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File: 1599575238770.gif (261.66 KB, 220x220, tenor (2).gif)

No. 794372

19 year old "beauty guru" with subpar make-up skills. Has around 1 million (fake) followers on Instagram (fluctuates with when they can buy new bots), 11k (fake) followers on Twitter and 10k (fake) subscribers on youtube.
Has around a 1% engagement on instagram, but those likes and comments appear to be from bots, fake accounts, and engagement pods. Never gets any RTs or likes on twitter aside from her mom. Doesn’t get much more than 1000 views on her Youtube videos. Some brands, such as Colorpop and Laura Mercier have, however, fallen for her snafu and send her PR. Recent drama channels exposing her have garnered more attention as of late, but the views die off quickly and return to bot numbers soon after the hype dies down.

>Her mom Laur creates all her fan accounts on IG. Many of them pretends to be grossly exaggerated versions of minorities.
>Claims she has her own beauty brand coming out in 2020 (@lilleejeancosmetics) UPDATE 7/2020: This turned out to be just a new blog launch called @lilleejeanbeauty as her associated IG account was renamed as such
>Went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab and made some customs Lipsticks (as anyone can do) for herself, claimed they were a collab and that Bite would release them for purchase. Sperged out on IG and cancelled them when they told her to stop claiming it was an official collaboration (https://www.instagram.com/tv/BwaDTX1gyDc/?igshid=3t86d935d62o)
>Had a billboard of herself in Times Square for Covergirl, pretends she did an actual campaign with them, when in reality it was a campaign where anyone could upload their picture to their homepage and then get their picture on the billboard.
>Her batshit insane mother uploaded an obviously shooped picture to her IG (@lrtrueman) claiming Lillee went to the MET ball. It wasn’t until after the reddit call-out they began to claim it was fan-art.
>Her mother also posted an obviously shooped “Teen Vouge” cover with Lillee on the front page.
>Somebody on r/beautyguruchatter made a thread about Lillee Jean. Her and her mom sperged out, made multiple accounts and spammed threads.
>Most likely buys used palettes for her videos. Has new videos for sets that came out weeks ago


https://www.twitter.com/InevitableLrt (goes between private and public)

Other relevant links can be found here >>767646


>An extended summary of Lillee's Q&A video >>777943

>Whatsyourvibez is changed over to lilleejeanbeauty >>778093 which also becomes the name of her new website >>782801 One of her other sock accounts is also renamed to lilleejeandebunked_ >>778430 which later moves to tumblr at lilleejeantruth.tumblr.com >>780643
>Tiredlady believes Brenda's killer is paying Dees to stalk LJ >>778145 A new sock by Laur also seems to believe this >>778857 and tells people to kys while at it >>778900 Proof the sock is Laur >>779801 Laur seems to be the source of this lie >>781692 and goes full batshit claiming Diane is her sister's murderer >>782355 and >>782362 and >>782377 Much later she denies this ever happened >>784620
>Laur threatens Lunart with legal action after IG takes down the art post on Lillee's page >>778257 She also contacts the teen's mother >>778339
>Lillee's organic growth continues as she gains 500% more subs, and only 4% more views on Youtube >>778338
>A poster on reddit claims to have gone to middle school with Lillee >>778529 They claim Lillee said she had a 17 year old boyfriend and wore a sexualized halloween costume to school >>778565 Dees interviews the poster on stream >>779428
>A farmer finds old comments sent to a currently empty account by LJ/Laur calling them Pheepy >>778608 The few comments not deleted sound extremely ESL >>778610 before the replies change to a @princephillipe account >>778611
>More racist comments by LJ's sock fans >>778775 and >>778776 and >>780491
>Lillee claims Youtube vets subs by removing them and then putting them back later, hence her totally normal fluctuating sub count >>778844 She doubles down on this when she totally organically reaches 10k subs >>779696
>LJ wants you to sign BLM petitions and wear a mask >>779326 People calling her out for her racist comments get diatribes in reply >>779335 She also fears supporting Black brands right now can be construed as racist >>779382 Tiredlady spams the comments >>779581
>LJ follows a comment's advice and asked her million real Jeaniez to send her them following one of her tutorials or doing one of her looks for a feature in her video >>779890 One user takes her upon the challenge, complete with copious fallout >>780241
>LJ's very savvy brand manager found an account of a Portugese woman running for congress and thinks she's trying to kill him for having a non-English name >>780567
>Laur claims they will get really exciting news July 1!!! >>780754 (Nothing ever comes of this)
>Dees says her attorney is working to get Laur and LJ's youtube accounts terminated for false copystrike flags >>781031 She clarifies she is not suing Laur or issuing a restraining order >>781834
>Instead of actually donating new items, LJ uses 2 year old photos of her donating clothes and encourages Jeaniez to do so as well >>781173
>Many women in LJ's family have The Sight, including LJ herself >>781502 She wants to do more videos honing in on spirits, ghosts, demons, and more >>781632 Also Diane cursed Laur to stub her toe >>782054
>People find reviews for Laur's propmaster claims which are what you'd expect >>781829
>As Laur continues to spam the LJ hashtags, Twitter finally takes action and temporarily restricts her management account >>781995
>Lillee does another IG live, highlights here >>782069
>Lillee tries to dye her hair and manages to turn it dark red, then a brassy green after apparently not toning it correctly >>782204 and >>782954 and >>783072
>After accusing Dees of being her sister's murderer for a month, Laur begs Diane to leave her and LJ alone >>782533 and even pins such a request >>782588 then proceeds to spam her feed with instances of Dees calling them out for various things. Later she says she will continue to respond to Diane as long as Diane talks about her daughter >>784619
>Tiredlady seems to give up and says she will make a video with everything she knows before shutting down her Twitter account >>782868 She follows through with the deletion, at least >>783003
>Laur begs Diane for an interview on her channel >>784127 to "give her views" >>784170
>When the clip of Lillee telling Black people to shut the fuck up about slavery begins circulating again, LJ directs people to watch the full clip for context >>784138 possibly unaware that it makes her look even worse >>784204
>Lillee survived a whole year of being a victim and a lifetime of having tight pelvic walls >>784381
>Laur goes off on Tatiana for calling in a lawyer and defames the firm >>784392 Apparently the lawyer reaches out to Laur to tell her to stop tweeting about Tatiana, which she tells everyone by tweeting about Tatiana >>784521 Laur says she will apologize to anyone who actually comes to her with concerns, of which countless people have >>784542
>Laur is harassing a talented cosplayer and trying to have her store closed on Etsy >> 793210
>Laur is harassing Tatiana's lawyer again >>793805
>LJ is shaming another brand who dropped her: therabox >>787795
and "pillow bra" >>792063
>LJ still looks like a 50yo with baby teeth >>793882

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No. 794373

File: 1599575814864.jpg (114.4 KB, 1180x568, ertyuknbjvezrty.jpg)

LJ saying people should see Mulan with "an open mind".

No. 794374

did farmhands move it here?

No. 794375

I can't tell Anon, the previous thread is locked, I don't know why this one is not in /pt.
The link for #12 is also incorrect.

No. 794385

File: 1599584961376.jpg (311.95 KB, 1080x2220, 20200908_092041.jpg)

She is so pervasive

No. 794386

File: 1599585145938.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, F214997E-283C-4370-B05F-3EFA25…)

Lillee can’t be racist. Her great great great grandmother was black. She deleted this tweet.

No. 794390

Lillee's wording choices really crack me up.

No. 794392

That's because Lillee knows she is the one who is "spawn" and is just projecting while using the word incorrectly. Kek.

No. 794408

Lillee’s too fucking stupid to realize if her relatives were from Africa in the 1700s, they most likely did not willingly immigrate.

No. 794443

File: 1599615461866.jpeg (220.44 KB, 750x670, 08C4E919-C52C-453F-8722-662D26…)

They’re just as crazy as Lillee. Anyone who even looks in Laur/Lillee’s direction they need to message and warn about how Lillee is a white supremacist and literally kills black peoples, trans people, and children everyday just with her words. That’s how Lillee gains these fans that see her as a poor cyberbullied young girl because they see the craziness and how much they overhype LJ as problematic. Laur’s already trying to take advantage of the lvndr situation to get people on her side.

No. 794444

File: 1599615717359.png (192.64 KB, 618x644, Screenshot_12.png)

Laur's been going off private on and off lately. Probably realizing people care less and less about them so she just wants to stir up shit with her tweets.

No. 794445

File: 1599615971248.png (53.9 KB, 610x507, Screenshot_24.png)

She's talking about Sake in this one just for context. Sake sells masks on her Etsy shop, which Laur has definitely threatened before >>793254

No. 794446

File: 1599616105598.jpg (262.22 KB, 1152x2048, EhXM169WoAEEBg9.jpg)

Kek, is that Laur's shirt or something? It's huge.

No. 794448

It’s so funny watching people who are built with strong hillbilly trash genetics posture themselves as attractive and influential

No. 794449

It looks like more eBay Victoria Secret purchases, this time from circa 1995

No. 794452

How do you know they’re messaging people? When did Laur address the lvndr situation?

The new twitter callouts are the kids from Instagram who created all the fake fan accounts a few months ago. They’re pretty stupid and post screenshots logged into their fan accounts all the time. The Jess account that interacts with LJ is one of their’s and AshleylovesLillee is one too. Laur figured it out when they kept posting screenshots from her private account. With school starting & most people ignoring Lillee, they’ll probably start moving on.

No. 794460

File: 1599624047878.png (2.55 MB, 828x1792, 878CCFD6-1B23-4FF4-B686-A3F4DA…)

Size 2 princess kek

No. 794465

Oh no she’s doing the thing where she draws fangs onto her lips again. It looked like shit last time she did it and it didn’t really read as fangs at all-Just a white smear on her lip. I can’t believe how much of her work is recycled. Especially since she has no job/school/friends to occupy her time.

No. 794467

I'm not into makeup or makeup youtube etc, but is/was this a thing? I've never seen anyone do this.
Tinfoil she won't/can't use rubber/prosthetic fangs because her mouth is too fucked up for off-the-shelf versions. But we have seen her wearing a flipper in the past so maybe she's just too poor.

No. 794489

File: 1599642549189.jpg (343.45 KB, 1280x1920, EhQp2xaXgAMWwym.jpg)

Lillee: I'm 19.
Tits: lol no.

No. 794492

OP, that gif is pure nightmare fuel. Lillee can pass herself as the average West Virginia hillbilly when she keeps her mouth shut but when she's doing stuff like this she looks like the long lost third Hartley Hooligan.

No. 794497

File: 1599648717858.gif (756.74 KB, 498x280, tenor (1).gif)

Much thanks Anon.
Though it is hard to pick one, this is my very favorited gif from LJ tenor page.
All uploaded by herself.
Second favorite is this one.

No. 794503

File: 1599651381118.jpeg (113.61 KB, 1242x1238, 912D7665-C620-408A-AAC2-694F70…)

No. 794540

File: 1599663192909.jpg (164.04 KB, 1047x661, Screenshot_20200909-095241_You…)

If red/burgundy/blood colors were actually original, Lillee Jean would never have thought of it.

No. 794545

Lol Rachel/Ryan/Laur is so dumb: 90% of the "queen vampire makeup tutorial" are red/burgundy.
LJ's makeup looks so amateur compared to all the other artists.

And what's with her Halloween obsession now? She's been mentioning it since august.

No. 794546

File: 1599667452551.jpg (50.37 KB, 647x330, lilleejean on high alert.jpg)


No. 794558

with a million Jeaniez, she's practically a small country. Probably off the coast of India,on the middle east side.

No. 794589


>Probably off the coast of India


No. 794590

File: 1599676574957.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1198x1797, 25C47ADD-D8C2-40A4-912E-EDCEFD…)

she’d really go to school looking like this…?

No. 794591


Middle School Anon did say that Lillee wore really revealing clothing to school, when she bothered to show up at all.

No. 794593

File: 1599677009616.jpg (68.15 KB, 651x530, hi laur.jpg)

Laur and LJ new sock account.

Already restricted by twitter.

No. 794605

File: 1599678475700.jpeg (410.75 KB, 1181x1200, 2514D130-5503-4B70-A533-4DF273…)

No. 794606

The account is not Laur or Lillee’s. Demi/Anti-Ordinary is having a very public breakdown after Oomancer refused to date her or something. She made a bunch of accounts and videos bitching about Oomancer, Dees & other sealions.

No. 794607


No. 794611

Why would she doxx Sake Kitty?
How do you know it's not Laur?

No. 794619

File: 1599684705379.jpeg (110.86 KB, 750x473, 4C612E6A-4E5B-4E43-A3FA-5CB5D3…)

For attention, I guess. She’s made 3 troll accounts, a video and still people won’t pay attention.

I believe Tired Lady this time.

No. 794626

File: 1599689011519.jpeg (375.65 KB, 828x1411, 1D18B8B3-12D9-4F94-9623-1C2E1C…)

Can u provide some screen shots? Missed this

Also why did diane insinuate that lillee pooped her bed? Everybody was confused in the comments as well

Not gonna screen the whole thread cause it‘s incoherrent and gross

No. 794627

The "who pooped the bed" thing is a reference to an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The bit about the lab tests and the stool being from an unhealthy person is all from the episode.

No idea beyond that. I guess Diane's trying to be funny?

No. 794656

File: 1599700303231.jpeg (218.58 KB, 750x480, 03F35C59-BD25-49D6-852A-694E09…)

Does Lillee think you get Covid through dating apps?

No. 794659

I just look at that profile pic and keep seeing it with a background like in a mugshot.

No. 794666

File: 1599703527485.jpeg (219.94 KB, 750x930, 1E606BC3-7107-4D7B-8214-31FFCD…)

Lillee’s cosmetic account is restricted

No. 794683

This is a nitpick. the op tweet is literally talking about meeting up with guys on dating apps. Reading is fundamental, anon.

No. 794724

File: 1599737147774.jpeg (427.86 KB, 828x1113, B84DC468-9A7B-4F84-AEE4-5C983F…)


Saged cause no relevance to LJ but demi released a video 2 days ago claiming that oomancer victim-shamed her and tried to date her so she doxxed him. (Around 16min mark)

Its a whole mess - diane and co. have truly blossomed into little calves themselves lmao


No. 794725

How does a tranner having a one-sided internet fight makes Dees and Oomancer cows? Can’t wait for Laur to team up with this psycho tho.

No. 794730

File: 1599741519799.jpeg (312.73 KB, 750x1045, FDE72970-93C4-4E8D-812B-267275…)

Another sock account started harassing sake kitty & Tatiana

No. 794732

File: 1599741664028.jpeg (438.7 KB, 828x1040, BA10C5C8-E776-4B1F-B182-1647E9…)


Because the highlighted part of the video description shows that it wasnt one-sided and there was more shit going down with the steve mcrae loon and the other tranner

bffdees is basically a shitty drama youtuber at this point and all dramatubers are pretty much cows themselves

Tho i do gotta admit that the whole LJ thread is dry af without her egging laur on, that was fun to read

No. 794737

None of that happened. I follow Dees and they never mentioned anything about AntiOrdinary being harassed. It seems like AntiOrdinary is trying to get attention, which is working because we’re talking about her.

Laur is getting blamed for accounts she didn’t create >>794606

(Sorry for the derailing)

No. 794745

Video with <500 views
No one in LJ’s orbit is talking about it
Somehow gets posted here

Fuck off Demi

No. 794746

Nice selfpost now fuck off, noone cares about your issues.

No. 794753

Tater is not big enough to get random haters on Twitter. Plus, like pretty much every Youtube drama channel, she usually punches upward (I don't think she's going to get noticed by other subjects of her vids like Lele Pons or Onision). So it just becomes sadder and far too obvious who's behind this. The kindergarten schoolyard insults is a wonderful touch too. Try harder, Laur.

No. 794765

Laur seems more out of her mind than usual. We haven’t seen this many sock accounts since Lauren Elyse & Queen of Blending.

Do any legal anons know if there’s a statute of limitations on harassment/defamation? Not that she had a claim to begin with, but if Diane doesn’t mention Lillee for 6 months or so does Laur’s case disappear? There seems to be more of an urgency to Laur’s behavior than just attention seeking.

No. 794770

Depends on the state/states. There is definitely a statute of limitations and it's much shorter than serious criminal offenses. Diane leaving them alone means a cut off date for alleged harassment claims too. All this information is pointless because Laur is a shitty client and engages too much. She's more of an agitator than victim. She also has more personal attacks and threats to those she claims are harassing her. "No one messes with my kid" isn't a defense.

No. 794771

>We haven’t seen this many sock accounts since Lauren Elyse & Queen of Blending.
What do you mean? I can only see two new sock accounts, and seems that one isn't Laur.
Laur and LJ seems shadowbanned on their own hashtags, but I feel they tweet less than the usual.
Am I missing something?

No. 794777

File: 1599754740023.jpeg (268.42 KB, 945x1480, 54EE9673-C37D-4CF7-8E1A-5A2F05…)


2 accounts tweeting at Tatiana last week >>793144

And these new ones

No. 794786

File: 1599759700221.jpg (633.51 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200910-123233_Ins…)

Yet another bullshit pay to play magizine, this time featuring the wanna be influencer manager. After digging around in his life, I'm not surprised he was so stunned by the allegations of inappropriate behavior towards a female coworker. I get a very strong sense that he's trying really hard to compensate for not being confident in his own sexuality.

No. 794790

The poorly styled text over the smug-faced photo has me dying. Where do they find these middle school project-esque "magazines"?

No. 794792

File: 1599762971804.jpg (56.91 KB, 1100x740, blobfish_0.jpg)

Kek much wow picture he looks like this

No. 794816

File: 1599778329503.jpeg (158.55 KB, 750x347, CE8ABA07-3D3F-48DF-B054-E18467…)

Wonder if Lillee will tell her it’s karma for being a cunt online?

No. 794865

The poorly tucked shirt is sending me

No. 794877

File: 1599825793067.jpeg (102.97 KB, 1037x566, FA859E1E-168C-452A-96B3-61AA5E…)

the accounts Laur was using to dox people are restricted

No. 794880

File: 1599830531745.jpg (71.7 KB, 693x710, lj yt comments.jpg)

Another shitty "pastel goth" ungraceful makeup.
She's stuck to what a boomer would have in mind about stereotypical mall goth.

Still incredibly bigot and unnecessary revengeful in the comments.
LJ needs to chill and get a hobby outside the internet.

No. 794896

File: 1599843618089.jpeg (467.16 KB, 750x1002, AFA1B2D3-6FAC-426A-840A-2E6994…)

because it’s facetune not photoshop

lillee edits her photos laur

No. 794897


It's 9/11 anons. Laur has made several weird-ass statements in the past centering herself as some kind of tragic victim of the attack, even though she wasn't there.

So far, she hasn't said a word about it today. It's not like her to miss an opportunity to mention being from New Yahk and how she once decided not for a prestigious company that had offices in the twin towers. Did she forget?

No. 794915

File: 1599851416343.jpeg (377.74 KB, 750x991, 2A06ED77-A2E4-434A-A800-6E33F6…)

No. 794923

Kek Anon, Laur quoted you.

>Did she forget?

Could it be she is aware of the shadowban?
Unless she is too worried about what tatiana's lawyer will do?
Or tinfoil, they'll move again?

No. 794932

File: 1599853493817.jpg (438.48 KB, 2896x2896, 20200911_143851.jpg)


"someone sent me"
Please. We know they follow these boards. If anything, Lillee Jean sent it to her. I could totally see Lillee Jean using a sock account to rile her mother up since she's basically stalled out on her channel. Lillee is stupid, but she's consistently shown she can manipulate her mother. It is probably why she gets so pissed when it doesn't work on people of even barely average intelligence.

But I havd to laugh at both of them jumping on Twitter at the same time to declare #neverforget.

No. 794938

File: 1599854580783.jpg (328.71 KB, 1079x940, Screenshot_20200911-145754_Twi…)

Tired old lady is still trying to blame Diane for everything. Pretty sure her obsessions with dollar store shopping with the allowance her husband gives her and living in that nasty "house" has more to do with her husband getting sick than Diane ever has. She's all about the Karma Train until it affects her, then boolies are bad.

And just a thought, do Laur and Lillee then believe 9/11, as a massive tragedy, was Karma? By the way they like to throw karma around as bad things happening to people, it would be right up their alley.

No. 794940

can i have an autograph anon?

No. 794958

>tfw you thought anon was gonna peg lillie and laur and for 9/11 conspiracy tards
Y-yeah. They'd be stupid enough to belive 9/11 was karma.
Yeesh. Anon's inccured laur's karmic wrath.

No. 794965

Since everyone on Twitter ignores them they’re searching the farms for shit to bitch about. Fucking lunatics.

No. 794979

File: 1599866892853.jpg (600 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200911-182720_Twi…)

No. 794980

File: 1599866956768.jpg (105.73 KB, 1079x364, Screenshot_20200911-182747_Twi…)

Atleast she didn't say her family got roasted this time.

No. 794988

File: 1599874454525.jpeg (325.56 KB, 750x973, DE45802D-0482-4B0D-A51D-3FD0AB…)

Lillee’s talking to herself on twitter

No. 794997

How long until Laur starts sperging about JOSHUAMOON stalking them again?

No. 795094

Where's the op pic from?

No. 795105

File: 1599913531334.jpeg (125.08 KB, 750x299, 52ECF8AD-DC69-4328-AFA2-4B0AFA…)

I’ve noticed Lillee’s lisp has been getting worse over the last year. Her tongue hangs out of her mouth because there’s no teeth. Laur really should have taken her child to a dentist.

No. 795107

File: 1599913824632.gif (785.59 KB, 498x280, tenor (4).gif)

Her own tenor or gifhy. She makes 4-15 gifs of herself for practically every video she creates, as well as for any other content she makes. They are some real doozies in there.

No. 795111

File: 1599914665322.jpg (186.1 KB, 1907x1080, 20200912_073625.jpg)

It is only a matter of time before she starts having REAL problems and they fall out. She's mentioned that she just has small adult teeth, but also still has her baby teeth. She also claimed in a video that her "fangs" had gotten "sharper". Her teeth are wearing down. She's going to look like a fat meth addict in a few years simply because of their denial.

Her latest ADSR video has her hitting the mic in the first 30 seconds. Its jarring, and the only thing she was doing was taking off her glasses. Its not even like she had done anything she would have had to redo makeup or skincare wise. She has no respect for any of the genres she tries to shoehorn herself into.

No. 795112

File: 1599915979254.jpeg (114.92 KB, 739x1177, 4C25CBDF-2323-489C-84D8-2A01A2…)

Management twitter account is restricted

No. 795118

>She has no respect for any of the genres she tries to shoehorn herself into.

Exactly, which made me think, she genuinely can't tell the difference between any talented influencer and herself. She seems to lack of every skills related to social cognition.

No. 795119

File: 1599918207249.jpg (Spoiler Image,129.22 KB, 1179x657, grossest hands.jpg)

I find him truly disgusting.

He has better quality fake bots/engagement pod on twitter than LJ, though.

No. 795123

It's kind of amazing what folks like Laur can get away with and only ever experience temporary and scattered restrictions on their accounts. You would have thought that a Twitter bot would be able to pick up on multiple (possibly like 50 now) accounts used primarily for harassment, astroturfing and spamming all coming from the same IP address and just shut the whole lot down. >>795112

No. 795138

The new accounts they’re creating get yeeted fast. Before it was just a handful of callout accounts and I’m not even sure they were reporting Laur. There’s a lot more reporting of Laur’s account nowadays. All their accounts are shadowbanned or restricted in some way.

No. 795147

File: 1599930278733.jpg (146.66 KB, 865x638, -342059.jpg)


Her content is all over the place: low effort cosplay of disney characters/comic book characters/cartoon and children's toy characters/retro pop culture icons from 70 years ago, incoherent reviews of skincare products that all make her face red and blotchy, incoherent ranting about "stalkers and cyberboolies," her sameface tutorials with the cheapest makeup available at the drugstore, sameface tutorials with outdated secondhand high end makeup from poshmark, struggling through terrible ASMR, struggling through speedrawing her wonky "art."

No matter what content she produces, all of it gets around the same 1,500-2000 views in the first 24 hours. If her viewers were real people, not all of them would be equally interested in watching all that random crap. She only has around 5 loyal fans who will watch her videos no matter what they are, so I'm pretty sure that after all the extra attention they've been getting for over a year, Laur is still having to buy fake views for all Lillee's videos.

No. 795151

File: 1599931935979.jpg (43.91 KB, 928x478, readyforhalloween.jpg)

She has 509 videos on her channel, which I find it both impressive and pathetic.

Screenshot for the kek.

No. 795157

Bingo. They both manipulate each other so they’re extra mad when it doesn’t work on other people

No. 795172

File: 1599939793806.jpg (772.36 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200912-143959_Ins…)

Lillee's video titles and description boxes often read like an item on Wish, and by themselves, her thumbnails can look decent. Unimaginative, the same thing repeatedly, but for a random search, they might spark interest. She still has a decent amount of "train wreck" viewers, plus her engagement pod, posting videos on Pinterest, and I do think she has 20-30 tweens that probably engage with her on the regular. She's popped up a few times on my (unaffiliated)Instagram feed. I don't think they are buying many, if any views. With that said, the fact the views aren't growing and are just over 10% of her subscriber base…unless she gets embroiled in another Reddit,Pedophilia, or lawsuit drama, she won't grow much more. Beautiful, talented, well spoken 19/20 year olds are a dime a dozen, and what made Lillee Jean interesting was how delusional and indignant she was because she isn't.

Bonus screenshot of cyberbyte esq continuing to pretend he's friends with people way above his social caste.

No. 795174

And once again puts an ad mid video and gives her mascara a handy. If this is something she actually wants to do, why not take the time to learn? Lillee is so unwilling to actually work for what she wants.

No. 795184


Nah, there's no way that her hodge podge content would consistently get nearly the same amount of views each time if the views were organic, no matter what kind of bland thumbnails she used or algorithm shenanigans she was playing with search terms and video titles.

Views and comments from her engagement pods do not count as organic, I wouldn't even put them much above Mommy purchasing bot engagement, especially since Laur often uses her own accounts to spend hours spamming comments to fulfill Lillee's engagement pod obligations.

No. 795192

They're absolutely going to fall if they are not removed.

lmao, this is very embarrassing to say but I had this problem as well, years back. My dentist told me that I had to remove the milk teeth ASAP because they were "grabbing" the calcium meant for the permanent ones. So the permanent would either fall or not develop properly

If this goblin continues letting this problem foster the damage will become irreversible

No. 795210

File: 1599958321436.jpeg (146.06 KB, 750x1132, 2B2BB3E0-366F-4ABA-8AB5-6587D4…)

Lillee just posted this one on twitter from the video where she forgets to blend in her lower lip contour and looks like she shit on her chin for the last half of the tutorial.

No. 795211

Since Laur and LJ lie about literally everything, I'm not convinced she still has baby teeth, I think it's just a severe case of microdontia. It's pretty uncommon for that many adult teeth to never develop.

I think the reason they're so defensive about LJ's teeth is because Laur knows it would easily cost around 10k to give her a "normal" smile. There's no doubt the dental work she would need is super expensive.

