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File: 1598838320451.jpg (130.56 KB, 1200x800, modern-wooden-house-design-4.j…)

No. 106336[Reply]

Post pictures of nice houses you find while house shopping, or pictures of your ideal home.
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No. 115038

Is that a real house that someone lives in?

No. 115040

File: 1605266619273.jpg (453.14 KB, 1200x1600, c003eb8d391043f252ccd0326c4fee…)

I have no idea. I just found it off pinterest and thought it looked cool. It looks like it could be a set or some kind of sculpture actually.

No. 115041

Yeah that is definitely a model. Oh well. >>115034 this loks crazy and real at least.

No. 171895

File: 1638138963150.jpeg (473.97 KB, 1832x2560, 73562B0A-A028-472E-9A22-A53B84…)

No. 171900

I didn't know this thread existed, very cute.

File: 1636223155776.jpg (86.89 KB, 1186x900, 1631119186593.jpg)

No. 168896[Reply]

All things related to SEGA's Yakuza series and its spin-off Judgment because why not
>story and character discussion
>gameplay tips
>favorite substories?
>favorite minigames?
>favorite location?
>favorite songs?
>best boy?

yes I did copy-paste this from CC, let's just hope this one is more active
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No. 170024

kek do you really think the 2% of foreigners in Japan are skewing the statistics in any way? Especially because most of them are Asian as well.
The average Japanese male is 172cm, around 3cm shorter than the average American man. Which, shiiit, American men are tiny.

No. 170128

Yeah, I love Majima but I feel bad perving on him because of Makoto. Even though their relationship was a little cliche-y, it was so goddamn cute and tragic at the same time. Definitely one of the highlights of the series.

No. 170137

>inb4 muh Majima is gay!!!

No. 170802

Thanks for validating my monkeh obsession

No. 171893

File: 1638138496427.jpg (267.91 KB, 1157x1080, Tumblr_l_1793780561405609.jpg)

I love how tiny Majima's waist is

File: 1457311425596.jpg (122.53 KB, 500x532, tumblr_lu8t4tlZx71r168ymo1_500…)

No. 104102[Reply]

>What is an otome game?
tl;dr, enjoy a beautiful 2D boy harem as either a girl (otome) or a 2D boy yourself (BL).

Discuss what you're playing now, what you're looking forward to, ask questions, talk merch, etc.

You can find a thorough FAQ and a lot of download links in halfchan's BL + otome general, but most of them are out of date or only in Japanese.

Please spoiler spoilers! CGs are fine unless it's an important plot point.
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No. 170242

it's this one, thank you!!!!! ily

No. 170261

I want to play this soooo bad but I'm gonna have to wait a trillion years for an English translation. Why must I suffer so because I skipped my Japanese lessons.

No. 170265

nta he's still boring, i don't even remember his route besides fans getting upset about ichika telling him to stop smoking kek

No. 171877

File: 1638132761013.jpg (175.51 KB, 1884x1682, 20210920_172251.jpg)

I want to get into otome games, but when I was younger I stayed away so I don't get heartbroken when the guys are dicks and treat the mc badly.

I don't necessarily need femdom material but some stuff I like is:
>mc teases the guy and competes with him, eventually wins him over
>deredere guys, puppy love
>when the guy looks cheerful at first glance but then he turns out to have an awful backstory
>when the guy seems confident but you find his weaknesses and use them
For sex scenes I just hate when they treat the player character badly or the guy does whatever he wants while the mc is an embarassed mess, it's a major turnoff for me.
Got any recommendations?

No. 171888

>when the guy looks cheerful at first glance but then he turns out to have an awful backstory
basic bitch rec but Mystic Messenger has a great one…

File: 1629260558465.jpeg (123.98 KB, 640x471, 8F5AFDAD-883F-4717-987B-6F2C19…)

No. 156424[Reply]

> What Hogwarts house are you?
> Which character is your favorite?
> Which character do you dislike the most?
> Who is your favorite professor?
> What are your thoughts on the spin-offs? (Cursed child, Fantastic Beasts etc)
> What spin-off would you like to see?
> What is your favorite book + movie?
> What is your least favorite book + movie?
Feel free to discuss any and all other things HP related.
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No. 171710

