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File: 1650927223889.png (1.93 MB, 1080x1316, 1650921314420.png)

No. 874997

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heavenlybunnies

Tumblr: https://heavenlybunnies.tumblr.com/
https://pileofthembones96.tumblr.com/ [ed tumblr]

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/offthebone1996
https://twitter.com/bimbokitten96 [sw twitter]

>Formerly known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420 and Lunakittenxxx (to name but a few)
>25 year old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and on-and-off “sex worker”
>Has overdosed thrice
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive besides shitty art and poetry
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun
>Started dating her (now 42) year old “fiancé” (hereby known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”. They’ve been together now for 7 years
>has a following of impressionable young girls who she has convinced to “help” her during this “tough time” in her life
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>”I’m not trying to be Courtney Love!”
>Tries to be exactly like Courtney Love
>Loves to share her grimy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles, unwashed clothes, etc
>Constantly buys cheap shit on Amazon while complaining about being penniless
>Milks her ex-gf’s suicide for struggle points

Historical Milk:
>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lost the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it
>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Exploited Roger (Lurch’s sick dad) by squatting in his apartment and leeching off his social security until he died. They were soon evicted because they couldn’t pay rent
>Luna and Lurch then move in with her ex-addict mother in her one-bedroom poverty home, ultimately drives her mother to relapse and go to inpatient >>795390
>Her dad's apartment caught on fire; Luna spreads ashes on her face

Sex Worker Saga:
>Then began a “sex work” career, taking grimy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money, looking more and more dead in every photo
>Made premade videos, one is called PEE DRINK >>730829
>Anon leaks a ‘commission’ video where Luna calls her dad and says she’s got a stable job, then takes her dress off and masturbates for the camera. Dad sounds supportive and happy for her as she uses him to get someone else’s humiliation fetish rocks off >>758647 WARNING: SAD AS FUCK >>758661
>“Online acquaintance” of Luna’s turns up after being sent the dad video >>761016, insinuates Luna has sold videos of her shooting up in her legs via her SW twitter. Shares screencap, looks like necrosis waiting to happen >>761037
>Returns to sex work >>805775, >>810203
>A year later, anon drops “lurch gyrating Luna’s ass” and “full intercourse” vids that they bought but didn’t leak at the time: >>811491, >>811554

Eviction/Sobriety Saga:
>Luna uploads a video where her and Lurch yell at a social worker >>811724
>Electricity gets shut off >>813209 and Luna continues to refer to the owner of the apartment as "her landlord" despite admitting on facebook that they're not supposed to be there >>813354
>The apartment door lock has broken, Luna and lurch build sad little barricades >>816475, >>815981
>The cops pay a visit >>813338 and find drugs, paraphernalia and a knife. Charges are filed against Lurch >>819990, >>822424, >>824442
>As a result, Lurch now has to submit drug tests on the reg, and Luna allegedly actually detoxes from heroin (while still using methadone and/or weed, other opiates and/or benzos) >>821718, >>822657, >>823499, >>823823, >>824260
>Luna keeps claiming to be sober >>824858, >>825465, >>827008 despite still taking fucking Xanax >>825462
>”Abusive” dad relapses >>825466, is “dying” >>825993, >>826190, Meanwhile, Luna says it’s a “slap in the face” that her mother dares to be high around her >>826257
>Freaks out incessantly on Reddit about her and Lurch’s stimmy checks as it’s clearly their own income
>Luna and Lurch are attacked by neighbor’s pitbulls totally not while stealing >>831109

Assault Saga:
>Luna claims to have been raped by a stranger in her building >>840784, >>840941 Anons infight about whether or not she's telling the whole truth
>Reports the rape to the police >>841832, >>841834, It seems to go quite well
>Police now don't entirely believe her rape story >>843957, now suspect her of submitting a falsified statement
>Luna gets psych warded >>846413, Calls it the "worst day of her life" but not explaining why, posts unsettling selfies with her ekg stickers still on >>846458
>Seems to be police-related >>847120, Current theory is she lost her shit when she took all of her klonopin and psych wouldn't give her more

Recent milk:
>Is getting evicted, somehow gets the date moved every time she goes to court
>Dyes her hair a horrid brown
>Lurch flirts with random girls on twitter
>Neglects Pumpkin horribly
>Gets two new tattoos and vertical labret, all look horrible
>Still uses her 'I have no money for an ID/birth certificate' excuse so she can't get married to Lurch, even though she supposedly has enough money to pay months of rent upfront
>Still a hoarder, but that goes without saying

twenty one >>>/pt/574429
twenty two >>>/pt/591749
twenty three >>>/pt/619612
twenty four >>>/pt/657873
twenty five >>>/pt/689217

No. 874999

File: 1650929501884.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1170x2283, ABB6775A-4472-4321-9C4D-A694FD…)

Insane face she is making

No. 875001

Lol, thank you anon. I don't know what's up with my computer, I can't make threads without namefagging or something going wrong.

No. 875005

File: 1650931607678.jpeg (582.99 KB, 828x1172, 6C6101D9-5D93-40D3-85E1-7FAA8F…)

No. 875006

File: 1650931637564.jpeg (556.83 KB, 828x1231, AD29DFA0-E23E-4DA8-BBAC-C3D34E…)

No. 875016

File: 1650942699575.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.11 MB, 972x8693, 20220425_230821.jpg)

Luna has decided to share her nudes on Reddit.

No. 875017

File: 1650942728642.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.59 MB, 972x13076, 20220425_230935.jpg)

No. 875021

was she hacked?

No. 875022

File: 1650945417997.jpg (324.86 KB, 1080x1996, Screenshot_20220425-205528_Tum…)

I doubt it, she posted this two hours ago. Sorry for the shitty screenshot

No. 875023

Nothing says “hey r/assinpanties scrotes please jerk it to my lewds” quite like mold speckled, dry to the point of being cavernous heels

No. 875024

lmao how long has she been holding onto this? she still has blonde hair.

No. 875026

> anyways someone told me i should post my nudes/teasers in certain reddit threads so why not try i guess
Interesting. How does it make sense for these girls to share their nudes and not include a “call to action” with them? How attention starved are you?

No. 875027

Definitely not, and I'm not surprised given how she's been begging for likes and attention on IG as of late

No. 875030

File: 1650957408666.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.88 KB, 320x596, n8u5mt85arv81.jpg)

Icky pickme…

No. 875033


Is any anon in r/gonewild so we can see what she posted?

No. 875034


What if this is her reacting to Lurch talking to sex bots/ other camgirls? Trying to make him jealous when he couldn't care less

And for someone who's trying to make money from selling nudes, she's giving everything away for free

Saged for tinfoiling

No. 875036

Thank you for the thread, only you forgot to update her age to 26.

No. 875038

Oop, sorry. I didn't actually make the thread I took it from the nonnie who posted it in thread suggestions and asked if someone would post for her

No. 875042

it was removed by the mod because she didn't complete a verification for whatever reason?

No. 875046

File: 1650966868048.jpg (83.36 KB, 956x1280, IMG_20220426_065303_369.jpg)

so I was looking trough the early pages of her kf article, and she's been wanting the tattoos she just got for at least almost 5 years now… It's nice to see some consistency in her behaviour

No. 875048

She wouldn't stop sperging about those Cherubs for years. she always wanted two, and wanted to dedicate them to the dead people in her life. I believe they were supposed to represent her grandma and tai originally, then when Roger died he replaced tai.

No. 875049

holy shit y’all weren’t kidding when she posted nudes to like every possible sub

No. 875054

File: 1650975118037.jpeg (249.73 KB, 1536x2048, D2FEA2F0-3656-453E-908E-9A4C97…)

it’s also from when she was like 50 lbs lighter!

No. 875055

Christ these are the saddest looking tits I’ve seen since the ewhores thread that orbit Shayna, maybe worse. HOW CAN SHE THINK THESE ARE SEXY? Holy shit Luna, when you sober up from this you’re going to freak out. Maybe. I guess she really does have reverse dysmorphia.

No. 875061

File: 1650980082887.jpg (Spoiler Image, 266.54 KB, 1079x1148, Screenshot_20220426_152818.jpg)

How out of it was she to post this and think she'd get positive attention? The feet, the cellulite, the fucking tag of her shitty underwear..

No. 875062

Gagging at the dirty crusty socks

No. 875068


Those tits look so sad, like she's holding deflated baloons against her chest

No. 875070

reddit dudes are cruel and disgusting - I feel we are going to see a breakdown when one of them tells her how nasty these pics are

should have got a job I guess

No. 875082

Someone needs to instill a sense of shame in her. I can’t believe she posted these photos willingly and not at gunpoint.

No. 875086

that's what one scrote commented ("clean your socks"). Beyond another negative comment about her ass, all scrotes are salivating to her tits and pussy. Those that have decided to comment, obviously. Scrotes really will fap to anything

No. 875092

i thought these were just her feet and they were that dry and dirty…..

No. 875095

File: 1650992861424.jpeg (440.3 KB, 828x1327, 57B11A9E-465A-4F8E-BD3F-BBFE7B…)

Seriously, am I living in LaLa Land?

No. 875096

File: 1650992888360.jpeg (330.49 KB, 828x639, 2962D8FB-A564-4C5A-9995-BA4D0F…)

No. 875097

Affectionate Leg, stop commenting shit on her posts about those phat areoles. You’re going to spook the cow.

No. 875106

Because it's free. She'll probably start DMing the ones who complimented her a link to where they can send her money and they'll send her dick pics as payment instead.

No. 875107

Feels like they shower her with praise so she'll post more free content.

No. 875108

File: 1650996768139.gif (1018.65 KB, 240x182, C4B5B4B3-CDE0-4E1A-B6D0-5C94C8…)

>sexy pepperoni

No. 875109

File: 1650997256109.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 28.07 KB, 275x208, 3F8C433E-D57E-423D-AE7A-3E9B12…)

No. 875117

Most of these subs have rules against DMing people to sell pics. I doubt any of these dudes would care enough to report her, but it would be funny if she got banned

No. 875119

this might be the most solid proof we have that she’s still using. no person that isn’t high out of her mind would think this is okay to post. if she truly hates her body, she must see what we see and if she posted this, i can only assume she’s high as a kite.

No. 875130

So for awhile I've suspected Luna may be hitting the bottle. I know she doesn't mention it, it doesn't fit her aesthetic at all, and it is nowhere near her DOC.

However we know there was a time when Lurch had to piss clean, and they may have actually temporarily "quit", planning on using again once supervision is up. During this time Luna relied a LOT more on her benzos, developing a tolerance before (claims of) taking legitimately inhuman amounts (22mg or something) and not needing medical intervention. At that level of consumption it'd be expensive to maintain an addiction: begging scripts, family scripts, buying on streets & pressed pills.
Combining benzos with alcohol is a good way to feel fucked up, but also take fewer of her precious bars. It may have started with just a drink or few to potentiate the benzos, but an addict gonna addict.

She talked about the liquor store that she goes to "all the time" and how she always pays them back. She made sure to mention it was for "snacks" but that seems like one of those flourish details liars use to make it seem real.
Her weight gain is real, with a lot of it in her gut. Then she goes and posts these terrible pictures all over Reddit because she's feeling Big Sad? That's a lot of work for someone nodding, but not for a drunk, benzoed BPD bitch desperate for external validation (&maybe cash) because the "love of her life" favorite person calls her (accurately) fat, and has a wandering eye.

No. 875131

men who are horny enough will find beauty in anything

No. 875134

>we know there was a time when Lurch had to piss clean,
Yeah like currently? Last week he got kicked out of his methadone clinic for not pissing clean?

Idk the simplest answer is that they're both on heroin and lying about it because they're on heroin.

No. 875138

idk why anons are like “she’d be honest about it if she was on heroin again!!!” the only reason anyone found out she was a junkie on tumblr is bc someone found her drug blog. she was never honest about it until she had no choice. luna is a compulsive liar and there’s no doubt in my mind that she never even made it to 6 months sober.

No. 875148

she’s lied about everything her entire life. how fucking dense do you have to be to believe anything she says?

No. 875154

yes youre right but when she was a true hardcore junkie kek she was messier and skinner ( i think that was her lowest weight and i follow her since thepulpgirls and hipsville era) but also idk anything abt heroin i dont have that in my country so maybe is possible to be a whale and an heroin addict. sage bc nobody asked me

No. 875156


I think when she was using and smaller all her money went to drugs and now she just has drug and food money. Or someone buying it for her. Heroin doesn't cause the skinny, it's just that heavy users usually don't eat / don't eat healthy bc they're prioritizing the drugs

No. 875160

God her areola to actual boob ratio is like a train wreck.. I don't wanna see but I can't look away because what the hell is going on

No. 875166

File: 1651017885718.jpg (643.68 KB, 1080x1889, Screenshot_20220426-185714_Sam…)

I noticed this when she first posted this but didn't want to tinfoil but now I'm tinfoiling even harder after she posted her fucked up nudes… but is that a track mark and also a bruise (from shooting up) next to her abcess pit? It's also shown in one other picture on IG but the rest of the pics she's hiding the crook of her arm

No. 875168

i'd hardly even consider this tinfoil. this isn't the first time recently that she's had some suspicious looking shit on her arms. i think you're completely correct, nonnie

No. 875170

god, i know we go over this a lot but her makeup is just ridiculous. the brow bone "highlight" is such a joke

No. 875179

oh i don't think they're using nearly as much as they used to. and it is possible, mostly because unlike with other highly addictive drugs like coke and meth, heroin addicts don't do anything but lie around all day. also, it causes massive water retention and constipation. it's just that before, they were spending all their money on it. now luna can eat entire tubs of ice cream and do absolutely nothing to burn it off.

No. 875193

Damn, I always laughed at the "dem big areolas" meme here but (fortunately until now) didn't realize it was true, or THIS true kek is it normal for them to cover almost your entire tit? Not a scrote, just honestly never seen such big ones before

No. 875200

Yeah, I guess, I've had my fair share of seeing tits ib my life abd I've seen peperoni nipples three or so times and they covered half of the tit. Luna has unlucky genes

No. 875206

File: 1651040684021.jpg (312.25 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_1099ca82cdb05c03150986f…)

The date and crossed writing below it on the wall is taking me out, they behave like in jail. (From her ed tumblr)

No. 875209

>>875206 this is kinda sad in a way.. at the same time just work out and stop being a freeloader and it’ll have the same effect

No. 875213

Literally just go for a walk instead of flopping the pepperonis around the squat

No. 875220

Damn. And I thought shit was bad back then… She really looked good here in comparison. I really hope she gets her shit together one day.

No. 875233

Why? She's an insufferable cunt. This is what she deserves from life.

No. 875237

File: 1651074297874.jpg (202.71 KB, 1080x1825, Screenshot_20220427-104012_Sam…)

She just posted a vid. Unsure how to upload (hopefully another anon can) it but it was nothing too interesting… talking about how her big plans for the day is to "get good" at a switch game. Her teeth look caked and fuzzy with plaque and she had slime strings in the corners of her mouth when she talked. And she sounded exhaused/out of breath after just 30 seconds of speaking. Cute.

No. 875239

File: 1651076406550.jpeg (602.25 KB, 828x3682, 3A61A31E-726F-42DB-BD32-124987…)

No. 875245

>so I can stop waking up and puking from not sleeping

Because that makes sense

No. 875246

That sounds like drug withdrawal to me

No. 875248

her recent influx of "sexy" pictures is turning my stomach, I might have to unfollow her for my health at this point. every time I open insta she's there again with her sloppy joes hanging out and her dead tooth on full display. whatever she's using, it's making her even more delusional than usual.

No. 875255

yikes that nightgown is way too small for her

No. 875265

You can withdraw from Seroquel. I still think she's using, but this statement isn't exactly proof.

No. 875274

it's making her look like she's growing a spare set of tits under her arms

No. 875278

it used to fit her back when she had blonde hair. i will try to find it and make a before -> after

No. 875279

it’s crazy how she thinks she doesn’t look or sound like a drug addict. if i saw and heard this woman in public i’d absolutely assume they were on some shit

No. 875281

File: 1651091742045.jpeg (415.05 KB, 2048x2048, 31319A16-E3BA-4E17-B988-F336A7…)

the neckline looks like a scoop neck now instead of the V neck it once was

No. 875282

Can someone post the vid?

No. 875287

File: 1651095719317.jpeg (699.97 KB, 828x1454, CB5881AA-D5E0-4850-9B92-4CDA8F…)

The hair is just a massive comb over.

No. 875291

It's INSANE to me how she looks better in older pics with blonde hair because at the time I didn't believe she could look worse or more strung out, yet she did it

No. 875294

oh please, stop being so goddamn dramatic and sensitive. i don’t like reddit anymore than you but their critical, non-fappy comments are no worse than what is being said here on a daily basis.

it doesn’t help that she currently shoops herself to look like something from shin megami tensei either.

No. 875299

I agree that she looked better with the blonde hair, but I think it had more to do with length/style than color. The bangs used to hide the worst of her eye makeup, and the long hair made her face look longer and slimmer. The "curls" and the weird highlight she's been doing are pretty unflattering also.

No. 875302

File: 1651100730257.webm (13.52 MB, 827x1536, RPReplay_Final1651100052.webm)

No. 875303

I wonder if she took that ugly religious necklace from lurch that she was obsessed with and pawned it because it's not in her pics anymore kek

No. 875307

File: 1651101808628.png (189.12 KB, 340x340, 901B6F3C-D5CD-43FD-9144-CDF9D5…)

she was just a different kind of strung out. crack tuna was one of the best eras.

No. 875308

She's gasping, dear lord. Also kek she looked like she sacrificed her last 2 brain cells trying to recite her "favorite games" list.

No. 875310

She reminds me of another unemployed and delusional cow, Kailyn Marie who also makes these “hiiii guys, I hope you're all doing well” videos in which she lists the things she’s wearing or what she’s doing for the day (usually play games) that no one has asked her about. Like Luna, she also has a full face of sloppily applied makeup, “styled” dirty hair and a shitty incongruent outfit. Anyone else knows who I’m talking about?

No. 875311


The lashes floating above the lash line is just french kiss

No. 875320

the one with the lisp, right? "Hey guyths!"

No. 875323

YES! Do you see it as well?

No. 875325

as she gets even more obese her tits are somehow starting to look proportionally more "normal". how does someone in their 20s, no kids, have saggier tits than a 70 year old? lurking med fags please explain.

No. 875327

tl;dr she lost the genetic lottery

No. 875329

anons don't tell me I left the thread for a few months only to find out Luna cut her iconic tumblr junkie peroxide hair to transition into the old hollywood pinup sjw aesthetic. Say it isn't so, the end of an era

No. 875331

We won’t tell you that because she didn’t do it intentionally, the new hair is the result of a chemical cut and she dyed it this colour once she realised it would only get worse if she continued bleaching it. The ‘vintage’ slips have always been here.

No. 875335

Because she was obese all her teenage life so she stretched them and they will never go back to normal weight boobs.

No. 875336

This is killing me.
Woah this video! Built like a TANK. She’s stoned off her gourd in this. She’s gasping for breath, moving around frantically, talking about her favorite subject - herself, and showing off her filthy, ratty Shein outfit she’s been wearing for two days as if she’s some glamorous influencer we are dying to emulate. Every time I think she’s at rock bottom she just sinks farther. She’s going to end up in a box on the street the way she’s going. Is she even looking for houses? Or just banking on hotel mum letting her and Lurch infiltrate and steal her bed again?
She’s the hardest cow not to alog I swear.

No. 875353

hasn’t she not had a seroquel rx for a while now? no way she’d still have withdrawal symptoms from that at this point.
maybe she pukes because she’s making herself sick since she eats like shit and chain smokes inside and lives in a sea of trash.

No. 875370

Wtf is up with her she's moving and talking like a tweaker

No. 875373

I mean, wouldn't it be nice if she got her shit together, to have one less insufferable cunt wandering the earth, then?

No. 875374

Yeah, no, she's definitely not just stoned in this.

No. 875379

File: 1651165654006.jpg (6.46 KB, 174x192, 1651102090497_1.jpg)

Red & fresh

No. 875380

It appears she deleted the video post from her IG lol wonder why?

No. 875382

We still don't have a meth era Luna!
Which would be the milkiest and likely turn her (even) more into a horror cow.
It's the natural progression with people who want to "get motivated" and "stay off heroin". And in their case lose weight.
So Many people switch from heroin/fent to meth especially if they are on medication like Methadone or Suboxone, ESPECIALLY Vivitrol.

T: substance abuse counselor currently working with opioid use disorder clients on maintenance medication. 15% of my clients end up abusing either benzodiazepines or methamphetamine

No. 875397

I'm sure she stopped talking about using so her sex work buyers don't question where the money goes. It's not like the money goes to feed their cat better food.

