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File: 1614070633656.png (360.43 KB, 1000x562, complaints.png)

No. 20405

Please post all general issues and complaints here. If you want mods to do something, or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.
>>>/meta/6821 should only be used for technical issues and suggestions (can't load site, site slow, bugs, site feature requests). This thread is for non-technical issues.

If you use the thread to infight or instigate arguments you'll be banned from /meta/. If you come here to make a complaint that could have been handled with a report you will be ignored.

No. 20413

CP still in /snow/

No. 20414

seconding, posted 20 mins ago. is this the same one that constantly gets spammed?

No. 20415

Nta, but that photo is not the same one that was getting posted before. At least the one in snow is a 3d render or something

No. 20416

fucking hell, this is the first time i’ve seen it and i just assumed it was always some weird SFM shit. that’s abhorrent

No. 20425

>same cp gets posted almost every day, by the same scrote using a VPN who clearly wants us to get riled up
>mods continuously explain that they can't monitor the website every minute on the hour, and even if there were 20 or 30 mods there wouldn't be 24/7 monitoring
>cp gets posted and stays up max 45 min
>"OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE THERE IS CP ON THIS (((imageboard that attracts attention seeking scrotes))) MODS SUCK, WHY ARENT THERE ENOUGH MODS, ADMIN NEEDS TO STEP DOWN (((so a new admin can come and still not be able to predict when cp gets posted))). WHY HASNT ADMIN COMMENTED ON IT?? SUSPECT MUCH??"
>it's clear that captcha wouldn't stop this because it's not a bot, just a regular scrote who can solve captcha
>the scrote that wants to see us panic is satiated by the over reacting anons and does it again the next day

I just wish some of you anons understood that no matter your reaction, cp is not going to be posted any less. So just relax and wait for it to be deleted Suggestions are fine (the one about spoilering after a certain number of reports is fine albeit probably super technical) but seeing anons absolutely lose their shit over cp, knowing they are on an image board of all places where filth just flies on the internet, knowing it's going to attract scrotes desperate for female attention… it's just embarrassing.

I'm not trying to tinfoil but the way the reactions go overboard each times almost seems like it's not regular anons and some visitors (not saying names) just trying to make it seem like the site is totally unvisitable because of a picture that's been posted. If you don't wanna see cp, or if you don't expect some faggot to post unsettling gore and shit, don't visit imageboards. Plain and simple.


nah it's just something I kind of expect coming to a website that is labeled as female only, knowing some retarded scrote hates it. It's just expected. Crying about that is so weird, especially when you come to lolcow. Every hour or so cp was posted on /b/ and it's not like they overreacted every time.

No. 20426

Why was the Shunal thread locked?

No. 20427

>seeing anons absolutely lose their shit over cp

It just means they got some humanity left in them. Cp should disgust people.

What do you mods think about technical solutions to this?

No. 20428

*Shunao. My bad.

No. 20429

It's one thing to react, it's another to overreact. There's nothing wrong with being upset about cp, obviously, but screeching and saying "OMG I NEVER WANNA VISIT THIS SITE AGAIN" is just super embarrassing. It's unnecessary (albeit understandable). But it's exactly what they want and only adds fuel to KF fags fire.

No. 20430

Ok? If this same picture gets posted every day, then it's fair to expect some measures at least against that specific picture. There are programs that block certain pics being posted on your website, so why is it so unfair to expect admin to implement one of those? Admin even said to direct all complaints of CP on here instead of Discord or whatever. I don't see anons saying any one should step down either, just them being disgusted. Is this a bait or something

No. 20431

Sage your posts. Nothing can be done about incel scrotes ban evading to post. Close the sife for a while. Maybe dont keep refreshing to make sure its still up.walk away from the computer, put down the phone.

You have options, anon. Mass reporting wont help and screeching in meta we learned does nothing. What do you want to do??

No. 20432

>Suggestions are fine

it's almost like you didn't read my post. I said it's cool to have suggestions. It's fair to expect those to be implemented. But like >>20431 said, screeching in meta doesn't help.
Those programs would require admin to actually have a copy of the cp on their local hard drive/cloud storage. Do you really think she (or anyone) would be okay with that? even if 4chan mods are? BTW what programs are you referring to, just curious? If you have suggestions, actual tangible ones, leave them here. Otherwise you don't sound like you have fully thought out anything or know what you're talking about for that matter.

"I don't see anons saying anyone should step down" guess you haven't been here every time shit like this happens then. Every time something major happens, anons are constantly saying admin should step down and give the site up "since she can't handle it"

No. 20434

got some weirdos in here getting butthurt that anons are concerned that there's cp on this website. The anger towards them is so fucking bizarre. whats the agenda?

No. 20435

Anyway, in regards to the cp, would it be an option for thread creation to be disabled across boards? When /ot/ was shut down I'm pretty sure we couldn't make threads. Threads don't fill up that fast, so maybe when a new one is ready a farmhand could create it. I know the cp posters could still post in threads, but just a suggestion

No. 20436

How dare people complain about seeing cp and want to stop using the site so they won't have to look at it? Also, this is the most I've ever seen child porn and gore posted here in the time I've been using this site. It doesn't matter what's happening on /b/, it makes sense that kind of content is going to get a more extreme reaction here. Sorry, but not everyone is desensitized to seeing literal cp.

No. 20437

How about mods manually approve threads before they get posted to channels? We dont get massive enough amounts that need closure because most users know to look for existing ones. A scrote will read this though and just go back to thread spamming then.

Like literally nothing can be done.

No. 20438

No one is desensitized but how does 25 posts just yelling 'CP CP CP' one after the other help get mods attentions when for weeks we have to wait every time? No one says you shouldn't bring it up here. We are saying chatroom like replies to it clutter the thread and mods have had to say over and over and over how that spam doesn't make it go away and it clogs up this thread. Mention where it is and alert here, but infighting admins in meta over it and spamming 'ITS STILL UPPPPPP', when they don't have full control over disgusting incels, is fucking stupid and coming to meta and having to weed through those posts to discuss other site issues, is a nightmare.

What do you think they notice first? A spam filled thread or the report notifications when they log in? I doubt they are all clamoring to meta.

No. 20440

>No one is desensitized
>nah it's just something I kind of expect coming to a website that is labeled as female only, knowing some retarded scrote hates it. It's just expected
Kinda funny you talk about cluttering the thread with that long ass post complaining about people who complain about seeing cp.

No. 20442

>Kinda funny you talk about cluttering the thread with that long ass post complaining about people who complain about seeing cp.
kek, that was me, not the anon you're replying to. As if multiple people can't see that your consistent whining here does nothing… anyways, 20 posts about "omg this is my first time seeing cp I hate it!!" is moot. STFU someone has already said what you're saying. We get it.

No. 20443

kek. Myself and another anon made replies offering suggestions and saying that suggestions are fine but consistent whining and anger towards mods is pointless. No one responded, but instead talk around it, saying we're angry about the meta spam. Almost makes me think you guys can't process actual solutions, but would again rather blame other anons/not have actual discussions about actual solutions. Lazy pathetic.

No. 20444

Add HCaptcha to the site. It has a feature that lets you crank up the difficulty during off-hours so at least it can't be spammed as easily.
I hate captchas but it would make the drive by CP posts not be as frequent when no one is around

No. 20445

the cp isn't usually spammed though. It's one guy just posting it like once every day or two. does help with gore spam though but gore is posted randomly at random hours

No. 20446

Anon typed all this just to tell us she comes here for CP, and even that the resident CP spammer needs to diversify his content. I am tired.
CC doesn't have this problem. Why?

No. 20447

Nobody cares about what you have to say. Go to CC since it's so much better.

No. 20448

Nobody cares what you have to say, either, but at least me and the other anons aren't clogging threads first thing with essays just bitching about what other people post for the mods and admin to read.
Remember, this thread is not for you. Complaints about the site are on topic, your "omg guys CP is fine" diaries are not.

No. 20449

and i actually check Meta at certain times to make sure I don't come across gore/cp, so people posting updates helps people aviod that shit

No. 20450

Nta but there is no sage required on meta.

No. 20451

Why do anons care how many times people report cp here? Don't read it then? What a strange complaint.

No. 20452

this. don't come to the complaints thread if you don't want to see people complaining lol?

No. 20453

I dont get this either. I come here to see if any cp is posted and wait for anons to say if it's gone. Why does this make anons sperg out?

No. 20454

Anon, what the hell are you talking about. I’ve been browsing chans for over a decade and the only time I’ve ever stumbled across cp has been here. /b/ is not comparable to here, it is a shitpost board that’s sole purpose is chaos and has always been dogshit. You’re comparing that to a site with small traffic that revolves around discussion about specific topics? It’s a non comparison.
I think most people can appreciate that random attacks can happen which are out of the mods’ control, but this is a pattern and they are upset about that because something needs to be done to manage it. Your suggestion of simply getting over it is really stupid and not to mention weird as hell, most people do not want to browse a site where they’re regularly at risk of seeing something so vile and day ruining wtf. You say you don’t want to see it but you’re also acting like you’re desensitised to it and it’s no problem for you to tune it out? Sorry but most people aren’t and no it is not just a part of chan culture, don’t be ridiculous.
Also, most people aren’t freaking out and are offering constructive and good suggestions that the mod team can implement to improve the situation, people know they are limited in what they can do to some degree and people just want the situation to improve.

No. 20455

>don't complain in the complaint thread
The hypocrisy!

No. 20456

No one said "get over it". It was "stop repeating the same fucking thing that is said every time cp is posted and losing your minds every single time" but I know you all probably have poor reading skills so I understand that I'd need to explain this again.

No. 20458

There’s a sperg in >>>/ot/747531 and
>>>/ot/747535 who thinks this is 4chan

No. 20459

This is the thread to make complaints and suggestions to the mod team, not to other farmers. Literally the first two sentences in the op, and the bold text at the bottom that says to not instigate a fight with other users….which is what that anon did. If you hate this thread being clogged up so much, then maybe don't clog it up by trying to argue with other users, dummy.

No. 20460

I came here to complain in the COMPLAINTS thread about overdramatic anons having meltdowns and overreacting every time the CP is posted, instead of: reporting it and posting about it in meta and then not visiting that board until it's gone, rather than going to every single other thread and being like "THERE'S CP IN PT OMG I'M GOING TO DIE IF IT DOESNT GET DELETED NOW" and being super mad at the mods for the unfortunate thing that I'm sure they probably don't wanna see either.

My ONLY complaint was the overreaction part. I didn't say anons couldn't talk about it, I didn't say they couldn't offer suggestions. I never said it was a normal thing that happens, but I did say that it shouldn't be an unexpected thing. I just said that the spamming over and over again about how it's ruined your day and how "something needs to be done" is just embarrassing. Lo and behold all of the dramatic anons tell me I can't complain in the complaints thread and that I must like the cp if I'm so "cool with it" which literally…. no. Just no. All I said was anons overreacting about it was embarrasing in my initial post. kek.

Then you all want to act like other people here who are saying the same thing as me are ME since you don't believe other anons can agree with me.

>inb4 tldr

don't care, someone did

No. 20461

File: 1614177480476.jpg (58.99 KB, 500x500, 0b492bcd-1489-489f-af0f-bd8d74…)

samefag but I'm definitely going to just stop checking this thread because I feel like I'm arguing with a barrel full of monkeys who literally just want to join in the shitflinging instead of reading like reasonable individuals.

No. 20462

holy shit anon, look at yourself. You're actually blogposting about anons who are just telling the mods that there is cp in threads. youre contributing more autism to this thread than anyone else.

No. 20465

You literally said that repeatedly saying that cp was up didn't help because it's "spam" and makes the thread look like a chatroom or some shit, but do really think sperging like this will make it easier for farmhands to see complaints and suggestions like >>20426 >>20435 (y'know, in the thread where we are supposed to complain and make suggestions to farmhands? like what the people complaining about cp were doing)
>samefag but I'm definitely going to just stop checking this thread
Didn't you complain about anons saying they were gonna stop using the site because of cp? lol. Good riddance.

No. 20467

I like the idea of not allowing users to make threads on /pt/ and /snow/. Most of the time it's shit threads and spam. I thought that's why there's a thread request thread anyway?

No. 20468

Nah, the thread req thread is to gauge other users interest in thread topics I think

No. 20471

Anon, relax. Drink some water, take a nap, maybe read a book. This is not worth getting this upset over.

No. 20473

Yes please lets do it. Just stops threads from being made that are shitty anyway like all those vtuber threads, CG threads.. Threads that invite incel behavior and this can help curve the CP and gore and they make threads for those too, not just image spam threads. That with captcha might be good.

No. 20474

This, I HATE new discussion on my lolcow, fellow farmers. Please also stop allowing to make new posts.

Absolutely obsessed.

No. 20475

File: 1614202011492.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1069, 1612053143477.png)

I'm not trying to be ridiculous but can /ot/ jannies please please (I beg of you) deal with the uptick of very, very obvious males on the board that are derailing threads with infighting bc they're not being redtexted? I know banning them can be futile because moids will evade but redtexting so female anons don't respond would help a lot. Just look here for instance
Male anon doesn't explicitly state that he's male. No redtext. Some anons who don't know better might assume that this is just a pickme nlog. Other anons however notice that this undoubtedly sounds like a fucking man who is crying about male feefees with a piss poor LARP of a woman, truly not even bothering to blend in. Kek at the later mention of equality. One anon (NTA) is redtexted and it's not the moid but one of the many anons who is calling him out on something considered "bait". Even though I think it's obvious he's a moid who is legit saying "what about men though… in the name of true equality amirite girlies teehee :)" on here unironically, what he's saying wasn't outright scrote bait. Even though it's male logic, it can also definitely be mistaken for pickme-ism.
I've already been banned multiple times in the last year for just saying "obvious male logic" not to diss the scrote but just to stop anons from responding to these non-self-identified yet still obvious scrotes. And that's because the op is almost never redtexted by a janny, even a month after I've sent a report.

No. 20476

Not that anon, but it's true. Before someone tries to play it off with the the "not everyone who disagrees is a moid!!" card, lo and behold, like a fucking clockwork:

No. 20477

Please move Pixielocks to /snow/

No. 20478

Agreed with this

No. 20479

>overdramatic anons having meltdowns
I don't know about you anon, but having to see gore and children being abused is a good reason to react the way anons do.
>it shouldn't be an unexpected thing
I think having to unwillingly and randomly see these illegal things because some fucko posts them should be considered unexpected
>anons overreacting about it was embarrasing
I really don't think so, they're free to react to something this severe and disgusting, specially if it's their first time seeing somehting like this, or if they're super sensitive to it, or if it ruins their day. I don't think being sensitive to these topics is a bad thing, quite the contrary.

No. 20480

Let anons yell about disgusting shit
Only desensitized people complain about people who are sensitive to the topic

No. 20481

File: 1614209546912.png (47.17 KB, 1024x292, wow.png)

Oh shit, I remember this exact post this moid made in the unpopular opinions thread
What the fuck?

No. 20482

since there's no way to know for sure if scrotes are here without them exposing themselves, it's probably best if we all collectively stop replying to obvious bait posts like that. easier said than done but they'll only keep coming back and shitting up the board if they're given any attention

No. 20483

This, maybe we should start doing some redtexting like

(don't respond to bait)
So nobody responds to bait anymore

No. 20484

Damn anon you think? That's such an amazing revolutionary idea.

No. 20485

File: 1614223675040.png (9.19 KB, 906x132, 33.png)

you can't tell me this isn't a male

No. 20486

A new fan, thanks!

No. 20487

Please close this thread, the last one was full of dried milk, nitpicks and whiteknights, she's barely interesting anymore, and you can tell it's the same anon over and over again with a weird vendetta because of how they type, this is the most embarassing thread on /w/ of them all, 4 hours in and nobody cares to reply

No. 20488

Can admin remove the "vote for lolcow awards 2020" message? it's not even 2020 anymore and the results are in

No. 20489

theres gore and male nudes/porn in /snow/

No. 20490

Seconding this. Please start giving bans for responding to obvious bait like on CC. Especially if it's an obvious maleposter. In the PP threads I remember farmhands used to give bans for responding to men, that should be a general rule across all boards unless it's relevant to milk or some shit.

No. 20491

Both the baiter and the baited should get a redtext ban, or else it would be unfair

No. 20493

stop sucking the tits of the jannies they obviously don’t care about this website at all lmao

No. 20494

If you took out the "muh feminism bad" sperg, it honestly would be a valid complaint towards some /ot/ users.
Can /w/endetta just be merged with /snow/.
>inb4 covid is the reason why the cows on it aren't very active
No, the board just isn't very active in general, and the cows on /w/ really aren't much different from x random ethot being posted on /snow/ aside from being /w/eaboos.

No. 20495

Late PSA but if you see CP and feel powerless about it you can actually report it here and it's added to the FBI database https://www.missingkids.org/gethelpnow/cybertipline

For those unsure if jannies do anything about it besides take their sweet time deleting it

No. 20496

What’s the mental illness the average poster on /ot/ has? I swear to god not even the most nitpicky cunt on /snow/ is as annoying. /g/ and /ot/ is a board for 30 year old moms who constantly accuse each other of being male. This whole >you must be a male shit needs to end. Why do they keep doing it?

No. 20497


Bringing that up again because it was somehow lost in the previous thread as locking was imminent and then in the CP mini debate.
The MM thread in snow is a constant shit up of anons posting the same repetitive nitpicking comments over and over again, on stuff not even tangentially related to MM. Might be a good idea to consider locking it up for a while.

No. 20498

there's a literal autism thread on /ot/. So there's your answer.

No. 20499

Cluster B

No. 20500

there's currently an ocd fag with intrusive thoughts explaining to an unmedicated schizo that she's not in fact possessed by brain worms
no joke

No. 20501

I don't understand how posts like these aren't infighting but calling someone a man or tranny for sounding like a man or tranny gets a 3-7 day redtext ban within nanoseconds.

No. 20502

Idk how that post even fits here tbh. Why do anons keep using this thread to complain about other farmers

No. 20503

can we do something about the azalea banks stans in the celebcows thread posting every single instagram story she posts just to be like ‘omg so relatable lol’? it’s not milk and it shits up the thread with people blogposting about how much they agree with her or how funny she is or whatever, and it’s getting so boring.

No. 20504

It’s weird the revenge porn in leftcows got left up but they deleted Shoe’s completely censored nudes immediately.

Agreed, every single thing she says doesn’t need to be posted. Sometimes it’s not even recent and they just randomly post things she said years ago. She literally has a thread as well.

No. 20505

File: 1614383373079.png (186.18 KB, 714x597, 1614370055429.png)

Can I remake this thread on /g/?

No. 20506

No. /w/ and /snow/ are different

No. 20507

Bait. And if it replies to my post, it too is bait.

No. 20508

can we have a makeup hate thread in /g/

No. 20509

do something about the crazed tinfoil anon in the Erin Painter thread, they’ve been sperging and talking to themself for a fucking week

No. 20510

I want this too

No. 20511

Cowtipping is becoming the norm for shay and I feel like there should be heavier bans for being caught cause I don’t want the milk scared away. That is all.

No. 20512

How come that WK newfag in Icky's post is allowed to namefag without providing any milk? Anywhere else and that would be instaban.

I agree with this. Shay is a cunt but the cowtipping isn't even funny. Its just LOL UR FAT and brings nothing entertaining to the table.

No. 20513

Just do it! and then post the link here.

No. 20514

Reporting weird toilet man spam on /ot/

No. 20515

No. 20516

Someone please nuke the new MM thread asap. No explanation needed, really, just check early posts.


No. 20517

Second that. Requested this a few days ago before the new thread was opened >>20497
…here we go again. Some people on that thread need to go back to twitter or wherever they came from.

No. 20519

Manson thread really is in desperate need of autosage and major cleansing. It’s fascinating but it’s embarrassing at this point.

No. 20520

Autosage mode won't shoo away the autism the thread has attracted, it should be locked.

No. 20521

I agree, but anons have been asking for that thread to be nuked for months now and nothing has been done. I’ve seen handfuls of complaints about it since it was erected and there will be short bursts of more frequent moderation, but it hasn’t changed.

No. 20522

Update on the MM thread, the freak part of the circus is now in town with a new thread dedicated to one of his alleged victim (who came to lc in the previous thread to post lengthy statements) and the MM thread has now reached stage 4 of internet cancer.
Time to pull the plug, mods, perhaps?

No. 20523

Just ban everyone who posts about annie, nuke the manson thread and let it go until new milk arrives.

No. 20524

We’ve been saying this for like a year now.

No. 20525

I'm tired of the insurgence of what appears to be underage Twitter users asking "what do you think" or "any milk on this". I blame the Erin thread for the cowtipper.

No. 20526

The Erin Painter thread is over 1,400 posts now and nobody wants a new thread. For fucksake when is the thread going to be locked?

No. 20527

>over 1,400 posts
threads lock at 1,218 posts retard

No. 20528

It’s not locked, fucking retard.

No. 20529

You have to be a fucking troll. There's no way someone is this braindead retarded.

No. 20530

File: 1614557493969.png (5.82 KB, 202x155, ereh.PNG)

Anon, it's time to log off and sober up. Threads can't even go to 1,400 posts

No. 20531

File: 1614570509214.jpg (41.54 KB, 240x260, get-a-load-of-this-retard.jpg)

No. 20532

I got banned after my first post for apparently evading a ban.

Obviously the only people pathetic enough to volunteer as a mod here are few and far between but maybe you should consider when one of the cunts is visiting aunt flow you restrict their ban abilities.

No. 20533

Cycled ips etc. Or maybe you are using a vpn.

No. 20534

You sound like a fucking baby. If you’re using a vpn, they get banned all the time. Chill out.

