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File: 1681667038199.png (287.79 KB, 720x1280, 1669614886371.png)

No. 292533

Lori Cerda, known as Lori Lewd or Usagi Kou, is a 38-year-old photoshop addicted costhot and anime fictionkin (otakukin for the oldfags) from New York state. With 20+ years of lunacy behind her, farmers have been working together diligently to stitch together the madness into a coherent timeline. Lots of interactions and receipts have been lost to time, either deleted or made private, keep that in mind as we continue.

Lori got her start as a rabid Sailor Moon cosplayer in the early aughts which launched her into infamy and Moonie drama that lasted for over 10 years alone. In Summary; a well-liked, cute and young cosplayer that wowed people as Sailor Moon had one of the hardest and fastest falls from grace. It’s a story rife with lies, theft, squatting, cheating, jealousy, cult-like behavior and lots of violence. To put it lightly, it blew apart the entire Sailor Moon livejournal community in the US. The juxtaposition of Usagi and Lori piqued the interest of many people. Some might call her one of the OG cosplay lolcows. After becoming a joke to the majority of the US cosplay community Lori dropped her Usagi shtick, married a few times and stayed mostly quiet.

2017 changed all that when Lori met Kevin “Skye” Hanft. Once the two cosplayers met and fell in love, Lori quickly reverted to her past behaviors and became Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx. Her current phase she has described herself as “14 yr old boy” and “spicy loli gremlin elf bb succubus” She cosplays Marin Kitagawa now as she's the flavor of the week waifu. Of course she is "the IRL Marin" in her eyes just like she was IRL Saber and Zero Two. Recognizing her status as a complete has-been, Lori prefers to focus on what she calls "spicy" content (shitty nudes) and "lewd modeling". She only does half-assed couple cosplay with Kevin at conventions, if that. Kevin feeds Lori’s delusions and is a whole cow on his own. He serves as her meal ticket and guard dog. At the first sign of any inconvenience or drama, Lori will blow the whistle and sick her dog. If you lurk long enough you will spot a wild Kevin masquerading as anon. Do not interact. He is retarded and he will spend his time trying to track you down. He has a documented history of digitally stalking commenters, accusing them of being anons or Momokun/Vamplette and threatening suicide/murder. He will escalate even faster if he is currently in the doghouse and blocked by Lori. It's how she manipulates him to do her old Kou's job. It works like a charm every time because at this point Kevin is a broken shell of a man.

Over the last three years, Lori has amassed over 130k followers (through purchasing bots) and currently is partnered with miccostumes (@miccosgirls) and several dropship scam stores. She is often reposted and hyped up by Dolls Kill, YRU and their sister companies. Her past partners include Bisou Lovely, Rave Wonderland, Ardani Studios and Lewd Complex. Her current “dream” is to become a NEET e-girl, the kind that can bankroll a D-list celebrity lifestyle with the work ethic of Shayna Clifford. When Lori isn’t crashing the Meitu servers overseas or begging online, she can be found at her local fried food joint gorging herself with whatever she can to distract from her internal void and ticking biological clock. She is now too poor to even go to an arcade or water park, alas she steeps her nasty ass in her apartments pool which she passes off as her own private sanctuary. It's only ever empty because she dresses like an actual prostitute in public and films herself doing weird things.

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Last Milk Delivery:
>Calendar anons tracking for October >>260399 November >>269112 February >>283770 March >>288274
>Kevins birthday >>258517. He didnt post about it because his phone was dead and having too much fun! Totally not because he. Has no friends and his girlfriend could care less
>Fat scrote comments on Loris post saying she got too fat for his taste >>25860 Lori acts unbothered and goes on to say “eat whatever you want!”
>Shows how unbothered she is by making yet another post about the guy calling her fat. Mentions Scott trying to get “clout” using her name >>258935 . Loris father also comments on the post >>259048
>Posing in her apartment lobby shoeless >>261005 >>286571
>Yet another sick ferret for grifting >>262016 . The ferret really needs you to subscribe to the spicy guys! >>264832 >>264893
>Because a dollskill haul is the only thing that will cure her ferret >>266677
>Lori posts throwback photos of her Sailor Moon days as proof shes an ageless beauty. Ends up outing herself as a snow/meitu abuser >>263908
>Kevin whines about how it's youtubes fault he doesnt have millions of views, not his for posting inconsistently or refusing to interact with other skateboarders in the community >>264552
>Still on his bullshit 3 months later. But this time its XQC and social medias fault! >>280456 . Kevin also demands apologies and 100s in donation while also telling everyone to go fuck themselves in the same breath >>280457 >>280458
>And once again a month later, believing he can nail down over 100 tricks, but its all those content vultures faults! >>286722
>Loris Instagram gets taken down >>268361
>With his fits being mocked and his girlfriends narc supply being shut down, Kevin does what he does best in times of adversity: sperg about lolcow >>268386 >>268388
>“I-i-i-its not copying its cosplay! You guys must suck at parties!” >>268387
>Lori now has to resort to using twitter to post her selfies. She gets a whopping 4 likes >>268868
>Still a keyboard karen on twitter >>274578
>Lori activates a backup insta >>269081 . Finally gets her account back after a whopping 12 days >>271285
>Being the gracious friends they are, Kevin calls all his former friends “pieces of shit” >>274066 while Lori refuses to add any friends that dont share her spicy macaroni. Shes not being entitled its just her neurodivergence! >>274134
>Whines about being poor for the holidays instead of going out and working a seasonal job >>271762
>Someone keeps trying to derail the thread with posts about Scott >>278431 >>278510 >>278576
>Valentines Day is here and celebrated with rice bowl takeout, years old selfie, and Lori finally following Kevin on insta again (which ends up lasting less than 72 hours) >>281886 >>282205
>Kevin calls us dumb toothpicks who use the n word >>282909 >>283349
>Continues to show his ass by making a post about hard it is making a living using your body “without being a prostitute”. Not like those easy jobs where you use your body like professional athletes, entertainers, surgeons and physical laborers >>283418
>Kevin must've scraped together some coins to take his ol’ lady out after she lamented about the lack of late night activities >>282591 . Nights out on the town included a gay bar >>283579 a brunch spot >>288589 and dining in on takeout ramen >>285326
>Kevin removes links to Loris monstergirl page from his cosplay facebook >>284601 as anons begin to speculate he quickly promotes her insta in his stories and throws together an excuse that theres a stigma about cosplay couples promoting each other >>285050
>Kevin claims his lack of recent cosplay constructions is due to a hand injury he received over 7 years ago >>288695

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YouTube videos:
>VangelinaSkov's videos
>Buffering Cat's breakdown
>Lori's racism

>Linktree: https://linktr.ee/Klaxosaur
>Monster Girl Vibes page: https://www.facebook.com/iota02/
>FB: https://www.facebook.com/LoriLewd
>IG: https://www.instagram.com/iota_zerotwo/
>Kevin’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adollaskye/
>Kevin’s FB : https://www.facebook.com/kevin.hanft.5
>Kevin’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Krook3dKev
>Kevin’s cosplay FB: https://www.facebook.com/adollaskye
>Twitter: https://twitter.com/iota_zerotwo
>DA: https://www.deviantart.com/kou-usagi
>Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/people/usagikou
>OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/monstergirl
>Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/LoriLewd
>Amazon Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1K5H3M8IH92VA/?ref_=lol_ov_le

No. 292534

Sorry for cutting out the "vintage milk" section. was unable to post due to posts "body too long"

No. 292536

thank you so much nona for making a new thread. you can always add whatever can't be posted in the main body in replies.

>obligatory this thread isn't shit reeeee christening

No. 292565

Hope calenderanon can swing by with some fresh milk as Loony celebrates another broke birthday.

No. 292688

File: 1681708633331.jpeg (813.86 KB, 2458x3072, 26C680D8-267D-480E-ADDB-87E851…)

St. Ives lotion, grocery store flowers and some twizzlers. God the bar is low

No. 292815

at least its not mall sushi like valentine's day

No. 292818

To be honest, at that age, seems nice. And then dinner, maybe watch a movie.

No. 292845

I get what you mean, at that age most people are coming home from their full time jobs and are happy with a warm meal and a sink that isn't full of dishes. However Loris been going on about her birthday for over a month so I wonder if she expected more than what Kevin was able to deliver.

No. 292874

>st ives

well that explains her skin

No. 292883

Not even a "thank you to the boy"
I guess I shouldn't expect her to acknowledge Kevin's existence though.

No. 292886

Awesome job OP!
>After becoming a joke to the majority of the US cosplay community

Never Forget, kek.

Looks like the crap you buy your Mom when you're 12 and your Dad gives you 20 bucks at CVS. What's in the bag? Aliexpress special for the "fans"?

No. 292938

not the walgreens birthday special… that's really sad.

No. 292956

She just wants asspats online for her birthday, I don't think this specifically has to do with Kevin not doing enough. He provides for most of the bills and she treats him like shit. I think she's realizing that without him she would have to move, so she doesn't seem to be acting like a cunt. At least not that we can see, outside of the whole blocking/unblocking thing. I get she doesn't work, but as someone who's done social media and quit because the time spent on there was overtaking time I'd even have to be spending at a real job, it is absolutely tiresome.

