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File: 1496870079862.jpg (63.61 KB, 551x748, kP5IW1J.jpg)

No. 394258

Also known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420
IG: https://www.instagram.com/angelhair1996/
tumblr: https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/

>previously also known as howl1996, junkhun and funeralhome420

>21 yr old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Gets by acting like a lost soul online
>Has every mental/physical illness under the sun
>She started dating her 35 year old boyfriend before she was 18, calls him daddy
>has a following of impressionable young girls who shes convinced to 'help her' during this 'tough time' in her life.
>romanticizes the hell out of her nasty addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>"i'm not trying to be courtney love!"
>tries to be exactly like courtney love
>loves to share her filthy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles
>sqandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year
>visible arm infections
>Lurch deleted facebook after "tessa" came forward with him attempting to seduce hem but still uses messenger according to last update
>always "short on rent" or otherwise in need of donations

newest milk:
>publicly advertising her tumblr which is full of heroin posts in the "like" section
>claimed lurch was robbed from 500$ rent money, pathetic crying selfie on IG, asking for donations
>constantly bragging with shop lifted plushies
>only be seen in cheap hooker fleece slippers
>hasnt washed her favourite bed cover in 2 years
>now engaged in an outpatient program of a rehab facility (?) to leech of free drugs or make her daddy continue to pay
>apparently so drugged up from whatever she doxxed herself through posting a pill container with her adress on
>no evidence of a shower since the last thread was started
>squandered a large inheritance in under a year
>hates both her parents even though they (specifically her evil dad) support her and shower her with gifts weekly.
>complete ignorance of what it means to be actually poor
>in some sort of program at the hospital for mental health but she won't really reveal what for besides her daily outfits and that she's blatantly still using drugs
>takes from church donations and food pantries even though she supports a $100 a day heroin habit and having food stamps and getting innocent people to buy her junk food constantly
>private message ebegging

one >>>/snow/55077
two >>>/snow/171004
three >>>/snow/190985
four >>>/snow/220048
five >>>/snow/254820
six >>>/snow/276683
seven >>>/snow/292881
eight >>>/snow/305217
nine >>>/snow/320166

No. 394259

cheers to the farmhands. let the fun begin

her roots are vile, i'm surprised she's not bleating on and on about how she needs "just 30 dollars" to sort it out

No. 394260

any recent proof that she's still on heroin, cant remember any tell tale signs as of late

No. 394261

Congratulations Luna for making it onto /pt/! <3

No. 394262

uhhhh lmao maybe the fact that shes done fuckall to fix her life? her life has changed zero percent , if she were clean we'd know

No. 394266

File: 1496871006639.png (120.21 KB, 738x863, IMG_3260.PNG)

No. 394267

track marks in her hands, they've been pretty gnarly recently

No. 394269

yea sure jan
also i love that she actually liked the cow pic of herself haha

No. 394271

Luna being in PT legitimately made my day - thanks farmhands.

No. 394288

I feel legit sad for this girl. Luna isn't well, but she just strikes me as pitiful. I wish she would start respecting herself and sort things out.

Can't read these threads anymore, felt horrible to read her excitement about the lolcow drawing. Shit.

Sage for rambles

No. 394293

File: 1496874556603.png (75.61 KB, 640x876, IMG_7756.PNG)

No. 394299

Bless you farmhands for moving her to/pt/.

Everytime you feel bad for her, just read her first couple of threads. Shes a scammer.

No. 394300

File: 1496875588614.png (159.41 KB, 640x970, IMG_7757.PNG)

No. 394301

File: 1496875600840.png (123.71 KB, 640x972, IMG_7758.PNG)

No. 394309

File: 1496876328255.jpg (29.23 KB, 216x389, 757657567.jpg)

Oh boy, another mysterious person giving her free shit for no reason. Tuna pls.

No. 394331

Has Luna started car prowling now? These look used for sure, but they're also pretty damn new still. I can't imagine where she's stolen these from. A gym? Someone's apartment?

No. 394345

File: 1496879864640.jpg (24.18 KB, 540x304, 1492576089115.jpg)

No. 394347


That abscess is still there it looks like.

No. 394348

When will lurch go to court? I genuinely hope he'll get prison time. Imagine the milk we'll get from Tuna being alone and dope sick

No. 394353

File: 1496880992207.jpg (54.37 KB, 599x389, 1496348108576.jpg)

Really Tuna? Those look kinda new to me. Definitely shoplifted.
Lurch can wear them to court!! Although these shoes were intended for a different kind of court lol

No. 394354

I mean, if her boobs weren't so saggy, face so hairy, and arms so abscessed this would be a nice picture.

She knows poses, I'll give her that.

No. 394355

That towel in the background looks gross.

No. 394356

File: 1496881207192.png (165.18 KB, 750x930, IMG_3262.PNG)

I think that her posting photos like this thinking they're good it definitely confirms her daily drug use, is that wrong?

No. 394357

The only time I ever took a bunch of pictures of myself like this (never posted them) was when I was fucked up drunk and stoned.

No. 394358

File: 1496881735033.gif (32.02 KB, 278x200, IMG_3264.GIF)

Sooo if she wasn't anything like herself and she knows how to put her hand on her hip

Does she have what it takes to be America's Next Top Model ?

No. 394362

File: 1496881950496.png (98.21 KB, 750x838, IMG_3265.PNG)

No. 394363

She's got track marks all over her hands and her Tumblr likes have all been drug related. If she was off heroin it would only be because her and Lurch couldn't afford enough for the both of them and he was hoarding it all.

Any more news on Lurch's upcoming court date after the cops got him for possession and intent to sell?

No. 394364

if god was real, he would let the drugs scramble lurch's testicles so there would be NO chance of luna ever spawning.

No. 394365

His court date was set for July 17th I think. I kinda think he won't show up.. we're gonna have to let that milk flow on its own though.

No. 394366

Lmao she was talking about her mom/parents

No. 394367

Her track marks don't necessarily mean shes shooting dope. I don't know what pills shes prescribed but she could be shooting those. Just saying.
I feel like shes clean off heroin (for now atleast) because shes seems so down and depressed lately which is what happens when youre newly clean.

No. 394368

they don't look new enough to be shoplifted. the seams are messed up and they have scratches on them.

No. 394369

are you the same anon from past threads desperate for proof she's not on heroin? it's pretty much been established from the first one that she is an addict.

No. 394370

She's down and depressed because she got the truth told to her at group therapy and she threatened to quit over it. Now she's just doing everything for attention in between overusing her prescription pills.

The only reason she could be newly clean is because Lurch is facing charges and can't get caught going to Brooklyn to score more heroin but that would mean him getting clean too and if he was going through withdrawal then Luna would be posting about how he magically came down with a disease or something and they need money to take him to the doctor. Just look at how she posted about Rodger and turned his condition into a money-making scheme.

No. 394375

No im not the anon youre thinking of, but I just thought she seemed more depressed lately and thought maybe that was why.
I doubt shes depressed about her therapy. And she never threatened to quit it? She said she didnt wanna be there and was done with it when she was there and found out Lurch was in jail.
And an addict isn't gonna stop doing their drugs because they are afraid of going into the city. They'll go anyways, or they'll find other ways to get it..

No. 394378

File: 1496883543471.jpg (688.46 KB, 2048x1809, 372315FB-AB08-4DAA-82D5-1499AC…)

These are the same and posted like 5 min apart?
She's definitely high af
Just try to find her pupils, I dare u

No. 394380

They just happen to be in his size? Or she got them so he can try to sell them for dope money?
Also, I don't get how she steals shit when shes so damn lazy and barely leaves her house. Hmmmm…
Why is her life filled with "nice ladies" and "kind strangers" who give her clothes and donuts?

No. 394385

Damn fucking roasted

No. 394390

File: 1496887196247.png (335.9 KB, 640x413, oh my god.png)

holy shit anon i didn't notice, what the shit it looks so fucking infected. I thought bitch was on medication for this shit wtf?

No. 394397

File: 1496888137462.jpg (30.85 KB, 307x485, 1464847272482.jpg)

Dude what the fuck is that?!

No. 394401

HOLY FUCK that looks nasty. Its all black?!? Is that how an abscess gets? And spreads…?
She probably was too dumb/lazy/high to finish out her antibiotics she had. Holy shit tuna that's disgusting. No wonder she hides it in literally every selfie.

No. 394405


jesus fuck do not do that please

No. 394409

File: 1496889811069.png (Spoiler Image,1.34 MB, 750x1334, 1492061668119.png)

This is what it used to look like when it was a gaping hole in her arm It's only gotten worse since then. Spoilering for nasty just in case.

No. 394410

It looks like a rotting vagina

No. 394414

I get that its an infection, but why is it black…?

No. 394416

Tissue Necrosis.

No. 394417

She just posted on insta about getting some new lipsticks and then on her Tumblr about picking up her scripts. So she's stealing from the same place she picks up her meds, how incredibly dumb. Or she's wasting actual money on ugly grey and (more) purple lipstick, just as dumb.

No. 394418

I bet she kept trying to inject into it too and the thought of that makes me want to puke

No. 394421

All I can think of is the end of requiem for a dream

Which is like one of her favorite movies sooo

No. 394422

File: 1496893065539.png (54.7 KB, 750x444, IMG_3275.PNG)


No. 394423

I don't know if she gets her prescriptions from the same drugstore that Rodger does but she's stolen from drugstores before because she freaked out about how she'd lifted from the CVS? (may be wrong about the store name) and then had to go pick up his meds and thought they'd recognize her. So she's definitely dumb enough to shit where she sleeps, so to speak.

No. 394425

If you told me this was a picture of a mtf, I would honestly believe you. Bitch is built like a linebacker.

No. 394433

File: 1496894926561.jpg (93.78 KB, 540x675, 3049670394670.jpg)

Is there any help for boobs like these?

No. 394438

having saggy boobs isn't milk. especially if someone knows they have saggy boobs…. r u sure we should have moved her to pt, lol

No. 394443


It's called an abscess, and junkies get them all the time. I know that the 'tee-hee ahm jes' a dumb lil girl'
aesthetic is big on tumblr but it isn't here so talk like an adult and use your fucking words, thanks. Abscesses on a junkie's wrist, arm, or hand stick around for a number of reasons and being filthy or forgetting to take antibiotics isn't the only one. Her immune system is also shot to shit.

No. 394448

The thread isn't solely about her saggy boobs.

No. 394451

Pull the bug outta your ass, no one was trying to act like a "tee-hee dumb lil girl". Abscesses are usually red and nasty, not black. And "talk like an adult and use my words"? Lol ok anon…

No. 394454

File: 1496896719428.png (173.63 KB, 750x1044, IMG_3277.PNG)

Is she supposed to be wearing one of those lipsticks cuz it just looks like her foundation and purple and gray are not that?

Also, third post of the same pic lol

No. 394455

did lurch piss in your cheerios or something, jeeze.

No. 394457

File: 1496897890840.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3278.PNG)

Sage for shitty but related phone sc

No. 394458

Was her chin always that big and severe?

No. 394459

..yes and I get your sentiment but like, learn how to phrase a statement.

No. 394469

STFU anon or I'll swat your naughty little fannypoo

No. 394470

File: 1496900946620.png (Spoiler Image,51.73 KB, 640x474, SUl1MO6_d.png)

the brightness and contrast in those pics are pretty messed with so that'll​ make it look darker

here's when it was starting to get nasty but wasn't quite as dire yet. spoilered for being a pic of her being shot up

No. 394472

File: 1496900988632.jpg (37.97 KB, 550x314, lScxWoK.jpg)

No. 394477

there's no need to be a cunt. anon's post was definitely less annoying than yours.

No. 394478

seriously tho.. who has their own name tattooed on them???? and she also has 'me' in a heart. she is too self absorbed to comprehend

No. 394493

Please stop the unneeded bickering in this thread.

No. 394516

this bitch has been out of school for like over 3 years. it's time to stop talking about high school, luna

No. 394517

That's so nasty. I shuddered. She has access to medical help, why is she not getting that shit treated?
I feel like any medical professionnal would be all over that shit way before trying to fix her crazy head.

No. 394518

fuck this pic manages to make me cringe every time

not sure, but could the reason its folding over all weird be because it's healed but is just really fucked up with scar tissue? im having a hard time even wrapping my brain around how an arm could have folds like that unless the dark area was firm

No. 394521

File: 1496916259138.jpg (16.27 KB, 228x300, IMG_0667.JPG)

Arms can fold like that from extreme weight loss/gain, it's just loose skin prob. Tuna lost a bunch of weight as a junkie so that's probably why. (Cool story bro but I lost ~120lbs and both my arms are that way)

Kinda looks like the stay puft marshmallow man but what can ya do.

No. 394536

This grey shirt dress of hers is the new pink shirt+baggy sweats combo from a few months ago. She's worn it in nearly every photo lately and worn it unwashed to at least three group therapy sessions in a row.

No. 394547

I feel sympathy for people who have to be in her vicinity in a closed space, like in that group of hers.
I feel the most sorry for that poor driver who is taking her there, imagine the stench they must suffer through. That driver is not paid enough, no matter how much they're paid.

No. 394556

Obviously I don't know how bad the other patients are in her group therapy sessions but I hope some of them look at what a mess she is and feel better about themselves and take her as motivation to get their own shit together

No. 394571


Whenever I'm feeling bad about myself or my life I look at Tuna

No. 394608

File: 1496940902902.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.06 KB, 540x835, IMG_20170608_095242.jpg)

Looks like she desperately wants to start openly drug blogging again

No. 394616

At the rate she's going she'll end up dead from an OD or massive infection.

No. 394623

I've lost my appetite from looking at her nasty ass arm.

Ugh this bitch.

No. 394639

Sage cuz this is a fagblog but
I'm about to pay $3000 out of pocket to take a DBT course I'm really serious about and if anyone like Luna shows up and makes a mockery of it like she does I'm gonna have to kill them. I'd be so mad if she was there while I am trying to seriously change my life and she thinks it's summer camp that daddy paid for.

No. 394640

File: 1496948254005.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8687.PNG)

again, this bitch….

No. 394641

File: 1496948344207.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3292.PNG)

Hasn't she been waiting to get this shirt from Etsy for like a year and she got it and now she hates it? Cuz it's too big? Girl, sew it to fit you it's so easy I do it by hand all the time.

But uh yeah what a fuckin brat

No. 394643

File: 1496948676336.png (202.72 KB, 750x1090, IMG_3293.PNG)

>woke up puking

Also those NYX lipsticks are over $10 and they sell them at CVS which she's afraid to go to cuz she stole too much from them and got clocked?

No. 394646

>friends leave group therapy
>suddenly making excuses to stay home

Yup, she was using therapy as a way to beg, and now everyone who gave her shit has left she has no reason to go

No. 394647

Shes mad because its baggy but wasnt she asking for like a 2x Marilyn Manson shirt awhile back? Or was that for Chief Chubby?

No. 394648

lol sew it? literally just take a pair of scissors to it

No. 394650

>fitted crop top

Thank God it wasn't.

No. 394663

he won't get prison time. probably not even jail time. new york is so filled up with small possession cases like Lurch's and NO ONE gets jail time for something this small, even if you have open cases, which he doesn't.

the only way he'll do time for this is if he's sentenced to a court mandated drug program (you're mandated to do an inpatient [usually 28 days] and then outpatient rehab and you're called in at random to give drug tests for court) and he frequently pisses dirty at outpatient or gets arrested again while on drug court. even then, it won't be more than 6 months tops

his next court date is july 18th

No. 394666

>luna on the front page of PT

Is this Christmas

No. 394702

File: 1496962822584.jpg (28.66 KB, 641x331, requiem1.jpg)

No. 394716


No. 394728

File: 1496966137501.jpg (123.85 KB, 640x429, 9262703489_19a52a3db1_z.jpg)

Accidentally found one of tunas old pals Flickr accounts, these are from 2013

No. 394729

File: 1496966203001.jpg (371.22 KB, 1781x1198, 9265479072_b8eaa1f5dd_o.jpg)

No. 394730

She must be delusional to think she's cute now but not then.

No. 394731

File: 1496966243843.jpg (160.76 KB, 640x431, 9323143382_1028352e3a_z.jpg)

No. 394734

Lol what Ramones coverband was she in?

No. 394735

There are so many photos of her. I'll post a few more but I don't want to flood with a million baby tuna pics. She would of been 16-17 and she actually had her shit somewhat together, active social life, still in school and of course no lurch of heroin in sight. I cannot fathom how she favours her current lifestyle to her old one, fuck man

No. 394738

File: 1496966632431.jpg (132.77 KB, 640x433, 8574843151_0251ae6c53_z.jpg)

No. 394741

can you link the flickr?

No. 394742

Just post the link to the flickr album?

No. 394744

She looks more Courtney here than she ever has as a heroin addict

No. 394751

Flickr - princemolly
shes in all the albums pretty much.

No. 394752


Why did I decide to read the Luna thread while hungover? I feel sick, this is so fucking nasty.

No. 394753

No. 394755


She was more stylish as a teen than as an adult. Weird.

No. 394757

File: 1496968313158.png (1.55 MB, 1436x798, Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 8.30…)

Thanks for the links.

Such a good find!

I never really realized what shape her nose has. It's kinda interesting.

No. 394760

Now I believe she has a mental illness if she would give up her old life for her recent one. She was pretty cute.

No. 394764

these pictures fuck me up abit she looked so happy

No. 394766

Of course she has a mental illness. No remotely normal human bean would get hooked on heroin for ~aesthetic~.

No. 394769

Her Burger Records / Enid Coleslaw aesthetic suited her pretty well

No. 394770


I think she might actually have BPD, which a lot of people don't agree on, but it makes a lot of sense. Even I forget how much of a happier and more hopeful life she used to have before all that was forgotten because her well documented drug use in the last 1-2 years.
I've found more old pictures not on Flickr but old on tumblr from around this time aswell. (Not hard to find if you're familiar with Tuna since before all her threads on here) I followed her since she was Hipsville when she was real into her fashion and music, going to gigs and with her friends a lot

No. 394777

No. 394785

lmao this is cracking me up. "damn this shirt sucks" I bet she spent at least $25 bucks on that crappy oversized gildan tee lolol

No. 394786

I think she has NPD it makes total sense

No. 394790

her ex girlfriends tumblr in their tagged selfies if yo go back far enough theres plenty of luna pics

No. 394793

No. 394797

File: 1496972029894.png (124.07 KB, 640x949, IMG_7878.PNG)

No. 394799

File: 1496972062638.png (1.79 MB, 1381x973, loltrashy.png)

sage for baby luna, but so many of these photoshoots are really bizarre and dumb, but they look like they're having fun

No. 394804

File: 1496972589000.png (946.47 KB, 579x898, Untitled.png)

No. 394829

both legs look broken and those granny panties are hoisted up to her ribs. I liked Tuna's other stuff but she can clearly only draw in one pose, this is terrible

No. 394835

This makes me uncomfortable
Maybe she's secretly an art genius and that's what she wants us to think


No. 394836


She looked so much better back then!

No. 394854

I like her nose shape. I know y'all shit on appearance (and for good reason, she looks like a crusty mess 100% of the time) but she has the capacity to clean up well. She's not the prettiest but I like her facial structure. Tuna is delusional as fuck thinking she looks better now lol

No. 394856

i see a lot of people say she has a good facial structure but i honestly don't see it. shes average at best. she's got a very boring face. or maybe it's just her personality that makes me feel like she's boring looking. who knows

No. 394859

File: 1496983718046.png (3.29 MB, 1844x987, fatandweird.png)

Tuna used to carry a LOT of weight on her, maybe I'm just being one of the ana-chans we get here all the time but… I don't find her attractive as a chubby goofy teenager. I don't find her attractive now, so it's not like it's worse, but she was nothing special 16-18.

In these photos you can really see 2 sides to her tho: first there's the "I wanna be edgy and cool and have posed photos in black and white that make me look grunge" side, which doesn't surprise me. But there's another side of her goofing around with friends.

It's hard to imagine Tuna goofing around with other people, pure intentions, just for fun. Pretty much every "friend" she's mentioned since I've watched her (first thread in /snow/), she's only acknowledged them because they give her free shit.

I guess heroin really does make you a terrible person lol

No. 394862

File: 1496984062875.png (1.6 MB, 1166x981, DAT STACHE.png)

samefag but Tunas the one with the badly self-cut blonde hair, in case anybody was confused. It's from a photoshoot where admittedly her face does look quite nice in some of the images, but then you see this one… turns out the stache has been there a while lmao

No. 394870

>that food smear over on the left

No. 394872

ia, fat tavi gevinson era is not a good look at all. i've never found luna attractive. but she looks better thin than pudgy

No. 394895

Bless you!

Weird to see Tuna socializing normally, instead of propping up a corpse of her bf or petting a mangy cat.

If these old photos give me the feels, I cannot even begin to imagine how she feels looking at them. I bet she avoids looking at them and similar remnants of her past like the plague. I bet it hurts like hell. Because it confronts her with her current reality.

No. 394901

File: 1496993645058.jpg (68.18 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mn8gs22AK41qgq30qo1_500…)

Looking at these makes me wonder what her ex thinks of present Luna

No. 394905

Very curious about this.
Any anons whose ex went through something similar want to chime in?

I thought the 'loser ex bf' thread in /g/ would be something along these lines, but nah, it's just chicks airing their frustrations.

No. 394919

well i mean theyre still friends and she responded to an anon asking abt luna w "fuck off" basically

No. 394929

Why are the panties drawn on over the tights? Is this a superhero-nanna? Pretty cute compared to a lot of her other pieces tho.

No. 394931

I used to use with my ex and after we broke up I got clean and he kept using and started using meth (we'd only used dope, crack, pills together). I cut him completely out of my life and I have no interest in having him in my life again. Id say hi and ask him how hes doing if I ever see him again, but that's about it. I don't have much sympathy for him and his drug use. Hes a terrible person and he hasn't changed. Though ill only admit that to certain people. I still find myself wanting to defend him mostly to people who I know hate him.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 394934

nice blog

No. 394941

I have really enjoyed seeing these photos - reminds me of my friend group back in hs, trying to be quirky and take "cool" photos and shit. To me it really kind of shows the true Luna, someone who likes being with friends and being creative - I would love to see her return to that some day.

Sage for bloggy post.

No. 394962

File: 1497021163285.png (24.46 KB, 358x514, lmaowut.png)

I did a quick look at her tumblr and the ex still seems to be into the junkie chic aesthetic - they probably talk sometimes. I remember Tuna reaching out to her on Tumblr not THAT long ago all like "I WISH YOU WERE STILL MY GIRLFRIEND" which was pretty creepy.

She looks like a user still, and unless their break-up was messy (which it doesn't appear to have been?), she's not going to spill tea on someone she still gets along with.

To be honest, I doubt her ex thinks about Luna often, and pities her whenever they talk now. Tuna looks so much less functional nowadays than she used to be.

Sage for off-topic as hell, pic is Tuna's recent tumblr likes and made me eyeroll.

No. 394975

If its stiff and scabbed it won't bend with her arm, considering how large the hole was the skin just goes under it making another crease.

I thought nothing could give me the will to work out, but that was before. What a motivator, she should be proud of herself.

No. 394989

If only she knew what a positive inspiration she is.