No. 20535

This is why it sounds dumb whenever people claim mods can "device ban". They're constantly confusing anons and banning based on VPNs and recycled IPs.

No. 20536

Please jannies. The cringe in the MM thread is going way too far.

No. 20537

I've been device banned because of cycled IPs on an old device. If you don't know how that works then don't say it doesn't exist because it does. This isn't the same as a regular ban and this flips the site unlike regular long bans. It even specifies the ban when you're given it.

No. 20538

To add, I've mentioned you can bypass it by just using a different browser on the same device. It's not an end all because of the way the site tracks it, but it does happen, it just browser specifies the device, so change browser and it doesn't effect anything

Just so mods are clear, this was supposed to be reversed and never got reversed, so I'm not ban evading. I just gave up asking for it to be fixed because the mod never got around to fixing it. (Was discussed in last thread).

No. 20539

I've only ever seen a male get so mad and call women "cunts on their periods" because they can't post here. Calm the fuck down, anyone can change up their IP address by using a VPN. Repeal the ban or email admin, it's not that difficult. Shitty people do shitty things and sometimes they use IP addresses that belong to other people.

No. 20540


Can admin or a farmhand drop a comment why the MM thread can't be nuked? There's nothing about Manson, it's all about a lowkey lolcow victim. Nuke it and let us open a new one only when there is new milk, it's that easy.

No. 20541

It’s gone ignored for a long time. I’ve seen so many farmers ask for something to be done about it because as of right now, it the most ridiculous thread we have and it moves fast + never ends. It’s pure cringe and sperging. There’s really no reason for it to exist because it just goes in circles, it’s quite an embarrassment for the site actually.

No. 20542

Swear it’s the same anon demanding this shit. For the anons who don’t want a Nina thread, STOP READING. How hard is it? You are getting so bothered over a literal imageboard on the internet. Calm down.

No. 20544

>You are getting so bothered over a literal complaint on the complaint thread. Calm down.

Are anons not allowed to voice their concerns on the "Complaints and suggestions" thread anymore? The hell is this shit. It's always the same response too
>dont read it
>hide the thread
>calm down

No. 20545

Exactly. The problem is the thread is pure shit. Erin/Nina is practically not even a cow anymore, so its filled with cowtippers trying to force the milk, milk-deprived lunatic tinfoilers, and vendetta-chans. Not to mention the nonexistent moderation to control the shitshow. It seems like the same anon replying to all of the complaints about that thread telling them to “just hide the thread” and then calling everybody a WK.

No. 20546

There’s a difference between voicing opinions and making repetitive demands that farmhands aren’t listening to.

No there are multiple anons telling the WKs to hide the thread. There are a plethora of other threads that are way worse than Ninas and don’t get locked. Clearly you are the minority because Farmhands still haven’t locked the thread. All the moderation has been towards the WKs, rightfully so.

No. 20547

Mods—why do you keep referring to these insane middle age Manson fans conspiracy theories as “bait”? They’re obviously very serious about it, and have continually posted it nonstop for months without any sign of stopping. All of the conversation in the Manson thread revolves around this “bait” which is 2/3rds of every single thread.

No. 20548

Anons do like going to threads but when it's derailing, nitpicking bs, that's when they come here to complain. Hiding the thread doesn't fix this. Why is that literally all the rule breakers excuse to have other anons do just so they can have a free for all in each thread? Get over the fact that you should get bans for derailment in a thread thats not moderated.

No. 20549

Can there be a new rule for Onision threads to PLEASE stop derailing about Kainey/Footface being an abuser/pedo and to stop discussing her being groomed by Greg? It's been going on for god knows how many threads now. Every time i pop in to read the Onision /pt/ thread it's a string of walltext-y posts discussing for the nth time whether Lainey is a pedophile/abuser and how much of that is Greg's grooming. I think it's pretty fucking clear by now that yes, Greg groomed Taylor when she was a teenager and she probably wouldn't have been a piece of shit pedo groomer had she not stuck with him, I don't think the thread needs to be clogged by this discussion over and over again.

Don't even tell me to "muh stop reading it", it's not some no-name cow in /snow/, it's a legacy /pt/ thread.

No. 20550

I second this, it’s a well-known fact that she went from victim to predator and yet these wk’s have been shitting up the threads despite multiple reports.

No. 20551

Discussion about Lainey has been banned since they stopped doing younow streams/Lainey stopped making content in general. Only the spergier anons seem to visit the thread now, meaning they can't seem to handle a couple days of radio silence without giving their own autistic tinfoil or unsaged "hot takes" that have been discussed to death.

No. 20554

A much better question is why they banned one person who posted Annie's photo and let other 30+ posts about her be.
That cancer could have been contained in a different thread, they closed it and now this autism is back to the Manson thread.

CONTINUOUS DISCUSSIONS OF ANNIE ABBRAMS IN THE MARILYN MANSON THREAD. FUCKING DELETE THE THREAD. There is 341 posts and only 27 are about Manson. Yes, I counted. 27 out of 341!!!
Banning anons DOES NOT HELP. Ban the thread ffs!

No. 20557

Not all bans are red-texted.

No. 20558

I still think all bans should be red texted. There's literally no reason why they are not

No. 20559

We all agree I'm sure. They will never say why they won't.

No. 20560

Another request that has been brought up at length and yet is never even considered

No. 20561

Learn to clear cookies. Think why it can be circumvented with a different browser: It's because it's browser-reliant, not device.

No. 20562

Deleted? What the fuck, are you trying to hide something?

No. 20563

Nta but there’s literally no “special” information in that thread that would evoke any sort of conspiracy to be censored. The threads are fucking terrible.

No. 20564

File: 1614708272877.jpg (87.54 KB, 796x595, Di1K0Oz.jpg)

The MM thread in a nutshell

(1) posts about a lolcow who is not Manson
(2) says it's creepy to lurk on Instagram accounts, apparently they care for ~mental health~ of the bitch who's clogged up the last two threads and that's why they are going to cowtip. I think that anon also summoned Annie to the previous thread because, let me quote it
>Be on the right side of history. Stand tall and God bless the brave women and men who are fighting for justice. Annie has bravely shared her story
(3) random comment to an old post
(4) one more comment concerning Annie

Farmhands, are you kidding? Close the thread.

No. 20565

I love the forced "kek" on each post. Trying too hard to integrate.

No. 20566

It’s been like that since the very first thread, too. It’s just moving a lot faster now.

No. 20567

Just once I'd like to go to the front page of this site and not see CP.

No. 20568

There's cp on PT

No. 20569

there's porn and gore in vivadrags thread.

No. 20570

we have a reddit hate thread and a discord hate thread, how about a 4chan hate thread?

No. 20571

We all hate 4chan, it would be redundant anyway.

No. 20572

Exactly, we're all bound to have some entertaining caps

No. 20573

tinfoil sperg anon from the Erin thread has moved to the egirl thread complaining about how they want Erin’s thread back. everyone keeps telling her to fuck off. please perma ban her for her own good. it can’t be good to be this obsessed over a cow that isn’t even a cow anymore.

No. 20574

can something be done about the constant meghan markle sperging in celebricows? it's not milky or even entertaining, it's just a bunch of lipstickalley rejects fighting about british people and black people and bumping the thread every time they pipe up because they refuse to sage.

No. 20576

i second this, why can’t they make a british royals thread or something

No. 20578

what's with the small influx of people not knowing how to spoiler nsfw content? learn to spoiler so we don't have to see that outright

No. 20579

File: 1614927115401.jpeg (39.56 KB, 712x223, 11E96CBF-0D13-4FF2-914E-5EDAC1…)

All in favour for a new Nina thread?

No. 20580

No. 20581

Why do people come here to ask if they can have x or y thread? Just make it yourself if you want it.

No. 20582


i’m guessing it’s this >>20573 anon that migrated to other snow threads when Erin thread was locked, they’ve been begging for a new thread nonstop. noone wants a new Erin thread except for them because of the infighting and cowtipping and no milk. please just device ban them, it’s starting to get creepy.

No. 20583

Exactly this. I just reported the new Erin thread that was clearly made by the anon >>20573 posted about.

No. 20585

Thread has been made. Post your screenshots and move on. Why are you crying about it everyday?

No. 20586

Exactly. It’s so weird that someone is this bothered with the Erin thread. It barely gets any attention anyways. Who cares? There are far worse threads that aren’t locked/ complained about.

No. 20587

retard farmhand redtext happy in erin thread

No. 20588

The samefagging and ban evasion is an important detail because it makes it clear it's the same person speaking, there's no reason for them not to redtext those bans

No. 20589

uh ya except when they ban the wrong people. one of my posts got incorrectly banned for samefagging. there’s obviously a farmhand having too much fun with red texting. plus someone literally posted “ban evasion” and they got red texted for… ban evasion. so childish

No. 20590

>reee somebody got banned for ban evasion and mods labelled it ‘ban evasion’!!!!!!!!!!
okay… and? you sound fucking stupid

No. 20591

If you want less red text in that thread then you, personally, should never post in it again and the problem would be solved

No. 20592

Cry harder. Hide the thread

No. 20593

i'm not really sure why they're still being redtexted instead of just deleted at this point

No. 20594

Shoutout to the farmhand giving me endless keks from the redtexts in the erin thread, I personally find it hilarious to see (ban evasion) and dying to know who this is

No. 20595

They've been persistently devoted to filling the thread with their calls to have it locked, and freaking out here, so I hope we find out eventually because the answer is probably hilarious

No. 20597

i think at this point we all know who it is

No. 20598

KEK no, like >>20589 said its a farmhand blatantly trolling the thread since its a shit thread that nobody wanted. My post was randomly redtexted for "ban evasion". It's annoying as fuck.

No. 20599

you sound like an annoying autistic cunt, so that’s probably why you were banned. have you tried hiding the thread since it clearly upsets you this much? by the way, you don’t need to be so obsessed about getting a temporary ban from a message board, i promise. we’ve all been banned before and i assure you that nobody has still been whining about it multiple days after it happened.

No. 20600

>annoying autistic cunt

No. 20601

jesus calm down

No. 20602

File: 1615209672093.jpeg (162.47 KB, 1125x1500, 54887F28-495F-48B6-9A56-B5268B…)

anons need more hormonal regulation

No. 20603

anons calling to "hide the thread" don't seem to understand the issue with keeping up shitty threads that attract absolute retards. Critical thinking seems to escape them.

No. 20604

The only retard in that thread right now is the samefag who keeps posting here every other day about the thread being unwanted and derailing the actual threads, if they just accepted their ban and fucked off then the thread wouldn't even be the worst. It's annoying even for people who irregularly check the thread to have to deal with this person, and if anons are getting fed up with them it's not unreasonable at all.

No. 20605

Are you retarded? It's not the same anon. It's a mod going ballistic with the bans in that thread. They're purposely handing out bans to random anons. Can you read?

No. 20606

Samefag, this is the exact reason why no one wanted a new Erin thread kek. But OP just had to have their little safe space for their Erin tinfoil.

No. 20607

Ok, go back to crying about your ban evasion

No. 20608

Something needs to be done about the infighting about the royals in the celebricows thread. Every time the royals come up the thread descends into chaos

No. 20609

Agreed, britfags need to take it to OT and make a different thread

No. 20610

File: 1615233619239.png (88.7 KB, 235x276, ornot.png)

Don't look at thread if you don't enjoy Markleposting, Amerimutt

No. 20611

No. 20612

I made one, I am sick of the fighting, too. You guys are free to use it for other royal drama as well. I put it in /ot/ for now.


No. 20613

Fat Lana sperging in Celebricows again. I tried to report it but I always get this popup
>Error while sending request: true
When I use the report button

No. 20614

Don't you get that error when you've been banned?

No. 20615

The gore spammer is back in the vivadrag thread (assuming it’s Andy)

No. 20617

Remove the Gore. I beg you

No. 20619

Its gone now (thank fuck)

No. 20620

there's more in the german egl thread

No. 20621

Gore in >>>/w/140818

Anons don’t look, it’s not safe for life. Report as much as you can

No. 20622

Gore in /snow/

No. 20623

Someone write a book:

An anon keeps getting banned, and mod ban messages keep going. However, the anon eventually starts to fall for the most, vice versa. In their ban appeals, they start revealing cute information about themselves and that they're actually a lesbian and the mod says the same next time they get banned. Eventually they meet up and fall in love on a winter day.

No. 20624

and the mod's name? Adam Driver

No. 20625

Would it be possible to change the thread name of >>>/g/174768 from "Non Kinky/Benine Sexual Turn ons" which sounds kinda weird and awkward sounding to the "Vanilla Turn On's thread"

No. 20626

Thanks for the chuckle anon!

No. 20627

File: 1615406735246.png (81.93 KB, 1021x921, umm.png)

Is there a reason that there are missing posts and huge gaps in the BRF thread??

No. 20628

unhide saged posts

No. 20629

I don't have them hidden.

This is the only one that shows up like that, even on my phone.

No. 20630

that's a technical issue, use the thread below this one

No. 20631


No. 20632

ADMIN you need to add more lines to your wrist juts like me. cutty besties .9

No. 20633

Turn your router off and get a hobby?

No. 20634

Anon be on that coke

No. 20635

Annie Jackson has filed a cease & desist against this site to stifle any further discussion on her. How long until admin lock the the thread down.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 20637

Is this true? How do you know?

No. 20644

Can the mods consider locking down the marilyn manson thread until there is further media or police progress? The threads are constantly spammed with posters debating the same thing and despite mods constantly giving warnings it never gets any better.

No. 20645

Second this.
Will mods also please start perma banning all the anti/pro Annie autist as promised. They are back in full force completely ignoring farmhand posts made only a few hours ago. It's also obvious a lot of them have no fucking idea what lolcow is.

No. 20646

There’s an annoying person in >>>/ot/759087 posting in the wrong board, possibly self-posting their unspoilered nudes like a schizo, and autism.

No. 20647

Likely some broheim posting his favorite 4chan camgirls. Guys like that seem to think other women care about their porn lmao.

No. 20648

I think the worst thing is that everyone is saying she's fat. Like she's not thin but she's not a hambeast either.

No. 20649

uh I think the worst thing is perusing /ot/ and having to see an unspoilered picture of some girl shoving a pen up her ass

No. 20650

Okay, that's the second worst thing.

No. 20651

This absolutely. It's getting to the point where it could be damaging to the farm

No. 20652

Why are some infighting posts redtexts but others are not? I am talking about those in the same thread with each other. Like I respect that redtext is not always used but when its in the same thread it just looks like whoever did it has a bias.

No. 20653

>second worst
No, anon, no.

No. 20654

Nuke the Manson thread or mark posts by Manson, Lindsay, Annie, their sockpuppets and psychotic claim-to-be victims.

No. 20655

I wish that posting anything other than milk or a link to the next thread after the final "Thread Closing" warning should be redtexted and a short banable offense (even 5 minutes) Especially the unfunny, unsaged oneliners. It's new faggotry to the max and actually damages the flow of milk and pisses me off because it's antisocial and any anon that does it is a fucking retard and should gtfo of an online community.
It happens all the time in Shay's thread and bitches need to be corrected. If they see other people catching a redtext for "not milk" after the announcement, maybe they can put 2+2 together.

No. 20656

vivadrag thread is getting spammed with dicks and old men

No. 20657

and a touch of gore, of course.

No. 20658

It’s all the same guy’s porn folder over and over again.

No. 20659

The art salt thread should be moved to /snow/ just like celebricows was moved there

No. 20660

Can something please be done with the manson thread. Lock it down or start deleting and banning I don't care. This for/against Annie sperg needs to stop.

No. 20661

Can someone clean up the infighting in the Momokun thread?

No. 20662

I feel like the egirl thread should be moved to /w/ since most of them are weebs. That would probably curb and singleout newfags who don't sage also, as /w/ is a quiet and slowmoving board.

No. 20663

Been requesting that for ages. Supposedly the bans are now permanent yet the same obvious fucking trolls (you can recognize some because they keep misspelling specific words) are continuing their sperging. I also suspect most mods are not awake at this time of the day (European) so the thread goes uncheck for several hours /day.
At this stage, I just give up and enjoy the train wreck with popcorn. There is no point harassing mods if they won't/can't do more to stop the autism in the thread. We might as well just enjoy the shitshow - and it's not Manson's but truly lolcow's at this stage.

No. 20664

There’s nasty CP on the front page please delete

No. 20665

Also saw CP in /pt/

No. 20666

Please delete the CP on the front page

No. 20667

Do something about the Manson thread. Newfags couldn't care less about the rules and the adm's request not to post about Annie.

Close the fucking thread. Banning doesn't do anything.

No. 20668

The autism has reached new heights in this one. Didn't think it was possible. In between the blogging anon "my mum was a narc", the tinfoil anon that shat an entire fucking wall of text, and the ban evading ones, what a bloody fucking freak show

No. 20669

I really miss the "my husband was an abuser" anon, and you?

No. 20670

Please delete the gore from the front page

No. 20671

Please. I came here to say this. :-(

No. 20672

same, reported the images too. let's see how long it takes.

No. 20673

True, we lost her circa thread #8, but at least we still have the "beleive" anon who keeps misspelling the exact same words, with the exact same deranged typing style, samefagging and ban evading and probably thinking they're very stealthy. And the obvious self posters.
MM thread, the gift that keeps on giving

No. 20674


No. 20675

who are you why do you have my email in your email

No. 20676


No. 20677

¿Por qué se hacen pasar por mí? Ni siquiera los conozco.

No. 20678

I'm tired of newfags and I really wish mods would delete obvious underage posters from tiktok

No. 20679


Can mods use a swift hand in the egirl thread? We're experiencing the highest levels of autism to date from an influx of brain-dead zoomers.

No. 20680

Gore in snow. Don’t wanna go back to report

No. 20681

please delete the gore in snow

No. 20682

I think the gore is gone now if anyone is wondering. I checked the front page and vivi thread is bumped but you can tell stuff was deleted and that's where it usually is.

No. 20683

Close the Manson thread ffs.

No. 20684

Please, please do something about the e-girl thread. Autosage it or something idc but there's a bunch of newfags who don't know what saging is, autism and irrelevant people nobody cares about

No. 20685

second this, that thread is always on top of /snow/ no matter what because of the e-girls selfposting in it without saging

No. 20687

Yeah I really agree, it's gotten obnoxious.

No. 20688

I think everyone is making requests into a void.

No. 20690

CP in /snow/

No. 20691

Clean up the CP on /w/ please
I don't have discord

No. 20692

CP on /ot/ too

No. 20693

CP in /pt/ too

No. 20694

Is there a way we can report images we see on the front page? A lot of times I see some of the gore/cp spam on there but I usually just exit the site and wait until farmhands have a chance to clean it up. I know it'd be so much faster if I reported the post but I don't ever wanna go looking for it and see it a second time if I can avoid it, so it'd be good if there was a way to report from the front page.

Tbh at this point I wouldn't mind if new threads had to go through a moderation process. I know it would slow down posting when it comes to old threads hitting their limit, but it would help to avoid the spam. I don't think we need a lengthy moderation process, just the farmhands getting a chance to see what the thread pic is would help curb the scrote spam.

Idk how doable this is so just wondering if it's possible really.

No. 20695

jannies dont get paid, its bad enough they have to be the ones to clean up the shit but thats just excessive. just waiting for another time to visit is by far easier and its not like youll miss too much

No. 20700

The mods clearly don't care to either quickly delete it or permanently ban the guy behind it. I've recently started to post the thread and image link through the FBIs cyber crimes submission site at https://www.ic3.gov/Home/FileComplaint who will hopefully put a stop to it

No. 20702

Are you their union rep?

No. 20703


Excessive? If 5 new threads are started on this site it counts as a busy day.

Don't volunteer to do a job then bitch you don't get paid enough to do actual work.

Now I have /meta/ as my lolcow homepage, I check this thread for gore and CP complaints so I know which boards to avoid for a few hours.

We've shared so many simple solutions but it's still a daily issue.


Even if moderating thread pics is a bit much, at least ping jannies a notification when a new thread is started so they can take a second to check the image isn't a fucking crime against humanity. But no. That's too much work apparently, easier to let the site die because of one pathetic vindictive scrote.

No. 20704

There was horrible CP all over the front page last night. It’s that same image that always gets posted to lolcow. I reported all the threads to farmhands. Is this the best way to do it?
Thanks for posting this. I felt I wasn’t really doing enough by reporting to the mods. Is there really no way we can permanently ban the guy?

No. 20705

Probably not. There's no way to preemptively ban someone from posting to a site. Think of vpn, ipv6 and tor browser. If someone wants to post to this site, and has cp saved up on their PC, they obviously will find a way to post to this site. Not to be a defeatist, but the government isn't going to care about some shitty little scrote posting the same pic over and over again, especially since even more popular sites are crawling with cp videos and other deranged shit.

No. 20706

Samefag. In an idea world, the government would care but…. I don't have a single hope that they do.

No. 20708

Has being a bitch solved it yet?

No. 20709

Can mods please permanently ban pro-pedophile posters like this.

No. 20710

Goddammit nonnie, why the fuck did you reply?

I'm half inclined to think you are this poster, otherwise no one is buttfuck retarded enough to respond to shit like this. Learn some imageboard culture and ignore shit.

No. 20711

Based? Based on what? In your dick? Please shut the fuck up and use words properly you fuckin troglodyte, do you think God gave us a freedom of speech just to spew random words that have no meaning that doesn't even correllate to the topic of the conversation? Like please you always complain about why no one talks to you or no one expresses their opinions on you because you're always spewing random shit like poggers based cringe and when you try to explain what it is and you just say that it's funny like what? What the fuck is funny about that do you think you'll just become a stand-up comedian that will get a standing ovation just because you said "cum" in the stage? HELL NO YOU FUCKIN IDIOT, so please shut the fuck up and use words properly you dumb bitch

No. 20712

Anyways, anons please ignore these retarded scrotes replying to themselves to spark up controversy.

