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File: 1595540932190.jpg (114.1 KB, 630x1200, MV5BNGViZWZmM2EtNGYzZi00ZDAyLT…)

No. 100539[Reply]

Anons, what are the best/scariest horror films you have seen? Please give some recs.

>In before 'Midsommar' because it's shit
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No. 112820

Was interested, now maybe not. All I'm finding are articles gushing about how Żuławski is a "women's director" whatever the fuck that means and that Adjani needed years of therapy to get over the role. Is there any info on what actually happened? Hitchcock-esque abuse like what happened to Tippi?

No. 112823

Which of these did you like most anon? I've seen The Thing and Annihilation and enjoyed both. Cabin in the Woods was okay, I prefer my cosmic horror played pretty straight without the comedy.

No. 112836

oh my God, it's a rabbit hole. Wjen writing the comment, I was roughly aware that this guy was a shitstain. Literally every relationshiphe was in was abisive and he loved dating barely adult (18 years old) actresses. He also constantly wrote shit about his exes in thinly veiled novels (he even lost a lawsuit once for that reason). I'm shocked there is zero information in English language internet since it's been a common knowledge in Poland for years. You will have to forgive me for providing google translated links since I am too lazy to do it myself properly. I think you should be able to understand from the automatic translation.


Here's an interesting bit about his relationship with Sophie Marceau that should give you a rough idea:

>Sophie Marceau

>Sophie Marceau was Andrzej Żuławski's greatest love. They got together in 1985, when the pretty French woman was only 18 and Żuławski 44. Their marriage caused a scandal in France, they were compared to Galatea and Pygmalion - he was a master and she was his apprentice. The director educated and developed the taste of the young actress. In those days, Sophie defended Andrzej against criticism, said that she would not be the same woman if it were not for his influence. The director reportedly had a hard time breaking up with Marceau. About the relationship wiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 112838

Samefag, since you asked about Posession specifically - here's what Adjani had to say about working with Zulawski:

>I struggled with depression for a long time, there were months when I did not have the strength to get out of bed. I am one of the actresses who often play with their own emotions. For me, the descent to hell was my collaboration with Andrzej Żuławski on "Possession". He thought that I would play better if he would humiliate and insult me ​​on the set - she confided in "Wyborcza". - I paid for it with a nervous breakdown.

More details here. Zulawski admits to paying Adjani minimum salary since she had problems getting hired and threatening her with violence to the point Adjani was terrified of him.


No. 112883


I’d like to rave about colours out of space, but unfortunately I can’t get past my hatred for Nicholas Cage. Even despite the fact that he wasn’t too shit in it. So my absolute favourite would be annihilation as it just did a beautiful job. I’m kinda happy cosmic horror is emerging more. I hope Del Toro pushes for At the mountains of madness again. Ridiculous it was turned down due to not having a happy ending or love story and being rated R. Love stories and hero’s in horror movies is just tasteless and cheapens the movies.

File: 1480241306979.jpg (262.41 KB, 1240x775, books.jpg)

No. 8561[Reply]

Book thread - recommend books, share what you're reading or what you're planning to read

No weeb mango shit, but books about Japan okay
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No. 112091

I'm reading Carrie right now. Can't wait till the part where she kills everyone.
She's pretty. And the book seems cool.

No. 112322

File: 1603142775117.jpg (6.09 KB, 120x177, 41JjGFMy7cL._SY177_.jpg)

The author who wrote Convinience Store Woman released another book called Earthlings. It's similar in that it deals with a misfit woman who doesn't understand society, but instead of being purely an autistic sperg she also has hints of antisocial personality disorder, has bouts of depersonalization, and trauma of all sorts. The novel is also much, much edgier than CSW… This one would make the larger audience very uncomfortable for depictions of childhood sexual abuse and other things. But if you can stomach that sorta thing and like the authors style, this book is very poignant to a woman who's gone through similar trails. Murata is very good at making you understand the perspective and motivations of very mentally ill heroines.

No. 112710

>"This society hasn't changed one bit. People who don't fit into the village are expelled: men who don't hunt, women who don't give birth to children. For all we talk about modern society and individualism, anyone who doesn't try to fit in can expect to be meddled with, coerced, and ultimately banished from the village."
(from one of her books)
Liking the sound of her stuff already. Thanks for the rec anon, I'll check her out.

