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File: 1650030832207.png (348.06 KB, 885x644, Screenshot 2022-04-15 14.51.58…)

No. 1502155[Reply]

Post your favourite e-begging cringe for cows who aren't significant enough to have their own thread.

Picrel, 24 year old scrote LARPing as a MTF claiming that this is Literal Abuse because his Mom asked him to do chores and get a job, apparently this is cause for e-beggary.
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No. 1902014

File: 1695332100153.png (82.82 KB, 1066x270, Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 22.34…)

No. 1902101

I refuse to believe none of these grifters can get jobs or make any efforts to support themselves when I see high school kids, elderly people and literal retards working in grocery stores & restaurants every day.

No. 1904702

It doesn't matter if they work or not, it's a grift. The poster could be working a 9-5 and want extra cash. I fully believe that there are people who are genuinely struggling and really do need the money, but 99.99% of e-begging posts are made by the sort of people who are trying to go on benefits because tiktok told them they have DID and need to e-beg their rent money because they spent it on anime figures. And then they e-beg for it again because they spent their e-begging funds on more anime figures.

No. 1904711

File: 1695758682249.png (36.13 KB, 564x272, Ebegging 8.png)

No. 1904715

File: 1695758750233.png (31.61 KB, 524x181, Ebegging 1.png)

At least he's honest.

File: 1693889435602.jpeg (592.11 KB, 1027x1026, IMG_3998.jpeg)

No. 1893432[Reply]

Post-Leftcows #45:

Thread for discussing Red Scare, Cumtown/TAFS, Dime Square, the remains of the "dirtbag left", and the entire "post-left" and Silicon Valley "rationalist/postrat" sphere and their orbiters/backers, including but not limited to Mencius Moldbug, Peter Thiel, and the so-called "dissident right" (Bronze Age Pervert, The Perfume Nationalist, and other faggots). WARNING: this scene is crawling with Nazis, pedophiles, child porn advocates, sex pests, rapists, troons, and other degenerates.
last thread was mostly milkless like many others.

Previous thread: >>1878929

ivy wolk traps herself into being called ugly for attention, again: >>1882518

ugliest wedding photo i’ve ever seen: >>1883584

really fucking funny dasha self poasts: >>1883215, >>1884283

internet slapfight about sandra telling a whole live audience she was fucking someone’s husband: >>1884622

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1901969

>brown nosing

No. 1901971

Makes sense; in the US ppl are more focused on the Venezuelan migrants

No. 1901972

File: 1695326648827.jpg (91.44 KB, 592x661, IMG_909.jpg)

Based on the pictures/videos from local news in New York, most of the migrants we've been getting are from Haiti and Africa.

No. 1901974

Fellow New Yorker here. Can confirm. The govt is basically taking a bunch of indigent Haitian and African migrants and putting them on Tony Soprano's doorstep in places like Staten Island. You can imagine how well this plays out.

No. 1901975

Couldn't happen to a better city

File: 1660084430466.jpg (1.3 MB, 2316x2534, newpic3.jpg)

No. 1611539[Reply]

A thread for both older and newer cows from indie bands including indie punk rock, alternative rock, grunge and so on, who do stupid things but don't deserve their separate threads. That refers to singers and musicians with unhealthy need of attention, claiming to be "punk" and independent despite being ex models or actors and coming from priviledged backgrounds, guilty of using nepotism to further their careers, reworking old genres, copying older bands or characterized by rude and nonsensical behaviour. Examples of indie cows or cows in the making:

Previous thread milk & discussion:
>Dani Miller poverty larping >>1283783
>Kim Gordon being an NLOG who wrote a book to bitch about Thurston, reveal intimate details of their divorce, flex all the famous people she knew and fucked and how fucking ~artistic~ she is >>1279833, >>1279885, >>1279902
>Sonic Youth behaving like total idiots and posers, anon posts video of them bullying Narwuard, destroying a gift he bought them. A bunch of 40 year old manchildren ganged up on him like a buch of primary schoolers >>1285799
>pretentious (and bad) cover of Aneurysm by Kim Gordon on Nirvana’s RnR Hall Of Fame live >>1453639, Kim lets us know how „punk” others said she is
>Kim Gordon talking shit about women that she’s jealous of >>1453837,
>Kim’s awful „clothing collection” >>1463224
>1975 gets in trouble for ignoring grooming allegations about their friend >>1282004
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1900897

File: 1695147030975.jpeg (185.79 KB, 1166x846, 1694162906546.jpeg)

Lol seeing this just now, copied from Postleftcows/Dimes Square cows thread. never thought i'd see Sickysab there. Sabrina was at some event filled with Dimes Square tards, including Dasha of Red Scare. I didn't expect her to hang out with such crowd, not very "punk rock" of her kek. But she's also bff with Lilith Levisis who's openly rightwing on her IG now. Makes me wonder about her political beliefs

Idk but Sabrina seems to be the richest of these indie cows itt. Dad is a super rich CEO (someone in Leftcows thread said she's related to Nick Fuentes, which idk about) and she's just always, always at every NYC rich people slash high fashion party, getting big modelling brands and adverts even after she got fat, studying and playing with her band anywhere easily, getting loads of cash from mom & dad but playing up that "punk" London lifestyle lol. Extremely connected.

Weird she didn't walk for last Ashley Williams collection though, she sat in the audience and filmed Arrow de Wilde awkwardly hunching and stomping on catwalk instead.

No. 1901080

Ayrt and I'm kekking at the idea of trying to boost your streaming SEO results by stealing track titles, I had no idea that was a thing.

It's a 25 year old history lesson and no1curr, but Troubleman Unlimited was the local label for a lot of the late 90s/early 2000s Williamsburg scene before it attracted national attention, then got swept up in that hype and started putting out too many releases, even half-assing stuff like the mastering and graphic design. A friend of mine put a record out with them and said Simonetti was kind of sheisty, but idk if that was more so than any other record label guy. I always wondered if part of why he started Italians Do It Better and shifted his focus to dance music was that he knew Troubleman had overstayed its welcome and wanted to start fresh in a different market.

No. 1901718

File: 1695269130257.webm (2.88 MB, 720x1280, Glume.webm)

Glume did a "live" show recording, this is after her tour got cancelled and she's posted a lot about how she loves touring and such. So I go look at her Instagram stories (still up as now) and she has reposted many stories from different people in the audience. What are the chances that every single clip her mouth is not moving in time with the music, not only is she using playback/mimimg she doesn't even know the words to her own songs to be able to mime to them correctly. Every single clip is out of time and her mouth is not even anywhere close to making the right movements for the words. It comes across like a karaoke gig but even worse because there is no or very little actual singing.
Audience seems to be coquettes and egirls and scenester men. Her main thing seems to be the cute image and she posts a lot of stories about her birds, rescuing a rabbit just now, going to pool parties etc like the music thing seems to not be serious at all which would explain why she seems to have no interest from music fans.
The music itself is whisper-singing coquette lana del rey nothingburgers also, but you could still do something with that live if you had talent. What is even the point of doing a "live show taping" if it's all mimed.

No. 1901945

Damn that's pretty bad. Honestly surprised she has any sort of audience attending. Even that amount of fans is pretty small & she's flopping so hard which makes me feel kinda bad for her tbh.
I noticed her fans/followers in comment sections really do infantilize her and treat her as precious little fragile baby that should be applauded for anything bc life is so hard and full of illnesses and disabilities. Which is probably exactly what she wants, considering Hollywood child star bullshit she goes for. I can understand that sort of patronizing reactions which people tend to have towards idols/influencers who are severly ill and doing anything small is a true achievement to them, so ppl want to be positive and encouraging. Problem is, i really really really don't know if i believe Glume suffers all these conditions for real, or if she's a small time munchie. I have no doubts she 100% lies about her fabricated "uwu Judy Garland on 50's amphetamine tablets childhood" so she's capable of faking. Anemia? Iron deficiency? Yes, she probably has them. Idk about other stuff she claimed to have (which i already forgot) so real mixed feelings bout this person.