No. 20713


Way to prove you're not a bitter janny lol, what were you hoping for from this gig? Clout? Riches?

You faggots are too lazy and scared to red text so why should anyone feel sorry for you, failing at this job you volunteered for?

Go ahead and ban me for saying "hi cow" because jannies come in here and anonymously wk for themselves while the community tries to figure out how to stop CP AND GORE being posted daily. You're all embarrassing.

No. 20714

Hebephillia anons are the strangest. They have some sort of google alert to notify then when to spring into action and sperg. The world will never accept you, pedo tree jumper.

No. 20715

NTA, but your attempts at infighting certainly don’t do shit to solve anything. Complaints are what the thread is for.
Unless you’re an angry-ass farmhand posting as anon, lmao.

No. 20716

And there's CP again on the front page. Crazy how I've been on image boards for like a decade but this is the first time I've actually seen it. Horrific evil shit.

No. 20717

CP on pt, are the mods awake? What the fuck I feel physically sick

No. 20718

There’s child porn on the front page. Please.

No. 20719

At last the cp post on /pt/ has been removed. It was up for more than 22 mins, shame on the mods. I hope they’ve reported these scum scrotes who are posting this to the authorities

No. 20721

They're not being paid! Geez you guys ask a lot.

No. 20722

File: 1615733733529.jpeg (93.19 KB, 640x631, Sleeping-Shaq.jpeg)

Farmhands be like

No. 20723

link to some bs rape porn website on /pt/

No. 20724

I was just gonna write the same post. Reported it

No. 20725

The Manson thread PLEASE

No. 20726

Came here to say just that. Please will mods have a look and remove the samefagging anons shitting the thread up with stale non-milk and caps that have already been discussed to death and not even relevant to MM. It's obvious these are not farmers and they're not only fucking annoying, they're also obnoxious. At least the thread is on auto Sage but that's clearly not enough.

No. 20727

deep sigh

Why can't admin simply lock the thread?
The oldies of the thread would stop coming here to whine about the thread. The mods wouldn't have to scrape through the tons of autism. Everyone would benefit from it.

No. 20728

This, pls kill MM thread

No. 20730

i know anons have been leaving a lot of suggestions for how to deal with the CP and gore, and i'm sure a lot of them are difficult or annoying to implement
i've noticed that a lot of us are primally repulsed by the images or don't want them in our cookies or history, which is understandable. however, this can interfere with reporting promptly. im sure it gets reported whenever someone sees it, but when i saw it yesterday, like many others i just left the site. and i saw it only a few moments after it had been posted, so my report probably would have been helpful in drawing attention, along with the others who were reporting it at the same time
would it be possible to implement a "hide all thread thumbnails"/"hide all images" feature towards the top of the page, or the bottom where the link for the catalog is? like a feature a user can toggle on and off
the spammer(s) tend to post in (probably broken google translated) foreign languages when they create new threads as opposed to spamming gore in a preexisting thread, so you can kind of tell when he's made a thread without seeing the thread pic
this could help more people report this stuff the second we see it, and could also help people feel more comfortable navigating the site
idk if it would be annoying to implement, and i realize farmhands and admin are kind of busy. maybe it could function kind of similarly to the "hide unsaged posts" feature? im not too sure, but it's an idea i guess
im glad some of the users here are reporting the images to law enforcement, even if it's just the same picture posted constantly. the guy posting them probably has a folder of other images he uses to circumvent image bans (like on 4chan)
if any of the images he uses elsewhere are newer or lead to a child exploitation case being put on LE's radar, it might be helpful in some roundabout way

No. 20731

clearly it's not enough because you retards keep replying to the manson stans and giving them attention defending annie

No. 20732

can someone please explain how to report the cp to law enforcement? I'm a UK anon, not sure if it differs

No. 20735

AYRT, oh fuck off retard. I'm not taking part in the thread anymore, doubt any other farmers are. Fairly certain at this stage only manson stans and sjw whiteknighting annie are taking part now, no farmers are involved, it's fucking obvious. Hence why we asked this to get locked. Now fuck off.

No. 20738

then try actually discussing manson? you tards keep letting them take over and from the redtexting it looks like mods are doing something so instead of being whiny cunts do better

No. 20739

I've asked before to start banning farmers who ask for help killing themselves, as assisting suicide is illegal. There's one again
and it's getting serious replies this time, usually anons just wisely ignore. Isn't it best to just preventively ban posts that ask for assistance in suicide? Just like we preventively ban people asking for drug plugs, even if no-one replies, they're still trying to solicit illegal actions from farmers.

No. 20740

Samefag, just to be clear, I'm not talking about farmers just venting "I wanna kms", that's just venting. I'm talking about posts that include a call to action, that ask you to get involved in their suicide in any way. Like the anon in the link above asking for suicide method recommendations.

No. 20742

Oh you did not leave your original answer did you? Thanks for your hot take newfag. Now fuck right off.

No. 20743

File: 1615792166805.jpg (309.28 KB, 1920x1080, rustlerustle.jpg)

No. 20744

How do I become a mod?
I have a vision and this place will be the perfect forum to impose my will on.

No. 20745

I would like to submit the following suggestions for the site.

1. I've noticed the conspicuous absence of any male-centric board. I propose a board catered to both male and unisex interests.

2. We all hate cp being posted in a thread. It both derails any given discussion being held as well as being totally gross. I propose a /cp/ board where those who want to post this material can do in a space that doesn't disrupt others.

3. Renaming /w/ to /tampon/ because they're all stuck up cunts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 20746

>I've noticed the conspicuous absence of any male-centric board. I propose a board catered to both male and unisex interests.
Sure, it could be named /incel/.

No. 20747

Kill the mm thread.
It's high quality cancer now. Have mercy on your farmhands, admin.

No. 20748

You sound like a female(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 20751

What the fuck is wrong with this site? That same CP image is being posted again in /pt/. Where are the mods? Why isn’t something being done?

No. 20752

ayo there’s kiddie porn in pt AND meta again it’s been up almost twenty minutes

No. 20753

So yeah, the CP in /meta/ and the gore in /g/ is deleted but why is the CP in /pt/ still up?

No. 20754


My real name will remain an enigma but you may refer to me as The Zookeeper.

I am going to become a very familiar force on this website.

I suggest you create for me my own board in order to contain my content.

I will not ask a second time.

Change is coming.
Don't be afraid. Embrace me.

No. 20755

A literal who.

No. 20756

neck yourself

No. 20757

okay retard

No. 20758

Love the concept of a mysterious entity politely coming to the suggestions thread to make their demands

No. 20759

More like the pookeeper

No. 20760

Commit suicide.

No. 20761

stop taking the bait you retards

No. 20762

Anon can you read? Hes asking for a thread where he can post CP

No. 20763

The word Karen should be a redtext

No. 20764


nothing quirky about asking for a thread to post CP anon wtf

No. 20765

Post your name Idare you little bitch. See what being a degenerate piece of shit gets you. You need to learn consequences

No. 20766

You're taking the double bait it seems. Stop taking it retard.

No. 20767

We dont like men, faggot. Get over it and stop trying to force your way on to here. Why do you retarded scrotes not just accept most women dont care for you and never will?

No. 20768

Theres no "pretend it doesnt exist and itll go away" when a power tripping smegoid insists on targeting this imageboard in particular

No. 20769

>no "pretend it doesnt exist and itll go away"
Nta but actually, there is. You literally said it yourself that he's powertripping so wouldn't it be wonderful if we ignored him to remove any power he's seeking? What's the worse he can do? Post more images than he's doing already? Doesn't matter, it gets deleted anyway. Stop fucking replying to him.

Some of you all are being kind of head empty today.

No. 20770

And before you morons go on and say "omg ANON you just said posting CP doesn't matter!!!" I am specifically referring to the namefagging and obvious bait. Ignore it, retards. It's literally the easiest thing you can ever do in the whole world.

No. 20772

Please do something about the Manson thread, it is beyond ridiculous. It is full of retards who keep samefagging and think nobody's gonna notice that.

Please ban every single anon who keeps posting about Annie. I don't care if they are mansonites or Annie's defenders, all of them are top cringe and seem to be mentally disturbed.

That one anon aka "my husband abused me" also known as "my mom is a narc" and currently going under "my sister and aunt are schizophrenic" must be banned forever. She's insufferable.

If there are people who claim to be Annie's sister, mother, dog, etc, they need to be checked and marked, if they are trolls, they need to be banned for good.

Ban mansonites and ban Annie's sockpuppets. While I didn't expect much from Manson's fans, I am much more shocked by Annie spergers, and I CANNOT believe there are any sane anons who can keep posting about Annie that persistently, the thread really doesn't need these pathetic newfags (I bet this is Annie or somebody she asked to but I will never know because farmhands will never check IPs of the posters).

I also do not understand how come that it's a known fact that the cow is aware of the thread and most likely left a few posts and the most suspicious posters were not checked by farmhands. A nude photo of Manson's wife was posted several threads ago, it had never been posted anywhere before and nobody even tried to check the poster. Now we have two more private pics of Manson and guess what? Nothing has been done, the posters haven't been marked.

Annie came to the last thread and most likely she keeps posting about herself. Not a single post has been marked.
Now we have her "family" (KEK) come to the thread and ask to keep believing in Annie (LIKE WTF) and trust her while, let me remind you, THIS IS THE MANSON THREAD, THIS IS NOT "LET'S PRAY FOR MANSON'S VICTIMS" THREAD. And guess what? It's been over a hundred posts since admin visited the thread, do you know how many posts are about manson? no more than 10. It is unbelievable how "farmers" can absolutely ignore the official request from admin and keep posting delusional bullshit without any consequences. And now there are some newfags who pretend to bring milk that was discussed a million years ago.

Why is that such a hard decision to close the thread?

No. 20773

File: 1615844166845.jpg (118.22 KB, 760x570, BABBYTAPIR1.jpg)

This is The Zookeeper speaking.

I see you have failed to heed my demands.

You will live with the consequences.

I have so many baby animals to show you from my animal menagerie.

No. 20774

sir this is a mcdonald's drivethrough

No. 20776

File: 1615845300859.gif (1.21 MB, 200x150, ConcernedBelovedBluetickcoonho…)

Oh my god anon this is hilarious and original

No. 20777

File: 1615849814106.jpg (13.96 KB, 280x210, BABBYMOUSEY.jpg)

Insubordination will only result in more of my animals being released into your domain.

No. 20778

You sick bastard

No. 20779

maybe I'm liking this a lot

No. 20780

File: 1615851482813.jpg (18.81 KB, 280x280, BABBYLITTLEMONKEY.jpg)

I have determined this place to have too much hate. The prognosis is terminal.

I will continue to release my babies into your confines until my mission is complete and you will like it.

Resistance is futile.

No. 20782

Y'know what it's kinda working ngl

No. 20783

thanks anon I have serotonin again

No. 20784

What the hell is "double bait"

No. 20785

This is the kind of namefagging I can get behind

No. 20786

This isn't a complaint or suggestion, more of a question. Is the rule against direct linking to Onisions YT videos still enforced since Greg is demonetized?

No. 20787

Uh I don't know how many mods you have here but I think the owner needs to review what they are doing. Some wiseguy banned me saying it was because I'm male. Wtf. This sort of sexism even if it was a joke is pretty poor(being male)

No. 20788

This is a farm, not a zoo! Those wild animals must be domesticated immediately. I'll take the tiny monkey to train… and hug, and pet, and squeeze, and call him George.

No. 20789

That's really cute. I love baby animals.

No. 20790

I just want to be a place holder for normal farmers that do not condone any of this cringe shite.

No. 20792

I'd love to see some pictures of Adam Driver holding a baby animal.

No. 20796

Mods are so fucking retarded on this site.

No. 20797

Someone posts pictures of animals? Quick, delete it in under 5 min.

CP on home page?
Naaaaaah, we got time, chill, we'll remove it eventually


No. 20798

File: 1615917345659.jpg (207.33 KB, 1080x1177, 20210316_185439.jpg)

So those shitheads really want to keep MM thread up…just because? Lol.
Modtards, please don't close the thread, we haven't started to have fun yet :D youhhhhouuuuuuu

No. 20799

You are the reason why the thread is absurd.
And do not copypaste my posts from here.

If farmhands do not plan to close the thread, could you please DELETE all ot posts then?

No. 20801

File: 1615918837922.jpg (350.73 KB, 1080x1920, 20210316_191829.jpg)

Welcome to the upside down

No. 20802

Can't read you but love you too anon. Peace and love to you ♥

No. 20803

:D why it was such an eloquent post. It deserves repost ♥

No. 20804

File: 1615924817810.jpg (31.9 KB, 275x280, BABBYGIRAFFE.jpg)

Removal of my posts will only result in more cuter animals from my menagerie being released.

No. 20805

Why is this one kind of scary

No. 20806

I'm not one of the MM anons and I don't read that thread so I don't really care but, I don't get it. Why don't they just actually respond to the complaints here if they want people to stop? This board is literally just a bunch of anons shouting into the void honestly. This anon is right lmao >>20797

No. 20807

Lol admin moved it to /manure/

No. 20821


No. 20822

ily zookeeper

No. 20823

Cute be with you.

No. 20824

File: 1615994241882.png (269.57 KB, 1128x1160, ban.png)

Do you have to leave your sense of humor at the door when you become a moderator on this website?

I assume you have to be a severe autist at least if you want to be a janny to begin with so being completely tone-deaf is part of your condition.

It made me laugh, ngl. But also:


No. 20825

Btw, I don’t like how I only asked if it was okay to wish rape on rapists in a STUPID questions thread but tranny mods accuse me of being a scrote
Honestly this is really fucked up because it shows you can’t even say anything but they leave trannies and cp up forever. If I said this in the vent thread, would that have been more acceptable? It was a dumb question and it fitted in that dumb questions thread. Jesus.

No. 20826

Kek, pretty stupid ban ngl.

No. 20827

more gore on snow, same thread as usual

No. 20828

Your post:
>"say you were a scrote (young boy) and a woman (old hag) abused you. Is it fine to fantasize about something happening to them?"

Bro stfu. get lost.

No. 20829

Is this really what I posted? I don’t think so. Why did you change the context?

No. 20830

File: 1616000608394.jpg (91.32 KB, 825x243, SmartSelect_20210317-130127_Ch…)

Because I don't owe you a pristine citation. But since you're talking about context, your actual post sounds a lot worse than what I put.

your post literally makes me think you are a scrote wanting someone to rape a woman who abused you, and you want sympathy for it. So maybe next time, consider setting the hypothetical up with you actually being a girl and you won't be called a scrote. But since you're a ballsack-having goon, you probably didn't think that far ahead.

No. 20831

Can we auto-sage the Maddie/Ash thread or something? The spams from Maddie's tranny brother and those other psychos are just annoying at this point. We're all already collectively over the routine CP, I understand that's harder to contain and stop but gore spams from a retarded child aren't hard to prevent. Permaban the IPs or something, auto-sage, lock it, whatever you think is appropriate and effective please.

No. 20832

>not showing the full post
K you are actually more mentally ill than me, this “discussion” is over. I just don’t want the permaban and we’re gucci.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 20834

File: 1616006265445.gif (2.38 MB, 480x270, 8FB905AB-9477-4275-AF36-13AB50…)


No. 20837


No. 20849

nta but the rest of your post still gives the impression that you're a scrote since you never mention being a woman anywhere else, nor do you mention that your abusers were men. So why would you use such a retarded hypothetical? At this point, you deserve the ban for being willingly vague about it.

Plus, the rest of your posts are equally as moid sounding:

>I know that you just protect this oh you can say anything but the r word and shit because of dumb selfish feminists who don’t actually care about equality or sexual justice.

>If a bitch or scrote raped you or abused you, rape them back by putting them in prison and hoping they get aids there.

You sad attention starved moid, poor you.

No. 20850

Gore on front page, delete please.

No. 20851

Maddie/ash thread is flooded with gore

No. 20859

ilysm. Ty for keeping us safe ♥

No. 20860

God bless you anon

No. 20862

Spamming makes it more difficult to find and delete content that isn't going through the report queue.

No. 20863

We got the same fakeboi retard posting retarded pictures on vivadrag’s thread.

No. 20864

>nor did you mention that your abusers were men
Except I did. I’m not gonna accept this ban based on the lie that I’m a scrote, ngl. And the reason why I target feminists in my tantrum is
Lmfao mods, you kept the cp on but you ban me because I asked if it’s ok that i fantasize about my abusers getting raped.
This is hilarious.

No. 20867

>of how women should be
This is autistic. What?

No. 20868

Anon, idk if you're just dumb or something, but the reason why everyone thinks you're a scrote is because of how you worded your own post. You literally said "Is it ok for a little boy to wish rape on someone? Asking because I was abused and I wish rape on my abusers". If your asking for yourself then why would you be asking about what's ok for a little boy to do? If you're not a scrote, then the wording of your post was very unfortunate. You already got an answer to your original question. Just let it the fuck go

No. 20869

The fact the heart emojis are used for spamming, I honestly don't want them on the list of allowed emojis anymore. It invites the use of more emojis and the anons using them are a bit spammy with it.

No. 20870

How is it spammy for me to use one heart emote? Stop making up issues

No. 20871

>visiting everydayfeminism like it isnt something thats universally despised and called out, even by other feminists.

welp that was your first mistake, congrats on outing yourself to be a trantum throwing retard.

No. 20873


No. 20876

some faggot troon sperging in /ot/

No. 20877

Any baby iguanas?

No. 20879

can you already fucking stop spamming this it's been like 3 days i can guarantee you that you're no longer funny you're legit shitting this thread up with your animal pictures that no one cares for retard

No. 20880

Ignore him you fucking idiot.

No. 20882

Surprise, surprise! The new Erin thread is already being shit up with tinfoil and cowtipping again - the exact reasons why we all never wanted the new thread to be made.
Erin deleted all of her accounts, and there's already an influx of tinfoil, anons are posting random innocent accounts accusing them of being Erin. Same thing happened in another Erin thread last time she took a break. Anons were tinfoiling about random accounts that weren't even her for up to almost a year.
Please do something. This is the proof you needed that the Erin threads cause nothing but cancer, especially now that she's gone again.

No. 20883

That's not cute. I guess I meant chameleons. I think those are cuter.

No. 20884

i cannot ignore a retard who thinks they're the comedian that LC needs. i come here to see complaints of anons, not a faggot spam baby animal pictures for 3 days straight

No. 20885

its cute, keep up the godly work!

No. 20886

Anon is a complaints creator as indicated in your own posts.

No. 20887

you just know that it's a man who really wants attention from the "female 4chan"

No. 20889

it's a scrote. stop fucking responding to him

No. 20900

How do you know it’s a scrote?

No. 20901

The most retarded incel on this site. Why do guys think these stupid lolrandom posts like this are funny? Acting like its 2006 with this embarrassing shit.

No. 20902

Yes, way more retarded than the people who repeatedly come here and spam gore and literal child porn.

No. 20903

The posts were deleted by the mods but these users >>20711 >>20714 are responding to him.

He mentioned being the Zookeeper and asked if lc could have a thread specifically opened for him to post cp and if the mods didn't meet those demands they'd be sorry.

He literally mentioned being a scrote. But the posts are gone.

No. 20904


Oh wait, yeah, the other stuff is here:


No. 20905

the cp post isn't signed Zookeeper, fyi. The timing is conspicuous though

No. 20906

There were more posts that were deleted.

No. 20907

I was here for most of the deleted posts. The guy posting about CP never declared himself the zookeeper, and the zookeper didn't post about CP.

No. 20910

Regardless, still a scrote.

No. 20912

Didn't the zookeeper also refer to themselves as she or her in one post? I can't remember if it was here or in ot, but I remember one post having that. That doesn't prove anything obviously, but idk if they're a scrote. Whoever they are, they're doing more work than the mods lmao

No. 20913

Stop grandstanding a fucking scrote. Wtf.

No. 20914

This is probably the zookeepers 14 year old bestie on some discord. Ignore anyone defending this fucking freak.

No. 20915

I'm not "grandstanding" anyone. I would just rather have someone spamming animal pictures instead of cp/gore and farmhands who do a shitty job of deleting it

No. 20924

>being the zookeeper's simp

No. 20929

Nina Bellucci has literally scammed people, deactivated and there are STILL whiteknights in the thread insisting that she’s ~late on refunds~
It’s getting ridiculous at this point. It’s clear the people who are defending her, have either commissioned her or follow her personally. GTFO Twitterfags.

No. 20932

I agree, finally real milk that isn't retarded nitpicks or art sperging- isn't that what the WK anon(s) wanted? This site is not for you to defend a cow at every turn, with no basis in doing so, just because you have a possibility of earning "something" (refund) from it.

No. 20933

It's almost certainly the same ban evading anon. All their sperg posts here and in the thread are conspicuously similar in vocabulary and failure to integrate or understand how the site works (i.e. claiming the last thread had over 1400 posts when not possible.) As long as they keep using vpns all farmhands can really do is keep banning them, right? It would be nice if there is something else that could be done, but this person seems way too dedicated

No. 20934

It’s not whiteknighting, it’s people sharing their side of the story who she has actually reached out to. That’s what’s weird about the whole situation and why some people are suggesting she hasn’t gotten to everybody yet. It’s clearly not scamming, there’s proof of her reaching out and refunding. Just because someone has conflicting and (not tinfoil) credible information, doesn’t mean it’s whiteknighting. Ah, and the fact that there’s cowtipping happening again. To someone that we don’t even fucking know if it’s Erin or not. Forgive those of us for being against unrelated random accounts targeted because of lolcow Erin tinfoil. That also happened last time she left social media and drove multiple accounts to deactivation because of the harassment. Y'all never learn. The people obsessed with tinfoil whenever their precious Erin deletes her account or just isn’t milky anymore is so fucking weird.

