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File: 1624237766671.jpeg (37.3 KB, 275x213, EBAA870D-1D5E-48F5-8F3E-99A5F3…)

No. 841230

Vicky is a middle aged scratcher from Buttfuck Nowhere, Hicksville, Canada with an exhaustive recorded history of stealing deposits, cancelling appointments, and giving disastrous mangled tattoos to her clients. One of the reasons why this thread exists is to warn anyone who happens to Google her name prior to getting a tattoo from her.

Vicky is also a washed up “scene queen” who likes spending her free time reliving her glory days on MySpace by getting hammered and posting poorly shopped thirstpics and embarrassing videos on her various personal and “professional” social media accounts. She then posts the resulting DMs she gets from random horny old men and neckbeards, the sorts of DMs normal women ignore or are repulsed by, seemingly as proof of her desirability - despite, of course, being perpetually single for pretty much her entire adult life.

Vicky exhibits a plethora of curious behaviours such as pretending to be British, pretending to be wealthy, pretending to be a super-fit ninja, pretending to be educated, pretending to be a model and pretending to be the one and only woman who likes/does "X", and of course, pretending to be unbothered by criticism.

Latest milk:

>Has ANOTHER new boyfriend. Is too embarrassed to show his face.

> was interjecting herself into mr poundtowns relationship to the point of him being no existent in her life. >>>/pt/827710
> kicked out of her last “salon” she tattooed out of and is still taking money from people.
>has nowhere to work.
>got dragged on tiktok to the point of shutting off comments
>won’t stop talking about penises of ufc fighters
>Jackie came with the MILK. >>>/pt/829023
>too much to go over, but Victoria’s cat pissed all over her couch and Victoria was too broke to pay for it. Begged Jackie to stay at her place cause she can’t pay her bills.
> Victoria is still so delusional she thinks she look like Megan fox when she wears a cheap black wig.


> Vicky creates a new Instagram account for her tattoos, has hardly any followers and ends up making it private >>>/pt/820656

> Continues to post egregiously shooped pics that are looking more and more like an overinflated sex doll with less and less resemblance to her actual self >>>/pt/820676
> Despite being an award-winning Michelin star chef who has cooked for celebrities as far off as Timbuktu the only thing she seems capable of cooking are Yorkshire puddings (which would explain why she’s so fucking huge) >>>/pt/820908
> Joins TikTok, looks fatter than ever >>>/pt/821095
> Posts a video to “prove” her fake Versace bra is real >>>/pt/821108
> Spergs incessantly about how she doesn’t want to be skinny, hard fucking cope for being a ham planet >>>/pt/821012
> Is so ~ not bovverrrred ~ by lolcow that age continues to post about us on her social media, claims she fucked her ex after he left her for her former friend >>>/pt/821407
> Claims she is booked until April, which is clearly bollocks as she spends all day doing fuck all besides posting grimy selfies on social media >>>/pt/822022
> Still making up r/thathappened tier tales about how other girls’ boyfriends want to bang her and how everyone is jealous and crazy (the fucking irony) >>>/pt/822051
> Still claiming that everything posted on lolcow is lies and that we edit her photos to make her look worse because we’re “intimated” by her beauty (my fucking sides, I cannot with this delusional fat retard) >>>/pt/823263
> Insists the only people who post here are the same group of four girls who she’s had a falling out with in real life >>>/pt/823270
> Bunny is true to her promise that if Shingles mentioned her again she’d return to the farm to share more anecdotes, such as Vicky getting kicked out of houses for being dirty >>>/pt/823340 texting Bunny begging to hang out >>>/pt/823358 and most hilarious of all, how she threw a shit fit over not being able to make pasta on a fucking camping trip >>>/pt/823482
> Her shoops are becoming progressively more insane, indicating that she must have a lot of spare time on her hands >>>/pt/823740
> Claims she looks ~ soooo young ~ despite looking like a 50 year old lot lizard >>>/pt/823999
> Vicky gets called out for being a catfish on TikTok >>>/pt/824095
> Someone who got a tattoo from Vicky stops by, namefagging up a storm while not telling us anything we haven’t heard before >>>/pt/824267
> Another Ontariofag who has had the displeasure of meeting Shingles comes forward confirming everything said about her her >>>/pt/824770
> More bullshit about how every man wants her, every woman is jealous and scared Vicky will steal their man and how she’s an ~ untouchable ice queeeen ~ >>>/pt/825345
> Another person Vicky has mangled with her scratching pays us a visit to share the extent of Vicky’s butchery to her skin >>>/pt/825779
> Some scrote posts her nonsense to a body building page, Vicky uses the opportunity to screech ad nauseam about how she doesn’t edit her body, which is an insult to anyone with functioning retinas >>>/pt/827243
> People on social media point out that Shingles is a retard for bashing sex workers when she does pretty much the same thing as them but for free >>>/pt/827341

> The quality of her shart tier work has somehow deteriorated further >>>/pt/799820 >>>/pt/799789

> She produces a tattoo so atrocious that it deserves its own line >>>/pt/805503
> A calf is born: introducing Xameron “the contrarian” who gives us a coked-out 18,000 word screed at 1am about muh zero sugar energy bars >>>/pt/800078
> Cameron goes off on some other irrelevant bitch named kayla for seemingly no reason >>>/pt/800090
> To the surprise on precisely no one, cameron looks like this >>>/pt/800296
> He returns later to call us the obsessive losers after writing an entire novel about how Vicky wouldn’t suck his dick >>>/pt/800376
> Congratulations! it’s twins! a second calf, Kayla (when you order Trisha Paytas on Wish), is thrust upon us >>>/pt/800605
> Cameron comes back yet again to sperg about phone chargers, Vicky’s fridge, and a tonne of other retarded shit >>>/pt/800642
> Kayla also has a sperg for the ages, posting nonstop on Facebook and to anyone who will listen to her >>>/pt/800822
> Onlyfans era Vicky is imminent, even though she loves screeching about how much she hates sex work to all and sundry while posting porn lite to her “professional” profiles for free >>>/pt/805696 >>>/pt/802843

Her past milk is approaching Tolstoy levels of documentation so here is a pastebin of that: https://pastebin.com/SsvpzQy0


Professional Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaBellaMorteOfficial
Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/victoria.emma.5680
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missvictoriamurder
Twitch: https://m.twitch.tv/videos/451633048



No. 841231

File: 1624237981084.jpeg (123.54 KB, 749x1063, 9F91BDCE-CCE5-477E-A655-017662…)

That orange tan, she looks 45.
It’s shocking me how embarrassed she must be of her new bf. Kek. She always posts guys.. she must be more desperate than usual

No. 841233

File: 1624238676367.webm (2.82 MB, 720x1280, smoothies.webm)

Bless you, anon. I will now dump some milk. Here is today's story from Victoria. This is the most we've heard her boyfriend. The way he talks to her sounds like that one "friend" of hers who told her to "shut the fuck up" in a video awhile ago but I don't know if they sound the same voice wise.

No. 841236

That DOES sound like the guy that would tell her to shut up. Which makes sense cause he had a girlfriend when icky was hanging out with him. He’s also in his early 20s.

No. 841240

File: 1624240128749.jpeg (191.96 KB, 1282x1427, BEE2EA98-4052-42DA-8B77-90750A…)

I will put money on it being this guy. He was dating a ginger when they took this video. So it would make sense icky would take this child from his gf.

No. 841241

Same thought, anon. I can't remember what his Instagram is but I know it's in one of the former threads, as a screenshot at least, because we were posting about Vic hitting on this dude while having a girlfriend.

No. 841242

File: 1624240687841.jpeg (72.76 KB, 1282x354, 1B91BC7C-04EB-4951-AC34-F66479…)

This is him. His account is private now… which makes me think it’s him.

No. 841245

File: 1624244755921.jpeg (120.05 KB, 1284x527, 44B9DF71-3B78-404D-8639-708C62…)

Old school morals? Doing cocaine, drinking heavily, not showering, not brushing your teeth, stealing people’s bfs, stealing deposits, posting publicly about wanting to get slammed in a sun dress, chain smoking, sticking up for your pedo brother, posting pedo bait, talking about your “pussy”, treating friends like trash, talking about injuring people with swords… the list goes on. You’re a pick me bitch that does OF for free on Facebook.

No. 841247

File: 1624244908637.jpeg (198.99 KB, 1283x1738, A9A2781A-9E39-4AD2-9ECF-E3F8EC…)

Won’t do of… has her tits hanging out for kids on tiktok. Also 1 like in 3 hours…Much famous.

No. 841261

she looks like she went into a tanning bed with ski goggles on.

No. 841264

File: 1624255660241.jpg (96.35 KB, 785x1280, IMG_20210620_230625_161.jpg)

She posted this to her stories a few days ago.

No. 841266

File: 1624256011962.png (1.37 MB, 1578x1280, ahem.png)

The following night she drunk posted these two stories one right after the other and didn't bother to delete the first one after clarifying "metalhead/rocker/goth" lol.

No. 841279

Well for one this guy sounds like a misogynist (no surprise here, seeing as she’s one herself) but I genuinely don’t think this is a real person.
She just cut out the audio of someone disrespecting a girl and inserted it into her video. You definitely wouldn’t hear a man talk to me that way, she has absolutely no self respect.

No. 841281


Does anyone remember his ex GFs insta? We could probably lurk it go confirm, they're all children so probably air it all online

No. 841337

File: 1624305246044.png (91.95 KB, 976x562, Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 3.33…)


Uhhhh ok…. sure

No. 841340

Vicky admitted to sleeping with her ex while he was in a relationship, and says she doesn’t care to snatch your man if she doesn’t like you.
And hey icky. I bet a lot of girls at the bovine and other Ontario clubs would disagree that you “look out for girls”

No. 841342

File: 1624307198091.jpeg (34.38 KB, 828x248, B74682F3-D203-4A2E-B45E-E77424…)

“Girls take care of one another” unless it doesn’t benefit Victoria

No. 841362

Imagine being 35 years old and your entire identity hinges on typical pickme antics from 2004. This bitch is actually touched in the head

No. 841368

File: 1624318029641.jpeg (253.61 KB, 1282x1517, 06DDB3A9-54C0-47BE-9EBA-90DE21…)

Victoria : “Girls look out for one another”

Also victoria: puts down women in sex work or their views don’t line up with Victoria’s exactly.

No. 841370

File: 1624318728647.jpeg (126.48 KB, 556x960, 3D6EBF2C-D1AE-4015-B9C4-B6DF95…)

“I’d never do onlyfans” Photos Victoria uploads.

Considering Victoria was totally offered a deal with onlyfans she would know only fans isnt just “buttholes” LEGIT models are on there selling photos that aren’t nude. She knows that wouldn’t fly cause then she’d have to compete with other women and she’d get laughed off of the platform like she did tiktok.

No. 841377

It never fails to make me howl that Victoria wants my husband since I post on here. Seriously Vicky, come and give a shot. It's a short cab ride. I only ask that you allow me to record raw footage of your attempt.

No. 841378

What is the background of this photo suppose to be? Looks like a giant chunk of gold ore lol. Is this a recent upload?

No. 841379

Anyone else notice how rough her hair is looking? I guess that explains the "Megan Fox" wig. Hair looks like a few dusty cobwebs swaying in the wind

No. 841391

Wait…what? Did I miss this milk somewhere in the threads? Not that it surprises me because she is known for going after married men if she doesn’t like the wife. And that’s straight from icky herself. What a skank.

No. 841393

She’ll make up issues with women if she wants to fuck their men. She’s delusional. People in Ontario already know.

No. 841394

she'll always find some way to humble brag that neckbeards message her. here it's in the disguise of girl power! creative

No. 841401


Guess shingles is finally giving up on the act of being totally British. She isn’t putting on the fake horrible cringe accent

No. 841436

A small improvement! Now she just needs to grow the fuck up and stop being such an immature pick-me

No. 841457

New to this site so I don’t really know how it works. I went to high school with victoria and was good friends with her brother. Hung out with Victoria a few times way back when but haven’t seen her since a party at her dads house in like 2009 where she dressed as an “ice queen”. Can confirm she is 33 (will be 34 this year) as she was in 12+ when I was in grade 9. Ask me anything

No. 841458

Also she never had that fucking accent in hs and even her brother is embarrassed by her and said she’s now intolerable to be around due to her extreme narcissism. I don’t know how to respond to my own replies I’m using safari on my phone. I also happen to know that her brother asks to be pegged by his gfs lol

No. 841459

Is she racist? And what are her parents like? Vicky talks about how her mom is such an awful person.

No. 841460

What’s shes like at parties? Does her online photos resemble her irl?

No. 841464

File: 1624403994248.jpeg (337.24 KB, 1282x1932, 8652A15C-C41D-4A89-B940-E47BE0…)

I wonder what it’s like to have this little insight and think everyone else is the problem. Especially at her age. Goddamn. >>841457
Also, don’t write anything in the name part. Mods shut up and let the milk stay.

No. 841468

File: 1624409385535.jpeg (208.51 KB, 1282x1904, 313FA7CA-FD4C-454E-AD33-4420D3…)

She’s even late when people pay a $500 deposits for scratcher tattoos.

No. 841472

is vicky a mod now

No. 841479

> Can confirm she is 33 (will be 34 this year) as she was in 12+ when I was in grade 9.

Interesting I definitely thought she was between 35-38.

No. 841483

Makes it even sadder because she looks aged and crusty as fuck. Vicky girl I know you’re reading this please drink a glass of water and put down the booze for like, a day

No. 841489

>>841457 did you see in person her acting ridiculous and horny at parties? She brands herself on being this cold unattainable princess guys chase around but we've heard accounts of her being sloppy drunk and hitting on any guy at parties so that's interesting!!

No. 841493

The mods nowadays are dumb fucking assholes that seem to not want anyone to have any fun.
Yeah, except everyone in this thread you nub.
Of course there are rules but you can't even bend them slightly for potential milk? Over namefagging of all things. I'm still pissed that they were repeatedly banning Jackie and wouldn't let her stay to spill all the shit she had on Vic.

inb4 complaints go in /meta/ yeah yeah, I'll take my ban.

