weren't texting each other the entire time she was out, you don't realize how dependent she is on him.

No. 328504

>a naturally super effed up jaw
does body positivity only extend as far as whining about japanese clothes being too small for your pudgy body because you have the eating habits of a two year old?

No. 328553


you know how, sometimes you'll sees two ugly people together? and it turns out the uggos are just best friends or something. and you think to yourself "they should just date each other…save everyone the time". but they never end up dating, because both uggos think that they are better looking than each other?

cause that's the feeling these pictures give me.

sure, she's dating collin right now but i don't think its gonna last. once they move in together she's gonna scare him away.

No. 328725

jonathan is way more attractive than jill, but thats like saying a 1997 ford is more attractive than a rusty wagon with a steering wheel

No. 328884

No. 328890

Is she wearing a bathing suit as a top?

No. 328891

File: 1496589567504.jpg (31.25 KB, 488x386, pixsneeze.JPG)

disgusting sneeze with the high pitched WHEW

No. 328893

No. 328895

>I say shibee-a, hope thats okay uguuuu
>its a mystery
Not even my culture and I'm pissed.

No. 328901

Can she just move the camera down a bit? She looks like she's struggling to fit in frame

No. 328903

File: 1496590146879.png (257.63 KB, 484x269, Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 4.28…)

What even????

No. 328955

>almost didn't get this skirt cause corset lacing isn't my style
>the best part of this jacket is the corset lacing

ok Jill

No. 328956

She's trying not to reveal what a gross pudgy lttle mess she looks like in that new swim suit

No. 328957

I think she was trying to make it seem like that sound was part of her sneeze in an effort to garner comments about how "cute" her sneezes are

No. 328968

Why does she look down on larme so much?

No. 328974

probably because larme is a j-fashion (unlike party kei), but without strict guidelines, which requires you to have a sense of style to pull off successfully. we all know she can't do that, plus themes of adulthood and femininity seem alien to Jill since she's an actual child who is unable to dress herself.

No. 328979

Probably because she thought that Larme revolved around the brand Swankiss. Swankiss has some pretty over the top clothing and it seemed like Larme was going in that direction at first. Now it's a bit more toned down and has a lot more rules because a community has evolved, referring to the FB page.
She posted her Larme makeup video when the style was starting to break into the "mainstream". Nothing was really solidified. Not to mention all hell broke loose when she posted that video because she used craft glitter around her eyes.

No. 328995

after the second sneeze that squeak sound was so delayed that it makes me think that she fakes it.

No. 329005

it must be disgusting in her room if she's sneezing from the dust, i hope it's fake sneezing

No. 329006

when does she sneeze?

No. 329016

Why on earth did she wear that swimsuit in the video? It was so unflattering seeing her armpit stubble and her arms flail around in that.

No. 329028

File: 1496599649194.png (948.58 KB, 1136x640, IMG_2133.PNG)

Girl really needs to tone her arms (if not everything).

Pic related isn't the best quality (thanks, mobile), but you can see her shadowy stubble.

No. 329029

what if she is happy with herself the way she is? Are you some kind of a fitness guru yourself?

No. 329030

sneeze @ 6:32

No. 329031

hi jill!

No. 329033

File: 1496600631405.png (1.52 MB, 1342x926, Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 1.11…)

Jill's accent coupled with her 1st-grade vocabulary is headache inducing.

>Shiboooooyah haul. Shibooyah? Shibuya? It's a mystery

>Swimmy suit
>Jacki (as in jacket)
>Beep bop boop
>Coli (as in color)
>Poki dots

How will she ever be able to present her clothing brand if she describes clothes as "situations" and "thingies"?

No. 329034

Her made up words for everything annoy me so bad (i.e. Calling tulips "tulies")

No. 329036

man normally I don't care about people's teeth but those are insanely yellow, does she just not brush?

No. 329038

this is what happens when your style you made up has literally zero rules or themes to follow

No. 329047

Adult baby confirmed

No. 329079

There's a giant peep decoration?

No. 329100

She got it from Kate

No. 329101

lol yahh explains the trauma she felt out of fear of not fitting in brand…
bye JILL

No. 329102

um swankiss is still pretty larme since half their stuff is always featured in every single issue
not all their stuff is so ott like the ugly shit jill picked bc it was probs the only bs she fit into

No. 329119

I don't think it's stubble. If she's nb she might have jumped on the bandwagon of not shaving.

No. 329122

there is no reason to pick on body hair when the rest of her looks like that

No. 329123

Idk whenever I shave that area I always end up with a small bit of stubble. Unless you wax its hard to avoid.

No. 329130

No, but a lot of walking and maybe some weight lifting could do her good. Sage for OT.

Maybe it is just shadow. I dunno, I'm no body hair expert.

No. 329140

2:03 "I might look like I'm like ready to rob a bank"
Jill, what the fuck are you talking about?

No. 329149

File: 1496614971731.jpg (439.44 KB, 2400x2400, IMG_1834.JPG)

>Jill not responding to partners "I like you"
>basically saying if he didn't call himself nonbinary she wouldn't like him

No. 329161

lol so she just doesn't like guys that wouldn't want to be her pink dress up accessory?

No. 329163

how can you say non binary people? like arent they all going to be very different like ok im attracted to someone because of how they identify

No. 329165

are certain women or certain men not very different to each other though?? i do think she wants to be snowflakey with this but you can deffo be attracted to a group of people but not them all

No. 329169

Ew no girl would date her, she's too filthy

No. 329170

also if she just says "not men" a lot people will assume she's a lesbian, but you can be attracted to women and nb people and that's totally fair

No. 329173

yeah i guess non binary just confuses me like it means you choose to say youre not male or female right? but you still are. shes not including men in who shes attracted to but colin is a guy hes just saying hes nb
sage for just a pointless comment im making anyway

No. 329192

Blessed be???? Girl knows that's part of a fertility\sex ritual, right????

No. 329194

>blessed be
tumblr-tier wiccans just think that means 'thxbye!!!' or something, they say it all the time

No. 329199

she isn't attracted to men. that's what she's saying

i'm not going to debate the existence of nb people on here

No. 329213

ok its not a thing in the real world tho

No. 329215


why are you so desperate to derail? go debate somewhere else if you're that eager

No. 329219

She's so tumblr that it hurts

No. 329225

What a fucking liar

Jill not only were you seriously dating men for 4 years before but according to your own story you were long attracted to Colin before being nb (still "male"). Now she's suddenly excluding men and that's suppose to make her officially gay?

