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No. 193333

+Previous threads all neatly arranged by most recent:
Witchy Mental Breakdowns behind the Combini edition >>>/w/174930
Alcoholic Witch Edition >>>/w/159989
Jirai-kei Japanophile edition >>>/w/144045
Onlyfans Plasticine Queen edition >>>/w/124470
Sugar Daddy's cat is judging your life choices edition >>>/w/110858
I have never been this happy!!! Edition >>>/w/105252
Jiraikei Onna & Corn Dildo Edition >>>/w/101360
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+Venus Angelic Summary:

>Venus Isabelle Palermo aka Venus Angelic is a washed up as-been famous Swiss Youtuber who gained popularity for her doll looks and weeby content back in the days. Her momager Margo created the Venus Angelic brand, dragged her around the globe evading taxes and stirring up drama among the living doll and makeup vlogger community. She married and cuckolded a Japanese fan named Manaki who doesn’t appear online anymore but she is presumably still married to him and living together. She has faded off into internet irrelevancy for the most part and tries to recapture some amount of attention by uploading random videos every other month and thotting on OnlyFans.

+ Last thread summary
> posted incredibly boring videos on YT looking like a half dead grandma
> her teeth are getting worse so she tries desperately to hide them with her upper lip now
> anons are questioning she's trying to look like shit on purpose
> spent ~600$ in jirai-kei clothes >>175491
> the quality of her recent pics went up (it's still shit tho). Definitly someone else's work >>175625
> referred to this person as "one of her employee" >>176837
> posted very disturbing videos on OF, including one in which she is masturbated by a man and squirting - certainly just pee >>179862
> stopped her medications >>180272
> surprise! Venus didn't send a giveway >>180963 >> 180964 Of course, she erased those comments
> tried to create a new paid account >>180970 but gave up quickly >>180978
> a man appeared in a video. Her SD? >>182284
> claimed she has never seen any hater doing better than her >>183468
> as ever she's displaying her alcoholism #jirai-kei >>183940
> went to a church and the priest said doing OF is ok >>189307
> went out with Sancty who's friend with Mikan >>189936
> giveaway winner tried to reach her multiple times >> 190786 >>190981 and finally snapped >>191096 >> 191191 Venus erased their comments again

+ Most recent milk
Milk was dry as hell and even LC anons lost their interest in Venus. She couldn't stand it and rewarded us with one of her notorious livestream :
She admited things are boring these days so "we gonna make drama"!
> said she was at her "countryside home" but later said she's 15 min from Manaki's place
> it's boring to drink at home ; at least she gets company in bars and clubs
> proceeds sitting alone at a karaoke
> on her 4th shochu already
> only eats sweets and mcd everyday
> her new bf gave a ring
> "I'm distancing myself from witch craft, shit's fucking crazy dude"
> gave the middle finger to Manaki
> said she would kick the shit out of manaki and 'fuck him with my feet' or a glass
> he stole her money (aka asking her money to pay the rent) and he is a hikikomori NEET >> 193092
> he doesnt work for 2 years, only playing video-games and drawing. He also doesn't take out the trash or do anything at home
> mentioned he did more “illegal stuff” but won’t say
> has voice recordings of Manaki saying she has small boobs / ass and telling her she isn't a ''real'' woman >>193096
> divorcing is so difficult
> wants to "fucking go home and kill her husband"
> good news, she can move during the divorce process and she's searching for a new place now
> she can't do prostitution because she's an christian
> Manaki's mother called for new year and Venus told her about his situations, making her cry
> he would rather commit suicide than moving back to his parents' home
> she doesn't stay with him for visa. She can stay without him for some reason or just go back to Switzerland
> sang like a dying cat and laughed like some anime vilain

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/venus_angelic/
Witch instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rebeldollatelier/?hl=en
“Momonga” (e-girl “business”) instagram: https://www.instagram.com/momonga.inc/?hl=en
twitter: https://twitter.com/VenusAngelic
tiktok: @dollyvenus
fanicon: https://fanicon.net/fancommunities/1857 (inactive)
main youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/VenusAngelic
weeb youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpLE_Q1iNszN0O9n6V85YA
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/venusangelic

No. 193336

thanks for updating the threat!

manaki is really lucky to have married this psycho gaijin

No. 193351

What did she say about genshin? In the karaoke vid u upload on previous thread. I sometimes dont understand what she say. Sorry for my english

No. 193353

In that unhinged insta stream in the last thread, she basically admitted that she doesn’t like sex work -

“I do things that I don’t wanna do…without showing emotion…on autopilot…I’m providing a service.”

Thanks for finally admitting what everyone else could already see, lol.

She’s also a huge bitch for talking to her mother in law that way and bragging about making her cry. She can’t get any lower.

No. 193358

I think she said Manaki plays Genshin and draws all day.

No. 193361

I haven't watched any of her videos in a looooong time and she's never had the best pronunciation, but she slurs really badly in the clip. Was she drunk?

No. 193377

i know english is not her first language but she always seemed a bit mentally disabled to me, even before the OF debacle. but i’m sure the alcohol is not helping.

No. 193393

> her new bf gave a ring
She wants for her birthday a wedding ring from her bf

No. 193401

I don't get why Manaki puts up with this constant slander. If I were him, I'd vindictively divorce her so she gets deported

No. 193417

Manaki wanted to divorce t some point. That's why she slandered him online and tried that shady business plan. As a non-english, he probably doesn't know what it is being said about him and just stay with her because of money (and because he can't divorce her too)

No. 193420

Just let it die. There's no more milk. Manakin was stupid. She was stupid too but come on there's no more milk to her other than "she's decaying". The only interesting cow in here is pixielocks and we all know it.

No. 193421

Is not liking protituting herself really that milky? no one with a brain would like to degrade themselves like that.

No. 193424


No. 193427

Hide the thread.

No. 193444

I just can’t get over how rough she looks. What the actual fuck.

No. 193474

Her “countryside home” my ass, lol. She’s an even more pathetic liar than her mother and that’s saying something.

No. 193476

>> it's boring to drink at home ; at least she gets company in bars and clubs
So she’s basically admitting that she sits in her room and drinks every day. I suspected that was the case (but it’s Manaki who’s the worthless bum though, right Wenus?)

No. 193486

wym there is always milk if you don't like it don't come here lol

No. 193552

She's lost her dignity and now she's losing her husband, her place to stay, and literally her two front teeth on top of getting on live sloppy drunk and passing out mid-streams, if that's considered boring then I need to know what's interesting.

No. 193562

You forgot the moment she showed hundreds of dollars in yen and said "do I look like I need help?"

Her still having fans is a real mystery

No. 193571

File: 1642433740342.jpg (381.6 KB, 1080x1498, IMG_20211219_201127.jpg)

>“I do things that I don’t wanna do…without showing emotion…on autopilot…I’m providing a service.”

Venus, one month ago: Doing gravure is so much fun and creative! Makes me feel so confident.

No. 193582

File: 1642438100044.jpeg (261.85 KB, 1894x1295, 5FF74023-E2CB-4E9F-A66E-2F0FEC…)

She’ll be back to couch surfing in some dive just like the last time Manaki kicked her ass out and started divorce proceedings, back in 2019. She knows this and it’s why she’s raging and seething.

No. 193588

I thought she meant she doesn't like doing the YouTube vids. She's been pumping out zero effort, low quality vids that seem forced

No. 193640

But at the same time, she says that she doesn’t do sex work because she’s a christian. I love how she doesn’t even realize that her lying is so transparent.

No. 193656

Who would know that escorting doesn't count as prostitution

No. 193668

The "christian" phase will last about as long as her witch phase. She's like marge, grifting off whatever religion or group is convenient at the time.

People were talking about some kind of interview with someone named "Daniel." Does anyone have a link or more information about what that is?

No. 193678

hiding in my room guy.

No. 193679

daniel wanted to fuck her because that's his thing. they were flirting at some point but it never went anywhere. she told him to kill himself after a disagreement.

No. 193721

gotta be desparate or blind or both to want to snog or even touch venus.shes repulsive and shoops so much its sickening(learn2sage)

No. 193725

Why would she not be mentally disabled) she was homeschooled and abused by her mom all her years and her mom sexualized her and made her go live to japanese pedophiles. I feel bad for her. Theres no way someone can endure this and become normal

No. 193726

This is true lol the venus thread died years ago. The only milk is anons screaming atbher sex work or defending pedo manaki (nevermind the fact he only got to her because he was a fan of her when she was a teenager). Just like most cows, its just nitpicking about her looks. Lolcow has gone downhill

No. 193729

Manaki is a pedophile lmfao what grown ass man watches an autistic teenager for years then dates her? Yall will defend a pedophile kek

No. 193739

Not correct, Anon.
There are people out there who had it more worse than her and still were able to become decent grown ups with the help of Therapists.

The thing with therapies are that you need to help yourself to make them work and we all know that Venus is lazy as fuck. She'd rather play the victim card and pitty her miserable ass than get up and DO something for once.

No. 193843

I don't think you phrased it correctly. People are allowed to feel bad even if others are having it worse.

I would feel sorry for her if she wasn't a shit person. As you said, she always plays the victim and never considers herself responsible for anything. "If everywhere you go smells like shit, maybe it's time to check your own shoes"(sage)

No. 193863

She wasn't homeschooled "all her years" though, she went to actual school most of her life. Yea she did drop out eventually but that was much later. And her old blog still exists where she has posts hating on her classmates, it's been posted on here many times before

No. 193934

Like mother like daughter. Venus is the worst kind of narcissist and continues to show how vile she is. She's always plotting, always scheming and gets a thrill out of playing the ultimate victim while being a complete cunt in Japan.

One can hope she gets deported in the near future at this rate. Manaki needs to take it further. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a narc lose.

No. 193948

Fuck off outta here if you don't like it. You're not the only one here and others obv do want to keep it going, so stick it.


Right. Exactly.

I did wonder if Venus deliberately provided some new milk because she obsessively reads here and saw us say she's boring. That must be the thing she hates most of all, to think that people on lolcow might stop talking about her.

No. 193952

>>I thought she meant she doesn't like doing the YouTube vids. She's been pumping out zero effort, low quality vids that seem forced

That's what I thought she meant too. She's said more than once how she is not interested in doing make up tutorials and hauls and didn't even want to do videos showing out and about in Japan, (that many people would be interested in) but when she asked recently, it was mainly the make up and hauls and stuff that people said they wanted to see so she did a few, but so lacklustre and showing she had no real interest or enthusiasm for it, she also said a few years ago she didn't want to do ASMR even though her first ever attempt was actually very good, but she went back to doing a few ASMR vids recently, but sadly they were not like the first one she did where she really seemed to nail it.
Her Only Fans stuff seems to be the only thing she has any real interest in and has stuck at, and so much for the witchcraft thing that she seemed to throw herself wholeheartedly into for a while but has now lost interest in. -Not sorry about that though as it was insufferably boring. It's not like she was going to become a practitioner of the Black Arts and start sacrificing babies or something, imagine the furore! Now that would have been milk!

No. 193953


How can anyone who watches Venus regularly not know about her and Daniel Lord?
I wish they would get together, at least to do a video collab. And they might actually be good for one another. He moans that he can't get a gf and needs to hide his yt channel and onlyfans, well he wouldn't need to hide either from Venus as she has both of them herself and would be someone who understands, but even if they didn't get together in any lasting way, it would still be good to see a video of them both together.
I wish she'd do another one with Sora too, as the ones she did with him were really entertaining and they seemed to hit it off quite well.

No. 193955


::groan:: Have you just slithered in here from the Kiwi Farms thread about Venus?

Been LMAO at some loony on there saying how Venus could get a job in Switzerland as a receptionist or in a bank (LOL'd so hard at that one!), and why the fuck would she want to go back to Swissland anyway? Just think about it, not only is her mother residing there, but there is the crucial fact that she would be surrounded by Swiss people, whereas in Japan she is surrounded by Japanese people! Now what do you think she would prefer?

Why would anyone who wanted to go to Japan in the first place because of the kawaii aspect and cute Japanese boyz suddenly decide, after achieving their objective, to up sticks and go to live in fucking Switzerland? The whole point was that she wanted to live in Japan.

>>There are people out there who had it more worse than her and still were able to become decent grown ups with the help of Therapists.

Or even without therapists, who is not for everyone. Some people are just able, with no help from anyone, able to help themselves, they somehow have a survival aspect inside themselves that keeps them afloat, with no support from anyone at all because they never had any in the first place and learnt to look out for themselves first and foremost. I think Venus does have a sort of survival instinct as she certainly seems to put herself first. But I wouldn't worry too much about the latest bout of drunkenness, a lot of it is engineered I believe and made to look worse than it is because she knows that will get people talking about her again. She even said something about she will create drama because that is what people want.(::groan::)

No. 193961

>I did wonder if Venus deliberately provided some new milk because she obsessively reads here and saw us say she's boring. That must be the thing she hates most of all, to think that people on lolcow might stop talking about her.
>lot of it is engineered I believe and made to look worse than it is because she knows that will get people talking about her again. She even said something about she will create drama because that is what people want.
100% agree. Everywhere her threads were dead. Nobody is interested to her shitty videos or OF. The only that brings her attention to her now is drama and sob stories. Girl even sold her f surgery story to the dailymail.(newfag)

No. 193967

If you look from a different angle, it’s more like young spoiled Venus who likes Japanese kawaii uwu world so much, trying to be a girl idol or whatever. Margo was just a Mom helping her daughter chasing her dream. But apparently everyone only wants to hear Venus’ side of the story. People should go to Margo’s instagram and see what tea she spilled in her comments.(sage)

No. 193983

File: 1642633862703.jpg (326.19 KB, 1080x1777, IMG_20220120_000934.jpg)

Not Margo claiming Manakis death in Sweden lol. You serious?

No. 193990

Just a narcissistic mom realising her only spoilt & entitled daughter was a grand cash cow to milk anywhere she could possibly make profit from; especially on YouTube, until it all came to an end more like.

And now Venus is just like her. Both are fuck ups and are as awful as each other.

No. 193994

I get Covid-19 has made alot of shit problematic in the world but why the fuck is it taking so long for this "divorce" to even go through? Surely the Japanese government will see right through this sham of a "marriage" as soon as the proceedings started in 2019?

A foreign sofa hoping, sugar daddy chasing & mentally unstable sex worker who's an alcoholic is really going to go down well in court.(learn2sage)

No. 194025

I’m starting to get freaked out by Margaret’s manaki death story. Remember every other “crazy” thing that margo said about Venus in the past, including the surgery, that nobody believed, and it all ended up being true?

No. 194034


Well I sincerely hope it's not true. Poor Manaki. That would be awful.
But maybe if Venus is just saying he refuses to go and visit his parents, maybe he doesn't talk to them on the phone and Venus is the one who always talks to them, then if they never bothered to go there and check, I suppose it could be true, but I doubt it really, not something like that, because surely his parents wouldn't just leave it if they hadn't seen him for all that time?

No. 194035

Wait he's “refusing” to go see his parents? How do we know this? Did Venus say that?(sage your shit)

No. 194054

Just watch the livestream.

No. 194185

So manaki is dead then?

No. 194187

obviously not, she's living in his apartment

No. 194188


Don't you mean "their" apartment? I mean she is his wife. Unless the law's different over there, but usually if a couple is married doesn't it mean that any living accommodation is seen as equally being both of theirs, not just one of them? At least if it was owned, but they rent it so wouldn't it just automatically pass to her if something happened to him? It's not like she's short of money from what she's shown recently so she could easily afford the rent on her own.

Not saying myself that he's dead, and I hope he's not, but just speculating and wondering what would happen as regards their living accommodation if anything were to happen to him.

No. 194213

Don't know the laws in Japan, but in my country with a rented apartment it would depend on who signed the rental agreement. If Manaki signed the agreement (most of all before they even got married) it'S with him, not Venus.
I know that it is not uncommon there that the apartment is not rented and paid for by the person living there anyways, but by the employer. But we do not know what the arrangement was, so it's kind of pointless to speculate.

Either way - Someone besides Margo surely would notice if Manaki had gone missing? I am worried a bit myself because in the past there often turned out to be truth to some of the things Margo said, no matter how crazy they sounded at first, so I would not dismiss all of this completely. But then again these things were about things in the past when Margo was still part of Venu's life. I kind of doubt that if Venus killed her husband her mother would be the one poerson she would confide in?

No. 194220

the story told by venus sounds fishy as fuck.
there must be SOMETHING stopping her from divorcing / moving out.
she is probably taking advantage of the situation, otherwise why would she still be there???
i don't think she has money issues, it sounds more like a visa problem.

i did a quick search and according to a few articles i found, it seems like she would have to get a working visa after the divorce. well… this must be difficult for venus since she never had a proper job ever.

the way she was talking about manaki is disgusting. she is still married to him, so why the shit talk?
and lets not forget the time when venus was in the hospital and manaki was taking care of her both emotionally and financially… he had a full time job as a 'factory worker' but still managed to look after his wife and rent their own place. i don't think venus made much money while she was in the hospital since she didn't make videos and her channel was previously closed for months (thanks to her mother).

so even if what venus is saying is true, she should look back and think about how much manaki sacrificed for her.

she is so ungrateful, she just wants to take but not giving anything back. but it's the margo style i guess lol.

No. 194229

She would be homeless without Manaki(’s place), simple as. It’s not easy to get a place in Japan as a foreigner even if you have a proper job etc and venus is far from having any of that.

No. 194230

Why are idiots saying “if manaki was dead, surely someone else would have noticed”. HIS PARENTS HAVENT EVEN SEEN OR HEARD FROM HIM. clearly something is wrong. And like someone else said, every time Margo has said “crazy” shit about Venus, there was always truth to it. No matter how crazy it sounded at the time. If manaki is dead, did Venus kill him? Like what the fuck guys. Something is seriously fucking wrong here.

No. 194231

Marge has been saying he's dead for a long time now. its not like this is a new claim she just came out with. that "you stole my apricot" girl Venus used to hang out with said it wasn't true back then since Venus's dumbass fans kept asking her about him >>102926

No. 194235

How the fuck would she be able to murder someone without anyone noticing? You can’t just throw a corpse out like a piece of trash, especially in the middle of a huge city. She would be in jail right now.

No. 194236

Even if she did, we never saw them hanging out together or she never posted a video. Something is fishy. Also >>194220 Margo did mention that Venus has the japanese citizenship. It would explain when she said she doesn't need to married to stay in Japan. She did mention her Japanese name in some comment. I have to look for it.

No. 194237

Are you kinning marg?
How is venus gonna murder someone without ANYONE noticing, no family mo friends no coworkers except for marg who was living in south korea

No. 194242

File: 1642774086636.jpg (133.56 KB, 1080x564, Screenshot_20220121-172643_Ins…)

No. 194243

File: 1642774309829.jpg (341.22 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220121-181116_Ins…)

Margo told me in a dm Venus Japanese name is Minako Okada(don't touch the poop)

No. 194248

this is wrong. margo doesn't know shit and there's no way venus could gain citizenship by now.
cowtip and this isn't even milk. venus announced this herself ages ago

No. 194258

Don't know whether it was Margo or Venus herself but according to one of them, Venus has been adopted by Manakis family, hence the name "Okada".
Possibly also the reason why she's been able to stay in Japan since it effected her Visa status but I'm not sure about that.

No. 194267


This would explain why she didn't leave Japan yet. And what she said on her stream that she can stay even if she's divorced. Thats why I shared it since many are still talking about her visa whereas margo is been saying that venus has Japanese citizenship because she's adopted by manaki parents.

No. 194268

Wouldn't it make more sense for her last name to be the same as Manaki's because of their marriage? Adopting your son's wife to legally be recognized as your daughter would surely be legally impossible in Japan, right? I think the reason she is still in Japan is because she is legally married, I think she doesn't actually want the divorce because it would mean she had to leave Japan. It seems to me that if they have been married for 5 years and she can prove a few financial things, she could qualify for citizenship and a Japanese passport.

No. 194290

Oh fuck off. Margo can’t speak English without it sounding broken af. “aRe yOu sKinNing mArGe” fucking idiot.

No. 194310

>> if they have been married for 5 years and she can prove a few financial things,
“If” she can prove “a few financial things” like having a stable job and income source and being able to support herself financially? … that’s a no, no and no. She doesn’t have shit to qualify her for citizenship (or Permanent Residency.) Newsflash: YouTube and OF do not count as ‘stable jobs’ to Japanese immigration.

And yes, >>194220
She does have money issues. Her measly income from YT and OF keeps her in spending money to order cheap shit on the internet and that’s about it. Without Manaki paying the rent and bills she’ll be screwed (and she knows it, that’s why she went on that little rage bender.) She did the same thing last time Manaki took steps towards divorce, in 2019. She’s sadly predictable, just like her crazy mother.

No. 194314

Not “everything” Marge has said turned out to be true.

One, she was POSITIVE Manaki was holding Venus prisoner in their apartment against her will after she ran away and refused to speak with her. Crazy bitch even took the train to Manaki’s parents’ home town in far northern Japan to ‘warn them’ and called the cops to demand a welfare check (they did and both Manaki and Venus assured them that she was fine and not a hostage.)

Two, Marge was also POSITIVE that Manaki was poisoning Venus with antifreeze when she was sick in the hospital with sepsis from her botched weight loss surgery (and lying to everyone that it was her appendix.) Said she knew this for a fact (except she didn’t know shit.)

Moral of the story: Marge is batshit crazy. Some of the things she says have turned out to be true but many are either lies or her delusions/hallucinations.

No. 194318

>Adopting your son's wife to legally be recognized as your daughter would surely be legally impossible in Japan
It's actually possible. For exemple, someone can adopt their in-law to leave their business to them in order to keep it into the family.

No. 194341


I don't know, I've heard quite a bit recently how the Japanese gov are practically giving away deserted houses so as not to let them fall into too much disrepair, and so desperate are they to stop them being empty, they are even letting, shock horror, foreigners buy them, so if Venus had enough money, which it sounds like she would have, plus the fact some are almost being given away they are so cheap, then she ought to be able to buy one no problems.

No. 194342


According to what Marge said, Venus took him to Sweden, and returned to Japan without him, so presumably killing him in Sweden. But Marge also said "drove him to suicide", but it all sounds very far fetched and unbelievable, but granted, so did Venus having an eating disorder, being an alcoholic, killing her hamsters, breaking puppy's leg, having a terrible violent temper all sound completely unbelievable and all turned out to be true, but it doesn't mean that just because all of that was true, that this thing is also. At least I certainly hope not. Whatever Manaki may be like in criticsing Venus, or pissing her off, and what husband doesn't piss off his wife? then he wouldn't deserve that.

No. 194343


Then again, unless she chopped him up and cooked him and ate him. Gross, but she wouldn't be the first to get rid of a body that way.

No. 194345


That would make her his sister though, wouldn't it? So would she be allowed to be legally his sister if she is also his wife?

No. 194376

Where did you get the idea from that his parents haven't heard from him in years? Margo?

No. 194377

How can she be adopted ba Manaki's parents when she is married to him? That would make his parents her parents and them siblings and I am pretty sure that's not legal in most countries in the world, including Japan.

No. 194378

>For exemple, someone can adopt their in-law to leave their business to them in order to keep it into the family.
That doesn't make any sense. You don't need to adopt someone who is already married into your family to "keep a bussiness into the family". They are already family by law.

No. 194379

If you get Japanese citizenship through marriage, you can apply if you have lived in Japan for three consecutive years, or if you have been married for three years and have been living in Japan for one year.

In the case of adoption, the applicant must be a minor and have lived in Japan for one year.

No. 194392

NTA but yes you can and people do this a lot here. For example if the father doesn't have any male children but only daughters, he will adopt one of the husbands so the husband can have the family name and pass it on to their children. And of course the house, businesses etc will be passed to this new adopted dude

I VERY much doubt they will adopt here. They get absolutely nothing from doing it except some batshit crazy girl that does porn

No. 194442

She could have convinced them with her sob story like she did with all of us

No. 194446

since when is venus a christian and goes to church?
wasn't she in a witchy phase just a few weeks ago? she already moved on?

No. 194468

About a month ago I saw what Margo posted about Venus killing Manaki, and in the same post I told her that I believed her and that everything made sense due to the strange psychological decline that could be seen in Venus videos, she could even have had problems with the Yakuza for murdering Manaki and not being in prison because of her mental state and that's why she can't leave home. But despite the fact that I commented this and that I believed her, Margo blocked me and deleted my comment anyway, so I don't understand what the fuck is going on anymore lmao(don't touch the poop)

No. 194472

If she has a new bf, aka a sugar daddy, then it's possible that home exists, it's just not hers, just like the studio and Kitano's company was not her company, that she blatantly lied about.

Assuming everything she said from her stream is truth (It obviously isn't as she lies and has been exposed waaay too much), but humouring her:

She projects really hard. She says she does OF/YT to please others, which is an obvious lie. It's purely done for easy money that she can make without leaving her room. Venus admit she can't do things she doesn't enjoy earlier, but berates Manaki who ALLEGEDLY can't do anything he doesn't enjoy. Projecting.

She berates Manaki for "leeching" off her. A few years back, she didn't have OF, was barely posting videos and lied that Manaki quit his job as soon as they got together. This has been discussed and debunked. If it's true now, which it likely isn't since Manaki got the apartment from work (why would they still be renting to him), then why is it okay for her to leech and not him. Projecting. Plus he's the reason she can even live in Japan at all. Venus also owes Taylor money, yet shits on "leeches".

Why for the last two years has Venus continued living with Manaki? She crashed with some sugar daddies, but when they booted her, she was back at Manaki's. That does not sound like someone who HAD A CHOICE. So it makes the leeching even less believable. Or maybe Venus is simply too lazy or broke to live on her own. OF/YT don't count as "real" work, how would she even get a place to rent? It explains all the sugar daddies or "boyfriends" and "managers." Aka: she still needs Manaki, but spins the story completely differently. She complains Manaki doesn't do chores. This is coming from the crusty hoe who couldn't even wash her hair, shower or brush her teeth. Projecting. If she hated Manaki so much, she wouldn't have been living with him since the initial divorce proceedings. She had to stay with him. She also seems to have forgotten that she ADMIT Manaki did all her paper work, took care of legal matters, drove her places, picked her up, bought her gifts, worked night shifts in a factory and so much more. Now he does "nothing and never did." She is so ungrateful.

If true, Manaki sounds clinically depressed. Why does he get no sympathy and support, but when Venus is depressed, she whines on social media, gets asspats and expects hand-wringing and handouts. Venus is the only one who deserves sympathy for depression. I wouldn't blame Manaki for being depressed after years of living with a narcissistic emotional vampire.

As for the alleged recordings, I wouldn't be surprised if she twisted his story and he just said he prefers bigger chests, butts etc. In order to believe her, she'd have to release it and NOT out of context. Either way, she's just like Margo, collecting "evidence" against her loved one. Sick either way. I also called it threads back that she had "blackmail" on Manaki.

As for people questioning why Manaki takes these insults, he might not actually be aware. She abruptly ended her stream. It would be hilarious if it was because Manaki, once again, came to pick up her drunk ass. And if he does know, he's way more mature and less vindictive and bratty to go bragging on social media. Venus even bragged about making his mother cry. Utterly twisted and ungrateful.

No. 194474

I don't think her time with Marge was anywhere near as bad as she made out. Never forget she literally admit to MAKING UP ABUSE. Look how bad Manaki, and Ken, vtuber manager and Kitano and her OF manager allegedly are. Marge is no saint, but literally everyone Venus has ever interacted with, she has shit talked and aggrandized abuse. Likely no different with her mom.

>Venus deliberately provided some new milk because she obsessively reads here and saw us say she's boring.
It's not that'd we'd stop talking about her that bothers her, it's that Venus is a "special snowflake" who believes she's eccentric and above the "normies." She once compared herself to Trump in an email she sent to her mom about the surgery. She berated Manaki even then, claiming he's "conventional and boring" and she's unique and special. Being seen as boring triggers her because of her inflated ego. She's also triggered being seen as poor. Hence flashing her sugar daddy gifts. She's even admit to this in her narcon meetup.

No. 194477

>Two, Marge was also POSITIVE that Manaki was poisoning Venus with antifreeze when she was sick in the hospital with sepsis from her botched weight loss surgery (and lying to everyone that it was her appendix.) Said she knew this for a fact (except she didn’t know shit.)