No. 292971

Poor Kevvy not getting a thank you on the post about his walmart mom-giftbag special, kek!

At her age, couples go on luxury trips and women are given fine jewelry or some other milestone purchases for the home or a car.

It's hilarious that she proudly boasts about her cheap plastic shoes and bedbug plushies, believing them to be a measure of success over other women her age who went on to have families.

No. 292978

Maybe influencer couples.. She's in Utah. She's not making that money. What's with these anons who think anyone online with a following should be lavish? Sharla, Belle, now Lori's thread too.. These people aren't making Kardashian money, especially Lori kek It's just a 38 year old's birthday. Who does anything special on such a boring number anyway?

No. 292995


For me it's moreso that "it's the thought that counts" is a factor here. The thought is "here's some flowers you can take pictures of and candle and some face goop in pink" Kevin is an artist. He could be building her furniture, or shelving for her tat, tooling together a head dress or set of wings idk

>>292956 fully agree. She knows she's in a precarious spot, and sulking hasn't worked for years being that you can't get blood from a stone lmfao

No. 292998

Lol anon, what fantasy world are you living in? Normal adult couples might just go for a nice dinner and drinks, not everyone treats their birthday like it's some momentous occasion requiring world travel and a tribute of precious metals.

No. 293007

Her cope mechanism, she probably knows its junk and she has nothing but then again she's so deluded maybe she actually believes shes successful and that junk means something to her.

True. Most adults get a card and dinner and that's good enough because they afford their lives and are busy.

The bday post is probably also a "oh look it's my birthday so send gifts(because I'm 38 and broke)". Sad.

No. 293031

Not everyone but this is Loony who makes constant cope posts about how she's living above and beyond other women.

No. 293067

This. This is the same woman who boasts about never needing to go back to a retail job, how she spends her days at “her” pool and tried to pass off a knockoff louis vuitton bracelet as real years ago

No. 293069

it screams old and broke. was kevvy too broke to buy her high quality greasy azn food?

No. 293099

Kevin didn't even make a happy birthday post for Lori. He usually makes some sort of post on her birthday. Oh well. He hasn't been blocked all month so I guess things are ok.

No. 293120

Kek! Forgot about the LV knockoff, it's something that's sold to brandwhores who can't afford the actual bags. Speaking of which, she still doesn't own more than that one tore up bag she brings everywhere.

No. 293265

I really wonder if he's no longer blocked because it just doesn't matter anymore. Maybe there's no reason to hide if there's no real relationship. I really doubt at this point that these two are anything more than roommates. But who knows with these two.

No. 293853

tinfoil but, i don't think he bought her those gifts. like you guys have pointed out, he would have said something by now? where are his usual rants about how his "girl" is the best hooker ever and how he totally spoils her even though he's hustling and just barely making it by the skin of his teeth? where are the romantic struggle dinners and them posing together like two retards to go out to get ramen or sushi? plus what she got doesn't look like something a birdbrain such as kevin would have the sense to pick up. i am beginning to think either she's been in contact with her family or some other friends.

No. 294034

I have to agree that those gifts are weird from a guy. Its does look like CvS stuff though. Twizzlers and St. Ives? Might not be peeps and Pepsi but pretty damn close.

No. 294037

File: 1682307914987.jpg (249.36 KB, 1078x1324, Screenshot_20230423-223955_Chr…)

>Another fake face (nice birthday cope)
>Wilting grocery store flowers as a prop (possibly from Kevin's Mom)
>Apartment so small manga goes in the kitchen (Can only buy ramen 1 at a time anyway)

No. 294039

>peeps and pepsi
Kek, Loony's last rotted teeth probably fell out by now. She never smiles ever.

>lonely tripod and junk in the reflection, kek
>the brown kitchen is over filtered that it looks bluish white and orange

You can tell she never gets flowers, must suck to be unloved.

Loony took the flowers to the swimming pool where the already dried out flowers dried out even more because she needed flex pics. Then she shoved them in a vase but left the dead leaves on and they're now falling in and contaminating the water.

No. 294040

>peeps and pepsi
Kek, Loony's last rotted teeth probably fell out by now. She never smiles ever.

>lonely tripod and junk in the reflection, kek
>the brown kitchen is over filtered that it looks bluish white and orange

You can tell she never gets flowers, must suck to be unloved.

Loony took the flowers to the swimming pool where the already dried out flowers dried out even more because she needed flex pics. Then she shoved them in a vase but left the dead leaves on and they're now falling in and contaminating the water.

No. 294155

File: 1682368378699.jpg (270.33 KB, 1080x1340, Screenshot_20230424-152959_Chr…)

She loves to make the face as young as she can get it to go with the delusion in her head but you cant fool anyone from behind. Her ass is so flabby. Her tattoos look bad too but the worst is that scalp. It looks like she has some weird disease. Why doesnt she at least use a hand mirror to apply some dye.

No. 294278

Not wk but her ass doesn't look flabby at all to me and this feels like an anachan standard when we have people like moo and shay looking like the actual definition of flab. I'm more repulsed by her keeping manga in her kitchen cupboards and whatever the fuck is going on with the back of her head.

No. 294288

>anachan standard

People post this because that's Lori's own anachan standards being reflected back to her.

With that diet of instant ramen she'll never be anachan and is making cope posts about it. Just a few threads ago she was still harassing cosplayers less than half her age and calling them fat.

No. 294290

It's their cope nitpicking even if it's not true. I agree it doesn't look flabby. She just doesn't have a big ass. Low body fat means no fat and she doesn't work out. That doesn't make it flabby?

No. 294297

Yeah, she's just hiking up the socks to give the illusion of an ass to people who wouldn't know any better. Its weird that chest nitpicking isn't allowed, but for like a year and a half now these threads are filled with nonas on the verge of alogging about how obese this bitch is and if you disagree then its hi cow or you're also 'fat' kek

Its just arbitrary and odd, I don't know. If she and kev read here, then they can also see the posts where people clarify that the comments are just for the sake of getting under her skin, so what's the point? Again not wk its just retarded and I feel like we ran out of shit to talk about since she and kev barely do anything.

No. 294304

Because it's under the guise of "for her standards" which is a really low bar attempt to say that you can nitpicking as long as it's not her chest.

No. 294308

Ayrt yeah man, I wish looni would steal kevin's car or some shit or just ANYTHING to break up this monotony. Like holy shit, she fails at everything she does including being a consistent source of entertainment. Its like groundhog day in here.

No. 294310

Same, this time last year Kevin got arrested, now its just the same posts about having one of “those” sites.

Hope kevin has another meltdown about skater and cosplay influencers soon

No. 294311

idk about other anons, but having an onlyfans just results in body nitpicking most of the time. It's bad milk across the board.

No. 294316

Even another meltdown would be boring imo, but it would be better than nothing. I'm over her being broke uwu spicy loli dragon retard mommy princess in utah saga and I wish she'd nut up and leave him in her typical dramatic fashion and give us something new to work with.

No. 294318

Dude, that shit is flabby. No cope involved, since not everyone thinks being mid age and looking like a floppy french fry is attractive. I agree that she looks bad. Maybe your the ones coping. Not everyone thinks anything goes. She looks middle aged and out of shape and her hair looks like shit and she posts this crap online like a clown waiting for the ringleader.

They fell off years ago. Now she's just a middle aged brat who has mini shit fits on Instagram cause she's mad she's broke and desperate to still be found attractive.

Lori's intrigue ended when she moved to Washington. Even her Kevin saga is just a rehash of what she already did with others because fucked up people repeat the same mistakes over and over. Now she's just a joke and some people enjoy laughing over how sad she is because she posts it publicly and thinks it not obvious that she's desperate.
She posts these pictures, people are allowed to comment on them. I actually think she looks terrible. I wouldn't even glance at her on the street and if I did it would be because she was dressed like a lunatic and wonder what happened to her in her childhood. There's other threads, go there if you need something to tickle harder.

No. 294320

They're harmless observations. Nobody's infighting, posts are saged, and people are still talking about the thread subjects.

No. 294321

I think anon's point is that you need to criticize her at all times or else you're Wking her which is ridiculous. We are still discussing her like you said and if a couple anons want to talk about not agreeing, someone like >>294318 does need to cope and deal with it.

No. 294337

Maybe it’s just the filter, but it looks like her gray roots are showing. If so, she should just go platinum blonde and cosplay Queen Serenity. Just circle back to the Loonie Moonie days, kek.

No. 294349

Kevvy is the best thing that ever happened to her and there's no way she's pulling another moid at this age. Unless we get another Kevvy goes to jail saga, she is holding onto his family's coattails for dear life.

Wonder if calenderanon has an update!

Those are totally dark brown and grey roots. The real fried hair ends at her shoulders but the fake hair keeps going in the ponytail. No amount of filter can hide how bald she is.

No. 294357

>Wonder if calenderanon has an update!

April has been super quiet. Kevin got unblocked on March 24th and has been following Lori ever since. He only got blocked once in March. And February was crazy with the blocking and unblocking. Most active calendar in awhile.

No. 294360

File: 1682525863104.jpeg (151.87 KB, 663x1217, B0A6F58B-6E8F-411B-9F08-CBCA78…)

Well, he just got around to her birthday post. It’s a combo birthday and mopey cosplay post this year. Calling your 38 year old fiancé a child, ffs.