What's crazy is they already spent a fuckton (at least several thousand?) on the fake IG followers. I'll never understand it.

No. 795216

Lillee made a comment about Laur taking her to the dentist as a teen for braces and Lillee declined because she didn’t want to mess up her singing voice. It’s more likely the orthodontist told them traditional braces wouldn’t fix her teeth and they were looking at 10s of thousands of dollars of dental work.

Lillee already has irreversible damage. Her jaw is misaligned and she has a lisp. She probably has headaches and jaw pain. Anons are right saying her issues are just going to get worse as she ages. She should be getting wisdom teeth soon which will cause even more issues if not properly taken care of. Laur’s credit is trash so I doubt she would have qualified for a payment plan but they could have saved the money they’ve spent on Lillee’s fake celebrity and at least knocked out a portion of the work out. It’s flat out neglect and bad parenting on Laur’s part.

No. 795218

Generalized microdontia is caused by pituitary dwarfism, so you might be onto something there

No. 795225

So Lillie is not only a child in mind but body too… Go figure.

No. 795237

It’s confusing to me that IG is the platform they have the biggest following on, they have their pods and tons of bought followers, yet Lillee posts there are sparse. Compared to her YouTube where she often posts everyday. In 2019 she did post more frequently but not much anymore. I would guess she doesn’t want to post on Instagram too often because her posts full of fake engagement might draw attention to her or she’s just moving away from Instagram.

No. 795238

The claim that those are baby teeth or that those are just small adult teeth are total bullshit. There's definitely something inherently wrong with her beyond her parents being batshit insane.

No. 795239

Anon… you make it sound like they’re not teeth I’m crying. If they’re not baby or adult teeth then what are they? Chiclets?

No. 795240

No. 795280

Beside the cost, the dental work would be really painful, there would also be jaw reeducation for months, if not years.

Also, I am curious most of this dental work would be refunded by health insurance in my country, as it is way beyond an "esthetic" issue.

I totally see LJ refusing it solely due to the pain inducted and because she thinks she's perfect the way she is.

No. 795285

I get the impression that Instagram is pretty rife with cheap and easy to obtain bots, and it's easier to get away with blending a fake following/'like' total into a real one. LJ's only been caught because her following was probably like 99.9% fake.
YouTube will have checks and balances on fake views because they have to pay out advertising money. Twitter is more of a conversational platform so it doesn't really benefit anybody normal to have their following be fake. Instagram is like the sweet spot for scammers.

No. 795286

I would guess if LJ has medical insurance at all, it’s Medicaid. Most dentists don’t even accept Medicaid, and Medicaid very often doesn’t cover shit when it comes to dental health. But I would guess LJ hasn’t been to any type of doctor in years because she’s always complaining about pelvic pain but only uses home remedies to treat it
I’ve long suspected that LJ has a genetic disorder or some other disease. She’s odd looking, has strange medical symptoms, seems slow/immature. It would help explain Laur’s coddling, which is excessive even for someone with an only child

No. 795297

File: 1600008250039.jpeg (417.1 KB, 750x1187, 8378A9F7-0D20-48E6-AC43-CBA974…)

Newest sock account.

Get a job, Laur

No. 795302

I believe she has a Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, rather than the William syndrom. The facial features of both syndroms are much alike, but Lillee's behaviour and body is way closer to FASD.

I can't find this account, is it already restricted?

No. 795314

File: 1600013613696.jpg (144.98 KB, 1080x795, Screenshot_20200913-111437_Twi…)

It is restricted.

No. 795324

Unfortunately, even good insurance doesn't cover much dental work in the US. If they do, it's usually a pretty small portion of the overall cost. If her teeth really are normal adult teeth that just developed small (which is my guess), it would be considered cosmetic and not medically necessary.

>I’ve long suspected that LJ has a genetic disorder or some other disease. She’s odd looking, has strange medical symptoms, seems slow/immature. It would help explain Laur’s coddling, which is excessive even for someone with an only child

Tbh I'm still on the fence about this, but it does make sense. I've never seen anyone else with such a severe case of microdontia who didn't also have some kind of dwarfism, and LJ also said she's under 4'10.

No. 795329

File: 1600019699442.jpg (138.78 KB, 947x1080, 20200913_125331.jpg)

Without knowing what Laur's real teeth look like- I'm pretty much convinced she wears dentures, its hard to tell if Lillee's teeth are traits caused by inbreeding trash or just a genetic fluke.

No. 795345

She def looks like FASD to me as well

No. 795349


Can you imagine Laur's franzia freakouts with pregnancy hormones mixed in to the cocktail? Oh the stories Diamond Earl could tell.

No. 795359

It’s likely that she suffers from some form of growth hormone deficiency.

No. 795376

I don't think Lillee has anything specific wrong with her, like dwarfism or williams syndrome. It's far more likely Laur just smoked and exclusively ate funyuns through out her pregnancy like the long island adjacent trash she is, and now her daughter is a slow, toothless midget

No. 795402

File: 1600046428035.png (3.07 MB, 1536x1896, 1591242586677.png)

It just seems unlikely to me that her teeth would be this bad for no reason. Some people do have one or two abnormally small teeth, but it's pretty rare to have almost all of them like that without some underlying condition.

Not trying to armchair or anything, we probably won't ever know for sure, but for the reasons >>795286 mentioned, it does make sense.

No. 795432

File: 1600053294729.jpg (Spoiler Image,106.42 KB, 979x1052, 20200913_221329.jpg)

She wants to be sexy so badly, but her lack of bra with super uneven tits, wearing Earl's red satin night shirt, and brassy, ruined as fuck hair, and whatever makeup that is, is… cringe.

No. 795440


I can't figure out wtf this would even be hinting at that relates to any kind of beauty/cosplay content whatsoever. This looks like an advertisement for sex work, but like from back in the day when Backpage was still a thing.

No. 795464

Maybe she is actually doing a onlyfans page?

No. 795468

Can we set up a gofundme for this bitch so she can get veneers?

No. 795515


Laur is sleeping on the opportunity to get Lillee free teef from some local cosmetic dentist in exchange for doing some IG/YT ads to her 1 million absolutely real jeaniez. What a terrible manager.

No. 795523

No one would donate. LJ isn't likable or known.

This is an ugly expression without the teeth problem. These women need help.

No. 795527

File: 1600096570932.jpeg (370.03 KB, 750x565, 50979AB4-B4F6-461A-B3C5-8B4C1A…)

Both Lillee and that Yilena who’s likely part of this pod are mentioned in this. And I love that they call her an actor.


No. 795528

I suspect it's because extremely few people lately have gotten "internet-famous" from instagram alone. Especially in 2019-2020, all the big influencers primarily use YT with insta just as a support / supplementary network.

No. 795529

a lot of her pod people like Aimee and the weirdo indian wannabes have been featured in shady, badly written yahoo articles. I'm guessing someone in the pod has a fake ad/pr business where they write shady stories for these nobodies in exchange for money

No. 795530

File: 1600097764888.png (43.1 KB, 703x219, 1.png)


It's sponsored. The yahoo article references to an indian news site (https://www.latestly.com/auto/9-top-influencers-you-should-follow-in-2020-2024622.html) and is written by "agencies" which means it's sponsored content (pic related).

No. 795539

File: 1600100360206.jpeg (602.63 KB, 750x1120, AD24C913-F913-4C65-A92D-7EB863…)

Why was it published in the auto section?

No. 795541

I asked my niece, who is 16, super into makeup and big into makeup gurus, instagram, tiktok, if she knew Lillee Jean. She didn't know who the hell she was. Her 14 year old brother did- because of Primink. She's never had an article written about her that wasn't about the drama (which paints her in a negative light) or by a manager/fellow clout chaser. And I don't know who told her it was a good idea to have people look her up from a news article- the drama videos are far and above more popular than any single video she's ever made.

And acting like you know how to do makeup doesn't make you an actor.(no1curr)

No. 795543

What do you mean, Lillee Jean is a huge car fanatic. Haven't you seen her posing in front of a Neon? Riding in the back of the truck? Her next cosplay series is of her as her favorite cars and trucks. She just can't be any Japanese brands because that's appropriation, and she can't do German vehicles because Nazis. /s

Bots control most of the posting on yahoo and other "blog" style news sources now. Being published as a "freelance" author on these sites is more about the "free" and less about anything approaching actual integrity or ability.

No. 795544

File: 1600101439250.jpeg (656.16 KB, 750x1049, 9575E2F5-9B49-4DA9-A7B5-0E601E…)

Yilena, Francesco, Ali & Simonetta are all in a verified Instagram pod with Lillee.

No. 795549

So basically LJ and the other "influencers" paid to be featured in this quirky poorly written yahoo post. Would love to know how much.
But, hey, what an achievement, what a career!


Also France has been on fire this weekend (like you know with teargas, police brutality and all).
I am very disappointed Pheepy didn't mention to super famous LJ who is so awake about woldwide social issues.

No. 795550

File: 1600102573358.jpg (600.04 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200914-115557_Twi…)

As if McBoomer hadn't cemented himself as a clout chaser, he's begging for attention again from them. I bet he'd be that 4th cousin you dread seeing when you hit the lottery.

No. 795552

File: 1600102926460.jpeg (350.39 KB, 750x1230, 2BCE6E61-AB7C-492B-B106-863A31…)

She’s totally an actor anon, she has an IMDB page. Pic related is from that, probably the worse outfit, posing and everything for a 18-19 year old girl.

No. 795553

Lillee is only n°5, does it mean she paid less than the first four?

No. 795558


i remember someone mentioning Williams Syndrome (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Williams_syndrome) in one of the earlier threads or on the other farms. it kinda explains her over the top bubbliness, extreme credulousness as regards to her mom, poor motor skills and teeth.

No. 795561

it can cost you a whopping 150usd to be featured in a yahoo finance article.
divide it by 9 wannabe influencers and it will cost you a bit more than 15 dollars to be featured.

Since they used an Indian news wire service to post their sponsored content it was possibly even cheaper.


No. 795570

Is this shopped? Why would she upload this? I know she's short but those proportions are so unfortunate.

No. 795573

File: 1600109233524.jpeg (156.49 KB, 750x717, BA952E08-F776-4F90-ADAC-039AC1…)

No. 795611


>I’m versed in serveral of the arts.

my sides kek

No. 795627

File: 1600123365444.gif (10 MB, 1149x702, lillee2.gif)

Went full pennywise there for a second

No. 795635

She probably had a character limit on her piece of the article and picked the thing she wants to be the most, outside of famous.

No. 795642

This thread screams "the hills have eyes" vibes. There is something so uncanny about her and all the adults in her family.
How many bodies are in their basement

No. 795649

The inbred is so unbelievably strong in this one, right?

No. 795678

File: 1600136001318.jpeg (197.38 KB, 750x912, 672CD34E-EE7B-44BD-8CA5-9A8EAF…)

More oversharing from Lauriffany. The majority of Lillee’s comments are suspiciously vague things like “looks good” “you’re so nice”. Shit like this makes it painfully obvious Tiffany is a 53 yo boomer playing a young adult.

No. 795749

>but to encompass all I do with video creation, makeup, and more it would be actor

I've been trying really hard to decipher this sentence and I really can't piece it together. She's saying because she make the video and do make up = ???Actor??

I get what you mean, but her "bubbliness" isn't really over-the-top, it's pretty standard for YT influencers. Without the cameras running, she just seems like a fairly standard spoiled brat.

No. 795751

File: 1600169169487.jpg (603.65 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200915-041627_Ins…)

Just a group of totally random influencers who have no connection outside that article…right. also, Me, Myself, and I is an interesting song choice to celebrate an achievement with a group of people.

No. 795795

File: 1600181705853.png (132.44 KB, 400x378, JimmyBug.png)

Took me a while but she looks exactly like Jimmy the idiot boy.

No. 795816

Thank Anon, if the author was any smart, he would chave charged some extra fees, for each one of these idiots, at least +100$ for the "writing" lol.

Her reaction to the Yahoo post is so weird, is it possible she doesn't knows it's a payed article or maybe she thinks all influencers buy posts and it's not big deal?
It's sad though, her life is so hollow, she seems thrilled to have mommy pay for a post and considers it as "achievement".

I'm surprised she didn't mention that korean dance from 2012, again.

No. 795820

Considering she’s advertised with people from her engagement pod, Lillee herself probably asked to borrow Laur’s credit card once again. They probably thought out this brilliant plan in what ever group chat these idiots have. It only took them 6 months to figure out you can do this.

No. 795823

I really would love LJ to do some other "fashion haunt" style interview and photo shooting, that was so awesome!

No. 795826

It’s not weird. Her dumbass has faked entire collabs and acting gigs. She’s just a lying liar who lies. All of her career is literally her trying to overstate her mediocrity

No. 795827

Actor Deepanshi whatever the fuck has several paid yahoo India articles. India is actually cracking down hard on fake influencers and pods LJ’s “international” pod is in danger

No. 795864

File: 1600207911815.png (766.09 KB, 750x1334, E705CDF3-499A-4688-9909-D9D2F4…)

Tatiana tweeted out these DMs this morning. Noone confirmed the account was Laur but this looks like some stupid shit she would pull.

No. 795866

Yes this is 100% legit how I'd approach any content creator that I'm a massive fan of. I don't even have to name any specific videos from them or topics they've covered. Just bland pleasantries.

That said, the phrase "charisma original style and frankness" is so funny to me.

No. 795875

This exchange is bonkers. Real people don’t interact like this. Only attic dwellers who spend their entire lives making up fans would think this is anywhere near normal. And why wouldn’t the “fan” leave the comment on one of Tatiana’s videos? Why search out her twitter which is a completely unrelated handle, tatervorhees, and private?

Oh, Laur. If this isn’t her, it’s Tired Lady or one of her other goons. I bet Laur got more correspondence from Tatiana’s lawyer and is trying to see it they’re talking about it.

No. 795901

File: 1600223363165.jpeg (165.23 KB, 750x400, 512A8E84-D848-47D5-95E7-2251D6…)

No. 795944

File: 1600266546479.jpg (1.45 MB, 2558x1872, tribute.jpg)

Her last Q&R video :
She appears crazier than the usual but is "relieved" no one asked her about her - totally legit - followers… but then has questions about her followers, so she didn't read them before..?
Pretend to look happy, but looks weird and tense, her voice has really annoying shrills intonations.
Most of the questions are not even real questions (ex: I love your videos, you're so beautiful, I love your makeup, etc) and are painfully basic if not recycled. Yet, Lillee can't even answer most of them properly. She can't help going back to all the drama with "haters" and sound so incoherent it's incredibly difficult to understand her.
Gets irritated by most questions when it's not a "I loooove what you dooo".
The whole video yells narcissistic disorder and once again, lights are way to strong. She talks way too much about 2015 and when she was 15.

Note: arround 6'20 to 6'25 she does weird stuff, can someone make a gif of it? 6'42, 16'47, 18'05 is great too.

Some quotes - in chronological order:
>I need you guys just like you need me
sure lillee…
>I don't think anybody masters makeup (to the question Do you think you master makeup?) then goes on the most stupid rant about how she sees her makeup skills.
>long wear smells like paint
then stop buying wallmart quality makeup lillee!
>The last time I was measured I was like 4'9 but I assumed I grew cause I feel taller inside, but noooooo I'm still 4'9
>I had a few story with cooking, but then covid happened
>need to know basis (to the question do you have a car)
>makeup is about growing together, blending together, fucking up together …
>I love learning about things Goes again about how much she loves english, stuff about middle school we already laught about
Her answer about fav fictional character is so dumb, I pass.
>Spring and autumn (to the question what's your favorite season)
>you came to play, I came to slay
> Mentions her hormones again, also "oil pockets"
> states programs like (social blade) are not working well as they analyse too much accounts
> says she is like Elsa, blonde hair, green face…
Not even the half of the video and it's becoming difficult to understand her…
> I relate to Mulan because she's headstrong, like ARIES, Pocahontas I relate too because she's curious and me, I'm always asking questions
> Aurora too because she's always wondering, hello the song I wonder too
> I look like wedding color schemes, nature or like a feeling (for what's your inspiration?)
> brags about her futur makeup brand and how her brand would donate to charity
> favorite hobby is to collect dolls
> I pretty much started everything when I was 9 (how long does it take to get at your level?)
> primink he has been mentioned several times is maliciously stealing your content and making videos, he reminds me a lot of tmz.
>I don't like most people
>I was not homeschooled, that is probably the most bizarre rumor ever (15'27), I started online schooling in 10th grade to 12th, it was hard on them paying for keystone, but my mom worked her ass off and here we are
> refers to Dianes but without naming her, 17'56
> I play with my dollies 19'26
> believe it or not I 'm more about the makeup than the clothes
> her favorites moovies are mainly from 1990' to 2000'
> I want a company one day, I want my own merch one day, hiring somebody to create a graphic for LJ beauty …
> rants about chicken
>starting to create those building block with my company one day
> I don't really do trends (…) can you believe they're making trends and we've been into covid for almost a year now (22'25) or six months or whatever …
she can't answer the question who's your favorite author/book AND totally unrelated to the question jumps to sex novels
> ami tarik writes very cool books on food and she's my friend!
> gives the most stupid advices about diet
> to the question: what is the most interesting place you've been too, she answer - unironically
> I always see myself as a tigress, but I get owl in quizzes, giiiirl 360° headsnaaaap owls are prettyyyyy

> If you could go anywhere, where would you go? answers: I'm good here… With my beauty stuff.

> I you could go back in time, which year would chose? NONE!!!! OMG guy do you NOT time travel!!!!
goes on a crazy rants about the continuum
> *if you had unlimited money Donate, put in the bank to grow, buy some cute stuff
She doesn't what unlimited means.

I agree with all the dentals anons, her jaw is misaligned.

No. 795951

She posts at such strange times. If we didn't know she was in New York, I would think she was in another country. Probably India.

No. 795959

They sleep all day and she works at night. She’s posts IG stories about waking up at 5-6pm all the time. The brand owner Dees talked to said when she called in the afternoon to talk to Lillee, Laur always said she was napping and the owner thought it was odd.

Her Q&A shows how out of touch with reality & her peers Lillee is. She has zero friends except for people in her engagement pod. She uses Disney movies & comic book shows as actual life experience. The time traveling question should have been easy - wouldn’t she travel back in time to save her Aunt from being brutally murdered?!?! But no, LJ talks about The Flash. The most embarrassing part is her not being able to think of ONE book she’s read. She just graduated high school…To Kill A Mockingbird, Great Gatsby, Beowulf, Animal Farm & Fahrenheit 451 are all required reading in high school. Her not being able to recall any of these just shows how in depth Keystone’s Attic Academy was.

She mentions Primink many times. Since Tatiana & Dees moved on, they’re trying to start shit with other YouTubers for views. It’s transparent & pathetic.

No. 795972

Primink has now 6,4M views, kek.
LJ sounds very bitter about that.
Also funny how she pretends to not remember his name and doesn't pronouce it correctly.
BTW is there really a difference between homeschooled and onlineschool, that's the exact same for me.

No. 795979

NTA, but homeschooling regulations vary a lot from state to state. Most states don't have a lot of requirements for learning, you can 100% sit your kid in front of the TV all day and call that homeschooling. At the very most, they require kids to take a test every year or so, but there's basically no requirement to studying or reading specific books.

The only kids I've ever met who were homeschooled were severely disabled and their parents couldn't afford special education, or had ultra religious parents who didn't want them to learn about evolution.

No. 795980

Can't believe it's my first time in this thread lmao, I feel like I should have known this existed forever ago
Anyone else feel like she makes up half the questions she reads in her Q&A? Like most other YouTubers show the question but she doesn't, and half the usernames are so odd

No. 795982

Indeed, all of her Q&R are recycling generic questions from other youtubers.
None of the question were specific to what she does -except the "are you a fake? " ones.

No. 796007


> The time traveling question should have been easy - wouldn’t she travel back in time to save her Aunt from being brutally murdered?!?! But no, LJ talks about The Flash.

This sounded so familiar, so I went to look, and sure enough, back around December, when Oomancer came here to post all those screenshots of his DMs with Laur, she also said that if she could be a hero, she'd punish the people responsible for Brenda's murder. >>738022

Like it never even occurred to her that she should just save her sister instead, because for Laur and Lillee, the terrible stuff that happens to other people (Brenda, the Ukrainian GG-grandma who got stabbed in the face with a bayonet, all the relatives "toasted in the ovens" by Nazis,) are just sources of co-opted oppression and tragedy. They're not real people, just part of Laur and Lillee's origin story, like Martha Wayne's pearl necklace.

No. 796012

File: 1600301532736.jpeg (327.75 KB, 750x948, 52A14C91-F794-4F64-8FB0-7FBD36…)


> they’re trying to start shit with other YouTubers for views. It’s transparent & pathetic.

Right on cue

No. 796022

File: 1600309072238.jpeg (218.7 KB, 750x932, AABCAD86-390B-4CF6-9BAB-88BD72…)

All the attention is g8 for Lillee

No. 796026

File: 1600309662713.jpg (Spoiler Image,625.44 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200916-212646_Ins…)

She's headed for onlyfans. Her normal names are already reserved.

No. 796028

OF is going to be the most cursed content ever

No. 796030

File: 1600310396509.jpg (732.13 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200916-212627_Ins…)

She also doesn't understand how being in the sun causes freckles. She's spent too much time hiding in the attic.

No. 796034

Her skin looks a lot better in this. Get some sun girl
Midget proportions

No. 796035

wow she made a point to mention she doesn't wear panties when she films. it was completely unrelated to the question and had nothing to do with what she was talking about (how she likes doing videos) but of course this trashy skank felt the need to mention it.

>honestly, panties off just sit in a chair with a shirt and i'm good to go!

like seriously what is up with her? she's way too horny on main lately and it's nauseating. pheepy needs to dick her down more often so she doesn't feel the need to tease the pradips so much. i guess things get lonely in the attic with laur.

No. 796045

Wow she has “articles” and “interviews” coming out and this is where it gets her? Lmaao everyone else is supposedly evil bullies yet her and her mom’s many accounts are all restricted. Funny how this karma works. Dumb bitches
I don’t know what is so goddess about a delusional, spoiled, and lying creature that probably hasn’t washed herself in days but go off, sis. Probably just her using words again in hopes that it somehow makes sense. But yeah…ew

No. 796058

what in the everloving fuck is the angle she's taking this pic at? jesus

No. 796080

File: 1600346863039.jpeg (221.99 KB, 800x1463, EC1FA671-6FF9-4113-8CEC-F45CC3…)

No. 796082

I don’t know if it’s editing or the angle but her boobs look like they’re in 2 totally different postal codes.

No. 796084

She tweeted this interview that Chelsea Hoffman woman published on medium. Wasn't Hoffman sparring with Laur on twitter? V weird.

No. 796103

File: 1600357532539.jpg (Spoiler Image,514.12 KB, 2277x1078, Screenshot_20200917-104457_You…)

Lillee really does attract strange bedfellows. This lady wants to do a
my little pony collab and…read fanfiction?

No. 796104

File: 1600358409880.jpg (126.81 KB, 442x589, motivationalspeaker itsatitle.…)

Lillee talking about social distancing and covid.

Interesting considering she stays home 24/7, never had to get up early, left school because she couldn't get along with other kids, never had to work one single day in her ridiculous life - and not even working ONE full day, with a mask with extreme heat and exhaustion - stays home playing with "dollies", with her mommy and have her doxx and harass unrelated people for her, doesn't do any chores, is blatantly useless, etc, etc.

Such an inspirational speaker…

No. 796116

I think the call out accounts were talking about how Chelsea whoever was openly okay with people getting doxxed, so she probably interviewed Lillee for attention or to just stir shit up. Either way it’s not going to do anything for either of them at the end of the day

No. 796119

Chelsea celebrated Oomancer getting doxxed because he called out her mixed-race .0002% bullshit. The cowpocalypse these idiots are creating by teaming up with Laur & Lillee after months of dragging them is g8.

No. 796142

Holy shit, her palate is SO messed up (middle photo, second from top)!

Are there any dental anons who might be able to comment on what kind of disorder could cause such a deformity? It looks like the upper palate of her mouth never fused together properly, and / or like when it did finally knit together it did so in a hugely deformed and scarred way.

No. 796143

File: 1600372834101.jpeg (141.22 KB, 750x818, 88E91F30-DAD9-4A9C-9107-9BEE08…)

> I don’t bother with any of them

Laur spends every moment she’s awake sperging at random twitter anons or searching the farms for something to screech about. Spending all day yelling at strangers on the internet fucken batshit bonkers Laur.

No. 796145

File: 1600375946792.jpeg (Spoiler Image,27.78 KB, 312x418, 80D0E09A-E7FA-48DB-93B4-F4F5B5…)

I tried to make it a little clearer. It looks like she has a 2nd row of adult teeth

No. 796146

This is fucking horrible. Wtf?

No. 796147

It's honestly hard to tell from the quality, but it doesn't look that strange? I don't think those are teeth, just looks like a weird angle. Normal human hard palates aren't pretty or smooth. Google palatal rugae for some comparison pics.

I think her mouth issues are mostly the result of having a large mouth with microdontia. She has a very wide smile, you can see in the corners of her mouth, and there's nothing to "fill it out," so to speak. A wide smile with tiny, widely-spaced teeth looks jarring.

No. 796163

>>796145 this is fucking horrible, it looks like she has teeth on her palate

No. 796196

i really think this is just the quality of the video/screenshot making it look worse than it is. i went back and watched it in HD with it slowed down and the roof of her mouth looks normal, just wrinkly and weird like everyone elses.

No. 796224

wtf was that response? I don't remember when lililee brought up being prolife?

No. 796252

I have noticed it too, but I didn't wanted to medfag too much.
Anyway, it looks like stomatitis/ gingivitis/palate inflamation or could be a symptom of herpes, but of course, it's hard to tell from one picture.
It also can disrupt the ability to eat, talk, and sleep, and she should avoid chewing gums - like she seems to do non-stop in several videos. It shouldn't happen with proper dental care…
LJ really need to see a doctor asap.

No. 796258

File: 1600427731531.png (78.13 KB, 1261x479, Screenshot_7.png)

The "sex police" being called when she was 15, when there wasn't any drama about her online? She's digging her and Laur's own grave. This along with how Lillee used to dress in middle school and the fact Lillee is so weirdly sexual around her family looks very concerning.

No. 796260

It's a response from a Pro-Trump/anti-Mask troll account. He just searched "mask" and was replying to random accounts trying to get a response. Low level troll alert.

It's the typical Laur and Lillee habit of having obsessed over it and talked about it so much between the two of them without being fact checked by outside sources that the exaggerated version becomes their reality. The police were informed Lillee had been in a predatory relationship since she was 15 that her parents didn't report/protect her from. They have since twisted that narrative to that she was reported as BEING 15 at the time of report. One story would place the blame on Laur and Earl not taking care of their child, the other makes it look like they are being targeted by malicious, outrageous rumors.