She actually said that this was a THEORY. At the time, she was torn between Venus being the perpetrator and shitty person or Manaki being the one who influenced her daughter to leave and being the evil mastermind behind everything that transpired.

No. 194479

>She once compared herself to Trump in an email she sent to her mom about the surgery.
No, it was Margot who compared herself to Trump (after Venus said she was planning to do that surgery). Except this, you're right(newfag)

No. 194508

>> if Venus had enough money, which it sounds like she would have,
What part of “she’s a broke-ass loser” do you not understand? Remember where she ended up in 2019 the first time Manaki kicked her ass out? Couch-surfing in what looked like a cheap hostel or a bus station waiting room, lol.

Where are the pictures of this “house in the countryside” she mumbles about from time to time, that gullible souls like you believe she totally really bought? (There are none. Because it doesn’t exist.) She’s a liar and a grifter just like her mommy.

No. 194544

Can you imagine if Manaki ever said the types of things Venus says? Venus talked about killing him and putting her foot in his ass.

If anyone ever said that about her, she would be sobbing about it constantly, and would blame every instance of failure for the rest of her entire life on the trauma of enduring that type of language. She 100% would.

What an abusive bitch to say those things, and to do it publicly. I consider that video to be domestic abuse, that she does so casually that I can’t imagine what she does behind closed doors.

No. 194658


Completely agree.

In fact, any man who ever said anything similar about a woman would be vilified for ever.

There's also loads of bitches who would react exactly as you say if some man spoke that way publicly about them. Too many of these "me too" type women about nowadays, and I speak as someone who also endured more than my fair share of sexist behaviour from stupid men, but the continual "all us poor wimmin" is just so off putting and nauseating, it's all gone so far the other way now, it's become an embarrassment, and no one dare criticise a woman for anything much anymore, no matter what it is, for fear of being accused of misogyny; but those like Venus can say this sort of crap about a man and nearly everyone automatically sympathizes with her instead of thinking what a bitch for saying such nasty things.

No. 194702

Fuck Manaki with her foot? Some people would pay to see that. She should film it and put it on her Only fans.
Did she mean before or after she killed him though? If after, that could mean she's into necrophilia and maybe what she meant by being into kinks so dark that even Satan would crawl away from them, otoh though, that is not that unusual of a kink so maybe not. But she's all talk, so….

No. 194721

sage because old but

I would love to see Taylor talk about her honest experiences hanging out with Taylor. I was watching their old vlogs and Venus and Taylor were pleasant but just stopped talking.

I dont know why Venus doesn't make informational videos about Japan anymore, she was entertaining that way and theres a niche who will watch those videos.

The manaki murdered thing is crazy though lol, even if she chased Margo with scissors- I really really doubt VENUS is capable of murdering anyone, let alone pulling off a stunt like that.

No. 194725

The thing is, it's not even true. She doesn't do things she doesn't want. Has she ever worked a real job? No. Has she admit that she can't stick to things she doesn't like? Yes.

And the funniest thing is that she thinks she can compare YT/OF work which mostly has her "working", that term used very loosely here, from her room to Manaki's real job.

She's work sOoOoO hArD at her "job", which isn't even a job, but then she berates her spouse, the one who got her to Japan and took care of her for allegedly not working. Venus, get a real 9-5 40 hour/week non-influencer job and then talk. Yt, OF, Momonga, any work you do for sugar daddies etc DOES NOT count.

No. 194727

No, it was Venus who said Trump was eccentric and she was eccentric like him. You're 100% incorrect. She was going on about why she's so special and Manaki is just a normie. Why would Marge be the one to write that. Also Marge shared the entire email, so you can look at it yourself. Venus said it 100%.
Maybe Marge also compared herself to Trump at some point. I am pretty sure she did actually. But in the surgery email she sent to her mom, Venus made the comparison.

No. 194743

it's pretty obvious that Manaki is a doormat of the worst kind. He was a fan and married her then passively had to go through the madness between Margo and Venus. She called him a pedo as a joke and he didn't do anything, and even if she says he wanted to become a youtuber he looked extremely uncomfortable in her videos like he didn't want to be there. He permitted her to sleep in another room even if they were married, he didn't want her to make that stupid surgery but she made it anyway and he stayed with her still, she called her when she was drunk falling asleep live, and now he is even still married with her when she is a complete mess and talks shit about him all the time.
She keeps saying he wanted to become a youtuber but he never seemed to have real interest in it. Never used his instagram and youtube channel much so probably they were just trying to be a youtuber couple for a while but he wasn't invested in that.
if he had a pair of balls he should have kicked out of his house ages ago and divorce her ass but instead he is taking Ls out of the picture.
one can't even feel sorry for him since he's a major loser

No. 194748

Guess she’s really prepared to murder Manaki

No. 194750

File: 1643029125294.jpg (321.48 KB, 938x1106, IMG_20210929_191615.jpg)

No. 194754

Do tell us anon what all this says

No. 194758

(Google translate helped me)

I don't like being fat, being fat means being failure to me.
That's why Dr. Kang Sehoon not only removed my appendix but also removed 120cm of my small intestine like many slim Chinese women do. But I have a stronger physique and recovered quickly. Dr. Kang said I also have a very high pain tolerance which is uncommon in young people (apparently the older you get the higher your pain tolerance is).
Dr Kang also said that you have good intentions though something is wrong with the communication (???)
When I come to Seoul I will go to Dr Kang again. And if you want you can visit me :) But you may also find me crazy now.

Margot :
Hello, yes I am.
That's why I can do great things I was not always like that, I was very shy, but I know other eccentrics like you.
All those who deviate from the center (?) and do not follow social conformity are eccentrics. Someone who learns Japanese at the age of 13 and makes fun in front of the webcam is an eccentric. Manaki is not an eccentric.
Richard Branson, Donald Trump, all great YouTubers, company founders, all those who dare and ultimately really live, are eccentrics.
We're both eccentrics, and that's why we have more success and joy. But some do not have this talent, they are afraid or do not understand what they have to do differently.
I can explain that to you with a poem. I rewrote Panis Angelicus super funny.

No. 194787


anon's redemption

No. 194795


Wonder why she keeps changing the titles of her videos? She is currently calling this "I went to a yandere basement in japan", but before that she'd called it "I visited a torture basement in Japan". Guess it's original title was meant as clickbait because it's not exactly a torture basement is it?

No. 194796

youtubers tend to do that. maybe to get more views I think. the title changes and you think oh I haven't seen this one yet but it's the same video.. or maybe renaming bumps it back to be visible to more people?

No. 194803

File: 1643055732132.jpg (83.57 KB, 534x762, Don't Go In The House.JPG)


This reminds me of the flame room scene from Don't Go In The House. Let's hope she hasn't got Manaki chained up at home and hanging from the ceiling. I can just see her in all that getup going in there with a flame thrower.

No. 194817

It doesn't help that Venus is a hard-core narc who knows how to manipulate & play on her unstable mental health to get what she wants while having Manaki wrapped around her little finger extra tightly.

He's probably never dealt with that level of crazy before and doesn't know what to do in order to severe ties for good. So he remains a hopeless doormat who no doubt still "cares" about her wellbeing the more this carries on. One can hope he wakes the fuck up one day and gets her into some serious shit.

No. 194845

File: 1643069795624.jpeg (175.85 KB, 1136x874, 952B13ED-5153-4ABB-A716-3BEE0C…)

Man she gets more unfortunate-looking by the day. She’s about to turn 25 and her ‘cute’ days are looong gone.

No. 194846

Yes, all this. You know she plays the suicide card any time he tries to cut her loose (and it’ll be YOUR FAULT!) She has this poor fool by the balls.

No. 194852

I kek so hard when she called herself a "girl boss" at the end of the video.

No. 194884

File: 1643115234879.png (1.28 MB, 1125x1915, IMG_3632.png)

No. 194887

What is a coming of age ceremony? Also kek at the caricature. Spot on with the puffy lower lids and nonexistent upper lip.

No. 194898

Something that Japanese people do with their classmates and peers who turn 20 that year. Why is she celebrating that? It has nothing to do with her

No. 194900

File: 1643126165829.jpeg (84.29 KB, 623x762, 3D26CD56-BB93-490B-A0D5-3976BB…)

Her profile is getting worse and more tragic

No. 194901

File: 1643126199347.jpeg (117.62 KB, 609x797, 20A1218E-494C-4334-8E3E-F1C934…)

Giving wicked witch teas

No. 194902

maybe she's pretending to be younger than she is there and her peers have no clue

No. 194912

That's what I thought too. What if she lied to her sugar daddy/bf and said she's 20. He might be the one who took these pictures

No. 194966

Who would believe she’s 20 when she looks 45?

No. 194970

Desperate dumbass men already pander to her "underaged uwu" persona as evident on OF in some of her photo sets, so there's no surprise they would believe she's the same IRL despite looking double her age.

No. 195128

File: 1643253456985.jpg (197.41 KB, 701x661, Screenshot_20220127-041703.jpg)

She didn't edit her face shape on her latest Insta post for once lmfao her face is naturally round,yes, but her face is also bloated as HELL due to alcohol and fast food, it just looks fucking ugly

No. 195146

looks better though. She'd be cute if she didn't do the infuriating lip pursing/squashing bullshit.

No. 195210

I just hate the fact she's telling the world " I'm forced to do things I don't Wana do" ( regarding her amateur D rated porn attempts )
When it's HER doing it! She has a choice. She chose to do her soft porn and lewd content. No one forced her to do anything and I'm sure the Yakuza is not involved in someone like Venus. She only wishes she was that special for that sorta attention and drama!!!

She's very much hiding alot of information and lieing about prolly all of it.
Venus just lives for the haters tbh. She feeds off these forms. If these didn't exist Venus would not exist.

It really comes to show how much her mom actually did for her.

They just need to kiss and makeup. Then Venus can stop her stupid revenge porn and go back to being the uwu weeb Desu queen.

No. 195212

She tried so hard to sell that hypersexual freak persona. She said she always wanted to be a whore, she told fans who didn't approve to fuck off and now she's forced.

No. 195217

“Cute”? LOL

No. 195241


I almost forgot she did and said that! Flicking us all off

How ironic. LOL!!

No. 195252


But she said "late" coming of age ceremony, implying that hers was later than normal. Maybe delayed cos of covid or something? Whatever, she's not pretending to be younger than she is.

No. 195253


Where has she said she's forced to do things she doesn't want to do, like porn things?

No. 195269

In the last livestream she did, covered in the previous thread. She didn't say it was specifically the porn though, I assumed she was talking about the YT vids

No. 195295

except the coming of age ceremony is for 20 years old so I don’t understand her celebrating it when she is already 24.

No. 195311

Even though, you just need to glance at her pictures to realize she hate doing porn. They wouldn't be "lazy" too .

No. 195333

Please correct me if I'm wrong but,
I think Venus mentioned a long time ago in a old insta post she was gona celebrate when she had was 20 but something had happened and she said she was postponing it for a later date in the future.

I don't think she is lieing about her age unless it's to appease the underage/kid kink thing for OF and her "fetishes".

No. 195365


Yes, I assumed she was talking about not liking doing the YT videos covering the sort of things that a lot of her followers ask for, like the doing makeup and haul videos which she has said she's not really interested in doing but does them just to please people. The porn thing looks to be the only thing she has stuck consistently at, that and the occasional cosplay.

No. 195366


I haven't seen anything to suggest she hates it.

I don't think she intends doing porn images that looks like she's really, really, enjoying herself, I don't think that is the aesthetic she's going for.

No. 195372

I don't find any post about it in 2017 and January 2018 she was so sick because of the surgery

No. 195406


Um… not sure what you're referring to here. In the recent live she said something about doing things she doesn't like, and it's because of what people like, or something, and she seemed to mean her YT videos which recently have been make up and and hauls mainly and stuff like that. The smashing things up in the basement though looked to be a lot of fun and she really did seem to be into that.

No. 195451

Wait. Venus is upset because she had to make Regular videos like she did in the past ???
LMFAO that's hilarious. If she don't Wana do them why do them?
I apologize I was under the wrong impression for a moment.

No. 195456

>>195406 my bad, I was replying to >>195333 I didn't find any post about a coming of age on IG when she was 20

No. 195464

Haha my bad too ! Got a little confused for a moment it's all good

No. 195465

File: 1643467320605.png (1.23 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220129-093903.png)

Venus posted her tick tock and all I gotta say is…
DAMN GIRL what happened to your HAIR????

No. 195469

She dyed it 4 different colours in a few months last year. Add to that extensions + anorexia/shitty diet/butchered stomach.
She also uses aggressive products made for Asian hair and she strengthened it everyday

No. 195477

Is she in another hotel room?

No. 195488

Also wearing wigs can do this to your hair I know from experience from not using extra wig caps my hair down. it makes it go frizzy and knotted but dam the right side her hair looks snapped af. Is her fringe extremely greasy or wet? Her best bet would to cut her hair into a Bob there is no saving it.

No. 195496


Is this a new tiktok account, or a continuation of her old one?

No. 195519

New account

No. 195611


I wonder why she didn't just continue with her old one? Maybe she forgot her password or something?

No. 195651

I kinda feel bad for Venus because with a mother like Margaret she never had a chance to turn sane. She's just going to become the same psychopathic bitch she is if she doesn't commit suicide when she hits 30, truly bleak.

No. 195691


People don't have to become their parents, you know. Both of mine were utter nightmares, bullies and totally screwed me up, but I didn't become like either of them.

No. 195696

Of course she’s lying about her age, there’s no doubt about that imo. In Japan a woman who’s 24 years old is considered pretty much ancient, especially in the field of sugaring, so there’s absolutely NO WAY she’s telling her real age to all the men she hooks up with.

No. 195726

bless you anon, i hope your life is happier now

No. 195728

I bet she would like to lie about her age, but I don’t think she could convince anyone. She looks older for her age, and is in a country where people tend to look younger in comparison

No. 195730

Is she still on Paters?

No. 195897

File: 1643704308277.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, 8B83D455-AE4D-4CDA-B9FE-6E7179…)

Apparently, based on her ig post and stories flaunting her Gucci cap and fancy dishes in a restaurant.

No. 195898

File: 1643704681601.png (4.42 MB, 750x1334, A2C0376D-8A7E-4875-838C-0DCEB0…)

No. 195906

File: 1643720933202.png (979.34 KB, 1125x1853, IMG_0400.png)

No. 195907

For those who are curious: the " cum" is actually a "shot" they sell them in Asia.
Just the look of a sperm hahaha.
That Gucci is terrible. That's not kawaii what so ever. She just trying to flex.

I would not be surprised if it was sent even hers.

No. 195928

"Kleiner Feigling" is also a shot. It's the set of bottles on the table.

No. 195929

Alcoholism and prostitution is so kawaii. What a great example she is to her young followers.

No. 195948

I like how she just a few posts down, posted this image >>195128
She has no shame with the catphishing and alcoholism.

No. 195949

venus wash your hair challenge

No. 195950

We all know she loves to pass off other people’s belongings as hers.

No. 195978

Ahaha, she’s tryna roll like a sugarbaby flaunting designer shit again. Last time it was a sad little scarf and a tiny cloth pocketbook, now it’s a lil baseball cap. Guess she didn’t learn anything from her last failed attempt at sugaring cause she’s back at it again.

Last time she went down this road was after Manaki kicked her out and started divorce proceedings the first time and she hooked up with that skeevey ‘manager’ who had her riding around Tokyo lining up •investors• for the •company she was starting• Dare I hope the poor sap has finally grown some balls and kicked her out (again)? I’d totally given up on him. Anyway it’s fun watching this trainwreck try to stunt on IG

No. 195983

File: 1643765261540.jpeg (213.34 KB, 939x1535, D25BC2E0-BA36-4A80-9D89-9BC9BD…)

It’s 2019 all over again. First a drunk livestream

No. 195984

File: 1643765378334.jpeg (279.56 KB, 954x1518, 18B41953-B5BC-4455-B849-34D5F9…)

Followed by flaunting some designer swag on IG (if you squint real hard that’s a LV scarf.)

No. 195985

File: 1643765630664.jpeg (335.55 KB, 991x1535, 70A02E31-2E9B-4280-A68F-6AA0F2…)

Then mysterious jaunts around town on public transport and fancy restaurant meals, just like a real SB!

She goes through these cycles like clockwork (but never gets anywhere.)

No. 195988

File: 1643770092583.png (1.45 MB, 1076x1491, Screenshot_20220201-214607.png)

Why don't she wash her hair and here is that Gucci Ball cap she be flaunting?

I remember that LV scarf we saw ONCE and never saw again!
Cause it wasn't hers XD(XD)

No. 195989

Where *

No. 195995

Why does Venus just move back to Switzerland, get a female roommate, and work a normal job and live a normal life? Why is she so adverse to that? Being homeless and hopping from hotel to hotel is better than getting a normal job to her?

No. 195996


No. 196000

Maybe she should flaunt some designer shampoo lol

No. 196001

Because she wouldn’t be able to complain and get sympathy
Most these cows thrive on attention and having problems and never doing anything about it because it’s always someone else’s fault

No. 196006

File: 1643811173343.png (1.82 MB, 1068x1843, Screenshot_20220202-021200.png)

We got the hat back. Ask and we receive.

As for her hotel hopping. Guessing from her top she has a sponsorship going on. Maybe some lewds of her posing with the latest beer can to eye spy later.

No. 196010

I understand that once you go outside, the weather can super quickly fuck up your hair, but the perpetual greasy mess would make you think it would at least inspire her to take selfies before leaving the house, presumably when her hair looks better. As anyone with white girl hair and bangs knows, they get greasy fast, so you have to wash your bangs in the sink every morning so they don't look like this. Her hair didn't always look this bad, what's going on that she doesn't just fix it, given that she's so insecure about her appearance you would think it would bother her. It would take 5 minutes tops with a sink, shampoo, and a blow dryer. Like, I get depression can make you stop taking care of yourself, but she's still putting on makeup and stuff so…there's no reasoning, really.

No. 196017

That wouldn't be very ~aesthetic~

No. 196018

Both of those are actually romanticized right now in Japan with the jirai trend. So yes, it is actually considered kawaii for young girls to be drunk and to whore yourself out (and to self harm). What a great society.

No. 196025

Oh no the western bullshit has finally got to them. They just made it their own, kawaii.

No. 196028


the picture of her is actually nice, no problems there, but why doesn't she unmirror before she posts so that it's easy to read what it written? i mean it's not like its something difficult to do, even Venus can do it, why is she so damn lazy and can't even do a simple thing like that?

No. 196030


Why doesn't she go back to swizzland yadda yadda, the bestest country in the whole wide world yadda yadda? Because she doesn't want to!! Fuck, even I get why she doesn't want to, why are people so frigging stupid to keep saying this shit?

If I had to choose between Japan or any other country in the world, especially a country full of caucasians like swissland, then, obviously, I'd choose Japan! It's full of Japanese people, and some very cute boyz, and all the wonderful culture which too many people here just don't seem to get for some reason! I can understand perfectly well why anyone who chose to go and live in Japan would want to stay there, in the country of their choice, so stop banging on about fucking swissland, it's annoying to read the same shit over and over again, she doesn't want to go and live there, she wants to live in Japan, get over it!

No. 196054

>cute boyz

you sound like you're 14 and naive as hell about the world.

Anyone who's legit lived in japan, especially as a foreigner, EVEN IF you are fluent with the language, it's extremely difficult to live in due to the lowkey racism, how entire sections are forever unavailable to you because you aren't a native (getting your own stamp for banks, trying to rent a place that don't rent to anyone but Japanese natives, shops that won't let you inside even outside of major cities). Venus is barely functioning, whoring herself out on the daily for pennies or occasionally some material goods that will get fucked up within a year, and drugs/alcohol. Anyone with a functioning brain can see she would 100% percent improve her life just living back where she has proper documents, family, language, and the ability to get a job/go to school without issues. Yeah it's annoying to read and I agree that people saying that should stfu but your points are beyond cringe.

No. 196069

>>the ability to get a job/go to school
My dear anon, Benus has no desire to do either of these things. NONE.

It’s a nice picture …of a fictional person that does not exist. You are aware of what she looks like without massive filtering and photoshop, right? >>195906 is what she wishes she looked like. Her catfishing is second only to her mother’s.

No. 196086


Crap. Some people can live in Japan quite easily and happily as a non native person and fit in and integrate well and others just won't. A lot of that is down to their individual personalities. Certain places that say no foreigners is often just because of the language barrier, especially in more rural areas where the people living and working there are less likely to speak and understand english or other foreign languages.

As Venus obviously prefers the look of Japanese people over other races, (and who can blame her? They are generally better looking) she would most likely be very unhappy living in a country where she would most probably see none.

No. 196105

You're just wrong. There are so many resources out there proving you wrong but please continue on with your weird obsession with japan as the holy land. Do some proper research. You honestly sound like every other gaijin 'english teacher' who becomes a prostitutes that comes to japan, or even possibly venus but who knows.

>and who can blame her? They are generally better looking


No. 196123

File: 1643869160993.png (1019.18 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220203-011637.png)

Psych ward friendu.
Anyone got tea for this bit?
Apparently she made a friend in the "psych ward" a year ago. …

No. 196138

File: 1643882278574.jpeg (306.87 KB, 750x1212, 3C4E2D33-6672-4B8F-A552-00E37A…)

uwu quirky dorimu

No. 196139

lmaoo so kawaiii we are insane togetherr loll

No. 196151


I'm not going to sperg, but there is so much to unpack here psychologically

No. 196158


Please do dreamanon

No. 196170

I wonder what happened between her and Ella.

No. 196188

Just read the older threads

No. 196193

Does that girl even still live in Japan? Maybe they drifted apart as a result of not seeing each other often, or more likely, they were never genuine friends to start with. I think none of these weeb girls are, they just use each other.

Plus, Venus has a history of chasing people off because she is a fucking weirdo. A couple threads back you can find where Mikan tweeted about "someone" calling her and making her listen to them fuck a guy, and later asking to bring their sugar daddy with them to her place. So you could really let your imagination run wild about what she possibly did to chase off Ella or June or anyone else from associating with her, it probably wouldnt be that different from the reality

No. 196214

pretty obvious that they weren't friends in reality, just hoping each to get followers from each other

No. 196257

File: 1643979947753.png (675.25 KB, 1125x2128, IMG_0455.png)

No. 196273

File: 1643989963368.jpeg (607.19 KB, 1125x1623, F85BB02D-EC49-45FF-8CF6-989EC8…)

is this a new era already?

No. 196283

Saged but does June have her own thread?

No. 196293


Why would she need one? June's not milky. She's level headed and normal.

No. 196317

strange ass wk

No. 196322

Being a porn actress doesn't make you a lolcow

No. 196355


Well speaking as someone who has no choice but to live in Great Britain, I can say with certainty that it's a horrible country to live in, unless you're a ignorant yob or some loony woke nutjob banging on about black people and wimmin and trying to cancel anyone who doesn't share the same views.

Then there's the litter all over the streets and graffiti daubed over any surface not to mention the stinking stench of fucking weed everywhere you go, it's a horrible fucking country to live in unless you're like that, or have enough money to live right away from them, so yes, to someone living in this cesspit of a country, Japan is like the Holy Land, because that is where I'd rather be.
Everything I want is over there, and I'm guessing it may have been like that in some respect for Venus and why she wanted to go there. The culture and whole aesthetic is one major factor, but there are many others as well, it is a far more civlised country in every way, with more polite citizens than you ever encounter, especially having to endure public transport in Britain with ignorant scumbags shouting into their phones or talking loudly the whole time, f this and f that every other word, scum, that's what they are, of course I'd rather be in Japan, and so would anyone who wasn't the same rough, moronic types as reside in this shit hole of a country. Rant over. Needed to be said though.

No. 196377

What the actual fuck. never go to America, mate

No. 196379

she dated him at the same time of how many other clients?
this is a new level of pathetic.

No. 196382

Just move to a better part of GB. Japan is clean and quiet but visiting there is substantially different from living there. You'll be treated like an outsider. Nobody legitimate will want to work with you. You'll get tired of nobody telling you things directly and pussyfooting around every conflict. The convenience and access to weebworld wears off quickly, and you become Venus 2.0. Anons don't let other anons become Venus 2.0.

No. 196383

You fucking weeb are insane. Everything you said scream insane weaboo and the Better looking? That’s why their girls all get plastic surgery to look eurasian and don’t want to look so asian. Stop watching anime and drama that have actors looking good. Reality is different and trust me most average pink girls want to feel special in asia no you won’t be special if you already have weeb and insecurity mentality anywhere. Grow up.

No. 196392


Who cares what the girls look like? I prefer the boys actually. And as for wanting to look less Asian, that doesn't apply to everyone and a lot of that is down to western media and influence trying to dominate and inflict its own ideas of beauty standards onto the rest of the world. Most Asian types that western people view as better looking are not the types that appeal to me anyway. I've seen Japanese men so beautiful it makes me want to cry, skin so smooth that looks like they never have to shave, beautiful hair, slender necks and perfect bodies, cheekbones, eyes, soft voices, no western man can ever compete with that for attractiveness.(derailing )

No. 196399

Why would anyone want to go to that shithole of a country

No. 196400

Just ignore them

No. 196401


I guess California might be good weather wise, but both GB and US are probably as bad as each other when it comes to the general population.

No. 196404

Don't you get it? its not realistic man.
Most asian men don't look like what you described…
They look normal, like normal people look like…they are simply Asian along the way.
and them being more cultured…I think you been in a different area than I was, 10 years back, when I was studying in England…I remember people being very cultured actually. Very polite, but still, kinda cold to one another. I wouldn't expect something different from the Asian culture cuz they are known to be super Intelligent but also super cold.
They are actually very known to be very cruel… when it comes to war…
They are known to be very cruel/evil.
So… do you really know how the Asian culture IS REALLY like? I think not.
I think YOU should do more research than us.(derailing )

No. 196417

That catphish picture doesn't even look good. She shrunk her head too much and blurred her skin she doesn't look like a real person. I don't know how anyone can say it looks nice or is edited nice. It's an obvious overedit. People's faces are not textureless. I see the mirror-sperg is back.

No. 196439

>>Stop watching anime and drama that have actors looking good. Reality is different and trust me most average pink girls

What's with the (very incorrect) assumptions?

1. I don't watch anime as I have zero interest in it and don't hardly watch drama either as not interested in fictional stories.

2. Pink? Do you mean pink skinned, or dressing all in pink? I hardly ever dress all in pink and I don't have pink toned skin either, (thankfully!) FYI I actually have pale olive skin, not that it's anyone's business but just saying.

Don't get all the dislike of Japanese culture that is prevalent on this site. And all the mystification of why Venus, or anyone, would want to stay in Japan. It's simply that some people prefer it, why is that so hard for certain people here to understand?

No. 196441

>>when I was studying in England…I remember people being very cultured actually. Very polite, but still, kinda cold to one another. I wouldn't expect something different from the Asian culture

In England? Are you talking about Asians in England or English people? England used to be a country known for courtesy and good manners, not any more and it hasn't been that way for a long time.

>> They are actually very known to be very cruel… when it comes to war…

>>They are known to be very cruel/evil.

That sounds like a stereotypically racist comment to me. All cultures can be cruel when it comes to war, war is vicious because it has to be, by its very nature.

Have you ever learnt anything about what has been done to people in the name of religion? The Spanish Inquisition for a start. Not to mention the muslim fanatics currently in the world creating any havoc they can in the name of religion.

We can all be cruel given half a chance, including me, and enjoy it, it's in our natures as human beings, the most dangerous species on earth. Not proud of it but it's just the way it is.(derailing )

No. 196457

Japanese man fetish anon annoys me even more than chinsperg.

Just stop talking about yourself

No. 196465

No. 196466

Whoa I didn't remember her cheeks were that chubby when she was younger

No. 196467

You watched to many anime and drama i told you, you are the Same crazy shit who post here about your fetish of japanese guys. You just fetishize Japanese as a whole you are the type who end up with any ugly mess as long he is Japanese. You weeb sucks and embarrassing please never go to japan you ruin the reputation of western people.

No. 196468

Many of idiots love bashing america and media had done a great job ruining it’s reputation. America is still better than many countries. When you are poor and uneducated it sucks everywhere not just america

No. 196469

Guy just ignore trolls please

No. 196472

File: 1644156690173.jpg (651.15 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-02-06-13-34-10…)

No. 196478

It doesn’t look bad. Of course, now she looks like shit like Margaret, especially because of alcoholism and genes.

