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File: 1674320119074.jpg (962.22 KB, 1599x925, 1644476641532.jpg)

No. 271005[Reply]

a thread for anything and everything about what has happened on the planet up to now. for students, experts, and laywomen alike


>questions about the craft of the historian
>movies, book, docu recommendations
>anything interesting
>anything complementary

all time periods, all aspects, all peoples, all locations, etc etc etc
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No. 375336

File: 1714577518648.jpeg (233.42 KB, 800x1170, IMG_3639.jpeg)

aw yess time to post henriette caillaux
she was the wife of the french finance minister and in 1914 there was a press campaign agianst her husband and herself. it ended in her taking a revolver out of her fur muff to shoot and kill the director of a newspaper who'd published her private corespondance ( she got away with it)

No. 375365

File: 1714585811414.jpg (51.19 KB, 487x444, 3e0484cb9018cff8dc975195720de7…)

Scrotes were really worried about bicycling women back then.

No. 375395

File: 1714591596470.jpg (76.39 KB, 640x430, pollice_verso.jpg)

I love this painting, Pollice Verso, because of how enthusiastic the Vestal Virgins are while watching kek. There's another famous painting where they look more dignified, but this one has more character. Obviously, this was made centuries after the Roman Empire's peak, and while there is some debate over how well the artist depicted certain aspects of Ancient Rome, it is accurate that the Vestals were able to attend gladiator games. The artist's depiction of the Vestals is probably referencing "A Reply to the Address of Symmachus" by Prudentius, which describes a Vestal as doing the 'converso pollice' gesture to express her desire to see a gladiator be dispatched. Now, Prudentius had meant his description as an unflattering depiction of the Vestals, but there was almost certainly a gesture of that nature. Other, arguably more reliable, sources have also made references to the 'pollice verso,' which translates to, 'with thumb turned.' We don't know exactly what it looked like; most art and even some movies (like Gladiator) depict it as a thumbs-down motion, but we don't know that for a fact. The thumb could have been pointed in any number of directions.

Sorry, deleted and reposted because of some minor typos that were bothering me.

No. 375404

does anyone have any recommendations of books about spain and/or portugal history? i tried searching for some but i’m not sure which books are the better ones

No. 385339

File: 1646360745494.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, 1646314900215.png)

No. 186908[Reply]

Post all the manhating pictures you have!
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No. 385171

File: 1716317158731.gif (7.23 MB, 640x576, Tumblr_l_561186472824099.gif)

No. 385302

File: 1716353790157.jpeg (858.47 KB, 2189x1625, D0929332-E4AC-4093-B257-C7D852…)

I made this image after seeing a gnarly axe wound for the first time at 16

No. 385303

File: 1716353966542.jpeg (373.79 KB, 799x1073, 1FE6A260-1CAE-495B-AF42-22D916…)

This one is for the anteater haters out there… foreskin is sin!

No. 385304

i love your mind

No. 385314

This is pretty bitchin anon

File: 1647305143798.jpg (64.46 KB, 563x708, 8063080a9e7984ac5af0722313d7eb…)

No. 189407[Reply]

Want to talk about characters you like but don't consider your husbandos/waifus? Post them here!
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No. 379736

File: 1715454255549.jpg (26.87 KB, 768x576, R.jpg)

He was best boy in The A-Team too.

No. 382049

File: 1715733147098.jpg (83.69 KB, 1067x1521, Leena_Klammer_in_Orphan_2.jpg)

Good female villain

No. 383761

File: 1716076354703.png (45.82 KB, 210x240, image_2024-05-18_165158357.png)

i love fenneko she would definitely use lolcow

No. 384399

File: 1716200406656.jpg (139.96 KB, 900x770, b____l____o____w_by_sweetleggy…)

im so late but mega based. best show, best characters

No. 385301

File: 1716353622740.png (727.16 KB, 676x874, Caroline.png)

Heavily relate to her being angry and unhinged but forcing herself to be kind and obedient due to female socialization

File: 1524020414176.jpg (32.93 KB, 567x436, DPfqsusUIAAqaYf.jpg)

No. 63529[Reply]

Post 'em.
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No. 385288

No. 385290

No. 385291

Sorry for the spam. I just keep thinking of more and more sad songs KEK

No. 385292

Last one

No. 385298

File: 1653279675269.jpg (43.72 KB, 500x375, 1653274705026.jpg)

No. 208516[Reply]

Since ninnies wanted it back, here it is. Try not to thrist over serial killers too much.

