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File: 1647291839470.gif (456.6 KB, 500x375, fXJYPhS.gif)

No. 189358[Reply]

Temporary thread to post about animated media that isn't anime until the old thread gets restored.

>Your favorite cartoons
>What are you watching right now
>Cartoon Recommendations
>Western animation studio discussion
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No. 231025

I'm glad to see that somebody out there is at least trying to make more cartoons for children, you know, the reason why cartoons even exist.
Teenagers had sitcoms because they're supposed to be able to relate to real people in real situations.
These fantasy cartoons are nice for teens as well, but the themes are too deep or too complex for children that have to either watch paw patrol at 9 or watch amphibia or Star vs the forces of evil and not give a single tiny little fuck about who wants to fuck who because it's "icky" and plain awkward.

No. 231039

lmao no, cartoons don't exist because of children. They are on TV because they wanted to market to children though.
But I'm glad that not all cartoons for kids are poor attempts at "mature" complex overarching stories. I'm kinda tired of those. If people want to make that kind of series they shouldn't make them for children. Not only does the target audience (children) not watch them as much as older people, but the age rating restricts the creators a lot.

No. 231044

I'm just happy if Richter isn't a sweary drunkard with a beard like they did to Trevor. Also Kojimas Richter is a bishie.

No. 231059

Yet the attempt to make the characters appear as such causes the quality of design and aesthetics of the animation to suffer

No. 231238

File: 1660645369799.png (834.59 KB, 1280x720, image_2022-08-16_142345911.png)

i like the boondocks


File: 1649957162550.png (3.16 MB, 992x1405, 29392829282.png)

No. 197320[Reply]

Remake of the other thread, here >>>/m/182650 (Copy + paste into search bar to find it)

Dump cute art of 2d women here. It can be classical art, fanart, shipping art, whatever. You may post art of your waifus just keep sperging to other threads. No coomer shit.
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No. 230195

File: 1660357587298.jpg (290.73 KB, 1300x2300, SncMLFn.jpg)

No. 230215

File: 1660367504851.jpg (115.57 KB, 675x675, tumblr_omti4oxNr51rna4rao1_r3_…)

No. 230217

No. 230571

File: 1660428777839.png (322.04 KB, 673x665, tumblr_okuce1q9hk1rna4rao1_128…)

No. 231231

File: 1660643808295.jpg (747.45 KB, 2791x1973, spacecolonie.jpg)

File: 1654106097004.jpg (1.27 MB, 4096x2086, NgoqykJENQpYhuZVgJfjSOISsCBu0a…)

No. 210757[Reply]

Post crossover art of characters from different series/franchises together or have them referencing, dressing, or drawn in a different artstyle from other series/franchises.
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No. 230316

It looks like Dante from the Devil May Cry Series

No. 230577

File: 1660429637884.jpg (238.55 KB, 860x1200, 32f0db8076fd7682d6fc459741ac7c…)

No. 230874

File: 1660521916630.jpg (211.63 KB, 722x1200, kazuma2b.jpg)

Only good Nier fan art due to lack of coomer influence.

No. 231213

File: 1660641580575.jpg (2.22 MB, 4096x2064, xoauri.jpg)

No. 231229

File: 1660643746375.jpg (3.55 MB, 3523x2480, Yuji Uekawa.jpg)

File: 1656991585368.jpg (224.39 KB, 850x1098, sample-f430bdcabe25455e21a2817…)

No. 219304[Reply]

Post art or media related to female maids! Please keep discussion civilized.
Thread for male maids >>>/m/205070
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No. 227859

File: 1659857741825.png (167.84 KB, 500x663, maidUsagi.png)

No. 227884

File: 1659866784575.jpg (844.92 KB, 949x1200, ヒマワリ.jpg)

No. 227885

File: 1659866869614.jpeg (342.25 KB, 1450x2048, 1647109939260.jpeg)