No. 841522

I never witnessed any racist behaviour but probably. Her dad has mad anger issues and he mostly took his anger out on Laird (often getting in physical fights). I met the mom once. She kept to herself. I do remember that she cheated on the father with the neighbour so that caused a lot of shit with the fam. I think wyonna (youngest sister) is a nurse now and appears to be the only normal one

No. 841523

At parties she is loud and obnoxious. The one I was at she would just make the rounds with her little posse of younger scene kids and like walk through the house as if she was the main character of a movie eyefucking the imaginary person that was watching her. Which she also used to do in the hallways of our school lol

No. 841524

Sorry and no she doesn’t resemble her pictures in real life. She is like 4’11” like the rest of her family and is chubby. She has very small eyes, a larger nose, ratty hair, puffy eye bags always…her eyes are hazel and her teeth are yellow. She used to tell people that she filed her eye teeth down because she thought she was a vampire. I shit you not she would tell people her skin was iridescent like in twilight

No. 841525

Omg twilight skin? That’s fucking hilarious. Keep spilling the tea anon. Is her hygiene as bad as everyone says?
Agreed. Just let the milk come. I wish the anon would come here who posted two threads ago after it locked about how Vicky sent her bf sexual texts all the time

No. 841526

Samefag. You mean she wasn’t eyefucking all the guys who hit stop signs looking at her? What was she like in high school?

No. 841531

In high school she was very aloof. Not popular, hung out in the tech hall, often in the bathroom doing her makeup. She didn’t come often and slept late. I’m not sure how she was in her subjects because she was not in my grade. I do remember her and Laird saying that they fought someone because there was this rumour going around the scene community that she and Laird had sex

No. 841538

Icky also claims to have beat up bully’s in school for other people? Honestly… I wouldn’t be surprised she slept with her brother. Her family seems fucked.

Did you ever know her to have a bf?

No. 841542

Yes she had this boyfriend named Kale or Kalevi or something and one named Zach. The Zach guy ended up dating lairds gf and they’re still together.

No. 841545

So Vicky’s bf dating lairds gf… and they’re still together. Vicky’s bf dates her friend Sam and they’re still together. No wonder Vicky is so insecure and attacks anyone that speaks to her man or Facebook crush. Kek. AND her mom had an affair. Makes sense why icky is so fucked up.
How did icky act when she started to get noticed on MySpace? Did people make fun of her for photoshopping her photos in school?

No. 841553

File: 1624489730436.jpeg (273 KB, 1282x1279, F192E209-B6E3-4408-B2F8-7C96D7…)

Another edition of Vicky’s photos vs clients photos.

No. 841560

>I shit you not she would tell people her skin was iridescent like in twilight

Vicky was doing this shit as recently as before she started using bronzer so it fits.

No. 841567

Fortunately for her that was after she graduated pretty much. Nobody knew who she was or cared. I can post her yearbook pics if you want

No. 841569

Do you remember her ever having a job?

No. 841570

Yes we need those yearbook photos kek

No. 841572

K I’ll go get them from my moms house tomorrow. My sister graduated the year before her so we should have as good as 10th grade Victoria if she was still at that school. Be prepared because I remember her having brown hair in one of the years lol. No I don’t remember her ever having a job although one of her bfs then Dan did gig planning in Guelph at the Shadow which was the big venue at the time and I remember her kind of tagging along with that title

No. 841576

File: 1624497403142.jpeg (2.84 MB, 4032x3024, 339FAFA3-8A11-4B92-84E8-DCCB07…)

Here’s one for now folks

No. 841578

She looks like the average 16 year old. I was hoping she would be more awkward looking kek. She’s always been so painfully average though.

No. 841579

hi- so i have a question guys should i tell my crush i like him?

No. 841580


No. 841581

Ugh….. you think she looks like a normal teenager? How does she look 35 in high school? If you told me this was ickys mom I would believe you.

No. 841582

File: 1624498680598.jpeg (223.75 KB, 1023x1376, 70F7B2FC-FB16-42B1-8DE9-843818…)

I get people age but…..

No. 841583

Not that anon but I also think she just looks like an average teenager here.

No. 841584

Anon, none of us likes Vicky, but let's not be ridiculous, kek. She doesn't look 35. Her eyes make her look stoned though.

No. 841585

Saged for no milk, but straight up she looks old as fuck to me. Or maybe it’s just the fact that I can see her eye bags.

No. 841587

Pretty much. An average teenager with a slight touch of Down's

No. 841591

If you're S______, hello, I hope you're doing well (and welcome to lolcow)

No. 841592

She looks like a cute highschool kid you retards. That just highlights how pathetic her current state is, no need to scrape the bottom of the barrel here

No. 841593

Cute is pushing it, anon. She still has that beak and a smug smile. But she does look like a normal small town Canadian kid.

No. 841602

She used to be cute, what happened to her

No. 841606


wow the "icy eyes"

No. 841607


She always had an unfortunate hairline. She fried it even more with over a decade of bleaching

No. 841611

Vicky’s always been looking like she’s an ambiguous age it seems. She has chunky features (wide face and chunky nose) so it adds a few more years to her face. It happens to some people.

Now she still looks older but she keeps acting like a retarded teen and imo that’s what throw people off. Nobody over 20yo would be like “I’m a good girl that looks like a bad one lollll I’m loyal AF except if you badmouth me then ill suck ur bf cock”

I think cute is right, in the average but cute sense. She definitely was not ugly but certainly not stunning either.

No. 841615

She just looks like a teenager. People from old high school yearbooks always seem to look a bit older because the styles we associate with a previous gen were trendy at the time. Look at kids on tiktok saying that 2000s highschoolers look like they're in their late-20s/30s, or look yourself at a photo of highschoolers from the 70s/80s.

No. 841621

File: 1624540389540.jpeg (382.06 KB, 1283x1864, E29AF5CF-1488-4BB3-A1E4-DF2B96…)

Aka icky couldn’t find anywhere to hire her so she’ll be tattooing out of her apartment.

No. 841625

File: 1624545299484.jpeg (323.63 KB, 1282x740, 40B46983-D212-4DC7-9904-7AA9B0…)

I wonder how icky feels knowing her tattoo is in porn?

No. 841629

that's not the same tattoo you retard

No. 841631

File: 1624548409957.jpeg (192.67 KB, 995x1015, 2F0E532C-77FB-454B-B60F-8BC72A…)

If you’d like to click her link to her porn page it’s right there for you. This Nicole girl is from Ontario and she’s a “gainer” porn person. So porn + eating to gain weight fetish. She tagged Victoria cause she did the tattoo. You’re welcome for spelling it out for you, retard.(sage your shitflinging)

No. 841632

File: 1624548760030.gif (939.87 KB, 500x308, giphy.gif)

Calm down, anons.

It's obviously the same tattoo, but did she laser off the tacky frame?

No. 841633

File: 1624549114278.jpg (40.51 KB, 600x300, BoReUT9IcAAalpz.jpg)


It's either the same tatto with the frame lazered of and touched up, or Vicky is copying again

No. 841634

It's the exact same tattoo, however, she did say "my baby is finally finished" meaning she probably did the dog first, THEN did the porn, THEN finished with the frame.

No. 841635

It could have been done in more than one sitting. Dog first frame later. Also what is the milk here exactly? Who cares if a person with shitty tattoos does feeder porn? It's not like ick could or should do anything about it.

No. 841637

She can’t, but she hates sex workers

No. 841650

A tattoo artist that makes fun of sex workers with sex worker clients. She’s been called out publicly and fired as an artist for being a twat against a stripper. The many reasons she has no clients.

No. 841665

she looked so cute here!!!!!!

No. 841781

File: 1624629280891.gif (495.75 KB, 500x213, 9E62C876-0C8D-473A-8E23-1864B9…)

You looking at this photo of Vicky

No. 841830

Come back and post more pictures please!!!

No. 841841

File: 1624645270333.jpeg (134.72 KB, 1279x1470, 693E8963-C54F-4FDD-BBF9-125EF5…)

I couldn’t imagine dating this chick… passively aggressive posting memes

No. 841928

even in her photoshops she looks like a fat woman sucking in. She really has never seen what a thin person's arms and legs look like, which is startling for a tattoo artist that offers realistic style work

No. 842073

File: 1624765987454.jpeg (132.25 KB, 640x1136, B86FFD1A-FE69-4AC5-A2A9-65F54A…)

No. 842074

File: 1624766033233.jpeg (103.75 KB, 640x1136, DD7F1B88-B03D-4215-B083-B00D1E…)

No. 842075

File: 1624766058425.jpeg (123.05 KB, 640x1136, 3639DB76-67F9-4695-BEF7-B17564…)

No. 842076

File: 1624766084758.jpeg (111 KB, 640x1136, E0B73C15-5641-4FD5-AB08-41CD9E…)

No. 842077

File: 1624766119504.jpeg (110.32 KB, 640x1136, 698FF1BE-D679-4D38-93D1-E06BD8…)

No. 842078

File: 1624766163381.jpeg (107.21 KB, 640x1136, A8DA29F6-B8CC-4554-90CB-E4D27A…)

No. 842100

File: 1624803019345.jpeg (307.97 KB, 1283x2192, E577479B-2FA0-4F5B-865F-EA9A70…)

So her new bf must be a ufc fan cause she’s constantly posting about it out of the blue since dating him. Girl needs her own personality.
Also she is fazing out her “totes real” accent.

I really wish her brother would come here and drop some tea.. he seems to hate her the most. Like I want to know if she fakes the accents around her parents kek

No. 842101

KEK. Guy called her a liar. Jackie said the same thing.. first time she met her she didn’t know who icky was cause the photos and her real form are so different

No. 842264

FUCK what is with that foot? I’m assuming it’s the foot of whatever bottom feeding dude she’s banging. That tan line is crunchy and disgusting. If you’ve ever seen a homeless person or beach bum, their feet look like this. Crispy fried skin cancer

No. 842272

Considering she totally doesn’t care what anyone thinks but also is too ashamed to show this guys face makes me think he’s an old crackhead from Guelph.

No. 842297

Could be her hammy feet.

Also thanks anon for making a new thread!

No. 842299

That’s clearly a mans foot and hers are in the boots. She thinks it’s cute showing off that a man would be near her. Thanks for bumping with your shit commentary though!

No. 842301

Lol perhaps it’s that old champagne guy from before.

No. 842303

This looks like she snuck a pic to prove a man is there. Why would she focus on his foot and not the sushi/sashimi?

No. 842343

100%. The sushi blur is all but confirmation. Ick was too excited that a man pointed a bare toe in her direction and maybe touched knees with her.

No. 842383

File: 1624980025880.jpeg (295.94 KB, 1283x1480, 776B0067-9B45-4883-BCCB-D0A511…)

I don’t think anyone’s pissed off icky.. the fact that you smell like a dirty foot irl as a tattoo artist is more the problem. Your cats piss on everything.. doesn’t matter how much you wash it
Also stop flexing that you have money, red bottoms but wear clothes with holes in it.

No. 842411

File: 1624995223872.jpeg (468.06 KB, 1283x2195, 2EF4305E-5ABE-4523-9EC1-025201…)

So unbothered. Lolcow living rent free in ickys mine.

No. 842414

File: 1624995616440.png (188.89 KB, 1080x1406, Screenshot_20210629-040303~2.p…)


okay tbf the insta that anon posted was a VIDEO – that panned over the table with sushi, the dude's disgusting foot, and then up to the UFC fight on tv. the little black bootie things looked empty to me tbh; like maybe she was wearing them previously but had her feet up on the couch.

god damn, if you're gonna be autists at least do it properly plz. anyway I took this screen last night when I was drunk, she has since deleted the top comment. kek.

No. 842418

This is like one of those AI generated photo collages, that's wild man

No. 842419

Lmao damn that sperg. Didn't realize it was a video because I don't haunt her socials. Just here to laugh and spectate, it 'aint that serious. Maybe have another drink and calm your tits anon.

Top comment has me fuckin' cackling. Bless them, they a real one.

No. 842706

Tattoo shops / artists were officially allowed to open yesterday. Let see how long it takes until Vicky’s lazy ass to bring people into her apartment and do more scratchers

No. 842721

File: 1625157082336.jpg (276.51 KB, 1080x1534, Screenshot_20210701_123020.jpg)

Of course this big brain, Mensa alum with supreme intelligence believes these completely fake retarded videos hahahaha also isn't she known for being a serial cheater??

No. 842869

File: 1625250149707.jpg (75.01 KB, 720x1187, IMG_20210702_132034_946.jpg)

This is a video and then it ends with her deleting the guy that makes the bf uncomfortable.

So I guess Victoria made her bf delete all his female friends, kek.

No. 843018

Kek, Imagine being this insecure, like, 6 days into your relationship.

No. 843167

File: 1625504611925.jpg (65.65 KB, 720x937, IMG_20210705_120022_017.jpg)


No. 843181


What’s with this shitty wig is she trying to be uwu pastel goth now? She’s too old, fat and haggard for that soft bb look. More filters than a water treatment plant.

No. 843187

Her eyes were irritated by liner? Before it was her eyes were infected from magnetic liner. I think it’s just the fact that this girl doesn’t wash her face properly

No. 843194

File: 1625522014801.jpeg (77.28 KB, 1080x1304, EF2F744A-D6FE-400C-A8CA-DC27BD…)

Looking at her overly filtered face hurts my eyes

No. 843218

Or her makeup is 10 years old and has been sitting in filth. Or she's sticking her unwashed black fingernails that she has been sucking on for selfies in her eye area. Could be anything with Vic's standard of hygiene.

No. 843224

This is how she’s spending her Monday? Ontario has been open for almost a week now after being closed since November …? Her sketchy ass tattoo Instagram still sitting at 18 posts.

No. 843225

File: 1625538660017.jpeg (322.27 KB, 1576x1280, 496361F8-F9BB-4D5C-98FE-44ECA2…)

Flipped the photo and turned the horrendous lighting down. She looks 55.

No. 843236

she tries so hard to look young and ends up looking like a 40 yr old mom going through a divorce

No. 843239


Can really see that beak on her face when you turn down the lighting and fix the angle

No. 843256

I actually think she looks cute here. A little like Venus. Much better than the horrid shopped nightmare

No. 843286

She looks like pedo Sia lmao

No. 843309

File: 1625594620995.jpeg (239.92 KB, 1282x1061, EAAF7BEC-C7E0-409D-96E0-F4159B…)

She looks like the love child of sia and baddie winkle.

No. 843312

Oh come on, anon, that's harsh…

….don't do baddie like that, kek

No. 843316

Gross, anon. Turn that brightness back up! And I can finally see how fake her contacts look.