I understand if she doesn't like dick or hetero intercourse (there's plenty of straight girls in relationships who work around their fear or repulsion of penis) but she's lying if shes claiming to be incapable of hetero romance or attraction to males. Romance and sexuality are separate entities, I don't know or care if she can have sex with men but she sure as hell can be romantic towards them.

Tbh her personal life is none of our business but she doesn't seem to understand that she's publicly throwing her last 3 partners under the bus, despite these people being the closest friends she's ever had who did right by her as males in a hetero dynamic. Why are trendy labels more important than actual people. The entire basis of pan sexuality is that one is capable of seeing beyond the surface of gender and loving their partners based on attractive values/morals/behaviour. Had Tristan been a girl would she have left just the same for a nb person? Doesn't seem likely.

No. 329227

people can change lmao calm down

>there's plenty of straight girls in relationships who work around their fear or repulsion of penis

sounds a lot like compulsory heterosexuality

No. 329236

I was going for asexuals anon. Most asexuals still have romantic relationships. I'm saying she's allowed to have romantic feelings without forcing herself to be into the sexual aspect which is clearly why she prefers agender Colin who is biologically male regardless.

No. 329238

like yea she's gross but there are plenty of gross girls that like girls dont be dumb lol

No. 329240

asexuality isn't "fear or repulsion of penis" lol

you have no idea what you're on about

No. 329256

I mentioned this in a previous thread but back in her lolita days when she first started her channel, she would reblog a lot of sex-positive posts, softcore porn gifs, pastel bdsm etc (I think she might have actually discussed her sex life with tristan briefly too, ill try and find it) that type of stuff was popular on tumblr at the time, I think she was 16 or under around this time too. Now she is following trends again by dating a 'non-binary'dude, she might trend hop again and come out as ace soon. wouldn't surprise me at all.

No. 329268


Heres a few things I found from 2014 in her archive;

>so she was underage constaly reblogging bongage gear, girls in underwear, posts saying shit like 'fuck me harder', things related to film lolita etc, heres a sample


>Also reblogging posts about drinking despite her claiming to only of starting to drink very recently? I assume she did it to come off as edgy


As for the posts about her own sex life I found these



>An underage virgin in a relationship with a 3 year age gap who is proud of her virginity but also is 'secretly kinky' and enjoys rough sex and a movie romanticizing pedophilia?

ok jill

No. 329277

She dated Tristan until she was 17 and him 19 so there's a good chance that changed

No. 329304

God the party kei group is bitchy

No. 329310

File: 1496632595446.jpg (71.23 KB, 600x450, 1N0UjV3.jpg)

youre forgetting that she weaseled her way into a relationship with collin by going through tristan for years, his best friend at the time. im sure shes capable of doing it again even if its reaching. the thought is pretty funny tbh

>Why are trendy labels more important than actual people.
its hilarious how you could say this about her mindset for everything

pic related

No. 329316


i don't think its that big of a deal. i think her biggest issue is that ugly ass haircut/haircolor. if she had literally any other hair she would look 40 times better. getting better hair >>>> using makeup the right way >>>>>>>>> then tone her arms or whatever

No. 329318

sage because I'm pretty sure I am retarded but is she responding "I love you" back to the fellow from earlier, while ignoring her boyfriend commenting? She's so sad.

No. 329319

For a hetero asexual woman, yeah, asexuality can involve "fear or repulsion of penis"

Personally, I'm ace in a hetero relatioship. I still love and am attratrated to my partner, but i don't have any sex drive at all. We have sex because I know he wants it, and it makes me happy to make him happy, but I really couldn't care less about it one way or the other. But not all ace people are like me and some are straight up repulsed by sex and wont do it for any reason ever.

Sage for blogpost.

No. 329320


>hey! i'm in a straight relationship and i pretty much only date men (i did kiss a girl once tho!). but i'm not completely against the idea of dating women or tumblr boys, so i feel like i DESERVE ATTENTION during this pride month too!! i mean, please give me attention! this pride month is about mememememe! please make this about meeeeeeeeeeeee

>everyone likes and gives her i love u messages because she just destroyed homophobia

No. 329322


i know right???

she must have seen her gay friends making status about pride month and thought "omg i'm soooooo gay too i deserve praise too!". its transparent as fuck. jill is the defintion of a follower, her personality/sexuality/likes in general always change in order to get more attention.

No. 329337

i'm also ace thanks you don't need to explain my orientation to me

i'm well aware there are sex-repulsed aces, but asexuality isn't "fear or repulsion of penis". there are sex-repulsed non-aces too

sure is biphobia in here(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 329350

ugh. fuck off and stop derailing with this bullshit, summerfag.

No. 329351

i've been following jill for years so eat my asshole

No. 329356

Congratulations. Now, fuck off and stop derailing with this bullshit.

No. 329361

Children, behave.

No. 329392

wow homie calm down, I had no way of knowing you were ace and a lot of people don't understand asexuallity so I thought i'd clear the air a little bit.

No. 329411

tbh I hope she comes out as ace because I dont want to think about her having sex in the toddler like room with the puppy surprises watching

No. 329416

I get the feeling she's totally over Colin…
Orientation sounds like she's leaning far more towards being into women but not ready to fully admit (or isn't snowflakey enough)…and the post smacks of not liking dick.. so I guess fair game:
1. Lesbians.
2. Femme guys who don't like hetero sex.
3. Tomboy girls (no dick).

Spent too much time thinking about this on a Monday morning - wtf is my life.

No. 329434

She could be really afraid of men. A lot of women are terrified of masculine men in fear of rape of forced dominance.

No. 329457

Ok all knowing anon sorry that multiple ace and pansexual anons have shared opinions on Jill's transparent bandwagon and you're jaded enough to think we're all the same ignorant person talking out of our ass. You may think you're the ~queerest of them all~ but we understand our sexuality tyvm and I don't think this thread is projecting biphobia.

Jill herself said she's confused and that's the discussion at hand. She's contemplating her orientation or sexual identity and going about it in a poor manner the same way she approaches her other awful life choices. If you've been following her for years, you'd know she's notorious for trend hoping and it consumes her entire life.

lmao yeah she did, It appears so cruel she could have at least posted a heart emoji or something.