No. 227997

File: 1659925814849.jpg (62.19 KB, 720x853, 290047747_441209037855412_1015…)

No. 231226

File: 1660643527363.jpg (143.34 KB, 1328x1615, ruviart.jpg)

File: 1650584384117.gif (770.38 KB, 500x281, 1629351297593.gif)

No. 199417[Reply]

bringing back my fave thread after it got wiped out in the great /m/pocalypse. post your bruised, bandaged, bloody, and hurt 2d/3d cuties.

reminder that this is not a guro/ryona thread
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No. 230588

File: 1660434288840.jpg (390.54 KB, 1076x1246, czlhd1lnRTBiQnVRQm4vRGlGZHZMZT…)

No. 231209

File: 1660641063273.jpg (184.24 KB, 1427x2048, pisu_1107.jpg)

No. 231211

File: 1660641199174.jpg (328.43 KB, 1636x2048, pisu_1107.jpg)

No. 231212

File: 1660641362238.jpg (240.6 KB, 2048x1448, pisu_1107.jpg)

No. 231225

File: 1660643410129.jpg (75.59 KB, 1158x710, nisibo25.jpg)

File: 1659412595082.jpg (116.11 KB, 634x1050, John-John.jpg)

No. 226170[Reply]

ITT: post hot guys and gals from the pages of history who turn you on

also try to be respectful
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No. 231137

File: 1660616559019.jpeg (94.67 KB, 540x786, B0DFACC5-52BB-4DFA-8607-EC8C5E…)

Bless you my fellow napoleonfag

No. 231223

File: 1660643333297.png (1.05 MB, 1168x1600, image_2022-08-16_134924585.png)


No. 231233

It's likely Cesare had a lot of supporters, nonna. But the person in power after his dad absolutely hated their family to guts. Called them slurs and "not even Christians" (gasp) and everything. He basically did what any renaissance prince would do: just physically force people to switch loyalties from Cesare. Machiavelli even says this in his book, how the people refused to betray Cesare even when his family was losing their power.
A lot of popular legend attribute him to the unsolved mystery of his brother's murder, the popular narrative is that he killed Juan so he can be the mercenary in the family instead, but the first historical record of this "crime" came 10 years after the case and from a writer who was proven to never even be in the same city as the accident at the time. There's a lot of this hearsay and post-mortem slander in his historiography. This isn't a modern attempt to make him woke or anything. Writers from the 1920s have already talked about this as well… Cesare Borgia did nothing wrong he was a popular leader who was betrayed and ruined by pope Julius II. Sorry for the sperging i am a Cesare Borgia apologist

No. 231237

Samefag but forgot to add the reason why he's always described or came across as "terrorizing" italy is because his family does not give a shit about local nobles and basically took back those lands to be under control of the church. He never got into wars that much, relatively compared to other popular historical captains anyway, partly because he died so young but also because a lot of the cities basically just gave themselves to him or signed a deal under the table. His "warfare" mostly consisted of a siege, negotiating a deal, the people agreeing to it while the local nobility tries to flee or join him. Renaissance warfare overall was a lot of talking and double-dealing lol.

No. 231249

File: 1660648234410.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1080, BA71CF3B-2927-4CF4-B1F4-843D71…)

im probably the anon you're talking about lol. i'm still posting on lc but post naps sparingly bc i don't want to become an avatarfag

File: 1652197636639.jpg (284.13 KB, 1342x1680, 23653e6b06882db61ef37aeeee4831…)

No. 205070[Reply]

in honor of meido day, let's get this going again
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No. 231217

File: 1660643162133.jpg (270.95 KB, 2048x1650, xenohog.jpg)

No. 231219

File: 1660643199295.jpg (953.48 KB, 2400x3400, huyandere.jpg)

No. 231220

File: 1660643243502.jpg (1.23 MB, 2800x2900, huyandere (2).jpg)

No. 231221

File: 1660643273070.jpg (592.95 KB, 1048x1685, syrupmancer.jpg)

No. 231222

File: 1660643309947.jpg (325.68 KB, 2560x1440, s2.jpg)

File: 1648489538419.png (102.29 KB, 666x178, jfdsafjdsaf.png)

No. 192885[Reply]

Discuss any otome game-related topics here and please tag your spoilers.

