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No. 19020

Please post all general issues and complaints here. If you want mods to do something, or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.
>>>/meta/6821 should only be used for technical issues and suggestions (can't load site, site slow, bugs, site feature requests). This thread is for non-technical issues.
If you use the thread to infight or instigate arguments you'll be banned from /meta/. If you come here to make a complaint that could have been handled with a report you will be ignored.

No. 19021

Can farmhands do something about the Celebricow thread? It’s constant race baiting, and Lana vs Azalea sperging. Posting about someone gaining weight isn’t milk.

No. 19022

i agree. i reported somebody for obviously racebaiting the other day and mods didn't do shit, even though i've seen them ban other people for doing the same thing. it's just constant infighting and shit takes from azalea stans and twitterfags. it feels like it's well on its way to autosage tbh

No. 19023

>even though i've seen them ban other people for doing the same thing

Oh so you have the all seeing vision and can magically see every action of the mods or….?

No. 19024

I love how so many posters in that thread can't grasp the concept of simply not posting until something interesting happens that they have to bring up random shit from almost 20 years ago lmao. Honestly everyone there in general seems insane and/or underaged.

No. 19025

Can something please be done about the new Erin Painter/Nina Rose Bellucci thread? Multiple anons have mentioned how shit the thread has become in the last complaints thread, and nothing has been done about it. I recommend autosaging it or locking it. All anyone posts about is sperging tinfoil, every other post is "hi cow", blatant cowtipper self-posts, WKing, infighting, basically everything against the rules. And not one ban to be found. Like everyone else keeps saying – its a shitshow.

No. 19026

Its across the boards. They even go as far as finding a miniscule non-milky post to twist to revelancy from 3 years ago just to bring up old milk discussion again. You tell them its been talked about and they yell WK and "nO FuN AllOwEd"

No. 19027

Not all bans are redtext.

No. 19028

File: 1610097650789.png (101.22 KB, 737x775, banned lolcow azealia.png)

Not a complaint but a question. This was obv last month but just wanted to understand why I was banned for "thinly veiled bait" I mean, what was the bait here i'm honestly confused? Not complaining about the ban just wanna know so I dont make the mistake again.

Also this post was saged so not sure why the admin said this is not new like no shit thats why i saged this? I posted this in the celebcow thread which is where the azealia stuff is so what did i do wrong?

No. 19029

Posting old milk for keks deserves a ban. I fucking hate anons who think taking about old milk when milk is slow is relevant.

No. 19030

Can y’all ban the pedos in the vent thread? Thanks in advance

No. 19031

Will you fucking autists move on to other celebricows? We get it, the lady is fucking schizo or something. We don't need to see literally every story she's ever posted.

No. 19032

This along with the countless unbacked claims ITT that pop starlets singlehandedly caused DDLG e-thot movement and rampant pedos, etc. These people should be banned as they're radical and off topic

No. 19033


Being influenced by popular media is not a thing, all those tards storming the Capitol came up with the idea on their own, etc

No. 19034

Who tf asked you? Are you a mod/admin?

>No fun allowed.


No. 19035

there's a lot of scrotes in the new sam hyde thread on /snow/. would like to recommend autosaging like what was done with the first thread.

No. 19036

anyone for moving celebricows back to /ot/ or are we past the point of no return?

No. 19037

Apples to oranges.
And it's a fucking celebrity milk thread ffs, not a sperg board

No. 19038

I think most regular snow visitors would like that.

No. 19039

Please pin the Kiwifarms thread.

No. 19040

i don't know if it's one person or multiple but there's obvious racebait happening in OT surrounding black people and asians and it's obnoxious as fuck

No. 19041

Can we do something about people who shit up threads with the constant MILKMILKPULL!? MILKKKKKK?!!? posts? Like, it isn't rocket science as to why there are different boards for different types of people. They could easily ignore or hide the threads. They die organically, but that isn't good enough for them and they end up trying to derail it with infighting.

No. 19042

This isn't just happening in /w/, its over in /snow/ as well.

No. 19043

This, for fucks sake. People replying to these posters get banned for telling them they're retarded but the actual autistic baiting gets a pass for some reason.

No. 19044

bring back the snow

No. 19045

File: 1610349206295.png (56.81 KB, 240x240, ysJeS399.png)

Can we also have another friend finder thread on /g/ please-do-not-infight-over-discord-drama-edition?

No. 19046

Seconding! Also kek that image.

No. 19047

why mods so trigger happy on the banhammer these days, genuine question. it's kind of getting out of hand. a lot of under-radar comments are getting straight up bans and it's making this place way more of a fucking clusterfuck than it already was.
can you not.

No. 19048

can you at least give an example of what you're talking about

No. 19050

Agreed with this ot thread would be nice again especially with bans from reddit for discussion.

Agree with other anons about the spergfest in celebcow. It is a nitpick lana orbiter fest, her being fat isn't milk. Her having a weird album cover isn't milk. Talking about her shoes/ hair change isn't milk. Its derail from actual milk. There just seems to be a hyperfocus on some celebs so when actual milk gets posted it gets left in the dust.

(Also everything Azaelia Banks says being posted isn't inherently milk because shes just unhinged it just becomes her normal. Wait until something good comes up like her calling out a predator or acting more insane than normal.)


Im also down for friend finder.

No. 19051

Just go to asherahsgarden

No. 19052

I appreciate the increased moderation in the leftcows thread it’s been a lot better recently

No. 19053

While I'm a GCfag myself there's still the problem of the GC thread attracting various spergs that leak to other threads with their unintegrated asses. I don't want to see cringy reddit "radfems" shitting up the thread with blogposts and boomer tier GC memes, nor do I want the tradthots who hate trannies simply due to their association with gay people or screechy peaked libfems.

However the GC thread admittedly was one of the most well-behaved threads in /ot/ that had minimal infighting and shared a lot of interesting resources, I do miss it from time to time.

No. 19054

I agree with this. The GC threads on /ot/ were interesting. I think the thread on /snow/ is a good compromise though. The /snow/ threads seem more relaxed and civil, maybe because the thread has a more focused topic or maybe it's because the worst /ot/ spergs don't visit /snow/.

No. 19055

How many anons have suggested we put celebricows back? Are we so desperate for traffic that it needs to be in snow? It’s become genuinely insufferable, I’m in awe nothing has been done.

No. 19056

File: 1610448027268.png (141.82 KB, 828x562, trannyjanny.png)

Not my ban, but purge your fucking tranny jannies. We are all really sick of these nonsense bans in the mtf thread that are obviously given out by a farmhand with a certain agenda.

"Blahblahblah I interview everyone in a phonecall I am sure all my mods are female!". Well. At least one slipped through the cracks, asked their roommate to do the call for them or whatever the fuck, but you need to do a purge.

No. 19057

Agree, the bans in the thread are completely erratic and handed out arbitrarily. Someone might get banned for an identical post multiple other anons wrote without bans. Someone explaining a SRS surgical procedure gets banned for medfagging even when it's on topic. Someone commenting on a lunatic cow's delusion gets banned for blogposting. Someone calling a tranny crazy gets banned for armchairing. A person documenting their real life experience with a lunatic troon gets banned for blogposting even though it's on topic and amusing milk to everyone. It makes no sense. I'm glad at least that planned parenthood anon ranting about the troon psychiatric grooming kids didn't get banned. You get away with more noncontributing posts in cow threads that are about nitpicking camgirl genitals.

The anon in this screenshot wasn't even talking about "her" as a singular person, it was obviously more in the tone of a "women don't have to put on makeup to be women" generalization. I often wonder if the janny monitoring the thread is ESL and simply doesn't understand the nuances of used language or just lacks reading comprehension.

No. 19058

File: 1610460154333.jpg (316.42 KB, 1080x1166, banned for cringe crimes.jpg)

I guess I got banned for it being cringe. That's subjective but okay. at least don't call it blogposting because I clearly wasn't, obviously I wasn't responding on a personal level but making a comment on the fact that actual women don't need to look like clowns to feel validated as women (even if you don't agree with that, ban reason was a bit retarded regardless).

Yeah probably ESL janny, kek

No. 19060

Jesus, the janny who issued this ban really had the need to write both that AND the redtext? Now that's cringe. Are all your mods really over 18, Admin?

No. 19061

How do you think this is some kind of agenda. What /snow/ thread would this not be considered blogposting in?

You get banned for medfagging even if it’s on topic in any thread. Like in leftcows people got redtexted for ‘medfagging’ about pregnancy because one of the cows is suspected to be pregnant. Mods enforcing the normal site rules to the ftm thread is not evidence some special agenda against you. Do people not realise it isn’t an /ot/ thread?

No. 19062

There have been moderation problems in a handful of threads. I don't trust the site owners way of "vetting" people. Too many bad apples slipped through in the past and nothing has changed here consistently to show there has been any positive change, in fact I'd say the moderation has only gotten worse. I can think of at least 2 other threads that are moderated in the same manner the mtf thread. Anyone who talked about it or called the mod out for their shit job got bans. Reminds me of the shit show that spilled over here for days on end from belles thread. Shitty moderation all around.

No. 19063

Momokun's thread in /pt/ is nothing but medfagging about her body and plastic surgery procedures and there are nowhere near as many redtexts and bans, if any.

The Belle thread deserved its bans for the extensive samefagging and mentally ill spergery. It doesn't really work as an example of shitty moderation.

No. 19065

You forgot the classic "momokun is fat, ugly, and unsexy" said 12 different times just worded slightly different. As for Belle's thread, the fact that it went on for as long as it did is where the shitty moderation comes in. Along with the slapfighting that happened here in /meta/.

No. 19066

Because it's not blogposting. It's a reply directly to the post above it.

No. 19067

The only way this wasn't handed out by a tranny-janny is if the farmhand did not even look at the context of the post. Either way they are doing a terrible job. Everyone can look at it in context seen in >>19056 and realize how it was meant and that it wasn't a blogpost.

Whoever handed out this ban should have their fucking ban history looked at by admin. I will bet my ass that almost all of their bans will be ridiculously strict bans like this in the mtf thread. BIG THINK.

No. 19068

Onion's thread needs a huge cleanup. There's a ton of derailing and infighting going on like it's the anti-o thread. Hard to find the milk in all the "Hansen betrayed the girls" shitposts.

No. 19069

Please autosage TND's thread. None of the baseless only fans discussion has any reason to be on the front page.

No. 19070

Only talking about yourself is blogposting.

No. 19071

the Nina rose bellucci thread needs to be terminated lmfao

No. 19072

If you want increased moderation you guys need to report posts more

No. 19076

Some idiot is repeatedly posting links to tiktok and making threads in /pt/ for personal army. Redtexted as vendetta once, but still spamming threads. I've reported all I see.

No. 19077

So there is the newfag in /pt/ that posts dumb commentary and never sages. They post 2-3 threads in a row without sage and using same retard language. It's happened at least 3 times recently, and is obvious samefag bc all posts are made close together, no sage, nothing worth adding, similar typing etc.

No. 19078

Multiple people wishing Erin Painter death in her thread

No. 19079

Is it at all feasible to change gifs to being static images unless clicked on? Or non looping at least? They're usually spastic eye sores when used as thread OPs and impossible to avoid in the catalogue
(Yeah I'm looking at you new Lori thread in /w/ - sorry OP.)

No. 19080

Can the Onision thread please be autosaged or cleaned up? It's such a mess of people infighting, sperging and derailing.

No. 19081

Anon wasn't responsing on a personal level but speaking for "CIS women" who the tranny in the original post anon was replying to was making fun of for not wearing a full face of make-up every day. Maybe you don't understand nuiance or context, but most of us had no issue understanding what she meant. Blogposting is "Yes so I have PCOS myself and the doctor told me I shoudln't eat carbs, which is why I think it is stupid that lolcow is eating carbs. I already lost 10 pounds cause I don't eat carbs anymore."

Go dilate, tranny janny.

No. 19082

Yes. Turn on lite mode. It's up in the menu.

No. 19083

Yeah, there's some serious autism going on in that thread for the past few days. Admin gave a warning a few days ago and they didn't even bother to listen.

No. 19084

A lot of sperging from someone with the same writing style too. They must not get enough female attention.

No. 19085

so can we permaban the person constantly asking for a thread on their online bully or whatever? tazmah or however the fuck they're spelling it.

they keep posting links to their tiktok in /PT/ and spamming the possible cow thread.

No. 19086

What is it with the bold text sperg that keeps reappearing in the Onision thread? Sorry to call on you again jannies.

No. 19087

Was wondering the same thing, anon. I wanted to reply to them but didn't want to get caught on infighting.

No. 19088

Yeah, I replied before realizing who it was…

No. 19089

Since Tamara's not even in the "documentary" can we make her a banned topic in the Onion thread to help keep the sperg away? I know they'll just keep coming back anyway but holy shit.

No. 19090

I started noticing that sperg trying to derail back when Rag Reynolds and Onision's old forums were mentioned a few threads ago, that seemed to trigger them for some reason. Someone's upsetti spaghetti.

No. 19091

bold italics text sperg is infighting with another anon and those two are seriously shitting up the thread.

No. 19092

Fuck thank you so much anon

No. 19093

File: 1610566921291.jpg (120.46 KB, 903x793, lolcow ban 2021.01.12.jpg)

I caught a two day ban for calling out that ridiculous redtext. there were 4+ other anons who also called out tranny janny on that one post, I wonder if we're all banned

No. 19094

Yeah I was wondering about the red text. It was hardly a blog. It was just one sentence replying to a statement

No. 19095

Meta sperging outside of /meta/ is a bannable offense. There's a thread on a dedicated meta board for moderation issues and you still insist on shitting up the thread. That's why you were banned.

No. 19097

Yeah you should really use your containment board since you don't even know there already is an Azaelia thread and you can't pinpoint the origins of the banners.

No. 19099

begone newfag

No. 19100

No. 19101

File: 1610630278928.png (11.55 KB, 1810x82, lol.png)

Did you really issue me a ban for tinfoiling about a celeb IN the celeb thread right after they do something super milky (sperg on social media)? The fuck is the point of the thread then?

There is absolutely nothing against the rules in my post. I did not nitpick. I did not infight, no one had an issue with my post, yet I get a ban with the reason being "sperg". What kind of newfags are being made farmhands if that is considered sperging? We can't discuss celebs having drug issues anymore?

No. 19102

Could there be a Shiloh containment thread because then maybe the Onision thread could be about - stay with me here - Onision?

I get that their narratives cross over but that's not what's happening and the general anti-o thread seems too occupied with Billie's arsehole rn. It'd be similar to what has previously been ruled on mentioning lainey in the thread.

No. 19103

Tinfoilers are the most annoying posters by far. Tinfoil is always bannable. What gives you the idea anyone wants to hear your half-baked theories? Not every rambling thought you have is worth publishing online. Fucking narcissists thinking people like smelling their brain-farts.

No. 19104

They have a containment thread for that, it's the anti-o thread. Most of Onion's thread now is just about Shiloh and Hansen how they "did the girls wrong". The documentary is about Greg and his doormat but the thread has barely mentioned them in days.

No. 19105

Anons are so obsessed with getting Erin to self-post in her own thread. It's weird as fuck. Mods desperately needed in the Erin thread, it's turned into 80% tinfoil with no real milk

No. 19106

>Meta sperging outside of /meta/ is a bannable offense.
so be it then but am I just dumb or is this not in the rules anywhere? All other bannable offenses are listed. I see anons comment on redtexts in-thread frequently on /snow/ and it never seemed to be an issue before. I'll keep my tranny janny sperging to /meta/ moving forward

No. 19107

Holly Conrad's fans on twitter are planning to come "troll" /snow/ as seen in the thread

No. 19108

File: 1610661778323.jpg (80.96 KB, 765x224, Screenshot_20210115-090108_Chr…)

You're dumb, picrel.

No. 19110

none of those things are meta sperging

No. 19112

I'm super dumb then, I got confused with tinfoiling discussion, but rule 6 in the global rules does say no disrupting or derailing

No. 19114

More of a question than a complaint, but is there any reason why >>>/m/84480 was locked?

No. 19115

Samefag, mobile won’t let me edit my post but I meant >>>/g/84480

No. 19116

probably because is like ED bait lol

No. 19117

suggestion: add "y'all" as a redtext like victim and abusive are. it would allow me scroll past posts from twitterfags/pull users without reading their retarded posts

No. 19118

>inb4 the southerners come in to yell at you

No. 19119

Their posts should be ignored too.

No. 19120

can we bring back the PP threads please

No. 19121

Reign in your fucking tranny janny, we are all sick of it. Whatever mod is responsible for the bullshit bans in mtf needs to go.

we have complained about this issue like 500 times in meta and nothing is done. The moderation on this site is god-awful. Scrotes run wild in June's, Belle's and the VTuber thread, but actual women get banned for the most stupid bullshit reasons.

I like this site because it's the only place free of scrotes who constantly thirstpost and bring their porn everywhere. It's nice to talk to other women who are internet weirdos. But you are making this place miserable by giving trannies positions of power over us.

No. 19122

File: 1610707977012.png (244.18 KB, 640x1136, 45D384E5-FA83-41C8-81C5-D691A3…)

Why are mods banning people for posts that are not there’s? I didn’t even write this 2 year old post that I just got banned for. Tranny Janny has lost their marbles.

No. 19124

File: 1610708521619.jpeg (283.42 KB, 640x993, 974FB6CE-ADAE-45BD-B7C4-23994C…)

They jus banned me for a post I didn’t even make, right after I posted on the mtf thread and said something about PP.

No. 19125

We heard you the first time, ma'am.

No. 19126

Tranny janny and the sperging surrounding the arbitrary bans in the MTF thread is making it unreadable. while anons should to keep GC sperging in the appropriate thread, seems like a lot of the bans have nothing to do with GC comments. Banning women for mentioning that they’re gay ITT is retarded.

No. 19127

This is probably an issue with either being on mobile or using a VPN. The IP you are assigned has been banned in 2018. It has nothing to do with you.

No. 19128

>literally says in the screenshot that your ban was filed in november 2018
>just got banned for it
GCshitters can't be this retarded can they

No. 19129

Extreme newfaggotry. You're ISP is EE (you're supposed to hide your IP dumbfuck) and EE uses dynamic IPs.

No. 19130

File: 1610720442976.png (463.79 KB, 919x2721, Gene.png)

Just to confirm with jannies, this fucking loser has more sock accounts than Onision.


No. 19131

samgefag. Wrong thread lol.


No. 19132

GC is not the only site rule? The mtf thread shouldn't be exempt from normal site rules, stop asking for special treatment and creating unhinged conspiracies about you being persecuted by the mythopoetic tranny janny when you don't get it. No one cares if you're gay in a cow thread. Post about it in /ot/.

No. 19133

Exactly. Most people in the MtF thread are being banned rightfully for sharing their off-topic stories or posting random comments that have little to no contribution. Like this anon said, post about it in /ot/.

No. 19134

Any word on whether we're allowed to have that friend finder thread?

No. 19135

Bringing back the retarded shitpost thread was pointless, it’s full of cringe and nothing else. Why attract the kinds of people who sperg like that?

No. 19136

>Why attract the kinds of people who act like that?
They were already here though? It's not like that thread exclusively attracted a certain type of poster that didn't already exist on this site. Join us instead! Let off some steam.

No. 19137

The unpopular opinion thread is full of racebait. The sad thing is that if some people here weren't retarded, the conversation would have been interesting.

No. 19138

Do we use the Dead9irl thread or Egirl thread to post milk on Dead9irl? Anons are going back and forth about what thread to use. D9 isn’t milky enough for her own thread in my opinion.

No. 19140

There is a ton of retarded as hell, childish infighting going on in the Onision thread. The whole thread has been extremely off-topic for weeks now and should probably just be nuked at this point. It would require way too much cleaning.

No. 19142

Personally I think she deserves her own thread, but I agree I'd like a decision to be made. Either lock her personal thread, or tell people to stop posting her in egirls general

No. 19143

Serious question, what makes you think it will be better in /ot/? Infighting is still against the rules there too, nitpicking goes on in every thread on /snow/, just depends on how heavily moderated it is. It would be best to either completely lock the thread or have users hide it. Moving it to ot won't change it from being a trash thread and I don't think ot is where trash threads belong either, it's for off-topic threads. But celebricows is a topic relevant to lolcow tho– it's celebrity cows/snowflakes.

No. 19144

The Onision thread died when he started doing OF. Because nobody wants to see that, most of us stopped following the thread.
The only ones left there were weirdly personally invested people, and it completely changed the tone of discussion.
I've come back to take a peek after the docu was released, but the thread has turned to total shit and I noped out.
It's going to be put back on autosage soon I reckon.

No. 19145

Because before the thread was moved, there was a lot less of whatever the fuck is going on rn. Of course infighting is still against the rules, I didn't say it was allowed in snow. There's a lot more infighting now though, imo. I know the thread doesn't fit there, and sure some anons who nitpick and infight will follow the thread to /ot/ but I think it'll reduce it.

No. 19146

>Because nobody wants to see that

Fully agree. It would honestly be fore the best for it to go back on autosage. There's a new thread made now and I'm just hoping that it'll be better monitored with warnings or autosaged. We finally got a documentary that caused Greg to sperg and we couldn't even enjoy his tears with all the bitching going on.

No. 19148

This thread is hilarious. Why are all these girls mentioning all their zero calorie drinks with the meals and include a single “glass of water” “bottle of water” etc? Do they only drink during meals? Are anachans only allowed 600 ml of fluids a day? I noticed a few vegan ones like this and they must be so constipated from all the fibre…

No. 19149

I think when it was on /ot/ there was more impartial and neutral discussion. Now that it's on /snow/, people are more desperate to treat everything like "milk" and be negative and tinfoily.

No. 19150

Agree with autosage. It could also help with the fact that newfriends from Twitter are finding their way here looking for more discussion on the documentary.

Reporting posts didn't help because once red text showed up they just starting crying about that in-thread and now admittedly I'm part of the problem for arguing back.

No. 19151

I’m not ban evading on purpose I’m just phone posting but I do wanna say that 99,999% of the mods here suck

No. 19152

Encouraging the kind of posts you’d be banned for everywhere else in a single thread seems more like coddling than anything. Why the fuck would farmers need an ~*awww comfy uwu so quirky desu*~ thread? They nuked it before for a reason.

No. 19155

You wouldn't be banned for any of the posts in the shitpost thread though? Idk where you got that from. Basic rules still apply, like no infighting, baiting, and all that good stuff. It was nuked before because mods thought it was too close to the dumbass shit thread, but there's a difference.
>Why the fuck would farmers need an ~*awww comfy uwu so quirky desu*~ thread?
…it's just shitposts. When you see a shitpost outside the shitpost thread, do you think it's "omgee so quirky!" or is it just a retarded and mildly to very funny post?

No. 19156

NTA but you actually would get banned for a lot of stuff in that thread. An example would be the terf stuff + nazi furry stuff

No. 19157

Nta but I can personally tell you that you do get banned for some of that stuff (not redtexted though). It probably depends on which farmhand is deciding to enforce it.
The mods and admin decided to let it come back for a reason. Plenty of anons have vocalized that they're able to decide when their posts belong in the shitpost thread versus the dumbass posts one. If you were to get banned for a post that could be made in the shitpost thread in a different thread, it's because it doesn't follow the thread rules/topic, not because the shitpost thread posters are being coddled. You're saying that you can get away with things in the shitpost thread that you couldn't elsewhere, so if you think that's the case, then just report whichever posts you feel are breaking the rules. Respectfully, that doesn't mean the whole thread needs to go.

No. 19158

>You wouldn't be banned for any of the posts in the shitpost thread though?
was poor wording on my part. I didn't mean you wouldn't get banned for anything in that thread, I just meant I feel like most of the posts are regular shitposts that wouldn't be offensive. But yeah, I'm sure occasionally some shit pops up that would def get you banned. Idk anything about furry nazis and I haven't seen much terf sperging come up in there, but if the nazi stuff was an actual shitpost, I'm sure it would have been fine. Just a few days ago some anons were making posts about Hitler x Miku Hatsune and afaik they never got banned for it.

No. 19159

The Manson thread is getting spammed for hours by a scrote defending anal rape and worst of all he's not sageing. Can a mod pls help?

No. 19160

Came here for this very reason.
Also a few anons aggressively derail the thread (Lkb, her sexual activity, her latest bf, her latest assaut). Could a mod ban every single one, please?

No. 19161

I think it will be best to delete all recent unsaged posts because that farmer doesn't sage deliberately. They really think their shitposting is important and should be kept in the thread just to upset Louise (that's why they always type her full name, for google engine), while in reality nothing they post is relevant and LKB isn't the subject, nobody cares if she got fucked recently or not. They keep sperging like that every time LKB is mentioned. That's clearly vendetta posting and hence must be deleted.

No. 19162

Just ignore it. Why is that so hard. Close your fucking eyes and scroll past.

No. 19163

Late question, but why the fuck the meth sperging wasn't stopped in the Luna thread?

No. 19164

Yeah, that thread is a mess. I don't know if meth-anon was banned or not but now there's this sperg attacking everyone who's not thrilled with their blatant derailing.

No. 19165

that sperg should be put to the pasture since they are provoking more and more infighting

No. 19166

Please fucking listen to the hundreds of anons telling you to lock the Erin Painter thread holy shit

No. 19167

It’s literally like two anons repeating themselves, chill

No. 19168

Swear it’s the same anon sperging about locking the Nina thread, honestly the white knights are the problem not the thread.

No. 19169

nta but the thread looks autistic as fuck even without the wks

No. 19170

This. The thread is literally unreadable because some faggot keeps coming in to defend her and calling everything 'nitpicking' or 'not milk' and mini-modding like anyone gives a shit.

No. 19171

It's just suspicious, especially given the complaints here never say to autosage or anything and just jump straight to locking the thread. It kind of seems like that anon in the thread at the very least is personally invested in Erin not being discussed on here.

No. 19172

this has happened in other threads too, I think lock/autosage thread requests should probably be a ban offense unless done in meta with reason - it derails and causes infighting. would say “this is not milk” comments should be too but there’s always some retard who posts something that is not actual milk that’s been posted 1000 times before.

No. 19173

I’m not saying I like her (idek who she is), but I’ve been following the thread since day 1 even before when she decided to spam here

I still don’t know who the fuck she is. Not minimodding and I don’t care if the thread gets locked or not but she’s like the white mickey moon except less attractive and with even less followers.