No. 843325

Wow, that is one unfortunate beak. What’s the correlation between cows and being, uh, nasally robust? Proboscisally prominent, if you will

No. 843330

File: 1625600525328.jpeg (437.12 KB, 1283x2206, 25C4EE19-CDEE-4D12-85BB-F89AAD…)

You know she actually believes this shit too. Like she leached off of Jackie, letting her cats piss all over her couch and thinks it’s a privilege.kek.

No. 843360

File: 1625614849302.jpg (136.18 KB, 720x1136, IMG_20210706_175519_883.jpg)

Yesterday, Victoria switched her Facebook relationship status from "in a relationship" to nothing. Either removing it or hiding it. I nearly mentioned it yesterday but didn't. Now she posts this story about her cat "making her feel better" and I dunno lol. Maybe she got dumped.

No. 843378

File: 1625628222042.jpeg (359.68 KB, 1125x2436, C6B9C250-A52E-4DCB-B218-FB90F8…)

A friend of mine who tattoos in Guelph posted this “fix up job” he did. take a guess who’s work they are “ fixing up “

that rotten potato gem and the frame is a sure give away.

No. 843387

I was confused for a second because I thought this was a post from vicky, but the boat scene was too bright and clean, where the frame looked like her typical garbage.

Then I read your post and realize it’s a different tattoo artist who did the boat scene. Jfc that frame is beyond saving. You’d be better off just filling it in with black. She really needs to find a different job.

No. 843390

Everything in this tattoo looks like shit, but especially the frame. I feel so bad for these people.

No. 843411

That gem really does look like a potato lol.

No. 843452

Agreed. It's an over all horrible tattoo. Both artists suck

No. 843461

I know (better) artists in and around Guelph who fix her work regularly, but don’t often post it on social media to avoid her drama.

This makes it a bit more difficult to see how badly she messes people up as we don’t have many after images after someone tried to salvage it.

No. 843473

File: 1625680052833.jpeg (185.42 KB, 1283x2200, 222A3CC7-F419-4FE5-9433-B1B387…)

We get it victoria, you post your softcore porn for free.
She’s the definition of pick me. I tarios been open for a week, how about get a job.

No. 843475

File: 1625680425517.jpeg (66.88 KB, 1282x471, A3BF8182-6909-4A4F-9BDA-E50C6A…)

New question. She can love someone without a job, cause she barely has a job.

No. 843480

File: 1625681101645.jpeg (354.71 KB, 1122x1878, 861ECF35-56D4-4BD6-A7C9-8667E1…)

“I’m old school.. I don’t sell photos of myself”

Also Vicky: “ I’m a model that sells my body and time for $3000 a hour to take photos of me rubbing up a half naked chick”

Okay icky. Just cause you’re not on OF or Snapchat doesn’t mean you aren’t making softcore porn.

No. 843488


It’s the black swimsuit shooped red for me

No. 843491

This photo is shopped to hell and back but I swear to Jesus I can still smell her

No. 843501


Knew this looked familiar Are you the person this belongs to? Any updates?

No. 843502

File: 1625692412058.jpeg (401.17 KB, 1282x1769, 5E963D64-E4C6-4E5E-9607-8E1E15…)

I love how she made this about herself. KEK. She must be a laugh riot to hangout with.

No. 843569

It amazes me how much work she puts into setting herself up so that she can be a total bitch to any woman that doesn't immediately fall over herself to worship at Icky's feet.

"Uh she didn't even acknowledge that I'm more beautiful than Megan Fox and Christina Aguilera put together? Jealous stalker. She doesn't want to be best friends with me 2 minutes after I flirt with her boyfriend in front of her? She's clearly a crazy psycho who doesn't support other women."

The length this cow goes to justify her ridiculous attitude toward anyone who doesn't fawn over her, what a class A narcissist.

No. 843641

File: 1625787550900.jpg (49.67 KB, 720x1026, IMG_20210708_163837_841.jpg)

Lol! Perfect description anon. Pic related.

No. 843649

LMFAO this is so …. wow.
I can't even imagine being hated so much that I'm up here.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 843654

Do you have any tea on Vicky?

No. 843933

File: 1626036254455.jpeg (339 KB, 1283x1853, AF134A16-7271-433A-B44C-68AC9F…)

This drunk 40 year old “half heaven half hell” she’s MILKING that unemployment from covid.

No. 843967

did she post this cringe herself?
the filter really accentuates how fucked her hair is.

No. 843972

File: 1626060165671.jpg (36.78 KB, 640x640, d98.jpg)

No. 843981

Kek. The fact that the “hell” side shows the true size of her gum line and double chin.

No. 843983

This made me laugh out loud in real life holy shit she’s exactly like those desperate middle aged women on TikTok.. Unironically too!

No. 844000

File: 1626083833642.jpg (811.91 KB, 3840x2160, 4klaugh.jpg)

this is too much for me omg

No. 844067

kek, this looks like something i'd make when i was 12 and emo

No. 844070

File: 1626128090140.jpg (102.15 KB, 1080x389, Screenshot_20210713-081210_Fac…)

No. 844071

"i can be your angle or yuor devil" unironically

No. 844075

File: 1626130201533.jpeg (206.63 KB, 1283x1418, 5B6C39F7-FD5C-46F5-A168-69E6B4…)

Not even trying to hide the fact that she’s using filter. Also she’s talking through this whole video and didn’t turn the sound on. Kek. Big boomer energy.

No. 844080

File: 1626132040159.jpeg (100.21 KB, 1281x601, 5AB34EAC-6BC9-4EAB-92EE-F94045…)

It’s called face filter and a wig. I……

No. 844081

Friendly reminder that she's full of shit and anything above 50 spf is mostly just marketable fluff.

No. 844083

Those wonky eyes remind me of tuna’s.

No. 844095

Why are her fingers literally filthy all the time

No. 844120

File: 1626164726493.jpeg (31.76 KB, 220x220, 9FBFC6B3-865B-4120-8788-CEC1BF…)

holy shit is that Megan Fox?!

I wonder what Vicky intended to put in this frame. upside-down self-portrait?

No. 844121

I love the Vicky self portrait tattoos and if it wouldn't be unsafe for my health I would really consider getting one for lolcow.

No. 844161

She looks better as a brunette, but where did her eyelids go?? Does she honestly think this filter is fooling anyone? Everything about this comes off as a feeble attempt to recapture her youth. Embrace your age Vic and just take better care of yourself.

No. 844177

Using THE most obvious snapchat filter there is too, "it's muh natural beauty"… That filter will put the eyeballs on the outside of sunglasses for god sake kek

No. 844183

File: 1626208567969.jpg (112.51 KB, 720x1166, IMG_20210713_133535_446.jpg)

It finally happened. Vic posted a status about two women and didn't talk about herself.

No. 844185

She didn’t bring herself up, but I guarantee she posted Megan fox so people will tell her how much they look alike again.

No. 844187

Omg I totally thought that was Vicky in this picture /sarcasm

No. 844192

File: 1626214757654.jpeg (486.33 KB, 1282x1873, 423AF7DA-A84D-4530-9A62-05F25E…)

Girl is tattooing in a wish wig and devil horns. The fact that she doesn’t even pull her hair back makes me cringe. Also the guy that she’s tattooing on is the same dude she tattooed the “butt” tattoo she stole from another artist.

And I wonder if that’s a room in her house kek

No. 844193

Haha you beat me to this by seconds. And i was going to say, that's totally a spare room in her mom's house she's tattooing out of.

No. 844195

those drug store box dye tier gloves, omf. it's not hard to find properly fitted ones but playing dress-up is more important to her.

No. 844196

File: 1626215584310.jpeg (190.35 KB, 728x1277, 2955A0F8-7239-4576-ADBA-6C5F9C…)

This looks exactly like the person that would still get tattooed by icky.

No. 844216

File: 1626232814881.jpg (36.44 KB, 720x378, IMG_20210713_201914_352.jpg)

I guess she still has the boyfriend.

No. 844223


She’s always “working out” but has always a fat round chunker

No. 844233

File: 1626265497899.jpeg (105.29 KB, 1282x538, 72271F78-CDC9-42FC-AB61-2AC053…)

The sense of humour on this one…. Non existent. Not saying any of her followers are funny, but jokes slide right over her wig.

Her bf is totes cute but she won’t show his face. She doesn’t care what people think, but she won’t show his face. This girl knows she’s dating a dud.. he’d have to be to stay with her this long.

No. 844238

I know we’ve speculated but this is pure, unadulterated autism

No. 844253

God she is so embarrassing.

No. 844254

File: 1626288141573.jpg (97.8 KB, 640x766, IMG_20210714_114203_240.jpg)

New Victoria photo.

No. 844255

Beat me to it. “I don’t do onlyfans”
Also Vicky…. Thirst traps with her whole ass out for free.

No. 844258

File: 1626290906952.jpeg (413.29 KB, 1112x521, 8AC21556-7883-48D1-9443-C933D0…)


What the fuck is happening

No. 844260

I hate the hair with these contact lenses, but this pose would've looked so much better if she could keep her ham hock hand away from her mouth.

No. 844261

Lol I love how this heffer thinks she's so above everyone who has an OF account, to the point of mocking them with status updates and then proceeds to post this shit for free. Who's the real idiot here Victoria?

No. 844262

File: 1626295721876.jpeg (196.5 KB, 1282x1190, F120BBD5-A8EF-4B0D-89B5-647F9D…)

Imagine having a bunch of old men from Facebook using your photo for their phone background? Opening it at a restaurant and the waiter seeing your whole ass… kek. But OF is too much. Kek. I’m assuming G is her crackhead bf

No. 844263

She’s got a Lillee Jean style fat girl dumper, with the zero definition in her thighs and everything. She thinks she’s “thick” just because she has a lardy build. God damn this is not her angle, she looks 5’1” and chunky as fuck. Wig is tragic, too

No. 844264

File: 1626297021951.jpeg (627.55 KB, 1170x1386, F7B45CC1-CE9A-48FB-91BF-5738C4…)

Local buy and sell had a post about someone wanting quick tattoos with no wait. Most people told him not to do this and I was thoroughly impressed that in over 70 comments not a single soul mentioned Vic. Funny how a bad reputation and bad work follows someone eh?

No. 844268

Those Divine brows plus the “old school morals” on full display here, her boyfriend probably said Megan Fox was hot once in passing and it has resulted in this embarrassing shitshow. If I didn’t know she was a woman I’d assume she was a tranny

No. 844270

look at the jawline. she edited out her double chin.

No. 844272

File: 1626303663594.gif (236.78 KB, 220x220, tattoos?.gif)

Does she even tattoo anymore

No. 844277

Ah yes, the gaudy gold fixtures, fake vines and open closet door. This is absolutely a room in her apartment she is now tattooing out of. The paint matches the walls in her other photos. Such professional! Much sought after international tattoo artist who makes 10 grand a week!

No. 844278

File: 1626310552062.jpg (6.34 KB, 106x105, IMG_20210715_025502.jpg)

what in the plasticandproud is going on with her lips

No. 844284

File: 1626317117272.jpg (106.93 KB, 1080x674, Screenshot_20210714_224324.jpg)

Another great coomer comment that she liked. But so totes above those OF "whores"…

No. 844294

kek the hypocrisy
just get an OF already

No. 844313

Repulsive. When will she ever stop equating her entire self-worth to the attention of scrotes and neckbeards? It's genuinely getting sad at this point.

No. 844320

Is flailing around with a sword and bullshitting about fighting terrorist taxi drivers a hot category on OF? Because she could make a killing.

No. 844327

File: 1626358255577.jpeg (149.41 KB, 1282x1080, 8A8835C6-1CC2-4367-A0B5-9279B3…)

So instead of getting a job she’s holding on to that tattoo dream. It flopped but instead of admitting she failed she’s photoshopping the hell out of her photos, answering more questions on quora and hanging out with her bf she’s too embarrassed to be seen with.

No. 844420

File: 1626439356508.jpeg (389.33 KB, 1282x1893, CCFABB3B-A804-4190-953F-C9FCA7…)

This girl must be new to Vicky’s page. Icky has been making softcore porn for Facebook for awhile now. Not very old school values, INTJ of you icky

No. 844426

this is so fucking funny though, let's see how she will explain that she is not like other hoes and actually very old school

No. 844427

Seems suspicious. It only takes 5 seconds on her page to figure out she's a pick me narc. One of her featured pics is that one of her ass in the TikTok leggings that went "viral"… If she's been on her page long enough to somehow appreciate her hot takes (that's a kek in itself) she'd know this.

No. 844428

It'll be deleted when she wakes up at 3pm est today kek she usually never engages unless it's a dude saying something like this and even then she'll typically reply but then delete it a little bit later

No. 844481

Unless I'm missing it, the comment is gone. No surprise there.
Icks only approves of having her crusty shapeless ass kissed.

No. 844493

File: 1626487224293.jpeg (258.91 KB, 1282x923, 2729B51E-212C-4A5C-8ED1-664AC9…)

It’s still up. Someone tried to stick up for Victoria but made her look dumb as fuck. It’s 2021 she’s can do what she wants… but other women can’t according to Vicky. Cause that’s not “old school” values.

No. 844505

Sticky just gets mad whenever she dosent have the fattest ass in the grocery store

No. 844533

File: 1626529404267.jpeg (83.78 KB, 1282x331, 56DAA095-1CA4-4F6E-937A-D68EFE…)

Victoria: “selling your body for money is gross. I never think it’s okay”

Also victoria: I’m $3000 an hour my own clothes and get naked to “model” for no other purpose then to put it in online magazines. Or social media.

No. 844546

I can see the blur tool on the hairline of the cheap synthetic wig lol

No. 844552

File: 1626541775219.jpeg (222.86 KB, 1283x2032, 541BA943-B688-43AD-8F98-89C7D6…)

Icky took “in a relationship” out of her bio completely. Ontario just went into stage 3. Meaning bars, nightclubs etc are open. Timing is everything. Wonder what story she’ll make up about has she totes wasn’t is to him.

No. 844555

Does anyone know what her political stance is? Like regarding trump, lgbtq, climate change, Covid etc?