No. 112768

Oh, this sounds exactly like my cup of tea. I enjoyed Convenience Store Woman even if it was not amazing.
>This one would make the larger audience very uncomfortable for depictions of childhood sexual abuse and other things. But if you can stomach that sorta thing and like the authors style, this book is very poignant to a woman who's gone through similar trails.
All the better.
Can this be downloaded somewhere? It's not on vk or libgen yet. Haven't checked on IRC yet, but a link would be appreciated.

No. 112773

samefag, since I managed to find the ebook here's a link for my fellow pirates. Enjoy!

File: 1558273179279.jpg (54.96 KB, 700x700, téléchargement.jpg)

No. 31983[Reply]

I can't seem to find a thread on tv shows. There is a movie thread (and I think even a netflix thread and a GoT thread) but nothing relating generally tv shows (including netflix, HBO, etc).

What are you watching ? What do you reccomand watching ?
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No. 112713

I just binged To The Lake on Netflix
it's in Russian but if you can look past that I think its worth a watch. It keeps you on your toes, and it was really interesting to see how another culture views a traditionally dysfunctional relationship (with a backdrop of a zombie-like pandemic). If you end up watching it, let me know what you think.

No. 112730

Right now I’m watching the classics!! x-files (I’ll finish it someday!), Gilmore girls (good if you want something lighthearted and woman-written), the sopranos (best drama hands down even if I feel like a dad when I watch it) and king of the hill (fave adult animation).

No. 112741

NTA but I just watched the first episode of this after I saw your post. I enjoyed it a lot! Characters first, zombies second is my fav type of zombie media. Plus I can't say I've watched a lot of Russian tv in my day so that's cool too.

No. 112766

I'm watching The Good Place for the first time. I'm somewhere in the middle of the 2nd season. I enjoy it, but don't love it yet. Seen people really tear up at the series finale so I hope that I will share those feelings.

No. 112826

Exactly anon! I hope you enjoy it, its pretty interesting

File: 1548676083767.jpg (138.1 KB, 1080x880, 1546772943626.jpg)

No. 14863[Reply]

Previous Thread: >>>/ot/234968

What was discussed in the last thread:

Yoshiki (X Japan)
>is an attention whore, is still milking hide’s death and is so desperate for American recognition that his band even performed at Coachella
>has a Russian sugar baby who’s nearly 30 years younger than him
>announces monthly that the new album is 99% finished (it’s not)
>hangs out with Marilyn Manson, Poppy and Titanic

Hyde and Gackt are aging terribly (plus the latter is possibly gay) and Atsushi Sakurai thinks he no longer needs to wear pants.

Kisaki (ex. Phantasmagoria) is a literal pedophile. And of course he gets away with it, because this is glorious Nipponland we’re talking about…
More can be found here: https://www.monochrome-heaven.com/topic/53544-kisaki-drama-2k18
Warning! Absolutely appalling details, pictures as proof.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 112051

Imagine your 54 year old father being hotter than you.

No. 112260

Unrelated to anything of this thread but I lost a friend after saying to her die is supposedly married and has kids. She doesn't talk to me anymore just when I needed her to see a picture of Die's new red hair.

No. 112454

File: 1603231427274.jpg (44.4 KB, 600x450, Friday3.jpg)

I know that I'm super late but does anybody find this weird? Atsushi might be nice on camera but he's also a cheater and very likely did not raise his eldest son. But now, nearly 30 years later, when said child got some fame as well, he suddenly decides to not only go public, but to do a shoot/interview together with him? Of course celebrities aren't obliged to show their kids but this kind of leaves a bitter taste, as if he's only acknowledging because of his success.
Pic related as been around for years, him having had a kid when he was only in his mid 20s was always known.

And of course twitterfags and tumblrinas are crying because some dared to call him fug lol

No. 112469

I won't comment on what kind of person he may be in private, but it's very common for Japanese celebrities to keep their private life secret and not show their children. They take privacy very seriously. If his son is now in the public spotlight there's no need for that however. I think you're reading far too into it, especially considering his son is a nobody compared to him, so if anything he's helping his son out. Apparently his son's books sold out everywhere after this reveal, if Japanese comments in relevant articles are to be believed.

