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File: 1636167594356.jpg (198.72 KB, 1200x820, 1e43312d0424d13ab6a2a8a294a2b5…)

No. 1362733[Reply]

Old Thread:

Fresh dump of hot shit, including stuff about that faggot bicflame
Not only did Sam happily hire and work with a transsexual, he also got some art bitch pregnant (will he make her get a late term abortion?)

Meanwhile Sam is spending all his time making shitty podcast and pretending to be a retard on twitter (trying to make money off crypto/nft), will ban/block you if you bring any of this up.
https://twitter.com/wigger/status/1453108649908387842(shit thread)
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No. 1791930

he looks like peter lorre if he was a morbidly obese eunuch

No. 1792024

yeah I can see that, peter lorre is hot, jet isn't fat though, why even make up such a blatant lie?

No. 1792162

jet is huge and has a big moon skull that gives him smolface, he's probably having a failcycle like sammy

No. 1792232

there is a stream right now, he looks slightly chubby, get over it, he's sexy.

No. 1792327

jet you are embarrassing yourself and have a skewed sense of your size because you hang out with an old fat fuck who thought GOMAD was a real thing and trailer trash lean sipping pre diabetics.

File: 1662200758467.jpeg (993.97 KB, 1170x1057, 782696B0-9CC9-4E0A-8683-9D00BF…)

No. 1634333[Reply]

Since no one knows how to make a thread here you go.

MyahAlanna a 24 year old Homebody moved back from LA and is currently living with her mother playing video games all day.

Some old milk:
> everyone from her LA trip has dropped her
> Moved out of LA moved back in with her mom
> Is not that active on YouTube anymore but she’s active on tiktok
> still can’t keep her friends
> still does not have a job
> still has an auto immune disorder however drinks a lot of alcoholic and says she doesn’t have a problem.

New milk;
> created the xo discord server filled with her minions
> actually has a lot of half siblings some want nothing to do with her and found older threads.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1781807

one of her mods in her discord was apparently outed as a pedo

No. 1781809

Show don't tell.

No. 1781842

tbh when you see female internet personalities they usually have some weird male followers…but what happened? who was the mod and do you have screenshots or something?

No. 1790829

maddie is based(newfag necro)

No. 1791908


File: 1583717260601.jpg (98.09 KB, 700x990, unnamed.jpg)

No. 942916[Reply]

This thread (originally dedicated to Layla “Too Poor” Shapiro) features the assorted cows in the larger SoundClout universe. The SoundClout umbrella encompasses rappers, producers, managers/promoters/bookers/suits, designers, photographers, videographers, models.


>Layla Shapiro/Too Poor - Instafamous pseudogoth and “model” who had a very public and very toxic relationship with both Lil Peep and Tyler Grosso. Currently dating Nolan Santana/Killstation, a friend of Peep. Makes money from customised merch, sporadic “DJ” bookings and attempting to embark on a cheap SoundClout musical career of her own. Currently on the wagon and advocating sobriety. Toned down the oversharing and self-destructive, cringy behavior after Peep’s death and being mocked by strangers and her peers yet still refuses to finally graduate from her bullshit and make the most of her following.

>Tyler Grosso/Pepper Ann – SoundClout’s very own Pillsbury Doughboy felon and the least self-aware person in the world. Peddles shit designs that are unoriginal at best and stolen at worst via his clothing brand Superrradical. Regularly scams both his own fans along Peep’s fans and family out of money. Has no personality of his own and embarrassingly clings to rappers and tweets/tags them to suggest relevancy. Has no filter and overshares every mood swing, resulting in either relentless whining about not having any friends/girls to bang and delusions of grandeur. Abuses drugs and purportedly lost a kidney as a result of his lean habit. Appears to have instated an annual suicide bait-fest wherein he gives away all his material possessions (including hideous overpriced designer nonsense) for free. Inadvertently caused the death of his dog by not taking him to the vet. Crashed three Porsches and is now on probation. Strong contender for SoundCow of the year with his glorified drug habit and lack of impulse control.