No. 875398


Pls don't people used to constantly post in past threads about how it would be "perfect" for her don't make them start up again

No. 875401

Wow how horrifying that a substance abuse counselor spends their time on a hate forum. Yikes lol

No. 875406

i think its great! it can help them to recognize cows and behavior. you can hate Luna for being an addict but also you can watch her going on circles. you know nonny not everybody is a hating piece of shit

No. 875409

To be on lolcow you kinda are a hating pos

No. 875411

Sage your shit you fuck nugget.

No. 875415

rapid weight loss and weight gain (repeat over and over and over) during formative years. i think saggy tits to a certain extent can be genetic but hers are a special case as they’re literally flat.

No. 875417

also they look way better than they used to… veteran cows remember the full intercourse video from when luna was thinner and her tits were really small and entirely areola

No. 875418

File: 1651188226679.jpeg (457.22 KB, 750x1160, BEBC69F2-E71B-4BCC-95AF-FAA646…)

“so lucky to have met you”
girl no

No. 875420


No. 875422

Ah. Young Lurch, lmao this is the Lurvh she wishes she was dating instead of 40-year-old receding hairline boomer John Redcorn who lays around rotting on her plushies until he needs to make a drug run.

No. 875423

Big shocker, he looked like an ugly loser in his youth too. Also was a little dirty pig then as well, take note of the juice carton next to him that he's no doubt drinking straight out of so he can piss in it later

No. 875425

dont insult john redcorn like that

No. 875426

does she honestly think that he has made her life better?

No. 875428

The absolute filth in the background, omg the fucking shoes on the bed alone! Also interesting to see he was still ugly as sin before he hit middle age

No. 875430


try and name any object in the background of that picture except the shoes. you cant.

No. 875431

literally though looking at this photo is like having a stroke. whats on his lap? whats in front of the shoes? what are any of the random objects in the background?

No. 875432

lmao this was taken like 50 years ago kek
i can see the Lainey kinda look a like, guess thats why Luna was all about him once she started to fuck this ugly asshole.

No. 875433

This looks ~late 90s. Was Luna even born when this pic was taken? Yuck

No. 875434

Don't insult Layne like that

No. 875437

She’d love this comparison because she seems to love John Redcorn
Luna didn’t meet him when he looked like this, like >>875433 said, this looks like a late 90s picture.

No. 875438

Where I’m from, ‘stoned’ means heroin as well as pot. Just means she is fucked up on drugs. Probably smack and benzos.

No. 875441

honestly he ruined her liife,he even convince her to drop out of college, she was a smart kid who couldve had a chance but now its a mess, makes me sad.

No. 875442

Kek, anon she ruined her own life too. Together they just ruined it a lot faster.

No. 875443

He's always been ugly but he looks deformed now. Same with Tuna. Does heroin melt your skin off

No. 875444

wtf i stay away from these threads for a few days and suddenly she has red hair and a style very different from the usual? did something happen, i can't find anything on previous thread

No. 875445

Ikr? John Redcorn is supposed to be sexy and desired by all the women in Arlen, wtf was that comparison

No. 875446

she was doing drugs before him. she even was dating a convicted felon in prison (in jail for drug charges) right before they started dating. and to her own admission, she sought out heroin to be more like her favorite musicians. luna was never going anywhere in life because she never really wanted to.

No. 875451

Nonna the explanation is literally a few posts above yours… >>875331 So no, nothing special happened, just the usual delusion and being a dumbass. Also never forget Luna has BPD

No. 875462

Of course actual John Redcorn is sexy, I'm sure Tuna the ultimate KOTH fan agrees. I just made the comparison because Lurch sometimes appears to be doing a drugged up closet cosplay with that hair and his prior penchant for bandanas that cover his tragic hairline.
I love thay you can tell he was fucking slob even as a young man from this pic. I want to hear Luna describe in her own words the ways Lurch has ever helped her in nearly 10 years. Their long, miserable relationship reminds menof Lamey and Onision's "stick it to the haters" marriage

No. 875465

So today is Lurch's Birthday and yesterday their ~oh so loving relationship anniversary. No news yet? No updates on insta? Did she finally fatally OD'd this time?

No. 875467

File: 1651243826454.jpeg (320.9 KB, 828x1362, F37F1B1C-DD76-4EAC-A3EC-A0ADAA…)

She’s still ‘thriving’

No. 875468

File: 1651243879527.jpeg (756.63 KB, 828x1338, F789F06C-569C-4B44-8ECC-422027…)

No. 875469

sage for double posting but she always makes sure to use the most unflattering photos of Lurch. the fact that she goes through the process of selecting the photos, uploading them to insta, writing the caption then reviewing before finally posting without thinking ‘hmm maybe this isn’t the best photo of my bf’ is literally making me scream

No. 875473

how do you know there are better photos for her to choose? the man is so fugly maybe these are the good ones

No. 875475

Every time I see a picture of this beast he’s lying in the bed or on the couch being a useless lump… why would she post these lol

No. 875476

File: 1651246780149.jpeg (175.61 KB, 750x881, 13D27460-57A7-4DD6-8AD3-ED8FA9…)

She’s high af lol

No. 875477

File: 1651246879699.jpeg (388.9 KB, 750x1074, 43FB8B68-1A8E-4F9F-883C-DF2A0D…)

Yikes, but at least her tits aren’t out and I don’t have to see her fupa

No. 875479

You know, I know she's bpd and a horrible person in general but I wonder if she ever thinks it's a little weird that she was a freshly turned 18 yo when a 35 yo man approached her. I think the only way she would break up with him is if she replaced him as her favorite person but that would require her to talk to other people so

Honestly when she was working with that alltard person, I think Luna placed her as her favorite person for a while kek too bad they broke off. Hanging out with other bpd artsy wealthy stoner kids would do wonders for her but she only wants to rot in a smack pastel hell

No. 875485

>i'm you're forever

No. 875489

File: 1651250260475.jpeg (1.08 MB, 828x1530, 27C5E806-D7E9-448F-8BB1-3C029C…)

No. 875490

This is starting to sound like heroin Tuna posting. Anytime she was smacked out (constantly) her typing degraded into nonsense…

No. 875492

Of course she doesn't think it's weird anon, she thinks its romantic and means they were meant to be together 5ever

No. 875494

always doing the tess holliday fish mouth thing. It's not flattering at all

No. 875495

This sounds like she stole them from her. Also, she’s been mentioning her mom a lot, I think she’s buttering her up to move in with her. This would explain why she’s relatively calm despite facing homelessness

No. 875499

If one day you realised the love of your life groomed you, would you want to believe it or would you go into denial? BPD has a way of making people an Olympic level mental gymnast. Your favourite person could ignore you for a week but it wouldn't matter anymore the moment they send you a vaguely affectionate text message. If Luna has had this realisation then she denies herself the luxury of acknowledging it fully

No. 875500

I'm positive she's aware of how sketchy and weird it was for him to be interested in her. He likely told her she was really cool and smart and mature for her age and she just ran with it because it made her feel good. Wouldn't be at all surprised if she still wholeheartedly believes that lurch isn't a creep, and that she was just a very special teenager.

No. 875501

File: 1651258154926.png (392.88 KB, 456x810, xdekfyqrmmr21.png)

Laughing imagining some scrote falling for that, then custom video he gets something like picrel.

No. 875502

What possesses anyone to take this picture and then post it to the internet

No. 875503

>very special teenager
Nailed it. Plus having a sleazeball deadbeat old junkie bf was crucial to her because ~aesthetics~ aren't enough to sell the Courtney Love dopesick punk babygirl image.

No. 875506

Is that the edgy top that fakeboi sent her or is this another piece of junk she spent money on?

No. 875508


No. 875511

of course she stole her mum’s pills AND mocked her mum for being high
what a sober queen

No. 875517

man you gotta love when a junkie talks down on another junkie lol like who does she think she is? she is so vileee


No. 875518

I guess that ‘be nice to drug users’ shirt she has doesn’t apply to anyone else

No. 875521

does anyone else think she looks a bit like Lana Turner here? she's pulling off that olf Hollywood glamour well…her hair looks much better thn when she was blonde. its thicker?

No. 875524

File: 1651269257047.png (2.05 MB, 3353x1494, pleasegetlasik.png)

No. 875525

It’s because she shoves what’s left of her hair all to the front so it looks good in photos. If you see that video of her in the blue dress it’s really apparent

No. 875526

Nonny, she looks like a rubber fetish mask that was dragged behind a gravel truck. Between the makeup, dirt, and filters she is legitimately scary to look at.

No. 875527

No. 875528

Go touch grass and get your eyes examined. Both shay and tunas threads draw the most deranged wk's.

No. 875529


I remember in early threads she fixated on the age difference and would always mention he was her "daddy" in her tumblr poetry.

I doubt she realized the creepiness of it and reveled in being shown attention

No. 875530

kinda late to replying to this but if you think she was a smart kid you need to reread all 37 threads. on a personal level, she was always dumb as fuck on tumblr too. cocky and not personable. she’d literally post about how she wanted to try heroin. she’s always sucked. now she just has a boyfriend who sucks more than her.

No. 875531

Aww, they have matching eyes.

Girl, he looks like he was born and raised in Chernobyl.

No. 875538

File: 1651275975590.jpeg (902.54 KB, 828x1306, 2FA74A42-A318-4A7E-B31B-1AC521…)

my mom came over and brought me drugs and now i'm really upset!!!!!!

No. 875541

my mom dared to enter our heroin den high on heroin!! how could she bring drugs into our home like this?

No. 875543

That wonky eye tells me you are high af.

No. 875547

"my mom came over to the apartment we're squatting in that was once in her name before she got evicted because she let us stay with her."
Jesus. how can she post this stuff and not feel gross about it?

No. 875551

Do you think she ever reflects and goes “there was probably a time in which I ruined someone else’s day”? Rhetorical, I know she hasn’t, doesn’t and will probably never do so.

No. 875552

Why allow her to visit if she’s so toxic, Luna? You just began mentioning her again. I wonder why? A piece of shit if I’ve ever seen one

No. 875554

lol uh did how exactly did her mom “ruin” their anniversary? i doubt they had plans besides getting high and watching king of the hill

No. 875555

i'm gonna go ahead and bet like it's been speculated above that she's setting up the scene with her mom "always" coming over high and Luna having to babysit her, so when she inevitably posts about her mom buying her hoards of shit or even worse, Luna going to live with her again, she thinks her audience will be like "oh well, you deserve it because you're alwaaays babysitting your mom when she's high, she owes you."
if you hate your mom cause she's always high, strive to be less like her, get SOBER sober, stop taking her pills from her, separate from her by moving away from her, make your own money to buy your own stuff, break up with her ex-drug dealer too while you're at it

No. 875556

before Luna and Lurch moved in, didnt they literally show up at her Mom’s apartment high on acid expecting her to take care of them?

No. 875565

I can see this all as some setup for her saying it's not safe for her mom to live alone made-up bullshit so she can try and squat at her house again. HOPEFULLY her mom has some social worker or something similar who will recognize right away what's going on once tuna and lurch show up.

No. 875576

Ha yeah, she did, thanks for the reminder. And it was Luna’s birthday right? I bet all mothers love looking after their adult daughter and her junkie boyfriend off their tits on acid on the anniversary of their birth. Most kids take their mum for afternoon tea or a pub lunch but okay.

No. 875577

I think on some level she always knew what it looks like. I remember a Tumblr ask she sent to someone in support of large age gap relationships. She stated that Lurch is so kind, waited until she is 18 (another sign she is aware her relationship looks predatory) etc. She always mentions this along with Lurch coming to talk Columbine with her under the pretense of drug business with Tuna mom. She may be in denial, but she sees the objective red flags.

No. 875582

File: 1651310446107.png (1.01 MB, 859x1338, Screenshot_20220430-051728.png)

I mean I'm pretty sure you embarrassed your dad when he took you out to lunch and you were dressed like a washed up hooker but as always Luna goes the "pity me" route

No. 875585

he is so ugly.

He looks like a stereotypical ugly inbred backwoods Russian hick that is addicted to krokodil.

No. 875587

This top looks like the black one she went to group therapy last summer and she was asked to cover up so she quit.

No. 875596

So tuna, is this actually what happened?: You TOLD your mother to come over so you could get her Xanax, and then you went to the store with her so she could use her foodstamps on you/sell her foodstamps because you wanted cash?Bitch you aren't fooling anyone. The story you tell is NEVER the truth. Everyone knows you're a grimey selfish disgusting human. Your mother didn't ruin your anniversary.

No. 875597

It's funny how she had to make a second post on Tumblr about how her "mom ruined her anniversary" because the first one got zero attention. Or maybe she's just too high to remember she already posted about it. So sObEr

No. 875609

i've noticed that with her tumblr lately but wasn't sure if it was milky enough to post about. she will post the same exact posts/pictures twice within 24 hours and i'm not sure if it's because it didn't get enough attention or if she's just high as fuck either. wish i had some screenshots but she never deletes the old stuff from what i saw so i'm sure if you scroll through her account they'd be there though. it happened the day she got her tattoo iirc

No. 875663

File: 1651355211979.jpg (386.17 KB, 1031x1920, "perfect".jpg)

she posted this on tumblr with the caption "perfect". the dandruff made me want to vomit.

No. 875665

While i think the super greasy roots is kinda gross, her hair does look fine here for one, no weird backcombing on the sides, looks sleek and shiny. It's just hilarious she's focused on how "perfect" her hair looks considering she's getting evicted from squatting in her mom's old apartment.
Would also like to remind everyone that the first few weeks into this saga, she was claiming to be homeless and asking for donations to find somewhere to live cause she's not even supposed to be staying with her mom. 3 or 4 years later, she's bitching cause this is "her" apartment that she's being unrightfully kicked out of lol

No. 875689

if that's how she went out, i'm pretty sure she embarrassed herself.

No. 875692

Like this bitch has ever been out and NOT embarrassed herself?

No. 875757

File: 1651426489336.png (2.07 MB, 828x1306, gfds.png)

Is that cat food? This sloppy bitch buys clothes and press ons every other day but can't be arsed to buy a bowl for her cat to eat out of.

No. 875760

really hoping someone saves pumpkin somehow. i don't want her to end up in a kill shelter. poor poor kitty. she can't even put it into some plastic takeout container or something? can't buy a cheap cheap bowl luna? how she treats animals is one of the sickest things she does.

No. 875762

Can't believe Tuna has actually convinced herself that she looks like some sort of glamorous 1950's Hollywood star… She has a big hulking figure covered in cellulite and scars, a pinhead, a mop of greasy/dry damaged hair, a deadtooth, living amongst cat shit and dirty plushies. She is the opposite of demure. She's a filthy mess with delusions of grandeur…

No. 875763

She bought a bowl with holo Pumpkin writing on it, when she used to "work" for altered spaces chick.

No. 875777

File: 1651447790875.jpg (126.19 KB, 1080x683, funeral1996.jpg)

Old but I thought it was funny.

No. 875778

She must not be giving Pumpkin much water if she's serving it on a plate.

No. 875779

a lot of cats don't like eating from a bowl because it fucks up their whiskers. plus if its on a wet food diet they get a lot of their water intake from that and don't need a water dish

No. 875780

the other 2 cats peed on newspaper in the kitchen, i’d be surprised if it wasn’t the same for pumpkin

No. 875783

Cats absolutely still need a water dish even if they're fed wet food. There should always be a supply of fresh water around no matter what you feed your cat. Tuna's poor cat is likely severely dehydrated (hence the eye issue) because she rarely, if ever, gives Pumpkin clean, fresh water. I wouldn't be surprised if the poor thing has a UTI from not getting enough fluids and being fed cheap, junk food.

No. 875799

maybe an anon can cowtip just to save pumpkin (im joking mods)

No. 875807

File: 1651466344212.jpg (210.2 KB, 1080x853, Screenshot_20220501-223021_Tum…)

She is unbelievably disgusting

No. 875811

This is why I truly feel sorry for Luna. Her mother is a piece of shit scumbag that deserves to die for what she's done to her. From being high around her to allowing Lurch to groom her underage daughter. Luna never really had a chance.

No. 875812

luna by your own admission you’ve OD’d like four times.

No. 875813


Are you for real? Is this your first thread?

No. 875815

Nta, Luna is awful to her mum but tbh her mum watched Luna get groomed by her dealer and probably either didn't care or didn't want to say anything because she wanted to keep her dealer. I hate Luna but c'mon now her mum let a pedo take her daughter

No. 875816

Yes and now Tuna refuses to leave him. Her mom was awful but Tuna chose and keeps on choosing this. Let's not forget that she's complaining about her mom while also taking her meds and doing the same thing that her mom is supposedly doing. It's her own fault now.

No. 875818

I didn't say it's not her fault, my point is that Luna resenting her mum for these things isn't bad. If she didn't resent her mum it would be weird considering how shit she's been. Shit parents make shit kids

No. 875825

First of all tuna is high as shit while typing this. And iirc tuna and lurch snuck around at first and what could her mother do to stop it? She was 18 and already obsessed with lurch because he had drugs and she wanted to be Courtney love.
And you know the reason tuna posted this is just some sort of manipulation/bullshit, "considering not talking to my mom for awhile" yeah okay tuna, I doubt that because you want her current apartment and her Xanax. And she "promised she'd stop coming over super high"? Why is she coming over at all!? Because you're inviting her over every month for her script. Wasn't her mother sober until a few months into tuna and lurch squatting in her apartment? Tuna acts like a little fucking teenager.. bitch aren't you almost 30!? Grow tf up and take responsibility for your life now instead of constantly blaming others.

No. 875827

File: 1651490487635.jpg (83.07 KB, 1080x531, Screenshot_20220502-062027_Tum…)

So sObEr

No. 875830


Tuna lived with her grandmother due to her parents being addicts.She was given opportunities to make something of herself. She saw the effects of addiction and willingly chose to go down the same route for a fucking aesthetic. She's a waste of space and deserves absolutely zero sympathy.

No. 875831


Oh my God she's so fucking high lmao. Good job with staying sober Tuna!

No. 875834

Sounds like the whole family lost their shoes

No. 875835

But her mum got sober and clean until Luna moved herself and her drug dealer in and caused her mother to relapse? I’m sure Luna’s mum is also a piece of shit but she at least tried to break the cycle.

No. 875837

I agree with you. I like the drama but most people here on lolcow really have some issues.

No. 875840

It's so beautiful, like they're really a family.

No. 875841

Now this is starting to sound like heroin Tuna. I was not convinced but her typos have gotten awful. Good luck finding housing or a job in nod-off-land. She's officially doomed.

No. 875845

She overdosed 5 times, had ambulances after Lurch narcaned her.

No. 875853

homeless saga this summer is gonna hit hard. it's weird tuna has these little glimmers where it almost seems like she might try to get better, but her life is such a downward spiral, she'll probably never get out, too many bad habits to break.

No. 875863

>refuses to leave him
>like it isn't intrinsically linked to the fact she's been groomed by a Halloween decoration for 8 consecutive years since her teens
Not WKing but some nonas sound like scrotes when discussing Luna and Lurch. She was a teenager and her mother was too high to give a fuck about this rapey mongoloid putting moves on her child. Luna was failed by her mother in that respect. Luna really isn't even making any choices in her life. She's doing what she's only known and thinks she only deserves what she has (aside from her shopping addiction to get serotonin.) Of course shitty Tuna is going to fight to stay with Lurch and say everything is perfect because she believes her life as it is, is the best it will get. She can't conceptualize better for herself and that's exactly how abusive grown men manipulate girls long term. Their words of doubt and degradation sew fear in the heart of the vulnerable. When they met she was an insecure little girl in a teens body with no one looking out for her, not enough to tell his old ass to beat it. Now she's an insecure, drug addled woman with the mind of a 15 year old who's been thoroughly manipulated into accepting him as her one and only forever. Manipulation is as strong as physical abuse sometimes. Luna absolutely wanted to be a glorified junkie princess, she wanted a junkie Cobain, she was already disrespectful back then, etc but she was also literally a teenage girl and most teenagers are retarded and wrapped up in LARPs and they want nothing more than to grow up immediately no matter how stupid their ideas and plans are. It's so annoying when theres comments like this because you're just acting like "well Luna could literally just leave at any moment but she chooses to stay, consciously" like no. Luna has been sleeping at the wheel like her mom has been in her own life. These things are grey and abusive relationships with massive age differences require way more nuance. No excuse for nonnies who bumble their way through Tuna's story and conveniently act like leaving abuse is as easy as packing the backpack and walking out the front door. /rant

No. 875866

Yeaaahhh but nonnie realistically long time junkies don't break the cycle. Her mum is a junkie far enough gone that she chose the drugs over properly raising Tuna so let's not pretend it was a certainty that her mum was going to actually be clean but ebil Tuna ruined it. The two of them probably trigger eachother in equal measure. Besides, the same anons who use the "tuna is an adult so it's her fault now" logic forget that the mum (and everyone around tuna) is also an adult who is at fault for shit decisions. Tuna is bad but so is everyone else

No. 875871

NTAYRT. Intergenerational trauma & addiction bad. Wow, surprised Pikachu face.