No. 196488


A preference for a particular type of person is not the same thing as a fetish. Why are people so stupid as to think it is?

People have fetishes about things like Nazi uniforms, or feet, or certain situations, but not just preferring a certain look over others. Like stupid venus claims she has a fetish for glasses, so maybe she wouldn't care who was wearing them, or maybe she means if she likes someone she likes them to wear glasses because it turns her on more because she has a fetish for them.

Some people prefer blonde hair and that is their preference, some people only find caucasians attractive, (apparently most on this forum that applies to) but no one would call that a fetish, but why not? Ignorance really annoys me and it's in abundance here.

No. 196491


Don't be stupid. She always had that "chubby cheek" thing going, she used to seem to be quite proud of it.

>>watched to many anime and drama

Stop with the stereotyping. Not every person who prefers Japan as a country watches anime or Japanese drama. I can't even see why anyone would like anime in the first place, just because venus might be into it, doesn't mean everybody is. Stupid cartoons basically, waste of time.

>>end up with any ugly mess as long he is Japanese.

Not me. They have to be incandescently beautiful to catch my eye, those are the types I go for. There's just more chance of finding someone that fits that criteria among south east Asian guys than in other races.

>>Many of idiots love bashing america and media had done a great job ruining it’s reputation.

America has done a great job of ruining its own reputation without any help from anybody else. Actually.(derailing)

No. 196507

Japanese aren't considered southeast Asians, retard

No. 196509

File: 1644186114097.jpeg (188.41 KB, 798x1010, FCC821F2-A0FE-4F9A-9442-3AFDE2…)

She must be trolling with this dorito chin photoshop, right?

No. 196512

>Venus does her regular inconsistent-shopping she has been doing consistently for ten years
>"whAt is shE trYing to pUll??"

No. 196532


I know that, but I'm talking about a broader spectrum than just Japanese and also some Native Americans can have the look that attracts me, as long as they're pure bred and not watered down by caucasian interbreeding. The original point is the same, that having a particular preference for a certain look is not the same as a fetish and I don't know why people are so ignorant as to keep saying it.(derailing)

No. 196534


So much for her statement she made on insta a while back that she was going to do no more editing of her face in pictures, I knew that wouldn't last long.

No. 196544

>Venus makes one of her regular false commitments as she has been doing consistently for ten years
>"sO muCh FoR heR staTeMeNt"

No. 196552

You'd ruin the bloodline.

No. 196580

My point is, this is even more egregious than her usual PS, to the point of being comical (or trolling.)

No. 196582

You got issues seriously

No. 196611

Nope. That's her usual level. It's not even close to her worst. But I just realized, i shouldn't have said anything to you, since you are the pointy chin sperg

No. 196635

We aren’t stupid, and I assume at least some these are you. You sound like you have a fetish and are generally really annoying. Stop talking about yourself

>> 180625

>> would like to see him, or one like him, wearing a pink babydoll nightie and getting fucked in the ass

No. 196648


Good article from Japan Times explains very well the difference between a fetish and a preference.

In his June 25 feature article, ‘Yellow Fever’ and the fantasy of the Asian female,” writer Nicolas Gattig asks “what are the fantasies driving ‘yellow fever,’ the fetish for Orientals [by white men]?” The question he should be asking is to what extent preconceptions of race and racial normalcy predispose people to pigeonhole interracial relationships as “fetishism.”

Let’s be clear, using ethnicity (one’s own or a different one) in choosing a partner is not a fetish; it is a preference. Being aroused by a woman’s feet (and only her feet) is a fetish; having a tendency to date brunettes is a preference.

Hair, eyes, height, body type, even birth country are all deemed acceptable preferences so long as both partners are of the same ethnicity. But cross racial lines and the choice is made to appear not as a “preference” but rather as a “fetish,” a term denoting deviancy and sexual perversion. Although common, this idea is fundamentally racist. Its purpose is to discourage interracial relationships and maintain racial normalcy, even racial purity.

In Gattig’s article, Reina Mizuno, a Harvard MBA graduate, is quoted as saying that she could tell that a white guy had an “Asian fetish” if he ogled her while he was walking hand in hand with another Asian woman. But would she ascribe different motivations if the jilted girlfriend happened to be white? Would this, then, simply be a case of “men being men?”

Why must we jump to charges of fetishism only in cases where racial lines are crossed? Apparently even the well-educated can be guilty of stereotyping and promoting racial normalcy.

Most Caucasians tend to date other Caucasians, just as most Asians usually choose Asian partners. It’s simply a preference, a product of imprinting and socialization, but a preference nonetheless. So if a Caucasian chooses not to date other Caucasians but rather Asians, why is this not also merely a preference?


No. 196650

NTA but you are constantly talking about this preference in the context of tying them up or some similar sex thing. You also posted a picture from a porn. You sound thirsty and it comes across as a fetish, but nobody really gives a shit, except about the fact that you are annoying

No. 196668

SERIOUSLY could you just IGNORE THEM. You're all detailing.

No. 196707

I watched the reaction video that Sora the troll did about the video that Venus uploaded featuring him. And about halfway through he said something about he thought Venus was trying or wanting to take his clothes off and to show him her boobs. I don't remember hearing anything about that before, and I know he is called a troll but when he was talking about that in the video he seemed to be just being truthful, he wasn't complaining about it, he just mentioned it. I wonder if Venus tried it on with him or wanted to? Like there was talk going round that she was trying to get people's boyfriends into bed, so it wouldn't be impossible to think she wanted to get it on with Sora too.

No. 196774

I think Sora is from a wealthy family. It would be a good catch for her.(sage)

No. 196831

Oh gods I am so in for a Host fucking saga, please. Rock bottom hits like home. Its like those Girls trying to flex with Brands and they put their sexwork money right back into nasty Hosts to get Attention.

No. 196917

File: 1644454299179.jpeg (Spoiler Image,393.5 KB, 1220x1814, 739FE100-BBAD-437B-978B-3CC34A…)

From Twitter, 12/19:
>>if u don’t retweet this 100 times imma cry like a bby
>gets 41 retweets
Oop. Also she’s changed her Twitter name to “Cheeki Breeki” for some reason.

No. 196918

Her birthday was yesterday, Feb. 8. It’s already Feb. 10 am in Japan. No mentions anywhere. She’s 25 and still stuck right where she’s been for the past 3 years, going nowhere with no plans or ambitions of any kind. She’s had every chance and does NOTHING.

No. 196925


I hope not, for his sake. He's way too good for her.

No. 196926


That's an old picture. And her account's been called that for ages now.

No. 196932

Does anyone remember what month/year Venus posted her Manaki slander video? In her recent live, she said he wasn't working since spring last year (so March/April 2021), but in her slander video, she made it seem like he wasn't working since around the time she came to Japan, which is obviously not true and debunked threads ago. But I'm just wondering if she posted that video before spring 2021 claiming he wasn't working, only to contradict herself in her newest one. I am pretty sure that her initial slander video was posted in 2020 or 2019 and she said he wasn't working then, now she said he wasn't working since spring 2021.

No. 196944


Just watched a two hour stream with Sora. He's so funny, but people were saying he's gay so he wouldn't get with Venus anyway, though he's maybe not gay so who knows? He's so entertaining though so who cares really? He's just so nice and I'm kinda simping for him right now.(no1curr)

No. 197016

August 2019 but she might be referring to last spring at the time she made the call to Manaki's mother. If I remember well it was for new year so the dates correspond.

No name needed to know who's writting. What are the mods waiting fo ban this troll?

No. 197099

File: 1644587703896.jpg (252.07 KB, 1080x1987, 20220211_135303.jpg)

Has anyone been on Snapchat to find a discover Snapchat story about venus? It was another "poor venus was being abused by her mum and then ran away to Japan to live her dream, yay"

No. 197104


Not a very flattering picture. She definitely looks better with darker hair.

No. 197167

She didn't specify when she allegedly called his mom, but said he hasn't been working since last spring, so it seems like she would have called the mom recently, assuming what she said was true. But maybe you're right too and she just stated it incoherently.

Also LOL at the pulltards in Venus' discord thread saying they're convinced venus will never get better because she reads her lolcow thread. They are truly the dumbest morons to grace the internet. And as always, making excuses for her, instead of just accepting she's as bad as her mom because it's simply in her character.

No. 197170

File: 1644625218638.jpg (77.98 KB, 1202x676, Slide1.jpg)

from venus' pull discord thread. They're missing her fake business with Kitano, her breakup with kitano, her break up with the vtuber manager, her pater ad when she claimed she was "securing investors in her company", her breakup with the OF manager and her kizuna ai livestreams where she shittalks manaki some more. It also states that Manaki allegedly quit his job in 2019 when she posted her slander video, but in that video, she claimed her wasn't working well before that, which was debunked. In her newest live, she said he hasn't worked since spring 2021.

No. 197171

File: 1644625318006.jpg (30.94 KB, 304x676, 5423123213.jpg)

No. 197172

File: 1644625356025.jpg (25.6 KB, 304x676, 32213.jpg)

No. 197173

Pulltards are also speculating that venus' alleged host boyfriend forced/coerced her into doing OF because they simply can't accept that venus is lazy, entitled, spoiled and greedy and simply wants EASY money doing nothing. She's stated multiple times that real jobs are beneath her and made fun of those actually contributing to society. They are also unaware that venus stated (along with kyrie) in her discord that she left her initial OF sugar daddy manager (or he left her most likely). Unless, she got back with him, but unlikely.

No. 197174

File: 1644625887743.jpg (38.73 KB, 304x676, 542312321332311.jpg)

How long will this "friendship" last?

No. 197176

Fr tho how the hell did venus get a video article on Snapchat Discover???

No. 197178

According to pull, Venus said she wants a wedding ring from her current bf for her birthday. Does anyone have a source for this? Was in in an insta story? Was this the other means of staying in Japan she was referring to in her Manaki slander livestream? Why does she want to snag a guy so bad if she's claiming she makes all the money and pays for everything and Manaki is using her. Seems like it's the other way around. Manaki had enough of her, her visa status is at stake, she wants to find another guy to use to stay in Japan/be pampered and is thus likely the one stalling the divorce. Slandering Manaki the way she slandered Margo. Margo was bad, but venus kept changing her story as to why she left initially. First it was "because she was so in love with Mana and her mom kept shittalking him" and then it was various aggrandized/made up forms of abuse and then it became "Margo forced her to marry Mana."
They also said venus said she was looking for an apartment. Is she not living with her current bf/sugar daddy? She's been flaunting gucci so I assume there actually is a sugar daddy bf again.

No. 197180

It's funny how she claims to be a professional girlboss providing a service and making ends meet, but Manaki just "draws" all day. She is so narcissistic and up her own ass, just like her mother.Perhaps what Manaki is doing is illustration and commission work and making money that way. On top of actually having a real job, since we really can't trust Venus in that regard. How does he get to keep his apartment which he got from the factory job if he quit it? How do they even get a lease without "real" jobs? But of course, Venus will down play illustration work, yet aggrandize taking shitty pics of her boobs in her ex's apartment and edited the shit out of them as "providing a service" and "being professional." What an actual joke and wste of space she is.

No. 197184

does that caption say 'don't believe anything you see online'? lol

No. 197187

File: 1644629980397.jpg (69.31 KB, 965x676, IMG_20211230_224445.jpg)

No. 197194


He said not long ago that she had messaged him and asked him if he'd do a podcast with her and he was surprised and said to her that he thought she hated him and she said no.
He said he woldn't know what to say on a podcast if they did one, so it looks like they have then? It would probably be ages before she got around to uploading anything though, as Sora thought she was never going to upload the video she did with him, but then she did months later.

No. 197242

Yep, Venus is absolutely the one stalling the divorce. She got complacent, felt she had a guaranteed visa forever and thought that Manaki (cuck with no backbone that he is) would never go through with it. She's been shit talking and lying about him for what 3 years already? She's had all this time to get her situation straight and move on from this guy that she hates so much, so why hasn't she? All her drunken rant against him did is make her look even more retarded and further prove that it's her who relies on him for shelter and a visa. It's also funny how she's worn period stained pajamas on live more than once and doesn't wash her fucking hair, yet I'm supposed to believe doormat is the unhygienic one leaving trash everywhere.

As for where she's living, I guess still mostly with doormat for the time being, since her whole live was complaining about how awful being stuck around him is. And I didn't see her post anything about wanting a wedding ring, but good luck to her getting one. I doubt the scum she meets view her as marriage material.

No. 197298

Like I said, it was posted on 12/19 (and got 41 whole RTs, lol.) So much for her being “the top 0.5% on Onlyfans!” or whatever bullshit she’s trying to claim.

She pulls this “Manaki quit his job and lives on MY income” crap every time he makes a move towards kicking her out and starting divorce proceedings, namely back in 2019 and now this latest time. She’s such a bad liar, her lies are so easily disproven it’s pathetic.

>> According to pull, Venus said she wants a wedding ring from her current bf for her birthday
Is she really fishing for some poor Japanese guy to marry her? If so it’s just the latest example of how she’s literally Marge 2.0, scrambling and grifting for a visa.

Isn’t 25 the age where Japanese consider you over the hill? Especially someone who looks at least 10 years older and can’t even keep herself clean or brush her teeth

No. 197299

File: 1644711534409.jpeg (432.21 KB, 1976x1169, 2A31A187-8F4F-49E6-A69E-B11AE6…)

>> I'm supposed to believe doormat is the unhygienic one leaving trash everywhere.
I love this whole Margo-level projection thing she has going on. Here’s a screenshot of the cluttered pigsty she lives in…but it’s Manaki who “never does anything around the apartment.”

No. 197302

This is the girl Wenus met in the psych ward? And they recently met up someplace (pics look like someone’s bedroom with Wenus sitting on the bed eating noodles)? Looks real fun!

This girl seems really young from her IG. And I don’t see any trace of her new “best friend” there, but plenty of other “best frends” she regularly hangs out with. And she has 500 followers so idk how useful her instastory shoutout will be. I’m guessing this “friendship” will last about as long as the one withJune Lovejoyy did, or any of her other online “friendships.”

No. 197452

>>197302 maybe just in one of those love hotels…

No. 197538

Well, that bedroom DOES look pretty posh for an average teenage girl

No. 197567

>>197538 She is not a teenager…(sage your shit)

No. 197598

I don’t see a mess here. Her table was full of materials for spells because that was the livestreams theme. But she owns a lot of stuff and I don’t see a mess in her floor or drawers.(sage)

No. 197664


People are always asking her if she's going to get any pets. I hope to God she doesn't. Quite apart from her dreadful inability to properly look after a pet without her 'care' verging on cruelty, where would she keep it? Her living space looks tiny.

No. 197673

File: 1645042703526.png (1.32 MB, 1284x2202, IMG_6539.png)

No. 197675

File: 1645042831677.jpeg (228 KB, 1078x1847, unknown.jpeg)

No. 197678

She looks hungover and greasy.
What the fuck are those bangs and that face edit

No. 197679

First time I see a nose growing this much in a few years

No. 197703

>> I don’t see a mess here
Seriously? Every horizontal surface is covered with crap, not to mention the overflowing garbage bin. That room will have to be fumigated if poor Manaki ever manages to pry her loose and out the door (which I suspect will be never.)

No. 197704

>> I don’t see a mess here
Seriously? Every horizontal surface is totally covered with crap, not to mention the overflowing garbage bin. That room will have to be fumigated if poor Manaki ever manages to pry her loose and out the door (which I suspect will be never.)

No. 197714

File: 1645062165937.jpeg (294.63 KB, 1790x1434, 13B00CEB-C627-48BD-AA55-861DE5…)

Look at her with noodles hanging out of her mouth. What a fun guest.

No more editing or filters, guys! Never again! Remember that one?

No. 197746

Isn't it polite to be slurping your noodles like that in Japan though? She's just integrating nonniee. Gross though. I can only imagine how much broth there is all over the bed from the slurping up.

No. 197757

Yes, that's how you eat ramen in Japan.

No. 197773


At least she's getting out and doing things. Isn't it better than when she's just holed up in her room all day?

Honestly, it seems that reading here most of the time, it looks like no matter what she does, she can do no right.

She's out, enjoying herself, and good for her!

No. 197774


So Lovely Lor, and later June Lovejoy liked her two latest posts. Seems she's getting liked on Insta more by her 'famous' followers.

No. 197777

June is not even following Venus on Insta.

Btw Venus has not posted anything to her OF in nearly a month.I Wonder if anyone still paying for that.

No. 197842

You want to fangirl this catfishing alcoholic who spreads lies about her unfortunate husband while continuing to mooch off him? Good for you. You might be more comfortable on PULL’s discord though.

No. 197855

They told Daniel that they wanted to prepare more episodes with other guests before they started uploading the podcast. Idk who they had in mind for other episodes.

No. 197856

Looks like she got a new sugar daddy. Wonder how long it will take until her narcissistic alcohol fueled antics make this guy jump ship. That's gonna be some good milk when she starts sperging on SM about this like she did the last dude.

No. 197859


24 hrs ago, it stated quite plainly liked by June Lovejoy on Venus' last two pictures on Insta. Now it only mentions Lovely Lor. Looks like June went back and unliked them so her name wouldn't show up anymore. Now I wonder why she would do that? Unless she saw the post in here and that motivated her to unlike the two pictures she had previously liked. Or maybe it only shows the last person to like? Whatever, her name was there yesterday as having liked those two pictures, i would have screenshotted if I thought she would just go and unlike, it seems daft that she would do that, so maybe it only shows the last name to like? I dunno, but her name was definitely there 24 hrs ago on both those last two pictures.

No. 197865

Forgot how big she was at one point

No. 197909

File: 1645209586640.jpg (552.18 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-02-18-20-37-58…)

Why's she calling herself a slav

No. 197911

She considers Hungarians slavs I guess

No. 197915

she's even dumber than i thought then

No. 197917

why does she think hungarians are slavs? smh

No. 197946


Decide the cringest : the shoop or the slav mistake

No. 197953

marge the hungarian mystic shaman didnt teach her enough about their magyar roots

No. 197956

If you will really research, you will discover that Hungarians ARE linked to slavs genetically

No. 197958

If you will really research, you will discover that Hungarians ARE linked to slavs genetically

No. 197963

yeah they are genetically alike to their Slavic neighbors, that doesnt mean they go around calling themselves Slavs…they have their own culture and their language is not Slavic either

maybe it was meant as some kind of joke on her part, but it just resulted in her looking ignorant about her own background

No. 197972

She alters her face into oblivion to look Japanese and now calls herself slavic? What a dumbass.
I remember her singing russian songs during her latest karaoke live. Maybe she's now in her "russian phase"? kek

No. 197995

well she did change her name to the cheeki breeki ancient meme

No. 197998



No. 198063

she's already abandoned ship on OnlyFans. No posts since January 20th, but she's gonna brag about maybe one time hitting 0.5%? No way people are supporting her to that level with no updates

No. 198065

I initially felt bad that people were bullying her to do hardcore in the comments of her earlier posts. I do think she got pushed to make more explicit content before she was ready, but instead of researching and releasing fetish or tease content she'd be okay with, she just imitated what she'd seen from anime/hentai until she gave up

No. 198093

File: 1645321488567.jpeg (230.06 KB, 792x1201, DFE1BD67-8F86-428B-81EC-D76B65…)


Notice how often she features or mentions alcohol in her posts lately? Not a good sign. (Sake will get you real drunk real quick.)

Also she always looks greasy (or wet? idk) and disheveled. Also not promising.

No. 198094

File: 1645321608680.jpeg (232.75 KB, 790x1189, 8927C2C0-6D59-4346-82E1-D91EB3…)

This looks like a good time (not.)

No. 198095

She is in an onsen but still looks like she stinks.

No. 198097


Proof that being a shitty person pays off.
I envy her life being able to go to such beautiful places. I wish I lived in Japan, she's so lucky to be there.

No. 198106


What part of her being a shitty person pays off tho? The alcoholism/drugs, being whored out to ugly ass dirty old dudes by abusive pimps, having multiple mental breakdowns to the point she's been institutionalized, being homeless? This flexing she's doing is only temporary, as being a cum rag for creepy old dudes who will discard her as soon as next prettier, younger, weeb NEET comes along puts an expiration date on Venus. This guy will drop her like a led balloon just like the last "Ken" did. It'll be back to whoring for her next Strong Zero and temporary housing, then back at Manaki's for a series of drunken live streams in not time. I give this new sugar daddy a month or two at the most.

No. 198155

Venus only post the ‘glamorous’ parts of her life, but like anon said do you really want to be looking for men every few months in the hopes you land one with enough money to take you on trips and then using their expensive accessories to flaunt as your own. Then when they’re done with you, you still have to go back to your sad looking room with a man you hate. It’s not really a life to envy. If you really want to go to Japan just plan it out and save up.

No. 198183

I agree it isn’t to envy. Especially because normal/committed couples go on nice trips too, so why bother with these fleeting sugar daddies who you might not enjoy being with, and then they are going to make you feel bad in the end (when they move on, make you feel like you are old and worthless eventually)

No. 198219

Whichever way I look at it, Venus has a better life than me.

No. 198222

Not to mention she gotta play cate the egos of these sugar daddies. Doesn't matter how ugly he is, how nasty/violent his fetishes are, if he's married w/ kids, etc. She has to smile, pretend she likes him and oblige until that money is in her hand. Nothing to be jealious of there lmao. Then after she's gone through all that multiple times, theres a 50% chance he'll send her packing back to her pre sugar daddy life like anons are saying. All this because she chose to make "foreigner living weeb dream in Japan" her identity/brand.

No. 198223


Honestly I used to think like you, when I followed venus a long time ago, like ¨she is really beautiful, she has a handsome husband who loves her, she moved to the country she loves and lives a glamorous influencer lifestyle¨ and that made me jealous of what she had and was.

But now on the other hand… I can only feel pity toward her now, after all it's only her fault that her life is what it is now and in spite of everything she keeps falling lower and lower

No. 198227

Plus there are plenty of ways to visit/work/study in Japan that don't invole scam visa marriage visa or prostitution. She could have easily went to an international university on her income when she first got there. She chose to take what she thought was the easiest route by milking a marriage visa from a simp. What she didn't count on was how hard it is to be a NEET in Japan w/ no steady income and the cost of living in Japan sans Manaki's money lol.

No. 198232

>She could have easily went to an international university on her income

How? Joining university in most countries - including Japan - require to have completed 12 years of formal education and have diploma to show it.

No. 198233

Other than traveling a lot her life is pretty shitty. Basically no family, no friends, a joke of a marriage, eating disorder, drinking, scamming people, pretending being a sex worker has been her dream since she was little. The only form of good life she is living is that she isn’t homeless and sleeping on a bench.

No. 198239

I seriously hope this is sarcasm lmaoooo

No. 198240

Your life must seriously fucking suck then if this is true

No. 198256


Believe me, it does. Obviously can't talk about it in here, but Venus's life is way better than mine, and I have no hope of getting out of it to a better life there, but only more bad things to look forward to here. So yes, I do envy her, not in a nasty way, just in a sad, how lucky she is compared to me way.

No. 198257


I guess you're either stuck in a ouïghours camp or some former nazi officier's footrest then

No. 198270

She whores herself out to be able to experience the stuff she’s posting about. Think about it. Would you really feel happy in her shoes?

No. 198279

The only difference is she has no one to blame now for her downfall but herself.

No. 198331

According to Marge, she did finish high school and was supposed to go to college in Korea. No idea if she really has a ged or not. Also, I doubt on "her" income she could afford international uni, unless it's a shitty online one. Most international students pay 10-20k a year on tuition alone. The only one who could afford that for her is her sugar daddy.

No. 198332

Everything you initially saw was a lie too. She is not "beautiful" and has been shooping/catphishing for years now. Her marriage was simply an illegal visa marriage. She was not "madly in love" with Mana. She was an alcoholic. She was not living a "glamorous" lifestyle. Most of her days involved her sitting in her pink room that Mana paid for. Her friendships were all superficial influencer friendships. She abandoned education and real work. She has always been a lazy fuck, lying and harming others for her gain. Nothing about her life was envious, even from the start.

No. 198333

The wedding ring talk was from her Manaki slander live stream iirc. I don't think the entire thing was recorded, but I could be wrong.

No. 198349

>According to Marge, she did finish high school and was supposed to go to college in Korea.No idea if she really has a ged or not.

I don't think she has a ged as she never lived in the US? Where would she have taken an ges?
There is no High school and no ges in Europe.
It's hard to keep track as she moved around so much, first from Switzerland to Spain, London, Korea, Japan but by the time she met Manaki she was 17 and teherfore too young to have finished any kind of European eductaion required to go to university in both Europe and Japan.

In most countries, including England, where she lived before she went to Korea, if I believe correctly (Or was she in Sweden inbetween ?) you would need to be at least 18 to have finished the level of eductaion. In England it would be finishing Secondary Education at 16 and then doing 2 year preparation in a College or a Sixth Form Centre to pass the A-Levels. That's what she would need to go to university. In other countries like Germany or Sweden it's called "Gymnasium", still can't really be finished until at least 18. Now we know Venus was homeschooled, so she did not attend any of these classes, but does anyone really believe she passed the A-Levels exam in England with just Margo teaching her stuff and not really being able to speak proper English?
I think she has the GCSE at best, but that doesn't qualify for university.

No. 198365

She never lived in Sweden. Sweden was just where she was invited as a guest to an anime con once like 3 years ago

No. 198381

What a lot of limited thinking there is to think that the only way anyone can, what is termed "get anywhere" in life, is to get university degrees.

Plenty of people get those degrees and then can't get anywhere, and plenty of people don't get even the basic minimum of educational qualifications, but do somehow "get somewhere" in life.

Indeed, everyone is "somewhere", even if it's in the gutter.
There are plenty people with university degrees who are now homeless and living on the streets.

Venus is in Japan, the best country in the world to be, with everything she could ever want or need right there on her doorstep.

According to her, she has her own money, so sugar daddies or not, she's doing alright.

Anyone would think she was living in one of the tents on skid row instead of living in comparative luxury compared. Get real, please.

No. 198388

She needs to get drunk regularly, because she can't deal with her existence otherwise, is on heavy medications and can't keep steady relationships whatsoever (friendships included). How is that "she's doing alright"?

No. 198390


Plenty of people are in similar or much worse situations. One crucial difference is that they are in bad situations but also not in a country like Japan that has so much going for it. Try being in a state in a rough area in a less civilised country than Japan, Venus is in Heaven compared.

No. 198419

The thing with University is at least she'd be on student visa and could get an actual job that does not involve screwing old dudes for money. She also wouldn't have the looming threat of Mana divorcing her and sending her ass packing back to Europe over her head. She clearly scammed his simp ass for a visa, which if he had any kind of backbone or common sense, he'd take away from her via divorce. Also, in the event she actually got her degree, she would be eligible for work visa via an employer. Coulda went the entertainment visa route too back when she actually gave a fuck about youtube.

Buuuuuut then again this is Venus, and should would shit wreck that situation too, seeing as how she's a raging toxic chaotic narcissist.

I thought she finished high school, but if she didn't, it would not surprise me.

No. 198425

holy shit japan anon shut up and stop posting about how great japan is and how venus is lucky to be there. Can you go ONE post without making some backhanded comment like that? It's so annoying. Can mods seriously do something they've done like 10+ posts about it already even after being warned.

No. 198429

Yeah Japan is a fucking horrible place to live in. The culture is misogynistic as fuck and the work culture horrible. No wonder Venus is jobless, she wouldn't be able to handle it. It's easier to drown herself in alcohol after fucking some greasy dude for some money. More free time to self destruct.

No. 198458


You're the one mods need to do something about. I wasn't aware that one of the requirements about posting on this site, is that not enough to hate Venus, one is expected to hate Japan as well.


One person's idea of a horrible place is another person's idea of Heaven. Not full of 'woke' morons banging on about wimmin's so- called rights and crucially, not full of immigrants and muslims shitting up the country and changing it for the worse like has happened in so many other countries.

And while we're on the subject of what mods should do, doing something about the myriad boring posts going on about how Venus should go to Switzerland, or university in some godawful european country and how many times that gets said here, polluting the thread with off topic drivel, when it's been said and talked about so. many. times. now it's just so repetitive that you can just copy and paste it in here, and when it bears no actual relevance to Venus's life or anything she is actually doing.