No. 294364

That’s a bday post for bakugou, not Lorii lol(sage your shit)

No. 294378


No. 294380

KEK. The shade. He makes a birthday post for Bakugou, but not for Lori.
Perhaps anons were right about Kevin not being the one to get Lori those Walgreens-tier gifts.

No. 294410

Kek thank you, anon. Sounds like he must have paid her after valentines and kept buying her things to stay on her good side.

Isn't this an old pic? Just going by the dildo table.

No. 294411

She's not fat but she IS 38. She needs to get on a healthy diet and exercise now or by the time she hits menopause she actually will be fat and saggy and then it's too late.

No. 294431

I stopped reading these threads because nonnas became too nitpicky about her body. Who gives a fuck about her body? I want the milk that comes from inside her, not her shoddy photos she sells to scrotes. She is way more entertaining than a bunch of body nitpicks but way to ruin it, I guess.

No. 294433

Some anons are just more shallow than the cows themselves with how focused they are on things like her not being ana-enough for her standards so they call her as is a hamplanet. I totally get what you mean, I want drama, give me a cheating scandal or something juicy. Not low-brow male-oriented nitpicking.

No. 294436

I swear these threads are full of bone rattling. My brain logged off once someone posted a comparison picture where she looked sick on the first photo and her age on the last photo. No wonder she has an ED if she reads her own threads.

No. 294437

This faux concern for Loony because of personal projection is retarded derailing.

She literally prides herself on being anachan and it has nothing to do with male-oriented thinking. No male OR female likes whatever contortion of the day this clown has ever shooped herself into.

No. 294438

is no one going to mention the fact that she is keeping her manga in the kitchen cabinet above her microwave?

No. 294463

>Apartment so small manga goes in the kitchen (Can only buy ramen 1 at a time anyway)
From >>294037 , which you tagged.

No. 294464

She probably doesn't actually keep it in there. The only thing I can think of is that some mangas do have recipes in the back of their books like Kitchen Princess.

No. 294470

Nobody's concerned about her. People are just saying that these threads devolve into nitpicking and calling her fat, which isn't milk, yet if you were to try that on other threads you eventually cop a ban. The same way aki being a fat gorilla isn't milk, looni being skinny fat or anachan or whatever threads fuck your standards are isn't milk either.

No. 294537

people call her fat and old because they know it will tilt her, it's pretty obvious

No. 294540

Kek no way she can cook, never forget the piece of lettuce pic and the shit stew!

No. 294552


The hamburger water was my hands-down fave thread moment. Pairs so well with peeps and Pepsi.

No. 294553


The hamburger water was my hands-down fave thread moment. Pairs so well with peeps and Pepsi.

No. 294582

Need to implement a Shay nitpicking rule

No. 294590

I wonder if she's back to hitting Scott up for money/help since he moved in with that cosplayer in Florida whose husband went to prison for covid relief fraud.

No. 294593

Catering comments in hopes she lurks seems like a bad way to fill a thread

No. 294603

Kek, as if Scott has any money. The only way he survives is by grifting from one cosplay chick to another until he gets caught cheating and then thrown out like the trash he is.

Can't believe there's still women stupid enough to take him in at this point, especially since he's fat and moldy now.

No. 294645

So he’s Lori, kek

No. 294649

nta but they both lurk and wk themselves in this thread constantly.

The best episode was Kevvy telling everyone we don't know high fashion, kek!

No. 294650

They truly are soulmates. He's even been pulling the exact same "BOOHOO MUH BACK" thing lately that Loony did.

No. 294670

>The best episode was Kevvy telling everyone we don't know high fashion
I liked the part where he took the discussion of his height very seriously

No. 294677

Where is your sauce for this? Genuinely curious as Scott is a milkbag and really needs his own thread.

No. 294691

NAYRT but I think I remember that anon saying that she is Facebook friends with the Florida cosplayer girl and saw some statuses about betrayal that matched up with Scott cheating and eventually she (the cosplayer) confirmed it months later but writing a more in depth status.

No. 294734

he also gets mad if you call him bald.

wonder if Kev knows male pattern baldness generally starts at the back of the head, so if no one tells him it's thinning he won't know.

No. 294869

>No wonder she has an ED if she reads her own threads

Nona this woman has had problems her entire life, long before she ever had any threads. She has an ed to go with her mental issues, primarily to her narcissism and has been that way since early 2000s when she was a cosplay noob chattering at the top of her lungs for attention on the Manhattan side walkwalks. Lori has always been an attention whore. These threads have nothing to do with her issues and if anything, fuel her ego because she takes them as people giving a shit about her instead of recognizing that she should feel humiliated because she looks deranged.

No. 294880

File: 1682864016986.jpg (1.08 MB, 2864x4088, GridArt_20230430_071134146~2.j…)

Lori and Kevin left the house yesterday to get breaded chicken from an Asian festival. Everybody stopped Lori in order to admire her elf ears because she is an anime babe irl.

No. 294889

LMAO at this sad ass schnitzel and Kevin's jewelry(sage your shit)

No. 294891

his roots… just get a haircut kevvyboy!!!!

No. 294897

This has probably been pointed out before by others, but it really bothers me how badly she flat irons her hair… I can tell she doesn't bother sectioning it out and just irons big thick strands of hair together, probably doesn't even use a heat protectant, and those bangs… as if there are no tutorials out there on how to style them with an iron and not have that ugly half-assed curve that poofs out and looks retarded. If she could spend maybe 20 mins to half an hour on proper styling she'd look 25% less of a trashy mess.

No. 294902

File: 1682873218736.png (950.41 KB, 1080x2137, Screenshot_20230430-013423-749…)

My Lori styling pet peeve is her atrocious winged eyeliner that's as thick as a lane stripe in the road. But I think I finally figured it out. She's trying to look like she has that real thick eyeline like in anime, as this little chibi character shows. This whole time I thought that she was messing up the wing and then trying to fix it by making it thicker and thicker. That's seriously what it looks like though.

No. 294956

her hair is probably so damaged it is resistant to heat styling, so she has to go over sections multiple times to get her hair to lay flat. thus making it even more dry and brittle. it must be a bitch to detangle after washing.

so did they go together or not? are they even living together at this point? their dynamic gets weirder by the day.

No. 295018

The absolute newfaggotory of the statement you're responding to. If lurk moar was ever appropriate it's now.

No. 295053

Loony and Kevvy keep claiming that they get IRL compliments whenever they go outside looking like dirty clowns. Totemo legit cool story.

Hope someone got unfiltered candids of them eating their sadkatsu.

No. 295370

God he looks like a fucking pig, especially from that angle

No. 295390

>that cosplayer in Florida whose husband went to prison for covid relief fraud

At the risk of getting shrieked at for derailing…WUUUUT?! Who is it? Who even does that? I know it doesn't belong here since its not Loony related but is there a thread somewhere I can find out more about this?

No. 295405


I won't derail beyond this, nor will I doxx. It's all public record. Google "senior nasa executive covid fraud". That should cover it.

No. 295733

This is the cheapest shit I've ever seen. It looks like something you would buy from a sex shop

No. 295874

Someone tell Kevin his retro 2006 emo hair looks ridiculous.

No. 296088

Just because an event has a cosplay contest doesn't mean it's an excuse to dress up like that at a cultural festival.

No. 296118

File: 1683672152879.jpg (Spoiler Image, 81.03 KB, 1080x560, 20230509_173800.jpg)

Seriously, I think you have the wrong person. Are you talking about that Tiffany woman Scott was seeing? I doubt it was the one married to the NASA exec.

We have one of these festivals where I live and its filled with children and their families. I imagine her in one of her terrifying get ups or just looking old and out if place in a costume. Either way, she'll be getting looks all day and probably be deluded about why people are looking at her.

No. 296651

File: 1683938573026.jpg (66.72 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230512_174319_401.jpg)

Kevin had a decent run but got the block today, lol.

No. 296730

I applaud your dedication calendar nonna. Thank you for your service.

No. 296781

You're the best, calendaranon. Wonder what triggered Lori this time. Mayhaps there is a new a scrote she is courting.

No. 296875

maybe kevin forgot to call lori a spicy loli elf gremlin bb when he gave her some sushi that he stole out of an ubereats bag he was supposed to deliver?
or maybe lori blocked him because she was consumed with rage that he made a split second of eye contact with the girl working at the coffeeshop while he was paying for an iced coffee for lori with his last $3

No. 297004

File: 1684187729136.jpeg (582.71 KB, 2458x3072, IMG_1607.jpeg)

She hasnt been very eventful lately. Still obsessing over haters, still clinging onto her moonie days, still begging for the same 10 subs so she can afford oysters

No. 297067

And yet we get bitched at if we say that we wish she'd produce some actual milk or accused of being her or the dirty q-tip.

No. 297140

File: 1684355410740.jpg (40.5 KB, 866x545, nodox.jpg)


There is a second Tiffany that Scott dated who is entirely innocents and unrelated - that is years ago.

Scott is living with the Tiffany whose husband went to prison for Covid fraud.