No. 394994

File: 1497029117486.jpg (36.48 KB, 480x640, 1442366358941.jpg)

No. 395003

same honestly they look like they were having fun

No. 395004

Pixy looks kinda cute here, i miss her

sage for being really OT

No. 395011

File: 1497033763256.png (1.64 MB, 1533x990, tryhard.png)

Seeing as Tuna isn't doing anything right now and people seem to be enjoying the old images, I thought I'd show a couple examples of the other type of Tuna pictures I mentioned. For every heart-warming photo of her goofing around with friends, there are still all the hyper-posed images that make me want to punch her smug face. Maybe I'm projecting, maybe it's because I know what her personality's like, but she looks so fucking full of herself in some of these.

Saying that tho, her eyes look so much more alive, even in the faux-grunge ones

>"I wanna be edgy and cool and have posed photos in black and white that make me look grunge"

No. 395012

File: 1497033908732.png (266.31 KB, 889x415, tryhard.png)

couple others and I'll stop, I just wanted to find some edgy black and white ones to prove my point lmao

No. 395015

you know she always thought she was beautiful and amazing you dont suddenly become conceited

No. 395037

File: 1497039265234.png (836.42 KB, 600x875, hahahahahah.png)

omg this bitch!

>shirt is too long and not crop top

>better roll it up and tie it at the back, so I look retarded and there's loads of fabric bunched over my stomach!

Two different anons worked out a better way to make that shirt what she wanted ( >>394648 >>394641) but she's too strung out to even dress herself fashionably. This gave me a hearty fucking chuckle tbh, everything she tries she fucks up so bad.

No. 395038

File: 1497039762609.png (520.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-09-15-21-47…)

back to posting pics after she shoots up

No. 395039

she's so damn ugly. lol @ ppl deluding themselves into thinking she looked better then… yea, mmk

and i agree, she's always been full of herself. i remember her skwisgaarskwigelf blog, posted tons and tons of selfies of her fat face

No. 395040

there we go, confirmation that she still does heroin for all those weird anons demanding proof

No. 395042

>wasted money on something she won't wear out of the apartment because it's too big

Why does she want to show off her belly and saggy tits so bad? The left thigh looks like the fat is being squeezed out.

No. 395043

I fucking love that Tuna does this, she's done it a couple times in the last few months right?

>shoot up

>oh no there's blood

>spend 20 minutes+ getting perfect blood pic for Instagram

>write emo caption so people assume self-harming

>get all the asspats!

>forget about the blood (in heroin-addled daze) and wipe it all over clothing, furniture and bedding.

lol so ~glamorous

No. 395048

Does she not understand how repulsive this is, is she fishing for attention, or does the heroin just make her fail to care? This isn't much better than adult babies posting pictures of their dirty diapers and shit.

No. 395049

Derp someone asked about Tunas ex and if anyone was in a similar situation.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 395056

they weren't asking for your own personal story, idiot, but if you could relate to how tuna's ex might be feeling based on your experience.

we dgaf abt your own ex

No. 395058

This shirt looks ugly as fuck on her because of the way shes trying to make it a tight crop top.. All the bitch has to do is roll the sleeves 2 or 3 times and then make a knot on the bottom or tuck the front in. It'd actually be cute with the high waisted jean shorts she has (I think she posted some awhile back? I actually doubt those actually fit her tho.) But its okay, she has plenty of money to spend on aesthetic clothes that she wont actually wear.

No. 395064

damn those shorts are tight theyre actually pushing on her thigh fat

No. 395087

It looks like she's trying to give herself a thigh gap.

No. 395092

God damn her cooch is suffocating

No. 395094

File: 1497052238330.jpg (431.15 KB, 800x1087, Screenshot_20170609-194821.jpg)

>being ~productive~

No. 395100

I can't with the way this bitch does her nails. Like, I'm messy as hell when I paint my nails too and that's why I blot the outsides with nail polish remover afterwards. But that's obviously way too much effort.

No. 395109

Her cheap engagement ring is looking pretty cloudy these days. Surprised it hasn't turned her finger green yet.

No. 395146

These are her real nails right? The ring finger nail looks kinda fucked if it's a press-on.

I guess she ran out of the sets she "found", if they ARE press-ons then she's fucking stupid for not painting them before they're on.

No. 395228

she bites her nails, real nails are super stubby

No. 395242

Was simply having a glance on the girl's media and it led to looking at other people she associates/connects with. There's a girl on her Facebook who's quite the mess and it seems her fashion sense, lifestyle and fetish for dolls, angels and all that cotton candy, pink cutie sickly stuff is inspiration for Luna. From looking at their comments to each other, it would appear Luna places this girl on a pedestal, and kisses her ass with polite sweet nothings and "I love you" affections. But her "idol" doesn't reciprocate.
But really, this other girl is…I can't believe how anyone would want to be that way, if you seen the pictures I seen, you wouldn't believe.
The images are a disaster. I can't understand how this girl thinks the look she sports is a good image.
But that's just their individual style.
Anyway they clearly have found a niche because they have a seemingly appreciative, large audience, whom she writes up wish lists for them to fulfill. They seem happy enough to do so. I don't get it though, 'cause, well I hate to say it, but yeah, they are fat and ugly.

Luna and the other girl she's inspired by, they're just product of idolising poor role models who glorify drug use and unhealthy, ugly lifestyles. Combine that with shitty parenting and unstable environment along with harmful, toxic peers (lurch) then you got yourself a train wreck.

Will post some pics of this girl Luna seems to idolise if it's of interest.

No. 395247

You're not talking about brat-grrrl or anybody else with a thread here right?

She follows a lot of the tumblrite lolcows, they share aesthetics

No. 395248


No. Her name is Wolfie..Wolfie something, can't remember the last name. But she is on Luna's fb.

No. 395250


Wolfie Doll, now I remember.

No. 395255

Luna needs to distance herself from that creep, Lurch. He has her wrapped around his little finger with his supply of drugs. she is trapped in an abusive, codependent relationship.
Wonder when and how she got involved with this bastard. I bet her life took a disastrous turn because of him. As we've seen in her younger years by these old pictures, she was in better company and the future looked bright.
She's young and impressionable and got a tonne of problems. She's vulnerable and this creep picked up on this, wormed his way into her life, got her hooked on drugs, took advantage of the situation - haha I'm a late 30's dirty old cunt hitting 40 and got a young girl who'll never have the strength, willpower or common sense to leave me because of my supply of drugs- Lurch is one of the problems she gotta ditch if she wants her life on track.
Bad company will only bring you down and drag you back.

With shitty people it's like this:
No matter how much glitter you sprinkle on a pile of shit, it's still that; A pile of shit. No glitter and sparkles ever gunna change that.
So you flush that motherfucker clean out of your life.

No. 395256

She's not an innocent ~uwu fragile girl. She's old enough now to make decisions for herself. She has the resources to do so. Stop asspatting her just because she's a ~female uwu so weak the men r evil boolys~ bullshit.

No. 395258


tbf the bunched up fabric at her midsection could do well to hide her…well, midsection.

But what's gonna hide that monstrosity trying to burst out of those shorts? It looks like this bitch squeezed herself into soffees 3 times too small

No. 395261

There's plenty of info in the previous threads about how they ended up together.

No. 395262


Age means nothing. An individual could be as mature as 29 but still have the mentality, maturity, understanding etc of a 16 year old. And vice versa.
Yes she has done questionable things and it's quite distasteful, but is it fair to judge someone's actions given they're not even stable mentally for example? I mean, with the nature of the majority of comments, basically, it's just making fun of a mentally ill person. That's quite cruel.
There's many intricacies and extenuating circumstances to take into consideration.
It is evident from the older photos, we're seeing a completely different girl compared to what has become now. So what went wrong?

No. 395266


And that 'uwu girl fragile, men are evil" poor reasoning , that completely came out of the blue. I have no idea what you are talking about and doubt it has any significant value to add to the conversation at hand.

No. 395269

mmkay, there are people in this world who literally have no understanding of what they are doing because of severe mental illness and the legality of their actions. like someone who takes something from a shop without paying and has no single thought of actively doing it. as in, they could be arrested and either not even realize they are in a police car or have, in every sense of the word, literally no idea why. and then there are people who take things from shops because they are mentally ill and they are coping horribly. they are aware that they put themselves in a terrible situation and yet do nothing to fix it.

stop it with the mentally ill so broken not responsible bullshit. just because someone is mentally ill doesnt give them an excuse to be an asshole nor give them a pass when people speculate about their shitty decisions. luna may be ill in some way but in no way does that give her an excuse for a big ol pity party

No. 395270

she's old enough NOW. he started showing interest in her before she even turned 18. she was dumb and fell into a shitty relationship. it's hard to get out of those, especially now that she's dependent on him for things like drugs and a house. what anon said didn't strike me as them saying she's innocent, ether. we kinda all know she isn't. also that comment about "uwu weak female and men r evil boolys" had nothing to do with anything. you sound like you're taking something really personally and getting offended?

No. 395273

How am I even projecting? You're reading way too much into it.

Again, she was chasing this aesthetic junkie dream. I don't pity her in the slightest, and it's a shame you do. :"(

No. 395276

the comment about 'weak females and evil boys' was on point. it was replying to a big long post about how poor luna was just wandering along being innocent and happy and then some evil guy came along and ended her. it attempted to wipe responsibility from luna's side and ignore all her choices and that is bullshit. read previous threads.

No. 395283


No. 395285

I personally have empathy for Luna's situation because I was also once 19-20 and trapped in an abusive relationship involving drugs. Yeah, I should have known what was happening was wrong. But I had a much more stable support system than Luna which helped me get out of the situation.

Luna's mom isn't really in the picture, and her dad enables her. She has next to no friends. She isn't even in school. Maybe she's old enough to know better, maybe she's a bad person who has made bad decisions, but I still pity the situation she's in. And I absolutely hope that one day she will get out of it.

No. 395286

anon pls

No. 395288

wait! they were replying to that big long post that i also brought up in my reply? you don't say…
>>395273 i don't pity her in the slightest but i also don't believe lurch is innocent. neither of them are innocent. luna purposely put herself in the situation she's in, and lurch took advantage of it. it's her fault but that doesn't really mean that lurch did nothing wrong.

No. 395289

Her crotch rot can't breathe..
Who cares about her tho? Is there milk? Cuz there's already an insta fag thread in /snow/

Also why is this thread filled with Luna stans?? Half the posts are defending her. Why are you here?

No. 395293

>Luna's mom isn't really in the picture, and her dad enables her. She has next to no friends. She isn't even in school. Maybe she's old enough to know better, maybe she's a bad person who has made bad decisions, but I still pity the situation she's in.

I hate when people say this. Tuna has a SIGNIFICANTLY better support network than myself, and I wouldn't pull this "woe is me I can't help myself" shit. Tuna's got plenty of people willing to help, and even if she fucking didn't, even if she was all on her own, she could leave and go to a shelter. There's nothing stopping Luna other than Luna.

Her mother isn't the greatest, but I've heard she's getting clean and doing her best. Probably can't take Tuna in, but her dad has been a more reliable parent.

The father, without a fucking DOUBT, would take Tuna in on the couch in a HEARTBEAT. I have no idea where people get the idea she has nowhere to go. No father is going to deny their child a place to stay, especially when she stays there a lot of weekends anyway. As for his "enabling" we have absolutely no evidence of that, and there's even evidence to suggest he gave Luna a "sort your shit out or don't get any more money" ultimatum not that long ago, when the therapy started. I have literally no doubt in my mind, if Luna wanted to leave Lurch she could cry on her dads shoulder and have it all fixed.

And even if Luna's dad somehow couldn't take her in, she'd probably find a way to con more out of Pat, end up living with her or something ridiculous. She has so many people waiting on her hand and fucking foot, I can't feel sympathetic because the bitch is too STUPID to realise Lurch is bad news.

She's hardly ever complained about Lurch (other than him shouting at her), she's clearly head-over-heels in love with the cunt, she doesn't want ANY HELP from ANYBODY if it involves removing Lurch from her life.

She stopped going to her first therapist a few years ago because the therapist didn't like Lurch. She values her ~aesthetic dreamy heroin boi~ more than her own mental health. She chose this. She continues to choose this. She's been given plenty of opportunities and still chooses to live like this.

Sage for taking the bait and writing up an essay.

No. 395295

Anyone else ever get scared she OD'd when she doesn't post for like 9 hours like today? Her last post was 5 pm yesterday est

No. 395296

haha dude, I was just thinking that. Her tumblr's not been updated all day, even her likes haven't moved. It's uncommon for me to wake up, check her tumblr, and not see anything new (britfag here)

No. 395300

Actually I just lurked her fb to the extent that i can, she updated her picture with the angel shirt at 7 pm but that's it for me.

No. 395302

File: 1497078018744.png (489.87 KB, 515x659, CROPPINGTHISRUINEDIT.png)

oh yeah, I see it. That fucking caption tho:

>cropping this ruined it

She was proud of her thunder thigh-gap. IMO it looks a lot better when you can't see her fat spilling out of some old shorts.

No. 395318

I wasn't even baiting you but damn dude, you mad. It's okay that some people see things differently than you do.

No. 395333

oh god just stop,please..

No. 395338


that's Quite enough

No. 395340

lmfao bunching a shirt up at yr waist != cropping it. luna u dumb af

No. 395347

it was cropping the picture dumbass

No. 395384


Care to explain why?

So sorry my viewpoint doesn't correlate with yours, but it is my opinion which I will express, just as your opinion can be freely expressed on here about whoever and whatever. As anons we all have the equal right to express our thoughts and findings on the given topic. It is conversation and exchange of details and information. To tell one anon to basically shut up then go ahead to communicate whatever you have to say, you are placing your opinion over others as of higher importance. This takes away from the voice of anons overall. So why should your opinion be respected then if you won't and don't tolerate others? It is good to have varying and contrasting opinion because perhaps there can be a viewpoint expressed which you would not thought of otherwise, hence enriching your own understanding or reaffirming your own beliefs, perhaps even contributing to the thread, whichever. I gave a neutral, non biased opinion. You may perceive my posts as pro Luna but in actuality, I am indifferent.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 395386

I don't know how the fuck she's even seen to be chasing the "aesthetic Junkie dream", she has no audience. Her social media receives little attention, so few likes and responses.
Where's the initiative to continue with it?
Don't you think if she got into this lifestyle, if she was only doing it for achieving a junkie aesthetic, well would it not make more sense to do so if she actually had a large audience to show it off to? Giant tumbleweed is blowing across her social media, that's how lonely it is.

No. 395388

File: 1497108239809.jpg (21.47 KB, 279x310, trackmarks.JPG)

you can literally see her track marks and green hematoma on her hand here, so if anyone ever question her drug use again ill get real mad

No. 395389

she used to have a real large following on tumblr, after she was exposed for begging for donations and then using it on heroin she deleted her blog

No. 395395

Jesus Christ!! The thought of being in the same room with those filthy, nasty bed linens – let alone lying down on them and putting my face on those necrotic pillowcases – seriously makes me gag.

So. Fucking. Disgusting. Luna, you don't do anything all day long except take selfies; can't you take a couple of hours off and get yourself to the laundromat?

No. 395402

You were the one who called my post bait, dude. Your opinion is just as valid as mine. But I'm pretty sure you're the one who is dismissing others' opinions on an anon board. However, this is seriously off topic and I don't want to derail the thread with further infighting, so I will just say that I respect your right to express your thoughts and hopefully you respect mine.

No. 395403

I'm the anon from >>395256

Honestly no one said you're not entitled to your opinion on here. But for fuck sake stop trying to make her out to be some victim.

The bitch is a disgusting junkie that glorifies it for some aesthetic. You're also on a website that trashes these people, because why? They are fucking rotten inside and out. So please anybody defending this drugged up cow can shove it lmfao. ~muh feminism~ no1 curr about your asspatting. She deserves everything bad because she brought it on herself.

No. 395404

People are dismissive of your opinion because on every single thread there are people who make the exact same posts you did and it's boring to read over and over again.

No. 395406

may I ask when did this happen? I'm not the same anon but I also noticed how piteously unpopular she is; it seems like her only audience is this thread. Honestly I have no idea why she's still blogging her life out, sometimes even adressing her fans… in posts with, like, two notes… it gives me secondhand embarrassment.

No. 395407

I didn't mention anything about feminism. What's your fucking hateboner, mate? You realize all I said is that I had empathy for her because I have been in a similar situation before? I said she was a bad person who has made bad decisions in her life. But yeah, of course I hope she will change her life. I don't see anything wrong with hoping someone will change, even though I know she probably won't.

You have too much time on your hands. I know it's a pretty cow-like thing to say, but try going outside.(derailing)

No. 395412


read the previous threads. she had like 10k+ followers on tumblr

No. 395415

she was a popular tumblr girl for years like 2011-14 ish

No. 395462

A blog post from Luna about her ex gf: http://www.thepulpzine.com/sexuality-is-fluid/

Back when her relationships were actually more meaningful

No. 395466

File: 1497130610153.png (36.4 KB, 640x305, IMG_7971.PNG)

No. 395467

File: 1497130620977.png (34.28 KB, 640x270, IMG_7973.PNG)

No. 395468

File: 1497130641886.png (82.53 KB, 640x717, IMG_7972.PNG)

No. 395470

While I'm not a fan of her style of writing, that poem is far better written than the crap she churns out these days

No. 395482

yeah your romanticism of it isnt any better

No. 395496

File: 1497137627579.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2287.PNG)

Don't even know anymore. This girl…..

No. 395497

Check out the moldy pillow in the background. Fucking nasty.

No. 395506

like a marshmallow soaked in garbage juice wearing granny panties

No. 395508

This shit proves to me that her personality was replaced by Tumblr in 2014. Cultural appropriation and having a rich dad with conservative opinions are first world problems Tuna. She's got
so much more on your plate, unlike standard sheltered Tumblrites, stop it with this shit and complain about something real.

No. 395513

I'm screaming, thats so fucking disgusting jfc.

No. 395531

How the fuck do you get a moldy pillow? Did she or her poor kitty puke on it and she just left it?

Jesus Christ, I'm shocked somebody hasn't called the health department.

No. 395533

File: 1497145533052.jpg (122.59 KB, 640x895, 1480028184409.jpg)

This is really old, from an early thread but from people's reactions I feel it needs reposting.

No. 395535

samefag but about how the pillows are getting like that - it's because their beds are on the floor, and their property must get a bit of damp anyway. I imagine the mattresses are also pretty mouldy too. I've heard that having mattresses on the floor encourages mould to grow (you're supposed to put them on their side during the daytime if you're too poorfag for a bedframe). But Tuna's in that bed dopesick sweating all over it all day, and I doubt junkies keep their apartment warm (cold = more damp).

No. 395544

i remember that the window in the bedroom has a air con unit shoved in it and theres an open space next to it filled with a teddy bear, excellent insulator of course, so i guess that must draw in a lot of damp and make the room cold at night

could you imagine getting one of those carpet cleaners in her house? i wonder if you could leech the filth out or if that carpet has just seen too much to be saved

No. 395547

File: 1497148174925.jpg (87.87 KB, 540x540, 1472465916162.jpg)

Fucking armchair "activists", if your that desperate to seek out discourse turn off the damn computer and go out and do something about it instead of preaching on facebook like your some sjw Jesus.

Sage for rant, but hell why do these people not understand their ungenuine argument seeking does nothing for anyone? "White girl on social media speaks up on racism" what a fucking hero. Where's her peace prize?

No. 395577

You could probably get it to the point of being sanitised and kill whichever living bacteria/diseases reside in it, but it'd still be disgusting carpet. There's no way it'd ever be cleanable.
There's been filth soaking in and staining/damaging the fibers for too long to bring it any kind of salvation. Kind of like Luna's life.

No. 395580

You could probably get it to the point of being sanitised and kill whichever living bacteria/diseases reside in it, but it'd still be disgusting carpet. There's no way it'd ever be cleanable.
There's been filth soaking in and staining/damaging the fibers for too long to bring it any kind of salvation. Kind of like Luna's life.

No. 395605

That apartment needs to be condemned. their poor landlord when they finally move out, because there's no way they'll clean it or move out all of their trash.

No. 395606

Sage goes in the email field bud

No. 395670

File: 1497204326708.png (126.97 KB, 748x633, IMG_3380.PNG)

>public figure


No. 395672

Anyone who believes braids is somehow a black only thing need to seriously shut the hell up. Holyshit. Get off tumblr, Tuna.

No. 395675

Dreads and braids are two different things, anon.

No. 395679

The delusion holy shit

No. 395681

Not that anon, but it still applies. Matted hair isn't a black only thing. Luna's an idiot.

No. 395692

File: 1497207667494.png (2.35 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170611-205844.png)

The caption though top kek
Sounds like she looks like a cheap hooker (again) without realizing it.

No. 395702

Dreads and matted hair are also different though. I agree that Tuna is being lame and virtue signaling for likes but there is a difference.
Sage for offtopic

No. 395716

>i'm a public figure

she's probably upset that people are asking her straight up if she's a heroin addict.

No. 395719

You're both right, and it's painfully obvious to us, but her own perception is warped by drugs.

However, she started noticing the effect she has on other people, which is a huge step in the right direction. She is a tiny bit less oblivious and a sliver more realistic.

Although therapy itself will never get her sorted out unless she quits drugs, it can help her realize she needs to. And it seems to be having an effect in that regard. It's a slow process of course, and we will have many a thread until it happens.


No. 395725

File: 1497218275661.png (634.89 KB, 564x910, edgy.png)

lol @ the terrible attempts to clean up her pencil work, which is all over the place

No. 395727

File: 1497218344306.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170611-235635.png)

Also the caption is hella stupid and unrelated… Like what have her boobs to do with her at. Jesus cocksucking Christ what an attention whore.

No. 395728

File: 1497218431586.png (43.41 KB, 640x273, IMG_7997.PNG)

No. 395729

File: 1497218432279.png (91 KB, 570x649, edgy.png)

also this: I wonder if anon cow-tipping her ex has brought up old memories, she seems to be reblogging more of her ex's stuff too (the girl with a bit of a manface, not Peter)

No. 395730

oh god the shit in her cleavage ew, I regret expanding the image. It looks like lint or some shit jfc that's disgusting, and why are they so spotty?

No. 395731

File: 1497218621853.png (43.01 KB, 636x378, IMG_7998.PNG)

No. 395733

File: 1497218661219.png (218.5 KB, 633x916, IMG_7999.PNG)

No. 395734

And Winona's character had a mild version of bpd, of at all.. full blown bpd folks like tuna are so much worse.

No. 395736

File: 1497218995844.gif (1.99 MB, 332x215, mHM3DMk.thumb.gif.a0232ed43110…)


No. 395737

>money for '''''food''''''''''''''''''''''

Does anyone buy that anymore?
Someone should tell her about "popping" that addicts do with their food stamps in poor backwoods towns so she stops trying to hustle with giftcards.

No. 395739

I mean, she kind of is a public figure given how many people are watching her trainwreckery here. Maybe she's talking about us; I'm sure she's been tipped off to this thread.

No. 395740

>tfw you can't differentiate the freckles from the filth

No. 395746

File: 1497222071582.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170612-005817.png)

Tuna seems to be in withdrawal cough I mean serious and absolutely ~mysterious~ joint pain again, while going back to publicly posting about her drug addiction on Instagram again

No. 395749

Jesus I wish she would stop it with the bralettes. Just fucking invest in some real bras for once.