Of all the bullshit these two have pulled, the Pheepy incident was the most damning. It's why they are so fiercely attacking and twisting the story. If Pheepy doesn't exist, not only has Lillee been lying for YEARS, Laur has enabled it to the point of making a video about him. If he's real, Lillee is involved in a very unhealthy relationship. Even when she talked about him on the livestream, her "fairytale" version of their relationship would be toxic AF.

No. 796278

He’s 900% fake which is why it cracks me up so much. Imagine being an old hag making a video with your tits out to defend your adult daughters imaginary boyfriend and sending her flowers so she can pretend she’s not a virgin online.
I’m very sure laur concocted Pheepy to keep LJ posting suggestive photos while minimising the risk of her actually finding someone online. Laur seems to be deathly scared of losing LJ. On her old lilz Instagram from middle school, she would regularly interact with a guy named Aaron who is now nowhere to be found. LJ ceasing public contact with him closely coincides with laur frisking her out of school. I wonder if he was a pedo or an actual love interest/crush who left her and she then resorted to fake a bf, just like all the other things she fakes to hide her mediocrity

No. 796287

She draws now? How much do you wanna bet she paid someone to do this and made them sign a hush hush NDA?

No. 796290

Anon, shes always done "art."

No. 796292

File: 1600447979399.jpeg (128.5 KB, 1024x1234, 23598819-B3E9-4A19-A5E2-FEB125…)

Somehow you’ve missed her deviantart and all her other speedpaints. She draws them herself, but tracing has been suspected before.

No. 796293

Oh cringe, sorry I'm late to the party.
Did she try to make it as an artist before eing a makeup guru?

No. 796301

>I'm An aRiEs OmG

I like zodiacs as much as the next new age kook, but this bitch is always so cringe about it. She acts like a total asshole and always blames it on being an Aries.
Also lol at her claiming her love life is this secretive thing and acting like she's such a private person when she overshares constantly about her weird gynecological problems.

No. 796362

File: 1600482518080.jpeg (431.08 KB, 750x1084, 3BE4E26B-05F2-4AF9-87E5-7168F5…)

What the fuck is Laur saying? Is she trying to use AAVE? What outfit is pressed? The cat’s? A normal 19 year old would be mortified if their parents were commenting this shit on their social media posts.

Laur, you don’t work. Searching the internet for people to fight with isn’t employment.You’re a fucking jobless waste of space, sucking off poor pedo Earl’s disability checks. You have no job…theres no excuse for not taking your kid to dr appointments to find out whats going on with her vagina so she can put on underwear and leave the house. Take her to a dentist so she fix her fucked up mouth before she has even more permanent damage. Take her to a therapist so she can gain the tools to disassociate from her insane con artist mother.

No. 796397

File: 1600516573799.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x1548, Screenshot_20200919-065022_Chr…)

The whole naming her looks after herself us really annoying. Lil' Darth (which is doubly stupid, as Darth means Dark and should be first…), Breakfast at Lillee's, and now…Lilady since she's cosplaying Lady from Lady and the Tramp.

No. 796398

File: 1600516648340.jpg (849.85 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200919-065051_Chr…)

Also, wtf is up with her cheek? I think she did it on the other side as well, but the head on shots are harder to see because of her lighting.

No. 796402


It could be those face lift tape things applied very incorrectly.

No. 796403

Lmao I legit thought she was going for Scooby Doo until I read further

No. 796406

she's too ugly to even make a cute dog. damn.

No. 796407

Big Laur is saying the cat is pampered.
Sometimes this thread deserves its reputation.

No. 796411

Dianne is getting called out for attacking trans creators by her former peers. This is the second Lillee Jean callout to discuss Dianne’s unethical behavior. Instead of addressing the issues, Dianne is hiding behind a private account. Diane has become a cow herself in my eyes.


No. 796413

You got screenshots?? Proof? Why are you linking Chelsea’s article? Is this Tired Lady?

No. 796415

Image board, anon.

No. 796418

File: 1600530644282.jpeg (465.05 KB, 750x1231, 9C9266D1-D280-41A5-830C-CB27EA…)

>same wording Chelsea uses
>links Chelsea’s article
Quit flip flopping on who you’re supporting Chelsea.

No. 796421


This reeks of a lillee supporter.

No. 796422

Personally, I’m impressed with Dees’ uncanny ability to unite these cows. Whoever this is…AntiOrdinary, Chelsea, Tired Lady or Cheshire - it really pisses you off noone wants to talk about you kek

No. 796423

Shut up, Chelsea

No. 796425

>it's all over lolcow farms
Kek we've barely talked about Diane, what is this even referring to? Who the hell are all these people? LJ attracts so many uninteresting mini cows.

No. 796428

File: 1600534418402.jpeg (288.81 KB, 750x727, 848EB4D9-E111-45E9-9168-2AD8DD…)

Chelsea’s talking about the lvndr incident when another callout account had a dumb argument with some random beauty guru. >>794094 there were only a couple posts about it, and no, we weren’t all cringing at it. LJ is just a cow magnet.

No. 796429

File: 1600535026940.jpeg (619.12 KB, 1242x1373, 5FBFB1F9-AC14-4689-BC4D-0E0D2D…)

I think it’s Demi posting because no one else spells Diane with the extra ‘n’ that doesn’t belong. Lmaof

No. 796432

Dumb and ludicrous article poorly written by an attention whore and a hypocrite who thinks she's a journalist.
Fuck off Chelsea, you're irrelevant.

No. 796438

File: 1600541480312.jpeg (429.15 KB, 828x1445, 397D974E-F1F1-45B2-8064-487DB5…)

Kek, Chafing Huffbutts has the distinction of being even more universally hated than lil old Lilz. Nearly three and a half thousand people want her to stfu

No. 796440

File: 1600542418410.jpeg (307.19 KB, 750x1240, DC261227-0610-4A04-B6A2-BED282…)

This chick thrives off negative attention. There’s a decade of shady shit out there on her. Journalism courses where she scammed people out of money, harassing murder victim’s families online, her Wikipedia page was removed for fake info, had another contributor banned from a platform for harassment when he claims he only corrected inaccuracies in her stories. Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s the one creating all the negative blogs/stories about herself.

No. 796442

I rly dont think Chelsea was ever on Diannes side. I think she just pretended around so she could snoop.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 796444

Like when Laur said she knew Diane was Dees and fed her incriminating information kek

Ok, Chelsea. Whatever helps you sleep at night

No. 796449

>filling out email and subject
With this gaggle of clowns I honestly can’t tell if someone’s pretending to be her to mess with us or if Chelsea is genuinely this stupid.

No. 796463


LOL why do these dumb bitches always come here like we're gonna jump in and fight for them?

Whether this is Demi or Chelsea or Tired Lady, y'all inserted yourselves into the drama because there is something wrong with you mentally and we're laughing at you too.

No. 796488

File: 1600555380728.jpeg (466.88 KB, 750x1007, DC43560A-F6A8-4979-97FA-1761A7…)

Laur says she’s filing peace orders against sake kitty & Aphiidus

No. 796491

File: 1600556331985.jpeg (283.1 KB, 750x860, B3E8A6B4-BC6A-4EFE-B790-12875B…)

No. 796509

Just like all those other retraining orders she filed, I'm sure this one'll be real.

No. 796532

Changing sake to sushi to insult SakeKitty by using a different Japanese word pretending to forget her name…yep Laur totally isn’t racist.

No. 796533

File: 1600568057584.jpeg (315.22 KB, 750x921, EF63E0AE-3A14-4516-8BE2-0FA996…)

I wonder if Lillee knows what her mother has been up to these last few weeks.

No. 796553

File: 1600573566362.jpeg (310.22 KB, 750x968, 6E097D36-2FFF-4678-8655-E3D089…)

Laur doesn’t realize Dees changed her twitter @ three months ago.

No. 796559

File: 1600588908341.png (3.11 MB, 1972x1642, Capture.png)

never fails to amaze me how ugly this bitch is.

No. 796575

God the wrinkles…bitch looks like a middle aged goblin

No. 796579

File: 1600602156344.png (4.77 MB, 750x1334, A0A8D95A-5793-4DFE-9845-FBBCAF…)

No. 796590

File: 1600606485090.jpeg (191.13 KB, 749x1015, BBFAF0B8-AA25-4392-A684-44E2C6…)

Add another fake account to the list

No. 796591

File: 1600606510842.jpeg (139.53 KB, 749x841, CDF541E0-A11C-4641-B79B-598E05…)

No. 796592

She looks like the girl from the exorcist movie to me

No. 796593

File: 1600606638886.jpeg (205.52 KB, 750x603, C7DD60D6-FFC1-4A3B-BCE8-563590…)

No. 796599

Laur still being bitter and so mad for the bookcameo joke, is pure gold.
This is the website where LJ hopelessly tried to sell her super cringy cameos - was arround 40$, and had fake bookings coming from her imaginary friends.
LJ was talking about deleting her account on cameo as she was resentful none of the 1 million jeaniez paid for that.

Seriously, this is amazing these people: LJ, Laur, TL, Chelslut etc, didn't died of embarrassment already.

No. 796600

File: 1600608624849.jpeg (450.62 KB, 750x774, 2D384B02-56CF-4B7D-B3E4-801F9D…)

Lille’s brand manager works for cameo kek

No. 796602

File: 1600609516364.jpeg (304.87 KB, 1242x1513, C837FE9E-5E05-4C84-868F-79BE0A…)

The dress doesn’t fit and she looks so uncomfortable.

No. 796603

Work for cameo as "a title"?
He lied on his resume and I don't get how cameo would need to "recruit" talent. Why this guy even studied law, his parents forced him or what?

She looks like a potato trying to be graceful. Nice driveway, kek.

No. 796606

File: 1600611929287.jpg (103.16 KB, 826x593, oh shut up laur.jpg)

Buying 1 million followers were so effective, now Laur is pretending to be a fan who bought products thanks to Lillee's videos.

The non-existent upper lip with this weird white discoloration is so disturbing.

No. 796612

File: 1600614003943.jpeg (443.79 KB, 750x1060, B5DC571D-5703-427E-9F1B-395D16…)

Empty threats again.

No. 796615

File: 1600614295639.jpeg (251.39 KB, 613x843, D78F83CF-0F40-443E-88B3-B08F79…)

Mods please check if Tired lady has ever signed up here, I’m sure she has and you’d have her emails and passwords on file!

No. 796616

File: 1600614691939.png (156.02 KB, 608x1418, blah blah blah.png)

No. 796624

File: 1600620188870.jpg (93.89 KB, 835x297, getajoblaur.jpg)

Lol, we already knew it but Laur reads here everyday!

Tinfoil: she is furious right now on twitter because of what the medical/dental anons where posting and this message >>796362.
Something triggered her here, kek.

No. 796627

File: 1600620582172.jpg (32.22 KB, 649x189, sushikitty.jpg)

Forgot to add:

No. 796628

>>Threatens to call workplace count: n

"Maybe you won't be one of these people, maybe you will"

That's pretty incriminating stuff. Someone should really start a tally of the amount of violated US codes they broadcast on their social media; Especially given how much these boomers cower behind "lawyers".

I'll start us off
-Title 18 912 ("Mah husband is da cyberpolice")
-2261A (General MO at this point)
-1038 (No proof but I'll bet on it)
-1014 or 1028 (Opening a sus credit card in your daughters name)

No. 796635

Their record of correct doxes is 0. Laur is going to quickly find herself on the receiving end of numerous lawsuits when these RO go out to people who have never spoken to or interacted them before.

No. 796656

She’s also pissed Dees caught her latest sock account which Laur changed the @ to BFFDees. How’s Laur going to feign victimhood when she’s impersonating Dees on twitter?

No. 796659

File: 1600631834899.jpeg (293.05 KB, 730x892, AA6EF3F3-40CE-49E6-AD6A-AA6B06…)

Forgot the pic

No. 796661

File: 1600633177206.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20200920-151923_Chr…)

As bad as that looks from the front, its worse from the back. That wig looks like she got mauled by two undercared for housecats.

No. 796663

Silky tired of their shit too smh

No. 796665

File: 1600634192799.jpg (213.48 KB, 1080x655, Screenshot_20200920-153544_Twi…)

Laur pretty much confirms the doxxing was done by Chelsea. Laur is such a stupid person to be allies with. She WILL toss you under the bus, either on purpose to save her skin or by accident when she gloats.

No. 796667

File: 1600634518208.jpg (211.93 KB, 1076x691, Screenshot_20200920-154145_Twi…)

Exactly what black owned brand OR
creator did Laur and Lillee Jean support? Outside of retweeting and begging for PR? They only donated AFTER getting completely shit on for the podcast.

No. 796670

Was the Janice Dickson video ever even made public except that preview? I can't find it anywhere on Diane's channel

No. 796671

File: 1600642381301.jpg (365.95 KB, 1077x1031, Screenshot_20200920-175405_Twi…)

The courts are open on Sunday just for Laur.

No. 796677

>She is the mother of a 7 month old child.
OK, psycho. Not that I put it above laur to threaten an infant

No. 796679

File: 1600646004418.jpg (45.75 KB, 477x643, 20200920_185346.jpg)

The face you make when you can only afford one glove. I went through her promo shots and she only has 1 glove on in all of the beauty shots, and isn't wearing gloves for the full body.

No. 796685

Laur’s playing all her g8est hits today.

legal action
threats of violence
false cps reports

It feels like she’s doing it out of desperation to get anyone to make more videos about her goblin kid. Views are down, they’ve stopped buying subs, LJ hasn’t done a live since July. Money must be tight in the attic.

This is pure tinfoil but if Lillee did open up credit cards at 18 to keep her fake influencer career afloat, they’re probably going to collections right about now.

No. 796698

File: 1600654931238.jpg (475.82 KB, 2172x3862, 20200920_212252.jpg)

Laur has never stopped. Why does she insist on acting like she doesn't constantly say she won't stop?

No. 796701

File: 1600658497826.gif (563.98 KB, 1043x586, 20200920_222230.gif)

She can't help but almost have a nip slip these days.

No. 796727

how exactly is this guy verified?
i have more followers than him

No. 796732

>that is the same thing as calling someone’s job.
And Laur has a problem with this because…? She has done this herself at least once

No. 796741

File: 1600693669427.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, 45309E81-7F64-49F5-A54B-F7B84C…)

did laur take LJ to a professional this time or are we about to get another hair freakout

No. 796742

File: 1600694398682.png (174.22 KB, 1306x835, ok.png)

they don't even try

No. 796751


She didn't go to a professional, she's too scared. She had a instastory saying she had over an inch of roots and the process had left a line in her hair. She was asking for tips and help blending her roots into her hair. Someone probably told her to just dye it. Considering she was posting about being on her period, we'll get another stupid explanation about how she was driven mad by the moon cycle.

No. 796753

“Too scared” is just code for having 0 money and being abnormally secluded/anti social. She can’t even afford not buying likes/views for even one post/video bc the only ppl interacting with her content are indian pod attention whores

No. 796760

Laur’s last fullblown meltdown >>782389 was exasperated by Laur staying up straight for 72 hours trying to save LJ’s hair. Maybe we found the reason Laur lost her shit this weekend.

No. 796777

Why does she even need a wig? It’s the same color as her hair

No. 796778

File: 1600718171934.jpeg (223.44 KB, 750x722, 3847BF9F-6E96-437D-85F5-CF0295…)

Abby is a respected beautuber with 53k subs. Laur’s going to sperg.

No. 796779

I love how she still only has 12k subs and the vid exposing her has 6mil views. Some people are really just too ugly for yt.

No. 796781

Abby may not have that many subs but she has a very solid and loyal fan base. She also has countless big YouTuber friends. Laur better not unless she wants to cement her goblins grave

No. 796783

File: 1600722011933.jpg (857.46 KB, 1080x1304, Screenshot_20200921-155631_Twi…)

So the Lawyer/brand manager/wanna be influencer and the body guard with the cheesy AF promo video featuring 2 flash in the pan viral video "stars" have both landed covers of this magizine. How long until LJ has one as well? I wanna dig deeper into this magizine, it reeks of scam just because of the fact they all run in the same circle.

No. 796787

File: 1600723252807.jpeg (232.99 KB, 2048x2048, A92BE544-5CB6-4FCE-95B2-887C77…)

Did Laur forget to switch accounts?

No. 796788

File: 1600723948322.jpeg (433.14 KB, 750x1057, 81294947-F086-4C95-8C16-A05B48…)

She’s stalking Diane at this point and publicly admitting it. This tweet has nothing to do with her precious gremlin. Laur should be relieved Diane moved on to cataloguing new cows.

No. 796789

File: 1600724002508.jpeg (218.53 KB, 750x634, 3FB11F6C-AE6B-4AEE-9915-DCC149…)

No. 796791

File: 1600724451914.jpg (347.25 KB, 2896x2896, 20200921_163952.jpg)

LOL. I love that Lillee Jean thinks having her comment featured in an article about Kim K's crotch shadow is an accomplishment.

No. 796799

Where’s this from anon?

No. 796800

File: 1600728091960.jpg (318.63 KB, 1076x2047, Screenshot_20200921-174159_Chr…)

It's her older Lillee Jean site, but they keep adding stuff to it as well.

No. 796807

File: 1600733684054.jpeg (292.27 KB, 750x938, 3329EFFF-2E48-4AF2-9948-013B9C…)

Is Laur saying Lillee verbally abuses her & tries to reset her password?

No. 796810

I was curious about this too. A few cursory google searches says it's associated with "Joomag Newsstand," which seems to host a bunch of similar online magazines. Some of them legit look worse than the Fashion Haunts covers. Joomag itself seems to be a type of SaaS, it looks like you pay for their crummy software to put together your "magazine" and then they host it.

Not sure if it's a scam or not. Independent publications aren't new, so maybe it's legit, but I can't imagine any of these magazines have a lot of readers. It might just be a side project some people use for resume padding.

sage for dumbass magazine tinfoil.

No. 796813

File: 1600738272195.jpeg (344.57 KB, 1242x2208, 111F6BFE-EB07-465F-A938-7783D9…)

It’s a pay to be featured magazine.


No. 796820

>LV Kids
>LV Babies
Kek what?

I still don’t really get it. What’s the point of paying for a feature in an online magazine that probably no one has heard of? Who’s actually reading the magazine? What do the creators get out of making it, and what do these nobodies get out of being featured?

It seems like a really sad circlejerk where everyone inflates their own importance.

No. 796826

File: 1600746389321.jpg (493.75 KB, 1076x2090, 20200921_224524.jpg)

Lillee Jean is on a posting spree on Tik Tok to try and drum up views for her videos since they are barely breaking 2k now. One of them even includes a screenshot of the whimm article that called her the" curious case of the blogger with 1 million followers no one knows". Lol

No. 796829

Resume padding. If you knew nothing about Lillee Jean and didn't Google her drama, she can claim she's been a cover model of a couple fashion magazine, featured as an influencer to watch on Yahoo!, and has had multiple articles on various other sites about her.

No. 796830

I kinda figured this, it seems like the magazine exists for random nobodies to put it on a list of accomplishments. Didn’t Vic do the same thing? I remember “cover model” being one of her occupations.

The “publishers” can pad their resume with their phony publishing experience while influencers can say they were featured in a magazine. Pretty odd idea for a business though. I’m surprised there are so many of these obscure online magazines when they clearly have no readers, but I guess they make money by selling features.

No. 796832

Disney cosplay are the worst

No. 796846

File: 1600773196186.jpeg (256.43 KB, 750x764, DAF966C4-401C-4BBE-8600-C56F44…)

Who describes their haircolor as pee?

No. 796848

File: 1600775130187.jpg (485.67 KB, 1879x1080, Screenshot_20200922-064509_You…)

The same person who opens her Lady and the Tramp video by discussing how she has gas(but she doesn't fart!)and it is like period cramps on steroids. But mint tea fixed everything!

No. 796849

I mean, she's not wrong.

No. 796858

isn’t coolie a slur against working class asians? i’ve heard that it’s derogatory and super out of touch. very woque of her!

No. 796864


Yeah, it's definitely a super old-timey slur against Asians, but I wouldn't expect to hear it come out of the mouth of anyone born after the vaccine for Polio was developed, so I doubt that's what she meant.

I honestly can't even tell why she would have used that word (slur or not) in the sentence at all. Is she trying to say "cool-toned" and make it cute, or what the fuck is she even saying? She's not, nor has she ever been, a cool-toned blonde, so how would her roots be "coolie?" The whole post is gibberish.

No. 796866

Laur’s big rant on the podcast about Asians not letting her in their stores was kind of weird. Anyway it wouldn’t surprise me

No. 796867

File: 1600787560531.jpg (87.22 KB, 838x641, ljstatslol.jpg)

Well that was some money really well spended.
Whoever manage her account does the follow/unfollow trick, which is the most stupid way to ruin the credibility of an account.

I can't wait to see LJ is this mag Anons.
The fashion haunts one was extreme level of keks, but LV seems to take even more horrible pictures, looks seriously promising.

No. 796868

yeah, i was definitely thinking she’s probably picked it up from her totally definitely not racist or unhinged mother. it seems like the type of weird shit she’d let slip during a twitter rant. you’re still right, though - that whole para literally makes no sense, kek

No. 796871


I was thinking that too. I'm around the same age as her and only know the term b/c Asian family so had no idea how this isolated goblin could be familiar with it.

No. 796902

Wtf is she saying?

No. 796905

I'm gonna guess that Laur wrote that. LJ writes weird shit, but that particular post has that indecipherable, Franzia-tinged air of Laur.

>pee met purple shampoo heaven'd hair


No. 796915

File: 1600815851631.png (2.8 MB, 1242x2208, 2D5EC075-C157-4ECB-8633-8774DE…)

And LJ is back to serving third rate hooker realness. This seriously ages her but still is a somewhat upgrade from the green hair, despite being ugly

No. 796916

She's literally just used the same box dye as last time, which she hated so much she fucked her natural hair for years. Wtf?!

No. 796917

File: 1600817749519.jpeg (388.15 KB, 750x1042, 725A3AA4-AB71-404C-A760-0A166C…)

Lillee issued an apology for using the slur “coolio”. Which isn’t a slur and people in her comments are pointing this out.

Her lying makes me think she knew it was a slur or offensive.

No. 796918

File: 1600818349990.jpg (160.04 KB, 1019x515, Screenshot_20200922-184312_Ins…)

Ohhh that's a bad home dye job. They just slapped a few boxes of dye all over her head and completely ignored the fact her roots are an entirely different color and the rest of her hair would soak up dye like crazy. The brunettes she played with, both catwoman and even color of the Audrey wig looked so much better on her.

No. 796919

File: 1600819232077.jpeg (452.02 KB, 750x718, E917774E-92AE-4C55-91FF-99929D…)

He removed his cameo position from his bio

No. 796921

File: 1600819677056.jpeg (116.56 KB, 1334x750, 27E69D06-9E0D-4E1C-8DC6-9D675A…)

my sides lmao, it’s the EXACT same color she dyed her hair in June. pic attached.
she looks better as a brunette, this color just brings out all the redness in her face and makes her look like the trashy girl who skipped class to smoke cigs in cookie monster pj pants.

No. 796922

File: 1600821000669.webm (269.23 KB, 576x1024, download (5).webm)


No. 796923

File: 1600821035445.webm (489.05 KB, 576x1024, download (6).webm)

She does those stupid faces in public? She looks insane.

No. 796924

What is “cyberete” even supposed to mean?

The Extended Lillee Jean Universe is just full of idiots.

No. 796925

Omg cookie monster pj pants anon please get a new insult. You're in like 4 different threads insulting people about wearing pj pants this past 2 weeks. It's not funny enough to repeat.

He thought "3" meant B because he is also a Boomer.

Lolcow call-out just for us!

No. 796930

File: 1600826743736.jpg (450.51 KB, 1080x1519, Screenshot_20200922-210611_Twi…)

Chelseacow is coming for Lillee Jean's digital art crowd.

No. 796931

File: 1600827056545.jpg (791.78 KB, 1079x1488, Screenshot_20200922-210840_Twi…)

Under bright lights it is even worse. It will be orange in 2 weeks, and she continues to not match her eyebrows to anything but her concealer color.

Bonus for the awkward middle school yearbook picture pose and forced smile.

No. 796936

looks like she tried to facetune her eye area wrinkles and made herself look wonk-eyed. something is very off with the left eye.

No. 796942


This is right on the verge of the deranged, bug-eyed look she used to do in all her pictures before. She had stopped making such crazy faces for a while but I guess she's had a relapse.

No. 796949

Is this a joke ? I’m new to the thread

No. 796950

wait… so you're telling me she went this color >>796921 a few weeks ago, freaked out and used more box dye on it to get it back to a green version of her natural color (damaging it to hell and back in the process), only to turn around and dye it the same exact color again, but this time worse because its uneven due to her grown in roots? i'm completely at a loss for words. how is it possible for two people to be this retarded?

No. 796953

File: 1600847836376.jpeg (167.29 KB, 1080x1249, 78DA6582-92E2-4D1B-A496-2DCE18…)

LJ is currently trying to spin her usage of a derogatory term into saying she meant to say “coolio” which she didn’t know was a slur bc 2 illiterate hags in her twitter replies couldn’t comprehend the apology properly. Either that or she really did learn nothing and is just displaying that she is too damn stupid to google something to get it right. She’s so dense she doesn’t realise how bad deflection looks. It beats me because she apologised and ppl had moved on. Once again, she is the biggest enemy of her own “career”

No. 796954

Dark “coolio” blond roots makes 0 sense even by LJ standards

No. 796958

The level of awkward when she wants to resemble Ariel the little mermaid, but instead turns out the doppelganger of the cash me outside girl.

No. 796964

this is the best she's looked in ages, she should really stop showing her unbrushed baby teeth

No. 796973

>>796918 Lillee botched an at home dye job once again
>>796807 asked Laur to fix it, Laur said no. Lillee berated her and reset her passwords
>>796760 which led to Laur taking her frustrations out on twitter and the record breaking 72 hr long franzia freakout

It’s not a popular opinion but I’m beginning to think Laur is the one being abused by her bratty manipulative child.

No. 796974

File: 1600864631714.jpeg (531.42 KB, 828x959, A1DD08BE-3716-4EF7-B906-309A59…)

If only there was a way to avoid all this

No. 796979

File: 1600865729477.jpeg (396.79 KB, 750x1035, 130673E3-26D9-4EBD-B24E-234805…)

All the YT & Twitter comments are positive. The only people freaking out are here. She really cares what we think.

No. 796982

Anon are you me? I also think the whole "I want to be a world famous influencer" is LJ's idea.
If it would have been Laur's, she would have take LJ to as many castings as she could, starting when LJ was little - just like momagers do.
Laur wants to keep LJ close, but I don't think it was her plan to waste money on fake followers/bots, etc.
Laur believes a "good parent" must support her child no matter what. Whereas a good parent must support, but also say stop when the kid is acting like a punk.
LJ knows she can do whatever she wants and will have no boundaries set by Laur.
Now they are all broke due to this extraordinaire management.

No. 796983

File: 1600867541204.jpeg (457.78 KB, 2048x2048, 196E1885-7408-4679-B270-243FC8…)

one glove opera singer

No. 796985

The interview she did with Defango cemented this for me. The whole "this is what Lillee Jean wants" and her mom trying to shush her, only to have Lillee push her off and tell her to stop… Lillee isn't just spoiled. Laur has been so afraid of anything hurting/harming her precious baby that she's allowed Lillee to turn into the tyrant in the house, and she doesn't understand humility.

