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File: 1665797128555.jpeg (60.51 KB, 680x383, bankalive.jpeg)

No. 247501[Reply]

This is a thread for general discussion about Splatoon.
Feel free to talk about theories, upcoming content, etc.
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No. 277151

File: 1676931916562.png (627.77 KB, 768x432, bigrun.png)

Next Big Run was announced! It'll take place March 3rd - March 5th (PST) and will feature a new flying King Salmonid. I'm pretty excited! Also as a reminder, the next season starts March 1st so keep this in mind if you still need to complete the catalogue.

No. 277168

can't wait! the last big run was really fun

No. 277182

Did anyone else have major internet issues with the last big run? When I was playing it my household’s download speeds dropped to 2mb/s or something ridiculous like that.

No. 277214

I didn't have any issues outside of the typical disconnects

No. 338787

File: 1701265123500.jpeg (615.28 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_8469.jpeg)

Frostyfest has been announced! The gear looks really cute and I love the idols’ costumes. I haven’t played the game in a while but this has convinced me to pick it back up. Can’t believe this thread has been dead for 9 months.

File: 1677125841437.jpg (52.33 KB, 512x350, 1607788848784.jpg)

No. 277691[Reply]

Post pictures of anything military or law enforcement related. /K/ discussion, as well, is welcome.no political sperging
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No. 330856

File: 1698518313328.jpg (406.89 KB, 2048x1369, X03xYZy.jpg)

No. 332190

File: 1698925152700.jpg (481.03 KB, 1924x1070, FwKV7BAAImyhZ.jpg)

No. 334470

File: 1699591845662.png (2.29 MB, 1125x1063, DusrOhG.png)

No. 335459

File: 1699937503104.jpg (215.96 KB, 960x1200, 1699160475410.jpg)

No. 338765

File: 1701258732275.jpg (87.24 KB, 763x523, Cumann na mBan.jpg)

File: 1591447018546.jpeg (57.23 KB, 585x632, 579C5DBC-2B37-4D1B-A869-16DB19…)

No. 94854[Reply]

Post tweets that make you laugh or nose laugh.

Rant about Twitter and its users here: >>>/ot/529582
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No. 336633

these have been a thing among underground body modification weirdos for a long time. Unless you get really lucky with healing then they fairly quickly morph back into regular ear shape but with a sort of lump at the top.

No. 336655

I remember hearing about the elf ear trend as far back as 15 years ago and always wondered about the after care and how they look in a few years time.

No. 336728


old but let's be real no tif ever got called a tranny unless they got mistook for a tim

No. 336892

Fr. I'm honestly getting tired of everyone sucking that blue dog show's dick.

No. 338757

File: 1701257460942.jpg (245.2 KB, 631x616, RDT_20231126_09524436935951515…)

File: 1696091351972.png (626.77 KB, 1920x1080, 870235.png)

No. 324512[Reply]

>what is transwashing
Transwashing is when a character is forcefully made into trans, even if they're just gnc, homosexual, or crossdressing. When a character dresses or behaves in a way outside of the gender stereotype associated with their biological sex, oftentimes fandoms (and, even the creators themselves to appear "woke") start perceiving them as trans. And, sometimes, even if those characters don't have "any sign of being trans", some people's head-canons becomes too out of control and fall into the gender ideology. This unfortunately happens to real people too.

Post those characters, discuss why they're transwashed, and vent if you want to. Please don't infight and ignore any shitty bait.

Previous thread:
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No. 337994

Japan are cowards. Gone are the days of voice actors like mitsuki saiga who voiced male and masc female characters, popular by her husky voice. I hate it. Why aren't we allowed a masc woman?? Where are the Fatal fury Kings of this era?

No. 338023

Exactly. It's such bullshit kek. The FF Kings of today are nonbinary/transmasc. IT just sucks that even in Japan this crap is becoming more of a thing. Again, too early to tell with Leo but with the state of the social climate in gaming today, my hopes just aren't high at all.

No. 338207

If men in extremely traumatic situations is gnc, I wonder how gendies see people getting bombed in the middle east. Must be really queer to be losing a limb from the 3rd exploding hospital you've been at.

No. 338737

That's clearly a troon. Not related to thsi thread

No. 339434

File: 1701552610669.png (262.77 KB, 477x477, hanatarou bleach.png)

I remember a post of someone saying "yeah, queer people in Palestine are in danger, but did you knew that Florida is so dangerous to trans people???".

I was having a memory about picrel and how he was drawn like a clueless and shy guy, but he doesn't doubt in put his life in danger to heal others. I think many people would say he's a TIF or No-binary because he's not like other moids.

File: 1668745343994.jpeg (220.31 KB, 800x1043, 288C9018-BF81-41DB-B388-9695C1…)

No. 255920[Reply]

Post traditional art of beautiful and lovely women

>No anime

>No pedobait
>Keep it tasteful
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No. 335421

File: 1699919971155.jpg (43.95 KB, 518x600, portrait-of-lina-cavalieri-190…)

No. 335422

File: 1699920013755.jpg (39.72 KB, 372x600, portrait-of-princess-marthe-lu…)

No. 335424

File: 1699920096405.png (1.59 MB, 902x1920, boldini1.png)

No. 335458

File: 1699937482084.jpg (2.04 MB, 3201x4214, 1699135195776.jpg)

No. 338690

File: 1701217508900.jpeg (440.14 KB, 970x1198, IMG_2872.jpeg)

File: 1682013286101.png (1.18 MB, 1999x640, vomitemoji.png)

No. 291015[Reply]

I'll start…

1. person of gender art. beside the obvious gender shit, they all have horrible stylization. very derived from cal-arts. the eyes and faces are ugly

2. procreate-core. i dont care what le heckin brush pack you downloaded, it all has this very generic obvious "texturing" that is not in any way interesting. instead of learning to add depth to art they rely on brushes that just repeat the same texture over and over. subjects are usually boring normie tier pretty girl and boring moths and leaves. once you've seen one, you've seen them all.