Anyway, gee I really wish people would have warned us about making a new Erin thread so this same thing that happened in the last thread wouldn’t be happening again. /s

No. 20936

holy shit i cant be the only one wondering why people are so invested in Erin fucking Painter. she has to be one of the most boring dull cows on this website. she was milky in the first two years of her being on lolcow yes, but ever since she deleted her account the first time (and now apparently the second time) there's been an alarming amount of obsessive anons on both sides.. and for what? fucking weird.

No. 20937

>Acting like its 2006 with this embarrassing shit.
What happened in 2006? Was that when you were at your cringiest?

No. 20940

Ew this website is swarming with underage children raised on Twitter lately wtf people need to be meaner to them.

No. 20941

I think angst anons should get banned in general tbh.

No. 20942

Okay so I scrolled through this whole thread and all I can conclude is that the farmers have become the cows, Jesus Christ, y'all sound like you're about to kill yourselves over this stupid website. I thought this was for anons to make fun of retards, not for them to become the tards…

This is what the "only show saged posts" button is for…

No. 20943

I wish mods would delete cp and gore with at least half the speed they delete animal pictures

No. 20945


No. 20947

I think the same anons who complain that people complain about cp too much are the same one that whine about the baby animals. It's a great way to get the cp and gore off the front page.


What a cutie.

No. 20952

> It's a great way to get the cp and gore off the front page.
I could understand if there actually was gore or cp. Whenever there IS gore and cp, these animal fuckers are no where to be found. Which makes it seem like it's just a fucking excuse to spam these images. In other words, that's not their real reason. These animal images stay up the same amount of time gore/cp stays up, actually sometimes even longer.

>le i do this so mods can check the site frequently

but the animal pics stay up for anywhere between 4-6 hours.

If you go back and look at people saying CP/gore has been up, it has been… maybe at most 1 hour, but sometimes being deleted within 5-45 minutes, sometimes seconds

So I propose a challenge. When there is ACTUAL gore/cp on this website, animal fucker should come back and spam as many pics as their silly little heart desires. But it serves no actual purpose to spam them now because there IS no gore/cp right now. So that would require animal fucker to refresh and check as often as they think mods should be doing. Oh and it should be before the gore gets deleted.

If they don't, then it's confirmed they're just exhibiting cowish, attention whore behavior and all of these people that are saying "omg it's helpful! more than mods are doing" are probably samefag

No. 20953

Just curious, but is FBI ever tipped on the amount of illegal stuff being posted on here?

I know it sounds drastic, but surely they have an invested interest in finding these people and sending them to prison? And maybe they actually have the means necessary to find out who does it… Especially if the perpetrators aren't using a secure VPN.

No. 20955

I wouldn't wait for a response from the admin. An anon posted fbi tipline up thread. If you see anything just link them.

No. 20956

I don't think anyone will respond. Multiple anons have asked, and it hasn't been confirmed or denied

No. 20957

Thats not how that works.

No. 20959

your post reads like a beginners poorly scripted ai chat bot read the first two pages of threads on /snow/ and compiled it into whatever this paragraph is.

No. 20960

File: 1616199954243.png (499.01 KB, 572x413, 89B116A8-0AC7-4CDD-ABD0-3F8D34…)

It’s clearly a scrote who’s really mad he will never understand the culture of this website. Just ignore him and let his testosterone rage make him seethe even more, kek

No. 20961

It'd be great if admin could respond to this, I think this is a course of action, though drastic, worth considering. Like other anons said, it's always the same gore and CP pics so it's highly probable it's the same fuckhead scrote doing it all.

No. 20964

We comply with the FBI based off of former Admin's direct experiences, meaning we handle abuse content the way they ask us to. Individuals are also able to email about content such doxxes, and revenge porn.

No. 20965

File: 1616231838104.gif (328.38 KB, 220x124, IMG_20210320_051632.gif)

>We comply with the FBI based off of former Admin's direct experiences, meaning we handle abuse content the way they ask us to.
Can admin explain this more clearly?

No. 20966

Instructions were given on how to handle abuse content posted on the site.

No. 20967

Basically they contact the FBI through email whenever abuse material is posted and link the IP address. This was what previous admins also did. They comply with the FBI rules. Thing is if someone’s hiding an IP it’s not that simple. Or using multiple devices.

No. 20968

File: 1616243278082.jpg (734.4 KB, 1906x1379, BABBYSUGARGLIDER2.jpg)

Have yourselves a great weekend lolcow.

No. 20969

pleaseee ban the stupid antanatalist shitting up every ot thread already

No. 20970

pleaseee ban the stupid natalist shitting up every complaints thread already. these retards can't control themselves and just breed like feral animals

No. 20972

Can “I don’t think x group of people should be allowed to reproduce” be added to the list of banned topics for the unpopular opinions thread. It comes up in pretty much every thread always causes derailing.

No. 20973

Seconding this. It’s a fucking retarded thing to say anyways but that’s not the point.

No. 20974

File: 1616336933633.jpeg (192.85 KB, 587x574, E9C17226-C1FD-434B-AB1F-436674…)

so tired of getting banhammered for telling racists to fuck off but this shit isn’t banned or deleted? tiresome

No. 20975

I think they do get banned but it’s just not redtexted

No. 20976

I just think it’s strange that sisters want to emulate other girls, but they refuse to contribute anything to the style or at least acknowledge where they got the inspiration from.
Most black hairstyles weren’t made for other hair types, I recommend doing it to extensions if you don’t want to risk balding from stress. (dreads, box braids, etc.)

No. 20977

disagree with this, it's people like these:
who should be banned instead

No. 20978

There are "better" things that are worth butthurting about than some random wojak meme.

No. 20979

Can we ban the anons who keep posting in the Belle thread with no milk? The whole thing has been no milk more weeks except the tinfoiling anon who keeps talking to themselves and going on and on about "she definitely has no followers anymore".

No. 20980

dick pics on /ot/

No. 20985

Not to be contrarian, I agree with what you said, except that dreads in my opinion aren't inherently a black style. Plenty of ancient white cultures wore them, and if you want to go back further everyone's ancestors had dreads at one point. I seriously doubt cave men had hairbrushes but otherwise very helpful advice anon.

No. 20986

>I agree with what you said, except that dreads in my opinion aren't inherently a black style. Plenty of ancient white cultures wore them
Urgh. Could we please ban this blatant racist whitewashing of history. If you ain't black don't get dreads. It's a pretty simple concept. You folks already took everything else. Step. Aside.

No. 20987

This is obviously bait, so nonnies, please ignore.

Some 4chan fucker is probably absolutely triggering everyone here, so just stop responding.

No. 20988

cp on front page

No. 20989

I just saw a photo of what looks like a little girl pegging a man on the front page. May be a child looking adult but I didn't want to click on it.

No. 20990

I was just about to post the same. Reported it

No. 20991

It was removed. Blessed be the mods

No. 20992

Truly. Thank you mods for sacrificing your retinas so we don't have to look at child porn

No. 20993

Agreed, I feel like 90% of the posts for weeks is just anons infighting about really trivial shit while the Belle has been inactive for over a month.

No. 20996

Anons, you're completely taking the bait hard. The reason pic related here >>20974 was posted was not to spark an interesting conversation in good faith. They don't care about actual intelligent discussion, it's just plain racebait. Obviously the picture is misconstrued in a way that makes you want to reply.

No. 20997

File: 1616441457379.jpg (49.58 KB, 500x750, BABBYARMADILLO1.jpg)

My gift to those unfortunate enough to have witnessed the filth on /ot/

No. 20998

as if you weren't the one who posted it.

No. 21000

The MM thread is about to close, can farmhands advise us what to do next?
Should anons prepare a new thread (#12 btw) or call it a day until the ongoing investigation delivers new milk? The thing is we do get a little bit of news about Manson: his ex PA gave an interview, his wife is back to talking to fans, and a youtuber is preparing a series on him.
The problem is that, I am afraid, if there's a thread, retards who keep posting about Annie will spam the thread. Unfortunately, their posts don't get deleted for unknown reasons. It will be impossible to discuss the little milk that we get these days as it will be buried under the Annie sperg.

Any ideas?
If anons open a new thread, will there be farmhands to DELETE posts about Annie?

No. 21001

Can mods report this poster to the FBI for suspicion of distribution of CP?

No. 21002

I tried to tell you all that this was the same person but so many "random anons" jumped in and tried to shush the suspicion away like "ummm ACTUALLY zookeeper and CP guy are TOTALLY different people, we would know…"

No. 21004

I bet it's the same anon who went around bumping threads to "hide the cp and gore" from the main page too. Same autistic repetitive behavior. I bet they're a virgin too, 30s, lives at home. Scrotes are so laughable.

No. 21005

Wait more cp has been posted today? Are the mods doing anything? That one cp photo was up on various boards for ages the other day yet mods find the time of day to red text anons for dumb petty reasons.

Fuck you scrote, it’s obvious you are posting them

No. 21007

File: 1616452735315.jpg (488.36 KB, 3000x1688, BABBYTASSIEDEVIL.jpg)

The Zookeeper does not engage in the distribution of illegal material.

No. 21008

>Wait more cp has been posted today? Are the mods doing anything?

What do you mean? if the cp isn't up right now and you are here right now asking "if" cp was posted, then obviously something was done.

No. 21010

Are you serious bitch? As if other ethnicities can't have fucking curly hair. It's not for blacks only you know. Some people are born with curly hair and are not fucking black, live with it.

No. 21011

Should we all stop wearing pants cause another culture created it too? Get over yourself, ff I want dried up turd dangling from my fucking hair, I sure won't stop myself cause you're crying about appropriation.

No. 21012

Imagine responding to bait with more bait. It's almost like…… these are…. the same people

No. 21013

>look over there!
More likely it's you who is posting cp and trying to distract admin from their jobs. Cp has been getting posted here a lot longer than stupid animal picrels

No. 21014

My bad honestly. I didn't see the image so I assumed anon would be interested in a little history kek.

No. 21015

There's serious milk coming out on Annie having lied about her rape claims and attempted extortion.
Will mods now allow a separate thread on this nutjob? It will also remove the cancer which has been plaguing earlier Manson posts.

No. 21016

he won't pick you sis

No. 21017

Need a Annie thread.

No. 21018

Second that. Lots of stuff coming out although I'm still waiting to see actual caps of the milk rather than "I heard that/ saw her do that". You're all still missing solid, actual proof of the milk so far which is a shame.

No. 21019

Annie made herself a part of the conversation so I don't see why she should be obliterated from the thread. Case in point, sperging posts were banned but other discussing her didn't seem to be. She is very much a part of the story, by her own doing, there is no reason why any anon wouldn't want to discuss her, especially as suspicions she was a fraud all along start to verify. However, I'd ask why mods never marked her posts since it's very obvious she has been occasionally posting (either as a "family member" - lol - or a "friend").

No. 21020

There's been 10 manson threads without any hard proof he abused anyone.
This isn't a criminal trial looking to prove beyond reasonable doubt.
There's more than enough to go on showing Annie to be a pathological liar

No. 21021

AYRT, No, but you still don't have the actual caps of Annie's milk. Caps of someone saying "she did that or this" is not exactly milk. This coupled with the fact her main SM is now private would disqualify her as cow material.
Don't get me wrong, I'd love nothing more than to see her dumbfuckery in action - like actual caps of her actual former insta where she pretended to be in a relationship with JJ Abrams - but so far there is none of that, sadly.

No. 21022

>There's been 10 manson threads without any hard proof he abused anyone.
Are you kidding? Anons posted several videos of MM beating tied up women. Let alone photos and "coincidences" in lyrics and interviews.

NTA but maybe because it seems it has been proved she is a fraud? If he never raped her, she's not his victim and I, and I am sure many other anons, don't want her in the thread. The bitch is insufferable and so are anons fighting pro and against Annie.
If she is a lunatic who made up a story about her and Manson, then have her a thread, hopefully.

No. 21023

Are you saying the admin is distracted by the baby animals?

No. 21024

they are cute

No. 21025

There are caps though. Theres huge amounts which haven't been posted on lolcow but are elsewhere.
I get the pros and cons of an Annie thread based on the rules but this is a cow who intentionally put herself into a situation receiving international headlines, lied about being viciously raped and came up with the stupidest cover up story in recorded human history. Surely these are exceptional circumstances.

No. 21026

CP posted in /pt/

No. 21027

mods wake up cp is being posted

No. 21030

there's a thread in /ot/ called "mundane shit". Why? It's literally a copy of the dumbass shit thread. This board is so shit jfc.

No. 21031

File: 1616525528744.png (3.06 MB, 1080x4264, 20210323_194823.png)

Well you were not lying. Just checked the insta and fucking wow, annie is next level psycho bitch - picrel for admin's consideration. There is a wealth of caps and milk on this insta alone. Glad she is getting called out.


No. 21032

AYRT, I'm gonna leave your flawed logic right where you put it kek. We can agree on one thing, she's worthy of her own thread, check out the insta above and itt #11.

No. 21033

Maybe if the thread was made with one of the screenshots as the thread pic??? Idk I'm slightly retarded

No. 21034

File: 1616533358030.jpg (Spoiler Image,356.55 KB, 1080x854, Screenshot_20210323-140057_Sam…)

Jesus christ, lock this thread. Retards are mad her boobs aren't gravity defying and due to that, its shop. Comparing to a sex worker with silicone tits and calling it natural. Mods said they'd lock it off this shit keeps happening. Make good on that post, mods. It's like the fucking vtuber thread. Its anons bitching about use of filters 24/7

No. 21035

File: 1616533726200.jpeg (Spoiler Image,171.79 KB, 1500x1075, C0804B2C-F2E0-4014-BFA7-18DB40…)

No. 21036

Nitpicking isn't allowed and the thread is cancer filled with it.

No. 21037

nta but since when is nitpicking a tit fun

No. 21039

And the anon thinks natural boobs are where that top red circle is LOL Who the fuck has tits, her size, at her age, that gravity defying? Gotta be scrotes, I swear. Anything not bolted on is "saggy" but then if they are bolted on they still complain. This is the nitpicking levels in this thread.

No. 21040

Can someone take care of the wk anon in the erin thread? It’s getting ridiculous.

No. 21041

Please. It’s so incredibly frustrating to have someone wk every single thing posted.

No. 21042

it's honestly really tiring kek. nothing in the thread is enough for them, they sperg out even if people are posting screenshots/proof. maybe they're too much of a tard to read between the lines

No. 21043

My solution for shitty erin threads
1. Lock it.
2. Move all further art discussions to one of the 500 art threads on this website.
3. Make it a rule to post all of her cow and uwu ducks clipart into one of those threads and ban everyone who posts in her thread till there is actually milk

I was there for thread 1 and I personally have had her reply to my posts in her delusional outbursts, but for as much as I desire a good cow, she is just fucking boring now and there is nothing to say.

I also say Tay should be removed from pt for the same reason. Bitches are hella dull.

No. 21044

Jesus christ that is PULL tier autism right there. No wonder the board has been extra spergy lately.

No. 21048

The both looked like real breasts to me?

No. 21049

I have never encountered CP on this site for a long time that I’ve been browsing and lately I’ve been afraid to check because it appears to be frequent. (Not right now but I didn’t go anywhere just straight to meta.) What’s going on? A vendetta against the site?

No. 21050

Mods there’s a bunch of Adam Driver on the front page

No. 21051

pls no ban I’m joking

No. 21052

The thing is though, if farmhands lock it and give the WK what they want, the WK might just feel emboldened to go shit up other threads expecting the same result

No. 21053

Seconded with everything you said. At this point, locking the thread and/or moving the art discussion somewhere else seems like the only way to fix the shit show that is the Erin thread. She’s practically not even a cow anymore anyway, because of how dull she is recently. Most of the “milk” in that thread consists of tinfoil and nitpicking. Godforbid anyone calls the thread out for being shit, you’ll get bombarded with “hi wk” or “hi cow”

This is the dumbest shit. You sound like the vendetta OP of the Erin thread kek. The thread is shit and nobody wanted it to begin with. OP only made it because they got yelled at by mods for obsessively begging for a new Erin thread in the egirl thread, when the last Erin thread got locked. The new thread is exactly how the last thread was; infighting, cowtipping, tinfoil. The “whiteknights” are not the problem here. Open your eyes.

No. 21054

File: 1616592413825.png (21.64 KB, 723x474, ok.png)

So you let the antinatalist faggot who is jealous of women's bodies and calls them breeders and less than animals roam free shitting multiple /ot/ threads and pissing everyone off without a bait ban, but me saying "what's wrong with saying faggot, I owe nothing to gay men" which is TRUE, because women owe nothing to gay men, and the word "faggot" is everywhere on 4chan and other imageboards without anyone batting an eye, gives me a ban?
Seriously? Priorities

No. 21055

Who in the fuck would ban someone for unsaged bait in OT?? It's literally ot, saging has jackshit to do with anything

No. 21057

Can >>>/w/131435 and >>>/w/78679 be merged? They're the exact same thread. Or if not, can one (preferably the older one) be locked?

No. 21058

/w/ is bumped by what seems like the same anon who can't sage anything. Can we go back to making sage a priority? Nothing any of the threads are bumped with is milk or added information

No. 21059

That's practically bait and you didn't sage your autism.

No. 21060

Nta but you shouldn't need to sage on ot

No. 21062

Unless the thread is autosaged, I thought saging was a given due to bumping threads. Even on /rules, I can't find the word sage to say otherwise.

No. 21063

Literally nobody cares about saging on /ot/ unless it's a necro

No. 21065

>unsaged bait

Tell that to the mods who said exactly as I said regarding saging. Some anons might not care, but just because the board is /ot/ doesn't mean you get to do whatever you want. Why do anons keep insisting certain threads on boards are subject to a free for all? Lol

No. 21066

It's not bait, it was my legit opinion, and NOBODY sages on /ot/, not even on the drama threads we have there.
Again, some sperg can say "women are nothing but breeders" but me saying "gay men are faggots" is banned?

No. 21067

File: 1616613487630.jpg (128.91 KB, 1231x365, pRHXMNY.jpg)

Look at these complete idiots, they want a new Manson thread to discuss Annie. If this is not the problem in a nutshell then idk what.
The autism has leaked to meta in the meanwhile.

No. 21068

"No one cares"

Anon, yeah they do and mods wouldn't give out bans saying 'unsaged' otherwise and you don't even know if the other person wasn't banned. You're just the only one throwing a fit about it and not all bans get redtexted.

No. 21069

nah I'm also having an issue with this. There has been plenty of unsaged instances of retardation (a couple from myself) and i've never gotten banned for "unsaged bait". Nobody cares whether or not you sage on /ot/ and infact if you try to get on somebody for not saging, other anons will tease you for that

No. 21070

The fact that you think everyone who breaks the rules gets caught is funny. The mods get so many resorts a day. Come on, anon. Their ban is already up. It was 3hrs. Lol

No. 21071

I guess it's less that I'm angry for that anon, and more baffled. I really don't care to the point of dying on this hill, but really weirded out by the inconsistency of the ban messages

No. 21072

It's not the ban lenght, it's not the unsaged part, and again no one ever sages on /ot/ but besides that, why can't I say FAGGOT but people can call women BREEDERS? That's the issue here. You're sucking janny cock so hard by saying "b-but you should had saged haha don't break the rules ahah even if there's no rule about saging on/ot/ haha shame you got caught haha"

FAGGOTS are MEN and If we can call them moids, troons and scrotes, why not FAGGOT?

I never said "no one cares" in my post retard, I'm saying nobody sages on /ot/. Yes there are people who sage but honestly? /ot/ is not a drama board, and yes, no one cares, I'm saying it now. Stop mini modding, you really think this is like your little petty discord server where they eventually throw you a bone if you continue sucking mod stinky toes? It isn't.

No. 21073

nta but you did say it, why does nobody sage in /ot/? because they don't care. also you're clearly mentally ill with your "faggot" obsession, stop shitting up /meta/.

No. 21074

>you're clearly mentally ill with your faggot obsession
Kek you might not believe it but people say faggot all the time in multiple imageboards

No. 21075

people don't have a meltdown because they've got a short ban over a simple word

No. 21076

And you sound like the wk sperge anon. Typing long as fuck paragraphs, like anyone cares. There’s plenty of people who wanted a thread.

No. 21077

The fact that you're this obsessed with hating on "faggots" claiming them to be the first and foremost problem of all women instead of straight scrotes is a pretty good giveaway of your shit larp. Get out.

No. 21078

Y'all need to shut up and open a fucking Annie thread already or unlock the old one.

No. 21079

Faggots are scrotes, and scrotes are the biggest problem women have in this world lmao. Can't believe you're shilling men just because they love it on the ass.

No. 21080

Did you know that if fags could get rid of women worldwide and act as wombs for disgusting men, they would? Gay men actively hate women. You just are brainwashed by liberal feminism who says that gay men are "uwu" creatures that can't do any wrong. Did we forget Jeffree Star literally pointed a stunt gun to black women?

No. 21081

Can we all agree that this black bitch got her scrote stolen by a gay man and is having a metldown? Noone cares about Jeffrey Star, he doesn't reprensent shit aside his own shitty self.

No. 21082

I feel like the Annie thread needs to be unlocked.

Qannie is now a cow.

No. 21084

After months of watching these retards, I'm just posting to say that I agree. Honestly mods please just ban the WKs at this point. I just wanna read the Erin thread with my stale milk without some harpy screeching about whether or not something is milk. It's so cringe and embarrassing. A lot of cow threads on this website are active with far more nitpicking and don't get this much backlash and off-topic retardation. Erin literally had a accused scamming saga followed by an emotional breakdown deleting her accounts again and some anon pops up to say "It's not milk", I don't know what more they want. Ban these retards.