>Kevin Pouya/Pouya - Rapper associated with Peep, disgusting misogynist with several rape accusations under his belt. Along with Fat Nick has made several groupie gang bang videos, the surfacing of which lends further credibility to the rape accusations. Currently very mad and defensive about it and very maturely tells his haters to “suck his dick” and flexes with his opulent lifestyle. Virtue-signals by dati
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1782014


No. 1790471

pepper ann and paris have been quiet lately. anyone have tea on either of them?

No. 1790520

curious about this as well. I think Pepper's twitter was restricted, is anybody following him or having hm on snapchat?
we need to check up on these idiots more regularly, wonder if we missed up on any milk just by not following them

No. 1790673

this was about a year ago, so it was probably already mentioned here, but paris had a baby with @sumr333 (aka poison), and then they broke up soon after, im not sure what happened but if anyone has info on that situation i’d love to hear about it.
as for pepper, i’m still following him everywhere, once in a blue moon he’ll post something self-pitying but it’s not nearly as bad as it used to be. shame(sage your shit)

No. 1790806

What is Pepper even doing? it's 2023, i recall he killed his brand. is Superrradical dead or not? did he really manage to amass so much money that he just goes on living on that and doesn't do anything? is he still addicted? so many questions, so little answers.

File: 1667186910858.png (2.58 MB, 3463x3463, 274849492727299.png)

No. 1689594[Reply]

Thread for those who abuse photoshop to gain fame off their fabricated looks while claiming to be “all natural” or “not photoshopped

Previous threads:
>>1432730 #5
>>1191646 #4
>>1059519 #3
>>1005098 #2
>>720482 #1

Notable photoshop cows:

>Erin Eevee/Pinkfox Cosplay

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1787337

File: 1678639396912.jpeg (258.96 KB, 899x1191, 7545CF07-400F-416A-8783-726011…)

No. 1790554

File: 1679121218288.jpeg (750.28 KB, 3465x3465, 578EBE05-58A7-460D-BB24-334531…)

Tagged photos vs feed photos kek. Her @ on instagram is @milanoogiulia

No. 1790555

File: 1679121401546.jpeg (148.95 KB, 1170x1460, 519B3589-50FD-46C0-AFCB-9A5751…)

I wonder if she realises how cartoonish and warped this looks

No. 1790556

File: 1679121616948.jpeg (88.07 KB, 1170x1435, 55856384-2970-46C4-A61F-C5EC60…)

How did she post such a weird botched shop job

No. 1790557

File: 1679121737443.jpeg (807.81 KB, 3465x3465, F8B5F97B-6602-466A-A0C1-526DD4…)

I’m assuming the left is still shopped a bit but you can tell she has a nice body. Sad she feels the need to do this.

File: 1660514559149.jpg (105.54 KB, 736x736, coquettethread.jpg)

No. 1616017[Reply]

Coquette aesthetic or "Doelet/Dollette" is the neo Nyphette fashion trend between young women on social media. It's exactly like nymphette, only that it's apparently "less pedophilic" just because they said so (read: hypocrisy) even though the way they fantasize about Dolores Haze and obsess over being petite is exactly the same. They also dress the same and gave the same makeup, even posting the same crap Tumblr did 10 years ago.

They claim to be morally better than nymphettes, but in fact they’re just the same. They still glorify Lolita, still are into DD/LG, still romanticize abuse of women. After they realized they can’t pretend to be morally pure and better than nymphetes anymore, they now call themselves „toxic girls”, „girls who are actually the problem” and „female manipulators”, even though the only people they’re capable of manipulating are their parents.
Coquettes spend entire days on „girlblogging” (reposting same 10 pictures of Lizzy Grant taken from pinterest), making idiotic whisper memes, posting fawn pictures, posting thinspo and calling themselves „waifs”, even though most of them weight 60kgs, and tagging everything with „Alana champion lily rose depp lana del rey”, even when it has nothing to do with those chicks.

