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File: 1634741022134.png (3.3 MB, 1500x1500, Collage-Lana2.png)

No. 165508[Reply]

A thread for Lana stans and Lana-neutrals to discuss everything about her:
>general news
>your favorite songs, eras, albums
>in-depth lyrics and poetry analysis
>fashion sense
>general drama and mysteries
Constructive, fact-based criticism is more than welcome, but this isn't a hate thread. Lana's haters, please take your seething elsewhere as it's OT

Useful resources:
Great for cross-referencing songs and general facts
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No. 165884

DCMAA must have been forced by label to promote that (apparently) shit movie cause gIrL pOwER. That song is awful and Lana's part doesn't fit it at all. I'm forgetting that this trainwreck even exists. No more please.
My reaction always has been:
>My curves, San Gabriel all day
>Lana what the fuck are you talking about

No. 165892

File: 1634932726398.jpg (460.1 KB, 1290x869, 3826568628.jpg)

First impressions of Blue Banisters from any other anons who resisted listening to the leaks? Favorite songs? I feel like I'm not instantly connecting to the album like I have with her previous releases, but it will probably grow on me. Living Legend is really beautiful and I like the nod to Florida Kilos, it's probably my favorite right now. Nectar of the Gods is also gorgeous, but I already heard it when it leaked under the name Wild On You.

No. 165898

it was pretty boring and her smoker voice doesn't sound good when she hits high notes. i liked violets for roses, nectar of the gods, living legend.

No. 165904


Thank you nonnies for the help, couldn't remember even one word of lyrics so I went combing through that list of her unreleased songs and demos and finally found it. It's Behind Closed Doors. It's the chorus of the song that sounds cutesy lol

No. 165907

i liked it! ive only listed thru it once so far but my faves were black bathing suit, thunder, and dealer. i love how she kind of yells in dealer, it feels so refreshing somehow

File: 1577190844796.gif (1.09 MB, 480x270, twerk.gif)

No. 68958[Reply]

Any guilty pleasures anons? Reveal your darkest bops.
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No. 165507

No. 165629

Kek I went into the comment section expecting a shitton of innuendos but it was surprisingly wholesome. Very cute and catchy song

No. 165671

This song has a lot of incorrect grammar in it, it also just seems kind of cheesy. I love it though. Also this band kind of sounds like Abba with metal instruments.

No. 165894

fuck weezer or whatever, this is the true yellow fever anthem

No. 165896


File: 1596625800646.jpg (153.41 KB, 540x635, tumblr_pv4rk09bnK1v831lzo1_540…)

No. 102700[Reply]

There is no active artist judging thread in here so I thought it might be nice. There's no rules: you can post digital art, charcoal, anything.
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No. 165371

Use that year until you're 18 (and actually allowed to be here) to practice art fundamentals.

No. 165422

I like it anon, so cute. Just so you know you can get a nice smooth outline by using the bezier tool.

No. 165580

Nta but this was done in procreate I assume, so no bezier or vectors etc. but in procreate you can set a streamline in brushes that will give a nice and steady flow. But nevertheless I’d suggest to train drawing curves and circles to create a muscle memory.

No. 165583

Why even put a watermark on art this shitty lol

No. 165895

Wow… very nice you did very well, I don't know who that is so I can't say anything about that but his jaw and neck look as if they've melted together, there is nothing separating them.

File: 1622232926374.gif (1.47 MB, 499x281, 4d6483c71da7663024ac6454749c0d…)

No. 145787[Reply]

Since the previous threads with this premise were locked, I am making a new one merging the two concepts.

Post characters from movies, series, books, games, animation and etc that you think would either be farmers or cows. Maybe even both!
Bonus points if you specify which threads they would post in and what is their posting style.
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No. 165770

>probably puts hexes on the troons

No. 165787

File: 1634865865275.jpg (56.62 KB, 778x325, drakengard 3 four.jpg)

This bitch, without a doubt

No. 165809

File: 1634870425759.png (292.12 KB, 455x434, Fire-Emblem-Three-Houses-Berna…)

Samefag but
>Has less than 100 followers on social media and no internet presence whatsoever
>Dirty deletes every tweet she makes out of paranoia
>Still checks LC constantly to see if a thread was made about her

No. 165815

Can someone explain to me why she sucks?

No. 165889

File: 1634930491055.png (1.16 MB, 1600x900, 5D4145B2-6D68-42DF-AFF9-FBF8C7…)

All of them, really.

File: 1595625761050.png (617.11 KB, 750x571, 1002175216-photo-u1.png)

No. 100749[Reply]

Discuss your experiences and opinions regarding pet sites and sims, as well as their communities.

>favorite sites

>stories of cringe users or admins
>most important features to you?
>would you spend money on them?
>how did you make your in-game currency?

>>21336 is for internet nostalgia, this thread is for discussing recent updates or drama.

