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File: 1560450658973.jpg (30.23 KB, 350x352, ATVotoms_5764.jpg)

No. 35673[Reply]

/m/echa general. Post your favorite mechs.
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No. 35699

File: 1560475703546.jpeg (25.32 KB, 489x500, $_3.jpeg)

>Teleports behind you
>Nothing personal, Keroro

No. 35961

File: 1560591862752.jpg (43.21 KB, 292x395, kdknt1305_2.jpg)

Five Star Stories have the best mecha designs. They're all so beautiful

No. 35962

File: 1560591932171.jpg (18.36 KB, 232x400, 41Z8MR0ETVL._AC_SY400_.jpg)

No. 36054

File: 1560668212431.jpeg (240.96 KB, 697x966, 3417D7F0-3CC1-4826-AEDB-289799…)

No. 36073

File: 1560683534658.jpg (43.15 KB, 362x833, jagd6.jpg)

I prefer Eva 01, but hard agree about FFS, they have the most aesthetic mecha.

>those ridiculous spires on Jagd Mirage, I love it

File: 1538933298921.jpeg (174.32 KB, 624x768, E6D87481-61A4-4422-B131-64D532…)

No. 33729[Reply]

What is your favorite Pokemon and generation? How did you get into this series? Discuss.
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No. 35651

File: 1560439241308.jpg (164.32 KB, 2838x400, IMG_20190612_195338.jpg)

I dont give a shit about it, fuck the national dex. As long as they keep the super classic pokes in the new games, I'm absolutely fine with never having to see literally who shitpokes like cryoganal and basculin ever again. Some pokemon deserve to get thanos'd. Oldfags can stay mad.

No. 35652

Eh, it must get expensive to make new models for every single Pokemon every game.

No. 35707

File: 1560477983471.png (103.82 KB, 320x287, iElUm.png)


I'm pretty sure we'll get the National Dex patched into or something. But right now the national dex whining is a big irrational circlejerk. Game Freak really doesn't deserve this.

XY was great when the meta was locked to give or take 200 pokemon (until everyone went back to using Blissey and Heatran). I'm excited to see what the Galar region pokemon can do.

>mfw "game freak makes so much money!!! why don't they just hire more people to make the models!!"

No. 35709

imo the xy meta would've been super fun w/out birdspam

No. 35834

They could have just made it like Sun/Moon so that Pokémon not in the dex have to be transferred over and they don't get a dex entry. It seems a bit weird to cut out some Pokemon completely. Also it makes Pokemon Home a bit useless as you can put Pokemon from other games into it, but you can only take them out into Sword and Shield. So if you put in a Pokemon that's not in the Galar dex into Home, its locked there.

File: 1546647052635.png (499.79 KB, 952x975, 1546226782000.png)

No. 7847[Reply]

Post art you find hideous or bad.

previous thread >>268249
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No. 29130

>>7978 sage because this is 3 months old and nobody cares but I think this is pretty good. If they just got rid of the thigh gap and filled out the right thigh a bit more it'd be fine.

No. 34972

File: 1560048475763.png (174.61 KB, 450x550, d56p8h7-54d223bd-30b2-4759-a19…)

Fujos really don't know anatomy. Damn. That isn't even a man at this point.

No. 34973

File: 1560048533291.jpg (333.26 KB, 500x669, d5ezqs9-2c956183-cbc0-4c18-934…)

Also same artist. What is with those boobs?

No. 34980


As great as these are, there is a newer thread for these here >>25707

No. 34991

Is that fucking lewd Happy Tree Friends fanart

I'm done. Stop the internet, I want to get off.

File: 1505419616171.jpg (10.57 KB, 700x525, download.jpg)

No. 5290[Reply]

how do anons feel about the pale skin dark hair aesthetic?

is it unique and captivating or sallow and anemic?

for pastychans: what styling do you find the most flattering? colors or makeup trends you avoid?

also post qt girl pix
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No. 35624

File: 1560425485408.jpeg (24.5 KB, 678x452, images.jpeg)

No. 35625

File: 1560425637567.jpg (91.53 KB, 750x1061, a2b43e611df396875fae6f95c72481…)

No. 35630

File: 1560427622471.jpeg (14.59 KB, 739x415, images.jpeg)

No. 35631

File: 1560427652603.jpeg (31.7 KB, 453x677, images (1).jpeg)

No. 35653

She looks like a far better candidate for playing Yennefer. >>5502
kek, that was me. Well, it was nice to think that they would actually choose someone with pale skin but nope. I guess the current beauty standards can't allow that.