Talk about things you find interesting
>Unsolved Mysteries
>Overrated Killers
>Underrated Cases
>Favourite Podcasts
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No. 382881

File: 1715945623536.jpg (8.64 KB, 228x228, 20230517-IMG_5618-228x228.jpg)

Yes! I would love to read those threads. I do remember one thread on /x/, I think it was a recorded interview with a mother of a student there. She spoke about things like the alleged sniper on the roof and the Shoels family having to leave town, it was fascinating stuff but I never thought to bookmark it. Hoo boy, Freemasonry is a big rabbit hole. I'll recap a few things off the top off my head. Ok so the highest you can progress in Scottish Rite masonry - the most popular Rite - is the 33rd degree. The number 33 has a habit of popping up in suspicious events, and with Sarah Everard it was no different. She disappeared on the 3/3, she was 33 y/o and IIRC so was her boyfriend. She went missing in London, the home of modern Freemasonry, which has 33 boroughs if you include the the city of London. The met police often have the checker board patterns on their hats and uniform like picrel and checker board floors are in every Masonic lodge, the pattern being a big part of their symbolism. This is all sounds like tinfoil, I know. But Freemasons in the police has been pretty well reported on, particularly in regard to it affecting the chain of command. Here's a couple of articles from mainstream press to get you started.

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/masons-freemasons-freemasonry-in-the-police-corruption-coverup-conspiracy-theories-united-grand-lodge-of-engPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 382980

File: 1715964976596.png (113.67 KB, 745x999, exorcist letter.png)

The whole Zodiac case is such a mess, but it’s the only true crime case I still read about daily.

No. 382984

i don't mind when the victims are female, as long is not the same old story: moid kills women for sexual gratification. and in most podcasts its always this fucking story because its the most common crime and most podcasters are lazy cretins that don't do any research into real interesting cases.

Real horror and Matt Orchard are the only ones i can stand after diving in true crime.

No. 384642

File: 1716237900041.png (55.29 KB, 726x384, truecrimediscourse.png)

I don't think that True Crime shouldn't be criticized, everyone in here is already familiar with its many flaws, but since that Dahmer show with Evan Peters became popular I've noticed how moralism against TC has grown.
It's a very non issue, but I wanted to talk about because is kind of annoying how even in TC communities you have people who themselves consume its contents but now want to act very holier than thou, as if only them have the capacity to consume it ethically.
(Not so related pic).

No. 385281

I agree. I think it's annoying how everything is being policed these days with the weird rhetoric that it's only okay to engage with non-problematic media. Or if you do engage in media that is 'problematic' you have to be aware of every little issue surrounding it or else people will talk down to you like in your picrel. People just can't enjoy things anymore. (Although as you said, the true crime genre has its flaws and is exploitative by nature. But it's stupid for people to act holier-than-thou about it)

File: 1714597451726.jpg (457.05 KB, 1280x1024, 1714569974118.jpg)

No. 375436[Reply]

A thread to share anime illustrations that come directly from the official source, be it from a magazine scan or merch like clear file folders. All anime welcome!
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No. 385067

File: 1716308054385.jpg (1.05 MB, 1600x2542, maomao.jpg)

No. 385072

File: 1716308464165.jpg (320.11 KB, 897x1280, --.jpg)

No. 385096

woah who is this?

No. 385239

File: 1716330883459.jpeg (12.84 KB, 253x199, choco robin.jpeg)


Rockin Robin from sugar sugar rune nonny

No. 385280

NOO that's Pierre…

File: 1665989556510.png (1.16 MB, 850x1314, hsthread.png)

No. 247993[Reply]

>Homestuck is an Internet fiction series created by American author and artist Andrew Hussie in the first half of the 2010s. Its plot centers on a group of teens who unwittingly bring about the end of the world by installing the beta version of an upcoming computer game, Sburb.

A thread to discuss Homestuck, Hiveswap, and other MSPA stories. Try to limit discussion of the drama surrounding HS^2. It's bad, everyone knows it's bad, let's focus on the good stuff instead. Or the less bad stuff. It is Homestuck after all.
Starter questions:
>Favorite characters? flashes? songs?
>Fanfic recs/fanventure recs
>Opinions on the vriskcourse?

Homestuck^2 /snow/ thread: >>>/snow/981279
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No. 372031

File: 1713542083174.jpg (140.64 KB, 900x643, Karkat.Vantas.full.881553.jpg)

Anyone else just really fucking love Karkat? I don't know what it is about him but I feel like the 'angry shortstack tsundere with motherly tendencies who inadvertently holds everyone together' thing going on with him is super rare in male characters. I don't think there are any other male characters quite like him. His trope of character is usually a woman. It's really weird that the writers chose to do nothing with him other than make him Dave's wife in the end.

No. 372400

i have no answers as to where you could advertise this nonna but i would love to be your friend. if you make a server like this i would be first in line to join. it's so difficult being autistic about homestuck when all of its fans are seemingly in a competition to conjure up the most retarded headcanons of all time.