Some current pet sites
>flight rising
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 164627

File: 1634395963749.jpeg (369.73 KB, 750x1132, AAEB7F72-32BD-450D-82B8-B2D5CC…)

This isn’t that surprising. It’s sad but I think Neopets is effectively dead as we know it, the team organizing the NFT stuff released a roadmap (picrel) where they talk about how they want to reimagine the Neopets game as a new “blockchain” experience where everything in the game would be purchased with crypto.

I would sympathize more if they had tried traditional monetization in the past and listened to their userbase. I know it’s changed hands a lot, but the lack of transparency about their projects doesn’t even make investing in these NFTs a good idea even if you like that kind of thing. Who’s to say that they won’t just quietly retire this feature when it inevitably fails when the site has a history of doing that even with popular components like Keyquest? There’s also the fact that the NFTs were generated using a fan site (Dress to Impress) without giving credit. Just a mess.

No. 164669

I get the point your making but didn't Kequest's code "break" beyond repair during a server transition or something like that

No. 164670

>There’s also the fact that the NFTs were generated using a fan site (Dress to Impress)
damn that's toptier cringe

I don't really get the NFT Metaverse, can someone explain it to me in normal words lmao. I don't know what metaverse means let alone how those nft thingies work.

No. 165886


Sorry for the late reply but I found this post that summarizes the key points of controversy in a timeline, I hope it helps.

No. 165901

Pet simmer julie has some excellent vids examining the whole debacle!

File: 1589437106588.jpg (89.27 KB, 1000x600, acthrd.jpg)

No. 88648[Reply]

1098 posts and 188 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 165794

Is there a nice anon who would be willing to trade me some fruit? I just started a new town and purchased an online subscription. I currently have oranges, peaches and coconuts but need the other fruit. I really only need one of each.

No. 165821

You could come to my island but I'm going to work right now so maybe later today. My work day will be over in ten hours so I'll post here again when I'm ready.

No. 165874

I have pears.

No. 165875


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 165878

New thread

File: 1631943844134.jpg (131.75 KB, 736x917, 6ef989bbd4fae06a1e95ec97fb730d…)

No. 160853[Reply]

Recommend books or ask for recommendations, share what you're currently reading or what you want to read, discuss favorite genres and authors, share reviews, etc.

What have you been reading, farmers?

Previous: >>>/m/8561
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No. 165873

Does anyone have any favorite beverages/reading spots/other reading traditions?

I looove making and drinking tea, especially while reading. However, I'm untraditional and like drinking cold tea no matter what the season, so I cold brew tea in my fridge.

Reading in bed with a tumbler of cold tea>>>>

No. 165883

I like to go on walks in a forest preserve near me so when I’m walking around I listen to audiobooks. Then when I sit down, I usually switch over to a paperback, and just have cold water. It’s also really comfy to just lie under a blanket on the couch with some quiet music and a good book. I don’t really drink a lot of beverages besides water but it feels so pleasant when you’re drinking or eating something that matches the book. Like apple tea when you read something autumnal.

No. 165897

iced lattes are my favorite drink so usually that. I used to be a big tea drinker but I never think to make it anymore for some reason.

No. 165937

That's one hell of a description. I'm kind of on a kick of reading biographies about people I know nothing about, I think I'll check this out next. Thanks!

No. 165938

Haven't read this book yet, and I'm thinking now I probably won't. But reading this discussion is making me ponder a question I wanna put to the thread at large: what do you think this kind of super out-there horror looks like from women? Does it exist yet?

I ask because I feel frustrated rn in a way I hope some of you might recognize. I've always been drawn to horror like this, but I'm pretty much always disappointed. When I was younger, this really confused me, because I felt simultaneously bored AND upset by books like this. And I knew I wasn't upset by them out of like, purely shocked disgust – I was interested in reading dark shit, but what I found was never actually what I wanted. Now I understand that this is largely because horror is often really gendered, and male horror is really fucking tiresome and mundane and exhausting a lot of the time. But I still hear about books like this and think "!!! maybe this time!" Does anyone else feel like that?

For female avant-garden ultra-intense horror/dark lit like this….I'm struggling to think of many examples, but I feel like there must be more out there than I realize. I'm the anon who first brought up Lisa Taddeo's Animal last thread, and I think that definitely counts. I'd also say Kyoko Okazaki's Helter Skelter, and Sayaka Murata's Earthlings. But everything else I can think of is less edgy – like, I love the Haunting of Hill House, but I want some primal scream stuff, you know?

File: 1634323512809.jpg (84.5 KB, 794x596, il_794xN.2285384205_f40q.jpg)

No. 164475[Reply]

This thread is for the discussion of everything related to plush toys, their creation, collecting and restoring and identifying!

Below are some resources for the design and creation of stuffed toys as well as links to help identify vintage teddies.

>Show off your favorite stuffed pals and tell us what they mean to you

>Tell us about your wish list!
>Share your favorite plush artists/art dolls
>Have any plush from your childhood? Or maybe some vintage plush?
>Do you make stuffed toys? Have any tips or resources?