No. 19174

The Erin Painter thread could be a lot of fun if we made sure the white knights/"Not Erin" would be banished. It honestly has //PT potential in my opinion if she keeps going like that. But I think we either need a moderator in there desperately to tag/ban posts or we should get clear and stricter rules like in the Shayna thread.
Just my two cents

No. 19175

This. Like no offence, but there's either nothing happening for ages or you get banned for literally nothing. I don't know when it became this bad because it definitely didn't used to be like this

No. 19176

Tfw farmhands have let an infight in the dumbass shit thread go on for more than 12 hours. Please ban sw-anon and anyone who engages with them. It's very obvious no one on either side will be compromising their values. I've been reporting everyone since it started.

No. 19177

Will anything be done to the sperg anon in the Manson thread? They are most likely associated with the cow. C'mon.

No. 19178

Can we lock the Soren thread now that shes croked?

No. 19179

Can you guys please handle the sw infight in the dumbass shit thread?

No. 19180

There are multiple anons that want the thread active so I don’t see why this needed to be said

No. 19181

Can we please get some moderation in the Nina thread. Doesn’t matter what, it just needs to be done otherwise the thread is dead.

No. 19182

youtuber general really has become the corpse husband thread when really there's not much milk over him, it's all nitpicking. i'm not even the fan of the guy but what exactly did he do again? from what i'm seeing it's all just speculation and going through his lyrics. can we just give him his own thread and put it on autosage until he actually does something milky?

No. 19183

This. Until he fucks one of his underage fans, gets catfished, or has a narc rage on stream, he's bland as fuck and it comes across as some anons having a massive hate boner for someone who's literally the male equivalent of lily pichu. You can't even mention this inthread without said anons going:
Making terrible music, being an ugly as sin narc scrote, and having cringe fans isn't milk.

No. 19184

Agreed, it’s all nitpicks, infighting, and “Hi Nina” with people accusing her of posting every 30 seconds

No. 19185

what's with so many unsaged sperg posts in the MTF thread? a lot of them seem to be done by the same person too. did mods hear us complain about unfair redtexts and just decided to flat out not moderate the thread anymore?

agreed. the thread is a mess and all the "hi nina"s and "stop wk" sound retarded

No. 19186

Vendetta anon is back spamming the nicole davis thread with nitpicking bullshit, all unsaged, and already samefagging their posts. >>>/w/95156

Can a farmhand just go through with it and lock this girls thread already? It's just the same ip hopping anon sperging about "heres a mid video instagram photo and i think she looks stupid" type stuff all over again.

No. 19187

File: 1611269892285.jpg (79.91 KB, 1080x226, Screenshot_20210121-145828_Chr…)

No. 19188

File: 1611277558959.jpeg (273.34 KB, 1125x737, screenshot.jpeg)

holy fucking shit do something with the Nina/erin thread its a mess. it needs to be either autosaged or locked

No. 19189

Please auto sage. There is no need for it to be locked.

No. 19190

please get the cp spammer in /pt/

No. 19191

CP in /pt pls helpppp

No. 19192

Someone posted cp


No. 19193

Came here to say this. Reported, mods PLEASE remove.

No. 19194

Ok tard salty for getting banned yes but how can you ban people for criticising prostitution in /ot/ while CPR stays up for half an hour in /pt/?

No. 19195

*cp ffs, please remove it!

No. 19196

I feel so fucking sick oh my god I can't believe I saw that. please remove it

No. 19197

CP posted again, can someone remove?

No. 19198

AYO mods where the fuck you at, cp has been up in pt for literally 45 minutes!

(also can someone please reply to this when it’s gone, really don’t wanna see that again)

No. 19199

It's been up for an hour. THIS NEEDS TO BE REMOVED!!!!

No. 19200

i think i'm gonna hide here and in /ot/ until someone says it's gone

No. 19201

just for ref if you click the - sign by the filename it will hide the thread, but i get if you don't even wanna venture back. as of now its still up unbelievably. sorry you (and we all) had to see it at all anon.

No. 19202

It's gone

The cp is gone yall

No. 19203

I came here to bitch about the cheese pizza as well. What the fuck mods you leave that shit up for an hour but you're literally like flies on shit the second someone says something you don't like about your precious trannies. New moderation when?

No. 19204

Hard agree.

No. 19205

I think different mods for different parts of the site are active at different hours. The site IS massive, anons. TERFS just get out anyway. Jesus. Hearing anons bitch and calling mods trannies is so derailing when you don't get instant attention or you get a ban youre mad at.

No. 19206

Time for you to dilate

I'm sure the thread was reported dozens of times, any active mod should have gotten an alert to the reports even if was outside their jurisdiction

No. 19207

Not my problem and I don't go to the thread but if you think insulting farmhands gets you anywhere, okay lol Why come to a site when all you want to due is insult the moderation anyway?

No. 19208

>any active mod should have gotten an alert to the reports even if was outside their jurisdiction

And if it was out of their jurisdiction, then what? They can't delete it so what's your point? If all mods that can delete it are unavailable, it has to stay up.

No. 19209

Would non-pt mods even be able to see reports from pt? I assume they have different places to view the reports because it would be confusing otherwise, but if they can then farmhands should be able to delete threads if it is cp/gore. That way it never stays up.

No. 19210

Can a mod please force this vendetta back into the costhot thread? Nothing about her is milky and is just one anon nitpicking word for word posts of this chick just to extend discussion with themselves to try to have milk.


She made an onlyfans. Still nothing she had done is milk. She isnt scamming even if anon is offended and demands she is, she didnt fake her break-ins even when IP-hopping anon asspatted themselves for posting 'PRoOf'. There is hiding threads and then there is letting a vendetta thread still go on when multiple mods pointed out its a vendetta.

No. 19211

NTA, but wanting the mods of a site you frequent to deal with CP just as fast as they deal with tranny sperging doesn't makes you a radical feminist, lmao. Maybe CP staying up for hour(s) is normal in whatever scrote-infested community you come from, but literally no one wants that here.
You're not a mod, and you admit it's not your problem, so what exactly is your point with these posts? What do you hope to gain? Stop starting infights and bitching about “the TERFs” under the guise of defending the mods when people are rightfully appalled at this kind of thing.

No. 19212

The mods arent actice 24/7, the pandemic doesn't have everyone home and people have lives. Anon brought up a good point that some mods might be blocked out from accessing certain boards. No one is approving of CP. Go outside.

No. 19213

There should be multiple mods watching out for this kind of thing, or allow mods of specific boards and threads to delete files for this exact reason.
They also don't need to be online all day, it's called a basic schedule. If that doesn't make sense to you, maybe you're the one that needs to go outside, or just get a job.
>No one is approving of CP.
Then don't sperg at people for being disgusted by it.

No. 19214

**allowance for mods of specific boards and threads to delete files globally for this exact reason.

No. 19216

Anyway just to make an actual suggestion (which hopefully will be taken seriously), I agree with this anon who said to
>allowance for mods of specific boards and threads to delete files globally for this exact reason.
I know a lot of the mods (especially in noncow boards) are new, but maybe the older ones that manage multiple boards can be in charge of deleting cp/gore threads all across the site? I know it's still not that simple cause if >>19209 is true, they still may not see the reports even if they can delete it. Maybe we can have a separate option to report for cp so all farmhands can see it? I've never been a mod so idk how the whole thing works, but I hope a fix is found quickly. I don't think this is a recurring issue (from when cp was posted in the past) so hopefully it's just a one-time slip up.

No. 19217

I noticed long ago that reports I make in /pt/ always take the longest for mods to deal with, they react much quicker to reports made in other boards.
It didn't bother me as the board is slow itself and the offending posts are mostly people coming from the front page to advertise their stupid links.
But maybe it's time to up the moderation of /pt/

No. 19218

It's just another boring kawaii thot thread in /w/ why are your knickers in such a twist? There's a reason it's not in /pt/, just hide the thread and ignore the spergs anon. Whenever that shit show gets bumped there's always a few posts reeeeing in /meta/ about having it locked. By that merit alone farmhands should keep it open and just be swift with moderation. It'll fizzle out soon anyways.

No. 19219

Because its been pointed out before by mods that its a vendetta and even an anon purposely ip hopping, replying to themselves. Also because obviously they vendetta poster is back and a mod said ladt time: >>19187

No. 19220

File: 1611300896027.jpg (350.12 KB, 1080x1379, Screenshot_20210121-233442_Chr…)

And I guarantee if a mod looks in to it, this is actually the same anon, but hopping. This thread had always been the samefag. Especially when the sperg posting starts.

No. 19221

Not that this makes it any better, but it was up for 45-60 minutes
actually and I definitely would expect periods of time like that where there wouldn't be a single mod online.

Even with scheduling, if there are only a certain number of mods in different time zones, with different board permissions, with a certain time of day scheduled, there will most definitely be times when a certain board could go unmoderated. It's rare but definitely possible, maybe they needed to take a shit or had something urgent to take care of. I'm sure other mods did what they could. Anyways, I truly don't think taking the piss out on the mods is the right choice here.

No. 19222

The fastest way Ive noticed getting a mods attention is through Discord. There tends to be at least someone idle or invis. thatll get back to you pretty quick if you notify them of something. It's not airways perfect, but yeah. Days on end Id be wortied, but they are better and faster at sniping these than twitter or instagram.

No. 19223

Wasn't there some sort of stalking thing? Maybe it's one of them?

No. 19224

I'm sorry for anyone who had to see the abuse material posted today, please realize that this is much more common than it seems. There have been many days where we are forced to sit on threads for hours just to delete gore, or abuse material. If you use the site on a regular basis you may notice that there are irregular threads or posts from time to time but they're usually dealt with swiftly. I can admit this will vary on different boards so as a precaution I will add more moderation to /pt/.
Discord mods are not site mods, if I'm online they might alert me but if I'm not the best bet is /meta/ or the report system.
The last thing I will say is that we have lives outside of volunteering to maintain this community. We don't get paid to read hours of petty reports or to delete disgusting material nobody wants to see 365 days a year.

No. 19225

Even though the Nicole thread does have a vendettafag in it, I don't think you could argue she's milkless since she's just started an onlyfans while pretending she's still an innocent pure bby and denying there are sexual connotations. And whenever her thread gets bumped the same angry retarded anon who calls everyone "anon" or "you guys" appears, to spam report any criticism. I don't think any ethot should be immune from criticism on this site, however hard she spams the report button. It makes it look like mod bias when I know she probably just repeatedly reports the same posts to annoy the jannys. Anyway: let us critique this thot and ignore the spam reporting.

No. 19226

Tranny janny isn't always a serious accusation. It's become a common joke in image board culture. You're a real warrior though. I'm sure the transes are happy to have you on the team.

No. 19227

She's never been milky enough for her own thread. Toss her back to the costhots general.

No. 19228

We actually tried calling it out and an anon went batshit crazy at the accusation. We call her Xanny Addy.

No. 19229

Ignore spam reporting? If a mod red flags a post its because the anons are stupid, not because of spam reports. It's been necro'd and already 2 red text bans. What more do you need to see it's a shit thread ? Lol the whole thread is an anon being mad when people say anything even slightly nice and screams WK bc of it. Yeah, that's definitely milk.

Can a mod close a 3rd thread if it opens and force her to the costhot thread? Starting an OF isnt sustainable milk.

No. 19230

Ntayrt but shit threads are everywhere in /w/ there's not much point trying to censor the autism when the Belle and Benus threads continue to thrive on autosage. At the most mods will use that method to contain the autist, but seeing as it's max one vendetta-fag the red texts will deter them until they eventually get bored and give it up for a few months again. I think all the opposition to the thread creates a dichotomy perfect to insite infighting. Half the anons are sick of vendetta-chan and the other half find the rampant calls to close the thread suspicious - thus the cycle continues. I genuinely think letting schizo talk to themselves and receive bans all day is the best course of action. But who knows, I'm not a farmhand, nor can I see the IPs of posters.

No. 19231

"saying something slightly nice" is not the same as the blatant spergy WK that happens.
Redtexts/bans represent reports, Mods aren't reading threads and figuring out context. It's hella suspicious when sperging that happens on every other thread gets overly redtexted in particular cow threads, and coincidentally it happens on threads with crazy WK arguing with anyone who posts valid critique.
This happens in the Nina Bell thread as well, and in the past Nina has been outed for selfposting.

No. 19232

Idgaf about mods banning me for a few days

But I am not a scrote just for liking porn once in a while. That scrote ban is humiliating because guys are icky.

No. 19233

Also bring back the robot icons

No. 19234

The Marilyn Manson thread is in desperate need of moderation and clean up.

No. 19235

The person sperging is ban evading I think the mods are on it as much as they can

No. 19236

Are they really though? There is literally seven threads of sperging and the thread fills suspiciously fast with actually little to no real content. Seems like it’s just enabling fangirl types tbh.

No. 19238

The onion thread is basically anons regurgitating old milk into each others mouths at this point

It would be nice to see the anti-o milk posted in the anti-o thread instead of a shitshow of anons beating a dead horse about what some girl onision fucked said eight years or five years ago. It feels like groundhog day in there

No. 19239

Bringing up old milk without relevancy, like the anon in moo and Lori's threads, trying to reforce cow colliding by making accounts on instagram to spam Lori about Moo from YEARS ago. Anons right now suck. W is filled with the same "X did this now… BUT REMEMBER 6 YEARS AGO THAT BREAK IN!!!" and then fucking half the thread fills up. Old milk without relevancy should be reported for 'old milk' and mods already deal with it.

Just remember >>19224 they aren't here 24/7

No. 19240

Please make the reply box next to the post I'm replying to, like 4chan, for the mobile version. It's so annoying to go all the way up and not really see what I am replying to, exactly.

Also it would be nice to implement multiple pics per post (like 5 or so), that way it would get so much less spammy when there's milk in multiple screenshots or something. But this is not super important and I know it makes the site uglier.

No. 19242

>>>/meta/6821 suggestions go here

No. 19243

theres some sperg in /snow/ and /w/ who just wks, derails, and spergs out at anyone who critiques the cows in their own thread. they are very rarely redtexted too, only the people who reply to them seem to get redtexted kek

No. 19244

The Manson threads needs help asap.
Farmhands ban Judd for good please. Ban evasion is endless. It happens every time a new thread opens. Idk what triggers him so much.

No. 19246

The Nina Rose Bellucci/Erin Painter thread is filled with wks and ddlg newfags from twitter.

No. 19247

The Onision thread has devolved into derailing and infighting over "muh victims" again.

No. 19248

this isn't so much as a complaint as it is a comment (didnt know where else to post this). but has any one else noticed the absurd amount of anachans in /ot/?

No. 19249

Agreed. You cannot post ANYTHING without some retarded WK complaining about nitpicks, even when saged.

No. 19250

File: 1611475600384.jpeg (181.29 KB, 930x354, 43D4F509-A6C0-4DC3-8ED9-F75403…)

The mtf thread is completely unreadable. People are just using it as a GC general thread and posting random news about trans issues, their personal blogposts, constant medfagging and political derailing and it’s also full of racebait. Pretty much every post there breaks some kind of site rule. The majority of posts are just random reddit screenshots and tweets with 2 likes, not actual cows with a presence and documented history. If there’s going to be an mtf thread in /snow/ it should be used to discuss actual cows who meet the criteria for a /snow/ thread who fall under the mtf umbrella and not just as a GC general thread with some random posts from literal who’s that would be better suited for the personal lolcow thread. I don’t get why normal site rules seemingly dont apply to that thread.

No. 19251

If you think people are breaking rules mark them.

No. 19252

I urge can someone to please delete or edit the doxxes of completely unrelated people and their families done by 8kun/alt-chan scrotes in the animecore thread in /w/ already?

The ones I saw a couple of weeks ago weren't cases like the doxx in CreepshowSM's thread which was practically public information but got removed regardless, most recent doxxes I spotted on /w/ as a whole are not information that can be found anywhere on public or private social media and are generally distant relatives who aren't involved according to quickly running through the pasted doxx in multiple search engines.

It doesn't just directly affect who is doxxed here either because from what I recall in /ot/ or /g/ there is a lot of farmers who have PTSD over being stalked by skeevy men for years and they probably don't wanna relive that, just a tip since jannies are busy being triggerhappy on the b&nhammer the second someone mentions pronouns.

I know moral policing is frowned upon but WHY take the legal risks of keeping up doxxes up of rape victims' family members and r9k scrotes giving egirls legitimate death threats?
No laughs or milk can come out of that and I don't get how it doesn't click in admins and jannies heads that it's specifically whats attracting men with endless terabytes of vile cp. it's a matter of time until a tragedy comes from this constant lack of moderation if you take a look at what happened with similar communities.

it seems the new standards for the site guidelines are that being a girl on the internet is a "history of bizarre behavior", yet aloggers keep using databreaches to manually attempt to bruteforce their way into irrelevant flakes accounts and anyone they know and flex about it on twitter and that isn't seen as way more autistic?


Admin if the child pornography, snuff and violent rape threats you are willingly giving a platform is making your feelings hurt a little which is why you never do shit around here then just delete the whole site already.
How do you not realize even cringey costhots don't usually deserve that illegal graphic shit flung at them on all platforms all 365 days of a year without the ability to take a break when you were perfectly aware you would see offensive shit by signing up as an admin?
scrotes raiding /w/ were sending animal abuse photos to minors on instagram ffs.
if you don't get paid to read hours of petty reports then why are you doing this at all? You're not enjoying it and you're not getting paid??? so why?

It's a public website no one is holding a gun to your head to read reports! Anyone can go make their own chan hellscape with better copypasted coding and moderation than this using wikihow! if the reports aren't being read aren't… the users also volunteering to help you guys by reporting?

you should just disengage and look after your physical and mental health instead of cowering from your own creation.

seconding this and also
it seems a lot more server efficient to dump
most of /w/ in the personal cow or costhot thread.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 19253

I disagree that only specific individuals count as "milk", since the whole community is one big shitheap. But I also noticed people are getting way too comfortable just having casual chats about radfem/general tranny issues without contributing anything.

No. 19254

It doesn’t have to be specific individuals but the individuals talked about should at least meet the requirements for /snow/ i.e have a documented history of being milky and be actual cows in some way and not just be random reddit posts or tweets from someone with 30 followers or literally just some random tranny you saw on bumble. And yeah it shouldnt be used to just post and discuss random tranny related news or politics, that’s not milk and not the point of the thread.

No. 19255

Most of the screenshots posted there are literal horrorcow tier, what exactly qualifies as milk to you then? "General" threads are meant to be for oneshot cows that don't have enough activity or material to warrant their own threads and that's what it's being treated as. I'd prefer to read intelligible GC discussion analyzing the cow behavior than half a braincell "HUURRRR WHAT AN UGLY HON" spergs repeating that same post over and over again.

No. 19256

Something being a general thread doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to meet the site rules or you can just post any random person vaguely related as if it’s milk. They still should at least be a cow in some way and the majority of the posts itt don’t meet that (some do and are horrorcows like you said but a lot don’t. Tradthots, leftcows, alt cows, the e-girl thread and other general threads at least follow specific cows or oneshot cows who are introduced are actually milky.

>I'd prefer to read intelligible GC discussion analyzing the cow behavior

Ok but it doesn’t matter what you’d personally prefer. It’s not a GC thread and it says clearly in the thread description that GC derailing isn’t allowed yet that seems to be the majority of the thread content. It’s a thread for mtf cows and currently a lot of the posts are just blogposts or people posting screenshots of news about trans issues and discussing that or wider gc topics which is not the point of the thread, it’s not meant to just be used as a replacement for the general GC thread which was closed for a reason and if that’s what you want why not go to Crystal cafe or asherahsgarden or something which actually have threads specifically for that instead of constantly derailing what is meant to be a cow thread on a gossip website.

No. 19257

What the fuck are you talking about? Nothing got removed from the Creepshow thread and we have clear rules about doxing - names yes, addresses no. Insane stalker scrotes have never needed lolcow to dox their e-girls. You sound schizo. What you described in /w/ needs to go but the rest of your post is deranged.

No. 19258

Can we have a 2D men image dump thread?

No. 19260

We do?
It's the husbando thread

No. 19261

Nitpicking is against the rules. Stop trying to justify no contribution posts and maybe anons won't tell you to calm down.

No. 19262

Take your meds, anon.

No. 19263

Anon, the mods get to it when they can. You sound like youve been assblasted by bans before. Maybe this site just isn't for you if a few hours vs days or weeks on twitter is better than what most imageboards got.

No. 19264

It's a group thread where you post milky content by people who belong in that group. Trannies, collectively, have a history of being lolcows so there's nothing wrong with the thread.

No. 19265

>Ok but it doesn’t matter what you’d personally prefer.
the irony

No. 19266

Go somewhere else if youre mad the thread isnt a catch all like you want. We have rules here and being mad that personal cows or cows in general have to meet criteria is ridiculous.

No. 19267

Yes exactly. It’s supposed to be milky content. Not “I have found a twitter user @rando123 who has a selfie wearing programmer socks and here’s how I feel about it” or “I saw a Real Life Trans person on bumble” or “here is my dissertation about my feeling on the equality act”

No. 19268

Im so tired of anons moralfagging about why they hate something when it's not even something that shocking like you described. They aren't a cow just for existing, its a drama forum. What have they DONE and reading post and post just saying "Ew I don't like this because xyz and normies don't do this lol loser uwu" is not adding shit to threads either. No1currs, actually discuss, not just put your 2 cent feelings about it.

No. 19269

Same. Like surely there must be some actual cows and drama happening in the mtf community you can post about. Thats what the point of the site is not just selfies of complete randoms from reddit and tweets with 3 likes that were posted 2 years ago.

No. 19270

Hard agree. There's lots of trans cows but that focus was entirely lost. Definitely lost their bite. It's best if anons decide who is the most milky/fun to watch and just dedicate specific threads. MtF/FtM/enby threads should stay but just auto-sage otherwise the terf nonnies will shit up the new threads with their "oh muh god reddit tranny asked for pussy advice"

No. 19272

Yep, the trannies infiltrated lolcow just like they did crystal.cafe. Go back to /lgbt/

No. 19273

Literally none of it is what I personally prefer. That’s just what the rules of the site are.

No. 19274

No, you're trying to mini-mod with your own draconian interpretation of the rules, and convince the mods to take it on as if they don't already pay special attention to the thread and keep it on track.
You're better off starting your own thread somewhere else at this rate.

No. 19275

Mods have said GC is not allowed. Just because a thread tongue and cheek checks your box for GC derailment, it is still NOT a GC and I hope everyone in the thread who keeps nitpicking and going off topic because there is no longer a GC thread, get bans. Anon isn't mini modding. It is the rules and you anons bitching about not getting special go ahead to make it a GC just derails with posts of complaining about it. Get off lolcow.

No. 19276

Something's not GC just because it's not what you personally consider tranny milk. Stop acting like the mods can't read the discussions just to push your opinion.

No. 19277

File: 1611529347518.jpg (80.31 KB, 1011x306, 69841351.jpg)

that's the point of having a "general" thread, none of the individuals alone are milky enough to warrant their own thread. "all subjects" is referring to all subjects of THREADS but way to take it out of context. the MtF general thread is more akin to personal lolcows

>GC derailing, not allowed
>cow thread on a gossip website
what part of laughing at people for being MtF do you think is not gender critical? KEK. it's true though there's been a lot of ot unsaged non-milk GC sperging lately and that's not what the thread is for. focus on the cows

No. 19278

The fact that one anon said they "hope" people who derail and nitpick get bans is funny because they literally already do.
Proof that they don't even lurk the threads they shout the loudest about.

No. 19279

They’re still the subjects of the thread even if it’s a general thread? All anyone is saying is that you should post about actual cows in a cow thread and that the normal site rules should be applied like they are for every other thread. This is a drama board. With the other general threads, they give you a good idea of the main drama and cows within that group or subculture, but the mtf thread is just random screenshots people find of any tranny or people just using it as a gc general thread to write blogposts. The focus should be on actual mtf cows, that’s what the thread is for.

No. 19280

You don’t know what mini-modding is if you think making a complaint about something in the /meta/ complaints thread is mini-modding.

No. 19281

The funny thing is, if the same behavior that goes on in the MtF and FtM threads were to happen in the egirl, leftcow, or tradthot threads, anons would be quick to call someone out for vendetta posting, selfposting, or not bringing any actual milk. The anons in the trans threads never even stop to think whether "trutrans" people are laughing along with them unless they announce themselves, but somehow it's an assumption in other general threads that a lot of the anons there belong to the group that's getting talked about. Now they're mad farmhands are cracking down on the literal rules and behaviors that get you chewed out in other general threads. But no, it's all "muh censorship" and "oh, there must be a trans mod that slipped through the cracks."

No. 19282

File: 1611531101989.jpg (290.13 KB, 848x1205, Screenshot_20210125_003121.jpg)

What website have you guys been using that every single saged post needs to be milk? Just hide the mtf thread if it hurts your fee fees ffs

No. 19283

Stop derailing.

No. 19284

I agree that it shouldn't just be ANY tranny or GC blogposts. but if some troon is broadcasting their foolish, milky degeneracy online, should they be DQ'd just for not having enough followers/online presence? no

since when is the promotion of pedophilic erotica by troons (to the point where it has to be addressed in their FAQ kek) not milky??

nta but how is this derailing?

No. 19285


No. 19286

Can we get a decision on d9? She keeps getting posted in e-girls general. If that's where mods wanna keep her, can her thread be locked?

No. 19287

>means sharing your personal experience, perspective, or anecdote in a way that’s not directly relevant to the discussion
>post about troons who have to clarify that their underage erotica is totally not representative of the CD/TG/TS community as a whole

No. 19288

that anon's either trying to bait us into infighting or functionally illiterate, no point in replying to them

No. 19289

Also posting deliberately with no milk. If you want somewhere to justify 'im just here to laugh at troons, hide the thread' then go to 8chan or something or make some chatroom style discord. Keep getting bans for ignoring rules just to justify wanting to post whoever and whatever, milk regardless. That's not how this works and bring more than vague material to the table. If you know how lolcow works, at all,you know proof makes threads, not just whoever flavor of the week hate boner you have.

No. 19290

You will never be a woman.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 19291

>im just here to laugh at troons
that's the purpose of the MtF thread, yes, not sure what you're confused about?

No. 19292

The MtF thread will stay on autosage until anons learn to take their GC discussions to their containment site.

No. 19293

The second quote literally admits to being a "trutrans" tranny mad that anons don't consider their lurker feelings.(ban evasion)

No. 19294

File: 1611538478301.png (628.45 KB, 1251x1565, pedophilia is good actually.pn…)

My respect for the mods nosediving when they redtext people for criticizing pedophiles

No. 19295

Who let this male onto the moderation team, genuinely? So much for them doing voice checks or whatever they claim. The containment board was closed down last year, there's just an inactive imageboard also run by a male.