No. 1901961

File: 1695324522572.jpg (219.47 KB, 828x1435, IMG_0058.jpg)

the prices on everything is insane but $250 for a soiled japanese schoolgirl uniform (it's literally stained) is criminal lol. it's got to be some weird fetish dude buying this because no "fan" would pay this much for her shit

File: 1693541448376.jpg (16.94 KB, 366x206, 371521021_813889130428035_8444…)

No. 1891965[Reply]

Dillan Matthew Morgan (Plagued Moth) is an Edgy Youtuber in his 30s known for making reviews of NSFL content mostly gore videos and infamous violent cp where he mocks and blames the unfortunate victims and comes off as total deplorable piece of shit.

He has recently come under heavy scrutiny and rage for selling videos of underage victims being brutalised on patreon along to uncencored reviews for his fanbase after another creator called 'Creepy reading' reported his content to patreon and got his account nuked this made Dillan go on multiple unhinged twitter rants bragging about 'profiting off of dead people' and telling the haters to 'deal with it'.
Unable to take criticism our Edgelord used his LGBTQ identity as 'gender fluid' as a reason for the hate he recieved and frequently uses his kids health issues for sympathy points and E-begging when things don't go his way.

Social Media Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheGoreGod?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Creepy Reading's video of Plagued Moth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbpcX4A7jxA
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No. 1902715

File: 1695441571926.png (104.7 KB, 598x989, 1686579780304.png)

Too broke for daughter's insulin but sending cease & desists to other YouTubers.

No. 1902723

File: 1695443069677.png (155.72 KB, 678x842, 150_2.png)

Falls for an MLM scheme and ebegs to recover from the lesson.

No. 1902725

File: 1695443356812.png (334.38 KB, 683x519, 148_1.png)

A now deleted post from his subreddit.

No. 1903949

My favorite part about the discord drama is how his wife got mad when she found out he was flirting with underage girls on there and told him to stop instead of dumping him like a woman with self worth would cause she needs him to pay for all them kids.Lmfao talk about pathetic

No. 1904283

I'm calling that Slimebeast is an FBI plant. He comes up with shit out of seemingly nowhere and it never comes up as forged and always gets backed up as real. Where is he getting it? If he's researching everything himself himself that's even more telling. He says he's lived in the southern USA for 30 years but he has a New York accent. He has hundreds of thousands of dollars off of two unpopular YouTube channels and Amazon books with few reviews? It doesn't add up. I call government Agent Provocateur.

File: 1639413634764.jpg (524.68 KB, 1159x1039, 1632129676676.jpg)

No. 1391941[Reply]

>What is a femboy?
They are he/him trannies, basically. Some are regular anorexic twinks but most inject estrogen or T-blockers in an attempt to look like women, and sometimes they will even get tranny-related surgeries.

>What makes them cow material?

In recent years, part of what it means to be a member of the femboy clan is adopting Nazi politics. They are shamelessly racist, misogynistic, and homophobic of lesbians, frequently getting banned from platforms like Twitter for their hatefulness. They also tend to suffer autism and many are former incels.

Femboys created tired-out memes like Femboy Hooters and the "Doomer Boy" Wojak which they all worship and strive to be. For some reason they really like Ikea sharks.

Tell a femboy he is no different from a MTF troon and prepare for autistic screeching. They hold a sense of superiority over regular trannies because they don't call themselves women, but they still share the fetishistic (read: AGP) creepiness of the average troon.

Closeted gay and bisexual scrotes all across the web are obsessed with these freaks, frequently screaming that it's not gay to fuck a man just because he has soft skin and gynecomastia.

>What is a boymoder?