Plush + Art Doll Making Resources:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
51 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 165836

I was encouraged by like ten different anons to remake this thread because it's specifically for discussion and resources for designing, creating and collecting plush, not just sharing cute pictures. The other plush thread is literally six years old and has maybe 200 replies.

No. 165855

File: 1634913681386.png (873.63 KB, 1132x1064, be.png)

Hi nonas! I am here to contribute!

Check out my new friend I picked up today… This plush was hard to track down and I bit smaller than I imagined, but its so cute and soft and its also eco-friendly kek I am saving the world buying this plush

No. 165858

Omfg i love this nonnie, I'm gonna have a baby soon and I want one for each of us now lmao.

No. 165860

File: 1634914793961.png (1.51 MB, 1892x1152, aw.png)

Get it! They are palm sized, so I think it would be perfect for a baby because it will seem big to them kek perfect for hugging!

The brand is called Aurora World and the line of stuffies is called Rolly Pets.

No. 165870

Anon, chill. You're not entitled to any replies in your thread and maybe it would've been suffocated by all of the popular threads on /ot/ and died in 3 days. Just enjoy it

File: 1632915719208.png (33.71 KB, 600x500, jxdxkpqHv9.png)

No. 162268[Reply]

Thread for general video game discussion

Previous thread: >>>/m/122390
Animal Crossing Thread: >>>/m/88648
Pokemon Thread: >>>/m/33729
The Sims Thread: >>>/m/8880
Overwatch Thread: >>>/m/1641
Genshin Impact Thread: >>>/m/158229
Dragon Age thread: >>>/m/121911
Team Fortress 2 thread: >>>/m/158368
League of Legends thread: >>>/m/161804
Elder Scrolls thread: >>>/m/157373
82 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 165767

File: 1634855600821.jpeg (79.41 KB, 479x1024, 8898161D-F85F-461C-BD60-B46CFC…)

Props to him for not promising anything too unbelievable, still working by himself and giving free updates to Stardew instead of paid DLC.
No matter what I think of his games, I respect him.

No. 165784

I hope it isn't too heavy on fighting monsters that is my least favorite part of SW, but it looks super cute, creating the shop seams fun and the plot seems interesting.

No. 165824

Nah I feel the same way. A lot of the characters in Stardew were really flat and one dimensional, I was actually kinda hoping concernedape would have hired a writer or something for his next game but looks like he's working on it alone again. Maybe he'll have learned something in the writing department by now? I just really love the feeling of getting invested emotionally in characters, Stardew just didn't do it for me, I think Shane was probably only the most fleshed out one.

No. 165845

File: 1634908180981.jpg (373.54 KB, 1506x1147, sh3_screen_020829_02.jpg)

Yess the best Silent Hill game imo. SH3 has very interesting symbolism about womanhood and I LOVE it

No. 165857

SH2 will always be the best for me, but SH3 is amazing too. I loved that Heather is wearing functional, normal clothes and isn't sexualised. I would love to play SH3 again. My favourite moments was the mirror one and the psycho phone call.

File: 1623917399411.jpg (816.68 KB, 1280x1707, bl3DZ771rzqj6io1_1280.jpg)

No. 148640[Reply]

Finally a new thread!
Discuss your mangos.
Please apply spoilers as necessary.

>What are you reading recently?

>Top 5 favorite titles of all time?

>What are some guilty pleasure titles?

Series specific threads
Naruto >>>/m/96027
Jujutsu Kaisen >>>/m/143500
Golden Kamuy >>>/m/145286
280 posts and 74 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 165502

File: 1634738205581.jpeg (308.32 KB, 1080x1532, 8F673382-75CC-4A0E-8F20-D41378…)

I'm currently reading 'Okite Kudasai, Kusakabe-San', it's a cute and relaxing manga about a girl who wants to do nothing but sleep and her very sweet and caring boyfriend who tries to get her to wake up.
I've been needing more simple, cute, SOL type things in my life.

No. 165528

File: 1634743935038.jpg (18.49 KB, 300x403, b2b67df1373172efbf4a76200a1fb1…)

This looks so cute, I'm gonna check it out!

I was also suddenly reminded of an ex-friend who used to recommend me really good slice of life. I recommend checking out Odette by Hiate Haru! It's been years since I read it but I think this was one of the ones she recommended me that I was obsessed with.

No. 165622

File: 1634775518384.jpg (303.14 KB, 1151x827, skip loafer.jpg)

I just started skip to loafer and it's so lovely, wish we didn't have a tranny in it but besides them it's such a refreshing manga and I love everyone so far

No. 165847

Could you recommend me some josei titles that have no romantic plot? It's okay if it's in the background and already established at the beginning, but I really want to read more mature mangas with female MCs getting shit done with zero males in sight (them remaining celibate all throughout the story would be a plus).

No. 165871

wow, she is literally me (thank you for the recommendation, anon!)

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