I removed everything unrelated because I am not going to doxx anyone. The receipt I'm providing gives zero information that is not publicly available. I chose to censor it, but I can't tell anyone to not look it up.

Tezna's husband got out of prison recently, I wonder how it's going in their household with Scott shacking up with his wife and roleplaying as a husband.

No. 297153

File: 1684370193650.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.11 KB, 576x382, 130606469_200773961604805_5801…)

Wait wait cupcakecosplay tiffany??? And is this why she got banned from WCS? That woman has so much drama, why would he even be attracted to her when he still goes off about loony?

No. 297174


Dude gets off on being the WK for women? IDK. But yeah, that's the one. No idea if that's why she got banned from WCS, I had not heard of such thing.

Scott's move in with her happened right after he showed up in this thread, tried to "help" Lori, and then ditched Heidi. He did Heidi a fucking FAVOR by leaving because she does not deserve any of the negative shit he brings.

Dude's a scumbag and he and Lori deserve each other. I can't decide if Scott or Kevin are the better match for Lori. Maybe they should just joust it out. I'd almost pay for that.

Google is your friend. I'm the same anon who found out Kevvy had retained a lawyer months ago and had a court date. I rarely post. Simple searches reveal a LOT of shit. Google but do not doxx. You can learn without being an asshole about it.

No. 297216

How did Kevvy afford a lawyer? Parents money probably?

No. 297252

I'll take things that never happened for 100. Love the perpetual victim status as much as I love a 38 year old woman dressed like sailor moon and hiding her face in shame.

How the fk did that looser shack up with a NASA execs wife? Damn the world is strange. Must not have much money for an exec since that equity is sad.

No. 297253

>How the fk did that looser shack up with a NASA execs wife?

Heidi did throw him out after catching him cheating on her with multiple women. So I imagine he fed Tezna some sob story full of lies to get her to take him in, Tezna was one of the ones he was already cheating on Heidi with (that move happened crazy fast), or Tezna is incredibly dumb and desperate (she was in the moonie fandom so how could she not know any of his drama?).

Are we sure Scott and Lori aren't the same person kek?

No. 297308


Brief derail because L/K have been so quiet.

I'd really be interested in the conversation that took place when the husband got home from prison and found Scott larping as husband/dad.

No. 297499

File: 1684644696598.png (601.95 KB, 1080x1976, Screenshot_20230520-215217-498…)

Looks like Kevin isn't getting any of the box dye this month.

No. 297591

Ever since this thread warned him he'd go bald from bleaching, he stopped kek

No. 297602

File: 1684706854078.jpg (70.54 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230521_150651_575.jpg)

Congrats 2 Kevin on making it back onto Lori's list of followers.

No. 297614

I might get hate for this but I honestly think Kevvy looks better with his natural dark hair than that yellow straw crap he had.

Well that explains why that furfuck tucked his tail between his legs and went into hiding and fell off the face of the earth lol.

No. 297710

File: 1684783682844.jpeg (61 KB, 750x541, 9F5994F0-A81E-4D43-8B68-1F3022…)

I agree, does look better with the natural color. The cut is ugly as sin though. I don’t mind guys with long hair, but the styling is dated and unflattering.

In other news, Lori is suffering from pretty privilege. It’s SOOO weird guys, when you completely style yourself to cater to a fetish, and guys view and interact with you exactly how you market yourself.

No. 297729

Wonder if this is a jab at Kevin. He's absolutely with Lori because she looks a certain way.

No. 297741

File: 1684807538395.jpeg (81.39 KB, 750x1153, IMG_1708.jpeg)

Looks like he bought his way back into her graces, unless this is her old pair?

Shes whining about pretty privilege but the reality is she probably wishes she still had it. She never bothered with interests that wouldn’t get her male attention and never had much intelligence or talent to begin with.

The wrinkles are getting deeper, the body more untoned, the weed breath a little skunkier. Shes becoming everything she used to mock and becoming invisible to the male gaze.

No. 297768

LOOOL i don't even know this girl, just scrolling by, but this is so stupid. sorry for spreg, but this is the experience of ALL women, pretty or ugly. she's just trying to flex her looks, while also admitting to having a privilege. i'd even say that if you're ugly, you're more likely to just be sexualized or be seen as an "easy lay", instead of being persued in a romantic way. pretty privilege is being actually given a chance (a lot of the time because they want to fuck you). being ugly means no one gives you a chance, or thinks they can treat you like shit. they're two sides of the same misogynistic coin, but the latter is definitely much worse.

No. 297824

>if you're ugly, you're more likely to just be sexualized or be seen as an "easy lay", instead of being persued in a romantic way

Exactly this. She's never had thar privilege and has spent her life hopping between low grade scrotes who would take anything available.

True pretty privilege means ending up with a successful life and tons of friends without trying. Not begging for a few dollars on the internet and having to catfish for it.

No. 298245

File: 1685197350320.jpg (138.03 KB, 840x2289, Screenshot_20230526_223127_Fac…)

Lori getting rid of "beckies" in her life

No. 298259


I wonder how Tiffany Tezna's kids are reacting to Scott's porn addiction. Can't be good having him around small children.

Ten bucks says he has VIP status to Lori's OF.

No. 298265

File: 1685216848328.jpeg (232.15 KB, 2069x1524, 07F232C5-5264-498C-B465-507BB0…)

her last remaining ferret looking very rough. poor thing only gets shown to show off her ugly new shoes.

No. 298341

No one is uncomfortable with her bikini pics. Most adults would consider a 38 year old behaving this way either a degenerate, a loser or emotionally damaged. Those "beckies" as she calls them have lives and they dont want them damaged by being involved with someone like her. I like how she calls people normies lol! Yes, this is by far abnormal behavior. She acknowledges it, but tries to pretend its special. Special, but not the way she thinks.

I cant believe it's still alive! Those shoes are hideous.

No. 298347

She has no friends, neither egirl nor normie. Sounds like she ran out of scrotes to beg from so she's blaming other egirls now.

No. 298437

yeah this comment is strange. did a becky say something to when she was laying by the pool in one of her 9.99 napkinis? did her and kev get laughed at by normies for dressing like anime hobos? she makes no sense.

No. 298449

what’s with the ferret’s fur? are those tumours or missing chunks of hair or just weird lighting?

No. 298473

File: 1685369383201.png (135.56 KB, 477x600, pone.0187986.g003.png)

Poor guy looks like he has adrenal disease, unfortunately ferrets get sick very often especially marshalls ferrets from USA breeders, 50% of ferrets will get cancer in their lifetime.
I've posted this before in a different Lori thread I think but here's some signs of a sick ferret to keep an eye out for.(medfagging an animal)

No. 298535

File: 1685390863236.jpg (79.72 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230529_130813_705.jpg)

Active blocking and unblocking at the end of the month for these two. Wonder what's going on.

No. 298549

looni wants a new pair of shoes

No. 298552

There's no way she isn't screeching at him for money so she can pretend she's more successful than the "beckies".

No. 298631

She definitely has no friends. Anyone shes ever referring to is a rando off the internet including whoever this is >>298245 claiming they are so gladshe and Looni found each other. Either another degenerate or someone who will run away too.

These quick succession block/unblock fits always make me think they either had a fight or Lori was hiding something from him. The end of the month so maybe its money related.

No. 298641

End of the month and weekends, seemingly close to paydays for Kevvy.

No. 298716


Between that and his insistence that he has a big dick*, I feel sorry for the women who fell for his bullshit.

*He does not

No. 298717


Foodstamp refill day?

No. 298724

You speaking from personal experience?(sage your shit)

No. 298744

lori should spend more time applying for jobs and less time blocking kev. she’s on her phone all day anyway.

No. 298766

I am not >>298716 but I can speak from personal experience. We hooked up briefly several years ago, he kept going on about how he hoped I was ready for his "raging 9 inches" etc etc.

Biggest disappointment of my sex life. He's 3 maybe 4 inches at most. Most of his teeny peeny was lost in his nappy pubes. He won't go down on women but wants deep throated. Kept making stupid growling noises like a dog and was done in just a few minutes.

Considering that Tezna woman is stuck with the old fat balding moid version of him with the teeny peeny now I do feel bad for her. But she did fall for his bullshit kek.(please don't post revenge porn)

No. 298820

>>298766 wtf anon, kek

No. 298825

>wants to be deepthroated
How does he expect to do this with a bite-sized dick? Is this one of lori's exs or something?

No. 298831

Who is this and why do my eyes have to burn

No. 298833

Today was a bad day to have eyes.
Lmao about the growling noises, he really does think he is a wolf!

THIS is the dick that Lori has been trying to jump on intermittently for literally 20 years?! No wonder why she thought Rikki Cory had a big dick… (Kitty was asked about it on KF and she said he was maybe 6”.)

No. 298835

Actually wasn't Scott trying to get back with Lori? I thought like a few threads back some screenshots were posted where they were trying to hook up behind their partners backs. But then Lori rejected him and he came on here to sperg about her. Then right after that his GF yeeted him like rotten milk.

Guess for all his faults Kevvy's packing more than a micropeen.

No. 298837


Holy fucking shit, well done, anon! I'm the one who said he promised a big dick but didn't deliver but GODDAMN you came in with RECEIPTS!