No. 395750

she's not wearing anything under that tank top anon, I have to assume this was the outfit she was talking about >>395692 there.

That shit's trashy as hell

No. 395754

>woah that girl w the saggy tits down to her waist gotta hit on her

No. 395755

File: 1497225509328.png (607.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-11-18-56-31…)

it's not that hard to clean your room and do some laundry but ok

No. 395758

What's popping?

No. 395761

It's when you use food stamps or gift cards to buy $1 bottles of soda, then sell those bottles to gas stations for a reduced price. It's a standard junkie practice.

No. 395764

sage for upcoming blog post
sometimes i feel bad for her because i can resonate with some of the things she's been through, and then i remember that she's a piece of shit who literally put all of this on herself. it's sad because if she wasn't a shitty person, it'd probably be a lot easier for her to get the help she needs. but she'd rather keep scamming people and treating other people like shit. the people who try to help her will eventually find out she's a garbage person. we know she's already lost most of her friends, she's going to run out of people who are willing to help her some day.

No. 395777

She should use her metro card she was trying to sell awhile back and take a train to stop n' shop and get some food so she doesn't starve for like a week.
I wonder if she thinks people actually believe that she needs money for food.

No. 395781

File: 1497231116433.png (173.44 KB, 720x733, Img_2017-06-2110-26-35.png)

There's a Stop & Shop about a mile or so from where she lives. Walk, bitch. Or just be like "I need the cash for dope instead."
Id be more inclined to help someone whose like "hey im pretty dopesick right now.. anyone willing to buy this so I can get better?"

No. 395803

lol u can also see when her foundation ends. barf(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 395811

Another realization, another step closer to reality. Good.

But the last sentence should read
"and then u want to change"

Aren't you in therapy because you want to change, Luna? Change and have things look nice as this >>395755

Still optimistic

No. 395864

but her knee anon. walking hurts, it dislocates all her joints and her bones are made of glass, etc.

No. 395872

I cannot stand anything about this fucking girl. She just seems absolutely and completely insufferable in every way.

Also, you know she's must romanticize the fuck out of the Girl, Interrupted movie. I wouldn't say the book as well but we all know Luna doesn't read.

No. 395906

File: 1497271853388.png (16.28 KB, 750x205, IMG_3384.PNG)

Lol good

No. 395908

She seems to be gaining some self-awareness lately. I doubt it will last very long or she'll actually change, but maybe she will.

No. 395910

I feel like shes just saying that stuff because she wants people to tell her that she's not annoying, that's she's amazing and that they think her nasty aesthetic is cool.

No. 395912

Oh yeah, her cotton-eyed-Joe knee that only appears when she tries to so something responsible like buy food so she doesn't ~*~starve~*~, work a real job, or even fill out job applications. But its perfectly fine when she goes to the Bronx to score, goes shopping, or contorts herself so she can take awkward selfies with her foot on a sink.

No. 395925

Does she get any disability welfare? Could it be up for review and that's why she's mentioning it lately? (I'm not sure how it works in the US).

No. 395935

shes not on disability, if she was she would be atleast sharing posts about how people deserve it and writing paragraph long pity party dark back stories about her being unable to work for a laundry list of stuff and everyone not taking her seriously, needing assessments to keep on it, etc etc. she broadcasts that stuff.

No. 395936

The idea of Luna going to the disability interviews is fucking hilarious in all honesty.

No. 395968

The CVS she gets her prescriptions filled is in the same plaza as a Super Stop & Shop

No. 395975

pfft, figures. what a lazy cunt

No. 395979

luna's asking her friends for money again…..

No. 395981

File: 1497295403859.png (464.78 KB, 476x628, move.png)

No. 395982

File: 1497295613165.png (25.54 KB, 502x130, poor.png)

No. 395984

Bitch, what paycheck?

No. 395985

File: 1497295966042.png (34.71 KB, 498x167, art.png)

No. 395990

She wants to move? With or without Lurch?

No. 395991

*desperate for dope. ftfy

No. 395994

'ill do whatever u want'
just start hooking tuna.

No. 395996

Ahahahahha this rules

No. 396001

Bitch you don't have a weekly paycheck because you don't have a fucking job

No. 396002

sage for dumbass speculation but I'm pretty sure she's planning on moving with Lurch. They might feel it's a bit weird living with Roger now (Lurch is like 40 in 2 years… It's weird he never left his Dad's house right?).

When I was permanently poorfag like Tuna, I was permanently looking to move out of my shitty apartment too. But unlike Tuna, I was making an effort to save for a deposit and go to viewings.

Bitch can't honestly saw she's been house-hunting, they have no way to save up enough money to move. How would she even get to house viewings? Her cotton eye joe knee means she can't walk further than the end of the bedroom lmao. Even if she DID get to a house viewing, why the fuck would a landlord choose her (the grotty heroin addict with clothes that have never been cleaned) over a normal human being? At least where I am, apartments are in short supply and you'll be competing with other people.

It's like me complaining that yachts are too unattainable despite me really wanting one.

No. 396003

What the fuck is her excuse for not having a job?

No. 396004

She's an "artiste". She can't have a real job, it would take away from her aesthetic

No. 396005

With her entitledness she might be the world's worst hooker, video related

No. 396010

Some landlords ask for references too, and there' no way they would get a good one from their current landlord.

No. 396019

That's true but I was also under the impression Roger is the sort of man who needs full-time care. I don't have respect for the girl now but if she and her 'man' up and leave Roger in their dirty fuckin' drug-den alone, I mean… Wew.

No. 396028

File: 1497307428131.png (259.55 KB, 750x1178, IMG_3387.PNG)

>fiancé got laid off

No tuna, he got arrested and now he's scared to run drugs for your lazy ass

No. 396031

it speaks to her ego that she'd think her high school level of art is worth $40 maybe like $3

i bet like a lot of her friends are irritated w her whole oh i have no money for food or meds pic of new clothes and make up or rent

No. 396033

File: 1497308672728.png (40.35 KB, 745x298, IMG_3388.PNG)

Oh no what could it be

No. 396034

if her art didn't look like she popped a couple addys and rabidly produced a shitload of pieces it might be worth $40.
it's just so messy, not aesthetic "i am passionately or crudely conveying something" messy either, just sloppy.

there is no part of her life that she puts effort into and she expects so much for so little.

No. 396056

She can't work because she can't stand because of her "bad knees", according to her.
She mentioned getting a job (at a gas station?) a few blocks from her house, but of course she never actually filled out an application, she mentioned it like once and then never again.
She's just a lazy bitch.

No. 396059

yeah thats what im saying. a lot of people put time and effort into their art and dont even make half of what she wants for it

No. 396064

>my fiance got laid off a week ago
You mean he's stopped running drugs to avoid going straight to jail next time they catch him.

No. 396067

oh i know, i wasn't trying to coattail or reiterate what you said, i was more musing on how if she put a modicum of effort into art she could genuinely live up to or exceed the worth her ego gives her.

No. 396082

MOST run credit checks and references. Been sorta quaint cheaper apartments. She will only be able to move from one each motel into another. PS cleaning fee? How much would it take to make anyone here attemp it?

No. 396083

Also his heart mess ate covered by Medicare, she is a scammer

No. 396085

Christ… I mean his heart meds are covered by Medicare.

No. 396088

I was gonna say "it can't be that bad! It's just a bit of mould and grime, replacing the carpet and repainting is like 2 days max"

But then I actually thought about it. It's gotta be pretty fucking grim in their bedroom. Knowing that Lurch is too lazy to get up when he needs the bathroom and pisses in the nearest container, it makes me gag wondering what he does when there's not a juice carton in reach. Tuna nodding out with blood streaking down her arm into the carpet… There will be urine and blood stains EVERYWHERE, you'd probably need hazmats to deal with all the hazardous human fluids in there.

So, uh, it's a pass from me.

No. 396099

Uh, yeah right. She's not papartment hunting. Maybe she's daydreaming about it and looking at pics and thinking "uwu this would be a cute drug den for me and Lurch". What would she do with her piles if she moved? And anyways no one would accept her rental application. No credit history, no job, no job history, full of track marks, they google her name and find all the lolcow threads. Who would want to rent to that. Dream on, Tuna.

No. 396124

You've not even factored in the animals. Cats spraying, peeing, and crapping everywhere because Luna can barely take care of herself much less a litter box.

No. 396127

Rodger probably has to scoop the cat box. Tuna definitely doesn't. And it looks like all lurch does when hes home is lay in bed, watch sports and nod out. I hope the reason Tunas been "looking for a new place to rent" is because Rodger is gonna move into an assisted living home and the two leeches wont get his social security/whatever checks every month, which means definitely no rent money for their current drug den.

No. 396134

I shudder at the thought of how much Nicotine/drug fumes stains would drip off the wall while cleaning it

No. 396138

thick sticky layers of copper coloured tar coat everything. not unlike luna, hard to wash away the filth and stink.

No. 396173

Though not impossible, seen a house with basically border line orange tan walls turn white. Too bad the people moving in immediately started smoking in it again. For Luna its not hard to imagine, but dang can smoke really paint the walls.

No. 396179

Id say they would. It only have to rip all carpeting/flooring out and replace but rip out any appliances. I can just bet their fridge, tub,sink, toilet are moldy and stained. Also hasn't her shower broken like a few times? That also has to be replaced. The walls especially in the bath have to be checked for mold too and I bet there's some in them so that'll have to be fixed. I don't think it'll be livable if they were to move out and their landlord gave a shit.

No. 396189

>if their landlord gave a shit.

Tuna's bitched about her landlord before, apparently he's pretty slack with repairs. I can't blame him for getting like that though.

Some landlords just stop giving a shit after a while, because they CONSTANTLY get tenants like Tuna (due to the location of their property) - imagine putting in all the effort to make a place habitable after a junkie leaves, just for another one to move in and fuck it all up again in a few months. Eventually they just stop putting the effort in, because nobody appreciates it anyway. I don't know NY, but it sounds like she's in a pretty poor area - coupled with the fact her neighbor is a crackhead, all points to her landlord giving up after dealing with scum for years. The apartment was likely a bit grotty already when Lurch moved in, the carpets look like some of the cheapest you can buy to me, because the landlord knew it'd get messed up and need to be thrown away. Not saying that Tuna and Lurch haven't fucked that place up more tho, they've got shit piled past the height of the door frame in one room.

Thing is tho, a landlord that caters to junkies knows how they work. Junkies are are great tenants as long as they keep paying their rent on time, they request few repairs, make little demands, and don't mind the apartment being dirty when they move in. But they WILL eventually stop paying rent, and you ain't taking a junkie to court for rent arrears, that money is pretty much gone. So you need to throw them out and replace them with another desperate addict who will pay their bills.

Part of me wonders if Luna "looking for a new place" = they were honestly behind on rent when Lurch was "robbed" and the landlord is telling them "pay up or get out." If the landlord's smart, he knows not to trust junkie liars, and once they're more than 1 month behind he'll start the eviction process.

Sage for crazy OT speculation post that barely even discusses Luna

No. 396190

I look forward to the, "homeless and living with my evil stepdad while innocent Lurch starves on the streets" saga.

No. 396201

how long has lurch been living in that apartment?

No. 396214

File: 1497361633659.png (518.59 KB, 837x498, 1478120810918.png)

This screenshots from an /snow/ Luna thread, I think she moved in about 2 years ago? It was pretty gross when she moved in so Lurch had clearly been there longer, I'd say Lurch has been there more than 3 years but less than 10.

No. 396215

derp, an early* /snow/

No. 396233

laid off? what happened to his job at the ~jewelry store~?

No. 396243


What's really funny about this to me is that if he was actually laid off he'd immediately be eligible for unemployment so they wouldn't be totally shit out of luck…but since he was busted for running drugs there's nothing to do except ask the internet for money.

No. 396244

mamaronek isnt a bad area, its pretty upper/middle class
but she did say that her landlord is very strict when theyre late a bunch of times.

there was no jewelry store, who would hire him at a jewelry store? come on anon. shes now claiming he got laid off the same time he got arrested.

No. 396245

File: 1497369987310.png (69.86 KB, 750x328, IMG_2774.PNG)

No. 396248

jesus christ tuna what are you even thinking?
jobs dont dissapear when your boss cant work, infact youd work more. unless hes a fucking drug dealer and you need him active.
youve shown multiple times you get driven to outpatient and your insurance covers it, and they give you free food. theres absolutely no reason to quit going.
i want to throttle this bitch sometimes

No. 396251

>"I have no money and I'm starving!" as I post from my iPhone 6s
She gives me headache. I don't know what type of insurance she's on but there's plenty of resources for her to milk and all she does is fucking complain. I figured she would stop going to her group at some point.

No. 396253

Let's be real here- the "employer" is Chief's supplier and he's probably in jail rather than the hospital.

No. 396270

>"i'm so scared things were going ok now they're fucked"

No. 396272

seriously nothing she says makes any sense
shes so content w her shitty life just keep being a drug addict with no prospects tuna good job

No. 396276

OH MY FUCKING GODDDD!!!!! She "had to drop out of her outpatient profram cos she can't afford to get there"?!?! Tuna your lies are so unvelieveable. You were getting fucking free transport in the van/bus that you always showed off. But if you wernt im sure you could suck money/rides out of poor pat, didnt she drive tuna there on the first day? And didnt she just get her meds filled like a week ago? She was all "coooool I got my meds and also some new ugly lipstick". Tuna your so braindead that you can't even keep anything straight.

No. 396286

>"i haven't eaten a real meal in days"
>flashbacks to a few days ago when she got a shirt that she ordered online for most likely over $20 + shipping that she ended up not even liking
sounds like that's your fault, huh luna? does she know she can use those random amazon gift cards she gets on groceries, too? or spend money on food instead of clothes from etsy? even dollar stores sell produce.. and actual groceries. i know she doesn't want to spend money on groceries but jeez, if she's going to complain about how she hasn't eaten she should at least avoid posting about her spending money on clothes. it makes her look like a dumb privileged shit

No. 396290

Why does she always say "a real meal"?
All she ever eats are chips, candy and donughts…

No. 396292

File: 1497376882068.png (2.76 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-13-12-59-16…)

Jesus this is shit, waste of paint and canvas…

No. 396295

File: 1497377303412.png (1.88 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-13-13-04-32…)

Luna… It's the middle of the fucking day… why don't you change out of that goddamn gramma nightie, take a shower, and start filling out resumes/looking for a job?? Stop being so crusty and worthless and pathetic! You're fucking 21 and plenty able to find a job!

No. 396310

At least in the past her art looked "stylized". This looks like she had a stroke mid-way through painting it.

No. 396326

Just relaxing out here covered in goo/cum with my lappy and gun, nbd.

No. 396333

haha yes its bad girl
i hate how she draws hands

No. 396335

I love how she drew the big toe on the wrong side of the foot.

No. 396363


Yeah, not one of her better efforts, but at least she acknowledges it. I do kind of like the devil girl and the cherub in >>396028 although that is a different medium.

No. 396380

she has a typical drug abuse personality.
The urge to get everyone of youre needs to be fulfilled in an instant without even lifting a finger. im pretty sure it's one of the reasons she admires and wants to be like courtney love. Because she thinks being like that you only have to lay in your bed and get expensive stuff and money thrown at you, just for being you.
it's fucked up and tbh I wouldnt even be sad if this lazy and filthy scum would OD. I lost my sympathy for her long ago. I was getting hopeful with the outpatient treatment but seemingly she's thrown it under the bus too now.

No. 396399

File: 1497391681483.png (64.25 KB, 917x745, IMG_6859.PNG)

could it be more obvious that all her donations are funneled into her drug habit? we're supposed to believe you're starving when you look the way you do, not to mention the allegedly employed fiancé, or the cash faucet that is her father?
it seems like the reason she's being so hush about her addiction these days is because she's worried people won't donate anymore once they know where the money's going. compiled with her outright refusal to read or acknowledge these public threads about her personal life.. this girl has no priorities other than heroin and ill-fitting amazon clothing. out of all the cows i follow, luna frustrates me the most

No. 396419

>Now he has no jon

Nice Freudian slip, Tuna.

No. 396422

honestly I feel like if she was more open about her drug use she'd still find people who would give her money. if she posted herself shooting up she'd get a new crowd of people either other junkies on her side or people going "oh poor baby let us help you"

No. 396425

Oh, this is good. Hope the pipes stay dry long enough for her to face reality. Good chance to turn her life around. Or… Idk, what else could she do in desperation? She already stole, begged, and whatnot. There's only two options left: doing the right thing or killing herself.
Curiously, I can't imagine her having the balls for either.

No. 396427

Someone should ask her about it.

"Oh noooo, what happened to the van tho????? uwu"

No. 396429

Nah her/lurch always find a way to get cash/dope somehow. I wonder if she ever suggested to lurch that they trade her art to the dealer for dope kek.
Tuna.. the easiest way to get dope right now is go steal a bunch of high end designer perfumes/colognes and trade them to your dealer for dope. Good luck!

No. 396437

Or go to Walmart and steal expensive tools that are small enough to fit in your purse. They accept all non damaged merchandise. Scissors from Michaels. Make returns.

I don't think she could even pull that off tho.

No. 396480

This situation could be plausible if he worked for a subcontractor and his boss was one guy who runs a small painting/roofing/etc business and takes employees out on jobs with him - if the boss doesn't go, the employees don't go. Or maybe if it was a tiny family-owned store and the boss had a life-threatening illness befall him, the family called personal emergency and closed the store to deal with it.

Not likely though.

No. 396488

File: 1497408149116.png (183.84 KB, 750x1111, IMG_3403.PNG)

>Posts nothing but bullshit
>Yells at people and blocks them if they share their opinion

Lol sorry you're being ignored but I believe you literally asked for it.

No. 396491

Aw poor tuna is being ignored? Haha. Open your ask box on Tumblr and we'll talk to you!

No. 396497

I feel like people do message her and stuff and she never responds.

No. 396653

maybe it has something to do with blogposting on a platform that mostly old people use nowadays. Moreover, no one wants to engage with a dirty junkie on Facebook, since everything you do, your friends can see.
Just learn twitter gurl. Twitter loves messy bitches blogtwitting their filthy lives.

No. 396654

>a lil makeup
"Lil"? "Lil"?! She literally caked an inch thick layer on her face

No. 396686

she ignores a lot of messages and comments. she just wants ass pat notifications on her posts she doesnt actually want friends or conversation. shes used to getting 100 notifications on a selfie like this whining, but shes successfully turned everyone away. sucks to suck tuna!

No. 396687

File: 1497451202773.png (57.78 KB, 750x437, IMG_3404.PNG)

She can't even hardly sound genuine.. she just takes people's narratives and decorates her life with them like filthy trinkets on her bedside table

No. 396688

this just sounds so callous. "Homeless guy apparently died yesterday" like… and did she have to detail the exact cause and location of his demise?
I also hate how she can never make the tenses of her verbs align in a sentence. this is prob nitpicking

No. 396700

She's ignored me every time I've tried to interact with her. Idk why she's complaining. She doesn't want anyone to actually talk to her or be friends with her, she just wants pity.

No. 396701

she couldve just made a status "rip danny" if any status at all and seem 100x more genuine, but instead she just very obviously dehumanizes him and uses his tragic story as some sort of prop to make her life seem more interesting

No. 396703

she always makes everything about herself. the self-centredness of this girl is unreal

No. 396716

File: 1497458130102.png (180.55 KB, 750x1037, IMG_3405.PNG)

I would hate how my arms look too if they were covered in abscesses and tracks

No. 396719

File: 1497458519240.jpg (130.48 KB, 1280x720, IMG_3406.JPG)

So she posted this like ridiculous angry birds ad saying they were making fun of the black lives matter and I'm not gonna lie I took the bait and asked her why she thought that and she said "well there's a Pepsi can on the ground so that's obviously a kendall Jenner thing" and I said that's probably just a coincidence and then she deleted the whole deal

I should have screenshotted and censored myself, she was obv gonna delete. Whatever at least I'm not as dumb as her.

Pic is kinda related it's what was advertised but I can't find the ad she screenshot.

No. 396720

File: 1497458836398.png (191.57 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2017-06-14-09-40-42…)

She "forgot" she had conditioner. How long would you have to wait between showers to forget you have freaking conditioner. Especially when you bleach your hair, I'm addicted to the stuff.

No. 396723

to be fair, she forgot that she had /purple/ conditioner. but i think what you're saying is accurate.

No. 396724

Who the fuck washes their hair in a bath?????

No. 396737

Children, duh.

No. 396738

not everyone has a shower

No. 396744

kek, that's hilarious anon

No. 396751

I had to wipe my laptop screen to make sure it wasn't something stuck to my screen like a hair. How the FUCK do you have a dirty bath? Look at it! It looks disgusting! I'm not one for nit-picking but how old is her conditioner? There's so much stuff floating about that isn't even just soap suds. I'd feel dirtier after taking a dip in that water, but I suppose some sewers may be more hygienic than her.

No. 396754

Nothing really but I'm guessing she's referring to the pepsi ad that kendall did, where she befriended riot police by giving them a can or whatever

No. 396757

That shit deadass looks like murky pond water.

No. 396761

That is what she was referring to

To explain the image she posted tho;
It was a green pig cop in riot gear with a shield that said "bacon" (LOL yes) and a blue bird looking angry. There was a Pepsi can on the ground.
I said it looked like any kind of protest not specifically BLM and asked where she got the idea that it was specifically "appropriating black lives matter" and she mentioned the Pepsi can

Sooo like, she equates the entire BLM movement to that Pepsi commercial with Kendall Jenner??

No. 396772

>cotton-eyed-Joe knee
someone says this every thread. what the fuck does it mean?

No. 396773

Knock-kneed, wobbly cunt.

No. 396777

It was started in a thread based on a Luna post
Lurk More

No. 396782

No. 396789

Thank you.

Has anyone noted the date of the month where the begging for money starts? It seems to happen bi-weekly then staves off immeadiately without explanation. I don't believe they have a single legitimate bill, looking at what we can actually see going out, (new trinkets and crap) vs. what could possibly come in, paired with a serious drug addiction? Ok.

No. 396795

I actually gotta say, Im at loss as to how they finance their drug abuse let alone their living expenses. there cant be that many people donating or buying luna's pictures.

No. 396812

Lurch was dealing drugs (until he got arrested recently, now he's keeping a low profile… at least for a while).
That's how Tuna met him in the first place.

No. 396817

oh that's definitely not a coincidence and that ad was definitely making fun of the kendall jenner thing but like.. it's harmless. it's not mocking blm it's mocking that kendall jenner shit. besides, she doesn't care about any of that LOL. she just acts like she does to make her look like a good person.
sorry for kinda OT shit

No. 396842

Really? You got a photo of the ad? I really didn't think so lol

No. 396844

Im dubious about the legitimacy of any bills she pays. That comes with the territory of being an internet liar and scammer though

No. 396847

File: 1497473065300.png (706.78 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-14-15-43-09…)

who said romance was dead?

No. 396863


Legend has it she tripped over bleachers doing the dance at some sporting event and dislocated her knee.