No. 19296

what containment site?

No. 19297

No offense admin but why are you so anxious about anything surrounding GC stuff ? I don't see anything on the same level when the GC and pp threads were active but adjacent discussions are bound to come up with this topic in the userbase we have here. I don't understand

No. 19298

There's so many irrelevant and otherwise nothing to say posts in the heavier milky threads like in /pt/ that it stands out to me as queer for there to be a heavy penalty against the standards of what constitutes as milk or not in every post

No. 19299

In what universe is this gc sperging? >>19294

No. 19300

Wait, how is that post GC/PP sperging? Someone on the "neutral" side of all this explain.
What sets it apart from literally any other commentary about a mentally ill person on /snow/?

No. 19301

don't you know opposing pedophilia is pink pill TERF shit??

No. 19302

It's not run by a male anymore and personally I agree that it would be nice if it gets more active (even if it's mostly brought up in a "go back to x" way instead of actually encouraging) but that doesn't change the fact that the amount of focus on anything against mtf trannys and catering to the vocal ones itt is ridiculous. At how many closed down threads and kneejerk bans are we currently?(ban evasion)

No. 19303

There are no males on the moderation team, none of you actually know how I verify my staff and I plan to keep it that way, but it's cute that you genuinely think voice verification is solid.
This is the gossip site first and foremost, it isn't my job to create a hugbox where you can call any differing voices or opinions males or trannies to soothe your ego. Nobody gets a pass to continuously blogpost, derail, armchair, and medfag in any other thread. Anons are not even posting about cows but products and news events as if we don't know they're trying to find a loophole through the rules.
>The containment board was closed down last year, there's just an inactive imageboard also run by a male.
Not my problem. If you sincerely believe there is some agenda here I don't see why you can't move on to other sites.

No. 19304

NTA or admin but you guys know goddamn well "trannies are pedos" is an extremely gc/pp rhetoric. You'd have to be acting retarded on purpose not to know that.

No. 19305

>There are no males on the moderation team

So are you saying they were all born female?

No. 19306

File: 1611539867900.jpg (57.95 KB, 1200x525, EN01QBfXsAAaZ6z.jpg)

The fuck? So, if we were to call this person a pedophile, it's "GC/PP rhetoric" and against the rules? Before you answer, I encourage you to read Aggy's thread in /snow/.
Is pic related the logic the mods are now unironically going by?

No. 19307

Anon wasn't even referring to a trans woman, they were calling the trans teenager's dad a pedophile for designing an underwear range inspired by their teenager's genitals. So it's not gc/pp rhetoric to call out a cis male for hyperfocusing on a child's genitals, to the point of calling a female-looking genital a "dainty dune" like how is anyone trying to defend this.

No. 19308

crystal.cafe has a terf thread and gc/pp discussion is permitted

No. 19309

>trans woman acts like a pedo
>"wow this person is a pedo"
>"you can't call trans women pedos that's terf rhetoric"

No. 19310

do you know what a blog is

No. 19311

Crystal.cafe is known for being a trans board iirc, why would they have a terf thread if not to farm ips? Maybe I am uninformed, but most people used to say this about crystal.cafe.

No. 19312

Because GC spergs call anything they don't like a trannyhub

No. 19313

kek, I never said any of this. I'm just saying. Maybe the farmhands weren't paying attention to the context (happens often anyway) and solely saw the word pedo being thrown around.

No. 19315

Kek even admin said something like that about cc at some point, I guess she's a gcsperg now too?

No. 19316

calling a place a tranny hub is a great way to smear a competitor. it's way less compromised than this place.

No. 19317

You guys think everything is compromised whenever someone suggests AG or CC

No. 19318


No. 19319

NTA, but anyone not using a VPN for CC, here and any other imageboard is doing it wrong.

No. 19320

>be admin
>choose to infight instead of explain why criticizing pedoshit is now classified as "gc/pp sperg"

No. 19321

File: 1611542027436.jpg (23.33 KB, 824x103, dilate.jpg)

>The anons in the trans threads never even stop to think whether "trutrans" people are laughing along with them
Anon are you lost? We don't take "trutrans" mtfs lurking into consideration because they are explicitly not wanted here. Anachans, fakebois, lefthots and any other category posting in their own threads are different from males because we specifically don't want males here. Ironic that you talk about rules when you seem to have no idea where you are. We don't cater to any male of any gender identity for any reason. We know there are plenty of men "laughing along with us" in other threads too, yet those men don't come here to bitch and moan about "literal rules" (go back to reddit with that shit btw) whenever someone says something mean about men in those threads, because they aren't too autistic to understand where they are

No. 19322

which still isn't the thread topic. it's for tranny cows not random pedo men encouraging the degeneracy through a shitty clothing line.

No. 19323

I'm glad protecting tranny feelings is considered worth way more effort than removing child porn from your site admin-sama

No. 19325

NTA but looking at the thread OP that was originally written by the mods:
>This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms.
>You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk. Once again, while your autistic tangents are milky to read, they're not actual milk.
So, I'm not seeing how a tranny's dad blatantly showing off his pedophilia for the world to see is not considered an individual event, or MtF-related milk.
GC subjects are also allowed if they're related to milk, but since someone upthread was sperging and basically saying GC isn't allowed, period, can we get a breakdown of what it means for something to be "related to milk"? No one derail or strawman with the "you terfs are always blah blah blah AG CC peeepee you will never be a woman". Just explain.

No. 19327

>why would they have a terf thread if not to farm ips?

are you retarded?

No. 19328

NTAYRT, but a tranny's dad?? That's not MTF milk at all.

No. 19329

To be fair, they do a pretty decent job at both. The only disgusting spam I've ever seen is gore once and when kiki spammed diseased genitalia.

No. 19330

He started an entire product line specifically for MtFs, and that's why he was being talked about. How is that not related?

No. 19331

you see a lot of child porn around here or?

No. 19332

They do remove cp though. I don't think that one incident is enough to say they don't care especially considering how late it was and the fact that there may have been no /pt/ mods on. Admin even said farmhands have to sit in threads for hours to delete cp/gore.

No. 19333

Stop moderating the mtf thread like shit. No need to ban everyone and put it on auto sage for no reason. I got banned for saging milk kek

No. 19335

Yeah, I'm not sure what the issue was. The MtF thread is an effective containment thread and there is no infighting within it.
Idk what milk the OP of this discussion was looking for, but it was effective bait if they wanted to restrict the thread now that it's autosaged. There hasn't been any GC sperging or problems with the MtF and FtM threads for a really long time until now. They said the thread is "completely unreadable." If OP is a regular farmer, it's weird that they're starting to complain about it now when it's been so active and the content hasn't changed much for the past 2-3 threads.

No. 19337

In what way was this samefagging? Am I admin now? The only other post I made in this thread was to say people should use VPNs.
Does samefagging just mean posting in a thread more than once now, even if you're talking to different people? What kind of newfags are running this place?

No. 19339

it happens over and over. /tttt/ spergs pop in to plant false flags and bait the staff against the users to get threads they don't like banned or restricted. it's so easy for them because the relationship between the board and users is already so tense.

No. 19341

You posted two times 3 minutes apart instead of including everything in one post kek. The ban hammer is coming down with a vengeance tonight.

A request for admin - since the MtF thread was going so smoothly for weeks until >>19250 posted, could you look into their post history to see if they are new to the site? I can understand the complaint if they are an active user, but if not it's extremely suspicious they're complaining about something that's been working well.

No. 19342

I mean considering the posts upthread from days ago when anons were talking about getting banned for blogposting and sperging, I don't think it's been working well for you guys at all lmao. Idk why you are acting like one anon changed the opinion of the mod team and the admin. That post and the others that were telling the gc/radfem anons to stop acting like they're exempt from site rules is probably why admin finally decided to do that.

Autosaging a thread isn't a big deal anyway. The containment board just needs to be brought back so anons can stop acting like the people who run this site are trying to silence and attack them.

No. 19343

Maybe we could re-opne 2X, Just with pink-pill thread banned, could that work ?

No. 19344

>Does samefagging just mean posting in a thread more than once now, even if you're talking to different people? What kind of newfags are running this place?

Absolutely, you sound like the newfaggot here.


> Samefagging

>Making multiple posts back-to-back, without obvious indication they were all made by you. This is not always deceptive, though is often annoying.

No. 19345

The same people would just complain in the same way that lead to the closure of 2X and all the other threads, which initially did fairly well too until spergs spammed meta and the staff decided to listen to them instead of evidently the rest of the userbase.

No. 19346

There is an entire site where you can sperg away all day but anons still choose to come here and expect to get a pass on the rules
Rent free

No. 19347

Do you use image boards? “Samefag” is traditionally a term for deceptive posting, aka impersonating other people or pretending to be multiple, especially to fraudulently win an argument. Whoever wrote that definition to include “making multiple posts back to back and being annoying” was a definite newfag. That only really applies if the person is clearly doing it to spam or bump a thread (often their own thread), and since my posts were saged and this is a sticky anyway, it’s moot. I’m not surprised at this, since admin said the mods were mostly her close friends some time ago, but it’s still cringy to see in action.

Honestly, it only really makes sense to include everything in one post if it’s about the same topic, like now kek. What’s more annoying than having short, separate posts about different topics is when someone makes one massive post replying to multiple people about subjects that aren’t relevant to each other. It’s very “I’m used to forums and want to claim every single thing I say just in case”. Might as well have forced namefagging while we’re at it.

No. 19348

You're just proving the point that it's not about broken rules.

No. 19349

the staff can always just direct people to asherah's garden because they know they won't lose the userbase to a site founded by a male that's unmoderated and constantly gore and porn spammed. leaving to crystal.cafe would be a genuine threat.

No. 19350

You guys are acting like lc is a corporation with the "Lolcow is scared of competition!" stuff. It's not mods job to redirect people just cause they don't like to post here. Anyone who's browsed here for like longer than a month knows about CC and asherahs garden.

No. 19351

>Do you use image boards?
I mean, do you? Admin made that post herself, so fuck off and follow the rules or get banned like that person did. No one is gonna read your retarded paragraph.

No. 19352

All this ass-licking and random aggression, but you still don’t have mod privileges. Keep it up, piggy, maybe donate to the Patreon too.

No. 19353

Awh, maybe admin will let you suck his mexican girlcock if you keep it up!
>follow the rules
The posters in the MtF thread WERE following the rules. Read the OP. The mod team is blatantly showing their bias by obsessively redtexting every other post in that thread.
This is what happens when someone who opposes what the majority of a community wants becomes admin and ruins everything.(Ban evading pitbull sperg)

No. 19354

File: 1611552319103.jpeg (117.25 KB, 1020x731, 1607442374987.jpeg)

only providing more proof trannies ruin everything

No. 19356

I'm not even talking about the mtf thread, you retard. Maybe check upthread before deciding to sperg out like an absolute embarrassment.

No. 19357

might as well rename /meta/ and the ban page "spergs calling spergs spergs"

No. 19358

Why is every other post getting banned in the AGP thread? Is a mod just camping there? Seems weird

No. 19359

I don't understand what the rules are for the trannie thread in /snow/, apparently basically anything is not welcome in there. Like, what are we supposed to post there then? If we're not allowed to make fun of delusional trannies in that thread because of the board it is on, can we move it elsewhere where not every single fucking post gets redtexted? It's ridiculous, this board has a huge population of people not willing to bend over backwards for trannies and now we have to watch what we're saying in the trannie thread?

No. 19360

File: 1611561087614.png (84.16 KB, 651x343, d5e3bc33937bea4df3a4969d18d572…)

Seriously, I have no idea why any of these are verboten.
Half the "not milk" posts are about dads lusting over their feminized underage sons. Hell, is plain old honposting banned too now? If you're not going to let us talk about trannyism, or let us laugh at ugly hons, what is the thread supposed to even have?

No. 19361

kek we've lost girlies. it's over
i don't even post in the tranny threads but damn admin has zero shame at all kek. hope you get the tranny husband of your dreams admin chan

No. 19362

I thought there was just a lack of farmhands to deal with the derailment and infighting of the Onision thread but someone had the time to red text >>>/snow/818120 as tinfoil, when it's not. The post is labelled 2/6 because it's a series of screenshots showing that it's actually onision. 1/6 is a shot from footage of the sock account scrolling while being logged into onision's account ffs.

The fake invoices that weren't even on-topic weren't red texted.

If you want to ban me for tinfoil, here's one for free: Discordfags have infiltrated the mod team and as big simps for that pedo Kai they've also fucked with the trans threads.

No. 19363

tranny janny

No. 19364

pp/gc spergs are why we can't have nice things on this website anymore.
>pink pill and gendercrit threads locked on /ot/
>/2X/ closed
>threads on /ot/ now need specific rules stated in the OP
>/ot/ closed for a week
>friend finder thread locked on /g/
>mtf thread on /snow/ autosaged
All because a group of underage discord tards have autistic meltdown every time they get told to follow the rules.

No. 19365

You don't even know who your own friends are, let alone your mod team. You got some snakes snitching on you btw.

Admin is feeling very suicidal and upset because we keep calling her out over the trannies, she might be acting like a big tuff dog in here, but her mods basically have to convince her to keep the site up at all cause she keeps crying and shitting herself cause people criticize her about how she runs the site. Also that gay man who owned the site for a while is still involved cause admin can't code and fix shit so she needs a man to help her. Very sad.

Maybe clean up your tranny mods and along with it your friends who are talking shit about you behind your back.

No. 19366

I mean, this is pretty milky. I used to defend the mods/jannies over accusations of one of them being a triggered tranny but seeing the kinds of things being redtexed and banned on here I cannot blame anons who think this, especially when other stuff that really should have been redtexed/banned hasn't.

No. 19367

If in literally any other general thread, like e.g leftcows, someone went on some random leftist subreddit and found a picture of some random ugly poster no one had heard of and just posted that in the thread with no other milk other than the fact they’re a leftist and ugly then absolutely everyone would understand that it is not milk, would suspect the poster of vendetta or self posting and agree that the post was ban worthy. I don’t get how it’s remotely confusing or milky for this post to have been redtexted.

No. 19368

Sasuga admin-san, didn't think terf-chans could be pushed even further but, here we are.
pp/gc sperges are basically this site's equivalent of /pol/fags however, it's ridiculous that tranny threads get all this attention from mods meanwhile moderation in other parts of the board are severly lacking or practically non-existant.

No. 19369

did you even see the redtexts? Most weren't gc sperging at all and were saged

No. 19370

It that was a pretty humorous image and caption, I have to admit, but I generally agree the thread shouldn't be spammed with posts like that, but I don't think that even really happened. The biggest problem the thread had was newfags sperging about peaktransing.
Also I'd argue that just a troon image can be more than just an image of an "ugly lefty". They're funny because they believe they look like bio women, not just posting selfies with their "I vote sticker", but often are in explicit fetish gear with awful filters.
I'd rather see variety in a general thread than it just becoming 5 daily screenshots of the shit Kevin Gibes tweets.

No. 19371

Saged means not new milk, not that you can just post anything and rules don’t apply to it

No. 19373

Have you been in the leftcows thread? People do it all the time to reddit stans and twitter reply guys and it is considered milk.

No. 19374

They don’t just post random selfies of them with absolutely no other context but if you see people doing that or posting non milk then report it? They shouldn’t be doing that either and it’s just as annoying.

No. 19375

being an adult man who thinks putting on a dress makes him a woman, especially while looking _like that_, isn't the same as just being ugly, I agree its not really milk and should have been saged but it's not vendetta posting either. Unlike the lefthots, being ugly and delusional about it is in itself part of what makes troons entertaining

No. 19376

It's an equivalent of posting a fat wannarexic woman, the irony is funny. The point of the thread is to laugh at ugly troons. If calling a weird guy obsessing over kids' underwear a pedo is not okay, posting pics of ugly men dressed as women not okay, posting stories of guys obesessing over their son's breast sizes not okay, then what is okay? I don't even post in that thread, but the recent dozens of bans are straight up weird. Would the mod who issued them care to explain why each post was red texted? I don't mean to attack, I'm just genuinely curious?

No. 19377

This is simply not true. Even if you want to say that the MtF thread is overpoliced, you can't just turn around and say the other threads are lacking it. If you scroll down /snow/ rn, you will see that nearly every thread has had more redtexts in the past few days compared to even a week or a month ago (which is something that was brought up in the last townhall and the farmhands listened to the suggestion) Hell, the KF thread just finally got locked as we speak. The Manson thread has been autosaged after constant complaints. Let's not imply that Admin and farmhands are kamikaze'ing the MtF thread when it's been a topic of complaint here for a while now. Would you prefer everyone breaks the rules or no one at all?

No. 19378

Ok the Kiwifarms thread getting locked is pretty based. Hope they keep it that way.

No. 19379

would admin consider adding a line about generals to the rules so autists like this >>19250 stop crying about muh rules?

No. 19380

>gc/pp spergs
>cries about the threads being closed in the same breath
>a bunch of unrelated shit that is also the fault of muh terves
Holy shit stop falseflagging already and seek therapy.

No. 19381

>The point of the thread is to laugh at ugly troons
The point of the thread is to post about cows that fall under the mtf umbrella and drama happening within that group, not just posting pictures of any literal who tranny on reddit

I can’t tell if people are being insincere with their confusion because I truly don’t get how people are so unclear about what is allowed and acting like they ‘just aren’t allowed to post anything!!!’ It’s the same rules and expectations as any /snow/ general thread or just any /snow/ thread at all. The thread should be used to post about drama from milky mtf individuals. Posts about random events or news that are not related to any actual mtf cows but just are just to do with transgender issues generally is obviously not relevant in an mtf cow thread. Literally every other general thread seems to understand this and follow the rules.

No. 19382

Sick of idiot mod being tirggered by women making fun of trannys.

No. 19383

>The point of the thread is to post about cows that fall under the mtf umbrella
It's not. People who fit lolcow criteria get /snow/ threads, like blaire white. The general is about milk from the mtf community, not specific mtf cows (again they get their own threads), and that does include "literal whos" on reddit if they do something milky. Lurk more

No. 19384

>farmhands upping thread quality with more moderation in the past couple days.
Can't see anything wrong with that. Still a little peeved it took as long as it did. Wish new/twitter/pull faggotry would be come to an end as well but, that's a seperate beast all together.

No. 19385

Maybe because there's textless or very vague picture posts of the cows of topic in every single damn thread with anons laughing about their ugly face/body/unfortunate camera angle, when often it's not even ugly or an abormination like trannys and yet here we are. I wish you'd be honest for once.

No. 19386

The audacity! You're calling us insincere when you make it look like only drama makes someone a cow and not their weird, unhinged public behavior.

No. 19387

Retard this isn’t milk. This is shitpost nitpicking. This is the type of thing you put in a chat room with that caption. Fucking retarded anons are throwing piss parties in here over obvious bannable material. Jeff. Lapping men as women to troll lol cow as usual. Go raid somewhere else.

No. 19389

Yes exactly, about the cows of topic (as in public figures with a prior history of cowish behaviour) not random people with no followers presented with no context and no milk outside of being ugly. But I agree nitpicking is a general problem in cow threads.

No one said anything about ‘specific’ cows, just that the people posted should actually be cows in some way. They are still expected to have a history of being a cow and have some public presence even if they are not milky enough for their own thread. You say lurk more but if you were to actually look at the way literally any of the other general threads function compared to the mtf one it would be very clear what the problems with the thread are and how out of step it is with the rest of the site.

No. 19390

from the mod's disclaimer
>This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread.
>This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms.
>You may discuss gender critical subjects if it relates to milk.
Show me where it says we may only discuss individual cows

No. 19391

>that picture
>incomprehensible babble about raids or some other infighting shit
Admin, when do we get a /tttt/ board? Or some some crispy trans cutie thread on /ot/? Maybe that's the solution.

You're just making up your own rules at this point and only apply them to one thread. Who do you expect us to post in a GENERAL? How are we supposed to post anyone with history if we aren't allowed to post 'randos'?

No. 19392

Making underwear to help with a transitioning kids body dysmorphia isn’t pedo behavior. Get the fuck over it.

No. 19393

He specifically made them because the ones already available had pads at the front.

No. 19394

kek anon I didn't even know or care about the post you're referring to but I'm glad the mask finally slipped. How about you actually reply to the point I was making?

No. 19395

Because not everyone wants that under clothing. You guys deserve the bans if this is really the topic you’re so hellbent on wanting to discuss. This may be a gossip site but making up stuff like this, as serious as it is, isn’t a discussion and has no backing proof aside you wanting to hate anything to do with MTF/FTM in general so you want to grasp at nitpicking straws and skirt the rules. Go outside.

No. 19396

File: 1611579957638.jpg (843.62 KB, 1080x1920, 1611504870506.jpg)

No. 19397

That’s not really encompassing the whole discussion, but w/e. The thread was chill and rarely bumped for no reason (non milk or even milk was saged). I honestly don’t know why the mtf thread got tons of band and locked. If a mod could answer that would be great

No. 19398

>you deserve to get censored for discussing topics I don't like, being obsessed with your childs genitals and saying you long awaited their boobjobs is completely normal
This all sounds so familiar. Also great job ignoring the other anon. I guess you really just wanted to infight and cause division.

No. 19399

That anon wasn't even talking about the panties, you creep. How long has that been in your mind?

No. 19400

For anyone looking to continue terven/radfem talk without seeing redtext on every post, there is a reddit style board called ovarit and a twitter style place called spinster.xyz

Check them out sometime, while we still have freedom of choice on where to congregate online

No. 19401

>muh rules
dude just drop that already, it's transparent that you don't care about the rules (which are these >>19390 btw) and have a problem with the mtf thread because you personally don't like its contents. Guess what, there's threads I don't like, on people and communities I'm a fan of; I don't come here to bitch and moan that they hurt my fee fees though, I just hide them and moved the fuck on. If you are a "trutrans" who thinks they should be able to "laugh along with us" do yourself a favor and stop reading those threads, make your own mtf lolcow thread on /lgbt/ where you can discuss the "bad" trannies on your own terms if you want, but don't come here and expect us to censor ourselves to spare your feelings

No. 19402

You don’t get to ignore the rules by telling other anons just to hide the thread so you won’t get reported lol

No. 19403

Nta but your milk, if that's what you want to call it has been sandwiched between blogposts, derailing, and GC rants for the past week. You even have anons like >>>/snow/1140939 who apologize for blogposting and then proceed to do it anyway. Just because you sage doesn't mean it isn't against the rules? How do you explain the sudden influx of rule breaking? Why don't you get that? Notice how posts like >>>/snow/1141013 and >>>/snow/1140984 aren't redtexted because farmhands acknowledge that its milk based on a MtF who has a history? Anons in that thread had a whole conversation the other day providing resources to Posie Parker/Kelly Jay and other UK feminists/radfems which clearly isn't directly related to MtF's>>19401
, but you already know that. Do you consider "terf memes" milk? Because those get posted a lot in there too. You guys want special treatment because this is one of the only spaces you get to talk about this topic freely. We get it. Still doesn't mean rule breaking is free game.

I'm the anon who made the post itt about "trutrans" because it's literally a critique that's been made about trans people on this site. I wasn't implying that I myself am trans. Why would a trans person out themselves in this thread of all things? Especially when things were going "their way" ?The precedence for that has literally been grand gestures of "ok guys, I have to admit I'm trans before I post here," not "idk guys…there might be one in this very thread nudge *nudge." You guys completely steamrolled the point I was trying to make which is that MtF's are infiltrating biological women's spaces, but fail to see the irony that you're likely posting with them in that thread.

No. 19404

If masochistic mtfs want to participate we can’t stop them. Doesn’t mean we don’t want the thread

No. 19405

My point is that it does not break the rules
The blogposting deserves to be redtexted as >>19370 pointed out, the problem is when mods start redtexting posts for no good reason like >>19282

>aren't redtexted because farmhands acknowledge that its milk based on a MtF who has a history

that's not a rule for the mtf thread anon, and it never has been. It's not special treatment, it's just the nature of the community. Different threads are different, are you really to autistic to understand this? Again these:
>This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread.
are the criteria for the mtf general.

>Anons in that thread had a whole conversation the other day providing resources to Posie Parker/Kelly Jay and other UK feminists/radfems which clearly isn't directly related to MtF's>>19401

then redtext those anons, not random posts like they did yesterday. And every thread has memes about the subject every once in a while, its not that deep anon why do you hate fun?

No. 19406

>The anons in the trans threads never even stop to think whether "trutrans" people are laughing along with them unless they announce themselves, but somehow it's an assumption in other general threads that a lot of the anons there belong to the group that's getting talked about.
This should be a reminder to anons, if they ever question whether there are trannies deliberately poisoning the well here. It's an entire demographic of ugly men who are disproportionately engrossed with the internet.
They have all the money, free time and mental illness in the world to vandalize websites, spam reports and post in bad faith until anyone who doesn't have 3000+ posts on Reddit finds the place completely inhospitable.

No. 19407

They told you to hide the thread because it's the content that obviously bothers you and not the rule breaking, or else you'd actually reply to the points they are making.

I agree that the blog posting and complaining about general political topics without a connection to the cow is against the rules, but the problem is that one can basically paint anything one doesn't like as "derailing" or "gc rants" even if it's just natural discussion connected to the cow. And a history of a cow in general threads usually builds up after them getting mentioned several times, which is hard if simply pointing out their delusional views, takes, looks and posts is considered "gc sperging" or "derailmemt" as soon as it sounds transphobic.

No. 19408

I mean yeah, when you search lolcow+(board name) on twatter or similar platforms, you will instantly have trannys among the first results. I don't think anyone even doubts this, it's just that we aren't allowed to mention it because it gets an instant ban for infighting.

No. 19409

>You don't even know who your own friends are, let alone your mod team. You got some snakes snitching on you btw.
Please share the milk.

Also why does admin keep the site? It seems like she absolutely hates it. Anytime they post it's always a complaing. All they ever do is whine. Do we know if it's being forced upon them to "run" the site? I'd hate to hear about admin being locked in a basement, made to admin a site they don't care about.

No. 19410

I'm mad over all the tranny protection too, but why do you want the site to get killed completely?

..Also what if the admin IS being held hostage and the wave of redtext bans is a cry for help?

No. 19411

Basically Admin is crying about this very issue that's being discussed right now every day and wants to shut down the site and the farmhands have to try to convince her to keep it up.

Also the server is run by a gay man (who was the previous admin). Admin isn't doing anything cause she doesn't know how to fix issues. That's why things are constantly broken.