No. 329529

Look books a comming

No. 329622

File: 1496689283651.jpeg (58.43 KB, 587x661, image.jpeg)

No. 329623

""""""""" AMAZING STLE"""""""""

No. 329630

please take the glasses off jill

No. 329637

Uk anon hide yourself a bit better

No. 329641

man she… really isn't good at dressing herself
it's pretty sad that she claims to be so into fashion and is still this shit at coordinating
I guess that's what happens when you think that any kind of fashion besides pink plastic garbage is ~soooo boring~ and you create your own style just so you don't have to follow any basics lol

No. 329652

She really does look like a little granny, ya'll… Not even in an endearing way. Those glasses. She just has no sense of style (not that I'm some fucking fashion aficionado, I hope I don't sound arrogant. That's not at all my intention). None of the outfits I've seen her wear have any "cohesion." It looks like she just haphazardly slaps things together with very little forethought. It's all these crazy, bold statement pieces that, I think, could work on their (if paired with something more subdued perhaps), but look awful when they're paired with one another.
Sage for ramble. I don't even know if what I'm trying to say makes sense lol.

No. 329658

her go to outfit is just skirt and a top lol she kinda dresses like a little kid just putting together whatever they want, she cant match colours together at all

No. 329670

Don't insult, kids can do better

No. 329673

File: 1496694332499.png (149.78 KB, 1332x539, IMG_1849.PNG)

No. 329674

We've seen all these before Jill

No. 329675

Some of these look straight up age playing. Like not even being snarky or anything. I wouldn't be surprised to see this in some creepy video. Only reason I even come to these threads is because I like to check out her outfits to laugh at and I'm never disappointed.
Maybe she could start a popular age player fashion site. She would get laughed in her face by trying to sell this as anything else.

No. 329676

what's the next style gonna be, jill?

No. 329678

wait aren't these for a lookbook? why already post them as pictures? there's no need to see her awkwardly posing in some shitty video then

also how is she still so bad at photoshopping

No. 329680

i actually quite like that checked dress with the petticoat under and the denim jacket, kill me.

the rest look baaaad though, also why does she keep wearing a shirt under that silk cherry dress?? it looks so bad like that

No. 329684

The only outfit I don't recognize is the purple sweater one. All the others she's worn as is before..

No. 329685

Have to agree with you, especially the outfit on the far left… It just looks like a little girl dressing up as a 'princess' or something.

No. 329687

it's a slip dress. it's very common to wear a shirt under them

No. 329689

Yeah she's pretty on trend with that one

No. 329692

probably an autistic girl who's creepily obsessed with jill

No. 329693

>when you're more preoccupied with what brand the clothing is rather than how it looks on you

No. 329694

Gaah, put sage in the subject field by mistake. Fuck.

No. 329710

i dont get the pose she does with the slip dress, she did the same in those awful pics wearing it in japan. its so unflattering which she does not need especially in that dress

No. 329718

i think she's standing with her legs apart so that she can push her hips back so you can't see her stomach in the dress

No. 329725

yeah, I'm pretty sure that she kinda feels self-conscious about how she looks in that dress, so she's trying to make herself look 'slimmmer'

No. 329765

I actually don't hate any of her outfits,I just don't see what's so "party Kei" about them.

The way she describes party Kei and the way she dresses are completely different.

No. 329774

looks like some sort of trailer trash prostitute in #3, then mentally ill/grannyish/abdl in all the rest

party kei is whatever jill wants it to be at any moment in time

No. 329778

As a lesbian I agree. Wouldn't date her. I'm into alt fash girls especially colorful ones but it's a no from me.
She's the epitome of bishit. She's a straight girl who claims to be bi because she "kissed a girl once xD" or because it's the cool thing to be. That and she's just unattractive personality wise. (not into her face/body either)

No. 329792

The fourth one is the only decent looking one. The rest would be better if she just coordinated them well instead of just mashing all the clothe she got from Japan together (except the slip dress. That one will always be ugly)

No. 329814

The fact that she spent over 200 dollars on it is ridiculous.

No. 329820

No Jill, finding anime girls cute and having a middle school relationship with one girl is not the same as being wlw/a lesbian

Like…. even Colin, debates on gender aside seems even present more androgynous leaning than feminine (and seeming to only present femme when Jill dresses Colin up).

No. 329830

the clothes themselves arent bad to me, but the outfits together couldve looked so much better

No. 329831


All things she might learn if she got out into the real world. She's talking and thinking like a high school freshman because she's still learning about the world mostly thru the 'net, instead of first-hand like others her age. Jill, you're not going to get killed living on your own in Toronto or Montreal; stop being so afraid and give yourself a chance to grow by getting out there.

No. 329832

She mentioned ita bags as a concept/wanting to make a proper one in one of her japan vlogs, The precure store one.

The bag she referred to in the video was different than the one in this photo though. The japan vlog one was a hot mess and didn't even really look like an itabag.

No. 329833

Was she one of those ~straight edge~ kids?

No. 329838

"its a mystery" not if you learn japanese

No. 329850

these aren't great but they aren't awful.
i might wear the first one but with cute socks and shoes, then again i am a little

No. 329855

No. 329880

>then again i am a little
and there it is

No. 329906

the second one could be cute if she ditched the puppy and wore some purple or blue shoes that reflected the colors of the top

No. 329908

Why are Japanese brands like swankiss so ugly?

No. 329915

she said that the dress+jacket was the outfit that they had on the mannequin at swankiss lol so she didn't even put that together herself

No. 329916

It's not, she just purchases the most garish pieces they want the gaijins to get out of their shop.

No. 329923


No. 329930


The shoes+accessory choices seem to be the number one killer for some potentially decent (for Jill) outfits.

She has a fuck ton of shoes but matches those ugly rainbow ones to every outfit.

Shoes should match your clothes, Jill, not your hair.

No. 329963

Please leave before I throw up. Fucking cringe.

No. 329971

Christ, it looks like her waist will bust out of the Swankiss skirt any second.

No. 329978

Littles are cringe, but Jill is worse

No. 329994

You had me until the last sentence.

No. 329995

Urg she is still using that damn dog toy as a 'bag
Her outfits are so terrible. I don't get what these anons see when they suggest the outfits are decent. JUST BECAUSE IT IS GOOD FOR JILL DOESN'T MEAN IT ISN'T TERRIBLE
Don't lower your standards for Jill just because she is usually worse.

No. 330001

is2g Jill needs to buy a pair of shoes that are easy to coordinate, all of these shoes are fugly af, seriously Jill just buy a pair of black or white shoes you can walk in.
though white shoes would be brown in like a week, maybe she should get some white docs? those are pretty easy to keep clean though jill doesnt seem like the kinda person who would even consider polishing their shoes

No. 330079

She wants to be Kammi SO BAD

No. 330093

Nah that shit doesn't even look good on Asian people. A lot of it looks like ddlg/nymphet/ageplay fashion. It's weird.

