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File: 1515441324448.png (2.8 MB, 1440x2880, 1515271145385.png)

No. 480001

Also known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420
IG: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/
tumblrs: http://www.funeral1996.tumblr.com [new]
https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/ [old]

>previously also known as howl1996, junkhun and funeralhome420

>21 yr old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Gets by acting like a lost soul online
>Has every mental/physical illness under the sun
>She started dating her 35 year old boyfriend before she was 18, calls him daddy
>has a following of impressionable young girls who shes convinced to 'help her' during this 'tough time' in her life.
>romanticizes the hell out of her nasty addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>"i'm not trying to be courtney love!"
>tries to be exactly like courtney love
>loves to share her filthy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles
>sqandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year
>visible arm infections
>Lurch deleted facebook after "tessa" came forward with him attempting to seduce hem but still uses messenger according to last update
>always "short on rent" or otherwise in need of donations
>overdosed on heroin, didn't encourage her to get clean

newest milk:
>Luna and Lurch tripped on acid >>470758 then went and bothered Luna's mother.
>Lurch was "robbed" by three guys "kicking the shit out of him" on Christmas eve >>478003
>Forensic pathologist anon says that's bullshit >>479449
>Roger went to hospital again >>479301
>Inexplicably had a lot of money over the Christmas period, buying lots of takeout and dumb shit.
>Failed at dyeing her hair.
>Gross nail cuticles and dumb tumblr accessories
>Suddenly has ~$500 worth of Oxy she got somewhere for free??

one >>>/snow/55077
two >>>/snow/171004
three >>>/snow/190985
four >>>/snow/220048
five >>>/snow/254820
six >>>/snow/276683
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eight >>>/snow/305217
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eleven >>403302
twelve >>414017
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fourteen >>452611
fifteen >>468770

No. 480053

For the anons who are in groups with Tuna, has she been mentioning that she's a "recovering heroin addict" as of late or nah?

No. 480055

Sounds like a reach but it could be true. But if she has stopped using heroin she's still for sure still smoking crack/meth whatever. And she's always been pretty open about all the benzos and other pills shes abused even before the heroin.

No. 480056


not a reach, there was a screencap a few threads back and it was either a comment or a post on a facebook group in which she used the terminology "recovering addict", I'm too lazy to find the actual cap sorry anon

No. 480057

I saw another anon mention it could be Roger's pain pills, and I was thinking that all along. The poor dude gets out of the hospital and already his pills have been stolen. That's fucking abuse.

No. 480058

I'm not very educated on this kind of thing but if Roger has heart failure can he take certain pain meds?

No. 480072

For what its worth.. I think that pic of those oxys are somewhat old, and she just posted it now. She had brown nails in the oxy-pic and her most recent selfies she has blue nails.

No. 480095

heart problems are potential side effects but this is usually from heavy opiate abuse. not sure if they would've prescribed oxy

when people say "recovering addict" they can still be using, just attempting to get clean. she can be trying to taper, or even trying to cold turkey but not managing it for very long. as long as she's trying, it's technically "recovering", like with many mental illnesses. i don't really blame her for having such a hard time getting off it, heroin is considered the most addictive drug for a reason. she really does need professional help though, she doesnt have a chance of recovering when she's not actively working on her bpd symptoms either

No. 480110

going off heroin makes you sick so she likely doesn't want to deal.

No. 480111

I think she sold her iPhone for the oxy pills.

No. 480117

File: 1515522977297.png (1.91 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-09-12-31-58…)

No. 480121

ya i know i meant if she's calling herself a recovering addict she's probably trying to get off, feels the withdrawals and cravings,
and relapses. over and over and over. very common

as another anon pointed out, different nail color. looks like a nail color from 1 month ago

No. 480122

Fuck she looks taxidermed. Like those preserved corpses or pics from copypastas.

No. 480142

Most programs say after 30-60 day sobriety you reach your first milestone in recovery. She has not gone 30 days sober (or at least it doesn't seem like she has) therefore she not even close to being able to call herself "a recovering heroin addict".

No. 480144



In a lot of programs, it isn't until you actually graduate and complete the program that you can actually say "I'm a recovering heroin addict" because you've gone thru the steps to stay clean.
Btw is she even attending an addiction program atm?

No. 480147

nobody said she was attending a recovery program, she did group therapy at a hospital for her BPD for a hot minute.

what i meant to ask is if she is continuing to try and SAY that she's "recovering" in all of her little facebook support networks.. I am basically fishing for new milk from all the Tuna anons that are with her in unrelated FB groups.

No. 480177

Beyond that you can’t even say she’s sober from one substance since she abuses others to deal with the effects of being sober. Even if she does get off heroin (possibly crack too) I don’t think she’ll ever live “sober” in the fullest terms.

Back when some of us were all concerned about Rogers safety because of those horrible photos of him I kinda assumed that Mathew and Luna were probably abusing /negelecting him to not only get donations but leech off of whatever pain medication/resources he’s given by the hospital. He might not even have a heart condition have we seen any proof of that? That might just be some bogus lie she told to get more donations or to make an excuse as to why he’s in the hospital so much.
I don’t really know the ins and out of medical protocol, but wouldn’t they take notice of an older patient who has a bad heart and is being carted off to the ER fairly often and start considering if he can take care of himself properly? What if he’s just regular old and they just don’t look after him so they can steal his pain medication? Lots of tinfoiling here sorry.

No. 480185

I always assumed she only labelled herself as a recovering addict was so she could avoid judgement and criticism from others in those groups

No. 480193

She's a polysubstance abuser sure but heroin is so extremely addictive and dangerous and it's a much better idea to transfer and get hooked on something other than that (not crack but you get my point)… There's lots of people out there who only sober up from a couple of drugs that are the most harmful to them. She can't do shit about her issues if she's on heroin, but she doesn't have to be 1000% sober to start tackling that desire to be high all the time and fill the void

Yeah I think so too, lots of "recovery" accounts on insta are not recovering whatsoever and just say that so they don't get reported or to fit in with other recovery accounts

No. 480205

File: 1515607770727.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1416, 20180109_211218.png)

No. 480207

File: 1515607889117.png (2.18 MB, 1080x1433, 20180109_211308.png)

No. 480209

File: 1515608000419.png (2.08 MB, 1080x1429, 20180109_211254.png)

No. 480210

File: 1515608126200.png (2.45 MB, 1080x1397, 20180109_211237.png)

No. 480211

I regret that this didn't become the new OP pic lmao, this is fucking hilarious. She's literally fucking dead in this I swear hahahaha

No. 480227

she's definitely tweaking on something in these last few photos…

No. 480228

probably the oxys she posted and deleted.. her nails look like she painted grey over brown so I don't think the anon that said its an old picture because her nail color is different is correct.

No. 480243

That's not tweaking, bitch is off her tits on painkillers. Definitely a downer and not an upper. The first image of her mouth agape, her eyes are more pinned than the second one.

She took a lot of painkillers and did her makeup like a fucking TODDLER lmao. Seriously, what the FUCK is that eye makeup? It looks like a child drew on her while she was nodded out.

No. 480251

normal to high doses of opiates make your eyes really really pinned though like tiny dots, yeah she has a tolerance but she looks pretty fucked there (so i assume really high on something). if it's oxys i dont get why her pupils are that big

No. 480260


What a sad pair of boobs.

No. 480261

Oh god, she looks like one of her drawings. Fucking awful.

No. 480262

the oxy pic is obviously old. the nails she has on currently are shorter rounded silver/chrome nails (they look like the limecrime stick ons actually), her last were pointy and blue, and the nails in the oxy pic are pointy and nude. you can even see in the oxy pic that the end of the nude nail is chipped and theres no blue underneath.

i bet you she's fucked up on ambien. she always posts these weird as fuck unflattering sexual pictures when she takes them. would also explain why shes obviously on a downer but her eyes arent pinned.

No. 480265

Looks like she got her fix and finally felt 'so in love' with Lurch enough to be momentarily not sex repulsed.

No. 480270

Isn't this an injection mark? I've seen tons of those on arms and thighs and it has this weird bruise / hickey pattern. Never seen one on the neck tho so not sure

No. 480274

looks more like a hickey, but check out the line of injection marks on her hands in this photo:

No. 480276

this black muumuu shit doesn't even fit her, that poor button is holding on for life

No. 480292

File: 1515637205107.png (2.17 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-10-20-18-57…)

No. 480293

File: 1515637228078.png (2.11 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-10-20-19-03…)

No. 480294

File: 1515637251256.png (2.52 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-10-20-19-07…)

No. 480296

the thing that really drives me berserk is that almost every third or fourth pic she's just drowning in STUFF
i thought I was a hoarder but jesus fucking christ

No. 480300

Holy shit she looks like she rolled around in 3 week old raver trash

No. 480315

ugh is that a giant areola i see

No. 480322

and i thought i had big areolas.. shes rich and the surgery to reduce the size isnt that bad why doesnt she do that? it doesnt leave big scars like a breastlift would

No. 480327


>she's rich

Sage and lurk moar, anon.

No. 480337

lmao, shit does leave scars too. noticeable skin dif at the least. what planet are you from?

No. 480362


no way anon, she's *~~ suffering from severe dissociation real bad rn uwu~~*

No. 480373

Looks like Ash/Axel/whatever gave Luna a makeover lol.

No. 480419

File: 1515695678976.jpg (116.1 KB, 640x852, IMG_5694.JPG)

She posted this on her tumblr

No. 480420

what kind of nutball gets areola surgery anyway? wtf?

get out of the thread.

No. 480424


The backgrounds of these pictures are tragic. Mounds of just… stuff and junk.

No. 480447

She looks so squishy….

No. 480450

What are those lines on her stomach?

No. 480458

stretchmarks, anon

No. 480461

sorry meant on her dads side they have money and she got her inheritance years ago. also they leave discoloration scars but they can just be covered up with a tattoo to match your areola color. i mean she HAD all that money but did nothing with it and yet shes always complained about her breasts/areola size. not that this matters now but its a pretty easy/cheap cosmetic surgery. sage for ot though

No. 480465

when has she complained about her areola size, wtf? I think she's ok with them, Chief helps her love her big areolas.

No. 480477

She just complains about her far apart fried-egg tits, anon.

No. 480494


the backgrounds of luna's photos are my favourite part. they make me think of those paintings that are so intricate that you can discover new hidden details even after hours of studying them.

except with luna it's like, what is the strange filthy shit in the back? what's that 5 foot tall pile of ~stuff~ actually made from? what room are you standing in?

it's fascinating and revolting, I love it. I wish she would make a house tour vid, i'd be so here for that.

No. 480495

i actually forgot her name was luna not tuna kek

No. 480499

File: 1515723456145.png (9.58 KB, 528x175, plshelptunabuymoretakeoutandox…)

first encounter of tuna shit in the wild, posted by one of her "best friends" on tumblr

No. 480500

Oh shit does that mean her time of free rent is up?

No. 480501

File: 1515723852956.png (3.41 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-11-20-23-03…)

No. 480502

File: 1515723876949.png (1.94 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-11-20-23-13…)

poor guy

No. 480503

lol posted my caps before i saw this. it doesn't look like roger is in hospice here. unless it's an old pic?

No. 480505

Where does her username "angelhair" come from? Nirvana?

saged for ot

No. 480508

yeah, it's from heart-shaped box (because luna's entire personality revolves around a band from before she was even born)

No. 480517

Its sad to hear about Roger. Atleast he'll get good care in hospice and finally be comfortable.

It'll be interesting to see if tuna n lurch are still gonna be able to afford his apartment and their drugs without his money.

No. 480518

File: 1515728148095.jpg (98.42 KB, 540x579, mark kenly domino tan fw16.jpg)

tinfoil but this photo is making the rounds on a lot of weird sadgirl blogs luna would probably follow, and if she was high then i can definitely see her looking at it, thinking "I CAN PULL THIS OFF" and then doing… that to her face

No. 480519

is that where they get their drug (dope) money?

she's been using for what, a few years now? so her tolerance is obviously very high, she's probably using at least half a gram a day (if she's using daily). let's say at least nearly $100 per day. and this isn't counting other drugs. she's obviously not making that much from her shitty art and scamming. I know some high functioning addicts who spend double that but they hold good jobs so it shocks me that there's .. low functioning addicts who arent prostitutes or whatever. Heroin is expensive as fuck. Sorry if this has been covered before

No. 480525

This is three different sob stories rolled up into one paragraph. How did her friend not question that shit?

No. 480528

Which of her "friends" posted that? Has it gotten any reblogs?

No. 480530

some 20 y/o guy called johnny posted it on his green day sideblog and it has nearly 200 notes so far. one of my mutuals reblogged it and i saw the name and thought i was having a stroke

No. 480534

I went to her facebook to see if she posted anything about Roger but she unfriended me.

No. 480535

she probably cleaned out her social media this time before starting her ebegging campaign to try and minimize the amount of people who are in the know about her lies. /tinfoil

No. 480538

How did they manage to make poor Rogers death somehow about tuna and lurch?? How much could it POSSIBLY cost to take the train/bus to the hospital and back? This phrasing also makes it seem like once he’s in hospice/out of the hospital they’re going to abandon him. Seriously I feel so fucking bad for roger. Like other anon said, at least he’ll be more comfortable than he has been in a while in hospice - and safely away from the junkie assholes.

No. 480539

It’s a good thing he’s on hospice otherwise I would be willing to bet he would die and they live with his rotting corpse.

No. 480540

100%. Also I would legit believe tuna would take pics of his corpse in some way to post on social media.

No. 480542

Nothing would be grungier than that for her.
I can already see the 3deep5me captions.

Goddamn it, Luna. Leave the pure grandpa alone so he can enjoy his life at the hospice.

No. 480545

poor roger, but wow @ using his imminent death as a sob story

No. 480555

This post says Roger went into hospital for his heart problem 'a few days ago' but I'm sure that isn't the case.. Hasn't it been at least a couple weeks since Luna posted the pictures of the ambulance and posted some self-pitying photos? And anons recently wondered if he'd come home or not because she never mentioned it. So I'm guessing he's been in hospital this whole time and Luna hasn't mentioned him once.. Proof she just uses Roger and his situation to garner sympathy and manipulate others into giving her money and things.

No. 480558

her ambulance photo was 9 days ago and that tumblr post was made on the 9th so they're within a week of each other.

No. 480566

File: 1515756380583.png (787.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-01-12-17-53-32…)

No. 480567

File: 1515756407413.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-01-12-17-53-36…)

No. 480569

what…is this real? is this the most borderline thing ever

No. 480570

>My meal ticket is dying but I feel sexy so give me attention!! I mean you can have feelings to but only after you praise me, also in case you forgot someone I use is dying but whatever, ME!

Someone needs to give her a punch to the face. She steals from a sick old man, neglects his health and uses his illnesses to get attention for herself, and now she can't even let him die in peace without mentioning it in context with her 'sexy' selfies.

No. 480576

Man I feel like a cynical asshole, but I'm kinda glad Roger's dying sooner, rather than later. Well, relieved I suppose - nobody deserves to live like that, and it will give Lurch and Luna a real kick up the backside.

So what's this mean for them? The guy who pays rent is going to be gone in a few weeks. Hooking to make up the rent? Not paying the rent and living under a bridge in 6 months? Lurch stealing shit and ending up in jail?

2018 is going to be a dark year for these smack rats, their meal ticket they've been riding for years is gone. I for one fucking welcome it, Karma's a bitch and Tuna's gonna feel its wrath.

No. 480582

>if I admit why I'm doing something shitty it makes it more okay
Nope, still an asshole.

No. 480587

At least Roger and presumably Roger's room doesn't seem to have the same kind of horrifying filth layer than Tuna and her room have.
At the same time, thank god he didn't wind up in a hospice at home arrangement.

No. 480589

There are needles on the wall behind him….

No. 480590

where? all i can see are cables on the wall and some boxes on the windowsill.

No. 480591

>>visit before he dies
>>get something to eat

If Roger is expected to die soon, why does it sound like they will visit once and then go?

Also, am I the only one disgusted by the food begging immediately after mentioning her father in law is dying?

Like…what about some comfort foods for Rodger or just something that’s not always for Luna and Lurch.

Wow…just wow.

No. 480592

this is WAAAY more histrionic . bpds are usually ashamed of asking for validation directly

No. 480594

don't they usually send you home for hospice?

No. 480595

I think it depends. My dad was at a center where they did hospice for his particular issue. But he was there for only a few days. Maybe if it will be for longer term they send you home? Not sure about that.

No. 480596


There's different types of hospice care. One of them is inpatient hospice where the patient stays at a facility. Home hospice requires a hospice nurse to come in x times a,week. Do you think that anyone will let Roger go home once hospice staff arrive to set up equipment and make a care plan for him? Hell nawh.

No. 480597

File: 1515769592307.png (95.8 KB, 354x292, maybe.png)

I'm less certain they're needles now, but they REALLY look like a syringe with a plunger. Top left of this shitty mspaint crop.

No. 480600


Cables and wires.

No. 480601


And pilfering his Social Security check for years while he mummifies.

No. 480608

Godspeed Roger, you deserved a lot better at the end of your life than Luna and Matthew. Hope your exit is peaceful and painless.

No. 480623

Basically what the second farmer said. It's cables going through holes in the walls. probably for the TV or internet depending on how hold their stuff is.

No. 480629

I would unironically send Roger a gift. Maybe some comfort food and flowers. Wish there was a way to get things through to him without the two junkheads grabbing it for themselves.

No. 480645

True tho I wonder if we can somehow get his address at the hospice place…

No. 480646

File: 1515799957330.png (21.08 KB, 483x117, Screenshot 2018-01-12 at 6.30.…)

update on roger from one of her bpd groups

No. 480650

I wonder how tuna would react if people would start asking if they could send money directly to Rogers account.

No. 480659

pretty easy to guess, she'd just insist that it needed to be sent to her or ignore it.
sage your shit.

No. 480665

I feel really sad for Roger, who knows what sort of shit that poor old man's had to put up with those two saddos living with him.

I know functioning addicts with many years h use, they even work full time jobs and nobody knows what they take and I also know the kind of addict who would see no point in using if the world didn't know about it - like Luna. They're pathetic

No. 480674


Can someone figure this out? I'd like to anonymously send him something sweet, too. Reading about him in this thread has actually broken my heart.

No. 480676

Anon, he is dying, he doesn't need money or food or material goods. Don't be such a bleeding heart rookie, Tuna would end up stealing it all anyway.

No. 480678

As much as I want Roger to have some happiness in his life, this anon is right. One of Roger's friends already sent over a huge collection of bedding and stuff for Roger and Tuna stole most of it for herself.

No. 480683

My god it’s finally happening? This is the first time I’ve seen a full photo of Roger and of course like everyone predicted it’s because he’s dying. It may be cynical to say, but death is better than than where he is now with those greedy bastards.

I hope he has other people close to him like the lady who donated pillows/sheets who can directly give him comfort during his last days. I wish I could send him something comforting. I wish people in her social media could see through her fucking degeneracy to have save that old man the trouble of spending his last months in that dirty drug den.

No. 480685

I guess the only bright side is if he’s in hospice he’ll be surrounded by caring individuals that will probably treat him better than his own son. They’ll keep him clean,fed, and manage his pain until he goes.

No. 480704

What's gonna happen to Luna and Chief once Roger dies? How are they going to make rent?

No. 480708

According to Lurch, they're going to live like kings on his inheritance.

No. 480709

tuna will go back to e-begging on a daily basis and matthew will probably start selling dope.

No. 480711

Yeah functional dope addicts are pretty common, tbh its hard to imagine someone being a job-less addict like luna (and not even beong a prostitute or whatever), dope is expensive as fuck. I can't imagine that she makes enough money from her shit art and ebegging for over a hundred dollars a day. And then there's rent and food and shit. She's getting by pretty well for someone who freaked out bc ~poor~ when she lost her phone lol

No. 480738

>Roger's inheritance.
If this exists I'll be heartbroken. The guy was living in squalor just so he could leave his junkie son something.

totally off topic but do we know anything about Lurch's mom?

No. 480746

Honestly, I hope Roger has a peaceful death.
And I can't wait to see two retards starving and drowning in their own filth. Maybe that will finally make Luna wake the fuck up and leave Chief and get clean.

No. 480749

I don't think she'll ever leave him. Her head is too far up his asshole, to be honest.

No. 480758

I think luna is just going to end up killing herself thru her drug use, I mean I feel like that's an obvious statement but I don't see her being a lifelong junkie like lurch

No. 480763

This thread inspired me to detail clean the baseboards in my apartment. Thanks, tuna.

No. 480780

Has anyone seen the documentary Dope Sick Love? It'a about two homeless NYC couples that are heroin addicts.

Tuna and Lurch are probably going to end up that way.

No. 480784

File: 1515896896637.png (3.04 MB, 1394x2166, Screenshot_2018-01-13-20-26-33…)

Looks like she's already taken over Rogers area of the house ?

No. 480786

>once he’s in hospice/out of the hospital they’re going to abandon him
Well, when someone is admitted to hospice, they usually die there. A patient doesn't go into hospice until their provider has deemed them to have less than six months to live.

>why does it sound like they will visit once and then go?
Because that is exactly the kind of people tuna and lurch are. She'll post pictures for the whole adventure, sob about how much she'll miss Roger and how she loves him, then never bring it up until he dies. Or she'll post every single day that she's visiting him to remind everyone that she's still the one suffering and needs money/food/validation.

No. 480788

Seems like it. Those aren't her bedroom walls. What a sick piece of shit.. Oh my god.
Its like
>poor poor me, my "father in law" is dying im sOoOoOo sad but Heyy guiz look what I did! Took over his area of the house already and now I have a new stop to get high, cake on makeup, and try to scam kids online. Ain't it cute.
Disgusting. A new low.

No. 480791

100% have done this after looking at this thread

Sage for no contribution

No. 480792

File: 1515897922289.png (944.77 KB, 706x826, sackofshit.png)

>roger is dying hes like my dad I love him so much uwu look at my hickey

No. 480793

omg someone on her insta please ask her wtf shes doing, this is vile

No. 480795

>clean walls
>single bed
>decent furniture not covered in filth

Yeah she's definitely taken over Roger's room. What an absolute piece of shit that sobbed online about him going to die but couldn't wait to take over everything he owned for herself.

No. 480796

narc confirmed, her way of 'coping' with this loss is taking solace at all of the new 'stuff' she can call her own now. disgusting.

No. 480797

seriously this what the FUCK.

No. 480801

This smelly brat always reminds us of why she's in pt.

No. 480802

Luna is absolutely obsessed with Things. it's all she talks about. I rarely see her go a day without posting a picture of some random shit she has laying around her house, and even her selfies usually feature her holding some trinket. Her life revolves around accumulating more things and everything that happens to her is a new opportunity to do so.

No. 480808

Cant wait to see how this inheritance shit pans out. Is it real, if it is how quickly will lurch/luna blow through it? How high will their opiate tolerance be before everything comes crashing down rent/money wise?
And if it isnt real how in hell are they going to afford rent.

No. 480811

I have nothing more to add than the same "what the fuck" response from other anons, but seriously

Doing this within a matter of days is disgusting and a showcase of her true selfish character, but how does she rationalize posting this on her Instagram? I don't assume she posted "uwu made another space for myself in Roger's room" but some of her followers must've pieced it together if we are.

What was the caption?

No. 480813

To be honest I'm not mad about her moving into the area and using the things he left behind but it is kind of crass that she's already started decorating. This would also be the perfect time to do a deep clean of the house but we all know that will never happen.

No. 480815

I wonder if Luna's ever considered launching a YouTube or a Patreon.

I just want to see her do a house tour.

Plus if she decides to go that route, needing to buy a decent camera is a good excuse for begging for money.

>with Roger dead and gone, we may need to pitch towards rent now (my dad will cover the rest). the internet is the only way I can earn money due to my bum knee and junkie way. please donate for a camera and lighting so I can launch a beauty and a e s t h e t i c channel

No. 480818

I literally can’t deal with this. I wish someone would call her out. She already moved into his area of the house. This fucking cunt.

No. 480819

Well we’ll know if it’s really or not by the amount of frivolous shot she’ll buy.

No. 480820

No caption

No. 480835

h e ' s n o t d e a d y e t y o u c u n t

No. 480847

>that lovely clean wall

Just came to the realisation that since neither Lurch nor Luna clean…well, anything, really…poor Roger must have been keeping his space tidy even when he was ill. His good-for-nothing son and "daughter-in-law" couldn't even be arsed to help an old dying man do a little cleaning.

Not even going to touch how disgusting it is that Luna already took over his space. No words.

No. 480867

I came to the same conclusion. Even in >>480502 his bedding and clothes look clean while Tuna wallows around in clothes she hasn't washed in weeks. In the room picture the spare blanket and rug look clean as well, the furniture is dusted and even the carpet looks somewhat clean.

