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File: 1680461471944.png (669.31 KB, 640x640, 1d3911049674100f601037b8788082…)

No. 1539480

Have you found out that if you express anything about a cow inside their thread you get banned or dunked on? Well this is the thread for you!

Do you want to rant about how much you hate a cow without disrupting the thread? Go ahead!
Do you want to sympathize with the cow and talk about how it's not too late to change? Do it sister!
Do you want to talk about your life (blogpost) and compare it to the cow in question? Here's the place?
Express yourself etc. Have fun!

Post your pessimistic, optimistic, negative, controversial, rude, or relatable takes.

(Also this is not a thread to complain about threads, bans, or mods, do that on /meta/. However you can complain about the fanbase of the cow or the people who dislike the cow here.)

Previous thread: >>1265906

No. 1540838

File: 1680626995587.jpg (105.84 KB, 750x712, dylan mulvaney birth certifica…)

No way that dude's 26

No. 1540842

I believe it, most men age like shit nowadays

No. 1541507

I hope that all Elon Musk fans die, they seem to be everywhere.

No. 1541629

Long-term anorexia makes you look old and haggard

No. 1541952

They all want to buy death trap Teslas and the prices are plummeting, your wish is being granted kek

No. 1542160

I was ready to forgive Jontron for his racist remarks on Destiny's stream years ago because I thought it was just him being a misguided oaf who was set up but his antivaxxing/pandemic denial takes made me lose hope. It's sad that he's such a good entertainer but he really is a retarded moid after all, at least he keeps politics out of his videos.

No. 1542180

>good entertainer
i dont understand how anyone can like his post videogame videos, all of them suck and are too low effort to take months to make

No. 1542302

Wtf I love Jontron now

No. 1542349

When people criticize the way Shayna's pussy looks (like a ballsack) I get annoyed because mine looks like that. I think it looks fine for what it's worth. She's an awful human being but sometimes they just look like that anons… pls.

No. 1542408

I looked up his tweets and really didn't find any outright anti-vaxx and especially no pandemic denial stuff. At most he seems sceptic because of some newsarticles he read.

No. 1542528

The way they nitpick her body is extremely scrotey most is the time, but shayanons are so far up their own asses they lose their shit if it’s pointed out

No. 1542737

I was reading the thread while she was camming a couple weeks ago and I'm never going into any of her threads again. Everyone was complaining she was showing off ugly shoes instead of choking herself with dildos… Seemed like the masks came off as soon as there was an opportunity for live coom.

No. 1542848

I like Jillian's style

No. 1542858

Speaking of Jillian (and nta) but I don't think she has BPD like anons in that thread keep repeating. Being an immature adult ≠ BPD

No. 1542928

honestly i don't get why people aren't banned more for the constant nitpicking of her appearance when it was (or still is, i don't really check anymore) apart of the thread rules. i don't understand why we have to get 10,000+ screenshots of her derpy looking face when she fakes having an orgasm. why do we need more retarded close up shots of her blown out booty hole and dry crusty labia like we haven't already seen that shit a million times? i think it's weird because she has been doing the same two-three poses since she was skinny: laying on her back with her legs spread in the air like she's giving birth.

then if it isn't the obsessive nitpicking of her nether regions, it's the obsessing over her pets and wishing death on them…like damn what did the dog or the two cats do to you to make you hate them so much? i think that one evil anon finally left, the one who used to go psycho on people if you even mentioned noodle's name with any kind of concern for her or even just interest in where she was, since we had not seen any of her pets for a while. i really don't know what to say. i lurk in threads like shayna's every now and then just to see what she's up to. like venus she's just circling the drain, slowly pickling herself alive with drugs and alcohol. she hasn't done anything interesting since she was living in oklahoma and has clearly given up on herself so it's weird how people get attached to cows like her when she's clearly hit her peak milkiness. i kind of wished we had kept all her threads in /shay/ because i think having a hidden board dedicated to her and her autistic "fans" is really appropriate for her.

No. 1542953

Bitch please. Shaynafags were boasting about proudly tongue fucking their husband's assholes for tens of replies, do you really take the shit they say seriously?

No. 1542967

I can't really explain why but she doesn't come off as having BPD to me either, she seems purely like a narcissist. She never seems to actually suffer from her supposed mental health issues in a way that makes her feel afraid for her safety or ashamed of her behavior.

No. 1542981

totally agree kek, I used to watch her for
"lifestyle porn" because I'd love to be a spoiled young girl wearing cute clothes but she's really fallen off in a lot of ways…but she still dresses pretty cute a lot of the time, sorry anons.

No. 1543029

i feel the same, i remember an anon commenting on a video she did pointing out how exhausting the hours and hours of self analysis would be for a normal person and i havent been able to stop thinking about it, it's so true. i think jillian is the biggest true narcissist ive ever seen.

No. 1543044

Most anons don't seem to get the guilt and low self-esteem part of BPD. Jill has never really shown the former in any sense (maybe the latter in a minor degree). Instead anons conflate BPD with narcissism when the two concepts are pretty different. People with BPD fear abandonment or betrayal and are very unstable emotionally. Jill might be fragile and lash out at people who appear to be attacking her, but that itself is not BPD. She doesn't really have extreme/rapid mood swings, and she only really cares about herself, which isn't usual for people with BPD. Ironically, she also lacks the self-reflection that a normal BPD-chan has which causes them to have extremely low self-esteem in the first place. I think Jill comes off as too stable/"normal" to have BPD. The fact that she's managed to not only stay but live with Steve for several years without regular therapy is proof enough.

No. 1543046

>low effort
honestly i think the opposite, he spends too long on sets and props when his strengths just lie in his jokes

No. 1543069

imo the only time the nitpicking was somewhat justified was when she was in seattle the first time around and her snatch was seriously inflamed and infected. that was worthy of concern and an over due doctor’s visit, but what made it repulsive is the fact that it’s literally her money maker. other than that i agree, the shaytarded nonnies made me peace out of her threads long ago.

No. 1543100

tbh I think if Shayna were ever actually aroused while doing her shoots her vag would look like a normal "fat" pussy(I also have the same type). Still a retarded nitpick though.

No. 1543156

File: 1680920654081.png (23.03 KB, 618x490, bpdsubtypes.png)

not sure i entirely agree, newfag to jill's thread and shit tho
bpd can coexist with npd or high levels of narcissism, and she's also getting high all the time which mellows her out. she comes off like a relatively "quiet" bpd.
picrel is from Personality Disorders in Modern Life, 2nd edition

No. 1543164

KEK There's no such thing as "quiet" BPD, that's made up shit for snowflakes who want to look special. Jill even used the same garbage term back in the day to justify to normies/farmers why she didn't present like a normal BPD-chan
She gets high all the time, but that is a contributory factor to her stuntedness; you can't divorce her behaviors from her drug use, which is why most psychiatrists don't diagnose junkies until they get off that shit.
And you can simply be a narcissist without having NPD or ZCY or whatever other retarded acronyms this new generation comes up for something ridiculous.
Not every personality flaw is a mental illness, jfc

No. 1543206

>KEK There's no such thing as "quiet" BPD, that's made up shit for snowflakes who want to look special.
i know, that's why i put it in quotes, retard
"quiet" bpd is just a type of bpd that's more well managed or less exaggerated/obvious

No. 1543217

If you agree that it's fake, why bring it up at all, retard?
You're only evincing that she doesn't have BPD (in which case, I agree).

No. 1543245

You sound like a bpd fag yourself. Only loud bpd bitches that don't care for getting better get this pressed about such a commonly misdiagnosed mental illness in women. Go get your DBT workbook and stop spreading missinformation because acting like this much of a retard when you probably don't even have a degree in any mental health related field is what makes lolcow unbearable to read.

No. 1543250

This. Kek. Some anons really have the nerve to armchair others in this website as if they were experts on the matter and all they know is just shit from interacting with crazy bitches on social media who are probably self diagnosed anyway. Like… Imagine coming to lolcow to make fun of Jillian for her fake mentally ill antics but you yourself have no credibility or sources to back your shit claims up other than "BPD bitches were mean to me online once" kekkk. That anon sounds like all the retards who are trying to cancel a whole fucking hospital and make up their own lore about mental illnesses instead of listening to the hours and hours of research from experts. You can't be this hypocritical for real KEK

No. 1543267

>stop spreading missinformation because acting like this much of a retard when you probably don't even have a degree in any mental health related field
*misinformation and go back to Twitter, newfag. You obviously don't have a degree yourself. It's pretty hypocritical to tell someone to stop spreading misinformation when you yourself haven't provided a single piece of peer-reviewed scientific literature like any university-educated adult. Imagine getting this defensive over some anons believing that Jill doesn't have BPD then accusing said anons of having BPD themselves kek I swear this happens every time with the same users, why is the Pixie thread full of weirdos?(infighting in /ot/)

No. 1543274

>resorting to the "go back to twitter newfag"
Typical of losers.
That anon is completely discrediting every other mental health professional about BPD having at least 4 different sub variants. Even your average online website that talks about BPD says so, it's common knowledge, only retarded anons like her think BPD is a monolith because they have never even touched the DSM. And this "there's no quiet bpd kek" stupidity is something I see being recited sitewide, passed on like gospel. How about you go educate yourself, nonny?(infighting)

No. 1543281

You still didn't provide a single source that says there's no quiet BPD. Or are you going to pull up a dubious source like the people on Jillian's side that cite each other's source despite being furry pedos? Is your source lolcow? Because I see this stupid take of "all bpd bitches are the same insane type" over and over again. I don't even have BPD myself, it's just annoying to see anons being this stupid and spreading false information to seem edgy. Which is something I can see you doing right now. Keep infighting though, get your angry quota of the day and move on because you only look more retarded with each post you make.

No. 1543285

>why is the Pixie thread full of weirdos?
because you're in it posting stupid shit

No. 1543289

>when you yourself haven't provided a single piece of peer-reviewed scientific literature like any university-educated adult
KEKKKKKK go search it yourself you patronizing retard, that anon is right you must have BPD or at least mental damage because you can't be this stupid with armchairs and then demand someone to spoonfeed you information that you can easily google

No. 1543293

I'm sorry nona but you don't sound very much university educated, let alone like an adult.

No. 1543297

File: 1680935356213.gif (1.65 MB, 540x407, c0sLZVp.gif)

Holy fuck you retards it's not that deep. It's 3 AM over there and you're butthurt samefagging over some internet comments on a non-cow board which cease to exist as soon as you close the tab.

No. 1543298

Nthemanons, but what a lame cop out. Get medicated

No. 1543307

File: 1680936453408.png (123.88 KB, 623x478, 5s423z.png)

take your meds and close the tab nonnita

No. 1543310

If you post something retarded and attract anons to your post and somehow can't take the heat… then stop posting?

No. 1543311

Yes, because it just so happens to be the slowest part of the day on the website for user activity, and there just so happens to be five different Pixiefags online at the same time who all descended upon the same thread, so that they could all respond to the same post, and so that all of their responses could virtually say the same thing, ALL made within 10 minutes of the previous post—and none of these people are the same person, of course.
Makes a lot of sense actually, coincidences happen all the time kek /s(tone indicator)

No. 1543313

Why did you delete your previous post only to add a twitter tone indicator to your repost? So silly.

No. 1543316

the tinfoil thread is that way >>>

No. 1543319

It's morning in europe, check other threads and they're active already.

No. 1543321

Anons who aggressively fight over the supposed mental diagnoses of cows are the real cows kek

No. 1543324

It's 8am in the UK and you didn't account for me getting off night shift. Retard

No. 1543325

I agree. It's always the ones who themselves got autist diagnosis calling cows random cluster B shit they literally have no idea about. It's always about women too, a woman is too immature? BPD. Woman don't hate herself? Narcissist. Woman posts photos online? Histrionic

No. 1543328

Most farmers are North American so it doesn't matter what time it is for Europoors if they're all asleep kek
Now stop shitting up the thread with your autistic derailment

Anyways, I've been following this cow called Daniel Larson for the past month or so. I kinda wish he had a thread, but seeing the subreddit I know it would only attract more TikTokfags, but reddit also isn't a good place for archiving videos since admins have been getting pretty ban happy about snark subreddits

No. 1543450

He has a thread on KF (like many other scrotoid cows…scrowtoids ?) and he seems to be a very interesting specimen, but unfortunately as you wrote, his following mainly consists of cowtipping tiktok retards and him having a thread on here would attract a ton of them.
It's a shame because it could bring a bit of variety in that sea of weebs, serial photoshopers and ~sex workers~
All in all, I wish we had more threads about scrotes, making fun of them would bring me so much joy.

No. 1543555

File: 1680956473542.jpg (20.97 KB, 474x349, th-2464756531.jpg)

No. 1543593

Yeah many of our cows are pretty lame by comparison. Just wish there were somewhere decent to talk about some of the scrote cows kek

No. 1543634

I think it's funny how Luna's thread is literally being kept alive by nonnas hurling abuse at each other. Sometimes I really feel like farmers are more deranged than the cows themselves.

No. 1543652

Kek, I wish Luna would post more but I think she's like a has-been cow. I expected something to change over the years but if you read her threads now vs the first 10 threads or so nothing had changed.

No. 1543690

This is what always happens when a cow doesn't have milk, nonas turn on each other lol

No. 1543746

there was some really good milk last year when she went to detox and lurch went on some insane 3 day manic twitter binge, but not much has come of the thread since then. she doesn't even post art or hauls anymore. i agree that shes a dead cow, she hasn't graduated from cowdom or anything, but her sitting around in a methadone haze all day definitely isn't milky. rereading old threads of hers is like groundhog day for sure.

No. 1543950

I predict that anons are eventually going to cowtip and try to get Venus deported from Japan (if she doesn't kill herself from alcohol abuse first). Something about cows being in Japan really makes the jealous weebs seethe, even though it's much funnier to just let the cows embarrass themselves.

No. 1544172

What is it with some anons and their obsession with diagnosing cows? I get wanting to get a better understanding of their behavioral patterns (especially claiming they have BPD), but it seems absolutely INCONCIEVABLE for them that some cows are just…regular old cunts and assholes. Those anons are no better than the cows that self-diagnose.

No. 1545285

Definitely think jealousy is what keeps a lot of /w/ threads alive. Venus is milky, but I think she raises more ire than she would if she lived anywhere else. Weebs think how dare she ruin a perfect life in Japan, of all places! I kinda get it kek

No. 1545568

I think that anons that call Shayna fat are psychotic BPD anachans that do it out of pure hatred more than any factual truth. Shayna looks like a typical average American woman, I'm heavier than her and I'd never consider myself fat…

No. 1545575

I don’t think it’s possible to be a cow without having some mental illness, personality disorder, or developmental disability. Honestly suggesting any of the cows on this site aren’t insane in some way, is insane in itself.

No. 1545580

Not trying to bone rattle nonnie, but the average American woman is in fact overweight according to metrics used by medical profs. Personally I don’t consider people “fat” until they are far into the obese category cause I’m a Burger too, and most of the people I see everyday are either overweight or obese. So I see what you mean, I don’t consider Shayna fat I just consider her average American chubby. Only 1/3 of American women have a normal BMI, our food poisons us, I truly don’t blame most people for being overweight or see it as a character flaw and I think ragging on people for being overweight is anachan behavior. But also you gotta remember Shayna was a skinny bitch who would brag about being naturally skinny so that’s another reason anons keep bringing it up.

No. 1545606

They obviously play it up, she's not the most obese woman alive and as another woman even fatter than her it does sting, but it's the truth nonna - we are fat.

No. 1545609

The average American woman is fat so I guess you're both right.

No. 1545743

I'm sorry shayna is fat, saying she's fat doesn't mean she's the biggest bitch in the world, also there's women her weight who don't look as fat because their fat is in different places.
I'm fat. I don't care if you have the same body type/weight as shay and don't think you are fat, it's not about you. You probably look great or dress better, but you aren't thin. No I'm not a ana chan or anything.
It's just facts, people should leave their feelings at the door when it comes to certain cows, comparing yourself to them for good or bad reasons is unhealthy.
If I saw a nona who was shaped like shayna in the wild, I wouldn't care or think you were fat, most people are fat especially in America. It's the context talking about Shays body isn't equal to yours. Even if you have the same issues, as long as you acting like shayna, nobody will care. Shaytards (self.included) are retards

No. 1545747

And again, I'm a fat ass myself who doesn't think Moos body is all that bad and she's also fat. If you are Shays weight of heavy your are chubby/fat, I know I am. It's not anachan or anything to say that. Look at some of these fat ass scrotes walking around. I'm sure you dress better or maybe have a better shape with your weight.

No. 1545752

>Shayna looks like a typical average American woman,
most americans are fat so…

No. 1545843

Everyone in the whole world, and who has ever lived, has lolcow tendencies in some way, shape, or form. We just don't post it to the internet kek
I don't normally call people fat. She's certainly overweight, and in some angles looks more typically 'fat' than in others, but she currently treads a fine line between being simply overweight to being obese. Nonetheless, I think that the weight sperging is the least nitpicky of the obsessively nitpicky things that Shaytards do. I'm glad that they got to have /shay/ to contain their shaytardation.
god I hate when lc picks and chooses when to keep something I posted and deleted in the comment box

No. 1545875

Nta but there's a difference between having "lolcow tendencies" and having your bad traits outweigh the good, or only having bad traits, like most of the people posted here. Some of them just fail at everything every day.

No. 1545920

Except that's not what a lolcow is. You don't have to be a shitty person to be a lolcow, you just need to be funny (in a schadenfreude or eccentric way) and willing to document your life online. Hence the origin of the word—you milk "lols" out of a "lol"cow.
Either way, there are no cows on here that could be described as "having bad traits only" (not many people either), that's a very binary way of viewing things.

No. 1546003

File: 1681192795314.png (Spoiler Image,384.25 KB, 608x441, Screen Shot 2023-04-10 at 11.5…)

>I'm heavier than her and I'd never consider myself fat…
well thats your opinion nona. just like its their opinion that shes fat. if you think youre not fat thats fine for you but doesn't make it a real argument or even true at all.
also lurk more cause people bring it up because she posts her old photos all the time and the ballooning in less than 2 years is jarring. not even pixielocks got so fat so quick.

No. 1547512

Jillian annoys me so much I'm considering performing a hex on her just to see if it works. I'm that desperate for a comeuppance.

No. 1547662

File: 1681331007526.jpg (27.53 KB, 550x397, f80162d0bc77ce775a585c0ff013cc…)

I'm tired of the art comentary comunity and I'm tired of Peaches. Not trying to a-log, but I genuine hope she gets Creepshow/Pentagrim-ed soon enough because this isn't funny anymore, it's just annoying.

No. 1547663

I want her friends outed so badly but I dont have the time to go back through all the old threads like the mods requested aaa

No. 1547711

Based I like him even moar now!

No. 1548004

File: 1681358213595.jpeg (289.29 KB, 1124x1927, mfw when im underrated cow.jpe…)

i fucking love stefany/eloise threads. i know theres not a lot of posters and they often go quiet. but i just love that this spoiled chick from a rich family… who could be conventionally attractive (she has nice eyes and face shes just fat and gets ugly hair)… who could be in a nice school or a cushy job… yet ends up as the familys monumental fuck up. even with all odds with her shes still a loser with no job or career or even a non obese partner.
she would be my favorite cow if it wasnt for her animal abuse and hoarding honestly. its too rage inducing to see what she does to her pets/accesories. but other than that i love seeing someone with the easiest life ever end up in empty discords ebegging for amazon gifts. its like pixielocks if hse had gotten the good ending.

No. 1548062

I am glad that Momo/Mooriah has become a pariah in the communit(y/ies) she so desperately tried to dick ride, but I feel like she hasn't gotten a proper comeuppance. I keep hoping OF will implode or kick her off for some reason or another, I really want to see her hit the skids and face what a truly horrible person she is behind the phone filters and scrote cash.

No. 1548084

I don’t get why anons compare themselves to the fat OF thots you aren’t selling pics of your body, you can be fat and you’re not damaging the merchandise.

No. 1548675

I commented on the Ass Eat anonymous meeting in /shay/ and I feel stupid. It's clearly trolls. Probably some scrotes, the same ones that get attached to certain threads in /snow/. Not the racists ones that hang in that girl who had kids with Sam Hydes thread, Shayna thread has a weirdo in it or multiple weirdos.
Or maybe it's some sex workers, who get mad when we move on from calling Shayna fat/ugly unsuccessful and call out some shit that bothers her, IDK. For the first time I'm throughly uninterested in Shay's thread, I rarely check it. I do check Shay to laugh. I hate ass eaters anons.

No. 1548696

Her thread always seemed so uninteresting to me. I don't understand the obsession anons on this site have with her.I got to witness the ass eating debacle in real time so ig that's something.

No. 1548699

I genuinely think it's just sex workers and men. I cannot imagine anyone else being so obsessed with her. A scroll through any sex worker thread here reeks of other SOs.

No. 1548747

File: 1681446707442.jpg (28.51 KB, 486x272, 32tykewrqej.jpg)

So Jill wants to live her life like this, huh. Her only goal in life is to get high and pretend she's suffering and traumatized every day, then upload videos seething that people don't believe her shitty larp. She's only gonna get fatter and angrier and lonelier from now on. I just can't believe someone would commit to something so retarded and purposeless. I wonder if in her rare moments of sobriety she ever feels any regret.

No. 1549521

>spoiled chick from a rich family
What do most anons imagine that a rich family looks like? I feel as though I often see anons commenting on different cows of varying wealth having rich families, though some cows seem very middle class to me.

No. 1549850

Ass eater shayna-tards posting their nudes to lolcow proved they're probably same kind of attention whores as shayna. They're probably unironically jealous that Shayna makes more money and looks better than them, most of the anons who posted their own tits either had some sort of a breast deformity or morbid obesity, one of them with tubular tits even had a dog leash on, no doubt they're failed onlyfans girls

No. 1549855

Wtf i always miss the good stuff. Is it in the most recent thread? Was it deleted? Kek

No. 1549860

Most recent thread (originally started in the one before it iirc), then a fight pit of over 600+ posts on /shay/

No. 1549863

Thank you so much Nona! I'm going to check it out kek

No. 1549868

And you're one of them right? Because you're clearly obsessed

No. 1549882

Kek I think they’ve found this thread. FWIW shaytards are their own annoying breed of autism which needs to be sequestered from the other cow boards

No. 1549943

No I don't follow shayna, I just watched the shitshow(kek no pun intended) and saw 5 stupid sex workers post their deformed tits.

No. 1549949

Yeah. They're definitely the same breed as her. I also think they're the ones that will attempt to defend DD/LG and furry shit. They try hard to blend in and screech "sex work isn't real work", but if you believe that, and also believe posting your naked body online is no big deal because "it's only like 12 women on here" has the same mentality as a sex worker tbh. Both of y'all are so disconnected from your bodies you can use the most intimate parts to prove a point or get some McDonald's money. And it's not even true.We all know how often LC is raided. Shaynas also a sex worker so her thread will attract males looking to cook for free then talk about how ugly she is.

No. 1550284

It's disturbing honestly. I admire her ability to ignore it. How pathetic is it that they literally had to create strict rules against posting constant closeups of her vagina. It's embarassing that this kind of content was ever on here to begin with, dissecting another woman's genitals like that is peak loser behavior.

No. 1550430

There have been previous threads where Twitter whores have gloated about making X times more than she does and iirc multiple cows in the OF thread were known to post in the Shayna thread. I know that Plasticnproud posted there as well. I can't say if any of them actually look worse and make less than Shayna, they always brag about being better off than her in at least one way but that could just be cope for being a bottom of the barrel e-thot. Shayna's threads are a shitshow in every single way.

No. 1550906

Still wild to me to see Ian and Alex fight, lol. Never thought they'd ever be in the same room together in a million years, but I was proven wrong.

No. 1550908

>They try hard to blend in and screech "sex work isn't real work"
It made me laugh when one replied with that. Like stop your bs and just own up to it. Idiots.

No. 1550917

They're genuinely not even mad that their nudes got posted to somewhere else by the camping moids who then called them whores. They're literally bragging about the incel attention they got. They're %99 sex workers.

No. 1550929

Watch out, nona, they're going to respond with a photo of some stock image woman as a dunk.

No. 1550945

Venus deleted her stories because anons wanted someone to report her to the authorities lol. That's what I'm thinking.

No. 1551009

I knew it I knew it they're all camwhores
We had this discussion
>>1536424 (poor anon still in denial)
I love being right on the Internet

No. 1551035

I think Jillian/Pixielocks looks cute when she's not making weird faces or wearing clown makeup, even better than when she was skinny–I think the extra weight fills out her face more and makes her features look less oversized for her face

No. 1551137

Anons in the Venus thread are absolutely deranged, I know she plays the "I'm going to kill myself" game regularly but they really want her to do it, huh

No. 1551490

I think ginger Bronson did the same thing clare buley aka Lilith did. Her parents probably helped her find a decent job and place to live in exchange for normalcy on her part

No. 1551707

I think the anons who post photos of cows through their friends when the cow has slow milk are downright unhinged. They give off the type of anti-fans that would also stalk someone with a gun, it's so weird.

No. 1551716

I want that.

No. 1551762

File: 1681705249750.png (154.04 KB, 1245x1817, s.png)

Sorry to schizoanon if a lot of this is wrong, most of it I've just picked up from hints on her posts on lolcow, 4chan, instagram and youtube. Her twitter got banned a few months ago so now I take what little information I can get. Thread she made on herself which was what made me start following her >>>/snow/1669302
I don't want to post this in the personal cows thread because she's not really a cow and there's not much to say anyways, the whole thing is pretty sad. Schizoanon, real name Gabriella is a schizo and is the person who's posted all the wordsalads you might have seen today in /ot/. She's in contact with her real parents and texts them sometimes but she's currently living in a foster home with who she calls "the Nigerians" and she really hates them (particularly one called Evelyn). I think she has a problem with things being unclean (even when she was living in her parent's house she hated things being dirty) and has arguments with Evelyn over the house, especially the food, etc being dirty, she's recorded those and posted them on her youtube https://www.youtube.com/@1gspmsvcm1_33. She's been posting on lolcow and 4chan (/x/ mainly, sometimes /jp/) for almost a year and has an endless cycle of schizopost - ban - unban - schizopost - ban, she's probably been banned upwards of a dozen times on both imageboards. I really wish she could safely post on lolcow but every time she's unbanned she posts her wordsalads to 10 different threads. Nonnies who see posts similar to the one above should know to ignore it because it's schizoanon/Gabriella. I just wish she would get better, even in a foster home it's clear nothing has improved mentally. reposted to remove photos of her, I don't want to invade her privacy

No. 1551763

I think it was very considerate of you to replace all the selfie pics in the other ss with this one. I feel bad for schizo women because they are magnets for exploitive people who want to watch them self destruct, and they often don't have the resources or care that is needed. I'm glad her posts are ignored and that she generally isn't baited here.

No. 1551770

It’s hard to feel that bad for shizos due to how inherently dangerous they are because they simply cannot be reasoned with and think everyone is out to get them. They’re really prone to being used for nefarious purposes too. I don’t trust schizophrenics who aren’t taking their meds by choice/ones who can’t be controlled by meds. There should be nice facilities for them, though. But nobody should have to deal with their bullshit unless they’re highly paid well trained staff at a facility. Schizos are a bane to customer service positions. They seem to really love calling their fucking ISPs and ranting for hours and fucking up the CSR’s call handle times.

No. 1551794

I think I feel especially bad for schizophrenic women because of how prone they are to abuse and exploitation simply for being women. I also feel bad for schizos because there is a lot of evidence that it's primarily developed from extreme childhood stress like CSA. I wish there were better resources for them. I worry especially with the internet about what will become of them.

No. 1551813

Take your meds you annoying dumbass schizo

No. 1551814

Don't engage retard. report and ignore.

No. 1551823

3pic pwn

No. 1552326

Jannies should've just deleted the spam and gave her a quiet ban so that these schizoposts don't clog the thread

No. 1553160

I guess it’s like a tinfoil, or a retarded scenario, but what if Jill suddenly says that she never said she had DiD and says that all she was doing was a social experiment mixed with DnD? KEK.

No. 1553321

Since her current audience seems to be other DID fakers she'd destroy the rest of her fanbase with a move like that. On the other hand, destroying whatever little she has left seems to be very on brand for her so maybe we can hope for a pseudointellectual social sciences doctor Jill kek

No. 1553345

I would honestly love that, I really wish this was how it would go. Unfortunately I don't see this as a possibility at all.

No. 1553364

I feel like when she gets tored she'll say it was a months long manic episode kek

No. 1553365

Now this one seems plausible to me

No. 1554001

File: 1681913809255.jpg (187.53 KB, 1080x1820, 1681904906882.jpg)

Hila Klein looks like a tranny
She was cute a few years ago with her natural dark haircolor but this is just embarassing

No. 1554002

What the hell is that comment? I hate scrotes.

No. 1554003

Looks like shit but at least it's easily fixable by just dying it back

No. 1554005

File: 1681914218457.jpg (81.82 KB, 515x495, IMG_20230419_141606.jpg)

Yeah, insta scrotes are disgusting, I took the cap from the h3h3 thread

Yeah, but she also needs to stop giving the death stare in pics

No. 1554009

she was gorgeous in her wedding photos. she could pull off a cher type look with her natural color and long length. but tbh when they first blew up I hoped she was above pandering to males visually since she appeared in videos without makeup and didnt seem concerned by it

No. 1554011

kek this made me flinch

No. 1554015

Nightmare fuel.

No. 1554016

I like her better with no makeup and dark hair but she doesn’t look like a troon

No. 1554021

She does here tbh >>1554005

Personally I like how striking her eyes are.
The yellow hair and outfit is a huge no for her. Massive, colossal no.

No. 1554023

File: 1681915780522.jpg (102.66 KB, 1157x1157, zw0bkp1y2to61.jpg)

literally where

No. 1554030

File: 1681916239389.png (207.68 KB, 293x417, firefox_yIf0RSFh2B.png)

Kinda looks like a flat Amy Winehouse

No. 1554033

I personally think MENA features are beautiful. Though for an Israeli woman Hila is very mid.

No. 1554037

To be clear I have nothing against MENA features (I'm from the balkans) I'm just sometimes a toxic woman and like shitting on annoying internet personalities

No. 1554122

i thought that was adele for a second kek

No. 1554138

She looks pretty here, living with her porn sick husband really aged her.
>I'm from the balkans
What does that have to do with anything?

No. 1554140

Because some women from the southern balkans have some similar features with middle eastern women? Open a map or a history book

No. 1554141

I just saw some thread elsewhere and people were like "Hila is going to leave Ethan just look at her recent posts!!" like uhhh you really must not follow them much if you think she's ever going to leave him. She's codependent and retarded and probably on drugs the same as Ethan that's why she needs a daily nanny to take care of her kids she has 0 mothering instinct or warmth about her. She's braindead with a fried brain all she cares about is her fashun larp and looking better by comparison next to ethan the tub

No. 1554146

File: 1681924614021.png (46.82 KB, 673x547, 1681256787597.png)

There is this autist on twitter who is obsessed with a narrative where Ethan and Hila divorce, if you check the account he has photoshopped and made multiple fake images lol
He says in his description how he posts parody but he has weird subjects like idubbbz being into "semen retention"

No. 1554149

Oh got it. I actually had a bf from there and I thought he had syrian in him because of his looks, so that was from his balkan side I guess hah.