Lillee complains a lot about how she was bullied in school, but the way she acts and then runs to mommy when she gets pushed back tells me she tried to boss the other kids around and they didn't let her. Then she'd tell on them and make them like her even less.

No. 796986

Well the comments are so heavily filtered and monitored we'll never really know the true consensus

No. 796988

File: 1600870843191.jpg (97.56 KB, 1080x981, 20200923_092137.jpg)

Lol, wut?

This was under the BTS photo of Belle, but Lillee is talking about hair color?

No. 796989

File: 1600872301460.png (4.48 MB, 828x1792, 296893A6-276F-4816-9F68-A4C293…)

No. 796990

I literally cannot understand anything she’s saying. It’s always incoherent gibberish.

No. 796992

I think she's raving about the color "coming out" because she realized how bad it looked once she posted the pictures. It is meant to revitalize previously colored hair or to just add a wash of color. Kinda like a purple shampoo. It wasnt intended for "dying" hair.

No. 796993

File: 1600875796446.jpg (263.08 KB, 1062x1975, Screenshot_20200923-104423_Twi…)

No. 796995

File: 1600878238303.jpeg (105.09 KB, 750x1054, 132C896D-D342-43AA-BB2C-212393…)

Does this confirm Laur has at least logged in to the Runway Rogue account?

No. 796996

Can someone help me??? I can not, for the life of me, understand why they spend all this money on bots, makeup, clothes, props, and DON'T fix her teeth???? Like why wouldn't you spend the money to have nice teeth first?? People don't want to see Gollum on their feed 24/7.

No. 796997

That kind of dental work would cost tens of thousands of dollars. I guess she could wear a flipper or something, but I don't think hey actually have enough money to permanently fix her teeth.

No. 796998

For the same reason people buy 10 1$ lottery tickets instead of investing 300$ every month. They think that they are going to get lucky and hit it big and make it worth it, where as saving and investing takes longer and doesn't have as high of a return. They fail to realize that 300$ in the bank (or lillee's mouth) is worth more than 300 lottery tickets in the garbage.

No. 797000

This sounds like Overtone or something similar. Those temporary color conditioners are so messy and really not worth the trouble, but if she goes to an actual stylist they're probably going to tell her to cut off a few inches because of the damage. Her ends are super fried. LJ seems like the type to value long hair over healthy hair though.

No. 797001

In addition to what others have said, thanks to Laur’s upbringing, Lillee grew up with this complex where she’s always perfect and right all the time and she is unable to admit even the slightest flaws or faults. When she got made fun of for her teeth, she got oddly defiant about it and acted out smiling big in front of the camera to intentionally piss people off. She’s like a not-self-aware Trisha Paytas.

No. 797003

File: 1600885270951.jpg (107.24 KB, 565x960, 93a5309de06bb6a45bd88f1451d9f3…)

Laur acts like LJ's teeth are just slightly crooked but otherwise totally normal. She compares it to Vanessa Paradis's prominent gap kek.

Laur seems to have normal teeth herself, I don't know how she's ignored her daughter's all this time. I've never seen a model or actor with a mouth full of widely spaced, tiny teeth.

No. 797004

File: 1600886308704.jpg (67.2 KB, 663x680, Einptq9XkAAuLsz.jpg)

>Or tinfoil, they'll move again?
Do you think it's true, fortune teller Anon?

Proof he was lying.

No. 797006

File: 1600886900292.jpeg (628.23 KB, 828x1379, 0466AEF7-08B9-4132-8DE2-BD14B5…)

Laur knows how to suspend accounts

No. 797007

File: 1600886969762.jpeg (630.96 KB, 828x1425, 62CBAE54-9BBD-4CE2-99A7-24536A…)

No. 797012

Laur probably wears dentures.

No. 797015

These glasses look sooooo much better on her compared to those Lion's Club donation glasses she usually wears.

No. 797016


If their address was published anywhere, I haven't seen it. Tater tot lady doesn't really seem the type to resort to doxxing, especially when she's already retaining an attorney because of Laur's online harassment.

Tin foil, but I think they really have to move because they didn't pay their rent for months and are getting evicted.

They have very little income to speak of; Laur doesn't work, Diamond Earl is old and probably on disability, Lillee doesn't get sponsored by any brands and she can't be getting more than pocket change from YT revenue. Other anons have speculated that Laur and Lillee have been trying to stay afloat by opening credit cards in LJ's name and maxing them out. NY issued a moratorium on evictions at the start of COVID lockdown, right when they started spending lots of money on YT followers and a bunch of cheap, flimsy Amazon cosplay.

But the moratorium is only until October 1st. Notice how they suddenly stopped buying views and YT followers for Lillee a couple of weeks ago? I think their landlord told Laur that they have to get out as soon as the moratorium is up. I can't imagine what kind of haunted attic or dank basement they'll be forced to move into next.

No. 797019

It’s super easy to find their address. They’re not moving because of their online trolls but because they can no longer afford this house. The PR gravy train dried up ages ago and none of them have a real job

No. 797021


>It’s super easy to find their address.

Of course it is. Laur is a moron who doesn't know how to keep her information private. I meant I hadn't seen it posted on twitter or to any of the farms by anyone trying to deliberately doxx them.

No. 797026

Tatiana said yesterday or the day before Laur was served with a C&D. Laur is claiming she’s been doxxed because legal documents and opposing counsel have her address. She’s fucking insane.

No. 797027

That’s actually one of the most flattering pictures of her I’ve seen.

No. 797037

File: 1600899468003.jpeg (323.09 KB, 750x970, FD9123B1-26FC-456F-A0F3-8F0978…)

someone stole Laur’s identity.

This reminds me of when BFFdees stole $20k out of Laur’s bank accounts

No. 797042


LOL this is what happens when you buy IG followers and youtube views from sketchy international websites.

No. 797049

File: 1600908872871.jpg (286.43 KB, 1080x2220, 983uy4.jpg)

swiped this from one of the callouts because laur tweeted some crazy shit then protected her account.

No. 797056

They could make bank off a comeback story at this point. Just admit they bought their followers, made up their friends, photoshopped their way to faux relevancy, and why. I smell a book deal.

No. 797058

File: 1600913324630.jpeg (175.29 KB, 750x767, 64685460-84A7-4FB7-B4A8-72EF16…)

TL is on a doxxing spree

No. 797064

File: 1600917463704.jpeg (59.93 KB, 750x494, C90AC6CE-87DD-4BA8-90A9-ABB789…)

Tired Lady was nice enough to tweet out all the brands who dropped LJ. Blue Squid is children’s face paint brand…was it public knowledge they were working with LJ?

No. 797068

This is the 3rd or 4th time Runway Rogue had their account restricted at the same time as Laur. Either Laur was running RR’s social media account or Patreesha let Laur log-in to screenshot DMs. Either way dumbfuck Patty has to be beyond annoyed that Laur’s online shitshow is negatively impacting her brand’s twitter account. Just goes to prove everything Laur Trueman touches turns to shit.

No. 797072

Laur just admitted LJ has been lying about getting ND, Too Faced, Tarte, Essence, good molecules and Milani PR too. None of those brands have sent ANY of their new releases to LJ in a while.

No. 797079

File: 1600930316904.jpeg (173.39 KB, 828x1425, 81E0ECD4-A324-448A-BBBF-9C6228…)

Eviction Anon is on to something.

If you look at their current address, it also shows Laur’s mom residing with them. We know Laur is estranged from her mom (I think. I vaguely recall Arpanet saying Laur’s parent’s lived in Florida with Laur’s other sister) so did Grandma sign a lease in her name to help out her thrice bankrupt daughter? Maybe Grandma is sick of supporting a 53 year old con artist and is finally cutting them off? The property is listed as off the market but a new listing for it was just added to Redfin on 7/30/20.

Laur is crazier than we’ve ever seen her. TL doxxed everyone again (Dees claims incorrectly. The woman they name as Dees has different facial piercings & tattoos). If Laur was trying to get restraining orders or build a court case, they just threw it all away.

Laur’s publicly telling people she hopes they & their families die. Shes saying shit like “you won”, “devastated for life…like you’ve done to my family” “debilitating”. Even though last week they were celebrating LJ’s highly coveted, not paid for articles in Yahoo & Chelsea Hoffman’s puff piece. It seems Laur is upset over more than another brand dropping Lillee. A reasonable explanation for this would be Grandma refusing to bail them out and realizing they’re getting evicted in a few weeks. NYC eviction cases are public record, we’ll know soon enough for sure.

No. 797085

Would love to see these grifting hookers out on the streets. Not only will LJ’s dropping numbers be a sight to see, but their desperation and crazy will also skyrocket.
Also, I was under the impression that Laur’s pedophile baby daddy may have some money stashed up. I cannot imagine Laur maintaining a real relationship unless there is some personal benefit for her. We already know she might be forking over all his disability money

No. 797102

File: 1600953444921.jpeg (363.36 KB, 743x781, BB0AD80E-EFC0-40FD-AD65-A0C5C1…)

Laur once again confirming she reads here

No. 797109

File: 1600954514712.jpg (399.6 KB, 1064x1205, Screenshot_20200924-082220_Twi…)

Laur's gone full Donald Trump. Between the nicknames, making up words and facts, and "sources" tell her that its the worst case of bullying she sounds like the guy she loathes.

No. 797112

Hmm. After doing some minor digging on the property, its owned by… Wu and Chen. No wonder Lillee has been making racist remarks to go along with Laur's racist story about the Chinese shop owners. Their landlords are Asian. I'm sure Laur has been throwing ever slur she knows lately.

No. 797116

Why does she try so hard to say iconic quotes? It just feels so forced and fake. I notice this a lot with smaller """influencers""". They try to brand their behavior as iconic even though only like 3 people saw it and dont even remember it. Its like shes trying to be quotable without the authenticity, wits or the audience.

No. 797124

>she can't answer the question who's your favorite author/book

Old but…
She didn't even read Harry Potter!
Oof. What kind of life is that?

No. 797128

File: 1600960764437.png (977.11 KB, 750x1334, 177AC5B1-DEBA-4E8E-BEB8-295A5A…)

> done up on my hair one time

Did she have a stroke?

No. 797131

File: 1600962209674.png (2.28 MB, 1242x2208, 1EE81AB5-A0A4-4E56-8CA6-9A76D2…)

This is the only response she received in 5 hours kek most big influencers close the q/a feature after a couple of hours because they get so many responses. Clearly not the case for this fake nobody ass bitch. Most questions in her q/a videos are also never relevant

No. 797133

Lillee also said some BS about her singing voice changing if she got her teeth fixed and it wouldn’t be worth it because it would change her speech.

No. 797134

She can't sing nor speak anyway.
It'd be cheaper knocking those dolphin teeth out and just getting dentures.

No. 797147

File: 1600970813117.jpeg (163.96 KB, 828x455, 5AFC1B6B-FBE6-445D-AA54-41602D…)

Looking g8 in her newest video

No. 797154


This ratty shirt with the bleach stains is back. I swear, outside of her cosplay, her whole wardrobe is 3 cut-up/stretched out tees, a VS sleep shirt from 2005, those buffalo check pajama pants, and that one pair of dumpy mom jeans. We haven't really seen her in anything else since last year. I guess she had been renting everything else she used to wear for her driveway "photoshoots"?

No. 797163

Might have found Laur’s estranged sister on Facebook . The resemblance is uncanny and she seems to be a MAGA nut
RETRACTED(dont post unrelated people)

No. 797165

No. 797166

File: 1600980723203.jpeg (201.54 KB, 828x1149, FE2C87E9-9611-41C7-ACF6-1B253F…)

This is from the sister’s LinkedIn. Tinfoil but maybe Laur lied about working in law because her sister did actually work in law

No. 797167

If Laur's estranged family are MAGAs, that might explain why she's so loud about hating Trump, even though her opinions and online behavior are indistinguishable from the average crazy Trumper. She's absolutely the type to spitefully pretend to be a liberal just to thumb her nose at the family who probably wrote her off as a loser and an embarassment.

No. 797168

Laur really is the deadbeat family disappointment lmao no wonder that they give 0 shots about her or her daughter as they continue to make a fool out of themselves

No. 797169

Looking at this makes it seem like laur just fashioned her own fake resume off of her more successful sister

No. 797170


> Looking at this makes it seem like laur just fashioned her own fake resume off of her more successful sister

I don't know what the age difference is between this woman and Laur. She looks a bit younger than Laur, but Laur is from 'da streets' so all that scamming and envy might have prematurely aged her. Whether she's slightly older or slightly younger than Laur, she would have been pretty young when she started her first job as a legal secretary in 1984.

I think you're onto something, anon.

No. 797171

Google tells me that Cindy is 58 so she’s older than Laur

No. 797172

She looks great for somebody who got her first job 36 years ago. Just shows how living the lolcow life prematurely ages people.

No. 797189

I can’t believe she’s older than Laur, wtf. Laur looks like she could be this lady’s mom.

Relevant questions: Are her teeth normal? Why are they standing next to a cardboard cutout of Trump riddled with bullet holes?

No. 797191

You're right, it is the sister. This is from Laur's Justoce4Brenda facebook page

No. 797193

I cannot wait to see her Franzia Freakout about this. Nice anon

No. 797203

File: 1600997349749.jpeg (241.76 KB, 750x704, 2D8D94A5-ED43-4C07-8E3A-A1F69D…)

Laur pretending she has a job and Lillee is her client.

No. 797205

A little bit off topic here, but there’s a girl I know IRL and lately I’ve suspected she’s been buying fake followers/engagement because she suddenly went from 2 comments to 500 per post and 6k followers. Well today, none other than our princess LILLEE commented on her post which confirmed my suspicions and had me cackling.

But it got me curious, do they pay to be a part of these engagement pods? Or is it a matter of getting back what you put in, so the more you comment = the more comments you get? Does Lillee pay more to be a ‘higher rank’?

No. 797206

They’re paid. It costs more to be in engagement pods with verified accounts.

No. 797210

File: 1601001785581.jpeg (131.77 KB, 750x709, BD735169-4993-43A4-9E65-8E302E…)

No. 797215

Kek. It will be the shortest video ever, or completely stuffed with what she thinks successful people do all day. Either way, I'm excited.

No. 797271

She will probably be like “well before COVID, I would go to all these events and hang out with my many friends and boyfriend! Even see some of my jeaniez! Wear a mask!!! (Which she should teach her psycho mom how to do properly)” Or something along those lines. But then show the reality: sleep, play dress up with her dolls, film low effort videos, and then be glued to her phone/tablet/laptop/whatever. Like I bet that’s how it’s going to go down lmaao

No. 797276

File: 1601037678423.jpeg (411.62 KB, 828x889, 3FF877E8-7238-4E37-BFF9-87CD69…)

Someone sent Tired Boomer a fucktonne of eggs!

No. 797277

File: 1601037700784.jpeg (637.67 KB, 1536x2048, 749F1A60-9923-472D-8A24-5A968A…)

No. 797278

My tinfoil is that it’s Laur to keep stirring up drama. Laur and Lillee have sent her beauty products in the past, so would know her address, and this is such a dumb prank.

No. 797279

My tinfoil is that she didn't receive them at all. She bought them. Look, it's surrounded by the rest of her groceries in plastic bags. And it came in a box that looks like it could've been picked up at the supermarket. Normally, if it was an unexpected "terrifying" box like she says, wouldn't she photograph it in the delivery box it came in, with the sticker and padding and everything? A box of sixty eggs would be heavy af and labeled fragile for delivery at the very least, it wouldn't have been delivered there with just a plain enclosing box and just the eggs+cartons inside.

No. 797280

Look at the bags… thems is more eggs anon!

No. 797281

There’s at least 200 eggs in that photo

No. 797283

This old cunt spent the last week doxxing people, bragging about callIng random people’s work places and now feels threatened because someone sent her eggs? Boomers are too fragile for the internet.

No. 797286

She bought them herself I believe. I think this was their master plan all along. Get TL to dox ppl for laur and then disappear before someone lawyered up/twitter took action. This just confirms that this old ugly cunt is just in on Laur’s clownery and was doxxing to try and intimidate people. Idk why she would be but here we are

No. 797292

That old bitch is constantly lying, people are already ignoring her and she's now desperate for some attention.
She is so braindead, she believes someone would bother sending eggs to her trashy house…
She's as irrelevant as chelslut and all the bunch of garbage inserting themselves in the drama.

No. 797293


I wanted to go grab a screenshot, but of course she's deleted her account. Yesterday in the middle of a bunch of tweets where she was gloating that her account was still active after her doxxfest, TL said that her husband told her she "wasn't mean enough."

I bet this was "Officer Morgan's" idea. He went to Walmart and bought a bunch of eggs (or maybe he just asked to buy a bunch of empty cartons and egg boxes) so they could set up this eggy photoshoot.

No. 797294

Yeah, I'm going with this was either a complete set up by TL to try to seem relevant- everyone has been largely ignoring her, or brain dead officer morgan bought them to try to scare her into shutting the fuck up. He's gotten pulled into all of this, and if TL is willing to call callout's jobs and threaten them, she/he should realize his information is also very public and he is their sole income. If she considers it fair to cause people to lose their jobs or have CPS called on them for letting brands know about Lillee Jean's history and her and her mother's problematic behavior, "officer" Morgan is fair game as well.

No. 797303

File: 1601048603800.jpeg (231.54 KB, 828x532, 54193869-5C49-40D5-9F6E-4B506B…)

Lillee doesn’t know what “justice is blind” means

No. 797307


She also doesn't know what "full circle" means, because that doesn't make any fucking sense in that sentence. Did she mean "full stop?" She and Laur have always spoken their own weird attic pidgin, but they're both getting more and more incoherent over time.

No. 797314

>attic pidgin

anon my sides. that is poetry

No. 797316

File: 1601054045057.jpeg (283.83 KB, 750x906, 56016ADF-AFC7-4BF1-9106-F9357F…)

Either Laur or Tired Hag called someone’s employer

No. 797321

File: 1601057965078.jpg (58.65 KB, 584x162, Screenshot_20200925-131544_You…)

From the sneak peek of a day in her life-

Lillee desperately needs a bra. I had to look twice to even realize that was a boob.

Kek at the bag on her head. She never addresses it in the video either, even when she starts the video without it on (but white smears in her hair) and just happily smears makeup all over herself while wearing a plastic bag. Looks like that conditioning color did some more damage to her Pea Pee soup hair.

No. 797328

File: 1601059860181.jpg (39.65 KB, 795x424, nope.jpg)

How can she somehow manage to worsen her elocution and appearance in each new video?
10/10 for the cringe.

>This is like a walk in the park for me.

Bitch you never go out!

No. 797330

Nice tubesock. Maybe this christmas Laura finds a used VS bra for Lil Goblin.

No. 797332

File: 1601061772041.jpeg (824.25 KB, 828x1220, 27957DB9-7479-43DD-A8E1-0C0726…)

G8 cosplay

No. 797334

That eyeliner is so bad and her fat face looks even worse when she slathers on white ghost foundation and puts highlighter everywhere with no contour

No. 797345

>>797328 TIL troon thanks has Jameela Jamil bangs

No. 797354

I can’t tell who she’s trying to cosplay in either of these. Killgrave and Princess Diana?

No. 797355

I'm guessing it's Thanos and Anastasia?

Even with the clown white foundation, she looks so much better with eyebrows.

No. 797358

>those mommy arms
and her face is the first thing you notice?

No. 797400

File: 1601086922528.jpeg (193.58 KB, 828x1524, 4DA2DA0C-50CD-4812-9474-B6FDA8…)

Tired Lady was just an innocent victim of gang related egg crimes.

No. 797407

What is she pretending happened? I know Walmart delivers groceries, but I think it's through a monthly subscription fee. And I really doubt anybody bought her a monthly sub just to deliver 200 eggs.

No. 797409

I like that that random Twitter guy gave an excellent suggestion on how to deal with the "harassment", and Laur is just "but… but the trollz!!!"

Even in the low-res screen cap, you can kinda tell how blotchy and unevenly applied this is.

No. 797411

…so let me get this straight. A "troll" sent this Lillee Jean orbiter $60 worth of eggs. Riiiight.

Tired Lady, next time you feel ignored and are dying for attention, just TP your own yard and blame that on trolls. No one is sending you groceries, certainly not "trolls". That's… not a thing.

No. 797427

Imagine being scared to death because someone sent you eggs, lmaof.

No. 797474

File: 1601150881560.jpeg (43.67 KB, 840x683, CA1D19D9-326C-4681-B70D-48DA4F…)

Her legs look like literal chicken legs lmao model WHERE

No. 797475

So at 2:45 in the day in the life video she goes downstairs, then comes back into her room, closes and locks the door. Is this weird to anyone else?

Anyway, just starting this day in the attic romp. Excited to see if she ever gets dressed.

No. 797477


She really looks like Laur in this picture.

Where is TL;DW anon? I am 10 minutes in to this "A Day in the Attic" and I can't watch anymore. It's so full of bizarre behavior mixed with nonsense filler. You can tell that she doesn't actually do anything except loaf around in her musty nightgown all day, and then film herself smearing makeup for an hour.

The part where she shows her morning bathroom routine really illustrates how unaccustomed she is to doing basic hygiene. She still brushes her teeth like a fucking toddler, you can tell that Laur never bothered to teach her to do it properly. She smooshes her bacteria-riddled wet toothbrush bristles DIRECTLY INSIDE THE NOZZLE OF THE TOOTHPASTE TUBE and then hardly squeezes anything out before haphazardly swiping the brush for a few seconds without scrubbing properly.

No. 797484


Eh idk my brother used to lock his door behind him. I didn't, I think it's just personal preference.

No. 797488


I get that it's just the angle of the shot, but this looks like she really does look like she has some kind of dwarfism.

No. 797489

File: 1601159602699.webm (13.51 MB, 1280x720, pussy snatch shots.webm)

Laur has the nerve to complain about a sex worker's pictures, when she and Lillee have been putting out disgusting shit like >>796026 >>796922 and borderline foot fetish pictures ever since Lillee was a minor, but Laur's sexy toddler creature gets a pass because she doesn't post her furbush (yet). The face Lillee makes when Laur says sex worker says it all.

No. 797490

Day in the life TLDR:

> Starts off with her saying she woke up at 7:49am, mentioning that it's not usual. Saying she usually wakes up at 2am or 3am, saying whenever her body "feels good" is when she gets up.

> Just like >>797271 said, she brings up that because COVID is going on, events aren't happening and it was a "blah-zay day" (idk wtf that means) so she didn't go out.
> Says the first thing she does isn't her phone, but going to the bathroom and say she "has a deep connection with down below" and "the toilet is a lovely thinking space".
> Says she lets her hair down and applies oil or hair mask.
> Drools over herself in the mirror.
> Claims she brushes her teeth 3 times, and continues brushing until "whatever she spits out is clear".
> We get a close-up shot of her brushing her teeth and hair mask all over her glasses.
> Close up of her using mouthwash.
> Gets Kashi bar.
> "Look at myself again"
> Says it takes an hour to prepare to start recording.
> Some boring video preparation (camera, angles, etc).
> Takes her arms out of her sleeves to make her top strapless.
> Puts her hair in a plastic bag.
> Finishes filming her video and goes to remove the makeup.
> Does squats as she removes makeup. Claims it is "her fitness routine" and "is more effective that way".
> At 10am is when she does her skincare.
> Shows how she edits her photos, claims she rarely puts a filter on them, but will do it with cosplay looks.
> Shows that she responds to her "friends", but it's literally just this person called kerri_disney sending emojis back and forth with no words??
> Says she goes and checks twitter after responding to "friends"
> Reiterates that she won't show her boyfriend who is absolutely totally real. Claims too many of her family members have been doxxed.
> Shows her responding to YT comments.
> Tells us about how she blocks any accounts that are from 2020.
> Starts editing her video and says she has her phone by her side to answer her "friends" and family. Says she considers her fans to be her family.
> Says she often uploads with editing mistakes because during editing she goes off and starts "feeling herself", but it's okay because it's a "confidence boost" (she's said the words confidence boost 3 times so far in this video and it's only minute 7)
> Says she loves recording in her pajamas, it makes her feel confident.
> Puts a mask on after editing her video. Actually correctly pronounces Mario Badescu.
> Holds a hot towel over her face to open her pores up and applies another mask.
> Says she's been using the second mask since middle school, which I know doesn't mean she's been using that exact tub since middle school, but I would like to act like it does lmfao.
> Says she's shocked she's even recording a day in the life because she's "usually a private person"
> Goes off about being cyberbullied and claims her "torturer" (Assuming she's referring to Dees) tries to say that they're being victimized.
> Pets Silky while her second mask dries (this is cute ngl)
> Claims that she "speaks cat" and that her cats are "having a cat problem", but she cured them.
> Reads her video description out loud to herself, and says at the same time she's planning the next look in her head.
> Lillee tells Laur she's filming, so Laur starts telling us about how Marianna was sent several dozen boxes of eggs to terrify her.
> Laur says she has someone that "works for her" call the postmaster of the postal delivery service.
> Laur also claims she was sent a used tampon in the mail. Says that the person who sent it used their work address so she found out who did it.
> Laur claims she needs to find out who sent Marianna eggs and claims that the person isn't stupid enough to use their work address but is "mentally insane".
> Laur tells Lillee she didn't go to bed until 6am because Chesh needed her help, so she helped her out.
> They start talking about ordering food.
> Laur farts on camera and they decide to start talking about it.
> Puts her video everywhere she can, and starts making loads of gifs, so "anyone can watch it anywhere and everywhere, so any viewer can feel comfortable and confident". (Whatever the fuck that means)
> Idk what happens in the next 5-ish seconds, but Laur starts saying something and Lillee edits it out. No clue what Laur was saying.
> Lillee says they've been ordering out a lot because of COVID and she says she doesn't mind because "salads galore".
> Lillee, Laur, and Earl all sit in some living room area and "discuss what's going on in the world, what's happening, what they're all doing" while they wait for food.
> A really boring conversation about salad dressing that lasts like 30 fucking seconds.
> Lillee says Laur looks thin on camera.
> Lillee randomly cuts to herself getting snappy with her dad, saying "Yes? It's just editing?" because Earl doesn't really know what she does. He even says "Oh I don't know, I never play with it."
> Cuts to Laur talking about how people on Twitter are finding it hilarious that Marianna got sent eggs. (Really horrible angle of Laur through this whole conversation btw)
> Laur claims it's very serious because "[Marianna] never sent anything to their houses, just said their name." Lillee says they were "armed and had her address" (kek wtf)
> Laur says they've been making derogatory pictures of Marianna and "can't see the forest through the trees"
> Laur talks about how she was staying up all night talking with Chesh and Steven because the same thing is happening to Chesh. (Idk what she means by that exactly). Laur says Chesh's situation sounds exactly like "how they talk" and wonders if they belong to some "secret moronic society". Says they're completely delusion to get [—-] 4 times (I replayed it several times, I can't catch what she is saying people have gotten 4 times)
> Lillee claims it's a double standard and once again says they were "armed" with Marianna's address. Says that they "shout louder off their pills" (hello ableism)
> Lillee and Laur start shaming sex work by saying "she has this woman, try not to cry laughing, that is a sex worker and all of her photos on her Twitter were pussy snatch shots". "You just have to go to her name, and there's her snatch and her bush."
> Cuts to Lillee eating her salad with, you guessed it, chicken.
> An unbearable 5 seconds of Lillee chewing her salad.
> Lillee says she has to buy new hair masks and face masks because she's running out and claims she "hates spending money".
> Films herself doing weird half-ass pushups, stretches, and squats. Claims she's "giving 100%" to her workout routine because she fits it to her schedule.
> During the workout, she's wearing her sleep shirt and ballerina slippers.
> Makes tea after her workout, claims her favorite is chamomile, pronouncing it incorrectly.
> Shows her cleavage and says "ooo"
> Puts MORE fucking oil in her hair.
> Lillee and Laur watch Lillee's newest upload together, says they do it every night together. Laur says she's sad she missed this era of uploading. Lmfao.
> Lillee says she's outgoing but also shy.
> Says after her and Laur watch her newest video, she watches either Pinky Pie , Gargoyles, or she's texting her boyfriend.
> Cuts to her at 4am and says she likes to go through her drawings and either finish old ones or start new ones. (Wakes up at 7am my ass)
> Shows herself drawing Ariel and claiming "she is going to be really adorable, I know that for a fact"
> Says she'll do another day in the life when events start again.
> Ending was weird as fuck saying she's not comfortable showing the inside of her house because of cyberbullying, but [does some weird head flip] and the video ends.