No. 298839

Jfc why did I come here tonight. I'm too high for this shit. At least that one anon who thirsts over Scott from a few threads back will be happy with this image lmao

No. 298840

If that's a photo from your camera roll that he did personally send you and he knows you're the only one with it, if he lurks, you have an easy lawsuit against for revenge porn. Might not have been the best idea to post personal nudes.

No. 298841


So posting Lori's nudes is okay but not this? C'mon lets be on the same page.

(Not the anon who posted nudes of anyone.)

No. 298842

Implying that he doesn't send out nudes to multiple women like extended car warranty notifications kek.

No. 298845

That's still not posted publicly. There's a difference between Lori posting her nudes online and some guy sending a few women gross dick pics. I'm just letting anon know. Not trying to infight about it.

No. 298846


Fair point. Continue onwards!

No. 298849

IMO, I don’t think Scott was trying to get back together with Lori because it seems like he wants a woman who he knows he can financially leech off of. I think he was just trying to smash Lori (and was stupid and selfish enough to think Heidi wouldn’t find out) and knew that Lori was easy (going by her hypersexuality while she was a teenager, dating Scott, and all the way up until she met Kevin) and would maybe put out for Scott for some money to her CashApp, but most importantly for feeling like she is wanted more than another woman.

Lori would never go for Scott for anything other than the sex she denies her loyal Cash Cow Kevin. Kevin is Ol’ Reliable. He is faithful, isolated everyone for her, and still continues to do everything Lori asks. His parents pay for their bachelor apartment, and Kevin buys Lori instant noodles and knickknacks. Scott is a bum and would not do any of these things for her, nor bring in money for her plushie hoard, and also would be cheating on her the entire time which she would not accept.

No. 298850

File: 1685591384800.png (Spoiler Image, 55.72 KB, 500x374, AA9D7D75-A39E-4460-8814-639532…)

Scott has Hank Hill butt.

No. 298883

revenge porn isn't allowed. Unless he's posted it online like on OF or w.e, please don't post that shit here. Also, stop derailing about Scott. If he's milky enough go make a thread about him.

No. 298890

Revenge porn notifying anon here, thank you. Didn't want the anon to be found through the website by him. That's my biggest issue, the anonymity.

No. 298910

File: 1685660938322.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 72.71 KB, 698x757, 835933E0-5ED3-4FDC-ADF5-742008…)

Speaking of fair-game nudity posts (posted to her OF), I’ve been checking leak sites every few months. Most of the stuff is not very milky - just her making stupid faces and pulling her ugly outfits from instagram to the side - but this was odd to me. In burgerland, nudity in saunas isn’t the norm in my experience. Particularly because most saunas I’ve seen in gyms and apartments are co-ed. Either way, posting nudes to your OF from the public areas of the apartment complex where you also live seems squicky to me.

Always remember to bring a towel to sit on in your local sauna, nonnies!(sage your shit)

No. 298945


Thanks for the reminder that apartment building resources and benefits may have had a middle age woman wiping her asshole all over it. Use a goddamn towel for chrissake. I have no problem with sex work but doing this in a PUBLIC space is disgusting.

No. 298964

She… actually posted this blurry mess, showing her busted out asshole and hemorrhoid hanging there, to OF and there's a handful of virgins that actually pay for this? Fucking barf

No. 299125

why did anon get a ban for bringing milk to the table? disgusting, why didnt she use a towel. she also has the type of genitals that would look much better with some pubic hair, the waxed look isn't serving her any favors.

No. 299165

Why should milk be saged, this hasn't been shared before. Jannies going full retard.

No. 299169

her lego vag looks fucking weird because she has a complex about her inner labia being larger and sticking out, so she tries to tuck them back in and hide them. As a result, it makes everything look weird. Ladies, there is nothing wrong with larger inner labia just so long as they do not hinder your comfort while sitting, walking, etc.

No. 299172

it's not even sexy…she looks like she's pulling her thong out of her booty. and no offense but whenever anons post clips of her boring self on here i wonder why she had so many men pussy whipped.

No. 299202

Those were different times, hot girls weren't a common thing in the con scene. She was a nonhambeast (and slightly above average then imo) girl willing to put out at the drop of a hat in a sea of sweaty greasy weeb moids, she was bound to hook at least a couple.

No. 299213

Blown out asshole and lego vag aside, I can’t get past how fried and dead her hair looks. For fuck’s sake Lori for someone who has been obsessed with hair your whole life, you should at least take care of it.

No. 299245

you're right, it still baffles me though because you'd think with how scott and other guys still lurk around her, she'd be some 12/10 sex goddess. then you actually see her and what she's become and it is just sad. but then again, i am not a moid so, i see her for what she is and now what i want her to be.

No. 299259

Its because men like Scott think they still have a chance with Lori. I don't think she'd fuck Scott again but I'm sure he believes there is a chance, due to history and the fact that she is toothless and poverty-stricken.

No. 299262

Yeah but Scott is toothless and poverty stricken now too kek.

No. 299272

Exactly, Lori doesn't want anything to do with Scott unless he's buying her crap or outright giving her money. The text messages between Scott and Lori that he showed us had Lori getting all pissy with him when he offered to pay for a meal delivery service for her because she was whining about being hungry. She basically said if he didn't want to send her cash then he could fuck off, lol. It's like that other anon said up there, Kevin has more to offer Lori than Scott at this point. His parents are paying for their apartment and their bills.

Kevin is still blocked though. I need to get a new calendar going for June!

No. 299274

I'm not too invested in Lori lore but I believe the screenshots were even more pathetic: he was offering her hellofresh vouchers (I assume free order for first customer type deal) like not even offering to pay anything, just here's a voucher amazing he rolled up here thinking that made him a saint and we would be impressed kek

No. 299500

Yuck, that hemorrhoid is gross. Who could get it up looking at some old ladies butt disease.

I dont think there much of anyone lurking around her anymore. The Scott thing was like a year ago. I dont think hes still trying for anything, he's getting it somewhere else.

Dudes from her past knew they could use her for a quick romp though. Her rep proceeds her, and most of relationships included cheating so its expected that she might be willing.

>hellofresh vouchers
Kek! Im surprised she didnt take the deal since that's on par with her whoring herself out for ramen, cannolis and peep pepsi.

No. 299513

File: 1685998778820.jpg (65.71 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230605_134958_587.jpg)

It's weird to me how Kevin even bothers to re-follow her after getting blocked at this point, lol. I've said this before but in the beginning of this blocking/unblocking nonsense, Kevin used to painstakingly add back a ton of likes onto Lori's page that would be lost when she blocked him, going back 1-2 weeks sometimes. After about a year he would only add back between 2-5. But he doesn't even bother at all now. He only likes current posts if he's her friend and when he gets blocked/unblocked he never goes back and re-likes older posts. That behavior slowly dropped off. It makes me wonder if he'll eventually not bother to follow her back for awhile. Or maybe he is doing that. There's really no way of knowing when she unblocks him, only when he follows her again. I just always put them on the same day.

No. 299518

lori is so goddamn toxic she doesn't realize her doing this over time (albeit slowly) will make him not give a shit anymore. The fact he's not going back and doing that kinda signifies he's slowly getting the 'I just don't have energy to care anymore' thing that long term toxic couples get to. Eventually he's just not going to even bother following her back and just not give a shit anymore and ignore her screeching and hollering and just take his skateboard and go outside without even responding, if he doesn't already do that. Who knows if he'll ever break up with her but he's clearly getting drained by her antics over time.

No. 299527

File: 1686006259447.jpeg (86.59 KB, 750x1227, IMG_1817.jpeg)

Looks like that tacky “YoU CaNt AfFoRd mE!” Pillow applies more to her ferret than her

No. 299529

kek. I work in a nursing home and she is highkey giving "patient waiting for ass to be wiped" right down to wispy thinning white hair.

No. 299533

>I dont think hes still trying for anything, he's getting it somewhere else.

You're talking about a moid who keeps cosplay women in his rolodex for potential lays/freeloading. The dude pays prositutes for sex. He is always trying to get it from someone or somewhere else.

JFC with all the shoop on her vag, you'd think she'd at least take her roids out.

No. 299541


100% if Scott could refuck anyone who fell for his BS in the past, he'd be all over it. He has been trying repeatedly.

And at least now we know what happened to that last ferret. "Cancer" and probably receiving zero medical treatment, as a way to beg for money. There will be a post showing off new shoes before theres any kind of update/thanks for helping with his medical issues.

No. 299559

Fwiw cancer is really common in ferrets so that I actually believe her on

No. 299562

And also since ferrets are illegal in many states, I don't think many normal vets know much about them as far as care goes and if she can't afford treatment or if she's been told the cancer would be fixed with treatment, letting it live out until it's too much or passes away naturally is nicer than just euthanasia from the get-go. There's a lot of assumptions with the ferrets. I really don't think she's trying to hurt them.

No. 299595

The ferret saga is finally coming to an end. I still want to viciously a-log her treatment of her pets Kevin not included

No. 299628

I’ll withhold sperging about ferret care on the grounds that they haven’t gotten any more of them as far as we know. If my very sketchy mental calculations are correct, this one around 7, which is roughly a normal lifespan for a ferret (nonnies feel free to correct me). I will sperg a bit of they start up collecting them again. It annoys me that these two chose to keep exotic pets without the means to properly care for them… But then, they’re idiots that can barely care for themselves. If they realize it was too stressful and unrealistic to rely on go-fund-mes for normal vet care, then that’s more than I would expect from them.