In constrast you can tell the blue blanket is tuna's and how grimey her pillows and plushies look compared to the rest of the room.

Roger obviously cleaned up after himself and tried to be independent because Luna and Lurch keep the rest of the house looking like pure filth, especially their room. It's hard to imagine this poor old man living with two junkies that sleep on blood stained sheets and piss into juice bottles out of laziness.

No. 480882

She also put the blanket that he was using on the floor to use as a carpet. It'll be dirty so quickly with her and the cats stepping on it etc. She's terrible.

No. 480946

I was ready to correct you and say that's definitely a rug because it looked like it had a thick carpet texture, and who would honestly put a blanket on the floor as a rug?
But I see it definitely looks like what he has on him in

Who purposely creates untidiness/mess…

No. 480952

i don't think that's the same blanket. the rug on the floor has a rug texture and a dark strip around the edges whereas the blanket looks soft and has a light edge. they're just a similar color

No. 480957

do you think Tuna and Lurch have already sold any valuables that Roger possessed? They probably are both fiending and want to find solace in a nice bag of H. Sage for speculation.

No. 480959

Its the same blanket. Blankets like that have reverse colors on the opposite side.

No. 480962

its definitely a blanket ive seen ones like that before

a man with bed sores and as weak as he was i seriously doubt he was washing walls and vacuuming, maybe its a tinfoil but i think whoever brought him a bunch of clean sheets mightve recently done a big clean for him. i remember her saying his bedroom is in the living room, and we have seen how disgusting their kitchen is. how could that old man possibly keep just the living room that clean?

No. 480964


Could Roger be receiving social security each month? If it is direct deposit, they won't be able to access it unless they have his debit card or his checkbook to forge checks. If it is a paper check they could forge his signature. Since he is elderly he may have Matthew listed as an authorised user.

When he dies in hospice his remains will go to the county coroner which will issue a death certificate, but I don't know how the notice of a person's death is communicated to Social Security. This is new territory for me to research.

Sage for thinking out loud.

No. 480969


His physician will issue a death certificate since he his hospice. A coroner/medical examiner is only needed in suspicious deaths, where cause of death is unknown, or there is no attending physician to sign a death certificate.

Bodies are not released to an individual. Rather any arrangements have to be made with a funeral home, who also notifies Social Security.

source: both parents and 3/4 grandparents died before I was 25. I had to deal with the arrangements for my parents. I live in Wisconsin tho. So state laws could be different.

No. 480980

tbh i think they would've done that ages ago.

No. 480992

>>Luna is absolutely obsessed with Things. it's all she talks about.

It's ironic that she is so materialistic but refuses to get a job or take care of the stuff she has.

No. 480993

Who the fuck uses a blanket as a rug? Omg…I also assumed it was a rug…

No. 480994

>>source: both parents and 3/4 grandparents died before I was 25. I had to deal with the arrangements for my parents. I live in Wisconsin tho. So state laws could be different.

Sorry to hear about that anon. :(

No. 480995

File: 1516021415970.png (2.02 MB, 1080x1103, 20180115_070217.png)

No. 481004

It's like the worlds most unappealing magic trick.

It's a shame though because you know shit like this would be popular on Tumblr with the alt-art crowd but Luna's too lazy and spoiled to even bother trying to set up herself as an artist on there even if she could rake in the money.

No. 481015

Her art just reaches a new milestone in ugliness with each iteration, huh.

No. 481022

how long has she been drawing for? i'm like, shocked that her art is this bad. i can't imagine she means it to look so bad. looks like something a 12 year old could draw easy, there's nothing original or creative here, coloring is attrocious. this might make a decent coffee placemat at a dollar store but that's it! i'd vomit if someone buys this for over $2

how can she never improve?

No. 481023

This is new!? I swear she drew the same exact thing a few months ago. I thought it was the same one until I seen 2018 on the bottom.
She needs to come up with some new ideas lol. She's so uncreative…

No. 481025

My skin crawled thinking of this even though it's obvious but.. Y'all know how Luna likes to sob and complain over every minor inconvenience? I'm very sure she never ONCE has complained nor posted about anything related to doing her laundry. If anyone can find it ill be shocked. Imagine the fucking STENCH of overused, never washed clothing in that house.
She's also stopped posting about how "nice and fresh" She feels after a shower. She has me ready to gag.

No. 481027

luna buys/"finds" some new grandma bullshit whenever she spills juice all over her clothes in lieu of laundry. too lazy to find the pic but in an old thread you could see a fucking aggro crag of disgusting clothes piled in the corner.

No. 481029

I think she used to do her laundry at her dad's apt but has probably not washed an article of clothing since she stopped going there regularly lmao

No. 481045

idk if she can do better necessarily, but i do think that the ugliness is /partially/ intentional. she's said she's inspired by daniel johnston's art, which if you look at it, looks a bit like hers in that it doesn't look very anatomically/technically accurate/sometimes looks like something a 12 year old would draw.

No. 481048

kek aggro crag ily anon

No. 481052

>aggro crag of disgusting clothes
Wouldn't climb that for a fucking trophy, that's for damn sure.

No. 481056

she's literally draws animal crossing characters on drugs, anon. stop comparing her to legitimate artists

No. 481057

just googled him, waaaaay better. he has that 12 y/o style but luna's actually looks like a 12 yr old could draw it

No. 481077

When my mom died Social Security froze access to her account real quick. She died on the 2nd of the month, on the 3rd (her payday) there was no check in her account.

No. 481083

>what kind of nutball gets areola surgery anyway? wtf?
people who have hideous areolas like she does? I agree luna is crazy but if she got areola surgery it would be one of the least crazy things she did

No. 481089

awe yay areola anon is back /sarcasm

No. 481092

wym? this is the first I posted to a luna thread in months

No. 481098

I was going to say she draws older and dirtier animal crossing characters but animal crossing characters on drugs fits perfectly.
Its the fact that all of her shit looks exactly the same that makes her look unskilled. No real variant in subject matter, she relies on the same few color combinations that "work" (dont look atrocious.)
And honestly i had no idea what i was looking at with her last piece until the anon made the disgusting magic trick comment.

No. 481103

i'm not saying that he's as bad as her (or that he's bad) i'm saying she literally has a tattoo of his art on her arm and is has straight up said she's inspired by his art ykwim? i just mean i think she's going for that kind of style, and i think she misunderstands that kind of art as not requiring any effort, sorry for the miscommunication.

No. 481118

This. She needs to learn that having a personal style or doing a set of pieces exploring a theme != everything she draws looking the same. She could develop a style with time and practise but I suppose that would take too much work for her, wouldn't it…

No. 481119

There isn’t any massive inheritance from roger. You’re all talking about when lurch was chatting that chick up, he talked about a massive inheritance from his GRANDMOTHER and that he couldn’t do anything to upset her or she would cut him out of her will.

No. 481120

Has Lurches mom ever been mentioned? Like at all?

No. 481131

I've wondered about that. Is she dead or something? Or is she an Evil Mom to go with Luna's Evil Dad?

No. 481166

File: 1516137238518.png (413.03 KB, 368x598, 1464128839995.png)

honestly tunas art used to be a lot more detailed, thats what drugs do ig

No. 481167

tbh theres lots of drug users with really good art. lots of awesome psychedelic inspired art. luna just got lazy lmao

No. 481182

she actually put effort in and built a decent amount of skill when she was still in highschool before she started doing heroin. after heroin and lurch she found she could just half ass scribble tumblr art and tumblr kids would buy it (she charges 40-60$ for a marker drawing)
seeing her highschool art is a big reason why i lose my temper so bad seeing her recent trash art, she doesnt even make effort to write "baby" clearly

No. 481185

File: 1516147144767.jpg (42.12 KB, 500x500, b201a21ba185fb456d622e5c33cffc…)

I was trying to find some of Tuna's older art and came across this. JFC, heroin is one hell of a drug.

No. 481191

This is just straight-up EVIL. Who the fuck would do this to the space of a dying relative who in addition kept your junkie NEET asses alive for years!? What the actual fuck!?

No. 481200

it honestly is a shame–she was such a pretty girl when she was younger and now she looks like a shot-out junkie. honestly i don't blame lurch either–she loves the heroin chic look.

No. 481206


No. 481207

She looks so good with black hair (and showering regularly helps too). She ruined herself for an ugly aesthetic.

No. 481210

File: 1516152328409.jpg (52.06 KB, 626x449, tuna.JPG)

Please survive cos someone needs to pay rent - disgusting

No. 481234

Imagine destroying your entire life for reblogs on tumblr.
Of course she's using Roger's terminal illness for aesthetic. It's clear how much she actually cares.

No. 481236

You "want him to survive" yet you immediately took over his bedroom/area of the house?
Hmmmm. Okay…

No. 481237

It takes a special kind of stupid to throw everything in life away just to be 'popular' online. Which she isn't even succeeding in.
It makes so much sense right? She's probably getting ready to hardcore fish for donations. I wonder if she'll ask for us to pay for his memorial.

No. 481306

File: 1516194627710.jpg (610.33 KB, 809x1301, Screenshot_20180117-230737.jpg)

Same concept, from back when she was flogging her 'art' on depop

No. 481348

$150!??!!!!!! Is this legit? Does someone actually buy this? I should start selling my paintings for like $5k if people are actually buying that crap for over $5. I'm shook

No. 481353

For $150 you can own this weird fucking image of an animal crossing lizard girl getting bloomed in the face by a floral porcupine with gumby legs!

No. 481381

lizard girl's nipple is falling off

No. 481388

Funeral homes help with that, most people use the $225 lump sum next of kin get after a loved one dies as a payment on the funeral.

And yeah its only one payment of $225 after someone dies.

No. 481392

I'm going full autismo with this tongue / teeth situation rrrrrreeee

No. 481401

She photodumped on her Tumblr… If anyones interested. There's even a video but I can't get it to play so Idk what it is.

No. 481404

File: 1516224101982.png (1012.17 KB, 720x1098, sad_about_roger.png)

Video is of her literally shuffling along on the sidewalk in an ugly outfit making really dumb faces at the camera.

No. 481405

File: 1516224796356.gif (5.35 MB, 320x240, giphy.gif)

Umm. She's kidding, right? She knows he's in hospice care and snatched up his room the moment he left. She knows the deal. Additionally, what the fuck are some cards and rocks going to do? This is just a show to her. She's going to build all this up so she can take in pity donations after Roger's gone. Luna and Lurch are the scummiest pieces of shit. Damn.

No. 481406

File: 1516225309250.gif (1.64 MB, 512x512, tumblr_p2px2aUIki1wyvcq4o1_540…)

wtf is this outfit.

No. 481440

It gets worse.. She wears it with that cheetah print Halloween costume jacket, and those ugly Grey knit ugg boots that look like slipper socks.

No. 481442

Her hands look a lot better now, unless she shoops them. But she wouldn't even show them before so I doubt it.

No. 481447

Because of the theories on this thread I'm getting Peter Coffin vibes from this gif

No. 481451

Holy shit seeing her in motion is even more alarming. What is this video.

No. 481454

it’s those fucking lifeless Coraline button eyes she has that enter her face into the uncanny valley. if she just learned how to properly do makeup for her eye shape she’d look actually human and somewhat alive. can’t say the same for the crack lip tho.

try covering her eyes with your finger and the rest of her face looks pretty normal, but cover everything but her eyes and it’s like the soul of one of the Hartley kids is trapped inside.

No. 481456

I saw it and her face is as retarded as her outfit. She always looks so…dumpy. And ffs she needs to change the way she does her eyeliner!

No. 481468

True, holy shit.

No. 481480

File: 1516238973852.jpg (124.87 KB, 640x852, IMG_5490.JPG)

No. 481483

wow she is aging fast. doesn't even look creepily young next to lurch anymore lol

No. 481556

She does her eye makeup like that on purpose. Im not sure why, but her eyes arent actually that round, she just does her makeup so it looks like she has downs syndrome

No. 481582

maybe her next ebegging angle will be she's developmentally disabled along with bpd, bipolar, etc etc

No. 481619

File: 1516289699284.png (1.27 MB, 640x1136, A249C114-DA91-47C3-BF07-9E93DC…)

Sage because not milk but how is she this filthy?! There’s literal brown dirt on her sleeve ffs

No. 481679

lol that hoodie is fucking mouldy! it's been sat somewhere damp for MONTHS, look at the discolouration all over it. Is she incapable of noticing filth now?

No. 481685


gag. she's so gross

No. 481686

Does heroin make you blind to filth? I bet it smells like swamp.

No. 481690

The cats (or Lurch) probably peed on it and it just festered in the clothes heap that serves as the litterbox.

No. 481783


don't be so rude anon, lurch is a classy guy. he doesn't piss on clothing, he pisses into orange juice cartons and leaves them dotted about the house for tuna to drink

No. 482011

i still don't get how that happened. does he like use the straw as a catheter?

No. 482025

Lol anon I think they meant one of the big cartons for like breakfast orange juice. The purity and curiosity of your post genuinely gave me a sensible chuckle <3

No. 482030

haha! i only asked cause i (wrongly) remembered it being one of those small bendy-straw boxes when she told everyone about it.

No. 482050

File: 1516394004708.png (694.02 KB, 560x850, Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 21.3…)

lol found this gem from '15 in my dropbox

No. 482053

File: 1516394582239.png (426.5 KB, 538x868, Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 21.3…)

No. 482054

File: 1516394596697.png (469.45 KB, 532x858, Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 21.3…)

No. 482055

File: 1516394612475.png (675.52 KB, 532x762, Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 21.3…)

No. 482063

File: 1516395393425.png (532.5 KB, 530x732, Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 21.3…)

No. 482064

File: 1516395407017.png (555.49 KB, 520x798, Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 21.5…)

No. 482066

Can these two functioning humans be the next thread pic? I cant handle how disturbing this image is.

No. 482070

oh god, i feel the need to run when i look at this

how did she ever think those brows looked good

No. 482082

File: 1516398009102.jpeg (21.99 KB, 230x219, 3C62A753-08B1-46BE-BB2F-4F8EBA…)

No. 482084

File: 1516398131830.gif (1.95 MB, 480x270, a23c45817004c31b93b5fc0e360fa6…)

Damn her eyes were going in two different directions even then.

Her hair looks as fucked up as her eyebrows.

The gif is the only reaction I have to this.

No. 482089

these photos feel like they came from a different dimension than ours. i feel like i've seen something that i wasn't supposed to see

No. 482091

we are haunted

No. 482093

Lurch's face looks like a damn mask.

I'd ask what Tuna sees in him, but we know it's the drugs and her junkie aesthetic.

No. 482101

jfc. I'm a bit stoned and Lurch's face made me laugh out loud. I can't even look at it without cracking up.

No. 482108


Holy shit imagine walking home in the dark and seeing these two ahead of you.

No. 482120

It's sad because her eyes are such a beautiful color. What a waste of a life and a perfectly healthy body this woman is.


No. 482150

AHHH luna looks so good compared to lurch in this. what the fuck?! why does he look like that?!! holy fuck what a nightmare. i cant believe luna is attracted to him

those eyebrows! what

No. 482175

well unfind it

No. 482183

File: 1516426203164.png (425.13 KB, 569x931, spook.png)

Truly startling.

Also, wtfs up with his skin? It looks like hes wearing some of Tunas white makeup.

Also, >>482089 is extremely accurate.

No. 482192

He looks like a wendigo

No. 482193


ah, the good ol' days, back when the drugs used to work (and not just feed the monkey)

No. 482195

>the good ol days
lol this was back when they were spending $80 a day of Luna's inheritance on heroin, doesn't surprise me they look so fucked up.
>AHHH luna looks so good compared to lurch in this.
lol its fucking scary seeing the effects of heroin on Tuna. She'd been on heroin for under a year in those pics, whilst Lurch had been on heroin for 15 years. That's why he looks so much worse than her, but it's evened out because Tuna's been doing heroin regularly for years. She has declined FAST, nowadays there doesn't even look like an age gap/creepy relationship

No. 482270

File: 1516439893207.jpeg (43.68 KB, 960x540, 9ED61930-0868-4681-B3D6-DCBAE2…)

Anyone else see it? Spookier than the original, even.

No. 482387

that's truly the only explanation. lurch is actually from the black lodge

No. 482417


do they still use heroin daily? if so, they should be spending probably like double that now. nearly half a gram each for suuure. bc of tolerance. where tf do they get that money?

No. 482435

You KNOW Luna would see herself as a Laura Palmer figure if she watched Twin Peaks. Ugh.

No. 482436


No. 482522

File: 1516486606974.jpeg (168.1 KB, 640x955, 65641D27-BC5C-4E96-A998-64DC15…)

No. 482527

lmao what a baby–think she's talking about lurch or her parents?

also, nice of her to take roger's thing and completely put the attention on her.

No. 482539

File: 1516489882039.png (172.54 KB, 428x692, Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 8.38…)

>that fucking overgrown mustache draped over her crusty top lip

No. 482560


>how could u leave me

gee I dunno tuna, could it be because people are sick to death of throwing their hard-earned money and make up and stuffed toys and art supplies and fake nails and hair colour and time out of their day and contant ~validation~ into a never-ending, sucking black hole of insatiable greed? and that every single little thing that ever happens to the people around you is used by you as a springboard for more incessant begging and self-absorption? or perhaps that after years and years of whinging you haven't yet done a single fucking thing to try to improve yourself?

a person could give you everything they own, all their money, their house, their food, strip to the skin and give you every single article of clothing they are wearing, and it STILL wouldn't be enough for you, you endless, gaping chasm.

No. 482586

>do they still use heroin daily?
going by the state of Tuna's arms/hands, I'd say she's still regularly taking heroin, but it's definitely not daily for them anymore. They have to experiment with cheaper drugs to get them through withdrawal.

No. 482590

Could b a friend. I'm super curious, though. It's a shame that Luna's not like cows who publicly broadcast every little thing that's happening to them.

No. 482592

massive rage dump incoming, everything about this has been pissing me off so bad
>how could you leave me
fucking BPD-addled bitch. He's not leaving YOU, he's fucking dying. Not everything has to be about YOU.
>When everything around me is falling apart
BUT YOURE MAKING NO EFFORT TO CHANGE ANYTHING AND YOU'VE JUST BEEN SAT THERE TAKING HEROIN. Your life tends to "fall apart" if you fucking sit in a drug den mooching off others. Your life has been "falling apart" FOR 3 FUCKING YEARS, was Roger supposed to live indefinitely? Chances are he's dying NOW because you fucking mongoloids weren't looking after him, leaving him in a cold, mouldy apartment on a threadbare mattress.
>the dad I always wanted
fuck you, your real Dad coddles you to shit.
>my heart is hurting but his heart is only working at 20%
This isn't poetic, it makes you sound like a fucking dickweed. "his hearts fucked, sure, BUT WHAT ABOUT MINE WAAAAHHH"
>u know who is legit when life turns to shit
definitely talking about her facebook friends list. Anybody who was unfriended/blocked on social media - did she e-beg in PM first? I get the feeling she messaged EVERYONE about Roger, for pity cash. Only the "legit" ones gave her money.
>most of you are liars, I always knew it, but now there's proof.
Definitely talking about her social media friends imo. She knew most people only followed her to see her downward spiral, but it became especially obvious when she was e-begging for people to give her money and everyone ignored her.

sage for unnecessary anger - it just annoys me how she acts about EVERYTHING. I would feel bad for her, if I thought she could actually feel anything for another human being. She doesn't give a shit about Roger, the only time she's mentioned him is when he's carted off in an ambulance (for donations), or to use him in her lies ("Roger bought this chinese food not me").

She's just fucking sad because the guy who gives her MONEY and a PLACE TO LIVE is dying, and she won't be able to mooch anymore. Losing a family member sucks, but did I try and fucking use it as an excuse to broadcast my Venmo account? And beg all my friends to pay me because i'm sooo strong? No. EVERYONE GOES THROUGH LOSS, STOP ACTING LIKE YOU DESERVE STUFF FOR BEING BRAVE.

No. 482593

File: 1516495623045.png (696.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180121-114537.png)

No. 482594

lol rage anon here, now I'm hit with a massive pang of guilt. Seconds after I rage on her, this gets posted… Poor smokey, that actually hit me in the feels.

She still seems to care about the cats more than people tho.

No. 482600

Fuck, this looks like some kind of jump ahead to what they’ll look like later, crazy to think this is old.

No. 482610

probs just a ploy for attention for herself like she coulda googled this and i know its nitpicking but hes not your father in law because your fiance wont marry you

No. 482612

is this one of those cursed images I keep hearing about? Lurch legit looks like he was made in the Oblivion character creation screen

No. 482627

I don't know man, I'm getting Morrowind character creation vibes.

No. 482634

i don't follow this cow, but do we know how often she use(s)(d)? every day - every week? i wanna know how much heroin it takes to make your skin look as terrible as hers does.

No. 482638

what opiate is cheaper than heroin (biggest bang for the buck)? i doubt they're using fent. opium tea is cheaper but I havent heard her mention it

I wouldnt be surprised if she has narcissistc traits alongside her bpd she seems very selfish and unempathic frequently and bpds have empathy. Npd and bpd are frequently comorbid. Not saying she's npd just that she seems to have traits. She makes everything completely about her in such an uncompassionate way. And doesn't seem to understand people's feelings. It's odd

No. 482644

samefag but it's not hust the heroin it's probably that she's extremely unhygenic. Probably sleeps with foundation on. All her stuff is very dirty

Also she's doing meth I think? or crack.

No. 482652

>what opiate is cheaper than heroin (biggest bang for the buck)?
short answer is not opiates, i think. Luna has said that she can't afford her prescriptions anymore, yet still takes Xanax, Seroquel, Ambien etc.

The point isn't to get her high like opiates, it's to stop her from sobering up between hits.

No. 482654

samefagging, but I thought she was on crack in the Summer/Autumn. she was moving her furniture around a lot and doing weird tweaker videos. Whenever she does those weird gifs, I think she's tweaking. Recently imo she's looked more sedated over tweaked, but I could be wrong. I don't know anything about all the prescription drugs she takes tbh.

No. 482655

fuuuck samefagging AGAIN but just remembered that Luna said she had a prescription for Subutex/suboxone? And Lurch has a prescript for methadone?

No. 482677

But she's physically dependent on opiates (she'd have complained on every website if she went through withdrawal). you can't alternate an opiate for another class of drugs and not experience opiate withdrawal. Unless she was never doing as much heroin as she claimed, but I believe she was because she was shooting up. It's practically impossible to moderate heroin anyways, let alone someone like her moderate

yeah the subs makes a lot more sense! i cant imagine her NOT talking about withdrawals.

No. 482764

She's just using any opportunity she can to publicise the story and increase the likelihood she gets money and pity. It's probably not even true about the cats behaviour.

No. 482766

It's not particularly valid but it's known anecdotally that there tends to be two types of BPD - in my head I usually categorise them as The Sad and The Mad. The Sad tend to be more empathetic and self-loathing like you said, whilst The Mad tend to be more narcissistic, angry, and even more difficult to work with. I've always thought Luna is more likely to be the latter - I think it's very likely there's times that she gets angry, aggressive, and violent as well, in keeping with the type. But of course she'd never share that with her followers because she's a sweet baby angel.

No. 482777

…fuck, she's good.

No. 482780

Yeah, she's been manipulating others for what appears to be at least her entire adult life, no doubt she's pretty good at it. No need to feel guilty anon, your rant was deserved.

No. 482786

Her ability to make everything about her is actually amazing.

No. 482788

File: 1516554955983.png (529.75 KB, 720x811, lol.png)

She posted a vid of her doodles but skipped over the drawing where she sounds like a middle schooler with her first boyfriend kek

No. 482795

nah more like Audrey Horne, not Laura Palmer.

No. 482800

yeah she could’ve very well been like “my cat is sad because he misses someone ill” but she actually wrote the full story as if she wants to talk about it…

this makes so much sense! i always had this odd uncomfortable feeling when someone with bpd is unempathic and purposely shitty mostly because many bpds I know are just .. sad. self-destructive and mean no harm, if they do cause unintentional harm they feel guilt. then there’s bpds who are abusive, violent, have narc traits and give no fucks and it’s such a shift!

No. 482810


You're correct. There have been many psychologists, psychiatrists, and researchers that have stated that there are two types of BPDs. As someone who is a "sad" BPD, it sucks that so many people think that every BPD is like Tuna, full of drama, narcissistic, prone to extended bouts of anger, very selfish, etc. Sad BPDs are more likely to be diagnosed as bipolar, because we don't fit the stereotypical loud and crazy BPD stereotype.