Additional info: There is no way to verify if the times she said were correct because she never shows outside.

No. 797491

Didn’t she just colour her hair red again? How would it not be coloured while they were talking about the eggs if they were just delivered yesterday? The Thanos video was also posted before TL posted anything about the eggs. Something stinks here…

No. 797492

She’s 4’10” so is actually a dwarf. I would imagine this is where her income comes from, probably collects disability just like her dear old dad.

No. 797493

File: 1601160901333.png (588.96 KB, 420x718, wtf.png)

This moment at 18:13 was really strange, she gets tagged by another "INSTAGRAM INFLUENCER & BLOGGER" and it's just a picture of dirty mattresses on the floor and that weird description. Lillee even laughs and calls it horrible.

No. 797494

File: 1601160945954.png (5.59 MB, 2754x2256, tribute.png)

And here's my LJ tribute!

No. 797495

"Reply as the girlfriend"

No. 797496

So she won't show photos of her with any of her friends, but she'll show one of her "friends" screen names in a video?

It's always been funny to me how she has all of these excuses to not show her boyfriend or her friends or screenshots of the supposedly vile messages she's getting but as soon as she actually has a conversation with someone or actually gets a rude message she has no issue at all with showing it.

No. 797497


This is a weird thing to single out, but my toothpaste no matter how long I scrub for just gets whiter and foamier. What toothpaste does she have where it becomes clear? Unless her saliva is watering it down…

No. 797498

File: 1601161629340.png (118.68 KB, 473x272, lol.png)

"(Really horrible angle of Laur through this whole conversation btw)"
Hahaha I'm so glad someone else noticed that shit. I watched it and this fucking angle of her made me laugh so hard.

No. 797499

The way she brushes is retarded, she brushes for about 3 seconds then spits, repeatedly. She's just spitting it all out.

No. 797501

The situation with Cheshire and the sex worker is kind of hard to follow but apparently Cheshire claimed this woman was luring underage girls into sex work. Chesh’s followers spammed a livestream & the woman’s “fan club” with messages stating the same thing. The woman is now suing Cheshire. Cheshire put her accounts on private but it looks like Cheshire’s twitter was recently suspended.

I have no idea how Laur was helping Cheshire other than giving her best janitor at law legal advice.

No. 797502

She was lying about doing so. It’s the same dumb juvenile way in which Lillee name drops people. That whole camp giives zero shots about laur and Lillee other than a like pr reply here and there

No. 797503

oh yikes, her entire nipple is almost completely visible through her shirt when she's cramming her stringy hair into that plastic bag at around 3:58-ish

No. 797504

File: 1601163698107.jpeg (226.5 KB, 577x677, 9D6B15DF-95B9-4EA1-9604-A3AB10…)

Goes on to then shame sex workers after plastering her nipple FOR FREE for a solid minute

No. 797505

Oh shit I didn't even notice, I was too focused on trying to hear what she said to write out the tldr. Good lord.

No. 797507

File: 1601164268184.png (72.19 KB, 285x195, Screenshot 2020-09-26 195129.p…)

Look I'm aware you need to have glasses to see things, but come on Lillee, how are you just going to leave a blob of hair mask in your glasses?

No. 797509

Like other anon said she brushes for a few seconds and then spits out her toothpaste. She also rinses her brush after every 3 second scrub so that’s probably why she thinks it’s “clear” , there’s no toothpaste left after the first 30 seconds or so. She also leaves the water running the whole time she’s brushing her teeth and applying the already wet towel to her face. So much for 1 change for change lol

No. 797510

I had to skip some parts of this video because it was so bizarre, but this is what I took from it:

She uses SO MANY hair and face products but her hair and skin always look terrible.

She didn't shower??

Miss Content Creator, editor extraordinaire, doesn't know how to adjust volume levels.

Her Prima Ballerina "plie and demi plie" routine was the funniest thing I've seen today.

No. 797511

I think she was just doing those hair and face stuff for the camera. I’m sure she just sleeps all day. Plus masks do literally nothing for the skin and clay ones are especially harsh and drying. She has no clue what to use

No. 797513

If she does use all those masks every day it would totally fuck up the moisture barrier on her face. I think that she’s using too much shit without knowing how any of it works and/or combines. And putting a very hot towel on after to “open her pores” is not helping.

No. 797514


She absolutely uses way too much on her face, mixes products, doesn't have a consistent set of products, and seems to be unaware of her skin type. All of this combined is sure to fuck up her face.
I wouldn't go as far to say masks do literally nothing, I had a Philosophy one that was the only thing successful at clearing my blackheads.

No. 797517

She uses expired drugstore shit usually. Some masks absolutely do work but the cheap gimmicky ones she uses done. Her skin looks like shit because she doesn’t have a consistent routine and doesn’t wash herself properly

No. 797522

Of course she has pancake nips. Totally on purpose of course, during her weird stretches we can see down her shirt but thankfully due to low quality and her hair blocking we don't see much, she also threw in a bunch of random unexplained shots of her feet. You ain't slick Lillee.

No. 797523


Her voice, her mouth, her teeth. Ugh. How am I so grossed out by a person doing “regular things”. I’m cringing out of my skin. How can a person be this unappealing.

No. 797524

Like I don't even know what it's supposed to represent. Did they hear about "egging someone's house", which means throwing eggs at a house, and think it just meant… delivering farm-fresh eggs straight from the grocer's freezer? Did everyone involved with LJ and Laur grow up in Skinner boxes?

No. 797529

File: 1601169024984.jpg (889.95 KB, 1080x1787, Screenshot_20200926-200902_Ins…)

It was basically a semi perm hair color mixed with conditioner,meant to reup color, not dye it. So when she washed her hair, 95% washed out. And she's applying the masks to try and pull the rest of it out that her fried hair sucked in.


This is why all of her videos are so low quality. From filming to uploading was what? 4/5 hours? And most of that was processing/uploading. She barely spent anytime editing or explaining what her process was, which, imho, would have been way more interesting than watching her apply multiple masks and film her parents while holding her phone so it looked like she was trying to hide that she was filming them?

She is whining today because her skin is on the fritz. I know she has eczema and psoriasis, but I don't think her skin type is nearly as dry as she thinks it is. She just tries to sandblast it i to submission.

No. 797530

File: 1601169030602.webm (6.31 MB, 576x1024, download-_5_.webm)


No. 797532

File: 1601169096008.webm (5.02 MB, 576x1024, download-_6_.webm)

What are these moves? Riding a horse?

No. 797534

Hearty keks at this response!
A day or 2 before this TL was posting commentary over Diane's newest video where Diane displayed how many eggs she could fit in her fanny pack. TL didn't get the "egg thing". Then something about being sponsored by "Panty club" which the "Eggies" ran with to the point of TL making a video featuring her husband claiming to want some of the profits, and you can tell he gives no fucks.
My sentences kind of sound like I'm having a stroke, and this might not make any sense but that's why I don't even bother screenshot the TL/BFFDees/Oomancer orbiter weirdness anymore because it's just stupid.
I do love that she was trolled with "farm fresh" eggs tho.

No. 797536

she does this move a lot where she moves her hands away for the screen in that pulling motion…super fucking weird
she's so odd and grotesque looking

No. 797542

White people always be so extra when they're trying to dance jesus christ this is awful

No. 797550

She dances like those middle aged white women on tiktok and speeds it up 3x exactly like them too kek
All that's missing is an obnoxious filter.

Like a boomer in a midget' s body. Bizarre.

No. 797551

Of course she likes minions.

No. 797559

File: 1601176596305.jpg (343.55 KB, 1080x1698, 20200926_221758.jpg)

Bang Esq. Has spent the better part of the last two months promoting his project with Mark Pellegrino, including multiple articles, numerous posts on social media, podcasts, and contacting celebrity media outlets to publish it. Except it wasn't his project to begin with, he was taking credit for someone else's work.

No. 797564

this is so fucking funny

No. 797569


LOL it's the Covergirl "photoshoot" and the Bite Beauty "collab" all over again, with Pellegrino playing the role of McBoomBoom having twitter fights with teenage "cyberbullies." Lillee and her internet lawyer are two peas in an engagement pod.

No. 797577

This vid is disturbing lol. Why does everything she does is so uncanny? Even Gypsy Rose is able to express herself clearly and quite normally. I don’t understand what the fuck she is saying half of the time. Her mannerisms /facial expressions are so off. I feel like I’m looking at a feral child.

No. 797578

It’s especially unnerving to see the part where she is filming herself filming the thanos video. Her mannerisms are so exaggerated, she looks completely deranged. Can a kind anon make a video of that specific part? It’s uncanny valley

No. 797579

That infuriated me but I think the angle of her chomping the salad was the worst.

No. 797581

File: 1601191758331.jpeg (411.7 KB, 1242x1074, 1B105CAE-F35D-40C3-B8FA-03EBBC…)

This comment just basically confirm to me that tired lady either got the eggs herself or her husband did to get her to shut the fuck up. It’s obvious that her derangement is exacerbated by this whole saga and she’s trying to distance herself from any potential lawsuits and consequences after doxxing a bunch of random people and calling their jobs. Hope she fucks off forever. She is NOT funny or interesting

No. 797584

love the hoard of readyrefresh boxes behind her. that's a water bottle brand by nestle. but she totally cares about the environment you guys, 1change4change!!! if you drink out of plastic water bottles with a glass straw it makes all the difference!

No. 797595

Does Lillee even OWN a bra? I don’t think I’ve seen a single photo where she’s wearing one.

No. 797599

lmao what exactly the fuck is the bottom left photo I cant

No. 797600

File: 1601216490282.jpeg (160.94 KB, 750x768, 55580608-5817-4749-BDDA-6D15F2…)

Don’t “suppress” women…unless they’re sex workers.

No. 797604


> Lillee says they've been ordering out a lot because of COVID and she says she doesn't mind because "salads galore".

How can they afford to eat out all the time? They're fresh off a bankruptcy and none of them have jobs.

No. 797617

I thought it was the packing for their moving out.

No. 797620

It's so weird hearing Lillee talk, she really sounds and acts like a grouchy boomer upset with the kids these days. Saying someone is "off their pills" is such a boomer insult kek.

No. 797645

That isn’t very Disney of you, Lillee.

No. 797646

File: 1601233410010.jpg (567.33 KB, 2896x2666, 20200927_135909.jpg)

Lillee claims in her latest video that if she decides to go red, she's gonna go to the John Barrett salon. For someone with incredibly fried hair that needs a ton of correcting and conditioning, Lillee wouldn't get out of the salon for less than $500 and I doubt it would be "fixed". Not to mention any hair stylist would tell her to cut the damage and she would throw a fit.
So much for paying rent in the new place either.

No. 797667

apparently it’s out of the question to just go to a regular salon for $200 like she should have done in the first place?

No. 797671

I know this has been talked about a lot as a tinfoil but one of my coworkers kids has Williams syndrome and it’s uncanny how much they remind me of lillee. The small teeth, the wide mouth, the stunted mental ability and the childish way they express themselves are all extremely similar. I seriously thought it was a tinfoil until I experienced it first hand but it really explains her pseudo-retard behavior. Sage for tinfoil still lol.

No. 797673

We will probably never know. Whether it’s Williams syndrome, FASD, or something else, LJ is obviously slow and socially stunted. If she does have Williams syndrome, it’s too bad she’s missing the most endearing feature: a happy and sociable personality.

No. 797680

I’m steering more on the side of FASD coupled with genetically passed on mental illness exacerbated by living with a mother who is incredibly unwell and stupid. To me, it seems like she’s just horrendously stupid with a low IQ she got from laur with narcissistic personality disorder

No. 797682

I will say that I've personally gone through serious dental work because of being born with a genetic condition. I only developed a few adult teeth and retained most of my baby teeth up to my early 20s. I can confirm that on the high end for say, full implants, those can be $40-$60k. I don't know if she would need those, though. Those might be her adult teeth. Even just crowns or veneers would be thousands for all of them. It's expensive.

No. 797731

File: 1601271751013.png (1.04 MB, 1408x752, baby lil.png)

Maybe she does having something like William's syndrome or even Autism, but Laur never got her diagnosed because she thinks Lillee was the perfect child. Laur has shown a boomer level hatred and misunderstanding of mental illness so I can see her fearing that maybe Lillee has a touch of 'tism or something. FASD is something Laur would NEVER admit to if that was the case.

But at the same time, if Lillee had already been diagnosed with something then they would have used that to their advantage to defend her. Lillee and Laur would have problems with the cyberbullies bullying a poor girl with William syndrome! I don't think we'll ever know, Lillee thinks she's perfect and shares her mom's views.

And lmaof, she has a ton of resemblance with this illustration of Williams syndrome characteristics.

No. 797741

File: 1601277045007.jpg (230.81 KB, 1080x1080, PicsArt_09-28-02.11.04.jpg)


No. 797744

>Laur has shown a boomer level hatred and misunderstanding of mental illness so I can see her fearing that maybe Lillee has a touch of 'tism or something.
That, and considering Lillee has a lot of gynecological pain makes me think that either 1. Laur refuses to take her daughter to the doctor for anything, or 2. Lillee is honestly just lazy and refuses to go and thinks everything will magically go away with some herbal tea. I mean, she barely showers or changes her shirt, are we expecting to actually get dressed and go to a doctor? Also, in the current climate, she can just lie and say that she's terrified of catching COVID, so she refuses to go into a medical area.
Either way, I think Laur and Lillee thinking Lillee is perfect outweighs them wanting to milk a scenario with Lillee having William's Syndrome. They want her to become an actress and super famous, and they probably feel she'd never be able to make it with that type of disease.

No. 797765

File: 1601291843949.gif (Spoiler Image,146.27 KB, 500x282, giphy.gif)

>What are these moves? Riding a horse?
Ive legit not seen the gangnam style dance since 2012, holy shit that brought back memories. Hell, I've not seen someone do "big fish little fish cardboard box" in over 10 years and I'm pretty sure Lillee Jean is doing that too lol. It's either that or she's trying to do a fucking 1960s batman dance??

Not even the middle aged white women do these moves anymore, they started copying their kids' fortnite emotes, it's weird as fuck seeing a girl in her 20s dance like a 45 year old who's not been paying attention to pop-culture for nearly ten years.

No. 797778

File: 1601299173265.png (3.32 MB, 750x1334, E675A05D-7B62-473F-ACC8-D066B6…)

wahlah french girl inspired

No. 797782

File: 1601300944034.jpg (34.47 KB, 360x450, Shocktreatment-bert.jpg)

It's very this.

Or a guest at the annual Transylvanian convention

No. 797784

File: 1601301215084.jpg (313.65 KB, 980x1780, fasd face.jpg)

FASD face features are very similar to WS.
Not medfagging, but people with William syndrome are usually nice, caring, hug strangers, etc, and exhibit impressive social and verbal abilities.
They can also be impressive singers…

Lillee is unable to socialize, she has no empathy and is incredibly self-centered with narcissistic disorder personality, is inarticulate, rude and painfully narrow-minded.
Her behavior in the "dance plant" video -where she basically ignore all the staff, has insanely selfish/rude attitude and danse awkwardly with poor coordination- shows way more FASD than WS.

And Anon, you're right, Laur would never admit this, especially in the FASD case, because it would also mean it's her fault.

No. 797785

im sure pheep is cumming in his little french pants at this

No. 797787

File: 1601302876592.jpeg (228.84 KB, 828x1500, 3B93226F-32C3-4807-8189-FA148F…)

No. 797795

File: 1601306534116.jpg (303.92 KB, 2896x2896, 20200928_101942.jpg)

Amazon Anon, I love your skills at finding practically every outfit she uses. Cracks me up.

I love that she edited this and still got it wrong. Or maybe it's her subconscious acknowledging atleast 2k of her follwers are fake.

No. 797820

Literally no one in France (and everywhere else) looks like that.

Budget Anons, do you think she resells all the useless stuff she buys? Her house must be so full of used gross makeup, plenty of wigs, lots of cheap ugly cosplay accessories from amazon, etc…
(+ the thousand dolls she has but we know she is keeping them)
If she resells, she can't earn much.
If she doesn't, and if the moving is happening, they will have so much to pack, smh.

No. 797825

she must re-sell all her junk because there's no way all that crap would fit in the house and she definitely doesn't donate it because she would already have three videos, five instagram posts and a fake article talking about how she gives to those in need or "less fortunate" than she is…. as if anyone could get any lower

No. 797829

She doesn’t limit her stereotypes…

I’m assuming she sells it. She hasn’t shown any of her Colour Pop makeup since getting kicked off their PR. The palettes are still somewhat popular so even though she’s probably bitter, she could still have gotten a few actual views on her videos.

No. 797833

> Laur says she has someone that "works for her" call the postmaster of the postal delivery service.
I wonder what postal service delivers packages in Walmart plastic bags. These people are so incompetent they couldn't even pull off a simple hoax.

No. 797839

They are hoarders. Who could possibly buy their crap?
Even if they claim it's new, people can't possibly undetected it has been used and poorly taken care of.

No. 797844

It’s been speculated that they return their Amazon purchases. Almost all of her recent cosplays were purchased on Amazon

No. 797849

On the Thanos video, she stained the cosplay top with the purple makeup; would Amazon let you return 100% of all the orders and refund her, even if it as been obviously worn?

No. 797850

Won't Amazon actually ban you for abusing the return policy after a while?

I doubt anyone wants to buy their used cosplay crap, it's all incredibly cheap to buy new anyway. It's not like they use well made or custom cosplay sets. The "French themed party set" looks like a child's dress up set from Walmart.

No. 797853

Lillee’s reused wigs and the shirt on >>793422 is reused. I think they must keep some items and others they must either, sell, return, donate, or throw away. Lillee probably just throws them away.

No. 797861

I don't know about the "how", but I can tinfoil about the "why" :
What if Laur has been kicked out every store nearby?
I don't believe the chinese owners were the only ones to have a problem with extraordinaire momager Laur-Karen.
This, a maybe they are too scared to go outside due to Covid.

No. 797866

File: 1601323299970.jpg (280.04 KB, 1077x2070, 20200928_145643.jpg)

Lillee was too much of a princess when she was..2/3?

This is actually kind of sad. Lillee is such a huge Disney fan, but because of stories her mom has told her about the ONE time she went to Disney, when she was a toddler, she says she doesn't want to go and hated it. Very few toddlers really enjoy Disney. It is loud, crowded, and they get tired super fast. Since it involved Laur's dad and involved traveling to Florida, sounds like Laur is feeding her stories to keep Lillee from wanting to go visit. It is harder to scam the parents out of their money when they see how much of an entitled brat you've raised.

No. 797867

Yes. Amazon doesn't care. People have returned dirty cookware, and items that are missing have the package and other people purchased them and saw that they were used.

No. 797871

They 100% return stuff to Amazon. Laur is far too cheap to throw anything out or donate it

No. 797872

File: 1601325657186.jpeg (319.03 KB, 828x466, FD318E12-A57D-4002-B3FD-8012DB…)

G8 look and lipstick application

No. 797875

Nothing says 1change4change like purchasing the cheapest plastic fancy dress items from China that will be destined for landfill less than a year after you bought them because they have no real value.
If she had an ounce of creativity in her body she'd go to a Goodwill and find unique costume opportunities.

No. 797876

File: 1601326784647.jpeg (163.07 KB, 750x411, E440C390-C268-441E-B7BE-277C07…)

She’s wearing the ripped black shirt she’s worn for other cosplays backwards.

No. 797877

I for one am looking forward to Laur’s #inevitable freak out at Amazon’s twitter once she does get banned.

No. 797878

File: 1601326927040.jpeg (159.34 KB, 750x414, 41647856-6A8B-4B04-8E34-C89131…)

the shirt before she turns it around

No. 797879

Can't buy a new shirt, there's bots to buy

No. 797885


This honestly just sounds like another excuse, like when she "couldn't" go to Fashion Week. So many adult Disney fans spend wild amounts of money at the theme parks and on exclusive merch. Lillee can't afford that, so she has to come up with a reason that she doesn't WANT to, actually. She also mentions in her response that it's "so much money" as though she's making a wise decision and not one out of necessity.
Also, it's hard imagining her waiting in line or accepting that she's just one of the crowd of fans in that environment. Just like she "told Ariel off" as a toddler, Lillee needs to be the only princess in the room or she'd throw a tantrum. She doesn't want to see the Disney princesses IRL, she wants to be told she's the only true one.

No. 797887

She’s incredibly jealous and vain. I absolutely see her feeling “threatened” in the presence of actual beautiful women. Reminds me of the time when a really pretty girl showed up in her live so everyone began complimenting her and miss Lillee started showing her feet and bOoBieS in a desperate attempt to keep the attention on herself

No. 797888

To me it seems like she avoids the outside because she doesn’t want to confront her mediocrity. People outside either don’t give a shit about her, unlike laur so she’s much more content creating this fantasy world where she’s a presence while looking like a goblin who lives in a literal trash can

No. 797892

Didn't Tater go to Disney a month ago and Tired Lady and Laur started attacking her for it? When Lillee talks about how much she hates Disneyland, I wonder if some of her jealousy for Tater comes through. Laur has brainwashed Lillee into thinking Disneyland is the worst place on earth even though Lillee is a very apparent Disney fan. Laur could also be envious that Tater is in a financial situation where she can afford trips to Disney whereas Laur has to lie to her daughter to keep from wanting to go there so they can use that money with furthering Lillee's "career". This could be a reach but it's something I've noticed.

No. 797896

If LJ went around 2003, she would have been a literal toddler and would barely remember it. Of course babies don't like theme parks.

This sounds like a story Laur told her and LJ is repeating because she's jealous of people who actually go places.

No. 797898

Laur & Lillee told this story on Defango’s livestream too. Lillee talks about peeing on one of the Princesses. Laur told the story as if she was there and took Lillee. It’s strange to find out it was with her grandparents and she was 3.

Kek at Lauriffany going to Disney the exact same year as Lillee and remembering it even though she also would have been a toddler.

No. 797904

File: 1601341690352.jpg (299.38 KB, 1080x1905, 20200928_200856.jpg)

Lillee's faking PR again, according to Laur they lost the Laura Merceir account

No. 797914

> Laur talks about how she was staying up all night talking with Chesh and Steven because the same thing is happening to Chesh.

TL;DR Chesh/Marie situation is Chesh targeted a camgirl (Marie) and said she was blackmailing underage girls into porn. The company Marie works for received 52 complaints on the evening Laur said she was helping Steve/Cheshire. The company checked the IP addresses from the complaints and found all 52 originated from 3 people.The company Marie works for has filed charges against Cheshire (defamation can be criminal in Canada) and is filing a civil lawsuit. Marie’s employer contacted twitter which is why Cheshire’s twitter account was suspended immediately. Marie has locked down her twitter account and said she won’t speak publicly about it due to the open investigation/lawsuit.

What are the odds Laur was one of those 3 people? The timeframe lines up. We all know how much Laur loves contacting employers. It explains all the weird cuts when Laur is talking about Steve/Cheshire/Marie. Laur’s also been silent since the situation went down after weeks of daily twitter meltdowns. Marie didn’t say if her employer was suing all 3 people involved or just Cheshire. I think Laur might have found herself in more legal trouble.

/saged for tinfoil

No. 797915

Damn thanks for this anon. I can see why you saged, but idk this has enough concrete info to stay unsaged tbh.

No. 797931


i would bet money that this is another eBay/poshmark purchase. it's full of products that have been out for several months/years, no recently-released "goodies" at all. also that rounded black leather makeup bag was part of the PR packages sent out from fall 2019 to around spring 2020; the makeup bag in the new pr packages is a boxier design and is burgundy.

No. 797945

File: 1601370906183.jpg (78.35 KB, 925x475, boxes.jpg)

Why is her house full of these boxes? I don't think it's water inside. Is it really for moving?
On the last video - one day in her life, it's obvious she does the poor filming angles, so we don't see too much of the background. Instead of cleaning her place of course…

No. 797952

The moving tinfoil seems to be accurate. There are packed boxes in so many areas.

No. 797955

File: 1601380101859.jpeg (510.97 KB, 750x718, 2A383984-C18E-4D5E-8C18-FA8216…)

She bought this 2nd hand. If you search Instagram, the most recent Laura Mercier PR package includes a palette. They also send personalized notes, which Lillee does not have.

No. 797956

File: 1601380903821.gif (587.09 KB, 420x640, 20200929_070150.gif)

I can't breathe. The full dance is incredible. Tik Tok might be my favorite Lillee Jean platform.

No. 797968

Same kek, she’s so grotesque looking I can’t believe she’s an adult doing that

No. 797985

File: 1601394039261.jpeg (87.8 KB, 544x398, CB9D5AED-9DBC-4794-9F89-3BBC0E…)

laur’s trying to buy twitter followers.

When will they figure out this is the reason their accounts are ghost banned? A lot of people want to see their accounts banned but I prefer watching them spend ridiculous amounts of money on likes/followers for accounts no one will see.

No. 797987

Amazing, she used some kind of crappy service to get around 100 followers, and then lost more than that the next day. They are so stupid.

No. 797988

God I would love to see the meltdown if her official accounts were banned, especially her Instagram. I gave up on that hope a long time ago though because Instagram seems to not take any permanent measure even though they vet thousands of followers from her account constantly. My only hope I'm holding onto is Tatiana's lawsuit lmfao

No. 797989

The fact LJ has been able to retain the outward appearance of 1 million followers on IG does kind of piss me off and I'm surprised that hasn't been dealt with to date. You only have to go through her follower list for a few seconds to see it's all bots. Seems like IG don't delete them as often as people can create new ones.