No. 21085

Shut down the kisame thread. Full of unbridled autism

No. 21086

File: 1616635534707.png (134.29 KB, 1366x627, ot_Stupid_Questions_34.png)

they made their way to /ot/ too

No. 21087

>black bitch
The South Asian racist is back, kek. I never thought of it this way, but with how hard you’re caping for gay men, and all your aggression both now and over the past week, I feel like you might be one yourself.
Imagine. A gay South Asian scrote seething about black women every day, probably because he can’t skinwalk them. No one liked his Donna Summer look at the local gay bar on drag night. He doesn’t know why he even goes there anymore, he already knows all the white gays have “no curry” in their Grindr bios. His down-low black boyfriend, Diquarius, dumped him a month ago to get back with his ex, and he’s been raging at black women ever since. 
He has an account on Lipstick Alley, where he almost exclusively gets into racial arguments, shits on black celebrities, and stans Jameela Jamil. He comes here to post even more racebait, and whenever he gets even a sniff of a non-black POC anon, he tries to glom onto them and involve them in his vendetta against black women.
Diquarius long since left his hole in shambles, and he can’t afford surgery to repair it. He hopes to one day become a mod on either LSA or LC so he can ban every black bitch he sees. He’s playing with the idea of transitioning. His parents are disappointed in him.

No. 21088

I'm not even black, or white for that matter. I love black women more than any faggot male any day of the week, it's called women's solidarity. Women > men and black women are great.

No. 21089

Not a complaint but a question. Why did the komaeda kin copypasta in the copypasta thread get redtexted for avatarfagging? It doesn't make sense since it's copied for the thread, unless it was the OP herself?

No. 21090

please stop, it’s painfully obvious who you are from the way you type your autistic posts. You’ve been samefagging and repeating the same shit over and over again in the past however many erin threads, get help.

No. 21091

How many times have you brought up this exact "b-but jeffree star pointed a stun gun at a black woman" talking point around the boards during your homophobic spergouts? Who hurt you hun?

No. 21092

Can we get the option to add images through image url? That'd make adding images so much easier and quicker than saving it to your device first or going through Imgur.

No. 21093

Exactly, they type in the same distinct way in every post and overuse phrases like "kek" and "retard" to try to fit in while just standing out like a sore thumb. Almost everything they post is verbatim the same thing, and they only just caught on to what saging is or where post count taps out in threads. Nobody is oblivious to their samefagging anymore

No. 21094

Seriously wtf is going on. Unlock the Annie thread.

No. 21095

Noticed the samefag autist too anons, glad I'm not the only one.

No. 21096

Qannie is a mod. That's why it got locked and why the Manson thread was left to die imo.

No. 21097

Anyone whose been using this site for a while knows there have been other threads, as another anon said, with so much more nitpicking and/or tinfoiling that are still left active. Why is the Erin thread specifically a problem? Hm. is it maybe, could it possibly be, because the cow in question has a history of going on their own thread and posting as other people to defend themselves?
>in b4 "omg ur 'hi cowwing!!!!' tin-foil!!!'"

No. 21098

Go back to 4chan then, scrote.

No. 21099

Do you have any idea how bad that would be for anyone to throw up outside urls? It's no harder than clicking to find the image in your files. Unless there is a reason you don't want your personal files uploaded.

No. 21100

>Do you have any idea how bad that would be for anyone to throw up outside urls?
I have genuinely no idea what you mean by this.

>It's no harder than clicking to find the image in your files.

Have to disagree with this, especially on phone.

No. 21101

You can insert imgur links

No. 21102

The issue existed in 4chan. We don't need url image files linked.

No. 21109

Can we reinstate the ban on the topic of onision's kids when there is nothing relevant happening relating to them? Without fail every new thread seems to keep getting taken over with the same autistic, true crime tinfoils from new fags about Greg and Lainey trying to murder or maim their daughter. It's honestly getting kind of disturbing how far they are going to make their bizarre tinfoils seem like reality. Those kids already have enough bullshit to deal with growing up as the spawn on the onions I don't think they need autists out there gleefully tinfoiling about their dumbass parents plotting their deaths as well.

No. 21110

We got the same retard posting gore and spamming pictures of some random man.

No. 21111

Can onion threads just be put back on autosage, it's obvious only kiwifarmers seem to post in it, considering the reddit-tier essays of shit that's already been discussed to death, and unfunny shit they keep trying to push.

No. 21112

The annie thread seriously needs to be unlocked. This is prime lolcow material with milk being spilt and her going into full delusional rage

No. 21113


Yeah that last Manson thread got over run by (not very) covert Manson stans and the 'Annie's a fraud!' spergers, though I suspect the two groups are mostly one and the same. The posters who do actually want to discuss Manson cow seemed to check-out due to all that.

Trouble is it's likely now not possible to have a new Manson thread without it being tied to Annie because there are some… clues? Red flags? That he could actually be behind the avalanche of leaked 'Catfish Annie' posts. I don't know how many others have spotted/figured this out as I think most Manson cow posters didn't think to look any closer because it was so much Annie overload.

Ironically Manson cow posters might be missing out whilst there's no thread because if it DOES turn out to be him behind all that, well that would be such top kek, to go from launching albums to launching cyberbullying campaigns! But all the idiots ain't going sod off so it might still get derailed. I half expect that I or anyone else who point this stuff out will get all the 'you must be Annie! Everyone is Annie!' bullshit.

Btw I said this elsewhere but if anybody DOES make a new Manson thread (fucked if I know how that's done) I don't recall any name suggestions so I suggest: 'Smells like Chin-Man' -on account of the above that we just MIGHT be getting a faint whiff of him, albeit through his minions at a distance (well you probably can smell him from a distance he doesn't wash kek).

No. 21114

It's fucking idiots like you who shit the thread up. The idea Marilyn Manson is behind over a decade of Annie's online delusions where she's in a relationship with every celebrity on the planet is beyond fucking retarded.

No. 21115


Cute that you love him so much. But here's the thing: the thread is about Manson as the COW. It doesn't exist for you to adore him or sperg about 'Annie bad! Annie delusional! Annie say bad things about Manson waaahhh oh wait it's all ok now because someone made pic and posts says they from Annie so must be Annie yes me happy now.' If you want to talk about Annie so much go find SOMEWHERE on the internet to make threads about her. Lolcow is not the be-all and end-all if they won't give you an Annie thread. Nobody will miss you. Bye bye.

Now for those of us with actual BRAINS who want to look a little closer (and actually want to talk MANSON) I can say this much: whoever made the 'evidence' that she is this catfish/delusional whatever, all the fanfic posts and whatnot (spoiler alert: looks VERY unlikely it was Annie, sorry for making you cry) – they might well have fucked up big time. MAJOR flaw in all this. And no not just tinfoil. Actual shit that just doesn't add up. Course we can't say for sure Manson and Co faked this shit but well… very few other suspects really. Kek.

I actually didn't believe he'd do something this dumb either till it actually came out but now? Oh dear.

No. 21116

I thought you said you'd stay offline Andrea?

No. 21117

The fuck is this shit?

Qannie deserves at least a thread here and if the mods would just unlock it we could all be debating just how cow worthy she is there.

Plus I'm just disgustingly proud of the Qannie nickname I gave her and really hoping it sticks around as we uncover the truths or non truths about our new cow.

Unlock the Annie thread mods!

No. 21118


Thank you for proving my point. Everybody who wants to talk shit on Hamson is her now apparently. This is why we can't have nice things, like a nice new Manson thread.


Yeah I know I'm being cryptic but this isn't the place to do a long-arse post pointing shit out.

And I only suggest going elsewhere because it looks unlikely mods will give an annie thread. They might. I wouldn't hold my breath. You'd at least be able to talk about her exclusively.

There will still be cross-over in the Manson thread though, can't be helped now because it's become to intertwined.

No. 21119

Can we ban people who constantly yell that asking for proof of stuff, as this is an imageboard, and yelling WHITEKNIGHT because they derail all the threads.

No. 21120

Just make a discord for this faggotry

No. 21121

this brand of autism is especially embarrassing

No. 21123

Can we please ban the true crime anons on the Onision thread? Like we get it, they don’t gaf if their kids fall off windows unless the cops are called.

No. 21124

I honestly enjoyed reading through a deep dive. I missed anons doing retarded investigations cause if not on lolcow, where else would I get this unnecessary info. But that's just me lol.

No. 21125

For all the time you've had to practice you still can't even sockpuppet well. Give it up and do something worthwhile with your life.

No. 21126


Didn't really want to do a deep drive but it became unavoidable because the images won't make sense without context. Plus I'm a newfag and been lurking for ages but there was nothing to post until this. Slim pickings.

No. 21127

Gah you know what I can see this crap is just going to go on and on even if they do make another Manson thread it'll just get flooded again if anyone posts anything mentioning her.

Can't be arsed to do a long post for something that was just an observation, somebody else will probably pick up on it anyway. I'll wait until the Hamson comes out in person and try to bring some easier milk if I'm the first one to it -and if the thread ever exists again.

No. 21132

Can we have a pro ana thread like on /fa/? and how come the admin or even the farmhands never respond to anything in this thread anymore

No. 21133

File: 1616852858310.jpg (82.51 KB, 640x1138, f52.jpg)

No. 21135

File: 1616855275263.jpg (200.3 KB, 760x596, tibia.jpg)

Just go on /fa/ then bones

No. 21137

File: 1616856320106.jpg (445.8 KB, 895x1320, 20210327_153827.jpg)

>Writing in all caps to show how ~angry and serious~ you are.

Seriously, why that crazy bitch isn't permaban yet?

No. 21138

Is it possible to ban the tranny in the tranny thread? That would be lovely,

No. 21139

Annie is now threatening to release the 28 hours of the Manson recordings if he, literally Manson, and his minions don't stop harassing her friends, family and pets. Then she mentions a part of that recording being about him selling oddities for 50x more. I guess that is a threat?

Point is, would be nice to have a Manson thread if she releases those. We all pretty much agreed the recordings were definitely him.

No. 21141

Agree on that but the thread will turn into “Annie is a fraud vs Annie is a brave woman we stan” in a second, and I am sick of reading about her regardless of whether she tells the truth. I guess when she releases it, anons should think about the thread. I still don't understand why she doesn't report him, even LKB, who lives in Scotland, did. This question is not for meta though.

No. 21142

Lolcow loads on my laptop but I get a connection error on my phone. Did I get banned? I mainly lurk

No. 21143

Did we get flooded by new users? I'm noticing more and more unsaged posts on snow.

No. 21144

someone please ban the person who made the eating disorder thread >>>/g/176869
or at least lock the thread

No. 21145

Do we really need an ED encouragement thread? It’s probably the most retarded thing I’ve heard of. If the bones want to rattle rattle, they can go anywhere else on the internet.
I mean, since we got an ED thread, then we might as well add something like “suicide ideas” or “OD goals” and such.

No. 21147

7 hours an d still up mods, this shit is illegal

No. 21148

Oh so you're the dipshit who encourages eating disorders

No. 21149

File: 1616917826457.png (478.52 KB, 481x601, 1616665081083.png)

>go to /fa/
>see people like you calling this "fat"
You must be kidding. You're so mentally ill and you need to take others with you down this path of misery. She looks completely healthy and more good looking than any of you fucking lard assed anachans.

Couldn't take the heat of some 4chan scrotes calling you a crazy fatso and you thought we would be nice to you just because we're mostly women here huh? Go back to your 4chan thinspo shithole. Lolcow is not the place to encourage eating disorders. You're such a fucking cow, even worse than the ones posted on the anachan thread, because you thought you could come here and sneakingly make a fucking thread about your sad, sad misery, and probably making others relapse. Embarassing, you're disgusting. You'll kill yourself slowly over wanting to become an ugly motherfucker with severe mental illness and that's the only thing you truly have. No braincells left. Just a fattie on the mirror with terrible breath and falling hair. Crying your eyes out because you are so angry thanks to not eating. Alone. Romantizicing your inminent colapse.

No. 21150

>lard assed anachans
It doesn't make sense

No. 21151

They have no muscle in their asses. It's just fat tissues, skin and bones sagging away.

No. 21152

isn't that called skinnyfat

No. 21153

Stop defending anorexics. Everyone has fat tissues and anorexic ass is gross because they don't eat so everything sags instead of becoming firm.

No. 21154

what mental illness' do you have

No. 21155

I'm not defending them, I'm just autistic with words.

No. 21156

Idiots in the Erin thread spamming unsaged non-milk and then infighting about it. Again

Fucking lock or autosage that cancerous thread

No. 21157

everyone who visits lolcow has a mento ilnes luv xoxo you included

No. 21158

It’s clear you are this >>21053 anon. STFU, honestly. You are more annoying than the actual thread.

No. 21160

So make a new one then? In manure.

No. 21163

Yeah, that's the only option for a new Mannie's thread. We'll have to wait till someone overcomes laziness.

No. 21165

can the binkie princess thread in snow be on auto sage

No. 21168

CP on /g

No. 21169

Theres cp in pt. Sorry, couldnt report it page wont open

No. 21171

CP on /PT tried to report but not sure if the report is going through.

No. 21172

Cp up in /pt been up for 16 mins

No. 21174

Some tranny is baiting the MTF thread again.

No. 21175

you have a hard time using that 10% of your brain that most average humans do don't you. which explains quite a bit, cheesey 10 year old style click bait, crying victim while knowing he is in the wrong (thanks for the proof of that now) attemting to instigate people into threating you. which only works on those who don't think. btw unlike a certain lazy little troll i actually do work. and "simp" white knigt" what are you ten? keep insulting me it won't do you any good

No. 21180

feel here child then also around or there at with I old or could hand like small much hold change year great without well small look back since know what’s

No. 21182

are you two having a stroke

No. 21183

I'd do it if I wasn't a newfag that is too retarded to figure out how to start one. I think other anons are more well versed in the history.

No. 21184

I went to do something

No. 21192

We got the same retard that will proceed to post gore on Vivadrag’s thread.

No. 21193

No. 21194

Can we get another hell week?

No. 21196

We have a mentally ill faggot shitting up everything with new threads



Please delete them, they're not even worth having up in the catalog

No. 21197

more of the retarded threads

No. 21199

It's definitely the person who was posting cp and gore. They're trying to use that anons post cause they think it's some kind of defense for their shit lmao

No. 21202

That zookeeper fag is spam creating threads. We know its you, scrote. You're the only one continuously this autistic.

No. 21206



you think it bothers us but it's nothing but a minnor annoyance. We can hide the thread, and you look like a retarded wojackposter. Imagine being this pressed about not having a vtuber thread. Couldn't be me, you really look like a child crying for a toy. Go finger your manhole to some anime girls or whatever.

No. 21207

please take your meds and go to bed!

No. 21209

Anyone else get the impression that the spammer is very, very fat?

No. 21211

fat, smelly and full of smegma, the kind of guy that could only fap to fat bastard netorare porn because no woman even his mother loves him

No. 21213

He is just a weeb lolicon who jerks off to an ex alcoholic vtuber kek

No. 21220

jannies can you please be more vigilant right now? the waft of smelly stinky testicle male-posting are all over /ot/ and /g/ right now larping as females

No. 21221

Anon be more specific about which posts you're talking about, they can't do anything with general statements like that.

No. 21223

tranny in the mtf thread is trying some epic racebait psyop to derail from the thread topic

There’s been a lot of that in this thread, like the South Asian woman larper.

No. 21224

I thought GC was not allowed anymore due to the spergs who larp.

No. 21225

Tbf it’s probably better this way - there’s no milk atm. Most people using the Manson threads are too fucking retarded a) not to post non contributions when there’s fuck all to say, and b) still cannot grasp how to sage. If one doesn’t appear when the time is right, I’ll make one.

No. 21226

Is late at night and the edgelord came back.

He made a new thread >>>/ot/773281

No. 21227

I bet this tranny is the same anon from vent thread

No. 21228

Discussion of kids used to be banned site wide. Why is the Onision thread now an onision kids thread? Milk dried up and suddenly it's fine to talk about literal toddlers?

No. 21229

Samefag, but squeezing "milk" out of the kids now that their dad is boring is incredibly low. I'm not touching that thread with a 10ft pole, and I urge mods to reconsider moderating the discussion on kids.
The child cannot control who its parents are or what information about her is put on the internet, unlike cows which are all attention whores that put themselves out there so are fair game.

No. 21231

Did you put the Shoe0nhead thread in autosage mode? why the fuck?

No. 21232

The CorpseHusband thread makes me want to kms. The baseless tinfoils, wild accusations, and a few dipshits insisting that a man that is partly Mexican looks like some man from Russia has hurt my soul. Please help

I’m not sure how
But please help

No. 21233

I think injustice has been done to the anon that posted her macarons in /ot/. I'm pretty sure that according to an unwritten rule if the thread has been inactive for more than a year or so, it's okay to create a new thread on the same topic (I recall a mod writing something along those lines). And it's not as if there aren't tons of threads that might as well be one like the dumbass shit and the mundane thread. So I want to know why did that anon warrant such a poor treatment? And why should that thread be in /g/ and not in /ot/?

No. 21234

So much this. The determination to declare C brain damaged and build a conspiracy around it is like some kind of demented vendetta posting at this point, it's so fucked up.

It's like the Manson threads reincarnated into that.

No. 21241

You're making it very clear you're the anon. self posting is blogposting (probably don't post your personal stuff to lolcow), and don't make threads that already exist. Looks like the anon didn't even check /g Don't go off what a mod said if you can't find the mention to back it up. Sounds like the ban was warrented.

No. 21242

There is so much political derailing in the mtf thread

No. 21251

> You're making it very clear you're the anon.
I'm really not and I'm sure mods or admin can easily check that. My questions still stand.

> Don't go off what a mod said if you can't find the mention to back it up.

I'm not going to dig through the entire site to find something from months ago hence why I'm asking it here. I want a mod or admin to confirm whether starting a new thread is alright if the thread on the same topic has been inactive for more than x period. Like the thread that was linked by the mod was inactive for more than 2 years.
Furthermore, there's a cravings for food thread on /ot/ so why should cooking thread go on /g/ while other food-related threads go on /ot/? The anon by that logic didn't check /g/ and only went for the /ot/ catalog. I'm only looking for consistency and better defined rules. But mostly, I just feel bad for the macarons-chan who wanted to share something she did with us.

No. 21253

There are almost no new threads allowed on /ot/ ever, and it sucks. The board has like 5-6 premade standard threads you can post in and that's it. Been like this since the wave of traumacore threads, I think. They ruined it all for us, the board's half dead and boring.
It's too strict imo and I'd prefer if they stopped funeling all discussion in just a couple of threads and shutting down all else.

For clarity, I am not the macaron anon either, just hungry for new threads that I dare not make.

No. 21257

I'm new to this site but you guys are missing out by not having another thread about Annie. There's a lot of stuff that is coming out and will come out - her faking epilepsy, an "astrophysicist" degree, and so on. And the person who thinks MM is behind it - you're an idiot. She has been lying and manipulating people for over 15 years. Her former friends are fed up.

No. 21258

New threads are made all the time though? And the rules clearly state that if a thread has been dead for more than 6 months you can make a new one.

No. 21259

I make new threads on here all the time. You have to think of lolcow as more of a /general/ board similar to how /vg/ works. Certain posts don't need entire threads when they already fit solidly into one, and yes, you can bump existing threads as long as what you're posting is relevant. All you have to do is open the catalogue and ctrl+F. Necroing is okay on the non-cow boards as long as you're not some spam bot.

No. 21260

Whichever janny redtexted >>>/ot/774155 is an idiot who can’t detect a joke. The thread isn’t particularly funny, it’s just the same post over and over, but if you think that’s an actual scrote you’re a fool.

No. 21261

Try coming up with a good explanation why she is a cow and write a summary of the milk (make sure it includes more that just the Manson drama) and make a thread. Maybe mods will change their mind once they see how much bs Annie is responsible for beyond what was discussed in the MM thread.

No. 21262

She’s definitely unhinged but the posters she’s attracting here are just as bad. The Manson and corpse husband anons have been so unbearable. Spam, refusing to integrate it’s just all bad. I hope it all gets nuked

No. 21264

I honestly feel like its all 15 year olds roaming the site. W, G, PT, OT.. All of them have the same derailing nitpicking to the extreme comments lately. Barely any new milk has been added to threads as a whole because they'd rather tinfoil based off of THEIR opinions. Not to mention the nitpicking and thinking starting an onlyfans is milk when its not when literally every thot has one. If people really only posted the milk, the threads would be as slow as Momokun's: recent update/drama and a few comments to follow. Not chatroom replies where anons say "good find!" like they are tag teaming in a wrestling match. You can fucking smell the kids posting here.

No. 21265

Annie is definitely a cow but ngl I want a thread for her just to keep all lunatics away from the Manson thread, it was fun before firstly LKB and then Annie found about lolcow. Who knows, we might need a thread in a month or two.
I can't agree more about the CH anons. It seems admin and jannies simply don't care.

No. 21266

I'd rather have corpsehusbandfags be put in their containment thread where they can reee to their hearts content than have the YT general be shit up with their continued autism of:
>LMAO Fatty confirmed!
>LOL Good one anon!
He's a fatty munchie who acts like your typical moid, if the underage twitterfags want their thread, I say let em' have it but, put it on autosage until he does something actually milky ala roosterteeth's crew.

No. 21269

She's a cow but based on what I've been finding it is getting a little dull now imo. Now if she releases those recordings in full that she has on Manson that would be great. She got her hands on something it seems with those.

No. 21271

No one has seen him so how can you prove the one degenerative voice thing and self mutilation as munchie material? If anything,those are more believable than thousands of thots claiming DID because tiktok endorses fake disorders? Nvm, get rid of all the corpsefags to begin with.