A boymoder is basically the same shit as a femboy, except they are honest about the fact that their goal is to fully troon out. Boy moders have a fetish for being called women while they make zero attempt to look like one. They will dress in hoodies and jeans and have long hair and wear female underwear underneath. They take HRT and fully intend to troon out "once they pass". They get boners when being told that they can not conceal how girls and femme they are while yelling "UUGGHH YOU DUMMY! I AM A BOY!". Basically tsundere trannies.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1901690

two of his troon friends ended up being lolicon pedo freaks…what are the odds…

No. 1901708

he is mutuals with a detrans Tim. jean/Ella Hollywood, but i don't think he's aware of the goonclown stuff

No. 1901793

File: 1695282629606.jpg (34.12 KB, 402x600, 1d280568873dfd52ea8c6af613092f…)

>the only gnc guys I maybe trush are the ones who don't self describe themselves as femboys, crossdressers, etc.
That seems like a good measure to go with. I totally remembered Mana-Sama from the visual kei band Malice Mizer and he doesn't give me a kinkster fetishist vibes at all even though he dresses to the nines in Gothic Lolita fashion. Even when he wore the shorter skirts, I didn't really get creep factors from it.

I also have never actually sat and watched this Jude guy, I've only seen a few clips and he rubbed me the wrong way. Thanks for the description anon because he sounds obnoxious with that bullshit. And if this guy is befriending troons, it's only a matter of time before he troons out as well/

>lolicon pedofreaks
What the fuck is wrong with these people. See, this doesn't illicit any positive first impressions with this crap.

No. 1901796

Nothing about Mana was creepy, and it was very obvious that Mana was a repressor struggling with a lot of inner demons.

No. 1901824

File: 1695301643070.jpg (612.79 KB, 1820x2800, 20230921_074455.jpg)

another Vkei/Jrock nona, nice. Mana Sama my beloved, and you're right. I never got fetishy vibes from him either. he just genuinely loves the fashion. another bandman that comes to my mind as a good example is takuma tani. married 46 year old with a wife and kids, and loves to model lolita fashion.
it's the way they view femininity that makes me dislike femboys. their sense of femininity is just for the coom and shitty memes.

File: 1480129847916.jpg (145.57 KB, 500x333, jess.jpg)

No. 204019[Reply]

Jessica Celebra aka Jessica Rosa is a narcissistic 20-something-year-old rich white girl who is well-known on Tumblr for her sad babydoll nymphet photography & clothing, and reselling used clothing originally bought at thrift stores for $50 each; also notorious for throwing paranoid fits and deleting her blog every 2 months & coming back a week later with a new name and persona (but never fails to come off as holier-than-thou).

She thinks anyone who takes photos of pink things & buildings with a film camera and posts them to Tumblr is copying her & has thrown several fits about it; at one point she (a grown woman) publicly bullied a 16-year-old girl (with aspergers syndrome, no less) for such.

Originally known in around 2012 for her blogspot, The Tragic Sense, and her Lookbook (both no longer accessible) where she posted her faded film photography and outfits.

Jess moved to tumblr in ~2013 and gained popularity under her first url, dollgraves, assumed a sweet fragile nymphet uwu persona, and deleted her blog in (I think) 2014.
Remade her blog under the url ghostbabygirl not long after, but threw a fit because everyone was copying her and only she can take faded film photos of her masturbating in a tutu and bloody panties :(
Deleted again in 2015, came back as Jess Woods (url jess-woods); photography consisted of more greenery but was mostly the same.
Deleted once again mid-2016.

Jess's current blog is moonprincessjess.tumblr.com where she now assumes the name Jessica Rosa & posts photos of city buildings, chandeliers, and vegan fairy DIY rose baths and lavender teas.

Links -
Blogspot: thetragicsense.blogspot.com (now defunct & inaccessible)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1697085

congrats on bumping a 5 year old ass thread that nobody cares about anymore

No. 1705293

A few anons are waiting for her return so we can laugh at her some more.