Luna is worse than her mother because her mother is just doing her 50 year old junkie thing. Using services, using drugs, the worst thing she has done for this world was birthing & raising Luna. Luna, on the other hand lies, manipulates, cheats and steals, but not in the "ofc she's a junkie" way. She's doing it for the aesthetic, not to feed an addiction. And because in her BPD mind she is the main character, she has no regard for others. If the situation w
had been reversed and her mom needed a place to sleep, Luna would not offer anything she had for her mom's comfort. She might let her stay a day or two so she can make attention-seeking posts, but Luna wouldn't help her own mom if she didn't get anything out of it. She steals from stores, graves and dying men. She uses people, she files false police reports, she wastes mental health services that should rightly go to someone who is working to turn their life around.
Remember, the apartment they are in is meant for mentally ill people with substance abuse disorders. Desperate people working on sobriety, jumping through all the governmental hoops, involved in social programs and on a recovery path NEED apartments like this to have a better chance at turning their life around. Luna is squatting there with a busted window, door blockade and court case, getting high and playing video games, AND thinks she deserves it more than anyone else. And this is just the stuff she has chosen to show us. I'm sure she has some really dark, shameful shit she's done at the bottom of her BPD depths.

No. 875874

she was never going to get a job or an apartment of her own. she's probably buttering up her mom to let them stay with her again. worst case scenario, I think after a few days of actual homelessness she'd dump lurch to go stay with her dad

No. 875880

You can want them to be responsible, take accountability and control of their lives but also understand addiction is a disease and abuse is a hell of a ride that twists the mind beyond comprehension to anyone outside of the situation. Essay nonnies make good points sometimes. Some things are not so black/white and you can sympathize while remaining real and objective in your analysis. Luna is an interesting dumpster fire of a person so makes sense we would speculate and talk.

No. 875885

Agree with you on the scrote thing. Let's not forget that Lurch's Character Establishing Moment was suicide baiting Tuna into dropping out of college. A girl/woman who isn't fucked in the head and groomed will realize that makes zero sense and is abusive. Of course Luna found it solo romantic instead of manipulative, and in a cheap way too.
>Luna is worse than her mother because her mother is just doing her 50 year old junkie thing. Using services, using drugs, the worst thing she has done for this world was birthing & raising Luna. Luna, on the other hand lies, manipulates, cheats and steals,
Let's be honest, we don't know what she did or did not because Mama Tuna doesn't post on social media (that we know of).

No. 875888

File: 1651523147699.png (1001.8 KB, 864x1421, Screenshot_20220502-162449.png)

Time for everyone's favorite game… Spot the chair

She's so sloppy

No. 875890

i know this has been said before but WHY can she not move the litter box over a few inches so it's not in the frame?!?

No. 875891

Because it doesn't cross her mind or concern her in any way. She's looking at herself in her photos and nothing else

No. 875894

>>875888 her belt is on almost completely sideways kek

No. 875895

File: 1651525771504.jpg (239.33 KB, 1080x1719, Screenshot_20220502-124014_Ins…)

the face of sobriety

No. 875900

she’s really feeling herself in those dumbass chains lmao

No. 875901

sorry for the late response, but just curious, how was she affiliated with thepulpgirls? i completely missed tuna's tumblr era

No. 875910

aren’t “belly chains” supposed to fit at the bottom of your waist or is this another type of chain completely?

No. 875915


Is it just the filter or is her eye on the right side actually half closed kek

No. 875916


I think it's just her poorly applied lashes

No. 875921

The unsanitary red bra that she had on the floor with Pumpkin in it strikes again. I just know she reeks.

No. 875925

Girl I'm not reading that. It ain't that deep.

Good to see that she's using her extra three months wisely.

No. 875927

File: 1651537890885.png (748.32 KB, 1403x693, 58D7E2AB-83A6-44D5-8D8D-84FD89…)

well she was pretty well known on tumblr and i think her friend Carina( i think its reallyblonde) was a photographer and she used to take pictures for the magazine and Luna was one of the girls that appeared in a lot of photo sets with other girls too, and she always was a painter and wrote poetry and wear outfits and thats all i remember

No. 875934

Two things can be true at once. Luna was failed by her mother. Luna is also failing of her own accord.

No. 875953


No. 875956

Luna's not worse than her mother (yet) at all, since she doesn't have a fucking child who she neglects.

No. 875958

yeah just little cats :((:()

No. 875959

I have this chain ($11-12 at Hot Topic), it has hooks on both ends and is meant to be clipped onto your belt loops and just hang wherever you put it. It’s not long enough to be worn as a belly chain unless you’re child sized.

No. 875960

I wish she'd just get away from Lurch already and get help to find a safe place to live. He doesn't treat her nice. Half the shit he says and does to her could be used to get into a Womens' Intake Shelter and I'm assuming she'd get moved to permanent housing/get help to find permanent housing eventually (can't be any worse than where she is now seeing as she's not even allowed to be there). She deserves way better treatment. Part of me thinks this is all part of her aesthetic though and she's just too "in love" with discount Layne Staley to stop defending him. Some people really are too far gone and I believe that's the case here. This is all she has ever known.

No. 875963

That's bad enough. I sure hope she won't have children.

No. 875966

>She deserves way better treatment.
Not after what she did to Roger. She treats elderly people like absolute shit and doesn't think they need help. She treats her friends and their parents like walking ATMs. Tuna has what she deserves.

No. 875974

File: 1651585075863.jpg (75.14 KB, 604x340, 1638445192428.jpeg.jpg)

No. 875976

Happens every time. When one WK, junkie, or pity anon comes out, they all come out.

No. 875979

Hasn't she gotten it from some AliExpress reseller? IDK if it's the same one

No. 876004

I wish you WKs would stop rehashing the exact same shit every thread.Stop projecting and go read some other thread.

No. 876010

Tuna and Shays threads never fail to turn out the most retarded blog posts & wk's

No. 876012

according to google it’s from shein

No. 876021

y’all really overestimate her. read the rest of the threads

No. 876022

File: 1651614258044.jpeg (366.31 KB, 750x1084, 9B56F2E5-5E8E-4EE7-99D4-23BA21…)

Does she know what an iron is?

No. 876023

File: 1651614308699.jpeg (667.32 KB, 750x1221, A820D0C4-F864-4A5A-BE8A-6AE614…)

No. 876024

Her ana larp is maybe the cringiest fucking thing I’ve ever seen on this site

No. 876028

Good, keep crying.

No. 876033

File: 1651617909848.jpg (174.58 KB, 1080x1506, Screenshot_20220503-154040_Ins…)

love the sparkle that this filter adds to the grime on the floor

No. 876039

You're asking this of a person who doesn't wash their clothes.
What's up with her face here? So much for "uwu filters are so bad"

No. 876049

And moderate your food intake as crying alone won’t do shit, kek

No. 876050

And who still has her broken chair as a backdrop

No. 876057

In her mind, it's just water weight.

No. 876060

The r/traumacore border kek

No. 876061

wtf. she shooped her nose to be almost non-existent

No. 876066

File: 1651647460204.jpeg (41.22 KB, 412x381, EC11F453-C5E2-462C-83BF-8DDEB3…)

The blurred cleavage is killing me lol

No. 876067

File: 1651647842877.jpeg (769.04 KB, 817x1295, 9DE0FBB6-0696-4355-95D4-85AE2F…)

No. 876068

This is a new dress. I’ll never understand her need to buy & model so many shitty outfits just to sit around her filthy hovel

No. 876070

if that's water weight she'd outlast Jesus in the desert

No. 876071

She must look so busted without that filter. She always forgets to give herself a nose too but she looks too high to care.

Thank you for the ugly laugh, anon.

No. 876073

If you cover the right side of the picture/her face, she’s looking mostly forward and the shop pulled her lip up like she’s smiling. Cover the left side of the pic/her face, she’s sadly looking down and away. Kek, Optical Illusion - Two Faced Tuna.(autism)

No. 876077

i will never understand her sense of “fashion”

No. 876081

wow! a piece of clothing that actually fits????

No. 876089

20 replies for a normal ass dress??? this thread is fucking deepfried. it belongs in the bowels of /snow/.

No. 876091

learn to count and also no one cares

No. 876092

that lazy heroin eye kek

No. 876094

I'm convinced this is a symptom of BPD because I know someone a lot like Luna and all she does is be fat and model close on her snapchat stories all day. Something about being unemployed and having BPD makes people think they're Bella Hadid

No. 876095

the walls and that plastic piece on the wall are so fucking yellow from smoke jesus

No. 876102

so far this is the most appropriate thing we've seen her wear recently (as long as its not super short and maybe if it didn't have the stars). its actually a flattering cut, her boobs aren't hanging out, and it covers her lunchlady arms. it is frustrating as hell that she's about to be homeless and keeps getting garbage from china sent to her squat but at least she could maybe wear this out of the house and look slightly normal (please tell me its not super short and her tree trunk legs are hanging out). i mean a lot of girls around that age still dress "whimsical" she's just so large and aged from her drug abuse and bad hygiene. it's a step in the right direction from the "egirl" and "bimbo" clothes.
STFU and maybe read some of her pasts threads. do you know where you are? context matters.

No. 876142

anyone know where the dress is from?

No. 876147

It's from Shein, sold out apparently.

No. 876148

what's the name of it on shein, nonna?

No. 876150

File: 1651708022791.jpg (956.31 KB, 1078x1850, Screenshot_20220504-164354_Chr…)

Looks like this one

No. 876154

thank u bby!

No. 876161

File: 1651710837021.jpg (84.04 KB, 1065x1280, IMG_20220504_213313_555.jpg)

Lmao the Chair is still there. Luna you filthy whore! When you're going to throw that away???

No. 876162


How does tuna make it look like a frumpy nightgown?

No. 876167

Because it’s Luna? It’s not only covering her body but in her surroundings. Also, let’s not pretend this is some fancy piece of clothing, it’s still SheIn, the odds of it looking like a nightgown go up with SheIn/AliExpress items

No. 876187

Haven't been here for a while, but she looks way healthier in this than the left picture. I mean, good for her?

No. 876193

the stars are fine i think. it’s just luna’s immaturity and shitty styling that makes them look childish. but i think it could be okay for a “real job” provided it wouldn’t have a uniform. but then luna would pair it with fuzzy slippers, chains, and eyelashes hanging off her face..

but it is very odd to see her wearing something that actually flatters her figure.

give it a few days and it’ll be brown and stained.

No. 876194

how is she affording all of this? she has new shein clothes like every other day. i get that it’s not super pricey but she has no income

No. 876197

By healthier, do you mean fatter? Genuine question, not trying to start something. Because the only difference between those pictures, besides the weight gain is the blatant filter abuse. Her latest non filtered picture is less favourable >>>/pt/874213

No. 876203

File: 1651756829346.jpeg (129.3 KB, 396x1196, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

This was always my question. Everyone says she steals but a lot of the new new cheap cheap bullshit she shows off in these posts can only come from online. I got dismissed the last time I brought this up, but someone pays for all the crap she gets on Shein and Depop and Ulta. Possibly her evul junkie mom who takes pity on her? She's been popping over a lot lately..

No. 876204

You can find everything you circled at target or ulta you don’t have to get it offline

No. 876211

you can get witch hazel and cerave literally anywhere

No. 876215

The reason why I’ve never believed she has shoplifted this and was rather ordering online is because Luna always posts when she has a ‘special’ outing and she’s never posted about visiting Ulta or Target besides the time(s) that one friend of her and/or her mother took her. I doubt it’s Lurch, as she’d take it as an opportunity to brag about her sweet and thoughtful fiancé who just showered her with her favourite, but cheap cheap cheap, face products.

No. 876216

The circles are old from another thread where I was outlining the cost of everything. But to my knowledge there's no convenience stores that sell Florence by Mills or the Ordinary.
Someone is buying her all the garbage she finds online, that's for sure. Just not sure who.

No. 876218

I wouldn't be surprised if she steals her mom's card while she's nodding off and then complains to the internet that her mom was nodding off. It also wouldn't be surprising if she guilt-tripped the hell out of her mom into buying her this stuff every time she came over.

No. 876225

I wasn’t saying she’s not getting it online but yes you can buy Florence and the ordinary at target

No. 876229


You can literally see the store brand Ulta Rose sheet mask in that photo. She got this shit online.

No. 876246

There are ultra stores wdym? Ulta isn’t only online. She pribably got it online but you can get that shit in person

No. 876249

my hot take is that she isn’t really as poor as she says she is. i think she has a bit of inheritance money still doesn’t know how to/ doesn’t want to spend it on anything responsible. she buys like $300 of shit every month AND can afford to eat like 3500cals daily. AND buy drugs.

No. 876250

Daddy's monthly allowance, daddy's Amazon card, simp bucks and food stamps.

No. 876252

She's ALWAYS had access to evil dads credit card/money
I'm fairly certain it's all coming from him. Maybe he venmos her an "allowance" every month thinking it's going towards necessities or even gives her "rent money" because he thinks she needs to pay on the apartment she's squatting in.

No. 876260

This photo honestly looks like a collection of the beauty section at Ross or TJ Maxx or something, they carry a ton of miscellaneous beauty things that are too imperfect to sell in store at Ulta or expired/about to expire.

No. 876262

Tuna posted a snapchat "waiting for the KFC man" with visible track marks on her left tit. That's why she's been blurring her cleavage.

No. 876264

it forty

No. 876276

you can shoot up in your tiddy? you learn something new every day. if only there was a way to screen shot snaps without them seeing.

No. 876281


No. 876284

Can't screenshot snaps without it notifing tuna = spooking the cow. Derp

No. 876285

idk how snapchat works these days but couldn't anon start screen recording, watch the story, and then screenshot the relevant bit of the recording? v curious to see these "track marks"

yes, yes you can.

No. 876299

it alerts the user when their video has been screen recorded. it’s obnoxious

No. 876301

Ntayrt but people record Shayna (/snow) and she has complained she doesn’t know how to find out who’s recording her so there are probably some ways.

No. 876304

I believe you anon, Tuna is a lying pos cow.

Oops meant amazon account, not card

No. 876322

Carless Luna who is too lazy to leave her squat is not hopping on a train or bus to the nearest ULTA, though. And if she was, she'd be liveblogging the whole experience just like she does when she bullies rlyblonde into taking her to the plant store.

No. 876336

She's really pretty here. Imho this pic just proves that all she needs to do is lose weight. She'd be really beautiful if she was skinny. It's such a shame. If I were her I'd start doing stims - meth or whatever. Luna's biggest problem is that she's lazy as fuck. I'm honestly surprised at how she gets all the meds in the world from her various psychs and yet apparently she's never tried Adderall for some reason? Also meth is probably easier to cop nowadays than heroin. I feel like doing stims would give her a good kick to start solving the absolute mess her life's become. If you're gonna do drugs anyway, at least do something that motivates you?

No. 876337

Btw I do know that meth and Addreall are different things, I've done meth many times myself lol and I loved it. I think Adderall might be to weak for her but maybe use it as a stepping stone to meth? A little bit of speed and she'd tidy her hovel up immediately, that's what I always do whenever I'm tweaking lmao…(blogposting)

No. 876342

I don’t see how anyone could assess Luna’s look from this extremely filtered picture. I also don’t get how someone could think Luna should switch drugs and how this would improve her life at all when a majority of her problems were caused by her drug use in the first place. Luna has done meth before and it didn’t improve anything in her life but methanona, it’s been a while, welcome back? I hope you’re doing well.

No. 876345

You're an idiot.

All of this except the last sentence. That picture is heavily filtered and we all know what she actually looks like without that filter on. Tuna needs to improve on much more than her weight.

No. 876346

I think Tuna should do meth, not because it would improve her life, but because it would be funny

No. 876348

This 1000%

No. 876351

File: 1651873353141.jpg (128.52 KB, 600x700, woman-silicone-mask-femline-ul…)

Omg tweaker nonny is my favorite Tuna meme. Welcome back! Reminder that without filters Luna still looks like one of these troon face masks.

No. 876365

> stims would give her a good kick to start solving the absolute mess her life's become
> A little bit of speed and she'd tidy her hovel up immediately
> should do meth, not because it would improve her life, but because it would be funny

No. 876366

The lips are disturbingly similar. How sad are the state of affairs that this uncanny valley mask looks more human than you?

No. 876371


i was under the impression she had already done it?? cbf searching old threads though

No. 876373

she’s done speedballs of heroin and crack but never meth. that’s what gets me about her hatred of crackheads. she’s such a hypocrite.

No. 876374

File: 1651882923343.jpg (134.97 KB, 576x1068, VideoCapture_20220506-171749.j…)


I did the screen record thing. The snap from yesterday is gone. This one she's covered it but there was a clear bloody line of dots down the side of her tit. If I don't get blocked for this I'll try to get it if shows it again.

No. 876381

It just looks like the cat scratched her up after she tried to hold it. Good.

No. 876386

is autistic chair anon still keeping track of how many days the chair has been there?

No. 876410

Being lazy was never caused by drugs, I remember that pic of teenage Luna in her bed and everything around her looked like a pigsty.

No. 876412

cute dying plant in the back

No. 876417

File: 1651914338532.jpeg (445.54 KB, 828x1206, 1BD8C221-8E89-4DB9-990A-0A1527…)

Lmao. Wtf

No. 876420

These cows and their filters, that shit cannot be healthy for your mental health specially if you struggle with body image issues.

No. 876424

The more weight she's been putting on, the harder she's been going with those filters.

No. 876425

What the hell is even going on here ? Does she just have a massive fupa which has fused with her vag?

No. 876426

Can we /please/ stop suggesting she switch to meth? I get it, it would be a novel change and provide some fresh milk, but the fun comes from watching tuna mess up her life - not writing fanfic about other ways she could do so.

No. 876448

File: 1651944599204.jpg (264.88 KB, 1280x1600, tumblr_43eec366d68713a601158a8…)

This is the earliest pic I can find of the broken chair on her tumblr. It's from Feb 22. That's, what, 74 days?

No. 876463

File: 1651955849017.jpeg (791.23 KB, 1242x1303, 9A61D6BF-4E9F-446B-830C-FFE3B7…)

I found the post where she assembled the chair >>>/pt/855865 (Oct 8 2021) and then the post where it broke kek >>>/pt/867768 (February 18, 2022)

the chair lasted 133 days, and has been sitting there for 78 days.

t. another autism anon

No. 876476

and to think she was significantly thinner in this pic than she is now

No. 876483

She looks like something from the House of Wax

No. 876488

I desperately wish I could have been a fly on the wall when that chair busted out from under her

No. 876494

i love that it's the same red bra we keep seeing. you know she hasn't washed that shit once. please buy a new cheap cheap bra luna.

No. 876515

Wouldn't surprise me if this was acne or another skin issue resulting from never washing her clothes

No. 876517

you know this bitch has bedbugs

No. 876529

It's the shitty "frilled lace" as seen in >>876417 peeking out, not blood

No. 876559

I've been thinking on how Luna has no friends, Lurch only uses his twitter to prey on e-girls and we don't know her parents socials. So when she finally kicks the bucket by ODing, we will never know.

No. 876562

nah, we'll know when she goes a month without posting a busted selfie or a cheap cheap cheap haul

No. 876563

Nah, fakeboi will find out somehow. Don't worry

No. 876567

File: 1652044844448.jpeg (174.74 KB, 750x1180, 7F17371A-2806-44AD-A8E5-E5E8DA…)

No. 876568

File: 1652044890981.jpeg (306.95 KB, 750x997, 51E19E80-1750-4152-ABC4-7F8B3F…)

the eyes looking different directions and her crooked labret are killing me.

No. 876569

File: 1652044941654.jpg (528.16 KB, 1080x1855, Screenshot_20220508-142129_Ins…)

No. 876570

File: 1652044945088.jpeg (188.49 KB, 750x1281, DBE8E94F-4616-460F-B028-B3AE82…)

the line of spit connecting her tooth to her lip

No. 876571

Well, at least she looks like a creature from a rob zombie film, so that's kinda cool I guess kek

No. 876572

File: 1652046672717.png (150.99 KB, 576x964, Screen Shot 2022-05-08 at 2.50…)

idk why but she reminds me of these toys. her teeth are so pointy! i've said before that she looks like she bites people and i stand by my words.