Cows & stuff discussed in previous thread:
>Ethel Cain - trans Nicole Dollanganger sdbbydoll larper, uses the current coquette wave to make „career”. Writes awful Nicole/nymphet themed texts with addition of misogyny >>1593790 Photographs himself in white dresses, face obscurred, which appeals to tumblr idiots, or does trailer park shoots. Makes music that’s awful, styled as very bad ripoff of Lana Del Rey.
>Alida Simone - one of nymphettes/lolita girls is still around and now treated as a goddess by coquettes, still seething about PULL >>1422957, >>1452266
>old Alida Simone milk: >>1443208, >>1443858, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1789946

Sorry, dropped my milk, this is from the vinyl Ethel Cain has just announced

No. 1789975

Tbf she 100% looks like someone who'd rob a prostitute.

No. 1790544

Granny lingerie is hot but not on men(sage your shit)

No. 1790545

She edited her picture in that ID and you think she never edited her DOB? Kek(sage your shit)

No. 1790561

You know public records are a thing, right?

File: 1662745188604.png (973.36 KB, 1160x598, blairenazikek(1).png)

No. 1643629[Reply]

Blaire White | Robbie White #4 - Ganz Schnell, Pull The Ladder Up Edition

>Soon to be 27-year-old edgelord troon, never grew out of his anti-SJW phase from 4 years ago that most of his friends from back then have abandoned
>Got his fame from bashing causes such as feminism and Black Lives Matter on YT and sucking /pol/ chaser dick
>Constantly makes fun of other people for being fat/ugly despite looking like a male neanderthal and having his weight constantly fluctuate
>Once claimed he has never been rejected by anyone in his life and can get any guy he wants but has a fat, balding alcoholic fiance
>Is incredibly dull and braindead, seemingly has no interests or talents other than talking shit which is why his content is so shit
>Circlejerks retarded, uneducated opinions with other cows like shoe0nhead and Kalvin Garrah
>Apparently has a drinking problem

Updates from the Past 2 Years
>Sided with J-Star during dramageddon and called James Charles a predator
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1790434

File: 1679092647449.jpeg (17.05 KB, 241x209, 82EE8CCF-761A-4FC9-A901-63542F…)

No. 1790486

His head isnt square, its long and horsey

No. 1790489

Why did you badly edit this then try to pass it off as unedited? Lol

No. 1790502

seems like editchan has been making her rounds in threads other than belle delphines for months now. kek

No. 1790577

Are you retarded or a moid? If you can't tell between a woman from a bad angle vs a male maybe you should try to get a diagnosis for autism.

File: 1635943900643.jpg (1.95 MB, 4699x3294, Hotep.jpg)

No. 1360838[Reply]

A Thread to discuss all the hilarious online and IRL afrocentrists and Hoteps
This thread is specifically about afrocentrists, mostly african americans who genuinely believe that black africans were responsible for all human advancements and sciences and that greeks, romans, arabs, moors, native americans and especially Egyptians were all black, basically the black counterparts to Varg's Ilk except imo somehow even more delusional

a common trait among afrocentrists is they often look to Ancient Egypt as the source of all human culture, hence the adoption of the Ancient Egyptian term Hoted and recently many have gained an obsession's with the MCU film black panther and have adopted symbolism and rhetoric from the film


IMPORATANT NOTE - No racebait, no posting normal african americans and no regurgitative comments about "black culture" or other bullshit, go to kiwifarms if your gonna behave like that
561 posts and 150 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1790542

They would force black female slaves to birth as many children as possible

Wouldn’t matter about killing/mutilating one when you had another 8 from that person growing up to become slaves later

No. 1790548

it's a scientific term isn't it?

No. 1790549

nta but look, there's also mongoloid, australoid, and even caucasoid if it makes you feel better.

No. 1790845

I think the main thing is that nobody except race weirdos tend to use those terms.

No. 1792898

Kek, still doesn't mean anyone (except for delusional hoteps who want to be fetishised) believes white people consumed black flesh en masse, or that it was intrinsic to the slave trade when the primary motivation was economic.