No. 1761491

I'm lightly surprised she hasn't made a comeback in light of analog photography's resurgence since covid. Not gonna lie, I occasionally check on this thread to see if she made a comeback because I did genuinely like her pics despite some minor cow behaviour.

No. 1876448


No. 1901619

Jess woods is a skinny icon ily(namefag, necro, newfag)

File: 1406912620739.jpg (111.41 KB, 426x640, tumblr_lz7wmqp95V1r4iqtlo1_500…)

No. 290770[Reply]

I think Felice Fawn and her scams are pretty well know. Are there any other lol-worthy ~thinspo queens~ around?
1181 posts and 183 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1900983

Haha oh wow how I miss this little shit
She had a personality equal to her real look, and was so entertaining when she tried to make damage control after people pointed out her editings
I hope she has outgrow that bratty personality by now, but wouldn't be surprised if shes the same but leaning under the radar

No. 1901342

Where is she now? ?(sage your shit)

No. 1901345

OT but newfag farmhands have been banning anons for "necroing" threads even though it's not necro if you bump the thread with milk. I saw an anon post new milk in the fundie thread and a retard janny redtexted them. It's not necroposting if it's new milk you fuckwits.

No. 1901372

LCF jannies try not to be autistic challenge

No. 1902581

god…she's just so…ugly.

not that there's anything wrong with being ugly. not that you can't work with whatcha got, the gifts the lawd gave ya.

but tumblr anas were so obsessed with her photoshopped looks for like, five years and it was built on…..not even mediocrity. she's one of those girls i would inwardly wince when i see her on the bus thinking, "you poor thing."

File: 1610237083310.png (10.24 MB, 3937x3937, her.png)

No. 1127197[Reply]

Before you post:
- Read the rules. Cowtipping is eww and if you comment no milk, please sage your post.
- Keep your DDlg shit out of here. Not even the BDSM community wants you for reasons.
- Also lolcow doens't want you too, lol

Last time on "Kick me Daddy, my homer uwu parts are tingling!":
- got a "kick me" tattoo
- obsessively asks her followers to buy her shit off of her whishlist since she "never made any penny out of insta"
- gets called out online for adverising her ddlg crap to minors
- found the time for two humble posts about the Australian wildfires and Black Lives Matter in between her regular ones; then goes on a break right after, but keeps posting on OnlyFans
- demands free tattoo work for "promotion"
- creates an OnlyFans account (anons called it), but it's only "cute pics" guys
- her Discord mods are thirsty for nudes, finally cares about that
- asks for free stuff by small businesses to "help" in difficult times
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1157 posts and 371 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1823170

Not that I condone doxxing but irrc Jude's ex still lives there? and posted something to his story with an Amazon package. You can make out half the address slow clap

No. 1870601

Seems like she started doing OF again(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1893311


No. 1901196

File: 1695195545922.jpeg (365.28 KB, 1169x2168, IMG_1258.jpeg)

Ok kinda old but miss girl ain’t no way you’re getting at this man who has a gf fuck outta here witcho whiny crusty ass

No. 1901197

File: 1695195592661.jpeg (815.41 KB, 1170x2120, IMG_1259.jpeg)

File: 1594745350244.jpg (72.71 KB, 900x750, ruby-franke-3.jpg)

No. 1006963[Reply]

8Passengers are a family of 8 consisting of Ruby Franke, her husband Kevin Franke, and their 6 young children. They have a vlog family channel on YouTube with 2.44M subscribers. Here’s the rundown:

>They are a Mormon family, and Ruby’s parenting style is pretty strict.