No. 482871

Tbh same with other personality disorders. Many people on the internet seem to self-diagnose their exes or parents with a personality disorder like NPD or BPD simply to rationalize their abusive behaviour, adding to the stigma that all BPDs are like Luna and all NPDs are abusive and so on. It sucks how people use personality disorders as insults but for any common mental illness and how dare you!

Like yeah it’s shitty for Luna to act so self-centered while Lurch is losing family but her BPD isn’t stopping her from becoming aware of this and seeking help. She’s very capable of getting off heroin and using that saved up money to seek therapy. She’s capable of working. It’s hard to get off heroin but not impossible It’s treatable. She should be less berated about her BPD (like how someone said “you bpd-addled bitch”) and far more criticized about not doing anything about it. she’s lucky to have a diagnosis and know what the problem is

Sorry for slightly derailing

No. 482879

How dare you, Audrey is best girl.

No. 482889

Im the anon you responded to. Other than being a nasty and selfish bitch, you know why I don't like her? Because I'm a recovered heroin addict with BPD, and even at my worst, I didn't use someone's death as a hidden plea for money and fucking markers. She can easily get sober, especially since she has suboxone, but no she chooses to be a stupid bitch. She has money, time, resources, and even medicine that can help her get sober. Unfortunately, you can't help those who don't want help, and as long as her BF is still with her, there is ZERO chance that she will clean up.

Excluding schizophrenia, BPD and NPD are the most discriminated mental disorders. Even therapists that are supposed to be empathetic and accepting, don't like having patients with BPD or NPD. People have learned to respect those with anxiety, depression, OCD, etc but personality disorders, especially BPD and NPD, are "crazy"

I could go on and on about this, but to make a long story short, Tuna acts the way she does, because she's a horrible person and NOT because she has BPD.

No. 482908

sage for kinda off topic, but BPD-anons, are the two types of BPD mutually exclusive? Or can you start off as a "sad" BPD and develop into a "mad" BPD later in life?

Cuz people who knew Tuna as a teenager (like 16-18) said she was totally different, and really wanted to please people. She was willing to move cross-country to be with Peter and shit, and could maintain relationships with people, where both friends are mutually benefiting.

>Sad BPDs are more likely to be diagnosed as bipolar, because we don't fit the stereotypical loud and crazy BPD stereotype.

Tuna was "mis"diagnosed as bipolar as a teenager, and only got her BPD diagnosis after starting on heroin (it was either around the same time, or within months of each other). Coincidence much?

Could something like heroin turn you from a Sad into a Mad? Without the impending doom of withdrawal hanging over her head (i.e. if she was sober) she could be a completely different person. I guess it's more understandable to be self serving when you'll feel like you're dying every time you run out of drugs.

No. 482909

personally I don't think she actually has bpd at all and instead it just a fucking drug addict, but hey, that's me

No. 482912

I’m sure you can. imo every bpd has varying degrees of each of the subtypes (look at the wiki page), or as another anon called it “sad” and “mad”. I’m sure as one goes through life and has experiences, they can switch from one prominent subtype to another.

BPD is actually generally not diagnosed until one gets off drugs or the symptoms have been persistent for a while when one wasnt on drugs… because symptoms of addiction can have similar symptoms to BPD (I believe this is in the dsm). So yeah the fact that she got diagnosed at around when she started heroin is fishy. plus she got diagnosed pretty young. She should get re-diagnosed

No. 482947

I agree. It's known that drug addiction makes people exhibit similar behavior as those with bipolar & bpd.. because they're fucking on drugs. Then when they get clean they act "normal" again. She naturally probably just has anxiety and depression like every other person on earth.

No. 482992


The effects of illicit and prescription drugs and medication must be ruled out as part of the differential diagnosis when evaluating for any mental illness or personality disorder. For examples, psychosis caused by methamphetamine versus schizophrenia, mania caused by corticosteroids versus bipolar disorder.

No. 483038

File: 1516607757239.jpg (619.06 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180122_025422.jpg)

Guys, should we infer Roger passed by this post?

No. 483039

File: 1516607865937.jpg (411.72 KB, 1080x1990, Screenshot_20180122-025655.jpg)

Aaaaaaand back to posting crotch selfies in what looks like the hospice

No. 483054

I'm surprised at how clean these pants look

No. 483075

I'm impressed with how there's barely anything on her pants but then I noticed the shirt she's wearing is The Shirt, the one she wore like it was the only one she owned for a week solid a while back.

No clue if she's in hospice visiting but wherever it is it's not her house or her dad's place.

No. 483078

I have BPD and I exhibit both types, dependent on what has triggered the behaviour.

No. 483091

Stop being Armchair Psychologists.

No. 483103

No, I think she'll make a bigger scene when Roger passes.
>changed me for the better
No? Bitch youre still a grimy,manipulative, selfish piece of shit…

No. 483121

I don't think so, I think she'd have made a post saying something like "rip 2018/01/22"

no one diagnosed her with anything or claimed to know anything about her mental health except one person. how is someone with the point "tuna acts the way she does bc she's a a horrible person" being an armchair psych? Half the people were solely blogposting. If you wanted to respond to one person, do that, but don't tag in everyone claiming they were armchairs just because they were adding something to the convo.

No. 483133

this would be so unbelievably tacky if he hasn't already passed yet

Luna I genuinely hate you, jfc. Moving into his space and already deciding on tattoos while the man is still motherfucking alive

I need to go outside

No. 483146

Stop trying to make the place into Kiwi Farms.

No. 483161

She's already day dreaming about how Roger's death will add to her fucking aesthetic. Scumbag.

No. 483184

It's like those parents that don't take care of their children, but get tattoos with their names to show they "care". Why not honor their lives by cleaning yours up instead of getting tattoos?

No. 483239


>omg you guys I've been waiting FOREVER for an excuse to e-beg for tattoo money. hurry up and die already roger, I NEED IT. NOW.

No. 483287

File: 1516669690382.png (26.05 KB, 750x274, 1486489646689.png)

I can't find all the posts, but she's been fantasising about this cherub/angel tattoo for like a year. Now it as ~uwu meaning~ - fuck her, she was just waiting for something to apply to her traaagic aesthetic

No. 483349

probably the first time she's wore those out since picking up from a church donate bin

No. 483378

File: 1516684416532.png (3.07 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-22-23-11-15…)

No. 483392

"Trying to survive, here have a selfie of me from my expensive phone"

No. 483407

She would look a lot cuter if she dressed in bohemian style clothing

Sage for thought that’s what she was wearing before clicking pic

No. 483421

Youre kinda right. Like if she dyed her hair brown, wore bohemian of those shabby chic type dresses/styles. Too bad she can't be bothered to look not on coke.

Tbh the more I look at it the more sad she looks. I think its because of that HUGE amount of mascara on her bottom lashes. jfc..

No. 483422

her lips always look so fucking awful like shes dehydrated on a spirtual level. i was watching the killing and like the character in it is real stressed cus she had to kill her bf who was a serial killer etc lol and her lips looked just like lunas and they'd made her up to look real haggard

No. 483434

I thought of Luna when I saw Linden's horribly pale, chapped and cracked lips, too!

Luna's are even worse imo because you can see the foundation on them.

No. 483529

this might be the single worst image on the internet

No. 483744


>Dehydrated on a spiritual level


No. 484049

File: 1516852714674.jpg (236.8 KB, 1080x1554, _20180124_225335.JPG)

I don't follow the Luna threads but she posted begging for money in a leftbook group I lurk in to beg for money.

No. 484050

File: 1516852741027.jpg (309.34 KB, 1080x1694, _20180124_225346.JPG)

Pt 2

No. 484051

File: 1516852993578.jpg (293.02 KB, 1080x1698, _20180124_230036.JPG)

I found a few more posts by her that I'll just leave here since it doesn't seem like anyone has posted them. There isn't much of interest

No. 484052

File: 1516853015275.jpg (384.07 KB, 1080x1699, _20180124_230106.JPG)

No. 484053

File: 1516853038701.jpg (296.71 KB, 1080x1724, _20180124_230121.JPG)

No. 484057


>dead any day now

>foodstamps foodstamps foodstamps
>money money money

I fucking hate this bitch. She is grimy as hell. She sounds like she doesn't give a shit at all, she's just using him as an extremely pathetic and desperate ploy for money that's gonna go toward drugs.

How is it that they can get to the Bronx everyday but can't get to the hospital just one time…?
She could go there and just stay with him if she actually cared.

No. 484191

What did that hunter gray person respond with? Looks like it might be milky

No. 484200

Seriously, what do food stamps have to do with going to see someone dying?

No. 484225

File: 1516875091709.png (254.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180124-230823.png)

No one has commented anything other than "bump" on her posts. I don't know if anyone knows what to rally make of it–it's a small group where people mainly post offering to do stuff like draw you a picture or do a tarot reading for $5 so they can buy tampons because they don't get paid until Friday.

I don't intend to kick that hornet's nest but I do really hope the admins eventually figure out how questionable she is.

I'll stop spamming these but I realized I had missed one that was made on Christmas. I'll come back if anything noteworthy or milky is said.

No. 484226

File: 1516875179998.png (Spoiler Image,955.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180124-230736.png)

And, a classy picture of her boyfriend's beaten up face

No. 484238

Just seeing all her begging pisses me off. We all know any money she got wouldn't go to seeing Roger, it would go to fast food and drugs.

She's got her dad and that one lady who spoils her (that she hasn't mentioned in a while) that took her places before. Hell, I'm pretty sure if they contacted Hospice they'd provide them with transportation for at least one visit.

No. 484250

File: 1516892657992.png (666.49 KB, 1242x2208, 04B542DA-3464-411F-A587-1545A5…)

long time follower of these threads but i can’t seen to find anyone discussing this (feel free to tell me to delete it if it’s nonmilky) but did anyone ever figure out what Luna meant in her original about me? “my biological dad hates me and my real dad was a homeless alcoholic and he died and they never found his body”…as far as i know her biological dad is her real dad??

No. 484253

she says "real dad" but she means mums bf or stepdad, i dont remember which but i think he did die homeless just another badge for tuna tho

>update on my boyfriends face
>still so, so hideous

No. 484255

File: 1516893807371.jpg (113.27 KB, 479x361, lurch.jpg)


Why does he look like a random oblivion face generator result.

No. 484260

Does anyone comment on her post?

No. 484271

She said they stole $150 from him…? Pretty sure she said it was "only $10" in a different post.
Dumbbbbbb bitch.

No. 484291

No. 484301

Before it was $10 now it's $150?

No. 484306

she's such a fucking shitty person, I can't believe she's this desperate. tfw dying relative isn't a good enough sob story so you have to lie and embellish

No. 484320

File: 1516913255119.jpg (99.38 KB, 489x512, ujju.jpg)

Roger died last night.

No. 484321

RIP Roger :(

No. 484322


I really hope he has a respectable and decent funeral service and burial :/

No. 484326

RIP roger, I’m glad that you’re finally free of you (apparently and visually) shitty situation. Now, how fast will things fall apart for our two little scumlords?

No. 484327

Why doesn't the cunt just ask her dad? Or the other ten people that she uses for money? A few bucks isn't going to pay for the cost of a funeral.

No. 484328

File: 1516913712657.gif (366.02 KB, 267x200, giphy.gif)

let the e-begging and the countdown to homelessness begin.

probably as respectable and decent as her ~oh so beloved~ grandmothers funeral service was

No. 484329

could you cap what she has written under "see more" ? or is it just the link there?

No. 484331

Fucking sad, poor old guy. Lived his last days in filth being used by disgusting addicts. I really hope Lurch gets clean someday, so he can look back and realize what a piece of shit he was to his father, and hate himself for it.

No. 484337

File: 1516915464900.jpg (242.61 KB, 501x737, w.jpg)


This is the rest of that post.

No. 484338


Poor Beaujona, your $20 just got spent on drugs.

No. 484350

>he died
>but still give me money anyway

I'm actually relieved he passed away in a hospice instead of on a moldy mattress in a drug hellhole but I'm also pissed off because now Luna is going to milk this for all it's worth while also posting all the new shit she's bought with his life insurance on Instagram.

No. 484354

I can guarantee you that she's going to start posting selfies and things that she bought within the next few days.

No. 484363

I knew it was coming and I don't even know the guy but for some reason I feel so fucking bad. He deserved so much better than to have Tuna and Lurch be the people who used and abused his generosity in his last days. How fucking awful. Instead of mourning, this piece of shit is just using his death as a get-rich-quick scam. The fact that they were just waiting on his death makes me pray they'll get evicted soon.

No. 484368

But he died surrounded by strangers. The least Lurch and Luna could have done was be there.

No. 484372

Right. But, at least Roger died in a clean, well-cared for environment surrounded by empathetic people and, hey, maybe some pain killers so he didn't feel anything.

As for Tuna and Lurch, let's see how much ""inheritance"" will support their lifestyle and for how long. Too bad Lurch doesn't have any siblings (cousins maybe?) to take the inheritance or at least plan a proper service.

No. 484381

Luna said he was in a coma before he passed away. So yeah, they should have been there, but I doubt he would have realized the difference.

I'm surprised that she hasn't said anything about how Chief feels about any of this. She showed his wounds but didn't say that he needed money for transport or that he's sad. I mean, it's his dad after all, why wouldn't she mention him at all?

No. 484383

Because she's self-centered.

No. 484397

Why do you all think he actually died? She lies about everything…she could be lying about him passing as a way to get money since she knows everything else she says is obvi BS.

Can’t fully believe anything she says.

No. 484398

And it’s obvi Roger is old and I don’t personally need proof of him being dead to believe it. All I am saying is everything she says should be questioned and we can’t 100% say he passes just because her e-begging post said he is dead now. Seems a little fucking weird am I right.(namefagging)

No. 484402


Their rent will be due long before they see any inheritance.

No. 484413

Newfriend here.
I’ve been lurking and got caught up on every single luna thread and this shit inspired me to clean my entire house today
Thx luna

Also where the fuck is the email field why can’t I sage?

No. 484415

Tuna is a freak, but would she lie about someone dying? I know heroin addicts will lie and steal just about anything to get their fix what do you all think, I don't really know…

No. 484418

the money roger generated must pay for their rent or at least most of it right? there's no way they can cover that without him and i doubt theres much of an inheritance. can't wait for these wasters to be homeless

>hes dead and i still dont have money!! hello??? i deserve money because of this

No. 484419

when you have a question look around first

No. 484433

Oh crap. At least he died in clean bed and his body isn’t going to rot in filthy drug den. Rest in peace, Roger.

No. 484460

Rest in Peace, Roger :(

You deserved better than what you had

No. 484476

She's posting about it on her facebook, and Lurch used to have one himself - I don't doubt she's added many people that he knew, and by proxy, knew his father. A person can't just easily lie about someone's death, and even if she were lying, that would be it. She can't then turn around whenever he 'really does' die asking for donations again.

No. 484492

Fucking cunt. If hes already passed away why do you need money now? You said it was get to hospice to visit him.
If its "for food" how fucking tacky and horrible to use his death to beg food money and even worse because its actually for drugs.

>he died last night I don't have one fucking dollar

I fucking hate her so much more. She is such a disgusting piece of shit.

I hope they fucking get evicted out of Rogers apartment.

Don't feel too bad. Hospice workers/nurses are extremely caring people. Could you imagine lurch and tuna there, high or dopesick, sitting around being idiots and raiding his belongings for cash.

No. 484531

At least we know he was actually getting his painkillers in the hospice.

No. 484556

Given the two people he lives with, being surrounded by strangers who actually gave a shit about him was better. These are the people who stole things donated to him, made him sleep on a nasty mattress, and then let him suffer with bed sores and who knows what else while posting pics about it online but never actually trying to take him to a hospital.

No. 484562

for real - rip roger. I sincerely hope his last days were somehow more comfortable and easier than all his time with tuna and lurch. I wish we could contribute to some funeral fund or something. Fuck tuna.

No. 484601

man I'm sad for the cats, too… that one loved him so much, and I bet he looked after them better/more… they'll probably die left in luna/lurch care alone. I hope they get relocated to better homes…

No. 484613

File: 1516932369055.png (1.11 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-25-20-03-24…)

No. 484614

File: 1516932396768.png (3.14 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-25-20-03-52…)

No. 484615

File: 1516932422161.png (3.28 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-25-20-04-01…)

No. 484616

File: 1516932450647.png (2.28 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-25-20-04-09…)

No. 484618

File: 1516932475904.png (3.21 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-25-20-04-17…)

No. 484619

File: 1516932498532.png (2.41 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-25-20-04-23…)

No. 484620

File: 1516932523652.png (2.9 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-25-20-04-28…)

No. 484622

Is there an obituary or other death notice? If he really did pass I kinda hope Lurch at least made it to the hospice so he at least had his son with him (as shitty as that son might be). Tuna trying to turn his death into a fundraising scheme is beyond trashy but not surprising.<br/><br/>Would it be weening to make a donation to charities that help recovering addicts in Roger's name?

No. 484625

share a pic of you and roger? no just yourself? ah ok

yes surrounding YOURSELF would def help (um not that i believe in crystal stuff but wtf who is this self centered!)

oh and big pants too!

No. 484627

>I was like a real daughter to him dating his real son

How fucking insensitive. She started posting selfies waaaaay sooner than I predicted.

No. 484630

Here's a photo of Roger.

No. 484635

whatever anon called that she is going to spend any money she gets from her roger e-begging is going straight into her hoard/drugs was 100% correct, wow. never change, luna.

No. 484637

what the actual fuck at tuna posting selfies what the hell

I'd ask what drugs is she high on to think that's ok, but even when I was neck deep in heroin/meth/coke/crack/benzo/whatever else I got my hands on addiction, I couldn't come close to fathoming her actions/mindset

also wtf is with the "sorry for the selfies im having a breakdown"
what kind of break down could you be fucking having, what would you even expect people to think you're having? my mind is full of fuck taking any of this in

No. 484654

idk ive never had a breakdown where i took a bunch of selfies for instagram. forget about bpd i think she has npd, shes like fuc*ing aly from alysjourney

No. 484656

Selfies and panty pics.

No. 484667

Id be shocked if she doesn’t post pics of them at his funeral. I’m just glad she didn’t get the chance to take selfies with his corpse. Seriously all I can think is poor roger

No. 484669

Man this is depressing. I mean, being self-absorbed is par for the course for Luna, but good god. Let me mourn the death of the man who was ~*almost like a father to me*~ by posting several pictures of myself and my gnarly grandma panties. What the hell…

No. 484728

hand like a foot… yuck. no skill.

No. 484779

Rest in peace Roger. Been following tuna for so long its only appropriate i pay my respects somewhere.

No. 484850

RIP Roger. You deserved better.

No. 484859

Whatever horrendous conditions he suffered toward the end of his life, at least it’s over now and that man can finally Rest In Peace

No. 484867

awh. good night, roger.

poor bugger - pneumonia is the murderer of old people. same thing happened to both of my grandparents, and my husbands. octogenarians just cant fight it.

i'm glad he was in hospice for it, hospice workers are angels. he would have been clean, warm, and relatively pain-free in his last days, thank fuck for that. the thought of him dying on that mouldy bare mattress in the filthy junkie den is just too sad.

but of course, now its time for tuna to trowel on the makeup an inch thick and get her tits out. look how sad and broken I am and how desperately sexy my pain is. validate me. send me your stuff. pay for me. feed me. me me me.

never change, tuna. you revolting, seeping, gaping asshole

No. 484872

roger was bed-ridden for a while. doubt he was able to do much for the cats.

No. 484874

File: 1516954677289.gif (1.16 MB, 480x358, image.gif)

Standing in different posings and holding a moldy ass toy is definitely the look of someone having a breakdown.

No. 484875

Rest in Peace, Roger. I hope you were comfortable when you passed away. Those filthy hoarders junkies didn't deserve you.

No. 484893

It's sad that there is probably more sympathy for poor Roger among us here in this thread than in the hearts of his son and the woman who was ~like his daughter uwu~. I hope his final days were comfortable, or at least better than they would've been at home.

And I feel bad for the cats as well. Pets have a way of knowing when their people are ill or dying, and on top of that those two poor kitties now have nobody other than Mr. and Mrs. Waste Of Breath. :/

No. 484896

Rest easy, Roger. Your love was wasted on these two but you gave it unconditionally anyway. Good man.

No. 484897

shit man, seen this coming for a while but was hoping he'd somehow be able to move in with some orher family members and kick these two wasters to the curb.

RIP Roger; happy that your final days were spent receiving more care and attention than you probably had in months.

No. 484901

Do you guys think he could have been saved if she had taken him to the hospital sooner? If my elderly father that had a ~heart only working at 20%~ had so much as a sniffle, you'd bet I'd be rushing him to the doctor, not leaving him to sleep on the floor while I took selfies and had gross junkie sex with my swamp monster boyfriend.

Rest easy, Roger.

No. 484902

Ah, I see Luna's in her mourning lingerie.
This is right up there with "My father-in-law is in hospice and I know it's wrong to feel sexy but I feel sexy please give me ass-pats on my appearance uwu"

No. 484903

>the man who was like a father to me just died, I love him so much I wanted a memorial of him on me
>so I bought these panties

No. 484907


i know we watch this bitch be horrible but it makes sense in the fact that spending money is a therapy of sorts, and needing validation from likes etc. is also a means of support, where she otherwise has ruined any other relationships in her life. rip roger.

No. 484911

File: 1516969513414.png (2.17 MB, 1439x2432, 4D733785-7670-42F1-9F63-270C77…)

Remember the first time ever that roger went to hospital?

No. 484921

I get where you're coming from with the whole retail therapy thing, but that doesn't excuse the fact Tuna feels she deserves money because Roger is dead. Spending her own money on shit? Fair enough, nobodys gonna shit on someone for spending their hard earned money.

Going on facebook groups begging for money so she "can see Roger one last time totally for bus fair", THEN spending that money on fucking underwear? Fucking disgusting…

Armchair psychologist for a moment but i think Luna associates death with getting a fat paycheck cuz of her grandma. She doesn't even look sad ATM, she looks smug as fuck and feeling herself. She "disassociates" worse on a monthly basis. Her art is exactly the same as normal, it doesn't seem to actually be affecting her.

If anything, her stupid selfies with the plushes, she looks HAPPIER. Attention whore is actually getting some sympathy from some of her "friends" and she's jerking off from the attention. That's why she feels so sexy
Seriously this is exactly the same as her usual artwork. It doesn't even have ANY reference to Roger, its just a picture of what Luna was doing. There's no homage to him, and then hours later she's back to posting her "uwu bondage and cigarettes" bullshit.

No. 484924

File: 1516974764025.png (165.75 KB, 720x1155, E38BC97A-C1D9-4D56-ACA1-3E439A…)

Tuna asked for money for him then spent it on herself since the beginning

No. 484930

Anyone wanna take bets on how long it takes for Luna and Lurch to end up homeless now that Roger's gone? Their only hope at this point is dealing again.

No. 484958

I'm not surprised Roger died but wow how sad.
How are these freeloaders going to survive?

No. 484965

>Is there an obituary or other death notice?

Family or the funeral home handling the deceased usually place the obituary with a newspaper. Who knows what Lurch is up to right now but I can't imagine either of them stepping up to handle Roger's final arrangements, let alone jotting down a few words and emailing them to a paper.

No. 484980

File: 1516986334817.jpeg (25.18 KB, 255x217, E65528F5-F54A-40E5-8290-06D1C4…)

This rotten cunt, you deserve nothing

No. 484982


Not one fucking dollar but I'm sure you got at least one fucking bag you slimy dope whore

No. 484983

it's okay, anon. things are about to start going downhill for this piece of shit.

No. 484986

Kek, preach it. Too true.

I seriously wish someone could just politely comment on these posts she puts on Facebook groups telling people the can donate if they want, but that Roger is not her father in law because Luna is not married to her 40 year old boyfriend, and that the pair of them are junkies who didn't provide any kind of care for Roger anyway. In fact, the opposite, they leeched off this poor man, and even now, Tuna the parasite is still trying to suck the last few dregs out of her newly deceased host by playing on the sympathy of kind people.

No. 484994

File: 1516988352042.jpeg (422.5 KB, 1770x1770, 91BC3729-84F0-48F5-8B94-4BD94B…)

I seen Tuna posting in an Abby brown shitposting group on Facebook a day ago. So while Roger was passing away she was talking about how she wants to buy a dress lol.

No. 485003

>money for medication
>OUR (not his) food card
>we eat all his food so he's skelly tier
>this important medication

She's so ridiculously transparent. Even if there was meds to buy, she didn't fucking buy them. She stole his food and still wanted more. I hate to say death is a better place for Roger because of this selfish bitch and his awful son.

No. 485008

>id look so much better in it than her
Tuna, that dress would get caked in filth and mold the moment you would touch it. Stop.