No. 299645

That's assuming the GFMs were actually for vet care. It's pretty obvious everything was for Loony's shopping in the end and Kevvy's parents covered the vet fees.

No. 299699

File: 1686173525752.jpg (67.48 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230607_143314_665.jpg)

lol that didn't last long.

No. 299724

File: 1686184229315.jpeg (34.22 KB, 713x593, D2EB5186-9175-452B-B73F-633234…)

Wonder if he’s in trouble again because one of his friends noticed Lori is awful?

No. 300070

He needs to just not follow her back, really puts her off. She thrives on his weak brain that can't say no.

No. 300618

Seriously. The second he stops following after she unblocks him will throw her for a loop. He may even get laid in fear he will leave since she has no back up.

No. 300730


Christ this thread has gotten boring
At least it was fun while people sperged abt Scotts tiny dick and being as much a cow, even if it derailed.

No. 300829

File: 1686886021584.jpg (89.24 KB, 711x1280, IMG_20230615_202815_939.jpg)

Kevin posts stuff like this every so often but the only person who is still hung up on ex friendships is him. All that shit went down in 2017 which was 6 years ago. All of Kevin's ex friends have moved on and they aren't thinking about him as much as he wishes they were.

No. 300840

He ruminates on past friends cause he cannot make and hold new friendships to create fresh memories with.

No. 300864

Yes, and then he blames not being able to make new lasting friendships on the “lies” told by the hat0rz from his past. Zero accountability on his part that he’s just a loser.

No. 300871

i was one of the idiots who used to root for him to leave lori and move on with his life. now i see how fucking toxic he is, such a perpetual victim and incredibly manipulative. isn't he about 31-32? he is too old for this kind of whiny bullshit. he will always be a poor broke ass whining about how he "friends" betrayed him.

No. 300888

I'm glad you saw the light, anon. Kevin turns 30 in October this year. I'm sure his parents will get him something nice.

No. 300932

People have gotten over rough breakups in the amount of time it's been since this incident. There was a global pandemic in that span of time. Let it go dude.

No. 300973

File: 1687112899486.jpg (69.31 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230618_112634_980.jpg)

I'm going to be removing the "Kevin unblocked" parts from the calendar since there's no way of knowing when Lori is actually unblocking him. I'd like to think he goes longer and longer before eventually re-folliwing her again but who knows.

No. 301001

Tbh, for all we know, some of this might be him just unfollowing her and not exactly him being blocked.

No. 301021

i think the reason calender anon knows he gets blocked is because his likes on all her posts disappear every time.

No. 301027

This is correct. In some of my past calendars I've written "Kevin unfollows Lori" because his likes will still be on her page but he won't show up as a follower. I write "blocked" if Kevin's likes disappear from Lori's page.

No. 301030

File: 1687199554524.png (420.42 KB, 1080x1963, Screenshot_20230619-113336.png)

No. 301119


Ew. To this entire concept.

No. 301131

Kevin is never going to learn or take any accountability in his life, is he? It's almost depressing checking this sub and seeing how far down the drain these two have gone.

No. 301132

Kek as if she lets him even touch her anymore or even have any healthy communication with him. She probably screeches about ramen and needing more subs while he yells “withholding!” Like a tard.

Also no Kevin, your average moderately successful adult woman doesnt want to be infantilized, just your lazy ass girlfriend with arrested development.

No. 301607

File: 1687718297599.jpg (76.02 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230625_113613_230.jpg)

Updated June 2023 calendar. I wasn't able to tell whether it was a blocking or unfollowing on the 20th because there were no "likes" added in that short window Kevin had followed her back that time. I am 90% sure it was a block though, as they usually are.

Lori has been doing a lot of ferret posting lately.

No. 301922

File: 1687902083318.png (72.17 KB, 1080x1799, Screenshot_20230627-142231.png)

No. 301927

Kevin, you’ve been a little bitch for YEARS. This isn’t an era. It’s who you are. Embrace it.

No. 301952

A part from him always being "in his bitchy era", why does he think we need his internal monologue accompanying an image most people just share and move on?

No. 301970

I wish Kevin would do a live or something. I want to experience his bitchy tweaky whining in real time. Just a normal talking live

No. 302006

Wow, these blocking shenanigans still go on regularly this many years later? Pathetic doesn't even begin to describe, on both sides.

How long as it been since the anime con proposals anyway? Isn't it bad luck to be engaged for over 1 year?

No. 302056

What “FRIENDS” Kevin? What about all the people lori and you fucked over? Nobody cares that you stopped cosplaying. He’s been bitching about the cosplay community for 5 years. Get a job. Lori leeched your clout away you’re used up. No friends. No money. No job. Bad reputation of abusing and threatening to harm people online along with doxxing people. Both of them are miserable cu nts. He’s been throwing a tantrum for over five years now. >>299527
The sick ferret grift is getting old and disgusting at this point.

No. 302098

What is Kevin's job? He bragged when putting on a silly "fit" to go to work once, but it looked like he was just getting ready to go doordashing. Wouldn't be surprised if his parents send him money as long as he doesn't get married to her.

No. 302136


Wasn't there a time he was working, he bragged about coming home from work to healthy BLT wraps or something?

No. 302266

He worked at a hardware store for about five minutes before he decided the world owed him for his sick skateboard tricks

No. 302302

Self respect and confidence when your a complete failure? Sure, if your delusional as these two.

No. 302690

File: 1688491228692.jpg (1.03 MB, 4096x2624, GridArt_20230704_122026946~2.j…)

Kevin has graced us with another update about how he's so totes over the cosplay scene.

No. 302702

not gonna lie i find kevin very attractive there. he's a lost cause though. i doubt he'll ever cosplay again, the real reason he doesn't do it is because he's too poor and has to spend all his money on rent, pepsi, ramen, and shoes for abuela.

No. 302705

Lori does the exact same things, she puts out the laziest shit ever and calls it a day thinking she did the hardest work ever in her life

No. 302708

He's just gonna end up aging like milk and turning into Scott 2.0 anyways. Lori def has a type.

No. 302716

where are the 'hot anime character' abs? I'm pretty sure male cosplayers are creating just fine without your smelly narcissism wafting around the con. Not to mention the economic situation might affect cosplayers and how much they can spend - but Kevin, the great grifter, won't ever consider that despite being a poorfag himself

No. 302729

>”the cos community just feels like memes and instant gratification”

Is this a dig at Lori and her lazy “Marin does elf monster girl” content?

He went from an average looking 20 something year old to “dehydrated twink that bums cigarettes at the gas station” in a matter of 4 years. he's aging like milk left under a hot sun

No. 302737


Someone really needs to make a thread for Scott (I'd do it but I don't know how) because that moid is milky AF. He's basically Lori with a micropenis.

No. 302748

He makes a far better woman than Lori, but it's been 5 years since they've been to a con according to this. So why does he still keep talking about cosplay?

Meanwhile Lori posting age old pictures of when she was thinner in the old apartment but pretending it's new.

They're both absolute hasbeens.

No. 302749

Anon he's one step away from trooning out here. Please love yourself!

No. 302884

Only poor fags think people arent still out there living their lives. Plenty of men are still making epic cosplay and traveling to cons. Theres entire threads on pinterest alone of epic male cosplayers from 2023. Not everyone is broke Kevin. Accept it, you're the bottom of the barrel, that's why you live in a HUD apartment with an old lady who mooches off of you. You dont cosplay because you have no money due to poor life choices.

>when she pops up during your mindless scrolling

I would see a blurry picture of a desperate looking lady wearing a dumb costume with press on nails and a shitty wig and keep scrolling.

No. 302897

File: 1688752031840.jpg (161.14 KB, 724x1280, IMG_20230706_185538_556.jpg)

He is SO bitter. This is such a shitty thing to say, for lots of reasons. I doubt it's even true and even if so, people can go to conventions without huge, elaborate costumes and that's ok! He is definitely acting like it's his choice to quit cosplay because he's so over current cosplayers and how it's just not the same and blah blah when really it's like you said, >>302884, he's broke and can't afford it, and also the amount of people that are extremely creative and talented at cosplay are quite vast in numbers these days and Kevin is intimidated.

I love all his bitter updates about the cosplay community. It's obvious he spends a lot of time seething over the fact that nobody from that community really cared when he and Lori stopped attending conventions but he really, desperately wanted his absence to have some sort of impact. Lol.

No. 302906

yeah, AX isn't solely for cosplay and even if it were, sometimes people want to do other kinds of costumes. Also I'm not sure how he can judge the whole con based on a few reports. I did hear it was packed but that's the post-pandemic rebound. c'est la vie, Kev. No one missed your stinky ass.

No. 302934

Cope harder Kevvy! There are several amazing male cosplayers at all cons, not only making money with their hobby but simultaneously raising families and supporting their families with normalfag jobs, too.

Nobody is checking for Kevvy at these cons but he's posting like an esteemed guest, kek. Lori and him are so delusional. It's obv they won't go because they're scared of candids and being constantly outshined by all the talented and good looking cosplayers.