No. 1554376

File: 1681938262603.jpg (1.21 MB, 1500x2079, Mosaic_of_Justinianus_I_-_Basi…)

Another anon from the Balkans here, the first thing I thought about after seeing >>1554005 is that it reminds me of Emperor Justinian (yes that was literally my first thought, sorry about how my brain works)
The eyes are obviously similar, but also the nose and chin, maybe even more evident here >>1554023
It's a certain type that can be found in both regions

No. 1554481

I think a large percentage of shaytards are moids who get off on her humiliation and degradation. /shay/ reeks of coomer and half the threads seem in service of some coomer fetish. There's an entire thread for edits of her shitting and farting. If you took away the moids and fellow e-whores there would be a handful of shaytards left, max.

No. 1554510

YUP!! I have always hated the shayna obsession and if you scroll through the threads it will make you uneasy for the obvious fact that all they want to do is degrade and berate her, very rarely using the pedo-baiting as a thinly veiled excuse for why they do it. I cannot believe that there was a time when anons would constantly post closeups of her vagina and talk about her body in detail. I genuinely don't believe shaytards are women and we have truly let men use lolcow as an outlet for coom humiliation. It's ugly as fuck.

No. 1554547

Most of the threads that discuss camgirls feel like that (full of moid coomers who get off on the porn and then hop onto the thread to berate, mock, and insult the camgirls). The camgirls thread on snow, the Aella thread, the Sabrina/Sandra thread, the Belle Delphine thread

No. 1554549

I can't stand kaya/toxictears. don't get me wrong, she didn't deserve any of the shit she went through with jake and I'm glad she got out, and jake is a terrible person and I'm glad kaya's thriving well he's getting worse and worse but I still just can't really stand her as a person. she's so whiny and self absorbed and complains about tiny things as if they're ruining her life, and when she posts about some mundane thing like going to ikea she acts like it's a huge accomplishment. then she turns around and bitches about things being closed on easter and stuff like that. like god forbid other people take a day off for once.

No. 1554741

I fully believe it's women, at least the majority. Anons have always been this insane with close-ups and stuff, and just general nitpicking like crazy like about saggy boobs and saying anything under 40 shouldn't have any sag at all which is weird because most women know boobs have gravity and this shouldn't be a problem.

No. 1554765

I dont believe that women are sitting through hours of cam shows to cap hundreds of pics of naked women like shayna and I especially dont believe they are making edits of her shifting. What was the name of that bodybuilding forum that was popular at one time? They used to talk about female online sex workers and porn stars like that all the time, just as catty as women. They are secretly just as bitchy and this is the only place they can covertly express it without being called out for the retarded spergs they are

No. 1554776

NTA but I know for a fact at least some of the most obsessed Shaytards are women. But I also believe that a relatively high proportion is male.

No. 1554780

No, men reupload those, but the women will doomscroll and fast-forward on leak sites to have things to post. Are you new?

No. 1554810

I am a woman and I want my right to chuckle at shayna's necrotit and fat body. The anons who think she has no clit are annoying, the anons who post really creepy nsfl (mayochup) stuff make me sick.

I do not want to see her in fetish gear and a diaper, but I think nonnies are too strict about insulting other women, sometimes it just feels good to be a little bit shallow. I wouldn't do that in real life, but online I can send some words into the void, I would also never wish harm on illness on anyone.

No. 1554814

Moids are pretty obvious, if you go on her KF it’s just dudes like “yeah boils or not if still smash!” And “Farmers are way too harsh she’s kinda cute bro”

No. 1554820

File: 1681976681751.jpg (269.96 KB, 1536x2048, f2mba5spaj701.jpg)

I mean, they're kiwifags, they probably look like picrel so they have low or no standards

No. 1554826

Yeah some obsessed shaytards are women, we learnt that when five of them posted their tits but they're definitely not normal women. They were either obese, looked pornsick(one had a bdsm collar) or seemed to be fellow cam girls.

No. 1555286

I wish we would get rid of the thread about anorexics, it's nothing fellow anorexics getting mad that people with a mental disorder are showing symptoms of a severe mental disorder.

I feel like a lot of them just don't like the competition and that their fellow anachans make the obvious narcissism behind anorexia more apparent.

No. 1555409

>getting mad that people with a mental disorder are showing symptoms of a severe mental disorder.
By this logic we should get rid of the whole site no?

No. 1556042

File: 1682089878863.jpg (9.11 KB, 332x338, Tumblr_l_149434966009087.jpg)

Some of the nonnas on the Pixielocks thread I genuinely wish I could personally thank for saving and posting Jill's glaring contradictions. It brings me comfort knowing just how many people do not fall for her bullshit (and the non lolcow users that end up on the thread that jill deletes) Just wish the thread wasnt such a shitshow sometimes with the dumbest infighting. It is kind of annoying people don't believe DID is real; it literally is but Jill does not have it and the way 99% of tiktok portrays it is fucking not how it works, but I'm not going to stink up the thread further with arguing.

If any nonnies from that thread are reading this I appreciate you hard

No. 1556051

I'm a woman who frequents the Shay threads because I want to see that fat, greasy pedophile's life completely ruined by her decision to make baby rape her selling point. Once she finally admits her nonexistent career is over and gets her cashier job at Walmart I'll probably stop looking. Her thread is pretty boring otherwise as I find SW cows pretty boring. I miss the old days of interesting cows.

No. 1556492

There's a difference between doomscrolling a thread and actively adding tons of nude screenshots and putting effort into editing nude images of a woman.

No. 1556773

File: 1682164995753.jpg (24.17 KB, 400x352, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

Nonas how would you feel if you knew a cow irl?
I went to school with Fotouh/Effina and it's freaking surreal to find out everything and that she married some 40 year old Amerifag streamer. I cannot for the life of me comprehend why her parents approved of this. My parents would NEVER approve of such a man. I'm not Kuwaiti or Muslim so I understand hating Islam and wanting to leave Kuwait. It's boring and a hellscape for women, especially non Kuwaiti, Muslim or wealthy women.

It's just absolutely bizarre that someone my age is married to a man like that and had twins with him. Also it's sad that she botched her face. I really don't understand the obsession with surgery in the Gulf or why they prefer such harsh tranny looks. I've been in those same Twittard and online circles and they will always have an unhinged hatred for women. You will always be a fetish to them Fotouh. You are only pigeonholed into "qt trad eastern wife" fetish. I don't have to be a libtard to see this. I got sick of all the toxicity and LARP and that's why I've left. In Amerifag land, I think the culture shock and homesickness will always be too much. There's no hegemony in ethnicity or religiosity or anything and there's too much insanity. That nation is a failed social experiment and ticking time bomb. It's where cultures go to die.

You could have carried on growing and finding a good man from your age. I don't understand it, it's sad. I hope for your real redemption, leave those losers behind. Find some real grounded irl friends, not online clout LARP people who aren't even in your same age bracket. Trust me, you will come to that same realization later on or maybe it's already cracking now. You can still be traditional, religious or religious curious without all of this online baggage. The people in those types of circles suck and are largely hypocritically LARPing. I've been there and I've seen how it goes. Usually I was one of the few actually convicted in my beliefs and still to this day am consistent in them.

No. 1556775

I know kaya through a mutual that fell out with her. I have so many anecdotal tales of Kaya but no proof because I get told things irl through a third party. Its funny her thread has tinfoil around drugs when I've saw videos of when kaya and Jake were together getting high on the supply I gave my mate lol

No. 1556776

She has kids with him, she is pretty much stuck. Racist pickmes are always shocked when they get their wake up call, but most of them are in too deep (or are just too cowardly) to pull out.

No. 1556778

Nta but if that's the case why put effort into anything? Why make threads, why post updates, why comment. Why would admins even maintain the site?
People aren't allowed to do anything ffs

No. 1556788

You're right nona choosing to marry and procreate with that man is a life ruining mistake. She's so young

No. 1556796

>People aren't allowed to do anything ffs
Why are you like this? You're not oppressed because people make fun of your scat fetish and posting 30,000 zoomed in photos on some woman's boiled vagina for scrotes to wank to.

No. 1556799

So hide the thread? It's not going to change, Shays threads are throughly retarded and have been for fucking years. If by 100s of threads it's been the same say, why keep joining them. And Shays board is hidden, there's a lot of retards attracted to shayna. And scrotes are going to lurk, collect porn and try to.blend in no matter what os done here. All you can do is navigate it or just not read.

No. 1556803

When I get a Ethan ralph update, which is whenever I decide to watch Nulls podcast and watch him huff and puff over him, I'm sorry but I do feel so bad for May because there's times where she genuinely seems like she's changed, she just wants to take care of her baby
Ralph is always drunk and calling her a bitch. Then I remember that even if she's human she's stil gross and wanted that life. But who I 100% feel bad for is Rozy. Why did he have to have a girl? When he calls his own wife a bitch on camera,he seems like he despises her. I pray that Rozy somehow ends up in better hands. Ralph is going to be a horrible dad to her.
Lord it just makes me sad

No. 1556811

How many times do we need to be told Shayna’s pets are retarded? Like clockwork, someone says it any time she posts her pets. I don’t understand the point of shitting up the thread with it every single time, especially when they make multiple comments.

No. 1556812

She could call up her dad to come pick her up any time she wants. Her dad would drive down to Mexico personally to come get her. She choses this live because she loves the drama and doesn't give a fuck about her own child. You're dumb if you feel bad for hr.

No. 1556816

I literally said I remember that even though she's human she's gross. I'm sorry but watching a fat ass scrote calling a womam.a bitch in an intimidating fashion, while she nervous giggles does make.me.uncomfortable and feel bad for her. Maybe I'm not at the point where I can watch a scrote be abusive and go. "Welp she chose this life, I'd be a dummy to feel bad".
May Is a shitty person and she made her own shitty choices, but that moid is revolting.
I just wish they didn't have kids, I know he's going to be calling Rozy a bitch

No. 1556824

The pet haters have something fucking wrong with them

No. 1556827

Honestly I feel like it’s only one anon because they type similarly and always say the same exact thing but also I don’t want to assume it.

No. 1556834

It is, there's a lot of weirdo kiwiscrotes/idiots in shay threads who do shit for attention. I have no.idea why people respond to it

No. 1556888

This is exactly what I thought after the tit-posting saga. They literally brigaded /ot/ and started bashing a random anon and trying to make her feel worse about her body because they thought she might be one of their fellow shaytards who selfposted. Even after repeatedly being told that it likely wasn't the same person (and it was confirmed not to be later on), they raged hard and flung moidbrained insults. The general fixation on reducing women's worth to their body parts was wild.
It's just pornsick men, wannabe camgirls and failed camgirls with issues like BDD, eating disorders, surgery addictions, etc. No one else is spending hours circling someone else's vagina pimples and reading/writing rants about them among strangers. The ageplay shit she does is disgusting, but the level of mental illness and XY chromosome disorder among her "fandom" is just too damn high, it's like the Belle Delphine thread on steroids.

No. 1556892

File: 1682178898390.jpeg (453.5 KB, 1536x2048, 49E14B77-24C4-49FC-BE37-D52BA3…)

This is one of the funniest things on lolcow,kek. It was also one of my first re through of threads and first real outing of a self poster. It's crazy because she was the first Creepshow but it never blew up like creepshow did. Kek it still blows my mind the direct downfall of creepshow is lolcow.

No. 1556955

File: 1682186072367.jpg (4.4 KB, 300x168, thatsmyopinion.jpg)

I'm just putting my opinion on cows in the opinion on cows thread. I never suggested the shay threads should be banned or whatever you are suggesting and you're the only person here telling people how they should use the site.
>And scrotes are going to lurk, collect porn and try to.blend in no matter what os done here. All you can do is navigate it or just not read.
I don't get why you think the fact that scrotes will always come here means we shouldn't talk about or point out deranged coomer scrote behaviour going on in the site.

No. 1557119

Back when I was 15-18 used to follow a bunch of people like the Pixie fan in the Jill thread. They would constantly post about their rare disorder and worry that they where faking but at the same time get mad when they weren't called valid. It's kinda nostalgic whenever I see her tweets for some reason. I spend so much time in my youth just seeing internet strangers talk about their bad health which I regret. I do hope she gets the help she needs

No. 1557185

apart from the occasional random screenshots of fupa's fb page, which i assume are him selfposting, i genuinely don't think there are any moids in her threads apart from lurkers. at least until recently. i think they came out of the shadows during asseatergate to manipulate anons into feeling like they needed to post nudes by ramping up the "you're a man/troon" accusations knowing how a lot of farmers take that very personally
>It's just pornsick men, wannabe camgirls and failed camgirls with issues like BDD, eating disorders, surgery addictions, etc.
i'd believe there were more sex workers in her threads if shayfags weren't so rightfully against porn and pedopandering/ddlg. at this point i i think it's mostly bpdchans who see themselves in her, vendetta posters from tumblr who are still around, anachans using her as 'reverse thinspo' especially when those before and afters pop up, and then those autistic but well meaning anons who are waiting for her to clean up her act and move back home

No. 1557214

Because anons don't have milk. Her threads are so low effort. I'd be surprised about how many there are except for the fact that they're all filled with the same knit picking and reposting and just no. Real discussion at all about actual drama. I'm on the side of anons who find nitpicking photos really derailing. I thought scamming was milk, not random porn.

No. 1557314

Look at the early threads and tell me the moids just recently arrived

No. 1557322

Let her live in denial, she doesn't intend to stop. They don't want to actualize the fact that they've been buddy buddy with porn addicts

No. 1557937

>Nonas how would you feel if you knew a cow irl?
My first time on a gossip forum was when I was looking up the instagram of a senior I idolized in high school and her thread came up. It's probably cause I didn't see her as a cow (and that I was like 15) but it just creeped me out. They talked about anything from her posting hentai screencaps to cheating on her boyfriend. It turned me off from gossip sites for years cause all I could think was how shit she must feel to have all her actions as a teen scrutinized by strangers.

But since then I've had multiple personal cows in my life that I'd love to see posted here cause I don't feel anything for them beyond disgust and secondhand embarrassment lol.

No. 1558249

My favorite part of Momokun's thread before I stopped keeping up was the occasional hate towards her husbando Douma. God I despise that faggot.

No. 1558266

I do feel bad and secondhand embarrassment for the constant scrutiny and monitoring. At the same time, I never sought fame - online or real so I don't know. It's a surreal reminder that the internet can save moments forever and that it's bigger than it it seems. The digital era is crazy…

No. 1559508

I get the impression the financial demographic of lolcow shifted and that there are many more poorfags than before.
Aside from the general economic climate, I think this is a consequence of the change in cows we discuss. Hear me out:
The focus used to be on cosplay and weeb cows. These were mostly followed by cosplayers and weebs themselves, who had to have some means to partake in their hobby, buy materials, travel to Japan, and so on.
At some point, camwhores became major cows discussed, this attracted an audience of other camwhores. And most people go into that kind of work because they're broke.

No. 1559665

File: 1682466409102.png (124.99 KB, 250x291, 0732C19F-024D-4B44-A7E1-21A70E…)

I think she’s really beautiful in a very unique way and in an alternate universe is a boring IG Model but is much, much happier.

No. 1559667

She’s just one of those people who I assume a lot of farmers watch just like whang and they don’t produce gross garbage but they associate with people like WomenPostingLs and Sam Hyde types

No. 1559683

I don't think you are wrong, but you are missing the fact that e-sex work is significantly more socially acceptable. A lot of weeb spaces are practically crawling with sex workers nowadays. A lot of women who do that shit aren't even poor or struggling, they just want to get rich quick and don't believe they have any other career prospects. Idk if the sex workers on this site are completely like that though. Most of the really poor users here straight up do not have jobs or are disabled it seems.

No. 1559706

I think we have more addicts & ex-junkies as well. And more thirdies (me included but i'm an oldfag-ish)

No. 1559724

>she thinks cosplayers have money
Assuming you're old enough to remember, the "living off ramen around con season" memes on cgl weren't just memes.

No. 1559786

I like her. Most people who follow Brittany as a lolcow seem to do the same petty trash of just taking things out of greater context to claim hypocrisy. I wish she had more female fans but I know she got orphaned at 17 and uses the Internet for her livelihood and she's changed over the years. It was harder for women to make money online back in the day without pandering to men.

No. 1559807

me too, I love blues on her. the butterflies she's been wearing recently are very pretty also.
and she's actually hilarious, I didn't expect to end up liking her so much but here we are.

No. 1559957

Yeah she’s been through enough, the people criticising her would change their mind if they had context of her situation and what she’s gone through.

No. 1560645

What "context of her situation" justifies her mistreating and racially bashing other women? Lol

No. 1561232

I’m a Shaytard who checks her thread daily and posts a lot of her milk from Twitter. I’ve never done sex work, I’m a grad student who started reading her thread years ago and is kind of addicted to the Shayniverse at this point. I do think there are moids and sex workers in that thread but I also think Ellen and Shayna lurk as well. I also am the anon who pointed out that the fart photo edits looked particularly fetish-y, specifically that one with poop shooped all over it. We definitely have a scat fetish moid who lurks the thread at the very least.

No. 1561872

>"exactly this. people just latch onto "but he hit her!" and lack none of the nuance on WHY he did it. they only cared that he was a guy who put his hands on a woman.
>plus,didnt kai have to deal with that shit himself? i remember in one of his old videos he showed that he had to deal with the same verbal abuse from his own mom everytime she had an episode. i can see why omnia going off on him would be in some way traumatizing and mentally draining for even his patience"

The art commentary thread is clearly full of weirdos and i wouldn't be surprised if it was the actual people involved bitching. No I don't care why a scrote hit a woman on lolcow.farm.
"Oh poor scrote! He went through shit with his mom so he had to hit his girlfriend!! Poor scrote at least he admits he hit her, why won't the woman admit to her shit!"

Please get a grip, I made a comment and got accused of being a scrote. That thread seems off

No. 1561874

You need to copy the entire link when you link to other boards

No. 1561915

i think she's really beautiful too and her hair is so gorgeous.

No. 1561965

I assume it doesn't matter because the women she's abusing racially aren't white or are women they also dislike (sex workers/Those animals avatar girls whose name I can't remember). She's an pick me asshole who wants the acceptance from the sane scrotes who can't say her name without calling her a slur, who hangs with male predators and hates heeself.

No. 1561966

No. 1562530

Exactly. The poster(s) defending her are so pathetic to me, probably pickmes themselves if they aren't just her and her bots doing damage control.

No. 1564802

Ever since I learned Liz Bruenig had an abusive dad who recently moved to her state (MA from TX) I am touching everything she does with a ten foot pole mentally. She is insane but she has reason to be (not that it’s good but it’s more understandable). She seems to be terribly indoctrinated to the worst bullshit she grew up with and undoubtably will be passing it down to her kids since she thinks she can talk to god and she holds absurdly harmful traditional values that are obviously not good for women but the more I learn about her past the more it seems she was unlikely to turn out any other way. Now it just seems sad. Minor leftcow (sometimes the feature in the leftcows threads but only when she’s being really insane) and she’s still really young so maybe she can break free…. God she makes me depressed. Everyone in that thread is so fake and astroturfed, maybe she is too idk

No. 1567318

The projared thread has become somewhat of a comfort thread, I don't really know much of his lore nor do I have any interest in it but something about his newfound devotion to being a male fashion influencer is enthralling. Other threads can make me so angry, but jared's is relaxing. Just a manchild on his balcony posting pics in his amazon sweatshirt #fence

No. 1569029

Most “lolcows” on here dont really do anything? To me drama is doing something genuinely crazy and most of the threads here are just reposting things they say on social media, which isnt enough for me.

No. 1569034

well yeah because the age of the cow is long over

No. 1569054

Lol same. It's a very cozy atmosphere and I love hating on that man with my fellow anons.

No. 1569878

i feel like the overall quality of cows has denigrated. i miss the era of soren and her ilk, making up the most unhinged and wacky shit. there are no really outrageous cows anymore. we haven't gotten any good new ones in a long time. maybe i've been on this site so long i'm desensitized, but no one really does anything. the most active cows now are just living pathetic lives and airing it to the world, which doesn't make me laugh, it just feels depressing and embarrassing to look at. maybe these kinds of people are smarter about what they put on social media now, or they are just on tiktok or whatever. i refuse to believe that there are fewer funny insane people online anymore, but where can they even be found?

No. 1569887

Theyre making tiktoks about their systems

No. 1569950

There are still some old school lolcows, but they aren't popular here like Ethan Ralph or Chantal. Him and his baby momma drama and getting beaten up by pimps in the street for soliciting prostitutes, getting divorced a second time, passing out on lifestreams. Chantal with her insane moving to Kuwait and becoming a muslim arc. Most threads here are just talking over and over about how ugly camwhores are and trying to find unflattering angles of them to expose the filter use. Thats why I go to KF for lolcow stuff and just come here for off-topic discussion.

No. 1569956

>Nonas how would you feel if you knew a cow irl?
I also know a cow irl. Which is why I take all internet drama with a grain of salt cause what is being said about the person online and how they are irl is like two different people. All content creators develop an online persona that only shows choice parts of their life and hides a lot of things you will never know about them just from your parasocial connection. People also get so many things wrong, often on purpose and then just run with it and it becomes their lore even if it's completely made up by some anon on the internet, lol. Sometimes it frustrates me and I want to whiteknight or set things right and clear things up but I have to stop myself cause I don't want to get involved in the drama. It of course depends on the cow, some people share every second of their life but youtubers/streamers who have family and friends off camera are just sharing one small part of their life with their audience.

No. 1570219

This should be common knowledge anyways. People are miserable and need someone to focus on and prop up. Using real people that you don't and will never know as punching bags in a constant and obsessive manner is mental illness, end of. They never use some super ebil prolific man like Andrew Tate either, its always got to be some woman lol.

No. 1570615

After popping into the Shay thread and seeing all the autism about this Kelly person I am more convinced that the thread is at least 30% scrote contaminated

No. 1570636

yeah i stupidly didn't think there were any moids there before but i admit i was wrong. i wonder if that's the reason why her threads get so retarded sometimes

No. 1570660

It's been obvious the entire time. Men are like that, they become consumed by their special interest and have to crosspost it everywhere, that's why they had to start passing out bans because they would mention her so much and try to steer random ot convos to her. They're obsessed with being able to degrade and mock a woman without being called faggots for it and they've gotten very comfortable here. You're crazy if you think the majority of anons trying to plug her into literally everything are all female.

No. 1570692

The shaytards are funnier than shay and the shay board is amazing, I just go to look at the layout sometimes and laugh. it’s oozing psychotic obsession, I love it.

No. 1571467

File: 1683577490053.jpg (19.14 KB, 1530x60, tumblr_a339160a4f28c92a9a72cde…)

Saw picrel and thought of Lucinda lmfao…

No. 1572925

It's honestly been bothering me how much this website suffer from "look at that bitch eating crackers" syndrome and most topics are centered around women, but extremely few regarding male cows (and a lot of times it's usually because they're somehow related to another female cow).

No. 1573198

I think it's good to have a place where women don't have to asslick other women constantly lest we be seen as catty jealous pick-me NLOGs. Male cows are always depressing horrorcows anyway like we know autists with nasty fetishes exist already and there are threads in /ot/ and /2x/ discussing abhorrent male behaviour online. It's fun to just be bitch over some unlikable and weird girl sometimes.

No. 1573285

I think it's crazy how some anons can post as much nonsense as a Qanon would on Facebook about some cows. The hyper-dramatized way some go about it makes their posts seem way more cringe than anything a lot of cows do. Especially when they start nitpicking things like strings hanging off the hem of a skirt and suddenly this means the cow is a low quality whore with no skills in dressing herself instead of it being something like she didn't notice or didn't care. Some of it is nitpick and gets ignored as nitpicking, but when there's no milk and the entire milk on a cow has become complaining what editing app she uses as if no one online uses editing apps or a filter to change the tone of an image because their complexion looks sallow, it's such a tell that the person isn't a cow anymore and anons just want to abuse the idea of having a thread to just be able to, for lack of a better term, harass a cow.

I don't mean this in the context of anons being boolies, I mean this is the way where there's no longer discussion and it's become a dumbed-down scrote mentality thread. Not in the way where anons are sexualizing, but in the way that there's no scandal or drama to have a discussion on, it's all face value now which is as low quality as possible for keeping a thread alive.

No. 1574826

Honestly it's because men are boring. If they do "cowish" things they're usually sad or disgusting (rape, murder etc.) and not something to laugh at. For example I've never found CWC funny

No. 1574848

Male cows are disgusting, I don't have the stomach for that shit. At least female cows can manage to be weird and cowlike without being violent or rapists or some form of pedo. That's literally all it boils down to with male cows, and discussing them will bring scrotes here, which will make LC horrible to navigate.

No. 1575184

Good points, I was just feeling a little bit done with all the nitpicking in some cow threads at the time I wrote my post.

No. 1576369

I hate when kiwifarms is down now only because they come here, refuse to integrate and start small fires. I also feel like certain people are more active here. Why do troons ruin everything? Let them have their site dammit

No. 1576390

File: 1683990211153.jpg (96.54 KB, 1062x1014, weMh.jpg)

A good illustration of this would be the difference between the TIM and Fakeboi Threads. While the conversations about FTMs are lighthearted and filled with jokes at their cringeworthy behavior, discussions about TIMs are mainly characterized by horror and disgust. There may be some attempts at using humor to alleviate the feelings of disgust, but the overwhelming emotion is that of despair.

No. 1576394

Nonnies in the shane Dawson thread think he's going to abuse his future child he's trying to get. He did make some really offensive and gross jokes as there's the cat thing but those are really, really different than abusing a real, living child. If he does end up with the baby I feel like the threads are just going to be tons of abuse allegations. He seems to have grown up a lot over the years and im not a fan but saying someone is going to abuse a real child is pretty dumb. I guess we will see what happens in the threads over time and I just hope nonnies aren't right. His whole career was based on edgy content and I don't agree with the things he said/did but they're really far from actual abuse.

No. 1576419

Surrogacy automatically makes you an evil shitbag that doesn't care about children. However, and given Shane's history, It's completely fine for people to question his motives and judge him more harshly.

No. 1576432

I started reading the Jill threads a couple months ago and caught up on the DID saga. Reading her threads reminded me how much I wanted to learn to sew and motivated me to try learning again. I've made a few things recently that have turned out pretty decent. Seeing how someone as cringe as her could get a following, I decided to make a YouTube video of my learning process. I made the first video and posted it in some sewing communities and was shocked by the amount of positive feedback and support. I've never really done YouTube before but something about Jill made me think "if she's so shitty and low effort but can still try and make something for people to watch, why cant I?"
Im not deluding myself into thinking I'll become a famous craft youtuber, I'm just having fun with both the sewing and video process. Filming everything I do has forced me to really focus and keep trying until I get the steps right. I'm hoping in the future I'll look back at the videos and it will be a fun timeline of my progression, plus I like making artistic stuff for others to enjoy.
Reading Jill's threads and watching her fail really pushed me to stop being so dumb and just give it a go, and I'm glad I did. I hope any other nonnies can also find similar motivations.

No. 1576839

should be done anyway

No. 1577059

shayna genuinely likes wrestling/dad rock and not for moid attention…in my opinion.

No. 1577187

I think so too. I don't know why she sticks with the spoiled princess crap when I think she would suit what Anisa is trying to achieve.. just without the tattoos, lol.

No. 1580351

you're cute nonnie! i hope you have lots of fun with it, it's a really cool hobby.

No. 1581211

For some reason it annoys the fuck out of me when nonnies here act like IDubbz is some innocent funny man who was driven down the wrong path by his girlfriend. There's SO many cases of men actually manipulating women into dangerous, fucked up things vs. "funny man not funny to me no more!" type of shit. I never see the moids red in the face about Idubbz, this mad about their fellow brothers manipulating their young girlfriends or spouses.

No. 1581286

Feel like it’s leftover kiwifags tbh and idubbzfags

No. 1581647

well done nonnie! have fun!

No. 1582781

I know this belongs in the powdered milk thread, but I miss Himezawa and wonder what happened to her. I mean, I've never seen someone so online and addicted to validating themselves via the internet just disappear completely one day. I know it was had to do with her break-up but damnit I just want to know what ol' Himezawa is doing now

No. 1583111

The way anons talk about women in Onision’s thread is so icky. I get that they aren’t perfect victims and messed up in their own ways, but the thread reeks of misogyny sometimes

No. 1585085

I don't really have an opinion on Venus, I don't think she had much of a chance in life but most of her problems are self-inflicted. However, some of the people in her thread are just plain cruel and obsessed with her. I think a lot of the posts are the same person based on the typing style and repeated specific phrases, but this is getting tinfoily and I could be wrong.

No. 1585102

The thing most people miss when talking about idubbbz is that he is also a horrible person. Anisa is awful but so is Ian. They’re both terrible people.
Anisa cheated on her way more handsome ex bf for idubbbz and that’s a detail I see a lot of people that defend Anisa forget.

No. 1585126

There are definitely anons samefagging in that thread, and unsurprisingly they're Venus's age or younger which explains some of the lack of emotional intelligence in certain takes on substance abuse and mental illness. There's absolutely no reason to spend so much hateful, obsessive energy on her (as opposed to being there to watch it all go down and kek or cringe, but still having a life at the end of the day where one doesn't need to camp in the thread). A lot of them are unsatisfied with their own lives for whatever reason and so Venus is an outlet for them to vent all that frustration/misery to the extent that they do. Makes them feel better somehow, but it doesn't really make you feel better longterm (speaking from experience as i've been a plain ol' hating ass bitch myself for a while towards my own personal lolcow). Once you've got good things going on in your own life you start to care less and realize that it doesn't matter to you as much after a while.

No. 1585563

There's this one anon in her thread that always uses greentext replies and is particularly aggressive, I'm pretty sure that's all she does all day. I think Venus is a shit person, but when she posts about killing herself a lot of anons gleefully respond that they hope she actually does, it's pretty fucked.

No. 1585615

I'm so glad that someone finally brought this up! I've only really lurked on Venus' threads but I've also noticed one or two anons who obsessively post the most insane diatribes and like to hurl abuse at any anon who dares to offer up any kind of nuanced take. Whenever an update drops, like clockwork, they would shit up the thread to the point of being unreadable by making several of these absolutely unhinged multi-paragraph posts. The typing style is easy to recognise too once you know what to look for.

No. 1585874

Venus is too depressing for me to read about in general, but the angry weeb anons in there really make it unreadable. Not sure if they're from PULL or whatever, but they don't integrate at all and you can tell that's the only thread on lc they visit.