No. 385024

wwalks into thread
its me

No. 385231

Porrim's Perfect hiPs

No. 385327

Looks like someone got lost on the way to the Special Ed room.

File: 1716281042721.gif (426.35 KB, 314x337, 1503086538_vaultboy.gif)

No. 384872[Reply]

Thread for the games and the new show and everything Fallout related!

Did you watch the show? How do you feel about it? Which games are your favorites? Who are your wasteland husbandos/waifus? What mods do you use? What factions do you like? etc, etc
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No. 385170

installing mods isn't as hard as people think it is just watch a good tutorial and if you're worried about storage i'm pretty sure you can keep everything on a usb.

No. 385175

Nexus mods has a pretty good tool that manages most of it too. It was pretty easy for my non techy ass

No. 385190

it's not mod management it's that fonv already runs like ass and crashes if you quicksave too often. i mod the hell out of skyrim because skyrim can take it, but i don't want to ruin my fonv game

No. 385215

File: 1716325690029.png (1.98 MB, 2048x1188, tumblr_c202d6480afdaf7524a0d79…)

ghouls i like who are not as popular: set, gob, dean, and rotface

No. 385992

File: 1716544872555.png (363.98 KB, 526x516, GMrniq5XkAALhu0.png)

fnv crashes every five minutes anyway, might as well install mods and have some extra fun in-between restarts

File: 1646340578922.jpg (66.27 KB, 595x483, 1646340527125.jpg)

No. 186862[Reply]

This is a thread to post all our favorite female content creators! All kinds of female talent welcome, from animators and artists to vloggers and video makers, and anything in between. Post your favorite youtube channels, blogs, instagrams, twitch streams, etc. A short description is always appreciated.
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No. 384908

NTA but I've watched the video up to like the 1:40 mark and him appearing in her video footage of the location every now and then is truly not that much troon content, she never gives him spotlight, but she does refer to him as her sister. The funny thing is even before coming to this thread and learning it really is a troon, I noticed "her sister" was a he from the first time his face appears in shot for like 0.8 seconds, and he hasn't said a word up to that point. Not even the neotenous features the siblings have manages to save him from being utterly clockable.

No. 384952

I watched it until halfway through and gave up. Too long for me and she overexplains everything, it's not my thing. I wish she could tell her troon brother to shut the fuck up because his gross womanface voice is disgusting. He's so creepy, it feels like he's skinwalking her and secretly masturbating to her videos.

No. 384973

I love Lindsay Nicole

No. 385037

Watched the whole video, it's so frustrating seeing how Disney treats it's customers and employees, it's so obvious all the promo material was for investors and not for potential customers. The wasted potential of that building hurts, so many people would be interested in it if they didn't half ass it.
I also had a nightmare with the fireproof closet thing kek, wtf is that shit.

No. 385209

File: 1716324268189.jpg (73.25 KB, 900x900, rinomander.jpg)

I really like Rinomander's videos, specially the Terranigma iceberg video. She doesn't upload regularly to, and mostly just streams on twitch. Only thing i dislike about her is that she seems to support trannies as seen in her pokemon video, but at least she doesn't bring them up that often.

File: 1708104521274.jpeg (215.86 KB, 1169x651, IMG_0044.jpeg)

No. 356605[Reply]

All drama-related discussion go here: >>>/w/319720
Escaped dramafags will get graduated from life

What is a vtuber?
>An online entertainer or live streamer who is typically represented by a digital avatar generated by computer graphics such as Live2D.
This thread is made to discuss your favorite Vtubers, news surrounding the topic, and other stuff!

Current/Upcoming streams: https://holodex.net/
Chat logs: https://hololyzer.net/youtube/

Previous threads
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No. 384999

File: 1716301275829.jpg (21.76 KB, 480x360, cumsoom.jpg)

He looks like a young Yanderedev kek, tragic.

No. 385029

Seeing this and his oshi narks, seems like its Hex Haywire's modus operandi all over again.

No. 385030

Men that have mainstream movies posters on their walls trigger a flight or fight response in me.

No. 385053

Wilson also used to make this type of videos but he's not even doing any bfe anymore afaik. And there are no men in his wave to yaoibait with so he might act normal. I'm interested in the woman that doesn't speak like a child though. One of the few times I hope a vtuber doesn't play into their lore/design and jump straight to chatting normally. Kunai did that but she's nowhere to be seen lately (?)

No. 385126

File: 1716313656837.jpg (143.03 KB, 850x1202, 8f8839031805c4c1.jpg)

Kunai always sounds really great when she gets shilled to me but she's so painfully boring in actual streams.

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