No. 302942

Kevin has seemed to forgotten that anime conventions (or any cons) are for the love of whatever shit you're there for. He's part of the problem with cosplay needing to 'make you famous' to be worthwhile. That's not why you're supposed to cosplay.

And meanwhile, the felon husband of the dude whose wife Scott moved in with has come out as gay.

No. 302954

AX is a super normie con. I saw a bunch of cosplays but they were mainly the same demon slayer ones just bought online. People were obviously there just to have a good time after a long pandemic. I dunno why he thinks people NEED to do big cosplays and cosplays at all at a comic/anime con when they are obviously there just because. He's so weird about shit.

No. 302955

I think I understand what he is saying as someone who frequents conventions. Obviously AX is great for people looking for fun after the pandemic, but it's been open for 2 years again now, it's not just after the pandemic anymore. They oversold, a lot of people who attend are looking for attention and easy attention at that [thots who have massively oversatuated the con-scene with, as you said, the same online bought cosplays with hardly any alterations or cool additions to make the cosplays stand out] or just booth babe like stand-around girls. Big cosplays used to be the thing to take to AX as that is the biggest con in Cali for anime.

No. 302957

It's because he wishes he could still go to cons and cosplay but he can't because he chose Lori, someone everyone hates over his former friend group. Lori probably doesn't want to go because she's an old, washed up hack whos burned all her bridges and Kevin wouldn't go by himself because he's so codependent on Lori at this point. It's kinda sad that he's constantly lamenting over this and doesn't even lift a finger to change it

No. 302972


Fully this. Can't let those pesky intrusive thoughts about Dreams Left Unfulfilled creep in when the cause of it all is 5 feet away on the same air mattress. Far easier to copepost about how the scene is whack and its participants untalented.

No. 302987

“No AX this year” like they had a choice to go financially? He was not in the cosplay scene for very long. Many people have cosplayed longer. His opinion or review of conventions literally does not matter or mean anything. He keeps harping on “cosplay community” which they are both not currently participating in so his opinion is BS. But his own standards of making “big cosplay” being the only true form of the hobby means Lori and himself are not “real” cosplayers. Both of them post inaccurate and closer cosplays with bought items. Kevin’s “cosplays” are unfinished for over five years now. People don’t have to dress up for conventions to have fun. Not everyone is an attention whore sell out on OF or booth girl. His opinion is so toxic. He’s a 30 year old throwing the same tantrum for over five years. Get a job.

No. 302988

Is AX the con where all those candids of her looking absolutely ancient came from? That could be why she is refusing to go. She's scared more unedited pics will be released. Those candids were awful and with her lifestyle she probably looks even worse now and knows it.(sage your shit)

No. 302993

File: 1688853180101.jpg (67.53 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230708_145445_220.jpg)

I forgot to post this yesterday. Kevin is currently blocked.

No. 302999

File: 1688855687112.png (1.15 MB, 864x1270, Screenshot_20230708-171111.png)

well he just ain't got time for socials, duh. Too busy…

No. 303000

I cant believe he still has this shitty haircut. He looks like he's trapped in 2006-2012 and refuses to leave.

No. 303003

He looks so dead in the eyes. Kevin truly has no soul left. I hope it was worth it, Kevvy. At least as long as they’re together they can’t impose themselves on anyone else. They can rot away in their shitty apartment eating Lori’s chicken bacon wraps and dry meatball broth.

No. 303006

File: 1688868742202.png (683.58 KB, 1080x2027, Screenshot_20230708-191302-655…)

>literally millions

Lori, your reach has been the same for years. Quite miniscule.

No. 303010

>And meanwhile, the felon husband of the dude whose wife Scott moved in with has come out as gay.

Lucky for Scott Tiffy Tezna's into dudes who don't eat pussy then.

No. 303018

Filter is giving him that strange pink hue teenage girls from 2008 used to have because of their foundation. It even makes it look like he has concealer on his lips.

No. 303019


My sides! If she had millions, why is she always begging for 1 or 2 subs everyday to afford ramen?

If she had such reach she'd be living off OF and not crying for money to get fillers or fix her missing teeth.(reddit spacing)

No. 303020

i was about to comment the same thing. does he put foundation on his lips? i wouldn't put it past kevvy to be wearing makeup. or maybe hes just so tired and sickly from their poor diet that he actually looks like that. i still tinfoil they're on some sort of drugs, maybe abusing adderall or another prescription stimulant? wasn't he sent to rehab back in the day for coke or was that just a rumor in this thread?

No. 303025

Posting "too busy for socials" right after being blocked, never seen a man so, well cucked and pussywhipped as this man. He's obsessed with Lori and probably gets little to nothing from his efforts, there is a lesson here but I don't know what

No. 303026

Kevin is a real life horror show example of the sunk cost fallacy in action. It's actually pretty sobering when I think about it.

No. 303029

>reminder that we (male cosplayers) exist and are valid

What the actual fuck, does he really think he's underrepresented and underprivileged as a straight white betamale?(sage your shit)

No. 303055

it’s not only that he can’t afford it, but there’s also zero room in that apartment to a) store any big cosplay parts, and b) make any cosplays in the first place. the apartment is overrun with lori’s shit.

No. 303319

sorry i'm super behind nona's and I'm replying to this post late, but Kevin is the king of delusion. The cosplay community has just gotten more inclusive and welcoming to all types of people. There are so many successful male cosplayers as well. He is so in denial because if he faced reality he would have to admit that his life crashed and burned once he got involved with Lori.

Do you really think cosplay as a whole has changed that much kev, or is it more likely one persons influence that has ruined your chances of cosplaying ever again? Fucking sad.

No. 303539

File: 1689697334137.jpeg (454.78 KB, 1497x991, Image.jpeg)

It really is wild how they cope. Things change, that’s life. Plenty of other cosplayers from Kev’s hayday and earlier are still out there participating.
Picrel is one of Lori’s old cosplay friends (a male, Kev!) still going to cons and somehow absolutely killing it in “big cosplay”. Also note that the other friend in the old pic, Crissy, still attends conventions as well. Lori is the only person from that pic who hides away from old friends for fear of having a pic leaked without heavy editing.

No. 303583

Sorry all, forgive me but wow this dude is hot as fuck

No. 303589

I think so too nonnie! And a much better and hotter Endymion than Scutt-Scutt ever was.

No. 303605

Looni's arms and shoulders starting to look doughy even here(nitpick)

No. 303621

File: 1689788956673.jpg (816.44 KB, 1080x1748, Screenshot_20230719_195128_Ins…)

(sage your shit)

No. 303625

You're thirsting over a tall Ray Romano? Whew.

No. 303626

Wella wella chicken fat yella

No. 303636

why does it look like he has a black eye on the left? he looks like such a faggot here. can't afford toner either? glad abuela allowed him to have his yearly bleach ration, those roots were insane.

No. 303676

Fucking KEK anon, I thought the exact same thing

No. 303695

At this point I would pay to see a hairline pic from him. I need to know how bad it is

No. 303713

Three things you will never see on this thread. 1)Kevin's hairline, 2)Lori showing a big toothy grin, and 3)These two with a deed/title/ownership for anything.

No. 303883


Malnutrition dark circles to match the ever-thinning hair helmet and bony slumping shoulders we see in the reflection

No. 303945

File: 1690138014840.png (178.88 KB, 1080x1396, Screenshot_20230723-114628-220…)

I think she's trolling and doesn't actually believe this. There's no way. She's the one who copied all that elf/cat/loli/pink nose blush from other women anyway. She certainly didn't start any trends.

No. 303982

It’s the same delusion she has actually believing Usagi, ZeroTwo, and Marin were inspired by her.

No. 304004

Are any of those things even a trend anymore? i’ve never seen any women walking around wearing elf ears, boleros and blown up faces. I havent even seen anyone do the noserash blush in a while either.

No. 304042

These two are addicted to destroying their hair. Yellow hair, fried and frizzy screams Look at me, I'm poor!! A salon would tone this mess, not bleach it and leave it yellow. I bet Looni did this shit with a cheap tub of Clairol. His hair looked decent for a second,he just needed an actual haircut. Why is Kevin desperate to stay a backroom employee?

No. 304050

File: 1690211205685.jpeg (69.72 KB, 750x333, IMG_1184.jpeg)

They’re old trends. Lori just likes to pretend she has any legacy other than this page. The blush on the nose and chin popped up all over the East Asian makeup scene throughout the early-mid 2000’s, before exploding in popularity on social media around 2015 (picrel). As we can see from the pic just a few posts ago, Lori was NOT rocking that look around that time. She had chalky pale makeup and chunky liner.
She thinks just because she was an early cosplayer, she can claim all the trends that have any relation to cosplay/East Asia in general. Remember when she tried to claim bold red eye makeup, as if geisha hadn’t been doing that for decades?

No. 305301

File: 1691534026068.jpg (537.12 KB, 1080x932, 20230808_173427.jpg)

Is it just her editing, or has Lori started to have her tattoo removed? Or is it so old it's just blown out?