The fact remains that her life where she is is considerably better than many other peoples lives but for some weird reason that fact alone seems to really piss certain people here off, so much so that they have to constantly argue about it at the slightest suggestion that actually her life is not really that bad after all, especially compared to some, and so they try to start infighting and cause arguments about it and expect anyone to be shut down for daring to express a differing point of view to them. It's a discussion board not just an echo chamber for people with the same views as the we hate Japan contingent.

No. 198470

Can you shut the fuck up already? Thanks.

No. 198477

I can't figure out if JP anon is a troll or peak weeb retardation.

No. 198479

Thinking Japan isn't paradise doesn't make one a woke sjw you fuck

Where do you live? Afghanistan? Some of us live already in peaceful first world countries with first world amenities and therefore don't need to imagine how great it would be in glorious Nippon, where you would be a perpetual outsider anyway

No. 198480

Probably the latter. They are so keen on thinking venus' life can't possibly be bad in the slightest because she is living in japan you guise
And even when she is getting shitfaced and suffering from a myriad of mental and emotional issues it's not a big deal because she is like in the best country in the world you guise!

No. 198482

So you wanna go be in immigrant in a country that shuns immigrants. Only white immigrants good?

No. 198521


Who beside a complete retard makes paragraph-long answers ? IQ is as low as Penus' porn quality

No. 198547

Anon lol, your response and lack of proper grammar is far more retarded than someone with the capacity to make an actual response to the subject would be. Just because you got BTFO'd and now butthurt doesn't make him retarded.

No. 198560

She did schooling online apparently, so if she finished that, then she could have some credentials.Not sure how that'd work though.

No. 198562

In Japan, online school doesn't satisfy a visa requirement. There's nothing tangible, so in terms of her education, she'd have to finish it as well as taking extra courses in Japan, which she'd be hard press to do now even ignoring Covid shit.

No. 198570

Oh damn no wonder she went the scam marriage visa route. I though she at least finished HS (Or whatever the Euro equivalent is). Yea her options in Japan are limited af.

No. 198573

>She never lived in Sweden. Sweden was just where she was invited as a guest to an anime con once like 3 years ago

That's why I wrote it in brackets with a question mark. I just remembered Sweden somehow and could not place it.
It doesnb't change anything about what I wrote though. At her age she can't have completed any school in Europe that would let her get a qualification for university in Japan. It's really basically just the US (and Canada?) where people finish school at such a young age and then go to university or college.

No. 198574


If you say so samefag retard lmao

No. 198588

File: 1645699488215.jpeg (458.36 KB, 1125x1928, E9DD817F-15F9-4B4B-9E78-BA5610…)

Oh well..

No. 198634

File: 1645729201469.png (1.07 MB, 1080x2029, Screenshot_20220224-135855.png)

Venus with a full on strap on is gold.
She has photo sets listed for purchase, and this was one of the sets

No. 198648

No. 198682


Thank you and it's her but it doesn't matter.


Not the same at all but you go on thinking that if it makes you feel better. (Note to moron, someone agreeing with someone you disagree with does not make them the same person, just saying.)


About time too that she put out something reasonable. She actually looks pretty good here.

No. 198683

>She actually looks pretty good here.
I swear you people are saying this as a meme honestly.

No. 198684


Ya'll so savage. I love it

No. 198685


She actually does look pretty descent. It would honestly be the best click bait. She should sell that photo to the strap-on company so they can use it.(learn2sage)

No. 198708


Better yet she should show herself using it.

No. 198709

PS Maybe up Manaki's ass, or some nice boi at least.

No. 198714

While I agree that Venus looks nice here, as in she actually showered for once.. she looks so bored and dull. How is this sexy to anyone?
Can you please stop with your thirst posts, yellow fever anon? It's clogging up the thread.

No. 198718


Look, there's no use the gurrl going to all the trouble of putting a strap-on on, if she isn't going to use it! (for it's intended purpose.)

No. 198743


Imagine correcting someone about your pronoun on an anonymous board. Samefag retard is way more retarded than I thought.

Can't she come up with something original, at least? There are millions of thot like her,nothing new.

No. 198744


Shut the fuck up or get brain repair, it's freaking pathological at this point

No. 198766

File: 1645808398201.jpg (513.91 KB, 1080x2153, IMG_20220225_175816.jpg)

No. 198779

What’s that green thing on her water line? Looks like the contact lens is melting out her eye l

No. 198827

File: 1645867444820.jpg (Spoiler Image,448.37 KB, 716x1312, IMG_20220226_172251.jpg)

I wonder why anyone doesn't add this

No. 198828

She's really sunken low..

No. 198832

This is surprising to me since the only explanation I could see for how particularly unsexy her OF etc has been, was that she immediately regretted starting it and wanted her coomers not to like her content. How else can it be that the one, single only alluring pic she took is the one where she announced it? That first pic which was her with a plush rabbit played into the image that she spent ten years collecting lechers with, the cute shit. And then when she actually started instead of giving them stuff they'd like, she was like 'uh i'm going to do all these other opposite and random fetishes'. So like harder core, their other dream, she is still gonna doit. Oh well, what am I even analyzing for? I've known for years she is completely incapable of rationality and is truly retarded, but I keep trying to 'see the logic'

No. 198835

The poll of her being fucked by guys is winning lol.

No. 198857

Lmfao what are the other options??

And i guess this is it, venus goes full porn star. Let's hope this schtick sticks this time.

No. 198864

When you say poll of her getting fucked by guys, are they asking for gang bangs? Such a life to be envious of guise.

Also that sugar daddy lasted way less than I thought.

No. 198870


Think of the money she'll be raking in though.

No. 198875

so she doesnt post any updates on onlyfans for well over a month, doesnt let paying customers know she's doing a livestream ahead of time unless they watch her instagram religiously, struggles keeping her connection steady, then puts up a poll to ask which shitty vid she's gonna make next? do i have that right?

No. 198877

File: 1645905737254.png (23.71 KB, 533x293, Both will be boring.png)

No gangbangs but she promises it'll be "good."

No. 198879

Holy moly… but I am not convinced that she will do this… as if…

No. 198885

She'll never do that. More empty promises.

No. 198894

>>79 votes
Yeah, she must be really raking in the money with that massive response, >>198870

No. 198898

Even if she does go through with it, I bet it'll be just as boring and borderline creepy as her past porn videos with the vibrator and shower dildo.

No. 198907

Yep. Specifically her most recent OF posts were a PPV on January 10, and a photo set on January 20. Then radio silence for about 35 full days and: “Will do a live stream in an hour!!”

So glad I payed for this full month of content!!

Also, her poll was unclear. It sounds like she is asking everyone what way they personally enjoy having sex.

No. 198908

File: 1645929829845.jpeg (274.25 KB, 1170x969, 309BC320-D4E6-4FBE-8075-59095A…)

Also, apparently she did a room tour in her OF live.

No. 198909


Always the same old story. Had some difficulties. Who cares anymore?
I'm just waiting for Sora's live stream to start. At least he's someone worth watching.

No. 198933


Hopefully she takes some notes. I'd rather see HER fuck a guy hard in the ass with her strap-on.
Her playing victim is useless. She can't play it off anymore and never did.
I only support Dom Big Plastic Dick Venus

No. 198940

LOL. Yeah, I am sure her OF subscribers were hoping for a room tour when she announced a livestream….

No. 198949

She ALWAYS has issues with every life stream!!
Everytime !! Can she not get her shit together with these things!
She makes life drunk streams no problem but my god when she actually has " a set time" all of a sudden she gets dddddd d.u.m.b

No. 198976


I'm with you on that! But be warned, there's types on here who won't like it and will try to insinuate we must be the same person for sharing that view.

No. 198977


A room tour, and what about a makeup tutorial, or a bags haul? My God, could she get any more boring? Why bother being on Only Fans at all if you're not prepared to deliver the goods?
Get that strap-on on and fucking use it! Even if it's only Manaki, but at least make the guy cute and not old and gross, fat and balding, don't want to see that.

No. 199027

She looks hella edited and not even human imo. It seems she's smoothing her body now too, because her actual body looks frumpy and unfit with some cellulite I've noticed. At least her hair looks clean though. I can give her that.

No. 199028

Oh, so even if she finished online HS in Europe, it'd be worthless in Japan? So either way it wouldn't matter whether she does or does not, unless she went back to Europe for school?

No. 199029

Stop rehashing your fetish over and over again. You literally just posted this yesterday. Get help.

No. 199032

Somehow this set seems familiar. I think it is from her witch persona era

No. 199040

Correct. She'd need to do something in Japan for it to really count or supplement, and being an OF thot doesn't count lol. She would need to take supplement courses if that's the kind of Visa she has, as it's unlikely she's there on a work visa and her marriage I'm pretty sure is long voided.

No. 199047

>>went back to Europe for school


Now, what did someone say about rehashing a fetish over and over again?

Um, I wonder what the name of the "she should go to europe, get an education, go to uni blah blah blah" fetish is called? - And I'm sure that would go down really well on OnlyFans!

No. 199069

can you go back to the sora thread which you keep bumping and talk to yourself there, you giant mental case faggot

No. 199072

It is. It's not new, I definitely remember seeing it months back. I think she's just trying to re-sell old sets rather than pumping out new ones.

No. 199096

How down bad do you have to be in the spank bank to want to see Venus's greasy, unhygienic, photoshopped to hell and back ass in a strap on fucking Japanese dudes? The only thing worse than this is subscribing to Onision's OF.(learn2sage)

No. 199099


it's a way for people who aren't apart of her OF to get to see the photos without the sub.

Honestly why do we need to sit here and figure it out when she should be advertising herself and promoting it in the first place.

Also her love stream got delayed due to the fact she was not happy with the low number of people in tune. So she put it off in hopes of attracting more viewers.

She does it everytime she's not happy with the low number watching.

No. 199100


Hopefully you aren't Venus because unfortunately, everyone wants to see Venus fuck a man with a strap on. Not the other way around.
Sorry bout it.

No. 199106


Stop trying to insinuate that two or more people sharing a similar view about something must be the same person when they aren't. You're just trying to silence anyone with a different point of view to you.

Fact is, this thread is about Venus, and what does Venus do and what is she into?

She's into porn, not about going to fucking university and getting an educayshun, but it's all you boring assholes ever want to talk about, when some of us here just want to see her getting down and dirty with her sex toy.

No. 199110

Idk if yall are trolls or Venus's orbiters going full retard in this thread. If it's the ladder: This why Mana needs to grow a pair and send her packing cuz if she'd be whoring herself out in Europe as apposed to glorious Nippon, the weebs wouldn't care or be delusional about how much of a trainwreck her life is. Plus it'd make for some decent milk.(sage)

No. 199111


Sad facts. If she did end up going to Europe and becoming a prosti, no one would really care or follow her anymore. She be the bottom of the barrel weeb after that all washed up and no one is interested in.
Her husband needs to grow a pair and step in as a husband. Maybe them two see a couples therapy.

But for as long as they are married we won't see Venus going anywhere and she's gona be pushing her luck ever moment she has a chance.(sad fact #2: you need to learn to sage your shit)

No. 199113


Of course no one would be interested in her anymore if she went to europe, because no one's interested in europe full stop.

No. 199141

File: 1646147867051.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1125x2023, 53B2AA23-389E-4F35-8106-A0B308…)

So now instead of being a witch she pushes herself being religious. She also decorated her bible that looked like a kid scrabbled on it

No. 199145

She changes identities more often than she changes dirty pajamas

No. 199146

She’s turning a Bible into an aesthetic scrapbook… I’m dead. Who LARPS as a Christian like this???

No. 199150


She has absolutely no idea about anything.
She's just become offensive at this point.https://lolcow.farm/w/src/1646147867051.jpeg

No. 199153

File: 1646156023637.jpg (403.52 KB, 1080x1922, Screenshot_20220301_183111.jpg)

Ah I see a "handmade jewelry selling" trope coming soon.
Also Venus being super religious decorating a Bible like a 3-yo makes me cringe.

No. 199155


She's treating it the same way she did her witchcraft phase.

Let's hope she doesn't decide to adopt Islam next and start decorating pictures of Mohammed, they'd declare fatwa on her for that.

No. 199156

I am running out of WTFs for Venus.
Why in the world is she decorating a bible with pentagrams?

No. 199162

because she wants money. its literallythe driving factor in everything she does, plus cringe

No. 199170

File: 1646164263292.png (3.7 MB, 750x1334, 96271EA1-A64C-4BB9-AA6C-E1DB82…)

No. 199172

Wow that looks so ugly. She really can't make anything pretty can she?

No. 199176

Pretty sure the Bible says not to cheat on or slander your husband. So she's already failing that

No. 199184

She’s still going to AA meetings then

No. 199191

And those meetings don't work. Never saw an alcoholic as performative as her.(learn2sage)

No. 199205

Since her mother shoved her in front of a webcam at three years old and had venus recount the basis of reality that margo gave her "venus: actress. venus: fotomodel", I think venus got diverted from even growing an internal 'self'. She is just a performance. beneath it is just empty space where her self was supposed to grow

No. 199214

She is making fun and playing with religion. Decorating a bible? Seriously i’m not a Christian not religious but we know it’s not meant for being decorated nor use it for aesthetic. She is not gonna stop with attention seeking.

No. 199216

>>199205 some people go through worst dealing with worst families as well lived in worst environment in countries like india for example

No. 199217


True. Plenty people have had it far worse, but some people always like to make excuses for venus.

To be fair, about the Bible thing, I don't think it's that unusual to decorate religious artifacts and prayer books in such a way, I've certainly seen very similarly decorated things that seem very kitsch as a result. Don't Italy and Mexico and certain countries go in for doing that in a big way? Or at least did in the past and maybe still do?

No. 199221

Its a holy book, its definitely not allowed to be decorated…
omg she's so dumb…(sage)

No. 199232

how about you read what you're replying to instead of pointlessly burbling platitudes. Did I say her life is really hard? I said that "performing" was the conception of life that was given to her and it started so early she can't understand there's anything else.
>make excuses
I'm basically calling her a soulless inhuman robot but because you saw the words "her mother" you just assume I'm defending her. Please try not to be so stupid

No. 199237

>>because you saw the words "her mother" you just assume I'm defending her.

No, I was replying to the person who said that plenty of people have had it far worse than venus ever has, which is true, they have, I wasn't replying to you at all.

No. 199246

Itanon here, aside from grandmas and plagiarized people, very rarely you'll find a bible at someone's home, and if you do, it's not decorated, just an old dusty book.
Venus is just getting into her Luna Slater phase

No. 199254

She's gonna get cancelled by Muslim fans if this were to happen (that is assuming of she had one)

So her "new" aesthetic are the glittery religious girl now? How long is this gonna last?

No. 199255

This looks like what a kindergartener or junior school students would create. So corny.

No. 199263

Venus might seriously need some Jesus in her life.

I love she's doing porn, hoeing out herself and is ready now to be a god fearing Christian so when she comes to her sinces and realized she REALLY fucked up, she will have her " Christianity heart" to turn to and convince everyone "she's changed by the grace of God!"

No. 199264

File: 1646241641198.jpg (66.99 KB, 400x400, Jesus-Christ-The-Tree-of-Life-…)

It looks like it's not that unheard of for people to decorate Bibles,

Pink Biblw Journaling Kit seems just right for Benus.

Then there's this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154635381164?_trkparms=amclksrc%3DITM%26aid%3D1110006%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D237311%26meid%3De91d218b95b546c0af24fcf0f5604c39%26pid%3D101224%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D5%26sd%3D144437990466%26itm%3D154635381164%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2047675%26algv%3DDefaultOrganicWeb&_trksid=p2047675.c101224.m-1&amdata=cksum%3A154635381164e91d218b95b546c0af24fcf0f5604c39%7Cenc%3AAQAGAAAB8D0Y4ltkrYRBb14m9lT0KCU6qMbj8Ao%252Bq5QV3ZPCwK9lWCIxl4v2vMby52YenHokK6IBnWOY90XhVjlnDQ6pVzp%252Bohr7ap1Blvhf6SJ9zXfLSDJWnzanB4rmJPqzY6vCMHS%252BudgpqE7uWaRd1v%252BlmBmhfrwRs7%252BR7wfGkBUVIZHZm2RaOze0zYyNXp9JKAI4RBiPY5P%252BdCn1BOGkKiTrxORlOpBhnO1YXFsfIBrc%252BPn4uXTwHYF057d7caDSfCntZhDM5tBXdpAkZQU2NB%252FZmNdkKmsnkN2o%252FvS0QiNSpYgGwoCbQ4TSYT9%252FjfPY8HTtA%252FXxuThf9TpHWqrER3%252FYnD%252B0lIqqoxxnWBdaljJZ4fKUUbeigDCOUmOiuwOIWgu22xB2vAEurVaKLFsbJcrS4xUjA%252FhXob%252FM%252FBxRupChYNCjihWOdygBOooZsS9DqWKfc1mJLe6d1BAe9%252FyUZVbNrAseoTRa4KXGBk7SjI1N9oM1nFn%252B1ABCwTzo8L3kCA4%252BscCukD28EvpE20sK%252BCsrj7VUIGnfBmzrtzTAfboJJmUoYt2%252FBYnOMx%252FskOBjVXpYYcNmQlgxA6K%252B49bPTiatA%252FzSqp8v74AH4GckrVRnIjGAxFjJ2i%252BzYoJq%252BEkQcZXsOksLvM0wBVs1S7X69tosnio%253D%7Campid%3APL_CLK%7Cclp%3A2047675
See pic.

No. 199293

Your retarded ass isn’t religious and you’re saying people can’t do certain things. Funny. Plenty of religious people do this, look it up on google.

No. 199294


But this Venus tho. It's just and asthetic for her. Not gonna actually change her life or anything. If she goes God Fearing Christian Venus I wonder if she'll temporarily quit hoeing until the persona.

No. 199315

Mexican here and yeah, religious things are actually a brand, people decorate or buy decorated bibles for kids, we have our mexican version of the virgin mary (we call her "virgen de guadalupe") and there's even a brand called "distroyer" that does childish drawings of said virgin for notebooks, shirts and everything you can imagine so it's not weird for some people to decorate bibles and even use religion as an aesthetic thing, but the families that do this do have normal bibles in their houses, perhaps it's a bit similar in Japan but who knows.(bible-themed derailment)

No. 199319


I don't think they really follow any religion in a big way in Japan, so if they latch onto it, it could just be the same way as they do at Christmas, so it's all about the show but not really taken that seriously.

I actually like all the kitsch aspect of decorating religious things, it maybe makes it more appealing for some people, although I have to admit I do like the more solemn aspects as well.(derailing)

No. 199323

Ah yeah, japanese are no big fans of religion, especially western religions such as catholicism or christianism, (forgot to mention that, sorry) maybe because of that some japanese don't really mind in decorating bibles in colorful ways like people do here to get kids into religion. I'm not into any religion but i also find it nice that people decorate things to make them more appealing for kids and young people in general. But back on topic, maybe she's going to a bible studies group or something and people told her that it's ok to decorate her bible…

But it's Venus we're talking about and she only does it for the likes and attention, so she's just bluffing and thinking maybe this will be her next big thing.
Ngl if it was true, it would have been good for her, she needs a family or at least a group she feels she belongs to (hence the reason she keeps jumping from trend to trend) and some religious groups act as families so she could have changed her life for better if she really felt committed to it.

No. 199326

> Ah yeah, japanese are no big fans of religion, especially western religions such as catholicism or christianism,

Are you kidding me? Have you ever been to a big ass "Christian" Japanese wedding? Because I have been. It's gruesome, like some franchise. They are so big on the whole Christian thing that you can rent a fake(!) church and get a fake (!) priest for your ceremony. They love it - but it's just alla show, nothing they really believe in or even know all that much about.

Also, Japanese people are VERY big on buddhism and especially shinto religions. There are temples shrines everywhere, even miniature shirines in people's houses. Millions of people storm to shirines during holidays.

You seem to have absolutely no clue about Japanese culture.(derailing)

No. 199330

In most religious groups I've know, no one would decorate a bible. Remember, she's also part of a church where the priest supposedly condones sex work and prostitution. Most christians do not make kawaii bibles. That is not a usual practice in christianity. We all know, venus is just using it as an aesthetic.

No. 199333

Venus's new religious persona is cracking me up so hard.
Looking forward for her new cringe upcoming phases.

No. 199335

File: 1646307396017.jpg (1.37 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220303-223512_Ins…)

Is beenus okay?

No. 199336

File: 1646308063569.jpeg (264.69 KB, 828x1488, EC2AF5EC-B0FC-408F-B1FA-55038E…)

No. 199338

Is she doing some kind of ritual involving her own blood? (Gave the photo a really close look, I don’t think those red spots are candle wax) Didn’t she said she is not doing witchcraft anymore? I thought the “religious Venus” was a new genre lol

No. 199339

Looks like she just broke her nail

No. 199341

File: 1646312705751.jpg (1.39 MB, 1500x1102, cocaine-1639971676.jpg)

Next stage: picrel

No. 199342

As if she doesn’t do that already lol

No. 199380

But what can be so "aesthetic" about "becoming christian" all of a sudden?
I mean, she could milk the nun fetish if she "turned" catholic (idk if christians have nuns), but there's nothing "kawaii" about being christian unless she's trying to have a "redemption ark".

>>199335 tinfoil but perhaps she was trying suicide baiting for it to be a broken nail, we all know how she loves people worrying about her just for her to say "oh it's nothing guys haha"

No. 199383

Looks more like red candle wax? And is that lighter meant to look like a gun lmao

No. 199394

Wtf, does she want to do only fans, porn, or youtube shit?

She seriously needs to just pick what she wants to do already instead of fail at three things at once.

No. 199418


The point being made was that they are not really big on religion in any really 'serious' way, unless it's Shinto, and not everyone follows that religiously, the going to the shrines everywhere seems more like a habit instilled into them, and even tourists do it, seeing Princess Peachie and her pink friend going to shrines and so 'respectfully' trying to be just like the locals still makes me cringe to this day, and that when they do adopt so called Christian religion it is, as you admit, more about the show and not religious idea taken seriously. Not going to get into the whole ancestor worship thing here but that all ties into the going to the shrines etc.

What venus is doing is more about the show, like it is with everything she does, but there may be some small part of her that is trying to take it seriously.

No. 199420

File: 1646364328121.jpg (106.21 KB, 482x702, religious kitsch.JPG)


I remember being given some religious books when I was a kid, one in particular stood out because it was so bright with lots of gold leaf and bright blues and reds. lots of detail, but that was likely a book of psalms and prayers and not an actual Bible.

Venus has likely seen the kitsch type of thing that was quite big at some time and is maybe making a comeback.

No. 199631

I really think she’s on the autism spectrum (in addition to the various personality disorders she seems to have. And the alcoholism. Yikes.)

She’s a toxic stew of mental malfunctions, just like her wacko Bad Mommy. Those genes don’t play.

No. 199678

>> 199184

No, she’s not. I’m in AA in Japan and she recently left all the Tokyo group chats. People have tried to reach out to her with no response.

>> 199191

Been debating posting here a while, I can’t share too many specifics because anonymity but it’s hard to see Venus tarnish the name of AA by disrespecting traditions of the group. “Those groups never work” is what happens when an alcoholic who doesn’t want to stop drinking starts preaching about AA without actually committing to the steps, and it can keep other alcoholics from actually getting help. Annoying. We tried our damn best with her.

No. 199702


So, are you Japanese? Or just another foreigner living there?

No. 199710

Did she ever said "those groups never work",?

No. 199718

Venus did not. Anon is saying that people like Venus cause other people to doubt AA works.

No. 199723

I've never used this site so I don't know how to properly reply to people.

Not going to reveal any details about myself because there's like 50 people max who are in English-based AA in Japan, so it would be easy for Venus to figure out who I am if she ever reads this.

Venus never said those groups never work, someone above said that. That's why we have the rule that you're not supposed to say you're in AA to the public, because if you relapse, people will see it as a failure of AA and not a personal one, and maybe not consider AA when they need all the help they can get.

I found this thread and was dismayed to see this many people know she was in AA, and now she's very publically relapsing. I definitely feel bad for her, but she should think about the consequences of being so public with recovery. Someone could see her and think AA doesn't work when they could really benefit from it and turn their life around.

No. 199724

File: 1646618672080.jpg (21.97 KB, 956x359, IMG_7766.jpg)

This was the last time anyone has been able to contact her. While none of us judge her for struggling to quit drinking, I personally hope she is able to stop talking about recovery to such a large audience. Puts a lot of pressure on her and on the group as a whole. I hope she is able to come back when she is finally ready to quit drinking.

No. 199725

>>English-based AA in Japan

Holy fuck, what's with all these alky, english speaking foreigners invading Japan? No wonder they have a problem with gaijin invaders over there!

No. 199726

It’s 2022, people live all over the place and there are going to be services in different languages

No. 199727

File: 1646620858046.jpeg (811.85 KB, 1170x1885, F37BFB8F-4EF1-4CFB-A753-797888…)

No. 199728


I go to meetings in both languages. Japanese AA is super grim because Japan is pretty accepting of alcoholism, so if you're Japanese and in AA, it had to get really, really bad. At least in English AA, there are some funny moments/interesting characters. Definitely meets the definition of "alky, english speaking foreigners".

No. 199731

Venus seems disabled in comparison to when she was younger. Why can’t put something on OF without help?

No. 199733

“She’s been BuSy” lol this bitch has not been “busy.” She does NOTHING all day every day.

No. 199735

Give her a break, it was her birth month

No. 199736


Well yes she probably had to spend the whole month celebrating.

No. 199748

Anyone else always so busy on their birthday, that they basically can't work for the whole month? Venus, so relatable.

I am alwys astonished how some people can't function on the most basic level.

No. 199753

Thanks for your messages. When did she join AA (and if you can talk about it, why did she join? I doubt she did by herself without being pressured by her husband or by a court order)

No. 199770

Grow up

No. 199773


So, um, that means there must be Japanese speaking AA groups in english speaking countries then? I'd be interested in knowing where.

No. 199787

> seeing Princess Peachie and her pink friend going to shrines and so 'respectfully' trying to be just like the locals still makes me cringe to this day
I don’t remember them doing anything cringy though?

No. 199789


Weeaboos are always cringy. Specially when trying to act just like the locals at shrines when they'd have no reason to be there, except just as tourists, and there's no reason for tourists to be venerating ancestors or whatever, not unless they were of Japanese heritage and were going back to their roots. which is not the case in either Peachie or Jewels.

No. 199813


I'd rather see tourists behaving properly at shrines than irrespectful tards acting like they're home. And you don't have to be japanese to venerate their deities either.


Who actually believe in those excuses ? How low is her fanbase's IQ ?

No. 199831

I don't think you all understood quite what he's implying in the message. He's showing that he runs the onlyfans. He does everything except be in the pictures. Because he's away from his station the only fans is going to not be updated. Venus may have never uploaded a single photo to it. What I'm assuming hence is that simpmaster kirie (who was a farmer btw and posted disparaging insider goss about her in the lolcow discord so, shows how weak she is to let this guy take over her operations because he knows how to remember site passwords or whatever basic nerd shit), he is probably sending her emails that say "venus: by the end of this week take 5 photos. attach them as a reply". he then sends them to the editor and when he gets them back he uploads them, etc.

No. 199841

>>I'd rather see tourists behaving properly at shrines than irrespectful tards acting like they're home.

Quite, but to act like they are trying to be just like the locals is not behaving properly, it is just imitating what the local people do there. To me, acting properly would be to act in a respectful manner and just look around at things in a quiet way, but not go there pulling on ropes, running water over their hands and bow their heads pretending to be praying, it just seems so wrong somehow and out of place for obvious foreigners to be doing that. Like would Japanese people come to Christian churches in a western country or go into a mosque or a synagogue and try to act like what local worshippers would do there? If they did, people would soon think it was disrespectful and imitation for whatever reason and local people would be offended. I know there is a difference in those examples, but it is still the kind of thing I mean, it just seems off somehow when foreigners, especially those who are obvious weebs go there and do it, it's cringy.(derailing)

No. 199842


So is this Kirie a man then? It sounds like a female name and the avatar looks female, when I read it I just assumed that the post was by a female, but whatever it doesn't have to be obviously, but are people just assuming Kirie is a man or is it known definitely that it is?