No. 876574

No wonder she has no idea what she looks like, this is almost unrecognizable. Oddly, I find this SO much more tolerable than all the filters and make up. The weird squished head, tiny nose, terrible highlighter, and bizarre distortions only make her look more ghoulish

No. 876576

She obviously needs a shower, but she still looks so much better without the creepy filters

No. 876577

she would definitely need surgery for those eyes in the long run and if she isn't getting it sooner than later her eyesight will worsen. So, maybe not spending all that money on stupid new clothes, maybe going to an ophthalmologist would be the way.

No. 876578

this was a fucking jumpscare. jesus. she is so unfortunate looking.

No. 876583

File: 1652057579912.jpeg (808.09 KB, 828x1378, A92F0AA4-0EFC-43F8-BEDB-CB5309…)

the other photo from the set

No. 876585

How is that lip piercing so off center when her mouth literally has an asscrack to use as a middle point?

No. 876587

Plus it looks like it has weird red swelling by the top ball. Her bridge piercing is also red and has a bump (could be just a keloid but is probably a sack of puss)
She should not have piercings… they have to be cleaned and taken care of while healing and she doesn't know/care about basic hygiene

No. 876599

i honestly think luna is probably the most unfortunate looking (prominent) lolcow on the site. when she posts shit like this, you can understand why she never smiles and puts filters on everything.

No. 876606

Never thought I'd say that. I'm a little jealous of her even and clear skin and don't get it since she's the grimiest bitch I know

No. 876608

You must have missed every single photo showing the opposite. She has dry patchy skin and a mustache.

No. 876619

Isn't that just the top part of the lip piercing?

No. 876624

Maybe? But she’s proven to be very Gail the Snail-esque in videos so it could be spit

That piercer really fucked her shit up regardless

No. 876626

her clear skin and rapidly growing hair despite her actual decaying body is generally not fair

No. 876630

It's the side of her face… I think if she showed a straight-on face pic it should show a different story. This pic also has some kind of filter on it.

No. 876644

Yeah no one has pore issues on the sides of their face and she's using a flash which flushes out imperfections and gives her skin a "glow" because it's reflecting off whatever product/lotion she has on.

No. 876650

Honestly… given how fucking gross and filthy she is, her skin is actually fine? Maybe all that skincare isn't wasted on her, after all.

No. 876660

File: 1652112738741.jpg (84.34 KB, 1080x756, Screenshot_20220509-091036_Red…)

No. 876661

File: 1652112777114.jpg (156.94 KB, 1080x1327, Screenshot_20220509-091136_Red…)


No. 876663

yeah i don’t think anyone thinks her skin is flawless but considering how gross she is it’s a miracle she isn’t covered in acne and pits

No. 876670

Already was posted. It's probably Lurch ghostwriting Luna's post.

No. 876673

Does this sound like old Luna to anyone else? I’m referring to the time when she used to rearrange her hoard at Roger’s.

No. 876675

Funny, it doesn't make her look for a job…

No. 876693

and blame it on lolcow

No. 876717

File: 1652134819453.png (3.96 MB, 1100x2048, 1650260944824.png)

Pretty much this. Just a reminder of what she looked like 22 days ago since people seem to be forgetting.

No. 876728

Does anyone have any other cows as entertaining as tuna? Milk is dry here for now. She’s the only person I’ve followed on here and thru other comments I’ve also read the entire batshit Soren saga. Sage for off topic(intense newfaggotry)

No. 876729

If you zoom in on >>876568 you can see some redness poking through, especially around her chin. Also in >873496 she said she needs to go to a dermatologist and has had skin issues on and off for years. She doesn't actually have great skin. Sure it's a lot better than it could be given how gross she is, but it's nothing to be jealous of.

No. 876730

Shayna thread is popping off at the moment (I wont spoil the surprise). She has 100+ threads so you have a lot to read up on. If you find Tuna entertaining, then you will likely find Shayna entertainment since they have a lot of similarities

No. 876731


If you like irredeemable total garbage person junkies with personality disorders I suggest the Jonny Craig/Sydney England threads. There is a fair amount of backstory some of which involves another cow but there are "only" like 13 threads about them specifically right now. It just got extremely dark like as of a week ago and ohhhh my god.

No. 876732

If you like Tuna you'll love the old Ginger Bronson threads. I've read them through twice and they're a laugh and half because Ginger pretended to be the fucked up bbygurl in the dirty apartment that Tuna actually was.

No. 876736

File: 1652141654172.webm (2.87 MB, 656x1232, TwT.webm)

Luna, “broadcasting” from her toilet, ft. Pumpkin, looking super sad. Courtesy of the other farms.

No. 876738

There is something so horrific about the way her teeth and mouth move when she does the kissy noises

No. 876739


it still blows my mind how much fucking xanax she takes and talks about as if that's a regular, therapeutic dose. even 2mg is a bit much. I'm surprised she hasn't had a seizure / serious WD yet.

No. 876754

Poor fucking cat. Fur still looks like shit, eyes look weird and appears to have pretty bad cat acne on the chin.

No. 876760

100% that cat definitely has chin acne or some kind of rash… i can imagine being around filth and a couple that constantly screams at one another & the neighbors would cause a cat to break out in stress acne

also why did luna take in a cat in the first place if she is so open about her apartment constantly being broken into / bug infested / generally unsafe? if she feels unsafe why would she bring a helpless animal into that mess? i can’t imagine having my cats roaming around if someone decided to punch my window in during that whole saga

she’s worse than amberlynn with her animal abuse

No. 876772

This makes me want to alog so s9 badly. That cat is slowly dying in front of her eyes, it's been brought to her attention and she just ignores it to indulge her self pity parties and ugly clothing hauls.

No. 876779

holy shit, that cat can barely see. it needs like immediate medical attention. that poor thing.

No. 876789

that cat looked best when they "found" it, instead of spending her money on cheap clothes she should bring her cat to the vet or don't own a cat if she can't take proper care of it

No. 876795

it's because her old cat was getting icky gross and old, now she has a fun new cute cat who isn't old!

duh, nonna, what else would it be? there's nothing wrong with it, it's just what shay does! out with the old , in with the stolen.

like her cats, like roger, like lurch and her own parents when they finally croak.

No. 876806

Ugh, I didn't even notice that initially. Cats squint, but not constantly like that. It's so unfortunate she can't waste some of Daddy's money to get the poor cat checked out. Even then, we know she'd never feed and give fresh water properly or change the litter box regularly. Poor cat would end up in the same position again even if she took it to the vet (even though she still should and right away.)

Please look up cheap vets in your area, Luna! There's usually low cost vets in any metro area in the US.

No. 876808

You could find a vet for her that would do it for free and she still wouldn't take her cat there.

No. 876822

I can just imagine it now “but I don’t have a pet carrier how am I supposed to take her?”

No. 876823

I agree with >>876730 and do see the similarities between Shayna and Luna. They are both dirty, live in a BPD fantasy world they built themselves, and do not have their life under control. Shay is also the only cow I follow besides Luna. I liked the Taylor Nicole Dean threads when there actually was milk (two years ago), but her threads are DRY. >>876731 is the follow up since that's her junkie ex boyfriend, but I have no idea what's going on there

No. 876824

Besides Luna, I really got into Lillee Jean recently. Completely different brand of crazy but genuinely funny in the saddest way possible.

No. 876837

Also “like 6mgs” definitely means more. People that take that much know they shouldn’t disclose the true amount because any functioning human and/or non-rhinoceros would be incapacitated by that dose.

No. 876845

no, she won’t take pumpkin to the vet because she’s afraid the cat has a chip and they’ll get caught for stealing him.

No. 876846

It's eyes probably hurt from them smoking cigarettes inside all the time

No. 876851

really terrible chin acne yes, i doubt this cat ever has a clean water bowl

No. 876857

Hello does someone have pictrjes of Luna Slater’s feet? Could please email in zip file
Me at ?
I am very greatful,

No. 876858

No, we can’t.

No. 876864

Luna is a whore who doesn't mind debasing herself for scrotes like you. Just send her something pink & cheap, cheap! and she'll send you all the hairy top, black bottomed foot pictures you want.

No. 876873

I doubt thats 6mg all at once, its probably spread out over a few hours.

Even for a heavy user, 6mg would put you in a nice long nap if taken all at once.

No. 876877

File: 1652203542344.jpg (198.3 KB, 1080x791, Screenshot_20220510-102543_Chr…)

The Tomas Ambrakaitis who attended the university of east anglia, and whose friend complained because he didn't follow exam rules?

No. 876878

Whatever happen to her "job"?

No. 876882

Allyson vaguely alluded that Tuna was dead weight. Tuna changed her story from "should I be paid to travel for parties" to "my new contract hasn't been drawn up yet" to "my friend couldn't afford to keep me on their payroll." - yknow, the typical BPD cope.

Judging by Allysons lack of updates on her "Altered Spaces" page I think both things are true - Tuna sucked as a pet project and Allyson's (parents) couldn't hoof the bill anymore once they realized Tuna won't put in the work to fix herself.

No. 876887

File: 1652206453385.png (1.78 MB, 1036x1076, scrote.png)

yikes tomas

No. 876895

It’s clearly someone trying to fuck with Tomas and you’ve just wasted your personal time doing exactly what they wanted

No. 876896

it took all of 30 seconds but go off

No. 876907

still could have used your brain. or did you post his message?

No. 876909

kek anon i just copied and pasted his name from this >>876877 post and stuck it into fb. this is not the big brain conspiracy you want it to be.

sorry everyone else for the derail, done posting about the scrote or non-scrote

No. 876915

The filter glitching LOL

No. 876916

Go back to 4chan, the threads here don't disappear, so good job on embarrassing yourself.(enough about tomas)

No. 876917

do they even have clean water to give pumpkin? i can imagine them surviving pretty long with no running water

No. 876924

File: 1652219773298.jpeg (1021.48 KB, 828x1399, C9916320-FD41-4CA3-ACC6-B77D89…)

No. 876925


He’s fat bastard he’s dead secksay?

No. 876926

Damn Lurch got chunky too. Ironic he calls Luna a disgusting fatty while he himself looks like this

No. 876928

ah yes, pumpkin laying on garbage next to a shit stained napkin

No. 876930

File: 1652221711673.jpeg (35.04 KB, 300x225, 300px-0839-MomDesi.jpeg)

Same energy

No. 876936

He looks like he's got liver problems Jesus

No. 876937

did this bitch put a hello kitty bandaid on her ipad case like it's a damn sticker? nitpick but god i hate her

No. 876938

Wow he looks way more normal with facial hair and less like a freak

No. 876939

Why the fuck he has a smartwatch if the fat bastard doesnt excercise? He looks almost like a real person here, I wonder why.

No. 876965

I think it's because the eerie build of his tiki face is hidden by the beard and his balcony of a brow bone is hidden by the spa facial headband. Weird to see Lurch without the cold lifeless look in his eyes. In fact he looks pretty peaceful in his sleep. Probably having a wet dream about finally getting to raid the fridge before Luna while she's in benzo purgatory, chewing a pack of cigarettes like nicotine gum. I wonder when or if he's gonna notice he's bearing triplets.

No. 876967

Damn, inevitable eviction gave him grey hairs. He's looking got a legit grumpy old man.

No. 876972

Lurch or Pumpkin?

No. 876985

more importantly why does he have a smart watch while supposedly being so poor they can’t afford food or rent and encourages tuna to whore herself out for $5/video

No. 876994

Imagine being with a 40+ year old man and he can’t provide for you in any way shape or form. He’s just sitting around twiddling his thumbs waiting for the both of you to be evicted onto the street.

No. 876995

I was gonna say "That's because you can't steal rent like you can snatch a smartwatch" but then I realized that stealing rent is exactly what they've been doing for years.
It's hard not to Alog when this disgusting, lumpy, more-worthless-than-her-mother drug addict is keeping legitimate people in need of help from getting it. She is just a huge whale of a drain on the system, and like other anons, now I'm just following to see her get whatever awful thing is justifiably coming to her. But I'll be waiting a long time…

No. 876999

he also has nothing to keep track of, no job or real appointments. why the fuck does he need a smart watch lmao they’re both such wastes of space and resources

No. 877008

Too funny how so many pics of lurch are of him comatose, probably the only time Luna can stand to be around him

No. 877013

KEK thank you for making me cackle anon

No. 877016

it's probably bc he is usually comatose and if he's not, he's out of the apartment to get away from her. he's still clearly her favorite person, even with all the fucked up things she claims he says to her.

No. 877022

File: 1652300852903.jpg (104.91 KB, 1080x481, Screenshot_20220511-162422_Chr…)

>almost at a year sober from my doc
For how long has this part of her reddit bio been up? Did she add the "doc" part because people on reddit have been questioning her sobriety when she posts about benzos?

No. 877031

They’re “obsessed” with each other but neither of them actually enjoy each other’s company

No. 877032

god damn it, she shouldn't get to use the word sober in any context if she is still stealing benzos from her mom and taking them in debilitating amounts…that's the thing you really gotta stop, girl

No. 877095

There was a pic posted in one of the recent threads of Lurch as a young man in this exact same position passed out on a shitty floor-couch. Truly and honestly bleak

No. 877155

Nonnas do you think Luna's gone?

No. 877159

like dead or too high to be able to navigate social media?

No. 877160

Nah, 3 days isn't a cause for worry. Junkies hole up for longer. Must be some good shit though, if she doesn't even need to post horrifying nudes or grimy pics to beg for validation.

No. 877178

She likes to take breaks to bait her followers into expressing concern about where she is. Typical BPD bullshit.

No. 877180

She did this not too long ago and then came back with a post talking about how people were messaging her out of concern

No. 877189

File: 1652498032315.jpeg (386.81 KB, 828x1063, FFC9BE89-5DCC-42D2-A15E-3ADDD3…)

she’s holed up with lurch watching baseball

No. 877195

kind of weird to think about how if luna actually died one day, the only way we would know is if Lurch tweeted about it, which I doubt he'd do.

No. 877198

Maybe through him tweeting some raunchy shit to some sex worker like
>Baby your breasts are so luscious….My girl died so let me see them

No. 877202

She has IRL ass patters that would comment "RIP" on her IG pics. That's how I think we would find out

No. 877210

I know this is a joke but this is absolutely how it would go down. the lack of respect he has for Tuna is unmatched

No. 877232

Very few of them anymore, though. She alienated most of the people she new IRL other than rlyblonde. Most people gassing her up on Insta are randoms.

No. 877236

she posted on snapchat complaining about her neighbor 15 mins ago. she's fine, probably just high as fuck

No. 877245

File: 1652570633874.jpg (57.26 KB, 360x678, VideoCapture_20220514-162339.j…)


No. 877246

File: 1652570723847.jpg (62.41 KB, 360x678, VideoCapture_20220514-162516.j…)

Look at that poor bridge piercing

No. 877247

holy shit this is the worst i've ever seen her eyes look

No. 877248

File: 1652572971120.jpg (25.67 KB, 233x271, Screenshot_20220514-170111_And…)

This is her snapchat Bitmoji selfie

No. 877249

File: 1652573279804.jpeg (401.55 KB, 828x1117, F1F0514D-AAC4-4DE6-83AD-FEFE8C…)

she’s delusional

No. 877260

I love how it's nodded out kek

No. 877354

the fact that bitmoji has several different body types and she still chose the thinnest one

No. 877370

I bet they're busy moving into their new home… That eviction is coming up quick ya'know kek

No. 877374

oh you sweet summer child

No. 877393

File: 1652693269687.png (323.43 KB, 863x1328, Screenshot_20220516-052656.png)

Rather ironic he feels so strongly about a sexual predator

No. 877429

people should be marched in front of a firing squad because their father was a rapist? what the actual fuck, Lurch?

No. 877471

File: 1652731920791.jpeg (419.39 KB, 828x718, 6D634AD4-645B-4717-AD5E-C7A0DD…)

Luna is soft launching her return

No. 877485

File: 1652745330015.png (1.05 MB, 856x1384, Screenshot_20220516-195250.png)

Is this a contour attempt?

No. 877486

File: 1652745385038.png (542.13 KB, 864x1201, Screenshot_20220516-195258.png)

Something about her is just…off

No. 877487

File: 1652745701711.jpeg (609.88 KB, 828x1220, BE7266CE-0DC4-43C6-B5DE-CB1B74…)

there’s a lot going on here.

No. 877488

It's very hot and humid in Boston this ones pouring foundation on. Her sweaty forehead and sweatstache are on display

No. 877489

File: 1652746260934.jpg (635.73 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220516-174719_Sam…)

It's not from heat/sweat. She's just high and literally slathering on her foundation. Look how fucking grimey and disgusting her bridge piercing looks.

No. 877490

thanks i hate it

No. 877491

File: 1652746427252.jpg (627.22 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220516-174842_Sam…)

Perhaps the (ahem) "suspicious blood droplets" she's showing off near her elbow could be a clue as to why she looks off? Screengrab is from the other pic she posted along with these

No. 877493


Looks like road rash or carpet burn. The long sleeves are sus tho

No. 877494

File: 1652746903194.jpg (Spoiler Image, 87.2 KB, 530x582, Screenshot_20220516-202016_Ins…)


No. 877495

… that foundation is so poorly applied that it looks like a clay mask, or something. Bright yellow, huge swathes missing around her eyes, mouth and piercing… wtaf

No. 877496

File: 1652747132340.jpeg (670.14 KB, 750x1065, 991DD476-836A-4AC5-841D-B6AD33…)

The eviction saga is happening

No. 877498

File: 1652747388271.jpg (214.43 KB, 1080x1856, Screenshot_20220516-202827_Red…)

No. 877502

Is this pic from her squat? It's different scenery than her normal window pics

No. 877505

What gives you the impression that the eviction saga has begun? Is there more to her posts other than the "I'm in hell" whining she does at all minor inconveniences lol

No. 877507

And yet he still won't marry your ass or do anything to provide for you. Enjoy your much deserved eviction.

No. 877515

Looking at it now you're probably right. I've been following her for long and am not used to seeing pictures outside so with the caption I jumped to conclusions, and as >>877502 said it looks like a different place than usual. Realistically though, she'd be whining that she lost '95% of her belongings!!!!' by now kek.

No. 877518

File: 1652757097434.jpeg (106.6 KB, 720x426, 4171E5ED-7E23-4425-8B69-CC9611…)

No. 877520

File: 1652757166803.png (Spoiler Image, 5.94 MB, 828x1792, 2DF89894-131F-42DD-8D6E-A6BC0F…)

Spoiler for gag.

No. 877521

kek i also took a zoomed in screenshot as i scrolled by but it looks like we were beaten by this anon >>877487
absolutely repulsive stuff

No. 877523

How long until that bridge piercing rejects. Looks gross

No. 877525

Why is no one talking about her lip??? Is that an abscess? She got it pierced too long ago for it to still be swollen, lip and mouth piercings heal the fastest.

No. 877526

Dammit, my bad lol.
I’m not a doctor or anything but that would probably require a healthy immune system or something right? I wanna know when her brain is gonna reject Lurchenstein. Also, herpes?

No. 877534

File: 1652764495562.jpg (235.78 KB, 1080x1689, Screenshot_20220516-221147_Ins…)

Explanation she gave for >>877496. I'm assuming that is a different angle outside of the squat than we're used to doing since she keeps talking about "this place" and her life being "in danger"

No. 877536

>totally sober
idk tuna, if you have to point out that you’re “totally sober” then I’d assume you’re not

No. 877540

In danger? What, did the guy who Matt wished death upon get released from jail and is threatening you/your fiancé/your baby cat? Kek

No. 877542

I do wonder what she considers “totally sober.” I’m assuming she doesn’t count benzos since she’s convinced she needs them medically. You’re right that it’s odd she felt the need to point that out, if she’s really been “sober” for a year

No. 877544

Of course she was just baiting for attention. Luna, just like countless redditors have told you, if your life was in danger in that squat you would have taken at least a couple steps toward leaving it. Clearly you're not too worried about it if you spend all day playing vidya and taking gorked out selfies.