File: 1591056816261.jpg (50.49 KB, 716x380, wow.jpg)

No. 982148[Reply]

Repzion is one of the loudest of the anti-o mouth pieces, and recently has drawn enough drama to himself with pure blatant hypocrisy that I thought it may warrant a thread.

Events to note:
>accuses a 16 year old of spreading child porn of his girlfriend when really she was 19 and it was a public image from a cam site catalog
>"edgy" humor including transphobia, nazi shit, bestiality
>opened communication with current GF at age 12 before meeting her at 19
>GF cheated with him with a sugar daddy, got pregnant, aborted it
>releases a cancel culture is bad!!! video while being cancelled
>doubles down on all his claims in a lame response video looking like a karen in a midlife crisis
>defends his batshit girlfriend, writes her an insane twitter apology, then makes her private all her accounts

I cannot even begin with his girlfriend, the milk there is intense, everything from doxxing and leaking nudes, white supremacy, homophobia, transphobia, and general retardation, all public alongside her face and nudes.

His response: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFHqGHmItr4

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(shit thread)
507 posts and 305 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1790751

Ok, he didn't groom Maya. The most I've seen are the screenshots of the emails & those were fairly tame, then they didn't talk for YEARS. I think you're applying too much goodwill towards Maya's claims of grooming, tbh.
To also remind people that, unless I missed something, they didn't talk, or talked sporadically for the next however many years. To also point this out, Maya was a teenage model for years and raised mainly by her mentally ill mother. Growing up in a life like that often results in very mentally ill, narcissistic people. Just look at a lot of the Disney female child stars who starred in shows we grew up with 15-20 years ago. A lot of them have mental health issues or are very jaded from being in the industry like they were. Or any other child stars, really. I think it's more plausible that Maya was already mentally ill way before dating Repzion.

As for him trying to silence her, where? She's been on many livestreams over the last year giving her side of the story, often with contradictions to things she's said in other places, including stuff she said while she was dating him and shit she says in the interviews themselves. I don't like Repzion either, but I don't believe Maya at all.

No. 1790753

They didn't date until she was 19. They briefly spoke years before, but she was 11 and he was 17. Ugh.

No. 1790777

>He didn't groom maya
Even if he didn't according to your standards, there's enough evidence that he was creepy and just weird to his underage fans from his tumblr days & his earlier days on YouTube. If you don't want to give Maya the benefit of the doubt, fine, but saying Daniel's a creep is justified. He can't use the 'I was young and dumb' excuse either, he was in his twenties talking to his underage fans in an inappropriate manner. Had he not cultivated fame from shitting on Onision for years, no one would be this overly defensive of him.

>I think it's plausible that Maya was already mentally ill way before dating Repzion.

I agree & I don't think anyone has argued otherwise. His claims that he's the victim in the scenario are utter horseshit though, if he and his new girlfriend were sincerely that scared of her, they wouldn't go out of their way to provoke her or lie about her targeting Jane's kids (which is essentially her bread and butter in this whole situation, something she's never provided proof for).

>As for him trying to silence her, where?

She's been on multiple livestreams to give her side but his friends seemingly find a way to either harass the person or people hosting the stream. This happened on the Raven's Flock podcast here, and the hosts say it outright what's happening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkSQiQq8yDY. Even if these people aren't Repzion/Jane, they're doing it in their name & Rep/Jane have never denounced it or asked for it to stop.

No. 1790813

Yeah. I don't defend his old Tumblr, or anything he did like that. I'm just trying to stick to proven facts. Maya and he talked through emails, but there wasn't anything said that I find legitimately worrying there. It wouldn't surprise e if he's talked to OTHER underage people worse, though.

The person I responded to legit tried to argue Maya's mental illnesses were caused by Repzion. She had a whole life and upbringing before dating him. I doubt he did anything to her to give her anything. To claim otherwise without direct proof is stupid. She was also in a mental health facility for a while years ago as a teenager. You ask me, she more than likely had a list of mental health issues before they started dating, especially if she's acting the way she has been.
I DO think he was treated badly by her, but not as much as he claims. He was fine with a lot of her bullshit for a while before they broke up. He only broke up with her because a lot of the shit she did got to be too much for him. Not to say he wasn't within his rights to do so, since she'd act like she did in that video he has of her screaming at him in their old apartment, but yeah.