No. 798004

File: 1601400942418.jpg (220.96 KB, 550x1144, Screenshot_20200929-122709_Chr…)


It is even more annoying when you consider that since April 2019, She's lost and replaced over 200k followers. Her youtube had a large influx from the large drama channels, but those have dried up and her projected growth even at 5 years- so ~10years into her "career", is abysmal.

No. 798018

I was wondering about this too. I always knew some influencers bought followers to make their numbers look better, but I figured IG would crack down on the really egregious cases like LJ. The overwhelming majority are so obviously fake, and the "real" accounts are probably engagement pods.

No. 798019


My guess is the algorithm is picking up the pod people and considering it to be "real enough", and the only way to get her account shut down would be if a real person from Instagram's company genuinely looked at it.

No. 798022

You still run into the issue of Instagram not being able to prove who bought the followers. If Instagram started suspending accounts with bot followers, then influencers and trolls would just start buying followers for accounts they want to get suspended. It’s annoying because we know either Lillee or her momager bought the followers and continue to buy 10-20k likes for each post. I understand why Instagram doesn’t suspend her account and chooses to purge bots instead.

No. 798028


lmao I could see laur buy this second hand and then present it to lillee as pr. Maybe lillee doesnt even know theyve lost the Laura Mercier pr lol.

No. 798030

File: 1601412427383.jpeg (628.12 KB, 1230x1992, 76222D1D-949D-47AA-9854-2D87BF…)

Sorry to side track here regarding the bots, but has anyone looked at the pics that LJ is tagged in on IG? These are creepy.

No. 798031

probably just her pod-people

No. 798032

In her A Day In The Life of a Bridge Troll video, she mentioned that she checks all the posts she is tagged in. So all of thoae posts she looked at and said "Yup! Fits my brand!". I think lillee might actually have a thing for Indian men. Might be because she gets 0 attention from guys her age that live in the US, but, hey, she's a sexual person and someone need sto ask to see her booobiiiieeesssss.

No. 798040

Good point, wasn't something I considered.

I'm still so bummed no one filmed her Instagram live when she did that collab makeup tutorial with that dude from India. It was so fucking weird. She was semi-flirting with him, but was also acting like a narcissistic brat.

No. 798050

I would actually love to see what would happen if all the bots were purged at once. Laur would have a meltdown of epic proportions. It would be far better than an account suspension imo.

No. 798061


Yes, very Bert Schnick

No. 798070

And then Lillee would turn her camera on and show this fake "confidence" that she can still live her best life with 1k Instagram followers

No. 798075

Please comment French girls! I've read a few beauty blogs that commented on how French beauty is obsession with effortless looks. It's a very particular look that Americans have NOT stereotyped well if at all. I wonder if she had Pheepy help her with this look.

No. 798077

File: 1601446031445.png (16.33 KB, 1019x124, hives.png)


No. 798078

File: 1601446266193.png (1.07 MB, 740x1211, ea80ef_c4a3c2f09ae144868dd0bd3…)

Lillee learns a new technique once a year and then goes on to use that technique for every look. This time it's rhinestones. Not to nitpick, but the green is really swampy looking.

No. 798082

File: 1601448504084.png (175.92 KB, 464x341, maquillage-nude.png)

She tried the French natural makeup look/trend, but didn't properly research or execute it. Just because it is meant to look natural, does not mean to use as few products as possible. She also chose the most garish lipstick shade. Also, she needs to learn how to style her hair to better suit these looks. I've attached a photo of someone similar looking to her that actually pulled off the correct look and did their hair better (albeit, a simple style).

No. 798091

>someone similar looking to her
They’re probably going to print out this post and frame it, but take none of the advice.

No. 798093

She really goes ham with the editing. Her makeup looks extremely busted in her videos and her lip line is always a hot mess with her 2 inch over line but she edits it all out

No. 798094

File: 1601457768150.png (904.35 KB, 1390x508, tinkerlil.png)

She does a bunch of these sassy~ angry faces in the end of her Tinkerbelle video, but it only accentuates her ugliness.

No. 798095

File: 1601457830998.gif (3.74 MB, 747x716, lillee gif.gif)

Like WTF is this supposed to be lmaof. Is this how Lillee actually throws tantrums?

No. 798098

File: 1601459933672.webm (5.39 MB, 720x1280, 75203595_338950910704252_34139…)

Oml Anon, just saw the full version. Ny favorite part might be the demonic cat eyes under the table.

No. 798103

Wow I'm shocked to see different clothes other than her plaid red pj pants and sleep shirts.
She has such an unfortunate body shape.

No. 798104

Her Indian creeps adore her for being a sexy porcelain-skinned size 2 kween, she wants to be worshipped as a pale goddess by someone other than herself and her mother, and these men have 0 standards, so when we call her ugly she can run to the Pradips with foot pics and feel good about herself.

No. 798107

File: 1601469340550.jpeg (346.58 KB, 750x988, 8EF2827D-3F12-410E-93A3-093A7C…)

How does Laur not know these are filters when they ran an entire “fanart” account posting the same filtered “drawings”?

No. 798109

The kicker is she's 19. Her body is essentially prime. Look at both of her parents. She's too short to carry any extra weight, and both parents are obese. She'll be as wide as she is tall in a few years. Better catch that Prince now.

And dear God, if she does get a real boyfriend that she actually sees in person, Laur, get that girl on birth control. Lillee will be pregnant in the first few months from "just the tip".

No. 798110

she looks so much like Laur on the right

No. 798114

File: 1601472500945.gif (3.28 MB, 1000x1103, hocuspocus.gif)

a ton of smaller gurus have getting lots of youtube views for the past week doing promo videos for this Disney Hocus Pocus launch. ColourPop does so many Disney collections, and they'll send free shit to just about anyone. Lillee and Laur fucked up so bad, and they're both such narcissists that they probably can't even bring themselves to buy ColourPop products with their own money now that the company disavowed any professional relationship with them and dropped Lils from their ambassador program.

No. 798123

File: 1601478072900.jpg (219.87 KB, 1277x608, retrofrench.jpg)

As french, I have been offended by the video. The look is just grotesque.
There are things Lillee will never understand : style and class for instance.
She can't bother to observe and make some few research. The lipstick has the worst application I have seen so far >>797872
I won't even talk about the cheap accessories.

Retro french girl style would have look like these, with plenty of nuances. Really not difficult to achieve.
Too bad Lillee only care about spamming the net with her nonsense instead of actually do something correctly.

No. 798128

File: 1601482159244.jpg (439.8 KB, 1079x1304, Screenshot_20200930-111002_You…)

Howling with what? Laughter? Pain?

No. 798129

File: 1601484353769.jpg (512.98 KB, 1282x855, Paris-Clipart-France-Digital-A…)

It looks like she took her "French girl" inspo from the most stereotypical idea of what French people look like. She just needs the wine and baguette.

I doubt she would actually try to do a genuine style like what you posted, she just thinks in cartoonish stereotypes.

No. 798141


LOL "clipart beauty" is the perfect description of Lillee's shitty, low effort aesthetic.

No. 798161

Omg her hair looks like pure shit. She completely fucked it.

No. 798166

There is zero reason to post Laurs sisters details. Just because she gets wet for Trump does not justify posting her personal details.

>3.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.

>5.1 Do not contact a subject's family.

No. 798206


I love how she low key disses people having a different opinion by saying “I’m an open minded person” in her Tinkerbelle video.

No. 798207

File: 1601521306657.jpg (375.67 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200930-220147_You…)

Who actually talks like this? Its like the only source of how cool kids talk they have is Clueless and Mean Girls.

No. 798209

Didn't she film a whole video about how she didn't like the livecasting of Ariel because it didn't fit the animated character? But now she's little miss open minded?

No. 798214

I’m confused about her hair. Wasn’t it just a vibrant red a few days ago?

No. 798215

File: 1601524371375.jpg (372.67 KB, 2896x2896, 20200930_225223.jpg)

Wow. Green beans, shredded-you guessed it- chicken, and mashed potatoes. Her food is even more boring than she is. I'm surprised the potatoes even have pepper in them, must have been pre-made at the store.

No. 798220

She reminds me of Onision in that way. Acting like 'preps' are still a thing.

No. 798224

Tags it as "foodie" and eats the blandest, boring thing possible. Is she TRYING to be judged?

No. 798228

File: 1601533298906.png (69.56 KB, 912x432, Capture.png)

kek well what if it makes me happy to smoke crack and make fun of your disgusting rat teeth, lilz? what then?

No. 798245

File: 1601549188681.jpeg (281.91 KB, 750x903, A572CE6E-4398-4070-BF55-D4487E…)

She never fails to have g8 grammar.

No. 798247

It was a wash-off dye

No. 798252

Okay, Yoda Jean.

No. 798254

Jfc she can't even take food pictures correctly. How can someone be so bad at literally every single they do? This looks so unappetizing. It's barely even seasoned.

No. 798258

Her clown euphoria cheap rhinestone look is out now. She talks a bit about the haters in this video.
>Extremely greasy hair, she tosses it around in the first few seconds and it looks like a hot mess. And surprise, she's wearing the stretched out bleached pajama shirt again!
>"Listen, I've come to the realization some people are just like bitter and mean and like snotty nose ihale although I don't want to see people like that it's true."
>"I did my French makeup look and I'm very proud of my great grandmother's heritage. For people to make fun of her name even though I put up the ancestral document, it's like we're in a society where we're talking about gender identity can't come up with any more hot topics, and you know being neutral about things and being more sensitive to people and to make fun of somebody's name because it's not traditionally a female name is really awful and so mean."
I guess pointing out that she did a stereotype rather than an actual makeup look really touched a nerve for her. She's talking about her great grandmother named Jean, I saw no one on the farms "making fun" of her name. She pronounces it like jeans, the pants BTW. I couldn't find these bully comments she was talking about but if I had to guess, they're making fun of Lillee's pronunciation and not her actual name.
>Inspired to do a rainbow look because rainbows are happy colors, "represent a really positive movement".
>"I think that next year hopefully when everybody is not dying anymore which is really sad, I can really feel that energy in the earth, events start again and I can film a day in the life like with an event."
Even before, she never went to any real events. She'd only been to a handful, but wasn't very important and she stuck out like a sore thumb. Remember when she sat in the crowd at a fashion show and looked like was about to snap the whole time?
>Actually has a discount code LILLEEJEAN on Karity.com, I tested it and it works and give's you 10% off.
>"I have this theory that if we all just worked together for a cleaner future actually earth would repair."
Genius. Take notes everybody.
>Goes on about how you shouldn't harm the earth, all while she's using a cotton round she'll just throw away.
>"I'm going to make my eyebrows a little more prominent." Adds some slight makeup to them, but they're still barely there.
Everything else she did was pretty boring. At the end it just looks ugly, the rhinestones just look really cheap and she doesn't put any more effort into looking good besides putting her hair in a messy bun.

No. 798259

File: 1601553326754.png (390.38 KB, 772x628, Screenshot_8.png)

The sad clown look before she added the glitter and rhinestones honestly looked better. Bright color aren't for everyone but they looked far better than the gross swampy faded colors after she put shimmer on.

No. 798260

File: 1601553771266.jpeg (250.41 KB, 750x801, DA3D1DCC-A8B1-46E9-AE69-4E0F51…)

Laur’s running out of sock accounts and is forced to use her old racist accounts.

No. 798261

File: 1601553928496.jpeg (347.86 KB, 750x804, 578575A7-F214-405F-860E-67D8B8…)

No. 798264

File: 1601557523789.jpeg (373.16 KB, 750x796, 5A2C2D4D-512E-4023-ACBC-015594…)

No. 798266

File: 1601559586183.jpeg (184.69 KB, 750x376, A502B1D1-A46E-4E51-A22F-29312C…)

Before Laur decided Lillee was going to be a famous influencer, she was using the same tactics to promote Justice4Brenda.

Elizabeth Gardner, Cynda Perry, Victor Stohalodea & Ray Williamson were all sock accounts Laur used to talk to herself about her sister’s murder.

No. 798267

File: 1601559869992.jpeg (227.65 KB, 750x501, 24813EE8-D18F-4F37-8DA4-F64DC6…)

No. 798268

File: 1601563163418.jpg (38.84 KB, 765x294, thefakest.jpg)

She hardcore deleted all the comments that are not from bots, Laur or Lucid retard, once again.

Pheepy will probably goes has the invisible man, just like every single day of his non-existent life.

No. 798270

> She talks a bit about the haters in this video.
She talks about the haters in every single video Anon. It awesome how she wants us to believe she's a good person, while she is the one being sour, vindictive and wishes people to die from covid on twitter.

> I'm very proud of my great grandmother's heritage. For people to make fun of her name even though I put up the ancestral document, it's like we're in a society where we're talking about gender identity can't come up with any more hot topics, and you know being neutral about things and being more sensitive to people and to make fun of somebody's name because it's not traditionally a female name is really awful and so mean."

Wow, someone indeed mentioned this forever ago!
>Her second name comes from her french grandmother called "jean". Too bad "jean" is not a woman name, it's like John, lol. Jeanne is the correct one, but it's pronounce differently (like Jane, not "gene").
So much for being so bitter about all the lies she tells. And still holding a grudge because the french Anons pointed the huge mistake on the gender name, kek.

No. 798271

File: 1601564717708.jpeg (548.53 KB, 828x1114, 5646DB06-84A8-4FAC-B059-88A60F…)

No. 798274

She would probably do a great job recreating this. They have the same little nub teeth and colored pasty skin.

No. 798276


>my families horrors we underwent

"We??" Lillee has never experienced anything but coddling her entire life; Laur has never allowed anyone to penetrate the bubble of artificial reality she's built around her daughter. They are both such nobodies with nothing to be proud of, no real accomplishments, no interesting life experiences, no unique perspectives, no redeeming qualities…so they steal other people's hardships and build fake sockpuppet friends with them or drape them on like cosplay to deflect criticism and try to manipulate people into feeling sympathy for them. They are really really empty people.

No. 798278

File: 1601569497163.png (78.99 KB, 732x576, Capture.PNG)

This is what she is talking about when mentioning the haters making fun of her grandmother's name.

Whether it's the name itself "Jean" (It's basically John in French -_-) or the pronunciation, everything is wrong !(-_-)

No. 798282


I'm surprised she would respond so dismissively ("Thanks") to someone who appears to be an actual fan.

No. 798285


This kind of behavior is exactly why even when Lillee manages to gain a few actual fans, she'll never keep them for long. This person politely explained the truth to her, and she attacked them, because Lillee can never admit that she is wrong.

Now she's accused this perfectly polite person of insulting her entire lineage, so she's alienated at least one person, and anyone who sees this interaction is going to know that when Lillee says she's constantly "bullied" by "haters" that what she really means is that people correct her when she's wrong and instead of taking in the information graciously, or even just keeping her mouth shut and moving on, she has a crybaby conniption in response.

No. 798288

Tbh it wasn't odd at the time for immigrants to take more "Americanized" names, it's totally possible she changed the spelling.

No idea why LJ has to freak out on everyone who makes a simple observation though. That person wasn't making fun of her grandma in the slightest.

No. 798289

Kek don't be, she treats her few real subscribers like shit

No. 798297

File: 1601574082081.png (42.56 KB, 753x334, Capture.PNG)

She's so immature honestly, she really needs to grow up

No. 798302

This screenshot is pure gold, did she deleted it already? I can't find it on the last video and the "french" look one.

Funny how LJ gets so mad when she is the one who keep bragging about her so-called french lineage while knowing literally nothing about France, lol.
Guess totally not-fake Pheepy didn't told her about Jean.

No. 798303

File: 1601575665307.jpg (106.55 KB, 1080x1099, 20201001_125927.jpg)

I don't know how Lillee Jean is wearing her masks, but I'm pretty sure your eyes aren't supposed to be covered.
Lillee Jean's grasp of the english language would be laughably bad, except it is her ONLY language. Unless you count attic troll.

Aaaaand she's deleted it.

At this point, I don't know how Lillee Jean expects to gain/retain actual fans. She's rude AF to anyone that corrects or questions her, treats any new 2020 account like she's about to attack them.
She's not looking for real fans, she wants worshippers and sheep.

No. 798309

I won't nitpick at all the nonsense she wrote, but :
1/ she said she showed up the documents on this video>>798258
>I put up the ancestral document (even if it's blurry)
And now, says the documents are locked up in Alsace-Lorraine >>798278
Yes, sure, France totally locks up civil status related documents, preferably in a catacomb below the Eiffel tower.

2/ She said Germany occupied the Alsace-Lorraine, when it was the Alsace-Moselle.
Alsace-Lorraine refers to the territory created by the German Empire in 1871.
But I guess you have to be french to know this.
Or to stay in school.

No. 798321

I’m French as well and she keeps talking nonsense. I don’t think she was ever exposed to French culture in any ways. Sounds like an ignorant American trying to be ~exotic~

No. 798333

What do you mean, anon? Her totally real French boyfriend has exposed her to all possible French culture, such as pronouncing coconuts as coocoonuts!
It still blows my mind that she thinks she can convince anyone he's real. At the peak of Pheepy drama, she kept going back and forth on where he lived between France and the US, and talked about casually visiting him like she just took a plane to France every weekend or something. So bizarre. And the diplomat thing is just a clusterfuck on its own.

No. 798356

Yeesh, no wonder she struggles to grow a fan base.

No. 798402

File: 1601630819687.jpg (163.55 KB, 945x2048, cIm6VXJr.jpg)

French anons are on fire.
She should ask Pheepy to translate it asap.

LJ said several time her second name was from her grandmother's. When it seems not.
Isn't weird that she can't tell what was her grandma's name??

No. 798414

>37 seconds ago
Self-posting, much.
I don't speak frog, what does it say?

No. 798418

"What a respectful and realistic representation of my country, I am very moved! Everyone knows how essential it is - as proud frog people to wear a beret, scarf, wand, glass of wine, not to wash or shave your armpit hair … and that at all times and in all places, under pain of a guillotine." - google translate.

No. 798419

Not self-posting. I got the screen from someone on twitter. I can't help if her french look video is so bad, it angered all french anons of the universe.

* "what a respectful and realist representation of my country, I am so moved.
Everybody knows how important it is -for the proud frog people- to wear a beret, a scarf, hold a baguette, a glass of wine, and not wash and shave your armpits.
And this, everytime and everywhere, (if not we would deserve to be) under the penalty of guillotine" *

You're welcome.

No. 798425

File: 1601643494234.jpg (343.87 KB, 1079x1311, Screenshot_20201002-075146_You…)

Lillee's reply (Google translate)

Thank you very much my friend. I would have liked to meet my Grandmother, from Alsace-Lorraine, she was so fierce. I appreciate and really love direct attitude you have! Would you like to see a chic nighttime look parisian with smudged eyeliner, lips nude? Let me know Lily Lota! XO LJ

Anyone else hear the whoooooooosshhhhh as that post went directly over her head?

Also, did you know she has a grandmother from Alsace-Lorraine? It is very important you know she has a grandmother from Alsace Lorraine.

No. 798426

I don’t even believe that. If she had a straight-off-the-boat grandmother, it would be her whole identity.

No. 798427


Lillee is falling into the same trap as every other green bean casserole American with no real connection to any particular culture. Your 23andMe pie chart is not a personality, girl.

No. 798428

I'm french and the way Lillee is talking is not right. I don't know how to describe it but it's a bit disjointed and too 'proper' like how you'd learn in high school, not how you speak to people especially not fans. She definitely typed that into google translate because it's not how we speak. Did that make any sense? I can't describe it well

No. 798435

It’s a translator. She barely speaks her native English as it is, there’s no way she speaks another language too. The few times she’s tried to say French words, they’re always mispronounced.

No. 798441

Lillee doesn't speak sarcasm either lel

No. 798449

It definitely translated too perfectly from "French" to English. The only correction I made was the line about being direct. The verbatim translation was "I appreciate really love and direct attitude that you have!" I wasn't sure if it was a translation flub or attic troll grammatical error.

No. 798455

I totally know what you mean. It’s like trying to speak proper/second language Spanish where I live in California. You get laughed at for speaking Spanish the way you learn it from HS or a teaching app. It’s too “proper” and robotic.

No. 798483

This new french narrative is preposterous.
No one in France would say I am/she was from "Alsace-Lorraine". These are two different places and one isn't even called that way anymore.
It would be like saying "I am from New-York-Pennsylvania" but still not nearly as bad.

Lillee saying her grandmother's name was"Jean" is like any of you saying your grandma's name is John or Jack. Not happening in real life.

Oh, and the word "féroce" (doesn't mean fierce, more wild as very aggressive) is used to describe animals, so much kek in french.

No. 798485

It's looking more and more like her family stories are about as legit as precious Pheepy

No. 798494

File: 1601675450469.png (63.63 KB, 1271x484, Screenshot 2020-10-02 174701.p…)


Well she had that great grandma that "had her face slashed open by the Tzar and escaped to Ellis Island".
She's trying so hard to have any story that could make her oppressed and not be some average white girl. Spoiler, Lillee, you are a below average white girl and your history will never make you oppressed in current US.

Also she used "fierce" again for her great grandmother kek

No. 798495

she wants to be some kind of exotic european so badly, and when she's trying too hard to be sassy and snappy she says dumb shit like "oh, that's my french side coming out" because of course she thinks that genetic ancestry is a big factor in determining a person's character.

she'll be pulling out the calipers to explain why she had such a high gpa at attic academy, next.

No. 798535

Or laying out groundwork to suggest that she might, in any way, be descended from the actual "princesses" what she wants so badly to become. As though anyone with European ancestry was suddenly of noble blood, come on now.

No. 798550

File: 1601703234422.png (960.1 KB, 740x740, ea80ef_004bff96b1f640119dae05c…)

Bo Peep from Toy Story, can't you tell? Her hair is weirdly mismatched in colors. Can't believe she didn't notice that.

Unrelated to this look, but in her Anastasia video she blames the moon cycle on her changing her hair to red again. She's just making up quirky lies so she seems cooler, just like a middle schooler. The French thing is that too, she's not just a boring New Yorker she actually has a French boyfriend and French ancestry.

No. 798554

File: 1601704526937.png (443.16 KB, 1260x1892, madame fur bush.png)

Lillee's constantly almost flashing her viewers (that include children) and talking about her weird sexual urges on video. Guess Laur's jealous no one finds her goblin child and it's feet sexy.

No. 798557

People always say on here she does the same looks over and over and while theyre right, is it really even possible to do that many unique looks when youre pumping out video after video every day? Not even bigger beauty gurus pump out that much content and they still get accused of recycling looks. Shes kinda like the watchmojo of makeup

No. 798562

What the fuck is actually going on with her hair? There’s not way this is a bad wig poorly worn and brushed into her real hair. Did she really fuck it up this bad?

No. 798564

Well, she used box color. That's always a crap shoot since it's a set shade and always has 20 volume developer. Not everyone's hair accepts 20 volume developer. Red is also tricky, it doesn't bond to the hair shaft easily so it won't hold. If you dye it red repeatedly, it will hold and be really hard to remove. Cosmologists/colorists tend to use a brown base to help hold the color after examining the porosity of your hair. (Sorry for the mini hair blog, but it explains why she's a brunette with patchy hair)

No. 798574

Eurofag here. Stupid question but do Americans really see people from Europe as ‘exotic’? Lmfao

No. 798577

Very hypocritical for Laur to be worried about the children when she openly advocated and excused an adult romantically pursuing her 15 year old daughter.

Looks like tinfoil anon >>797914 was correct in their theory Laur involved herself in Cheshire’s mess.

No. 798579

No. 798585

Lillee does because she has the immaturity of a child and is obsessed with Disney and Princesses. She doesn’t want to just be a boring person and is a pathological liar so any mildly interesting fact about her she just makes up or grossly exaggerates them.

No. 798594

Laur be like, im ok with sexualizing my daughter that still acts like a child for fetishists online but i draw the line at an adult posting their own pussy pictures on twitter

No. 798598

File: 1601748166742.jpg (25.42 KB, 385x320, omelettedufromage.jpg)

Which video it is? I can't find it.
Please anons, when screenshoting yt comments, tell us from which video it's from.

Lille is such a genius; the question was "Are you french ?", her answer: "Not fluent, but learning".
So much for bragging about France and still mixes up: "are you french" with "do you speak french".
Definitively not fluent indeed.

No. 798608

LJ better drops the fake fancy ancestors origins. Her father's name yells ghetto.
Who the hell names kids: Earl-Diamond?

No. 798614

This isn’t actually that bad or am I blind? It’s not as messy as I would expect from a more complicated look.

No. 798622


By the time she finished, she'd smudged up the colors and covered them with glitter that gave it all a murky grey cast.

Any time LJ tries to attempt something new (for her, she's always way behind on makeup trends,) she starts off kind of okay, but eventually does something along the way to mess it up. This is because 1) she doesn't seem to practice things off-camera 2) she often either doesn't have
or decides not to use the right tools for a technique and doesn't know how to make-do with what tools she does have and 3) she doesn't understand how different products with different formulas will behave when used together.

I've seen a bunch of her videos where she smudges product over product in all different colors and different finishes until she just winds up with the same pale dimensionless face/shimmery pink eye/wet lipgloss mouth combo she always does.

No. 798639

Apologies anon, that screenshot was from the "1930s Makeup Doing My Great Grandmother's Makeup" video. I went back to see if I had the story correct before posting and scrolled down to the comments and saw that one.

No. 798642

Diamond is a Jewish last name. Ever heard of Neil Diamond? There ya go

No. 798643

Diamond isn't his last name though, his name is Earl Diamond Trueman. Which I guess his family could have been trying to keep Jewish ancestry when they named him?

No. 798644

In one of the FAQ videos or on YouTube comments Lillee said they were going to originally name her Tiger Lilly. I imagine in that alternate universe where she is named that she’s even more insane.

No. 798650

Is she nearsighted? I don't even speak french and I knew what they were asking

No. 798652

Her dad isn't Jewish though, he's Lutheran. Her mom is Jewish, which makes her a full Jew. As she tells us constantly.

No. 798654

Not really. It's just more exciting to claim to be French because it has the "prestige" of romance, or Jewish because you can talk about the Holocaust and claim you were directly impacted by it. If you're British or German you aren't "interesting" in comparison, for example.

Also, if you want to be oppressed but you're white, you can say you're Slavic or Irish or something.

No. 798671

It’s such a common cow trait to lie about or exaggerate your heritage, like Vic’s ridiculous accent or Pixy being a hafu. It’s kind of an easy way to be uwu special when you have no personality. If you claim to be x ethnicity, you’re immediately part of that “club” without doing anything. The attachment to France is weird, but I think she sees it as being super glamorous and romantic as well.

It’s pretty cringe to sperg about your great-grandmother’s birth country though, I doubt it’s that rare to have a great-grandparent born in another country. She has no more ties to Europe than any other random white American.

No. 798678

Jean is an extremely common middle name in the U.S. It’s probably in the top 10 middle names for girls along with Jane, Marie, Rose, Lynn, and Grace. It's because they're all one syllable and flow with almost any first name. That's probably why Laur chose it, so she could say "Lillee-Jean" all the time. It's also Marilyn Monroe and Britney Spears' middle names.