(I know her views regarding feminism, „every woman is beautiful, yay female power, but only as long as it’s about me, in my favor and I get complimented“)

No. 844557

File: 1626546385041.jpeg (350.98 KB, 1283x1825, 437AF9F1-8C4F-46E4-A67C-56CBEE…)

I tried to do a deep dive for you, but this killed me. Onlyfans isn’t okay but your dad sharing your stuff with your ass out in your profile pic is okay. Puke,

Anyways her dad runs a page called “ red hand” or something. It’s pretty much about keeping the UK pure. She’s stated there she doesn’t want brown people bringing aids into her country. She’s also stated she is a trump supporter, she doesn’t follow the covid restrictions and she doesn’t mind gay people but trans / anything else she’s against.

No. 844573

File: 1626553323557.jpeg (255.04 KB, 1282x1489, 2D7372F2-AA18-466C-AB29-A6D8D3…)

Damn. I thought this was a cow, but she’s from Brampton and has a relationship statues with someone and photos up. Pissed someone off it looks like.

No. 844576

File: 1626554835991.png (3.38 MB, 1284x2778, A1AFE88E-6B0F-4CCF-84C3-C5228B…)

Vicky’s bf. He’s a lot younger than her. Not sure if they’re still together.

No. 844578

Can you provide a link? Every Gabriel Hodges that comes up is not this guy. Nice find if it's true.

No. 844579

No. 844581

File: 1626556702461.jpeg (190.49 KB, 1282x1151, 4EAEF1E3-9494-4CD2-B070-34B40F…)

“It’s G’s too” which is her bf Gabriel. But she’s also excited that other men are using her ass as a phone wallpaper? Those old school morals.

No. 844582

Jokes on icky. I see this guy on tinder all the time. He matched with my lil cousin last night.

No. 844592

File: 1626566671461.jpeg (762.53 KB, 1125x1059, FA69150A-2BAE-4B4D-AAE4-80A4B7…)

Fuck is this ugly bozo

No. 844604

Lmao is he in jail?

No. 844609

This might be a new low for Vicky. Didn't she claim millionaires and athletes tried to get with her? He looks like the special ed greeter at a walmart

No. 844619

Mid-level snooping indicates he may have been born in 1995 making him almost a decade younger than her. I guess the younger they are, the more naive and impressionable they are.

No. 844641

Theplagueking? Wow such edge. Looking through the pics it’s yet another guy from some band or other, or pretending to be. He should feel special he edged out all those billionaires and famous people to hook up with granny pump and dump . If he has no sense of smell they might get on.

No. 844645

File: 1626591132031.png (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210718-163721.png)

Excellent snooping, thanks anon. Autism warning in advance, I'm a Vicky enthusiast and took the liberty to go through his Twitter. Two things immediately cracked me up. One, his skinny, Christian Bale in the machinist, classless body. Omfg, I hate to say it but even Victoria can do better. Two, he's out here publicly thirsting over onlyhoes. Toppest of keks, think Vicky needs to realise what demographic men associate her with.

No. 844648

File: 1626591338757.png (Spoiler Image, 1.11 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210718-164059.png)

No. 844649

File: 1626592218067.png (Spoiler Image, 971.44 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210718-170917.png)

Ok are we sure it is this guy? He had a (sexworker kek) wife in 2019

No. 844671

Nah. They aren’t together anymore. He changed his status on fb April 2021 to in a relationship when ick did.

No. 844678

Oh wow I bet she's mad this guy used to date and promote an evil sex worker lol. Now I have to go see if the ex gf is hot

No. 844688

>>844671 are we sure? That sounds too good to be true that she's got herself an ugly kid who used to date an iviiiiil sex worker. Sounds like milkmas.

No. 844695

Anon, good find! I see he’s the perfect fit for our Vic. Into UFC, Dark Souls, metalcore, posts Libra content, and is a bit of a narcissist. I assume this is why she was suddenly into fighting.

No. 844698

I second this. I'm curious as to how anon found out it was him. Maybe they have some insider knowledge. In saying that, this absolutely looks like the exact type of guy Vic would date.

No. 844699

She was posting a bunch of motorcycle awareness safety stuff during the time she was trying to get with Mr. Poundtown, who is really into motorcycles. She always alters her personality to go after whatever dude she has her sights set on.

No. 844715

File: 1626643723773.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 798.57 KB, 1170x1450, 623121E0-6B1B-41F8-96F0-49B0B6…)

She appears to be heaps better than Vic in the looks department.

No. 844721

>>844715 can we all agree that while yes she posts her ass publicly, let's keep this woman out of it? Her ex is dating Vicky, she already probably deals with bullshit plenty

No. 844724

File: 1626650048022.jpg (658.27 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210718-191251_Chr…)

Look at that beautiful skin damage. But it's okay guys she does microderm and it's oh so youthful.

No. 844725

Love her fried ass hair as well.

No. 844863

nta but why draw the line there? not long ago anons in this thread wouldn't stop posting vicky's gymbro friend and his girlfriend

No. 844877

I don't know if you're the girl in the pictures or someone that knows her, but you can integrate a little better by entering a linebreak after the post number.

No. 844885

ah damn thanks! no I don't know her at all, I've been reading threads for a while but idk why it always seemed more pleasant the other way. Thanks for the heads up!

No. 844896


I think the poor ex is copping flack even if we don't mention her. I'm sure Vicky thinks the ex is the one posting caps of the bf and is s0 jelus he's with her

No. 844924

File: 1626741598295.jpeg (270.98 KB, 1283x2024, 9EFE9533-9B5F-457E-B4C7-FFCC96…)

No. 844937

Haha how is this comment still up? It says it's from a week ago. She deletes everything negative if a woman says it.

No. 844976

File: 1626754155889.jpeg (1.14 MB, 3839x3940, 087B9BC1-BEB7-4991-B91B-FA9B15…)

My eyes rolled back into my skull

No. 844986

She's the most conceited person I've ever met

No. 844991

Hi! Have you been here before and shared stories about Victoria? If not, do you have some stories you can share with us?

No. 844997

Vicky.. she means you're fake as fuck.

No. 845020

Hahahahahahaha I am loving this. Vicky the crusader against only fans and sex work, has this as her boyfriend. It really doesn't get better than this. No wonder she won't post anything about him. Heffer finally lands a guy who can handle her stank for longer than a one night stand and she can't even talk about him publicly.

No. 845022

File: 1626792383847.jpg (134.52 KB, 1080x1070, Screenshot_20210720_104337.jpg)

Are we sure this Plague King guy is Vicky's boyfriend? Who made the connection between Gabriel Hodges and theplagueking?
This is plague king's twitter and apparently his name is Matthew according to this post her made linking his new profile.

No. 845026

He either deleted his FB profile, changed his name or made it private. His FB profile had ( Lil Svdist ) which linked to his Twitter that matched his Facebook photos. His comments on her photos and statuses are suddenly missing.
Her own boyfriend who looks like something dredged from a shower drain doesn't want anyone to know he's sticking his dick in her. Kek.

No. 845036

Gabriel could be some alias name as Matthew doesn’t have enough zing to it. Similarly to how Vic doesn’t use her real name.

No. 845046

Can also confirm I saw "Lil Svdist" in the nickname section of his bio when I was snooping a couple days ago. And yeah he deleted his Facebook, kek.

No. 845051

File: 1626812585980.png (107.65 KB, 206x275, 1537927393829.png)

Wow how fucking embarrassing kek. I wonder how/if he got tipped off on the threads. Probably >>844924

No. 845056

Vicky must be trying to keep him a secret from the farms. ~muh stalkers~

I can totally see her telling him to hide his identity/SM pages

No. 845066

File: 1626823658265.png (1.15 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210718-170333.png)


So I knew this might come up so I took screenshots. It's definitely him because the tattoos match across the Facebook and Twitter profiles. He has these stupid videogame tattoos on his hand, which was visible on posts across both platforms. I understand your suspicion though because he really looks like a generic skinny sadboi NPC, guy needs to learn to count his macros kek

No. 845084

this is why vic is my favorite cow. she always finds new ways to be more embarrassing. this guy is the best you can pull?
she's also the cow who it would take the least effort to fix her life while being the least likely to ever do so.

No. 845086


That's definitely the beauty of being a Vicky watcher. It would require such minimal effort on her part to become completely boring and the threads to die off.

No. 845098

are we sure this is a tattoo? looks like a crayon drawing

No. 845140

File: 1626884130478.png (1.21 MB, 1874x1256, Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 8.39…)

her business tattoo page looks like an escort ad.

No. 845143

Anyone who can visit her page and walk away thinking "yes, this is who I want to permanently scar my body" gets what they deserve.

No. 845167

Oh no…sweetie why would you use that profile picture for your BUSINESS.

No. 845172

And the pinned video is her saying “ you wanna say I’m photoshopped and very ugly and fat in person. That doesn’t really work when I’ve already met him in person sweetheart” kek. So professional. No wonder she isn’t tattooing / has no where to work. This girl is a liability.

No. 845181

Wtf is this even supposed to mean lmfao. "You may hate me but men don't" isn't the flex she thinks it is. Men will dick down anything, it's not an accomplishment. This girl has serious mommy issues it seems

No. 845205

I love how one of her recent photos was her tattooing in her spare bedroom while wearing hair dye gloves, a Halloween wig and fucking devil horns kek. Such professional, many mansion dwelling queen

No. 845230

i wanna rip those hangers out of his stupid retarded fucking ears lmao kek looks like the pathetic loser shed settle for.i wanna rip those hangers out of his stupid retarded fucking ears lmao kek looks like the pathetic loser shed settle for.

No. 845284

i wanna rip those hangers out of his stupid retarded fucking ears lmao kek looks like the pathetic loser shed settle for.

No. 845424

She's really going through her megan fox larping phase again.
Trash picture as usual, I don't understand why she doesn't just dye her hair this colour instead of the dodge wig

No. 845426

File: 1627049333834.jpeg (274.11 KB, 1283x2038, 704FD85C-E6B4-4E98-8C87-B368D6…)

Aka she spent too much on cheap wigs and won’t go back to work so can’t pay her phone bill. It literally takes an hour to switch your phone over. If that.

No. 845445

“Settling” implies that she’s dating down. They’re cut from the same unwashed cum rag, nonnie

No. 845871

File: 1627351517022.jpg (56.92 KB, 720x555, IMG_20210726_190432_651.jpg)

Needs more white

No. 845874

File: 1627352194331.jpeg (285.56 KB, 1282x1949, 25C5CD40-D439-45F3-81CD-4790EF…)

I guess that’s why she’s such an ice queen. She’s slept with every dude in the metal scene in Toronto

No. 845877

File: 1627352626073.jpeg (287.58 KB, 1282x951, E25C8FFF-C082-4439-B0F9-4F8D9D…)

Drew Apicture is a pretty popular tattoo artist / tattoo shop owner and she literally just traced his work off off Pinterest. How many times does she need to be caught doing this? Doesn’t even try to change it at all.. his is just better executed. Hope he comes across this.

Victoria Bella morte… when you want stolen art on your body.

No. 845896

not defending icky, but fyi copying existing tattoos and tracing is pretty common practice… if a customer comes in and wants a tattoo that looks exactly like another existing tattoo or some random picture from the internet that has been copied a million times, would you just send them away? or did you think every single tattoo in the world has to be 100% original artwork?

No. 845903

I think tracing an artists work exactly is not common practise. Usually artists will put their own creative spin on it. She doesn’t have a creative spin.

No. 845933

Tattoo nerd here. Depends on the shop you go to. If you go to a hole in the wall, yes. They will rip off other artists, that would be common practise among artists like icky.
If you go to a real artist, that respects art… usually what will happen is they will take a photo and make it their own. Icky has been know to rip off other artists and that’s a huge no no.

No. 845934

File: 1627386018298.jpeg (248.64 KB, 1283x1578, D2DF1556-FEDC-4FE3-BA88-5C5FD3…)

So if you check the floors from sushi night and the tattoo..she’s most likely working out of her house now. I guess she’s just running her shop out of a share room, no license and not paying taxes.

No. 845948

Shouldn't that be reported to public health if true?

No. 845964

Agree with you anon. Any respectable artist will refuse to copy another artists work. They’ll do their own custom pieces and flash that people can pick from. A sign of a bad artist is someone that will copy anything you find on the internet directly and will tattoo in multiple styles because they don’t have one of their own.

No. 846002

File: 1627413977977.jpeg (243.2 KB, 1282x1910, B71ABB8F-DE15-41F5-B986-125C60…)

That’s right. Vicky just gaslights her friends straight to their face cause she thinks she’s better and smarter than everyone else.

No. 846039

File: 1627437573049.jpeg (392.81 KB, 1282x1394, A2CE1166-143A-46F2-B866-16A4FA…)

“I lm too good for Onlyfans”

No. 846040

File: 1627437684408.jpeg (308.85 KB, 1282x1528, 424685C4-8D1A-4990-B40B-6BA421…)

Some guy telling her she looks like Megan fox. She goes on about how she wore black hair and a red lip before she was famous on MySpace.
Now she’s talking about how “she wouldn’t want the part in transformers” and acting isnt her top priority right now. …. I can’t

No. 846048

Where is her belly button?

No. 846049

she didn't blend the skin smoothing airbrush effect on her forehead. rookie mistake, Vic.

No. 846050

Her expression looks like she's revolted by something. After all these years she still shoops her waist in to the point the ends of her hair curve inward with it and it's such a dumb give away.

No. 846051

File: 1627441036933.jpeg (525.69 KB, 1282x2514, 82A54A01-E020-420C-BA9C-EF0BA8…)

The amount of editing in her tits and waist. You can pretty much see her vagina. Don’t know why she pimps herself for free

No. 846056

File: 1627441738967.jpg (321.16 KB, 1080x1934, Screenshot_20210727_230712.jpg)

Also this complete failure.

But she could be in movies ya'll

No. 846065

File: 1627447254365.jpeg (694.87 KB, 1052x877, FB3A4E2C-078F-4EFA-A0CC-BB40E6…)

She even shooped fake nails on herself horrendously. I am howling. She tells on herself so bad because not only did she do a shit job at it but she didn’t shoop them on in the last pic

No. 846067

What’s with the sudden extreme Megan Fox skinwalking? She shoop’d her head shape and everything to look like her. And of course she’s an amazing actress but basically GAVE Megan the role in transformers. Because acting just wasn’t her priority.

>inb4 was totally offered the role and offered $100,000 but turned it down because she doesn’t need the money and had many mansions.

No. 846079


She couldn't even get an extra role as the dumpy fat bff. Delusional.