No. 1585964

File: 1684950953727.jpg (11.22 KB, 225x224, cow.jpg)

What happened to that italian girl who had an anorexia recovery account? did she relapse and go off the internet? she used to have weekly threads back in 2017

No. 1585978

File: 1684951574705.jpg (97.88 KB, 1080x810, 298409126_597920065242701_1349…)

samefag, her ig is @itsaly_eleanor and she seems to be living her best life

No. 1586024

I feel bad for Shayna considering her tit situation

No. 1586344

looked through her ig, she looks really good. good for her. other than Ashley she's the only anacow i knew of, like other anon back in 2017, because her threads were constantly active.

No. 1586430

I actually think chris chan changing his name legally to christian because an animatronic bear misheard it taking it as a sign from god is weirdly beautiful if you ignore everything else abt him

No. 1586465

No. 1587416

stumbled upon empathchan's thread and while she is a truly disturbed individual i cant help but be confused by anons calling her ugly/busted as a kid, she doesnt look super pretty but still.

No. 1587552

Makes me happy to see her looking like she's actually recovering! Good for her. Having an ED is hell.

No. 1588228

Not a specific cow, but basically whatever is happening in the radfem cows thread. All I can see is vendetta posting about literal nobodies with random screenshots here and there.

No. 1588261

came here to say this too kek, i guess underage retards from radtwt found that thread and are using it to selfpost or vendettapost about their enemies. you can tell it’s the same person/few people because they don’t even try to integrate or sage and their spacing is weird

No. 1588269

i wish they were underage retards but can guarantee they're all grown but still dumb as hell

No. 1588649

I don’t like discord screenshots and don’t think they should be posted as milk. They always feel like plants regardless of the thread. You’re telling me you’re in the cows discoed with 50 people just silently tethering screenshots while somehow also not interacting with the cow? In a server it’s a lot harder to just lurk, unlike following someone’s public twitter. It reeks of touching the poop and I’m highly suspicious of any ‘milk’ that comes from the screenshots especially if the server isn’t very populated.

No. 1588741

I think stuff like intimate DMs with the cow or discord screenshots are really funny because it's a reminder that anons are probably just as milky as their chosen cow. The lucinda thread is full of underage edtwt users, camwhore thread is just sex workers posting about each other, etc

No. 1589160

Is KF still down?

If it's any consolation, the thread is mainly just empathchan and her orbiters selfposting, and was likely started by empathchan herself. She's obviously got a shit attitude, but she craves any and all attention and deliberately behaves like an edgelord to get people to talk about her so that she can feel validated. Best thing that could happen to that thread is letting it die, she's not even a very interesting/funny cow anyway

No. 1589164

it's up on tor but not clearnet rn. if you go to the normal kf landing page it'll reroute you to the .onion page and show you how to download tor tho

No. 1589167

never got why she even got her own thread in the first place. She isn't very note worthy when it comes to edgelord pickmes. it's obvious she selfposts

No. 1589210

The talk of that anons cat going on the balcony reminded me of herfoggymind (munchie whose cat fell off her balcony and she stomped it to death as a "mercy kill"). She changed her username probably trying to escape the heat of that but I forget what to. Probably the worst thing I've ever seen a cow admit

No. 1589307

That's crazy. I've never heard of that cow before.

No. 1590016

I think I’m finally done with Luna. It isn’t that I had hope that she’d change her lifestyle, but I think I’m just tired of the repeat posting because NOTHING changes at all, not even the crap she steals. Before, she used to depress me. Now? She just genuinely irritates me.

well this isn’t something I was expecting to see before 8am

No. 1590044

Luna has become boring as hell. After thread 10 or so she was already but now she barely posts. It's kind of sad that she never graduated cowdom but just stopped being interesting. She's been living this life for almost 10 years and hasn't changed a bit.

No. 1590097

She had a heart attack during COVID sadly but she survived it

No. 1590605

Lillee Jean is starting to grow into her looks. With her teeth being fixed and her hair finally getting cut by a professional and being taken care of properly, I think she’s looking much better than she used to. Especially when she’s not putting on a psychotic fake smile. She needs to get away from Laur and be a normal young woman.

No. 1593123

The Jvloggers aren't cows at all besides Norm who constantly fights. Wanting to know a cows personal info and then not giving it isn't cow-like behavior. When did privacy become a situation where you need to stalk a cow?

No. 1593628

effina kind of makes me sad. she's not nearly as bad as some of the cows on here, could be that the standards are incredibly low, but she's not really malicious, she's just self-hating and pathetic. in her pre-plastic surgery and unedited photos, she just looks like a normal woman. the amount of body dysmorphia and mentally ill self-hatred that must be fueling her is insane. i'm glad she has sons instead of daughters.

No. 1593684

yeah plus whatever karma she had coming her way has already delivered itself in full because her babies are literally horrifying. i dont pay attention to her, i love babies and understand they can be kinda ugly/awkward, but holy fucking shit those things are the ugliest babies i've ever seen, they look like 90yr old rabbis with progeria and theres two of them. they look like they smell like patchouli and cigars. like i've only ever seen a couple pictures of them and i still think about it all the time because how the fuck do they look like that.

No. 1594155

i don't have bdd and wouldn't mutilate myself but i saw some of myself in her. the growing up on internet and being surrounded by these retards while you're confused and self hating is damaging.

No. 1594859

Why are jvlog posters so weird? (see /meta/)

No. 1594864

If I had to deal with /w/ posters and had the power to, I'd have nuked /w/ a long time ago, every other day they're infighting in meta and I believe the jvlogger thing they are babbling about is years old milk.

No. 1594907

Shayna fags are just annoying in general

No. 1594912

the weird thing about /w/ is that you have a few solid cows (pixielocks, lori, stefany) and then the rest are the most garbage threads on this site

No. 1595156

I wish the posters who keep whining would get permabanned already. My god.

No. 1595337

Adept and XQC are such a mess lol

No. 1595338

He really threw away the best thing he had in his life, which was a gf that put up with him. And he loved her too, and still does (by his admission, not too recent though), and who knows how hard it'll be to ever find someone to tolerate that retard again.

No. 1595668

Reminder that absolutely nobody asked for /w/, it was implemented in 2019 by burritomin without polling the users.

No. 1595691

>sperging about how babies look deformed and smell like cigars
Tradhoes are mental. They're just normal awkward looking toddlers, kids always look awkward. You guys are wild for going on rants insulting a womans babies for no reason.

No. 1595704

I don't even care about Effina as a person, but they are particularly weird-looking, weird-looking enough to notice.

No. 1595836

It's the most baffling thread on this site to me if I'm honest. At least with other messy threads I know it's because it's a lot of people within those same circles vendetta posting. Sometimes I read it in pure fascination at how nonsensical it all is.

No. 1595849

Not all babies are cute, it’s okay to admit that.

But also did she expect anything else with that ape of a husband she had them with? I don’t even follow her thread, but god the other anon is right, they’re weird looking.

No. 1596931

I've lurked in Heather Sparkle's threads for a long time but I finally went back and read the first few and holy shit, her ex-husband is a total insufferable asshole. Refusing to let her just leave and whimpering on social about how he's such a perfect nice guy and Heather just keeps refusing his lovebombing. I would be fully on her side if she hadn't continued the bullshit for years after. She's turned into a total psycho now but in the very first threads… I kinda feel for her.

No. 1596953

I love how people speaking Ill on kids always trying to convince everyone it's normal
>but all kids are ugly/weird looking
Okay? Going out your way to make multiple posts directly towards kids is weird. They never just think all kids are odd looking. Nope they say this and follow it with spefic judgement toward a particular child.
That thread is full on vendetta and useless, if it's not 4chan/kiwis making weird racist comments (they can't help themselves) its people bringing up the kids. It serves no purpose. Going on rants about how you feel a child looks will forever be gross/unneeded behavior. Not to mention it's not milk and obsessive.

No. 1598739

Anons in Jill's thread acting like autists are drooling retards that can't handle anything touching their skin are starting to grind my gears.

No. 1598794

Anons are so excessively aggressive on the proana threads. Like wishing death on the cows and hoping their ED kills them. You don’t have to wk anyone but i’m here to laugh at attention whore behavior, not to relish in a skelly’s suffering as they wither and die. Save this bloodlust for some of the actual harmful cows, not annoying teenage girls who try to get attention online kek. It goes way past levels of normal anger at their admittedly retarded behavior

No. 1599484

File: 1686119336800.jpeg (36.68 KB, 1080x812, 85897564-A815-47BF-B31A-55BB39…)

Some threads are just unreadable now because of the anons that lurk there. I guess this is where LC is headed now. Druggies are annoying like the anachans and sex workers that plague certain threads. Also some anons who still obsess after old weeb related cows like Venus, Taylor, and Kota also have some screws loose. The Belle thread was fucking unreadable too.

No. 1599500

They are all un fucking readable. If you unironically read this shit then you are not mentally stable. I don't care what you say. Doesn't matter.

No. 1599652

Nikocado doesn't seem like a terrible person and he's losing weight. I honestly wish the best for him because he strikes me as having been driven crazy from eating shitty vegan food for years, and that plus his easy views made him develop an eating disorder. He's unhateable to me and I just hope he gets his life back together.

No. 1600044

Whatever is happening in the Tina Choi thread is wild. I only read it because it was getting bumped so much, but none of the latest replies are interesting. There's some really weird ass race baiting stuff going on in it too, and some anons insisting that she's ugly.

No. 1600057

I sometimes wonder of raven, did she ever clean up her act or is still harassing goth/alt girls/women online from her trailer.

No. 1600063

why are you here then?

No. 1600067

I don't understand the mentality of people who can keep up with depressing cows like Venus. Her story is fucking sad when you're not a bitter seething weeb who's jealous she's living in Japan. I like laughing at the cows who purposefully fuck up their lives out of stubbornness and mental retardation. Like Jillian and #shayna##. It's just too depressing when you can clearly see wtf happened to cause the person to be a cow, especially when they do irl major damage to themselves and others. I feel like Venus will die off before shaynus at the rate she's going.

No. 1600076

Glad I’m not the only one who thought that kek I don’t know if anons have a vendetta or issues or what but it’s boring af

No. 1600089

Agreed, Venus honestly never stood a single chance of growing up into a well adjusted adult.

No. 1600094

But you tell the little pullfags or whoever the fuck is keeping that thread live this and they start screeching about personal responsibility and how people in worse situations have made better of themselves (rare, most people born into shit situations die in shittier ones.) And start screeching about how she should have done better. But like, she's not Shayna who had parents willing to pay her way through college, she was paying Margo's way through. All Margo taught her was how to use her body to get money from degenerates. We hoped for the best with manaki, but he was just a man. A former NEER if I remember correctly, there's no way he could have hoped to be able to handle a relationship with someone as inherently damaged as Venus. She needed a psychiatrist and a good, solid older woman to guide her where Margo failed. Shits depressing, I used to enjoy her videos as a kid and I never thought she'd end up this bad. It's hard to even look at her anymore, girl's dead on the inside

No. 1600099

ntayrt, but she's so far gone with not caring and then being lucid for a second to want to care and cry for help, but then the old habits she's had for decades just overshadows it. She doesn't know how to not be in the spotlight and be normal.

No. 1600148

I am sure the only anons that still follow Venus are a handful of resented pullfags that used to watch her weeb videos and now are happy to see her spiral.

No. 1600173

Are people still doing this? I remember dropping her YEARS ago when I started feeling way too bad for her and got enough of anons drawing pleasure from her situation. It genuinely made me sick to my stomach to see people claim that she's being "ungrateful" to her mother for "making her an internet celebrity and giving her the dream life". Bitch what? She was groomed and abused and prostituted by her insane stage mom and then escaped with an opportunist predator into a country with no friends or social network because she had nowhere else to go and zero adulting skills, all this before she even turned 20 iirc. But she had it great because she got a few expensive dresses out of it? I feel so fucking bad for her situation and I can't believe people are still following her to seethe.

No. 1600188

It makes me really sad that Grimes lied so much about her origins and being self-made. I found her geniunely charming and I loved how out of place and focused she was on what made her happy regarding her music. Her lil lives where she just sits on the floor with all these synthesizers and loopers like a mad scientist will always look wholesome to me, too bad she felt like she was lacking something and decide to be ~ * ~ sexy ~ * ~ in her 30s. Plus her relationship with Elon was a real eye opener for me. I just kind of miss the time she was a quirky art kid with badly cut bangs.

No. 1600240

There was no reason to care about her that much in the first place. Shes just a musician.

No. 1600241

File: 1686181430147.png (686.69 KB, 834x616, 1679614332592.png)

Arow the wannabe rockstar girl from /snow/ is really hot to me. I mean her hair is awful and she's way too skinny but if she put on a little weight and washed her hair she'd be exactly my type

No. 1600246

I’m trying to be less bitchy and not post in /snow/ and spend more time in /ot/ and /g/ instead. It’s difficult not to join in when my favorite /snow/ thread is active but reading through the milk and commentary is still my guilty pleasure. Thank you the nonnas who keep the threads and entertainment going!

No. 1600276

Same here nona

No. 1600397

A lot of the anons in her thread like to romanticise her time with Margo and pretend that she was spoiled and had any sort of self autonomy, and that she went to Japan because she's a delusional weeb and not because her literal only way to escape was marrying a Japanese pedo. Even if she acts like a cow, her situation is truly too bleak and self destructive that I don't understand how anyone finds it entertaining

No. 1601207

File: 1686262485393.webm (1.62 MB, 576x1024, myoriginalislocked.webm)

Samefagging to say this long, wild ride keeps getting better and better. Very intertested to see how this all concludes.

No. 1602013

where can i read up on some milk

No. 1602120

Their rhetoric remains unchanged. I'm somewhat surprised to see some anons with common sense and empathy here. I'm so sick of the seething weebs and their weak arguments and exaggeration about her being the worst person alive. That's why they keep armchairing and trying to claim she's a narc because Narcissist is synonymous with evil, irredeemable asshole whom no one should pity. Even though she has just a small following, they can't stand the fact that anyone would try and support her (although most of her supporters are unhelpful enablers, unfortunately) and are obsessed with canceling her, to the point that they're itching to drive her to suicide. It's really sick and unfunny. The truth is, some of the loudest anons in there are borderline cows themselves if you happen to clock them in her comments.

No. 1602125

She’s not even that. She doesn’t plan any instruments and almost certainly can’t read or write music. Just a gimmicky, bad performer.

No. 1602126

Seriously, they get so mad at the "opportunities" she's been given and think that they'd have done things differently if faced with her situation. I'm surprised she's lasted as long as she has, honestly. She's had absolutely zero positive guidance or support in her life so of course she's making the worst choices out of desperation, along with being severely inexperienced in life. Margo really crippled her socially, mentally, and emotionally and yet people expect her to magically mature and get her shit together as if it's as easy as choosing to do so. Even if she was raised normally, getting married that early in life likely wouldn't have lasted because she still hadn't had enough time to grow as a person and really know who she is. I hardly see it as any different to other situations where child stars were neglected and raised by shitty parents.

No. 1602140

If you (all of you) hate the thread so much, why do you read it? Seriously, why don't you just hide it?

No. 1602204

Lauren Southern and Pumpy both admitting their relationship Ls recently is really driving home the fact that pickmes never prosper, at both ends of the political spectrum. I feel like these cautionary tales are good for us all to read about, who says petty gossip never helped anyone?

No. 1602238

I guess people felt betrayed when she escaped Margo and didn't magically get better, and after not getting their wholesome Hollywood ending turned against her and figured she was faking it and was the master manipulator all along. Kids who were abused for years and had their psychological growth severely stunted don't just suddenly become better when their viewers want them to, and Manaki wasn't exactly the prince charming to provide her with emotional support or anything but a roof over her head after removing her from her familiar environment.

>I hardly see it as any different to other situations where child stars were neglected and raised by shitty parents.

It's exactly the same situation, and that's why so many child stars resort to drugs and alcohol to cope with the trauma. Venus is no different.

No. 1602293

It's funny, the same people who rag on her will probably turn around and cry about their own mental illness and inadequacies, and how hard life is for them. It's like normies thinking two therapy sessions and a good cry will get rid of childhood trauma and you'll be all better as if it never happened, because that's how it happens in their bing bing wahoos.

The "opportunities" they talk about are just life in Japan. They're salty that she had a chance to live their weeaboo dream but didn't. She doesn't really have many opportunities there, as a foreign woman.

No. 1602549

It's insane how you can read the criticism towards your obsession with her and still justify it to yourselves.

No. 1602637

>the same people who rag on her will probably turn around and cry about their own mental illness and inadequacies, and how hard life is for them.
This is how I feel too, her thread screams jealous bpd-chan and I'm 100% sure the same people complaining about her not pulling herself up by the bootstraps are the same people crying in the vent thread about wanting to kill themselves over mommy making them clean up their room and living NEET lives for being unable to exit the house. It's weebs who wanted to live in Japan married to a Japanese guy but never succeeded in doing so, so they seethe about Venus just "falling into" their sugoi nippon dream life and not being able to keep it together due to her severely failing mental health obstructed by years of abuse and neglect from her mother.

No. 1602646

It just shows how spoiled they are when they tell her to leave japan and "go back home", but where is her home supposed to be? Her mom moved her around europe for years, not leaving her a steady ground to stand on, and the rest of her family never seemed to give a shit about her (from what we know at least).

No. 1602692

it is actually illuminating and relevant

No. 1608570

I wish Kathy was more active as a cow, she's not extremely dry but she has a really interesting concept (saying it that way for lack of a better description)
I think the only reason she isn't more entertaining as a cow is because shes not even really interested in all the larp she does, if she sperged about burlesque, vintage, costume-making, and her stupid pseudo fancy food she would be a full-time active cow and would be way milkier

No. 1608615

It's been forever since I last checked her thread but I agree, she actually posts so little, which is part of the reason why her burlesque disabled sex worker larp is so unsuccessful, any genuine fans/clients just have nothing to engage with. I wonder if she's like this because deep down she's self-aware and doesn't want to expose how things really are? A shame, I thought that latex dominatrix tea party photoshoot was the funniest thing.

No. 1608790

I don't keep up with the Lori thread much but I honestly hope that Kevin leaves her, I feel bad for him every time I see a new calendar post and I feel like he just has to go in order for her to grow up and realize she can't keep treating people the way she does. It seems like shes abusive and threatens their relationship every chance she gets and he's sticking around because he doesn't have anyone else other than her, if he does leave her in the future I hope he finds himself a cosplayer girlfriend so Lori can be enraged kek

No. 1609379

Yeah, I wish she'd post more often but I imagine she can't afford the LARP and has to spend most of her days scrambling for some money when she's not high off her ass.

She would be a GREAT cow if she posted more often, she has the same appeal Shayna did for me. Privileged middle-class girl throwing away her silver spoon to larp and an oppressed Twitter whore, whole still simultaneously being a spoiled brat who continues to take L's because at her core, she's a giant pickme. Oh well.

No. 1610496

effinas life may be sad but god she is so hot, and that anon who calls everyone who calls her pretty a moid and accuses them of wanting to fuck her sounds so unhinged. i hope she divorces her husband and learns to love herself, but she wont.

No. 1612284

And then when she makes some kind of attempt to get better, such as the brief stint she had with getting (online?) therapy, they say it's pointless for her to try because she failed last time and will just give up again. They seem to want her to fail despite claiming to want her to pull herself up and stop being an entitled shit in their eyes, because it gives them some sort of "moral" excuse to seethe over her, and so their rhetoric goes on in a loop. I wish Venus wouldn't read her thread and would go back to turning off her insta comments, because it's really not helping her motivation to try and do something about her shitty situation when people insist she'll fail, hence why she always goes back to the bottle and seeking validation from OF and shallow relationships with toxic scrotes because deep down she feels like it's too late for herself anyway.

No. 1612769

You can always count on the anachan threads for the most unhinged drama. That thread has always been problematic, year after year
Where do they get the energy??!! From photosynthesis???

No. 1613402

The Effina threads feel as psychotic as the old Dakota Rose threads. Everytime I scroll past, it's like seeing a burning car on the shoulder of a highway.

No. 1613772

Maybe it's because I hate sex pets like Jared and crybullies like Holly, but I really miss when they were milky.

No. 1613835

totally agree that effina thread is psycho land and nothing good is going on there but holy shit those are seriously the ugliest babies I've ever seen kek

No. 1614514

I hate Anonymous Gene and almost want to a-log. He has even posted in /meta/ and got redtexted. That moron needs to get a job lol.

No. 1614521

I love a good shit-talk and a bit of gossip, but I swear the Shayna thread attracts a certain breed of crazy anons. The vibe in there is psycho and a little bit depressing, I feel like anons are frothing at the mouths and refreshing their screens constantly waiting for literally anything, and if there's nothing they start making shit up. Like at this point I'm laughing more at the farmers than Shayna herself.

No. 1614523

well now the effina thread is locked because psychos couldn't stop seething

No. 1614526

as a shaytard myself i also dont understand it. she has a really strange magnetic draw.
my guilty secret is i cant help but like her. i mean fuck her and all her pedo shit blah blah blah, but i could fix her or whatever. the industry groomed her early and ruined her, but you sometimes see her potential to be a nice person peak out. her whole existence is so pitiable and desperate

No. 1614858

The shayfag who says she’s ”wet at her misery” and ”soaked through her pants” is worse than Shayna

No. 1614862

Where tf did that weirdo come from? Does she(?) think it’s funny? It’s just gross and comes off as trying way too hard to be funny and failing.

No. 1614881

Idk, it’s fucking disgusting.

The people writing fanfics about her supposed incest relationship with her father are disturbed as well.

No. 1615189

Tbh, I see a lot of threads being locked or condensed in the new few months. There's several anons who keep ruining the board culture because they want to use this site as 'just a gossip site' which they think allows shitposting and high-fiving each other when someone posts something they think is a "NICE FIND!!!". Half the users do not treat this as an imageboard anymore and when threads close, they migrate to other threads. Anyone calling out the sperging is a whiteknight.

No. 1615229

the schizophrenia of insisting that every disagreement or challenging of ideas must be whiteknighting is so retarded. sometimes this board sadly has twitter tier outrage of unreasonably yelling at the void. online brainrot

No. 1615724

The way they really think they said something when it's just banal wannabe-meangirl shit really says a lot about the current userbase. I can't stand these summerfags that are here to camp out in and shit up threads like it's their own personal chatroom and we all should all praise their grade school level observations unconditionally.

No. 1615728

NTA but the anons who makes posts that literally just say “THIS!” or “KEK” or something completely pointless need to die. What’s so difficult about only commenting things you would want to read? No one cares that you found some other anons post funny, you don’t need to respond just to say you laughed at a post.

No. 1616279

All I can think of when someone replies with just "THIS!" is how some anons just can't understand different cultures between different platforms. Like "THIS!" is an extremely tumblr thing to do. In general I think the reaction-based social media interactions (liking posts etc) makes some people think they have to always somehow show they approve or agree with a post even if it isn't a part of the board culture.

No. 1616394

i love alice llani, the anons on her thread baffle me. you all pretend to love weird women and hate men but the second you encounter an actual strange female you run screaming "SHE ISNT WEARING SHOES! HER HAIR IS MESSY! SHES NEGLECTING HER MALE CHILDREN!" yes and? i love her for it. on a more serious note the people saying there's "mutual abuse" (literally by definition cannot exist, sexist myth) and that she abused her ex…. get fucking real, the adult man with a 14 year old girlfriend was never being abused by her. full stop. i also hate the nitpicking about her ears, i have similar ears and i love them, they make women look like cute elves. i dont post in her thread because i could not help but wk her. i really hope she keeps the house and paints it wonky colours and eats fruit on the floor and caleb has to bankroll it forever.

No. 1616433

It's embarrassing to be this elitist about posts on a basket weaving forum created for stalking weird people on the internet and making fun of them. You're remind me of those autists from Kiwi farms with how seriously you take everything. It's not that deep it's just a shithole site that most people use for 10 minutes when they're in the bathroom.

No. 1616448

>Like "THIS!" is an extremely tumblr thing to do.
wait what? didn't it originate from 4chan? I never knew tumblrinas did that

No. 1616482

Kek this

No. 1616485

"seconded" is 4chan's "this"

No. 1616500

but i used to see "this" used on 4chan all the time. unless…those 4channers were actually tumblrfags all along

No. 1616655

You're both right. The issue for lolcow is that the boards are a lot slower here. Not everything being a quality post doesn't matter much when the thread goes at insane speeds.

No. 1617238

If anons posted properly, especially the main 3 boards, the threads wouldn't go that fast.

No. 1617912

The fall of Jake Munro was fun to watch initially, but now he's too disgusting to follow since he started livestreaming about his gross coomer fantasies. Also, anons post way too many walls of fantasies in his thread zzz

No. 1620656

I dunno if this is tinfoil or not, but my opinion of ec and her mum is that they are exactly like Lillee Jean and her mum.
The fact ec is a walking skeletor detracts from both of their narcissism. Only difference is ec’s mum isn’t eternally online that we know of
Ok maybe this is tinfoil my bad

No. 1624752

Lori and Kevin's threads feel like they're stuck a time loop, they've been doing the same shit for years and anons still make the same comments as if its still milky that Lori filters the hell out of her photos. They're not even remotely interesting anymore, I don't get why the threads are so active.

No. 1625032

fair opinion, but Kevin sperging about how cosplay died when he stopped doing it is funny as hell

my opinion: I'm proud of Fiona for recovering to an extent, it must have been hard for her but she's much more tolerable now. Proof that a lot of anachans are shitty people because of their illness (or the ED just puts all their shitty characteristics into overdrive). And if Cece is really sticking to recovery, that's great too. I see she's essentially left social media and for an attention addict that's a big deal.

No. 1625301

i dont exactly follow her or her threads but i've lurked slightly since the beginning and i think she's really cute. idk why they always say she looks haggard or ugly, she's a young and pretty girl. she is charming to me, i see why she has a big audience on tiktok. also caleb definitely groomed her so i don't understand why anons itt try to defend him.

No. 1628367

I honestly giggle when anons can't hide their agenda in their hate for Anisa, they really liked IDubbz and really hate her because they feel he's some poor abused controlled viticm, Oh people call him a simp! He defended her! Oh look, he doesn't want to say slurs anymore! Oh look his life is so ruined, she's a parasite, BPD BPD!!.
By the way people act, you'd think Idubbz was shaking in crying in the corner, while Anisa slapped him in the head with a frying pan and said, "SAY SEX WORK IS REAL WORK! Ha aha you shit your pants little bitch!" It's crazy to me how little it takes for people to see toxic relationships when the moid is the one whose the victim, but I always see people going, "yeah he's bad, but she should've know, oh she said this on social media". We have female cows rn, who are women who were in very toxic and/or abusive relationships, but because they cow-like they get little to no sympathy. The whole IDubbz situation will forever be weird to me.Usually weak scrotes are laughed at, but I guess there's a annoying equally retarded woman to point at instead. Insufferable people, yet one is the victim because…he changed his beliefs..and lets people see how weak he is.

No. 1628380

I think Anisa is cute even if she's kind of a retard. Idubbz is ugly and a retard though.

No. 1628383

She’s an actual bitch, though. Not just a strange woman.

No. 1628432

Yes, we know Anisa is a huge bitch, but so is Idubbz. There's no victim in their relationship, just two retards.

No. 1628513

The Lori/Kevin thread is not milky anymore and hasn't been for a while. I think there are only a few vendetta posters left. They have this vibe like they have self-righteous anger over what they do lol.
For example >>>/w/302987

No. 1628537

I'm pissed that Corpse Husband has fallen off so much that nobody cares to find the ex girlfriend he is still obsessed over or even discussing him at all.

No. 1628643

I’m not saying Anisa is a bitch I’m saying Alice is a bitch and she’s also a weird self important misogynist NLOG

No. 1628649

Nona, I have no idea who Alice is.

No. 1628651

Nona I'm sorry, I responded to you and you weren't even talking to me, I'm sorry.
>>1628649 this is also me, I was mistaken Sorry Nona

No. 1628795

the scary girl who cut her leg off is extremely scary and her art is disgusting, but i mostly just feel bad for her because she lost a fucking leg. self imposed or no, that sucks. same with furry hands guy.

No. 1628815

>Extwemely scawy

No. 1628820

Is this munchie kelly or about someone else?

No. 1628826

no, its about homie aka homunculus100. idk how to link to her thread but she has one on /snow/

No. 1628845

Why would you feel bad for her doing something she wanted? She's basically a munchie making a mockery of people who became disabled through no fault of their own. Not to mention putting a burden on the medical system, taxpayers and presumably her own support system of family and friends all for a disgusting fetish. It's so unimaginably selfish.

No. 1629128

I hope the jvlogs thread never comes back, never had milk, and only now did that stalker obsessed doxxing account an anon made on tiktok is finally banned. Threads that have obvious unhinged anons shouldn't have threads. We aren't 4chan. Why are we stalking and doxxing cows, especially when no milk is going on just for the sake of it?

No. 1629190

are you forgetting this is the site that doxed corpse husband

No. 1629236

Nope, but same wtf reasoning. A lot of anons literally come off as if they are under 12 and read E!

No. 1629444

File: 1688939159968.jpeg (43.33 KB, 720x553, I try to not see but I do.jpeg)

Sometimes the Industry Animation Thread has such a weird vibe. I was there when the first thread was planned and created, but comparing it with today I feel like nothing really interesting came out. A few things had been middly amusing like the Primos drama or some well-thought analisis to Helluva Boss but other than that, it's not that different from something like Art Salt but with the cows being slightly more well known, the anons even feel almost the same, so it's not as exciting to follow as I thought it would be.

No. 1629634

I hate that it's the main thread on the site for discussing western animation. The actual cartoon thread on /m/ is so fucking dead because everyone is posting random bullshit on there.

No. 1629653

>I hope the jvlogs thread never comes back

Me too. I've felt such relief and a sense of peace not seeing that dumpsterfire shitted up every half hour with some no1curr infighting bullshit. They're probably still carrying on in the GG forums, but good riddance if that keeps them away from here.

No. 1629699

Kek no it isn't

No. 1629745

It was this site that revealed his real name, address, family members and pictures from 2010 - 2017 back in September 2021.
His fanbase tanked straight after.

No. 1629760

I think Sandra is an ethereal beauty, and I'm sad that she is in the line of work that she's in. I really wish I could be friends with her. We'd talk about how depressed we are and eat a bunch of weird stoner food

No. 1629847

No. 1630315

I think Micky is cute.

No. 1630326

I agree with everything except for the 'no milk' claim. There was a fair amount of milk at times. I don't really miss it but I dislike that a bunch of shitty reddit fans basically spammed the thread until it got shut down. I don't remember any serious doxing in the thread aside from the asshole twitter person. again I agree about dox though.

No. 1630330

>she's an actual bitch
no woman is "an actual bitch" because bitch is a misogynistic slur and not a real kind of woman. i also don't care if alice is rude sometimes, who gives a shit. as if the nonas in her thread saying she abused the adult who groomed her as a teenager are being particular sweet and kind.