No. 877546

Yes its literally the view down the street from the squat. She’s doxed herself many times and checking street view from their address this is the exact view. Maybe if lurch and her stopped harassing the neighbors and randos on the street then they wouldn’t have this issue. Oh and if they actually got jobs and their own place too that would help. They just need to make sure to remember to drop poor pumpkin off at the shelter before moving to the next shithole

No. 877551

File: 1652807239813.jpeg (613.51 KB, 828x3137, 16BB3242-733B-44B7-A68A-199F18…)

No. 877554

File: 1652807469827.jpeg (558.31 KB, 828x3131, 1CC703C8-D428-4A97-8D29-3A050A…)

lurch went on a twitter rampage yesterday

No. 877556

File: 1652807674083.jpeg (281.2 KB, 821x640, BF481859-83E9-402F-94F3-72137A…)

“misguided soul”

No. 877559

File: 1652807915211.png (6.24 KB, 52x66, 1522125935011~2.png)

I uh… Okay, so Lurch is on something entirely new/in the middle of a psychotic break or something because what the actual fuck am I reading? This is way different than his typical boomer-posting.

No. 877562

This is proof they’re on drugs again for me

No. 877566

can someone explain to me the background to this? who are all those people? wtf

No. 877571

The added picture made me laugh out loud thank you nona.

No. 877573

Larry Nassar was a former doctor for the U.S. olympics womens gymnastic team. He was convicted of sexually assaulting hundreds of young girls and women and sentenced to 100+ years in federal prison. I guess that's Nassar's daughter and Lurch has taken it upon himself to harass her and accuse her of being complicit in his crimes somehow. Just another example of his nasty misogynistic boomer way of thinking. Fucking lame dick asshole.

No. 877575

>18 year old posts a racially motivated manifesto, drove hours to commit a mass a shooting and had racial slurs written on his gun is a "misguided soul"
>13 year old girl who had no idea her dad was committing these crimes and had no way to be complicit in them is like a "nazi" and "pure evil"
Can't wait for this piece of shit to be out on his ass in the streets.

No. 877577

Yep. These two deserve everything that is coming to them. And if they are stupid enough to let it get to the point of law enforcement tossing them out, both of them will have a roof over their heads alright…a jail cell. They can't throw out cat shit from the floor, their junkie shit must be all over.

No. 877579

late but she looks like a bloated, rotting, yellowing corpse and it was the mortician's first day on the job

No. 877583

File: 1652822424213.jpg (163.29 KB, 720x1325, VideoCapture_20220517-141256.j…)

No. 877585

So deep. That weird headband looks like a dog Halloween costume

No. 877586


1. What tf does Lurch have against people with Leprosy?

2. How is this hatred connected to him being raped twice?

3. What is any of this?

No. 877592

Labret is crooked, bridge is crooked, horns are crooked, nose is crooked, eyes are crooked, ears even look crooked… everything is crooked!

No. 877595

She posted right after this on her Snapchat story facing the camera while a male voice in the background is ranting something about the Red Sox and the words “she almost jumped out of the fuckin bed” meanwhile Luna whispers to the camera “I’m so scared” and rubs her hand over her face looking stressed

sage for no recording maybe someone can still

No. 877596

Damn that lip piercing is migrating right off her face

No. 877597

OK, new fag but how do I upload a video? I did try to find the answer….it says unknown file extension? I got her sc where she's "so scared"

No. 877600

Convert the file to .webm


No. 877601

neither of them deserve anything good to ever happen to them. total leeches, bottomfeeder scum. luna is just as bad and i’d like to see the wks condone this behavior. i hope they get thrown on the streets to get a taste of what life is really like.

No. 877603

File: 1652829658422.webm (1.2 MB, 576x1060, XRecorder_Edited_17052022_1412…)

Bam! thanx nonnie!

No. 877604


Is Lurch smoking crack?? Holy hell he's gone off the deep end, even more so than usual

No. 877605

i’m sorry but the way she says i’m so scaAaaAared is so fucking funny

No. 877607

File: 1652832075430.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 397.61 KB, 750x1098, ACB65BB9-339E-4AE7-87FC-106FC2…)

She’s posting pictures of her tits on Reddit again…


No. 877608

This is beyond boomer posting. It’s hard for me to believe Luna is unaware of how he thinks and the gross things he says.
Why would anyone? You’ve been holed up in a drug induced stupor for how long? You’re not someone most well adjusted people would go out of their way to befriend and that’s sad, not deep or meaningful. Plus, I doubt you know yourself, Luna.

No. 877609

Why is she so scared? That’s Matthew speaking, no?

No. 877610

there’s gotta be something going on with her and lurch

No. 877611

I do kind of wonder if she’s just blissfully unaware of the shit he posts. although surely he says it in person.

Not condoning cowtipping but i’m wondering if there’s some way to passively know if she sees them? Do they even follow each other?

No. 877612

That sounds like Lurch. She's scared of the love of her life, the moon in her sky, the fiance of her junkie dreams? Nothing she or Lurch does ever makes any sense.

Yep, those are definitely the titties of a scared woman.

No. 877613

if be scared too if my titties looked like that

No. 877616

It sounds like he's describing a power transformer blowing up to someone but he's too dumb to know that. Hears over the redsocks game I heard a zizzz pfft. right here. (I'm so scared) careful running down wires possibly. I don't see anything. she almost jumped out of the fucking bed.

No. 877617

It sounds like he's complaining on the phone to someone. Possibly about some other junkie in the house who interrupted them nodding off in front of Red Sox game. Luna got so scared she almost fell off the bed? I don't think she's saying she's scared of Lurch, sadly, I think she's saying she's scared of one of her equally cracked out neighbors. I'm eager to hear your interpretations, anybody care to translate the Lurch screed?

No. 877618

Pity points about her previous loud neighbor complaints? It does sound pretty loud to be her neighbors, but she'd never admit to being scared of Lurch. She's not ready to crack that facade.

There was a crooked woman, and she had a crooked smile,
She "found" a crooked 20pence with her lying guile,
She caught a crooked man who will never be her spouse,
And they both squat together in their little crooked house.

No. 877621

File: 1652837379319.jpg (1.12 MB, 2160x4885, Luna knows.JPG)

She follows him, liked some of his tweets from just a few days ago and occasionally, she retweets him. She knows. Also, I can’t find it now but someone once asked her about Matthew’s posting and she said he was joking. The treatment of Roger alone should be sufficient evidence that Luna is a piece of shit but for whatever reason it’s not. Why continue giving her the benefit of the doubt?

No. 877625

This is amazing. I love your creativity nonnie.

No. 877626

File: 1652843154003.jpeg (60.54 KB, 828x361, 8BF862B6-F282-4EEC-8149-1B6AB5…)

No. 877627

Oh, yeah she’s definitely using

No. 877628

wow her poetry is improving!!!

No. 877629

bobs and vagene vibes

No. 877631

I asked her over Snapchat what was wrong and she just replied “scary”(cowtipping)

No. 877633

What drug is she on that is making her scared? Lmao

No. 877634

There was a crooked woman, and she had a crooked smile,
She "found" a crooked 20pence with her lying guile,
She caught a crooked man who will never be her spouse,
And they both squat together in their little crooked house.

You're a true artist nonna.

No. 877636

I s2g if she's going Methchan on us, I'll eat my hat.

No. 877637

I thought of that too, what if she actually took the advice of the "luna should do meth" anons that constantly shit up this thread

No. 877639

File: 1652858252515.png (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 1076x2044, Screenshot_20220518-031623.png)

No. 877642


No. 877644

Goddamnit as soon as she posted the text post about her “beautiful vagina” I knew this would happen. For the record Luna, that’s one sad twat, just like the rest of you.

No. 877647

My sides Nona! Kekek! Accurate.

Tin foil: They did acid again. Luna was in her typical “acid is therapy, so close to you, cosmic laughing eternity” trip. Lurch throws on Netflix. Something went wrong. Instead of King of the Hill, the Nassar documentary was queued up. Between that and the PetSmart devil costume everything took a very dark turn from there.

No. 877651

The voice is from her neighbor, the guy she calls crazy and "annoying". She probably just doesn't like him because he doesn't root for Lurch's beloved Yankees.

No. 877652

That voice isn't Lurch. It's high pitched and nasally and doesn't have the "I'm a tuff New Yawker" accent. Remember just the other day she bitched about her loud,"annoying" neighbor. That's the neighbor.
You must be the same crazy tinfoil anons that think she's using hErOiN again- I get that you always try to rationalize how she's on opiates and Lurch is frightening, but she's on benzos and Lurch is a wittle pussy cat.

No. 877653

I don't think the cooter is the issue… it's the gunt hanging above it and how big she is that her vag looks miniscule.

I bet without the filter, her vag looks as colorless and sallow as the rest of her.

No. 877654

oh great, holier-than-thou junkie anon is back. your typing pattern is so obvious. we've seen needles, she has tracks, her misspellings are the same as when she was using, her wonky eyes (not a sign in general, but does seem to get worse with luna). but you're just gonna ignore all that because she doesn't have a heroin blog or something, even though she carried on using for years after she deleted it.

but you're right that isn't lurch. i also don't think luna would ever post a video saying she was scared of lurch. she wants everyone on social media to think they have the perfect uwu soulmate relationship.

No. 877666

I’m one of the anons you’re talking to and what a weird to conclusion to jump to. No, I’m not. I’m just an ASLfag who is also a bit deaf and was asking a genuine question.

No. 877673

Why is one of her nips all dimpled like that? Mebs she should get the pepperonis checked for breast cancer

No. 877686

File: 1652888451755.jpeg (80.57 KB, 750x429, 4655E2DA-0208-4675-A706-AB86D2…)


No. 877697

As someone with pepperoni nipples like hers it's something that happens when you get cold. Looks kind of strange if you're not used to it I guess but they wrinkle up. Spoilered because shame.

No. 877717

I also have pepperoni nips (not ashamed), they do wrinkle in the cold but not that unevenly and concentrated, imho her looks very weird and I'd get it checked asap, could be inflamed glands

No. 877720

for being such a fEmInIsT i’m surprised she isn’t using the proper terms for the outside parts

No. 877721

she is so unsexy. i’ve seen plenty of women close to her weight look nice but she is absolutely not one of them. the way she carries herself is so foul. at least arch your back or something ugly

No. 877724

File: 1652903316750.jpeg (492.31 KB, 828x1056, 8D1EAFD9-ACF5-47B0-8315-807793…)

She looks so unsettling, I’m not gonna sleep well tonight

No. 877726

Her fupa hanging down makes it look like a weird deformed dick, kek.

No. 877730

90% of her problem is no filter will ever cover the fact that we all know she's absolutely filthy.

No. 877733

We know the filter is good at hiding the butt acne, bad grandma cellulite and razor burn. She should have shaved her asscrack too now she's got a mullet down there

No. 877734

"Apparently"??? It looks like smegma…
Cigarettes, dank mildew smell, olive-flavored toothpaste left out in the sun, bad breath, Parmesan.

No. 877736

Horse sex.

No. 877737

Imagine walking into a locker room at the gym and smelling the rankest pussy there after everyone finished working out. Now multiply that by 10.

No. 877739

>>877732 I imagine it's what the used period pad a homeless woman uses smells like. Except it's not a pad, it's a gym sock she found in a dumpster… and she has reused it, unwashed, for the last 3 months, and also uses it to wipe her ass, and hasn't had access to a shower in at least that long.

No. 877742

Wet Burger King garbage.

No. 877750

She's called Tuna for a reason.

No. 877751

Luna is quite the retard, but she’s also a terrible liar, so it’s a toss up between her genuinely believing that discharge and smegma are the same as natural lubrication,
or her just being embarrassed and full of shit.

No. 877757

Probably smells like earring backs in there tbh

No. 877760

>>877757 I don't think I've ever simultaneously gagged and laughed this hard. You have a way with words, nonita.

No. 877763

That misplaced lip piercing is going to help that already dead tooth fall out all the faster…. I wonder if the piercer knew that or Tuna was trying to distract from the poor dead tooth.

No. 877766

Why does everyone call her discolored nicotine stained tooth "dead"? The enamel of a tooth isn't the living part anyway and that's what's stained.
Or do anons just say dead as in they think the root is rotting? The dentalfag in me is genuinely curious why some anons exaggerate so much when there's plenty of legit obvious things to laugh at. Btw, a rotten tooth, especially one that is going to fall out on its own, is gray and then turns black. Hers is yellow like the butter popcorn oil covering her teeth all the time which means it's severely stained.

No. 877770

File: 1652924352737.jpg (882.82 KB, 1080x2176, Screenshot_20220518-183852_Goo…)

No. 877771

it’s a dead tooth, maureen. and i hate it. and it’s annoying.

No. 877773

The way it shows up dark brown in heavily filtered photos makes me think it’s probably closer to gray or black IRL

No. 877776

File: 1652924776622.png (2.01 MB, 909x1145, Screenshot 2022-05-18 9.45.09 …)

I can't believe she thinks this is good to post. Eyes looking in totally different directions

No. 877778

carrot top looks shitty here

No. 877779

with the shitty chains and tattoos, she's truly ascended to her role as junkie trailer trash.

No. 877783

File: 1652928169189.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90.9 KB, 448x560, Screenshot_20220518-213815_Sam…)

She literally DOES look like a more manly version of Carrot Top kek
Also (pic related) what the HELL is going on with that lip piercing? I've never seen such weird inflammation

No. 877785

She's a dirt nasty bitch nonnie, what do you expect her to do? Proper after care? Lol

No. 877786

Meant ESL, kek.
People shorthand (?) things all the time in informal communication. We could say: 'the discoloured nicotine-stained tartar/calculus covered' tooth. However, that would be too long. Dead is right there, and slight exaggeration to express disgust is not uncommon. I doubt anyone is taking anything here that seriously.
The way she position her hands is as if she were trying to flex.

No. 877789

Idk what would smell worse, that or her mouth.

No. 877805

Actually had a moment of who is that guy and why is he posted here. It's better than the corpse paint, I guess.

No. 877815

File: 1652980361851.gif (612.26 KB, 245x145, 7E96A77C-E770-43B8-9910-7C1D65…)

Lmao thank u nonni for a chuckle I almost didn’t get the reference. Also Luna is the type to get a tooth gem

No. 877816

christ i thought this was pixielocks putting more effort into jerricka

No. 877819

Toona tooth gem saga incoming….

No. 877841

It won’t upload for me but she posted a video of her stupid bedroom and you can see pumpkin digging in her ears like they need to be cleaned out or has mites

Sage for poor quality milk

No. 877842

File: 1653013020318.jpg (269.08 KB, 1080x1552, fakeboi.jpg)

No. 877843

I seen that… the cat scratched it's ear and then shook its head while sitting right next to tunas hairbrush

No. 877844

No one cares what that smelly bitch has to say.

No. 877846

> she's accomplished more than most people ever
Oh, fakeboi, you’ll always be a pathetic simp and she’ll never befriend you.
> instead of circling the poor girl like literal vultures.
Someone thinks too highly of themselves for being one of us. How is Luna different from the other cows you follow? Right, she’s not.

No. 877848

Accomplished what now

No. 877850

Switching from heroin to benzos, I guess

No. 877853

File: 1653022200570.jpeg (347.96 KB, 750x984, A8E1B3AA-C2A5-4202-BB70-037F72…)

drawing needles because #sober

No. 877854

File: 1653022237933.jpeg (93.82 KB, 750x838, 7FCFF719-8CE5-48AB-864B-D1ACD4…)

topkek she hung that stupid ass belt up on the wall as ~decor~

No. 877858

Can't wait to see her rearranging her cardboard box.

No. 877872

File: 1653055998434.jpeg (276.64 KB, 828x441, 2F19A465-DE05-4880-A29F-88F72E…)

why does she have 3 sticks of deodorant as part of her display

No. 877875

To prove she doesn't stink guyz!

No. 877879

to be fair this looks marginally less filthy than a lot of her pictures

No. 877881

Can someone find a way to post the video? Her account is private, after all.
Keep in mind she stores most of their garbage in the kitchen and then stands in front of the pile for her selfies. She also has a moldering, hip-high clothes pile pouring out of a hall closet you could see in her "Lurch screams at police" vid.

No. 877884

They're probably newly stolen and she's proud

No. 877887

kek the lack of punctuation in this reply makes it look like fakeboi wants people to send luna good vibes if she dies

No. 877889

>instead of circling the poor girl like literal vultures
and she knows this because she browses the thread the same as we do.
Anyway, how is your satanist chic XXXL t-shirt doing, fakeboi?
no I'm not calling OP fakeboi

No. 877892

the video is just a few seconds long, literally just of her desk which pumpkin happens to be on (and yes, digging in her ears like she’s in pain)

i can see if i can upload it but honestly it’s not milky

No. 877893

File: 1653073696320.jpeg (115.63 KB, 932x651, F0AE33B5-C9C7-4AC1-A68F-E455B8…)

Not a cat expert but our cats have only done this when they needed ear drops in the past

No. 877894

same for my cat, and it was due to allergies according to the vet (and easy to take care of..) Doesn't help they smoke inside all damn day, that's most likely what did it.

No. 877896

File: 1653075121297.png (986.91 KB, 928x958, Screenshot 2022-05-20 3.29.44 …)

HOLY SHIT. she looks unbelievably bad. why are her eyebrows bald, that big ass overbite, the fact that her vertical labret lines up to where her first front tooth begins rather than in between her two front teeth.

No. 877898

the “i think she’s pretty” anons have been real quiet lately

anyway! she’s hideous inside and out

No. 877899

She is definitely past the point of no return in how her drug use has affected her appearance. And I don't mean that in a shitty superficial way, women don't need to look perpetually young/conventionally attractive, I mean even if she got sober tomorrow she's still going to look unhealthy and mentally unstable.

No. 877900

If I didn't know who she was I would think she had a botched plastic surgery

No. 877901

a 2 month old corpse looks better than this >>877896

No. 877906

god i just wish she would take the labret out or get her money back for it. or at least get the other side pierced since she basically has a snake bite. jesus.

No. 877907

Imagine posting this to the internet for free

No. 877910

i hope he doesnt had earmites like mine did. i had to take them to the vet and get expensive drops for them. knowing tuna she probbaly wont even get him checked, poor baby

No. 877911

File: 1653089549336.jpeg (452.75 KB, 828x1423, 69AC7906-32EF-4FD2-9478-6DEA89…)

No. 877913

Why does she need a 1099? And what does she mean a new one that's "not red"?

No. 877917

File: 1653092271886.jpg (Spoiler Image, 299.75 KB, 866x881, Screenshot_20220520-191345_Tum…)

Her mouth area makes me nauseous. The brown flecks on her bottom lip, the rash or razor burn on her top lip, the crust to the right, the labret, and those teeth that have never seen floss. She looks 50 years old and worse then her mother who is so old that her "life is over". YIKEEEEES. She has not aged well.

No. 877918

i know her parents were shitty for not addressing her janky teeth and overbite but i would think she could do something as an adult? didn’t she have the means when she got her inheritance to get braces? or at least just fucking floss idk

No. 877921

she needs the 1099 to document her earnings, because as a part time/occasional worker she wouldn’t get a pay stub
the red copy is supposed to go to the government, apparently Alison or whatever her name was fucked it up?

No. 877923

That reads like "If she dies maybe we can just be happy for her." This dumbass is more fried than her hero.

No. 877925

File: 1653103491670.jpg (309.34 KB, 720x1418, VideoCapture_20220520-202405.j…)

No. 877930

Her 2 tooth tattoos were foreshadowing her dead teeth.

No. 877951

Practicing for homeless saga.

No. 877956

I mean even if she doesn't have the money for braces, her teeth would look dramatically different if she took care of them. When it comes to her hygiene she could have the straightest nicest teeth ever and they would still look like shit

No. 877961

She looks the part. Daylight is not kind to her.

No. 877965

what possessed her to sit on the DIRTY FUCKING SIDEWALK jfc

No. 877966

Nonnie, get serious - we’ve all seen the carpet/floor of her squat; the sidewalk is definitely cleaner. At least it gets rained on occasionally.

No. 877972

It always grosses me out too. Whenever I see it I think "her breath must fucking stink". She's gross but her mouth and teeth are on another level of disgusting.

No. 877974

It always shocks me when people say she's pretty… She's completely hideous.

No. 877975

Her tits literally look socks with a pool ball in them.

No. 877982

File: 1653163442723.jpeg (412.63 KB, 1284x1675, 9C202B4B-8B5E-4C5D-8464-1AF756…)

but I happened to see that she got deleted or deleted her account?

No. 877985

Her account still exist and I can still see the thread, nothing was deleted.

No. 877989

It only reads like that because you're trying hard to nitpick.

No. 877990

File: 1653174169044.jpg (242.54 KB, 720x1439, VideoCapture_20220521-160137.j…)

No. 877991

>>877990 grippy sock vacay vibez

No. 877993

Trolling because she lurks hard here and seen anon say she looks like a 50 year old kek >>877917

No. 877995

I think she was really cute at her thinnest like in the reposted photo in grey clothes or even in the Courtney/Kayla skinwalk one, but she has succeeded in completely ruining herself. Congrats, Luna.