> What Hogwarts house are you?
> Which character is your favorite?
Snape and Hermione
> Which character do you dislike the most?
> Who is your favorite professor?
> What are your thoughts on the spin-offs? (Cursed child, Fantastic Beasts etc)
Don't care
> What spin-off would you like to see?
A story about someone getting obsessed with what they see inside the mirror of erised and descending into madness
> What is your favorite book + movie?
Prisoner of Azkaban
> What is your least favorite book + movie?
Deathly Hallows because of all the Romione bullshit

No. 171711

Voldemort is such a boring, cliche villain. Umbridge was much more impactful than him

No. 171731

true. voldemort is like Generic Evil Overlord #23, he doesn't even have an interesting backstory or complex motives beyond "power mwahaha"
umbridge is a much more effecive villain because everuone knows an umbridge irl.
and she's much more representative of the issues that plague wizarding society (and will continue to long after voldy is defeated).

No. 171835

Could the series be reworked to have Umbridge or a Umbridge-like character as the main villain?
A bureaucrat villain meddling with the education system in a way that actively harms the students to enforce government control. That's so much more thematically coherent for a series that's set in a school for the most part.

No. 171890

File: 1638137824416.gif (704.56 KB, 220x220, umbridge-dolores.gif)

Everyone hates Umbridge but I love her as a villain, the movie one especially. The actress that played her was a delight to watch, she was so playful with her role.
Voldemort was never scary or interesting to me, maybe in the first book/movie but after that he was mostly comical and a meme.

File: 1630866140906.png (565.95 KB, 778x1200, 1630033297290.png)

No. 159078[Reply]

Dress up games, dollmakers, and the least in-fighting you'll find in a thread.


Previous thread: >>>/m/139245
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No. 171605

File: 1637964583407.png (255.28 KB, 600x600, 551533_VZynFQsz.png)

Me fucking Carlos calm when he comes home from a mission to find us bankrupt due to my routine addiction to spending his mercenary money on burkins and garage kits.

No. 171727

File: 1638050757250.png (576.55 KB, 600x600, download20211106170546.png)

No. 171751

File: 1638061791976.png (295.25 KB, 600x600, 00BC071B-435A-4EA4-9460-8AE9BF…)

No. 171801

File: 1638099411287.png (298.55 KB, 600x600, 165901_A7EOEesi.png)

No. 171828

File: 1638117340943.png (449.94 KB, 600x600, download20211100183523.png)

File: 1612705820376.jpg (629.69 KB, 2900x1632, anime_generic.jpg)

No. 126536[Reply]

general thread to discuss anime

thread #1 >>3894
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No. 171829

File: 1638117399142.jpeg (135.22 KB, 1000x800, 1022A64F-6A55-4050-9ED1-AD9664…)

Is anyone watching Platinum End? Is it any good? I remember when it was announced a lot of people talking about how it ripped off a bunch of other anime plots and such.

No. 171832

I haven't for that exact reason, to me it just looked like a ripoff of Mirai Nikki.

No. 171844

the first time I tried to read it I had the same issues you had, but I gave it another chance and ended up loving it. Once you get past the first arc and into the real story it gets a lot better. Although if you're put off by dark fantasy themes or gore you probably won't like it.

No. 171845


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 172371

New thread >>171819

File: 1613590884706.png (307.73 KB, 952x717, hppeg28jqje31.png)

No. 128456[Reply]

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No. 132698

I'd say tradcels are antisocial rather than asocial.

No. 138789

File: 1619093058702.jpg (355.67 KB, 2898x2398, Consoom.jpg)

No. 148966

File: 1624048653279.png (293.81 KB, 780x537, the 30yo commer.png)

No. 169735

I hate that this one reminds me of myself

No. 171792

File: 1638092709386.jpg (407.28 KB, 2048x2048, s50k3cjhme181.jpg)


File: 1613565018741.jpg (24.64 KB, 612x377, istockphoto-856027496-612x612.…)

No. 128374[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/m/79211

Discuss about your favorite ship(s), vent about sinking or sunken ships or rant about ships that you hate from any movies, tv series, animation, books, games, so on and so forth.