But really is venus so bloody useless that she can't run her only fans by herself? How hard must it be? Don't other people on only fans do their own running of it? I don't know much about only fans, but what about people like Belle Delphine and Daniel Lord, I haven't heard that they have to rely on other people to run it for them. It's ridiculous if Venus can't even run her own damn only fans. Just ridiculous.

No. 199847

Kirie is definitely a dude, he has shown pictures of himself and whatnot.

It’s all especially ridiculous considering she calls this her job

No. 199859

he is an incel male nurse living in north america who pined over venus for like 10 years before worming into this top simp role

No. 199865


So Kirie is not his real name then? Anyone know what it is?

No. 199866

this is not a doxing site

No. 199868

Since he's been brought up, you know what I just remembered - this guy was totally confident to post in the lc discord shit about venus under the same name/handle that he uses everywhere and during which time either venus or tsuruko had been confiding this shit to him. So it raises the possibility he was either:
Colluding with venus and planting stuff that they supposed would make her become perceived a certain way (I can't even recall what it was something about her fucking a 'manager' and then getting rejected)
Confident from dealing with her that Venus is too stupid to ever figure out how to find a discord link at the topic of the lolcow page and read it.

or he could just be a totally unaware retard

No. 199873

I’m in the Venus discord and he always comes across as this super nice “omg it isn’t her fault, she is doing her best” nice guy… and I have wondered, how can you work with Venus and maintain this intense patience with her?

I remember him sticking up for her when she fell asleep eating a McDonald’s burger live streaming. “She’s just tired”

He is either a really nice dude, or the two of them are very self-aware and scheming

No. 199876

File: 1646725799408.jpeg (341.33 KB, 1170x1185, C70E02C5-0BD9-40E3-BBF1-8CD068…)

NTA, same poster. I think he is just a nice guy. There have literally only been a couple of people joining Venus’ discord in the past YEARS but he responds to everyone and gives explanations for Venus despite there being basically no audience. Nobody has been added to the discord for almost a year (1 year in April), so he doesn’t really gain much for interacting there

No. 199877

>He is either a really nice dude
holy fuck, have you actually not encountered a simp before?

No. 199878

Fair point, but he is getting paid. He could be very self aware about the situation. He might not even like her

No. 199879

what level of stupidity is this
>incel who is addicted to discord and wants to live inside it and is deliberately maintains love a fantastical image of his waifu and namesearches here across his 'stomping yard' and goes out of his way to insert himself into any conversation about her to white knight her, as his hobby
is >just a nice guy.
Yeah he is a niceguy i'm sure about that. Are you fucking 12 though? Watch out kid this world is going to be rough for you.
Of course, he may have been disillusioned of her and its just this now >>199878

No. 199883

File: 1646727322937.jpeg (312.85 KB, 1170x701, 97290C9E-1CF2-45F1-BECB-1DF9A1…)

Thanks Anon. I went back to prove my point but you are right this is a big old simp. Random example, plenty of others

No. 199896

I wonder if it's actually THIS GUY who talked her into doing porn? As in, onlyfans in the first place. Because as he even admitted in lc discord he was lusting after her a long time and then managed to become her "manager" at some point. He has introduced avenues to her that she was willing to venture down because Venus appeared on the podcast of his other shit-tier thot "client". Like we know there's a set of guys out there who watched her since she was a kid and have longed so hard for her 'finally sink to porn' and this guy is one of them so - rather than some japanese salaryman (as if any of them would ever give a shit about plain, tall and flabby venus when the probably know 20 actual chibi school girls they could exploit) - maybe Kirie, (on behalf of the long time coomers, but not saying so), managed to talk her into it

No. 199907

File: 1646741317491.png (Spoiler Image,1.47 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220308-065814.png)

She finally shaved her pussy

No. 199908

cringe af but i was there at the con she and manaki were invited to in 2018, she came out as bi for the first time on stage after some kid asked about her sexuality in a q&a. must have been about a year before she went (extra) crazy and left manaki

No. 199913

you sound very american

No. 199917

Venus was saying for years after she left her mother and found out how much actual work was involved in running her chanel she needed a new manager.
It's no suppose after all these years these guys find a way to get to Venus and become "manager" and talked her into porn.
The only thing it seems Venus contributes is just being a body and having an idea everyone in a while.
Litterly everything seems to unveil and we now see it's her fucking manager who stalked her ( just like her husband) since she was a child and again it worked.

Venus needs to wise up. None these guys who have no interest but to see her degrade herself.

What has she gotten herself into with these bad managers who have bad photo skills who have bad ideas?
I can't believe Venus let these guys rain controle over her branding.

It seems now the ONLY audience Venus wanted to attract were these MEN! She actually never wanted to have a female audience, or attract the kawaii culture, she only wanted to bait men. Can't blame her tho. That's how mommy raised her from the start and looking back at all her videos now makes a while lotta more since now.

No. 199934

Oh please she's stupid enough to make stupid decisions like starting porn by herself. Stop with "big bad manager" victim conspiracy.
Kirie is a creep but as far as we know, he's living in America far from Venus

No. 199935


No need to know every detail but just a first name, as it's obviously not Kirie. So is he just another weeb then? If he's from America, so he's not Japanese or Japanese heritage?

No. 199939


Fine, I'm not American, but people can think what they like. Plenty of english speaking people in the world, they're not all American.

No. 199942


I'm surprised she's done that, as isn't it the case that in Japan, females don't shave down there?

Nice picture btw, she really does look good here.

No. 199950

Still an old picture.Maybe from 2020

No. 199978

They edited one breast to look perfect and left the other to look weird? Why?

No. 199998

She has wonky boobs. Go back to the thread where she starter OF and see

No. 200004

She does, but they both have sort of the same shape, the nipple placement is the wonkiest part. That photo looks like half the body isn't even hers, but the one fixed boob and one left as is what confuses me. Why not fix both? You can see that they did some editing on the wonky one because her hair is half blurred out.

No. 200007

You guys are right.
He left boob dominates the right one while the right looks like it got lost in the editing.

It's a great photo of her. Wish it didn't look so off tho

No. 200017

Some women have lopsided boobs (sometimes noticeable, sometimes barely noticeable.)

No. 200018


This is sad to hear. Atleast we all know now she was attending. But then why the relapse?

In all Venus respect, I think she needs a break from the internet for a while and take some serious time to self care. Get herself together and get out of OF.
After taking some time away from all of this, she needs to come back and just go back to making her cute stuff in YouTube.
It what she loved and what we all loved to.

It's sad seeing that these men lured Venus into thinking this was a good idea when it wasn't at all. Where is her husband, he can't agree to this.(sage)

No. 200020


FFS! Get outta here with this shit!

Poor poor veenos boohoo, forced into sex slavery. None of it her idea ever. All she ever wants to do is her cutie kawaii uwu stuff, except she doesn't as she has said so many times and was sick of people trying to keep her in that when she had long since wanted to move on from it all.

Stop keeping her as a perpetual victim. Fucking hell it's all we ever hear on here from some people.

No. 200021

You know nothing about faith. Yes Japanese people can go to mosque or church and practice prayer following the codes. Religion has no race or nationality, are you really that clueless like you have never seen Japanese muslims or Christians. Faith is for everyone as long it’s not used for aesthetics. Also religion and cults are not the same thing, there is only three main religions is judaism , islam and christianity and everything else is cults and anyone can follow whatever they want as long they are respectful.(derailing)

No. 200022

There is nothing wrong with not shaving pussy. Women are expected to shave because of pornstars but we all know as women shaving pussy all the time is not an easy task when it’s for normal life and not porn.

No. 200027

Anon, no one is shaming her into shit or shamed her, it's because when she was unshaven it was NOT groomed. There's a difference between "having a hairy pussy" and "having poor hygiene and clearly no care being put into your routine."

No. 200044

Exactly. She chose this route herself. And lyrie is not the manager. She has some Japanese sugar daddy helping her out. She's had at least a few of those now.

How does she look good? One, she's edited and two, her body looks so unfit and flabby. Her ribs are protruding above her chest, her legs and entire body have no muscle mass nor tone. Her skin is edited, but I'm assuming it has cellulite and looks more flabby and unhealthy in person. She looks like the only walking she does in a day is to the toilet and that's it.

No. 200055

Why would living in america affect his ability to tell her that 'people think porn sluts are cool now', 'porn isn't seen as dirty any more' etc. If 'some japanese sugar daddy' is helping her out.. why is she stuck taking her pictures herself with a remote clicker?

No. 200057

Oh my GOD, again with this “poor little Venus, victimized AGAIN by an evil man!” Fuck off back to your little group at KF and carry on with the handwringing over there.

No. 200058

>kyrie is not the manager
he does say in the above screen cap
>we make money
so he's pretty fuckin involved. If he was just being paid per week to mod the discord it wouldn't depend on if sets sold well or not. it would be >she makes money

No. 200060


You totally miss the point of what I'm saying, which is not about anyone who genuinely follows a specific religion, if Japanese or anyone of any nationality went into a mosque or church in an area not their own and observed the ritual, that would be normal and natural for them, I'm talking about the sort of people who have nothing to do with it normally but just go somewhere like that where locals practice a certain faith and they then act the same even though they have no belief in it whatsoever and would never do it normally but are only doing so in a certain situation to try and 'fit in' in some way with the locals who do it all the time. If you can't see that weebs going there and acting like that seems wrong then words fail me.

No. 200063

File: 1646793734352.jpg (Spoiler Image,37.51 KB, 422x707, Venus.JPG)

>>How does she look good? etc etc

All I see in that is a pretty good picture of a naked woman with a nice figure, but each to their own point of view i guess, she certainly looks better in that picture than in this one posted on kiwi, her lopsided and downward facing nipple really does bother me. No way would i want to post a picture of myself anywhere if I had one tit facing downwards like that, it happens too many times to be just her pose.

No. 200064

Wow her face, that’s so sad… she looks like an old lady. I feel sorry for her

Also, why is her breast hanging down like that? Could it be cancer? I know asymmetry is normal but I don’t think it always looked like that. I don’t think it’s her pose either

No. 200073


It's natural that boobs of this size might start to sag a bit at some point and as you mentioned, asymmetry is natural too, so it doesn't look weird to me tbh. She's 25 now, bodies do start to change again around this time (I noticed that on my body too, I'm also 25).
Plus, she's not fit at all and therefore a bit flabby/doughy, her chest would look more defined, vital and overall better (in my opinion) if she exercised but Lazy Trainwreck V doesn't seem to be interested in becoming more fit and also seems to embrace this bed bound, ill-looking, single middle-aged mom style.

It looks unpleasant to me and I personally do exercise daily to prevent my tits to sag like that but oh well, each to their own I guess lmao.
She's just going to age faster and faster at this point, just as we've been able to witness throughout the past 2 (?) years already

No. 200075


Oh DANG and ofc her face is still bloated as fuck due to alcohol and her great fast food diet, it's just so ugly to me lmfaooo.
If she quit drinking for just a few weeks, maybe months, you'd be surprised how quickly her face would change to the better… getting an actual frame, like more pronounced cheekbones and an actual chin lmao

No. 200076


Her downward facing nipple bothers me much more than her face tbh.

No. 200080

I'm just extra bothered when it comes to bloated alcoholic faces bc I've been there myself and it's crazy how pretty your face becomes as soon as you quit lmao
But I get it, quitting would be a hella unrealistic move for her, we're talking about the train V here.
A more realistic way for her to become less bloated would be an amphetamine diet LMFAO I wonder how available it is in Japan (it's obvious that she hasn't been on amphetamines yet though lol)

No. 200084

Tell me more about the beautification that occurs, I need motivation anon

No. 200114


He is helping her with her OF somehow and might be getting pay for it but he was really a manager, her content would be less shitty and irregular because it would be his interest it works. Kirie is just Venus' yes man. In the end, she makes the decisions.

>>taking her pictures herself with a remote clicker

It is not always the case.
Sometimes her pictures are way better than usual because she is not the one taking it but her SD. He even appeared in her squirting video.

No. 200116

File: 1646827154472.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.3 MB, 1112x1742, 1639105950732.jpeg)

Venus'usual work

No. 200121

File: 1646827534660.jpg (Spoiler Image,67.73 KB, 1080x1620, 1636972742346.jpg)

SD's work

No. 200134

oh… okay we all just missed that she's sucking dicks on video now? nsfw obviously and beware, the preview image shows a carrot or someshit but the preview vid is disgusting jap hairdicks extremely close to camera

No. 200139

Not really missed, she literally had a poll asking people if that kind of content people wanted to see lol.

No. 200144

I cant believe she do this lmao
What an idiot

No. 200149

People asked, she delivered. All "e-girls" eventually go into porn.

No. 200154

You know.. Maybe i'm crazy but i think, maybe she should have stayed with her mother.

No. 200157

At home blowjobs.. so is it Manaki?

No. 200164

Ya’ll I think I’m crazy too lol. I also think she would probably have a slightly better life with her mum lol. Did anyone see her Instagram story? She took a Cartier box out of a Cartier paper bag… And that was it. Nothing shown about what’s inside. Seems like sinking hell deep is earning her big bucks. I can’t see her getting to a more mentally stable and normal life at all. I think she’s trying to show each year how much more she can ruin it. I still wish that she’ll pick herself up… Even if it looks like she’s gone to the point of no return. TT

No. 200171


You are crazy.


FFS! What's with all the fatalistic drama from you? All she's done is film herself giving a couple of blowjobs. Being asexual this is not something I have any interest in doing myself, but women do this all the time, it is perfectly normal for women (and men) to give blowjobs to guys, they don't all film it, but the act itself is nothing unusual.

No. 200175

Good to see that the Kiwis were right all along. Those conspiracy theories were all true in the end.

No. 200178

No. 200180

File: 1646845319757.jpg (31.38 KB, 625x626, d3f.jpg)

No. 200182

Everytime I look at this thread, she's somehow more horrific than the last thread. No amount of self care can undo whatever that is, it looks like she has all kinds of permanent damage.

No. 200192

File: 1646848961455.jpg (63.25 KB, 827x530, Venus in black and white outfi…)

This is a very nice picture. She looks very stylish here.

And before anyone starts, I don't care if it's edited or not. I'm just commenting that it's a nice picture, regardless of whether it's Venus or not.

It's just good to see she can still put up good pictures on her insta.

No. 200194

>I don't care if it's edited or not
Then compliment the editing.

No. 200200


Who doesn't edit on Instagram? I bet nearly everyone does. It' just that no one really cares or takes any notice when other Instagrammers edit, it's just when Venus does it too, it becomes a talking point and a big no no for some reason.

No. 200208

I think it's because so many people pretend she doesn't edit her photos or when she looks like it's because SHE looks nice. Everyone knows Instathots edit and use filters to the point its ridiculous, but no on pretends they don't except for overly horny men.

No. 200212

pls can someone comment on this? I can't seem to make myself watching this, its too cringe.
Well, I'm just thinking to myself, at least she's doing it good? idk what "good" means, cuz I don't watch porn or anything close to that but, is this considered good content?

No. 200213

I must say, its not good enough content because there are so much better sexier girls than her,that she HERSELF retweets on twitter…
its wierd…why would she do this….these girls are so much good looking and better than her but she still advertises them…

No. 200215

Hey, dont you think its weird manaki didnt divorce with her yet? Or he is with her in this videos. What do you all think?

No. 200229

She literally has some japanese dude (her sugar daddy) taking her pics as well. He is the actual manager. She also had other random SDs as her manager before (ie: Gaku Kitano and a few more).

No. 200230

Her face looks hella creepy in that photo

Venus does extreme catphising. If you like her photos, go to her social media and compliment them. This is not the venus appreciation thread or extreme editing appreciation thread. Fuck off if all you have to say is "this is a nice picture" for the last 5 threads.

No. 200232

Well, for starters, it's shot from her phone, so no..

No. 200252

It is okay if you put your thumb over her hideously strained face

No. 200285

It isn't sexy because the dicks are like 1 inch long and sickly color, its shot on shitty cameraphone right close up and she's got her ragged black dyed hair/desolate face so it just looks like found footage of medical experiments or ringu or someshit

No. 200296

File: 1646882065147.jpeg (180.23 KB, 1108x1478, B96A99E2-9F23-4A3D-8C33-AB3CE9…)

It wasn’t really that interesting, just kind of a regular blowjob. I was surprised she didn’t do anything terribly awkward. Her hand basically covered the dick. In the last scene she is in this room (you can see the cat toy thing and the dude has something playing on that tv)

No. 200299

Guess this is the new SD's crib. Did she do a room tour or live stream a couple of weeks ago? I'm curious if it was from this place shes in now.

No. 200320

Doesn't porn made in Japan have to be censored by law? Isn't she putting her visa at risk by doing something illegal?

No. 200321

JAV has to be censored, yes. Homemade stuff not so much. But yeah it is a risk as she shouldn't be doing porn in her situation.

No. 200323

Judging by her hair length and nails color, it is an old footage from the time she was with this guy

No. 200324

I'm surprised her drunken pill taking shenanegans haven't landed her in jail already. Are they more lenient with women fucking up there?

No. 200330


No they aren't more lenient on women. Are you talking about when she got beat up in the street while drunk and on xans?

No. 200331

>>the dicks are like 1 inch long

TBH, I prefer them like that. I think dicks are really repulsive, so the smaller the better for me. and as dicks go, I've seen far worse than what she's sucking on there.

No. 200333

Well, being fucked up on xan and drunk out in public in general. The beating doesn't warrant an arrest on her part obviously. The hotel incident probably got her locked up in the mental hospital for a bit, but given all this info she must be a bit o a nuisance in public when intoxicated.

No. 200336

she said in a pevious livestream that s
he asks an american friend to upload the videos for her so she doesn't get into trouble lol.

No. 200338

So uploading that in Japan is illegal but not doing it? Shit laws if that's the case.

No. 200351


I like seing tourists and what you call rudely weaboos trying to fit in my culture. Pretty respectful of them to accommodate to us.


Maybe she isn't complexed by her uneven chest and does not feel like doing surgery ?

No. 200361

So kirie posts the videos for her.

No. 200389

Women bashing other women’s breasts. You know men don’t care much about how boobs look like as long they look like boobs. Uneven breasts are so common like eyebrows or in general we have a side different than the others. Her boobs aren’t bad it’s not like you go outside naked showing it to everyone. Some women really tear others apart more than the opposite gender it’s sad and i’m not even a fan of venus

No. 200412


Being publically intoxicated in Japan (especially at night) is not uncommon so the police would probably ignore her in all honesty. It's not uncommon for ppl to go out after work w/ their coworkers and get completely smashed. Venus would just kinda blend in. But I get what you're saying about the police having run ins with her due to the hotel incident. There were rumors going around (when she 1st started doing of) that she got banned from Dusk till Dawn bar for trying to pick up Johns there, but the origin turned out to be Margo so I didn't believe it. But at this point, she probably has had a few run ins with the police.

No. 200422

>> the new SD's crib.
Not new, this pic is from around 6/20. I think >>200323
is right, it’s an old video she’s trying to pass off as new. And I doubt she has an in-person SD. She’s too old, busted, drunk and slovenly for any guy, even an old desperate guy to pay for her ‘services’ irl. If anything she probably has a few ‘private customers’ who pay her for pics/cam sessions.

No. 200436

I believe she has an in and out relationship with this guy. I also wouldn't be surprised if Ken was "Manager-san" all along

No. 200437

Idk he is always on the discord saying things like “she posted it and closed her laptop before it finished” and other comments referring to her posting on OF. But I suppose that could just be b/c the customers wouldn’t like that it was actually a dude on the OF

I wonder if he ever responds to messages on OF for her

No. 200438

In the compilation she has multiple different nail designs, so it definitely spans a significant period of time

No. 200485

Oh fuck off.

No. 200543

>>I like seing tourists and what you call rudely weaboos trying to fit in my culture.

They are weeaboos and they're cringy AF. That's just me being direct, upfront and honest in my opinions, but then I don't go in for false politeness, but if you live surrounded by it every day, (just another form of dishonesty, be nice to someone's face but complain about them behind their back) then no, you're not going to get why it seems wrong when cringy weebs try to act like one of the locals, instead of just respectfully looking around taking an interest and merely observing as the outsiders that they are.

>>Pretty respectful of them to accommodate to us.

If I went into a church, I'd automatically cross myself, (make the sign of the cross over myself) because that is what I was brought up to do; if a group of tourists came in who had never had any genuine immersion in that and they saw me doing it and then started copying me thinking that was them "fitting in", I would not think imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I would just think it was a bit ignorant and unaware of any deeper meaning in them, that they were lacking in something to try and claim something as their own just to try and create what they were mistakenly believing was a "good impression". - It would have the opposite effect. I wouldn't hate them for it, I'd just inwardly shake my head.

No. 200545


Totally hilarious that there's still deluded wide eyed innocents on Kiwi that are still banging on about Veenos should go back to swissland. Oh puleeze! Bless.

Honestly, all the girl's done is to suck a few dicks and film herself doing it. Anyone would think she'd joined ISIS and was filming herself cutting guys heads off instead of just giving them blowjobs.

No. 200558

>Honestly, all the girl's done is to suck a few dicks and film herself doing it.

You're sadly degenerate and desensitized if you think uploading porn to the internet is nonchalant. Everybudy is dooin it, guiz!1! Selling your body is sex positive, not exploitative!! Touch grass.

No. 200577

How long had Manager San been in the picture? Just so I make sure I got this right, this is the same "pimp san" guy from the last 2 threads right? Then Ken guy was the last sugar daddy that threw her out after she posted a pick of that kid (which she claimed to be his assistant's but I feel like it was the SDs kid).

No. 200587

File: 1647046060727.jpeg (551.91 KB, 2018x970, 7B8B6020-7BB2-4F25-B6BE-33B5E0…)

Manager #1 was this creep from Cambodia, basically a party-planner, right after the unfortunate Manaki kicked her out and started divorce proceedings. She was gonna “form a media and advertising company” and be a girlboss CEO! Updates every Wed and Fri in Youtube! It was never mentioned again after the big announcement. Delusions of grandeur even grander than bad mommy margaret.

No. 200588

File: 1647046433887.jpeg (350.84 KB, 860x1535, 6CC6B240-2439-43A4-9A9D-9F1FAB…)

He had her doing ‘events’ like this fan meetup where like 6 people showed up, and a bar event with 3 other ‘influencers’ where she got drunk and embarrassed herself and everyone else there. That was the end of manager #1.

No. 200591

Then she had Ken, the pedophile (probably a lie from Venus to get revenge tho). She broke up -or rather HE broke up with her in February 2020. In April she started OF with her "Manager-san". Just two little months between both guys, that why I'm really suspected they are the same person.

No. 200592

i'm convinced ken never existed. the whole basis for him is one garbled caption text which she ended
>bye u ken
which has no meaning. it's just as likely a typo

No. 200599

She wrote a lot about him in her diary but maybe it is fake too

No. 200603


Porn - biggest money maker on the Internet, probably in the real world too. Don't watch it myself but billions obviously do.
Go take on the whole world with your moral faggotry, we don't want to keep seeing it here on lolcow. This is not some bible thumpers fanclub.

No. 200606


What happened to the other girl? Did he have any more success with her than with Venus?

No. 200611

Ah okay thanks for the clarifications. Yea there's a chance "Ken" might have been Manager #2 as apposed to a sugar daddy. Remember when Mikan went on a twitter rant shading Venus? Saying her "friend" (clearly Venus) called her while she was having sex w/ her sugar daddy? I'm so curious now as to when that was.

No. 200612

It happened just before Vina started Bunka so around April 2019, the same month a "friend of a friend" came here to spill tea about Venus wanting to fuck others'spouse

No. 200656

It’s a shame that Venus went this porn/OF-path..
I am not a fan of Milan / Vina, but I like the fact that she works in a little shop and she is working on her own clothing brand. That’s a real life-goal… and Venus..? She only wants to “getting healthier and better” and “ a lot of cool / sexy stuff coming soon”.. oh really, Venus, really?

In comparison with Mikan Venus’s life is so sad and went totally the wrong way..
how can a person be so lazy? Why didn’t she look for a nice, cute job like Mikan?

No. 200658

Because cute jobs don’t get the attention she wants, and doesn’t work well with her mental health and substance issues

No. 200663

File: 1647074336095.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x1861, 6156833C-B13D-44E2-92D5-1F5177…)

I think there is probably one guy who has been around for a long time.
This picture from her instagram is from August 2019 (before she started OF), but she has the same red nails in her porn blowjob video, and the outfit matches this one, which is the room the porn was made

So I think some of the porn she is posting now is from a long time ago, but seems to be the same guy throughout the videos

That doesn’t really mean much I suppose, but I find her timeline interesting to know about because she is always lying about things

No. 200677

Mikan is probably average intelligence but Venus is really dumb. I don't say this just to be hateful, but she is dumb in a straightforward sense - she can't think. She can't make plans, she can't assess things, she can't remember plans, etc. She is incoherent. Sometimes the second part of her sentence does not even have the same subject as the first part, sometimes she speaks completely meaningless garble that doesn't have any logic , but she simply intones it as a person would as if they said something normal. This has been the case going back several years

No. 200678

I'm glad someone pointed out the red nails and could trace that back to then. I distenticely remember those chips red nails for her photos and seeing that video clip shows how old some of her videos she took actually are.

Do the "managers" she sucked dick from know she posted them?

No. 200696


I can't be bothered to go back and look but just because she has red nails at some time, doesn't mean she couldn't have them another time. My mother used to paint her nails red many times over years. But if there are distinct chips that anons have recognised then I'll accept they are from the same time frame.

But really why is that such a surprise? Just because she was filming herself giving blowjobs a long while before she started Only Fans? Is that really so surprising? I mean she was obviously sexually active and has been for years, and she admitted she has always had a deep interest in porn related things, so it is not really surprising at all.

No. 200714


These are distinctive nails for sure. The chips give it away.

Venus only said those things because now looking at the chipped red nails, it links back to her " into to sexy clothes" because that's when she was stepping away from dolly style into sexy style.
She only said these things because she knew what she was gona get herself into well before she started posting and only said those things as a way to seem like it's been all her good idea when it was actually these dumb managers talking her into it.

She only wants to come off as this hyper sex fiend when she actually need to know what getting fucked actually is.

No. 200715

She said she learned English from watching reality tv shows like Flavor of Love lol. Add that to the fact that she was "homeschooled" so Margo could focus her efforts into living vicariously through Venus w/ limited intterupts, and I honestly see why she is so dumb. The dumpster fire-trainwreck we are watching unfold RN is what happens when Venus is left to her own devices sans anyone taking care of her.

No. 200749

I think it’s the fact that it’s the same color and the same outfit that is in the porn room.

I don’t think anyone is surprised, just interested in her timeline

No. 200760

>> sometimes she speaks completely meaningless garble that doesn't have any logic
Agree, plus she’s been binge drinking for years, since she was a teen. That’ll affect your brain over time. Alcohol plus she’s high on pills a lot of the time too.

No. 200769

Still laughing, but also cringing, at some of the posts about venus over on kiwi farms. I swear some of those posters over there are more deserving of derision than venus. I think I'll scream if I read just one more time some idiot saying she needs to go back to switzland, fucking hell, I'm sure they must get off on saying it and are working themselves off at the thought of it, especially the ones who are so outraged at her doing porn, I bet they're the worst. LOL.

No. 200773

Yeah because everybody who is anti-porn is a strawman "biblethumper." Shut up.

Venus is a sadcow putting out degenerate content and you're mad that people still have enough of an un-fucked conscience to point out that it's depressing. Idk why you even point out that its the "biggest money maker" as if money makes any action justifiable. Venus is at the lowest point in her life and you're more concerned about being edgy and laughing at her terribly sad porn.

No. 200774


May have escaped your notice, moralfag, that this is actually lolcow, and it's called lolcow for a reason! It is not some anti porn right on feminazi bullshit site for miserable fucktards like yourself. You and your ilk are what is depressing around here and quite why you feel the need to invade sites like this with your moral evangelizing would be a mystery if it were not so blindingly obvious.

No. 200792

It's possible "Ken" was the same guy (Kitano), but we can't be sure. The kid was his and his assistant's kid according to Venus.