>She humiliates her kids on camera by filming awkward moments (giving her daughter the sex talk, showing her daughter shaving her armpits, filming her daughter shopping for her first bra). The kids always look super humiliated and embarrassed and often ask her to stop filming, but Ruby refuses.
>Her oldest son was sent to a Mormon Wilderness camp, where he lived in the woods with other “troubled” kids. The Frankes sent him here because he wasn’t doing well in school.
>When the oldest son came home, he got his bed taken away for SEVEN MONTHS and had to sleep on a beanbag chair in the family room.
>Ruby has taken all the kids’ phones away for over a year. Kids complain that they have no friends at school because of this.
>Ruby’s 5-year-old daughter forgot to pack a lunch for school. Her teacher texted Ruby, asking her to bring in a lunch for her daughter, and Ruby refused, saying her daughter should starve to learn her lesson that she has to remember to pack a lunch. Ruby then says that she hopes no one shares food with her youngest daughter so she really learns her lesson.
>In one video, two of Ruby’s sons are playing around and laughing. Ruby tells them if they don’t stop, she’ll take away their “privilege to eat dinner.”
>Stole her eldest son’s homework and told him he had to pay her $20 in cash in order to get it back. The homework was worth half his grade. She said she did this to teach him the value of his things.
>Shows an art piece her young daughter made for her and said, “Too bad it’s going in the trash.”
>Puts her young son on camera and asks him if he thinks Ruby and Kevin are going to divorce.
>Threatened to cut the head off one of her youngest daughter’s stuffed animals. The daughter is crying and is clearly very upset and scared.

Youtube Channel: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
57 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1896341

Every moid I’ve met who grew up in a Mormon household but left the religion as a teenager or an adult is honestly a demon kek. They were so repressed and now they just sleep around, do drugs and hate anything wholesome and family related. (Personal anecdote for the 5-6 ex mormons I’ve been around/met).

No. 1901155

File: 1695185735847.jpg (90 KB, 681x480, gtfo.jpg)

Kevin Franke's attorney has made statements claiming that Kevin didn't know about any of the abuse the children were facing, and went on to blame Jodi Hildebrandt.
Jfc she's a piece of shit who deserves whatever is coming to her. Her own sister has spoken out about being estranged and cut off from the family. They only started reconnecting with the oldest daughter that left that environment.

No. 1901158

File: 1695186450092.jpg (130.07 KB, 651x853, pos.jpg)

Article detailing what Ruby Franke's sister knew, she also reconnected with Shari Franke, the eldest daughter who dipped out of that hellhouse.

No. 1901418

Jail is too good for Ruby tbh. She gets three meals and a bed. That's more than what her children get

No. 1904763

File: 1695764012926.jpg (624.52 KB, 1080x1738, Sparklescrossover.jpg)

Sage to be safe but this cow crossover was pretty amusing to stumble across

File: 1693168145443.jpeg (244.95 KB, 1132x1465, DA2E35BB-78B2-4D14-BF8B-3DCB72…)

No. 1889244[Reply]

Previous Thread >>>/snow/1882752

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 26 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread

Last Thread:

>Shayna admits to not being fucked at Fetcon >>1882844, is disappointed and sad

>While she landed in Denver, she got “sick” aka hungover and had to stay over at Kiki’s place >>1883330,
>Kiki gets weirdly excited and attached to Shayna staying over and e begs for her to come over again >>1883787,
>Kiki needs $98 for Shayna to visit again >>1883818, anon makes funny meme about how two thriving sex workers can’t afford to spend $98 >>1883851Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1203 posts and 230 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1900984


this can’t be good

No. 1900990

Has she not even googled to see what boobs 3 months after surgery are supposed to look like to compare those results to hers? I say this every time I see them, but her boobs, especially the super red and irritated looking one, look like they're ready to fall off. That is not the impression you want to give to anyone. I'm sure even her coomers think her boobs look nasty but that's probably what turns them on

No. 1901019

Is her botched nipple… changing color??

No. 1901021

File: 1695163852017.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.03 MB, 1280x720, disgusting.webm)

Her new "threesome" video. They let these degenerates fuck her on her own bed while the girl wears her clothes..? Horrifying.

No. 1901303

Ewwwwwwwwwwwww how is this considered appealing at all???

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