No. 330101


I think it's safe to say a lot of Japanese (and to an extent other Asian) fashion has a more "cute" aesthetic than the more mature looks popular in modern Western fashion. That doesn't mean it looks bad or is ageplay related.

Everyone's entitled to their opinion but cute clothing style does not equal ageplay. You can like pink and hearts and lace and ruffles and not be into weird ageplay shit. It's ridiculous that women who want to be feminine in a different way than what is common for everyone else be thrown in the same category as a literal fetish.

Jill's personal style is a lot different and doesn't really apply here though; she just dresses herself poorly. Even in more normie clothes from Western brands she was dressing herself poorly. Even in her younger punk/alt phases she wasn't very good at coordinating things but she was likely given a pass because it was A) miles better than what she looks like now and B)she was younger and still experimenting and wasn't expected to fully grasp the basic rules of styling, etc.

No. 330136

that "amazing style" shirt

No. 330145


The rainbow hair clashes with the soft pastel look shes going for IMO.

The first skirt is cute but looks a bit too tight on her. The purple sweater doesn't work well with her hair and the puppy surprise is plain ugly & tasteless. The cherry dress is still cheap looking. Theres so many better slip dresses to choose from. I actually like the fourth look but the rainbow hair doesn't suit the color scheme or the overall feel of the clothes. I like the pink salopette skirt but the sweater is bulky and unflattering, compared to the white shirt in the first pictures

If she really likes her rainbow hair, I think she'd benefit from incorporating more neutrals into her wardrobe but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

No. 330146

Iwent to Tokyo for 2 weeks recently and I can't believe the only thing she did was to eat sugary garbage and buy the most obnoxious clothes possible
I can tell from experience that japanese fashion in general is so much prettier… it's like she found all of the ugly stuff from every store and bought it
besides, I saw a lot of precure merchandise and everything looked like cheap plastic for little girls (and really expensive plastic may I say) and I was like "I can't believe that girl spent so much money on trash"
Seriously tho, so many pretty things to buy there and she picks the worst…

No. 330193

>I saw a lot of precure merchandise and everything looked like cheap plastic for little girls

Well yeah, they're kids toys.

No. 330241

This lookbook is literally just an excuse to show off all the shit she got in Japan. If it weren't then she would incorporate at least some other items. I think everything here except the pink shoes, irregular choice shoes, and puppy bag(?) was purchased on her trip.

No. 330316

Totally agree, a couple pairs of plain flat shoes would do wonders - white or black docs or if she really has to, pink docs would work. She needs to strike a better balance in this 'style'. Like okay, if you want rainbow hair, then tone your clothes down, plain, neutrals maybe one piece bolder. Don't combine like 5-6 really brash pieces that don't coordinate AND have brash hair and shoes to finish it all off. Maybe I'm just missing the point but what looks good for me is balance and it helps actually draw attention to the pieces that deserve instead of them blending into one horrible rainbow vomit hot mess.

No. 330323

I think Jill's biggest problem is how much she dislikes 'boring' clothes.
It seems like she has no interest in spending any money on staple pieces or neutrals or basics, so she only ever gets attention grabbing main pieces and then tries to combine those together…

No. 330479

I'm sorry but non-binary is not a fucking thing. i seriously hate this 2016/2017 trendy bullshit. Jill, you are not bisexual. You are a straight, white, spoiled lil shit. Stop.

No. 330485

Jill has absolutely no sense of aesthetic or proportion. This girl can't put together a cohesive outfit to save her life. Adding to that, weird over the top styles usually work best for thin and attractive women because they're already thin and attractive - that's why models look the way they do, and why Kammie pulls of this look better than Jill does (and even then it doesn't look that great).

No. 330487

No. 330503

You have to have some kind of coordination and confidence to pull off really colorful looks, which Jill has none of.

No. 330528

it is a thing but go ahead and keep being upset :^)

>inb4 hi jill

No. 330543

it could be described as a conscious choice, i guess

No. 330545

as much as it's a choice to be gay yeah

No. 330572

I do think non-binary is a thing, but I don't think Jill is non-binary.
I think shes only going to try and claim it to be a transtrender but otherwise it doesnt make much sense for jill to be nonbinary as she is a cis female who dresses in a hyper feminine way. as hideous as it may be

No. 330576

One might argue that expressing femininity is a way that is atypical (like 'cutesy' Jfash and alt stuff over 'sexy' mainstream stuff) could be considered non-binary or something. Kind of like how lolita fashion being extra girly and frilly is for some people a feminist statement.

Buuuut we all know Jill just wants brightly colored garbage for attention because she thrives on it and is calling herself non-binary is just timely form of attention seeking during pride month.

Can't wait till February of next year when Jill finds an excuse to consider herself black for attention.

No. 330583


So anything is a feminist/NB-gender statement if you say it is? Cool.

No. 330592

I wasn't saying that it inherently IS, just that some could interpret it that way. Most people probably don't try to make any special gender statements with their clothes.

Jill obviously isn't attempting to say anything with her clothes but 'hey, look at me!' in the trashiest way possible, and clearly isn't actually nonbinary.

Being an SJW is trendy and genders are a trend now too for some and that's all she cares about, as evidenced by her past support of Jefree Star, her 'support small japanese fashion brands' blubber despite buying crap fast fashion stuff and her claiming to be queer in any way despite being a straight cis female interested in only dudes.

No. 330747

File: 1496844497240.jpg (206.38 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2551.JPG)

Found in the party kei tag ugh

No. 330750

File: 1496844675759.png (741.44 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2544.PNG)

Also found in the party kei tag. She actually looks somewhat cute. imagine if Jill saw her kek

No. 330759

Not party-kei, but they're cute

No. 330776

>>330759 cute? Who are you kidding their disgusting anon

No. 330784

No. 330787

Get some shoes that fit

No. 330792

File: 1496848302735.gif (1.45 MB, 480x270, giphy (1).gif)

No. 330799

Someone share this on the party kei page pretending you thought Jill made this.

No. 330801

her poses are unbearably cringe, especially in that first outfit. also she spends the rest of the video complaining about how long her lookbooks take to film and edit, like seriously? no one cares jill learn to manage your time on your own not whine to your audience of twelve year olds about it.

