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File: 1679082644436.jpeg (323.88 KB, 1680x945, 4574gthjj24.jpeg)

No. 283524[Reply]

>FUJOSHI (腐女子, "rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.

>Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as series and games aimed at fujoshi like Hetalia, sports anime, and male idol anime.

>Discussion of BL games here is totally OK but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
>Discussion of Male/Male ships outside of strictly BL series is allowed.
>Feel free to ask for recommendations, but please specify what kind of material you're looking for (Genre, oneshot/series, doujinshi, SFW/NSFW etc).
>Being reasonably critical of BL is welcomed but don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos or how much you hate BL as a genre. Take it to Twitter.
>Be mindful of others and hide your spoilers. Use the spoiler image option and wrap your text inside spoiler tags.
>Reminder to ignore the baiting males and trolls who come to provoke. Hetero and pedo shit is forbidden here. Just report their posts and ignore.
>Be nice to each other , we fujos should stick together.

Previous threads (the ones who dont show up got nuked when m/ had a error last year, you can still access them by copy pasting the
/res/20688.html into the lolcow url)
1# >>>/m/20688
2# >>>/m/105134
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No. 300594

File: 1685957696353.png (18.5 KB, 778x225, Screenshot 1.png)

This reminds me of people who claim that Baron Harkonnen, the antagonistic character from the first Dune book, who is portrayed as a dispotic, racist, cruel, and gluttonous sociopath, is a "homophobic caricature" cause he's as a pedophile as well.

No. 300605

If we are talking about Dune than I can see why people think this way. Herbert actually was pretty homophobic and even disowned his own son who was gay. So it's not a far stretch to think that he intentionally made his antagonist a gross pedo faggot (because of course gays rape kids, right?). Oh, and it's revealed in prequel books (which are written by his talentless son but were based on Herbert's own drafts) that Baron Harkonnen had space AIDS. Cause of course gays rape kids AND have AIDS, right?
Also Herbert spends way too much time jerking off traditionalists tribes of Fremen who of course only have straight sex and all are manly men. So, the good guys are paragons of virtue and masculinity while the bad guys are effeminate faggots (mentat what-his-name is kinda gay too).
Anyway, Herbert is a hack and his book is a steaming pile of shit and I take any opportunity to trash this slog of a book.

No. 300616

Thanks, that's really interesting. Have you posted your Dune review on this site? I'd like to read it.

No. 300697

I think it’s interesting you posted this because I’ve seen posts going around on tumblr saying how 70s shojo-esque Dune is, and as someone who’s read both it seems like total nonsense (excluding that Hagio Moto is a big sf fan so there is probably some overlap in storytelling tropes and imagery, but this person chose riyoko Ikeda…?)


No. 301063

Nostalgia time!

No. 300682[Reply]

Not to be confused with animated MVs - AMVs are fan-made.
Post your best finds!

No. 300689

don't we already have a thread for this?

No. 300690

Nope. If there is, it doesn't come up when searching for 'amv' and 'anime music video'.

I also wish there was an option to embed videos from sites other than Youtube (which is old & busted).

No. 300953

No. 301024

No. 301062

File: 1646332490108.jpg (208.58 KB, 736x1116, 9970ade19dfd0bc9d0318ad98bef75…)

No. 186847[Reply]

Post your favorite albums/artists/songs!
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No. 299536

love this song, mid 90s ambient J-pop from Miu Sakamoto, daughter of Ryuichi(RIP)

No. 300228

The best version of Pachelbel's Canon

No. 301002

There is not one single thing about this that isn't corny as hell and I love it.

No. 301013

i'm gonna go look these guys up his voice is actually amazing kek, reminds me of quiet riot. thanks for posting nona.

No. 301058

They didn't last very long sadly, only 1 album kek. Maybe Quiet Riot can provide me what Grim Reaper cannot, they do sound a bit similar.

File: 1684690655692.jpg (164.25 KB, 850x906, Sui-chan_Wa_Kyou_Mo_Kawaii!!.j…)

No. 297793[Reply]

Previous threads

What is a vtuber?
>An online entertainer or live streamer who is typically represented by a digital avatar generated by computer graphics such as Live2D.