No. 19412

File: 1611584749337.jpg (109.9 KB, 640x480, af4.jpg)

they fucking locked the mtf thread ahahahahhahaha

No. 19413

Why doesn't she just give the site to someone else? There's been a whole bunch of admins, isn't there a single woman who would be interested in running a female-only gossip imageboard?
Also, I think it's funny how some anons bring up the other board being created by a male, even though this one was, too. Plus it's kind of an open secret that he never stopped being involved with this place.

No. 19414

I am sure the tranny janny would love to take it over and run it into the ground.

No. 19415

This sounds like this biggest lie I've ever heard holy shit.

This is an image board site. If this were real milk, you would've posted it kek

I'm not even defending admin but if you come with heat, post proof instead of this shit that sounds like a 14 year old boy made it up

No. 19416

I understand GC sperging and blogposting redtexted, but I will never understand this or the boobjob fb screenshot getting redtexted. First threads making fun of trannies were just posting ugly deluded men nobody knew about and laughing at them, no gc sperging. I get why gc thread was banned, it brought way too many redditors, but pink pill thread/mtf thread? I don't understand. It seems like it's a sensitive topic for the admin, that's fine. It's her site and she can run it however she wants. But it still seems a little strange to me, why this specifically gets her so riled up.

No. 19417

NTA, but it sounds legit to me. Fits in with what was posted before.

No. 19418

How? "You've got snitches on you" I guess we're all supposed to believe that huh? Okay, admin sounds like she wants to give up the site. What does that have to do with crying and shitting herself? That just sounds like bullshit if we don't actually have proof. "she's so scared, shaking in her boots, btw a man still runs this site! BOO!"

Sounds like a made-up story just to scare people/make people less reluctant respect admin. If there are actually "snitches", I'm gonna need proof of that milk just like any other thing on this site before it's believed. Using all of this pitchfork crowd shit to say stuff like that isn't gonna cut it.

No. 19419

I agree. Admin doesn't have coping abilities as indicated in her arm selfie. So crying about a website sounds right. And if she's crying on the internet to friends, those are the type of people that would talk about it. She's pretty weak if her farmhands are making her keep it open.

No. 19421

Why would anyone be surprised that an admin who's struggled with emotional/mental health issues that literally scarred her would have flare-ups while running the site, especially since she's claimed that she and the mods are often up for hours just cleaning up gore and CP? Why wouldn't she be crying? It would even explain the erratic bans and curt replies.
Former mods have previously admitted that Ian's still around, too, so that part I definitely believe.

No. 19422

CC migration terfs let’s go!

No. 19423

I had to report a CP post on the front page of /pt/ the other day. I reported it withing minutes of it being posted, but it did happen. It feels like an influx of censor-happy trannies trying to get an all-female site shut down unless it agrees with their inherently male-centric stolen womanhood ideology.

No. 19424

CC has /pol/tards

No. 19425

>>19422 CC is shit

No. 19426

I’ve only been on lc for so long I don’t know shit about cc
What’s the stitch
Cant be worse than LC

No. 19427

I still can’t fucking believe the MTF thread got autosaged before the Manson thread. It was apparently more important to keep the MTF thread off the front of /snow/ than the thread being bumped for days on end with a stream of trash-talk against victims. This is a fucking women’s board, but even here, our actual needs (like not witnessing a man stalking a woman online in real-time) are less of a priority than protecting the “theoretical” “trutrans” who don’t think a Peter Griffin-ass man in a dress is funny.

No. 19428

There's lots of scrote shitposters and LARPers who want to convince female anons to become tradthots. Also, obvious trannies.
But at least there's pink pill and GC threads there. It's kind of a weird mix, because you can say men are subhumans in one thread, then you go to the next thread to post about normal things, but 30% of the replies will be really obvious men from /pol/, or the front page will be some stupid obvious scrote shit like "How do you cope with rape trauma?" with a picture of Taylor Swift attached.

No. 19429

How is that any of CC mods and the Admins fault though
Last time I was on there they handled the mass raid of channer scrotes well and even the posters did
Also it’s not a farfetch thing that you know not every woman is monolith.

No. 19430

I'm radfem but good fucking riddance. Who let the 16 year olds on this site to begin with?
I won't lie, the only people I've seen behave this way are men and little boys that can't have their way. Like this is twitter troon level of demanding things and acting out like children.

Please leave, the site will be better without you.

>inb4 your not real GC you don't sit around and nitpick trannies all day1!!!!!!!! your not even mad that you the thred was shut down!!!!!!!

Wow, I can't laugh at trannies in dresses with receding hairlines all day whatever will I do…. and I know some anons aren't going to believe me and call me a tranny but think about it: meltdowns because you can't post """milk""" on some random tranny wearing a onesie is so fucking embarrassing. I'm willing to bet most people chipping into this chimpout aren't even radfem/terfs, they just want to join the chaos and again, that shit's embarrassing. It's a website. Exit the site and go somewhere else if you don't like how it's ran.

No. 19431

It’s so funny that the fakeboi thread can stay and the anons there are just as much as medfags like in the MTF a thread
It’s more like tranny janny and handmaiden Admin accept scrutiny of females but not males
Funny funny

No. 19432

>How is that any of CC mods and the Admins fault though

The hypocrisy….

No. 19433

You’ve been hard carrying admins poor handling of the thread while shitting on every anon that’s mad about it for hours now
Settle down

Yes it’s not LC or CC’s fault that there are scrotes on both their boards but it’s more about how the mods handle it
Hard to get it through your skull?
LC allows males and trannies to run their site while trying to build up a facade that their care so much about their holy XX chromosomes image board
While CC atleast bans scrotes from ever ban evading and etc
Also no trannies
I wonder which one is more sane to be a female poster in

No. 19436

I'm not saying it's anyone's fault, I'm just giving a clear view of what the site is like. High concentration of scrotes and really obvious LARPers. Also, pick-mes who run there just to take screencaps to show their /r9k/ boyfriends.
Lolcow has more actual women and less bait, but there are some people who want to ruin that. I don't know the solution. If CC's mods were more diligent in banning /pol/ baiters and scrotes, it'd be better. They can't seem to find the balance between allowing a range of women's opinions, and letting really obvious males shit up the place with retarded takes we've all seen in their autistic charts.

No. 19437

shhh don't give tran jan ideas

No. 19438

Well the site was more or less fine before all the tranny janny bans and sudden out of context rule enforcement. I think maybe admin needs to just screen and maybe purge some of the janitors and take a break while things calm back down. None of the women who post here are afraid of troons, as long as we can boot them so they can't spam threads with their ilk then the site moves on easily.

No. 19439

what's cc?

No. 19440

Please don't take this the wrong way and sperg at me.. but where to you discuss radfem ideology on the internet?

No. 19441

Nta but also if anyone wants to fuck off over to Ovarit, send me an email at my throwaway and I’ll give you an invite code.

No. 19444

Lmao you're obviously not a radfem. And you're right, neither am I and probably a lot of other mtf anons, we just like making fun of trannies like we would any other lolcows, because they're hilarious and their delusional behavior is hilarious
>meltdowns because you can't post """milk""" on some random tranny wearing a onesie is so fucking embarrassing.
It's literally the other way around, you're the ones who came here crying that we laugh at them, but that's not even the point here, if the only posts that got redtexted were ones like >>19360 we wouldn't care

No. 19445

>>19442 I'd be interested in one that mimics lolcow.

No. 19446

very confused as to why scrote feelings are being protected so much on lc of all places lol. every thread about a woman on this site, including the ftm one, has been fair game and they get called all sorts of fucked up shit, but gc threads are where you draw the line? literally banning people for wrongthink like a bunch of woke reddit mods

are we supposed to care that there are "trutrans laughing along" and change our language to keep them happy? if they want their dicks sucked they can go to twitter, or literally any other site. or better yet, hide the thread and leave like everybody else has to when they don't like something here. the community is a giant cow in itself and this just further proves it. most of the posts were interesting.

since when did lc start catering to trannies and giving them special treatment like every other site? not to mention the bias when it comes to banning and the salty comments that come along with it, i'm assuming from one mod in particular. it's not very fair to let somebody with an obvious hate boner for that specific thread moderate it. mods are supposed to be impartial and we're allowed to have opinions.

No. 19447

>Exit the site and go somewhere else if you don't like how it's ran
>Please leave, the site will be better without you
The anons ARE leaving and you're having a meltdown over it.

No. 19448

You guys are going to make them lock the FtM thread too, just to flex, lmao.

No. 19449

The “trutrans” that want to join in are the same ones having a meltdown disguised as thread policing every time a “pretty” and “passing” troon gets posted. It reminds them that while they are laughing along for now, they aren’t welcomed either.

No. 19450

please mods I understand not everyone likes PP I get it, but the mtf thread was a great way to discuss various political issues, talk about gender roles in society and laugh at troons, the ftm thread is also great

please let us use it

No. 19451

I would

No. 19452

rip mtf general, was the funnies thread on here in my opinion

No. 19453

kek the MTF thread was only locked for a few hours and you spergs are acting like its the end of the world. never change, anons.

No. 19454


No. 19455

reversing an unpopular moderation decision while browbeating the users, never change farmhands.

No. 19458

>>19453 ok farmhandfag

No. 19459

I think most didn't even have the time to notice. Also please stop metafagging in the general, returning anons, or we'll get the red pen treatment again.
Although it'd still be nice to know what exactly is allowed in to be posted, since there was no official answer.

No. 19460

You guys ever think maybe it's just more convenient for admin to not have a bunch of angry trannies looking towards this website with a vendetta? If 8ch and 4chan can be booted off cloud space for "hate speech", lolcow is not immune.

It makes sense from that perspective. Men are highly emotional and volatile. They also have connections and most of the neckbeards that would know about lolcow can probably farm IPs and intend evil shit as well. It just makes sense to make the topic verboten so that this site doesn't become a heavy target but I guess you retards don't know anything about running an all women's site.

No. 19462

File: 1611593662878.jpg (50.92 KB, 736x708, 0a41df74d4e2adadb63f2a070dd035…)

Thank you

No. 19463

samefag but don't you fuckers get it? Trannies literally want to be violent towards women but have a major issue with violence towards them. They would have no trouble shutting this site down, it makes sense not to anger the hive.

No. 19464

File: 1611593811057.jpg (7.98 KB, 247x204, 4495f1a4-80e1-4a66-a216-e366e9…)

>>19460 That's the nature of these sites in general. I mean, look at KF. Going by that logic, don't put anyone tech-savvy either, right?

No. 19465

It's not bootlicking to try and rationalize why someone wouldn't want a subject talked about on the site but I guess if I'm not with you and being a childish crybaby, I'm against you and a tranny jammy right?

Stay classy.

No. 19466

It's just men/incels in general being triggered over the sheer existence of a possible women dominated website, as you can tell by the frequent spam of disgusting shit. It will always be like that, so why submit to them and never have anything nice or fun ever?

No. 19467

cool, guess we’ll just stop discussing men entirely since men are violent and might get angry, time to close any thread involving a male cow

No. 19468

ntayrt but there will always be men trying to infest sites for women, especially anonymous ones like this. doesn't mean we should give in and ban or entirely silence the userbase to appease them or do it out of fear. that's actually pathetic.

No. 19469

You do realize that no amount of begging and self-censorship will ever make scrotes not want to destroy any female-oriented site, right? She can ban all man hate, all tranny hate, any conversation that doesn't have to do with how to be a good pick-me or handmaiden, and they'll still get angry that we dared to have a female space in the first place.
They won't be happy until the "Don't announce your phallus" rule is removed, we have official male mods to "keep things balanced", and this site just becomes 4chan, Reddit or Kiwi Farm v2.

No. 19470

Interestingly enough that was one of the reasons anons on 2x didn't want to run their own site in fear of being targeted my men and troons.

No. 19471

4chan's still around despite the shit that gets posted there and 8ch is back up under a different name plus has some spin-offs

No. 19472

8chan has at least 5 different splinters that go down every so often. 4chan doesn't even allow you to use VPNs.

No. 19473

>have a major issue with violence towards them
So? This is not women’s problem. They should work that out with their fellow men. Also, stop co-opting third world sex worker statistics lmao. If anything the first world trannys posting have an excess of privilege, it’s how they have all this free time to ruin every website.

No. 19474

I'm not aware of any legal reason why Admin would need to censor criticism of trannies. With the new Biden administration I wouldn't be surprised if it's an issue in the future but for now it isn't. It's more that every time there's any attempt to moderate the thread and treat it like any other /snow/ thread, a small group of posters that throw a tantrum that then needs more action from admin and the farmhands. In the end it's easier just to ban the topic altogether instead of having to deal with the constant fighting. Maybe if they weren't having to repeatedly clean up meta meltdowns, they would have more energy to moderation the rest of the site.

No. 19475

Maybe there'd be no fighting if it wasn't for certain anons constantly finding new ways to kick a fuss about and possibly shut the topics down at any chance and then meta infighting for days and even bringing it to other boards with no consequences whatsoever for that, while the other side if the conversation instantly gets banned into oblivion and blamed for it.

No. 19476

keep the dumb Kiwifarms thread locked, that was the only good decision you ever made

No. 19477

tranny lol

No. 19478

>So? This is not women’s problem. They should work that out with their fellow men. Also, stop co-opting third world sex worker statistics lmao. If anything the first world trannys posting have an excess of privilege, it’s how they have all this free time to ruin every website.

lol. dumbass, I was calling them hypocrites, not saying that it's an actual problem for them. "They condone violence but also complain about violence against them". Wish you idiots could read.

No. 19479

Yeah let's just let them shit in our mouths

No. 19480

File: 1611601121625.jpg (5.13 KB, 311x162, i_aint_reading_all_that.jpg)

women be talkin

No. 19481

so we all have to bend down to trannys in every fucking space we have? fuck that

No. 19482

File: 1611605805587.jpg (1.14 MB, 3264x1836, pt2021_01_25_15_15_30.jpg)

Mods just suck lately.

No. 19483

You have other places to go. I don't know why you complain here. Go to another site.

No. 19484

Its a private site, they can do whatever they want. Good job bringing up free speech when not everyone is a hamburger too. Is this retard still samefagging, mods? Their logic is horrible and honestly everything happening looks like a low budget discord raid setup and kids are larping as women to "oh nooo the tranny jannies" every other post.

No. 19485

it's the complaint thread, retard. trannies have run women off enough sites already with their sperging and bitching, why should the target demographic for this site be the ones to leave just because they don't want to lick your ass?

No. 19487

you literally just proved that you’ve been ban evading which is why you were permabanned and will continue to get banned. Fuck off and stop playing victim

No. 19488

gc spergs are not the target demographic of the site. The people 'running you off the site' are other women who are sick of it and literally just asked for the exact same rules every other thread manages to operate under to be enforced in the thread.

No. 19489

It proves there's a moderation problem retard

No. 19491

Then why was the ban for an unspecified reason and not ban evading? And what about those posts warrant a ban in the complaints thread here in meta of all places?

No. 19492

File: 1611608950015.jpeg (302.72 KB, 1242x669, 2C6E9B47-87C9-42A7-928F-515647…)

It doesn’t. Those posts aren’t what they were originally banned for, they were already permabanned for some reason they won’t disclose (probably because they deserved it). These posts were banned for ban evasion. You know, because they were permabanned and continued to post anyway.

No. 19493

nta, do you think that post warranted a permaban?
for fuck's sake stop sperging about "following the rules", we all know it's not the real problem you have with the mtf thread. Anons itt have pretty much unanimously conceded that there were rule-breaking posts (just like in any other thread) that deserved to get redtexted, we're arguing that not all the redtexts were deserved and that the mods' feedback about it has been confusing and inconsistent, but you won't listen

No. 19494

Omg lmao that post isn’t what earned them a permaban. They won’t share the post that earned them their permaban. Every subsequent IP address they use to try to circumvent their permaban will also be permabanned

No. 19495

no, but women are. you know, the female ones? the mtf thread is easily ignorable by "other women" if they don't like it, just like every other thread on the site. even on autosage people get assblasted about its existence. the rules are very much enforced in that thread if you hadn't noticed the ridiculous amount of triggered redtext. what counts as milk to the mod changes by the day, so how are we supposed to know what's allowed? people are banned for every little thing and there aren't clear rules. it's a general thread, so people talk about general things to do with that topic. obviously.


No. 19496

Yes and other female women don't want to read endless blogposts in a /cow/ thread. I've not seen one single person itt complain about its existence, people are rightly complain about the quality of it. the "ridiculous" amount of redtext is a result of the fact that literally almost every post in the thread technically breaks some kind of rule or doesn't meet the requirements for /snow/, the low quality of posting in that thread is what's disproportionate to the rest of the site not the redtext, which if you look at it in terms of the ratio of retarded post to redtext is about what you see in other threads. The rules aren't different to any other /snow/ thread so I don't get what's so confusing.

>it's a general thread, so people talk about general things to do with that topic.

General just means it's not centred on one single individual cow, but multiple cows in some group. Blogposts about your conservative values or whatever in the tradthots thread would be just as undesirable even though it's related to the 'general' topic.

No. 19497

>General just means it's not centred on one single individual cow, but multiple cows in some group.
No it doesn't, it means this (in the mods' words!):
>This thread concerns with male-to-female (mtf) snowflake behaviour. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread
glad we could clear that up

No. 19498

people don't blogpost retard, they just talk about the milk

No. 19499

>meta post outside of /meta/
It really isn't hard to work out why you were banned. I don't get why so many posters flip their shit about it. You are allowed to complain about moderation, it just has to be on the dedicated meta board so you don't derail unrelated threads. People who get banned for crying about the moderation in /ot/ and elsewhere deserve what they get.

No. 19500

Idk looks pretty bad on farmhands part. They got banned for complaining about the janny problem in meta for 'unspecified reasons'. Are we all going to get permabanned for complaining in this thread?

No. 19501

It was for ban evasion learn to read

No. 19502

it literally says ban evasion

No. 19503

You're right. They were banned for posting on /meta/. I didn't think to check the last thread. Their posts are redtexted. It still raises the question of why an anon is only now complaining about a permaban that was issued 22 days ago.

No. 19504

Nice catch I didn't even notice this was weeks ago

No. 19505

probably one of the pullfags from the belle thread

No. 19506

Anons were answering to >>19460 . At least read the conversation before you continue shitstirring.

No. 19507

File: 1611618275715.png (5.13 KB, 495x127, youcantbanme im based.png)

Seems like a stupid reason to ban me to be honest.

No. 19508

If it’s “low quality” to you, just don’t read it, mini mod. The proana scum bags threads are notoriously low quality, but the participants in the threads seem to like it the way it is

No. 19509

idk it gave me a belly laugh, anon. you took one for the bit and i respect that

No. 19510

Glad you were able to chuckle. I got a 6 hour ban from it however. It was in the absolute shitpost thread. I've seen people banned for less in actual cow threads.

No. 19511

File: 1611629641981.jpeg (59.48 KB, 814x388, 08C7E0B5-430F-4211-B0BA-EA6B90…)

Well mods, better ban literally every single non milk yet still saged mildly non serious post ever. Tranny janny or just an inconsistent angry autist? Been posting here for over 2 years now and never had this happen so I’d say newfag banhappy mods need to learn not me kek. Like I said though, if every post suddenly has to be not only saged but also milk and no more retarded/lighthearted quips and whatnot, why not issue an announcement? Retards.

No. 19512

Just wanna say thank you to the mods keeping an eye on the Onision thread. That shit was getting annoying and the neverending derail about Hansen needed to end, so thank you.

No. 19513

Why is it that sometimes I can repeal a ban but other times I'm unable to?

No. 19514

Wait…so does every post have to be milk now? Can we discuss the milk (if deemed milky by the mods)? Or can we only post milk, saged, and that’s it?

No. 19515

take a ban with grace, its only two hours fucking christ.

No. 19517

Hasn't excessive nitpicking about her body been banned in that thread for months? Also, in the cow boards it's always been a rule that non-milk posts should always be saged

No. 19518

Snow rule 7 retard

No. 19519

this actually is a cringe post though anon let’s be real

No. 19520

kek you got banned for ONLY 2 hours for this retarded unfunny joke? lucky you.

No. 19521

Interesting how this anon got banned for 2 hrs and I got banned for six for >>19507 in the shitpost thread.

Yes, I'm still salty. I demand reparations mods.

No. 19523

How do I fix my page being backwards now that a mod finally unbanned me from 'forever' because of the insane IP hopping shitty anons did, but the issue is that I'm still reversed. I cleared cookies and all and still nothing. Again grateful the ban was fixed, but.. Is this fixable too?

No. 19524

Lite mode works for now after randomly clicking stuff.

No. 19525

I have noticed that a lot of posts on pt and snow are getting deleted by mods instead of just redtexted or silently banned, and not like gore, cp or anything…

No. 19527

Not a farmhand, but I believe this is done to clear up spam and spergposts to prevent clutter from the thread. Sometimes, it can be really hard to navigate through actual milk and useless word vomit from newfags.

No. 19528

some scrote was shitting up the thread with anti-semitic shite

No. 19529

It's some kiwifag no doubt

No. 19530

Came to thank but also ask for just a bit more moderation in the onision threads. I know you guys probably have your hands full right now but damn is it hard to ever talk about onision himself. Its always hansen this, traumatized whores that-infighting for 1000 years over who gets to be the top best victim and who gets to be the real reporter clearly retelling the story out of the graciousness of their heart. Its maddening. Even KF manages to mostly stay on track about greg, I dont know why we struggle this much with it nowdays. Insane.

MtF thread I'm sad to hear about too, didnt realize that was tackled to the ground earlier. Sucks that women are denied spaces to talk about anything that displeases men, but after seeing how ruthlessly they went after that idiot Pusheen from PULL I kind of get why mods here are shaking in their boots and turning on fellow women instead. Self preservation I'm sure. They'll get you eventually too anyway though, hope you realize that. KF and other men wont be satisfied until this site is down and they've successfully ushered in the women from here over to their spaces so that they can sexually harass, degrade, and control/silence you as they please. Make you beg for threads and help like you're their little puppies. To think otherwise would be naive. Silencing the threads they're loudest about here wont change that. They'll simply pick another reason and keep attacking until it's down so they can loot and verbally rape the women like they fantasize about every night I'm sure.

No. 19531

Take your meds the thread is still up

No. 19533

Why the fuck would the gc/radfem anons go to kiwifarms instead of CC/AG or discord? Why would anyone here care about KF attacking us, especially considering we already get male posters (some probably from KF) trolling and posting cp here? In fact, Josh already tried to take this site and he was denied. Are you good anon?

No. 19534

>Leave LC for a while
>Come back and the MTF thread is nuked because of the same bullshit reason the GC threads were
I'll show myself out, you guys have fun nitpicking camgirl pussies until the admin has a meltdown and closes the site or hands it over to some KF tranny. I never believed that the MTF thread was here to stay anyway since they obviously want this talk off the site, I was just preparing for the inevitable and having fun while it lasted.

Makes a lot of sense now. Admin I got money and I'm a web programmer with a non-axe wound vagina, if you want to get the site off your hands I'd be interested. Unless you want this >>19392 to be your new userbase.

No. 19535

The mtf and ftm are still both up.

No. 19536

I feel like a lot of anons are being purposefully obtuse about the MTF thread. There WAS a lot of blog posting and spergy GC rants unrelated to any of the milk or even unrelated to any of the troon selfies or reddit posts or whatever. Can we just admit that? There is also at least one anon in the thread who has never saged a single post, even if it’s like some two word reply not adding anything to the conversation, despite the fact that there has been a couple of bans with red text telling them to sage/read the rules. Also a lot of general spergs that freak out and detail the thread for 20 posts anytime anything is redtexted even if it’s pretty justified.

However I don’t think anybody really had an issue with the fact that a lot of the troons posted weren’t like super big figures or super milky. It seemed like everybody was fine with the “low quality” reddit posts, and tweets and stuff that were posted. There’s a few trannies that have been posted for a while and are minor cows/milky, but also a lot of other random one-off posts/people, but I feel like those fit the rules given in the thread description. There should be some standards, like not posting some screenshot of some post that didn’t even get any replies or has like 1 like on twitter. It should be an established post/tweet that actually got support in the troon community in general, not just some random troon sperg that other troons dont even associate/agree with.

Not sure what we’re allowed to post now, but I support continuing to ban spergs/gc rants with no context/people not saging anything that’s not like an actual screenshot of a trannypost or milk, and stuff like that. But I think the kinda general/casual tranny posts should be accepted, people shouldn’t have to be like super established, milky figures to be posted. That’s my suggestion for the thread anyway.

No. 19537

File: 1611649227430.png (2.9 KB, 290x68, meds.PNG)

No. 19538

So we're supposed to believe this tinfoil that ian is still involved with the site but we still get 504 errors
At least keep the narrative consistent
The thread did sometimes have a few derails into gc topics but it wasn't that bad until the jew conspiracies started popping up

No. 19539

A mod got back to me about this but I couldn't reply to the page because it wasnt a ban, but a notification.. thing. I don't know, but wanted to say thank you for looking in to it and I can still use lite mode, so its not that big of a deal, but if you're able to manually do it that's awesome too.

No. 19540

>onion thread
Only the spergiest of anons and kiwifarmers go into his thread now, pre-hanson fiasco he was pretty much done yt wise and discussion was always the same points repeated:
>he's old
>he's a degenerate
>he's a nobody
Etc. Etc. I'd rather he get downgraded to /snow/ if spergchans can't relax themselves tbh.

No. 19541

It's true, there hasn't been new milk in ages. You can't have a good thread with stale milk.
Idk about moving it back to snow though, he's still a "legacy cow" which is why it belongs in /pt/ imo

No. 19542

>Can we just admit that?
>However I don’t think anybody really had an issue with the fact that a lot of the troons posted weren’t like super big figures or super milky. […] but I feel like those fit the rules given in the thread description.
>There should be some standards, like not posting some screenshot of some post that didn’t even get any replies or has like 1 like on twitter. It should be an established post/tweet that actually got support in the troon community in general, not just some random troon sperg that other troons dont even associate/agree with.
So what now?
If the troon milky and entertaining, it's milky no matter how many likes or attention it has. I don't get the purpose of this other than ease the mind of lurking troons.

No. 19543

I hope that the admin considers this. She hates it and users. She really should step away because this site is just a distraction for her.

No. 19544

Maybe I should have been clearer, I meant in this thread, not the site in general. But I agree with what others have said that context matters and depending on the thread it would be considered milk.