No. 485016

>so I can buy it
Bitch seriously!? Your using a mans death to beg for money because you say you have no food and now your telling people you want to buy a dress?
Tuna. You dumb as fuck with your begging stories.
Time to get a job!!

No. 485018

Man I'd love for a newspaper to publish an obit written by Luna. Can you imagine how self-absorbed it would be?

No. 485019

>roger was such a kind man, he was basically my father in law because im marrying his son and was like a father to me because my own father hates me and my other father died homeless and they never found his body. i always lose people and its hard to deal with because i have bpd and no money. we need money for rogers funeral please donate on squarecash because its instant

No. 485061

Very good, but she'd probably mention 'I knew him for 3 years' and go on a short rant about her bio father/mealticket and start or finish the obit with an 'omg i can't handle this/this has been the worst day ever' type of statement.

No. 485065

If anyone wants to keep an eye out for Roger's obituary or any funeral arrangements (unlikely) they'll post it here: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/local/new-york/mamaroneck/lastname/S

To be honest, I don't see Roger getting a funeral unless his friends come together to pay for one. I wouldn't put it past Lurch and Luna to get him cremated and never claim his ashes because they don't want to spend the money on it.

Trying to avoid blogposting but I know a similar situation to this where a guy had a falling out with his brother for years. The brother let in a family of moochers (and addicts) into his house and when the guy died suddenly, the moochers were already pressuring the brother to go to the guy's house and just take whatever they wanted because they thought they had rights to everything on the guy's property. In the end the guy never got a funeral, never got cremated, and it's because the brother and the moochers never even claimed the body because they didn't want to pay for it.

This is basically Luna right now. She'll take everything that's Rogers before he's even in the ground because she feels entitled to it even if she's not even legally able to claim anything for her own.

No. 485077

Omg. I can 100% see Tuna posting selfies with his urn if they got one.

No. 485100

I vaguely remember she wrote about that somewhere some time ago. might have been in a "poem". and yeah it was her mums ex-bf who then died. it was at the time she was pity partying about her grandmother so much.

>i was conceived at the stairs of a rehab

this is not new but fucking top kek again for that story telling.

No. 485105

>dealing again
cute that you assumed they ever stopped.

No. 485204

File: 1517008602591.jpg (98.42 KB, 707x422, Screenshot_20180126-161223.jpg)

No. 485212

No. 485214

File: 1517009173924.jpg (112.25 KB, 768x627, Screenshot_20180126-162228.jpg)

Sorry for doubleposting, here's the comments on that thread.


Gofundme link

No. 485217

File: 1517009485916.jpg (339.25 KB, 748x800, Screenshot_20180126-162952.jpg)

No. 485225

>not one persons donated
I know it was for "rogers cremation" but people are seeing her bullshit!

No. 485228

File: 1517010377184.jpg (156.12 KB, 972x616, bMKfJit.jpg)

I don't even live in the states and it took me a whopping 5 seconds to find out you can get social assistance coverage for something like a basic cremation and urn. I don't believe this - but if it were truly only Lurch and Luna on this planet providing for Roger's remains, neither of you gathered even an ounce of a little bit of responsibility to plan or discuss his death?? He's been in hospice for a few weeks but his health has been deteriorating for a while. (again, hypothetically if there's no other family or fund set aside for his arrangments) they should have fucking prepared.

If we're "lucky" the most money we'll see spent from Luna's donation fund towards Roger will be on an cherub jar or container (no, not a proper urn, just something thrifted) for her aesthetic.

No. 485233

only seeing this now. rip roger, glad that you passed in a care centre of some sorts.

luna, i hope you don't die like you wish you do, in a glamourised state of drug induced unconsciousness. i hope you get thrown out of your home, i hope you lose everything, i hope your father disowns you and even lurch dumps your crusty ass and you end up on the streets greeted by actual misery. i cannot fathom the amount of disrespect you have shown towards roger's death. i hope you suffer every single kind of loss before you die.

i wish i could sage this fucking blogpost but i got so angry.

fuck you luna you absolute garbage person.

No. 485236


They are not residents of New York City. They reside in Mamaroneck in Westchester County.

Surely the hospice would have references for financial assistance?

Was Roger a client of the Westchester DSS?


"Offers burial funds for individual who was a current client of Westchester DSS."

No. 485258

I just….what is wrong with her? This isn't how you grieve

If she takes selfies with an urn in her granny teddies then I'm going to leave earth

No. 485272

Cause being a snotty little shit to your friends is how to get money!

If she hadn't drained them dry already they probably would have donated.

No. 485281

File: 1517015663944.png (530.87 KB, 501x572, ls.PNG)

Gotta get that sympathy

No. 485283


I really hope that she gets beat the fuck up like Lurch did.

No. 485287

This is so tasteless. Tuna, his death isn't about you. Take some time to privately grieve with your ugly boyfriend. No one is going to throw cash at your farm animal tits.

No. 485322

Fuck her. My father was actually abusive and we were estranged when he died. I was loved with making every Arrangement since no one else in my family was stepping up to the plate. Every state has burial assistance programs if my bumfuk nowhere state did. Roger should be getting some type of death benefit that's paid directly by Social Security to whateveras funeral home she is looking to make arrangements at. I would honestly be surprised if Rodger has not already made some type of arrangements for his death. My dad cost ~$500. Then again, I also had to go to fill out the application for burial assistance. I guess it is sooo difficult for them to do.

Maybe it's because my father was a medical examiner case, but you're usually given a decent amount of time to claim a body and make arrangements before the states buries the individual in a potter's field

No. 485336

a lot of her friends, like probably all of them will know what she's like by now, she probably thinks they think shes poor innocent mentally ill angel but her behaviour doesn't go unnoticed

No. 485363

File: 1517022784669.png (2.85 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-26-21-12-24…)

Of course she took pictures of him in the hospital.

No. 485367

File: 1517022870545.png (508.27 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-26-21-13-44…)

No. 485368

File: 1517022890224.png (1.3 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-26-21-13-52…)

No. 485379

yeah there's no way she would take the 1.5k or whatever donated to actually pay for the services. that money would go straight to her dealer for as many bags of smack as she can buy.

No. 485388

Unfortunately despite how rude she was to her friends in her second e-begging message and her previous behavior when receiving donations, she's still getting money.

No. 485412

>While will no one give me money to cremate someone they didn't know??
>It's not like I've begged them all for money for 20 different things since 2018 started!!

Luna is the true definition of a cow.

No. 485416

That ID card with their phone number on it though..

No. 485419

lol i doubt they've ever paid the bill on their landline. unless that's tuna/lurch's burner phone number

No. 485427

File: 1517027285289.png (89.85 KB, 641x450, Capture.PNG)

>over $1000 just for a cremation
Bull-fucking-shit. They're not even looking for cheaper options.

No. 485432

somebody please post this as a comment on one of her ebegging posts

No. 485459

Or on the gofundme!

No. 485462

No. 485478

She also could have pawned her macbook, DS('s?), 2 Kodak cameras, iphone, ipad, etc. in probably a few hours through Craigslist…

No. 485479

Good point…Lurch and Luna are such garbage…

No. 485492

I don't even know what to comment, but good post anon.

No. 485496

Cue Rodger just went into coma and died
>>"Couldn't" get enough money to see him
>>Couldn't be bothered to sell anything on Craigslist to quickly pay to visit him

Instead wastes time on Instagram browsing ddlg
>>I want that dress
>>Sell me that dress
>>I'd look so much better in it

Guessing the inheritance money is rolling in soon?

No. 485502

She's a narcissist. Even then, she'll probably use it all as "aesthetic"

>>Also wish I could sage…

No. 485554

Please do because people have already given her $240. She doesn't deserve shit, let alone 240!

No. 485579

Would anyone be interested in a "why you shouldn't donate to Luna" post that would be easy to link to, or is that a bit much?

No. 485583

I think informing potential donors of who they're sending money to is fine, but I'm not 100% if it could count as interfering with the cows or not.

No. 485584


not original poster of said question but i feel like given the fact it involves circumstances where the law should be more involved, aka drug fucked losers - people should be aware where their money is being wasted….

No. 485586

File: 1517061236251.png (170.01 KB, 751x591, 799727.PNG)

Looks like people are catching on.

No. 485588

File: 1517061721290.gif (1.06 MB, 300x300, tenor (1).gif)

Ooooooh shit

No. 485590



No. 485591

ohh you legend inb4
>everyone hates addicts!!!

No. 485594

File: 1517063552416.png (382.92 KB, 784x550, 687.PNG)

Checked again and it looks like the entire comment section is gone now.

No. 485595

File: 1517063773160.png (651.7 KB, 716x906, 783.PNG)

The pictures are still there though. Some of them anyway.

No. 485599

File: 1517065458106.png (1.95 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-27-09-03-25…)

No. 485600

did you find it on your phone because it wasn't really stolen

No. 485601

I hate this so much. If someone took pictures of my loved one in a deteriorating stage like that, I would be seething. It’s even one thing to take a photo for for your own personal keepsake, but to post it on social media is just disrespectful. Sage this is a soft spot for me.

No. 485610

I can't even find the page anymore. Did it get taken down?

No. 485611

what was the link?

No. 485612

No. 485614

File: 1517069037293.png (626.36 KB, 1068x592, 322.PNG)

Looks like someone else just donated an hour ago so Luna's up removing comments and she deleted the evidence and instead uploaded some random documents that don't prove any sort of cremation bills, just a generic "please excuse their apartment rent they're mourning uwu" letter Luna got someone to type up.

No. 485617

File: 1517069175365.jpg (82.88 KB, 720x960, 27274258_15170655390_r.jpg)

And a paper with cremation prices on it which the one they're supposedly using costs $1,511 when there's one $500 cheaper in the Bronx.

No. 485620

I hope their landlord evicts them. Im glad they can't sponge off and take advantage of Roger anymore. Ive never seen someone use a death to try and get out of paying rent.

What happened to the e-mail field.

No. 485622

No. 485623

I’m sorry but what about indigent cremation? she realizes that if you do not have the money for a burial they will STILL cremate a body because they have to get rid of it somehow.

No. 485625

This says Roger was born in 1975..?

No. 485626

Tuna why you trying to hard?

Also, can you imagine asking the doctor, right after your father died, for a note trying to get you excused from paying your rent? Feels incredibly grimy.

No. 485627

It's telling just how much they relied on Roger's monthly checks that the moment he's deceased they have to cry to Hospice to get a piece of paper typed up to their landlord to excuse them now being completely broke.

How long until Luna starts fully expecting her followers to pay for her rent, utilities, and her drugs?

Most bodies that go unclaimed get donated to science and are cremated or buried after.

I just noticed that. Very odd because that would be closer to Lurch's age, not Roger's.

No. 485632

wouldnt that make him like 43? (cant do basic math)

i wish we could report her campaign

No. 485634

It probably was typed manually so maybe a typo and was meant to say '57?
Also kek at how pathetic it is to have hospital type a piece of paper for them.

No. 485638

On an unrelated side note. Wasn't lurch not only bragging about that he was collecting money for his grandparents or family of some sorts who owned buildings? What is with this kind of family? Wouldn't they be associated with Roger's death and organized stuff? Also what about the huge heritage he also bragged about?

No. 485644

You can report it for possible misuse of funds.

No. 485645

You have to keep in mind that they are professionals at e-begging and e-fraud. They either take all the money and take the cheapest option or they take all the money and pay nothing at all to the funeral home.

No. 485648

His DOB isn't 75. He was Lurch's father and Lurch's DOB is '7x (79?) already.

No. 485654

Would emailing gofundme do anything?

No. 485655

File: 1517074746479.png (151.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180127-183834.png)

I'm so mad about this

No. 485659


damn, he was at WP hospital? That's like maybe 50 minutes away from the Bronx on a bus, they really didn't go visit him?


can you actually report her before she actually shits all her funds away?

No. 485661

She posted pictures of him in a hospital bed so they probably did. She just had to beg up the bus money.

And I don't know if they'll do anything about it but you can try and explain you're worried she'll misuse the funds for drug money.

No. 485668

Which is probably why she made sure to get lots of pictures of Roger in his hospital bed. Whatever money they get won't last them long though and then they'll be back to making up new reasons to beg

No. 485669

damn luna is probably already updating her amazon wishlists and getting in touch with he drug connections. she's going to have a last month of living it up before her 90 day eviction. whew lad.

No. 485670


But he was a resident of (and his remains are in) Westchester County.

No. 485671

File: 1517077072257.png (213.1 KB, 800x1168, Screenshot_2018-01-27-10-14-59…)



Are anons incapable of looking for answers to their questions?

No. 485673

so this would require luna to first use the funds for drugs and amazon and we would need 'proof' of that in order to report it? that's lame as fuck

No. 485680

They probably did get to visit him and they probably have something set up to do the cremation. It's an endless pattern with tuna: any occasion she can use as a reason to beg for money, she will.

She could have her rent paid for every month and she'd still beg saying rent is coming up. Just like she begs saying she has no food, but miracously is still overweight and always posting pics of fast food (more expensive) and luxury food items (pies cakes etc).

Every $ she gets online is for drugs and Amazon impulse buys, and she feels so clever and special over it.

Anon who said she feels like she deserves money from Rodgers death because of the fat payout she got from her grandma's death is right. She's an entitled, drug addicted shit who only felt sadness over Rodger's passing if it was sadness for herself not getting to steal his pension. Likely even a peverse joy/excitement if she thinks she's getting $$ out of his death.

I've met so many spoiled shit addicts identical to this stinky cunt. Lmao she's so out of touch with reality she can't even fake crocodile tears for Rodgers death, taking selfies for validation and posting granny panties instead. """"Break down""""

If Rodger has a funeral she's the last person who should be in attendance.

No. 485682

:^) remember this screenshot when she claims rent is coming up and they're going to be evicted btw. I'm sure their landlord will allow an extension but they'll suddenly turn around and say otherwise to try to squeeze out those extra $$

No. 485686

>im not really checking insta since Roger passed
Bitch, what!? You were just on insta posting pics of your saggy tits and granny panties.
I like how she says his "passing" now, when she originally was saying he was just "dead". Way to pretend you have some respect and compassion.

No. 485690

I wanna donate like a dollar and put "your donations are going towards drugs" in the name field but im too lazy to go find my debit card.

No. 485694

I just considered doing this but apparently you have to donate a minimum of $5, not sure she's worth it

No. 485699


Why is their policy lame? Come back to reality, anon.

No. 485701

because it makes scamming easier for tuna? gofundme and their policies don't interest me otherwise. take a chill pill anon

No. 485704

If theyre using the gofund me money/whatever else left by roger for drugs i hope they increase their opiate tolerance tenfold and are absolutely shitting themselves when they inevitably have to cope with the reality of truly fending for themselves.

No. 485730

I really hope Annette pulls their pledge or something. Luna's up to $600 now and still has comments disabled.

No. 485733

Her lack of empathy is incredible. This shit is not due to addiction or even her BPD. This is narcissism. Look at how she posts a selfie to get validation to cope with death. She’d feel actual empathy, even if she was in shock. Can someone give me an instance of when she posted something that sounded genuinely empathic?

Even if she wasn’t an addict, she’d still be doing this. It’s easy to say something like “ugh fuckin drug addicts” and generalize people like this for simplicity and add to the stigma. Yes, poor job-leas addicts are more inclided to steal to get their fix, but Luna seems to feel NO GUILT. Addicts they dont have to steal and arent incapable of working. Many people find this their rock-botton too and use this to get clean.

Instead of e-begging, nothing is stopping her from finding an easy part time job that makes her like $100 a day. She can use that money for drugs.

She’s just a shit person, feels entitled, self-centred and unempathic.

No. 485735

File: 1517096256906.png (2.01 MB, 778x1110, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 6.31…)

She looks sooo much better here >>485599 than currently. >>485281

Why does she bleach the fuck out of her hair? Her natural color looks sooo much better than her current look. It washes her out with her already grey skin tone and just looks cheap & trashy since she can't afford the upkeep of platinum hair.

It's like a dead wispy straw with 2 inch brown roots, separated into strands by head grease and mats.
Also, she's had straight edge bangs since forever but it's not flattering at all for her round face shape and pointy chin.

She should go back to her natural hair color. It would be so much easier to take care of. Pic related.

No. 485736

If she didn't have blonde hair she wouldn't look like COurtney Love

No. 485742

Her gofundme is up to $600. Shes probably shitting herself over all the easy money.
I have such a hard time believing that money is gonna go towards Rogers cremation/memoral. He probably has other family that is gonna be paying everything and so 100% of the donations will go towards drugs/ugly dresses/other bullshit.

No. 485745

her silver hair is nice yeah natural hair w/o bangs would be better. Idk what her forehead looks like though, maybe she’s trying to hide a huge forehead with bangs. shorter silver hair without bangs would be ni e

No. 485750

If multiple people report it they might look into it?

No. 485751

would it be cowtipping to report the gofundme? also could a possible reason be that screenshot of her saying addicts are fucking magical or w/e talking about scamming people

No. 485753

File: 1517106574536.png (44.89 KB, 716x383, Capture _2018-01-27-20-26-55.p…)

This wasnt me, but kek.
I hope it makes people think twice.

No. 485754

Can she collect the money even if she doesn’t reach the goal?

No. 485755

That post from her junkhun whatever blog about how she'll always use donations for drugs instead of food might work.

No. 485757


I almost did the same thing but this bitch doesn't warrant me going to find my card. glad someone did. more people should too. conversion rate is an ass here.

No. 485759

Yeah, GoFundMe allows you to keep the money outside of their fee even if you don't reach the goal.
She's probably withdrawn everything donated by now since they allow that.

No. 485762

looking forward to her instagram spam of new clothes, makeup, and other bullshit tuna will definitely waste all of the money on. she has not an ounce of self control left.

No. 485772

File: 1517118766560.jpg (71.65 KB, 736x736, fb0d90cac6d272812df4eff2043f38…)

Her hair is dyed in that photo, but I hear you.

I think bleached blonde hair can look nice (I bleach mine), but she doesn't know how to do it properly so it looks bad. If she watched some youtube videos/didn't overprocess her hair (she pours bleach over bleach instead of touching up the regrowth) and used nice hair products, it could look really nice without having to book an expensive salon.

No. 485781

There's a few ways this could go and none of them end all that well for Tuna.

1. They rip themselves off by not even bothering to Google cheaper cremation services and pay $600 more than they need to. They have no money left.
2. They choose the cheaper service and spend what's left over on rent. They've made a sensible decision, but they have no money left.
3. They choose the cheaper service and spend the rest on drugs and Amazon tchotchkes. They have no money left after a few days.
4. They use all the money on themselves. They're rotten assholes and they have no money left after a week or two. They might also get a bit too enthusiastic with their massive pile of heroin and overdose.

They aren't regular people with a solid budget who suddenly had a large out of pocket expense and can bounce back after taking care of it. They started from shit and they'll be back in shit before they know it.

No. 485784

This is the only small comfort that I feel over her ebegging, throwing a tantrum over donations and people giving in. Knowing that after that money is spent, she and her walking corpse boyfriend are screwed.

No. 485804

This definitely helps because every time I see the rising donations I get so damn salty but knowing that they'll hit rock bottom soon enough is all I need.

No. 485805

File: 1517147866162.jpeg (46.97 KB, 640x480, 14D87683-220A-489D-AD19-31AFFF…)

We all know it’s number 4 (pic related) Luna actually thinks she will be completely well by e begging.

Every time he went to hospital she took series for pity points and money

Why would his death be any different.

No. 485807

I’m counting the seconds until she posts a photo of herself in the street or tries to get lurch in daddy’s appartment.

This raises the question
What is Chief-druggo going to do?
Luna can give up everything and move in with her dad.
He’s pushing 40 and looks older than his father except for his fake looking hair.

It’s not like they have a crotch spawn (thank god) so I’m sure her dad will take her in

He however will be fucked forever if Luna leaves him

No. 485822

Lurch will be fine. He's been doing this for most of his life - he lived this way before Luna and will carry on after her.

No. 485826

Lurch always had Roger. I mean I agree with you, p sure they'll both be fine, but Lurch has lost a biig lifeline. I wonder why we don't hear about any of Lurch's other family? Other than his grandparents' real estate that he mentioned to Tessa to try and get her panties wet lol.

tbh looking into Lurch's family, I think he'll be fine. Unless he's been cut out for being a junkie. Kinda off topic but Lurch's mum's name is Barbara and I'm like… 60% sure she works on Broadway or something? I think that both Luna and Lurch have chosen to slum it up in a drug den, and their respective families aren't THAT bad. Luna's mother gets food stamps, but other than that I think the extended family have decent cash.

It'll be interesting to see the next six months, shit's gonna change BIG STYLE. They're gonna have to do one of the following:
-start paying rent and use any left over money on getting methadone/suboxone treatment/food (lol no)
-move in with someone else who doesn't care about having blood and needles everywhere (rent free!) and continue this lifestyle. Fucking unlikely unless Luna's mother is feeling particularly guilty/doormat-like, but I don't think she's in the position to enable them like that.
-start raking in significantly more income out of nowhere, while Lurch is on probation(?) and Luna is fucking useless. Lurch dealing and Luna pimping herself out to gross johns is the only way I can see them getting cash consistently, they're going to have to hustle up an extra Roger's retirement EVERY MONTH now, ignoring any random benefits they've now lost for the third dependant in that household (food stamps, pain meds etc.)
-stop taking heroin, and run to their families begging for help. I doubt they'll do this until they're at rock bottom, depending on when they're evicted, they might be able to find somewhere warm to camp out for a couple weeks after they've been evicted before they finally give up on the white trash dream and get help.

No. 485827

you're not suppose to doxx you cunt.

No. 485828

his mothers name being said isn’t doxxing you fucking baby. anon was literally giving us more information on lurch’s family. (no addresses or phone numbers were put out.)(read the rules again)

No. 485830


any updates from tuna's insta today?

No. 485831

how retarded are you

No. 485832


Can't find this anymire, can donations be removed?

No. 485835

File: 1517170226957.png (249.56 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180128-130922.png)

The donation is still there but it looks like she made it that you can't see the messages any donors left for her.

No. 485837

Didn't the anon leave the message in the name field though? She must have removed their name somehow

No. 485838

Maybe she does plan on using some of the money on herself. If not most of it. She keeps hiding any evidence of her substance abuse.

No. 485857

That's what I'm thinking.

No. 485867

Left it as a message and in the name, lol. I can no longer click on it to see my past donations, which means it was either reported or hidden.

It would literally take one whole second to be diffuse the concerns other people have left on her page to say "I can post a receipt as proof of where this money is going".

Instead, she chooses to hide a concerned poster's findings of her online drug use, posts a screenshot from the first website she finds as if its proof, and a letter from a Doctor stating 'hello landlord, pls give them a break for a while, they're broke'. I can understand her hiding the message left on her donations page, but everything else? It all just paints her in a very negative light.

No. 485879

Has she said anything on Facebook about her negative gofundme comments?

No. 485893

Of course she plans on using some/all of the donation money on herself and Matthew. She’s a fucking heroin addict.

No. 485898

Amazing the faith some people have in junkies. That money is going on dope, candy, and useless crap because acquiring shit is Luna’s second biggest addiction. They’ve always fallen back on getting rent money from begging and I wouldn’t put it past lurch to panhandle on top of small-time dealing. Personally I’m praying they get a new duvet cover or go to the laundromat but pigs will fly before either of them voluntarily clean anything or themselves.

No. 485903

tuna is the kind of person who could have all the money in the world and would just end up in one of those disgusting hoarder houses before cleaning a single thing

also to the anons here n' there who are defending functional addicts and saying it's not just because she's a drug addict she's awful - no. the difference is she's NOT a functional addict. her actions, lack of empathy, mood swings, self centeredness, retarded spending, etc, are hallmarks of dysfunctional drug addicts. I've been a functional addict myself and I've met people like luna who were completely different people without drugs and they're a dime a dozen. she's a staple for 'stupid, dirty drug addict' lmao

I'm honestly surprised she doesn't go out and panhandle on the streets. guess she doesn't need to when retards are donating so much to her online panhandling

I still firmly believe they have never had to pay rent out of their online donations and that every time she begs for rent/food money, they're already set, and just use that money on drugs/amazon buys etc

No. 485906

She’s absolutely a hoarder and tbh I’m hoping to see a momumentous trash palace build up. It’s getting there but I know she can be impressive with this.

Functional addicts are a whole other species as far as Luna is concerned, the people getting defensive are prolly projecting.

