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File: 1681661243183.jpg (27.7 KB, 400x400, 858e3c1e0a31a159671ff8c0d1eb55…)

No. 289927[Reply]

No discussion, no recommendations, just pictures.

Please avoid 3DPD, fanarts of them is okay. 3D models welcome.
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File: 1685884126453.jpg (211.15 KB, 1205x1772, FgArPiyUUAA_8Pe.jpg)

No. 300521

File: 1685926617440.jpg (180.36 KB, 1000x1000, 20220819_061748.jpg)

No. 300524

File: 1685928485436.jpg (349.05 KB, 1338x2048, 20221231_211315.jpg)

No. 300630

File: 1685978173615.jpeg (121.26 KB, 1200x909, IMG_1118.jpeg)

Cutest boy’s birthday today

File: 1591416917034.png (95.1 KB, 500x375, ummm.png)

No. 94822[Reply]

Post your favorite anime screenshots here.
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No. 300495

File: 1685913734765.png (118.78 KB, 1031x777, eva.png)

No. 300535

File: 1685934626732.gif (1.85 MB, 540x300, tumblr_oaiy6irkvM1tmp8rdo2_128…)

No. 300624

File: 1685974986224.jpg (81.11 KB, 1366x768, s1 good.jpg)

No. 300646

File: 1685985209987.jpeg (87.49 KB, 1000x742, TekkenAnimatedHeihachi.jpeg)

No. 300848

File: 1686084260731.gif (1.8 MB, 500x376, gifsme-1483026794.gif)

File: 1647632737491.jpg (127.93 KB, 937x1171, jay.jpg)

No. 190380[Reply]

thread for comic books, et cetera - DC, marvel, whatever you like (picrel is red hood). not a purist, so feel free to talk about movie/game adaptions as well, as long as it's related to source material.

what comics have you been reading/have read? do u think the recent trend of superhero movies is good for the industry? DC or marvel (with minimal infighting)?
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No. 300444

Nonna I half read the first issue of her comic, she goes to whole food gets mad at the price, we see a full page of her masturbating and then responding to a "back page ad" then doing on a date and then fucking an ugly manlet, how is that "feminism"?

No. 300519

File: 1685925929432.jpg (21.27 KB, 200x260, 64032743071327.jpg)

this comic was kinda mediocre in story but the MC stuck with me for years. She's like the archetypal goth in my head


No. 300525

> we see a full page of her masturbating
i didn't realize women masturbating and depicting it is somehow antifeminist, holy shit lol

No. 300536

Nta but:
> Anon says: masturbation isn't feminist.
> You: Are you saying masturbation is antifeminist?
It's not either or, don't be purposefully obtuse just because you enjoy the comics, retard.

No. 300621

i have never heard of this woman and her comics before this thread. there is multiple people posting on this site you fucking schizophrenic

File: 1652197636639.jpg (284.13 KB, 1342x1680, 23653e6b06882db61ef37aeeee4831…)

No. 205070[Reply]

in honor of meido day, let's get this going again
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No. 299821

File: 1685602301542.jpeg (104.55 KB, 948x1300, FvwyF2AaQAEuqRF.jpeg)

No. 299896

File: 1685624672258.jpeg (187.52 KB, 970x1446, FxgtbggaEAAiLBE.jpeg)

No. 300422

I hate how traps have been appropriated by the alphabet soup, you can't enjoy crossdressing art without people assuming you support real-life alphabet soup endeavours.

No. 300455

I wouldn't even call most of these guys traps. Maybe you meant crossdressing, in which case I agree. Let anime men wear cute frilly dresses without turning them into trannies or sissies or fap material for tranny sissy scrotes

No. 300603

File: 1685962653857.jpeg (563.05 KB, 2407x3719, Fx2T-jvaQAE9emU.jpeg)

File: 1681439995977.png (912.49 KB, 2176x1271, Screen-Shot-2021-10-18-at-9.58…)

No. 289402[Reply]

a thread to discuss the Succession TV series.
Feel free to post about episodes, fave characters, ships, fanart and whatever else
Please be considerate when posting spoilers pertaining to season 4!
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No. 300592

File: 1685956640022.png (81.07 KB, 720x405, 5EC18EC1-E706-4BD9-A182-5B11F9…)

Fucking love him. Masochistic broken boy who seeks women like Gerri, strong, to lean on. Acts like a little kid when he’s mentally weak, sits on the floor, wears a kids shirt, cries. Only feels love through pain which is why he provokes people to hit him all the time, without fighting back. Gerri was the first one who made him feel like someone cared and believed in him without inflicting pain. I’m so obsessed with them.

No. 300598

File: 1685961067544.jpg (26.61 KB, 1234x347, 324567685764342.jpg)

My partner thinks this is Roman casually brining up that he and Shiv have done it before, disguised as his usual act. I didn't pick up on it at all and still feel like it's just Roman saying stuff to irritate her.

In a way I could see it because they are all so messed up and well versed in suppressing trauma, never addressing fucked up events and gaslighting each other about whether or not something actually happened or was that bad. The dog cage story comes to mind. Discuss in small groups.