This thread is made to discuss your favorite Vtubers, news surrounding the topic, and other stuff!

Current news
>Ninomae Inanis had her birthday stream
>Everyone but Apricot and IronMouse decided to leave VshojoEN corp
>Pikamee is in VshojoJP now
>Baelz accidentally leaked her discord and one of the ID/EN hololive servers that had a few 2022 conversations and threads about AmongUs collab and the details about their collab payment.
>At least 3 official Hololive discord accounts got leaked
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 301015

He acts like a big man baby so I doubt he matured in any sense of the word. His humor is still a 10 year old boy's humor, I think he's just not making sex jokes to keep up his """sweet""" gullible persona.

No. 301021

That’s a lot more tolerable than shoving sex jokes and raunchiness into your viewers’ faces all the time, or at least it is for me.
I feel like this thread will have 50000 results of the word coomer by the time we hit post limit again.

No. 301025

How new to lc are you? She is well-known to be hated in Art community for being a terrible person.
tinfoil that it could be her too, because Furuya tries to self-post on various boards.

No. 301037

This thread keeps getting posted and mentioned on /vt/ (with some people claiming nonnas here raid them daily) so the fact we have so many self posters now doesn’t surprise me. Being retarded enough to promote yourself on this website is really something though, but nothing new.

No. 301043

File: 1686161560910.png (30.99 KB, 940x126, 0130165015601.png)

>Doesn't interact with her Tsunderia mutuals
>Plays on easy mode for 19 streams
The past is one thing but being a lacking streamer is another

File: 1666055766008.png (287.87 KB, 600x600, download20221002141501.png)

No. 248180[Reply]

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No. 300929

File: 1686114674637.png (148.79 KB, 957x600, IMG_9765.png)

ghost type best type
my alternate team consists of gengar, gengar, gengar, gengar,gengar, and shiny gengar

No. 300954

File: 1686124065636.png (327.02 KB, 1607x1634, 1686124145201.png)

No. 300956

File: 1686125989798.png (1.59 MB, 2160x1215, 1686126022668.png)

Where usum mega groudon

No. 300995

File: 1686143791357.jpg (131.1 KB, 1283x841, 7665864.jpg)

No. 301040

File: 1686160331506.png (44 KB, 750x382, ghost.png)

the wacky gym leader whos never on time

File: 1670525689845.jpg (78.21 KB, 564x559, 02831a459e93f95606b6e6e0d17e9c…)

No. 261956[Reply]

Recommend books or ask for recommendations, share what you're currently reading or what you want to read, discuss favorite genres and authors, share reviews, etc.

What have you been reading, farmers?

previous threads:
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No. 300703

File: 1686002857826.png (155.61 KB, 720x1223, Screenshot_20230531-220023.png)

Kind of a late reply, but the selection and wait time on Libby depend on your library. For example someone in Texas might have a totally different than someone in California. That being said Libby is supposed to have an "available now" option on the home page, pic related. But maybe that's different in different areas too.

Hooplas selection is also dependent on your library, I believe, but I'm my area there's no wait time, just a borrow limit of 8 per month (though I'm sure that varies by location too).

Sometimes people upload full length audiobooks to YouTube as well, so it's worth checking there sometimes.

No. 301006

how have I never seen the "avaiable now" tag? I'm blind. thank you.

No. 301029

The first thing that came to mind was A Passion for Friends by Janice Raymond. I haven't read it, but I have read other works by her and liked them. Maybe this could at least be a starting point to find similar books?

No. 301036

Do any nonnies have recommendations for Westerns with female main characters? I have True Grit on my tbr, but I was hoping for other suggestions. A lot of what I find when I google are either historical romances/erotica (not really what I'm going for) or modern "queer cowgirls" which all sound insufferable. I don't care if the MC is a gunslinger or a saloon girl, just anything from a female perspective would be welcome.

No. 301051

that's the whole idea… my gut was filled with anxiety while reading that book. an abuse victim who was gaslighted by her ex husband and then she`s jealous that he's living with another woman.