Luna would be a piece of work even clean and sober. The narcissism and greed are totally part of her personality imo, not a product of the drugs. People always come to have a sook about addictions and mental illness and how hard it must be for her but really, the poverty and filth and misery all over her life are things she has spent years carefully arranging in order to fulfill her weird Courtney love fetish. She could go to rehab, ditch the creepy loser boyfriend, put an ounce of effort into her ugly tumblr art and sell the crap, or at the very least wash but she refuses to. Maybe cause it doesn’t fit her image of super cool wandering grunge baby, maybe cause she’s just lazy with or without dope. I’d say she’s panhandled on the streets a few times but dislikes it because ugh walking, lying on the spot, having to look like you’re not a junkie panhandler when you are..too hard for Luna.

She’s got no redeeming personality traits, no talents to fall back on, she’s deliberately estranged anybody who wasn’t part of her junkie image, refuses to get a job, refuses to engage in therapy, refuses to sober up, and does nothing but beg strangers to feed her raging personality disorder. What her white knights see to defend about her is a mystery.

No. 485922

I bet Roger has other family who are paying for his cremation/memorial. So lurch n tuna get to use 100% of those donations on drugs and stuffed animals and ugly lipstick and gas station cake.
And they'll go to the memorial paid for by other people, take selfies, post them online with a caption something like "im so glad lurch and I could make this possible uwu".

No. 485925

Yeah I thought this was odd. Luna bragged that Roger had a rich friend and that they want to have a memorial with "all his friends", so you'd think they'd know that they'd know how dirt poor Roger lived and that Druggie Co. can't pay for cremation/service. If I were Roger's friend even if they could pay for it I'd pay for it myself just to make sure he was honored because you know Druggie Co. would fuck it up somehow.

No. 485941

agreed. it has always disgusted me that even aside from her begging for rent $, Luna always insinuated that SHE was the one paying rent in that shithole. not even she and Lurch, but she would say things to make it seem as if she were the one responsible for keeping a roof over their heads.

lying fucking bitch not only DIDN'T contribute shit to that household, but was stealing everything Roger had out from under him and lying to people acting as if she were the one paying that rent when it was Roger the whole time. probably his social security and any savings he had left, though I'm sure whatever $ he had, Luna claimed as her own and blew through just like does to her own father's money

No. 485942

Hmm strange how this bitch all of a sudden stopped crying about her food stamps and begging for food money as soon as the gofundme went up.
She also went silent on her insta and Tumblr. Idk if she's been posting on FB?

No. 485951

I've met shitty functional addicts (think wolf of wall street just not that high up the ladder lol) and I've met incredibly empathetic non-functional addicts who are aware of their problem and working on it despite everything. It's not always that black and white. However, people who have nothing going for them and destroy everything they touch like Luna are more likely to be attracted to drugs (like heroin). Someone who's learned love and healthy coping mechanisms in a healthy upbringing are less likely to be as fucked up as her obviously, therefore less likely to turn to stuff that gives them instant gratification like drugs.

I agree that many people are very different without their addictions but it genuinely seems like the greed and selfishness is just a part of luna, like >>485906 said. Bc it extends to ALL parts of her life. Non-functional addicts may steal for drugs sure and go to crazy extents to get drugs, but unlike Luna they also feel incredible remorse over their actions when getting clean and they also don't have that obvious sense of narc entitlement that Luna shows all the time. This is quite obvious in her old private tumblr blog

Does anyone know if she's still on dope or if she's on subs?

No. 485973

She's probably on both. She posted a photo with 100 oxy's last month.

She's probably silent on insta/tumblr/fb because she's too fucking high to function. She's had what, 2 days now, to get Lurch to cope with those $800 she got from gofund me? She's nodded out rn.

No. 485975

COP with not cope with sorry anons.

Luna's daily heroin intake used to be around $80. If she was 'serious' about recovering and was on suboxone, maybe she only does heroin on the weekends for funsies.

She hasn't had access to large amount of money in years now. I think there's a good chance she may OD, good thing she has that narcan.

No. 485977

a very dark part of me doesn't really care if she did OD tbh

No. 485980

does anyone know why her pupils are always normal sized in pics? I haven't found a single picture where she has pinned pupils. and I've never seen anyone's eyes not affected by opiates like that…. they always get really small like practically dots in every single person i've seen. does she not take selfies on opiates? if she's always high how does she time that lmao

for example she looks high af here but normal pupils >>482055 and here >>480210 they're a bit smaller here but not pinned >>483378


No. 485986

I feel for their landlord.
We could see that Roger could very well keep it somewhat clean on his part, but those two low lives ruin and get mold on everything they touch.

I think Luna mentioned "her" rent was around $1700 or something ? They already contacted the landlord to warn them that they'll be late on rent (read: never pay the rent for as long as they can) and when they can finally evict those two losers they're gonna have a moldy damaged appartment with a probably overflowing litterbox.

I'm gonna expect so much ebegging in the near future when the donation run out, Lurch is probably gonna land on hot water for evading his rent and Luna will prob just run back to her father.
I already know the justice will do nothing for the money lost because they'll have no money to take from her, it's disgusting.

No. 485990

eh, apologies for the semi blog but even when I OD'd my pupils weren't pinpricked - to the point paramedics were unsure I'd used opiates, even though I'd been resuscitated by narcan. Also depends on the lighting… since Luna is usually in shittily lit rooms, I imagine her pupils constrict less

I'm sure she aims to nodd out a lot too, so she won't be taking selfies when, y'know, she's half way to passed out. I don't know if there's a science behind the not pinning, but I definitely don't think it's impossible.

That said, it seems like she takes sporadic selfies more on benzos and crack, if I were to guess

No. 486010

File: 1517263264681.jpg (9.22 KB, 238x275, lurpderp.jpg)

Well sometimesss she takes selfies when nodding out- pic related.
Pointless post but there's not much going on and this pic is hilarious.

No. 486012


Another former addict in agreement. She appears to be on benzos in most of her selfies.

No. 486015

File: 1517263999587.jpeg (122.26 KB, 640x853, 2A441484-CFBE-4153-9F8E-3820A1…)

No. 486048

It’s odd she hasn’t posted about roger on Tumblr at all? I guess it’s not a prime e-begging place for her…

No. 486054

is she dependent on benzos?

severe benzo wd is worse than severe heroin wd, there’s no way she wouldnt complain about that. she’s probably dumb enough to cold turkey

No. 486055


She mentions Lurch's scripts often enough and posts pics of them. If they have a steady supply, both of them probably use benzos to potentiate the heroin and oxycodone as well as to ease opioid withdrawal if they can't score. I doubt they ever go without either benzos or opioids completely considering the depths of their addictions.

No. 486056

Given how much she posts about benzos and seems to be out of it all the time, it's pretty likely that she's hooked by now. Benzos are nasty; you can have nasty withdrawals after taking them for only a couple weeks. Hopefully for her sake she doesn't attempt going cold turkey, given that benzo withdrawal is one of the few that can kill you (and lasts for months wherein which you're plunged into hell). She's doesn't know what she's fucking around with.

No. 486060

Some people (such as myself) naturally have enlarged pupils all/most of the time (though like anybody else’s pupils, they may change in size depending on things such as lighting.)

No. 486066


If they do have a regular supply, I am surprised they haven't ODed more often.

Only clonazepam (Klonopin) creates the potentially deadly physical dependency.

No. 486067

uhhh you can have a physical dependency to xanax and have severe withdrawal symptoms from that.

No. 486082

File: 1517311569337.png (5.13 KB, 376x123, 1.PNG)

Someone donated $300. Luna's probably thinking she hit the jackpot and how easily she can claim her grandmother suddenly died and she needs money for that as well despite the woman being dead for years.

No. 486096

Why isn't there an Abby thread though

No. 486097

> Only clonazepam (Klonopin) creates the potentially deadly physical dependency.

No.. please stop…

>suprised they haven’t ODed

Benzos were designed to combat sedative overdoses, you practically can’t overdose. you need to eat a HUGE amount of the pure benzo powder. you’d probably vomit after one spoon

Look up the dunning kreuger effect

No. 486108


Benzos taken with opioids greatly increases CNS depression and the risk of overdose. So yeah, it's surprising considering the handfuls of benzos she shows off in pics.

No. 486134

but.. you said nothing about combining, just that they have a large supply of benzos & youre surprised that they havent overdosed yet

wow it’s this easy to get $1000k for drugs? i should start ebegging too!!! (obvious joke)

No. 486136

As my psych once said, the only way you can kill yourself with benzos is by being hit by the truck delivering them to the pharmacy.

I'm taking about benzos alone before anyone crawls up my ass. Yes, they suck for other reasons but alone, there's no way you're killing yourself.

No. 486137


>>486066 was a follow-up to >>486055.

No. 486138

this might be different for every city but at least in my city there is a HUGE epidemic of people pressing xanax with fentanyl. it's gotten to the point where unless you get it directly from the psychiatrist or pharmacy it's basically guaranteed you're getting pressed pills. it is very hard to od on PURE xanax not mixed with anything but getting pure unpressed xans without a prescription in many places is pretty much impossible right now

No. 486160

Benzo withdrawal is one of the few withdrawals that can be fatal. So it can kill.

No. 486164

they were specifically talking about ODing on benzos alone (nothing mixed with it). Yes, withdrawal can be deadly, but the anon they were replying to said they're surprised luna hasn't OD'd on benzos yet.

No. 486170

To all these anons, i OD’d in highschool on only klonopin so it’s not impossible

No. 486173

So the $goal was reached on her gofund me. I bet she doesn't post anywhere about how grateful she is or any sort of updates on his "cremation/memorial".
I can't wait till they crash and burn, I hope she documents it all on social media.

No. 486176


No, I was referring to benzos potentiating the CNS depressant effect of opioids. See >>486137.

No. 486179

I hope that she spends it all on drugs and nonsense and that the donators feel hella dumb for giving in to yet another one of her sob stories to get free money.

No. 486180


I wonder if any of the people who made large donations are IRL friends of Roger?

No. 486185

Hold up, Roger was only ~60? And he looked that decrepit?? Fuck, I guess I shouldn't be so surprised. His health was obviously bad, yet Lurch and Luna couldn't be arsed to clean the house or give him a better place to sleep than on a pathetic tiny mattress on the filthy floor, there's no way in hell Lurch or Luna ever cooked healthy food for him, and I'd be amazed if they weren't swiping his meds. Plus he had to have been so stressed out having to live with his utter disappointment of a son and his son's insufferable girlfriend. That'll prematurely age anyone.

No. 486187

The one she is using is in NYC which is even further. If he died in Calvary it is located in the Bronx so it should be easier for that funeral home to get his remains

No. 486200


His collarbones in the hospital photos reveal how terribly thin he was.

No. 486205

I wonder if she'll even update the gofundme to say thank you or if she's already too strung out on whatever drugs she bought with the money to care.

No. 486227

It's amazing what a huge difference lifestyle can make when you're getting up there in age. A 65yo who keeps active, considers themselves young, exercises their brain (VERY important), eats healthily, has friends etc. is going to be on a completely different plane of existence to a 65yo who resigns themselves to old age. Roger probably didn't take care of himself and maybe gave up at a certain age. It would be understandable, given that his most notable accomplishment in life was probably raising a useless junkie.

Selfies with cheap shit she bought in 3…2…1….

No. 486230

she said he had congestive heart failure right? you dont just get that by giving up

No. 486253

look at the ld50 for klonopin and please stop spreading misinformation. you probably just blacked out and/or the ER doctor was just trying to scare you and/or the ER doctor was misinformed or you have the wrong idea of what an OD means. biggest risk is passing out and chocking on your puke.

do we know anything about roger's past life? did he have addiction or mental health issues?

i think anon meant that he looked much older, not his heart issue

No. 486254

Yeah idk about him but cancer can fuck your looks up pretty badly. Combine it with neglect and yeah. RIP poor soul.

No. 486261

No, you didn't. You might have slept deeply for a couple of days but check it: YOU CANNOT OD on benzos, thanks.

No. 486262

Yes, benzo w/d is very dangerous and a taper should, ideally, be overseen in part, at least, by a physician you routinely check in with. A w/d is not an OD. What are you even talking about? Just stop.

No. 486268

i feel like i remember reading something about roger being a drinker in one of the earlier threads. i'm pretty sure luna just mentioned it in passing so i'm not sure if he was a full blown alcoholic or not.

No. 486282

Has Tuna posted a thank you or an update or cremation bills/proof anywhere?!
Funny how she posted all this proof of Roger being in hospice and stuff, but now that she's got the money she's silent?
She's been online because she reblogged stuff on Tumblr.

No. 486283

No. 486299

Probably because she’s too high.

She hasn’t posted anymore pictures for ~validation~ to get through this terrible time(payday)?? I’m actually really surprised, I thought she’d be milking this and we’d have a ton of posts.

No. 486302


Maybe Lurch warned her to stay the fuck off social media so she doesn't fuck up their payday.

No. 486310

does luna lurk here? can’t find anything about this in previous threads. when you google her name it’s like the first result. her bpd might make her want to impulsively make herself feel even more shit by reading lolcow when she’s feeling shit

No. 486311

I don't think she actively lurks here, but I know at least one farmer has been messaged by lurch on fb. in that message he mentioned a forum where all of these girls were talking shit about tuna, which i assume was us.

No. 486312

She's aware of lolcow and has indirectly referenced it a few times, but she refuses to visit it because she knows she wouldn't be able to handle it.

No. 486315

>refuses to visit it

Why does this keep getting said!? She's mentioned things several times that coincide with things said here, there's no way that's a coincidence when its happened several times.
Also. She craves attention, good or bad, and so she can come here and read all about herself.

No. 486340

It's been fully funded for at least two days now and still no update from Luna thanking anyone or giving information about having cremated Roger despite them "being under a tight deadline" about it.

She took that money and ran straight for the drug dealers.

No. 486354

About 2 years ago on Tumblr, she said she avoided gossip blogs about herself and doesn't enjoy the drama, its also why she's never had anon asks on.

This was fucking forever ago, and im pretty fucking sure she reads this thread now. Maybe not tho, she's kinda a useless junkie. She's too high to check her messages 90% of the time, id be surprised if she read here religiously.

No. 486361

Imagine settling in with a nice point of dope and then coming to lolcow to read all about yourself. Ah, a relaxing past time.

No. 486368

I don't even know how she could work up the energy to give a shit. When I used, nothing could faze me kek

No. 486374

WTF he looked like 85 years old.

No. 486379

i mean i don’t think she’s using as much as we all think, i doubt she’s high on dope constantly. an anon said she’s taking subs (not sure if true)? her tolerance is high and she’d be using $100+ a day if she was still using daily. i refuse to believe she’s affording that. she HAS to be on subs, she’d have complained about withdrawal

No. 486384

Has she thanked everyone for their donations?
Stupid selfish cunt.
Hope they nod out on the train and their their money stolen. They don't deserve it. Its not going towards Roger.
She said the funeral home or whatever wasnt giving them much time. His cremation would have been done by now and she'd be posting half naked selfies with his urn.

No. 486389

File: 1517519320359.png (22.44 KB, 474x231, lunagofundme.PNG)

straight up admitting she's using the money for food, when in the gofundme description it says all of it will go towards cremation and funeral services.

No. 486391


Roger was 76 when he died.

No. 486396

>I haven't eaten in days and I can't access Roger's cremation fund for two more days

Fucking bitch. At least give the man some dignity and use that money to cremate him.

No. 486397

Report this cunts gofundme and provide that screenshot. Shes asking for food money because she doesn't have access to the gofundme money.. Which, yes, the dumb bitch just admitted she plans on using the money on herself which isn't what she said she needed donations for.

No. 486398

Exactly this. It's a reason to report, especially if you provide screenshots of her drug abuse.

Tuna reminds me of those addicts on intervention. The ones who are begging for money multiple times a day, every day.

No. 486400

lol ngl I would watch Tuna on Intervention just so I can see what her skin/face/hair would look like 30 days sober

No. 486401

i dont think drug addiction is a grounds to remove a gofundme but this the fact she lied and said she was gonna use it for food yeah. otherwise you could just be a malicious piece of shit and do the same things to addicts who arent like luna and are genuinely using the funds for intended purpose. then people keep complain cuz it’s fairly discriminatory and blah blah

No. 486402

Good point, anon. Didn't think about that.

I would too but we both know that she would relapse.

No. 486404

File: 1517525175417.png (211.97 KB, 787x1168, gfm.png)

No. 486405

Within what time frame should a body be cremated? And how soon do you have to pay? Roger died 7 or maybe 8 days ago.

No. 486410

Do you have the link to where she posted this at?

No. 486414

yep so just email them the food post by her - fraud. whoever recieves the email will probably be like “damn this guy is an asshole” bc they won’t know what kinda person Luna actually is haha

No. 486426


pleeeeease someone report. i would but my writing would be so angry and narky. surely there's an eloquent farmer to do it…

No. 486427


do it before she has access to it!

No. 486429

Legally most states have to wait 24-48 hours to cremate someone.also depends on how busy the crematory is. He's probably in a refrigerator at a crematory/funeral home anyway cuz most funeral homes do not do shit besides hold the body for them until they pay everything in full.

No. 486433

Lol what if youre all wrong and shes already blown through the gofundme and is "hungry" because shes broke again.

No. 486435

she can't access the money until tomorrow.

No. 486437

File: 1517542134119.png (120.14 KB, 514x541, Luna in the group.png)

Luna showed up in a Facebook group I'm in. It was a strange surprise.
I can't sage, otherwise I would because this is pointless and off topic.

No. 486438

So she's posting on fb, but not insta? waiting for the amazon packages to arrive i guess

No. 486439


You plan to report her for "not using the funds for the stated purpose" before she has the funds.

No. 486440

stop being so naive

No. 486441

the fact she's back to begging just proves what that money is going to be spent on. especially because she directly mentions that it's only until feb 3 she can access funds. why are you defending this piece of shit?

No. 486442

Yeah this suuuure sounds like someone whose planning the "cremation and memorial" of a man who "was like a father" to her.
She's sitting around rubbing her grubby hands together thinking about the piercings and food and drugs she's gonna buy with the donations.

No. 486446

i love how she says 'my gofundme money' what a fucking selfish animal. i can't believe she's real sometimes. i really hope something comes if she does get reported

No. 486447


She has not violated the terms yet. Your report will be ignored.

No. 486448

along with pictures of heroin abuse, not so sure.

No. 486450


How are photos of her past heroin use relevant?

No. 486451

I wonder how she's going to pay for that piercing. Hmmmmm….

No. 486452



Sometimes, there are situations that may raise questions but are not considered fraudulent on our platform. These include:

- Rumors or speculation of fraud

No. 486454

not that anon but can you not send photos of her drug addiction? See >>486401
there’s no reason to do that, she didn’t ever publicly claim she would use it for drugs so it’s very irrelevant to gofundme

No. 486455

you've pissed me off enough that i'm reporting it.

No. 486456

it's online, on public forums and google images. easy enough for a team member to find themselves.

No. 486457

what's the archive link to the old blog? does anyone know?

No. 486458

so what happens if tuna uses the money for dope and rilakkumas? will roger just go to an unmarked plot or something?

No. 486459

Someone else probably paid for it and she begged for money pretending like it wasn't. She could have also exaggerated the costs so that people would send more than necessary.

No. 486460

i meant it’s irrelevant to email straight to gofundme (but i just read that rule about speculation of fraud, didnt see that before)

i just thought kinda like how it’s irrelevant to just send someone’s manager a picture of their drug use even tho it’s all over the internet and they can find it themselves. it just seems irrelevant and malicious (to them) because never did she said “i am using the funds for heroin” (or in the work comparison, “i am high at work”) but again that was before i read the speculation part

No. 486461

please, i wouldn't do this to a coworker. this person is a KNOWN fruad. she deserves to be outed. I would be fucking mad if i donated 200 dollars to this waster.

No. 486462



i think you’re totally misunderstanding me. i was just saying how it would be viewed in their eyes. they dont know anything about her. obviously she’s a known scammer at no point did i defend her lmao

No. 486463

lol fraud* and tbh, it's our of respect for a dead man who deserved better.

No. 486464

sorry lol, bitch gets me ANGERY

No. 486465

no worries haha same here

No. 486466


Do you make a habit of killing the messenger?

We are all on the same team here.

No. 486467


I just couldn't understand why you were being so berating… like trying to seem superior or something, esp when we are All On The Same Team. Pissed me off. My bad!

No. 486468


If people report her now before she even has the money and with only speculation as to how she will use the money, GFM may be less likely to take seriously subsequent reports which do include evidence of fraud.

No. 486471

It's true, but if they were to get complaints and perhaps google the person… it's all good proof that she's going to do otherwise with any money donated.. especially if enough people complained. I feel like they aren't going to want the backlash that comes with supporting a drug addicts slippery slope, especially after being warned. Especially if they're a company with any integrity.

No. 486474

According to gofundme the following is considered fraud:
>lying about your relationship to the beneficiary of the funds
Technically Roger is not Tunas father-in-law, but she calls him that in the campaign.
>Not delivering funds to the stated beneficiary
Tuna writes "We are going through Unity Funerao Chapels Inc which costs 1511.00 for cremation services". Surely there's someway to see if that checks out. ;)
Happy reporting!

No. 486475

Don't be dumb and mention her Tumblr/drug use if you do report it. Her being a junkie isn't proof that she's mis-using the funds. You're just going to sound like you have a grudge and you wont be taken seriously.
Be smart about it, farmers.

No. 486506

Also a reason to report is giving not fractual information, with the example of rogers 'date of birth' on the letter from the 'doctor'

No. 486511

anon isn't trying to stop you to WK Luna, they're telling you to wait because your report is gonna be ignored, which means any future reports about her that are correct are going to be dismissed far more easily.

Also, I ran a gofundme and she's lying about how the payments work, but idk why. You can't withdraw as a lump sum anymore, each individual donation comes into your account separately minus the fee gofundme charge two weeks after it was donated.

No. 486512

that’s what I was saying!

if there’s proof from her own mouth that she used previous gofundmes for drugs and someone sends that, thats a different story. but just being like “shes an addict heres her tumblr!!!” probably wont be taken seriously. imagine how they would react if you said the same thing but about a mental illness a symptom of impulsivity (impulse spending). they’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and you’ll seem like some random asshole

No. 486519

She had a gofundme for ger cat but i cant remember what it was for. It was when she had a bigger following on tumblr and she was still with Lurch. Anyway, people donated and her cat passed away.

No. 486520

File: 1517589238467.png (368.68 KB, 788x485, khhfK5R.png)

there was this one i found looking through her old threads

No. 486521

File: 1517589737127.png (84.67 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180202-084003.png)

My lazy ass found it after googling her name and Gofundme. It was a cut on the cats pawpad but the actual page is gone now.

No. 486523

Wow people are dumb. "I borrowed money from the bank and spent it all on drugs - can other people pay them back? I can't ask my dad he'll shout at me"
Can I start a gofuckme for paying off my student loans?

No. 486526

that donation from josh macedo lmaooo

No. 486541

I feel like if enough of us report her gofundme they will get the hint and look into it? Maybe? I'd hope.

No. 486542

i wonder if people would donate if she actually wrote the truth tho… something like

“i’m a heroin addict and i’m trying to get clean using suboxone but it’s very hard and the withdrawal is horrible and extremely painful and now i dont have money for dope and am scared of withdrawal. if i dont get enough money i need to buy xanax or X drug to get thru the withdrawal”

she probably has some addict friends on facebook. i’m sure she’s get sympathy. i’d actually have nothing mean to say about that if she actually did that. bc she’s actually being honest!

No. 486545

As a former addict, id be way more likely to donate to someone if they were like… Hey im really dopesick right now can anyone help me out.
And there are so many people like that all over Tumblr who would do the same. I know a girl who is open about her drug use and its not uncommon for her followers to donate her money or let her couch surf because she's upfront about everything and other addicts can empathize with her.

No. 486551

another former addict here, and this 1000%

lots of addicts are actually very generous (assuming they can afford to be) with other addicts. I've rarely come across someone who wouldn't or didn't want to share drugs if they could afford to, and this'd just be an extension of that

I'm sure if she was out n' open about it like that though, people wouldn't be throwing $1k+ at her gofundme/she wouldn't be able to guilt people as much

No. 486554



And if she was upfront, maybe someone would offer to help her access treatment for her mental illnesses and/or addictions. Even if an addict declines an offer of help, just knowing that help is available and that people care enough to offer can be enough encouragement for an addict to consider changing their life.

I wonder if the large donations came from people who knew Roger IRL.

No. 486555

yeah i’m also a heroin addict in recovery thats why i asked that.. I figured.. hahah! so many of us here hating luna

i would totally help her out if she came up to me and asked me to share some dope bc she’s sick. honestly im sure lots of addicts/former addicts would. being sick sucks. but if she comes up to me making some bullshit up, fuck off bitch

No. 486572


The fact you'd donate to her makes her even less likely to get help and get clean. You're perpetuating it by donating/helping an addict. I'm a former addict too, and I know damn well that if I had no help, I would have stopped sooner.