No. 396871

File: 1497476003462.png (69.34 KB, 640x425, IMG_8151.PNG)

No. 396877

>claiming she voted


No. 396894

luna u didnt vote at all quit lying

No. 396895

She voted verbally

No. 396905

I voted for her too because I didnt want Trump to win but really, Hillary isn't any better(No politics, read the rules )

No. 396907

She wouldn't be doing half of the shit that Trump is doing so let's not go that far.

Back on topic though, >>396847
Why is she getting him gifts meant for little old ladies?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 396916

File: 1497480982333.png (107.22 KB, 750x537, IMG_3412.PNG)

>I lived alone with her

She includes the weirdest facts in her drugged proclamations of feelings

No. 396918

File: 1497482764178.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3413.PNG)

Now it's a "store" he works at… so if his boss is in the hospital, wouldn't he be working his ass off running that "store"?

Luna your pleads for money are just not consistent enough that anyone with half a brain can see right through them.

Someone commission something that's not a fucking self portrait then don't pay her cuz it's garbage. Pls.

No. 396936

i would but she probably takes the money first

No. 396974

Let's not get into a political discussion here, lolcow threads are like the only place where we can escape from it. Fucking lol that Luna claimed to vote when she can hardly make it to therapy, though. She would have posted her 'I voted' sticker all over social media if she had.

No. 396998

I actually think this is relevant because living alone together means that they were probably very close, and that her grandma was pretty much her mom, as she herself explains. Dunno, I just don't think that was random or weird.

No. 397000

no and i can't find it but it definitely sound like it's supposed to be a joke about the kendall jenner thing, and i wouldn't doubt it is because of how popular the discourse over the ad was. i don't think it's wrong if it's real though, i think luna was overreacting for internet points.

No. 397001

Sage for OT and complaining about the obvious but I hate how every single celebrity Tuna idolizes just has to be a sleezy heroin addict or a fucked up pillhead, it's like she can't look up to anyone who's not a junkie. I hate that she wants to imagine herself and Lurch as Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.

No. 397002

i think she did vote because i think i remember her actually doing what you just said and posting her sticker on instagram and shit lol. i think she was showing off both her and lurch's sticker

No. 397011

File: 1497500342608.jpg (52.89 KB, 301x346, 1485578472409.jpg)

It's not surprising what it looks like after soaking up layers of Tuna grime in there, but god is it still so disgusting. Thought it was the dirty surface of a table or something, but not a liquid from thumbnail alone. Swamp monster to his Sea Ceature I guess

No. 397015

nah, she didn't. lurch posted on fb bawwing abt trump's win and how he "didn't vote" because he just "expected" hillary to win

No. 397018

ohhh it must've been a different time then

No. 397020

Yeah she's blatantly romanticized grunge musician heroin addicts for years. CL is a common outlet for sad/insecure teen girls to identify with because it's not hard to wear caked on makeup, nighties, and scream while alternating between C and G chords. Tuna just took it 1000 steps too far. She became a junkie because she can't bear the thought of being an ordinary college girl.

No. 397081

Funny really considering Kurt said himself that he avoided talking about his drug use because he thought it was dumb when people were influenced to do drugs by their idols

No. 397104

You might be thinking of when they both showed off their Bernie sticker/badge things

No. 397105

She's such a dopey little bunt, she only cares about politics now because some unkempt old man wanted to give everyone free shit with no plan.

No. 397106


No. 397131

yeah this is what i hate about her love for people like kurt cobain or layne staley, like kurt killed himself and layne lived a horrible life w addiction like his girlfriend died of an od and he died alone weighing like only 80 pounds i think? both their lives were made awful by using but she'll still post stuff like "stick your arm for some real fun" shes dumb as shit
sage the sperg

No. 397134

my favourite tuna scam was when she posted a eulogy like this on tumblr with a footnote begging for money for a memorial fund. you would have to be a special kind of stupid to donate after that.

No. 397145

File: 1497546722113.png (515.23 KB, 800x1280, 1466111338971.png)

Lol, found it anon. Luna's first few threads one here were so dang juicy.

No. 397148

did they just throw granny in a pauper's grave or something? lmao

No. 397149

You know she had a fine funeral service, she had money, that she left to Tuna, who spent it all on drugs.
She could have used that for a memorial but like, heroin>grandma

No. 397150

File: 1497547560204.png (2.05 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-15-12-25-11…)

No. 397154

Bitch you could've walked if you can't spare $3 to rid the train.You just spent so much money on cosmetics and tshirts you hate anyway.

Wonder if Lurch not running drugs anymore means she'll finally get the balls to go get her own.

No. 397179

Luna honey, while you're out, take care to lift some lip exfoliant for those dry, worn out butthole lips of yours!

No. 397196

Lol she's not bragging about where she's going so it's probably to cop.
Smart doing other illegal shit while going to/from your dealer.. that's probably how lurch got popped (I mean they both look suspicious af but besides that)

No. 397203

File: 1497559107130.png (76.86 KB, 750x757, IMG_3436.PNG)

No. 397210

File: 1497560899195.png (2.03 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-15-16-06-33…)

Pic dump incoming

No. 397211

File: 1497560930658.png (1.66 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-15-16-06-45…)

No. 397212

File: 1497560993172.png (1.81 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-15-16-07-03…)

No. 397215

I see some annies mac and cheese back there, don't tell me you don't have any food.

No. 397216

That dog collar is slowly rusting and falling apart photo by photo.

>those sheets
>those pillows
I feel like I could fall violently ill if I had to lay down on them for five minutes. How does someone live like this?

No. 397220

Annie's! God she can't even make her poverty realistic and get the shit from the dollar store.

No. 397224


Holy crap. That pillow was light purple once…

No. 397226

you might be right. it sounds like she's got some crack confidence in this caption

No. 397227

It always makes me cringe so hard knowing she posts shit like shit on facebook for former teachers, family friends, etc to see. Keep that shit on tumblr, jesus christ.

No. 397230


Her nails/cuticles/fingertips get more and more painful to look at with each passing attempt she makes at them. Countdown to fungal infection…

No. 397272

"I wanna live through this" AKA I wanna take pics smoking in my filth cradle in a pastel old nightie while reminiscing on my tragic life that will someday (when I become famous for my tumblr art) be written about in art books for years to come

No. 397278

File: 1497568731886.png (97.78 KB, 636x694, IMG_8192.PNG)

No. 397281


discoloured inner thighs from chub rub

No. 397309

File: 1497571782301.png (211.71 KB, 750x1095, IMG_3438.PNG)

It's ok y'all everything is gonna be okay now

No. 397319

She stopped aging past her teen years, didn't she. She's like an addict Al Bundy in combination with her detailed reminiscing about high school.

No. 397345

I guess she's okay now because they figured out that Tuna can pick up the dope and Lurch can sit safely at home waiting for her return.
And then he'll start getting crazy and paranoid on her that she's stealing/keeping dope from him.
Lol, that'll be fun Tuna.

No. 397358

I didn't even notice her cuticles until you said something. I'm wincing just noticing how far back they are.

No. 397407

>tryna use my DBT bullshit

Clearly taking her therapy seriously I see…

No. 397408

inb4 Lurch strangles a bitch for "keeping the dope to herself" lmao

No. 397422

she seems like way too much of a pussy to buy heroin.

she can't even shoot herself up.

No. 397446

But also consider how aesthetic it would make her feel to have a little sachel of heroin in her bag on the train. Oh god, I have an image of an autoerotic aphixiated male closet cross dresser with his purse full of tampons for that exciting femininity value ala Tuna train.

No. 397466

I didn't even think about that. If Lurch sent Tuna to cop, you know she would get ripped off and he would either yell at her for being an idiot, or accuse her of trying to skin off the top.

No. 397488

File: 1497592819459.jpg (391.25 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_orlsscc0vn1w3kwovo2_128…)

Ugh she's started going that weird heroin chic eyeshadow thing that makes it look like you're dying, wasn't heroin chic a thing like 15 years ago? I've not seen eyeshadow like this in ages, but I don't keep up with tumblr aesthetics

No. 397489

File: 1497592970537.png (Spoiler Image,57.79 KB, 197x180, omg.png)

samefagging - just caught a look at her lips and cheeks… God there's so much fuzz holy shit

No. 397537


maybe its cause i dig that style, but i don't think her eyeshadow looks terrible.

compared to those foundation lips, that dead hair, that cheap ass clothing, the dog collar, etc, it just doesn't look that bad. legit want to know what products she used.

No. 397540

actually digging the eyeshadow. if she could just do something about those lips and that skin…
i feel like she just puts on foundation, sleeps without washing her face, wakes without washing her face, and reapplies foundation. so it just builds on top of crust, dirt, and gunk. ugh

No. 397541

it actually looks like she's using a nude shade of lipstick that isn't the EXACT same colour as her foundation this time, so it looks sliightly better (the nude lipstick isn't great but she's looked worse).

But Jesus she needs to drink more water, or use lip scrubs or something because her lips are wrecked.

No. 397560

How can you dig her eye shadow when it is legit only pink eyeshadow smudged all around her eye?!
Especially the under eye area is hella unflattering

No. 397562

File: 1497608560784.png (297.32 KB, 1080x946, Screenshot_20170616-120417~2.p…)

Immediately had to think of Luna

No. 397570

Lurch would probably set everything up with his regular (trusted) dealer over the phone and then just send Tuna to a specific area to go pick it up. Just wait for the poems about having heroin in her bra or (god forbid) in her crotch-rot pussy.

No. 397677

File: 1497637910138.png (209.7 KB, 750x1026, IMG_3449.PNG)

I know all people are different or whatever but I'm severely depressed etc and I cannot fathom feeling this bad and wanting to photograph myself. I don't even like to look in the mirror when I feel bad.
I mean I'm sure a lot of it is drug confidence and like I do like to distract by doing my make up if I can find the energy or the ability to look at myself…

Sage cuz this turned into a blog post but I just cannot take her seriously because of this it just sounds like she's mocking girl, interrupted.

No. 397683

Yea, she posts a lot of selfies with captions along the lines of "i want to die lol" or "i hate everything life is horrible blah blah blah" and it always makes me cringe….. Her posting about how she's sooo depressed on her facebook page is cringey enough, but posting about it on a selfie? How does she not see how weird that is?

No. 397691

File: 1497640144264.png (293.3 KB, 749x1027, IMG_3454.PNG)

Sitting on the sidewalk in front of her house I wonder what her neighbor's think like especially if they have kids they're probably like "you can't play out front the crackhead lady is out there again"

No. 397692


No. 397719

is she really out on the sidewalk barefoot. you know for a fact she doesn't wash her feet - that's just going to make them nastier.

No. 397737


I think it's ugly too but it just looks like a regular trendy halo eye

No. 397754

File: 1497648372592.jpg (29.01 KB, 407x321, IMG_-wiv6r.jpg)

>in her crotch-rot pussy
anon pls

No. 397760

File: 1497649033925.png (1.52 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-16-16-36-17…)

She sounds fucking retarded.

No. 397794

Ugh, keep the blog post to yourself next time and lay off the adderall.

No. 397799

Lol I did and it was lame. Don't wanna argue with you but just bc there isn't a steady flow of milk here doesn't mean you need to word vomit an essay rehashing everything we've already discussed. Also Luna's bathwater was disgusting and if you don't think so then you're prob gross yrself.

No. 397803

>do you guys ever feel like just one time telling her it's gonna be okay or something
you must be new on here.
any time one of her facebook friends dares to make a helpful or encouraging comment on one of her facebook posts, she deletes it a few hours or days later and continues her whining self-pitying shit.
she wants to be pitied.

btw, you just repeated what has been said thousand of times before in her threads, newfag.

No. 397809

Judging people who don't clean the tub before running a bath is entirely warranted. Degenerates.

No. 397854

Looks like her hand is covering her mouth and nose

No. 397861

I'm surprised to see that Luna was a natural blonde. Her hair now is SO dark.

No. 397883

Oh my god, I thought so too. Scared the shit out of me for a minute.

No. 397886

I feel like that happens a lot with little kids. I was superblonde as a tot but now I'm a medium-brown. Certainly not blonde.

No. 397903

I have no experience with drugs so track marks don't look any different than spots to me, but is that a track mark on her toe?

No. 397909

Samefag to add, the plate in the background is atleast proof that the kitties get fed occasionally. But how can you feed them but be too lazy to move the plate to a corner of the room or even pick up the tin?

No. 397914

Naw, just a little scab.

No. 397915

I don't see any food in that plate. Just because there's a plate on the ground doesn't mean they feed their cats regularly.

No. 397925

Speaking of her nasty feet I wonder how that 'HELL' tattoo is doing. She hasnt done the 'HEAVEN' she wanted to do on the other one, probably cuz the hell one is so inflamed still.

No. 397940

Luna doesn't feel real depression.

Just because Tuna whines all the time because she's not spoilt, it doesn't mean she legitimately has clinical depression.

Almost every single millenial on the internet pulls this nihilistic "lmao I want to die all the time guiz" shit, and it's fake as hell. Tuna feels sadness, not depression. Tuna feels drug comedowns and withdrawals that make her feel bad, but she's not depressed.

Real depression isn't taking hundreds of selfies of yourself and calling yourself kawaii, it's deeply exhausting and you just sit there doing nothing for hours. Maybe you'll be able to drag yourself out of bed long enough to shower, but makeups too exhausting. I've never seen a "depressed" person with so much unwarranted self-value, bitch is just using it for an aesthetic like everything else.

No. 397943

track mark in mum's hand and the clear look of wasted-ness in her eyes made me eyeroll a little bit when this was first posted.

Who the fuck has the energy to pose for a picture just after popping out a baby?

Sage for being catty to Tuna's mother for no reason.

No. 397946

The way Luna's hand is mooshed against her face like that makes her look deformed or some shit. Not to mention, why couldn't the photo wait until she got off the phone?
Don't they put IVs in people's hands in hospitals though?

No. 397958

a LOT of people have pictures of themselves holding their baby after giving birth… now you're just nitpicking. it's normal to take pictures with your baby after giving birth. jesus

No. 397963

I understand how you feel but you really need to remember that she's not a good person. If you ever need a reminder how bad she really is, you just gotta reread the first few threads. Since the milk isn't as, well, milky anymore it's easy to forget that she's a piece of shit and not just the boring sad girl her posts make her out to be. She doesn't deserve pity

No. 397984

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZeHq7J9aHM(use the YouTube embed field)

No. 397990

They don't always put ivs in people's hands. It usually goes in the arm BUT her mom may have fucked up the veins in her arm from shooting up so they may have had to go in through her hand.

No. 397996

>lurch posted
Nothing in tuna's threads ever made me stop in my tracks the same way this did. I can't imagine him posting anything. Or saying anything. In my imagination he's just this constantly dopesick, silent being that luna props up for selfies

He's suchb a fucking weirdo holy shit

No. 397999

Her feet look pretty clean in there though?

No. 398004

you can't really see the bottoms of her feet but even if they did look clean, it's not hygienic to go barefoot on a public city sidewalk

No. 398005

lol I'm that anon - I wasn't bitching over the fact that there's a photo (that shit's super common) but the fact that it looked like she was POSING and she wasn't even looking at her baby. All the birth photos I've seen have looked a lot more sincere than that. But another anon later mentioned that she's on the phone so my bad, it makes a lot more sense now, I thought it was a little slip of paper that she was holding up to pose with. It just rubbed me the wrong way, like whatever she was holding was vastly more important than the baby, but now I see I'm retarded and jumped the the wrong conclusion.

I don't get why they'd remove an IV in her hand but leave something tied around her forearm like that, but I don't know medicine. Personally I think it's more likely it's a trackmark, given Luna's ~romantic story of being conceived on a methadone clinic stairwell. Maybe I've just been reading these threads too long, I'm starting to see Tuna's degeneracy in everything lol.

Lurch used to post tl:dr posts on facebook all the time about sports and other irrelevant crap. Anons here said they were surprised by the eloquence of his writing, but it just read like autism essays to me. There was also that facebook post made by Luna that mentioned Lurch's reading habits, so he's not utterly braindead.

>not all geniuses read books

>some geniuses read wikipedia articles

No. 398006

>look pretty clean
>black spec of shit on one of her toes
>Tuna purposely covering her sole with her hand to cover most of the grime

No. 398015

IVs can be hard to place and they will use the best vein.

Blog post: I've never shot anything up in my life but if i have to get an iv for anything, they always use my hands because they're just bigger veins and easier to see/poke.

No. 398020

Jfc. There's nothing tied around here arm… Its a fucking bangle bracelet. Maybe just stop talking.

No. 398036

me too. was bright blonde as a child, but now (30y old) Im dark brown.
lol anon. knowing nothing about drugs is fine, but how about some anatomy? needles have to be shot into veins. There isnt really a big enough vein on top of your toes. Some desperate junkies shoot in the veins between the toes though.

No. 398037

the short ban for not using the youtube embed field is fine for that anon, but godammit that video is so funny and perfect lmao
can we kinda stop nitpicking and sperging about an IV line or a possible track mark? Maybe it's a mosquito bite, hell who knows.

No. 398044

Thread's gotten super nitpicky and petty since it was moved to /pt/.

No. 398056

File: 1497720666620.png (887.35 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-17-12-26-42…)

i can't place why, but luna doesn't look half bad in this pic.

No. 398058


Saged for no milk, but needles don't need to go into veins, even for junkies. A lot of junkies who can't find veins skin pop or muscle their shots (like diabetics with insulin). It's extremely painful, causes gnarly infections, and doesn't hit as fast an mainlining but it gets the job done.

Not saying Luna is shooting up in her toe. Just pointing out that your correction isn't exactly true either.

No. 398064

Oh she's going to evil dads this weekend? Uwu how sad and terrifying for her. She'll get money, food, his drugs, and taken out shopping for clothes and knick knacks she doesn't need. Definitely calls for a ":/" face.

No. 398066

>Going to see my dad : /
Girl shut up you love it

No. 398067

she looks tired but she's not vacant, maybe this is what sober Luna looks like

No. 398079

i think she looks good here. she kind of looks like she's lost weight as well.

No. 398089

She has dead fish eyes and her mouth looks stachey/wrinkly. what are you on, anons?

No. 398109

I was a dark brunette as a baby/kid and Luna's roots similar to how my hair used to be. I always assumed blonde hair darkens, but would have expected more dishwater blonde than dark brunette. Maybe it's because she never goes outside?

No. 398110

>>i can't place why, but luna doesn't look half bad in this pic.

It's because she's finally wearing what looks like clean clothing. SRS

No. 398111

she has both of those things 24/7. that's not going to change. she can still look better in some pictures than she does in others.

No. 398117

File: 1497733723355.jpg (309.12 KB, 2048x2048, F8F22700-C0D7-4B6B-B7AF-0E5BF0…)

And of course she's posting her haul of crap she's getting from him immediately after. She's so insufferable.

No. 398118

Lol she has been wearing that same dress for the past month and hasnt done laundry in years.

No. 398120

File: 1497733880123.jpg (878.28 KB, 2048x2048, 73F27E6F-B73E-4CA4-A5D2-D34076…)

Her haul so far.

No. 398121


Okay… If she has bough a bra, why didn't she buy proper fitting bra? Gurl look, your cups are half empty!

No. 398137

Whats with the baggy old lady Playtex bra that doesn't fit? And why is she topless in her dads living room.
Hes probably not even there half the time why is she complaining about it being "anxiety inducing"? What a whiny dumb cunt. She goes over there, goes shopping, uses him, and smokes his weed with him. Maybe she means she gets anxious when her made-up sob stories don't get her cash for dope.

No. 398150

File: 1497739096094.png (113.98 KB, 750x1112, IMG_3477.PNG)

Photo dump of the rest of her loot
She got some drugs this time

No. 398151

File: 1497739109940.png (140.34 KB, 750x1112, IMG_3478.PNG)

No. 398152

File: 1497739141941.png (167.05 KB, 750x1045, IMG_3479.PNG)

No. 398153

File: 1497739160734.png (212.7 KB, 750x1074, IMG_3480.PNG)

No. 398166

If her dad IS paying, I wonder why he doesn't take her to pick up some professional looking attire. She has enough shit to wear at home and in bed. I guess he knows she'll have none of that 'job-seeking' shit

No. 398167

He is probably hoping she'll become a college student again, and is scared of losing contact with his daughter (I mean, she clearly hates him)

No. 398174

Maybe he has bought her some interview clothes. She would never show them off on her accounts though because they don't fit her jobless-junkie-loser aesthetic.

No. 398214

How is all this shut-in grandma shit ~°·*aesthetic*·°~ ?

No. 398218

Its not. She's losing her mind for real or something.. Ive always thought she kindof had bad taste, but that new black bra and that cheap looking pink "night shirt" are fucking hideous. I dont understand why any 21 year old would want to wear them and show them off. Maybe she's just blinded by the fact that her dad buys her whatever she wants and she spazzes over the idea of having more to add to the piles.

No. 398219

File: 1497752157647.jpg (5.34 KB, 275x273, 1496912746843.jpg)

Her lips look like a raw asshole! Luna, if you're gonna mooch off your dad, get him to buy you lip balm and an exfoliant! I swear, this girl's going to have the lips of a 60 year old by the time she's 25.

No. 398233

File: 1497755170636.png (197.75 KB, 750x1082, IMG_3481.PNG)

>showing off a bar of soap

No. 398261

Ugh why can't she atleast brush the dirt and hairs off her damn sheet before taking a pic. And that Channel lotion looks grimy as fuck, how much you wanna bet its mostly empty and probably a few years old? Gross.

No. 398265

There's 1 grain of fried rice and it's killing me

No. 398266

now it's killing me too. thanks anon

No. 398293

There is so much in this picture that has assaulted my sensibilities. Those lips are beyond repair and it's just sad. The nails. Shit even when I was using I could scrape away the excess paint around my cuticles with the edge of my thumb nail. But MY FUCK HER PORES. Not just her face either, look at the shit down her neck! This is beyond a little face scrub. This is just an unholy mess. It's sad that she's so fucked up that she can't see this when she puts her makeup on.

No. 398301

>>Chanel body lotion

The struggle is real

No. 398306

this is still huge progress.

No. 398308

She's been wearing this same shirt/dress thing for nearly a month now nonstop. That thing must be so filthy.Just scrolling what's been posted in this thread alone she's wearing it in 10 photos over the span of 2 weeks.

And of course she has to show off her pills and weed. Only a matter of time before she's posting pics of needles again.

No. 398309

>storing your weed like this

fucking disgusting, it would get SO DRY. Not to mention you'd get little crystals/leaf bits stuck on the pills that you'd then have to put in your mouth.

No. 398319

are those track marks on her wrist?

No. 398320

But of course.

No. 398321

File: 1497794106981.png (423.13 KB, 720x982, Capture _2017-06-18-08-51-06.p…)

Haha I knew it. Im sure she'll keep the empty lotion bottle anyways. And now im wondering if the perfume box is just an empty box.

No. 398324

At least there are cups
At least she tried…

Is she looking thinner here or is it just angles?

No. 398331

File: 1497797033448.png (229.62 KB, 750x1056, IMG_3485.PNG)

No. 398332

the track marks on her wrist actually made me flinch

No. 398333

She does look thinner, imo. It could be just a filter tho. Sometimes my phone makes me look skinnier than I am. Or maybe she's upping her crack smoking… If lurch isn't going to score dope then she can just get crack from her neighbors.