No. 877999


No. 878005

Why has she dropped the filters all of a sudden?? Holy fuck it’s so jarring seeing her like this, acne, pallor, dead teeth, lazy eye and all. I guess her plan to handle the eviction is to get so high she forgets about it, which I’m sure will work out great for her.

Maybe a dumb question, but does heroin, like the substance itself, directly fuck with aspects of your appearance like this? Or are we just seeing the cumulative effect of years of poor health and hygiene due to being strung out all the time?

No. 878006

she’s always had a jacked up face and garbage personality

No. 878007

Never used heroin but a couple anons in the past have mentioned it severely inhibits your ability to see yourself properly

No. 878009

File: 1653185557265.jpg (9.26 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

Gypsy Rose Blanchard vibes honestly

No. 878011

No, it's just dirtbags being dirtbags that just happen to use opiates, too. Some long term addicts look younger than people that have never used.
Tuna would be a gross slob regardless of her former opiate use/ current benzo abuse.

No. 878012

We laughed at her for the fake af filters so it's pointless to mock her for not using them. I'd rather see the true state of her decay than be fooled with smoke and mirrors. I personally prefer this Tuna so I'm less shocked when I see her irl.

No. 878013

File: 1653188759006.png (1.22 MB, 891x1170, Screen Shot 2022-05-21 at 10.0…)

jfc i know this is makeup/styled hair vs none but…the difference is astounding

No. 878014

File: 1653190327636.jpeg (911.3 KB, 828x1313, 992C3388-50BA-442C-9AE3-D54FDF…)

No. 878016

Sorry your feelings got hurt.

No. 878017

>>877990 it always amazes me how in every non-filtered picture luna has an awful perioral herpes outbreak. you can see the crusts and the awful discoloration it leaves when it heals

No. 878020

Has she ever completely removed her makeup or does she just always have some left on her face even when she says she isn’t wearing any

No. 878021

How is she confidently posting these… crust, herpes and all?
Heroin? Is it heroin?

No. 878022

No one is mocking her for not using them. Nonnies are just shocked at how she looks without them

No. 878025

Hiding the crook of her arm like a true sobriety warrior

No. 878029

Last exit to brooklyn vibes. 'MARY THE BOY NEEDS A HAIRCUT!'

No. 878030

Kek the broken Chair is still there. Gross gross gross gross!

No. 878033

man, I was assuming she was suffering from eczema on her face…..but Herpes makes sense as well.

No. 878036

File: 1653215617930.jpeg (766.04 KB, 828x1440, 3CD1B6F9-3B08-47D6-BD40-062887…)

Jesus Christ

No. 878038

Lol tell us you’re a basic bitch dental assistant without actually telling us you’re basic bitch dental assistant.

No. 878039

To me it looks like irritation from improper hair removal (leaving the depilatory cream too long, for example) but I’ll concede and say I’m neither a skincare nor a medfag.

No. 878040


She doesn't even manage to put foundation on her whole face, she's not going to bother getting rid of her upper lip hair. We've seen it in the older threads. This is some sort of fungal/yeast infection.

No. 878041

You’re probably right, I only mentioned it because I don’t see it in these.

No. 878042


She looks like the mother from Requiem for a Dream

Saged for nitpicking(learn2sage)

No. 878044

File: 1653226897702.jpg (285.59 KB, 1080x1096, Screenshot_20220522-063923_Goo…)

Tooooona! I know you lurk here. You need to keep your face clean with a MILD cleanser and ANTIBIOTICS!!!!!(autism)

No. 878045

absolutely jarring how she went straight from heavily filtered into “super HD natural light” selfies with no in between

No. 878052

File: 1653232713139.gif (499.85 KB, 500x275, 6sjx.gif)

I was about to say the same thing, Tuna is her.

No. 878058

idk if it’s her plucking her eyelashes off or the excessive mascara and not washing it off properly but jesus she’s really fucked up her natural lashes.

No. 878062

File: 1653236117633.gif (2.37 MB, 480x362, 5C6w.gif)

No. 878068

File: 1653244490798.jpeg (137.67 KB, 828x830, 527E1955-6DE0-4433-8CD6-D94F5B…)

No. 878069

File: 1653244598442.jpeg (600.43 KB, 828x1296, 433AFA15-006D-4A35-B3EC-54BE9A…)

No. 878070

Lmao dying fat is the absolute least of her problems. How is she not insecure about her rotting mouth but is about being a chunker

No. 878074

distilled essence of bpd

No. 878078

"I'm never using filters again"
Posts this.
Never to tuna means not right now, just like her soberity

No. 878079

>>878033 she used to complain about genital herpes on her secret drug blog all the time a long time so if think it's safe to assume she has it orally too or at leat that's what it looks like to me

No. 878080

It looks like what happens when little kids obsessively lick their lips until they get a rash all around their mouth

No. 878084

File: 1653261367613.jpeg (513.37 KB, 750x1016, D7E08BAB-C8C1-49AE-850D-A3DF7D…)


No. 878085

File: 1653261404424.jpeg (383.9 KB, 750x863, 31189261-CC1E-4142-96BA-1B16CB…)


I wonder which stuffed animal is “like her son”

No. 878086

File: 1653261464590.jpeg (1011.4 KB, 750x1091, 59FB6F8B-BC3F-4E2D-8B91-8BA54C…)

No. 878090

the way she pushed her entire head of hair to the front in a triangle shape is so funny every time

No. 878094

this looks like a toy for a baby

No. 878101

That's exactly what it is. A Peter Rabbit plush for an actual baby.

No. 878104

it’s so sad when a child’s intelligence outstrips its parents’

No. 878108

File: 1653281015707.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.73 KB, 679x679, 51T8t9L1fML._SX679_.jpg)


As shown in this post >>876203 she uses literally the WORST toner known to mankind. The Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner has been on the shit-tier list ever since I was in high school back in the myspace era. The stuff could strip paint off of walls. She's given herself some crazy combination of contact dermatitis and eczema from all of the unnecessary skincare shit she his using. I remember someone even called her out before and asked her why she is using so many products.

No. 878111

File: 1653281176937.jpeg (182.97 KB, 520x821, C1A99FC0-5452-42EB-BF47-18A268…)

lmao she’s worried that people won’t take good care of her stuff

No. 878114

File: 1653282869680.jpg (206.89 KB, 720x1444, VideoCapture_20220522-221347.j…)

No. 878118

File: 1653285757061.jpg (361.68 KB, 1080x1733, Screenshot_20220522-230103_Ins…)

No. 878119

that looks more like razor burn or irritated skin after a bad waxing session, it's right where her upper lip hair would usually be visible.

No. 878121

The pic you take after a long day of working under your car…

No. 878122

oh lord, how did I not notice the filth? Thanks anon kek

No. 878123

File: 1653288326006.jpg (281.56 KB, 1080x1856, Screenshot_20220522-234350_Ins…)

Somehow I missed this one, it was posted 4 hours after >>878086 so that didn't last long.

No. 878124

No idea why she overcompensates with skin care when she could just wash and change her fucking filthy sheets. Going to the laundromat each week would cost way less than her horde of drug store skincare.

No. 878130

She's acting like she's willing to go thru the trouble to send a plushie in to be re-stuffed (which,, I'm pretty sure that "plushie hospital" shit isn't cheap) but doesn't care enough to take her sick cat to the vet? Alright then.
It's so funny to me that she's worried about a plushie when she's about to get evicted. What does she have? One more month?

No. 878131

She's willing to send out the plushie, but unwilling to wash her literally black from grime ones. I wonder if she does send it out, how much will it stink up the crafter's house and how uncomfortable would they be with this sack of diseases.

No. 878134

The top looks so dirty

No. 878144

shes starting to look like Lurch

No. 878153

>>878111 Holy SHIT this might actually be the worst those stuffed animals have ever looked. Having new ones next to the old ones really shows off how cursed those Sanrio plush toys are.

No. 878165

i believe that is an older photo from Roger’s apartment. She hasn’t given us a HQ photo of her dwelling in some time, but I am sure it looks the same. I mean she’s not one to wash her plushies, nor throw them away, so

No. 878166

File: 1653339055768.jpeg (338.68 KB, 2048x2048, 2B901C7C-9534-475F-9B20-DC2772…)

However we do have a little taste of what it’s like.

No. 878176

I think they use the chair to help block the door since their trash heap doesn’t have a lock

No. 878181

the pic is from a couple threads ago. I was just pointing out the irony.

No. 878195

you’d think since she feels soooo unsafe in her apartment that she would google how to fix a lock and just take it into her own hands

No. 878210

File: 1653371092550.jpeg (178.59 KB, 659x1076, 22821A22-0D53-4992-A7F0-6EA289…)

I went back a few threads and this was less than a year ago. Maybe she should stick with the blonde hair and filters.

No. 878214

She melted her hair off by putting bleach all over her already bleach damanged hair trying to be platinum even though people kept warning her.

No. 878229

I'm so confused about why she never does laundry or cleans anything. I know drugs can make you lazy but her whole life revolves around buying and owning trinkets so you'd think she'd be interested in keeping them nice. where does all the grime even come from?

No. 878230

I think it's more about the process of buying all that stuff as a form of "therapy" and reward for whatever. What happens after she bought them doesn't really matter to her, as long as she did buy them.

No. 878231

this was arguably one of the funniest things to happen in the past year. luna arguing with some kind follower that she knew what she was doing, and literally the NEXT day posted a selfie with half of her hair fried off. and then didnt address it. i hope that follower of hers had a good laugh.

No. 878237

Its 100% an addiction like everything else, her material consumption over the years has never in any form included reuse. When she was begging for brand markers like copics and they dried out, she would grift for new ones but copics are refillable and one flask of ink fills the markers x amount of times depending on size. That same thought process applies to everything else in her life even though we know she knows better cause shes been vocal about second hand shopping/thrifty scene before she was a broke drug addict who had no other choice. Top notch consumerism no matter the budget, shes fried 90% of her brain at this point with zero proactive intervention, I don’t think shes gonna improve habits wise even if she gets off substances. She would mitigate the drug funds over to trinkets and become a full time hoarder.

No. 878240

>>878210 i am down for another hair melting saga. especially with trying to bleach out the box dye and red tones.

No. 878255

I'm shocked that she looks good (for tuna) in this pic compared to now. And it's not even a year ago? Tuna what have you done kek

No. 878260

File: 1653449948214.jpeg (389.45 KB, 640x889, 030F1A22-A620-48D6-B400-618FEC…)

just a couple years ago and we thought she looked insane back then, but it is nothing compared to tuna of the present

No. 878266


it's crazy how much younger and less corpsey she looked back then, I haven't looked back in a while and it's startling. guess it's been some time since she started abusing dem filters, but was only starting to carry the haggard air of a long term heroin/benzo/food addict. the dramatic shift now from the last few mild-filter pics is crazy.

it's been pretty wild to see the rapid downfall and speculate on her appearance sans filter, but perceiving this huge difference probably had something to do with not seeing her unfiltered for an age and a half. tbh I wonder how much she had to keep upping the filters as time went on. body dysmorphia is a bitch, especially when you're hooked on filters.

I'm def a tad curious to see how long this "I will never again use a filter" push will last (not counting the times she uses a filter, ofc, those don't count)

No. 878274

Back when she used to look like this I thought she was the coolest girl, she really had the aesthetic nailed… I literally almost started using heroin because of her but stuck to weed, benzo and meth ultimately… idk, I like the idea of being a self destructive punk heroin chic girl, but idk what Luna is doing anymore, this new aesthetic doesn’t suit her at all and she just isn’t as cool as she used to be. It’s really quite sad but I’m glad I never got into opioids in the end. She needs to lost some weight, bleach her hair again and incorporate more needles and heroin stuff into her pics & general aesthetic…

No. 878275

File: 1653474588141.jpg (378.11 KB, 1080x1156, Screenshot_20220525-062853_Sam…)

Didn't someone say Tuna's Reddit was gone? If so, it's baaaack.

No. 878277

What the actual fuck, Anon?

No. 878279

youre a fucking moron. go to therapy you goddamn twerp

No. 878280

This reads like satire or a self post

No. 878282

You made the same post threads ago, and got a rise out of no one. Give it a rest.

No. 878286

Get a personality

No. 878287

You should definitely do heroin, and a lot of it. Darwin yourself, OD before you live long enough to reproduce.

No. 878290

It was never gone.

No. 878292

Careful telling super-duper BPD anon to get a personality, her next one will be yours! (Because heroin chic anon is totally empty inside and will never develop herself enough to have a personality of her own.)

No. 878296

File: 1653496590984.jpeg (585.72 KB, 828x1405, D59A6BDC-9F41-4A70-AD98-F9805B…)

>I can swim for hours

No. 878297

File: 1653496625035.jpeg (584.31 KB, 828x1413, 9EAB3E3A-6DEE-45A8-98F7-2532A4…)

No. 878299

>upcoming eviction
>didn’t try it on first
>doesn’t know where a pool is

budgeting kween. only the essentials for luna! I can just see her getting in a pool and the water turns fucking green.

No. 878305

i see she's doing really well at not putting filters on her pictures anymore!

No. 878306

The fact that she obviously did not wash it before wearing it disgust so much.

No. 878308

She's embarrassed by her weight? Honey, how are you not embarrassed by the state of your house that prominently featyrea in the background of your pilled-out selfies??? Her wannarexic whining is like the least embarrassing thing about her life.
Clearly spending her remaining weeks before she gets kicked out very wisely!

No. 878312

i have the instagram video from today wherein she’s preaching about skin texture while blitzed out of her mind. could anyone help me out with uploading a video or i could just wait for someone else to upload?

No. 878313

To be completely fair I wouldn’t try on a swimsuit from a thrift store, I’d wait until I can go home and wash it first. But in her case, we all know that didn’t happen. God only knows what was in the fabric that’s now skin tight on her.

No. 878315

Try to upload it to Dropbox or Streamable and one of the nonas can grab it from there for the local archive.

No. 878317

File: 1653515708354.jpg (570.42 KB, 2764x1341, ??.jpg)

Why is she wearing the swimsuit backwards? It has that ruching that wrap style usually have to hide lumps and bumps.

No. 878318

did this retard really spend IRL money to customize her reddit avatar? don’t worry it was cheap cheap CHEAP

No. 878319

Some customising items are free but wouldn’t put it past her to receive Reddit credit from scrotes. Kailyn, another cow, used to sell nudes/cam for tokens for an online game.

No. 878320

Didn't Luna also went on AC facebook group and ask for items in exchange for nudes?

No. 878321

File: 1653516815525.jpeg (58.84 KB, 540x720, A869D325-0355-4019-B5E9-60A057…)

No. 878322

Tuna we've heard the way you have to huff and puff for air while simply SPEAKING in your videos… You cannot swim for hours kek

No. 878323

There are literally dozens of pools in New Rochelle, wtf is she talking about?

No. 878325

File: 1653523304628.jpg (254.41 KB, 720x1600, VideoCapture_20220525-170026.j…)

No. 878327

File: 1653525622346.jpg (308.89 KB, 1019x1012, Screenshot_20220525-174018_No …)

No. 878328

oh my god it really is backwards. Luna…

No. 878329

that is a really weird swimsuit tbh why would it have that deep V/wrap on the back?

No. 878330


holy shit lol. the wrap around the breast area, the fabric pulled up to be more flattering around the stomach area- sitting right under her shoulder blades lol. I imagine the pull of the fabric feels really wrong worn like that.

I've seen low-back suits like this, itight have been less obvious it goes the other way, but I can't imagine not figuring it out before taking pics lmao

I wonder how quickly she'll take more pics with it turned the right way once she reads here, and either ignores it or goes for the "teehee I think it's reversible"

No. 878331

File: 1653527418773.webm (9.95 MB, 888x1920, 3319667-6d417120350922c209e8d0…)

No. 878332

File: 1653528303434.png (3.11 MB, 750x1334, 70B85FC7-84E7-4A47-9993-069957…)

lmao did she change the caption after reading us saying it’s razor burn?

No. 878333

who drinks gatorade by putting her whole ass mouth in the bottle opening ?? is she a child?? i find it hard to believe she used a cup

No. 878334

that’s an active heroin user

No. 878335

wow you weren't wrong nona. she's high as balls. why is she talking so quietly though???

No. 878336

File: 1653530824079.png (3.7 MB, 828x1792, DB8818A5-7758-451C-9B27-3BE0A4…)

The absolute state of those lashes

No. 878337

File: 1653531175086.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x1670, 0D2B3F43-D5B6-4E92-857B-6EAE1B…)


No. 878341

File: 1653531726017.jpg (45.85 KB, 513x655, back.jpg)

It doesn’t, that part goes on the front. It’s pretty obvious under her armpits that it’s backwards. The closest I could find with a similar back was picrel.
You might have a case, Luna. That Gatorade obviously burnt your top lip.

No. 878342

Careful you’re gonna trigger muh fetty anon

No. 878346

What happened to no filters? Also that thing really doesn't fit

No. 878347

What is her obsession with skin skin SKIN TEXTURE! lately. Tuna your face is literally crusty and gross because you don't know how to take care of yourself and you abuse drugs. And you look like shit because you're high as shit when you slap on your makeup

No. 878353

Chair update: 96 days.

Maybe the front doesn't show enough cleavage for her liking. Luna's retarded, but she's also desperate for attention.

No. 878361

File: 1653548037769.jpeg (464.99 KB, 828x1131, A2C14A1F-CFB5-423B-8213-C1B121…)

crying, screaming, throwing up

No. 878362

File: 1653548068935.png (72.84 KB, 671x572, m 1.PNG)

While perusing the other farms, I realised we had not discussed this. What do we think Matthew is trying to achieve with his review?
> then proceeded to smash my windows and it cost me several hundred dollars plus an all day cleaning job

No. 878363

Do you think someone is paying her to post these? Like a weird humiliation kink? Because who’s this for otherwise?

No. 878364

Literally the worst of the worst. How can you complain when you're a squatter and a dope fiend. You're no better than who you complain about. Get off your ass and find a job if you hate where you're living so much. Pathetic.

No. 878366

how many days left on the count down until they're out of there?

No. 878367

>can u believe convicted violent felons are given free rent
Yes, it's your everyday life, Lurch.
>i pray to god I'm not murdered by one every night
We have conflicting prayers.
It's no wonder he's as fat as he is with him being so full of himself. Do you really think news agencies will give a damn about what a bitter junkie has to say?

No. 878369


God he's such a Karen.
His caseworker probably denied a request or told him he's ineligible for something so he's having a moment.

Also why are him and Luna so hell bent on trying to make people believe they have "hundreds" just lying around to fix things; yet in the same breath say how poor and unfortunate they are?

Make it make sense

No. 878375

File: 1653567080567.jpeg (785.37 KB, 828x1378, 09CCF6C0-E946-4CEC-A58F-6FA08F…)

This bitch forgets what grimy photos she posts. Is this a benzos thing? I assume they make you quite forgetful

Saged for old photo

No. 878377

probably benzos and the fact that she has 8600 posts on instagram alone

No. 878379

Kek look at that huge bruise on her breast. Her tits are disgusting. That stupid barbed wire style necklace is super tacky too.

No. 878381

File: 1653583711751.jpg (551.74 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220526-174706_Chr…)

Her flaking crumbling scratched off tattoos that look like she forgot about aftercare give me the ick big time. Disgusted but not surprised

No. 878382

Why is her top half pale like a corpse and the bottom half pink like a pig

No. 878384

She's wearing a white top.

No. 878385

File: 1653587935432.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1214x1390, 80D3B572-A23A-4F6D-9BA6-5BA5D6…)

finally getting a double chin

No. 878388

this looks like someone literally wearing ginger bronson's skin like a suit

No. 878389

Who tf is Ginger Bronson

No. 878390

I think they’re referring to this other cow >>>/snow/206974

No. 878391

She's wearing what used to be a white top.
It kind of warms my heart how anons in this thread still refer to her stuff using the colour it used to be, eg "that white Rilakkuma bear" etc, it's like a testament to humans' resilience, like it could still become clean again one day, and I love it ngl

No. 878392

That's Korilakkuma you absolute dingus

No. 878393

is she special needs? i’m so serious

No. 878395

File: 1653606032287.jpeg (515.33 KB, 750x959, EF80CD2D-3030-4675-9FD0-DF05E6…)


No. 878396

wash your fucking hands

No. 878397

Did that happen before or after he called you disgusting and liked a SWer’s twitter nude lmao

No. 878398

File: 1653608339283.jpg (348.31 KB, 720x1440, VideoCapture_20220526-161857.j…)

No. 878399

Peak romance would be sitting down and discussing what changes the two of you need to make to become healthier. Peak romance would be going grocery shopping together and cooking a healthy meal for once. What else does Lurch get up to besides making insane posts and looking at other women online? But if the ninth-grade flavored ~emotionally damaged~ romance is the one you want to keep, by all means!