No. 1630370

No one from reddit was even posting except for one male poster who outed himself because he was jealous of Chris. Following the thread closure, anons on Twitter and Tiktok were still trying to doxx the cows, with obvious female posting. It's not men from Reddit, anons not wanting to discuss Reddit doesn't mean they were from Reddit. Whoever it was that was autistic and kept trying to post caps from Reddit was most likely the only sperg as the rest of the thread seemed to constantly tell them to fuck off. Also anons were constantly fighting over showcasing where they lived even before the Twitter/Tiktok mentality ill retard. The same anons did it in the Belle thread too at the same time constantly, we even got mod confirmation that some of the same anons were hopping around multiple threads, that being one of them.

Some anons can't handle letting organic milk flow and instead try to hard to warp random posts into milk and create their own fake drama which is embarrassing and once a thread gets to that point, should be shut down. tbh, I'm waiting on the Taylor thread next. Anons are doing a great job at making themselves reportable.

No. 1630422

holy shit, ok, I'm backing away from this. I don't agree w/ this take at all but it's clear to me based on the threads you mentioned that further discussion is pointless bc you believe in some wild conspiracy across /w/. We never got any mod confirmation about "hopping" between threads either idkwym.

That person who posted "poopy" spam whenever Sharla and Chris were criticized was def a moid and probably redditor too, had to be using a vpn as well.

No. 1630439

If you weren't in the threads at the same time, you probably never saw the same type of posts. The giveaway was the constant editing on both threads. These redtexts are months apart, but the redtexts coincided with redtexts in the other thread/silence once they were given out and then the same sperging would continue after the ban/the anon's hopping IP was unbanned too. Or they just reset it. I'd love for the mod at the time to confirm they were the same posters/group of posters since the threads are dead now anyways, not like it would matter.

Tbh, most of /w/ is anons trying to compare old milk to something that is happening now just to try to find something to discuss. When you call them out on it, they just use old milk as a reason for the thread to still exist which isn't how cow threads work.

No. 1630445

He was definitely my favorite cow in his heyaday he fell off hard

No. 1630481

who is furry hands guy

No. 1630516

Left his hands on dry ice so they can be amputated

No. 1630639

I’m tired of dumbass retards like you defending Anisa. Ian is a piece of shit beta cuck who deserves her so I dunno where you get this stupid narrative of boo hoo only Ian fan girls hate Anisa. No she has proven herself to be a lazy social climbing golddigging dumbass. She’s been trying to cultivate an internet following for more than a decade by degrading herself as a shitty titty twitch streamer. She’s an NLOG has no real life skills is a college dropout and has not interest in finding a real job so she spreads her asscheeks for betabux and leeches off Ian’s wealth. But haha she’s such a girl boss. She used a lot of dumb moids for views and subs and cheated on her way better looking bf for a balding string bean like idubbbz because he had clout and a way larger following than anyone she’s ever been with. Wow that’ll show all the disgusting moids who’s the real boss. She’s the one takes credit for ambushing tana and making the content cop about her. So far she’s been the one saying she’s the brains behind all of Ian’s current blunders. Obviously it’s his fault for letting a brainless retard like Anisa be in charge of anything but he’s a spineless weasel who doesn’t know how to do anything for himself. Throughout their relationship Ian and Anisa have taken turns humiliating each other so deserve to be together and hopefully they lose all their money in bad investments and Anisa ages out of sex work and they become irrelevant soon

No. 1630731

I wonder why he and his fanbase care about his face being revealed. It's not like there aren't ugly moids people like for other reasons, his big thing was his fake voice and attempting to do MoistCritical's deadpan voice but with an added touch of "i'm so sick and emo and sad." His songs were disgusting though, I'm glad he's gone. Pandemic flash in the pan. I wonder if he has a normie job now.

No. 1630750

i had a dream that jill made up an alter that was a set of twins but one of them like immediately fused back and then the other one was freaking out about its twin sister dying kek.
i probably couldve put this in the dumbass shit thread honestly, i was just disappointed when i checked her thread today and saw no new alters

No. 1630855

Most of the time I realize I automatically focus on the man more for criticism on lolcow. Jake and what's her face? I'm following the Jake saga. Johnny vs. Sid or Tay or whatever? I'm focusing on Johnny. Even Luna and Lurch, I'm way more interested in seeing what depraved shit Lurch is up to. It's easier to empathize with the women, even the sad NLOGs and pick-mes.

No. 1630862

For me it depends on the cow. For example I think Lurch is boring but Luna has that "morbid curiosity" appeal lol.

No. 1630897

A logging shaynas dog is deranged behaviour

No. 1630910

Some anons have such weird blind rage towards certain cows and it's so crazy to watch considering they never met the cow most likely.

No. 1631128

File: 1689106613360.jpg (273.74 KB, 1080x1839, Screenshot_20230711_211359_Tik…)

This tiktokker looks like Shayna

No. 1631133

File: 1689106760805.jpeg (234.4 KB, 640x597, B09BACDB-1964-4975-BE6C-A1DE28…)

I don’t see Tophia discussed here but she really is kind of a boring TikTok cow imo, and she makes me sad more than makes me laugh. Tiktoktards will cry about ableism and mental health and body shaming and pretty privilege, poor people, ageism, but turn around and laugh at this fat 30 year old mentally ill woman who lives in a motel. I think she’s literally retarded and frankly where is the fun in making fun of someone like that? It’s like such a low hanging fruit

No. 1631141

>defending anisa
nta but They just aren't that interesting so I can only imagine the people who still care about them are old idubbz fans.

No. 1633110

Sometimes I wonder what the fuck was truly wrong with Soren. In one of her threads someone mentioned the possibility of her having some kind of reactive attachment disorder due to being adopted overseas so early. I kind of doubt any CSA occurred. I think she really passed away, too. I wonder if it was due to frankendick complications.

No. 1633136

1 in 20 men commit sexual assault. I don't doubt she was sexually assaulted. She had a weird problem. If it weren't for her becoming obsessed with child porn, I think more people would have stepped up to help her. I'm just glad she never like… molested anyone, obviously she was hurt pretty had psychologically but when you're THAT sheltered and doing nothing but seeking out cp material all day to the point that you say 'I can't see a man taking off a baby's diaper without thinking oh god he's gonna fuck her hes gonna fuck her' like… maybe euthanasia is the best route.

No. 1633139

God I can't believe you're a-logging a dead person. Let her rest

No. 1633152

What do you think a-logging means?

No. 1633154

Nta but calling for euthanasia probably counts as a-logging, idk

No. 1633160

nta, but it kind of is. You're just not saying 'she should kill herself' you're saying 'she should be euthanized' which is just the same thing.

No. 1633303

File: 1689308055966.jpg (25.03 KB, 540x540, 1620177884526.jpg)

>all the red text in the Venus thread

wtf is it about Venus that brings out this autism?

No. 1633313

If only anons could stay on topic

No. 1634531

File: 1689441195622.jpg (32.8 KB, 540x531, ket.jpg)

The tradthot thread is becoming unreadable

No. 1634584

For real, somehow all the most mentally ill posters on this site congregate there to reassure each other that it's actually everyone else who is abnormal, kek.

No. 1634645

File: 1689452228913.jpeg (249.11 KB, 1200x628, 7EECC8A7-DF92-43F5-AEE8-B84A0E…)

The leftcows thread is so fucking weird. A lot of the cows definitely self post there, many having confirmed it directly, and it’s filled with redscarepod moids, ex-girls and gays members who pretend they weren’t rs fans a year ago, and annoying political spergs who call you a right wing moid if you ask them to stop posting cited essays on socialism. For a while, obvious sneer club/anti-post rationalists were basically trying to hijack the thread despite the fact that the aella thread was more suitable for that type of content.
I stick around because I’m one or two degrees of separation from A&D and a few of the minor cows like Audrey and bronzeageshawty and it’s fun to see gossip on them since I don’t know them personally. A moid I know who’s openly active on rsp has admitted to posting here in defense of dasha because he’s friends with her and I had to pretend I didn’t know what lolcow was lol. And sometimes the thread is really good (bruenig meltdown, delicious tacos facedoxx, the samememe downfall and facedoxx, and fat Jack golden age). But a lot of the time it’s just nonnas calling Anna ugly, a cow or moid wking her, and some agenda posters Reddit spacing and moralfagging about the “false praxis” or whatever behind the right wing turn they’ve made when that’s just not milk anymore. It’s been years since they started interacting with frogtwitter and Salo guys and they are obviously now about to do some sort of racist radfem rebrand as rw crap isn’t edgy anymore

No. 1634649

Agreed. The heyday of post-leftcow threads was definitely 2020-2021. It's hard for me to care about any of the frequent cows because they're just so dull now. The Liz Bruenig having severe bulimia milk was interesting but painful to read

No. 1634758

I'm watching it but it's a pretty dead thread overall. it moves fast sometimes but not because anything is happening, just people arguing.

No. 1636303

Shayna to me is like the Jerma of lolcows in the way that their fans' (or "fans'") antics are way more entertaining than anything they themselves put out.

No. 1636338

I don't know if there's a thread on her or on similar fitness influencers who have branched out to selling their own stuff now, but following Blogilates'/Cassie Ho's IG is wild, especially when it comes to the sports clothes, food and accessories she designs. I have the feeling the woman wanted really to be in haute couture, and instead her sports clothes are available at Target, so basically she designs fast fashion shit but at a higher price than most.
Needless to say, anyone who knows a tiny bit about marketing knows that not one produce is new when it comes to fashion, if it's not haute couture. All fashion companies are in the same mold as other markets, there are several leader brands (that are catered to a certain style of purchasers) who come up with a new trendy something, there are follower brands who wanna compete with the leader brands and for that, they will make an ersatz or copy of the new trendy stuff and sell if for cheaper than the original from 1€ down to whatever sum cheaper they think is competitive, and then there are companies that are just marginal and niche enough they don't need to play the copying game because their selling point that helps them have a loyal customer base is another (sustainability, comfort, etc ). That's basic knowledge from a two uni years course, that everyone can observe from simple examples like Apple with the Smartphone, the first plasma TVs, the first tablets, the first Smart watches etc.
Tl;Dr Company A makes new shit to sell, people buy the new shit with money. Company B also wants people's money so they copy company A's new shit and sell it for cheap.

Yet Cassie flips her shit about Shein copying her(kek) designs and then being too soft hearted because the CEO manipulated her after them talking into thinking he's the victim.
And I'm wondering why she even got into a project like this if she doesn't know what business is about.
Besides that, while her stuff is more expensive, I almost doubt any of the designs are being produced anywhere else than where Shein, Primark and other cheap fashion companies get their labor (aka. Bangladesh, China, Turkey, etc.).
Same with the supposedly healthy energy/granola bars she "invented" which probably could never get sold in the EU cuz I doubt the ingredients list is healthy enough to make the mark anywhere than in the US.
If it sells in northern America, hey, good for her. But whatever she puts out on the market as far as I am concerned isn't more unique than other fitspo/fitness influencers out there.

No. 1636392

Speaking of Blogilates, a q:
I started getting heavily into at-home exercise and bought weights, bands, balls, etc. during the pandemic lockdowns. I tried videos from a number of different fitness personalities and one day I decided to try some from Blogilates. I barely made it through one video. How did that style of shrill loud voice yelling platitudes become popular? She was talking so much it gave me a headache, and on top of it, she had some bizarre motions in the video I tried. It seemed like she needed to make every single exercise "personalized" by adding something to it, but some of them were so unnecessarily complicated - especially when I considered that these extra motions or twists had no benefit whatsoever in terms of muscle groups worked.

I can't stand her. Abrasive and just bizarre vibes in general. I'm shocked she is still popular given the many other great fitness channels out there (MadFit, Pamela Reif, Juice & Toya, etc.)

No. 1636401

Agreed nonny, the only video I tolerated of her was one warm up video where she wasn't blabbering every five seconds about stuff absolutely unrelated to working out.
I think she's overdone it with her persona, her old stuff was a lot less chatty and more to the point.
There are so many more other fitness videos out there that are no nonsense, just showing and explaining the move, and that don't play the exercise off as if it was the easiest shit in the world- when you're pushing yourself, it angers you to be encouraged by sugarcoated fakeness.
I want to go back to regular exercise like during the lockdowns again, I'll definitely skip Blogilates out of my selection. And I'm definitely staying away from whatever she's selling too.

No. 1636505

I'm actually relieved I'm not alone in this opinion bc people used to recommend her videos to me all the time when I was looking to help retone my core after abdominal surgery. She did demotivate me, and I was no stranger to regular exercise prior to trying her series (though pilates stuff was new to me then). Maybe it does depend on what people like in a workout video? Maybe some people respond to her constant talking, could be a matter of taste. Definitely steer clear of products peddled by fitness influencers; none of it is necessary imho, especially while working out at home!

No. 1636909

I wonder how much money she's made over the years from farmers hate-subscribing and buying her videos to post to her threads.

No. 1641095

I say this as a resident shay head. The way the "women" in shaynas thread speak about the female body is very scrotish. And yes, I believe it's women. It's not wll scrotes. I notice some women on here really hate fat women and/or have issues with female bodies that don't look like dolls.
In context of Shays thread, I get it. She's a sex worker. She flaunts her body,exploits it. She doesn't take care of her body. I get that part.
>blown out tits
Shayna just got fat, it's not some mystery why her breast got bigger. Acting like her bigger tit is the weird gives me scrote vibes. In fact shayna thread seems like 4chan, some kiwifarmers (of both genders) and retards are in it more then ever before. I know it'll get told, it's always been this way etc.
But it's so blatant and as a retarded person, I say this honestly, shaytards are very fucking stupid. The ass eating event okay sure. The second event with the retard about breast reductions? Was 100% bullshit but so many believed it.
Also, the idea of being sensitive when nonas are misogynistic about bodies that aren't shaynas, is laughable. Oh so you can call shayna a dolphin pussy but lava rock pussy makes you feel bad? I get it, the context of shaynas thread.
It's kinda annoying.

No. 1641140

I'm glad several of you are finally catching on. It's mostly moids, always has been. They're obsessed with her in a way that is so uniquely specific to the male need to degrade and fixate on women that it's just glaringly obvious

No. 1641196

ok fatty(rattle rattle)

No. 1641574

Exactly, the threads are unreadable at this point. So many mentally ill coombrains and pickmes like >>1641196.

No. 1641671

A lot of farmers refuse to believe they sound just like scrotes, but they do and that thread is a great example. The old Belle thread filled with women editing Belle's photos were the same way. It's okay to admit women are capable of disgusting rhetoric the same way scrotes do, they take fun in the nitpicking.

No. 1641674

i like how you didn't even deny that you're fat

No. 1642688

The posters in the celebricows thread are mental. It's like a mini universe separated from the rest of the site kek.

No. 1642696

The celebrities thread is just people who would post on fauxmoi, gurugossip and prettyuglylittleliar

No. 1642702

Faux moi is way less extreme

No. 1642705

File: 1690214691835.jpg (694.59 KB, 1080x1491, uG4pTwF.jpg)

Well Brittney looks like Abigaelle an actual ig model so probably true. I think she just surrounds herself with too many enablers. I feel sorry for most cows that have a following consisting of channers who ridicule them while also sexualising them

No. 1642708

That's because fauxmoi has mods/avatars. All the nitpicking that was subdued on other sites goes unchecked in the celebrities threads. Like the anons who used to nitpick elle fanning

No. 1642721

They spend so much time sperging about how ugly X female celebrity is when we could all be mocking Sam Smith for being ugly ten times more.

No. 1642756

Not even the Lana and Billie sperging was anywhere near as unhinged as the last few threads. Then when you try and redirect the conversation you get shit

really do wonder if BOOMER trumpchan is still there because there's a shocking amount of fascist coded anons and many who aren't even trying to hide it on /ot/. or they're just scrotes

No. 1642762

That one who's going for Florence Pugh today saying "she'll bend over for Hollywood execs because she has daddy issues for dating Zach Braff" gives me the ick

the only reason the Reddit gossip subs are so modded beyond the usual Reddit rules is they've been brigaded by stans and scrotes, but also occasionally by celebs and their teams who lurk and ask things to be taken down. They were also the epicenter of Reddit where you could take Amber's side during the Depp/Heard trial without being harassed. But now half their posts are set to approved users only if they vaguely mention anything controversial. The approval process is annoying.

No. 1642768

How is fauxmoi less extreme its even more neurotic and pozzed than the celebricows thread

No. 1642782

File: 1690219436462.jpeg (224.89 KB, 1170x478, IMG_8386.jpeg)

Celebricows is turning into a milkless and nitpicking wasteland?

Anyway, been sifting through old celebrity forum archives to seek out old, but decent milk. They've gotten details right or to corroborate allegations from today as far back as 2006-2008.

No. 1642907

>Then when you try and redirect the conversation you get shit
God that shit is so annoying. Every fucking time there's some news remotely different from looks sperging it's "WHO CAAAARES", but posts about neck lines and race get dozens of replies as if that's more interesting

No. 1643097

Samefag, also it's infuriating how so many nasty scrotes get defended in that thread or have their actions downplayed yet regular women get torn to shreds for wearing an unflattering dress or some shit

No. 1643280

Considering the shit I saw defending Ezra Miller I really have to wonder if some of these people are moids

No. 1644447

I feel so bad, I spent the last 3 hours or so reading Soren's thread because it's been talked up so much. I vaguely remember reading a bit of it but moving on. Holy shit, at first it was like a very sick fan fiction. I was reading the first "Trauma Narrative" rolling my eyes, feeling sick about some of it and laughing at some of the clear YA bullshit sprinkled into a story about…well you know what it's about. Like how she went home EVERY NIGHT, she talked about a dude putting a knife in her vagina some of the shit she claimed she survived and went home afterward??Like what? You went home after a knife in the coochie?
Then slowly the story changes as Soren needs it to. Like how the first story she said Sam died at 17 and she was found dead. Then during a breakdown she started bringing up a fucking chainsaw and how SHE killed her.
Then suddenly the one child she claimed that Sam had, turned into many childern that she was forced to eat ALIVE or the kid that lived 7 years,that sam was forced to turn into F-MEATwhen she claimed Sam died at like 17, and didn't it start at 12? How the fuck did she have a 7-year-old kid?
But i'm at the part where she re-writes the trauma narrative, kek. Where now the school is in on it! She met Sam at 4 years old and she was
eating another child## in one verison she waves back, in the new one she doesn't wave. Also now Danny the transgender boy is also involved in the situation. It was all a LIE! She didn't kill herself!
But it infuriates me because the tone of the shit she talked about came off like a 12-year-old boy excitingly telling you about the last episode of his favorite show.
The only time I felt she was feeling emotions was when she talked about her own depression and herself. Never about the horrible shit that she claimed happened.
Her stories felt like what I imagine an Ai would create. I'm not done with her thread but I don't think she even believed it nor did she care if anyone else did. She got off on that shit, she just wanted to LARP. If you took out all the torture, gore and sexual shit, the story could be a teen novel. Kek.
A story about a three teenagers, who are misfits, one is the dirty long haired dreamy crazy girl, the other is a tomboy/transgender boy who is just smitten with her and wants to understand her. They have a actual male friend who is just there to be the side character to level out the crazy in love main characters. Sam has a bad home life, her dad is clingy, mom is distant, twin sister is the golden child. Soren is the well off girl with a normal home life, but struggles with being adopted and they get into wacky but dangerous situations, before one ends up dead and the other ends up becoming a cop or therapist while Danny fucks off because he wasn't a well thought character anyway.
I've never read a story about horrible abuse and death, written with the style and emotions of a coming of age story.

No. 1644459

I just dont understand why she fantasized about those things, I don't think she got off to it…? Idk I dont think I'll ever understand and I don't really want to

No. 1644529

you're still so mad i typed "who caare" to matt healy bcause you didn't realize it was a dig at him lmao. fucking loser(newfag begone)

No. 1644537

Nobody likes you(took the bait)

No. 1644539

keep projecting

No. 1644541

Wasn't that anon but genuinely you're annoying and nobody likes you(sockpuppet)

No. 1644543

i didn't say you were them, i said to keep projecting. no one but an insecure tard gets so mad about two words.

No. 1644555

It's your continuance and how condescending and annoying you are and that you felt the need to explain it there AND reply about it here. Insufferáble

No. 1644556

who caaaaare

No. 1644561

Spoiler but her later threads are her doubling down with her therapist and parents affirming her trauma fanfiction is really real guys, even going so far as to integrate a real dead child into her fantasy. Maybe she didn’t believe it at first but towards the end the entirety of her life was centered around this story - to the point it wasn’t a grift or a ploy for sympathy because she wasn’t actually getting any money or pity. It would be one thing if she was living a “double life” where she was relatively normal IRL and was just lying for attention, but no she was really spending every day of her a miserable existence centered around this delusion.

No. 1644565


No. 1644567

No. 1644579

Nta but now you're just dragging it out, both of you let it go.

No. 1644582

No. 1644598

wow more reasons to hate celebricow posters

No. 1644628


No. 1644634

I swear to God if you dumb bitches don't stfu and stop trying to make stupid digs at eachother.

No. 1646241

It's tragic for her parents and sister who cared for and lost such an unwell person, they deserve their privacy but also it kills me that we will never know anything about their side of living with Soren
Did she really believe her own story? Did her parents? Are there other people out there just like her?

No. 1648960

>visit Heather's thread after a year
>it's exactly the same
The way she repeats her pattern of behavior over and over and over again is honestly scary.

No. 1649091

This girl is way way prettier than Venti. Delusional, lmao. Venti is ugly as hell, even in her most heavily filtered pictures. She just got bad genetics from too many different ethnicities that clash and dont look good together.

No. 1649401

the reason heather can't keep a boyfriend isn't her hobbies or even her bpd–well it is her bpd, but plenty of people with bpd are able to get and maintain relationships for longer than a week. its her fucking thread. she posts these guys on her stories immediately knowing full well that they'll be reposted and mocked in her thread. no doubt she also tells them she used to be a youtuber but was "run off the platform" or whatever. so naturally they google her and the thread pops up with their faces plastered all over it. can you imagine how fucking creepy that would be. all she would have to do to solve this very solvable issue is 1. delete her main instagram OR stop posting personal shit in her stories 2. create a spam account not linked to her name where she adds only close real-life friends to vent if she wants to and 3. not tell men she meets about her failed youtube career until she can explain that the thread was made by an ex boyfriend (which is literally the truth). oh and stop posting ryans altogether. just stop posting their faces! just because in her deranged mind it's worth mockery to have a tiny bit of attention on instagram doesnt mean she should subject innocent tinder dates to the same thing. gahhh why is she so stupid, this is the easiest fix ever and it would solve say 70% of her dating woes.

No. 1649457

For an instance lucinda tried to mimick her. Soren was truly one of a kind thought, i often think about who else will remember her threads in 10 years because i sure will.

No. 1649479

i think that shayna has matured a bit. sometimes i get the sense when i read her tweets now that she's grown up in the last year or so (save for the odd twitter slapfight she gets into.) the problem is, she's still clinging to her dreams of sex work and refusing to acknowledge how shit her situation truly is

No. 1649493

Same here. I also love her hair and I'm jealous of her length and volume.

No. 1649532

I think she’s cute too, it’s a shame she turned out the way she did.

No. 1649619

I am genuinely wondering if Lucinda died. Like, if she did would there be a way we would realistically find out?

No. 1649645

I feel really bad for PT. She's living such a miserable existence that it's just depressing to check in on her thread now. Back in the day before she hit peak mental illness I kind of thought she'd grow out of her delusions one day, that it was just a stupid weeb phase like what most people her age go through and can cringe at in self reflection later. I wish that she could get the help she needs but at this rate I can't see her having much of a chance at living a healthy, well-adjusted life.

No. 1649686

When will you guys realize she is quite literally developmentally delayed and you can't 'fix' her omg

No. 1649884

I know her thread is dead but I'm happy dollltears finally got the help she needed. I checked her IG for some reason a few weeks ago and she just got out of rehab, she looks better too.
Same nonnie, though she probably is. Even if she was lying and shooping, on videos you could see how sick she looked, couldn't last much longer.

No. 1650140

So you're a lost cause yourself then? kek

No. 1650522

File: 1690849153677.png (1.22 MB, 1064x508, ugh.PNG)

Nonas what is something very small that a cow does that genuinely annoys you irrationally?
For me it's stefany's faces, I've read all her threads at least 4 times. She's my favorite funny cow.
I'm reading her threads again and i'm on the first thread. THIS pisses me off. The faces she pulls because she can't photoshop her face.
or she genuinely is shook so badly that her real face is being taken in a picture that she may not get to edit.
Something about it hits that, "Damn it's sad it's that serious to her" but also, "I feel bad for everyone else in the picture. I bet they can't stand her." She seems genuinely clingy, competitive and annoying. Then she'd do those paragraph long posts like, "I never do side by sides but-" kek.
Her threads are a joy and very creepy. From skin walking every white girl with brown hair, despite being chunky and looking nothing like them, to her white knighting herself, to moving on to elsa. I just don't get it. Kek, pretending she's short, saying she and Maisie had the same body type, and above all she's very corny.
She's so fake, her jokes, her personality. I know now she's into some furry wolf shit and skin walking Jill from RE but when will she stop?
Nothing will top the Daisy/Rae and then Elsa phase though. The Elsa phase was extra creepy because of the faces she'd make and walking around with the horribly bleached hair. I wish she'd just been an autistic girl into cosplay, not thinking she literally has to look like the actors to the point in these pictures, you can't tell if she's pulling faces to hide her actual face or if she's legit having a nervous breakdown every time her picture is taken.
And she never seems to KNOW much about the character's kek. She said she didn't really watch GOT, she never came off as a fan, just as skin walker of these actresses she felt she could look like.
Like imagine going to one of these things, you take a group photo and look back, seeing one of the girls making a face like she saw Shaytaan herself, then you find out years later it's because she was having some emotional reaction to not looking JUST like the actor or she was hiding her real face becuase she knows she doesn't.
I'd laugh and feel horrible for her at the same time.

No. 1650523

File: 1690849240011.png (651.24 KB, 935x594, Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 8.13…)

I covered up one of the pictures sorry, though I doubt anyone will read this rant kek

No. 1651047

Her parents probably found her twitter account for real this time. She still seems active, the last update on her google account was two weeks ago, according to epieos.

No. 1651066

I'm convinced the radfem cow thread is just 90% selfposters trying to vendatta each other because the thread is about 1 post of actual discussion vs 9 posts of literal who drama. Normally I can find threads interesting even if it's spaces I'm not part of, but the posts in that thread are such a clusterfuck I have no idea what anyone is talking about.

No. 1651071

I suspect a large amount of posts are by the type that has a problem with radfem and terf opinions.

No. 1651082

You'd have to be retarded not to be against necrophilia or whatever else gross shit people posted in that thread like

No. 1651119

I'm talking about posters who write shit like "GC and RF are both toxic assets", making their views very clear.

No. 1651485

I hate Heather Steele’s personality but I don’t understand how people call her ugly. I genuinely wish I looked like her, minus the flyaways (which I wouldn’t have even noticed without people pointing them out all the time).

No. 1651501

sometimes people will call some camwhore or streamer cow hideously ugly and I'll think ok, they're either mad at her personality and hitting her where it hurts or I just have lower standards for pretty girls than they do because I think they're cute. like brittany venti mentioned upthread, gamer girl bathwater girl, the girl fucking the bald MDE guy, the pear-headed streamer girlfriend, or even shoe. but then, in the tradthots thread, I see people defending justpearlything's body and looks as "fine" and I KNOW some anon's standards are whack because I don't even know what I'd do if I were shaped like that. that comment like "pearl looks like what body dysmorphia tells me I look like" really sums it up kek.

No. 1651507

She has amazing skin. Anons that call her "hags" are totally delusional.

No. 1651511

The bath water chick, Belle Delphine, is legitimately very cute. Seeing nonnas ripping her apart was like an ultimate aha moment, I’ll never take anything a farmer says about a woman’s appearance to heart. Some of y’all are worse than scrotes.

No. 1651512

Do you have fetal alcohol syndrome too?

No. 1651518

Nta but there really is nothing wrong with how she looks.

No. 1651521

Sure, jan.

No. 1651525

Stop proving anon right.

No. 1651532

Proving her right?! The girlies hate belle delphine because she’s a pedophile, they’re not calling her ugly just for shits and giggles like scrotes do. In case you haven’t noticed, anyone who’s not into pedo pandering thinks she’s a fugly little munchkin.

No. 1651536

There are plenty of actually ugly pedos like Aella. Belle is objectively cute, seethe(infighting)

No. 1651538

File: 1690949437157.jpeg (289.19 KB, 572x903, IMG_1083.jpeg)

She hasn’t been cute for years, the herpes is making her swell up all over. She looks like Leo.

No. 1651541

Stop fucking lying, you guys like to nitpick her pussy and unedited pictures 90% of the time. Maybe the other 10% will actually be milk. This is the same for all sex worker threads, and yes i include the conventionally unattractive ones like shayna because I don't see how nitpicking is milk.

No. 1651542

Shayna is a lot prettier than belle

No. 1651543

Kek I’m saving this so I know how y’all will literally try to tear apart a conventionally cute woman and say she’s uglier than a conventionally ugly woman for no reason other than seething

No. 1651546

You bellefags are so easy to trigger kek.

No. 1651551

I would pay to read their thoughts on that crazy woman. I didn't believe she died not gonna lie.

No. 1651552

literally lmao. they will go to the ends of the earth to defend that washed-up ewhore.

No. 1651553

Aella is a lot prettier than belle…

No. 1651555

Nta but has it ever occurred to you that it's actually more of an aberration to obsessively berate a woman and hold a candle for your obsession with her to that extent

No. 1651556

I don’t understand it. She was goodlooking for about 5 minutes in her late teens/early 20s but she aged like crap. She just looks like some bloated plastic surgery addict in aliexpress clothes.

No. 1651558

these x is prettier than y discussions are very scrote-y

No. 1651559

You always try to cope and say it’s an obsession to make her yourself feel more important. Really we are just fascinated and disgusted with her. That’s why places like lolcow exists and why Shayna has 100s of threads. Fascinating + disgusting = car crash.

No. 1651564

>you always
Actually I don't talk about bella delphine until approximately ten minutes ago when I made my reply. You're miserable freaks, I don't care. Keep being a miserable freak that loves calling women whores but at least have the dignity to acknowledge that it's what you are.

No. 1651572

Lmao you totally do, that’s why her threads always get locked. You’re protective because you’ve made the same abhorrent choices as she has and even more upset because you see her as some sort of paragon of success. If we are disgusted with HER, we will be even more disgusted with you, and you know this, that’s why you get so furiously angry every time we don’t call her a stunning and brave girlboss. She’s an ugly pedophile and so are you.

No. 1651574

I love how you are quite literally directing all of your ranting onto me when I made oh, two posts itt and none anywhere else. Nice tinfoil hat, miserable cunt.