No. 21272

Can we get a mod in the moo thread to hand out unsaged takes? Theres 5 in a row of just spergs giving their opinions. I'm tired of seeing it bumped when they aren't posting milk.

No. 21276

>No one has seen him so how can you prove the one degenerative voice thing and self mutilation as munchie material
because it's inconsistent with 90% of the other things he does and says.

No. 21278

I hate you tinfoil hat, anons. Making up stuff as true just because you haven't seen him or his medical history, is the loosest fucking thread info possible

No. 21279

He airs that shit out in the open lmao

No. 21281

File: 1617362091172.png (46.4 KB, 663x412, tranny.png)

Let's talk about why you let people like this be moderators on this website.

(from the lolcow discord, hex is a moderator both on discord and this site)

No. 21282

File: 1617362619981.jpeg (316.06 KB, 600x677, DB1D6D0B-108A-4462-B9E4-02CDA9…)

Hate shit like this I sincerely hope the jannies don’t fall for this obvious concern trolling to shut down threads and opinions they personally don’t like. Go read the mfing rules and just hide the threads you don’t like, simple as

No. 21283

Ew tranny mod kill yourself

No. 21284

Admins and farmhands agree with this bullshit tho. Admin has said several times she has no issues with scrotes and trannies posting here and doesn't want this site to become a gc hub.

They only allow it because they know it's the biggest draw for people to use this site at all.

No. 21285

Please show receipts that the admin said that then. I don’t think you understand that scrotes aren’t allowed to post here and if they are caught they usually get ousted and banned (as they should) It’s very obvious you’re a retarded seething tranny who’s angry about how mean anons are in the mtf thread or a male trying to spin the discourse in your favor to get another topic unrightfully banned.

No. 21288

The trans mods thing was a joke, but the rest is cringy as hell
I thought admin said she's a radfem in last townhall?
>d doesn't want this site to become a gc hub.
Yeah, cause lolcow isn't supposed to be associated with any specific ideology. Not cause of men.

No. 21289

Was this not an April Fools joke? It was included in /ot/ as one yesterday. I doubt she meant "return to Sodom" seriously

No. 21290

The "return to sodom" message wasn't in response to the joke announcement, it was in response to something anons said in the MtF thread (I don't remember what though)

No. 21292

I really hate when people come here and make baseless comments like this. Post the proof or kys.

No. 21293

File: 1617374918967.png (144.18 KB, 1836x500, admin.png)

No. 21294

Not to be mean but are you retarded with a learning disability or an inability to comprehend words?

Nothing in this image says anything like
>she has no issues with scrotes and trannies posting here and doesn't want this site to become a gc hub

What she said in the pic was: It's not possible to keep it 100% scrote free, because it's an anonymous imageboard. Imageboards started with males and anywhere that women want their only community, especially an imageboard, men are bound to want to post. Anyone can see the whole point of that was to shift blame away from her if scrotes are posting here.

She also didn't say that she doesn't want the site to become a GC hub, but literally "I don't know why people keep saying /ot/ was shut down due to radical feminism."
Sorry ESL-chan but you need to take some more classes cause you really fucked this one up. I'm not even trying to ass kiss admin but I hate when people think they can just underline parts of the picture and we'll ignore the rest.

No. 21295

hex is not a site mod. look at the discord roles for the love of god

No. 21296

The site doesn't care what discord does. Its filled with hidden scrotes who aren't even well hidden and hamplanets angry about anyone doing anything. You discordfags are embarrassing

No. 21297

The fact that you think there are only like 6 mods, just because there are mods on discord, is so retarded. Admin has even said the discord mods and site mods don't overlap except a few.

No. 21298

Lock the Belle thread. I'm so tired of the 900 replies, but 50 of any maybe milk. It's like the Venus thread where prude anons are just wanting to bitch that underdeveloped girls can't be sex workers. CNC isn't new and the one thing they cling to is a 3 year old "She once cosplayed Lolita", which even if these retards actually read the book, would know that the character of Lolita (not even her real name) is tragic and has more to do with Humbert fetishising a make believe version of Delores and hates her actual childish antics once she starts learning to take advantage of him, breaking this Nymphet rose colored glasses life he wants to pretend he's living.

These anons don't know anything and the thread is just a dumpster fire. Your spitakes about "But I think she is" isn't milk and arguing with anyone who says anything about blaming scrotes for the fetishism gets you an assblasted samefag wall of text about the 3 year old lolita set and the same repeated prude opinions mimicking "CNC IS GROSS". Not agreeing with certain aspects of sex work is fine, not your cup of tea, but spamming the thread repeatedly with photos of Josh and saying "He's tubby" because you just want to complain about something because of slow milk, is not it. I don't get why the mods don't do anything about the derailment of threads like this.

No. 21301

Hide threads you don't like. Imagine whiteknighting for a literal whore. Pathetic.

No. 21302

I don't read her threads but it's sad that being against this shit is considered "prude."

No. 21304

Yes, because complaining that the thread is 10% milk, the rest is non-milk discussion, really keeps a thread on the rails. Stop saying to hide threads that need obvious moderation. Hiding a thread doesn't fix the derailing. You guys always just suggest that because you don't want your threads locked because of how to-the-wall autistic the discussions get.

Seriously. Look at her thread. No milk, so what do they do? Spam photos of Josh just to nitpick for more than a dozen posts. She goes offline and they have nothing to talk about except bringing up "ShEs CaterInG tO PeDos" which even mods have said to STFU about because a fucking adult isn't catering to pedophiles and pedophiles arent interested in an adult larping. This isn't like hentai. Jfc.

No. 21305

Uhhh, why are corpsehusbandfags trying to dox him?

No. 21307

Why you caping for Josh so hard though? Some average scrote doesn't need you defending him on lolcow. He is tubby, so anons were right, and he is 50% of her business and listed on all the official records, self-inserted his dick and his lardy body in her Christmas porn to an audience of millions, plus there is speculation they broke up since she's listed as single on Facebook. All relevant reasons to mention him. So why are you so upset he's mentioned?

No. 21308

Its not even a Josh thread and the thread was slow, so anons took to nitpicking how undesirable they think he is and how fat he is. No one wants to hear about him. He barely shows his face. He's a cock puppet for her. It's all because the thread was slow. Nothing they brought was milk on him either. Where do you get off thinking nitpicking is milk?

No. 21309

Because they want to prove all their tinfoil super hard.

No. 21310

why does it feel like that sperg from erin's thread is back

No. 21323

The banner thread is a mess of infighting. Admin and mods barely bother with meta now, it seems.

No. 21326

Cp in pt

No. 21327

Cp thread up in PT

No. 21328

Cp thread in pt pls delete

No. 21329

Cp thread up in PT

No. 21330

thanks for the warning, I was about to go to /pt/

No. 21331

Its horrid it’s not the one that usually gets posted it’s much much worse. Admins pls get the fbi or something involved

No. 21332

Cp in pt still up for 10 mins

No. 21333

Cp in pt

No. 21334

Please for the love of god get the FBI involved it’s getting really serious now. That last image was really really serios

No. 21335

It's gone now, been gone for a short while now in case any anons are worried

No. 21336

Hey admin, when we come to this thread to report the disgusting posts, would it be more helpful if we mentioned what time zone and country we're in so we can get an idea of when the posts seem to pop up and where the spammer might be from? I know you can probably work that out anyway, but maybe it'd be quicker?

I'm just wondering because whenever I come to /meta and see that people have posted that there's been spam, it seems to line up with late morning/early afternoon in UK time or possibly a European timezone.

Knowing the times/timezone might be helpful when next doing farmhand applications.

No. 21337

Samefag, just wanted to add that I could be wrong on the timezone (don't want to accidentally draw attention away from the spammer by getting it wrong) which is why it'd be helpful to hear from other anons too

No. 21341

Does cp need to be reported here? I always just report and move on, is that not enough?

No. 21343

it's a warning to other anons

No. 21344

I like to know where it is so I can avoid that board. Also it helps to know when it's gone. It's usually just 3 posts unless mods are asleep and not deleting the cp. Not really that big a deal. There's far more posts relating to Marilyn Manson and some girl names Annie. Who cares though.

No. 21348

never kinned in my whole life, I only used that pic cause I thought it suited the post. jannies are retarded as usual.

No. 21349

Can mods just delete this thread? It's all infighting ever since and there is no recent milk. People are bringing up years old "milk" that's just nitpicking and she already has posts in the UK thread. Keeping the thread is worthless. Why don't you guys just delete these threads??


No. 21350

Are you Mikan's friend or her

I agree that this thread needs to be locked and created by someone who actually wants to put effort into creating thread about this fugly retard, but instead some PULL person decided to create the shittiest OP i've ever seen.

Mikan deserves a thread because of her idiotic personality and milky acts, but the fact how she is always obsessed with coming and defending herself, along with bringing her friends for many years (both here and especially on PULL, creating accounts just to start WKing) always keeps people from creating threads about her.

No. 21351

Agreeing with this anon here. The thread is useless because there is no milk. We were discussing her already in the UK weeb thread and that’s enough for the occasional salt she posts but that’s it.

There is no need for a thread for her anon. There will just be pullfagging and infighting

No. 21352

also agreeing, the UK weeb thread is good enough. she's been pretty tame as of late, and it's not like any other UK weebs are active. there's not enough consistently flowing milk for a thread.

No. 21353

I love how any time anons make points why threads shouldn't be up, it's apparently the cow herself or her friends. Get over the fact that no one wants your thread. It's a clear vendetta.

No. 21354

File: 1617551997294.jpg (103.84 KB, 1080x331, Screenshot_20210404-085817_Sam…)

This retard samefag in the Belle thread can't stop spamming it with non-milk. They got banned a few days ago, but this is the same retard who keeps insisting no one but children can wear empire waust cottagecore because "The 50s/60s, they made dresses like that for kids". Fucking ban this retard, please. Tired of them shitting up the whole thread with these non-milk takes. This is what pretty much the whole 1200 is. How is this not derailing as hell and worth banning??

No. 21356

File: 1617552469536.jpg (498.04 KB, 1080x1192, Screenshot_20210404-090338_Sam…)

Like, please. This is all they do. Belle has been inactive for 2 months. Just doing this shit to keep the thread "flowing" is just retarded. It's become an OT mess of anons just pearl clutching and, like the Mikan thread, their go-to to pretend stuff is on topic is to bring up curdled milk to try to prove points. This is the vagfag too and I'm so tired of this fag complaining about how they don't like CNC. It's a legit thing, you don't have to like it, but being this assmad and complaining about "BuT CNC is bad, no one CNCs". This is clearly a scrote or underage kid fucking larping on this site.

No. 21357

File: 1617552712901.jpg (191.9 KB, 1080x554, Screenshot_20210404-091124_Sam…)

You can't tell me these arent retarded spam posts. These are spam, they post stupid takes to bait anons and then just regurgitate their curdled milk and pearl clutching if you call it out.

No. 21358

File: 1617552975597.jpg (252.61 KB, 1080x895, Screenshot_20210404-091336_Sam…)

>no milk for 2 months
>starts this retarded shit

Literally sat there telling anons they can't complain in the Belle thread about Josh because he works with her. He's a disembodied cock. No one cares if you think he's tubby and spams it repeatedly because they don't have recent Belle posts, so then they also tinfoil and repeat. That's why this whole thread is almost 1200. It's this shit. They can go to discord to discuss how fat they think Josh is or to repeat "But she looks young, so she has to be pedobaiting".

This anon is absolutely a scrote with how they talk.

No. 21359

File: 1617553320023.jpg (420.6 KB, 1080x1116, Screenshot_20210404-091929_Sam…)

This anon always comes in to post these one post shittakes. Over, and over. The thread is littered with them. It's not even about saying "no fun". Its a gossip site, but how is filling a thread 4/5ths of the way with shittakes a good thread flow when its this shit?

No. 21360

Gotta question why you care though? If the thread fills up just make a new one, this is an imageboard, people can waffle and shitpost all they want as long as it's legible and on topic.

No. 21361

Nitpicking and shitposting on soecific boards is not allowed, anon. Mods even say this, its in the rules, this isn't fuckimg 4chan. In what way is filling up.a thread with repeated "lolicon lolicon lolicon i think this adult woman looks like teenagers and its because teenagers look sexy to me, but its belle's fault as an adult because I think she looks like these teens". That's not a discussion. That's a pedophile trying to justify theur attraction to teens by complaining about consensual adults unfortunately not being overly developed to their liking on what an adult woman looks like. This is all they complain about unless its "She lewded a fictional character, but i know shes an adult and shes ugly, but FICTIONAL CHARACTERS ARE UWU HOW DARE SHE".

How is this milk? Fucking tell me? This is the whole thread.

No. 21364

absolutely. as well as how shaynas thread will net you a ban if you sperg about her vagina or anachans and numbers and or posing every single selfie with no context.

take the waffling and shitposting to /ot/ its not furthering the discussion in any forward direction

No. 21365

You're the anon who does it. Shut up. You don't integrate well at all.

No. 21366

I don't get why you're so pressed over one or two anons writing on-topic stuff about Belle since the quality of your own posts is absolutely awful, based on this typo-ridden word salad you just posted.
Do you just love Belle or something? Don't read the thread if it upsets you.

No. 21368

You realize it sucks to go to a thread of someone as usually milky as Belle, but only to see anons vagsperg, lolisperg, reach and complain that they don't like CNC when its already an existing thing people have doing for decades. Then nitpicking whether she got a nose job and complaining about filters.

How is this milk? This is 4chan type stuff, /ot/ stuff and correcting people overblowing stuff because they love to tinfoil and chatroom a thread, high fiving their samefaggorty, doesn't mean I want to WK her either. It means I'm not some 13 year old obsessed with the feefees of fictional characters and not sexualizing kids by equating them to how an adult looks. Her editing is the exact same as every copycat anime white girl who wants to look like their adult kpop and jpop JAV idols who do these same, rounded chin look, smoothing, bigger eyes with contacts, and their bullshit uwu stuff.

People used to go to the Belle thread and Venus thread and the faggotry of pearl clutching virgins and larping scrotes, kill these all the time. This is why no one wants to bother with a Venus thread even though its capped.

No. 21369

you're all autistic and you argue too much about retarded shit

No. 21370

Shayna’s thread is all of those things you just described yet it hasn’t shut down yet. Stop being surprised that whenever LC makes a thread about a female sex worker/degenerate cosplayer/narc wannabe social media personality it develops into asinine derailment and nitpicking from insecure users. Same thing happened with the Sam Hyde thread, it began as a good faith thread to pay attention to the hideous walking blob and his ex-colleagues antics and just turn into a derailed Efinna thread ripping her appearance apart. It’s just a similar problem when it comes to /snow/ and /pt/ threads. It doesn’t matter how much you whine to the jannies about these things, it’s just inevitable because of the userbase and culture here. Have you totally forgot that this is an imageboard where hopefully most of the users are women? kek

No. 21371

And you have anons coming here to complain about that thread constantly too which proves my point.

No. 21372

Welcome to Lolcow.

No. 21376

Can we give the Friend Finder thread in /g/ a second chance? I think it's worth giving it another shot if there's a warning about not breaking anonimity and tinfoiling in the thread op and forbidding posting server invites. Perhaps a general rule could be: Do not mention anyone or anything from this this thread outside this thread.

No. 21377

You're pretty much breaking anonymity and/or advertising when you share your discord so…. probably not.

No. 21378

Please post your superior milk, would genuinely love to talk about it! Sounds like an easier fix than complaining to meta.

No. 21380

How about throwaway emails being a rule?

No. 21381

imagine wanting to find friends using fucking lolcow. i know most places are still slow with vaccines but go outside

No. 21382

Fair enough, I hadn't thought about it like that.

No. 21383

Stop calling everyone you disagree with a troon/scrote or a /pol/tard. I am so fucking sick of it.

What kind of weird bubble do you all live in where women have to agree with every single libshit view except when it comes to troons? Imagine the horror that some women using this site might hold some views you don't agree with.

It's such a fucking american view of the world, you either agree with every lefty woke twitter tard talking point or you are a nazi /pol/tard and must be a man. The rest of the world is not either completely right or completely left, that's only in your shitty country.

No. 21384

my sympathies anon. ive been called all of those its really pretty sad on their part.

the only kind that really gets on my nerves are the ones that come on /meta/ and scream about cp but have no sympathy to the people who have to clean all that up. their only argument is to not do a job you arent prepared for. entitled unintegrated users are awful.

No. 21385

I’m feeling your pain anon. American here and that’s exactly how this country is right now. You are expected to be a hive mind. How boring will that end up being.

No. 21386

I don't know which thread provoked this, but I see people use /pol/ terminology or talkpoints unironically and then get surprised when they get called a /pol/tard. Twitteridoos also get called out when they try to force twitter language and terminology on the board, it just means you're trying to stand out too much and lack the ability to codeswitch.

No. 21387

File: 1617718753576.jpg (20.81 KB, 1024x118, Space.JPG)

adding line spaces after responses or adding them between every sentence should be bannable.

No. 21388

I have literally never been to /pol/ because I don't like trannies or porn, but I get called a /pol/tard on here all the time for expressing views that are not even that conservative.

Tumblrtards really think that everything that is not liberal is considered neo-nazi /pol/tard propaganda and the poster is a male. I really feel like this site is no different from twitter or tumblr except you can make fun of trannies in one dedicated thread.

It's so fucking dumb. I wish there was a site for women where you are not required to be a virtue signaling retard. That's what got us into the mess with the trannies to begin with.

No. 21389

samefag to add that I don't even give a shit if other anons don't agree with me on a lot of things, I am just tired of people saying "oh no you made a joke that is NOT PC and NOT WOKE, you must be a male. Fuck off back to /pol/!"

Some people literally can't just disagree with others on here without calling them male.

No. 21390

Kek and then you go and write off the hivemind as “being American”, like we are all like this in the United States. Being an anti-burgerfag is extremely passé at this point. Maybe you are the ones who need to travel more.

No. 21391

It's true tho. I have never encountered this mindset of "right vs left" anywhere else. Where I am from we have many different political parties with very different views. Being called a nazi for not being a liberal is a uniquely american thing.

No. 21392

this juxtaposition is great

No. 21395

What did you say that got you called a /pol/tard? “Not PC” and “not virtue signalling” are extremely broad. It matters because some people like to come here and play victim when they get justifiably told to piss off.

No. 21396

Jannies some angry foreign scrote who was most likely banned in that /v/tuber thread is spamming. Fucking ban them already

No. 21397

There's an ass in /snow/

No. 21398

It's always the same Indonesian retard spamming threads, he's most likely using a VPN so I'm not sure what more the jannies can do other than ban his current IP and delete the posts

No. 21400

samefag but I can recommend him a scrub+body butter routine, that ass looks like sandpaper

No. 21401

ok scrote

No. 21402

stop samefagging

No. 21403

cp on /w/

No. 21405

That's some mental gymnastics right there

Can we make the "hi scrote" thing bannable? It's just as annoying and baseless as "hi cow". I literally mentioned body butter in my reply, does that sound like a scrote to you?

This actually makes me believe that the Indonesian sperg might be the same as the cheese pizza/gore sperg, the cp and ass were posted really close to each other

No. 21406

stop spamming the threads scrote

No. 21407

>This actually makes me believe that the Indonesian sperg might be the same as the cheese pizza/gore sperg, the cp and ass were posted really close to each other

This is no surprise. It happens every time indonesian guy is posted. He'll make a new thread in pt and then suddenly cp

No. 21408

>Being called a nazi for not being a liberal is a uniquely american thing.
It's a uniquely internet thing.

No. 21409

This. Twitterfags are insufferable, but there are some pretty obvious /pol/ spergs around (like in the tradthots thread, regularly wking Lauren and her ideas) and we don't need to enable that either just to get the twitter users to gtfo

No. 21420

Get a life, mods. Your redtext commentary makes you sound more autistic than anons. Banworthy posts make threads more entertaining. Lolcow circa 2016 was more fun because of infighting and derailing. It's no wonder the site gets little to no activity these days.

No. 21421

What’d you get banned for?

No. 21422

The only times I've seen anons being called "poltards" is when they're being openly homophobic, sperging about the evil feminist agenda that's out to genocide men or doing some hard racebaiting. I've never seen someone get called one for moderate views any sane centrist people share. Twitterfags get banned just the same for being the other extreme.

No. 21424

photo of harmed animal in /pt/, also theres a bunch of usseles threads with no coments in /ot/

No. 21425

Seems to be on every board, also one on /m/. Can these just be deleted instead of locked/spoilered? No reason to not delete threads with slurs and gore.

No. 21426

I assume it's a temporary measure until The Big Janny is available to delete them but I wish it was confirmed

No. 21429

“Hi scrote” and “Hi troon” are already banned

No. 21431

File: 1617906712594.jpg (539.96 KB, 1080x1610, Screenshot_20210408-112529_Sam…)

Mods, do something about the samefag group in Belle's thread, seriously. They forced her mom to deactivate her Facebook because these losers are digging around for her family's information to post and still going on about how fat her boyfriend is. This isn't milk, involving family because they have nothing else to talk about. How is this allowed? It's in the rules not to involve family. She's so out of left field and anons are stalking the family members to try to prove some nonexistent point, blaming PULL which has been down for a year now.

Not to mention the "ME FIRST!!!" state of a new thread. This isn't an OP at all and lacks all her recent info. Belle is active too which anons have pointed out, but they now say "lol not good enough to just be active". ??? What? The cow is active. This is literally just harassment in their part towards off topic subjects. Her family is not on topic and have never been involved with her sex work. There's no reason to bring the family up.

No. 21432

>3.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers


Belle is active, might not be milkiest, but this is so fucked up to try to involve her family for the sake of it.