No. 798701

File: 1601822624349.webm (6.25 MB, 576x1024, download-_5_.webm)

Why does she always stand like that, even when dancing? It just emphasizes how short and fat she is.

No. 798706

File: 1601824267976.jpg (417.88 KB, 1080x1979, 20201004_101006.jpg)

Lol, wut?

Lillee was burned by her umbilical cord? What the fuck is this dumb bitch talking about?

No. 798708

obviously she meant she shot out the womb so fast she got friction burn, anon. don’t be mad because you can’t achieve the epic highs that she’s achieved since day 1

but really, i have no idea how she types these things and doesn’t realise how dumb she is. if it was wrapped around her neck why would the mark be on her chest? does she think our skin shifts to random places as we grow? i’d love to hear her explain what she means

No. 798712

I just want to hear Lillee say she got skid marks from being born now lol. Thanks for the laugh anon.

No. 798715

I was born with the cord wrapped around my neck and basically you're at risk of being strangled by it. It doesn't "burn" you , what in the flying fuck is she talking about?

No. 798717

Even more middle school lies. This sounds like something Laur would have told Lillee when she was a child and Lillee still believes it.

No. 798720

It's absolutely ridiculous to call it a "war wound". She thinks it's cute, but it just comes off as annoying.

No. 798722

She probably thinks it's some serious prima ballerina level moves.
Plié demi-plié kek.
I wonder why she doesn't make a dance video for youtube, but maybe she can't dance for more than 20 seconds straight.

No. 798723

The universe was doing anything it could to stop the goblin spawn from entering this human world. Uterine cancer 3 times, a cord wrapped around her neck kek. I guess technically Laur had cancer 4 times, only she gave birth to the last one to inflict on all of us.

No. 798735

Hey, who knows, wrapped cords are known to restrict oxygen flow for the fetus, could be a contributing factor is Lillee's lack of brain development. Between being oxygen restricted, Laur being a smoker, an Luar's lady bits being scorched and salted earth, no wonder Laur thinks she's special.

No. 798799

File: 1601870615492.jpg (91.72 KB, 452x906, Has anyone really been far eve…)


No. 798807

> villainous
bitch where

also the plaid pyjamas are back

No. 798810

She's moved on from ESL to straight having a stroke.

No. 798850

File: 1601906913980.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, 065F94EB-AB75-4D52-9636-FEB759…)


>>Does Lillee even OWN a bra?

Look at it, anon! Of course she owns a bra. She totally didn’t order it off amazon right after reading your comment!

No. 798878

I finally realized it. Lillee reminds me of the girl from the vine singing "country boy, I love you" and then sticking her tongue out awkwardly.

No. 798884

I think she’s saying that she’s too pretty to be a villain so when she does villain-inspired “looks” (in plaid pajamas?) it looks off.

No. 798890

File: 1601925441649.jpeg (199.79 KB, 750x629, 189BACC4-EAA8-4710-826E-2609F6…)

Only people who uses LJ’s gifs are herself and trolls.

No. 798898

Holy shit youre right

No. 798902

I really think if she got a nice tan, she would look a lot more like she doesnt film videos in a sunless void all day

No. 798904

File: 1601933662112.png (2.41 MB, 828x1792, 4F499FB5-678F-4477-A8FE-A20456…)

No. 798905

File: 1601934027157.jpeg (26.82 KB, 750x422, 23CDF1F3-8FCD-4084-9E9E-B13E03…)

Laur made all her YT videos private

No. 798907

Aaand she’s no longer wearing a bra.

No. 798909

Nah, she's got a bra on, the VS strapless one she was posting about a week or so ago. She's got them titties rolled up and supported with at least a month worth of her used cotton rounds stuffed into her bra.

No. 798915

Kek anon. It's her 1change4change duh.

No. 798929

File: 1601949445187.jpeg (641.7 KB, 750x1052, 8A437B99-49BE-496C-BFD2-3D28BB…)

Lillee’s IG reels show what her actual follower count is. I follow other influencers & MUAs who are happy about the amount of engagement their reels are getting. Lillee can’t claim it’s the algorithm if it’s only happening to her. Similar sized accounts are getting 500k+ views.

No. 798933

File: 1601952542791.jpeg (394.36 KB, 750x949, B37F800A-3C51-4B61-8F51-6F0BBE…)

she sounds like a dr suess character

No. 798963

File: 1601976878754.jpeg (54.63 KB, 384x512, 1567692835282.jpeg)

Her boobs are so weird, the pose is really lame, they also look orange, kek.
When she decides to put on normal clothes, she ALWAYS wears that blue jean with a black top.
That's her signature style, such creativity, much wow.

No. 798965


She looks like a child in the before photo why’s she making glow up comparisons lol

No. 798972

She really thinks she looks any different?
The only difference is that she's an adult. She still has a stumpy midget body either way. Sucking in your cheeks and bulging her eyes isn't a glowup kek

No. 798973

File: 1601985050211.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, 22C086DC-BE92-4FBA-8588-863A22…)

No. 798979

Lillee’s going to Iceland?

No. 798980


Lol, as if. She probably used that gif only because the lady in it wears something similar to whatever tf it is she's tryna "cosplay" now; she probably doesn't even know what the gif is about/for.

No. 798982

James Charles pitched a fit about changes to the IG algorithm that has cut down his engagement by like 75%. Everybody, big name influencers and just regular people, have had this same problem in the past few weeks. Oh, except for Lillee. There hasn't been so much as a blip in the number of likes and comments she's been getting to her mediocre content. She should share her magical secret with her sister James.

This is why it's so dumb to purchase more than a small amount of fake engagement. Sure, pad your numbers a little bit, you can conceal that with the activity of your real followers. But if your following is nearly all fake, you never get the peaks and valleys and occasional viral posts that prove that the activity on your account is from actual people.

No. 798986


She's cosplaying Athena, that is suppose to represent Athena's shield that has the head of a Gorgon on it. Her entire "cosplay" is just gonna be a dollar store hat and her wonder woman sword.

No. 798988

When I saw the owl, I thought it was some very failed Harry Potter cosplay lol.

Anon, why would she put "Sigillum universitatis islandiae" the seal of the univeristy of Island, when Athena is from Greek mythology?
I know LJ is dumb, but that would be some new stellar level of her insane lack of knowledge and endless dumbfuckery.

No. 798989


LOL she's using the logo for Háskóli Íslands. How does she always manage to do the dumbest, low-effort bullshit every time?

Of course since she and Laur lurk here, she's probably going to try to make up some ridiculous lie about how she meant to use the logo for a university in Iceland because she's holding a snowy owl plushie and actually snowy owls are sometimes found in Iceland and Athena was Hercules's half-sister and Hercules put the volcano in Mt Vesuvius and the volcanic eruption in Reykjavík and what a tragedy did you know her great great aunt narrowly escaped from the volcano in Iceland?

No. 798991

File: 1601996004438.jpeg (212.52 KB, 750x727, B3523A9C-EC16-44E9-9549-868F0B…)

It shows up when you search for Athena stickers for your Instagram sticker. She’s just too dumb to realize what it was for, probably could have used another one.

No. 798994


it literally says "seal of university of iceland" in latin, and if you can read english at a middle school level, you don't even need to understand latin to get a general idea of what the words mean. of course, we know lils doesn't read.

No. 799065

File: 1602037587506.png (4.67 MB, 1152x3825, 3925D8CA-067F-47B4-B35D-7DE563…)

No. 799067

File: 1602038457759.jpg (7.6 KB, 194x259, werejustgonnakillem.jpg)

No. 799069

What in the middle school Latin Club hell is this nonsense?

No. 799070

File: 1602042898439.png (1.34 MB, 2062x818, Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 9.55…)

No. 799072

File: 1602043705443.jpg (29.44 KB, 1685x255, refund.jpg)


Laur's gonna get her $14.95 back so they can reinvest it in the next cheap lump of plastic from China.

No. 799073

File: 1602044659278.jpg (198.59 KB, 1853x827, 043943.jpg)


This looks like it might be the dress. I wonder if the arm bands are sold separately, or if they just wouldn't get around Lillee's arms.


No. 799077

>>799065 it's me or lillee body look a like laur shape? (esl sorry)

No. 799078

The arm bands won’t fit around those chonky arms

None of the items she wears for this look at actually Greek themed kek

No. 799079

File: 1602046051954.jpeg (545.17 KB, 742x811, 8BE7511A-899F-4633-965D-409667…)

The lashes, the toy, the helmet

She looks like a legitimate retard

No. 799085

lol i was just thinking how this gave me vibes of exploitative parents dressing up their retarded children in costumes for attention from the internet, à la potato sisters (RIP)

No. 799086

File: 1602057804549.jpeg (507.65 KB, 828x1253, 741D4BA6-8034-41ED-9C51-497988…)

is that a tear or

No. 799105

You don't need to apologize for ESL, anon. But yes, I agree with you. She is built like a middle-aged woman.

I'm not really one to sperg out about natural body shapes on this website because I understand people can't help their bone structure, but Lillie has an unfortunate body. She's so short that any weight at all makes her look like a dwarf/sack of potatoes chimera. I'm not an ana-chan, but I genuinely think the only way her body can possibly look decent is if she maintains a weight at the lower end of normal for her height.

Lillee constantly looks physically "off"– especially given her teeth– and parading around in these dollar-store costumes and shit-tier makeup only makes her look like more of a retard.

I wonder if she ever had a chance with a mom like Laur. Her thread is equally frightening and sad.

No. 799106

File: 1602076173211.jpg (808.36 KB, 1080x1667, Screenshot_20201007-080806_Chr…)

Her Marie Antoinette look is such a party city knock off. I'd be willing to bet they return this item with stains from her fingers on it too.

No. 799107


She has bed sheets, all that (damaged straw) hair that she can't ever shut up about, and absolutely nothing else to do with her time. Without spending a dime she could have put in the effort to artfully drape, tie, and accessorize a clean white sheet, and put her hair up it in one of those elaborate hair styles you see in ancient Greek/Roman art. There are literally thousands of historical styling tutorials for that kind of shit FOR FREE ON YOUTUBE.

She wants to call herself a cosplayer, so there's no excuse for this cheap Party City single use plastic costume.

No. 799108

File: 1602076512653.jpg (449.41 KB, 1080x1811, Screenshot_20201007-080611_Chr…)

I honestly can't wait to hear Lillee try to explain the history surrounding this with the eloquence she is known for. I'm sure Tiffany, Rachel, and makeup by toddler crayons Lucid will fawn over how brilliant her history lesson is.
At the very least, all of her "disgusted" and "can you believe it?" Faces will make great screen grabs.

No. 799110

calm down shakespeare

No. 799112


> people making fun of your dorky clothes

> friends re-gifting jewelry from Nana that they don't like

> cosmetic orthodontics

> "wOuLD yOu suRvIVe"

She's literally describing middle school.

No. 799113


>>After stepping on the man executing her's foot.


No. 799114

File: 1602078630242.png (146.67 KB, 592x706, 2020-10-07_21-50-27.png)

They still won't give up trying to report Tatiana, huh

No. 799116

Using a roman helmet and roman artistocratic-egyptian-dancer-dress for a greek goddess cosplay, that's seriously insulting.
Even racist.

52.94$ wasted in a cheap costume again, instead of investing on something useful.
If they are maxing out credit cards, I can't believe banks and the NYC bankruptcy court won't ask any explanations next time.

No. 799138

File: 1602087587770.gif (630.17 KB, 480x264, CCDCF9FE-1A82-4CE5-9E9D-46281D…)

No. 799140

File: 1602088133596.png (1.7 MB, 828x2649, 0C11E9AA-58A8-4E58-88A9-12FC05…)

No. 799146

Kek, I hope that's hyperbole because there's definitely a difference between ignorance and racism.

No. 799148

File: 1602090710508.jpg (40.44 KB, 742x407, ogressequichelorraine.jpg)

From her video make up removal "quick and effective".

No one removes make up like that, but thanks LJ for the tutorial; I had a lot of fun.

No. 799150

>Would you accept a necklace once gifted to ANOTHER woman before?
It kills me that she’s apparently done enough research to be aware of the incident with the diamond necklace yet is too stupid to understand what the incident was actually about.

No. 799155

wtf is this party city wig?

No. 799158

This is one of the dumbest paragraphs I have ever read. It’s like she was trying to sound intelligent and woke and make a point that Marie Antoinette was just a victim of sexism, while not understanding the situation at all. Sure, she was to some degree of victim of circumstance, but it has nothing to do with her being a woman in a world of men lol. That’s just a stupid thing to say. Actually, I’m pretty sure she’s projecting onto her (bUlLieD, misunderstood and forced to fix her teeth).

Also kek at the mention that we should suddenly be enlightened because she put white powder on her face

No. 799166

File: 1602095993907.jpeg (445.5 KB, 828x1060, D6F0B52E-F6D7-46D4-BD9A-03E301…)

Laur is back

No. 799167

don't want to watch it but can someone explain what is happening?

No. 799168

File: 1602096769731.jpeg (215.63 KB, 750x423, 859CA3C6-CEE1-421A-8338-A33832…)

Looks like her accounts are getting locked for spam

No. 799170

That explains why she's been silent for the past few weeks. I partially assumed it was because they were were moving since they got evicted, but they should be in the new place (poor new land lords, the whole place is gonna look like the aftermath of a baby oil wrestling match when they leave), so she needs to vent. Franzia Freak Out on a Wednesday? Just the right thing for a mid week treat!

No. 799173

File: 1602100226215.jpg (91.46 KB, 468x558, franzia nights.jpg)

Not sure it has been posted here, still relevant.

What is she talking about? It sounds like she says Marie-Antoinette was a white fictional character, lol.

No. 799174

Lillee the extraordinaire multicultural controversial queen explains to the world "how to remove makeup quickly and effectively".

Right after the makeup "removal" she massages her face and says :
>if you do like this, your skin, as you age will look really beautiful

Put tons of oily products on her already oily face.
Looks both deranged and retarded.
She also doesn't credit the music on her video.

No. 799175

>dropped on her head at birth
Didn't LJ just tell some story about being strangled by her mom's umbilical cord when she was born? Wouldn't that mean her own daughter could have some brain damage too? Laur's choice of insults is so confusing, it's like she only picks the cheapest shots that apply to her and LJ kek.

No. 799176

Mother lets her retarded daughter rub random shit on her face in the hopes of removing caked on messy makeup

No. 799191

It’s also a “glass skin” look. Sure, Lillee.

No. 799193

Again with the chipped nail polish. Such a beauty guru.

No. 799199

File: 1602118502109.png (483.89 KB, 1111x807, rt.png)

has she ever even watched a makeup tutorial, this especially emphasises that she's a retard child emulating a booty influencer. her hair is especially disgusting.

No. 799259

File: 1602174942591.jpg (355.56 KB, 1080x1934, 20201008_113051.jpg)

( this is from her community post "Glow" with her playing dress up as Athena)

I pity the fools that are asking her for advice as a cosplayer. She's NOT a cosplayer, and it is insulting to real cosplayers who actually put in time and effort to make their looks. She's a child playing dress up to have tea with her dolls. Complete with mommy buying the outfit and and her dolls ravishing her with praise.

No. 799305

I’ll give it to Lillee, for someone who can be so rude and dismissive to potential genuine fans, her response here is surprisingly well thought out. Assuming of course that this is a real fan, and not a sock puppet, in which case…..

No. 799311

File: 1602205309414.jpeg (390.36 KB, 750x1073, D9DE54DB-9273-4936-ABD2-3955E8…)

Curtis released 2 videos on LJ in the spring when all of the commentary channels were weighing in. Laur didn’t acknowledge his previous videos and now she’s claiming there’s a court case. She’s desperate for anyone to talk about them.

No. 799323

If she decreased the frequency in which she uploads videos and then put the time and money into well made costumes and props, her content would at least be like 10% better. Hell even just getting crafty she could make the robe herself, looks easy as hell to make. Amazon just looks tacky as hell when doing cosplay. Quality over quantity is better

No. 799328

File: 1602218041941.jpg (761.62 KB, 1080x1940, Screenshot_20201008-232603_You…)

Looks like she bought views for that Athena look. Not counting her "a day in the life", she hasn't had a video break 2k in around 3 weeks, which was about when the articles about her came out and TL let it out they were moving again. They spent all that money to buy those articles…and still ended up with fewer views.

No. 799352

File: 1602249236300.jpeg (326.06 KB, 750x782, E795DAA9-DF51-439C-AC36-3CB231…)

After being promised a coveted guest spot for her daughter on an Lillee Jean IG live (what responsible parent doesn’t want a bunch of Pradip’s beating off to their pre-teen…amirite?) which never came to fruition…Bow Lady is back with a Lillee Jean discount count. Lillee hasn’t shared the code or mentioned it on twitter or IG.

No. 799359


"I'm not using Lillee Jean and her mom for personal gain" just went out the window. I would love to see how many bows are bought using the LJ code…Lillee's "fan base" is made up of tweens(too old for baby bows), older foreign men, old tired ladies…she doesn't really appeal to the baby having crowd. While I can totally see TL buying a pack of bows and wearing them in her own hair, I have a feeling most of the traction that code will get will be from the fact the owner posted it on her own Facebook page.

No. 799362

File: 1602254614652.jpeg (78.96 KB, 463x700, 5B2C625C-69C7-4894-AFD0-850A94…)

She’s obviously not going for belle, but this ( pic attached )

No. 799367

File: 1602255571629.jpeg (293.87 KB, 750x875, 9823C1E2-FBED-4F9A-BF7E-B8E953…)

Its become very apparent Lillee stalks the callout accounts and imitates them.

-Her signature cutcrease/glitter line look was copied from the callout account Sonia last year

-After Diane told someone she uses wet & wild highlighter, Lillee ditched her Milani highlighter and started using wet & wild

-Last week, Diane made fun of Lillee’s “articulate” makeup look by glueing eyes on Fenty makeup and now Lillee is using the same makeup

No. 799375

I've just check the website, the owner doesn't bother to do it legally: no business license to sell online, no status for the company, no real name/adress of the company, no contact besides instagram, no terms and conditions, no supply info, delivery arrangement, etc.

Seem totally legit janitor at business law style.

No. 799383

File: 1602262316568.jpeg (398.18 KB, 817x2914, 8654344E-36E8-49CE-B884-3C88BC…)

No. 799390

still on her stories, anon.

No. 799393

I stand corrected, guess stories were being weird. The dress is pretty, but I wish she wasn't going out of her way to make it look slutty. Class isn't free, but looking at her goods practically is.

No. 799395

Gross. She's not wearing underwear. Can you imagine how she smells?

Her mom complains about sex workers when her daughter is showing her sloppy ass to her disney audience.

No. 799397

Unrelated to the dress, but looks like they are in their new apartment. That's the cleanest the place will look for the next 6 months until they get kicked out again.

No. 799402

She never fails to pick the most unflattering shapes. Body type like a wet pile of laundry. Blog but short folks in long ass dresses looks like we're wearing a curtain. Those sleeves just emphasize those big ol arms. I guess when you're constantly told you're perfect you just dont see the flaws.

Lil, invest in shape wear. Would definitely help. Do a review even it would be one of the most useful and relatable sponsors you could get.

No. 799406

File: 1602269636235.jpeg (326.05 KB, 750x714, 98EE2D80-7517-45BF-87FA-853F6D…)

>>Lil, invest in shape wear.

Why invest in shape wear when you can shave off half your leg with facetune?

No. 799410

File: 1602270262547.png (1.64 MB, 1080x2364, 20201009_140446.png)

Incoming Franzia Freakout.

No. 799412

File: 1602270881295.jpeg (72.19 KB, 1600x1689, DD7E79D8-043A-41A2-826D-27631F…)

I am sure she does edit, but are you trying to say that her leg is supposed to be in that red oval? Legs are angled depending on where you put your feet. If your feet are close together, there will be a difference in where the feet and hips are

No. 799414

I think they’re just pointed out the unnatural curves
That sorry pudding ass is so repulsive to look at lmaof

No. 799415

That but also the fact that Tatiana is about to start her own cosmetic line.

No. 799416

NAYRT from knee to top of the leg, it looks blurry on the curves (esl can't explain well, but it shows it's edited on the leg shape).

No. 799417

She looks like a kid playing dress up with her cool sister’s clothes. It’s so unsettling.

No. 799418

what a nitpick.

No. 799422

File: 1602275199595.jpeg (661.11 KB, 828x1394, 43CB1A3D-0722-499D-A758-BE54F2…)

No. 799423

File: 1602275229847.jpeg (790.73 KB, 828x1452, 63C4FD39-3F34-4784-A204-AE87F3…)

No. 799424

File: 1602275253166.png (4.4 MB, 828x1792, EB018C88-A59A-428A-9ABA-D2CDF9…)

No. 799425

File: 1602275412759.png (3.34 MB, 1080x4048, 20201009_153040.png)

Kek at Lillee being completely cross-eyed in the first picture.

And these are for a magizone spread? This is remedial modeling 001

No. 799426

That bottom picture looks like someone chopped her in half, removed the middle torso section, then put the head & arms part on top of the legs at the wrong angle.

No. 799429

File: 1602276303262.jpeg (124.95 KB, 1280x720, F0F33AEA-C34B-494D-A657-40AC1E…)

aha now i can’t unsee it

No. 799430

I'm gonna say this will end up being for LV magizine. Since bang esq. was on the cover and the bubba body guard and several of his clients were in it in the past, it's got to be their next stop for magazines that will let them buy a spot. Because they are literally incapable of doing the leg work themselves.

No. 799435

File: 1602277824350.jpg (154.16 KB, 1080x1809, 20201009_161109.jpg)

16.99 for a 3 photo spread and they can claim they are supporting BLM.

No. 799436

Show the world those cankles, girl!

No. 799437


I sort of get what they're trying to do. These pay-for-play fake magazines and "yahoo news" articles are supposed to set up the appearance that they are noteworthy and famous…it's exactly what Laur and Lillee attempted to do last year with that "article" on cyberbullying when they were trying to get Wikipedia to accept Lillee's page. It's probably how they got her a blue check on IG.

It's still a waste of money because no one from like a legit beauty brand or a talent agent or anyone like that is going to be fooled by it. As soon as you google Lillee's name, half of the results one the first page are about how she's a liar and scammer, and it's always going to be like that because they don't have the money required to buy enough fake positivity to cancel out all the evidence of her scandals.

No. 799443

Omg is she actually wearing SHOES in this? Think this is the first time she covered up her nasty ass toes

No. 799445

The same pair of Rachel Zoe that she wears all the time lol

No. 799451

This honestly doesnt look THAT bad. Like it looks like it could be a spread for a teen magazine for the supporting character of a teens show that only aired for 1 season then was canceled. The blue dress pics however are incredibly amateur looking for a magazine

No. 799455

My brain almost can’t process what’s going on with her body in this one. Her thighs and arms are so fucking fat.
She’d play the weird horse girl nerd character that’s an antagonist.

No. 799476

>obviously just Laur taking pictures of LJ at home again
Even the Fashion Haunts photos looked better than this.

No. 799478

File: 1602301950233.jpeg (339.46 KB, 750x875, D5DCDDC3-6E34-4075-B7EE-155794…)

Lillee looks nude in Laur’s new banner

No. 799482

File: 1602302477984.jpg (789.71 KB, 1078x1676, Screenshot_20201009-225316_Ins…)

Pretty sure she's just taking them herself using an app on her phone for her camera or just the auto timer. She does it a lot, in full body pics you can often find the phone in her hand or the picture is blurry because it was out of focus when she started the timer/didn't know when the picture was coming. It's why she never looks "normal" in a photo. She's anticipating the shot and tensing waiting on it.

No. 799485

Just go ahead and announce your onlyfans Lillee.

No. 799488

the #1 reason you can tell they're dirt poor despite these "elegant" dresses is the lack of accessories. that blue dress is made to feature a statement necklace ffs.

No. 799491

She needs a dress that doesn't emphasize her dwarf features.

No. 799494

its so fucking weird to me that she just constantly has her pussy out around her parents.

No. 799499

her pose in the first one is so strange. Those dresses are meant to tease and give you a little peek of leg, not be lifted up to show your whole ass. also weird to see her wearing a dress like that with no shoes or accessories. looks like she didn't even comb her hair

No. 799514

File: 1602333308024.jpg (317.58 KB, 1080x1919, 20201010_073546.jpg)

Pretty sure this bird is for you anon.

No. 799516

I mean it could work with a gorgeous supermodel, a haute couture gown and a professional photographer as a hot, “undone” glam look, but not with a gremlin in a see-through fashion nova rag.

It’s been said so many times but honestly it’s tragic that Laur and LJ put all their eggs in one basket of her being a beauty influencer when she’s just not built for that and never will be. I guess it doesn’t really matter for Laur, since she’s going to be dead in 15 years from her steady diet of franzia and boxed chicken salad but Lillee is in for a rude awakening and a sad life when she’s alone.
Pictures like that only emphasize that she’ll never be able to achieve what she aims for.

No. 799519

File: 1602337002629.jpeg (185.2 KB, 750x369, E8C0ADF8-1F93-42EF-99EB-849DE1…)

Laur’s threatening lawsuits again.

Tatiana later said in a voice memo shared on twitter, Laur has no legal representation. Tatiana’s lawyer has requested to speak to Laur’s lawyer and only Laur herself has responded. Tatiana also says in the memo it’s incredibly expensive to sue someone out of state and she knows Laur doesn’t have the money. Tatiana’s working on her final video updating everyone which will be our next week.

No. 799520

File: 1602337114114.jpeg (137.97 KB, 750x416, 7364B984-CACB-4C66-8925-8687E8…)

Also, Tatiana had to private her account again because Laur is harassing her lawyer.

No. 799526

File: 1602339553071.jpg (368.81 KB, 2160x3840, 20201010_091850.jpg)

Mo'el'. The first line of defense against crotch bugs.

No. 799529

the worst thing about lils body is that it's not attractive anywhere she is built like a chunky minifridge with small breasts and no curves otherwise, and she is just so pudgy. her face isn't attractive, she doesn't have nice legs or a good ass, just, nothing.

No. 799532

Tatiana is honestly just extremely annoying. She was shaking and crying just a few months ago because Laur kept "harassing" her and now she's starting drama between them again for no reason other than that the videos she makes about Lillee and Laur are the only ones who get her views. She can't whine about Laur spamming her and her attorney and then make a video about her, that's just not how it works. If she really wants Laur to leave her alone then she just needs to stop talking about her and wait until she forgets about her. She should just do what Diane did and move on to covering other cows.
Lillees and Laurs milk is pretty much completely dry at this point anyway, and it's partially because of these call out accounts and drama channels who kept trying to "hold them accountable" which just made these 2 nutjobs more subdued and boring.

No. 799535

Suspect post.

No. 799536

Are you seriously saying I'm Laur or Lillee just because I'm not sucking Tatianas irrelevant dick?