No. 1651577

KEK, see what I mean? How much are you selling asshole pics for to get SO wound up over this?

No. 1651578

File: 1690952346339.png (115.35 KB, 500x281, 45887fc13df5cc3a96e1dea5636441…)

haha emotionally invested bedwetting loser

No. 1651579

You’ll post this and then go straight on to Twitter like “my onlyfans is having a 75% off sale! Subscribe for only $1!”

No. 1651584

Cope. No Twitter, no OF, longtime lc user. Sorry not all of us sperg out and call women degrading names or want to stare at pictures of their asshole while ranting about anal warts. You're weirdly aggressive and delusional about it, that's a personal character flaw. A walking projector, if you will.

No. 1651586

You sent me a Patrick Bateman image saying you wanted to stab me to death and play with my blood….but yeah I’m the one dEgRaDing WoMeN! You’re just severely wound up because someone called a whore a whore.

No. 1651589

This is how I know you are retarded– I was saying thats you. Because it clearly is. You're going full retard.

No. 1651596

KEK, of course you did.

No. 1651597

NTA and personally trying to understand the seething bellefags who hate her so much to the point that they subtlely edit photos of her to make her uglier, it’s just the wildest shit ever to me. And it takes seconds for you to appear when someone says she’s anything but a hideous deformed pedo whore. It’s like you have a fucking bot thag blasts an alert anytime anything that isn’t degrading and hateful is said aboht the bitch. I honestly feel like it’s one person who is obsessed with hating her to such a degree. Cause it’s always the same typing style and same words being used in the frothing Belle hate posts.

No. 1651606

Those people who do that are really annoying, but quite funny at the same time. They’ll make her look really fucked up and then when called out they’re like “no I swear it’s real! You’re just seething white knights!” Her threads were hilarious shit shows and I miss them.

No. 1651608

Nta but anons who stalk sexworker cows tend to be as nasty as sexworkers or sexworkers themselves. The shaynafags for example posted pictures of their very weird boobs in a debate. Anon is probably the normal one for thinking you're a weirdo for knowingly seeking out a mentally ill woman's content, nudes, etc.

Yeah bella is nasty but spending hours looking at her body makes you no different than her scrote followers who do the same thing.

No. 1651609

File: 1690953550636.jpeg (16.43 KB, 945x315, 1a8.jpeg)

No. 1651612

Also, one of the mental posters in bella thread literally would photoshop her asshole and cunt to look looser, you can't convince me that's a fetishist/male-like thing to do. And trust me, most posters that shit on bella with you are probably also sexworkers

No. 1651613

Can you stop with the fake NTA posts?

No. 1651614

Theyre mostly men and other sexworkers. The majority of shaynaposters are men and other lowtier camgirls. I don't go near them most of the time, and the people who are obsessed with them are more pathetic than them themselves.

No. 1651615

You are SO desperate to push that we aren't all dogpiling you for being insane kek

No. 1651620

Just stop it.

No. 1651623

Oh so you're schizo for real then.(infighting)

No. 1651627

You need to calm down. I know having fetal alcohol syndrome can cause behaviour problems and mood swings, but there’s no need to take it out on me.(infighting)

No. 1651635

File: 1690954484424.jpg (112.02 KB, 1125x990, EBAAiQ9WsAAI3lZ.jpg)

No. 1651642

File: 1690955732732.jpeg (103.45 KB, 1080x1121, 11DFC824-E641-4FBD-BF3A-B09E25…)

No. 1651644

Those anons got so mad when other anons would post the real photos that would get them banned by the mods. They even started tinfoiling that the posters were the mods. Their posts were all scrote-tier shitposting, with their edits and fake anal warts bulllshit. So glad that thread is dead.

No. 1651646

i have an insane tinfoil that it was belle herself trying to get the threads shut down.

No. 1651672

The bellesperg sounds exactly like the anon who always derails about doghate, same words, sentences and poorly executed samefagging too.

No. 1651693

It’s really not all that insane, I believe it too.

No. 1651694

Why would you take it to heart if it isn’t you?

No. 1651697

I agree, farmers standards are generally insane and nitpicky when it comes to looks and anything else really.
>I see people defending justpearlything's body and looks as "fine"
There were still a lot more people shitting on her looks than defending her, but I think the difference here might be that as far as I'm aware, whether justpearlythings has a nice body is very irrelevant to what makes her a cow. For all the other people you mentioned, Belle, Anisa, Shoe, etc, their good looks are actively a part of how they're marketing themselves in some way or another. They clearly want to emphasize their attractiveness because their audience depends on it, and that makes farmers more eager to nitpick them and call them ugly.
Pearl on the other hand despite being queen of pickmes does not try to portray herself as this hot girl. While she is a very plain girl with an unfortunate body shape, she doesn't seem physically unhealthy and so shitting on her for her looks just doesn't mean as much.
Not that shitting on cows looks means much either way, I hate how common it is here for cute girls to be called ugly based on the most scrotish womanhating standards ever.

It's so strange, if we're all women talking about this we should all know how normal it is to have a bit of pudge or some ingrown hairs or make an unflattering face sometimes. With the nitpicking going on in some threads you'd think everyone posting there has to be some perfect petite dolly supermodel typing this from the lab they were created in while submerged in their stasis pods designed to keep them forever looking 17.

No. 1651699

A great example of this is anons nitpicking boobs. if they have sag, they are disgusting, uncared for, they never wear a bra. If they get implants, they are whores, doing everything for men's attention only. If anons want to act like scrotes, they need to toughen up and not get so mad when they get their bans.

No. 1651704

>justpearlythings has a nice body is very irrelevant to what makes her a cow.
I think it's a little relevant. If a tradthot is unfortunate looking you could easily assume she's pandering to moids to compensate for her looks.

>she’s a pedophile, they’re not calling her ugly just for shits and giggles
This, however, is exactly what's wrong with the way some anons go after women's looks. They think that if a woman is a bad person, she deserves to be ugly/fat because they believe ugly/fat is the worst thing someone can be. It's not that being a bad person justifies the insults, it's that they can't stand the thought of her getting to be attractive as well as shitty. Of course Belle fucking Delphine is pretty, she didn't get half the moid population frothing over her for no reason. She's still pedo pandering or whatever but that doesn't actually change her appearance.

Anons just need to be more honest with themselves. Pearl looks bad, Belle looks good, you can acknowledge these things neutrally without putting excessive value on appearances instead of lying and coping.

No. 1651711

File: 1690970500860.jpeg (31.71 KB, 500x500, IMG_1085.jpeg)

Ok but why is the belle delphine fan trying to say aella is ugly? Am I missing something? This woman is objectively far more beautiful than belle.

No. 1651716

>They think that if a woman is a bad person, she deserves to be ugly/fat because they believe ugly/fat is the worst thing someone can be
Thank you for reminding me how much I hate the idea of morality = beauty. You can say someone looks objectively good or decent and still hate them. A bit off topic but I've seen so much content these days that's basically "oh they aged well because they're nice!" like that's not how it works. Someone with shitty genetics isn't a shitty person because of it. And like >>1651699 said, people will nitpick shit just because they don't like the person in question. It will always exist on lolcow but there's nothing wrong with calling out how stupid of a mindset it is.

No. 1651730

>This woman is objectively far more beautiful than belle.
NTA but when anons make statements like this, it just sounds like they personally resemble whoever they're claiming is "objectively" attractive.

No. 1651732

Agreed. Aella is also patently a worse person than Belle and has also gotten far more plastic surgery, so the whole “BELLE IS PEDOOOO WHO GOT PLASTIC SURGERY” reeing is especially confusing. Aella is a far more egregious pedophile and has literally argued against the age of consent, additionally she arranges blanket consent sex parties for wealthy elite men. She’s by far the greater of two evils

No. 1651755

>like brittany venti mentioned upthread

LOL, agree with the rest of your post but this woman gets dunked on by scrotes all the time for her looks. She's average with ugly features, but memes and pickmes all over the internet that some scrotes are just statistically likely to find her attractive eventually.

No. 1651863

That's not even what a pedo is. Anons are retarded.

No. 1651869

Nta, but ew… good no. Add glasses and she's another JA.

No. 1651881

I'm so glad the jvlog crew doesn't have a thread anymore. Two posters ITT arguing about how ugly Belle is are from those threads. Just waiting on all the other non-milk threads to close like Taylor, Kota, Aki.. Nitpicking isn't milky. Hopefully mods realize that and stop allowing shitposting threads. There so many abandoned threads coming from these same anons like the Anima thread and the Sayathefox thread. At least post more than just "she photoshops and has a milky experience from 7 years ago where she lied about it, she needs a whole dead thread now". Posters are so obvious. Even mods have called out its like the same 3-4 people on /w/ replying to each other when its OTT takes.

No. 1652507

Aella is not a pedo, you say?

No. 1652508

Meant Belle. She isn't.

No. 1652514

Yes she is.

No. 1652532

I agree with you then. Aella is 100% a pedophile and she’s dangerous. Belle isn’t a pedo and is no more dangerous to other women/girls as any other sex worker like her.

No. 1652669

Going into those threads as someone who doesn't know much is beyond boring. I was reading through the Taylor one and absolutely nothing about in it was real milk.
I know others might disagree but someone being vaguely cringe or marrying for money isn't lolcow behavior. But I'll also say that I used to think most of Jill's threads were just boring nitpicking a cringe dweeb, but she really proved us all wrong by going full munchie and DID faker.

No. 1652753

Anons literally throw around terms without understanding them. Pedo is their big brain word when it has absolutely nothing to do with Belle.

No. 1652757

File: 1691079128498.jpg (657.55 KB, 1080x1829, Screenshot_20230803_091053_Chr…)

It's not, absolutely. Nitpicking hair isn't milk, regardless of someone has to use their face because they are an influencer. That makes everyone on this site viable for nitpicking hair with that logic and that's not how milk works. That thread is trash and anons keep sperging out when they get banned for it. Theres so many cows on /w/ that anons have massive vendettas for. A mod confirmed its like 3-4 people in the Taylor thread basically asspatting each other. They can't even be subtle then throw tantrums when caught. They did this long winded shit with being banhammered over shitposts in the jvlog thread and belle thread. Same logic "THEY USE THEIR APPEARANCES WE CAN NITPICK APPEARANCES THEN" and then say all mods conspire against them and are posters ITTs baiting these anons to get banned.

Mod was right to give this ban in /meta/ to them, picrel. I really want milk on these cows because its fun to see them slip up, but 3 threads of complaining about her grammar and chopstick use isn't milk at all and saging it because they think that makes nitpicking okay isn't helping their cause. Also the obsession with trying to post her kid after anons called it out is so creepy. They got mad an anon blacked out the kid in a photo and then spammed non-milk with the kid unblocked just to prove some point against a random poster. So petty and over a child. Wtf?

No. 1653817

Aella: posts surveys about cp
Belle: has a fetish for child rape and has posted porn that simulates it and has made money selling child porn to pedophiles so she could go to Venice.

But of course, belle is TOTALLY innocent uwu….

No. 1653821

She makes simulated child rape porn, Anon. She dressed up as a child character and shoved gummy worms in her snatch. She cosplayed Lolita and is open about her pedophillia and child rape fetishes. She has a room in her house designed to look like the room of a young adolescent and she uses it to film porn. She’s a pedophile.

No. 1653829

Both are bad and both aren't milky, they're just disturbing pedos, not much to discuss here.

No. 1653834

Belle is an active pedophile who acts out sexually. She’s not safe to be around kids. Aella just asks some really weird questions.(ban evasion)

No. 1653844

SHE isn’t the one getting off to little girls. She’s pretending to BE a little girl so she can get money. words have meanings retard

No. 1653847

She GETS OFF to BEING A LITTLE GIRL BEING RAPED. If this was a TIM, or Shayna, or some ugly girl you’d be all over her ass. It’s not normal to pretend to be a child during sex, it’s not normal to post rape porn publicly on Twitter and then mock people who say it’s triggering. She is a sadist and a pedophile.(infighting/derailing)

No. 1653855

these are two different anons in your pic, I don't know why you are screaming about this here when you can go discuss it in meta.

Link to spamming her child then bc I never saw that. Stop exaggerating and playing dumb.

No. 1653870

Aella is a pedophile as well unfortunately. Both should be locked up.

No. 1653881

I don’t know much about her, except she’s the woman from Twitter who posts polls like “is it morally wrong to rape your dead mothers corpse? Yes or no?”

No. 1653887

That's not what being a pedo is.

No. 1653983

That Nemu skinwalker is pathetic. Wtf is there to gain from skinwalking a cow except being labeled a cow yourself?

No. 1654019

No. 1654021

Thank you, Belle is gross and panders to actual pedos and maybe gets off on it (or she just knows it sells and takes advantage, who knows really) but I very much doubt she’s a literal pedophile, which is an adult sexually attracted to children. I very much doubt belle has ever looked at an actual child sexually, it’s very uncommon for women to do in general
TLDR: Belle is maybe an autopedophile in that she may get off on pretending to be the kid being assaulted by an adult, but she ain’t a pedo. Calling an autopedophile a pedophile is not that different then calling an autogynephile a woman because they both get off on pretending to engage in pedophilia and pretending to be a woman respectively
This annoys me because pedophiles are disgusting and deserve bad things and calling someone one with no evidence to support it (and there is no evidence this woman is attracted to children) is fucked up

No. 1654178

Autopedophiles enable and encourage actual pedophiles to indulge in their sick taboo through a safe medium so I don't quite get why some people want to trivialize her contribution to the ongoing problem. I don't feel bad about her being called a pedo either, she's not an innocent in this. Tons of girls like this go on to have children with or date these pedo moids or moids with pedo tendencies and then enable him to molest their own children so she's part of the problem and deserves to be called out alongside them.

No. 1654198

Omfg, anon, Belle isn't out here pimping literal children to moids and her proportions are not those that pedos are attracted to. Maybe men who like younger looking women, but her body, especially with her implants, are not the body of a child. She looks like a DDLG larper, not a 15 year old. This tinfoil that she'd push her children on to a man is disgusting and unhinged of you. If you look through these men's social medias they follow a lot of people like Jessica Nigri and Hana Bunny and some Belle clones most of the time. I get you want to make out everyone who looks at her stuff as being a latent pedophile, but you need to understand that no one is looking at her and mistaking her as a child for the most part, even her cosplays of fictional children, don't look like children. If there are some guys getting off to that and imagining she's younger, that isn't her problem, but overall she doesn't look like a child. I don't know what drugs some anons are on and this is a big reason why she doesn't have a thread anymore. The tinfoils that people come up with are crazy all because of a vendetta.

No. 1654356

The dumb bitch did a child abduction porn. She definitely enables and encourages pedophile males.

No. 1654467

That was a CNC roleplay and it was DDLG at best.

No. 1654546

This is an insane reach, her making morally questionable porn of herself doesn't mean she's going to hand her potential future children over to men to be molested, wtf.

No. 1654607

It’s really not that insane. She sexualises childhood and youth, she has pedophile tendencies, she could absolutely do this.

No. 1654608

So…pedophillia and incestuous rape? Stop dressing it up in your porno terms and call it what it is.

No. 1654609

>If there are some guys getting off to that and imagining she's younger, that isn't her problem
It’s not like she accidentally looks younger, she goes out of her way to dress and act like a child. She signals to these people. She enables them.

No. 1654795

anon, google what a pedo actually is. I don't care about belle but I bet she isn't as retarded as you.

No. 1654852

It doesn’t say the posters are supposed to be the same. Anons are laughing at the retarded desperate attempt to be able to nitpick in non-nitpicking threads and that massive dump of tagged bans that actually make sense that mods gave them.

No. 1655210

Can we stop derailing about Belle please

No. 1655227

Agreed, next up we’re gonna start calling people who engage in pet play that just amounts to a chick in cat ears/a tail meowing, zoophiles

No. 1655229

Yes, that’s what they are, death to all porn addicts.

No. 1655233

This is a terrible equivalence. It’s not the same at all. To call a AGP a woman would be the same as calling an autopedophile a child.

No. 1655235

You can develop weird roleplay kinks without watching porn, anon. I can guarantee you the average person who thinks catgirls are cute and women who willingly participate, do not ever want to do anything even remotely sexual to an actual cat.

No. 1655236

I would fucking shoot a man if he asked me to wear cat ears during sex, and I believe any sane woman would, or SHOULD, do the same.

No. 1655237

It’s not a bad comparison if you say that it’s like calling a dude who is willing to fuck a troon straight. They’re not straight because a troon is not an actual woman.

No. 1655272

It’s hard to explain but I mean that like calling an autopedophile a pedophile, as the anon I was replying to was, is the same as calling an autogynephile a woman, in that they are not one just because they pretend to be entirely for sexual purposes
An autopedophile like belle isn’t pretending to be a child, they’re specifically pretending to be the target of pedos for sexual purposes. That’s why it’s autopedophila and not just, like, autopedo… but also idk I’m pretty fried and generally stupid i don’t know if it makes sense

No. 1655315

It doesn't make sense at all. And if it did it wouldn't be "hard to explain." Shut the fuck up.

No. 1655397

If you don't think belle is a pedo or have pedo tendencies, then neither is shayna by those standards and we should all stop nitpicking shaynas pictures and porn because it's just DDLG and CNC play. By some anons logic it's not like shayna actually looks like s child right?

No. 1655401

You've already made your point 50 times ITT, we get it.

No. 1655403

Yep I agree and I also don’t think Shayna is a pedophile.

No. 1655414

Just stop already

No. 1655421


No. 1656562

File: 1691377455333.jpg (330.77 KB, 718x719, leralukyanova2023.jpg)

Valeria Lukyanova is one of the most fascinating cows ever. Such a shame the milk is limited to russian but I check her baginya thread from time to time.

No. 1656563

Do you think she shed a tear watching barbie?

No. 1656565

File: 1691377716035.jpg (497.89 KB, 720x1221, leralukyanova20232.jpg)

She seems to imply the movie was made in her image kek

No. 1656568

File: 1691377795398.png (83.08 KB, 1920x1238, VulvaUterusDiagram-04_cropped.…)


No. 1656569

>the matrix
oh she's one of those schizos

No. 1656571

I don’t think they’re pedos, just whore pickmes who pedo pander and promote depraved fetishes so they can get money from the filthy degenerate male class. It’s not like they’d be doing the same without the male attention and profit.

No. 1656582

This. Belle isn't a pedo, but she knows moids like young looking women. She's never looked younger than 16 and all her porn was over 18 when she was 18. Scrotes don't look at an adult body and see child proportions, if they want to pretend that's on them, but grown women, even if they are skinny, do not have the same "attractive" proportions that's pedos want. The biggest part being they are pre-pubescent. Anons are just desperate when its not even close to what they are saying, but it fits their deranged idea.

No. 1656597

How is she not exhausted? It's been years…

No. 1656681

You sound like the type of pedo to excuse pedophillia by saying “it’s ephebophillia and it’s natural!”(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1656787

Shayna’s girlfriend is a nanny who has stolen her kids’ pacifiers to post on her fetlife profile. They aren’t active pedophiles but I wouldn’t put it past them to behave inappropriately with a child.

No. 1656918

I wouldn’t put it past belle either.

No. 1657100

Okay, I wasn’t commenting on Belle, I was commenting on Shayna. I don’t follow Belle’s threads.

No. 1657442

Sorry to go on about her but Valeria dropped an English video with text to speech talking about Barbie and the Matrix. She's so funny

No. 1657471

You could put her in the youtubers you hate thread, this isn't a focus on a cow thread. Even though the bellefags camp it.

No. 1657476

Her threads were closed because anons like >>1656681 constantly edited or spammed her porn. There was never milk. Farmhands got tired. Then they fucked up the jvlog thread and are currently trying to fuck up the taylor thread. It's the same argument every time too, so you know it's the same anons or a few of them. Belle wasnt milky anymore. Also the repetitive doxxing attempts from both threads. There an anon still attempting to doxx the Jvloggers too. Anons need meds. None of this is lolcow material.

No. 1657573

KEK I love how you assume it was me you fucking retard.(still ban evading)

No. 1657616

Bellesperg should be bannable this is ridiculous. Shut UP.

No. 1657691

no it's a russian forum website for discussing lolcows (with paid signup though), baginya dot org (iirc) and it's also blocked by the russian government kek
neofolk esoteric bimbo from the planet avalon, didn't expect to see her on lolcow

No. 1658580

You’re a rude cunt, go do something fun and cheer up god damn(infighting/derailing)

No. 1661926

You were being pretty fucking stupid tbh.(infighting)

No. 1662069

i always found venus so pretty (even without the editing , yes) ,sucks to see her go in such a downward spiral like this. i truly do hope she gets the help she needs and stops milking her mentalness for muh menhera jirai brownie points

No. 1662318

She's a victim of circumstances that were out of her control as a child and never learned how to be a real adult. I don't doubt her mom gave her some terrible mental genetic shit plus the damage she's done herself from drinking, not eating, and downin pills. I see her like a Nickelodeon or Disney Channel star.

No. 1663362

i keep thinking about the thing with colleen ballinger. her "humor" including a weird amount of things about CSA. her dad's feederism and inflation kink. her having a raging, barely hidden eating disorder. her inappropriateness around minors. her brother being a literal groomer. it's all so blatant. her family is so fucked up, i don't understandd why she chose to just keep on and even have kids she also plasters online instead of getting therapy with all that youtube and netflix money.

No. 1663401

Not defending her because she's no better, but I imagine if that's the surroundings you were raised in, you never really have a reason to think it's not weird or bad.

No. 1663628

leftcows dasha is cute and i would love to fix her

No. 1663677

She was cute in succession too

No. 1663686

I’m surprised she was ever even populat to begin with her shit is all weird and unfunny

No. 1663849

>her dad's feederism and inflation kink.
ew what the fuck?! i never heard about that part of the situation. it does sound like she was abused and that almost makes me feel sorry for her because all this shit was probably normal to her growing up. but she chose to become a predator instead of getting help.

No. 1664871

File: 1692065994171.jpeg (216.85 KB, 828x1385, IMG_0924.jpeg)

Not an opinion on cows per se because I don’t know who this is since there’s no name anywhere on this post but the pro-ana thread truly is one of the worst. Cows are supposed to be funny, horrifying, endearingly retarded or just regular retarded, but not to sound like a white knight but if you just HATE the person? If they’re not milky in any way besides being hateable? You could never look at their social media again and they would cease to exist. I get why anons hate cows like TND and Alice because they abuse animals and children respectively - that’s totally understandable that they would be trying to enjoy milk but then their emotions would get the better of them. But this shit? Why go on her profile if you hate her so bad? Why not do literally anything else? I mean the obvious answer is the thread is occupied solely by pro-ana community twats and they can’t just block each other because they’re all pretending to be friends. But why this thread stays up for these retards to use as a chatroom is beyond me. At least the OG pro-ana scumbags were milky with their lies and wavy-mirror photoshop. Now it’s literal-who vendettas and psycho bone rattlers adding up the calories in some random bitch’s breakfast. Pure cancer.

No. 1665036

yeah, I miss the old ana cows. I'm not interested in hating someone for not being skinny or hating someone for being skinny. The grifters and revolving door patients are worthy of lc but then we have vendetta posting about some girl who truly thought she had anorexia at some point and is now a normal weight, yawn.

Waiting for the new aly or cece

No. 1665568

Grimes is obviously autistic and so are the anons denying it

No. 1665579

Dakota is so boring, idk her thread is even active on /w/. She doesn't do anything milky anymore, anons only bring up "b-but her past and sister" which isnt relevant. Kiki being a trashcan isn't Daokta's current problem. Anons thinking nitpicking her trading modeling agencies is milky when its literally all that industry does when you're not a famous name like Hadid. If you're not a walking model, your live in limbo, get rented out as a body for events not meaning boothing, Japan specifically will rent people as a body for stuff like staffing a store opening to look like most customers than probably showed up. Anons just can't let cows go to pasture who aren't doing anything noteworthy or milky anymore. You not liking her haircut aren't thread saving posts. Its just a matter of time until anons nitpick so much that thread gets killed off too. They do it to themselves when they won't post real milk and spam instead.

No. 1665906

i've never read a shayna thread but i don't get why she's such a popular and active cow. she doesn't seem that funny to me. is she just some fat internet prostitute? maybe i'm missing some lore or something? but i don't have time to catch up on 100+ threads so i will continue to live in blissful ignorance

No. 1665918

I think she was more interesting a few years ago when things like virtual sexwork was starting to become mainstream popular and blowing up. Now girls like her are dime-a-dozen so the milk is stale (even in comparison to older cows, even though I feel like lolcows standards for milk were lower a few years ago) and feels more like nitpicking. Same for people like Mariah Mallad. Back then she was the hottest thing since sliced bread but now if she was introduced to lolcow we would be like "fat cosplay girl who makes onlyfans porn, photoshops and loves male attention. big whoop".

No. 1665919

No she isn't and neither are you. And while I'm at it, neither are 90% of farmers claiming they are.

No. 1665925

nah if grimes actually had autism she would never shut up about it. she's never been diagnosed and she very much has the means to get diagnosed, she just isn't diagnosed because she doesn't have it. she is larping and implies she is "neurodivergent" for the quirky nlog aesthetic.

No. 1666010

>things are happening in shayna's thread
>people are dicussing things that aren't super retarded nitpicks (its still nitpicky)
>retard starts posting dumb shit for attention, usually an extreme opinion and now extremely gross porn
>People/mods tell them to fuck off
>They start whining/infighting before posting "Proof' they are a woman. This time no boobs or vagina but a note
>making cringey ass statements, "This brings out my inner troll" "Ladies come on lets have some fun!"
>Goes to /shay/with their attention whoring probably ban invading. Hoping to start another infight so they can post "proof" and further derail the thread/get attention
Every single time our conversation isn't 90% bullshit and it's like 85% bullshit with a bit of interesting topic, this happens.
I just hate how cringe it sounds. I would'nt be surpised if it's the same person/people doing this shit, like they plan their shayraids.

No. 1666018

At least Moo's thread moves slow. I'm shocked shay isn't a banned topic from how unruly her threads are.

No. 1666029

I honestly don’t believe a lot of people who say they are online it’s just a quirky tidbit they have to mention all the time, grimes is just on coke

No. 1666045

Laura is a malingerer so she deserves every bit of hate she gets . People who are actually mentally ill suffer and die because of people like her. She burdens our already overburdened health system.

No. 1666056

I think that picture of Liz Bruenig with the blunt bob that was posted recently is gorgeous. Before she got whatever weird surgery she has (but after she grew her hair out) I had an inexplicable crush on Anna too

No. 1666058

The hatred towards Laura and a lot of the ana-cows is weird. She's clearly drugged to the gills and isn't really doing anything milky. The thing that makes an anachan cow milky for me is when they blatantly trigger people for attention and validation like Niamh, or just act straight up obnoxious and delusional like the newer cow Kate does. Cece was the perfect anacow imo

No. 1666062

Based. A lot of what people think is autism is just anxiety, maladjustment, or trauma responses

No. 1666066

Most cows aren’t ugly, most are average and some ugly ones would be average if they took better care of themselves. The only cows I find truly ugly are Projared and Justpearlythings

No. 1666116

I feel bad for all the artcows, as an artist i get it. There is no way to be an artist and not be unhinged in some way.

No. 1666375

>i truly do hope she gets the help she needs and stops milking her mentalness for muh menhera jirai brownie points

I think it's her way to cope. She relates to the trope because she herself is a mess, and can feel that she "belongs" to something. I'd like to see her recover but she's so deep in a pit that she kind of gives up on herself and relapses because she feels like it doesn't matter what she does anyway. I do think part of her wants to get better, but she has almost zero legitimate support so she turns to social media which is full of enablers and people encouraging her downfall. She needs real physical solid friends to keep her in check from time to time, not clout chasing self pitying menhera girls or self absorbed influencers with no experience in real world problems who bounce when someone can't just stop their addiction without relapsing or think positively. People underestimate what it's like to come from a dysfunctional small family with no friends you can turn to and no roots anywhere. It causes such a feeling of hopelessness and isolation.

No. 1667129

jillian genuinely makes me MATI to this day, I actually started using lc 4+ years ago when I stumbled upon her thread and assumed it was ‘bully hate’ until she started spiraling a “DID”-posting and I realized she is genuinely a womanchild narcissist. it makes me so mad that she had a life that so many people (myself included) dreamed of, a full-time fashion influencer with brand deals and paid trips to the UK and Japan, and she threw it all away because she was too lazy to put in any actual effort into becoming an adult when she moved out. She’s a cautionary tale on ‘gentle’ parenting/being a ‘friend mom’, even though my mom did a lot of questionable things I’m so glad she was harsh with me when needed and set boundaries so I learned how to be a functional adult.

No. 1667394

Like the other nona said, when I found this site I also thought it was a "bully site" (it's not) and that it was unfair to the people with threads. Then I realized that 90% of these cows are terrible people and I couldn't care less.

No. 1667421

Most female lolcows are boring af. If the 'milk' is just status updates and wigs being 1 shade too dark it's not drama. I want to see people getting into fights with police.

No. 1667523

The recent drama about Lil Tay reminded me of LtCorbis/Soph (that literal 12-year old making inflammatory altright youtube content) and how sad her case made me. I don't even know how the fuck she was a thing. What kind of parents allow their kid to create racist videos and what kind of adult fucking men take this girl in and enable her? Pyrocynical was a fucking douchebag for giving her visibility in the beginning and Keemstar should've never interviewed her, adult content creators with literally millions of subscribers should leave kids alone instead of posting about how cringe they are. I'm so, so glad Lolcow bans posting about underage cows.

No. 1667524

>posts pictures on Instagram that makes other anachans jealous because they’re not as fucked up and skelly as her, is also still a teenager
>a straight up malingerer who has burdened our already overstretched healthcare system with her attention seeking shit for almost a decade whilst people die without ever getting an appointment.

Laura should be in prison.

No. 1667525

Parents who left their kid in front of a screen for her entire childhood and showed no interest in her activities or online behavior, also probably don't care if their child becomes radicalized or create offensive content

No. 1667538

I watched this video and it's so fucking weird how many grown ass men started interacting with her and nobody saw it as odd
Where were her parents?

No. 1667561

That's the weirdest thing, men in their fucking 30's interacting and conversing with her as if she wasn't a fucking 12-year old being groomed by radicalized men and trying to impress them. Nobody brought up how she's being manipulated and people should call child protective services instead of inviting her to their podcasts. Makes no sense to me at all and these guys should have their hard drives checked.

No. 1667825

Nothing on this site will ever be as entertaining as witnessing the Lil Peep/Soundcloud general in real time

No. 1667923

That was the best snow thread ever! I miss Tyler grosso, he was such an underrated cow.

No. 1668458

I've only been on lolcow for like 4 or 5 years but the "queen" PT is a hot fucking mess. Her dorito chin is so punchable. Her delusions of being a boy and talking non stop about being horny is so cringe. Her latest "fan service" pics in her boxer briefs made me come here to bitch. I just don't get the attraction this board has with her. Sorry nonas.