No. 21433

You’re probably right, I hadn’t considered that. Thank you janonnies.

No. 21434

They'd know that if they weren't newfags complaining as if they've been here for years.

No. 21435

There was a debacle in one of the Erin Painter threads where her mom AND dad’s addresses and full names were posted, as well as pictures of both of their houses and pictures of their faces. No one cared when that happened, so why was this allowed, but all of the sudden it’s not okay when it happens to Belle Delphine. Doesn’t add up. Can’t have it both ways. Get over it.

No. 21438

And people got banned then too.

No. 21439

You need to get out that thread, too. No one here fucking cares if she's active or not and if the other anons are wrong. That entire thread is made up of jealous ex-pull members. You deserve each other.

No. 21440

Isn't the point of threads to post when cows are active and when they produce milk? This isn't 4chan.

No. 21441

Not sure if posting this here will accomplish anything but several anons in jaelles thread have suggested mandatory spoilering of any pics that involve her face, can this please be enforced? No one needs to see that grotesque shit involuntarily

No. 21442


I just checked the thread, the fact mom deactivated because she was mentioned in an autosaged dead thread full of nothing but waffling and speculation is pretty good proof belle lurks/posts in her own threads, since how else could she have known?
I don't approve of her mom being posted, but all that was shown was her profile pic and people said she was pretty.

No. 21443

File: 1617935661363.jpg (3.97 KB, 229x220, images.jpg)

so tired of retards posting unsaged sperg on the mtf thread, i fear one of these days mods are gonna shut down the whole thing because of them and that makes me sad

No. 21444

Anon, you know very well they weren't posting her to call her pretty. It was digging for info on the mom. There was no reason to post her at all.

No. 21445

Since fucking when do you get redtexted for not saging in /ot/?

No. 21446

It's tiring to comb through all the blogposts and opinion pieces to try to find an actual cow being talked about there. I report milkless spergings when I see them, but if mods were to go by the book more than half of that thread would be redtexted.
The hide all saged posts function could be soooo useful for that thread and many others, and it's a great tool, well developed, but users can't fucking seem to fall in line enough for it to work.
We proposed a solution of making posts saged by default so if you post milk you have to unsage it, but that's just wishful thinking, nobody's going to code that haha

No. 21448

Because since they doxxed her, anons probably interacted or trued to add her. She was doxxed. End of story. If anons are going out of their way to find information they haven't given publicly for a reason, it is doxxing. It had where she lived, full name.. Its fucked up. There's no excuse for it and Belle talking about her mom isn't an open invitation to go looking for who her mom is and posting her. This is psychotic behavior

No. 21450

File: 1617949238675.jpg (642.22 KB, 1080x1943, Screenshot_20210408-232055_Sam…)

Jesus, just nuke it.

No. 21451

File: 1617950097068.jpeg (139.82 KB, 602x602, 37D86447-E384-4478-B0D2-ED00F2…)

Hahahaha your bf is fat belle we are all getting decent cock while we laugh at your spasticated chode humping away like an epileptic Yorkshire terrier. We will never stop calling him fat and small cocked so die mad

No. 21453

Erin painter self posted her mother's doxx

No. 21454

Not all bans are redtexted

No. 21455

Nta but they should all get a big redtext ban so that they're ashamed and don't do it again.

No. 21456

Can a mod make it very clear to not post off topic people in the Belle thread? Her mom and now random people on friends lists are being posting snd they are trying to pretend that off topic drama involes Belle. It's getting dangerously stalker territory in there because of the group of discord fags who keep derailing and samefagging each other. >>>/w/144510

No. 21457

please nuke or autosage the binkie princess thread

No. 21458

As you know Vee1Eye is a rapist and known youtuber. Not a random friend of belle. Showing that they are bffs is on topic

No. 21460

No, it's not. You're harassing off topic subjects for the sake of 'milk' when its stalking. You guys are going through anyone on her friends list and posting them like her mom. Wtf is wrong with you? They aren't on topic just because they know each other.

His real life pedophilia case has nothing to do with her. This isn't an epstien/giselle operation. You pullfags suck.

No. 21461

The non model mom post was ot, I give you that. She shouldnt have been included. But her being friends with a rapist on her personal fb (that isnt private by the way) is milk

No. 21462

Her mom had photos on her facebook with commercial use photos of her modeling on signs installed in bus stops. She wasva commercial model for products.

You retards didn't even look at the page you desperately tried to find.

No. 21464

You are hi cowing yourself right now

No. 21466

um jannies did you ban the pseudo intellectual incel yet who was in the tradthots thread?

No. 21467

Do you even know what hi cowing is? You can't hi cow yourself.

No. 21468

Can a mod please tell me what happened to this thread I made? I was posting videos that I had saved and I guess a mod might have thought it was spam


No. 21470

I feel so conflicted. Am I to report driversperging in the absolutely retarded shitpost thread? On one hand, they're out of their containment thread. On the other hand, it's totally on topic being an absolutely retarded shitpost. Such a dilemma!

No. 21471

report lol, driverfags are unbearable

No. 21472

Can someone please ban the samefagging bold text retarded tinfoil anon in the Onion thread? The thread is enough of a shitfest as it is without them screeching about muh conspiracy theories

No. 21473

Same, girl. I understand that some people feel relieved when they peaktrans and can finally gendersperg somewhere, but it's annoying when it's like 1:1 of milkposting to blog ratio. And in the end you're accused of being a misogynist for asking people to not post FtM detransitioning blogs in the MtF thread. Anons also get baited waaaaaaaaay too easily by obvious /tttt/ tourists.

No. 21474

Can we put a fucking stop to the retards who call EVERY SINGLE POSTER they don't like a scrote? It is a fucking epidemic in /snow/ right now and it is only getting worse. I am so fucking sick of it.

No. 21475

Hi scrote has been bannable.

No. 21477

shouldn't we just move all twitter artist discussion to the twitter hate thread? half the time no art is being discussed in 'artist salt' and it's just some rando person’s hot takes being posted over and over, not even art related. it’s basically racebait the thread at this point

No. 21478

Can we please reveal if belle has been self posting here and in her own thread? Like what mods did with ember and Erin? It would be so funny. Also would mean that meta doesn’t get shat up everyday with people wheedling to get her thread locked.

No. 21479

Direct me to a cooking/recipe thread please!!! I can only find 4 year old threads that are dead

No. 21480

Here is the "active" thread
Someone made a new one more recently and posted their macaroons but the mods locked it as you're expected to be able to find the correct active thread and post in it (obviously not nearly as easy as they think it is).

No. 21481

Can mods take care of the retard WK in Belle threads?

No. 21482

I'd rather not have that. I enjoy having a thread for funny twitter caps and not have it infested with the spergs from that containment thread.

No. 21483

It’s supposed to be banned but recently it doesn’t seem like they’re enforcing it.

No. 21484

90% of the posts in that thread are completely unrelated to any cows and are just blogposts, medfagging, people posting random gc news. I don’t get why that thread gets such special treatment.

No. 21485

Lately I’ve seen a couple anons trying to cowtip random mtfs on Twitter, i report that when I see it. FtM cows seem to crop up more often in the threads now too.

No. 21486

can it start being a bannable offense for retards that demand new threads? like, we are all well aware a new one needs to be made after 1200…

No. 21487

it sucks that thats a thing but announcing a new thread isnt new. and even tho they get banned like a month for it i just wish people would understand what a well written op does overall. having proper links and things being archived and whatnot so when someone asks to be spoonfed it could be as simple as a scroll back up to the top.

anons just need to stop making threads if they have no experience.

No. 21489

unfortunately it seems like the bad ones get made BECAUSE of some sperg screeching about needing a new one at 1100 posts

No. 21490

There wasn't much that could be added about her as a topic as far as anons are concerned.
Anyway if you were the OP of that thread then you achieved your goal since it's ones of the 1st results in Furuya Mari's Google images. Baelcypher is taken care of by virtue of middling success and not getting ~$135 Pixiv requests.

No. 21491

whatever this is could be explained by vendetta.

No. 21493

File: 1618194664924.png (152.28 KB, 1881x1086, slkj.png)

i got banned for saying tiktok was a chinese datamine app? it is tho

No. 21494

kek this reads as infighting to me honestly.

No. 21497

You didn't get banned for that, you got banned for
>ur a groomer!
>no, ur a groomer!
>no, u!

No. 21498

It's basically a containment thread at this point, and if you think the sperging and medfaggotry is bad in our MTF thread, you should go take a look what a shitshow the MTF thread on Kiwifarms is. They can't go two pages without autistic political derailing or outright homophobia, and every other post is a fucking essay.

There are plenty of threads both here and on KF dedicated to specific tranny cows that are mostly milk without much derailing. I'm not going to assume you're a troon just because you're saying the thread is a mess, because you're right that it is. But the frequent insistence in /meta/ that the thread has to be deleted if it isn't 100% compliant is awfully convenient. We're honestly getting to the point where this is the only place where we can laugh at troon cows that isn't full of /pol/tards or burned Plebbitors. Hell, the limited number of places to go elsewhere is probably most of why there are so many spergouts here. If troon powermods everywhere else on the internet didn't ban every GC space, those people wouldn't have migrated to LCF to begin with.

I would honestly be okay with the thread being on autosage if it means avoiding another overhaul. Just leave it, from what I can tell GC anons have done a better job of containing their autism in that thread than they did with the threads on /ot/.

No. 21499

>There are plenty of threads both here and on KF dedicated to specific tranny cows that are mostly milk without much derailing.
Here not really, threads on massive cows like Kevin Gibes and Yaniv are half-dead and people keep posting updates about them in the mtf thread.

No. 21500

Nah I wish it were that lame I only made that second post

No. 21501

I don't think anons mean that every thread that has problems should be permalocked. But it is annoying when anons get sidetracked for days. And the reason why I wouldn't want it autosaged either is because it'd encourage even more personal blogposts and the rest because it's basically like throwing in the towel, and all their inner inhibitions will be gone. Honestly if anons want to post personal stories or freak out about every troon with the same fetishes as the other 200 that were posted, they should at least make it funny or bring in ANY new perspective. The problem is that the thread is half KF and half MumsNet newfags.

No. 21502

There's not a lot of places where you can talk about troons on the internet because they all work in big tech and worm their way into moderating positions everywhere.

Let people have one place to sperg about troons and hide the thread if you can't take it. It's a good thing more women are being peaked and find this place and realize what a fucking mennace on society these sick men are.

People on here like to gatekeep way too fucking much, sorry your little corner of the internet is being "invaded by newfags" who blogpost, but let's be real, all the other threads are full of retarded nitpicking faggots too. The MtF thread is by far the biggest draw this website has and admin would be an idiot to close it or autosage it.

I get annoyed by the "I used to be a fakeboy but now I'm sane" blogposts too, but just fucking report it and scroll past.

No. 21503

PLEASE ban the samefagging retard in the onion thread, it’s becoming unbearable

No. 21504

I'm trans btw if that matters(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 21505

Nobody cares, read the rules and hide the thread.

No. 21506

>just hide if you can't take it
This mentality ignores that it's a COW thread that tolerates some gendersperg, and not some gendersperg thread that tolerates making fun of ugly troons. The thread is already pretty tolerant towards what is considered milk (which I think is a positive), but saying that people that want to post and discuss troon figures should the ones to stop going there instead of the babyradfems stopping to think whether they should post their irrelevant microblog is pretty backwards logic. You can't tell what gets a warning or bans without redtext, so the mods could be doing stuff, but redtexting would at least show other spergs that it's not encouraged behavior.

No. 21507

>someone starts fight with me
>tell them to stop
>report it to mods
>I'm the one getting banned
>They get to continue on their merry way.

Sorry mods but…. friends of yours?

No. 21508

I honestly don't understand why farmhands don't just redtext every post that got someone banned.

No. 21509

File: 1618247406257.jpg (297.9 KB, 1080x1233, Screenshot_20210411-130356_Sam…)

Because then they'd get caught for giving catty bans and bans on threads that have massive derailing and are clearly shitpost territory for pullfag refugees. I've never seen a mod give these juvenile sperg reports before. With how "detailed" all the new threads have been, especially /w/ where they allow constant samefagging/tinfoiling/derailing makes no sense to me. You get punished for not shitposting and going on 4chan tangents. Its like 4chan and pull culture is encouraged.

No. 21510

the mods here are absolute trash.
i bought myself a VPN account just to be able to post here.
I get banned with about a 3 to 5 post ratio. So for every 5 posts, I get banned for dumbass reasons every 3 posts.

No. 21511

have you tried reining in your raging autism? might help matters

No. 21512

File: 1618250454361.jpg (73.39 KB, 1080x264, Screenshot_20210412-110030_Sam…)

Compared to you and your friends posts on that same thread? Sure, anon. Me telling an anon to not bother trying to change pullfaggotry behavior is the cringe here. Not the 12 year olds crawling around /w/.

No. 21513

thats a really great idea! thanks! i see it works perfectly for you, you never get banned.
i think from now on i'll just complain and harass people, that way i won't get banned.

No. 21514

Didn't think I would say this but mods are indeed based.

No. 21515

which board is this? There are clearly different mods on different boards since whenever I get banned they list the actual reason without shit like this holy hell

No. 21516

>spending actual real dollars to post on lolcowdotfarm
>continues getting banned for absolute retard levels of autism

shame on you nonny

No. 21517

If you can't figure out that nobody likes, respects or wants to hear from an e-whore in a place like LCF then you are truly the stupidest whore here, including Shay & Moo.

No. 21518

how the fuck do you even get banned that much? this coming from someone that’s had their fair share in the past.

No. 21519

we're not all poor and on disability.
easy, just be nice and contribute. the mods will pretty much ban you around the clock.

No. 21520

kek is that your best rebuttal?
There are plenty of free vpns, you don't need to buy one just to post here. You're just retarded and I can see why you get banned.

No. 21521

/w/. The whole board is crawling with a discord group who is filled with pullfags posting their shitakes, they doxxed one thread, keep derailing the others, one keeps using this emoji :v which mods haven't banned at all, and its spread to other boards like /pt/ and /snow/. You can tell when it's them as their typing style and OT reaching is consistent to all boards.

No. 21522

Rebuttal? Didn't think I needed one.

No. 21523

>and I can see why you get banned.
I'm not willing to lick the mods clit?

No. 21524

This is the type of sperging mods let happen in the threads while anons report it, but then they get banned for reporting the mess that completely derails. They can't say anything back because then you get banned for infighting. There is no discussion in a thread when anons just want to shitpost their hot takes without proof backing it up and going on fantasy scenario tangents about what they wish or think cows have done or should do.

No. 21525

Since you keep IP hopping and didn't see the actual ban, I'll relay your last ban here: the other anon DID get banned. We generally try not to redtext infighting or derailing since it's something that can go on for many posts and it would look bad in the thread. This may depend on the member of staff but it's something we try to follow. Please don't take it as a personal attack on you if it was your post that was redtexted. Hope this helps.

No. 21526

Next time SHOW THAT. Otherwise people will think you people are playing favorites. I still don't get why you banned ME, while I was the one that reported that fucker, but with you guys as mods: like it matters.
You people really need to get your shit together, seriously.
The reason I keep "hopping IP's" is because I bought a VPN account just to be able to post here. thats how bad your modding is. You people ban at the drop of a dime, or maybe its just me, I don't think it is though.
Stop fucking banning me. Thnx.

No. 21527

why admit to ban evading though? just take your 24 hour bans and go read a book or something.

No. 21528

>I bought a VPN account just to be able to post here
bans are so you stop posting kek

are you the boldfag from the onision thread

No. 21529



Agree tbh. The mods prefer shitposting thats OT and baiting while trying to levely talk at all about on topic or ask other users to stop trying to make up a narritive because the topic has slow milk, is clearly the more bannable preference. But then the samefags can still bait and yell WK when they don't like that you won't engage in their shitposting, but again, YOU get banned.

No. 21530

I checked the banned post you linked and you were fighting and derailing full arms swinging in that post. Just because someone else is shitting up a thread doesn't mean you can start a back-and-forth with them until you get bored/asshurt and then say you can't get banned because you were the one who filed the first report. Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

No. 21531

Everyone knows mods never listen but these are the type of people mods should ban. The whining, complaining, bitching Karens that always need to nag and complain about other posts, and never ever contribute any good shit for themselves.

No. 21532

And thats just the thing right, you got a good poster posting something that is actually useful or a nice conversation about the topic at hand, then these bitching cunts come in to complain and bitch and whine until the original poster finally responds, then the mods come in and ban the original poster and not the nagging cunt that was just picking a fight.
Thats how it always works around here, and its annoying as fuck. If the mods where simply to listen and actually read the reported posts, and actually read what was going on this place could be pretty dandy.

We all know they never will though. Ever.
The users here except for the nagging Karens are awesome, the threads are good and I enjoy posting here. But the nagging bitches and mods suck ass.

But who knows, maybe a miracle will happen, i'm a glass half full kinda girl.

No. 21533

And look at this:
>"are you the boldfag from the onision thread"
This Karen internet buttstalker has such a tremendous amount of sand in her vagina about me, that she actually followed me all the way here.

Now these would be the kinda people i'd ban, but thats just me.

No. 21534

what in the samefag autism

No. 21535

See what I mean, mods? Are you reading this?

No. 21536

You mean when anons mention something brought up is a reach and why its ban tinfoil, but anons would rather schreech and yell WK? Yeah. Such a good thread flow.

No. 21537

this is /meta/, retard

No. 21538

I thought you were off your meds, but now it's obvious you're just falseflagging

No. 21539

I told you. Its a discord group of these fags. They have posted multiple times with discord icons in their photos all over lolcow. Its basically a pullraid but mods ignore the blatant "This person KNOWS the subject, so lets derail about all this non-existant milk between the topic and the rando who used to have drama and pass it off as new milk". Have you not noticed how non-existent their threads are of actual on topic milk?

No. 21540

what was that you said about samefagging? just so you know: I'm going to try a new technique, which is to never respond to you again and just flag your posts every time I see them.
Maybe then the mods will catch on, I mean they won't be able to ban me if I don't respond, amirite?
I'll just flag them as "flame baiting"
Have a wonderfull, blessed day. Hope you get that sand out of your vagina one day soon, Karen!

No. 21541

did a bunch of schizos escape from a psych ward what's happening in here

No. 21542

it's one apparently constantly banned samefagging schizo

No. 21545

kek i just recognized you because you use bold constantly retard if you're going to use bold in every single post multiple times you might as well just namefag

No. 21546

File: 1618261188792.jpeg (194.27 KB, 640x890, FB4EADB2-4A8B-4C97-B968-D68E2F…)

Mods can you unban me? I posted a pic of a deer, still alive not bleeding with an arrow in its face. They can live a while like that I didn’t think it was gore. I don’t think I deserve to be permabanned since I make good threads on this site that people use and enjoy.

No. 21547

If you're the sperg from the onion thread I regret stating about troy and cloeys room being swapped because you are insufferable and I avoid posting when I see your shite. Take a fucking breather.

No. 21548

No. 21549

File: 1618262193478.jpeg (76 KB, 1689x951, 1D74CC80-5E92-4ADB-922C-FF27A4…)

Pls gooby

No. 21550

you deserve to get banned for that, nobody wants to see that shit

No. 21551

But not permabanned surely? Like 6 weeks fair enough

No. 21553

File: 1618263373032.jpeg (526.91 KB, 1452x1800, F88E6BD0-F533-4163-B30A-247890…)

This is for you Jannies. Thanks for all the great work you do around here.

No. 21557

The farmhand who issued this ban is based as fuck, just wanted to let her know

No. 21560

ffs “Karen”, read the fucking room. No one agrees with you. No one wants you here. All this samefag sperging and ban evading just because no one wants to engage in your onion-related autism. Take your meds and go touch some grass.

No. 21561

File: 1618266161326.png (28.83 KB, 280x305, 1618162630844.png)

>ffs “Karen”, read the fucking room. No one agrees with you. No one wants you here. All this samefag sperging and ban evading just because no one wants to engage in your onion-related autism. Take your meds and go touch some grass.

No. 21564

There was a really suspicious ban I got that made me realize that the moderation staff definitely has trans people or male jannies. I’m not trying to be a sperg and say that women can’t say the word bro in an offbeat jocking way but I seriously think that males are allowed in this site now. Also I remember when another anon made a joke and they were banned for it because the autistic janny couldn’t decipher sarcasm (reasons why autistic people should be legally barred from using the internet)

No. 21565

What the hell? Unlock the infight thread in /ot/ it was a brilliant idea. Why are we not allowed to have fun anymore? Funny that the mods are here to ban off-topic threads but when CP and gore is being spammed it suddenly takes hours to take it down because the mods have precious lives, oh boo fucking hoo. Admit you’re understaffed or inadequate

No. 21566

I remain the unchallenged queen of lolcow

No. 21567

Girl, what? Infighting is against the rules, regardless of if you're all being facetious or not. What is it with anons trying to find multiple ways to skirt the rules as of late? A one-off reply is one thing, but when you have a whole thread dedicated to the idea of fighting, it's bound to result in someone who takes it too seriously.

No. 21568

File: 1618270798554.jpeg (16.28 KB, 208x243, D8F42F01-796E-47A0-8F81-517E88…)

Shut the fuck up you read exactly like a triggered Reddit tranny. Dis u retard?

No. 21569

That thread was absolutely pointless. it basically read like unpopular opinions except you could try and bypass the rules
>its le infight thread!!!!!!!!! of course we're being retarded
You can't just make threads to get around the rules. That's like if someone made a racebait containment thread. go to 4chan if you want to engage in stupid shitflinging contests

No. 21570

File: 1618271151868.png (159.52 KB, 619x331, kekk.png)

Please reopen the infight thread, it was nice, fun, comfy, everyone loved it

No. 21571

File: 1618271843437.png (348.49 KB, 1080x1164, 1616800683926.png)

>Shut the fuck up you read exactly like a triggered Reddit tranny. Dis u retard?