What is an otome game?
>An otome game is a romance-focused game within the wider genre "joseimuke", meaning female-targeted games, and feature unlockable illustrated images known as CGs. The player character in otome games is always a female protagonist and can make choices to pursue male love interests over the course of the story. Otome games, or "otoge" for short, are most often text-based visual novels, but they can also be stat-raisers, rhythm games, or JRPGs.

Possible Discussion topics
>Otome game news
>What are your most memorable otome game moments?
>What got you into otome games?
>What is your all-time favorite otome game or character and why?
>What are you currently playing and what's your impression on it so far?
>Which otome games are you looking forward to playing?
>Which otome games do you want to be localized?
>What is your opinion on the current state of otome game localization?
>What do you want to see more of in otome games?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 229771

Fuck yeah, first the translated game by that one artist, and now this. I hope this is the start of a new trend in otome.

No. 231133

File: 1660615850305.jpg (85.86 KB, 1000x567, ihavenoideaifthisisfanartorcan…)

I'm playing Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu rn and am on Garaiya-kuns, the Chuunis, route. He was about to cry because we drank out of the same bottle, he's so adorable, I love him. I hope bad ending is him actually going full-on Yandere.

No. 231135

Oh God, he's so pretty. I need to play that someday

No. 231215

File: 1660642295778.jpg (156.92 KB, 960x544, lookatmybeautifulman.jpg)

Please do, I just finished his route and, while I guess some people might say it's too long or cheesy, the confession scene was the cutest shit I've ever seen. I've only played two out of ten (or eleven, depending how you see it) routes, but I doubt anyone's going to top him, I'm a puddle of bliss right now. He's not just a great husbando for the game series, he's a top contender for outside of it, too. I love him so much, playing his route after Yuri-kuns already felt like cheating, but I don't think I can play any of the other routes for a while. It's a shame the routes are pretty short and linear overall, but at least there's a fandisk so that's nice enough.

No. 231230

i'm a slut for chuunibyou characters, just wish there was an english patch for the game.

File: 1650069411320.png (1.22 MB, 661x920, 1578d1e9-b09f-4d63-8ca0-016e67…)

No. 197704[Reply]

Like the cute 2D girls one, bringing the 2d art for boys/men back! Previous one is here >>>/m/182647

This thread is just for posting cute art of 2D guys, no gross 3D scrotes. Husbandos are fine just don't sperg about them here, use these >>>/m/188499 or >>>/g/248755
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No. 230161

File: 1660350373873.png (615.65 KB, 994x700, tumblr_o95oxszlTd1rna4rao1_128…)

No. 230216

File: 1660367665179.jpg (94.43 KB, 650x679, tumblr_on5gxfMBsG1rna4rao1_128…)

No. 230573

File: 1660428835722.png (412.09 KB, 730x721, tumblr_otxz2tZrSs1rna4rao1_r1_…)

No. 231204

File: 1660640466799.jpg (205.78 KB, 1960x2450, TIANHAI_03.jpg)

No. 231205

File: 1660640693926.jpg (185.59 KB, 1960x2450, TIANHAI_03 (2).jpg)

File: 1660587938518.png (1.52 MB, 1026x900, drama-cover.png)

No. 231055[Reply]

A thread to post and talk about Japanese, Thailand ,Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese & Hong Kong dramas, movies and series/shows.

Last thread was was accidentally deleted by mod

No. 231192

File: 1660638417052.jpeg (182.4 KB, 600x860, Strange_Lawyer_Woo_Young-Woo.j…)

Is The Extraordinary Attorney Woo worth watching? I am worried if it's popular probably because of the woke part of TikTok…is this drama actually good?

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