No. 1668485

because she's usually harmless and makes us nostalgic for 2000s-era weebs

No. 1669208

Most of us followed her years before she decided she was a man, and like >>1668485 said I find her to be a nostalgic cow because she's basically frozen in time. Cows come and go, but PT is always posting cringe content.

No. 1669334

I honestly find PT boring. I just don't find mentally ill breakdowns funny. The only thing I thing was funny to me was her embarrassing cosplays and attempts to be sexy.

No. 1670181

No one talks about her here but Amberlynn Reid is the straightest lesbian I’ve ever seen

No. 1670219

You shouldn't let someone who is mentally challenged make you feel angry. Be angry at her family for enabling her and just yelling at her all the time and letting her do what she wants instead of spending time with her and getting her the proper resources she needed before she broke completely schizo. I feel bad for her.

No. 1670357

Yeah and I tried looking at her old threads and catching up I feel like she’s one of those “you had to be there” cows I didn’t feel like digging through cgl archives

No. 1671365

i know exactly what you mean nona omfg, but i honestly find normie/millennial lesbians to be some of the best kinds of people because they’re not chronically online. Obviously Amber is but she’s more focused on da trolls / obesity content, it’s kind of refreshing to see a cow who’s sexuality isn’t the forefront of their cow behaviors and isn’t constantly flip flopping or dating troons, her being a lesbian is the least cowish thing about her

No. 1675240

Not so much about lolcows, but I wish anons would be as anal about archiving milk as the Kiwifags are. Like using archive.ph and locally storing videos instead of just posting links/screenshots.

Definitely agree. She was entertaining about ten years ago, but I feel that now she's gotten older and become less "able" watching her feels more depressing than anything.

No. 1675247

Kind of what the catalog is for isn't it

No. 1675263

Some of us are anal about archiving, see the two archiveanons in the onision threads for example. I get what you're saying about it not being a strict requirement though. I don't know if the site still auto archives links.

No. 1675299

For reading old threads or archival?
No links are not auto-archived, they must be manually archived and I suspect few anons know this to be true

No. 1675539

some of us have gotten bans for BS reasons for posting webms in cow threads to archive them, so it tends to feel like you just can't win. You are right about using archive links, we should be doing that too.

No. 1676207

Sage for blogpost, we had "summer fest" with my company this afternoon/evening and a buncha gossip and other stories we don't get to share on different departments came up. But the one that took the cake is our "Controller manager" who "controls" finances (he doesn't do the accounting though, that's below his pay grade), "controls" where office material gets moved when and where. Generally he's a fucking busy body who likes slapping his chest yelling like Tarzan that he's in charge, in comparison to our 60+ boomer CEO who's just cashing in the cheques until he retires in 5 years or so.
"Cntrolling manager" probably is jumping at the bits to take his place, hence why he gets to sign for the CEO, he has the authority to.
Anyway on the floor where all the other departments works, "controller manager" also makes his presence known by opening doors of different people and showing himself.

And one time, one colleague from Social Media/Online was dog-sitting for someone else and had a doggo in the office.
Was a female doggo who liked to be scratched on her bum and so she wiggled her bum at every new face she encountered in that new place. "Controlling" dude was absolutely offended at how strong the doggo came at him with that. But after learning to be okay with the behavior, he did a version of "who's a good girl?" to the dog, except it was "Who's got power of procuration ? Who's got power of procuration ?".

It almost sounds like something that came straight out of The Office TV show, but IRL. The dude is so self-important it hurts to see so little sense of deprecation.(wrong thread)

No. 1676400

Poor noodle doesnt deserve hate, she's just a poor neglected dog. She isnt aggressive or badly behaved, just fat and sad.

No. 1676528

i know nonnies are harsh but you have to admit that is an unattractive fucking dog, and not in a cute way, he looks wet and greasy and I don’t even think it’s a grooming issue it’s just whatever brand of mutt he is

No. 1677186

Shes just a fat neglected elderly flat

No. 1677753

The state of all those old weeb cows is so fucking sad…
I checked /w/ for the first time again in ages and it's depressing how close to all threads haven't had a post in a month, the only exceptions being Taylor because she churns out content daily and always attracted nitpickers and the other being Venus who's just a total trainwreck who seems beyond any help. Gyaru seemingly died years ago, more and more lolitas are leaving too, original Jvloggers aren't even in Japan anymore, Gaya who's been getting pimped out by her husband since she was a teen has now a kid but is still selling herself…I always hated Yumi but nobody deserves the single mom fate, and our former queen is suddenly in LA fucking white hobos (and also was pregnant?), the only one still doing okayish seems so be Kota - tho she might as well work some normie desk job on the side as well because those tiny ig modelling gigs obviously don't pay shit.

Many anons always try to give advice or make up scenarios on how they could improve their life which usually involves moving to europe or something but imo most of those girlies dreams was always glorious nippon, so I would wish that the two sisters give up on whoever sleazy moid they're fucking, share an apartment in Tokyo to save money, work some maybe cafe job that they're qualified for and just make youtube content to satisfy their need for attention. Imo the by far "healthiest" and realistic way plus you and I could still follow them and shit on / secretly root for them lol
Venus is a horrible person, I so fell for her suicide baiting but nevertheless I also just wish her the best. It seems like rn her only chance is meeting a really nice guy (or friend?) who pushes her to rehab but I also don't see her ever giving up Japan.
In general many of those fates just show again that having a baby is just additionally fucking your life up.

No. 1677828

/w/ was created by burritomin for no real reason without polling the userbase.

No. 1677856

>that is an unattractive fucking dog
Is this a case of ESLism or are you a moid?

No. 1677865

A lot of people just don't like dogs, especially neglected ones

No. 1677878

Nta so I'm probably misinterpreting what they mean, but unattractive seems like a weird word choice for describing an animal.

No. 1677902

kek, at least read the post before metasperging

No. 1677905

prolly just esl

No. 1677907

disliking animals bc they are neglected is such a mental take, its not the dogs fault it isnt taken care of. How can one feel anything but pity? Feeling hatred is insane.

No. 1677921

I don't dislike Shayna. She feels like a very insecure mess of a woman.

No. 1678169

File: 1693078365707.jpg (92.55 KB, 625x641, sam.jpg)

The anon who brought Soren up in Arrow de Wilde's thread made me wonder if Soren would have made Arrow one of her Sam faceclaims if she had ever seen her.

No. 1678358

No. 1678398

Her height would be explained as the kidnappers tied her arms to one semi truck and her legs to another and made them drive far apart and she was forced to hang there stretching like taffy for hours at a time.

No. 1678411

File: 1693100445959.jpeg (Spoiler Image,228.48 KB, 719x468, D2C1DB05-88ED-4970-8D58-DC61B6…)

Buckle up because this is gonna be a long one.

Despite everything I’m still fucking furious about how the world warped Chris Chan into a monster. It’s insane that hundreds if not thousands of fully grown adults joined forces to psychologically torment this random autist and drive him to the point of insanity. It’s a perfect example of the horrors of herd mentality. You see this shit play out in schools all the time - a kid decides some other kid is weird and annoying, he tells his friends that kid is weird and annoying, and even if they didn’t think that kid was weird and annoying before they start thinking about all the things he’s done no matter how insignificant and decide “yeah, you know what, that kid IS weird and annoying.” Within a week it escalates from name-calling to violence as the tormentors realize just how much trust can get away with. Sylvia Likens is another particularly gruesome example of this phenomenon (please for the love of fuck do not look this up if you’re not prepared to lose any remaining faith in humanity you had).

Ezra Miller is a straight man. I don’t give a fuck how many dresses he wears, that is a red blooded heterosexual American man. Everyone has known a guy like this at one point in their life. You know the type - straight moids who paint their nails to prove to women that they’re not like the other guys and they’re totally non-threatening and women eat that shit up every time and end up getting hurt.

My heart aches for Farrah Abraham. It really does. I can’t imagine what it must be like to become a teen mom only to have the father of your child die immediately after they’re born. That album she released is a masterful piece of outsider art and if a man released it, it would be praised as such, but because she is a woman her pain is mocked relentlessly. If Daniel Johnston was a woman he would have had a Lolcow thread.

I feel so incredibly fucking angry when I think about how Marilyn Manson spent years fighting for people who were different to be accepted only to turn around and prove everyone who ever judged him right, but I feel angrier when I read an article about the allegations and every comment is something like “gee, who would have guessed” and “of course he did it, just look at him.” It’s a constant reminder that if you don’t adhere to beauty or gender norms you’re automatically branded as a freak and a potential sexual predator even if you’re never done anything particularly wrong (see: Sam Smith getting screamed at by some random lady in public calling him a pedophile).

I don’t hate Dylan Mulvaney. I just feel sorry for him. I assume he got the shit beaten out of him routinely for being a flamer his whole life and to go through that again x10 must suck. Everyone says that they would be okay with trannies do they were just guys who wore dresses and didn’t force everyone to call them women, but I don’t believe that for a second. If Dylan Mulvaney was exactly the same as he is now except he didn’t identify as a woman, he would still trigger the same sort of lizard brain reaction of disgust that people have developed from thousands of years of evolution, getting job opportunities meant for women was just the cherry on top.

I’m so sick of people pretending like they care for Eugenia Cooney’s well-being when they really just want an excuse to berate her and body shame her. She’s shitty for other reasons but it’s not a crime to exist as a mentally ill person. She doesn’t owe anyone an explanation for why she looks the way she does. She is not responsible for anyone’s anorexia. She didn’t sew your mouth shut and force you to starve. Besides, when you call her a skeleton you’re just telling her what she wants to hear. Funny how society happens to “care” soooo much for the “health” of fat people and anorexics because they’re conditions that make you less conventionally attractive but they don’t go around telling random smokers that they’re concerned for their health. It reminds me of when scrotes pretend they care about how transgenderism becoming a trend affects young women but in reality they’re just mad because their fuck supply is going down and women are chopping off their tits.

No. 1678447

even if people didn't tamper with him, he still did creepy and retarded shit on his own, except he would just be another unknown autist. I would have empathy for him if he didnt sexually harass a girl that genuinely tried to be his friends many years ago. I think after that people stopped giving a fuck about cowtipping.

No. 1678454

I feel like lolcow is one of those rare sites that actually defends men like Chris Chan. That man RAPED his own mother. Yet anons defend him. And I don't give a fuck what the court thinks or if they dismissed it since Chris himself admitted to having sex with his elderly dementia mother.

Lolcow truly is now a shithole, seeing posts like that give me motivation to continue using this site as less as possible

No. 1678458

>sam smith
>not doing anything wrong

No. 1678463

The Chris Chan shit is happening to me and people make it worse and worse.

No. 1678465

Nta but Chris also believes that cartoon characters are real. He's deeply unwell and not in a "he's just mentally ill" way, I mean he is flat out detached from reality. He's at the point where he doesn't know right from wrong. He probably doesn't even understand what he did.

No. 1678468

Chris Chan was groomed into being a tranny Loretta also made him do that shit

No. 1678491

They keep confusing mentally retarded with mentally ill. He is genuinely mentally deficient. He has the brain of a child and is incapable of rehabilitation or improvement because that is just what he is. People who do that stuff to the mentally deficient are genuinely evil.

No. 1678496

you're whiteknighting under sooo many banners nona, it's a little amazing to see
Chris Chan chose to creep on every single woman who tried to be nice to him. Male entitlement seeps into every moid no matter their ceiling potential in life, and he never chose to reflect on it.
Dylan Mulvaney is not just a feminine gay guy trooning for sponsor money and fake acceptance, he's fed into the pedophilic agp-shit with the 'X day of girlhood' tiktok series and lying over and over again to young impressionable children about ~how sexist stereotypes are true, actually~. Just because he's gay doesn't mean he's not as misogynistic as the rest of men and willing to throw women under the bus for personal gain.
I get that they're also people but lmaooo, no one forced them into being lolcows. Even Chris Chan the mental 5 year old thrived on the attention and kept coming back for more until he ruined himself into being a mother-rapist.

No. 1678499

He's a known asshole anon

No. 1678537

obviously I meant of course he doesn't deserve any empathy nowadays because he raped his demented mom. but even +10 years ago he was up to creepy shit so he didn't deserve any back then either. people really act like men are completely innocent until they do some heinous shit. completely ignore all red flags until it explodes on everyone's faces.

No. 1678609

File: 1693110249893.jpg (80.37 KB, 608x1080, 34ddd-sn6337wplu-608x1080.jpg)

brittany venti is so pretty to me she has only gotten prettier over the years. Even though I liked her trolling content (when she was saying oh my gucciness) it irked me to my core that she chose to pander to the lowest common denominator of scrote and then in the same breath was extremely antiblack even though her mom was half black and looked black passing. TBH i relate to her upbringing of losing a mom and being alone in the world but like fuck i wish she wouldn't have alienated her potential black female fanbase. Like she called herself old school slurs like a "quadroon" (who uses that lol). She couldve easily just did natural hair videos and got rich off that without the yt supremacist grift and stench on her. I just wish I could've shook her! Now she has to be forever linked to 4chad and his egg obsession.

No. 1678612

she's a pickmeisha and I can't respect her for that. she could've started rinsing her image off it, she has the potential for it, but instead she chooses not to. there are better people to cap for.

No. 1678615

I constantly see people making fun of her looks for being walleyed but she's never bothered me personally lookswise.

No. 1678618

i dont watch her at all anymore since she hasnt changed but she is really pretty and im glad she stopped frying her hair straight. 4chad digital footprint will be her karma

No. 1678632

I dont personally care for beauty because it all fades, if an internet celebrity doesnt have a good personality and behavior then it's a waste of a good look. there are better looking people who are also not trash.

No. 1678649

I liked her when she criticized sex work. It's really unusual to see someone doing that on yt, but her audience is just toxic moids. She should've left her old audience from twitch and changed her name.

No. 1678658

she criticized sex work because it's a moid talking point. it's not like she said sex work is actually detrimental to women and not empowering, but she was actually using the basic scrote arguments that OF whores have it easy and shit like that.

No. 1678665

it's ironic because her friend Ashton Birdie is an onlyfans thot lmao

No. 1678672

they're all catering to men in different ways, just because you're not exposing your skin doesn't mean you're not selling your soul to please scrotoids.

No. 1679064

A lot of tradthots are anti SW but hate women they view as beneath them. I don't find it radical to be anti SW when you demean the women in the trade.

No. 1679810

He is a monster. He raped his mom when he knew she was vulnerable. No one warped anything. Some degenerates are just obvious to spot from others. Autism and being trans doesn't do that or force you to do that and people online didn't ask him to do that. The only one who decided it, hid it because he knew it was wrong, was his cognitive ass.

No. 1679952

>Everyone says that they would be okay with trannies do they were just guys who wore dresses and didn’t force everyone to call them women, but I don’t believe that for a second.
How?? Even prior to the tranny epidemic, there were already a trend of flamboyant gay male make-up artists and influencers almost exclusively followed by women. To this day it's still very common on social media and a lot of women associate flamboyant gay men with harmless best friends despite them saying some of the most misogynistic bs sometimes. Exactly like Dylan Mulvaney. If he wasn't a troon but was still acting childishly and sexist then yeah lc would still be disgusted by him and rightfully so. In the mean time he got a lot of opportunities and fans just for being a fag so no need to pity him imho.

No. 1680033

File: 1693200831504.jpg (82.04 KB, 702x671, iBsvou7.jpg)

Not a cow on lolcow but I saw a tiktok of anuhea basically crying about how she is tired of getting sexualized and bullied on reddit. I looked it up and it was mostly scarethots posts on their subreddit. I hate how those women degrade and demean women to the point of sounding like scrotes. Anuhea is annoying but it is gross how people call her dumb/ugly then bring up how fuckable she is.

No. 1680512

Makes me smile knowing Grimes has most likely seen the shay board

No. 1680579

Any time I try to open the artist salt thread I just get depressed and angry and have to close it right away kek. It stinks of the kind of crabs who almost made me quit art for good, you know the ones who spend their time seething over others being more popular than them and nitpick their every piece to death and declare one error as the definite proof of their severe inadequacy. I'm one of those people who believe that art is about expressing yourself and that's enough, and the certain kind of online artists (specifically the artists' alley/etsy shop people) are so fucking hostile, jealous and full of themselves that they should get an industry job so they don't have to mald about random twitter/instagram artists getting more likes than they do. What pulled me out of a long art rut was meeting people who kept making art and their motivation for improvement was to create things that made them happy, not to scam people out of their money or become famous online.

No. 1680582

Are you talking about the general art/salt thread in /ot/? Or a different thread?

No. 1680584

The one in /ot/, I don't know about the other ones.

No. 1680599

Oh, interesting. I was catching up on it and they seemed to be complaining about cheap etsy garbage, and there was the earlier conversation about how artist alley's have changed over the years along with cultural differences in conventions.
If you mean the person who shits on artists for "degen" art or is mocking people for liking certain artists; people like that are in every thread tbh. It's annoying, but I do my best to ignore them. If they get too egregious/aggressive you can report for infighting.
Idk I mostly read the thread for funny shit like that girl who moved to the Netherlands and is in danger of losing her visa if she doesn't sell enough Chinese sweat shop etsy bags, and the oldfag discussion/tips. I hope you find another thread you like more!

And yeah, there's an Art Styles You Hate thread and Bad Art threads in /m/. Probably not what you want to see, though!

No. 1680610

>I mostly read the thread for funny shit like that girl who moved to the Netherlands and is in danger of losing her visa if she doesn't sell enough Chinese sweat shop etsy bags, and the oldfag discussion/tips.
This is the kind of artist milk that I like to read though, like the really scummy people who deserve to be called out for being morally bankrupt and the oldfag tips are great, but the amount of /ic/ level pettyness gets on my nerves way too much. I don't even like the constant sperging about coomer art because once you've seen one soulless coomer, you've seen them all. Someone drawing porn for other degenerates is just that, it's disgusting but not that interesting. I don't understand why people even bother to browse them all the time, unless they get caught diddling kids or scamming people then I don't really want to hear about them. The same goes for all the genderspecial art and random weebs, I just don't find it that entertaining to preach to the choir about how void of creativity their work is. They're not hurting anyone, they're just being cringe and creating ugly art in their own corner of the internet and some anons take them way too personally.

No. 1680693

did a cursory scroll and none of the recent posts seem that angry? like all the weird fetish artists have nice art but their content does make me go wtf, i was really impressed and viscerally disgusted by that one moid. i don't mind them being posted (or gawked at) at all. but honestly if the thread devolves into senseless infighting like it did a few days ago with that one instagram coom artist i just leave the thread for a while. don't let it get to you, i feel like anons have been a lot angrier recently for no reason. there's a ton of rage, infighting, and blatant twitter transplants in other threads i like to browse too. just try not to worry about it, good milk will pop up when it does but when it's boring people will pick fights just to feel something

No. 1681692

Ayrt, yeah I definitely understand what you mean by repetitive. I think that anon was right when she said women get judged way harder for coomer/cringe art. A tif makes vent or unappealing weird shit and they immediately go into a thread or become a cow, whereas male coomers are generally left to their own devices after being brought up a couple of times. I also feel like some of the posts should be going into differemt threads, like the tif thread in /snow/ or bad art/bad art styles threads in /m/. They'd love that shit kek. But I think anons do post so they can complain about the degeneracy of art "in general" which is tiring to see over and over. They sound like twitter moralfags with a radfem twist.
If anything, it does expose me to the funniest anons who don't realize they're revealing how bitter, deranged, or cow-ish they are when they post. Recent post that still makes me laugh is anon who says she refuses to admit a coomer artist who makes a living off his work is a professional artist because of the degeneracy… but he's not too degenerate for her to study his work and "steal his style" KEKK

No. 1684666

when people angrily post screenshots of shayna and other e-whores posting wishlists or lying about the price of things to get more donations and call her a leech or a liar, I simply do not understand or register that as milk at all. like… am i supposed to be mad on behalf of the coomers? if anything, I'd say ripping off some creep by saying your manicure cost $20 more than it did is less milky than selling $20 of porn.

No. 1684926

File: 1693622416570.jpg (111.15 KB, 1500x1001, GettyImages-938890492-becc3fc4…)

I'm actually finally starting to realize how bad and trashy gossip culture is and that maybe the things that are happening to me is karma trying to tell me how bad gossiping is by making me be the one in the receiving end.
I won't go into too much details but recently there are people in real life who basically have stalked me or have a vendetta against me and the nitpicks ,crazy assumptions , rumors etc reminds me so much of the things I see posted about cows in their threads that now I can't view those threads or content anymore because it makes me feel guilty because in a way i finally understand how it feels. Yes all those cows are bad people but the people who are obsessed with them and post in their threads have very obvious mental health issues and internalized misogyny. There are people who have been keeping up with certain cows for more than 6 years which is crazy to me.

I mainly used this site for drama but I feel like it's time I become a better person because i know how bad it feels like having all this gossip and torment around you just because some unhinged bitch is going through issues in her life and wants to take everything out on you like you're her punching bag.

I'm done with gossip, negativity watching drama content and cheap commentarys etc.

No. 1684935

>because i know how bad it feels like having all this gossip and torment around you just because some unhinged bitch is going through issues in her life and wants to take everything out on you like you're her punching bag.
This is all these people have. They have nothing else. If they did, they wouldn't do stuff like that. Its actually scary, the lengths they will go to justify the abuse/ stalking of their object of obsession, it's like they are impossible to reason with. They also victim blame while simultaneously having an immense victim complex, it really is a unique aberration of human behavior that's terrifying if you're forced to be near it for any length of time.

No. 1685123

I've always felt that a number of anons actually hate women and just use their cow(s) of choice to express it, and it's only gotten worse with more twitter retards NLOG-ing it up in a lot of threads.

No. 1685289

I think it’s maybe other “sex workers” who think they’re more honest and good to their “clients”. The same as when people in her thread get mad when she’s rude to her coomers. Because personally I think all of those dudes deserve to be scammed and yelled at kek

No. 1688046

Most scrotes, from experience, ask for wishlists. Even as just a regular cosplayer or online personality. Getting mad at thots for getting free shit always makes me laugh. Some anons were never popular enough for men to ever just randomly give them free shit and they just seem salty. I agree, its not milk. The same way posting random photos and nitpicking tits or a filter isnt anymore. Mundane things everyone does is no longer milky when it's just expected now from anyone on SM. A cosplayer doing porn isn't milky even unless it's like Moo who said she will never resort to that. Yet here she is doing fake piss porn.

No. 1688715

File: 1693950184526.jpg (183.47 KB, 1128x632, tumblr_d5ef8eb0099b2b8e488a16f…)

maybe picrel is cringe in this context, but a lot of fun has gone out of the site lately. the types of cows and behavior patterns of cows are so repetitive: low self-esteem, self-harm through shitty relationships and sex, sex worker, e-beg, grift, get enablers, self-victimization, lower standards, repeat. I wish there were more cases where cows get their shit together and live good lives (barring predators and the like) and we can celebrate sending them off into a "good ending"

No. 1690959

You can't because then anons scream that you're a whiteknight for rooting for a cow.

No. 1691009

My cow tinfoil is that Aella's kink surveys only make sense as covert honeypot/procuring schemes. Her reports are so full of shit that it's easier for me to accept that her analysis project is an elaborate cover-up for gathering information on potential johns and not something she genuinely does for enjoyment. All of her articles read like she banged them out in one draft while mainlining ADHD meds and libertarian tech guy Twitter. Even the most basic online stats course would help sell the LARP better but Paella's too busy hosting orgies and connecting pedos too care.

No. 1696832

I'm triggered by the fundie general on /snow/. I just saw it got necroed and started reading it and I regret it!
I was homeschooled in a similar environment – a slightly different flavor that was a bit crunchy but still christian. I used to follow a blog called homeschoolers anonymous (when it was active, it's dead now) and I have a copy of the book Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement, but I had to stop following anything about it because it was driving me insane. The stories are fucked. Those people should be in jail.

No. 1696939

idk why farmers hate on ugly women so much on this site.

No. 1696950

I have a hard time even perceiving other women as ugly, I know that sounds like fluffy bullshit but it's true. I hand out compliments like candy. Maybe a woman doesn't have ideal facial features, maybe she doesn't have the best skin, maybe she's overweight, none of that really matters. Putting women into "ugly" "mid" and "pretty" categories is just moidy behavior.

No. 1696964

i can definitely tell when a woman is conventionally unattractive but focusing on it is moid behavior.
i notice it especially in the post-left cows thread, which is full of so much appearance shaming. it's like they dont want women who are ugly or not conventionally perfect to exist. like theyre saying how dare they try to engage with the world. the thread is becoming too hard to peruse without falling into a depressive spiral about my own appearance.

No. 1696976

clearest sign of moid activity is what you are describing. they don't think conventionally unattractive women are human

No. 1696980

>I have a hard time even perceiving other women as ugly
>I hand out compliments like candy
Based. You're doing good work out there nona and I hope every woman you compliment feels better after talking to you.

No. 1697635

Anons really love to exaggerate and call completely normal looking women repulsive and haggard and obese just because they hate them. Moid behavior aside, being ugly or average looking isn't milky in the least. I'm here to be amused by cows that do stupid things, not laugh at things they can't control.

No. 1697660

post leftcows and grimes/elon are some of my favorite threads so anna and grimes doing a debate is fucking killing me

No. 1697662

It's so old at this point, I start to yawn whenever I read another post with cold ass takes such as
>um actually ugly women are the meanest, all hot girls I know are really nice and smart but ugly bitches are evil and jealous and bullies
>all pretty girls I met were super nice, ugly women are ugly because of their personality! [attaches picture of that stupid Roald Dahl cartoon]

It's such moidy alogging. You'd think an ugly woman stole their boyfriend or something.

No. 1697663

Unattractive people are more likely to be bitter. Have you ever seen an ugly man with a good personality? Because I haven't

No. 1697664

You don't need someone's permission to exist and do things you like in this world and they're not an authority on who should and shouldn't share their opinion online. Feel free to remind them of this and put them in their place, being ugly (I don't think you are but in general) isn't a personality flaw or mental illness that renders your arguments invalid.

Stupid anecdote but I had an annoying twat in my class who picked on homely girls just like the anons here and said they "act as if they're pretty" behind their backs, aka they confidently exist without feeling bad about it? I told her the exact same thing I'm telling you and said that's rich especially coming from her monkey-armed ass. She shaved her arms the next day and started trying to bully me instead kek but it was so pathetic I just felt bad for her.

No. 1697665

Most of these people are criticized for their looks because they're assholes, think highly of their appearance or their job is to look good (influencers, swers etc.). When you see ugly people acting delusional about their looks it is quite funny. I doubt most users nitpick normal people.

No. 1697678

What do bitter moids have to do with anything? I've met lots of unattractive (by popular standards at least) women in my life, most were normal people living their lives. Some were nice, some were polite, only a few were mean and I'm pretty sure that was because they were wagies having a terrible day at their Mcjobs. Male-tier opinion.

No. 1697683

Nobody like ugly people, not even ugly people themselves.

No. 1697687

Samefag this sounds mean but they’re always in denial and projecting I saw some tiktokers who said they like to visit the shayna thread, they looked almost exactly like just dorky chubby white girls.

No. 1697690

I only know 1-2 ugly women, maybe you consider average nongroomed women ugly and that's why you seem to know so many women you'd classify as unattractive.

No. 1697702

>You'd think an ugly woman stole their boyfriend or something.
I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case, I've seen so many anons post about their ex-boyfriends "downgrading" and make lengthy rants about the new girlfriend being ugly.

No. 1697719

>ugly women don't have bad personalities!
>makes joke about stealing someone's bf
You can't steal someone's bf, if a man is gonna cheat, he will cheat no matter what. Acting like being a mistress means stealing someone's bf is stupid when it just means you let a man abuse you and also his gf/wife.

No. 1697723

It's a common clapback especially on here, I didn't mean it literally, first of all. Second of all, as the other anon said, it can just mean the ex got a new gf after the breakup.

No. 1697726

Genuinely no onr cares about someone's new gf unless he was abusive and we're scared he will abuse the new girl as well. Do you talk to women irl?

No. 1697758

nta but you should read the confessions, vent and get it off your chest threads more often kek

No. 1697768

You sound new.

No. 1697788

File: 1694690617950.jpg (49.61 KB, 700x686, 20230604_192236.jpg)

Jill is being emotionally neglected. There, I said it.
I cannot wrap my head around the fact that Louise, Helicopter Mom Extraordinaire™, can just wash her hands and pretend that Jill is not on a path of self destruction. I think that Louise feels really guilty and wants to step in but don't know how/is afraid.
>but Jill is an adult! She's responsible for her own actions!
Yes, I know that she is. I'm saying that she needs help. Her behaviour to me is the same as a drug addict, only now she's addicted to the internet.
>She's not a child anymore
But she is still Louise's daughter. Just because someone is an adult doesn't mean that they are magically bestowed an infinite amount of grown up knowledge and will not make Any Mistake Ever. Or that they are self aware enough to understand the consequences of their actions. Adults make mistakes and need guidance too.
I can imagine Louise just barging in on that nightmare townhouse, taking Jill and the cats, telling Steve to fuck off and throwing Jill's phone out of the window.

No. 1697799

>all pretty girls I met were super nice, ugly women are ugly because of their personality!
Ime this is pretty true actually, charisma and a good attitude does a lot.

No. 1697807

I think Louise lives in the same raiby delusion as Jill. She can't accept that she raised a spoiled, disabled womanchild. She helped create the internet clown that Jill is, and she just can't acknowledge it to herself. So she feeds upon Jill's bpd lies and stories to feel better. The only thing we know for certain she disagrees with is Jill's crippling weed addiction, and she can't do shit about it. So I can't imagine her doing anything else to help her little rainby monster become a decent human being.

No. 1697826

I'm not new. Most of the bitter anons who seethe about their "bfs" new "gf" admit it was some retarded discord dating, same as the stupid posts in relationship advice thread. A lot of schizo relationship drama happens in chronically online anon's online relationships.

No. 1697891

It’s different with post-left cows if you’re talking about Dasha and Anna, because they make fun of other women all the time while being hideous hags themselves and much of their brand is build on anachanism and coping with their ugliness by pandering to men. I don’t care about their retarded takes because most of them are supposed to be edgy and contrarian, it’s pointless to be enraged by it, and from presumed self-posting series we know that Dasha doesn’t care about people judging her sedevacantism or whatever, but she responds to people calling her haggard or fat. Shaming their looks may be low-blow but it’s effective in this case.
With Bimbo U-something and other cows in this thread I agree, it’s pointless and annoying.

No. 1697936

Um, yeah, plenty of them. They even have wives. The lack of self awareness in posts like these is bizarre, it's like you want to be a 4chan moid with attitudes like this. No one can be kind, happy and ugly at the same time lmfao, you're like a cartoon villain.