No. 330804

most cringey lookbook vid ive seen honestly

No. 330810

I hate that DDLG has ruined cute clothing and aesthetics, but this is the most "Little" thing I've seen to date.
I don't hate littles, I just hate that they're fucking everywhere.

No. 330812

I agree with you on that. If you're on the internet and like/dress very "cute" the ddlg community will instantly flock to you.

No. 330816

>I hate that DDLG has ruined cute clothing and aesthetics
This x100. I hate that people make assumptions - ddlg as well as normies - and lump you in with fetishists just because you like the color pink. Not sure if it's better or worse if it's somewhat hidden like in the case of the posters in the party kei group

No. 330819

iirc she briefly tried to get into it, made a bunch of shit coords and a video and basically got shat on by the whole community. She can't into criticism and will drop anything she gets criticised on heavily enough, see: Lolita phase.

Happy though because I love larme and she can stay the fuck out of my jfashions.

No. 330822

why do her lookbooks just get worse each time?
how does Jill manage to simultaneously look like a granny and a toddler?
honestly all these outfits look like she didn't even try and slapped them together solely to show of all the shit she got in Japan, but then again she wore pretty much all of these before too. so she must actually think these are good??

No. 330825

File: 1496850220930.png (40.31 KB, 750x169, IMG_1866.PNG)

>these take a long time to make guys and a lot of work
>she seriously made it in one day

No. 330827

all i see is a cheap imitation kammie clone.
take those glasses off damnit.

No. 330828

haha that's amazing
so she made it in one day but says that if she only made lookbooks she'd probably only upload once a month?
is it that exhausting that she needs to rest for an entire month in between these? lol

No. 330837

File: 1496853008751.gif (608.38 KB, 300x100, jill.gif)

I can't recall that this has been made into a banner.

No. 330842

>goes to japan for fashion
>brings back $2000 of nothing

No. 330844


No. 330848

that hip and shoulder dance she does makes me wanna punch the screen every time kek

perfect anon

No. 330849

man this is actually painful to think about.
there are so many cute shops in Tokyo. and $3000 is quite a bit of money… she could've both so much cute stuff with that.

No. 330850


No. 330855

Not to defend her too much, but filming it in a day doesn't mean she finished it in a day. There's still editing to do. I mean, the editing was quite light on this, so it probably only took two days total, but still

No. 330862

Not that anon but I think you should leave random people alone

No. 330872

I wish she edited out her "whoops! So relatable fuck ups hehehehe", its just more awkward.

No. 330884


Am I crazy or is she absolutely struggling to walk in those Irregular Choice shoes at 1:17?

No. 330900

I believe she mentioned that they're virtually impossible to walk in in the unboxing video, so you're probably right.

No. 330903

File: 1496859910788.jpeg (47.03 KB, 629x348, image.jpeg)

"-How old are you?"
">Idk, between 5 and 65."
"-What? Send me a pic."

No. 330914

.farm! .farm! .farm!

No. 330918


shit, thanks for pointing this out omg
Don't even dare to ask myself why I got this wrong lmao.

No. 330931

Utter bs, IC are easy as hell to walk in, she just got the wrong size

No. 330991

no its not kill yourself on behalf of all gay people

No. 331040

Her eyebrows and makeup are already 100% cuter than Jill's.

No. 331043

So, she spent $400 on a pair of shoes she can't wear or walk in?? Wow…

No. 331058

you completely missed the irony of that post lmao

No. 331065

>wears black bra with white shirt
>wears black bra with pink sweater that shows said bra


No. 331082

yeah, honestly people who have been into ddlg since before it was so trendy feel the same way
it used to be a lifestyle that helped people who had been abused as a child and now it's the only kind of relationship to have

No. 331199

I own 3 pairs and not only do they run small, they're the most uncomfortable and constricting shoes I've ever worn. Could just be the ones I picked, but it's not that hard to imagine that Jill's clown vomit pair could be just as awful. Sage because no one cares.

No. 331237

She doesn't own one pair of shoes that fit. She always says that she has huge feet for her height, but maybe her feet are just really wide which is why she has to go up in size? That would explain why all of her shoes fall off of her heels.

No. 331293

Those Pom-Pom shoes are triggering me. Everyone looks fat wearing those shoes.

No. 331549

File: 1496964490851.png (35.6 KB, 503x350, ss (2017-06-08 at 04.26.31).pn…)

No. 331550

File: 1496964532861.png (66.44 KB, 506x535, ss (2017-06-08 at 04.28.32).pn…)

No. 331553

I wonder if she'll post pics of Colin in the hospital for sympathy points?

No. 331561

Poor Colin really is an attention grabbing accessory for Jill and her twisted j-fashion flop agenda.

No. 331562

Why does it seem like she's over emphasizing the "best friend" thing in a lot of her posts? Like people of different genders can be friends but the way Jill is going about it/posting about it is… weird

No. 331570

Maybe because that really is her only other friend outside of Colin and her mother, pathetically enough.

No. 331636


the horrible j-fashion inspired 2017 somehow blander ken doll, now with tumblr inspired accessories!

No. 331704

File: 1496978336613.jpg (14.96 KB, 295x254, pixieface.jpg)

No. 331705

File: 1496978622830.jpg (47.1 KB, 454x361, pixieface.jpg)

No. 331712

How is she not ashamed to admit to doing this sort of thing

No. 331775


Guaranteed Jill will be making at least a dozen more posts mentioning Collin's jaw surgery where she is the center of attention until he's healed.

No. 331938

Even Jill's mother refers to him as a they. Oh Lord.

No. 332148

It's so embarrassing.

No. 333275

File: 1497079934863.jpg (64.12 KB, 619x400, IMG_1083.JPG)


Because she's a cool mum anon

No. 333347

Looks like she remade this video since the last one was demonetized

No. 333350

Older video for comparison

No. 333351

all of those saturated colors are painful to look at

No. 333367

The way she purposefully mispronounces thicc makes my head hurt

No. 333371

I feel like the only reason people make videos about body confidence is that they're really not confident with their bodies and are trying to convince themselves their bodies are fine.

No. 333386

File: 1497110857763.png (266.82 KB, 390x363, Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 12.0…)

No. 333398

jfc my eyes
i know saying this wont help but if she wants rainbow bangs she should have the rest of her hair blonde or something she does not have the face for all this colour

No. 333402

File: 1497113075734.png (281.64 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4419.PNG)

New banner of pixie kek

No. 333403

Fucking hell, girl needs to ease up on the ~*xD ttly randum*~ facial expressions.