No. 486579


I wouldn't now that I am clean.

No. 486595

eh, unlike some people here, I don't care about helping her (or anyone, really) get clean. yeah, I used to be a former addict, but I think you have to find your own reasons for getting clean - and even though having no supply can help you come to that conclusion faster, someone who doesn't want to quit, won't. It's not my responsibility to messiah complex someone into potential recovery; I do think addiction is a choice at the end of the day, and it's her choice – but that's a whole different debate. I honestly don't give a single fuck if tuna does dope or not, but it does still enrage me she's going to use all those funds she claims is for roger's funeral on it. Doing drugs in itself is not morally wrong to me, it's the deceit for money and disrespect for roger's death that gets me.

No. 486598


This stance is totally fine, but if you actually give away your own funds is just like… well… your loss. Kind of the same kettle of fish. Can't tell someone ~not~ to give away their money and expect them to listen when they think they're actually helping.

No. 486602

Maybe I'm misunderstanding your post or point, b/c what you just replied with made no sense to me with or without the context of our conversation. (I don't mean that offensively, I just honestly don't understand..)

We were all just confirming she'd probably still get free dope money without lying, and that she should just say she needs a fix instead of deceiving people into giving away their money for something they may not agree with.

It sounded like you were under the thought process that we would donate to help her get clean. One anon might have said something like that, so I was clarifying not all of us would donate to 'help her get clean' or whatever. We'd just donate with the knowledge of what it's like to fiend for something or so someone else could enjoy a high.

No. 486657

File: 1517678755425.jpg (11.29 KB, 395x209, Clipboard01dad.jpg)

Im really hoping at least some of the money goes into cremation. She did share it on her own facebook page, didnt she?
So people she knows wouldnt give her something too on top of it, right?

No. 486658

Im really hoping some donations came from people who actually knew Roger and who will keep an eye about him actually getting cremated.

No. 486671

It's likely she's still scamming money even if he is getting cremated. It's possible Roger or family had money or insurance put away to deal with the cremation, already. She just says she needs the money for cremation to get free shit lol. it's probably already covered.

No. 486672

As another former addict I agree with the others that it's not your responsibility to help others get clean. Your refusal to assist will not trip someone in changing their entire life, they will just find someone else.

That being said, I would never donate actual money through a GFM. Most addicts, including myself, needed that cash to fund their own supply. Definitely have shared drugs with other users though, and had them share with me in return!

No. 486712

Well a simple cremation in NY costs $475.
I'm sure she'll have a few bob left to spend on heroin

No. 486717

>it's probably already covered.

No. 486741

What? No one said they’d give her money through GFM. They said that she'd prob get money from other addicts if she was honest. Obviously no one would give her money if they were low on funds themselves, also, many care more about seeing someone in pain than like $50. It’s no one’s loss.

One person said they’d share heroin with another addict if they didn’t have money. This is again simply due to empathy…. ex. if I was her friend and she wasnt a piece of shit it would hurt me to see her sick and in pain when she doesn’t willingly want to. I wouldn’t be trying to help her get clean as a fellow addict friend, but I would support her if she CHOSE to. I’m not saying if I was her mother

>I'm a former addict too, and I know damn well that if I had no help, I would have stopped sooner.

Anecdotal evidence. This doesn’t have to apply to her. For example, many people tell no one about their addiction

No. 486754

For the sake of Generation Z, I honestly hope she ODs, all those trap rappers like Lil Pump, Lil Xan, and 6ix9ine OD, Jake and Logan Paul die doing a stupid stunt, and so on. There are so many toxic media figures geared toward kids right now, it's disturbing.

No. 486803

Good taste, anon.

No. 486816

Cremation itself yeah, my mom died last year and on top of cremating you have to buy a fucking box to burn too, because they don't just slide the body in on its own. Cheapest cremation coffins started around $400
And you have to give them your urn of choice before cremation happens. It needs to be the right size for all the ashes. She will probably not bother getting his ashes tbh, but if she does, we all know she will probably just find a cheap pot at a thrift store

No. 486817

Actually, on that note, getting the ashes and then getting the cherub tattoo with ashes in the ink would be a lot of pity points but she doesn't even think of good ways to mourn and own it

No. 486829

Has she been silent on insta lately? She's not really posting on fb much. Hasn't mentioned anything about roger at all

No. 486835

She's got $1500 to spend on drugs, she might be gone for a while

No. 486840

Anon I'm really sorry but I think you may have been tricked by your funeral director, which is a really disgustingly common occurrence in the US. Direct cremations are completely legal, and you undeniably have the right to one or to organise one for a deceased loved one. They are legally required to offer you something called an alternative container, which is a cardboard box essentially. A casket or coffin is not a legal requirement for a cremation what so ever.

Society of the good death is a really good resource for all this kind of stuff, and is actually kind of thread relevant atm in there's info there that disproves lots of Luna's bullshit about funeral costs.

No. 486843

I've been a direct disposer before and the cardboard box was included in our $475 rate.
However if you go through a funeral home your price will be jacked up to $3000 because they have greater overhang than LDDs but they're likely to let you see the body
, if possible.

No. 486845

Yah but from what anon wrote it really seems like the funeral home made it sound like it was illegal to cremate someone unless they're in a casket, and the cheapest one was $400, without telling them about the alternative container. It sounds like they were tricked into paying for a completely unnecessary casket on top of the cremation costs.

No. 486848

File: 1517776197435.jpeg (204.86 KB, 1242x1026, 8D6D24D7-1A21-4A52-AE8D-EFD226…)

Spotted her in an aakkii group I’m in

No. 486850

Pot calling kettle black. Doesn't Luna have self awareness?

No. 486864

File: 1517787188825.png (52.61 KB, 720x327, tuna.png)

She's on Tumblr right now commenting on everything she reblogs.

No. 486868

Good thing life hasn't gotten in the way of Drag Race.

No. 486881

File: 1517803238123.png (52.94 KB, 720x376, uwu.png)

No. 486882

File: 1517803294165.png (27.84 KB, 720x265, Withdrawal-sux-lollllll.png)

No. 486888

So she seems to be in a lot of internet drama fb groups, from the screenshots I see on here.

Do people not call her out all the time? I'd imagine there's a pretty large overlap of users, who would know who Tuna is.

No. 486892

>posted "just now"
Do you, like stalk her or coincidence?

No. 486893

So shes doing drugs, enjoy your crashing low tuna

No. 486896

Take a shot every time she says "I" or "I'm".

No. 486909

>Campaign is complete and no longer active.

Wonder if anyone who donated will ever find out what happened to their money considering she never updated.

No. 486919

Coincidence! I happened to have notifications on for that post

No. 486925

didnt love him enough to help him not get major bedsore.
i like how she loves to be ~so sad and miserable uwu~

No. 486927


She sure didnt sound "painfully sad" when she was posting about Drag Race.

I hope she's found fraudulent of that gofundme campaign.

No. 486939

Have you guys actually ever grieved the loss of someone? It's not like you're in complete misery 24 hrs a day 7 days a week until your mourning period is over.

She's definitely being shady with the gofundme stuff but her blogging about Drag Race or posting something stupid on Facebook is not milk.

No. 486943


for real i was thinking the same thing! i would make one but i've never made a thread on this site before. Would a kind anon who knows of Abby be able to make a thread? she is a good cow.

No. 486947

File: 1517882535991.png (399.38 KB, 640x1136, 926B8233-EF89-40D6-A528-7625D4…)

Tuna in a group I’m in. Guess she bought new hair dye with her donations lol but she’s been starving for daaaays uwu

No. 486948

I have. My spouse died in a car accident 2 years ago and it was the worst time of my life. I had no interest in anything and I didn't go out (except for work) for almost a whole year. I ignored everyone and shunned everything. I was in too much grief to be interested in anything. I barely ate food for months, too. It was only in the past few months that I'm starting to be OK and slowly doing normal activities again. Everyone grieves differently on their own pace but knowing how Luna is, she just sounds very insincere to me. saged.

No. 486950

you can’t sage on /pt but ugh i’m sorry that’s horrible

No. 486953

she's been wearing that shirt over a week, I swear

No. 486977

Can't believe that nasty ass picture of her is her public pic.

No. 486978

Shit. Realized immediately after I posted that it's one she made while she was SO worried about Roger and wanted to feel sexy. Is this her mourning dress or something?
>My profile picture is in memory of Roger uwu

No. 486980

Do you think your spouse dying in a sudden accident is the same as your creepy boyfriend's sick and elderly dad who you have no real attachment to dying?

No. 486984

>Do you think your spouse dying in a sudden accident is the same as your creepy boyfriend's sick and elderly dad who you have no real attachment to dying?
Uh Tuna's repeatedly said stuff like "Roger was the Dad I never had!!!!! He's REAL family and I love him more than anybody! I care for him and the cats and we're the bestest little family evar!"

If she really cared about Roger as much as she said, she'd be more cut up. Hell, she was more upset when Lurch got fucking arrested… She didn't stick-and-poke anything dumb on herself when Roger died, she didn't cut herself (which she's done before over the most minor things) she sounds more upset on a normal day-to-day basis than she does atm. Normally, NOTHING is wrong with her life and she's whining about how she wants to die, but now there's a legit tragedy, she's on gossip fb groups laughing at lolcows?

I don't think Luna can think long-term, all she can think atm is "sweet, I got a paycheck and I can buy ALL the drugs!!" She's been focusing on chasing the next high for years, I doubt it's even dawned on her how FUCKED financially she is going to be, VERY SOON. I imagine she'll be "mourning Roger" when that 1k she scammed out of people runs out.

No. 487122

File: 1517970550242.png (608.95 KB, 501x656, tuna.png)

No. 487123

spent that sweet sweet Roger money on a haircut.

No. 487124

optimistic. more like she just took her annual bi-yearly shower.

No. 487126

Her teeth are just getting progressively more and more grody. It's like she ate a stick of butter.

No. 487127

It looks like she got a new editing app, no way that's her real skin.

No. 487134

Second on the 'she had a shower' thing. Her hairs still split AF and fraying, no way has she had it cut. her fringe looks slightly straighter but she probably cut it herself.

I still say she looks/sounds the happiest she's been since Lurch's arrest tho….

No. 487138

File: 1517976695438.png (85.9 KB, 267x260, 1510608753555.png)

God she has a ghastly smile. Please never do that again, Luna.

Also, she doesn't look like she mourned whatsoever. She looks like someone who just received $1500 for free.

No. 487140

Are those Later Operator earrings? She would have had to order them online… yet another token #inmemoryofroger uwu

No. 487147

She's had those for like a year, I've seen them in other pics

No. 487150

bet she'll get some cute dresses from the "church donation box" next maybe find some shoes "in the street"

think she just wears a fuck load of foundation

No. 487177

does she not shave her armpits or does she have toxins that built up and made them black?

No. 487180

I dont think she shaves at all tbh anon. She has hairy legs and pits, I don't think we've seen any crotch shots.

No. 487184

Remember how fucked up/ upset she was when lurch was "robbed" and someone stole her iPhone. I guess Roger dying wasnt as upsetting/traumatic as that. Stupid cunt.
That $1,500 wont last long at all. Have fun crashing and burning you piece of shit.
Im pretty sure Roger would have been cremated by now? And she hasn't updated/posted anything at all about him.

No. 487188

Gurl if you’re gonna snatch rogers funeral money fix your foul ass teeth

No. 487189

> She didn't stick-and-poke anything dumb on herself when Roger died, she didn't cut herself (which she's done before over the most minor things) she sounds more upset on a normal day-to-day basis than she does atm.

Not standing up for her but if her bpd diagnosis is accurate, this can just be a part of bpd. she can get extremely upset over “small” things. inb4 “Well I still dont think she’s mourning roger” neither do I lol, she has very narcissistic tendencies

No. 487192

True…how long can his body rot before they have to do something…?

No. 487194

if she really spent all her money on Rogers funeral (including the go-found-me money) she would be broke again now. If she starts begging again in a week, it´s obvious where the donations went.

No. 487199

If she spent any of that money on Roger's funeral, it's because she thinks she's playing smart and the figure she said was needed was way more money than the funeral costs required. I think that's the most likely option, if she isn't straight up lying about contributing financially - she might use a couple hundred dollars at most but is splashing the grand on drugs and hair dye.

No. 487208


funeral director anon here, whats the worst about these situations when people havent paid for the services, we still have to hold the body. Literally where else would it go? Ive had bodies in the fridge for months before we could get next of kin to fork over like ANYTHING so we could cremate them. Another option would be this:
In most/every state every human body has the right to a "decent disposition". Usually each county (some counties might use the same place) has a crematorium/funeral home that is designated to dispose of indigent people. When I was in Mortuary College we used to embalm indigent people (bodies that are not claimed, people without next of kin) for practice and then send them to the designated funeral home to be cremated. Then we have a bunch of ashes sitting around. Some funeral homes have rooms full of them. In my state, a funeral home has the right to dispose of ashes after 120 days. I've never come across of a place that just throws them away. Nice places will have them put in a niche in a cemetery with their name just in case of the off chance an estranged next of kin shows up 20 years later looking for their homie.

I do not know of any counties that actually bury indigent people, as cremation is cheap and doesnt take up grave space. Potters Fields are a thing of the past. 'Unknown' graves are 50 years or older etc.

sorry for going on forever I just wanted to clarify cuz people seemed pretty confused about what will happen to his body. We also don't know where his body is but if he died in hospice he would not be sent to the morgue or to the M.E., they contact a funeral home the person either named or the one that does indigent disposal.

No. 487209

I really don't know whats going on here what is this site?? I stumbled over it while looking at conspiracy theories I really am confused…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 487211

No. 487214

get out while you still can

No. 487222

Thanks funeral-anon, it was really informative.

(0 contribution but can't sage=triggering my autism)

No. 487223

next thread pic?
or this one?

No. 487244

Definitely the first one cause it's triggering as fuck.

No. 487246

Wow she actually reached full top tier scam level. The people who donated and can’t see through her o obvious addiction scamming ways deserve to have their money stolen.

No. 487249

True. I mean… Just look at the picture she used as her gofundme avatar. Posing in her nasty lingerie holding that stained stuffed animal. Id never donate to that, even if I had no clue who tuna was.

No. 487250

File: 1518042008712.jpeg (96.94 KB, 750x608, E2D5B36C-3969-4AA4-BFFB-66ECB2…)

I almost had whiplash from seeing Tuna’s ugly mug posted in this Facebook group.

No. 487251

File: 1518042046993.jpeg (44.12 KB, 750x305, 7D95D444-F58E-4989-81CB-028F49…)

Post she commented on

No. 487254

jeez, did she actually go to a hair dresser for once? her hair cut never looked so normal.

No. 487259

File: 1518048449246.png (1.99 MB, 750x1334, 5C3213DC-FBC2-4B8A-8350-1B16B0…)

Christ help those Sahara mud lips

No. 487265

File: 1518049361137.png (933.6 KB, 720x854, ew.png)

Lmao… What haircut? Her hair is just as nasty as ever. It looks like she's started putting a curler in her bangs tho.

No. 487266

Btw, she photo dumped like 2 hours ago. Nothing too interesting…
Playing dress-up with clothes she found in The Piles, pics of the sky during an early-morning drug run, oh.. And she must have been to Evil Dads because she's posted a pic of his cat.
Probably had to go beg some rent money from him.

No. 487268

File: 1518050008107.png (974.99 KB, 720x745, sew-sadd.png)

My dumbass forgot the screenshot.

Oh and her "friend brigitte" bought her some cutesy face spray and facemask. Tuna needs some heavy duty face scrub though.

No. 487269

Please post if you have a chance! Curious to see what she totally found and didn't buy with rogers cremation money because that'd be totally wrong of her.

No. 487270

Bless you

No. 487275

Okay I'm curious, why was she in am empty concrete room with dirty shit on the floor and wall?

No. 487276

huh?!! this looks SO bad. look at those roots. brown to yellow to pink.. WTF? ugh this shit makes me miss her badly bleached blonde hair

omg her “art” is getting worse

No. 487281

>what is the difference between a hair cut and hair colour
but yeah ok tbh, >>487265 is right
it just looked nice-ish for once.
I mean seriously, im used to tuna's hair looking like >>480210
and now look at the difference: >>487122
Seems it was the time of her quarterly hair wash again.

No. 487292

seriously it looks like she's in jail wtf (wishful thinking lol)

No. 487294

That top is from h&m, and is fairly a new arrival. Nice to see she can go out and spend 25 bucks on a fucking sweater.

No. 487297

Her hair actually looks better than it ever has since she was clean, if I'm being honest.

No. 487298

so many of you are saying this… i think the dye job is awful… is it just because her bar is so low?

No. 487300

I agree it's the ugliest dye job I've seen in competition with some of jills

Idky it seems like there's an influx of anons who have really low standards and compliment cows for the littlest of things. Is that a PULL thing? We've def lost our roots… unlike tuna (heh)

No. 487301


Right?? I guess tweaking probably lowers the bar for a lot of these farmers as well. LoL

No. 487307

P sure she's been wearing that shirt since before roger died. It used to be pink, it looks brown in the most recent pic lmao

No. 487308

No pictures or captions about Roger's remains but she'll show off stuff her friends gave her and post selfies?
Yeah she definitely didn't pay for cremation.

No. 487309

Uh when people get their hair done, they frequently get both a cut and dye and call it a cut, that’s what I thought anon was refering to, because the pink was the obvious difference. obviously people know the difference between a color and a cut.. wtf?

I agree

No. 487312

love how she goes around these groups just to find threads where she can post selfies for praise. I guess its the same thing as her surfing drug blogs to post about her struggle lol

No. 487314

File: 1518103346762.jpeg (142.61 KB, 640x884, ABE06812-EACC-410E-A14C-335B50…)

No. 487316

so much second hand embarrassment cuz you know she is posting this in a serious manor when its a fucking meme

No. 487317

File: 1518105835283.png (333.14 KB, 355x400, those split ends.png)

dude there was an anon last thread who was jealous of Tuna's hair… I really don't want to know what people are doing to their hair to make Tuna's look desirable. >>487250
it looks like she's not brushed her hair in days. The way her hair is clumping into dread-like-strands at the bottom? Barf.

No. 487338

she's definitely not posting it in a serious way, anon

No. 487344

even if she brushed it it would still look like this because she probably hasn't had a real haircut in years. it is so fried and dead from all the dying and other stuff she does with it.

No. 487350

"jealous of your grandpa during his funeral" is making me feel like she's subtly joking about roger tbh

No. 487353

why even make this reach?

No. 487356

So its been 3 weeks since Roger died, and there's still no obit? What's up with that

No. 487362

Guess nobody cared enough to write one. :(

No. 487365

Because the junkies dont care enough to submit one?
Theyre too high and forgot?
They can't spare any of that $1511 dope money?

It's usually the funeral home who puts the obit out, I think? And you know they definitely haven't contacted any funeral home.
Unity Funeral Chapel, which tuna claims she was gonna use, even has an obit section on their website. No Roger.

No. 487370

TLDR who roger is?

No. 487371

3 weeks? thought it was like 1

No. 487373

I was really hoping that one of Roger's siblings (assuming he had any) or friends would want to put out some kind of notice. Especially if there will be no service for him.

JFC…What a sad life; work until retirement then spend your last few years living in filth with your junkie son and his spoiled Courtney Love wannabe girlfriend. Then to die and be completely forgotten. No legacy. No memorial service. Nothing.

We bash Tuna, but Lurch is such a piece of shit for not doing anything for his father in spite of being a bum and living off of him for over 30 years.

No. 487376

You don't have to put anything in the name field.

No. 487377

Oh man, I’ve been following these Tuna trends for a while, so here I am..finally commenting. Seeing her hair is getting worse.. she really needs to cut those freaking roots and brush her damn hair?! Also, saw she visited her dad recently for her and Lurch’s late “excused” rent money.

No. 487383

OP of first thread here, I never thought Tuna would become such a monsterand that others would finally see what a bitch she truly is. I always knew she was fucked up but with Rogers death it just takes her fuckery to a whole new level.

No. 487385

File: 1518139401457.jpg (100.79 KB, 960x960, rip rilakkuma.jpg)

No. 487395

Is this recent? It looks like she's gained weight. 1500 dollars worth of McDonalds is going into that gut I see sticking out.

No. 487404

She's always been fat, she just uses angles to look kind if skinny but girls a whale.

No. 487405

Uh… Thats not their bedroom. >>480784

Instead of cleaning their fucking hovel, they moved all of their shit into Rogers space. Respectful. Its easier to totally fucking erase him, instead of CLEANING THE FUCKING WALL IN THE OTHER ROOM.

No. 487406

Read the past threads and do your research. Also RIP roger

No. 487413

Oh yeah I know she's never been skinny, but it looks like she's gained more recently.

No. 487418

her plush make me want to v o m i t

No. 487429

>>I was really hoping that one of Roger's siblings (assuming he had any) or friends would want to put out some kind of notice. Especially if there will be no service for him.

Girls….I just realized something…

>>What if Roger’s friends and other relatives don’t know he died.

I can imagine Luna and Lurch being too lazy to call anyone and if Roger was really sick, really fast, unless he expected to die he may not have called anyone either.

No. 487437

There's no actual evidence he's died. He might still be in the hospice. I asked someone who knew more about this stuff to look into death records for NY and he said he couldn't find anything.

I don't wanna get everyone tin foiling tho, NYC seems to have quite private death-laws.

Chances are they didn't do an obituary because they're not legally required to in new York. Some states make it mandatory, but not NY.

The fact that Luna hasn't done a "uwu so sad im going to the funeral" photoshoot is REALLY bothering me tho. Im not 100% sure Rogers actually dead, he might still be dying and Luna jumped the gun because she wanted money.

Lmao does anybody remember like a year ago, when Luna out of nowhere started begging for donations to "give her grandma a proper send-off"?

No. 487440


Funeral Home submit obituaries only if the family requests that. Lots of people die without obituaries. Especially if they're going through a direct disposer. /funeral anon

No. 487442


NYC or the state of New York? You state both in your comment.

No. 487445

his death records likely have not been processed yet

No. 487448


No. 487471

>started moving herself into Roger's room before he even died
>moving herself in fully before they even cremated him
Fucking cunt.

No. 487531

Roger = Lurch's dad

No. 487654

Luna hasn’t posted to Instagram in 4 days. No doubt on a drug binge, I’m sure.

No. 487704

i'm a bit worried about her. not that i like her but i don't want her to OD and die something and she doesn't usually go off the radar for long what with how much begging for ~validation~ she does online. i'm sure i'm overreacting but i can't help but wonder with her, she could OD at any time

No. 487708

She update her FB pic five hour ago, she's still kicking

No. 487709

updated* even. She's definitely just drugged up to her eyeballs right now

No. 487712

oh ok! i'm not friends with her on facebook so i can only see her tumblr lol you're probably right

No. 487741

no-one should be worrying about this toxic little cunt. she'd be doing the world a favour if she OD'd.
inb4 calm down lol - I always disliked tuna for being the living stereotype of a scammy junkie bitch, but this whole thing with Roger just took me right over the edge. the last year or so of his life was hellish, and all this piece of trash cared about was selfies while paramedics took him away and flogging shit meant for him.
she's a vile fucking waste of space and I'll be glad to see her gone when she does whack some fent or something.

No. 487756

how does she not OD more often tho? unless she’s not doing as much heroin as we think. she’s getting her shit off the street and street dope is almost always fent these days, did she really get lucky and find pure product? we all know she’d impulsively do a huge shot when she’s upset, she’s bound to get a hot spot here or there and AS IF she uses a scale to weigh her dose out. the fact that she’s only od’d once a long time ago points to her not doing as much heroin as we think, she’s probably on subs to maintain and oxy occasionally but more of benzos and sims

No. 487764

yeah i dont think she ever really did that much heroin tbh. the old pics she posted of shooting up were confirmed as baby doses. she glamourized it and exaggerated on her tumblr in order to uphold that junkie cobain-esque aesthetic uwu because crack/pills doesn't sound as ~artistic~

my bets are she does crack mostly and then benzos, possibly oxys too but idk how she would ever get the money for prescription opiates

No. 487772

Well she's got Lurch around who's a long time, old school user. He's the one who taught her to shoot up (she begged him to) and he used to do her shots for her. But presumably he knows what he's doing to have made it this far in life; I guess he passed on some of that knowledge to Luna. Or he still measures out her heroin allowance kek.