No. 1698306

I disagree that she's being emotionally neglected, and I'm not sure what exactly Louise is supposed to do about adult Jill's behavior even if she wasn't in denial. Jill isn't a schizo heroin addict living in the streets on the verge of death, she's just a delusional woman who smokes too much weed and won't shut the fuck up online. It's self sabotage, but hardly dangerous. If anything, Louise barging in and making her get her shit together would continue the pattern of helicopter parenting that made her this spoiled in the first place, because then she knows mommy will just come in and fix whatever mess she makes.

No. 1699176

File: 1694818256994.png (27.1 KB, 1792x181, pick me.png)

Not a fan of Jill but god her thread is full of pick mes
Steve is a fucking asshole to her in her vlog and everyone's like 'LOL GOOD FOR HIM FOR CHEATING ON HER'
They're simping for a guy who likely has an adult baby fetish.

No. 1699258

I can't believe anyone still gives a shit about Jillian after all these years. I swear /w/ is such a shit hole and attracts so many pick-mes and psychos. The belle and Taylor R thread were especially full of them.

No. 1699507

Kiki keeps the Taylor r thread alive single handedly("hi cow")

No. 1699632

Those threads remind me of the Kenna threads on PULL when that was a thing, I wouldn't surprised if there's a bunch of PULL refugees in those threads. Or maybe LC users were more like PULL users than they thought.

No. 1700132

This. /w/ in general always seemed way closer to PULL culture wise than lolcow.

No. 1700263

I think I need to take a break from following Lolcows I read about Cyraxx, Lashay Hinton and Dogfucker Dawn’s ex bf today and man..
just I don’t know people are so sick and nasty I couldn’t sleep. What a nightmare. Seeing people scream at a camera or just mumble in a drug psychosis has messsed me up, glad that’s not me but just knowing that there is actual children, animals and old people involved in these crazies makes me sad. I will stay away from gossip this week, maybe forever.

No. 1700322

While majority of /w/ suffers from an extreme case of "look at that bitch eating crackers" I have to point out that Jill actually has been pretty milky last couple of years with her pretending to have DID and trying to cancel professionals, she has down times but also has bursts of milkyness. However, the quality of half the posters there are a sad sight to behold, like the ones trying to claim she has an incest fetish because of a poorly worded metaphor.

No. 1700440

my fiance's most recent ex shit on me to all our mutual friends and got some of them to cut me off, and even though he cut her off she would routinely try to get his new address and contact info after he changed phones and moved apartments by going to his family and closest friends. she would always call me ugly and other horrible things, she was extremely nice at first but that degraded quickly after our relationship became serious. and no he didn't shit talk her as a crazy ex or anything like that. we found new jobs and moved several states away and she finally stopped. none of his other exes did this to me. it's been a few years and i don't know if it's common, but it's definitely not a made up thing

No. 1702396

File: 1695184374431.png (23.61 KB, 300x250, 19FHkKkmOt-2.png)

every single cow in the post-left cows thread is an astroturfed insufferable pretentious asshole

No. 1702447

File: 1695191806538.png (450.53 KB, 1080x1178, Screenshot_20230919_121122_Dis…)

Cp bump careful nonnas

No. 1702907

I've always felt the same, I barely check /w/ but every time I do, maybe four times a year, it's like I'm sent back in time right to PULL. The unhinged skinwalking and seething is very reminiscent of that site and it's obsessive posters. Like I can't believe the Dakota Rose thread is still on the first page, who even cares about her past 2012? For the past decade they've been saying that she's getting fat, losing work and faking living in Japan yet here she still is living a pretty normal life doing modeling gigs in Tokyo. I don't get it, mentally ill behavior.

>While majority of /w/ suffers from an extreme case of "look at that bitch eating crackers"
A very apt way to word it, anon. Reading endless threads just pointing at the bitch eating crackers is exhausting and I don't know how they do it, especially if they're well into their adult years. Like >>1699632 mentioned, reminds me a lot of those Kenna threads on PULL that had posters being way more milkier than she ever was.

No. 1703132

Feels weird seeing the cows in the Pro-Ana Scumbags threads that actually want to be hospitalised for whatever reasons, just shows how lax the first world's mental hospitals actually are. There are zero secondie/thirdie anachans desiring inpatient treatment as much as they do.
Puerto Rican Unicorn Queen Lucinda certainly knows how it's like. Though she's moving to the mainland US soon so she could change her mind about that.

No. 1703229

Mostly because inpatient anorexia treatment doesn't exist outside the west.

No. 1703552

Im officially hiding tunas thread bc looking at her posts make me gag. Shes so filthy and gross. I feel like i am about to puke fuck

No. 1704044

>the Dakota Rose thread is still on the first page, who even cares about her past 2012
LC didn't exist in 2012, Dakota was a topic of interest from the beginning of LC, and the first page of the catalogue is endless, it's never going to be off the first page. You sound new, it's weird that you think discussion of Dakota should have stopped before the beginning of the imageboard. You don't have to read threads you dislike, btw.

No. 1704363

Right, we were discussing her on /cgl/ before the existence of lolcow, and Valeria too. The tinfoilers in her thread are still absolutely seething weeb retards with no idea how things actually work legally in Japan or how easy it is to avoid deportation and engage in visa fraud without marriage because the authorities only really care if you're Chinese/Korean, but I guess the scant drops of spilled milk are better than nothing. She's a lot less milky these days, and she's not going to be kicked out so easily as certain anons are hoping, so the same tired old speculations repeated ad nauseam are quite stale. It's not yakuza ties or marriage fraud to some crusty old company president, as much as they want so badly for their speculations to be true, but the truth is likely much more lackluster than that.

No. 1704505

Her thread is shit, how many times are anons going to compain they just don't like a photo of her vs actually having any milk involving her?

No. 1705695

Normally I will whiteknight women, even pickmes, to ridiculous degrees but shoe0nhead is the one woman that I would leave to the wolves. She's beyond salvation and never was worth my pity. She started out as a NLOG catcalling women with her scrote friends, then became a willing doormat to her ugly, fat, degenerate altright youtuber who ended up dumping her, and now she's a childless unmarried woman in her 30's yet even then she hasn't woken up and for some absolutely retarded reason sticks to her tradthot ideals. She keeps making the wrong turn every single time she's at the crossroads. I don't even know why she claims to be "leftist" now when literally nothing about her has changed. She was put on this earth to remind me that not all women are worth saving.

No. 1706179

I think both grimes and shivon self post in their thread

No. 1706185

pickmes never prosper and she is getting exactly what she deserves. it's hilarious she will never find a decent man because she surrounds herself with sex pests from twitter. it's like she is looking for a pearl in an endless pile of pig shit. she is never going to find anyone who treats her right but she keeps trying.

No. 1706355

What's funny is that she keeps shitting on Pearl who's practically an even more retarded mirror version of herself and tries to keep up her "manhate" act but it's clear she's getting a much bigger kick out of harassing other women than ever saying a bad word about the men around her. She drops a half hearted "go die in a war" and goes back to posting repackaged triggered feminist compilations. Yet never gets picked herself.

No. 1706442

Kek same anon.

No. 1706461

I’m a relatively normal person, I don’t have strong feelings towards any cow posted here or online personalities in general, but she’s the exception, she ticks all my boxes, it’s insane. Her pickmeism and enabling of whining scrotes enrages me to no end. I enjoy the way karma has been catching up with her in recent years (she got engaged recently, but if a fat retarded trad moid is the best she can get, it’s even more fair) and I don’t get anons who sympathized with her when Preg dumped her, it’s everything she deserved after humiliating other women (and being especially cruel towards women who she and Shreggory deemed as 'fat') and making a doormat out of herself for years. Does the left even acknowledge her after they shit on her for the Balenciaga scandal? Because she seems to settle for her longtime favorite audience – loser scrotes who threaten to kill themselves every two seconds.

No. 1706470

Pearl is highly opportunistic (with a little bit of cope for her hideousness), Shoe preys on male insecurities but her pickmeism is also largely related to her lack of spine and crippling insecurity, it’s been her schtick forever.

No. 1706488

There's something about her that's inherently fucked up. Like you, she's possibly the only cow that genuinely causes me rage issues. She doesn't even have any reason to be the way she is, at least someone like Pearl iirc was taught by her parents that women are all worthless whores and she's haunted by her own insecurities, but shoe has no excuses. Like yeah, there has to be some sort of an underlying mental condition when you're literally picking your hair off your head but she herself has said that she was handed literally everything on a silver platter yet never took the opportunity. Which would make me pity her if she didn't externalize it in the way she has done for years. Her fucking nudes got leaked and she has deepfake porn of her going around yet she still actively chooses to pander to misogynistic men and reject women.

>(she got engaged recently, but if a fat retarded trad moid is the best she can get, it’s even more fair)

And her leftist larp falls apart at her dating an embarrassing tradcath MAGAfag. She's always been a fence sitter, but always steers towards whatever her current Nigel wants. She just got her foot too deep in Breadtube to revert into being a white supremacist tradthot.

I didn't feel sorry for preg dumping her either. They're both losers and you would think shoe learned a lesson after humiliating herself with those braindead "we have a BDSM relationship normie vanillas just don't get" tweets and photos of herself sitting collared on the ground under her fat bum of a fiancee's desk being a paypig to him, but no, she's repeating the same mistake yet again.

No. 1706962

I find it hilarious all she can find now is a schizophrenic trad moid who doesn’t believe in birth control or abortion. Yeah, he’s a lawyer with money but everything else is a huge red flag. Lawyers are shady af too so if they ever got a divorce there’s a chance she’s getting fucked over. Wouldn’t be very trad of her to push a prenup but it probably would help her in the long run.

No. 1707038

I think Dorian is wrong with saying we should have pity for Eugenia. Yes, she’s struggling with a severe ED but she’s also getting paid big dollars to make kink content for creeps and encourages it. Wish YouTube banned her forever ago so it wouldn’t get to this point.

No. 1707148

jenn bridges is such a insufferable cunt whos content is proana/ed and helped influence me when i had an ed. i'm sure her content has hurt other girls struggling with an ed too. i wish she had her own thread on here. i also wish people wouldn't call her dorian it just reinforces her tranny shit.

No. 1707162

agreed. it's so obvious, too.

No. 1707172

I legit had no idea what her real name was. I think it’s funny that she tries to be the spokeswoman of all anachans.

No. 1707492

File: 1695692333732.png (759.52 KB, 537x805, 1691275305067.png)

The Duke was really hot as a True and Honest Male Goth, I for one would have absolutely let him smash, and it's a tragedy of our times that all the guys like this are trooning out. I can see why Kaya is so into him since he was so good looking before giving in to the meme that feminine men cannot exist. It's just a terrible shame.

No. 1707593

I honestly think LoriLewd is pretty. her personality is shit, but anons nitpicking her body the way they do make no sense. There shouldn't even be a discussion of her chest deformity considering there's nothing she can do about it and I don't think it makes her looks bad or anything. The biggest issue she has is trying too hard to look like she's still 32 and the way she acts. Otherwise, I don't really hate her outfits either, she has a body where most things would look good.

No. 1707673

She used to be my personal cow in the 00's when she still went by name Usagi Kou and actually caused a metric ton of drama exploiting and abusing the people around her. But now she's no different from any other pathetic NEET e-girl, the only difference is that she's older than them. And I honestly hate how much anons nitpick her body and make fun of her age and call her a hag, it makes her thread unreadable. If she has actual interesting milk I wouldn't know because all the posts are about nitpicking her selfies and that's petty PULL shit for men and girls with body dysmorphia.

If you ask me, discussing the cow's body, unless related to the milk, should be an instaban as it makes it impossible to follow anything of substance. Nobody wants to dig through 800 replies of Ana-chans calling her obviously very skinny ass fat and hyperfixating on her ribcage's shape. You have to be actually mentally ill to find enjoyment in constantly zooming in and out gawking at "fat rolls" or razor burn, throwback to the anons in the Belle thread who were actually editing her photos and posting them as proof of her having deformities.

No. 1707954

>calling her fat
Yes and when they get called out:
>"for HER this is fat!"
>"she's not skinhy for HER standards"
>"her whole thing is based on looks, so discussing her body is ON TOPIC"

The exact same bs reasoning for every cow who bases their postings around their look so… literally every cow. Its nitpicking the same way anons nitpick Dakota's hair. This whole site is filled with people who have made their whole online personalities around vapid social media. Thats not a good reason to nitpick a deformity like Lori's and dear god, the editing done to not just Belle, but the edited pregnancy belly in a few photos in Venus's thread. The posters are still there,they go to meta every time they get a nitpicking ban because they have that mentality of "she's online and she's obsessed with her looks because she's online, so its NOT NITPICKING!!!!!" Then they blame anons for camping pages when anyone can report shitty posts.

Like you said, no one wants to wade through 800 replies being "kek she looks fat here". Anons have destroyed a good chunk of /w/ because it is only nitpicking cows now. I haven't seen good milk on that board in years because they'd rather nitpick:
>Toms body
>Taylor's cooking
>dakota's hair and smile
>venus's hair and bringing uo the suicide cow still
>ironmouse is all obviously just a dump and purposely bumped
>belle and jvlog are gone for nitpicking, derailing, editing
>Sarah Spaceman is boring, but milky a teeny bit because she got mad about not winning and I like seeing the cosplay updates
>no good costhot or cosplay drama lately

Theres nothing, so they result to dissecting looks. In every thread.

No. 1707959

Sarah Spaceman is possibly the only even semi-interesting thread topic in /w/ because of her constant bitchy attitude but even that amounts only to an occasional eyeroll. Anons picking her cosplays apart is pretty interesting to read through though because unlike her looks that's something she has a choice over and as a self-proclaimed authority figure on cosplay with a bad case of Dunning-Kruger's she should have something to show for it. I don't like them making fun of her appearance though.

>they blame anons for camping pages when anyone can report shitty posts.

It's not like you have to even open a thread, just open the board and literally every thread on page 1 is filled with replies nitpicking the cow's looks or the "look at the bitch eating crackers" kind of petty posting about her recent social media posts. As stated upthread, /w/ is just the second coming of PULL. I even see people openly identifying as "trans" there.

>"her whole thing is based on looks, so discussing her body is ON TOPIC"

It's such a stupid excuse. She's a cow because of her narcissistic and histrionic behavior, not her looks. Belle is a cow because she's a grifter sexualizing underage girls, not because of how her vagina looks like or whatever.

No. 1707966

I think she's deranged but hate all the people attacking her for having lived too many years according to them. Also everyone calling women in their 30s middle aged needs to jump off a bridge because ive noticed they never call men of the same age that.

No. 1707990

The ones saying the girls "hit the wall" are unhinged.

>bad excuse
Exactly, yet thats used for every single cow on /w/, but anons getting redtexted about nitpicking reeee when they go to meta with that excuse.
>"She used to be a moooodeeelll!!! We can comment on her looks FOREVER!! Stop shutting down DuscUssiOns!"
It's giving vendetta and they won't admit it.

No. 1708391

It's telling when they call a 32-year old woman "nearly 40" and "middle aged" as an insult when they wouldn't be caught dead doing that to men. They might bring age up with men to note how they should know better as adults but never in the sense of "ugly nasty old man".

No. 1708577

She's only 32?

No. 1708832

Shays early threads really remind me of a groomed friend who managed to save herself from becoming an online prostitute. They have almost the same origins. She has a supportive family, but she was rebellious. She had everything but wanted more, so when she was told she can make money by showing boobs, she went for it. She was 17, maybe 18, her brain was not developed enough to make that choice. Her parents begged her to stop but she saw them as suffocating and wanted to make money without actually working. It seemed like a money cheat code to her.

The friend thankfully snapped out of it by the time she was 21, went back to her family, and got mental health treatment to solve her grooming and trauma from the shit she had to do for money. One of the people she sold to began threatening her life, so she got the fuck out of there. She’s doing great now, she’s engaged and has a good job. But if she was a bit more stubborn and lazy, she would probably be exactly like shay

No. 1708838

I really think Doja Cat never intended to be "famous"-famous. Her first album blowing up in the mainstream was an accident. She likely wanted to be an E-girl, like Belle Delphine or Bella Poarch, then she could do all the cringe shit she wants and be considered a "legendary troll" and not "dumb"

No. 1708851

Not anymore, she was a few years ago. She's been called a middle aged haggard granny hag with mom ass since she hit 30.

No. 1709036

Doja want doing stuff bella was and she didn't do the type of porn belle or other egirls did. She just wanted to be uwu viral lolrandom and hooe she could get some money and semblance of a career. She just can't handle spotlight though. She wanted attention, she got it with her cow song. She knew exactly what she wanted.

No. 1709154

I’m so much like Shayna I literally have cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome and massive shaving splotches on my bikini line. I don’t even have “being a sex worker” as an excuse I’m just like this for no reason.

No. 1709170

Uh ok? I was talking about Lori.

No. 1709729

I meant to reply to >>1708838

No. 1709960

I miss Phoebe Tickner so bad. I just fucking want her back nonnies. Her and Nicole from 90 Day Fiance are the peak of cowdom

No. 1710804

What happened to her? Is she still being catered to by her autistic bf while she makes saggy boob art?

No. 1711006

As far as I know she deleted her social media. She popped back up for 5 minutes and then disappeared again

No. 1711334

File: 1696083439444.jpg (68.15 KB, 600x600, ed0c302d1e9e4e145c927ba116357d…)

I know this isn't an unpopular opinion by any means, but I will never get over that these are the hosts of a podcast where they call women uggos and have managed to build a rabid fanbase of wannarexics obsessed with beauty/judging women for looking a day over 25

No. 1711341

Fashion is dead. I'm wearing socks and sandals today. The pursuit of aesthetic has been irreversibly corrupted. There's no event important enough to dress up for anymore. We did it, we killed style.

No. 1711389

I listened to a few episodes recently and they way they were talking about Margot Robbie was hilarious considering how they look.

No. 1711429

Dasha looks like she has down syndrome. Anna looks like a 50 year old 10 euro crackwhore.

No. 1711556

How the fuck do these women think they have any say in over how other women look is beyond me. Their self esteem must be abysmal to dedicate an entire podcast to it just to feel better about themselves.

No. 1711611

File: 1696107175290.jpg (419.46 KB, 2048x1536, F25HkV0WcAAVuRQ.jpg)

JustPearlyThings/Pearl Davis perplexes me to no end. I find her fascinating in the sense that I would love to see what's actually going on inside her head. Yeah, you can tell me that she's just "doing it for the money" but come on, she's a trust fund kid, her parents are literal millionaires funding her stupid escapades and money isn't an issue for her. She doesn't need to grift manosphere losers online for a quick buck. She always cracks up half sentence and always speaks like she's making fun of all the misogynistic shit men say so at first I thought she was being inflammatory as a psyop to show men how retarded they sound to everyone by throwing their rhetoric back at them, seeing how even the men she interacts with on podcasts think she's too much and wouldn't pick her. But then again her old friends said that she spergs about it in private too which is why she had a fallout with them, so it can't be just an act. Just what is the point? Yeah, she said that she has low self esteem and doesn't think highly of herself which is why she got into this stuff, but that's being extremely dedicated to self hate when you keep doing this each and every day and go embarrass yourself even after obliterating your entire character on national television. I honestly don't even think she believes in any of stuff because she's 100% not being sincere in it but what the hell makes her wake up every day, get on her stupid tiktok channel and start dropping the worst takes? She should be studied by professionals.

No. 1711617

Classic rich people dissonance and retardation IMO. They always do the most senseless shit and have insane beliefs that no person in their right mind would. She's probably never had a "normal person" life, which makes her disconnected from society and susceptible to believing outrageous things without a care to make sense of them. I see this with billionaires, too; they get to a point in wealth where they just troll for the rest of their lives because nothing brings them enjoyment anymore. It's like moids chasing the coom but it's rich people going after whatever is the most shocking and downright idiotic. I'm convinced.

No. 1711619

I guess it is the publicity and attention she is hooked at. She is plain looking, not charismatic, talented or smart. Even with the parents money it would be hard to get views without pandering to the worst audiences and being as edgy as possible to get angry reactions.

No. 1711620

I agree that she is a fucking confusing mess and it doesn't make sense but when I first saw her, this was pretty late into the mra game, I just tried avoiding her for as long as I could honestly. She gave me the exact same energy some ex school athlete friends or schoolmates I've had, they quit sports and had always been these very focused, not masculine per se but just girls very dedicated to their sport. When that was removed, they really weren't all that feminine in the traditional sense, didn't really come across as girly, which would have been 100% okay but I think some of them kinda spiraled because now they had this empty space (this is all how it seemed) and time and most of them made a similar turn around. They started dressing in these ill fitting dresses, putting on makeup but not grooming their hair because before they almost always wore just sports wear or basics, they really didn't socialise all that much outside sports or family or childhood friends, and that combined with the fact that they didn't have time to date, they gave off this almost deranged vibe to other girls in my school. You know when you can sense something is off, just like with pearl? almost like they're wearing a costume or it's a bit but it doesn't seem to end? Of course it's not all girls who quit sports but it's a few of them who never seem to figure it out or adjust. One of my old friend from school did a bit very similar to pearl, mra traditional shit and she disappeared for a while, no socials but she got an office job and came out as a lesbian and just seemed so normal, from what I can tell, she is still very normal from what I can tell online. Sorry for this flow of thoughts but it was just such a "it's happening again, let me see if she did any sports, of course she did. Like overcompensating over nothing? Sorry again nona, I'll shut up now kek

No. 1711631

That actually makes a lot of sense. A lot of ex-sports stars get into really crazy shit because they never learned normal human socialization skills or learned about the world around them due to the hyperfixation on sports alone during their formative years, and iirc Pearl played basketball(?) until around college age when the sports based program she was attending fell through or something. Specifically sports girl seem to desperately overcompensate for not being "feminine" enough.

No. 1711635

File: 1696109775624.jpg (59.44 KB, 612x490, fashion.jpg)

I'm gonna wear this and none of yall can stop me.

No. 1711637

File: 1696109976131.jpg (107.52 KB, 1000x500, designer-fashion.jpg)

This too. fashion is alive and well .

No. 1711640

Whew glad I got my point across somehow, but yeah it's understandable but I've noticed that for example the swimmers I've known looked, well like swimmers, very broad and tall yet they never seemed to do this vs stuff like hockey or soccer, maybe it's the team aspect to it making it harder to adjust after it's all gone. It's very sad because they're just athletic. In my country there's been a lot of sad spectacles of great golden metal athletes that were basically molded into that from childhood so they never had any normalcy, a parent is their manager and trainer and once their career is over, they spiral because they never had that kind of freedom but in some cases, they were also given a lot of academic leniency due to the sports, so they were, uh, stupid as shit. So some were left with money, no direction, maybe no personality outside of their sports and they usually ended up as alcoholics, grifters or just weirdos. Pearl doesn't exactly fit that but these were older men anyways but I just wanted to put that out there too haha

No. 1711642

i think the shoplifting girlies were ultimately harmless, and when you reread their old thread from 2015 the real cows are all the farmers pearl-clutching about evil cis white bitches stealing from megacorps kek

No. 1711659

The left one looks like mr bean I don’t follow them but ugh

No. 1711669

I honestly think risking your future for a criminal record just to swipe overpriced consoomer makeup to flex your haul online isn't exactly harmless, for every girl who got away with it there were ones who had to face the consequences after being influenced by the "lifting" community. If they wanted to break the law they should've done something of actual substance instead.

No. 1711681

She's always been a bit of a cow but ever since she started oversharing and like you said considering herself being the voice of the anachans she really does deserve her own thread. There was one made in 2016 or something but there were like 5 posts in it kek.

No. 1711697

if nonas stopped discussing the appearance of most cows this board would have a greatly reduced amount of posts. feels like a lot of people come here just to shit on someone's appearance. shayna's thread is insufferable, she is a disgusting human being but her thread is littered with mentally ill women shitting on how she looks.

No. 1711734

I think Shayna is just dumb, insecure and really just wants to be loved. She feels very insecure but wants no harm to anyone. I think she's cute and has the potential to one day get better, if she understands that to keep doing porn/living as she lives is to accept she will die at 40. I feel simpathy towards her.

No. 1711752

Are you aware of the pedo incest rape fantasies she has posted

No. 1711762

someone on their thread said that she looks like a genderswapped roosh v and i've been cackling ever since

No. 1713119

When they publicize it, I have no remorse, that's what you call a dumbass criminal.

No. 1713120

So not real and has no intention of acting on them. I hope women don't have schoolgirl crush on hot male teacher fantasies. The pearl clutching whats specifically a roleplay fantasy is is hilarious.

No. 1713270

>schoolgirl crush on hot male teacher fantasies
Anon larping as a baby in porn, hanging out with an actual pedo, and enabling her creepy old men fans is nowhere near comparable to that. I feel like you didn't actually see the things she does.

No. 1713299

Why have standards sunk so low on here? If you fantasise about pedo shit, guess what it makes you.

No. 1713337

go the fuck BACK

No. 1713347

We're in the final season of shayna clifford

No. 1713349

what's with anons defending ddlg and pseudo-rape porn all of a sudden?

No. 1713379

nobody's trying to cancel her or do some internet justice shit kek

No. 1713572

Because it's women doing it? If you're going to call out gross fantasies involving underage anything, a schoolgirl wanting to fuck her teacher is the damn same due to age differences yet no one ever comments on how that's wrong. The double standard is crazy when it's just as disgusting to fantasize about. A lot of anons literally can't comprehend that people can and do separate fantasy from reality and if anything women have better control over what they do and don't act out. This is like trying to say shay is a pedo when she isn't.

No. 1713608

I don't normally agree with anons sperging out like this, but I do agree. This is no different from the millions of incest and age-difference lemons that would be all over any creative writing platform from the 2000s posted dominantly by women. Anons can't excuse it as writing just fanfics about cartoon boys when it's no different, anons just don't want women to be painted as having fetishes and trope kinks when they do. The completely puritanical views some anons have are crazy. Sexual fantasies aren't just a male-only thing. Women can have gross fantasies too and also not act on them. The only difference is men have no shame in showing off and acting on their fantasies because society and porn has basically deemed it okay. Look at the groping PrAnkSters on YouTube and TikTok. Men just actively make this okay, post upskirts just walking around, there's porn of men just jacking off to women on buses and on the beach. Theres entire communities and websites that make men thing acting like this is okay, but some of them can have those age-difference fantasies and not want to actually have an age-difference reality. Same way a lot of girls would actually be in a scary position is a older male teacher did come on to them, but fantasizing about it in a headspace that it's consensual and safe is different than it actually being acted out. Hence the entire point.

But anons can't pretend that women can't possibly have incest and age-difference kinks, right? Women don't do that.

No. 1713875

She’s not making the content for other women or for herself, she makes it for men. One of her biggest fans who she gleefully interacts with is a guy in his 50s who buys his literal daughter’s porn. I don’t think she’s a pedo herself and I don’t really get the accusations calling her a pedo, but she’s 100% an enabler. There’s a stark difference between a teenager having a crush on her teacher than some busted obese 26 year old woman larping as a 13 year old in porn she made for men.

> a schoolgirl wanting to fuck her teacher is the damn same due to age differences yet no one ever comments on how that's wrong
Because she’s underage and doesn’t know any better, and it’s literally just a fantasy? How can you compare an underage girl thinking that to fully grown Shayna publicly describing herself as “your teenage stepdaughter” then showing her asshole or whatever the hell she does in her porn?

No. 1713931

>not liking DDLG porn makes you a prude

No. 1713933

Doublepost but also one of the women she was with (ellen I think) used her actual child's pacifiers in her porn. Not weird at all.

No. 1714021

That is not what was said at all.

No. 1714026

>The completely puritanical views some anons have are crazy
None of those views are """puritanical"""

No. 1714257

In regards to how women treat their fantasies, ie some anons refuse to believe women have dity kinks like incest and being molested. Did me not using "pearl clutching" confuse you? Im making fun of the posters. Anon who mentioned 14 year old anons writing fanfics is accurate. How many of those have the girls still in high school? Or they aged themselves up just for their self insert? Fantasies are fantasies for a reason. People are able to safely act them out without wanting to act them out dangerously. There's a difference and a lot of anons refuses to understand there is a line and both men and women have those fantasies. Men have just been empowered to act on it. Most women don't. Doesn't make their fantasies any less shocking. You can act out DDLG stuff like Shay and not want to actually fuck children. Regression is not the same and wanting to have real incest or pedo interaction. Anons who think shay actually wants to be a little girl and be molested need pills. Same way a lot of women wouldn't actually like to be molested by a teacher or that bishoujo anime character teacher vs them typing about it for a lemon at the age of 13.

No. 1714266

Jesus fucking christ no one is saying women don't have those fantasies, they're saying that it's gross regardless. We know they like it and we think they're freaks for doing so, it's not "puritanical" it's called being normal. And once again some teenager writing fics still isn't the same as a grown women pretending to be a teenager for men who buy porn of their own daughters.

No. 1714273

To make this even clearer, Shay is making that porn SPECIFICALLY for the type of men I described, a teenager is writing a fic for herself. No one called her a pedo, she's just enabling them.

No. 1714578

Men and women into DDLG don't do it for pedo reasons. I don't understand what anons don't understand about men/women who are pedos, will just go right to the source. You've seen our raids, not like it's hard for pedos to find material,or make it even using ai. They will do it illegally in secret or actually look at suggestive fully clothed kids (CANDYDOLLS). I really think some of you need to take higher course psychology classes.

No. 1714597

File: 1696346185337.gif (538.97 KB, 625x626, 77a.gif)

>Men and women into DDLG don't do it for pedo reasons.
Why the fuck would a man be into the mere idea/concept of a child in the first place? Why is he even entertaining the thought? Tons of them are into both this shit and real kids at the same time. I could see why you'd excuse a woman playing into it but men who get off to that are 100000% creeps, you're delusional. Ain't no reason to defend male weirdos unless you're into this yourself.

No. 1714722

There's crossover, but that isn't the main reason people do DDLG and you don't need to bait that anons are in to it too come to that conclusion.

No. 1714738

literally what other reason would a scrote have to be turned on by baby clothes and pacifiers. what's their "main reason" then since scrotes are such innocent creatures who never have bad intentions

No. 1714740

Calm down. No one said men are innocent.

No. 1714741

except for the men who get horny over child larping apparently

No. 1714757

When you're going to be purposely dismissive of what people are telling you, there's no point in explaining anymore. Enjoy your blinders.

No. 1714766

kek you never explained why men enjoy DDLG to begin with. alright goodnight.

No. 1715599

I honestly don't know why some cows still have threads

No. 1715946

we can't have homeless cows nonna

No. 1718087

Cows are for laughing at, its not deeper than that. Anons who think this site is supposed to be some hate crusade and about cancelling ebil people can go back to twitter or whatever. A cow simply have to be entertaining, and thats that.

No. 1719131

File: 1696723035527.png (292.84 KB, 595x1437, IMG_20231007_174731.png)

I must emphasize that I do not wish to defend Jillian, because I absolutely think she's blowing things out of proportion, she's the boy who cried wolf. But I just find these anons very creepy. Just because someone doesn't say "no" it doesn't mean you have their consent, some people just freeze or are coerced. And feeling dirty about a sexual encounter is not something to just accept as normal and no woman should go through that ever. I don't know, but they rubbed me the wrong way.