No. 398334


This is interesting, as I thought her dad basically only gave her weed when she was with him; he seems to be actively discouraging the junkie lifestyle to the extent he has any influence over her. I can't recall she every got anything more than a joint or two while she stayed with him. I wonder if she swiped his prescription.

Honestly, I think the best thing he could do for her would be to kick her to the curb and tell her to come see him when and if she decided to take control of her life, but I know that would be terribly difficult for a parent.

No. 398336

If he gave them to her he might be hoping that she'll use them instead of heroin. Although it's also possible that she just stole them from him

I agree, as long as she has people funding her habit, it's unlikely that she's going to make any effort to quit

No. 398360

is the lotion something she just recently got in her haul from her dad's house? if it's a new item (not new new, but new to her) why is it empty? where/why would she just get a random empty used bottle of chanel lotion..

No. 398363

maybe she just stole both of them from her Dad's house when he wasn't looking, and it's used because it's his.

No. 398364

You guys think it's possible that she just poses with stuff at his house that she thinks looks cool, and doesn't actually steal it?

I can't imagine her dad not noticing that every time she comes over, lots of his shit disappears.

No. 398368

Not suggesting she steals everything she comes back with, but coming home with used cosmetics is weird if it's not stolen. And she's clearly not just posing with it because of >>398233 , that's definitely one of her grimy bed sheets.

Also stoners are forgetful people, maybe it's just me but if trivial shit like empty lotion went missing, I'd just assume I'd thrown it away high / put it somewhere and forgotten. Same with the weed she comes back with, if her Dad smokes a lot he wouldn't notice <1gram going missing, and he'd chalk it up to him over-smoking instead.

tinfoil speculation Not saying I completely believe Luna's stealing the weed, but anything's possible. Maybe that's why she's coming back with bigger quantities each time - maybe she's getting more cocky with each successful attempt.

No. 398369

ew why is he sticking the needle so deep in her arm? wonder how long it will be before she gets maggots

No. 398386

File: 1497813693099.png (123.31 KB, 750x804, IMG_3486.PNG)

Oo someone got mad and this response is still up cuz she's off barred out

No. 398387

people are commenting on her benzo use all worried lmao they dont know she's also on heroin??

No. 398388

I'm guessing she got it from the thrift store. Thrift stores will get cosmetics donated to them sometimes. She probably saw the Chanel bottle, thought "ohh how aesthetic!!", and had her father buy it for her along with those Grandma bras and nightshirt.

No. 398416

Used, though? That sounds like a huge health hazard.

No. 398418

File: 1497821243570.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2298.PNG)

Her boob is hanging so low.

No. 398421

File: 1497821467347.png (150.54 KB, 741x973, IMG_3490.PNG)

It's weird that she's like "excuse the bit of ink on my hand" but shows off her track marks and shitty self manicures???

No. 398422

File: 1497821573678.png (461.91 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-18-16-30-54…)

ok luna, whatever you say

No. 398424

File: 1497821670696.gif (498.34 KB, 400x224, britneyno.gif)

thats what she's wearing to visit her DAD? wtf luna at least wear a bra your poor dad deserves that much on father's day.

No. 398429

Andddd it's deleted and she's all like
Lol girl taking a handful is different than taking one, which all scripts would prescribe ONE AT A TIME

No. 398436

Her nail is crooked kek

No. 398438

yeah ok luna
the original photo with the pills had a caption that said "in for a fun ass day"
now she's all "hurr durr muh anxiety" because it's a convenient excuse

No. 398439

In confused, she was just there yesterday? And how was it so bad she came home with tons of shit she "needed"

And yeah I hope that's not what she's wearing? That's some confidence she's got.

No. 398440

Fr she's equating "fun" and "anxiety" that shit is so insulting

No. 398444

Don't know why but this pic specifically made me realise how ugly/thrashy her tattoos are.

No. 398451

File: 1497825088126.jpg (13.34 KB, 300x300, Texta-Permanent-Markers.jpg)

What gets me the most is that damn alien, no matter how old it is it still looks like fresh texta ink.

No. 398452

Hahahaha at how that night doesn't fit her, it has specific places for your boobs to go and her tits are hanging wayyyy below that.
And she posted this an hour ago.. Why is she saying she's going to her dads again? She was already there, and is now back to her drug den.
Or was it because she got some sympathy the first time so she's going for round two…?

No. 398454

That's actually the one thing I could never really criticize her for, they're all surprisingly well done. Other than the one(s?) she did herself, of course.

Her nail beds look kind of painful, yikes.

This. She said she's in for a fun time and now she's mad at people for criticizing her? I really do think that she's spending too much time on tumblr, her arguments are terrible

No. 398460

is crack confidence a thing? I've done crack before but never heard about it. Luna's threads are the only place I see it being mentioned

No. 398461

Yeah, it is

No. 398462

yeah but no one really does that unless they have no veins left. and even tho I doubt Luna's veins are in GREAT condition, it's not like she's been doing this for years and has none left.

no one would choose muscling, much less skin popping, over IV use where you get to feel the rush and get 100% of it into your body. the only way I could see her doing that is if Lurch wasn't around and she knew for a fact she'd fail at attempting to IV so she just chose to muscle it. but even then…

No. 398466

Yeah I was addicted to crack for awhile and it made me feel like I was better than everyone else. Probably what Tuna has going on.

No. 398470

That's her hand in front of her face…

No. 398472

Dry bud burns hotter. Is rather smoke that than some sticky bud that I can't even burn.

> Inb4 I've been smoking marijuana for two years and know everything about it

She's gonna start having seizures if she keeps popping benzos like this. Benzos are nothing to fuck with. I take them occasionally, but Luna is being really reckless with them.

No. 398473

Sure jan.
I was addicted to benzos and always used this excuse.

No. 398474

Sorry for the late reply, was working, unlike Luna lol. Thrift stores sell used/half empty shit all the time. It's a huge health hazard and extremely gross, but they still do it. Especially if the store is in a bad area.

All the rest of the things she posted looks like it came from a goodwill or something.

No. 398502

fyi ur profile pic is showing

No. 398504

File: 1497838170512.png (564.02 KB, 712x944, Capture _2017-06-18-20-59-45.p…)

Yeah she just re-posted like 3 pics. She must of had a handful of pills for dinner. But im confused, is she back at her dads (pic related, and holy fuck look at her track marked hand) after briefly going home to her drug den?

No. 398510

File: 1497839093357.png (174.5 KB, 750x1060, IMG_3492.PNG)

Why is she reposting so much from yesterday? Is she that barred out?

No. 398511

File: 1497839120992.png (264.06 KB, 750x1107, IMG_3493.PNG)

No. 398515

If this isn't the most outward projection of having issues with your father then I don't know what is.

No. 398528

This is on par with those damn spoonies doing their prescription hauls.

No. 398535

What an evil dad…

No. 398542

I don't really like Luna that much, but sometimes the thought that one of these days someone'll just pop up in here with a news article or something about her passing away from an overdose like Kadee did crosses my mind and I get worried for her. Maybe it's cause she's around my age and I want her to fight a little harder for her life since she's so young. It doesn't take shit to be here one day and gone the next.
I'm a little drunk, so pardon the sentiment.

No. 398543

>>Do anons have to post this shit every.single.thread?

Not trying to be rude, but it's getting tiresome.

No. 398544

You're absolutely right, I didn't give it much forethought but yeah this does get brought up a lot. I'm sorry.

No. 398545

File: 1497847718700.png (144.1 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2512.PNG)

People are so tired of her bullshit

No. 398547

>Wow, you look really good for a 50 year old!

No. 398548

For a lot of addicts benzos are far harder to kick than heroin or other opiate addiction but the concern may also be that she's using benzos to enhance her heroin highs. If she's taking benzos with heroin she increases the chances of a fatal overdose. I suspect people freaking out over the benzos know all of Luna's history and are worried she will end up killing herself accidentally.

She clearly loves that floaty feeling - she'll take 30 mg of Ambien at once and deliberately stay awake. She's young, idolizes drug icons and is a prime candidate in terms of her preferred high for miscalculating and depressing her CNS until she stops breathing.

I really wish her dad would stop - I'm sure he thinks giving her "lesser" drugs that don't require injecting is helping but if she does use them with heroin, it won't be long before something far worse than an abscess happens.

No. 398554

Yeah, the ambien abuse is pretty telling, and hopefully she's just on methadone now given that she's at her father's, otherwise her risk of overdose is so much higher. Though her life may only be as long as the time it takes for a round of fentanyl-adulterated heroin to circulate through her community.

No. 398569

I'm not a user or anything so I had to look it up & could be wrong, but it appears to be very uncommon to inject methadone - it's apparently got a shittonne of health risks with no high. So the fact that we keep finding more trackmarks on her suggests that she's not stopped taking drugs.

Pretty sure the benzos are for the dopesickness afterwards. They lessen the effects if you can't get heroin.

No. 398570

She's definitely using heroin, but apparently she uses methadone when she goes to her father's house.

No. 398591



No. 398598

Sage for my ignorance
She doesn't actually get prescribed all these different benzos does she? What doctor would do that? She's got to be buying these on the street right?

No. 398611

I can confirm the benzos really help with withdrawal, I came off morphine by ramming myself with benzos for a week and had no symptoms at all. She could be not doing heroin when she's round her dad's and going straight back to it when she gets home.

sage for blog post

No. 398613

I'm not 100% sure, but I think her Ambien is a script. An anon in a previous thread said she gets (or at least got in the past) Xanax legitimately, and she gets Lamictal/lamotrigine legit too.

I'm thinking she must doctor shop, or get some prescriptions from her psychiatrist and some from her doctor.

Everything else she shows off is probably off the streets.

No. 398615

There's no actual proof she's using heroin until she posts a pic of it. Her trackmarks– she could be shooting anything. Idk why you all think trackmarks=heroin. I mean, im sure she still is using dope, im just saying there's no "concrete evidence"…

No. 398618

yeah because people who use heroin just randomly stop using it

No. 398620

There have been so many heroin pictures of her actually using it in the past. Yeah, she not just randomly stopped using it and the track marks are just final proof. Not sure why you keep questioning that. She's also still writing about heroin use in her poetry and likes pictures of it on her tumblr.

No. 398621

File: 1497882842510.png (1.77 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-19-09-31-14…)

No. 398631

lol back to the door knocker look*

No. 398639


No. 398646

>has posted pics of Lurch injecting her
>has posted pics of drug scores
>"There's no concrete evidence guys!!!"

No. 398648

File: 1497891066461.png (Spoiler Image,1.2 MB, 737x630, Clipboard01.png)

jfc… I ship her freckles tbh. But the rest is just shit.

No. 398649

File: 1497891304885.png (1.16 MB, 932x1102, Un2titled.png)

>short term goals that relate to mental health
>a good and cheap way to feel happy is thrifting
>having a pen I like and a decent notebook is good for my mental health
>Lurch is the smartest man Ive ever met


No. 398656

This makes me feel sickly.
Also she sounds so fucked up and she has no idea how to write? She talks like this?

No. 398664

I don't follow Luna's thread religiously, so I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies, but I'm about 99% sure I saw her this weekend. Her dad lives downtown in Manhattan, right?

So I live in Manhattan and was walking around downtown with my boyfriend, and I swear I saw her. I was on the opposite side of the street walking in the opposite direction. She was wearing that grey dress pictured here >>398056 and her hair was almost appallingly greasy. She looked much fatter than she does in pictures, too. I couldn't see her makeup or really anything else, but it was surreal. She had a bag with her that seemed pretty full, but it was closed and I couldn't see what it was. I wasn't about to stalk her, lmao.

Sage because no milk. Also, sorry for no picture, but that's just kind of creepy.

Do we know exactly where her dad lives? If I could get a confirmation on that, I can with even more certainty say it was Luna.

No. 398666

Jfc can y'all stop with the "no evidence of heroin" rubbish? Plenty of evidence in the past threads of her literally buying heroin and having it shot up by Lurch. Read the last fucking threads.
Sage for rage

No. 398671

not this shit again

No. 398673

It probably was her. She posted pictures from her dads apartment so the view from there might help you to know where it was, but the timing and the looks seemed right and I don't think there's too many girls like Luna in Manhattan.

It's weird to think about her roaming around in the 'real world'.

No. 398674

iirc it was mentioned in the previous thread or the one before it by someone who knew/followed Luna for a substantial amount of time. It does make sense that she'd stop for a day or two so that she can hide it from her dad. He'd probably be less willing to give her shit/urge her into rehab if she started shooting up or nodding off in front of him.

No. 398675

I don't think he lives in downtown Manhattan?? The view from his apartment looks way too flat and spaced out to be downtown, seems more like he lives somewhere up further or to the east or west.

No. 398677

She did go shopping with him though, so she may have ended up in a different area than where her dad lives?

No. 398685


>>tfw anon mistook an old bag lady for Luna…

No. 398687

She says he lives by grand central

No. 398712

File: 1497902029667.png (133.46 KB, 750x586, IMG_1273.PNG)

Manhattan anon here. Sorry for any typos… on mobile. I should have said Midtown, not downtown; I was downtown relative to where I live in the Upper West Side.

I went back to the previous threads and found this picture >>323441 where it looks like you can see the One Worldwide Plaza complex in the background. I was definitely in that general area.

Pic related. I've circled grand central and the One Worldwide Plaza complex. I was heading from my home to Koreatown, and once I hit 59th st., I got off the train and walked southeast from the bottom left corner of Central Park.

No. 398727

Different anon but this is the right quote
>>>/snow/323441 *

(I'm not entirely sure how you crosspost between boards properly, the only way I've found it to work is copy/pasting the URL from the thread)

No. 398731

Thank you so much, kind anon. Sorry about that.

No. 398743

So Lurch may be going to jail but is more likely going to have to go on probation and take piss tests. What happens to Luna in this scenario? Will she keep using and just get her own heroin or stay clean with Chief?

No. 398756

She writes the way she types. She didn't write this for herself; she wrote it for her audience.

No. 398789

lol hasn't Lurch been on probation before? Chances are he'll just fudge the tests with other people's piss again. Junkies are cunning when it comes to staying on drugs.

But is there any more info on this? I've been dying to hear about Lurch's drug charge, was he in court recently or something?

No. 398816

File: 1497915440813.gif (1.14 MB, 498x278, tenor.gif)

> I don't think there's too many girls like Luna in Manhattan.

No. 398826

Manhattan anon again. You'd be surprised at the number of girls like her that I see walking around. I really doubt they can afford to actually live here, but maybe they have situations like Luna's or are just living in a studio with twelve other drug addicts. kek

No. 398835

I thought her being "clean" and or "withdrawing" was just more insane speculation that spiralled into "fact" like people deciding Lurch was gone for that time. I don't buy either I think he was there and they were getting high, just like always

No. 398836

File: 1497918159772.png (20.9 KB, 711x106, derp.png)

>im ashamed
>broadcasts it
Shut up tuna. If you actually self-harmed you'd post a picture of it. Like when you shoot up, let the blood run all over, post a pic and then caption it like you cut yourself or something.
She's so fucking pathetic I can't even believe it.

No. 398837

Oh dude, there's tons of spoiled twentysomethings in the city with ugly ~artsy~ aesthetics. They'll move there and have their rich parents fund the whole thing. Luna's not terribly different.

No. 398838

Right, but withdrawing from heroin if you're an IV user is incredibly difficult and painful, I seriously doubt she quit or will ever be able to without help

No. 398882

File: 1497934812122.png (166.98 KB, 750x907, IMG_3502.PNG)

What does she mean by
Where would they go… unless this is some sort of toy story scenario and they're trying to get the fuck away from tuna

No. 398883

File: 1497934864885.png (189.58 KB, 750x1091, IMG_0750.PNG)


Suddenly, her tits have rearranged themselves and look normal. That mirror, however, looks gross. I wonder why there are so many specks on the mirror when I doubt they brush their teeth.

No. 398886

You forgot to include the amazing caption:
>this mirror is dirty no matter what I do

No. 398887

I can't handle that amount of grime I'm dying

No. 398891

File: 1497936616288.png (185.32 KB, 750x920, IMG_3503.PNG)

She keeps posting this image and changing the message a little bit?
Is she try to amp people up for photos of her
>worst ever self harm ever omg

No. 398896

File: 1497937644721.png (188.44 KB, 750x1288, IMG_3504.PNG)

>tried to order on my dad's debit card but it was declined

Because you stole it or the info?? Maybe he cancelled it cuz someone kept buying bullshit on his account.

No. 398897

File: 1497937723276.png (72.67 KB, 750x530, IMG_3505.PNG)

No. 398898

Incoming self-righteous blog post but it really bothers me when grimey people collect Hello Kitty, Care Bears, Rilakkuma, etc. Those characters are primarily targeted for a younger audience with adults collecting them too but their image is ultimately supposed to be cute and uplifting. To see someone like Luna, who glorifies her drugged-out lifestyle, collect these characters makes me feel like she's taunting their image.

Sage for meaningless rant.

No. 398899

Maybe if she didn't wear her slippers outside like an idiot she wouldn't ALREADY need a new pair. God she's the worst.

No. 398903

>>398896 ugh I want to comment "amazon sells food ya know" next time she begs for food money.

No. 398911

or he changed the pin or whatever you need over there to use it, because he knows what to expect of his piece of shit daughter.

No. 398925

lmao is Tuna one of those people who does hundreds of paper cuts all over her body for maximum attention seeking? 29 cuts would require hospital treatment if they were done all at the same time and were more than cat scratches.

>idc if my scars makes ppl uncomfortable
yeah… Why would you care you fucking self absorbed, unemphatic tool. Who cares about how it makes you look to others, when you can get your precious attention eyeroll. That shit used to make me feel so bad, if anybody noticed my scars (even old ones) it'd make me feel shame for being a fuck-up. Self harm isn't something you're supposed to be proud of, it's a terrible habit that Tuna should kick like everything else she does.

But the reason she's not taken pictures is 100% because they're cat scratch depth.

>my dad's terrible, the worst dad ever, I'm literally shaking
>has free access to buy whatever on her Dad's Amazon.
>is buying MULTIPLES of things because the fucking ingrate has broken/lost it. Says previously purchased in the top of 2 listings.
>Those slippers specifically say they're for home use only, yet she's planning on buying another pair to destroy.
>Will beg for food in 2 days acting like she's not a spoilt piece of shit that gets everything she wants.
This fucking bitch is so close to making me rage rn tbh.

No. 398926

File: 1497947757138.png (1.31 MB, 1557x969, fuckingew.png)

that stain on the blanket…

No. 398928

That's shit. There is no way that this isn't shit. Holy fuck.

No. 398933

shit or dried period blood.

I have no idea which is worse.

Did…Did she just admit into stealing her dads credit card… Because it declines it straight if you have a online transactions blocked, disputed or the wrong billing address(if he had given it to her, he would have told her of the correct one).

No. 398941

Every last thing looks like someone wiped their ass on it. It's like staring into Goodwill's reject bin.

No. 398943

>i just counted
omg so she did like self harm > count > instagram post
wonder if theyll ever be seen

No. 398945

>if anybody noticed my scars (even old ones) it'd make me feel shame for being a fuck-up.
On the bright side anon, though I guess it depends on what/when/where, most people are unperceptive as hell and will literally not notice unless its pointed out.

>But the reason she's not taken pictures is 100% because they're cat scratch depth.

I honestly doubt they're even real. Fucking hate this bitch, because even they were real and tiny, for people it should be noted as something to worry about if they knew someone actively hurting themselves for any reason. Then there's this cunt, doing the bare minimum as to not harm the body she "hates so much" and to soak up the attention her narcissistic ass craves. Makes a mess of what to ignore or to help, breeding dumb shit like the suffering olympics, and overall discrediting self harm as a red flag.

Also lmao at these people always making such a fuss over muh potential scars, but even IF you get a scar from a scratch no one will fucking notice/cream will get rid of it/they fade on their own. Sorry to tag along on your post, but I'm feeling the rage too.

The mystery begins

No. 398946

it sounds weird but I really want her to post a picture of those scratches to laugh about it.
>worst self harm in years guise!
>but i dont post any pictures of it, different than to everything else
>but it's really bad, guise!
>i also counted!

No. 398950

it actually doesnt surprise me that she doesnt know how to clean mirrors/windows/things with a glass surface. Even if youre poor, you can just take some newspaper and some acidy like plain vinegar and rub the mirror with it. vinegar is cheap af and newspaper is everywhere.

it especially doesnt surprise me, when she cant even clean her magic wand at all ( >>330179 ), not to mention that she doesnt know that the silicon cover on the top is actually removable.

No. 398951

You could use her hair grease to oil up a pan holy fuck how disusting

No. 398952

Also, how long will it take before her flesh tunnel gets infected and her ear begins rotting away

No. 398954

Slippers: $14.99
T-shirt: $13.93
Plugs: $9.99 ( i couldnt find this exact one for some reason but i found a similar one and took the price)
Septum ring: $10.48
Total: $49.39
Honestly for $50 she could have gotten a lot of pasta and rice…. instead she wastes people's money on shit like this. thank god the card was declined.

No. 398955

Ngl I tried this when I was young and poor. Scratched the bathroom mirror up so bad I didn't get my security deposit back…

No. 398963

File: 1497963116146.jpg (138.91 KB, 728x646, luna sh.jpg)

jfc how often is she going to repeat it?

>puts tw
>says she doesn´t care if her self harm makes people uncomfortable

lol, why´d you put a tw then, stupid cunt… Isn´t it pretty uncomfortable to feel triggered?

No. 398964

oh so the "cuts" are on one of her ham hocks

No. 398973

well one thing is for sure: that mirror and the appartment overall is way beyond any kind of state that would get them their security deposit back.

No. 398981

If she's so fucking "ashamed" of her "self-harm relapse" why does she keep mentioning it over and over and over. She's obviously just looking for attention/sympathy and she's so dumb that she doeant realize how obvious, pathetic and immature she sounds.

No. 398994

File: 1497971972694.png (590.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170620-170447.png)

Aaaw.. are those from their neighbours's garden? Also, what is she supposed to put them into, since there are barely stalks left?

No. 398997

Fighting all day because we can't get heroin*

No. 398998

Please do, I would love to see the bullshit excuse she comes up with.
If she buys another pair of slippers to wear outside, I'm going to shit a house. Just get yourself a pair of flip flops or something! Or do those not mesh with your ~gently wilting mentally ill flower~ aesthetic? Ugh.

No. 399044

"idc if my scars make ppl uncomfortable" lmao wow luna i guess you only care about triggers and caring about mental health when it applies to you huh? what a shitty thing to say smh

old scars are fine to show, but showing off new fresh scars is extremely triggering and insensitive

No. 399059

>all day
She posted this at like 11 am

Definitely not about drugs I'm so sure Tuna Fish

No. 399060


Sage for no real contribution but florist anon here… These roses are 100% picked from a Rose bush in someone's garden, these types of roses are only found on bushes outdoors… how ghetto.

No. 399077

lol they're not even recently bloomed or anything, those flowers look like they were dying before Lurch picked them

No. 399079

File: 1497984581617.png (151.95 KB, 750x846, IMG_3508.PNG)


No. 399080

it trips me out that she has a shrine to herself on the wall behind her

No. 399082

File: 1497984755231.png (39.07 KB, 750x397, IMG_3509.PNG)

2010? When you were 13? You do this regularly now maybe not with weed often but all the other drugs?