No. 19545

The rules for that thread are the same as the site in general and there’s no thread where that would be considered milk.

No. 19546

It's not Ian, Ian wasn't gay. It's some other scrote.

No. 19548


Youre full of shit and probably a butthurt scrote larping to cause fake flag drama. I stay away from these usually but I have browsed since day #1.

1) Previous admin was a woman. She was a few times on the previous discord on voice. The admin before that too was a few times on voice on discord. Both were women. The admin before that as well was on voice at least once, also woman.

2) Ian wasnt gay, anyone who knows anything about him and the drama surrounding him knows this.

3) Ian's dox is out there for anyone who cares to look hard enough, since doxxing is forbidden; lets sput it in a simple way; say its physically IMPOSSIBLE for him to be even involved with lolcow right now without some serious magic and bending of reality.

No. 19549

I guess when you fail at completely killing a topic, you just try to spam-complain it into getting micromanaged. Maybe at some point, when it hurts you so much that you're at 13+ posts basically repeating the same phrase over and over again regardless of replies, it's better for you to just stop and hide the thread.

No. 19550


Your permaban is not for criticising moderation, but for ban evasion. But let me refresh your memory, your original permaban is for the following reasons;

>nitpicking belle delphine to autistic levels; including a 400 word mini essay on her vagina and multiple picture collages of her "robust vulva"

>continuing to post even more about belles "sexually mature vagina" after getting told by mods to please stop the spam about belles "huge labia minora"
>general spam where you bring up belle delphine on random threads
>constantly accusing and reporting people for being whiteknights for disagreeing with you on these hot takes
>constantly accusing people of being belle delphine or her simps
I did a quick count, you have brought up her vagina 22 (twenty two) times within the past two weeks in your post history. Unfortunately, these are only the most recent antics of your quality content post history…

No. 19551

can a farmhand please delete the thread linked below so I can recreate it, I made a mistake (I accidentally made "things we hate #4" as the anon name instead of the subject name) and now I can't delete since I made the thread on my phone


No. 19552

kill trannies

lurking autogynephiles commit 41%

tranny janny keep masturbating to your sister's panties

No. 19553

samefag, thank you so much

No. 19554

So this was the Belle Delphine sperg? Good riddance kek.

No. 19555


No. 19556

The redtext across all boards has become so annoying and nitpicky, like things that could've been written in regular posts.

No. 19557

File: 1611678345497.jpg (88.98 KB, 798x770, gleeful frog.jpg)

No. 19559

Mods please do something in the shoe0nhead thread in snow. People are posting links and instructions on how to download revenge porn. It's illegal

No. 19560

So this was the anon obsessed with anything Belle did was pedopandering all because of how much they thought her vag looked like a childs when its literally just a skinny fat low bmi thottwat as usual. Good riddance

No. 19561

Admins only problem is being so insecure, they've changed the story about validating mods like 5 times now. They should just ignore the haters and keep working on LolcowNext or whatever it is with their mad tech skills.

No. 19563

unbelievable amount of blatant selfposting in the nika/jaelle thread for the past hour ish

No. 19564

Yeah please the shoe thing is gross. If I wanted to see some lolcows leaked revenge porn I would just go to 4chan.

No. 19566

Mods unlock the PULL thread pls ty

No. 19567

File: 1611706997692.png (69.12 KB, 1504x368, Screenshot_2021-01-26 lolcow f…)

Reminder that Onionfarms is not run by Josh (Anti-Josh, actually) and is female-friendly. If the admin goes full-retard and shuts down the farms, I guess its another place to go.

No. 19568

Most of the shit Josh is saying here isn't even true

No. 19569

kek nobody gives a fuck what this shitbag has to say, the site isnt going anywhere

No. 19571

kys null or josh or whatever the hell your name is

No. 19572

Use 1776 hosting please. :)

No. 19573

No. 19574

The fact that the lolcow admin is so shitty she makes kiwifarms look like a good alternative.. fascinating..

No. 19575

lul Joshua Conner Moon is a pedophile

No. 19576

Admin is a self-hating hispanic woman who hates white women, posts pictures of her self harm scars, loves kissing tranny ass, and won’t just give the site to someone else despite the job being so ~distressing~ for her

No. 19577

Still light-years better than a pedo incel scrote. Now fuck off josh

No. 19578

Could you maybe start giving the real reasons for bans instead of "autism" or "no1curr".

No. 19579

Isn't admin a radfem

No. 19580

>loves kissing tranny ass
kek like Josh didn't have troons on his mod team

No. 19581

Racebait get banned on any other board, it's time for same to be done on /meta/. Admin's Mexican? Who cares? Were not /pol/tards. Her race and nationality have got fuck all to do with her ability to run LC.

No. 19582

I don't want anyone who isn't a pure blue-eyed blonde hair aryan woman running LF. Imageboards have had enough of the shittier peoples.

No. 19583

Alright Josh.

No. 19584

Idk anything about him
I brought it up because there are discord screenshots of her complaining about how she hates the (supposedly) “white, rich girl” userbase of lolcow. She’s just embarrassing and obviously taking out her mental problems on lc.

No. 19585

File: 1611712372652.png (110.35 KB, 940x801, juicy.png)

You really think a retard who lies about getting his servers back up on his own is better? Juicy simps GTFO

No. 19586

Kek. I know both seem to love sucking tranny dick, but go shill for reddit lite and it's offbrand abomination somewhere else.

No. 19587

One of the farmhands is a fatty fatty boombalatti and can't handle big girl jokes.

No. 19588

let me guess, you're the one banned. only someone as corny as you could write that post

No. 19589

Everyone here is fat.

No. 19590

most of them i’ve seen are pretty obvious. post examples.

No. 19592

Delete the cp retards

No. 19593

holy shit I wanted to fucking kill myself when I saw that shit on the front page

No. 19594

CP all over /ot I think you should temporarily nuke the sight

No. 19595

Nuke the website temporarily nobody use it I want to kill my self after seeing that

No. 19596

It's the same fucking picture too ugh

No. 19597

There's child porn in /ot/. I swear, whoever is doing this is doing it at this time on purpose.

No. 19598

Is it the same pic that was posted in /pt the other day?

No. 19599

File: 1611740422294.gif (850.56 KB, 360x244, 9976588832.gif)

Please Nuke the CP thread

No. 19600


No. 19601

I'm with you anon, would you like to drink some paint thinner with me?

No. 19602

Omg some scrote made a CP thread I want to barf I hate everyone

No. 19603

yeah the child porn needs to be stopped my fucking eyes thats awful

No. 19604

>trannysperging at 3 AM
Gets banned after 2 minutes
>cp on front page
Me sleep

No. 19605

Can a mod track the IP of person who posted that CP thread?? Because that needs to get reported asap

No. 19606

File: 1611740732959.jpg (40 KB, 500x776, wowe.jpg)

i feel so fucking bad for those girls

No. 19607

Is it different pictures or just the same horrible picture over and over?

No. 19608

It’s just that one picture and a shady asf link I tired reporting it but it wouldn’t let me I hope I didn’t accidentally click something

No. 19609

I thought they could IP ban, but vpns change the ip don't they?

No. 19610

They went cross-board this time too. It's like they're challenging the farmhands.

No. 19611

i managed to report it so i think you're just glitching

No. 19612

They would have to have multiple VPNs because I think they only work once

No. 19613

Is it gone yet? Bleh, I might have to take a break if someone is going to get posting cp in the middle of the fucking night

No. 19614

Is it middle of the night where you are? It’s 9 am here so everyone’s awake and can see it. God I want to fucking die.

No. 19615

My phone must be stupid. I hate it. It’s too late for this I should sleep.

No. 19616

Is there any euro-based janny? I check lolcow like the morning newspaper and now I'm scarred… I hate this so much

No. 19617

Same here anon it’s almost 2 am over here I regret checking into the site ugh

No. 19618

been up in pt for 21 minutes now some shits going down

No. 19619

They should just nuke the site for the day.

No. 19620

it's 4:51 am right now. I know not everyone is in Am*rica but there has got to be some mods in that timezone. That anal avengers threads took like 20-30 to get locked 2 hours ago though, so idk. I didn't think it was that big of a deal the first time, but we need more farmhands or something. The whole site needs to be shutdown like what happened with /ot/

No. 19621

clearly need more farmhands if cp is gonna get posted at random ass times, farmhands in various time zones and stages of unemployment too

No. 19622

It seems to all be gone now. At least from /ot

No. 19623

It's also gone from /pt/ now too. It was up for like 20 mins, but I can appreciate that it was faster than last time I guess.

No. 19624

Anons, does this happen often?? This is the first time I’ve ever seen CP posted. This is scary to me to hear that it has been on here before

No. 19625

It looks like it's being spammed and most likely the same person who did it last time

No. 19626

Was the first time for me too (only been here for about a year though), the other anons are talking about some that happened a few days ago

No. 19628

I've been browsing for 3 (or 4?) years, and I have not seen any cp until today. Cp was posted 2 days ago though according to other anons. I think we're just getting "raided" or whatever it would be called. It's just some nasty scrote trying to ruin our time my tinfoil is kf is behind this. the timing is funny imo. I think usually farmhands are supposed to be good at removing these kinds of things? But cp is not common here

No. 19629

Is KF known for doing this? I would think it’s more of a 4chan type of thing

No. 19630

I haven't even been here a year yet, but this is the first time I've seen CP. In the past, I've seen other porn though. I will say, I feel like it's been around this time as well. I brought it up in the last townhall.

No. 19632

I don't think so, but tbh, this post >>19567
makes me suspicious for some reason . I wouldn't be surprised if someone from there is trying to stir up more shit cause they know the situation that's going on with gc/MTF anons. It's just my stupid tinfoil anyway.

No. 19633

I've been here for about 1-2 years and this is the first time I've ever seen it posted. Heard about the raids but the only porn raids I've seen have been adult porn thus far

No. 19634

kf says that cp was spammed everywhere a few days ago but I only saw anons mention it being on /pt/ and then today the exact same links and photos get spammed in /pt/ and /ot/ v interesting

No. 19636

Samefag but the kiwi thread also got locked so, idk. Maybe they're mad we don't wanna talk about them anymore

No. 19637

everyone who saw that come to the OT vent thread for group therapy

No. 19638

Which thread is it anon I want to join

No. 19639

Please stop giving the waste of space scrote any notion of his existence in the future, I know it's hard to imagine to actually be this much of a pathetic creature but this is exactly what he wants and the point of this besides wanting to scare away posters.

Pretty sure farmhands have more info on him than just IP if LC is like any other imageboard.

No. 19640

File: 1611746469909.jpg (385.34 KB, 1080x1311, IMG_20210127_121908.jpg)

is coming to threads to whine about their existence a bannable offense in /m as well or does it truly only apply to /ot?

No. 19642

File: 1611752548648.png (230.16 KB, 478x315, hotwheels homegym.png)

Josh boy, you wont find a wife from enticing farmers to get stalked by you. Reminder to all the newfags who might be naive. Josh has tried to shit up and then buy out lolcow from every single admin. He is genuinely butthurt he doesnt own lolcow.farm and has ranted about it several times. It sure is a big coincidence that everytime theres some spergeouts, Josh boy shows up pretending to be a whiteknight. It's almost like he would meddle in the affairs of other sites and is running an autistic ops to try and get his greasy cum and nacho stained tiny hands on the site.

If you think current admin is bad, I'm sure you'll just love having a pedo rapist trad male who has fled from his mom's basement to several shit-tier countries like the Philippines and some eastern european shithole in order to continue getting away with his online bullshittery, and all his internet projects have failed except for KF which is the most out-of-the-box thing he's tried to run and even there he's not respected. He's also conveniently looking for a wife to impregnate and is convinced she will only be found within his userbase, so have fun with your post history being combed for waifu material points. If you want him to be your dear leader so badly, go to him and beg him to finally go through with the idea of offering farmers a lolcow alternative. I'm sure it'll be a fantastic environment.

The great leader Joshua Conner Moon stealing source code and money from a wheelchair bound severely disabled midget. Or, maybe the time he got doxxed and he hid in his basement and tried to get his mum to fist fight the cow who showed up to beat his ass. Or the time he actually got his ass beat.

Oh wait! Josh, tell us about the shell company you have in the USA and the ukrainian servers. How about your several failed companies you tried to set up and get cheap labor for from the third world! How about the "I will never give police user information" thing, how did that work out?

I am sure you all will love Joshua, he absolutely LOVES females posting on his little forum! To the point where he's known for stalking them and that was before he announced he was looking for a wife from his userbase! He has nothing but time on his hand to help you ladies out, afterall he is a neet. He won't even waste his godly time on such things as showering and cooking, as his diet consists of fast food and a gallon of soda daily. As an extra FREE bonus; If any of you have rape fetishes and a fantasy of getting raped, Joshua's farm is the perfect place for you, because he too has a kink for it!

>I remember after he found out my last name, he said that he'd show up to my house while I was at school, shoot my dad, and wait for me to get home. Then he'd subdue me, cut off each individual digit with a knife heated in hot grease so that it'd cauterize as it cut and I wouldn't bleed out. Then he'd cut off my clitoris and my labia, and then rape my ass until I shat myself. Then he'd just leave me to starve to death or something once all my appendages and my genitals were sliced off and he'd beaten me sufficiently.

Now if any of you wonderful ladies have recognised what a lovely man he is, I am sure he would be more than happy to help every single one of you out. God speed to every single one of you! You will need it!

picture related, the disabled midget joshua ripped off and abused.

No. 19643

idk who this scrote you describe is (kiwifarms admin?) but it certainly checks out that he'd be the one posting cp on lolcow to try and prove some point to himself. I've so far been lucky not to see it, I advise bookmarking a specific cow thread and entering the site that way so some frontpage/pt/ot shit won't be the first thing you see.

No. 19644

Oh ok I take this >>19574 back wtf. I remember reading his ED page a while back but I wasn’t sure what and what not to believe.

No. 19645

File: 1611770410491.png (1.27 MB, 1500x2079, jewshie.png)

Someone actually made an updated thread on Josh a few weeks ago: https://www.onionfarms.com/threads/joshua-conner-null-moon-the-blockland-days.621/
Its decades-old drama, but its pretty enlightening on how little he's changed over the years. If that fat scrote somehow miraculously succeeded in his CP spamming, it would inevitably drive away everyone here and the board would die just like his other projects 16chan and 9chan.

No. 19646

It's the retards over at Onionfarms doing this using Josh as a scapegoat because they are butthurt over being banned from KF and you're all too retarded to see it. They have been coming over posting in the KF thread for weeks now advertising their shitty site and got ridiculously mad when the told nobody cares about their infighting and the thread got locked.

They have been planning this "raid" in their gay-ass chat.

No. 19647

File: 1611774945159.jpg (267.44 KB, 1080x1124, Screenshot_20210127-111408_Chr…)

Can a mod fix this already? I put a ticket in about appealing. Im blacklisted due to GC spergs and havent been ban evading. I have to use lite due because a farmhand said theyd try to get me off the blacklist because of an accident trying to mass ban people.

No. 19648

lol stop false flagging Josh. You've had your eye on this place for years and you haven't been very secret about it:

I just checked Onionfarms, and I saw nothing about "raids" or lolcow.farm. On the contrary, it looks like their chief hotpocket has made it bannable.

No. 19649

Lite mode isnt as accessible as normal mode, so yeah. I messed up the links, 3 times actually because it forced me at first to put down a lite mode link.

No. 19650

File: 1611775149991.png (101.86 KB, 1988x228, Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 1.10…)

yeah you're right. everyone is a fat tranny janny and you totally didn't break the explicitly stated rules of the thread by posting an unfunny nitpick. do the shay anons ever wonder why their thread will never be upgraded to PT? Do they ever wonder why they run through threads so quickly? a good 75% of the posts on there are retarded "haha shayna so fat that she probably ate her gym clothes lol jk!! but what if she did? wouldn't that be funny guys."

No. 19651

Sure. Which one are you? SIGSEV? Or that albino guy with the freckles? You have been spamming your shitty little Kiwifarm-imitation site everywhere and posts like this >>19567 are not fucking subtle. You can't tell, cause you have autism. But no woman wants to go over to Onionfarms to hang out with a bunch of scrotes that were banned from KF for making too many sock-accounts.

Just fuck off.

No. 19652

The fact that mods are farmers as well makes it actually really cringe

No. 19653

This is very "hello fellow kids.jpg"

No. 19655

They can device ban too.

No. 19656

Actually you're probably Vex over on the Onionfarms, the one who has been spamming Null's discord, his streams and all over KF. Really autistic hateboner you got there, buddy.

"H-Hey girls, don't you all totally hate Null just like us? Wouldn't it be funny if you came over and posted on the Onionfarms teehee? Especially with all that CP that's beeing spammed here… that was totally Null doing it! See you over on Onionfarms! We love women and TERFS!"

No. 19657

Why are there so many disgusting moids on here lately? Constant sperging about MUH PERFECT PINK WHITE PUSSY AND MUH UGLY BLACK WALLET in unpopularopinions thread.

No. 19661

I was banned for telling this anon that I want to fart on their face
I think banning me was ok but why are horrible posts like that even allowed

No. 19662

aight but ngl your response was perfect lmao

No. 19663

I didnt mean to post the mirror site. I keep just clicking the wrong things and then if you delete a post on lite it takes you right back to the front of LC. I'm trying mod, Im sorry. Im not intentionally being dumb about it. Hopefully this post works. Thank you for helping me. I get its probably frustrating. This week has been a mess for you guys.

No. 19664

It works, thank you. I think Im just going to lurk a bit.

No. 19665

Don't have the cap but not too long ago I was banned for autism after posting in the retarded shit thread. That ban got lifted but I hate it when it doesn't state an actual rule that was broken?

No. 19666

post them when you see them and let the /meta/ jury decide kek

No. 19667

really fucking weird sperg going on about Erin's pussy in her thread. it was brought up seemingly at random since neither her or the thread has talked about her pussy in ages. sperg has been going on for hours now and if you try to tell them to shut the fuck up they throw the infamous "hi Erin/hi WK" at you

No. 19668

There’s a lot of “hi cow” happening in Onision’s thread, either because Greg himself is posting or someone is LARPing as him to bait/troll. Both scenarios are as likely as each other, either way it’s fuelling the dumpster fire

No. 19669

What if its actually Onision?

No. 19671

The Belle sperg is ban evading

No. 19672

This is not a suggestion but an idea
What about we close /ot/ permanently, close /g/ permanently and all non-cow /gossip discussion boards?
I think it will fuck off the shitposters (me) and also brings more on topic discussion.
Agree or disagree? Give me your thoughts

No. 19673

Use Cold Turkey

No. 19674

Disagree. Imo, the non-cow boards are the best. If those shutdown then prepare for this site to die, cause I think a good chunk of farmers are non-cow board lurkers and posters. All the non-milk threads are already on topic, cause they are in the non milk boards

No. 19676

Then make infighting possible because I can’t help myself to not respond to a retarded vent. It’s like ot is a huge hugbox where certain things can be said and even thought unironically. Or make blogging/venting completely haram.

No. 19677

No? Preventing people from derailing and fighting about stupid shit is not making /ot/ a hugbox. If you want to infight then do it, but you know you're going to catch a ban. The whole site doesn't have to be nuked and certain things don't have to be banned just cause you want to act like a retard. Just block the website like what >>19673 said.

No. 19678

Thank you for finally modding the Onision thread.

No. 19679

Thanks for modding the mtf thread more appropriately. I did get a temp ban for blogging but I deserved it. Sorry

No. 19680

It's a formula at this point.
>Suddenly someone starts, out of fucking nowhere, bitching about the "GCspergs" and how "terfs" need to be banned because they know it's a hot, divisive topic they can use to stir the userbase
>Aggressive shitflinging starts, admin has another meltdown and starts suppressing discussion regarding troons more because she can't deal with the pressure
>Josh comes in trying to get his slimy hands on the farms again, is giddy with glee seeing the "lolcow civil war"
>CP starts being spammed, obvious KF ops going on trying to make the admin/mod team buckle and hand over the site
I'm just waiting for the inevitable at this point. I wish we had an alternative to migrate to before the site is shut down, CC is filled with male larpers and AG is a no fun allowed normie zone.

No. 19681

You realize there was already stuff going on in /meta/ before this anon >>19250 came in, right? There was already issues going on with the mtf thread because the anons there were breaking rules and discussing it in this thread. It didn't come out of no where

No. 19682



No. 19683

Suddenly everyone is a stickler for the rules in the mtf thread

No. 19684

It usually didn't end in cp though.

See >>19549

No. 19686

Agree, I think the site would be a lot better in so many ways without /ot/ and /g/ and the kind of users those boards attract. Maybe when the site is moved to the new server they could do some kind of survey about whether people want the same boards.

No. 19687

On the one hand I agree, there are users who only post in /ot/ and/or /g/ and they should go. On the other hand, we don't have other anonymous spaces like this.
>inb4 cc

No. 19688

>users /off-topic and /girl talk/ attract
What "kind of users" do you mean?

And we also had a similar survey a year ago, including this whole discussion for at least 2 meta threads.

No. 19689

Not sure about this, I would argue that the cow boards attract more newfags and unintegrated sperging than g and ot

No. 19690

agree, mostly due to google search results and/or twitter

No. 19691

Spergs cross posting because their precious dutch thread keeps getting redtexted and autosaged. >>134899

They have a dutch thread they've already detailed, so we don't need their crappy barely backed up proof, in the costhot thread to already shit it up. "LOL SHE DOES PORN" vendetta sperg for Nicole also.already popped up, but reported it for vendetta.

No. 19692

File: 1611867797979.png (208.55 KB, 640x649, yhxmtkdjq5541.png)

While I don't post in /ot/ or /g/ anymore myself since I believe it went downhill after the closing pp and gc, at least ot is a far fasteroving board than snow and especially pt. Clearly it's popular. Maybe you >>19686 can be more explicit regarding the type of users you don't like there?

No. 19693

It's still happening in /ot/. It needs to be cut down.

No. 19694

Just report it, I noticed it too but they all sound like baiting channers.

No. 19695

The Onision thread is basically just derailing and tinfoil posts. Bans dont seem to work because they post immediately after mocking the farmhands. Onision hasn't done anything new for over a week. Would locking the thread be an option until then? Hopefully it would spin these trolls short attention span onto something or somewhere else. A threadlock until Greg actually comes back to the internet?

No. 19696

Seconded. On top of being obviously male and failing to integrate, the anti-O spergs refuse to keep their shit in its containment thread. I keep thinking there is new milk but it's the same desperate scrote/s continuously ban evading.

No. 19697

Thirded. On top of shitting up the thread with irrelevant bullshit they keep taking the bait from “Greg” (or whoever is pretending to be him). No one cares about twitter faggotry and retarded drama tubers.

No. 19698

We will continue to delete spam and infighting from the onision thread. It's obvious it's the same individual who has been ban evading for weeks.

No. 19699

Can mods please ban the sperging narc in the vent thread? They're literally shitting all over the place.

No. 19701

Can a mod clean up this thread of this anons spam? Their already existing thread is autisaged and not popular so they are trying to kick up this in this thread too. Its all spam no thorough breakdown.

No. 19702

I guess you can't read because aside from the fact you confused two countries with each other, there's a rundown in like the second post. And it's not country-specific drama, so why should they necro the German thread that's not in autosage but dead, just because one of the people involved is German?

No. 19703

Ntayrt but, all the spergier anons seem to originate from /ot/.

I personally wouldn't mind purging the anons who do nothing but spend their day on /ot/ race-baiting, infighting, force unfunny memes (adam driver anon, borzoi anon, pitbull sperg etc.) and whine/blogpost about their shitty lives while admitting they don't ever even check the other drama boards anymore. I'd also argue the bathroom sperges and de/g/enerates also end up being pretty bad too.

In general /ot/ makes people misconstrue this site as an alternative to mainstream SM or like what CC wanted to be, a female-only space to talk about a variety of interests. Lolcow is a drama board first and foremost, that just happens to have an exclusively female userbase. I feel like /ot/ users forget that, especially when they imploded over it's brief shutdown.

No. 19705

Those didnt need to be reposted just because the other thread is dead. A lot of it is a massive mess with an anons feelings about stuff. Shes a dutch cosplayer, keep her in her dutch thread, again especially because youve already started the discussion there.its spam, anon. Deal with it. Its like how the vendetta-chan for nicole already desperately showed up. Take these back to their respective threads. Sorry no one gives a shot to talk about them in the already existing ones. Doesnt mean drag it to other threads to try to get talks going. Also, anon already samefagged their posts.

No. 19706


No. 19708

We do have cc like you said. I think having an /ot/ board on a drama site is just never going to go well and it would maybe be better if they were two separate things. Idk I just really don’t think anything remotely of value would be lost if /ot/ closed & think the new server would be a good time to revisit it

I agree with >>19703, I think the general vibe of /g/ and /ot/ is quite immature. Like I think they attract a lot of underage users, users who come here just to pick fights with people (which is harder to do in cow threads), moralfags, weird political spergs, and just people who just generally don’t get the point of the site etc and I feel like it spills over to cow threads.

No. 19709

Personally don't really mind if /ot/,/g/,and/m/ moved to a new server and rebrand?
But I think majority of the use is for the nonlolcow board right now.

No. 19710

It would be great to have a separate site, but is anyone going to do it? kek

No. 19711

Just go to cc, it's already set up and could use more activity.

No. 19713

File: 1611950355380.png (20.79 KB, 725x462, Sin título.png)

Really? Is this the hill lolcow will die on?

Defending predators dressed in their daughter's clothes and calling themselves "better than women"?
You know this website used to have a gender critical board, right, mods?

Why do you want to suck on tranny dick this hard?

No. 19715

I don't understand the constant tries to cause some artifical "x board users" userbase divide as if the majority isn't crossboarding and lurking on all boards fluently. This isn't 4chan. There was a demand for it and a good amount of blogposting can be redirected this way if it's something anons want to talk about. No one forces you to visit them if you don't like it or don't see a use for a place for us to talk without scrotes shitting it up 24/7. And I could point out the examples of bad behaviour you named on almost every pt & snow thread for every year and would probably find more than on /ot/. Though I agree that admitting to using LC only for non-drama boards is shitty and a waste, even though I don't know how these users were supposed to find LC if they didn't initially search for drama (I'd say the artist alley threads but they are more about gossip than /ot/). I'd understand the complaint if it was out of fear of snow or pt dying. But then again, the off topic boards keep users on the site to occassionally check even if their favorite cows are inactive or went dry instead of leaving LC and completely forgetting it.
And I still don't get how /g/ is an issue in any way. In fact I'd say the underage and fight picking is ten times worse on drama boards with the tone being more vitious due to the subject matter and which has always has been.
>In general /ot/ makes people misconstrue this site as an alternative to mainstream SM or like what CC wanted to be,
When I see links to LC from SM, it's exclusively to the drama boards. Including specific youtuber threads that attract new imageboard-foreign users like flies. When a "girl chan" is talked about, CC always gets mentioned first and often alone and I think it's great this way because it keeps scrotes and trannys on there instead here.
>a female-only space to talk about a variety of interests.
And what is bad about it? Why can't we be both?