No. 846086

transformers IS an action movie smh

No. 846093

File: 1627474511282.jpeg (229.21 KB, 1282x1120, E078D583-A31D-47DF-AF2D-598345…)

Of COURSE all her friends and family tell her she’s Rosa from Brooklyn 99! So smart. So tough. So mysterious.

No. 846094


Bet she fancies her scrawny crackhead chode du jour resembles MGK too

No. 846095

Transformers is an action movies, Vicky.
And imagine being this insecure. She’s almost 40 and can’t tell a stranger on the internet she’s isnt trained in something.
Like “ it’s not my focus right now” aka I’m almost middle aged and I’ve never acted a day in my life

No. 846097

File: 1627475886226.jpeg (187.95 KB, 1282x1092, EDE914E5-F234-40AC-A23B-D0F386…)

Icky: don’t hit on me or I’ll tell you gf. Women help women.

Also icky with other women’s husbands:

No. 846098

File: 1627476851528.jpg (695.86 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210728-085254_Ins…)

Is no one going to point out the fact the her pinky "nail" is coming out of the side of her han?????

Da fuck XD(XD)

No. 846099

File: 1627476961471.jpg (629.52 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210728-085507_Ins…)

She also forgot to fix the ribbon that's being eaten by her rolls on her underwear

No. 846111

lmao, girl gets one box of dye and now she is every dark-haired woman

No. 846116

Only movie she’s starring in is a amateur porn with the tags big women and grannies.

No. 846118

tf are you talking about

No. 846119

anon is high and cannot tell a difference between a nail or a fake flower

No. 846121

It's not her hair, it's a synthetic wig.

No. 846126

Her "seductive" photoshoots always send me into orbit, the dusty, lace like curtains, the equally dusty, old looking lingerie, the dollar store plastic greenery and fake flowers..
And then to top it off with that "I just sharted and it's leaking down my leg" facial expression.
Such poise, much class, definitely a sought after high class model who gets paid thousands of dollars kek

No. 846129

File: 1627502764471.jpg (154.32 KB, 1080x1526, Screenshot_20210728_160242.jpg)

Her followers are just as retarded as she is, it's "Calgon, take me away" and she's definitely old enough to know what it is, they still sell their body sprays and bath bombs at every grocery chain in Canada.

No. 846134


I think they are trying to point out the poor photoshopping done on her nails. It looks like she's trying to have a nail on her pinky butthe alignment isn't right. I can kind of see what they are saying

No. 846145

File: 1627510866696.jpeg (486.29 KB, 1282x2044, 96117E6E-5510-42C0-A4F4-6B5CE0…)

Needed more white. I swear she books
People for hundreds of dollar appointments to to add alittle white.

No. 846147

File: 1627511085157.jpeg (274.11 KB, 1211x878, 425C44CE-E42D-4685-A058-A329C0…)

Training VS no training. Remember to google your artists. Yikes.

No. 846158

That face is MANGELED!

No. 846161

How is it looking straight at you and sideways at the same time?

No. 846165

File: 1627512743984.jpeg (333.88 KB, 1267x1526, 30767CA7-9D11-4C91-B412-0DDBDE…)

Here’s another angle of the video. She said this healed beautifully? Why does it look 20 years old? The mane looks like a terrible Karen haircut.

No. 846171

the way she shaded the eyes makes it look like the lion has horizontal goat pupils lmao

No. 846293

I don't even know anything about tattoos and I can see that turning into a big blob in a few

Holy fuck I'd cry if I got that and pray for laser to be able to help. No saving it.

No. 846354


It’s the dusty lingerie and right tit shooped bigger than the left one for me.

No. 846363

As someone who unfortunately got one of her tattoos, she is literally all over the place. She either puts the ink in too shallow so it just falls out as it heals or digs deep and leaves blowout and scars. My tattoo is supposed to be symmetrical and is far from it. She reworks the skin over and over thinking she can add depth and layers of ink as if it’s a painting so you’re left with fuzzy, blotchy bits that desperately need new outlining - she doesn’t even line her tattoos. I’ve thankfully had it fixed and I have sleeves done by reputable artists and NEVER had the issues I had with her tattoo.

No. 846367

It’s been posted on this thread already. I don’t need her harassing me online, which she does. She tracked down my friends, my family, etc and harassed them all because she got called out for bad work.

No. 846380

No offence but what on earth prompted you to get a tattoo from her?? Even with her editing the tattoo pics she posts you can still tell their messed up, weird warping, she doesn't understand placement, everything just looks like a blob. Just curious what about her made you think that was a good idea?

No. 846404

i am a different person who signed up to get a tattoo by her because I knew nothing about tattoos and was told by local ppl she is amazing. most local tattoo artists here are terrible so not a lot to compare too. she stole my deposit and never did any work on me. still considering civil lawsuit but she has no life and is a stalker so I may just consider it charity work.

No. 846406

why has no one taken her to small claims? there is no way she can enforce her no refunds policy unless the retards that give her money let her.

No. 846417

It's not worth the time investment/headache, generally. Court in Canada isn't like the US

No. 846421

i think most people are afraid of her in some ways because she has nothing to lose. she is a narcissist with no life…so if she wants to ruin your life, she can focus on it all day long. plus she has no fixed address or shop so it's difficult.

No. 846436

Same anon here. I got the tattoo from her many years ago and this was before Instagram so all her info was on Facebook with no lolcow threads or online reviews. Her images looked decent so I got a small tattoo to test her out. I was naive and didn’t have many at the time. If I knew then what I know now, I would’ve never set foot in that building. That’s why I hangout here to stop others falling for her nonsense.

No. 846440

With no fixed address because she’s a couch hopper, it’s nearly impossible to serve her court papers. She also is very good at dodging process servers as her schedule is all over the place if you do manage to track her down somewhere.

No. 846483

she has no job or assets so it's a money sink to chase her and she knows it.

No. 846513

File: 1627697104599.jpeg (342.54 KB, 1282x2064, A3257607-50C6-4159-80C7-873825…)

So I don’t know ick, but I’ve seen her in person a couple times… does she really think she looks like her photoshops? Like does she think she’s fixing her photos to look… more like her in person self? She can’t be this mentally ill?

No. 846518

She absolutely believes she looks like those photoshop abortions. When she sees her unflattering pics her brain refuses to accept that's reality.

No. 846542

Lol anon, Victoria has posted this same "different lens" infographic at least 3-4 times in the last couple of years. She absolutely believes she's just "fixing" her pics to what she thinks she looks like irl LOL.

No. 846742

File: 1627747892822.gif (1.1 MB, 450x288, BelovedInnocentGopher-size_res…)

You're just ugly Vicky, deal with it

No. 847533

I have know Victoria since high school - back before her "MySpace" days. Back when she had brown hair, and a lip ring and was a skater kid. She went by Vicki. Can 100% confirm she is not British - that accent is fake. Even when I have hung out with her recently, there is no accent. A friend got tattooed by her, and it was the worst choice. She went waaaaay too deep with the needle, and now this person has constant itching in this placement and the tattoo itself is raised. Even other artists have said this was mutilation. The piece is only partially done, and this person is hoping to somehow fix this disaster.

No. 847569

What was she like in high school? Was she just as much a compulsive liar or did she truly make all the boys hit stop signs? What prompted your friend to get tattooed by her?

No. 847803

your friend may be shit outta luck. anons on here have said local artists are fed up with fixing her work and some will say they can't help you

No. 847810

Back in high school she was actually pretty decent. She was fun to hang around and was a good friend. She is definitely not the same person she was - but people change - and in her case, not for the better.
My friend is hoping to just have the piece finished - there is no chance for a cover up, but they have spoken to another artist and they are working on a way to finish the design.

As much as I would like to say that Vicki isn't the person that everyone says she is - the sad reality is that she mostly is.

No. 847811

God that sucks so bad for the people who were naive enough to go thru Icky. I mean yeah they should have done research and googled her but I would not wish her work on anyone.

No. 847829

The crazy part is that she has a handful of repeat clients who seem to worship her: Noelia Kidd, Heidi Gerber, Roger Zanow (guy who is obsessed with Vic and flew from New York to Ontario to get tattooed by her), to name a few. They all seem pretty happy with their work and that Noelia woman just goes on and fucking on in Facebook comments about how amazing and beautiful (on the inside and outside!) and supremely talented Victoria is. So it seems like her act has fooled at least a few people lol.

No. 847900

Suspect post

No. 847903

What? I've been posting here for years. I just pay attention to the ppl who interact with Victoria on Facebook and I find it fascinating that she still has a few repeat clients despite nearly everybody else getting really bad and regrettable work done by her. What was suspect about my post? That I used real names?

No. 847964

Vicky doesnt know how to sage kek

No. 848005

The grammar isn't poor enough to be Vic.

No. 848046

File: 1628117988124.jpeg (314.88 KB, 1281x1900, FD761ABF-72A1-48BC-AD7A-B33CBB…)

“The whole way from the uk” this is her aunt. She didn’t fly in for a tattoo. Love the way she words it to make herself more in demand.

No. 848049


I can’t stand that cheap shitty blue ink she always uses

No. 848107

Victoria did my first tattoos about a decade ago so I have some of her less offensive ink from when she was doing decent work.

I met her in person then and have been following the downward spiral since.

No. 848121

Would love to see how this looks today, my guess is like a giant definition-less bruise. Her complete lack of outlining is startling.

No. 848261

It's funny the one she did outline probably needs more touch ups than the one she didn't. It's on my shoulder so I never really think about it but it needs to be completely recoloured and what looked so vibrant at first is now just faded in the wrong ways.

I'm not saying this to stick up for ick as I KNOW her work has gone way down hill. My friend got a few pieces from her which is why I wanted them. And hers are decent too! But these are from so long ago when she was at least trying to be professional. But I've never gone back (she still offers me touch ups but never pursued) and all my tattoos since have been much much better.

No. 848635

File: 1628391077504.jpeg (418.73 KB, 1283x1984, DCABB8CC-15A1-4E13-8E74-7626E6…)

This isn’t the worst thing she’s ever done, but the facts that she’s having all these randoms in her house with her cats tattooing is really gross.

No. 848636

File: 1628391396529.jpeg (97.67 KB, 640x640, 856BACB9-3C06-4AF7-AA6A-EDDD68…)

A dude from jersey did this tattoo. She changed it to more “realistic” but right down to the placement of the ribbons in the back of the flower crown and rose peddles on the rib cage. Kek.

No. 848637


Not defending the trash bag but that's a Grateful Dead Bertha tattoo. Pretty common amoungst fans. Hers looks like shit. The red is too muted and muddy.

No. 848642


It's rose petals, not peddles you fucking retard

No. 848651


Victoria is known for always tattooing her shooped face onto her victims but here she really just matched her Jay Leno chin with the skeleton

No. 848677

File: 1628414507280.jpg (157.73 KB, 683x1001, 71VBJbSw4aL._AC_SL1001_.jpg)

No. 848691

This already looks faded, can't wait to see it in a year. The top bits of the flower crown are already fadidng into nothingness, along with the red. I'm sure Vic would counter with either "it's not donee" or "it just needss more white"

No. 848701

the roses look like raw meat

No. 848718

Leave it to Victoria to tattoo a defect skull with crossed eyes.
Lol even as she's directly copying another artists piece, her drawn anatomy and skeleton confirm she's a lazy and incapable artist.

No. 848720

ah the ribcage, exposing incompetent artists since forever

No. 848731

Her tattoos always look so faded, old and washed out.

No. 848866

Finally finished? How many sessions did she drag this out for lol. Any half decent artist would have easily wrapped this up in one and offer a touch up if needed, but it’s Vicky we’re talking about here

No. 848938

File: 1628654582426.jpg (92.38 KB, 254x452, mvm1.jpg)

Hot milk! We knew each other back in high school, photo from 2006 1/2

No. 848939

File: 1628654678643.jpg (107.34 KB, 270x480, mvm2.jpg)

Hot milk! We knew each other back in high school, photo from 2006 2/2

No. 848949

Kek nona thanks for posting these. I am not suprised to see she never changed those weird comma eyebrows since she was in high school. Can you tell us a little bit of what type of person she was then? Was she as much of a liar as she is now? I sort of imagine her being quiet irl (especially in hs) but outspoken online. Did she have a british accent? Was she popular? Any stories you remember?

No. 848954

KEK these faces are begging to be shooped onto one of Vicky's blatant self portrait tattoos.

>Hot Milk!

Oh Guelph, never change.

No. 848960

That forehead and hairline oooof
No wonder she refuses to give up the emo side part

No. 848961

She also claims to have “beat up bullies” in high school / she was so sort of hero. How was she really in hs.

No. 848968

File: 1628693770655.gif (225.91 KB, 244x160, _bloom1628693336268.gif)

Vicky and her cat looking at each other after she realises some of the linework is just cat hair. Score! Another session after the infection clears !

No. 848971


No. 849027

Unfortunate hairline aside, she has just gotten worse and worse with age. I suppose excessive drinking, hacking 3 packs of darts a day and being a terrible human being will do that to you.

No. 849045

Can you confirm her she? It tends to change from year to year

No. 849046

No. 849139

File: 1628819712763.gif (448.58 KB, 444x258, ba-dum-tsss-drum.gif)

>her age changes from year to year
it's called a birthday, anon

No. 849140

Lmfao I really need to start proofreading my posts before I send. I think this year she is 33 but last year it was 35? Magical ageless queen

No. 849148

Everything I've read puts her at 33, born in 1988. Bunny was the one who came here and said she saw Victoria's id, which had her birth year as 1985. I think Bunny was misremembering or mistaken because a couple of people here who went to school with Victoria confirmed her age as 33. Pretty sure yearbook anon confirmed the 1988 birth year.

No. 849201


In highschool she didn't beat up anybody. Her favourite bands were Atreyu and Children of Bodom. When she did show up, which was maybe half the time, she was often dressed in a weird combo of pirate and scene queen. She did have a slight accent, but it was just attempting to mimic her mom's and was very inconsistent.

This was the era when she was gaining popularity on MySpace and developing her alter ego. She was quiet in class and on breaks/ lunch, she wasn't popular in the slightest and was often trying to sound smart in the 'I read the thesaurus' kind of way.

At shows, she was generally not in the pit and often gossiping with younger girls trying to take them under her wing/ appear to be the leader of the scene and flirt with band members. Nobody took her seriously that actually knew her. Her stories were always so embellished and were very egocentric/ spun to make her sound like she wasn't the asshole.