3. woman of gender who can render really well. coloring and body anatomy is really well done but the faces are usually styled badly, they always do the huge eyes with pointy eyelashes and huge noses. usually a fujo and draws her husbando OCs. faces ruin an otherwise really well done piece.
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No. 338628

File: 1701193482405.jpg (59.79 KB, 600x337, Omori_11-30-20.jpg)

Idk if this is controversial and I can't put my finger on why I don't like it but I find this art style so unappealing that it's keeping me from playing this game/watching a playthrough of it. I'm seeing it everywhere too now so that just makes my hatred for it grow even more

No. 338632

>except for pedo/moid coom shit, that takes my #1 spot
HOLD UP what??? since when?? i thought this was the artist who drew biker ocs?

No. 338633

i get exactly what you mean anon, i find it hard to articulate too but the art style put me off playing the game for ages. like if an overly sensitive passive aggressive person was an art style. the game is fine though, it has a nice soundtrack and an interesting enough story once you get through the whole thing. i talked so much shit about the art style before playing it but got over it like an hour in

No. 338634

Reading comprehension. Anon is saying that she hates pedo/moid coom shit more than the art style she posted.

No. 338643

Sorry. >>338634 Has it correct. I hate pedo/moid coom shit more than the style I posted. I mean Ziggyzagz stuff is ugly but harmless
Yeah, maybe I’d hate this less if it was in motion. But I still hate the overall “sexy western bara” type designs too
Thank you for your endorsement kek. He really does look like he’s overly evil. I think she draws him as some sort of ‘bad boy but is actually a friendly himbo’ character which makes me dislike him even more

I’ve always disliked this too. I liked the game but always rolled my eyes when shots like this came up. On the other spectrum, this is too unexpressive and flat. I also just fucking hate that closed-eye smiling expression they always draw in anime. I think I’m just getting older and jaded because I’d prefer some degree of realism in stylized art: as in, not Real Real, but at least an effort to imitate or stylized real expressions people make.

File: 1658710663957.jpg (53.33 KB, 483x635, ogyle6z5ayo61[1].jpg)

No. 224417[Reply]

Are there any interesting pieces of concept art you'd like to share?
>Earlier designs
>Unused concepts
>Sketches and drafts
>Interesting facts about the production
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No. 337132

File: 1700492900120.jpg (363 KB, 1280x1874, 01_105.jpg)

Forgot one page

No. 338599

File: 1701183938245.png (1.08 MB, 800x550, dMPYZkT.png)

Hotel Transylvania early designs

No. 338600

File: 1701183959764.png (299.97 KB, 522x348, qm9JM2V.png)

>Bride of Frankenstein

No. 338601

File: 1701184036934.png (251.58 KB, 500x452, FUI0Jto.png)

No. 338602

File: 1701184068542.png (384.58 KB, 750x401, 1b2WXGa.png)

>The wolfman

File: 1643622605752.jpg (48.58 KB, 750x674, fea03409896197d1465881020f70d0…)

No. 182647[Reply]

ITT post art of cute and handsome 2D men. While you can post fan art of your husbandos or guys from your favorite ships, husbando or shipping discussions and sperging go in their respective threads. This thread is just an art dump.
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No. 326030


No. 330559

I laughed so hard my poor dog started howling too!

No. 330567

>1 year ago

No. 338583

File: 1701177290903.jpg (Spoiler Image, 174.01 KB, 875x1254, 1424748385093898244.jpg)

gloomy/silent 2d men supremacy

No. 338584

File: 1701177333047.jpg (61.41 KB, 980x640, 1167745.jpg)

File: 1650128733474.jpg (24.98 KB, 480x360, Eartha_Kitt_-_I_don't_Care.jpg)

No. 197864[Reply]

Post your favorite/interesting/bizzare music videos here
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No. 290940

No. 290956

Ohh even back then such music and aesthetic in the video weren't my usual thing so I would listen and watch it secretly kek but now it brings memories and makes me tear up a bit hehe

No. 292945

No. 338516

No. 338574

File: 1662599097560.png (376.1 KB, 600x464, 1657387636718.png)

No. 237106[Reply]

For maskfags to talk about their favorite masked men and women!
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No. 324177

File: 1695941711156.gif (1.11 MB, 245x350, G.I. Joe - Retaliation (2013).…)

No. 324189

All men should be forced to wear full face coverings once they reach adulthood. They should only be allowed to take it off in front of their wife (if she desires). The world would be a much nicer place.

No. 324254

File: 1695982765238.webm (741.33 KB, 540x960, nicoleanddanny.webm)

Another Death Eater. The fact he was staring her down in front of her bf. what is his deal
Trimmed the uncle part out (think that's why the quality turned to shit, sorry) because I only care about the beginning, but the @ is in the filename if you want to see that part.

No. 338540

File: 1701151080936.jpeg (140.75 KB, 842x621, IMG_9031.jpeg)

Part VIII Jason will apparently never be enough for the monsterfuckers in /m/ I love him dead/undead as long as the goalie mask stays on

No. 339253

I'm going to write to Santa Claus and ask for a big but not overweight, mute executioner husbando with a nice hoodie and axe.
I don't have fantasy to create one on my own and i'm too busy to search for one in media and follow through anymore.

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