No. 878400

File: 1653608656455.webm (10.33 MB, 720x1384, XRecorder_26052022_161655.webm)

No. 878401

and he’s the one calling her fat in the first place LOL

No. 878402

It looks like it wiped off at night and she rewrote it for the pic

No. 878403

so she lasted like four days with unfiltered photos?? luna makes me cackle i swear to god. i’ve never seen such an inconsistent person in my life.

No. 878404

wow riveting content tuna

No. 878406

this is so embarrassing, she's almost 30.

No. 878407


Luna either didn’t move all night, keeping herself and hand in the same position over the yellow/black outline flower tea towel until Lurch approached her in the morning to scribble it out while she remained motionless. OR she wrote DON’T EAT FATTY, took a pic, scribbled it out, took another pic from a slightly different angle, rotated it one quarter turn then wrote some cringe. I’m going with the later. What a dumb, desperate ploy to make it seem like she actually has 1) an eating disorder 2) a bf who notices things about her and takes the initiative to change them. “Peak romance” KEK!

No. 878408

She always looks so…. chalky and sticky…. She's never clean it's so disgusting.

No. 878410

File: 1653613429796.jpg (275.65 KB, 1080x847, Screenshot_20220526-210238_Chr…)

I don't know if it's because I'm tired but I don't understand what she's trying to say.

No. 878411

i don’t either? her edit makes no sense. it’s cut to death… because you can die from a tiny amount. that’s what everyone is saying. that’s why fentanyl is so deadly. she only survived ODs bc of Narcan. that has nothing to do with how deadly fentanyl is. if anything, that proves against her point?

No. 878414

I'm so glad she posted this. I was frantically going about my day panicking over how Tuna plays a video game. I can finally breathe and sleep better tonight now that I know. The world will make songs and tell stories to their children of how Tuna plays a video game now that we all know.

No. 878415

Basically she's trying to call bs on the risk of death from fentanyl in the most impossibly micro doses and little exposure. When she says "it's cut to death" she's saying that the fentanyl is mixed with other ingredients that supposedly lower or weaken the amount of fentanyl, making a lower risk of ODing on it. And she's saying that most heroin these days are cut with fentanyl, so that definitely means fentanyl isn't ~that~ bad since more people aren't dying right after using. Junkie logic.
There was a viral video about a cop who seized some fentanyl and he overdosed almost immediately after being exposed by the tiniest amount (can't remember if he touched like 3 particles or inhaled a little of it, but it was some kind of small exposure to it).

No. 878422


sage for irrelevant ACAB, but that disgusting pig was faking the overdose to draw public compassion for cops(retarded bait)

No. 878423

Yeah that cop's blood pressure & pulse was raised, respiration went up. All typical signs of an opiate OD. /s
Luna is kind of right here. The "a single grain on your skin could kill you" is typical cop moid exaggeration as a cope. The retarded cops are so paranoid about the fear tactics that they get a small exposure and have a panic attack and think they are dying. Other jobs like nurses and paramedics don't have near the same amount of stories of "on the job ODs" because they're not that stupid.
Yes, injesting/injecting a small amount of fent in an opiate naive person could be an emergency. Or sticking your ungloved hand into a mystery sample bag. But not casual contact.

No. 878427

You are right about the cops exaggerating, but it is also a tactic to take people in due to 'potential risk'. Same goes with IV users, presence alone can be seen as a crime due to the used syringe point possibly poking an officer, giving him a fentanyl overdose sprinkled with hepatitis C and autism.

No. 878430

>5 OD's
Before she 'got sober' wasn't it 3? Crazy it's been almost 2 years of her lying about sobriety >>762698

No. 878434

Maybe she had secret ODs that she forgot to write a poem about kek

No. 878436

she mentioned recently it was 3 so she must have OD’s a couple more times in recent months. Not surprised as if she did stop using heroin, her tolerance went down and she likely tried to start using again at the same dose she took before.

No. 878437

Tuna is a liar so even with her saying she's sober from her drug of choice, who can believe her. That's aside from the "sober from my drug of choice" bullshit she's spewing. Like she should get some kind of prize for still being a worthless drug addict.

No. 878446

now that she admits that she don’t like to use heroin, i’m wondering if she’s manipulating the facts so she can say “well i’m sober from FENTANYL not heroin” like TND

No. 878448

File: 1653674546681.jpg (60.8 KB, 1080x439, 20220527_135958.jpg)

I was curious about this too and I combed through her reddit posts. Turns out she has been saying 5 times for quite some time now. Last time she said 4 was a year ago when she was three months into sobriety.

No. 878451

lurk moar summerfag

No. 878456

how does one OD while sober

No. 878458

a lot of junkies do lie about how many ODs they’ve had to one up each other and get extra sympathy points.

No. 878460

More importantly how does someone repeatedly OD and just keep using when they clearly don’t know what they’re doing?

No. 878463

how do you fail at doing drugs especially with someone else doing half the work for you

No. 878468

Have you never met an addict? The siren song of their drug of choice usually overpowers their fear of death, even if they've OD'ed repeatedly.

No. 878469

By being a lying bastard.

No. 878471

File: 1653706819825.jpg (266.67 KB, 1080x1794, Screenshot_20220527-195558_Ins…)

Another practically incoherent post

No. 878472

Girl, get some Windex

No. 878473

File: 1653709294926.gif (304.59 KB, 400x300, 4e44d188-58e1-4cb2-86d9-fefa0d…)

or at least some (cheap cheap cheap!) offbrand shite

No. 878477


not affording windex is a mood(sage)

No. 878479

No. 878483

As if she either wouldn't get it via evil dad's credit card or just steal it kek.

No. 878525

have you guys noticed any evidence that she’s still stealing? i think she’s gotten too lazy for that and just relies on matthew and other ppl. it’s easier to play games all day and shop online.

No. 878546

she wouldn’t because it’s not a priority for her. why spend $3 on windex when you could buy a $3 shein crop top

No. 878547

She definitely does not leave her apartment at this point. Ever.

No. 878573

File: 1653848017970.jpeg (601.33 KB, 828x1069, A5ED36E8-95BD-46B2-BBB2-97911F…)

tumblr dump

No. 878574

File: 1653848045152.jpeg (740.53 KB, 828x1251, 9FDA1EBD-833F-44BB-AD48-F47F21…)

No. 878575

File: 1653848077301.jpeg (731.57 KB, 828x1442, 05CB3E42-1F3B-4F37-B2FA-2CEF5E…)

No. 878576

File: 1653848107047.jpeg (693.38 KB, 828x1416, 31AE86DE-7F79-4C0B-9BE2-F88616…)

No. 878582

How does it look like she's wearing a large, prosthetic chin in the first picture?

No. 878584


I noticed that too, it looks so red and bulbous

No. 878586

she has a very forward-projected chin, that face she's making/angle really make it look very pronounced. It's honestly not a bad feature to have, it's why even at her weight she's gotten away with not having much of a double chin.

No. 878587

she really should just never open her mouth unless she gets her teeth fixed my god

No. 878609

Is she trying to look retarded? Serious question, I swear.

No. 878610

She wouldn’t even need to eat less or starve herself to lose weight, like she could eat the exact same amount so long as she swapped out her usual processed garbage for something nutritious with vegetables I don’t get her mindset

No. 878612

the way she talks in videos makes me think she’s special needs or has at least something else going on mentally besides drug addiction and supposed “BPD”

No. 878613

seriously her TDEE is probably like 3000 if she were to move at all during the day. she could just simply not eat like a fucking pig for a few months and get down to a more comfortable spot

No. 878617

For as much time as she spends online, I'm shocked she hasn't tried rinsing her mouth with hydrogen peroxide or using those Mr. Clean Easer sponges to whiten her teeth

No. 878624

this never happened

No. 878626

So when is she supposed to be evicted? Sometime in the next month right?

No. 878629

Drug addiction fries your brain. Sage 4 blogpost but I've been an addict (not heroin, other opioids, benzo's and alcohol) for 'only' a year and my vocabulary and way of wording has gone downhill so much. People comment that I talk slower. This is just armchairing of course but I think she has actual brain damage from all those years of daily drug abuse. Drugs also mess with your perception of yourself, she was probably high as a kite while taking and posting those photos.

No. 878633

she’s also a heroin baby so there’s that.

No. 878644

Luna appears to be textbook pcos: painful irregular periods, peach fuzz facial hair, utis/bladder problems, bad hormonal acne. IDK if she has claimed pcos but it can complicate weight gain/loss. Tubs of ice cream could be the culprit though kek. Either way she'd feel a lot better mentally and physically if she lost some weight, especially if she's going to continue making "skinny" her #1 life priority.

No. 878656

File: 1653978490394.jpg (180.05 KB, 1080x1244, Screenshot_20220530-232452_Sam…)

Lurch apparently has an anxiety disorder from watching baseball kek

No. 878665

Don't worry asshole. When you're living on the street in a few weeks, you won't be able to watch a game. Problem solved. Kek

No. 878667

about to be evicted and played a role in his fathers death but baseball is what gives him anxiety

No. 878673

Yep I'm pretty sure she's said years ago that she has pcos but I could be remembering wrong

No. 878680

Yeah, I remember this too

No. 878682

File: 1654006068567.jpg (70.55 KB, 806x806, Screenshot_20220531-160628_Chr…)

>kill me, please

No. 878684

i think this is correct. but it doesn’t make her sound broken and tragic uwu so she doesn’t exploit it like she does with her BPD

No. 878692

How is it even possible for the plushies to get this filthy? I don't think I could replicate this even if I went outside and stomped one into the dirt. It's honestly impressive how disgusting she is

No. 878698

It's from the two of them smoking cigarettes in their squat. That layer of filth is partially tar and soot, so disgusting. Everything in that place must reek of mildew and smoke

No. 878701

nona is very much right about that. The neighbours below me are chain smoking idiots, their ceiling has the same colour as that stuffed animal and even I have some of their smoke remains in my flat, only because I open my windows to get some air. Best is the smell coming out of their flat, it smells like a pub and it will linger in the hallway for hours. It's actually sad that Tuna keeps a cat in that flat, that poor thing must have problems breathing, but soon they will have all the fresh air they need, isn't she due to leave that flat in June?

No. 878707

Samefag but I used to live in a townhouse and had a neighbor whose white blinds were literally yellow and curling from smoking inside.

No. 878708

I hope they turn the cat loose when they’re evicted, a tough life outside beats a life with Luna & Lurch. I imagine it’s difficult to keep a cat around when you live on the street.

No. 878709

I cleaned under my bed last week, I had a layer of grey-yellow smeary dust under it just from the cigarette smoke from the flat below me, imagine how it must be in Tuna's flat

maybe they will give the cat to a shelter, well, whom I'm kidding, they keep her close until she either dies or runs away. I hate people that can't put the needs of a pet above their own needs.

No. 878717

>I hate people that can't put the needs of a pet above their own needs.
In what world are pets more important than humans lmfao

No. 878718

Anon obviously means Tuna is causing Pumpkin harm by keeping her for selfish reasons you retard. Do you support animal abuse too? Having a pet is a responsibility, not a right.

No. 878729

If you don't plan on taking care of the cat, why even get one in the first place? Luckily, someone like you will probably never get a cat.

No. 878730

File: 1654079134569.jpg (184.41 KB, 720x1448, VideoCapture_20220601-032153.j…)

Song about ODing on H

No. 878731

Your reading comprehension sucks. Glad you've never had a pet though, for the pet's sake.

How about singing Liar by the Rollins Band.

No. 878732

She mentioned this song in one of her old poems, about her singing this song slowly to herself in the TV room of the psych ward she was in 12th grade.

No. 878745

Anons this milk is stale as hell. We get it. She’s fat, crusty, and abuses her cat. She continually evades homelessness facilitated by the system. Her partner is a grooming cheater fatty. How many more threads of these repeated themes until she isn’t even worthy of discussing? Boring.

No. 878746

If you're bored then leave. Sage your shit.

No. 878747

File: 1654101640090.jpg (219.17 KB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20220601-093758_Ins…)

Shes getting a double chin, or she's getting worse at hiding it.

No. 878748

File: 1654101953075.jpg (225.01 KB, 1080x1635, Screenshot_20220601-093747_Ins…)

Flat out begging for compliments already this morning

No. 878750

At this point we’re just waiting for the inevitable homeless saga.

No. 878757

maybe didn't read carefully enough, but when are they due to leave their beloved home for good?

No. 878763

Iirc June 30th is the vacate date. It's coming up quick and there's still no sign of a plan B. They're both jobless and socially inept, eating and injecting the little funds they should have been saving. While Luna's performing a crusty selfie gauntlet to distract herself from her divorce with her toothbrush, a proper diet & soap, Lurch is pigging up for hibernation & harassing Twitwhores as he watches a baseball game on an unplugged box tv. Wonder who Luna's going to manipulate into housing 2 hygienically challenged freeloaders this time around.

No. 878770

Her mom. 100% calling it right now.

No. 878773

File: 1654117741124.jpeg (990.3 KB, 750x1118, 2BBA157E-2A31-4FAF-B239-47AE86…)

Weird thing to beg for when you’re about to be put on the street

No. 878778

I would back this but did we ever hear conclusively that she was moved into a more supervised place? Having social workers get harassed by tuna and lurch I’d think they would be watching for just this to happen. Of course tuna doesn’t care if she gets her mom kicked out, but I’m wondering.

No. 878783

File: 1654127128866.jpg (210.03 KB, 720x1441, VideoCapture_20220601-164413.j…)

No. 878784

File: 1654127155826.jpg (199.43 KB, 720x1437, VideoCapture_20220601-164337.j…)

No. 878785

File: 1654127210435.jpg (216.75 KB, 720x1446, VideoCapture_20220601-164334.j…)

No. 878786

I really hope mom’s social worker is on this and makes sure Luna and Lurch don’t hijack her place

No. 878787

this just crossed my mind, do you think she has a PO Box? and that's why she's not worried about the moving and people sending items to her/buying cheap cheap shein trinkets.

No. 878790

Buy your own canvases Luna, if you can afford all the cheap cheap clothes and skin stuff you can afford canvases

No. 878791

This costs money, foresight, and effort so no.

No. 878792

junkies tend to stick together so in all probability her mom hasn’t mentioned this eviction to her social worker. but any sensible person who has been ridiculed and insulted like her mom has by luna would tell her and prepare her.

No. 878793

> whining about milk being dry

>all you guys talk about is inserts the entire reason luna has a thread to begin with

if you’re looking for another tessa saga you’re not going to see if any time soon. roger can only die once. not really sure what you’re looking for here.

No. 878801

>>Roger can only die once


No. 878802

Can't you get canvases at Dollar Tree or something in Burgenland? At least the German equivalent sells canvasses starting at 1-2€, so they truly are cheap cheap cheap

No. 878804

aren’t there canvases at target? i know it’s tempting to get another shitty face mask but maybe she should exercise (kek) some self control

No. 878808

You have such a way with words, nonny.
It seemed plausible at one time but a while back I believe she complained that her evil crack-using neighbors stole her mail before. Eventually she'll miss a package because she's out on her ass and I'm sure it'll be devastating.
She was just at the thrift store, you can buy old shitty hotel art for $1 and paint over it if you're really desperate for canvas! Hope you're lurking and pick up this tip, Tuna darling!

No. 878809

six months ago she was freaking out about her living situation 24/7 and it just kind of stopped one day. No more apartment hunting or desperate fb/reddit posts asking for advice. I think she probably wore her dad down enough that he’s going to let them stay with him. Whatever it is, I’m certain she has some kind of backup that she’s just not talking about on social media

No. 878812

File: 1654185277136.jpg (1.32 MB, 968x4464, Screenshot_20220602-115313_Chr…)

When was the last time she got more products? This is insane.

No. 878816

>out of all my skincare stuff for a month
what? Her last skincare stuff was bought at the beginning of April and March, how can she use so much product in so little time? She also wrote one month ago that she considers not talking to her mum for a while, well, that lastet long.

No. 878818

She uses way too many products on probably a daily that ruin her skin. Iirc she even acknowledged it and said she would calm down when her skin started breaking out in red patches a few weeks back. But of course it's Tuna we're talking about here so she likely never stopped.

No. 878819

File: 1654190327423.jpg (168.36 KB, 1080x1074, Screenshot_20220602-095913_Sam…)

Lurch is acting like he's better than men who also do drugs and cheat on their partners again lol

No. 878821

File: 1654193845494.jpg (133.44 KB, 720x1390, VideoCapture_20220602-111658.j…)

No. 878822

Looking like an uwu Hartley Hooligan

No. 878823

Holy shit I'll never unsee it kek

No. 878824

oh good i hope it looks like shit

No. 878825

For fucks sake she really couldn't wipe down the dye on her forehead? She's going to look orange when it mixes with her yellow ass foundation

No. 878826

Goddamnit I thought the same thing!

No. 878827

The nasty black eye boogers and were her eyelids always that droopy that they literally sit on top her eyelashes??
It's such an ugly picture. I know she's high when she posts this shit but goddamn.

No. 878840

the way she claims to be sober but her pupils are almost always pinned is so funny imo

No. 878842

did she nod out with dye still in her hair? no way she hasnt posted the final result yet. girl needs the attention to survive.

No. 878843

If the bridge piercing wasn't there I might have mistaken this for lurch and I'm not even joking

No. 878846

File: 1654213508144.jpg (197.07 KB, 720x1387, VideoCapture_20220602-164424.j…)

No. 878847

File: 1654213531659.jpg (179.48 KB, 720x1438, VideoCapture_20220602-164430.j…)

No. 878848

she looks so scary here. i think its the filter and horns and sheet mask

No. 878849

did she seriously rinse out her hair dye in the same bath water she is sitting in?

No. 878850

why did she bathe in hair dye bath water KEK

No. 878851

this is a buildup to her staying with her mom calling it now. “appreciation post for my mom” bitch your mom gives you benzos and buys you shit on the regular but now you make a post? yeah right. you’re doing this so it doesn’t seem shitty when you squat in her apartment again.

No. 878855

It's either that or her drain is clogged and she just decided to take a bath in the leftover water/grossness.

No. 878856

She'd have more confidence if she worked on actual self improvement instead of her pathetic attempts to look "hot", quitting heroin is barely an improvement because she's so strung out on everything else.

No. 878860

I shudder to think how grimy her tub is

No. 878861

this looks so fucking uncanny why is her face bending like that

No. 878862

Probably filter malfunctioning.

No. 878863

The hair is so damaged the hair cuticles can't absorb any dye. Let it grow and chop the dead ends.

No. 878865

anons, it's obviously a bath bomb with the foam in the water. Luna is gross but c'mon

No. 878866

File: 1654240349495.jpg (270.62 KB, 1080x1741, Screenshot_20220603-001111_Sam…)

Holy fuck Pumpkin looks worse in every pic they post of her now.

No. 878867

>>878770 called it, judging from >>878812

It's been a constant stream of evil mom triggering her and being abusive and she's the source of all Luna's problems. And now suddenly it's an appreciation post because the stupid woman bought her more products. Hardly even tinfoil that she's been manipulating and gaslighting the fuck out of her mom to steal her place again. What an absolutely soulless cunt.

No. 878870

can someone who knows burger/NY law please explain how eviction day will go down if they don't leave? like are we talking cops or just like the electric/water being shut off?

No. 878872

Not to disengage you from the hopeful idea that Luna practices basic hygiene, but the foam is more likely from the deep conditioning packet/tube you get in drugstore box dyes.

No. 878874

They will have the lock changed on them, cops will be there as well. They'll have to gather whatever they can, their junk will be thrown in plastic bags and it will be worse than if they left before that date.

Lol no, it's the hair dye. There's pics of when she used to tone her blonde hair and the water had a purple grey tone. Then she wonders why she keeps having UTIs…

No. 878875

Isn’t a “go bag” meant to have everything you’d need to maintain your immediate survival in the event of an emergency/evacuation? Why does that small bag look empty lmao? I bet he packed a 20 deck of Sterling’s and a change of hat.

No. 878881

Has Luna ever reported taking a shower? I'm pretty sure she only takes baths and that's 50% why she looks so awful is she just sits in her filthy bathwater without scrubbing her skin with soap or rinsing. I think the showerhead is broken?

No. 878882

Pretty sure it's a joke because Pumpkin is sitting on it

No. 878887

Luna’s unusual lack of bitching makes me think homeless saga is never going to happen. They must have something sorted out already, she’s been way too quiet about the eviction lately.