No. 19716

>And I could point out the examples of bad behaviour you named on almost every pt & snow thread for every year and would probably find more than on /ot/.
This. /snow/ is like 90% petty nitpicking and tinfoiling, /w/ is more like /w/endetta with weebthots trying to trash talk competition. Look at those Belle Delphine and Nicole spergs for example. Most of the garbage user base came here via a cowtip i.e. gossip threads and bled to the /ot/ threads, I don't understand where people got this idea of some cancerous user base only inhabiting /ot/ and ruining the whole site this way.

It's almost like there's a conducted gay psyop to erase offtopic boards to make the female userbase migrate to another site for such discussion and make the admin give up the keys. But of course this would never happen, right? It's not like the admin already admitted before that some KF tranny was attempting to buy the site from her during one of these repetitive, formulaic /meta/ infights.

No. 19717

wtf has happened to this site

No. 19718

The rules maybe the same but they are not all inforced the same which was my main point.

No. 19719

>I don't understand where people got this idea of some cancerous user base only inhabiting /ot/ and ruining the whole site this way.
I think the reason people feel like the userbase seems different is because after that survey there was a huge portion of the userbase who knew nothing about the cows or history of the site and only used /ot/? Not because of a “gay psyop” to run the female users off the site which doesn’t even make sense, why would not having /ot/ make the site userbase any less female oriented and why would removing /ot/ make admin more likely to “give up the keys”? I actually really like the current admin. I hate the way any criticism or discussion in /meta/ now results in these insane paranoid tinfoils.

No. 19720

the most retarded take I've read here.

No. 19721

God who cares. 4chan users don't use all boards either.
Getting rid of /ot/ /g/ and /m/ is very fucking retarded. I'm saying this as someone who also checks the drama boards regurlarly.

What is SM? First time I hear about it.

No. 19722

My tinfoil is that it's the same anon as >>17148 and >>17159 who also alludes to "a new board for all the fun people that are not welcomed here"(aka women who talk about their lives?).

Those survey questions were formulated weirdly (especially for 2x) and there were also people who simply weren't interested in the fun-question mentioned cows, weren't around for the outings (personally I've been here since the creation and only knew about Kiki) or missed out on them.
Nevermind the other board related questions point more to there being a crossover.

>why would not having /ot/ make the site userbase any less female oriented

I highly advice you to look at the oldest threads. It's probably easier for men to slip through if they didn't out their autism on /ot/. I think this anon is also talking about the kiwifarm's admin shilling and trying to get us to get booted to/post on whatever new shitty project he's planning.

No. 19723

social media kek

No. 19724


No. 19725

>muh survey
You mean the survey that had misleading questions about "your favourite cow outing" or something stupid like that?

>why would not having /ot/ make the site userbase any less female oriented and why would removing /ot/ make admin more likely to “give up the keys”?

A lot of cow threads already have scrotes begging for cow nudes and slapping their dicks around. Removing offtopic boards (/ot/, /g/ and /m/) would drive the userbase to another site because they want a space for women to discuss various mundane things anonymously, so they would go where they could. Say, maybe a place that's been shilled here over and over again? That's totally female friendly and not at all run by a male admin?

And after the userbase would migrate to other sites permanently they wouldn't come back, so the site would diminish. Threads in /pt/ are already very stale compared to their glory days and /snow/ isn't much better. Even the Lolcow awards were all focused on generic camgirl slapfights nobody outside of sex work twitter or horny scrotes gives a shit about. The people who used to keep legitimate drama threads alive already went to other, more lively places to do just that but some of them remained in Lolcow to have offtopic discussions with other women.

So killing off the offtopic boards would cause the rest of the site to slowly die or at least become even slower than it is now, as the active users would keep alternative communities as their sources for drama and then move on to whichever other site for offtopic discussion. And that's when the site is either shut down completely or given away due to the lack of interest. The admin and the mod team are reacting just according to the plan of the party responsible.

No. 19726

>I highly advice you to look at the oldest threads
The site didn’t even have the female only rule back then, so obviously there were more men

No. 19727

i couldn't care less if there are men posting in the cow threads. if you only post in ot and g LEAVE.

No. 19728

Fair point, but it's a nice outlook on what happens if decisions are made that a big part of the userbase doesn't want which leads them to leave despite liking drama threads.

Yeah, I too love them daily posts per thread about random onlyfans thot's nudes and their vaginas and the actual hostility and racebaiting that 4chan scrotes seem to bring who still don't have their eceleb places on their own imageboard so they shit up the ones here.

No. 19729

All right. But I honestly can't stand how anons here can just out themselves as people who don't actually care about the state and future of the site or all the factors playing into it gradually soiling the userbase or have discussion over it other than screeching "UR NOT REAL LAHLCAWH POSTERS WE DONT WANT UR KIND HERE!!!!!!!!" over and over again and the mod team will look at a retarded post like this and think "Say, this anon has a fair point!".

Admin, stop bullying your userbase and put on your big girl pants. If you really hate this site and are feeling suicidal over moderating it and bitch about the "short shelf life of Lolcow admins", then you need to give it away before it eats you alive. You and your mod team are taking all of these attacks way too personally and having literal catfights with your userbase and it's not healthy.

No. 19730


No. 19731

Is this still the ban evading sperg mods have dealt with all week who won't stfu about why topics should be allowed because 'free speech' when that's a hamburger only thing and not even an internet thing for lolcow bc it's a private own board with rules you just don't want to follow?

No. 19732

Anon those posts are several months old..
At this point I'd rather admin would burry any grudges and consider actual data instead of the extremely vocal handfull of people in here (you know, a place that regulary gets raided) than her leaving the site to whoever comes next and might even be worse.

No. 19733

stop trying to infight again

No. 19734

Im not. Im curious if its the same person still. Admin mentioned it thst the user does this and i doubt theres as many cg obsessed anons as its making it seem out to be. If you feel attacked that's your problem. I was asking mods to let us know.

No. 19735

They didn't even mention "free speech" or rules, which is why I assumed you want to go back in circles to shit fling about earlier topics.

No. 19736

No, the anon used that as an argument before, so I was referring to that. Lol

No. 19737

People who gatekeep lolcow users are so stupid lmao
Like, what are you gatekeeping? Shayna's nudes? Bpd sob stories? Husbando threads? Come on it's not that deep lol

No. 19738

>if you only post in ot and g you need to LEAVE
Jesus by the look of it, you're one who needs to leave, chill, people can post on whatever board they want

No. 19740

> if you only post in ot and g LEAVE.
Why? I know this is a gossip site but a lot of people like the non-milk boards. I don't see the issue with that. Snow and pt can be boring sometimes. w is trash so that board isn't even in the equation. I already said it in an earlier post, but I feel like if the non-cow boards disappear, this site will die

No. 19741

waahhh ged offa my websiiiite

No. 19743

File: 1611965592572.jpg (22.59 KB, 500x281, f333090b91b9b565f09ccdbb7ca0d1…)

>force unfunny memes (adam driver anon,
We have a thread going pretty well for a small IB and enjoy talking among ourselves greatly, but keep on whining about forced memes kek. We really don't need the attention of nondriverfags, but somehow you guys keep on mentioning us and AD in /ot long after we transitioned to our own corner of lolcow.
Accept that the userbase has many more different interests than just cows and as long as they are not against the rules, it's all good. Doesn't mean it's fOrCiNg A mEmE just cause you don't get it. Until /ot, /m and /g get nuked (if it ever happens), you got to deal with it.

No. 19744

No one fucking cares.

No. 19746

NTA and I'm pro /ot/ but don't act like it wasn't just two retards spamming AD and then other people joining in because people were vocally against the same avatarfagging dweebs.

Asking "can this be a meme now??" is a forced meme, no matter how many people "like it".

You guys only made your own thread because you got tired of being banned for a forced meme

really not trying to be a tinfoil bitch but really in my experience only trannies do shit like this

No. 19747

Anon, The thread is made because it derail another thread in /ot/.
Seriously don't need to be upset. Just accept it people has diffrent hobby and interest

No. 19748

It's less that I'm "upset", more that you guys keep acting like it's a surprise that people call it a forced meme.

No. 19749

It's impossible to talk about anything in the belle thread because all anons do is obsess over how much they think she looks like a kid and how much she's 'pandering'. This has been the same thread where it's not new milk anymore. It's just a circlejerk of the same anons high fiving eachother with asspats for defending fictional characters and being mad adult nostalgia merch and actually frilly clothes for adult exist.

At some point these idiots need to deal with the fact that no matter what she dressed as they will say she's pedo pandering because of her body and face, idc about filters. A lot of the discussion is salty infantalizing anons. Anons like these literally hate any adult with body types like Belle's doing adult content. I thought a mod said they had to move on from this discussion?

No. 19750

And as with her previous threads it's wks like you bringing the topic up in a deliberate attempt to derail every time.

No. 19751

Why is there a Belle Delphine thread?

No. 19752

You guys are still nitpicking and trying to bypass getting modded by spelling pedo pandering as paedo-pandering. How retarded and reiterate are you too talk about an adult as if she were a kid regardless of what she wears? It's fetish content and porn has been doing it even before Belle was alive including babysitter type stuff and cnc. I grt its cringe fir her, but the main issue for you guys is that she IS genetically small compared to more matured porn thots and that's what you fixate on to peddle your pedo talk. Just fucking drop it. Its retarded and salty at this point on the anons who fixate on it.

No. 19755

Nta and I don't browse the Belle thread at all, but she does pedo pander. I don't agree at all that adult women with small bodies look like children, but Belle definitely uses it to her advantage. It's not just her body, but how she acts. Just cause it's a porn trope doesn't make it less bad.

No. 19756

Except anons only refer back to posts from a year ago and want to complain any adult clothing wjth ruffles is childrens clothing exclusively, and with ethot clothes and characters. There has to be a line where this nitpicking stops.

No. 19757

How is that making it impossible for you to talk? Post your milk and report whatever is breaking the rules, just like you would with any other thread. Whining about other people's opinions in her thread and here isn't going to make anyone move on.

No. 19758

This is exactly why I asked why there’s a Belle thread. It exists entirely for ranting about how badly she wants to look like a kid and nothing else. All it attracts is sperging and scrotes. The only content besides pedo conspiracies is extreme nitpicking. Very strange thread.

No. 19759

The thread is infested with belle asslickers who have a mental breakdown if you even do much as imply belle would ever even think about pandering to pedophiles. The unsaged demands that anons are insane for thinking she panders to pedophiles are present in every thread. Really hope they're all just scrotes who found the thread from google because if these are the kind of people using LC for real now it really just tells you how far the site has fallen

No. 19760

Hope you get to lick Belles 90 lb smol uwu gooch anon, we salty obese lolcow anons are mere peons compared to the Goddess Belles UwUHeckinNaturallySmolSuperiorGenetics and Body, we get it

No. 19761

File: 1612008364666.png (165.68 KB, 1200x695, TylerTheCreator-CyberBullying_…)

Lmao at the people whining to close the non drama boards because some people only use those now.
You don't even interact with each other, assuming you don't post there either. (why would you want a board closed you use regularly?)

No. 19762

I didn't bother reading the rest of your post but just informing you that's how it's spelt using UK English kek

No. 19765

Very retarded and bitter. Lolcow is not as popular as (ex.kiwi farms) probably because they allow a broad amount of topics and subjects to be discussed and documented who are actually relevant. Harping on internet addicted sex workers or cosplay whores who wear shitty multi-colored wigs they bought off wish.com gets stale and boring very fast, which is why the other boards exist to bring variety and even so, the drama-oriented boards are always more populated. The newfag vs. oldfag division is misguided because while newfags being unsavory ignorance and unwillingness to integrate at the very start, I actually think they are required to spice up the userbase and bring a website back into relevance.

No. 19766

We do not NEED variety, good boards are supposed to be niche. The moment a site is for everyone is the moment it goes to shit.

No. 19767

Kiwifarms might have a higher quantity of users but look at the quality of the userbase. Having a larger userbase isn’t really desirable in and of itself. I agree attracting new users is important but I feel like that will happen with or without an /ot/ board as new cows are posted. I think /ot/ does attract a cancerous userbase for whatever reason (like you’re being wilfully obtuse if you don’t recognise that the pitbull spergout in /meta/ wouldn’t have happened if any other board was closed) and think the site would be better without it but if the majority want it, it should probably stay. I think it’s something they should do some kind of survey on when we migrate to the new server, that would probably be a good time to discuss any potential major changes to the site.

No. 19768

The mtf thread still has a lot of political derailing and people just posting random news of UK political parties and using it as a GC general thread. It improved for like one day and then just immediately went back to exactly how it was before.

No. 19769

I agree with the rest of your post but
>they allow a broad amount of topics and subjects to be discussed and documented
So does lolcow? If anyone wanted to bring a kf cow to lc they could do that. It's /snow/ users that want the camgirl threads, not cause we're not allowed to talk about anyone else

No. 19770

It's funny how gc talk from several different anons all in agreement doesn't get complained about in the non-mtf threads. It's almost like someone is sitting in that mtf thread waiting to bitch about it for some reason or another.
I won't point out the other threads where based terfposting takes place for obvious reasons.

No. 19771

It’s almost like that’s because it’s not a derail or brought up at all in other threads.

No. 19772

No. 19773

But when it happens in /ot/ it does get banned.

No. 19774

Nope schizo chan
How do Belles anal glands taste anon

No. 19775

thanks anon, i knew it was /tttt/ and not kiwifarms

No. 19776

Ok does anyone know what the fuck happened to the new unpopular opinions thread??? It’s so annoying when you try to enter a thread and you can’t access it because it’s probably deleted ho lot ahi this website is a dumpster fire sometimes

No. 19777

It's not deleted, what do you mean? Heres a link to it >>>/ot/723869 It's probably just you that's having an issue with accessing the threads

No. 19778

I was about to fucking say, I was about to go all tinfoil and thought that they had ip banned me from certain threads but I don’t think that’s even possible, thanks anon

No. 19779

Help idk whats happening in this thread


No. 19780

Sorry in an idiot at linking cross threads

There is literal scizo mental illness? Trolling? Some lunatic thread in snow. Literally 1 post per minute in the last hour

No. 19781

Someone made a thread about a girl with schizophrenia 14 hrs ago and it was never locked. This isn't surprising at all. Maybe jannies will wake up and lock it.

No. 19783

No please don’t lock it it’s so funny

No. 19784

I agree how does someone literally type 100 posts in 60 mins so fast, at those lengths
Fucking astonding

No. 19786

A post made 14 minutes ago in the Nika thread has been moderated but that annoying schizo thread isn't. Okay. And we wonder how cp stays up all the time now.

No. 19787

Because mods know that its funny and are obviously deliberately letting it play out.

No. 19788

I hope that's not the mentality for the cp.

No. 19789

Are you stupid? Of course it’s not

No. 19790

Here, I'll complain about it - moderation of pp/gc derail in /ot/ has been lacking in the past few days, and the board has been more shit than usual. I was too busy to bother going around reporting, so I just avoided the board.

No. 19793

I wouldn't mind if we got more variety in terms of cows at least on /snow/. I'm of the anons sick of x ethot/camgirl of the month getting posted and having their threads reach the hundreds all because of low effort nitpicking and shitposts. I'd also think having a wider variety of cows would help cut down on the moralfags who think we're all here to make a change by laughing at retards on the internet.

No. 19794

Mods please lock the sama-saga thread. Its been 5 hours and I can't stop. I've trolled I've offered advice nothing will end it.
It had to be a troll nobody cannot be that unhinged. If not a troll, do it so she can sleep tonight

No. 19795

Sam thread need to be locked and Sam need to be perma ban. It's getting dry tbh

No. 19796

Mods please lock the Sam thread, she's clearly mentally ill, the drama is dry, she's just shouting to the void about mean trolls and whatnot. It's very sad to see and all the fun we had died down. Now it's just depressing.

No. 19797

Now that another anon brought it up, /w/ is pretty useless. Pixie, Preferably Ellie and maybe Mickeys make sense since all 3 are pathological liars that constantly shove themselves into current trends, but all the rest are pretty much dead threads. Well Venus too but how many times can people point out that her angles and meitu'ing is bad. We get it, she's greasy looking. Both the thread about her and her mom end up posting the same posts too since they interact with each other now.

I think /g/ and /ot/ should stay too. They're kind of a breath of fresh air from all the woman hating in /snow/ and /pt/ if that makes sense. The entire drama side of this site focuses on calling the designated female punching bags fat-ugly-sluts-who-can-never-do-anything-right which at first isnt that bad until usually about the 3rd thread on them, after that it's just going to be endless harping on how whoever it is is a dumb bitch who should delete everything and disappear and even if she did they'd still be hounding people in her real life to see and criticize what she's up to. The only exception are the very few threads on men, but even those mainly fall into picking on the women around them. So boards that remind us that we can actually get along and stop seething over each other for retarded reasons are quite nice.

No. 19798

Please unlock the Sam thread

No. 19799

I think the reason there’s mostly threads about women is because most of the users themselves are women and are therefore interested in content related to/made by other women. I hate this growing thing of people politicising and moralising the site now as a ‘woman’s space’ as if it’s a rape shelter or something or that drama is ‘woman hating’. If you feel so emotional at the concept of laughing at cows why even use the site? The idea /ot/ should be kept to remind us ‘women can get along’ and as a break from ‘woman hating’ on lolcow is ridiculous and so infantilising. I feel like people have totally lost sight of what the point of lolcow is and there are so many moralfags now. Like in the Sam thread there were literally people like ‘you’re laughing at a mentally ill person’ like do the users of this site literally not know what a lolcow is?

No. 19800

>boards that remind us that we can actually get along and stop seething over each other for retarded reasons
Lmao have you actually been on /ot/?

No. 19801

Fr, /ot/ is the most unhinged board.

No. 19802

Stop trying to make retarded board wars happen and just don't click on the ones you don't like, jesus fucking crist.

No. 19803

Can people discuss their thoughts about the state of the site and possible changes in the future without some sperg coming in whenever they hear something they don’t like with the usual ‘it’s a psyop to tear the users apart!!! You’re going to start a war!!’ maybe you could just stop clicking this thread if you don’t like it.

No. 19804

You aren't "discussing your thoughts about the state of the site", you are crying for boards you don't like to get closed and forcing the narrative of different board-related userbases because disliking a board gets more fun if you can shit on whoever uses it too.

No. 19805

someone saying their opinion about something, even if it's negative, isn't 'forcing a narrative' and this is literally a complaints and suggestions thread.

No. 19806

You got it wrong. We don't hate the board for existing, we hate the userbase for ruining the board and the site.

No. 19807

There's no fun in discussing milk in /w/ or /snow/ anymore because it's not about laughing at dumb shit the cow does, it's about nitpicking. It's weird how complaining about it is considered defending the cow when really nobody gives a fuck what somebody's vagina looks like or whether their roots are showing except for coomers and unhinged anons. Certain cows could probably start kicking grannies down the stairs and people would still only be commenting on them looking fat

No. 19808

Something I don't understand about this argument - how does the /ot/ user base ruin the board anymore than the autistic weebs or bitter cam girls that find /w/ and /snow/ through google search results and don't have any understanding of board culture?

No. 19809

Nta but those people get quickly banned because /snow/ and /pt/ (are supposed to) have stricter rules whereas /ot/ is a lot more lax so I feel like those people never really have to integrate there

No. 19810

/ot/ is a hugbox for mentally ill anons who like to air their dirty laundry out for asspats. Posters are more cowish than some of the cows on /snow/.

No. 19811

I really don't wanna participate on these pointless annoying board wars. I think mods keep boards for a reason.

However I'll say this, /w/ is a mixed bag between inactive threads, nitpicking threads, and actually interesting threads. I'm a regular on /w/ and this is my overall view of the board:

>Interesting threads:

Pixielocks: she's becoming a hardcore munchie and is steadily hinting at making nsfw content in the future. A lot of anons have recently pointed out how she might belong on /snow/ more because she barely has anything to do with jfashion anymore
Digibro: Famous anituber turned troon. His kiwifarms thread is very active and he does drugs as he does hrt. His current saga is truly something, not to mention his exgf is fucking nuts.
Lori: She goes between being interesting and not being so interesting, was recently called out by momokun because her ex Kevin wants to commit sudoku.

>Nitpicky threads

Micky Moon: honesly I think she's a cow for a reason. She's a narcissist that thinks highly of herself and says very infuriating stuff on a daily basis, plus she contradicts herself a lot all the time. She has some sort of narcissist cycle, victim->ethot->someone calls her out->victim again. But her thread is always flooding with whiteknits or nitpicks, all the anons interested in her probably left.
Venus: It's painfully obvious how many scrotes that call her ugly, haggard, manipulative etc are in the thread. I'm not a venus defender because I know she has done wrong, but I know she has no real malicious intent and is incredibly mentally ill and unstable, she just needs help. It gets tiring, it's like trying to laugh at "girl, interrupted", not that fun to do imo.
Belle Delphine: This thread reeks of scrotes that don't get what they want from her and ethots that want to be like her. There's a reason why it was put on autosage. I get it, she's a big cow, but the thread itself is annoying to even go through.

Now my theory here is that anons from /snow/ and /pt/ just don't keep up with the /w/ board at all so things are inactive and boring. It's like a feedback loop.

No. 19812

This is just stupid, baseless assumptions. You need to integrate on /ot/ too.

No. 19813

Treating your opinions as fact is.

So retarded board wars. If you want that so bad, why not stay on 4chan with boards that actually have different interests? Also who is "we"?

No. 19814

>I'm not a venus defender because I know she has done wrong, but I know she has no real malicious intent and is incredibly mentally ill and unstable, she just needs help. It gets tiring, it's like trying to laugh at "girl, interrupted", not that fun to do imo.
You are a Venus defender. I don't even read her thread but honestly it doesn't matter if someone has malicious intent or not, a cow is a cow if she shows off her embarrassing behavior in public. What do you think about all the other cows with mental illnesses?

No. 19815

Gross. Stay in /ot/ where you belong.

No. 19816

well go out and find them then?

No. 19817

Do you need someone to preface every sentence with ‘in my personal opinion I feel…’ like are you too autistic to get that obviously someone posting a complaint is just stating the way things are from their perspective

No. 19818

It’s not a baseless assumption that cow threads have stricter rules than /ot/?

No. 19819

kek love you too

That's not what you do, you voice your wish of deletion while treating your assumptions about board posters as facts. And can you stop strawmanning already? No one even says any of the stuff you keep putting in quotes.

No. 19820

I just don't understand what this argument is about. You are all mad because other anons don't browse the exact same boards that you do? Confused.

No. 19821

File: 1612119417306.png (358.98 KB, 631x794, 1_AoNhQM3qSwM0H62rxelKWg.png)

i got a ban and an integrate redtext for typing two words in a post like picrel. it was just a couple of hours long ban, so not a problem for me personally, but it highlights how extremely inconsistent and random the moderation is considering that anons post like that literally all the time. it's not an emoji or anything. never seen anyone banned for that reason before.

No. 19822

Dunno, I wouldn't call myself a defender because I don't go there to whiteknight or actively try to tell everyone why it is wrong. I just think the thread is not that fun.

No. 19823

You sound like a scrote, "go back to the kitchen where you belong". All your arguments are invalid now.

No. 19824

>she's a cow for a reason
>she's a big cow, but the thread itself is annoying to even go through.

This is how I feel too. All of the cows are milky and have threads for a reason but the milk is hidden. Nasolabial fold anons keep coming out full force to drown out the good stuff.

It's kind of a difficult problem to solve though. I think most of them are finding the board through searching the cows and admin can't really stop that, so I don't know how it would be solved. Bans can't really help because it's one out, one in with the nutjobs. I guess it's just one of those things where you have to ignore and scroll.

I think the inconsistent moderation is down to inconsistent reporting from other anons. I've posted some shit that probably deserved a ban but, because I was in a chill corner of lolcow, I never got banned. Then I've been banned for a couple of hours for petty and minor things, but only when I've posted in threads where everybody was infighting or somebody had taken person offence.

No. 19826

I recently got permabanned for advertising
But somehow I also got banned for advertising again and the ban was just some hours long?

I think the only way to solve this is to move some /w/ threads to /snow/, anons in the Jillian thread are waiting for this to happen

No. 19827

Advertising has been against the global rules for a while though. It doesn't have anything to do with terf sites

No. 19828

but why the different lenght? I don't get it

No. 19829


No. 19830

How many times are people going to come into this thread, explicitly explain exactly why they got banned and which rule they broke, so they clearly know full well what the reason was, but then be like “I’m also a terf so I guess it was because the tranny janny hates terfs”. Like are you doing it on purpose to try and create some kind of victim narrative or do you genuinely not see the cognitive dissonance?

No. 19831

No. 19832

Why the different lenght ban then? the lenghty one was terfy

No. 19833


No. 19834

Why can’t people like you just take your permaban and go. The fact that no one ever really gets permanently banned is probably partly why the site has the problems it does.

No. 19835

Nuke /meta/, all their posters do is infight and leak to other boards.

No. 19836

The ass sucking and constant white knighting on every single post in the Nina Rose Bellucci thread is getting so ridiculous. Anons are literally just talking about what she is doing and there’s two anons REEEing over and over about how it’s not milk. Every post is saged yet they still complain everyday. Can we not discuss what cows are doing!?

No. 19837

>why can't people like you
just say you hate women kek

No. 19838

So even just not wanting some permabanned gc self promoting discordfag shitting up the site is enough to mean you ‘hate women’ now. It’s honestly sad what’s happening to the site. For some reason rules are not enforced for certain threads and certain people so it keeps attracting the spergiest possible userbase, and any discussion in /meta/ on how to improve anything is immediately derailed by these same autists claiming everything is a conspiracy and whining about how lolcow has some kind of moral responsibility to provide them a cyber women’s shelter to be as autistic as they want for some reason, and any discussion they don’t like is framed as some kind of literal misogynistic hate crime. I wish lolcow had just stuck to being a gossip imageboard and had moderation actually willing to moderate.