File: 1646506409179.jpg (440.27 KB, 828x1601, 1645974888322.jpg)

No. 187240[Reply]

Hi nonners until /m/ is cured can we use this thread to rate art
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No. 300648

File: 1685985395027.png (89.49 KB, 499x1051, FT_B-LeaIAAIrwh.png)

Oh I didn't know that, I probably got her twitter posts confused with another artist then. Good to know!

I can't find her tweet but I'll leave this image where she pointed how she was trying out to shade the jacket by drawing in the same direction of the outside line, rather than the top left. Thought it was interesting and illustrates the difference the direction of the line can make.

No. 300661

Thank you for a rec, kotteri is a great artists and her artstyle is something that I want to achieve!
I'm still trying to produce a piece that I can post itt, since I learnt a thing or two about coloring and rendering… but rn I can't force myself to finish anything except some doodles… sigh

No. 300986

File: 1686138145854.png (196.94 KB, 842x1311, example.png)

i want to shift to a more grittier 90s anime artstyle with some modern styles mixed in.. which i thought i had? i usually draw monsters and grim noir and sometimes emo stuff but the thing is my artstyle keeps getting called cute and im so confused about it like what exactly is cute in it? i feel like i might be not hitting the dark gritty feel i want? i also want to improve my shading as well! i personally feel it is very bland. any feedback is appreciated! picrel is my oc in a cute fit to see if my artstyle is cute?(sorry im esl i dunno how to explain it )

No. 301012

Well yeah it's cute because she's in a cute outfit, post the gritty stuff I wanna see

No. 301026

File: 1686157783500.png (389.83 KB, 1464x1094, example.png)

something like this, i get told my men look cute? im very used to drawing women. ive tried switching my artstyle here and there but it doesn't seem to work?

File: 1683817488603.jpg (154.16 KB, 1280x720, totk.jpg)

No. 295708[Reply]

Since the new game comes out tomorrow, I figured I'd make a thread for it, but all zelda games can be discussed.
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No. 300136

Haha, love you too nonna.

No. 300137

File: 1685738662751.png (79.38 KB, 966x272, 1683782277061498.png)

kiss u too nona ♥

this shrine makes me think of my husbando

No. 300438

File: 1685895285070.png (700.6 KB, 557x1080, Mineru.png)

I love her

No. 301008

After playing the game for a while now, I don't know if I agree. I like all the different monsters but yeah, I do hesitate when having to build a flying/moving whatever; however, I've noticed that they usually give you the materials you need right there and it isn't as difficult as it needs to be. I like the depths so far, and I really love the caves kek. I also wish there was more in the sky, like maybe an actual populated town. I like the powers in this game though more than the last game, but at least the last game had more variety.

Another thing I like is collecting the unique clothing for that guy. I'm pretty happy with the new game actually, but then again I haven't played many other Zelda games, only the DS ones and the GBA ones (because I only have a DS) and some Skyward Sword on Switch but I'm stuck because I forget how to get to that one part where you have to sneak around the desert area and avoid the monsters and I also keep only having one left and running out of time because I can't find it and it's made me not want to play it for a while…

No. 301045

If you follow one of the main storyline side quests, building becomes a lot easier. actual spoiler: follow josha's quest and find the temple of time in the depths and you get auto build for things you've built before and if you don't have the pieces it costs 3 zonaite for each piece I agree the caves add a lot to the game they're so fun to explore! I feel like between that and having actual temples with bosses that aren't just another blight ganon gives the game more of the old zelda feel (esp compared to botw), idk what other anons want from it tbh. if you want to play an old zelda game, then just do that.

The amount of clothing you can get is actually ridiculous it almost feels like a dress up game with all the options kek

File: 1648119033827.jpg (101.56 KB, 800x1122, jiji.jpg)

No. 191809[Reply]

Touken Ranbu (刀剣乱舞) is a franchise based on a free online web browser game by DMM. It's a bishie collector game where players assume the role of a Saniwa sage (審神者) who travels into the past to defeat evil forces that are trying to change the course of history. As a sage, you have the ability to bring famous historical swords to life as touken danshi, aka hot sword guys.
Your duty is to bring these blades to life, create an army, and defeat the enemies!