No. 399149

I'm pretty sensitive about my old (I'm talking ten years old now) scars, I can't imagine walking around with fresh cuts uncovered and being like "I don't care if I'm triggering you uwu I'm just a fragile angel!"

Luna seriously disgusts me. You know who the only people are who want to hear about your self harm relapse? It's your diary, and your therapist.

Speaking of, has she stopped going to group therapy completely now?

No. 399235

>>My evil hep c dad is so mean~
>>Evil daddy's credit card didn't work to buy more useless shit~
>>Can't he die already? Ugh, i want all his shit + apartment
I honestly can't wait for this bitch's life to get worse. Say what you want, but it will be glorious if her dad outlives her and she never gets the ~Manhattan apartment with an amazing view~

>>This fucking bitch is so close to making me rage rn tbh.
Same anon, same…but that's the reason I follow Luna tbh.

No. 399249

It figures these 2 would clip flowers from someone's garden ugh.

No. 399256

She has photos of herself printed and pasted to the back of her iPad or diary (forget which one or if both) too AAAAND her name tattooed on herself.

Now just imagine tattooing your name on your body, how self-absorbed must one be to even come up with such an idea?

No. 399336

well she hasn't mentioned it in ages (or however many days it is, in luna time when she posts every four seconds a week is a long time), and she tends to drop the subject completely when things don't go her way. like she posted loads about having a job painting a mural in a school or some shit and then stopped. it turns out she was sacked on the spot for being caught going through people's bag in the cloakroom areas iirc, and didn't even have an excuse when people asked and just froze them out.

No. 399702

Yeah she was uwuing online that she "had to quit her therapy because Lurch got laid off of his job and so she could no longer afford to get to and from the hospital". Even though she repeatedly showed off her free transport van that the hospital sent for her. And right before that she posted that she didnt like therapy anymore because all her friends left it.

No. 399713

File: 1498001095775.png (2.05 MB, 1440x1975, 20170620_182336.png)

I spy her ~extreme worst ever~~ self harm cuts

No. 399727

If those are from the past week, they're most certainly chicken scratch attention cuts.

No. 399746

what is wrong with her thumb cuticle in this pic? its like she shoved that fake nail deep into the skin and its infected?

No. 399750

omg anon that made my thumb cuticle
wince (somehow), what the fuck

No. 399774

File: 1498004593352.jpg (243.75 KB, 960x1280, shiny.jpg)

>sad but angry #me

Such slimy lips, she's really caked some gloss on, but maybe better?

No. 399778

>hey look at these fake nails nonchalantly posed next to the ~super bad cuts~ on my leg uwu

No. 399821

I have no problems at all with women not shaving but looking at this cretin's armpit makes me want to gag. Every single picture is just so damn grimy.

No. 399824

Clock her clothes though. Is the original colour of her shirt supposed to be closer to the yellow or the little grey bit? It looks like she vomited on it and never cleaned it off.

No. 399843

File: 1498008719489.png (211.89 KB, 750x1016, IMG_3514.PNG)

Yeah I don't think she's lost any weight y'all she's lookin beefy

No. 399847

File: 1498008856380.jpg (568.94 KB, 1071x1689, Screenshot_20170621-113104.jpg)

Fighting with your dad because you keep using heroin and stealing his credit card to buy useless shit on Amazon Tuna?

No. 399851

I bet she will put them in her stew of a bath

No. 399862

File: 1498009486923.png (81.64 KB, 750x558, IMG_3515.PNG)

No. 399886

Ugh. This picture makes me think of hot pee in the subway smell.

No. 399910

Really tuna… You would have starved to death if your mom was drug tested (for food stamps)? But I thought your grandmother raised you…?!? Lol, dumb bitch.
And what, is she mad because her dad drinks or something and she's using the argument that "well, hes an alcoholic and that's worse than using drugs, so give me dope money"?

No. 399927

i was agreeing with her up until the point where she says "just cos it's legal doesn't mean shit" and then i realized she doesn't actually care about alcoholics she just wants to make her drug addict self seem more ok than an alcoholic lol. ya almost got me there tuna

No. 399967

Lmao right
>legalize heroin
>my medicine !!!

No. 400041

well since she´s only got 4 asspats on insta, despite posting 3 times about her very worst serious major self harm relapse, she now has to show them off.

No. 400051

So is benzo withdrawl Luna, so you have no place in saying anything about that.

No. 400063

I've read all the threads but I haven't seen anything about that… where did you see how she got fired?

No. 400065

if it's not in the thread, it's from a callout blog on tumblr

No. 400084

I laugh at this "worst ever self harm ever" from a bitch who sticks a needle in the crook of her arm till there's a crater >>399843

That's underestimating chickens, she looks like she brushed past a thorn.

No. 400133

File: 1498053288721.png (1.2 MB, 1440x2070, 20170621_095251.png)

Oh for fucks sake with the over-
mention of the baby cuts.

No. 400136

her index finger looks dead. like a dried up mummy's finger. my god

No. 400144

how has she still got any weed left, she had like 3 joints worth a couple days ago

No. 400147

This is so pathetic. At least clean the floor, you might step on a forgotten needle.

No. 400150

jesus christ how deep did she shove in those fake nails into her cuticles? there's like a bump upwards i'm fucking cringing

No. 400154

File: 1498058004381.png (204.68 KB, 640x785, IMG_5183.PNG)

……i have no words

No. 400156

She's going to get an infection from those cuticles at this rate. They look so painful.

No. 400157

why did she think that was a good idea

No. 400158

i'm not even trying to be funny but she looks unbelievably terrible and scary to look at

No. 400163

I get that she's going for like, a Courtney Love in Lolita kind of look, but girl….
Take everything you own. And put it in a fucking washing machine.

No. 400176

She has the strangest face I have ever seen. It looks like someone used a random generator on her face.

No. 400177

Her eyelashes look so gunky and dirty I'm shook

No. 400189

she looks like a dollar store dumpster version of Kim chi..

No. 400193

don't you EVER insult kim chi like that again

No. 400197

back to the dead-eyed high addict stare and the literal foundation lips

No. 400206

Seriously ??? Why you gotta bring her into this??

No. 400207

i luv kim chi. it wasn't shade to kim chi! tuna's eye look just reminded me of a very very bad kim chi inspired look…

No. 400221

I'm genuinely a little curious of how she puts her makeup on. This is ridiculous.

No. 400227

File: 1498075349961.gif (978.07 KB, 499x266, disgust me.gif)

>>398882(sage needed)

No. 400228

man, I used to self harm for years and I never would have dreamt of posting about it on social media.
She feeds off attention. I guess she has nothing going for her in her real life so she posts all her personal shit online.

she should get a twitter and go nuts

No. 400238

File: 1498078160082.png (161.92 KB, 750x1020, IMG_3526.PNG)

No. 400248

Damn that abusive Hep C dad that buys you anything and is going to leave you his apartment when he dies, right?

No. 400281

File: 1498085593392.png (210.62 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3057.PNG)

No. 400283

why do i have this horrible idea that tuna is going to get HIV? didn't that one guy keep cotton balls in his mouth to give them later? it's not like she lives in a clean, healthy home. if she has it i doubt she'll even get it looked at.

No. 400285

i know we can't tip the cows but oh boy i hope someone calls the cops on her

No. 400287

anon I'm not sure if that's your name at the bottom of the screenshot but just a heads up to delete it just in case

No. 400288

why would you admit this on fb of all places?!

No. 400289

thx for the heads up but it's not me, no worries

No. 400296

File: 1498086957463.jpg (120.89 KB, 619x251, 1468871337624.jpg)

okay luna lol
(image from her first thread)

No. 400297


I wish cowtipping was possible too because I'd love to track down her doctor and pharmacy and send them this. Blacklist her ass from ever getting anything and go to jail like pls.

No. 400298

File: 1498087079876.jpg (114.13 KB, 533x336, 1473171943040.jpg)

"looking down on crack users is just like racism"
(this one's from her 2nd thread)

No. 400299

>equating people who hate crackheads to people that hate POC


No. 400300

I don't like Luna, but don't be a fucking narc. She doesn't deserve prison for drug use and lifting.

> Inb4 white knight

No I'm just an anarchist. Sage for no contribution and politics.

No. 400301

too bad lurch doesn't know that they can tell male piss from female piss

i'm not saying cowtip to send her to prison, cowtip to get her some fucking help my dude. either that or to get to to stop glorifying this shit.

No. 400302

isn't it possible? it's just frowned upon, right? not saying i'm going to do it (or saying others should) but i mean, you can cow tip if you want to.

No. 400303

from what i understand, cowtipping is not allowed.

No. 400304

Nah, if she's stupid enough to literally advertise her lifting and drug use publicly all over the internet along with her personal info, I really have no pity for her if she does get narced on and goes to prison. I'm no moralfag, but she's kind of an idiotic, entitled brat. A little taste of prison might actually do her some good or at least teach her a few things. She'd be away from Lurch, have free food, and a relatively clean bed, hell, prison would probably be a step up to her current living situation.

Now, I'm not saying anyone here should cowtip, because we shouldn't, but if someone she knows irl/online ever narced on her, I'd hardly feel bad over it.

No. 400306

If you do it you'll probably be banned from posting

No. 400315

ugh, don't tip the cow. she's embarrassing herself enough by not realizing fb friends can see that post to that group, maybe one of her hometown facebook friends will report it or something. i do think she'll end up in jail/prison at SOME point in her life (and that it'll probably do good for her) but we're not the ones who are responsible for putting her there. and an anonymous tip about an addict to the police station won't be taken too seriously. i mean, either way she's going to get what's coming to her but, as far as i see she's not getting better any time soon. she had an opportunity with the iop program but threw that away. she clearly has no REAL desire to be better and deserves whatever events that naturally unfold for her tbh

No. 400321

File: 1498089617944.png (155.29 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3059.PNG)

No. 400322

File: 1498089642437.png (280.74 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3061.PNG)

No. 400323

File: 1498089659622.png (242.71 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3062.PNG)

No. 400327

i know it's not allowed but i guess there's nothing really stopping anyone. you could get banned but if you don't say anything there's no proof you cow tipped at all. but i mean don't want anyone to cow tip her because her thread is my favorite and her milk JUST started to get milkier lol. i don't see the point in it anyways, people like her don't do jail time for drugs. reporting her to the police for talking about drugs on the internet is useless.
i'm not going to. i was just saying that technically it is possible lol

No. 400329

File: 1498090125154.png (Spoiler Image,894.45 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5672.PNG)

This gem was just posted

No. 400331

~uwu so hardcore~

No. 400333

i hope someone says smth about those 'horrible cuts'.

No. 400334

File: 1498090283878.png (448.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-21-19-10-44…)

the caption to that

No. 400336

lol no one would notice them, they're nowhere near as extreme as she implied

No. 400338

But she does though? Stop pampering a junkie, she deserves it.

No. 400339

y'know guys i might be wrong but i have a hunch that luna might has self-harmed..

No. 400340

Ugh, those are literally cat scratches, as in if they were a little messier, I would have guessed cat rather than 'selfharm'.
Is she drugged up out of her mind or just dumb enough to think those will arise deep concern? And wtf, just wear some opaque tights and voilà. Magical solution to no pants but hidden scars.
Sage for rage.

No. 400345

I swear she did those with a needle or safety pin.

(Sage for recovered self harm fag ramblings)

No. 400347

File: 1498091524306.png (75.51 KB, 477x409, bpd.png)

No. 400348

File: 1498091550068.png (90.58 KB, 475x393, my dad.png)

this fuckin bitch

No. 400352

Here we go again with that methadone story bullshit.

No. 400353

Shooting up has gotta be more extreme and painful than the shit she did to herself. But attention-seekers gotta seek attention.
Okay Luna, cut off your relationship with your dad. Maybe when you come crawling back once you want more free shit he'll finally tell you to fuck off.

Her recent posts along with this: http://witchycrankypoo.tumblr.com/ have really made me lose all desire to root for her to get better. She somehow manages to be more rotten than the average junkie, which is saying A LOT.

No. 400355

it is almost unbelievable how much of a cunt she is. jfc.

No. 400356


She's such a whiny little cunt.

>i'm not prescribed anything for anxiety

kek my sides, this little bitch is swimming in benzos and has a script for xanax, GOD she's insufferable. I almost wish someone would cowtip and send her info to the cops to bust her and Chief Areola's ass.

No. 400359

jfc if she hates her dad so much she should stop accepting money, drugs and gifts from him.

No. 400367

File: 1498094724492.jpg (517.56 KB, 2048x1702, 14596523-8598-4D93-89AB-8A424B…)

Posture is everything.
I think she's lost a solid 20 pounds (in 3 years?) but no more. Enough to give her that waist but she carries her fat everywhere else.

No. 400368

she won't do that because she feels like she's entitled to them. Just like she's entitled to the apartment, and everyone else's money.

No. 400369


Yeah, her shit eating habits and PCOS is not doing her any favors in the weight department. People with PCOS tend to store fat more around their stomach and ass, which is very evident in Luna. I don't really see any "major weight loss" or "extreme gains" in her old pictures.

She's just a wannabe ana-chan.

No. 400373

File: 1498095029394.jpg (281.28 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3532.JPG)

Lol the comment
She looks that fucked up people gotta ask if she's ok cuz it legit looks like she's strokin out

No. 400374


The first time I saw Luna on here, I legit thought she was asian because of all the makeup. It gives her a very 2D face, especially when she piles on the eyeliner like that. Jesus, nothing about this is attractive. From the too big septum piercing, crusty layered eyeliner, foundation cake and camel toe lip, she truly is… exceptional looking.

No. 400378

in my opinion, she looks like she's lost a lot more than 20 pounds. maybe she's even lost about 50 lbs. sometimes when you're fat it takes losing more weight to see a difference. a 200ish lb person losing 10 pounds is a lot less noticeable than a 130ish lb person losing 10 lbs

No. 400382

She has a lot of excess skin too. She obviously still heavy now, but she used to be much heavier in her teens.

No. 400384

*she's obviously

No. 400386

She's finally getting bold and drugposting again, and some anon just happens to come along wanting to cowtip. Just leave her alone and let her life take its course, damn.

No. 400388

Lmao, did she finally attempt to use those fake lashes she got for her birthday, and then had a lash glue accident!?!

No. 400389

File: 1498099034216.png (354.71 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3533.PNG)

I hate it when she says "they said my thighs caused Haiti" does she not know that Haiti is a country? I know she's referring to the hurricane that caused a lot of damage in Haiti like 10 years ago but she sounds so fucking ignorant
Also I just think she just may be That Dumb.

Sage for nitpicking

No. 400390

I feel like her syntax quality is plummeting. She was never eloquent, very casual, but now even if I reread a sentence a few times, I can barely make out her meaning. Her brain is just swimming meds now huh.

No. 400391

yeah i used to self harm too n i was thinking did she use some nail scissors maybe?

No. 400392

Wait… Am I reading these correctly? Is she actually admitting to her crack and heroin use? On fucking Facebook?? Of all places?
Is that post still there, or did she comedown and delete it?

No. 400393

File: 1498100090877.png (111.66 KB, 250x250, IMG_6483.PNG)

>don't milky anyone for whatever their weight is

No. 400395

i noticed this too, her writing is more incomprehensible than ever lately. guess therapy's going well eh tuna

No. 400396

>I feel so ashamed
>I wanna show them off in pictures
>And while your at it, look at all the ~*~track marks~*~ on my hand

No. 400397

No she quit therapy. Because her "friends" left it and she had better things to do, like get high.

No. 400398

I'm almost 100% positive she's talking about the earthquake.

True error, or autocorrect mistaking for a word she uses regularly? You be the judge.

No. 400400

Nobody knows is she actually has PCOS. She could just be be fat and hairy.

No. 400401

File: 1498101001457.png (39.93 KB, 640x333, IMG_8487.PNG)

No. 400403


lol she posted this for like the third time today on FB saying
>I know I look good here so I'm gonna post it cuz it's validating
girl someone literally asked if you are OK when you first posted it that's how fucked up you look

It looks like she posted it in a group that's likely "members only" but like I'm sure anyone could be a member obv this farmer is not to blow up yr spot buddy

No. 400404

I seriously wonder if the drugs have corroded her mind or if her English has always been this shitty and incomprehensible. It's not like she just doesn't bother to autocorrect; she literally writes like one of those crazy people you'll see with downvoted Non.. SeNnsikAa..L..!!! comments on news articles.

It's not even her grammar that's the issue anymore. Literally her train of thought seems somehow "off" now too. Maybe it's the crack?

No. 400407

Nice to have evidence that she literally does 5 drugs at a time and we were all right about kind of fucked up she was
>tell me about your drugs plans tonight I'm so interested


No. 400408

She says she has PCOS and it seems pretty evident to me. She could be lying and just be fat and hairy, but if the shoe fits and all that.

>Lurch gets a Xanax script, I've already sold it for a great price!
>Did my hit of dope with a 4mg Xanax
>I'm not prescribed nothing for anxiety

No. 400417

A lot of her peers are entering their 3rd year of college this fall and Luna is walking to her dads apt wearing filthy clothing, dirty indoor slippers, with track marks covering her hands and arms.

Her dads probably getting scared that if he keeps helping her, it will enable her bad behavior. He might not be an amazing person and probably is somewhat fucked up, but it's obvious he cares about Luna and doesn't want her to follow the same path he and her mom followed. If he didn't love her, he wouldn't invite her over every weekend, buy her a new iPhone, likely pay her phone bill, and give his credit card information to Luna for Amazon shopping.

Luna acts like he's so terrible, but most parents would yell at their kids if they were living with an older man shooting up heavy drugs, not in school or working, and living in a pig sty. A terrible father would beat up and disown a daughter who took Luna's path, but he's still trying to be in her life. Luna doesn't seem to realize how lucky she is to have someone who still loves her despite her literally publically broadcasting how she wants him to die so she can have his apartment. I seriously wonder if she acts like she hates her dad more than she actually does because ~broken girl with daddy issues~ is aesthetic.

No. 400419

severe anxiety anon, but shit like that is fucking retarded. oh no, i felt an amount of anxiety, a natural human response to stressors. i have to take benzos to deal with it oh god!

yet you sell your bars and shit in droves and abuse the ones you keep. its people like them that makes it harder for people with actual real emergency issues to get the right medications because doctors need to be leery about sellers and abusers…

sage for spergin

No. 400425

i don't understand why so many people on this thread defend Luna's dad so much. i'm not denying that him letting her buy things, and letting her stay with him is a nice thing to do, or that her saying "i can't wait for my dad to die so i can have his apartment is fucked, but i've followed her for years, long before this thread was around, and she has consistently talked about how he screams at her and emotionally abuses her, and she panics whenever she has to interact with him. also, he gives her drugs, which is hardly model parent behavior, regardless of his intentions.

to me, especially now that Luna is with Lurch, it seems like she probably visits her dad because even though he's not a good parent, i can't imagine she doesn't want to get out of the house where she's apparently fighting with Lurch, or Lurch is fighting with Roger all the time.

again, not saying Luna hasn't done and said fucked up things, but i just literally don't understand why so many people jump to the defense of a guy who is obviously a piece of shit. if you disagree with me, that's fine, i just wanted to say my piece.

/sage for rant

No. 400429

but what proof do you have that luna's dad is abusive besides her claims? she's lied about other things, who says she doesn't lie about that as well?

also, he gives her weed–that isn't that terrible.

No. 400438

inb4 that one denial farmer comes back saying even this isn't enough concrete evidence for them.

But seriously how fucking messed up do you have to be to admit to using illegal drugs on FB? Even if it's a private group you know someone's always monitoring that shit from the inside.

No. 400439

When she was out on the train the other day, do you think that's when she sold the promethazine? This is glorious.

No. 400440

sage for blogpost but

the reason i cant stop reading luna's threads is because she got into my dream school (pratt) that i couldnt go to because i couldnt afford it and meanwhile she could afford it and dropped out just so she could live a ~uwu courtney love junkie lifestyle~ with her creepy bf. and like. its so irritating to watch her bitch and complain when she was handed an opportunity i was robbed of.

tl;dr: im bitter bc luna wasted an opportunity

No. 400442

doesn't he also give her benzos? i may be misremembering though, and if so, i retract the drug bit haha.

you're right, she might be lying, but honestly from my experiences with her prior to her getting hooked on heroin, she really didn't start spinning huge lies until she had to e-beg.

like her cotton eye joe story: if she was someone who usually made up self-aggrandizing lies, why in god's name would she choose a story like that to sound dramatic? or her sexual assault story. as a survivor, i was completely shocked, and honestly a little bit offended that she would call herself a survivor after some guys touched her boobs or ass or whatever. like that sucks and all, but again, if she were the type to make up super self aggrandizing lies, i feel like she would have embellished that story to make it way more Tragic uwu~

i guess it just comes down to the fact that before the heroin, i never got the sense that she was lying about things. she uses other people's stories to make herself seem more cool/tragic/woke/whatever, but unless she's trying to get money for dope, she never seemed to be lying about that stuff. she's always been consistent about the abuse stuff iirc. again, i could be wrong, but that's just my opinion on it.

No. 400445

i highly doubt he's actually giving her benzos–if she's getting them from her pops she's likely stealing them from him.

No. 400465

It's really not far fetched to believe that her dad can be abusive. it's not an uncommon thing to have an abusive parent

No. 400467

The things she primarily abuses generally don't permanently damage higher-order cognitive processes responsible for things like language production, and she hasn't been using long enough to have damaged her brain to the point where there'd be a noticeable difference. She's just high as shit. It's almost certainly the benzos and ambien; the term 'bartard' exists for a reason, and being high on ambien is like being deathly drunk but worse in terms of what it does to your cognition.

No. 400472

She didn't go to Pratt. She got into their writing program, couldn't afford it and went to Bushwick instead. I don't have any pictures or anything, sorry, just a follower of 4 years.

No. 400474

She acts like she's the only poor soul to experience public schools

No. 400483

How in the world did she even make it into ANY writing programs? She can't even write a single paragraph without errors.

No. 400491

She didn't go to Pratt, she got in, couldn't afford it, then went to Brooklyn college.

No. 400524

File: 1498117010084.png (253.24 KB, 1125x1751, IMG_3709.PNG)

the desperate attention seeking continues. how much do you wanna bet this is about ~babby's first od~

No. 400526

overdose maybe?

No. 400527

overdose maybe?

No. 400528

Aww, we wanted you to die tuna(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 400530

Placing a bet on benzos + heroin.

No. 400531

Such edge anon.

No. 400533

File: 1498119841352.png (24.33 KB, 636x320, IMG_8525.PNG)

No. 400534

File: 1498119920116.png (273.72 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170622-182412.png)

No. 400536

Oh so close. There's always next time, right Luna? Not like this'll stop her.

No. 400537

File: 1498120531779.png (132.88 KB, 503x628, 1.png)

No. 400538

File: 1498120546363.png (76.46 KB, 520x288, 2.png)

No. 400539

welp, it was bound to happen at some point. doesn't sound like she learned much from it, though.
who the hell liked 'i wish i died'!?

No. 400542

File: 1498121207264.png (23.81 KB, 485x98, 3.png)

No. 400544

File: 1498121771145.jpg (218.39 KB, 774x580, ct9843nu011z.jpg)

No. 400546

So annoying…(sage this)

No. 400547

No. 400548

Usually even the hardest junkies at least consider sobriety after getting revived with narcan. Guys, she's not going to make it.