File: 1529203897944.jpg (6.17 MB, 7680x4320, wp-1.jpg)

No. 3199[Reply]

The last wallpaper thread has been dead for about a year now. Dump some of your fav mobile or desktop wallpapers!
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No. 35371

File: 1560322231236.jpeg (319.84 KB, 559x950, FE86EB3E-4D5C-4FBF-B548-4F67F4…)

No. 35383

I love this one anon. Monument valley is such a wholesome game

No. 35385

File: 1560325723775.jpeg (304.86 KB, 632x893, DD25E05A-D7C3-4B81-8BF5-CF6E34…)

wish I knew the artist

No. 35427

File: 1560342698594.png (932.91 KB, 800x1193, Screenshot_2019-06-12-05-26-03…)


Reverse image search!



I really like this, too. Thanks for posting.

No. 35433

I'm so dumb I just noticed after having this as my wallpaper for a while the signature is at the bottom left. Also I love Hex girl!

File: 1556453464309.gif (847.07 KB, 400x400, snakedancer.gif)

No. 29057[Reply]

Post your favorite animated gifs, from the soothingly hypnotic to the supremely silly.
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No. 35040

File: 1560092787415.gif (960.08 KB, 245x184, giphy.gif)

No. 35041

File: 1560092856185.gif (749.35 KB, 450x338, hedy.gif)

No. 35360

File: 1560320675667.gif (1.06 MB, 480x270, noctilucent-02.gif)

Have any anons witnessed the noctilucent clouds appearing this week in various parts of the world?

No. 35363

File: 1560321259733.gif (5.14 MB, 720x478, S9l1Bno.gif)

No. 35364

File: 1560321601479.gif (1.78 MB, 480x360, f250d3019875546dfc8fd30a2921d4…)

File: 1545906219001.gif (8.04 MB, 300x545, aim.gif)

No. 21336[Reply]

Discuss internet communities you grew up with or spent a lot of time on. Some off the top of my head: (but not limited to)
>MSN Messenger
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No. 25448

I still use chatango, it's handy for streamsites.

No. 28985

this is so embarrassing but I used to use moshi monsters for so long

No. 35187

Found early 00s lolcow: http://www.losers.org
A lot of links are still accessible through the wayback machine.

No. 35191

File: 1560186714979.jpg (706.26 KB, 1080x3957, cap.jpg)

What's up with random words being in all caps? everyone types exactly the same. was someone samefagging?

No. 35258

Do any of these e-hangouts still exist, I'm looking for a place to meet new e-friends. I tried Gaia again but it seems kind of kill.

File: 1442862774568.jpg (330.46 KB, 1200x800, clarissa-and-sam.jpg)

No. 32062[Reply]

What are some things that are nostalgic to you?
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No. 33085

File: 1558819055790.jpeg (50.03 KB, 220x278, 71B7ADCE-79F7-4583-A963-312A0E…)

No. 33087

try ringing that number again

No. 33089

I didn't know whether other people knew about Max, I only had the ghost game but it was so fun

I remember the TV adverts for this and being so desperate for those trading cards

No. 33111

good one

No. 35220

I think I still have my copies! Maybe a few of the comics, too. I got them from some horse magazine for kids. I also played Star Stable when I was a teen, but I remember it not having the same spooky, "dark" feel as the original games. No matter how bad it is looking back, the series has a special place in my heart.

File: 1526426979712.gif (141.56 KB, 900x787, funny-cartoons-jim-benton-154_…)

No. 9288[Reply]

Post any kind of comics, they only need to be short
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No. 29184

No. 35158

File: 1560167180485.jpg (59.98 KB, 555x476, Zettai ryouiki no genjitsu ren…)

No. 35159

File: 1560167310625.jpg (66.62 KB, 750x375, syg6c94f8tv11.jpg)

No. 35180

Is this a comment on the over-80s-fying everything? Or thinking that kid culture today is trash?