No. 200794

Fuck off with your fan fiction. It's highly unlikely she was "talked" or coerced into OF. Venus has always been lazy and greedy and wants easy, fast cash. She's also narcissistic, so taking and editing photos of herself, then getting big bucks is her dream come true. She shit talked people who get education and people who work real jobs and sees them as beneath her, she thinks she's smarter and more eccentric and quirky and special in comparison. No one talked her into it, tricked her, or forced her. You just can't accept that she's the same shit person with the same temperament as her mom.

No. 200795

She was only homeschooled in her upper years iirc. Like around 16 or so. She did attend public school before that, especially elementary school in her formative years

No. 200798

maybe it's a dude that lives in europe and wants to be the next manaki

No. 200851

Only people who are addicted to porn or make videos there somehow are the one who support this industry that show to incels that women are sexual objects who only with suffering is called good sex

No. 200864


Crap. I don't even watch porn as I have no interest in it, but even I know that is a totally one sided viewpoint coming from prejudice towards something you have strong moralistic views about. If you even bothered to find anything out instead of just going with the whole boohoo all women are victims bullshit that absorbs your whole way of thinking, you'd see that the actual reality is that women do far better in the porn industry than men and get paid a lot more. And it sounds like you've been watching porn yourself if you think that it's all about suffering, maybe that's your thing? But there's plenty of porn that show men as victims and suffering, but I guess you'd turn a blind eye to that.(derail)

No. 200881

Different anon, but I like porn and consume a lot of it! Usually if there is some “suffering” by the male it is very fetishy and a specific genre. But the mainstream “normal” porn does have a lot of violence and intentionally degrading aspects towards women. If a young dude watches it and expects sex to be like that, it’s problematic imo

No. 200929

>>No one talked her into it, tricked her, or forced her. You just can't accept that she's the same shit person with the same temperament as her mom.

No. 200957

>>I like porn


>>and consume a lot of it!


>>porn does have a lot of violence and intentionally degrading aspects towards women.

So you like that then? If not, why do you watch it? Obvious question, but begging to be asked.

No. 200975

This is a SWERF site go back to Twitter snowflake

No. 201037

File: 1647276143234.jpeg (860.12 KB, 1125x1577, 16ABBCEA-209B-4FBF-86C2-AE1D11…)

Oh really…. Venus..

No. 201044

>>200864 you don’t need to be a porn consumer or enjoying it to know about stuff like this. Some things should be just known in this world and you can’t compare fetish to something everywhere in the industry showing to stupid men that sex is supposed to be like that and women have to be shaved down there and accept anal without pooping. Porn is fake and staged and many believe that’s how it should be that’s why some men believe women enjoy being raped or all white women wants to be fucked by black dudes.

No. 201045

Do you know not everyone who watch porn is masturbating to it. Some people just watch by curiosity and see how fucked up some things are and learn more about some stuff, your mind is so twisted to think otherwise, we all know porn is not healthy for women or real sex because porn is not real but many men especially young ones now expect that’s how it’s supposed to be and women should look like porn stars and suck a dick until she gag or else she is boring and not good enough for him so he goes back to jerking off to his porn even when they are sexually active. Only those who do porn or consume it would defend it but facts stay facts.

No. 201052


I've watched it out of curiosity which is why I don't watch it now as I know I'm not interested in it. But I never watched any of the type of porn you're describing, it sounds like you purposely seek out just that sort of porn so you can go on some crusade about it.

Not all women shave down there, not all porn is anal, unless it's gay porn with just males, but I don't notice anyone going on any crusade complaining that male porn actors are being abused or whatever, even though they get paid less and the 'message' being given to any gay men who watch is that young males like to be abused by [often older] men too, but no one seems too bothered about that.

If anything, porn today seems a lot more tame than it used to be, I've seen disgusting porn from decades ago, involving pregnant bitches producing milk, utterly gross and why anyone could ever want to watch that is beyond me, plus horrible stuff involving poor abused animals, supposed necro stuff, really sick, plus gore porn. The tamer porn from back then was chicks with dicks and the Thai transexuals, there seemed to be a lot of that, sado masochistic porn was mainly the usual bondage and gimp stuff, often gay anyway, or female dominatrixes, all utterly stupid in my view and nothing about any of it a turn on, not everyone is obsessed with porn and thinking about it all the time and wanting to crusade against it. That in itself sounds like an unhealthy obsession.

No. 201055


The picture's slightly blurred. Me wonders if the photographer had a slightly shaky hand.

But yay! congrats Venus, at least no one can complain that the writing is backwards on this one.

No. 201060

She wants people to know she's staying in a nice hotel. She loves flaunting expensive things like mommy

No. 201066


Mommy's an expensive thing??? LMOA. No, I know what you meant, it just sounded funny. LOL.

No. 201119

Nobody cares about why I like porn. There is a lot of research out there about pornography and it is not even disputable that it typically displays male dominance and degradation of women. In mainstream porn. Our culture has evolved faster than our primitive brain can keep up with, and sometimes we need to fight against our nature. Why are you actively saying there isn’t a problem in porn? I imagine everyone involved knows it’s problematic. I’m derailing so I’ll shut up now(derailing)

No. 201134

She just keeps sinking lower. I wonder if Venus actually looked at this photo before posting and thought "Yup, me totemo kawaii menhara desu", she literally looked like a drunk aunty.

No. 201138

>> I like porn.
>> degradation of women

You're saying that's all it is but you're at the same time saying that you like it. You're complaining about something you say you like.

>> we need to fight against our nature.

Who's this "we"? I don't need to fight against my nature because I'm not doing anything I need to fight against. When you say "we", you're just talking about yourself.

>>everyone involved knows it’s problematic.

Well except June Lovejoy then maybe? She's often said how well regulated it is.


Not entirely derailing when it's what Venus is into and she is the subject of the thread, but I don't think this is the place for involved discussion about the subject, so agree, best to stop.

No. 201139


Wasn't she talking a while ago about how there was a style where people deliberately tried to look drunk as it was considered fashionable in some quarters? Maybe she wants to appeal to the people who like that sort of thing.

No. 201142

All that stuff in your last paragraph is still around, so you can stfu now.

Pull is creating fan fictions about Venus' life again. They insist that she's being used and forced into OF by her bfs/sugar daddies/ managers AND going a step further to claim that they are taking all her money, using her to profit. And Venus is so distraught because it's what Marge and Manaki both did to her. Can people be anymore stupid? Marge was exploitative, but Venus used Marge for her own gain and her "Manaki quit his job" story is constantly changing. First he quit it when she got to Japan, then around the time they divorced, then in her recent drunk live stream, it was iirc in the spring of 2021, instead of 2019 or earlier when her original slander video was posted. And these men are not "stealing" her money. That's definitely why she was able to go on a $600 ank rouge shopping spree, right? Or allegedly pay Manaki's rent (which is half her rent to pay anyway btw but people seem to forget that fact). And if Venus' managers help her with her OF, like her mom helped her with her channel, then they are entitled to a percentage of that money, as it's their work too. What is it with morons that like to white knight Venus and pretend Venus is a perpetual victim, with all her "hard earned cash being stolen from her" and nobody who works with her deserves compensation and Manaki should be responsible for $100% of the rent and doing everything for her. Getting ridiculous at this point.

No. 201144

File: 1647313254355.jpg (50.65 KB, 547x621, 00045643666.jpg)

Curtesy of some pulltard lmao

No. 201199

File: 1647356554546.png (2.32 MB, 750x1334, B5EDAE3F-647B-475F-B6D8-61D20F…)

The incels are going to be mad af.

No. 201208

April 1st, the anniversary of the malice crap. Well, can’t wait to see her not follow through.

No. 201215

File: 1647361169633.jpg (241.87 KB, 1080x1836, Screenshot_20220315-112727_Ins…)

No. 201216

Even if she follows through, I doubt that there’d be so many people who are genuinely into her private life.

No. 201218


Of course, everyone is assuming that she's going to be drinking from the bottle. Well maybe she will, but maybe she's going to be sticking it up herself, or up some guy's ass.
I mean maybe she's just going to use the bottle as a prop in some sex act. Isn't that more likely? I mean there can't be many people who would want to pay just to see her drinking from it.

No. 201219


Well quite honestly she should be charging more. Charging so cheap as she has been doing is just devaluing herself.

No. 201220

Meanwhile every other thot charges $3-7/month, making 20-30,000+ and look far more human than venus does and actually does content. But sure dude, she's underselling herself.

No. 201223

>>Even if she follows through, I doubt that there’d be so many people who are genuinely into her private life.

Well people on here would be, that's for sure. LOL!

No. 201225


Always the same old tired excuses, every time.

As for 'doing her best', that is just what everybody says in Japan, like a mantra, with not too much meaning in it, similar to Americans telling everybody to "have a good day", no one really truly honestly means it, it's just what people say by rote.
Although in Japan it is ingrained into them that everyone must do their best and can say "thank you for all your hard work" to everyone at the end of the day. Venus saying doing her best means nothing more than her just repeating the same mantra that is trotted out by nearly everyone everyday.

No. 201261

File: 1647376201767.jpeg (194.44 KB, 810x1024, B545D34C-2186-4B96-A083-4C128F…)

“my health was in a bad state” = she was drunk/on an alcohol bender for several days straight where she wore the same dirty clothes the whole time. She’s such a scummy lowlife these days.

Also she deleted this alcoholic granny pic, guess she regretted posting once she sobered up.

No. 201263

File: 1647376486100.jpeg (201.08 KB, 819x1216, 3D7FC2B0-0178-4780-90E8-322387…)

Speaking of drunk posting, “you cans it by googling it”? Drunk dumb ass.

No. 201275

she would look quite okay as tifa if not for that fucked up buzzkill mouth pose.
>shush me granny

No. 201279

when i first saw this on instagram i thought i was looking at an amputee model

No. 201283

File: 1647381565729.png (Spoiler Image,2.17 MB, 1946x1082, Screenshot 2022-03-15 at 22.57…)

she is so awkward there is nothing sexy about her. i went through her videos on manyvids and they were painful to watch even though i only saw the previews…
i mean look at her chest with the hair all over it… or the way she is washing her body like a patient in a hospital lol. the way she is playing with the vibrator is an other story. i know she is trying to act like this clumsy kawaii anime gurl but she's more like a retard. can't believe people are paying for this shit.
she looks so dirty all the time (but not in a good way), her hair is a mess, there are stains around her mouth, dirty sheets, mouldy showers, dark messy rooms… eughhh

No. 201285

lets hope that's not a footage from the ukrainian war on the tv

No. 201304

File: 1647390070477.jpg (211.43 KB, 1080x1713, Screenshot_20220316-011650_Fac…)

She posted the same thing on fb and…um 1/2

No. 201306

File: 1647390146624.jpg (213.96 KB, 1080x1377, Screenshot_20220316-011614_Fac…)

Some of the reactions, they love it!!! Girlboss


No. 201320

what the fuck do women follow her for? retarded 'tips' on how to be cute? (be born with low cheekbones?) basically any woman in the world already knows more and is more fun/funny cool than venus

No. 201324

Idk I think the lower price is more suitable given her lack of professionalism (she went from Jan 20 - March 15 without content, and didn’t even post to say she would be away. No refund if you payed for that time). She regularly doesn’t post for full weeks. Also most of her content is individual PPV so I don’t know what you are actually getting with the $10, other than access to the option of buying PPV

Aside from that I think it is fair to put your price at what you want bc you aren’t forcing people to buy it

No. 201328


These comments are retarded though. That stupid shit in the first one "find what you are passionate for". I thought she had found what she was passionate for and is precisely what she is doing. This only fans stuff is the only thing she's stuck with and seems to be reasonably consistent with, I don't belong to it so don't see what she posts there but it's been said here more than once that she has been reasonably consistent with posting her content there.

She has said so many times now that she just didn't want to do the kawaii girly stuff all the time anymore and said it ages ago, so why do people still keep trying to drag her back to doing something she'd long since lost interest in, it seems so unfair of them and they're not caring about Venus at all, they're just invested in wanting to see something they approve of because it's what they used to watch her for and now she's moved on into other territory and they don't like it.

No. 201338

> I mean there can't be many people who would want to pay just to see her drinking from it.

Remember that Venus thought people who pay for her OF would be interested in seeing a livestream of a room tour.

No. 201341

kiwi fag said she did get naked on that though

No. 201385

Anon, I dislike Venus as much as anyone but most women followers are from her days of ACTUALLY making passable content on youtube. No chick these days will willingly follow her.
She got naked on her last one, not the room tour.

No. 201447

>> it's been said here more than once that she has been reasonably consistent with posting her content there.
Do you have reading comprehension problems? Five comments before yours a subscriber said she ghosts her OF for weeks at a time, up to a month with no posts and no updates. Same shit she does with her Youtube and instagram. This trainwreck stays drunk all day every day and ignores everything then reappears like nothing happened.

No. 201452

But thats not true.
I just scrolled through her feed. She posted once a week (plus/minus 2 days) from dec 2019 until jan 2022, then she disappeared for 4 weeks.

No. 201454

Yeah the crusty lips and dirty grimy fingernails are a recurring theme (along with greasy hair and dingy clothes that have obviously been worn for days at a time.)

No. 201455

Tell it to >>201324

No. 201480

Idk I just went to fact check myself and scrolled through starting from 1 year ago

- Only 2 total posts in February 2021
- 2 weeks between the last post in February, 1st post in March 2021
- no content April 11 - April 30

For awhile after that she did post more regularly but said these things about delays
-“hello everyone I had some problems but am back” /late
- “I had an unfortunate event happen” /late
- “I have a lot of personal things to take care of and I screwed up a recording”
- “since I missed a PPV last week..”
- “No PPV so far this week”… “basically I needed to give one of my employees some time off!”
- “ New PPV today! Everything is returning back to normal now, so no picture post here to go with the PPV but at least everything will be back to normal after this PPV”
-“ Hello everyone!!! I'm sorry for the silence! I've been planning a really big professional shoot but things keep getting delayed and there's been a lot of problems that I'm trying to sort out. I know it's really frustrating for you all.”
-“once again my PPV didn’t send”

Etc etc

That said, there were many many times she got multiple weeks in a row, and it is remarkably consistent for Venus. Not so much for any other professional, though

No. 201494

>> it is remarkably consistent for Venus.

Exactly. Which was the point I was making in response to the retarded moron on that comment section saying she should find what she is passionate about. Well she has and it happens to be porn, but that pisses off a lot of people, so they continue to complain about it and try to emotionally blackmail her into stopping doing it, only she doesn't want to and it's her choice and up to her. No one likes being told by complete strangers what to do with their lives and I don't suppose Venus is any exception there.

I don't follow her twitter, it's difficult to look at anything much on there these days or a popup comes up to try and make you sign up, but I did notice she was leaving comments wanting to know why there were no comments from anyone about her announcing her manyvids thing and some replied and said something about the name change to cheeki breeki had confused them or something. And quite why she wanted to change her name to that is a mystery.

No. 201505

do her simps even know she has manyvids? we on this board know only because I randomly checked and saw it was there. But maybe she announced it on only fans? or is she just so fucked she didn't even remember she never announced it

No. 201506


I don't even think she enjoys doing porn. And before anyone says "she said she likes doing it" Venus lies about so much that no one can take her word for it. She said she loves doing it, but since she started she's become an even worse alcoholic and even tried to off herself. Doesn't sound like she's liking it to me. Tbh I feel like the only thing she really likes is lots of money, that comes to her quickly, as she would have grown accustomed to it via her old YT income.

Again NEET in Japan, so whatever work she could do (that's not adult entertainment oriented) wouldn't rake in the amount of money she's looking for quick enough. In the last thread someone broke down the costs of her clothing/accessories. They weren't cheap. If Venus could reel in some ugly rich old Asian dude like Taylor did, she would. Unfortunately for Venus, she is astronomical levels of bat shit insane narcissistic.

No. 201511

I don’t see anywhere on OF or her discord where this was announced ahead of time, although I think she might have mentioned it in a live…

She mentioned her Manyvids on OF well after I found out here, and now there is a banner explaining it

No. 201535

There was a leaked form where all of Venus updates on her Of were posted, as well as her photo sets. It was pretty regular about posting for a while. I was going back for screen shots but it seems the form is now " closed" so no updates to see a without having to get on her OF.
It was good cause you could actually see all her cancelation, postpones and all sorts of just procrastinating.
I don't understand how she has any support or followers still.

No. 201656

Pretty pathetic considering OF is her ONLY job. She has no real job, no school, no social life, friends or family and does jack shit all day every day but hey, she sometimes posts every week for multiple weeks!

No. 201669

File: 1647580995394.jpeg (449.83 KB, 1125x1995, 30233B3F-E3BB-4D1B-9A7B-86AA57…)

… oh wow.. like there is interest in her “no makeup” face.. OF is not a beauty chanel on YouTube

No. 201676


Could be trying to appeal to the people who prefer to see people without make up I suppose.

Like there are plenty of people who like to see and smell unwashed people too, so she might appeal to them as well.

No. 201678

wow, she's getting fat.

No. 201685

Why do you say this? Are you joking or just noticing that she is unfit/not toned

No. 201705

Like to be fair OF was made as an alternate "artist" site to Patreon back in the day before thots starts fucking themselves on it, but I guarantee no one wants to see her do anything other than what she promised; To get fucked.

No. 201745


Anything that doesn't show every rib poking out is fat to some people.

No. 201770

A lot of people here think toned is "skinny" and untoned is "fat."…..
As if women aren't naturally more softly built. Women don't naturally look like muscly men, and our bodies don't achieve that look easily. It's notoriously hard for women to achieve a six-pack or toned looking stomach, lots of women aren't able to get that even with strict diet and exercise. Our bodies want fat in that area to protect the reproductive organs right underneath. I'm tired of people saying women who don't have abs are "fat."
Venus isn't fat. She is unhealthy due to drinking and sedentary life, but she isn't overweight.

No. 201783


I don't even like all that noticeable muscle on men, I think it's ugly. I prefer a man to just look smooth, not all those ugly muscle ridges all across their chests and stomachs, it's horrible. Not to even mention ugly muscled arms with all veins showing everywhere, I can't even begin to express how utterly repulsive I find all of that.

The thing with Venus is she looks skinny but looks like she has a layer of loose flesh over her bones, people can still be skinny and look firmer without that looseness but without having to have loads of muscle everywhere.

Some people have a a more athletic build and will be firmer even if they never exercise but some will not have an athletic build and will have to exercise a lot if they don't want to have that loose flabby look over their bones.

No. 201802

Who's gonna tell her that her OF subscribers want to see her vag and not her makeup-less mug

No. 201930

Venus is webcamming on manyvids. she, of course, only announced it on twitter last minute without warning

No. 201932


She's also shaking in that lotion tease vid while applying oil

No. 201984

File: 1647730270756.png (Spoiler Image,1.3 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2022-03-12-06h21m36s34…)

Somehow she has managed to have a more horrific looking pussy than post-op trannies.

No. 201985

I'm far more concerned by how she looks like she's dying every time she's trying to be sexy than a fairly normal looking coochie.

No. 202000

lighting and other presentation aspects are crucial for this sort of thing. cheaping out and thinking you can just be lazy leads to disaster

No. 202009

The scratches on cootch….
The poor ass lighting like annon^^. For her finally delivering a full fleshed shot, with such a pathetic toy.
I guess nothing more worse for her then looking like a disaster..
Its just again…not convincing

No. 202019


What a totally repulsive looking picture. Her boobs are all squashed downwards, one nipple facing up and the other looking straight out. For some reason her vastly uneven tits really bothers me. there's no way I'd display mine if they were like that. Her facial expression is just gormless, her cunt is not something I want to see but then I don't find genitalia at all attractive to look at, no matter whose it is. There's nothing remotely sexy about this picture, it's just repellent and I can't believe anyone would be turned on by this.

No. 202025


Fr, that pic gave me ptsd

No. 202029

>this picture
It's not a picture like a photo for onlyfans, it's a frame some anon capped from a video

No. 202098

It’s painfully obvious that clearly you have not had much action with women kek

No. 202114

um do you realize JAV pornstars have plastic surgeries to make their vaginas look "beautiful"?
In case you didn't know, now you know.

No. 202124

You do realize that a vagina is the part INSIDE womens' genital organs that you can't see, right?
What you are talking about is the clitoris.(O.o)

No. 202125

Here is where you can see all the updates Venus posted on OF but this is also the site that might be taken down.
Just last week all pages loaded and worked now it's just page one for the interested because some questions had been brought up.


No. 202142


I don't know anything about that site but I'm just curious as to why it's being shut down. Apparently it's starting again under different name, but was it internal or technical reasons, or something outside, like more tightening up of the internet by the control freaks whose agenda is they won't stop until everything is just the way they want it to be?

It's getting really bad in the uk now and they are determined it will affect websites all over the world not just in the uk. It's all done behind the smokescreen of "protecting chill-drinn" of course, and then regarding them as such until they're about 25 yrs old! I've heard a lot about this recently, these people are determined and there will be less and less that people can see online if they get their way and a lot of it is happening without most people even being aware that it's happening and it can even affect sites like lolcow too as certain words won't be able to be used or the website owners made to pay. I don't know what can be done because enough people would have to care enough to complain to fight back against these people but nothing seems to be being done to oppose them.

Maybe that site in the link is nothing to do with anything I've said for why it's closing, but the point still stands as laws have been changed in the uk which affects websites all over the world not just in uk and that will include lolcow too, so freedom of speech will be clamped down on even more.

No. 202147

fuckin retard damn well know the word vagina has two meaning nowadays

No. 202186

How so? I think it looks normal. In this screenshot she just pulled something out of it which is probably not the most flattering moment for any vagina

No. 202199


Still looks repulsive. That is, it's still a repulsive picture, whether it's a screenshot or whatever, it's still repulsive to see.

No. 202205

Anyone who has seen this unfortunate mess- does she make those little mewling sounds she seem to think are super sexxyyy? Sounds like a sick cat?

Yeah, “repulsive” best describes her, in every way. She’s as ugly inside as she is out.

No. 202245

File: 1647870569609.png (762.38 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220321-094502.png)

( sorry if dbl post )

But how can she be so awful…??

No. 202283

How vile

No. 202287

File: 1647878821894.png (1.81 MB, 1467x831, Lol.png)

$400 for a custom video where she'll no doubt decline 99% of your request since the "custom video" will be old shit she shot and just hadn't uploaded yet, like her last set of vids.

No. 202290

Always amusing when she tries to cosplay a badass trash talking bitch, lol. She switches personas like a true Borderline.

A particularly nasty little Borderline.

No. 202330

Wait she does meth now ? Is this for real or a joke cause it’s not funny

No. 202346

I assume she means adhd meds

No. 202357

she could have bought cartier from her youtube money instead of spending it on tacky shit and starbucks.
no cock sucking is needed for that

No. 202392

I don’t think her YouTube income is that much for her to afford a Cartier
I’ve always wondered if Venus and Manaki were living in somewhere on the countryside in Japan in the beginning, maybe she won’t be this fucked up, Tokyo is rough… Trends are changing everyday, you’ll never be able to catch up.

No. 202410


Does anyone actually believe anything she's said there though? She makes stuff up and is a self proclaimed outright liar, so none of it could be true.

No. 202411

A lot of it seems feasible to me? We know she drinks to a stupor on cam all the time, and she is referring to ADHD medicine (in an attention-seeking way).

The sex thing could be real or attention seeking

No. 202421

File: 1647925178726.png (1.27 MB, 605x1192, Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 12.5…)

Venus should be this thin(rattle rattle)

No. 202425

Why waste your time with this? Weirdo

No. 202435

I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Vegan Academy, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on slaughter houses, and I have over 300 confirmed liberations. I am trained in gorilla rescues and I’m the top tofu cook in the ALF. You are nothing to me but just another carnist to convert. Not only am I extensively trained in cooking quinoa, but I have access to the entire catalog of "vegangainz" youtube channel and I will use it to its full extent to convert you to a more compassionate lifestyle. You better prepare for the veggies, maggot.

No. 202437

I wish venus could go back to genuine cute content and not OF/sexy stuff

No. 202438


Ghastly. Why is it here?




Again, ditto.

No. 202439

>>I wish venus could go back to genuine cute content and not OF/sexy stuff

Wish on. She doesn't want to and that's that.

No. 202472

Same… Never followed her content but remember being around her age when she first appeared and became big on YouTube with her makeup vids.

She’s no trail blazer in the makeup industry, but she could’ve been. It’s how she got popular in the first place, the beauty community is huge $$$, if only she persisted.

Remember hearing about her getting married moving to Japan and thinking oh nice she’ll just keep doing her makeup stuff and do travel blogging.

But alas, can’t imagine growing up in an environment where your own mother would use you for profit, keeping you isolated so the only real relationship you have is with the abuser. She’s also been on social media since childhood, she probably knows nothing else.

The sense of hopelessness is heavy. We’re watching literally watching her destroy her life for the world to see and for her own mother to mock and I just wished things turned out different(namefag, newfag)

No. 202478

Jeffrey Damher fanvid? She’s too edgy for us me thinks.

No. 202479

She's probably exaggerating it to look more disgusting, weird humor she has. Well, at least she has no problem laughing at herself.

No. 202500

Oh, Venus.
You’re so edgy. It’s almost like you aren’t a complete idiot that choose to lie and use people and ended up ruining her own life.

No. 202523

File: 1647966260356.png (1.13 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220322-122125.png)

Back to her asian fishing and now she has introduced a terrible striptease and knife play into her act.

She is trying to to be edgy now with that knife bigger then her toys. Can ONLY IMAGINE what we are going to have in store.

Remember her " accidentally cut my finger?" Clip showing blood and her knife?
Bet money we are gona end up seeing her cutting herself in her OF now.

No. 202526


Oh poor veeenoss, boohoo, forever the eternal victim, none of it her fault, anyone who had her upbringing would turn out the same!!! -Well NO THEY WOULDN'T! But the morons will always think so.

No. 202527


Jeffrey Dahmer? Where does he come into anything? Have I missed something?

No. 202537

Aaaand she’s back to filming herself on that mattress on the floor in Manaki’s apartment. Foul little creature.

No. 202539


She uploaded some weird video to her instagram story featuring Dahmer touching a woman's leg (i think), dancing in a wig and some other whacked-out shit. Think she deleted it.

No. 202540


Oh ok. I thought Dahmer was into guys though? I'm surprised she even knows who Dahmer was.

No. 202541

It's funny how she was struggling to cut the shirt with the knife at the end. Also her matress looks dirty. Bet she hasn't changed the covers in months.

No. 202542

Has anyone posted the link to her tiktok. I only had a link to her old tiktok. Don't know why she felt the need to create a new one when she already had the original one up.

No. 202543

File: 1647976293083.png (1.04 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220322-151009.png)


The ticktoc posted should be under @Venusangelic_official

No. 202562


It was pretty hard to tell, could've been a man but looked like a lady about the age of his grandma. The video was pretty unsettling, honestly. I watched it a few times trying to understand why she uploaded it but probably just her trying to be edgy.

No. 202607

File: 1647998800455.jpeg (319.1 KB, 1170x2256, 7E071FA6-7E37-4C31-A588-0A4914…)

She is in some sort of mentally ill state.

Watching her trying to be edgy and rapping or w.e she is doing here is so embarrassing omg.

(Not spoilering this bc while that looks like see-through underwear, I don’t think it is)

No. 202609

File: 1647998988705.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1128x2283, 6D4A3CCB-6318-415C-9F2E-7B851A…)

No. 202615

>this isn't an app for this kind of stuff
What do they mean, what is she doing?

No. 202617

Trying to be seductive. She puts her fingers in her mouth then rubs her body and is in her underwear

No. 202621


She does this stuff trying to be edgy but then deletes it soon afterwards. Makes you wonder what was the point of uploading it in the first place, only to delete it soon after. Hasn't she got the courage of her convictions? Either upload it and leave it there so we can all see it, as presumably the intention in uploading it and putting it out there in the first place was so that people can see it, or don't upload it at all. Just really annoying at this point.

No. 202624


Wonder how long this tiktok will last before that gets forgotten about by her too?
She does this, is active for a while on like Facebook or Instagram or Twitter and seems to go into a frenzy of activity there, posting stuff and then it gets abandoned again and left alone. It's seems it's only on only fans where she remains reasonably consistent and even on there, not that much from what has been said here about it.