No. 21572

Can we stop reinforcing female agreeableness? It’s an imageboard, people are here to engage in mindless and pointless conversation and gossip. Not having a certain degree of infighting would defeat its purpose

No. 21573

Oh, so you're the retard that posts these wojaks. Hoping you get banned faggot.

No. 21574

I think from this thread alone, it's pretty clear it's this group of 4chan and PULL rejects who keeps derailing threads, baiting, and making all the ones with skimpy or no OPs like Mikan and Belle threads if this OT thread is anything to base it on.

No. 21575

You really think the infighting thread fit that standard? There are plenty of threads where people can disagree with each other without the autism. And they're open. Go post in them and say some disagreeable shit

No. 21577

It’s the boldtext retard who clearly wants to suck Onision’s microscopic greasy dick, hopefully the mods permaban them

No. 21578

glad that thread got banned, infighting is shit and so was the thread

No. 21579

why do you talk like you are a lawyer when you are simply the autistic person among the other autistivcs you fucking faggot stop acting like you have some sort of authorhriroity here when you are another dumb faggot poster ihere wassigned with a number like we are in aushcqwitz when we talk to you you are just number 21532 AND NUMBER 21533 Did you understasnd me REPEAT AFTER ME DID YOU UNDERSTAND MEstop bolding or i am goik to bold you

No. 21580

nta but I liked the thread. it was all in good fun. i wish lolcow wasn't as heavily moderated, its nice but starts feeling more like a forum than true imageboard culture

No. 21582

You can smell the samefag switching VPNs

No. 21583

What? how does anything I said have to do with >>21579

No. 21585

You aren't funny

No. 21587

Are you fucking kidding me?! No fun allowed at all. Post in one of 3 allowed threads on /ot/ or fuck off.
It's literally just the same few threads and mods lock 99% of new ones made. That's so, so stupid.
This one bothers me even more than the macaroon recipe thread getting locked.
Let us make new threads and keep them up if there's enough interest! Jerks.

No. 21589

File: 1618297676838.jpeg (63.46 KB, 311x438, 488936EC-CCB7-4B74-B91D-B4F76C…)

I’m taking these flowers back jannies, since you deleted the infight and the macaroon thread. Fuck you. Have this flaming paper bag of poo instead.

No. 21590

This farmhand is my hero

No. 21591

>Banning a literal whore for blogposting about sex work being real work is tranny/scrote behavior
I think you got it backwards anon

No. 21592

Except the infighting thread is literally a rule breaking thread.

What the fuck is up with these anons right now? Did someone put poison in the water?

No. 21593

I get it, you guys are the boring kind of autists that sperg about rule breaking and taddle to the teachers about all the naughty infighting. I’m gonna put playdough in your hair.

No. 21594

Why are you so infatalised? Go have a bottle and stfu.

No. 21595

MOOOOOOOOOOODS! Susie and Angelica are infighting!

No. 21596

File: 1618321262812.png (927.99 KB, 898x1394, man-giving-flower-14667277.png)

Hey mods and admin, I'm gonna asskiss you a bit and say you are stunning and valid. You guys have your own lives, but also have to deal with autistic retards(that's me!) Keep up the mediocre work, believe it!

No. 21597

You will never get a thread that is 100% milk all the time and no other discussion ever happening. It's just against human nature and especially against female nature. Wherever there is a place where you can share a common interest or ideology and you find likeminded people you will get communities forming and people wanting to share their experiences.

It's a natural process. You can just ban everyone who doesn't comply with the very strict rules of this website (that are arbitrarily enforced at best) but it will still keep happening.

We're not men who just post their porn dump and leave, we're more emotionally complex beings and gc topics are banned almost everywhere else and there is really not many places for women to talk about it. It remains the main draw for a lot of people who come to the site. Maybe if more gc discussion was allowed in a dedicated thread this would be less of an issue in the mtf thread, but for some dumb reason we can't have that.

No. 21598

Too bad. Take you GC back to your pull discord.

No. 21599


No. 21600

Is it possible to add rules about homophobia, even if specifically on the MTF thread in /snow/? It feels like the thread gets derailed every few days with anons who are mad that their homophobia gets called out.

No. 21601

just report it gay men are offtopic unless they troon out

No. 21602

Stop responding to them and report it instead. It's obviously the people who want the thread locked due to infighting, they know homophobic drivel will get anons heated so they keep doing that intentionally and fight you if you tell them to calm their sperg. So no replying, just reporting.

No. 21604

Based. Self reported for being a bait-taking retard, as well.

No. 21605


>take your women's issues out of here

>bloobloobloo pls don't make fun of gay scrotes

big thunk moment

No. 21606

“WAAAAA don’t say faggot it’s homophobic!!! Muh gay best friend waaaaa!”
This site is ruined

No. 21607

gc topics are not 'banned almost everywhere else' there's many places you can talk about it but even if that was true how is that lolcows problem? every other political topic is banned so why should the rules be different for gc? the fact that it is the main draw for people to the site now is itself a problem.

No. 21608

yes because neither of those things are the point of the thread and both are off topic

No. 21609

You're absolutely delusional if you believe it's what "draws people to the site" and thinking like 99% of newfags don't land here due to whatever influencer drama is going on at the moment.

No. 21610

think you need to have some numbers or evidence to back up the fact that people come here for the gc threads lmao

Far more likely that new anons come for one person and end up looking at other boards and engaging in them

No. 21611

i was responding to what they said, but it's one of the fastest moving threads and if you read the thread it's very obvious there are a lot of unintegrated users

No. 21612

Anons not talking about saying fag and you know it. We all know "-fag" is just board culture. She's talking about when anons say shit like "all alphabet people are degenerates," "gays caused this," etc. The issue isn't that gay men are perfect cinnamon rolls (plenty of cows are gay) the problem is that it's obvious bait that often leads to derailing.

No. 21613

You could say the exact same thing about the Onion thread. I'd argue that the Onion thread is slightly worse when it comes to newfaggotry.

If there are other non-alt-right places to rip on troons, I'd love to know where the hell they are. Ovarit is full of Plebbitors and you basically have to dox yourself to get an invite to it. AG is gone now and was trash from the start anyway. Mumsnet is full of granola trads and has begun to give in to troon pressure. Like I said, Kiwifarms' MTF thread has 3x as much autism and blogging as ours does. Crystalcafe is even morefull of trannies and Pullfags than LCF.

Fuck's sake, how hard is it to just hide threads you don't like?

No. 21614

Go look for them yourself. You pulltards only come here to shitpost, tinfoil, derail, and post gore/cp when you can't get away with your thread bullshit. Just fuck off. No one wants you here. You're literally the only group who wants GC.

No. 21615

I mean if you're advocating closing the Onision thread i'd be all for it, i feel like the Onision threads was the beginning of the downfall of the site, but at the end of the day at least onision is a cow - the people in the mtf thread are not even discussing mtf cows.

You listed a bunch of places you can go to post about it, if you don't like those places that's not anyone else's problem or a reason why you should be given special treatment here.

No. 21616

What in the fresh hell are you talking about. I've literally never used pull, my only familiarity with it is it's autistic users coming here. The people spamming gore and CP are not our own users you absolute sped– plenty of retards have vendettas against LCF for a variety of reasons, most of which have nothing to do with troons. Gorespam was a problem long before the GC threads were around.

You clearly have an ulterior motive for wanting us gone beyond "Waaah there are newfags in this one thread I don't even like/read!" Like who the fuck cares, they're getting redtexted for their spergs anyway.

No. 21617

Almost every post in that thread warrants being redtexted and would be in any other thread but very few of them actually are. It just doesn't make sense for there to be no rules for only that thread and for any other kind of posting about politics to be banned apart from that for a site that claims to 'not pander to your ideology'.

No. 21619

Please unlock the “where are they now” thread in pt

No. 21620

File: 1618358576348.jpg (14.1 KB, 300x360, grin.jpg)

>mfw greg fans trying to get the thread closed.

No. 21623

You do realize that most bans aren't redtexted, right?

No. 21624

Please deal with essayanon in Greg’s thread, their posts make it unreadable, the majority of the posts in that thread are theirs, they’re clearly still ban evading with their VPN

No. 21625

File: 1618374307492.jpg (92.06 KB, 640x627, 0zSIccyetxHFs4x9bjOD8c285rDspP…)

I always miss the best autism as it happens.

No. 21627

Theyre accusing anyone who disagrees with them of being Greg too, ban them for “hi cow”ing if nothing else jfc

No. 21629

Anon, I think PULLfaggots are the ones wanting GC out. Are you just throwing LC-slurs at people hoping to profile them as something other than the oldfags who peaked?

No. 21630

NTA but are you joking? Have you even been in the mtf thread? You cannot seriously be trying to say those unsaged blogposting, medfagging spergs and all the people going on political tangents and posting random news articles totally unrelated to any cows are “oldfags that peaked”. Even when they did that survey none of the gc spergs new anything about the site or used any other boards. But it literally doesn’t even matter either way where they came from or how long they’ve been there, it’s irrelevant to what people are complaining about. The way you people always latch on to one small part of a post to try and derail and completely ignore the actual point is very transparent.

No. 21631

>muh survey

No. 21633

>and for any other kind of posting about politics to be banned
Literally never happens. In fact the only "political" topic that gets banned is complaining about troons and their bullshit.

No. 21634

yes it does. people are banned all the time in left cows or trad thots or whatever for derailing about politics, people are banned all the time for talking about race related issues. do you think that amount of derailing for any other political issue would be allowed in any other cow thread to the extent there is about gc related topics in the mtf thread?

No. 21635

Where are the mods? This complete retard is still going with the accusations and samefagging, please fucking ban them. Seriously.

No. 21636

I’m going to kill myself if mods don’t hurry it up with the bold text anon in the Onision thread.
Please god deal with them

No. 21637

So you think mods are playing favorites with the mtf thread? Foh.

No. 21638

There's some 10yo spamming in Kittyphina thread

No. 21640

..said the biggest samefag of them all.
I frankly have way less of a problem with essay-chan than I have with your constant bitching and belly aching..

No. 21641

Their complaints are legit tho bold text anon is incurably retainer retarded. If you’re defending then you must be off the same ilk. The problem is is if they feel emboldened enough to invade other threads. That’s why pull and Twitter and/w/ got so out of hand. Give retards an inch they take a mile

No. 21642

Yes, because it’s not possible for more than one person to have a particular opinion, it’s all either a samefag or Greg. I’m none of these anons but I agree with them. See >>21641

No. 21643

File: 1618417985294.png (769.84 KB, 1772x1420, 1601026042893.png)

Mods would it possible to unlock the Jammela Jamil Thread

She's a narcissistic, ultra woke, hypocritical, serial liar
pls can we reopen that thread

No. 21644

Maybe if you guys stopped putting in your retarded fantasy scenarios about why people do things, it would stop. I'm tired of baseless tinfoil across the boards just because anons hate someone. You guys make up reasons why and try to analyze everything even ehen its wrong. The anons calling that out are based in these threads. Fucking sucks going to any thread and mods let "i think she/he xyz because normally people xyz and that's because they xyz and shouldn't bla blah blah so they shouldn't exist at all" go on for 100s of posts with obvious bait by spewing any information possible to derail into some bullshit narritive that doesn't exist and they allow the constant chatroom etiquette between the samefags who derail the threads like this.

No. 21645

We all know you have a personal vendetta against anyone using bold text. Newflash you fucking retard: More people use bold text.
Its literally what you are doing against "bold text anon."
Your way of typing is a dead giveaway, and you're gonna end up getting your dumb ass banned. just sayin'.
Try and get the Onision thread closed again you autistic fat mongoloid.

No. 21646

People will always find explanations for why they do things and you cannot stop them. Don't like don't read!

No. 21648

File: 1618431585630.jpg (12.8 KB, 271x277, doitus4.jpg)

holy fucking shit I didnt even see this before:
All I can say to that is : DO IT, FAGGOT!!!!
see what I did there?
….and nothing of value was lost.
(Its hilarious how much you hate me, btw)

No. 21649

take your meds anon, you seem like an unironic schizo

No. 21650

Not all bans are redtexted you spergs. How do you know whether or not these sperg posts are resulting in bans unless you're the anons posting them?

No. 21651

Not even the same anon, retard

No. 21652

Cool story, bro. Can you tell it again?

No. 21654

Can this schizo sperg be banned already? Shes clogging up the threads with her whiteknighting and accusing everyone of being Onision

No. 21655

File: 1618444748111.png (112.5 KB, 449x364, 5932959A-B421-4A41-876D-5EADD2…)

But it’s just the one anon samefagging!!1!!!1!!! Trying to gaslight lolcow!!1!!111!!! Slosh slosh waterbrain!!1!!111!!!

No. 21656


No. 21657

yes, i can. i said you need psychiatric help

No. 21658

they come off like a 12 year old tbh

No. 21659

Seriously though, I wouldn't normally say anything, but the hi-cowing in the Onion thread has really gone out of hand. The second someone posts anything, retarded or not, it turns into a "you're Greg"-"no, you're Greg" war. The saga even trumps the essaychans in terms of walls of text.

And then it's always followed by the mandatory series of 200 posts with "stop shitting the thread with ___", "no, you're shitting the thread". Whilst all shitting the thread with the unnecessary callouts. The imbecility is too strong.

No. 21660

I hate seeing people write “saged for __”

I don’t give a shit, it wastes time, and you’d be banned if you didn’t, anyway.

No. 21662

Referring to any posts on any board, any thread, as "must be ____ posting," is a literal hi cow too and should be banned as such. Anons don't outright say it at times just so they can skirt that rule.

No. 21663

Agreed. A lot of the threads on /snow/ are rife with newfags who straight up say “hi cow” but this “now I’m not saying it was aliens but it was aliens” alluding to cows selfposting is pretty prevalent on /pt/. It’s especially egregious in Onion’s thread, not just from that one mentally handicapped ban evading sperg but in general. And then the thread gets filled up by people engaging with the assumed cow. I’m surprised it’s not back on autosage.

No. 21664

It's on /w/ too. You can't say anything level headed or they will call you the cow by suggesting "she's definitely posting/this comment is so typical of ___". It IS hi cowing and derails so much. Anons pull these theories and narratives out their asses to pass off as milk. Unless you are spouting the same bullshit, they hi cow your posts. So many threads are just this group of ban evaders replying to each other like its a chatroom.

No. 21665

Honestly the hi-cowing is annoying, but I think it is a result of mods not banning the wks. For example in the onion thread someone claims Sarahs hair is different in one video from the other, which has been disproven and is retarded. They constantly keep spouting that nonsense and nothing is done about it, which results in the possibly new-fags minimodding. Same for the Belle thread

No. 21666

Seconding this. I don't care why you're saying your shitpost, just fucking sage it.

No. 21667

File: 1618478041415.jpg (13.55 KB, 183x275, 1544700886045.jpg)

>Has personal vendetta with what they perceive to be 1 person
>Wants to close Greg thread
>Dumb as a brick
>Samefagging while accusing others of doing that
Sure smells like dog in here!

No. 21668

File: 1618479840557.png (6.22 KB, 201x250, index.png)

>>Has personal vendetta with what they perceive to be 1 person
>>Wants to close Greg thread
>>Dumb as a brick
>>Samefagging while accusing others of doing that
>Sure smells like dog in here!

No. 21669

I'm wincing in pain, the autism itt is too much, too much

No. 21671

Because we arent breaking any rules, people can discuss Sarah as it relates to the Onions. You on the other hand should be banned because of your autistic wking and constant hi cowing, not to mention the clogging up the thread to bitch

No. 21672

I literally dont post in that thread but please open a new one on Sarah if there is legit that much milk on her

No. 21673

Fuck off with your mini modding, banning schizo chan will fix the problem anyway

No. 21674

Getting called out isn't awhiteknight issue, come on. Not everyone who doesn't agree is a WK. There's some really dumbass tinfoil coming from these samefag shitposting anons. Not going along with it and trying to steer the threads back on topic isnt a reason for hi cow or make anyone a WK. Tired of you derailing fuckers thinking you can ignore all the rules just to post you "What I think really happened is this" every single post without anything to base these in reality with the smallest detail being scrutinized to the point of nitpicking and making up storylines for new narratives

No. 21675

I also don't agree with those posts, but constantly derailing with condensed disproven milk isn't helping the thread at all either. The Sarah hair situation was something of at least a year ago. Why do some newfag anons think they don't have to read previous thread just to sperge the same bullshit again?

No. 21676


The irony

No. 21677

Irony, you say?
You should look that word up in the dictionary.

No. 21679

nta but you spelled it wrong, retard

No. 21680

No I didn't, you stupid fucking dumb shit. What the hell are you talking about? Dog cum get in to your sloshy brain again?

No. 21681

Oh it's bold text anon still being retarded. Nothing new, people.

No. 21682

It seems derailing, infighting and nitpicking is running rampant in almost all of the threads on lc, even here.

>If you use the thread to infight or instigate arguments you'll be banned from /meta/. If you come here to make a complaint that could have been handled with a report you will be ignored.

Wish this was enforced

No. 21683

it's "sperg". might be worth committing to memory since you're essentially the embodiment of the word.

No. 21684

That wasn't me you absolute dumb cunt.
I just commented on the irony bit.
Jesus christ go fuck another dog and just leave this place.

No. 21685

Oh and btw just FYI, you're wrong about the word sperg too. It really doesn't fucking matter how you say it since it isn't even a real word. That being said I can imagine your despair not having anything to retort to the fellow anon you were spergin' at.
As you so very often do.
So I get your affinity with the word, you can relate and you get it so often "stop spergin'". You know, we get it.

No. 21686

what are you even still doing here? No one wants you and you clearly hate it. Did you start posting here because you got ridiculed off the kf onision thread for being a sperg and it's easier to ban evade on an anonymous imageboard? take your meds or whatever you need to do to act like a normal person or leave

No. 21687

are you really this stupid, or are you just pretending?
just curious.

No. 21688

>what are you even still doing here? No one wants you
Ok, no one.

No. 21689

Looks like we have a new sperg chan sans the gore

No. 21690

And where is it??

No. 21695

learn to integrate better reddit tard

No. 21698

Which clearly you aren't.

No. 21703

Can a mod do something about the ridiculous reaches in Belle's thread? There is no milk here and its been 90+ posts of these pullfags derailing and bringing him up. Claiming just because they have her on their FB, she is involved with him. Its the most curdled thing possible aside from them stalking and harassing her mom off of FB too. Like jfc, its like they are cowtipping behind the scenes.

No. 21707

Who even cares? The thread is hidden.
If the milk on belle is so curdled then why do you continue to seek out the thread and then sperg in meta about it’s contents? You’re just drawing more attention to it. If you don’t like it just hide the thread and get over it!!!!!

No. 21708

Belles mad because we all know that she’s close friends with a rapist paedophile kek

No. 21709

Some people go to these threads for info, not shitty tinfoil.

And its not hidden. Wtf? You're clearly not from lolcow, newfag.

No. 21710

All her threads get hidden. You have to search for them. Can’t just scroll down on /w

No. 21711

nta but no… it’s just there

No. 21712

Her thread isn't hidden retard

No. 21713

CP on /ot/ again at this hour of the night. It says "teeny tiny victoria".

No. 21716

Ok I get it it’s auto sages. Calm down dear.

No. 21717

Internet people go 0 to 100 so easy. There's no way you're this nasty irl. Ntayrt either.

No. 21718

I know I am probably going to cop a ban for this absolute sperg but whatever, I miss the old fucking lolcow.farm and hate that this place has basically become a white feminist SJW refugee board.

I am sick of the constant "men are so evil!" posts that are literally in every goddamn thread now, even threads that have zero shit to do with scrotes. When the hell did this place become the Nordfront for feminazis? Like if you hate men so much, why are you constantly talking about them or obsessing over some scrote's dickpics like a thirsty femcel? I don't see how that is any better than the reddit incels you claim to hate so much, you guys all act alike at the end of the day.

And I seriously don't get why this board has allowed snowflake dangerhairs to take over and start bossing the culture. Yeah, maybe the old lolcow was a little too 4chan waifu harem, but it was ridiculously funny too, and people were a lot less assmad about shit that didn't concern them. I've had several libtards chimp out on me for something that I didn't even think would be an issue, because up until recently, no one gave a damn. Sometimes I don't want to write, or read, some pseudo-intellectual metacritic breakdown on a cow. They're cows, it just isn't that serious, and this isn't a hugbox for your triggered feefees. The majority of them deserve to be trolled and laughed at, and I don't get why it's suddenly bad to make fun of these people…isn't that why we're here? To laugh and get good milk?

Like idk anymore, I didn't want to believe this place has changed but I finally had to admit to myself it has. It was fun while it lasted, and I loved being here, but it just isn't the same. Sad.

No. 21719

No one reapond to this absolute bait.

No. 21720

Hello to new copypasta

No. 21722

I've given a lot of thought to Komaeda's cock, actually. I've been wondering if he'd have white pubes OR if it gets pinker/darker the further down it goes. I read that his healthy hair colour is strawberry blonde so ginger pubes is also a possibility. I think his actual dick probably is about average/slightly above (6.5 inches?) and not especially thick. Balls probably high and tight and bald. Uncircumcised, with a nice bell end that's a pearly blue-pink. You can probably see the blue of his veins on the shaft because he's so pale. I think he probably has a kind of weird upward curve as well, and when erect it leans slightly to the right. Probably a grower. I have a real issue with doujins that either give him a monster cock or a cocktail sausage depending on his role.
Me personally, though, I want to see what that stump do.

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