No. 799537

The amount of narcissistic fake influencers willing to pay-for-play for a fake shitty magazine that looks formatted by colorblind 5th grader, is too damn high.
I seriously consider launching a pay-for-play fake mag too, imagine the profit I'll make from Laur and the retarded "brand-manager".
Cover placement is 250$ and LV fake mag is only two months old!
We'll see soon enough who's on the cover next month. Can't wait to see how bad it will be.

No. 799538

Cows attract cows.

No. 799540

File: 1602350964434.jpg (89.24 KB, 1075x1338, 20201010_122951.jpg)

This comment gave me second hand cringe.

No. 799542

File: 1602351814682.jpeg (288.49 KB, 828x725, 7DD9973D-452D-4DD1-B6B1-BCAB9D…)

Laurs going off the deep end lol. She threatened to take someone to court for defamation because they called lillee “cringey”

No. 799545

Anon what happened with Tatiana's case? didn't she do a whole fundraiser and stuff for me she's as obnoxious as tired lady

No. 799552

Tatiana said she’s releasing an update video next week which is the catalyst for Laur’s latest sperg.

No. 799558

I doubt there will be a satisfactory update. Even if she can prove Laur was sending the false copyright strikes, what are they really going to do? It's against the law, sure, but she's not going to get jail time or a big fine.

It's definitely funny to see Laur getting a taste of her own medicine after threatening to sue people so much though.

No. 799560

What the actual fuck? Oh, she's making a 'quirky' joke about the mole on there. I'm not even sure I'm right.

No. 799564


Uhhh does Lillee Jean really not know the word "mole"? Anyone else I would assume this is a typo, but LJ barely knows the English language despite it being her only language.

No. 799569

It's just a bad attempt at humor like a lot of her posts, not much to read into. "I have a mole on my thigh, so its name is mo'elle, I'm so quirky!"

No. 799585


No, I think we're reading it differently.

She's trying to say
>I named my thigh mole "cherry chocolate chip"

>I named my thigh "mo'el"

Plenty of people refer to moles as chocolate chips, trying to be cute. She probably calls hers cherry chocolate chip because it's reddish. It's just her grammar and spelling that make this completely incomprehensible.

No. 799589

It's probably how it's spelled in her French /s

No. 799593

File: 1602376922374.png (2.96 MB, 750x1334, 5F10A406-2038-40AF-9219-FDA198…)

Lillee’s latest PR came from another scammy company which makes you sign up for a “membership” with auto-delivery to get products. There are loads of bad reviews from people complaining they couldn’t cancel their membership or were charged for products they didn’t receive.

No. 799601

Went to the site and it genuinely just looks like a repackaged Younique. "100 Years of Beauty", so why the fuck has no one heard of your company????

No. 799603

Lmao I actually think you’re right. Lillee’s posts are so incomprehensible sometimes. I can kinda understand that from Laur since most boomers type like idiots, but it’s so weird to see it from a 19 year old who presumably grew up on the internet.

No. 799605

File: 1602384333811.jpeg (490.24 KB, 750x1045, DDA3C163-9848-4F53-AEB8-C65B75…)

Yahoo Finance? What are the odds? The owner is in LJ’s engagement pod.

No. 799607

File: 1602385253399.jpeg (127.91 KB, 750x975, B732D029-FB24-4730-B3D5-AC3012…)

No. 799614

File: 1602388126032.jpg (121.64 KB, 1080x2044, 20201010_225023.jpg)

No. 799616

It looks like the owner was the host of Face Off on SyFy, and truly related to Hollywood makeup artists since its inception. But you're right, there was almost certainly no family brand of grease paint when her great grandfather was smearing it on some woman 100 years ago. Looks like just another shit product on QVC made just to scam old women of their social security.

No. 799623

File: 1602402939069.jpg (105.25 KB, 1397x631, 032urj.jpg)


I have never heard of this brand before, but as soon as you said QVC, anon, I just knew…

So I went to their website, and sure enough: look at this shade range. 8 shades of spackle and not a single one looks like Lillee's favorite bloodless corpse in a snowstorm white. Even MLM scam Younique has the current industry bare minimum of around 20 shades for their complexion products.

Lillee is getting PR from dusty grandma makeup that's decades behind the times. Her 12-year-old fan is gonna be so excited to see what looks she creates with this garbage. Literally the world's youngest boomer.

LOL forgot to attach the screenshot

No. 799628

File: 1602418259990.png (770.38 KB, 750x1334, 91F669E2-1AB8-4342-B3EC-B672B1…)

After Primink’s tween army’s gayops, Lillee should have learned a lesson.

No. 799629

File: 1602418286498.png (732.74 KB, 750x1334, 4E78E528-1307-4C59-BD5D-AC5B55…)

No. 799642

Wait I’m confused, what exactly is happening? This “Greta” person pretended to be Lillee’s fan, then proceeded to turn her back on her and say those rude things? I have no idea what LJ is saying, as per usual.

It’s honestly astonishing how little I care about Tatiana, Diane or any of the other anti-LJ orbiters. Tater could win $1,000,000 in a settlement with Laur, or lose all of her money or something and I still would not give a crud.

No. 799643

Same. They're not even annoying in a milky, entertaining way like Lillee.

No. 799645

what, anon, are you retarded? lillee laid it out perfectly clear: sow kindness, you will grow father internally❤️ kek

No. 799647

I'm 90% sure I saw this advertised on QVC a few years ago (yes, my grandma watches QVC). It's mostly body foundation that's marketed to older women with varicose veins, because god forbid a grandma go outside wearing shorts without perfectly airbrushed legs. The infomercial came across as so sleazy, it's clearly marketed to older women and showed a bunch of impossible before and after pics that were obviously photoshopped. There's also a bunch of negative reviews online since the company seems to work like a subscription service with no way to cancel.

Didn't LJ say that pillow brand was body shaming with its titty pillow? Pretty sure body makeup is way worse.

No. 799650

Honestly, yeah. They're actually quite fucking annoying at this point. I can understand making a video about a person once or twice, but when there are so many videos being made about that particular person the content becomes tiresome and uninteresting. It gets to a point where you're just repeating yourself since there's absolutely nothing to talk about.

No. 799651

File: 1602442874557.jpg (431.07 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20201011-140208_You…)

It is a super shitty company. You spend ~50$ for the promo package, and 30 days later they send you another and charge you 150$ for it, spread over 3 months. If you want to cancel, you have to pay the full 150$ you "owe", or you can pay the 50$ a month, at which point they will send you another because "you didn't cancel the payment plan".

I know Lillee's having to scrape the bottom of the barrel for brands to work with, but if she starts shilling for all these QVC grandma scamming brands, she further proves she doesn't care about integrity. She'd be much better off to stop scamming Amazon with returns and invest in mainstream brands and try to rebuild relationships by not being a complete train wreck.

But instead she'll post a video about how people Assume she's a rich white bitch because she has a fair complexion. No one looks at that gaping snaggle toothed maw and thinks rich, and when she speaks, she sounds like uneducated trailer trash.

No. 799653

File: 1602444327246.jpeg (192.71 KB, 1536x2048, 45F658E8-3A61-445F-98E8-BD01A7…)

No. 799656

Why is she lifting the skirt of the dress in EVERY picture?? The dress isn't meant to be worn like that, the skirt should flow and drift behind her as she walks, not be lifted up to flash people like she's a cancan dancer reject.

No. 799657


This picture is so unflattering. Her hair looks like tumbleweave that she reclaimed from the gutter.

No. 799658

Somehow I never truly realised just how much of a midget she is until this picture… she literally looks like a child dressing up in her mum's clothes. Probably a combination of the billowing skirt and the door frame being there for height reference.

No. 799659

File: 1602450331091.jpeg (475.64 KB, 828x1105, F8BE902C-F106-4C0B-BBB4-5F731F…)

Laur used to hang out with so many rockstars!

No. 799661

Weird humblebrag video. I don't know where she's getting the "everyone thinks i'm a rich girl!" thing from. I think she's reading everyone calling her poor itt and wants it to make it seem like people actually think she's rich. No one's going to fall for that, she wears the same clothes in every video, she doesn't show off luxury goods or go anywhere outside of her house, and her costumes are shitty and cheap looking.

Some choice quotes.
>A lot of people they see that I have bluish green eyes, blondish red hair, porcelain ivory skin and the first thing that they say is "Rich ass white bitch girl hmph".
>Do you know the definition of narcissism or do you want to throw around a word to make yourself feel better?
>You look down and you're like, vagina where are you?
>It's like systematically crazy we should all just be lifting each other.
>I am furious that the president of the United States is literally irking on people of color to get shot, irking on these radical groups that condone this type of behavior, it's bad.
>So, the systematic issue of race is really bad.
>I've been told many times that I should get a tan, or I should get more melanin.
>Seeing comments some saying that I look dead, because my skin is so white or that white skin is ugly. It's like, okay I get you don't like white people.
>For example is all these disgusting crimes against people of color, this should have been one two three done. (snaps her fingers in between numbers)
>That person who might have a BMW, they might not be living in a house that you think they're living in.

No. 799662

File: 1602453064537.png (695.02 KB, 886x660, Screenshot_8.png)

No. 799663

File: 1602453264158.png (64.76 KB, 1308x372, molten gold caramel hair.png)

Ohh yeah, the color of your hair is totally the gross part.

No. 799664

Lmao what? Van Halen got big in the late 70s. She would have been like 15 at the time, and the band was based across the country in California. It's so funny how she lies about literally everything.

No. 799665

>my people, who happen to be jewish, it's like… why are we facing this again?
is she seriously comparing her getting comments saying she looks ugly and washed out (because she does) to the discrimination jews faced during the fucking holocaust? she wants to be oppressed so badly. the mental gymnastics lillee and laur go through to satisfy their perpetual victim complex is fascinating to me.

No. 799666

Sounds like Lillee's taking some notes in the Shoe thread now, lol
>Nice big eyes, freak

I believe Van Halen's first big hit was "You Really Got Me" in 1978, when Laur would've been… 11 years old. So yeah, she was totally hangin' out with the rock n roll bands, drinkin' hard and doin' lines of coke off a hooker's belly

No. 799667

>A lot of people they see that I have bluish green eyes, blondish red hair, porcelain ivory skin and the first thing that they say is "Rich ass white bitch girl hmph".

Literally zero people have made any connection between LJ's hair/eye/skin color and her economic class. That delusion 100% came from her own mother who is obsessed with this kind of Eurocentric Aryan bullshit.

Laur clearly has a lot of internalized inferiority surrounding the color of her own hair and eyes, possibly connected with her Jewish heritage and her dumpy potato body, and definitely connected to having grown up working class and envying anyone praised as beautiful for being fair/blonde. She was so thrilled when her daughter didn't inherit her dark hair or her non-descript muddy eye color that she's spent the past two decades filling LJ's head with the notion that she's royalty because she has long "blonde" hair and "blue" eyes.

No. 799668

>You will grow father internally

No. 799669

No one thinks she’s wealthy. One of first thing anyone finds when they google Laur is their numerous bankruptcy filings.

No. 799670

What is there to gain from lying about this?? I mean lillee and laurs image and authenticity went down the drain awhile ago and one quick google search if you DONT know who they are, shows theyre scammers. This isnt gonna make you look like you have connections, laur.

No. 799671

I get this exact same vibe from Laur. She seems like the type who would tell her daughter "they're just jealous of your blue eyes and blonde hair" when the kids at school didn't want to be near her. There was that story she told about the Chinese shop owner who chased her out for being white, the bullshit about Lillee not being famous because "brands only want ethnic models," the disdain she has against black people who talk about slavery. She seems to think it's really hard to be white for some reason.

Also, no one cares about her skin tone, but it's obvious Lillee tries to make herself look as ~pale ivory~ as possible in her videos and pictures. The lighting is always super white and she never adds contour/blush.

No. 799672

She actually would look a lot better with a tan tho.

No. 799673

she looks like a jar of marshmallow fluff jesus christ

No. 799674

File: 1602462076762.jpeg (250.61 KB, 1152x2048, 8642C738-4160-481C-B528-E27AE3…)

732 views in 12 hours. Where are her 1 million jeaniez?

No. 799675

It says your story…. self post?

No. 799676

did Lillie Jean just self post or am I too drunk for this

No. 799678


No, she or Laur self posted. I am deceased.

No. 799679

You’re such a fucking idiot

No. 799681

No. 799683

File: 1602462928346.png (752.59 KB, 750x1334, 01522DCD-04C0-4B5F-9D15-734B27…)

Laur posted it as JeaniezInc. Also these showing only 800 views

No. 799692

File: 1602466792082.jpeg (376.43 KB, 750x824, 83519C69-E322-4B72-BD53-CC4E3F…)

laur’s criticizing someone’s grammar. her goblin spawn has a 8th grade education and it shows. the part about their tongue fitting in their mouth is really strange considering lillee has a lisp which continues to get worse due to her dental issues.

No. 799695

lj has been getting so political lately. maybe it's hormonal again, or maybe now that she's realized that she definitely won't be the next marvel star, she is straight up going for trueman 2020. i hope she can really solve the beef with mexico, especially since she had so many "spanish" friends growing up in da hood

No. 799700

i know we all know her entire following is fake but this is pretty definitive proof of it.

i hope this isn't annoying or blogposty because i genuinely am just mentioning this for comparisons sake, but i have an account with about 80k followers and my engagement is horrible, but even then a story i posted 6 hours ago (i even checked the count of the 5th slide like LJ's because the views do go down the further into the story) has 2.5k views. there is literally no algorithm or reason that would cause her view count to be this low with 1M followers after 12 hours of a story being live. and lillee and laur are so out of touch with what real engagement would even look like that they didn't realize posting this exposes the shit out of them kek.

No. 799702


> decries brutality against black people

> “people are mean to me because I’m so white”

Neither of these opinions are particularly extreme or noteworthy (although kek at the idea that people are mean to LJ because of her “porcelain skin”, like Jeffery Star or Nikkei de Jager get a lot of hate for being blonde and having extremely Caucasian features) but putting them in the same video without an ounce of irony couldn’t make you any less self-aware and any more tone-deaf

No. 799717

How do you get bingo wings at 19?

No. 799718

File: 1602509949180.jpg (249.44 KB, 1042x1752, Screenshot_20201012-083937_You…)

Lol, several of the comments on Lillee's "People think I'm rich" are like "no…you look poor" or that she comes off as being poor. She's big mad about it.

No. 799719

File: 1602511406305.jpeg (919.27 KB, 828x1449, B7B6B301-474E-43D3-A8D8-6162EA…)

G8 shot

No. 799721

I personally don't mind some blogposting.
LJ and Laur are way too narcissistics to prevent themselves from posting an insta story. Influencers post stories, it would be weird LJ wouldn't do this too.

LJ is so ridiculous. It always amazes me how bitter and surly she is at only 19.
Didn't Laur posted something some few days ago about people making fun of them bc they were poor?
If LJ's family was solid middle class, they definitively went down on the social scale And it's all because of Laur and LJ insanely stupid budgeting and ridiculous life choices.

Also, to be fair, thoses weird pedopradips from india must think that she's at least richer than them.

No. 799724

File: 1602516103379.jpg (719.99 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201012_162236.jpg)

The same writer who wrote a nice piece about her today has previously written a negative article about her(old milk)

No. 799725

File: 1602516223720.jpg (385.05 KB, 1079x1826, Screenshot_20201012-162439_Ins…)

So the same writer who interviewed her about cyber bullying also "cyber bullied" her previously

No. 799726

File: 1602516576568.jpg (372 KB, 1080x1256, Screenshot_20201012-163003_Sam…)

Chelsea Hoffman (author) sounds so condescending in this article.

"She's young and is as work in progress, things were taken out of context…"

She doesn't address the pedophile stuff

No. 799728

Hoffman is a cow in her own right, and only looking for attention. She flipped because the callouts took offense at her being a PoS and her complete lack of integrity…She's old curdled milk and no use in beating a dead cow.

Lillee talks about her having a mixed friends group when she attended school, but outside of the one person Diane interviewed who literally barely remembered LJ and basically just regurgitated information that had been discussed on various videos and filled in the other gaps with "like I dont really remember her", has anyone ever acknowledged knowing LJ in real life? Outside of pictures of LJ with brand people or her mom's older friend, I've only ever seen maybe 1 picture of her with anyone- and it was a couple of 10-12 yr olds outside bite labs that she said were her fans that came to see her. (I think they saw and heard her and her mom claiming she was a big star and just took a picture with her). Even the "gymnastics" blog she started with her friend when she was younger was done via webcam.

No. 799733

Wait what picture with 10-12 year olds?? I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a picture

No. 799745

I saw it back when the whole LJ thing broken open on Reddit and before they purged her Instagram. It was taken just outside of the bite store,and (I believe) had two young girls in it. The caption was something about Lillee loving meeting her fans who came out to support her collab or something of the sort. It's been over a year since I saw it, and other than clocking it as being something I thought was more happenstance than reality. I doubt it was ever archived, and I don't see it now.

No. 799747

This is old milk. We don't need 3 unsaged posts about it. Lurk more

No. 799754


I remember an anon posting a pic they found of Lillee standing next to a Black girl (they both looked around 8 or 9, maybe?) I don't know if that was her gymnastics blog friend, or if she's had a whole TWO friends irl. Or maybe it was just a classmate that Laur talked into posing for a photo as "proof" that Lillee had a lil minority "friend."

I made a half-assed attempt to find it in the old threads, but I'm lazy. If the anon who posted it is still around, maybe they remember which thread they posted it to…

No. 799757

File: 1602532129196.jpg (474.87 KB, 1080x1378, Screenshot_20201012-144533_Chr…)

This is her gymnastics blogspot, so many posts…

Also, how much of a coincidence is it Lillee's screen name is Tiger? After claiming her mom wanted to name her Tiger Lily, I'm thinking more like Lillee came up with that story and her mom went with it. Like she does all of Lillee's lies ( looking at you Pedopheepy.) I don't see Laur being hip enough to name her daughter something like that, but a old ass double name like lillee jean made her boomer bits tremble.

No. 799758

File: 1602533768677.jpg (69.18 KB, 563x232, baldgoblin.jpg)

>Me and shelsy are great at gymnastics.
Kek, she wasn't humbler then than now.

Maybe nitpick, but why is 11yo LJ's hairline so weird, she looks bald and already a much older goblin.

No. 799759


Stfu with the mini modding. It's more annoying

No. 799760

NAYRT but anon just posted shit that’s been posted before like it’s new? That shits fucking annoying and is always happening in these threads.

No. 799762

This is honestly kinda sad to me. Lillee looks like a normal kid here, just making a cringey blog about gymnastics with her (seemingly real) friend, and a hopeful nod to the future about becoming a professional makeup artist.

I know there's a lot of tinfoil about it, but I wonder what changed to make Lillee how she is now. How'd she go from an awkward tween to an egotistical adult whose mom makes her fake IG friends?

No. 799764

This. I was watching some of her first youtube videos last night and she just seemed so much more different. Weird how she's changed.

No. 799778

In my opinion it’s just the years of social deprivation and isolation. Even if you are relatively normal in middle school and have a couple of friends, after being shut off from the world with an unhinged mom and your dad as your only interaction for all of your high school years, there’s no way you will have any idea how to act in a social setting. That’s why she seems stuck between a middle school behaviour and a boomer mentality. That’s the only two demographics she’s interacted with since before puberty.
I could be wrong though.

No. 799781

That explains part of it, but Lillee and Laur are both massively delusional about Lillee's skills. Lillee acts like she's god's gift to the world and has made zero attempts to do collabs or even make friends in the beauty community. She seems completely uninterested in friendships with anyone other than her mom.

I get being sheltered/socially stunted, but how do you get so egotistical that you become an internet laughingstock? How the hell did it get this bad?

No. 799783

Because Laur has taught Lillee the only way to show strength is by being oppressed and "showing them" by being defiant. Laur has always been quick to be the victim, but it is just so she can convince herself how strong she is, even as everyone else sees through the bullshit. Rather than teach Lillee to Stand on her own two feet, Laur has convinced Lillee that breaking her own legs and walking with crutches makes her better than people who just, ya know, fucking walk.

No. 799799

probably cuz of laur. wouldn't be surprised if this is a venus and Margaret situation.

No. 799815

File: 1602588296427.jpg (48.56 KB, 647x431, wtf.jpg)

Harry Potter has been mentioned recently on this topic >>797124 >>798988
aaaaand guess who is using it for clout!

Because it's way too long for her mdiget so smol petite uwu size.

No. 799817

She so obviously mirrored it.

No. 799818


These videos are just 5% her actually drawing and 95% her fucking around with essentially facetuning. If she tried to draw on paper with her "style", it would never make it past a child's scribbles. She doesn't understand how to map out any proportions or even the slightest clue how anatomy works.. That body dysmorphia she harps about (realizing you are a midget and overweight and out of shape is reality, believing you are a tiny fairy princess is just being disillusioned), may be related to the fact she has no actual concept of what a human body should look like.

No. 799823

File: 1602598179506.jpeg (1.15 MB, 828x1558, 521F8D16-1154-4B40-8AC3-688CF4…)

Her tagged posts on ig are full of pradips

No. 799844

Holy shit, this is literally the worst speed draw video I have ever seen. This is like a parody. For one thing, except for the color palette (sort of) and a logo in the bottom right corner, absolutely nothing about the drawing reads "Harry Potter", let alone Gryffindor. Also:

Lillee doesn't show us how she did the pattern for the hair, we just see various hairstyles flicker on the screen (likely taken from other sources) and then the final output just blinks into existence.

In this 3-minute-19-second video, the drawing is basically done by second-17 (thanks to a lot of copy-pasted sources), and the rest is just clueless Facetuning and adding extremely minor highlights on an already overly-airbrushed artwork. Since she's also working so slowly, it also gives away the lie that she just whipped out the rest of the drawing that fast.

No. 799880

File: 1602643416556.jpeg (218.71 KB, 750x926, 71E09FD8-5296-476E-9F70-4408A5…)

This is the 2nd or 3rd time this week

No. 799881

File: 1602643487329.png (183.21 KB, 512x274, unnamed.png)


No. 799893

Kids almost kinda get a free pass at doing some embarrassing shit and putting it online because everyones been there at some point and everyone matures. I just dont think lillee has really matured past that point or had any self growth. Sure shes an adult, but when you just got out of your teens with a mom kissing your ass and enabling and encouraging bad behavior, youre probably gonna have a hard time growing as an individual. Every critique or mean comment she gets just drives her and her mom further into the hole of "us vs them" instead of self reflecting and realizing theyre the problem. Honestly i really do think her mom is to blame for her becoming the kind of person she is

No. 799894

File: 1602661289280.png (24.13 KB, 1137x221, Screenshot_10.png)

>embraces natural beauty
How can someone be this ignorant?

No. 799904

She probably got South Korea mixed up with Japan kek

No. 799916

I think she might have also gotten France and England mixed up too because kids will usually have braces when they’re young growing up as it’s covered by the healthcare.

As I type this I realise she probably said that because she and Laur constantly bring up Vanessa Paradis and her gap teeth and try to relate it to her goblin teeth. First of all, kids nowadays would get braces rather than have gap teeth because Vanessa can rock it but not a lot of regular people can. Secondly, Vanessa’s teeth were not noticeably “weird” when she was younger. She and her team probably noticed how it became her trademark and chose not to fix it and it got a bit worse with age as teeth shift. But she was still stunning when she was younger and it added to her charm.

No. 799920

Korea… embracing natural beauty!
Oh my sides

No. 799930

File: 1602695278939.jpeg (879.07 KB, 828x1333, 9FE8789B-C31A-4CF3-8114-C9D037…)

Bitch, maybe wash your hair and pillowcases more often?

No. 799937


How does her hair manage to look greasy and dry/crispy at the same time? Also, did she use that red rinse again? It looks like her hair has permanently absorbed some of the pigment in some places. The color is so patchy.

No. 799955

She’s so fucking gross and dirty looking

No. 799958

I wonder how she looks like with clothes off.(Scrote)

No. 799959

probably like a human sized sprouted potato

No. 799961

Like John Rhys Davies in lord of the rings.

No. 799962

File: 1602726222671.jpeg (142.06 KB, 750x604, EF617F98-6FD1-4D18-BCAB-086129…)

Did Lillee forget to switch between accounts?

No. 799963

I wonder how many accounts that comment on her videos are socks

No. 799964

O gosh i commented on one of her "new and improved" videos and she FREAKED out in that passive aggressive way i was hoping. It's like insert a coin to troll.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 799965

This is an image board

No. 799967

File: 1602727847304.gif (Spoiler Image,11.34 MB, 640x1136, ezgif-3-801941ef5e08.gif)

Use your imagination. We already know she has salami nips.
FFS anons she this is just something she does sometimes, the person she was replying to was talking about sunscreen so that's what she's talking about.
You ignore the context and her habits for shitty milk.

No. 799968

File: 1602729132833.jpg (430.64 KB, 1280x720, IMG_20201013_160257_107.jpg)


No. 799971

she has an ass, but it's probably just from being so short and compact, and midget sized.

No. 799972

This is like an outtake from Welcome to the Dollhouse or Napoleon Dynamite.

No. 799981

I lurked in previous threads trying to find this picture in op's post but couldn't find it, where is it from? why is she saying tight? is her ass that thing on her back? I have so many questions

No. 799986

File: 1602741673107.jpeg (856.51 KB, 750x1117, CD155410-CB68-48CD-B2A7-9E02F8…)

What was Laurs weird obsession with posing with Lillees hair about?

No. 799987

File: 1602741694035.jpeg (761.02 KB, 750x1125, 2C8EFDA2-C7B0-4573-B9C0-540721…)

No. 799988

File: 1602741744671.jpeg (819.97 KB, 750x1103, D24A2787-B16E-4648-9068-A756C8…)

And also posing in weird incest vibey ways.

No. 799989

File: 1602741803769.jpeg (607.43 KB, 750x1079, 56BDAEC2-F5ED-4411-B22D-7247B0…)

No. 799998

I assume she is hiding her double chins this way, but maybe I am wrong

No. 800001

Yeah I think she's just trying to hide her face overall

No. 800002

The image is from a gif Lillee made herself. It’s on her giphy account. I think OP just added the text.

No. 800005

Lillee’s Marie Antoinette video is hilarious. She talks about how the French nobles were trying to “French” Marie up and it was exactly like people on twitter. She calls the necklace the King tried to give Marie “panty necklace”. Calls people bitches & hoes. Also says she won’t contour a cleft in her chin because she doesn’t want people with actual cleft chins to feel attacked. There’s a lot in this video…Lillee seems more manic than usual. My main takeaway was Lillee really thinks people are treating her exactly like Marie Antoinette.

No. 800012


That reminds me, how’s her imaginary french nonce boyfriend?

No. 800014

>Lillee seems more manic than usual
I have noticed it too.
On her last videos, her mental state seems to take another steps down.
Could it be, it worsen with the movings and all the stress related especially if Laur keeps pretending it's due to stalkers.
Or maybe LJ is slowly realizing her channel will never take off, she'll never be the next marvel star, or a respectable beauty guru, a well-know artist or whatever and this has been all for nothing.

No. 800019

File: 1602779177198.jpeg (381.65 KB, 828x1142, 607A6EEE-A4BE-4921-976C-3F3A7E…)