No. 112763

File: 1603462268953.png (613.24 KB, 720x626, IMG_1923698.png)

So apparently this random guy got arrested for fraud on pretending to be Kyo from DEG.


File: 1595625761050.png (617.11 KB, 750x571, 1002175216-photo-u1.png)

No. 100749[Reply]

Discuss your experiences and opinions regarding pet sites and sims, as well as their communities.

>favorite sites

>stories of cringe users or admins
>most important features to you?
>would you spend money on them?
>how did you make your in-game currency?

>>21336 is for internet nostalgia, this thread is for discussing recent updates or drama.

Some current pet sites
>flight rising
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 112358

samefag but flight rising is slightly better even though there are lots of genderspecials. it's a more mature website despite the theythems and passive aggressive people. Goatlings is pure autism though.

No. 112759

I'm still on Neopets at 22 but kind of lost interest a few months back when I became a multi-millionaire (…in neopoints of course, kek), got my pets painted, and then fell off when I realized that in order to get the wearables I want, I'd have to invest some real money and effort bc trades for the cute ones are competitive. I wanna play again but any advice/tips for getting NC wearables (not in the NC mall) are appreciated!!

Video attached is the story of how Neopets became owned by Scientologists. Turns out that the Scientologist now has pretty full control as the original creators sold all of their shares and dipped out. Since the creators have now left completely, I wonder what's been holding the crazies back from advertising their cult on there. The video is really interesting, I recommend it even to people who haven't played the game.

No. 112760

Lmao anon this is so cute. It sounds like you favor the strategy aspects of pet raising games.
I tried getting my old account back but I kept getting the info wrong and the staff that I emailed didn't believe me. It doesn't matter anyways because I had like 2000 np and nothing valuable. The benefit of having an old account is if your pets still have the old art or if you want to place higher bets in food club. Being an adult and having resources to chat freely like Reddit's r/neopets, the game is a lot easier for me to use. I don't cheat and it took me like less than a month to surpass the prestige of my shitty account from my childhood like >>100833 said.
That's an interesting point anon, I agree. So are pet sites a thing of the past? I speculate kids nowadays would rather play apps.

No. 112762

> I speculate kids nowadays would rather play apps.
Whoops I just remembered that Neopets actually just created an app. But idk if a franchise that's as intricate as Neopets will actually attract children; kKids today seem more into simpler (more digestible) games that are made specifically for apps.

No. 112783

>any advice/tips for getting NC wearables
You can definitely get NC and NC wearables for NPs if you want to, it's obviously against the rules but you can.

Neopets should just rebrand for adults honestly.

File: 1581546855133.jpg (47.24 KB, 640x640, 81918954_1053587145004711_2130…)

No. 75296[Reply]

Post bruised, bleeding, hurt, whump content. 2D/3D ok!Sauce appreciated.

Not a guro/ryona thread
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No. 111616

No. 111625

File: 1602616282361.jpg (262.89 KB, 800x949, tumblr_ol0digAcCs1udfawho1_128…)

No. 111631

File: 1602625117612.jpg (4 MB, 1748x2480, 1583207468.jpg)

No. 111729

File: 1602719201105.png (1.08 MB, 750x1102, YIP5_32J.png)

No. 112728

File: 1603415089801.jpg (972.46 KB, 1200x1200, ouchie.jpg)

arknights and its rock cancer husbandos makes me so thirsty

File: 1594264357038.png (20.58 KB, 790x676, mspainthreadthumb.png)

No. 98544[Reply]

We're drawing like it's 2005. Post stuff you make in MS Paint. Low effort, mindless scribbles welcome– You don't have to be an artist. This thread is for letting off steam and relaxing. Zone out and draw!

>must be made with mouse/trackpad only
>must be made in MS Paint only
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No. 112677

I love that he is clearly a Castlevania vampire catboy

No. 112697

I declare thy vampire cat boy a new husbando of mine. Amen.

No. 112699

File: 1603391024546.png (47.55 KB, 1300x800, ksjdksdj.png)

No. 112701

>tfw no cat ears

Cool drawing!