No. 19839

Farmhands, I think it's time to nuke the vtuber thread. It's bringing in too many insane otaku malefags. They're leaking into the other boards.

No. 19840

Tbh you sound like quite the autistic sperg yourself, answering like this to such a low effort bait.

No. 19841

Not every ban is red text. Stop throwing fits about being the example because your post was red text ‘but other anons..’. Jesus. What don’t you get about the rules? You’re as bad as pick me thots. Just a matter of time before mods just deal with you again anyway.

No. 19842

blablabla yes go outside and get some sun fattie, no one takes about """the state of lolcow""", you're such a speg holy kek imagine taking a gossip board this seriously

No. 19851

I was wondering if we could move the Breadtube thread to Snow?

No. 19857

File: 1612201240800.jpg (28.78 KB, 611x152, i4JZ740.jpg)

Has the Manson thread been autosaged?

7 women finally named him today. A ton of milk is incoming.

UPD. I can see it was autosaged >>19377 Please undo, anons are fine and well behaved now.

No. 19859

people in this thread bitching about the quality of the userbase on any other site currently in existence when some of the worst posters anywhere are all packed into this thread? okay.

the various ideologies constantly warring are killing the site.

gonna say this because it's been bugging me a lot but the fact that all that cp was left up for so long is maybe another sign that admin and team need to go. you acted like it was no big deal and then blamed it on other sites and finally "not having enough mods on that side of the world"; come on. why not just take care of it and get it down? it's your site, it's on you. the whole thing was disgusting. what it looked like is that you're lazy and that you didn't care. beyond bad optics.

No. 19860

It was an hour.

No. 19861

hmm. how does that matter? whether it was an hour, ten minutes, or two, it’s a gross excuse and the people making it know deep down it’s a pathetic one, too. if admin and mods want the responsibility of running a site, then run the site and hire global mods who can handle it. telling people oh, it wasn’t around that long sounds callous and fucked up imo.

No. 19862

Are you forgetting about the number of times CP had been up for longer before?

No. 19863

no, i know there have been other times and unfortunately i was there for those, too. just wanted to say what i thought about it, and how poorly admin and mods handled it. it’s a bad look and they fucked it up, and there is no good excuse, period. the site has been a mess lately and it could have been something to point to, a sign to users who are thinking the places is a mess—i.e. ‘hey, look, we know things are kind of crazy, but we take the important stuff very seriously and we get on top of it.’ but they didn’t. they can’t even do that.

this ~is the complaint/suggestions thread, btw. i’m not ot, or trying to be an asshole. i’m also done.

No. 19865

so like what do you suggest. should we crowdfund a bat signal? this is a volunteer job and people set boundaries for when they're going to be able to help clean up the site. I don't check my work email on the weekends because I have other responsibilities and priorities. you can't fault anyone for a 1-hour lapse in moderation on one board.

it was deeply disturbing and i don't blame anyone for being upset about being exposed to that image. lolcow has always been a target of degenerate scrotes and that will not change. if it bothers you that mods can't be on call 24/7 then maybe you should leave and go to r/muacirclejerk or facebook groups

No. 19866

I honestly forgot I even saw it until anon brought it back up again. I bet my ass its the same anons thats been hopping around the site from mod bans.

No. 19867

I don't know if you read my statement about this incident >>19224 but nobody on staff condones what happened. I do have global mods and I also have people who only moderate certain boards, the problem was really that we don't have as many /pt/ moderators since the janitors were still training, and nobody with permissions saw the reports until the 40 minute mark. Since then I've added more moderation to the board. If you read up the thread you can see that the exact same images were posted again a few days later and were immediately removed.

No. 19868

It belongs on autosage.

No. 19869

I agree with this. Lolcow has always been meant to be niche. It was never meant to cater to everyone—you can join some stan fag guild on twitter for that. We don’t need lolcow to be more popular or have more traffic when the traffic is the kind of cringe tards that think the shitpost thread (which was disbanded for a reason, why is it back?) is funny. Now there are more anons telling stories and blogging in snow than ever, and I rarely see them redtexted so it just continues.

No. 19870

That's what I said too and everyone lashed out at me.

No. 19871

I don’t think it’s everyone, I think it’s jilted newfags that want to run the site into the ground until it’s a hybrid of lipstick alley and twitter

No. 19872

>We don’t need lolcow to be more popular or have more traffic
How does saying "Non-cow boards don't need to be deleted" the same as saying "Lolcow needs to be more popular"? Also, if anything it's /snow/ that drives in more newfags. The only thing in the non-milk boards that brought new users was the now defunct kpop threads.
>I rarely see them redtexted so it just continues.
No redtext =/= no ban
>which was disbanded for a reason, why is it back?
Because it's different from the dumbass shit thread. You guys act like shitposting on an imageboard is a crime.

No. 19874

It'd be really nice to have a trans widows topic in OT for people who want to blog about what they dealt with. Idk if there'd be enough interest, but it'd be kinda nice to talk about people who aren't technically cows/snow type material that do their crappy crazy things publicly online. Or maybe an abusive ex thread in OT?

No. 19876

There an abusive ex thread in /g/ I think?

No. 19877

That would turn into CG fighting fast

No. 19879

You still haven't answered how these "newfags" are supposed to all find and originate from /ot/ instead of getting lead here through having lc at the first result as their cow searches, drama youtubers crediting lc as their source or outright showing it and places like LA, twitter, kiwifarms and PULL namedropping Lolcow or cow threads from here. The solution isn't deleting boards because you think they are autistic, it's forcing newfags to integrate and more important, reporting rule breaking content when you see it instead of the useless bitching here.

No. 19880

Red-texting is important. Newfags need to see why other people are getting banned, instead of scrolling a thread and seeing four unsaged derails or personal blogs in snow in near succession and think oh, cool that’s how we talk here.

No. 19881

/pt/ mods?! Some asshole is posting the same cp again

No. 19882

Admin-sama someone is posting cp.

No. 19883

cp is being posted in /pt/

No. 19884


No. 19885

Tell me when it's safe to browse /pt/ again

No. 19886

I didn't see any on the first page. I think it's safe.

No. 19887

Phew, thanks

No. 19888

This obviously isn't enough

No. 19889

Bless you for trying anon but this has been dragging on for ages. FHs being allergic to redtext has been a problem for ages. Even "hellweek" is more like "pissweak" now.

Anyhow I know it's mUh BoArD cUlTuRe by is thee any real reason why all the no1curr cancer and vendetta threads in pt don't just get deleted? Or not locking all the ancient threads that will never get new milk, just spam that surfaces them? Same problem in snow but less noticeable.

No. 19890

The white knight baiting and nitpicking in the ProJared/Holly thread is reaching new levels. Can a farm hand please look at it?

No. 19891

File: 1612291364824.jpg (237.44 KB, 1047x964, Screenshot_20210202-104024_Chr…)

Did the mods even read the previous post about calling anons salties and roasties which is what this was referring to,not belles fucking vagina? Jfc. Roastie IS a term used for fat as it isn't JUST an internet term. This is a really retarded ban. I'll take it as its short, but REALLY? The upthread post says NOTHING about her vagina and all about how she is making money while anons defend she isn't making money which is just retarded thinking to begin with. Its like generation language is policed too if the internet deams one thing means one thing only.

No. 19892

File: 1612291487045.jpg (214.01 KB, 1080x528, Screenshot_20210202-104429_Chr…)

I guess I could see this as infighting, but anons always call other anons out of the reaches they pull without it being called infighting, but the roasties thing is retarded to read this as vagina when I meant fat. Sensitive as fuck.

No. 19893

Feel kind of bad that this seems so hostile and I think I just woke up salty. I should've seen why roastie would've been seen that way, but I really did mean fat. I know the belle thread is hard to mod already and we did have the vag obsessed anon, but also my posts show I've called them out on being obsessed about it. I honestly don't care about what her vag looks like.

No. 19894

And? You still used the word "roasties" to refer to women. It's disgusting.

No. 19895

Jaelle keeps self posting in her thread, can she be perma-banned please?

No. 19896

Anons use multiple terms to refer to each other on here and anons do ot when talking about cows too. Don't take it personally anon. Generalization doesn't mean all. You're 'not all men'ning it. Lol

No. 19898

I think mods are probably already aware but leftcows got posted on twitter and is being raided

No. 19899

It’s ridiculous. There’s no reason why there shouldn’t be redtexted bans. Why refuse to redtext unless you’re worried that your contradictory janny practices will come to light? I don’t have any qualms or conspiratorial beliefs about the staff but I also think it’s silly if not suspect to be so against redtexting consistently.

No. 19901

This is still happening, there’s a lot of unsaged trolls and political derailing.

No. 19902

File: 1612347210133.jpg (273.23 KB, 1080x1538, IMG_20210203_111129.jpg)

are you guys retarded? heart is the one emoji allowed on lolcow, it's literally been coded into the imageboard. the code for it is # < 3 (without spaces obviously).
I'm sure it's mentioned somewhere in the lolcow formatting rules

No. 19903

File: 1612348170246.jpg (443.14 KB, 1080x2100, IMG_20210203_112220.jpg)

No. 19905

I know a mod said they are training and I get that can be difficult, mods makes mistakes, but like even I know that's been allowed for over a year and I don't even go to the tech thread. I learned that through admin approving it in a previous complaint threadm lol

No. 19906

I don't think all jannies are reg posters. I believe admin says she also gets her friends to do the job.

No. 19907

A thread for Adam driver fangirls? Really lolcow?

No. 19908

leftcows thread is a fucking mess and has been bringing undesirable attention to the site way too long. should be nuked.

No. 19909

Literally the only person that would post this here would have to be a driverfag. I absolutely was the number one person against that shit and I couldn't care less that they have their own thread.

You guys love to be such drama fags. Nobody cares anymore about your stupid shit.

No. 19910

Can we stop the insane nitpicking in YouTube general? The corpse haters are nitpicking to shit. They’re now tinfoiling he smells like piss off of their tinfoil he’s an alcoholic and a logging how they hop he gets busted for child grooming. There’s no milk yet and it just clogs up the thread and has me and others avoiding it now.

No. 19911

The CP spammer is back on /pt/, those who are sensitive might want to avoid the first page

No. 19912

MOooooods theres CP on /pt/ again!

Admin, maybe you should add mods that are online at this time of the night? Not trying to seem imposing, just giving a suggestion!

No. 19913

No, I just don’t want absolute fucking cancer on the boards and giving those autistic desperate hags their own thread is enabling? Why the fuck would we want that kind of shit on here?

No. 19914

CP has been removed, thank you farmhands

No. 19915

I think it's the person who found out about AD thread through celebricows.
Wtf do you complain about a thread that you can hide?
Love your assumption that driverfags aren't regular lolcow users when you don't even know why the thread was created and just discovered that it exists.
How about you continue ignoring /m like you did before and let people enjoy themself?

No. 19917

It definitely does bring a lot of undesirable attention but mods usually seem to get to it pretty quickly and the white knights usually give up after a few hours. I honestly think it’s one of the funniest threads and it shouldn’t be nuked, the cows are milky and there’s definitely way worse threads. Maybe it could be put on autosage or something during periods where it’s being spammed.

No. 19918

Once again, mods are not sitting and staring at the screen, refreshing and looking for cp to delete.

There will be times when no mod is online, even in the right timezone, why is that so difficult for users to understand.

No. 19919

They're the anisafags of yt general. If you even dare call it out you'll be met with ree'ing about how you're condoning the actions of a pedo moid or are one of his simps. Best anyone can do is wait till they decide to make their own containment thread or until they relax themselves.

No. 19921

You’re right. I’m just ready for them to either have a containment thread for their inane nitpicking or for them to stop blog posting their tinfoil hate. We get it you don’t like him, we don’t like him either.
But I also get the mods are busy. I was just frustrated.

No. 19922

Mods may want to keep an eye on the Heather Sparkles thread, tons of people namefagging and not saging

No. 19923

samefag, someone is now pretending to be Heather. They make a pretty convincing Heather so it might actually be her though kek

No. 19924

Can we plase get a mod in the Heather sparkles thread?

No. 19925

“Driverfags” are not regular farmers because this phenomena didn’t happen until recently. Where were they in 2019 and before? Bullshit. Giving them a “containment thread” implies that he is an exception to the general rule we’ve had since what, 2014 about fanposting? Why am Adam Driver thread when we don’t even have a k poop general anymore? Absolutely ridiculous.

No. 19926

True and a lot of them did avatarfag with seemingly no repercussions

No. 19927

They bitched about bans before in ot and maybe here in meta

No. 19928

i have no horse in this race but who gives a fuck about some pointless memeing to feel the need to go off about it this much?

No. 19929

That thread has been up for months so why are you complaining about it now? It's a containment thread so just hide it

No. 19930

There's CP again.

No. 19931


And shitty threads on /PT/. Where are the mods.

No. 19932

CP on /pt/ and I'm not going back to report it bc I won't see it again.

No. 19933

I just reported it so hopefully it gets deleted swiftly. It looks like a spam bot and is similar to what gets posted on other small image boards. I don't know if it's possible but maybe the solution is to add an illegal category to the report system that would enable any available farmhand to delete it. 4chan has such a function IIRC.

No. 19934

I second this idea if possible! It might make it easier on the farmhands too, I imagine this issue isn’t fun for them either…

No. 19935

bitch this is my 5th or 6th year here. I am posting from time to time about my weirdo interests but only AD (and collecting toys, but I'm not op of that thread) have caught on enough for a thread to take off.
Just hide the thread and stop bitching, we made it so people like you would stop whining about seeing AD in /OT. Fair enough but I don't get why retards like you still complain when we keep to our thread and play nicely.
I'm not complaining about the Timothy thread (good luck girls), or femdom or BL etc. I just ignore them and let anons have their fun. I recommend you to get that stick out of your ass and do the same.
Another anon complained in celebricows about 'having to watch mentally ill driverfags pretend he isn't ugly' and I can't help but ask her and everyone else like this: bitch, then why are you watching??? Are you jealous we have an active thread with actual discussion or what?

No. 19936

forgot to add
>Why am Adam Driver thread when we don’t even have a k poop general anymore?
because we don't cause trouble, infight etc? As far as I am aware, k-pop was banned due to being inflamatory and bringing in twitterfags. I never read
those threads so correct me if I am wrong.
>Where were they in 2019 and before? Bullshit. Giving them a “containment thread” implies that he is an exception to the general rule we’ve had since what, 2014 about fanposting?
Okay show me where it's written in the rules that you cannot currently have a thread like that. A few years ago there was no /m and the board was quite different (emojis were in use or considered, absolutely wild). I was only frequenting /pt and /snow back then, but I see why a fan thread would be out of place in those or maybe even /ot. I don't know why would it be a problem now, when there are various niche interests threads.

No. 19937

Because celebrity worship as a special interest in 1000% cow behavior and attracts cows

No. 19938

captcha is annoying but maybe a temporary implementation of it could stop automated raids?

No. 19939

I'll take annoying over cp any time. Bring on the captcha if it will help

No. 19940

Yeah, I am also a driversperg and I've been here since 2015. Times of only /pt/ and /b/.
Hide the thread.
By the way, there was 52 kpop threads, including the criticals (as it started) until it became general. I used to lurk those threads because I like gossip and they were nuked last year simply because it attracted too many twitter minors that would just sperg and be general newfags. If the content itself was the problem, there wouldn't be fucking 52 threads on the subject.

Thirding the captcha. It's kinda of annoying but it's not a big deal, 4chan has it

No. 19942

>implying cow harvesting from the fan threads is a bad thing
It’s like renewable energy or something like that.

No. 19943

I would love CAPTCHA tbh. It's not overly annoying.

No. 19944

No, I understand your frustration anon. I think rite-aid lilypichu has all the ingredients to be a cow, but just hasn't done anything milky yet. All the impatient "anons" screeching about how he's an uggo fatty-kun that smells like piss while writing novels about how much they hate him are giving me a headache. The shitposts last thread really sealed the deal for me that most of them are either underage or just twitterfags who can't contain their autism.

No. 19945

unlock this thread please

No. 19946

Seconding this, I've been lurking since 2015, possibly earlier, and I love the adam driver shit. It's funny.

If you don't like it then hide the thread.

No. 19948

90% of people are cows then
good luck harvesting us when we are anonymous (and most likely boring irl kek). Anyway it's all good if you enjoy the AD thread from the perspective of a cow watcher, just don't shit it up with infighting and bait. And if AD triggers you, just hide it.

No. 19950

>I know she has no real malicious intent
We can only go by evidence, not by what you think you know about her.
From what we've seen:
>she grifts small businesses by not paying their invoices and dodging them after she gets what she wants because she's broke and lives off meager simpbucks
>openly plans social media comebacks and never follows through
>cites mental illness as excuses whenever she is called out for any behavior (you call Pixielocks a "munchie" for citing her issues with mental illness on social media, but at least Pixielocks actually follows through with an upload schedule despite having considerably less viewership support than Venus so, yeah, your bias is showing)
>shoops her pictures into laughably alien proportions while claiming they're true and honest depictions of herself
She never gets better, and if she doesn't belong there then neither does Pixielocks or Lori.

>Belle Delphine

>reeks of scrotes that don't get what they want from her
What are you talking about? Even if the thread was solely to document the public porn she's resorted to in order to make money because everyone's actually a secret scrotie, she's still given scrotes exactly what they've wanted from her all along. The porn. The puss. Everything.
The reason why her thread is so interesting is because people like you were defending her a year ago saying how she could indefinitely make bank selling scrotes non-lewd catfish photos of herself. Well, look at her now, going to porn because the people manufacturing her e-girl image and hype noticed that the money started to dwindle as she became older and older news. That's the thing about making your money off male audiences as a woman: They will always want more and when you finally show off the goods, you're washed up & old news.
If anything she belongs there as an example. Yeah, the nitpicking is stupid and an autosage is warranted at times, but the overall story is an absolute horrorshow.

No. 19951

Nta but honestly, Venus is one of the most boring cows in /w/, her entire thread is just one big sperg party where anons either say she's hideous or pretty. It's tiring and I wish lengthy discussions about her appearance would be a bannable offence.

No. 19952

>one big sperg about whether she's pretty or hideous
I could say the same about multiple threads on /pt/ and /snow/. I just scroll past posts I don't want to read.

No. 19953

Nta but, jannies should purge repetitive posts that are essentially "x is fat, ugly, and unsexy." Really clogs up the thread when you have to read the same phrase just reworded and it's how some of the more mundane cows can somehow get their threads up into the double digits.

No. 19954

Ayr, that's fair but it's still nitpicking and it's a bannable offence in most threads. Venus anons are just feral and do that a lot more often than others

No. 19955

I don’t think AD posting is a bad thing, why you gotta be so defensive over it?
I just think having different fan threads would be fun because true cows would come out and identify themselves like the cows they are.

No. 19956

any response on if the Breadtube Thread can be moved to Snow?

No. 19957

Sorry kind anon, I misunderstood you. I'm used to some farmers being hostile toward driverfags, even when we keep to our containment.
Wouldn't mind seeing cows, though hopefully not newfags. Somehow doubt that AD twitter/reddit stans would like to post here tho.

No. 19958

What happened to the mtf thread? Was it finally canned? Lol

No. 19959

>I just think having different fan threads would be fun because true cows would come out and identify themselves like the cows they are.
what does that mean

No. 19960

Still there anon.

No. 19961

What's the difference between leftcows and breadtubers?

No. 19962

/ot/ users really hate what people post the cow threads, which is fine, but they also go to said threads to tell people to stop posting what they don't like. /ot/ is cancer.

No. 19963

There are no cow threads in /ot/, wdym?

No. 19964

Fucking lock the Erin Painter thread, it’s a mess. Tinfoil and nitpicking everyday when Erin doesn’t do shit anymore. The desperation for milk is so embarrassing. Now there’s an anon bragging about how she’s going to purposely fuck with the cow to get milk. Lock. The. Thread. At least until she actually does something.

No. 19965

I just ignore that because most likely they have a particular cow or two in mind that they relate to or have sympathy for. So they look to give them special treatment to alleviate their own guilt and shame while ignoring the plight of other cows they don't care about but who are getting the same treatment and worse as the cows they want left alone.

No. 19966

someone’s posting cp on /pt/ with links.

No. 19967

Someone’s posting cp again

No. 19968

CP in /pt/ ugh

No. 19969

There's still cp on /pt/, its been up for a long time.

No. 19970

Just reported a sick pedo post in /pt/ fucking degenerate.

No. 19971

reported the cp on /pt/

No. 19972

camping here until the cp is gone lol

No. 19973

CP on pt has been up for a while now

No. 19974

The CP is gone. I recommend clearing your browsers cache if it still shows up for you.

No. 19975

Its not. Even farmhands have addressed that most of the discussion is lolisperg and vagsperg. You don't get to get away with nitpicking just because you think in general everything a cow does is horror when tbh she has shock value, but otherwise she no different from other thots. And yes, she could've kept making bank on teasing. She wanted to get naked and she got out with bank with it and keeps making bank. Salty comments decorating the thread without backing aside from your own blogsperg opinion, is derailing as fuck. The thread wouldn't have to be autosaged if the anons who pulled this shit would just stay banned.

No. 19976

i think the belle thread is the biggest shitshow on this site but you don't know wtf you're talking about.
This girl swore off porn and mocked girls for doing it a few years ago. Then she meets some 2/10 fat boy on the internet that pretends to be a photographer and she's showing more and more until she's making double pen porn with the lard sack.
And yes, she very much is "shocking" on purpose, but she also spergs the fuck out everytime people take issue with her being "shocking". She's a complete retard. Moo also makes bank and that doesn't make her any less of a cow.
Her and her bf will be done soon and when they do the wretle over the brand is going to be top kek

just keep the thread on autosage and ban the retards

No. 19977

>>>/ot/128657 please open this thread, I find it cool and could dump some good resources here

No. 19978

File: 1612504733165.png (27.74 KB, 742x568, cow.png)

who is the cow? why dont we do this with cows that selfpost and defend themselves? Like mickey and her whiteknights

No. 19979

We have a language thread, >>>/ot/569079 bumped it for you if you wanna post there

No. 19980

We need help in the Manson thread, one of the girls accusing him posted about lolcow on her Instagram and it’s being absolutely flooded with blogging and derailing by people who can’t even figure out how to sage or reply

No. 19982

File: 1612532944154.png (33.65 KB, 1839x239, Capture.PNG)

Can this shit be taken care of? Because its not even the first time its happened. You'll see people doing it in Moo's thread and other places. Its like some people missed the memo that this is a fucking gossip website. Cows/flakes getting called out by non-farmers through non-lc means isn't cowtipping. Especially when they've already been well known for two whole decades like Lori has. Policing people in threads because you think that they should have some catty bitch etiquette a la your way stifles discussions, causes infighting sperg shit, minimizes the actions of thread subjects, and derails threads.

This isn't PULL. This retarded shit isn't necessary or welcome.

No. 19983

that's not what the cow eyeroll means

No. 19984

I blame it on /ot/

No. 19985

It’s not even just that like in every sense the website would be so much better if there were no off topic boards

No. 19987

Thread is bumped with non saged, non-imageboard posting vendetta bullshit again. Wheres the mod to fullfill that vendetta closure they promised if this vendetta-chan kept coming back. They even tried the new cosplay thread already to try to bypass her thread to skip bans (got one anyway thankfully). Im not about to hide athread that constantly breaks rules when it should be reported and farmhand has said before that non milk is a closure reason.

Its BEEN not milk since they mentioned it still. https://lite.lolcow.farm/w/res/95156.html


No. 19988

One anon keeps posting screencaps of them commenting on lori and kevins posts, trying to instgate cow collision. They are NOT actively interacting and it isnt milk.

No. 19989

File: 1612544313170.jpeg (802.18 KB, 1166x1735, 276FFB34-C6AE-4224-9191-4E1C4E…)

Could farmhands release the post history of the person who posted the screenshot in leftcows? People in the thread won’t shut up about if she was framed or not. One anon admitted to making it up for drama

No. 19990

Came here to post about this. It was obviously not the girl but it would probably be better if mods could confirm it so people stop arguing about it. Also the thread currently has some racebaiting newfag from twitter.

No. 19991

File: 1612549817544.jpeg (85.79 KB, 1147x248, 89E9370C-F135-4226-9234-99C636…)

If any farmhands aren’t too busy would it be possible to get a post in the leftcows thread like in the Manson thread? It’s been posted about by a bunch of people on twitter and for the last three days keeps attracting people just posting unsaged racebait and political derailing

No. 19992

Suggestion: redtext all bans to put the users to shame. Maybe not in all threads if you don't want to, but at least the ones full of trolls.

No. 19993

most of them like the attention

No. 19994

Am I the only one who noticed the imbeciles that keep bumping threads for no reason on /w/ and /snow/? I feel like there's a sudden massive influx of newfags

No. 19995

Someone unsaged the belle thread??

No. 19999

There's cp in pt

No. 20000

Please for the love of God, do something about the CP. A captcha or word filter. It's obviously a fucking problem. You can delete it but it'll obviously come back.

I used to be mod during first Admin years and it was never this bad at all. Please do something.

No. 20002

Can mods please ban any simp for footface in the current and future Onion threads from now on? Cuz that would be great!

They keep shitting the threads white knighting this bitch which has become very distracting.

No. 20008

I agree. Some threads are becoming intolerable. Celbricows has tanked since moving to snow.

No. 20009

Can a mod put Belle back on autosage >>>/w/134956 Usagi might want to be autosaged as someone keeps selfposting and asspatting themselves >>>/w/136891

No. 20010

The milk just started flowing, why are you trying to lock the Lori Lewd thread after two posts? They'll just keep getting banned. A bunch of people are going to be looking for this thread after the exposed video was made about her
Are you the same WK from earlier or too dumb to realize you're assisting a cow in burying their own milk?

No. 20011

The Onision thread has some how became the Laineybot thread. Anti-Lainey and Pro-Lainey have been going at it for days and one of them writes literal essays in one post. I would hope that both sides get banned for derailment.

No. 20012

No one said lock and it’s been a massive unsaged mess for days. The fact that the last thread filled up with old milk even though it already was archived to begin with was so unnecessary too. The thread is shit.

No. 20014

How much more could people talk about it. It’s already brought up constantly in /ot/. Almost every post in the mtf thread is just gc derailing. Pretty much no actual cows being discussed ever.