I remember she was dating some guy when I knew her but he broke up with her and she tried to spin it like she broke up with him, classic Icky.

I only went to their parent's place once, her brother and sister seemed relatively normal, mom was hostile, dad was nice enough. It's a shame that she hasn't sought therapy or treatment for whatever kind of atypical she has going on.

No. 849204


She's either an 87' or 86', confirmed.

No. 849270

File: 1628946836395.jpeg (433.35 KB, 1065x1243, B3F71CD9-D96F-4AB3-8C8E-DBA31F…)

All over Pound Town’s FB about being single and how she totally turned down $50K from Onlyfans because she’d rather post her ass for free. Keep scratching out of your spare bedroom there, Vick.

No. 849276

This has to be my top cow lie in the past couple of years. It's right up there with Stefany/Ellie and her telekinetic balloon popping powers that the mean Dr. Rad tortured her into popping (she popped them).

This is the second time Victoria has claimed this. I hope she keeps posting it too. $50k AND the front page, non-nude too. I wonder if this is a completely made up lie by Vic or if some scrote tried to scam her, trying to get sexy pics and saying he's totally representing OnlyFans, and now she's bragging about it online. Either way, lol.

No. 849280

Along with living in many mansions, multiple proposals from rich businessmen, doctors and rockstars and making $10K/week tattooing. Kek, my sides.

No. 849289

That’s not… how onlyfans works. You’d literally just have to google onlyfans to know it’s subscription based. Cardi b doesn’t even have “front page” and a contract. But sure Victoria… with your 8000 followers on Instagram and 300 followers on tiktok. They totally want your overly photoshopped photos.
Also why would they offer her that amount of money for NON nude when she does that on Facebook for free? And she’d turn it down when she does it FOR FREE? That makes no sense. Even if that were true, she looks like a fucking moron.

No. 849309

She probably got DMd by some horny loser trying to scam her for 'contract sample photos' or whatever and she's dumb as rocks and thinks it was actually an official onlyfans rep

No. 849311

Saged for no milk but…
. There are “referral links” so girls will try and recruit others girls or guys with their referral link. The person makes a cut of the person that signs up So they’ll promise them the world to sign up. They probably told her she could make $50,000 and doesn’t have to be naked and will put her on their front page.
IF THIS even happened. But onlyfans doesn’t reach out to anyone to sign up. The guy that owns it is a billionaire.. he doesn’t need ickys few thousand followers

No. 849316

File: 1628971053946.jpeg (291.99 KB, 1282x1587, 88EA20BD-EA45-42C8-AEF0-F9A80D…)

I don’t know anything about tattooing but this doesn’t suck. I’d like to see it in a couple months though.

No. 849317

File: 1628971148741.jpeg (132.18 KB, 1282x654, 0EE609F7-08EB-4D8A-B120-667342…)

“A good environment helps” aka not working around other people and from her house cause she can’t get along with anyone or show up on time.

No. 849326

Kek what a mess of a tattoo. Makes zero sense. Why is there a compass floating in space, surrounded by Roman numerals? And the floaty island with a tree….? It’s like a collage you make in high school art class.

No. 849333

Fucking kek at the silhouette of the crying guy. I feel ya bud. This entire tattoo is shit artistically speaking. I'd be curious to see how it heals. All of that white will age like poorly, it always does.

No. 849334

Pretty sure this video was taken in her actual living room. Is tattooing from home even legal in Ontario?

No. 849338

Technically it’s legal if you set up some legal stuff. Like paying taxes, health inspector has to know it’s a business.
Also the home must be PET FREE. So what she’s doing isn’t up to standard and she’s likely to get in shit next time someone complains about her work.

No. 849340

If she’s tattooing out of her house she is supposed to register it as a business and Guelph Public Health would do inspections and post her business address. Given that she doesn’t want people to know where she lives and she’s gross af my guess is she hasn’t registered the business and therefore health inspections are not being done. This is the worst scenario for clients and likely why she enjoys it so much as she doesn’t have to follow any health measures.

No. 849349

File: 1628988145385.jpeg (73.32 KB, 1282x693, 2B7A494B-894B-430D-832F-357EEE…)

You can look up tattoo shops, registration and inspections online. The only one for her is her old shop. So her shop isn’t registered for taxes, health inspections.. and she has cats which is illegal. One pissed off client( which shouldn’t take long) and she’ll be shut down. We know full well she can’t get a job in an actual shop…

No. 849370

so we're meant to believe this guy is just naturally that shade of neon orange? surely if I went to his page he'd still look like a nuclear cheeto and that's just his skin tone.

No. 849541

"nuclear cheeto" my sides left the planet!

No. 849548

File: 1629167172587.jpeg (239.1 KB, 1281x1579, 5624D415-3952-4BB1-8C15-45FFC7…)

…. Yikes.

No. 849550

File: 1629167428773.jpeg (164.18 KB, 457x1315, D46C5DAB-24A0-48DD-87DA-CE5472…)

This is a video on her fb. Why is it just a black blob? What are those trees on top of the tigers head?

No. 849551

it looks like she fucked up the top of the tiger and just blasted that haphazard mess. also trying to figure out what the 'never swimver' text is supposed to say.

No. 849553

I think "never surrender" but for some reason my eyes see "surrrder"

No. 849555

You're pretty close. It says "never surrrnver." I'm dead lol.

No. 849582

File: 1629208608402.jpeg (83.66 KB, 1282x435, B2439D5B-7027-471A-961D-84AB9C…)

Very professional Facebook booking system.

No. 849609

I never understood why she wouldn't just get some online booking system that automatically manages your calendar like a lot of freelance hairstylist and MUAs have. She insists on being DM'd for appointments and then never even looks at, nevermind responds to appointment requests. She's truly her own worst enemy.

No. 849614

Probably cause that would cost her money, just like quality ink.
She’s online posting selfie’s and replying to thirsty neckbeards but can’t run her business. HOW people still get tattooed by her I’ll never know

No. 849647

Willing to bet money this chick never receives a reply or her deposit back lol

No. 849702

File: 1629300435376.jpeg (262.98 KB, 1283x1356, 7BA493E3-79E1-4CF1-AF29-2E586A…)

Why would you get a message on Facebook and reply on Instagram? Keep it interesting? Aka “ I’m a fucking idiot and you’re not a man blowing smoke up my ass so I didn’t both writing you back. I’m going to blame you and keep your deposit”

No. 849711


What a piss poor run “business” she has. Too busy getting drunk and fucking around to even scratch tattoos properly. She’s so pathetic and lazy it’s unreal

No. 849789

Yearbook anon here - coming in to say she would’ve been born in 1987. My sister was born in ‘88 and ick was in 12+ when she was in grade 12. So she would be turning (or has turned) 34 this year - I think her birthday is in August.

No. 849847

As of right now, Vic hasn't replied again. This girl is definitely not getting her deposit back. Blessing in disguise really.

No. 850048

File: 1629491375589.jpeg (372.04 KB, 1282x2232, BD6478D7-5506-431F-9AD1-4EAD84…)

Trump supporting, larping as a British person living in America victoria is back.

No. 850050

are those mexicans or afghans

No. 850064

Why the fuck does vicky care who the President of the United States is? Oh right, Vicky’s a Trump lover. Oh, and by the way, I know you creep around here Vicky. Stay in your MySpace queen bubble and out of politics.

No. 850065

What the fuck. They’re Afghans, you stupid twat.

No. 850085

File: 1629500589565.jpg (199.13 KB, 966x966, astralphotography.jpg)

I cannot stop laughing. Vic is back! She said this was a "birthday girl on vacation" photo. She credited "Astral Photography." I guess that's her new bf. Please enjoy this amazing Victoria photo!

No. 850086

TOPKEK her eyes. The wonky waves. The 2009 era waist belt.

Is she wearing a bra and spanx on this “beach”? I can’t. And a big oof for that hairline.

No. 850090

Don't forget the garters and the totally real diamond bracelet in this totally real pic of Victoria on the beach. Every time I look at this pic I see something funnier. I really hope these are part of one of her famous sets and will release a couple of these a week as she shoops them.

No. 850092

Lmaooooo this picture is so embarrassing. That is such a lazy photoshop.

No. 850095

File: 1629503657007.jpeg (164.82 KB, 1282x890, 647F52C6-F49F-404E-A198-CB8956…)

But guys! These photos are totally for a magazine. They flew her out to take these totally really beach photos.

No. 850105

File: 1629506952846.jpeg (268.86 KB, 1282x1528, 8C052363-1B1A-4995-BC6A-5DF967…)

This is terrifying. Also, astral photography isn’t a thing. She’s given her new boyfriend a photography name as always. Too embarrassed of him still though. Even though they’re on “vacation” together.

No. 850111


Some art anons should edit this into various other backgrounds. Like the city dump. Go crazy lol

No. 850133


No. 850134

Omg yes art nonnies please!

No. 850136

Vicky looks orange. Lol. Is that why she’s a Trump lover? Lmaoooo

No. 850138

File: 1629518797404.jpg (539.7 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210821-000620_Ins…)

Fuck her new video is a slur fest. She can hardly get the words out and her hair is absolutely fried. Nice to see she dropped the horrible accent though

No. 850155

I knew having shit taste is pretty common to people but god I still cant believe theres simps for this creature lmao

No. 850160

She looks like some kind of 90s bad cgi horror monster

Kek, go ahead and post the MAGAZINE these are for, ick-madeup-storia

No. 850161

I know autistic face blindness is a thing, but the shit these men think is passable has led me to believe they have some kind of genetic defect when it comes to viewing women. I want to think they don't actually believe her shitty shoops and just ignore it in favor of their small dicked fantasies, but that might just be how I maintain sanity.

–To be fair to the moids, we don't always catch the call outs. She's quick to delete criticism… When she realizes that's what it is, at least

No. 850172

I hate when she edits her eyes so 'icy' it looks like nightman from always sunny or those bad cat eye contacts that Michael Jackson has in the thriller video.
I get that she thinks she comes off as some vampire goddess but it just looks like ugly Halloween contacts. Raven does the same thing. The contacts/edits do no favours

No. 850173

File: 1629543789927.jpg (1.15 MB, 1080x1440, Photo_1629543683193.jpg)

Here you go, nona

No. 850175

File: 1629543835467.png (611.32 KB, 571x966, 1629541337621.png)

And here's transparent Vicky if someone else wants to make something

No. 850176

File: 1629543873131.jpeg (31.01 KB, 426x639, images - 2021-08-21T190406.685…)

No. 850190

Karl keeps talking about getting stuffed.

It sounds like she starts with the accent on Karl catch’s herself and then speaks in her normal voice. I guess finally at almost 40
She was sick of being called out on it.

No. 850211

Lol omg this is good! I’m working on a couple like her on vacation with elon musk on the moon.

No. 850229

I am here for the art, thank u anon.

No. 850248

What clothes? This entire "outfit" is the 5/$20 accessories deal at Ardenes

No. 850250

Why is there green/blue shading on her arms? I don’t know why she thought this was a good idea, but other models on beaches do not have this odd colouring.

Is she trying to fool people to think she actually left her house? The nearest beach that has blue-ish water is Tobermory, but it’s rocky and less sandy. She likely Googled a beach photo and plopped herself in there.

No. 850262

She always has her right hand positioned like that because she edits out the clicker used to take the photo herself. Its EXTREMELY obvious.
This photo is a disaster. Hair longer on one side vs the other. She is bursting out of those things around her thighs. Girl is a mess.

No. 850280

File: 1629611336990.jpg (194.93 KB, 1080x876, astral7photography.jpg)

>Photocredit: Astral 7 Photography

No. 850294

she blurred two of her teeth into one big. nice job

No. 850297


So these photos are for a magazine, allegedly. She got the “photographers” name wrong the first post. The editing into the beach is horrible. And she’s posting the shoot before it’s published in the magazine? Okay.

No. 850299

A photographer so exclusive that there is absolutely no information about them online or anyone else but Vicky who had them hashtagged on ig

No. 850300

big Hatchetface energy

No. 850307

Her lower left arm is huge. I'm really suprised she didnt photoshop her hip or more hair in front of it. Even though the photo overall is highly edited, she still looks really chunky in it.

No. 850316

Why is she wearing 2 belts and what is up with that piss yellow blob by the side of her face? Truly a top notch photographer kek

No. 850370

It's been days since her recent "magazine photo shoot" and I'm still howling. I cannot get over the eyes. Her face must be haggard as fuck for her to blur it into that flat matte mess.

No. 850378

same, everything about it is funny. the badly shooped eyes, skin, teeth, jawline and boobs, her tacky clothes and belts made of cheap synthetic material, her hair, her new made up photographer who takes pictures and edits exactly like vicky and "frankie" did, her claim that it's for a magazine. it's the best thing that has happened in her thread for a while, i hope she blesses us with more photos soon

No. 850389

What a wanker

No. 850393

What is she even doing with her hand here?

No. 850395

File: 1629742056199.jpeg (406.36 KB, 1283x2038, DCDA319C-9D49-4CE0-AAFF-BA0FD8…)

That’s what I’m saying. Imagine paying “$3000 an hour” for a plus size model giving you the claw hand. Modelling cheap pirate clothes on a fake beach.

I guess she’s pushing her hair back, but this is awkward as fuck. Not as good as she thinks she is

No. 850410

File: 1629751874577.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1915, 434078D8-F63D-4428-9ACC-D40A94…)


Straight up just shooped weave on. She never ceases to amaze me

No. 850425


Zoom in on that ear. Kek
This dumb bitch gave herself two ears.

No. 850489

Lol you have just one?

No. 850512

File: 1629815860506.jpg (388.7 KB, 1080x1006, Screenshot_20210824-103026_Chr…)

>>850489 Not the anon your replying to, but normal people have one ear on each side. Not icky though! I circled it to make it a bit clearer, but she's got some weird double ear thing going on here. I hope Icky Astral Photography still lurks here so she can go edit that shit. Seriously, how can she be so bad at this? She's been doing this for how many years now? She's the definition of a NEET, you'd think she'd atleast use her time to improve on something. Then again, it's icky we're talking about here, so..

No. 850517

Hahahaha this "photoshoot" us the gift that keeps on giving. Every time I come back here there's a new wonder to behold.