No. 112715

File: 1603405346085.png (47.45 KB, 2480x3189, 1603405379620.png)

Bandwagoning the tomboy catgirl train

File: 1601573286846.png (343.97 KB, 500x563, tumblr_ou6ejhNWPx1uvl5nqo1_500…)

No. 109651[Reply]

Your waifu is shit. Your husbando is trash. Unleash all of your hate towards the worst of fictional characters in this thread.
90 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 112601

It feels very out of character for Sesshomaru too, I think. Maybe I just like him too much to think of him as a groomer but I just don't see it hapening if japanese fans weren't fucked up and wanted it so much.

No. 112604

kek i have never seen anyone go so hard for rose of versailles before

No. 112638

Damn. Didn't know he was that bad in the manga. Just bought the first tome of the 5 special ones (if you haven't seen them look them up, the books are beautiful but huge). Cant wait to read this shit! (Oscar+ Girodelle 4ever btw. Even Fehrsen too)

wtf indeed. Its been like a day since I found out but I'm still pissed.

I didnt think Rumiko would have the balls to do this shit esp after all the pedo scandals that have been going on with mangakas over here, but here we are

No. 112670

It'd not be her It'd be the morons at Sunrise peddling this pedo shit. She didn't like the CD drama and made it a point to have the gang disgusted with Miroku for using his line on a kid. She was only brought in for character design so its not her vision. TBH I think they're just baiting it and gonna toss it out. If they're so comfortable with this pedo ship why not just say it? Because it's gonna be a bait n switch to keep a loud minority sated and leave the door open for Rumiko to make her own shit if she wants.

No. 112700

File: 1603391252444.jpeg (75.25 KB, 226x300, 8F7AB359-6D1F-40BC-BBB8-A15C5C…)

Forgot to mention I hate this scumbag as well kek. Alain forced himself on Oscar and threatened her with gang rape and we’re just meant to forgive and forget it.

Maybe my hatred for Andre is a bit overblown because I had only heard good things about him before I got into the series, then I actually read it and he sexually assaults and tries to murder Oscar over incel shit and also apparently slept with prostitutes while crying over her breathing near another man. And I’m meant to believe he loves her and they’re a perfect match. LMAO.

Fersen gets way too much hate for a character whose worst crime is being a womanizer. Girodelle too I guess.

File: 1568295735914.png (50.32 KB, 316x316, 233FA1A7-E9A4-4270-98E8-1E4828…)

No. 49285[Reply]

Need to rant/rave about a webtoon?

What are you reading at the moment?
962 posts and 248 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 112651

Might just read the actual mythologies at this point lol

No. 112658

lol this image is giving me vertigo. so bad.

No. 112664

The creator of the Hades and Persephone Ficlets is doing another comic on webtoons about the rise of the brothers if you're interested

No. 112667

MYth. For as far as I know it isn't on webtoon. MYth 1 is about Hades and Persephone but the rest isn't. (Still worth reading 1 imo because the art is beautiful and the retelling is good).


No. 112668

File: 1543793862057.jpeg (68.36 KB, 447x455, 3_jpeg5d3e0045fa7ed76ff37ea367…)

No. 16053[Reply]

Welcome to meme hell!
Post old, bad, unfunny, ironically funny memes, memes that make your skin crawl, memes you're ashamed you like, etc
585 posts and 502 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 112619

File: 1603311149299.jpeg (40.04 KB, 306x306, 8326CC5B-76E7-461E-B7E9-28010B…)

send help

No. 112620

File: 1603311221953.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 67.58 KB, 450x418, 7A1E7082-A3D0-4DC0-8601-A2BAE8…)

sorry for these gross sexual memes I hate that I'm laughing so hsrd right now

No. 112622

File: 1603311369050.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 26.59 KB, 320x320, CF66CFE3-0AA2-4BCE-A87A-1531E7…)

No. 112649

File: 1603331140006.jpeg (131.65 KB, 750x741, 8DE6F862-3882-4B3B-B43B-370ADD…)

No. 112650

File: 1603331161227.jpeg (51.87 KB, 465x347, CB87121F-5FEA-43C5-B111-4A75D5…)

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