No. 202627


Searching for that just brings forth melty.milly, a lookalike, silenceofthelambs2005 and other shit posted by other people, none of which I could be bothered to look at. I don't care about her content enough to have to go out of my way searching for it when it's not easy to find.

The stupid thing is she's got links to her other platforms on Instagram which shows everything else she's on but not tiktok.
Also updated her Insta bio, now says some crap about diamonds and lipstick, I really don't care enough to waste any more time on her. I'm only interested in the drama these days and she's just boring now and irrelevant.

No. 202628

No. 202629


So where's the video with the knife and her pouring drink over her? Can't find it anywhere now.

No. 202631


What are they going on about in the comments? Is this a video she's deleted? I found her crappy tiktok eventually, the new one. there's nothing on there where she's doing anything different to what any other type like this does on there. And I don't know why she's got that pathetic video with that other stupid bitch on there when I'm sure that's from her original tiktok. She's such a stupid inconsistent mess.

No. 202634

I don’t see content like that on TikTok. I mean it’s pretty tame, but that type of stuff just isn’t there. So it is awkward

No. 202637


Just because you personally haven't seen it, doesn't mean it's not there.
There's loads of sexy tiktoks, girls, and boys too.

No. 202638

>Hasn't she got the courage of her convictions?
is it your first day with her?
>upload it and leave it there so we can all see it
oh, it's a coomer.

No. 202639

fucking retard, put tiktok dot com /@Venusangelic_official

No. 202653

File: 1648016301312.jpeg (274.25 KB, 1170x1864, 1249D2E9-93CD-4ED7-B322-2918EB…)

Good grief this is honestly so unsettling. And not in the “cool edgy” way that she intended - she doesn’t look like a human being and it’s creepy as fuck. Here she slices her shirt off with a knife (with difficulty) after pouring a bottle of wine on herself. Any attempt at “edgy” pales to her fearfulness of showing her own face bc she doesn’t like it

No. 202654

File: 1648016604413.png (5.71 MB, 1170x2532, 65C9499C-D693-4806-8483-97D6DF…)

Samefag, but she really does everything possible to make sure you don’t see her actual face. Filtered into a robot and hiding the width of her face behind her hair. How does she feel when doing that?

No. 202659


Putting that brings up all kinds of other shit, like this https://www.tiktok.com/discover/venus-angelic?lang=en

No. 202660


So has she deleted this video? It wasn't there earlier and it's not there now. On her newest tiktok account there's only six videos including two old ones.

No. 202661


ps And here's the link to her new tiktok. https://www.tiktok.com/@venusangelic_official

No. 202662

Yes, she posted this on OF (19 likes) stating that it had previously been deleted from twitter

No. 202664


It says tiktok on the screencap though.

No. 202665

Sorry but you are just really bad at the internet. You used - instead of _. Two anons have spelled out how to get to her TikTok and it does work and does not involve excessive searching. You just type it in…

No. 202666

fucking unbelievable how retarded you are. I will not help you any further, you didn't do what the post actually says. Here, someone made it a clickable link for you, dumb cunt >>202661

No. 202667

File: 1648019447340.jpg (28.79 KB, 312x556, Vq.JPG)

>>she really does everything possible to make sure you don’t see her actual face.

She doesn't seem to mind showing it here. Taken not from the same video but same session it seems. I think you're reading too much into it, don't forget she's a piss taker.

No. 202668

File: 1648019576607.jpg (26.08 KB, 309x555, Venus.JPG)


And she's obv giving the fingers here to indicate up yours to anyone watching, which knowing her, is probably a little dig at everyone who speculates about her.

No. 202669

>showing it here
As if this were her actual face, lmao you simpering simp
>don't forget she's a piss taker.
kys simp

No. 202670

File: 1648019675460.jpeg (1 MB, 1128x2074, E717E5E8-A371-4F3E-A293-EDA2F1…)

You’re right, but this is a screenshot from OF. I guess she posted it as a screenshot from her TikTok, which is odd. Here you can see it posted on OF and has the TikTok logo

No. 202672

Sure, but her face literally warps on screen from filters. It gets bigger and smaller. That isn’t her face and that is my point.
There really isn’t a reason to debate “is there a filter”, that’s already been discussed
My point was it is strange to see her act “edgy” while also showing intense insecurity about her face

No. 202674

Do you think her eyes are bigger than her nose and mouth?

It isn’t real and Venus herself talks about it. She says everyone filters their face, and that filtering her face is “useful”. Fair point I guess, but she doesn’t look like that

No. 202678

>is strange to see her act “edgy” while also showing intense insecurity about her face
This isn't true anon. She has done both of these things, at the same time, for a long time

No. 202748

Genuinely looks like a alien

No. 202797

>>after pouring a bottle of wine on herself.
…while sitting on that moldy mattress on the floor, in the room where she drunkenly drops food on the floor, then picks it up and eats it. What does that rats nest smell like, I wonder? Besides cheap wine, rancid food leftovers, b.o. and dirty laundry?

No. 202798

19 likes, huh? Lol. So much for that fiction of top 0.5% accounts on OF!!

No. 202799

She's going for the finger because that's what "Jirai girls" do lmao.

No. 202802

The cute content was never genuine. She was just trying on a persona, as she always does. The only genuine thing about her is greed, laziness, love for money and attention.

No. 202826


I really don't get what she's going for with this. Who is it meant to appeal to? It isn't sexy at all, it's just weird and off putting.

No. 202840

Where can I watch the video?

No. 202855


It was on tiktok but they deleted it. I guess some outraged type maybe reported it.
Apparently she then posted it on only fans but I haven't seen it and if you want to, you'll have to sign up with them.

No. 202903

File: 1648139535205.png (297.68 KB, 1124x1124, IMG_1402.png)

No. 202909

hi i'm venus and i look like a cracked out prematurely aged alcoholic would be more accurate

No. 203054


Curious if that ring on her right finger is that " Cartier" piece of jewelry she is talking about.

She always said she wanted her husband to buy her a ring.

It's on the right, I don't know if Japanese culture puts the wedding on the right or left or if any at all, but I do know Europeans have it on the right, considering she's from Europe.

Or is it from her boifriend?

No. 203087


Um, are you talking about venus? Only what you're replying to is from a thread about somebody else.

No. 203092

they mistyped. you >>203054, click the post number to reply to it and avoid mistakes. also put the word sage in the email field if you have no new info

No. 203098

this thread is on autosage and doesnt bump to the front page anyway, so it doesnt make a difference if you sage or not, but i'll do it just to satisfy you

No. 203175

Sorry the ring post was for

Sometimes the >> won't work even when I hit the button. Sorry for typos mistake.

No. 203176

No. 203234

File: 1648269012689.jpg (1.41 MB, 1440x3088, Screenshot_20220325-212855_Ins…)

No. 203235

File: 1648269076037.jpg (1.5 MB, 1440x3088, Screenshot_20220325-212849_Ins…)

No. 203236

File: 1648269135227.jpg (Spoiler Image,959.57 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220326-002434_Ins…)

This bitch is an absolute hot ass mess.

No. 203238


You guys are faster to share that new pics. I was about to do the same.

But WTF is she planning on doing now? Jumping out of a bus? Will the Japanese news cover this accident?

No. 203240

She's shit talking Mana again too. Totally sperging in her stories. We getting milk today.

No. 203242

Can't you at least spoiler her nasty ass hand, no one wants to see that.
Wtf is she doing, jumping from "hey I am suicidal" to "I wanna be a gamer guuurl" in seconds?

No. 203243

So she jumped in front of a bus just to tell people about how she jumped in front of a bus?… I can't with her anymore absolutely speechless

No. 203244


I doubt very much she jumped in front of a bus. More likely tripped over something or even more likely fell down because she was drunk.

No. 203245

Girl don’t kill yourself by jumping in front of a bus, if the driver tried to avoid hitting you then the many passengers on the bus might get injured or in worst case scenario, died. Idk. Not encouraging suicide but if you’re doing it at least don’t get others hurt physically.

No. 203246


Come on, she's obviously not suicidal. She is joking. She's looking for ideas about games and she wouldn't be doing that if suicidal. She probably just tripped or something, maybe a paving slab was raised or something slippy on ground or she just stumbled, it happens if people aren't careful enough i guess. Venus just likes to make jokey little remarks about things doesn't she?!

No. 203247

True, nobody jumps in front of a bus and is like “look at my broken nails”
But she still seems unhinged to think this is a good way to interact on the internet to people who know she is an alcoholic

No. 203258

What do you guys think about that picture of her bloody hand?

I remember years ago her mother mentioned Venus can get extreme angry and totally freaking out sometimes when something’s not going her way.
Maybe she snapped and ripped of her Acryl nails until it started to bleed.

No. 203260

Maybe she snapped over something, ripped of her nails and took a picture of her hand because she likes to make people worry for her?!

No. 203263

Idk the scabs on her hands look more like they scraped against something. I think she was in a drunken stupor and fell, and caught herself with her hands.

Probably got home and drunk posted afterwards - hence the pictures. I agree she probably wanted people to worry about her, that seems to be how she seeks validation

No. 203275

I highly doubt she jumped in front of a bus she would have broken limbs or be in hospital and not just have a grazed hand it would be all over body marks and on her face most likely too. Not only that if you just jumped in front of a bus you wouldn’t be able to play games on the pc

No. 203277

I doubt that she actually jumped in front of a bus. She wouldn't be able to lie in a comfortable bed with lots of alcohol (those bottles don't look like the just survived a "crash"), in a room with a huge television.

She probably just stumbled and fell on the ground and couldn't react fast enough, because she was drunk. Or she fell out of a bus.

No. 203278

The larger scab shaped like a curved finger nail like she drug her fingers into her palm and purposely dug the skin of?

No. 203279

File: 1648288210936.jpeg (Spoiler Image,383.96 KB, 1125x1875, 8C05EFB5-8F5B-4CB3-9BD4-461E0B…)

Oh god.. she is a born pornstar pornstar.. she has sooooo much fun doing porn.. everybody can see it.. so amazing! ….


No. 203280

File: 1648288317109.jpeg (Spoiler Image,378.02 KB, 1125x1867, D588C3DD-AE0A-43C8-B160-01B9D1…)

… and her face.. she looks insane.. and bloated

No. 203281

File: 1648288369024.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 1125x1890, BE1F3228-F28E-4AA0-A48D-ABDB0C…)

So sexy.. not

No. 203286

It looks like she took this picture in a bar (or any place you can have a drink)

No. 203288

I bet that's illegal. She's lucky she is too obscure for the vtuber agency to know about this.

No. 203291

What happened to her being ‘so gay’? Like so gay she had to post about it every second when she started a only fans? She hasn’t mentioned it since and nor has she been with any females. Guarantee it was for her smexy of clout. But ew least this guy trimmed his pubes this time

No. 203292

I knew this was gona happen.
The fashion trend for " dangerous girl" Jirei kei encourage the " hurting of one's self" the gain the attention and $$$.
Basically tells someone " I had a bad day doing porn, I didn't make enough, if you don't send money, I'm worthless and will hurt myself"

I highly doubt she jumped in front of a buss. Looks more like a drunk fall and busted her hand and nails.
I'm sure we are going to see alot more self harm in one shape or form. This is not her first self harm attention gab.

And omggggg to her dick sucking porn in everyway…the most unappealing thing still….

No. 203293


Terrible yellow low lighting. Harsh shadows.
AGREE!!!! Get your boy to shave his balls!! You say you a porn star but these hobo ungroomed, hairy balls covering her face is so unappealing.
Very obvious anyone who want to fuck Venus is a pathetic loser at this point ….
Is it even fucking for her? Looks more like tinker donker dinker play.

Just another way to make shitty content again. Bitch has zero clue again about the porn world
Maybe she should watch one for once on her life.

Pathetic choice of dick and how she even holds it….her small hands will not make that small dick look any bigger

No. 203294


I remember all of this noise from forever ago.
I recall it being a big deal for her to " come out * expressing her attraction to girls.

I don't have backup for this except I do recall during those time of Venus coming out for clout, she was starting to hang w other e-famu weeks in Japan and she tried to Convince one of the girls to trade husbands and sleep with them, or something of that degree.

Venus never liked females for sexual pleasure, nor does Venus like females at all I think. She has zero female friends nor does Venus come off as anything but wanting to please ONLY men.
She never was into girls like she lead us on to believe. Just larping a manga or latest trendy thing going on.

No. 203296

It's not illegal to do cosplay porn, it IS however against Cover's terms of usage, so all it takes is a report and she'll be in trouble for it.

No. 203322

the same thing that happened with Vina being bisexual, girlies lie for attention.

No. 203326

Nah, her hand is too bloody form just falling on the ground, I remember I had similar injuries after falling from a moving bicycle, this was a hard landing, not just a small fall on the ground.
I think she wasn't lying this time.

No. 203336

Isn't the vtuber shark girl a Loli? Fucking gross.

I don't doubt manasan is a coomer otaku but I wish she would just leave him or shut up about him. We've heard her complain about him for years now and it's tiresome.

She obviously didn't jump in front of a bus, she would be held up in some sort of hospital or institution ffs, not at home playing monster hunter and drinking.

No. 203339

hey, any of you have a link to the "i hate my husband" lifestream from this year, 2022?

No. 203342

I realy think she is just a little psyco (she needs help) and the videos guy is no ther but Manaki. How could she get to record them at home living with HER HUSBAND, at his house???? At least the homemade ones. Also, why she still refears him as "husband"? gurl if u hate him so much go and dont ever see his face again, stop living at his home…

No. 203349

No. 203368

She just films them at love hotels.

No. 203387

One of my elderly family members fell down once and had the exact same injuries on his hands and his face was also busted up from the fall. It is possible she just fell. Full on jumping in front of a bus would more than likely lead to more severe injuries. I don't think she'd be posting about gaming and would be in a hospital,granted maybe she did that first and posted this after being released. I don't remember what has her last post before this story and the time interval between them.

No. 203389

I think the gay thing was her initial cover when she and Mana split. To explain their breakup and make her look less like an illegal visa chaser. "She was gay the whole time, she just conveniently realized that after enough years of marriage when she could apply for PR", something like that.

No. 203390

>her small hands will not make that small dick look any bigger
Her hands are actually pretty big for a girl but agreed, video is trash

No. 203394

Right, at least police would be involved

No. 203397

Venus is not elderly tho, you can't compare between an elderly and a 20+ year old. Elderly people fall and break Pelvis bones jesus christ (one of the strongest bones in the body), so ofc your family memeber will get tough injuries as well.
Anyways, ofc the bus stopped in time so perhaps she got a bump from the bus and pushed her and made her fall really hard on the graound, so she got minor injuries. I can imagine this happening…
Besides, I've always speculated she will some day really kill herself.
She is obviously mentally unhealthy and hates herself.

No. 203405

Oh ffs she was stumbling around drunk in public (again) and fell on the sidewalk, scraping her hand. Not the first time she’s been sloppy drunk on the streets and it won’t be the last. She’s a hard core drunk and has been for years.

No. 203408

Maybe. Who knows.
But why is so hard to believe she would do something extreme?
She already has an extreme lifestyle…doing porn?

No. 203416

Maybe, because those injuries don't look like she walked in front of a bus, and she's not in any kind of hospital. IF that really happened, the bus driver would have called the police and an ambulance. In no way would she have been able to just go home, without getting examined. IF that was, what happened, she would have photographed a bandaged hand, just to be even more dramatic.

Also, neither the bag, nor it's content looks like it had been involved in such an accident.

No. 203417

Anyone that thinks she threw herself into a fucking moving bus, survived and ONLY have scrapes need to re-evaluate their life and stop being horny for her. Not only would she have broken bones, she has no bruise that shows an impact happened that would be different from falling and scraping herself up (which is what happened.)

It's so damn sad she's trying to get sympathy for literally no reason.

No. 203419

Placing bets that’s she just fell over while drunk but wants to play the sympathy card

No. 203443

Can someone post the Instagram story to the thread? I'm curious to see her "injuries"

No. 203465

They did? The only injury shown was her hand:


No. 203466

File: 1648346582546.jpeg (400.69 KB, 1156x928, 54A999C8-DFED-4C75-ABCA-731D80…)

I think it really happened but obviously we don’t know the full context (how fast the bus was moving, etc.)

She clearly was ok enough to be in a non-hospital bed drinking alcohol and talking about video games

No. 203471


of course she wouldn't have actually jumped in front of a bus, at least not purposely. It's most likely she fell, maybe drunk, also, three things to remember, one, she lies, didn't she admit to being a compulsive liar? two, she likes to fish for sympathy from her worried fans, and three, she has admitted more than once to being clumsy, not her fault about that, some people just naturally are, but not helped if she was in a rush, or in a rush when also drunk. that is the most likely scenario. Drunk, also her natural clumsiness, somehow caused her to fall and she put her hand out to save herself and it scraped on the ground or wall or whatever it was she put her hand on.

No. 203473


She has said she's bisexual though, so she's probably interested in women too, but maybe she can only get guys to film with her so far.

Also, what's with the hairy legs on that guy, he may have shaved pubes, but the leg hair is gross? I've never seen a Japanese guy with hairy thighs like that, not nice.

No. 203475


Well I for one wouldn't want to see a bigger dick. As dicks go this one is at least acceptable, unlike the hairy legs. It's a common misconception that all women only like big dicks, they don't! After all, a dick is not exactly the most pleasant looking of a body part to see, and the bigger they are the uglier they are. The smaller the better for my tastes thank you very much!

No. 203478

>>She already has an extreme lifestyle…doing porn

Oh please, not this again! Just because she does porn does not mean she has an "extreme" lifestyle. Just bloody grow up. June Lovejoy does far more real porn than Venus ever does and I don't call June's lifestyle at all "extreme", she has a very stable lifestyle looking after herself and her two cats.

No. 203481

He talks to her a bit in the blowjob compilation video and his voice is really deep and doesn’t sound like manaki

No. 203485

How does this Kirie know it’s not a joke?

Does this look like she is genuinely happy to be alive?

No. 203488

Idk but they talk a lot because they work on her OF together. Usually he is doing crowd control (“she’s just being edgy, don’t take it so seriously, etc”. “Really she is OK!”). So this response is atypical

No. 203496

Stop normalizing porn, ok?
Some minority of people can handle porn (perhaps maybe only on the surface), but most don't. Porn is a destructive business, to every individual, even if they seem happy. Venus obviously doesn't handle porn graciously.

No. 203502

Does this ‘Kirie’ guy even know her irl to know that this jumping in front of a bus thing really happened? or is he just going off of what she says happened (she lies. a lot.) Does he even live in Japan? I remember someone saying he lives somewhere that is not Japan. I wonder if they’ve ever even met in person?

He strikes me as a gullible and easily manipulated person who believes whatever she tells him.

No. 203504


I don't care about porn and don't watch it.
I don't see why people feel the need to go on a crusade about it every five minutes on this site. It's lolcow, not a platform for anti porn crusaders to try and convert people to their cause!

No. 203507

Yeah i think this too. Alcoholics bruise and hurt themselves more easily so it’s pretty likely. If she jumped in front of a bus there would be way more serious injuries.

No. 203509

File: 1648362745985.jpeg (342.81 KB, 1115x1598, 1D0B9F9E-ADE9-4DE6-8106-398C89…)

No. 203510

File: 1648362780393.jpeg (361.63 KB, 1123x1588, 48293A2A-83BF-4B92-BE50-2EFA52…)

No. 203511

File: 1648362807092.jpeg (383.5 KB, 1125x1689, E923561C-0519-4797-90FB-E834EF…)

No. 203512

File: 1648362831875.jpeg (339.07 KB, 1125x1563, 78F5113E-BFF9-4D81-9367-6D18D7…)

No. 203513

File: 1648362861633.jpeg (247.39 KB, 1125x1390, FB2B65EC-B55A-44A6-BFBA-BA6E4E…)

No. 203514

File: 1648362884055.jpeg (276.61 KB, 1125x1551, 09C86E23-7A57-4210-9D8C-1ECEC3…)

No. 203515

File: 1648362975839.jpg (883.39 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20220327-023433.jpg)

Self aware wenus saga lmao

No. 203516

>my Sewf aware princess uwu
kys SIMP

No. 203517

>guys I'm going to start being the real venus and true to myself.
I think she actually unironically is brain damaged. Some kind of head injury or overdose or maybe the umbilical cord strangled her during birth or something, because how can she not realize this is the thirty-eighth time she has announced the same 'realization'

No. 203520

Since when has Venus "played internet games like crazy" or "researched all kinds of subjects" lmao. She didn't even know how to play fall guy and called world of warcraft "world of warships" and Elden Ring, Elden Rings. She was NEVER a gamer, so she's already lying and being untrue to herself. And she's already mentioned all this before, about making up personas for escapism and to feel she has a personality. Nothing knew here, yet she presents it as some grand, eye-opening reveal. She forgets she's pretty much said all of this before. Except admitting she has an inferiority complex.

No. 203521

World of warships is a game but I am pretty sure she meant WoW. If she became "a gAmEr gUrL", she'd just be putting on another fake personality since it's obvious she has no true interest in video games.

No. 203523

This. This histrionic bitch just needs attention to live like a vampire needs blood.

No. 203524

Also, what does restriction have to do with her not being "her true self?" She struggled with ED and that's a part of who she is, or is she saying she faked all that?

No. 203525

Everyone can see that this is an endledd repeating cycle, why can't she? She's been at this point a million times. It'll be 2 or 3 weeks before she starts posting booze photos again and give "edgy" replies to everyone who posts concern about her. Meanwhile she'll continue doing porn and tell everyone how much she loves it while everyone can see how in her face miserable she really is about it.

No. 203526

>why can't she?
Maybe she can, but she doesn't bother to keep track of what she posts on social media because it's just random garbage to keep her accounts active enough to not lose the basis of her OF etc income, her large sub base. I'm not saying her yt subscribers are her OF subs but without the former there wouldn't be any of the latter, and that applies to the future too since her porn content is absolute beyond worst shit tier

No. 203534

Here we go again.
New persona : gamer girl.

No. 203535

She should just take an internet break

No. 203537

I wonder who is stopping her from being herself? Her family? Her friends? Her co-workers? The husband she doesn't give a shit about? Her simps who lap up everything she posts anyways?

How is she already asking for game suggestions? Can this self-proclaimed nerd seriously not come up with a single game she would enjoy playing?

No. 203554

File: 1648390743790.bmp (872.99 KB, 609x489, PPANGELIC.bmp)

Please consider my epic manga retelling for the new thread pic

No. 203556

Seems like the right ime to go back with lame husbando loser that only plays gta, Venus.

No. 203560

She could have also been really drunk and crossed the street on a red light rather than INTENTIONALLY jumping in front of a vehicle

No. 203562

He's hairy, chubby and probably old too. Definitely a downgrade from Mana.

No. 203563

I think so too, unless she has worse unshown injuries and even then, I doubt it's something intentional,but more like she was drunk and didnt look both ways before crossing. Hard to trust her since she said she likes to makeup abuse and pity stories and embellished all her experiences, including her "abuse" with Margo and Manaki and managers.

No. 203565

Venus deleted her last two insta stories. They were about her boyfriend, whom she called "motherfucker". She wrote something about him telling her he loved her with teary eyes and asking her how she got like this and in the second something about her yelling at him to give her sake and choosing alcohol over him.

No. 203566

Are we supposed to believe that she chose to drink and be jirai because she felt her "real" personality was too "uncool?" She is just blame-shifting and making excuses. She was always allowed to be who she wanted. And I sincerely doubt her friends, especially her earlier weeb friends or Manaki were telling her these things. She was also never a gamer who played "games like crazy" and I feel like she's making this shit up to start her gamer girl saga. She is as always, being untrue and this whole "realization" is NOT new. She has said different iterations of the same thing for YEARS now. Whis is she acting like its some sort of grand realization. It seems so performative to me. I also think she fell or if her injuries turn out more extensive, got hit accidently while drunk and is now playing up the jirai shit by saying it was intentional so she can seem even more extreme and sympathy grab. There is literally no way to prove it wasn't an accident vs intentional, if it really did happen.

No. 203568

She's going to call him abusive isn't she? Everyone is the abuser, except her.

No. 203572

er family isn't stopping her. Mana isn't stopping her. She has no co-workers. When she felt Margo was stopping her, she left, although that was more about just getting to Japan illegally than about Margo imo based off venus' contradictory story afterwards. Her simps and fans are not stopping her, she never regarded them before and completely switched from the kawaii stuff they liked. I doubt her sugar daddies are stopping her either, given she freely shits and slanders them online, I doubt she'd let them have power over her behaviour. She is simply making up excuses for her shitty behaviour again.

No. 203574

File: 1648395258824.jpeg (269.59 KB, 1125x2039, FB8DAF8B-1221-4156-B9DD-CBB429…)

No. 203575

File: 1648395327978.jpeg (305.62 KB, 1125x2060, 3EFABCCD-BC5E-42F2-B929-051A1C…)

No. 203576

>>my reality was…playing internet games like crazy, shitposting on forums,…researching all kinds of subjects…
She answers the question ‘what does this girl DO all day? No school, no job, etc.’ Here’s what she does all day everyday- sits in a room in front of a computer screen. That’s it, that’s her life. And she has no wish or ambition to do anything else, so that’s all she’ll do in the future. Unless her enabler doormat takes action to cut her off, she’ll be sitting in that room in front of a screen until the day she dies, and he’ll be stuck with her drunk ass planted in his apartment like a barnacle.

No. 203579

>>stopping her from being herself

Does she even know who "herself" is? Maybe she's one of these 'empty' people who has no real "self" to speak of and can only take on aspects of other peoples' personas and that is how they get through life. There is a name for this but I can't think of it. It wouldn't be her fault if she was born with this, but there are people like that and they learn to mimic other people as a way of getting by and fitting in with the world to an extent they can cope with, but it's confusing for other people as they can't maintain the mimicry for long before they start copying another person's attributes and they end up a mishmash of all different personalities. I'm probably not explaining it very well and wish I could remember what it's called or what condition it's meant to be.

In Venus case maybe she tries all these different personas, gamer gurl whatever, but because she has no actual real interest in any of it, it just feels unsatisfying and empty.

I know what it's like to grow up feeling I wasn't being allowed to be myself, and even now, I don't feel I fit in any way much with the culture I live in, but it doesn't make me behave like Venus, so I think there is not really that that can be used as an excuse for why she is like she is, I think there is more to it than that in her case, like she has this lack of real personality, or emptiness inside and she tries to fill the emptiness with different ways, I wish I could explain it better, I also often feel emptiness inside but like I said it doesn't make me behave like Venus because I just don't have it in me to behave like her. - She has some sort of lack of a switch that turns on to tell people don't do this it's destructive and can harm yourself or others. I really do think now that her mother may have been right in describing her as a psychopath, though I don't think she is a true one, more like psychopathic tendencies she has as a result of being one of those 'empty' people with no real personality of their own, only what they 'borrow' from other people.

No. 203580


Yes. Also she's probably just a pleasure seeker who wants immediate and instant thrills and can't cope when she can't have that endlessly. As long as she can generate enough income to be able to buy trinkets or whatever which pleases her for a while she can feel a bit satisfied, so she needs to keep her income stream coming in to be able to buy things.

No. 203583


More likely. And Venus being Venus, when she started thinking about it afterwards she saw it was a way to post something to make the worriers worry about her even more. As she admitted before now, she likes it when she knows people are worrying about her. Didn't she even say it turns her on? I'm sure she did, I remember thinking how awful that you can feel turned on by knowing you've made someone worry about you. it seemed really messed up and I can't imagine ever feeling such a thing. I mean, how? How is it even possible to be able to feel turned on by knowing you've made anonymous strangers worry about your welfare?

No. 203586


OT but does anyone remember the name of one of the very first weebs, who used to post videos with Japanese titles, of herself just staring into the camera saying nothing? She was American, I think, and I think her real name was Mirium. She ended up living in Japan as it was where she always want to be and was interviewed on Japanese tv. I think she made a small number of videos where she said something, but most of the time she never spoke, just stared blankly into the camera. She was insanely popular for a long while. She must be over 30 now. I always thought how come she doesn't somehow get together with Venus for a collab, seeing as how the weebs who go to Japan to live seem to gravitate towards one another.

No. 203588

>>shitposting on forums

I wonder if that includes here? Has she ever really been here posting stuff I wonder?

No. 203589


It's like the words to that song she sang when she was dressed in the polar bear costume. About always choosing sake over any lover, My Dreams Bloom At Night I think it was called.