No. 333475


'As long as your healthy' go back to your diet of tendies and peeps Jill you dirty hypocrite.

No. 333501

Vegetables aren't kawaii

No. 333580


Good lord, she looks so much better with the extension, the lashes, and her bangs down. She still looks garish, but she at looks her age for once. Keep going for these cosmetic enhancements, Jill.

No. 333608

This video wasn't bad. I know the body positive movement is a tryhard hugbox, but she makes a couple decent points in this video like that we see a lot of thin models, and then a lot of support online for "plus" women (AKA obese) but not as much for just normal healthy weight range women, which constitute the majority of women.

No. 333619

>I've grown since the last video

thats one way to put it

No. 333622

I hate how she claps to emphasize words.

The best part about this video is how in the beginning she even acknowledges herself that she isn't adding anything new to the conversation and is just rehashing old ideas… lmao.

No. 333643

she is doing it entirely for the money. She no doubt saw how well her video on growing up did and decided it was time to cash in on people with low self esteem again seeing as her video was demonetized. Everything Jill has even done has been for her own personal wealth or gain and I doubt she gives a fuck about her viewers

No. 333698

How do you know if a video is demonetized?

No. 333699

How do you know if a video is demonetized?

No. 333700

I feel great about my body now this doughy calorie factory said I was okay

No. 333849

She said on Facebook a while ago that it got demonetized

No. 333866

Jill observes a trash diet, makes a video telling her confetti called numbers it's okay to be a flabby crap eater just like her. I am so glad I'm vegan and avoid processed foods like the plague.

No. 333875

Many vegans don't exactly eat right either. I'm really hoping you get healthy fats so you don't look like a leather sack of awful in your 20s like most vegan vloggers do.

No. 333883

For the 1 vegan that eats right, there are 15 billion who live on paster and garlic bread, shut the fuck up. You're not proving anything by being a picky eater.

No. 333894


AMEN, thank you for saying this, wish I heard it more often.

No. 334064

File: 1497223366898.png (123.1 KB, 275x280, Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 1.42…)

oldie but a goodie
dahm what a butterface

No. 334068

That is the weakest jaw I've seen in awhile. ouch

No. 334127

butterface would imply a good body

No. 334207

well Id say he's more in a shape than his significant other, and he looks tall next to Jill

but she is 5 ft

No. 334219

I am curious to see what his jaw will look like now that they've put the knife to it

maybe he'll regain some self confidence/self respect, snap out of things and realize anyone could do better than jill

No. 334230

I'm curious as well. I'm sure Jill will take some photos for us all.

No. 334278

Says the bitter lardass.

No. 334282


jill is just doing a crash grab video because she knows that most of the "confetti club/party facebook group" are overweight or obese. its not that deep.

damn anon, at least sage your shit. onision is vegan and he still looks and eats like shit, it doesn't matter. i don't come to jill threads to learn about your vegan lifestyle and what you eat. go to your blog


thank you for your contribution to the pixielocks thread.

No. 334283

he isn't though, he lacks the discipline for it. He is just vegetarian.

Sage for obvious reasons

No. 334297

Take your weak vegan hair and common cold out this thread and go eat a burger.

No. 334302

Colin looks like a possum

No. 334349

I hate the video but I really like jills look in this video, her hair looks good and the colors match, funny how shes still using the Jeffrey star pallet tho

No. 334403

Stop the petty infighting. At least have the decency to sage your posts if they contribute nothing to the thread.

No. 334450

I think she said she'd use it till she used it up

No. 334507

I feel bad for Jill's mom, kind of.
She doesn't spoil Jill the way you see a lot of practically negligent, rich parents do–the way she spoils her is out of actual adoration and support. It sucks because Jill takes advantage of that and doesn't use it in a way that will benefit her in the future. Her mom genuinely wants to spend time with her and make her happy. It's really obvious that she loves Jill a whole lot, but it's made Jill such an ungrateful brat.

No. 334514

File: 1497297110765.png (152.63 KB, 739x865, IMG_4393.PNG)

Sweet Jesus

No. 334515

oh no. how can i un-see that :(

No. 334516

She looks like that girl in your workplace that that wears retro dresses and tightly curled bangs with thick make up to hide her age.
Your 19 Jill? Not 27.

No. 334517


this is one of the worst outfits ive seen her wear ever

No. 334523

Credit for the colour balancing in the least. Probably one of her betters.

No. 334526

Still struggling to understand how this is anything like the party kei that she described, her style is pretty much just a mashup of 80's aesthetics and spank! style

No. 334529

Actually can agree with that, if the shoes were comfy sneakers, the overalls baggier and her hair a natural color I could see it.

No. 334543

File: 1497299965549.jpg (95.48 KB, 656x720, IMG_6252.JPG)

The swimsuit finally makes its debut.

No. 334549

Did she photoshop this? She looks a bit smaller than usual.

No. 334551

Probably. She definitely photoshopped the background (the two photos are against the same wall but it's different colors), so since she definitely already edited that part then it wouldn't be a shock if she edited other stuff too.

No. 334552

>swimsuit covered up


No. 334555

I'm starting to finally wonder if she has some kind of color blindness or something because she matches colors and shades like she pulls them out of a hat???

It's like she's extremely tone deaf but with visuals

No. 334558

I think she's just gonna use this bathing suit as a top/bodysuit, like I don't think that photo was supposed to be a swimwear outfit, I think she sees this as something to wear out. Looks bad though.

No. 334563

Why couldn't she just buy one decent fannypack instead of two trashy ones.

Not to say fannypacks aren't trashy in and of itself but it could've been done better.

No. 334565

I am just impressed she managed to match a headband, her ugly ass shoes, and that tacky fanny pack.

No. 334570

Fanny packs are, by definition, ugly as hell

No. 334583

Her face looks so scary in these pics and the lookbook pics
Idk about the rest of you anons, but that skirt is tacky af and looks like a slooty high school cheerleader halloweenwear

No. 334587

She doesnt even follow her own rules for party kei and gets frustrated when her fanbase doesnt understand the guidlines for the 'fashion'

No. 334601

i'm definitely not a fan of jill- hell, i started two of her threads here- but i have to admit her face is looking better recently. i think it's mainly the bangs and eyebrows. while her eyebrows are harsh, they're more defined and structured.she just needs to find the right color and fill them in properly.

No. 334618

Agreed, don't even like her style but seeing some cohesion in it for once is not bad

No. 334668

Not too bad, but she should definitely lose the overalls, fanny pack, and those shoes.