No. 1719306

This. /w/ has some severe mentality ill anons. They assume the worse even when the facts are right there. It's so fucking weird to see them twist things or tinfoil so hard just because they have some massive vendetta and a gossip addiction. It's impossible to have any discussion about real milky issues or topics when the threads are like this.

No. 1719368

Some anons tend to bend over backwards to make their cow of choice the worst person and biggest liar ever, and won't even entertain the idea that some parts of their story could be true while other parts not. It's almost to a psychotic degree how they hate and want to dehumanize their cow. However, I can also not fully fault some of the (more sane) anons that can't really bring themselves to believe her since she keeps changing her narrative around every month, adding to it or changing details around or even retcon parts. It makes it hard to figure out what to believe so it's easier to chalk it all up to be lies. It's confusing. The only thing I'm personally am 100% sure of is that girl needs a therapist so she can sort herself out because no sane person, narcissist spoiled to hell or not, would keep going this hard with this sort of larp.

No. 1719810

I also find this very off-putting. I know this isn't her thread, so allow me to blog here. A guy I used to trust fingered me really, really rough, and while he did that, I zoned out, but fake moaned in between so he wouldn't hurt me even more though it sounded more like a scream. The pain was so big that whenever I remember I can feel it all over again like a flashback. After it all ended I felt the dirtiest I've ever felt, I tried doing some very stupid things to get rid of the dirty feeling. I was scared and alone and everything fucking sucked. Back then I kept blaming myself thinking it was something I wanted, that I provoked him, that it was just a "bad sexual experience" and to not make a big deal out of it. But now I understand I might had been assaulted because from the start I wasn't in a good spot mentally. He also forcefully thrusted himself insise my mouth. Idk. It's like I don't necessarily believe Jillian because hell if I know. But those posts made me feel like shit when I read it, because after being assaulted I still don't believe myself. I can't help but think I might be just making a big deal out of it like Jillian and I feel completely retarded. Maybe anons are right after all. spoilered for stupid blog, sorry.

No. 1720209

I agree. I think since anons have never had that alert of interaction like actual cohersion into sex. I believe it could be trauma for her even for underage ppl (mini blog post with my exp with my first bf). It's just fun for them to nitpick things they want to demonize a cow for and its weird.

No. 1720537

While I'm sorry for what happened to you, and I understand that what the more adamant anons completely mental takes on victims hurt, been there myself with cows. But you and some other anons are currently projecting your own trauma onto Jill at the moment, which again is very understandable and easy to do when something hits too close to home, again - been there myself. I'm not saying she's lying and the other anons are right, I also think they're going too far.But I think everyone on both sides of the debate are currently way too emotional and wound up, we can all agree that Jill has made things very confusing and because of how she calls any inconvenience trauma that creates new alters makes it hard figure what to believe. As someone else said, she is the boy who cried wolf.
Anons need to chill out with how she isn't the perfect victim and thus must be lying. But anons on the other side need to understand that the arguments made against her isn't about you.

No. 1720539

Holy shit the racism in the animation thread

No. 1720541

Nta but maybe stop comparing some aspects of her life to others parts of it when talking about a single event.

No. 1720597

the discussion about chinese vs japanese vs western animation? i'm pretty sure they're just referring to the countries itself not necessarily the people

No. 1720599

Why are you so adamant about defending her? I’m not saying she’s lying, but given context to her other behaviour she makes it hard for a lot of people to give her benefit of the doubt.

No. 1721009

Take a seat.

No. 1721011

I've been in there for days and haven't seen a single drop of racism. Its all WITCH talk and anons confusing diversity with body diversity. It's not even racist.

No. 1722155

That’s the art thread, which is usually normal. The animation thread is constant sperging about how Americans are horrible racists and how Chinese (and sometimes Japanese) people are evil

No. 1722165

I think you're misinterpreting criticism of their media with criticism of the people, the former is not racism. Plus a lot of posters there praise japanese animation.

No. 1722358

how is saying they beat their children for having original thoughts not racist?

No. 1723035

The complaints about doxing a pedophile in the shayna threads seem awfully sus. Nobody cared when womack was getting doxed, but this faggot is getting so much sympathy? I think its Shayna and her calves posting.

No. 1723182

Ayrt- thank you. This is a very level headed response, and it made me feel a bit better. I guess I have always compared myself to cows in a way and that's why it hit too close to home. But yeah. I guess making an anime alter from what happened to me would be extremely dumb lmao. That's why I don't think I can defend Jillian, she's going too far.

No. 1723309

File: 1697044494293.png (141.77 KB, 1234x518, wtf.png)

I tend to believe not that many anons are cows themselves but then I see posts like these and I reconsider. Can't believe I'm sharing this website with this level of mentally ill. Get help.

No. 1723318

File: 1697045127915.png (46.5 KB, 1796x206, confessions thread-56.png)

same. also this crazy bitch too and that one edgelord in /g/ who saves illegal porn

No. 1725821

Anons that try to predict or wish for men to troon out because it would be "funny" are so unsettling to me and almost occasionally sound fetishistic depending on their obsession with the thought. It wouldn't be funny, it wouldn't be ironic, it would be absolutely awful because it would mean there are more trannies out there being "YAAAS GIIIIRL"-ed to hell and back and have access to women's spaces. Even worse if they are influencers (even the most failed ones have retarded fans) or influencer adjacent by association with their partners, because that means they might inspire others.

No. 1728677

the edgelord is most than definetly a tranny, the other two are just heavily mentally ill bpdchans

No. 1728678

Some anons try so hard to be Esquire and The Sun with their posts in cows threads. You can smell the bullshit attempts at making them milky when they nitpick the dumbest shit.

No. 1728695

This is pretty sad. I remember having similar thoughts about that pokemon movie growing up, re: wishing into existence a savior father figure when mine was neglectful and absentee.
Just glad I didn't walk out of childhood with a weird partner parentification fetish tho.
Sometimes I feel the cow line is thin, kek.

No. 1728820

That anon is not a cow

No. 1728827

my favorite moment on lolcow of all time

No. 1728906

I feel secondhand embarrassment when some anons defend cows and try to get their threads locked. Imagine spending your waking life raging because someone said a negative thing about a cow you have a parasocial relationship with.

No. 1728935


No. 1729018

no thank you

No. 1729157

>things that don't happen for 100

No. 1729229

NTA but I think it happens fairly often in /w/ especially in the Nicole Eevee and Taylor R threads.

No. 1729230

The NED thread I can see closing, a whole lot of nothing in several threads. The Taylor thread has some milk, but it seems anons have just been derailing about non-milk issues lately. Lots of infighting over it.

No. 1729307

oh this happens but I don't feel like taking your bait in /ot/. Try not infighting here.

No. 1729553

Nah lock the shayna thread

No. 1730749

File: 1697673252061.jpeg (372.39 KB, 828x755, shayna.jpeg)

I just scrolled by and saw this pic of Shay and she looks pretty good tbh. It looks like she lost weight. I don't have anything against them, but the Shayfags are kind of annoying (especially considering recent events) so I hope she gets her shit together to spite them.

No. 1730752


No. 1730758

> especially considering recent events
What recent events?

No. 1730759

Shayfags were doxxing random people related to Shay and admin had to step in to tell them to stop before they put the site at risk

No. 1730768

Some scrote she was filming with that works with kids who does ddlg porn on the side sent shaynons into red alert, so the autists doxxed him

No. 1730772

only good thing shayfags have ever done

No. 1731107

I think Lillee Jean looks gorgeous in some photos kek. with her mouth closed. ill fitting clothes aside.

No. 1731371

File: 1697744654590.png (Spoiler Image,1.29 MB, 1920x634, areggzhg.png)

I dunno if anyone here cares about this cow (his peak infamy has passed although he was trending recently) but I hate how people constantly use old pictures of YandereDev to mock and represent him. Yes he looked dorky but honestly still decently normal and okay. I think the chalice video is the one where he looks the best, in this one he looks plausibly similar to his generic anime boy avatar that he uses in videos. The pictures he posted on gaia were embarrassing but I'd say that even those were just unflattering and that he probably could've looked just fine with some grooming (the other kind, not the type he does do) and better lighting that didn't amplify flaws.
On the other hand, people should be using RECENT pictures because he truly looks hideous and disgusting nowadays and it matches his creepy behavior. He looks OLD even though he always presents himself as a young guy or girl. If you took one look at this predator, you'd be able to tell that he's a degenerate without even knowing anything about him. More people need to visually see that it's not a teenager behind all the autism and perversion, it's a nasty sleazy old man.
Pic related but spoilered for grossness.

No. 1731375

Wtf did he get a nose job or something?

No. 1731387

The wall remains undefeated!

No. 1731408

File: 1697748274455.jpeg (192.42 KB, 1125x1395, IMG_2696.jpeg)

She would do good if she went for children media cosplays with touch of vintage. I uronically think she looks super good here. She has this cartoonish look with big eyes and children are less critical of appearance, she could be a family friendly cosplayer. This and someone who would tell her to stop making these retarded facial expressions, close her mouth and stop with the sexy schtick.

No. 1731462

man, this makes me sad. i wish i could be friends with that anon and make weird idealized parental ocs with her.

No. 1731466

TBH I find Shayna to be a boring cow, and I've been following her saga since her threads were in the single digits. Everyday is groundhog day for her, and she hardly does anything at all but eat, smoke, and subtweet other e-thots. Sometimes I wish she would get turbo-weened so she can be driven off the internet and quit "sex work" and stop being pathetic, and I don't care if that would kill her threads, the "milk" won't be missed anyway. Lolcows are supposed to be funny

No. 1731505

I do not think porn alone is cow material anymore, especially if it's the same porn.

No. 1732070

kek admin got a c&d pulled of google images and crapped their pants like mr dojo pedo has the funds to sue

No. 1732270

The seething weebs in Penus's thread are at it again with the armchairing and throwing around buzzwords making it clear they got their mental health info from TikTok. They're also doing that weird thing where they claim THEY were an orphan, or that they had an abusive mom (or whatever lie they want to cling to in the moment to justify being devoid of emotional intelligence)and THEY didn't turn out so fucked up. Except clearly they're manifesting their mental instability in the thread with their constant alogging and whining. Claiming that she's been away from Margo for a few years so all that trauma should have cleared right up and she has no excuse, because that's how mental health works, clearly. The lack of understanding from these adult women who barely graduated high school who resent Penus for the supposed "free ride" she got from her narc mother is astounding. Penus is fucking damaged and she's not going to get better without many years spent in long term, serious therapy. Until then she's going to be stuck in a loop with her maladaptive coping through substance abuse and getting nowhere. As a person with parental trauma myself (even though it's nowhere near the level of what Penus experienced) that shit stays with you and affects so much of your life in ways you wouldn't realize without serious introspection. It doesn't get easier with time.

No. 1732292

Venus's thread being filled with mentally ill e-girls, what else is new. Everyone who had any noticeable brain activity left that discussion years ago after it became clear she wasn't going to get better and just continued to get sadder and sadder to the point you just want to leave her alone and hope that she'll eventually come across someone who could get her help. It's a girl who had an abusive stage mom prostituting her to adult men and dragging her by the hair in front of cameras to play a pedo-pandering living doll role while moving around to the point she can't speak any language properly and never made friends growing up thus putting her on arrested development mode, how is just getting away from her psycho mom to live with a creepy moid going to automatically fix her? What she needed was a place to call home, well-meaning friends around her own age and a community that didn't encourage constant self-degrading and substance abuse.

I'm honestly appalled at her thread not being either locked or at least put on autosage because new bitter bitches keep finding her and only see this narrative of a manipulative puppet master who threw her sugoi living doll aidoru life away after bullying her poor old mom and now whores herself just for the fun of it, then enter the thread to viciously blog about how they would've made all the right choices if given the kawaii chance of living in Japan. I'm sperging because she's probably the only cow that I genuinely feel that isn't at fault for ruining her life. She's a 12-year old in a 20-something's body and not in a cute IRL loli way but the "I was violently suppressed during my formative years and was never allowed to work through the trauma" way.

No. 1732376

Nta but agreed. But also, even if she somehow ended up in a healthy encouraging environment tomorrow, she'd still fuck up. Because she straight up doesn't know any better. To heal from that level of abuse takes a long time and more then just good intentions.

No. 1732397

They can only see that she has been to their precious japan and are seething bc thats their only goal in life

No. 1732460

Least mentally ill yume

No. 1732809

I used to be thin like Shay was in early times, but I’m aging and gaining weight, not as much as her, maybe 2020 her right now. I hate seeing her thread cause it reminds me of what my body’s gonna look like if I keep fucking up

No. 1732837

File: 1697853708609.jpeg (Spoiler Image,901.58 KB, 1179x1896, IMG_8520.jpeg)

Same thing happened to me, and I was afraid I’d end up with a similar body composition as her because I was gaining weight for a similar reason (alcohol). Shayna was my number 1 source of motivation to get healthy again. (Spoilered weight loss graph). You can do it; you aren’t Shayna and once you have some initial success it is really motivating to look at her thread

No. 1732838

The anons in her thread are convinced she only stays in Japan because she's a delusional weeb, but even so she literally has nowhere else to go and has probably lived longer in Japan than any other country from her childhood, so I see no reason why she should leave. My theory is that if Venus didn't live in Japan, her thread would have been dead ages ago because most of them are just seething that she somehow gets to live in Japan while they can't.

No. 1732839

they also don't understand living in Japan is a curse. if Venus got married to an european moid she would be having an easier time. japanese people are exclusionary and xenophobic, mental health is deeply stigmatized there and alcoholism is treated like a non issue, if she ever got a job she would get burnout easily because japanese work life is difficult, much harder than european. she is set up for failure. she will never feel at home in japan either but as you've said, that's the only semblance of a home she has.

No. 1733000

It's the same as with Dakota, her thread centers only around weebs seething about her getting to live in Japan. That's why they're spending their 7th year in a row trying to track her movements to prove that ackshually she's living in the boring old US just like they all are so that they don't have to accept the fact that she's presumably living their model aidoru in Nippon dream.

No. 1733290

The stalker anons are insane. These cows aren't even milky anymore. Then they get mad when the thread gets closed or they get redtexts.

No. 1734294

Under the risk of triggering certain retards, I'm going to let these threads go unnamed (but if you were on /snow/ say, yesterday, you might know what I am referring to) but anytime you question a cow's psychiatric "condition" there seems to be a really weird contingent of anons who go to great lengths to defend the cow's absolute word that they are ~extremely mentally ill~, and make strange arguments that the skeptical anons are "gatekeeping" a mental illness. This happens in more than one thread on this site, not just the infamous one which shall-not-be-named. From the way that they type, it's obvious to me that they are newfags from TikTok and Twitter, and they have a certain Zoomer aura to them—I usually avoid calling them out because it makes them more aggressive and more likely to derail the thread, but especially considering that one thread yesterday, it's very clear that many are indeed newfags. I think these weird anons are likely malingerers, in addition to being Zoomers who need to pathologize everything, and probably feel called out when anons don't believe a cow has BPD or bipolar disorder.

But my main opinion about the cows are that most of them are just shitty people and not severely mentally ill kek

No. 1734530

My opinion is the exact opposite if yours, its really annoying when anons claim you cannot have multiple psychiatric disorers at once, especially ones that have a high comorbidity.

No. 1734543


No. 1734559

You don't need to say what thread when you say the exact same thing in the Venus thread that you said here.

No. 1734598

Well I don't disagree, I'm just saying that a lot of anons overly pathologize bad behavior in otherwise normal-ish cows. It comes off as moderately underaged or inexperienced, if not the Dunning-Kruger effect at work.
Kek, the irony is that I wasn't referring to the Venus thread, and don't even go there at all, so whomever you're referring to is a different anon. But it proves that this phenomenon happens in other threads, too.

No. 1736435

infighting isn't allowed in this thread so you can speak openly if you want and then report any retardation as infighting. They probably won't get banned but you never know.

No. 1743042

It's kind of funny how people used to say Jill was the sperg of the sperges like 4-5 years ago and now that she's claiming that diagnosis everyone is saying she's clearly not and never has been kek. I don't think she was ever that spergy btw she's just a raging narc

No. 1743067

Late but this is definitely about Shayna's thread and the bipolar spergs. Why even bother to hide it.

No. 1743252

The anons who were saying that 5 years ago are not the same anons as in the present. And I think (at least some of) those pixiefags were using "sperg" in the imageboard sense and not in the literally meaning of an autist, 'cause she's never been autistic kek

No. 1744916

File: 1698692882699.jpeg (3.7 KB, 236x214, images (10).jpeg)

I used to live pretty close to Jill, I wish I could go back to 2014 and become her friend so I could convince her to be normal and not to be so desperate for attention online. She was so cute back then and I honestly liked her goofy rainbow pastel style a lot. I like her energy too. It's too bad she's a narc. I know how retarded this sounds, I promise you don't need to tell me.

No. 1744973

I used to think Jill's boyfriend Steve was kind of cute but holy shit their recent video shows how unfortunate moid face he actually has when he isn't hiding behind the curls and glasses. Just no. I'm embarrassed by ever even thinking he was moderately okay looking.

No. 1745394

the milk has run dry by now but lainey got too much hate. she got married at 17 to an abusive older moid who instantly decided to knock her up and then masculinized her so she would feel too insecure to get away from him. he even enrolled her in his sex crimes against teen girls. she's not even 30 yet and her life has been ruined by onision.

No. 1745401

I tried looking up Onision's kids, and found out that his daughter fell and cracked her head open because of his negligence. Wtf?

No. 1745407

Sorry anon, I can't sympathize with Lainey. Even though what happened to her as a teenager was unfair, she is an adult, after a certain age it's time to mature and take control of your life, not live with the same mentality a teenager has. Also, many shitty people suffered trauma in their childhood/youth (pedos, rapists, murderers etc.) but I'm not going to have sympathy for them too. No excuse for hurting other people. It's like that old saying: it's not your fault, but your responsibility.

No. 1745417

Fell out of window too, on the second floor iirc

No. 1745425

i mean allegedly she's still trapped with the abusive moid to start with so it's not like she has a chance to self reflect in the midst of her marriage to him. rape charges were charged against him recently, i would be extremely surprised if she wasn't his most common victim

No. 1745448

Shay looks good with red hair Im sorry

No. 1745453

I also think about this. They would say she was literally autistic and that her hoarding tendencies were proof and that precure was her “special interest” or whatever the autists call it. Literally encouraging her to go get her autism diagnosed.

No. 1745821

Just a general observation and not just about Jill, but it's so funny that anons constantly armchair diagnose cows with whatever disorder and when the cow actually gets a diagnosis anons call them out for lying kek. Like I don't get why people who spend their time online following spergs are so surprised at the amount of autists they're seeing and call them bandwagon hoppers faking a trendy diagnosis, you're literally digging for that specific kind of shit yourself.

No. 1745883

so damn true. literally every diagnosis haver wants to claim how unique they are and nooo this cow can't possibly have x because i have x and it makes me super speshul and not cowish at all. grow up.

No. 1745918

She cycles through friends for a reason, nonna. Doesn’t matter how much influence you could have she would 100% have done something to make you leave or she would have done something to you. Sof barely tolerates her and stonewalls when Jill has a mental jillness breakdown. Walking on eggshells for a person or getting blocked for speaking up isn’t a healthy relationship.

No. 1745947

TBH most of the cows here are pretty tame as far as lolcows go. Like their worst offense is being an e-thot or suicide baiting on Twitter. They're Desktop Andys who are too afraid to be as retarded IRL. Some cows (Nika/Jaelle/Julia Penton, Venus, Vicky Shingles) are definitely among the most unhinged characters and have obvious mental issues. I personally find the cows on KF to be crazier and more entertaining, but I think that comes with the territory when most of their cows are scrotes, who tend to be more retarded or unhinged

No. 1746007

There’s no way we’d be able to know what Jill is like in real life. The way she portrays herself online is calculated to make her look a certain way. I think nonnies were a logging a bit hard when it came to gatekeeping a developmental disorder but they’re right. She’s only doing this for asspats and to absolve herself of any negative attention.

No. 1746148

She got too much hate in that anons were absolutely obsessed with shitting on her appearance and making her out to be worse than the (at the time she met him) older famous millionaire scrote who lovebombed her and got her pregnant asap, not to mention how her ex before Onision spoke about how he used to routinely rape her and she was molested by an elementary school teacher. I feel bad for her being stuck in this nightmare because she put all her eggs in this basket. But she was also a terrible person who took out her own issues on everyone she lured into the house. She'd plan on running away with them in secret while also humiliating them online and sexually with her husband. She didn't deserve what Onision did to her, but none of those other girls deserved what Lainey did to them in turn. They were even more clueless and retarded than she was and she intentionally pulled them in knowing her husband would attempt to rape them. She played with all these desperate womens' feelings to feed her ego and Greg's libido and have material to triangulate.

No. 1750582

There are no words I can use to describe my extreme disgust and disdain for Elon and Grimes. Apart from their shenanigans and corruption, they just stir a deep hatred in my heart that almost feels instinctual.

I believe I may have once been a goat in a past life, and they were the cruel farmers that owned me. I believe they hit me, insulted me, and stole my kids. There is no other way to explain the absolute pit of hatred that burns it’s way down into my body when I hear either of them in the news.

No. 1750610

ok schizo

No. 1750684

I wish Jake Munro and Kat Payne were more active I wanna laugh

No. 1750691

kek wtf

No. 1750706

is this the nana anon was talking about

No. 1750712

File: 1699064930627.gif (2.06 MB, 600x1067, Oh, Heather.gif)

I still believe, perhaps naively, that Heather can turn it around but it’ll require (1) abandoning the path she’s on right now her LoveQuest, (2) processing the damage her marriage did on her and (3) a willingness to take on criticism and change. I don’t want to say “she needs to get off her phone” as it’s obvious she feels it’s one of her ways to feel connected but if someone ever needs to control their internet usage, it’s Heather. It’s the root to some of her problems. I know, I know, if she were capable of any of this she wouldn’t have an active thread, but still.

No. 1751719

For me I used to think she was just a harmless cringe teen, which for the most part she was. It was one of the threads on the site I thought was on the more nitpicky side. Like yes she's large now but lolcow as it often does, rattles its bones. And yes the LACE thing was stupid but also she was a dumb teen. So I get where you're coming from. If anything I think it's incredibly disappointing and just sad the way she turned out. But it also makes me a bit angry (just a bit) how she essentially got everything handed to her on a silver platter and now is claiming to have suffered such horrific abuse she split into multiple personalities, the way she's constantly tweeting about how she's fighting so hard against those awful mental illnesses she has.

No. 1751720

you'd be probably tossed as soon as you've said anything that hurts her feefees even if it's true and well meaning, that's how BPD people operate.

No. 1751787

Who the fuck are you?

No. 1756289

I really would love to be able to ask Creepshow Art how she experienced the whole cancellation and the events leading up to it. I was never a fan, I found out about her because the art thread was tinfoiling about her selfposting and she became one of my favorite cows. I'm sure her friends loved shittalking with her and shouldn't have been surprised. I would've loved listening to her venting about her personal cows too but I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her. I know we'll never get a true, unfiltered explanation for her, but even if she just made another 4 hour video lying through her teeth I'd still watch it.

No. 1766895

I found out about horrorcow Soren Hayes a very very long after the whole milk initially started but only read threads 1 and 2 for some reason. I was actually incredibly morbidly interested in it because it's just fascinating how fucked up this girl was. Today, I spent like the whole day reading through thread #4 after I discovered it from googling her name out of curiosity. And that's how I found out she was dead, apparently. It kinda punched me in the gut for some reason, because everyone knows she suicidebaited every other week but this one seemed so out of the blue. I genuinely want to do a whole case study on her because her whole psyche is mind-blowing. I was skeptical at first like other anons speculating that her death was faked so her family could move and she could start over a new life, but it honestly stacked up, from the botched as fuck SRS surgery being the only real pain she's ever experienced, the strange calmness of it rather than her usual freakout sperges as if she made the decision to die already, giving away shit, etc. Yeah, she was a shit person and there's no denying it, obviously. Morally, I feel sorry for feeling sorry for a deranged pedophile who dedicated half her life to researching real CP cases, cutting and pasting real victims into her fake abuse goreporn torture rape warehouse fanfic, demonizing real victims, romanticizing all this shit and fucking everything else, which is a long list, but I do, unfortunately. Honestly, I don't know what the hell was going on inside her life to fuck her brain up like that, but anyone with half a brain knows that mentally sane people do not do what Soren Hayes did. Some people are just fucked no matter what disregarding their circumstances. About Soren (or Pritya I guess), her life from the start is already unfortunate, whatever it is whether her "my mom and sisters were raped in front of me while my dad was beheaded" or "my mom died of malaria on the streets and I didn't know my dad" was real. But she was incredibly fortunate to have been adopted into a wealthy white family whose parents (speculatively) loved their little third world adoptee too much. Actually, I'm having super mixed feelings just writing this down. I guess I just feel sorry for Soren because she didn't get the help she so desperately needed, as apparently her parents were enablists or unaware and her therapist was a scam. Anyways, she's a super interesting subject to research, especially the sheer contrast between her and her little sister, who is also an Indian orphan but completely regular in every way while they were both brought up in the same household. The Soren Hayes story wrapped up suddenly and anticlimactically with confirmations on anything and I don't know why but I kinda expected it, for her to just fade out of existence rather than a bang. My personal theory is that her parents knew partially about her bullshit. I don't think she would've fed the entire story to them, maybe just the child therapist molesting her part and they believed that and coddled her, because they didn't know how else to handle it and believed that every other of her fucked up antics just stemmed from that. Her sister though I think knew about the shit she posted online and tried telling their parents but they didn't believe it or wrote it off as a byproduct of child molestation and did nothing but feel sorry for her. Soren was probably just the family mentally deranged nutcase that everyone tread carefully around, and that's what they probably did instead of getting her real help, just treating her like a bomb and that's why her death was treated so lightly, they were relieved.

No. 1769192

Lucinda breaks my heart, she’s so beautiful and sweet and creative and I imagine her life if she actually got better and lived away from her family doing unicorn makeup tutorials on YouTube or something.

No. 1769212

Same, I really like her and will probably shed real tears when she dies. I wish I could scoop her out of her parents house, it seems like that's a huge portion of her issues but now that she's this sick, she'll never be able to leave. It's a death spiral and I hate to watch it because I already know the ending.

No. 1770042

can you link it? i cant find it anywhere(use the catalog)

No. 1771204

I don't understand how the Heather Steele thread is still active. She's so boring and predictable

No. 1771302

I don't understand how for the last 5 years Heather has been repeating the same exact cycle every single day. I think at this point the only reason the thread exists is to document this anomaly of a person

No. 1771343

Most cows this cyclic get boring after a while but her thread is 90% made up of ex boyfriends and ex friends, plus some cowtippers with intense vendettas because she wouldn't take their advice.

No. 1771347

I'm not them, but I am invested in her thread because it's insane how predictable she is. It's VERY predictable, and insane how the cycle repeats itself so often. However I do agree with the vendetta ex-boyfriends and friends posting.

No. 1771350

I can't believe her ex husband never stopped posting even after he got catfished by an anon first and then found a new gf to mock Heather with. Fat moids will never be happy

No. 1771356

Nta but yeah I follow her thread for "the cycle" too. You can forget about it for a few months, come back and it's the same.

No. 1771374

I dont give a fuck that jacksfilms got doxed, he is a moid he probably deserved

No. 1771384

Same. I do not care.

No. 1771540

It's not worth reading. It's just an edgy discord egirl. Her thread was created as vendetta, and the only person who posts is one of her former server mods.

No. 1771737


It is pretty funny, an onlyfans girl who posts edgy stuff for 4chan degens , (I like having sex with dogs, toddlers are so hot, I want to be gang raped and murdered and abused by incels sort of tweets she had Bianca devins as her cover photo on Twitter, called herself female Elliot roger ) lied about her age and said she was 19 for 3 years. And a guy rolled up and punched her in the jaw while she was walking down the street.
Pretty Hilarious, I guess she was at a White supremacist congregation this month. I don’t think she’s ugly tho she looks like an ancient woman, a fair maiden or something but she is styling herself with the horrendous egirl crap that frankly I don’t think looks good on anyone

No. 1771743

How was she supposed to grow up and mature while pushing out babies for the retard that groomed her? It's weird how the cows in genuinely fucked up situations like her, Venus, hell even Lillie Jean will have anons screeching at them to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and stop being fuckups while cows like Shayna and Jillian who were the architects of their own misfortune always get anons who pity them and write fanfics about how they can improve, even though all they do is get worse and worse every year.

I understand she (Lainey) is an adult and adults are capable of making their own decisions, but Greg implanted himself in her brain at 16. If I was one of her parents I would have shipped her ass off to one of those rehab farms for "uncontrollable" teens before she could run off with gurggles, but I do understand why her parents wouldn't want to do something like that. It's honestly a sad situation because she's fucked in the head and her kids are going to grow up to also be fucked in the head. I wish she'd leave him but he's at the very least emotionally and financially abusive so that's much easier said than done.

No. 1771781

I personally think sniper is retarded for trying to dox him in retelati9n for those videos he made about her but at the same time it rubs me the wrong way how people were okay with jacksfilms having a whole channel dedicated to her with so many videos. I don't care about bullshit excuses like "he was just trying to call her out" that still doesn't change that what he was doing was weird and obsessive and that he was so hyoerfocused on her when there is like so many other react channels. Atleast Sniper had thr decency to only react to short viral videos from tiktok or reddit meanwhile there are other reactions channels that will react to a full 10 minute video.

No. 1771839

File: 1700009656777.png (49.1 KB, 1150x488, no brain just kooter.PNG)

I only go to the Dakota thread to gawk at the absolute schizos writing their unhinged fan fiction there.

No. 1771844

His channel wasn't "hyperfocused on just SSSniperwolf" though, he was making fun of multiple other reaction channels, including other hack scrotes. Anons defending her chose the absolute worst hill to die on, she's a retarded turbo pickme who has openly said that she hates other women, publicly nitpicks their appearance, stole her entire persona and videos from a woman she tried accusing of copying her and DM'd her own deranged fans to dogpile on her to get competition off the market, has been proven to have faked her gameplay that got her famous in the first place and is just the absolute bottom scrapings of white trash e-thots. She gets no sympathy from me, the fact that she associates with Momokun should be telling enough.

No. 1771846

he literally had a separate channel deticated to only posting videos about her. And he only made like two videos on other reaction channels.

>azzyaland,momokun, pickme blah.blah blah

My point was about the sniper and jacksfilm drama so I don't know why you are mentioning other unrelated things in your post that sniper has done to make what Jack did look better.

No. 1771867

It's the same exact person that's been repeating the same thing for literally an entire decade. They're so ill.

No. 1771889

The sisters are so boring at this point too. Especially Dakota. Anons are trying so hard to make her thread interesting which is never is.