No. 203600

Is that his nickname motherfucker or is he some sort of guy who like to be treated like dirt almost like a pay pig

No. 203616

That’s what’s kinda crazy about her having grown up with only knowing people on the Internet. She has to ask her followers what they prefer she should play instead of just choosing something she’d like, She has to ask what what people want to see instead of saying this is what I want to do. She can’t do anything unless someone tells her to do it.

No. 203623

She asks people for the advice and does this behavior to protect her " Dolly" image of her not thinking for herself and having nothing inside.
She does this often, but also never follows though with much of it tho. It's just a bait for fans to interact to keep them coming back to her page for exposure.

No. 203626

I think you're referring to Magibon

No. 203631


June definitely seems normal and settled and well balanced and nothing like Venus. One only has to follow her Instagram and see her posts on there to see she's vastly different to Venus. A good example of someone who has made a success for herself out of the porn industry.

No. 203632


Magibon, that's her. She's 35 now. Seems she was last active in Dec 2021 on twitch.

Seems like she's still living in Japan. O wonder what her life is like there? It looks like she's settled. I wonder if she has a boyfriend or SO? She was one of the very first weebs and quite interesting.

No. 203633

File: 1648409699708.jpg (35.06 KB, 979x299, Magibon.JPG)


And well well, Venus follows her on Insta!

No. 203644

She posted a story about trying to figure out how to do AA as a Wiccan.

Christianity or witchcraft? Which is it, Venus?!?

And I can’t believe her boyfriend told her he loved her, and all she can do is call him “motherfucker”. Ugh, he needs to just run.

No. 203647

She has to ask for game ideas because 1. She has no genuine interest in video games and has even stated "they're a waste of time" and she doesn't like them and 2. She obviously wants to play the games that would get her the most views and since she doesn't like games, she just wants to get the most exposure/money from it.

No. 203649

She's clearly abusive to him. She just admit she "screams at him" over sake, just like Margo said she'd throw tantrums that Venus vehemently denied. She is also probably using him for money as a sugar daddy and as a backup to Manaki to protect her visa, hence why she said she wants a marriage ring from her boyfriend. She's totally sociopathic and still using people for her own gain.

No. 203652

So now she’s openly cheating on Doormataki (not only openly but fucking bragging about it) in addition to spreading lies about him AND continuing to leech off him. She’s a fucking scumbag.

No. 203654

She's BEEN openly cheating on Manaki for over a year now. Idk if you would even call it "cheating" anymore at this point since they seem to be separated within the marriage, just not legally. They're both too spineless to get the divorce over with already, probably because Manaki is a Jellyfish and lets Venus drag out the process because she can't find someone else to shack up with for an extended time yet.
HOW is he still letting her live with him I don't know. I guess since they are still technically married, he is not legally allowed to make her leave.

No. 203659

People with BPD do that all the time. It's called mirroring. They consciously or subconsciously adopt the interests and traits of others because they have no stable sense of self. Amberlynn Reid does it too, she even copies her girlfriends accents.

No. 203663

Girl, no one cares

No. 203698


I don't know who that is, but I was told years ago by some lesbian doctor who had a crush on me, (not going to go into any details about that fact, but take my word for it, there were things that happened that were wrong!) anyhow she told me I had a personality disorder, which left me feeling hopeless and despairing, but I determined not to take any notice of what she said and also stayed away from doctors after that, the point is I often felt that emptiness inside and never fit in anywhere, but I always had interests, lots of them, but with Venus she doesn't seem to have any real interests, except wanting to live in Japan, which she achieved, so have to give her credit for at least that, but I don't think having a personality disorder in and of itself is enough to explain the way Venus behaves. It's more likely, she is, as her mother has constantly said, she is either completely psychopathic or at least has psychopathic tendencies. I can't speak for everyone with personality disorders obviously, but I have never felt the need to mirror anyone else's behaviour or take on any aspects of another person's personality, rather I have a strong sense of self, and know what I like and what I don't like, but with Venus, it seems she doesn't really like anything much and latches onto anything she thinks will make her audience stay interested in her.

No. 203700

Ohhh I get it now - what she does with her hours online is read reddit - she's been reading those subreddits where the opening posts are people's personal stories (that they completely make up). This is exactly the diction of those posts, down to the punctuation, word choice, tone and everything

No. 203713


What a total waste of time. What does she, or anyone, get out of it? I think she just likes trolling.

No. 203720

File: 1648440124576.jpg (241.31 KB, 1280x720, lollol.jpg)

The girl who was asking for some game suggestions when she's already playing the real-life Persona series herself :

No. 203734

Armchairing here, but I don’t think she has BPD. To me she seems like a typical case of HPD (histrionic personality disorder). People with BPD tend to not be quite so extremely attention seeking and provocatively sexual as those with HPD.(armchairing)

No. 203763

File: 1648473237512.jpg (455.74 KB, 1033x1915, IMG_20220328_151327.jpg)

No. 203764

File: 1648473265585.jpg (506.98 KB, 1080x1921, IMG_20220328_151309.jpg)

No. 203771

Guess she lurked here and read people saying she looks fine for someone supposedly hit by a FUCKING BUS.

No. 203825

Exactly. She’s your basic drunk NEET. Her drunk ass would be out on the streets without her doormat husband (who she HATES but continues to leech off of.)

And what’s the deal with this “boyfriend” who’s suddenly appeared? Why not move in with him if they’re such a hot item? Could it be because…he’s an online boyfriend? Or maybe an imaginary bf?

No. 203827


These boyfriends are real.
Who else is she gonna be posting online of who's dick she's sucking ? It's deff not a random ass stranger she picked up off the street.

These boys she posts her dick suck is of her boyfriend/ manager.
Manaki dosent come off as someone who wants to have his dick posted online for the world to see.

No. 203828


And I find it hard to believe that Manaki would have hairy thighs like that, ugh!

No. 203831


That Kirie persona who helps her with her only fans, and let's face it, any other thot wouldn't need any help and would be managing their own only fans, is in america i think and seems to have her confidence so maybe it's him. The guys she shows giving blowjobs to may not be actual boyfriends but just somebody hired for the video, like low rent porn actors past their best? I don't know, but just saying just because somebody gets their dick sucked by her and filmed, it don't necessarily follow that it has to be an actual boyfriend of hers.

No. 203840

I doubt she would hire someone. Either it's her bf or some clients

No. 203849

Y'all remember when she was posting to those dating apps and such?
It's how she found Ken first.
We know this because now of her blowjob video , with the chipped red nails, that was when she was with Ken.

After they broke up, she met this new guy ( sorry can't remember his name ) this new guy I'm sure is a back up she met on the date apps or was one of her long time lurkers who convinced her porn was better.

Anyway the current hairy man I assume is actually her current boyfriend/ manager ( I believe he is one in the same)
So her manager who is running her OF is the one she posted the 2nd dick sucking video of.

No. 203850

I'm confused why she needs a manager for her OF? she literally doesn't have anything else to do all day, she has nothing but time yet still needs help with her online activities?

No. 203868

you're seriously question leg hair on a man? I swear some you guys act like you've never been around real humans before

No. 203873

..no kirie runs her OF and he is an incel in america

No. 203876

She's more than likely a narc with NPD. Delusional, thinks she's better than others, manipulative, vain, excessive lying, using others and seeing them as tools, selfish, abusive and lot's of psychological projection among other things.

No. 203878

She's been cheating since AT LEAST 2019 when she was with Gaku Kitano and posting pater ads and claiming she was gay to excuse her coming split with Manaki. Basically she can't be with him because she found out she's gay is what I think she was initially going for, so that her audience wouldn't suspect illegal visa fraud, as they split right around the time should could have applied for PR.

She also stated her 2nd time attempting to have sex was with Mana when she was 19, and the first time she had sex, she didn't name the person as "her husband", so it likely was not Mana, but they were dating since she was a teen, so she probably cheated on Mana then as well and it could have possibly been with the Korean dude Margo talked about, way back when pulltards immediately excused Venus and said it was Margo in the pictures and passed it off as fact.

No. 203881

next thread pic pls, tho if gamer girl arc goes through please pick >>203720 instead

So lemme get this straight, venus said she jumped in front of a bus, but according to her major simp on discord she conveniently left out the fact that she was drunk when the accident happened?

No. 203892

Despite being married, she didn't have a visa so she had to go Korea every three months. She had her surgery three months after running away from Margot and cheated during one of her stays. She said this in this (selected) video in which she explained she's basically a virgin

No. 203904

All of the porn videos are the same dude (including red-chip nails era and the recent one)

The penis has some distinguishing features that are consistent (color, and a bit of skin at the top that looks like precum at some angles). Why do I do this

No. 203915

could people stop calling it "cheating" when the fucking marriage is a literal sham visa marriage

>>203881 no, these aren't as funny as you thought when you made them

No. 203918


But isn't the one who helps her run only fans this kirie guy? And someone on here said he's in america so it can't be him in the pictures.

No. 203920


I wouldn't be questioning it on some horrible hairy caucasian guy, but asians are not at all usually hairy like that, especially on thighs, at least none that i've seen. Maybe it's a much older guy, maybe they get hairy like that with age? But I've seen guys with loads of hair on their lower legs, which is gross but not on thighs, and then again the ones with hairy lower legs were not asian guys. Maybe it's a caucasian man she's hooked up with there.

No. 203935

JFC I never thought I would say this but can you please stop shaming men about a natural part of their body? It’s rude, but mostly annoying how often you come to the Venus Angelic thread to talk about your own personal preferences. Get your own thread and talk about yourself there

No. 203942

How is it 2022 and we got people in here shaming body hair it’s such a reach just stop

No. 203944

>I wouldn't be questioning it on some horrible hairy caucasian guy, but asians are not at all usually hairy like that, especially on thighs, at least none that i've seen.

Then you haven't seen enough naked asian guys. (And no, I don't have a history of sleeping with hundreds of Asian guys. All you need to do is go to a mixed onsen)

No. 203950

Asian dudes have less chest and facial hair, but just as much leg (and back) hair as everyone else.

Source: Live in Japan. Am Male. Often go to onsen.(Source: no one cares, moid)

No. 203997

This is real life, not an anime

No. 204018

There is tons of asians that are hairy both women and men. Nothing wrong with body hair it’s just hair omg. Seem like to much anime damage people’s brain.

No. 204021


Stop double posting. And not everybody likes body hair, which is why there is a billion dollar industry devoted to getting rid of it.

No. 204024


Seems like there must be a lot of apes reading here seeing as how many people have got triggered just by someone not likeing body hair!

As for how dreadful that somebody could come to lolcow and say something that looks like body shaming - really??? People are seriously complaining about body shaming, in lolcow??? Body shaming of one sort or another is all we ever see here sometimes.

No. 204025

Maybe Venus has got herself a fat hairy white guy.

No. 204028

The reason why it is a big deal is that Venus is now in what she considers the Porn Industry.
A ungroomed figure is off putting.

Porn is selling the fantasy and what she produces is nothing fantasy worthy at all.

Her choice of males just aren't what people want to see in porn. Atleast shave and butter up. Appealing to the audience.

I swear some of y'all really need to see a porn to understand the importance of a well groomed pornstar.

No. 204032

>>This is real life, not an anime

Anime??? LOL What has anime got to do with anything?

You saying that only people who watch anime are the only people who don't like body hair?

That's a very weird thing to say. I don't watch anime but it don't mean I like body hair, and thinking anyone who don't watch anime should, is just odd.

No. 204034


Sad to say I've seen porn with well groomed women and young but some of the men have been just yuck, old, fat, hairy, bald, probably to appeal to the ugly sort of dudes to make them think there's a chance for them to find someone young and hot too.

And before anyone says something about that, porn is not something I watch or seek out, but everyone has seen some at some time.

Glad to say I've also seen Japanese porn which has at least had more streamlined males, but I don't watch porn as a regular thing so not an expert on what the people involved look like. But in what I have seen, it's not unusual to see white men with body hair somewhere, but never seen Japanese men with body hair like that. They just produce less body hair, that is a genetic fact.

No. 204070

Can we all shut the fuck off with the hair discussion?

No. 204100

She's married. Sleeps around with other guys. Manaki seems to have believed Venus actually loved him and he talked about having kids with her, while he was just a tool so she could get to Japan. It is cheating, you dumb anon.

No. 204101

All she said was her second time having sex was at 19 with Manaki and her first time was an unspecified time before that with someone she did not refer to as boyfriend/husband. She did not specify it was when she went back to korea, so it could have been before she even left Korea while she was dating Mana, aka the dude Margo said she caught her with while she was drunk.

No. 204123

File: 1648616836562.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1170x2262, BCECDA3E-B7EF-4B29-905B-39A17F…)

Kinda seems like her hand is the only injury and she is milking it for sympathy

No. 204130

>a week ago 'look i cut my hand'
>now: 'i jumped in front of a bus', which happened to cause the same hand to be cut again.
Every single thing she posts is complete bullshit so I don't know why people even try to analyze her based on it. It's fucked to see posts saying like "back when this happened" or "last year when she was like this" those are just things she fucking made up at that time.

No. 204137

Nitpicking but it was an ugly manicure anyways, why do her nails always look so thick and chunky? It just looks nasty/off imo

No. 204140

>sucks dicks on camera
>why are her nails trashy

No. 204141

I’m not a nail technician, but from videos I watched on YouTube, most of them stated that longer nails required a thicker ‘apex’ to support the nail structure so it won’t snap and break easily. The longer your nails are, the thicker they are. (‘Apex’ is the highest point of a nail where it needs to bear the most pressure in our daily lives)

No. 204152

she probably accidentally cut herself while doing this >>202653 video and is trying to get as much sympathy as possible from it, she cannot go without telling everyone if she has an injury because she craves attention, she can't do what normal people do and just put a band aid on it and go about her day, no she has to tell everyone of course, maybe this is the start of munchie venus

No. 204167

I refuse to believe she was hit by a bus until she shows the rest of her injuries, or at least one that isn’t on her hands. Fucking liar

No. 204172

Lol, well yes we know she's bullshitting because literally every one hit by a bus ever didn't just get an oopsie on their hand. She wants sympathy, show the impact brusing. Show the crushed ribs. Show the broken bones.

No. 204221


But hang on though, she didn't actually say she was hit by a bus, she just said she jumped in front of one from what I recall. That is not the same thing. She never said the bus actually touched her at all, only that she jumped in front of it, if there really was a bus that she jumped in front of. She maybe just said that as a throwaway thing to say as that is often her attempt at bizarro black humour. Maybe she jumped off a bus or fell when getting off one, or if she did jump in front of one, maybe tripped and fell because she was rushing or something and obviously the bus managed to stop and never hit her or if it did just barely touched her, everything is just speculation because she lies so much.

No. 204236

Your telling me getting hit by a bus ‘rips’ your nails off? As a nail technician I can they have not been ripped of as the nails themselves are fully intact and fully even for each nail. If they were ripped of they would of been a few layers on the nail bed destroyed too. This girl has just dipped her fingers in blood to make them look worse.

No. 204241

medanon here. The way her hand's scrapped like that signifies a forward fall thats been scrapped forward, like your arm reaching outward to brace a fall. Even the way the nails are ripped show this. Jumping in front of a bus wouldn't cause you to brace yourself as the force of a bus wouldn't give you the time to react to brace yourself for a fall (unless of course, it wasn't a serious 'jump in front of a bus' situation but more like got nicked on the side).
I don't think a lot of people understand that even a slow moving bus can do a LOT of damage to you, and you very often cannot react fast enough to brace yourself. If she really did get hit by a bus, she'd have scars more likely on her upper arms, and even so, not solely on the palms of her hands like this.

TLDR I'm pretty sure she's a lying sack of shit and probably just got very drunk, tripped while drunk on the street, scrapped herself badly, and decided to be an attention whore and lie.

No. 204245


We all know she lies, so I don't know why we're still discussing it. It's obvious she did not get hit by a bus, I think everyone must know that.

No. 204256

it's not the point about knowing or not knowing. Everyone knows she's lying. The point is having facts to refute whatever she's saying/her stans believe in.

No. 204323

If it turns out she has more extensive injuries (beyond just showing us bandaids and wrappings around her body), I'll assume she did get in an accident, but most likely was drunk and didn't look both ways before crossing and not at all an INTENTIONAL jump in front of a vehicle. That I will never believe from her. She just plays it up and aggrandizes it for te jirai persona.

No. 204359

File: 1648689280818.png (7.09 MB, 1170x2532, C358DE91-F6BF-4741-A8F6-134E7A…)

Is there a joke or something I am missing here? This was all that was posted idgi

No. 204393

File: 1648708958909.png (2.02 MB, 1170x2532, 86F693DF-28D3-4FF2-A8BE-E288EF…)

Not a med pro here, but I couldn’t help wondering if she’s having withdrawal syndrome? I bet she won’t be able to resist from drinking given the amount of her alcohol intake is severely heavy.

No. 204402

See it has to do with anime. Every senpai don’t have body hair.

No. 204411

Fun fact, etoh withdrawal patients tend to also urinate on themselves because they get too weak to make it to the bathroom on top of being sick, sweating, and shaking. Seems bleak for Weenus.

No. 204441

File: 1648734826165.jpeg (Spoiler Image,99.46 KB, 1125x644, 4C9A9D5B-CB84-4C18-BE95-F9CE2F…)

Well, well.. what happened here?

She chanced her caption.
No more the born pornstar of the worldwide web…?
And a new Profil pic ..

No. 204447

I wonder how she kept herself so thin while being an alcoholic. alcohol has lots of calories…and often you can eat uncontrollably while you're drunk.
Is it cuz of her surgery?

No. 204451


She changes her caption like every five minutes.
Can't see her giving up porn any time soon, how would she live? Doesn't most of her money come from that?
Quite honestly though I don't see her making a success of being in the porn industry though, not in any serious way. It takes professionalism and dedication to a schedule, as evidenced by people like June Lovejoy who is successful at it, Venus can't keep to schedules or routine and a career as a porn star will need her to be properly able to be professional about it, the same as any other career.

No. 204452


I've known skinny alcoholics. In fact, thinking about it, I've only known skinny ones.

No. 204485


Is this retarded hag becoming rich though ? No. Did she now not have to lower herself by doing prostitution ? No.

I never understood why these retards would be so keen on making fool of themselves so people don't forget about them. All that crass for nothing valuable that would make their life better.

No. 204488

People here need to not forget that she is a pedo apologist "I don't understand why what I am doing is wrong ! " uwu emoji"

She is a pedo pandering foreigner who, by doing so, perpetuate a terrible issue that the Japanese system, association ect are trying to tackle, just because she wants that easy money and keep staying in Japan. Few years ago, the Japanese court passed a bill to not allow pedos the right to be forgotten so that their names and pedo charges don't disappear from the internet. Japan is trying to beat the beast, but then you have rotten whore like venus doing shit like this.

I want this whore to wash up in tokyo bay some day. You. Don't Touch. The Kids. You absolute, vile trash, by proxy or not. You Don't associate your shit with them.

No. 204495

it's extremely easy to be an alcoholic and skinny. It just depends on the person. Like yes, alcohol is calories, but if you don't drink sugary drinks, straight clear alcohol (like vodka) with a 0 calorie chase you're only having 70-100 calories per shot. Some people get hungry when they're drunk, other people get the opposite and don't get hungry for days, even when you're hungover.

BUT she most likely is drinking straight alcohol, or if she's having sugary drinks she's probably not eating at all or having very little then puking. Since alcohol absorbs faster than the food in the stomach and your body prioritizes metabolizing the alcohol over fats proteins etc, she wouldn't have a hard time getting very drunk, eating sushi, puking the sushi, but keep drinking and stay just as drunk.

The problem is doing this slowly messes with your body's water absorption and it's becoming extremely obvious from her face. It constantly looks bloated and dead. It's kind of insane if you compare her face from 2 years ago to today, she's going to age FAR worse than margo.

No. 204502

She literally just did a dick sucking video while cosplaying as the "9000 year old" Loli, Gura. I don't doubt she reads lolicon shit given the comment she made about "Doing stuff that would make satan blush." Eurgh.

No. 204503

File: 1648750878529.jpg (101.58 KB, 555x720, 7609b824b17aded3765fa0e669ff8e…)


These women are considered cringe fringe though, unmarriageable material. Some are in a phase, some really have zero personality and follow trends like NPCs. Either way, internet don't forget and if some of them were in there for attention, wanting to settle with a man later down the road is going to be awkward.

penus is already mid-twenty, looking like a mid-thirty with an immune system of an old lady, plus she is vaxxed, with all the issues that come with it, so she is fucked all around.

btw what was the point of tearing away 1,20m of intestines out of her if she bingge on alcool ? She is going to end up with that wonky belly beer supported by her twig legs like all those alcoholic.(integrate)

No. 204515

She’s going through alcohol withdrawal (DTs.) Shaking, vomiting, sweating and inability to concentrate are classic symptoms of DTs.

Next up (if she continues drinking, as I’m pretty sure she will) might be episodes of acute pancreatitis, liver failure, bleeding esophageal varices, maybe Korsakoff syndrome and other sequelae of severe long-term alcoholism.

(Korsakoff's syndrome is a disorder that primarily affects the memory system in the brain. It usually results from a deficiency of thiamine (vitamin B1), which may be caused by alcohol abuse, dietary deficiencies, prolonged vomiting, or eating disorders.) Might explain some of her obvious cognitive issues.

No. 204517

Don’t forget she had illegal cosmetic surgery to keep herself skinny/thinner where she had parts of her organs taken away. On top that she mostly likely has the typical watery food dishes most Asians eat

No. 204543

according to lolcow rule : 5. Integration

Express yourself in a way that doesn't make you stand out from other anonymous users. This means avoiding:
emojis or emoticons
a lot of punctuation??????!!!!!
other obnoxiusoius typign sTYLES

I used none of these in my previous comment, so why did you marked it with that mention ? Honestly don't understand why. If it's bc of my English I am french, non English native speaker.

No. 204544

lol the mods are retarded in here it seems, banning people based on rules they haven't broken.

No. 204545

I don't think she has the will to stop alcohol alone so I call it bullshits. It is just damage control as she always did when she fucked up and needs to switch to her new persona. Get ready a (fake) redemption arc with Christian Venus.

No. 204552

Imagine this un-original prostitute thinking that Christianity, she manly uses as a prop for kawaii points, may be an ultimate refuge when everything and everyone turn against her.

Does this bitch not noticed that Christianity has had about enough with the trashing of its values. ('bout time I may add, I for one welcome a white sharia that will have whore such as herself shamed to suicide).(a-logging)

No. 204563

puking all day is hard. so I can't imagine venus puking all day just to be thin.
especially if she drinks all day…
this makes the stomach super acidic, which makes the puking very painful.
also, its not realistic mainly cuz of dehydration.
alcohol already dehydrates you, and puking? even more..

No. 204564

you guys are super confident she lies about the bus but what about her being an alcoholic? perhaps she's lying about that as well?

No. 204574

She’s posted several livestreams where she’s falling-down drunk, for one. It’s pretty obvious she’s a hard core alky, bad enough to go into withdrawal if she tries to stop.

No. 204582

yeah i'm with you, anons just eat up the shit she says
Being drunk is not being an alcoholic. Being blackout drunk every week is not being an alcoholic. You have no idea whether she drinks because she has a compulsion to drink alcohol, or because of just wanting to be out of control and get hit on at bars, to get distracted from things etc, social reasons. In all of which cases, if you replaced the alcohol with something else there would be no 'withdrawal'.

No. 204586

Her mom said she had it, then her behaviors seemed consistent with it for a long time, then since she first admitted to having alcoholism she has been consistent with the narrative (which isn’t something I believe she is capable of doing on purpose), and that Kirie guy thinks there is reason to believe she’s an addict

There are also people claiming she has been involved with the Japanese Alcoholics Anonymous

People aren’t always sympathetic towards alcoholics, I don’t think it makes her feel cute

I have alcoholism and she describes it in a way that is very relatable and I have a hard time disbelieving it, but that’s just me. She sounded truly pained when she talked about her jealousy of people that aren’t addicts

No. 204594

That Kirie guy doesn’t have a clue what’s going on with her beyond what she tells him. I don’t think he’s even met her irl, he’s in America and only ‘knows’ her through the internet. Other than that I agree with everything else you said. She fits the pattern too well going back years now for her to be faking it.

I can see why people would be skeptical though because she’s such a liar.

No. 204596

Sorry but I laughed hard why do you care so much touch grass lol(sage)

No. 204598


You seem to have a bit of a problem.

No. 204600


My God, so if something is like 9000 years old but looks like a kid, even though it's really really really old, that would cause the vigilante pedo hunting mob to all go into total meltdown because the contradictory concept would overload their minds.

No. 204603


FFS, you're not special. Stop acting like you are. Just about everybody here gets red text sometimes. Arguing about it does your case no good.

No. 204605


It seems to affect some worse than others. I know a woman in her late fifties, been an alkie for years apparently, but she somehow manages her life, has a degree in psychology, not that that means too much, but just saying, she manages her life without getting really ill despite being a total pisshead, nympho and all round wreck, but then again she never had the stupid surgery that venus had.

No. 204606

>>I for one welcome a white sharia

No surprises there then from the likes of you!

And just for the record, Christianity seems to love whores, all about forgiveness and all that. Never heard of Mary Magdalene?

No. 204622

The reason it bothers people is bc it is a human-made character designed to look like a child, through which adults feel excused from the label of “pedophile” bc “she’s actually been alive for 9000 years, you guys”

It isn’t a scientific being, it is something purposefully designed to be consumed this way (maybe not by original creator)

No. 204637

every time venus is trying to prove something it's always based on a lie. by convincing her followers she is basically trying to convince herself… she can't face reality so she is escaping into this world where she is forcing to be in a certain way.

"uh i'm a genuine living doll! i was born this way! i don't fake my voice and it's not the angle of the camera that makes my face dolly! it's a gift!" (never leaves the house without circle lenses, turns out she looks like any eastern european girl)

"uh i'm healthy, i'm not anorexic, look how much food i can eat, look at this bill from a restaurant that proves how much i eat for dinner" (around 45 kg with brown teeth from forcing herself to throw up all the time)

"uh the reason i had a surgery is because my gut was too big! even the doctor was surprised!" (still 45 kg, finds only one doctor who fucks her up illegally)

"uh i love fucking! ever since i was little i wanted to do porn!" (looks uncomfortable on every single picture / video)

"uh look how much i drink! i'm a hopeless alcoholic! i love drinking! jirai kei ftw!" (looks like she is dying every time she is taking a sip, forcing down alcohol on camera just to prove her point)

it's sad really. she is trying to stay relevant by inventing these phases. she is so used to getting attention from her audience, she is basically addicted to it. at the same time she is probably feeling like shit because her life is going nowhere. very sad. she should focus on things that matter but since she is an evil gremlin this will never be happening.

No. 204639


I don't think anyone cares anymore. They only follow her for the drama.

No. 204641

With pedos and pedo panderers, yeah I do and so should you.

No. 204642


That's because you're talking about mainstream Christianity smdh.

No. 204643


>>FFS, you're not special. Stop acting like you are. Just about everybody here gets red text sometimes

You may want to stop interpreting things because you seem to conclude that people may think themselves as special when i was just wondering why I would receive red text for a rule I haven't broken.

But I guess that since people receive those w/t having break the rules, I shall just ignore the mods random sperging spree lol.

No. 204644

YOU are the random sperger. You're clearly not integrated and you reek of male. Begone.

No. 204645


Meanwhile, in real world, california has been trying to pass a bill that would lower penalties (until they are completely lifted) for pedophiles raping children, you piece of shit.

This is the kind of monsters this whore breeds, fangelics (cringe name btw) who normalize the idea of sexualizing kids because it's kawaii.

No. 204646

I am a french woman, as you can tell by my awful english, not even Christian, yet understand this religion more than you do apparently, and who is tired of the rampant and open degeneracy going on for decades now.

Venus needs to get punched and harrassed on a daily by based Japanese people until she takes her filth and leave their country instead of promoting pedophilia, endangering their children and lowering the standards and reputation of a country and racial group she is not part of.

Venus, you prostitute, You are not Japanese.(apprendre à sage )

No. 204650

File: 1648804945221.png (10.9 KB, 472x152, screenshot-lolcow.farm-2022.04…)