No. 850519

File: 1629819176241.jpg (307.92 KB, 1080x1591, Screenshot_20210824_113238.jpg)

Well you've certainly failed at tattooing…

No. 850530

It went from funny, to sad to depressing. This 34 year old woman can’t even afford to go on a real vacation, so she photoshoots herself onto a beach.
She’s probably at home making a fake website for a fake magazine so she can tag it on her terrible photos.

No. 850533

That image of a rocket or whatever blowing up reminds me of the challenger and has me clutching my pearls a bit.

No. 850537

Wow first she’s got two pupils and now this? I can’t even stop laughing.

No. 850575

do you guys think she uses a green screen? i'm just trying to find mistakes that proves that she shooped herself into a beach, but if she did, she did pretty well considering her shitty photoshop skills. she definetely didn't cut herself out of a photo manually, just look at her hair or zoom in on her thigh in this >>850085, you can see little hairs on it. so maybe she did actually go to the beach, it's just her overall editing that makes it look weird and unnatural.
but idk

No. 850576

I think she did actually go to a beach, there's tons all around Ontario. The water also looks like this at a lot of places like at Cyprus Lake (Tobermory) or anywhere around Georgian Bay, BUT I also think she just edited the water to look more bluey/green. In which case this could have been taken literally anywhere.

No. 850579

If she actually went to the beach that’s even worse. Came in a pirate hooker outfit for a photoshoot

No. 850580

true, nothing about her look in those photos says beach. aside from the outfit, who wears a full face of makeup, curls their hair and wears extensions to the beach? she's probably the type to get mad if she gets her hair or face wet and complain about sand like that star wars meme

No. 850590

That beach is about as convincing as the time she pretended she'd been to the Sistine Chapel.

No. 850591

The only things she cares about is making thirst traps for peoples grandpas on Facebook. Girl has no travel experience, education passed high school. You’d have to be some type of vapid to literally not care about ANYTHING but posing for shitty Facebook photos.

No. 850593

File: 1629849017340.jpg (551.14 KB, 1080x1346, Screenshot_20210824-181509_Fac…)

A strip club used her photos and i fucking lost it

No. 850597

File: 1629850704471.jpeg (89.52 KB, 1282x410, B8230BDC-1717-4349-B20C-A68714…)

KEK! She’s too good for OF, but takes photos for Facebook they use at strip clubs. Not any strip club.. one with a 4.0 rating on google with reviews like this.

No. 850598

who goes to a strip club expecting honest work ethic and clean faced maidens tho kek? moids are braindead

No. 850601

Right? Maybe at some super high end place but most strip clubs, especially one using Vicky's picture as an advertisement, aren't gonna be having JLo from Hustlers swinging around the pole lol

No. 850602

Who leaves a review on a strip clubs page for their "friend" what a retard kek

No. 850624

File: 1629860771440.jpg (845.6 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210824_230511.jpg)

Her cum target cross has magically blurred away

No. 850630

Girl probably went to Guelph lake and called it a day.

No. 850745

File: 1629915911328.jpeg (215.05 KB, 1023x685, 6119632B-4103-46FD-A7F4-BD1875…)

Ontario anon here. She went on “vacation” to the beach in Toronto. A birthday vacation an hour away from Guelph. Exciting times.

No. 850747


You can’t even swim in the water because it’s so filthy and polluted. What a luxurious get away.

No. 850817

Vicky thinks she’s “hot af” Lmaoooo delusional

No. 850865

File: 1630002000412.jpeg (192.23 KB, 1242x661, 98C8B57B-6130-44BA-B373-5B6D53…)

Keep it classy with Pound Town, Vicky! Totally professional model and in demand international tattoo artist pushing 40 and still talking about her vagina for free

No. 850866

File: 1630003282397.jpg (69.59 KB, 720x1177, IMG_20210826_114041_501.jpg)

Did you guys know that Victoria is available to do wedding paintings? She's so talented!

No. 850870

File: 1630006135985.jpeg (111.22 KB, 1282x382, D9143395-BC6A-4D8B-8360-3192C6…)

The comment she left on his cum harder status. Girl has had sex with every dude in the metal scene in Toronto, but she’s Demi.

No. 850871

File: 1630006176971.jpeg (191.86 KB, 1282x1280, 96DBBEA2-B8C3-49C4-87CD-7D25E6…)

Hating on OF girls again, while posting her butthole on Facebook.

No. 850872

File: 1630006643283.jpeg (409.5 KB, 1283x2122, 791B94B1-CF33-4DB6-B52C-3ABE3B…)

Victoria: hates girls on onlyfans.

Also victoria: being naked is the tits.

No. 850883

Holy fuck her stomach is so doughy it can't even be hidden with all that shoop and blur

It's uncanny you can tell how tubby she must actually be from that alone

No. 850909

Made that profile private again, quick.

No. 850910

It's because she knows that no one would pay cash money maple dollars to see her shoop disasters and ladies that can make money off their looks makes her seethe. Do she just pretends to be too good for that while simultaneously being uwu supportive of other queeensss.

No. 850916

File: 1630034309894.jpeg (135.98 KB, 780x960, 6FE16C27-1165-425C-9230-ADFFEA…)

No. 850917

I’m not surprised she’s an idiot when it comes to the Covid vaccine or that she’s using recycled arguments with no merit.

No. 850918

File: 1630035846555.jpeg (15.04 KB, 225x225, 8CDAFBEF-2FF6-4031-9766-4DAC9A…)

Yes Vic show us how brave you are by mindlessly regurgitating Facebook boomer rhetoric. Show off that Stanford education, or was it Harvard?

Pic related of other “violations of human rights,” according to Dr. Vicky.

No. 850929

learn2sage anon

No. 850934

brave and stunning. what an inspiration

No. 850937

Kill yourselves you stupid fucking retarded c u n t s. Seriously, die already.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 850946


You big mad, huh?

No. 850947

At least we are smarter than you, Nonnie.
What’s wrong, did we hit a nerve… using logic? Ouch
Sucks 2 be u

No. 850948

The super brave Facebook warrior took this status down. She’s only brave in her own mind.

No. 850949

Victoria, is that you? Oh wait no. She’s too stupid to figure out replying

No. 850951

There’s no way victoria would be up now. It’s 9:30am in Ontario kek

No. 850963

I think it's just friends only, which is a bummer.

No. 851034

Are you serious? If you’ve read icky’s thread you would KNOW she knows how to reply

No. 851038

Victoria has replied to her threads before but has she ever saged?

No. 851041

It’s not that serious. People have lives outside lolcow. Relax

No. 851083

Want inked up? Limited time deal cause it's short notice… Freehand self portraits of how vicky looks in her own head with a side of Covid because she's also a fucking anti vaxxer.

No. 851122

File: 1630251225402.jpg (59.61 KB, 720x952, IMG_20210829_083229_076.jpg)

Nobody wants your meth head boyfriend who puts clothes hangers in his gauged ears, Victoria.

No. 851321

File: 1630413276713.jpeg (424.89 KB, 1283x1970, 08AAC77F-A9C3-40CE-9D61-DE11A2…)

Imagine NOT googling your artist? Someone is paying icky for the 3rd grade art class back piece. I’ll put money on he’s a mid aged white man from a trailer park

No. 851325

Looks like 5 other tats she’s already ruined. Those scales are so embarrassing.

No. 851327

holy fuck that linework is atrocious, really does look like some 13 yr old on deviantart

No. 851328

How is it possible that her pencil drawing looks even worse than her tattoos???

No. 851331

File: 1630415939142.jpeg (133.28 KB, 1283x1729, 5A4B695A-FC53-43A9-8FB1-C80CDA…)

So icky is no longer working in a regulated shop.
And she’s an anti vaxxer… Ontario is announcing vaccination passports next week. Meaning people can’t come to her shop unless they have the vaccine. I give it a week before she’s shut down.

No. 851342

if she tries to stay open, what would happen? would she get fined or deal with charges?

No. 851350

The body/tail makes no sense at all

No. 851363

File: 1630426827168.png (3.25 MB, 1170x2532, F94460D4-7D67-43F4-9E67-66B945…)

Top Google result looks awfully similar, but she’s such a creative artist.

No. 851365

Actually many businesses in Ontario are going against the mandate and still operating like normal so chances are she will be too and will still have clients

No. 851393

File: 1630444430161.jpg (110.18 KB, 720x1133, IMG_20210831_141141_469.jpg)

LOL I love when Vic posts lolcow memories. That was when some farmer took a still from one of her horrific twitch streams and put it on the body of this Victoria dress photo. That pic makes me lol every time.

No. 851404

There is no cow I get more second hand embarassment from than Vicky. Imagine still posting statuses like this when you're in your mid-thirties. Everyone else her age is married and having kids, not constantly talking about themselves, their selfies and their "stalkers making them look bad"… It is so fucking cringey I can't stand it

No. 851440

Not sure why anti vaxxer wasn't on my Vicky bingo card. She's the perfect candidate. Hyper confident about topics she knows nothing about, obnoxious as fuck and uneducated. Go back to Ireland and live with your redneck racist loser dad.

No. 851445

Isn't she already living with her redneck racist loser dad kek

No. 851572

File: 1630542412209.jpeg (163.88 KB, 1282x1383, 1890A2D4-937A-4026-B8BE-4C08A9…)

I wonder if she’s going to try and sue the Ontario government? Kek. Ontario is starting the vaccine passports the end of September. Considering she’s not well respected in the tattoo community, she’s not registered as a business and she’s not going to have / require the vaccine.. I can’t see this going well for her

No. 851573


If anyone does stumble across this page, thinking of using Vicky as a tattoo artist here’s your sign not to. She’s not even registered with public health and works out of her house with her mangey cats.

Only her old shop is, which was closed down due to her not paying rent.

No. 851669

File: 1630591267063.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.9 MB, 4656x3492, 20210203_203326.jpg)

I cant believe shes still allowed to tattoo. Give me a sec to collect all my screenshots.

This chick fucked my arm up for real thank god im getting it fixed

No. 851672

Mods PLEASE keep your ban hammers holstered and let the milk flow.
Continue Emma! Sorry to hear you got Vic'd. We would love to see photos!

No. 851674

Second this! Every time someone comes here with milk they get banned. Please don't this time!

No. 851675

Yes!! Finally some milk, thanks for coming here Emma!
Please mods, listen to this anon >>851672

No. 851676

File: 1630592952448.jpeg (733.46 KB, 1163x2473, F5012B5E-CEA9-4D91-82BD-79616E…)

Wait is this that centaur woman? This looks BAD. Question… why did you end up going to her

No. 851677

Emma, heads up, you dont have to put your email in at all!
thanks for sharing. i know the board is weird, but you telling the truth means alot.

No. 851688

Tattoo anons! I have tats but they are from a great artist so I have never personally dealt with a bad tat. Why exactly would this happen? I know Vic is a sucky artist but this is super bad and faded.

No. 851691

Speaking as someone who unfortunately got tattooed by her and has since gotten sleeves and whatnot from GOOD artists, let me chime in.

She never does outlines. She also doesn’t know how deep to go so it either fades out or is so deep it scars. Poor quality ink and tools also probably don’t help. She has no idea what she’s doing and takes five times as long as professional artists and just reworks an area over and over again turning it into a muddy mess.

No. 851735

Exactly this. When you refuse to outline a tattoo, the ink just bleeds out over time. You need that outline (it doesn't have to be thick and bold unless you want it to be) to hold the rest of the ink in. It's like tattooing 101.
You can also tell she has no understanding of shading because her tattoos look like kid's drawings with it being heavier and lighter in certain areas.

No. 851897

Omg I'm so sorry

No. 851909

File: 1630706548386.jpg (4.11 MB, 4000x3000, 20210903_180157_HDR.jpg)


I first found VM on myspace and fell for the photoshop. Thought she was super cool.

Keep in mind i started this tattoo back in 2012/13. Way before i saw any of this online stuff.

I actually became pretty good friends with her, when my father died she was the first person i told.

Im really sad she decided to scam me out of nearly 3 grand and wasted 29 hours of my life, not to mention all the travel it took me to get to her (2 hour drive each way)

Its super blownout in some places and has barely any ink in others. It looks awful! Im in the process of having a sleeve done on the same arm by a really great artist who said he will try to blend it all in as best as possible but said my best option is to have the whole thing lasered off a few times before getting it covered.

No. 851910

thank you for sharing your experience, she's so awful.

No. 851911

3 grand and 29 hours? Holy shit! There’s no way it should’ve taken that long. It took her 16 hours to do a very simple piece for me and she tried to charge me more and I refused to pay. I had mine fixed by someone in Guelph and it looks much better than the washed out mess she left me. It took Vic three times the time it should have and it wasn’t well done.

No. 851919

>3 grand
My jaw literally dropped. What the actual fuck. I’m so sorry she scammed you like that. Vicky is such a piece of shit.

No. 851921

File: 1630719109459.jpeg (309.04 KB, 1156x1262, D781F1A0-EB2B-4C40-8D7A-42962D…)

So wait… this cost you 3 grand and took 29 hours? Icky is on crack… I’m sorry girl, but this is so fucking ugly

No. 851924

I know it's on your body and I feel bad for you (glad you're getting it covered, seriously do the laser first) but that tiny horse leg is so fucking funny

No. 851929

File: 1630722887609.jpeg (433.45 KB, 1283x1797, F9B32221-E97A-41FC-82D8-FEA0D0…)

“My body my business” and now this? Did icky gain 100 pounds over covid and she’s trying to pacify herself.

No. 851956

File: 1630764691277.jpeg (517.8 KB, 1283x2206, C1358E63-3FFF-4651-8EB3-2642EB…)

No. 851957

File: 1630764763200.jpeg (89.47 KB, 1200x630, 2AFEE415-1611-41A2-A75E-4A0955…)

For those who don’t know.. it’s suppose to be this guy

No. 851960

There's a lot of things I could say about that horrible tattoo, but the fact that I had to see this picture to put together that the black thing was supposed to be a hat should speak volumes on its own…

No. 851964

Hockey helmet at that. Unfortunately it just looks like a black blob and IMO that’s the most important thing because it’s a hockey mascot. Otherwise it just looks like a fraggle.

No. 851974

File: 1630777801900.jpeg (156.26 KB, 693x693, 33EFF759-514F-4390-A9FF-07E094…)

The helmet is by far the worst part, but that line work.. oof. Mostly is these spots. As Emma was saying above.. $3000 for a half sleeve? That’s premium prices and she doesn’t not offer premium work. This is untrained, junior artists work.