No. 305302

File: 1691534065920.jpg (474.19 KB, 1080x936, 20230808_173410.jpg)


No. 305398

She couldn’t afford tattoo removal. She likely used a cheap tattoo artist, so her tattoos have really blown out with age. The excessive editing she does makes them look even more faded. The blur tool has made them “disappear” before.

No. 306115

File: 1692744443054.jpeg (1.3 MB, 2458x3072, IMG_2626.jpeg)

No milk really, she posted a dollskill haul on her stories the other day. Im surprised she posted it since the filter kept struggling and her actual waistline made an appearance

No. 306150

>Witch skull

Her edits seem extreme nowadays. Not that her pics were ever real but she must be as huge as moo with all the clothes, arms and angles she's employing on top of maxing those snow app filters.

No. 306295

File: 1693035494420.jpg (68.46 KB, 576x1051, IMG_20230826_003630_023.jpg)

You mean like Lori and all her totally real, non-bot followers? Or maybe this is a dig from Kevin at her. He's currently blocked from Lori's Instagram again, lol.

I do enjoy Kevin's boomer takes about how social media/cosplay/skateboarding is just so xyz these days instead of how it was back in his day and that's why he isn't popular. He should post more of these.

No. 306325

File: 1693079714812.jpg (Spoiler Image, 509.36 KB, 1536x2048, 20230826_144856.jpg)

Behind a spoiler cause I don't really know what I'm looking at.

It feels like she's posting more regularly to Twitter more than Instagram these days. She may be filtering her body but it looks more like she's just starving herself again. I don't really care if she does OF/sex work but I do have a hard time believing she's able to make enough money to be even a little comfortable without a standard normal job. I also would have thought that her current poor way of life with the unsuccessful career focus choice would have humbled her a bit more, but if her past has taught us anything that ain't happening.

No. 306338

Terrible with angles as always. She picks the worst stickers to censor with too.

No. 306354

Found some nudes/OF leaks of Lori that I haven't seen. Like posing next to the dildo by the shower. But maybe I just missed these.

fapello.com/monstergirl/(this is an imageboard)

No. 306381

I'm convinced Kevin's parents are funding a lot of their lives. Total tinfoil

No. 306452

File: 1693265097574.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.14 KB, 382x462, 20230828_182434.jpg)

Dang! So we see a glimpse of the real face and fried hair here, huh?
Spoiler for boobage.

No. 306454

Kek, I think I spot a forehead wrinkle

I dont how old these are, but she definitely doesnt look like shes been starving

No. 306480

Her hair bothers me to an insane degree. It’s so fucking fried and dead it’s not worth keeping. Get a pixie, dye it dark and grow it the fuck out Jesus. Genuinely can’t imagine how far off the deep end she’s gonna go when she does hit the big 4-0 in a few years if this is her behavior/presentation in her late 30s.

No. 306618

File: 1693419563351.jpeg (118.99 KB, 1080x1281, 372532899_578681850949206_8341…)

No. 306654

Kevin looking the most alive I’ve seen him in years, low key refreshing to not have a shitty mirror selfie(sage your shit)

No. 306660

did her subscription to meitu get too expensive?

No. 306667

Kevin managed to claim a few feet of space without any egirl shit or plushies in sight, you can just see them in the bottom left corner. Good for you Kevin. Maybe he has a job now

No. 306692

File: 1693498750232.jpg (72.64 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230831_092057_913.jpg)

In case anyone is still following the blocking saga, here's August 2023's calendar as we head into September.

No. 306786


i suspect he took the photo in this specific spot and perspective with his head positioned between the two ceiling lights (without obscuring them) deliberately to match his black and white clothes. it looks stupid, but then again everything they do, wear, and say is stupid.

No. 306797

is that a new couch? did he hide all the plushies just to take this pic?

No. 306837

Wonder what he had to buy Lori to get unblocked.

It looks like a cheap chaise lounge that someone left out during a garage sale. The apt is so obviously filled with bedbugs.

No. 306942

the dolls kill shoes and box bleach rations looking good nonitas.

sometimes i have thoughts of how lori buys things. she probably takes kevin’s card without consent and just buys stupid shit without his approval

No. 306961

File: 1693846885869.jpg (69.25 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230904_094756_265.jpg)

September is off to a good start! I've been keeping these calendars for 2 years now lol. I started in August 2021.

No. 307149

File: 1694064240552.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1360, Screenshot_20230906-185156-539…)

Kevin always says stuff like this then never posts the photos.

No. 307202

The only similarity that he shares with Link is that they're both short.

Link is quiet, calm, level-headed, pretty, strong, funny, sweet, healthy-haired, and noble. Kevin is literally not even close to any of those things and in fact is the total opposite.

The only other similarity that I can think of is that Link sometimes eats rocks. Kevin seems like the type to do so too.

No. 307417

File: 1694288066559.png (240.32 KB, 1080x1227, Screenshot_20230909-123436-020…)

That's an interesting history rewrite. I'm pretty sure it was the opposite, with Lori and her cronies terrorizing, bullying, and excluding others in the cosplay community, especially any other girl who dared to cosplay Sailor Moon. Also lol @ Lori thinking she's influencing e-girl looks, with her reach of about 100 real followers.

No. 307434

Wow Topkek!! Lori is delusional or thinks her audience is far enough removed to not remember the terror she caused in the cos community back in the day. Plenty of people still remember how she caused all her own problems and was the one everyone eventually ran away from.

Lori gave herself a terrible reputation. I guess she cant accept that even to this day. Some things are permanent Looni. You did it to yourself.

No one is speculating when you live your life out in the open for everyone to see.

No. 307482

>Posted 6 hours ago
>1 like

Ok lori.

No. 307528

Meanwhile she's literally the one following the, now dead, egirl trend. Lori it's over and here you are, as per usual, late and beating the dead horse. Delusional. And using mental illness to cover up her abusive tendencies and calling it "triggered" is a choice, I'm sure Kevin's knee would say otherwise.

No. 307529

File: 1694382665783.jpeg (158.25 KB, 736x1308, IMG_2736.jpeg)

This. I don’t know what to make of her. She spent her youth being a mean girl before Mean Girls existed. She made a joke of a whole fandom, and that will forever be what is attached to her name. Everyone except her knows she didn’t invent or influence shite. On the other hand, It’s clear something went terribly wrong in her childhood and it broke her. A small part of me pities the joke she’s become, but in the end she has only herself to blame. She chooses to perform for the 5 mongoloid horndogs that follow her.

(10000 hours in 2004 photoshop, nonnies)

No. 307531

its funny that she sees herself as so influential when she doesn't even get attention on lolcow anymore… literally no one cares about her shes a total who? what? not even a has-been because she never was popular in the first place. she's been infamous on the internet since the early 00s for being a psycho.

No. 307596

The trend is so over. She wont let it go, she's incapable of replacing all that crap to "influence" anything other style.

Something definitely seems to have happened to her in her childhood. I agree nonny, I kinda pity her too but it's all her own doing. We have choices in life.

She was always a nobody. She would have blended on with all the other cosplayers if not for all the drama she caused. Notorious for getting kicked out of competition for lying about making costumes was huge, even outside if the gs woth her friends. People always talk about her following and the Klan but they never talk about all the people who wanted nothing to do with her because she was a known cheater and lier on top of everything else she had a bad rep for.

No. 307612

i definitely believe that.

who’s parents allow their 15 year old daughter to never pass high school, marry grown older men and travel with a bunch of other teenagers??

No. 307624

Lori's parents had to sign off on her marriage to that one guy when she was 17. Also the only time I've ever seen her dad pop up was when Lori made some callout post on her Facebook to this account that called her fat and her dad defended her. Lori's life has always been very sad. She could have chosen not to be viscously cruel to everyone she snared in her web though. Not all abuse victims lash out at others. Those were all her decisions.

No. 307835

File: 1694788966319.jpeg (689.16 KB, 1536x2048, F5loU51awAA89rf.jpeg)

Why does she insist on taking photos of herself in poses where it looks like she got caught trying to take a shit?

Whatever happened to her knockoff designer bracelet? I never see her wear it.

It looks like back in July she got an early release for some Dolls Kill Hatsune Miku collab. No discount codes for her that I could see.

No. 307849

dolls kill doesn’t give a fuck about lori, there’s discounts every day on the website and the hatsune collab came out a year and a half ago. but it’s good to know lori still dresses like she’s mentally 15

No. 307872

Notice how she doesn't even really have to make a poof face anymore topkek. The reaching out is to hide her fat arms too and the hair covering the double chin. We see you Lori

Hangyodon's face looking at her.. same my dude same

No. 307947

It's just hard to even laugh at her if I see her behavior as a survivor of some kind of ptsd or CSA. I think this trauma causes her to lack the self awareness and growth needed for her to make it.

No. 307990

She’s nearly 40 and has built a reputation for being a bullying pickme for decades atp. Having a bad childhood isn’t an excuse for telling someone to off themselves, animal neglect, and all the other crazy shit she’s done.

No. 308172

File: 1695277643755.jpg (73.11 KB, 963x1280, IMG_20230920_232750_177.jpg)

Right on schedule again lol. Someone should input my calendar data into something which tells us stuff like: avg. length between blocks (nonnas have noticed it's usually every 2 weeks), which days of the month blocks and unblocks are most likely to occur, etc.

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