No. 400549

Just to be completely clear, no one here wishes Luna would have died from this. And if you do, you're just a dumb edgelord.

I was really hoping this could scare her straight. She's being such a whiny asshole in the thread replies to that person who is just trying to help her.

Luna needs to get the hell away from Lurch. Her dad may not be a good dad. He may even be abusive. But being with Lurch is threatening her life. I just want to scoop her up, wash her, give her clean clothes and take her to a rehab facility. If she doesn't get clean soon, she could die before she sees 25. And Luna, I don't care how much you hate yourself or how much you've deluded yourself into thinking death is romantic, it's not. She's not a good person but she doesn't deserve to die via overdose in a hoarder's apartment with her 40 year old boyfriend.

sage for rage

No. 400553

File: 1498124991529.png (4.06 KB, 510x153, Clipboardw1.png)

No. 400554

hey can you fuck off with that shit

No. 400560

I don't really get why anyone is saying this is word salad? Other than "milky" (which is a pretty close match to "bully" if you're on your phone using Swype) this is 100% clear

No. 400561

What amazes me is how she says this is the worst thing shes done to herself in years or whatever but apparently cant take into consideration the amount of HEROIN that has slammed through her system and scrambled her shit up, the clear infections/scabs she has, the poor hygiene etc that is tearing her body apart but no no no
Those paper cuts are the worst shes done to herself, totes guiz and now shes been revived at one point which should atleast alert her that MAYBE the heroin is alittle more dangerous than cutting yourself with a the edge of your Sylvia Plath page.

No. 400562

nah, her peers are entering their last/fourth year

No. 400564

>imblying Luna reads

No. 400573

Why are you here if you're gonna bitch about ~boolys~

No. 400574

This just pisses me off. Lurch nearly lost a leg to infection from his drug use, Tuna's still got a massive wound on her arm, she's seen Lurch OD several times (aka his 'seizures'), and now it's happened to her and she STILL won't try to get clean despite all her sob posts about how scared she is/was about it.

If anyone was ever in doubt that she's doing it JUST for the attention and the aesthetics, here's your proof. Even an OD won't make her stop because that's her whole identity and without it she's just another rich white girl, nothing special.

No. 400577

sage for bringing up Tuna's dad when the threads moved on, but yeah: the only valid "abusive" thing her Dad has done is "scream at her" which funnily enough everyone Tuna talks to does, according to her. BPD makes you feel like you're being attacked every time someone calls you out on your shit. Of course her Dad is going to shout at her for throwing her life away, but his actions have never indicated abuse. To me it looks like he's guilty for not being a good dad for her growing up and is putting in extra effort now.

As for Tuna's OD, oh fucking lawd. She's going to die on heroin, this is proof that Tuna is content with her shitty life and has absolutely no plans on changing it. She whines a lot but she doesn't want anything different (except for her to be magically richer). This should be a clear sign to the few remaining anons who feel sorry for her that it's unjustified. Even when she's on the verge of DEATH she doesn't even consider changing her lifestyle, she's like a pig in slop.

I think that she stopped going to therapy because they started talking about fixing her addiction / actually doing something to help, and she gave up because she didn't want to do it. Once the social aspect went away, she decided it wasn't worth the effort to FIX HER LIFE.

No. 400579

do heroin users usually have nalaxone on their person?

also, is it not ironic that she OD'd after posting about all the shit she was going to take? ALSO, why post this shit online? if she ever wants a job in the future, this shit'll follow her.

No. 400582

About a month ago she put up a pic of narcan on instagram, with a hashtag about something prevention. They give it out to junkies at needle exchanges so they can help themselves, instead of wasting an EMTs time. It's a good thing she got some tbh, I've not seen her show it off before then…

No. 400583

i just don't understand why she wants it all out in the public.

No. 400585

I think she talks about it all publicly because she's not really got any close friends she can discuss it with, really sad tbh.

No. 400586

i mean i hate to blame her but would you really want to hang out with a (filthy) dope addict and her creepy boyfriend? and i'm not calling her filthy BECAUSE she's an addict, mind you, i'm calling her that for literally all the other reasons she gives us.

No. 400587

No, I get that I wouldn't wanna be friends with her either, but just in general her life is very sad. I can't help but feel some sympathy for her.

No. 400589

i definitely agree with you on that, but at the same time i realize that she's doing it to herself at this point–she loves being a mess.

No. 400590

I can't imagine anyone going to Luna's place to hang out, anyone who's on enough drugs to not care about the state of the place is probably firmly holed up in their own den. And going out for coffee/lunch with her means paying the bill then being hassled to buy her makeup and thrift store tat, which any reasonable person would get sick of after one or two outings.
She really doesn't have many options for meaningful friendship and the most she can do is sit about on her iPad crying online and hoping someone will validate her… which is sad but it's her own fault to a pretty significant extent.

No. 400592

In around 30-40 years of HIV there was not one case when it was contracted via saliva. You can even kiss a HIV-positive person without any risk. Btw their sweat is not contracting the virus either. Dont spread such bs kiddo

No. 400593

lol doesn't Lurch have friends tho? I remember something about a stripper he used to hang out with a lot. I've always wondered if Lurch just goes out and has a social life without Luna all day, running drugs to his friends and hanging out at their places.

It's sad as hell but Luna got herself here, junkies lose their friends quickly because of their tendency to beg, lie and steal. She had friends, but she will have driven them away with all the drama over the years.

No. 400594


where i'm from you can get it from pharmacies for free if you're a user or a friend/family member of a user.

No. 400595

They admit that they share needles. Lurch has shared needles with both Luna's Mom (who has hep?) and Luna, it's only a matter of time before one of them shares a needle with a HIV patient, if they still have anybody else to hang out with.

No. 400596

not spreading bs, i was just misinformed. i'm talking about sharing needles and shit like that too–they aren't clean with how they do dope.

No. 400598

just dont tell it then? Like how many facebook friends does she have? It needs only one single person from there - that doesnt even have to know about lolcow or anything - to send information to whoever authority to get her in trouble.

No. 400600


i don't think she actually overdosed or anything. if she's feeling that terrible and confused, how can she focus on finding the right Facebook group on her phone and posting a pretty lucid update there, proper TW and all? she also doesn't answer any of the questions the other girl who's trying to help her asks, describes her state in whiny bullshit instead of clear concrete words and refuses to go to the hospital. because she's not actually experiencing anything and there's nothing wrong with her.

sage for tinfoil hat.

No. 400601

>A little taste of prison might actually do her some good
>cowtip to get her some fucking help my dude
god are y'all optimistic af.
She will not change.
I repeat, she will not change.
She will not fucking change.
Neither prison will change that, nor not being able to shop at that one pharmacy or not being able to go to that one doctor. She will just find a substitute.
As long as she doesnt want to change she wont.

And admittingly, if she stop using she would still be a 10 levels fucked up shitty lazy piece of shit. So what would that actually do?

So no, dont fucking cowtip her. Only thing it does, is possibly cutting her off from the internet and from giving us milk.

No. 400602

The only problem with that is lurch is nodded out every time she takes a picture of him and if she's in a legit overdose she wouldn't be able to administer it to herself. You don't even have a chance to call out if you're oding on heroin. That's why they recommend one person use and the next person to wait 15 min to make sure they're ok but junkies are selfish and impatient.

No. 400603

Getting Tuna in trouble won't do shit, other than give her a criminal record. Did Lurch's life magically get better when the police
found him with heroin? Police don't care about junkies, they're not some magical entity that can make everything better. She had her chance at redemption in therapy, there's no point in us interfering because she's just going to do the exact same shit.

>A little taste of prison might actually do her some good or at least teach her a few things

She isn't going to go to jail for possession of heroin with no previous convictions. All it'll be is a slap on the wrist and it'll give her something else to whine about - about how nobody will give criminals a break. She wouldn't go to jail for what she's doing… otherwise prisons would be FULL of heroin addicts ALL THE TIME.

There's no point alerting authorities to Luna's criminal activities, there are thousands of people in her state doing the exact same thing, and meddling has no positive outcome.

No. 400605

lol I feel you anon, beat me to it by a couple minutes

No. 400609

top kek
If anything prison will just accelerate her addiction.

No. 400610

agreed, but tbh I dont see an eating disorder. I see a junkie shriveled body and someone who might hate thereself but stuff their face with junk and sweets every chance they get.
what ED is she claiming actually? anorexia?

No. 400611

>dont milky anyone
this is the most funny autocorrect error ive read in a while
top kek

No. 400617

kind of OT since it was last night but if she was actually OD'ing, how was she able to maneuver ever social media app to let everyone know?

No. 400618

Lurch revived her, says in the facebook post

No. 400619

even after you're revived, you don't feel like doing anything for a while. your entire body needs time to recover. it's just surprising that her first thought was to post it on all her pages.

No. 400622

I guess it gives her another thing to add to the list of reasons for why she's like various grunge artists

No. 400623

I've met cokehcokeheads who OD'd multiple times and didn't stop. Lurch ODd multiple times and he's still on it. That's a symptom of addiction, not of "being a bad person"

Not that Luna isn't a bad person, she is. But it's not because she won't quit after overdosing

No. 400624

luna is obv addicted to social media. she's an extrovert, she loves talking and overshares. she doesnt keep anything to herself

No. 400625

Tuna's really weird when it comes to social media, she posts massively inappropriate shit all the time. Like, if i accidentally somehow drank someone else's piss, I wouldn't flock to facebook to post about it. It sounds like she probably gave it a little bit of time before going on facebook to post tho, she wrote "just OD'd" but half an hour probably passed as she got her bearings.

Could an anon with access to that post on fb mind screenshotting all the comments between her and the other girl? It sounds kinda juicy, does she go into further detail about what happened?

That post didn't call Luna a bad person. Just don't feel sorry for (or trust) addicts who don't want to change, even when presented with the sobering reality of death.

No. 400627

Tbh I don't think she'd make up ODing, and I don't think there is much hope for her since it hasn't scared her enough to get clean, although not impossible. I'm a former addict and have OD' on more then one occasion, and i'm actually surprised this is her first time considering the amount of shit she mixes.

Shes probably using this fb group as a place to confide in maybe because seriously, who else is she going to talk to about it? She'd never admit to her 'remaining' friends she almost died from a heroin overdose.

No. 400628

File: 1498140009963.png (245.72 KB, 1125x1360, IMG_4544.PNG)

No. 400629

She probably assumes that lurch will always be able to revive her

No. 400630

>waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh give me attention
>"it's sad your life is shitty"
>lol that really hurt, waaah let me list off my diagnoses

fuck man, I see why she can't keep friends…

No. 400631

literally NO ONE asked her for her illnesses…

No. 400632

not blogposting but "members only" groups on facebook are not 100% hidden. If it isnt a secret group your posts in that group will come up on your facebook friends feeds sooner or later. Ive made that horrible mistake too before to think a members only group means those posts will actually only be visible to members only..

No. 400633

major depressive disorder too huh
>im sooo troubled guys more than anyone else ever

No. 400634

Where was this originally posted?!

No. 400635

iirc she claimed to have been diagnosed with EDNOS

No. 400636

i'm pretty sure she claimed EDNOS which is probably accurate

No. 400638

lol i don't think she has ednos… she's just lazy af and prefers spending money on drugs. she doesn't seem concerned abt her body/weight at all

No. 400639

i think it's more likely for her to have binge ED ("not eaten for days" then "treating myself" and posting pics of junk food) but that's not ~cool and unique~ enough

sage for tinfoil hat

No. 400644

Oh please Luna, you love the pity party.

No. 400650

kek at her profile pic being the wonky nipple new one… She really thinks that's a great pic.

No. 400652

I second this. Independently of what kind of stories Luna tells, but I feel like both of her parents are fucked up pieces of shit. Doesnt justify her behavior or anything, but her ranting about him being a bad dad, doesnt make her worse than she is.

then again, everytime after she was at his place her magically has tones of "new" stuff that is weirdly enough already used or looks second hands. I think when he doesnt look she just takes nice things she wants to have and stuffs them in her purse.

No. 400653

i hope that the members of that group can get through to tuna that she's going to fucking die painfully if she doesn't sort her shit out, and make her wake the fuck up. i haven't heard of a single ex-junkie who regretted their decision to get clean, so…….

No. 400654

>no one here
*no one here besides that one anon

No. 400655

I kinda like that Reneé person. Theyre giving smart advice without pampering nor dramatic insulting. Also seems like an ex-junkie with lots of backup info.

Tuna probably be grateful for that person but although Im not fond of Tuna Im grateful that Reneé is giving her advice.

No. 400656

anon, calm down. The picture is not related to TUna. Just look at the header. It's a St. Joseph Medical Center in California. Does Tuna live in California?
Use your brain.

Anon probably posted it as joker regarding her OD.

No. 400658

This is so embarrassing. Of course this private group about drug addiction knows about Layne Staley! His OD is at least one of the most famous. It was no secret that he abused drugs.
I hate her deluded fantasy of romanticizing the way he died. There's nothing glamorous or cool about the way he died. He threw his life away for no good reason, I wish Luna would realize that. But even after ODing she's not scared enough to quit. Idiot.
sage for dumb ranting

No. 400659

>the edge of your sylvia plath page
top fucking major kek winner
jfc my sides
love you anon

No. 400660

same. i used to really like aic and what happened to him was really sad and depressing. does she really want to die alone like 20 years from now? layne staleys life is a really good argument for getting clean if anything

No. 400661

It's probably because of the tortured artist bullshit
She's deluded if she thinks her death would be comparable to Layne's (in terms of idolisation etc)

No. 400662

File: 1498148843366.gif (490.86 KB, 500x282, GuyNk.gif)

i hope someone chews her out for her blatant glorification of dope. for her to get a cold hard dose of reality from actual drug users would be delicious, because luna can't pretend that they JUST DON'T UNDERSTAAAAND HERRRR!!!

No. 400665

used to follow her on tumblr on her old blog. something "tragic" would happen to her every single day. her boyfriend would have a seizure, her dad was in the hospital, her boyfriend had an infection, etc, etc, etc

No. 400666

anon from >>400592 was referring to a post that only mentioned the methadone cotton ball from that old guys mouth.

No. 400668

File: 1498149909454.png (235.8 KB, 750x1018, IMG_3534.PNG)

So she quit therapy cuz there were recovering addicts there

No. 400669

shes gonna get a bunch of junkie friends yay

No. 400670

not trying to be too callous but how soon do you think this will be a kaydee situation? she doesnt want to stop and almost dying isnt enough for her. for as much as she thinks of suicide…well there was your chance.

really, for any of the anons that might still have some sort of sympathy for her in regards to her being addicted but still holding out that she will get better, she just proved that she dgaf and will keep using.
shes trash

No. 400676

Any moment. Doing white China (powder not tar) on the east coast right now is a death wish, dealers aren't even checking their batches to make sure they don't have fentanyl, and are just blindly dealing that to tens of people at a time.

She could die from any shot but I feel like Matthew always fixes himself first so he would die first, right?

Also I'm sure she OD'd from taking too much xanax with her heroin because I don't think she gets enough H to OD on alone unless it was laced with fent, in which case >>400537
The person commenting there was right, she would likely OD again in 20 minute intervals and I doubt they keep enough narcan on hand for that situation (which is why even an addict is telling her to go to the hospital before that happens)

No. 400681


>It's not about failure or success. It's about living your life, being safe…

Oh hell, notice how they don't mention the word clean. She's a gonner and that group is going to encourage her to do it.

I bet he's using too, by the sounds of it ugh.

No. 400683

i mean, if there is anything going for lurch, its that he takes an amount of H away so she doesnt get too much. not saying that sweet or anything but that may attribute to her not going sooner.

shes getting reckless. a little bit of blog post, but i have known a few junkies to die from drugs with a bunch of deadly fillers. its way too common, and she has to know. but unfortunately her life is revolving around the next fix. and at this point its gotten to needing to be prepared ahead of time for OD.

i agree that this time was most likely a mix of some bars and H.

No. 400684

I got the strong feeling that all Luna wants is that heroin chic lifestyle and nothing else.

She doesn't want a job. She doesn't want a life of no suffering. If she stops using she'll have to face a life of boring and hard recovery she definitely doesn't want (probably why she left the therapy group)

She wants to be that totally deep and moving movie character who looks cool and sexy but totally doesn't care and is throwing her life away, despite her friends trying to help her because they like her so much.
She wants to be the martyr junkie girl with a heart of gold and a talent for painting that everybody will remember after she overdoses.

She'll definitely OD at some point but her death won't make the impression she thinks it will, people are just gonna be sad she wasted her life away by herself and was a mess and a shitty friend along a shitty daughter.
Nobody miss addicts who never contributed anything in their life.

No. 400687

Why is this so funny? Genuinely curious.

>I'm sad for you and won't judge you
>honestly that really hurt!!1 here are all my various self diagnoses!!1

It makes me sad because any real, hard advice to Luna will never reach her ears. I have wanted to reach out to her so many times to try to help. I've messaged her, sent her letters, but I've heard nothing back– probably because I didn't send her any money.

I don't want her to die of an overdose in a smelly hell hole, but if she doesn't want to help herself, there's no one who can help her. I wish she had some sort of full time support structure that could push her to work harder and care about her life.

Do you guys think that she could change, ever? Do you think she even wants to?

No. 400688

It's definitely possible, all it'll take is some bad dope
Or if lurch gets jailed and she has to inject herself there's a good chance she'll OD and have no one to help her

No. 400690

the anon implying she cut herself with a book page from a sylvia plath book hence her cuts being chicken scratches?
It's hilarious.

whats not funny about that?

No. 400693

>Do you guys think that she could change, ever? Do you think she even wants to?
same old, same old

no and no

No. 400698

i know, i was the one who posted it. i was misinformed about how HIV is spread and I apologize.

No. 400700

Idk, I get the reference since Sylvia Plath is an author for ~sad girls~, but the comment didn't really strike me as funny.

Sorry for trying to contribute to the discussion.

No. 400713

40mgs of ambien doesn't help, either. It's a sedative; a respiratory depressant just like Xanax.

No. 400725

Sage for half-blog, but Luna is as much of an "actual drug user" as any other addict, and a LOT of "actual drug users" got hooked on opiates at least in part because their idols had. Luna happens to be more shallow and have a bigger obsession with aesthetic than the average person, but this is not uncommon at all. My cousin got hooked because he idolized Morrison and only got clean after he got forcibly drugged and sodomized while on one of his junkie escapades.

Luna is currently in a better situation than many to most junkies in that she has a roof over her head, health insurance, food, and enablers that give her money. If she maintains this level of stability and goes to the hospital when infections get too bad then she could feasibly live out a natural lifespan. Of course, that probably won't happen, and given her love of mixing other drugs with heroin + the fentanyl circulating around, I give her five more years at most.

>Do you guys think that she could change, ever? Do you think she even wants to?

Nah. She's too hooked on the aesthetic. Maybe if chief gets jailed, dies, stops using and she somehow sees the light, but nah.

No. 400730

I think if chief were to get jailed tuna may die. She could go to another dealer for drugs that are mixed with filler or give herself a bigger dose than chief ever has if it is true that he is the only one who shoots her up. Any sympathy I had for her is gone. She chose this life and has to deal with its consequences.

No. 400733

Yeah, for as horrible as chief is, he's probably been taking care of her to the point where she wouldn't really know what to do with herself if he goes to jail, both in regards to heroin and everything else. Imagine Luna living alone, or even with chief's father to look after…

No. 400734

I think if Lurch goes away, she's going to run to her father and that there would be a narrow window of time where she could get clean before going back to the junky aetesthic life uwu by founding another older junky to feed of. She's a leech, she's not going to die easily.

No. 400736

That would be optimal because it'd give her father a lot of leverage over her, and he could demand that she get treatment or therapy in exchange for his support. Then again, it seems like he throws money at her to make her love him/assuage guilt, though, and since she allegedly uses methadone while visiting her father, he might not even be aware that she's an addict. Luna does love to lie.

No. 400738

File: 1498158863182.png (574.96 KB, 832x631, 333.png)

>i was nearly dead you guise
>give me attention
>look how cute and tragic I look
will she milk this for another month or… ?

No. 400742

Sage for blog but I thought some anons might want this info about dbt/any therapy and drug use.

I've said it before but I'm currently receiving DBT. I have a really great therapist finally who I feel like is doing everything right for the first time ever. So today we were talking about drug use. I live in the US and my state doesn't have legal marijuana so I was asking her how she wants me to refer to it on my work sheets etc as a form of self medication because I don't feel like I abuse it like a narcotic but I use it to help me through stuff. ANYWAY she told me not to mark it down as "abusing" but just as self medicating with something over the counter. She however told me if I was abusing/using any other substance to treat my symptoms it would be referred to as abusing an illegal drug/narcotic.
So I asked her how she would treat me if I was using a street drug like heroin and (after begging me never to do that) said she would not be able to treat me with therapy unless I was trying to recover it wouldn't be like weed that she just writes off as a coping mechanism. It would be the first and only thing she would be a able to help me with until I recovered.
>a therapist administering DBT confirmed that you cannot "do" DBT or other therapy if you have a continuing heroin addiction and that it would be unlawful/unethical for her to do otherwise.

She will romanticize this forever I am sure of it.

Lord you know she cannot possibly hide that she's an addict IRL(blog)

No. 400746

Well heroine puts you in direct danger and chasing the high makes it really hard to think about anything else. Doing therapy before tetoxing is a waste of ressources. You're not going to get better at coping mechanisms while doing hard drugs, it's fucking common sense.

I've lost hope in Luna. I used to think all she needed was a good scrub, getting away from Lurch and starting to get some skills to get her away from the shit she's living but it's getting so obvious she's never going to even want a better life for herself. It's sickening.

No. 400748


Oh, she was dying but somehow has full make up on and energy to take selfies and use social media. I feel like she's lying for attention. I get that naloxone revived her, but I don't think that people are functioning 100% normal and fine just a few moments after OD.

No. 400751

mileage seems to vary. Some people get sick as dogs, some people feel a kick of energy after taking naloxone from what I'm reading. I'm thinking it wasn't a massive overdose, and that the narcan pumped her up. Still weird and messed up to do 'survivor' selfies after, tho.

No. 400760

this photo is probably from at least 5 hours after she OD'd… how long do you people think it takes to recover from an OD?

No. 400762

i personally wasn't referring to that photo but i'm also a different anon. my issue is how she put it on all of her social media outlets.

No. 400764

I was mainly replying to this part of the post
> I feel like she's lying for attention. I get that naloxone revived her, but I don't think that people are functioning 100% normal and fine just a few moments after OD.
the anons saying she's lying about ODing because she's "too okay" are confusing me. I've only ever seen heroin addicts OD on documentaries, but they're normally sat up and able to walk after about 20 minutes, incoherently posting on facebook hours after the fact isn't that difficult.

Her social media addiction is pathetic and she has literally no social filter, but I doubt she's lying about ODing for attention.

No. 400772

Yeah, not sure why it's so surprising that a social media-obsessed attention whore took to social media to attention whore as soon as she possibly could. It's not like it takes a herculean effort to make a shitpost on your phone.