No. 20015

It's one of the more active threads on /w/ regardless of how you feel personally. I guess it can die out, it's just very suspect all of a sudden out of nowhere as SOON as people outside of farms start looking at these threads, "anons" are asking for auto sage and claiming the whole thread is dead and old milk. Really strange. Nobody had anything to say about it until that one birdy retard got banned. I really don't understand why after six threads just now people are complaining. The last 5 have been recaps mostly and some vague facebook posts. This is the milkiest Usagi Kou has been in years.

No. 20016

A tranny fashion thread would be interesting. It would help the muh cows posters like >>20014 who think that these men dressing like anime girls or middle aged men dressing like 8 year old girls isn't milky enough.
I doubt it would ever happen though.

No. 20017

Have you read the mtf thread? The majority of posts are not about men dressing as 8 year old girls or whatever the majority of them are just discussing gc topics, manifesto length details about menstruation, or posts from ‘trans widows’ which aren’t really mtf cow content and are clearly just trying to instigate gc derailing. We wouldn’t need a new thread for that kind of thing, that’s what the mtf thread was supposed to be used for.

No. 20018

File: 1612613661949.jpg (52.41 KB, 500x500, integrate omg.jpg)

I feel like celebricows is doing what the kpop threads used to do, they both attract a bunch of nitpicky newfags from twitter
Some of the stuff posted there is fine (Chrissy Teigen's 13k wine meltdown was pretty milky imo) but you really have to skim past the infighting and constant uninteresting AB/Lana/Grimes updates
I wish AB would at least be contained in another thread, that might help a bit

No. 20019

Also sage for samefag but I recommend having a hellweek soon

No. 20020

It’s obvious we have a significant influx of newfags, probably more obvious than I’ve ever noticed in the last six years?

No. 20021

You sound like you use it a lot and you came crying hi cow to the thread because I called out why old,already archived milk didnt need to be reposted and fill 3 threads and now its fake drama trying to be riled up between moo and lori when they arent actively interacting and havent in 2 years. Anins going out of their way to try to cause drama by instigating and posting about what they say to kevin and lori, even moos instagram has the SAME sockpuppet account commenting that old drama too to get Moo to react. Not to mention the 'little bird' self poster, asspatting, samefag. Jfc.

No. 20022

Nonnie most of those accounts are gone and the tipper was banned. Nobody asked Moo for any of the receipts and people explained this to you. Nobody is calling hi cow, we were just calling you a cow because you're actively trying to surpress the thread and inadvertently you would be helping Lori bury her bullshit. Why would you help a cow unless YOU are a cow in some regard? It's fair for anons there to think you're undercover because old Kou members have been defending her publicly, they know about lolcow and KF. Stop acting like everyone in there is breaking rules but you. You refuse to drop the derailment and are begging the mods to auto sage like a faggot. Hide the thread and move on. Stop helping the fucking cows and just report tippers and shut up.

No. 20023

Last 2 posts hi cowed by saying it’s not anons and it’s either Lori or Kevin or being vague alluding to them. Stop skirting the bullshit, anon. You know very well how ridiculous the thread is right now.

No. 20024

File: 1612642348139.jpeg (387.54 KB, 1429x672, E9D275BF-E9E8-41DD-8D15-AC0431…)

Like this isn’t even milk. We don’t need every post she does posted just to have all captions and the following ones just be nitpicking. I’m not hiding a thread just because you want to ignore rules because ‘BuT iTs A GossIp FoRuM”. Can’t enjoy any threads with you minute nitpicking retards constantly filling everything up with useless self posting, cowtipping, and ‘I heard..’ without sage. What about any of that is a good thread to read?

No. 20025

Then hide the thread or move to a different farm, this entire site is people nitpicking without sage. Nearly every consistently active thread on /snow/ and /w/ are filled with the same bullshit. Also if this bothers you THAT much become a janny and help everyone out. Until then your chimping looks suspect and embarrassing

No. 20026

Your argument consists of not wanting to sage when it’s in the rules to do so. I’m not going to hide a thread I like to visit just so anons can do whatever the fuck they want. It’s the same in the Belle thread. Why not just follow the rules? How fucking hard is that? Why are you trying to justify why these threads should be allowed to do whatever they want? I bet they get reports, it’s not all red text, so don’t worry about that and no, I’m not Lori. Stop assuming everyone who calls your your bullshit is a lurking cow.

No. 20027

I sage, so you can save that shit for someone else. Thanks though. Like I said, if it's this bothersome then apply to be a farmhand and straighten this shit out. Clearly you have the time and care enough to do something like that. Also, I never thought you were lori or said as much. I said if it was likely to be anyone related to the situation, it would be people tangential to the parties directly involved i.e a Kou or friend of Kev and Lori. The thread should exist because there's actual milk happening. I know farmhands and admin are cleaning up /w/ but it's not likely a priority given the recent bullshit like CP and /snow/ threads going off the rails. Eventually /w/ will go back to it's baseline and you will be able to breathe and browse your weeaboo board. Relax your shoulders and close the tab for a little bit, anon.

No. 20030

Calm down anon. You sperg in here and the thread about boohoo tan on reported the thread to meta, which further derails. You’re not helping. More reason to sage it. No one is saying to nuke it.

That photo with a salty nitpick caption isn’t milk. What’s the milk? Honestly please tell me aside from bashing her outfit and looks. What is the DRAMA in that photo. These are useless fucking posts.

No. 20032

You type like a retard.

No. 20033

You mean the youtuber who has an existing, hudreds of posts, thread? You have got to be kidding me. She's a cow who everyone knows selfposts even on KF, was caught here obviously (or apparently an anon with "ins" with her with their retarded little bird bit). Its an imageboard. Hearsay isn't milk and thats the same as promoting if youre trying to rile up anons for updates you dont even have yet. Like wtf is yoyr damage not to see how all this is a waste of time and breaks rules?

No. 20034

Just to add that the samefag asspatting is just so cringe. "Great find, anon!" "Thank you little bird!" "Totally appreciate your contributions anons!" Do this shit off the threads. This isn't a chatroom.

No. 20035

ntayrt but who fucking cares if rtg is the one who picks the story up? awareness is awareness. we all know she's a flake herself, but that doesn't automatically mean that another video on lori and her bullshit is somehow invalid.

its pretty reasonable for people to be suspicious of you, because like other anons have stated its been five whole ass threads and only in this one has someone just begun to get uppity. technically, someone (was it you, anon?) was uppity in the last one by claiming that folderfag was 'obsessive with a vendetta on Lori uwu' and it was still only ONE person.

people have explained things to you countless times and threads die organically on this site. you're seriously under no obligation to visit Lori's thread, so why keep chimping out? because i'm not seeing a benefit for anybody here except the cows in question if such a thing were to happen.

No. 20036

Nta but, I mind when self posting tards shill their shit on here because then we get an influx of newfags and selfposters who think we all want to hear them read the info from threads verbatim while giving their shitty takes.

No. 20047

why was my thread, >>>/w/136984 locked? w is a cosplay general, and the subject of the thread met the requirements of a thread.

No. 20048

Fuck hellweek, we are in desperate need of a hellmonth

No. 20049

Anon, the self posters inevitably get banned or run out. I'm not talking about them. My post was addressing why someone wants a thread to be shut down so badly conveniently after a cow is beginning to receive comeuppance.

If you're not that anon and you're not bringing a sufficient rebuttal to what I was talking about then be on your way.

No. 20051

W is a web board, not a general like 4chan has a general. There is a thread specifically for costhots and your shit is vendetta anyway. Everything mentioned is laughably mundane.

No. 20053

No one said shut down. Being SAGED isn't shutting down and when it's overrun by old milk thread filling, newfags trying to shill their own garbage videos, and the countless unsaged nitpicking instagram posts that arent milk, then yeah. Its time to sage a thread that doesn't need to be bumped and other anons cant even read because of all the bs cluttering the thread up. The same with the Belle thread. Now stop spazzing out about it being 'shut down'. You sound really dumb thinking that's what a saged thread means.

No. 20057

Nah, you don't get a free pass to break rules in the thread. You only focused on the video issue and not all the other issues. Not to Mentone cowtipping and bragging about trying to add the cow on socials and yes, the little bird thing was shilling hype for wilting that hasnt even been made and then came the high fiving "great job anon!" asspatting. This isn't a chatroom.

No. 20059

File: 1612763733398.png (41.66 KB, 183x181, its not hard fucker.PNG)

Faggot I don't know who you think everyone is, but I never replied to the bird anon with anything. I scrolled past it. And, I know what the sage means. The point is that threads which are placed on auto sage die faster and its incredibly convenient, as others have said before, that there's suddenly an influx of "anons" who have a problem with the Lori thread and want it swept to the side.

You retards don't fucking get and yet screech at everyone else despite the fact that we're not coming into your respective haunts and demanding they be auto saged or telling everyone that their milk isn't milk.

What part about not clicking on a thread or hiding it do you not get?

No. 20060

>This much autistic fighting
Go do it on Kiwifarms.net (Please), the largest most comprehensive lolcow forum in existence.

No. 20063

Can the Lolcow Discord Cows thread be moved to /ot/, please? >>>/snow/1155598

No. 20064

screenshots have been posted that suggest someone in the LC discord has been cooming over nazis and cowtipping/causing twitter drama by convincing people they’re babivampire (or maybe they are babivampire, dunno). screenshots/info in these threads
sorry if this isn’t a problem for here! just thought farmhands might want to know and we can’t report this potential cowtipping the normal way

No. 20067

This is the complaints thread, anon. The mods need to see it and do shit about it. Or are you the same anon and now trying to silence people for another reason?

No. 20069

I think the altcows threads need a 1 day ban rule now for the “this is not goth” derail which inevitably comes up every fucking thread for absolutely no reason. I have no clue if it is the same anon doing it, but we had been doing so well for a while without this being mentioned, and now they’re starting again, ugh.

No. 20070

Wow this person is doing a really retarded oldfag larp, KEK

No. 20071


Why was it closed? Legit asking. I think whoever reported this is a big crybaby. You shouldn't post this cringe weird shit online to begin with

No. 20072


yeah, wtf - im fixing to start a new thread in /snow/ over it

No. 20073

I'm also curious why farmhands closed it.
It's the LC discord server. If you don't want your weird nazi shit to get out, maybe kick those racist users.

No. 20074

As much as I liked the thread, giving the spergs an audience would probably make the discord mod’s job impossible in the long run. It’s not like other people are going start having normal conversations when every autist is acting trying to get into the next screenshot.

No. 20077

Well then that's the discord mods fault. Those users were already talking about and doing the shit they were doing before that thread was created. As long as no one cowtips it shouldn't be an issue
>normal conversations when every autist is acting trying to get into the next screenshot.
What? if they want to have a normal convo they can do that no issue. It's the weird shit they say (on their own) that farmers want to screenshot

No. 20079

Would this not be considered revenge porn?

No. 20082

File: 1612850790490.png (275.13 KB, 709x593, 1.png)

Not complaining about the ban, I just wanna know why is it marked as a shit thread? I thought it would be fun and stuff. I'm curious and want to know, not complaining

No. 20083

probably because it's like giving LARPers a checklist of what not to do?

No. 20084

ngl, threadpic + title is like scrote bait

No. 20085

Someone is posting spoilered images of their '15 yr old ex' on /PT/. Idk what the images are, I refuse to open them.

No. 20086

it spread to /w/ as well, i reported the ones i saw but more could be flooding atm

No. 20087

If you closed ot (cancerous, cringe) there would be more time to moderate the boards that actually matter.

No. 20088

Agreed. Those posts (probably CP and I'm not opening it to find out) on /w/ have been up for over an hour. Where are all the farmhands? I don't see any of the duplicate posts in /pt/ anymore.

No. 20089


No. 20090

Why do you guys keep asking for this? /ot/ is fine and I'm pretty sure there are different farmhands for each board.

No. 20091

i’m sorry, if you’re going to close down /ot/ might as well close down the entire site. all the cow threads are shit, boring cows full of nitpicking and literal non existent milk. just fuck off to kiwifarms.

No. 20092

there are different mods for different things, idiots

No. 20094

…and with no more ot, the mods assigned to ot can help clean up the dumpster fire that is snow and w, retard

ot is fucking cringe and the entire site is falling apart

No. 20095

>/ot/ is cringe and the entire site is falling appart!!!
>older lolcow was better!!!

Yeah, the stupid contrarians that think this gotta go, this bad complaint was also a thing 5 years ago on your "golden era of lolcow"
Check this out.
If you go all the way down in the catalogue, you will find very retarded threads with lack of moderation. There's literally a tread that says "do you like traps?" and shit like that. It was even worse back then and literal scrotes -not the "scrote sounding" anons you're so afraid of- roamed free and nobody said anything to them.
Is this the shit you want? Do you preffer real cancer and shit threads to people just talking about their problems? There's more moderation and organization now than ever. Stop trying to paint /ot/ and the non drama boards as bad, admins are not going to suddenly close them because a salty anon said so.

No. 20096


Ok doomer, the site is fine and the cow boards are way more cringe if you want to get technical about it.

No. 20097

I’m sorry that you’re clinging to the retarded shitpost and vent threads for dear life and refusing to call a spade a spade

No. 20098

>/ot/ is cringe
and the rest of the boards are not? They're full of pulltards, e-girls critizicing other sluts, stupid nitpicking and lack of good milk. Threads are full anons that sound like broken records and make the same vendetta-sounding posts over and over. Maybe put yourself out to pasture for a while so you calm down?

If you don't like the threads hide them, it's easy as shit. Why would anyone be this stupid as to not hide threads they don't like?

No. 20099

It's pretty clear a lot of anons have an unhealthy obsession with /ot/, as evidenced by their pearl clutching whenever it gets criticized here.

No. 20100

If the board is there, it means farmhand wants it there. Stop minimoding. The ones who are truly obsessed with /ot/ are the ones who keep bringing it up about how ""it destroys lolcow"". Are you so fragile that anons posting their opinions on a vent thread makes you so mad that you want the whole board to be nuked? Rent free. Go outside.

No. 20101

Close /ot/ anon is baiting everyone. Just ignore them. Let them sperg by themself.

No. 20102

This thread should have stayed locked. It's full of NLOG cringe.

No. 20103

>stop minimodding
nta but this is the meta thread you mong

No. 20106

Just wanted to say that as far as redtexting goes, never have I ever seen as much enforcement of '/ot/ rule 7' on that farmer discord cow thread than anywhere else on that board before.
Also shouldn't "cow" threads like that really go in /snow/? Seems like it falls under "personal cows" to me but farmhands seem invested for some funny reason.

No. 20107

I've seen (rule 7) and (/ot/ rule 7) several times before, newfag.

What's your point in this anyway?

No. 20108

The mod for the server is also a farmhand here. That's why it went back and forth between locked and unlocked.

No. 20109

I think saying that the entire site is falling apart is kinda dramatic, the moderation is a bit all over the place but nuking the non-drama boards would kill the site

nta but she was saying that people itt are getting banned for disobeying rule 7 more than in any other thread. Learn to read

No. 20110

I read, retard. She said "as far as redtexting" goes. I have seen threads that have that many redtexts, newfag.

No. 20112

sage for samefag but that being said, the lc discord thread does have bunch of people (who are obviously the gals on the discord server) complaining about the thread, so I understand why there's a push for bans over /ot/'s rule 7

newsflash: not everyone who disagrees with you is a newfag/retard. Expand your vocabulary past that pls, it's getting repetitive

No. 20113

I think that thread may be getting stricter moderation for the simple fact that it's about farmers. That alone is encouraging people who were/are in the discord to come over there and tell people that the thread is stupid and yada yada yada. The redtext is probably just an extra warning to whoever else wants to post there. Also, like the other anon said, I've seen redtexted rule 7 bans before.

No. 20114

your rabid posting isnt doing a good job proving otherwise
I know it might be hard to believe, but there's multiple anons who want to close /ot/

No. 20115

Not either of those anons, but I still have not heard a valid reason for closing /ot/ other than, "I don't like it". Even the argument of attracting new users does not work because /snow/ and at one point /m/ attracts a lot more newfags than /ot/ and to say otherwise is delusional.

No. 20116

ot is the dying dog that needs to be euthed

No. 20117

So tired of people who don't follow rules just saying 'hide the thread' as if that matters. The posts and threads get reported and they will keep getting reported. Telling others to hide the thread just so you can do what you please isn't how this works.

No. 20118

Can we please put the MM thread on autosage, it's being raided by newfags (yes I hid the thread)

No. 20119

Right on the money. Ot didn’t even used to exist, I don’t understand the attachment. Is g not good enough? Do some anons need to sperg out at all times that badly?

No. 20120

Fuck off.

No. 20121

How hard is it NOT to click on /ot/ kek, it's not like a topic/subject on a board. It's a board itself. Most newfags are on snow and w, hell even pt.

No. 20122

It's pretty obvious they're desperate to censor all of the /ot/ discussion to get rid of wrongthink. My solid tinfoil theory is that people want to cowtip and link drama threads to their friends but don't want to be associated "with that terf/swerf/"femcel" website".

No. 20123

Pretty shit tinfoil you’ve got there. GC isn’t even allowed on ot retard.

No. 20124

Ohhhh I wanna believe anon but I don't think so. The fact is lolcow is known as the BOOOLY website, so even if we were trans positive and shit solely on women it still wouldn't be kosher for the woke crowd to admit they browse here. Hell, they're side-eyed pretty hard even when they claim up and down that they're doing it for the cow's own good when they post cowtipping.

No. 20125

Can the anorectal violence anon(s) get permabanned already?
So tired of seeing that shit get posted multiple times and you'd have to be a brain dead retard to find that shit even ironically amusing

No. 20126

Pretty sure he's using vpns

No. 20127

If people don't follow the rules they get banned. This goes for every thread in this website. I think you just hate /ot/.

No. 20128

File: 1613026749041.png (26.06 KB, 500x460, i-deliberatley-entered-a-threa…)

Yeah, and so does /w/, and so does /mlp/, /lgbt/, /vt/ and many others. Yet they stay. Give me ONE valid reason why /ot/ should close instead of just bitching about it "because it sucks". Things like "it's full of newfags, twitterfags, pullfags" etc don't count because the dramaboards are full of them and it's worse than in /ot/. If you don't like the board, then fuck, don't click on it. If you don't want to hid the thread then simply fuck off. Moderation is fine, you just hate shit for no reason other than you like being an edgy contrarian. Even if something is cringe, well, what does it have to do with you? Close your eyes and get away from the computer. This is not the only website for drama out there.

No. 20129

I don’t even go to /ot/ very rarely. Even a farmhand could look that up. My point stands that hiding threads doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want by telling others just to close their eyes. Anons reporting posts is a massive reason why mods are able to see posts that break rules. If you get banned, that’s your fault. Not the fault that someone reported you and you are mad about it because you couldn’t sperg freely.

No. 20130

Nta, but what's your point? People break rules on other boards too and there are threads on other boards that I personally think are dogshit. That doesn't necessarily mean those threads are breaking rules though. I don't see you calling for the shut down of snow, pt, m, g and w.

No. 20131

My point is the anons saying hide the thread want exactly that and so saying to just hide it isn’t going to suddenly let them do what they want. It’s useless to keep telling people just to hide stuff they don’t like when a lot of anons do like the threads, but the trash heap anons posting in them make them unbearable to actually read them. /ot/ threads read like unsaged chat rooms that could be done on the lolcow discord. I get it’s /ot/ but that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want because of the type of board it is.

No. 20132

And I have never said shut down a board. Mods won’t so taking it seriously is retarded. Take the jab and roll with it.

No. 20133

>I get it’s /ot/ but that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want because of the type of board it is.
Bans are handed out frequently in that board. I seriously do not get why a shitpost thread is so controversial on an imageboard. Anons in the shitpost thread do get banned when they actually break rules.

The reason the more blogpost-y threads like the vent thread are banned on boards like /snow/ is because those are milk boards. When you're in a snow thread you're looking to hear about the cow's life, not about the posters. It's a pretty clear distinction, /ot/ is called /ot/for a reason.
>Mods won’t so taking it seriously is retarded
Who said I am? I'm literally just responding to the conversation in this thread. If I'm taking it seriously, then so are you and literally everyone else who posted.

No. 20134

Meant in general, not you taking it seriously, personally, anon. But maybe you have reason to apparently.

No. 20135

Nobody is saying that if you, the apparent center of the universe, hides a thread for your own convenience because you hate /ot/ threads, anons will suddenly go apeshit and start breaking rules just because. The option to hide threads is so you don't have to interact with them. Imagine thinking you're so important

Like, what are you even trying to imply here?

No. 20136

Then stop complaining about wanting to nuke /ot/.
>Take the jab and roll with it.
Same goes for you.

No. 20137

So anons who want ot closed want so because
>it's cringy
>there is blatant rule breaking that goes unchecked (according to them)
Maybe the illusive admin could weigh in on this.

No. 20138

I know nothing about IT stuff, but is there a way to permanently ban the anorectal violence scrote? Or autodelete every post that has the phrase 'anorectal violence' in it?

No. 20139

I don't think we should automatically ban or delete the word anorectal violence because it has become a meme here, but I'm sure there's a way to ban him forever

No. 20140

its full of spergy blog posting chans like yourself who like to bring their autistic posting style over to other boards and anons are tired of seeing it.

No. 20141

Time to take your meds it seems.

No. 20142

Can we lock the "things that would get you called a scrote" thread? It's like an invitation for scrotes to post like "teehee they'll never know". It's just a shitty thread in general too. I think it's just another retard posting thread.

No. 20143

You should probably save that response for the suicidal anons in /ot/.

No. 20144

Why are you doing in /meta/ in the first place? Anons who don't like /ot/ came to talk about /ot/, but the rest of you? Did you come to bitch at them?

No. 20145

Anon was right tho. Look at you doing exactly what they were talking about when it doesn’t even apply.

No. 20146

So you think it's /ot/ anons shitting up your boards and not the random egirls camwhores who type in their name on google? Ok, lol.

No. 20147

The Manson thread is swarming with pizzagate levels of tinfoil now and the attention it’s attracted isn’t doing it any favors as far as evidence or content goes. I think I’ve seen someone say before that it should be on autosage and I agree, at least for a while. It’s getting out of hand.

This is a thread for suggestions and complaints. Anons weren’t asking you about your opinions, they were petitioning farmhands and admin.

No. 20149

This. Delete them just to be safe

No. 20150


No. 20151

No ones saying that isn’t also a problem. What relevance does that have to /ot/ itself being a problem? With what you’re talking about, because /snow/ has stricter rules those people usually get quickly banned, with /ot/ those people stick around indefinitely and constitute the majority of the /ot/ userbase at this point and it spreads to other boards. There’s also noting that can really even be done to stop that happening in /snow/, saying “but /snow/ is bad too” with no proposed suggestion isn’t helpful. /ot/ is unnecessary on what is meant to be a gossip imageboard in a way that /snow/ isn’t. We can’t just get rid of /snow/ the way we could with /ot/.

No. 20152

This. Also pretty sure it's two, one anon making vaguely funny vendetta-sounding shitpost and one autist yelling this whole thread about the rurus and larping as an oldfag.

Holy shit is he still at it? Maybe just give him one thread after all where he can spam in until he gets bored.

No. 20155

please autosage MM thread. the newfags are claiming that manson is attacking lolcow and going to obtain their computer information, for the love of god make it stop kek

No. 20156

>give a scrote a thread

No. 20157

Anons who act like you can solve every problem by giving it a containment thread are new and retarded

No. 20158

Close this thread, it's embarassing and unnecessary and invites trolls and actual scrotes, plus there's so much nlog, attention whoring and baiting

No. 20159

Honestly feels like the vtuber scrotes made it. Especially with the retarded reaction replies.

No. 20160

gore posted in /pt/ and /snow/

No. 20161

Gore posted in /ot/, reported the thread

No. 20162

Remove the gore on /ot/

No. 20163


No. 20164

Agreed, this thread just bunch of retarded tinfoil which scrote or not.

No. 20166

It’s been up for almost an hour now, where are the mods?

No. 20167

It was closed but then farmhand opened it again. It should be closed again for the sake of everyone.

No. 20168

gore on /pt too…

No. 20169

fucking hell, seconding or thirding to ask please delete the eye gore spammed on literally every board. there are multiple threads so you cant even minimise it and scroll away and it’s been up for an hour

No. 20170

It's not up on any of the boards anymore

No. 20171

If you can stomach Shatna's vagina that image is a walk in the park

No. 20174

File: 1613211473683.jpg (94.89 KB, 600x796, eed.jpg)

/ot/ = best board
haters gonna hate

No. 20175

cp in pt

No. 20177

So can we get the captcha now?

No. 20178

ew why is the cp still there

No. 20179

Got posted in snow briefly as well

No. 20180

The cp in /pt/ has been up for almost an hour, can you guys pls hurry up and delete it? It's been reported

No. 20181

Someone is being retarded now and bumping threads in PT as if that'll fix anything. Makes it harder for mods to find, idiot.

No. 20182

>Makes it harder for mods to find, idiot.
Have you ever used the report function?

No. 20183

Why is this still up

No. 20184

I've been on LC for about 4 years now and this cp is the most consistent I've seen posted. Will something be done at any point. All we've gotten was defensiveness from farmhands/admins.

No. 20185

Same, I've been here for about 3 years and I've never seen this happen. I've only ever heard other anons say cp was posted but quickly deleted. I wish admin would just respond and say something other than "/pt/ mods that can't delete are in training and farmhands aren't on 24/7". We get that. We get no one is dedicating all of their time to modding this site. At the very least tell us if you're considering adding a captcha or at least have farmhands who are up during the times it get posted (early morning/middle of the night in America and I believe it would be early in the morning in Europe. I'm sure there are plenty of NEETs here who would be happy to do the job (even temporarily) if it means no more cp.

No. 20186

The entire Belle Delphine thread is just vagina sperg and pics of her porn. Are we scrotes now?

No. 20187

This. She's actually talking about her private life for once (and mentions that she got abused as a teen which would be worthy of discussion even if it were a lie) and yet all they want to post is… look at her feet. look at her nose. haha look at this 4 year old comment from my PULL archives

just close the thread tbh.

No. 20188

these raids are pretty tame compared to whats been done before, youre on an image board that has a contentious relationship with other shitposting sites its bound to happen. its always the blame on kiwifarms but ag and 4chan are big parts of it too.

No. 20189

I’ve never even seen this much concentrated, obsessive sperging over the texture and appearance of a vagina in the Shayna thread

No. 20190

The CP gets posted at unpredictable times and not even every day. It's hard to catch it immediately all the time unless you camp on the website. Sometimes you look away for an hour or two. Pinging the farmhands in the discord when this happens could help.