Same as above (or maybe slightly better than), but take away the fanny pack once again.

Not defending anybody, but there's nothing really wrong with retro clothing and accessories. You just have to coordinate it with good taste depending on your age and interests. In Jill's case, it's way too much; the flashy sequins and pastels totally clash.

No. 334684

This is the dumbest nitpick every but I hate that the fanny packs have black straps when nothing else in her colorful look is black.

No. 334692

There definitely looks to be some warping around her upper arm area.

No. 334698

these aren't my style but I don't totally hate them for once (ignoring the bad photoshoping and patch areas) but she looks way better in these without the granny glasses and having longer hair

No. 334768

I think that's from her adding the color to the background tho

No. 334846

Adding color doesn't warp anything. It just…adds…color…

There's warping for sure, but there's also physical distortion in the siding on that house. It's hard to tell one from the other without having PS on this computer to overlay the images.

I'm mostly put off by what a terrible job she did with basic colorizing on that background, she missed so many patches.

No. 334853

what are you talking about, anon?
they match her dark beady eyes

No. 334877

File: 1497341079630.png (366 KB, 439x648, asdfsfg.png)

Does anyone else find it irritating how she can't even edit the backgrounds in her pictures well enough to not have these blurry spots of color?

Then again, who really expects Jill to do anything properly.

sage for stupid nitpicking but this has been irking me since I first saw it in that picture with the colored tiles and pink ground.

No. 334946

Yes that always bothers me, it's so sloppy. But then again, what about Jill -isn't- sloppy.

No. 335378

does anyone else feel like Jill will become the next ThriftThick when she decides to ditch the rainbow vomit attire? the resemblance is uncanny. sorry for bringing up an irrelevant greasy cow.

No. 335398

So I happened to be on the animaritimes website for an unrelated reason but while I was there I was checking the AA list out and Jillian doesn't appear to be tabling this year. Although iirc shes still attending as an attendee? I wonder why she gave up on doing artist allies

No. 335400

I actually hope she keeps that rainbow dye that way for a bit.

That fanny pack, though.

No. 335447

Whose hyped for todays video?

No. 335452

Artist Alley at Animaritime was judged this year. She didn't make the cut.

No. 335463

No. 335472

File: 1497451489087.jpg (730.47 KB, 1067x1583, Screenshot_20170614-094343.jpg)

Maybe she was too lazy to follow the rules?

No. 335474

Sage and samefag to add, she could've just not bothered to do the application.

No. 335488

She made over $1000 last year. I don't see why she wouldn't do it again.

No. 335514

I imagine her excuse to cover up being rejected is bc shes making 'enough' on youtube and her retail jobs

No. 335544

Yeah, that's true. Other anon is probably right then.

No. 335617

If this is true Jill is an idiot. She's a youtuber, you pay to go to conventions and meet fans. Even if you believe it is "enough" to not bother signing up for a table this year, you come across accessible/ Isn't she a starving artist too? Unless she's so up herself she's expecting an invitation now?

No. 335705

Her footage corrupts way too often…

No. 335714


It's either clearly a made up lie for when she's too lazy to edit and post on time, or a result of her general laziness and refusal and do simple things like backup her files.

She has never been very intelligent; that much is clear based on her inability to clothe herself properly.

No. 335881

No. 335882

Oh lord Christ no

No. 335885

Jill, if you can't be bothered to wash your hair for a video there's this thing called dry shampoo.

Also this didn't need to be 10 minutes long.

No. 335886

omg she looks so much better with longer hair. if she like those extensions so much, she should consider growing her hair out.

No. 335889

File: 1497542059688.png (354.38 KB, 362x380, ew.PNG)

jill going for that "im 12 years old" look

No. 335891

File: 1497542761937.jpg (46.48 KB, 400x400, IMG_9527.JPG)

No. 335892

Jills looks are never original

No. 335894

her little dancing is so uncomfortable ohmygod

No. 335897

her feathers glued to headbands didn't make the cut? shocking

No. 335902

Jill fucking wishes she was anything like Mabel

No. 335903

She was invited as a guest two years ago when she also won the masquerade. Last year she only won a small award from the costume contest and you can tell how disappointed she was. So clearly she does expect special treatment from this con. I've also mentioned this in previous threads, but I suspect the reason she's decided to move to Fredericton is because of her little circle of cosplay friends, which is the only group of people she really knows anywhere in the country.

That being said, the reason she will never again be invited as a guest to any con is because her content is no longer niche or geeky enough. As a lolita, small cons could afford her because she belonged to a certain demographic of con goers, this would entice local lolita/jfashion groups to attend, but her current style isn't representative of anything for convention folk, so why bother?

Case in point: Lovely Lor has only half the amount of subs as Jill but gets sponsorships and event invitations on the regular because her content is entirely Lolita.

Alb in Wonderland was a guest at Hal Con, which is a convention that Jill's friends actually run (they even gave her a bullshit participation award because they didn't want to snub her despite her shitty costume entry). Alb might seem like a general/lifestyle youtuber but she's specifically a cartoon illustrator by trade. Hal Con can justify her invitation because she represents female illustrators that successfully work within the industry.

Jill has nothing going for her because fashion design is not a selling point for the niche she wants to be apart of.

No. 335904

File: 1497545419619.png (271.59 KB, 507x292, lmao.png)

>praises fanny packs and their usefulness to high heavens
>doesn't put her phone in the fanny pack

She can't. Her hair is fried to fuck so it probably breaks off at the ends. Growing it longer would demand taking a break from the constant bleach and rainbow dyes and we know that's not happening.

No. 335915

File: 1497547314478.gif (1.89 MB, 260x342, Jun-15-2017 13-20-25.gif)

No. 335917

Thank you anon, I was hoping someone would gif that awful dancing. Could you possibly make a gif of that dance move from around 6:46 too?
If feel like this is some prime banner material kek

No. 335919

File: 1497547913855.png (67.1 KB, 200x231, HDT2IcN.png)

those soulless demon eyes haunt me…

No. 335921

File: 1497548149250.gif (2.6 MB, 276x360, Jun-15-2017 13-34-50.gif)

sure thing anon

No. 335923

Homegirl dances like she's a plant

Why are her feet firmly planted on the ground lol

No. 335926

Probably because she doesn't own any shoes that fit her, maybe she's having trouble keeping her balance or something lol

No. 335930


No. 335931

She reminds me of when tards have that weird autism hand flap thing lmao

No. 335947

she can't walk in them

No. 335960

>Hal Con, which is a convention that Jill's friends actually run

This isn't true at all.