Or just some nice art of them couples you enjoy.

-No ship wars derailing.
-No "I ship character with myself", that's what the husbando and waifu threads are for
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No. 170796

File: 1637495389897.png (266.94 KB, 361x445, tyrelliot.png)

I remember the good old days when this was an actual promo pic, I miss them

No. 171416

File: 1637860040476.png (103.88 KB, 540x188, rayemma.png)

>X character was shown to have feeling for Y first, so this totally means they're meant to be together regardless of anything
I hate how japanese people write romance. NorEmma makes no sense after the timeskip. It could have been about loving a friend but having to part because the two of you don't click anymore, but japanese authors are coward and have shit taste. RayEmma's relationship development is amazing and very sweet. Both of them grew because of each other, it has communication, trust and support. It's just what makes sense after everything, they went through a lot together.

No. 171767

File: 1638068670523.png (316.36 KB, 844x800, tumblr_lxnijfXEVj1r7xwxuo1_128…)

I've been on a fanfic roll for a while.

No. 171770

Is that South Park?

No. 171771

File: 1629808307514.jpg (194.12 KB, 1200x750, whiterunconcept.jpg)

No. 157373[Reply]

A place to discuss everything Elder Scrolls

>What's your favorite game in The Elder Scrolls series?

>Tell us about your current/past playthroughs, favorite quests and guilds, favorite character builds
>What's your style of play?
>Post your favorite memes and artwork
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No. 171491

File: 1637898066253.jpg (55.74 KB, 640x480, DQi_M-xXkAU6Dmz.jpg)

I kind of wanna play Oblivion again, but I am so spoiled by Skyrim's graphics and world and the fact that it's easier I just want to go play Skyrim.

Also, is Morrowind hard? I've never played it but I heard it was really hard, like you had to spend a really long time fighting rats in the sewer just to build up enough strength to play the game.

No. 171526

to avoid the awesome free forced update just set your game to ‘only update when I play’ in steam and only lauch it through skse until the skse and mods are updated. I hate when Bethesda does this.

No. 171670

When I played Morrowind I knew I wanted to play a magic based character so I added mods to make it easier since I was only interested in playing it occasionally, not for long hours. I don't remember specific names but the mods I got made the whole leveling system easier (guaranteed 4 points each when you increase 3 different stats on a level), made walking slightly faster, and increased magicka regeneration rate. That let me have a smooth experience early on from what I remember. I don't find melee engaging at all in Morrowind from the brief hours I tried it out, since whether or not your hit lands is on a diceroll and you stand there hitting the key hoping it does damage. At least in Oblivion you can zoom around trying to kite enemies if you're bashing things with a sword. Mage is the most fun style to play imo, especially when you start getting custom spells and get access to levitate.

No. 171769

I didn't like the RNG in Morrowind so I just cheaped out and played with god mode on. But there is a difficulty slider and if you bother to build your character correctly I'm sure it's not that hard.
The setting is a lot more unique than Skyrim or Oblivion so it still has that going for it.

No. 171774

personally I found Morrowind easiest as a warrior with heavy armor/blunt weapon so you're stronger/do more damage to compensate for the RNG, the game gets easier around level 5 or so which should only take a few hours of gameplay so after that it's a breeze. It's not so much hard as it is tedious at first, just make sure you carry a lot of potions and armorer's hammers.

File: 1613006093144.jpeg (54.86 KB, 530x960, received_755917002024266.jpeg)

No. 127246[Reply]

Greentext and pics apply. Can be from any board.

Post the latest and greatest as well as the infamous. Wholesome and cringe are all welcome. Anything to make anons kek.
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No. 171762

File: 1638065985295.jpg (621.95 KB, 889x1447, 1368673619653_jpg.jpg)

No. 171763

File: 1638066110068.jpg (363.3 KB, 883x1023, 1368673636946_jpg.jpg)

No. 171764

File: 1638066282838.jpg (190.66 KB, 887x638, 1368673656042_jpg.jpg)

No. 171765

File: 1638066397731.jpg (517.77 KB, 886x1350, 1368673731839_jpg.jpg)

No. 172290

Tears on my cheeks from laughing

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