No. 878888

I think she's just constantly too high to care. Benzos really make you give no fuck about anything.

No. 878890

I honestly think it’s a combo of this and anticipation of all the pitybux and attention true homelessness would bring. It’s the next stage in her larp. Which is insane, but this is Tuna. She doesn’t grasp the seriousness at all, she only understands things in terms of aesthetics. She’ll get to whine like never before! She probably feels it’ll give her poetry a new touch of authenticity kek. Or maybe she just assumes one of her parents will take pity on her and take her in, whether she’s actually made arrangements or not.

No. 878898

What I want is Luna living with her dad who forbids her Halloween mask of a boyfriend to follow her. What will likely happen is pushover Momma Tuna sneaks them both in like last time and they eat away at her home like the termites thwy are. I feel like Luna would have structure and expectations under her dad's roof at least, he lives in a nice apartment and must be employed to afford that and Luna's cell phone, amazon hauls, etc.

No. 878899

i think he’s old and is either retired or on disability. if he was in the music industry, especially in nyc, it’d make more sense to me that he’s just older (60s-70s) and has a sizable pension. explains the nice apartment too.

No. 878900

File: 1654278981139.jpeg (234.37 KB, 750x1040, AEBD931C-9952-4403-B53C-0C6A66…)

No. 878901

I wouldn’t put it past Luna to tell her dad lurch wouldn’t be moving in and then just have him “visit” constantly. I don’t know much about lunas dad but I don’t think he’d have the guy forcibly removed

No. 878902

File: 1654279014168.jpeg (517.1 KB, 750x1017, A45460B6-2391-4C33-B46A-9520EE…)

What’s up with her bottom lip in this one?

No. 878904

my god if she can't be bothered to wash her clothes can she at least buy a lint roller like they are legitimately so cheap cheap cheap

No. 878909

the answer is that she’s ugly

No. 878915


lol the pastels hid the white flecks and cat hair but highlight the grime, black does the opposite, I'd def invest in a cheap cheap lint roller esp with pets

No. 878920

if it was a bath bomb she 100% would’ve shown it in one of her weekly target hauls and would’ve mentioned it in the caption lol

No. 878927

File: 1654298709353.jpg (299.19 KB, 720x1442, VideoCapture_20220603-162056.j…)

No. 878928

File: 1654298789454.jpg (257.23 KB, 720x1441, VideoCapture_20220603-162013.j…)

No. 878933

File: 1654299283388.jpg (307.27 KB, 720x1415, VideoCapture_20220603-163418.j…)

No. 878934

>>878928 yes girl spend your money on mids! who needs housing anyway. you go, queen.

No. 878935

File: 1654299824226.webm (1.56 MB, 720x1426, XRecorder_03062022_161922_1.we…)

No. 878937

It doesn't seem like lurch is "home" much during the day anyways. He's out doing whatever with whoever. So it would probably work out that he vould "visit" tuna at her dad's and then either sneak around to sleep there at night or he has some other crack whore who will give him a place to sleep.

No. 878941

>>878935 why does she mouth words but not say anything?! also one tit looking 3x the size of the other..

No. 878944

File: 1654303390326.png (482.17 KB, 750x1334, ABF7FBE0-62BB-41F2-AEF4-A6866F…)

I guess Lurch is LARPing as sober too

No. 878945

>No help from family

You literally took Roger's home and bed from him and left him to die alone in the hospital. So hard to not a log jfc.

No. 878946

also let’s not pretend that Roger’s rock hard abscessed arm wasn’t due to shooting up. both lurch and luna come from addicts. he’s just straight up lying.

No. 878947

NYC is rent controlled and he's lived there a long time which is why rent is cheap for him there.

No. 878948

This idiot is always lurking in between the same 2 buildings taking selfies.
Kek at Tuna not even smoking weed correctly. Reminds me of back when she used to try to convince people she was an IV user while not knowing how to mainline and pretended to register when muscling.

No. 878949

Huh? What kind of tinfoil are you smoking off of? Zero proof Roger was an addict. The dude died alone and had a shitty son so there's no need to wreck his dead name even more with your baseless tinfoil.

No. 878952

Do you know something we don’t know of? Where is this coming from?

No. 878954

File: 1654312355036.jpeg (58.71 KB, 400x315, 1648484672407.jpeg)

I legitimately thought that was a floret of broccoli, like yes qween eat your veggies for the year.

No. 878957

File: 1654313040214.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 1242x1706, 55D91FC5-472E-4F07-8B38-8EB46F…)

looking at her from a straight on view makes me realize her waist/hip ratio only seems dramatic bcuz she has a fucking massive flat shelf ass. that waist has gotta be like 40 inches. built like a goddamn refrigerator

No. 878958

Can someone with more knowledge of hard drugs enlighten us on whether “former” drug addicts would still act this unhinged? Their behavior while addicted to heroin is the exact same as their “sober” behavior.

I don’t believe they’re sober for many reasons

But hypothetically if they were, is it normal for their brains to be so fried that they continue acting high even while not on drugs?

No. 878959

i don’t think roger was an addict but he did allow heavy heroin use in his house and didn’t discourage his geriatric son from dating a barely legal college drop out

No. 878964

Less than a year since the constant "I want to live in tent dresses because of the 5 seconds rape", jfc…

No. 878966

File: 1654318153140.jpg (77.74 KB, 1080x502, Screenshot_20220603-214724_Sam…)

No. 878976

For a second I thought he was implying he scattered Rogers ashes in Cape Cod and they weren't still sitting in an old wet shoebox somewhere in their hovel

No. 878977

She’s so fucking wide Jesus Christ

No. 878980

Not to mention… she's dying her hair red AND suddenly bathing in a red bath bomb? Come on now! She would buy a pink one for sure.
You mean he didn't?

No. 878981

Tbh it wouldn't surprise me if they accidentally spilled the ashes all over the dirty floor. Heartbreaking really.

No. 878982

She looks like a thumb.

No. 878992

Oh please, when there was a fire at his place she rushed over to rub ashes on her face and take selfies. If he did take her in, she'd just be bringing Lurch in all the time and hocking her dad's shit. It'd be Roger all over again but with less lovebombing and more of the All my problems are because of him! Like she pulled on her mom when she started squatting there.

No. 878993


No. 878994

throwback to the “THIS IS HOW MOLD GROWS” saga except with rogers ashes instead of water

No. 878998

File: 1654361307181.jpeg (500.85 KB, 828x1090, 7C01771F-4D76-4EA5-B18C-058328…)

No. 878999

File: 1654361333985.jpeg (511.16 KB, 828x1102, 77E7C514-5B3B-4564-A349-3FC669…)

No. 879000

File: 1654361427946.jpeg (509.83 KB, 828x1141, 83AFC9AA-D33B-4781-A62A-ADE4DB…)

No. 879002

File: 1654361461760.jpeg (474.79 KB, 828x1251, DCB32AC0-0D0E-4A92-82FB-5E27FE…)

No. 879004

File: 1654361691971.jpeg (193.41 KB, 828x757, 12294C01-3D9F-47BB-B6AB-BEB3CD…)

Noticed this interaction she had with Lurch in the comments on this picture >>878900

No. 879005

So is this the heaviest she has ever been? Her face looks chubbier. Must be eating her feelings

No. 879007

File: 1654366970769.png (712.07 KB, 500x750, Luna.PNG)

It’s hard to say but I don’t think so. It seems her weight has fluctuated most of her life. Without a doubt she was at her thinnest when she was at the height of her addiction, which is funny considering all the “how is she a junkie and also fat?” comments.

No. 879008

emm, yikes lurch. I enjoy seeing interactions with him like this because you can clearly see what an unhinged scumbag and proper cow he is himself

No. 879010

File: 1654367480658.png (723.08 KB, 500x750, Luna.PNG)

Also, I think she has always eaten her feelings. She has alluded to it here and there.

No. 879011

No wonder she has to beg online got validation when her man is like this on her posts. Only interested in protecting her so she can sell horror nudes for his benefit I guess

No. 879012

this makes me so sad, i'd never seen luna on clean sheets before.

No. 879015

Could've been a cute chubby alt girl but had to ruin her life for the aesthetic~

No. 879018

She looks like a complete and disgusting mess. Sloppy as hell. She's losing it more and more each day

No. 879021

File: 1654377614425.jpeg (539.01 KB, 750x1106, 16F4068F-B959-4B0E-8F50-CCD0C3…)

Maybe not at her highest but she looks like she’s close to it. She uploaded that selfie from IG on her Tumblr and lied that she “lost 5 pounds”

No. 879022

not to blogpost but god damn this makes me so sad. i followed her on tumblr back in the day when she looked like this. lost track of her for a few years and went looking around online for her only to find her again in her (somewhat) current state. absolutely fucking bleak. her before and after images really could work in a damn D.A.R.E ad.

No. 879026

>>879007 kek I never followed her pre-lolcow and she still looks like a fat pathetic mess. delusional to think a whale with purple hair and shitty bangs would ever amount to anything.

No. 879028

File: 1654380210657.jpeg (261.86 KB, 750x751, 57E1723F-84DE-4AE2-9A2C-41179C…)


No. 879032

File: 1654381272686.jpg (395.92 KB, 1031x1920, tumblr_09b7733dfb3cfcb36c8e39c…)

>soon to be on the streets

No. 879033

"I lost 5-7lbs" meaning she's sucking in, strategically posed, angling her head down to hide the double chin, resting her hand on her hip or cutting it out of the picture to hide some of the bulk, wearing high rise leggings with a built in spanx waistband… sucks that the lunch lady arms aren't as forgiving

No. 879035

You have no family cause y'all abandoned Roger to decay on his floor and die alone in the hospital. You have no family because you took over your mom's sober living housing, caused her to relapse, and took over her apartment after she was removed for her safety. You have no family because you are unwilling to do the bare minimum to live with your affluent father.

Guess she'll follow Lurch to the streets after all.

No. 879041

> I lost my job recently
Is she talking about when she was an "assistant" for that woman who was selling some junk made from old socks or whatever for 2 weeks? That's hardly a job- even less of a job than her failed attempts at e-whoreing herself out. Nevermind the fact that was months ago and she's had plenty of time to find real work.

I'm amazed how dedicated she is to having everything handed to her without her doing anything but below bare minimum work. And what exactly is Lurch's useless ass doing to get a roof over their heads? Real man of the house. Looks like the both of them have been oinking up so they'll have enough fat to survive a good month after 31st July. If she was smart and really wants to survive, she'd kick Lurch to the curb and let that moid fend for himself. He's just dead weight.
Since she's lying about not having family at least this possibly means her mother isn't gonna let these scumbags screw up her housing situation again (for now). Hopefully her father stands his ground.

No. 879044

File: 1654384728252.jpg (175.8 KB, 720x1328, VideoCapture_20220604-161353.j…)

No. 879045

File: 1654384752008.jpg (224.04 KB, 714x1313, VideoCapture_20220604-160912.j…)

No. 879046

File: 1654384796595.jpg (202.02 KB, 720x1325, VideoCapture_20220604-160904.j…)

No. 879049

God normally I hate the thought of laughing at someone’s misfortune but this gave me an honest kek. Gee, just how could this have happened tuna? She charged down a path clearly marked THIS WAY TO HOMELESSNESS and now she’s surprised she’s about to be homeless, she’s so stupid it hurts.

No. 879051

File: 1654387641822.webm (4.87 MB, 720x1320, XRecorder_04062022_160746_1.we…)

No. 879052

"is this what sober people do when they're bored" no tuna, no it's not. and you're not sober, so of course you wouldn't know. get a job, you pathetic leech

No. 879053

File: 1654388330609.jpg (28.9 KB, 405x470, VideoCapture_20220604-171632.j…)

The filter can't even help her

No. 879054

Sober people go to work, clean their homes, and have meaningful hobbies. Tuna has lived as a parasite for so long she can't even imagine a better life

No. 879055

What’s she doing in the video? It won’t play for me

No. 879057

she's really feeling herself in the cum stained tube top huh…

No. 879059

This has been brought up so often sorry but I feel sad looking at this, she looked so happy and normal.

No. 879061

It's so dirty, how does she not notice these things

No. 879063

Why does her hair always look like she stuck her needle in a socket instead of her fatty thigh?

No. 879064


>>preens and poses, staring at herself

>>blows a kiss
>>smokes a j and you can see her thick ass lip gloss stretch between her lips ew
>>smiles fakely for a while, changing poses/cam position
>>lipsyncs to a few lines of music, bobs around a bit hitting the j
>>preens a bit more

I only watched once but pretty sure I got the basics down. nothing of note but if I missed anything feel free to add

No. 879065

Soooo the same shit she does while high?

No. 879066

Idk Luna, when I'm bored I do the laundry, you should pick up this hobby too.

No. 879067

Imagine her becoming an under the counter housekeeper? Get money and learn to clean. My lord. All those ironed shein blouses

No. 879068

What is her set up for all of these outside pictures? Is she standing outside for minutes posing and ignoring her surroundings in the bad area that she lives in?

No. 879069

Yes. Because Luna is TALL & HUGE and obviously a hard drug addict living in housing for mentally ill persons, she is the person people go out of their way to avoid. Even other junkies don't want to get involved in that mess, and it's not like she looks like she has anything worth taking. She's safe because she's the lowest common denominator.

No. 879071

Sort of. Heavy drug use fucks up your brain and makes you kind of stupid. Doing drugs and drinking heavily will alter the brains neurotransmitters. From my experience most former drug users keep some of their unhinged behaviors when they are sober. Some also have permanent brain damage that was caused by an overdose.

No. 879072

Fair enough. She may have caused permanent damage to her brain. If she has: Is she responsible? Is she at fault for her own retardation? Does she deserve government assistance? Just stirring the pot sorry.clearly she deserves nothing. But according to the gov….

No. 879073

>> can pay up to a year up front

I wonder about this statement. Google says average rent for a 1 bedroom is in the 2300 range and she’s got the ability to pay maybe a year up front? Hmm.

No. 879075

She’s not saying anything, she’s preening herself as she looks at the camera and she lip syncs The Future by Leonard Cohen for a bit. Here’s the video: https://imgur.com/B9pqeEn
Most likely a lie as she has upped the amount the could pay upfront the nearer she gets to being evicted. I think she thinks it’ll ease the potential landlord’s apprehension in regards to renting to an unemployed (able bodied) adult with bad credit.

No. 879077

Oh is that her blowing a kiss? I stg I thought she smiled, saw her nicotine stained tooth and looked away with her smile fading as she covered her gross mouth in horror and embarrassment.

No. 879078

No one with a functioning brain would ignore what a massive red flag she is in that post and her post history especially the gross nudes. Nobody's falling for her lies, as she would just be a parasite squatting at a new host.

No. 879079

I would think if she DID have that
Much she’s sorta dumb to be advertising the fact. Seems a good way to get scammed by an unsavory landlord or someone pretending to be one.

No. 879080

Besides being liar she also has insanely unrealistic expectations for the cost of rent, I think I remember her saying she was looking for something in the $1000/month range. It's pretty easy to save 12k when you don't pay rent, especially since they were both receiving unemployment during covid and quit the junk habit for a while. Absolutely do not believe they have anywhere near 23k saved up.

No. 879081

Not that it matters but fucked up the math there. should be over 27k not 23k

No. 879085

Even if she really had access to any amount of money, via her dad or a trust fund (which I don't believe in the 1st place) that is NOT income and she'll be right back to squattown, USA & no landlord is going to rent to someone without income.

No. 879087

I doubt she has even close to that amount saved, but if she did, why not just rent an airbnb month to month? Or go to an extended stay hotel outside of the city? No one is going to put someone's name on a lease if they have no job, no employment history, and no rental history. It's just not going to happen unless she gets one of her parents to cosign and put themselves on the line if she doesn't pay up.

No. 879093

From westchester and have family member currently renting in new Rochelle. He rents w a roommate in an ok area (not one of the downtown high rises, a 2 family house) and they pay $2800 for a tiny ass 2BR. That was considered a steal and they had to pay a realtor fee (1 month rent), both get background checks, provide W2 and paystubs and income requirement was they had to annually make 40x the rent (so combined income had to be 112k).

studios/1BR are like 1800 at a MINIMUM for a shitty place

Those two are not going to find SHIT in westchester. There’s also a shortage of rentals to begin with. Honestly they wouldn’t even be able to find anything in fucking hunts point in the Bronx. Mind boggling that neither of them can just take on a min wage job.

No. 879094

I wonder why they’re so hell-bent on staying in the area they’re in. I don’t know if it’s drug connects or just wanting to be near Luna’s parents for leeching purposes or what. It’s not like they own anything important that’s difficult to move. Sometimes I think she just prefers a difficult life because she needs sympathy more than she needs physical comfort. She can’t bring herself to do anything that would improve her life and therefore cut off her asspat supply

No. 879098

not only does she eat her feelings but she also has never learned how to cook on even the most basic level. this is like 2017-era milk but she’s said a few times the reason they eat a cvs frozen pizza/takeout is because they don’t prefer to cook. i imagine this luxury started in childhood and then per usual she just didn’t mature or not end to learn anything new.

No. 879103

File: 1654450405112.jpeg (477.08 KB, 828x1314, E33E2F93-75C8-4BD6-A4B0-61219F…)

No. 879104

File: 1654450450160.jpeg (680.76 KB, 828x1347, 35FB0F6C-DF0B-4A8E-A5EA-8E622E…)

No. 879107

Asking to pay for pussy pics whilst facing eviction in their 2 year-long squat saga. Keep it classy, Lurch.

No. 879109

why is she holding the phone against her head? what is she looking at?! kek

No. 879110

Cheapest places to live are shitholes like Mississippi and Arkansas and those states aren't aesthetic enough for her instagram

No. 879113

>I have no family I've lived here my whole life
God, what a fucking liar

No. 879114

just an angle to get more tiddy in the frame

No. 879115

Whatever happened to them moving away due to Lurch finding a job and getting Tuna a secretarial job?

No. 879116

File: 1654465735257.png (102.42 KB, 689x623, Screenshot_2022-06-05-16-41-41…)

The responses to this are hilarious. Same shit as usual:
>"why don't you move out of this area?"
>I don't have a care
>"there's a train station by you"
>"what kind of waork are you looking for? I may have a job offer"
>radio silence from Tuna
Oh and then there's fucking pic rel. I don't know why she bothers, it's the same advice every time. They say leave this part of town, get a job, use public transportation. She ignores all of them, gets defensive in the comments and makes another post 3 weeks later.

No. 879118

Tinfoil but I'm wondering if maybe her dad made a deal with her that if she tried to find a place to stay, but was unsuccessful, that THEN she could stay with him/he'd pay for a motel/airbnb "temporarily". And all her lame posts online "looking for a place" was just her setting up screenshots as "proof" to her dad or something.
She's not worried about being evicted/homelessness. Has she ever mentioned a plan b if she can't find a place?

No. 879126

File: 1654481525704.jpg (217.58 KB, 1080x1470, Screenshot_20220605-191040_Ins…)

the what now

No. 879127

File: 1654481700634.jpg (134.91 KB, 1080x1496, Screenshot_20220605-191052_Ins…)

No. 879128

File: 1654481912638.jpg (153.98 KB, 1080x1052, Screenshot_20220605-191611_Ins…)

Close up of the bottom of >>879126 for some reason

No. 879131

I wonder if these are from the acid trip right before Lurch “made it official” with Luna? He looks quite a bit younger

No. 879132

I sure hope not, peep the magnum condoms

No. 879133

File: 1654484932622.png (3.08 MB, 1284x1220, image.png)

god knows why anon didn't include the best of the set

No. 879134

File: 1654485209462.jpg (535.7 KB, 872x967, Tumblr_l_43397245270938.jpg)

im so glad i saw this on the front page

No. 879135

God he's disgusting, he looks like he stinks of piss

No. 879136

God imagine ruining your life just for this creature.

No. 879138

File: 1654487226221.jpeg (537.5 KB, 828x1146, 95E91E50-E581-42FD-8A08-421AB3…)

No. 879139

File: 1654487268518.jpeg (441.72 KB, 828x1167, F3BE02EE-2E4C-4EE3-82A0-EBA1EC…)

No. 879140

File: 1654489121992.jpg (558.36 KB, 1080x1792, Screenshot_20220606-001816_Chr…)

Imagine Luna stripping kek

It's the first thing I noticed and I laughed real hard.

No. 879142

File: 1654491771360.png (3.8 MB, 9028x2160, Ok, Luna.PNG)

It’s crazy how she expects things handed to her. Anyone in an emergency housing situation would secure transportation if offered assistance. Also, wild idea but perhaps “nothing has come up yet” because you don’t meet their cri