No. 851975

File: 1630778400998.jpeg (365.41 KB, 1282x2129, E1F79A41-A8EF-4BE0-A8A6-1D545C…)

“Tattoo convention judge” icky 100% told them to write this.

No. 852010

not wk'ing but at least she outlined this one. Most definitely the bare minimum when it comes to progress, but its something.

No. 852014

Vic photoshopped that photo so badly. Its warped and trust me never had that amount of definition

No. 852015

File: 1630845217535.jpg (96.63 KB, 1080x1163, FB_IMG_1630845166367.jpg)

This is what it looked like after 4 sittings

No. 852018

it will have correct proportions in 40 years, anon

No. 852026

It needs more white.

No. 852028

So at this point while taking this photo… we’re you getting nervous or thought she’d be able to pull through?

No. 852033

holy fuck the proportions

I’ve never seen anyone use a miniature pony body as a centaur. I’m fucking dead

No. 852042

This hurt my feelings it’s so bad

No. 852043


can we start a gofundme for this anon to get it lasered off?

jk but goddamn. Vicky is so lucky people can't sue for shit tattoos.

No. 852049

nah it looks like a dude crouching over in the bottom half of a horse costume. The knee is where the hock should be wtf

holy kek

I'd donate, OP you're too pretty to die like this

No. 852077

How did you justify going back at all, yet alone paying for multi sessions … Fuck laser and cover ups, that shits so bad I'd amputate

It should be considered unlawful to put that on someone Jesus

No. 852080

Honestly guys for the first few sittings i was happy with it. Keep in mind the angles photos are taken at make the horse look so different. It looks fine from the back (if you look quickly and then look away lol)

If yall want to make me a go fund me, by all means!! My new sleeve/cover up project for this has already cost me 14 hundred amd we havent even made it past my elbow.

No. 852081

I know it’s harsh and it probably very humiliating that you spent so much money on that abomination but truth is you gotta take the L and just roll with it. Hope you can salvage it someday with a reputable artist.

No. 852082


Seconded. This is brutal (no offence). And it might bring attention to others who are considering her work.

No. 852088

Yeah the artist im seeing now is fantastic, im not going to post his name cause i dont want him associated with her drama/garbage.

Trust me this is an L ive taken graciously, but im not gonna let vm get away with it now that shes messaged me and tried to blame it on me. I run my own business and dont need my clients seeing all this drama.

No. 852090

wait wait wait, she's messaged you since you posted here?

No. 852091

Not recently no.

I found out last year that she uad taken to Facebook to bash me and then deleted it.

It was posted here a while back.

She messaged me saying some bs. I keep meaning to screenshot the convo and post here but im not sure how to post more than 1 photo at a time

No. 852092

What was she like in person? Like any cringe stories or behaviour? Understandable if you don't wanna talk about her looks, but was there anything she did that gave you red flag vibes?

No. 852093

use a screenshot stitcher like the app Stitch It to organise all of your photos into one long picture

No. 852100

you can post the pictures 1 by 1 if you dont want to stitch them together. That's ok on imageboards.

No. 852108

File: 1630955023609.png (1.65 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20210906-124331.png)

The face was actually beautiful after the first sitting, everything including her got worse as time went by.

She would go from english accent to canadian redneck in an instant. She stopped after i told her my father was a british imigrant who LOST his accent completely after living here for 3 years.

She was inconsistent with her stories, late by hours at a time, and worked out of a hair salon owned by a LOVELY woman named cathy. (My mom misses you, cathy!)

Lookswise, nothing like online. One time she showed up in adriens boxers, no bra, and a like..pj shirt. She literally had just rolled out of bed and didnt even bother putting on deodorant.

I dont say this to be rude or insensitive, but if your in a small space with someone for HOURS at a time, please dont smell like your boyfriends cummed in boxers.

Adrien was a really great guy i felt really bad for him near the end, she would demand shit from him and freak out if he didnt answer her back right away.

She had a "health inspector" come for a surprise visit while i was there and the whole thing was so dramatic i still wonder if she didnt pay someone to pretend to come in acting concerned lol

No. 852109

File: 1630955105751.png (375.86 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20210906-121328.png)

No. 852110

Yeesh dude, she's so gross. I'm interested in hearing more about the health inspector drama if you're willing to share

No. 852111

File: 1630955751511.png (334.44 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20210906-121410.png)

No. 852112

File: 1630955799873.png (245.77 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20210906-121431.png)

"I didnt know"

No. 852113

File: 1630955881146.png (245.18 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20210906-121459.png)

No. 852114

File: 1630955911364.png (252.1 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20210906-121524.png)

No. 852115

File: 1630955944316.png (279.02 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20210906-121554.png)

No. 852116

File: 1630956035150.png (275.64 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20210906-121614.png)

She continued messaging me and thats the last ive heard of her. She has my number, all 3 other Instagram accounts and my fb. Still nothin' lol.

No. 852117

The fact that she said “ sorry I missed your message” like 7 times is concerning. That’s not an excuse. She’s a business that does online booking through Facebook messaging. The same Facebook she posts pictures of her asshole and gets thirsty messages from old men. Clearly she misses messages. She’s too cheap to get a real booking system and that’s your fault? Kek. “She was a baby artist” no she’s an artist with NO training.

No. 852118

File: 1630959415895.jpeg (630.65 KB, 1283x2178, C337F513-EF19-45D8-B868-6FBDB9…)

She just posted this. Sure, Jan. You’ve gotten better. She’s have to pay ME to tattoo me. Jfc.

No. 852120

File: 1630959778220.jpeg (383.02 KB, 1282x937, CB104FFB-A1D2-4E3C-93E5-1B7DAF…)

What you pay for … what you get with icky. >>852116
“When I inked that, I was a much younger artist” so she’s acknowledging that but charged $3000? Sounds like a scam artist to me.

No. 852121

it was ugly even after the first session. it looks like a child's crayon drawing. so i hope that you're confident with the artist you've chosen to cover it (but please get laser first). i'm sorry you had to go through all this though, vicky is not just a terrible artist but also a terrible person. funny how she wants to both claim that she is better now (admitting it was badly made by her) and blame it on the fact that it's old + skin stretching (was she calling you fat? wtf)

vicky, all tattoos age and end up looking different and that is something you have to keep in mind when you make a tattoo, not something you can use as an excuse when it eventually turns to absolute shit. that's why you need training no matter how good you are at drawing/painting on paper. you're drawing on someones SKIN, you can't just keep packing and trying to fix mistakes, it has to be well done in your first fucking try and you have to take into account that it will change overtime and make something that will look good even if it's a bit faded and blurred

No. 852122

$3000? for that? holy shit. i'm so sorry.

No. 852124

She fucked up hugely and she knew it. I've never seen her react this passively to someone not kissing her ass, let alone calling her out. Good on you for drilling her. She deserves to be more than embarassed.

No. 852125

i wonder what mental gymnastics she did in order to feel so confident about the "i did cover ups of tattoos of any tattoo artist critisising my work"-story. i bet one person came years ago to have a homemade stick n poke covered up

No. 852130

File: 1630970532293.png (661.73 KB, 1170x2532, EF22ABCA-F975-448A-BCB7-DFAA98…)

She has a habit of coming after people who rightfully complain and not getting back to clients for years on end. Very professional.

No. 852132

File: 1630970653795.png (723.76 KB, 1170x2532, 3F706B94-AEC5-47F0-87FA-75A749…)

Second photo

No. 852134

File: 1630972288893.jpeg (93.1 KB, 1282x496, 1581592D-92CA-4A00-9D96-30EA54…)

Never mentioned a labour day deal before this moment. PLZ SEND ME MONEY.

No. 852138

she's so manipulative. always "so sad" because clients are so mean and it is never her own fault

No. 852139

Seems to be a common theme. There was just a girl on her Facebook that was posted here saying the same thing. “I messaged you and you never got back to me about my tattoo” go unprofessional

No. 852140

I added Vickers on an insta I have specifically for following cows and she blocked me almost instantly lolol. either she recognized her herd on my FL or she was just suspicious because the account has so little followers/activity… sry for the blog I just thought it was funny.

No. 852141

as an archer I can tell you there is nothing right about how that creature is using that bow. The perspective is so out of wack… what is going on?
I'm so sorry this is on your body Emma. Why doesn't she use a reference when she clearly can't draw something from memory? Also horses are notoriously hard to draw. This tattoo was doomed from it's conception; everything Vic touches wilts away and dies.

No. 852156

You probably have to pretend you’re a white trash dude into white trash tattoos. Bonus points if you have a pretend girlfriend.

No. 852161

The fur around the neck bottom left looks so odd, it looks like the wolf has a tuft hanging out of its mouth.

No. 852168

Isn't it hilariois that the girl posts that Icky took so long to do her fucked up centaur piece, so now there's this "amazing wolf tattoo that only took four hours".
Why does she make it so obvious that she lurks here? Stay bothered you dumb bitch.

No. 852181

“I’m a better artist now” then why did she charge these obscene amounts for her self admitted mediocre work? Fucking grifter.

No. 852188

It looks like a wolf on one side and German Shepard on the other kek

No. 852193

The mismatched eyes and ears do it for me. Also looks like it was done on too small of an area and will be warped in not time, but what do we know

No. 852197

I somehow doubt this is healed as those blacks and whites are very crisp. This will likely fad into a grey blob with time.

No. 852203

File: 1631040423109.jpeg (484.22 KB, 1283x2200, 4CAC91FC-5C7D-46AC-9DA3-1408AF…)

Wait does this lady think this is icky. Kek

No. 852213

File: 1631045487890.jpeg (103.66 KB, 1096x664, C4A8ECC2-26CE-462B-9E02-BF67D5…)

She’s not the only one

No. 852215


What an insult to Rebel Wilson to be compared to some no name jackass in Canada. Otoh kinda makes you think people could totally believe icky was 300 pounds at one time. The difference is that rebel probably worked hard for the new bod. Vick would just do drugs.

No. 852229

She's too poor to afford drugs. She'll just photoshop herself thinner like she does now.

No. 852230

I am SCREAMING that people think this is Vicky holy fucking kek

No. 852236

Well im glad i could share those with you all lol.

I hope she gets help tbh.

No. 852242

It never ceases to amaze me how proud of her brain dead following she is.

No. 852251

File: 1631071500089.jpg (109.23 KB, 342x942, IMG_20210908_052302.jpg)

jc what is this "fur"? i don't even think she tries, she's just lazy

No. 852333

she's probably fuming about these.

No. 852431

Rebel Wilson is Australia's answer to Amy Schumer, so insult away.

No. 852724

File: 1631380368258.jpeg (180.76 KB, 709x1230, BC1715C3-6D13-4208-9B45-4FE1DE…)

That like work…. Jesus.

No. 852731

That man's chin patch of facial hair is only on one half of his face and not even remotely centered. He doesn't strike me as a person with an understanding on what looks good.

No. 852734

File: 1631384904028.jpeg (452.97 KB, 1282x2128, E2F8A111-F204-4509-94D9-244DE8…)

Is icky trying to claim SHES a feminist now?

No. 852745

File: 1631394407777.jpeg (118.49 KB, 461x929, 5EBC724B-80C9-4E14-BEC3-4E006F…)

This ain’t world war 2, guys.

No. 852795

wait, is she implying the wrong people won ww2?

No. 852842

File: 1631481527012.jpeg (319.26 KB, 1282x1523, 69ACB026-33E6-484C-973C-A6B315…)

Of course, Vicky thinks telling someone to kill themselves and calling a used car a POS is on the same level. We all know she loves telling people to kill themselves so it’s not a shock.

No. 852883

>I can't judge
>Just did exactly that
Uh huh

No. 852997

File: 1631645690175.jpeg (266.07 KB, 1283x1718, 74C2E38B-3859-4F6B-A23B-0BB19A…)

Such a cute memory…. Of doing nothing. And there’s no photoshop but the amount of filter is insane.

No. 852998

File: 1631645820501.png (1.7 MB, 1331x2048, Screenshot_20210914-205313.png)

"No Photoshop hatuuurs!"
The obvious filter doesn't count

No. 852999

that skirt is about to burst. also who tf writes "no photoshop" besides people who actually edits their photos all the time lmao she's just telling on herself

No. 853000

File: 1631658987794.jpeg (65.72 KB, 1281x494, 5D1C6DE2-5095-4F89-8454-092417…)

Under this photo. “Sorry I’m taken” kek. Dude is saying he would fuck you, icky. She must be really embarrassed of this man of hers.

No. 853024

It's so funny that she feels to need to say the "no photoshop" thing every time… Like who the hell says that? Narcs do, they're basically thinking "I'm so unrealistically beautiful right now that I have to announce to people that this photo doesn't have photoshop! They will be amazed by my natural beauty!"

Nobody normal announces that because for normal people not using photoshop on a mirror picture isn't an achievement

No. 853047


That’s one serious beergut right there. I wouldn’t even comment on it tbh e cept for all her hatred and lies about being some rail thin supamodel or whatever

No. 853056

>no photoshop!

>tattoo shifting to the left

>plaid skirt design also shifting to the left against her gut
>the cross on her necklace seems to be glitching out

No. 853069

File: 1631754870334.png (11.04 MB, 1284x2778, ECF1D994-92C7-4F8D-BEE2-05A4C3…)

Honestly.. looks like she tried to make her body slimmer and fucked everything up

No. 853113

This is such a deranged response. Vick, this isn't a confession of love from someone who wants to wife you, it isn't even a compliment. He sees you as an acceptable hole. That's it. Men are not discerning. A horny man will make a fleshlight out of a ziploc bag and some warm spaghetti in a pinch. That's what he's equating you to. She's so fucking stupid.

No. 853117

>>853113 Top kek, I can't stop laughing at "warm spaghetti and a ziplock bag", which is somehow still miles ahead of Icky. Plus, there's no chance of STD's and you don't have to forcibly remove it from your home after it refuses to leave and vomits Jack Daniels all over your carpet.

No. 853141


Didn't he say "I would laugh out loud."?

No. 853159

No he’s saying he could tolerate putting his penis in her for a few minutes

No. 853238

File: 1631898834181.jpg (112.03 KB, 659x1280, IMG_20210917_101218_494.jpg)

I thought Victoria didn't have Covid? All those times last year she was sick she kept saying it wasn't Covid..

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