No. 400773

File: 1498168599285.png (56.31 KB, 750x415, IMG_3546.PNG)

>I don't wanna tell everyone but I REALLY want to tell everyone.

No. 400776

If you're scarred for life, why are you not thinking about getting clean? Why do you still want this life? I wish this served as a wake up call for her but she's still deadset on chasing her idols.

No. 400777

wonder what shes going to say happened?

will this show up on her friends feed too? sorry i dont use facebook

No. 400778

No cuz it's a private group but nothing is really stopping you from joining the group the admin has to approve you but probably approves anyone cuz the group is relatively large

No. 400780

File: 1498169645462.jpg (31.99 KB, 839x219, Capture.JPG)

tinfoil but I think she told her dad she od and he probably told her to get help

No. 400782

Yeah, she probably went to him for sympathy and money but ended up with actual advice instead

No. 400798

>Doesn't want to talk about ODing
>literally posts on facebook about drinking Lurch's piss, suicide, prescription pill abuse, EVERYTHING ELSE.

I don't get it, is it because she wants someone to ask?

No. 400805

well obviously luna's an actual drug addict, but it's all for aesthetic. i was talking about people who take drugs for personal reasons, not for gratification on social media.

No. 400811

"scarred for life" = new ~baggage~ that she can romanticize and martyr herself over whenever she wants sympathy.

No. 400815

File: 1498173965669.png (34.18 KB, 606x414, Untitled.png)

sage for barely any milk and whining, but it annoys me to shit that she can reblog things like pic related but still writes crap like >>400321 - how can she not see she's the EXACT type of addict the post is talking about

No. 400817


hi, lil_fever. Therapists are all different people with different opinions on how to treat a disorder and addiction. Your therapist didn't seem to say anything about it being unlawful/illegal, just that she would not do it. It may be a waste of time, money and resources, but there is nothing that says it's illegal to treat a heroin addict with DBT therapy.

saged because really, no1currs about personal anecdotes, there are so many variables it can't be compared.

No. 400818

Anyone taking narcotics, legally or not, should have Narcan on hand. In most states in the US you can get it for free (or really cheap) from a pharmacy.

This Renee person is right. Narcan is usually dispensed in two doses because one single dose isn't really enough to reverse the full overdose. Luna should've gone to the hospital for additional treatment but seeing as she's alive and posting on social media as if nothing happened, I guess she's fine.

Sage for pharmacy talk.(sage goes in the email field)

No. 400819

… Am I the only one who thinks its fishy as fuck that a day (hours?) after she all of a sudden openly talks about her heroin use, that she "overdoses"? Im now waiting for her posts saying "uwu I think im finally ready to get clean, gimme money for rehab" or some shit.
And if she really did OD, then im sure she's jizzing her pants over the cool/edgy/junkie points she feels she's earned.

No. 400821

I find it surprising she's used regularly for 3 years and not OD'd before now tbh

No. 400823

Probably because lurch only gives her teeny tiny baby shots.

No. 400867

In one of the comments on the facebook drug group she says that she knows her shit is cut with Fent.

No. 400883

post a screenshot anon

No. 400885


I think she deleted her uwu i od'd post.

No. 400923

diff anon but it looks like she deleted the post. i can only find the one where she's talking about layne staley

No. 400942

The Internet Never Forgets™, Luna. Clearly she was higher than she probably has been in a looong time. She has no friends and it was ironic how she wasn't really getting validation from her ~I'm a 90s alt chic guise n I do heroin it's amazing~ posts in the drug group. Literally no one thinks heroin is a good thing and no one ever really has.

No. 400989

Anon, remember the first rule of lolcow is to always take screenshots.

No. 400990

File: 1498189412679.png (770.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-22-22-42-29…)

those wads of hair and blood stains…gag.

No. 400999

File: 1498189962196.png (1.72 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_4627.PNG)

what. is. that.

No. 401003

And that clump of hair on the right isn't even hers, it's Lurch's color.

I'm gagging but it's probably cat fur and cat shit mixed together at the worst case and a cat fur hairball at the best case. Imagine being this blind to your surroundings that this is so normal you don't even notice anymore.

No. 401013

hairballs, cat fur and period stains. totally okay to lay in every night

No. 401014

I know I know I'm sorry was tired and didn't think about it and when it registered I went back and it was too late.

No. 401015

File: 1498190906476.jpg (313.66 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20170623-000732.jpg)

Sweet Dreams Bear never asked for this.

No. 401046


didnt she defend one of her xanax posts saying she's got a script for anxiety and shes not ~abusing

No. 401048


this doesn't surprise me. I have a friend who just hit their 1 year sober and she said a lot of people deep in it actually love the rush of the OD which is sad as fuck

No. 401056

she is so alone. she has nobody around who cares about her self harm or her OD. she's desperate for somebody to give a shit, so she publicizes everything. she's only pushed everyone who cares/d about her away with her addiction, and keeps enablers around (aka pretty much just lurch). i'm hoping one day, her and lurch actually split up - i'm semi-hopeful that their separation would bring her some clarity… or at least take the source of her heroin away. who knows though, this seems to be the heroin chic life luna always dreamed of

No. 401058

lurch would shoot her up in the beginning when she was new, she does it herself now

No. 401059

File: 1498195947621.png (180.57 KB, 640x988, IMG_8548.PNG)

No. 401075

No. 401137

hannah larson what have you done

No. 401143

it bothers me when she constantly throws in the fact that he has hep c in her whiny diatribes about how awful he is. so what, tuna? is that supposed to make us say "oh god, he's awful"? something like every 4 in 10 baby boomers has hep c. I have hep c. Tuna probably has hep c. Lurch definitely does. ugh.

I'm so sick of her shit.

No. 401146

this is what she wants people to say. she wants to come across as a ~hardened junkie who has been through it all~ and has a bigger, harder drug addiction than the next junkie. she's so annoying

No. 401148


i think it's yet another way to her to contradict herself, belittling him yet putting her own mental issues on a pedestal.

it's either c or b, probably borderlining on chronic because she doesn't care for her general health at all.

No. 401162

God, I'd love for her to get some blood work and tell us about all the nasties crawling around in her body. I'm positive Lurch is sharing needles with other junkies.

No. 401181

This one is cute, I can see why it's one of her favorites. I like the colors

No. 401205

It's one of her better ones for sure. I know a lot of people hate on her art style but I really don't mind, just wish she would actually expand on her style and skills that have been the exact same for 3 years now

No. 401227


In NYS you can get narcan for free at any drugstore, no questions asked. Oddly enough, because of the internet, more and more are becoming aware of harm reduction and keeping it on hand.

Doesn't really matter because Luna is going to be dead within a year. I know this thread is ragey about her but honestly I feel sorry for her. The reason she's annoying is because she's a junkie. She threw her life away for nothing–those pictures of her with her friends made me feel sad. I wish she could get clean but I doubt it will happen. This has been going on too long and as she says, she wants to die. I don't think she's lying about that.

No. 401237

na, she won't be dead in a year. she's one of those people who is like a roach and lives forever despite the risks she takes in her lifestyle. which honestly, besides doing heroin, she doesn't take many risks. she's nice and comfy in her repulsive apartment while Lurch goes out and cops everything for them.

if Lurch went to jail (which he won't) she'd move in with her dad and mooch off of him 24/7 instead of just on the weekends. she'd probably try to find a dope connect on instagram or something.

she's not out here living a wild life but she wants everyone to think she is. yeah she does dope but she hasn't been exposed to much when it comes to the junkie lifestyle…she's not copping or selling or even out here pawning shit to get a fix. all she does is mooch off of Lurch, Roger, her dad, Pat, and anyone else she can get money or resources from. she whines and moans about her life but she's sitting at home comfy, eating junk food, drawing/painting, online shopping with her dad's credit card, etc while she waits for Lurch to bring her her drugs.

No. 401239

sage your shit, no one finds a dope connect thru insta they use reddit, retard

No. 401240


>besides doing heroin, she doesn't take many risks.

She uses ambien, xanax, all heroin on the east coast is cut with fentanyl which is prob why she OD'ed but nah, no risks. Idiot.

No. 401243

actually yeah they do. there's a whole community on there called jfam where people link up & meet irl. similar to the opiates roll call but on instagram.

No. 401261

File: 1498243719451.png (33.53 KB, 640x415, IMG_8560.PNG)

No. 401263

File: 1498243740270.png (130.51 KB, 640x902, IMG_8561.PNG)

No. 401265

>if he had an ID we'd have married a while ago
lmao keep on dreaming Luna, I'm sure he'll marry you one day

No. 401267

he doesnt have an ID! how is that possible

No. 401279

He probably lost it, and would rather spend the fee to replace it on heroin instead. Real husband material, right there.

No. 401282

Hahahahahaha I love that "if he had an I.D." excuse. Is this excuse number 6 as to why they aren't married yet? And tuna, if he loved you like you say he does, he'd go get a fucking I.D. so he could marry you, if that was what was actually stopping him. Haha.

No. 401289

She could have used her e-begging money to get him a new ID
And probably pay for the ceremony too, considering how much she scammed from people

No. 401327


Yeah, because the easy process of getting an ID in New York is what's holding him back, Luna.

No. 401372

File: 1498257069080.png (137.96 KB, 640x706, IMG_8565.PNG)

No. 401383

>Not nearly enough
… What
Besides being racist and misogynistic, jeffrey
Steininger slurring "nigger" all the time, assaulting fans at concert, producing shit make up, harshly insulting any one who criticizes him in the slightest way and let it be that make up arrived damaged or smells like weed, not even considering the amount of make up you get for your money, being a general arrogant piece of shit that couldn't care less about his fans and literal white trash.
Yeah sure, but hey Kat van D dated an alleged neo Nazi (who?!).

No. 401384

Ok maybe Doe Deere is a lolcow herself but the Kat Von D comment is reaching.

No. 401387

but she owns shit from jeffree…

No. 401388

Jeffree Star is white trash? No wonder why Tuna likes him so much.

No. 401430


Oh Luna … your ankles are ALWAYS twice the size they should be…

No. 401431

God she posted about her ankle hurting for no reason on FB and i was lame and commented a suggestion and she even deleted that what is her problem

No. 401487

File: 1498277840284.png (131.26 KB, 640x893, IMG_8579.PNG)

why does she always puts emphasis on the weirdest things? a MICROWAVE dinner. a DOLLAR dress. like we get it bitch, you're poor

No. 401497

she's looking for validation, not generic attention, anon. she desperately wants to be surrounded by people who will be like wow its so cool your a drug fiend, your the best! drugs are the best! you make the best choices!
I will 100% guarantee you that if Lurch goes, she'll jump on any dealer or connect that will take her, instantly. she's dedicated to this life. this is who she is. nothing short of a miracle is gonna change that

No. 401524

lmao like this is any worst than the usual rubbish she eats

No. 401525

worse** oopsie

No. 401528

lmao right? why does she care about healthy things anyways.
>"healthy" microwave dinner paired with my "healthy" heroin

No. 401530

>but it's my MEDICINE

No. 401533

File: 1498285244051.png (93.79 KB, 750x660, IMG_3572.PNG)

No. 401559

said the girl who made us see lurch's gross ass dick

No. 401563

My fucking sides. She still looks mighty chunky for a heroin addict. And yeah if you're filling your veins up with actual brown shit why the fuck would you care what goes in your stomach?

But to be fair 90% of the health freak vegans I've known have had a drug problem. It's like they give up one vice only to immediately take up another.

Sage for OT.

No. 401565

I used to feel sorry for heroin addicts, but try living with or right next to some and that sympathy will dry up real fast. They really are scum.

My friend whose dad was a junkie used to always tell me not to feel sorry for junkies themselves, but to feel sorry for the family the steal from and continually hurt over and over again. Most are too fucked up to care.

However, seeing as Tuna's family are just as bad as her, that doesn't really apply here. We could all become lazy self indulgent freeloading junkies if we wanted to, but some of us have self control.

No. 401585

Sage for OT but does anyone have a working video of Luna getting dick slapped? The one on the first thread doesn't work(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 401586

microwave dinners are so fucking pricy compared to real food…

No. 401606

Opiates KILL your sex drive over time Luna, plus I'm not surprised you're sex repulsed when your only option is to sleep with limp dick lurch

No. 401613

Don't give her fucking ideas

No. 401619

i was going to say that if she got them from a dollar store they probably didn't cost much, but she probably thinks she's too good to buy groceries from a dollar store.

No. 401621

Appendicitis will show up on a CT scan; that's how doctors diagnose it, determine how severe it is (perforated or not), and decide whether immediate surgery is required.

Immediate surgery has long been the treatment for appendicitis, but a majority of cases can be resolved with antibiotics (without resorting to surgery at all), so starting patients on a course of antibiotics instead of rushing them into surgery is increasingly common. And even for patients who do eventually require an appendectomy, starting with antibiotics doesn't hurt. So had Margo presented with appendicitis, she probably wouldn't have had surgery right away–especially not as a foreigner with no family or local support system, and probably no health coverage.

I thought it was a gallstone, myself. Gallstones can go totally undetected until they block the bile duct, and the sudden, intense pain and nausea she described fit that scenario. Plus she's the right age (40+); quickly dropped a lot of weight after being obese; and judging by her Insta her diet is high in fat and low in fiber–she's a perfect candidate for gallbladder/gallstone problems.

So now that we know it was an ovarian cyst, I wonder–did they remove the affected ovary? Because if they did, her chances of producing another dollchild have gone from slim to pretty much none. And that's a fine thing.

No. 401632

Lol why did you write that here and in Margo's thread?

No. 401644

>>400885 It got deleted by an admin for improper content warnings. i joined that group too.

it looks like shes been posting in it since the beginning of april.

No. 401648

I will never understand why she doesnt get a job at the local supermarket twice a week. Heck she'd have a lot more money than now, she could buy cheap rice and pasta and still have enough money. No wonder you're broke when you spend your money on mcdo and microwave dishes.

can somebody track down her posts? im sure they contain a lot of milk

No. 401649

I'll post the screen shots, but its mostly her just commenting on things, shes only posted once, other than the alice in chains post, raging about people who are alcoholics.

No. 401650

File: 1498320362467.jpg (656.16 KB, 1512x1512, Instasize_0624110253.jpg)

No. 401651

File: 1498320452010.png (192.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170624-110352.png)

No. 401657

> I never trigger on purpose
Her hypocrisy always makes me wanna scream. I'm pretty sure one of her followers ripped her into on Insta about her doing this exact thing.

No. 401665

You can't really compare alcoholism and addiction to heroin, imo. It's easy for people to be drunks because it's legal and relatively easy to get, which is messed up in it's own right. But heroin isn't legal which makes it difficult and expensive to obtain. Not to mention, it's hard to know the source of the drug itself or what it's been cut with.
Being addicted to heroin makes people extremely greedy and they will be likely to take advantage of their friends and families and steal for their next hit (as we've seen with Luna). This could happen with extreme alcoholics but I don't see it being as likely. There are plenty of serious health risks involved with abusing alcohol, but ultimately heroin outweighs them. They just can't be compared.
What's the goal of this post anyway? Does she want to make it socially acceptable and normalize getting so doped out that you teeter between awake and asleep and shit your bed? Her brain is getting fried more and more by the day.
tl;dr yeah Luna casual alcoholism is shitty but not as shitty as waking up in a pool of your own sweat and shit

No. 401682

Sorry for off topic, but alcoholism is actually more dangerous and a lot harder to get out of and recover from than heroin addiction. Alcohol is everywhere, humans celebrate everything with it, it's displayed in advertisements on TV, radio, billboards. Alcohol does the most physical and mental harm. Withdrawal from alcohol can kill you faster than dope sickness would.
I think the point Tuna is making is as a society we kinda accept binge drinking regularly which is as dangerous as some drugs but drug use has a stigma and it's not judged as much.

No. 401683

doubt there'll be any bed shitting dope makes you backed up af kek

No. 401685

That is 100% not a dollarstore meal. The grains are the dead giveaway.

No. 401686

I'm still shocked the fork looks so clean.

No. 401701

Sage goes in the email field.

No. 401702

File: 1498329541862.jpg (206.84 KB, 1277x801, ls1.jpg)

No. 401703

did she not post a picture of her titties like two or three weeks ago or am i losing my mind?

No. 401707

but anon, that was something completely different! it was art!

No. 401716

that's when she was downing massive quantities of ambien, and calling it a dissociative episode. Ambien has been known to make you horny as fuck.

No. 401721


Seroquel, not benzos.

No. 401777

File: 1498338793916.png (73.42 KB, 750x644, IMG_3575.PNG)

Lol she gonna sell nudes?

No. 401779

File: 1498338915422.png (133.97 KB, 750x971, IMG_3576.PNG)

No. 401780

WHY WOULD SHE POST THIS ON HER PUBLIC FACEBOOK PROFILE? poor Pat is gonna look up ELM and find luna spread eagle on the home page

No. 401781

Yeah, alcoholism will usually kill someone a hell of a lot more quickly than heroin if all other factors are controlled. That said, there is a huge stigma against alcoholism…the only cases where it has less of a stigma than it should is 'functional' alcoholism and heavy abuse, but even then it's heavily frowned upon and only doesn't have such a heavy stigma because functional alcoholics usually don't steal from and abuse friends and extended family members. Luna's just looking for another reason to feel persecuted. She's a shining example of why junkies are so reviled.

No. 401783

Sharing a bottle of whiskey is way less gross than sharing needles, tuna.

No. 401784

someone found her profile yet?

No. 401785

I don't think so but I bet your ass she uses her real name!!!

No. 401786

i already searched for her real name (and "angel", "heaven" etc lol), havent found her yet. still looking though
id love to think how she defends selling nudes to strange guys while being engaged lol.

No. 401787

i'm thinking (unless shes had an elm profile for a while now) she hasn't even made a profile yet. it takes a while to get accepted to these websites because you need to send them a valid ID and they need to accept it. it doesn't make sense that she would make a profile and have things already uploaded in a matter of minutes. i searched the new users and recently online users and can't find her.

No. 401788

oh well, you're right. i took the "i already uploaded shit" as an update on her already existing profile.
still thinking this is a sign her and lurch are mostly done

No. 401789

lmaooo. ok so she wants to vomit when she sees porn and is sooo repulsed by sex, but taking nude pics/making porn herself and having random men be sexual towards her is a different story? god she's ridiculous

No. 401790

kek. good point

No. 401791

it's a different story when money is involved tbh. you don't need to be emotionally invested in it when it's just a paycheck, especially when it's a paycheck that's going to her precious drugs. besides, i'd rather her be doing this shit than being a mooch.

No. 401793

She probably wont even upload any new pics (if she even actually has an ELM account..) just old shit she has saved because she's too lazy to take new stuff.
Maybe this >>401585 was Tuna trying to get that vid of herself because she doesn't have it saved on her laptop/whatever anymore and she wants to upload it kek

No. 401794

Maybe you can create a profile and upload but it's not visible/you can't sell until you're approved

No. 401799

yeah that could be how it works. guess everyone will have to keep an eye out. lmao

No. 401801

She gonna break the internet

No. 401808

File: 1498345937739.png (131.15 KB, 750x890, IMG_3579.PNG)

Her mouth looks like a portal to hell.

No. 401811

>the boss can SUCC ME
not today satan

No. 401813

And so the desperate junkie sex work begins. It'll be interesting to see how far this goes.

No. 401817

um get a job?

No. 401818

File: 1498346876180.png (150.83 KB, 750x992, IMG_3580.PNG)

She's got a plan!!

Lol she has no idea how much work this is.. and how much hate and nastiness you subject yourself to. She'll never make it.
But it's gonna be funny and milky as hell.

No. 401825

File: 1498347769100.png (82.55 KB, 750x417, IMG_5721.PNG)

Off topic but she's making tons off her depop. Over 100 bucks for her paintings and a bunch are sold.

No. 401826

was she not JUST talking about how repulsed she feels by sex lately like….

No. 401851

you forgot to block out your profile pic.

No. 401856

Could it be that her dad is deciding not to give her any more money, Lurch doesn't want her around anymore, or both? This is juicy.

No. 401866

ignore her, it's the fatty who pretends to be luna's friend & wants to be famous

that aside, what kind of pictures would she even take? is she assuming these guys wants ~artsy~ nudes? who knows maybe she'll find a fetishist or something

No. 401868

she really does not understand that being a "cam girl" is not as quick and easy as it sounds. she's just going to start whining even more than she does already.

No. 401884

i was trying to think of any body part of hers that someone would like to see. do men like breasts even when theyre saggy? maybe troll foot fetish?

No. 401900

I know? Her body is really old-ladyish. She could do drug porn, I guess.
I wonder if she'll actually carry thru with this, or if its just something she briefly talks about, like getting that job as a nurse or at the gas station down the street from her house.

No. 401905

She wised up and deleted this lol

No. 401914

I've seen so many uggos become successful in the online porn business. there are guys out there who have fetishes for girls you can smell through your computer screen, luna is right up their alley.

No. 401919

Cool. She'll be able to get high as fuck, lose her fucking mind, post a bunch of milky shit, and then withdraw when the money dries up.

No. 401922

yeah its depraved out here. i think shes too lazy to go through with it but i hope not lol she probably thinks she can get hundreds of dollars for a pic of her tits flopped out of her granny nighties

No. 401924

Do you guys think that sea creature is going to be mad over Luna selling nudes? She posted plenty of them at tumblr for free lol.

No. 401925

No he literally doesn't give a shit about her. As long as she's benefiting him somehow.. Like getting him precious drug money.

No. 401930

yeah, I highly doubt he cares about her enough for him to care about that. Also, Luna had posted pics of his dick on one of her old blogs, he might've known about that considering he was posing for them with her, so if he doesn't care about that I'm not sure he'd care about her posting and selling her own nudes. Plus, drug money is drug money

No. 401937

Making ethical makeup purchasing choices is important but buying heroin that is sourced from criminals is chill. Lmfao I can't with this girl

No. 401939

I've never heard of this website so at first I thought she was going to ask people to send their "extra lunch money, just $1, anything helps!!!" lol

No. 401956

She'll probably take all of her pics/videos while she's high on ambien

No. 401963

Ive known of the website for a while and that's still what i thought at first too hahah. i could imagine her begging people for their extra lunch money. "stop eating chipotle you rich fucks give your chipotle money to people who need it. like poor people like me"

No. 401964

It's a massive fucking difference. Lots of sex workers are sex repulsed, it's not sex it's just a performance. And they're just picture lmao

No. 401968

thank you lol. sometimes people want to make luna look dumb (not like she isn't dumb, but you know) by using the dumbest logic. you can sell nudes and still be sex repulsed. it's not a hard concept to grasp.

No. 402021

(this post got long and rambly, ignore it if you're the type of person to rage over essays)
I agree that lots of sex workers are sex repulsed, but I don't think Tuna actually is. I think Lurch can't get it up, and she finds porn gross (like a lot of women), so she acts like she's a sweet innocent sexless person when she's not. That Hitachi wand didn't look like it was owned by someone sex repulsed. She's either lying about it because of Lurch's impotence, or because she's a lesbian in the closet and doesn't find men attractive. She wrote something on Tumblr not that long ago like "I know I'm sex repulsed, but damn I miss it" which doesn't sound legit to me.

Tbh I'm starting to think that the only person Luna finds attractive is herself.
>I already started uploading some shit. also feel like i'm not prett