No. 335967

This did not need to be so long

No. 335971

This describes every video Jill ever made lol.

No. 335980

Uh, yes it is, unless the convention was recently bought out.

Its been run by the same core group of volunteers for years and Jillian is Facebook friends with a lot of them. Even the costume contest is frequently hosted by the same few girls from the Lolita community who have encouraged and supported Jill from the start. Don't want to mention names but the con scene really hasn't changed since 2011 and Jill has been kissing up to them since at least 2013, if not earlier.

No. 335988

10m is the standard for getting two advertisements per video, literally the only reason why she dosent make her videos 2 minutes long

No. 336044

I was thinking the same thing lmao

No. 336056

None of them "run" anything. They're volunteers. The con is run by a group of folks in their 30s/40s, not Jill's friends. The people she's friends will have no clout or importance in anything Hal-Con related with the exception of a couple of them being costume contest judges.

No. 336200

honestly would rather have her be mistaken for 12 than the has been grandma shes always been. at least she looks near her age here.

No. 336318

She spent $125 plus whatever it cost her to ship these from her friend to her on TWO FANNYPACKS.

No. 336329

>spending $125 on fannypacks
Lmao, it really is too absurd. And they certainly don't look like they're worth that much either.

No. 336334

seriously, i thought they were from forever 21 until she mentioned theyre ~~~designer bags~~~. no concept of quality over brandname

No. 336344

She has a fucking sewing machine
Yet everything she wears comes from expensive ass brands, why dosent she ever try making knock-offs or inspireds?

I think someone up thread mentioned Annika Victoria whose made a ton of rlly cool homemade knock-offs of things she wanted on the internet in a series called Make Thrift Buy, just comparing them makes Jillian look even more shitty

No. 336400


Because Jillian doesn't actually care that much about what the item looks like. She doesn't just want the look, she wants the name to brag to people because she's shallow and materialistic. Plus we all know she doesn't have the skill to make anything decent or even wearable. A sewing machine does not a seamstress make.

No. 336418

Jill wishes she was Annika Victoria. The moment anyone mentions Annika Jill just has to remind everyone that Annika follows her.

No. 336537

File: 1497628315351.png (72.95 KB, 750x709, IMG_1908.PNG)

No. 336549

File: 1497630974423.png (386.36 KB, 550x541, Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 5.35…)

Did Jill just get fat so she could preach what everyone already knows?

No. 336555

God damn it girl. I find your taste is shit sometimes but at least you have sewing skills, why would you lower yourself to talk like assholes like jill.

Lol she's trying so hard to be a tumblr artist.

No. 336561

Hilarious that jill forcefully includes stretchmarks/fat rolls in her drawings now after she was torn to shreds on tumblr by plus size blogs. A few blogs sloppily redrew her art to be fatter and this really doesn't look much better.

She would really benefit from taking that foundation visual arts. Her skills are not on par with foundation art students. I wonder how her fashion portfolio is coming along and how quickly she'll be rejected from school just like her artist alley table.

No. 336563

File: 1497634591469.png (8.74 KB, 61x65, s29GeNw.png)

the face of pain, suffering…

No. 336567


Even when it's made up cartoon outfits, Jill still picks tacky ass shit. The top on that swimsuit just looks weird and the pink of the earrings don't seem to match the rest. No wonder she's into Lazy Oaf swimwear if the thinks this is well coordinated. The whole thing being poorly drawn might be what's making me hate it so much though.

No. 336598

Has her art gotten worse? I mean it was always really shit but this is just next level bad. I especially love how she cut off the feet so she doesn't have to draw them.

No. 336616

I'm sure annika hasn't gone down the rabbit hole yet on 'jill is a shallow, shallow person' that we've all gone through
she has plenty of other things to worry about like getting her doctorates in microbiology and dealing w/ her chronic illlness

No. 336644

This looks so stiff and has no sense of perspective. Why does Jill's art always look like she doesn't bother doing any sketching to work out the pose, anatomy, shapes, symmetry, and text spacing, and instead just goes straight into making the first thing she doodles on her final lineart? Her art has potential but it needs to be refined greatly in order to look professional

No. 336745

>luv ur bodyyyyy
>covers stomach and hips with skirt and doesn't wear swim suit to swim

No. 336788


another creepy cat talk video and mentions of having collin drive to her house after his surgery

No. 336789

Those white squiggly 'stretch mark' lines on her thighs look so weird

No. 336862

File: 1497678805284.png (79.95 KB, 1050x276, Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 2.52…)

Jill and Louise took one of their cats to meet with the director of a Japanese TV show about cats who is coming to PEI

>They were impressed with Jillian too!

Glad that she took up as much time as the cat during the audition

No. 336960

Why would they be "impressed" by her at an audition that has literally nothing to do with Her. I'm sure she tried to show off like the entitled little attention whore she is and mommy was proud of her veruka salt-esque shit kid. Sorry for salt I just sincerely hate Jill she's like a stereotype of every annoying, untalented brat

No. 336979

Jill licked her own ass and coughed up hair

No. 336981

This art is missing armpit and leg hair, not SJW enough

No. 337060

No. 337371

why is the nose an infinity symbol tho

No. 337373

File: 1497761788002.jpg (68.06 KB, 720x960, 19030388_1858809627466357_4752…)

No. 337386

File: 1497764199108.jpg (38.83 KB, 750x504, dentist-analyzes-presidential-…)

No. 337390

She looks like a 70 yo woman showing off the prize she won for her pies at the state fair

No. 337391

The…actual face of autism. Holy.

No. 337401

Why. Does she keep doing. That tongue thing.

No. 337408

How else would people see how cute and quirky she is, anon!

Honestly, that tongue thing and pretty much everything else makes her face look extremely punchable.

No. 337459

for someone who is a "fashion vlogger!!" she sure wears the exact same shit in every other photo

No. 337488

>gee, she looks so old, let me open the thumbnail
>still looks like a grandma

How does she do that? Is it on purpose? Is it the glasses?

No. 337498

Glasses, and I think her eyebrows… she always raises them SO HIGH and then scrunched up her face so she looks all shriveled up. It's such a bizarre expression and not cute at all who would think this looks good

No. 337499

I didn't know Kammie was still around. Found her page now and god damn Jill wants to wear her skin so bad. Only with her own personal ~*~twist~*~ to make her seem creative and original (like, you know, how Kammie used to be)