No. 487783

I’m pretty sure he still does her shots tbh. I can’t imagine lurch letting her using more and more heroin as time passes. That shit is not cheap lmao

No. 487786

ew she’s fucking disgusting. if the baby dose thing is true….heroin addicts turn to IVing when their tolerance gets way too high, many even stay the fuck away from shooting because they know how much more dangerous it is. sounds like she was just desperate to “try it” bc of how much she romanticized it. she’s a moron for wanting to destroy her whole life for the aesthetic and turning to IV without a high tolerance

does anyone know what thread has these pics? you cant tell just by the color in the syringe but did she have a video of her cooking it from scratch or something?

No. 487810

Honestly, I just don't want her to OD because she's one of my favorite cows. It sucked when Kadee died, along with all her threads, because shit was so entertaining. I'd hate for the same to happen to Tuna.

No. 487812


Her ever present trackmarks and their varied states of healing indicate otherwise.

If she is mixing opioids and benzos, she is increasing the risk of overdosing.

No. 487829

You missed the point, she’s obviously still using but I doubt she’s using as frequently as we all think. She definitely doesn’t shoot up daily. There’s no way she can afford that kind of high tolerance. She definitely has subs

No. 487830

is that her old phone she "lost" / got "stolen" or does she coincidentally got a new phone that looks exactly like her old one?

No. 487832

think if you just google luna slater they come up

No. 487836

Why post about an abuse victim with addiction & severe mental health issues? This is just sad

No. 487837

Why yall acting like she's especially awful when her behavior is textbook addiction….?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 487839

There's a fair amount of evidence that she was a selfish ass before she was an addict. She'd probably be a shit person with or without the drugs.
She has been offered help but rejected it, seemingly because the FREE food they gave her wasn't good enough for her.
Read the thread/threads properly before assuming that people are just bitching about a poor victim.

No. 487840

The dad of the abusive predator deserves no sympathy. Did he try to make his predator son get away from this teen? No? Then he was an enabler.

I counsel plenty of victims exactly like this girl.
Most victims are not perfect and do tons of trauma reactive shit like this.

Why not go after the predator boyfriend? This age difference is abusive on its own.

No. 487842

Proof that you haven't bothered to read what's said here: Everybody hates the boyfriend lol
Also for someone who claims to be a counselor you seem pretty ignorant. If you're so desperate to feel sorry for her, talk to her instead of posting in this thread. Or maybe hand over some money, she'd probably appreciate that more.

No. 487843

Have you even read the threads this far? There have been plenty of people calling out Lurch or even taking the piss out of him.
Stop whiteknighting and go back to your meaningful job of making the world a better place.

No. 487844

She literally IS a victim… Do you think that victims must be perfect angels?
Have you considered the fact that most girls like her were victims of CSA & Narcissistic abuse?

My point is that all her behaviors could be trauma reactive. Meaning that if she were to get trauma specific counseling, these behaviors would stop.

Nobody can know if this is just her personality.

No. 487845

Please reread >>487843

No. 487846

>Meaning that if she were to get trauma specific counseling, these behaviors would stop.
She literally got exactly that and stopped going there because "all her friends left" and "the food was disgusting" (her words)

No. 487847

Re treatment: Luna has rejected therapy because she didn't like the free food they provided. It may also be that she was kicked out due to still using while she was attending the therapy. However, her stated reasons for not going was the food and the fun people not being there anymore.

Literally everyone who posts in this thread thinks Matthew is a predator. That doesn't make Luna an innocent angel. She is a shitty, terrible person, and was somewhat terrible before becoming a junkie. She let a dying old man get covered with pressure bruises, and stole stuff that was intended for him. She moved her filthy, stolen hoard into his room while he was comatose in the hospital. She also probably took the money she raised for his cremation and put it to other uses: she certainly seems to have bought a lot of crap in the last week or so. Fuck her and the horse she road in on.

No. 487848

I don't condone these sites obviously as they often act as cyberbullying platforms. I sometimes lurk for the calling out of Narcissistic abusers like the Ostrengas.

But ppl like this girl are the most vulnerable ones who are at high risk for developing depression or suicidal tendencies in response to targeted hate towards her.
I have read the thread and it seems many here don't quite understand that victims often are just like her…

I'm just saying keep in mind that with help, it's very likely she could be a healthy person. This takes years though.

No. 487859


Well it's like how DV victims go back to their abusers an average of 8 times and are usually in denial about even being a victim.
Victim behavior is usually self-destructive. Add in addiction & it's only exacerbated.

She will need to hit bottom before truly wanting help. It may take years. There's nothing wrong with making others aware that this person is just going to use donated money for drugs.

Making moral judgements about her as a human being, like I saw some do, only serves to reinforce self-hate and destructive behaviors though…(derailing)

No. 487864

I didn't know victims stole gifts meant for a dying old man. It'd be different if she sold them for dope; that'd be the addiction surfacing, but instead, she just took it to add to her hoard.

 Don't forget that Tuna is also in Facebook groups that are essentially the same as this website. She's a flat out shitty person, and you're just trying to find excuses for her.

No. 487872

Why is there suddenly like 2 WKs in this thread? was it posted somewhere?

what does luna have to do to stop being an eternal victim with people like you who try to excuse every shitty action with trauma and mental illness?

no, not all victims are like her. this line of thinking is specifically what adds to the stigma of mental disorders. there’s plenty of people with the same problems as luna on here who don’t relate to her self-centredness, lack of empathy, compulsive lying, scamming, etc etc.

No. 487881

>I don't condone these sites obviously as they often act as cyberbullying platforms

>I sometimes lurk for the calling out of Narcissistic abusers like the Ostrengas.

Lmao this hypocrisy, it’s top kek! Who is this ip hopping white knight? They started right up when the site came back, seems suspect.

No. 487891

I wonder if its the same counselor that wanted to hand deliver tuna a vacuum lol

No. 487904

File: 1518581816237.jpg (50.8 KB, 648x594, ISV7mtB.jpg)

>Nobody can know if this is just her personality.
>literally diagnosed BPD
>Borderline PERSONALITY Disorder

anon pls

No. 487931

Luna isn't a victim in the literal sense.
Did she get involved with her mother's drug dealer at a young age? Yes.
Did he force her into anything? No. She pursued him and admits to it and then waited until she was 18 to move in with him.
Is he scummy? Yes.
Did he turn some precious angel into a drug addict and scammer? Hell no. She begged him for drugs, she scams for drug money, and she steals from everyone around her and stores just because she wants to.

Luna isn't a victim, she's a terrible person all on her own but being with him just enables her bad behavior and amplifies it.

No. 487935

not that anon nor am i a WK but it’s entitely possible to recover from bpd in the sense that her symptoms wpon’t affect her wellbeing and relationships anymore. she can learn coping methods to deal w her strong emotions and shit, and for that reason, its her personality now but she can very well change it thru recovery. i think that’s what they meant. i dont agree w anything else they said tho

No. 487937

Luna might feel bad for publicly doing morally reprehensible things and being taken to task for it? Good. That's what people are meant to feel. It's probably the closest she'll ever get to basic human shame or empathy.

No. 487955

why would you think she's not using daily? I see these comments often lately and I'm starting to think it's all the same anon.

even if she does have subs, she probably only uses them on days when she absolutely positively can't scam any money to get dope. even if all she can scrounge up in a day is $10, that $10 is likely going to a bag of dope.

however, we all know that isn't the case for her at the moment. they have a bunch of money and are probably high as hell and have been for the past week or so. thanks, Roger!

No. 487957

you're coming off as one of those counselors who is a normie who has never been addicted to drugs and will never understand addiction or addicts. funny you refer to Luna as a "textbook addict" bc I'm sure that's where you learned about addiction - a textbook.

the shitty things Luna does is NOT just because of her heroin addiction. many, I would even go so far as to say, MOST addicts are not as selfish and vile as Luna is. take away the drugs and she'd still be as shitty and heartless as she is now, just like she was before the drugs too. and the only reason we haven't seen her act as depraved as a typical hardened street junkie stereotypically acts is bc she has been coddled by her parents, her creepy bf and everyone else in her life. everything has been a free ride for her so far.

she has proven herself to be a low down, sneaky, selfish person who will use people up until she can't get anything else from them. and if this is how she acts when most of her needs are met by other people and her wants are handed to her on a silver platter as well, imagine how she'd act if she weren't so fortunate and was forced to - gasp - get a job, or a hustle, and make ends meet on her own!

No. 487978


I really really doubt Roger had any sort of power he could hold over Lurch, even if Lurch is a nodded out junkie. Like what are you even talking about? He was an old man with health issues being squeezed dry by his son and Luna.

No. 487980

just cuz a few people were talking about it doesn’t mean it’s one person

do you know anything about heroin? tolerance? first of all, if she’s been using daily, $10 won’t even touch her habit… if she’s been using heroin for 5 whole years DAILY. if she’s a daily user, $10 of dope won’t do shit, just maybe alleviating withdrawal very slightly for a few hours. second, withdrawal kicks in about 4-12 hours after your lost dose. if she’s a daily user, she’d need a couple doses a day. it’s way more likely she’s on subs most days and then does dope a few times a week - that’s what a lot of poor addicts do

No. 487982

File: 1518651246130.jpg (23.79 KB, 320x240, lunainhighschool.jpg)


Jesus christ, what has she done with her face? She puts on makeup just to bum around at home all day and probably doesn't wash it off. It's too white for her face color, the eyeliner bogs down her tiny eyes, and the lip color is like a poopy bum. And those roots…

No. 487984

She actually looks really cute here imo. Brown hair suits hair way more than blonde but she says she hates, she cakes on makeup, insists on wearing the white lipstick, etc etc and it makes me wonder if she purposely tries to make herself look worse than she actually is. I get that she's a junkie and whatever but she could at least try to make herself more presentable.

No. 488008

Nope, it’s not.
But if/when the selfish brat finds herself evicted when they can’t pay rent without Rogers social security, she can either crawl to Daddy for help or call 1-888-NYC-WELL for a substance abuse/mental health referral since the last place wasn’t up to her standards. Or she can start hooking. I look forward to her eviction and what she decides to do from there.

No. 488010

I'm concerned about the cats if that happens

No. 488016

those cats would do better left to fend for themselves on the streets than being in a dirty grimy needle filled apartment

No. 488017

is lurch is capable of human emotion? tuna was blubbering about “losing her father” but she made no mention of how he felt at all as far as I know

No. 488037

File: 1518708672390.jpeg (595.13 KB, 1242x1871, E86A2D13-530A-466F-95C9-4FF617…)

She’s dumping photos on Tumblr. Always crazy to see how she used to look before whatever her life is now

No. 488038

File: 1518708694298.jpeg (649.2 KB, 1242x1355, A9DFB571-144F-43F4-BF8C-EC06B2…)

No. 488056

Who knows, its not like tuna ever truly posts about someone elses feelings. Look how her ex/friends death got treated.

No. 488057

shes always thought she was cool as hell even though she looked like a troll doll

No. 488065

File: 1518728950781.jpg (Spoiler Image,228 KB, 1080x1738, _20180215_160647.JPG)

No. 488068

get a job bitch

No. 488071


The fucking nerve.

No. 488075

what the fuck is happening with the drawings mouth/chin. dafuq

No. 488077

>i had to spend all of my 1500


Holy shit Tuna makes me so angry with how it's always about her. A man died. Someone who took care of her nasty ass. She could easily ask her father, Pat or some other victim of her leeching.

And why doesn't she get a job? Nothing is even wrong with her besides her nonstop whining.

No. 488078

Samefagging but this bitch dyed her hair and took a million selfies during the past three weeks, so her usual. How is that remotely the hardest three weeks of her life?

I hope she ends up homeless.

No. 488083

yeah right tuna, you got $1511
spend the extra $11 and take public transport, kek

ashes don't weigh much, nor do they take up any room


No. 488084

is the cheapest cremation rly $1500 there? It’s like $600 where I live. Has anyone called her out on this yet if it’s under 1500?

i think shes talking about the gofundme money when she says $1500, not rogers money. unless im misunderstanding you

No. 488088

It pisses me off how she always acts like they have $0 like you don't have a spare 10 to get the bus? and she's going to start ebeggging even more now I guess because whatever Roger brought in will be gone
>hey bb hey babe can you give me maybe a thousand dollars?? my father in law died and we're behind on rent please bb let me know bb

No. 488101

She hasn't posted anything to thanked her generous donators but now she's back to begging money?
What a cunt, I'm speechless.

No. 488114

File: 1518748912029.png (208.58 KB, 1080x1302, Screenshot_2018-02-15-18-38-43…)

in the comments

No. 488115

File: 1518748932988.png (197.47 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2018-02-15-18-39-20…)

No. 488117

How many sources of foodstamps does she have? Wasn't it hers, then Lurch, then her moms, then back to her, now it's rogers. how is she always starving?

No. 488126

That's the money that I'm referring to. It was meant for Roger's cremation not for her. That's what I meant by Roger's money.

No. 488127

Silly anon, they clearly never buy her anything! It's why she has no roof over her head, dye in her hair, new fake nails, art supplies, a brand new phone, other electronics and two pets!

No. 488130

this is such bullshit they give
$50 emergency foodstamps when you apply in her state…

No. 488136

The way she just so casually keeps dropping that he's dead is so jarring.

>can't pay rent because he's dead

>no food cause my father in law is dead
>buy me a bus ride; this fucker is dead

No. 488148

Calling this lying bitch out. I work at a crematory. His cremation couldn’t have been $1500 unless they had a viewing, service, bought him a casket to be cremated in or an expensive urn. Additionally, the funeral home usually delivers the remains. They would bring them to her front door, no charge.

No. 488149


And why the fuck didn't they already have their own?

No. 488153

Goddamn her incessant fucking begging is ridiculous. She’s a waste of fucking life.

No. 488180

>45-50 to go pick up remains
>I had to spend all of my 1500 dollars

I'm seething right now. Is she seriously whining that she had to spend all the donation money for cremation on actually getting him cremated?

Take the fucking train, bitch. Or better yet leave Roger with the funeral home because they're taking better care of his remains than you ever will.

Fucking hell Luna's going to be like that bitch who mixed her grandmother's ashes in with her makeup for aesthetic.

No. 488187

I read this and accept that tuna will forever be useless and never find a job/keep on this path until she dies from an overdose but it almost sucks that she has been around so long continuing to leech off of every resource available to her. Just get a fucking job bitch. I almost want to message her my rage but it won't get through that noggin of hers.

No. 488192

honestly i feel so bad for saying this but i wouldn't give a dead mooses last shit if this bitch offed herself. i am absolutely in shock how no one has called her out yet. she scammed people of their hard earned money (fucking 1500 bucks like it's nothing???), hasn't even thanked anyone, keeps begging for more, plays victim nonstop, pretty much threatens with suicide… it's actually infuriating. its been proven that no ordinary cheap cremation costs 1500 bucks, that she could get emergency food stamps, and that there is absolutely no need for another 50 bucks (for """transport""") she's already begging for. she is a disgusting, entitled, spoiled fucking rat. unfortunately, people who parade their suicidal tendencies online and threaten with them never end up actually doing it.
it used to be fun to talk shit about her and spill the tea on this thread but at this point it stopped being fun and it's just painful to read.

No. 488193

does she accept people on facebook? i know she doesnt on insta anymore

No. 488197

for how long can she go on asking people for $50 or a spare couple of dollars? i hope people just won't keep giving in like wouldnt we all like someone to supplement our income? but you have to fucking work even if you're mentally ill

No. 488209

>>488192 This, all of this

No. 488210

honestly. she’s entirely capable of working. especially as a part time cashier or something. i know that some people can’t because of mental health but she seems like she could be completely functional if she put in effort. her BPD isnt the worst out there, she’s not in and out of hospitals, it might be more difficult for her to hold down a job but nothing is stopping her from going out and getting one.

like I’m pretty sure she doesnt have major debilitating social anxiety.

you can be a heroin addict and work no problem - it’s heroin, not mdma. It’s pretty unobvious to others when you’re high with a tolerance. if she’s a daily user (doubt it bc of the cost), she could lower her dose during work so she doesnt nod and fall asleep on the job, and use as normal when she comes back. or she could just take a sub in the morning when she has to work

ugh she feels so entitled, her demeanor
really points towards narcissism

No. 488213

Im all for helping people in need but Luna is such a mooch. She acts like she is the only mentally ill person in the world.
I almost wish someone promised to give her money only to send like one cent and a message to let her know why the fuck she expects fellow mentally ill people to give her money they have worked their asses off to get while she was sitting on her ass and playing Animal Crossing.

A few months ago I was legit jealous of her being a neet and being able to have fun all the time while I was crying every day cause I had to go for work feeling like shit. Now her shit decisions caught up with her. Pathetic

No. 488218


> She acts like she is the only mentally ill person in the world.

ikr in the first thread she said something along the lines of “so many people on tumblr claim to have bpd well guess what it’s a very rare disorder and i’m sure that most of you do not have it”. such a snowflake. it’s not THAT rare lol

No. 488220

Unless she actually gets called out, she'll keep begging on those facebook groups. Those people have actual jobs and are struggling asking for help while that piece of shit does nothing.

No. 488222

The "$40 or $50" thing just made me swear out loud and get angry. It was funny, but it's not anymore. I was married to someone that begged for drug money like that always with a story. He died of an overdose. Lurch will die first, and then Tuna will find another dealer and/or learn what it's like to sell ass.

No. 488223

Can't wait til the romanticism wears off and she's left with a lifetime of memories of the miles of dick she had to take. That is the only road this goes down if not jail and death. There are scams and hustles but they stop working. Pussy always sells. You ain't got to be pretty or clean either.

No. 488225


Personally I don't think she romanticizes or glamorizes her drug use as much anymore because she can't access her drug of choice, heroin, as often as she'd like. I think that's the 'big fish' for her because all her idols took it.

Sure, she probably takes everything she can get, legal or not, but except for the odd photo of some pills every once in a while, she's lost the desire to document her addiction because it isn't cute or enviable anymore.

I suspect that's one of the main reasons she dropped off of therapy: it was too much of a reality check. It was easier to keep on living in her shithole than to actually confront her life for what it is.

Luna is now only starting to understand what living with addiction will be like. With Roger alive and Lurch not in prison, she could keep a sort of status quo.

Lurch's arrest, her overdose and now Roger's death reminds her how much of a pile of absolute steaming shit her life is.

No. 488226

E-begging doesn't stop at prostitution. I've seen numerous girls on Tumblr asking for money from followers so they don't have to take a client, for cam equipment, or just demanding cash from random SWERFS to prove that "they actually care about stopping sex work". Luna will always beg, bad things happening to her just makes her feel more entitled to other people's money because feeling mildly uncomfortable sends her into a ~BPD breakdown~.

No. 488228

She's been begging people for loads of money for years and people have yet to stop giving the lazy cunt money.

No. 488238

I’ve seen some people speculate if Roger really passed away. He really did, right? She just makes me sick and Lurch as well because that’s his fucking dad?? How can you not even have the humanity to not steal money from others, use that money so he can rest easy and stop making it about THEM when this man kept both their asses up and he had to live whatever life he had left around them. I’m sorry for ranting, I had a close family member pass away 3 years ago and my own father pawned some of his belongings for drugs and it’s really hitting me hard how these two pieces of shit treated Roger. I have never understood addiction fully, and always held such anger at my dad because he always stole from my family and even me when he needed his fix. How can you be so disrespectful? I’m sorry if this is all over the place, I’m just really wondering if he did really pass away Luna and Lurch are absolute fucking pieces of shit to pull this. I don’t understand addicts and never will.

No. 488241

She’s never going to get a job unless she legally changes her name (yes Luna Slater is her real name, I’ve seen that photo of her IDs over the years) and employers can just Google her and the entire first page will be filled with links to threads like this

No. 488247

I workin a pizza shop and we have 3 people on suboxone working there. She could get hired. But she will never be able to keep a schedual.

No. 488263

Tbf she doesn’t deserve a job. Can only imagine her burdening the entire workplace.

No. 488265

She also acts like the only poor person in the world. Especially with her constant complaints about “rich kids who pretend to be poor” while it applies to herself really. Her rent is $1750/month, divide that between her and Lurch it’s $875 per person. I don’t even consider myself poor and I would barely be able to afford $600/month.

No. 488283

A bit OT but Luna reminds me of a girl on tumblr (girlrejectedgod?) who’s been scamming and e-begging nonstop for a year or two. She’ll have 2-3 posts with made up contradicting sob stories circulating at once and then I think she spends the money buying herself things on amazon. I actually would not be surprised if they’re friends

No. 488285

i'm sure this will be interpreted as me whiteknighting or being myki herself even though neither are the case, but luna and myki are very different in my eyes. myki is actually very mentally ill (bipolar 1, the kind with psychosis and severe manic episodes) and is not an addict. she has calmed down since getting mentioned in the ng thread and generally keeps to herself nowadays. i'm not saying i know where that money is going either way (and having the same diagnosis, i know spending can be an issue with the manic episodes so i won't comment on that) but her problems are a lot more legitimate than luna's and she doesn't use them to wallow or have self pity circlejerks for herself. she's a sweet girl, imo, and you are obviously free to say what you think of her but this is just my own experience with her.

No. 488286

Hm I don’t know the girl personally, I noticed she posts about bipolar but I assumed she’s using it for brownie points, I didn’t think she was actually diagnosed. Thought it was a self diagnosis thing. If she hasnt lied though why are her stories so contradictory. She has a thread here?

No. 488290

Myki is a Trainwreck in her own right. But it's a different breed than tuna who is just a desperate drug addicted loser. I'm not surprised myki has a thread on here. If someone could link it that would be wonderful…

No. 488296

She previously mentioned that she goes to the Bronx to get her fix. Bitch is straight up directly using his death to get heroin money.

No. 488311

lol in melbourne australia myki is the name of our widely hated payment system for public transport

No. 488316

Omg lordy anon…late reply and sorry can't sage, but I loved your green text!

No. 488417

Lmao as if she said that. BPD is way more common than bipolar disorder - although the two are often mistaken - and everyone and their nan apparently have that now.

No. 488628

its actually on the second thread here >>171060

No. 488685

she did say it, i specifically remember that but i think you linked to the wrong thread

No. 488742

Idk why the link isn’t working, it’s number 171060, right near the top of second thread. I’ve never linked to a post on a different thread so maybe I’m doing something wrong lol sorry!

No. 488746

I think it's linking weird because the early Luna threads were in snow.

No. 488776

File: 1519025564210.gif (531.23 KB, 275x275, 1478122015238.gif)

Bringing back cracked out Luna making videos of her flat ass in public to make into tumblr gifs…a time when the milk flowed freely.

On another note, any notable updates from FB/insta or has she been too busy shooting up since her 1200 from gofundme went through?

No. 488893


She has been pretty silent on social media probably off her rocker on who knows what from all those sweet sweet donations

No. 488923

i know they're both fried and stupid from all the drugs, but how did they not have a plan in place for when roger died?

he was clearly and obviously a very unwell, fragile old man for a long time before he passed, and they knew he had congenital heart failure - god knows tuna banged on and on about it in order to make his pain into her sad bby points, and he'd been hospitalised with greater frequency over the pas few years…and it's fucking winter over there, fragile old people drop like flies in extreme weather

what, did they think he'd just live forever? outlive them? how could you dishonour your oh-so-cherished parent like that, let alone make things even more difficult for yourself than they are when you're grieving?

i guess that's just asking for too much clarity or tuna fucking looking outside of herself for once… not ever gonna happen

No. 488962

Well I for one am excited that Luna will have to face harsh realities now that she has to come up with rent money and money for Food and drugs. Will she start hooking? Selling drugs? Overdosing? Can't wait to find out.

No. 489019

I for one am predicting more gofuckmes, fb group begging, and more "buy my art so I can eat uwu i'm literally dying" begging

Begging x100 really

No. 489103

yeah bc her body is too gross for her to be a camgirl or sel nudes lol

No. 489111

When has that ever stopped anyone, kek

No. 489119

Didn't she already try that and just stopped because she suddenly became sex repulsed?

No. 489144

but do these people with bodies like luna even make decent money from being a cam girl? are there seriously that many nasty old men with fetishes for majorly saggy tits, chubby bodies, tons of cellulite and huge areolas? im gagging. why doesnt she just start selling dirty underwear on tumblr lmao

No. 489166

Part of me kinda hopes they do, otherwise the level of cringe gets too high for me to cope with. Imagine being so desperate that you’re a sex worker that nobody wants

No. 489244

Honestly the money would be decent even for her but she's probably too lazy. Camming sounds easy but you have to be online all the time talking to people and sending pictures/videos and if you don't deliver to people who pay you'll never be able to use the site again, basically. She's too strung out all the time to keep up with it.

No. 489267

The first of the month is approaching, so rent will be due. I wonder when she will start e-begging again. Also, shouldn't Rogers life insurance help pay his cremation bills? I'm guessing he had it since he had social security.