No. 300608

Your partner is a coomer who watches incest porn. Discuss

No. 300635

your partner is gross. roman makes incest and sex joles about literally everyone but out of all of them he'd bone his sister? weird assumption. yuck
same. i want to tell him it will all be ok but also give him a good kick in the shins
exactly. plus he's been making stupid ass business decisons so he would probably have sunk royco fast.
tbh i din't think she did it for kendall's sake but jsut seeing him turn into their dad must have been hard to stomach.
then again i fkn hate kendall

No. 300898

in the nicest possible way your partner sounds like a redditor of a certain soy persuasion. i'm not against incest pairings i actually love them because i'm kind of gross and it's only fiction after all but the dynamic between shiv and kendall is much more compelling in that context. roman/gerri is probably the best roman pairing, romencken is fun, roman/lukas is the worst (literally just roman/some "hot" guy)

File: 1663021646630.jpeg (201.74 KB, 749x912, FF45C9E9-6D6F-46FE-9956-40CB90…)

No. 238506[Reply]

talk about you favorite guilty pleasures from tv shows/books/manga and other forms of media that are questionable or disliked by the general masses
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No. 299995

fuck yes, ppatta is the best

No. 300493


No. 300494

It's a banned baiter.

No. 300510

You're the one (defending) thirsting over fiction written by rapey moids and you think I simp for men? lmao

No. 300585

It's time to be honest and admit Metal Gear has absolute shit tier writing and Hideo Kojima really is a pretentious retard. The Yakuza games too are not clowned enough for their mindnumbingly fucktarded writing. Still love both series which is why I post them ITT.
Same, it's such high quality trolling (no way it isn't a trollfic lbr) it's basically art
I like m/m but I hate most of the smut because it's way too much anal. Blowjobs, handjobs and especially frotting are way underrated.
I hate him so much as a person but 808s and Heartbreak is still one of my favourite albums.
Same here for the same reasons

File: 1577190844796.gif (1.09 MB, 480x270, twerk.gif)

No. 68958[Reply]

Any guilty pleasures anons? Reveal your darkest bops.
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No. 297135

I'm pretty guilty for liking this considering that a 12 year old girl was made to sing it with other young girls and then got bullied for it. The video was pedo material and idk why the fuck no one stopped it before it happened…but the song slaps

No. 300470

The hook and production are actually insane (I'm also a sucker for early 10s dance) GET YOUR UMBRELLAS, ITS RAINING FELLAS!

No. 300538

Ayesha Erotica, hyperpop icon in hiding, has so many guilty pleasure songs (she did that Emo Boy song too).

No. 300540

Isn't this one a >she or was that just a rumor

No. 300569

yeah he's a tranny but admittedly many of his songs slap

File: 1674814171508.png (92.06 KB, 1140x1140, There-is-no-exquisite-beauty…-…)

No. 271883[Reply]

previous thread >>>/m/30961
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No. 299852

File: 1685608864749.jpg (70.59 KB, 600x600, 1540905430520.jpg)

No. 299853

File: 1685608905968.png (45.4 KB, 692x145, idm.PNG)

No. 300031

File: 1685686516528.jpg (83 KB, 552x424, 1468982812058.jpg)

No. 300547

File: 1685942334289.jpg (101.74 KB, 1242x735, FxF-WbaXgAE18tt.jpg)

No. 300550

File: 1685942840604.jpg (47.13 KB, 850x400, kemal-ataturk-32-63-17.jpg)

File: 1663705199681.jpg (67.79 KB, 545x1043, cea38e2023c4e7db61a0f577200a1c…)

No. 240697[Reply]

post artowrk or recreations of historical warrior groups or specific individuals
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No. 300100

File: 1685723211317.png (2.72 MB, 2229x2877, 1673131303391.png)

No. 300441

File: 1685895936113.jpg (111.75 KB, 522x720, FvorGuXaYAAqYhy.jpg)

No. 300442

File: 1685895961117.jpg (251.87 KB, 750x1484, FxGUPVaxgXwAEs76.jpg)

No. 300543

File: 1685941775945.jpg (86.28 KB, 474x647, FuGvkVgaIErAoK.jpg)

No. 300544

File: 1685941851119.jpg (127.84 KB, 735x917, Fvn3YXnaMAVPe7z.jpg)

File: 1654281727231.jpg (111.86 KB, 461x800, 56030d007dd4fe5ab234661adfc532…)

No. 211341[Reply]

Post anything and everything map related!
Cool and unique maps, maps with infographics, art involving maps, really broad or really specific maps, map making, so on and so forth!
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No. 290250

File: 1681724870498.png (152.69 KB, 800x758, Omani_Empire_2.png)

No. 294899

File: 1683543373254.jpg (328.11 KB, 1842x2048, FX9w7SoXsAY2P.jpg)

No. 295043

File: 1683606791995.jpg (159.66 KB, 1170x818, FAh02WwAIa9w.jpg)

No. 297832

File: 1684695876753.jpg (2.47 MB, 3600x2706, Map of Celtic Europe.jpg)

No. 300542

File: 1685940044463.jpg (385.74 KB, 1026x1284, Fxtj5EeWYAA5ofK.jpg)

First European map of Tenochtitlan, capital of the Aztec Empire

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