Unoffical wiki: https://touken-ranbu.fandom.com/wiki/Touken_Ranbu_Wiki
Play online (JP): https://www.dmm.com/netgame/feature/tohken.html
Play online (english): https://www.johren.net/games/tohken-en/play/
Nintendo Switch game coming in May 2022: https://www.koeitecmoamerica.com/touken-warriors/

Old thread >>/m/170549
(to access it, replace the number in this thread's url with the number 170549)
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No. 300011

File: 1685664824529.png (253.37 KB, 2754x1294, perfect boy .png)

Thank you for being so reliable when I need to level up baby swords. you are such a great, protective teacher.
Thank you for being so reliable when all of your brothers are either injured or fatigued and I need to progress through an event. I just send you with another sword or 2 and you do all the work, destroying the whole enemy team with one ferocious swipe.
And lastly, thank you for the risqué "a-aruji.." you grunt when I tap these sculpted, succulent abs. Being patient and leveling you up was the best choice of my saniwa career.
Thank you, Shizukagata.

No. 300473

File: 1685909080599.png (131.33 KB, 686x740, happykikkou.png)

Hey nonas, the first Hanamaru movie Yuki no Maki is up on Nyaa.si now! Wow, finally! There are no subs yet though.

No. 300481

File: 1685910094960.png (975.89 KB, 1436x755, shizusayo.png)

I could have written this post btw! Yes Shizuka is such a good boy!! The best babysitter and so good-looking. I'm happy to report that he does the a-aruji thing in the anime too.

No. 300978

File: 1686136045271.png (2.76 MB, 1233x1500, 98953979_p0.png)

No. 301014

File: 1686152906740.jpg (138.03 KB, 732x756, Fx7QGDfaUAAY0nr.jpg)

File: 1668340245799.png (3.45 MB, 1457x1877, loa.png)

No. 254795[Reply]

The trick is not minding that it hurts edition

What have you watched? What are you looking forward to? Oscar season is now upon us!

Previous thread :

Movie Nights thread : >>>/ot/1257659
Adam Driver thread : >>186733
Paul Dano thread : >>236067
Robert Pattinson thread : >>189967
575 posts and 181 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 300448

File: 1685898777814.jpeg (99.55 KB, 1500x1500, IMG_9028.jpeg)

Finally watched But I’m A Cheerleader last night and because it was free on YouTube and I’ve been meaning to watch it forever. I was riveted the whole movie it’s so good!! I cried at the end lol it was so sweet. It was fun to see a bunch of actors I recognized and didn’t realize were in this movie

No. 300486

Eh? I have such mixed feeling about this film. What the main character does is borderline immoral, but the film never reaches any conclusion with it. It would make for a good live action period piece, but in the animated form it just falls flat. I would never recommend The Wind Rises to people who are not hardcore anime-watchers given how easily 'the normiehood' misinterprets anime (every time and again I read an anime film review in 'mainstream' press, I facepalm).

No. 300708

File: 1686006951652.jpeg (147.47 KB, 540x810, p_disney_elemental_v3_793_2a32…)

So I watched Elemental and it was fine. I cringed once and snickered a couple of times, but those were the only emotions I felt. There were a few kids at the theater, but mostly adults, and it wasn't filled up either. The allegory was really dumb, but the film its self wasn't bad or offensive. While the main characters designs were lacking, the background characters were more interestingly designed. I really liked the effects,(probably the best CGI effects I've ever seen). they probably would have worked better if they were in a movie with an actual story instead of just being a movie that exists, but it's just a movie that isn't particularly good or bad.

No. 300913

i'm not even saying this from a 'pixar movie bad' standpoint but from what you've said, you've got the makings of a bad movie. if you walk out feeling 'meh', that isn't…good.

No. 301005

what kind of elements are they? water fire earth air, or are we talking periodic table? a mix? (I always had trouble learning the periodic table, I wish there was a stupid movie to make it easier when i was a kid lol)

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