No. 35184

Nta,but neither.
I it's probably about parents that force their children to like the same things and have the same hobbies as them like their are just raising a clone or something.

File: 1521749396415.jpg (49.69 KB, 800x450, universal constant.jpg)

No. 15093[Reply]

needed some way to vent about this, and i always love reading about other people's raging hate boners for (insert x title here). this isn't limited to books alone - it can be a show, comic, webcomic, etc. as long as it has your blood boiling almost every time you see it and you can't begin to imagine how anyone could get into it.

i'll start us off: "a matter of life and death" (https://tapas.io/series/A-Matter-of-Life-and-Death) is kind of the brainless beauty of western BL. now, it didn't start off that way, but between the author deciding to start acting like a spoiled brat instead of taking responsibility for her growing fanbase during the past year, and the story itself taking an olympic nosedive into overwrought, melodramatic, needlessly vindictive (while somehow still failing to deliver all the emotional punches during actually appropriate scenes), everything-that-makes-BL-shit territory.

now, as a disclaimer, i will admit that i'm not a fan of BL in general. i've seen way too many works that portray stuff like rape, abuse, etc. way too voyeuristically for my comfort, and even in more lighthearted series it usually feels like the authors don't know how guys interact with other people, let alone how gay guys do it. it's just not for me. but for fuck's sake, even i can recognize that BL fans deserve better than this.
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No. 34046

>the other aspects of the game is going to be over explained and beat to death with details.
That's what I'm expecting too. I played MG1 and 2 a little and played MGS1, 2 and 3 and what I liked about these games was that even though a lot of things were explained to make the plot happen, there were still a bunch of mysteries like everything about the supernatural powers some of the characters had. I was really disappointed when I watched a MGS4 playthrough and found out that the story is just there to explain every little things nobody asked for about the past games. I don't really care about MGS5 because of the gameplay but I've seen it's similar to MGS4 when it comes to the story, trying to explain every little things. I'm hoping Death Stranding will be more like the first three MGS games but with more horror and mysteries.

No. 34633

File: 1559861964284.png (66.23 KB, 620x350, MasterClass-Logo-620x350.png)

Masterclass feels like another form of the "I don't have to work to get good. I just need to figure out the masters secrets" (look at /ic/ as the purest form of this). It's a lot cheaper to just buy a few 'how to' books. Also the fact master classes are aimed at the broadest possible audience you wont learn much if your an intermediate hobbyist or are trying to get a job in said field.

No. 35027

Steins;gate is SO BAD. But it's literally rated the second highest anime in MAL and the community on r/anime would crucify you for not treating it as a sacred cow.

The first cour is notorious for being mind-boggingly slow and many people admit to dropping it. I dropped it too, but on a re-watch it was a cluster of intrigue, boredom, and a little enjoyment. Just painfully average.

The real kicker apparently is the second cour and the reason why the anime is treated as Jesus as a TV series. Went in with high expectations and damn.. damn… Is it shit.

Spoilers that are vague enough for you to not understand anything, but the people who've watched the series might get it:

We now have 12 episodes left.

3 episodes are dedicated to the biggest melodramatic cluster-fucks of character arcs filled with nonsensical events, asspulls and contrived sequences. Essentially filler. Horrendously bad.

Two episodes were dedicated to the biggest asspulls in the history of anime. At the ending. Deux ex Machinas so bad my emotional attachment to anything happening was so low because it felt like I was watching a completely different anime from the middle.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 35051

File: 1560095629545.jpg (64.87 KB, 316x472, 50275 (1).jpg)

Honestly it isn't that bad but I know this book got a lot of positive reviews for being "so raw & authentic" when some bits are just so goofy and the grammar is kinda obnoxious.

No. 35052

>Moids have terrible and shitty taste. Horrendously bad taste. More news at 11.
Absolutely. Steins Gate is a textbook example of a massively overrated anime that men love because it's a pseudo harem filled with waifus and a self insert MC. The presence of girls they want to fuck makes them enjoy something much, much more than they would otherwise, and that's hardly the mark of good fiction. And they never notice their bias unless it's a really blatantly bad guilty pleasure show, whereas something like SG masquerades as deep and emotional.

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