Yeah, that's not good if they're behind it. No one believes or likes Maya, so I don't know what they're afraid of.

No. 1790836

*It wouldn't surprise me if he's talked to OTHER underage people worse, though.

File: 1677817570952.jpg (786.43 KB, 1600x957, shay_evidctededction.jpg)

No. 1781399[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1777076

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 25 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemmerhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread. Shut the fuck up about her necrotit and take it to the shaynatorium

Summary of Last Thread:

>>1777090 has an unimpressive cam session where she's fatter and more miserable than ever
>>1777176 attempts to win Jason Womack back who has presumably left her for a more enticing camwhore
>>1777294 comes up with non-stop excuses at to why she doesn't cam
>>1777367 bans one of her coomers for asking how she got so fat
>>1777351 claims she has cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome(CHS) on stream
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1203 posts and 237 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1790027

Very real totally actually her true face. She looks like a stereotypical fat chick even with the smooth mask and editing. Like those ones that post close up pics done up and never anything lower so they can catfish. Because below the neck is a 200+ lb bag of expired cottage cheese

No. 1790065

File: 1679026484881.jpg (34.13 KB, 500x375, MV5BMTg4OTExMjE0NF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

this hair would've been kinda cute on her younger skinny self. In a very luanne platter kinda way(sage your shit)

No. 1790073

This is especially hilarious considering the tradition of veils started because some dad had a pretty daughter and ugly daughter and he wanted to pass off his ugly daughter to this groom without him realizing kek

No. 1790082


Potential new thread pics

No. 1790092

Trailer park Jessie Spano

File: 1667826255075.jpeg (829.99 KB, 907x1670, 1663953175841.jpeg)

No. 1695895[Reply]

>What is Breadtube and the leftist sphere?
A new leftist movement aiming to address, fight, and destroy the growing presence of fascism in the USA. AKA, breadtube is keyboard warriors making response videos to anti-SJW’s and the leftist sphere is a place that preaches diversity while all their biggest players are White, TIMs or upper class minroties

>General summary of their beliefs

- They are not liberals. Liberals believe first and foremost on changing the system from the inside while Leftists want to destroy it.
-They have slap fights over the intricacies of their political beliefs every other wednesday. The only thing uniting them is a vague dislike of capitalism.

>Breadtube: The big players only. Other online personalities exist, but these are the ones pulling the shots.

Famous 'Breadtubers' include Contrapoints, Philosophy Tube, Hbomberguy, Xiran Jay Zhao and Shaun.

>recap from the previous thread

>Vaush being his usual misogynist self >>1372915
>Hontra severely misunderstands the russian and chinese revolutions >>1373800
>to the surprise of nobody Vaush turns out to be a rich kid >>1394444
>Lindsay Ellis quit YouTube >>1403035 >>1403168
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
299 posts and 43 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1787532

She said she gained weight cus of mental health meds, i dont think it's fair to shit on her for that.

No. 1789901

File: 1679009836750.png (75.01 KB, 660x642, pt.png)

this is so funny because I just know he is only taking this stance because there is evidence of him saying he has never experienced gender dysphoria before in one of his pre-trans videos. and because he always has the most retarded take on everything.

No. 1790036

I remember that video too. He claimed he autoandrophillia too lmao. That’s why when he trooned out I was taken by surprise because he was so insistent on how much he loved being a man. I hope his retard fans put two and two together and realized he trooned for money and power and because he molested hontra

No. 1790402

The video itself is new, I think it's ok to post it?

No. 1792617

Contra appeared on the witch trials of JK Rowling. I don’t want to listen to the whole things, does anyone have highlights of their conversation? Contra was complaining about how awful and cruel the interview process supposedly was.

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