No. 489331

Lurch will probably go out and try to get hit by another taxi so he can sue and get another payday. That wont be instant cash though, so I guess Tuna can can beg money from "evil" dad, or start sucking dick for cash.
I think theyre pretty much fucked. She wont be able to e-beg rent and dope money every month. Why don't they fucking get jobs?

No. 489346

I think Luna posted a letter they sent to their landlord saying they will be late on the rent because of Roger's death, so they clearly don't plan on paying rent at all.

I bet they're stalling their landlord to buy a month or two until they get properly evicted. Because let's be honest, there's no way those two can cover the whole rent (~$1700) and get their fix at the same time.
E-begging can only go so far.

I bet when that time comes, Luna will be crying on every group chat about how she's gonna be homeless and woe is she, she can't move her shit ton of dirty clothes and plushies and needs money for a truck that will go nowhere, they'll leave the nastiest flat to their landlord after paying no rent and Luna will just go back to her dad and promise to try rehab again.

No. 489396

Someone that lives in NY area try to get the cats from them when they get evicted. If the cats go to a shelter they'll just die there. It's their cats but they are innocent animals and don't deserve that shit.

No. 489397

Luna's life reminds me of that manga, Emergence. Of course there are differences but the ending will be similar to them.

No. 489423

$1700 wtf!?! Is that actually cheap rent where she’s at!? I can find a 1 bedroom for $600-1000 here, $600 being a shitty spot but beggars cant be choosers.

im looking at aparments where she lives and i’ve found a couple cheaper spots, why do they not just move ffs? Can they not afford moving fees and deposits? Just cut down on the drugs for a bit (not easy but obviously possible) and save. money.

No. 489433

probably can't afford moving fees, or deposits, first + last, no proof of income, probably no credit history, no references, and they have pets

i know not all landlords give that much of a fuck but for them they probably can't just pick a place and move there because they're such garbage people who would agree to rent to them and take a chance? not everyone

No. 489435

Anon I pay 600 per week where I live.
That’s the average price for a 1b apt

I haven’t seen Luna in her usual Facebook groups.
I give those two another two weeks

No. 489445

I'm not american and I don't remember the exact place where she lives but I think this isn't a crazy amount for some of the cities there. I'm staying in CA right now and the rent is like 1800, although it's a smaller but nicer area than hers.

I'm pretty sure that the new landlord would require several recommendations, a deposit as well as good credit, and they have none of those things.

Now I'm assuming things but I'm sure Luna doesn't want to move to a cheaper place because it doesn't fit her heroin chic aesthetic. If she does dope in a fancy place while painting and complaining on her tumblr she's a poor misunderstood artist, but if she does that in a trailer she's just a crazy meth head.

No. 489456

That's actually quite a hefty amount, speaking as a New Yorker. She could easily find a cheaper place now that it's only her and Lurch.

No. 489464

that's ridiculously low for a decent place! Where do you live (ie. next to a city, major city, town, remote town, etc etc)? Are you in the US?

yeah there's a lot of people on craigslist who don't really care and rent you their basement for cheap, why don't they look into that? Better than homelessness

but she can deeeefinitely find something cheaper there

No. 489466

I think you misread that anon. They pay 600 dollars in rent a week.

No. 489467

>yeah there's a lot of people on craigslist who don't really care and rent you their basement for cheap, why don't they look into that? Better than homelessness

Probably but I don't see Luna and Lurch managing to cover up even a few hundred $$$ for rent, not to mention taking care of their space. Plus all you have to do is google their name to see the disaster of human beings that they are.
Granted not everyone do that but still.

I'm convinced once they're evicted she'll run straight to her dad, I don't see Luna taking a chance at sleeping outside or in a drug den.

No. 489468

oh yeah I did misread. probably live in a really nice area

No. 489500

no it's not. you can look at it on google maps. it's even far outside. other new york-ish fags earlier in the threads have confirmed this is kind of the usual rent. and their apartment was a shithole even before they moved in.

No. 489579

You should probably make sure you know what people are talking about before you reply

No. 489583

File: 1519267738301.jpeg (315.5 KB, 750x1224, 1D7DCC66-CC6A-4C27-8B10-BBE3C6…)

Surprised she didn’t ask for a donation in either Tai or Rodger’s memory lol

No. 489597

>if i have any fans out there

she really does think shes's a real, actual e-celeb.

No. 489632


at least she knows people only followed her to laugh at her

No. 489637

Does this mean no more Luna posts? That's a shame, though it's probably healthier for her.
I find her so interesting. Not even funny, just curious. If anything, she's sad.

No. 489644

The Eviction Process in Westchester County New York


No. 489664

Now that you mention it…

No. 489668


>"i know at least half of you follow me just to laugh at me"

i know she's a piece of shit but i don't have a hate boner for luna and i can't say this didn't make me feel a sad twinge.

No. 489672

File: 1519300639265.jpg (29.3 KB, 1048x247, 2018-02-22 06.40.57132132.jpg)

well what else are you gonna do about a junkie cow that traded her father-in-law's cremation donation in heroin.
10 out of 10 the only reason's she is laying so low right now, is because lurch and her are blowing that sweet, sweet donation money for drugs and treats and so no one got photographs evidence of her gofundme fraud from her instagram page.
and all of that post is just another pity-point-party.

btw nice freudian slip, tuna.
>i truly want expecting

No. 489678

Maybe she's hiding cuz all her Google pics resurfaced again with her heroin campaign?

No. 489693

Don't forget that she:

>Kept a plant that can make her cats sick

>Doesn't take care of them
>Took things that Roger's friends gave him shortly before he died
>Moved into Roger's room immediately after he went to the hospice
>Started posting selfies the day Roger died
>Has yet to say thank you to people who donated to the gofundme
>Begged for money after her grandma died and blew it on drugs
>Always begs for donations and then spends the money on makeup and other pointless shit
>Lies about everything
>Tells sob stories to get people to pity her like that sad twinge that you felt

No. 489774

or she could just you know be a decent person and try to fix her shit. she always thinks & says that people make fun of her because she’s a heroin addict with BPD. she’s delusional, like no that is not the reason why people dislike you lol. like why do you think there are people with BPD and heroin addicts out there on social media who do not get laughed at and hated on

No. 489897

She is on the stage Saki is hooked on drugs and think she is an adult and her boyfriend will take care of her forever. Soon she will be hooking and then Lurch will dump her ass and she will be homeless. The ending you probably know already.

No. 490226

File: 1519523014015.png (2.94 MB, 1440x2395, Screenshot_2018-02-24-19-41-47…)

"found" bottle of bleach. Okay.

No. 490242

She’s gotten big

No. 490246

>got rid of my awful roots
And yet there they still are just like they are every time you dye your hair.

No. 490247

File: 1519531544210.jpeg (148.67 KB, 640x999, BEC288D5-3B45-411C-9A46-ED505B…)


Looks like she missed a spot hahaha. Also the fact that her roots are yellow triggers me

No. 490586

File: 1519707762829.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, A7C32585-6707-474E-86AC-271875…)

Recent unimportant updates

No. 490587

File: 1519707795074.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, BE063938-D611-4654-A0A7-407FB0…)

No. 490596

You can see where her foundation stops just before her jaw line wtf

No. 490601

Lmao a constant problem she has, i don’t get it. she must be too high to realize. I wish an actual “friend” of hers would point it out

No. 490605

File: 1519709612445.jpeg (72.15 KB, 639x713, AA3BEA65-8F9C-40F7-8A47-BD92FB…)

Every time I zoom in on her selfies I regret it after and feel sick

No. 490607

Kek that is vile. What is it with the mustache? She is hairy all over, guess she doesn't need to be attractive for dead-dick Lurch, but why show off your lady mustache to the world? I wonder if she gives any of her selfies a closer look before posting them. Granted, the hairiness could be a woke femme grrl power thing, or she's afraid to steal a pack of razors, but my pet theory is that it's simply that clueless fat-girl willful obliviousness.

No. 490629

Out of all the things wrong with Luna you decide to nitpick the fact that she has hair where normal people have it? I know this thread has been really slow lately but has it really come to this? You have hair p much anywhere you have pores and her face seems to have a normal amount of it, it just shows up more in photos because of her gross cakey makeup and bright lighting.

No. 490650

Late to the party but why did she need to go to the Bronx to pick up his remains when the funeral home she said they were using isn't in the Bronx?

No. 490654

because she goes to the bronx to cop junk and she's a terrible liar

No. 490660

Luna, you need to get off of the path you're traveling down. If that means getting a job, ditching the 40 year old man, changing your situation, you need to find the courage to do it. The money will run dry, the illusion will shatter, the house of cards will come tumbling down.

No. 490697

I did wonder the same thing and looked it up, that funeral home also has a location in the Bronx (and a few other places).

(I don't know shit about NYC so I don't know if that's actually the closest/most practical one for her to use tho)

No. 490779

File: 1519791023531.jpeg (324.52 KB, 1770x1227, 5D615DE4-CF6A-490D-B44F-37B861…)

Looks like Tuna is already selling off Rogers things

No. 490802

I know he's gone and doesn't need that anymore but this is incredibly sad to me. The urgency to sell off his stuff is because they want drug money and it's awful that the end of his life was spent with selfish, filthy junkies.

No. 490828

Is this on her Instagram or what? How much is she selling it for and to who??

No. 490891


It was on her Facebook in her uploads but I can’t find where it is posted I’m not her friend on fb so I can’t see her timeline but those two photos are public when you look her up. She posted them on Saturday

No. 490901

How do all of her almost 700 facebook friends sit by and not call her out for all of the hair dye conveniently 'found' when ~broke bby~ just cashed a check of 1.5k for Roger's funeral? Not one person even questions it. Shit's fucked up, man.

No. 490952


Tuna has been doing this for years now, i've noticed it's not even her old 'best friends' she had 5 years ago that really like her posts or comment on them,or even interact with her in person. I'm guessing the people who do interact with her nowdays are other junkies she's spoken to on facebook. Most of her irl friends probably know what she's doing and have given up trying to help her/pitying her.

No. 490958

Well, maybe this will at least get her biggest real-life enablers, Pat and her daughter, to take notice and turn off the money taps.

No. 490964


she hasnt mentioned pat and her daughter in a fair while though has she?? maybe they stopped coddling her aswell
bryce hasnt been mentioned in months either

No. 491019

what is that in her lip? in the next pic shes got a much bigger piercing but i cant tell what that is meant to be

No. 491020

It’s like the lip ring alternative of a stud, it’s very spiked like some style of septum ball piercings

No. 491025


It looks like she lost the ball to the labret stud and changed jewelry to the circular barbell.

No. 491299

so she doesn't have any money to go pick up rodger's ashes but she has enough money to get a new piercing. even at a really cheap place wouldn't that still be like $20? has ANYONE called her out?

No. 491302

Rent should be due, any ebegging updates on that? Or is she drug oblivioning herself through a drawn out eviction process?

No. 491308


She got the piercing done in December or January.

No. 491416

File: 1520127663443.jpeg (171.25 KB, 500x666, 3B7DFF40-57EF-4880-B27B-66CF0D…)

she posted photos of her town after the storm they just had. i know damn straight they don’t have a car so why were they “investigating” the cars? it makes me feel like they were trying to see what they could take and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were looting tbh

No. 491417

samefagging sorry but i just realized that he’s carrying a giant bag too

No. 491418

What state is she in?

No. 491419

>it wouldn’t surprise me if they were looting tbh

lol of course they are, they're cockroaches. look at all the stuff tuna ~finds on the road~.

fucking disgusting thieves looting from people's storm damaged vehicles, what a pair of useless, underhanded, grubby pricks.

and i'm pretty fucking sure that lurch doesn't own a brand new bag like that - probably came from that poor person's car

No. 491420

Lurch is creeping harddddd on that car.
There's literally no reason for him to be so close to it like that?
I hope the owner reports stuff stolen and that picture gets noticed.

No. 491425

you’re right. it’s disgusting as hell. i don’t expect any decency from them at all after the way they reacted to roger’s death. i mean, i didn’t before but now it’s even worse.
they’re disgusting human beings. who in the fuck sees a natural disaster as a way to get new items to pile onto their hoard/pawn for drugs? sickening.

No. 491426

File: 1520130336357.jpeg (464.13 KB, 960x1280, 38D3C6FB-64D0-4501-B9D1-ADF618…)

where was the bag at here? definitely stolen too.

No. 491427

File: 1520130491806.png (9.94 MB, 1242x2208, F6044650-CC78-4759-87AA-23CBA4…)

kek @ the caption

No. 491429

>a look

A bad one yes.

She's in NY.

No. 491450

File: 1520152118054.png (3.31 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-03-04-02-26-21…)

looks like she's been to her dad's recently. trying to get money i'm betting

No. 491451

File: 1520152158031.png (1.9 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-03-04-02-26-11…)

No. 491452

File: 1520152395733.png (2.32 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-03-04-02-26-27…)


No. 491468

He doesn’t even have a face, he’s all nose!

But I agree with the looting theory. They’re definitely scummy enough and he was very close to that car to ‘just have a look’.

No. 491538


Her cuticles are disgusting from those cheap nails. They are so red and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are on the verge of infection. That skirt is so filthy and covered in a veil of grime I bet she’s never washed it once

No. 491697

File: 1520251385682.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1203, 20180305_070053.png)

How out of it do you have to be to take/post pictures of your "look" without noticing your lipstick is half off??

No. 491709

Not to WK but I kind of love her eyeliner like this

No. 491717

You too can achieve this 'look' by taking some downers to steady your hand, and then colouring in your eyelids with a black felt tip pen.

No. 491824

I love how she did 2 different eyeliner shapes on each eye.
I wish I could get high and fuck up my makeup too.

She probably just messed up her liner and just kept adding more to try and "fix" it. That's what I did when I did my makeup while smoking crack.

No. 491835

My sides have left orbit.

No. 491839

I don’t typically follow Luna, but I legitimately have a soft spot for addicts. I don’t know why. A lot of it seems to be mental illness. I totally get that she has to be held responsible for her actions in some way. Maybe it’s because she posts all this deplorable stuff for the world to see. Like if she got clean and had her life on track somewhat, she would be so ashamed to see what she was doing.
Anyway, I scroll past her thread all the time and see these truly nasty selfies she takes and all I can wonder is if some day she will feel enormous regret seeing that she posted all of this online.

No. 491863

If she can EVER feel true regret, I'll have to rethink my whole position in this world.

No. 491900

Just fyi since you dont follow her

Her addiction and mental illness are not the problem. Me, as well as many other farmers have said that they’re heroin addicts (or former ones) and/or have BPD. We’re not like Luna. However, unlike what Luna is doing, BPD and heroin/stim addiction is treatable. She’s capable of recovery, as is EVERYONE else.

Luna seriously seems to give no fucks about trying to work on her mental disorders & addiction. She romanticizes the fuck out of her addiction, she even did before she ever tried dope. She lacks empathy - which isnt related to BPD and her addiction. Many of her actions just point towards a very narcissistic attitude.

You can feel sympathy for addicts and mentally ill people, many truly are functional, nice people, many dont post themselves shooting up on social media with their real name, and mean no harm. But not for Luna, she scams money out of people and steals, but MANY addicts don’t. It’s more common with the low functional homeless & jobless ones who are desperate, but even the empathic ones would feel guilt and remorse about this. She doesn’t. Nothing is stopping her from at least getting a min wage part time job. Her BPD isnt, her addiction isnt.

No. 491906

She used her “father in law’s” death to scam money from people, hauled ass to the bronx to cop, and then lied about it. Poorly. Any sympathy I had for her is gone. It’s not being an addict or mentally ill. You can be both of those things and still have morals. She’s a worthless, selfish, lazy, scummy little opportunist.
Sorry but I hadn’t read her threads in awhile so Roger’s death is still new to me. It is appalling how she treated his death and she doesn’t deserve any amount of kindness anyone on this planet could offer her.

No. 491912

also bpd is one of the only treatable cluster b personality disorders. it is considered a personality disorder not a mental illness. yes stuff like her “overreaction” and seeking validation is part of bpd, but the narcissism isnt. she had npd traits (not diagnosing her her npd, just saying shes got traits), which is painfully difficult to treat because narcissistic people have massive egos. so she most likely always will be a shit person if she recovered from bpd and addiction

No. 491936

This. Bpd comes with such intense guilt and self loathing. An average self aware sufferer would rather seek help and overcome it than feeling like they have no control over their affliction.
And then there are narcs like her who screeches BLAme it On MUH BPD bbY~ because on tumblr dot com it illicits more sympathy than being a narc.

No. 491943

Yeah, I mean the right side isn't great but I just think this shape and density helps her eyes look more upturned idk

No. 492510

This. Luna as a person is a self-obsessed, nasty, lazy, bratty, selfish, disrespectful pain in the ass. Her drug addiction and personality disorder(s) didn't cause that, they just exacerbate it.

No. 492787

I honestly doubt she even has BPD. severe addiction can mimic the symptoms of multple disorders, hence why many psychiatrists won't diagnose someone until they have been sober for a while. Addiction in and of itself is an extremely severe and serious mental illness with so many different aspects, you could diagnose a hardcore addict with a dozen mental illnesses.

No. 492805


>BLAme it On MUH BPD bbY~

thank you anon, i'm having a nasty day and i cackled so hard.

No. 492810

God she's so boring lately. How long til she starts withdrawing from her binge?

No. 492863

File: 1520611424622.jpeg (220.78 KB, 1242x800, 6DC35B9B-296F-4E4B-B52E-D3EF8B…)

sage for offtopic but has anyone browsed that "leftbook donation group that Luna is a part of? it's one of the many places she begs for money in and has been posted here multiple times.

some of these people are so ridiculous. there are legitimate requests but then there are crazy whiny ones too. the image attached is one of those. now I know why Luna feels so at home in that group. I doubt any of the members are as evil and conniving as Tuna but damn, I feel like slapping half of these people whenever I look at the page

No. 492903

Tbh her lack of milk could indicate she's becoming more aware of the consequences of drug sperging after her heroin photos were posted to the gofundme. It would be alarming if that didn't cause her to be less forthcoming.

No. 492904

if I had a dollar for everytime someone said this! Lol

No. 492917

I very, very, very much doubt that's the case at all. The person who was paying rent died and now she and Lurch have to figure out how to pay or get kicked out. Not to mention the utilities. If anything she might just be trying to figure out her living situation.

No. 492919

Her heroin photos were posted? Did I miss an episode?

No. 492934

No. 492959

I dunno, I kind of agree. She posted a couple of weeks ago that she knows most of her followers are just around to make fun of her and it seems like Rogers death really did bring her back to reality, at least a little bit. She's been posting everything about her life for years, it's very uncharacteristic of her to be silent. Especially when she actually has a good excuse to beg for money.

No. 492973

That's exactly what I've been thinking. That post was a rare moment of clarity for her.

No. 492977

Roger's death didn't stop her from begging for a lot of money and spending it on herself, though.

No. 493419

is this thread just dry or is there a new one?

No. 493420

Dry. Tuna is ghosting now that Roger is dead.

No. 493421

File: 1520827874409.jpeg (371.42 KB, 640x1006, 8DD17806-F3A2-47BA-9A4A-FEE8ED…)

She posted this 10 hours ago.

No. 493422

File: 1520827932325.jpeg (395.93 KB, 640x1010, 51FA2888-AB66-458F-9DBB-43AE3A…)

6 days ago.

No. 493450

>cheap online
So for her it came off Amazon for $30. Wonder how much food she could have bought with that considering she has half a room's worth of clothing she hasn't worn in five years.

No. 493468

You should've spent it on a bra instead. Jesus

No. 493556


But she totally needs to order unnecessary things or she will just kill her self!

No. 493607

why doesn't she go to thrift stores? like thats instant gratification if you want clothes and you don't have a lot of money

No. 493635

File: 1520975376174.png (35.54 KB, 773x714, luna1.PNG)

ex-friends with tuna. friends with her on FB still. figured i could add

No. 493636

File: 1520975608357.png (32.4 KB, 772x249, luna2.PNG)

shes not complaining about withdrawing on any of her bitching platforms, so shes still finding the money for H

No. 493637

Maybe she should have spent that money on things that are actually useful, not overpriced junk that will just be thrown on the ground and never worn again. Also, she needs to stop using suicide to bait people into giving her money or pity. Get a fucking job bitch.

No. 493643

i was one of the idiots she had feeling bad for her once upon a time. tuna admitted she cannot get a job because she would get dopesick within 4-5 hours, and is too nervous to keep going to the bathroom to shoot up. plus says she "doesnt know how to shoot up without nodding out" apparently. says her knee pain is too bad so she needs to keep doing dope to function, bc those mean ol nasty doctors wont Rx her any oxy while shes covered in track marks.

No. 493675

Wow tuna, it's almost like drugs ruin people's lives.
She wanted this lifestyle, and she fucking got it. I feel zero pity.kek

No. 493705

She could make a coffee can heater.
Get some tealights (she should have no problem stealing these from the dollar store, amiright?) and find a shitty coffee can. Poke holes at the top, light the flame and let it warm. Pretty effective if you're 2poor or 2stoopid for a real space heater.

Not that I believe she would actually help herself and that this isn't another ruse to try to con sympathetic suckers out of their money.
I just caught up on a month's worth of reading, last I checked Roger had just died. I can't believe this bitch squandered all of his funeral money…actually, yes I can.

No. 493710

> plus says she "doesnt know how to shoot up without nodding out" apparently.

lol what!! haha bitch lower your dose. or smoke or snort a bit to starve off the withdrawals. i cant believe she said this. and “being too nervous to go to the bathroom” is a bullshit excuse, you do what you gotta do. she’s just lazy

No. 493731

thank you ex-friend anon

No. 493745

Most people would get a job at that point, Tuna. Maybe you should take note and do that.

But noooo buying a new shirt is clearly more important than having heat.

No. 493747

plus she would only need to go to the bathroom once in a full work day, so she could do it on her lunch break, it wouldn't look suspicious. if she did part time hours she could just do it before and after her shift ffs

No. 493753

You would fucking think, wouldn't you. But no, this was more then 6 months after she was hired to paint a mural and be a front desk lady at some music/guitar school, and just "stopped getting calls back I have no idea why, they just won't answer my calls" after she stole from the lady and was nodding out after shooting up. Fuck, why CANT you go back there tuna? Mind you she only was there maybe 5 hours a day to paint a wall and they chose to let it go half finished and hire someone completely else to not have her there stealing and nodding out. Those were her reasons why she just cant find another job, its not her fault…bc of course she cant have a job where she stands, too much never diagnosed knee pain. but she can't have a job where she sits all day, bc she cant find a job that doesn't drug test and is also safe in her mind to shoot up at.

yknow, I think my next post will be about her "diagnoses" and doctor avoidance, because OH BOY

No. 493758

Tell me how- me, a fucker who's never done dope, had to sit there and give tuna suggestions based on basic god damn logic on how to key bump her shit. And when that wasn't enough, because it isn't the saaaame the needle is part of it its just not the SAME, then Jesus H tuna sit at home (shouldn't be hard) start small and take consecutively bigger shots until you find out where it is. I fuckin refuse to believe she was truly so stupid she could not figure that out. She must have either been too chicken then to do it herself, or she is so used to playing stupid online to get whatever she wants …that she honestly thought that someone who at that point was a friend and not removed from the situation would agree "you're right, tuna, you cannot get a job, and you cannot get disability bc of those pesky docs that are against you. Your only option is begging online from 'your fans'.."(read the rules & usage info)

No. 493760

File: 1520998586891.png (513.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180313-233423.png)

Did she mention losing power? Unless she has electric heat, utility companies can't legally turn off her heat.

No. 493768

Do you know if she ever said why Lurch can't get a job?

No. 493785

She lives in quite an old apartment building, electric heating is more common in these but who know with Tuna.

No. 493790

Maybe I’m bullshitting, but I remember an old tumblr post where she said that his seizures are too big. Also his leg, or he would have been the best baseball player ever or something

No. 493803

They both have knee problems and can't work a sit down job. Those poor people!

No seriously Tuna, sit down jobs exist and there's no way no one is hiring in Manhattan.

She could easily go live with her father, get a job and save up money until she can get on her feet, then move back in with Lurch while still working. Though I would hope that being independent would mature her in that time and make her not want to go back to Lurch.

No. 493814

she can't get a job cus she can't pass the drug test

No. 493836

I doubt a shit job at like MacDonalds would do drug tests, I've never had a job that had me do a drug test. Then again with Tuna, there's no hiding shes a druggie, she looks like one, acts like one and one simple google search will show employers all those lovely photos of her shooting up and with a naked Lurch.

No. 493838

McDonalds does actually do a primary drug test at least where I live